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The New Westminster News May 31, 1913

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 News Classified Ads.
Have  proven  their  worth  by  Iho
resulta    they    produce.      Tliey   fill
large    or   small    wants   at   small
-- s-fcir
oH4//y  /V^lher Today.
New wnHinWr and tlm kmer
mainland LlWitT^kmoderatc wiaxle.
Hafa-f/Ued with (A-mVer-i. Not much
chiM^f l�� temperafy*;
UP Till 6 P'       iHOME RULE IN A
TO A JLOGISE'      ���SfniNfi
Trustees Require Principal
McMillan   to   Make
"That   High   School     Business"    Disposed of Last Nlpht���Full Text
of Board's Finding.
Exonerating V, n. Amp rson.
Gcot'.ish   Bill   Has   Its   Second   Read
lng  In  Imperial  Parliament
London. Mny 30. -The Scottish
Home Itule bill passed Its -second
reading In the house today ami was
then referred to oommlttee.
It follows SDmswhat the line of-the
Irish Home ISule bill, nnd was Introduced by William Henry Cowen, the
member for Kast Aberdeenshire.
Now that Ireland Is in a fair way to
receive self-government, the unofficial   Scottish   Liberal   members   have
nnt principal of the high sohool, from  takeD '"' lm>r'' Herlr"li!ly tn<> 'lucstioti
every charge laid  by K. It. McMillan,
principal, and passing a resolution tti
Montenegro Sore at Big Nations and Particularly at
Great Britain.
Popovitch Says His    Little    Kingdom
Has Been Made the Whipped
Boy of Europe.
Buy  B. C. Products Campaign Opens
with  Vim���Msny   Windows
Party     Conventlcn     at     Revelstoke
Delegate    From    Far    East1        Espouses Cause of Women's
this effect, at the same Mine requiring
Mr. McMillan to" forward a written
apology lo Mr. Anderson bv 6 o'clock
this evi ning, the school heard last
night disposed or "that high school
Mr. Anderson's resignation was received. Lm has not yet been accepted
and he will he asked by the hoard to
reconsider his decision.
A petition forwarded i<> the school frisih bill
hoard and signed by 80 of Mr. Antler
son's pupils, praised his work and tin
of securing home rule for their coun
try.    A  oommlttee of these  members .
of the house drafted a bill, which was ��' Montenegro, made a short speech,
read a second time today, It is not I "We have signed the preliminary
thought likely that It will go very far j treaty," he aaid, "because nothing else
this session bin the Scottish Liberals j r. tnatned for ub to do. We ure glad
are determined to shew, if they can, 'to have peace, but are profoundly dls-
that the movement Is a live one. I satisfied with the terms we have been
As described by Mr. Cowen, the bill obliged to accept. We have been de-
represents a further Installment of | polled of the fruits of our victories
the  government  of  Scotland  bill.    It
provides,  herein  differing    from    the
New  Westminster yesterday awoke
to find what a large number of thlngi
were made not only In this cily. but
also In  British Columbia.   The "Buy
B. C. Pre ducts" campaign opened, not
'i  anv  one  building,  ntn   throughout
the  btislneBa    section    of    the    city
where the event   was   entered   Into
wllh  great   vim  by    tbe    merchants.
���        ,.,.    ..    | Thev  decorated  their storcB and  dls-
I opovitch, the , p|aV(,d thelr ware8 ,n ���ucn H matm,,r
after sign- ; that lt was a revelation to the shop-
Diseounts Countrymen's
Jingo Talk.
l<ondon, May 30.���M
Montenegrin chief delega
Ing  the preliminary treaty on  behalf  Pprs who thronged the streets all day
The weather aided the priject, for
Revelstoke, May 30.���II. C. Brewster wbb elected leader of the Liberal
[party In British Columbia at the Llh-
of California eral convention here today. Mr.
Brewster waB at one time the only
Liberal in the provincial legislature
and waa defeated at the laRt election.
Blr  Wilfrid   Laurier    was    elected
  Hon. president; president, M. A. Mac-
jdonald;   vlcepresidents,   Ralph  Smith
Tacoma.   May   30.���Japan  does   not |*nd  Dr. J.  H.  King;  secretary, C.  I)
want war with the United Slates  ac- it;��lnpbel,: treasurer, A. M. Pound. The
Amicable    Settlement
Trouble   Desired by Mikado's
Car Driven by Mrs.
MacDonald Hits Eburne
cording  to    Y.   Yamaguohl,
officers all
personal  tion.
William  Walsh, sr��� Has    Twa
Broken, While Four Ladle* Are
Bruised and Shaken.
Klve New WeBtmlnster cltirena bad'
a  narrow  eBCape  last  evening  wheu
with Bitch balmy atmosphere as Old
Sol showered down upon the Royal
City yesterday there was a large attendance in the business B-ecllon.
.  ,        .      ,     . , ���     ..��..u..      . ..���|iv      laai.     -0THI111IK     WDQU
ere elected by acciama-jthe auto in which they were ridin��
crashed Into an Interurban car on tbe
Kburne line aB they were returning to
friend  of  Baron  Chlnda,  ambassadorj    The convention  went on record as .,.,,���.,,..
to  the  United   StateB and a member  beinK   *���   fav"r  of  women's  SiltfrageIthis'olty' from V��u,������������-., i
of  the  Japanese  national    congress, ZLltlnn^i'1?,?^ '" Ae!al'C "3" !    Mrs-    Hu��h    MacDonald,    U-opnld
who arrived in Tacoma this miming M? th?O KB.   These Kn" ^"V��� T"118 and ,he 0**^
from   Yokohama    on    the    Japanese   stilute  a   few' of  the flanks"'oMh  j wThV o^T.1^.1. T.
BlU.-l������.V     M..vi���r,     Uo-,. 11..    I.    J.     1.1.     l.lburul     nlSl/n.��,     .. >     . 1. _      .     . ... ""���>-"���   **?������   OI   tni"   WOISO   feaStl   ft   I
Campaign of Education
The Buy H. C. Products campaign is steamer Mexico  Maru.    He la ofi  his  liberal  platform at the
to   imprest   the  fact   on   the  citizens way  to San   KranciBco  to investigate  c|al election,
policy  of devolution   Initiated   by j We have been made the whipped boy I and these from the outside that there the California alien land law, and the;
of   Europe,    Oreat   Hrltialn   took   thelare  things    produced,    manufactured condition   of   the   JapaneBe   on     this
leading part  In  depriving  ub of  Sou- i and sold right here In New Westmin- roast.
tarl.   We looked to secure a modlflca- j Ster  which   are equal  and   in  manv |    "Ons half of all the Japanese trade
tlon of the  Albania  frontier 80 as to ' cases superior    to    those    imported; Ib  wllh the  United  States," said  Mr.
next provln
for the  establishment  In
Scotland of a Blngle chamber pi'.rlla-
nt subordinate to the Imperial par
manner in which be had treated his IHamant and consisting of 140 members
charges and asked the hoard to re- representing the existing constltuen-
tain, if possible, his services.
Little  Discussion.
There was little discussion on the
resolution, which was introduced bj
Trustee Qri en. except to change the
wording in several instances and to
add the time limit by which Mr. Mc
Millan must submit his apology.
The school board must give 30 daya
no: ice to teachers not required for the
following term, and, as the term
closes on June 80, any action to be
taken by tin
nt once.
'presenting   the  existing  constltuen
Icles   and   returned   by   parliamentary
electors, with the addition of peers.
The representation of Scotland lu
the house of commons would continue
as  al   preBent.
Powore  Granted,
i    The poweri given by the bill tn the
Scottish parliament Include all thost
! conferred on the Irish parliament, except the control of the postofflce and
the power to varv customs and excise,
'but, with the addition of the administration of old age pensions, national
trustees must be taken j Insurance and labor exchange.
The executive, however, it is pro-
In connection with the charge of In-'poBed p,nall continue vested in the
subordination which was made a: the king who Ib to be represented In
investigation and not In the letter Scotland by a lord high commissioner,
written by Mr. McMillan, it was advised by members of a privy coun-
stated last evening that Mr. McMillan ell.
had admitted that Mr. Anderson had Provision Is made for the payment
always can-led oul his wishes when I by the Imperial exchequer to the 8cot-
so requested, tlsh exchequer out of the proceed'-, el
The  Finding. Scottish   taxt'i  of  a  sum   toward  d"
Poll..wing   is  the  resolution,  which i ri'ayl,1K the c'">* nf s<'n"l!"1  services
is sell  explanatory: A   mint, exchequer board   i to be ������
The board  recognise the right   ml- ' '������hed  to determine all  questions
the   principal   to   criticize   work
assistant   teachers   as   may   seem
the principal's Jiidgmontvpropfcr.
���^Ive  ns  lands  for cultivation  and
natural route between Podgorilza and
R. H. Gray Is Successful Applicant for
Post of School Board
hnofore  the  slogan  "Support  Home  Yaniaguchi through an Intepreler this
Industries"  ls not   apt    to    fall    on  afternoon.    "The Japanese merchants
closed  ears. 'and the majority of the Japanese on
The Idea was launched bv the Pro-; this account do not   care   to   make
gressWe association  some few weeks ' trouble with their best customer audi
ico and since then the movement haB  friend.
grown,   several   other   bodies   having!    "Of course there are Bome Jingoes
Joined,   so   that   it   is   expected   that: in   Japan,   the   same,   1   suppose,    ua I
when   the   campaign   Closes   Monday , there are  in  thlB country.    The Jap-I
night everyone concerned in the   up-1 anese nation as a whole, however, iB
btilld'ne  of  the  city   will  have  beenjnot Inliutnced by them."
.      IOII
2    arising and the financial provisions
In I    '*"'lt' Judicial committee of the privy
council Ja, by the bill, substituted fot
Ithe hons�� ol lords as the final court
Htb-trt   II.  Oray,  of  East   Burnaby.
Was  appointed Secretary of the board
I r>f school trustees at the mei ting last
evening     He wiii commence his du-
tles on Monday ut a salary of $7f> per
I month.
Five     aplteants     were     personally
xamined    hy    the    hoard,  following
I which it  was decided to call in two
i mere, but these fallid to meet the re
in the Windows.
B, c. grown produce filled the windows cf ihe- C. A Welsh, Ltd., grocery
Here. Messrs. Trapp & Co.'s display of leather work from tho B. C.
tannery across the river was one of
Ihe centres of attraciion and demonstrated just what lints a'id colors can
be produced from the bides of animals. Stives made In Vancouver.
wero shewn In another window of this
hardware company.
Lees   Limited   were   also   on   deck
with   a   splendid   display   and     came
through  witih a demonstration    thai
hi*- Westminster firm make different
kinds  of furniture, awnings and    ex-
Senator   Sherman  Ooes  Not  Hope to
See Universal Peace In the
Near Future.
factory. Mrs. B. G. Macl'hall. MHss
Ada Slpprell and Miss Kleanor Biabop.
The two latter are nurses at the Hoyal
Columbian  hospital.
The party were in Point Grey maa
were crossing Oak street when Ibey
struck the car.   The anto was taraetj
i round and again struck the internrbva
I In the rear.
Mr. Walsh had two ribs broken and
the others ln the party escaped with
j serious   bruises.    It   was   thought  at
I first that two of the ladies were seriously injured and the whole -party
were taken to the Vancouver **SS$
hospital where they were reported at
an early hour this morning to ba i
lng easily.
Aviaticn Takec Part in Row at Guay
mat���State  Troops  Drive  Back
Nogales.    Ariz..    May
Washington, May 30.���Veterans    of
the Civil and Spanish-American wars,
and members of the various women's
auxiliaries  and other patriotic socle-
joined   In   the   annual  memorial |
day  exercises today  and  the  decora- l
tlon  of  the  graves of    the    nation's
soldier and  sailor dead.    The    principal  exercises    were    held    at    the'
national  military cemetery at Arlington, Va.,    where   each   grave   of   a i
known  or an  unknown hero received:
its small flag and Us blanket of flow- ;
ers,   the   fallen   wearers  of  the  gray
not  being forgotten.
At   Arlington   the   exerciser,  began |
30-  Aviator  with  tlle  decoration of "the  tomb of
Sappertcn Ratepayers' Association Bs-
sires Information on S'reet
The Sapperton Ratepayers'
which j Duller   Masson   yesterday   sailed   Ms I the unknown dead."    This was done  tion is going   strong.    They
num tor
criticism of Mr. Anderson's work
certain subjects as mentioned In the
letter of Mr. McMillan would seem to
be justified by the facts brought out.
The third year French of 1!U1 compares favorably in results with those
obtaining In other high schools In
the province; but even where the results are considered as only fair, the
boatd cannot fairly charge the tall-
ure to Mr. Anderson, for the obvious
reason that the class'was given to
Mr \iideison only after a large part
of the term had elapsed, while the
class had been under teachers whose
unsatisfactory work had made a
change  imperative.
Fairness to Mr. Anderson would demand that the handicap under which
hi 'ook lhe class be noted. In the
Latin  classes of  1912   Ihe  results    In
the Latin proBe examination showed
Hm  per cenl. of pupils    passed,    the
average  marks  being  70    per    cent.,
(Continued on Page Kour.)
[of appeal and all constitutional (
Itlon* are to be determined by
! irlhunal.
^erior and    Interior    tilting     ..,..,      ..,.,....������,    .,-,.,.,��� ,,,,,,   ,,,,   ,.
qiiiremeuts and, on a vote being taken.', have been ins'.allod in many homeB In lb\g  biplane  over  the  guuboat Guer-1 Jointly by all the societies.   Later the over 40 enrolled members and ;
Mr  Oray was found U> be tbe euocesB-J ,hiB ctty rera in Guayamas.    The guiin-**' at -TSpantah- American war  societies held number ot  ratepayers hava ���tenl-fed i
ful  candidate. Gold  mining Is brought to mind by  tempted to shell the aeroplane whlchlthelr exerclaeB In their section of the their    Intention    tS    augment   their
Tbe salaries asked by applicants ; n -|0ok at the display of John U. Gray. I remained at a height of 6000 teet. I national cemetery. The main part ot ranks. Last nlght'a meeting In ��.
ranged from J65 a month to $1-5 and wj,0 a\\o*KS gold trom the quartz tol None of the shots took effect, nor did I tlie day's program waa In the after- Mary's hall, Sapperton. was "well mt-
testa In shorthand were given each the finished arilcl". The same window 1 Masson attempt to drop any bombB. i noon when the Rev. JameB S. Mont- tended and the following otticn bw--
of the first five applicants examined    is  a|30  d,.t.orated  with  a  dlBplay  ofjTo Bhow  Mb defiance of the federal j gonurv delivered an empasaioned plea era   were   elected:     Que-ntin   UcCHU.
;l11    cut   glassware  manufactured  ln   Van- j gunners he made live flights over thai for universal  peace to replace disaa-  president; J. Irwin, vice-president;  K.
Tliere  were  27  applications
The  resignation  of  Miss  M.  H.  A.  COUver, while "Made in Westminster"  bay
Davidson, of the F. W Howay school,   ,, bb()wn  j,,  glK)d ,lg|u [n Uie ontlca,      ���
was accepted with regret and the
resignation of Mr. Anderson, of the
high school, w-as laid over and that
gentleman will be asked to reconsider
his decision.
Bryan   Appears   to   Be   Tickled   With
First Reoults on His Peace
lens department.
line of the notable displays and one
ihtch serves to make the mouth
water is that of the different meat
markets. All kinds of prepared meats
are on view, with hams galore,
' tempting     blocks    of       butter      and
I    _!.,���,        .1.-.        .A.M        ������
Washington. ..May 30. ������- Secretary
Ilryan said that no nation lo whom
jhis pence plan had been submitted had
I replied adversely, although bome had
i asked more time for consideration.
| To each of the governments express-
ling a Willingness to enter into the
peace agreement, a tentative state-
; men! has been submitted to consider
! details.
I To those expressing a willingness
to confer In regard to the details, a
Statement has been submitted embodying details suggested by the
president This statement was sub-j
mltted for consideration, however,
Council   Bluffs  Mob  Try   to  Get
of Their Greeks and   It-
with   no   intention   of
Suffragettes Busy as  Ever in  London jany  partlCular detail.
Mrs. Pankhurst Is Rather
Speaking  of the  reception  his  plan
���has  received,  Mr,   Bryan    observed
[that within the paBt two months three
arbitration treaties have been re-
nowed for a period of five years.
London. May 80, -An attempt war
made tonight to set fire to the Koyal
academy Although the usual "votes
for women" placards were not found,
the police suspect thut militant suf-
fragettea were responsible for the
attempt to destroy the building In
which are housed some of the world's
greatest works of art.
Shortly after tl e exhibition closed
for the nighl. a watchman discovered
in a small room on the ground floor
a cardboard box filled with rags and
cotton saturated with oil. A number
of wax tapera were bound about the
box. Four of these were .burning when
the box waa found.
The Buffragettea resumed their campaign of destruction tonight In the
LewlBham branch poBtofflce which
they had attacked several limes previously. They Bet fire to the letters
Council llluffB. Ia.. May 30 Two
police BQUadB were hurried to the
vicinlt> of 40th street and 2nd avenue
tonight to break up a mob which had
gathered with lhe Intention, it ia believed, of rgain attempting to secure
.possession of Francisco Culdlce, also
���    known as Henry Wiley, who Is being
I held for the murder of Howard JoneB
1 '.art Tuesday night.
Tho police learned late tills afternoon that an attempi would he made
to drive all Italians and Creeks from
the  cltv.  and   tonight's  gathering  is
', believed   to have  had   that  object  in
! view.   Three nrrests were made early
this evening.
There wns nn exodus of Italians
from thc city during the day, man;,
i "ning >cross Iiie river to Omaha ami
[ethers  taking  trains  for other cities.
! The Creek vice-consul at Omaha to
day   t-ok   cognizance  of   the  damage
lone by the mc
olally reared and fattened for the oc
i    Olothes   manufactured   In   Victoria
are In the window of the Acme Cloth-
inig company,    while    M   J.  Phillips'
front la also decorated  with a    large
display   of  goods  made   in   ihe   province.
Tiie  different  drug stores  have entered Into the scheme    with   energy.
Math's candy and chocolates made in
N'ew   Westminster  being     prominent,
while  Ira  Held  .*:���  Co.   fall  into  line
with a cantb exhibit.
Kirk's  hardware store  Ib also  well
: worth viewing.    Stove pipe, cans and
building paper, made in  the city and
I mrrugated  iron  rolled  ill  Vancouver,
| with other Articles too numerous to
I mention are placed on show.
Equally ub interesting as any of the
i exhibits  seen  BO  far,   ls  that  of  the market    for    the  slack coal  of
! Popular Shoe  Slore  on   Front  street. , min(.s ,)ag  De(?|1  founu  wUtl th,
I where   a   great   collection   of   British
I Col��mbla-made   shoes,   manufactured
In  Vancouver. Trom leather tanned at
South   Westminster,   ure   on   display
^o^r^rjrJmt^^thr^mthlof 40,0 tons a month   a,    the    ..ch
1 material  haves  the tan" ry  to  Whenlv.rWg��  mines,   is  increasing
' 'he shoe  is complete.
I    Mm>  if the stores
trotia wars. Hogg,  secretary;  J.  Blair, trcaasfrer-.
Not Optimistic. J.  Cameron, A.  C.   Bell,  T. Cortaick
At   almost   the  same  time   Senator  and J. Ashton, executive.
Sherman,    of    Illinois,   the  principal Mr.   McGill   occupied   Ub��  chair.
speaker   at    the   soldiers' home exer- Bylaws were adopted and a geucr! .'
cises, was declaring that no man alive discussion took place on a number of
today  would  see the time, when  war subjects    of    particular    ion-ment   to
would  be no more. Sapperton.
"All  human  history  is  written." he Several  members  criticised  thn tec**
;with   Masson  assitii.g from overhead. |��H4 "">   '"e  hlaZe  of hostile    camp tion or the city council  in  regard to
while the Insurgents attack from threel^Ofc and Jta^qulckentn    music mad-
In the meantime the state troops
.were driving the federals back to-1
ward Guayamas, say officials of the
state. The fighting occurred at Bat-
ametal. several stations south of Santa
Hosa. where a fight took place on the
day previous. It. is declared by the .
state officials that all is ready for a
concentrated    attack    on    Guayamas
Stoking Pigs with Fuel Is Good Business fer  Lethbridge Stye
Ihe   alleged   disposal   of   the   road   to
on the battlefield." the   -.vaterfront. through   the  Bruoetl-p
At the grave of Major General Wll- saw- mills, to that company.
Ham H. Lawton. who lost his life in Mr. Cameron said the Brunette Saw
the Philippines. Senator Nelson, of Mills company had apphc-d for the
Minnesota, declared it the duty of foreshore rights opposite their p.-i-
congress to Bee that an adequate perty. about eight years ago. ea* be
monument waa erected to Lawton's thought they got them. They a&o *p-
memory. Plied   for the  street  In  que��t!oir ni
At all the ceremonies, addresses he did not know ar.d could not fxntt
praising the valor of soldier and sailor out what the council had done in re-
jdead were made, and original poems gard to It. He was quite snre. ta��-
! extolling their deeds read, while pat- ever, they had not got and coiiM ae*-
; riotic songs were- Bung and the mill- get it so long as they objected to it.
tary bands played martial music. The. Their objection was vald fer th':?
! reading of Lincoln's Gettysburg ad- year at any rate.
| dress was a feature at all. as best ex-1 Seme   Haziness.
I pressing the sentiments of those who ,    There  appeared  to be  considoraUc  "
took part.
Lethbridge,  Alta..  May 80.���A  new
raisers of the Coaldnle disirict to the
east and  the  Magrath district to the.
south, and the demand for this waste
material   which  amounts to  upwards
he    Li  '
A~few months ago a hog ralaer i"*Annua|   Dinner  at  Y.
Columbia. I the Coaldale district  who came  from I
?IX0( ni'd Twi Hill atreets commenced
decorating only last evening, bo thai
today there will be an even better
li-i'fn-   when    the     judges.     Messrs.
Calkans and Turkey Pet White Dove,
Dut Bulgars and Greeks Are
Barking Yet.
bl2.Tn.8htZUuslnoS Wtt*  Porte am,  Walsh   of ytuiccu-
,y his countrymen tin-' 1 ver. jprpence their rounds to "elect
London, May 80.���The preliminary
treaty of peace was signed at St,
lames' Palace hy the delegates of all
the Balkan statin and Turkey today.
Sir Kdward Crey, the British foreign
the building and  tho flames were | secretary,  presided    at    the meeting.
extinguished only after a number of
pieces of mall had been destroyed.
Bottles   containing   corrosive   mlx-
placcs owned I-, 	
naid   he   would  lodge  a  complaint  at  *  winner.
once  wllh  the  Btate department. :    Seer, tary  Raslileigh, of   he
Four years ago an nttack waB made : Merchmts' association, and .sreretsn
on   the  Greek  quarters   In  the  latter | DarHlU,  or  the  Progressive
city  and   several   persons  were  shot: tion,   were  hard  a
and   others  beaten   up.     The    Hodge  the da;  putting the finishing touches
Light    Guards    are  In  their armory,. on   the  arrangi ments   and   both   feel
refdy to act should the governor de
Olde  that expedient ie necessary.
work  throughout
Going  Right at  It.
Washington, May Hit    Senator Overman,  acting chairman  of  the  senate
iudiclary   committee,  announced    to-
  ,*       ,, ,,  ,, , dav lhat  Ihe Inbhv resolution adopted
tures nnd addressed to Beglnnl    Mo-'Monday,  .Iu ne 2 ,���,   thp   FlMmt���   ,.,���,   nlgh(   woull|   ,,���
Kinna, home secretary, were found In      Bulgarian artillery at PraVB opened taken up tomorrow hy the entire coni-
The first meeting of the conference toi
take up the details connected  with j
the  settlement   haB  been    fixed    for:
a mall box today. Hallway telegraph
and lilephone wires, were -cut in various places In Wales.    Suffragette lit
fire on the Creek position In the direction of Eleuthem last night, according   to  the  Exchange  Telegraph
srature was found scattered near theIcompany's report from Alliens,
fconoB of these depredations. Auto- , Tbe Bulgarian commander refused
mobile drivers and cyclists In the Hon- |to t,ntl.,. *nto negotiations with the
caster district made complaint today Greek commander to slop the firing,
that tacka had been scattered over Details of the engagement have not
Iho highways. yet been  recelvrd.
Mrs. P. Is Sick. Owing to this nggresslon hv the Bui-
Mrs.   Pankhurst    Is     being  Closely Igarlanfl, a portion of the Greek  fleet
guarded at the home of frlenda in the I gas been sent to Eleuthera.
west end of London.   They report that
mlttee and that the Investigation authorised probably would be turned
over to a Bub-commlttee of  five.
roundest tha;. before the campaign ls
u-er ih�� event will roBult in lasting
bom tits to the city.
M.  C.   A.   Last
Night���Some   Splendid
the States where he had r-xtiermiented
with  slack   coal   ns  a  medicine  and
feed  fer hogs  started  in  to  feed  his
stock  slack coal.    He brought  them
'ei the finish desired within six months
o:i tills diet, coui'lcd  with  grain ond [    \ Wp|] attended boys' banquet was
alfalfa, and he shipped  to Vancouver  given last night In the Y. M. C. A. hall
and New WeBtmlnster the best finish-  at  which  several  interesting and  in-
ed lot of hogs that ever reached that
HIb neighbors learning how he fat-
etud   the   hoas.   and  how   Successful
he had been an J that he had not lost Igretted
a bog or had any sickneBB In his pens |    Vice-president    J.    W,
forthwith   began   to  feed   slack   coal. ipreBided at  the banquet
haziness where this street, or ri-glit
of way, exactly was, cr whether it
had an Ingress from Cumberland
street or not. That it was on the
eld survey map. however, nnd- -fey
: the sappers and miners seemed certain to several of the speakers.
Mr. Irwin said the whole Ih'mr
should be investigated. Tho oncr.n.il
survey and map were in Victoria. It
was unreasonable to suppose thc tnr-
v.yors would lay out a street with bo
The Bubjeet will be further inquired Into by ihe executive.
A motion was carried that Cms*
members of the association sSKiuhf
attend the city council regular Meetings and keep a watchful eye on_tlKst
councll In regard to anything
ing Sapper'on's Interest.
Towards tho close of tho rar-e
he chairman made a strong appeal I
spiring addresses were delivered.   Although the attendance of the boys was
most satisfactory, the absence of their'boost for bapperton  nnd  tho
fathers   and   mothers   was  much   re-   Uon.     Some   people   desired   to   rati
| the  organization  the   east- ana vaae-
Macdonald  payers' association, but he did ma*, at*-
j prove of that.    Thoy belonged to Hi��-
ind the farmers generally have gone |    F. M. Pratt of the'boys' committee j finest resldental part of the ctty.   It
Into biivlug slack coal for their pigs of  the  V.  M.  C,  A.,  Vancouver,  who | was coming to the front.    Thero used
antl hogs 'was for several years secretary ol the ' to be a hard feeling against Sapper-
Flve  thousand  pounds cf conl  was I Toronto Central Y. M. C. A., address- j ton, but they were ovf morning it, and
fed to 86 hogs in three months bv one led the lade after Eupper. He regretted  If they pulled together as an as*��a��-
Helena  Man  Uses Cun  After  Family | ���,,.���. ni'd  he  avers  they  preferred  Itj thut some boys never Joined the ah-1 tlon^^ they WOulO'ftttfit ,-alOt Of tt**.
Helena. Mont., May 30. Mrs. Until
Meyer, ti urlde of five months, waB
shot down in the street in front of
the f> deral building at 1" o'clock Wednesday night. She may die. Meyer is
in Jail.
After a quarrel In their home Meyer
heavy  pork on  the ribs of any  hog
inside eight months.
most  of "the  time to grain, and    he i soclation.   but   contented   themselves!    The next meeting will be he|d   em
reckons that coal and alfalfa will put  with buying a gymnasium ticket, thus June 10,
missing  the greatest object    of    the | 	
"Y."    He referred to the recent revo- : Try   It  Once   More*.
lutiim   In   China  in   which  the  infill- '    Washington,   May   80,-r-TM  at-ratt**-
letice of the Y. M. C. A. had played aIcommittee on education and labor wil*
New   It'-.   Dam.-neo. i predominant part.    So much was this meet tomorrow to plan its iuveStica
Marueette. Mich., May ilO.  -Lawyers  the case that Mr. Mott, general secrc- j tinn of strike conditions In ���� fHiat
engaged     In    the    suit  of  Theodore | tary cf thc Y. M. 0. A. of North Am-   r-���ck   coalfields   of   West     Vi-nsioia.
