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The New Westminster News Dec 18, 1913

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News Clatalfletj Ada
Have proven their  worth by ihe
remits   they    produce.     They   hll
large   or   small    wants   at   small
| Weather Today.
New Westminster and the lower
mainland: Light to moderate winds,
partly cloudy with occasional rain,
stationary or lower temperature.
Crown  will Sum Up
Case This Morning
Defence Completed In Charge Against
Ten   South   Wellington   Minera
���Attempt To Prove  Alibli
OPENS  NEGOTIATIONS. Movement on Foot to Vote Commander Says Army Will
Recapture City from the
Premier Asqulth Communicates With
Bonar Law on  Home  Rule
London, Dae, 17.   Premier ASQulth
opened direct coimiunilcaUon this
wick with Lord Lansdowne and An-j
drew Lunar Law on the subject of I
homo  rule.    Heretofore  the  tentative
moves toward a settlement have b len
between     others,    notably     Winstoni
CburchOI and Austen Chamberlain,
Nothing so far has been effected in
tbl    lury   by  tbe  defence  and  crown   lbe  way of an agreement,    but    thej
prime minister's direct invitation tor I
suggestions marks another step In the .
The trial of the ten South Wellington miners arraigned on five different counts dragged   monotonously
iIncii li another day yesterday, ll wa.t
expected that the jury would retire
last  night, but after the addresses to
counsel   bad    bent     completed,    the
ccun Kill, adjourned al c o'clock un-
lil lo u'.lock tins morning.
Ilmi. Mi. Justice Morrison will sum j
up iiie case this morning and charge
the jury.    The jury   will   probably  ro-
tire before Hie noon recess.
In  anticipation  of a  verdict yester-!
day  afternoon  a  large crowd assembled in the court room, but they were
.1 Vt. dell Karris, Arthur Leighton,
and J. I_. Hird delivered eloquent ad- \
dretaes to tho jury  in  the behalf of  Batl.cts  Placed  in Stores to  Receive
the accused
Asks for Conviction.
A D. Taylor, K.l'., crown prosecutor, lu hit, address to the Jury pleaded
for a verdict of guilt) in the case ot
every one of the men. lie did not
press a conviction on the Second
COUbt, that of riotous destruction of
lhe homes of .lames Cromp, as -it had
Articles to Be Distributed
Down Proposed Deal in
Three Controllers at  Least Will  Support Motion To Call Off Further
Toronto. Dec 17.--Controller O'Neil
produced a mild sensation at the board
of control today when he lined up
wllh Controllers Church and FoBter
and voted lo notify Sir William Mackenzie at once that the city will not
proceed any further with the negotia-i
Clerk of King's Hotel Alleged to Have ���	
Taken French Leave���Also Bank of Toronto SIlOWS Net
About $E
The police are looking for a man
answering to the name of Kield. ~~Al
12 o'clock last night a report was Btftda! Hoche'a
I tbat the til! in the King's hotel had
r-flMPIi'DTI.I. IT'PE'rkDT'! b(-'''11 rifled and it is alleged that tho
^Ur��-\^t___H,ll_iU ft I" 1*111(1 [employee of the place, acting as night
  iclerk.   had   disappeared.     He   is   said
I lo have taken away with him the contents of the till, amounting to upwards
of $5.
An unusual activity was displayed
by the pollce force, early this morning,   who,  although   indicating  an   ig*
Profit of $850,000, or 17
Per Cent.
Will     Evacuate    Ojinaga    and    Com
mence  March as Soon as Supplies Are Replenished.
Candidates Gather in North
��� Burnaby���Real   Live   _
OJinaga. Chihuahua, Mex., Dec. 1
'Unless   present   plans   are   changed,
ga Institution Also Make. "^MACPHERSON  MAKES
crease���Net    Income   Totals
Toronto. Dec. 17���The Ban), of Toronto presents a very satisfactory
statement    for    the  consideration  of
lions for the purchate of the Toronto jand | BPf, ,10 reaaon why ,,���,    sllould j suspicious individual
 :.    i   ..in. .i   i.i... _,. 1. _. . * ���* A il KI    iv h a t    tli ;���   f*li*f*
norance of anything happening out of i-hareholders before the annual meet
the ordinary, congregated to the num-  '
ber of four in  the  vicinity    of    the
Kings  hotel,  as  if  looking  for  some
railway and allied interests
There  was  some  talk of a  Bpeclal* aga
be, the federal army will leave Ojin
Just what the circumstances of the
Hugh M. Fraser Present While Coun-
clllor Fau   Vel  la   Object of
Many Questions.
Transport an    English    by-election
lien's  a   fine opportunity  for cltt-
ens  of   Ntw   Wesiminster   to  assist
ThoBe'ln favor of the purchase believe the motion vvill be vottd down
in council.
ng. Jan.  14
Net profits 'for the year, after the
usual deductions were $850,fi9_.*5, or
at the rate of 17 per cent on the paid |n*>**tiag into the wilds of North Bur-
.affair are. and according to entries ^di^^^TL2_t��oSf r^M^  '   **"**  "'  ^^
'"'made later In the morning, there are Segregating.12  ner M" SC^nES tw^" '" tUe Per8��n ��f C��anciI1��r
dollars     ,W" Fau Vel and ��"e can just im-
pension i a<S'"e the kind of meeting mat waa
bank j "ticl iu  tbe  *-apiui   mil  club rooms
balance, i -----  eveumg.
In that | 1''��r tue uesl part of an hour tha
balance is Included a rather unusual I galnering, and it was of such dimen-
item of 5200,000  received  from debts Uiono  that every  available    space  of
north, made this definite assertion in .ary day clerk in charge with little to
his camp here  today.    He said Ojin-jEay of the mystery.
aga will be evacuated and the entire |	
under    his    command
the  women'*  auxiliary   of   the  Uoyal
not  been  proven thai  the majority "f! (oU;inbian   hrj3;iilal   in   cheering   the
the men had participated in the com
mltta! Ol that off' nee On the four
i tin if counts, however, he asked for
a couvicuoii.
The accused are John Cartwrlght,
John Copeland, Walter Head, Lambert Columbia, 1.0111s Neunthal, Michael   Ivndi igast,   CIiuh.   Ulce,   Herb
patients lu the hospital on ChristmBB.
Everyone will admit that the object
of the auxiliary is a worthy one and
the ladies are to be congratulated for
il.e way (hey bave made It easy far
citizens to help.
