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The New Westminster News Apr 12, 1913

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 These Are Facts.
Industries   of   New   Westminster
and   the   Fraser   Mills  employ   3701
men;   produce  annually   $9,802,886;
pay in wages annually $2,sx9,84o.
-    .
Despite Protests of Physicians Pope Admits Members of Pilgrimage
Shows Signs of Rapid Recovery from
Relapse���Condition Now Is
Much Improved.
f his attendants. Pope ��?��� !iv��� district Constable Bxley Of the Progressive association and of the guest of the day. referred In happy j best means or traction; explanations
n audience today three I I , leaVe this morning for Pitt river : the Suns ef Norway at the Royal Cafe., vein to the close relationship between j and views ot the terms of polar top>
n audi.net tM��y��w wllleaveI tms i.o    mor . / Norwegian  and the  liritish  peo-  graphy so familiar in print, all these
id headed a pilgrimage to taki cha ge or the oodj<m^onng     u a    futures, remlnls- pies,    We  in Canada, he said, were;and many more things Captain Am-
. !.!�� .j.,,1 *Ka.lti*-*A ��tw    ��   IO   tniB   tliy   WUire   dll   1 ml ilea*,   nut    ���"��! I ,,..,...     ���, ..u������..��� '.....,i������i_-l,,    l���.���rutl^a    i���    ���n,l    muiM t rniSaui   hurt   In   Ininurl
Rome,  April  11.���Despite    the    In
Junctions of hla physicians and the re
monstrancoB  of
I'lus received I
bishops who had
lo Home to visit him and bestowed upon them the papal blessing.
His holiness, wearied by his errorts.l
fell Into a deep sleep Immediately af-
ter hiB physicians had made their customary call tonight
The   meeting   between   the   pnntifr
and  the three aged bishops  was  pa-1
thetlo.     As   they   entered     the    sickj
room,  th.-y  threw  themselves  at  the'
feel  ot the pope, who was Bitting In
his armed chair.   Tlle pope smiled nnd
lifting his hnndB above their heads, bestowed his blessing.    These, he said.
were intended not alone for the prelates, but. for all the pllgrlraB who had
Journeyed to Home.
The bishops who had been warned
to make the audience as short aB possible, left the papal bedroom, their
eyes    brimming    with    tears.      The
Crew  of   Fishing   Bsat   Find  Corpse
Floating In Water���Not Yet
Word was brought to this city last
evening or the finding of a dead body
floating In tho Pitt river near the
rock quarry of Gilley Bros., by the
crew o-Tone of Martin Monk's bonis.
The body waB brought to shore and
left at tlilley's until this morning
when the provincial polios will take
charge of it. It has not yet been
Identified and the police are at a Iobb
C.Myle Has Leg Crushed When Run
Over by  Steam  Shove!���Nsces.
sary to Amputate.
Heartiest of Welcomes Extended by Progressive Association and Sons of Norway to
Captain   Roald   Amundsen���Guest   at Mid-day Luncheon and Crowds Hear Him workman in the employ of the Cans
,-,..,-,,��.       dian Mineral Rubber-company on the
at Opera House in Evening���Plans for Future Outlined���How the South Pole Was Kingsway paving, had one of his less
crushed to a pulp this morning as the
I reBult of being j-un over by the steam
Wen���Vivid Pictures and Lecture.
I Bhovel being used for grading.
At the  lime  of  the accident
to know 1UBt who the man can b
ance has
during   tho   paBt   few
Roald   Amundsen,   "a   man,  a  real  i-.hip the Fram, B lew hydro-ai roplanes I Irom thc pole only to perish 11 miles I shovel  was being   moved  from     one
man, a man who does thingB."   This,  "so  that   you  see we will  have the j from one ot his depots; admiration ror j point to another.    Myle waa walking
n the words or Mr. Thorlief Larson,  BloweBt  and  the quickest  method of | the bravery of the worthy descendants I in  front  steering  when  the  steering
wheel gave way and he suddenly fell.
The  massive   steel  apparatus  passed
over hiB lfcg before lt could be brought
to a atop.
The unfortunate man was given Aral
no  diaappearance has  been  heard  of, accurately describes the distinguished j transportation with US,
1    "''ii'-11'" H  wtfk8  ,n  the expjorer ���ho was yesterday the guest     Ur. Frank P. Smith, In welcoming I stacies
of the vikings who Bunnounted all ob-'
hints on wby dogs are the
cent of the Iron  Duke, clean shaven'particularly   interested   in   and   could ; undscn had to Impart
ind dressed ln a tweed suit, hair tutw perhaps  better appreciate the noble | Qreat ice Barrier.
ing grey and  light on  the tempi, s, work or Captain Amundsen on account      Thpro wag thrown on the Ef,recn a
.peaking with just a trace ol the Nor-  of our geographical position ! chart  showing  the  location    or    the
w-egian accent.    The firm, deep linos)    Mr. Thorlief Larson (who it will b i , gouth      ,    (ho ,cp barrlcrB and
about the mouth and Jaw, bespeak the ; remembered  waa Hhodi s scholar trou   ^   rou(e    M h ���   ftnd ,l|g {our Kuro.
iron determination nt tho man, but It, B. C. in 1807���followed with an exoei-
s in the lightish blue eyes, which con- | lent speech upon the Bame theme, pr~
pean  companions  traversed, on  their
way Irom the great barrier where they
���            "  , -, ,       , .ii ".".J.   .* VIMS ,11.    .1Mb U...I IV.    n,.w v   W.W
that story Of gazing into immense  faced by a stirring appreciation of bis j ft   ^ .     h|      h    F t0 the      ,p
.-._.  ��� . 1 t .:_.......      ..ff.. .......        ..LMtilri-iiiun I  I i .       I i i'r i i i i> I i f        t fl   ��� * r
New Order  Will  Allow  of  Formation
of Eight Companies���Two Additional Companies in City.
spaces that marks the frontiersman of Ifamous countryman.   He brought to
ill nations, in the cheery cameradelre ! mind visions of the boyhood of another i
of his  speech, that one  may  gain  a, great dreamer who has  been inimor-
hint of Ihe character of the man who,  tallzed In the picture Of the "Boyhood i
Wing planted the flag of his country'of Raleigh," as he told ot Amundsen's
ni one end of the earth. Is about  tn  life work,
try to fulfil his life's dream of making. Not for Glory.
extensive    Investigations    In    North;    "It Is,"  be said, "for the years ofl
With motion pictures and slides th
explorer proceeded to tell of his journey.
He explained In detail the system of
establishing depot: at Intervals during the dash lor the i-Me. where quantities ot food and other necessaries
were stored to be taken up on the re-
Hilar regions. I waiting  and  planning  that  we  must i t Markers were placed along
The   Progressive    association    haB , honor Roald Amundsen most. His goal    hp route traver8(,d   five miles apa t-
Following     a     consultation     With  had no more distinguished guest than* has been won, but even now the daysj^j al re���u*|ar intervals rows of flags
Colonel  Alexander  Hoy.  M.  V. 0.,  A. ithe man whom a hundred of its mem-  of preparation are not over.   He went W8M planted east and wefit for sev-
popo's physicians were not present at I l>.  C,  the  I).  O. C. of  the  Eleventh | hen turned out to greet.    Mayor and ; south  not for glory, riches, honcr or , ( ra] ^     on ^     Mm Q( the rout()
the reception. military  district;   Ueut.-Colonel  Duff-  alderman, ClUtens lu all walks or life, tame, but to attract the attention "^: ThiB 8tep waa taken ao that in caee the
Sixth    regiment,    Vancouver, | joined   with   the  countrymen  ol   Am- j the world  so that Interest  might  be  travellers Bhould go aBtray
The recovery of the pope from his | Stuart. .,,-,,-
relapse apparently le progreaBing ra-1 and Captain J. V. Foulkea, of the per jundsen in doing his honor.    The blue, aroused and funds forthcoming ror his
pldly.    His sisters,    Bpeaking    today | mauent force at Victoria, the office��� : cross superimposed on the white cross | expedition to the Arctic"
aid on the scene or the accident after
which he was removed to a Westminster hospital where ll waa found necessary to amputate tbe Injured member.
Machine!?   Ordered
Transferred to Free
First   Real  Break    from Ways    and'
Means Committee en  Rates���
Anti-free Sugar Element.
Washington. April 11.���Shoe machinery now taxed 45 per cent. aad.
with a reduction to 25 per cent, proposed by the tariff revision bill was
ordered transferred to the free list today by the Democratic conterence af
the le,uae. It was Uto ftrst real break
of the democrats from tba ways and
means committee on rates, thoug}��
earlier ln the day the caucus bad'
agreed to an amendment offered by
Representative Palmer, of Pennsylvania, a member cf Uie committee,
and in charge of the metala schedule,
under wblch lead, containing leas tban
:! per cent, zinc, would be admitted
free of duty on the tine contained
tn it.
The shoe machinery amendment.
proposed by Representative liourtaiid.
of Missouri, and carried by a viva
'voce vote without substantial opposi
Former President of Burnaby Beard tion from the members of the committee, followed a lively diec-makm in
which Representative Ogelsby, of New
of Trade Mad* Recipient of
Illuminated Address.
���with tho parish priest at Rlese, their .of the 104th regiment with head-
birthplace, said tho condition of the! quarters in this city have decided to
pontiff now was so satisfactory that It' enlarge the present strength to eight
was possible be would be able to re-; companies.
reive some of the pilgrims from hlsj Under a recent order Issued nt Ot-
native region within a few days. They'tawa tho 104th regiment has been
declared it was the desire of theii mil(je |nto a city corpa from that of a
brother to do so, but that hiB pliysi- rural regiment and it Is expected that
elans were strongly opposed to IiIh ,-,,!��� wjh |ead lo a considerable In
doing so as they wished their pattern
to have Immunity from excitement.
on a red field ol Norway hung at one \    Touching  on  the  kinship    ol    the
end or the room, the Canadian ensign ' Anglo-Saxon   and   Norse   peoples   Mr.
at the other.
Another Venture.
Larsen quoted the tact that both were
nourished   and  nurtured   on  the  sea.
Replying to the toast or his health f��m th,eDCe *��? dr8W tlu'lr strPnKlh
and sustenance.
proposed by Mr. John A. I.ee. president ot Ihe board of trade. Captain
Amundsen told something of his plans
for   the   fulure.     He   will   le^ive   Sail
go astray on the re-
tarn trip tho row-B of Hags would set
them right.
Alter a voyage ot 16,000 miles Irom
Christiana, Amundsen's ship, the Fram
arrived at the great southern barrier
which has been described by Shackleton and other explorers. Ilere the
captain and hia tour companions left
The  Hurnaby   Hoard of Trade said
farewell or rather uu revoir to Mr. B.
York, a ne wmember, arraigned tbe
so-called shoe nachiaery "tnwU" aad'
pointed to the Tree list aB aa opportunity to let fn competition.
Another development of the day was
the agreement of the Louhrtana mem-
0. Walker at an enthusiastic smoking  ^ 0Q aD ant,.free ^^ pTOKTam la
concert held In his honor iu tne More- caucu,-^th Representative Broos-
ton hall 'af^ eJ.e���nl.n.f.���.,T.""���.Bi il"   ? sard on guard   to offer   a series   ot
amendments to the engar schedule to
represent the sentiment of the ljoatai
(Continued nn Page Five.)
was a most representative oue and   a
moBt hearty evening was spent.
On the occasion of his leaving the
district to take  up his .residence    in
Victoria.    Mr. Walker was made the
recipient of a brilliant Illuminated ad \
"The Queen of Norway Is the BisterUJ gh,    |u charR(1 0[ (,    ta|n Nels011
Of King Oecrge \,   he Bad,   and fin-; who madp an  extendm|  crulBe  whUp  drc93 by President T. 1). Coldicutt on
ally, this very expedition I aptata Am-1 the party was making the celebrated , behalf of the  members of the  board
crease in  recruits.    Among those    lit I Francisco in June, 1914 on his famous' ""J"��� "��w lj"' '" f'nrVthoiV'rBm^��^\mBrch t0 the pote-    A P"1^ ��' three\The address was as follows:
Invited to Follow First War-
Ship Throujfh Panama
With "Fram."
A signal honor was extended to
Captain ltoald Amundsen yesterday
when he received a wire In this city
from the United States government
Inviting hlin to take the Bailing ship
Fram through the Panama canal Immediately astern of a U. S. warship
which will officially open the ditch
connecting the waters of the Atlantic
with those of the. Pacific.
the meeting were the local Offlcera of old ship, the Fram, and, once through
the 104th regiment and also Captain ; Retiring strait he hopes to drift across
Coote and Lieutenant Caskey, cf the'the Pole. Ab he told of bow they
Chllllwack  companies. would do thiB, or the set or currents,
The decision to increase the lot Uie scientiric lore In oceanography
strength of the regiment wlll probably and meteorology to be gathered tliere.
mean that two additional companies ! one could Imagine the same voice talk-
will be recruited In this city and one 1 ing to the band or chosen brothers who
al some point in the Fraser valley.       , made   that   memorable   dash   to   the
The change from a rural to a  city  South pole. ,,,.,,,.,
regiment   means lhat  the member.! of ,     He thought they could drift all right,
the  regiment  Will   not  have  to  spend ! t"e Fram waa stout.
the  usual   12  days  in  camp,  but  will
explored  King   F.dwurd   Land   to   the
British and Norse, for the Fram was
built of Norway oak by an Kngiish-
man; and again, of the two men who
have reached the South pole, one was] Scientific Importance,
an   Kr.gliehiuan,  tbe  other  a  Norwe-1     The lecturer dwelt upon the scien
gian." tlfic  Importance of the observations
Mr. J. A. i.ee added a further quota   made   by   Captain   Nelson   with   the
The Address. I
"We the officials and members ol|
the Burnaby Board of Trade desire to |
express our high appreciation of   the j
great services you have rendered the
beard      during      its     inception    and
bold an Increased number of drills ni
the armouries and spend five days al
the annual encampment.
The annual stay In camp haa been
the cause of much complaint from
the men who have found it nigh im
possible to get away from their em
ployment for the two weeks. Thli
year the stay at camp will probably
be held during the first week In July
which  will Include Dominion Day.
Colonel Roy, the commander of his
majesty's forces in British Columbia
and the Yukon, has only been In this
province the past two montlu reliev
Ing Colonel Waduiore. retired. Colcne'
Roy first aaw service as a lieutenant
In  the 65th  regiment   (Montreal)     In
He told how in
1S0S an American expedition had
tried this, thetr vessel had been crushed. Most of them lost their lives. As
he mentioned this latter fact it was
plain that here was a man who loves
his work, has counted the cost and to
whom life and death are all In the
AmundEon wants to know more
about the upper strata of the earth
Why? His sailorlike reply is'bkirf and
straight: "If you cannot see the importance of polar expeditions for your
self, It is no good tor me to try and
explain it to you."
By Sea or Air.
There was a rour of cheers as Cap-
to the welcome given the man whose j Fram and called attention to the fact ��� throughout the three years in which
name,would seem to be destined for that this staunch vessel had carried I you so ably and worthily acted as its
still greater honors, lie extolled lhe the flag of Norway further soutu IhanIpresident owing to the capable con-
pluck and pertinacity of the captain , any other ship has ever sailtd Isclentioua and disinterested manner
and his companions, and said . that i Amundsen showed slides of eaeli ol'lj,, whlch you directed the affairs of
while we in Canada were loyal to the   the depots, hewn out of ice of tl e bar- j t)ie ro.l(j  ("|10 general  wellfare or the
crown, we were also loyal to lhat rler. In April, be explained the '.cm-
manhood of whose highest type Cap-i perature in the vicinity of the pole
tain Amundsen was so excellent an ex- |sank to 73 degrees below zero. Then
ample. j came an ii lerestlug series of pictures
Describes His Feat. I snowing the hut in which wer-' pissed
Henceforth there will    be    eeveral !lh" weeks when progress waa Impos-
hundred  people in the  Royal City  to  Bible.
whom Amundsen and the brief news I The interior of tbis home In the ice
from the polar regions will be some- --with rooms carved out of tlie giant
thing more than names and news'! barrier itself���was shown, with many
iieniB. The opera hcuse was filled last i Interesting details, such as the enrpen-
night. as the gallant Norwegian In . ter shop, the sewing room and kitchen.
simple, graphic style, recounted how And that moderate comfort waa pro-
he and hia companions won to the curable even in the frozen south, was
South  Pole. i proven    beyond    question    by    these
Humor in the games on board ship, ��� views
Tho    world    iamouB    explorer    tell  tnP Northwe8t rebellion of '85.    Thi
highly pleased on receipt of Ihe wire
and if be can arrange his program
which has been mapped out two years
In advance he wlll.accept the invitation of the American authorities at
II haa been planned that just as
Boon iu the canal Is completed one
'of the latest V. S. warships will steam
through the canal, which will be done
no doubt in the greatcBt assembly or
world's personages ever gathered together.
Then will follow perhaps the beat
known ship In the world, the Fram.
which holds the record ol having been
further north and further south than
any other vessel.
Having an auxiliary engine on
board it ia presumed thut in event ol
Captain Amundsen accepting tho invitation, the eld fashioned sailor will
was his flrst visit to thla eity. .and
although only in an unofTioV
capacity it ia expected that he will
renew Ilia acquaintances With the officers of the 104th regiment In tho very
near future.
the antics of seals and whales and pen-; Two reels of moving pictures of an
tain AmUndsen concluded by saying guins; pathos iu the brief story of the excellent nature, taken on the expedi-
thal  he  would  take on  bis dear eld  route whicb Scott went and returned   tion. concluded the lecture.
Owing to what Is believed by hei
captain to be an error or Judgment on
the part or the tug towing her, the
flallitiR ship Diinifri-lssliire, which lef
the Fraser Mills on Thursday morning hound lor Delegoa Bay, South
Africa, grounded yesterday morning
on a  sand bar at  the mouth  ol    the  tlu
river, and remained rani throughout
the day.
Il   Is  believed  that  wllh  the aid or
tlie  government   dredge  Fretilin
In Pursuant cf Recent Act of Legislature G. T. P. Will Raise $25,000-
000 to Complete Road.
Montreal, April 11. -A meeting of
directors of the shareholders of
the tlrand Trunk Pacific railroad was
held today.    Tho meeting was called
In  pursuant  to  the  provisions of the
and j act  passed ut  the  present session  of
Declare    Independence
Form of At dress to the
���    .       World.
Little Excitement at Fraser Mills No-
mlnaticns���Election Unnecessary
���Dr.   R.   H.   Scott,   Reeve.
municipality has been advanced to its
existing foremost place amongst the
municipalities of the lower mainland.
"We learn with regret that you intend leaving this district for which
in your private aud official capacities
you have dene so much to promote the
welfare of the residents and rale-
payers. We sincerely trust that ln
your new sphere -f life, success' and
iiappine6B may attend all your efforts
and that you may long have health in
which to enjoy meet reward for all
your useful labors in this district."
In  making  the  presentation to  Mr.
Walker,    President   Coldicutt   stated
that Burnaby was losing   a   valuable
I man:   a man the municipality  could
(hardly  afford  to  lose.    "I   am  sure."
he  said,  "that we all appreciate hiB
services,  not  only  to  the   Board    ot
I Trade, but to Burnaby as a whole and
| particularly   this  aectlon  of  Burnaby.
I Personally' I am sorry to see him go
jand feel that what Is our loss ia Victoria's gain."
Iu reply  Mr. Walker said  ihat   he
appreciated  tbe    address    from    the
bottom or his heart.   He considered it
| of something to him and  would look
upon it at all times with a feeling of
Body of Late Financier Lies
Among Art Treasures in
Private Library.
"The    Will    ef    Heaven    Manifested
Through   the   Will   of  the
Dr. Robert II. Scott was elected first
reeve of the new municipality of
Fraser MIUb yesterday, no opposition
coming forward to contest the pobI
tho  board    With    Reeve
Messrs. ti. 0. Stuart. S. (
New York, April II. Thn b^Jy of J.
Pitrpont Morgan lies tonight enmUK
the art treasures of his private
library. It reached New York on the
steamer France this afternoon aud at
dusk was taken from tho ship's mortuary chapel to a motor hearse, whicb
e. nveyed It from the pier to the
Hundreds braved the drenchine
rain and stood in the streeta to watch,
it pass. Anions the rare broux-eu.
costly paintings and other art objects.
which he bruug-bt here from Europe;
the body of the dead financier wi��'
lie in state until Monday morains,
when funeral services will be held ia
St. George's Protestant Episcopal
The France came into the harbcr
with her fl.iRs at half mast Tbrongb
thick weather aud amid torrents of.
rain she crept to her pier at the loot
of West Fifteenth street. All her
passengers, save the funeral pnrf>-
were ashore half an hour before M>;
Morgan's body was removed to the
To  Mourn His Loss.
Mrs. Herbert I.. Satterlee. the dr-ad
gratification.  He regretted that on ao:���. ,     ,, , ...     ,, ,
count of Ilia advancing years he would  '^��11"cler " daughter  and Miss H��l��,e
be liable  to  pay  as much  attention  "<*��" Hamilton, his grand daushter.
in Victoria public affairs as those of ^^.��25A?,Jgfi,*��aS-
the municipality which ha was leav-
go through the canal under'her own , ^        , on^ (hn( B,l(, w,u bp towed I parliament creating an additional sum
power and will not require the. aid or i   ^ q|  h,Rh wa(or ,,lla morn|ng little 0f *86,000,000 of debenture stock.
tu-Bs- .       ., ithe worse for tlle grounding. j    The  meeting  authorised  the  dlrec-1 	
Oiirlng lua stay in  the city yester-      Aeoordlng  tn  her  skipper.  Captain | tors to make audi Issue of this stock:
day Captain  Amundsen  waa taken in ,h    boat  wa, too ologe to  from   time   to   time   as   the   require-!    Washington. April 11
hand by the Progressive Association K        t J,d    f ^ ci,anneL   Accord- ments of the company   make   Mces-^eelarwipn   or   independence, wheh |   The ncw reevo, Dr  8cotti ,s ���er.
under Secretary Darling and together M h t   charts   the saw t00k  thp  f"rm 01  a" ad(lnss  l0  ''fa I haps the youngest man holding such a
1 t.l ..   ....       nnkli  .1        Imr.,       < "I. IW I '. i '.,  ' I 1    ' . . , ��� *>     ��� .11. ii_1 1. I_ * B__
Ing.    He referred to the capital aa a
cily that bad made more rapid strides
The councillors who will sit on I during the  past lew yeara than    any
Scott    are  "ther on the coast and was convinced
Charles, A. I that that  town  would  be  more suit-
j Brant  and   John  Cormack.     Th-   latter gentlemen will comprise the school
, board,   having   also   been   nominated
The Chinese | |jy acclamation for the dual positions.
under secretary imrung ana togeuier i government   charts   the  sary.
With  Mr   T   I.arsen   of Victoria   and, ^^ [s J^ �� dp|)lh ���, ��������� pu���u      Th
Mr. N   11. McQuarrie, paid a visit to ����� ^..eiVawtag    22    feet'   10
Coquitlam,   the  Colony   fnrm,   Kraser
Mills and alBo on l.ulu iBland.
In conversation with Secretary D-iui
Ing, the South Pole dls
that, he regarded this section of the
province the nenroBl thing to that of
his home In Norway than any place
he had visited heretofore
inches, ub the Dumfrelsshlre was do
Ing, could    pnsa    over
I'he proceeds ol this stock nr�� to
world,   was  eabltd   here   Irom
position   In   British   Columbia   today.
nl.- .tZ'r*   depth of 24  feet Is recorded in
coverer Btated .^^  ^y,  SlevcBt011  and
be used for the    cornel. m-��    of the ''"-laV   and  afier  being read  In -A* He Is Burgeon at the big mills of the
Idlmi of eouinment ('"Mn<'   moltl"K    WU8    mnd* PVWI<L' Canadian Western '..umber Company
.��� safe,,-.    A and for'the'general purposes' o>   the ^ ffiud^tftJnce^t'me havi'* "M ^ PObM��� f��r the PaBt
company.                                                 !���,��������� ciilneco members educated in
re met aboard the vessel by Hrm.
.1. P. Morgan. The three women lefl
In an automobile for the Marfan
home before the body was removed.
J. P. Morgan, son ct the dead nan..
met the Pran-re at quarantine and remained aboard with Herbert I.. Satterlee, II. tl. tiarjes, a partner la thu
Morgan banking Ann in Purls, and
Dr.   Oeorge    Dixon.   Julius   Moctpui.
able lo him Irom a health point
view than Burnaby.
