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The New Westminster News Mar 28, 1913

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New Westminster.
What attractions does New Westminster offer InduBtrlesT   Trackage
and  waterfront sites, rullways and
ocean  transportation.
Weather Today.
New     Westminster    and     Lower
Mainland:     Wind*  mostly  easterly
and southerly;  unsettled with rain;
| temperature unchanged.
8 -a
VOLUME 8, NUMB     g.   B
i * ��
S r\
ii ���>���
Successful Carnival in Aid
Royal Columbian Hospital Is Over.
Grand   Ball  Prov**  Fitting  Climax���
Many Attended Lut Evening���
Financial Success.
With a fitting climax In the nature
of a grand ball which did not terminate until a late hour, the Klrmess, one
of thu grandest and most brilliant
events of Its kind ever held  In    the
city of New Westminster, came to a
conclusion last evening a success
financially und lu every other respect.
lji.it evening's portion of the affair
could not have proved of a more enjoyable nal urn for the large throng
that attended. Tho various numbers
on the program wero produced In B
most admirable manner nnd left nothing whatever to be desired as far as
excellence was concerned.
Wllh lhe conclusion of the event It
Is gratifying to note that financially
the result was all that could be de-
aired and the members of the Ladles'
Auxiliary are most grateful to those
who helped provide the entertainment
and to lhe public, without whoBe generous Support such a successful Bhowlng could not have been mnde.
The exact returns from the nllalr
were not available, but It is certain
the net receipts will go n considerable
rilsiance towards providing the new
hospital wllh linen, which waa the
main  object of the affair.
Those who took part In the various
events on the program are deserving
of the highest prnlBo.
Voting  Contest.
The result of tho voting contest
Which follows guagos In a measure
the popularity of the various events:
Yamma Yammas, 532; Hose Ballet,
-tCi; Pretty Maiden, 397; Hoc-Down,
191; Danse Mllltalre, 153; Carnicna.
24; I,a Belie l'etitte, 14; Merry
Jockies.  18,
Of course it must he understood
tha' th" various members of each
number canvassed votes for themselves ai"l naturally those who were
strongest had the best chance of winning the competition. In the Instance
o( l,a Belle l'etitte, who danced alone
nnd in a manner that brought her
much praise, It was a case of one person competing with a dozen working
towards one end for votes. Therefore
(Continued e*\ Page Flve.I
Two Holidays Hay* Aff*ct on Total���
New  Westminster   Report
Toronto. March 27.   Tho
bank  clouiings for  the   week  ending
Match 27, as
compared with tho cor-
responding   w
eck of ID 12, are a* foi
Montreal  ...
..���',17.500.170 ���44,071,-43:!
Toronto  ....
..   2S,S507.SK
Winnipeg   ..
..   1K.27S.U76
Vancouver ..
..    0.1U4.:iKS
..    2,101,275
Edmonton  ..
..    3,118.272
Victoria  . ..
..    3.760,9-81
Hamilton ...
..    2,472,713
Quebec   ..    .
..    2,044.461
Saskatoon  ..
..     1,407,843
Regina ... .
...     1,818,240
Hal,fax  ....
..    1,M8,<99
London   ..   .
..     1,340,109
Moose Jaw  .
Ft.   William
Brantford   ..
Brandon ..   .
-I H -
Total ���117,435,051 ���141.673,51-1
Four days  only,  flood  Friday  and
Easter Monday holidays.
Canada  Will  Control  Japanese  Immigration Similar to Proviso Taken
by United State*.
Ottawa, Marcil 27.���An important
provision In tlie new Japanese treaty
will cunt roi for Canada the domination over Immigration from Japan that
was lacking In the previous agreement   II reads as follows:
"Nothing in said treaty or In this
nct shall be deemed to repeal or affect any of the provisions of the Immigration net." ���
Premier Borden placed this resolution on the order paper yesterday,
Negotiations have taken place during last year between the government
of Japan and the government of Canada as a result of which the Japanese
government has agreed that Canada
may thus accede to the new treaty.
It  Is thus made absolutely clear that
control of Immigration from Japan to
Canada shall be, as It ought to be,
In control of the government and pur
Lament of Canada,
The safeguard thus afforded Is In
line with tlie action taken by lhe United States government In assenting to
a similar proviso to a recent treaty
between the government of Japan and
the government of the United States
May   Appoint   Constable   and   Deputy
Mining   Recorder  at  Scene  of
Latest Gold Strike.
Victoria, Maroh 27. Dr. H. K. Young
provincial secretary, haa Just returned
' from the Bcetio of the reported gold
strike on Atlin creek at the head ot
Teslin lake. On the way dowu he
opened the new general hospital at
I'rlnce Kupert:
"I am thinking of lending a provincial constable in there iu the near
future to hold the position as constable and deputy mining recorder,"
,said Dr. Young tills mornlug. "At
present John Pilling, at Telegraph
Creek, is deputy mining recorder, but
I believe that It will be better if we
1 have a man on the ground.
"Ot course, one cannot as yot say
whether the new cainp will prove a
valuable producer, but by the time
those on the ground, about 400 men
have done their work we will know
the situation exactly. 1 did not decide, as it was lirst reported I would,
to appoint B recorder there. I think
that the appointment of a provincial
constable to such a position will an
swer ull present needs."
lie wan of the opinion Ihnt the new
trail which would be built from Atlin.
lhe proposed disbursement fer which
was included in the estimates, will
reduce tlie distance by GO miles. It
would also serve another new field iu
which quite a valuable strike had
been made that on O'Donnell river.
The doctor further staled that in all
his experience of Atlin he had never
seen II so prosperous as it Is today.
and all of Dayton not ln the central
flood district waited lu dread for the
nightly fires which have added bur
rorB to the already terrible situation.
No fires have been seen In Ibu ecu
tral district since noon, but the knowledge that thousands uf persons aro
trapped on upper floors of tbe build
todiuy ou orders from the prosldent to
survoy thu situation in Ohio and
direct the government's relief ex-
pendulous, aud Mr. Wilson announced
that If communication with the flood
districts continued imperfect and the
prosence of the chief executive w��s
required   to  lisuo   emergency   execu-
Rcvlsad estimate* of the loss In Dayton, received latt night, glv* ground
for hep* that the dead In all sect I one
affected by th* flood will not exceed
2000 and may go below that figure.
Daring Investigator* who penetrated
th* flooded section*, revealed hundred* of person* saf* who It wa* feared
war* lost.
Unles* swelled by th* death list In
th* foreign settlement on th* north
side, a* yet unreached, there may not
be mor* than 200 d*ad In th* whole
In   other   point*  than   Dayton   the
death Hat grew rapidly yesterday and | sufferers.     Compauy   V  of  the  Ohio
last night. National Guard from Eton, O., is pa-���  , . ,    ,,,  ������,.,   ,    , , ,,    ,,   ���     ,
Th.r. wis far heavier lo*. of life j trolling the streets of  West Uaytou.!pnt "r" badly BnecteU and tho tMk of
on th* weat sld* of Columbus, O., than  The local company la on duty In Day-!
was thought. One (itlmat* placed the  ton view and Adjutant General Wood I
number at mor* than SOO. ! wired Governor Cox asking that state!
Apparently  authentic  report* from ttroops either from Ohio or any nearby
Plqua indicate 20 dead. stated le rushed here.
Ot  Peru,  Ind., the  authorities e��tl-1 Scenes at   Morgues.
Pitiful scenes occurred at tiie temporary morgues. At the West Dayton
morgue frantic, crowds all day and tonight watched everybody brought In,
fiuring  It  might     hu    that of    soind
May Form Large Settlement on Newton Road, Surrey���Plan Erection
of Home*.
Tho vauguard cf a large body cf
Austrian immigrants who plan u
form a settlement on the Newton
road, Surrey, arrlvtd In thl�� city yes
. . ar - ��� ,   ���'   'P"i *-r**        ��W        .a***\**i        <illi ft'   ������*���./ 1  a'l.u
lags where thoy cannot    re    reached U^. ordBrili be w0U|a g0 to tho xoni)
adds to their terror tonight.   Tho wa- Lf Ule disaster himself,
tcrs In/all the Inundated districts fell     Tho enUr8 ���|tuatlon  wlll  be    can-
from three to five feet today and tho, vaB8ed by th��� Clll)lnct lomorrow.
current of the river aud creek have      pwtmMUr ognwal Burleson Is con-   ..-,  ,..,
slackened so that It Is possible, except, tH|np,atll)K a qu|ck lour���ey t0 ohlo ��� , terday In the persons of Messrs. Pel-
lu I be contre for small boats to reach | lhu nm��� B|Um,|0��� l9   not    improved jrak and Wagner,   (if rugged physique,
soon.    Mall routes acroBs tha contln- | Bood education and a fair knowledge
of English, Petrak and Wagner were
sent ahead or a large contingent ol
their couutrymcD to order material
for the erection of homes on tho pro
AsBlstanis are being ordered I Posed colony, which duty they were
flood    district    from    nearby (engaged In yesterday
mated the death list would reach at
least 150.
From Hamilton, O., 50 peraona were
reported drowned In the collapie of
an hotel where they had sought safety.
Twenty-five deaths were reported
from Troy, 0��� 30 In Mlddleton and five
In Masllon.
Deaths from the flood In Chilli
cothe wlll not exceed 25, according to
latact advices. Early advices were
that from 200 to 500 live* had been
disentangling the mall service to
points lu Ohio and In Indiana untouched    by    floods   has roached   a
lo  the
The navy department Issued orders
to Its recruiting stations ln the central
loved one. Woinen'beoa'me hysterical 'we9t t0 B,n,a nulr���"",,��� Physicians and
while searching for missing members i officers trained in rescue work to cool their families whom they had rail- operate with the army medica staffs,
ed to lind at tiie relief stations. In Powerboats and skiffs were dispatch-
addition to refuge homes the author!- M fr0,n ,mval stations on the Great
ties in each section are maintaining  '-a'109-
au   Identification   bureau   where    all     Secretary McAdoo, of the treasury
cared    for    ure' department.    Bent    Surgeon
cities and stamps and supplies    are I    On being interviewed by The News
fading rushed to placeB that have lost Uney described    conditions   ln   their
their atcck In the floods. country as almost unbearable at   the
Waive  Customs  Duties present time    As an instance of this,
great difficulty   was  experienced    In
getting out of the country, It being
one of the late regulations that citizens under GO years of age are prohibited from leaving.
It Is assured that practically a
whole community of friends of these
men will come lo the Kraser valley
just as soon aB they can succeed ln
getting away. CurtlB & Dorgan are
acting as agents  for the placing of
Sapperton Can to Be Run
Through to Edmonds���
Good Service.
Queen* Parte Bait Lin* Via Columbia
8tr**t���Sixth Street Lin* to High-
Und Parte Unchanged.
| Montreal.
A report from Linton, Ind., gave 161 Persons  rescued or    ^.^    ,u.    -*,-        .  ,,        ,     ,   ,    a,���,���a    *���mi* , ��-"�������   ���*���>���*
personi   drowned   at   Howe.vllle,   25; registered. B����f.��>    ����'��    ����������*��� i^SVJSKta tte  8eUler9   in   conneetlo��   wlth   Mr' I
mile* south of TerreHaute. The food situation which threatened !h"allh *<***���--���'��� "> ��e flood districts ; H Hodek, an  Austrian by  birth.
There were 10 deaths In Sharon, Pa, to b3Conie Borious  wan relieved tern*, a!"> F'aced at the disposal of the gov-   wh(J ho,d|J g f^ggu-)**,*** position with
Estimates are that 70,000 persons I porarily by the arrival of a special <niora of Ohio and Indiana all united the Q p R wlth headquartcrs fn
were marooned In Dayton's flooded train from Richmond, Ind., bringing' StuteB life saving stations in those
dlatrlct where 15,000 homes have been i seven cara of provisions. Quarter- ��� s^"?8* Secretary McAdoo alao waived
submerged. Rescue stations are pro-1 master Logan received word tonight ;e��8toms regulations so that reliefs up-
vlding for 5000 homeless. The prop, from United States Army Quarter-'. l,ll,>s could enler free trom Canada.
erty damage In th* city is figured at, master Eleshlre that 300,000 rat'ons j wlth Secretary -Garrison w_ent
*25,000,000. | had  been  ordered  shipped here from , Major Ceneral Wood, chief cf staff o!
Rumors that the Grand reservoir ' Chicago, 100 ranges and va complete ! the United States army, Quarter-
near St. Mary's, 0��� had broken proved depot from Columbus. Ohio, 3300 tents .master Oeneral Alcsh're and a stair
false. Similar reports about the Lewis-' 100 hospital tents and 400 stoves from of officers, physicians, surgeons and
town reservoir likewise were found to Philadelphia nnd 3000 blankets nnii a "ignol oorps dntachment.
be untrue. Threatened breaks In both , SOU bedsaeks from St. Louis or Cln-' More signal corps men were to be
were repaired and reports to Gover-1 c.nnail Quartermaster Logan is au- Iplcked up at Columbus barracks. ,' alt -
nor Ccx at Columbus last night Indl thorizod to purchase in open market , ing up a complete held party, equlv
cated   that  the   danger    from     these  all rations needed.
scurcea waa paat. Fearful   Pestilence.
National  Bank   Burning. Hourly apprehension Is growing re-
Uct   Dayton.  O.,   March   M-���TJe]garfUng the appalling sights that the
rcci ding   waters   will    reveal.    It    is
nearly   certain  that  bodies  of    many
First  National  hank  building  in  cc^i- i
j tral Dayton is burning.   The. flood waters have receded eo far that firemen
with  an engine succeeded   in getting
I across  and  all   persons   who  w-IbIi   to
leave are  being    lirought    out.    The
! Third street bridge over the Dig Miami
���river In safe nnd  It appears tha,   by
daylight the militia now guarding the
I district will know   the  full extent of
[the    disaster    there.    Many    persons
'there ton'ght refused to leavo, believing they could better secure food anil
I clothing thiro than in other parts of
j Dayton.
The  police  and   mllltla  report   that
! looters are working In the central dis-
] trlct.    All persons not able to give a
I satisfactory  explanation  of their ac-
] tions are being arrested.    Persistent
but   unconfirmed   rumors   tell   of   the
; looters being  ihot.    The  wildest  ru-
1 mors   nre   in   circulation   and   serious
trouble Is expected at any moment.
Retrieve Bodies.
After a day of gruelling work volun
| tfer rescuers-bave removed more than
half a hundred bodies  from the waters cf the Croat Miami river and Wolf
i creek, raved  upward  of BOO who for
! two days have heen clinging to roofs
; or living In upper st.Ties.    With the
coming   cf   nightfall,   the   efforts   to
j rescue  more  persons   waa  slackened
caught  in  the first rush of thc
will   be   found.     Pestilence   is   feared
and  already sanitary  aud health official*' arc mapping    out    their    work.
Sewers tf the entire city  were burst
by  the    flood,     lh"  manholea    being
simply blown from the earth,    ll will
be  many  days before  the  water ser
vice  can  be  restored,  and   it   will be
mcre than a week before street
companies can operate .T'octrlc light
may  not   be known  in  Dayton  again
for at least  ten days.
It Is Impossible to learn the names
of the dead. Those bodies recovered
ure bilng taken to temporary
morgues, churches and private homes
so that nn accurate count ot the
bodies ls Impossible,
Relief  for   differing.
Washington, March 27.���President
Wilson threw open today the re-
"onrcs (if Jhe federal government to
the homeless thousands lighting
against water, flame and famine   in
ped with wireless telegraph and fl"ld
apparatus, flags and lights so that
communication mny he opened
through the Isolated districts.
P. P. Claxton. United States .om-
inisslomr ol education. Issued ar an-
. ll(j|peal to the teachers and school offi-
'cers throughout tho country to receive
contributions and Bend them to Pr
William M. Davidson, superintendent
of schools, at  Washington.
Manv  Marooned Saved.
Dayton,   O..   March   27 ���All   but
Delegates   from   Britain   and   Canada
Wlll   Meet  Americana  in   New
York���Treaty of Ghent.
Ottawa. Marcil 28.���Arrangements
have been made whereby an unofficial
international conference will be held
from May 5 to May 9 in New Ycrk
for the purpose of discussing Ihe best
method of conducting the celebration
the  centenary   of  the   signing    of
Following tke announcement made
a few days ago regarding the proposed change of tbe city car lines ot
the 11. C. K. R. making two loop liuea
ot the Sixth atreet and City lines the
oBidalu of the company have come
to the conclusion that a still better
solution of the transportation problem
U possible, that ot running the Sapperton cars right through to Edmonds
via Twelfth atreet.
This service will commence on the
morning of April t, the cars leaving
the Sapperton terminus at Urihl
street on the hoar making a 15 minute
service aa far as Tenth avenue, at
which point paving operations on
Kingsway, llurnaby, have compelled
the company to close the Twelfth
atreet line tor the present time.
In an Interview with Superintendent
W. H. Bison, ot the B. C. K. It, The
News waa Informed that the change
was being made lu order to relieve
the the congestion at the Columbia
street depot, a* the Sapperton-Ed-
monds cars will stop to pick up passengers only and thua leave the tracks
clear for the other cars running over
d.n'eriiiil routes.
Just cue belt line will be operated,
that around Queens park, a seven and
a half minute service being maintained on Sixth Btreet as tar as Fourth
The present city line from Eighth
street to Highland ��� Park will remain
unaltered, a 15 minute service b-lnt?
rrmintatned. The belt line around thu
park route will necessitate some alterations at the corner of Fcurih
avenue and Sixth Btreet. a new cros3
over having been ordered to allow
the belt cara to make either one of
the double tracks laid on Sixth street.
The cut over at the corner of Eighth
nnd Columbia streets li expected    to
tew of those hundreds of persons who i the
Treaty cf (Ihent in tho winter otib�� In operation by April 14
have been marooned iu the downtown 11914-15
"'isectlon of flooded D-iyton since Tues- \ place  between
,,,,    day morning are snte.   This waB the | liritish commit
news brought out late today.
Chief of police J. N. Allaback, himself marooned, who has been directing
the rescue vvcrk. gave the first information as to the situation in what has
heretofore been the waterboutid district.
Except for possible less of life on
the north sid" of the river there wlll
not be more th-n 200 dead In Dayton
conference    will    take
delegations from    the
ttee, the American com-
I mittee and the Canadian  Peace Centenary    Association,    the     American
delegation    numbering    twelve,    the
British seven, and the Canadian committee,  which  was appointed at the
meeting of the general committee of.
the association which was held    last I
February,      numbering      four.      The
three committees will hold their first
meeting o:i  Monday.  iU:iy 5. and the
according  to   Altaback's  estimate  af- i discussion of buslnesB (.robably   w:ll 	
ter he had becn given information as (occupy   three   days.    The     Canadian
to the situation on the south side.      committee consists of the president of  Electrical Worker* Get Permission ta
The worst condition found near the / tilf, Canadian  Peace Centenary Asso-
cntro of the  flood   was  in  tlie work- 0|atlon,    Sir    Edmund    Walker,    Sir
New Bigns are being prepared bv
the company, tho Sapperton-Edmondi
design being in black and white,
similar to t!i09e on the Twelfth street
Hue at. tbe prestlnt time.
Ottawa, March 27.���The senate resumed its sitting today after the K.is-
ter holidays. Willi Ihe opening of the
sitting tributes of respect were paid
to th- memory of the. late Senator
McMullen by the lion. Mr. Lougheed,
Senator Dandurand and senator cio-
The following bills were rend n third
Respecting the Hudson Ray, Peace
iiiv, r and Pacific Railway Co; respecting lhe Alberta Interurban Railway
Co.; respecting the Brantford,& Ham
llton Electric Railway Co.; respecting
the Ottawa A Montreal Transportation Co.. A bill respecting the Hamilton Radial Railway Co, was read n
second time.
The ten.He concurred in reports
from the divorce committee, recom
mending thai divorces be granted to
May I.. Hugh, to Pierre Bt Aubln,
Archie Baustln, Harold M. Hampson,
Alexander Z, Gonler, Charles A. Flower nnd Otto C, Peterson.
Ohio and Indiana. More than (350,000 bouse where 60 prisoners have not had I AJaxander UtCOSte Mr. Truvcrs Lewis,
has already been expended and lhe |a drop of water nor a bite of food since I ^ (,' 0j Ottawa, and Mr. C. F. llnmil
president Is determined that no red Tuesday. The men revolted Tuesday j lcI1 "(.( Ottawa.'
'ape shall stand In the wav of in night and demanded tluir liberty and] T'll0 -gfmgjj committee will Include
s'ant roller everywhere. Secretary ; a chance to fight for their lives. Since j Uir(, 8haw of DunfllrT,llinG, one of the
Garrison of the war department    lef; j (Continued on Page Four.l | lorda cf ,hp judicial committee of the
  ���   - j -pri.-y   council;     Mr.  W.   M.  (I.  Glad-
'stone, M.P.. grandson cf W. E. Gladstone, and formerly attache at Washington; Sir William Mather, active
promoter of technical education, and
Mr. II. S. Perris, secretary of the
liritish  committee.
Organize���Previously Affiliated
With Vancouver.
Steady Drizzle of Sleet and
Rain Works Havoc���One
Vancouver,    March    27.���W.
I-\ Martin, a young bank clerk
��� lately in the employ of the lin-
��� perial    bank,   was   found   not
��� guilty nt  the I'.s'size court this
��� afternoon lifter a hearing which
��� had been in every  way sensa-
��� tlonal.
��� Martin    was    charged    with
��� conspiracy and theft from the
��� Imperial bunk.   He was arrest-
��� ed in Victoria on -Ian. 14 by De-
��� tectlve Heather of the Victoria
��� police.
Oefrauded     Railway     Company     but
Were Detected and Sentenced to
Nine Months.
Montreal, March 27. A case of interest to railway men was before the
courts here today when two employees
of tho C.P.R., Conductor A. Collins,
and J. A. llnlley, ticket clerk at Three
Hlvers, wero each sentenced to nine
months imprisonment for conslpracy
to defraud the company.
The gnmo was worked by the ticket
clerk hoarding the train after he had
sold tlckntB to passengers. After Conductor Collins had taken up the tickets
they were returned to the ticket clerk
without being punched and he caught
the first homewurd bound train anil
resold the tickets the same day.
The fraud wub soon discovered nnd
detection was followed by arrest and
Ojcda's   Soldiers   Evacuate   Nace.
Nogales. Ariz.. March 27.���Fighting
���vns renor'ed lale today south of Nace
between Ojcda's federal forces nnd
state troops victorious at Cananea ye*
'���I'dii''. On.da's 4nfl soldiers hnd
evacuated   Nace     The   500   federals
taken prisoners   at Cananea passed
through here  today  on  their way  to
Hi-nnnnlllo. the Sonrra state capital,
where their disposition    will be   decided.
Montreal.   March 87.���The most  destructive aleel storm to visit Montreal
' in a generation has been raging since
Wednesday night  and in the 40 odd
; hours during which it was at Its
it Indirectly caused (he lOSB o( one
in   this   olty,   di moralizing   Ihe   telegraph, telephone, power and light ser-
j i lei��. partially disorganized the tram-
1 way system, wrought incalculable damage  to  shade  treen   nnd  ornamental
shrubs In the city parks und residen- 	
tial  streets  and   created  a  condition
of  nlmost   Intolerable   discomfort   to  Delegation Walt* on J. D
A  steady  drizzle  of Elect and  fine
rain,   combined   with   a   temperature
j hovering   arrund   the   freezing   point.
j formed a heavy coating of Ice on tree
Startling Disclosures Made;, Lethbridge Alta., Maroh w.-The
" | labor convention held here today for
at Investigation in Van
i Lethbridge cily riding nominated
I John t). Joues. of Frank, vico-prosi-
jdent of District 18, United Mine
Workers of America.