Bhe is not aB 111 aa at the time of her
former relcnBo from prison nnd the
officials ol the Women's Social and
Bring on Ycur Fans.
St.   LouIb,   Msy   SO.���May  heat   re-
Sheepmen   Win.
lethbridge,   May   80,    ThiB   year's I gun lu hand, drove her from the house, I Rooggvell   against  Geo.    A.    Newett. I erica, had been asked to become the  Methods of procedure will be outlined
crop rf wool, which  will be ready to | firing aa shu ran about five yards In  charging   libel,   are   looking   forward | American  ambassador  to China.    He|and a sub-committee probably wiO toe
load  In about six weeks, will he sent   front Lf him.   At thc fourth shot, shejwj||,   ^eni   interest  to  n  proBpectlve
out   via   the  Lethbridge   &   Weyburn  fell ruling by Judge Flannlgan coiiBtrulng
railway from a point LT. glllei south-| George T,. Peterson, a bookkeeper,! eection 10.-I25 or the Michigan corn-
west of Sterling. The request of the i attempted to overpower Meyer, but]piled law bearing on libel. Judge
wool growers has been compiled with! Meyer broke away and shot at PetW- Flannlgan will have to rule, assuming
by the C. P. It. according to Informa- son, who ran, ptiraued by thc husband. J that the article was printod niallc-
tlon received by Ihe Wool Growers' When opposite his home Meyer darted ! IoubIv, but In the absence of a de-
nssoclatlon this morning. The uae of iin and vas arrtsted there by Pollce-; mami for retraction, whether the al-
Polltical union declare that ahe Ib at-cords of .11 years were broken today the new trackage on the Weyburn ' mau Gardner after Meyer bsd tried i ieged libel as Implied by Mr. Newett
tho point of death. No visitors are when Btreet level thermometers regis- line will mean a huge Bavlug to thc I to shoot the officer, the gun missing' may be taken into account In estlmat-
permitted to see her. Itcred 102 degrees nt 3 o clock. 'sheepmen. Hire ||nR damages
declined on the grounds that he had a  named   to   visit   tho   coaf  fields  aad
greater work to perform. Imako a personal liivcstigutioa of con-
Modern Advantages. | ditlons.
Boys living ln the present age and | ���
generation were to be envied for tbelr I At Eleven O'clock.
Immense opportunities of doing good.' Washington, May 30.���SeeaatasjrTC
The Y. M. 0. A. ought to take a part j. Bryan wlll sign tbe fatrnml main the work of Bhaplng the character Innuneement of the 17th amendoant to
and lives of every nation in the world, the constitution providing Tor ttm -Si-
No other Institution had done so much reet election of United Statea tmam-
(Contlnued on Page Five.) tors at 11 o'clock tomorrow assaaiac PAGE   TWO
8ATURDAY, MAY 31, 1913.
titter    "V.<���'- ���'���'I*-*-"
A* Ittdrprtttirtif inorni-np POPST devoted to thr, inter -sis of Sen- West minuter rtitd
tike Fraser Pallet/. Fubttth-Sd tnery ih.,i<i��u tesapt Sunday hu the Sational Printing
and PvbHsM-np Company, Limiirii. at 63 Vi-KnrK Btreet, Hew IPostnilnslttr, Hrlliiii
Oelumbia. KOIIH annum l.ASn. Managing Director.
All rumm-untcrifirntti IftouM be addrt.sttd to The Soto Westminster Sews, and not |
Sa ifiiiti-irfiitil mSSlbers of the staff. Ch*ev-s*, drafts, .mil UHOteu orders should he made
-payable lo  The Sational 1'rinting ami 1'u.hltsKtntt Confetti, Limited.
TRLErilOSEsi���Business Office and Hatxaarer, ills,* Bd-Morlal llooms (all depart-!
mrfii.ii. 901.
BCBfiCIIII'TlUN  KATES���Ily earritr, S< per I/oar, (1  for three months, 480 per]
month      Ilu  mail, $3 per pear, 25c per mon!*.
*DVBRTlBIttQ HATKB tm application.
Utilize   Inner   Bark  of  Douglas   Fir���
P. G. E. Plans Delayed in West
Loyalty is one of those subjects upon which there
should be no need to enlarge. That the people of any city
are loyal to that city should go without saying. The great
trouble is that many people think they are loyal and would
be offended if it were intimated that they were not and yet
their actions are totally inconsistent with the accepted in-1
(erpretation of the term loyalty.
"To thine own self be true" is as essentially true in its
application to a city as to each citizen. We earnestly hope
that the visible reminders in our store windows that there
is no need for any Westminster resident to excuse himself or herself for going elsewhere to purchase commodities, may bear fruit.
It is not a new thing for people to be surprised at facts
���concerning their own cities. There are many Londoners
who have never been inside the Tower of London and who
know less about London than do outsiders.
Exhibitions of goods and manufactures made in New
Westminster will, we hope, from time to time serve to enlighten the general public regarding the standing of the
city���which is third in Western Canada in point of manufacturing���and also serve to remind its own residents that
theirs is a self-contained and self-sufficing centre of industry.
During the past year many noted
British students of empire building
have agrei d thai in the Immediate future it will be necessary to establish
an Imperial parliament or council or
else Btand aside and see imperial disunion Instead of imperial federation.
Hy an lmpertp.1 parliament ia meant a
body in which every section tif Ihe
���empire will have representation apportioned by population or by the
share  it  hears of the  burdens of the
An imperial parliament iB tho embodiment of the principle that every
part of the empire Bhall have a constitutional voice in the control of imperial expenditure anil the control of
Imperial policy.
At thin juncture the manifest, but
gradual, evolution of opinion toward
an imperial council is interesting antl
portentlous, Canada in demanding representation on the advisory councils
of the  empire    his     precipitated   tlle
(flscuslson  of  unity  a  great   deal.
Speaking at London a ahort time
ago, Lord llythe. a noted worker in
behalf of Imperial unity, expressed
the opinion that by a process of evolution it was absolutely necessary that
some   Imperial   parliament  or  cabinet
bi! established,
llr. 0. lt. Parkin, C.M.Q., endorsed
his sentiments and Colonel Allen,
New Zealand's minister of finance and defence, aleo believed
that the time was rapidly approaching
when the overseas dominions would
���demand a voice in matters of imperial
The Hlght lion, the Karl of Sel-
liorne, a very staunch Imperialist, has
-express! d the opinion lhal some such
form of unity will he arrived at as
soon as the people of the dominions
become Convinced lhat there are special piirposeB which happen to be common to all nations of llie empire and
which can be more economically and
more effectively served by Bome common arrangement
In view of the fact that a few years
ng" almost every mention of an im-
perlal parliament waa met with ridicule the modern evolution of thought
Js significant.-���Calgary  Herald.
expected  great   things  of  him.
Hut the hostility of the Iroquois,
supported by Dongon, the energetic,
intriguing governor if New York,
wrecked hiB reputation. In his attitn
pt to mod canning with cunning, De-
ntinville committed a shocking act of
treachery, antl over-reaclntl himself.
Inviting aboul a hundred Irotiuols, living near Cataraqui to a feast at the
fort, he bad them seized nntl bound
to posis, where lie kept thnn without
food <vr shelter for several days, beforo Bending them in chains to work
In  tbe -galleys  of   l-'rance.
After this In- led an expedition Into
the. Irotiuols country to devastate ihe
cropB and destroy their buildings.
Next he bad recourse to a tfeatv. but
a Huron Indian contrived to "kill the
peace." The frightful tragedy of the
massacre of the Lachlne followed, but
thp royal letter, dated May HI. 168l��.
recalling Denonvllle was already on
Ha way, and In October the valiant
resourceful I'rontenae took the reins
���nf government frcm his feeble hands.
Salaried men cannot Bee without
alarm the continued advance in the
cost of living. If we represent the
average of wholesale prices on 272
commodities between 1890-1899 by
thi' arbitrary sign of  loo. then  ihf
prices of todav would be represented
by 184 Vi.
An Increase of 13 points Blnce 1908
���is extraordinary. A government report in the iiibji'i't. Illustrated by
graphic charts, is in the April Labor
Qasette 'rhe "curve" Bhowlng these
advances of hi' I years is as steep as
the pith- of Mont BlaUC and quite ta
ltetail  prices cn  "7  Staple  items of
expenditure required by a family of
five are given Kent is Included, also
fuel and lighting in 1910 the weekly
���cost wis $12,241 Last year it was
113,638. An Increase in Iwo years of
nearly 11V4 per cenl lor necessities
is pinching thousands of people
whose wages have not advanced in
Suppose a man has heen working
fnr five yearB at a fixed salary. Wholesale prices In 1908 stood at 121. Now
there are 13-4'A. [Instead of hnprov
ing his position, he is very considerably worse off. in spite of his increased experience, and hia greater
value to the firm who employs him.
Tariffs are not the cause.
The advance in (ireat llritain is
���simillar to that in Canada and the
United States. A failing supply Ib thn
chief reason. Tin- work done by Mr.
lt. ll Coat", cf Un* department of la
hor,  in gathering the statistics, tabu
luting tin in and commenting upon
them from time to lime has brrn
moBt valuable    Toronto News.
Thia year marks the semi-centennial of first convention of the Fenian
Brotherhood in America, but it. waa
mil until lsfifi, when there were said
to be 880,000 Fenians In the l'nited
States, thai ibe much discussed threat
of an Invasion of Canada reached the
stage  nl  aetion.
An "army" of 1200 hot -blooded Irishmen assembled in Buffalo, and for
tv seven years ago tonight, cross'd
the Niagara into Canada. Fort Erie
was taken by the motley band of adventurers, bin Ihey held tholr ground
for only n day, and. after a skirmish
rear mdcrway, retreated Into the
United Stales, There were many arrested for violating the neutrality
laws. A little la'or a band of a then-
sand KenianB attacked St. Armand.
QtHihi-c, bul were easily routed. The
agitation was kept up for aome years,
but. subsequent Invasions, like the
firat,   were   speedily   turned   back.
llitlpat.h, line American historian.
dismisses the subject with these
words: "Viewed philosophically, we
might say that the movement wan
doomed to failure hv the fact that
Irish zeal generally reaches the heat
of fight. Imt not Ihe fire of battle.
The Irish, under competent leadership, make great soldi: rs. but ns a
rule their insurrections have about
tbem lhe BUggeBHon of clubs nnd
pitchforks rather than swords."
Today Is Hie anniversary ef the
h'rtb of BaTon Plrrle, famous shipbuilder ai Quebec, 1847; of Howltt
Bostoc'.c, senator fmm liritish Columbia, 186-1; and nf Sm hie \lmon llenn-
ley. lecturer nud writer on social proteins in  Nova  Scol i.i   18SG,
I Victoria, Min 30 -The first nf Hie
tied tf bIx new boats for tho pro-
vinetnl timber office service has been
deHvori 9 at Vancouver hy the Victor-
la builders, nml i- fitting up for ser
vice up north Tin' craft a thirty-
��lx footer, is called 'he fiva It, in
hemt r of Miss Eva Knss, the daughter of the minister of lands and forests.
A Becond craft is nlso to be named
in honor of  Miss  Beatrice   Uoss.
Tlle boats ni'i' among the beat equip
ped small craft on the coaBt, having
sleeping accommodation for four men.
and all manner of up-to-date devices
Ior comfort and safety. The four
thirty-six foot launches are destined
for  service on   Bute  Inlet,  KnlKlu   In
i let and .lohnston Straits, They arc
of thirty horse power.
Two larger boats, about Bixty feet
in length, niul of fifty horse power
are to tnke tin* longer run lo Campbell river, win re Ihey will connect
with the II. ti. Skinner, which will patrol the Northern  waters.
Vancouver. May 80.���J. T. Little, a
member Of the board of directors Of the
I'rogress club, just before leaving for
1'HBtern Canada, where ho will combine business with a holiday trip during the next six weeks, Bald that with
the opening of the Panama canal, and
the consequent development of ocean
trade between llrltlah Columbia and
Sotilh America, there will be a great
opportunity for leather manufacturers In Greater Vancouver. It wlll be
possible to receive raw hldea from
South American cattle-ralalng countries as cheaply aa they nre now Imported Into New York and Boston,
The Inner bark of the Douglas fir
can bo utilised as successfully for
tanning purposes as oak and willow
barks In the east, and If this be found
practicable there wlll result, a great
development here In the industry of
finishing leathers for general use.
Shoe manufacturing may become In
time cue of tie leading .Industries
on the coasl.
Railway Held  Up
So far all efforta to induce the
west Vancouver properly owners who
have not signed the agreement with
the P, tl. E, have failed. The agreement made between the property own
era and the railway to start construction work nt once on the stction between Horseshoe hay, Howe sound,
and Lonsdale avenue, North Vancouver, in return for free right of way
antl to sperate a Bervlce thelrein wlll
expire on .lune 1,
Won   Busteed   Cup
The team representing the Vancouver shops of the Canadian Pacific
Hallway yeattrday won the competition in first aid work held at Revel-
stoke under the auspices of the St.
John Ambulance Association, thereby
becoming the champions of liritish
Columbia In the company's service
and the possessors of the Busteed
challenge  cup.
Hammond  Man  Hurt
Mr, Oeorge Ogle, c. p. it. station
agent at Hammond, B, C, was struck
hv a train al that place yesterday
aft moon and waa brought to the general hospital in this cily He waa
suffering from a cut on the head and
some minor bruiaea.
For   Policeman's  Widow.
Recommendation of a grant of V2,-
000 to the witlow and children of Constable Archibald was made yesterday
1 v the fire and police committee,
While the amount is double tha
granted the widow of Constable Byi rs,
who also waa Fhot while in the performance of IiIb duty, it was pointed
out to tbe committee that the late
Constable Archibald lefl a young
family, while Constable llyera left no
The Knlghta of Pythias In convention In North Vancouver, have voted
flufl to tlie fund now being subscribed.
Surveyor Honored.
,T. ll. Brownlee, principal ot the
firm of Brownlee, Nash & Davidson,
British Columbia and Dominion land
surveyors, has juat heen elected second vice-president of the association
of the Dominion Land Surveyors. Ottawa, official notification of which arrived by wire.
Dreadnought Coming.
Mr. J. R. V. Dunlop, secretary of the
Canadian club, received a letter yesterday from Captain I.ioncll Halsey,
commander of the battleship Now
Zealand, stating that the new warship
would arrive in Vancouver on July
25, and remain here until August ti.
Captain Halsey and his officers Will
be tendered a luncheon by the Canadian club,
Rev.   Fane   Edge  at  Work.
An Illustrated lecture on the "Life
of Christ" was given at the Central
Mission, Abbott street, thia evening
by the Rev. 11. Kane Edge, the Aneli-
can immigration chaplain. Mr. Edge
was formerly Btatloned at Coqultlam
antl is well known In New Westminster.
The only Baking Powder made from
Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
Makes delicious home-baked foods
of maximum quality at minimum
cost   Makes home baking
pleasant and profitable
Australian and British Officers Testify  to  Worth���Australasia   Has
Flne6t of Material
IN CANADA'S STORY   ,->   the managers corner.
tho  year   168B   the   Marquia  de
Denonvllle was appointed governor of ���������
Now France, He was a conrtier, a ;.'.
�����o!dlelr of large experience, and with-:**
al a. man of high renown for probity. #
honor and piety, The Jesuits were;^ ^^
deligh'od   at  his coming, and  others.�����- *-* ����� ��
Some    people walk    through
life     facing     backward    lhi y
can't pee a chance coming toward them -they get humped
anil   bruised.     Are   you   facing
Forward or backward? Do you
advertise ?
Support Action of Senate In Telegram
to Sir George Ross.
ltevtlsloke, May 30.���The Liberal
convention assembled here yesterday
and sent tn Sir George Robb the following telegram:
"The Liberals of flritish Columbia,
in flcssinn assembled, desire to congratulate you on the high imperial and
Canadian stand which you have liken on the navy question. We unhesitatingly condemn the policy of contribution which his been described by
Sir Charles THip'pi r as prepostt rout
anil by the Hon George K Fi sti r ai
bearing tb' aspect of hiring somebodt
else i" do whal we ourselves ought ti
do, and by Hi" i'i Hon R i- llorden
as hound to conduce, if anything could
conduce, to revering the present con-
nectlon between Canada and the empire.
"We believe with the Liberal p-irtv
throughout the length and breadth of
Canada, that II Is the duty of the
Canadian people to support tho em
pire in case of stress, imt merely wlO
empty ships, but with onr services snd
our livca, antl that any other pollcj
is un-Canadlan, un-Brltlsb and In
every way ignoble and worth1, of con-
"The propel' constitutional antl n'lt
nral development of the Dominion o/
Canada calls for the creation of ;���
Canadian navy for service nn both
oceans, antl no other policy should he
adopted by the parliament of Canada
without the expressed approval of the
Mr, Brewster who look the chair
appointed the following members to
the credentials committee: MeBsra
Heed, Cranbrook; Kllis. Vancouver:
Conyers, Victoria; A McRae, Prlnc
Rupert; and C. It. McDonald, Hovel
Aboul  200 d dcgati ��������� are ;ir, senl
Preoaring for Panama.
London, May 30, The Uoyal Steam
Packet Company is Issuing six million
dollars' worth or ordinary shares al
$660 a share. The money is to be applied to the purchase Of the Nelson
Bteamship line and to the extension
of the company's business In trh��
South Pacific when the Panama canal
opens for traffic.
Victoria, May 30.���British officers
in   close  tench   with   the  pulsH of tlle
great Dominions In tie antipodes are
unanimous in declaring that national
service as Inaugurated "down under"
la playing a wonderful part In the
all round development of the youth
of New Zealand and Australia Into
first class citizens.
Lieut.-Col. (I. itaniacloiti, 24th Australian infantry, who arrived here on
the  Niagara,  says:
"To my surprise tho effect, of com
pulsory training has been to level off
the different classes of young men
in Australia rather than to reduce
the grade of the nun through the Intermixture of various social classes,
We have now young college students,
wool shearers, and mm from the back
bush all Intermingled together who
know no class distinction antl who are
New South Welshmen and loyal sol-
Idlers of the Commonwealth.
"As a terltorlal officer prior to the
time of the establishment of compulsory service, I looked with a certain
amount of diffidence on the proposals
of the government, but after experience 1 am absolutely satisfied that It
is lhe very finest thing for the Aus-
' ral Ian youth, and not only that, but
it is a direct Incentive to the other
j dominions  of  the   empire.
More Than Soldiering
"We are catching the hoy when ho
Is young, giving him physical training In the schools and giving the
\ teachers similar facilities bo liy the
lime they reach the ranks they are in
| a good position to take advantage of
Lour routine training.
"And I want ymi to und, rstantl,
too, that it is not merely the training
I of a Btildler, but practical work like
I cooking and the many little matters
i which occur ia camp life but are overlooked In the ordinary upbringing
I of the manhocd of a nation."
The Colonel referred to a recent
parade in Sydney In which 20.000 cadets were in line, and said it was a
feature which would inspire the enthusiasm of all true Imperialists and
those who looked for a sound mind
land a sound body among the younger
' generation.
lie has formed an opinion that thi
i colonial youth is very superior to thi
type available in tho old country, an I
i declared that. In his corps there are
| men of 6 teet 4 inches and 6 foet 3
��� inches who are only 18 years of age.
1 The native Intelligence of thn hoy,
'ho Bald, enables him to make a thoroughly effective use of the training
I he receives in the field.
Finest of Material
Captain .1. c. Hamilton, tf Ihe Gren.
adler Guards, who has been sent out
to Now Zealand by the British war
office to be Brigade-Major at Wellington, He is in fact one of thr officers
sent, nut by the home oflfcs to Instruct the peopl ��� Of that new land
In 'h" establis i I arta of warfare and
ni:i.tary training
"��� gai'ili R lhi condition of military
affairs in N'ew Zealand, Captain Hamilton said that as yel ihey were of
coins,* in an embryonic slate. Tho
country wai too young to expeel
'Hut," he ;.:i i careful to add as a
rider, "the material lhal we have ti
work upon thi re is Uie finest In the
world, Tin* men are Btrong, health ���
and amenable. '���, discipline, and al
ready tht re la the nucleus of one of
the finest annus In the world."
"The people an taking to compuli
Bory Bervlce extraordinarily well, I
firmly believe In the principle myj
sir. ami cordially sympathise wiib
the objects and alms of Lord Robert's campaign  in the old country."/
I Biibji cts being deferred to the winter
: meetings,
Farmers aro more antl more begin- j
ning to realise the value of livestock
In   conjunction   With   whatever   other
crop  they  may  be  raising,  antl  seek ;
eagerly after every kintl of Infomi- \
Hon that can be obtained ou the Btib- I
i Jeet.
Premier Speaks on Harbor Development on E. C. Coast.
Victoria, May 30. Speaking at a
public reception to Mr. George ll
Barnard; M. P., and Mr. it. P. Green,
M.   P.,  last  night,  sir  Richard   Jk-
Bride said that there could he no
doubt that, as ii result of. the Splendid votes accorded this city, It was
to become a port of the first rank.
In so expressing himself he did nol
wish to be understood as reflecting on
Vancouver, Prince Rupert or .New
Westminster, Then' was room, and
more,  for all.
Of course, there was friendly rivalry
between Victoria and Vancouver, aa
well as between liritish Columbia's
other notable ports New Westminster and Prince Rupert. He would
not have it otherwise. Competition,
no matter where applied, wuh healthy.
He ventured the opinion that Victoria
had no bitter friends than the cltlsens
of that great western metropolis
Prince Albert Is Innocent Cause
Scare Away Telegrams.
Halifax. May 30, Grossly exaggerated reports of lhe decision of Prince
Albert, heir presumptive to the British tliriui". in playing minis instead
of going to government house, having
been cabled to Kngiish newspapers,
an official explanation of the Incident
which seems to have caused the admiralty grave alarm, ia hinted at.
It appears that there was a misunderstanding. Instead of following the
usual procedure, Lleutenant-Oover-
nor McGregor called on Captain
Smilh firH. and the official call of tbe I
Cumberland's comamnder w*as delay-I
ctl for Bome days in consequence, II
had been expected that Prince Albert
would accompany Captain Smith
when 'he Istti r made bis return call
antl an Intimation to that effect was
given out. from government house.
The king's Bpeclal orders, however. |
were that Prince Albert was to he
treated exactly as 'any of Ihn other
sixty cadetB on the training ship, and
lis a garden party had been arranged
at government house for Saturday, it
w'-s deified lhat the prince should
only call on Lieutenant-Governor Mc-
lOregor in company with IiIb hrother
Yesterday the wireless operator on
the Cumberland, the vessel to which
the young, prince is attached, Intercepted a press message describing
how the heir presumptive had "flout-
cd" the lieutenant-governor of Nova
Scotia Later the admiralty officer-?
'in London asked for an explanation nf
the reports which had been cabled to
Prince Albert and his hrother cadets wlll visit Montreal and Niagara
Popular Shoe Store
Front Street
Child's Barefoot Sandals, sizes ',1 to 51/. 4")C
Kiddies' Barefoot Sandals, sizes (! to ![/���> 60c
Little Gent's Barefoot Sandals, sizes 8 to 10'/2. . .70c.
Misses' and Boys' Barefoot Sandals, sizes 11, 12,
13, 1, 2 85c
Kiddies' Box Kip Boots, English make, sizes 5 to
10  95c
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double, wood pegged, sewn; sizes 1 to 5 $1.85
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size * $3.95
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Men's light Work Boots, every size $1.25
Men's hox calf Hoots, leather lined; every size. .$2.95
Men's gun metal blucher, Long Life make, all
sizes $3.95
Men's willow calf, tan button and lace $5.00 Hoots,
every size $3.95
Ni:u    WEniMINSTEIt   LODOB   NO   I
It ft V i| "f Klkn uf th * n. nf i.'.. mef>
thr first mid third ThurBtlay nl B li m
K.  of  p.   Hull.   Eighth Btre��t  A  Weill
I lit ANT
411  1
��'    West!
K. Qmnt
Oray, Exalted Ruler
r�� tin >-.
P.  II. Smilh. Hoc
ter-at-law, Bolicitor. etc.. Teleph-Sal
1070. Cable adareM "Johnston."
rod<-, "Weetern I'ninn." Offices, Riiii
Hinck. r.r,2 Colombia atreet, Mew We��t-
inlnstir. B, C.
M,     NO      -������!
nd. third and fourth  Wednea- ' 'A'tirrKSIUK.
day in tjirh month ui i p
tn thf Moose Item' it. ,1 Leamy, I
dictator! !' E. Jones, Becretary.
HeadnuartiTS "f lodge In S'*<* House.
comer of Fourth and Carnarvon Btrecta
O. O. F. AMITY I.OIlflE NO. 17���Th
regular meeting of Amity lodico N,
27. I. O. O. F.. Is hftd ivory Monda
nlKht nt K o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hnt
corner Carnarvon und Eighth street,
Visiting lirethern cordially Invite,
K. A. Merrlthew. N. O.! J Robertaoi
V. (1.; W. C. Coatham, I'. '). re,-,,n
lnK secretary; H. w. Sangster, flnaj
ctul aecretary.
Irfc ��� Barrtatera and Solicitors, Wnnt-
inlnslor Trust Hlk.. Columbia slrcflt,
N',w Westminster, B, rt. Cable addreM
"Whltealde," Western l'nlon. P. O.
Drawer ''tin. Telephone 66 W. J.
Whltealde, K. C.; FI. 1.. Bdmonda, D
S. BOWELL ISITt'K.SSOU TO roller ft Hanna. I.t.i I - Funeral dlrcCIOI
and embalmera Parlors 4o;, Columhl
street,   New  Weatmlnater,    i'hone  titi
Archbishop   McNeil   Will   Review   Big
Catholic Demonstration
Toronto,   Mav   30.���The   annual   de
nr n-nratit n cf tho Holy Name Union
��� f  the   Archdii-i't's-   or Toronto  wIU
take place tm Sunday ufternoon, from j
Sl    Mary's church.
It Is expected that there will he he- '
���.���seen   in nnii   and   12.000   participate
in  the parade.   This number will In-j
elude 25 Benlor and 17 junior branch-
is representative of every race  There (
will  lie also ten on'  of thc city pariah s. At st. Michael's college ground
a  sermon apropriate  tr> the occasion
will hi' delivered hy Very itev. Dean i
A temporary altar will he erected i
on an elevation in the groundb, from SPECIFICATIONS, AORBEMENTS ni
which the solemn benediction of the ^ \\t��'m*X"h7. ^iK'ar^Mall
most blesaed Bacremenl will be given,     confidential    H  Barry, room -ttu West
All   those   present   under   the   leader* !    minster Trusl nm    Phone 702.	
ship  of  thc   1,-ev.   Bro.   Mondnlf,   will  "
join  in  BlnglnK hymns proper to the |     AUDITOR   AND   ACCOUNTANT
j. stii.wki.i. ci.itte. Barrlater-at-law.
solicitor, eta,; comer Columbia an-a
MoKenslfl   Streeta,    New    Westminster.
It    r.    P.   O.   Hox   112.      Telephone    710
Solicitor and Nfitary. Offiees Ihili
hlock. "JS Ixirne street. New- W-aStmlD*
sor, H. (*..
Mc-Ql'Aimil.    MARTIN     A    I'ASSAnt.
Barristers and Solicitors, nnr, to til
Weatmlnater Tnisi illock. n K Mdr-
lui. W. Ci. Mc-Qllurrte and 'i,*o,*Ke I,
W   V,
���er  Fu,
HI!, ���
IHtte  1
Farmers    Realizing    Great    Value   lof
Llveetock  in Gcncnl ocherne.
Victoria,   May  ;,n.    'Ihe officials "f
ilu*   llvertock   branch  of  thn  depth-
I ment i I agriculture are away all  Aer
ithe province engaged in lecturing at
ithe spring  meetings of the farnjbrs'
Institutes,    I'r"fi*M**or W. T. Mclitni-g
I aid has been called awaj t" Saskatchewan, ��in re I*,, le to purchase pure-
1 r il  Btcck  for  nie hy  farmers' Inti
'niii-  undi r  the    new*    arrangement
win i-. i j   tin se  ars  etippllt d  m cosi
in-.!���������  and   the  Ini ttttiti s    havo    two
: ein in which i" p iy for th r
Mr W Oil ten has gone to tijte Mr.
