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The New Westminster News Apr 18, 1914

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 Volume 9, N*
Price Five Cents,
a��S INTERVENTION     [* �� mass
B"   umma    Hi A aWTHHUB MURE
London Spectator Confident
Pacific Policy Must Be
of     "Yeomen     of     the   Vancouver   Water   Committee     Ques-
Guard"  Witnessed  by  Another
Serious Consequences  Will
Follow if Massacre of
Foreigners Occurs.
an     article
London, April
dealing   with   the   .Mexican
the Spectator says:
It has come to this, that Interven-
tlOD, which has been delayed during
a series of hideous murders and vast
destruction of foreign property is
now being threatened In order' to
exact a mere formal obeisance to the
Amerloao nag.   i, wouJ(j bt, ,mpo8.
siple to Imagine a mote complete
liemesll attending an idealistic ami
P* heist policy. All this Is the di-
reel result of the extraordinary delusion which has never been harbor-
��d by anyone but the pacificist, thai
you can dictate a moral code to an
int'i pendent country and avowfedly
I *ve all thought of force oul of the
Hie Spectator adds that although
ilie crisis* may be relieved by Presl-
dcni Huerta saluting the American
flag, It Is convinced that President
VVi'son'g   policy   inevitably   will   lead
to Intervention, wblcb, tbe sooner un-
di rtaken, tbe better,
"An even worse prospect." the
Hp e.ator concludes, "would be that
President Wilson should revert to his
policy of watchful waiting and the
anarchy and murder and the annihilation of property should continue to
I" followed perhaps by the massacre
of foreigners and that all the powers
iii:iro*jied In Mexico should at last
I).- reluctantly compelled to raise the
most dungerous questions of the
Monroe doctrine and the responsibilities and rights of the I'nited State.*,
iii Latin America.
William Nansene Remanded By Magistrate Until Next Week.
A remand for eight days was grant
id by Stipendiary Magistrate' .1. Stil-
WSlI Clute iu the district court yesterday morning in tlle case agaim:t
William Nansi'ii, who was brought lo
this city Thursday night from Seattle,
Charged With complicity in the murder if a Hindu named Slbon Singh,
which is supposed to have taken plac
at Mat-iijui about November 1, 1918,
but which was not discovered until
March !l of this year.
Itagnai Singh, the Hindu wanted for
tiie same crime, has been arrested In
Medicine Hat and Is now on his way
to New  Westminster.
Tiie Matsqul authorities are handling the case during the preliminary
Large Audience.
tions   Burnaby's   Right  to   Sell
Water to South Vancouver.
With scarcely a vacant seat in the : For the purpose of testing the right
house, last night's production of (Jll-iof Burnaoy municipality to sell water
ben and Sullivan's opera "The Veo- j ft, South Vancouver, the same water
men of the Guard" was a great if not
a greater success than the initial performance. All day yesterday the telephones were busy and the air fairly
rung  with congratulations  that  were
so earnestly given to all the principals I city authorities in order that  ������ court
that figured In the undreamt success  decision may be obtaiiu d
of   he opera.   To verify this the writ-      This  was decided upon' at   a  meet-
er just happened to catch the earnest-1 lug of tlle   Vancouver water coinmit-
b. ing supplied lluriiaby by Vancouver under an agreement drawn up
during the regime of ex-Reeve .1. XV.
W'eait, a writ will be issued during
tiie next few (lays by the  Vancouver
Supreme Court Judges Will  Be  Busy
During   May���Important  Cases
Scheduled for Trial.
Although no official word lias beetj
received trom Victoria it is generally
understood among the court house
Officials that the spring assize court
will be convened early in June. Thiej
date Is much later than usual but the
allocation of the various courts in the.
province will mean that, the supreme
curt, judges will be kept busy until
tlle end of May. Then again the spe
cial assize court just ended taxed the
capacity of the local officials to such
an extent that the attorney-general's
department probably considers a relief will be welcome. Several Important cases are up tor trial, notably
t ' "     "" '
Board of Trade Receives the
Report of Fraser River
Delegates .
Harbor   Improvements   Discussed   as
Well as Insurance Rates���Location of Industrial Plants.
'ihe ordinary monihly meeting of
the board ol trade was held lasl night,
President \V. G. McQuarrie in the'
A letter from the secretary of u
joint meeting of ilie boards of trade'
uf Port Hfthllnond and Maple Riri,?e
was read inviting delegates to a convention to be held next Kriday at
1.30, in the New Westminster board
of trade room for the purpose of
forming an association of boards ol
trade for the lower mainland.
The invitation was accepted and
thc president. Si cretary Wade. Vice
President Robson and 0, Small ap-
pij.nttd delegates.
What Trip Cost.
I). S. CurtiB submitted a financial
statement of the subscriptions receiv
ed and disbursements in connection
with the expinses of the Kraser rivci
elevator deputation to Winnipeg. A
tctal of $SG.', was collected and $855.4u
expended leaving a balance of $9*0
whicli Mr. Curtis handed over to lhl"
The report was adopted and Mr.
Curtis iliankeel and congratulated upon his  fund  raisins capabilities.
XV. I.. Darling submitted his repor
detailing his own work and that of
the delegation to Winnipeg, and his
various satisfactory interviews wltb
transportation companies and grain
trade men at Calgary and Winnipeg.
At the sitting of the commission 33
speakers were heard. The report was
A resolution was passed unanimous-
I.uiuiiii   ewssa   "-i    ��������-   .-.----.   --            - ^   reSOiUUOn   Was   pUSDBU   uuauiilixe,"
the charge against Martin Powell ton Mp   Darllng's  valuable   ner-
alleged complicity   in   the   Bank   o?I >       ((( ,he ,)oa|.u in the absence ot
Montreal robbery ol  1911.    The jury; secretary, through illness, and at
in ;he first trial disagreed, necessitating a further one. which is expected,
tu last at least two weeks.
\neither interesting case will be
that against the Russians supposed to
have been mixed up in the murder of
a fellow countryman at Burnaby Lake
early this year.
The murder of a Hindu in Matsqui
last March is liable to be brought up.
In court in case sufficient evidence,
Ig obtained against the Swede and
Hindu arrested this week In Seattle,
and  Medicine  Hat, respectively.
Nothing more is heard of the Bap
nerton murder mystery so that it ii
unlikely thai a criminal trial will result from this unles-j an arrest n;
made within the next two weeks.
ness of the messenger that wanted to! tee   yesterday   with   three
deliver a telegram for one of the act-1 present.
Chinese Boy to Stand Trial for Murder  of Woman.
Jong Yew Kong or Jack Kong, as
he is known to the public, was committed for trial by Magistrate Shaw
Vancouver, yet terday on the charge of
murdering Mrs. Charles Millard at
her home, 16JD Pendrlll street, on
April  1,
Alexander Henderson, K.C. called
only one witness for the defence. This
wus the father of tin; accused. Kong
Lit, who gave evidence as to the age
U. S. Insists on Literal Compliance with Original
Hitch Over Details of Mexican Apology Becomes
,,.. ,    ,, *       ���������    Chairman  Alderman  Kirby
os in the opening  scene or the Hrst patriot  dissented   from   the  move  to
act.    Ine missive was retained till la
meinber.-l Iof tlle bo>'*    He Is not yet 17 years
ter and was found to be a night letter*
giam brim full of congratulations.
As on Thursday  nlgit each  prinei-
proceed with a court action, claiming that Burnaby by the agreement,
has   the   right   to   take   part   or   all
,,.,, .,, ,   .    , ., i01' tll('  -:>0  miner's  inches  bargained
it nr ri   eZr 1 th* Ca.Sl KaVe  ""���   "'r am-  t0,ll(1 d0  ^atever it  pleased
stinted  energy and  correct assurance I with the fluid
in every detail.    In fact, so well Is the I     Tht   kick   of   ihe    Vancouver    citv
opera rendered  that  It wouldI  not  be council  is that  I'Laby ly   redued,��
club any    injustice    ���- ���	
First Anniversary of the City to  Be
Celebrated By a Half Holiday,
Sports and Enjoyment.
Port Cotiuitlam
i" n versarv as a
Women's Institute
gs ii
its  first
mill the
other times be recognized by a ren.-s
sion or his dues for three years and
a payment of $">o.
ilobt. Sutherland for the roads and
bridge; committee, r ported verbally
the meeting witli the Richmond com
mlttee when a plan showing the exact
c iirse the extension of Ewen avenue
would take was asked for. The proposed road would shorten the distance io Ladner oy three miles from
the present Riverside road. Until
they received the plan the committee
could do nothing.
Insurance Rates.
I M*. Sutherland also reported for
Ithe Mieeial insurance committee. It
recommended ihat the city council be
nived to proceed with (lie erection
of the Queensborough lire hall with
all possible speed in connection with
the reduction of insurance rates and
better protection of the industrial
plants on  I.ulu  Island.
It commended to policy holders in
the  city  the  necessity  of  individual
ac Ion towards  securing lower  insurance rates.    Several  had.  by  careful
attention to their premises and mak*
ine; slight alterations, secured material  reductions  in  th'''1"  ratings    and
many others could do likewise.
Tiie report was adopted.
Harbor  Works.
J, W. Cunningham, chairman of thc
municipal committee, reported the result of a ni'-e Ing with Chairman An
mind.ile Of the harbor committee and
rl!var8arv as fl City ��uu��,  -��  ���^I^VVw.    H had been found  lm
possible from  an  engineering  standpoint to provide a slip at the   toot
but   provision     had
,'tJ0ioings in a ....."ner befitting the
-   hospitality   of   the    I Ht
The city   has   de-
and   the re   is
planting,   of  trees
river meiropoll
chind   a   halt   holiday
scheduled   sports,  plai
ttnd other entertainments and diver
surrounding   munlcipa
bodies have    all |
. expected to be
Indies are purveying a
sions.    The
councils ami publlo
b .".i  invited in"' iin
present.    Tin
public luncheon
SXSSK-fiv,s" oM res!'
Ge"t Poincare to Brltanny.
Of  Sixth   street,
been made for a slip at Tenth street
and above the market. KOI' present
convenience a floating wharf had
I,.en placed at lhe foot of Eighth
glroet. ulnng the new waterfront.
Movable platforms in the quay wall
would he" installed. These could be
lowered or raised by winches and
would provide landing places for
beats, launches and other small craft.
The committee BlBO took up the
matter of the proposed location of an
industrial plant at the foot of Tenth
doing the chid any "injustice" to say
that the word "amateur'' is quite unsuitable to the New Westminster Operatic club. As many have said, this
club is in a class by Istelf and as
everyone present at the production
could easily say with definite assurance "the company is better thafi a
Whole lot on the road today."
It should not be overlooked that this
merited success in any opera depends
in no small degree on the stage management. Dr. ('has. II. Matthison, as
official stage manager, has watched
each detail so carefully that the severest critic could not find any instance where lack of attention'war
prominent. Being a member of a
theatrical family, Dr. Matthison cornea
naturally by hig gifts of acting and a
ready knowledge of all the "operatic
In the hurry or writing the initial
report mention or K. M. Kllgiano who
took the part of Leonard Meryll was
Inadvertently overlooked. Mr. Kil-
glano has a true and most sympathetic
tenor voice. Kach word was sung
with active intelligence and his hearers expressed delight, especially when
lie sang iu the "farewell" trio.
Let It be noted that the part of Sir
Richard Cholmondeley. lieutenant of
the tower, taken by H. O. Cuomlw .va .
by no means a minor part. In hand
some costume, and soldierly bearing,
lie was indeed a principal of renown in
all his appearances in song and story.
Hia deep voice and suitable height
added admirably to the character portrayed.
A. E. Alderdlc ' can without doubt
be called the "star" of each performance, His work was exceptionally
effective and of a kind that established him a true artist in the mind's
of everyone who heard iiim. This is
not all-���by any means. Because, the
people of this city should know that
Mr, Alderdice got a "bunch of fellows"
in his room last November and fathered the whole scheme to ils present
fruition and no monetary value can
ever be placed on the sacrifice and efforts he has so unreservedly given.
After last, evening's performance a
banquet and dance was Indulged in by
all tbe members at the Oddfellows'
hall on Eighth street. , full particulars of the financial progress and fu-
'ture intentions of the club will be published  in  the near  future.
The following Is the cast: Sir Richard Cholmondeley, H. G. Coombs; Col.
Kairfa.v. Dr. Chas. H. Matthison; Sergeant Meryll, M. J. Knight; Leonard
Meryll, his son, f. M. Kilgiano; Jack
Point, a jester, A. K. Alderdice; Wilfrid Shadholt. W. B. Krost; the Headsman, Q. Sutherland; assistant Headsman, A. XV. Nesbitt; second yeoman.
F. C. Watts; third yeoman. G. R. Ood-
frey; fourth yeoman. C, Littlewood;
corporal of the guard, J. A. Hainm;
first citizen. K. W. Chilver; second
citizen, H. K. Burnett. Elsie Maynard.
Miss A. Munn; Phoebe Meryll. Mrs.
A. C. Eddy; Dame Carruthers, Miss
K. Henderson; Kate, her niece, Miss
J. E, Drew.
The following comprise the large
chorus: Mrs. A. VV. Oray, Mrs. W. De-
Beck, Mrs. D. Cambie. Mrs. P. Cannock. Miss .1. M. Peele, Miss B. E.
Smith, Miss B. Harris, Miss D. Gib-
son, Miss ,T. Waddell, Miss M. Draper.
Miss P. Waddell, Mrs. A. S. Bennett.
Mrs. Jack Allan, Mrs. H. G. Coombs.
Mrs. H. M. Mansfield, Miss N. A. Corbould. Miss 11. M. Smith, Miss M. E
Douglas. Miss M. Killmore, Miss J.
Davidson. Miss C. DeWolf Smith, Miss
Ii. P. Davidson, Dr. B. H. McKweti.
J. T. Baker, W. A. Peters. Q. R Cod
frcy, K. G, Watts, ,1. Graham, C. -T
Littlewood, K. R. Dtuicanson, .1. A.
Hamtn. K. M, Kilgiano, L. B. l.tisby.
A. B. White. L. H. Webster, E, D.
Lennle, H. K. Burnett K. W, Chilver.
A. G, Beatty, G. W, Grlmston and W.
The following artists made up the
orchestra: Messrs C. Montaith, Harold
Meekness, c. Saulter, w. Braohe", R.
Mackness, Herbert Mackness. .1. Kell
Ing, W. .Matthison, K. T. Hill. H.
Broilghton, K. Jackson. II. Bond. C,
Hardwlck, H. Moss, Mrs. L, B, Lusby.
iand  Miss  Cameron.
tlle price on its water, is depriving
Vancouver of a customer, It is also
claimed that the agreement restrict
the use of tiie water within the boundaries of tiie municipality.
This question cropped up several
weeks ago when similar action was
planned uy Vancouver, but was later
lo^t sight of. Reeve Kiaser and th��
municipal officers, at ihat time deduced tiiat that Vancouver has no;
grounds fcr such action, the agreement being carefully looked einto at.
that lime and was found to be aiy
ironclad one which gave Buruabyj
every light to tap the Vancouver
mains at the Second Narrows for
any amount right to top etao toin m
uny amount up to 250 miners' inches!
of  water. j
Should the writ be served upon Burnaby by n*ext Monday night it ill
prcbable that some will be turned
over to the municipal solicitors, McQuarrie. , Martin and Cassary. ;
of age, declared tlle father
In putting in evidence of the age
of the accused Mr. Henderson said
that he did so, not that the testimony
had uny direct bearing upon the
case, but that there seemed to be a
difference of opinion as to the exact
age of Kong.
The balance of the defence evidence Mr. Henderson reserved until
the trial.
Washington, April 17,���President
Wilson flatly rejected today General
Huerta's Isugges&'ons for *fc 's'ifmul*.
taneous salute" to the American and
Mexican flags. He informed Oeneral
Huerta that the United States would
insist on a liberal compliance with
the original demand of Rear Admiral
Mayo, made on April 9, in a written
communication to General Zaragoza
immediately after the arrest of American blue-jacke's at Tampico.
The Washington government informed Huerta that bis wish for simultaneous firing of thc salutes wa*
untenable and that as demanded by-
Rear Admiral Mayo, a salute of 21
guns would be insisted upon, the
manner of returning the salute to be
left to the American admiral who
hud agreed to fire one to the Mexican
flag. Naval precedent showed no
"Simultaneous salute" had ever been
fired in apology for an offence.
No reply lo the last American note
transmitted through Charge O'Shaugh-
nessy, had been received up to tonight, and no orders to the American
war tleetg to slew down or turn back
had bet* u Issued.
They believed the crisis was over,
but on the other baud, in view of the
Provides for  an  Appeal to a County I kaledloscoplc   changes    of    tbe  last
three  days,  said  they  would not be
Judge for an Investigation When      | surprised If the hitch over details became serious again.
Act to Prevent Stock Manipulation   by   Majority
Suspicion is Aroused.
Boulevard and Double Roadway    Not
Wanted   By  Queen's  Avenue
Just as soon as the necessary financial arrangements can be made,
paving operations will be carried out
by the city council on Queen's avenue, fifth street. Eighth street and
Mclnnes street. Yesterday afternoon,
at the board of works meeting a large,
deputation of Queen's avenue resi-
d'ents appeared before the committee
lequestlng that a change in the planq
be.' made in respect to this thorough'
fare, the deputation asking that aj
single roadway thirty-two feet wide)
be constructed and paved instead oi,'
the original plan of the double road|
way with a boulevard running]
through  the  centre.
Residents on fifth avenue are alsq
anxious that paving work commence
as eaily as possible, the street at the.
present time being In very poor con-
���.iitiui). The contracts for both Queen'f-f
avenue and Fifth street, according to
Alderman Dodd, chairman of the committee, have been let to the Bitbu-j
lithic Paving Company. /
Paving work on Eighth street from
Columbia to Carnarvon streets, to*-
gether with that on Mclnnes street,
will also be pushed to completion a^
soon as possible, the committee re-t
commending to the council that ten-
ders be called lor the latter two
Victoria.   April    17.���An   act.   the
object    of   which   is   to   protect   the
minority stockholders In any company
against  the  possible manipulation  of
the majority, wns submitted  to    the
legislature this afternoon by J. I. Hart
of  S mcoe.
The process by  which he proposes
to bring this about is to make it pos-j
slble  fcr any  minority  of the stock* ���
holders, who sutipcct manipulation on
the part of the majority, to appeal to I
a  ceiunty judge   for an  investigation.