Ill Ihe different stores the ladles
, ;��� lloi,'.". en. Harry O'Connell and have placed baskets, that purchasers
John ll ROM. The charges are: Two '':>t> drop parcels containing sucn
Of riotous destruction of properly; things as Iruit. candles, Christina*
not. unlawful assembly; and a cun stockings, books, magazines, toys and
liin- -l Charge ol assault and Intiinida- other thingB. These will be collected
U0n and  taken  to  thf  hospital   and   dls-
Tin hearing of testimony in behalf jlribtited among the Buffering
Ol the accused concluded about .1 Christmas day.
e i lock The crown pnmcoutor de- 1 The following are the Btores
voted iinn h time to Questioning the! which baskets have been placed, so
defence witnesses as to their reasons far: c A. Welsh, i.id.; Model iwooery
frr remembering the night of August store. Sixth Blreet. Public Supply
12. when lhe troubles stalled. Stores;   Annandale  Supply  Company;
Deny tlslng Violence. iThe  Fair;   (iaakell  Hook and  Station
Hvc   of   thn   accused,   i'endergait,  cry Company.
Head. Rice. Cartwrlght and Neunthal,!  ~
.. sMfyiug on their own behalf, denied | JM j gfo, Dlffer,���c..
recovered,  though  previously
All this year Controller O'Neill haa todwal army  :,����������� <-_-,-m���-.
held   the   balance   of   power  on   the : would march toward Chihuahua. Oth- wl ^)e/   U    Tm  th��..,anri
hoard  of  control   when  the  proposed  em  profess to believe, however, that      Ne*   \orlt'  "ec-  1<~T*n thousand
rrilway'deal'was ��d�� o^isKuon , the rebel  forces in    Chihuahua.'    Z C^gES^AMteWgtoSiS
Toda, he voted consistently with the  most  important city in the far north.  Sg*^ ^ ^ cnVoms in-
mayor, and Controller McCarty on all; were  loo  strongly  entrenched   to  in-1        tors  here -od T>e A|lemania
nu lions   affecting   the   transportation  rite an attack by the federals.    - reached  New   York on  Monday  from ;,.,,,     ...
question   announcing,   however,   that i      We  came  here  lo  replenish    ourijjayjjan and Colombian ports but the showed net profits for lhe year
he was suspending judgment with re-; provision   train   and  to  communioate igeizure  was  not made until the vea. il*1-'   amounted   to   $534,700,    an    in-
gard   to   the   merits   of  the   proposal j with the war department   at    Mexico  eel went into drydock    It isRelieved icrea8e of $53,083 over last year
until  expert  reports  had    been    BUb-Jcity,"   continued    General     Mercado. Ithe  cartridges   were   taken  on  board ireeerve  fun(1 1las  been  Increased  by
milled I "Our orders are to attack the rebels, lhere  intended  for  use  in  Hayti   but I?86,9*"'  wllich  makes  the  total  ��3
Today  he stated  for the first  time|There Beems  ������ be'little prospect of | was unable to get them off when Havt    ''""'"'"
that  he wae opposed to the purchase  B i,.,.*^, iieTe, for the rebels have not!was  reached.
Increase Also.
Montreal,   Dec.   17.���At  the  annual
meeting ot the Hochelaga bank shareholders   today,     the    statement  submitted   for  the  year  ended   Nov.   30,
the   utilities.     The   announcement, y(,t   app,,area   ,n   ;arg(,   numbers.     In I
came like the fxp'oslon of a bomb
room was takeu up. wn., of an orderly  character,  Uut lollowing a  resume
of the  wor*  of  the  council  of  1913
made  by  the    representative   of  the
���Aaid, Councillor  bau Vel, a real live
hockling  exhibition   couiir.enceu.   Big
the weighs about 250 poundsi, broad-
snouideied    aud    wearing    a    smile
thi'ougnuut the entire session, Coun-
Thp j cillor  Iau  Vel  was grilled  nght and
'   - lfelt, up, down, but nad a ready ana-
', wer for every questioner.    Exhibiting
ia keen wit, a product of a New- Zea-
30,    1913. totalled !land home, the  portly  representative
without exception thai they had used'
London, l>ec. 17.    It Is now learned
this city.    1  never    believed    Villa's
Itroops would be Bent against Ojinaga.
|for we were ready tjO meet them with
j5,000 men and ii.e batteries of artillery."
(leneral Mergado   would    not com-
TA    4CC1CT    IFUfC \t**���~ ��" the reajion for his evacuation
IU   AdjlOl    JLtTJiof Chihuahua except to aay that his
Official     Siyi    Their    Treatment
Roumanla is Considered There
-  as  Domestic Affair.
any violence whatever against thejU)a( _ .mmml pa|d by llarry Malla-
i,ttIk. breakers. None had struck ��'||v.riM,tv f(,r th(, pukP of tiedford'a
blow ond not one of the five had r���nV(.nt Garden estate waB about $13.-
llirown rorks. 7M.0OO,  not $60,000.1)00 as previously
Claim Alibi.
Some were at home when the Irou-;
|ile   on   the   night   of   August   11   DC
ciirred. according  to their own  state
un nis  and   the  evidence  nf  the   wit
Dl ��� - brought iu by the defence.
Pendergast was the first of the ac j
1-usi-d to testify. He sad 'bat a roc It j
bad hit IiIb bonne on thi- night of ,
Augusl It, and he went out to iu ;
vestlgate. He returned. In JO mlnutea and his wife" anxiously prayed
that he mlghl remain at home, nnd *
he acceded Mra. I'endergast gave j
< prrohorative evidence.
The  accused.     Waller    Head,   said
that on the night of August  12. hear-
ing  the  row. he  went out  to Bee  If I
any damage  was contemplated to his j
house.     He  passed  by  Ihe crowd  at-
tacking  the  bunkhouse,  bin  d'd  not *
join  it     l'nder crosB examination  he
declared thai Neunthal was eodeav-1
iitlng lo restrain the men Irom doing
David Todd testified that he was
vUlli Walter Heud al Chase river,
two and one-half in,les from South
Wellington, between It and 11 o'clock
���r.n Wednesday morning.
Boy on the 8t i.id.
flight to the border at this point, op-
Iposiie Piesiuio, Texas, was to enable
j him  to  communicate    with    Mexico j
in City.    In Chihuahua, he had no way
of obla��nlng orders or money for the
troops.    He now baa nine other gen
(erals h-ere *
i    Should M'rcado attack or surround
                              Chihuahua,  where Oeneral  Francisco
Si Villa and the main body of the Tebels
)ec. 17- Count von Berch- |_ j*,_rttfied. he would check any rebel
t'.iold. Austro-1 aagarlan minister of',activity toward Torreon, directly
lere.gn  affairs,  replying  today to in 'south.
the  Hungarian  house thc  suggestion ]    Federal   officials   had     Information
that the  powers who were parties to;that   federal    troops  were moving to-
Remains of RampoIIa Lie in Drawing
Room   of  Palace���Draped   in
Iton.e, Dec. 17.���The body of the
late Cardinal Ham poi la is today lying
in the drawing room oi his palace,
which has been transferred into a
chapciie ardsnte. The room ls draped iu red aud decorated with oil
paintings.    On one    side    is a small
Deposits on Nov. _.,    ....   ..,,,.,....
