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The New Westminster News Jul 25, 1913

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 News Classified Ads. e
Have proven their worth by y\
results tbey produce. Tbey ���*���'
targe or Bmall wants at <y i
The Weather.
New  Westminster and the Lam**r
Mainland: Light to mode-rat 3 **4a1ai
] generally fair and cooler.
NEW   WE8TMINSTER,   B.C.,   FRIOAY   MORNING,  JULY 25,   1913.
��� '    f
| Minister of Marine Wlll Come to Thle
City After His Trip Up the
Counsel for Defence Gives Notice of Immediate Appeal
of Which Bench Forecasts Probable Success���Dean
Will Wait Till Next Court of Assize���Sentences Passed on Other Prisoners Convicted and Court Closes.
Justice Morrison sentenced the con- 'Sir Charle
vlctetl prisoners at the clone of the I York and
assl/cB yesterday aB follows:
John Macnamara, theft of an auto
mobile,   nine   years   penal   Servitude,
lees  19  i*\ .nths  up to date of  Incarceration.
William Brownlee, convicted of assault with intent to do grievous
bodily harm, allowed to bo on suspended sentence.
l'eti r Ilelargo, attempted murder, 2
years  penal  servitude.
: quoted two cases in New
one belore the supreme
i,onrt or the l'nited states to Illustrate
his point. One wns a decision lhat a
man extradited tor the crime of assault with intent to murder could not
be convicted of asFauit with Intent to
do bodily harm, "nil the olher New
York case was that a man extradited
for committing an assault In the first
degree could not be convicted of as-
iruit in the second degree.
Canadian  Treaty.
Hen. J. D. Hazen, minister of
marine and fisheries, will not come
to New WeBtmliiBter thiB month, as
was supposed, but August 21 has been
definitely set by the minister himself
a-t the date ot his visit lo this city.
This Information was given out yes
terdav by Chief Inspector Cunning
ham, of the fisheries department here,
upon bis return from a conference
with Hon. Mr. Hazen in Victoria Wed
nesday evening.
Militia Rushed to Calumet
Copper Belt to Check
Niobe  and   Rainbow  to   Fall   Out
Battle Line���Government Policy
of Coast Defence.
Thousands   of    Michigan    Miners
Ugly Mood���Deputy Sheriffs
Lansing, .Mich., July 24
of cavalry, two companies of artillery
Ottawa,     July     24.���The     Ottawa
Journal has the following to say this
afternoon   aa   to  the  Canadian   naval
In   situation:
fhe  question   of erecting  new  and
of strengthening  the  old  coastal   de
fences of the Dominion is under consideration by the government, and a
| repcrt   in  regard  to this    matter    is
I liktly to be BUbmltted by General Sir
Two troopa iau Hamilton
Ferdinand Begs for Inter- Every Likelihood That This
vention When Turks Invade Bulgaria.
Ottoman Troops Cross Enemy's Fron
tier,  Cackinr and Burninn in
0jl-*;ar Fashion.
Legislation   Will   Be
Brought Down.
London,   July 24.���Without   declar
 ,   _ ���. ,    With the Niobe and  Rainbow prac-j Ing war and apparently  -.rusting that
Arriving  in   Vancouver on   Monday iand all the infantry companies of   the , tically  manless  and engaged  only  in  the jealousies of the powers will pre
jext, Ihe government purtv  will  take '��� Michigan   National   guard   have   been  using up valuable duck space on the
West Will Make Large Gains���Cfa��rn
of Maritime Provinces Witl Be
ordered north at once to aid iu quelling the disturbances in the copper
country, where lii.mm miners are ou
strike. Adjutant General It. C. Van-
dercook, who late this afternoon received orders from Governor Ferris
' to rush the militia to the Btrike zone,
expec's to have 2400 men in Houghton
Atlantic and the Pacific, and the naval
aid bill dead at the hands of the
Benate, the government Is by no
means inactive or oblivious to the
Bituation brought about by circumstances over which lt bad no control,
and is giving its full consideration to
whatever  phases  of  the   question   of
.Stonemim, indecent assault, 2 years
penal servitude.
Budha Singh, Kraser    MillB,    manslaughter, f> years penal servitude.
Pertab Singh, perjury, 2 years penal servitude
l/ouls  Cebar.  assaulting  an  officer  .,,��� (lift(>rfnt offences ror which
in the performance of his duty, 2 years , pl(1 mil(, ���e ejtradlttd that it Wl
Th? Canadian extradition treaty
v.as much narrower than the Kngllsli
Sir Charles then pointed out that
it must have been the intention of llie
legislature by inserting tlie names ol
���i foi
the night bout for Prince Ilupert, pre
ceeded by Mr. Cunningham, who sails
for tliat place tomorrow at day!.-cak
aboard the power cruiser Kispa. Matters, both marine and fisheries, will
be attended to by tlie minister while
in the north, and the return trip will
be arranged so that the party may be
i Vancouver by Augij-jt lv.   Of the l 	
-.-'���I;  -rent  in  this  dijtiic't one day .M* night.
will be devoted entirely to New West- Ba,t Deputies.
minster and the Kraser river. Calumet,  Mich.. July  24.- Violating      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Mr. Cunningham will return aboard   orders ot the Western Kederation    of I Hazen.   who,   as   minister   of   marine JamboH
the KiBpa in time to meet Mr. Hazen   MinerB against violence, many of thi  and fisheries, is head of the Canadian
here,  when  the  plans,  already   made   15.000 striking  miners of  the copper I naval  service,  iB  studying  the  situa-
public, will be carried out.   These in-   belt created  disturbances  'oday    and j tion at first hand on the Pacific coast.
���hide a luncheon and an inspection of | troops  have  been  ordered  out, j He Ib accompanied by Deputy Director
^nd Kgweenab comities before tomor-1 defence It is possible to deal with at
[ the present time.
Hazen Takes  Notes.
At Ihe    present    time    Hon.    J. D
Ottawa, July 24���A general redUtri-
bution bill necessitated by tbe emeu*
is due iu the Canadian parliament unci
~ , ���      , it  ia  wholly probable that it will  bn
vent any  Kuropean Interference, Tur-  brought down at the next aeasion.    B
^r..     The8T    1a\lnvMlon cf    liul,*is  the  usual  system to  Introduce    t*
hnr fCH Tn       m, " ?(ffUPl8d f ",d ' bi" on 8eneral linea ���>���� to l��m   to-
burned    he villages on  the    Jamboli committee the work of adjuaUng tfcr,
load and are reported to have pushed  boundaries of the constituencies' sms
their reconnaissances to Pb.llopolis.     ; determine   the   principle  upon   whirl,
In  Vienna  it  is  reported  that    the  the redistribution isi to oe mad.-.
Jeeou rh1ve,. crossfu    thft    Bulgarian      The ,ower provincr3 stand to lolK? .
^?nLL^?heeJ,1fCe8,,��0Ugjy,.C0.Ln' tew   sea,s  a,ld   ��''tari0  likewise,  tn*
elding with the routeB followed by the I the we3t   will
Bulgarians   southward   last   October
j namely by the Marltiza and Tunja val
leys, as well  as  in  the  direction    ol
Beth Greece and Servia are throwing    obstacles    in    the    way    of    an
gain correspendinsfc
Both Montreal and Toronto win be*
entitled to more members at Uie ��*
pense of the rural districts. Tlie procedure generally followed, however, k*
| to   concede     to     rural     countries     a
penal servitude i these  r lone   a   man   surrendered--on
The case of Charles Dean, charged , Fpi,clflc charges -could be tried, ln
with burglary, was carried over to *,h(,-r Pode ������, ,w0 off(,ncfcB ,��� ttu
next  asslrPB. jcase before them, burglary and theft
Three In One Case. |were   recognized    and    distinguished
In John Maenamara'B case in which , from each other by the heavier pen-
there haB been manllested widespread ;alty attached to the one. Alter they
Interest, the full penally was ImpoBed.ihad  arranged  with  the  United States
the  Kraser river, and also some  fish |     While there were several oui'-reaks .at Naval Affairs Des Baruts.
traps near Bellingham. l'n various parts of the mining coun-]    The  personal  observations of
but the case was appealed Itnmedl
ntely. Although extradited for burg
lury. tried for shop breaking or gar
age-breaking, and convicted of ord!
nary theft. hlR lordship frankly admltt
���(that   a  certain   man   might   be  extradited for a certain ofrence they might
proceed   under   their   own   legislation
any    say     lhat  this  offence   charged i
w8r a greater crime and ho could be!
���d he did not regard it a�� an ordinary convicted of the lesser, thus abolishing
theft. To IiIb mind it was part of a jthe distinction, which he contended
very grave crime committed in this! wa�� contrary to the intention of tha
city, carried out as part of an organ-,legislation and Illegal, although they
ized and greater crime     Referring to  might be cognat      "" ~
Sir Charles Topper's argument for tho
discharge or Macnamara. on the
ground that lie was extradited tor the
specific crime of burglary, and could
not be found guilty or punished for
any   nther  offence,   however
... ..       ,   , i Bmaller unit of population than ie, *nt-
armlstlce, while pushing their attacks I qnlieo ,n cltv divisions to entitle   to
I? lhe���dlrtct1ion ��f Sofla  H "9 reported | parliamentary representation.    Am wa
  Mr   [!,at Rumania has warned Servia and ;n0unctd in the call for the proviariai
try.   the   chief   disturbance   that   setj Hazen and his deputy, and the'recom: j v^ thf t^uma^'army   will    be SfitfaS maHtlme^rovl^wirT^
the troops ln motion  was an assault, nc-ndatlons which   General    Sir    Ian i ordered tn neenrw tnfla first , maritime province*wiu he
on   deputy   sheriffs  Btationed   at   the | and Colonel  Hughes may make as tol Beaten t�� Hi. Knee. i^V ",? **'}h**1 time.   Tbey wteh to
mines ot the Calumet and Hecla com- \ the desirability of a system of coastalj So���a, Jg* ^C/g FcXand sum- ffig."��t��?,'**&-*��a��2t
pany to protect property. None of the , defence of Uie Pacific and Atlantic moned the "representatives cf powers t^'jUcL altogether At ai^taS
mines has attempted to operate, but will be carefully considered by the to the pa,ace today and addressed ?���eT.ce however the otto ���
the Btnkera seemed to object  to the   proper    authorities    and      the      con   them a�� follows* rerence, now ever, ine ouierp���
1 presence ol'the .deputies elusions reached are altogether likely  th?.m �� to����*-,    to    protest    before  :^���fe�� ttougb'noTet^f
About 300 strikers armed with steel  to form part ��r the  permanent  naval   Europe against the outrageous action  "aT^riledIt
  \dTi}l\C 1Uta   ���iiT?ua   I    mai    I"   ^1^' the ����7,rnment' w     \��* vhe Turkish army, which, not con��� \   "eanwbUethere Is ever,
with firearms, which they fired in the      While no official announcement haa  tenl with violating the treaty ot Lon-1   ��� rti��i lh tlon   wil  ue
Andrew's Congregation  Will   Dls-   a r, marched to the No. 2 conglomer^  been given out, it Is learned from an   don, ,B engaged  ln Invading the    old I anda ���lnM��Zl tn that ��ai�� ta iu.
ci  u.ma.e.en*. R.. ate 8hafl and Btrll)^e,1 *���***��� deputies of  authoritative   source  that   the   Nlobe I terntory of my kingdom In the direc \���onZ-��
bis lordship said It mlghl well be thai
his counsel's efrorts in tliat direction
would be entirely successful
Moves for Discharge.
Sir Charles Tupper, rose as soon as
Macnamara was called up for sentence, and asked for his discharge
He based bis application on th"
ground that prisoner had been transferred from a foreign country for trial
On a specific charge and could not lie
convicted or punished on any other
charge. lie was Indicted for breaking into premises within the oourtll-
ng'- and extradiled for that. Under
their code the crimes of burglary and
housebreaking were wholly separate
and distinct offences with different
punishments. The ' punishment for
burglary was very Bovore, far housebreaking or shopbreaking less severe.
He would show his lordship these ol
fences were specifically distinct,
bis lordship's charge to the jury
dealt with theft and told them that so
far as this indictment was concerned,
of breaking into or entering the building within the courlilnge, It was impossible for ibem to find a verdict upon thnt Tile i:ii|ctinent was confined absolutely to thut charge. The
prisoner was found guilty of the
Trapp's automobile.    I'n-
^^^^^^^^^ offences. That was
clearly shown when it required a sup-
pb-uientary treaty to make ������ man extradiled for murder liable lo a conviction for manslaughter as Ibey bad
done   In   the   Kngllsli   treaty.
The courl  askad  what charge  Mac
namara   had   been   exiradiled   for
Sir Charles Burglary feloniously
breaking Into or entering a place occupied by T. J. Trapp. lis a garage,
nnd the crown Interpreted tbat by an
Indictment under liin of the code. To
make It a burglary we must, under
our law, say it wis wltliln the courtll-
age, otherwise tliere is no burglary.
Your lordship is with us that this
garage is not within the oourtllage.
It would bave been burglary if Uncrown could prove it was within tlie
couilllage. lt never came out until we
produced evidence of a public road
dividing the two properties *'nd the
properties being acquired at different
Sir Charles also drew attention to
the fact thai the grand jury had
pais, d upon the Indictment.
Mr. MacNell mnde a brief reply. He
said the offence upon which Macna-
mnra had been convicted was included In tho liBt of those for which extradition could be procured, larceny
lie had nut had im opportunity of
looking up authorities, if his lord-
liltp came to a decision Unit prisoner could not be convicted for the ofrence then he asked that a case be
island  for the appeal court.
cuts Rev. J	
ignatlcn   Monday   Night
stars   and   repeated  the   performance  and Rainbow are not  to be disposed  tion 0j Tirnova. Siemenli and Jamboli
at the Hecla branch mine. | of. but will be returned for the pres-'land  iB  giving  ltBelf  up  to  the  moat1
ent as  part of the fishery  protective  frightful excesses,    burning    villager
j organization.
last point in the appointment of
S. Henderson as secretary of
social work and evangelism will bc
made at a meeting or the Westminster pri sbytery to be held In St Andrew's church. Vancouver next Tuesday
A meeting lias been called to be b' Id
CHINESE   REPUELIC   IN   FOR       ���	
Pekln.     July     24.-In   the   last   24 J REMAINS MUCH THE SAME
hours   rebels   have   made  a   series   of
next   Monday, evening In St. Andrew's ( Untied su
spirited attacks on the Shanghai arsenal, but all of them have been suc-
C-assfUlly repulsed. The government
troops are so encouraged at their con-
I the offcnslv
rebels back on
suburb of the chin
thai tbey have assuin-
Presb.vterian church, this city, to dis
cuss tbe resignation of Kev. Mr Henderson  and  ll  Is  thought  that  steps
I will then be tnk*'n to Issue a call for
a new pastor. While nulling definite
has yel been decided, it is understood
that an Eastern minister who preached  in  Xew Westminster a year ago,
���will be invited to accept the call, having made a favorable Impression on
the congregation at that time,
Rev, in* Q. c. Pldgeon. of Vancouver, will have charge of the pulpit : t | Sen ror the
St. Andrew's on Sunday, having been |of rallwavs
appointed by the synod to give the
official notification of Mr. Henderson's appointment to tbe new post to
the local congregation.
At  the  Presbytery meeting In   Van
j "oiivcr. the appointment of Immigrant
chaplln will lie made. Yesterday The
'. News wns authoritatively informed
' 'hat Hev. H. .1. Douglas, formerly of
I "ork's church. Chilliwack. and ni��*
I "if KelownB will receive tlle post This
was offered to Rev. J. S. Henderson
I last fall.
Washington,      July      24. ��� Develop-
: ments ln the Mexican situation today-
were  confined   to   informal   discussion
: of suggested     plans     for    a    definite
| policy   on   the  part   of  the   American
nd  are  fjreing the |adiirinistration toward its neighbor re-
Nantao.   a   southern | public.
, Every kind of plan has been sug-
l/ooting bus begun in Shanghai and gestod to administration officials from
tlie residents are fleeing. Many fires I a mediation board of Americans to
were oauaed by bursting shells, and adjust lhe dispute and supervise the
-everal foreigners wounded by Stray I Holding of an election, to a triparlie
shots. | commission  composed  of  representa-
Shnnghrii is so full of refugees from ; tlves from ,]l(, f���*ted States and two!
Nanking and Klu-K-nng thai the peo- south American republics which I
pie nre Pleeplng In the streets. would   attempt   to   bring   about   peace
The charter granted to Dr  Sun *at|batween  the  warring  tactions.
There will    be    no    expression    of
policy,  however, until the conference
massacreing     the     Inhabitants    and
spreading panic throughout Thrace.
"I can not believe that thc- great
powers who signed the diplomatic act
now being trodden under foot can regard with indifference what is being
done ludn> ami remain impassive*un
der the insult placed upon them, und
to the crimes of which we are the
"In the distress in which the Bul
'garian nation finds Itself, I have ap
peared on its behalf before the representatives of civilization and beg*
Kurope, through you, to put an end
to the sufferings of people fleeing b
fore the return of their old oppressors."
SHOW A ffli��
Port   Coquitlam   Event   a   Pro-no meed
Success���Special  Prize
instruction of a network
in -China has been cancelled. Only one contract has been
concluded under tbis charter, that
with an English firm providing ror the
construction cr a  line  from  Canton
tn Chung Kln-l-'u. which it is believed
the government  will  recognize.
stealing   of    iruMiin  auw"">��	
doubteilly. within the Dominion, if for the discharge of prisoner, "Thl
this man wi rn arrested lor burglary crown bus thrown up the whole case
he could under certain circumstances . W *-- ' '--
be  round  innocent or burglary
guilty of ordinary theft as the jui.. , __^^^^_^^^^_
  '   '"   "  "'ii"-"'  onvinir we could trv hliii for
extradited  this man  lor burglary
..���    but   and thult being one of the things we
the jury put  could   have  Indicted  him   for  It   goe
rued  by  a  '���illi'-"t  saying we could
_ try
by the  Extradition  uct.  it.    The position of the  crown  c uld
"    enactments   re-  onlv be held if tlie rules or our proof cedure  applied  to  Ihls  case und  you
they  did  could convict a man exlradited tor a
law  ot specific ofrence ror a crime cognate,
could not be Invoked un-  though of a  very different  character.
consistent   with   the Our prptftdure cannot be made upplic-
it.   1 ut   this  case  was  gove
treaty    and    '     "     "-'������
There   were   specific
striding   and   regulating   mutters
this  kind  and  In  so  fur  ns
lhe  general  principles of  the
this country
less  thi I   were ^^^^^^
facts or the troaly.    Thn
treaty between Canada and the I'nll-
i d   Slates wes  more  restricted   111  its
provisions    than  ^^^^^
l'nited States and England
not be enlarged.
Plain  Burglary Charge.
This man camo before the conimis
sinner  in   New   York  and  the   .___.    _
bore, "in regard to the application for, being sent to pri
llie  extradition  of  John   Macnamara," ���"���'   -
after careful consideration, etc
Sir  Charles  reiterated   his  reonost
Old and Honored.
St. Catharines. Ont., July 24.���Geo.
(lander, a member of the old lliitb
Regiment Royal Canadian ll'.ries, In
IiIb 92nd year, today attended the
iroldrn wedding of his son-in-law and
di'iu'hter. Mr. and Mrs. John Huddle,
of this city. Mr. Huddle wns born in
Wiltshire, England, and Is 77 years
of age. lie Is also an ex-member ,i
the 110th regiment and like his father-
in-law, is a veteran of llie Crimean
  war.    He was wounded af Sehastopol
tradition aide to treaty arrangements." iand ws nursed by Florence Nlghtln-
G'rong  Argument. I gale    He wt ars rour medals, the Hilt.
The  court  raid   Sir  Charles'  argu- . sh   Crimean   decoration   witli   Sebas-
that    between  the 'ment  e'-ecli  him ns very strong, but  topol clarp. the medal rrom the Turk-
und could  lie  would  not  take  the  responsibility I Ish    government,    the    long    service
|ot discharging prisoner. Imedal and the medal for the Fenian
Sir Charles Intimated that h" had I raid.   Mr. Dander ls the senior of five
given it n crr.-u deal of consideration, generations,
record   He would deplore the fact of prisoner 	
^^^^^^^^^  ' on.    Miicnamiirii had
been confined since Jan.  s, 1912, lit
I am |months,     it  lhey   were   right,  lie  war
led lo go free.
The court  said  thut  having  regard
hud  found
be did not
London, July ^4. ���Mrs. Emineliiie
I'.-uikliurst, who bud been rearrested
only a few days ago, was released
again this evening She Ibft iiolloway
jail in a motor ambulance.
Mrs. I'ethick Lawrence and Lady
Sybil Smith, daughter ol the Earl of
Antrim, were arrested this evening
while  trying to    hold    a    suffragette
between   tbe  president  and  Ambassador Wilson.
On the Watch.
London, July 24.���Sir Edward Grey.
the British foreign secretary, is keeping in communication with the British
admiralty in case the presence of a
liritish warship in Mexican waters
should be considered advisable. Thus
far, however, the British minister in
Mexico City has not reported their
subjects in danger.
Much Law to Gather.
Washington. July 24���Attorney General McReynolds today accepted    the
Invitation  to intend    a    meeting    cf
American   judges   at   Montreal.   Sep-
meeting at the entrance to the central j tember 1. In connection with the annual meeting of the American Bar
association. The judges will discuss
at the conference, the llrst of its kind
lobby of the house of commons
if Ihe opinion that a case of probable
use   has   been   made   out    on     the
urge of burglarising tha garage of io the rnct that the jury
loinus J. Trapp and the accused Is prisoner guilty et a crime
rel'v committed " t'^^^
.ii.,.i Ktiites marsnais, etc.. eu.
until th
Thomas J. Trapp and  ���-..<   ���   .. ,	
'   to  the  custody  or t'i'iik tliere would lie any gnit hard
the United States marshals, etc.. etc." ship  If  he  wcre detained   In  custody
That  was  the  charge  of  burglary, until th" case was considered by the
The warrant under which Macnamara icourt of appeal.
..._. ,.��� ������,���_ |    j,lr pj,flr]pg urged that th" court o'
mlghl   net   be   reached   until
was arrested also bore that he com
mltted the crime of burglary on Sent   p.nflesl
15, Wll. He therefore submitted tbat November. If lhey were rlrht II cer-
pris-'iier coii'il net bo tried or punish-i'lliilV ������������.nil *\r\ In'tirtv,.. lie
ed t'i r nny ether crime. thought  his  lordship  might   Innk  Into
The act which governed tlie subject the matter now und give a decision,
wiib bused upon the treaty now In | The courl. however, wns obdurate.
force, which laid down that any per-1 He would give ." case to Sir Charle i
son accused of nn extraditable crime I and one In Mr. MacNeill on their sev-
shoiild not be subjected to any prose- eral points,
ciillon  or  punishment   In  Canada  for i Macea-nara Cor I.
any other crime or ottenca committed     Mnfiamarn then wont Into tha box
prior to Ills Surrender in  the for else  as col'rcteil  ns ever,
country  from  which  he was brought j    Tha  Court���Have   you   iinytliin
until lie had an opportunity of return-   snv''
Ing to the country from which he war'
Under the Ashburton treaty a man
charged with murder could be extradited for that but could not lie charged  or convicted  of  manslaughter,  " ,^	
lesser ofrence.   The Ashburton treaty j Ior the crown  Is concerned
Great   Britain   and   tliejugreo with the verdlc      ' the Jury   I
Prisoner   1  depend  upon  wha
learned comiFel bus aald.
Tiie Court���1 have little to sav to n
���nun of Intelligence, ns vou doubtless
���ire. I hope ynu nnprerlii'e you have
heen  fairly t rea led as    ur as counsel
I unite
Uruguay   Needs   Money.
Paris, July 24.   The Krench department of tllUUICe has been approached
by Uruguay, urging the Issue in I'nrls
of a a per cent, gold loan to the
amount  of  $4,400,0011,  according  to  u
statement by the minlBter of finance
In answer to t\ question In the chamber of deputies today. The reply to
Uruguay  was  not  favorable and  the
���o i-i thi I' ns have been suspended but
., "I i.n t"ken im ngnln utter tlie matter haB been relerred to (he govern-
mt n*.
In thc Bert Hotel.