Arter   remarking   that   he   did   not
wish to sav goodbye, but juat au re- , ��� . .     ,
voir,  Mr.   Walker  shook   hands  with grandson of the Onancler. joined   Uk*
every  member of the gathering and
Mr. Howard Q, Kelly was elected a
: imerlcftr cc ileces.   The president and
SIR CHARLES TUPPER room of ills serond hand store early
arrives in Winnipeg!ibis morning two robbers rifled the
  till, dnsheil a burning oil lamp on thc
Winnipeg. April 11,���Sir Charles floor and left their victim, *eaten In-
Tupper notwithstanding a natural in-1 to unconsciousness, to perish In the
flrmity consequent upon his 92 years tinmes. noteotWe II. T. McOrath saw
of life, arrived at Winnipeg at 7:80 th-3 flames, broke open the door and
this morning, feeling "hale, hearty rescued Payne. The building In which
and Btror.g," to quote the words of his the store Is located was badly damson  W. J, Tupper, at whose home on  aged  hy  fire  nnd  Payne  would  have
gulf. director   lo   fill  the   vacancy   on   the, uin,,,       ,,���, ,t enthusiastically,
board   caused   by   the   resignation   ��< and formai WtMgtlltttn et ths republic
left to Perish in Flames. I Mr. K. II.  Fitzhugh.    Aside from roil-:,     (,)B UnIte(] states awaits only Ihe
Ran   Francisco,   April   11.--Binding ��� Une matters no other business of Iin- j ���,.,������,   rr^���i7.ai|���ii   of   tho  ronsti'u-
and gagging Joseph J. Payne In n nar I pcrlanee wub transacted. ; tcnt aBBemb|y which  meets again to-
Armstrong Point, he Ib vlsitlnff,
Sir ChnrloB has never had a better
Journey, Bald his son, and the talk ot
his Indisposition was a pure fabrication with nothing to It save a statement mnde by hlniBolf that on account
or physical disability, he would be
compelled to refuse Invitations to ban-
Sir Charles will embark on the Km-
press of Britain for England on May
a, bis goal being the family Beat, The
Mount, Bexeley Heath, Kent, Kngland.
been   burned   to  death   only   for   the
timely arrival of tho ofricer.
Msy Lose Eyesight.
Regina, April 11.���As a result or an
acetylene gas explosion which occurred at Regina College, A. J, Broder-
tck nnd George Kldd, engineers at the
college, may lose their eyesight. They
wero Inspecting the apparatus for
making gas for the domestic science
kitchen and lit a match. Tho explosion followed.
I morrow In l'"kin    The text oi the ad-
Gompers in  Hospital. dress follows:
Washington,    April    11,       Samuel;    ..t)n tl,*B oipiitli day of the fourth
(Continued on  Page Four.!
Hampers,  prealdent of  the  American
Federation of I.nbor. ia rou(l>-ed In s
hospital   here,   threatened   with   mus-1
tc'dit'a  of the   le't  ear.     For  several |
weeks he has   suffered   considerable |
pain  and  was  taken  to  the  hospital
today for the constait attention  nnd
complete rcBt from tils work.
Threw .. ie at Editor.
London, April 1.���As the editor of
tiie Evening S'.ndard, an aiiti-sutfra-
getto i. wspaper, was leaving his office tonight, a woman of about 4u
years of age, who was lying ln waiting,
threw a stone at him. The missile
missed Its mark but crashed through
the window ol an adjoining orfice nnd
Injured the night watchman. The woman escaped.
London, April 11���The operation on the duchess was actually the removal of the vermiform appendix, the displace
ment of which had caused the
Her progress toward recovery has becn good and tho doctors are confident she will be
restored to health.
five years
Altho.igh w ;i'. l-.nown socially In :i 'a
city he is perh.ips bet let known as an
ardent sport oiuhuiiast, being connected with the 1-ruBet Mills hockey
team i��nd also v co-president of the
B. C. Baseball league recently formed
Establish Convent in London.
London, Out., April 11.���The result
of further activity hy Bishop Fallon,
in hiB campaign to make London one
of tho foremost Catholic centres In
Canada, became known In the shape of
a semi-official announcement of the
establishment in this city of a convent of the Sisters ot the Precious
Immigrant Had $14,000.
Philadelphia, April 11.���Immigration orricials here were startled yesterday when Iludolpho (lertzen, a German tanner, in reply to the question
as to whether or not he had $25 which
ls necessary betoro Immigrants can
land, carelessly pulled out of his pocket $14,000. The German had little
difficulty In passing Inspection. He
has a wife and eight small children.
departed amid the singing of "For
He's a Jolly Good Follow."
Another speaker of the evening was
Mr. P. B. Hrown, who briefly sketched
the career and achievements of Mr.
Walker since he had taken up residence in the municipality.
An excellent musical program was
given, those who contributed to the
entertainment being Mr. Pittlek, Mr.
Wilson, Mr. Lobby. Mr. Williams, Mr.
Coldicutt, Mr. Whitman. Mr. Bevan
and Mr. Campbell. Mr. Mclntyre gave
a most inspiring recitation.
party  when the vessel docked.
When all other passengers had left
the vessel, the men of the funeral
party assembled in the mortuary
chapel to follow tbe body to tbe
hearse. The mirrored doors opened
and ten uniformed mem of tha
Franco's crew emerged with the heavy
casket. Across it waa draped a great
American flag���tho same flag wbicb
the United States government gave to
the France to commemorate ftor
matdeti voyage aa tbe largest ship
which thu French ever had sent to
Thc caskef passed between a douMe
Tile of the ship's company, standing at
ALLEGED CHINESE attention with bared heads in tne pa��
MURDEjRER REMANDED  sugeway. tlm ship's orchestra played
���I��� the "Star Spangled Banner."
.lay Kum Chum, arrested at Cum-'    Attendants  bearing some    of   tbo
berland on a charge of murder which  floral  offerings  followed  tho  funurat
took place at Mission on February 20,  party  to the  hearse.    Among these
wa3  remanded  until  Saturday,  April offerings  was a wreath wrought    ia
19 hy Magistrate Clute in the district solid silver from the town of Air-f^w
court yesterday morning. Bains, a  beneficiary of Mr.  Morgan's
Senior Constable Dunwoody appear- generosity.    A groat cross of i
ed for the prosecution and asked for which had withered on the trip i
a remand  until he can  secure    wit- tho Atlantic remained in tke
nesses who saw the murder commit- Tbis was the offering of tke Osnasa
ted. emperor,    later it waa sent to tk*
Jay Kum Chum is alleged to have Morgan  library.    A garden of
Bbet down another Chinaman at Mis- flowers which perished i
sion during an altercation over money strewn upon tke Atlantic kef ore tka*
matters. . M  ship reached port. ; PA Of TWO
8ATUAQAV, APRIL 12,  1(1$.
tht interests ot Sew lF-MtmittStSf WUi
and those Which arc expedient." : tlio east ride, anisng a population  oi
it is based on a grateful recognition "ignorant toreijnats."  Another nota-
of "tlle plain, undisputed fuels   about * I'11' ����������" ,,f Ur   ��II��"S��' Propaganda
" ,       ,   ,     ,    i last year was the reduction in notion
the Reformed Non-Kplscopal churches I rpiUllllRi  onl,   forly-ieven    per    cent,
-the  fact  of numbers, the   fact   of calling for books of that character.
teal und liberality, the fnct of Intense
Eirthday of Union Jack.
That  proud  standard on  which the
sun never fi ts, the Union Jack, was
bom H07 years ugo today. The original
flag of Kngland was lhe banner of St.
Aa XnJevenAent  morning tapir d. Dated t
********* Valley. P*ubU*h*d every morning eu-ipt Sunday  by the.  .Vatiiimil  rritllimi j
I P-tMiah.no Camp***,. UmUed, at ii UcKen.it Ktreet, Kew IfuimlllStsr, liritish ' devotion to f hllBt ami oi rich spiritual
Ittiltlt HUTlIKlll.ASIJ, Managing Director experience."       The     practical     rteps
sVmtwm*-****hw*t*m s*���M ** addressed to The IteiD Wsstmlnstsr Newt, und set  urged  by those who sign   this   "Ap-
��� *���*���"*n-' member* af Ike .toff. Che****, drafts nml muiii-i* ortleis altiiiilil be maili | ... ,
iM   to  the  -Volwul Printing an*   Publishing Com iiii...  I.iiiutiil. M"lu    ""   '*'"' ,..,���������    ,   i, ,.,   ...in,   ���   ,..���l   or���v.
rmtMt-wesfme   0ttats.il mfftot .** Uantxger, ��6B; fld-ito-riol fluoms (oil deport  ;    ������������y ,h(, admission or ministers   of i ,( "!*''     ' ,������ , crollB    .   ,
��u   >si. I   ..    ' . , ,    I April  12,  100S,   It   waa   Incorporated
t**tBm**C*Ur*TrOH RATKit���lty rami.. 11 jn-r year. }i for three months, tOo per  other cliurcheB, under certain nitric- j wl|h t)u, *[,,��������� r ()f Scotland, blue with
"AB%��SwwffilW'o"opp%>oJkm.'t' Uo,,s Rn(1 l,y >'-Kh"ul authority, to the a white diagonal cross, ami the com-
rtl t't>mth.ni*ti\liKs'iti    v.. inters uld ba published In The Sews crcept avei   pulpltn of our churches. hlnntlon  soon obtained  the  name   of
*-hm-mr**r* npr��rt��rr.   ra�� <rf��,ir rtsscrvet ��)ie right lo refits* the )ii.t,ll.nti.ni of any       ���By prl.mlsB*im ll(,lng Kivon t0 mem-   Onion Jack, In allusion to tho union of
*-u��� - ' .' i���.r��   ot   other   communions���being England and Scotland.
- ' members In good standing   ln   tln-lrl    The word Jack is considered a cor-
SATURDAY   MORNING.  APRIL  12,  1913. 1 communion���on    occasion     and   Willi | nipt ion of the word Jacobus, Jacques,
""""���""i of the ordinary, to common
��� eato in onr churches
nr Janu a.    The Union Jack continued
iio flaunt In that Torm until 1801, when,
\ Correspondence !
The   ��'ew   Westminster   News   doea
not bold? itself responsible   tor   ths
opinions evresaed in correspondence
"religious exeluslveiiess" is the greiel
The policy upon which The New Westminster Nto|gJk*fcjWJ| -XSfSS
lias been published for some time past is that oi working;activity ami lorganUsa ror definite
for the solid advancement and development of New West- ����*��oo throifeb the Laymen's  Mist
- , .,     v. ii ..      ,.'.   f     ., ,     , .      slonary Movement.
minster and the t raser valley.  It will continue to be pub-    The "mint and anise and cumin" ..r
fished along those lines, but one thing must be recognized
by those who are interested in the development outlined,
namelj that no paper can print the news and fight for the duty, the chrtsUanisation or nre in
.   , ***********        r  r f o Canada and the evangelization of Ihe
rights of any community unless it has the support of that heathen world, came home with vivid-
ncrs nnd directness that could not be
Tliere  mny  have  been  certain   al
Hack of this movement away  from  following the union with  Ireland, the
ecclesiastical difference were dominant In all churches until the "weightier matters" of the church's supreme
banner or st. Patrick, white with a
diagonal red cross, was amalgamated
wllh It. '   .
Toppers, and Trousers.
A century ngo this year was nota
ble for the Introduction Into Kngland
and America of top hats and trousers,
the ti werlng cylindrical hats ot
beaver were first worn In 1813 according to the best sartorial historians,
and it was nbout the same time that
trousers or "pants" superseded
The silk topper, stovepipe, plug or
chlmnry put as  it has been variously
Rl fibllshed Church in Kngland, nnd of I going a decline,  and  there are son)
Presbyterians who prided themselves. who predict that another decade will
on  the  relationship with  the   Estab-  find It encaird In museums.
lished Church or Scotland.      Rut   In ���
Canada the horizons are wider.
That church Is "National" which *****************
accepts responsibility for the nation's]* CANADIAN HISTORY TODAY ���
redemption and takrs Ils rhnre nl the \ *****************
r< demntlve duty the Canadian nation
community at large.
Now the greatest source of income that a paper has,
and one upon which it to a larff-e extent relies for money to I i��ed grounds ror "aloofness*^ on the j called, succeeded the beaver high hat
.     ...     ,     .       , , ,i i j   __ i- mu   ���   . ""l  "f  Anglicans  who  prided   them-   In popular favor about 1820.   The cen
operate lt, is derived from the man who advertises. 1 here | ^ves on their relationship with the|tenary er the tan hat finds tt under-
are those in our midst who decry and belittle the publications of New Westminster because they do not print the
news of all the world in detail. These same people do not
spend one cent for advertising in the papers of their own
city but send large contracts for advertising to papers outride of Westminster.
It may be argued that better results are to be obtained owes "> the world, in the presence or
����� i 11-    j-        j. , , i ,  V..1.   Canad&s need, at once gigantic and
trom larger publications than we at present can boast, but, insptrins. and in answer to the world's
ietitbe remembered that, when support is given to outside challenge, at once imperative ami su-
papers and withheld from the local press, these people are; prrme a"  boa8ted "prlvlleges   ""'
���making it impossible to accomplish all that could be done
to make the press of New Westminster as great a power in
the province and in the Dominion as arc the larger papers.
The News is at all times ready to give its readers all
the. news available. At the present time all the New Westminster news is given daily to our readers and topics of
live interest to New Westminster and the Fraser valley in
particular are discussed in this column. The city and the
���district are given first consideration in Thc News, while
provincial and general news will alsobe found in its pages.I���fp��nr8 *g��� ^r^eV?X
There is a limitation to our capital that prevents the son in danger when it is possible to
immediate expenditure of money needed to bring this, a j f,0pB0 wi,,u;m endangering one's -.��������
Kew Westminster paper up to the standard that should be    Such a law would noi i.e amiss in j them
her*' in ;i e-itv of the si'/e and importance that New West- CWca150'    N'ot f,",y ��",ics' !'nt or'""'    ���"'"' i*****e delivered a lnne address
nert. in a cityiu lml Hiz.ea.iiu unpin unite uidi inlw   vvtht ,���.,,.,. ,,,,,.������,, v .,,���, manllnesa ;ir���  t00       .,,,., hetnoua ,.rimf, of rebellion,"
.iTlinster IS.     This money IS spent for the good Of the colli-  frequently forgotten here.   Lei a tlm-   Wd   "ita  deplorable    oonsequences,"
tnunity, and, if residents do not support their own papers "Th^ rVn.'eV'Vno i!!';1"!, '11i:' '' ! pc0?le ,f"" ,:""i? join"(1 ln T
,      J,    ,      ' .,     ,  ,.     . .* ' ���,, '     .     'inajonlv   cr  men   who   happen   alone.   Htlons  f**r ne rev on  these men.  who
it S'tands to reason that their own interests mUSt Suffer in   Insti ad of going to the assistance of,    . -,  i��� ,i,  fathers i r larRe  tamtlles
���.he long run, or whenever an emergency arises. '" 7"' ''iT'"^''.^", '7,',""^',aw^ ?,�� 0ne !'"''""��� si;'""' !lV r[VP ^""r"'1
.v,^ '      . .,     ,  .-, 6       i i       .    .    .-,.      ..      as not io be drnitned Into tho affair   -���,-;, ���,, waa presented to l.leut.-Cov.
We regret tO say that there are merchants in this City      Let r person be Injured by a street | v,n, -,r by Mrs   Lount   iiii her kn-.-n
-who refuse to advertise in our Westminster papers, and*.' r ���",,'1.,.,1TlU_';tJ '"e people who wit .,,������ ,i���. governor was "obdurate,
Editor Daily News,���
When wo look around    today    wo
mult eoino to the conclusion that tho
world ls undergoing a complete revolution.   Just lately the Chiueso empire
collapsed followed by lhe proclamation
of  the  Chinese  republic,  and   follow-
Ing thai  the Italkun slates, supported
by Greece, have dealt a crushing blow
. to the Turkish empire In lOurope, and
there ls also the civil war In Mexico
still goliiK ou.   Tlit'ii look al the whole
of Europe arming as If an enemy wns
actually invading the territory of oach
the  feverish  haste  with  which  they
are preparing.    It Is though to mako
l any  person not connected with It to
pause, and ask what Is the meaning
lor all ihls vast warlike preparation?
I Is It a prelude lo the -great Arma
. geddon when all shall be annihilated
' except one great power who sliall control all, and then shall we havo thc
Now who are the nntlons lhat we
I expert to see entering Into the hofl-
ItllltieB with ench ether? Well, It
I seems to be thai Oermany Is the f.rsi
In   that  respect   us  Bhe  ls  straining jt^e plain 0f lonely whit* U etretch-
; very  much  to raise a colossaT army ing #ar around,
as also her fleets by sea and Sir, and j    The marg|n meets'the rteep blue of
we   may   nsk  what   nation   thruaten**; y^  thy
hcr' : And shivering up betw ixt tlie ley stare
Simply none,   llut Oermany Is very |    RlM,��� ttu. expi0rer's haplcsa cry.
anxious to gain power for her nggran- j
dlsement, also for expansion both com-1 Notaing in sight but wavo on wave or
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
�� OUR    POET'S   CORNER. ���
prerogatives,"   instead    of   Justifying
"aloofness" and "excluslveness," only
increase  the obligation   of  fellowship
and unity and co-operanl service.
For a half-century Canada has led
the world in the reunion or divided
Protestantism. The sceptre of leader-
hip still Is Canada's.
A  law has been enacted  in  rriifsil
which  makes It  a prison offense  fot
Upon this date in the year 1R.18, al
eight o'clock ill the morning, Samuel
Lount and Peter Matthews, who had
'I taken up arms in Mackenzie's rebel-
lien, were executed In Toronto in
front of the jail which Btood near the
point where the present Court and
Toronto  streets  joint d.
Lount, v. ho had represented Slmooe
county in tlie assembly, had almost
uco edi d. after Ihr affair at Mont-
-��� nn ry's Tavern. In making his escape lu an open boat -itobs Lake Brie
but  hail been  treacherously  captured
'   r i ntangfed in the Ice.
Matthews, who had been in charm'
I the party which captured the mail
coach and tried to burn the Hon
brdge, had hidden for two wintry
days in one ol the Rosedale ravines
Their  trial  began  cn   March   2f>,  and
i  ph ailed grimy to   the   charge
HprciricatlunH. hki in>-ril�� of Bale iti-Pd*
buyl-nt-fl* 1,11,is, etc.; elrculnr work ****���
cliiltsf. All work Btrlctly oonttdsnttail B.
Ilarry. rnvni 418 Wontmlnauir Trust Mh,
Phons 702.
frozen land
And snowctad hills that ptemee Iho
That ice shall ft�� the captain"* sepulchre,.
That  snow  shall  be    his    winding
si niggles toward
other there  be-
mercial and territorial; therefore, Bhe
Intends  to force a quarrel  soon, niid
that shall be either with  France   or
Britain, but uiobI likely the former,
las she could attack France by both
! sea and land simultaneously, and if
she  declares  war  upon   Franco  it  IS
nlso a declaration of war in an Indirect manner upon  Uritaln, as Britain
for her own security dare not  remain
neutral because Oermany would 1��
���almost sure to dSteal  Fiance.
The German army and navy u in
excess of that et France, and everything In connection with them is thoroughly mobile. 1 have no doubt the
French army today is in quality, BS
good as the Germans, but they lack
In quantity.
Since the war it 1S7I) the German
population has Increased twenty-seven millions, while the French havo
been al a standstill, and 1 don't think
cither nation has lorgot the lesson
learned   In   18*0.    Germany  then,   as
now  was  prepared, and  France rush- Tho |ce Ib changed for fireside, bright
and cosy.
Vef day   by day   h
the goal.
Only  In  find  sorni
Day by day he sees the boundless
From which he will return, ah, never more.
When  sealed  lonely  by  hiB  dwelling
With lee and snow piled everywhere
A vision as of strange, mysterious
Illses slowly  to Ilia sight  and  fills
the  air.
Mil. V, V. C WICKBTT, A. It. c. Ok.
U l.. c M.. Bupervlsof of Musis Hew
Wesfca-ia-ster   Bphools,   Organist!   Hlxt*
Avenue Nt.'tliiMlInt t'hureh. ViiiuilnivtT;.
r.'ii-lvf* pupltfi for th,. pliuutfoil.*, <ir��nrv
Hinifinis mnri theory. 6lu Fifth iiwnua,
New weataStasstsr,
l���  O.  O.   M..  NO.  Hf.4     MKKIS ON   flrrt,
.*.......i  .in.i  ihtr.i  Wedncadays In t<uok>
month In Ii. of P   Hall ul * |. in.   II. J.
Leamy, ihutiitur; J. ii. Prlos, seer��tar|t
O O. !���*. A.-WITT I.Oliiil.; NO. IT-THS
ragular rn.etinff of Amltv l.'.U-.* No.
27, I. O. O. !���'.. U held every M..inlay
m.i'.i ai < ..*,-!...-����� in odd Fellows' Hull
c.iiii.'r Dmuurven and Fktiitii siriH-te.
vihIUiik iiri-ihem cordially Invites
ll. A. Merrlthew, N.C; J. Robertson,
v. fi.; w. <-. OMrthun. ''  "���* tseoi*
Inn secretary; tl. W. fiaiiKHI.-r, llnnil-
elul   nei-i-etiiry.
i. i �� ii.tuna. I.ol.) ��� Funeral dlrectons
un.I embehners. Parlors in-'. Coiumbhi
street,    New   Wea-tmlnster.    Phnno  98S.
IT  and   halt  Of  Hie   people  who  wit
,.       nessed the accident will refuse to give i    The sentence was carried out; tho
nHfho, so tar as wc know, nave not advanced any reason 101 their names to i.. called upon as wit-! f ,,,,���  ���,���;...,,���,.,-., ���,- h-,. condemned
iheir action from the standpoint of advertising, but arer^whetheran the'ethice of citisenshm   "'":,i",; :1! the jnil w,Ddows t0 look
Withholdinfr support fl'om some perSOntl feeling. jean be enforced   effectively   through ""��� 	
One thing is certain, and that is that the merchants of ^ aS'toS? SSSSuSTor'iSSlwi '   John ( rKP ' n",,"r"'' n"t KarI '
New Westminster must advertise their wares if they expect the people to know what they are selling.
To be specific, a few years ago, when there was only
i<me paper in the city the advertising done by the local
merchants was in the nature of "set ads," and these, in
many instances, ran for weeks without change. The result
was that a great many citizens reading outside papers:
were attracted, by the more modern and only feasible ad-
mary duties would help to devote
'Durham, one of the most plcturesine
inecienre in iueli matters now apparently Badly lacking.  -Chicago Tribune. ',
and striking figures In Canadian history, was born IC! years ago today.
He had made a great, reputation aa
slat'.snian and diplomat when, in 1838,
the helm pf the Canadian ship cf state
was placed In his hands.
His brief and brilliant career as
governor was m**-'.cd by the announcement of a policy which became tho
basis ol ihe *^reat Dominion of today.
Charged with having exceeded the
powers conferred upon him by th"
special net of parliament under which
ed Into war unprepared. Oermany
was confident of her mobility and un- i
Ity. When Moltke gave the order to
mobilise he said if the French did not
cross the frontier in three days they
would only cross as prisoners of war.
ami his words were verified and they
have IobI none of that mobility.
1 am certain that when tliey declare war, at a niotn* ill's notice their
nriny and navy will be On the move
to the objective point. At the present
time Germany is a menace to tbe
par of th world. Thev spurn the id-a
rf a cessation of warlike preparations,
Some p-^opfe would like to make you
believe that Ormaiiy is for peace. If
that is so. why is everything strained
The tent for London's happiest
Ills comrades for a wife and liahv son,
The  snow-clad  waste for  England's
temperate zone.
With  font!   delusions  forth   his  arms
he  ptrelcT,es.
To take 'n all,  wife, sou and home
and rnme
The   lev   air   whirls   empty,   past  his
H1b    soul    returns    to God,    from
whence it came.
To   thee,   thou   brave,   and   dauntless
A  nation's admiration may we glv*,
When men lik
��� ull Fighting In Spain.
The   rirst   bull   fight   in   Spain   was
.   .. . :hcld   in   Madrid  on   this  dale  in  Ihe
*ertising methods practiced therein, to purchase goods year iseo, and was attended bv   a
Cfitade ihe city.   Those conditions are responsible todavi!r;'"l,f'mlo"R "owd. including i��*"��.|��> ,.���,���������.,. ,���,, �����, r���,ir.n
, ,       ,  r i e    *x.* ���    ���       I Of   church   and   state.   .The   populace Ine nau t,pr" appointed, ana nis coursffl
tO ft Very large extent for a number 01 Citizens not giving  immediately   gave  their  approval   to  disapproved  by a  vote of the House
���J-h^i-- v.iinrmrt tn lnpnl mprr-VianU 'he "sport"  and  It has continued as of Ixirrts. the rnr! returned home wlth-
Tnil._MipporX W) lOCai mercnaills. th    foremost and favorite pastime of I out  waiting for his recall.    After an
The trade can only be won back by judicious advertis- Spaniards to this day. inbie defense or his plan of adminia-
ing by Westminster merchants in Westminster papers and!   By an an passed in itm buii fight,'ration, which was practically justi-
-,       ,i .*, -i .      ��� ��� .  in-j  In  Spain   was  prohibited "except 1 ��*d  by being adopted by  his sticces
'by Use papers themselves entering upon a campaign of Sf piousi and   patriotic" purposM"Uor, he died,
e-ducation in order to shi)\v the people of New'Westminster; This law had uttie or no efect. ami i 	
-A.,1 !f tVio-o BTtinnt thiceilv io irrnu- -mil to Im nf como -.������ilno   ���s l��"��  hart  lml�� or no prf"rt- nr*(1 i     Ajc��blsboP   EUear   Alevandre   Tas-
.tJD at H tuey expect tnlhClly LOglOW and to oe OI some \alUe  wlll,rr, mil, flghu an, hel(J reguiarly.  ohereau,  the  first Canadian  cardinal
111 each Of them personally, they mUSt be loyal tO their OWn  usually on Sunday afternoons.   Of late 'died In Quebec rirteen years ago today
tcxMUTX ' ' ' I years   considerable   puhllc   sentiment      Horn in Quebec in 1120. he entered
��.'.���, , ,i ��� ,,       has   been   aroused  in   Snaln   ngainst | the priesthood at twenty-two, was con-
We   Venture   tO   advance   the   Statement   that,   On   the. the "sport" and King  Alfonso is said; serrated archbishop of Quebec In 1R71
vtTifih*   urticl-P for article   si ore for store   factory for faC-i'o be in sympathy with the movement   ami in 1886 was elected to the Sacred
V-vntHe, ��ru��-ie tor ariicic, stoic iui htuit, lactoi.v i ir iaoei^     abolition College, receiving the red hat as a
t.Ct'V-, mill for mill. OUr Cltl/.ens Can buy as economically aild      The   prohibition  of  bull   rights    in ! reward rt the long life devoted to edu
5*8 well in New Westminster as thev can elsewhere.'  We'""*1��� wns r��" "f ,h�� ppt projects -sational progress,
. _ . of the late President Madero, and this     Todnv   li   the   nnnlversary of  the
miuit recognize the tact, however, that in any community \ WM partially responsible fur his losj h'rth in Scrtiand n?��, or the m. Hev.