Though the time has passed for sub- j
mitting private bills, the government
waived    a    point    and    accepted the
measure. .,,.,,,
The Hon. Dr. Rheume's bill provid* | ���*��� :" Meadows. In this election the
ing for the severance of the depart- I ch",ce of candidates is limited to ae:-
iiK-nt of game and fisheries from the |'',al residents of the municipality, al-
1 department of public works, met the , th,��"Rh "ext -V('ar ** "'"' be op7' to
approval Of the house. There will be a11 Property owners wherever resident
at the head of this department a
deputy minister with a salary* of $2,-
000 annually. The appointment has
net yet been made.
The possible appointment of a government commission to go thoroughly into the financial affairs of not
only the Toronto University, but
Queens and Western Universities, as
well with a view of devising some
system that would assure the future
of all three upon some workable well-
undereitood basis, was foreshadowed
by Hon. I. B. Lucas, In the house
tonight. The matter came up just before the filial estimates were disposed of, while the grant of $80,000
to tide the University of Toronto
over its present financial straits, was
under consideration. This vote, stated the provincial treasuser. was to
enable the university to meet its deficit and was made without prejudice
to any future action tha; might be
taken in going into the matter in a
comprehensive way.
Choice of Candidates Will Be Limited
to Actual Residents of the Municipality.
Nominations will be received today
for the first reeve and councillors of
the newly constituted municipality of
to solicit the suffrage of the ratepayers.
Pitt Meadows comprises about 25.-
000 acres running In a somewhat zigzag line, starting at the Keatsey Indian reserve, following Keatsey slough
north to Pitt lake, touching Maple
Ridge at a place north of the lake,
then following Pitt river and thence
up the fraser to the Keatsey reserve
once more.
The reeveship Is expected to go by-
acclamation to John Blaney. one,of
the most respected farmers In the
municipality, and the other nominations expected so far, are Messrs.
R, Sliarpe, W. Mc.Myn, Richardson,
Reid and Thomson.
Proceedings to Be Started in the Supreme Court Next Monday Against
the  Haynes License.
(Continued on Page Right.)
Monday morning will see another
shot fired in the Citizens' league
campaign against the bottle license-
granted by the 1913 board of license
commissioners, when W. f. Hansford,
acting for the league, will launch proceedings in the Supreme Court. Vancouver, against ilie Haynes license,
held bv the Royal City Wine Co,
it Is altogether likely this will
travel through the court at a fair rate,
of speed and be settled one way or
the other without delay in order tq
give the present board of license com
missloners a line on what action they
may take when the Haynes application   for  a   transfer  to    a  Columbia
Meeting lo Be Held This Afternoon in
Conservative   Club   Rooms.
At 3 o'clock this afternoon the up-
river fishermen will assemble ln the
Conservative club rooms to discuss
the sLuaiion In respect.to fishing east
of the fraser river bridge where the
Japanese have established themselves I
to the detriment of the white fisher-
men. i
Col. J. D. Taylor, M.P.. whose in-
f.utnce is expected to be brought on
the Dominion fisheries authorities in
the way of protecting the up river
crofters, has promised to be in attendance as also has frank J. MacKenzie. M.L.A. for the Delta riding.   I
It is expec:ed that a large majority
of the white fishermen will be In attendance as Saturday afternoon is a
convenient time for them to leave
their employment.
Chicago. April 1".��� Cc-or,eration
| among fruit growers has proved a
success in the West, according to the.
address today by H. I. Eustace, pro-
fessor of horticulture at the Michigan
Agricultural College/to the joint meeting of the National Marketing and
farm Credits conference :uid the,
Western Economic  Society.
More than GO per cent, of the c*trus
fruits grown in California are picked,
shipped and marketed by the California Fruit Growers' exchange at a losa
of less than 5 per cent., Professor Ku
stace said.
Purchasing of supplies by the exchange also has resulted In great
economies, according to Professor Ku*
stace,, who asserted that the 'urn-
over of the exchange amounted te>
more than $20,000,000 a year. .
In the grain section a statement bv
John C. Merrill, president of the
Chicago board of trade, thai higher
fnight rates were desirable was met.
with spirited opposition and provoked the most energetic debate of tiia
���THOUGHT  DROWNED j street  site  comes   up   at   the    board
  I meeting on the 29th inst.
Warren carter, for whom the police!    No further developments have tak-
dragged the river early Friday morn- \ en place tn  the matter of the Thos.
Ing, was found at his home at break-1 freeman   license,   against   which   an
fast time yesterday.    The police were order' absolute    was    made    a short j
notified by two men that Carter had While ago by  the  Honorable  Justice
left  to  board  the   launch  "��-<*."  but' Gregory.     This,   however,   will   again,
on going to the launch later the two lb? broughl to the front next week am,
men  failed  to find  him.    Every  en- appKcatini v 11 bo made by Mr. Hans*"
deavor was made to locate him hut it| lord on behalf of the Citizens' League |
was not until later that he was found j for the final order to cancel the Ii
Spokane, April 17. c,eo. v. Vaughn,
who eeekfl to recover $20,000 from
the Spokane A; Inland Railway Company for injuries he claims to have
received last July, when a car window fell on his arm at McGulres station, Idaho, will permit physicians to
prick his arm with pins In the federal
court to demonstrate that it is para
Vaughn said he boarded n train at
McKuires station, lie said he rested
his arm in an open window, which
Ml, striking him on the elbow. He
claims he has bad no use of the arm
nnd that It has been completely i*ara* |
Vancouver, April is.- !��� ,v
spectacular fire, the flames
from which lit up the skv t���
miles around, the mill and eliv
kiin of the Alberta Luntbes
Company on False Creek W(lv
this morning destroyed by tire
Christopher McRae, manager",
of the company;'���estimates the
loss at about $178,000 almost
entirely covered by insurance
The plant will be rebuilt, t
drizzling vain prevented the
flames from spreading *,,
number of bouses and shacks
tei be at his home.
! lyted since.
I ft *>j PAGE TWO
SATURDAY,   APRIL   18,   1914.
An lnde*i>e'ndt'nt morning paper devoted to the Interests of New We*.it minster anel
the Kraecr Villi* y. Published t*vt*ry metming except Sunday by the NiLtleiuai Printing
��� nd Publishing Company, Limited, al 63 McKenzie* street. New Westminster. British
Columbia. ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
All communication!) should be- addressed Io The New Westminster News, anil not
to Individual members of the staff. Cheque*, drafts, anel money orders should be made
pay-iii!.- to The National Printing and l'ulilisliliig Company, Limited.
TBLBPHOMSS���Business Office and Manager, 99D ; ICdilorlal Rooms (all deportments), un.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By cnrrle-r, ti per year, $1 for three months, 40c per
month. l)v mall. Ji) |ht year, 2bc per month.
ADVERTISING   RATES  on   application.
Motherland Leads io Aviation for War
��� Empire Has Been Quietly
Not many days ago The News pointed out evidences
of the fact that business conditions in New Westminster
were improving. Later developments have borne out
this view and not the least of these are the announcements made yesterday morning that fresh industrial operations are to start in five different directions in and
around this city.
New Westminster always has prided itself upon its
payroll and, in comparison with other industrial centres,
this has kept up remarkably well during the time of financial stringency which has just passed. It is therefore
with no little satisfaction that note is made of intention
to increase that payroll and the announcement that fresh
industries are opening here and that others which have
been closed are resuming business comes as a positive indication that businss conditions generally are on the upgrade once more.
William  Ewart Gladstone was the
I last British statesman who
make popular reading with a speech
expounding the annual budget or government appropriations, writes a London correspondent Winston Spencer
Churchill has done the same thing for
tiie naval estimates. The first lord
of the ftdmiralty compelled the housi
of commons to listen for two and a
half hours while he gave a review of
the latest achievements in naval science so interesting that even the "Little Navy" men kept their seats to the
Battle between great modern iron
dads the first lord described as |
"more like a battle between two egg i
shells striking each other with ham-
mors" than two men In armor striking
at each other with heavy swords. "The
offensive power of modern battleships
is out of proportion to their defen
sive power. Never was the disproportion so marked. In the light of that
illustration the awful importance of
good gunnery must come home to us
���the importance of hitting first and
hitting hard, and keeping on hitting,
and the necessity of spending money
In arriving at the highest possible et
Britain Leads in Flying.
Mr. Churchill believes that the British navy leads the world in flying.
His personal exploits in that direction have been criticized as foolhardy
for one of his position. He promised
to give his fellow members a unique
exhibition   later  in   the    session     bj
Nobody who has followed the Wilson watchful waiting policy with regard to Mexico can have doubted that
Huerta, head of the de facto government of that repub-.. .   .       ,
i. ,    , . i a r, . ....     ,        .',,       bringing a tleet of airships over tli*
lie, was taking advantage of the passive attitude of the I parliament buildings "it the hous.
Washington administration in order to see just how far wl" take il kindly," he remarked, ���
he could go in ignoring the prestige of the United States.
Also, it has been plain that if and when the American government assumed a more determined attitude the dictator at Mexico City must back down or be destroyed by his
own obstinacy.
This is just what has occurred. Wilson may or may
not have been waiting for what he considered a favorable
opportunity to change his attitude towards Mexico, but
at any rate the opportunity presented itself and Wilson
accepted the chance.
The only particular difference in the situation as it
now exists and as it existed prior to the Tampico incident
is that the United States has forced respect for its administration and policy, not only on Huerta, but on Carranza
and Villa as well. Huerta has lost nothing, principally because he has had very little to lose. He has gained nothing, I
save the information that Uncle Sam cannot he trifled
with beyond a certain point.
The solution of the whole Mexican problem seems as ES^^^W dSSd��
far off as ever, but it is plain that the longer chaos rules
in the Spanish-American republic the less chance that republic has of settling its affairs itself. Private interests
cannot afford sometimes to wait on governments, especially when the government view does not coincide with
their own, and it would not come as a surprise to see some
corporation agent deliberately precipitating a crisis which
would terminate in the armed American intervention for
which some of the big interests have been hoping.
A Texan accused of having sixteen wives has been
sentenced to ten years in the penitentiary. That's a miscarriage of justice. His name should have been entered
on t-jie roll of martyrs and his statue erected in the hall
of fame.
order to remove some doubts which
lurk in some breasts as to the exist
ence of aircraft in possession either of
the naval or military services."
The admiralty now possesses fifteen airships, ten of which are large
vesselg of over forty-five miles an.
hour speed, with 62 seaplanes, and 41
ordinary aeroplanes.
Flying  Squadron   Growing.
Attached to the flying service altogether are 125 officers and 500 men.
and he predicted that the numbers
would reach ISO officers and 1,400 or
1.500 men before the end of the year.
When he came to the admiralty, two
and a half years ago, there were nine
machines. Five stations have been
equipped along the coast with full arrangements for housing machines and
quarters for officers and men, and two
more  are   under  construction.
Special  seaplane  vessels  are  being I
built,   which   can  accompany  a   fleet /
and carry several heavy machines.       /
"Of  course',  the  heavy    seaplanes,
i which   we  are  developing   ne,w,"   the
navy's steps to Introduce oil as fuel
tor warships and to secure sufficient
Supplies therefore, the first lord's explanations were noteworthy, principally fnr what be refused to say.
The government maintains the great
est secrecy concerning the location of
tiie' oil reserves as well as the sources
of supply. Tiie sum of $7.50(1,11110 was
asked as an appropriation for the oil
reserves, but the first lord explained
that with the cost of tanks and pipe
lines to deliver oil at the jetties much
more is being spent.
Oil in quanlties lias tie en purchased
and is in this country and large quail
titles will reach us during  the period
COUldI covered  by   the  new  estimates,"   was
] the most explicit information he con-
I seiited to give.
"The great exertion has been made.
i There is no difficulty In obtaining
i oil." he said.
Opposition newspapers bnve hinted
I ttrongly of scandals In onine len witli,
I oil contracts, and accused the govern
I inent of favoring capitalists  who are
, Its  friends.     Rupert  Ciwynne,   M.   P.,
.pressed  Mr.  Churchill  to publish the
j contracts, and particularly  wanted to
i know whether the Mexican Kagle com*
| pany. of which  Lord Cowdray is the
j head,  was  among  the  favored  ones.
The first lord quoted a memorandum
from the royal commission which in
vestlgated the question of oil fuel, as*
sorting that secrecy  regarding naval
supplies was necessary.    He refused
to give the names of contractors, and
would only say that Mexico Is one of
the countries from which oil is being
An Oil Tank Fleet.
Some news of the campaign for oil
did crop out In the speech. The ad
miralty has been building a fleet of oil
tank steamers very quietly. Four are
already in use and ten more are under
nay, Large ships, which would be
in the line of battle during war, will
continue to depend upon coal, but the
i ardlff product has become obsolete
already, lie said, for light cruisers of
the latest type, all of which are equipped with oil consuming engines. Tor*
pedo boats, destroyers, and the smal-
ler craft generally are consuming oil.
The radius of action of a fleet with
oil burning engines would be Increased forty per cent, and the fightins
strength of a fleet would be increased
twenty-five per cent., because of the
greater facility of refueling at sea In
all weathers, so that, ships would not
be obllgitl to return to their base fo]
coaling, The reduction of stokehold
force would be fifty-five per cent.
II.   J.
���\. HI'UN I; IT.
ountant, Telephi
Hart itteick.
ie*    1(117.
is obtained by our scientifically fitted glasses. They enable the eyes to do as much
work and possibly more
without tiring than they
ever did.
We have fitted successfully stubborn cases that
others have failed in.
Charges Arising Out of Mail and Empire Report Dropped.
Toronto, April 10 The libel action
Instituted by The News and Sir John
Willison against the Mail ami Empire will not get to trial, the records
In all the actions arising oul of the
report that Sir .lames Whitney was
dead, having been withdrawn.
transports. They carry wireless tele
raphy,  which enables  them  to  signal
120  miles effectually, and  they  have
been  quite recently able even' to  r>*
celve a message while in the air."
Wireless   on   Airships.
On   the  vital  topic  of    the    British
Seeding in Saskatchewan.
I Regina, April 16. Wheat seeding
has started throughout Saskatchewan!
/'resent Indications are that the wheat
acreage will show less than 6 per
("lit Inorease, In those districts where
special attention is being given to
mixed farming there will be a slight
decrease. Forty per cent of the land
is ready-for seed and 45 per cent still
remains to be plowed. About 15 per
cent of the crop will go in on stubble
which will receive* some form of surface cultivation if time' and weather
permits. Then* is a general scarcity
of good seed  oats
The New York police announce that all pickpockets
are to be cleaned out of Gotham. If the order is thoroughly enforced there'll be some vacant chairs on Wall street.
eh a
The spectacle of a Chicago millionaire
and chickens in his capacity of poundkeeper is a new
ling stray
of th;
honor of
After reading the articles and viewing the cartoons
i'i the subsided press across the border engaged in hammering the Wilson canal tolls policy, the average American citizen of honor is constrained to be thankful that in
��� i:." cases the pen isn't as mighty as it might be.
Fiuerta prefers having the Americans return his sa-
: v with blank cartridges to a firing volley of the real
iin * aimed at one of his few remaining ports.
-to the Ottawa society ladies smoke cigarettes, do
thev'.' Well, some of them have done worse than that before now and have gotten away with it.
if the members of the Burnaby board of trade get
their 'fytify slits oriental will have about as much chance of
making a living in that municipality as a Hebrew in Aberdeen. .
With the Griffiths Ste   *.
Koyal  Theatre
o are   playing  an  engagement    at    the
A grandson of the famous Confederate general, Robert E. Lee, has been dismissed from an American military
academy for deficiency in mathematics. The grandfather's ability to put two and two together doesn't seem to
' ,r *.- lescended on the grandson.
Three hundred million dollars were given away in the
Unit  1 States last year.   Now, where did it all go ?
iere   �����  Ci.  April   17.���Work
ruct'ion  is  being  pushed   for-
the Kootenay Central branch
'anadian   Pacific   railway   by,
night  shifts of construction!
It is  expected  that  the   line1
north will have its steed head
d  to the Columbia  river   by
je of next mouth, and  t'^.at
Nurse Proclaims Skin Cure
Myrtle Hahn
says I). I). |). Prescription Is Worth Rockefeller's Millions to Her.
then the steel will be rushed forward
for the construction of bridges across
tin'   river.     This   is   one   of   the   last
pieces   of   -ireat  wmlf   which   remain
before   the    district    is    joined   up1
with  the  main line of t'ne Canadian I
Pacific railroad.   It is hoped that the
ballasting   of   twenty   more   miles   of
rail   will   be sufficiently  far advanced
to allow of the operating of trairiB to !
the present end of steel by not latt-r
than the  middle of July. |
"Ten  years I suffered  evi h eczema
three years of thai tlmi  i  | QOt
appear in public, My entire body was
covered with the disease i could not
eat. 1 could not sleep. I could not
live. I have at, lasl found the great.
Prescription 1)1)1) My body Is clean,
.smooth. If there were one 1,������ il, only
of I) I). I), in the world and I had it.
Mr. Rockefeller's millions could not
buy the golden fluid."
Nurse Myrtle Hahn, t Watts Hospital. Durham, N. ('.)
How  about  you?
If you 'have any skin  blemish or a
l little rash, do not let it develop Into
i omething more serious. Remember
i I) D. D. Prescription has been recog-
', nized for fltten years as the standard
skin remedy. It always helps, and If
used according to directions it should
cure in a short while
All druggists sell this standard remedy but If you come to us we will
offer you the first full size bottle with
the guarante that unless it stops tht>
Itch at once we will refund the purchase price. Ask also about the equally efficient skin Boap.
Frederic T. Hill, Drujjglst, New
D. D. D. Soap Keeps Your Skin Healthy
40 Sixth Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
P. H. Sir.lth. W. 3. (ira.ta.
Work   uiiele-rtiiken    11    city    and    outside
points.   2 u-12   Weatmlnater   Trust   Bids.
Phone   8��4.     P.   O.   Ilos   6*7.
II P. O. K. nf |i. |\, meet the* first nnd
third   Frlel.iy  at   S   pin..   l.nl,or  Temple
Seventh .mei it,,yeii avenue, a. Weils
liray. Btattad Ruler; p. h. Bmlth Secretary.
LOOM., no 154���MEBT8 ON VXRtt
and third Tuesday lu each month at ��
p in. In the Uibor Temple. liavltl
Boyle, Dlctutor; XV. J. Mrovus, Socre-
I. O. O. !���'. AMITY
l.OIKIK NO. 17��� THB
;*����"{��' "���������"na* �����*���' Amity lodge No.
17. I. O. O. K. Is held every Mosdey
night at I o'clock In Odd Fellows' Halt
\J'i-*?.e.-_��*,tn'.*3'on   -**   Wt_tth  ��*���*-*
y.-el'lns    brethern     cordially    Invited.
H. W. Sangiter, N.U.; J. �� Watson,
���. O.;  W. C. Coatham, p. a.,  reodW
W. E. FALES & CO., 612-618 Agnen
Btreet, opposite Carnegie library
Most up-to-date funeral parlors in
the city. Specialists in shipping
Lady assistant in attendance, Always open. Day phone 176, night
phone 81.