Two   other   ir.cn   nominated*  were
i Clem Btubhs, Fernle, president of pis
.' trict 18, and William Simons, cf the
Electrical Workers, both withdrawing.
Lethbridge city Conservatives    to-
Taylor, M.P.
and Point Out Need cf More
��� Wharves.
Many   startling  disclosures  are  bong  made  at   the  imiuiry   being  held
j under the auspices of the B. 0. Medi-.
hul Association Into 12 charges oil night nominated Dr. J. 3. Stewart, the
allegod unprofessional conduct laid |siitlug member. No other namea wan
; agalnsl  four doctors. ; proposed.
Only  one  case,  that  ot   Dr.   13.   H.      The Liberal convention held tonight
Ford, who am nded patients for the did not nominate a candidate, but en-
i i!.  C,   Hospital  Association, has been   dorsed the choice cf the Labor party
proceeded   with thua  far.    In  this  It (made earlier in tlle day, namely J. O
was disclosed that Mr. II. M. Snepper,! Jones, cf Frank.
proprietor and superintendent  of the i    The    Warner    Liberal    convention
j II. C. hospital, was nt one time a bar-; proved a surprise.    Although    K.    L,
her  In  this  cily  and  does  not  hold ��� Leffingwell  was expected to be    the
; Ihe regular practitioner's certillcate.     I choice, the vote was In  favor of Or.
This development proved    nil    the
' more  remarkable  as  it   wns  deduced
Patten, of Coutts. 12 votes to 11.
Still another union !b to be formed
in thiB city, the latest being thr- International Ktectrical Workers' union.
Ever since since the electrical workers have been organized on the lower
mainland, which local takes in both
the linemen and the inside workers,
the Westminster employees hive been
compelled to affiliate rlth Iho IfjBCQU:
ver local.
A ofi. use. in the rules of the International calls for permission to be
granted to any union men desiring to
| form a local of their own, same to bo
obtained from their present, local if
the city is within 25 miles of the old
union headquarters. Westminster being less than 25 milea from Vancouver permission has had to be obtained
from the Vancouver local and according to one of the linemen of the city
everything is in shape to allow tho
organization to be completed forthwith.
This will mean that 100 men will
be affiliated with the Westminster
union while tho organizer of the
Trades and Labor Council, appointed
it Wednesday's meeting, has started
to work in gelling the rest of the workers into line.
! in previous testimony that Mr. Snep
A deputation of Port Haney citizens' per had assisted in Borne of the opera
branches and the network of wires I Waited upon Mr. .1. D. Taylor. M.P. i tions made by Dr. Ferd nnd durln.-i
|and cables strung along the cltv ' yesterday with the request that he Ford's absence had looked after twe
i streeta nnd In many cases the strain ! urge lll>0,> ������>-' government the neecs-' patients alone.
I was too great    for    the    overloaded I ���'ty  fc>' better marine shipping fai:l-|    Dr.  Proctor, who  is presiding offi
.trees,  wires  nnd   poles,
there wns  little   wind   In
Crushed to Death.
Calgary, March 27.���D. O. Slnde, a
farmer, wnn Instantly killed here today when he crnwled beneath a freight
car In which were stored his household and farm effects. Tho train was
started while Slade was under the car
and hc was ground to atoms.
Unable to Stand Suspense.
Toronto, March 27.-Two toIcgTaph'
I monitors,  Samuel  CrabbB  and  John
Holtzinan of the C.P.It. Telegraph Co.,
' whose homes are In  the  flooded district of Dayton, could not stand the
Fortunately "ties iti their port,    'iho delegation I cer of the court, stated at the outset suspense any longer being unable to
the district I wns_00mnoMd Ot Councillor Longhead, | that  If the charges against   Dr.  Ford  receive any  word from  tlieir parents
���round  Montreal    us    Otherwise
D. C. Webber and Mr. L.. S. Carr.
Councillor bougheed,   tho   spokes-
damage wrought would have been far i
impnntcs   nf-'man ol' the deputation stated that OW-1     His honor Judge Criuil Is sitting on
greater,    The
fecled   hv   the
I'torni  tr
Four Hundred Bhrlners. .
Edmonton, Altn., March 27. Four
hundred nobles of ^1 Azhar Temple
Mystic Shrlnera, Masonic order, are
here today from all parts of the province. At a banquet tonight tbey were
presented with a golden key to Ihe
city by Mayor Short. They held a big
parade this" evening.
f'tcps tn mnke repairn and restore,their
services to noruinl conditions hut
j even should no further damage be
Sustained, It will be Sunday or Monday at the earliest before the telephone telegraph and power lines nre
ngnln  working  Bmoothly'.
The victim of the fatality recorded
waa Charles Lewis, 35 years of age. a
lineman employed hy the Roll Tele
phone oompany, Lewis was on the
sidewalk locating trouble when he
touched n live wire dangling about
four feet from the ground. He was
Instantly killed, having received a
charge of two thousand volts.
ih  Immediate | l"K to a gnat expansion In the ship- the Inquiry and associations with him
were proven his name would be erased   and  relatives, have  left   In  the  hope
trom the roll of the medical council.; that they may be able to render assistance, which, in Mr. CrabbB' case es*
ping trade of Port  Haney during the
past  few  yenrg the  present facilities
fell much below the requirements and
a fully modern wharf wr.s needed.
The member gave tlle deputation a
most cordial reception nnd gave assurance that he would do all in his power
to have tho requlrementi of Port
Haney recognized by tho government.
Relief of Victims.
Jefferson City, Mo., March 27.���Governor Major Issued    a    proclamation
calling on the people of the statn to I work on the part of the Hudson Bay
contrlbuto towards the relief of flood! road Is proceeding rapidly and favor
victims. lably.
are Dr. A. P. Proctor and Dr. 11. E.
McKechnie, of Vancouver. Dr. It. E.
Walker, of New Westminster, and Dr.
('. J. Pagan, of Victoria.
Complete Last Rail.
Lepns. Man., March 27.��� Tho laat
rail across the Saskatchewan river on
tho blr; Hudson Day railway bridge,
was spiked yesterday. Reinforced by
new crews of bridge builders recently
arrived and thanks to the flno weather
peeially. is more than likely to be ne*
cet'sury.   as
heart  of the flooded district of Day
Opposition Members Laid Secret Plans
for Snap Division���Covernment
Get Majority However.
London, March 17.���A series of ex-
citing scenes occurred In  tho House
 ,   ...     >*  Commons  yesterday.  The   opposi-
his mother lives in the (tion members bad laid elaborate secret plans to take a snap division at 4
/clock on the Consolidated Fund bill
n the hope of defeating the government by surprise. They choose the
���ccasion because at this stage the
Consolidated Kund bill Is always treated as purely formal, and they presumed that the government would not
havo Ita supporters on hand. However, suspicion was excited on the
government benches by the sudden
crowding In of opposition members
from their nearby hiding places, and
ia> when a division waB challenged ��
(Contlnaed om Page Five.)
Liberal Member Nominated.
Stettler, Alta, March 27.���A Liberal
convention wan held in the town hall
here at 1 p.m. today, delegates beiug
present from all parts of the riding.
Some opposition was manifested to the
nomination by aclamation of Robert
L. Shaw, the present Liberal member
and the name of John Lane-of Castor
was also put In nomination. Tbe voting resulted as follows: Shaw 92.
Lane 18. ��AG�� TWO
FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 1913.
An tndenendenl morntng paper ttevatt-t Hi Ihe tmttrtttl of Nate lVcirtmbuilor and
the Pratmr I'afff-v. Pubtt*h*d evary *iurinii��i exoept Sundial bg the National Printing
**A I'lthluhing *3***S**ti Umlteti, at ti McKe**** Street, Sew Wmitrolitttflr, British
VatumSX*. HllUH SUTIIh:ICI.l V li. Mannoing Director.
AU oomnmntentimn shout* he **arr.tst*t to The New Westminster News, nn* not
te l?Hti"��<uol mrnileim of th* stulf Caetinrs, drafts smd inane g orders should he made
mav.iol.   to  lhe JVntioitnl Printing an*  Publishing C'mnpanv,  Mmll'lt.
IKI.HPHONKti���Bml***. Olfiae ami Jfamifer, HOD,* Kftftni'inl Rooms (Oil lb-port-
ii'tlScklPTIOtl RATHS�����v ��wrf-ler. 14 ����er pear, 11 for three mi-infoS, ICXe per
mtmth   Ilu mail, IH l>��r v**r, tne. s<ir mtnth.
ADVMKTlSigO  RATHS on  avpl.-atoii,
Id tiiitHKsPONIiKNTB -No 1-kii.t-i will er published In The Ntuns '*teept oner
th. writer s ��i|/*iut*ur��. The nditnr r-mmrtiiu llM! rtflM to refuM tlio pilli/lMlllnii nf anil
Jorlty are Christians. With tho withdrawn! of tho Turkish troops and the
ships of the powers the rew Moslems
have fared badly, neocrdlng to reports
of unprejudiced observers. Animated
by revenge, the Cretan Christians are
said to have persecuted tho followers
of the Prophet wllh all the ferocity
of which they wero themselves the
For years Ihn Cretes have attempted to send delegates to the flreek parliament, and the Greeks have been
anxious to receive them, but the ob-
leotlon  of  the  powers  have  made  It
necessary to refuse,   As ror the pro-
'eetlnlt powers, their sympathies have
been wllh the Cretes. but the necessity of maintaining tho Turkish stnt-
���is -nun wns against nny manifesto
Hon of that sympathy
need, were a fortified houBO and two
small stockaded forts.
Hut no watch waB kept anywhere,
and towards daybreak on March 28th
1090, thu horrified settlers wero rous-
od from their slumbers by the war
whoops of their fierce assailants.
Completely surprised men, women and
children (to the number of thirty)
were shot or cut down with the tomahawk.
Houses and barns were burned, and
llertel, though holly  pursued  from  n
party from n neighboring settlement
carried off many prisoners.
It  waB Wl yean ago today,  March
98, 1-478, that John Cabot, the discoverer of Canada,  first found  place In
the pases or history.    On Hint date
The  Balkan   Zuan  Cnbota, as he  was  called,  was
war aided ihe powers to escape rrom I granted donliatlon. and became a r.ltl-
��� n unwelcome situation, and Ihey has zen of Venice. Although he Is usually
tened to do so. Before that the pow referred to ns n Venetian, neither the
���rs In Crete were In the position of time nor tho plnce of Cabot's birth
i   mnn  holding  a  bull  hy  the  horns,   Is known.
We are glad to note that the market committee of the
city council, at whose head is Alderman Henley, appreciate tho importance of increasing the facilities for the
economic handling of the produce of the farms in the
Fraser Valley. With the support of the council, who are
also well aware of the importance of this move, there is
no doubt that the new market that is to be erected will
have all the necessary requirements, and it may be anticipated that by the time the organization has been completed among the farmers themselves, and arrangements
made for the handling of their produce, the new market
building will be in readiness to meet the improved order
of things and any emergency that may arise.
While we may not be in a position to take care of all
the produce this fall, it is certain that next year's crop will
see a great change in marketing conditions both in the
valley and the city.
We may rest assured that the council will keep this
important matter before them and will use every effort to
complete arrangements within a reasonable time. The
present building and site are not suitable for the large
���extensions that will be made in the marketing conditions
and a new site has therefore been provided in the harbor
plans. This arrangement will meet every requirement and
a new building can be erected that will adequately serve
thc purpose the council have in view for making New
Westminster the distributing centre for the produce of the
Fraser valley.
With the question of marketing thc subject of good
roads is closely interwoven, and it is therefore pleasing to
know that the very energetic member for the Delta riding,
Mr. F. J. MacKenzie, M.P.P. is so enthusiastic in everything connected with his constituency that he has induced c���\':: polltlcft"Y,' ft.nd hi" f"���1���
.. ,    , , , *' .    ,. ��� ill ���ilding   crocodile   tears,   have   said
the government to make very large appropriations for
roads in the lower Fraser valley.
Unless money is expended upon roads no market can
possibly be the success that it ought to be. We congratulate Delta riding, which includes Delta, Surrey and Ladner upon having such a member as Mr. MacKenzie to rep-
resent them and feel sure that his constituents will fully ^he'VtatasTSndneSS K&1
apreciate the impetus to agricultural development and socialistic doctrines,   he   long   ago
to better conditions that the appropriations he has secured '""'V V{* \hP J?u,re? rai"1':'1 wlu5
will achieve for them. of thc Frvnch 5CC ul d���ocrRcy' iin'
who could neither hang on or let go
wllh safety.
The Islnnil. anciently called Idnea,
ind called Crela by the Greeks, Cam
dla by western Kurnnenns and Klrld
by Ihn Turks, Is HMO square miles
In extent and has a present populn-
Mon of about 340,000. The larger pnrt
's mounlnlnnilB and devoted to the
grazing ef sheep nnd goats. The grow-
'ng of olives, grnpes and oranges and
thn breeding of silkworms constitute
he principal Industries.
Venlzelos, "the grent man of tho
Balkans," was born In Crete, nnd the
Island linn supplied no small number
of soldiers for tho Crock army In the
Inst war on the hnted Turks. The
Cretans have been thc bravest of the
warriors nnd many of them have been
mentioned for conspicuous valor.
��� (By  O.  Terence.) ���*
M. Briand. Frinch Statesman, Passci
51st Milestone Today.
M, Aristlde Bland, who succeed,-"!
\1. Polncare as French premier, am!
whose cabinet, recently Tell before
llie onslaughts of Georges Clemenoeau
"wrecker of cabinets," will pass his
f'f'y-finil milestone today. "The
Lloyd-George of France," as M. nrland
Is rftrn railed, wns born In Nantes
March 88, isr,2. ills resemblance to
the English reformer Is physical an
well as political, and he might wei!
be taken fur a brother of the Welsh
On several previous occasions M
Briand has h-en laid away   in    thi
"Well, thai Is the last nf poor Briand,
Oui."     But   tliere  lias  always   been  a
resurrection, for M. Briand, like Wm
Tenuiwrs Brvan, r ifuses to s'av dead
M. Briand rose to high position
trom " humble station In life. Bdu
cated for the law, lie entered the poli
il  arena  as  a   Socialist,  and   v.*a-
It has been conjectured that he was
an Englishman, hot the license grant
ed to him In 149K, when he was a
resident of Bristol, culls hlm "Kabot
lo, Venlclnn," a phrase which clearly
Implied that he was not a natural
born sublect of the king of Kngland
Cabot hnd resided In Bristol some
years when. In 1411-8, he and his three
sonR obtained rrom Henry VIII., authorising them to make a voyage or ok-
In thn following year Cabot and his
son Sebnsllen, discovered Canada, but
authorities disagree as to whether
thev landed on lhe shores or Nova
Scotia. Newfoundland Tr Labrador!
Monuments to Cnbnt bave been erect
cd In Bristol and Hnlifnx.
Voters Must Register on New List by
April 7���Every Opportunity
By an act paused at the recent session   of   tho   provincial legislature
every voter    In    II.    0,    Irrespective
ot party, creed or position was disfranchised.    Untlrely new voters 'lints |
wero opened and on these every fully
iiuallfled  electo-  must  again  register |
his name by April 7, or lose his power
to vote In any election, provmciul or j
Dominion that might occur during the
next tew months.
Cltlions or New Westminster by
the appointment of a score or more
ot special commissioners by the gov
erament havo every opportunity to
hand to place their namos on the new
lists long before the date above men
tloned. A number have already performed this duty hnt others railing to
realise the Importance nt the act or
being unacquainted with the necessity or registering have not done so
To the latter special attention Is called to the list of oommlsaloners and offices given below from which applies
tion forms can be secured and properly
filled In:
The Conservative club rooms, day
and night.
Ofrice of The British Columbian.
Cray & Gilchrist.
T. J. Trnpp & Co.
City Hall.
T'lckel   &   Hunt  corner   Braid   and
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Save $50-$75 on Your Typewriter.
Rebuilt   typewriters hure mine finish, wear like and
do work ei|ubI to brand a��w machines.   Uuarauteed
oue  year. Hm.d for price list.   All makee Id stock.
Canadian   Tvrewrlter Exchange,  Depi. 4, 643  Hastings West, Vancouver.
Twenty-eight years ngo today I.ouln
Rlel, at ihe head of a partv ofjialf-1 orininbla "atreeta," day "and "idgM
"       City   Market.
M.  J. Knight ft Co.
J, R. Brown & Co.
Lees Limited.
The Labor Temple.
Thomas     Kutlcdgc,
breeds and Indians, defeated Major
f,ro7ler. with n hundred men of the
Nonh-West Mounted Pollen and
"r'nee Albert Volunteers, at Duck
Lake, and Cro*zlcr wn3 compelled to
retreat, leaving his dead on the field. 1    Thomas      Kutlcdge,      Westminster
On tbls dnle in 1894, S'r Richard | Trust block
Cartwrlght presented a motion reeom- Mr. T. Gifford, jeweler,
mending a tariff I? "be Imposed for! Messts. Wm. Pope, \V. S, rhipps.
revenue onlv." Pnl'ed Slates Senator ; Percy Hunt, J, B, Brown, Oeorge
Jacob II. Cinlllnger, or New Hampshire ' Blakely, Clarence D. Peele, D. K. Mac-
���vas born in Cornwall. Ont.. seventy- Konzle, D, W. Clilchrlst, K. A. Stoney,
ilx vears ago today. I.James    Ferguson,    Charles    Purvis,
Thla is ihe anniversarv of the birth  Mathew J, Knight, John A. Lee, Thos.
'n  l*H2. of the eighth  n-ron  Aylmer. ' Kutlcdge, Ualph ('burton, William (iif
'ste Inspector-general ot the Canadian
ford. Nets Nelson, Alexander Garrett,
i'buries m. Nicholson, Geo. Kennedy,
J. B. Jardine, 11. Gilley, Geo. Mackie,
Kcl. Ooulet, J, B, Ilryson. I). Doiinliis.
I). Macpherson, \V. Macadam, It. Buck-
land. W. S. Johnson, B. J. Boughen,
A. II. Hahler, It. W. Lane, V. B. ICn-
sis, A. L. Lavery. M W. Minthorne.
In addition to theso commissioners
declaration may be made before the
! mayor, any  Justice of  the  peace, no-
  i tary   public,    government   .agent,   as-
1 sensor, mining recorder, judge of uny
Scenes  of  Enthusiasm  When  Cruiser  court, county  clerk  or asnessor.
Applicanta must lie male British sub-
TIIOU art a fake!
I car* not fur the elalma
Thy ninn-i'ia muke.
1 call Hei- viiriuua ���uortw) name*,
For thou bant ways
���| ii.ii M'i lha iMiinent tampers-men! ���blua.
On aunny dayi of tall
Thou RFfk'nt to roast ua all,.
AllhllllKll   Wt  rlOHr   IllrC  tight *S
l'lum morn till nlBlit.
Yet when th* chill wlnda roar        v
Thou healeiit tin un mora
Tlinusli all (hy drafta u> wide.
Anil, itiiniuli we poke
'lhe rlliilivra out and shake thee down lav
Tln-ni only till'-!.! up the houae with einokei,
And soon thy lliu imth died.
We bed thee for ihe nlsht
wuh gentle care.
And hy thy coals nxlare
Wu think  thin  thuu  wilt stay  till  morn
But, nay*, when day hnlh enme
The hnii.e In chill unit Klum
That   llii'  of   thine   hnlh  gono  upon   ths
"T!s thou that mnkeat ue dwell
ln Onlhnuae and holi'l;
Thou makefli housewives aad;
Thou makcal husbands mail.
Thou slftetit asti When  wn are wellv rl.id;
Thou   art   a   humbug   and   a   tnu-i.letiuig
Thua do I Ring!
���Ui-rton Braley In Wlaconaln Stale Journal
Melbourne Arrives���Ready Now
To   Meet   Emergencies.
Tbe three Canadian ships may i r
���may not be voted by tlio Canadian
parliament In the present year, and
we are V *llins to adpilt that .while
they r main in doubt, the position
lias eome difficulties lor the Adm nil
Sir Wilfrid I>aurier opposed the Be-
coa.d reading of Mr. Borden's bill,
'which was carried with enthusiasm
last   v eek,   on   the   ground   that  lhe
'rs  former  comrades  now  denounce
him as an opportunist.
,   , , ,     M.   Briand   replies   that   the   all-or
Of| degradation cannot be cleaned put noth)ng 80c|aI|sta arn "|���,po89lb!tlstS."
w, h a feather duster, lf existing Br!an tir8, beoarne Bn |nternationai
authorities lack courage to adopt the tlgure wll(,n llt, tranlea ���,��� law ,,���.
necessary remedies, their places will ���,��� separat|on of church aud state,
have to be taken by men with stouter! s���
hearts.- -Toronto News,
��� ���������������<>������������������������������
��� FIRST   THINGS. ���
bjee'ed lo tbe bitterest attacks, ae
cuseil of desiring to "drive God out
of Frnnee," M. Brian emerged trium
phant from a most deficit situation
His firm n'litude ln handling the rail
road strike a^ain brought him Inti*
Mrs. Lillian Norlon-Gowei--Home
Young, belter known ns Mme. Lillian
Nordlca, will celebrate todav the twen
California   Wine   Industry.
I    The first Pncific coast wine-grower
to engage in the Industry on a com-
provlslon   of  shipB  by  Canada  would  inercial  basis was Jean  L.  Vignes, a
��mly advertise the weakness of Great Frenchman, who arrived in CalifornlaIty"tfiir'd'anniversary of her -\morir-iri
Britain and encourage her enemies. eighty-four years ago. Grape vines Btaga ,Mm. T'he famous song bird
Bul the North Seals not the only were first planted In California by who has lately been making a concert
���quarter In which British naval su- the mlsB onanes ol San Gabriel, about tour of the west, was born at Farm
premacyIs challenged, mdlit.la quite 1770 .but the wines they made were lngton Me and ,��� now ln he,r fin
'���ccrln.:!  that,  if Sir  Wllfnd  Ixiuner s ,only for the.r own use and for medl-   fourth  year
argument   prevailed,     Great     Britain :cinal  piirpoaes.
���would have to advertise the weakness M. Vignos, who had come from the
of Canada by providing the three Sandwich Islands, established himself
���ships herself.   The Times,  l^mdon.     .near IjOS Angeles,    und    within    ten
Her   grandfather,   "Camp   Meeting"
John Allen, was famous In the United
States   and   Canada   ror   his   vitrollc
attacks on  the  stage, and  alwa.-s re
years   was   the   owner  of  a  big   and   |r.rrr(1 ,0 ,������ lheatra as .'thr gateway
joets and 21 years of age That they
held such qualifications must be de-
clan d on oath before any of the eoni-
  ' njishloners    or   others    authorized to
; reffiste.-.
Melbourne, Aus., March 27.���Croat i ��� ��� ���
ing enormous enthusiasm, lhe Austral T',1f widow HaJ Learned Her lesion.
an cruiser Melbourne arrived in Ihls I -j-**.,), js (),,, s|nry ,,( a newly mads
port  yesterday  and   received   a  most
fitting welcome from the thousands
of persons  who greeted  the  ship.
Kvi ry vessel In the harbor was d"-
coratcd with bunting and every wbls
lie in the city waB tied down when
the cruiser steamed Into port.