$20,105,622 against $2..417,146 on the:uf "*'ard lour took the medicine and
same date last year, thus showing ai handed it out in doses which sur-
I decrease w hich is more apparent than I Prised many ol" his supporters and
I real as due consideration should be:was indeed a surprise to the candi-
had for the $1,500,000 obtained for'dates seeking election in otner por-
the shareholders, who are nearly all I tlons of the municipality,
depositors, the effect on the deposit I J. *K. Weldon occupied the chair,
account being obvious. On the other jand armed with a pipe wrench in lieu
hand, the circulation of the notes of iof thi customary gavel, made himself
the bank show an increase of $527,551. ; felt  whenever  personalities  crept  in
Twenty-six branch offices and ten j during the apeechfest
sub-agencies  have  been  opened   dur-' McGregor Absent
ing the year, distributed as follows: I u v,as expected that iteeve Mc-
Eight in Montreal; twenty-one in the QregM would be present and take the
province of Quebec; four in Ottawa;  gta^���   bu, catching a alight chill
un Monday during his trip with the
two in Alberta and one in Saskatchewan.
Berlin treaty lake joint action tolward  Chihuahua  from  Torreon,   and altar,
..cure  equality  of  treatment  for the  that  the  return  of General   Mercado;    /���   black   cloth   with   silver   fringes
Jews in  Kouniuuia, iald lhat he did ;��a3 ordered  In  conformity  with  or-, w*;i  -^  draped   over  the  body,  and
nol  uolleve tbe powers could  be fn-jdera from Mexico City for an advance j nearby stand* a column with a terra
Agreement to vote on New
Measure Reached in thc
Several      Amendments      Defeated ���
Democrats Hold Conference and
Make Preparations.
Washington, Dec. 17 -An agreemeut
to vote on tbe final passage of the ad-
. ministration currency bill on the leg-
George II. Haytou. a boy. also took ' Ulatlva day of Friday, Dec. 19, was
tie v. iincBB aland in behalf of Head. ��� reached In the aenate late today. The
"My brother enne home at 5:30 'agreement provides that dtbate tomor-
*nd never vent out that night,' em-1 row and Kriday shall be limited to 15
pliat'c.tily declared David lllce, while \ minutes for each senator on each
testlfylnn in behalf of Charles Ulce.  amendment or on the bill itself.
Th" accused brother told the same j While the legislative day may run
��tory in lhe witness box, although In Into Saturday, the expectation of sen-
ii somewhat nervous manner. He da-late leaders ia that the bill wlll be
nlcd ihat he assaulted JameB Ward I paBsed before midnight Friday night,
on Wednesday morning, AugiiBt 13.    iif Important amendments are pending
e   Bunion   uu    tvcunt-ouuy   iii-mii    7*:   :;���      .    , _��.
Neunthal, he Bald, bad told the Promised   they   would   not   keep  the
Benjamin Anderson, caretaker of
the station at South Wellington, declared lhat there was no disturbance
al lho station on Wedneaday morning.
men to behave themselves.
Says He Wae Home.
John Cartwrlght, another of the accused, declared he was at home some
distance from South Wellington dur-
itiK the night of the trouble, lie followed the two vocations ot dairyman
and miner. That night he remember-
ed ekpeclally well became one of his
rows had strayed from the pasture
-and got lost In a swamp. Hls wife
���swore to hls being home on thc
night of August 12.
The Alleged Ringleader.
"As true as Ood Is in heaven, 1
river touched a man," waa the somewhat dramatic assertion of "Big
l.tuie" Neunthal, the president of the
local South Wellington miners' union,
.ind tlie alleged ringleader in the
(roubles, while In the witness box.
lie made the declaration with his
right hand held high above his head.
It wus In reply to Mr. Taylor, crown
prosecutor, who asked If In hla mind
���every one of the men who had made
charges against him were mistaken.
Carried Walking Slick.
Neunthal isaerled that he acted the
port of a peacemaker throughout all
ihe troubles. He admitted being at
the attack ou the bunkhouse, but dented that he used violence against
the strikebreakers.   "All the club I
(Continued oa Pate Four.)
at that time, however, a recesi may
he taken until Satuiday morning as
the Hepublicans would not consent to
thu   agreement  until   the   Democrats
senate In session all night Friday
The Benate spent today iu consideration of further amendments proposed
by Senator Hitchcock, defeating by
41 to 37 his amendment to extend the
guarantee of bank deposits to cover
state banks that joined the new system as well as national banks. Senator Owen expressed his aproval of
this Idea, but the Democrats would
not support It because It had not received the endorsement of the caucus.
A motion by Senator Hitchcock to increase from 90 to 180 days tho maturity date of paper that could be
submitted for rediscount at the regional banks, also was defeated, 39 to
The Democrats gathered In a hurriedly called conference at �� o'clock
tonight tn BCttlc all final differences
over the bill, and agreed upon amendments which they would aupport. The
list of amendments submitted to the
caucus included many of those proposed by Senator Hitchcock or by
Republicans and voted down, and It
waa eald several of these might be
offered tomorrow or Friday by Senator Owen and adopted as part of the
Republican senators joined Senator
Hitchcock today tn a strong tight tomorrow against the provision of the
Owen Mil limiting to 90 daya the maturity period of commercial paper
that might be re-discounted at the
proposed new regional reserve bank.
ducod to tnke such action.
Auolria-llunga.y'a interest in the
matter, he uddid, would not juatilfy
her lu taking the initiative, and he
Joubli d vvhi'tht r raising the quesUon
Internationally would benefit the Jew
In itiiumauia. the government or
whicli held that the question was a
strictly dcniestic affair.
!ou Chihuahua fron* two directions.
Charges Not Upheld. D .
Kfgina,   Dec.   IT���The     legislature,-J"8���
this  morning  adopted  the  report  of Ulc ec_    .,        ,     .   ,
the public accounts committee clear-|"��n -*'" *�����*��� as the diplomatic repre-
ing all concerned in the jail farm deal
���rotta group representing St
boal tossed by the waves.
Fuucial service will be held in St.