8. iiowici.i, (SDCCBSSOR to <-kn-
I"** liHnnm' L*-d >���Kun.ral dilator,
and einhalmers. Parlors 401 roiunihi.
street.   New  Westminster.   Phw."".?
BOARD OF TRADE���Nlew wi*-*tmiv
Stuart   Wade,  secre-
10 THE
������Inter.   Solicitors, eto.    40TorBS ��reeL
C.    J. R. Grant.    A. B. McColL
H. ,L 'nfO"?ll0r' etc' *>l��cl'.or for th.
Bunk of Vancouver. Office. * Mer.
chant. ��*"* Building. New WestaJtai.
ter, BC. Telephone No. 1070. Cable
Johnston."     Code     Western
add re..
*V.   F.
Lmtt!' *-,c- C?l"����er Block, oimS Co��
umbla anu McKensle .treet.. New West.
mln.ter. B.C. P. O. Bos III Telephone 344. "**
side ��� Barristers aod Solicitor* WsJT
mln.ter Truet Bit. ColumNa" street
^.Weetmlneter B. C. ^cSK? JaArZi
���  STILWELL, GLUTEI   Bu-rlatw-at-lM..
solicitor, etc.; comer tJotuniftv. amA
McKensle streets. New Westminster.
B. C.   P. O.  Bos  111.     Telephone   lit.
Solicitor and Notary. Orflees Hart
block. II Lorne street. New Wnetmla-
ster. B. C.
Rarrl.ter. snd Solicitors. SOI to IIS
We.tmltwter Tru.t Block. O. B. Mar-
tin. J.'. O. McQuarrie and Geor*. L
mm, MINING rights of the Dornlnlea
ii Manliobe. Sa.k.tchew.n and Alberta,
h.* Tukon Territory, the Northweert Ter-
Itorle. nnd In a portion of the ProTlno.
���f HeltlHh Columbia, may Ite leaned for a
-   ��� ���   --    annual
tention is invited to the
The Coquitlam Terminal Company have for
sale to bona fide business concerns, manufacturing sites, all clear
and level, with trackage
and ample waterfront-
age at from twelve hundred and fifty dollars
per acre, also home sites
for employees at extremely low rates, with
excellent school facilities, city water, electric
light, etc. Address enquiries to
In view of the industrial development ir.
Greater Vancouver, actual and in prospect, and
to the fact that in the
past many manufacturing plants have been j
lost to the community
owing to the exorbitant
prices   demanded    for
1        J       ...r.,,*.    ziovofnl     at- I term  of  twenty-one  year,  nt  an    annual
land,  your careiui  at- _ni_t of,, ��n ,cre. No, more thnn tttt
������     a  i_   i.Ua    ,crf.,, will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be mud.
by the applicant tn person to the Agenl
ir Sub-Axent of th. district In which tb.
rlsht. npplled for ar. situated.
In surveyed territory the land must  h��
le.t-rlbed   hy  sections,   or   legal   .ub-dlvl-
���elon. of sections,  snd  In  unBiirveyed  ter-
i rltory   the   trsct   applied     for    shall     b.
I linked out by Ihe applicant hlm.it If.
Ent-h application must be nrcnmpanle*
i by a fee of IB which wlll be refunded II
| the rlghta applied for are not available,
I bul not otherwise. A royalty shall b.
I nalrt on the merchantable oiilpnt of th.
mine at tho rate of five cents per ton
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn return,
tcroeintlng for ths full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty thereon. If the coal mining right,
ire not being operated such returns should
ie   furnished  at   least   once  a  year.
Thc lease wlll Include the coal mining
lesrhtn only, but the leasee wlll be par*
nttted to purchase wluitever avallabl.
ttirfnce rights may be considered n��*>������-
tary for the working of the mine st tb.
-ate of lit an acre
For full Information  application should
te msde to the Secretary of the  Depart
nerit  of the Interior,  Ottawa, or  to  any
tgent  or Sub-Agent of   Dominion   Ijinei.
W. W. COH'T,
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
M.  B.���Unauthorised publication of '.hi.
edvertlseraent will not be paid tor.
Granville Street,
Vancouver. B.C.
-tAieueiuM*)'* Absot iaiioh
01   WJ.II'.M  COlUMhl*      '
New Wellington
Office, 554 Front Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. 0. Box 345. Phone 105
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 185.       Barn Phone 137.
Begble 8treet.
Duggage Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Read The News
I ***** I
SATURDAY.   APRIL   18,   1914.
"How Thankful I Am I Tried GIN PILLS"
Arc you
i-i in dav.
��jd Ujld bin, to try ail *���r,s ,!f  ,    ,"   u'        i��� ___\__r__l*^ *��*- SUggeitio,S
been tortured with Rheumatism 1    ,,*��,,    KM,IVt'1,,,,,liu'-v rdu''   ���������-*�����
about GIN PILLS ,*,���,, ���le w, ,, ' r, 1 ,',' ,J j!" ul"'" lK\r'*:"1 "' "���� papers
 j ,4" '������'�������� ��*��- w ss,rA swfflwa fgj:
Harti iki.ii, N.n.
"It affords me great pleasure to convey
not on y to you but to all sufferen from
*.i'U:iil.e and Rheumatism, the great relief
1 li'iveoiilaiiiriltrouitlu'uscotl'IN I'll I s
i���tv'.iV';lckf"1 to y""* r "commend
uih 1 ILI��8 to everyone suffering asi did."
as Mr. Wilson was'   P,e as he
All vein peel  js   Qjjj  puj^
iht-y will tiirt- you because tbey are the
greatest Kidney Remedy known to science
to-day, oin l'li.i.S instantly relieve the
boning, biting pain in the bark OIN
PILLS relieve the irritated bladderand cure
incontinence and Suppression of Urine,
OIN PILLS strenghthen the weak
,-,m"'A,<; ,2IN "I-LS neutralise uric acid.
��� ��in PILL8 purify the blood. OIN I'll I S
reduce swollen, painful hands, knee's
ankles and feet, anel GIN PILLS CURB
We don't ask you to buy C,]X PILLS ���
but to tiv them���and we let vou try them
free. Write 113 anil we will gladly senel
you a free sample of <-IN PILLS ' Take
them as directed and a few pills wiil prove
last    nvPIlts*,,   .alAV.    1    1      ,l11' you b*'ive founel the right remedy at
them to you direct. U 1 DruK ^fi KS^lM ffi!
MANGA-TONE BLOOD AND NERVE TABLETS regulate the whole svstero
punfy the blood -ami Increase tbe appetite.   50c. a box. 7
DO ** I DID���SC  ��.   I   AM
l SIVF.BS A 1. C All
As many Fords were sold in Canada last season as all other makes
^combined ��� eloquent proof of
our slogan "The Universal Car"
���and it's your car���made in
your Country.
price of the Konl
Six hundred dollars is the price or the Ford
-unabout: the touring car is six fifty, tin-
own car nine hundred f.o.b. Kuril. Ont,
-omplete with equipment Get catalogue
mil particulars from the Fraser Valley Moor Company, Corner Lorne and Carnarvon
Parker House
Ni 1    IS���CUT   THIS   OUT   AND
Dissolve ono tablespoon but r In
pint of hot milk. Whei luk.-
n-nrin stle In e.n. quart Ftoyul
Standard, em*, beaten "KK one
ten cup yeast ; work Into dough
till  BinOOth   let   steenel eeveT lllKllt :
work  softly  anel   reell  oul   half-
Inch anil ful iiiiii rolls an.t Ret to
rise for 30 minutes; tln*n buke,
OYAL Standard lifts any
recipe out of the commonplace
Its chief appeal to the house wife is its un't'orm excellence,
lt performs In precisely the same way 366 bake ilays in
the year.
Here's your "memory word" for "flour" ROYAL STANDARD. Thousands of cooks hive remembered and used
KOYAl, STANDARD since the flay il was first put on the
market.    Why not you?
USE ROYAL STANDARD an d memories of that "spoiled
batch" will vanish.
Why not 'phone your grocer now for a sack lest you
forget ?
Invite the ladies of this city to  inspect their  spring  stock  of the
latest fabrics anil styles.    Special price for two weeks only *S5 and
$40.   We guarantee perfpet fit.
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts.
Pres and deal Mar.
N   HBARD8LB1,        W. I*. H. BUCKUN,
Vlc*Preslden%. ���*>. ami Treat.
Social and  Personal
of tin* most 1:. II| 1 :���'.*] receptions ot
' ���      aeon,    win n    Mrs,   Allan  I.
li ile. 11 recelvi ii \> Ith he r mothi r on
lira. c. 11.ti1-.1t r McAllister, who bu |Thursday for .he first time since her
spenl   the  wlnu r   art h  her  pan nts
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Barnet, In
Renfrew, Ontario, returned home en
Monday last
Mr. n 11 fi Mrs. <*: une- liout'lt's llrym-
1 ui r are In s. attic feu* the week end.
Mi-is Mary Knuy ( ntertalned last
t v. ning  for Miss Peggy  McBride.
Mrs. Beauchamp Tye of Victoria
who has been the guest of her
parenta, Mr. and Mrs. j, B. Clute, for
tor   the   past   week,   ir-   now   With   her
!i��ier, .Mrs. Stephen Thompson. Vancouver.
Mrs. Wiliiam Johnston, Queen's
avenue', guve* a bright tea on Saturday afternoon last whin sin- hail us*
slstlng lur Mrs. Lore of Vancouver,*
Mrs. \v. s. Collister, Mr*. H, C, Major
and Miss Margaret Turnbull.
Mrs. Whiteside and Mr. Arthur
Whiteside of Vancouver w re visitors
in town  this  week.
Miss Alma Corbould waa delightfully surprised by a number of l>er
Intimate friends on Wednesday evening wben a most enjoyable evi ning
wees spent,
Mrs. J, ('. Brpwn ente'rtained informally early In the week for Mrs
i'ye* of Victoria
Mr. .1. Hansford llalloclt has returned 10 the upper country after a tori
night's  stay  In  town.
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Ward, ot
Vancouver, were mid-week visitors in
town, the guests of Mr. und Mrs. (!.
K.  Martin.
Mrs. c. BJ, Doherty entertained at a
jolly children's party on Monday
uftt rnoon.
Mr, Charles Gordon, Burnaby, has *
returned   from a   business   visit    to
Miss Kraser is at home again anil
receiving a very warm welcome from
her many friends after spe tiding tlm
past  year in  Detroit.
Mh;s McBride has entertained several times liming the week, informally, for her niece Miss Peggj McBride
of Victoria, who is staying with her.
Mrs. IJ, ('. Major was a tea hostess
on Kridav afternoon lae-t week in
honor of Miss Alta Lake, Mrs. Major
has also entertained 'his week for
hi r sister, Mrs. Worltams of Point
Grey, who Is a visitor in town.
Tir, Cedar  and  Spruce
marriage, The gue .-ts were admitted
to the drawing room by little Mlsu
Anna Cliff, cousin of the bride, where
ihej wn*e entertained by Mrs. A. J.
Paterson     (Sbaugbnessy     Heights),
j Mi.;.   Ahy.   I.anib,   Mis,   A.   RoXberr)
Mrs. it. k. Chapman and mn* Crake,
The room looked beautiful with white
and pink roses and tulips. Mrs.
Blckell looked lovely In her wedding
I gown of while brocaded dumas, witb
train caught up with pearl mount, and
. a corsage bouQuei    t r   rose.-,    n. t
j mt.ther   was  gowned   in   bl:ee*!i   mi-iu
j \\ Ith  bodice of gold.   The te s  t ible
waa centred with an antique vase nil.
led    wilh   Kaster   lilies,   rtstin;:   on   a.
mirror plateau, while white satin ribbons were, draped trom the chandeliers to the corners of tho table, the
same flower being used throughout
tin* whole table, and room. During
the firs! hour Mis. (has. Cliff and
Mrs. T. II. Blckell presided over the
tea table. The second hour they were
relieved by Mrs. !���'. Temple Cliff and
Mrs. A. !���*,'. Ferguson. The breakfast
room, when* the ices were* served,
was pretty and dainty, cherry bles
sums being used in abundance, white
ribbons being draped from the .let*
trie lamp, which cen'red the table, to
the' corners. Mrs. Il I.. Cliff and Mrs.
\\. August itoeiiiii* of Vancouver cutting the Ices. Among those who as
listed were Miss Mabel IJttdge. Miss
Vera Cooper, Miss Margaret Ferguson, Miss Marie Morrow. MISS Addle
O'Dwyer ami Miss Georgian Paterson of Vancouver, and the sisters of
the bride. During the afternoon the
strains of Cameron's Orchestra from
the library were enjoyed by everyone,
The Latest Accessory In Smart
Household Trimmings.
Crander.otbe-r'i old Sugar Pail Put to
Practical Use.
My Hie iiili'iiiu, Hon of the "totem
hue kit.' 111 ��� 111 -_I��� it is but the BUgfir
biit-kel eel etui urniiiluiolhers' day iu
disguise. Is mlded 11 real household con-
it'lllellee*    tee    til,est-   of   US    IlllfortUIItl te��
who nre- dieeiiiied to live lu  Hats tbat
Tea Cozies Take on New Vogue and
Appearance* This Season���Foundstion
Nothing Mors Than Miniature Hoop
Skirt���Portable  Book  Rack.
Quite the latest thing ln the way of
a telephone accessory is tbe telephone
cozy, whleh furnishes an ornamental
disguise for the instrument III a band
somely furnished room or hall.
This novelty usually takes the form
of an elaborately dressed manikin,
whoso full skirt Is mounted on 11 wire
Los Angeles Hands Out Straight Talk
to Teachers Gathered in
Mr,   anil   Mrs.   W,   11.  Keary   spent
the Easter holidays in Seattle.
"diss Wright has  returned after a
visit  of several days in Victoria,.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Dashwood Jones
have their daughter from EJpence'a
lirlilgc spending some time v,*ith them.
Mr. aud Mrs. James Walker, ot
Vancouverj were the guestB ot Ur. and
Mrs.  Walker on  Sunday  last.
Among those who entertained at
supper arter the theatre on Thursday evening were Mrs. Richardson,
Mrs. iDr.) Rothwell, Mrs. O. E. Mar
tin, Mrs. William Johnston. Mrs.
Coverdale Watson', Mrs. O, E. Drew
ind  Mrs.  Phillips.
Mrs. Ramsay, Burnaby Lake, gave,
a pleasant sewing tea for Mrs. Tye.
of \ icturia. on Tuesday afternoon,
The- hostess was assisted by her
mt tin r. Mrs. ii j, a. Burnett, and
Mis (Dr.) Davidson, of Vancouver.
Mrs. Walter Gilley gave a most en-
lovable children's party this week foi;
her daughter Vera, and Mrs. Cn-igh-
ton Is entertaining a number of   the,
younger   Bet   this   evening   for     Mrs.
i'eggy McBride.
Invitations are out feir the second
annual dance or tlle New Westminster Graduate Nurses' Association, to
be held In St. Patrick's hall on Kriday
evening of next  week.
Charming In every detail the pro
duction of "The Yeomen or the
Guard," given by the Westminster
Operatic Club in the opera house on
Thursday and Friday evenings of this
week, was enjoyed by large and most,
nthuslastlc audiences, Among those
noticed in the boxes on Thursday evening were Colonel and Mrs. TaylOK
with their children. Mr. and Mrs. C,.
K. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey
Ward, Mr. and Mrs. F, .1. Corbould.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Stilwell Clute, Mr.
and Mrs. William Gifford, Dr. and
Mrs. Rothwell, who had several
guests with them. Mr. and Mrs. Swan
and Dr. and Mrs. Henderson. Chilli
wack. Others in the audience were:
Mr. and Mrs. Temple Cliff. Mr. and
Mrs. Balloch, Mr. and Mrs. W. G.
Macquanie, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Keith,
Dr. and Mrs. Drew. Mr, and Mrs.
Trapp. Uie Misses Trapp. Mr. and'
Mrs. Malcoltnson. Mr. and MrB. .1. J.
Johnston. Mr. and Mrs. .1. I*. H. Bole.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Adams. Dr. and
Mrs. Ilosnier, Mr. A. K. Eddy. Miss:
Rachel Eddy, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Malins, the Misses Mary and Clara
Malins. Miss Freese, Mrs. Sutherland..
Mrs. J. Harold Jones. Miss McBride^
Miss Peggy McBride, Miss l.eamyj
VI1-. and Mrs. Diamond. Mr. and Mrs.
limy Doyle, Dr. and Mrs. Holmes,
Mr. and Mrs. Haines, Mr. and Mrs,
awford Richardson, Mr. and Mrs.
\V. G. MacQuarrle, Mrs. C. E. lewis,
the Misses Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Q,
Bruce Corbould, Mr. R, and Mian
Hand, Miss Eleanor Martin, Mrs.
Pyne, Mr .and Mrs. G. A. Allen. Miss,
Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gordon,
Mrs. Beatty, Miss McColl, Mr. and
Mrs. J. R. Grant.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Cliff, of East.
Burnaby, entertained Vancouver and
New Westminster friends at a dinner
last evening.
Mrs. J. 13. Inpley entertained her
friends at 433 Twelfth street, Thursday afternoon. Covers were laid for
ten. The table was prettily decora'ed
with dogwood blossoms.
The following are among the guests
at the Hotel Russell:  W. A. Wiitling.
Toronto; K. W. Bonel'hlll; F. A. Hew-
at. Chilliwack;  W. .1. B. Wilson, Victoria;  w. e. Rogers, #V ancouver;  R.
J,  Hone, Smithers;  .1. A. Gibson,
ittle;  G. T.   Pettlcrew, Seattle;
���ind   Mrs.   It.   W.  11.   Armstrong,
Dis. P. I). McSween and K
Smith have been appointed to
board of examiners of 'be B. C
lege of Dental Surgeons.
Spokane, April l".   With a demand
! for common sense in public school ed
uoation, regardless of school systems.
J. II. Francis, superintendent of city
schools ill 1-os Angeles, made a striking arraignment last night at the even-
Ing meeting of the Inland Empire!
Teachers' association of the failure of
foundation of a size to conceal the telephone as it stands on table or desk.
At the waist line tho skirt Is attached
to the upper part of n doll's body. Tbe
bead and shoulders of the figure serve
as a handle for tbe cozy, so that it can
easily be lifted off like a bell wben
tbe telephone ls to be used.
Another model, not so simple of nd
Justment, bas the fullness of tbe skirl
arranged to open under a front panel,
allowing  the  telephone  to  be  drawn
boast but little closet room In winter
und in tiny hotel bedrooms witbout
auy in summer. The bucket Is painted
black on tbe outside and* decorated
wltb stencil designs or bnnd painted
colored patterns.