The arrival of the cruiser has aroua
"d a great wave of patriotic fervor
throughout the country and lt Is cer-
aln  to popularize the navy.
Tbe commander and officers of the
Melbourne were banqueted by the
v'livernor-genernl Lord Denman, last
nlgbt. In the course of his we.lcora
ing  address  Lord  Denman  said.
It Is a noteworthy fact that whereas the other dominions of the British
widow siitins si.liliin*; convulsively
a1' over the Bhou'.der of on.drier woman who happened to lie her d'are-t
fri'in.-l for tlmt particular fortnight.
"There,   there, Fanny,   don't   cry!
V vi'.l only uiiik" yoursell sick. Hn<l it
can't  ie any good," whispers the sympathetic Soul putting '.lie widow's arm   for two days, and then you wrote to
affectionate y. Rny that the key of the pantry wua ta
Widow (li.two-n Bolls)���Oh. I know; ,he pfK.-kot ���f vour gecond liest tailor
I '- ow, but my poor Hownr l-l w,u fl walklng skirt-not the Imlero or
rro��-�� to lum yesterday!   I    did    not
The Only Way.
nis wife hud been spending a week
or two nt the seaside with bur own
people, and Jonsmltli had been living
the lone and simple lite. But there
was n curious look ot niiin desperation lu his eyes wben his wire cume
And presently tho wire began to
mnke discoveries.
"Where Is'- she began. "Goodness! What have you done with my
dresses? And what has happened to
tbe lawn? WIuii'h that black puteh
In the center?   Why"���
Jonsmltli took a depp breath, then
spoke bravely and manfully.
"Julia."   said   he���"Julia.   I   starved
! dream he would be taken fmm m*-. If
I I    ever   marry   atrniu    I'll    be    nt'��re
thoughtful of my husband,
Schopenhauer on Courage.
I   connot   wpII   explain    why   cow.
lies st^iiis contemptible   and   per-
| sonnl   courage   a   noble   and   julilililtt
for no lower point ol view en-
��� prosperous vineyard, lie died fifty
j ���cars ago. California wines have now
I become justly  famous throughout  the
the situation is without remedy   be- grape vine in the world
���alike these people are living degrad-       u   was  on   a   hacienda   nenr  Santa
log  lives  from  choice,  because want  Barbara,  and  formed  a  power cover-
tot suitable    accommodation    necessl- ing an area of ln.noo square feet.
���talos  tbe crowding of about 100 per
Lamia   into  one   small   house,  and   be
-jTitnUfl many of these men are here
���^nly  to  Rave  a  few  thousand  dollars'*      SCtlAP BOOK FOR TODAY.     ���
ni  that  they  may return  to their na    *****************
tlve countries with sufficient money
to assure tbeni  against  want  ror the  Crete,  "Isle  cf   Unrest,"  May  at  Last
r��*et  if  their lives.    Surely  It Is not, Find   Peace.
necessary  to subscribe  to thia policy,     For nrnrl;.  a century Crete, or Can
'be British fleet. This ls n decided
step towards the solution of the prob j
lem of Imperial defence. Consider-
'ng Australia's sacrifices of both men
and money, none can quest lon her
right  to own her own neet."
Prime  Mlnls'.er  Fisher   referred  to
the possibility  of  nn  emergency.
"When   an   emergency   proRejts   It
self."   he   declared,   "Auslral'ans  will
not  be   found  lacking   In   patriotism
Our  people  will  always  beln  townrd
j r-arrylng on the Australian fleet    My
I eovernment   Is   confident   that   eventually the dominions will fall Into line
with our policy."
That the iirr'vni cf tho Melbourne
Dr.   Austin   Flint,    the    celebrated ) t>'n'f;es   Anstrs<!"'��   -���:-~   of    age
.alienist  who hns  pl?,yed a prominent   was Hie c.m-Vntlon of Senator Pearce
| role In  the Thaw eas-, will he seven    mlnlstpr  ' f  defence.
ity-seven years old today.    He was the      "Australia has hoTr--* a lal'en, has
*****************  son "r " distinguished physician, and | reached her majority, nnd is now tak
itaplN have contributed ships or mon I %** ^r to^Thy" fflnite Individ- lawn and burnt them.
^sXfistof th   ^er��ea3*   "��'  wh"  is  T,^'  '��   .^l~ ""   k"   *""*   "klne   nmo"s
"       r '   -    ' nay.  who  is  himself  even  the  very ���shcs'"-Phllailelphla Record.
fundamental  condition  of   the   exi-t- 	
'ral'n  is the first nf th
minions  to train  men   for  service  In
the morning"���
"I said morning skirt and not the
tailor made nor the"���
"It doesn't matter," Jonsmlth Interrupted wearily and yet with a touch
of savagery In his voice. "1 don't
know a tailor made from n mernlng
skirt nor a bolero from a flehn. Pn I
Juat took the whole lot out on the
Then I found
Foreigners who come to Canada tor world.   As to the origin of the grape|-Lor--i--i
'* few years must not be allowi-d to vines of California, historians differ.
outrage our standards of civilization; Some allege that the first grapes
���while they profit by the opportunities were grown by the fathers from seeds
W.e have to offer. ! of  rnlsins.  while  others  alleged  that
The latest official pronouncements the missionarioB secured roots or cut-
on the atrocious conditions prevailing tings from Spain or from Mexico.
in  particular slum areas  imply that {California  once, .boasted  the  largest
to bell." Mme. Ncrdira was educated
for Grand Opera in Italy, and made
her debut In Rome, and sang ln Paris
and other cities before making her New York premiere on March
28, 1890,
Her first husband. Frederick Cower
wns killed In a balloon accident In Enr
land, and left his widow a quarter of
a million dollars. She has married
twice since then.
ol the rest of the world���should
not put his own preservation above
every other aim.
Havana's Bell Tower.
One of the characteristic landmark*
nl Havana is a hell tower built mu
one of the old walls. It is among the
mo t ancient of the existing remains
of Spanish builders, and towering
above tho houses near is a picturesque
reminder ol olden times, in a city Ihat
is rapidly taking on the air of modern
Werk* Both Ways. t
Almotit as msny people bave 4-
been spoiled by too much money T
as    by   too    little.���New    York +
Times. I
-I-H-I-'H-I-H-K'I'M-I'I'I I 1 M'I"M"Y
Be Prepared.
In every aver-e of life great oppor
tunities are constantly confronting ti*<.
Who are ready for them? Who will
li'.l the positions? It l�� the prepared
men. those equal  to the places,  who   right
Th* Same Idea.
"Well. Johnny, what was the text
todayV" asked a proud father of Ids
small son who had just returned from
"Let me fink, fnvver," said Johnny,
scratching his head In deep thought
-Oh. yes. I remember! It was. 'Don't
be seared; you'll get your quilts ad
studied  under his fn'hcr and  al   the j "K "h h,'r B'
University if Louisville and at Jeffer-  the  -���������'
son  Med c:.l ccllogc,    H{  I:  '
h'Stli fth'.h:
rr, mental diseases.
at despair,
Canada has nol been developed by
niriti.<b men and British nionev in or
i le.r tbnt a few hundred doubtful rhnr
ilia, lino beou  knu* a as thi; "Isle of
��'nnresl," but now, as a result cf thi
Balkan   war,  lis  people may at I.usi
find   peace      The   agitation   for   a   re-
Norman llangood. for ten years the
editor of Coll'er's Weekly, Is forty-
five today and makes no secret rf the
fart that he was born In Chicago, His
connection w'th Collier's ceasrd som'
time  ago.  following  n  dlsagree-mont
mre of the b'irden which
other  country  hai    borne    so
':x ; '.J.   Lccg cheers and g-oat
I enthusiasm  greeted this statement.
"Our ships have alrrndv been paid
for," he continued, "and we have not
lift anything to future generations
to take upon tbelr shoulders."
gencroll:  get them.���Exchange.
Pour boiling water on orantes anil
let the") star.d five minutes. This wlll
caune the white lining to come awm
clean with the skin, ao that a large
quantity of oranges can be t|iuoki\
sliced for sauce (r pudding.
lohn's father, after puzr.llng awhile
over this queer text, called up the minister.
"Could you tell me what wae lliN
morning's text. Mr Jones?" tie uskeil
nnd wns Convulsed to henr the reply.
"Fear not; the Comforter cometh."���
National Monthly.
wjtera  from    Eastern     Europe    mny   union   with   Greece,   which   has  been
hoard   wealth   by   outraging   decency,   carried on for tour score years, would   ��'�� theproprletor as to political pol
lowering the Btandard of civilization,  have boon crowned with success long
���o.orriipt'ng the morals or a rising gen*   ngo, in all  probability, except for the
'..���ration and cultivating  physical and  Intercession ot the "protecting" pow-
iiv-ntni iincleanllness. era.    II was forty-six years ago today
Tlanada offers to all equal opnor- March 28, 1S07-, Ihat Western Kurope
��� unities under the law. But the law puts ils finger In the Cretan pie. On
iniiHl be observed. Those who wish that dnte Austria, Prussia, Swltxer-
tr> profit by our opportunities must laud and Italy, joined In a polite ro-
���ertiow respect fer our customs. Are ducat to the SuMim Porte to give up
we in assume that depravity is strong Crete, The Sultan ns politely deelin-
or Chan the law, and that filth and ed the proposition, and there the mat-
vie" cannot be punished or remcvefll   ter rested for a time.   The Cretan in-
If it is absolutely necessary foT in-  surrectlon flamed forth with renewed  tenac's three  war parties arrived
Bustry that these (leg-ener-itr' workers   vigor,   nnd   wns   marked   hy   horrible  lhe li111<- settlement of Salmon  Fall
nre admitted to the counirv. the In- atrocities on both s'd"s.
Oustr'ni and those who nrofll bv Ibem       ln   recent   years   Russia.   Great   llr',
muni b" made to provide sccommoda-  tain, liolv ami  France have becn  the
tion   "here   the   uede-ilrnble   riprnt   protectors of Crete.    The "Isle nf on-
can be kept under close ob��e- "' -   rest" was the nrlnclnle bene of con-
Manv  foreigners  comp to Toronto  timiou In Ibe Greco-Turk to rf 1SP7
nypv-t  vear  fr-***-  a11  "-Br'i of  Pl'irnye    nnd in the tollow'ng year the Powers
������������ ���>,���  *oritv of t'-e-m *mal,-e ""oil demanded the withdrawal if the Tt'   der the hardships of the two months
PjJt1rr,ng, T|,c real will Rink as fleen ish troops. Since then the powers struggle through the Icy wilderness
ly Ip'o the mire ot depravitv as tie have fared badly, according to reports that one cannot help regretting that
people will let them, nnd they will tan waters, and the recent withdraw- It was displayed in so ill u cause.
���drag down a number of native bornjals of these vessels marked the final On a night In March Ihey came ,-���'
Canadians, young men nnd women, i success ol the Cretan patriotic cause. Inst within striking distance or Ihe'r
who are not"strong-minded enough to | The demand ot the Cretes has been, unsuspecting prey, but lurked till
rosiBl Ihe first steps towardB dlBaslpr. : not for an Independent government morning without the shelter ot thr
It is absurd to contend that theibut for re-union with Greece The forest enclosing the cleared fields and
��-vil is without cure. Cortainlv dras-' majority of the people are Hellenic the little knot of farm houses, nmld
ctlc measures are needed.    Such dens 5n descent and language, and the ma-  which, as plnccs of refuge In case of
icles, Mr Hapgord was n dramatic
cri'lr brfore he took the Collier's edl
torlal chair In  1003.
Seven   weeks   after  the  destnict'on
of   Schenectady,   the  second   of   Fron
In New Hainpsh'.rp. This party wn
under the command of Francois Her
tei, and hnd been organized at Three
II consisted of twenty-four French
men and twenty-five Indians, and tin
little hand  showed such fortitude i"
Spep.tftontlonn. [LKr��-ftm��t4ji of sale di-eda,
Wu-rtrie-HH 1,-UrrM. etc.; cleeular work aim-
ntnllni All work Mrtctlr oonfldnntlal. U.
Ijp.iiy. i-mi-in (IB WWLuilnator Ti-uet Ulk.
flimi* 702.
L. O. O. M.. NO. tbt���MEKTH ON firm,
second and third Wodh-aMStiyi. la eaeb
month hi K. of P. Hall at t p m. FI. J.
Lfmrny, dictator; J. H. Prtoe, aecT-rtary.
i. o o p. amity Lonon no n���The
l-v-ft-ulnr liiPffllnK nf Amity l'"l|>* No,
57, I. O. O. F., Is hew ��very Mondur
nHflil at I o'clock In Odd IiVIIowb' lliill,
������Tnei 1'ai-na.rvon und Klehtli Mrx-la.
\T*ifHiiK h-pi-lhnrn oorataltv tnvltMl.
R. A. Mnrrlthew, N.C; J. Heibi-rtsoe,
V O,; W. C. Coatham. P (J., niwrt-
Inn iiPtiiPtrtry; U. W. Hiiudrtii flmui-
clal  aet-retiiry.
tit   8t   Manna,   Ltd.)���Funenil   illrectom
Htift ��mh*,irn^rH.    Partori 406 Colunble
slr^^l.    Ntw   Wcatuilnstnr.    I'hone   99S.
IV. F. FAI.KH- IMoneer Fiinunil lllrtictor
and Kmlialinrr. r,XL ii l X Agn<-*H atri.pt,
ej-|,��'^ie ('lun.-Klf IJkrary.
i. i .��[-litw. Miliwlor, ate. '1 ���'1,'jihona
1*171. r'ftbtp ;ulpr--:t "JnlmHliin."
Code, "Wt^wrri t'lilan." Offle-a. Kills
lilack. lo'i2 Calumblu Btri-rt, Kew west"
nitliMlrr.  B. C.
solicitor.    .XL
*i\ert..iir.le    Mi-e*t*
���W       WlBIt
B. 0,   P. O.
��� ���   710.
Solicitor and Notary. Offices, Hart
block. 2k lxirne street. No,. V,"o��tr
minster, ll.C,
BHTTlHtPm and Bollrttors. Roouis 7 and
8. 'lntcbori t4<Klk. New weal minster,
r; tr, Murlln. W. G. MoQuHnrto tui-S
Ot-oree  It,  CiUKiaOy.
tmiTDBIDB  a   KOMONIW- HiiriHiera
and  FPllcltars.  WPFtwInHUT Ti^ihi   Blk.
Caliiuiht.-i street. New "West-minuter, B.O,
udilr'pHH     *TI?hltPBl8p,''
Itnton.     P,
���9.    W.   J.
O   Dnr��n-r  2h��.     Telpphtina
wiittraitdp, h.  i, Bdmcmda.
Accountant. Tel. R 12S. Room 22
Hart block.
dter Board of TruOe -m-woi In the Board
room. Ctty MaU, an t-Movtn: Thlr* rrt-
da*y of udi niottth ; quoiierlv meet tn*
en the nilra Prlda-y ot "Fehmiar. Mar,
AuKiiHt luiil Nov-wnbPr ui i p.m. Annual meetinK-s on the third V'lldfty of
Februan". B. H. Steart Wud,-, BrCro-
COAL MINING rUrhts of thp Domlnlnn
In Munttnhti, Sajfltatchewuji and Alherla,
did Yukon Territory, the Northwest Ter-
rttorles and ln a porthm of the Provlnoo
if British Oolumbfn, may he leased for ���
rerni of twenty-one yetii-H ut up imruuil
rental of 11 nn acre. Not innrr than '^St
ne.r*n will he leaped to one appllcjint-
ApplTCjltlnn for h tonne niusl he omlto
hy thp applicant tn pernon to tin- AKent
or -Mb-AKent of the dhitrlct tn which tha
rlffhth appllet] for aire -sltmti'd.
Tn Burvpypd territory the Innd muitt he
���Itiscrtbed by nPctltmH, or K^-nl suh-dlvt-
���rfona of iM-otJonii, and In unHUrveypd territory the tract applied for Shall h.
staked mrt hy the apfllleant hlmselt.
Ki-tch uptnicntlon musl he iiccornpnnled
hy a fe* of $ti which wlll be orfundid If
the rlsflits applied for are not iivnlltiblo.
tint not fitherwtpp. A royally shall ba
paid on (he TnprcbiintnhlP output of tho
mtn�� nt the mr* et five cunts I>'-r ton.
The person oporatlna the niinp ahall
furnish the Ag-ent with sworn retiirna
liceftllnltnK for the full ijimnthy pf mi-T-
c.hiintntrle rout nilned and pay the royalty thereon. If the omu mining tlrhte
nrp nol being openiterl Htich rstUrna aiTould
he  furnish.'il ut   Ipihm   once a  ynar.
The lt'iemi wlll Inr.ludn th" cant mlnln-g
rlHIils only, but the Ipiihpp wlll he per-
���nttleit tO purabaae Whntcv-Pr ji-.*:nla.hlP
iiirfsco rights may he conslfli-red nepea-
uiry fnr tho working of tho mine at th��
ute of  $111  iin  ncrft.
|-nr full Informattnn application Khould ���
ie mad* to the Becrrtai/ rif tho Depiu-t-
ivtit trl thn Intoiinr, Ottnwn, or to any
^gciit or Puli-Aircnt of Dnmlnton  Land*
licpirtv Minister of th�� Interior..
N. P. ��� ITniiiithortited pubIlei|tlon of tills
Of paid f
idvsrttsemsnt will not
paid for.
Phone 1277.
Westminster Trust Block.
with Cut-off Price.
The Oriental Contract Co.
PHONE   R1031.
Employment Agency
rrompt nttentlon given to orders.
607 Front SL, New Westminster, b.C. FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 1913.
J.    J'JL-ll.J l-.L., .'���'������ I'll    .       J.. 1.   I   .. I.. IL1J1I.I J    ...   _|...U.
AH Prices Strictly CASH.    Credit Accounts Closed.
No Goods Sold on Lease Accounts Until Further Notice
Drastic Slashing of Prices on Entire $175,000 Stock of Merchandise to Meet the Emergency
We Must Raise $40,000 In Thirty Days
Pressing bills demand payment, creditors will not be delayed. No idea of profit considered. The orders are to get the money. Sale
begins Friday at 9 a.m. Thirty days of loss to us, savings to you. Read each item and note the tremendous price slashing and
great savings to you.   Prices strictly cash and all credits closed.
45c Mohair Dress Goods cut
Priestley  Mohair Dress
Goods, 75c Grade, cut to
50ln. Wool Tweed, 75c Dress
Goods, cut to
54ln. Wool Checks, Priestley
and $1.50 Dress Goods cut to
$1.00 Dress Silks cut to
75s Dress Silks cut to
50c Fancy Silks cut to
%\JSa Charmeusc Silks cut to
$10.00 Toilet Sets cut to  .. . .$7.95
$7.00 Toilet Sets cut to $5.10
$4.10 Toilet Sets cut to
���PJi **%*���
$X.OO 40-I'leca  China Tea  Set cut to
42-I'lece   $15.00   Imperial   China   Tea
Set cut to   $11.75
100-I'lec.e  Imperial  China  Dinner  Bet
$so.oo cut to  $43.75
3 Cakes ot Kalry Soap at 256
25c Package Oold DuhI at 20C
Ladies' 75c Handbags cut to ...  x,St
$2.00 Handbags cut to   $1.25
96-I'loce  $10.00  Sot Crown  Soml-I'or-
celaln cut to   $11.63
$5.00   Handbags  cut  to   ....   $3.73
30c  Wlilsk  Broom     20*
30c Cotton Clothes Lines, 50ft .. 20*
$7.00 Handbags cut to  $4.85
45c   double   warp   801n.   Sheeting   cut
to     37'/**
55c double warp 801n. Sheeting, out to,
per yard      40*
Ladles' $1.50 Kid Cloves, cut to 	
$2.00 Kid Cloves, cut to .... $1.45
tl.OO Kid Cloves, cut to   $0*
"oc  Kid  Gloves,  cut  to      50*
SG-Piuce  $50.00 China Dinner Set cut
to       $38.50
40c Hemstitched Pillow Cases, cut to
$1.50 White Bed Spreads, cut to  	
$1.00 White Bedspreads cut to 70-��
$1.75 While Blankets, cut to $1.20
Twilled  Cotton   Sheets,   72x90,   $2.75
grade, cut to $2.00
75c Table  Linen,  70ln.  wide cut to
$3.50   Heavy   Linen  Napklno,  cut  to
$4.00 Double  Satin  Damask  Napkins,
cut ta $2.95
$2.50   All-Linen   Restaurant   Napkins,
cut to ....  $1.75
$3.00  Hemstitched  Sheets, 72x90,  cut
to     $2.25
$1.50 72in. Table  Linen, cut to, per
yard  $1.00
10c Cotton Prints cut to     7'/2
50c All-Linen Guest Toweling cut to
18c Crums Prints, cut to tS'/a*
lac Crums Prints cut to ....  12'/a*
15c Ginghams cut to  ll'/i*
45 Inch Bungalow Nets, 35c qualities,
cut to     23*
55c Grecian Nets cut to   35*
C5c Vonloe Nets cut to 40*
15c All Linen Toweling cot to .. Ht
20c Heary Scotch Linen Toweling cut
'���to 13**
25c  Co.ton  Terry  Toweling  cut    to
Slashing   Prices In Our Ladies9 Ready-to-Wear Department
$1.25   White   Muslin   Waists
cut to
45in.   Ladles'  Johnnie Coats,
18  grades, cut to
$1.50 Lace and Muslin Waist
cut  to
,   t
$4.50   Navy   and   Black   Mes-
saline Waists cut to
$15.00  Silk  Dresses cut to
$4.00    Taffeta    and    Pongee
Waists cut to
WE    MUST   RAISE   $40,030
IN   30. DAYS.
$55.00 Satin Suits cut to
$35.00 Cloth Suits cut to
Ladies'     $1.50    Combination
Suits cut to
$27.50 Cloth Suits cut to
$20.00 Wool Suits cut to
Ladies'   $10.00   Silk   Jersey
Mess.  Dress Skirts cut to
Easy Chairs
cut to
11 fr-&i'*'*f7^~~*-'?'?7T>
t*b**-*-   ��� u
cut to
Grass Chairs
cut to
cut to
J h    LU
Brass Beds
cut to
����t *.',
������� J5K��8SAWU\C' -m
Davenports    tv;f?%v;
cut to       '       w
'tht  CRtATtST  ���HOW.tXJLD INVtNlluNtr Ttst *Cf *
**X*-m ���*-****%*��
Solid Oak
cut to
Tremendous Gut on All Prices in Our Rug and Carpet Stock
$1.50 BrusBela
$2.50   Axminster
$1.25 Brussels
. $1.10 Nairn's .
$38.50 Axminster
72 inch
18 inch
Famous Linol
Stair Oilcloth
cut to
Cut to
Cut to
eum cut to
cut to
cut to
cut to
Every one of our great
stock of Stoves and
Ranges cut in prices for
this emergency sale.
Nairn's Best $1.50 Inlaid Linoleum
cut to $1.20.
Our collector is out collecting all back accounts.
Prices given here only show what we are doing on this immense
stock covering five great floors.  We shall continue the sale during the coming thirty days.   Thc biggest event cash buyers ever
saw in New Westminster.  ,
We must Insist ou prompt payments of all past duns un partial payment purchase**. *��ao�� roun
FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 1913.
Aged Man snd Stalwart Son Will   Be
Executed Today���Governor Refused to Commute Sentence.