McDonald's place and to lecnie on
beef and dairy cattle. His iJin-rary
will take him m Oulden, Salmon Arm,
Ilnltai- anil Revelstoke, All tin- different circuits begin either this or
next week.
It is noteworthy that all tha lectures
ai these summi r meetings w/ll he devoted tti livestock antl the crops especially connected with animals nnd to
roll  truatment,    purely   horticultural
A reviewing slant! will be placed in
front of the I'rfclous lllood Convent
SI. Joseph street, where hla grace
Archbishop   McNeil,  will   revifw*     the
Rivers Rising on Island
Viotorla, May 30.- Owing to the
h'avy ruins In Ihe hills in the past
few days and the warmer weather
melting the snow, which Rt 111 lies
ah ng the highlands, the water In the
Chemanlus ami Cowlohan rivers is
ve-tiTly rising. Vest rday the level
cf these rivers was several i''eh<*r-
h'glii i* than usual at this lime ef Uu
H.   J    A.    IHIRNBTT.    AUDITOR    AN!
Accountant,   Tel, R 12k.   Room 2
Hart blnck.
p. H. Smith w. .1. Orov-a
Work   undertaken    tn    city    and    nnisld
points.   211-12   Westminster   Trust   Bld(
Ph uu-  -int.    P.  O.  Box   ''07.
ster Board of Trade meets In th,- huar
roiim, city Hall, as follows: Third Fr
dav of ,-jieh month ; ininrterlv im-eYtlt,
on the third Friday of February, Ma'
Aujcii'it antl November at K p.m. Ar
rujii meettrms .hi ilu- third Friday o
February. C. II. Stuart Wade, seere
Fruit Proiipect Good
Victoria, May 30. Mr W, H, Rob
erls-i ti, of iiie horticultural branch of
the department of agriculture, returned H'is week end from a visit to demonstration orclfards al Nanalmo,
Chilliwack. Hammond and Aldergrove j Beat Pool Tables In the city. Klnt
He reports -everywhere the small fruit lino of ClgarB antl Tobacco. Sporting
crops and cherries looking well, anil,   events bulletined.
King's Hotel Pool Room
at present,'Indicating a heavy crop.
A. G. BEATON, Proprietor.
I COAI. MINING rlKhis of tiie Dominion
l'i Manlloha, Saskatchewan and AlbertA,
Hi" Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and In n portion of the Provtnoe
of Ilrillsh Columbia, muy lm leaded for a
term of twenty-nne years at an annual
rental "f 11 iui acre. Not more than 256*
acres wlll he leased to one appllpaiU.
Application  for a  lease  mint ho  made
hy  the applicant In peraon  io the  Agent
i er Siib-Agnnt of the district In which the
rlithls applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described  hy  sections,  or  legal  sub-divisions of sections, and Is unsiirveved territory   the   tract   applied    for    shull    be
i staked out hy the applicant himself.
Bach  application   must  he accompanied
hy a  (OS of 16 which wlll he refunded  If
1 the   rights applied  for  an. not  available,
hut   nut   otherwise.     A   ra-?al'v   shall    he
paid  on   the  nieFchantahle  output   of  the
] mine at lhe rate of five centa per ton.
j     The   person   upcruHnK   the   mine   shnll
I furnish    tho   Agent   with   sworn   returns
ucoour.Ih { for the fun quantity of me.r-
chanlable  coal   mined  oi���l   pav  tho  royalty   Union.   If  tho  coal   mining    rights
j oe not l,   ok operated tweh returns should
, ho   fiittit-.  ,,d  at  least  once a  veur.
T ie i. .t wl[l Include the ceil mining
rlitl s onl-*, Imt tho leasee wlh bo per-
mftted in purchase whatever available
���urfocc iir its may bo considered neces-
I i,iry tot lln working of tho mine at the
ile or -iii   an acre.
For full    iforroatlon application should
'���  emit" i    iltf Secretary of the In-paH-
���iiii   of  lhe Interior,  Ottawa, or to sny
Kent or S ui-Atfent of Dominion   Lands.
Dopu'v Minister of the Interior..
N, li   -Uli.il 'horired piiMloatlon of tbls
J ,'Ct lls.incnt .411 not be paid for. '*'
8ATURDAY, MAY 31, 1913.
mid ufling outside products, thereby
fostering foreign trade rather than
purchasing home-grown and homemade products and anco ur lng home ln-
i!ii' tries has been an prejudicial
tnd harmful -to their
Interest and tho inle
cily generally ub it
has Heen to llle
own    best
���cuts    of the
rural oommunltti s cf
Professor Hill Tout Describes Present Conditions in
Fraser Valley and Suggests How Urban and Rural Communities Backed by Government Can Obviate Drain of
B. C. Money to Foreign Sellers.
Feur Thousand Presbyterians Now In
Toronto���What   Westminster's
Delegates Wlll  Hear.
Tho  luncheon  given   In  the   Hoyal ser valli y  aa these communities  are i
Cafe,  In  connection  with  the  "Huy themselves for Vancouver and  New'
Home Products" campaign, waB n con- Westminster, and especially the    lat-
splcuous success yesterday and  Pro- tor,  are  the  natural  purchasing  and
feasor Hlll-Tout'B eloquent address on distributing centres of the valley; and
the reciprocal duties of the cltlcB and lf the  valley   Is    not  prosperous  the
urban  communities,  the  extension  of trade bl tween It and the cities must
market facilities and the vital lm
portanre of organization and co-oper
atlon   amongst  the  farmers   was   re
celved with enthusiasm,      ���
In the absence of the chairman. Dr
Smith,  president  of  the  association
Mr. I). 8,
about   70
suffer accordingly.
Now no one who has any knowledge
of the Valley can say conditions are
Satisfactory there. No one who has
observed the Increasingly large quantities of foreign agricultural products
Curtis presided. Then' wero which ate Imported Into onr province
present, a fair proportion and eopeolally Into the cities of Van*
from different points In the! couver anil New Westminster, every
valley. , year and which our valley could pro-
luncheon the obalrman Intro- duce equally well If conditions were
Protesor    Hill-Tout    to    the!otherwise, can lake a hopeful view of
guests. He referred to hlm as an ex
perienced, practical fanner who knew
the needs of the farmers and apart
from that a distinguished student, a
man well qualified lo tell the ihinxs
he kmw lie was sure his address
would not only be Interesting, but Instructive. He was glad to see members Of th" press present, for without
publicity being given to Ills address,
the speaker's view would not reach
the ears of those it was desirous they
should reach. They wanted the far
mers and producers to hear what l'ro-
fesosr Hill-Tout Bilid. They all recognized the whole situation depended
upon education f Applause I
A Notable Speech.
1'rofeRor Hill-Tout tben spoke as
People who live in the mltlBt
ureal revolutionary movements seldom, l think, realise the changes taking place around them, more particularly if those movements are of the
slow and  silent kind.
How many people, for example, realize the far-reaching and important
changes whloh have been taking place
in the industrial and commercial world
during the past twenty or thirty years
They have,   |n  the main,  come about
Lhe valley, and the same may be
I said, I believe, of the peoplo of Van
Tin' great questlfin before the pro-|
vlnce and Ibis valley In particular, |
at  the   present   time,  as  I  see  ll,  Ib
bow to Btop the unprofitable expenditure of our financial resources upon : Toronto, May 30. The greatest
foreign produce. Tho annual budget gathering ln Canada ot men prominent
shows an alarming Increase year by1" tho I'reHbyterlun church will be
yiar In tbis direction, many millions that of the pre-assembly congress,
In the biflt two years, and thla In the ; wlll<*h ->���"'"������ l!�� Massey Hall, Toronto
face of the fact that we havo the tomorrow. Delegates are present from
most fertile land In Uie whole Do- ,'ho ""��ritlm���� provinces. Trom Ontario,
minion In our province, and particular Hu ,/(\, lie P " "rovl"ef,H and
Iv In our valley, and one of the beat *-*$,   I "Tin ,
and most  rapidly expanding markets     *��2? &*��? g*��  *l�� ���b" .��"*
i,      * ��        i     si.       i   , B8ilt#fl  hy   Ur.   Miinifx h    EnAOkenzle
i for  farm   produce   In  the   whole  cm-*    h(J wm ���  ,0 ffi    ^    thowand
pire.     How   to   best   bring  this  land ministers  and   laymen    on     "China'
Into profitable cultlvaton and develop Call,"    Hlg as  Massey  Hall  Is, over-
our agricultural   resources,  and  how j f!ow neetlngt wm ,mv��� to ,���. ������.,,, ,
to  Bfcuro our  own  markets for our- Cooke's church,  which  Is  one of the
selves,  are  the problems  we have to ; largeBt churches In the cltv.
"O1"-8 ��� |    To Uev. Dr. I). 0. McQueen, of Kd-
Co-operatlon Elixir I monton, moderator of the general as-
Wlth the co-operation of all con-jsembly, fallB the honor of delivering
cemed, the agriculturists, the cities the firBt Bpeech tomorrow afternoon.
and the province, this should not be Ile wlll be followed by John l'eiiman,
difficult or beyoimd our powers. All of I'aris, a layman, who has contrite
that Is required Is enlightened eo-,uted generously towarda the nanclal
operation. Olven this, and uo com-'Bide of the congress,
inunity   ln   the   world   can   be   more |    Other speakers will be
grlculture in B, c.   It is impossibli !
for  our  agricultural   communities   to
flourish antl therefore for our cities]
to do the trade and    business    with j
them they ought to do. If, as a prov-1
ince and a people we go on spending I
increasing   millions   of   dollars     each
year ln the purchase of agricultural
products from the producers of Washington   anil   Oregon   Instead   of   purchasing  them  frnm the  producers of
our own valley.    Does It not seem the
very height  of folly  for the cities
Vancouver ami New Westminster to
foster  and   encourage     the     produce
growers of the states of Washington
land Oregon, who contribute nothing tt
the trade and business of their cities.
but draw and absorb therefrom nill-
i lioiia of liollars annually, Instead of
.assisting to build up and develop tin
igrlrultural communities of the Fraser valley from whom theBe two cit-
'es draw so large a portion of their
trade and by whose assistance they
have largely made themselves what
Ihey are?
Short Sighted Policy.
And  yet  that  Ib  tJUBt  what    they
have been doing.   Such a Short-stght-
ed  policy   would  bo    rldlculouB    and
laughable   If  It   did  not  so  seriously
prosperous than that of this province
and valley for none have been more
freely by nature dowered.
Let the cities, with the aid of the
government, If necessary -for this Ib
i provincial nfovement of the greatest Importance to the whole province
and well worthy of government aid������
establish   commodious   markets   In
their midst with adequate cold storage facilities, and let tbe peoplo of
the cities do their part by demanding from their grocers and produce
sellers home-grown and 11. ('. proof j ducts - for the co-operation of the con.
sinners Is vitally iucessary If the
scheme Is to be successful. Let the
provincial authorities give to the ag-
loultural communities cf the province the same or similar uld aa is
being done by other states to the
'ulliv.itor3 of their soli and they will
Lhen be able to bold their own again-
it all and any competitors. Let the
government send out. as other stateB
doing, experienced organizers and
J. Camp
bell White. New York; Professor lira-!
ham   Taylor.   Chicago;     Dr,     Robert
Johnston,    Montreal;    James Halfour,
K,  ('.,  Ileglna;   President  Handier, ofl
Queen's    university,    Klngsym;   Kev.
John McNeill, of Cooke's church, Toronto;   President Falconer, of Toronto university;  J. A.  Paterson,  K. (',;
llr.  J.  A.  Macdonald, of the Toronto
tllobe;     Matthew    Parkins,  Professor
It.   Law,   Dr.   C.   W.   Gordon     (Ralph
Connor),     Winnipeg;       Itev.    C.    M.i
Wright, of Oort George, and  Rev. W.
���T. Herrldge, of Ottawa.
Weighty  Questions.
I TheBe men will deal with bucIi ques- !
tions as "Training for Service By
means of the home, the press, the
church, the college"; "The Church's
Opportunity In Canada," "Canada's
Opportunity Abroad." "The Foreign
Problem In Canada," "The World Situation," "The Foreign Problem in the
| City," "The Rural Problem," "The Social Application of the Gospel," "Kvan-
igollsm,"    "Temperance,"    and    "The
,    , , .Stewardship of Money."
instructors to teach the produce rals- j    t-^   Dr, Hanson   of   Montreal, will
so gradually and silently that most of Jeopardize  the future  prosperity  of
ub  liaie  taken   them  at  a  matter of
course, if we have thought anything
about thi m at all And yet If we com
pare for a moment Our own times and
conditions with those of the generation before us we see in a moment how
tremendous are Ihe changes which
have taken place, and that, between
their tun' ami ours the difference is
II has occurred to me. Mr. President,
that it might be profitable if I were to
both urban and rural centres alike. It
is not a very difflcnli problem and Ilu
youngest  school child could solve It
to demonstrate  that   the    rural    dls-J ;
tricts of the Kraser valley  would bei
that   much  better off and have that
much greater purchasing power if the
fifteen or twenty or more million dol- I
lars   the   province  Bpent   last   year   In
buying outside   foreign    agricultural
products bail been paid into the pock-',
ets of the produce raiBorB of tbe l'ra
"rs t.f tbe province how to co-operate in their efforts, how tn work
more effectively together, how to prepare their produce for market and
how to establish collecting and distributing  agencies.
Government's Share
Let lhe government only do this���
ind it has the precedent of numer-
-lus other advanced Btates for its
ami we shall soon see a
better and more hopeful condition of
things, We shall speedily Bee the
jame   development  take   place   in  the
agricultural centres as tn  have been
witnessing in recent years In our ur- hy lh
ban centres,   our whole province will
be   devt loping   equally   and   not   one
the: slogan is one that should commend itself
to every true citizen.
Today  and  Monday
conduct the devotional exercises which
are being arranged by the local Laymen's Missionary council, with Q.
Tower Ferguson, chairman. Frank
Velgh is chairman of the committee |
on halls and ushering, and Itev. T.
Crawford Hrown of the reception committee. Rev. A. K. Armstrong is in
charge of the reporting of statistics,
and liev. Dr. 11. P Mackay is at the
head of the arrangement of a program
and the formation of a policy.
Ascembly Follows.
The congress closes on Wednesday.
June 4, and is followed immediately
general assembly, which openB
on  Wednesday evening    In    Massey
hall,     The   retiring   moderator     will
utilize  the   half hour  at   my  tlisposal  "er valley
today by considering wherein thiB dlf- .    Imagine the prosperity lo urban and
section at the cost of the other.    We Preach, followed by the election of the
Shall be keeping at home to our own l new   moderator.    The  assembly    will
r a ,i,,iieli.,L,        ile        cIMii.t*,. at... 4',. I I
betterment   and   prosperity   the  uni
conclude   its   Bluings     the     following I
MIUU     xl J    i Uliniiiriuif)     n in   nun    I 11 1 ���    nil-   , ������*   r w      * I   ii'   ivi   i un   in nu'i        )��� ��� u-ufn. i nj mi.*       ui 11-     m�� , C3 ��V. 1 I * I I
terenoe lies, What these great   changes : r'"-al centres alike that would result U0M of dollars we are now annually Thursday.    So that the loint meeting
..      . .       .     .   . . .......    ,,..     .,i.., -n     .....i    ..i 1...1  , ... . -     of  th.,  ctiit-r.itta  it-nil   tin,   iiHopmlilv   will
signify tn ns and whnt lesson we mav
draw 1 believe I strike the keynote
of this difference between our times
and those of our fathers, as far. at any
rate, as Industrial and commercial enterprises are concerned, and gel at
unci- to the heart of the matter when
I say that It is the difference between
concerted, co-operative, organized ac
Hon and Individualistic, isolated, Independent action.
ThiB is the day. par excellence, of
combined aud organized effort of corporate; roneerted action, whether It
be In the building up of a city or a
rural community, an industry or a
business; nntl jiiBt in proportion as
We believe in these principles, employ
and act up to them, so will our efforts
in auy of these lines of action be successful. The dny of isolated. Independent effort has passed away and
the man or the community who does
not antl will not realize this musl Inevitably be left behind In the race of
Buy Home Products.
You are just Inaugurating a movement known as the Huy  Home Prod
from  the  distribution  antl  circulation | ending   outside   the     province     for
of such a sum of money in onr midst, i farm pr0ductB and we shall be estab-
And why was it not done? Why is
It that so many million dollars of our
money go to enrich the produce prow- '���
ers or the United Btates instead of
���joinc Into the pockets of our own people thereby enriching them and building   Up   our  own   country?
Briefly  put, it   is this.    On  the one
shlng the growth and prosperity of
the province on permanent and staple   foundations.
Mr.   President,   I   will   not
vour time  longer, but will conclude
my remarks by wiBhing you all success      In      your      Huy Home-Products
side the produce growers of our val- hrVnP*j8n'    *\ \" �� KU:P i"<he right
ley have no organization, no cohesion
amongst themselves. They are trying lo do business on tbe worn out. old
fashioned methods of Independent, In-
dlylduallsttc effort. They are not up
to the times. They labor also under
all kinds of hardships and unfavorable conditions incident tn and insep-
aral le from pioneer life, antl tliey
have had little or no encouragement
and assistance from the state as have
Iheir competitors across the line and
In New Zealand. And on the other
side the urban centres have neglected and overlooked them, practically
denying to them Iheir increasing and
Important  markets.
1 call  fancy some of the people of
New   WeBtmlnster saying    how    can
lion anil  is bound ti
of good to the whole
of the congress and the assembly wlll
go down in history as one of the most
remarkable rellpiouB conventions in
the annals of Canada and of the
The $100,000 required for the ex-
occupy pt,���6cs IlI1(i entertainment of the 4,tl0u
delegates has been fully subscribed.
This was the information supplied by '
Uev. R, .1 M. QlaBSford, secretary of
the general congress, and by Uev. 1!
C. Tibbs, secretary of tbe Toronto
presbytery.    The ainiB of the congress
be produ
valley, city
He will thereby enable the retailer to save the duty on some
$15,000,000, annually spent for food supplies imported, which
ean be grown in the Fraser Valley District-
By purchasing such Home Produce (wherever possible)
the farmer, as well as every producer and retailer, will be stimulated to market at the best price, consistent with reasonable
profit combined with good quality of the article.
Carefully  Study the  Shop
dows for the Next Three
antl   district    alike.     Co-operation    is are tl) to develop fellowship amongst
the kev-note of our times, and If we ai    lmlnisters    of   the    Presbyterian  ft J 1       XT        *
would keep in the forefront of thing* church,   (E)   to supply  them  with  in- : *^j fllH* C ll     IN OtlCCS
and progress we must live lu harmony spiration   for  constructive  work,  und
with   our  times,  we  must  cooperate (3) to enlarge their practical vision of |
one  with   the   other.  Ihe  cities   with the  Importance of  missionary   enter
ihe country districts and the country prlso and how to carry out the worl
districts   with   the  citiea.     Each,    la|most efficiently.
closely dependent, ihe one on the oth-     The precise divisions of the deter and the  prosperity or the  reverse fates  to   the  congress,
of the one is the prosperity or the re
tit-Is campaign, which lias for its G-
fostering and   building  up of    his he when we ,
rytoa-  ket hire on purpose for the farmer of
,   ,    ,     ,   ,   ,,,,   ,,    ..     .   blue a Weekly mar
Jeet the fostering and  niiiniin"  "" ���"
home-made and home-grown
urts. This a grand movement and
shows that this representative body, at
least, IB alive to its public responsibilities and duties, lt is just such a
movement as l suggested to the people
of the neighboring city of Vancouver
a few  wt eks ago and 1 heartily en-
gratulate the city of New.Westmin- ���
Bter that II has had the good sense anil ��� _       -, ��� ,  ..;...,...
ready will In put Itself In Ibe forefront
verse of the other. Let our watchword be "United Effort," for strength
and success come alone with Ufllty of
purpose and action; division means
weakness and failure.
Van*-cover's Greeting.
Mr. V.'. T. Iteid before moving a vote
TRINITY���-Rev, Canon G. C. d'Easuui,
M.A.. rictor;  Rev. George A. Hay. M.
A., assistant curate. 8 a.m., Holy Com
according   to Imunion;   11  a.m..  Matins,  Holy  Com
Rev    Dr   Glassford,  are:     3,200  gen-  m'unlon and  sermon;   3:3n  p.m., Sun-
eral delegates, SOU representatives of i day school;  T p.m., Evensong and Ber-
the \v. P, M. s. and 300 represents- mon,
tivea  of  the  \V.   II.  M.  S,    To  these j 	
must be added at least 200 others, woh I st. STEPHEN'S ��PRB8BYTERIAN
general assembly, but who will come CHURCH, Corner Fourth avenue and
ahead to attend the congress. , Seventh street.    Kev.  M. Gordon Mel-
Four Thousand There. , v|n -pastor.   Services 11 a.m. and 7;IUi
Transfer Co
Offlc*   Phone   185.       Barn   Phon*
Begble itrstt
Hsggage Delivered Promptly to
any psrt of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling j ���*,
i ther   this  brings    the
ihn Fraser valley. It is true you have
hud an open market once a week for
years past, antl Ils presence and facilities have betin good as far as they
have gone, but up to this time Ihey
have not gone far enough to he of any I ^i* " ! '
ureal service or benefit to the produce
growers  of  the  valley  generally.    It
if thanks to the professor for his able Lumber up to 4.Odd deli gates, which in
address, road a telegram which had
just bteii received from tlle Progress
club, Vancouver, wishing the Buy
Home Products movement every suc-
The pulpit will be occupied at
both the morning and evening ser-
! vices, June 1. by Uev. Professor
Hetherington, of Columbia college.
Sunday school at 12 o'clock; Bible
class at 2:30.
me to say so   tif a peddlers' markel
and it haa lacked warehouse and cold
storage facilities. The annual amount
of the Bales conducted through the
jifitny of the New Westminster market does not constitute one-twentieth ��� vote
pari of the amount the cities of Van-
iver and  New  Westminster spend
nl products and by far tbe largl r po
tion of th
windows of
olty are foreign products from across I���������*' oonsumer and it was nacessar
the line or elsewhere, und not from' these to get together. He thought
of this desirable movement.    It
not   have  enme  al   a   more  opportune
time or when H was more badly needed, for the conditions prevailing in Ibis
Lower Eraser valley, particularly in
tho agricultural districts, make It very
clear that our communities as a whole
are not alive to their reciprocal responsibilities or the duties which
they owe lo one another
it seems to me, Mr. President, we
have all been too bimy In the past
working out onr own particular plans
and purposes -individuals and communities alike -to properly realise
what has been going on around us,
what our neighbors have been doing,
or whether they have been getting
alone as well as ourselves. A very
little reflection and observation will
tell us that this is, unfortunately, not
the case. For while our cltloB have
heen growing and expanding In the
most gratifying manner, our rural districts, taken .ib a whole, have failed
to mako corresponding progress;
have, indeed, in many sections actually
lost ground  and  retrograded.
Now Mr. President, this Is a very
unsatisfactory nnd menacing eondl- \ i remarked just now. Mr. President.
tlon for no country or state can re- that the time was very opportune for
mnin permanently prosperous the movements of the nuy-Home-Prod-
growth and expansion of its cities not- ;U(.t8 kind. The citizens of Vancouver
withstanding if Us agricultural re-1and New Westminster have becn loo
sources are not properly developed much engrossed in their own partlcu-
and Utilised, If Its rural population is ].ir interests, in the building up and
not correspondingly prosperous nnd extension of their cities to give much
flourishing. The ramifications and In- ; thought or attention to the question
eractlon of modern life, the Interde-'of  where  the    agricultural    products
Mr, Held said it would be superfluous in him to make any ri marks on
the address Profesor Hill-Tout had
only In look around him and see the
faces of his .nidiiors to understand
how much it was appreciated,
Alderman White said be was Kind to
have the opportunity of seconding the
if thanks to their distinguished
. nest  for his  exceedingly  interesting
and aide handling of the problem thai
annually In the purchase of agrloultur- | faced   Iheir   agricultural   community
lie had put It ver;  clearly.
themselves   would  make  the  popuba
tain  of  a  good   sized   town.    So  that
tho congress will    be    distinguished
I both in quantity and quality.
One of the chief problems of such
B   congress   is   the   billeting   of  home
accommodations for the delegates.
but provision for the 4,000 delegates is
assured, both in the way of home and
.ether  living  expenses  by   the  forty-
j four congregations asked to provide
for this. Other denominations have oi.IVRT UAPT1ST CHURCH���Pub-
offered to take delegates and to some iici, worship 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.. with
extent this is bl ing done.                       ; sermons   by   the   pastor.   Uev.   A.   S.
i    The presbytery or Toronto will sup- LewlB,   11.1).     Morning   subject,    "The
'ply B special guarantee expense fund -(-,���vni  Road to    tlie    Highest    lafe";
If.- there del. gales who, fer instance, Bven|ng   Bubjeet,   "Western     Canada's
Will be housed at Mlmio, Weston and (;r,,atest  Peril."    Everybody welcom
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
���Uev. J, S.  Henderson, pastor.    Set
vices  11  a.m. aud  7:30 p.m   Sabbath
: aehool and  pastor's  Bible class ^*.3u.
but   who  will  not   he
products for sale in the I     lucre were three parties vitally in- ' ���ther   suburbs,
the merchant* or either|terested, the producer, the dealer and  n\,\P tn  RCt to temporary homes for
luncheon and supper.
ssary for
t they I    These, it in estimated, will number
lhe valley at all [realised  that  and  had  started on  the. (,1,-jut   1,000    people.    Figuring    each
What  we  want before  the  present 'right  road.     (Applause). 1-meS.l to cost 35 cents, each day's ex-
unsatisfactory Btnte or things can hei Receives Ovation. I petise wlll amount  to $35". or. for a
bettered, before we can stop thiB Professor Hill-Tout on rising to ac- jtottl of ten days. $3.500. This Is a lo-
enormous leakage of money from the knowledge the compliment, waB re-leal matter and not a factor In the
eitieB of the province, nntl divert It celved with renewed cheering. Hei general guarantee fund, but, as the
into the pockets of our own people. I thanked them for their hearty recep- I churches are subscribing liberally alls better relations between the pro- tlon of his remarks and said: "I know I ready, It is plain that the 4.000 tlele-
duoer and the consumer- better or-i you have only one aim, the prosperity ! gut. ���< will he entertained in a thor-
ganlzatlon and co-operntlon on the and progress of the province. Of-oughly satisfactory manner,
part of the produce growers them-; course, we til look at oiir particular j
selves and better development and i section na being mni-.' important than *
conservation ot their marketB tor the that of our neighbors', but 1 think we | COL
produce ot the valley and province on | believe in tb" province of which we |
the part ot the cities.
Citizens   Must   Help.
Sunday school. 2:80 p.m The Baraca
class tor young men invites all young
men to meet with them In the church
auditorium at 2:30.
Calgary,   May     30.--AM.     William
Uoss  Is out  to sbullBh  the city  purchasing agent.    Ho Is opposed to the
otrice  rather  than  to  tbe  gentleman
I occupying it.    Although he does not
I approve  ot  the  negotiation    ot    the
MAJOR-GEN.   MACKENZIE?  city's land deals through a purchaB-
  ling agent, neither doeB he approve or
Kingston, May 80    Col. Crowe, who U^  preBent  method  ol buying  sites
a��� find th'e solution. oMJml h ���( to^ssiim^the -���.SftU"o^*T*&
are all a part. This was a great antl
serioiiB problem and ono that WB
ought to gi&> our attention and K we
dn   bo   adeo-*jiatp]y.   unitedly   and   eo
e-icrativoly \ye sh
In.   Indli.   denies  the   statement   that"0  ll"  away   with   the  Office,  at
i there  was  friction   between  himself council meeting on Monday night
and   Col   Sam   Hughes,   minister    ofj
Ok.-in.iean   Fruit  Growers  Secure  Ser- ] militia.
vlcci of R. Robertson j    He  SlsJ  denl   1  lbat  Col.  Cwalkin, |
Vernon,   May   30.    Mr.   It.   Robert- general B'.arr officer for mobilization.