Tbe cardinals and many of
thc ecclesiastical, attached to the vat-
San Francisco. Dec. 17.���Rev. Chas. |
La��rence of Pa_adena, a retired Presbyterian minister, was found guilty tonight of having obtained money under false pretences. The convicted
man's wife is facing a similar charge.
Lawrence wtll be sentenced Monday, the penalty being Imprisonment
for from one to ten years. He is alleged to have swindled K. D. Welch
of Ontario, out of $8000 and an orange
here of charges made. Mr. WlUough
by protested for the opposition against
tho report.
Send Money Heme.
New York, Dec. 17.���The laat of the
Christmas malls for foreign lands left
New Yor>. on the Manretanla today.
All told foreigners In New York sent
496.898 money orders, aggregating $7.
775.000 to tbe folks at home. To Oreat
Britain went $2,000,000. This la an increase of 68.000 orders and $1,260,000
in money over last year.
Another Revolver Battle.
Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 17.���Stephen
D. Marshall. 45 years old. was killed
and Joseph Simpson and Joseph Bush-
akara were wounded here tonight In a
revolver battle following a labor dispute.
Commissioners Refuse Request   of   Citizens'
Though the Cllitens' league offered
to shoulder the coat of a plebiscite
on the granting ot bottle licence*, the
licence commlsalonera at a meeting
on Monday refused to agree, and later
the league met and appointed a lawyer to fight Its case againat granting
bottle licences when that matter le
again considered at Ute end of this
Speaking of the meeting laat night,
Rev. W. W. Abbott said tk* proportion waa If the comraleeloners wer*
agreeable, to aak the elty council to
let the entire matter go before tk*
people within two mutt* fm*. Md
to have tho decision of tke voters
final. While Mayor Qray eald he wae
satisfied with the plan, Mr. Abbott
aald Commissioners Ollekriat and
Kellington refuged to entertain it
Claimant Receives Judgment of $43,-
7&0  jn   Arbitration���Company
nsfuses Finding.
senlativis accredited to the holy see.
viewed the body this afternoon.
North Burnaby. Dec. 17.���The official opening of the Hastings street extension into Burnaby, extending two
miles east into North Burnaby. will
take place on Monday next with the
reeve and councillors and representa-. ,
tlv-es of the B. C. E. R. In attendance. IS"��� h's views as to how the muni-
This extension    Is in line    with   the!��'Pa'"-v  would   benefit    if  he    were
Burnaby franchise bylaw passed this e'��,'tcf;
school trustees, which yesterday became worse, his physician advised
him not to venture out.
His opponents, Hugh M. Fraser ot
McKa.v. and Councillor Macpherson
of Edmonds, were present aud were
aiio���eu to explain lhelr views from
the platform. Mr. Fraser reading figures from the now-famous "blue
book," while Councillor    Macpherson
It is expected that a shuttle service
will be run from the Hastings East
terminus, two miles east.
Succeed*  Mr. Crockett,
Ottawa, Dec. 17.���lt is understood |
Mark Lumley. who opposed Councillor Kau Vel last year, and who ia
now seeking election tc the school
board, Bcored the extravagance of the
present board in the purchase of additional school sites, and alleged discrimination iu letting contracts.    H*
Mouse Jaw, Dec. 17.���An award of
$IU,750 and costs   lu   favor   of thej
claimant was signed today by two of' recroaaed
the arbitrator*, J. O. Chlsholm, chair!Chile.  Paraguay. Bolivia,
Trade    Commissioner    in
South America Tells of
New Openings.
Ottawa, Dec. 17.���H. R. Pousette,
Cauadian trade commissioner In
South America, after completing a
ten-months' journey over 14,000 miles
of territory, reported to Hon. O. B.
Foster, minister ot trade and commerce, today.
Mr. Pousette, whoae office is la.
Buenos Ayres, has been scouring the
South American continent for nearly
a year looking tor new openings for
Canadian trade. He haa crossed aad
tbe Andes, haa vielted
man, and Judge Ouaeley, acting for Peru and the other countries of South
the claimant, in the John R. Oreen America.
vs. C. N. R. case. Ja*. Thompson, | "I think that there are good offer
the third arbitrator, appearing tor the lug* down there for Canadian export-
railway company, refused to sign the [era," he aald. "They may mean little
finding, and It Is stated -will issue a now, but thoae countries are going to
minority award on his own account, 'grow and trade will grow. Then ar*
Anxious to keep the verdict secret,' markets there for' Canadian lumber,
it was scaled In an envelope not to coal, paper, ete. It would be worth
be opened till the arbitrators' fees of while tor Canadian manufacturer* to
$11,500 had been paid, but like other'ahow aome Interest ln the posslblll-
prccautlons used againat the press,, tie* for trad* extension in those
this proved futile, oountrles.
Ban Francisco, Dee. 17.���Given up
(or lo��t, th* crew ot the dismasted
and abandoned steel ship Dalgoaar,
owned In London, are on their wny to
Dover aboard th* French ship Loir*,
whlek picked them up on Oct t, Uf*
mile* off tk* coaat of Cklt*. Oept
Jlbeater aad thr** of tbe men Um
dend. How tbey perished th* am
that reached her* today did Mt MO.
First word ot to* low ot th* Dalgo-
nar, wkWh carried * crew ttt **o*t
SA, reached ker* on Dee. 10, mmm* tk* mam, nmm
French barque Marie anchored. Capt
Mortoet ot th* Mwto, sighted tk* Dai-
Uto   tallee off the ooaet ot
���hat Major Sam Bharpe, M.P., will had thc time to devote to the work
succeed Mr. Crockett as chairman of and sought thc suffrage of the rate-
the  private  bills  committee  of  the | payers.
commons. This is an exceedingly im
portant committee and has to deal
with much of the serious legislation
which has to come before the house.
Major Sharpe is a brother ot W. H.
Sharpe, member for I.isgar.
Ottawa. Ont., Dec. IT.���A meeting
ot the International Joint Boundary
commission will be held in Washington beginning January 13. it was announced here tonight I'he commission will consider the application for
authority to divert boundary water*
for power and water supply purpoee.
The commission will also take up
the report of the sanitary experts in
connection with investigation* Into
pollution ot boundary water.
Cklte cm Oet tt, rolling ker keel ont *mFm-i tk*
ot water with Imt rigging eat tal ker Tk* tiinUfct
���hat goM. Tw* et tk* *blp<* satali th*M qhW
boat* were goa*. The otber* mu Uke* by a ;
aa tk* d**m. '
Maw oomm ******* tkat tk* Ub�� fat
BMked np tk* ��ta*e** and �����* aad et
Board of Director** ef ReyaljCelumblm
Hoepital OeoWe en Pee* for
New Building.