���there are certain individuals above the ordinarv run of hu-'"f popularity.   Buiibaittng was i(mf|John strichnn ��� -hc-i ct Torenio.
TO��niby, and whose wants are entirely different to those LnolaLbotteunuiT885and
.of any one else. 	
They ne*ou something different to anyone else.   If\*****************
this always worked out right there might be some excuse,\* the human procession. ���
but we understand that this wanting to be unique in ���),1*4^^
;ase of being able to say that an article
to reach a certain point in naval and   England  shall   never  fail on  Tand  or
military  prrfectirn.    I  am  sure it Is
not   solely   for   reviews   on   holidays,
yet some people are telling you daily
lhat there is no tnergency.
It Is nr. old saying thai are no people so blind a:i those who do not want
to see, and people who believe them
nre nlso blind. I say there Is a great
emergency, and If war Is declared'
against flrilaln thnt means a dclsra-
tion against the Empire not, solely
against the liritish Isles. Hut some
���would make you believe not necess-ar-
thee wllhtn her live.
Sun time and shade along the road.
Sun time and rhade together:
Wind and storm and the biting pain,
And the good, glad summer weather;
With you, with  me, and with all, al-
Ily  agalnsl     Canada.    Those    people fson time nnd  shade for thc  passing
(Dy   O.   Terence.) ���
s>ei cent t*T cases is a ca
was purchased in Seattle, in San Francisco, in New YorklLa" Dr- 3illiLXa^c Great Amona
���*.����� in lsondon.  It is not a case of the goods in New West-
and      On   lhl��  date  '->   IW. the Canada
IRallwav trap  del  vcni passed.
Kpwnt'n    with   an   area   of  75BJI00
���in.nre   |..:i.i.   .-.-in  orcinized   into    a
district Ih'rty-soven years ago today,
.and   nl-icnl   rnder  tke   jurlsdie.ilon   of
the lieutenant-governor of Manitoba.
would  like 10  make you  bl licve thai
the enemy  would take pity upon yon ,
because you are in a defenseless state I
That puts me In mind or what I
saw in a pap��r lhe other day when
a man said it was time enough to
prepare when Britain and Oermany
were engaged In hostilities tn the
North Sea and if Germany defeated
flrita'n h could live very well under
the security of Oermany, but If 'hi'
man was und^r Germany they would
make him prepare without hesitation.
Rut I hope them arc very te wof tha'
speeles of manhood In Canada.
Now if every nano citizen or Cnnndn
'will consider the matter thoroughly
they wlll lose no time In getting Into
order l��r the protection rr home and
country. Hise Canadians to the emergency nnd proclaim to the world thai
you are loyal patriots to your heme
and empire.
i ate Iloyal Highlanders (Black
where    the
Manv multl-mllllonalres contributed
WISH    r-FPFAl    OF   OLD
'l.oiidin    \ur;l   11     Ileeent   prnri eu
minster being different from those produced or of f ered I ?e?^Biic librae if!Newport which 'irT ""IT T rx'f"'K Sif'i&'H
v.     ^           r,                                                            i                                                      lew pneuc ui,rar> in new   l ors wiui.u against  blasphemy have resulted in a
For Bale in Other Cities.                                                                                lis the finest Institution ol IU kind in ,nnrrr���rt  movement  ror their repeal
We think that the stores and industrial concerns in QV^Kc^^ ,Vv' th"y arp "chlic
thia city can supply all the requirements of its citizens tc i thing mere than money, nnd to a con- ��� anA hefting to thiB end was hem a
iust as K-ood advantage as can those of any other place giderabie extent the giant edifice thai Vw ,h,.��� npn (��� ,-.-..- haU, the tradi-
jikm. BBfiinrawi              t,                                                  t                  i      ;        houses so many literary treanires Is a Honal  homo  or  religious  freedom   in
aad we therefore commend to the people of New Westmin- ���-
���ster and the district the idea that their own fellow citizens
and their own institutions should be their first considera
siderable eitenl the giant, edifice tha1
houses so many literary treanires is a
! monument to his memory.
I    Today Is the annlvi rsary of Or. Bill-
I'ng's  birth  In   Indiana.  In   1839,     He
I -v.-,a  a  rhyslcian,  army    surgeon,    librarian ot tt? UllLd St'MCS Stirogon
General's   office,   statistician   for   thi
' ������ ii-ius     bureau    and     professor    or
I Unity'now signed by above three hun- hygiene   at the University 6f Penn-
Discover  Massive   Ruins.
.     Sidney.  April  10.    Ilemarkahle    re
mains   of  a   prehistoric   civilization
were discovered in the Caroline is
land* bv E, I.. Peterson, who hns jufi
returned here Irom a lour it the
group. The ruliiB, Mr. Peterson slates,
are ol a massive character, the region
'indeed, resembles a sort of Venice,
; the  origin   nf  which   is   wrapped    In
The   little   dark   spot
shadows cling.
Way down at the end ot the rurrow,
And the big,  brood  patch  where the
sunbeams  cling.
And never a care can burrow;
For ynu, for me, and for every one.
Sun lime and  shade till   the   day is
And I wander whnt will the shadows
lluhy or roae, tomorrow?
11 wonder what will file glad SUn hide.
Troubles, and tears, and sorrow?
No matter what, It Is ever so:
j Sun time and rhade wherever wn go.
1 llut be sure, some time, al the end or
the way,
Where ths crossed paths   wind   together,
Will the shadows lift,
grow gray,
And nobody mind thi
For away down thi re a
IA sexton wails with a pick and spade
and   the
* weather;
the font of thi
Into tba Shadow each mortal goes,
Into the grim shade's keeping;
And the sunbeams como with a gold
en glow
To smile on his silent sleeping,
llut I know that each glad soul takes
Its flight
Ensland, which was the aceno of a
flmllnr meeting in 1S24. It was attended hv many clergymen and prominent, secul-ir'fts. who all joined In de-
notin:*'"~ "'? laws and demanding!
lhe Ir abol'tton. i
A  resolution  urged  their early   re-;
noal,  asserting  lhat   Ihey   were "fero I
j.lred ministers of tb? Church of Eng-1 Bylvanla, before his appointment an di   clous" and "Inhuman," and an Infringe-
i land In Canada, while compromising rector of the New York Publlc Library I ment of the er .*. principle* of clvl'
"-Thing* rto move in Canada   Matters no  essential  principal  or the  church in lKOti. ; and religious libiriy.
��-ccle��i��5��ical arn moving steadily to- will, as a tangible ami official rccognl j    He worked steadily and with effect I Denounces   Law.
uvwiii' tbe. organic union of the Pres- tlon ol oilier denominations us fellow- toward   making  tho  library  popular     Cnpeland Bowie, who  declared   he.
Hfluilsn. tb.- Methodist, and thi i.-n Uvorktr? in Christ, tena to bring that and a resort r..r people or ail classes I apolte as a sincere friend of reilglon,
inkilTm al rihnrrhrn   In the Vngllcan ab-1:;:   we the Vestry  of St.   Paul's seeking Information In any domain of donovne-'d    these   evlstlna   nnti-iuas-1
��� Smnrh ��lier<> sre stirrings thai ch-ipe Anglican   church,   liloor  ftrrel   en'-i knowledge.   "No matter who yon are nliemy statutes because or the unjust
Cut- p ijrtinite trend which if erfeutlve heartily approve of the proposals in or what your work or business is, woliiirerlmlritien  In  their   enfo'cemenl
������'ill  rn-ean.  if  not  org-inie   unio'i   at   the said  Appeal and  hope   lhal    tht can help ynu." wis tho Invitation i-x       He rn'd thai  If n Fellow or an Ox-
lens*,  'ho lan-'i r unity  nnd   -   wldi     proper authorities may give thom if- tended by Dr   Hilling:! to the  people ford college, a distinguished member
tre-icn-rt.. of cooperation   with   other feci    Wu also heartily approve of the of tiie imcrlcan metropolis,     Under pf parliament, or an eminent literary
i tu-iiils^n chiircnefi. 'position taken by our rector in   this his direction the library was housed  man eared to blaspheme   In   learned
An fiwlsiirsi oi what is happening is' connectu.n." In the largest and finest edifice of ItSj-n.l forcible language, there was little
)hv mtotution pas��e<i laut week al (he1    Thu "Appeal on behalf  of Christian kind in the world. chance  of  his  being   prosecuted   and j
utmi.il   im-Hting of the  Vestry  of St.   Unity."  to  which  reference  Is   made.      Over two million peoplo visited the   Imprisoned,  lut  ir a  worklngman   at I
Caul h    t'lioreh.   Toronto,    of    which  has be, n widely circulated and signed. ; central   building   last   yrar.     The   li-   the Street  corner or In a public park
Xrrhiiitu:m Cinty is r(��u>r* It is B reasonable sml earnesl appeal brary and Its branches has more ihan   gave expression to the same Ideas In
~B**ln.'ving   that,   it   organic   union  tn   ministers  anil     members    of   the Iwo   million   volumes.      Among   the  crude   or  foolish    language,  ho   was I
temsahm t*- tOaJtoa**, o tldoer i��liuvship 'church ol England In Canada to .lis- branches, the one mosl patronised, and haled before a curt nnd   frequently
ra Chr'nttxan wort is (Jeelrable;  and tlngulsh "between those things which which circulated the largest number sentenced to s considerable term ofi
dtat int: ixnipuuxii. in lbo Ajipea!  for'are always and everywhere  essential of books was located In tho heart ol | imprisonment. |
mystery,    IIundredB   of   acres    were   Where  never  a  shade  can   dim   thi
covered   by  remains  of  walls,  canals I light.
and    earthworks    of    a    stupendous: - Will Allan Oromgoole, In Nashville
solidity. Manner.
hot cakes, matte wHh
ROYAL Baking Powder
are delicious, healthful and easily madom
\v. k  FALB8���Ptoenr Funeral Dlrootor
umt   Mmt��itiui*r,   t*U fi 1B   Agnea   itrM^
oppitHlie l-'urncKt*1 LHirnry.
ti'r-u.t-Uiw. wM��Mor. i'tc. T^lnphOlM
107''.        ruMf        (MvreM        ".1'iliiinUm."
���X^4L*\ -western Union." Offfet^, Bum
ltl'ifls, 663 rnlumhia nin-ft, New Wi-nt-
mlnatar, B. C.
J. STtLWBlJL ei.UTK.  DarrlBtar-at-law,
snlk-ttor. Ptr.: comer Columbia uno
McKk'tiait* Htrevta, New U'intmin��t��r.
B. C.   P. O. Bnx 112.    Telephone  710.
BnMcttoT   ;tn<t   Notary.   Offlora    Kan)
biofk. U Ia>riH* Mirc*t. KffW Wt-simtn-
stt-r. B. C.
Bftrchrtara and Solloltora 608 to fita
Weatmlnater Truat Blook. ��; B3 Ma?*
tin.   W.   Q,   Mc^uftrrl'1    mid   Ooorge   U
Udo -��� RjirrhitrrH nn-1 Bolldtora, w��bi-
minnter Tni��t Blk., Columbia atreot^
Kew Weatmlnater, B. C. Cible add rea*
���*u*hitrsi*i��\-' Weatern rninn. P. (a
Drawer 210, Telephone dl* \v. J..
Wnftealde, K. c.. it. L, Odmonda r>.
Accountant. Tol R 128. Room 21
Hart block.
nier Board or Tradf maeta tn thf>tMMr4
room, flty Hull, hm follown: Third Prt-
day of ench month; quarterly inf^ttnc
on thf third Friday of February, May,
August nnd November nt B p.m. AaV
nuiu meeting! on th�� third V'rlday of
February. H. II. Btuart Wnd��, secrv
rOAT. MININO rtffhta of ths t>*unlnloo
In   Miiiiltul.il,   S.isk.'itrli'-u iin   m^t   AltH-rUt,
\Xs*. Yukon Territory, tha Norlhwul T��r-
rltOliea nnd In n portion Of the Province
d Britiah Columbia, nmy be Leased for a
lerm of twenty-one years at un annual
rental <>f $1 nn acre, Not mors than 2&*#
acres Will ht* lnmcd to one ui>i>)lrju*��t.
Application for tt lcano imw U- made
by ths applicant in person to tti��> A��int
or Bub-Agent of the dlHtrlct In which ths
rights applied for nrr situated
In surveyed territory tho land must bs
described t��y sections, or legal suh-divi-
nlonH of sections, and In unsurveysd territory tho tract applied for ehnll bs
stnked out by the applloant himself.
Kach application must be accompanied
by a fee of %h which will be refunded IC
lhe rightn nppll'-d for are not nvnllabla,
but not otherwise, A royalty ahall ba
paid on thn merchantable output of ths
mine at the rate of five centa per ton.
The person operating thc mlno shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable conl mined and pay the roy*
illy thereon, If the ooal mining eights
ire not being operated such returnsSnoUM
'ie  f urn lulled  nt  least  once a  year.
Ths lensp will Include the oeal mining
rights   only,   but   tho   leasee   wlll   be   (��r-
mitti��d  to   purchase   whatever   available
surface rights may bo considered nevag*
nary for the working of the mine at the
info  of  J10  an  acre.
Por full Information application should
be made to the Becretar/ of the Departs
ment of ths interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Bub-Agent of Dominion Mind*.
Deputy  Minister of the  Interior..
N. B.���Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement win not be paid for.
PHONE   R 1031.
Employment Agency
Prompt Attention givon to orders.
607 Front St., New Westminster, B.C, SATURDAY,  APRIL  12,   1913.
What to Make for
Bridal Shower Gifts
Tradition demands that the shower Kuest rooms; and the woman who
gift shall be somethliiK fashioned from cannot well afford anything else as
fabric and If possible fashioned by a shower present, can usually Khi
the .lemur's own hands. And the gift ono really handsome towtil. Colored
must be something iisi*,il; llie more bprders are no longer fashionable, un-
homely and housewifely and useful It les the color lu aildcd to the white
Is, tho more will ll conform to tradl- towel In the wa> of hand embroidery
tlon, and, Incidentally, the more it wlll In cross stitch 01 some other design.
please the bride whose Joy It will be Plain white linen damask towels are
lu start housekeeping surrounded on the handsomest sort and tbeso may
every hand by helpful little belong- be hemmed or hand scalloped at the
Inga that bespeak the loving fore- "ends, a hand-embroidered Initial bethought of frlendB. lag placed Juat above the hem In the
Table linens and towels are always ci-nlre.
acceptable shower donations and such Such a towel muat be folded in
glftB may bo as costly or as humble three, lo ahow off the Initial to nil
as the giver deBlres; ranging from vantage and for everyday use, and
cliiny edged dinner cloths lo half a easier Ironing, many housekeepers
dozen breakfast napkins, hemmed by like towels with throe small Initial:!
hand. one over the other, embroidered  at
The Bhower gift however, should be ene edge of the towel, lust above the
finished- all ready to bo folded Into hem. This year there Is a fad for
the bride's linen chest. This means klue Initials and a finish of crochet
that a handsome two aud a half yard Bcallops done wltb blue cotton at the
damask table cloth wltb dinner nap- -edge of hem.
kins to match must be hemmed by | Aprons are dear to the heart of the
hand before the presentation of the housewifely bride, and Ibe bridal show
set lo the bride a substantial task, er can scarcely contain too many of
as every woman who has hemmed a  them.
table cloth and napkins Is well aware J MtiBl practical are the kitchen plea
More usual as shower glftB are ready-, fores which cover the frock from
hemmed tray cloths and dollies, cov- neck to hem. An apron of this kind
orB for sldi board and serving table should he gay and coquettish In color
and hand wrought centre pieces for .pink percale or chambray Is an ex-
the dinner table. oellent   fnbric.    The   edges   may   be
One charming old Scotch lady In- bound with white braid and a little
variably makes a quilted tea cosy for trimming may be ndd'.d In tho way
the Utile brides of her family, or her of embroidery banding.
acquaintance; and the real Scotch tea A cap to mulch will protect the
cosy Is a gift of sorts, with length, hair from the fnniOB of cooking���and
breadth, substance and dignity. Tea.will also make the cook dlstraclingly
Is an Institution In the liritish Isles-  pretty.
Indeed one iiiIkIU also say It Is a rite; | A fetching chafing dish apron is
and every artlole ot the ten parapher- made of flowered pink and white or-
nulla is vested with Importance. Alg&ndle attached to pink china silk
genuine Scotch tea cosy, made of na- with a binding of pink ribbon.
tin brocade and bound with silk cords i The stripes are of wide pink ribbon
lends an air not to he disputed to any  nnd  there Is a bow across the front
Tight  Skirts  Still,  but Silt Must Not
Reach Above Ankle���High Waist
tea tray.    Less Impressive, but equally  practical, are tea cosys of Japan-
wllh loop:- passing under rings covfr-
rd  with  shirred   pink   sntln.    A  verv
eee toweling, the blue and white tones gay and festive apron this which wil!
of which harmonize dellgtfully with not shame the daintiest evening gown
the blue ami white luncheon china��� when Ils wearer esays lo mix up an
no use saying breakfast china, for un-1 hospitable and Informal rarebit
less the bride Is marryliiK un Eur- j Sewing aprons of dotted Swiss with
llshman, tea will not be a breakfaBt, ruffles ol fine St. Claul embroidery
beverage. * make  acceptable   shower  elfls,   also.
And speaking of JapaneBo toweling, and fancy work aprons of all over em
the prospective maker of a ahower .broidery are turned up at the lower
donation should not overlook the poB-edge in a deep pocket, ribbon bead
si'olllt'.os of this blue and white ma- Ing being run along Ihe top of the
ferial which is uow high In fashion's pocket and along the apron buck of it
favor. [-so that the pocket may be drawn up
All sorts of things are mado of Ja-'to form a bag In which the fancy
paneso toweling which ts of rather . work may be hept when the apron Is
coarse white cotton weave printed in ��� not ln use to protect the frock from
dull blue or warm brown with sketchy i Btray threads.
leaf or floral patterns In the lmltable j llalnty neallgees are favorite shower
Japanese style. The toweling is very | nlfts. but the ahower negligee must
decorative and Ub fresh blue and be fashioned by the giver, to poxsnsF
while coloring Is especially attractive the true shower character. Little
In the breakfast room; while the room Barques like the one pictured
brown and white patterns are admlr- may be slipped ou when one Is sum
able for den or living  room. moned  to  the  telephone,  or  may  be
The width of the toweling ls not worn for breakfast In bed.
great, but the long Btrlpa make charm- The sacque ls made of onalHs
Ing table runnera. or clipped Into sprinkled with forget-me-nots and ls
squares, practical doilies. Sometimes bound with blue satin ribbon It ls
hems of plain blue ribbon are added rut on klmona lines and Is all in one
In border effect. Tray cloths from piece. Similar sneques of pale blue
2R to GO Inches In size may be had at or pink lansdowne may be made with
retail for from one dollar to three broad cillaru of nllover embroidery
dollars each. ed.-eil with pleated net; ami n can of
No bride ever started out with too embroidery and ribbon will complete
many  handsome towels for bath  and  the Rift.
New York, April 11. --"Tho skirts
are to le tight but not silt up further
llian the ankle. The waist line Is high
three-quarter waist lino- and tin
slreves are to be mado of lace or net
or some transparent material."
These are a few of the features of
the Slimmer clothes for wouun on
which Mr. JacqueH Worth, represent
lug that great 1'arlB house of fashion,
commented yecterday at the Plaza.
lln looks upon thu high silts In
street gowns us extremely vulgar anil
"not at all Parisian." "Our women will
net. wear sucl) things and-they are not
lhe fashion. Vulgarity Is never fash
louable among the people of whim
fl tat artistic design clothes," Mr
Worth declared.
Praises American  Figure.
Mr. Worth said: "I might suimnar
(/,* iho American woman of fashion as
a Venus de Milo ln corsets, for uo woman in the world can appear to great
er advantage nor has a more Wonder
fill line���thnn the Woman ol y.ur
"It Is a pleasure to mako clothes foi
Hum, for they give to a gowu an air
thut Is what light is to a diamond or
an exquisite betting to a wundi rfui
1.ace-filmy, shadowy lace--will hi
a feature of the summer gowns. These
will not be draped, but hang with a
slight fulness. They will he made
over ullks and combined with crepe de
chine, which Is the most fashionable
summer fabric iii the silk line.
Bulgarian Colors to Be Used.
Crepes with queer patterned ef
fects In bright Bulgarian shades, will
be a novelty of the summer. Combinations or mixed colors and ol solid
will be used extensively. Pleats and
fulness of any kind will not he used to
any extent, us wan forecast earlier iu
the Beacon.
"N'e.'er were the raslii raable colors
lovlier." said .Vr Worth. "They are
what we call the In-between shades,
lhe softs! shades between bright nnd
light blueB, between yellows and
browns, between reds and pinks, aud
bright greens aud the lighter shades.
. "The Bulgarian blouse will be fash-
louable, but to bo really smart It must
be very well mado. One may nee many
freakish imitations of this chic model
which war has brought Into fashion."
day after his distinguished   mother's i
fnnerai  wearing  a  l.lue   ilaimel  suit,
brown shoes and a tall bat, with   a
oempar.i'lvelv narrow hat band,   This
waa nct lack of respect   ho was well .
known to be devoted to his mother
but merely a characteristic indication
of how  black clotlu s have ceased to
be recognised us a sign  of genuine
Widowers,   who   formerly   were   al-1
wayB expected to wear black trousers,
never do so now, exoi pt lu very rare j
Instances.     Children   go   to    theatres
three months after tho death of their I
parents, and the death of any relative |
more remote than a brother or sister |
seoins to lmpoeo no restriction   whatever.
ThlB slackness Ib not due to a relaxa
tlon of court etiquette, but exists aud
grows ln spite of ll. King Kdward
was aud King George ls most particular, and both refralmd from attending
a thtiatre for a full year after the
death of a parent, llut the public will
have none ol tbls.
Personal and
Social Notes
Mrs. ('.. P. Mobs, of l.ytlon, who has
becn the guest of her mother, Mrs, C.
K. Lewis, for several weeks, returned
heme on Wednesday afternoon.
* *    *
Mrs. G. D. Cookson will not receive
on Wednesday, the ICth, cr again this
��� ���   ���
Mrs. Ywnglinx returned on Tuesday evening from Wis Angeles, where
she has been visiting during the winter months.
Mrs. E. 0, S. Sclmlelield and family,
of Victoria, who have been spending
Ihe Easter holidays with Mrs. Corbould, returned home on Sunday.
.      .      .
The New Westminster Lawn Tennis
Furniture to
meet everj
purse. See cur
stock. It will
pay you.
BEDS���Best Brass Beds fromlS to 25 per cent. off.
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Furnishing.   Your carpetB cleaned right on the floor with our poweiful Vacuum Cleaner
Corner of Sixth and Carnarvon Streets.
Hcsu ���
PIioih. 513.
ment ns a matter of course, he  de-
"This la to all Intents and purposes i
providing in such cases for trial mar- i
riages," he Bald, "but It la a cojiili-1
tion tlle remedy for which   lies with
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia   Street, New   Westminster.
club,  who held  their annual meeting,the   legislature     and   not   with     the   Singer  Sewing  Machines.    Small  Musical Gooda of all Kinds. PHONE tt**.
last week, hope to have- the courts in
order to commence play on May 1.
���    t    ���
MrB. J. E. Allen, or Victoria, was a
visitor  In town  this  week  the guest
of Mrs. A. 0. Eddy, Second street.
���    .    .
The Women's Canadian Club of Van-1
couver gave a splendid reception   on
Wednesday In honor of Madame Clara I
Butt add  Mr. Kennedy Uurnford    at '
Clencoe Lodge. Among the ladles who
had  tho  pleasure  cf  attending from
this city were Mrs. John R. Duncan,
Mrs. G. E.  Drew.  Mra.  W.  Lawrence
Johnson, Mrs. Charles Wedsh and MrB.