The discussion arose out of a reoni-
mendatlon by the commisBloners for
the purchase of three and a half lots
in block 4, Glengarry, for a fire hall
site   at   $2,050.     Aid.   Crichton   critl-
As creators of styles ��� as
designers of novelties���as
masters of the art of fine tailoring
���the Fit-Reform organization
stands supreme in the Dominion.
Let us show you the newest
styles in Fit-Reform Suits.
{ZZZl cr SbMand ^r^commun: I they" "consume come'Tom" or 'whe^l-n. ^ the firm of Robertson fi Mor-.'would snrteed him In command ��iu<i;d;;^ asTein^hltfTwd
Riesare so intimate and far-reaching '. they owed anv duties or were under rl��' Vancouver, has agreed to accept, . Ml I. temponirl . lie elated that -marked that he could get four lots
hat one section of lh" community nnv obligations to the outside districts f"r 0,l<? >'c!lr �����* managerial work Of Col, (.waUin would most likely act on ���,��� ���p)lt cornor tor $550 per lot
cannot Btitfer without Bertously af- las "fellow citizens of a common prov- I tb*- newly formed organization of Ok-.as general staff officer in succession The HUe had bet,n approved of by Eire
fectinc the other sooner or later. 'hire.    A  campaign  of  thiB  kind has, ��Oagan fruit  growers. |to Major-dsneral  Mackenzie until the chief Smart  and the purchase nego-
All Are Concerned. i therefore,   become   neceflflnry,   and   l1     Mr.  Robertson stateB that the pub-  expiration cf Ills term. jtiated  through a real    estate    agent
The cltiefl of New Westminster andihelleve tho people of New WeBtmln-|llo  will   be  kept poBted   through  tlio]    Major-tieneral   Mackenzie has been .whoBo commission was 5 per cent.
Vancouver are really aB vitally con-! ster will respond to the appeal when \ press   aa   to   Ihe  best   and   cheapest granted  leave for three years, when |    After much discussion the reccom-
cern>-d ln the welfare and prosperity | they are led to see and realize tbat j way  of    securing    okanagan    fruits, his  term   of offtce  as  chief  of  tho mendation was referred back to thc
of the rural communities In the Vta- their thoughtleBBneB    ln    purchnslng throughout  the Beason. I staff will expire. i commissioners.
Acme Clothing
C. M. Green, Manager. ***.Xr*. taut*.
SATURDAY, MAY 31, 1911
Stamp Vending Machines and a Lady
In the House of Commons at
Columbian College Against Asiatic
.Jack Hoult Is Given Senior
Stick:'- '<
The supporters of.tha.ntoveme.it to ��jj-*wa'. M?>' ^-"TOtt    '!\e    *,?at
���--���er loffico  CBtlmatea  under    consideration
snchide Asiatics from entering Can-lHt thB afiuru00��� 8lltlllj! there came a
ada   received    a    boost last evening|more or  Ubb  general  discussion    of
when, after a spirited debate on the pout    office    affairs,    lion.  Hidolphe
-e-jurstirra. the iiitcrnifylli--.lt-).  class    at Lemleux urged    on    the    postmaster
Vohimtrian  college,' nandlliig  the  af- general the necessity of giving    full
nrmativc Bide, were awarded tbe ile- and  detailed  Information as to    tho
-sjtafun over the Benlors.    The debate probable receipts and expenditures of
wait -oan of tho most, lijtcrestlng that the department during this year and
tiaa y-p-t becn purttclp!*te<J In by stu- specific  uses to which  the    revenue^
drats and the assembly hall was filled wou],i  be put,    SurplUBeB  in the de-
with   interested   spectators,   students partment, he Bald, had grown up un.)
���am*\ ttieevle during th* prog-fees of the der uboral rule    and    every    effort
���jSpw-htnakniK            \.> . ���   ��� should be mado to maintain the tra-
The winning; team were \on Moore d,Uon8 ���, the ,���, l*f*jemrai    |ouchlng
Brotherhood Still In Session at Golden
Cate���Over Two Days
Mr Bernard Corbould return! d
heme from Toronto pn Monday after
spending a 'ow days with IiIb sister,
Mrs. Anderson, In KnmloopB.
*    *    ��
Miss Ronton entertained a few of
her friends at a work tea on Thursday afternoon In honor of Mrs. Hugh
Mcllain, of Vancouver.
aaid   Meesrs    Belittle  tmcy Wood.
upon  the  proposal  to  set  up  stamp
^__ i., . .,:. .     ,,   c, i upon   we   urupoaui   tu   sei   uu   suiniu
^��J*^y#..^f.dratf:.,aw.an-lvendln�� machine, on city streets, Mr
���� Mabel lining And tt. Gilley as- , ^^ cl.iticlzcd th(j ,{,���, of a���ow.
" D. sTonrtis, who ha����warded a cup ln* advertisements to ba placed upon
to be preheated to the team winning!0"'" niacnines , .
Mii* annual debate, occupied the chair , '���> 1?Ma'��* Mr- l<��inieUx stated
���rtorinK the epeechmaktlig and himself that lle *���*���** **�� recollection of having
delivered an address during the time evM signed, when postmaster general.
Wte judges, Mcbsj-b. Ilavls, Cray antl <>ie -�� ye" contract for certain mail
Cnan wcre totalling up the points of supplies, which Premier Borden ro-
��� the tcam-s ana making a decision as to ccntly said had borne his signature.
the winner. Deputy Signed It.
Other speakers were Principal j Hon. Mr. Pelletler replud thut the
Hetherington, MrB. D. S. Curtis, presi- contract had been signed by the
cflwat of the "Women's Educational club, I deputy postmaster, general, a staio-
and K. Thaler, one of the students who niont which brought a renewal of Mr
has Jwrt been appointed president-of Lemleux's assertion that he himself
tht! Probationers' association of Brit- liad no knowledge of ihe matter.
Ui Cdmabla. fostmaster Ueneral  Helletler   pro-
Mr. Conn, one of tin; judges, made ceeded to deal with tho stamp vend-
thi- -nre-entatien of the Curtis cup lllg maohines about which there has
In  Mr. Moon-, leader of* the winning  U(J(,��� 90,ne talk |ftteiy,
',-'-im- ,      "I am not responsible  for the con-
Folhwring the debate the annual ,rac, f(1, tbati��� 8ak, Vlr Ht,*-(,,*er. .>It
���efeeticm of "senior nick   took place, js a uaby , fol���1(1 ������ the gtep���
Hon. .Mr. Pelletler said that Mr.
Lemleux would have to repudiate hia
former dt puty minister because the
latter said he signed the oontract
with the authority of the former postmaster general and in that last 20
nn nibs he had certainly signed no
contract without tbe authority of his
minister. Mr. Pelletler said that he
had fought for months past to get rid
of the contract, which he considered
bad. lie laid on the table of tho
In use the contract, ll was signed by
Mrs. Kathleen Helen Fawns,
which r.fleets great credit on Mr. Hon. Mr, Lemleux- 1 must say In
Algernon's ability as teacher of that  looking over this contract that 1 nevc-r
Jack 11-miH getting the wood for the
year. Jack's prowess,.'ph the track
and in field sports materially helped
rim  ia the diction.
iConUuued fiom page om-,
la thn fare of these results the
board cannot agree that he has utter-
lj f-julerf,
The results show that be failed to
properly estimate the standing of ilia
clasa in Lal in authors, but this is
attributed to lack of judgment rather
���than lo incompetency or inability to
teaeh this subject.
There was ground for adverse
erilit i-sm in  (his part of,the subject.
Where Good  Looks Tell.
"What's the difference if ehe Is a
gcod looking girl?" asked Mr. Neshitt.
Mr. Pelletler I must say that If a
di puty minister of mine signed such
a contract without my knowledge I
would have no confidence in him.
Tliere are things contained In this
contract thai no deputy minister
Bhould have signed without referring
to liis  minister.
Or. Steele Where is the lady?
.Mr. Pelletler���She has disappeared.
Mr. nnd    Mrs.    Corbould    returned
| from Sol Due Hot Springs last night
San    Francisco.    May    30.���DeBplte  where  they  apent  a coupio of weeks
Uie fact that the convention Is over holiday,
two days late In Its work, the Brother-1 ���    ���   ���
hood of Railroad Trainmen adjourned I Mr. and MrB. H. V. Ardagh loft Inst
a half day today out of respect to nlgbt for Barrle, Ont., where they
the nation's soldier dead, wtn spend   the   summer   with    Mr.
The forenoon and early part of ihe Ardagh's father,
afternoon were devoted to a further ���   ���   ��
consideration of the   report   of   the'    Miss  Marlon  Martin  has  returned
constitution committee, and so much from  Edmonton and  ls the guoat of
progress was made that but ten sec- Mrs. F. J. Coulthard.
tlons remain for consideration tomor- i ���    ���    ���
row morning. The discussion today | Among those present from this city
developed several radical proposals of at the danco given by the Vanoouver
changes ln the constitution, but none Golf and Country club In the Burqult-
of these succeeded In p'asBing the iam hall on the evening of the 25th
vote of the delegates. -were   Mr.  and   MrB.   Motherwell.   Mr
Tomorrow   the  report  of  the    ap-  and  Mrs. Swan, Mr. and  Mrs.  Eddy,
peals  committee   will   be   before   the   Mrs.  Yeungling,  MIbb Corbould,  Miss
convention.    This  will  cover all tho Peele, Mr. and Mrs. Ardagh and Mr
disputes over the rulings of Pr-?Bldent   and Mrs. J. E. Allen.
I.ee during the past two years, with I ���    ���    ���
tho exception cf that relative to mIbs Katherine Ilourke. entertained
Square Ileal lodge, of Cook county, friends last evening at h?r home at
111., which, by previous agreement, j 131*8 Cariboo street. Music, dancing
will not be discussed at this conven- and cartls were the order of the even-
tlon. *ing, thn prizes going to Miss I.avelle
President I-ee said tonight that the and Mr. O'Connor, while Miss Mary
convention cannot possibly come to a Gregory wnn the consolation prize,
close before next Thursday or Friday.   MIbs Ilourke waa assisted in entertain-
 lnB by bar mother. Mrs. I). I>. Ilourke
and Mrs. J. P. Wior.
! .       .       .
On Wednesday afternoon Mrs. It
E. Walker entertained a few friends
at the tea hour In honor of Mrs.
James Walker, of Kenora. The tea
table, which was centred with a tall
vase of pink carnations, was presided
over by Mrs. Oreame, assist, d by Miss
for the delevopment o�� Christian man- Iieasly. Miss Hickman, Miss Man
hood. Walker antl  Miss  Milllccnt.    Oreame.
What kind of boy., asketl Mr. Pratt,  Miss Corbould cul the Ices.
should be their finished'product. They     Among those   present   were   Mrs
should     have    strong     bodies,    pur.*  Ditcham, Mrs,  Dickinson,    Mrs.  Ellis,
minds,  true  characters  and  last,  but   Mrs.   Brydsn 8,   Mrs.   Cl mble,   Mrs.  0. ]
not least, be truly Christian men.        B. Corbould, Mrs. C.aynor, Mrs. James
Messrs.     Canfield,     Robinson     and   Brymner and   Miss  Wright.
Wattam also spoke effectively. *    ���    ���
The musical part ol Uie program Mrs. .1. C. Iirown was the bos ess at
was contributed by Miss Renshaw, a very enjoyable dance on Tuesday
piano solo antl Misses Richards, piano evening given in honor of Mrs. Hugh
duet. A recitation and a reading McBaln, of Vancouver. Rushton's
were given by K. Blrchfleld. orchestra, which was stationed in the
An address by F. J. MoKellar, of hal] p-avf,u ,,,,-m u,,- cariy hours of
Vancouver Y.M.C.A, on camp life, 11- thB morn|ng. Among those present
lustrated by lantern slide views, was W(.n. Ml. .������, Mrs H ,, Latham, Mr.
very heartily appreciated. an(1 Mra   j   ,,   H   Bole   Mr   and Mra
Swan. Mrs. Hugh Mcllain, Mr. and
Mrs. Eddy, Dr. and Mrs. Jones, Mrs.
W. M. Hussell, Miss Hriggs, Miss
Mnnuella Brlggs, Mrs. Hoy English,
Mr, and Mrs, Leslie Pearson, Mr. and
Mrs.  .lack   Brown.     Miss     Mackenzie I
Iy/Af/ 'TEE*
toys Gather At
Banquet Board
(Continued from pai;e onei
The Vancouver Y.M.C.A. possess na
extensive   camp  equipment,  acquired
after several years effort and they
have offered tlrs year to allow N'ew
Westminster hoys to share in Iheir
camp holiday on the same footing as
their own hoys, with the Idea of form
ing a large Y. M. C. A. camp.   Already  (Vancouver),     Miss     Wright,   MIbs
a number of hoys have signified their
Peele,   Miss    Rickman,    Miss    Curtis.
Tbe Inspector had noiicad some weak
������tain Latin, although his criticism shehad the r   M i*h,*.u���m ta *��� , ��� ,.,
tia.*-' indefinite.
.  The board further no'e   the   weak
ness shown  by  the    results    in    the.
tract   to anyone  she  pleases.
t-in'ii   branch in this siubjijct.
lu the -physics and cbtiilUstry In
151��, while lhe results had not yet
b��-*-ti obtained, tlie evidence tends to
vhttw tbat llie pupils arc not as well
-advanced as Ihey Bhould he at this
���txtxie tt Hli' year. The principal would
seem  lo titive  grounds  fur  some    ud-
veri-t<�� criUclam.
Kvidence produced, showing the
Will 111 1 id   work dime and the results
obt*ii*Wi.   leave   no   room   to  support   Rurvived  ln  ,mu.h  ���f  lU ���ri,|���l���.  Ur.
the efcacfe that    Mr, Anderson    was  ilarj,y,   slll!    ,hv    pjcturesqueness   of
How Caies Wcre Hustli-d Alter Olnner
In the Old Da-.s.
i In these days of criminal trials
I'm, drawn nut it may ro. he uninteresting to g'.ance back at a time
when, in England at least, complaint
ran in tin* opposite direction, buch
wcre the earlier years of Queen Victoria, when the nid criminal code still
���cither   lazy   or   negligent   in
Must Have Discipline.
Tbe  M-juard   deplores   any   tendency
on the  part  of staff  teachers  to  fail
school  legal procedure inadequately compensated  fur  its cruelty.
Tlie late Lord Brampton, better
known as .Sir Henry Hawkins, refers
in his Reminiscences to the scandal
acceptance of the kind offer and it Miss Nora Armstrong, Miss Josephine
will probably le an assured event this Martin. Miss Eleanor Martin. Miss
summed. ' Corbould.  Miss    Nan    Phillips,    Mils
 ._ Hand.    Miss    McBride,    Miss    Alma !
FOR  MORE JUDGES Leamy, Mr. Albert Leamy. Mr. Hubert
  Leamy,  Mr.    Hrown    (Haney),    Mr.
Additions to  Bench of British Colum-   Waller Cotton, Mr. Tuck, Mr.    Suter, |
bla Are Planned. Mr. Tuc.kwell,  Mr.   Pelly,  Mr.  Stacey. *
qltpwa.     May    tin.���Not'.(-ie    of    an   Mr.   Lloyd,  Mr    Dixon   i Haney).     Mr. j
aniBWlment  to tbe Judges act of Can-  Poser.     Mr.     Wells,     Mr.     Shannon |
ada,   providing   for   additional   Judce-, (Cloverdalei.  Mr.  .lames  Walktr.  Mr.
ships in  various parts of Ihe Domin-   Billy   Keary,   Mr.   Bernard     Corbould,
ion, has been    given    by    Hon. C. J.  Mr   A.  Johnston.   Mr.    Pitcairn
Doherty,  minister of justice   Ottawa.  Frank Major and Mr. Sellery.
In the house of commons.    The    pro- i     " ������ ���-���*
posal contains provisions fnr an additional justice of the court of apneal
for British Columbia at $7Wni   a vear.
an  additional  puisne    judge    of    the  Government     I mjineer
supreme court at $6000, and an additional judge and a junior judge    of
county   courts  each   at   a   salary    of
$;: 100,
Special Selling of
Women*s   Suits
Saturday, $10.50
A  colloctlon  of beautiful  Tailored  Sulta  will  be
a feature of today's clearance; colorB are brown,
tan, gray, and navy tweeds; In a variety of splendid styles;  regular values up to (25.00.
Saturday $10.50
Silks for Saturday
78c YARD.
We want to clear out this lot; widths 20 to 36
Inches wide; chuice range of colors in rose,
Champagne, canary, brown, hello, gray, Copenhagen, blnck, navy; also some neat stripes; materials are duchess niessiiline, shot taffeta, pall-
ette, satin and fancy silks. Saturday, yard.    78C
Women's House
Such an opportunity is seldom seen; a large variety, of styles; made Of prints, percales, ginghams, etc.; regular to $2.50.   Saturday at.,$1.38
Remarkable Clearance
of Women's Waists, 68c.
A gootl selection made In Peter Pan style; in navy
anil white stripes and spots; Included tire a number of slightly soiled white muslin blouses; about
tour dozen in the lot.    Price, each         68c
Dress   Goods   at   Unique
38c. YARD.
Here is an excellent opportunity to procure your
summer dress fabrics. A good selection of coloi'B,
such aB navy, Alice, all shades of green, brown,
gray, etc.; In a great variety of mat-trials, Panama, serges, voile, lustre and fancy dress fabrics;
many reduced away below half price. To clear,
Sal nrtlay, at       38C
Plain    Tailored    Waists Silk Lisle Hose
Made of white pique; double soft collar and cuffs;
fancy embroidered front; also white striped dimity sailor collar and knot; short sleeves; Included are a number of fancy percale with low Dutch
neck; navy, gray, mauve; Saturday, each....*93c
Plvo dozen  pairs;   sIzcb  8Vi   to  10  Inches;   extra
quality silk lisle colored hose; helio, champagne,
gray,  yellow.old rose, ox-blood, etc.; regular Due.
and 60c,    Friday, per pair at 37C
Muslin Waists
Lisle Hose
A gord showing of better grade muslin Blouses;
wiih embroidered from; soft and laundered collars; also plain tailored with laundered collars
and cuffs;  regular to $6.00;  Saturday  ...*$���* 98
Eight dozen pairs only; good finality; double, heel,
toes and sole; plain black, tan, white, fawn, hello,
sky, Alice; regular values to 4llc. Saturday, per
Pair         24C
trials of that period.   It -as then the
custom   for  tli)  court to  adjourn  for
to tall in heartily with the wishes of 0f  what  lie  calls the  "after-dinner"
the principal in regard to school man
ag.i-111,tat and   desire   the   hearty   co*
operation uf all members of the staff dinner at five o'clock, nt which meal
with  thn principal  in    carrying    out_ there was tv. lack of conviviality; so
ideas of the principal, whose wishes that when Bench and Bar returned to
musl  FM-ev.UI.    The board would urge their duties they wore ih no flood fur
��.tn   im-  ptiti'cipals  the desirability  of protracted toil.
���tWJiiin*   stall   -meetings   for   tlle    ex- In    Lord    Brampton's   own   words,
(BUAgi    ol   iiieas'aud  diwiission   and "Judges and counsel were exhilarated
jtrjangnmen!-of niattars,|*"rtaii:itig to and business was proportionately ac-
voiii  uf Softool  In all duparlments. celerateii."     In   confirmation   nl   this
"The board does not lind that    Mr. lie   notes    that*   these   "aDer-dinner''
And, umt  has  been  guilty  of lack ol ttials ,lit| nut occupy, on an average,
interest  in children, as some parents jiuilre than  four  minutes apiece, anil,
���declare,  uihile  the  bt.ard  are not im- in   illustration,  cites  nn   ictual  casi
ll is also provided that excepi
where they are entitled to larger sal
arips, Judges and judges of county
courts and district courts bo paid a
salary of $3000 per year from the
date of the appointment, and an increase of $600 per unnum.
The resolution  further nrovldrs for
Kingsway Job.
Edmonds, May SO.���Provincial Engineer Napier yesterday paid a visit I
to the paving work now being done on
Kingsway and. after making an Inspection, returned to Victoria. It Is
expected that a grant from the provincial authorities, amounting to about
$83,000, will be forthcoming, the government having agreed to pay half
the cost of the paving work.
The steel rails of the B. C.  E.  It
Twelfth   itreet   line   have   now   been
the granting of an annuity equal to connected   with   those  on   the   Sixth
the  salary  of  that    held  by him    to
every  judse  of a court,  who,  bavlng
streel  line,  so ihat  a resumption  of
Bervlce, which has been suspended for
the past two months, will likely take I oc=ia   si
attained  iiie age of 7S years,  Is com
pulsorily relieved, or every judge hav-[effect next week.
ing continued in ofTice for a period of,
,'til years or upwards. Is compulsorily |       SOCKEYES  HAVE  STARTED.
��� pre-ssed   with   the truth of tiie charge
.chat. Mr Anderson did not care
ufheihrr t'josc children succeeded or
S,zore  Mr.   McMillan.
Mn   ihe  opinion   of   lhe   hoard     the
��� -.-hju-ge    that    Mr.   Andtisou    taught
sonic  of  his  pupils  out  of  hours  for
Em  ti, .���  charge  which  amounts    to
���s;r*afl   on  the   j.art   of   Mr    And*, rson.
rhe board bsHeve Mr, McMillan made
���h*u- rhargi: giving aiqUIesence to
the charg-e when made; thai the
������barge han not been substantiated
.-.erf ih ni-l I rue The board therefore
require Mr. McMillan in tlie absence
c��r proof to Immediately withdraw in
aeritinj-; Buch charge antl offer to Mr.
JUuMnon suitable apologies In writ-
big for ���-���'barge being ���mixxxix.     ....   ���-
The board further deprecate the
Carl that the principal's leiter has
.been touched in such terms ami his
. -I,-.!. nieriiF mado in Bitch a way aB to
ig'ixe. to the board an unnecessarily
Stevete criticism of Mr. Anderson's
wv-r'ii. as a teacher in the high school
while neglecting to note the excel-
���feuce cf Mr. Anderson's work in
ibu'j   aubject s.
The board wish further to show its
.iM-rpreeiatioti of the high abilities of
,boU\ Mr. McMillan and Mr, Anderson
:aa t-HurhtrH by expressing the hope
Umt Ibey may both continue on    the
the paltry nature of which, contrasted
with the enormity of the punishment
Involved, throws a lurid light on the
'inhumanity "t tlie times.
The case wss that of pickpocket,
in which the prisoner hml, inconsiderately, pleaded "Not guilty," and therefore had a right to be heard. We
in...- quote Lord Brampton's account.
beginning with the examination '.I
tha witness [or the prosecution by the
I rosocuting ci unsel,
" 'I think you were walking ii|i
Ludgate Hill nn Tliur.-ilir,*. the 2Sth,'
nboul 2.'in in lhe afternoon, nn.l sud
dently felt a tug at your pockel and
missed your handkerchief, which tbe
constable now  produces?'
" 'Yes,  sir.'
"'I   suppose   ynu   have   nothing   to
*,-k him?' says tils judge. 'Next wil
"Constable stands up.
" 'Were you following thc prosecutor on the occasion when he ws- robbed on Ludgato Hill, nntl did ynu
see the prisoner put liis hand into,
the prosecutor's pocket antl take this
handkerchief out n[ it?'
" 'Yes, sir.'
".)uili;e   (to   prisoner).   'Nothing   to
say,   1   suppose-'    Then   to  the  jury
'Gentlemen,  I  suppose you have im
11011111?   1  have none.'
"Jury: 'Guilty, my lord.'
"Judge   (t'i   prisoner):   Mono
First N'ew Westminster Troop Boy
Scouts. Orders by Scoutmaster it P,
Day, commanding.
1. Drill next Wednesday, .lune  I at
Vancouver Owner-, Faced with $7600 Isteamship Humboldt, of the Humboldt IT:30 p.m.    Dress, drill onl-r.   Scouts
Claim. Steamship company, whieh arrived^ at   mus,   |irjrl|:  ,*.,,,*,.  bandages   tor  class
2. Scoutmaster E, J. Stevens, of the
ployed by him, Herbert ll. Williams has opened the camnalgn against the  Vancouver  association,   is  posted   to
today tili'd a libel in the federal court  sockevc with  a i itch so far ot It   ,h,. tr���eI, frr.,n ,1)|B (ir���,, ana- w|
Ogalbsl   the   steamship   Rupert   City, |pounds of salmon        _ _ acting adjutant.
'l'n be patrol leaders; No. 7. Ci
Seattle. May "al Seeking to rtrove
$7500 for wages, which sum he claim
is due himself and the 'J'.i men    em
Alaska   CannerB   Getting    iheir   Early
Seattle,  May  30.- Officers    of    the!
Seattle last uipht trom ports of southeastern Alaska, n p-rt that the Pacific   1
Coasl  S   Ni ;��� ��� i'   P tcking    company
South Westminster
Attention paid to special dinners. We serve
meals at all hours. Private ditiing rooms for afternoon teas. We have our own gardens. Fresh vegetables and eggs.
On direct line across bridge on Pacific Highway.
R. M. BURNS, Proprietor.
Hll   li,
now al Port Townsend. United sta'es '    Ai.-.ska king salmon have all    pUrl
Miish-ti I   u   ii   lacohv lefi fnr Porl  ed  to ru i  heavily, according  to tip
ToZsend last night endi served the  Humboldl   offi.*,,*,   and   hundreds   of  P<      '       '  ���        ������** ''���"!*
libel on the vessel today. '���������'������' *���������  ���������������"���-��� ��KlIf�� '*''<}, other craft
According   ni   the   complaint,   Wil   are trolling for the flsh. The mild enr
Hams was engages by the owners of  'I" ���"''; P^1"" hv>- FUm" f"r, '"' '���"'' v
the Unpen City, the   Marine Trims   <* nook- md �� squaw   rolling  In
Ion ,.���.;,        ,  Vancouver,  ���   little  dug-out  off  Poresjier   sand
!', to act   as   ts  mast,,*    voyage  0,,��" ;,rt ,'1''1',u'   !,i;'V'', '   /'    '''*'  "
, .,    .,, ....,__,,.    ,i ,     sill   of a p ng e davs f sh ng.
ro,,, Seattle to Australia  ihe,.,-,.   o     0 n    ,���h   pg ,,,������ ,������ n,rln ,,��� ,,
inalaska and Kodlak, returning tc the ���prlng rolraon wromencing to run
this city, in claims thai he shipp.. ,,, p,^ ,,���,,,, 8oun(1 Boekeyea .tr��� cx.
In Oatober, 1912, at $200 a month, and pectcd ���, follow l>n, H������n .,���,, ,,���.
acted as master (or six months whll | (,ini������ri���,. are PXpcctcd to starl pack-
making the voyage, returning to this  ,nK ���*,*,,hl ��� v ,.,.)( nr ,..���.   n |��� ,*���
il Allen. To be corporals: No.
Bugler Viiiall; No, 12, Bcoutt E. Phillips; No. : S, Seen! II   Malhewit n
i \Fsietani Bcoutmastcr i'. Simp-
mn retires trom this date. No. .*"'. Pa-
tfoi  Leader A,  Duncan and  No.  24,
out    A.   Itnlah   are   struck   off   the
trength  from this date.
Badges The following scouts
laving qualified are entitled to wear
badges; 2nd class scout, A. Vldalt, 1,
hurtls, C. Si'vmour; Tenderfoot, C
Worsfohi, K   Money, it. MoPee,    VV
l'r��a   aud O-nnl.  M(T.
VI, ���* 1'ieaiileot
("���'!. aid Tre����
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonei flo. 7 and 877.
It* May 28.
Williams   claims
.ported thai the V. illaco and Doughty (Mansfield,
that    his salarj    (|Bhing Interests have started opera-  Cotton, J
V    Money,   11.   Watson.
Masterson;  one year i
amounting to $1200, was refused him; i tionm off the west coa3t   of   Queen vice siar, E. McKay, C. Worsfold, .1.
| Daly,
.    No, Sl, W. Stewart, Inking joln-
flcd is posted to the troop from tliis
7.   Scouts are remiiuhd  thnl   nexl
Wednesday is subscription night,
llv Order,
13, .1. STEVENS, S.M.,
Acting Adjutant.
and also ihat the wages of tin 20 men charlotte Islands
whom he hind to make tin* trip   as t
i [fleers and    seamen,   amounting    ti
$5SD0; has been refused,    Tin* claim
of the other members of the crew, hi
says, have been assigned to him.