"'t-'"*i. .l"lv 24.- Ilere for the purpose of asking the Dominion govern-
- ' '������*��� "niT'iienrntion ti the amount
of ��500.0(10 fer Tannine lands tin
rViiitth'hnrs  were forced  to  vacate  in
:',*"*],**""ii"iv*i'i because they refused to
'*i""""" c-nniHan clii'/ens. John Ron-
kin, of Brilliant, B.C., nnd M. W. C.'cr-
'roff of Vercoii, Sask . and their agent.
W. M, Svnlenko, of New Vork, nre
| rr-ifterod at the Chateau Laurier today.
Randolph, Nov.. July 24.���Robbing
:i bank to get a wedding stake, being
pursued through the hills bv a posse
aud Anally captured with the bank's
gold ill his saddle hags, put an end
today to Robert McGregor's hopes
soon to become a benedict.
McGregor, il was said, entered the
Bunk Of Randolph, bound tbe oashlei
and escaped on a horse wllh 11600 It
cash. When a posse surrounded him
Tour hours later be throw his gun
away nnd surrendered. The prisoner
who came here Irom Wyoming, snld
he was trying lo raise u weddin.
ever held in Canada, the present day
problems confronting the judiciary.
Former President Taft. Chief Justice
While, of the United States supreme
court, and the lord chancellor of Bngland will attend.
Point   Grey   Franchise   Suit   Wen   by
Company���Application of Decision
to Burnaby.
London. July 24.--In the cise cover
ing the right of the I!. C, Electric
Railway Co.. Ltd.. to operate a tramway system in Point Grey municipality on the strength of the consent cf
the municipal council, without the
formal assent of the ratepayers at the
polls being obtained, tlle privy council
has rendered a decision In favor of
the company and declaring valid the
action of the Point Grey council un
der which the company constructed
and operated tram lines in the muni
was  between   	
United StntoB and in order lo mnk
provision for these crimes n supple-
mentiiry treaty was extended to embrace Ihe lesser Crimea. The necessity tor thn second treaty supported
his point that between nnii ms they
���wore separate and  distinct  offenccs.
lannot  see that UiIh
ibbc of theft, If there
an ordinary
is such u t li ini*
Farmers Are Needed.
Ottawa. July 24. Hon. Dr. Roche,
minister of Interior, stilted today thut.
though there Is much wisdom on the
nart of the Dominion Trades and Ln-
lior rongrcrs In warning prospective
Immigrants  in   Great  Britain   ugiilnst
The "Z*r*\iy" Cun.
Bprlng lllll  Mines, Que.. July  24--
Yesterday a boy about sight years ol
age.  son  of Jolui   Booth,  an   English
miner ol Spring   Hill,   went    to    tlle
house or his married sister, a-soom
panted by nn cider brother nnd. In
tiie absence if the older si-ater, the
oliier boy got hold ol a revolver that
uriied out to be loaded, Alter amusing himseir with it, lie gave it to the
younger brother nnd, in some way .not
vet known, it wns discharged, the
bullet entering Iho younger boy's
bend nnd causing liis death In a few
Tariff  Bill   Blocked.
Washington,   July   24. -Republican
stinati r.i continued to ofl'er amend
nients lo nearly every paragraph ot
Clio Undi rwood-SlmmoiiB tarltT bill
when Ils reading wns resumed today
and the Democrats lu solid phalanx
voted them down. As a result of thc
prolonged discussion, little progress
wns made In llie two hours' consideration of the measure,
The above    wire   will    undoubtedly
cause much comment among the r.���-.,
 dents and    ratepayers    of    Burnuby,
whose case with the B, ('   E. R. was
Want It Back  . practically identical with that of Point
Portland, Ore.. July 8-4.���According Grey,
to local federal land office officials, j The opponents to the franchise unfile Btate of Oregon and the govern- der which the company Is now build
ment will unite in an effort 10 recover, ing two miles of trick In North Bur-
about 30.000 acres of land alleged to! naby have always contended that !'
have been Irregularly obtained a few,the council hud taken the case to the
years ago by F. A. Hyde, of San Fran- privy council, instead of siibmlttiug
Cisco, and others. The federal au-'the bylaw again Inst spring, the muui-
thorlties will work with Governor clpality would have won the case,
West and Attorney General Crawford, which would have given the council
Announcement waB made today that permission to seek other companies
suitB will be filed in six counties 0:1 and invite competition in electrical
Suturday. 'transportation.
  Taking the decision    of the    privy
, !council, handed down yesterday in the
"'   *m  F'flbt. Point Qrey case, it might be surmised
Edmonton,   July   24.-A  battle   for |ha,  Burnaby would haTe lo3l out ln
the suit.
I Porl Coquitlam, July :M.-Ttic firs.-
Port Coqultlam horticultural -sho*
held yesterday on the agricultural
grounds, was a magnificat sueicesn;
the exhibits were there in btautil��t
prefusii n and variety uud tablerf nuir.i
tastefully. C. H. Van Aken. horticulturist at the colony rami, judg-ed to lti<-
utmoft satisfaction of exhibitors anel
visitors. He expressed his aiiimn'zwu
for the quality of the flowers aod 4-b-e-
large number of entries.
W, J. Manson. .M.L.A. for Dnwdtttj.
opened the show in his usual lmt*t*
manner and the other speaker* IB-
eluded Mayor .Mars and Frank *3teu
brook, president of the board of trfrtiv.
The special prizes were amrd-nd a��
Prize for best garden, ilonac >.' Uv
J. Godwin���Mrs. Donald Maclean.
Prize for best collection of sw��-et
peas, by Mayor Mars������I, Mra. Rosenberg;  2. Mrs. Reid.
Prize by Robert Graham, noian:;
jfarm. for best collection of wild Answers, bv children under ]W j*BJS J*f -*-S��
!���1, Miss Rosenberg: 2, Gecrge '**-t*lr.
Prize by John Mars, for best confection or carnations, six varletioa lira.
Prize by J. P. Mclntyre for best collection or cut flowers--!, Mrs. Read;
;2, Mrs. John Smith.
I Prize by Dr. Sutherland for best collection of roses���1, T. J. Koutley.; 2,
Mrs. Rosenberg.
Good for Bill.
Oak Lake. Man., July 24. Wilffan.
Borthwick began cutting a 6fl* ct
barley here yesterday. Thn- crvf in
lu splendid condition and .t teivy
yield is expectcd.
Padders on Trial!
Moose Jaw. July 24. ���J. Macgr^gor,
divisional timekeeper, was this art-e-r-
noon committed for trial on a cbsttrr**
or padding Canadian Pacific rmilw^y
payrolls during the months of A-pril.
May and June. William Barfou. timekeeper, has been committed 00 t*n��
4. A battle
18 mlleB of right or way is being waged between tho Canadian Northern and
the Canadian Pacific rallwavs at "���
Edmonton supreme court before Justice Beck, where the former company
Is  seeking  an   injunction  to   prevent
the Canadian Pacific constructing itc
line    across    certain    quarter    sec-
ns an ordinary case of theft   1 don't j coming to the cities cf Canada unless
think It '"    To my mind this was pnrt   they have positions walling for tbem,
oi a  vei,   grave crime  committed  In lhe believes  that  there  Is  still  a <le-
Ibls city.   In the circumstanced I feel |mand for farm labor   nil    over    the
(Continued on Page Eight.) country.
Affects Finances.
To The News yesterday a Burnaby
riteonver gave it as his o'linion tliat
Durnnby's linancial position would
have been improved had they not
sought to quash the bylaw,    He point
ed out thut  some of the directors of  Angeles.
Well Known Years Aqo.
l.os Angeles, July 24��� Sidney lJoif.
who 2T, years ago was a welt fcnj.wn
Democratic politician, attorney -md'
newtpaper writer, of Portranif, Or**",,
wes found deud In bed today at bit.
home  at   Glendale,  a   suburb  of  l-<is
tlons In the valley of the Hattle river. JJ^����� (,   ft R  arK among ^ prom
Inenet financiers of the London money
Hc Must Be.
Woodstock. Ont.. July 24. - Constable Worth, who disupepiired from
Ingersoll last Saturday with some
property belonging to the chief of
police und the town, wired his wife
from Montreal to come to hlm nt once
lt  I
���"nrket and it wus onlv natural for
them to shun a municipality, which,
they claimed, had gone back on its
Burns Babv Sister.
Or"ensbnrg. Pa,, July 24.- The font
months-old child of C. J. Pbwena am
burned   to   death   today     wlieti     hrr
brother,  CharleB,   four  years  of -a***.
The decision   of   yesterday   means built fl fire under a baby carriage in
the end to the rumors that the B. C,
K. It.   franchises  In  all  of  the  muni-
which the child was sleeping;.
Just In Time.
  Prince Albert. July 24.���Lewis Hats.
Last High Loan. la Hungarian, who wiib sentenced to be
Ottawa,  July   24.    The  lust   Of  the |hanged   tomorrow   ror  the  murder of
Dominion loans which bear Interest at,Charles Hruggencote, a Dutchman, In
Ihe  rute of 4  per cenl.  matures on | February, has been granted a retrial
s  thought  he  must   be   mentally legalities of the lower mainland and
I-,--   ,_   t,_.���1.   ���   i.���i��_   ���������..���,���a
also  in   Victoria are  being  operated
contrary to the charter.
Har Good Trip.
Hamilton,    July    24��� Victor  Carl-
Btrom. the aviator, who Is flying from
Buth. N.Y. to Woodstock. Ont., landed in Hamilton about 10 o'clock this
He made the trip from the
Oct. 1.    All the others are at a rate,on the ground that he waB convicted | morning.    He made t
below 4 per cent. 'on the evidence of an accomplice.        Falls ln 45  minutes.
Heavy on Phonea.
Ottawa, July 24.���The Dominion <rt
Canada is becoming an Inveterate'
user of tiie telephone. She haa no*- w
use 400,000 telephones, an inc-raniw o��
12 months of over 200,000. Statiittau
Just Issued by the telephone and to*-
graphic branch of the departnwnt o*
railways and canals for the laat fbrml
year show a large increase in 1bt*
telephone  Interests of tbo  UouiIiikiu c
P*G%   *r**XSQ
FRIDAY, JULV 25, 1913.
A* tmtrptmAmnt nonHnf imper devoted to the interists of New t-Tci-ntinlHsfer and i
St*. Frmmmr Valley.    P-**U***4 ereri, morning except Sunday by the National Printing \
a*A futitt.sias Company, Limited, *t 63 UeKen-ie street. New Westminster, British
*7*l*at**x. BOOB  SVTIIBRLANII.  Manaying  Director.
AU c.immuiKiccUimna tkaaltt sr *dttres:.nt to The New Westminster News, and not
Ca **uHvtsl*ml t***t**rr* txf ttm *t*lt. Chei;ues, drafts, and money orders should bc made
m*-ritile  to  T*x* National  PrttUng  ond   I'ublishing  Company,  Limited.
TRl.KfHONSS���Rtt*tmtt*t Oft ice sad Manager, 8119; t'dilorlal Rooms  lall depilrt-
****U). ML
SUBSCRIPTION HATR8���By oarrier. %l per year, ll for three months, 40c per
awrnt*.    Bv mail, tx ptrr trtxr, 26o per month.
cicnt Ripley. What seemed a certain
\merlcan victory was turned Into
victory for the British arms the following; day, when Driimniond's men
retook the battery and the field without a struggle on the following day.
The BrltlBh loss in killed, wounded
and missing was S7S, and the Invaders lost aboul  the, same number.
Vancouver   Aldermen   Are   Becoming
Restless���Haien to Speak at
Conservative Picnic.
C-ilgary  Council  Will   Submit  By
for $468,000���Mawson Plan
Not Considered.
Vancouver, July 24- In a heated
discussion brought on by the reading
of a report of the culling of the
water pipe by the city engineer's de
Heavy  Fruit Crop  Reported    in
Okanagan���Thinning Out
Penticton, B. C, July 24.���"Judging
by the samples I haVe seen I am firmly convinced that there is a great future for the grape industry In the Penticton district,"  said Q,  I.  Thornton,
partment yesterday before the water-iof Sardis, at present In the employ of!
works committee,  Alderman  Klrkpat-  ""' Provincial department of agrlcui-
 _. ,.  ..       _, ,  ., Iture.  In  an  interview  hero  the other J
Some of the members of the Burrard Inlet Sewerage
Commission feel that the value of their services has been
Calgary,  July   "4.-   Notwithstanding
  l that seven members of the city coun-
_ . _ ^^ cil   had   permitted   themselves   to   be
���unoer-estimated by the provincial government when the put on record as favoring the sub-
^^^^^ ���       ������.,      ���.-��,-,,-,! mission to the ratepayers of a plebis
cite  to  decide  the  plan   under   which
Ithe Centre street bridge should    be
built, as between tlle original Mawson
and the high incline designs, the council bus committed Itself to the submission nf the by-law proposing to raise
hy debenture $468,900 for the con-
ruction of a bridge on the high in-
$600 per year allotted each is compared with the $5000
w-et opposite the chairman's name and the $3000 apportioned to the secretary. If their dissatisfaction results
���entirely from this comparison it would seem that the
reason for complaint lies, not in the meagreness of their
salaries, but in the generosity of the government as dis-l^t  ^^^
" -      - "        ���    ��� cline plan without giving the pi,-bUi'll
played towards the chairman and the secretary.
On the other hand, if, as Burnaby's representative on
the commission suggests, the stipend of $600 is out of
all proportion to the responsibility and labor attached to
the position, there is ground for investigation of conditions by the authorities at Victoria.
At this early stage, before the work of the board has
been fully outlined, it is impossible to make any exact estimate of the value of a commissioner's services and the
only basis for comment and the drawing of inferences lies
in the large gap between the salary of a member of the
board and that of the chairman, it being taken for granted that the secretary of the body, who is paid for what
work to keep him busy ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
From the faet that the government has set $5000 as
the amount to be paid the chairman and $600 as the sum
-due each commissioner, it is evident that the head of
the hoard must have considerably higher qualifications
and greater working capacity than the other members.
On the basis of a comparison of salaries, he should bear
the same relation to his colleagues as the manager of a
largo sawmill plant does to the Hindus who pile Turn-
(he   slightest   consideration.
The fact wns due partly to the failure
of thoae who really favored a plebts- i
cite to avail  themselves or their op- I
porlunlty to secure the submission or
ia plebiscite, but more particularly to
ithe rulings of .Mayor Slnnott, who re-
Ifused   to  hear any  discussion  of  the
plebiscite question.
j .Mayor Sinnott's attitude throughout had the appearance of a design to
prevent the plebiscite question from
being considered. At the outset, a
communication from the town planning commission wus read, urging that
the decision as to the plan of building
the bridge be submitted to plebiscite.
When consideration of the communl-
^^^^^^^^^^ I cation   was  reached,  the  mayor  sug-
he does and not for what he knows, will have plenty of I Rested that inasmuch as the bridge
question was coming up later by the
introduction of a by-law, the communication be lull! over lo thai time, when,
he said, the whole ihing would be gone
A little later Alderman Costello
niade inquiry as to why tlle Mawson
plan had never como before the council. Again the mayor suggested tha(
answer to that question be laid over
; until the whole question came up. assuring Alderman Costello that the information would be supplied at that
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  mmmmmmummm-   . tinie-.    Put  when tlle by-law was pro
ber in his vards.   That is the plot of the piece as it has Banted it was allowed to slip through
hoon 1'iirf flown a\ Viptnrifl the r'rt;t n*-"UnR aml ,hl> Question oc-
nt.m laid uown dl WllOlia.      > _ eurred   upon   the  motion   for  second
Viewed from the standpoint of pay for services ren- reading.  This was the time, as was
dered, it looks as though the chairman has a large order ~'^ eSSmiSSSS* "commuS
to till, since he is rated  as worth more to the sewerage  tion and for answering Alderman Cos.
problem than all the other members of the board taken ^,,wSrw���imlS&"Z���hS;
together. Alderman   Costello   arose   and   called
  attention  to his  inquiry, he  was in-
  j formed  by the mayor that it was out
One half of the world doesn't believe that the other'"f order, *"** **���*���< ""' ""'>* u*��g <���">-
���     -�� .       -, , fore  the  bouse  was the vile on  sec-
hall IS allVC. .                                                          ond reading of the hy-luw.
  Alderman Costello never did get his
mi      r> ���            ����� ut  i      i i         .iii              -question answered, yet fell lu line and
The Pnnce of Wales has entered on the drudgery ot.void for the inch inclined bridge,
opening hospitals, laying corner stones, driving in state against which only three votes were
' ' .. -   ��      �� �� I recnrdi-d.   those  if  Aldermen   Garden,
back,    I
rick declared tha( lt was about time
to   call   for   City   Engineer   Kellowes'
resignation, because or the mystery
of his  whereabouts.
He said that he had just as milch
sympathy as any one for a sick man,
but tlie cily engineer In this instance
had "not acted in the interests of the
city or Vancouver." He added, "It a
man In his position goes away without leaving delinlto instructions as to
handling the pipe and without us
knowing when he's coming
think it's about time to call f
Mysterious Watch.
Considerable mystery is attached to
the boding of a gold watch by the
little daughter   of   Captain Bucholtz,
Bidwell street, at Kagle harbor, Howe
sound. The provincial police say that
the watch answers the description of
that carried by (Ieorge Mortimore, a
young man, believed to have bei n
drowned near Point Atkinson 13
months ago and the Intlals engraved
on  the case are  those of  Mortimore.
Mortimore was om* of a party on
board a yacht which was towing a
dinghy. The tow rope parted, and
without hesitating: be dived overboard
to recover the skilT. In the freshening wind tlie yacht could not be
stopped, and the last seen i t the
young fellow was his swimming toward the rowboat.
Hon. J. D. Hazen Will foeak.
The definite announcement that
Hon. J. I), Hazen would speak at the
second annual picnic of the Vancou
ver Conservatives was made last
night at the meeting of the executive
and listening to addresses of welcome.
In an age supposed lo be more refined than that of a
'rveinrSTC-xJ years ago, w'h-nt  explanation   is   there for the
change from the minim to the turkey trot?
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy has a polite way of telling
those who are knocking Canadian credit that they don't
know what they're talking about.
Tregillus and  Freeze,
Druggist    Defies   Authorities   to    Prevent  Him  Celling   Heroin���fays
Will  Bring Action
boys   by   selling   habit-
threatened Mayor Nye
1x>st, one trihe of Indians answering to the name ofj
Kickapoo; last seen wandering loose in Mexico.   Finder    Minneapolis, July m. a druggist
please return to Undt Sam's reservation at Sonora. i fighting tor ms technical nShi to d~
Tlie sockeye Ls not a flsh of his word. He has ted
folks to believe that }if wwild be here this summer with
a lot of his friends and now he doesn't seeni'to be inclined
to make good.
iiaucli young
forming drug
Suit would be brought for raise-
arrest, lie told the mayor, ir authorities attenmted t" enforce the mayor's
order protecting tin health of the city
by forbidding the sale of heroin. An-
  Other suit,  he said,  would    be placed
,���,,.,.,-- , re   , i it against   the   policeman   os   detective
If the United States shuts oil the supply ot arms Wh0 summoned him into coun tor
.and ammunition to Mt-xico, crowbar and pickaxe charges ��>ujng the drug
,       ��, r -,    ���   i i -ii  i i Mayor  .Nve  listened  tn  (he  Itaran-
under cover of volleys *>f brickbats will become popular|sue,
"You soil more heroin and see what
happens," he said.   "I would like noth-
lng  better than  to have    you    sum
0f whom the  British  Unionists are as something.    Notoriety from suits you
.        " , i ****   '    r ��� ���! I) .'.i  ,!.,'      rr) ,,,:���,. ��� might   bring   would   do   Ilu;   public   a
d as they are of prussic acid, says Britain s  lories |8eA,|Ce by giving them tha name of a
singled them out to govern
omething must uci���lrl, ,��� M,linettpol|a tti ������. ,,,��� ,ure
in the row between the warring factions
Lloyd George,
Yon ^^^
believe Providence haB
^"���nd and if they're   nnt
,, wrong.
service by giving them
^^^^^^^^^ man  who iiu* u little money is willing
mcinillg  IllUSl   Oe|glris  ������  Minneapolis  aa  ho  can
into bis drug trap "
Leaves S'.ill Threatening
The drugglsl  lefl  the mayor s offi
ii* Btiil  threatening, though Bubdued
m%W       '        .* -,l   ,u,    ,i; .. ., .,,    .,   v,.-,.-   Vnrli   nnnsr  mivb l The   mayor   refused   to    reveal     thi
in connection with the ttisease, .1 New   YorK papei says man,g na    Di8CUgalng ,,���. ,������������,.
fact of consumption being certainly preventable  .>. num-* said, -i wish son 1 thi
the fnfcure of the race than that un��>rupuious druggists who rail
*-'"-  ii'-i"-      ���- ��� I,, would bring action agalnsl me
"The attending  publicity  would
Speaking of tuherculusis and Dr. Friedmann's claims
���     VT.   ...     V....I.    ,-,.,,,������    ������,,_
that the
is more important tt>
it sometimes is curable
Urvan mav not be i.n .thing  to   write   home   aoo
���as a secretary of -state for I'ncle Sam, but he provides
considerable amusement in his efforts to be
man and he's entitled to an entry on the ere
unconscious humorist.
;i real states-
lit side as an
'Within   the   Bound   vl!  Ibo   r   ir   o
���Nlaraira Kails then' waa fom'.IH nlnotj
iitoey������ ago t.Mlaj   the llercesl hal
��� H^   of   the   lasl    oar    IwtWfi-n   I  -
'Hritain  und  the  Unlfd  Htalcs     Thli
������MKemt'iH   h-   linen   In   hit
^BiVidBrwaler."   "Niagara   '     '
������I iindv'w  l-ane,"  the  letter  belli
J^t common.    Kort  Erh   had snrren
\LZ.a to  the  Americans, and  i.'ii'i.ii
,11.11 hal  been defeats!  al Chippewa
crly In *������'���>
JUTcd toVipe out the slum nl   tl" m
tfliti.     He iin*   ��"' <  ";   ���������'   '
from YorK,  Kingston.   Iliirlln;::,..
23 Prescolt, will, a ib ���
��tU the  invader.
In tbe nn iir-.,
Jfcmer'icaii  i-i.miiiiueb i
���On   ����*
mm. man
,-nil'       ,:''
Sn ','"don Drum
Queenston.     Blown   Bent   Scott,   with
'-h part of the army of Invaders, to pro
led 'io* American stores at Schlosser.
iin the way he  wus confronted  with \
Kiall.   with   an   army   of   1,800.     The
British i*"ii- were posted in a slight-
ly creBcenl form on an eminence over
mlih  passed  Lundy's Lane, a hich
��� ���'-,   p.trct"h'.ng    westward   from   the
.   ira rlvi r    At Bunsel a desperate
ball :������   commi need,   and     continued
through mosl of n dark nighl
Afier a time  Hrown  came up with
the v, hole American army   Reinforcements  sonl   by   Drummond   were  de
* ,l for ii nun* bj u force of  \merl-
i* di r   Major   Ji Bup,   who   had
Knlii' i   the II itlsh  ri ar,    An  In    lenl
il (In   '   |,mil*   ii
i   || ��� ������ '*���   i *.  * he   ',
han i i" hund ���   . ���    '
lhe Hrll
sent by 11
tiiptci!   to   rei
mplisii more k-" <I than a fine Af
lor the campaign waged agalnsl heroin, I don't believe a drugglsl could
uaic a living in Minneapolis after
practically confessing thai lu* wns one
of the nun .-.iiiise protcosion has been
to lure boys Into drun slavery I be-
lieve the good citlzen-a of Minneapolis
uould drive s'hIi q man out of town
"The object of my order was mora
to turn the Bearchlighl of publicity
* n these drug Btores than anything
"Kven If not a druggist was arrested for Belling heroin the facl that
thoy might be called In to ti ill
where heroin slaves um their dope,
ifii'i- tha drug fiends hud been arrested would give them notoriety enough
o put them oul of the dope buslne
"More druggists have been Belling
heroin to drug slaves than anyone
would believe. The evening thai my
[order wus printed a dozen druggists
win, lind mu b, en warned telephoned
me to know jusl what waa goil . lo
l>" done, Most of them were
i"   take  a  qulel   tip  and  unit   .   llin *
n   "
committee of the Vancouver Conservative association and the presidents
and secretaries of the various ward
associations, The Princess Patricia
has been chartered to carry the party
to ('���anises harbor and i( is expected
that she will havi' ahout 000 person3
on board.