W. T. Held.
.    .    .
Mrs. H. Nevile Smith entertained at
a very enjoyable tea on Wednesday
afternooA. Mrs. Nevile Smith, of
Chllllwack, assisted the hostess In receiving her guests. The tea table,
which was prettily decorated with
daffodils and smllax, was presided
over by    Mrs.  e'bai'leaou    and    Mra.
The decision was ln the case of Mrs. j
Iva Hundell Coster, who sued to annul   her   marriage   with    Norman   B.
Coster.    The  justice  found   that  al-1
though Mrs. Coster'B mother had con- '���
sented to her marriage, aa she   was j
only seventeen when she became Cos-
ter'S wife she was entitled to maintain for action for annulment.
'Posthumous     8elfishness"    cf    Husbands   Raises  Renewed   Storm  of
Revolt   in   Britain.
TRLN1TY���Rev. Canon G. C, d'EaBum,
M.A., rector; Rev, George A. Ray, M.
A., assistant curate. 8 a.m.. Holy Com
muntoii, 11 a.m.. Matins, Litany    and
i>vor by    Mra.  lliarluaoii    ana     Mrs. imunUm.  u ^m., MattnB .Litany    f
HawkBhaw for the flrat hour and MrB.l8ermon   ,.���, Sunday school
Corbould  and   Mrs.  (,.  A.  Allen  took I       ., Even-song and sermon.
Tickets at Lowest Rates
To   all  Eastern destinations and to
Complexion   of  yellow   and   mauve
are Ihe latest fancies of those women
J who "mako im"   Th.- mauve is for
< the blonde,  tho yellow for the brunette, and dark women with their fac
!es carefully painted and powdered the
(color of yellow ochre may soon be a
Ifanrliar  sight  lu  I-ondon.
|    The desire In  "niRking up"  In this
manner, the receipts for which wero
I obtained from nn eastern harem. Is to
'look peculiar and brilliant in the case
; of the fair women and Interesting and
'strange  In   that   of the  dark  beauty
I The yellow complexion can be applied
also  to  have   the  effect   either  of n
London. April 11.--New fashions in  (lr(l,.  ,,������,,,,.���  Bkln  or  ,ne ,iark 0i|vc
jewels and complexions are the latest comnl,,x|on of th(1 Spaniard,
caprices of the fashionable world.       i    ���Tnfi women  wlth  large dark  eves
Despite a fancy of the uualnt orna- M)J ()llrk )ia)r makeB herself, With the
ments of a by-gone day, nothing but ��� vrllow p0Wder, appear   mysteriously
the latest lashlon will serve when fine  s���n,,is,h ������ ���ain t^, representative of a
diamonds are In question. we-|j  -known  firm  which  has just r'*-
The  use Of  platinum   us   B   setting  (.(,lv(1(, t)](1 first ac,,s ,)f mauve nm] ycl-
has  permitted  a delicacy  and  grace mw ..lnllkp  ���,,������    T,, obtain  the pm-
Corbould and Mrs. 11. A. Allen took
charge during the latter part of the
afternoon. Assisting in tho tea room
were Miss Ethel Homer, Mlsa Rickman and Miss DeWolf Smith. The
inrs wore cut by Miss Nevile Smith, of
Chilliwack. assisted by Miss Jessie
Allen,  Miss Kdith d'Kasum and Miss
., . ,       ,   jHabs    Taylor.    Little    Miss    Phyllis
to Interfere with hla wife a freedom to Sltb   ttodd    tlJP   door    Amolls
ma!!L^6L"SS^���?S!!H,area8tt,n|those  present   were   Mrs.   Dickinson,
Mra. J. F. Jones, Mrs. d'Easum. Mrs.
Hill,   Mrs.   Lusby.   Mrs.   L.   A.   Lewis, j
Mrs.  I.arnder,  the    Misses    Laruder !
denounced as ...er,. pandering to "pos-" Mr8- Anvandale. Miss Annandale, Mrs.'
thumoiiK   selfishness."      This   view Is
Evensong and sermon.
���Mondays���Prince Rupert, Stewart, MassetL
Tusjdays���Victoria and Seattle.
���Thursdays--Prluce Rupert, Grmby Bay.
Fridays���Alert Bay, Hardy Bay, Rivers  Inlet.    Ocean    Thltia,
Charlotte Island (direct Bervlce, fast time).   First tri-p, April <L
Saturdays -Victoria  and  Seattle.
���Close connection with G. T. P. trains east.
IL Q. SMITH, C   P.ST, h. W. B. DBPBROW, ��. K. **. IX
Phon* Seymour 8134.        VANCOUVER. B.C.     h*7 OranoVH* Mra*
Loudon, April 11.    The revolt of tin
widow and the richt of the   husband i
attracting public attention
!    The old-fashioned notion thai a wo
I man  Fboulil   remain  faithful   to   the
j memory of her first husband   Is now
CHURCH���Rev, W. S. A. Crux, pastor. \*
The church is near ths corner of L
Twelfth street. Services at 11 a.m. ! i
and 7 p.m.; Sunday school at 11:30 jj
p.m.; prayer meeting Wednesday at
S p. ui.
iPrlco. Mrs. Latham. Mrs. Beatty, Mrs.
strongly supported by the suffragettes.
Mumford, Mrs. Broad, Mrs. Macgowan.
Aim Now is to Show Nothing But the
Stones���Make Up Complexions
To Match.
'who threaten to agitate to repeal the I ******* ��>?��.  N,r**  B��"0#' Mr��'  Baeg��'\
law  that enables a  man   to penalize ! Miss Bnggs, Mrs. PI.lips   Mrs. 8. B.
'the second  marriage of his widow.    (Martin. Miss Martin. Mrs J. 11. Jones.
I    The subject has become topical and ��� Mrs. U. K. Walker  Mrs. Wllmot (Van-;
'conversational by reason of a remark* I couver),  Mrs.   Haines.   Mrs.  Brydges.; aehool and  paslor s  Bible  class
able  letter signed, "A  Widow  In  Re- Mrs, Phlpps.  Mrs   Kddy .Mrs. Charle- .^^ ���.���..,���.,
volt,"  which  appeared  in  one  of the, son, Mrs.    Yuengling.    Mrs.    Ardagh,      KNOX PRKSUiTKEIAN CHURCH,
i leading   London   newspapers.      It   Is  Mrs. Fletcher. Miss Fletcher, Mrs Cor   Sapperton
bould, Mrs. Dockrill, Mrs. Richardson,
CHU-RCH, Corner Fourth avenue and \
Seventh si reet.���Services 11 a.m. and
7 om. Evening subject. "Com-1
munlsm." Sunday school and Bible
class ''.oO p. in. M. Cordon Melvin,
B. A., minister.
���Rev. J. S. Henderson, pastor. Services 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sabbat!.
Pres and Oenl Mgr.
r. r. h. Bucwaw
Hoo. e**a trx-.v
Pir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No
���ind 877.
previously   undreamed   of.     Bul   this
new quality has not been won al the
per  effect   the   face   is   cleaned   well
with the cream, then the lotion Is nn
expi use of safety, for platinum, being  I)lj|1() nn(,  (hp  faop nftprwards dusted
    "ever With  the powder.    The effect ef
the mauve is mosl striking, especial
ly In the evening"
hader than either silver or gold, make
the most  Becure of  settings.
Inquiries made from the Goldsmiths
& Silvt rsiniths company show that the.
jewi ls handed down lo brides of today are being transformed Into designs whieh far surpass the ordinary
heavy and uninteresting styles. Every- I
thing Is flexible, the old rigidity Ib New York. April IL- Broadwav rei-
gone, and with the change the Jewels | taurants,  which  have not  vet   reeov-
gain.'   for lhe   constant    movement
means a greater play of light on the
fleets   of  each   Stone.
Use of Platinum.
The wreaths and ribands of an artistic empire necklet would have been
Impossible to the Jeweller who did
not use platinum. The employment
of every small stone Ib another feature of the deslgiiB which find favor
nowadnyB, and their use greatly en-
hancoB the beauty of the more Imposing Jeweds with which they are
grouped. Luce Is not more delicate
" the    platinum    back-
1 worth reading,   it saya;
"May I call the  attention   of  your  Miss Phillips.  Miss  Homer.  Miss    E.
readers to the very awkward position! Homer, Mrs. II. L. Edmonds, Mrs. Cot
|in   which   a widow   may   be   placed j ton,    MrB.    Russell,      Mrs
1 through the way in which her money Madame Gauvreau, Mrs. Keith, Mrs.
has been left by her husband? imust]w, r. Kdmonds, Miss Wright, Miss
admit  that the matter is   a personal j Rickman,  Miss Corbould.  Miss Rand
lone, but hundreds of others are in thelitis! DeWolf    Smilh.    Mrs.    J. 11. P.
same boat as myself.     I don't  know I Bole,    Mrs.    Payne,    Mrs.   Creighton,
much nbout business matters, but I do] Mrs.  H. C.  Major and    Mrs.    Q,    A.
know Hint hitherto 1 have enjyed un ' Allen.
Income of nearly $0,000  a year from I ���    ���    ���
money  left on a strict trust by   my      on Thursday afternoon Mrs. I.
husband. : i,(,wi3
"Now. 1 wan to marry again, and if j euchre.
I do I lose (6000 a year al once.  Only 1 yrB   Gaynor, the lone hand prize by
$1000   remains  lo  me;   the   rest  will . j|r9'  \y.  Q,   McQuarrie and  the  con-
go to a doubtless deserving but  notlgointion'by   Mrs.   Charleson.   At   6
i very Interesting female cousin of toy o'clock the refreshments were served
1'"1' husband. ! 1)y Miss Trapp,   Mis.*.   Dodle   Trapp
"it  does  teem  perfectly  monstrous  M(M Nora Uockrill. Mis* Bessie Laid
Services 11  a.m.    and    7
p.m.;   Bible class 1:30 p.m.;   Sabbath
school    2:30    p.m.;    Young    People's
Guild Monday S o'clock; prayer meet-
Qracey,ling Wednesday at 7.30 p. m.
BOILERS   Riveted Sled Pip
       BURN OIL
i A.  S.  Lewis, pastor.    Public  worship |
! with sermons. 11 a. m. and 7 p. m.
i Morning subject,    "Partnership    with]
Qod"; evening subject. "The Love   of .
ifiod."    A kindly welcome to all.    Sun-
jday school, 2:30 p.m.; Baraca class for
A.  young men same hour in   the church
entertained     a:    progressive j auditorium,   Come and help ub to help
The first prize was won by | others.
P. O.  BOX 442
I fro"i the i-li'>ck of Mayor (lay
imr's crder prohibiting the selling of
Honor nfter one a in., are about lo he
attacked on another point Snee.nl
officer'i from tiie noiice department
an> new Investigating places where
tea time turkey trotting is regarded
by snme in lhe proper thine.
The plain clothes men hnve found
them within the hours of four nnd six
In the afternoons, and the ballrooms
attached to about twenty resf.urants
are thronged with girls nnd men danc-
Ina the turkey trot. Between dances
they sit nt ten tables and some of
them do net confine their drinks tn
Cocktails enter into
tahn  some    of
grounds upon which these diamonds 1 fia"��ToTusl'vil
flash  like dewdropB In  a cobweb.       L^ ||o(
"The aim now is often to show j A n|n , bp|nR prpparp0 -n thp of,
nothing but the stones, and tho fnPjf|PO ct the comnration counsel,* It Is
'mlllegralne' Betting which looke like . sM(1 wh|rh wm K|vp the clty comrol
b row of microscopic beadR has made f annc|ng ]ui,i |n hotels.
this almost a reality," said the mana- ( T]lcrp |H ���o desire to rertrict dune-
por of Blkingtons, as he drew atten- |ng *n n,P first-class hostelrles, bill In
t*rm to a diamond and emerald pend-1 order to put a stop to the vicious
ant. Tlie stones wero connected byjdanolng that Iiub been going on in
burl of platinum so fine as to deservo  certain reports a general bill Imp been
Iheir name of "knife edge." At a Utile distance lhe bars were practically
Invisible, while allowing Ihe stones
they hold lo remove with every breath
their owner drew.
New Style Expensive.
Thc newest style of jewelry Is expensive, for It contains much more
���work than the old. and It Is only the
maBters of their craft who can do
these wonders. But taste hns Improved, and people are roady to pay for
lieanly. Platinum, too, la dear, more
than three times aB costly as 18 carat
gold; so that though It. goes a long
way It may still amount to a considerable price In a slnglo ornament.
drawn*  This bill will be sent   to Albany Monday, It Is said.
And Still They Come.
Winnipeg, April 10- Six special
trains arrived In Winnipeg today
bringing 1S00 immigrants and home-
seekerB from the east on their way
to the prairie provinces. One train
reached the C. P. 11. depot at 8:15 this
morning with 3B0 passengers from
lhe Scandinavian steamer. Another
special came ln five muintcs later
nt the Union depot with 350 Russians
from the Frankfort. These new arrivals are bound for thc railroad construction camps.
Unit by liberty should be intirfcrrid
wiih In ihls way.
Single or Poverty?
"If   there   were   any    children    one
might understood it. but lu my ease
Ibere is iio such excuse, and just be-
cause my husband the kindest and
most generous of men In his lifetime
held the old-fashioned sentimental
notion that a widow should remain
faithful to the memory of lur flrFt
husband. I must either remain single
or start Ufa again in comparative poverty."
As was only to be expected, there
have been many criticisms of this
frank protest, one correspondent
points out that the "Widow In Revolt"
enters tho marriage market for a second time. In a considerable better financial condition than she did on her
rirst venture, for which she has to
Ibank husband No. 1.
Another declares that widows possess many advantages over young
nirla in Ihelr abilities to catch bus-
hands, nnd that young girls should not
ho Handicapped by husbands endowing
ihelr attractive widows with Ihe addi
tlonal Inducement of largo fortunes
The majority, however, stick to old
argument���-namely, that a man should
tic up his money so as to protect his
widow agnlntt the fortune-hunter.
Decline  of  Crepe. "
In connection with ��this controv
ersy it Is interesting to note that
mounrnlng, as it waB formerly known
in England, is now scarcely worn at
all, The widow's cap iu hardly over
seen, and black crepe Is quite out of
fashion. Queen Alexandra, In recollection of King Edward, Is still using
a very broad black border on her note-
paper, but she is most exceptional.
A well-known peer of ancient lineage recently appeared at bis club the
law. Miss Me,rose Dockrill, Miss
Audrey Lewis and Miss Curtis. Anions
those noticed were Mrs. BrlggS, Mia.
Charleson, Mrs. Yiieimling. Mrs
Nevile Smith. Mrs. W. P, Edmonds,
Mrs. T. II. Smith. Mrs Charles Cordon (Burnaby), Mrs. Coulthard. Mrs
Ileattv, Mrs James Brymner, Mrs. C,
A. Allen, Mrs. Dockrill, Mrs. Phillips
Mra. Trapp. Mrs Colllster. Mrs
Bourne, Mrs. It. E. Walker. Mrs. Ryall
Mrs. o'reame. Mrs. W. Nirnian Bole.
Mrs. Gaynor, Mrs. C. N. Macdonald
Mrs. Cotton, Mrs. Russell. Miss Arm
strong. Mrs. Hill, Miss Phillips. Mrs
Richardson. Mrs. C.racey, Mrs. David
son, Mrs. J. J. Johnston, Mrs. Harry
Bourne (Vancouver), Mrs. Hall. MrB
Kearv. Mrs. Pr'ce. Miss Barclay. Mrs.
Sinclair. Mrs. Creighton, Mrs. J. 8.
Clute, Miss Wright, Mrs. Allen I Vancouver!, Miss Walker. Mrs. Diamond
lhe Misses Cray, Miss Jones and Mrs.
Mrs. J. J. .lohnston was hostess at
a very enjoyable progressive eiuchre
last Saturday aft i-oon when the first
prize wns won bv Mrs. Pope.
Mrs. A. V.. F.ther!ngton, 301 Fifth
avonue. will not receive until the third
Tuesday In May,
New York, April 11.-Trial marriages tor young women under eighteen years old are legal In New York,
according to a decision by Supreme
Court Justice Cohalan yesterday. If
she marries with the consent of her
parents and leaves her husband before she ni. as that age the present
law In effect permits her to come Into
court and obtain a decree  of annul
Do You Want
to Sell Your
List it with the
Phone 1275   48 8th St.
Auto and Marine
McLaughlin Service Covers
the Country.
VITALLY important in buying a car is service���a feature sought by many but obtained by few.    Consider then that which
goes with every McLpughlin car. Through its depots located
all over the country over 5100,000 worth of parts are carrkii
for the purpose of giving quick, adequate and cconomkril service to thc McLaughlin motorist. You may never aced ihi*
���mice, it istuc. An (he same it's ini-jhty comfortin;* t > tnamihsXit
ii ready when and where you want it.
No other company in Canada lias am-thing like t'le same uvaml invr��tr 1
for th ��� purpose. This is what ws mean by MrLauqhSnsctwice. It is.
all embracing, speedy, convenient.    It covers tlio cmu.iry
T. J. Trapp & Co. Ltd.
Columbia St.
SATURDAY,   APRIL   12,   1913.
1M50RER HilllO
���Man Struck at Eighth Avenue Crossing of "Cutoff Dle�� Few Hours
Bcol Kyljnsfci. a member of an extra
conutructiem pun; of the B. C. B, H-
was luUlly injured at tlm Eighth
avenue i-rtitviiiK jeBterday moriiint; at
8:14 o'clock, one of tho Interurban
cara striking him and -Injunm*. the
man internally, his death taking place
at 2:3^o'clock in the afternoon.
The |raln waa in charge of Motor-
man 8. l'ogue and Conelueuir J. C.
MrKiMiou and' according to ey, ��it
nrfcses, deccaticd wan pull, il hack elf
���tie track hy his companii.nH only tn
��Kasm nwive forward when the train
m within a few fet't of him.
A member of the ganK proved to he
nn expert in first aid lo the Injured
and Ui6 man's- injuries wrre attended
to before thc arrival of the police ambulance in charge ol Sergeant l'onl-
land     .
Fylynhlii was immediately taken to
the Heyal Columbian hospital where
*te. waa attended by Drs. Manchenter
aad Hothuell. but the case was hope-
Irss fruln the start.
A jury will probably be summoned
���by Corone-r A. U McQuarrie sometime
l ful turned oak table, lour chic ohalrs,
un easy chulr und u cigar and match
Mr. (Iralinm was nlso made llle re-
clplenl Of many rellcltloiuf greetings
hy liis friends and all Joined In wishing liiin success and prosperity. The
presentation waa made at Mr.
Graham's home, 70:i Third avenue,
those taking part helng Messrs. A. K.
i While, VV. C, Curtis, Joseph Dorgan.
John 11. Duuean, James It. Duncan,
James Robson, Andrew Kldil, Robert
Edgar, William Johnston, H. H, l-.cn-
I nie, W. McCloy, James W. Slnclulr, J
W. Scott, W. Frost, Mrs. Martin-
Davey, Mr. Dickinson, Mr. l'earson
and Mr. Hugh Savage.
Mr,  James, H.   Duncan  In  a  fitting
'speech made' the presentation. Mr.
James Hebron proposed the toast to
the health of the bride und bridegroom to be.
Reeve D. W. Poppy, of l.angloy, in
acknowledging a conirnunicutiini sent
���out by. Mr. Waefe. secretary of the
tt-crard of TraBb. with ri Terence lo the
Voarkit project, states that he will
tirini; lh��' subject of the market and
xeneral produce on*��eT>Uon to be
MuiiiimiiKd in thia city on May 2 up nt
u meeting of the langley council to
be held today.
He is ol the opinion lhat the move
ment i�� one in the right direction and
���will be appreciated by the different
liiiblic bodies of the Kraser valley, as
wilhrul Ihe co-oprralion and n*islst-
tnrice i.i Hie consninrr lie considers tlle
MSfiOciatiomi of runners are practically
jn-Bpteav in maiketing their produce,
lie also informs Mr. Wade that they
���nre starting a co-operative association
at Aldergrove which he will also
notify of the Rood work being done
bv the .New Westminster Hoard ot
Mr. Jchn Craham Recipient cf Hand
some Suite of Den  Furniture.
Mr. John eiraham. the well known
���CCOUntant, was made the recipient
of a handsome wedding present in lh"
fin n; of a suite of den furniture by
bis many friends ami associates in
���the iiiv last nlgbt The marriage or
Mr Orahatn to M'sa Maude Sworder
in niiiiiiutiroil lo lake place i :i April
The furniture oo-nsfarteA <f ������ bnantl-
SI. Petersburg, Aprll 11.���The Nationalists who control the Duma huve
forced on the new mllltury medical
college a charter containing a clause
'excluding from the Institution all
persons    with    Jewish    parents      or
' grandparents,
The Kelcso newspaper, the leader
I of the Liberal wins of enlightened
! Russian public opinion, protestB
against going to such nn extreme
limit of anti-Semitism. It points out
I lhat lhe charier ef the new.college
I will bflr some of the most.dlstinguish-
ird men In.ltussla from sending their
children as pupils. The celebrated
Count Wltte, former Russian premier,
I who helped negotiate the treaty ot
peace with Japan, ls one of those
whose children would be barred, for
lie married a Jewess,
i The Degelrs family, which has
numbered many eminent statesmen,
including two clever ambassadors,
would be excluded. So would be the
czar's private doctor, Ilertenson, who
twice saved lhe life of the czarevitch,
and who Is a favorite with the imperial family. The list would take in
Classman, the assistant minister of
justice, and several senators,
still further evidence of the revival
f anti-Semite feeling In offic'al
uiiarti-rs c.emes to llRlit at lhe cily of
Kielf, where the governor ordered
the police to drive oft the streeta
17IH) Jowish students at a commercial
oollege, Ills excuse is that Kleff is
OUtslde Ihe Jewish residential pale.
Argentine Capital Now Has Over 1,.
000 000 People.
Washington, April 11.���The ureal
southern metropolis of Buenos Ayres
lias P. en growing In poulatlon with
marvelous rapidity, surpassing In that
respect every other great cltv in the
world except Chicago, acroi-fTr-**; tn
census statistics just received by the
stale department fro n,the Argentine
On January 31 last, the cltv had a
population of 1,434.830. In 1869 Uie
population was 177.Ti;;. and ten years
aKo it was 83,220, so thai the city has
nearly doubled In a de-cade.
Unique Record.
1 rmod wllh a lockitbook containing I ho names oi practically every
inysk-ian, lawyer nad minister in the
prairie provinces and ulso Vancouver
Samuel John Shannon, alias Arthur
D. Thompson was nailed before Magistrate Kdmonds yesterday morning
In police court and given three months
on a charge of vagrancy.
TliortJpBon's record is about as
unlquetps ever heard of In local police
court circles for some little time and
the way in which he got away wllh
his hard luck story among tho doctors, politicians and lawyers of Van
couver nnd this city Is still a mystery.
The man was picked up by Detective Burrows late Wednesday evening
while H> tho act of demolishing a good
sized' T-tione steak and all the necessaries which go with n "slx-blt" meal.
Thompson felt surprised nnd protest
ed tbe action of Detective Burrows
In leading hlm to the city bat?tile.
A minute Inspection of Thompson's
pockcthook disclosed a remarkable
state of affairs showing the towns and
cities he had worked on the prairies
before coming to Vancouver. The records, ehow that his operations in the
Terminal City resulted in Mr. Carter
Cotton, Mr. MeCuire and Mr. Harry
Watson, members of the provincial legislature, donating some spare cash
but M;'. C. E. Tlseitl) was not rit'ght
nn plane and his refuscl to aid Thornp
son Rd the latter to write "nothing
doin��" against Mr. Tisdall's name.
His request for aid to Dr. McQuarrie
led to his arrest in this city for after
assisting the man with enough "car
fare" to take him to Yale where his
"hrother" resides the medical health
officer happened to run across Dr.
Kenny who it hapened had also donated' to the pile. That was enough
anil the police were notified and during the next threee months he will
he the guest of the provincial government.
Thompson stated that he was once
a school teacher in Ireland, his father
being manager of a larpe knitting mill
In that country, lie said that he made
his way from the Kast to Nanalmo
where liis "brother" was residing hut
on his arrival at the Coal city he discovered Hint his relative had moved
to Yale, lie spent what little mono-
he had cn telegraph tolls wiring for
assistance and having no response
he ctart?d to enllEt lh-; fid of the pro-
fcnional nun of the city for enough
e.'Ui fire to take him to Yale.
lt Is estimated from the notebook
that he gathered over f'Jilfl In Vancouver and just what amount he would
have got In this city had he net In en
caught is un-sstlmable. He evidently
planned to visit Ccqultlam and all Ihe
small towns In the Fraser valley as his
Itinerary vas mapped out in the Belt
i.:.. .,��� |.<h i;. Thompson is figuring on
walking 'he distance to Yale whrn he
;:; libera' i d.
$800,000 PER DAY
Thla Is Estimated Loss to Country If
General Strike la Not Prevented
Befc*---i   Monday
While In Tacoma Jail Prisoner Hangs
Himself��� Was Wanted  In West
iirusseis, April 11.���Belgium stands
to lose $H00,l>00 every day the general
strike lusts, If, as the Socialists declare and hope, 50 per cent, of the
industrial laborers quit work next
Monday. This Is the estimate made
by economists.