The scale of charge* for to* private and semi-private warda ta tk*
new Royal Columbian hoepital were
fixed at a meeting of th* board of director* o( tbo hoepital kaM yeaterday.
Th* charge* for private warda will be
18, 9t aad 9% ***** day aad for aaftt-
prtvate warda, M per day.
Tfcer* ar* two V a day private
ward* Tk*** at* Mintlialll atta-
ated aad equipped wltk private batkh.
Ther* are tow *C all *n*Mi��odoor-
tka cakM* for tack Mm tt.
���5^ tor*u7t��atoiad _
na Oae. ��� ma*** at	
atoaaar wkfiTflMked tk* ���>*%* tUftok torT
H. M. Fraser, (he next speaker, apologized  for his brief    address,    ex-
(Continued on Page Four.)
Series of Conferences with
J. D. Hazen to Settle
Ottawa, Dec. 17.���Dr. Hugh' a
Smith, United Statea flsh commit
��1oner and Professor Prince, tke Canadian commissioner, today had aa to- *f
tervlew wltb Hon. J. D. Hasen. tt kf'
th* tint ot a aerie* of conference* aa
tbe international fishery treaty, 'and
endeavor* ar* being mad* to r*giek aa
The treaty waa   concluded   mmm
year* ago aad waa fatttied by laajtola
ttaa et tke Domlatoa Wuueeat hat
th. United State* has foiled to tak*
eoneorr��*t aoUoa.
AaMricaa flaking Interest* excrete-
ed strong tnfluancee upon tk* lat* U.
B. government and wen largely re-
���poa*lM* foF tk* Taft admlnlBfi*.
tin** arana. President witaea to
mot* tevorakly Mwoaei to ***t *****   .
^am^a^a^t   4ff^^fc#V   __________i   ^_____a   ______Bb_Ptt0^^^^^--^tf   ^^fo^m
��� VfQfMN 9*T4 MltMl ,tft VMiB Ml.
la-teat tkat wtt arias, tk* matter to ��� ':
namitofoiurwad.        '   ,^___S-
"*'^SSaxlTtJm**'   *'*'t-v*'^
^tt ~Wme~ff~*~*m
(areMUagat tka ���**�����;'
fc  ttt****
W����m<�� ��� *���" - ;*��� ?
���Q(Ai;^i;*l-_^yrtiiif'.i ����oe two
THURSDAY,  DECEMBER   18,  1013.
Aa independent morning psptr denoted to the inter sts ot New Westminster end
ths tester Fells]/. Published ever*/ ���mcrnltio except Sunday by tli- Notional Printlnp
���md Publishing Company, I/lmtlfd, st 63 Ifcifoiicie Street, New Westminster, Hi-itin*
OoktmAle. ROBB SUTHERLAND, Jfanaffiiiff Director.
All communications ahould bs addressed to Ths New Westminster Neies. and not
t* -Jsditiidual members ot ����e stuff. Cher-ues, draft*, ��nd money orders siV'uld be made
-payable to The Sational Printinu end ."utlisMno Company, Limited.
rBJ__tf_tON_CS~_Juti������i Office and ifana^er, si)9, Editor-la! Booms (all depart-
.), lit
BVBSCRirTlON RATHB-x-Bv earner, It per near, %l for tfcree months. if)c por
ilk.    Uy mail, 13 per year, 26o per month.
ADVERTISING RATBB on application.
when you an.' locked up In the cell.
Nobody knows what jail is but one i
man who has cot u temperament like
mine. When tlie doors close on you,
anil you want to spread your wines
anil can't, then you feel -hat jail is;
hut the horrors of jail are nothing
to the horrors of the slums and the
degradation of humanity whicli rocs on
I in Dunlin from day to dny, 1 appeal
io my countrymen who bjslong to ihe
faith that I hold lo think of the horrors of Dublin. When the big-hearted
Englishmen ami Scotsmen and Welshmen and even Krench mm sent us
over such help, and said to us, "Send
us a kiddie over " (A friendly Interruption at this point broke the
(Sentence, and lhe speaker had to ap-
peal   i   to  the audience  for  a  quiet
I hearing.    "I    am    not    too well,    am'
, I working   under  intense   pressure."   he
My friend Morris of Liverpool, said
to me: "1 have 11 kids.   Send me one;
' there Is always room I'or another. Remember 1 carried my faith unsoiled
through   Kngland  when    a    child;   1
Ions than min.   When you've got plenty of wealth gpu JJft*" &���d\SS? JtrSK
never Injured my faith neither hunger, nor poverty, nor living with a
Protestant Englishman. Oo to i*iy-
mouth men down at the docks as 1 *
know ihom, and roll one of these Irishmen tliat lr1 oould not hold his faith
nor preserve liis children's faith if lie
was living with an Englishman ur a
Scotsman or a Baptist. Vel these men
dropped down at the name of religion
in the gutters of Dublin and said:
"Veu are taking th.se children away
lo proselytize tbem. Think of what
that means to in i whose whole traditions can be looked Into and imiiiir
ed   Into.    When  they  find   I  smirch-
The time to wear a plug hat and look prosperous is
���when you carry in your pocket more keys and collar but-
As a brisk walk, cheery voice and general activity are "Vwani tobe'wendaw.
don't have to make an impression and any old sort of a
front will do in a pinch.
It's the same way with cities as with individuals.
When it's hard to sell civic bonds and there isn't any available cash in the treasury, then i�� the time that interest in
public affairs should be at its highest and, with an election coming on, a large display of ginger would be a real
advertisement of the progressiveness of the citizens and
their absolute faith in the future of this fresh water port.
Such an exhibition of interest would not necessarily
show a disposition to criticize the present administration
of affairs in New Westminster, but it would certainly _��!&*? SrNvhendyouthoidmou.lyou.
instrumental in bringing out facts and figures that at big arms and say, "otve me ono of
present only are hinted at and which, in their obscurity, SW/youMe ^tfth"*
only tend to strain relations between the city hall and the children away to destroy their taitii
ratepayers and generate suspicions that are really grbttod- ^VeTcomTancMnsuiTyou That
Jggg> lure claiming home rule.   They come
They s iv.
to get home rule because we
want to become part of the empire,"
and then turn the devil's face round
and say, "No; you are taking our children awny to proselytize them." \Ve
* :��� trok a child away except to a
.i une where we knew II would be well
cared tor, better than it was ever
cared for before    In every place they
went to the clergy of the district were
Informed that ihey were coming, and
I have known nun who had never
lu en known io enter a catholic church
In their liveg until these children
came to Kngland to take the little oneB
themselvi s to church, doing it from a
sense of duty. Do not blame the clergy
for what they have done. If they have
heen to blame I would tell you.'