On  the Inside the  bucket  is  lined
witb  blue denim,  having  pockets  all
around the sides  to  bold shoes and
slippers, nnd it bas straps ou the Inside of the cover to bold tbe shoehorn
! ant] buttonhook, while in the bottom
��� of the bucket the shoe polishing outfit
I and the brushes may be kept.    Quite
1 conveniently  tbe bucket may  be carried from room to room, nnd tbe lining
may be chosen to match the linugings
of the room wherein it ls to be used.
It takes but little space. Is rather decorative tn appearance and is altogether
a practical fancy.
You  Might Try These.
If  Cranberries   Are   Tough.���Sometimes cranberries In the market are not
nil the housewife could wish, but a
bit of baking soda removes much of
tbe   bitter   taste   nnd   Improves   the
sauce or Jelly.   Sort a quart of berries
carefully, discarding all soft ones, as
they Impair the flavor.    Wash them
.. . 1 and cover with cold water.    Add halt
schools and boards to recognize    the * forwurd for use. leaving the manikin I a level teaspoonful of soda and bring
inherent good ln the boy and girl and   ,n ,te origtnal position on the table. quickly to the boiling point    Watch
bring it out, no matter what that good      The tntrodnct*,on of the e,aboI.�����e trt. I carefully, and as soon aa tbe berries
,UB u *��' none of our business what   a  ��Phone cor* h���� brought about a no- I begin to pop open pour oft the dark
boy'VaVt do."he saw. !"t's'o�� '"^^   ttce.bte change In the tea cos,   and \ colored vr.ur and cover agntn wtth
ness to know what he can do.    ls the   "��nW  Of  the  same  unusual  features I fresh water.   Cook UU all the berries
boy backward*" Can't read or cipher* 1 are shared by the two.   ln the case ot I are soft, rub through a coarse sieve
Put him  ln  the shops  and  find out   the tea cosy a veudded Interlining Is, l
what he can do.    Spoil the  system*! I of course, necessary In order to make'
1 hope so. I It useful aa a conserver of heat.
"1 sometimes wish 1 could wake up'    Considering  the  fancy   price  nsked
and find every textbook, every school   for one of these ornamental trifles. $*J0
being tbe average charge, the woman
clever with her needle will probably
study the store models nnd then do 11
little borne copying. The wire foundation for n cosy of either tyne can
easily tie arrived nt by making n miniature boopsklrt, narrowing It toward
the top. where the doll's body is attached. Any woman who knows how
to dress a doll eimnot fail to be sue- |
cessful lu the making of the modern
' system, every course of study wiped ,
I out, so that the teacher would be faced
I with 40 different faces, with different
environments, different heredities, dif-
pe rent possibilities, and then see what j
I the teaei'.cr would do.
"The teacher that wants a course of
study doesn't   know  how  to use one I
and the teacher that knows how to use j
one doesn't need one.
The  existence  of   municipal   play
grounds   Is  a  direct  criticism  or  the;
school method  that fails to recognize j oosey.
way  to
make a
the lact that the only
the little fellows Is to
part of their work play.
Smothered With Supervision.
"We bring the boys Into the school
Another new piece of furniture pie*
large   (Ure<j |s ��� portable ruck. In which tn
I vorlte   books  nnd   current  magazines
may be kept.   The rack may be lifted
about   easily   wherever   the   Invalid's
to remove the tough aklns. Add os
much anger as you have berry pulp
and cook together about five minutes.
Pour Into a mold to cool.
Cranberry   Pie.���Select  large  cranberries and cut encb one in half with
��� a sharp knife.   For one pie you will
need a cupful and a half of berries.
Mix   witb   tbem   a   tablespoonful   of
flour,  one  cupful   ot sugar  and  one-
bnlr  capful   of  butter.     Line  a   pie
plate witb plain pastry,  fill  with  the
berries, then cover witb strips of pastry    laid    on    crisscross,    latticework
fashion   nnd   buke   slowly   until   tbe
crust   Is   brown.      If   preferred,   tbe
cranberries cau be stewed tirst before
putting Into the crust.
,,,,���, fr, I",,   chair Is wheeled, nnd books nnd period
pervlslon and^thei, JJ^���� ^g | ___, w.i, always be within reach.
1 normal
taken idea. Nature didn't mean children to be uniform. There is altogether too much neutralisation and
smothering of personality in school
rooms today.
"Children don't begin to talk or
walk al the same age, yet we lockstep
them In reading and writing at the
same age or else we fail them. We
ought to do everything next to lying
-and perhaps we ought to do that���to
persuade a boy that he can't fail.
"In l.os Angeles we put the bad boys
under a teacher who waB once a bad
boy. lf they want to go and play ball
he goes with them.    If they want to
You'll Find These Useful.
Combined measures and funnels have
been seen for some time, but'they nre
not even now lu general enough use
Instead   of   having   a   separate  "two
quart" or "quart" measure, with sep
arate funnels, It Is much more efficient
to have tbe measure and fuunel tn one
so that tbe liquid readily pours with
out  the  need  of  holding the  funnel
steady and without the need of ban
dling and washing an extra utensil.
Especially   If  one   tins  a   blue  and
white kitchen, the new shapes In vine
work at the benches they can work. I gar nnd oil cruets decorated In blue w'll
If they want to read and study they j be attractive. Many are found in tbt
can study. One day two of them j gjjops, placed on �� stand or In a little
wanted to stop and have a fist fight L^k which can be placed near the
Nobody stopped them, and when they Fwtrnen tnble. Other novelties are the
got it out of their systems they went; __n_ ���upol.te(, ^MnK dippers, skin.
nie'ts, etc..  which have chlnn  handles
and which form decorative bits for tht
back to work.
"The fact  is there aren't any  bad
boys.   They just need to be given    a ,
chance to do what they can do best."' kitchen walls.
 , There   have  been   several   kinds  ot
pads made especially to accurately fit
different sized dining tables. A new
kind, just brought out. Is In two sections, folding Invisibly, and Is covered
with canton flannel. A cover of |>eb
bled oilcloth of fine quality comes With
the pad and can be easily removed
Tbe cover and pad sre so made thai
arrangement can be made for extra
table leaves If desired.
Alcohol and the Hair.
If tbe bnlr is dusty uud unmanageable after a Journey of any sort try
using ulcohol to make It  fluffy.    The
alcohol will dry In a few moments, und
the  hair   will   be  ready   then   to  arrange.   Many women who buve taken
a railroad Journey of several hours' duration  to   a   wedding  or  dance  have
fouud  their hair, owing  to  the beat
and dust of the Journey, quite heavy
and dirty and bave despaired of getting It in shape In time for the festiv**-
ties.    A shumiKK) takes too long to be
Indulged in while one Is dressing, aud
sometimes It leaves tbe hair too fluffy
for immediate managing.
To get buck to the ulcohol treatment,
part the hair and rub a little alcohol
on u piece of gauze on tbe scalp until
It Is free from dust. Then rub the
bnlr about tbe brows nud ears and the
nape of tlle neck with the alcohol. Of
course It should tirst have been brushed as free as possible from dust Then
let the hair hang loosely until the alcohol bus dried out Tbe hulr will be
light aud tluffy.
Church Notices
ones No. T end I7T
l.timan Brooks Crosby. D.D., pastor.
The subject of the sermon for tlu*
morning worship at 11 o'clock te
'Paul's Petition." Sunday school
Baraca class and Fidelia class will
meet at 2,80 p.m. At 7.30 evening
worship wil! be held. The theme of
the sermon is 'Making a Living, 01
Living a Life." Monday at S p.m. the
Young People will hold their de
votional service. Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock is the hour of the mid
week prayer service.
CHURCH     (corner    Carnarvon    and
Blackwood  streets)- The  pastor  will
preach at bo:h services at 11 a.m. mu
7.30  p.m.,  and  also   tench  the   liible
class for young men and young ladies
at 8.80 p.m.    Morning topic. "The On- \
accountable  Christ."    Evening   topic, i
"Sending Missionaries to China." On 1
Monday    evening    the  St.   Andrew's
Club will debate    the    subject,  "Re* *
solved, that a lawyer is not justified
in  defending     a   criminal   whom  he 1
knows    to be  guil;y."    Everyone    is j
cordially welcome.
On   their   way   home to  Edmonton  BM^-,..,
from California where Ihey bnve been ST. STEPHEN'S PRESBYTERIAK
pending the winter Mr. and Mrs. CHURCH���Services 11 a.m. and f:80
Wilfred Armstrong spent yesterday in p.m. Evening subject, "Christian
the citv visiting former friends and Liberty." ��dytlt B b'�� class,,2 p.m.
acquaintances Mr Armstrong is a Sunday school, 3 p.m. Bulla meets
former resident of the city, being em-   Monday at 8 p.m.    Strangers welcome
I ployed years ago as a printer.                at  all  services.     M.  l.ordon   Melvin,
The    home  of  Mrs.   K.  Crake,  230 I S.A., minister. 
-  Third avenue, was the scene of ona|             ���������	
Cleaning With Naphtha.
To clean n gown successfully wltr
naphtha remember to treat It exactly
the same as If It were being washed III
water. Dse high grade naphtha, which
costs a few cents more per gallon thnr
the other kind. Have a covered tnb-
something Hint will not give off rust 01
paint. Eunmel is excellent. If gar
ments are much suited use plenty ol
soup inapbtha or benzine sonpt nno
let tbem stand awhile in warm nnph
thn. Clothes should be thoroughlv
brushed and nil spots well rubbed Wltb
semp and naphtha before they are pul
Into soak. Naphtha can be sufel.i
heated by putting �� jug of boiling wa
ter. tightly corked, into the tub, and
this seems to be the secret of success
ful home cleansing, tight goods need
to be rinsed.
A Salad. Pretty and Palatable.
For a very effective as well as palatable salaii lake le'ttuce. greeu peppers and canned asparagus lips. Make
a bed of lettuce leaves Cut tbe |>e|>-
pcrs in rings about one half Inch thick
(the Inside taken ont, of course). Stand
the ring upright un Hie lettuce aud
while holding ll place the asparagus
tips in (lying flat, not stiindlugi until
the ring Is over hair full. Alter that
the ring will stand of itself. Serve
with French dressing. The Idea ot
not entirely fllll"!: the ling is to give
the effect of �� basket. It is more convenient to serve on separate or iudivid-
ual plates.
He Killed a Man.
Rosebtirg, Ore.. April lti.���Morrison
Campbell, a rancher, living mar here.
came here and surrendered himself
to the sheriff today, saying he had
shot and killed a neighbor, John Bee
ker. in a quarrel. Beckers tody was
f und  In D  field.
The Kitchen Floor.
Kitchen floors that ure not covered
become worn and splintered often
with much scrubbing. Rather thnn
suffer risk getting splinters from them
have the Boor planed smooth and the
cracks tilled with a wood filler. Then
rub crude oil over It repeatedly at Intervals. The oil hardens, and stains
do nut readily sink Into the wood.
Never wax or varnish a floor that
must be washed with wnter. Water
wlll quickly discolor polished hardwood floors.
Spring Suitings just arrived. See
them. Perfect fit and workmanship
guaranteed. Prices from $18.00 up.
701 Kvont Street
SATURDAY.   APRIL   18,   1914
Whatever kiiul of Ten pleases
you we can supply. We have a
good assortment of bulk teas,
both black and green, which enables us to blend to suit each
taste', ln package teas we have
almost all the leading brands on
the market. Toll us what you
want and we will try to pleace
Ceylon Tea. bulk, 3 lbs.   .$1.00
Ceylon Tea, 3 lb. boxes . . .  1.00
M. and .1. Blend, lb 45
Special Blend, pul up in 1
lb.  packages.    Very line
quality,  per  lb 50
Ilncolored Japan Toa, 3 lbs. 1.00
Uncolored  Japan Tea, lb..   .50
Spider Leg Tea. lb.    .I'.". .    .50
Ounpowder Tea.    Try this
for  your own   blending,
Per  lb     50
Blae Ribbon, Nabob, Victoria Cross, M. and J., etc
in 1 lb and V* lb. packages, lb... *,.,*.>. tlJKi* .40
Salada, Uptons' Tetley's,
Mazawatta, Nabob, Kidge-
ways, Malkin's, etc., pet-
lb 50c. to $2.00
Model Grocery
108 Sixth 8t. Phone 1001 2.
East Burnaby Branch, Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave, Ed*
Monds Branch, Oray Block.
Phone 111IL,  .
Local News
Elected   School  Trustee.
IV   lt.   Stewart   has   been   returned
to the Port Coquitlam board of school
trusties unopposed.
Millinery, new hats, new trimmings,
new veilings, just received at Mr8.
Agret'B, 59 Sixth strut. (3247)
Weather    Today.
Ni��    Westminster   and  the  lower
mainland:    Light to moderate wind.
generally fair and mild with showers)
tonight or Sunday. ,
Insure in the Royal, the world's
largest fire company. Agent, Alfred
W. McLeod, the Insurance Man,
New Pitt  River Bridge. .	
Messrs. eArmstrong, Morrison <t
Co. are driving rest piles for the reception of the steel spans of the new-
Pitt river bridge. The work is progressing very  satisfactorily.
Our annual special Bock Beer is
distributed to the trade. *Be sure nnd
sample it, or order a case from your
dealer.    Westminster brewery. (3215)
Straighten Out Road.
The government road gang under
Mr. Walton, foreman, has commenced
work on the Alicevllle road to Harnet, straightening out the old road and
providing a good connection to Van
Is Your
Women's Auxiliary of Holy Trinity
Cathedral will hold a delicatessen sale
in St. (ieorge's hall Commencing at
3 o'clock Saturday, the 18th inst.
WE were busy all day; everybody went away
pleased with the great bargains they got.
For today's business we hove secured extra help, so
nobody will go away without being waited on. Never
before did we sell shoes at such big reductions. Some
lines are being sold below cost; one reason for doing
this is that WE MUST RAISE MONEY.
To enable a compart**1 tr) io' a
trust businesB it it uuxnb essential that Directors and Officers
be chosen who have made a success of business, and^jfcho, financially and otherwise, an able
to carry our your instructions.
The Dominion Trust Company
is in an exceptipjttaity. goodjiosi-
tion in this rejjii'reL"
Invested   Funds   ..$13,480,221.65
Dther Trusteeships $26,518,000.00
r ���       r. I r. >
Let us draw'yefur will: s Wills
drawn and kept without charge.
Dominion Trust
Mortgages���Alfred W. McLeod
Place your ordi r for strawherrw
boxes with us and be sure of getting
the beet. We specialize In fruit package's. British Cdlumbla Manufacturing  Co.,   Lulu   Island. 13-1571
The Perpetual TrusUe.
Briquettes,   Briquettes, cheaper than
coal.    Barry    Davis  & Co.,    Phones!
SSO  and  411 L. (3190)
New Board Members.
Messrs.  C.   W.   Bourne,  broker;   W.
Oiffcrd. jeweller:    XV.   .1.   Whiteside,;
barrister;   J,   D.   Henderson,  manager j
RuebpII  hotel,  and   A.  C.   Maclennan ;
have   been   elected   members  of    the
board of trade.
��� and  dinner   parties.    Believing    that   nish all battalion duties for the ensu-
| the  same   excellent     cuisine   can   be> j ing  week.
i liniiiitaiiied at lower prices. Mr, Hen-1    Appointments.���Paymaster Sergean'
prices remain-
Bat at the Royal cafe. Dominion
Trust building. Good cooking; good
service. (3189)
derson has inaugurated a special busi- John   Held,   is  granted   the   rank   of i the Columbia river product has been   in larger quantities w
ness  men's  lunch  at  50 oents,  while color-sergeant     upon    completion    ol ; offered   for   sale   for   several   weeks j bedding  plants  were
the dinner fare is now set at 75 cents three  years'  service  in  liis    present/  The other brands were offered in fair-   tenslvely
Another   inovation   is  the*   serving   oi r.mk.   No.   ''MS,  Corp.   F.   F.  Wells,  tot   	
ing the past few  weeks. ly good Quantities,
Kraser  river  oolichans  made  t'.ieir   ing  stationary
Initial appearance yesterday although      Vegetables nre  beginning to arrive-
hile  the spring
also quoted ex-
Another   inovation   is  the   serving  of   r.mk.   No.   238;  Corp
afternoon tea, a demand for tliis hav-   be  lance-sergeant.
Both   Said  "Guilty." ling   lately   shown   itself   by   touring       Di  SS.    AH  parades  vvill b,
The opening of the police court yes-| auto   parties.     Very   little  income   la | form in future.
terday morning found two very accommodating gentlemen in rhe dock.
One frankly admitted that he had
bun drunk and was allowed to go.
while the other as frankly confessed
that he had been begging. He was
told io go and to go within an hour.
d. rive d from the latter according to Parades.���The Chilliwack detach-
Mr. Henderson, but he is confident ment will parade for Inspection by
thai   the   service   give^n   will   become   the officer commanding on Saturday,
known to the district and will bi
the un ems of placing the Russell In
a class by itself.
Wood! Wood!  Wood! To Burn.
The best wood in the city delivered
at  your house  55  minutes  after you I
phone the   order.    Superior   Sash    &   Battalion Order  No.  16 By  Lt,Col. J.
Door Co.   Phone 503, (SlSl)i D- Taylor. Commanding.
Output to Be Increased .
Another sign of he times, which
appear to be getting brighter every
day. is the present plan of the II. C,
Manufacturing Company located ou
Lulu Island, to increase the capacity
cf its plant. Last season the company
made; a record in the total amounl of
busin'B.i dene, especially in the manufacture of boxes and shooles for ihe
salmon  canning   industry.
Part I
officers'    Duties.���To   bi*   orderly, I
officer for th<* week ending April 26
Lieut.   Trapp;    next   for   duty.   Lieut. |
Battalion Unties.-"A" Co. "ill  fur  ;
April 18, at 8 p.m.. ut Chilliwack.
ll'.   order,
Captain and Adjutant.
11 lily Orders, Part 11.;
,* testations.--No. 230, Pte. J. Mc-
K.i/.ie, No. 231 Pte. Krtd Kirmee, No.
232 I'te. Henry Kipp. No. 233 Pte.
(ieo Howling, "A" Co.; No. 234 Pte
Geo .lieiius, No. 2.'5 Pte. Hugo Johnston "U" Co.; No. 172 Pte. W. Burnett, "II" Co.; No. 236 P;e. i'red
Wells "B" Co.; No. 237 Pte. Solomon
I'. i.,h. No. 238 Pte. W. Karris, No.
23!)  I'te.  Paul  Phipp, "A" Co.
Pre motion.���No.   236.   Pte.     Fred
Wills, "B" Co., to be corporal.