The full realization of the tremendous cccnomtc blow Impending Is be-
! ginning to permeate all sections of
Iho population nnd a feeling of great
uneasiness prevails. The government
and local authorities are completing
final preparations to meet emergen-
] According to latest reports from
labor centres, the walkout will be
! complete among miners, metal work-
'era. quarrymen and textile workers.
The  decision  of the  glass  workers
to Join the strike has produced some-
I thing like consternation.    Kvery furn-
aco   that   Is   permitted   to   die   down
must be destroyed with dynamite and
I rebuilt.    This   would   Involve  a   total
.cost of $1SO,(WO.    There are 27 turn-
laces In Belgium, the window glass ex
iprrtatign   from   which   RfflOun^   t���
I$1,000,000 a "month.    As to tlie blaah
furnaces n majority of which will be
allowed  to  cool  off.   their  extinction
Iwill mean a loss ot $20,000,000 dally,
Antwerp deck workers are caUBlng
��� the str'kc organizers Borne uneasiness
They  appear  to  be hanging  In    the
balance tin to whether they will stop
wcrk nnd desperate efforts are being
made   to   obtain   their   adhesion     to
Ihe strike  movement     A    strike    by
these  men  would  be  most  Important
as it  would  bottle up the  entire  export and Import trad.'.
Many    workmen    are    withdrawing
their money from savings hanks.
Youthful   Burger Jailed.
Toronto. April 11.- -Chester Archer.
a young lad IS years of age, wis Bent
lenced by Magistrate Denlson In   the
nelice court at the city hall today   to
four  years  renal  servitude for burglary.    Asked  what  prompted him  to
commit such a crime, he replied:    "I
, wanted to gain experience." The b-irg
Maries  were  described   In   the   police
as the mos:  daring committed in the
city for many yeara.
Tacoma,  Wash.,  April  11.-  Held In
the city Jail here awaiting the arrival
of   an    officer    from    West  Virginia
where he was    wanted    for    murder,
Isaac   Mead    committed   sulcldo   by
hanging himself tonight.    Mend  was
arrested here Sunday for participation
in a saloon brawl and was lined (100
for csrrylng  concealed   weapons.    A
j tip came lo  the local    police    from
i Tulle   Lake,  Ore.,    lhat     Mead    was
I wanted In  West  Virginia for a more
serious offence, nnd  Inquiry  revealed
thai since  1H0G there hns been n re-
; ward of $1150 standing for his capture
The police say he confessed that In
that year he shot Andy Porter at (late
City  and  also  that  he  was  urrested
three years    ago    In    Montana,    but
' escaped from a deputy sheriff.
> MANX   NEW.S. ���
Ramsay Hospital, who died iu 1911, as
result of u motor accident, to a note'
In his favor for {300.
The death of C>, M. l.oflhoiiBO, occurred nt the residence In Victoria-
terrace, Douglas, at the age of KG
years. Mr. 1.of (house was In business for many yeftrt us an hotel keeper In Strand street, holding tho license,' for the house now known ns
tho Waterloo Hotel. Kor a lengthy
period he took a prominent interest in
Freemasonry, as an exponent of the
cereinoninl work on the craft, enjoying a reputation which extended bee
yontl the boundaries of Manxland. He
occupied the position of W. M.
In selecting Captain Hrldsou as
muster of the new King Orry, the
Steam I'ac.ket Company have made a
choice which wlll .hardly fail to meet
the approval of tift Manx public, who
have realized by "now that he Is a
tried and trusted feumun. Capt. Hudson's career, since he entered the service of the Packet Company In 1S83.
has been n notable one. For n ahorl
whllo between that year and 1887 he
relinquished that, office, but ' since
1SR7 Capt. Hrlelson has been permanently connected with tho Company,
and hag been Identified with most, If
not all, of the Manx fleet. Ho Is a
Manxman, and married in 1888, a Miss
Cain, from Mb-linel.
(Contln'uod from page one)
Tiie Isle of .Man occupied a pronil-
iu-ui position In cook's announcements of JSaster excursions.
Look for Canadian Terminal.
St. John, NIL. April 11. Representatives of an Italian line of steamers
have been in St. John looking on r the
situation and securing Information Ir
connection with th.-ir plans lor establishing a line of Etoaroi rs bi tween
Italy and Canad i Naph s would be
the Italian p rt bul the Canadian terminal Ins not yi t been di ehleil upon.
althcugb it is possible they will call
nt both St, John and Halifax tn winter
������iuil Quebec and Montreal In sumtner
Kor tho  first 1lme  In   its  history.:
; Douglas   has    a   teetotal    Licensing!
���I .  '
The Lord llishop visited St. Clave s
: Church,  Ramsey,  the  occasion  bfc'.ng
j the  consecration  of  the  new  lectern
recently a gift from members of the
The death  occurred  of a respected'
citizen of Peel In the person of James*
.ClucaB,    He was a farmer by eiccupa-!
tlon,   und   for   many   years   managed
his own farm at Little London.
At this time whrn attempts are be- j
Ing made to bring about a revival of j
Bome of the Manx Industries, It is Interesting to note that the Isle of.
Manx Steam Packet Company have
placed the order tor the whole of the
rugs, blankets, etc, for the new
i learner "King Orry" with thc Uuceyl
Woollen Mills.
Tho launch of the  new   passenger'
Eteamer "King Orry," al Birkenhead,,
marks another ira in the history of
the Isle of Man Steam Packet Com-
pany. Since the formation of the
Company, S.I years ag.., remarkable
progress has been recorded, and today the fleet passenger boats controlled by the Steam Packet Company
Is at least as (up-to-date, as complete,
and as efficient as any In the United
The Rev. J. W A. Mackenzie, who
his Iron sent, need at the Coun of
Oeneral Gaol Delivery, to 1- mouths'
hard labi r f..r uttering a Forged document, has for some 111 years hern
Vicar if Whltwlck. Leicestershire,
end during that lengthy ministration,
was exceedingly popular. He was
I found guilty nf forging the Dame of
tho late Mlis i.. T. Murray, matron ..r
London, April 10.���There was a
dramatic scene at tho Putumayo en-
qu'ry when Arana was confronted
with the American engineer, Harden-
burg, who llrst drew attention to the
methods of Arana's company. Arana
had charged Unrdeilburg with attempted blackmail and forgery', bnt
when he was pressed yesterday hc
was forced to withdraw the charges.
"Has Hardenliurg nttempted to get
money from you on the promise of
Withholding Information ?'! he was
"Directly, he did not," Arana replied, "bul 1 was told that he was obtaining declarations tn order to writs
a book against Hie company and
tbat If the company paid hlm ths
value of his lost luggage he would de
nothing." Arana has previously men
tloned the fact that Hardenbutg had
lest some luggage in the company's
t. rrltory, Asked what he considered
the value ef Ihe lost luggage, Arana
said be hod heard It contained engineering plans and papers whieh
llureli nburg estimated as worth $35,-
Th" accusation of forgery wns then
taken up.
public of China, the date'fixed tor
month In the second year of tho Re-
the first opening of our permanent national assembly, the members of tho
senate and the house ot representatives having met In these hulls to celebrate the event, now mako this declaration of their sentiments.
"Tbo will of Heaven Ib manifested
through the will of the people. That
the hundreds of millions of the people
possess tho authority of the state Is
not proclaimed now for the first time.
The inonurchy so long corrupt, proved
unworthy of the gruvo responsibilities
entrusted to It by the wlll of the people, but with the Introduction of popular government tho rcpreisentatlveH of
the! people must share the likee and
dislikes of the people.
"They are to give expression to the
desires and voice the will of the poo-
! pie;  they hold the reins In behalf of
i the nation to govern with severity or
I leniency,  with  parsimony or extravagance;   they  become the  pivot  upon
which  tho prosperity of the state ls
made to turn.   Kor success or failure,
Bafety or danger, adversity or good fortune, theirs is the merit or the blame.
"Can we be otherwise than anxious?
I yet. through great tribulation thc spring
j comes to prosperity, and our \ cry bad
| management    and    anxieties    are    a
j means to happiness.    Now, therefore,
j we unite to form this assembly and
j presume  to   publish  our  aspirations.
! May ours be a just government.  May
lour  five  races  luy aside their preju-
jdices;   mny  rain and  sunshine bring
I bounteous harvest ard CftUJ-f the husband man to Kejoice; may the scholar
j be happy In his home and the merch-
jant conduct his trade ln peace;   may
!no duty ol government be unfilled and
I no hlden  wound go unhealed.    Thus
| may the glory be spread abroad unel
| those, our words be echoed  fnr and
wide, that those in distant lands who
hear rejoice   our neighbors on  every
side give us praise and may the new
life of the old nation be lasting and
unending      Who  of   us   can   dare   to
| he neglectful of hiB duties?"
Peru nm! Mexico atraatiy 'ia\e re-
I cognized China and lhe Brazilian am-
, bnsBador said today blr country was
; ready to welcome China to the family
i ot nations and was only awaiting ihe
1 action of thc United states ir. compliance wiih the request of Secretary
Bryan for concerted action
May   Jail   Co
Seattle.  April   11
fore the supreme ct
the alternative writ
venting Superior
iliimphrevs from se
loners of Kin; com
ure to buy a large
his com-, room, wi
April 27 Since Jud
ih.. commissioners
thr. e flag" '' ������ ���'��� In
court  by friends.
Toronto;  April  11.���The conference
.mmlssionero. 0(     ,h���     0fIicitixln   of   the   Boy   Scout
���The hearing be-' movement   was   held   thin  afternoon,
uirt at Olympla of This meeting marked the oommence-
of pri dilution prejudge    John     '���'
���iiding the commls
nl> to Jail for f lil-
���\irerlean flag tor
s continued  until
go Humphreys and
have   fallen   oui
.'I,    given      tO
onl of ihe third year of the official
work 111 this province.
Reports at the conference showed
thr.t good progress had heen made.
The following figures, showing tho
eepsus of the niemheis enrolled In the
He; districts covered were: ('(.minis-
sinners. 171: scout musters, 868; assis-
tlte | tant scout muster, 235; scouts, 73S9;
I, 8048.
���nnnriniTiriinii ia iiii iiiii in iiiiiimiiiiii i hi iiiii biim
z^t^z-tjlZZ, -ssa-gt-ar i\n
the Doors of  This Store Will   Swing  Open on  the Greatest
THIS IS THE REASON���We are forced to move to our new store at 707 Columbia Street, before May 1st���our lease on this building expires on that date,
imoyirifr this large stock of merchandist does not appeal to us, so we have decided to reduce if. by giving a Gigantic Stock Reducing Sale���Lasting Only Two Weeks.
The trouble and expense of
ITS UP TO YOU to be on hand early and participate in the greatest money-having Clbthing Sale ever put on in New Westminster.  If it is style you are looking for, you will find it here. If
H is quality you are looking for, Reid & McDonald's is, and always has been, the place.   Don't throw away this golden opportunity, but make it your duty to come at once.
-Sold regularly.from $20 to $25.   While they last
Soft Felt Hats that sold regularly from $2.50 to $4. Just now
Regular price $1.25.   Now
i IK,
Regular $15.00.   Sale Price $11.35
Regular $12.00.   Sale I'rice      9.00
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Regular $ COO.   Sale Price     4.50
All Suits corespondingly cheap.
to quote you prices on the entire stock but we quote a few
prices taken at random from all parts of the store. We have
the merchandise to back up this advertisement.
eid& McDonald
Corner Sixth and Columbia New Westminster.
Shirts that sold from $1.25 to $1.75.  Sale price
Watson's Natural Wool and English Jay Finish, Pure Wool
Underwear; medium weight, regular $1.25.   Sale Price
Regular $30.   Sale Price $22.50
Regular $25.00.   Sale Price  18.75
Regular $20.00. "Sale Price  15.00
Regular $15.00.   Sale Price  H.25
These prices are for a few days only. SATURDAY,   APRIL   12,   1913.
PAGE Uttrn
Elected  President of Senior Amateur
I acrosse  Team  at  Annual
Mr Charlie Welch, who led the Salmon llnllU'S to victory during the year
Dial tho Minui cup waa first brought
tii DiIh city and subsequent seasons,
waa elected president of tho Westminster Senior Amateur club at Its annual
iiiii ting held laat evening ln the board
i.f trade rooms. Mr. Welsh was not
present at the meeting but It Is understood that he will accept the position.
The greater part of tho evening was
taken up In discussing a motion made
by .lame u Keary and seconded by
Howard Welsh that the club revert
back to the old way of allowing the
Intermediate club to manage the senior amateurs.
The motion, however, was loft when
It came to a show down although the
leaders for the proposition fought to
the lasl  ditch.
Nearly ovi ry one present bad some
rule say in the discussion, President
r. i.r Peebles, speaking from the
chair, advocating keeping to the pres-
. nl Btylo of doing things.
In his nnnu-il address, the retiring
president)   Mr.   Peter   Peebles  cod*
School Soccer.
Uird  Kelvin    vs.    St. Louis
college, 9:15 a.m., Moody park.
Herbert Spencer vs. Richard
Mcllrlde,    10:15   a.m.,    Moody
Junior Alliance.
Hoyal   City   High  school   vs.
St.  Andrews,  Wilson  park,    3
Senior Leagus.
llovsrs   vs.  Thistle,  Vancouver ball park, 3 p.m.
City League.
Sapperton  vs.   Hankers, Sapperton park, 3 p.m.
Hankers    vs.    City,    .Moody
park, 3:15 p.m.
Grass HOckey.
llurnaby   vs.   New   Westminster, Queens park, 3 p.m.
Rifle Shoot.
New   Westminster   Rifle  Association and 104th    regiment,
Hrownsvllle   ranges,   1:20   p.m.
be   disqualified   just   because  he   had
played baseball for money.
According   to   present   definitions, ���
Christy M a the w son, by reason of earn- j
Ing a living In the way for which he
is b.:st qualified, couldn't play tiddle- \
d'winks or "authors" as an amateur. [
Tt> the lay mind, thla distinction    between persons is but an evidence that
those   who  control   amateur  athletics
aro  still    wedded    to  tho    snqbblsh |
theory   that   amateur   and   gentleman
arj   synonymous,   und   that  a  gentleman   la  a  person   wbo  doesn't  work
for a  living, but lives on an  Income
or "sponges" on "dad."
Of course, this theory is not now
carried out to itB logical- conclusion.
A policeman or a parson may be ai.
amateur, and the fact that they pound
a beat or preach for a living does not
affect their standing. Why, thfen, the
discrimination against those engaged
In professional sport? Why can't a
professional ball player be an amateur
boxer, or vice versa ?
Do tbe athletic authorities consider
professionals as low-browed and vulgar persons who might contaminate
thc refined and delicately nurtured
young men from the colleges and
athletic clubs ? Or What ? The present definition df an amateur is filled
wltb absurdities and outworn prejudices.
Moreover, it Is a matter of general
knowled-ge that thn amateur code is
not U-Ved up to in any country. The
United States Is. tbe worst offender
because It has the most amateur athletes, but, proportionately, it is probably no worse than any other country. I
Why take spring medicine when you can buy a
baseball, a bat and a glove at our store made by the
famous A. J. Reach Co. in Canada, from 25c. to
$3.50 each.
Get into the back loTand bat that spring fever
out of your system.
Also a full line of Lally's lacrosse sticks. They
make you hard.   Ask the boys.
55 Sixth Street.
I Oontinued trom page one)
Sacramento, Cal., April li. ��� Fear
that the proposed anti-alien land law,
designed primarily to prevent Japanese farmers from acquiring property
In this state, will have tbe effect of
frightening away English and French
ana cane sugar interests and the beet capital, which at present controls
,i, ,,u ��u,K ui.�� ���, u,.,. ��"....i*.!B,,r lectol large holdings   ln   California, has in-
Bngland probably enforces amateur      ���       beet f  Bchedul(,  w���,    be troduccd a uew element Into the con-
rules  better than any other Country,  tak(m  up tomorrow  wlth an all day  troversy over the bill.
fight    In    prospect.      Representative      According   to   statements made   to
but it is not ln a condition to
stones.   France Is notoriously lax, and
Germany little better.
mended the wor
of   Manager  Grim-
Burnaby and New Westminster Mixed
Teams Meet at Queens Park.
The deciding game between mixed
grass hockey teams from llurnaby and
this city will take place this afternoon
on the Queens park oval.    Doth teams
Innocent Remarks That Have Made
Many Congregations Laugh.
A divine lu drawing the attention ot
bis congregation to n special ���oiumu-
lllon service on the following Holiday
Informed tbem that "the l-urd Is wllh
us lu the forenoon anil Ibe bishop in
lhe evening."
A Scutch minister Innocently, per-
Imps, hit the mark by telling Ills pen-
pie, "Weel. friends, the kirk is urgently
in ueed of siller, nnd as we have fulled
to get money houeiilly we will lnne to
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase   and   Sale   of   Real   Estate.
We have funds on hand for first mortgages on
improved properties.
Good Agreements foY Sale purchased.  Full particulars apply
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director. .1   .'*     *
Head Office: Columbia and Begbls Streets, New Westminster. ill
md  Secretary  Sangster during   |,avp each  won a game while that of  see whnt a liir/uai cnu do fur us
the season of 191-
He urged that the Intermedial
which  prevented  lhe youngsters from
playing with the Benlors In more than
three games with the penalty of being
dl qualified from the former organization he altered.    He deplored the lack
or Indifference of the officers and
membi rs of the pro team towards the
amateurs nnd thought ihey ihould
support Hi.- nursery of lacrosse players ri Mil:-, cily.
A meeting of tin* officers and executive wiil be h- hi within the next
few days to discuss the appointment
i i managi r nnd also regarding the
meeting of the Paclflo Amateur Lacrosse ABSodatlon which is Kehi dul. d
t., be h Id In this city on Saturdaj
. *.. niii!.-, April  10,
'll..*   officers   elected   were   as   toj-
lion rary president, Mayi r A. W,
Gray; president, i' A. Welsh; vice-
prcEidenl John It.id: second vice-
president, -I ���' .lohnston; Bocretary-
treasurer, Wnlk. r Sangster; executive
rommlttee, Messrs. 11. Welsh, 'J. l
Keary. ll. Battson, Q. Grlmstone;
deli e ���'. . to lh.' I' I' AH A.. Mi *-sr.-
W. Cameron, II. Welsh and G, Grlmstone; alternates, ll Battson, W rm
<h. ll nn.i Leo Gregory! delegate to
th ���  II   C   A. A.  !*.. .1. 1. Ke:iry
last Saturday resulted in a draw so
ru'<> that Ihe play off is necessary to decide the championship.
The following Is thc lineup of both
Burnaby B. Collins, Miss 1. Klrby,
Langford, C. Hrown, Miss Wilkie, Misi
P. Brown, J. Hrown. I'. Hill. Wedge.
Miss Wilkie, R. Klrby.
Westminster Goldsmith. Frost, c.
Klrby, Mins Draper, 11. Savage, Canon
d'Basum, Miss L. Cotsworth, Miss G.
Kirbv, Miss Cotsworth, Miss Potter,
C Fraser.
There is n cerliiin uniiiiiiit of excuse
lo lie mnde for the young curate who.
reiiiarkinii Hint some |ieople came to
church fm- no better rensun than lo
show olT Ihelr best i lollies, finished up
us be glanced over Ids audience, "I
urn thniiUrul to see. dear friends, that
nnue of yuu hns come here for that
A negro -student when conducting the
prayers nt one of the great missionary
colleges, snld. "(live us all pure hearts,
give us nil Plea ll hearts, give us all
Street hearts," to which the entire eon-
gregntlon mnde response, "Amen".
I The glvliiu nut nf church nollces lias
I often proved a pitfall for the unwary.
���During Lent." Mil.I li rpctnr lately.
several presi hers will preacb on Wed-
Inv evenings, hut I need not give
their mimes, ns Ihey will be all found
banging up lu the pon-h."
Hardwick, of Georgia, and others are Senator Thompson, chairman of the
insistent upon immediate free sugar, sub-committee tbat drafted the anti-
Tlie Urous8ard amendment will make alien bill, the measure In its present
the hundredweight rate on 96 degree form would be quite as effective in
sugar from sugar $1.14 on passage of limiting Europeans as in restricting
the bill, $1,006 on June 80, 1919, and   the Japanese.
97 2-10 cents on June 30, 1919, Instead      Properties owned   by  aliens at the
of $i.:)4 as under the present law, and   present time, or when the law    goes j
I $1.0048  In   the  committe" bill.    Thia  into effect would not be affected, but |
i would mean, by comparison with    the   the bill specifically provides that real
present tariff    law,    a    reduction    of  propirty  acquired   hereafter shall   bei
roundly 20 tents    at   the   outset.   29  held for a period not    exceeding one
cents    in    llilS, and .'-!" cents in HUH   year.
On 100 degree sugar cane from Many of the syndicates have heavv j
sources other than Cuba, the llrous- investments in mortgages, and tbelr;
sard amendment would make a net representatives are afraid that in case
: reducUon from Ihe present rates ef of foreclosure on notes now out- ���
?,7Vj cents per 100 pounds on passage standing, the question aB to their right
Of the hill, no cents in 1916, and 62 to hold the properties permanently*
cents in 1919. the pending tariff bills would be raised, and the courts would
rate of 54 CentK have   to   decide   against   them.     The j
Another      llroussard       amendment   forced sale within one vear cf an oil I
would extend the period of grace, un-  plant, or a mine,    would    be an    in-
der    which    the    contemplated    free  justice, it Is argued.
sugar basis was to be reached to    a	
total of foui  years so as to carry the , Girl Found Dead.
, whole question beyond the next j gan *f-rancisco> April 11.���Miss Olaa
I national election. _ Tonshevich, of St. Petersburg, Russia,
Representatives Howard, of Georg'a.     ftfl found.dcad in her    room    at    a
IGard, of Ohio, and others ineffectually   fa8i,|onable hotel  tonight, with a bul-
snnghl to have machine tools  put^on   ](., WOUIui |n her head.    It Is believed
that she committed suicide.    She was
South Westminster
Attention paid to special dinners.   We serve:
meals at all hours.   Private dining rooms for afternoon teas.  We have our own gardens.  Fresh vegetables and eggs. ; :
On direct line across bridge on Pacific Highway.
R. M. BURNS, Proprietor. '
.-.I i'
ii ii,.
! *���) i
. Hill
Cor. 6th Ave. and 12th St.
Headquarters for all kinds of Furniture, Furnishings, Stoves, Ranges, Washing Machines, Wringers, Dishes, Glassware, etc., etc.
Headquarters for the famous "Sunset Sewing
Victoria  Man  Said to Be After Three
Players���He May Lsnd  Nick
Carter. ���
If Mr. John Virtue still persists in
approaching N.w Westminster lacrosse players already sign.il up he
' is likely to run up against a snag
which will mean much to the Victoria
eliih should Ihey be Hble to field a
learn in Hie Coast league.
Mr. Virtue, during the absence of
his manager. Lionel Yorke in the east
is one busy man these days and is
said to have approached Hugh (iifford,
��� BASEBALL. ���
American League.
At CleVeland��� R. H.E,
( lev. land   3   B   2
Chicago :  1    "    -
Batteries: Gregg and [.and; Scott,
C <-, tto and Schalk.
Al  St. l-onis��� R- H. B,
Detroit  6 IS   .1
SI   Louis.   8  14    2
Batteries:       Klawltter,     Hull    end
Rondeau; Hamilton, Baumgnriner and  and which there iB every possibility of
Ariu-w. going through is the securing of Nick
All other major league games post    Carter for the Capitals.
poned on account and rain and    wel ,     Following the truce  mud.
A Jury of Hia Peers.
Bill Heel;, ii young negro, wns before
Justice (Ireer the other dny charged
with Kleiillng ii -Kliootln' iron" from
Kills Houston, lie unci just completed
lliirty days for currying the gun The
squire nsked hlm how he wanted to
plead on the new charge.
"Might 's well sny guilty." snld Buck.
"A nigger dou't get no show ln this
country, nohow."
"Doli't, ehV" snld the court.   "Nichols
llhe coiisliihlei,   you   skirmish  around
and pick up n dozen or two likely colored   men   for   jury   service,   snd   be ; business in the next few y
quick.   We'll show* hlm!"
the tree list, while Representative
Hensley. of Missouri. led n vain figh'
against the reduction cf the duty on
le-id. Some of the Democrats urged
free had In place of the 10 per cent,
IndlanapoliB, Ind., Anri. .-Before
leaving on his trip throng', the wist
to get In touch with localised conditions for the sale and advertising of
his products. President .1 . J. Cole, of
the Cole Motor Car Company, released
Instructions to Herbert L. Bass, a tool architect, to prepare bids for a
$160,000 addition to tho present "'oilplant, lt is expected to begin work
Mav 1, and have the building completed Oct 1
This Increase In the already large
plant of the Cole Motor Car Company
s one Of the strongest arguments of
the health of the automobile industry,
and of the fact that the automobile in-
dustrv generally is to do a tremendous
betrothed to a local merchant
With the added facilities for manu-
In half an hour the constable hnd tbe ! factoring, the Cole^rod^Uon^wn^be |
Grumpy   Spring  and  Tom   Rennie ,     in ui... nu uuur ...�����voxm,**** �� *   -------,--,,,   tor lhp Cole Motor
All of these players have signed on; mile courtroom full of grinning ne- I ^V ,���,''���' v has for Ihe past two
with the Salmon Bellies for this sea-1 Broeg of ���,, 8|lnpi.s nn��l sizes, nappy l ���'' foulnd Le,t Bhorl of cars at the
son so that there Is little hope of John I ntitic-ln-ntlois wns written on Ibe dusky ! J ',' . ,..., IBaBO0 nnd had to cancel
Virtue gaining much assistance from j fuceg Ev(,ry u,u, of then, kuew Bllck Jjj^JJJ; ��� ig Q0, ,(���ui���,,(1 but that this
this source. -   1 'from bis dnys of plckiiulnlsiu up. and jgame commion will prevail this year.