Besides lion. .1. D. Hazen, Premier
McBride,  Hon.  YV. .1.  Bowser.     II.     II
Stevens.  Ml'., uud  Hon     A.    E.    Mc
Phillips, in whose constituency Ganges
harbor is situated, will attend.
The Princess Patricia will leave
Vancouver at 9:f.O a.m. and Is due to
arrive in Ganges harhpr at noon: During the trip tbe band Of the 7-rid
Seal', rtb Highlanders regiment will
supply miiBic und several sinners will
also take part In the musical program
After the arrival of the party at the
picnic grounds the speeches will be
made and when Ihese lire ever llie
sports will be bold, for which some
vi ry good prizes have been ofTered
Patrcmze  Hospital.
Rev. John Antill, superintendent of
Columbia coast missions, has just returned to Vancouver for a few days
after spending a very strenuous two
weeks among the three hospitals of
mission, and al Campbell river.
the steamer Columbia is now
lying, and at Victoria, where he spent
a few days on the business of the
mission, Mr. Antill reports that the
hospitals are well patronized, and
seem to have met the needs, not only
of thn loggers, hut of the Increasingly
large number of Bottlers along ilu
coast from Van Anda to Alert bay.
Caught in Opium Den.
Ralph Saunders, the "(ireat Italian,
Chinese, New York City Man." ia |
very versatile on the vaudeville stage
but Sergeant Munro declared in tha |
police court this morning that Ralph
presented B very sorry sight, and wns
practically Bpeechleaa when he was
caught attempting to escape frnm an
opium den on Harris Btreet last night.
STgeant Munro and Detective?
Champion visited tile place yesterday
and found the door barred, The detective attempted to force his way
Into the room while Munro went
around to ihe window. He arrived
just in time In see a guyly colored
shirt come flying out of the casement,
followed   by   the   pedal   extremities   Of
the inufiirio entertainer. Seeing th"
officer iii" man turned and unlocked
tin door, thinking that then' wns no
one there, and fi II Into the hands of
the detective,
Munro picked up the discarded
shirt niul found a $30o diamond fns
ii-iH'd io ii As ii could nm li" pn vil
that Saunders mis a smoker, although
a lull "lav in uus found In thn
room, in* wns arrested on a vagrancy
charge The cai e .is dismissed und
Saundors told in gel oul of town.
Bar Beer
Unless Ho* park board altera its decision not to allow I.ier to bo given
Hi.* sailors al thi lu Id i-jiiirrs ai Brockton Point on Saturday, August 2. it Is
probable thai Hastings park or some
oilier location will be sought for this
feature of New Zealand week of entertainment
The civic committee handling the
entertainment of New Zealand officers
and crew next week was, in the main.
of ill" opinion thai lieor wns neces
sary to give the sports a Bend off, mid
as expressed by ono member, they
would lag if the beverage   wire   nol
$5000 Fire.
I.osn n mounting to consldernhly
over J.'iiinii was occasioned early this
morning I". a fire which broke oul
shortly after 2:30 o'clock al tha
nhlnglc mill of Messrs. MoGlbhon H*
Hodgson ni Fifty-fifth avenue and
Victoria drive, Souili Vancouver,
Fire Chli r Neater and his men bad
a busy day yesterday lighting bush
In the neighborhood of No. 1 and
Wales roads, nnd aboul 2:B0 o'clock
' . mi ming they wern culled out to
Hn* shingle mill.
day. "Last year some grapes exhibited a( the New Westminster fair
by your board of trade were after;
wards sent to the United States land
show and other large bIiows, and a
great deal of interest, was shown by
saying that the grapes you grow here
are In every way the equal of the California product."
Mr. Thornton Is engaged In tlie-
work of putting samples of fruit In
glass jars for exhibition purposes, lie
will be back In the valley in the
course of a fortnight.
rjnless something unforeseen Intervenes, the present should be the most
successful  year  In   the history  of the
fruit  industry  In  the Okanagan,  excellent  prices ruling,  10    cents    per
pound being the net average,    Prospects are very good for apricots and
peaches, the growers having to resort
to  thinning  on  nn   extensive  scale  In |
order that the trees can carry the bet- ;
ter  fruit.        The   new   central   selling:
agency will be organized in lull swing;
to handle the crop.
A   deal   of  considerable   Importance j
, to the district has Just been closed
whereby B Vancouver syndicate nr"
taking over the land, assets and town
sii" of tli" Okanagan Kails Land com
puny. Th" new- management are already on the ground, and are making
arrangements to get iheir land on the
j market early in the new- year.
Some growers are having a little
trouble with lire blight, although It
appears  to  now   be   very   well   under
Icontrot and reports with regard tn
loss printed In the coast papers have
been caused to some extent by the
unusually wet Beason, The rainfall
lias been excessive for the Beason,
witli very few wholly elear days during tho past month,
SUS.NESS DIRECTORY   Ig^   rf   ^^
II & P, e>. of Klks of the I>. of C, mee
tic firsi umi third Thursday hi I p. -
K. of P. Hall, Eighth sir, -
Oray, Bbcaltsd Ruler; P. II.
A  Weill
Smith. Sue
1 !,.    O.    O
;     llrst.  si*i
day     In
In    the
M.,     NO.     854.���MEETS  UN
ond,   thlnl nml  fuurlli   Wi-'liu-H
each    numth    ut    s    p.  m.
Moose   Home.    il. J.    Leamy
I'.     )���*.    Junes.     Becretary
Headquarters   of   lodge   In   See   House
corner of Fourth ami Carnarvon streets
1. O. O. F. AMITY LODOB NO. 17���Tb
regular meeting of Amity Indue Nt
27. I. O. O. P.. IB h��ld every Monda.
night nt s o'oloek In Odd Fellows' Hul
corner Carnarvon and Blatith street!
\'lsltlnR hrethern cordially invitee;
R. A. Merrlthew, N. Q.; J. Robertaot
V. O.; W. C. Coatham, P. O.. record
lng secretary; H. \V. Sangster, fliuir
clal seerelary.
t.*r it Hanna, Ltd.)���Kunrrnl 'lln-ctoi
nnd embnlmora. Parlors (O'i Columb!
Btreet.   New   Westminster,    i'hone sn.
w. E. fa les���Pioneer Funeral Direetc
and B^balmer, 612-61K Agnen stres
opposl..,. Carnegie' Library.
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ....$16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches  throughout  Canada    and
i Newfoundland,  and   ln   London,   England. New York, Chicago and Spokane
i U.S.A., and   Mexico  City.    A   general
I banking business transacted.    Letters
of Credit  lBsued,  available   with  cor-
j respondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department -Deposits
j received  In  Bums  of  $1   and   upward
I nid Interest allowed at 3 per cent, t*t
j iiiniiin  1 present rate).
Total ABBets over $186,000.non 00.
G.  D.  BRYMNER.  Manager.
It    .1
i.    Tel.  R.  i^S-  It""". I
Dr.   Mi
gnault Gives Larne Property���
Aids Clum Children
1 M ntreal, July 21. Affected by thi
misery of Montreal's thousands ol
slum children who seldom see the
flowers or trees or have a decent
plac* to play In, Dr, Arthur Mlgnault
has pn sented 60,000 feet of the Moi-
son propert), between .Milion and
Sherbrooke streets, which he owns
to he used aB an up-to-date play-
fci-ound  fer city children.
Children alone are to be considered
in iii" laying out of the ground. The
question Of a lark for the people is
a secondary one, for the doctor considers that Canada's future dependi
on the youngsters now growing up
and slum bsbles, in his opinion, hav-a
no chance of becoming good citizens.
l.'iiless Canadian c t'es thi some
tlvng to make a healthy future poa
sible br the youngsters he sav- thi
chddren of lmmtgranta, Instead of thi
children i f our i wii people, will own
Canada In the future. "I den't think
tbe c'ty ought to be entirely responsible for the welfare of the children;
each private citizen should play hi*-
part. I want to do a little, that's why
1   * 1 \e * :.. I*.nd "
The land is to be regarded as a
loan from Hr. Mlgnault lo the city's
children, for as long as tbey want It
winter and summer, year in and year
un i'r in r.ow lie has instructed liis
agents to refuse all offers for Its
renting It Is to be held In trusl for
tin-  children onlv.
P. H. Smlih W. J. Grovei
Work   undirtiik-n    in    city    anil    outsld,
imlnis.   iiii-i::   Westminster Trust   hpi*
Phone   364.     P.   O.   Box   607.
All WO
Antiquity of Thia Now Popular Cooking Utensil.
The chafing dish Is not a utensil of
modern Invention. Looking backward
over history's pages, many allusions
are made to Its us*. Among the ruins
of I'ompell have been found bronze
chafing dishes of unique designs, and
Momma-en, in bis "itomiscbe Qeschlcb-
te," asserts Unit In tbose days a well
wrought cooking machine came to cost
more than un estate. Louis XV. took
much delight In cooking and, according to (loiii'ourt. often ninused himself
by making "quintessential slews in silver pniiB." The palate of Louis XIV.
was often tickled by "piping hot dishes brought In on 11 1 lulling dl.-di."
Napoleon Bonaparte, when laying
down tbe ii ff a Irs ot wnr and enjoying
home life for a short period, cooked In
11 silver chutliig ills-li 1111 omelet tor llm
enjoyment of the empress ami himself.
Mine. Itcmmlcr, the Wnutilul and Intellectual society lender, used the chafing dish, while Mme. de Sinel, thn
greatest woman in literary history,
���when exiled trom her beloved Franco
took with her the chilling dish.
We of today nre doing much lo keep
sllvo the true spirit of hospitality by
bringing the chilling dish Into popular
use.���Woman's y;un�� Comnil nlnn.
-^^_^___^______       ''lr
-iilar work specialist All work ntricil>
confidential II Hurry, riiiiin 41S Wist
minster Truat Hlk.   Phone 702.
st.-r Ho.-ird of Trail" mei'tH In th" hoar'
room, City Hall, us follows: Third Frl
day of eneh month; quarterly mi-'-tlni
on   the  third   l-'rlilay  of  February,  Ma)
August and November at H p.m. An
niiitl tn'-rtingB on lhe third Friday o
February, C. II. Stuart Wade, secre
rlsters Solicitors, etc 40 Lome Street
New Weatmlnster.   (i. B, Corbould, B
C.    J    II.  llrnnt.    A.  B.  MeColl.
ter-Ht-lnw. solicitor, i-tc. Ti-lcphon
li'7ii. Cahle address "Johnston
f>,de. "Western l'nlon." Offices, E1P
llliiek, j52 Colluiihla street. New* Willi
minster,  B. C.
Blife ��� Barristers nnd Solicitors, West
minster Trust Klk., Columbia street
New Westminster, B. 1*.   Cable sdrtres
"Whiteside."     Western     I'lllim.     P.     0
Drawer 2fin. Telephone 69 W. .1
Whltealde, K. C.; rt. L. BdmondB, I
J. HTII.WBl.I, CLUTE. Bnrrlster-st-lav
solicitor, etc. 1 corner Colombia an
McKensle   streets.   New   Westmlnstel
B.   C.    P.   O    Box   lit.      Telephone    711
COAL MINING rights of the Domlnloa
In Manitoba. Saskatchewan uiul Alberta*
the Yukon Territory, Uie Northwest Territories and In 11 (Kirtlon of the Province
,if British Columbia, may be leased for a
'enn of twenty-one yeara ut i.n .uuiual
rental of $1 an acre. Not more than If&SI
acres wlll be leased to onu applicant.
Application for a lease must be mado
by the applicant In person to the Agent
ur Sub-Agent of the district In which tbe
rights applied for are situated.
in surveyed territory the land mu*rt bo
described by sections, or legal sub-dlvl-
���tons of sections, and In unsurveved territory the tract upplled for shull b��
stoked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be aooompanled
by a fee of |5 which wlll be refunded It
th. rltmt.s applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on iho merchantable output of th*
..,,.,,* ;.i tie* rale oi five centu is*r ton.
The   person   operating   the   mine   shall
furnish    the   Agent    with    swarn    returns
accounting  fnr  the   full   quantity   of   merchantable  coal   mined   und   pny   the   royalty   thereon.   If  the  coal   mining    rights
ure not being operated such returns ahouM
I be   furnished   ut   least   onco  u   ye>ar.
I     1'l.r. lease wlll  Include the coal  mlnlna
j rlghls  only,   but   the  l-nosee-i  wlll   be  per-
! mltted   to    purchase    whatever    available
surface   rights   muy   be   considered   neceo-
I sary for the working of  the mine at  the
, in 1 e of 1111 sn acre.
For full  Information application should
be made to tb��' Secretary of the  D6paH>
ment  of the  Interior.  Ottawa,  or  to any
Agent  or  Sub-Agent of  Dominion  I.anila
W.  W. CORT.
Deputy  Minister of the  Interior..
N. R.���Unauthorized publication of thla
ulvertlHi'lnent   wlll   not   be  paid   for
Bolicitor and Notary. Offices liar
block. 2" Lorne street. New Wcstinlo
ster, B. C.
tin.   W.   C
I.    MARTIN     ft    CASSAD1
and Solicitors. BUS to ��1
���r Trust Hlock. Q, K Mul
.   McQuarrie    anil   Oeorge   I
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of all  kinds.
To Port  Mann  and   Port Coquitlam
Will Leave
;  B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily Except Sunday.
As Per Followlnfl Schedule:
Leaves  New  Westminster  for  Port
Mann 8:00 a.m.
Leaves   Port   Mann   for   New   Westminster 9:00 a.m.
Leaves  Now   Westminster for  Port
! Manu and  Port Coquitlam  10:00 a.m.
I    Leaves   Port   Coqultlam    for   Port
Mnnn and N'ew Westminster 1:00 p.m.
Lraveg  New  Westminster  for  Port
Mann 5:30 p.m.
Leaves  Port Mann  for New West-
I minster 7:00 p.m.
I    Leaves  New  Westminster  for  Port
Mann and Port Coqiiltlatn 4:1(0 p.m.
Leaves    Port   Coqultlam    for    Port
1 Mnnn and New Westminster li::t0 p.m.
Schedule subject to change without
! notice.
For further  Information  inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 164 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
Prions right.
ii KuiirHliteoe
Transfer Co.
Office   Phono   18-5,      Barn   Phono   11'
Bogbl* Stroot
Haggago Lelherud Promptly to
any part of the city.
Outing Shoes
"The Playground of B.C."
White, Shiles <?: Co-, ASen
Light and Heavy Hauling
B. C. Coast Service
1     JtOnxtH Vmit'iiiivt r for Vlctorlu   ID a. tn.
I p. in. ami 11 :4f>.
Leaves Vancouver for Bea ttie 10 a, m.
1 end 11 t*  ��n.
L#eav(*�� Vancouvor for Nanalmo if* m in,
: una <; :So 1. in.
I.f'iiw-M Vancouver for Prince Rupert
l nnd Northern P^lnt* '" n m Wednea
daya  nnd   6 iturdaye  nl   11   p m<
Chilliwack Service
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtlt Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Weetmlneter. BC.
] Telephones:  Office 53, Residence 429.
JOHN  REID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Bros.'    Hanollne
j BtiRine-B, Marine  Engines  and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
I        Office and Works:  Tenth  St.
I P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster. B.C
We new hnve four trnlim iluily anil
will kIvt; you Ihe cheapest rale going
nut only in Eastern points, bul to
Kootenay and olher points.    We nr"
al *i   ngi'iii.;   fm*  nil   steamship   lines,
l'i'i- rei i .*. ii ri, nii'l nili* r ;;ii llciilnru
Leaves   dillllwncll    i    n.   ni.   Tuesday,
I'hui   i iy .iii-i Saturday,
I..i    a  WeBtmlnster  H  h.  m.  Monday,
i nnd Fi'**'*.
RD   OOULBT,  An* nl. Ni w Wosttnlnst
M   v.*   i   ������ iDJJJ    ;   P. A . Van *     at
K. QOUI.ET, Agent
Novi   V. n:-.tiiiiiistar
ir   il. W, iiitoniK, c. P, A., Vancouver.
i FRIDAY, JULY  25,   1913.
During July and  August our business hourB are  from  H
o'clock till 5:30.   Saturday, 10 o'clock.
Folding  Camp  Stoves,  Camp  Stool*. Cfcmp Vats and alt
kinds of cooking nteasila yon can pouiUiy need.
Care must be taken In selecting tlle right kind of tent so as to obtain the greatest
amount of convenience and comfort from them. These we are featuring have
a greaier pitch than most, yet you pay no more fur Ihem than you do for thn
ordinary kind. They are properly roped just where the extra strength is rei|iiired
and guaranteed to be of full weight and yardage.
In 8-ounce Army Duck.
fcxl(lx2, former price $9.00     *7 H*x
now          ���tpl.OtJ
10x12x11, former  price
$111.50;   now    	
10x14x8, former  price
$16.00;   now   	
12xHx:i.   former   price
$19.50;    now    	
10-ounce Army Duck.
lOxlUxlt.  former price tlA 7--C
$16.50;   now     ^lf.U
10x14x8. former price *t\R A**
$19.00;   now'      -^lU.-tJ
12x14x3, former price ClQ BK
$23.00;    now     tpiJiUo
l!tix 17x1-1'/���,. former price
Caloric fireless Cook Stove
The modern "Caloric" cook stove is a wonderful advance in fireleBS cookers. It Is a
oomplete cook stove and will cook practically everything that can be cooked on an
ordinary stove or range. It is the only one
that will bake and roast perfectly without
first partialy cooking the food or reheating It before serving, as well as steam, stew,
boil, etc. There is no cheaper or betted
process of cooking. It will save at least 76
per cent. In fuel atone and a wonderful
amount of time, labor and discomfort.
All the nutriment and delicate flavors of
food are preserved and every mei:.l is served
deliciously appetizing.
$26.00;    now
SINGLE lzrli'priced at ���?I500i $12.75
DOUBLE ��rerly priced at $2900; $23.25
TRIPLE 2���* priced at $:m50;    $31.00
Eat or Sleep on the Porch
During the Warm Weather
There is nothing more delightful than an appetising meal
with thirst-quenching drinks served on the cool, shaded porch.
There is nothing more refreshing than restful sleep in the
open air. Either condition can be enjoyed in your own home
by the simple use of "Vudor Shades." They act like the Venetian blinds; you can see out but no one can see in; constructed
so they will "give" in a strong wind, yet never get out of shape
or position. From now till the end of the month we will have
our own experts fix them for you free of -charge.
$3.50       Eight feet wide ..   $6.00
$4.50       Ten feet wife....   $7.50
Four feet wide.
Six feet wide  .
Made of selected pine, finished In grained quartered oak.
In three plain panel effectB, as well as the more ornamental patterns complete with spring binges, books and
2 feet 6x6 feet 6, plain finish.
2 feet Kx6 feet 8, plain finish.
2 feet 10x6 teet 10, plain finish...
2 feet    8x6 feet    8. varnish finlBh.
2 feet 10x6 teet 10, varnish finish. S2.Z5
3 feet x 7 feet, varnish finish S2.SO
674-678 Columbia St.
New Westminster
Export cf Butter Last Year Was Nil-
May Manufacture Oleomargarine,
Montreal, July 24, "Canada is getting too lazy; that is all"
In   tbla  way   Arthur  Hodgson, pro- 	
dnce merchant, explains the alarming that  amount.  ��,see ins
celve the immediate attention of the
government Is the permitting of oleomargarine being manufactured in Canada Dairy manufacturers aeem to be
afraid Ihat tbe permission to manii-
lur'uiv oleomargarine will afreet the
priei- of butler. This, however, has
not proved to be the case In the United States antl Ureal llritain, where a
considerable quantity of ii is manufactured and sold eaeb year. Today
the priee of butter is Uiree eents a
pound higher in the United Slates
than in Canada, and in the face of
'his highfT priee, there is a large output rf oleomargarine In lbe United
i StateF.
it ean be manufactured and sold for
I IB  rr 20  cents  per  pound,  whereas
creamery butter will eost about double
thut   oleomar-
Jews  Refuse to Close  Chops on  Sunday   as   They   Observe
M UO.Oi Hi
the only thing for the poor
facl   thai   last   year   Canada   did
exjKirl   a   single   pound   of  butter
on the other hand, imported
pounds from  New  Zealand. .
"It is home consumption, and tioth- ;
ing else, tbnt is eating up our supply
of butler," be    said.    "The    farmers
should Increase their dairying facill- |
ties.    II   is ii   most  aggravating  pnsi-
tion  to think  lhat    an    agricultural
country   like  Canada   should   have  t* I
depend  on  one of  her  sister  Dominions  for  butter  to   supply  ber  home
"That is one of the arguments." Mr
Hodgson continued, "that we have always    used    against    reciprocity.    It
would only throw our markets open to
the Americans when we huve loo little
to  spare  for  ourselves.    Tlie  fact  of
the  matter is that Canadian  farmers
are  not  dairying  as  much  as  in  the
past.     They   should   buy   more   cows
That is the solution of the whole question.    There is plenty of pasture land I bas returned to \ nncouver
nnd there is no excuse for a country  son  was recalled  to
like  this  having  to  Import  butler to  count of the
supply  home consumption." *^*^*"
Fell Off In Five Years
Mr.  Hodgson admitted that a great
Explosives   Expert   Will   Advance   No
Theory���Electric   Storm   As-
signed as Cause.
Nanalmo.   July   24.- Joseph   G,   S.
Hudson, exposives expert, associated
I wllh Ihe mines department nt Ottawa.
Mr   lliiil-
Nanalino on  do-
'xploston nt  the powder
works nt  Nnrthfield  Sunday  morning.
There   was   very   little   left   of   the
Mr,  Hodgson admitted Unit a great I     ''" ���
difficulty lay in the fact that farmers I glazing house with Wblch to begin an
In the province of Quebec did not iiveitlgnllon. Perhaps llle curious
produce butter In the winter time. feature lu connection with the oxplo-
'   ���<.!.., I ���i������  U..,B ihat there were no men at
prodin ��������� ,���...,  ...	
"Hut In past years," he said, "th
farmers used to produce enough but
ter in the summer tlmn to last a
winter, lt la only In the last Iiv
years that we bave been obliged to
purchase butter.
"It Is a problem that Is easily cured
however,"   Mr.   Hodgson   said.     "Our
cities have outgrown the possibilities
of our dairy products, and tlie fnrm
ers havo grown too buy to ke
wllh our population.   Let us buy
slon was thut there were uo men at
i vi rk In tliis house on Saturday out-
IBide the repairing gang, who were
I'nsv there for an hour or two. These
hrwnver, left earlv in the d-'v.
around tht
the  oxplo-
and there was no one
place  up  lo  the  time
Kxpbs' ns h-ve been known to follow  an  electrical  storm,  the  th-^orv
p  up I bring  tb't   an   electrical     current   is
mire I communicated   to  some   perts  of  the
cows  and   keep  puce  with   tho
nnd  we will solve lhe problem "
"This problem of Canada having to
Import butt'T lias existed for Uie last i rnuiu ���,,	
three  years,"  said  John  A.  Gunn,  of |\vere no signs of an electrical disturb-
flunn, l.iiiiglols A Co. "The year hefori
machinery,   When ibe machinery is
started up ngaln Ihls communicated
.���in���ent causes n spark frnm which
results un explosion     However   tliere
1nst we exported only 70 packaged rf
butler In South Afrlcn. Last year, we
illd not export any butter ul all The
whole (rouble wllh Ihe dalrv conditions Is lliiil there Is not enough mill-.
belng produced to take care of the
growth of the country. What Is affecting financial conditions is similar
to the conditions which ure affecting the dairies, only in one ease It Is
money that we want, and In the other
it Is cream.
"The whole salvation of the ipics
���...,  in tbe atmosphere on Saturday
p'"ht so thnl the theory c.-niu t be tip-
nlleil. nnd llie real cause of the blowup Sunuday morning Is likely to remain an unsolved mystery.