. **ShM and, adjusting whatever personal   have met belore;  we shall  not  me
���lUTertnces tbi y may have, lend tbose
air.Htits  which  the board esteem    as
;j,iiv    the    avi ra, e in  Dolh men,    to
ithe upfacldiug  of  iiie  school    in     its
pr-OTrt-nt   hii'li   position   as   an   oduca-
��� iii,'.al  insti'utitm.
It v.:i3 toUowlng the adoption of this
rcMtitatina lhat the titiii! Ilmll was jet
���tit lit:- apology and  thai   Mr,  Andei-
mii's designation  was received.
again   hn   some   time     Seven
transportation.   Next case.'
"Time: Two minutes liflv-three :���
colitis. As this seclns lu be a 'n
cord,' it is only fair tn add that 111
ml.'e's nam* was Muirhoyse."
Farmer  Suicidec.   >
Kdmonton,  Muy 30,-  T.  10.  Irwin, a
farmer of Mmictoii, B.C., shot himself
through the head curly this afternoon
In his room al Ibe St. James hotel. He
lit lo the hotel last night and thl
'morning he Seemed In good spirits. He
had a bank book showing a credit for
Takes It Easy.
Wai*uis!ou,     May     30.--President
Wilson  returned  to  the White  House
U*iie*l  at  1 o'clock  after 'on'lill-ilay
*********iBpeifl with h's family, covering ���$!<      In  his pocket he hud  $50 In
It-g   mile*  of  Maryland  roads  in  an cash   and   two   cheques  one   for   $40
itflMtfilli lanrt another for $70.
. ft leu
When At-jhans Dance.
Strange as it may m-in. the Afghans
nr,-   tin*   only   Asiatic   nation   win,   tin
not lliink   that  it  Is  infra  dig   for  a
man to dance nt wedding leasts ami
other ceremonial invasions, as witno-
t ����� Bakr-ld celebrations in Calcutta
the Afghan treads the light [aplastic
toe.    In   one   nl   the   | rineipal   and
common   Afghan   dances, twenty oi
thirty   men   form   a, circle   sml
through   tlie  evolutions  of  the dan*
with swi.r.ls in their bands.   The only
musical instrument used in the dunces
is thu drum, which directs the dancers. Tlie beats are rather monotonous
with  tlieir  rat-tat-tat,   now  bluw   ami IghoCB     I
Some   De t.-nc<!   Off.
Snnta Clara. Cal . May 30,   ICvldonct
of  eii   earthquake   dlsturban	
shown on the seismograph record
tho Santo Clara university observalot
between 4:29 ami 5rl7:30 this mnr
lng.   Hi".'  .1. R. Kle.iril, of thc lh
slty faculty, discussing the record h
the horizontal 11 li mograph  s.'id    'l'i
���ill   probability   the  seat   nf  the  d'���
tiirlmnce was hctwi-en  Ii no and an i
mili s wet t of Sunt i Clar i"
709 Columbia St.
Westminster Trust Bldj?.
P*-nHitB   Still   at   Large.
l,n..alio, 111 . May 30,    Elmer Wei t, a
ch rk  piupleved  by  the  lllln lis  Zinc
company, who was shit anil wounded
\'��ic day when four bandits fired on
Si.-k in tho Mu'i, two i'���" ies containing o paymaster's
>;< w   ,',.fk,    Muy    80.   ''"-allina '"   tarty to one ef the company's mines
��� tt trow an aeroplane today, \Jthur near here,  died   today  following  an
H�� I Lamphnm,    ;*     youthful    para/huto oppratlcn made necessary by his In-
1 lumper, landed feet first in a Bkaten Juries.   West was struck by the Btme
Island marsh and wsa hurled fi his volley  which  killed  Ben  Dlerks   md
neck in the mini     With  ropsl and wounded V, D  Richmond and Henry
boardl he was extricated.   At a/iospl- psterlo    of    the    paymaster's party.
tal he was found io be suffering from Posses  In  automobiles,  motor boats
impbam, who was ta/ien up and on foot scoured the country to-
then furious.    The dance is, however, 1^  Hurry  K' Hrown, nn  aviatf'i-,  was .day   for   traces  of  the   bandits,   mh
very Impressive,  witnessed by torcli-|to have made a 5<ni foot drop,    His escaped   after   falling  to  secure   the
light,   the   swt.-rii   fjeamiiy   in   the tparaohute   tailed   to work   When   bei$81  payroll tne company men were
'i''"lilleS8' |mado bis leap. Icarrvlng
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Are Showing Dome very pretty designs In IlrasB Hods, 4 ft and 4 ft. 6 In.
Kxc.i ptlonnl bargains at rrom $29.50 to $53.75
White Enamel Iron Beds from *.z.i�� to $18.50
Genuine Oak Dresser   ��� $18.25 to $27.50
1'tin r Dressers in Golden Oak, iloyal Oa'.i and Mahogany finish.
IHning room Suite, consisting of Pfdettal Table, extend to h feet
5 side and 1 arm chair, and buffet with II. 11 plate mirror. This suite
Is an exceptional bargain at $48.00 complete.
Our Dry Hoods section la attracting greai   tttentlon.
Uor. 6th Avenue and 12th Street���like 12th St. Car "SATURDAY,  MAY 31, 1913.
.     ,:
*AQ* *****
For Sport Readers
Royals  Play  First Away-Prom-Home
Qame Today on Hastings Park
. With the interest In the game at
stake, so far us their attendance Is
concerned, the Vancouver lacrosse
team can be expected to put up a
���great battle on the Hastings l'ark
grounds this afternoon, when New
Westminster will make their firBt appearance of the season away . from
t'hangi s have been mado from the
line-up of Victoria day ou the Green
Shirt home, bo that Manager Gilford's
crew will probably find lt hard sledding, although every player Ib optimistic ot lhe Hoyals taking the game.
ThlB will be" the first professional
game ever played ,on the Hastings
l'ark oval antl, while the distance from
the heart of the city is greater than
that to Recreation park, an excellent
<;ar service has been promised by the
R C. K. H.
New Westminster supporters can
���either take the Central l'ark or the
llurnaby Lake cars, getting off al the
oorner of Campbell avenue and Has-
tlnga street, where connections can
lie made with the Hastings street east
cars, or by walking one block north,
the Powell street service can be
reached, The team will leave for tbe
park  at   1:30  by  auto.
Lester I'alrick antl Hob Dewar will
handle the game.
��, ���::��� ����� # # ����� # >::��� ������;��� ������:��� ���:��� ������;��� * # ��
Lacrosse.    .
Wcstmlnst-or   vs.   Vancouver   -,'i
ut Hastings park, 3 o'clock.        ��� '���
Senior Amateurs vs. V. A. C.   >'���'*
at Athletic park; Vancouver, 3   tt
o'clock. ft
' Baseball. 9
WeBtmlnster at Port Coqult-   ="'
lam, 3:30 o'clock. 0
Crlckst. ' V
ft Vancouver Moths vs. West- fit
��� '.i minster. Asylum grounds, 3 ft
-,',*   o'clock. ft
ft       Westminster "A" vb. Hritan-   *
ft   nla High school at Vancouver.
ft Rifle Shooting.
ft       104th regiment and   Civilian
ft   association, at the Brownsville
ft   ranges, 1:20 p.m., II.
ft   car.
tt * tt tt tt tt �� * *�� i
Yesterday's Games.
|    At Spokane��� lt.
Vancouver    6
Spokane      1
Hatteries:    McCreery    and
Covelaskle and Ostdlek.
Al   Scuttle��� It.
Seattle     1
I'ortland      3      6      0
Hatterlea:     Fullerton and Cadman;
Martlnoni and Williams.
At Tacoma��� It.    H.    E
Victoria  4     6     2
Tacoma   7   16     1
and    Shea:
Jules Qoux Makcj Average Speed
7��   Mile* an  Hour In  500  Mile
Contest���No Accidents.
. c.
It.   tt
tt ft
tt a* tt
UatterleB:      Narveson
\lci\t\f and Harris.
I       \ Morning  Games.
M .Spokane��� m  R.
Vancouver   4
Spokane     3
llatteries:      SehmuU   and
Hlsberg and Auer.
At Tacoma��� R.
9     1
11     I
Hatterles:,   Smith and Meek; Kaufman  and Grlndle. .
At  Seattle��� R.   H.    E,
I'ortland    5   12     3
Seattle     8    12      2
H HsUerlee:    Mahoney and Williams;
Mclvor and Cadman.
Victoria ...,T  7
Tacoma 2
II. E,
12 0
10 0
H.   E;
At the Theatres
"Sergeant Hrue" lias been Been In
these parts before���particularly upon
Columbia Btreet, as the inimitable
Teddy McNamara put it last night ���
but the music-and the dances and the
catchy songs are always crisp as new
idollar bills when the Pollards get'
! There isn't a lot of plot to "Sergeant Brue" any more than to most
musical comedies, but with the chief
funmaker of the party ln fine fettle,
backed up by Willie Bevan, as
Crookle Scrubb, there is no need of
a plot.   Crookle    brought   off   Some
New Team Coming.
A  mid-week    fixture has  been arranged by thc secretary of tho West-
' minster cricket club for Tuesday
next, the King's birthday, when Abbotsford will be the vIsltorB on the
Moody Square grounds. This will be
the  fl/pt  vlBlt  or  the  KrnBer    valley
,team and their strength is unknown
but they are likely to give the Hoyals
a hard battle.
Cricket Today.
Thc following cricket team Will
play against the Vancouver Moths on
the asylum grounds today, commencing nt 2:30 sharp: Uev. K. it. Bartlett
(cantatnl W. A. Wells, K. W. Money,
C. II .Iinld. T. Yeadon. T. Y Hebron,
1. 11, Miller. J. Graham, 0, Walton, E,
T.   Dunford,   H'.   A   Hose.
A second (leven will play Hrillania
high school, in Vancouver, and will
line un as follows: A II. Trlgar leap-
tain I W B, Hirks, 1. Anhaiidtilo. P, Q.
Stagg, W. Mvers.1,. G. C. d'Kasum, R.
Rwcnland, W. Hood. A. A. Milledgo,
W, 10. Caine, C. 8. Dawe and G. E.
Indianapolis,  May 30.���***** Goux,
a  Frenchman, driving a French car!
jthe   Peugeot,   won   the   third   annual
500  mile  automobile  race  today   ^at
jthe Speedway In f:31:33.45, an avor-
jage speed of 76.59 miles an hour.    >��� line topical allusions last night which.
i No fatal accidents marred the run- fairly convulsed his audience. Leslie
ning of tHfe race, although two men Donaghey's   handling of   the   police
(were seriously hurt, when a tire blew pollce court scene In-  the   last   act
lout, upset the Mason, driven out would transform the most chronic
by Jack Tower, on the back turn, kicker Into a well ordered cltii-eo;
Tower's right leg wbb broken, and' Pattle Hill delineated Lady Blcken-
Lee Dunning, his mechanician, re- hall with her usual verve, while Nellie
celv"d three broken ribs and Internal McNamara and Eva Pollard as ��� the
Injuries.    Physicians  were,.not.sure lovers   gave   some   delightful songs,
i as to\the extent of Dunnlug's Injuries, that of the "RoBe of Honolulu" being
tonight. , specially  pleasing.
Car on Fire. j    No mention of the Pollards Is cora-
Charlet Merz, who finished third In plete without reference to the grace-
Horse Racing Revival in    the Empire
State  Gets  Good   Sendoff���
Moral Betting.
Baseball Results.
Standing of tne Clubs.
Belmont l'ark. N. Y.. May 30 ���
Harry Payne Whitney's Wblskbroom
II flashed under the wire a winner In
the Metropolitan handicap at the Bel-
mont l'ark track today in the presence of more than 26,000 persons who
had gathered to witness the running
of this notable -turf event, marking
the revival of racing. In New York
District Attorney Wysing and
Sheriff DeMott, of Nasseau county,
with a boat of special officers were
on hand to see that there was no Infringement of the law. No arrests
were  reported.
The distance of the race was oue
mile. It Was worth $3470 and a Jltiu
cup  lo the  winner.
Had  Tidy   Lead  Over  Moose  in  Last
Night's  Fixture   When   the   Biplane Went Up.
W,    I..    Pct..|
wuh the game to all appearances
safely Btowed away and ihe score
standing 4-2 In favor t f the Balmorals
a s* ries of errors infected tlie crew under Manager Mallen, with the result
thai, after the sixth inning had closed
the Moose aggregation hail crosseS
the plate with four tallies.
Thai was enough to win lhe game,
although the Hals came back with one
more counter in the bovi nth.
Lasl night's contest at Queen's
Turk wub one of the best pulled off In
the i'ity for many mootiB ami had llle
large crowd or electors, together with
a fair sprinkllm; of suffragettes, on
<>dge throughout seven innings of play.
Seven errors, four of these made in
thfl sixth, tell the tale of the Hals' defeat for In tin- preceding innings they
peppered Home, the Moose twlrler,
freely while thi'ir own artist on Hie
slab kept tlie hits well scattered and
gave few chances of scoring.
.lust  as predict! ii    the   Balmorals
presented a strong lino up, well capable of making a flue run in the City
league race ami with a little more oiling of the fielding apparatus Hill Graham's band of brigands will be kept
���on thi' anxious seat whenever the two
teams clash.
Kenny Malh n opened lhe scoring Iti
the second when, after a pretty slide
to Becond. he raced home on Smith's
single Three juicy errors, two by
Jack Smith and one hy Glass were responsible for the Moose crossing the
plate twice in  Hie same inning.
Tbe Hals came back in the third
nntl safe hits allowed Hatidford and
Sinclair lo forge ahead; score 2-2 for
rials They registered their fourth
In the firth. Sinclair bringing Hand-
ford across thc plate.
The fatal alxth came along and after the fans had unit cheering anil the
���smoke hail cleared uwbv, it was found
that no less than four .'.looae had
Thi' Moose were held life In the
seventh and after snirin- one with a
man on Becond, the cr-iwd pulled for
.Silver lo Blam th I p'M. He did flam
il. bul ini" a fielder's hand.
S-ore: R    II.    B.
MoiiB   8      5      4
Balmorals   5    x    "
Hatteries: Home and Gentry; Beck
and Smith.    Umpire, Sid Malcolmson.
���Senior   Amateurs   off   to   Vancouver
New  Westminster's senior amateur
lacrosse twelve wiii invade Vancouver
IhiB afternoon and meet Hie V.A.C.,
holders cf the Mann Cup, In their acc-
<iml   game  of  the   souboii.
Manager Turnbull Is expecting biB
hoys to display everything In the line
of lacrosse Irom the firBt fare orr to
the final whistle. No changes havi'
tieen made on the team which visited
Victoria last  Saturday.
The gama will lie staged on Athletic
l'ark, the new grounds of the Vancouver bavebn 11 club. Fred Lynch will
tie In charge of the name, assisted by
nn official tn he selected by him to-
Newcomers cn Bill Nine for Port Coqultlam.
An attempi will he made to lower
the-colors if lhi' I'orl Coqultlam hall
nine this afternoon when New Westminster meets the proBonl leaders on
the Industrial city diamond. Beveral
players came to the front last evening
in Ilu- estimation of the selection com-
mtttee of the Inter-olty club and, while
(the changi' In the line-up Is a matter
���of experiment, Ihe Coqultlam aggregation will undoubtedly have to Iravel
��ome ir the local twlrler is only accorded good Bupporl.
Thi- following players will leave on
the 2 o'clock C, P. R. train: Smith,
rhapnt llandfonl. Mallen, Marmot,
.Sliver, O'Clklre, Rayce and Gentry.
Yesterday's Games.
Philadelphia  'J2   in    .687
Brooklyn  20   1,*)   .571
New   York    Ill    18    .542
Chlrago    20    in     .512
SC   Louis    Ill    20    .48"
Pittsburg 18    20    .473
Boston    14    Ifl     .424
Cincinnati   12    27    .307
Yesterday's Games.
At New York��� it.    II.    B,
Philadelphia     1     8     2
Nl w  York    f 5    11      ii
Hatterles: Chalmers, Mayer and
Dooln; Tesreau and Meyers,
ai Boston it.   il.   K.
Hrooklyn fi    12     6
Beaton   7     7     ;,
Hatteries: Curtis, Allen and Erwln;
Rudolph, James and Whaling
At Pittsburg ��� Chlcagn-I'lttsburg
game postponed;  rain.
At St. Louis��� n.    H.   E.
Cincinnati    4     8     2
St. Louis 6     8     1
Hatterles:       Benton,      Harter    and
Clarke;  Steele. Burke and McLean.
Morning  Games.
At Pittsburg��� It.    II.   E.
Chicago       1      li      2
Pittsburg 2     7     0
Batteries: Ruelbacb and Bresnahan:  Camnitz and Simon.
At   Huston��� H.    II.    E.
Brooklyn   2     1     l
Boston   1     2     l
Batteries: ltalon. (Jingling and
Miller; Tyli r and Whaling.
At New Ycirhr��� It
New York  ..
act! Dooln;
II. E.
14 o
0     1
McCarty Not of an Excitable Nature
Says His Friends.
Having bestowed profound thought
on the death of Luther McCarty. Ihe
physicians of Calgary Immediately
came to the conclusion lhat the unfortunate lighter died from the effects of violent excitement. Now they
bave decided it was a dislocated neck
Kvery one knows that McCartv was
i ne Of those peculiar individuals
morally and physically antl mentally
incapable of becoming excited.
a most remarkable Illustration of
this characteristic was seen wht-n he
fought Al Kaufinaiin in San Francisco.
Kaufmann tried tbe time worn
trick of "getting the goat" of a green
fighter by making him wait a long
time In the ring alone. This usually
hae tbe efttct of reducing thc novice
to a nervous frazzle.
When Kaufmann finally came into
the ring he round the youthful McCarty sitting placidly In his corner,
reading an account or the world series
baseball game then  in progress.
Win n called to the centre ot tho
ring by the referee, McCarty reluctantly put down ins pink sheet, complaining that be hndn't had a chance
to read the last innings.
All through the fight with Jim
Flynn, the boji acted as though it
were some kind cf a joke.
a Stutz, brought the biggest thrill 10
tho crowd, estimated at 100,000, when
hc drove the last lap of the race with
his car on fire.   The flames broke ouf
in thc upper stretch turn, and Merj
refused  to  Btop at the  pits until  he
had   circled   the  track  another  time
and  finished the race.    Coming down
the home Btretch in the finish, Harry
l Martin,   Merz's  mechanician,  climbed
!out on the hood of the car and   un-
' buckled    the   Btraps   bo    the pitmen
, could  extinguish the flames.
Could Have Gone Faster.
Goux, the winner, complained at
every stop at the pits because his
manager refused to let him put his
car to Its highest speed. He claimed
that he could have made much litter time, but his manager contended
that as he was in the lead from the
104th mile, there waB no ubc to let
the Peugout out. Goux, afttr getting
tlie bad when Burman stopped for
oil and gasoline, was never headed,
and finished far In the lead of liis
nearest rival.
Goux first won fame as a race
driver In France. Before coming
here he went to the Hrookland3 In
England where he made 106 miles, 37
yards in 60 minutes in the same cai
In which he raced today. His record
in tbe 402 mile raoe broke all Euro,
pi an records for the distance, while
hiB performance at Brouklands track
broke all world records.
Burman Out of Luck.
Penman, who was the favorite in
tlie betting, ran a hard luck nice. In
the fifth lap his car caught fire in
tlle back stretch, lie put out the
flames and ran to the pits, where he
bad to change carburetors. He had
to make several other stops at the
pits and was relieved at the wheel by
llughle HugbeB when the tenth car
ful dancing of the Misses Ethel Nay
lor, Ivy Moore, Daisy Wilson, May
Pollard and Dottle Brown.
Thla afterrfoon "The Toymaker"
should attract a large number, especially or children. The piece was not
put on ln Westminster last fall when
the company was here, but ls one of
the best ln their repertoire. In the
evening the old favorite, "The
Mikado," will conclude their stay ln
We Act as AgentB Only for-ths Purchase  and   Sale  of   Real   Estate
For Rent
July and August
lawi itfl   - ' ���
,   Beautiful furnished /.)'*
1 House of ten rooms.
Nice lawn. Goodloca-
' tion.    Close td Sixth
St. carline.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.'
Snowball   Ir.   Willln'.
A   wrestling  match   between   Snowball   O'Connor  and   Charlie  Kelly,  of
Vancouver, claimant of the Canadian
championship, ts likely  to be  staged
In  the  near future,  the  managers of
the two mat artists having arranged
for a meeting in this city this evening.
O'Connor, who holds a victory over Al
Hatch, the Vancouver amateur champion,   is   willing  to  flop  over  to  the
professional ranks should Kelly or hiB
manager come across with a good offer.
Today is your
last chance to
see the present
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Saving. Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and1
upwards received and interest at tbe highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: ��� A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Hrcnnan, Moore, Sealon
Fromme, Marquard  and
Standing  of the Clubs.
. 250
Hi        B,
Philadelphia  26
Cleveland  2**
Washington 21
Chicago  83
IIPBtllU    16
St.  I.ouis 18
Detroll   '-'
Yesterday's Game*
At  Pblladi iphla��� H
N, w   York   	
Philadelphia   7   ll     1
Batteries: I'laber. Schuts nnd
Sweeney; Houck. llendir-aind Lapp.
a i Wasbtngtbfl��� R. $���   E-
Hi stun      1      ��     ll
Washington 0     4     0
Batteries: Collins and Carrlgan;
.It hnson and  Ainsinlth.
Al  Cil veland - It     H.    E.
St. I.ouis  4     "     I
ch veland   "   "     -
linn rles: Wellman and Alexander;
Mitchell, Blanding, Gregg and O'Neil,
At  Chicago��� R.
Detroit     I
Chicago  !l
Hatteries*. DaUIB, Klawltter
Clause, Zatnlooh and McKee;
and Schalk.
Morning Games.
Al  Philadelphia��� R.
Nnw York '*���
Philadelphia ��
Batterlss  ���  Ford    and    Sweeney;
Wyckoff and Lapp.   ��� li'or<1 ���*���'������* p*****-'
deiphia without a hit until the ninth
Inning.) ,   ��� ,
At ( leveland --- Bt. l.cuis Cleveland
game i istnoned; ruin.
' ai Washington��� ll;   "���   >':
Boston .'ii
Polly Will Try.
Chehalls, May .10.���Polly Grimm
bas signed articles for a handicap
nmtch with George Hull, the big Pa
Kll copper, to be staged In the latter's
home town Saturday night. Polly
agrees to throw Hull three times in
00 minutes or forfeit the match and
the side bet of $300. As an added attraction there will be an exhibition of
wrestling between Carl Nelson and
Bill Grinini. Polly's brother. A four
round boxing match will also be
To Use English Ball.
New York, May 30.���As a concession to the Australian tenuis players
an English ball is to be used in the
Davis cup matches here next week.
It Is the first time that an Kngiish
ball has been used In International
matches in this country. The Americans were persuaded to try the ball
by tlie argument of the Australians
that one of English make would be
Used In the matches in England and
that It would be well for them to
familiarize themselves with the foreign ball, which i I said to he faster
and livelier than the American product.
Campbell and Welsh.
Hay Campbell, the clever 'Frisco
boxer, who outpointed Dick Hyland al
Steveston n few weeks ago, has been
matched with Freddie Welsh, champion of England. They will meet in a
15-round bout at Hrighoure June 12.
Campbell is staying in Seattle but will
arrive in Vancouver within a few days
time and begin earnest training for
the  coming bout.
A $225.00 Feature
Presenting the greatest and
most realistic railway feature on the vaudeville stage.
Lights up the countenance of the
man who tries a bottle of "WINE-
WEISER" Beer. It chases away all
fatigue both of body and mind. It
quenches the thirst, pleases the palate
I and tones up the syBtem. You'll
never know what a delicious drink
hops and malt can be made Into until
you try "WINEWEISER" Beer. Try
II.    E.
5      2
in     0
,    House.
   4      7      1
Wood and  Niin.iniakcr;
Groom  nnd  Henry.
Ai Chicago K    h-   ���'������ \      '
betroll     :i     '     1   Australian
Chicago   ���",.;,   *
.   Batteries;     lake    and     MoK.ee;
Smith, l.nnge. Scott nnd Sthalk.
Nanalmo    United    Gets    the    Soccer
Vancouver, Mav 30.- Hy defeating
the Vancouver Thistles for the second time In succession, the Nanalmo
United won the People's shield, emblematic of the soccer championship of
Canada, tonight's game going to the
Islanders by one goal  to nil.
The visitors were a homebrew aggregation, every man on the team be- j
lng a resident Of the Coal City. Two
Westminster players, llruce and Tom- I
linson, assisted the Thistles and.
While they played a good game, their
tenpi was outclassed ln every depart-
ment.    ���
Standing of the Clubs.
W,   1-.
Vancouver   H6   is
Seattle    26 18
Victoria    23 18
Portland    M 18
Tnctnia 18 .27
Spo'tttne  16 **
Eattlng Feature of Game
at Victoria.
Victoria, May 30.���The visiting Australian cricket team won their second game here this afternoon when
they defeated the combined clubs of
Vancouver nnd Cowlchan by nn Inning and 1H0 runs. Tbe batting of
the Cornstalks was a feature of the
play and easily outclassed that of the
On Saturday thulr schedule in British Columbia will come to a close
when they meet the All British Columbia eleven.
Wild Times  In Melbourne Wh��n tht
Gold Fevsr Raged.
Melbourne in the height of the cold
fever in  tbe  old  days   lias  been  described by one wb-i knew it well as
' "a fevered, drunken, delirious pande-
i mnniuin."
Gold at that time threatened to be-
' come as common aa silver in the tlny-i
! of Solomon.   In one year $63,000,000.
I in eiulit years $47.*>.0OO.OO0. were won
Some men at Gnlden Point made a.-
niuch a< $2,000 ench a day.    Annthet
; exceptionally  lucky pnrty  unearthed
; tliirty-l ur pounds of gold :n one day.
No w'.'nlcr that i-ucli "pockets" were
termer] "jewelers' shop?!" Occasion-
' ullv ii nugget worth 160,000 was unearthed. Tlie'result of tnis sudden
Influx nf wealth, sliiiost without laboi
i nml with risks which are Infinitesimal
ins compared with tbe KI unlike, war
the temporary demoralisation of the
The lucky ones���snd there were
thousands of them���squandered their
riches in the most reckless fashion.
Some ol their fantastic tricks would
scarcely be credited were they not attested by   witnesses  still   living.
The name ol ninepins, we arj told,
was plaved with bottles ol champagne,
for which lie who broke thi least had
to pay. Dozens of the same costly
wine were emptied into tuls and
drunk from tin pannikins, spirits and
beer being added to give "body" tti
the beverage. One man, in imitation
ol Caligula, shod liis htrric with gold
Sandwiches made of bank notes were
devoured. S.lver wrapped up in bunk
notes was thrown to popular actrcsse.-
instead of Hewers.
In fact, money was so plentilut
that the reckless tliggers could not
"knock it down" fast enouali. They
thought tbey bad only to dig a lew
feet in the eltrtli to aet plenty more,
anil for a time it almost seemed as
if this were so. Sucii were some ol
the characteristics of Victoria's hot
youth.���Pall   Mall   Gazette.
Home    of   the    Cinematograph.
Entire Change of Program
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured ln B. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from'
4-in. to 2i . In diameter. ThiB is also made In this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed neck, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 snd 16.
.902 Columbia Street W.
Vitagraph   In
two   Parts
A thrilling tale of the pioneers
and Indians In the new and unsettled days of America.
Vitagraph  Comedy
Featuring Mr. Maurice Costcllo.
t. i-i. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot.
New Weatmlnater B. C.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia  Street, New Westminster.
Singer  Sewing  Machines.    Small  Musical Goofs of all Kinds. PHONE B94
Wonder How He Likes It?
London, May 30���Mr. Page finished
his first official dny as a guest at dinner given In his honor by the Duke
and Duchess of Somerset. Among
the other guests were the Karl of
Portsmouth, Corn, Countess of Stafford, Lady Beatrice Meade, the Karl
of Stanhope and the Countess of Bess-
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
(50 People)
This afternoon at 2.30.
'The Toymaker'
lhe Mikado'
Evenings, 25c, 50c* 75c, $1.00;
Mntince. 25c and 50c. Seats
now on sale at Tidy, the Florist's.   Phone L 184.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Bltulithic on Second Street,
Ne w Westminster with Boulevard Down
the Centre,
Bitulithic is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy on
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For theBe reasons
Illtullthlc ls commended highly by owners ot automobiles ant] horses,
householders, ana ctty officials. It bas been adopted by fifteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred In the United: States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.