Richmond, Vs., March 27. Just bo-
fore lii- li ft the city this afternoon for
Trillion, N.J., Governor Mann again
daolintd to commute thc death sent-
once cf Claude Swanson Allen, who
will be executed In the alato penl
tentiurv tomorrow moraiiw wtth his
agid father, Floyd Allen, for their
pun in the lllllsvllle court house mur
der cu March 14, 1912. FTlends of
tho Aliens made desperate efforts to
have tin- governor extern! mercy ll
the younger prisoner and they even
asked that a commission be appoint
efl to il ''.ermine thc Justice of the
plea for commutation.
llndi r (iovcrnor Mann's rrdem lhe
Kold medal which had been bought foi
Claude Allen was not presented tt)
him and tonight It Is locked In the
prison  superintendent's desk.
The medal carries the Inscription
"Kor bravery in defending; his rather."
The claim of the defence was that
Claude Allen did not hecin rhnntiii!'
in the Hlllsvllle court honse until he
wan forced to do so In his father's
Final preparations have been made
for the execution, which wlll talie
place shortly after 7 o'clock. Floyd
Allen, whose nerve Is quite unstrung,
will go first to the death chair, to be
followed In a few minutes by his stalwart aon.
Death List May
Not Exceed 2000.
(Continued from pure onei
then the workhouse has been a mail
house according to Superintendent
Johnson,. The prisoners repeatedly
foiu-'hi with Johnson and threatened
to kill both him and his family.
,li hnson asked that a detachment Of
the National Guard be assiBnrd to as
Bitl him in handling the Rang. He de-
clan <1 that the men would have to be
shot if they escaped from their cells
Nn word lias been heard from Mayor
Phillips, The chief of police hn
bun unable to get near the Phillips'
house and did not know whether tin
mayor was dead or alvie.
North of Hums avenue as far as
Fourth Street, the water wan found to
be from three to six feet deep.
Beyond Fourth street the water hae
recedi d enough to make it possible in
many places to proceed on font. From
Fourth street to the HiR Miami river
relief work was taken up by a commit
tee head) il by Chief Allabaek.   All tin
���grocery    stores    were commandeered
and in mon cares the goods were covered  ��ilh  water; yet sufficient sup
piles  were found to prevent suffering
amen:; those in the interior dry strip
While tliere may be many deaths 111
individual homes, whieh    have   been
witheiit   food  or drink  there wns  in
plan,    but   llie  workhouse  where  any
considerable  number of  people  wen
lielil   without   food.     None    had     had
enough but no ease approaching actual
starvation was found.
Knowledge that the death    list    ii
likely   to   prove  so  low   in   the flown*
town  section  tonight  gave  rise  to  ;i
hope that even in  North  Dayton re-|
gardlng which locality desperate anx-1
icty Is felt, there might be compara :
lively few deaths,
host Informed agree on ��25,000,000. It
was said 25,000 residences were damaged to tho extent of -(2000 each; 6000
homes were classified under damage
figures of i li.or and it was said 7000
could not bo repaired for less than
I$600 each.
Damago to buildings In the business
district was sit at tho conservative
figure of $2,000,1)00 and It was believed this amount would cover stockr
of the stores. The loss on automobiles
was set at $800,000. It was believed
the damage to bouses and goods would
amount Into the milieus because In
many Motions of the submerged area
thc water reached to tho second floor
of hundredu of houses.
Forces Arrive.
Colonel li. Catrow arrived with hlc
military aides from Columbus this afternoon and Immediately took Charge
of the mlllthi. At least five more companies will be here tomorrow, according  to Col.  Catrow.
Governor Cox ordered thnt no more
slghlBeers be permitted In Dayton and
when Col. Catrow. attempted to have
railroad coaches of an arriving train
vacated many passengers showed fight
and refused to leave. Orders wert
given the trainmen to cut off thr
two rear coaches and they were lefl
Btandlng on the truck.
One of the remarkable features war
tho cheerful spirit with which flood
victims viewed their plight. This was
Dayton's first big flood In years. The
bodies of a woman and a baby were
seen floating down Jefferson street
one of Dayton's  main thoroughfares
It was thought they came from thf
district north of tho river. Accord
ing to eity officials, it is Impossible
to estimate the number who perished
in the fire which last night swept thc
entiro district on the north side of
Jefferson street for a distance of mon
than a square and a half.
All in the Deckel house are safe. Kx
tensive preparations were made last
night for their rescue when the build
ing was threatened by fire. Police nnd
volunteers constructed bridges over
alleys and tops of adjoining buildings
to a point of safety.
The flood situation tonight appeared
brighter than this morning. There
was food for the town's breakfast and
dinner left after 0 o'clock and It was
believed that the many trains of nre
visions anil feed on Hie way lure
would reach  hire tomorrow.
The water recedi d rapidly toda��
An occasional snow flurry with biting
gusts of wind added to th" discomfort of the rescue crews, but they remained steadily at work,
The emergency committee began to-
day the publication of an official pn-
ner in the plant of the National Cash
Regie ter company. Il will be a om
-beet pcfler. designed fer free clrcu
tatlon in nil accessible parts of thi
oity. Its leading article warned tin
people to beware of thiivis and burg
Ee|   Riycr Flccd3.
Tirre Haute, lnd��� March 'il Six
leen were drowned this afternoon
when the Eel rlvi r flooded ll wes
v.lle, a small village aboul 25 mllei
;outh of Terra Haute, accord ng to i
report from Linton. Thirty others
are marooned on house tops and si.
boats have been sent from Linton t-
rescue Uie survivors. All wire communication wiih thai place Is cut off.
Twenty-five  Drowned.
Columbus, (i.,    March 27.���Xwentj
live persons uue drowned and grea
property damage waa wrought by tht
jicote river    floods    at    Chlllicothe
which had bei n cul off from coinmuni
I cation until late today, according   u
the statement cf O.  W, Perry, edito.
��� i f lhe Chlllicothe Gazette, over   tin
'long distance telephone tonight,
Governor   Cox   bad   previously   rt
.celved a message to the effect  tha
500 persons li.nl  been drowned then
Mr. Perry said that while many por
I sons wore missing, the known deatl
] lidl   would   not   evened   25,     A   grea
Appeals  for   Bread.
The ,,regress of the rirs.t canoe Into] P""-' cl Chlllicothe la under water,
the waterbound district was greeted in ', Twenty at Lafayette,
appeals for 'bread and water. In Lafayette, Ind., March 27���A spec'a!
nenr!-,- every house left standing peo- telephone message to friends bere to
pie were asked whether there hi-idi11-';''! *,rem C, D. Kmmnus. general
been my i.i litis and with only a few manager of tho Northern Iml aie*
except mi :-ll replied that there had Traction company, who ls stranded In
not. Although heartened by the nowB| the flood Btrloken city of Peru, Bali
frem tho flooded zone, Governor Col's! that 20 had been found dead anion;
sccr. tary, Mr Ilurbs, scarcely was able j lhe refugees.
toci.iiit the assertion. From his own j "They are moving the people fron
observations of the southern district] the court  house In bgata and lt  was
refugees   had
Mr.     I'liiiiioin
he v is  unable to believe    that    tin
deal': list would be under liino.
"There are 10,000 accounted Tor on
this Bide of the river," he. said, "and if
all I nt "Mi of these had own found.
it wlll be the greatest miracle of the
It was impossible to approach with |
in :i couple of blocks of the Tire r.oiu !
In lie canoe, but there appeared every!
Indication that the BecVel house had'
not been ruined and the fire had been
Confined to the blocks beyond J< ffer
eon  nnd  Third  streets.
A   report  current  in  thc  flood  dis j
trlrt  south of Main street  that  Atlin j
taut   General   Wood   had   been  fatally
Injun d   by   falling  plato  r.la.MS proved j
untrue.    Oeneral Wood  is   now    in!
rh ii|.e of nil relief work nnd although |
his :. rm was tadly cut, his condition I
is not serious.
���S'wii hundred women nnd babiei
found refuge in a paint factory in {
North Dayton, where It Is believed,
they bave found sufficient food to
keep them from acute -Buffering. An
effort Is to be made at once to rescue
The suburb of Itiverdnle up to Helena Btreet, has been penetrated by the
down town relief committee and -con
ditlons found similar to those in  the J
���southern     suburbs.       Kveryone    hat;
been crowded to tho second floors or      _,,     ,And 3 '"   \he' Come'
roofs of their homes, t>iit few of th,    ,^lr'r"lfl!'    M'"'('h     ^    Over   one
more   stable  dwellings   were  washed ' "'misand Immigrants arrive at    the C
found   that   20   of   the
lied from  exposure,"
"Smallpox and diphtheria broke out
among the hundreds of persons pack
ed into the court house. One entire
corner of that building wns quarantined   today  and   fill   the  rescued   per
���ioiis suffering from contagious dls
eases were removed to thai additions'
Special Train Held Up.
Washington, March 27.   A telegram
to the war department  tonight from
Hasic City, Va., said the si lal train
carrying Secretary    Garrison,    Major
I General Leonard Wood and n dozer
others to the flood siii'k.'ii districts
hnd been tnld un by a washout cas<
! -f thai  place.    The train    It ft    hen
[ th's afternoon al 3 o'clock
1 Marooned Orphans Rescued.
Washington,     March     27     Seventy
I live Inmates of the orphans' hon	
Fori Wayne. Ind., marooned bv flood
were  rescued     early    t. dav     bv     lif
savers with a  power surf boat sem
from Chicago Inst night, necordlng tr
'a report tonight from Assistant Super
! intnnd/nl  Henderson, of the t'hica;
life savins Btatlofl.
Kirni little s|i!-r<] buK. when the world wai
His end by raring dinonaur till now haa
int-n unHiniK
Second  Ifl tie Rpt*d  but���world  had  older
Sled   ruqf   down   a   tolllalde��� family   lef:
Third little np**ed bug rarlnu nn the lnk�����
Sh|n citrine turned turtle-t'other won the
Fourth   little  speed   bus,   first   to  ride  a
Lost control���bis finish came very quick
Fifth little speed bug In a chariot race���
'NotliiT  fellow  rode him down.    What a
doleful oaf*I
Sixth little Rpeed hug rode a safety bike.
Ha   maa   the   loveliest   corpse   that   ever
[struck the pike.
Seventh   little  speed   bug.   a   motorcycla
Tha   churchyard   grasses   many   moons
above his grave have greened.
Eighth little speed bug's two hundred h.
p. car
Skidded,   hurtled   through   tha   fence-he
couldn't stand the Jar.
Ninth little speed bug soaring round and
round ���
Air craft hit a pocket, and tha speed bug
hit the ground.
Tenth   little   speed   bug,   though   ha   has
speeded Aome,
Studies how he to a attll more speedy end
may come.
���Chicago News.
In   The Courts
Will you send two pouuds of dog
biscuits, please?"
"Who for?"
"Why, the dog. of course!"���Punch,
The Wrong Leg,
Andy Flower Inns a new Scotch story,
or If It's not new it's so old that everybody else bus forgotten it. sn It's
Just or good as new. This ts It: Sandy
.MneDoiigiil was a brave lad of twelve
Due day lie fell off the roof and lirnke
Ills leg. His parents curried hlm ben
the house and slretclilt blm on the bed.
where be craned nnd grnt while the
doclor was sent for. When the doctor
came Sandy didnn want blm to touch
his leg fur fear It would hurt. Uut
the doctor explained that lt manu be
"Whlll; leg Is It, Sandy, lad?" speired
the doctor,
"This line." whined Snndy.
The doctor seized llie ankle, put Ills
fnt In Sandy's inter and gied the leg
sic a jerk that the Ind was nigh pulled
in livn. He jaiuniert like a boggle.
Then lhe doctor put on a bit bondage
nnd went awn,
"Did It hurt, laddie?" nsked lhe auld
"Nn   sae   muckle   ns   It   mi'lit."   nn-
Rwered the lad, grinning "i witsnii sic
n fule its to gie him ma suir leg!"-
Cleveland Plain Denier.
Stabbing  Affray.
The hearing of Albert Ueorgo Col-
bourn, a colored porter, on thc charge
of slabbing Albert Victor Thomas on
a C. P. H. train near Pitt river bridge
on March 8, was commenced yesterday ln tho county court.
The testimony of Thomas, who
showed a scar plainly on his face
alleged to have becn Inflicted by the
accused, was taken first.   He doscrlb-
��� ed (he incident which led to the slab
blng and stated that he had been
struck three times ln tho back with
* n knife in the hands of tho porter.
I    Mr. George Cassady, who appeared
for the defence, declared that Thomas
had called tho prisoner a "nigger,"
which caused tho use of vile language
by the latter. This Thomas denied.
.Btatlng he had always been a peace-
'nblo man. Mr, J. It. Orant Is appcar-
| Ing for the crown.
��� BURNABY   NOTE8. ���
I Edmonds, March 27.���A largo gang
of workmen under the engineer's department aro engaged in repairing tho
roads throughout Burnaby which wero
I badly damaged by frost during the
The Hurnaby lacrosse club is planning to approach the Kdnionds Young
Men's club with a view to having the
latter handle the lacrosse team of lhe
municipality  this  year.
The ltoyal Oak club will give a con
cert in McKay hall on Friday night,
March 28. Reeve McQregor will preside.
Delphi Singh who was recently arrested for neglecting to answer a summons issued for his appearance In
court on two charges under the blasting bylaw, but who was released on
$511 bail was fined $50 by the police
magistrate yesterday morning. The
Hindu again failed to appear and bail
of S5I1 was forfeited.
For firing ball ammunition without
a permit, T, C. ('arnochaii was fined
$-.50 and costs and an additional $6
and costs for using firearms on Sunday.
L.  Deiliil. was  mulcted  $10 in  add!-
'tlon to ���J1K.45 in costs on a charge of
���riuliv to animals. Il was deduced
that Diliiil confined cuttle in a place
win re thtre was little for Ihem to tat.
School Board.
West Bumaby, March -7. -The Bur-
nnby council through the medium of a
letter from Mr. F. I.. Macpherson, municipal engineer, approached the
school trustees al their meeting last
evening for the right to appropriate
lots 102. IT.n and purchase lots 191 and
104, which form pirt of the Easl Burnaby school grounds to facilitate the
scheme for lhe widening and continuation of Alice street to Douglas rond
The trustees viewed a plan which
accompanied the engineer's letter but
as no action could be taken without
the approval of Mr. Robinson of the
provincial   education   department,   the
clerk wns Instructed to forward a copy
ef the blue print and all necessary
data to Vlrtoria.
It was suggested that the price fnr
the two lots which tlm cduncll desired
to purchase be fixed by arbitration.
Miss Margaret While of New Brunswick wns given a teachers' position in
the Broadview school. As the appointee does not hold liritish Columbia
papers the pecretary was Instructed
to apply to Victoria for them on her
\ deputation of residents from Piper's siding visited the beard with Ihe
recuept thai a scheel be established
in that neighborhood. No action was
laki n by the board, the mutt" r being
remitted to the building and sites com
mittee for consideration. The building and sites committee reported that
as soon as the $25,000 school bylaw
had been passed  by the electors, ne-
.coBsury  additions., to various  schools
: would bo made.
The secretary was Instructed to arrange for the installation of the enuip-
ment of the fourth room of the Alta
Vista school. Miss Anderson was appointed last night to preside over this
Vancouver, March .27.- -Four hun
dred out of a totul of six hundred
Kngiish songbirdH, arrived In Vancou-
vor this morning and were later taken
over to Victoria wherp Ihey will be
Tho birds were captured In England
and brought out to Ihls province by
order of the provincial government
Buffeted by the waves of the Atlantic
and the shaking up they received on
iho trains of tho C. P. II. coming
ic-cgs the continent, was too much for
200 of the birds, which died en route
The birds include larkB, gold
finches, linnets, tits snd robins. Special cages were constructed to bring
I them over from Englnud, the Gi P .It.
I steamer   Montcalm   having n  special
! aviary ���constructed   for * the   Bea   pas
, sage.
The  Importation  of. the  birds  wn-
undertaken   nt   the   request   of   the
Natural   History   Society  of  Victoria
A   few  of  Ihe   birds  were  held  Ir
\ Vancouver   and   will   he   released   Ir
i Point (Irey tomorrow.
It Originated In th* First Halt at ths
Seventh Century.
The blrtb ��r Servlu as a nation, settled In ur near Its present home, may
be dated In ibe lirst half of the seventh century. About 000 A. D.. when
the Avarlc empire of desolation was
established on the Danube, two tribes,
thp Croats and the Serbs, retiring lie-
fore the ravages of the Tartar horsemen, settled In tbe countries now
known as Croatia, Bosnia and Servia.
Tbey were Slavs, but the Crouts |ier-
hups bad, like the Slavs of Moesla lu
niter years, adopted the mime of a
Tnrl.tr tribe Doth, Heelng from the
Avars, were naturally hostile to (hem,
mid It Is possible that they settled In
the empire with the consent or even st
the Invitation of the Emperor Uera
cllus I. At any rate, they npppar to
have been considered as vassals of the
empire. Their first settlements lay
rntlter westward of the country now
culled Servia. tbe Drave, the present
western boundary, being the dividing
Hue between Bulgnr nnd Serb In the
eighth century. Here the Serbs dwelt
mure or less uneventfully for three
centuries. They generally formed it
louse confederacy under chiefs called
zupiuis. Tbery were commonly, in a
louse fashion, loyal to the eastern empire imiitily through fear of their dangerous neighbors, tbe Bulgarians.
Abuut WO they united under a chief
named S'lastitnit to repel the latter.
The country ruse In grent heights
under Stephen Hustian. the C7.nr ot the
Serbs, hut utter his death Muriul I
conquered the country, nnd It wns not
until thlfi that lhe Serbs partially
threw    off    tbe    Turklsli    yuke ���Ex-
IT is characteristic  of US as Canadians to
prefer the tilings that have heen tried and
found true, rather than to experiment.
It is typically Canadian, thc way McLaughlin Cars
have attained ond maintained their position of Favorite
anions Canadian Motorists. ���
There may be cniintriri -where a freakish body design���* new
clutch- ur some other such "ulking point" - will command ��erioue
But here in British North America, we pin our f.iiili to such
tried successes u the McLaughlin Car.    We feel sale in selecting a
McLaughlin because of the 40   years'   success  in c irruge-inakinij
and the 5 years' succtsu in car building that llie name "McLaughlin'
Call and see these cars at our new show-
rooms or Phone 691, 196 or 59 and arrange
for demonstration.
Thursday, March 27th
SS. "Prince Rupert"
S3. "Prince George"
. Inaugurating Double Weekly Service to
Every Monday and Thursday for Prince Rupert.
Every Tues. and Saturday for Victoria and Seattle.
II. (i. SMITH.  C   P   & t.  A. W. E. DDPEKOW, O. A. P. D.
Phone  Seymour 8134. VANCOUVER. B.C.      527 Granville Street.
Suspend Calgary Hotel Liccnre
Calgary, March 'i~. The liquor li
cense ef the Klnp George Cfllgarv's
largest hotel, was today suspended by
the provincial government license department Violation cf clositin hours
Is assigned as the cause of the snv
������'���.'"'nt'.-; action, The lintel is Bald to
have cleared  $76,000 ln*-*t  year.
E. H.  BUCKUN, N.   f'KAKD.-lLEE,        W. F. H. BUCKLIN.
Prcs  snd G-enl   Mer Vice i ��� i.ildsM. Sec. lid Tr��M.
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Blew Her Horn.
Teddy was walking across the flrds
wiih his grandpa when be saw n am-
fnr the flrst time. "What Is Unit.
grandpa?" be asked. "Why, that's
nnly a cow." wns tbo reply. 'And w hu I
ore those things on his headv" "Hums.
Teddy." The two wnllied on, I'res
ently the cow mooed loud and lonjj
Teddy was amazed. Looking hack, he
said, "Which horn did she blow, grandpa?"���London Weekly Telegraph,
nwny. The district north (if Helens
ptreet hnu not been reached, bul II
in nol believed conditions them wll'
!>rov.' as had as fenrfd Nothing ie
known of th-*" foreign settlement in
North Dayton clone to the MUml river
!t was Ibis part of thp city wheri
the flood haa made its way anil where
tbe  occupants  of the  hnu-wu hail   iy,
nor-ed warnings to leave
It was here aluo that it itJin trureii
���most of the deaths had occurred Onl}
one body  was found.
Tlie following is an eetirnate irl con-
ditlons tonight:
Dead, accurate of tlmatce impoRbible;
T-fl.fllm persons marooned 15,000 ruBl-
dences lUbmorged; J20 milcB of
Streets submerged; 5000 persons provided food in rescue stations; 500
horseo killed; 1000 automobiles damaged.    These are tentative figures.
P, it. ststion tonight on live Immigrant
rains which have been delayed h>
ihe snowstorm In the lake Sliperloi
���lection of the line. The Immigrants
were passetiRers on the steamers Vir
rlnla and Teutonic am! should have
arrived here two or three days ago,
All European nationalities are repre*
Rented hy the new settlers, but by far
the greater majority are llrllish.
Only One Came Law.
ToTonto. March '.'7 "Canada h the
last stand of onr big garni. and I nn
TvIiit tn -"���������'������ I'.n il iors In f IM It Is
ttonc" aald Cclonel (Buftalol Churl""
3. Jones, tho famous name hunter, In
thn course of nn Interview today.
"There oughl lo bo nnly one gnme
law, by which no man should be allowed  to kill  nny animal  except  for
No Wonder.
"Oh. look what a pretty kitten,
tun iii ma i" exclnltned little Harry
while visiting at the home of n neighbor.
"Yes."   said   his   mother,   "nnd   Just
think. Harry, it never 'Mies "
"Well, why should tl':'' rejoined Hairy. "Nobodj ever tries to wash lis
Deck nnd ears "-New York (Ilobe,
Or a Snake W'tli Backache.
"('nu you Imagine, ' kiiIiI tlie fni-e-
lloiis teacher nl natural history, "nny
thing worse Until n iilinffe with n sure
"Yes, sir." came the answer from one
"Whal. pray?" united lhe I her iu
"A centipede with corns."
A Miinomer,
"I uiidel'Stillnl your wife Is financially
Interested In your business,"
"A silent pnrtner. I suppose?"
���"Well-er-Hint's whnt she culls her
self."��� Iloston Evening Transcript.
We are giving Special Discounts on many odd lines of
Furniture, including:
Beds���Best Brass Beds frnm 15 to 25 p.c. off.
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Ths B2g Furniture Stor��>
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t. m. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19. B. C. E. R. Depot, New Weetmlniter B. C.
W. R. OILLEY, Phon* Ifl. O. E. OILLEY, Ptionn  >y
r-nomi. Officio 15 end 11.
I Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
N.B.���For Carpet ('leaning
Phone 588.
Corner Sixth and
Carnarvon Streets
Not Many Anyhow.
"Now ttint ynu lire M'i'iilili.v nre ynu
ever tintliorrd liy llie friendM you hull
h'Iipii you Wer* [xxirV"
"I iitM-pr hail liny frli-iuls ivIihii I wns
poor."- I Illusion Pout
Theee figure* place Dayton's Iobb nl, meat. This sums up the whole que*-
$25 000 000 and were estimated by per-! Hon. nnd we have Rot to teach nur
nonn who hnd explored partn or the.'pnople it. It is much more heroin and
flooded area Several eatlmalee ��**! manly to match our eunnlnu with ani-
tho lots at a higher figure but Urn, mala .than to *U1 them." I
line- I'm ijulte lldltplilKpd I enn
mnke mitlilns out nf your en-He nt nil
I'HI leu I ilirlltlltenllllt ii|n 11} .luve.
dm*, ilu you really menu thnlV- Lire.
Laborer Buried Alive.