Mr. Hudson confined thin inquiry
ihlefly to gathering data as to the dis-
'inces various missiles were hurled
'rom the scene of the explosion. It is
tho aim of the authorities to obtain
-is far as possible lhe maximum of
rafety In their table of distance which
lha proposed new explosives aet will
enforce  In  powder  factories and   Mr.
tlon, Mr. aunn -"^^^^^.Aii^sffaaa srsa
cows.    Otherwise,  Canadians Will al- ������� ���� "��"   ' h to lulvance
ffir06uetotS^��r.ffl W * "-an.e of the explosion
Montreal, July 24. -The city conn
c;l <jf l.acliine are faced with a bi*.
pn blem of government just now, and
a very lively time is assured for th.*
counc llors if they proceed to pit In
to effect their resolution to enforce
a bylaw  making Sunday closing com
They passed this bylaw about three
i months ago owing to the great trou-
|ble   und  expense   which   would   have
been caused by enforcing it. it was
-allowed  to  lapse.    In  the  first  place
' to   prosecute   tbey   would     have     to
plough   through   three   different   Bee-
lions of Caiit'dUin law. us the Victims
would  probabli  continue    to    appeal
i against  conviction,,  l.achilie would let
itself in for a b-taivy bill i i legal cost.
Moreover,  thev  might  be defeated
! 'n the end,    So the bylaw, which only
��� affects .lew s,  was Billowed  to  elapse,
I    A short time aj?o. however, the Gen
'tile shopkeepers began to protest  In
'no   unmeasured (arms against the in
action of tlie onsel   one local shopkeeper put  before a counc.I  meeting
told  tlie assembled mayor and coun-
c linen  that   lhey   were  afraid  to  en
force their own b>bxw against Jewish
trading   on   Sunday,  tbey   could   not
[prevent any shopkeeper from opening
He  Intended  to open himself, and  he
dared   tbem   to   pf-oseeute  him,     Per
haps the council become nervous, at
any   ruto  the  Immediate   result   was
the'r  resolution   of lust   night,  saving
thai the bylaw must be enforced, and
tbut   no  exception   would   be  allowed
in favor of the Jews.
Observe Saturday
Itabbl Grazier expressed himself in
no unmeasured tones, and said that
such n bylaw wuuld never have been
permitted by the city authorities cf
"If the .lews," he said, "are ob
m -ving one duv of rest n week���
which they do on Saturday -the ooin
ii n of eminent authorities bus declared that tliey cannot be forced to keep
another day, unless thv.' interfere.
With the nence of Christian fellow
c;tizens. If the l.acliine council's by-
lnw is enforced, it  will be a great
disaster for the Jews, and would deprive them of a good deal of their
opportunity of earning a living.
"I consider that the council has
committed nn indiscretion In singling
out nny particular congregation for
Ithe law lo deal with. If they found
that any l.acliine inhabitants were
active against the law, they should
have instructed their police officer
to enter proceedings ugninst them.
"The council's action looks as if
the Jews asked for special privileges.
They did nol, nnd never do���they are
.content to do as other c'tlzens. As
a matter of fact 1 know that only a
Jewish   baker,  butcher    and    grocer
| opens on Sunday Opening of these
shops is permitted by Dominion law
lo any  Inhabitant, Jew- or Gentile.
"Jews, of course, would Buffer more
Ihan anyone else if these shops wer,
closed, for they would have to b i>
on Friday for Saturday and Sundaj ;
In tills weather it w-ould be iniposs.- i
ble to keep food -it would be very
unsanitary to try."
"When the Council grows up. I hop*-
It will develop sense," added tlie Rab- |
bi emphatically.
"'Kven a factory is permitted by law
to  open   cn   Sunday   if   it   closes   o.i
Saturday,    Hut no Lachine Jews tah
advantage of the law."
The Habbi hinted that Jewish m
terests in l.achilie would hi- looked
after if the council persisted in ita
BOILERS   Riveted Steef gjgg|       TAINKS
        BURN OIL      	
P.  O.   BOX  442
Eight Men Dismissed���Rumors of Mis
aporonriation of Funds
Cfjjaxy,   .m.lv   -4.  -Following   the
dismissal   of   eight   employees  of   the I
provincial  government  land  titles  of-'
floe  heVe  after  un   investigation    liy
provincial and cily detectives Into the I
rnyi-oTious disappearance of eight cash ;
books, dating form Hie year 1908, and ,
the sum of $74 which was stolen from ]
the cash box at the office, sensational
rumors are  rife all over the city.
The eight men who ceased their
connection with the land titles offc"
are named Barrleau. Dultnage Bur
dette, Phelps, lIerd-.TV.in. Sldrldge,
Sawyer und Wilson, and although several cf them have been taken down
to pcVce headquarters on several occasions during the last few days and
have been Interrogated by Chief ef
Provincial  Detectives  Nicholson    and
Action  in   Montreal  Court    to    Annul
Documents   Which   Mayor   Had
Refused  to   Endorse.
Montreal, July 24 ���Another action
lias been filed in the civil courts arising out of tbe fact that Mayor l.avallee
was away recently and during his absence Mr. Mederic .Martin, acting as
mayor for the time, signed certain documents which Mayor Lavallee had
previously refused to sign und now it
is sought to set aside the action of
Mr. Martin. The action is takeu by
; Mr. Donald Robertson, accountant of
tho city of Westmount, against the
I city of Montreal and the Southern
iCounties  railway.
By-law  number 4C1  was  passed  by
the city council to amend   by-law 37G
which amended by-law conferred on
the Montreal and Southern Counties
Hallway certain privileges in excess
of those enjoyed by the company under the previous by-law, and when it
came before Mayor Lavallee he refused to affix his signature to It.
Therefore, however. Iie went away and
during bis absence Acting Mayor
Mederic  Marlin  sinned  the by-law.
Now it is claimed by Messrs. Perron
Taschereau and Kiufret, who are uct-
ll() ing for Mr. Robertson, that the ae-
his meu.  ull  deny  nnv   knowledge  of  "��" of the pro-mayor is rendered mill
.he disappearance  of either the cash   '*������<*   yoM   fl-'r  t1"-',  following   reasons:
books or anv sum of monev The amended by law conferred on the
The cash'books  which  have dlsap- Montreal und Southern Counties Rail-
peared  weigh   in  the  neighborhood  of  *��>'  Cl'rtaln  privileges  which  are not
40 pounds  each.  and.  although  those  theirs according to the terms of their
In authority have refused  to denv or -'-"��"��   ��*"*   ">��'   "inferred     on
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT. _
fflad'e   In  New   Westminster.
Schaake  Machine Worta. i
affirm the story. It is stated thai lhe
ehurred   backs   ef   ihese   books   have
been found i'i  the    furnace   at
land  titles  office.
privileges   which   they   conferred     on
the   Montreal  and  Southern  Counties
Railway. i
It Is also alleged that the amended
by-law placed certain restrictions up-
  on the Montreal and Southern Counties Hallway wblch ohligatl -ns should
Pioneer Crosses Divide. have been discharged  in  thirtv  days
Winnipeg. July    -.':',.    .Inclines    Che-  and it Is claimed that  they  failed  to
valler    de  I.oriincr.    i I rit   Boniface,  meet these requirements.    The situa-
died  tonight,    lie  bus  been  In  Manl-  Hon in brief is as follows:    The Manitoba  for 111' years and has been Inter-  treal   and   Southern   Counties   sought
preter at  tho courl    for    the    king's  certain  charter.
bench In Winnipeg since 1S74. He Secondly, it is alleged that the by-
was born iu Prairie. Que., in 1W. He 'law is not In order since Mayor l.nval-
fought In Ihe Fenian raid In 1S70 and lee bad refused to sign and In view of
1S71 and came west in 1S74. He [this Mr. Mederic Martin acted illegal-
leaves live children: J. II. and Jdseph. lb', not having the right Io sign seeing
St. Boniface; Blanche, a teacher at
Kdmonton; Sister Cormicer. gray nun
In tlie Yukon missioii, and Mrs. N.
Proude, of Winnipeg.
mayor had already refused (o do
Thirdly, according  to section  4:>
law No. 210, between the cltv and
Tramways  company,  the city of
Montreal  should   have offered  to  thej
Tramsways company the privileges in
At $610 Per Finqer. excess of what  thev were granted  In I
Toronto, July  2S. - A  consent judg-  the original  arrangement    with    the
ment   was   handed   down   ut   Osgoodo |city.   These privileges had to do chief-j
hall thl�� morning by Chief Justice Sir My   wltl��   terminal   extensions,     it    isl
IPalkeubrldge by  which  the  town    of Iolatmed,  which   encroached  upon  the
iTllsonbUrg, Ont, pays $12U0 to James privileges already accorded the Trum- I
0. Rodger, who lost  the index linger ways   company,   und   Mr.   Robertson,
Of each hand while  working in    the,who  is  a  shareholder  in  the  latter'
town electric  power  plant,  and   $630 I company, seeks to hnve these prlvll-
to James Rodger, the father of a sec-eges withheld rrom tbe Montreal and |
ond plaintiff for expenses Incurred by |Southern  Counties  Hallway, claiming j
him for medical attendance, [they were obtained illegally.
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throuehbreds in Adion-55 - PAttt   r-OU*
Fresh^Water and Salt!In Greater
WESTMINSTER PORT      :-:      PACIFIC COAST j    WeStlTlinSter
The  B, C.  P.  cleared  from  the Co
lumbia Cold  Storage wharf yesterday
afternoon    for    the    halibut    fishing
grounds. The Roman, of the local hall-
* but fleet, is due here 0:1 Saturday.
C.    Armstrong    Presents
Comoany in   Play, "Doing
Days' Work in Ten."
______ Flsna  Goes North.
I    The   fishery   power   cruiser     l-'ispa,
I Captain    Crichton,    It.  N. R..    clears
Star  from    New Westminster    for    Prliic
Rupert at    daylight   tomorrow,    with
One  of   llie.  most   successful   farce
-n-Die-dipa ��'very presented to the public et Nov  Westminster Is now being
tixin'il hon* by a competent company
rinder /Ji/- direction of J, C. Armstrong
< bteaeBV Ji uould be ill-advised as-
���<unij>ri(m lo nm attempt to comment
-iifjoii the work of tbe players, but
v-^ilficn it. to say that In his own par-
<.M-jd��r port cv-ery    member    of    the
< ,impany cannot be surpassed or
-even eeiiutli'd ill America today,
Tiie plot, what there ls of It. is
eoi de-op. about 30 foet to the gulf,
xnsi is  intended  merely  as a vehicle ���
tor the work of the players.
Thf pm-irls is called "The Pilot Captain Berg
Board." nr "Doing Two Days' Work
hi Tun." a.nd iB intended as a cutting
hiiiire upon tiie way in which real
���pilot beards bold their meetings in
The oois-.e proof curtain  rises upon
>hr board silling in a darkened room,
���inverting   iu   whispers.     A   mattress
��s Btullrd into the keyhole, the blind
-ira-nin   anil   the   window     barricaded,
Tbey discuss Ihe grounding, of course
rnyihirnl.    of    a     Norwegian    vessel
���Known ixs ihr Herakles.    A  pilot    is
--exited, who submits a  report of    the
.-.uxident    uud    this    is  locked  in    a
nfkigerator to keep  it from melting
ti the sunlight
Act two. one day later, shows the
board continuing its Investigation on
thi* ship supposed to have been
-stranded, hi the hands of ordinary,
unskilled actors the farce would grow
tiresome, but, with Mr. Armstrong's
.stellar company, ihls is impossible.
It is io the: third and final act that
Um cILuiax is reached. In it the pilot
boar* members discuss with gravity
���fee advisability of meeting several
otays later and examining officers of
SOTO I'u-tilouK bouts called the Samson
���aaxi !i*e Fruhllng, As the curtain do-
a-oendi they are still sitting with their
m-ads close together, and still In
���secret, singing in chorus, "Shall We
iCather at the River '."'
The scenic arrangements are ox-
j-reSli ntly chosen, and the curtain solo
by the Becretary, "We Huve Nothing
tn Announce.," is 100 tunny.
Chief Inspector of Fisheries Cunning
ham aboard. Mr. Cunningham will
meet Hon. J, D, Huzen there and until the second week in August both
will be occupied with fishery matters.
Tlie Kispa will return to (his port a
few days before August 81, Everything is now being made shipshape
aboard the new vessel for this, her
first long  voyage.
Has Timber Contract.
Joseph  Auger has obtained a large
timber cutting at Alta Vista and    left
Maillardville  yesterday  for the  work.
' Moving   Pictures.
O'Brien and Murphy will commence
building tlieir moving picture theatre
at the corner of Church slreet and
Pltl River road Immediately. The lumber has beeu ordered from the Kraser
River mills.
Many Sign It.
The peiitlon for tlie hotel license at
.Maillardville    has     been    extensively
signed    by    the    residents   and not a
single  ratepayer bus so fur declined.
Feels Better. 1
J. Pelletler, who suffered a severely
crushed leg in an accident at the
paper mills, Coquitlam, is now able to
leave the house for a short time each
of   Herakles,   Thinks
Ordinary  Improvements All
that Is Necessary.
-.��!>  Haul at Bellingham and the  Re
mainder of This  Run  Due Here
by  Sunday   Evening.
Although down where Uie sock-
. -yea first Btart to come in Irom the
���can each day sees better catches
being made, in the Kraser river the
si I mini caughi grow smaller in num
itfr inward Ilu- end of lhe week, show-
ng the difficulty returning salmon
-meet in passing the many nets set out
for their capture. Running us ihey
.���iie now doing in comparatively small
iiumbf-rs feu ever arrive us far inward tlieir destination us this river.
ticllnii.:, >n- reports show n good
�� zed run to have struck in ther,. yes
���������may and 52,000 were taken. Coming
tap ihe straits the numbers grow
.-..mailer and in tlle Kraser lisliing is
jpoor and is not Expected to Improve
until Sunday night.
yesterday's report by the 11. C. can-
���lejrs is.
Bellingham ���dot    52,0i)li    from    all
: sourcea,     "Seiners doing poorly.
Anacortcs    Cot      10,000     from    all
:fttnren,    -Seiners -doing poorly.
tTbi* lish are running very slack in
the hrster river: Main river boats
.-ivuraged 20; north arm boats aver-
xi**r] ii); Canoe pass boats average
t.i..  up riser 6 to lu lish per boat.
Hpp-orls from Rivers inlet show 11
tsUgbl Improvement tliere, bm on tlie
Haas bnd Skeena tin* results have
���been mosl discouraging.
Thv* tug Fearless, owned by J.
���Mayers *- Co., left Seattle yesterday
jxt :i a.m. with a scowload of coal und
will arrived here today.
The MOW broughl 10 the fool of
Kip-lull street for harbor improvement
work, ha-s been unloaded und taken 1111
ti>p Oreat Northern cannery re-
ports the loss of a three-quarter net
'in the Kale oil Sturgeon bunk, north
-arm ll is a lust year's net, bears tlle
taxi. C 11 W82, is made of 40-5 ply
3/t mrsb. -with Knox twine and new
vhalf net, oiled.
Pert Mann. July 24��� Captain Berg, j
of the Norwegian vessel Herakles.
now discharging steel rails here, told
your correspondent today that once
a system of jetties was installed 111
the lower reaches of the Kraser lie
was convinced that the river would be
navigable for the largest ships.
To prove his point the captain oiled
the cases of different ports he had!
visited during liis long experience as
a mariner, lie spoke of San Pedro
harbor und of Puerto, Mexico, und
told how scientific engineering had
improved them.
Thre? Feet in One Month.
In Sun Pedro some years ago jetties,
or breakwaters, wcre built along Iho
river, and within one month after
their completion the depth of water
bad been increased from IS to 21 feet.
Oilier ports ail over the world had
done the same and always with good
In the Kraser. as anywhere else,
the erection of jetties eost a good
deal of money, but they were necessary and within a short time the out-
Iky would be repaid liy the increased
trade  brought   to  tlie  port.
Captain Berg said that to have Hie
1,est possible channel up tlie Fraser
the course must be straight. Abrupt
curves would always be troublesome
anil bars and shallows wuuld invariably be formed by silt brought
down at freshet time. Although un
Iable t'i know the amount of water In
the river all year round, the captain
.hough! if it were anywhere mar
whal il Is at present (Ilere should be
no difficulty in opening a deep channel.
The 9000 Ions of steel rails which
formed the eurgo of the Herakles
will all be discharged by one week
from tomorrow, .Saturday. Angus' 2.
The vessel will then drop down to
Kraser Mills and take on 3,000,000 feel
cf lumber. This work will bo through
by Ibe end of August, und lbe cargo
will ba completed by another shipment of lumber taken on al Vancouver island. Tlie Herakles v ill then
prior ed 111 nm mis Ayres, to deliver.
The Herakles cun carry al leaxl
4,300,000 fei t  of lumber in  lier bold.
Says Good-bye.
Madame J,  l.ebrun,  New  Westminster, visited  Maillardville yesterday lo
bid adieu to her friends there prior to
her departure for Ottawa.
Helps Bank Account,
The Hurnaby execlieipier is being
replenished considerably these days
by fines from autoists who violate the
municipal bylaws. Several more cases
are on  tap  for Saturday morning.
Social and Personal
j    T. .1. Spoffard, of Toronto, is a guest
al the Russell.
\    John   Fltzpatrlck, of  Cork,  Ireland
; is at llle Windsor,
(ieorge II. Findlay and wife, of
Haney, are guests at the Russell.
Rev. Mr. MeColl and family have returned from a visit to Toronto.
C, S. M. Itrown and .1. Kehoe, of
Montreal,  were In the city yesterday.
Elmer Warwick ls spending twi,
weeks' holidays In camp at Alert bay.
.1. S. Walker and Hi A. Howse. of
Steveslon, are register-id at the Wind
Mr. and Mrs. Travers, Fourth street
Intend spending a short holiday at
White Rock.
Miss Wilson, of Toronlo, Mrs. Fred
Mortimore and Miss Orninge. of Van!
couver. were in the city yesterday.
Rev.  James  Wilson,  of  Davencoiirt
road   Presbyterian   church,   Toronto |
With  Mrs.  Wilson.  Miss  Ruth  Wilson
and    Miss    Faulkner,   of Vancoiiveer ]
were visitors in town yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. VV. 0. McQuarrie lefl
yesterday for Pender harbor, where
Ibey will spend their holidays, Mr.
McQuarrie will return in about a
week, but Mrs. McQuarrie will remain
for a inonth with the family.
Dr. A, M.' Sanford, principal of the
Columbian college, has returned to
the city after a tour of the cast, during which time lie visited his father
in Nova Scotia, and spent a day ut
his old university. Mount  Allison.
E ijt***t 1 nr
Midsummer  Clearance   Sale
Friday Offerings
WiCh the greater portion of our glorious summer still to come this is a golden
opportunity which on no account should he missed. They are among the best
values ever given in this store.   Be here early this morning.
Road Work.
The Coquitlam road gang Is busy
improving and gravelling ihe Blue
Mountain road. When Ibe work there
is completed lhe gang will proceed
lo Maillardville lo the improvements
resolved upon there.
An Alta Vista Church.
I!ishop A. V. de Pencier will hold a
special service in the Alta Vista
school next Sunday afternoon nt ;l
o'clock. Efforts are on foot to build
nn Anglican church in Alta Vista in
the near future.
Rush Bridge Work.
A start was made yesterday morning on the steel work of the new C.
1*. R. bridge over the Coqultlam river
and it is understood that tlie company
intends 10 have it completed and
ready fur traffic liy September. The
bridge will accommodate three sets
of tracks, the two spans being Hn)
feet in length, supported by a con
erete pit r in tlle centre of the stream,
Lucky   Catherine.
llrockvllle, .Inly 24.���MISS Catherine
Sullivan, reported missing as a resull
of the fire at Ilinghaniton, N.Y.. is safe
at lier own home here. Miss Sullf-
.van was assistant forewoman in the
Things  Look  Rosy.
Calgary, July 21.- Norman Rankin,
secretary of the Western Canada Irrigation association, lias just returned
from a trip through the coast states,
made in the effort to Interest various
irrigation societies in lbe Alberta
meeting.     Ile was very successful.
Waists, Low Priced
$1.38 Each
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Keen   right  Going  On.
The t'.-bt that has bc n going "n [
Ior centuries between the free traders
ami tlie gentlemen adventurers, tie' i
Hudson Ray Co.. has been renewed j
with considerable keenness ut Bell
River, is northern Quebec, at u point'
where the Bell River crosses the
��� transcontinental  railway.
The Hudson  Ray post at Cochrane
  had been finding tliat the toll ������'. Inrt
At White Rock. j obtained   Irom   the    Indians    coniiii*.-
The transfer of the uughes Bros.'jdown lllfi I1*-'1' a,u' the Nottaway to
store nnd property with 66 feet front , Cochrane was getting lamentably
age on the Beafront road was effected small, and on making investigation
a few days ago. the purchaser being . they discovered that a little knot "I
Ueorge Radford  and the figure $2500.
Any Woman's Suit in the   White  Duck  Skirts   and
Striped Underskirts
at 67c Each
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wash skirts and fancy striped petticoats; odd lot
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F. J. MacKenzie, M. 1'. P.. has f.-nm-
ised to be in attendance at the cadets'
sports next Tuesday on the beach
here and will distribute the awards
io the prize winners.
A-r-ireciate Him.
Prank Shaw wus entertained to ;.
pleasant little surprise at Georgi
Alderson's liouse, North rond, on Mon
day evening when he wus met by a
number ol ladus nnd gentlemen oi
lbe West Coiiuitlam Conservative as
soclation and presented with un nd
dress ami token of tlie appreciation ol
his services rendered to the assocla
lion. Mr. Alderson, president of tin
association, made the presentatioi
and Mr. Shaw  suitably acknowli dged
Iree traders imd established themselves at Rill River and were intercepting tlie Indians ami getting tlie
fur trade. The worshipful company
have therefore determined to establish
a post right at Rell River and compete with the fur traders on their own
ground. This is a forward move on
the part of tlie Hudson Ray Co.. a.-"
hitherto as the Indians have receded
j north, back from tlie advance ol
J colonization, they have abolished their
posts and followed them. N.nw it ia
j bidding br tin- trade that will undoubtedly spring up ii"t "niy with tli.'
Indian.- but with the contractors mi
the Montreal and James Ray Railway
when wurk commences "ti the t'lergue
It li Very Much In the Open, With Lil
tie or No Privacy. 1^^^^^^^^^^
We arose eurly one February morn-   Booth;   second
Lacrosse Tonioht.
The following is the lineup which
will represent Maillardville in their
lacrosse latch with Burqultlam this
evening al the Agricultural society
grounds, Austin rond: Ooal, .1. Dun
bar; point, S. I.anioureaux; cover
point, I,. Boileau; llrsl defence, W A
defence,  H. Gauthler;
^^^^^^^       IN   RIVERS  CASE
Ventura, Cal., July 24. The trial ol
Joe Rivers, the l.os Angeles pugilist.
accused of assaulting W. II Smith
a rancher, came to a close tonight with
a disagreement of th�� jury.
Half Price Sale of Children's Wash Dresses
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Clearance of women's liouse dresses of striped percales mul fancy patterns; a smart style in plain
materials, with collar and cuffs; with contrasting
effects; also beautiful combination styles; sizes :i4
to Ai.   Friday Bargain Price al    $1.88
$2.38 Each
To ensure nn early clearance; Beven only, white
wash anils; in ��01 <1 sfyloH; also three only white
wash coats; made "f good quality ductea anil
drill;      rtuviht-T     values     up     to     $10.50.        Friday
at    $2.38
Ing and  left our fairly clean  botel In
Xeupults for four hours of travel over
third  ilif'
nee, .1.   Wilson;   centre,
lirst home, (i. ('outer;
.m'!||iiiiis   un   umi   limits ,n   mi,,*i  uiei    ��� -    ���
the modern road near the Via K.gnutla.  ��nd ������""���'"��� ���<������ Boileau; third home
11.,ell,-    nntuwln   I,,,,,,,.     A      1 I,, ,��� a      in
Wblcb should lake ua to ancient Philip-
pi. Our vehicle was a siiiiiewtini dilapidated hack, such as Americans urs
familiar with ut nlmost every considerable railway strftion, but a surprisingly comfortable conveyance fur this
pnrt nf the world. Rattling down Bome
steep, roughly paved streets, we came
lo the center nf the old Seupolls, passed near the great Roman aqueduct and
ascended another steep street ou the
otber side of the market pluce.
Early us It was, we found thai the
people of Kaviilbi were up and doing.
The stalls of the fruit men were at-
tractive with oranges, pomegranates,
lemons and dales. The vegetable dealers displayed u templing array of cnuli-
flowers, cabbages, onions, ukro. leeks
nud potatoes.