Of the men I lead, nine out of every
ten are Catholics and their wives anil'
Children are Catholics, and the great-
,. i.i r       n     .-i       i .i      ii er portion of them built every church
No more cabaret shows for Portland, says the Rose in and about the quays of Dublin, in
City's chief magistrate.  Prettv soon a sport won't be able ';,Vfrv ,,,;al b0oa,1 '�����'>��� ���went a��w? m
. i   _ ��� -_i ���_. 'ney    gave    2d.  out  of    every   days
lo accumulate a jag without a permit. wages.   <a voice, "Shame.")   shame
  or uot, they wpro prepared to do it
rr-, , ^ �� -,r -ii _-ii   ���      ���  _     for  th''ir  belief  in  the  religion   th.y
lhe coal miners bi Vancouver island are still insist- belonged to.  if i was the man i say;
ing on recognition.   Evidently they don't consider being ' ".'"��� *��!..if ' waf, V,yins f_>����J?8troy I
b    ,   , ,, & , ���   ,    .    ���        .-]. 6 their religion, would those 26.000 men
arrested the proper kind of recognition. '��� come. ut at my call?   ia voice, -Not
* ilik'ly."!    Could  I  k<"-'p them out?  1
m,      a* i       i i i -.iii      _.,f,m only a humble dock laborer,   who
The Montreal robber who got awav with a bunch ot has very little education, could i
pay envelopes the other day should make a good income ^ IXhlldn^oU^^mv
tax collector for Uncle Sam. dictation? y.o-, it is because of the sin
  nnd   the   cursed   degradation   cf   the
... greatest city of Ireland���great   ln   its
The high cost of living, says a cabinet minister at Ut- traditions and sr,-t in us degradation
tawa, is a sign of the country's prosperity. Let's take -^X^h. Ml* S
down the sign.
Where One May Dig to China.
Freeland, Pa., is exactly what It* ,
name indicates���free land. It Is land
which when purchased becomes tin-
absolute properly of the buyer, and hla
title is not subject to mining royalties,
ground rent or nny other reservation.
In  this  respect  It  differs  very   much
from the land surrounding the town on
all sides and owned by the coal mining
corporations, which land when pur
chasuble nt all Is restricted to tbe sur-
Cttce rights only. In 1S<18 August Do ,
sop, foreseeing the need of a town site
that would be free from the control of
the mining corporations, bought several bundred acres of land, tie Uld
out Hie town, ami In selling tbe lots lie
emphasized tbe fact that It wns "free
land" and the owner's rights extended
as deeply Into the earth ns he might
rare to prosecute. Ity common consent
the town's tlrst uamo wns freehold,
but tide was on I o red changed by the
postofflce department to avoid confusion with the older town of Freehold,
N. .1. In deference to local sentiment
tbe name Krcelunil was substituted. -
I.udles' Home Journal.
indicative of a man with energy and vim in his make-up, w;;
so is a live interest in civic affairs a symptom of the red
blood running in a city's arteries.
If New Westminster had to fight an uphill fight for
existence against a dearth of natural resources and a
disadvantageous location there would be an excuse for
lack of heart displayed, but such is not the case here. This
place has to back it a solid foundation that might well be
the envy of towns twice and three times its size. It has
the wealth of the land at its doors, the riches of its industries within its borders and the rail and water routes to
deliver the products.
All it needs is the ginger and that lies within the citizens themselves.
First Flight Sensations.
The sensations when you tlrst shoot
up rapidly in tbe nir flre distressful to
tbe novice, suys Captain 0. Mellor In
the Airman This Is how Captain
Mellor felt, sitting behind lhe pilot lu
ii tiiplunc:
"The rush nnd press of nir arc ter
rl tic-. My chest seems lo be getting
stored In and my ribs feel Inclined to
give way. I have difficulty In eihal
lng. The smallest opening of the ua
sal valve seems to give too much nir
My blood rapidly becomes supt-roxy-
gennted, and I experience n feeling of
exhilaration I should like to shout or
nt least say 'Ba. bfll' but the pressure
of the wind Is too grent for me lo sny
anything, nnd I feel It best to keep
my mouth shut."
It was iiiiuii lbe same when taking
n trial flight In n monoplane Irom llie
Bleriot school. Al the end of lbe llrst
Circuit be "felt like blowing up."
Jupiter Cold and Dim.
.Inpiler Is l.'.'Sl! times larger Ihan the
enrth. bill the quantity of matter in
this huge volume is only 3Hi times
that In the earth; hence Its density Is
low-In fact, only 41 per cent greaier
Ihan tlmt of water Jupiter has been
weighed with extreme precision, Ibis
because iis moons can be measured us
to disl -e and spoellie speeds or orbital revolution With the lust degree ur
accuracy. Hut. then, It is cold out
there, the distance of Jupiter being .v_
times thai of tbe earth from lbe sun.
tbe Intensity of solar light and beat en
ergy received by tbe good Juvlan folk.
If there are any such creatures, belli-,-
only one twenty seventh lhal received
here by bunions. We would at once
die In cold and dim twilight if taken
out to Jupiter.- I'-dgar I.m,in l.arkin
in New Vork American
I [lllll
Here's the latest: An escaped colored convict made
friends with the bloodhounds that were used to track him
and sold them to a clog fancier. That coon certainly had
some loose business acumen.
It is denied that Winston Churchill, first lord of the;;',^',t.liri ,..���._,. , .,     ,
th * Imagination of a man like Qeorge
Russell, and they are out t.i drive
him cut of Ireland and deprive him
Of liis tread and butter, They can't
do it: it ii tc.-) late In the day. The
Imagination of a man like Shaw���a
superman of all that is best In the Intellectual life of Ireland has come on
our side���men like Professor Colllngwood, the physicist, an English Cath-
belonging to a Catholic family;
Crocodiles as Policemen.
There bus been instances In V
In which long senleiico prisoners have
had no desire to retu'ra to lhelr home
because tbey grew fut In lull Hon
ever, those cases are exceptional, and
attempts lo escape are pot Infrequent
Crocodiles were n great danger In llie
runaway, and lliere wus n belief in a
part of the Papuan gulf thut ibe croc
iKliles were iu league Willi lbe govern
A prisoner escaping from Jail iva-
once severely lacerated by one of those
reptiles while crossing n rl\er. Tlle
criminal crawled lo the nearest village
constable and gave himself up I"
justice. "Nu good me llgbt nlong gov
ernment now: alligator he belp guv
ernment," was (be complaint nr lho
escaped.���London Cor. New Vork Sun
admiralty, will visit Germany.   Judging from the expres-lo
sions of opinion in the German press anent Winston, the
land of the kaiser will not be much disappointed.