Pea* Cent on
New Westminster
606  Columbia   Street,
C. 8. KEITH, Mafager.
Delicious Oranges; 20 for 25c;  larger
sizes per dozen . I. .25c, 35c. and 50c
Tangerine Oranges, per dozen  . .  15c
Large Crape Fruit, 3 for   25c
Large  and  Juicy  Lemons,  dozen  25c
Our Special line of Chocolates,
Creams    and    Caramels,    fresh
every   week.
Per   Ib	
POUND.   Thi     person    who   lost   ;.
purse  near  the  opera  house    las'
uight  can   have  same   by   proving
pioi erty   and   i aylnn   fi r   this  ad*
..  vertistment.    Apply 521 Third ave
I      I1UI
Hotel business  is regarded as one        1Q0  Late  tO  ClaSSifv
of  the   barometers  of  the  times  and J
this can be applied to the Hole! Rei-
Bell, which under new managem nt i u, pay i tor vaca:
surpassing ehe record shewn by thi**,*    *���
first class hostel in former years, Un       . .    ,'     %
der* the management of H. \. Bender-1 ,.*;.,.
son. who fcr the past thirteen years |
haa been connected with the C. P, Ft
hotel   sy.- em   nnd   was   recently    in   ' ' "      ���"'"';,.,
charge r.f the Sic3tnous hotel, several       ������ ���      ��� ..*.  .
changes    have   taken   place,   notably       lu!l      l:
a   desire   to   cater   to  Bpeclal   lunch
-������  -���'   ���u... ,        il
Block  wood  per  load    $300 r
Hood   bark   slabs,   loud    $2.50       "" '    	
Factory  wood  and    dry    cedalf, port  . \i,k   i ii rn   avknc
per   load     12.50       I.UM    ��� ��������� it hi-twei'ii
And  now   is  the  time  to  get   it   In
and   bave  it  dry.  ,	
L.  WILLIAMS. v, n,i     i;tVK    CASH     * S
Office  Phcne  74 House  42",.
I ���    ' '*'��� . .     llltve
'ON  THAT   SHOPPING   DAY    " Hfi,SA!'s1    l:; .���'.'; ������'���'.'". ~'~~
wouldn't it be nice for a little snack.   :"''.,i  ' '
Assorted Sandwiches, Toast and Tea.;     ,*.��� ,,.',' .,.*.'.', ,'.... ." , ,.''.'.  ..,      .'   (i
���a aaa        ���.������,���*.   .   a.ma. *.  .   ���aa���   ��� le'UVlnt, of fill I
THE STRAND CAFE ���        ��� z	
I FOR     ItKNT    WE     ll.ivi;     si;.
Music                                           Phone 398  I      bungalow     nnd   dwellings   rm
 all   parts  ol   .*.* .      Cull   anil   Itml
~���m���mm ���  ;       ,��,,  ii<t  befor,   you loe r
, yow    leiteli' \.
Although in other sections of the
province and in Seattle eggs remain
at a low price, the commodity brought
in to yesterday's market was boost* a
rrom 25 cents to 30 cents a dozen
The low figure had been In force elm
Just cleared from the customs, a huge consignment of canvas
shoes and slippers ��� theright thing for May Day. Just what you
want   for  summer.     Low   prices.    Kool  and   Komfortable.
Barefoot Sandals, sizes to 2s aij_
Misses wwC
Ladies' $1.60  Rubber  Heeled, 1   strap qij
Slippers     WWW
Kiddies'  $2.00  Tan  Lure  Bluchers, sizes GA   _%E
to ios  91 *-*9
youths' and Misses' School Boots, sizes GA   AG
11. 12, and  13 9 I i-lO
Hoys'  strong school  boots,  sizes t_4   \7R
la to 6s * I ��� I 9
Ladies'  Dress   Boots. G>4   QC
Per pair   *9 * ���ww
Gents'   Dress   Boots. G4   QC
641  Front Street.
The Home of Low Prices. Out of the High Rent District.
To Overlook These Money Saving Prices.
We Certainly Sell the Rugs.
I'arlor Suitl
Residence:   Room  US  Mcl.eod Block.
Phone 4SH D,
Eastman and Co.
T'leone   312.
in   Westminster  Trust  Building
fanned *Corn, per tin  10:
fanned  I'eas, per tin   .... c...... 10c
fanned Pineapple, 1 lb. tins, 3 lor 25:
fanned Pineapple 1 % lb tins, 2 for 25c
B. C,  Milk, per tin    10:
Dean's Grocery
Vurr Block
�� ****���
mhhl  pre**..
-      ',<   '"
Read - The - News
fumed, Kxtension
, aaira    and    Buffet.
Leather, Quartered Oak frame.    A
piece M&hogany
���artered Oak Dining U<>om Suit*
��� ���,   six   Leath
nice; claasy Suite.
, lnllil���ts  of   Inlaid   Linoleum   at,
li *r  square  yard   	
,..,!.)��� Cribs, with Kelt Mattress.
iiimi-il Oak  Leather Conch
Oak Davenport, a couch by day, a
bed  by  night     Special   	
[���'umed Quartered Oak Library Set,
tnree  pieces.    Special   	
i'aby Buggies, ti only, values to $10.00
S peclal    	
Iron Bed with Sprint; Mattress
:'',.").00 Davenport,
iiiiii grade one
n;d  All-
Perfect  in  form, color and  fin ish.
exercised in the making.
IMPERIAL WARE i.s gr< y mottled, resembling Scotch  Granite.
CANADA WARE is light blue mottled outside and pepper lining
inside, with black edge'.
Our stock includes .Mixing Howls. Sauce Pans of all kinds, Vegetable Boilers, Early Breakfast Cookers, Potato Pots. Preserving
Kettles, Stock Pots, Water Pails, Dinner Pails, Torre- I o-..-, h*;i
Steppers, Tea Kettles, dips, Saucers, Plates, Dish Pan*. Milk I'euis.
cullenders. Dippers, Skimmers, Fry Pans, Scoops, Roosters, Weisli
Bowls, Pitchers, Slop Jars, Deep stove Pots, Milk Palls, etc.
Brass 'Bed with Spring
Felt Mattressftcomplete
Bed Room Furnished with Bed. Hug, Spring and
'.lattnss. Pillows, Sheets, Blankets, Spread, Comforter, Wii,elow Sliaeie., ( urtalns, Dresser and Two
chairs, complete
tor  ���
(i.Ux'.i feet; ri'gular J.'.Tfi, CC  OC
7.'.ix.l'fei't';   regular   *S..*i(l, $6.75
li'x'.i  feist;' regular  $ii*^*r', $8.50
sp:amless velvet squares.
9x10.6;   regular $15.00, JJ 1.50
uli" $"3'B0' .  ......$15.75
9x12 fe.-t;  regular'$26.00," $17.50
for   ^
C.9x9  feet;   regular  $13.50, $9.75
9x9 feet;  regular $21.75,
9x10.6  feet;   regular  $22.60,
9x12  feet;   regular $25.00,
9x10.6 feet
regular $22.50, $17.50
t;.9x9  feet
!��x!> feet;  regular $110.00,
9x12 feet;  regular $45.00
New Westminster.
Phone 69
Corner of Sixth and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 588
:��� ������������������
SATURDAY.   APRIL   18,   1914.
C. I*:. Darling of Berkeley, Cat, and and his picture also is a good one.
driven hy  Allan, finished w eond  In Many local people wlll he ahip to ree-
the   412-mile    all-Alaska sweeptakes os lie themselvea in tliis picture aa
deig  team   race,  when    they    wearily well  as  eluring  the-  display  given   by
dragged themselves into Nome at 4 the  fire  department    on    Columbia
o'clock thia morning, tan hours in hind street
Johnson's   team   or   Siberian   wolves.       The film will he shown on Monday,
which iron the race* in 11 hours. Fred Tuesday  mul   Wednesday.
Ayre*. driving n team e.r it foi hounds, 	
will finish a poor mini.    At noon  ho
was making slow headway ih miles kelowna ranchers make
out trom Xo  H|i as stock players
Harlem Tommy Gets a Chance at Californian But is
Outpointed All thc Way���Champion Leads in Seventeen Rounds, Two Drawn and One to Murphy.
San Francisco, April 17. Outpointing his man practically all the way,
hut lacking the strength to administer
a knockout, Champion Willie Ritchie
successfully defended his lightweight
title against Harlem Tommy Murphy
tonight, the battle going the entire distance of 20 rounds. At the expiration of the score of rounds there was
little else for Referee <: riff in to do hut
to raise Ititchle's hands denoting the
Murphy's indomitable fighting spirit
was  marvellous   to  the  crowd   which
was tin- largest ever assembled in the
Eighth   street   arena.     Outpointed   at
long range* fighting. Murphy tried his j
hand close In, hut all to no avail, the
Californian hammering    blows    that I
would   have   downed     any     ordinary I
Murphy got the better in one round
only, taking the eighth by a shade. In
two otters, the seventh anil the nth
the' battle was even.
The 2<Uh was a hummer from start
to finish, being as follows;
Th'j men shook hands smilingly and
then went at each other with the ferocity of  panthers.    Ritchie  drove his
man against the ropes, smothering him
wllh lefts und rights and every assort
nii'iii of punches on the jaw, head and
body. The champion did all the fighting and found no difficulty in landing. Murphy, however, always came
back lull of fitnt. A right cross almost floored .\iu.-phy, and his mouth
bled profusely as the champion smashed away at his face and body. Murphy
went to the floor from a right punch
and almost through Die ropes, but
came back with spirit, little ruffled,
lie was groggy, however, and Ritchie
i flayed him on the jaw and body until
| the bell ended the round and fight.
; Referee Griffin tiuickiy raised Kit-
rhle's right hand and proclaimed him
the winner, amid great cheering.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    Ixist
Spokane  )  2
Seattle     3
Vancouver    2
Tacoma  2
Portland     1
Victoria  1
International  and   City  League  Game
Scheduled���Moody and Sapperton Parks in Use.
Bargains in
Building Supplies
From manufacturer to consumer direct. Vou effect an enormous saving
ou Windows, Boors, Mouldings, Porch
Columns, etc., Building Paper and
Builders' Hardware by buying direct
by mull. Note these prices:
5-cross I'anel Doors for light stain
or   oil     $1.70
6-croSS Panel Doors for dark stain
or  paint    $1.50
Window  Frames    $1.25
l>oor   Frames    $1.75
Everything  In   stock  for  immediate
shipment    We ship anywhere.
Write for  New  Illustrated  Catalogue.
A.B. Gushing Lumber Co.,
834 Powell St. Vancouver, B.C.
Soccer fans have the choice cr two
games scheduled lor this arternoon,
bot'i of which should be of a ding-
dong character. At Moody park the
representatives of Scotland and Can-1
ada will fight it out for the interna-
tlopal championship of the city, with
Tim Mahoney handling the whistle.
At Sapperton park, Burquitlam will
make an attempt agaiiiBt Sapperton in
the city champioiiBhlp series, the winners to meet the city a week later in
the  finals.    H. Bongley will officiate.
Game Postponed.
Tiie scheduled game between Fraser
[ Mills  and   New   Westminster  hooked
on  the   Millside  diamond   for  Sunday
I afternoon has been postponed for one
! week  owiniR  to  the  grand  stand   not
I being   in   shape.     Considerable  disappointment was felt by the funs yesterday   when   the   news   became   known
and   the  largest  crowd   that ever  attended   a  Circle   V   ball   game   would
| have been on de*ck for the Initial game
I of the season.
Bees Lose Again.
Spokane, April 17. The Spokane
Indians won rrom Victoria today, by
a score or 4-3. McCorry's pite.iing,
hitting and running were responsible
In a large measure tor the local's
Score It.    H.   E.
Victoria      3      7      0
Spokane  .  4      7      2
Batteries: Hannah and Carney; Mc*
Corry  and Altman.
Fullerton in Form.
Seattle, April 17. Fullerton held
Portland to one hit today while Seattle
knocked Callahan out ot the box in
the second, winning tiie game 8-0.
Score- R.    H.   E.
Seattle        .1      8      1
Portland   0    l    2
Batteries:     Fullertop.     and.     lluhn;
Callahan, Bromley and Murray.
Eusher Was Pounded.
Vancouver, April 17.���Ten hits off
Reuther, who was given poor support
by liis team mates, were responsible
for  Vancouver's defeat here today.
Score��� R.    H.   E,
Vancouver      3     5     6
Tacoma   5    10       2
Batteries: Reuther and Cheek;
fess and Harris.
Kelowna, April 17.���The opera
douse  last  Monday   was  packed   to
overflowing to witness tiie initial performance of the Orchard  Players, a I
company, who for the most part, were]
prominent actors and actresses in the
old  country,  but  who  are  now  fruit
ranchers    in    the    Kelowna district.
Never in  the history of local  drama
baa  such   a   masterly    Interpretation j
been given.   In presenting T. \V. Rob-!
ertson's    charming    creation. "David!
Garrlck," the "Players" were afforded
hill scope for their histrionic ability,;
and at the conclusion of the play they j
reei Ived a perfect ovation. i
William   Sauter   in   the   title   role!
gave a finished performance.   His en-
actment was excellent throughout, es-1
pecially so in the dinner party scene, I
and In the final act where he points j
out   to  the   impressionable  girl   who
had fallen ln love with him, and who]
he now loves himself, her filial duty
to her father.
Miss Dora Rlgnold scorfd an Instantaneous success in the part of Ada.
Her portrayal was admirable and her
easy grace and charm simply captivated the audience.
As the eccentric old London merchant, Simon Ingot, L. Race Dunrobin
made a decided hit. The subtle humor of the play received excellent interpretation in his hands. A. D.
Soamea as the roistering Squire Chivy
was also equally successful, while the
other members or the company acquitted themselves admirably.
William Seuter, who has been the
guiding spirit of the Orchard Players,
is to be congratulated upon the success of his undertaking, They will
appear in New Westminster on April
80 and May 1,
Standing of the Clubs.
Won    Best
Brooklyn        2
Philadelphia       2
Pittsburg        3
Cincinnati     1
Chicago     1
St.  Bouls        1
TJoston     0
.',��� p. ,v. . - LIMITED
J.J.Jones. MANDIR.
8-roomed Modern House, 616 Hamilton Street. Rent,
$30.00 per month.
2 7-room Modern Houses, 1214 and 12i6 Hamilton
Street.   Rent $20.00 per month.
^-roomed Cottage, Modern, 207 Clinton Place.  Rent
I      $20.00 per month.
5-roomed and den Bungalow, modern, 726 2nd  St.
Rent $20.00 per month.
All the above specially recommended. Call in
and see our listings. Modern Suites and Offices for
rent.  All rents reasonable. Apply Rent Department.
J. Jackson, Miss De Wolfe Smith and '
C. Adams Carried off Prizes
and Ribbont.
The Bank of Vancouver
���ranches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits oi One Dolla.* and
upwards received and Interest at the highest euiteif fate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK. General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
At Brooklyn��� R.    H.    K.
Boston    0     5      3
Brooklyn     5    11      0
Batteries: Rudolph and dowdy. Alt
chlson and Miller.
At Philadelphia���
New York	
Batteries;  Teareau
Myet  and Kiliifer.
R.    11.    E.
    1      5      2
   3      8      1
and    McLean.
R.   II.   K.
Watch This
It will be occupied daily by the
of the
Western Supply
At   Cincinnati       *BJ	
Chicago     6     ti     1
Cincinnati      5      tf      2
Batteries: Vaughan. Lavender; Cheney and Archer; Ames, Davenport,
I.ear and Clark, Qonzales.
Mayor   Oray   and   Alderman   Welcher
Will   Battle   This   Afternoon���
faseball  at  Coquitlam.
At St. Louis���
St. Louis 	
Iiatte rles:   Kantlehner
Perritt anil  Snyder.
R. H. E.
. . . 2 6 2
,.  . 0      4       1
ami Gibson;
New  Westminster vs.  Port Coqult-1
lutei  is the scheduled  baseball  game
at  the  railway centre  this afternoon,
Mayor Cray leading) the Royals while j
Alderman   Welcher, ;i  star player  In
his day and still nimble on his pins,
wlll sii* that everything is O. K. with
.Mayor   Me-Ki'iizie's  confreres  on   tiie ;
cit)   council.
.1 ust what the line-up of New West- j
minster  will   he   will   not   be  known j
until a count is made on the field prior j
to th*. battle.   It is rumored tha; ex-
Alderman f". .1. Lynch will undertake
to   ilu   the  twirling    stunt    although
some iJimhi is expressed as to Sjthetiier
Va re is a civic official who can hold
his deliveries.
The occasion Is the anniversary of
tli" incorporation of Coquitlam,
Standing of the Clubs.
Won Lost
N'ew York      li 0
Chicago     3 1
Washington      2. 1
I St.   Louis         - 1
! Detroit       1 -
Boston      i -
Cleveland        1 3
At   Boston-
Batteries:   Boehling
Leonard  and  Carrigan.
it.   II.
1      7
.  0      2
1. iiiiii
.393 !
I-ocal canine fanciers made an ex
cellent record with their favorites at
the Vancouver spring show. J. J
Jackson, Kdmonds, maintained his
reputation of possessing the premier
collie kennel on the Pacific coast.
Mr. Jackson with his collie bitch Lady
Sousie won four first prizes and "Winners" also six specials, including a
cut glass berry dish for tiie best collie in tin* show. Ile also won a silver
cup fur the best collie pup; gold
medal tor best collie pup, dog or bitch,
born in America; silver medal for best
collie owned by member of the Kennel club; bronze medal for the best
collie born in Canada, and bronze medal for the best six competing and owned by a member of the Canadian Kennel  club.
At Victoria this week Mr. Jackson
with  Lady  Sousie captured  two  first ���
prizes ami "Winners" (bitches);  also e
three   specials,   including   silver   cup
presented   by   Major   Stewart,   collie j
pup,   and  a  silver  cup  for  the  best
collie in novice exhibit class.
At Vancouver Miss DeWolfe Smith
won all in sight in the Clumber Spaniel class anil several classes with her
Boston Terrier, il. C. Adams, Merchants bunk, captured a number of
ribbons with his wire haired fox terrier;   Mr.   Duplessis   secured   a   first
prise with his young Spitz Pomeranian I
and Mr. Maclachlan with his collies I
won several prizes, including a special 1
for the best novice dog or bitch, and I
another special for the best dog shown I
| from New Westminster.
Bright Cheery Rooms for Young Men
on     each
��� i
Hot  and  cold   Showers
floor.    Reasonable prices,
always  welcome/.
Royal Avenue.
Phone 1000i
121  Water St., Vancouver, B.C.
have started an  auto freight service
between   Vancouver   and
minster and  way points,
service  guaranteed,
able.    Give us a trial.