714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouvaa.
Mnocnnw PAOG   SIX
SATURDAY, MAY 31, 1913.
Clapalfled���One cent per word per
lay*,'4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6,00(i words, to be used sb re-
nilred within one year from date pf
contract.  126.00.
V, ANTED--YOUNG GIRL TO Assist with housework and children.
Apply 1010 Sixth avenue. (1426)
room  house  ror one larger.    What
Jas.  W,  Connor,   with
havi'   you '
l.ees  Limited,
Automobiles cleaned from $15 to
$25; pianos and office desks, etc.
I'hone 488. (1420)
worth  bicycle.    In  good    condition.
Apply Stedman, 280 Eleventh street.
blocks'12 and 14. 1). L. 172, cheap.
Apply I). 11. Ilourke, 1.116 Cnrlboo
street. (14251
Crowds     at    the   Weekly     Market-
Young   Ducklings   Maxc   Their
First Bow.
Tbe appearance of young ducklings
for the first time this seaaon was tlio
feature of the market yesterday,
wblch owing to the fine weather, was
well intended by botn buyers and
A good showing was made In all
lines and many familiar faces of
farm-MB wero again to lie seen after
an   absence  of  several   weekB.
Tlw poultry market was the cent'v
of  attraction  and   bidding  was  keen,
with prices varied. From 30 to 35 cents
FOR    SALE���BEK.OW    COST     ONE n potind was ottered Ior young duck-
pen of highly   bred   utility ' Rhode llnp    Broilers  wero   In  demand   at
island  Reds,    In  prime    condition. $4.50 to $5.50 a dozen,   toutf turkeys
Hens $2.00, rooBtdr, $3.50.    Apply 309
! in a dense fog.    The wireless again
demonstrated its efficiency,    within
ja few mlnuteB the ship was In communication wltb Oiieeiistown and
great tugs went to the rescue al once.
Before dusk all passengers with light
luggage hail been brought safely to
Bhoro here.
modern bungalow with all conveniences, $300 under market. Price
$2300; $150 cash aud balance $25
per month. Why don't won stop
paying rent ? National Finance Co.,
Ltd., 521 Columbia Btreet.' Phone
615. (1429)
Pine stroet.
ing Wednesdays and Thursdays. Apply Gulchon, room 22, city.     (1420)
abouts of William Cafferata, late of
North Vancouver Leaded OlaBS
company. Apply Box 1416 Daily
News. -       (1*16)
sioner for the city of New Weatmlnster. Competent to produco results. Applications should state experience and salary expected. Address Secretary New Westminster
Progressive Association, Box 401
New Westminster, B.C. (1418)
with crop, or exchange for city
property. Inquire 328 Eighth street,
New WeBtmlnster. (1384)
FOR SALE - $1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable ing late
RangeB; every one guaranteed. Mar
ket square. (12001
were  offered at 75 cents e*ch
Turkey eggs for setting and guaranteed were offered at 36 cents each.
The egg market In general continues
unchanged, 35 centB being the preva'l-
Ing  price.
Rhubarb wns plentiful at 10 cents a
bunch. Tomato and cabbage plants
were alBo displayed, but there is bu*.
lillle demand as tbe Beason iB gro.v-
Apples, per box   $1.00 to $1.25
Vegetables, Wholesale.
Beets, per Back  	
Carrots, per sack 	
I Contagious Diieasos.
To tlle mothers who must nurse their
children through contagious disease
there are some suggestions worth remembering. The very fact that trained
nurses receive higher salaries when In
charge ot. contagious patients emphasizes the polut that there Is risk uud
also requires a s|ieclul Until of care.
in any disease of this kind isolation
Is necessary. Not only must the patient be considered, but the members
of tbe family must be protected. Only
the doctor and the nurse should be allowed In the sick room.
The room should preferably bent tbe
top ot tbe house, where others need not
pass, ami where tbe danger to adjoining rooms wlll be small. It should
be well vfitikitcd Sunlight anil fresh
air nre nature's important aids lbat
should never be overlooked. Hung III
tiie doorway of the sickroom n sheet
moistened with ii good disinfectant so-
liltion.    Chloride of lime is cheap umi
All secretions should be burned.   Patients   should   expectorate   In   biiihII
pieces of cloth or paper, lrhlrh should
.65c. I '* humed.    Never, under any circtini
, Turnips, per suck till
LOST���ON QUEENS    AVENUE   RE-   Potatoes,  per sack    76c
tween Eighth street and Columbian ! potatoes, per ton $S to $10
college, a small black change purse i Onions, per sack    $1.25 to $1.50
containing a number of bills and
receipts. Finder leave at Newa
Office and receive reward.       (1388)
ing three ticres of Church of England cemetery. Kor particulars apply Diamond & Corbould, 507 Westminster Trust building. (1400)
wanta work by the day. Apply Box
1390 Daily News. (1390)
poles, 30 feet to 60 feet in length,
7 Inch to 9 Inch tops. Can take In
water or on cars. NeBtos Timber
Co., Ltd., Bellingham, Wash. (1268)
beds and pillows. Address Box
1136 News office. 11383)
furnished housekeeping rooms, 37
Agnes Btreet.    Telephone 638 L.
modern, oue block from car, 517
Klevenlb Btreet, between Fifth and
Slxtb avenut.'B. Apply &0'J Mleventh
Btreet. (1415)
rent,    $13.00.    Apply    J. J.  Barker,
Edmonds. B.C. (1408)
housekeeping room.    Apply 420 St.
George street.    Phone L 526.  11407)
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
At Edmonds, a lot 66x113.6, fully
cleared and levelled, cIobu to car.
A snap at $900; one-half lot for
$500.    Terms.    No.  66.
At Edmonds, short block from car.
I/Ot cleared and In garden, 33x121.
Small house newly built; $650.
Terms.   No. 33.
In the city, 75x300, facing two streets,
$1500; $150 cash, balance to Biiit.
This Is a fine building proposition.
No. 55.
Lot on Fir3t street, 44x141, between
Seventh and Eighth avenue, partly
cleared, runs lo lune, $800. Terms.
No,  56.
This is one of the biggest snaps we
have to offer. Eight room house,
well finished and well laid out. In
the heart of the city, near car line;
fruit trees and poultry house, fayou-,
on very easy terms.    No. 72.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary   Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street
New Westminster, B.C.
Vegetables. Retail.
Beets, per bunch 5<*
Oniona,  per  lb 5c.
Oarrots. pur bench  5i
Cabbage,  per lb 4c
Tumipe, each  5r
V.'r-e.n and  Bu'ter.
Eirgs.   wholesale,  per  dozen   ....   27c
Eggs, retail, per doz 30c. to 35c.
Hatching Eggs, per doz. ...r,0c to $1.00
Hatching duck eggs, do: .  50c. to 75c
Eggs, duck, per doz 30c. to 40c
Butter, retail, per lb 35c. to 40c
Butter, wholesale, per lb 30-
Flsh, Retail.
stances, should hnudkerchlefs he used
and washed with the family's hiunilry.
; The risk to the laundress nnd tlie other
members of the bouse is iiiiiieiessiiry.
j The water, sponge, etc.. In Which the
I patient Is hiitlietl i-houltl he disinfected
bertire throwing down ihe nuiln drainpipes.    Oerms have n habit or lurking
iu draliiB nutl sewers.    Wnler will not
wash tbem away nor tlrown Ihem
Chloride of lime or n ft per cent
solution of cnrliollc acid wlll answer
all purposes Red linen, night clothes.
etc., sbOUltl be placed In Ibis nnd then
thoroughly liolleil und dried out In the
sun nml fresh air
Tbe  nurse,   whether  trained  or  the
home mime, should keeii up her own
Tbe proper care of
is  necessary.    Sufficient  rod.
Pink Spring Salmon, per lb 15c .
White Spring Salmon, per lb 10c   Jltting strength
���J-loundeis, per lb M��   bwself  ls  "
Sturgeon, per lb 15c | fresh air and nourishing food should
Halibut, per Ib 10c j be supplied.    I f possible n regular ev
Steelheed, per lb 15c   ercise iu  Ihe open  air In  s  complete
Smelts, per lb 10i | change of clothes should be taken
Cod, per lb 10c       9,\nee t(,e isolation Ih one of Ihe most
Rt'.sll (Meats. Irving    of    experiences    io    children
Reef, best rib roasts      15c to 18c | amuseme���,  B|lnllM   ,,���   vnr-���d     ,.,      ,
Beef, loin    18c.  to 2tc
Ths Culinary Possibilities to Be Found
In Thete Sweats.
The housekeeper who has not tested
thc culinary iHissllillltles of tiiiirslinml-
lows has little Idea of their tunny uses.
For emergencies a lln l��n of these In-
expensive candies Is ti good asset for
tbe supply closet.
Should the supply of eggs give out
when lining or trusting Is wanted for
a tbirk layer cuke niarslltiillllows msy
be substituted. While the cske Is still
hot place marsbmallows torn In halves
between tbe two layers nud also on
top of the cake. Replace the cake In
the oven for n few moments until
there Is an even layer of partially
melted msrsliinnllows over the take.
For the afternoon tea table the plainest of little cakes tupped with marsh
mallows and pin red for a moment In a
slow oven are transformed Into Krench
confections, Pplco cuke baked In a
thin sheet nud cut In small rounds tif
the size of a uuirshmallow Is an In
expensive substitute for Ihe small fancy cakes of the caterer, Top ench little circle with a half mnrshmnllnw
nml partially melt In n slow oven.
Decorate with :, single nut ment. half
a cherry or a itoss marking of chocolate or colored fror-ting.
If Ihe lllll ter hll for n fruit snhul Ih
scant cut Uiiirsh lllll Hows In ipiurtern.
uiing n well (loured pair of scissors.
Equal parts of grape fruit. English
walnuts    nnd    intirshmnllnws    mixed
wiib half lhe nmintlty of diced pineapple make a salad combination well
suited to n French dressing flavored
With nine.
Ordinary chocolate Ice cream Is easily transformed Into nn apparently ex-
pensive novelty by adding a plentiful
supply   of   quartered   marsbmnllows
when llie i-remii Is half frozen. If the
chocolate is rich nntl dark these dull
white panicles mnke an effective
-allowing anil also add an unusual fla-
Wovement  -For   Exhibit  of   Local   Industries In Connection with Annual   Fair���Need  $10,000.
. Victoria, May 30. "We ure anxious
to see Victoria's inaniifitetiirovs take
an active part In making the annual
exhibition Ot Vancouver Island, which
is held in this city under the uUBplceu
of the B. C. Agricultural Association, a
In this enthusiastic fashion both Or.
Tolmie, president, and Mr. Oeorge
Sangster, secretary of the association
mentioned, are backing up the move
being made by the board of trade to
arrange for a made-ln-Victoria exhllii
It In connection with the local fair.
TheBe two orflclalB thinks that the
proposal Is one which If properly taken up by Victoria's fiictorleB, will tend
to mnke the Island show one or which
people or tills city, as well as residents
of other adjacent cetnres, may be
justly proud.
That the only fentbre whlA has
been lacking Is a full representation
of the Industries of Victoria Ib admitted by 1'reBidont Tolmie and Secretary Sangster. They are eager to
have this omission made right and
trust that every factory tirm will receive forms asking what space Ihey
can make use of will apply for accommodation and agree to give tbe Institution support.
Providing the move now tinder way
la carried through to a satisfactory
Issue it Is the Intention to Iobc no
time in taking the stepB necessary to
Becure the building that will be required for the new displays.
While no less than $10,000 will be
wanted it is felt that such nn expenditure will hi- a small outlay Indeed to make In order to secure the
co-operation tif such an important factor as Victoria's manufacturing Interests. To thlB, or course, may be added the extra attraction that wll Ibe
furnished  the exhibition.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  $16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Brunches throughout Canada ami
Newfoundland, and m London Kngland, New York, Chicago and Spokane
I'.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters.
of Credit leaned, available with correspondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department Deposits
received lu sums of $1 and upward.
and Internal allowed at 3 per cent, per
intuitu (present rate)..
Totnl ABsets over $
0.  D.  HRYMNKR.  Manager.
Notice Is hereby given lhat tho Cor-
i poratlon of the City of New Westminster proposes to fill In and build certain   works  on   tbe  foreshore   along*
| portions  of the  main   waterfrout of
! the   City  of  New  WeBtmlnster,   and
! has deposited tha  plans thereof sn/)
a description of the   proposed    sites
With   the   Minister  of  Public   Works
'��� and a duplicate thereof In the office
] of the Registrar of TltleB for the DIs-
itrict    of    New  Westminster    In    the
[Province  Of  British   Columbia,   being
j tbe  district  In  which  such   work    is
j propoB'.d to bo constructed, and will
one  month  after tho date hereof ap-
1 ply to thi! CiOvornor-iii-Couiicll for approval thereof.
Dated this 3rd day of May, 1913.
Dy W. A. Duncan, City Clerk.
, (1197)
Beef,  round  steaks     .....23c.  to  25c
Boiling beef 14c.
Venl 15c. to 25c.
Pork''    15c  to  20c
Mutton  12c to 2m
Spring lamb, fore-quarters 23c. to 25c.
Spring lamb, hind quarters 30c. to 35c.
rooms with board. Apply Turney,
703 Third avenue, corner Seventh
'street. (1408)
for summer.    714 Fourth street.
with board, suitable for two gentlemen; references. Apply 610 Third
avenue. 11411)
in the Storme block on Eighth
Btreet, between Fifth and Sixih
avenue. Rent reasonable. Apply
612 Ash street, directly behind
hiiildlpg. (1401)
Furnished   three   room   suite,   witb
bath.    Hot  and  cold   wnler.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
Wholesale Meats
1 Veal, large   14c. to 16o
Veal, small 14c.  to 17c
Beef, front quarter  S'-ic. to lflc
'Beef, hind quarter  tic. to 12c
i Spring   lamb    18c.
! Mutton 18V4C, to 13c
Pork    13c.  to  14c
1 Poultry.
i Hens, small, per dozen
Hens, large, per dozen
Chickens, per dozen ..
Broilers, per dozen ....
liens, live, per lb. . . .
Chickens, live, per Ib, .
Ducks, per dozen  	
Ducks, live, per lb	
toys, books und games should lie sup-
plied. They must lie burned when Ihe
little use has reoovered. but Ihey wlll
greatly contribute to tne passing nr the
lime anil will glee a cheerful menial
condition, necessary to the recovery.
After the patient has recovered there
furiiisbi'd . housekeeping rooms,
close to car line.   410 Ash street.
U3D6) ;
Notice Is hereby given that the un-
Iderslgned will apply to the Board of
License Commissioners at its next
'regular sitting for an Hotel License
, for the premises known as the "Hot-*"!
Dominion." situatn upon I/it 11, Bloclt
5, corner of Sixth und Columbia
Streets, City of New Westminster,
Dated this 9th    dav    of Mav,    AD
(1284)    EDWARD JONES.
islu-tl seven roomed house in choice
residential part of thc city. One-
halt acre of lawn, shado and fruit
trees. Available June 1, Apply
Motherwell ��.- Darling. (UiSOi
I Notice is hereby given that a' the
next sitting of the Board of License
Commissioners for the City of New
Westminster application will be mado
for a transfer of  the license  lo    sell
white- imn; <i-umi-i, ,.���TTtc,.-j u��uor b>' r"tail '" ���**" Central Hotel
WHITE ROCK SI MMLR (oriA(,ES   ])T,Haili,,H s*,l|u,���      ���    ,        ()np    ,,
or  vacant toU for rent, sale or BK- Block "I;,'' Merchants- Square, City of
.,..*���      ���     idld  position on h-^chJNew Westminster, from    Jos, I. Free-
I  ,>-i) i m;tn ((J n,.���,.y Freeing���,
|    Dated
this Oth
front.    Winch, White Rock.
I'd complete, electric light, bath,
phone, etc, $14 and $18 per month.
aliKi one partly furnished room $8
per month, with other accommodations, at 224 Seventh street.    11280)
I 11331)
428 Eleventh street.
comfortable room, good board with
private family; use of phono and
piano. Address Box 141 y News
office. |141��)
ut    New   Westminster.
day of May, A I)   1913.
Holder of License.
Applicant for Transfer.
Netherland Favorite Raises Limit in
Norfolk County, Ontario.
Slmcoe, May 30.���A new Canadian
dairy record has been established in
pounds of butler produced in thirty
dayB. While apple growing has made
tbe name of Norfolk county famous
over Ontario, a new field of effort has
been entered by her progressive dairymen, and the reputation of tbe county ns the home of high-grade llol-
stelne must Boon equal lhal in the
production of high-class fruit.
Under the stimulus of Uie Norfolk
Holsteln Frisian Breeders' club, organized two years ago, dairymen have
emphasized   the   rare   and   testing   of
their pure bred herds iiesuiis are
now being realized. Two months ago
Wm. Mason, of Tyrrell, with his two-
year old Tensen Posch, established a
new Canadian Beven-day record,
The standard for the thirty days in
the senior two-year-old class bus also
been raised by the Netherland Favorite, No 14,766, owned by W. il Cher-
rj, of fiiiriii t In ihi' test just com-
pli ii J tin' cow bus produced In 30
days, 1,880 pounds of milk, containing
7 180 pounds nl l,iitii*rfn(. equivalent
tn si'T'i pounds tif butter. Thli rec
ord wus previously held by BoutBle
Posch Deboer, with 1,866 pounds of
milk, .6840 pounds butterfat, or .866
pounds butter, in ber beel seven
da>'< Netherland Favorite produced
2]i;5 pounds of I,ntur.
i should be thorough disinfection of tin-
room noil nil things In It. A sulphur
t-nndle. a formaldehyde lamp or any of
, the mechanical sprayers of solutions
for the purpose should lie u��ed The
room must be thoroughly nlri��d. llie
door sealed wllh wrapping paper anil
the  disinfectants  allowed  to  do  the
 $5  to  $8 I work fir n week "t lenst.    In the large
...$12 to $13 j cities ii request Bled ut tbo bureau of
��� ������ '4 t�� *' I health will bring free disinfection by
$4.50 to $6.60  ^^^1,,,    [| |s compulsory, but it tun
. 23c to Mc I,ie siVt'" "fk'r n"y ���sl(���'li"cs!,���
,',   $12 to $15 :
. . 30c to 32c ] When Child Begins to Talk.
When ti i niiii is beginning lu talk he
wlll lie sure to notice what is snld by
those round him and will retain In his
memory ll good deal more (bun lie is
often given credit fur. lur this reason
things   should   lie   given   Ihelr   right
i  uiiiics.  and  correct   words  should   lie
; used lu conversation  when he Is pres
I -nl.
j This Is tlie time when picture bricks
are   useful   In   training  anil  educating
��� the liiile one in everyday ninllen-
Bricks wltli pictures of letters. HgiiruM.
inlmals, etc.. on them should lie "Imtvii
to blm nnd Ibe roprexftitntlons on tlle
! bricks called by their ri*.'lit names
The brillll Hint is Just bnfltinlhg I"
work will liy thu constant repetition nt
llhe unmet* bce-Aiin* used to rnutiectlug
| the sounds with ttie pictures.
It is md :i good plan In try tn force
n ytiiliig 'Inld in sny new word- until
hu Is u-i',l to talking; llicn he wl I l>i*
always saying something new lie i-
ih yet speaking by Imitation, l.nl he
tvlll, ns hc delfiu[.s, cotiiie.-i sniiielbtlig
tangible "Hli tl"- sound- he mil ke-
I he lovely sound intiiiiniii i.,-. <ntn*�� cun
idled    Willi   lllutlier.   llllil   ill   tlle   Millie
i Food and Drink May Become Danger
ous Purveyors .f Disease.
Scrupulous neatness should always
I be observed In keeping, bundling and
, serving fond. If ever cleanliness is tie-
: nimble it must lie In the things we ent
I and every cure should be taken to Insure it Tor lhe sake of health as well
! ns uf society.
I    Cleanliness In this connection menus
not only nbseuce of risible dirt,  but
freedom from undesirable bucterla nud
oilier   minute   organisms   nml   Hum
I worms mul other .parasites.    If food.
I raw ur rooked, Is kept in dirty places,
i peildiiil rrom tliny carts, prepared In
I dirty rooms nud In dirty dishes ,,r ex-
posisl   lu  foul  sir,  disease  germs and
! olher   offensive   nutl   dangerous   sub
stunces inn easily Ket In.
Food uud drink iiiny. In fact, be very
diingertnis purveyors of disease. The
bacteria uf typhoid fever sometimes
liiitl iheir way Intu drinking water, nutl
those of typhoid and scarlet fever, uud
llphtlierln Into milk and bring sickness
iml dentil to large numbers uf people.
Oysters whieh are taken Hum Ihe
suit water where Ihey gruw und "flnitl
ed" for a short time In brackish water
near lhe mouth of II stream have heen
known to be Infected by typhoid fever
terms brought Into tbe slremn by Ihe
sawsge from bouses.
Celery or lettuce grown In soil con
mining typhoid genus bas been ihuughl
to convey this disease.
I . TenderB will be received by the
undersigned up to 6 o'clock p.m. on
Saturday, June 14, tor the supply or
linen ror the new Royal Columbian
hospital. All particulars can be ob-
tiiim,,!   frnm
talned from
90 Sixtli Street
Take notice that at the meeting of
ihe Board or License Commissioners
of the Municipality of Burnabv on
Wednesday, June Ilth,   ii!13,   at   io
'o'clock a.m..  at  the  Municipal  Hall.
Edmonds, 1 intend to apply for a   re-
Inewal Of the license   for   the   Royal
Oak  hotel, Oakalla    P.O..    llurnahy,
B C,
4271 A.  M. JOHNSON.
Re Lot thirty-four (34), Southwest
quarter of District Lot eight hundred and sixty-seven (807), Municipality ot North Vancouver, Map
Whereas proof of loss or Certificate of Title No. 511942 E., covering
the above mentioned property, Issucl
in the name of Sham Singh, has boon
(lied in tbla office. Notice Is hereby
given that 1 ahall at the expiration
of one inonth from dale of first publication hereof, IsBiie a duplicate of
Baid Certificate of Title, unless in the
meantime vnlld objection be made to
me ln writing.
Dated at the I.and Registry Office.
Vancouver, B.C., this 12th day nl
May, A.D.  1913.
(1310) District Registrar.
at i at mi ii i Ii luif brick hei
lore leal w hen I l,e child letirn- P
. i the KOI I 111 | is 11 ti Ihe pn lure
'llh [lie reill pu-s uf the liul'seiy
7000   VISIT
BOARD    AND    ROOM     $8.00    PER
week.    Apply 213 Seventh Btreet.
HOARD     AND    ROOM,    APPLY     47
Merrivale street. 113991
Tenders wlll be received by the
undersigned nntll 5 p.m. on June 3rd
ne*t for the erection of an Auglican
Church (frame building) at Burquit
lam, B.C. Drawings and specifications may bu obtained at my office,
6J7 Columbia Btreet (over Curtis'
Drug Store), or from Mr. E. C. Cotch-
mg, llurqultlam. The lowest or any
tender not necessarily accepted.
(14021 Architect.
Wanted teachers for the city
schools, including high ��chool
teachers, commercial teachers (with
academic teacher's certificate), public
school principals, vice-principals and
assistants, manual training and
domestic se.ienco instructors. Appll
cation forma may bo obtained at thn
offices of the Westminster News
British Columbian. Vancouver Province and Victoria Colonist.
(1376)      New WeBtmliiBter, B.C.
Brandon, Man,"May 30. By nctual
count seven thousand people visited
the "Made-lnCanada" i-xhihifion train
here today, and at least half of them
viewed the elaborate exhibition of
moving pictures depicting the Industrial, commercial and agricultural development  of  Canada.
This will be the big night attraction
at all evening stops. The train leaves
early tomorrow' morning for Resion
Dedvers and other places, arriving at
Regina Wednesday evening wheto the
train will open that night until eleven ami all day Thursday. The total
attendance to date is over eight thousand.
��� we
Telephones:  Office 53,  Residence 429
JOHN  REID,  Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Bros.'    Gasoline
Engines,  Marine   Engines  and   Automobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Wsstmlnstsr, B.C.
I).  It.  &   M.  AGENCY,   LIMITED,  020
Columbia Btreet, New  Westminster,!
wlll collect your slow and bad   ac* i
counts for n mere trifln.    No mem j
berahlp  fee   required  and  commission   charged   only   on  the   amount
collected,      Statements     rendered
monthly.    Collections  mado    everywhere (1365)
Party For Wet Folks.
l-ur i hn,lien ii 1 nily parly Is very til
tractive 'lhe i-ouip should be cleared
if ordinary furniture und transformed
Into a luiry pai.ne. Some painted
I'lirdbiiiird, Ires hnintMics, linwl, How
ers and twinkling lights skillfully ar
' ninu'i'il will eftei i a most realist!,- IrilllH-
The invitations should lie sent out In
tbe Iltl HIPS of llie fairies, nutl llie IIIIIb
' quests should cuius as lulrlt-s of every
: .'lime nud. If liked, characters of  well
snowti riiu-y tales.
lu wl till lu t- way II Is possible to give
t witch party In n iiiuirlc cava or n
Dutch pnrty In ti Dutch Interior, while
tiiri-t In mt; hf will suggest other ideas
fi|iiiilly a I tract lve nud easy tu carry
through surcetfsfully.
When presents are given at n children's party the following novel bleu
j will be found mi iittrm live method of
, distribution: Cut a ylllte Into slices ami
on the outside of ench slice fasten n
present, With (he name of Ihe Intended
recipient on s ntue nag stuck In tin-
top of esch plis-e     Plan- llie sll,.,..  li
jxislilnti iiuuin and lie tl ike run"
with it broad rlliboii tu keen it isi -'
When coloring is required for stews
>T hashes let the unions used have tlie
i  niter skin left on. uiul no burnt sugar
>r other coloring  matter  will  be re
When cutting new  bread  heat yonr
Klllfc by dipping it lulu It Jug ol   lati
vvaler.     In  this  way  you  can  cut  llle
j thinnest bread antl butter from a new
! loaf iplltu easily.
Many people dislike stoning raisins
Oecaiise of llle unpleasant stickiness
["his can be quiii- prevented by rub
tiiuu butter on yuur lingers ami nn
(he knife before beginning
Try nilxlui*- pniii'iikus in n pitcher nt
Ilu-   bellboy   shape.       thai   an   egg
healer tits  lu  nicely.     ll  is much easier
Iii   pi,ui-  dllei-ll.t    Hum   this   pili Uet*   nn
iiie griddle Instead of ladling the bat
ter nut ut a bowl
To clean a meal chopper put u piece
uf   bi'Hiitl   through   it   after   you
\ beeu  chopping  rnlslns,   meat or
thing   Hint   is  hard   to  wash out
���.-hnppcr uiul yun will have no difficulty
in washing II afterward.
Salt and  vinegar make an excellent
mixture fur cleaning waler li-uttles ami
' wine decanters.    Put a des��erts|iooii-
ful   uf  rough   salt   Into   n   decanter.
moisten    It    with    vinegar   ami   then
shake the decanter till tho stains are
Board of Heilth Department.
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to 5 o'clock. Monday, the
Blh of June, for the lowing of garbage
bcow to sea. Tenderers to state price
per trip.
Any further Information required
pi'iv In- obtained from s. J. Pearce,
Chief Sanitary  Inspector, City Hall.
The |n"'ost, or nny tender, not
necessarily accepted.
Ad ing City Clerk.
City   Hall.   New   Westminster,   B.   C.
May  31.   1013. * (1*1331
Municipal School District;
Re Lots 3 and 4, Block 5. of Section
33, Block 5 North,  Range 3 West.
Map  529,   in   the  District  of  New
Whereas  proof of the  Iobs of Certificate of Title Number    16574F.    Issued In the name of Alexander Allan,
has  been  filed  111  thla office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month frnm
tb-e date of tbo flrat publication hereof, in a dally newspaper published in
the city of New Westminster, Issue
i duplicate of the said Certificate, unless In the meantime valid objection
be made to me. in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry  OfTice,  New Westminster, B.C.. April 30, 1918.      (1SJ06)
Splendid arrangements    made    this
year tor cheap  round  trip tickets to
II  points east, commencing  May 28.
of Burnaby
of a
Christmas Leftovers.