Oalgary, March 27. Thomai Wat-
Hon, n laborer wiih burled alive In a
Krnvei niidn iii pliH nf the Consolidated Agencies on the Macleod trail. Watson wiih shovelling gravel nnii wan unaware  of  the  Hlide  until  too  late to
Comfortable  Family   Hold
Fnrlj' minutes run from New Westminster on 0. N, Ily.   All trains
���sUip at  White  Itoe.k.
Kifly rooms, lar-je Dining Hall, magnlfloenl view of Hay snd Oulfi
etily live minutes from Itallwny Depot; lint and Cold Water. Itnmns
ean b" engaged nn suite, suitable for elilldren and families, European
end Anierleati plan; gymnasium hall I" eminw.tlun, also a Store e,nn-
taiiniiK fLil 1 Hue of grooerlet. For terms nnd rates apply
White Rock. BC. P. GREYELL, Proprietcr.
Queen's Park Arena Closes on Saturday.
Afternoon and Eveninpr Sessions.
?    ?    ?   HAVE YOU SEEN    ?    ?    ?
Our assortment of Roynl Victoria China ennHlstlng of Chocolate,
Cocoa and Ten SetH, on display In our 'vlndow.
We are In a position lo furnish your home from cellnr In attic,
supply you wllh Stains and Varnish, nil klndH Garden Tools, etc., etc.,
ami onr prices defy competition,
Let us show you nur Linoleum nntl Floor Oils, our pnllerns are
Boleoled with rare, and we handle only the latent styles appropriate
for llie different rnoniR of the house.
C. N. Edmonson & Co, Cor 6th Ave. and 12th Street FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 1913.
Defeated   Victoria   Last   Night  6-3   In
Six   Man  Game���F nal Game
on Saturday.
Victoria, March 27. Quebec, the
Eastern chumplons, stayed In the
running for the world's hockey chain-l
ploimhip when they deteated the Vic-!
torla team Blx goals to three on the
looal ice this evening, tho content be- i
ing played under Eastern rules.
The game wuh exciting Irom start to
finish, n capacity house being kept on
edge throughout the first two periods
while a terrific puce was maintained
in the last when Victoria made des- j
perate efforts to maintain their lend.
The Ancient City sextette were In
their element under the six-man rules,
both the forwards and the defence
men going through time and again,
giving Lindsay, the Capital custodian
no end of trouble.
Quebec took the lead In the first
period, only to lose It In Ihe second,
but their knowledge of the six-man
game was shown In the final spasm
when Crawford went through with
brilliant spa! which turned the tide.
Victoria scored two goals iu Ihe las
period   hut.   one   of   these   was   di
lowed on in count of their seven men
being  on   the    Ice     wbeu    the    puck
sagged  the itrings.
Paddy Moran displayed IiIb hrllll*
ance In the net for Quebec while
Tommy Smith and Joe Malono were
stars on the forwnrd line.
l'or  Victoria   Lester    Patrick    and .
Skinner  Poulin  showed up prominent
although the team play which bas featured the Pat' rsiui cup holders during the season was lacking.
The Victory for Quebec gives them
a Chance to cop the world's series,
tlie final name to be played en Kutiir*
day on lh" Victoria Ice, nllhough the
Senators will have an advantage playing the seven man gam".
The   Lineup.
Angeles, and Marvin -goon vanished
from the sporting page..
Johnson's first defeat by a white
mnn was when he was put to sleep by
Joe Choynski ln (Inlveston ln 1901.
Marvin Hart's last appearance in
j the sporting recordn was three years
ago, when he met Carl Morris in Oklahoma. Never very good. Hart was
then only a wreok of his former seir,
and Morris, the green boxer, stopped
hlm In three rounds. Carl's defeat
! ot the "ex-champloii" waB heralded by
his press agent us u mighty achieve-
Two years ago today Morris fought
Mike Rchreck, another has-been, at
Hapulpn, and knocked him out tn the
sixth round, whereupon the InJun'B
publicity expert threw three fits ln a
row. Ills enthusiasm waned some-
uhat when Carl met Jim Flynn In
New  Vork.
Dan Morgan, manager or Jack Brltton and other scrappers, never overlooked a chance to advertise his men.
Lately he haB been Sending out post
oardH with a picture ot Brltton and
the caption, "Jack Tlrltton, Conqueror
of Packey Mo.Pnrland." and adds that
Jack Ib "the most scientific boxer ln
the world."   Oh, pickles.
peclslly  In  view of tho shaking    the
Marconi affair has given tbem.
Replying to Major Archer Shee, Mr.
Asqulth Btated that Attorney General i
iBaacs Informed him lost July of his
deal In American Marconi company
Stock and also that some of those
shart-8 had been transferred to Chancellor of lhe Exchequer Lloyd George
and the Master of Klibank.
Being asked why lie did not so Inform the house when Sir ItufuB iBaac.-i
denied having uu Interest in "any
Marconi shares," Mr. Asqulth declared
that the transaction seemed so remote from the scandalous charges ln
circulation that he attached no Importance to It. ThUB the opposition
has  established  that  the   prime  min
ister  knew,   when   Isaac   uttered    his  theToaMs"  """ ""  """^  ��D
Chllllwack   Game   Postponed.
The   scheduled   game   between   the
soccer  teams of the  Royal  ('Ity and
the Chllllwack high eehool which wae
planned for Moody Park yesterday arternoon railed to materialize owing to
I tbe nonappearance ot the valley boys
I No explanation was forthcoming as to
why   the   Chilliwack   boys   failed   to
make the trip.
The Westminster star who will plnv
against  Easterners  at Arena tonight.
Beavers Wlll Celebrate.
The Heaver hockey team will celebrate the winning of the Colonel Mc-
Hae championship trophy of the Westminster Amateur Hockey league by
holding a banquet ln the Westminster
club quarters on Saturday evening.
The local boys are feeling proud of
themselves in winning the championship in the first year of existence of
the league and are making plans for a
general jollification. Invitations have
heen extended to the league officials.
sweeping denial on October 1 that he
was not making a complete disclosure.
Mr. Lloyd George will be examined
before the Marconi committee today.
It wlll be the severest ordeal of his
career. There ls a strong opinion
that however Innocent his action, It
Ib unbecoming In the chancellor of
the exchequer to speculate In any
(Continued from page enel
The second visit of the now famous
Kinemacolor pictures of the great Indian Durbar Is scheduled for the
opera- houBe every evening of next
week with the exception of Thursday
night wben a laughable comedy, the
"Bachelor's Baby"
Eastern and Western Stars Wlll Clash
in  Abbreviated  Game This
0. H. A. Champions to Plav Victoria.
Winnipeg, March 27.���Toronto ft.
and A. A. have accepted Victoria's
offer for two exhibition games in Win-
nlpeg on March SI and April 2, and | booths
��ill deparl for this city tonight. The I Mrs. Q
the table does not glv
tion of tho popularity of presentation
Living   Pictures.
The liv'ng pictures which were pro-
duct d us a sort of side show were the
objects of much attention during the
evening and provided the feature of
the Kirmess.
In addition to those w'.io took part
In the program a great deal of credit
1" due to the ladies who bad charge
of the various booths at which refreshments, candles, etc., were served
for the financial success of the affair
Each  1:10th   was    operated    by  the
members of the various dancing com
panlea,  who,  while not. on  the staee
i canvas=od business for their particular slnll.i.
Those   in    char'-'e   rf    the   various
were:   Yamma   Yamma   girls.
E. Corbould: Rose Ilallet. Mra.
During the showing made across
Canada the second time as a matter
of fact, the Durbar pictures were Been
by even greater crowds thsn ever before, people being turned away from
the Vancouver theatre this last week.
Manager Tidy arranged for the display of colored films yesterday. A
special matinee will be given on Saturday afternoon of next week for the
benefit of the school children.
The pictures are eald to be both
patriotic and Instructive and have
been presented In eastern Canada under the aueplces and personal patron-
age of hiB worship the mayor of Toronto, the Daughters of the Empire
league and the Canadian Defence
league, the Overseas club, the Empire
club or Canada, Major General Cot-
ton and the commanding officers of
fair Indica-  Canadian regiments In Ontario.
They appeal to Canadians of all
classes, sects and creeds and ore absolutely  non-politlfal  In  character.
Mysterious 6eattle Explosion.
Seattle, March 27.���Mystery surrounds the explosion of a quantity of
gunpowder at midnight Tuesday in a
vacant house at 3402 Wetmore Btreet.
which was heard for blocks aud which
shattered every window in the building and brought down considerable
plaster. The police wero called intc
the case yesterday, but little information could be obtained by an investigation. The powder was placed in a
clothes closet of one of the middle
rooms and was lighted with a long
tuse. The burned easing of tbe fuse
was found.
Ws Act aa Agents Only for thc Purchase  and  Bale of  Real   Estate.
No. IB���Two large lots on Fifth street, 106x148-^4 feet, all cleared.
Price $1-1200; one-third cash, balance arranged.
No. 139���Three lots on Hamilton street, close to Twelfth, 44x140
feet each.   Price $950 each; one-third cash, balance 6 and 12 months.
Pine corner on First street and Fifth avenue, 84x104 feet, all
cleared; facing Queens park; paved street, etc. Price $3000; one-
third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Hea��i Office: Calumbla and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
The Rank of Vancouver
A general hanking business transacted, drafts and letters ot credit
sold payable la all parts ot the world. Savings bank department at
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Street*
D. D. WIL80N, Manager.
O. H. A, champions reached a de*
clsion yesterday afternoon and Immediately wired the local team. The i
easterners will arrive in the city on
Saturday and should be rested up for
lhe flrat encounter.
FA. Ooulet;  Tell Me, Pretty Maiden.
Mrs. H. V. Ardaqh; the Merry Jockies, Miss Phillips; Plantation Hoe-
Down, Mrs. V C. Eddy; Danse Mill-
taire, Mrs.  \V.  11.  Elson.
Lindsay .
.. .   Moran
Mummi r>
.  Joe Hall
I.. Patrick
Dunderdale   ..-,    Malone
Left  Wing
Congo   Crawford
Right Wing
poulin       T.  Smith
Referee, Billy Field, Winnie
judge of play, Jimmy Cardner, Wi
���Fistic Fans From Vancouver, Victoria,
and New Westminster Make Arrangements to See Fight.
What will probably bo the biggest
���drawing card for fistic fans of the
whole northern 1'arific const will take
place nt .Steveston on Saturday afternoon when Joe Hnyley, tbo Canadian
professional lightweight Champion Of
Victoria will meet Charlie Kellly of
Sau Krnncison for the Championship
The fact that, the mill Is scheduled
to go 1 T> round!! has made the supporters of the boxing game sit up and
take notice and the fishing village at
tho mouth Of tne Kraser Is expected
to be invaded hy over BO'K) people
wben the gong sounds Saturday arternoon,
Hilly Hndock of Vancouver, the promoter of the tiffuir, was In (he city
yesterday afternoon nnd called at The
News ' flee for a little chat before
lining on  to St. veston  where he will
complete all arrangements preparatory
to the canti st,
This Is Billy's first venture on staging such a battle although he has been
mired up with the light game for sev-
���oral years, being one or the seconds of
Johnny Lee of tbls city when he won
the   Canadian   championship   some
years ago In Toronto.
Special cars have been chartered to
take the Vancouver and Westminster
crowds to the terminus of the Lulu
Island line. Haddock arranging this
matter with Mr. W. K. Power, general traffic agent of the B. Ct K. H.
In addition to this the Victoria supporters of Hayley have chartered the
0. P. tl. boat Princess Mny which wlll
bring thetn direct to Steveston while
nrraneementB hnvo been made with
Mr. Robeft Jardine, the owner of the
Transfer, to take a crowd of over 150
from the Royal City to lhe scene of
operations, This boat will leave here
nt  1  o'clock  Saturday  afternoon.
A meeting between the managers of
Rellly  nnd  flaylev and  also  Haddock
Is scheduled to take place In Vancou-
ver this morning when a referee Will  "K.��� Ii8*
be selected from the number submitted,    A   New  Westminster    man    has i
been  suggested  but this  will  not bo ���
���decided until this morning..
New Westminster hockey tans will
get tlieir first taste of the i.ix man
game at the arena this evening when
An   loss' eastern All-stars clash with
a picked team from the Westminster
and  Vancouver clubs.
This is the first occasion tbat the
abbreviated game baa In on arranged
In this City and the victory of the
\ ���. a Btars over the western! ra
on Tuesday night at Vancouver, play-
ins undi r seven man rules leads many
: i believe that the vlsiti rs will cap-
tun' their second game lure this even
So fur the Berles gives Frank Patrick's stars a lead of one game they
having deteated the easterners In two
battles played in Winnipeg last week
so that a victory for Art lloss and
his hi iicliiiuii will tie the series, thus
oi n.!������ Iling a play ofr In Vancouver on
Saturday evening.
Although criticism has been levelled
at the six man game by the coast
fans nn the grounds that it leads to
too much Individualism, the brilliant
stick handling of both the visitors and
picked stars of the coast chilis
make the game Interesting frum i
peeti,tors' viewpoint. In Odie Cleg |
horn, Art Koss and Neighbor the fans
will be able to r-et a glimpse of the
fines! stick handlers playing the hoc-1
key garni in the < ast while tbe work
of Ernie Johnson, Cyclone Taylor. Eddie Oatman and Lehman is far too well
known to m cd comment
Tonight's game will start at 8:30,
with Billy Field of Winnipeg and
Jlmmle Gardner or the Royals handling  lhe  whistles.
Los Angeles. March 27.���The Venice
Coast league team defeated the Chi-1
cago American regulars today in a
16 inning game, which is declared to
be a n ci rd for pre-Boason games. 5
Venlci Bcored lirst in the third Inning
and Chicago In the eighth. Each side
used   tour pitchers.    The  score:
R. H. E. I
Venice   2    13    1 |
Ch cago    1    12    2
Batteries;    Brackenrldge, Koestner, i
EdmondSon, Hilt ' and    Simpson,   El-j
llott;   C.   Smith,  Bens,  White,  Walsh
i md Easterly,
White Sox "A" Trimmed.
San Francisco, March 27.���Tne Oakland t< 1111 of the Const league opened
he new Oakland baseball park with
1 vlctl ry over the Chicago Americans
lecoifd team, defeating the Sox by a
icon of - to 0. An argument between
Umpire Hush and Third Baseman
' Idi r, of the Sox, terminated only
when a policeman was called to
escort ".eider off the Held.    The score:
It. H. E
hicago    0   r>   1
Oakland     2    7    1
Batteries:     Clootie    and    Gossett;
Iregory and Mit/e,
Relatives Received Welcome Words.
Toronto, March 27.���"We are safe."
These three words, the first private
message to reach Toronto from an actual survivor of the terrible Dayton
flood reached Toronto today. It was
received by W. J. Colwell of the Office
Specialty company and was sent from
his wire's slBter. The date line was
Brookville,  Ohio.
Veil   Dance.
One of the unique features of   the
urogram last evening was a ve'l dance 1
by Mrs. Sliver, undor -Chose direction
the   Klrmos,   wim   held.     Mrs.   SalVer
is    a    dainty    and    most    practiced j
danseuse nnd the hall rang out with 1
applause,  at   the  conclusion   of    thc
"Tell   Me,  Pretty  Maiden." one    of
the    feature    singing    and    daneine
events, again aroused the audience to
enthusiasm  and  was encored to a return.
The      ladies      of     the      Women's
Auxiliary,   to*whom  a  prc-it  deal  of
cm! t is due for the success which
j attended tbe affair, ore ns follows-
;Miss Wright,  president;   Mrs,  A.  II. 1 ��� . __ .
Gordon,   vice-president;   Mrs.  O.     II     jatUVdaVMttrCn29
1 Manchester,    second     vice-president: 1 tr
Mrs. C. W. Houghton, third vice-presl- j3 o'clock
dent:   Mis.i  S. K.  Armstrong,    secre-'
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Eastern All-Stars vs. Western All-Stars
Friday Evening, March 28.
Seat sale now on at Hill's Pharmacy.
ADMISSION: $1.00 and 50 CENTS.
Joe Bailey vs.
Charlie Reilly
15-Round Boxing Contest
for tlie lightweight championship    of
Canada, on
tary; Mrs. W. R Edmonds, treasure
and Mrs A. C. Eddy, convenor of the
entertain ment cemmit'ce.
Kin-} of Carnival.
Alderman P J. Lynch, king rf the
carnival, is also worthy of mention
for the excellent manner in which be
presided'over the event. Droned In
the garb ef a knight ot Henry VIII
and with a touch of the clown ahout
bis facial makeup Mr. l.vnch cut a
ludicrous figure and only by his voice
could he be recognized.
Good preliminary, 6 rounds.
New Arena Built to Seat 5500.
Tickets now on sale at Chapman';;
Billiard Parlors, 134 Hastings B.; Peu
Ilingwold's Cigar Stand. Granville St.:
also at Kings Hotel. New Westmin
ster. Special cars leave Westminstei
and Vancouver over II. C. K. It.
S.S. Transfer leaves Market Wharf
at 1 o'clock. 1940 >
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Jack Johnson loHt decision to
Marvin i'nrt In 20 rounds a:
s.in Francisco.
Tommy Hums knocked out Jim
O'Brien shrdlu shrdlu shrdlu sh
Walker and Jim O'llrii n, one
round each, at San Diego.
Jimmy Clabby bested Kid Yan-
ger In six rounds at Milwaukee,
Frank Klaus Stopped Montana
Jack Sullivan In third round nt
New York.
Carl   Morris  knocked  out  Mike
Sohreok In sixth round at Sapid-
pa, Okla.
Johnny ('onion defeated
Jimmy Archei- Signs Contract.
Chicago, March 27. -Catcher Jimmy
Archer, the last of the "holdouts" to
ilgn with the Chicago Nationals, left
tonight to join the team in I.duisville,
Ky. It Is said that Archer demanded
$7500 for bis services this season, has
signed a contract calling for $6500.
Archer has heen training ror several
weeks and it is reported that he is
In condition tor playing.
Exciting Scenes
In British House
iCnntlnuen trom page onei
Ottawa. March 27 ���The d"part-
mrnt of labor has decided to enme a
bca-d of conciliation under the In-
dUStr'al Disputes net to deal with the
tro.-hle between Uie civic employees
of Vancouver and the city, n dispute
which departmental officials say afreets 12nn men.
Word has been rece'ved at th- de
���onr'mnnt that tha em-rlnvces have
named Mr. Ceorge F,. McCrossr.n. 8
Vancouver lawver, as fbe'r renresen
tatlvc on the board. It Is expected
that the representative et the city and
the chairman will soon be named.
Tho enquiry should be Inaugurated in
the course or ten davs or so.
Fofbes In  ten  rounds at    Ken
oshn,  Wis.
Harry    Lewis   defeated    Harry
Mansfield, Kngllsli, In 20 rounds
al  Liverpool.
Frank Moran    outpointed   Tom
Kennedy  In  10  rounds at Now
ministerialist jumped np and proceeded to discuss the hill In order to give ,
the  government   whips time    to    get
ihelr   men   Into  the   house.     He  was;
Harry   followed by others, despite persistent I
A     wonderful     production
In three iu three reels. Thrilling  encounters,   superb  acting,   clever   detective   work.
Bitulithic on Second Street,
New Westminster,
the Centre.
with Boulevard Down
i* (Hy "Oravy.") *
Anniversary of Johnson's  Defeat    by
Marvin Hart.
Although Mnrvln Hart never ranked
very high In the opinion of boxing
fans, and his claim to tho heavyweight championship wnB generally
regarded ns "phony," hn turned a
trick eight years ngo today that only
one other white man' hns accomplished. It was on March 28, 1005, that
Hint and Jack Johnson met In a San
Interruptions by the opposition. At
tbe end of nn minutes the government
allowed a division to be taken and got
a majority of 39.
Obstruction or Business.
Bxasporated by the Jeers and taunts
of the ministerialists nt the failure of
Hie plot, the opposition became noisy,
disorderly and deternflned to obstruct
nil business for the evening. The disorder lasted for nearly four hours.
One     Ulster     Orangeman    nnmed
Moore charged the government    with
"dlsgrnrernl  trickery", x* . foiling the
opposition plot to fm-Rtrh' a divls'on.
On his refusal    to    withdraw    those
words he wns suspended hy a vote of
| the  house.    Ills  colleagues  had    ar-
j ranged    to    follow his example,    bu'
their  courage  railed, -.eo  they   vented
| their rnge lu yelling Insulting epithets
at the government. There were crloB
if    "Mnrconl."    "scoundrels,"    "hlre-
llncs," nnd similar I'lpfrsslons.
Shortly   nfter   this   Donald   McNeil
complained   .that     Sir   A.   Markham
The blnck mnn  wns In  poor condl-  Liberal   member  for the'pottery dis
tlon, and seemed to luck both the de- trlct, had    called    the    opposition    ni
���I're   nnd   the   ability   to  extend  hlm-("hothouse  crowd."    There  was morn
Bitulithic Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy on
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For these reasons
liitulithlc Ib commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, and city officials, lt has been adopted by fifteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred in the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone 8��ymour 71J0.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
Discontented Twin ��� Pretty rotten
luck ou mal I shouldu't so much
min,I having a face like uilue If it
wasn't so beastly like yours.-Punch.
self.    The  result  after  20  rounds  ot
slow lighting wns a. decision In Hart's
Favor,   A little later, upon the retirement oT Jim Jeffries, Hurt claimed tho
world's title.
Jeffries  has  denied   that   ho  trans-
Hart, and,
excitement ever this and Chairman
Whiteley called on Sir A. Markham to
withdraw his remarks. He refused to
do so and was suspended ror a day.
The Government's Rent.
To    intensify    tbelr    chagrin,   the
Pool Room Changes Hands.
\ deal wan consummated yesterday
whereby Jameson and Segur, two well
know n ' Westminster   bnvs   took  over
the oossesslon of the Columbia pool! terred the title to llnrt, and, anyway, 1 Tories learned that If they had suc-
rooms located over the Iloyal theatre., u boxing championship Is a thing to needed In getting a division nt 4
Nat Jameson one of thn partners In >' fought ror, and remains the pro-:o'clock they would have beaten the
the new firm'is well known as a base- P<'rty of lhe holder only as long ,,'. government, bv "*,,. votes. This need
���ill ,rlli having played wllh the he Is willing and able to defend It. ��������� necessarily hav-n been fatal to tho
' ! ,,',. ���mi tbe Westminster Barly In 190�� Tommy Burns defeated cabinet, but It would have placed tho
ream for the past few seasons. "art  In    a 20 round    hoot    ln    Ui ministers In a perilous position, ea-
All Depends.
narrlct wss a very precocious little
gtrl. Oue evening a friend of the family was asking her some questions ln
mental arithmetic.
"How old would a person be who
was born ln 18727" he asked.
Harriet thought for a moment, then;
"Wns tke person a man or a womani"
���Sunday Magazine.
��� Hems. ];
'.! Where you are treated beet and .,
;; grumble tnost���London Tlt-Blts JI
Special Program
Monday and Tuesday
Helen Gardner in
in Five Parts.
In  order  to introduce the celebrated
L System cf clothes
for young men
to those who wish
to dress well in the latest
style, I am offering all New
Spring Suits at very special
prices for one week only
$30 Suits this week. .$22.50
$35 Suits this week .. 27.50
$40 Suits this week .. 30.00
Sole agent for New Westminster.
Next to Edison Theatre 648 Columbia St. PAUB  MX
Classified Advertising
. RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
day I 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5,000 words, to be used as re^
inured witl-in one year from date of
contract, $25.00.