As In nil eastern cities, lhere wns no
privacy. The cook wns preparing nis
breakfast mi tlie sidewalk, the shoemaker  was plying his awl.  the Inllnr
his  ii lie,  nml  tlie  blacksmith   wus
shoeing his  horses almost In tbe very
street���Christian Qerald.
Booth; outside homo, A. Hume; iiiBidi
home, .1. Decalre. Spares, K Griffiths
uud    Ueorge    Proulx.    Umpire,   A.  K
Beaulleu; timekeeper, 1.. B. Marmont.|���
The Popular Shce Store
The  Home  of  Law  Prices.
641   Front Street.
Specials for this Week
A Good Midsummer Clearance Offer of
Summer Coats Half Price
tii* u -,n oi.Dcrti-nltv to secure thirty summer weight coats;  developed  in  panamas, wool  taffeta, wool
!    .,  i  ,���,,>...,'s'lk*   in  natural  pongee sb.ules;   also fawn,   gmr   and   navy;    large   collars   and   cuffs;
[rimmed wuh sailn   ratine and lace;   Ume with  large frog fasteners perfectly made.    We want to clear
Cils lot at actual HALF PRICE.
Maillardville Band.
Ai  a meeting held in  Malllardv lb
ou   Wednesday    evening in    Chief   of
5c worth of 1
Barefoot  Sandals
pair In  stort
ickard s   shoe   Polisl
double   soles;   snv
fare's lunis
. jli.     _ _   ,
form a brass band of 14 insl-.v i-its.
hi lie called iiie Maillardville tuiid.
The following officers were -i nted:
Honorary president, Kev. Father
Garon; honorary vice-president, Reeve
Barth, Coqultlam; president, E. Pare;
secretary-treasurer. Joseph Choquette;
executive,  A.   Iv   l'.e.iiilieu,    (1.     I'rr.lllx
and  ll   Lahoux.    Arrangements hav
been mnde lo purchase lb" nee,*.,sary
instruments and tor practices.    Most
nf Hie members uie experienced per
Ig  iu     v uni     oi    ,         ----
wus resolved to  Fleet-Foot  Running Shoes;  a clearing
A iTCTfit ruling nf tlie board of
*Le��ti��wi\ inspection contained in a
Irtrt-r received liy Colonel .1. I) Taylor
datmands lhat fishing boats registered
ia Great Britain must carry certified
-migiii'.-i-rs as do Canadian lisliing
knots. Inspectors at Vancouver and
Victoria have been notified of this.
IFer the Week Ending Sunday, July 27.
Wist:;iinn1 er Sand  Heads.
Hate.    Time. High. Low.
HifiH- t-o-.v. Time. Hgl   Time. Hgt.
21 :Z:<
S��: ,'������
2S. ur,
��*-.<��   IT:'-'"
15:2i    *:>'i
*.): 1T,
4 : '���','���.
16   il
r, IS
16 52
I, B I
17 ' tl
6 21 1" 1
20:24 13.0
7:15 9.8
20:-IH 12.8
*    8
I .'
Pathetic Ceremony at Night on an At-
Untie Ocean Liner.
Strange, perhaps, to us, but very
touching, Is the lender, intimate sullct
tude of tbe Latin races for their dead
���"1 nostrl mortl." ns the Italians are
wont to cull those whom tliey have
lost. There Is n simple pal bos In tbe
incident Hint was related by a passen
ger on one of the great transatlantic
mall boats.
A few days before lbe steamer sail
ed frum Havre Ils captain received a
letter from n peasant woman of Indi-e
et I."Ire. In il she explained Unit lier
only son bud been a cook on the 'J'itiin
Ic uud Imd gone dowu with (ho vessel
Blie wus sending, sbe wrote, n cross
which sb" begged hlm to drop Into lbe
scu at the spot where the disaster occurred.
Tlie cross came In due time, n simple
cress of wood, fashioned rudely enough
by the mother's lingers, nml "He nighl
 .   as llie great vessel neared Newfound
_'   *'' 5 t    |.,n,|, f0r il.,. 8pn .* ,,f n mil.u:,. ber en-
1 ' *'*" ' ''   irlnes ccuspd  t"  nulse.  and  He
���I    5:24 5.1
'*  I   l*. 13 8.3
A  Briijh" Boy,
To .lack Uillmore, ten years if age
belongs the honor of being the young
est school buy who lias BUCCessfUll.
passed the high school entrance ex
aminuiii'iis. 'lhe boy during the pus
year lias been a Btudeill al the Alt'
Vista Bchool under Principal .1. ti
Whiten, According to Municipal In
spicier iii Schools Gordon, of Vou
couver, ibis is the flrst i.me during
his experleince of 16 years ri lug,
Bchool work Hml a boy of tin *��� e in
of age has heen successful In pass:i^
such an examination, Glllmore m'.
attend one of the Vancouver ��choi I
next term.
line;  7 to 2   40
Ladies'  White Canvas Shoes;   leather
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Men's Heavy    Leather    Soled    Iirown
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Ladies' Snappy Tan Botton Oxfords;
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Ladies'  $5  Roots;   onlj    $3.93
Ladies'   Dress   Roots;     broken     lines;
every size;  value to $.",    $1.93
dents' llox Kid Blucher Hoots,    everv
size $1.93
Gents'  Hress Routs;   Hub toe,     glove
leather;   everv   s;ze        $2.93
Cents'   Tan   Willow   Calf   Hotton  and
Blucher   R"i>t-<.    I
Slater  Roots,  K   \V
Pools, etc.
lown.    Our
 $3 93
K    Roots,  Reekie
Prcervirp Apricots
Special Clearance of
Summer Coats
Such an offer as this Is aim ist unparalleled even in
this great mid-summer sui" Eighteen only women's summer routs of brown Hollands; also fawn,
grn>. while repp: ayme with large collars; regulur
values (6 in $7 50.    Friday at S3.75
Women's   Summer   Vests   Clearar.ce
Prices Today
$1.50 VALUES,   SALE   PRICE  63c.
One of the best  summer underwear offerings ever
ii-;;i|e; Women's summer kn.t undirvests; In lisle
md slik spun; with short, long nnd no sleeves;
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Bale Price Kriilay       G3c.
Summer   Wash   Muslins, Voiles, Etc >
Six Yards for 88c
'ibis is .ne instance of tb" splendid value ol a
wanted article offered during this sale. Bummer
wash muslins, voiles, xephyrs, dimity, pique, etc ;
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Staples for Today
Come Early
White    embroidered    Hed    spreads;    hemstitched
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d.iy     $1.39
18-Inch Crash Towellings; red border; good quality;
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.t'.'-lnch   heavy   unbleached   cotton.     Special   Kriilay,
l'er yard    lie.
Colored  Bed Spreads;   Hinged ends;  large size, for
double bed;   Egyptian cotton.    Krlday   .     51.38
Single lied size bleached sheets; plain or twill col
ton;    hemmed    nml    n*��ii\   for use     Friday,    per
P"fr      98c.
18-Inch   dark   colored   Turkish   Towellings:    regular
20c     Friday, per yard        13e
Large   size   pillows;    good   covering;   striped;    good
cotton filling    Friday each            58c
white ii",i Bpreads;  single and full hed size:  son
und bard; Grecian mnke.    Krlday     $1.18
12 ''.
12 1
2:09 8.4
11*1:07 2.6
2:44 7.7
13:41 36
3:20 7.0
ll  16 1 6
14:16 fi.4
California's  Petroleum.
relroleuin wns produced tu o smni
way   In   California   very  early   In   lln
history ef the country���In  fact,  loin,
before It wns Invaded by the iirin.i ���,*
gold seekers     Mr  O. Mnrrell. a drill
gi-,i  in  sun   Francisco,  Is cutniuniii
i redlled Willi being the lirst lo iiltcimp
tbe distillation of kerosene from crildi
petroleum, This was in 1S57. but wi
eral years prior to that Andreas I'lei
mnde illuminating nil  from  iietrnleuu
which iie obtained in die Newlmli u*
glon ln l.ns Angeles county Tills m
v..is burned, so It Is suid. In  III til 11- i
ib.' lui.^iiui Sun Fernando.���Arguiiiiu
ur" how arriving in very cho1"!'    eon
dition;    we recommend buying pow
|n r  crate    $1.2
Another   shipment   of   nho'ci   Rn tp
b'-rries due in  today     Thrse are Iin'
fer  preserving;
Burhink I'I.mis
l'er basket
Tragedy Prunes
l'er b.isX ll
Table Peachi s . .
per  unite   . . .
      2 lbs.
2 lbs.
for 25
.... 50.
for 23:
.. .  50
.2 lbs. for 23
���   Juice,   per   bottle   25c,   35c,   50:
Lemon Kali, something new
cm,ling drmk. per till   	
Monk   &   Class  Lemon  Crystal,    pel
In n nice
12 -
'.   14   1.3
I i I
hei ���
I'ulis l
pulse,, and  the  little
ited wltli lend, sunk
Hie i nf the Atlantic,
ir   I'lil   iJel|ihlii Telegraph,
Two  Weeko Out.
London, Ont., July iM    v rlhur n nl,
ho .i rlvi il hi re twp wi ��� ks ago from
Ireland, was fatally crui hi cl *   li morn
Ing while i *  ���'.. i k in Lei nurd     fi un
Staple and Dress Goods Remnants
at Half Price
All our oddments in cotton sheetings,, flannelettes, prints, ginghams, etc., gathered together
in one greal pile, accumulated for this great
bargain dny. These have all been measured up
und   marked   ut  low   prices, and   we  now*   cut   the
price tn one-half for quick clearance    We want
the ri m: vou want the bargains. EVERY
Rest Scolch gingham und Kngllsli prlnls; good
washing qualities; light und dark shades; 27
to SL' Inches wide; about thirty pieces in
Ihe lot; a ipiiek riddance; regular 16.0, Krlday
per   yard     *��� -
Women's Summer Nechw
B.trr  C!c;k.
Colimb'a Strcut.
Mid-Summer Clearance Hosiery
Women's und children's 1-1 ribbed cotton hose;
In black nnd tan; good grade summer weight Kriilay,  per  pair ISC.
in black and white; with t; M. c clasps; good
elastic; regular 36c quality, Krlday per pair
al      19C.
Abnul Two Dnznn Summer Sunshades
To Clear at Actual Half Price Tcday
vr :.xM*r*x* - Tiwinrr^z..*-. .TniKuaa-uiiranrr,
Regular Values to $1.50, Today 49c
An extensive range, Including Dutch and sailor
collars and Dutch and tub sets; fancy stocks,
ui.-o Jabots and scarfs; numerous small patterns
end nicely worked; the shapes ure decidedly attractive. We advise in i arly selection, Friday
per   yard      49C.
Embroidery Edging and Flourcirg
for   Today
Speclul purchase cf embroidered odglnR i v. Insertions;  two t"   ou- Inches v.*:.*!e;  di Ini *  |
t. ms,    Friday, per y; rd   He.
Corse! cover embroidery nud flouncing ombrold-
aryi also wide banding Insertion; regulur value
t | .*.-1 i,u per j ird     Frldnj  per yard  . FRIDAY,   JULY  25,   1913.
PAut *vn
News9 Sport Page That Everybody Reads
LACROSSE   :-:   CRICKET   :-:   BASEBALL   ���-:   BOXING
Westminster Will Not
Make Eastern Tour
it  lasted,   but    the
proved its downfall.
odd   man    lucl
Lacrosse War in Big Four Is Over���Torontos Refuse to
Play Against Yeaman and Tecumsehs Back Down���
Tecumseh Players Threaten to Go on Strike���Prospects of Minto Cup Games Bright.
The Sapperton lacrosse team will |
meet one of the Vancouver , Inter- I
mediate aggregaiions ut Sapperton;
purk this cveoing.
The Moose are taking no chances
with the Electrics at Queens park
this evening and both teams are field
Ing their strongest nines.
Pitcher Horne. Of the Moose team,
got away witli live games out of six
in eight days  lust  week and Sunday.
Garden Party at Camp���Sergt. Thomas
of Fifth Sussex, Captures Queen '
Mary's  Gold   Medal.
Toronlo, July 21. - II. J. Fleming,
manager of the Toronto slreel rallwuy, and also manager of the Torontos, is sill I the kingpin lu the Hlg
Kour Lacrosse uss-iclutlnn. Following
a conference between President Perc>
Qulnn, of the ll. L. A��� Kred llalbly
nnd Tom I liimphiey, of the Tecum-
sells, and L. V. Aree, of the Torontos,
held in the office of It. J. Fleming
this afternoon, In which the Toronto
magnate refused to back down from
Ins position regarding lhe Tecumsehs
playing Huck Yeaman, tlie Tecumsehs,
it was only at the last moment, when
they realized that the expulsion of
the Hlue Shirts would put the Hig
Kour out of business, did they haul
down their colors.
Trouble is brewing III the Tecumseh 8' camp following tlie statements
tbat Yeaman would be kept out of the
game, for lhe old Maitlund players,
team males of Yeaman, persist in
slicking with hlm in the trouble and
wlll probably refuse to play against
Fleming's aggregation,
Saturday's game at  Scarboro beach
"for the good of tlle game," agreed lo against the Nationals will he played
play against the Torontos for the rest according to schedule, while the de-
of the season without the services of faulted game against the Tecumselm
Yeaman. i will  be played  later    in    tlle    season
Iiispile   (lm   threats   of   President  Bhould it affect tbe standing of either
Ilisley Camp, Kngland, July 21.���
The garden party if the Canadian Ilisley team was largely attended today.
His Royal Highness the Duke of Con
This Is unotuble achievement, but ad-1 naught, who had accepted an invitation, telegraphed his regrets at bis inability to attend. Among those present were Lord Strathcona, Hon T \V.
White, Canadian minister of finance,
and lion. Martin Hurrell, minister of
Queen  Mary's  Prize.
The sec.mil stage of tbe shoot for
Queen .Mary's prize took place today,
and Color-Sergeant Thomas, of the
won her majesty's gold
medal and ��50, being the first, while
Pte. Ives, civil service, came second;
Sergt. Godfrey, of Devon, third, and
Corporal Grant. Oxford, fourth.
The competition was open only to
territorials actually in service In home
vice to Mr. Horne Is that he save his I
whip,  else he    will    wake    up  some
nn,ruing and discover he cannot pitch
a doughnut across file table.
The promoters of the French Grand
Prix, the greatest of Kuropean auto
races, held recently, erected a grand
stand at the must dangerous turn in
lhe ri ad, where several drivers lost
their lives in previous contests. Beats }Fifth Sussex
In the stand brought fancy prices be
cause of Ihe morbid curiosity of lln
people to watch drivers get  killed.
saw.   The husky Hibernian was called upon to do the major share of the
box work, and  be  was balled  as the
pitching find of the century. He made
the tour of  lhe   world  with  Spalding;
In 1889, acting as secretary as well as
playing ball.    In 1889 he was still the |
pitching  mainstay  of  Anson's    team.
When the-brotherhood fight came up,;
Tener  Jofned   the  Pittsburg  Brotherhood club.
During his baseball career, and be-1
fore, be had powerful friends, Includ-
ing  Justice   Moody   and   the   Olivers,'
und when he quit the diamond he had I
plenty of backing for his  subsequent
banking  and  political  activities.    He'
was grand  exalted  ruler of tlie  Klks j
one year, and the "fan" and Klk vote
helped   to  make  hlm  chief  executive
Of the  Union's second  greatest state, i
During the world tour Tener was call- I
ed  upon  to explain  the  game to the
Prince of Wales,  later  King Kdward.
His royal  highness    couldn't    understand   how   his   former   subject   waH
able  to  put  so  much  "stuff"  on  the
leather, and asked the Irishman to explain.
Qulnn that the Torontos would be expelled from tho league, Klenilng remained firm in ills position and absolutely refused to let Ills team play
against the Tecumsehs If tlie Indians
played Yeaman, who slashed Longfellow und other players three weeks
ngo. which necessitated Longfellow
going lo the hospital lor repairs to
Ills eyi sight.
Looked Like Strike.
The meeting this afternoon lasted
fm- a considerable time as the Tecum-
B��hs   refused   point   blank   lo  suspend
Yeatean from the Toronto games and
No Eastern Trip.
The breakup of lhe lacrosse war
means that New Westminster, the
Minto cupliolders, will not make tlle
eastern trip wblch was planned earlier
iu the week and they will be notified
not to come.
The offer of the westerners to
make the trip will probably not be
lost sight of when the fall conies
along nnd a trip to New Westminster
by tlie champions of Uie Big Kour will
be arranged with the Minto trophy aa
the objective.
The report comes out that Joe
Lally, of Cornwall, will manage an
��� astern all-star team to tlie coast thli
fall, playing games against the Sal
mon Bellies.
Oeorge Young, a grocer of Victoria
yesterday completed arrangements t'
Like over the franchise of the Vic
torla Northwestern club from T. P.
McConnell and I. A. Wattelet. The
deal has been hanging tire for some
time. Several new players Including
a couple of twlrlers, will be brought
into action Immediately. Thut jusl
reminds us lo ask whether there Is
any money in running a grocery store.
Boys from the Camp Just Manage to
They Say They're Skookum.
Kinlavson's SkouUuin Nine will plav
the    lu4tli    regiment    bull    team    a'
Moody   park  tonight  ot  6:30  o'clock
the other teams in the league, twice
against Sapperton and once against
West  Knds.
After   eight   minutes  of   play   Kollls
I scored  the  winning  goal   for  Sapper
j ton followed  by one by J. Sclater.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      Sandy     Gray    and     Bill     Patchell
Get Away with  East Burnaby I officiated.
Baseball Results.
Playing ten minutes overtime, the
SappertOUa lust evening nosed out a
narrow victory over East Burnaby,
to   four.
(By the Potter.)
Klden  Cooper,    a    member    of the
senior  amateurs,   Is   down   with    appendicitis and    fears    are    expressed
that un operation may become neces-
.62C, 1
,59(' !
Jones, the deposed magnate
couver, has departed from tlie
s, the  llur-
played    a
the m'.dgel
lh'   game was    a   good    one
players of both aggregations showing sarv
all   ihe  Bpeed   which  u boy   In    his     " 	
leens  cm   dish   out.   while   the   slick       ,f,���r  .,   ,���.���  "      .   .
handling was on a imr with anything   , ''  tw0  KPPk8
..���j sun among ihe Intermediates, "' 8""!"'8 of lncross
Burnaby well held tbelr own in the
i  i.i quarti rs, In fact tn a uon-partlxan
spectator,   tlieir   shooting
graced   with   the   horseshoe
s- me teams, several ut the shots strik
iiu  the bars.
nut  i ne  Incident marred the pro
i odlngB, this ciniing in
slates i.i play when Coiilt
Uab)   li altl nder.   who   bad
stellar game, knocked out
Mitchell, while    ruuning    down
Hurnaby look the bud in the open-
ni'.' period when Ke, dliain scored,
< nl* io be followed by one by llnin
Sclater Walter Dawe sent the sub
urbanltes ahead  jusi  when the  gong
s illlidell
Tl.e   Becond   quarter   was   much  of
the same taste, Mitchell navigating "
difl cull     shot    past     Coutts.    whi
placed  ill"  iwn    learns    equal
half  lime was called.
The same standing was found st
lh" end of the third stanza, when
Mitchell scored a fluke goal, followed
Iiv i ue trom Ihe Btick of Tip Sinclair.
The crowd was getting real hei up to
flair    and    Interest    wns    tense
^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^__ Term-
not lnal City ror Mexico and Southern
of California, ills intention of leaving
mi a two months' trip was not given
out until yesterday and it is suspect-
id that the supporters of Kelix Diaz,
lust during tlie latter's absence in Japan,
have prevailed on Con to stir np a
little trouble between now and the
Tall when Mr. Huerta will lie called
upon to either step dou*n or seek h-
election lo tiie presidency of the
troublesome American republic. Incidentally, Con's departure look place
on the day the coasl magnates met
to form a new league.
Standing of the  Clubs.
Vancouver 62
Seattle    59
Portland    50
Victoria 45
Tacoma   44
Spokane    38
Alberts Did It.
! Portland, July 24. Pitcher Alberts
.who bus been playing general utility
went in nt short today for Delmas of
Victoria and In lhe first inning knocked out a home run with Ihe bases
full The final score was Victoria 4,
Portland 1 Hynes relieved Martinonl
in the second and the Bees got m
Score: It.    il      E
Viet iria        4      li       I
Portland     1     '     I
Batteries: T. aer and Shea; Martlnoni, Dynes and Conroy.
(By "Gravy.")
Once Ball Player.
.John Kinley Tener will celebrate
bis fiftieth birthday today as governor:
of Pennsylvania, which is a job not i
without honor and emoluments. All I
the same, there is regret in the guber- !
natorial heart for those vanished days !
when he was pushing the pill over the ]
plate as a member of "Pop" Anson's i
band of conquering heroes. Those,
says the governor, were the happy
Governor Tener was born in County
Tyrone, which is in Ireland, glory be! I
He was a mere broth  of a lad  when
he   emigrated  to  America,  where  he I
grew   into  a  stalwart   six-footer.   He I
was  a  natural  ball  player, and  even j
is  a   "kid"   possessed     a    mystifying
curve.   The fame of his pitching prow-
BBS spread abroad, and he was given a
trial by Baltimore, but at his own re- |
imeBt   was  turned   over   to  Haverhill, j
Mass..   of   the   New   England   league. |
Between seasons lie worked as a book-
Tli" usual Krlday night's ball game
is scheduled for Queen's Park this
evening when the Moose and Klectrics
* lock horns, the latter fighting for sec-
:ond place In the city league.
The victory of the B. C. K. It. on
Tuesday night has given them sufficient courage to predict a repetition
of the evening of June 27 when they
nosed out the .Moose, although the latter's manager stands ready to bet bis
I last nickel, even to car fare, that the
trick will not come off.
Tonight's game is scheduled to start
at  6:45.
For Sale
Modern Seven-Roomed
close to 12th street carline.   Has basement' furnace,
fireplace, electric light fixtures, also cement walks.
Price $3,800
$200 cash, balance $40 per month, including interest.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begbie Streets, New Westminster.
Friday Evening at 6:30
Moose vs. Electrics
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Enjoy a good game and
get the fresh air.
Admission Free.
Good Seats for Ladies...
B. C. Market Co., Ltd.
677 Columbia St.
Phone 1315.
Wednesday, Aug. 6th, 1913
keeper In a Pittsburg steel company's I To give  New  Westminster people ar
opportunity to
Steamer leaves C. P. H. Wharf at
7 a.m. sharp.
TIcketH for round trip J1.30. Tickets 11
can be obtained from the committee,
George  Blakeley,    K.  Maxwell.    J.    J.
Randolph.  Capt    P.   C,   Carter,   A   J
Cbrisp and E. Goulet. (177!>j
office, and 11 was while he was twirl
ing for an amateur team in the Smoky |
City that "Pip" Anson first saw him
work. "Cap" didn't hesitate a min-
'te. but ofTered the big Irishman a
"ontract to pitch In a Chicago uniform.
it was inst a uuarter of a century
igo that Tener went Into the box for
'he first time in Chicago. Inudianapolis
**** the opponent tliar day. and the
Hoosler.s biffed rhe bill oil .iver the
yard, winning 14 to n. That looked
bad for .lohn. but it was just a case
of stage fright, and he won his next
'our contests with ease. "Cap" Anson
ilw-iys declared that Tot b-id the.
*i *-!  curie of any slab artist he ever J
So lead me Btralght to where you got that nice tender
Sirloin Steak at   22c. per Ib.
Spring Chickens at   32c. per Ib.
Swift's Premium Milk-fed Chickens at  35c. per Ib.
Pure  home-made  Lard    2  lbs.  35e.
Finnan   tladdie    2 lbs. 25c.
Kippered  Herring    3  lbs.   25c.
Spring   Salmon    2 lbs. 25c.
Chicken Halibut, half and whole  7e. per Ib.
These are special prices tor Friday and Saturday, July 26  and
27, so do not forget to call or phone.   Your order will receive prompt
B. C.   Market Co., Ltd.
White Rock
"The Playground of B. C."
WHITE, SHILES & Co..  Official Agents
Kor the first time In ages, not a
ball wan thrown across the plate in
Iwo major leagues yesterday. The
Americana were taking a rest, beating
It back to the eastern grounds, while
Old .lupe was busy with his watering
can on the Atlantic coast diamonds,
shutting off the money gathering contests in lhe National organization.