Phones:   Seymour 1843
New   West-
A  reliable
Charges  reason-
is onp of the chief reasons why young
people stay contented'y there instead
j of   seeking   their   amusements    else-
| where.
f Bet us furnish the piano that will
I make your home attractive. The
i DOMINION PIANOS are here for your
' selection.
and    Henry;
At  New   York it.    II.   E,
Philadelphia    0     3     0
New   York   . .    4      7      "
Batteries:     Brown.     Wyckuff    and
Lapp;   Caldwell  and  Sweeney.
Local Moving Pictures
Under  New  Management.
Special Attention Paid
to Lunch and Dinner
Rates:   $3.00 to $4.50  per  Day.
Late of C. P. R. Hotel System.
tldon, April 17 The main body of
tiie* Northern Union's Australian team
embarked today for Sydney, N.S.W.,
consisting of the following: li. Wag-
staff, captain; W. c. Davies and W.
Jar man of Leeds; P. Smith, W, W,
Guerin and J. Smnles of Hunslet; F,
Williams and s. Pressor of Halifax;
A. K. Wood, W, Hall and u. Holland
of Oldham; J BE, Robinson afui w.
Roman of Rochdale Hornets; J, Ogara
i and A. Johnson of Widnes, and
Glampitt of  Brouglitiui  Rangers,
I 11. Houghton and J. Clifford have
: to sail.
At Chicago
Cleveland .. ���
am!    Carisch;
3 !
 1    11     2
Hagerman,    Collamore
Faber,    Russell   and
R.   11.   E.
3,  1.
At   Detroit
St.   Louis      2     1
Detroit  I     ti
Batteries;    Hamilton and Crossin
Coveleskie and Stanage.
All-Alaskan   Sweepstakes   Dog
Race  Won  in 81   Hours.
Nome, Alaska, April 17. ���The Allan-
Darling team of is malamutes, owned
Scotty  Allan  of   Nome  and   """"
At St.  Louis���
St.   Louis   	
Batteries:   Moseley
Willed and Simon.
11. E.
i 9 2
.    11      2
M rs.
Pot Roast, from fine steer beef, per lb.
Legs of Australian Mutton, par lb . .
3 lbs. first grade New Zealand Butter .
White Lilly Pure Lard, per lb	
. 18c
At Kansas City-
Kansas City  	
Batteries:     Breniuui.
R.    II.    E.
..  3    12      1
..  4    11      1
and Wilson;  Helming and Hrown.
At   Baltimore
Batteries: Purroy
11.   II.    K.
.  4      S      1
. 3     !���     -
Selitzer, Ford and
Blair;  Wilhelm, Smith and JacMitsoh.
At the Theatres
in Motion Pictures
including a
Pathe's Great Masterpiece in 5
Hundreds of People You Know
and See Daily.
A big massive spectacular production produced on the actual
sites at enormous expense.
..The Siege of Toulon
The Italian Campaign      	
The Battle of Ansterlitz
The Crowning of Napoleon
The Burning of Moscow
Napoleon Crossing the Alps
The Battle of Waterloo
Thc Death of the Man of Destiny.
Manager (lillis or the Royal theatre
[has secured a splendid film depleting |
! ii lacrosse match between Vancouver
I ami   New   Westminster,   as   well   as,
j scenes   In   this  city,  a  trip over  the j
' b. C*. E. ll. Fraser valley line to Chll*
liwack,   and   the   parade   at   Victoria
during  the  carnival  there.    The pictures are very clear and  the players
on both lacrosse teams are easily idea*
ftlfied.    Sir Richard  McBride occupies
i prominent place In the grand stand ,
Continuous from 2 to 10:30���Adults, 15c; Children 10c; Children admitted
Afternoons for 5c. sjajsjM
SATURDAY,   APRIL   18,   1914.
Classified Advertising J
ceiviel for The
ing places:    F
ti28   Columbia
BE    RE-
News at the follow-
T. Hill's drug store,
Btreet;   A.   Sprice,
Queensborough, Lulu Island: Mrs.
B. Larden, Highland Park; Mrs. v.
Lewis. Alta Vista.
FOR SALE. (Sample Spirella Ci rsits.
slightly soiled, at reduced pi ices, on
We dnesdays, -'iiid and 29th April.
Call it; 2;if Third street, or 'phi.no
678. (3269)
Department Work  Necessitates  Many
Additions to Staff in All the
��� ��� e *v  �����#������������������������
HATES. ���
*  ��� *
�� ���  ���
Claaslfled���One cent per word per
day: 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract,, $26.00,
at Maple Beach I'ark, Boundary
Bay.    Apply Box 999 News office.
i    and  saw table complete.    Apply  at
The News office.
erty through an ad. In this column
FOll SALE���11.00 DOWN. 11.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar
ket   square. (.1187)
Victoria, April  17.    The stall' of the'
department of agriculture
is in be con
siderably augmented this summer to
enable it to cope witli the ever-Increasing work which the
WANTED.���Man who can   run band
r, .-.,���     pn fi r ' ne who can fli up
saws,   Iowa Lumber & 1 ���--,:     �� ���
I Ad.
;u Hrown
,\  messi "-''���'  b��Y'   Alml*v
Bros   744 Columbia st.
Front St. Phone 213. Cash paid for
all kinds of junk, bottles, mucks, barrels, cast iron, old rags, old rubber
boots and shoes.
For return to News Office of M. W.
Grant's dairy, containing return ticket
to Brandon,
ture in large or small Quantities;
highest prices paid. Auction sales
conducted. II. J. Russell, King's
hotel block, Columbia street. Phone
WANTED.- A manufacturing company located In this city doing a
large and profitable business, are
increasing their capital. Shares
tho value of ten thousand
are now offered foi sale.
a first class industrial investment,
Parties able lo invest one thousand
<i illars or more, whose ability can
be used, their employment will be
considered.   Box 3265, Daily News,
This  is
I!gator purse, on Eighth avenue
near Tenth street, containing latch
key and about $19.00. Reward on
returning to  The  News office.
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street west. Van
couver. (31 S*>)
(arm sales conducted. Purnltun
bought for cash. P. B. Brown, 17
Begbie street, New Westminster.
ture. or stocks in trade, in large or
small quantities, highest price paid.
Or Fred Davis will Sell your goods
bv public auction with guaranteed
results, or no commission charged.
See the expert on furniture before
you give your goods away. Address
Fred Davis. ii4R Columbia street.
New Westminster. (3183)
for KENT. Seven roomed house on
Agnes street with bath, toilet and
fire place*; rent $16.un per month;
lease if desired. Apply 14 Begbie
street (3248)
hoard if required nt reasonable'
rates al 621  Carnarvon  street.
furnished housekeeping rooms, .'17
Acnes street.    Telephone 688 L.
keeping   anil   bedrooms,     420   St.,
(Ieorge street. (31821
to rent trv an ad. ln this column.
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 am Daily
2:00  p.tn Daily
ill:46   p.tn Daily
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 a.m Dally
11:00 p.m Daily
Steamer leaves at 11:45 p.m. on
From Vancouver for  Nanaimo.
\00  pm Dally
Nanaimo, Union  Bay and Comox.
9:00 a.m Wednesday and Friday
Vancouver, Union  Bay, Powell  River
11:45 a.m Every other Saturdaj
For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
11:00 p.m Feb. 14 and 28
Prince Rupert and Granby Bay.
11:00 p.m Wednesday-!
Fcr Gulf Island Points.
7:00 a.m. Tuesdays  and  Fridays  for
Victoria, calling  at points  in  the
Gulf Islands.
CD.  UOUi.h.1.  Agent,  Ntw  Weatmlnatai
���I   W   RRODirc. o    P   A..  VnnnnoMT
rt<*  Part   4 I<-4  acres  of  Lot   4  of   South-!
west Quart'.r Section 22, Township 16,
Miir   895,   ei=   shewn   anil   colored   red
��� in   sketch   deposited   No.   351,   In   the
District   of   New   WestmlnBter.
Whereas proof eif Mi** loss nf Certificate
nt   Title   Number   26549F,   Issued   in   the
name*   of   Alexander   Johnsi.in,   hits   been
fiW*<! in this office.
Notice is hereby given thai I shall, at |
the expiration of on** month from the j
rial*, of the- first publication hereof, in a '
flatty newspaper published in the city eif (
New Westminster, issue* a duplicate nf the i College of Music
sin!   Certificate,  unless  In   th
valid objection be made to me
t-and Registry Office. New W
?! C . 81st March, 1914.
In writing, |
Registrar. I
istmlnster, |
(3177) |
and Miss'
L.R.A.M.. A.R.C.M.
Lessons ln Pianoforte. Violin, Sing
ng, Voice Production, Theory (n
:lass or privately), Harmony, Counter
joint, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared   for   the   examlna
elons of tbe Associated Hoard of   tht
Royal  Academy of  Music and  Roya
AIbo    Professions'
settlement of dis-1
trlota I'utails. and to facilitate the pro*
liucti.iti  of vegetables  and  fruit   audi
their marketing In the older communities,
w.  e. Scott has announced    tnat
three additional members are to be
added to the staff on the Urst of June.
These will Include em assistant livestock commissioner, as lieutenant to
W, T. McDonald, and, In the horticultural    branch, an assistant horticulturist,  as  assistant   horticulturist   to
second R. M. Wlnslow, and an expert
iin  vegetable culture.
I    Tin' assistant livestock commission-
; ership will in* tilled bj S  H   Hopkins.
the son of a well-known breeder of
' horses In the Nicola country, who lias
i had extensive experience of agrlcul-
I tural  work in tliis  province.    He has
j take n a course at the Ontario agricul-
I tural college, and has been  placed  in
charge of an entire class, graduating
| in agricultural options.      He has won
I the governor-general's medal tor g<-n-
! eral proficiency for all around agriculture, but has a  special  ben;  towards
i live *,tock work.
It. L. Ramsay, who will assist II.
! Walker, in supervising and study of
j agricultural conditions in the country
' between Hazelton and Kurt Oeorge, is
! a native of Ontario, and has a practi-
I cal knowledge of farming, both In that
! province and in Saskatchewan. He ls
i a graduate of Guelph, and was select-
i ed by the college as district represent-
I alive for five months of last year.
w. ll. Hayes, the new assistant
. horticulturist, was born In New Brunswick, and lias carried on horticultural
work, both in that province and nisei
' in Uritish Columbia, where he helped
I to plant demonstration orchards in the
' Kootenay four years ago. He is tak-
! ing a spe cial course in horticulture at I
; the Ontario agricultural college. j
T. Sanderson, who will make the
improvement of vegetable culture ui�� j
. especial care, has also had a (iuelph
training, besides  considerable  i xperi-
! ence in commercial vegetable production In Ontario,   ilis headquarters will
, be in Victoria.
Other temporary  officials  adileei   to I
I the staff for the summer months will
be   II    11.   Howitt.  as  assistant  hortl-
; t-iilturist to aid H. Tomlinson at Prince
Rupert. Mr. Howitt graduated at
Guelph, In 1913, has worked at the
Ontario  experimental   station   ut   Jor-
��� dan   lieirbor  in   the   Niagara   district.
��� and  for a summer acted as assistant j
i to  Professor   Ilutt,  at    Guelph.     His
'sphere of work will  include  the  Port,,
i George district.
J. Kranch, assistant horticulturist at I
; Salmon   Arm.   will   he   given     11.     *���>. !
I'erren, a native of Kelowna, as his co- |
adjutator  for  the  summer.    Mr   Per-
ren has taken a three years' course at
| Guelph. and has a wide acquaintance
: with the conditions of horticulture In j
the province.
H. M, Scott becomes temporary as- j
BStstant to M. S, Middle, assistant horticulturist at Nelson. He is a native
of Ontario, has been through the Ontario agricultural college, and will de-j
vote himself to fruit culture and its
TWKLY'B HUNDRED AND l*"ll"l'V TRACTS eef five anel ten acres e*m*h te. be granted ie> prospective settlers
iei iiue.wmi' open  lu'iuv Thousand  Acres of Rich, Southern Georgia Land, which li admirably adapted t<> ih<*   grow-
, ,,, celery, s�� i und Irish pota e.e*K. cantaloupes,  watermelons in. oat a,  cotton,  has-    in  feet,  nit  staple crops
grown In iiii*^ fertile section, as we*u us a large variety eef semi-tropical fruits, and the famous Immensely profitable
eviin r-Mln-ll i" cans.
Providing you iir'' ellslble under the clssstftcatIons prescribed by us. ynu arc now offered un excellent opportunity t" breakaway from the drudgery and toU i'f ii small waste, e.i working for the benefit nr landlords, and no
hide in Hi'* land "i  plenty, to whicli. If granted, you will hnhl n warranty  deed and dbslract,
The* best Breurltj on earth la the earth Itself, nnd land Is th* basis eif all wedlth. Owners of productive lands
nre benefiting by the* increasing blub oosl "l  livinu, while others arc suffering from It.
An Opportunity to Secure Rich Productive Land Without Capital
Y,in will not n
Ingi now.    All w
���quired in leave your present surround-
to Whom wf* kimiiI tracts is
l<   e.i    111.
..i they plant, ot arrange oi have planted, a crop of
,',* iin. above-mentioned products within three ve-ars. after
which we will have ii operated (hai-vestad and replanted)
i.ii grantees, In .consideration eif 26 per cent, e.f tin* net
profits derived iron! the* sale* eif the crops, thereby allowing
KiH'h time as tli'.i determine just what the yield of their
i,, r.:. amounts i". Consider what this may mean as a
Minn <��� en  Income, when statistics show that  tin* yield of
,,,,, Here "i ci li rj ami .1 lo $1,288.48, ami thai nm- acre
,,. well cared-for paper she'll pecans, In full bearing, should
ei. t us nwn. i as nigh as JMni.iiii ,per year. We nre of the
opinion thai after It Is proven bv actual results obtained In
execrating thi land that they will neod no further urging,
. mi waste nc time In locating In this land of plenty, we
.lis., require guarantees to occupy lhe land within len
vciirs, en' sell it tei sunn* nm* wlin will occupy it; otherwise
ii reverts back te. ihe. grantor,
Thi land Included in this opening is located directly on
und adjoining tin* Atlanta, Birmingham anel Atlantic Railroad,   .ibeillt   IWe'IllV-flV.    mtleS   West   uf   HrllllSWle'tl.   a   llellV-
en. e*ity eet fifteen thousand, having direct steamship service in New Yink and Boston, and escellenl railroad transportation facilities lee all points, The, average tempera-
��� a. ror six months nt* th** year, frexn April to October, is
,, degrees; tin climute is most healthful, delightful, and
Invigorating, and there is an ample rainfall oi 61 Inches
pe ;��� year.
As ����������� an* extremely desirous of having settlers locate em
ihli property, and assist in its development, and thereby
greatly Increase tin* value of surrounding ami intervening
property, which wi will hold, ami in Increase ihe* traffic
a long Uu* Atlanta, Birmingham ami Atlantic Railroad, ami
thus facilitate the service*, we feel warranted In granting
lh.se*   traCtS   I"   liaise    Willi   l'Klst'1*   Willi   IIS.    Wi*   alsn   l,.e \ ���*
in mind business and residence pints which we will offer
for sale after tin* npe ning, but whicli will nnl be Included
In u We have "money-making afterward" considerations
in 111im liberal-minded opening,   slmlllur to   those   nf   the
Northern  Pacific and other railroads when they granted
their lands, and im* expeci  in benefit thereby, as well as
the ones wine will receive ihe* tracts.
We hav also planned t" develop what  is designed m
be Hi** best-equipped, most up-to-date, scientific mmer-
e*iat farm ami orchard iu ��� xisti nee, it wlll consist of six
ih.eus.iml acres, ami will lee* Included in ibis opening. All
wlui register and receive tracts wlll gel the* benefit eef this
experiments ami scientific methods In vogue thereon. While
w. an arranging in prevent over-registration, we will
avoid many disappointments, such to* occurred iu other
land openings oonducted by the United Btates Qovernmonl
am! railroads, i.y granting those who register In excess e.f
tn. numbei ol traots tn be* granted, an Interest in this commercial farm ami orchard enterprise, in tbe* hope thai ihey
mav later lne*ati   hi one of our te.wn site's.
Examination eef thi land will cheerfully lie permitted,
ami tin* opening "ill be held at Browntown, Wayne County,
Georgia, eei r the* stations eef the a. ii. & a. Railroad,
whicli is located on thii property, and will occur as soon
after Uie closing of registrations ns arrangements can t><*
Tli' presence of these* registered will met be* necessary
at Browntown mi tin opening day, unless they wish te, attend, t''��r there win be nn favoritism shown anyone, it
win in* conducted by a committee selected feir the purpose,
and those registered will he* notified of what they have* heen
granted, as Boon as possible,
With the. ever-lnarenslng population of this country
there is me corresponding Increase In the ares nt land, and
naturally as the population Increases and seeks tin* land in
pursuit nf health, happiness and Independence, it will continue i" be harder t" secure
The prosperous ond contented class eef Burpee today are
the descendants "I those who secured land there when It
was plentiful, while the descendants ot those who obtained
nn land are now the peasants and slaves. Von must realise
that this may be your last chance to secure land in thin
country Without a laru.* outlay nf capital, mi it should mit.
he* necansary lo urge yeeit to ncl at onee by forwarding ns
the application for registration attached ie> this announcement.
Southern Georgia  Rallrnnd-Land Development Bureau,
Washington,  D. C.
Registration  l leportmenl
i hereby moke application t" register for your Fruit and Agricultural Railroad-Land Opening, and furnish you
ulih the correct answers to the following quc-atlons
Name     I'll'       	
State   Streei or R   I'   D. No .....'.
Age Marled >.r Single Widow,   Widower or Orphan  Ocauptalon      '.
Nationality      Do you  m.w own  ovei   ten acres "f  land  in  thi   United states?   	
It my application for registration is accepted, pleas.- semi rne, without obligation, further ami complete Informs*-
matlon and particulars, including maps of the land, showing Its e xae-t lout Inn on the* Atlanta, Birmingham and
Atlantic Railroad, Its transportation facilities, agricultural, frull and nut-growing  possibilities, etc.
v< ry truly  yours,
Diplomas, Teacher or Performer.
For  terms, etc.,  apply  61   Dufferli
���Itreot     Phone 411 R.
Victoria  Proposes to  Enact
Civic Legislation  Under
Acquired Powers.