White, c.r Ladysmlth  fame���
and  I  could  name a  whore rt*, re  of
nun  who are Handing alongside the
docker  and  tho    p:;or,    unfortunate.,
__weated workers."
Down in Mexico when the rebels capture a bunch of
federals they shoot the poor ones and rob the rich.   Then
they sometimes  shoot  the latter because they're poor.^.h
It's a fine process of elimination of opposition.
B g   Jir-,   Larkln's   Firc-Eatioc   Spee:
at   Manchester���His  View  cf
Empire ?nd Heme Rule.
your ' �� country as we ur,- across
tin nater (Cheers.) When tbeti
people speak to us ol empire it doe*
nut convey anything to uh. what wt
nu an by empire Is a homogeneous
group of nations linked up for powei
u. work for wages betterment, In tbe
cause of common humanity and uni
versal peace.    We wain no conscrlp
tion, We wanl to live as brother to
brother, slater to bister. We Irish'
men are Irishmen not politicians.
(Cheers),    We are   tbe    men    and
Pcaton Is Prosperous.
Halycon, B. c Dec 17. William
returned tfrom a trip to Bea-
ton in hi:s launch nnd reporta thai
oi d progri ss is being mado with th"
nev.* government wharf there, for
which on appropriation of $8,soo was
made this year. Work was started
over a month ago, and It will bo finished by lhe Ni w Vear. As Beaton
is iiie landing place for an extensive
mining, lumbering and fanning re
gicn and for th ��� Lardeau country, the
want of a wharf Iris been a drawback for years, The new structure
is a floating om. on account of the
heavy rise and fall    30 feet or more
that takes place on  the  lake in  the
spring and summer months, with thi
rise and fall of the Columbia river.
The Firtt Balloons.
I suppose you heard of those strung,
globes Invented in Paris which rim
Into the air though encumbered wllh
lhe weight of human iinluials. I Wlsl
we could procure one and travel i"
collier among the clouds. At nlgbt wi
would Illuminate onr dying palace um
buver like angry meteors ubove lln
hnhitntniii.-i uf nur enemies, wlin pel
Imps Imve tint yet been made iicqiuiinl
,il wltb ibis wonderful Invention I.Ike
il certain mischievous bird whl'h Ovi.:
i old.rates, ive wuuld diirt dowu wpoi
tin- graceful Innocents and carry tbem
i.:t in spite of lhe scream* of their rt'lu
Ilutis 'Hunk Imw Irlmnpliniiily w>
���. In hi lil sail iliniiigb theculm, blueetbv.
IIi.ihiii feel iibnve tbls dirty plimel
fn,in a l.tiui uf William lietl.l'ii',
He-low i:i ilm report In the London
Times ofthe meeting at Manchester
addressi 3 by James i_arkin. the labor
leader of Dublin: I want to bring yon
along wllh me tliis afternoon for a
lew moments to Dublin.     It    is well
worthy of anj man's or woman's vls.t. women wlio stand here today and say
on account of it. historical roeollec
liona and ita historical traditions.
Dublin is lhe beart of Ireland. Dubl n
draws to ln-rself the best of tho blood
and brain and  sinew  in Inland.    All
to you In Bngland "Vou must give, us
home rule���wc have a right to it."
We ar-" brothers of yours. We are
appealing to the same class that you
bilong   to.     Are  you  going  to  allow
tho  blood   in   the  country  must  pas-; women In Dublin to bo as I saw one
through   it.  and  if the blood  is clean
and pure so will tho country or Ireland be ch an and pure, but if it i.-
impure and stagnates so too will tii
country stagnate, I am here, 1 tei
you, lu defiance of the Ancient Ordei
of Hibernians hoard of Ireland thi
foulest brood that ever cursed the
country, It is we who mad" Lanca
fchire whal Bhe Is We have given the
blood and the bone and tbe brain to
every country, but we have sapped
the life blood of our own nation. And
few weeks ago after bringing a soul
Into the world? She was delivered of
a child in a rcoin 10 feel long, k feel
wide, by about 5 feet high. Whore
she wiiii delivered there were three
other cbildrn in anothi r corni r of
the n-im ("Shame") a boy of nine
a girl of 11. and another boy of 13,
Tbey were lying huddled together
wiih an old tiialii'i '88 without any
straw in it. The woman when the
child   was   born   had   no   clothing   for
the   infant  nor  the  wherewithal  to
The under deg usually gets 160,0000'
000 worth of sympalh) and 2c worth
of  assistance,   Clncinantl  Baqulrer.  :
HAD 10 SH09I
"I   had
sahl   tin*
I ili-
Man   Wanted f.r  Murder Taken  Only
Alt:r Wounded  by the Police
���Resitted   Arrc&t.
then they come and talk aboul then* wash it
paltry miserable govern mi ni of Ireland bill. Thoy Buy, "Vou must give
us home rule because we want to become members or the empire." Damn
tho empire! (Cheers und some expn ���
���Hiotis of dissent) Do you moan to
toll us we nre the nnn lo talk aboul
bargains? Tjte Englishman has gqi
bome rule. He has gc: sovernirienl
of England for himself. What have
jou done with It? Whal has il bu.11 tc
The Children Controversy.
My friends, you don't know what l
have gone through. (A voice, "Jail.")
Why, inil is heaven en earth to me.
Nnn don'l worry ahout me whin I am
In Jail. The only man amongst tht
friends on the front rank of this plal
! ;������ i who ins nol been to Jail Is our
fr.i n.l Dob Williams, aud he has gol
to go   (Laughter.)   Why, one can gelj
Nov,' Vork. Dec, 17- Oscar Vogt. e
former Swiss soldier, whom (he police
has sought since Iho murder of Mrs.
Agnes Outh, a dressmaker, < -irly this
month, was arrested list night afict
in- had b-'iri sir.i ;..*,* Norman ii. Con
Inolly, a police off'cer of Lha d (trie
i attorney's office
Vogt  toughl   .:;':���:   ar:*'.t,  a: ���'*:::
[ lug to Connelly and tried to ctafc
him. A bullet from the policeman i
revolver made a wound in Vogt'i
bead,   lie ��ill recover, howevrr.
Mrs. Outh was found ih nd In bed
en December .'I with four knife wounds
In her body. I!<t sons declared thai
money v.as missing ufler the d;s
covery of tbe crime.    Vest bad   ln?en
Life and  Death.