Clio*  Fiv  Off,
Vancouver, July 24. Tacoma threw
a srare Into Vancouver this afternoon
when Jintmy Clark, hist season's Van
couver star twlrler. got into dtffleul
ties, and it was only after excellent
werk by Schmutz that the visitor;
were headed iff, the final score be
ing 7-4. Seven errors were made dur
ing the game, five of which wen
credited  to  Vancouver.
Score: H.    II.
Vancouver      7    15      F
Tacoma      4     8
Hatterles:     Clark.     Schmutz     and
Lewis;   Kaufman and  Harris.
throughout the remainder of the play.
J, Sclater sent Sapperton ahead iu
the fourth, which was folio" ed by a
goal by Savers and for lh" third lime
in succession Burnaby bad tied with
Seattle Takes This One.
  Seattle. July ���J4.    Hard hitting. f'��
,,  ,, ,     .      base miming and Coveleskl'! wildnes
George McMurphy, manager of   the  gave H,,litlle to���   ,g        p from s
Burnaby   lacrosse  team,   played    the   |(anp   jj.-j
game last evening will or lose.    Dur- I     Score: K
ing the overtime period he instructed   i;,,'.un��� j-[    jo
his players lo move up to the home I Spokane '........ 5     9
and attempt to penetrate the Sapper-     Butteries: Deli and Cadman; Cove
ton defence,   lt worked all right while hoakl   and   Hannah.
H. B
National   League
poned;   rain.
All   games  post
magnates of lacrosse |
if ..  -    i'i,..fii,.   v.-.mil*'    Harrv
\ ancouver, i uai ue  i
Kntrr the new
n   V
ill   Vancouver,   Cliarne   i uuub,   u......
Picketing, Lionel Yorke, Hob I'rlngle
und Pete Muldoon. This galaxy, coterie, or whatever tlle fans might call
tbeni, held a pink lea session lu the
*'   A   0. yesterday afternoon and dis-
American   League--No  games  were
scheduled  yesterday.
Friday and Saturday
Specials in Our Boys' Department
V  a 0. yesterday afternoon win u..-i
enss.d the whys, ways and  means of
forming a new professional league on
the COH-.I to commence In ���""��>��� lv***\
wiio are these budding magnates
���miwav? What are their records In
coast lacrosse and can they stand the
test the public demands?
Mister Young.
Charlie Young is well known In
New Westminster as having accompanied   the  Vancouver  lacrosse  team
to Ql n's Park for several seasons;
has acted as penalty and game time-
keeper on practically every occasion,
niBo takes a great Interest In ice hoc-.
key   and   was  a  strong   supporter CH
Crank      Patrick's     Vancouver     lean
last    winter;    was   timekeeper   at
ihe Vlctorlu gnme on June 28 when I
wiib alleged all a I some person rang tne
hell during the small riot, although
Mr. Young informed Tlle News repre-
lontiitlve at the game thai In his opinion no gong had sounded: Ml noticed   ss   a   witness   III   tbe   Interests   of
ihe Vanoouver club at the i��3t '"""V
lng of the I1.C.L.A. when It went bust.
Mister  Plckerlny.
Harrv   Pickering,  new   manager  of
Ihe  green   shirts    since    Con    Jonei
thought it best for the general public
.,,,- for ins general health  o drop out
i.f  tiie  game  nnd  take  a  trip  to     "
mplng grounds or the Mexican reVO
liillonlatH   where  he  iiilgbl   give  P-s-
n.ic assistance to Felix Dlas, 1'';'���*���-
,!���,��� Hunt,., or whatever aggrego ion
i n tho le: t ohftnoo of winning out
for tho time being; haa figured on the
inoonrer team  for several seasons
as a Star defence player;   held  JonOS
,���, last summer for $1SOO to sign on
���mil got the money; this season was
nlso a holdout and one of the last to
s'gir nt present Is captain-manager
Vf t'b,' team which made a 5 to I Ue
With the V. A C last Saturday when
no overtime play was suggested.
Mi6ter Pringle.
I'rlngle Is the least heard of in
-oast lacrosse for the simple reason
���hat this Is his first summer on the
coast; formerly played for Ottawa
In the N. L. U.i Is a defence player.
Mister  Yorke. i
Lionel Yorke haB been mixed up in
acrosse for many years; played thc
game In Toronto and lu \ ancouver |
hefore crossing the (lulf of (leorgla;
llils vear was slated to mnnnge the
Victoria prj team, which consisted ol
Joe Oorman and several saved from
the wreck of the N. L. O.i since Mall
; Ilarr severed his connection with I on
Tones Vorke hns been lhe chief adviser of the Canadian Kangaroo; probably sees a chance of becoming a:i
famous as Con.
Pete Muldoon, Esquire.
Pate Muldoon, Ihe last of the nuln-
t,,tie I". more famed In Ihe pugilistic
world than in lacrosse, although he
has the proud honor of being trainer
of the 1!>11 Minto cup team and has
tried luird to get the Vancouver hockey team In shape Io cop the Paterson
trophy; first time in history thnt Muldoon Is known to have attended a lacrosse meeting and one wonders how
he passed through the ordeal listening
to the Inner details of a lacrosse gnlli-
Ini'lileiitally, It was last nighl decided to form n new three club league
Including Vancouver, V. A. c. and
Vici Tii. Another meeting win be
11,,:,! in the near future when it Is
hoped, lu fact strong efforts will be
,,,:,,I,���  to have  1 ���  A,  C,  nnd   Victoria
representatives in attendance.
International League.
Jersey  City  0.  Montreal   1.
Baltimore 5, Toronto 11.
Providence  5,  Rochester  3.
Buffalo-Newark;   no  game;   rain.
London, July IM. Today's county
cricket matches ended this afternoon
with several surprises, the chief one
being the defeat of Yorkshire by
Cilousler. The southern men won
only by two runs.
Warwickshire defeated Derbyshire
at Ilirmlngham by an Innings and 31
Hampshire at home won from Worcestershire to thc tune of an��innings
nnd 31 runs.
The line bowling of 8, O, Smith and
G. J. Thompson resulted In the defeat
of Sussex by Northamptonshire by 50
Middlesex and Surrey nt Kensington
oval made a draw, heavy scoring by
"Plum" Warner, Tnrrant and Hobhs
being the feature.
I,a n cash ire, playing at Maidstone,
met defeat by Kent by nine wicsets.
Wooley for Kent secured six wickets
for 33.
Soft Shirts with separate soft collars
and shirts with soft collars attached.
Regular 65c and 75c values.
Sale Price 55c
With soft collars attached. Just the
waists for these hot days. From 7 years
to 15 years.
Sale Price 55c
Children's Wash Suits Reduced ONE - THIRD
All sizes of Wash Suits from 2 years to 8 years. $2.00 Suits for $1.35.   $1.75 Suits for $1.15.   $1.50 Suits
for $1.00.   S5c Suits for 55c.
Jess Wlllard and Bull Young Met at
Vernon Aug. 22.
bos Angeles, July 24 Jess Wlllard.
while hope, and Hull Young, another
heavyweight an>lrp.nt., v>n** tr."tched
today for a 20-round battle Aug. 22
at the Vernon arena. They are rated
as two of the largest nnd strongest
Wlllard and Young met twice lie-
fuie. Wlllard winning both of the short
distance   bouts,    young's   manager,
I lurry   Glltnoro,   Jr.,   however,   hopes
Ills   "hope"   will   have   hitler   fortune
In a long distance battle.
Boys' Suits, the Lion Brand, Reduced One-Fourth
Regular $15.00 Suits for $11-25
Regular $12.00 Suits for $9.00
Regular $10.50 Suits for $7.85
Regular $9.00 Suits for $6.75
Rgular $8.00 Suits for $6.00
Regular $7.00 Suits for $5.40
707 Columbia Streel
Semi-Ready Clothing PAOS   SIX
Classified Advertising
ceived for The News at the following places: P, T, Hill's drug store,
02S Columbia streel; A. Sprice,
uueensboiough, l.ulu island.
* ,'��� RATES. ���
��� ��� ��� ��� ������������������������������������
Classified���One cent per word per
day ; 4c per word per week; lBo per
mouth; 6,000 worda, to be used as required wltfctn one year from date ot
runtract, $26.00.
must be good plain cook. ApplylM
Eighth avenue. (17S9i
good condition, everything complete.
Apply 81^ Fourth avenue.      (1790)
bacco, cigar, candy and fruit store;
good location; good lease. Have
other business to look after. APP'y
716 Columbia street, city.        instil
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every oue guaranteed. Market square. (1677)
Toronto Controller Says City Can Get
Plenty of it���Other Toronto
branch store on Sixth street will
require about August 15 a lirst class
fitter and alteration hand on
\, omen's suits. Apply by letter stat-
ing experience and salary wanted.
Application confidential. Address
Iiept. W., Lady ware Co., Hastings
street west,  Vancouver. 1179*4)
THE MATTER of the Navigable
Waters Protection Act, being
Chap. 115 of Revised Statutes of
Canada, 19(16, nnd
THE MATTER of an Application
by the British Colum bla Telephone Company, Limited, of British Columbia.
ware branch store on Sixth street
will require about August 15 two
bright, smart saleswomen, thoroughly experienced in the suit trade.
Apply by letter only. Application
confidential. Address Dept. W���
Lady ware Co., Hastings street west.
Vancouver. (1795)
Take notice that an application will
be made to the Governor-General-ln-
Council one month from the date of
tbe publication of this notice for an
order approving the plans deposited
with the Honorable, the Minister of |but before th
Public Works, and in the Land
Registry Office at New Westminster
for the laying of a telephone cable
across F"raser River at Mission. B.C..
which cable is more particularly described and shown on the plans registered with the said, the Honorable,
the Minister of Public Works, and in
Toronto, July 24.���"The, difficult
this year was caused by the fact that
last year the city sold only one million dollars of securities and lhat a
large amount ot ready cash in our
sinking fund was invested In hydro
bonds," ia Controller McCarthy's terse
explanation of the p-esent situation
so far as Toronto's financing is concerned,
"There seems to be much unrest,"
said the controlled, "but there is really no occasion for alarm. We are
able to secure ull the money we require and at fair prices."
Died  Suddenly
A painfully sudden death occurred
when Major Alexander Sharpe of Har-
rle Btreet, Kingston, was riding in a
yonge street ear. The Major, who wae
with some friends at the time, collapsed, and was removed from the
car In an unconscious condition. A
constable summoned tile ambulance
vehicle arrived at St
Michael's hospital he had passed away
J. Featherstone Dead
Joseph featherstone. who represented Peel county in the house of commons in the Liberal interests from
1891 to 1900, died at his farm, just
south of Streetsville this week. He
had   been   ill   for   some     time    with
Money   Making   Schemes   For
Lenten Entertainments.
quires one year's support for wife
and two children in return for any
mining interest gained by the advertiser. Highest references. Apply box 1784 News.
two furnished rooms, sleeping
porches, separate dressing rooms,
with hot and cold water in each;
suitable for two gentlemen.   Apply
418 St. George slreet, cily.      117911
the Land    Registry   Office,    at    New
Per McPhllllps & Wood,
(1728) Their Solicitors.
For Sale���White Rock summer home,
partly furnished, with two fine lots
right on the sea front. For few
days only will sell for $900 below
value and on easy terms.
1 OR    BB1NT���OFFICE     ROOM     IN
basement of Johnston's Shoe Store. 1
Apply  Johnstons   Big  Shoe  House,
Ltd.   H787)
rooms, south exposure, with ubc of
bath and telephone, in modern
borne, one block from car line.
Gentleman preferred. Phone 1194L.
housekeeping      rooms,     2't    Agnes [
street.   Phone Gl!8 L. (1782),
FOR RBNT���FURNISHED Housekeeping rooms; convenient. Apply
K. P. block. (17651
Bright's disease, but liis death came
unexpectedly and was somewhat of
a shock to the neighboring country
when the news spread that the end
had  come.
Tax Reform
Organized labor will make another
effort to stir the provincial government into action on the question of
tax reform. A representative committee, consisting of Messrs. T.
Moore, James Simpson, M. Wyman,
James Richards and W. A. Douglass,
will meet the Ontario ministers with
this end in view on labor day. Labor
men will make the strongest effort
For Exchange���We have a big list of'to put up a "solid front," and dele-
city and Burnaby vacant properties \ gates from every labor council in the.
to exchange for houses and'province will be invited to attend and
revenue producing properties. What; lend support to the argument to be
have you to otter? jput  before   Sir  James  Whitney  and
For   Rent���Eight  room   fully   modern ' '    comc  chinaman
house in first class condition, Bitu-* Mark Ttl0k ,,���, chinaman who died!
ate No. 61.9 Bent street, city. Cheap lBUaaenly aUer he had completed ar-
rent and lease to right party. rangetnents to go back to his native
h^T^^^^^ bad the distinction of being the,
���    sometthing to vou tbis dry weather. ,b'*-?T ,U,mam?" ln   I"!i��nto,, M;,rk,
Let    us place    your    policy.    Good. ' weighed   over   270   pounds      He   bad
losses ,a >'ounR  son  living  with him  on College  street,  and  he was  about to re-
\turn to China to spend his latter days
with  his  wife,  for
wealthy   according
-   ���_..   .,  ���  ..,,..,., ,-., i,() Chinese standards of wealth.
Phone 312. ...l?0"1 M1      Three well dressed men stole a val-
Westminster Trust  Bulilding. ���ablo automobile owned by Mr. Claude
'S. Pope, Woodlawn avenue, when the
[���machine was left outside the King
j Edward hotel. The car was abandoned after an exciting chase through
Oraiigeville, and after the thieves, It |
is said, burglarized several places
along the countryside.
strong   companies   to    pay
Hates and full    Information    gladly
given   upon    request    Losses paid |
In  great   comfort
I he   was   rated  as
Ross Luncheon For a Bride Elect Has
Many Pretty Features With an Amusing Guessing Contest as a Finish.
Smart Tub Morning Frocks Unusually Attractive This Season.
Dear Elsn���Now is the time when all
church societies, clubs nnd charitable
organizations nre on the quivlve for
money making schemes, nnd as I know
tliat your town club comes under one
Iof Ihese beads 1 will tell jou whnt a
| coterie of enterprising girls of my acquaintance are doing to help along this
cause (luring these penitential days.
These girls are of the younger set. and
they are going to bold It "paper bn
sanr" nt the home of one of the members. There will lie only articles of
paper for sale, which wlll Include shaving bulls, pantry shelf ps)|iers. napkins,
flower pot holders, drawer sachets aud
pni>er dolls with dainty wardrobes.
Then they will hnve all sizes of dollies, candle shades, almond and bonbon
holders, lemonade straws (really made
of paperi and all the Japanese novelties, The booths nre to be decorated
entirely with paper, and tbe attendants arc to near caps, aprons nnd collars of various colored crape tissues.
Subscriptions will be taken for magazines aud orders taken for place ond
score cards.
Talking of score cards reminds me of
s charming little luncheon party given
by a friend of mine recently In honor
of n bride elect whose name was Itose.
The centerpiece was o." bride roses, and
each guest bad a long stemmed bridesmaid's rose al her place, and tbe place
Cards were rose shaped, wltb "Gather
ye rosebuds while ye may" done In
gold letters above the name and date.
Afterward they bad this contest, uud
the prizes were rambler roses In pots,
wblch were set in rose colored wicker
What rose is never seen on a rolling
stone? (Moss rose.i What rose blooms
In a girl's cheek? (Maiden's blush.)
What rose can you drink? (Tew rose.)
What ls tbe wandering rose? (Rambler.) What is the aspiring rose?
(Cllmber.l Whnt rose ls like a popular
book? (Red.) What rose flashes in the
sky? (Meteor.t Which rose Is the
principal feature of n wedding?
(Bride's rosc.l What rose is n vege-
I table? (Cabbage rose.l Whieh rose
bears the name uf a country? (La
| France.) Which two roses were famed
lu history? (Red rose and white rose.i
Whieli rose should Americans honor?
(American Benuty.i Which rose bears
tbe inline of n spice?
annual exhibition which will be held
on tbe 16th, 17th and 18th of September. Like other similar societies
the agricultural society is working
under difficulties this year, but in
spite of the mining trouble now existing, everything promises a very
successful show this year.
The prize lists and entry forms for
the occasion are all out, and everybody connected with the preparation
and conduct of the exhibition is spar-
* ing no effort to make it the best and
i most successful show ever held un-
;der the auspices of the society. The
prize list is the blggeBt and mos' oom-
jprehenslye that has ever been Issued
and with more than usual spare time,
all round, it is expected that the entries will be more numerous than ever
I before.
Twelve Qualify in Second    Stage
King's Prize���B. C.  Riflemen
Must Be Off Form.
Ilisley, July 24.���Twelve Canadians
have definitely qualified to enter the
second stage of the king's prize on
l'YIday, all bavlng aggregates ip the
llrst stage over 94. They are aa follows:
Private Hawkins. Toronto, and
Sergt. Steele, Guelph. with 100; Private Denholni. Winnipeg, and Sergt
Lee, London, Ont, wltli 99; Lieut.
Mortimer, Ottawa, with 97; Captain
Crowe, Guelph, and Stuff Sergt Haw
ley, Winnipeg, with 9ti; Sergt. Bullock,
oronto, Sergt. Guthuiis. Ottawa.
."���rgt 1.annul, Halifax. Lieut. Steins,
I Sourls, and    Sergt.    Taylor,    lunulas.
 Ont, all with 95.
-,.,. . -.       ��� ������ . .....   -   , ��� . Three Canadians, sergt. Carr, Vlo-
Pitiful Story of Girl Who Took Poison I torla   gergt     ,,ark(,r     Halifax,    and
j Lieut. Stock, Truro,    N.S.,    are    tied
With   with a number of others  nt 94
���Brother Disappears���Hcspital
Montreal. July -4.
ing disappointment
treatment or deep
brooding  of a  kind
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh
street. (1722)
rooms to rent; every convenience.
Apply 619 Hamilton street.      (1692)
under new management; rooms
frum IJ..60 and upwards; married
and single men are welcome to
come and enjoy all comforts of
home. i I77;i
For a License to Take and Use Water.
Notice Is hereby given that Dawson
and Grace, of South Westminster,
will apply for a license to take and
use one hundred inches of water out
of an unnamed creek, which flows in
a northerly direction through wild
land, owner unknown, and empties
into a ditch on subdivision near Scott
road. The water will be diverted at
a point south of Ladner road and will
be used for stock and domestic purposes on the land described as a sub-
(By "Gravy.")
Flogged for Losing Game.
B. 5;
jlivision g�� fractional section 2i>,
N\, R. 3 Vi.
This notice    was    posted    on
ground on the Nth day of July.
Tlie application will be tiled in
office of the Water Recorder at New'school
Objections  may be filed  with
said  Water  Recorder    or    with
where. No collection, no charge,
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency. ;',;IG Hastings slreet west, Vancouver. B.C. 11678)
Furnished three room suite, witli
bath. Hot and cold water. $27.50 pel
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
Pari i a
Comptroller of Water  Rights
ment Buildings. Victoria. B.C.
(1718) Applicants.
The public are cordially invited to
attend a reception to be tendered the
1 aptain and Officers of li. M S New
Zealand, on Friday, the 26th Instant,
I 1 9 p.m., in the Parliament Building-*.
His Honor the Lieutenant Governor.
t e Honorable J. D, Hazen, th'-
Premier and Members of the Government willbe presenl Full dress is
re luesb d,
..    H. E. VOUNG,
'17761 Provincial Secretary,
Province of  British Columbia, County
ot   Westminster.
Under ami by virtue of warrants of
execution and a warrant under chattel mortgage, to me directed and deli., red against the goods and chattels
nt tlir Wesl End Hardware company
.11   the  s.iit   of  Kelly,   Douglas  &   Co.,
Merrlthew A.- Ramsey and a. Hard-
man 1 have Belzed and will sell at
tin- Wesl End Hardware company's
Btore, Eighth street, New Westminster, un Monday, the 28th day of July.
1913, ai ;i :;,i o'clock in ibe forenoon,
tin following, or sufficient thereof to rish-r-i
satlsf) the Judgment debt and costs
herein, eti All 'he stock of hard-
�� '"*. ti'dlf. plumbing goods, raugeB,
heap rs granlts and tinware, aiiiinunl-
tlon, paints, varnishes, brushes, etc.,
amounting .is per inventory to
t 1147 2g
Terms of sale cash.
T. J. ARMSTRONG, Sheriff
New Westminster, Julv 16th, 1913.
The lirst public school cricket match
between Eton and Winchester was
played on lloiinslow Heath just 117
years ago come today, July i:.. 1796.
Considered  strictly  as    news,    this
item is a bit stale, and nobody could
be expected to Ret wildly excited over
1913.'it.    Yet it I--S, or might have, a mod-
the ern application to aii   varieties   ui
tnd college sports.
The Etonian eleven was thoroughly
and conclusively defeated in this contest. When tliey returned did the
head master console with them
saying, "Well, bitter luck next time?"
Answer: lie did not. He gave each
and every one of the eleven the alternative of a sound Hogging or expul.
sion  from  the school  in disgrace.
II is to the eredit of those dead
and hurled Etonian lads that thoy tolled to this challenege In unison:
"Bring on the birch!"
Them  were the happy dayi'.
Administering floggings or "ewlsli-
Ings' '.vus lhe principal ind'ior spurt of
head masters ol old Eton frum Uu*
fnu idnlion of the school to 'he mid,11-
of lhe last cen'ury. Tliere Is a tradition tliat on ch occasion a headman-
ter, whipped Beventy boys at one ses-
s'.on, giving each ten cuts witn twi
birches, and vus fo worn out bv lhi
operation that he was laid up for :*
web or two. During Mr. Mole's regime lie flogged "half the ministers,
. generals and tink.-s of thc
-., u'l.rv "
The Eton institution of "swishing,"
so long an Incentive toward athletic
victories, was described by a journal
of the time as "an operation per
formed on the naked buck by thi
headmaster himself, who Is always 11
gentleman, and BometlmeB a high dignitary of the chureh."
Which   bears   the   name  of  a  city   In I
America and the name of a popular
beauty'.'     (Baltimore   lielle.i     Which
rose   is   a   perfume?    (Musk   ruse.) :
Which Is a beautiful linen?
Which i-* n brave genernl?    (.Ma rec ha I
Mel.1    Which is the rose of llie Demo- j
a desperate and terrible end,, caused
the sudden death of Miss Lt na Bow-
slier, 32 years of age, who come from
' London, England, this month, is not
yel known, but the circumstances
Burroundlng the case are tragic.
The woman was mounting the steps
of the house at No. 11 St. Genevieve
street, where she wished to obtain a
room. She was accompanied by Mrs.
W. Lee, of Busby Lune, with whom
she had been temporarily stopping
since her arrival from Ottawa. Suddenly she swayed, and called to Mrs.
Lee: "Don't leave ine, I'm blind."
Mrs. Lee caught her
"Let me rest for a moment," tiie
Other said feebly. She was frothing
at the mouth and appeared in a terri-
ble condition. Constable Glngras, of
the Chabolllez street station, was call-1
ed to the house and phoned for an
ambulance, but it was not until T,
o'clock, or three hours afterwards,
that one from the General hospital
arrived. By that time tlle woman was
dead, having received no medical attention.
The woman came here from Ottawa ���
with her brother, a tailor. Sh. 1
obtained shelter with Mrs. Lee until ,
such time as Bhe could obtain ano- '
ther room, and was visited by her
Went  to  Ottawa
According to the story sh" had told 1
Mrs. Lee, she had come to this coun- '
,try   to  establish  a home   for her  brother,   who.  she  was   told,   was  doing!
well In his trade  in Ottawa.    On  her I
arrival   there,   she   found   him   to   be |
.out of work, and had come to  Mori- |
: (real  with him in an effort to better 1
liis position.    One afternoon her bro-
1 ther failed to put  in mi  appearance
(Cinnamon rose.,   aa tie had promised,, and this worried
nnd  will shoot off    for    tlie    bottom
I places of lhe 800 who shoot Friday.
Last year  13    Canadians    qualified
Whether sicken- | with an aggregate of over nil and three
because   of     ill-   more at 911 shot off for bottom placet*
melancholy    orlThe stundard, considered so high last
which  drives  to  year,    is    therefore    raised    anollie:
notch this year.