Uirth or Marriage Notices 50o.
Death Notice 60c or with BMneral Notice J100. Card of Thanks 60o per
The Want Ads. are
Salesmen, Peacemakers,
Puzzle-solvers, Loss-ad-
jus tors, Business-detectives, Task-doers.
They are Militant Co-operators
with the man who has property
of any sort to sell���with the
business man, or housewife, who
Is "upset" by the Iobb ot "help"
���with the anxious work-Beeker,
against whom the rest ol mankind BometimeB seems to be hos-
tllely arrayed���with the landlords who unexpectedly lose tenants���with the business men
who need more capital���with
all who have controntlng them
a "want ad task!"
They are as completely at
YOUR 8ERVICE as are the
street cars or telephones���but
their capacity tor serving you
is much wider, while lust as
tor rent; use of kitchen and dining
room.    Phone 1129. l!M0>
store on liegblo street. Good show
window. Cheap rent. Apply Box
'.147 Newa office. (947)
Leaving Old England
for the Lure of Canada
housekeeping rooms. Apply 314 Carnarvon street. 1934)
modern  cheap, 314 Bleventh street.
(By St. John Adcock.)
I noticed them waiting for the train,
as I loitered on the platform, waiting
for It too. She sat at the end of the
seat; a plain, pleasant-featured woman of thirty, rather too faded and
patient looking, perhaps, with a redness about her eyes, as if she were
tired, or troubled.
The   -lan sitting  next to her was
a tew years older. Blight, bright-eyed
ing!   It seems such a long way
 You will write? "
The woman remained leaning out,
but said nothing.
"Why���here!" thc humorist broke
In raucously. "Now, then! Don't
you ask me to kiss you, Nelly���not
with a face like that!"
It waa a relief to be rattling on once
more. Tho men neither Bald good-
by nor made any signs of farewell;
the woman sank back back Into her
but curiosly apathetic; a sandy, moek.' 8(,atj ^  , waa a8i)amed to look at
subservient Bort of man, with a_D,fat j,er agsjn.
All  Expectant
one block from post offlco. Apply
624 Carnarvon atreet (902)
FOR     RENT���TWO      SUITES     OF
furnished housekeeping rooms, also
Bingle rooms.    47  Columbia streot.
keeping rooms, also phone, $14 to
$20 per month, at 224 Seventh
stroet. (893)
moustache;  a  watchful,  unobstruslve
air, and tho figure of a boy;  a grocer's assistant,  probably, or a small
Bhop keeper.
The third ot the party waa a young  dagh|ng   blindly
At the next station they all peered
Style Versus Beauty.
"Handsome is us handsome does" Is
s good old fuahloned uxloui, and beauty
or soul ls a tluc thing; so Is being good
hearted. Muny a plulu looking woman
has found consolation In tbe two hitter
attributes. In ancient Greece there
were two kinds of women, the Veuuses
and the Mlncrvns. When Venus frowned ou oue consolation was sought ln
Minerva.   One  Is  always  a  Minerva
toward the platform expectantly; and 1 from second choice.   Venus sits back la
there was a shabby, middle-aged man \ a porch rocker, calm, cool aud serene
  dashing   blindly   this   way   and   that; ta the knowledge that ber hnlr won't
fellow  of  twenty,   restless,  voluable, 4mong the crowd, glaring Into all the ; get out of curl, her complexion won't
apparently   hlghrBplrlted;   and   filo^ carriages. bumping Into Irritated paB-
his likeness to the woman 1 put him  genger8, |n a 8tate of excitement bor-
down as a younger brother of hers.  der|ng on distraction.
Ho sprang up every other minute to ,    The woman fluttered her hand, and
check his watch  against the station  he 8aw H and cama vip pant|ng.
clock;   ho  talked  incessantly  with  a,    ..Here   you   are   then ������   he   sal,i���a
self-conscious facetlousness;  evident- perspiring, friendly fellow, with shop-. - ,    ,,     , ,,,..  .,,���������.���
ly the wit or his circle, in ordinary manP8taltipPd all over him. "All right? 1 ��'����� and rides In �� chaise; Minerva
circumstances, and keen on living up I Nn" -this In answer to the wo-1 marries ���*���*��� Professor aud darns stock-
to his character,                                     'man   who   was  leaning  out   to   him.  tigs.   What n giddy world It would be
      Now and then the woman answerd  "sorry j can't gPt away.   Stuck to it | if women were nil Vcnuses. for It ls un-
 ���~ 'him   ss with an effort, and laughed;   tm   past   twelve   last   night,   but   no ] doubted l.v  the Mluervns who are the
TO RBNT���A SUITE    OP    NICELY but' the little  man,  her husband, re-  goou_���o   much   to   do.     They've   let ' bulnnce wheel of society.
blow off and she doesn't have to talk-
Just a smile, and everybody basks ln lt
Minerva works bard, her hair is limp,
her nose is shiny, and sbe can't keep
cool because she engages In heuted arguments.    Venus  marries  the uillllon-
cottage furnished for light housekeeping. Apply P. O. Box 492. 1938)
iu good condition,   three   or   four
rooms, in good neighborhood.   Rent
$15 or $18.    Box 931 News office.
responsible firm exclusive listings ot
drat class industrial and residential
property ln the city or dlstrlot.
Write giving particulars to Box 922
The News. (��22)
wanted. Liberal commission. Apply box 833, News ofrice
cleared and levelled with threo
roomed cottage, on Thirteenth
street, near Seventh avenue. Small
cash payment will secure this, balance arranged. Room 419 Westminster Trust building. Thos. Rut-
ledge Brokerage Co. (945)
corrugated iron water tank, 500
gallons; also small dash churn,
basin, print, etc. Geo. Rumble,
Jubilee, AC. (939)
all parts of Queensborough, $700 up.
Also good    building    lots.    Queensborough Realty Co., Ewen    avenue.
double corner suitable for rooming
house or terrace Apply Room 3,
C50 Columbia Btreet. (936)
furnished housekeeping rooms, furn-
aoo heated. Apply 37 AgnoB stroet,
or phone L638. (852)
keeplng rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9. Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes streot. (763)
small rooms over the NeWB office.
Suitable for club et light mannfac
turtng purposes. Will lease tor two
or three year terns, singly or en bloc.
Apply to Manager the News.
malned  stolidly  unresponsive.    Each  me off for haif an llour  but I've got i
was  cumbered   with   parcels,   and   a  to get back.    Like to have seen you!
monster travelling trunk billowed at of(. but vou.��� be all rlght    cheer-o!
their feet Write as soon as you get there."
Settlers' Luflgafle I    "Get my letter this  morning?"  In-'
When the train came, they follow- terposed the humorist loudly.    "What!'
In modern days the next best thing
to being n Venus, if oue cannot be a
Mlnerra, Is to be stylish.
What is  this  seemingly  indefinable
thing called style?  What la It thut dlf-
lutl   u��-*.i��   v��...^,   w-,,   --������-     it'rposeu  ine  liumunsi.  luuuiy,        mini    - ,.   . ...  ���,���.,   *���,.,���   .,,,,,!,���,-���">
ed  Into the  same  carriage with me,  hft�� you done wlth ���, [>1It ��� ,��� the j ferenlIsles one woman from another?
and as  the  big trunk was heaved ln   flre   eh?    Best place for it!" I w��y ���* ** th,,t OI,e woman Will be styl-
past me I saw on the end of it tho ,    ..Not nilicli.    No fear!" he laughed .'��>> ****** *������*��� aX'**-r dowdy, though gown-
elaborate   label   of   a   Canadian   ship'   a3 he was clearly expected to. "It was i ed In Ibe sume manner'.'   Why will a
ping company, and on the side a smal-  a treat!   See you again some day. j pretty woman often pale Into luslgulfl-
ler label wllh "settlers' luggage" on Don't forget us." cance beside her plainer sister'.' One of
It ln large letters.    Then I knew they |    "What do  you think." chortled the ; the first things when the desire is born
and   became   Inter-  humoriBt, "You'll  see me.    Drop    In
; tomorrow night, most likely.    In nnd
where. No colleotlea, no charge,
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ae-
enoy, 336 Hastings street, west.
Vancouver, B. C. (766)
to be stylish or smart looking, ns the
Kngllsli say. Is to feel stylish. Tbls is
easier than to reel beautiful, ss Is occasionally advocated. The feeling that
one hss style Is bracing. Unconsciously
the Iwidy straightens, the bead goes up
and   the   step   becomes   smarter   and
were   emigrants,
esled ln them. ..    . ....	
They were going from a little coun-iont so often you'll bo sorry' you ask
try town some 20 miles outside Lon-jed me!"
don, and 1 decided that the elder man | He roared With laughter. But the
had failed in business, or been long train waB beginning to move. The
out of employment. He sat staring mall on the platform took a step for-
stralght before him, and took no last w'ard; he nnd the woman kissed each
look at the fields and homely clusters  other hastily, and I had a glimpse of   hrisker.
of houses that cinematographed past him rubbing the back of his hand Another point to consider In tbl*
the windows; he seemed numbed by across his eyes as he turned away, achievement Is the poise of the body,
this uprooting of hiuiBelf, or lndlffer-1 The elder man had sat all the while 1 She who slinks along and sbufiles ber
cut, or even relieved that he was quit- stolid, dumb, heedless: thereafter, ev-1 reet will never nttuln the desired eud.
ting forever a place where he had en the humorist lost his sense of hu- j If style be ber desire. Much has been
suffered too much poverty and anxie- mor. and all three of them sat silent; uecompllsheil when ouce you huve
ty. until we rushed gallantly into the ter-: thrown your shoulders back, your lieail
"Hullo!" the younger man ejaculat-   mlm,e. | ���    (     ,    , ., ^.^ atl?p   ,or tUp
ed   a   minute   after   we   had   started; i Another Life,
"this here label's comln' ofL" I    Gettine out first, I saw no more ef
"Wet it with your finger," said the  them.    But all day I went about with
woman dully, "It's the gum." a feelinE on me that I haij come from
He  slapped   his   fingers  noisily  on  a deathbed, though I knew they were
invest $15.00 monthly from your
salary 7 This should appeal to
the man of small savings and
wages.   We hove a few lots right at j
the city limits and only two blocks  his  tongue,   and   moistened   the  back   pniy dying out of one life to be born
from the car.    City light end water jof the burlesque energy;��� Into another.
advantages.    66 foot Btreet frontage      "Don't forget the twiddly bit; And on my way home up the S'rnnd
nnd lane In rear.    The price Is $390. |    Straiten  out  the mlddly  bit!" [thnt  evening,   when the"street  lamps
They  are finely  situated, the  view   he guffawed, and the  woman gave a   shone pale against the glow that was
being  excellent and    the    location }short   Bhrill   laugh;   the    elder    man   still In the sky, and the long queues
 ......   his   HpB   in   a   momentary,   were   waltine:   outside     the     theatres
smile;    and   the   humorist,   tliey came back Into my  mind, nnd I
proper carriage und walk sre the feun-
datioa of style.
sanitary.    We will give further par-   wreathed
ticulars  on   inquiry   and  we   would', mirthless
Beauty Hints For Travelers.
Fer the traveler tbere ls a neat little
case Id pink linen, wblcb Is more practical than silk, because It cun take
many visits to the laundry without Injuring Its usefulness. Tbls little ease
when unrolled displays pockets for tbe
soap, talcum powder, cold cream, tooth
North, South. East, West
men and women are subject to the numerous ailments caused
by defective or irregular action of the organs of digestion and
elimination. Headaches, lazy feelings, depression of spirits
are first consequences, and then worse sickness follows if tho
trouble is not removed. But thousands have discovered that
TBeecAam^ 9>iW
(Tho Largest Sale of Any M��diclno la Uka World)
are the most roliablo corrective, und the best preventive of these common ailments. Better digestion, moro restful sloep, greater strength,
bri gh ter sni ri ts, clearer complexions aro given to those who use occasionally this time-tested home remedy. Beecham's Pills will no doubt help
you���it is to your interest to try them���for all over tho world they
Are Pronounced Best
Prepared only br Thomaa lleaoham. St. Helena, Lanoaahlrc, Bnaland
Sold erer-rwhere la Canada and U. 9. Amertoq.   la boaaa. to canla.
Tenders addressed to the undersign
<jd at Ottawa and endorsed on th!
.'tivelopu "Tenders tor Qasoltue
Launch" will be received up to noon
of the
tor the construction ot   a    Gasoline
Launch tor the Fisheries Patrol Service In  the Province ot  British  Co
luiubia. ot the following  dimensions
Longth over all 60 reet
Length at water line   42 reet
Beam 12 feet
Draft 6 feet
The engine Is to be a tour cylinder,
four oycla 6x8 inch Standard engine
as made by tho Standard Motor Con
struction Co., or any other type of
lUgllie   of   equal   merit,
Plans and specifications can be procured upon application from the Chief
inspector of fisheries New Westi'.ln
iter, B.C., tho inspector of Fisheries
Nanalmo, H, B, Schock Vancouver and
from the Agent of this Department
In Victoria, B.C.
Each tender must be accompanied
hy an accepted choquo on a chartered
Canadian hank equal lo 10 per cent,
of tho totiU amount of the tonder,
which cheque will be forfeited If the
-successful tenderer declines to enter
into a contract or rails to complete
the boat ln accordance with his
Cheques accompanying uiiBUCceBS-
rul tenders will be returned
The Department doos not bind lt-
<clf to accept the lowest or any
Newspapers copying this advertlBM-
tnent without authority from the De.-
partment   will   not   bn  paid.
Deputy Minister of
Marine snd Fisheries.
Department or Marine and  Fisheries,
Ottawa, March 3rd, 1913.      (S92I
Baik tf Montreal
. .$16,000,000X0
itrsaahes throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and m London, Eng
laad. New York. Chicago aud Spokane
U.R.A., aad Mexico City. A general
basking business transacted. Letters
ef Credit Issued, available wllh correspondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Baak Department - Deposits
received ln sums of $1 and upward
aad Interest allowed at 3 per cent per
aanosa (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
(1.   D.  BUYMNKit.   Manager.
8.C. Coast Service
LwtreB Vttticauver for Vlctorlu 10 a. in..
J p. m. And Ll til.
1 <****.*���* Vtutc��urer for Scuttlr   10  a.  m.
*\Mm   11   p.    111.
I*uvm Vancouver for Nunatmt* S  |��. hl
laaavcit  Vancouver   for   Prince    Rupert
u.��4  Northern   Points    10  p.   RL    WedAea-
���LeavMi Vancouver  every Wrdnewlay fct
ii r a
CbiliM Service
I*uvf��   Wctt-Unlnnti-r   t)   a.   m.   Monday.
WiiSaataAay and  I-'rt.lay.
l*M.vft*   ChllUwtuik    7    a.   m.     TiirtHdu.v.
I'kiurwday aAd S-alurilay.
If.D. OOULKT.  Aki-iii.  Ni-w West minuter.
ii  w. naoiiiin o. P. a.. Vanoouver.
be glud to show you the property,
lxiok this up and satisfy yourself.
National Finance Company, Ltd.,
521 Columbia street.
CIIANU HOME. five rooms,
bath, toilet and basement; very
lurne. level lot, HnxHiO, high and
dry, two blocks from Sixth street
tram, Eleventh avenue. Key at No.
HI)-., next door. See this and you
will buy. Only $245n; $r,00 rush.
balance as rent it desired. Wood-
worth &��� Co., 838 Camble street,
Vancouver. Plume Seymour 4438.
ness good, title location, Cash. Box
904  News offlco. (904)
Store,   Canada's   Pride   Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1 UO per week
Canada  Range  Co., Market  square,
Notice Is hereby given that the first
Bitting of the Court of Itevlsion on
the Assessment Roll for 1913 will be
beld nt the Council Chamber, City
Hall, New Westminster, B.C., on the
16th day of April, 1913, at 11 a.m.
Notice of uny complaints must bo
given to tlie Asseesment Commissioner In writing at lenst ten days
previous to the sitting of the Court.
Dated at New Weatmlnster, B.C.,
the 17th day ot  March, 1913.
(882) City  Clerk.
Three room sui
ed.    $27.50.
and bath, furnish*
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth  Avenuo. Phone 750.
���   'H
Telephone 295.
P. O. Box 777.
Wm ���)���,!/- , ��;tv |0t ;(S a fjrst payment
on a handsomo new  eight  roomed
u ,.���   uuuoe  with  full sized lot.
No. !U.
Will take city property In exchange
for an einln acre farm at Sardis.
Tive acres under cultivation. No. 6.
Will take a city lot as first payment
on six roomed house not ipilte completed and local ed an Siipperton.
House Is all modern and is valued
at $3800,    No. 37.
Cheap lot on Wise road, size 34x145.
$100 cash and any old term for the
Will take city property In exchange
for an eight acre farm near Sardis.
Five acres under cultivation. No, 8,
Three roomed house snd large lot
near KdmondB for $900; easy terms.
No. 84.
r.wellest house In the city, on George
street. Interior finished In oak. Excellent plan.    Snap price. j
Lot 4. of Illock 19, of part of Sec
tion 3, Illock 8 North. Range 7
West, Dlstrlot of New Westminster.
A certificate of Indefeasible title to
above property wlll he Issued to Frank
N.   Trltes,  on   the  12th day  of April,
1913, unless in the meantime u valid
objection thereto ho made to me iii
writing by a person or persons claiming an estate er Interest therein, or
In any part thereof.
District Registrar of Titles
Land   Registry   Offlcp,
New Westminster, B.C., February
28th, 1913.
thus encouraged, went on to babble
foolishly gay things about persons
who were doubtless common friends
of the three, cracking the lnnanest of
innane jokes without scoring any further  successes.
Such a Long Way.
They glanced casually towards the
window as We stopped at the next
station, and gathered their parcels
together to make room when three or
four s'rangers filtered in nnd filled
the carriage. As we swept into the
second station there were four little
girls eagerly on the watch; they
caught sight of the woman, who sat
by the window opposite me, ran to
keep pace with us, and slowed as we
slowed, to a standstill-bright, well-
dressed, goodlooklng girls, who nodded and smiled and waved their hands
nnd came chattering and laughing to
the door. The two men kept their
seats, bul the woman rose and looked
out, and one after the other they kissed   her.
"Now mind you write! Hope you
have a nice voyage. Send us a picture postcard!" There was something
heartening in the chorus of fresh
young girlish voices; then abruptly a
change flashed over the eager, laughing girl who was nearest It was as
a mask had slipped suddenly from
her fare, and showed It a pileously,
distorted visage of tragedy, the HpK
a-qulver, the eyes darkened and 1
turned quickly aside, bul could henr
a thin, broken voice that was full of
tears:   "Oh,  1   wish  you  were not go-
Every Woman
Im Intomwd and Phould know
bontllit wondorfttl
Mapve, WM^S,,.,
,,    .      , .     . ,    , . i powder or paste and toilet wuter.    It
saw    heir ship, with   ts ports alight      .,, ,   .��� ���i���.,,������ i��� .v,_
making out to sea through the deep- *"�� *��� ln"��>' P���*>M minutes In the
enlng shadows, with the lonely quiet- arw8lng ''00'" of ,hc ' u""'uu 8 eep '
ness  of the great  waste    of    waters I though It costs only ft.B0.
stretching before them, and the twinkling streets of the country that had
been tliere dwindling into the dis
tanep  behind.
Aik yoirr drnirrti
K. If tto fa-mot supply
Urn   MAlt\ i U in*i-'*pt no
oltinf, l,nt H'-ii'l mmnM fbf tlliis-
tr-itml txw>k-V'al'"t*H p.i*e-ijtn*l~
GrUrtiion and ibreetlnTM invionlile
bates. W INUsi ill SU ��������-.��' <<>.. Wlii d����r. On"
llt-n-nml ,u ��� i"t i iiiii.tlii
The person or persons having In
their custody or possession the following Title Deeds relating tn the said
property are requested to deliver the
same tu the undersigned.
(a)     Deed    dated    the 2Sth  dsy of
November, 1K93, from Frank N. Trltes I
to Thomas llennett of the nbove    de-
BCrlbed  property.
ihi Deed dated the 12th day of
November, ism, from Thomas Bennett
to Arnold Bennett of the above described property.
(c) Deed dated the 12th day of
October, 1900, from Arnold llennett to
Oeorge W Shay of the above de
scribed property.
J, 0. OWYNN,
(7ri4) District   Registrar of Titles
Billiards and  Pool
Hlggest and best line of Pipes
Cigars and Smoking requisites
Wholesale and  retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609  Columbia   St,
D. McAulay
Tel, 724.
Cor. Sixth and Columbia
Cottage to rent.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary Publlc.
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Today $210
Frank Major Music and
Piano House.
61 Sixth St.        .   ,
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
Formerly at 610 Columbia St., now at
007 Kront St.    Phono II1031.
New   Westminster,   B.C.
Real  Estate and  Business Chances.
Acreage   und   Choice   Krult   Lands   e
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg.
of nil kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
59 McKenzie St.
Pleaiant  Sort of  Poople   That  Merely
Robbed Travelers.
"1 wns once for some weeks at a
sugar plantation, near a small provincial town In Mexico," wrote the lute
Mr. Ijibotirhere lu 1S70. "In the town
llred a brigund. lie was highly es- ���
teemed hy bis neighbors, und 1 passed
msny a pleasant evening with hlin and
his family. Ills daughter wus n 'beauty,' nud this estimable parent wus
uinassliig a little fortune for ber.
"Mis habit whs tn ride ut nlgbt to
this road between Mexico and Vera
Crux with two or three nssoiiales ami
to levy contributions on the diligence.
When 1 left the town I wanted to
strike this rond. and I went with hlm 1
and his friends We reached it at !
about* t) in tlie morning Having pur-
taken of cbueolnte, the brigands posted themselves behind some rooks, und
I   looked ou.    Soon  the diligence wus
seen upproachlng The brigands emerged, the coachman stopped, the passengers   were  requested  to  descend  and
were |Mihtely eiiseil nf tlieir money.
'���'rim passengers then took thetr
places again In the coui tl, and It drove
ufT, while the lulfiiinds courteously
bowed in them. So honest were they
In their peculiar nay ttuit they wished
uie to take my share tu the i-pmi. hut
this, of coin-He, my standard or uiurui-
Ity tielei; different from theirs, I de- ;
cllned, nnd l wished ihem goodbj,
"Hiding on to ivui'tii  i dined st a
tatue d hote thut evening wllh the despoil.���,! travelers and was grmtlj
smlined in hear llu-ni recount the val- :
oroiis milliner In which tbey had ile
fended themselves und how they st
last had to mi'iiiiiib lo sum tiers."
Another article which Is sure to ho
appreciated by the traveler���and there
nre few not among this number these
days-is the manicure set, with nU the
necessary little Implements packed
compactly Into the buffer.   This does
nwny with those vexullous moments
when lhe hurried traveler searches
madly among the dozen uud oue ur
Holes In the bottom of the bag for the
nail tlle or perhaps the orange stick.
By pressing the catch ut the side of the
buffer the top springs up. revealing
n velvet lined compartment containing
n pair of scissors, half n dozen emery
boards, u duplex llle. uu orange wood
stick, a box or nail luster and another
box ot the salve. , Close the catch ami
the bufTer Is ready for use. Many women buy Ihem nickel plated for t'i to
keep In the bathroom, where the guest
may use thetn easily uud where they
wiP not take up the room thut the different articles would If spread onl
separately. The sliver plated set costs
$2,00 uud tbe solid silver $(i.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone  185.      Barn  Phone  137
Begble Street.