The aftermath of Christinas cards
nml tugs as well us odds anil ends of
holly ribbons from the dlffereni packages and boxes may lie made Into acceptable and very useful book marks as
In the smallest tags make a narrow
silt nt the lop, through which draw u
six ur eight Inch length of ribbon, knotting It firmly wllb a Short V shaped
snipped end so it will hold, Tie Ihree
cards so mounted together nt tbe fnr
ther end In nu ornamental knot snd
jou wlll bave u'dalnty, useful anil appropriate  bookmark   for  your  holiday
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street west, Van
couver, ILC. 1199)
Wireless Again.
Queenstown, May 28.���The American line steamer Haverford, which
sailed yesterday from ll.verpool for
Philadelphia with 134 cabin and 850
steerage passengers, went on tlle rocks
westwanl of forks Head this after- ���
noon while, feeling her way cautiously
Use For Old Coffeepot.
Melt pnrsdln In sn old coffeepot. It
Is n most satisfactory way tu pour the
wax over tbe Jelly when sealing It.
No drops will ba spilled upon tbs
table or traf.
Ilnoludini! District Lol 1 TL'. Oroup One
I'ubii, Notion is hereby given to tho
electors of the School liiHtr'ct of Burnaby
that I !��� unite the presence of the said
i Inters  il tin* Municipal Hall on
lm i:; o'olock aoon, fur the purpose ol
electing peraons tu serve ,,n the Board nt
I School Trust *s uf Burnaby n> nil the va-
cincies caused by tne resignations of Mr
, I*-. T. I'lirr and Mr. T, Banderson, and to
H t**.*.' He* remainder of tho respective b iii.p
��� if office fur widi* tbe ne inbcrs were elei *
nl, ttz mu- lur lhe term expiring lllsl
li" niUn^l'.ill. and nue I'm ile- bulanci
hi* this vi '.i 's  term.
> The uiul" nf nomination nt candidate!
shall be as followsi The candidates shall
be nominated In writing, tho writing nhall
be subscribed liy two voters nf (ho School
District as Proposer and Seconder, and
shall be ib liven d to Hie Returning Oltlcet
at aay time  between  llle date Of this nullee
ati.i 3 o'clock p  in. on Hie ditv of nomination,   and   111   the   even!   nl    a   pnll   If las'
necessary such imll will be opened on .'int-
urdny, Juii" 7th. 191.1, at B a. in. and close
at 7 p. in. at:
Mun clpal  Hall.  Edmonds,
Hamilton Road School Burqultlam,
Mi-   Topping's  Store,   nth   Avenue  Ka.st
llurnaby   Lake  Btore.   Bumaby  Utile
Dundonald School Fraser Arm
West   lliii uaby   School.  West   llurnuby.
Lf-tkomere  Bohool,   Lakemere,
St. Nicholas Parish Hall, North Uvir-
Of which everv person Is hereby re-
qulred to take notice as,I Knvern hlllis-lf
Any person being n male liritish sub
Jed. and tun but Is-en for the three montliK
next preceding Hie day of his nomination
the registered owner, In the Ijind It'-ttts*
try little... of lnml nr real properly situate within the municipality of the assessed value, on the last inunlclp'il or provincial assessment rnll, of two hundred and
[nrtv dollars or more, over and above any
registered Judgment or charga; or being
a homesteader, lessee frnm the crown, o*
pre-emntor   who   has   resided   within   ttu
municipality for  ths  space nr one year ie*
I ninre  Immediately  pr viltm  ih>.  day  or
nomination, and Is assessed for flvs hun-
dred dollars nr more un the last nitin'cl
pal ur provincial assessment rnll over nnd
above any registered ludgment or nbarge;
nr behiK u homesteader, lessee frnm the
frown, or pre-empt..- wltn haa resided
Within the mnnielpalltv fnr fi iterlud of
une year limn.,itit"lv prodding the nomination, and ilui-'uK Hu, remainder of snli'
i year has Is'.ri the owner nf eald land, nr
which in. formerly w'ns a homeatoador
less.s. frnm the (!mwn. nr tirp-etntitor. and
is assessed fnr flvn hundred tVHin-s o-
mnre on tho last municipal or provincial
assessment rnll Aver and above tiny reft-
Istered Judgment nr ohnrne, and hi-lnn
Othorwlae mutinied by tlila Aet to veto nt
an elertlnn of sclusd trustees in lhe snld
BOhool district, shnll be HlRlble to be elected or to serve ns it Hcltnnl trustee In tflirh
district   municipality   -srhnnl   district.
Olven under by bntul nl Kdmnuds this
26th day nf Mnv.  191S.
AltTHl'll o   MO-onn.
(13fir,) Returning  Omcer.
Week End HcketB on sale to local
olnts at Single Fare tor Round Trip
n   i'rldays.   Saturdays  ami   Sundays.
Por rates and reBervatlnn apply to
New Westminster
!  ir  H   W   Brodle. O.P.A, Vancouver
B.C. Coasl Service
I,ea.vfw Vanoouver for Victoria 10 a. m.,
i p. tn. and II :���**.
LeaV61 Vancouver for HontLie 10 a. rn.
���md  11  p. rn.
l.-r-t'flv-*'!* Vancouver for Nnnalmo 3 p. m.
\jMh*ftB Vancouver for Prlnoa Rupert
ind   Northern   I'olntM   10 p,  m.    We-dnes*
���1* >'B.
Chilliwack Service
\r**mV(*H Ohllllwark I a. m. Tuesday,
riiurttdny arid Saturday.
leaven WoBtmlnator 8 a. m. Monday,
'���Voclnem luy and Kriday.
WD.  QOULST,  Agent,  New  WoHtmlnater.
M. w. BRODIB, O. P, A.. Vancouver;
Specialty -Treatment of the Btalp
oy Viliro Massage and (Dover's Fam-
u'.ib Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOVLE. 35 Elohth St.
i-VQ   Box 34 Dally News Bldg.
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
50 McKenzie St.
New  Spring and Summer Suitings
now on display.    Soe tbem.    Perfect
lit and workmanship guaranteed.    70k
Pront Street. SATURDAY, MAY 31, 1913
Squatter3  Hasten to Get  Entries  Recorded���More Land to Be Opened June 2.
I Just  made  its appearance.    Sunday
night   I   walked  over  the  Bitnie  field
and in many instances ttaa oats were
two Inches high," he said yesterday.
"And 1 also want to say that tills
ial been the best growing seaBon 1
hat ver experienced in this prov-
in.-.-     Tin. season could not hive heen
better for seeding.    It wiib reasonahly
dry whin the si ed waB being put Into
the  ground;   then  came  a  period   of
inoibtiirii; Just enough;  tben a period
of warm weather, and It now looks ns
though  nothing could  stop the cropB
all over the province.
"Crowing things  are  ahead  of last
Chase,  May  30.���Wllh  the end  of season, and conditions,  to my  mind.
uncertainty   about   whether    or    notlftr,> *>?**"r'   }l "*****\ l"  'H\    ." -S
they would he able to hold thejand��:f);,;,lr���^r���,a^l,(:ul,ure ln the hl8tory
on which they had squatted thoro Is     " """" "*
ardn ut  work until tliey have got, at
least partially, over their appetite for
the province.'
a keen spirit of enterprise and progress showing Itself among the home- j
Blenders, Bor several years they
have been loath to put much labor
or expense on their places for fear
Ihey would only be throwing It away.
With few exceptions those who had
made any valuable Improvements on
their land have been granted entry.
For the past two weeks there has
lieon   ii   steady   pilgrimage   to   Kum
Last   Year   Saw   86   Convictions   for
Breach  of  Liquor License Act.
Edson, May 3(1 For some time, over
the past week or two on information
laid by Chief Detective Nicholson
of the liquor license branch, there
hnve been eight convictions at Edson
for Infractions of the liquor llcentie
ordlnnnce recently, and fines of $l,l!i0
loops lo complete entries, Purchases collectid by the department
are being inadi! of material for lm- During thc year 1912 the liquor II-
prming the land and ull are prnpnr- Cense branch of thc attorney-gener-
Ing for a summer of activity In clear- al's department had KB convictions In
lug and fencing such ub the district Edson and the district tributary there-
has  not  known  beforo.    Another  Blx  to,  collected   fines    aggregating  over
months will tee a vast Improvement 19,000, besides Beveral prison terms
along   tin'   Shuswap  lake  and  homes for   Offenders,    ranging     from     two
will   appear   wherevir   lhere   is   any [months to three years.
land that promises returns for cult 1-
On the bench hack of what It
known as "The Hluff" and sloping
gently towards Scotch there has been
discovered a hitherto unknown or un-
appreciated area of fine fanning land
lhat is rapidly attracting Bottlers antl
will not long remain unoccupied after
the land Is open for general entry
OU  June  2.
in li few years boats touching along
the northern shore of the. lake will
be loaded to the gunwale with the
ptoduce of a thousand farms. Then
tin- lake service wlll need no subsidy.
About the beginning of thlB year It
was suggested! to department officials
that BdSOC could look after her own
business, and hinted that license officers should be withdrawn. The license
department men active In Edson were
Sent Into other parts of the province
and the results of "home rule
been conspicuously    exemplified    and
copiously commented upon by the provincial press.
ll.'lng dlssatiBfled with conditions
developing in regard to the e'��irce-
1110:11 of the Uquor license laws, Chief
License inspector Porster decided on
Mny 1 to again take an active part in
the suppression of the liquor traffic
in the wiri, and offenders can now
look for active operations for a cleaner won I y the liquor license department.
Getting    Them     Down       East���Sells
Etamps,   Advertir.es  and   Tells
Name of  Street
Toronto May 80^���Toronto will be
dotted with a new style of letter box
.f negotiations now being carried on
by a private company with the Do-
Inlon government are put through to
completion. The box will Btand seven
fecit high, will contain a letter box
Btamp vending machine, a rotating
advertising device, and will be crowti-
ed with an Illuminated box bearing
thn  name  of  the  Btreet  uon It.
The pillar box Is a circular affair
standing seven feet high, and painted
a brilliant red. In Bhape It almosl
reaeinl-leB a light house, nnd looks
like a highly developed London pillar
hox. At the bottom Is the receptacle
for letters, the letter slot being about
three  feet   from   Ihe  ground
Edmonton, Alta., May 80, The
inoiiti.ii and Dunvegan line to
Peace river will be in operation
fall as far its Athabasca river,
Bteel will probably be laid to
western end of Lesser Slave Lake,
while next year trains will be running
Into the heart of the Peace, river
a. c. (iaibraith, superintendent of
Construction on the line, returned to
Edmonto. this morning from Lesser
Slave Lake and reports that the right
of way has been cleared as far as Mile
200, and grading Ib under way at
points all along the right of way between Mile 75, the present end of
Bteel, and Mile 200. Another fifty miles
of right of way will be put under construction next week.
fused to accept applications for the
claims, and refused the money tendered for the customary fee, but made
a   memoranda   of   the   applications.
Whether   or   not   the   matter   will   be
threshed ont later, the gold commissioner does not know.
Two-thirds  of   Them   Are   In   British
Columbia���7,745 Came Over
Last Year.
Ottawa, May 80. The :,i w Chinese
Citizens of Canada, wbo are now a -
riving In greater numbers than ever
before, contributed no less than $3,-
"it'.i.-M!, towards tin* public revenue
durlngl in* last fiscal year. The 7,7*15
Chinese who came to Canada during
the year contributed this much in poll
tax to the federal and provincial
ir, :e nt-it., for the privilege of entering this country.
Of nils amount approximately $1,-
600,1  went  to the coffers of Hrllit-h
Columbia, where nearly aii the entries
were made The law provides ihr.t halt
the poll tux shall go to tin* province
���where entry is firBt made into Canada
The tax for entrance is $600 per bead.
There were 867 Chinese admitted under ths exemption clause for students,
merchants, etc
Altogether there are now about 30,-
fifin Chinese In the Dominion, nf whom
it little over 20,000 are in British Co-
liiuiliin and some rt.fion In Ontario. The
immigration department reports that
tin- money to nay the poll tax Is being
advanced to Chinese by labor organizations in the Chinese republic or by
relatives In Canada, who have accumulated a thrifty bans account
Deportations of Immigrant*
the Inst fiscal year total 1.281
were rejected as undesirables al ocean
ports Of the deportations. 2*12 were
on account of criminality, 843 on ac-
counl of becoming a charge upon the
public, and 122 on neennnt of Insanity.
Approximately 00 per cent of the
Hn.iion Americans who came to Canada last year took up land In the
Canadian west About 2S per
the Ilritlah Immigrants took u;
British Press Appreciates Fortnightly
Cable From Victoria.
Victoria, May 2% Mr. Frank
Clarke, ol the provincial bureau of
Information, has received from Ui?
agi nt-general in London a pile of cllp-
nings from the presa of the United
Kingdom reproducing and commenting on tbe cablegram which the bureau
's now Finding every fortnight to the
Hon. J.  H. Turner.
Thete, testify to the widespread at-
tentlon which the flrst cablegram has
attracted and also the value of Information sent through this channel, as
disseminating reliable lind first, hand
information as to all parts of the province. The I ureau has requested the
co-operation of all boards of trade
and slmillar bodies in making thiB
news cable comprehensive and complete.
Among the new publications that
will next be issued from the bureau la
a 26.000 revised antl enlarged .dition
of the Handbook to liritish Columbia:  this is already in the preFS. and,
ihls Is a stamp-vending machine, from
which It will be possible to obtain
one-cent stamps or hooks of twenty-
The mechanism of the vending machine is bo arranged that If a cent
's put in the place for quarters, or
vice versa, the coin falls Btralght
through and out of the opening where
llie stamps are taken from. Imperfect
coins   receive  a  Blmllar   treatment.
The newest feature of the box.
'have | however, Ib Ihe advertising device of
a cylindrical persuasion, illuminated
by electricity and containing transparent ndviTtising devices Blmllar to
those now Been In the clock signs
Scattered through the city. The advertisements move around by clockwork. On top of this again Is the
name of the street also Humiliated,
While the details of the government contract are not quite settled,
it is understood that everything will
be arranged in a few days. The boxes
will probably be placed In the most
frequented parts of tbe cities and
j towns in order thai the advertisi-
1 ments may be seen by the most peo-
The one seen today bears the lettering, 'Canada Post Office," and the
* coat of arms, and was manufactured
| In Ottawa!
Dawson.      Muy   30.    MrB.    Moodle,
wife   of   Major   Moodle,   commanding
the H. N. W, M. P% of the Yukon, re-
Above celved n telegram today conveying th
snd news of the death of her mother,
Mrs. Agnes Chamberlain, iu Toronto.
Mre. Chamberlain is Campus aa an author of several popular books on wild
flowe.ra of Canada,
She was a lover of nature, and had
a wonderful fund of information on
the scores of beautiful flowers growing In various pans of the broad Dominion. Thousands have read her
clevi r works with delight, and the
writings'remain In them a lasting heritage to the people of Canada.
Mrs. Chamberlain was the widow
of Col. Chamberlain, for a long time
queen's printer in Toronto.
Polish  Bride  Tires  Out  171   Partners
at   Wedding  Celebration.
Edmonton.   May  20.    Mrs.   John  Q,
Luroskl, who was formerly Mary Ko-
bolsky, wiib declared the Winner in a
terpslchorean marathon in Edmonton
South   the   other   night,     when     she
I danced with 171 partners at tlie cele-
i bration  following  her wedding.  Incidentally the bride gathered  in  $342,
each partn.-r paying J2 for the privilege of dancing with her, in accordance
with an old  Polish custom.
The celebration started shortly aft-
i er the noon hour and continued until
'dawn the following morning.    The di-
rector of ceremonies said that such a
tiling      as      fens*1ring    the    "chicken
Ilrantford, Ont., May 30.���At the* annual meeting of the Brantford dlstriet of the Methodist church. Rev.
Geo. Carpenter called for a .pronouncement by the federal government on
the marriage question as it affects
the Six  Nation  Indians.
The Indian reserve is not tind'T the
jurisdiction of the province of Ontario, he points out, and therefore the
provincial, marriage act does not apply to them.
"It is my belief" be said, "that the
Dominion government is not doing
anything to stamp out Immorality.
The sanctity of the marriage tie is
practically nil among a large number
the   reserve."
atlon a new roldcr descriptive of the
scent ry and Bport of the province.    .
���"add,Uon- M,0,dClME.^W^ "b,mny'"were|
fold, r tiescript w ot tlie i     .,      , , ,      ,     , ,
' ' i    Mrs  l.uroski, who Ib a comely wom
an, recently from Poland, told Beveral
of her country women that, while Bhe
's prend of having established a new
"tnngo" record in America, she will
never dance again.
Chilliwack Parade
Chilliwack. May 30.���The Chilliwack companies ID. and E.) of tho
11'41h regiment of Canadian infantry
will parade Sunday morning, June 1,
from their armories to the Methodist
ohurch, where the Rev, A. E. Huberts will address them. The members will assemble at the new drill
hall  al  10  a.   tn.
Brings up Wheat.
Lethbridge. May 29.���Periodic cool
showers have done much to help the
growth of the crop Wheat on one
farm measures over 1*1 inches in
Women at One Time Wore Fleets of
Vessels In Their Hair.
Marie Antoinette bud a passion tor
extraordinary headdresses. One Btrueture tbat she Invented wus forty tlve
Inches In height und was composed of
many yards of gauze und ribbon. From
the folds sprung bunches of roses, uud
the entire edlthe was surmounted by a
waving plume uf white feathers. It Is
recorded that wben Marin Theresa ra
celved a portrait of her daughter wear-
lug this headdress she exclaimed:
"Tbla ls no daughter of mine! It ls the
portrait of an actress!"
The, Duchess de Chartres. determined
to surpass lhe queen, designed a bend-
dress two Inches higher.   It was made
up of many plumes waving at tbe top
of a tower.   Two waxen figures, representing the little Comte de Heuujoluls
(the brother of Louis Philippe) In bis
nurse's arms, were worn os ornaments.
Beside tbem u parrot picked at a piste
ot cherries, and the wax figure of a
; blnck boy reclined at tho nurse's feet
On different putts of tbe tower were
1 the Initials of the dtiehesse's husband,
her fal her and ber father inlaw, mads
\ from ber own bulr.
At  this  time   France nnd  England
��� were nt war.   In a naval engagement
the French frigate Llcoruc struck bet
flag,   but   the   P.elle   Poule,   another
| French vessel, crippled the Uector, an
j English  ninn-of-war.    As the  French
| men were about to bonrd two English
vessels  bore  down  to their consort's
nsslstunce, and tlie Belle Poule sailed
away.    The  English fleet returned to
Plymouth with two prizes, the Llcorne
nntl a French lugger.
The French, although they had lost a
frigate proclaimed a victory. The
queen and her women wore headdress
es that represented the Ileile Poule under full still plowing a seu of green
gauze In pursuit of Uie English frigate.
This construction was known ns the
"coiffure belle Poule."
The wife of an English officer living
in Paris deemed the headdress nu Insult to the English navy nnd determined to resent it. At Ihe next public
occasion therefore she appeared carrying on her head live English line of
battle ships, a French frigate and n
lugger. An arrangement of silk and
gauze represented Plymouth harbor,
wblcb tbe English ships, with tlieir
prizes, were entering. Each vessel curried a -streamer that bore Its name, und
on the edifice nt tbe back tbe word
"Plymouth" uppeared In glittering
The audacity of lhe spirited English
w-omiin struck every one dumb except
the chief of police, who invited her to
cross tlie frontier ot ber earliest con
vetiieneo.���Youth's Compuuion
"Sometimes I Could Hardly Walk!
2 Boxes of Gin Pills Cured Me
SUFFERED from Kidney Trouble for 6ve long
years.    I also hsd Rheumatism in all my boors
and muscles���could not sleep st night���and
sometimes could hardly walk.    I wss treated
by some of our best physicians but without
relief.    I lost over fifteen pounds, wss very
weak, and friends, who had not seen me for
some time, were astonished.   One day, I met
one of our leading hotel keepers, who had been
cured by Gin Pills, and be advised mc to try
them,   so  I  bought   two   boxes  at  my
Before I had used one box, I felt a big
'change for the better, and before the second
box was gone, I wss completely cured.
I assure you I can hardly believe it for
if I had known what I know now sbout Gin
Pills, I would not hive spent over one
hundred dollars for nothing, wben two
boxes of Gin Pills cured me. '
Anyone suffering from Kidney Trouble
or Rheumatism,  should never be without
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Gin Pills. F.UGENE QUESNEL.
Chief City Circulation Agent.
"La Patrie" Montreal.
Drive your old enemy out of your system.   Be free of pain.    Be able to walk
snd work and enjoy life.    Away with pain in the back, Rheumatism, snd
Kidney Troubles.   Take Gin  Pills.   A few boxes now,  will mean ease aud
comfort for tlie rest of the year.
Remember, Gin Pills are sold on a positive guarantee to give satisfaction or
you: money refunded. 50c. a box, 6 for ^.."io. You may try them before you
buy them. Sample free if you write the National Drug and Chemicol Co of
Canada, Limited, Toronto. i56
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   In  New   Westminster.
Machine Works.
and TB6
-ent. of
Deplored by Pastor as Responsible fer
Winnipeg Death Pate.
Winnipeg, May 80. "The relation
of the church to public he-ilth," was
the Hiili]eci tif Ihe dimifslon at the
final meeting of the Mlnlsterlsl As
Ki-clatlon, which was held in the riuli
room of ''.ie lirure c|iiirr't Ihla morning, win n    1'i'v.  J,  F   Woodsworth,
super' 1 tend -nt ef All People's Mission
and Chief Food Inppeotor V.  B, Tus-
tin gavi   inip'rtari addresses.
Itev. .1. fl Woodsworth referretl
the high rale of Infant mortality
Winnipeg, rangtpg from
hirlliH In Ward B In
Two  Recruits Thrrugh  War
ports in Calgary Papers.
Spokane, May 29. War scare heads
In Calgary papers led Waller Mickens.
���leeci 2). and William Kdwards, aged
26, in believe the United stales on the
verge of a war with Japan, they say.
The boys, both of whom have homes
hi re, were determined not to miss the
fighting ami "beat it" back hen' from
the All'i'i'ia city on freight trains.
They went to the main recruiting office immediately after Ihelr arrival
inti slgfled up far Bervlce.
N'nt until they had become full-
flp-lged members of the lighting corps
did Ihe young men learn that lhere
is practically no prospect of thiB country being engaged In war.
"Calgary papers led ub to believe
there was a Jap fleet ready to attack
San Francisco," raid Mickens. "1 had
i ened Job In n butcher Bbop lhere and
Edwards' waB employed' as an engi-
| neer, hut we loth quit work to hustle
buck  for the fun."
��� In
S2.:i per 1,000
_^_^_^___    111.6 per l.i'iiii in
Ward i   Ward r, (the north end) thus
comes next In point tif health badness I n,,   Uev.   II
tn Chill,  which  Ib the worst In thalwestmins'e
world, whilst  Wanl 1  wbb nearly as
good ns N'ew Zealand, which wub the
best In ihe world,
Mr Woodsworth snld that he did i
nol believe ihey had any rlghl to Bay |
in Ihe burial service over Bome of
these children, "Inasmuch as the Lnrtl
In ills wIbo Providence hath removed
Hi"  stnil  of  Ihe departed,"  when    In
many cases the death was preventable,
He held that theae tIcathB were dul
to the ignorance of mothers in thp
matter Of proper feeding;, etc., to the
difficulty In gelling,good milk In some
parla nf Ihe city, especially in Ward 5.
wbere the speaker Bald he himself
lived, Another cause waa the had
housing conditions,
United Clericus Discusses Modern
Viotorla, May 30.���The principal
frnture of the proceedings of lhe United Clericus on Wednesday waa the
reading of the Riv. O, 0. d'Hasum's
Splendid raper on "The Attraction
rf Modern Cults," in wlch the speaker dealt nt length wltll the various
new religions of today.
Tho discussion was taken up by
St. (1. Buttrum, of New
who took the Uev. U.
IV Day of New Westminster's place,
and the l!ev. Principal Sanger of New
The latter concluded his argument
by . mphaslzlng the need of teaching the whole Catholic faith, which
waa the beBt antidote for all the or-
rora whieh were creeping Into religion. Dean Doull summed up tho
argument in a very concise speech,
Ibe meeting adjourning about 1 o'clock.
Will Gather in Chilliwack  in  Interestr
cf   Institutes
Chllllwack, May 80.���The first confer! noe of the lower mainland Women's Institutes will be held on June
12 and 13 at Chilliwack In the K. of
P. hall, Kaeli of the eleven institutes
111 thiB district are Bending delegates
who will discuss institute matters
and   pinna  for fuMire  work.
Mr. Wm. K. Scolt. deputy minister
of agriculture, and superintendent of.
institutes will be presi nt to take pari I
In the discussions and also will give j
nn address at the evening session, ,
June   12.
Miss PownollWright, of tlle Colonial Intelligence League, will speak at
one nf the sessions tm "Experiences
in Japan and Russia." The sessions
will he Thursday afternoon and even-
] lng and Friday morning and after-
:noon. and will be presided over by
I Mrs. W. V Davies. chairman of the
advisory board of Women's Institutes.
His   Uu   ol   the   Bibls.
Sir Archibald Geikie, the well-known)
gqplogiit, has a great fund ol Scottish]
anecdotes,     line  o(   them   concern--   a
j clergyman who bad recently been ap-
pointed to a Scottish country parish.
in   the  course  "f  his  tirtt  round  ol
visits to  parifl.itinera he called Ht a
i Miiall (arm and ft und nnly the iiirm-
i *.-i s son at lihuie.    He \*,a> sh iwn Hit*1
| the  parlor,  anil  after a glailCQ at the
bookcase  he  said   to   tiie   bov, "Art'
! these  ull   the   bonks   your   father   hai
in  tiie liouse?"   "Aye," said the boy
"Now tell me," continued tbe minis-
ter, "whieh oi them does i e use often
estP'   "Thut ane." the boy told him,
pointing  to   n   lar,-e leather-Covered
Llible which seemed to be well worn.
The minister beamed.   "Oh, the Bible,
that's   right.     I'lil   glad  to   hi-ur  that
And how often tines lie use it-"   "Uu
Sunday   Inornlngs,"   was   the   repiy.
"What, only once a week!   Well. well,
.lues he read alouit lo you all, nr insl
to himself'--"  'Na." came the devattat
ing   reply,   "he   shnirpens   bid   rj?.,.:
on t.
Witness   Passes  Into   Other   Hands���
Tramway   Interests  Concerned
Montreal. May 30.���It is reported
lhat thi' financial men behind the
Montreal Tramways have acquii'pd
the Dally Wltnesa which has heen
conducted nl considerable loss In recent years. The weekly edition rf the
latter paper and iho other publications issued from the Witness tiffin
will remain the property of tho Don
gall family.
II is understood that 0. tlordon
Smith, present managing editor of
the Wltnesp, and I). C. F. Randall of
the Star, will take chargo of the Witness when It passes into the hands
of the new owners,
Montreal's new morning paper ls
i to bp named the. Daily Mail, instead
of the Times aa originally announced.
Machinery has boen ordered, and the
premises on Beaver Hall hill near
Latour street have been leased. The
Mail ls expected to appear In Octobar.
^^^^B     Profits ot Coinage.
Judge Kentoul. examining a Mint
i official in a icinage case which cum
| belore him. elicited the fact lhat b
i crown-piece co-ts lhe Mint 1-. Od. it
the making, leaving n clear prolii ol
'Is. iiii. But, indeed, the pr..fit nl tin-
.-ilver coinage is exceedingly hand-
"time ul round, (in every shilling
turned i ut the Mini makes a proli'
tf ne* iy threepence. Tlie esaci
inejital value ..I u shilling h 0.72.1.
Five -liiniHL'-- aii.l Sixpence weigh
��� ne ounce, tin- metal .value if which
ir 2-. 'J.I. Tu this there U, of soursv,
���he cost of minting to be added, bill
that is il mere fraction. The prolii.-
oii l,roi.7e coinuge are not leii attractive, a ml uccouut lor lhe jealousy
with which a recent incursion ol
French bronze wus peremptorily stop,
ped. Un every lon ol penny pieces
liiken out Irom the Mint there is u
profit of ��382.
Oats Near Calgary Grow Two  Inches
In Two Days.