Besides Sergt. Ommundsen and
Capt. Marchinont, who got 104, one
short of the possible, the following
are the leading scores:
Private Gibsons, Scottish rifles,
with 1U2.
Sergt. MacKenzie, Scottish horse;
Major Varley. Honorable Artillery
company; Sergt. Kenby. of Warwick,
and Sergt. Keefe, of London, all witli
In addition to the two Canadians
, eight other men made the flat cen-
, poison ��y
Ask your Druggist orCroccr
to show you the new plan for
killing all the flies in your
house or store in one night,
and have neither flies nor fly
killers about in the daytime v
Back East
Five Days
SS. "Prince Georne"  Sailing
every   Monday   (Midnight)
(Granby Bay)
(Five Days)
SS. "Prince Rupert" sailing
every Thursday (Midnight)
Including Mi*.-.:s and Berts.
On Sale Daily to Sept   30th;
Keturn Limit Oct. Hist.
Variable Routes,
. 83,00
. 129.86
. inf..00
.  108.60
Go One Way Iteturn
Boston and return . .1.
Hetroit and return....
Halifax and return. . . .
Montreal and return . .
New York and return
Niagara I-'iiIIb and return   92.00
Ottawa and return     103.00
Toronto and return .... 92.DU
Otber points at same reductions
Illustrated literature on re-
(HiCHt. Bhowlng views and equipment of trains.
II. C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
627 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.   B.   DUPBROW,  G   A.   P.   D,
bliona Private Exchange 81.14
the   sister.     She   told   Mrs.   Lee   tha
she   was  going  to  the  drug  store   ti
purchase Beldlltz powders, though Mrs j
i-i' 1 [tered  her some from  lur own '
.      .stock.    Later  Mrs   I.e,.  saw  her  lak-I
" "ll*"   'ling Houiething at  the sink.  Imt  could
noi say whether it was Beldlltz pov
lers  or  not.    The   hrother  appeared
cratlc administration?   (Nell rose. at  S o'clock that  evening,  was given
lt was lots of fun guessing the dlf    some  money, and since  then  has not
ferent names and a still greater pleas  1 been  heard  from,
lovely  nimbler j
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented!
ure  to take home the
rose souvenir.
Another Lenten occupation tbnt Is
very popular with me Is bargain hunting these mldseuson days. Men laugh
nt woman's penchant for bargain Bales,
but wbere Is the man who will nut up I the
prove when tils wife comes limne from
A silting of the Provinc'al Labor
���fVinniission will be held at Ladner
Thursday, 81st .Inly, 10 a.m.
The Commission Is empowered to
Inquire Into all matter.-. affecting the
r nditlcns of labor ln British Columbia. .Ml per80DB Interested lire in-
v ted to attend and give evidence.
Secretary. (1775)
Re  Uot "B" of the  South 39 Acres of
Lot 377, Group 1, Except One Acre
Theretofore  Conveyed,   in  the   District of New Westminster.
A 1 crt Ilcate nf Indefeasible Title to
Du' ubove property will be issued   to
j William   Mi I'.riil,. ,,,, the 1Mb day    of
August, inn, unless in tin' meantime
*''  valid objec  thereto be made to
me in wrltli ;��� ';. ;i person or iiersons
claiming nn estate or Interest therein,
or in any part thereof
.1   C, GWYNN,
D   trlcl  Registrar or Titles,
I.nnd Registry Office,
New   Westminster,  lie. Lit!
The person or person's having in
their custody 01 possession ihe follow
ing Tin,* Deeds relating to th" said
property are requested to deliver the
sarrie to the undersigned.
30th January, 1889, grant from the
crown to Charlotte Adele Rougue,
19th July, 1889, conveyance from
Charlotte -\dele Rougue to Robert
Scott  Monciieff.
���1   C   GWYNN.
(1743)      District Registrar ol Titles.
For nursing mothers
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
offer thc important advantage that tliey do not disturb
the rest of the system ot
affect the child.
25c. a box at your
National Drug and Chemical Co.
of Canada, Limit ad,      175
one of these orgies wltll a 11.'.11 little
ti'h dress bouyht fur OS cents ur there
There Is nothing most men dislike so
Inucb as seeing n woman look "sloppy'
sbout the house In the morning, und
there is no denying that even a pretty
dressing sack looks anything but trim
unless the wearer has nothing to do
but sit still and be waited upon. And
few women nowadays, even if they
can. nre willing to bc uoth'mg bin
dressed up puppets.
Until tub dresses invaded Hie department stores ihe problem for the busy
housewife as to whnt lo wear ln the
morning was a difficult one. but a trl|��
to nny good shop today reveals pile* ot
charming little dresses of gUiglitim in
pule blue or pink, wltb elbow sleeve*'
uud rolling collars, costing iibnut t'i
Just sui li dresses us these enable sonic
women tu keep the regard ol tbelr bus
Nnw 1 am going 10 sidetrack mid
talk muni! the "bun.meter'' girl I.e
Xo.i happen to know her'? 1 du. mid
she changes her in..oils nlmost as fnsl
Us the weather bus lieen doing Intel.*-.
uud quite ns disastrously for every
one an.uud ber.
The worst uf It all Is Unit this gin
so often stays "stormy" or "gloomy'
for 11 long while. If you nre tier sis
ter she Is sure you do not
her, niul If she bus a lover she Is sure
be ih.es not cure for ber as be used to
Lei me w.hlsper a word of ndvb-e In
J-oiir .-nr. Klsa, denr. Mm. I wiu*r\
ni.i.ut her moods tm. iiiurli Itch,ive
toward ber ns usual nnd refuse tn im
tne that anything is amiss  mid pit.
Hie gill heartily. Inr she r.-.-illv needs
ll whether --lie deserves .1 or nnt.
II..w refreshliiu 11 1- i" turn trim
these 1.nee.tain people I" H.e Jolly
SW'eet tempered girl, wlin Is always 1,
good I'lunpiiniim: Nn nue inimtH il sin
dues hnve 11 little grnnilde every Imw
nn.l then at things or Is 1. trttle hnstj
When the clouds roll nwnv Hi. re ts hi"
nice, attractive r*n-e again,  with hi
the g.H.d 1.nlure in place
Yon. Klsa. are one of these nlcp. Joi
l.v girls, snd I'm sure you'll be tbe Jol
liest kind of nn old Indy, too. Is tbe
opinion of yours devotedly.
Two trunks and two bags wer
b-i'iight to Mrs. Lee's house. In tin
afternoon Mrs. Lee proposed that they
go out together and look for a room
ind it was 1.11 this expedition lhat
the  woman  died.
Efforts are  I."ing    made  to    locate
missing brother.
Hospital Explains
lu regard 10 tbe delay  in sending
llie ambulance,   the   .superintendent's
office  of  the  General  hospital  gave
out the Information that tile case was
I not  one  to which  the hospital  would
; send an ambulance, nud for that rea-
. sou tlie hospital refused to send one.
"We send onr ambulances out for
, ambulances onlv," stated the official.
I "Tliat  is a  well  known  rule  and  the
nlason why I refused to semi it."
Asked   why   it   had    arrived    somi
j three   hours   afterward,   his   explana-
I tion   was  that   acme  one   must  have
! phoned in again and said tliat an ac
cident had happened.   This was often
the case, he said.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C��� viz,! the
the celebrated "V'ANCouvkK" Brand, guaranteed to pusb standard
Specifications of American  and  Canadian  Engineers'  Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4 in. to 24-ln. in diameter. "'Ins is also made In this Province and we
Consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a Block if Crushed Itock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia 8treet W.
Two Messages on Wire.
In Die G.P.R. telegraph department
two  ol   the  wires   between   Montreal
uiul  Toronto  have   been equipped  recently with a device which in proving
a matter nt ^reat interest to telegraphers. Kadi circuit is worked
duplex, so that nn the two wires two
messages can I.e sent in each direction simultaneously.
At tl.e Bending mni is a keyboard
somewhat similar tn a typewriter and
all that has tn be done t" transmit a
message is fnr tlm sending opera-lot
tn depress the keys in the same manlier as though writing a letter or
telegram nn the typewriter, Witli the
instrument is a recorder which shows
iinrieisliinil I exactly what keys have been depressed and whether any mistake has been
made. At the receiving end the oper,
utnr simply feeds in ordinary message
:.lurks as required and the messages
are printed automatically ou them.
Act Quickly
Don't wait until you have some ailment caused by poor digestion,
biliousness, or hy inactive bowels
which nmy lead to a serioua sickness.
Immediate nlicf i.i afforded by
that best corrective and preventive
i       E. H.  BUCKUN, N.  UKAKD8LEHS. W. r. H   BUCKUN,
Free  and G*n1   Mgr, Vlcs-Presld-tnl Bee. s**e* Tfm*
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonet No. 7 and 877.
A Modern and
Handsome Office
can be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid of our
mill-work. We have all ready
In stock panels, mouldings and
all necessary fittings to expedite the rush Jobs. We shall ba
glad to submit drawings and
estimates as w-i are specially
fitted up for this class of work.
Phone  473,   Queensborough.
itialled (I. L. C, Finder kindly return to Ceo. L, Cassady, nor.
Westminster Trust building, and receive reward. llTJS)
Sold ��� vnr twl,rr>-.   In bozos, ZS crnta.
Nanaimo Will Hold Fair on September
Nanalmo. July 'it    The officers and
directors of tiie Nanalmo Agricultural
and   Horticultural   society     are     verv
busy with their prepartiOQB for tholr
New  Spring  and  Summer  Suitings
now on  display.    See them.    Perfect
it and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Front Street
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits ot One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate puld or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in all parts ot the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager. FRIDAY, JULV 45, 1913.
PA6t   8CVCN
Summer Resorts of New Westminster
Have you ever been over the old Whalen Home-
Stead (Maple Beach) at Boundary Hay?
If you have you remember its bathing beach famous for its beauty, warmth and safety; its never
ceasing spring gurgling down the gentle slope; the
magnificent maple groves, broken here and there
wuh bewitching roads and byways and gardens.
This spot has been the camping place of scores of
New Westminster and Vancouver families for many
years. The excellent bathing, boating and the historic spring, not to speak of innumerable other features of interest, have endeared the place to these
lovers of nature to a surprising degree.
No part of the property was ever offered for sale
though hundreds of people have tried to buy their
favorite camp spots, till this season, when a subdivision of the portion adjoining the bathing beach was
made and is now being sold. More than thirty families have already secured their favorite lots and
there still remains a block of the most delightful sum-
her home sites possible to imagine.
Maple Park Beach is one place every lover of outing-should see before making a choice of a summer
home. As a play ground for children it is free from
every feature that makes tide water dangerous at
other resorts. During all the years that Maple Beach
has been a play ground the first fatality has yet to
be recorded.
In the days of the red man's reign. Maple Beach
l'ark was a headquarters for thousands of the tribes
from the earliest times. This property has been
their trading headquarters, their hunting and fishing grounds. The same old spring that slacked
thc thirst of these warriors of old is still singing its
sanv old song. Wonderful collections of Indian
relics have been unearthed at Maple Beach durinR
recent years. In this and other wa\ s the old Whalen
estate 'is the most interesting point within a short
ride from these cities
The Ladner-Woodward's Slough Ferry for which
the provincial government recently voted $35,000,
and which includes a plank road from Woodward's
across Lulu Island connecting with the mainland
highways, places this property at the end of the
most beautiful 18-mile auto drive in the province. It
will cut the distance from Vancouver exactly in two.
The trunk road from Ladner to the beach is macadam and shell. Permanent road improvements are
being made adjoining the property at present.
We are making daily trips by auto to Maple Beach
and can accommodate'anyone wishing to inspect thc
place if arrangements are made a day ahead.
If you wish to take au auto trip where won will
be handsomely rewarded for the trouble see Maple
Beach Take' your own car if you do not care to
come with us. vour first leisure day. Splendid roads
Take the Ladner road from New Westminster and
the Trunk road south from Ladner. Good accommodations for meals at Ladner.
Plans and particulars on application to
Curtis & Dorgan
New Westminster, B. C.
Mm. .). Mack has finished her pretty
cottage and wltli lier family is enjoy-
| Inn the excellent locution overlooking
tl.e bay.
Mr. anil Mrs. .1. I', McMurphy anil
family spent the early part of the
week preparing their cottage for early
Mr. and Mrs. I) Whiteside and
family are comfortably encamped on
tlieir property overlooking the beautiful Boundary Bay beach.
Mr. ami Mrs. W. .1. Whiteside anil
Children spent the week end on the
bench, the gui sts of  Mr. and  Mrs. 11.
Curtis -ft Dorgan are erecting a
handsome four-room bungalow. Three
eides uf lhe placi' are surrounded by
an eight-foot verandah. The lire
place and chimney are constructed of
selected Stones from the beach, the
whole presenting a most artistic appearance In lhe maple grove in which
It  is built.
Mrs II. Robinson and family have
erected a most charming camp anions
ihe birches and firs close to the boundary.
Mr. I'm! Mrs J. Iteid and family
ive pitched their tents and .-ire l.ali-
Westminster, are here for the season,
Mrs. llocken and Mrs. Little, of
Vancouver, are staying at Kyrie cottage. Mrs. II. W. Westman and
daughter, of Calgary und Miss Sin-1
clalr, of Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs. I
Ilogers, of Abbotsford, and the Misses
Rogers of New Westminster; Mrs.
^^M Cameron  ami  party,   Mr.  and  MrB. J.
Arrangements are being made for a IW!  Dewar and  daughter,  Vancouver,
sports day to be held here in connec-iare   among   the   other   summer   resi-
tlon   with   the   Engineer  Cadets   who * dents,
arc   in   camp  under  the  direction  of j    Mrs.  Post ill.  New  Westminster,
the   Rev.   Owen   Bulkley
The programme will consist of running,  Jumping,  tugs-of-war  and  other
turned home this week after a stay
of a month, and the Rev. Mr Held
and  Mrs.  Iteid, Olivet Baptist church,
contests of a like nature on the sands are here for a month.
at low tide on the morning of Tuesday the 28th. Iloatlng, diving, etc.,
will   occupy   the   afternoon.
Prizes will be offered and a good
Cine is looked lor. Tlle cadets are
at present occupied In building a useful bridge, or approach on military
lines from their camp to the seashore !
The  li. C,  E, R, have a lar?e gang
Of men at  work on tlie pole line for;
light and power with which to supply
tin   | rlvate residences of White Rock,
and the two mills of the C. L, R, Co.,
one at each end of the town,    Nearly
100    residences    are    wired    or    are I
about to  be  wired and  Mr.  Mann, of i
New   Westminster,   lias   secured   the;
contract  for  supplying  the  poles  for j
tho line.
Tlle   weekly  dance  which  the  new
1 ssee  cf the  White  Rock  hotel  has'
organized is proving a popular move
and will be held every Saturday night
New Westminster and Bdmonda, B. c.
Pur,' Linseed oil. Builders' Hardware, Ready  Roofing and
Campers'  Ranges and Supplies,
ng full advantage of the "pleasures of ?,1Jr.ln1.g.,t,hf.*iasDt>?-1?nt?�� hotel rPm'3'
tion hall from S to 10
Owing to the continuance of the
hot weather there are now very few
vacant cottages, and the tents and
camp  sites  are fast  being  taken  up.
The ice-cold water supplied by the
ever-flowing artesian wells which the
White Rock Townslte company installed lhis season are v
and very favorable and
marks have been passed by visitors,
to the hotel and White Rock gener-
allv   in  connection  therewith.
J. Hetherington contractor of White
Rock, has secured the contract for
building the new customs and immi-
uration offices at the I'acific boundary line. The work was commenced last week.
Alex. Matheson. amongst others has |
bathing   and   general   recreation.
Mr. and Mrs W I). Reid and family are at present fixing up their summer home just south of the boundary.
Mr Jos. Irwin and friends spent
Sunday at the beach.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Hudson and
family are partaking of the enjoyments of Boundary Bay in their well-
selected camp spot overlooking the
Mr. and Mrs. .lohn Oraham, Miss
Madge Ayling, Miss Klsie Ayling and
Mr MeCloy spent the week end at Mr.
Oraliam's  cottage.
The new shell road over what was
previously an impossible stretch of
sand  leading  to  the  beach   is  Kre.atly
enjoyed l.y autoists Koing to and from   \,een adding to tbe beauty and utility  Henderson, Mrs. Burllngay, Mrs. Pea-I
the beach.    The new  pipe line which  of |llg BUniuier residence here and haa  don, Ella Crozler. Mrs.  Meldrum  and \
curries the water from the old Whfll- J considerably   enlarged    the   building   Master  C.   Henderson, all   from   Van- |
en   spring   to   a   more   central   point   i,P8jd,.g     adding     Interior       finishing  couver,  were  guests of  Mr
among the  campers  is  voted  a  great   touches. J.   A.   Henderson,   Rocklands.   White
improvement  by  all  the residents at      -yn(J r���8tle ice-cream parlor erected Rock.
the hay by the Campeds' Supply    Store    Is at-
Matheson   ��������   ('dwell,    contractors,  tractive both bv its style of arehltec-
who are now at work on several cot-   tur(, anfi bv thp COo\ine nature of the
Several  liouse    parties  have    been
held recently, MrR. Anstie and daughters  having  many  guests  from  lown,
tin also  Mrs.  H.  Latham, Mrs.  Dawe,
Mrs.   Henley  and  others.
1    The  MIrbib  Hutton    have    friends i
i staying with them.    Miss Sangster, of1
j New  Westminster, is visiting her sis-1
ter,  Mrs.  Purdy.    MIsb O'Connor and
her brother spent Sunday here, coming  dewn   In   the  launch  "Brampton"
with s. ii. Farmer,
Representatives of tie department
I of the marine and fisheries, public
works, and also Dominion government
engineer, visited White Itock during
the past week to inspect the beaches
and   foreshore.
Among the most recent real eBtate
transfers might be mentioned the sale
of a house and lot by ('. MeConkey
to F, A. Ferguson of the local customs
The purchase price being about 11200,
Tlie new Methodist church is In
progress of erection under the direction of J. Hetherington, local building contractor.
As previously reported, tlle White
Rock hotel changed management a
few weeks ago, and H. W. Morris.
the new proprietor, who has had considerable experience in summer and
tourist hotel business, iB receiving
���ii patronized  the congratulations of his guests.
flattering re- \ 	
White   Rock   Personals
Messrs. II. and H. Fisher, II. Beat,
New Westminster; A. Hammond, of
Townsend; M. 0. Walker, of Otter;
Mrs. M. Fisher. Mrs. A. Chamberlain,
MIbs I. Fisher, of New Westminster,
and Mra. Barker Smith, of Cobourg.
Ont., were recent guests of Mrs. R.
C. Walker, Rocklands, White Rock.
Mr   and Mrs. C. Henderson. Mrs. E
Ifyou read THE NEWS1 ROOHIS  To   Rent
you get all the news.
IWith ���leeptng porches. Board alao<
'cording t" arrangement Term* very
lonabte, Choice locatton, near Ma
1 railway d^pot.   Apply
Great Northern Time Table
While  itock  leave  Vancou-
ii.m.,   10  u.m.,   1- :1S   p.m.,   4
Tralni  f<
V.-l    ;it    1 J : 1
How Weetmlneter at 11:56 n.m., 10:28
n.m..   12 :47  p.m..  4 ;3S p.m.
The midnight nnd midday trains stop at
\'u trains leave Watte Rock at f> n.ni..
1 :.r,(i p.m., 6:07 p.m. und 8:40 p.m.
The ��'��� u.m.. 1:60 and 5:07 p.m.-stop at
Special business men's train leaves Vancouver dally al 5 p. m., New Westminster
at it :29. Arriving at White Rock 8:08
p.m. Returning leaves White Hoik at
7 :60 a.m., arriving New Westminster at
fi :;S3,  Vancouver at J'."".
Plans furnished en aplplcatlon. Cottage
bulli while you wait.   Prices Right Satis
faction   Cluaranteed.   .Apply
A. I'mu.-vm-:.
l'-'U n**ii>;iIiik> sir,*,'t. New Westminster o
li.  n   GRANT,
White Rock, li. C.
HIgh-ciaes Candles,    City  Prices.
Public Telephone, Toil oftw, long'-distano
uud local calls.
Opposite old <;. n. u. Depot
Spi Westminster, B. C.
MAHTIN'-SKNlll'R      lil'l      I'KR
Rubberoid   Roofing   From  one-half to
three ply.
We Specialise op  Builders' Supplies.
The Pioneer Aerated Water Manufactory.
a r��r   ~\J-r\* i lM,TTKirviikir,��   >pa I S-Weetlon   for  pummer  homo  sites  \n  mv
AKt   YUU   INlbNLJlNl*    lUi^MlvtHton.  directly  opopslte  the  raUwu/
_..������. ****.     *     *.*i*******-,**-*  *-. I station   at   White   TLock.     Investigate   be-
BUILD   A HOME ? V*** buying elsewhere.
I ._ Hi*   COLUMBIA   ST..
lam s at thn bay. will begin work nn
two ottii-rs as S"im as the present contracts are brought lo a close.
Mr Arlluir. of Ladner, witb her
daughter, Mrs. Creech, and Mr Creech
h-ive erected iheir summer CAMP on
their property just south of the boundary line.
Mr and Mrs S. P. Mark and f-im-
lly nr,- spending the summer in their
cottage on the Canadian aide.
Dr. and Mrs Frank Smith ar3spending ii holiday at  the buy.
Alderman and Mrs. Kollinpton and
family are taking Rrrat pleasure onl
I i.f their summer home.
Mr nnii Mrs Her; Heiulry are
anondlng a most enjoyable holiday as
the guests of Alderman and Mrs. Kel-
"nMrOIC. A   and  Mrs.  Bourne spent ?*^r8'fI5"Sffi
the week visiling friends at the
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Sinclair are
spending a much enjoyed holiday
Mr. and Mrs. Kirkland are again in
their summer home overlooking the
Mr. nnd Mrs. Joseph Burr and family are as enthusiastic aa ever about
lhe excellent bathing and general attractiveness  of  Boundary  Bay.
Mr. and Mrs Harry Major and family are occupying their cummer cottage here.
Thos. .1   l'earson and family are en-
loylng  their holidays  in  their    cot-.
taee here.
Mr.  anil   Mrs.   George   D.   Corbould
anil family and friends nre again par-
; taking of the pleasures of their hand- j
] some beach house.
Mr   anil  Mrs. O, A. Allan of West-'
' minster are visiting here.
Mr   anil  Mrs.  John  Scott  together
I with   their  son  and   daughter-in-law.
of SourlB, Man., are spending their va-
cation at the bay.
Traffic to and from the bay is much
! heavier   Ihls   year   than   ever   before.
Much beautv Is added to the trip by
I lhe   iinusualy   excellent   condition   of
ihe   crops   in   the   Delta.     The  floral
grandeur surrounding the farm homes
probably  surpasses that of anv other cry,
| fanning   communitj    In   Canada,   nml   "''irt
commodities it  contains.
Four gasoline launches arrived
in Semiahmoo Hay last Saturday and
Sunday, dropping their anchors just
close to the floating pier. Two were
from Vancouver, who reported a pleasant trip, though the swell was slightly too much for one or two of the
party, and Mr. F II. Fanner, wife
anil children with several friends
came round from New Westminster
in  launch  "Hraiimpton."
P. Greyell. formerly of the White
Hick Uriel, la now busy erecting a
business block, bakery and lunch
rooms on his property opposite the
new fl. X. R. depot.
Meat   purveyor  Armstrong  recently
opened   a  butcher    stand    near    the
Store  and  is doing
very flourishing business. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday-
are  his  special  White  Rock days.
Miss  Hoffman and  party from Bellingham. have rented a summer resi-,
d"iice from E. Winch and are due to'
arrive in a day or two.
Mrs. Hugh Wilson and family. New-
Westminster, arrived on Wednesday
to reside In the Uamsdall house for
thp season.
Mr. and Mrs. Inkman of Agassiz
are expected here shortly and may-
spend   a   few  weeks  visiting  friends.
Joseph  Wise  spent   the   week   end
with Mrs. Wise and son in their aum- ���
mer residence. |
1     Langley,    Cloverdale    and    Surrey-
Centre ranchers get up many impromptu picnic parlies    to    the    historic
ramping  ground  near  the    artesian |
well here and generally have an all-,
round good time.