Baggage Dellveisd Promptly to
sny part ot the city.
Week End tickets on sale to local
points at Single Fare tor Round Trip
in   Fridays,   Saturdays  and  Sundays.
For rates and reservation apply    to
i-.IJ   OOULKT, Agent
New WeutmlnKt<:r
)r H    W.   Hrodle. O.P.A ,  Vancouver
: light and Heavy Hauling
Care of -��he BoHv.
Castile soap and orris root In equal
parts make u cleansing uud fragrant
tooth powder.
Don't nth the face with too coarse a
towel. Trent it ns you would the flnest
porcelain, tenderly and delicately.
A little carbolic ncld added tn the wilier In which hums, bruises and flits
���ire washed greatly lessens the sure
[losewater, four ounces, and n third
nf an ounce of tincture nt benzoin have
ihe .|iiaiiiy or bringing the blood lo
the surface of llie skin uud giving It a
dell.-ale pink cojor.
'i'o make camphorated Oil bent tour
minces of -amphor In a mortar with
four ounces nf Florence oil till the
camphor In dissolved. This Is nu ex-
'ellent liniment tor rheumatism uud
all kinds of sprains.
who do not receive   The News before
S a.m. should
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables In the city. Flno
fiu�� ol Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
tveata bulletined.
A. Q.  BEATON.  Proprietor.
New  SpritiK and   Bummer  Suitings
��ow  on  display.    See   them.     Perfect
fit and workmanship guaranteed.    701
Front Street.
and make complaint. Only ln thin traj
may an efficient delivery be main
'        L"J.
Specially���Treatment of the scalp
by Vlbro-Massage and Clover's Famous Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth St.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
prince Joins "Pall Mall."
T'e* Prince of Wales has been elect,
ii a member ol tiie famous Pali Mail
club me Maryborough. Bufore Hi-
Knyal Highness matriculated at Mas*
doien the King wouUi nol countenance
the i n.jsisal of his joining any London club, but durint; Ins torm at 0--
lord the priiiee lias learnt much ol
men and matters with ihe result tha-.
His Majesty has now withdrawn tlle
��� mbargo so f.ir as London it concern
ci, and the prince lias Joined the
Marlborough. The Marlborough .since
its inception has alv.-tiys been associated with royally.
A Pathetic Benefit.
Perhaps one id lhe saddesi of tin*
nmny benefits which have been celebrated at Drury I^ine wns that given
on June '-'7, lM'i>, lor GntnsMi, the
greatest clown the stage has known,
when Che heartbroken old man was
wheeled on to the stnge m an arm-
eluiir uiui liopo'.essly broke down In
his endeavor to sini' his one famous
ditty, "Hot CodUai."   The old man's
memory luul completely forsaken blm,
On that occasion n. ?um of ��1,7(10 wu-
realir.ed. which lor many years re-
uiaiici a recorti.���St, James Oaiette,
Toll-t Suggeationa.
I< the entile about your nails deems
tough   and   there   Is   a   tendency   to
I "hnngnulls" rub lu a little vaseline or
; cold  cream  every  nlgbt bt-roru  retlr*-
I Ing.
To whiten Bnger nails and Improve
I the bands ent a tresh lemon In two
i nnd rub It well at night. Wnsh off In
! warm w-.iter the neit morning. This
j sume treatment Is excellent for stains
i on the hands.
Astringent lotions should lie used to
' reduce tbe htrge pores of the skin,
I which become Clogged with dust and
��� grime.     These   dlsllgurlng   pores   are
: especially noticeable across tbe nose
! often extending over the cheeks,     If
I ullowe<l to go without checking agents
these   [lores   develop   Into   blackheads
Hum which there la uo gruuter enemy
to heuuty.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street.  New   Weetmlnater.
Singer  Sewing   Machinea.    Small   Muaical Goods of all  Kinds.  PHONE 694.
Ladies and gentlemen's tailoring.   A fine stock from
whieh to select your Easter Suit.
Eighth St. Dunsmuir Block.
Professor Ilerdt, McCIll university,
I whose opinion was asked by the town
lot Aurora as to thu merits of tlie rlv-
u 1 power tenders of the provincial
i Hydro-Electric system and the Mao-
kenzle-Mann Interests, has decided ln
i favor  of the private company.
Will Lease for Three Years
508 Westminster Trust Bdff.
(B9T) FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 1913.
Uev. A. 0, Stewart died at Rtreets-
llible Sunday was observed In Toronto churches.
A thousand Ontario homesoekers
left Toronto for the west.
James Nelson, of Regent street, l.on
don, dropped dead In a sleigh.
Donald C. Cameron, one ot the prom
inent locomotive engineers fn Canada,
died ut Allnndale,
The York Highways Commission
plans to build fifty miles of good
roads  this  coming  Bummer.
The Masonic semi-centennial fund
of 1100,001) has been completed by
thc Clrand  l.odgo of Ontario.
David McLean wns nominated aa
Liberal candidate for South Lanark
lu tho provincial bye-election.
(1. D. McMillan, C. and N. O. geologist, reports that Hudson Hay Is
navigable for five months at loast.
The death occurred In Blenheim of
Mrs. Jennings, wife of Rev. E. C. Jennings, rector of Trinity church.
C, M. Bowman charged the government with groBS extravgance ln tho
building or Government House.
The Toronto city council went    on '
reconl as favoring an additional grant
or $600,000 toward the Central Technical school.
A.   F,. Howe, a middle-aged farmer, !
residing four miles west of Blenheim,
is In  a serious condition as a result
of an attack hy a bull.
Stratford ratepavera defeated a by-
lav., to allow tho C.P.R. entrance cut-
ting through its park system, but carried two industrial bylaws.
A charge that a Toronto alderman
sought a license for a laundry, that
he might get a commission In a renl
i'State deal, was made to the council.
II. K. Rrh. of Sebrlngville, rvM.P..
was chosen Liberal standard bearer
i nthe l-'edi nil elections for South
Penh, nt a convention In Mitchell.
The denth occurred at HuTfalo of
Jeremiah 1, O'l.enry. well known Chin
eso inspector for the United States
government, covering Wellaml county.
The S4th annual convention of the
provincial   (iranil   Orange   lodge   will
be   held   at   Windsor   this   week   with
a session if the  lllack Perceptory In [
the lodge rooms.
People were turned awny from the'
banquet nud concert of the Salvation.
Army at Quelph, Inld at the reopening of the Cltldel.    Over 800 partook
Of  the   feast.
While   Philip   Clark,   a     prominent t
farmer on the Lake Shore read, near
Kingsville,    was   operating   a   power
corn-shollor his  right hand and  arm
were   badly   Injured.
During 4R hours, tour Oalt citizens ',
died, whose ages nggregate 800 years.
Tney  wore   Thomas    Patterson,    TO
years; F, T Seagram. 71; Charles
Kirby. 7it;   Edward Clouston, 80.
Two wealthy real estate men ot Toronto were In Snrnla gathering fnctn
nnd figures to use ln the building of
175 houses, which the company they
represent will put up in Sarnia.
Capt J  T. Hutton and A. n. Hack-
ett. of Amherstburg, accompanied by
n Detroit diver, ore at Chippewa point
investlgaling the scene of tht wreck
<if the steamer KeyBtone.
Tor the first time since he collapsed
in his pulpit on the Sunday previous
to Thanksgiving Day, Rev. Dr. Dick-
-non, pastor of the Central Presbyterian church. Onlt, preached Sunday at
lMith   services.
Smallpox has broken out In 20 Exe-
1er homes, What was thought to be
ohlrken-poi hon been prevalent for
the past two months, b-'.t suspicions
were first aroused as to the diseaso
lielng smallpox In the case of Reginald Taylor, boii of ex-Rreve John Taylor.
Tho litigation over the estate of the
Into Jury Moynihan, known as the
���millionaire rag picker," of SL Tljom-
ns, which Involved more than 600
claimants, was settled when Probate
Judge Holt-Camp decided thst the *a-
tato should go to iienjamln Foster
Moynihan, of  Ottawa.
With a rerord of over forty years
ns a locomotive engineer on Ihe I/in-
dqn and Windsor division of the C. |
P. It., Charles Clarke has now settled
down to enojy n well-earned rest He
���was horn nt Stockport, Kngland, 85
years ago. and came to Canada In
IKfiS,  settling   In   Peterbnro.
A $1,000,000 pulp mill ls nenrinj
completion at Dryden.
An attempt was made to burn the
Y. M. 0. A. building at Chapleau.
A large engineering plant is tht
latest industry for Fort William.
The Victoria hotel, Fort William,
was bought by Joseph Qulnlan for
It Ib estimated 2G00 extra men will
get employment In new Fort William
plants this spring.
Provincial Constable F.dwards madi
seizure of contraband furs at Heron
nay, on the north shore of Lake Su
perlor. The furs were taken from a
trapper, who was fined |485.
The Canadian Stewart company ban
been awarded" the contract for thr*
building of Ihe new 3,000,000 bushel
addition to the O, P. II. Elevator D
Fort William. This wlll muke the total eaoaelty of this elevator 7,000,000
Deep ln tho wilds of the Montreal
river district, In New Ontario, many
miles off the beaten rnthB. Donald
Fraser, until recently attached to the
engineering department of thc Orand
Trunk Pacific railway, Is searching
for a gold ore deposit he located nine
years ago while prospecting In the
Oowgonda fields. He has supplies for
a Btay of five months.
Th"   lln*'.*    nuns   or   Montreal    will
build a million dollar hospital In West-
I mounl   this   vear.
Leon Ferrler and his wife Virginia
who were asphyxiated at Montreal,
onlv recently arrived from France
and were married Just before Bailing
for Canada,
Bt .lames Methodist church, Montreal, extended an unanimous cull I"
Rev. CharleB A. Williams, of the Irish
Methodist conference, to succeed Rev.
Dr. William Sparling, next June. Mr
Williams is at present stationed at
Centra! mission, Dublin. Dr. Sparling
goes to Dominion church, Ottawa.
The Canadian  Northern    railway's
i work of tunneling under Montreal ha"
been slopped through an iniiincllon
secured by Hon. H. II. Ralnville, bas
ed on the part of the civil code, which
savq; "Ownership ot tlu* soil carries
with   it  ownership  or  what   is  above
'and what is below it." The C. N. R.
have Just reached a point below llnln-
ville's  property.
Si. Dunstan's Roman Catholic cathedral. Charlottetown. the largest Catholic church in P.K.I., was destroyed
by fire Monday, with a loss of $800,-
lino. The f^e Is B-Tooqrd to have
been Btarted by an electric light wire
behind the altar.
How Adaman Islanders Protect Their
Dead From bvil Spirits.
Strange ta the linri.il service among
the Adaniaii Islanders. It Is tbe cus
torn of the lalundent to drop tbe bodies
of their parents Into the ses at the end
of ropes and leave tbem tbere nntll
nothing remains nut tbe bones, wblcb
tbey then gather und hang from the
roofs Of their tints.
It Is a common custom for a relative
to sit by the hour and watch the bones
of some relative. This ts tbe way they
have of shewing their love and respect.
The hodies ure treated In this fash
Inn so that the evil spirits cnunot tease
and pinch tbem. All tbnt Is left are
the dried Imfies. snd these are placed
high so tsst If tbe evil spirits wander
Into the huts tbey wlll hare a hard
time to Hnd them H a bone Is carried
awny It means some bad spirit bus
seized It, and this means tbut some
terrible calamity will befall the fam
In the Katanga district of central
Africa wliwii a chief and his wire riles
there Is great feasting and celebrating
Some nr these festivals lirst three ��r
four days. After thf iKslles ar* lain
te rent with dancing and rejoicing
became they sre going to rule over
a higher sphere their relatives sud
frlenda do not depart nntll they leave
one ar more chairs and s supply of
"letties. This la done because tbe souls
are expected to rome out snd wander
sbout their gnivee���Chicago Tribune.
"B* your engagement to Miss Jor-
recks Is broken f ssld Dubblelgh.
"Yes," sighed Digging. "Her mother
ssld she wss a lirst class conk, and I
���aw st ence I'd nvver be able to keep
her."-Dsrper's Wnekly.
The Keystone, which sank nt nrook-
vllle 'Inst   October,   after striking     a
shoal In n fog, cannot be raised.
Two policewomen, Mrs. Cheney and
M!ss Florence Campbell, were sworn
in bv Chief Ross and detailed for duty
on the Ottawa forc'o,
Express MosHonger John Olenn, of
Clarendon, was so busy at Sharbot
lake that he )ert his bag with a package containing nearly 81700 on the
truck. Thn bag was found empty
John McCutcheon, who Is dead, ago
1)4 years, for over threeiiuarters of a
���century had lived in Belleville, He
was a member of tho Veterans' Association, having been to the front ln
time of 1S37 nnd 1866.
Charles Sims, of Snowflnke. has
left for England, commissioned hy the
department Of the Interior to report
tin emigration conditions In the old
���country. B, J. Reynolds, of Winnipeg has Just returned from a similar
mission nnd il is believed has submitted a report
Talk Is re ther these, snd why?
Meeauae, you understand.
Thers'a nearly always a supply
Rxeeedlng the demand
-Wsahlngton Heral*.
First Sufrrugetti��-8o thnsp horrid
college Students broke up .vour parade?
Second Siiftrngetie-Ves. In H parade
they hud thu night before onrs waa
scheduled they broke everv plate class
window In town.���New tnrk Time*,
He wns n snvuili cuss for 'sir,
BUI carried It too tur;
Tn save his ersnn new pho** from wear
Ile bought a mnmwar
-Cincinnati Emulrvr.
Forty Years on the Broad Highway*
of England Hava Not Undermined
tha Health cf Veteran Wanderers,
Says Harry Payne���Mending of All
Sorts Is the Most Common Form
of Work  Done.
Of all Uie people I meet on the road
there are none who interest me so
much as the veterans and old stagers.
Kven as a lod, when I lirst came on
the "toe-be" (road) I always found
my greatest pleasure in the oompany
of such men, says Harry Payne iu
London Idras.
A thing which has always amazed
me in connection with these old veterans is their wonderful hardihood.
Twenty, thirty, und even forty years
of life1' on tlie road have not undermined their constitution, or rendered
them incapable of competing with the
younger men on the road. I remember meeting an old stager some years
ago while "on tramp" in the north of
Scotland, at a place called Bervle, between Montrose and Stonehaven, on
the the north coast. Whilst tramping
along the dust-laden rond the old man
confided to me something of his lite
He wa* born on the road, o! tramp
parents, and had lived on thc mail
all his life. He Was then seventy
year-, of age, ami he looked as hardy
and as ht as a man of half Ins yearn.
In ths course oi his seventy years
of life he had been in turn acrobat in
a traveling circus, racing "spiv" (tipster), tinker, wireworker, tern gatherer, watercress gatherer, "tub ttiumi>
er" (coo|ier), "tatter" (rag gatherer),
odd mnn on the land, "mush-laker"
(umbrella mender), and many more
things besides.
During the last fifteen years of hi*
life ho had practically lived in the
open air. His bundle contained his
"skippering tackle," or, in other
wonis. his equipment for "dossing''
out. This consist d of several old horse
rugs, a couple if long sacks, a sma'.',
pillow stuffed with straw, and several
pots and pans, 'lhe old man's knowledge ol Scotland was lx>th "extensive
ami peculiar." He had tramjied it by
day ai.il by night, summer anil winter
fnr  nearly  a  quarter   of a century,
ami. as we sny on the "toe-be," lie
knew every house for miles which
win  "good   lor  a  cold   potatOe."
Like all old stagers he vehemently
deplored the passing oi the "good old
times, 1'lie country nml the people
n.n't a little bit like what they used
to he," be 6aJJ to me in plaintive
t'ine-s, as we trudged a'.ong the broad,
white highway in tin- golden sui.shine
oi that glorious summer afternoon.
"The present generation have no
hearts," he continued. "When I was
a youngster a man on the road oould
get a feed and a night's shelter at
almost every house in this countryside. People used to think it shame
in anyone who turned a poor man
sway (nun their door hungry and
eni] ty-handed. Hut those times are
past and gone!" And the old man
heaved a sigh. A couple of years ago,
while tramping in the north ol Kt.g-
laiul, 1 made the acquaintance of an-
1 other o'.d veteran. 1 fell in with him
at   a   "kip"  (lod'.'ing-house)   In   Halt-
' whist'.e, in Northumberland, and we
became quite "chummy," nnd were
in the habit ol wiiing away the long
* wint*r evenings with a lew gamss ol
dominoes. "Old Durham." as be waa
cal'e'l, was sevr-nty-four years of H'rc,
a' 1 had be-n forty years on the road.
Prior to that hi had been in the
army, though ' i what branch of the
srrvio.' i canmt sny. No matter where
. he  whs  staying  in  Northumberland,
: Durham, or Cumberland (to which
thre*-> counties his wanderings were
cinfined) he would rise nt t a.m ,
Fiimmer nml winter, and after a wash
a-ii a cup of ten, start ofl on the road.
He had  a lamp for  lighting him on
1 h     way during the dark mornings and
i nights ol winter.
He was a survival of the olden time
I pcdlnr,   and   always   carried   a   pack
i well stocked with lace, ribbons, and
the sort of gimcraeks which are dear
ito the heart   ot   the   country  maid.
I During tho summer time "Old Dur
ham" used to live entirely out oi
d'-ors, and for this puTpo-ttc would always enrry his "skippering tackle."
1 have heard tbla grissled Old vetsrau
declare over and over again thut he
would not die in a bed.
Another nid vetrenn whom I can resell was, in tramps' pnrlanoe, a "epiki
ranger," that is, a regular habitue ut
casual wards, or "spikes " Kilty
jcuts he had bte.1 cn the "toe-b-V anj
nv.re than hall that time be had
spent in the "spikes" oi Kngland and
Wales. At seventy years of age he
could break Ins ten to lilteen hundredweight of Mmics, or pick Ins four
pounds ol oakum with the best among
his fellows. How this mnn contrived
to preserve his Iron constitution and
retain his cheerful optim.sm while
leading hie worst oi all.existences w
more than I can sny. But retain them
he did, down to the time be died, in a
easuai wr.rd in Koulh Wales.
Another hardy old voternn ol my
arrimli.tnnee is still on the road arid
doing his six "stages" a week. We
will call him "Old Cough-drop." a
nickname which owes its orijin lo the
pe-euliar nature of his -bailing. He is
n ti lister, nml during tlie flat racing
season ���ells "tips" at n iwnny a time.
The "tips" ere enclosed in envelopes,
snd each envelope -contains about
half-a-dor.��n cough lozenge*, ���oi th--**
sort you oan gel nt lour ounces a penny. "1 don't sell the tip, gente; 1 give
you that in iree, grat.s, and for nothing, along with the cough lozenges,
which I'll guarantee to cure m two
days the worst cold nr COOSb that ever
threatened a man with six feet of landed estate!" Thus the wiry old mnn
in the "horsey" suit, who, in spite of
his sixty-eight years, Is still "padding
the lionl" on the ilcnr old "toe-be."
A Story on an Englishman That Has
a False Ring to II,
One time uu Kngllsli Journalist was
visiting lo Washlng.ou. He had the
proverbial liritish obtUHeneag wtieu It
came tu getting tbe point of n Joke,
nud the newspaper meu nt tbe capital
bud n good deul of fuu nt his expense. Uut he wus u good fellow, and
when he wna leaving the boya gave
hlm a dinner.
When the lime for the speeches arrived tin- toimt muster spoke of tbe
pleasure tbe Englishman's visit bud
given all present und the regret thut
all felt at his departure. In conclusion be aald without s twinkle lu his
"And now It become* my duty to see
that you do not leave us without something to remember us by. ln behalf
of the Press club I now preaent yoo
with tbls ring."
Then, leaning across tbe table, he
struck s silver call bell tbat bsd been
left between him snd the guest.
Kvery laxly leached bnt tbe letter. To
everybody's surprise, he arose In his
plsce. picked up the bell, admired It
nnd put It In his pocket. Tbeu he cleared bla throat, aud there was silence
for his speech:
"Ah���er-geiHIemen, I thank you for
this charming���ah���gift. 1 am not a
publlc speaker, und so I'm s bit embarrassed. But���ba���ha! I know why
you all laugh. Tour-ab���chairman
waa Juat aa embarrassed aa 1 am. He
gave me tbis pretty bell, you know,
nnd he got confused and said It was s
ring, by love! I muat tell that when
I get home!"���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
What He Did.
Willie had a yellow dog tbat was a
perfect nuisance, but so devoted waa
the hoy to blm that be could not lie
persuaded to have blm killed. ODe dny
wheu Ids rather had beeu unusually
annoyed by the antics or the dug be
called Willie In rrom play and said:
"My boy. I'll give you a dollar lf
you get rid of that dog."
Willie's face expressed great amazement at the thought of so much money
belonging to him. He looked lotig at
tbe dog and finally told his father he
would give hlm his decision the next
The fol low ing day Willie sought his
father and said:
"I've got rid of Max. father."
"I'm more than glad. Willie." said
the father. "Here's your money: you
have earned It. How did you get rid
or hlm?"
"Why," answered Willie as he pot|
the money in his pocket. "1 swapped!
hlm to IIIII Morgan for two yellow
pupa."���Tit Bits.
in an imperial squadron says the plan
wlll stimulate development while giving the personnel recruited In the dominions the lull opportunity and experience ot service In rieets uianoeu-
verlng together ln modern conditions
on tbe Kuropean scale.
Such a rieet would concentrate the
pride and xeul ot the self-governing
peoples on a particular battle fleet,
which they will often see. Above all
It would provide an opportunity of
testing und developing the mechanism of naval partnership! in practicable, flexible form. These are valuable
qualities suited to the very complex
problem which the empire has solved.
"Cheek" in the sense o! impudence
is sn old tenn. The earliest quotation in Sir .lames Murray's dictionary
is from Captain Marryat (1840). But
it has lately been found in the sixteenth century records of Galway, in
the west of Ireland. The municipal
rul-ws oi that tighting city���the "man
Irom Ciulway" lias become proverbial
lor pluck and readiness to defend the
hottest of corners���decreed that sny
person giving "choke" to the mayor
should "forfeit 100 eliillings and hava
hia body put into prison."
An Appropriate Hymn.
The annals ot unconscious pulpit
humor will be enriched by an instanoe
furnished some little time ago at St.
Jolwi's Church, Keewick, England. A
lady's watch hod been found in the
churchyard, and thc vioar, in making
hia usual weekly announcements
trom the p-ulpit, referring to the find,
stated tlmt the watch could be claimed in tixe vestry. The next announcement was. "We will now sing hymn
303: 'hold, lier watch Thy Church ia
"|ts Qdicious Qrawing Qualities"
Ar�� aanif ested In millions of Teapots daily
Eg Mjgj or 6REEW   Seald Paok��U Only
#BU��aaf����h^~eaKDMlnr OS Mrwt "SALADA." ******
Grimy St. Paul's.
A blackish incrustation, in soms
places four inches thick, on the under ride of the cornice of St. Paul'j
Cathedral, due to the action ol sulphuric acid upon the Bton", tei-tifles j
to thc effects oi the smoke evil in
Corner of McKenzie and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house. Will give two years' lease. Apply
to Manager The New Westminster News.
Sold   Baby   For   a Coffin.
Tan Teong, a Chinaman residing in [
Malay states, wss recently fined $100,
with  the  alternative of Uiree  weeks'
imprisonment, lor selliiij liis adopted
baby girl inr   $5ft to buy   a coffin in |
which to bury his wile.
The New Delhi.