In thc Matter ol the Ksl .'* nl It. nry
Howe*, Deceased; and in the Matter
the "Administration .\. t
TAKE NOTICE that by ordei ol the
f.nib!" Mr Justice Morrison, dan-d the I
r.i'tli day nf March, A D 1914, I wan up-
pointed Administrator "t all and slngulai
(he estate nf the sai.l deceased end that
neeilc" of BUCh ordei was thereby ordered
<<e ��rf published threi times In a New
Westminster dally newspaper
And   lurthe-r   take*   neeile*.    thnt   all   pe ���
nuns Indebted to the above estate   are  re.
cmlred tn pay me the. amount of then  In- I
rt'*bti*<lm*ss forthwith, and all pen
Ing claims against the said estal
quired  t" present  them  to  me duly
n>.i hv affidavit  on  o
tlav of  April, A.D.   1 *��! 4.  aft
I will pri'ceed t
t.-ivinK regard
Uic 80th   !''
which date .
distribute the  saiel pstnl
nlv to such claims as ar
."   mi-  el
then properly before mc.
Official Administrator
this   16th   day   of   Marcli.   AD.
t3*:,l )
Three transcontinental trains
with throuRh tourist, standard
dining cars.
Toronto Express leaves at 7:50 a.m.
Imperial Limited leaves at 8:10 p.m.
St.  Paul Express leaves at 1:25 p.m.
Kor rates and reservations apply
Or H. W. BRODTK. 0. P. A., Vancouver
'flee* Board r.f Si luini Trustees nf Burnaby   Municipality   invite   tin*   submission
T ��� ol  plans fnr a  typical eight  room school
f | of Franc Construction nl aa approximate
"     e.,st  nf (20,000.00.    The following partlc-
I iilars are* isiven  foi   guidance
l No restrictions are placed on the
preparation of tbe designs other than lo
be 'hun in black and white, and t" 1-8
Inch scale.
j.    The   ivpe   of   si hool   to   be   de    -     ri
is   an   ultimate   eiuhi   room   building   ol
construction   and   designed   in   he*
:���  In nnii* or sections
The  typical  site may  be constden 'I
as   rectangular,   and   the   mlnlmuri      Ize
..(  slti   as   I 10   feel   front igi   by   .'""   feel
hav     depth
I     The total c.st of the ultimate building '..*- not in exceed twenty thousand ete,i-
e S20.000.00, i
The author of the accepted design
will be appointed architect on the building
of the inst unit of the flrsi school. ..* the
usual architect's commission,
0,    Plans must be submitted without
any   Identification   marks      Signed   plutiF
or colored ele*si��ns will  nol  be considered
7.    Accompanying  each see    nt    plan*.
must lie :
(a) An unsigned typed report, whale.
together with the plans mast fully eh*.
I.    Tin* system ol  heating
Tlu   system  ot   vi ntllatlnn.
;i    The   system ol  sanitation.
t In    A  plain  envelope  corttainli ;
1. The author's name* and  address.
2. A bona fide tendei from n respon
sible contractor for the amount ot the
author's   estimate   of   thi    cosl
S. The Board of Trustees are nol com-
mitted to acrepi any design, No further
Information other thnn these particulars
will bo given.
flans addressed to the undersigned will
be received up to the hoar of 12 o'cloeti
mum. April 3tiih. at the nffle - ol th,
School Board, Klngswnv, W��� Hurnaby,
marked   "Competitive   Plans."
A.  .1.   BARIIAM.
(3240) Seerctai
('ivic legislation
important bear-
fuel and food in
��� '*k.
' .ee*
.. j.
H a s
i a tne
Olrlt' classes, Tuesday  7:30  p.m.;
Adult classes, Thursday, 10:30 a.m.; ;
Sewing classes. Thunday. 7:30 pju.
���Boarding and room rates reasonable.,
iimIs served to ladlei and gentlemen.!
^'faf dinner Fridays. 11:30 to 1:30. |
/���or particular.? call jibon, 13.4.
will be received up i" I
April 27th inst Partlcu
tained nn application tn
Stable; Tcruler; must hi
der for Roliee tTnlforms
end ti  the undersigned
<��� :>. e; r, o >
Municipal    Hull.    Kdlliu
lUth,   1014-
Police I'nlforms
 n on Mondns.
ars may be ob-
the  Chief  Con
endorsed "Ten-
"  anel   be  dellv
e Jlerk.
B.C.,   April
Victoria, April 17.
which   will   have  an
in�� upon the sale of
the city, vvill be considered at -lie* next
meeting of the city council     The draft
copies of the by-law, which  It  Is proposed   tn   bring   into  operation,   have
been placed in th>* hanels of the e
men und will be elcalt with m-xt
lac measures an* drafted  undei
authority secured by the cue froi
provincial legislature* at the lasl
sion at which the Municipal Aci
amended tei give the city po��
I ulate tin* measuring and ��������..*     .   of
I fuel and articles of food     Herol      re
tiie* city could do nothing to enfoi ce
regulations having fnr theii ob ���   ��� ine
safeguarding of purchasers . I - . ,  articles.
Fuel  Regulations.
As regards fuel, t ie by-law pi
that each deali r must Bupply
driver a  ticket specifying  the
and address of the purchaser and the*-,
net  measurement of wood,    oi    net
weight of fuel, other than wood, contained In any load     In case ol a <i������-
livery  of  mure  than  one  purchaser,
each of the latter must. get. a ticket
' nnr] the quantities must be k>*;,: separate,
A public wigh scales will be established, and the welghmaster, or nir
weights and measures officer, or his
assistant, nr any purchase! oi any
police* ofricer may ree*uire* anj load to
lie   weight 'I   nn   the   public   scale
Wood must be sold by the cord or
fraction nf a cord. Stove wood, that
ls, vood cut intei Bhorter than * ord
lengths, must be delivered In boxes
ol p. .tie eel capacity of either 84 or'
168 cubic feet, to contain one half e-ord I
or one* cord, as the* case may be The
capacity nt the box  must be marked
plainly then      Extensive   powers of
Inspection are given to the ofl i er   of
the city,   A maximum   penaltj of $50 i
Is provided for Infractions of the bylaw, '   |
Concerning Food.
The food by law provides that bread
must be sold In loaves ot enn*   ��� ,,,..
four or six pounds weight, but "oven-1
bottom" bread   that  is, bread Bet on
the  oven   li'iti'iui.   and   having   mist
ail round, musl tee* In loaves ol nol
than fourteen ounces,   Nothing In the'
above regulations shall prevent heik*
ers or other persons from selling bis-
cults, buns, rolls, crackers, muffins,
or any other fancy cakes commonly
made in the trade in the weighing,
of bread, an allowance will be made of
half an ounce on t ach one pound loaf;
one ounce and a half on each three-
pound loaf: two ounces em each four-
pound loaf and three ounces em each
six-pound loaf, when the bread has
not bee n baked more then twelve
hours before being weighed. Otherwise no allowance shall he given.
Other   Articles.
Butter shall be sold by the pound
or fraction thereof Of a pound, and
milk and cream by the quart or pint,
or fraction thereof. Vendors of bread,
butter, potatoes or other provisions
must keep proper scales and weigh
articles on demand of purchasers or
iifficers. Short weight bread w*ill ip*
confiscated, and bakers must file a
statement giving- address and location
of premises wherein all baking is done I
and tiie hour of the day on which such ;
baking will take place.
The   tent   by-law   prohibits   the   use
of a tent for the purpose eif a dwell*
ing   for   sleeping,   cooking    or  eating '
purposes unless a permit to use it is j
first secured.    Licensee are to lie issued for six months at a nominal f-e
Of twenty-five cents.    On each appli*
cation for a license the fire chief and
assessor shall make a report and only .
on   a   favorable   report  of  these   two
officials   will  the   permit  be  granted
by the city council.
Chimney sweeps under the new by- !
law   relating  to  such   work,  must  he
licensed every six months, a fee of $5 I
for each    period of that length to be
Charged.     The   sweeps   must   ke-ep   a
record of names and addresses of per*
BOns  whose chimneys  they clean, the |
date   of   the   work   and   the    amount i
charged.    A   weekly  statement     containing this information must be submitted to the fire chief, who will Investigate complaints against chimney
sweeps, Occupants of buildings wher1*
chimney   fires   occur   will     be     held
guilty of a violation of the bylaw and e
be liable to a fine of $25
Effective April 5,  1914.     Subject to change without Notice.
Eastbound: Westbound:
I.v. New West   9:30,14.00,18.00 I.v Chilliwack    8.20,13,35,18.15
Ar. Chilliwack 12:10,18.40,20.40 Ar New West. 11.00, 16.15, 20.55
Every  morning except Priday a local leaves New Westminster at
7 a.m., arriving at Jardine at 7:50.    Returning this train leaves Jardine at 7:55 and arrives  in  New Westminster al 8:50.
On Fridays (Market flay) the morning local leaves New Westminster at ii a.m., and runs to Mt Lehman. Returning leaves Mt.
Lehman at 7:20, arriving at New Westminster at 8:50.
SATURDAY EVENING OWL SPECIAL���This service will be continued, train leaving Jardine at 6:0B p.m. and arriving at New Westminster at 7 p.m. Returning leaves New Westminster at 12:1 r�� am.,
arriving at Jardine at 1 a.m.
MILK TRAINS-Leave Chilliwack at 7:00 and 15:.'5 dally, arriving at New Westminster at 10:4ft and 18:45. Returning, milk trains
leave New Westminster at 11:15 and 15:25, arriving at Chilliwack at
14:25 and 18:30.
Wallace. Idaho, April 17. -School
Children are to be kept from attending
public dances in Shoshone county, ac
cording to the policy which has been
adopted by the Rev firant II Wilder,
county probation officer, who says
that the pupils are receiving exceptional advantages from the state at a
great cost and that it Is due the state
that the students apply themselves,
and going to dances twice a week and
keeping late hours is certain to make
them less fit.
The Itev. Mr. Wilder visited the
Wallace schools, and in addressing
both t'i.e high school and the grade
schools he made his position plain to
the Indents, statin- that he was not
and did not want to he narrow mind
e-il on the subject, -but that he would
expect each student to keep his mind
In such a condition that he would be
able to grasp the advantages offered
by the state 1n the sense of an obligation to the state. In lieu of the public dance he assured the students that
any time they wished to have' a pri
vate dance., having only young people
acquainted with each other, he would
not onlv give his permission, but would
be willing to chaperon such an affair.
Improved Spring Schedule.
Effective April   1st.  1914.
S.S.     "Prince     Rupert."     S.S.
"Prince George." S S. 'Prince
Albert,"  S.S.  "Prince  John."
Every  Monday at 12 Midnight���
To I'rince Kupert and Granby
Every Tuesday. 12 midnight���
To   Victoria   and   Seattle.
Every Thursday, 12 midnight���
To I'rince Rupert and Stewart.
Every Friday, 12 midnight���
To   Queen    Charlotte    Island
Every Saturday, 12 midnight���
To Victoria and Seattle.
We represent all Trans Atlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let us submit an itinerary for your
C. E. Jenney, G.A.P.D. H. G. Smith, C.P. A T.A.
527 Granville St.,  Vancouver. Phone 8ey. B134.
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Bills
No order too large or none too small to get out best grades and
prompt delivery. We deliver where you want it, in any quantity, large
or snfiill.
Telephone or call our Retail Department and get our prices.
Local Sales Department. Phone 890.
Immigration  Records.
WinnipeK. April IB. The following
are the immigration figures at Winnipeg for the week ending April 14:
Rritish, 1615; Italiants, 45; Russians,
25; (iermans, 95; Norwegians, 7o; <!a-
liclans, *.*75; Swiss, H5; Roumanians 12.
These figures constitute n record
for one week's arrivals from all iiuar-
ters this season. The preponderance
of the Uritish over *,|| other nationalities which has been pronounced since
tiie* opening of immigration is still
-.e-:y marked. The returns compare
f.'.ortibly wilh the same week last
y< a.-.
We have received a consignment or HYDRATED LIME FERTIL-
IZER   which   is highly   recommended. ,*����#��, ���,���
l.itne  is almost as important for the successful growth of plants
as sunshine and water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
P'*ione�� tS and It.
Grand  Trunk Railway
Special round trip rates in connection with ocean tickets on sale
April 20th. 25th and .'loth. Limit
October -Tlst,  1914.
PORTLAND   1!0.����
Halifax       129.35
NKW   YORK   108.50
QUEBEC   112,35
St. John     120 00
BOSTON    110.00
tOJ Columbia Street W.
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes       TANKS
P. O. BOX 442
TELEPHONE  S2�� ���yssmms
SATURDAY,   APRIL   18,   1914.
The News
Read the Ads.
HALF of the people you see on the
streets are going to or from the
���and of the women, perhaps three-
fourths are!
And, of these, the great majority are
going to stores to investigate advertised
Some of them, every clay, secure bargains which
and at the reduced prices you could have AFFORDED
Chances are there is something you've been wanting
The News
Read the Ads.
An Exceptional Occupation For
Women���The Sunshine Lady.
Fellow  of  King's College, Cambridge,
Talks of "Insidious," ii  not Per-
fidioue Tactics.
London, April 17.���Although he Is a
Fellow of King's college, Cambridge, a
clusslcal scholar, archa��ologist, excavator and professor of fine arts, Sir
CbarlU Waldstein yet lakes an active interest In more trivial things
and yesterday delivered a lecture on
Fashion before the Itoyai Society of
Profound scholarship and deep
knowledge of Greek art. and anclant
history have not prevented him from
being an acute observer *>f ihe passing fashions In women's dress and the
habits of society, and he has pursued
his inquiries among the shopkeepers
of Oxford street, the milliners of Dov-
��>r street, the sartorial celebrities of
tho stage, and the fashion centres of
"I warn you," he said, "against the
insidious li not perfidious, tactics of
our domestic enemies. For I have noticed that, though they have not openly ventured upon the introduction of
the hoop skirt or the crinoline In thee
general structure of the gowns themselves, they have in a slig.it and tentative though to my taste hideously
ugly) form introduced lt in principle
as a mere additional ornament ln
some short over-skirts which stand
off from the body hy means of a regular hoop, sometimes embellished in
additional grotesqueness hy dependent ornaments. Perhaps some day
bells or castenets or other musical
Instruments will form part of the;
decorations, and the art theorists attached to our great manufactures
may then say that the beauty of
sound has been added to tiie beauty
of form and color."
The designer, ir.e continued, hypnotised the manufacturer into believing
that an ugly thing was beautiful  (he
could do this still more potently If he
could convince him that it would pay)
the manufacturer practised this suggestion on the merchant, who again
passed it on to the dressmaker, the
dress  maker to her customers, until
the  wives and daughters  hypnotised
their fathers and brothers and friends
and the whole world bowed down to
the golden calf of an eccentric fashion.
"I have been able," he said, "to
trace the origin of the long shapeless*
ly wrinkled evening glove which
women wear, back to its use by a
noted actress who happened to have '
thin and ill-shaped arms, which she
covered by means of these gloves.
"The spread of fashion depends on
the fact that the other classes follow
Che leaders, while the leading classes
are assiduously engaged in fleeing
from the contamination of those they
consider their social Inferiors. I have
been told that year by year the fashionable places for sitting in the park
on summer afternoons changes. The
leading groups have established themselves In one part to meet their
friends, the others follow them, and
this causes the continuous flight and
"The woman of the world, the consort of the leaders of public life, Is no
longer the type that sets the fashion
in deportment and dress. Now it is
the actress and the little modiste."
Sir Charles said that the latest fashions were only worn in Paris itself
by manneeiuins at I,ongchamp and
such places, were worn hy all the rest
of the world in London. Vienna, New
Vork, and  Buenos Ayres.
The Sending of Flowers to III Person*
Is Often More of a Burden to Them
Than a Blessing���Making Smirlp
Frosting For Cake.
New,  Spare-time  Profession  for   Men
and Women���One Man Makes
$3500 in  Six  Months.
Owing to the large number of new
motion picture theatres which are being opened throughout the country,
there is offered to the nun and
women of today, a new profession,
namely, that of writing moving picture plays. Producers are paying
from $25 to $10(1 for each scenario accepted, upon which they can build u
photo play.
$3500 in Six  Months.
As it only requires a few hours'
time to const met a complete play.
you can readily see the Immense
possibilities i:i tliis work. One man.
who gave the Idea a tryout, writes
that he earned $3600 in six months.
It is possible for an intelligent person  to meet With equal success.
One feature of the business which
should appeal to everyone, is the the
work may be done at home In spare
time. No literary ability is required
and women have as great as opportunity as men. Ideas for plots are
constantly turning up, and may be
put tn sceneario form and sold for a
good price.
Particulars Sent FREE.
Complete particulars of this most
interesting and profitable profession
may be had FREE OF CHARGE by-
sending a post card to
Photo-Play Association
A  BftftJ   Lain   Simulation
A  etrfttchtfortterd feneroae
rtW     II mi     Ml    Cetftbl|.h(ld
firm w�� ere eeliini ini
YVaU'hee to ihotiMnde o(
l<H.pl4 all over the
world ae e imeee
advertlaement. Now
le vour chance to
oi-Uiu one. Writ*
now. eneloainit IU
emit. for one ol our
fuhlonable Ledloe'
I-'eiee Oaerdo. or
Home" Alberta, eent
eerrlese i*el.l to wetr
wleh the weech. which
wen be gi'etei Kree
(theee welclieie en
eiiftrenteml ilu ><��n*',
���li mltl ynu t.ikte ftd-
���ftntatfo of our mer*.el-
lone offer. We eipert rou to tell your len-eide
elv.it tie end fthow them the beftutllal vetch.
Ii���i, t tlilnk thta otter too ��ood to he true, hut eend
95 ceinte to dnr etui eeln ft Vra, Watch. You
Will I* amerce* -WI1.LUMH k LI.OYU, Who'e-ale
Jjwetlen lUcpt US I, ne. Comwellle Read, lonuon, N���
Foe lend.
Dear Elsn-Women who never la
their comfortable lives have earned a
unt are nowaday*, breaking out lilt*
tbe most unexpected occupations. On*
ul the strangest ways of earning ���
livelihood is being carried on by am
acquaintance of mine. Sbe market*
sunshine and good cheer. Did you
know tbat these qualities were being
Well, to tell the story of this girt
from tbe beginning: Several month*
ago. upon tbe death of ber father, tn*
wage earning of tbe family was
thrust upon ber. Sbe had. unfort*-*
nstely. no business training and. as
far as she knew, no business ability.
Kut uecesstty again became tbe mother uf invention. Summing up ber personal assets, sbe found tbat tbey consisted, for tbe most part of a cheerful disposition and a pleasant emit*
8be determined to turn these assets t*
Mer plan was simply to charge a few
for the sunshine and cheerfulness sbe
"Vou know." sbe said to me tbe other iluy, "1 realized tbat there were lots
of people who would pay for being
put Into good spirits. This Is tbe reason why theaters are so successful.
Hut there ure as many more person*
who prefer the quieter forms of
amusement, playing cards or checker*
or even discussing tbe latest fashiom.
What they desire most Is cheerful banian companionship. It was to thee*
people tbat 1 decided to sell my services."