One move he is trying to complete | ^ knew (1|(iy km,w    ,]c ^^ ���
the ebony crowd nud then turned sullenly to the court.
"If you'bi goln' ter make sll dat fuss
over a two bit  popgun." ho said. "I
the Minto cup holders nnd Con Jones
in   which   every   man    signed     with | pleads giiilly."-Ilolland's Magatlue.
either   team   last   reason   is   still   the
club's property, it lias  meant that  if
, New Westminster hoped to get the
B.   C.   E.   R.   Officials   Agree   to   Stop , t,,r home player tin J-  mu: I  first  get
Fn-�� r Valley Train at Brownsville. the consent of Mister Con .Tones who
Mcmbdrs  of   lhe  Now   Westminster claims Carter on his n s< rve lift.
Civilian   Hifl"   Association   and     also The bust up of the commission idea
niemb rs  if  the  104th   regiment   will In   Montreal   lart   Saturday   lias   not
no doubt be well pleased to hear that healed llie breach between the Royals
arrangements  have been  made  with nnd Vancouver eo that Jon.b is Just
tl fflcials of tho ll. C. K. It. to drop as likely  lo turn Carter over to Vic
iff  passengers on  lhe Surrey aide of torla rather Ihan let Manager (.irford
the bridge within easy access of    the havo hlm.
Brownsville ranges Virtue was over In Vancouver yes
The officers of  lhe   104th  regiment terday and approached Nick who has
look the matter up with Superintend Just  arrived   back from Uie wilds of
enl   Kd.  Stirling, of the Fraser valley northern British ( oliunbl
line, and  following a reply In the af
However, Manager Clifford Is losing
Taking Mere Cars.
"I decided Hie other day thnt my Utile hoy waa getting altogether too big
lo have ine alt wltb blm till be went to
sleep," says a Cleveland matron, "and
while I was breaking blm of this habit
I thought I'd quit leuvlng a light In tils j
room too. He's live yeurs old. So last ! ,.,s yonr B,,��� ������ optimist'/"
night I kissed blm good night nnd said:      ���Vo sjr   V) eJ.e actors iu this fata-
" 'Now. Hsrold. you are going to Iw   ,-v'��_'|:.,it|m,ir�� American.
mamma's big. brave boy tonight and	
go tn sleep all by yourself.'
' Well,' be snawcred, 'I'll try. but
The new addition will be L bhape, i
'our stories high, built along   modern
lines, right in the heart of Indiana-
noils, adjoining the last addition made
to the Cole plant last spring.
When the addition Is completed the
national  sail s  and  advertising   force i
for tho Cole now located with   the local sales department will move to the
new factory. *
Mr.  Cole  is   very  optimistic    over
conilitii ns In general, and predicts bic
volunn s of business  for Che auiomo* B
bile r -inofaoinrcr who   builds   along
public demand lines^	
Ihe Speckled Band
Sherlock Holmes
Ma6terMystery Series.
Miller & Shelly
West Bender
Jim Raymond
A   Remarkable   Vocalist
"A Strong Revenge"
Other Comedy
Royal  Mail Steamers Sailing Every   Saturday   from   Montreal
Quebec, Liverpool.
New S.S. Laurentic  15,000 tons  New S.S. Megantic.
First class $92.50; Second, $53.75; Third, $32.50.
S.S. Teutonic S. S. Canada.
582 feet long 514 feet
Cyries only ONE CLASS CABIN   (II)   $50  and up   and   THIRD
CLASS, $31.25 and up.
For   sailings  and   illustrated booklets apply to
H. M. Stevenson, Agent C.M.& St. Paul Ry., 622 Columbia St., or
E. A. Goulet, C. P. R. Depot, New Westminster.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
Alfred W. MacLeod, the Insurance Man. Agencies :
Established     Assets
Railway Passenger Assurance Oo. of London ...    1849 $    8,000,000
Guaranteed by the North British      Mercantile
insurance Co. of I^ndon     1809 105,000,000
Palatine Insurance Co. of London     1886 9-^bOiOOO
Guaranteed by the Commercial Insurance Company Of l-ondon     1861 OO.OOO.OOO
Niagara Fire insurance Co. of New Yerk        1850 6,000,000
Svea Fire and Life Insurance Co. of Sweden ..    1866 14,000,000
Westminster Trust  Block Phone 52.
attendance Of    members    both    rogi- 	
mental  and  civilian  will be on  hand
this nfternoon at tho weekly shoot.
(By "Gravy.")
IKS1    Willie Fitzgerald, boxer, born at
Expects    to
Is    an
Young Cor'bett knocked out B<l-! they will discuss Is "What is an ama-
dle Sentry in second round    at! teur ?"    It ia a subject offering a lo
Decide    What
Amateur ?
Experts in athletic matters from all
Waterford, Ireland. 'over the globe will soon assemble at
lunn 1. Sullivan refused to Lausanne, Switzerland, for the con
meet Peter Jackson, drawing Terence of the International Olympic
color line" icommittee,  and ono of the questions
Denver"      "' " iof room for <llBCU1!Sitm. "������������ onP nbo,1t
Ilmmv Hums detested Cyclone which there Is more than a little dlf-
Johnny Thompson In 2n rounds fcrence of opinion, and much poppy
Kn'cWi.'^Velsh,' English light-1 To the mere layman some of the
welaht outpointed Pal Moore ln i present   fine  distinctions  and   demai-
,   rounds at New York. cntlons between the amateur and the
Chicago Knockout Brown knock- professional seen, overdrawn and vised oil Joe Herman In fifth ��� lonary. Packey McFarland should.. I
round at  Muskogee, Okla. be permitted lo enter an amateur box-
"key McFarland knocked out Ing tournament, but lf he wants to
Willie Shaefer 111 fourth round | play checkers, or tennis, or run a foot-
,i a inev  ill I"1���.  ���������* a"   nninteur.  wll>'  shouldn't
I'd lie Ciunpi stopped Eddie he ? Uy Ihe same token one J.
Lynch tn fourth round at San,Thorpe, winner of the pen.halon and
Icnve Ibe light burning.'
" 'No, dear. If you're going fo be a
big Uiy I must turn out tbe light.'
���' 'flare I got to sleep lo tbe darkf
" 'Yes.'
������ Then wait a minute till I say ��y
prayers ngaln sn' do tt csrefuller." "-
Cleveland Plain DteAer.
A cop's isnse nf lanmisss l�� ppselnufc
A bull player's Ulue ore! pufnsclous,
A conductor csn cuss
A tiiia driver Is sruss,
Hul as for a ssll-jr-giiod grsclous!
Her 250 Words.
The girls of the fifth form were asked tu write a 290 word essay oo a motorcar. Tbe bright hope of the form
duly weighed lu with this:
"My uncle bought a motorcar. Hs
wns riding to the country, sud It broke
down In going up n hill. My uncle
irled lo make It go, but couldu'l, sl-
tbuugh be spoilt a new suit by trying.
I reckon that Is about forty words.
The other 210 words nre wbnt uncle
snl.l ns lie wns walking bnck to town,
but Ihey nre not fit to write down."���
Philadelphia Record.
Wife - He sure to sdvertlse for Mdo
In Ibe next morning pain*-?.
Nest duy the wile r*sd as follows In
the iiewspH|H*rs.
"L-rait-A mangy lap dog. with ine
rye ami no tall. Top fat to walk. An.
nwera to the name of K'da. If retunmd
stuffed ��ID rewsrd. '-TltBlts.
Store Fittings
We are specially equipped for manufacturing store fixtures and
wlll be pleased at any time to submit free of charge drawings and
suggestions for modernising your store.
Phone 473
Beach St, Lulu Island.
TwlnSls. IwlnSIs, ldv*lr ��t��r!
How | wonil��i ll ><��i srs
WIks si humr IM lun-ler *f
Tuu spiwsr wlun sn th. suss!
-St.   I.riuls  iwnatrh.
Ailing Skin
'decailon ln the Olympics, should not
Will Locate Icefields.
Washington,   April   11.���The first
wires from the revenue cutter Senecn,
patrolling trnns-Atlantlc steamship
lanes to protect shipping against Icebergs, was received today. Reporting
:14<) miles sei'''" -ai' if N wfoundland,
with no Icebergs Iii sight, the cutter
will sail northward to find tho exnctius more about thein both
location of the Icefields now. Frederic  T.  Hill, druggist
Eczema, Psoriasis, Dandruff, Piracies, skill troubles of any kind -
WASH T1I15M AWAY with D. D. D.
Prescription for Eczema.
This mild wash will bring you instant relief from that awful llch.
Prove it with a trial bottle. Our customers are telling us about the wonderful cures effected by tills grent
speclllc.    I). f>. I). Soap helps too. Ask
Special Friday
and Saturday
"h Is Never Too
Late to Mend"
Edison���Two Reels.
The Fielding Brothers, farmers, are served with foreclosure
notice. George, the elder, Is engaged to Susan Morton, also
loved by John Meadows, tho
wealthiest man in town. Meadows plans George's undoing.
Georgo goes to Australia to
seek his fortune; Meadows'
plans nre frustrated by an old
Jew who George once befriended by George and George returns
with six thousand pounds to
clear the home and claim his
709 Columbia St Westminster Trust Bid?.
SATURDAY,  APRIL  12,   1913.
Classified Advertising
. e*** + *e*********
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
day: 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5,000 words, to be used as re-
(iiired wittin one year from date ol
contracL $25.00.
ttlrth or Marriage Notices 50c.
I>eath Notice 60c or with Funeral Nonce $1.00. Card of Thanks 60c per
The Want Ads. are
Salesmen, Peacemakers,
Puzzle-solvers, Loss-ad-
justors, Business-detectives, Task-doers.
They are Militant Co-operators
with the man who has property
of any sort to Bell���with the
business man, or housewife, who
Is "upset" by the loss of "help"
���with the anxious work-seeker,
against whom the reBt of mankind sometimes seems to be hos-
tllely arrayed���with the landlords who unexpectedly lose tenants���with the business men
who need more capital���with
all who have confronting them
a "want ad task!"
They are as completely at
YOUR SERVICE as are the
street cars or telephones���but
their capacity for serving you
is much wider, while just as
thoroughbred White leghorns cheap.
Few dozen baby chicks from same
stock. Choice eggs $1.00 setting;
also four fireless brooders. Few
minutes walk below Twelfth Btreet
on Fourteenth avenue, Burnaby,
formerly Wise road. It. J. Sharp.}.
Columbia Btreet, in good location,
with three years yet to run; 22 feet
frontage by 77 feet and full sited
basement. Apply Dominion Trust
Company. (1063)
at Edmonds, cheap for cash, or easy
terms.   Goorge Warne, Kdmonds.
numbers 8113, 821, 801, 881, 796, 774,
792 and 1015.
the West End restaurant, 863 Columbia street. 11066)
ing by day.   Apply P. O. Box 966.
tailoring. Apply 640 Clarkson Btreet,
Collistcr block. (1044)
four wants position; references.
Box 1036, Newa office. (1036)
Hotel Dominion, Corner Sixth and
Columbia  streets. (1022)
with chicken run and chickens,
large orchard lot with 22 fruit bearing trees, water, electric light; block
from car. $1550, $150 cash, balance
$25 monthly. Topping, 521 Westminster Trust block and East Burnaby.   Phones 1110 and 2008. (1069)
roomed cottages, modern, cleared
lots, city limits, one minutes walk
from car. $100 cash and $26 monthly will handle. Topping, 521 Westminster Trust block, and East Burnaby. Phones 1110 and 2008.   (1069)
lot on Twelfth avenue; one block
and half from car line; owner must
sell and will sacrifice. $1300; cash
$150, balance as rent. Topping's
Agency. 521 Westminster TriiBt
Bldg. Burnnby Office. P. O., East
Burnaby. Phones 1110 and 200S
ern house, Colbourn street, city;
close to new school. $2600; $600
cash, balance as rent. Topping's
Agency, 621 Westminster Trust
BIdk. Burnaby Office, P. O.. East
Burnaby. Phones 1110 and 2008.
to lane. Twelfth avenue; owner
forced to sell. $800, very easy
terms. Topping's Agency, 521 Westminster Trust Bldg. Burnaby Offtce, P. 0.. East Burnaby. Phones
1110 and 2008. (1069)
810 Ontario street, corner of Simcoe.
keeping roosn, 1020 Third avenue.
house partly furnished, five minutes
walk from post office.    Phone 921.
room for light housekeeping, or two
young men boarders. Apply 213 7Hi
street. (1038)
rooms, furnished; suitable for working girls. 609 Victoria street near
N-pws office. (1043)
ed modern bungalow; every convenience; near car lino. Doling.
Edmonds. 110271
small rooms over the News office.
8nllahle for club or liKht manufac
tnring purposes. Will leaae for two
or three year term, singL or en bloc
Aptdv lo Manager the News
wbere. No collection, oo charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hustings stroet welt, Van
couver, ll. C. (B76)
Unfurnished,   tin    roomed   suite
wllh   bath,  hot   and   culd   water;   $2f,
per mouth.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Avenue. Phone 750.
Sealed tenders marked "Tenders for
Equipment" for tho new hospital build
ing will be received by the underslgn-
��d up to noon
on Friday, April 25th, 1913.
Tendera musl be submitted on the
forms of specification which may bo
< btaiued at the hospital. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
'      E. H. WITHERS, Secretary,
Royal Columbian Hospital, Now
Westminster. (1007)
East Burnaby; Sixth street; close
to poBt office and factory; 60x100.
$900 each, one-quarter cash, balance
to suit. Topping's Agency, 521 Westminster Trust block. Burnaby office,
P. O., EaBt Burnaby. Phones 1110
and 2008. (1069)
Sixth street: with small house and
barn. $1600; cash $400. balance to
suit. Topping's Agency. 521 West
minster Trust Bldg. Burnaby office, P. O.. East Burnaby. Phones
1110 and 2008. (1069)
Contrary to tho Indications of the
previous evening there was a good
supply of poultry on the city market
yesterday due to heavy arrivals by the
B. C. E. R. Fraser valley car. A good
many crates of live fowls were also
brought in by wagon by the farmers.
Despite the heavy arrivals the price
of fowls showed no depreciation whatever and every crate was disposed of
at an early hour. The Bupply of eggs
was just equal to the demand aud
prices remained unchanged.
The arrival ot vegetables was again
on the excessive side particularly with
regard to parsnips, which seemed to
be a drug on the market this year. Potatoes are still very plentiful and there
seems lo/ be no prospect of an early
change iin the situation.
The meat department was well represented particularly in pork and veal
which was readily purchased. A quantity of second grade pork was offered
for sale but did not find much demand.
Apples, per box  $100 to $1.25
Vegetables.': Wholesale.
Beets, per sack   75c.
Carrots, per Back  75;
Tnralpa, per sack 60,
Potatoes, per sack   75c
Potatoes, per ton $8 to $10
Onions, per sack   $1.25 to $1.50
Vegetables, Retail.
Beets, per bunch 5r
Onions, per lb 6c.
Carrots, por bunch Bi
Cabbage, per lb 4c.
Turnips, each  6'
Eggs and Butter.
Eggs,   wholesale,  per  dozen   ....   27c
Egs, retail, per doz   30c to 85c
Hatching Eggs, per doz. . ,50c to $1.00
Hatching Duck Eggs, per doz. .. 75c
Egs, duck, per dozen ....   35c to 40c
Butter, retail, per lb 35c. to 40c.
Butter, wholesale, per lb 30c
Flsh, Retail.
Tlnk Spring Salmon, per lb    20c.
White Spring Salmon, per lb 15c.
Flounders, per lb 10c
Sturgeon, per lb 15c
Halibut, per lb 10c
Steelhoad, per lb 15c
Smelts, per Ib 10c
Retail Meats.
Beef, best rib roasts 15c to 18c
Beef, loin 18c to 22c
Boef. round steak 20e
Boiling beef    10c.
Veal   15c to 25c
Pork       15c  to  20c
Mutton 12c to 20c
Wholesale Meats.
Veal, large 10c. to 12c.
Veal,  small    14c.  to  16c.
Beef, front quarter  9V4c. to 10c
Beef, hind quarter lie. to 12o.
Spring lamb  15o
Mutton   10c to 12Hc
Pork 13c. to 14c.
Hens, small,  per doten   ....$7  to $9
Hens, large, per dozen $10 to $12
Chickens, per dozen   $4 to $6
Broilers, per doz $3 to li
Hens, live, per lb 20c
| Chickens, live, per lb 20c. to 23c.
Ducks, per dozen   $12 to $15
Ducks, live, per lb 30c to 32c
Mr. C. S. Wright Plans to Return
Toronto Via B. C���Still Vowed
to   Silence.
Horsemen and Vehicular Traffic Must
Observe   Their    Rights���Human Lf.'a Counts r,r<*:.
As will be seen from the appended
clipping from Tho Toronto Globe of
April 1, some time during the next
month a member of the Ill-fated Scott
expedition, will be passing through
New Zealand cn route to England.
"ln a letter from Chrlstchurch, N. Z.
to his father, Mr. Alfred Wright, 60
Crescent Road; Mr. C. S. Wright,
physicist of the ill-fated Scott expedition, BtateB lhat lf it were not for Mb
jontract he could make toiiB of money,
as he was inundated with offers to
make a copy at ��60 a few thousand
'His father Baid that he thought
the letter, which also contained some
of his eon's future plans, was written
on an Impulse in order lhat hiB father
might not make publlc the contents of
his diary, which is against the terms
of hia contract. Ills father has received the diary. The diary ls not complete and as the letter which Mr.
Wright received was not sealed, he
thinks that some of the diary may
have been lost or that it may not have
been poBted with the rest- of the
"No mention is made In the diary of
the finding of the bodieB of Captain
Scott and his companions by the relief
expedition headed by Mr. Wright, and
for this reason he fears that some of
the most valuable records may have
been lost through the mails.
'Articles   in   New    Zealand    papers
Btate that Mr. Wright was   entrusted i confus'on ensue.
The man on foot haa the firBt right
to the road, even in this day of motor
vehicles, if the principles of the law
and 'the true appreciation of the value
of human life have any bearing what
ever on  this  problem.
The right of tbe pedestrian has been
ignored by tlie careless wrelch who
kills a child and by every driver of
a motor vehicle who exceedB the Bpeed
limit provided  by law.
It has come to thc time in Seattle
when the blood of a little girl, crying
out from the ground, demands the enforcement of the law and the recognition of the rights of the mau, the
woman or the child who goes on foot.
the fundamental is that the pedestrian Is entitled first of all to a reasonable use of the road. Horsemen
and vehiclar traffic of whatever nature Is therefore bound to observe that
right -unless the rush and hurry of
the present day have set aside the
broad and salutary provision that human Tfe Is the first consideration, being sacred and far transcending the
convenience of any traffic whatever.
It must be remembered that there
is a direct and individual "community
of interest" in the use cf the Btreets
and highways. If Individuals going
In opposite directions would not observe civility, courtesy and good will
toward one another, collisions would
result every instant and indescribable
Mc.Kenna'B code. At the same time he
admits lt to be quite natural that "the
British Government adopted Sharper
measures than any other nation for
keeping at a distance foreign visitors
from the air," since "no country has
forfeited so much of Its military position through the advancing improvement of aerial craft as the Island
kingdom of England.
Its otherwise almighty fleet," he
nddB, "Ib powerless against our Zeppelin and Schuette-Lantz ships, and,
what is still more bttter.lt has nothing similar to oppose to their possible
attack as the French have ln tbelr
flying machine squadrons.!1
NOT   AT   ALL   8HY.
Belgian Astonishes Paris Councillors
With  Unique  Demand.
Paris, April 11.���One of the committees of the PartB municipal council, which, It appears, ordinarily deals
with applications for property claims,
was not a little astonished a few days
ago to receive a petition from a Belgian,-M. de BeauvilllerB, for the restoration of hl�� rights to the whole of
The petitioner states that the
ground of Montmartre belongB to him,
having been made over by royal patent to ono of hiB ancestors. He declares that he la the only descendant
of Mme. de Beauvilliors to whom
Henry IV. mado a present of Montmartre by letterB patent.
The ambit ioiiB Belgian askB to be
put In possession of IiIb Inheritance at
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid Up)  ....$16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000.000.00-
Branches throughout Canada and<
Newfoundland, and in London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane-
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general-
banking business transacted. Letters,
of Credit iBBued, available with correspondents in all parlB of the world..
Savings Bank Department- Deposits
received In sums of $1 and upward
ind Interest allowed at 3 per cent per
uinunl-'.(present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
O. D. BRYMNER,  Manager.
with making all the observations   for
the expedition.
"In his letter he mnde the interesting statement that practically two-
thirds of the expedition have turned
grey or bald. He also states that he
expects to reach Vancouver in May
and that he is bringing Dr. Deben-
ham, the geologist of the expedition,
with him. Both intend to go to England In the autumn, but expect to Bee
a little of Canada before they reach
the old country. Mr. Wright intends
to enter Cambridge and continue his
studies for a year."
Strict Rules Enforced In British Court
���His  Majesty  Objects to   Relaxing Divorce Law.
and pantry plastered, chicken house, | McMillan
cleared lot, half block from Sixth
street car line. $1000, one-quarter
cash, balance 6, 12 and IS months,
Topping. '.-I Westminster Trust
block, and East Burnaby. Phones
1110 nnd 200S. (1069)
Rush Hudson Bay Railway.
Winnipeg, April 10.���That everything is In good shape for vigorously
pushing the construction of the Hudson Bay railway is the opinion of T.
J. Christiana, who has juat come into
town from Le Pus. lie states that
Bros.,   the   contractors   for
much   of   the   work,   got   in   a   whol
year's supplies ahead thla winter and
will be In a position from now on to
rush work.
on the Gulf sld" cn Gallniio Islaud.
lot 29. William tlutcheon, BrutiB-
wick  Hotel. Victoria. (1058)
house on large corner lot cleared
within one block of Twelfth street,
for $2500, $250 caBh, balance aa
rent. Owner going awny, must sell.
Apply P, O. Box 512 City.      (1057)
ton, $700, close to cur line. $250
cash, balance $20 a month. Apply
room 12 K. of P.  Hall. (1025)
Crest of Flood Reached.
Winnipeg, April 10.���The crest of
the high water was reached in Ihe
Red river at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon and in the next 20 hours the
level of the stream had dropped over
two feet. It Is still receding and all
danger of a flood In Winnipi g is over..
the Dominion hotel on Saturday, the
12th, and ench succeeding Saturday,
for scalp treatment, face massage,
manicure, etc. i'hone 375.     110401
sewing machine ill first class order,'
$15.   Miss Macey, suite 6, first floor. I
Mandeville block, corner Sixth ave
nue and Twelfth street. (1020)
London, April 11.���Queen Mary is
making her influence and her strong
I personality felt at court in no oncer-
tain manner, and  those who  wish  to i Times
I be received and to be held in good re-1
pute within  its charmed  circle   must
j look well to their manner of going.
Never before have  tliere   been   so
;inany  erasures  from   submitted   lists
;nnd never has the line been ro sharply
j drawn as to the proper qualifications
as at the present time.
No latiy who steps out of her sphere
I of true womanliness and correct feminine modesty; no oni> who has a
breath of scandal against her or him
. 1 for the male sex is also included In
H10 ban) and no Individual who has
figured us n principal in the divorce
court need seek to find favor with
Queen Mary, and such a one applying
'for a "command"  to the  royal  pres
1 ence will surely meet with a prompt
Thn Queen���and the King is said to
be In cordial agreement���is determined that her court shall, as far as
possible,   be  ono  of  absolute    purity.
: She has been much shocked at the
many causes celebres and their un-
edifying details, as well as by the bo-I
euiied recreations and amusements of;
a certain section of society.
Moreover,   It  is   reported    that    the
Queen   views   with   great   dislike   any.
further luxity in connection with the
divorce  law.    sin- regards  the  marriage tie as snered  and
There must be co-operation among
the people to the end that order be
preserved. It Ib the rule of "givc-and
take." each one dninc; his part nnd
recognizing thc right of his fellows
also to use the road in an orderlr way
Tho trouble now is that the drivers
of motor vehicles have usurped thc
rights of the people���and the people
themselves, facing the danger of being maimed or of losing their lives
because of the recklessness of some
fanatic driver, have permitted their
rights to be infringed.
Some drivers, on their part, appear
no longer to realize that they are entitled to use the roads m-erely as a
privilege granted them by the people,
���that they do not have the right-of-
It Is time that this issue be made
and the principle again be vindicated
that human life Is sacred. Otherwise
no one will be safe on the highways���
for reckless owners of motor vehicles,
supreme In their disregard of decency and the fundamental rules of the
road, will soon become accustomed to
terrorize tbe streets and highways
with all the murderous fury of an ancient conqueror.