Britain has sent a special committee oi town planning experts to ex-
amin" th" grounds and submit plani
for the new city to be constructed at
Delhi. The area expropriate ior thif
purpose ;b 125 square milea.
He Knew.
"Oh," snld tbe stranger ln the Interview wiih Tlinklns. "what I want ls n
reliable clerk for tbe weighing room,
one who knows what's what Do you
understand T'
Tluikins nodded.
"Vou know your weights nml mens
ures tuples, of course'.'" went on tbe
manager. "Vou might just run through
tbem now."
"I'Tfteen ounces make one pound"���
begun Timklns.
"(io In snd start nt once!" cried the
nuiniiger. with u grin of satisfaction.
"You're tlle man for me!"���London
Weekly Telegraph.
��' PHONE 890
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Dangoroui  Ground.
It was In the churchyard. Tbe
morning ami shone brightly, and the
dew wan still ou tbe grass. "Ah. thin
ls the weather that mnkea tblnga
sprlug up." remarked tbe passerby
casually to an old gentleman aeatedon
a lieuch.
"Bush!" replied tbe old gentleman.
"I've got three wlvert burled he-re.*���
St. I.ouls I'ont 1'laputcb.
Riveted Steel Pipes
���      BURN OIL    ���
P.  O.   BOX  442
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
A man walked Into the nfBre of the
Weatern Pacific recently and asked for
a pans for himself and eight children
(Tuirlle t'riiig. the chief clerk, looked
at hlin a moment before tie could reply
��� 'Vou ure lu tbe wrong department."
aald t'ralg flmilly "What you want la
s siieeiai train."���Sau Francises Call
Only ��� Cynic'a Opinion.
Cynlcus - I wesder why he never
Sllllcus-I believe be waa ence dl��ip
pvlnled Is lave.
Cynlcus��� Impossible. No man l��ever
aUtlUHilnted '** *"*" ���*'" lle "'"rites.���
I'hilailclaiil* liecurd.
A Hint.
"Mow did ynu like our new medicine
"It wus simply great."
"All! And. wlll you give us n testimonial';"
"Sure. You may Fay that the Jokes
lire the kind I bave always lined."���
Toledo Blade.
Iln'il bIw'.>'��  lorrow trouble, and
ll" arid nk. a lack.
Fnr when na hurt a atnek on hand
tic rouWn't p*r 't ""ek.
- Waah|nston J;tar.
Less Arduous.
"Why is that man always complaining about the amount ol work he has
to do?" "Because it is an easier occupation than doing the work."
Charles Wheblo, of Toronto, wns
awarded $1000 for false Imprisonment
anil inonetarv \o** "'hen oVine^cd with
theft of gondii belonging to his former
sweetheart, now deceased. Her father, Joseph Foster, Orangeman wns tho
All Telephones
Lead to
That's the number of the phone in the business office of
Klaylateill J��p. Bt-lf there iv any
biUH I Uallke It'a catching traliia.
HI-. Sweet    I   notice you  keep put
tiug it sir.-Kt. i/ouis Glebe-Democrat
The Jeke Paralyjed Him.
nibba- What did you du wbea tin
footpad demanded yuur watch?
IHIilw-Told htm I had no time ta
���p-nre and hurried ou.-Boston Tran
London, March 27.���Tho Times, In
an editorial today on Mr. Winston
Churchill's proposal to place the battleships contributed by the dominions
When you need help in your home, want to find anything lost, have a house or lot for sale or to rent, call 999
and have a little quick-action classified ad. inserted in The
News. Saves you worry and bother; does the work, and
costs little.
We know that News classified ads. do the work, because dozens of satisfied users tell us so���but you can find
out for yourself by testing their power. 	 pack raaiiT
FRIDAY, MARCH ?8, 1911
And it is in
awfully good
working   order.
Demonstration of Cowan's
Cocoa, Chocolate and Icing all
this and next week by Mrs.
Wilkinson In the Delicatessen
Dept.   Do not fall to try it.
Have you tried Cerebo's
Health Saline. Necessary to
health and delightful to take
Try a bottle, 35c.
Besto, the gravy maker, necessary to any household,
per can   15c.
Potato Flour, very necessary
to fine cakes and pastry, package, 15c.
Ilatlno,    the    Holland  Rusk.
Tasty,  nutritious and  crisp,  In
���sanitary tins, each 25c.
New Soft Kite, creamy tn
flavor, lb. S5e.     .
".IV*"*":, Vasty, lb. -56c.
Llmburger; you know lt; very
fine quality, Ib. 35c.
Camombert, Oregon Cream
and a dozen others, new and
low priced.
Fresh Today
HcadcheeBe, bowl   15e.
I'ork,   lb 25c.
Tomato, lb 25c.
C"mbriilce,  lb 20c.
Ayrshire Bacon, per lb 35c
���Wiltshire Bacon, lb 40c.
Kippers, lb 10c.
Haddle,  lb 12'/;>c.
Davles' Eggs, 35c. per dozen.
Maple    Creamery    Butter,   3
lbs. for $1.10.   It's the cream. ���
��� i ************CM���
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BR1GGS
lt requires great care to prevent your estate being wasted
when you are gone.
Relatives generally are not the
best executors. Frequently
ihe appointment ol such, results in the breaking ot friendship -sometimes by Court
Friends are seldom experienced ln tho conservation of
moneys, though they may be
successful in building up fortunes. Moreover, your friends
have their own interests, tlieir
own faniilies to arrange for, and
are quite unable to give to your
estate the care and time that you
would wish.
It was the knowledge of these
facts built on so large a percentage of unfortunate results
that brought tho trust company into being.
The Dominion Trust Company is organized to handle estates, lt is equipped for that
purpose-just as a doctor is
equipped by training anil knowledge for the cure ot disease.
There is no more valid reason
for your depositing your money
with a doctor than there is to
appoint u relative or friend us
Estates bandied by the Dominion Trust Company receive the
best Judgment of our Directors
and Officers     lt   is   their   btisi-
iii ss. Can you imagine any
other hiiuils bo sate reliable and
Call   al   any   time,    preferably
today, and we will be gimi to
discuss your affairs wllh yuu,
and ynu ma) !����� sure nil such
matters ure considered absolutely confidential,
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
Miss J. Hood is. absent from the
city visiting friends In Vancouver.
P. U. Pearse, piano tuning; order
at Todd's or Major's music house.
The n. T. of T. Boys' Brigade parade for drill at the armouries at 7:15
o'clock this evening. Full attendance
The branch ef the Bank ���( Montreal at Sappcrtee will be eleeed for
business on aad after March tt. (14*)
The many friends of Mr. W. H.
Madlll regret to learn that he ia confined to the house wltb a severe attack of sciatica.
We sell, rent aad sxebsags sewing
maohlae*. All ear ssaehines warraat-
ad.    O. N. Hdmeadsea A Ce., eorniw
���Sixth avenue and Twelfth street <To2>
Notice has been received by tlu".
9Chool board that the appointment of
Miss Margaret K. Strong, as superintendent of achools in New'Westminster has met with the approval of the
education department at Victoria.
The Theosophlcal Society. A public
meeting every Sunday evening at
7:30, Conservative Club rooms, Columbia Btreet. Subject for March 30,
"Have we lived on earth before."
Steriopticon. (944)
On account of damage sustained,
while leaving Sydney, Australia, the
schooner Aloha which is now due at
Fraser Mills to load lumber, is lying
In San Francisco harbor making repairs to her hull and gear.
This is positively the laat week of
Skating at the arena for thla aeason.
The rink wlll close down at midnight j
on Saturday night so that only two
more days are left for the skaters to
enjoy themselves. (948)
The charge of cruelty to animals
laid against one Munsha Itam, the
hearing on which was adjourned from
Wednesday, waa dismissed by Police
Magistrate Kdmonds yesterday morning.
A party of Calgary business men
visited Port Mann yesterday looking
over the ground of the C. N. R. freight
terminals with a view of Investing ln
business and Industrial locations. The
party were taken over by Motherwell
& Darling, agents for the official
townslte. The visitors leave for Vic-'
orla today.
There wlll be only one skating session today on account of the hockey
game at the arena thla evening. The
band wlll be In attendance on Saturday afternoon and evening. Your last
chance to skate thla seaaon expiree
on Saturday evening. (943)
A mlaunderstandlng as to the pro-
por meeting place, prevented the
school trustees from Inspecting the
Lord Lister school yesterday morning.
The new Institution Is Just about completed and yestcrday'B meeting waB
culled for tbe purpose of passing
Judgment on the work on the contractors.
ln the absence ot a regular firing
range the members of the two Chllllwack companies of the 104th regl
ment of the Canadian mllltla have arranged an Iniprdrlsed'target on thti
sand bars of the Fraser river near.the
metropolis of the Fraser valley. Thlt
waa used for the flrst time on Good
Friday, several good scores beln;'.
made on tho 200 and 300 yard ranges.
Better secure your tickets for the
big hockey game at the arena this
evening when the Eastern All-Stars
clash with the combined Weatmlnster
and Vancouver team. The aix-man
.game will prevail. Admission $1 and
50 cents, seats on sale at the Hill
pharmacy. (948)
And don't forget thnt Nellson's
Chocolates and hockey tickets go well
together. For sale only by Frederic
T. Hill, 628 Columbia street. (929)
The election of benchers of the Law
Society of British Columbia on Monday resulted as follows: R. T. Elliott, K.C, Victoria; 1,. G, McPhillips,
K.C, Vancouver; G. E. Corbould. K.
C, New Westminster; B. I*. Davis. K.
C, of Vancouver; W. Moresby, Victoria; E. V. Bodwell, K.C, Victoria;
and Sir Charles Hlbbert Tupper, K.C,
With a view of giving the consumer
a chance to benefit by purchasing
direct from the farmer the firm of
Messrs. F. J. Hart & Co., of New
West minster, which also has a branch
In Chilliwack, bave started a scheme
of purchasing large quantities of produce In the way of eggs and
vegetables for spot cash, and shipping same to the big centres where
W. Day. electrlolan, agent for Hot the actual consumer gets a chance of
Point Irons; ftxtares aad wiring of-'Purchasing at country rates,
all kinds. Phone 1289, 2S Sixth Btreet, j rar a,,rvlce on the old City line of
opposite Postofflce. (788)  the B. C. K. It. was disorganized last
It is very probable that the project ����g -ff^ff S��2 M
of Increasing the use uiness of the:   �� The       kB
city market will be again discussed at       llu, w,nt out of coram|8Bion
the  postponed   meeting  of tiie  board ���      .
of trade to be held this evening. Much |B"
regular  business    is    scheduled    f
Turner-St. Claire.
Mlns Laura St. Claire and Mr. Reginald Melville Turner of the 0. P, R.
offices were united In the holy bonds
of matrimony at a pretty ceremony
which was held yesterday at the home
of the bride's uncle and aunt, Chief of
Police and Mrs. Brndshaw, G7 Lorne
Miss St. Claire Is the daughter of
Mr. and MrB. C W, St. Claire of Kamloops. Miss Alice Bradshaw assisted
the bride at the ceremony and Mr.
II. N. Brndshaw waB grooniBman. Rev.
M. G. Melvln, of St. Stephen's church,
After the service lunch was served,
following which the happy couple entrained for the east on a short wedding tour. They will reside at 4T Columbia street on their return.
A wedding of some Intereet In New
Westminster on account of the fact
that the contracting parties are both
well known here, was that which took
place in tho Holy Rosary cathedral,
Vancouver, yesterday morning, the
parties being Mr. Frank G. Gardiner,
Benior member of the firm of Messrs. j
Gardiner & Mercer, this city, and Miss]
Kathleen Buckley, who waB formerly
Of New Westminster.
At the ceremony  which  was  of  a!
most beautiful character, Mr. Gardiner j
was assisted by his brother, Mr. W. F.
Gardiner, while  Miss Buckley, a sis-'
tor of the bride, was bridesmaid.
The popularity Of the Westminster
man was evident from the number of
gifts received.
On behalf of the members of the i
Westminster club Mr. W. S. Vivian
made Mr. Gardiner the presentation
of a beautiful set of out table glass and
Mr. R. H. Best on tlie part of a number of friends presented him with a
tasteful cut glnsB bowl. The staff of
Messrs. Gardiner snd Mercer made the
gift of a case of valuable silver spoons.
Mr. Gardiner Is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Gardiner of Bath, Kngland. Miss
[Buckley ls the second daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Buckley, of Dublin, Ireland.
Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner are now on
their way to Los Angeles, Cal,, where
I they will spend their honeymoon. On
returning they will reside in New
Prominent Westminster Man Is Ap
preached by Swindlers.
Despite reports In the press that the
Spanish prisoner- gang have been
rounded up in Madrid, the game appears to be going on as merrily as
Only   yesterday   a   prominent   citizen was the recipient of a letter from
the same old Imprisoned banker with
I of the old Park line. One of the freight j the lovely daughter and was requested
locomotives was sent via Edmonds to | to cable his willingness to pay certain
In the evening and orders were
I given to take 11. to the barns by way !
Read every word of
our big advertisement on
Page 3
We have a message
in every line to you.
The biggest merchandising event
ever held in New
"Try  Now
Life," Just
the Thing for
That "Spring
Our New
Hats for
Men are
Messrs. Jameson and Segur have
purchased the Columbia pool rooms,
over Royal theatre. The new proprietors will be pleased to see all the
old patron! and welcome new ones.
The rooms are being put Into first,
class condition. (9411
For having a .32 calibre revolver
and a good supply of cartridges in his
possession an Italian of the name nf
Coztango Toma was fined to in the
police court yesterday morning. The
���?un and shells were confiscated.
A general jollification will be held
.it tne arena on Saturday evening, the
ast night the skating rink will be
'lopen this seaaon. The_ rink officials
promise splendid Ice and the latest
music for thlt afternoon and evening.
I Take your wife or best girl and enjoy  yourself. (948)
A meeting nf the executive of the
Fraser Valley Publicity Bureau will
be held In the board of trade rooms
In this city on Monday afternoon to
arrange for a general meeting of the
members to be held ut Chilliwack on
ihe Thursday following.
Hond your spare tahle. chair, refrigerator, sewlsg machine or ony-
thlng else you wish to dispose of to
Benzie's Auotlos Mart. 63S Clarkson
������"trix't.    Prompt returas. (78til
The preliminary work on the Mr
i.eod building at the corner of Carnar-
j von  and Si a 11��  streets is  moving  for-
1 ward steadily, l-t is planned to have
the stores portIoiJN)i the building com
i pieted by July 1 and tha oltlcea and
rooms In Hi" upper storeys ready fur
| iccupatlon on August l
To   Contrcr.tors   and   Builders.     Wa
: ir., now prepared to furnish ynu with
land, gravel, crushed rock, cement
ii,il lime Office phone kl'i'i Wh-.ri
phon ��� B80     O. C. Transport Co.. Ltd
I   The bltulithic   paving   on   Becond
itt 'ol  wat   re lutned this    week     De
ipite tli" Inclement weather of   the
past tea days rapid progress i�� being
made and Indications   are   thai  the,
1 work will be finished us far as [fourth |
j iM'inie soon.   The line grading   ou
! Third  nml   Fourth  avenues  is  being!
lum* now iii preparation for tbo pavement.
tho scene of the trouble so that after
an hour's delay the unruly car was
again placed on the tracks. A shuttle
service between the Park and Columbia street and another between Fourth
avenue ami the Park gates was used
during tlie time that the trouble
Mr.  Allan  Purvis,  Interurban  man-
agar of the n. C. B. il., returned from j
an   Inspection   trip   over   the   Fraser \
.valley line last evening, his visit tak-
! ing hlm tn the terminus of the line
at  Chilliwack.    liuring  brief stops at
Ithe different stations along the line
Mr. Purvis instructed the agents to
arrange wllh the mjlk shippers of the
i Fraser valley to meet him at his
office at the Columbia street il"pot on
i th"  morning of  Friday, April 4,  to
sums and to be let Into the secret of
how to acquire a fortune by getting
possession of some papers contained
in a secret place In the portmanteaus
of the financial gentleman.
Some six months ago, another West-
ex- 1 minster resident was written to by the
jsame Ivanovitch, and the same newspaper clipping'-���obviously a fraud-
was enclosed detailing the arrest of
the banker. Tip's latest letter will
bring the Spanish prisoner little relief,
���ind it is tin much to hope that it
may lend hlm in verity In the dungeon frnm which he ostensibly writes.
674-678 Columbia Street , New Westminster
Employees Subrer I be $1000.
Toronto.  March  il,���The  local employees of the International ("ash Register Co., subscribed $1000 this morning toward the relief of the suffering
factory of
discuss   the   milk   schedule   for     the i in  Dayton where th" main
slimmer months.   The Increasing ship- o( lh{, concern is located.
ments of milk from points in the val-1 	
ley to New Westminster and Vancouver leads many to believe thai there
will be an incr"ased service on the
B. C. E. R. In the near future. Mrs.
Purvis and her sister. Mrs. Harrison,
of Seattle, accompanied Mr. Purvis on
the trip.
Begin  this morning  the  most
nounced cut price sale they have
attempted,   The need nt raising fto.-
iiiiii   within   the   next   30   days   spurs
the action.    Kvery  department, furniture,   carpets,   linoleums,   household
furnishings, stoves, heaters, electrical j
goods, dry goods, ladies' cloakB, suits
' gowns, house dresses and men's hat**1 j
and  furnishings,   $176,000  worth    of
merchandise und    $26, ""|    more    en
route. A must remarkable opportunity toe 28th
for  housekeepers ns  well as hotels, i rooms, ti
boarding houses and roomers to   re
plenish  stock.    Until   further  notice
all credit accounts are restricted, no
gm'iii sold im lease and collectors are
oul t'i wind up delinquent payments
Subscriptions and classified adver-
tlsements for The News for Lulu Island will be received by A. Sprice,
general   store,   Queensborp,
Tho News i-s on Sale at
Hotel ltusBell, Corner Carnarvon
and Begble.
II. Moray. & Co., Columbia street.
Caskell Book and Stationery Co.,
Columbia street.
W, Brawn, B. C. F.   It   Iiepot
Ira A. lteid, 752 Columbia street.
Hovlsed and complete to date, show
ing public buildings, principal industries, railway tracks and number uf
lots.    Every street plainly marked.
Every business man needs one.
si*;e,  Dx3  feet;   also  pocket
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up
Reserve Fund -
ToUl Attett -
A Modern Banking Institution
Every description cf Banking Is transacted by Tho
Dominion Bank. The Collection Department Is completely
equipped to handle the business ot M.nulacturers, Wholesalers and Large Ccrfioraliuis.
��� Specials
viu lie a meeting on Friday.
In the Conservative Club
4 Columbia streot. Tho chair
will li" taken by Mayor Ornv nnd nti
address by Mrs. f;r:iv-1. nt London,
at 8 o'clock, on the subject of "Equal
Franchise "   All aro Invltod.       (926)
.lolly Tar Oysters, each
White  Wing Oyster
Quean   Olives,  per  bottle
Fresh Baltnon (Red and
Cod and  l'n sh  Hallb
. i*i--
Ladies' Handbags
To Clear at
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
*49 Columbia Street
Tliere  will  be an address by    Mrs.
IGraves, oi London, nn Friday,    the
128th, iii the Conservative club rooms,
it s o'clock,   The   subject    will   be
; 'K'iiiul Franchise."   The chair will be
taken  by   Mayor dny.    All    are    In
vlled, (027)
Progress in the work of connecting
the Sixth streel line with Columbia
Btreet in being made, yesterday a
gang of workmen keeping at tlieir
posts dlaptte the rainfall. The combination cement mixer and Bteiim drill
owned by the li. C, B, it. Is on the Job
and Is causing no little comment,
imong the onlookers, about the Intricate mechanism which It contnlns.
Evidence or the success of the advertising umi publicity campaign the
Progressive Association is conducting
is contained In the number of   enquiries thai reach Secretary Darling's
offlos every morning.    All kinds and
varieties of Inrormation as to loeul
I conditions are asked for by the cor-
I respondents,   some   of   whom write
( rrom  points In  Eastern Canada, and
Others from the United States, the old
| country and other    points    scattered
45J | throughout tho world.
MtilllllS The remain:-, of the lute
Edmund H MorrlB, ng'*'l 81, who piss
ed away lasl Saturday, were laid at
rest iii tbe Church of England cemetery yesterday afternoon.
��� attdi: Frederick Charles Attoe,
the three year old sun of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Attoe. died at f.h�� family
residence. East lluruaby on Weilnes- j
day. The funeral was held yesterday
afternoon from the home, corner ot j
Sixtli and Kdmonds streets to the
Church   of  Kngland   cemetery,
PATTERSON    Mrs.   Rose   Victoria
Patterson, wife of Mr. \v  J, ratter-1
son passed away at the family rest I
deuce   1012   F.lghtll   avenue   at    5:16
yesterday evening. Mrs. Patterson wai--
47 yeurs of ugo.    The funeral will he
arranged for some time on Saturday,
Miireiiie & Sons, undertakers are in!
Fresh Garden Seeds
���Groceries, Firi
Pfione  93.
row in.
Curtis Drug Store jf; A I VIN
For   PHOTO   GOODS,   SPECTACLES :^J�� ***m, ******     ���      JL *\ ^
"Yale Engines"
arc built in liritish
Columbia ��� which
means that spare
parts can be obtained
without trouble, and
at short notice.
They are also
equipped to burn
cheap fuel.
Made   In   New   Wcs'mlnster.
The Schaake Machine Work*
Heaps   Engineering   Co.,  Ltd..  New Weatmlnater.
and  CECD3,
Phone 43:   L. D. 71 j   Res. 72.
New Westminster, B. C.
ne     fstrf.t       M��,a,     Wmlrnlnili-r
Boundary Bay
Maple Ileach Park, being n subdivision of the historic old Wbalon
estate at Point Roberts, Wssh,, Is n��
last, on the market in iiixioi) feel lots
fronting broad streets and with perpetual beaith privileges, This has
been the rump ground for scores of
local people for years. The lots aro
selling fast, many people procuring
thn locations they had occupied as
tenants for years. Prices MHO and upwards, easv terms. Sole agents,
708 Columbia SLreet, City.
lome For Sale
No.   1    Here  ls  a  splendid home for sale cheap.    In a good  locality near Queen's Park and new school,
it  has  seven   large  comfortable  rooms  with  every  modern convenience;  full basement;  on a large lot, 80x132 hot
This place Is below Value i nd   tho   terms  are  smell   that  almost
anyone can handle  It.
PRICE, $4400,  $750  CASH, balance monthly,   If jou want to buy
a home let ns show  yon this l lace.
Agents for  Pacific  Coast  Steamship Ce.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,
Marine Insurance.
Automobile  and
For Vancouver, via Central Park
���At 5:00 and 5:46 a.m., and every
15 minutes until 9 p.m. From 9
p.m. until midnight half hourly nervine.
Sundays���At 6:00, 7:00, 7:30,
8:00 and 8: SO a.m., week duy service prevailing thereafter.
For Vancouver via Burnaby--At
5:45, 6:45 and 8:00 a.m. with hourly service thereafter until 10:00
p.m., and lute car at 11:30 p.m.
8undaye���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
with week day service thereafter.
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7:00 a.m. and hourly until 11:00
Sunday���First car nt 8:00 a.m.,
regular week day service thereafter.
(Connection with cars to Steveston and other points on l,ulu Island ls mado at Hburne.
For Chllllwack and Points In
8outh Fraser Valley���At 9:30 a.m.,
1:20 p.m. and 6:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Points
���At 4:30 p m.


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