Calgary, Mny ��"���   "* nr,ua' m,."nH
urei.nt." onls in a floW not far t��m
Calmtry grew two Inches during he
twenty-four hours between Baturday
night al 6 o'olock und Sunday night
ni the same hour,
Sounds like a pretty tall grow
there la the authority of
TfouilluB, president   of
turlsl  Of the province,  for the state
".I, His opinl-m in agrieuliiiral .,,...
ten is haeked by thp 14.000
who are members of the organli
tif which hi' Is the hend.
"Baturday night I walked over a:
field m my place which was planted |
to iMhU spring. The Uny stalk bad,
Aid, W. J.
the  I'niteil
Kdmonton, May 2.- Tbo Canadian
Women's   PreB   club,-"the  C.   W.   P.
r."*   meet in triennial convention thia
year in this city,   Through -the kimi-
ueFB of the C, P. It. paases have been
Issued from all points in the Homln-
lon to members of the olub who Intend going. The Kdmonton C. W. P.
('. will entertain all delegates.
Tin- convention opens on Ihe 9th of
June, nnd will be addressed by well
known authoresses and newspaper
women from all parta of Canada.   Mra.
Isabel Gccleston McKay of Vancouver
is one of the speakers,   The Q. T, n.
officials not to be outdone hy the C, P.
It., has invited the.club to a free trip
in Jasper Park and towns along the
. route.
On the  14th the Calgary Women's
! Press club  entertains the party, anil
jthe following    day the (I. P, ll. will
lake  them  on  a  trip  to  Ilanff, after
Which the mernhnrB will separate for
their various homeward ways.
Saskatchewan Buys Site for Prison
Farm at Prince Albert.
Prinee Albert, Sask., May 29.���lt la
reported today that the provincial
government has purchased the
320 acres comprising the Hutchinson farm, Bouth of the city on the
Qrand Trunk Pacific grade, as a new
jail  Bite.
The proposition to remove the Jail
from Its present Site, where it blocks
Central avenue, haa been under consideration for so mi* time. It la now
stilled that the government has made
this purchase, anil that the operations
lo be constructed thereon may be more
extensive than thoae that would be
Involved  hy  the location of only the
ordinary Jnii th-m.
It Is rumored that the government
may ndopt the plans now ln force ln
Alberta, whore farmB of this kind are
bring used for keplng habitual drunk-
Must Pay For Luxuries.
\ British soldier in time of peace
has to pay for his groceries and
vegetables and other littla luxuries,
us well as (or his washingland hair-
dressing. H is true he draws six
cents a day messing allowance, but
this by no means pays l.t the num*
rons little extras which Tommy i-
'���ulii'tl upon to buy. When s soldiei
rjBM from the ranks to the position
o( sergeant-major his pay is gradualh
increased to $!.�� or *150 a day; bui
,' must be remembered that Ihe stop
,'ages  for  various  items  are  alsn  in
���reaai'd is h.' rises In the ranks.
On*   plunge   of  th*   Ladle,  and T��We
What Veu Get.
The  real  origin  of  the  word  "pot-
luck" Is unknown to moat of the peo
pie who use lt.     ln Limoges. France.
however, one runs Into potluck  itself
In a certain corner of that quaint city
of Jostling roofs there is still segregut
eil. miit'h as if En a ghetto, a Saracen
population, probably a remnant of the
wave of Saracens Iluit swept over Ku
rope hundreds of years ago.   Ilere tbey
live  ill  tlieir crooked,  unrrow streets
[ following   ojtl   customs   handed   down
from generation to generation.    Tbere
i are many butcher shops in lhe quurter.
j nnd outside of euih steams u great pot
of  soup  over  n   glowing   brazier      lu
i cm h put stands a ludle as ancient as
the pot.
When n customer comes with s penny,
| In goes the Indie nntl conies up full of
savory broth nntl chunks of meat, odds
nud ends Unit tbe butcher bus hml left
over.    Ami  what comes  up  the cus
I turner hns to take.    One can Imagine
' how anxiously the hungry  urchin or
] lhe mother of seven must eye Ihe in
j exoruhle ladle and bow a pretty girl
S might   get   nnotber   draw   from   tbt
butcher's boy.
At nny rate, "to tnke potluck" menu?
I io tnke what you get and suy nothing
| whether the put is In  Limoges or In
the lint of the man who eagerly Invites
n friend of his youth to dinner.���Ne��
York Sun.
Gives Warning of ��� Storm.
in the buy of Biscay frequently dur
lng the iiutiiniii and winter In enhr.
weather u heavy sen gels up nud rolls
in mi Ibe const four nnd twentj
hours before the gnle whi.-h rnoses it
arrives and of whi.-b It Is the prelude
In this ruse the wave iit-ilnn. generated
mi llie other slile of the .Mlnutli- by Ihe
wind, travels ut it mu, h greater rate
Hum Unit of llle body of disturbed itii
mul thus gives warning of the coming
Sailing Every Tuesday From
New S.S. Laurentic  15,000 tong  New S.S. Megantic
First Class, $92.50; Second, $53,75; Third, $32,50.
S. S. Teutonic Twin Screw S. S. Canada
.. .582 feet long       Steamers       514 feet long..
Only ONE CLASS CABIN  (II.) $50,00, and
Third Class, $31.25 and up carried.
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets., etc., apply to
H. M. Stevenson, Agent CM. tt St. Paul Ry., 622 Columbia SU
E. A. Goulet, C. P. R. Depot. New Westminster.
Westminster Trust.   Ltd.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle.
From Tkose Who Advertise
They want your trade. That's the reason why they
advertise. They will treat you courteously and supply
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
News.  It helps us. ,   %
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
So Unrsatonibls.
"She's lieen very busy telling me how
lo reur my buby."
"Uut she cot Into n pcrfwt pnnh
when I nsked hor tn tuke onre of the
child for n i-oiiplc of days. Yon know 1,
wns suddenly railed out of town
Washington lleruld.
P.  O.  BOX  442
Low Bale Excursion Tickets Now
on Sale to the East and to Europe
Dawson, Mny 80.- Tho big fisht he-
wpen the Yukon tiolil nml lhe Canadian-Klondike, the Kianl placer companion of Dawson, bewail when the
rich claims staked on Hear creek a
few days ago hy Individuals were slaked for tho Yukon Gold company,
which maintains the property, when
It was allowed to lapse, escheated to
the crown, and not to-the Boyle concession.
The gold commissioner .a-ccordjjig
to a former practice of tho office, re-1
A Frank Admiition,
"I suppose ynu are Interested In re
form." said tlie conscientious citizen.
"No," replied I'lirmcr Corntossel: "1
approve of it. But 1 can't say that It's
generally expressed In a way that
makes It ns Interesting ns tbe contlu
ued stories."-Washington Star.
Would Htf
Cnshlelgb-You wouldn't marry Miss
Rosy for her money, would yon, Dp-
son J   Upson Downes-How else can 1
get It?���London Answers.
He who despises small thing* nerer
I become! rJch.-DanliU> Proverb.
"Prince Rupert."  ���   S.S. "Prince Oeorge."     S.S.
(Leave Vancouver at 12 midnight.)
"Prince John."
Mondays for Prince Rupert, Stewart, MassetL
Tuesdays for Victoria, -Seattle.
Thursdays for Prince Rupert, Granby  Bay,    Skldesate,    Lockeporl.
Jedway, Ikeaa, etc.  ���
Satursdays for Victoria, Si-attlt'.'*iUB^G'*il-*W*"f1"''^*'�����"*���*���**"
Close connections at Prince Rupert with Grand Trunk Pacific trains
for Tyeo, Terrace, Hazelton.
H. C. SMITH, C. P. ft T. A.
627 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.  DUPEROW,  G.  A.  P.  D.
I hone Private Exchange 8134 PAOIt EIGHT
8ATUR0AY, MAY 31, 191J.
CA8H    IT
Remember the Hace-
33 Eighth Street,
ard the telephone No. 2
Saturday Specials
Another largo shipment of
Jacobs' Biscuits arrived Friday.
The price Is still 2 packages for
25c. and this is the last time
they will ba sold at this price.
Guaranteed fresh and wholesome
and sold originally at 2 packages-tor 40c.   Today 2 pkgt 25c.
Today only we will sell Kingman's English Bacon, regularly
sold at 45c. a lb.   Today We. Ib.
Today wo will Bell Aylmer
Chicken Soup, two cans 45c.
Maple Syrup, absolutely pure,
per quart hot. 50e.
Quaker Pork and Beans, reg.
15c, today 2 for 25c; reg. 10c.
tod*y 3 for 25c. .        .
Fre'nch Beans, delicious for
Sunday dinner, per tin 15c.
Minced Sea Clams. The beet
way possible of procuring thla
delicious shell flsh, 2 tins 35c.
Strawberries, 2 boxeB  25c.
Cherries, per lb ,.. ������ -35c.
Pineapples, each       35c.
3 for $1.00.
Oranges, doz. 30c, 40c, 46c, 50c.
Apples, 13 lbs 25c
Bananas, per doz 30c.
Asparagus, local 20c.
Large bundle.
Walla Walla,  bundle    15c.
Cucumbers, ench   .. .* 25e.
Two for 45c.
Itadlsh.  Onions,  bunch     5c.
Rhubarb, 10 lbs 25;.
Spend your money where
values demand. ,.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BR1GGS
is a business in itself,
and not one easily acquired or simple of performance.
This company divides
the work among many
specialists, ail of them
know just what to do
when called upon, and
therefore do not waste
time and the funds of
estates in learning how.
That is one reason
why this company does
its work so much less
expensively than an individual executor can.
The subject of executorships is a big one.
Call in and let us tflk
it over as it concerns
During Judge Swanson s absence ln
Toronto  until  June  21,  his duties  in
Vernon will be performed by his honor
I Judge Howay, New Westminster.
Floridora for the Hair, fragrant
and effective. Price 35c and 50c.
Frank Jeal, Tel. 339, City. (1372)
The regular executive meeting of
the Local Council of Women will bo
held on Monday afternoon at 3:30 in
St.  Stephen's church.
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
I specialty. (1204)
Hon. Thomas Taylor has decided to
postpone his departure for the old
Oountry to enable him to attend the
big meeting In the horse show arena
Monday evening.
Delicious hot and cold lunches
Berved at the Nutshell during the
summer. Hoom 3 Dominion TniBt
building. (1434)
The presence of Judge Grant In the
county court yesterday was unnecessary as ihe two actions which ho was
to try were settled out of the judicial
halls. They wero Hudo,lph vs B.
Ooudy and Motherwell & Darling vs.
Oeorge  Iromaiira.
See the special features nt the Edl-
Hon theatre today; "The Lady of the
Lake" and "The Heart ot an Actress."
Building permits were isBiied yesterday to George Grlmston, Warren
ivftntie, seven roomed house, $2500;
B. C. K. It., blacksmith shop, $300; J
Kidd, garage In Queensborough, $100.
The total building permits issued for
Ihe month aggregate $29,235.
Smart tailored and dressy hats,
regular $3 to $S.,r,0, Friday and Saturday $3.95. Mrs. Agret, 59 Sixth street.
A meeting of tho committee of the
Victorian Order of NurBes, New Westminster branch, will be held in the
Y.M.C.A, building on Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock. All members of
the committee are requested to attend as business of Importance Is to
be discussed.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod. the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
The steam freighter Marion came up
river yesterday from Tod Inlet, loaded with 7000 "sacks of cement. Three
thousand were unloaded at the C.P.R.
wharf, Hi" remainder being transferred to il. C. E. R. freight cars for
the contractors at work on Burnaby
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved city and farm property.
Terms disenable.    Alfred \V. MeLeod.
WHITING The death look place on
Thursday of Mrs. Zelda Ann Whiting,
Gilley, Burnaby, wife of T, II. Whit-
snapped, tho boom spreading out and'1"*-'- Mli Whiting was a native of
twisting Around the piers. In aeek-[Ontario anil came lo reside in the dla-
lng to help matters one of the logs got'trlct about two years ngo. She was
mixed up with the propeller of the 37 ,,(,arB ���j ,,.,��� Tlu, fun,.ru| taken
Dreadful and put the tug out of com- '
mission. It Is expected she will be
relieved and towed off sometime early
this morning.
For  Burqultlam  Church.
Tenders for the erection of the Burqultlam Anglican  church wlll be received up to June 3 by J. Peters, architect, Columbia street.
place today from Falee' undertaking
chambers to llie Sapperton cemetery
at 2:30  p.m.
COOKSLEY���The funeral of William Thomas Nercomd RoBsller I.olur
Cooksley took place yi'Bterday from
Murchie's undertaking parlors. The
lato Mr. Cooksley was a prominent
Raises Storm. member of King  Solomon  lodge,  No.
The    fixing on  Maillardville as the n   and  ,,e    wag    bnrl(,d    wl,h    full
locality for the municipal hall of Co-! "*,jaBoni0 riteB
quitlam has aroused a storm of Indlg-1 The body was first taken to Hely
nation among a number of residents Trinity cathedral, which was well
in Buriiultlam.and especially Is Coun- m)cd by old regld,.nt8 0f the city,
clllor Atkins Hie object of their wrjth. Hev Mr R conducted the funeral
On Monday evening a meeting of aerv|ce Masons. ,o the number ot
ratepayers Is convened in the Burqult. Rl)0Ut 30 aBBen)bled at tiie Masonic
lam agricultural hal to denounce the temp)e and accompanied thc cortege
actlonfof the majority of the council to ,he �� ,n the churcb of England
In    resolving    to      purchase      the!        t Masonic service
Lamoureux.property   and convert   It; c0^iacied by the master, Harold
Into a municipal hall and olflces with- D, . A   ,* Ft,r UBOn  s.w��� a8.
out a referendum to thc voters. It ia
reported that a petition will be circulated for signatures protesting against
the transaction.
J. W. Riddle, of Mud Bay, is a guest
at the Windsor.
A. Luke, of Surrey Centre, wub in
the city yesterday.
H. Klpp and son, of Chilliwack, were
lu the city yesterday.
J. ('. Chambers, of Barnet, ls registered at the Russell.
It. D. Rorison, of Vancouver, was ln
town yesterday on business.
P. W. Seagar and wife of Greenwood,
are registered at the Windsor.
Dr. L. N. Mackenzie, of Vancouver,
paid a visit to New Westminster yesterday.
MIS3 Postill who has been visiting
Mr. and Mrs. E. Patten at Armstrong,
left that place last Monday for a visit
lo Kelowna.
Mrs. Wise is visiting for a month
In Revelstoke, as the guest of Mrs.
Hector McKinnon, and of her sister-
in-law, Mrs. B. MacKinrott.
Mr. and Mrs. E, II. Savage arrived
in New Westminster yesterday, after
spending tlieir honeymoon In the
south. They wore entertained at
lunch nt the Russell hy Mr. and Mrs.
C.  A.   Bourne.
Mr. and  Mrs.  Allan Purvis, accompanied by  Mrs. J.  D.  Harrison, sister
of   Mrs.   Purvis,  and   Mr.    and     Mrs.
Power left hy auto for Seattle yester
day  morning.    Tlie  party
on Munday morning.
slsted by the Rev. Mr. Ray
The pall bearers were J. J. Johnston, M. J. Phillips. W. J. Hacking. D.
Walker, J. J. Mahoney and R. (1. Tidy.
The bier was covered with many
beautiful floral tributes suit by
The late Mr. Cooksley was a native
of Bristol, England. Ile was 50 years
of age. He came originally to British
Columbia during the C. P. R. construction and afterwards he settled
down In New Wesl minster, where for
a time he held the position of citv
IreaBurer. He was also connected
with both of the city newspapers and
latterly had an extensive business as
a photographer.
Our   Ladies'    Dressmaking   Dept.   is   on
the Fourth Floor. Take
"Back East" Excursions.
Low round trip fares to eastern
points on sale daily to September
30th. 15 days going limit, final return
limit October 31. Good bn Oriental
Limited. Liberal Btop-overs allowed
both going and returning, i'hone 263
or call at Bridge Station lor rales,
routes and particulars. 11421)
Men's New Straws in
Large Variety
J. Steele, of Winnipeg, is paying a
Chief Inspector Cunningham of tli-f | visit to the const and yesterday vlait-
Maple  Beach  Park,    being    a sub-1
division  of  the  historic  old  Whalen \
estate at  Point Roberts, Wash., is at
last on the market in 50x100 feel lots'
fronting broad  streets and   wltll  per-
petual   beach    privileges.    This   has I
been  the camp ground  for scores    of I
local  people for year'     The lots are j
selling   fast,   many  people  procuring i
the locations  tliey  had  occupied    as |
will  return   tenants   for  years.     Prices  $33(1   audi
upwards, easy terms.    Sole agents,
700 Columbia Street, City.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
Paid up Capital and Surplus
Assets       4,978,161.05
TruBls und.'r Administration
Trusteeships for Bondholders
Open Saturday  Evening 7 to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanalmo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, London. Eng., and
Antwerp, Belgium.
fisheries department, has issued
warning to anglers against retaining
trout caught when under the regulation size. The law requires that anglers must return to the water at once
any trout under eight inchea in
length. The iiiBpector states thai nu-
rnferouR complaints have been received
ot  Inflections ot  this  regulation.
A Ilardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 231. 11205)
The l.ulu island bridge has been
Closed to vessels coining up the river
since Tuesday and there is t|nite a
fleet of tugs and small craft ready to
steam yi> as soon as the draw can be
opened. The laying down of the waler
main to Lulu island Is the cause of
the suspension of navigation. If no
untoward circumstance Intervenes the
pipes will be in place this morning.
1 Raymond sewing machine for sale,
Itt first class order, only $15.00. C.
N. Edmondson & Co.. corner Sixth
avenue and Twelfth street.       (1275)
Rtilldlng material, cement, lime,
hard plaster, gravel, sand, crushed
rock, fuel oil and all kinds of towing.
Apply the I). C. Transport Co., Ltd.
Phono 826.    Wharf phone 880. (1202)
The city water committee met Aldermen  Qaler  and   Welehor,  of   Porl
.Coqultlam,   yesterday   arvl   discussed
|the matter of supplying the latter city
with   water  from   their  25-lnch   main
near    Scott    Creek.    The   committee
I agreed  to  furnish   the  water on  the
same  terms  as  they  have agreed   lo
supply Maillardville, ifl cents per 1000
cubic   feet.     The   Coqultlam   deli ration will report to their council.
Tho B. C. Transport Company lakea
i ver the agency for ihe Kilcirtl
iiiessed brick for New Westminster.
.Tills is thr best brick on iiie market.
! Samples can lie seen at the company's
ifflce, This compan; is also handling
the Pender island common brick:
large shipments are now being made
tn the company's   wharf   here,   fall
nnd see us for prices. (14251
ed a number cf friends in New Westminster. He loaves for Seattle and
tho Sound cities today anil will return
lo hlm home in about a week.
Porous Knit Underwear for
women. The most comfortable garments for summer
wear,     stocked   in   all   sizes,
at SOt. 75c  S1.00
Just a few items taken from the
great ma^s of bargains waiting here
for you mour
Mid-Seasi White Goods Sale
The balance of tho. 50c "Pol de Sole," gray and resada shades, to
cloBe quick 30t
85c. and 45c. Rmbrolderles, three to 10 IncheB wide at   .. 2Sc.
75c and 90c Embroideries, five to twenty Inches wide, at 50-��
15c Toilet Soap*  ������������������ 10*
Toilet Pins, 600 to n paper; 3 for 10*
Men's Windsor Ties;   2  for 25*.
Ladies' "Mailing Covered" Suit Case; worth $4.25, at $3.00
Men's 40c Lisle Hose, at 25*
Large size, White and colored Bath Towels, 4 for  Sl.OO
Anderson's 32-lnoh  zephyr Ginghams ������ 16*
1,000 yards finest Long Cloths 7'/i*
$3.00 House Dresses, at. $2.25
$4.01) House Dresses, at S3-00
$40.00 Suits, cut to.
$30.00 Suits, cut to.
$23.00  Suits, cut tdi. ,1.
Get   Our   Price*   for
Awnings and Window-
If you are thinking of buying
Furniture get our extra discount for cash. Remember that
we Furnish Your Home Complete.
Wedding Presents for
June Brides
We Furnish Your Home Complete
674-678 Columbia Street
On Wednesday evening a very happy
function took place at tho home of
Mm. Anderson, of BSlxth avenue, whon
David Llghtbody, of this city, was
united In wedlock to Miss Annie
Iirown, of Carluke, Scotland, Hev. Mr.
| Dunn   officiating.
William Anderson acted as beet
man while Mins Barbara Anderson
was the bridesmaid. During the supper A. (i. Kidd proposed tlle toast of
the "brido and bridegroom" while
Forbes Waddell gave "The Anderson
family."     A   dance   followed.
Amongst those present mere Mr. anil
MrB. Forbes Waddell. Mr. and Mrs.
I David Adams, Mr. and Mrs. John Mc-
| Kenzie, Mr. and Mrs. Ilvslop, the
Misses Waddell, Miss Kidd, Miss Mc-
Ewen, 11. C, JamloKon. Mr. Morrison
and A. C. Kidd. After the wedding
Mr. and Mrs. Lightbody left for Victoria.
Rev Mr. Dunn officiated on Thursday at the marriage of T. H. Edmonds,
or Langley Prairie and Mrs. m. s,
Runacres, Mr. and v.ve. Slmonds
will reside at Murrayville, Langley
Sunday, June 1st
New Westminster
i For    Sale���House   and    lot,   a   snap,
tii-m xcinn rrnnv lxrrx ill 5i!S"0' five room modern house.
"FRASER   FERRY   NO   1 large    lot,    Seventh    avenue,    near
Fourth Btreet, city. Small cash pay-
Will Leave ment,  balance as rent.    Investigate
this al once.
j B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
9   O'CLOCK   A.M.,
6  P.M.
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 164 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
P. Burns & Co.,Ltd.
For Sale���Beautiful, well built and a
very cosy little bungalow, situated
on large lot, juat off Twelfth street
car line, $1800; $100 cash, balance
$25 per month.   This is a bargain.
For Rent���No. 428 Thirteenth street
city, six room fully modern house,
new and extra clean. Kino garden
and fruit trees. Ix'ase to careful
tennant, $.10 per month.
We are open evenings.   Call.
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Builldlng.
A Fire May Happen Any Time
An Insurance Company   with   $4,000,000   Capital
Phone 1299
322 Westminster Trust Bldg:.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
tlr.*iphin>lH>ni-B and QrafonotAa are without a itenr In tlio muslciU world. They are
c-j-p-Abta of reprodua-tng not merely out,
e obm at InHtruuittnliil niii-tlc, hut every
c u��s of liiHlniinentnl inimlo with it tl'l.-llty
t .At i* no less than tUMvtaM���the violin,
thu 'cello, the harp, the flute, the olartnet.
tlie cornet-���till tlie wind llmtruin.'jilH, ull
tlie in.'ttumrni* of bands nnd broheetraa
.ill Iho inutruinenial music of till the
Not   only   thla,   but   the   human   vulco
This morning iho students of Columbian college leave for llowon Is.
land whero the annual picnic will he
held. Breakfast will be Berved at 6: SO,
the cars being hoarded Bhortly after 7
o'clock In order to catch the boat
leaving Vancouver for the Island. Thin
Ib one of the events looked forward
to hy tho studentB and faculty and,
with a promise of good weather, the
picnic of 1!U3 will undoubtedly be the
best ever held by tho collegians.
The Canadian Western Lumber
Company have purchased a five ton
motor truck for the purpose of catering more to New Westminslor and
district trade. (1375)
P.   H.    Smith    and   W, J.    Groves,
auditors and    accountants.    We    will
keep  your  books,  make out and  col-
la now so perrmly recorded'and so flaw- i1('ct i'""1' accounts, and prepare your
Inly reproduced that  Um home without   financial  Statements.    Kor terms,  ad-
"  *^''^*'ioh^iT.,vh,\?il''"V^i'��,| JroBS   211   WoslmiiiBter  Trust   build-
i*. a fiiftnt) wiuioHt ,�� Keyboard,     iii-jAR-  . ......
IVG IS 1IHI.IHV1NO." ing.    Phone 3G4. (1359)
1-lomlew  ftiaclilno*.  rrom   118.00   eaoh   lo
Union with Heavy Title Added
to List.
With the arrival of the charter, iho
now labor organization, the Hotel and
Restaurant Employees' International
Alliance ami Bartonders' International
league was formerly organized on
Thursday evening, when a lu'l lii' ol
Officers  was elected.
Miss Thornton was elected pros1
dent, the other officials hoing: Vice
nuild up liritish Columbia by plac-1president, .Mrs. l-'iirl"y; chaplain, Mr.i
ing your fire insurance with II ('. |ltory; financial Becretary, Mlsa Key-
companies. Our companioB aro among , nilds; recording secretary, Mrs. Bng
the Btrongost operallng in the Domin- |lisli; Inspector, MIbs Ilunlop; execu-
ion. National Finance Company. 521 j live board. MrB. Hoy, Miss Kngllsli
Columbia street.    Phone 515.      (1356) land   Miss   Hunter;   delegates  to    tlle
Trades and  Labor counoil,  Miss Hey-
hone your order In early     f*.
ut  not before 6 a.m.
not find us there,
$650.00 each.
met Columbia Street
Tho Canadian Western Lumber
Company's tug Dreadful is stuck fust
at preBent, Just above the Fraser river
bridge, with a tow of boom sticks all
twisted against the bridge piers. In
I struggling up the river yesterday fore-
Phon* 40) noon, about 10 o'clock the tow rope  back to his wife.
alway3    glad    to
from  you  and
ever sorry ta sec you.
o   phone   us   up   whenever you arc hungry
we    wlll   c ndeavor   to
satiety you  and  your
New   Westminster   Creamery   Butter,
'per lb 40c
I N'ew  Laid  Eggs from our own  ranch.
��� per dozen    35c
South Westminster Rhubarb 6 lbs. 25c.
* Also     Spinach,     Lettuce,     Carrots,
Onions, Radishes, etc.
Fraser River Spring Salmon 2 lbs.
for   "r,c
(Successor to Ayllng & Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 93.
nolils, Miss Valleaur ami Miss Thorn
The Installation ceremonies were in
charge of W, K, Walker, business
agent antl special organizer for Ihe
union, assistod by Organlzi-r II. Knudsen, of Now Westminster.
Following the installation, addresses
were delivered by Miss Brisbane
pri'Hident of the Vancouver local; K.
A. stoney, ii. s. Cameron and H
Knudsen,   The union will meet on the
llrst  and  third   Wednesdays  Of    each
Seattle Man Sees More Bliss in Coop
Than at Home.
St.   Paul,   May   80.    Israel   Altaian,
37 years old, was arrested as lie alighted from a Croat Northern tniln al tlie
Union depol yesterday on a ohargo of
wife di'Setrlon preferred hy the authorities of Seattle.
Altniun is said to have sold his restaurant antl left his family, lit! bad
bought a ticket to Kurope.
Altman, according lo Detective
Sweeney, of this city, said he would
rather spend a year ln Jail  than go
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia  St., Phones
1200,  1201, .1202.
Sapperton   Mafket,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   St.   Market,  Phone  1205.
Edmonds  Market,  Phone  L883.
Moved I
From 46 Lorne St.
to 401 Columbia St.
Watch for announcement.
High   Class   Ladles  and   Gentlemen's
Our Motor Trxia: now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, I'hone 880.
Modern Bungalow, Cheap
We have a live room, fully modern bungalow listed below value
for Immt'diaie sale. This place has a good view, on a lot 83x132 to
a 3.1 foot lane, In a good location below Fourth avenue, and Is practically new. The price is only $2860, $000 cash, balance to suit-
monthly if desired.
Let us Bhow you UiIb placo   If you want to buy a homo.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,  Automobile  and
Marine Insurance.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.     '
WEEKDAYS���6 and 5.45 a.m.
and every IB minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly Bervico until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight,
SATUHnAYS--15 minute ser
vice is contlnuid until' 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7, 7.3(1.8 and
K..'I0 and every 15 itflnufes until
11 p.m. with lato car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
REGULAR  SEKVICE���5.45  and
fi 45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m���  with  late  car at 1},30.
RUSH   HOUR   SI'KCJtAliS��� 7.30
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and   hourly
until  10  p.m.  with  Into car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS ���8  a.m.    and    every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection is made at   Bb-
hnur until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
6.15 p.m.
l'OINTS���4.05 p.m.


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