AutomoblllstH themselves ought to
enforce the laws rigidly, for their
own protection as well as for the safe
tv   of   Ihe   common     people.���Seattle
Some of Them   Swear   Celibacy  and
Are Treated  aa  Men���Odd   Facts
About Women.
For centuries past, Duke Max SU
j Sachsen informs us, women have not
been allowed on a Turkish peninsula.
Even frm-ile animals are prohibited.
! Condensed milk is imported from
1 Switzerland, so that the eyes of the In-
| habitants may not be offended hy the
\ sight, of a cow.
Thc peninsula Is Mount Athos, and
Ils Inhabitants are the members of 20
monasteries which have existed there
since the days when Christian emperors held rule at Constantinople and
gave laws to all Europe. For 1400 or
1500 years, let us sny, no woman has
binding, and ! trodden the ground of Mount Al In
Says GIN PILLS Ara Goad For
Pain In The Baok
IIKN your grocer
tells vou lie uses a
certain tea in bis
own home, you
feel pretty sure It's
g-wxl tea.
And wben a prominent drug-gist
for bis own Backache, yen can feel
Suite >are there it
se quite to good.
Winnipeg, May 19th, 1913.
���'In the autumn of 1911, I sufftrsd
with a continual pain iu the back. As
a druggist, I tried various remedies
without any appareat resulta. Having
sold GIN PILLS for a number of yeara,
I thought there must be good In them,
otherwise the sales wo-alil net increase
ta fast. I gave tlie-m a fair trial and
the results I fiud lo b.- good".
GIN TILLS have well earned the
confidence which druggist a, ss well as
the public, have in them. For years
they bnve been ralieviag the pain of
Rheumatism, Lumbago and Kidney
Troubles generally, and changing
tortured cripples into strong, supple
men and women.
Why should yon go on suffering when
there is a remedy so easily obtained and
so reliable? GIN PILLS cost but WC.
a box 6 for $2.S<). Monty back if they
do not help you. Samole fret- if you
write National Drug and Chemical Lo.
ol Canada, I.united, Toronto. ISO
Week End tickets on sale to local
points at Single Fare for Round Trip
on   Fridays,  Saturdays  and  Sundays.
For rates and reservation apply   to-
New Westminster
Or H. W.  Brodle. O.P.A. Vancouver
B.C. Coast Service
LeMret Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. m.,
2 p. in. and 11 :4&.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m.
and  II il in.
Luveh Vancouver for Nanalmo 3 p.m.
be&VCfl Vancouver for Prince Rupert
ami Northern Polnta 10 p m. Wednesdays.
leaves Vanoouver every Wednesday at
10 p. m
leaves Chllllwack 7 a. m. Tueaday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves  Westminster   H   rt.   in.   Monday.
Wednesday and Friday.
ED. OOULBT, Agent,  New Westminster.
EL W.   IIHOIUH. O.  P.  A-  Vancouver.
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables In the city. Fine
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined.
A. O. BEATON.  Proprietor.
Box 34 Uallv News Bldg
of all  kinds.
Prices rlRht.    Satisfaction guaranteed
M   McKenzie  St.
New  Spring  and  Bummer  Sultingu
j now  on  display.    See  them.     Perfect
,nt and workmanship guaranteed.    701
| Front Street.
Transfer Co,
Office  Phone   185.      Barn  Phon*   137
Begble str����t.
!      Baggage Detlveis-g Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
EXCELSIOR BARBER SHOP city op new wf��tm.n��tpo *<
Speolalty���Treatment of the scalp
by   Vlbro-Massage  and Glover's   Famous Stimulating Tonics,
DAVID BOYLE. 35 Eighth St.
stove, Canada's Pride Malleable
llangiis $1.00 down, lion per week
Canada Range Co., Market square
Bale i
n ami out of town,   Topping's
���/.    521    Westminster   Trust
mul  East  Burnaby.    Phones
Advertise in the Daily News
If you read THE NEWS
you get all the news.
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
Two snaps in the heart of
the city, one block from car
Corner, 100x100, all clear,
for $4500.   No. 49.
Corner 50x140, all clear,
$3500.   No. 48.
Two cottages to rent, $16
and $22.00.
House to rent, $25.00.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary Public
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
Notice in hereby given tbat tho firm
sitting Of llie Court of Revision on
the Assessment Roll for 1018 will bi
heiii nt tin. Counoil Chamber, Clt:
Hall, New Westminster, B.C., in the
llith ilny of April,  1913, at  11 n in.
Notice of any coiuplninlH must be
given  to  the    Assessmi nt Cotnmls
sloner   In   writing   at   leaHt   ten   itfl
previous to the sitting of the Court.
Dated at New Westminster, B.C.,
the 17th day of March, 1918,
(882) City  C'erk
while deploring the lightness wlthl A vast quantity of art treasures and
which In many cases the contracts are preolouB manuscripts his been Btored
unbroken, she yet holds thai once It i in ,h" monasteries, hm fur the mosl
has been entered Into it should be "'"', their contents, and even their
held Inviolate, character,    remained     entirely    un
It Ih  even  whispered   thai    Queen known.
Mar>   has  brought   her  Influence  to     '" the little and   mucb-fougbt-over
benron ihn subject toa very material hll of European land called High Al-
extent snd that government  Inaction I h&nla women have rather a bard time
wiih regard to the findings of the re-
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
Formerly at Bin Columbia St., now a*1
607 Front St.   Phone ll 1081.
New  Westminster.   B.C.
Real  Estate and  Business Chances.
Acreage   and   Choice   Fruit   Lands   a
wbo do not receive
ft n in   should
The News before
ind make complntnt. Only lu this way
may an efficient delivery l,e maintained.
. enl  .:,* ���
a iml. n
rco commission
. ounted for.
in  (hus  not
Contents of Seven Roomed House.
At  -IH4    (iarllelil    street.     Sapperton,
close to Capperton car terminus, on
J. II. Olbbon, auctioneer, wlll sell
iiiuler liiHtruetlntiH from the owner,
who Is leaving the city, at the above
plaee ami date aa followa: Extension
table, six cane bottomed dining chairs,
oak Morris chair and rocker, bed
lounge, centre table, mantle clocK,
cbi'tTimeer, enrpotn, rugs, three brass
mounted and two double bedstCadB
springs and mattresses, dressers and
standa, sewing machine, kitchen utensils, linoleum, etc., etc. Also nearly
new flrst class McClary Kootenay
range (six holes), two dozen chickens,
buggy and harness.
Terms cash.    No reserve.
J.  11. OIllllON.  Auctioneer.
OfTlce  101   Westminster Trust  Block.
Miono 1034. (1066)
Washington, April in. An efficient
navy, large and powerful enough to
maintain ihe nation's prestige, in the
policy of the new nitininiiitration, an
outlined today In the Navy League of
iho United Stales, in lis eighth annual convention, by Franklin I). Itoose-
velt, assistant Hcorotary of the navy.
Ills statement created enthusiasm,. II
was regarded an directly reflecting
the vlewH of Secretary Daniels and the
White  House.
Mr. HooBovelt called on the members of the lpagiie to aid In popularizing the naval estimate and declared
that as effective work could he done
outside the navy as within It. Ho
dwell on the need for Hiipport of the
Beoretary of the navy and the admin
Istratlon's naval policy.
"This Is not a question of war or
peace," he said. "I lake II there anils many advocates of arbitration and
International peace In lhe navy aH In
any other profession. Hut we are confronted with a condition the fact Hint
our nation has decided in the past to
have a fleet and that war is still a possibility."
Marriage among Albanian women does
not necessarily mean social emancipation, lull lhe spinsters have an even
more restricted horizon. Women
may not even eat with nn n or i.peiik
in them unless iii answer to a question, Tbey have absolutely no political slatiiB, no properly rights, BO privileges, no entitlement even lo an opinion.
The nnly chance they have to as-
:.erl HicmHclves In the smallest de-
-L'rce Ih when a "blood feud" exists In
which Ihelr men are Involved, In which
case the women transact all neces-
Kiiry family business. Mary Edith
Durham, an English artist and traveller, lellB of one alternate the Albanian girl has to be Bold Into marriage
or to "swear celibacy," a state that
is officially recognized and confers
Her vow In taken before fourteen
other unmarried -women, after which
idle Is permitted to dress, carry arms,
���md otherwise assume the hearing of n
man.    She then  may Inherit, land, do
her own farming, nnd be treated In
every way as Is her brother. These
Albanian girls are scorned by the
married women but respected by molt
Religious Worker Arrested.
I'ortervllle, Oil., Aprll 10,--Kay
Thomas, Sunday school teacher and
religions worker, Is undor arrest today, charged with Illegally selling liquor. Thomas teaches a class In the
Sunday school of the Elrst, Christian
church and is nn officer of Its Christian Endeavor society.
Germans Criticize Great Britain's Recent Legislation.
Herlln; April 11 There Iuih been a
good deal of discussion here of the
Ilrillsh air traffic regulations, While
some papers have pointed oul that
Ureal. Uritaln was only "following the
example Of (lerniany and   Riisnla" In
this respect
Captain von  I'uslau, writing In  Iho
"Tagllcbe Rundschau," complains bitterly uf tho "Intolerant" spirit of Mr.
t. m. Mccormick
Phnne 927.      Suit 19, B. C. E. R.  Depot, New Westminster B. C.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Corner of McKenzic and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house. Will give two years' lease. Apply
to Manager The New Westminster NeWB. SATURDAY,  APRIL  12,  1913.
Romance and Adventure
Cling to Old Sealers
With the sale by uction last summer at Point Kllice of tlio fleet ot
waling schooners which had fur long
been anchored in a picturesque clus-
ter in the upper harbor a romantic
feature of Victoria's waterfront has
passed. The business of pelagic sealing is gone.
The seal hunters have becn ousted
from the seas by the treaty made between the Canadian and United States
governments, This fleet of schooners
included many which had romantic
careers, muitf of which have been associated with romantic adventurers
whose deeds have furnished tho theme
tor many a writer, Including Kipling
und Htoyenson.
Ibe Casco was tbe yacht In which
Robert Units Stevenson made his
smith sen voyage; the Vera was the ;
notorious smuggler Halcyon; tho
Thomaa K. liayard waa a Now York [
pilot Iwat which figured ln romantic
tales, and there were many other
vessels, each with Ub tale of adventure.
Tbere  was  the  city of  San  Diego,
In which Alex McLean went flrat Into I
Hi ring Sea, and if that vessel had a |
voice  It could tell tales of the man
who was the "Sea Wolf" of Jack London  and   the  hero of  tho  stories  of
"The Three Hlack Crows,"  by  Frank ,
Norrls, the man for whom a number
of United Stales vessels wcre looking
In   1004,  when  ho took tho  schooner
Carmenclta out of this harbor  wllh
a fake Mexican flag to raid thc Cop-1
per Island rookeries, an attempt which I
lust  him  two men, shot by  the  Hus-,
Hiaii guards. i
Pelagic Sealing Character.
Many characters there had been on
the decks of these schooners, adven- i
Mr. ih, hardy men who recked not!
danger, who looked upon tit,- days |
ndi-ifl a' sea ill small open boats with [
oil hues out astern and no food to eat
when they were lost In the northern
i igi as but part of the day's work.
The   Flying    Iltitchman his    name
wm Captain Uus Hansen -was one of
tha characters of the Pelagic sealing
Industry,    Be in  dead, was drowned
when   endeavoring   to   assiHt   a   shipwrecked  crew  oil  the  west coast  of!
Vancouver Island,      Captain    Hansen
could tell of raids marie years ago at
Bea] rookeries, of how he went ashofe I
villi   :i   iKiitle  of  ruin  and  Inveighed j
Home Aleuts to lead him to the sail ,
house   of the Ichoob    at    St. Paul, of
raids at Robben h-inks, across Ihe Pi-,
cific and other things.
Few   Adventurers   Remain.
Few of the old-time adventurers ire
left.     Some few    remain.    The    Sea
Wi If nn longer limits seals;  he runs '
ii small harbor tug at Vancouver.
Captain   Balcom,   w-ho  was  on    rr
the  Imprisoned  captains  in  the  Rj-5-
sbin henhouse at PetropavlovskI wh 'll !
iir. Russian cruiser Zeblaka seled Lhse
schooners Maria, Carmelite, Hosle Ol- j
son   and   Vanoouver   Ilelle  nud   ,o..k j
the   scalers   to   the   Kamchotkn.   port. I
where their adventures Enve Rudy ard
Kipling the  lev!  for his story. "The
Devil  nml  the  Deep Sea." Is now directing   the   fleet   encaged   In   stcu-.'
whaling   off     the     nrillnh     Columbia
Winy Gone to Japan.
Capt. Dan Macauley. who oneo calmly invited himself to dinner with the
commandant of the Russian rookery
guards at Commanderofski Islands
while his men took Iheir spoil from
lh" honk, now commands a tugboat
which brings logbooms from the northern coasl. Many hnve gone to Japan to cast their lot with the Japanese sealers, anil some have command
of Japanese schooners, nmong Ihem
Captain J. C, Voss, who made an ad
venturous cruise nrounil the world In
an Indian canoe decked over and fitted with masts and canvas Some of
tbose who went to Japan were recaptured by the Russian cruiser Gromo-
hol nnd taken to Vladivostok when
Russia nnd Japan wero at war.
The"Thre�� Sealera."
Those who havo rrad the masterful
drama, "Rhyme of Ihe Three Scalers"
h yltudyard Kipling probably liitle
knew that it was founded on the stor
len of ihe voyage to the Robben hank
nnkerles frcm Yokohama of the
schooners Arctic and Silver Fleece;
both vessels have since been lost at
Another romantic ndvc-lnre of ihe
pelagic scnlrrs was wit"-*1 Cs-'.aln Din
Macauley weni one dull April mor"ins
with his '-hooner He-itr'-- - she after
wards hscame tho A-Mle PTplorlnr
Holiocr, Duchess rt Bedford, and
was lost In the no-ih-rrn Ice ���and anchored ' ff the H"sslan seal rookeries
Bl Ibe CommEndsrofskl islnnds.
The ItMSsln-i commandant and his
men did not observe the schooner ln
the fog Tliere were twenty-four men
in the sealer and fifteen of Ihem land
i .1 carrying rifles and went directly
to the little fert nt the rookery, where
Capt Macauley called on 'ho com
mandanl and told the CToltort Rus
sinus he hnd come to raid the seal
Ing ground.
Overawed Russian Forces.
He Informed tlie commnndnnt lhat
bis ten men could nol cope with Iwon-
lyf.iur and lhal hc might as woll look
nt Ihe matter In a proper light. Ile
had brought a bottle of whiskey
nMinrc nnd he suggested that the
commandant have a drink, lie did.
For several days Ihe sealer chummed
���wllh Ihe commandant while his mate
directed Ihe men who clubbed seals
���nn the hauling ground and then the
Re&Tlcn put off to sea Just as the
Bmoke of a Russian gunboat was seen
III  the dlslnnce,
Alex Mcl.enn. while In command nf
the Jamas aHmllton  Lewla, hailing
from Seattle, was found off Copper
lsl-inil-i hv n Ilusslnn mnn of-war and
when the ship vim about to seize the
���schooner the adventurer mnnagod lo
���disable the C'nr's vessel hy throwing
nn  anchor  chain  over  tho  propeller,
nnd Balled away.
When be put out. nn one vov.ige
wllh the schooner Sophie Sutherland,
fl Dane, one Sorenseif told him a tale
or treasure In an Islnnd temple In thn
Solomons which a few resolute men
could gel, nnd the Sen Wolf. Instead
eif going senllng. stnrted south after
the treasure, to rind that he had noon
handed n gold brick. In disgust he
left Sorenson on the Island.
Raid of the Carmenclta.
In 1B04 ho took tho Bchooncr Car-
niencila from San Francisco under
a Ml xuan ling. Those who provided
an outfit for the voyage wero indicted
and fined by the United States au-
thoritiea, hut McLean went to Copper
lBlandB to mako a raid. He had presumed that the guard would be with
drawn because of the war. and when
he started his boats landward toward
the rookery tliere was a fusllade from
shore and two men wero Bhot. The
Bea Wolf was thereafter chased hy
several revenue cutters, but he managed to elude them and brought the
Carmenotta Into Victoria, where Bhe
was sold by thc admiralty court to
satisfy claims fer wages.
Many, Indeed, are the stories that
could bo,told of Ihls sealing fleet.
whose business in gone. Some of the
vessels have been the scene of great
fights, some have carried away prize
crews placed on them, some have
madi> mysterious voyages of which
none of their crews would ever speak
there have be��n hints of smuggling
of large amounts of opium landed a'
Honolulu, of loads ef contraband Chin
ea", one or two have been to Cocos
Island after the famed Peruvian treasure, the golden statutes of LILma'f
cathredrals and millions ln gold, silver
nnd Jewels, for which many have vain
ly  sought.
The crews of Bome suffered hard
ships, were lost at sea in their amall
sealing boats, to drift for dayB, llv
Ing on the carcasses of the seals they
had killed, and scarcely a one of them
has not a romantic tale.���Victoria Colonist.
put forward ln a pamphlet by Herr woman's order of Ionise and the Ser-
I Ziuimermann, is that the titled nobil- vicc Cr08a for Wom(.n and gplngtprg
jity should be Increased only from the
ranks of the untitled nobility.   A man
The Service Cross has got bo common
already  "von"  might be made a bar- tbal J��kea about It are made on the
on. count or prince;  but a mere huBl- stage of the Metropole Theatre.   The
jness man without the "von" had no'new order  will probably he for girls
and  women   who have  distinguished
"Historical   Pact"   of  Past Monarchs.
merclal Success���Heralds Office
and  Old  Nobility Object.
Kaiser Would Like to Recognize Com-1    The herald's office here raises the lhemselv(-'s In nursing or social work.
contention of "the    historical    pact."!    And everyone who wants It wlll get
This pact, it sayB,  is an understand-  It,  until the  rival  order  holders  being of past monarchs  with the titled  gln to K���)wl  that order9 aru n0 ,
Prussian  nobility  that    the    nobility ,     ,    .. _.   .
were members of a limited clasa that ger a <!�����*���������*���"*>��������� ���&>** makes trou-
should be Increased only Blowly and *������*- fur Kaiser Wilhelm. On the other
Judiciously. If this rule Is violated hand, If he gives no new distinctions,
every new baron or count decreases | there will  be more trouble, becauae
the distinctions have become so com-
comej around next June, when Kal-
Bor   Wilhelm   will   be   a  quartcr-of-a-
The fact  Ib, hundreds of deserving
Famous Chief Scout Pays Tribute   tc
His Ectter  Half���Sauce Pan  Was
Sole   Utensil.
London, Aprll 11.���To emphasize thi.
usefulness of "tITe woman who can do
things In an emergency" and of thc
Clrl Guides' movement, General Sir
Robert. H-.iicn-1'owell narrated recent
experiences of himself and Lady fla
den-Powell In Algeria to an Sudlenci
attending a Scouts' display at Park-
stone, Dor-sit, on a recent evening.
The occasion was Ihe presentation
of colors and badges to the local
Sccuts, known as "Lady Under,1
Powell's Own," and Lady Badeii-1'nw-
ell accompanied her husband, to whom
the was married In October hoi.
Lived  Simple  Life.
"Vou fro a lady here tonight," Baid
General Baden-Powell, "in a beautiful
black hat nnd white conl. I saw her
not so long ago in wbnt is the feminine for sliirt sleeves?- I laughter I
scrubbing out a saucepan. We wen
living the pimple life in the desert.
We had only one pan. and that was a
saucepan. It hnd to do for fryinr
our fish In the morning and also for
boiling our coffee In.
"Aftir tin- lady had done th-f frier1
fish she had to get rome grass root!
and snnd and scrub the pot out bo thai
we conld make our coffee in it. Tht
lady was quite able to do It. and Bhi
did lt well. She alse did the wash
"But," General Baden -Powell added
"1 must stand up for the scouts and
the mere man she had to fall back
upon me to do the Ironing." (Laugh
Prima  Donna's Potatoes
Oeneral Baden-Powell also told nf n
visit he paid to Mme. Melba at her
home, where he found her digging potatoes In the garden. "That Is what
I like to. sfo," he said; "women able to
do things."
In impressing upon the gathering
the Scout motto, "Re prepared," thc
general said he knew from oapari
nice in South Africa lhat Rrfgland was
then unprepared. She did not think
the war would come off. That was the
mistake we were apt to make; we did
not prepare for what was posBihlc, but
only prepared for what waB probable.
London, April ll. ���Because the lao*
Industry of Kngland has not been glv
rn tariff protection, a prominent manufacturer of Nottingham Ikib enrried
out his threat and moved his entire
lace establishment to the town of
Rnab In Hungary.
While It Is not at sll likely that the
lace makers of Nottingham will reek
foreign tariff protection, the tlrel step
In this direction has Caused much uneasiness and considerable speculation
as lo the future on the part   of   the
The Hungarian Government offered
the Kngiish manufacturer verv liberal
Inducements He Is given n free site
for his factory on the hanks or the
Danube, freedom from local taralion
for ten years and Imperial taxation for
flflecn venrs, and a cash grant of $17,-
Ofid The only stipulation is that after
the lapse of a reasonable time, native
labor shall be employed.
The lace makers of Nottingham
have long claimed lhat Ihelr Industry
would he killed unless a tariff was es
tahllshed to give them nome protection from foreign competitors.
New York, Aprll 11 The government withdrew today a diamond en-
gnmrmi nt ring from Hie left hand of
a young woman in order to protectlho
creditors of a firm Involved In Involuntary bankruptcy proceedings.
It also removed n bracelet from her
wrist and n lavnlllere from about her
Judge Mayer In federal court was
Informed by the receiver of FIIhh
Brothers K Gordon, clothing manufacturers, lhal Max Gordon, one of the
partners, had bought JH00 worth of
Jewelry for a young woman Just before the bankruptcy petition was
Gordon explained that the young
woman wns his fiancee, snld the receiver, and hn had thought the firm's
business was prosperous. Tho girl
was In court and Judge Mayer directed her to surrender the Jewelry.
Berlin,   April   11.���Kaiser   iWlhelm
Buffers  from headache, and  the hair
of Excellence von Valontlni, chief of \he" vai'ue" of existing titles
hiB  Becret  civil   cabinet,  is   turn ng |    ,.If the kinR of Prugg|a makeg titles
white.   It Is all over the Jubilee, which | without end, then the old Prussian no-  mon "*"���*��� every    man���or    woman���
" ���������'���-���������  "-I   jjj]|ty   w|j|  be  tempted  to  repudiate feels injured lf left without one.
their own titles.    With merchant and !    Altogether, Kaiser Wilhelm and his
financial  counts  and  even  princes It  secret   civil   cabinet   aro   up   agaiuBt
will be a great distinction not to have a difficult problem, and It ls no won-
-and undeserving���persons want or-1 a ,|tle �� der that they have headaches and that
ders,  decorations,  titles  and dlstinc-1    mh(,r Herman classes that have any ' their hair turns white,
tlons;  while hundreds of other per- distinction are In the same nervous
aons, equally deserving���or undeserv- apprehension  as ls  the titled  nobil-
lng���think that uo orders, decorations lty    ��� Ka|ger wilhelm presents some
or distinctions should be given at all. palac<, door-opener wltb the fifth class _ ��� ���,     ,    ���
They say that lavish Wilhelm has al-1��, the Hohenzollern House order, then |Docto,'�� �������*���* *>* c"e of Lady 8sc-
ready given enough, and that he de- a, who a)ready have that fifth clasa     _   .    ., r***7< ���"Alsace,
predates badly their value by giving Krowl that orders are becoming com-     Parl8' APrU �����--" seems tbat Eur-
more. mon, and losing their worth, loDe.  *��,  has  Its "Typhoid  Maries."
Kaiser WIlhelm'B civil cabinet and j The same feeling actuateB Ger- or germ-carriers, who, while themBel-
thc kindly Prussian college of heralds many.g numeroUB commercial council-,JeB ln Perffct health, spread all round
are up to their necks In this momen- iorg A "commercial councillor" Is aithe contagion of typhoid fever,
tous problem, and neither gets any Hch manufacturer, storekeeper or fin-! VA 8hort time ?g0 MUe- ���>au��en *as
further, William II. Is democratic, ancler_ who |n theory ha3 rendered *hf; secretary of a business man-at
and he shows this by levelling up, by ���<,������, ^.^t service to the empire's Coln>ar. a town in Alsace. One day
trying to givo every German some-_ economic Interests. Iin reality, he is another girl in the household fell 111
thing that will make him feel better a man who ha8 enrlched himself, and wAth -TUmM. A fortnight later two
than anyone else. perhaps  given   some  fraction  of his "l**��� members of  the  family  were
His present highly desirable aim ia wealth to charity science or art. The "r'eken with the same complaint. In
:o give titled nobility to some of the competition for the post of commer- the few weekB that Allowed there
���;reat men who are spreading German ci���i councillor is keen. ,were eleven other cases.
commerce and cigars all over the i jt |g equalled only by the competl- Tne doctors were completely baffled
earth. In this he does not succeed. t|on among commercial councillors''" a 'ong tlme. an<* then ,0,UDd lD
He gives them the un-noble rank of for the higher title of privy commer- Mlle Hansen a terrible example of a
"Kommcr-zelnrat." which Is "commer- ciai councillor. And whenever Kaiser "bacillus-carrier," Without the sllght-
clal councillor," and means that the wilhelm has a modest birthday. Jiibi- eBt "l-effcct to herself, she carried ln
recipients will be laughed at in the jee or *Cf,w year celebration nil the her digestive system innumerable mil-
LiiBtlge Blatter. r|ch business men look out for these  lions of t>'Pho!d microbes.