Nels Nelson, Aid. J. and Mrs. Henley,  Harry  Latham  and  family, John I
Stewart and wife and many old residents  Of  New   Westminster  and   plo*
at '
Mrs. Geo. Moore and family, Edmonds, are guests of Mrs. Reid iPitt
Meadows) at her summer cotiage.
Victoria  avenue.
Miss N. Ayling is a visitor of Mrs. \Bullli
Percy  Brown.
The Rev   Thos. Gladstone and wire
from   Victoria,   have   been   staying
Mrs. Thompson's residence.
Recent   and   present   guests   at   the
White   Rock   hotel   include   Mr.     and
Mrs. Sutton.  Edmonds;  II. Carruthers,
Vancouver;  Thos. Hurley. Vancouver;
C. Nicholson. Seattle;  Miss .7   I). Winkler.   Vancouver;   Miss   E.   Barnlston.
Vancouver;  C. E. Hallton. Vancouver;
Mr.   Aspell,   Vancouver;   G.   S    Kello-
way and  family,  Calgary;   J.  P.  Gal-
vin   and   family.   New   Westminster;
Wm. D. Hazzard. New Westminster;
Mr, and    Mrs.  w. N.  Draper,    New
Westminster;    Rev.   E.   H    Coldwell;
Mr. Trezlse, Bellingham; Mr and Mrs.
Campbell.  Kitsilano;   Miss  Kane  and
Miss O. Kane. Vancouver; T. B. Lambert, Vancouver.
.     if  tin.  do  not   fall  to  g.-l "my  f^tlmnti'.
and   Mrs. \ My   work   speaks   for   itnelf.      Look   over 1
mm. of the houses I have built here. Good 1
work   guamnt'-ed   on   Summer     Cottages.-!
Bungalows  or   larger   residences.
J. Hetherington E. E
PURE      FRESH      MILK      DELIVER!"!)
BOWERS,   Dairyman
��� hip
your  Goods   fn   care  of
White  Rock.
will deliver io y,��ur house or <
Bonable  rates  without   further
Spend your vacation at White Rock.
Semiahmoo Hay, B. C.    You will find ,
.,  une sandy beach.
A floating pier and boat house.
Boat   house   and   bathers'   dressing
Safe bathing tor children and adults
Pure drinking water.
Fresh milk  delivered  daily.
Comfortable family hotel.
Daily mail and post office.
Four stores.
Meat  market.
Five up and five down trains daily.
Public telephone and telegraph service.
A  commodious railway  depot.
A   school   and   resident   ciefgytilnh.
Beaut ful  summer homes.
Resident carpenters, painters, teani-
Painting &
House and Sign Painter.
Campers' Supply
Opposite   White   Rook   Hotel
Ice Cream Parlor in Connection.
Beats, Dressing
Rooms, Swimming
Costumes for hire.
Plumbing and Heating
Gutter  Work,
Pumps, etc.
a   Specially.
Septic  Tanks
For a Refreshing. Invigorating Drink
| Neil-alcoholic--Mil*!
-L-lm- 4-._
from Mall and Heps
.orters of  White Bock are to  Bters.  plumbers, etc.
neer    _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
hi  sr -i  enjoying  themselves  In  the.
Mrs.   H.  T   Kirk  and   family.  Mrs. '
J.  D   Taylor and  family.  Mrs.  Watson, Oeorge anil  Mrs.  Blakeley, Capt.
Meyers   and   family.   Mrs.   Montgom-
Mrs.   llelyea,   Mrs.   Travers  and
.   Mr��.  T.   Ball  and  sister.   Mrs.
dwellings   and   outbuildings
��� Int-tIv In a class  by thems-'lv,
Davles,   Mrs.   and   Miss
Wilkinson   and   family,
all   of
Magnificent  scenery.
Mountain, river, Island, ocean.
A shingle, mill.
A lumber mill.
Government   buildings
Kpec'al  railway  fares
Stiecial   business  men's  train.
All trains from all points on G N.
It. Pacific Const line, stop at White
Hock, Semiahmoo Bay. B. C,
Old Country m Westminster brewery
Boot Store
ColumMa Street. New Westminster.
O-eod-wearmg   (foots  and   Shoes  at   most
r,*il-*inal>|e prices.
Th'- NorttmrrJuroi Heels from llt.Sfi
The l",-k Boot   *!.."'  II "
itesi  Canadian  bt"- strong   Boots. .|t.00
J. STEWAlW, Proprietor,
rsrjr Baturday evening at s :30 to 10 :30
in the Recreation Hall,
Spend Your Vacation at WHITE ROCK
The Beach, Surroundings, Water Supply and Train Service Are Unexcelled by any Resort in B. C.
i. . ������*������������
There are summer cottages, white canvas camps or the 50-room White Rock
hotel to choose from. Water is piped from artesian wells and springs, milk delivered fresh from the ranch, stores, restaurant, telephone, daily mail, etc.,^are aU
there to provide for your wants and the bathing, boating and miles of sandy beach
cannot be surpassed anywhere in British Columbia.
New Wesiminster.
������>���'..: * ---.*<'
Resident Manager.
M^Mttr~  -<-
*���*!-,<. ..j. n--.- .:���     :*j.*.*g :
m*. FAQB.  E30HT
FRIDAY,  JULY  2S,   191J.
Remember the Place���
33 Eighth Street
and the telephone No. 2
Summer Beverages Cut In Halt
All  Cash  Prices.
Rose's Lime Juice, regular
50c, today 35c.
Hose's Lime Juice Cordial, regular BOc, today 36c.
Smith's  Crapo Juice,  regular
25c, today 20c.
Lemonade Powder, Kfflel
Tower Brand, regular 25c, today 15c.
Lemon Kali, regular toe,, today 20c.
Cliquot Club Ginger Ale, Root
Heer and Sarsaparllla, regular
20c, today 3 for 50c, or $1.80
per dozen.
Plysac, 2 for 5c.
Viper Fly Coils, each 5c, 6
for 25c
Pyramid Fly Catchers, each
5c, 6 for 25c.
Sticky Fly Paper, 2 sheets
for 10c
Plums,  regular 60c.  basket.
today   ��� 50c
Apricots, preserving, crate.$1.25
Peaches, 2 lbs 25c
Crate $2.25.
Pears,   2   lbs. 25c
Watermelons from   ,45c to 80c
Canteloupes,  each    15c
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIOGS
has no terrors for the
man who is regularly
saving money.
He   realizes   that he
has money working for
him.    When   deposited
with our savings depart
ment it is earning Four
Per Cent., which interest is being compounded quarterly, but best of
all, he has developed the
best of habits,   that   of
saving.    He   has   that
contented, self-satisfied,
self-reliant   feeling   so
necessary to success in
this world.
If you are not already
a depositor, call today
and open an account.
$1.00 is enough to start.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
I'ald-I'p Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships under Administration, over $6,000,000.
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., In thli
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 centi per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their Instructions are positive.
Building permits took another boost
yesterday when Dr. Emery C, Jones
took out a permit for a $5000 residence to be built on Sixth avenue. It
will be of eight rooms with a concrete basement.
Mosqullo insurance, Anti-Buzz, 25c.
Hill's drug store. 077a)
I). S. Curtis, L. B. Lusby, J. R. Duncan, together wltll the members of the
executive, will represent the board of
trade at thc merchants' picnic next
Get It at the Hoyal Pharmacy, 47
Sixth street.    Tel. 1253. (1673)
Three drunks were disposed of In
the police court yesterday. Ono was
ordered to clear the city In two hours
and  Ihe others lined  $2.50 and costs.
lco cream grotlo, Eighth Street
bakery, telephone 281. A. Hardman,
proprietor. (1670)
The annual picnic of the Vancouver
Salvation Army was held yesterday at
Queens park. The army band was In
attendance and gave a concert in the
afternoon and evening. Special care
were chartered.
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. 1672)
A meeting of the Y. W. C. A. will
be held in the building on Monday-
next at 3 o'clock Io make final arrangements for the luncheon to bo
served at the merchants' picnic July
30. All ladlCB interested and friends
of the association are requested to
attend the meeting.
Money to loan on llrst mortgages,
improved city and farm property.
9 per cent.   Alfred W. MeLeod. (1671)
An interurban car of the B. C. E. R.
went out of commission near Highland Park yesterday morning and the
passengers had to be transferred to
another car, taking them into Vancouver 30 minutes late.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
New WeBtmlnster    and    Vancouver
I Liberals, with those from other territories,   will   gather   at   Central  Park
Ion Saturday fur   the   annual    picnic.
1 Prominent speakers have promised to
be present, while a full program    of
sporls,   musical   selections  by  a  band
and  the   Welsh   choir,  ol   Vancouver,
and  a  big  dance  In   the agricultural
I hall have ulso been arranged for.
For pressed brick, Are clay, common brick, cement, Ilrae, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
lo the I). C. Transport Co., Ltd. Office
phone 8-26, wharf phone 880.      (1674)
Reliable reports state that not in
many years has the hay crop of the
farms tributary to this city been of
the quality and quantity it is this I
season, and If the present ideal haying weather continues ihe barns
should be full lu the eaves. Cutting
's now well advanced and the crop
half hauled.
We make awnings, tents and sails,
renovate curpcts and draperies, remake and repollsh furniture, manu
facture cedar dress and waist boxes
window seats and do all kinds of
upholstery work in leather or tapes
try. We are the largest makers of
window shades, draperies and interior hangings. Estimates given.
Lees Limited. (16610
Prisoner���No; No; If he net trouble
direct   through     to    Kdmonds,   commencing this morning.
While thc pavement is yet in an uncompleted state, the cement work
around the tracts has been finished
to aueh a stage bb to allow tiie resumption of the car service.
Next Wednesday the 1). C. B. R.
will be put to a test on Interurban
service, lu tact every car will be,
pressed into operation to take care of
the expected traffic. The Merchants'
picnic at Queen's Park is expected to
bring over a crowd from Vancouver
of between five and six thousand, together with hundreds from the Fraser valley and olher points tapped by
the company. Added to this is the
fact that the bluejackets of the New
Zealand battleship, which will be in
Vancouver harbor at that time, will be
the guests of the .Minoru race track
at Lulu Island, which with the ordinary crowd will mean the addition or
many more cars on that line.
(growth   of   Denominations.
That the Roman Catholic Church
in the last ten years has made tlie
largest percentage of increases as compared with other denominations is indicated in limites just issued by the
Census Department. Their percentage
uf growth was 3-2.K3; Anglicans 19.70;
Presbyterians 14.87. and Methodists
H 88
Roman Catholics are now 41.43 per
cent, of the total population; Anglicans 13.35 per cent; Methodists 17.11
per cent; Presbyterians 15.U4 per
cent., and  Baptist.-, 3.0:2 per cent.
The totals o: tin- principal denominations are as follows. Anglicans,
1H43,()17; Baptists. 381,068; Congregationalism, 34,054; .lews. '293.804; Methodists, 1,079,892; Presbyterians, 1.115.-
,-{���24* Catholics, 2,833,041; Unitarians,
3,224; Salvation Army, 18,834; Doukhobors, 10.493; Evangelicals, 10.595.
In the ten years the Catholic population increased by 603,840; Anglicans,
381.524; Lutherans. 137.S10; Methodists. 103.006; Presbyterians, 27'2,8H2;
Baptists. 64.661; Greek Church, 72.877;
and Jews, 58.103.
The Court- You won't go and shoot
any more?
Prisoner   Only they (rouble me.  If
they  trouble me I  shoot them.
The Court    Why did you not go to n
afraid of.    If you are let  away  you
will  gej Into worse trouble than you
are flow. ''For the  sake of the  publlc and your own sake you had better
serve some time In  the penitentiary.
Your matter will be looked Into and If'
yourB  Is a  proper case  you  will  not
stay  there long, but  1  would  not  be j
doing my duty If I let you out in the j
frame of mind you are in now.    It is ,
the   purest,  accident,   a  mirage   that |
you did nut kill this man.    Yifa deliberately  and  repeatedly   fired/at  him]
Prisoner   I no want  to kill him.
The Court    I  am  afraid  tb let  you
out.     You   will  simply   kill   him  this
time, If you had given an understand- ,
Ing to keep the peace I  could accept.
I  might be justified but I don't think
I am In the circumstances.    That being bo, I sentence you to two years In
the penitentiary.
"I shall report your case to the department and they will take whatever
steps Ihey may think fit It may be
that you wlll, lhere, come to a better
rrame of mind. I must protect the
public and yourself."
Brownlee  Freed.
William Brownlee said;  "All I lnne
to  say   Is  that  I  did  damage  to  the
man, but it was not my fault     I was
brought   into  it."
Adam S. Johnston drew attention to
the strung recommendation to leniency by the jury, Ihe strong provocation Brownlee had received, his excellent character and that he had
been In prison for over two months
and the destitute condition of his
wife and children If he were Imprisoned.
The Court ��� It is very seldom
Brownlee that a man charged with a
crime has had the advantage of having as good a character reported of
him as you have had in your trial.
Some of the most respectable citizens In Coqultlam, all old timers
there, came forward and most em
phatlcally testified to your previous
excellent character. In addition tu
that the Jury found you guilty only on
the second county and strongly recommended you to mercy. Taking
everything Into considera'lon, and
especially your wife and children, who
are the people really punished. I will
let you out on suspended sentence. ,
do nol overlook the strong . i *f
your counsel  in  the conduct  of  your
FROM  8  O'CLOCK   TILL  5:30.
1674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
See Our Ad. on Page 3
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
White Rock
"The Playground   of B.C."
WHITE, SHiLES&Co.,Official Agents
White Rock Hotel
Under new management; $2.00 per
day. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. W. MORRIS,
Stevenson on Invalidism.
Itobeit Louis Stevenson, himself the
most  heroic  of Invalids,   would   bave I defence,
agreed  with  Sir George  Bird wood  In 1    The other prisoners  werf
his contempt  for the  valetudinarian. \<*  without comment.	
"To forego all the issues of living In s |
parlor with a regulated temperature,"  -tt :": :"; :": :": # w :'-: tt -'': �� :"
be writes, "as If that were not to die ,'"'
a   hundred   times  over,  and   for   ten
years nt a stretch!    As lf It were not
to die In one's own lifetime, and with
out even the sad Immunities of death',
As If it were not to die, ond yet \rc
patient spectators of our own pitiable
change!   The permanent possibility Is
preserved, but the sensations carefully
beld nt arm's length, as If one kept u
photographic plate ln a dark chamber
*t Is better to lose health like a spend-
Thrift thnn to waste tt like a miser
!t Is better to live and be done with
:t than to die dally In tbe sickroom."���
ooudon Chronicle.
Jim Jeffries knocked oul Hob
Kitzslmmons in Ihe eighth
round at San Francisco. Jeff
hod copped the crown from
Bob's bald bean In 1899. Many
admirers of Fltz thought, he
still had a chance with the California grizzly, and a big crowd
of fans gathered to see the
fight, which drew gate receipts
of 181,800. After losing to JefT,
Kitzslmmons had knocked out
Ous Ruhlin and Tom Sharkey,
and in the Interval between hip
two fights with Kit/., Jeffries had
knocked out Jim Corbett and
defeated Kiihlin and others. Hob
showed class In the early rounds
bin be didn't stand a chance j
with  Jeff.
J ie Jeanette knocked ont Al
Kuniak in thc third round ut
New   York
Jack Dillon defeated (ieorge
Chip lu ten rounds at Indianapolis.
���Mt0MUNOe.OSI.tll  M.P . PRtSlOlHT.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up $5,000,000
Ro.tr.. Fund      .... $6,000,000
ToUIA-M.li $76,000,000
Don't Risk Losing Your Money
by csrrylne II with you. or hldin-g It tt home. Fire or '��*>b*rY
���may wipe out the jnvings ol a lifetime In a lew moments. Let Tha
Dominion Bank Uke care ol thern. Il costs you nothing lor this
protection���In Uct. your money will etrn interest 11 deposited la
the Savings Department.
iContinued from page ono)
The summer assize court, under the
misnomer of the spring assize court,
concluded its work yesterday with the
traversing of Dean's case and the
sentencing of the convicted prisoners.
it was noted for the many traverses,
lengthy trials unci appeals, Yel ol
the cases actuallj tried, convictions
wire secured In all. The appeals may
upsel three ol the convictions obtained, if thc contention that the juries
Bitting Blnce July 1 are held by the
courl to have been illegally em-
Mail carriers of
-i- r posl office are
vacation   under  thi
wlui ii allow  them
the New Westmin-
��� imw   I,iking their
new  regulations
till"*   lull   weeks
leave, with pay, instead of two weeks
leave and a bonus, as uus formerly
he casi I'ostmaster MacDonald says
the mi n like the new arrangement
much bi iter Thej are taking their
holidays two al .i tun. the lirst
pair went ofl duty n month ago and
u will be October before all have
!��cii ofl fur three weeks eAh. Some
employees engaged In inside work at
'I"* posl "Hi. i* are also imw* n*w
their vacation,
on ,
The Rexall
always the lending store in
every city. We can save you
money on your next pair of
Glasses.   Try
Curtis Drug Store
Entries fur the lust annual flower
I show to be beld In Burnab) un August
15 and 16 under the auspices of the
Burnaby Horticultural society are
now beginning io arrive In quick order
and trom preseni Indications the sue-
cess of tin  af! s assured,
The show will be held on the muni-
clpal linll grounds al BdmondB. The
grass has been cut, shrubs and flow-
I ers have bei n planted and the railings Burroundlng  lhe grounds    have
j been treated to a new cum of paint
Entries for   tin* garden   competition,
j which embraci s the whole or the
in ii n ic i pul 11.\ and which Is planned to
be on.- ur the leading features or the
show will close on Thursday, July 31,
while nil other entries close on
August 9,
The ladies connected with the Bur-
.naby branch ui  the  Victorian order
|or .Nurses will have charge or all Ihe
refreshment stands, while a musical
I program  will be given inch evening
.of the  show. ���
and SEEDS,
Phone 43;  L. D. 71;  Re��. 72.
New Westminster, B. C.       J&.
Twelfth Street Cart Start Running to
Alter  having  beei
several   months,   du
contractors inking possession of th
unite   justified   In   imposing   the   lull
penalty  Ol   the  law,  that   you  be sent
to the penitentiary for a term Of nine
yenrs,  less  '.he  19  months  you  have i
been   incarcerated   already.
Referring to Sir Charles' argument
against conviction and punishment, his ]
lordship said it might well be that his ���
efforts along  that  line  might be entirely  successful.     He hoped   prisoner ;
would   remember  this  day.
Prisoner���1    certainly    will,    your |
After the court had cleared the prisoners were conveyed to the peniten-
tiary by two motor cars. Macnamara seated in one, was a marked
contrast to the others aB he shook
hands with his disengaged hand.
Handsome, well dressed and debon-
naire, then' was a strong reeling of
sympathy for him manifest in the
lt Is understood that a writ ot
habeas corpus will be immediately applied Ior and Macnamara's counsel If
confident that bis release will be ef-
rected at no very distant date.
Heavy on the Shoot.
l'e er   Ilelargo,  a   native  of   Manila
but for many years a settler at Stave
lake, convicted or attempting to minder Norton Carter, ". logger, by shoo!
Ing  at  him   from   a  bout.  Inst   Janu
ary, gave  rise to an  interesting dialogue between prisoner and tlle court
It displayed the remarkably unsophisticated  mind  id  Ilelargo,  wh ise com
mand   or   Kngllsli   is   poor      Ile   Inn!
been undefended al the trial and without   the   aid   ot   an   interpreter,   bul
as   the   facts  were   admitted,   no   injustice was done hlm
In answer lo liis lordship's usual
query whether he had anything tr
say agalnsl sentence or otherwise
Peter gave forth a torrent of words
rrom which with difficulty it was gathered that he had shot al Carter be-
cause he had stolen his timber.
Tlle Court Whydiil you not go to a
lawyer or  the  magistrate?
Ilelargo was understood lo say that
he had done so, but the cost was beyond hlm $160 and witnesses at $11 n
day were sentences thnt were only
intelligible by Inference.   His lordship
gave It up and asked Ilelargo how he
loll about the man now.
Ilelargo    lie cut .ill my timber.
The Court    Vou tried  to kill hlm.
Prisoner   I  not want lo kill him.
The Court Suppose you go h-oiir*
and he cuts yuur timber again whal
will you do,
Prisoner I Will have to do something to defend my living.
His lordship ordered the prisoner
to bn brought close to the bench and
further addressed him.
CJuolh the court: If yuu had killed
him you understand what yould happen. It was an accident you did not
kill him. j would like to let you out.
hut down tori] don't wanl to send yon to the penl-
the paving lentlnry but suppose you go and
shoot  at  this man again you see the
road, the Sapperton cars will now run   position?
At thiB morning's city market It is probable that.
Raspberries will be very
plentiful and will Bell at 10
cents a box or three boxes for
25 cents.
Few strawberries will be
obtainable and the price will
be two boxes for J.r�� cents.
New potatoes will be offered
in quantity ut $1.60 per bag,
and old potatoes will be scarce.
Although no rise in eng
prices may be noted, Ihe demand will be stronger. Today's
price will be .17 cents a dozen
or two dozen for 75 cents, and
the consumer may be prepared
to pay more before many
The usual offerings of fowl
will be on the market.
Butter will be sold at 35
cents per pound.
All small fruits will be obtainable at these pries; lute
cherries from 12 lo 15 cents;
red currants, x to lu cents;
black currants lu to 12 cents.
and gooseberries 8 to lu cents
per pound.
Meat and flsh will s. II al Hi
usual quotations.
to Pitt Lake
Sunday, July 27
Will  Leave
B. Ci Electric Ry Wharf
10  a.m.   Sunday.
Further   information   inquire
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co.. Ltd.
Pack in your bathing suits and a
well lllled hamper and spend a day at
Maple Iieach. lloundary Hay. Plenty
ot free picnic places on the sand
beach or under the wonderful spread
ing maples. Lovely spring water.
Take the River road to i.adner and
the (ioudy road south.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
Red Currants   2 lbs. for
I'lums,  Pears and  Peaches 2 lbs.
i Tomatoes, per lb	
Muskmellons   2 for
Lime and drape Juices, per bottle
Bamianas,  per  dozen   	
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
(Successor to Ayling &.
447 Columbia St.
Phone 98.
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Westmlnstel  with  Boulevard  Dowr
the Centre.
Illtullthlc Is noiseless. non-Bllppery, practically dustless, easy on
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. Kor ihese reasons
Ilitiillthic Ib commended highly by owners of automobiles and burses,
householders, ana cily officials, lt has been adopted by flrtee.ii cities
in Canada, and over two hundred lu the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone 8��ymour 7130.        T14 717  Dominion Trun Building, Vancouver.
Phone 164 L.
9C3 Columbia St.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.1
Palace  Market, Columbia St., Phones
1200,  1201,  1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1234.
Eighth   8t.  Market,   Phone   1205.
Edmonds  Market,  Phone   LS83.
_ |
Suits to your;
order and satisfaction.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,   New   Westminster.
Singer   Sewing   Machine..     Si-nan   Muilcal  Goods ol  all   Kind..   PHONE  894.
W, C. A.        I'hone 1324.   Hiflh   Cla"
Residence Y.
Ladies   and
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
401    Columbia   St.
Take advantage of the Hub:ness Man's Train and make your
home at Crescent Ileach (Blackie Spit) for tho summer months.
Train leaves at 5:30 p.m. dally, on and aftur June IB, returning in
the  morning  In  time  for business.    Crescent    Beach    affords    ideal
conditions for Rummer homes, combining Ihe  best  of  bathing,   boat
lng at all stages of the tide together with  fine beach.    Artesian v.ell
water to all residents.    Let us show you thiB properly.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1B01.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employer*'
Marine  Insurance.
Liability,  Automobile  and
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
and  every   15  minutes  until   !>
p.m.    Half hourly Bervlce until
11  p.m.  with  late car at midnight.
SATURDAYS���15    inliuite   ser
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���E and 5.45 a in.
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS-6. 7, 7.30 8 and
8.30 and every. 15 mlnutea until
11 p.m. with lute car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
in.,  witb  late car at  11.30.
a.m. anil 4.30 p.m. ��
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and    hourly
until 10 p.m. with lato car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and every
Iniro until 11 p.m.
Connection  Is  made at    Kb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
C.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.


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