Her decision, from all appearances,
was a wise une. us the sunshine bust-
ness. even In tbis short while. Is ���
flourishing industry, and ber clients all
pay cheerfully fur ber unusual cons-
- Of course her duties are varied, and
to tie a professionally cheerful perso*
is a tax upon one's sense of humor.
This  plucky   girl  tells stories to  Invalid*, cheers up tbe sick, gossips with
the ladles, old and young. If need tw;
plays games with those wbo are lonely, smuses children ur entertains at
luncbeon or dluuer for a bostess vb��
Is called away.   Su you see my friend
Is Indeed a sunsbtne lady.
S|ieuklng ot 111 people, Margaret IX
Is at St E.'s hospital convalescing
from tbe effect of a severe operation
I went to see ber yesterday and found}
ber surrounded by tbe most benutifu*
tleirui offerings from friends. Remarking upon the loveliness of the blossoms brought forth u very pertinent
question from tbe invalid:
���'Why do friends smother an ill per-
eou witb dowers during tbe tirst feir
days of nn Illness, wben sbe is too exhausted even tu look at a bouquet of
flowers,   much   less   to   endure   tbeir
fragrance?     Why   do   tbey   not  save
them   for   tbe   tedious   days   of   convalescence."
It never occurred to me that this is
exactly the way flowers are sent tu tli*
sick. The moment one hears that a
friend haa to undergo an operation ur
is Iii for a siege of fever off one goes
to Ihe florist This duty performed,
there Is probably not a thought of
stunting nny more flowers,
Wouldn't It be much better to wait
le week or two until the tirst rush ot
bouquets Is over nnd until the patient
is in a condition to enjoy flowers before sending them'.' ';
It is too often the case thnt durlns
the first period of illness the flowers
me really nauseating, nnd the only
pleasure the patient gets from them
is to read later the cards of those who
bombarded the sickroom with choice
but really unappreciated offerings.
So, dear, you liked the frosting "par-
tietilarly" ou the cake 1 sent you by
parrel post anil want to know how 1
did It. Certainly you shall know.
Make ordinary boiled icing and. after
you have beaten it stiff enough to bold
its own tirmly on a cake, empty it
Into a double holler. Place the boiler'
over n good lire thnt will keep ttur
water In the lower pun .'it a brisk
hull. Ho not stir the rrostlng nt aii,
but watch it until it he'gtus to fudgta
Ol'oiiud Die sides of the pan.
Then take it from the stove anil tsent
It In tbe pan until It Is cool entm^tt
uutl thick enough to swirl on your
cake, holding Its uwn In whatever position yon wish it lo penetrate.
If you let It gel too cool It wflT tutrts-
en lu the pan, perhaps, before you nave
finished frosting your cake. This will
happen If you are frosting small enke*-
whleh take time to cover one by une.*
lr it does hnrden. a little hot wafer
beaten In wlll remedy the dltticiilty.
It is tbe double boiling, dear, which
gives the frosting tbe enviable fudgy.
marsbmulluwy consistency thnt yo*
And be sure not to use a knife to pat
on the frosting when you want H ����
have a swirling, irregular nppenranre.
L'se n fork handle and you will make
just us good Trusting as yours faith
fully. MAUKU
New Vork.
To Keep Cake Fresh.
Most housewives know that an apple In the cake bux will help to keep
enke fresh nnd moist, but If there ia
cake in tbe housf and no apple pat
a glass of clear wnter In the box aod
flu- same result wlll be achieved.
��.0. Box as Dally News Bis*,
of all kinds.
.'rices right.   Satisfaction guarantee*
68  McKenzie St PAGE  EIGH-*
SATURDAY.   APRIL   18,   1914.
1 McAllisters big sale
Big One Week's Sale of 10,000 Yards of Embroideries, Flouncings and Inseitions at
Half and Less Than Half the Regular Prices
Saturday Special in Dress Goods
and Suitings at 75c Yard . ��� m
This special lot. comprises some very useful and smart materials
and values worth in the ordinary way double this price. Weaves
as Ratine, Serges, Bedford I'ords, Cashmeres, Panamas, Diagonals,
Venetian Cloths, and many novelty suitings; the colors are the newest
and either llfcnt br dark shades and mixtures; grays, blues, two-tones,
tans, greens, etc.    A splendid opportunity  to get a  Rood  inexpensive
suit length:
per yard
values to $1.50.    Your choice at,
Saturday Specials in Men's
Furnishings Dept.
Men's Negligee Shrirts;  in    dandy striped or plain  p atterni-
soft collars to match;  regular values to $1.50. G4   AA
Saturday '   91 slIU
Men's   Neglijieu  Shirts;   in   good   striped   patterns;   sizes   14   to   17;
regulai- $l.o0 values. TRl*
Special  -Saturday l . i r.       I 36
.Men's  Soft  and   Stiff  Hats;   in   latest   Spring   styles;   regular  $2.50
anel $.'1.00 vialuesi ~ ���
Satin day  Special   	
Men's New Spring Underwear
At 25c a Garment���
A  fine   Balbriggaq    in    natural
color;  exceptional value;   men's
sizes ojrls".   svs-t at*
At 50c a GarWlrt���
A fine Porous Knty Underwear;
in  natural color; .with    sleeves
and ankle length drawers.
At 50c a Garment���
A   two-ply     Balbriggan.     with
long  sleeves  and ankle   length
At 50c a Garment-
Men's Kine Nainsook Underwear; sleeveless and knee-
length drawers. This line also
comes in,combinations at $l.ft*>.
At 65c a Garment
Kine double thread genuine
Egyptian cotton; in natural
color; with long sli eves and
ankle drawers.
At $1.25 a Garment���
Kine   quality   natural   wnol;    in
white, pink and natural.
At $1.25, Combinations���
Men's fine  quality natural  Balbriggan; with close crotch, long
sleeves and ankle length drawers.
We also carry a very fine assortment of Stanfield's silk
and Wool Underwear at high' r
Special Values in Dining Room
Furniture for Saturday
Six-foot Extension Table;   in golden elm;   is  well  finished and   very
stn ngly tHUHb.    This is our best value, ��Q  AA
Special        9w.UU
Set of six Dining Room Chairs; in golden oak finish.       G4 A   AA
Special value ��P I H.U U
Solid Oak'Buffet;   in golden  finish;   has three drawers and double-
door cupboard, anil neat bevel plate mirror.
Special raiiid  . (A ..'	
We have; a, large stock of Sectional Book Cases in early Knglish
finish, wlilt'i we"are offering at exceptionally low prices. Till the
end of the month we quote the following bargain prices:
XVj Section: regular $4.oil.
Thta huge stock of Embroider!lea, Flounolnga and insertions, containing ovir 10.000 vards. was bought al a figure below the manufacturers* regular cost price, thereby enabling us to offer the whole
stock at hall and less than the regular prices. All kinds, width and
pattern ia represented, narrow*and wide insertions, Edgings, Flouncings ami Corset Coverings, etc., etc. We are sure to have Just what
vou want Ite iu time on Saturday and secure first choice, as there
is sure to be " good demand at these very special prices.
SALE STARTS TODAY and Continues AH This Week
The whole Stock is divided into Ten Hig Lots to facilitate selling,
and every yanl of Embroidery in  this  Bale is  positively half or less
than half regular price.   Come early and buy all you can afford. There
-are some rare bargains to he had. Embroideries from 1 inch to a yard
and a  half  wide,
Lot No. 1, now priced
at, per yard	
Lot No. 2, now priced
at, per yard	
I-iot No. 3, now priced
at, per yard	
Lot No. 4, now priced
at, per yard	
Lot No. 5, now priced
at, per yard	
Lot No. 6, now priced
at, per yard	
lot No. 7, now priced
at, per yard	
Lot No. S, now priced
at, per yard	
Lot No. 9, now priced
at, per yard	
Lot No. 10, now priced
at, per yard	
1QH Section; ,tegular $4.7:"..
12% Section;  rtgular $6.00.
Special   ,.	
Top Se-ctjon; regular $2.75.
Special   ;,,. fl,	
Take Advantage of These Big
Reductions in Our Carpet Dept.
Buy all your Summer Embroidery needs at this sale, fluy for
May Day White Dresses at this saie and save. Plenty of bargains
for one and all.   (let your share.   Tell your friends as well.
Big demonstration of two new songs ���the new national song, entitled. "Canada, My Canada," written by Daley and Eaton, approved
by niemhe rs of Parliament, anel the popular song from "Since Ma
Became a Suffragette," will he held at our store, Main Kloor, Satur
day. April 18th, from 2 p. m. to ti p. m. and 7 p. m. to 9:30 p. in.
Daley and Eaton and A. (!. Graham, the Irish tenor, who are traveling
across the continent with this song, will be in charge of the demonstration. Everybody come here and hear the songs that all Canada
wll! siniL.
Ladies Suits, Coats, Dresses   and
Hats all at Specially Reduced Prices
High dalta1 Axminster Hugs: in deep, heavy pile and rich coloring;
all the  latest patterns:
Size 6-0x9 feet;  regular $23.50.
Kale Price  '	
Size 8-KxllJ6 feet;  regular $45.00.
Sale Price .:	
Size 9x9 feet;  regular $;i2.00.
Sale Price	
Size 9x10-6 feet; regular$eii>.00.
Sale Price ....'.	
Size 9x12  feet;   regular $45.00.
Sale Price .:...-	
l-mi) WILTON   RUGS.
A  rug superior to all  others  in  texture and  finish;   design  and
coloring:. r*at$ *
Size 6-9x9 feet; regular $23.50 C 1 fi   Rf\
Sale Price  ^ I O.wU
Size 9x9 feet;  regular $32.01) **10R flfl
Size 0x10-6 fe*��t;  regular $39.50. t\_00  flfl
Sale Price ..': 93CUU
Size 9x12 feet; regular $45.00.
Sale Price .'	
These' rugs have a rich, velvety pile and the color effects are very
Size 4-6x6 feet; regular $5.50.
Salt* Price  	
Size 6-9x0 feet; regular $15.50. CIO  Cf)
Saie Price J ?.      *9 i C.OU
Size 7-6x9 feet; regular $18.75.
Sale Price. 	
Size 9x10-6 feet;  regular $28.00. 9.00  7R
Sale Price  *\**mtma I 9
Size 9x12 feet; regular $32.00.
Hale Price ���	
Ladles' N'avy and Gray Suits;  all new Spring
models:   regular to $20.00.    Special
Price at   	
Also all  of our regular $25.00
Suits.    Special
Ladles' New Spring Coats; a very   e-holce selection;    _h 1 f_    f_r_
all colors an-d styles represented. St, 1 -J    **aft
Special at   *xpAmm..*J\J
Regular $15.00 values    Ladles New
Coats.   Special
Hegular  $18.50  New  Dresses:   :n   Ine  Cloths
and Silks.    Very Special
Regular $15.00 New Dresses
Very Special
Regular $12.00 New  Dresses.
Very Special
Cta are very
$8.60   value' Hats: all new Spring models; a good
variety of styles and shapes lo liie.osc from.
Special   for   	
Bedding for Summer Camp
at Saving Prices
Klannelette Blankets;  In white or gray;  made from fine selected
cotton;  will not shrink in the washing:
Size 10-4; regular $1.50.
Size  11-4;   regular $1.96.
Size  12*4;   regular $236,
$1.75 pair Bleached Cotton Sheets;   made from strong weave of cotton;  hemmed, ri tidy for use.                        f
Per pair	
$1.50  Grecian   Bedspread;   suitable   for   camp   beds;   full   bed   size;
only a few of these.
35c pair of Cotton Pillow Cases; 40x42 inches wide; inexpen-     ��*���_
slve for the* camp.    Per pair   hwv
35c Pair Colored and White Turkish Face Towels.
Per pair	
Fine Lawns and
Muslins for Summer Underwear at
Special Prices
We Save You Money
on Garden Tools
20c fine even weave
and   Cambric;   pure
inches wide.
Per yard   	
20c Peroian
sheer.    Pei
25c Kxtra Kim
38 inches wide
Per yard   ....
finish;   36
Lawn;     fine    and
Victoria   Lawn:
30c Special Superfine Madapol*
atns; close, even weave*; 30
In, Hide, excellent for ladies'
wear. Per
12*^3     fine     weave     summer
weight.         White     Klannelette;
free  fiom     filling;     2H     inches
wide.    Per
12'^.c Stripped   Klannelette;    '
inches wide;   nice
of colors.    Per
.Men's Plain    Black    and    Blue
Striped    Overalls    and     Coats;
regular $1.00 values.
Saturday Special   . .
Malleable Carden Rakes ARft
al 25c,  35c and 1wW
Field Hoes;
Long      Handled      Spades      or
Shovels, at $1.00
"D" Handled
Spades:  each  ...
Garden Trowels; each
15c and  	
(iarden  Weeders;
Crass  Clippers;
per pair 	
Sprinkling Cans, each
a I 25c, 35c, 45c and
High-Wheel     Malleable
Mowers at $6.00.       (7  AA
$6.50 and *\9 I .UU
Get  our   Prices   on   Poultry
Our Household
Helps at the
Lowest Prices
jyodeS Or
New Wash Goods
Another shipment of the sea
son's new fabrics just received
Tills assortment Includes dainty
rose-bud designs, in pink and
blue, small black dots on white
or cream ground, fine pink,
blue and fawn stripes. _ff\ft
Per yard   fcWW
Cotton Crepes, In plain    colors,
pink,   blue,   hello,    green     and
cream; heavy    weight.
Per yard 	
Striped Crepes, heavy or light
weight; pink, blue, purple and
green stripes. ORft
Per yard   CwC
Checked   or     Striped   Seersuckers; In all colors.
Per yard   	
Adjustable,   Iron
Boards,   at   	
Kolding Clothes  Horse;  QC^
each    VWH
Globe Wash Boards;     ORft
each    bWW
liniss Wash Boards;
Heavy bottomed galvanized tubs
priced at 75c, 90c,      G4    4f
and 91.19
Anti-Kust    Seamless    Palls;  12-
qt,  60c;   14-qt.,   iSc.       QAA
18-qt WWW
Willow clothes Baskets;   G4
each  75c, 85c and *W '
Spring Mop Handles;      OKs*
each 15c, 25c and WWW
Long Handled Dust        4 ft ���
Pans; each     I UC
Self-Wringing Mops;       "fRr*
each  50c  and  I WW
O-Cedar Mops; G4   Gfh
each     9l.9U
O-Cedar OH: at G4   ��(���
25e, 90c and ��P I .fcW
All Waists Offered at Lowest Prices
In Lawns, Linens, Piques. Delaines, etc; in plain and embroidered
styles; also a very choice stock of "Sailor" and "Middy Waists at
iibo.it one-half the regular prices: any style and color; some lace
fastened   others with buttons.   Offered in Kour Big Bargain Lots at
75c, 95c, $1.25 anc $1.95
Hegular 50c Corset Covers:   daintily trimmed  with   ribbon      ��5C
and laces. Very Special for  	
Regular $1.25    Ladies' Cotton Night downs;   In a splendid     7Cq
quality cotton.    Special  at   	
Regular  50c   value   While   Cotton   Drawers. 25C
Special  at   	
Hegular $3.60 values Silk and Satin Underskirts.*. Cl   QC
Very  Special  at, each ** ' amTmT
A  full  stock of the celebrated  "E. T." Corset;   also ��*��� "A���^���"
Lady" Corsets;  every size;  and in styles that are correct in every
detail; in good quality coutllle; low bust; long   Wp, with hose supporters. Specially    ygCj Jj.QO, $1.50 TO $5.50
priced at
(Continued rrom pane one)
street and wen* informed that this
matter was under advisement, but no
action had been taken.    Nothing, how-
ver, would be ii��uii* to interfere with
ths harbor improvement work and
tiie whole situation was reviewed
thoroughly. In tiie- opinion of the
committee the city authorities wer
Riving every attention to conserving
tfie Interests of the community.
' In a conf rence Mayor Oray had
Informed the committee, that tenders
for the Queensborough f're hall would
!*���  called   for   shortly  and  provision
had been made in th estimates fur
additional firemen to man the hall
Further time for filial remits was
granted on both matters and the c m
mi'tEc's r port adopted.
President McQuarrie drew att' ntlon
to the fact that large consignments
of machinery to Importers for ue-e In
this city, particularly bv th.* B C. E
It. Company, were c'<*ar��d at Vane u
var,  which  got   credit   for  these   Im
porta, amounting to sometimes $2	
a month. These imports cquld be clear
ed us easily in  New  Westminster.
The subject, was referred lo the
"r.ules and commerce committee with
j Instructions to Interview the B. C. E.
i u. Company's officials to get this pro.
cedure altered  If possible'.
j    Rotfb  Sutherland, on   behalf of    a
je-pi-ciiil  committee,   reported   meeting
Ithe Vancouver board of trade In regard to the visit of the Pftclflc Coast
advertising men. The program of Ihe
entertainment of the visitors was discussed iinii they had gecured a visit
from  ihe. publicity men for this city
j on Saturday, June 1". It vvas pro
|iiis**d thai the visitors should leave
Vancouver at 12 noon, be entertained
lat luncheon after iheir arrival here
������nnl su!) equently conducted to Eras r
Mills,     About   200   were  expected   to
I come over rrom  Vancouver,
The Importance ol the visit was
dilated upon by membi rs and it was
resolved   te>   enlarge   the   committee,
' with Mr. Sutherland as chairman, and
leave to it to make the* necessarv
arrangements and wait upon the city
liouncll 'o ask for its assistance
1    Secretary   Wade   reported   writing
the Vancouver board of trade requesting that body to fix D date lo meet,
li:" Kraser river 1 levator delegation
in regard to the unveraclous statements made' to the grain commission
by ilie* Vancouver rapresentatlves and
urging that they shoulel be withdrawn.
Alderman Ooulet reported the ccun-
t. rmandlng of the proposed shifting
of tlu Xi'w Westminster train crews
which  was received  wilh  S'ltisfiietioii.
Indignation was expressed when Mr,
Sutherland shewed lhe Uritish Colttm.
bin handbook, issued from Victoria,
In which New Westminster was des-
crib d baldly as having some Importance ns u dishing ami lumber Industry, hut no mention made of Its h;�����--
b*>r facilities or the navigability of
the Kraser.
It   was remitted  to the committee
to take this matter up with  the gov-' and  the ^t^K!
ernment   and   have the  neglect recti- j directory   were  discm-sed    and  steps
The general  subject  of advertising
taken  lo procure  better service    and
public ty.
at White Rock or Ocean Park
Now is the lime lo look such propositions up. Don't wait till the sea-
son is here, but consult
White, Shires & Co.      or      E.  . S��nds
Columbia St.. City.
White Rock.


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