He gives thern more rarely the parti- titles;    and    many���too     many���get
cle of nobility,, "von."    That makes them,
them   equivalent  to   Frenchmen   who
put  "de"  before their names, and  to j       "Jubilee  Title-Strewing  Year."
untitled  English   squires. Endowing a local museum or rescu- case, wrote, asking her to come to its
Chafes Under Restraint. ing a charity from poverty la a good  Paris headquarters for treatment ;but
There are a few Mendelssohns, Sch- way to become a commercial council- only with the greatest difficulties
wabachs. Friedlandr-r-Pulds and other lor. It is a small reward cumpared were the railways persuaded to take
financial magnates who have got thus with the reward given In other coun- her as a passenger,
high. But lo give them a noble title tries where the charitable man gets Since her arrival here Dr. Metchni-
is beyond WIlhelm'B power. And this an hereditary tille. But il is worth koff and his assistants have made a
intensely  offends   the   German   mer- having. thorough examination and have found
chant millionaire, who in England or And whenever the title strewing her system saturated with lhe proteus
Austria would have the rank of bar- time i.�� near the newspapers teem microbe, which is one of tho chief
onet. peer or baron. with. "Herr Skujipe's" newly awaken-  causes of infant mortality and which
It Is known that Wilhelm does not  cd Interest In chemical science.    And
approve of this state of affairs.    He  191.1  is a Jubilee,  title-strewing year.
That explains why the Frankfurter
Zeitung statistician says that in 1912
there were twice the number of normal charitable donations.
"Commercial Councillor" ha* now-
become so common that it has lost
Its    millionaire-hinting    value     Herr
The unfortunate girl, after being
avoided like a mediaeval leper, was
isolated In a fever sanitarium. The
Pasieur Institute, on  hearing of the
Style it that indefinable
something that lends
character and distinction
to the appearance.
you get the work of the greatest
designers of Men's Suits and
Overcoats in Canada. These
men are artists, who originate
the styles that well-dressed
men are pleased to wear.
Acme Clothing
C. M. Green, Manager.
dor-6 nol see why there should not be
as easily a Count Mendelssohn In Ger*
many as there was a Baron Ilirch in
But the Herald's office is higher
than Kaiser Wilhelm. Kaiser Wilhelm. In 19Q6, proposed that men who
had rt-nderrd grent aervlces to eGr- Zimmermann, the expert, says that
many in business spheres should have."the average wealth of the men thus
the possibility to rise to the rank of honored by Hie Kaiser has declined
Huron (Freiherr) or Count (Gran, by nearly forty per cent, during the
His civil cabinet elaborated the last fifteen years." This fact has crea
spheres. Bul here the Herald's office ted "an aristocracy and a plebeian
stepped  In and mad ��� trouble. class" among the commercial council-
It   pointed   out   politely  that  lt  ex- lors. "Commercial Councillor A Imad
Ists, not hy virtue of royal favor, hut in  18*971   looks  down
as a representative of nobilitv. titled Councillor B  [made In 19111   not  be-
and untitled,  of Prussia.    And It  de- couse B is a junior but hecause he is
clared to Wilhelm that while he has probably a poorer man."
a   right   to   choose   what   individuals    Kaiser's New Order is Compliment,
he will give titles to  he has no right      DesWte lhe plethora ot distinctions,
to bring In a new class of men With- Kaiser Wilhelm  is nbout  to create a
out consulting the nobility. |new one.    lt will be an order for wo
The berald'B office theory, which Ib  men.     At   present   Wilhelm   has
serves as a cover for thc Eherth typhoid microbes and colli-bacllli.
By  careful  treatment  the  proteus ]
was  eliminated  and  the  Ebcrth  mi
corhea were sterilized after four antl
typhoid vaccinations.
5*- 'PHONE890
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Berlin. April 11.���To the list of adjuncts of modern life that bring new-
diseases is now added radiotelegraph?
The German physicians who have
juet discovered the disease call it wireless sickness, lt consists ot anaemia
Commercial with a marked diminution In the number of red corpuscles in the blood.
The doctors ascribe it partly to the
unhygienic surroundings of wireless
operators, who generally work in tiny
rooms, and partly to the over etherization of the air they breathe by reason of the alternating currents used
to generate thc waves.
w R. OILLEY, Phene 122. Q. E. OILLEY, Phone 2��t
Phone*, Offleg 16 and 11.
Giiley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will se\\ for cash only
If you read THE, NEWS you get all the news.
All Telephones
Lead to
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold psyable in all parts of the world.   Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streeta
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
That's the number cf thc phone in the business office of
When you need help in your home, want to find anything lost, havc a house or lot for sale or to rent, call 999
and have a little quick-action classified ad. inserted in The
News. Saves you worry and bother; does the work, and
costs little.
A full line of Spring Tweeds, Serges and Worsteds for
both ladies' and gentlemen's suits.
Eighth Street. Dunsmulr Block
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
We know that News classified ads. do the work, because dozens of satisfied users tell us so���but you can find
��ut for yourself by testing their power.
Bltulithic on Second Street, Nei Westminster, with Boulevard Down
the Centre.
Hitulithlc is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy on
horses' foot, and, above all, particularly durable. For theso reasons
Bltulithic la c&mmonded highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, and city officials. It hss been adopted by fifteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred in the United States.
Columb'a Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone 8eymour 7130.      714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver. r      PAOB EIGHT
8ATUROAY, APRIL  12,  1911
"PAY    CA8H    IT   WILL    PAY
And it is in
awfully good
working   order.
We wish to emphasize the
quality o' this article. It is of
a special blend, Indian and C*y-
Ion and a much of Japan, all tins
and no stems. Fine flavor an.l
iroma.   Try a pound, 50c.
"Our Special" Coffee, Java
and Mocha beans, specially selected and carefully blended. We
grind It freBh for 40c. Ib.
"Our Special Jelly Powders
Kxtra quality and -with our personal guarantee behind them;
3 pkgs. 25c.
"Our Special Bulk Olives.
I,arge and of very extra choice
pack;   ptr qt. 35c.
Davles1  Kggs   3 dozen $1.00
Public Supply Stores
moved from the Bceno of the accident of a number of lengthy vlaita has lived
to St. Mary's hospital where his here ever Bitiec. At tho bedside were
wounds were attended by Dr. ScoU, her two sons Emerson and Cecil, her
of Kraser Mills. I daughter.    Eunice,    and two    sisters.
Miss    Odin, of St. Pelersburgh.    and
Vlnns for the new Baptist frame
church in Snperton have been completed and aprpoved.
City Grocery���Special today, fresh
strawberries.   Phone 1100.
Mr. J. C. Boyce of the Dominion
Hating and Mercantile Company was
absent from the city visiting Coquitlam yesterday afternoon.
Second hand sewing machines for
sale from $10 up. C. N. Edmondson &
Co., comer Sixth avenue and Twelfth
street. (1074)
There will bo a memorial service
Sunday evening in the Salvation Army
hall ln memory of the late Mr. S. F.
Arrangements have been made
whereby the special car which will
take the I. O. 0. F. Encampment
brethren to Chilliwack this afternoon
will leave the B. 9. E. II. depot at 4:3��
Instead of 5 o'clock as was previously
A. llardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 231. (968)
All girls, no matter what school
they are attending even the high
school, are permitted to vote in the
contest for the Queen of the May for
1913, which will start on Monday anil
extend over the whole of next week.
The polling booths are The News anil
the British Columbian offices. Thc
boys are barred from voting.
An executor is one (individual
or company) appointed by you
to take charge of your affairs
after you are gone, and do with
them as you have instructed.
Whero a Will la not made appointing an executor, then the!
law appoints an administrator���
One In whose appointment you
have no voice, and one who must
dispose of your estate in the
shortest lime possible, and divide the proceeds according to
law, which very likely is not as
you  would  have wished.
Tbis shows the importance of
making a Will now while all
your faculties aro clear, and
while you can give your beBt
judgment to the matter.
This company is organized
and ia authorized by special act
of the legislature to act aa executor.
II glVcS its whole time to that
particular work, it necessarily
has knowledge and experience
not poBBlhle lo an individual.
Call in anil see rome of our
Directors or Officers wlm will
be glad to discuss your problems with ynu in strict confidence, anil without any cost to
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
Free   Lecture.
Creator ?    Royal
Is  God  or Chance
theatre  Sunday,    7
A variety concert will be given under tho auspices of the "Political Equality League" ln 8t. George's hall,
on Friday, April 11, at 8 p. m., by
the Westminster Concert Society. Special feature, male quartette. Don't
miBs a good laugh! Tickets 25c to
be had at ltoyal Studio, 610 Columbia
street. U041)
Magistrate Edmonds will hand out a
Sentence  this  morning  upon  Charles
Martin found guilty yesterday in po
lice    court    of the theft of a
boat and some gear.
Mrs.  T.   II.   Smith,  of  Victoria.    An
other sister resides In Syracuse and n i
brother in California.
Mr. Etmerson Wamsley win accompany the body on Monday to Florida. ,
where Interment  will  lake place    in
the family plot In SI. 1-Vtorsburgh, al I
which place her husband predeceased j
her about 12 years ago.
William Bowman, accused of theft
of an old auto .tire waB yesterday allowed a chance to make restitution to
the owner of the tire, lie is scheduled
to appear again in court this morning.
Arrangements have been made to
hold the second annual ball of the
Graduate Nurses of tlie Hoyal Columbian hospital In St. Patrick's hall on
Friday evening, April 25.
Owing to a rapid increase In the
number of toll calls used by the residents of New Westminster with outside points tho officials of the B. U.
Telephone company are installing a
two position recording board in placo
of the one position board now In use.
DEANE��� By the death yesterday of
Mr. P. J. Deane In this city, Brltlsn
fishing Columbia loses one of Its pioneer
'journalists. Mr. Deane was well known
in the earlier days on the coast. Ile
was for a time Interested with M.
Hewett Bostock In the publication of
the Province, a weekly paper ln Victoria In 1896. This paper was Inter
removed to Vancouver and ultimately
became the Vancouver Dailv Province.
Mr. Deane was connected with sntnn
up country newspapers for a time ond
also engaged in politics.
His demlBe Ib mourned by his
widow and a daughter, Marguery. The
remains are at S. Bowell'i underfill-:
Ing parlors. The funeral announcement will be made later.
A unique method of enquiring about
British Columbia was discovered by
Mr. Martin Monk yesterday while selling a fisherman a flax net made in
Ireland. A note was found in the net
from Mr. Nat May, Maghcralave, nursery, Antrim, Ireland, ueking about
British Columbia aB he hopes 10 locate
here next summer.
Saturday Savings in Purchases Make Your Dollars
Go One-third Further
50 dozen open fronts, made from choice percales, cords, dainty pin stripes in
blues, blacks and helitrope. Special of- d��i ft ft. o* C %\*IW lWt\
fering for Saturday, each       ��P 1 .UU, OlX lOV ��J>O.OU
DEANS���The funeral of the late C.
B. Deans waB held yesterday from the
family home, 33!) Eleventh street
cortege left the house at 11:30
New York, April 10���If the woman
suffragists lose the right to parade
on Fifth aVcnue. they will retaliate
with a boycott on Fifth avenue shops,
according to the threats made todav
by many of the prominent women
suffrage workers.
At the instigation of the Fifth
Avenue Association, an ordinance is
pending ia the board of aldermen
seeking to stop many of the numerous
parades which are held on the avenue
every year, and among the organizations to be excluded are the women
The suffragists.
and!    "We will make Madison avenue Ihe
City Grocery���Special today, fresh
celery and asparagus.   Phone 1100.
Losing control of her bicycle while
riding down Second street yesterday
afternoon Miss Edith d'Easum received a had shaking and numerous facial
bruises. The young lady waB knocked
unconscious by the impact with the cement pavement but Bhe recovered a
little later and her parents last evening reported that no serious Injuries
had been sustained.
W, Day, electrician, agent for Hgi
Point IronB; fixtures and wiring ol
all kinds. Phone 1269, 28 Sixth street
opposite Postofflce. (977)
The usual patrons of the stock auction sale at the city market yesterday
morning were agreeably surprised to
find some thoroughbred Holsteins in
Ihn market stables which they anticipated would be offered for auction. It
proved, however, that the stock was
being held In the stables awaiting
transportation to the new farm leased
by the government at Ladner recently
for pasturing the surplus stock of the
Colony Farm.
On Chong Co., merchant tailors.
New arrival of spring goods. Ladies
and gentlemen's suits at reasonable
prices. 413 Columbia street; Burr
Block and 24 Mclnnis street.       (9691
The total value of the building permits issued at the building inspector's
office so far this month Is $31,0110
For tho five days of this week the
total was $7650. This is somewhat below the average for the same period in
April of last year. The largest permits issued yesterday were for two
houses to bo erected on Tenth street
by Robert Henderson at the cost of
$1500 each. They will each have five
City Grocery���Phone 1100 today for
fre6h fruit and vegetables.
Oet yonr lawn mower ground al
Swanson's, Ilegbie street. We have
ipocial machinery for doing this work
Surveyors from tlie city engineering
proceeded to St. Aaiden's Presbyter- \ peacock avenue of New York In place
ian church, where services were held of Fifth avenue," declared Miss Jes*i!e
bv itev. Mr. Dunn, other ministers Ashley, ' former secretary of the
assisting after the service. The body. National Woman Suffrage Association
accompanied by a large number of. "With 10,000 of us we can soon Bet |
friends and members of the Knights the fashion."
ot Pythias, proceeded to the B. C. E. I    It was also declared that  word to'
II.  depot  whero they were entrained  boycott Fifth avenue shops would  '      ,
on a special car for Jackman. 'passed   on   so   far   as possib       ��� ���'! Ifl
The special funeral train was met visiting and suburban suffragists If
bv motor cars and carriages and pro. the anti-parade ordinance was passed.
ceeded   to   the  cemetery.    Rev.   Mr. j    The annual parade of suffraElsts is
scheduled  for May 3, to  be held as
usual on Fifth avenue.
Men's |1.25 'Tweed Caps cut to
Men's $1.50 Fancy Striped Shirt
cut to   $1.00
Men's $3.00  Felt llata    cut    to
Mon's $2.50  Felt  Hats    cut    to
Men's $5.OS    Sweaters    cut    to
Men's 50c Silk Ties   cut to
Men's  $1.50  Blue  Indigo Shirts
out t"   $1.00
Fifty dozen Men's Fancy Lisle Sox;
stripes, open work and solid colors;
somo styles have sold as high as 50o
per pair. Take your pick Saturday.
per pair 25c
Ladles'  $10.00   Silk  Jersey   Messa-
line  Dress  Skirts  cut  to
Ladies' $i.r,(i Combination Suits cut
*��   $1.10
$65.00 Satin  Suits cut to
Fifty dozen Ladies' Black Cotton
Hose; elastic top; seamless and excellent value at 35c. Saturday's price,
per pair 25s
500   New   Waisls
for Ladies
came today. Dainty, handsome styles that are the
greatest values yet offered.
I1.3S  Wliltc   Muslin     Waists    cut
10   75��t
$1.50 Lace and Muslin  Waists cut
�����   $1.00
$1.00 Taffeta  and    Pongee   Waists
cut to  $2.95
$35.00 Cloth  Suits cut lo
$27.60 Cloth SultB cut to
$20.00  Wool  Suits cut to
?15.0U   Silk  Dresses  cut  to
���    $11.50
$4.60 Navy and    Black   Mescaline
Waists cut to $3.65
Dunn took charge of the service, after
which the beautiful service of the
K. of P. was rendered by Bro. F. P.
The following were among the
numerous floral contributions: William Braid & Co. I Vancouver), employees Deans store, Mr. and Mra.
Alderman Henley, Mr. and Mrs. J
Peters, Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Deans,
Granite lodge K. of P., Mr. and Mrs.
\V. Turnbull, Mr. and Mrs. W. Mc-
Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Captain Ford.
Mr. and Mrs. D. McLauglilan and
family. It. C. McKay. Mr. and Mrs. C.
A. Welsh, Mr. and Mra. George Blake
ley, Mr. and Mrs. W. Mercer, Mr. and
Mrs, D. Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Ludlow,
ladies of St. Alden's church, Mrn
Shortreed, sr��� Duncan Sbortreed,
Tb.pm.aB Shortreed, Mr. and Mrs. John
Frazer. Katie Bruskle, Mr, and Mrs. .).
Engine, Mr. and Mrs. J. Watson. Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. Montgomery, B. and K.
employees, Mr. and Mrs. Howay and
family, Mr. and Mrs. F. Habile, S. T.
Creelman, Balmoral Baseball club, Mr.
and Mrs. Kellington, executive of Lib
Oral association, B. Olmslead. Harry
.'ripps. Mr. and Mrs. Sbortreed, Mr
nnd Mrs. A. J. Mercer, Mr. and Mrs.
.7. H. Urant, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
SyncOOK, Mr. and Mrs. 13. J. Bougben.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Brlggon, Leeson
Dickie & Gross Co., Mr. and Mrs.
Brencblay, Mr. Joe Foster, Mrs. II.
Crake,  Mrs. Whiteside,  Mr. and  Mrs.
E. Brown,  Alderman nnd  Mrs.  Dodd
F. .leal, F. P. Watson, S. G. Tidy and
E. H. Hogg.
The following acted as pall bearers:
Mr. John Gibson and Rev. Collins, St.
Aldan's, and Mr. Alec Ferguson, Mr.
John Manning, Mr. Thomaa Hembro
and W. Mercer, Granite luge, K. of P
vVAMSLBY���Many New Westminster  citizens  will   regret  to  learn  of
Develop Alaskan Resources.
Washington, April 11.--Plans for
opening Alaskan ri.��0urceB to development aB quickly ns possible are being considered by President Wilson.
B. jThe president said today he hid given
this matter extensive study before his
inauguration and realized that the
first task was the selection of a governor. He intended to appoint a resident of AlaBka and had several names
under consideration.
Carpet Department���Special for Saturday
200 sample ends, V/2 yards long, ends fringed.   Special Saturday, each $1.00
674-678 Columbia Street New Westminster
The special car with tho I. O.
O. F. Encampment brethren
who are visiting Chilliwack
this afternoon will leave this
city at 4:30 o'clock Instead of
5 o'clock, as was announced in
yesterday's paper. (1072)
Buying Westminster property, whether for a home or speculation. Announcements of the early improvement of the streets will send prices up in the
West End, where many people are arranging to build during the coming summer.
See our list of building lots, and improved property.
We can deliver two lots on Connaught Hill, near the car line, for $750 both,
on very easy terms, quarter cash, .ba,lance 6,12 and 18 months.
Two choice lots overlooking the Delta and Fraser river, close to tram station at Connaught Hill, $1000 both, quarter cash, balance on easy payments.
Six roomed house on a fifty foot lot on River Drive, $2300; $500 cash and
the balance as rent.
Two modern 4-room houses near Queen's Park, $2400 and $2600 respectively, on your own terms.   Small cash payment down.
department have concluded the work'the   death   yesterday  of   Mrs.   Louise
preparatory to the laying of a new Ethel WamBley at the age o��88 years
sidewalk on Seventh street. The lumber is now being delivered on the
Job, and Boon tbe old also many
hilled���pathway will be relegated to
the "has been" list.
Come lo the cluck cafeteria supper
and sale nf home cooking at St. Andrew's lecture room Thursday, ilu* lTih
from 4 to S o'clock. (1060)
Although uot unexpected lier demisi
will he mourned by her many relatives
and friends not only In (fiis city, bul
In Syracuse, New York, at which
j place she was born.
Deceased came to New Westminster
3S years ago and with  tha exception
Bananas at, per dozen   30c
Oranges, per dozen 25c to 50c
Eating Apples 3% lbs. for 25c
Cooking Apples  5 lbs. for 25c
Lettuce      3 for 10c
Spinach   3 lbs. for 25c
Rhubarb, per lb 10c
\ ABparagus, per lb 15c
j Celery   15c
.Spring  Onions, per bunch    5c
Radishes,  per  bunch    5c
Groceries, Fish and   Produce.
Phone 98, 447 Columbia St-
Call now and inspect ouri
complete   line   of   Sprinp-jj    Wcstminster Trust Bl<��ck and 746 Columbia Street        New Westminster, B.C.
High   Class
Fresh Garden Seeds
now in. s
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS,
Ying Tni and Co.. imporler of Chin
SBS and Japanese Kilk dry goods, gro
cerles, provisions, boots and shoes
and general merchandise, Corner fol
umlila nnd Mclnnls streets. I'licne
114.    Labor by  contract  i.r  by  d*iv
Dominion Advisory Engineer l-'r'n-
man arrived yesterday morning at Coqultlam and Immediately started oul
f. r Coqultlam lake In company with
Alderman Bryson, Mr. <; u. Q. Conway, Mr. Watson, superintendent of
the city waterworks and others who
met hlm at the station. In the afternoon Mayor dray and Cily Engineer '"'������-""���'
Blackman left this cily to Join lhe l!
party at Lake Coqultlam, An inspection will be made of the dam and the
II. ('. E. It. construction works this
morning following which the party
will return to New Westminster arriving here sometime tonight.
Fcrty years In use, 20 yeirs th"
Standard, prescribed and recommend
ed by physicians. For Women's All
ments, Dr. Martcl's Female Pil's, at
your druggist.
Boundary Bay
Phone 43;  L. D. 71;   Res. 72.
New Westminster, B. C.
To Builders and Contractors This
is what you have been looking for,
now tako advantage of It. We are
carrying in stock from 1000 to 200i!
yards of building material. The following nro out rotall prices to consumers at the bunkers: Crushed
rock, pea gravel and coarBO gravel,
$1 per yard; coarse concrete sand
and river snnd, 60c per yard. We are
also prepared to furnish English'
cement, hard plaster and lime at a
moment's notice. Special prlceH given
to wholesalers by arrangement. We
hnve the llnest biinkerH In II. C. and
we Invite your Inspection at any time
II. ('. Transport Co., Ltd. (10211
As-the result, of a blasting nccident
which 'occurred ill the vicinity of
Mllliardvllle yesterday Wilfred Dup
Han Is lying in St, Mary's hospital
suffering a fractured leg. a broken arm
and several minor bruises. The accident occurred on tbo Pitt river road
where Diiplinn waa engaged in clearing land.    The Injured man was    re-
Maple    Beach    Park,    being a sub
division of lhe   historic   old Whalen
estate at Point Roberts, Wash., is al
lust on the market In Soxloo feet loin
fronting   broad  streets  and   with   perpetual    beach    privileges.    This    ha��
imp ground  for  scores ol
looal  people, for years.    The lots an
selling   fast,   many   people   procuring
the  locations  they  had occupied    as
tenants for years.   Prices t'l'.ii) and up
wards, easy terms,   Sole agents,
700 Columbia Street, City.
To Clear at
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
646 Columbia Street
Phone 453
White, Shiles & Co.
Ladies   and
Lorne   Street,   New   Westminster
GOG Main Street, Vancouver
Henry W. Savage Offers His Biggest Musical Comedy
Seats on sale  now at Tidy, the  Florist'B,  739
Prices 50c to $1.50.
Columbia Street.
Home For Sale
Is  a  splendid home for Bale cheap,    ln a good locality near Queens Park and new school.
It haB  seven   large  -comfortable rooms  with  every  modern  Convenience;  full basement;  on a large lot, 6Sxi32 feet.
This place Ib below value and   the  terms  arc  such   that  almost
anyone can handle It.
PRICE,  $4400,  $750 CASH,  balance monthly,   lf you want to buy
a home let ua show you tbis place.
Agents for Pacific Coast  Steamship Ce.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployersf   Liability,  Automobile   and
Marine  Insurance.
with an efficiency
equal to the best Gasoline Engine���so that
the "YALE" stands
strong for ECONOMY.
Made  In  New  Westminster.
The Schaake Machine Works
Heaps   Engineering  Co.,   Ltd., New Westminster.
For Vancouver, via Central Park
- At 5:00 and 5:45 a.m., and every
15 mlnuteB until 9 p.m. From 9
p.m. until midnight half hourly service.
Sundays���At 6:00, 7:00, 7:30,
8:00 anil 8:30 a.m., week duy service prevailing thereafter.
For Vancouver via Burnaby -At
5:45, 6:45 and 8:00 a.m. with hourly service thereafter until 10:00
p.m., and late car at 11:30 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
with week day service thereafter.
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7:00 a.m. and hourly until 11:00
Sunday���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
regular week day service thereafter.
(Connection with cars to Steveston and oth-ar points on Lulu Island Ib mado at Eburne.
For Chllllwack and Points In
South Fraser Valley���At 9:30 a.m.,
1:20 p.m. and 6:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Polnta
���At 4:30 pn.


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