I.el  us eibiinsl  Hie mystery  of nn
life before forsaking It fnr lbe ni.Ktcr
of onr death     Maurice .Maelerllii.k  b
Cent my Magazine.
Umi.iI Result.
fie   I   ��as mi '-pleasure
Ami   tben lie    .\ ml   tin
kni'vi*   ti,   i   was   "broke
i.   li.'!
Washington, Doc. IT. II. 11. .lohnston, superintendent of the Cushman
Indian school at Tacoma. was permanently removed from office today by
Indian Commissioner Cato Sells, afier
a full Investigation of charges filed
against him. Johnson hud been undor;
suspension  for several  weeks.
Supervisor    MeOh'. sney,   who    was
placed In charge of the school follow- '.
ing Johnson's suspension, will remain
In that position until   Commissioner j
Sells Is ready to appoint a new superintendent.
Commissioner Sells. In discussing
the case this afternoon said:
"1 have given the charges against
���Mr. Johnson careful and serious consideration and am confident that he
should not remain lu charge of the
Cushman school. I feel mosl deeply
thai where boys and girls are taken
from their homes and par. nts on uu
Indian reservation and sent to government   schools,  they   should  havo    an
absolute guarantee of the boat protection the government can giie tli. in.
"Anything less than this highest degree of protection will not. be tolerated by us at any of tb I Indian schools
and we shall Insist thai the superin
tendents of these schools be men who
lire capable of entering. Cordially and
Bympathetolaliy   Into   the spirit   aa
well  ns  the   letter  of  this  policy."
A bite of this and s taste of that, all day
long, dulls the appetite and weakens the
Restore your stomach lo healthy vigor
by taking a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet
after each meal-���and cut out the'piecing'.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
are lhe best friends for sufferers from
indigestion and dyspepsia. 50c. a Boy
at your Druggi.fs. Made by Ihe
National Drug and Chemical Co. ol
Canada, Limited.
Made   to   measure,  guaranteed   oi
year.    Phone ti7. for appointment
MRS.  TWISS, City  Manager.
'lis,.) 237 S:��th Street.
In view of the industrial development in
Greater Vancouver, actual and in prospect, and
to the fact that in the
past many manufacturing plants have been
Tost to the community
owing to the exorbitant
prices demanded for
land, your careful attention is invited to
He Got It
di    the  oilier  night,
���r at a luncheon tabic re j
���ainod I was In liuxttieio
nidi n  rich  iiiiiu, selling pottiil  Hon   j
er��    llut busl nous was Imd. nnd wi'de
elded In dl-i .eilinie business.    I  Wfllil
ed lhe p��l - nnl Mowers nnd look lllein
"Whal    did    llie   rich   niiin   want'!
ssked 'I r the guests Innocently.
"He  wiiiileil   lbe eurtti,"  replied  tin
wit.    Kxchange.
Well Named.
������What dn you iiijl your dogr"
"Slink Markel "
"Wbnt n pei Hilar name! Any pattl'
ular reason Y"
"I should say so. Most nnrelluhli
dug you ever "aw Von call never lil
whu he's going lo do nest"-Life.
from the desperate misery and lining iu tin: house, according to tin
jou? Veu vr<: just as great slaves In horrors of Dublin for an hour or two police.
Mayor Do ynu moan to tell me you
i worn surprised to find three of the
employees In the city nail at work?
Reporter Ob, no,your Honor; 1
r.nld 1 was surprised to find them
The Coquitlam Terminal Company have for1
sale to bona fide business concerns, manufacturing  sites,  all  clear
and level, with trackage
and ample waterfront- ���
age at from twelve hundred and fifty dollars j
per acre, also home sites I
for   employees   at   ex-'
tremely low rates, with
excellent school  facilities, city water, electric
light, etc.   Address enquiries to
Cranville Street,
Vancouver, B.C.
Beautifully   Framed
Fine Art Pictures
To Ee  Drawn fer on  New  Year's  Eve at
We havo picked out two of our Picture Calendars and had them
artistically framed by the Burnaby  Pine Art  picture Framing Co.
The subjects are "FallS*Of Neath," a lovely scene III Wales, England;
the other Is entitled "Hetty," a sillily In art. This wo call flrsl prize.
Every customer  making  purchases  from  now oil to  New   Year'B eve
has ii chance getting one o ftbese fine framed pictures by ki'UIiik a
numbered card when making their purchase one number for every
pair of shoes or slippers. The winning numbers will be drawn at I
p.m.  Now   Year's eve.    See our window for same.
We havo niso us a further Inducement put on s clearing but sale
In quite a lot cf lines In our well known good quality gooda. Wo
have made the prices so easy thut the gift of a good pair of shoes or
Slippers is within the reach of most at
661  Columbia  Street.
New Westminster,  B.C.
J   STEWART, Proprietor.
:io. s,
p m
(Subject to change without notice)
Sunday schedule���Trains leave Now Westminster at C, 7.
8:80 and 9 a.m., and every 20 minutes   thereafter   until   8:80
After 8 30 service every 30 minutes  with  last car leaving  at
Week day schedule-Trains leave New Westminster at 5, 6:46 li
0:15. 0:30. 0:45, 7, 7:15, 7:30, 7:45 and 8 am., and every 20 minutes
until 4 p.m.. Krom 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. a 15 minute service will be
given. After S:30 p.m. a 30 minute service with last car nt midnight,
Saturday service���Karly morning schedule the same as on week
days, but after 8 a.m., a 15 minute service will bc given until midnight.
Through (rains for Chllllwack leave New Westminster daily at
9:80 ui. and 1:10, 3:35 and 5:45 pu.. Trains leave Chllllwack daily
for return trip at 6:10 n.m. and 9:30 a.m. and 1:10 and 5:45 p.m.
Dally Kxpress service to Chllllwack from New Westminster at 9:60
a m  and 3:35 p m.
Are  Making Christmas Suits at Reduced  Prices.    Order Now.
Collister  Block, Corner Clarkson and McKenzie Streets.
���02 Columbia Btreet W
in yie fatiuus Comox steam  and
Phonee IB and 1*.
Wholesale and  retail  dealers
furnace coal.    A ton of thla coal wlll. without doubt, boll more w.ito
than  any other coal on the market.
We alao have a  limited  supply of Old Wellington  (Ladysmlth)
eoal fur stove und grate.
We carry a good stock of building material, including Vancouver
brand of I'ortland Cement.    Thla Cement Is being  used  by  the   t>"
minion and Provincial Government! and ail the large corporations
and contractors In the province. It Ih ground very fine and I-i very
uniform. Hard wall plaster, lime, sand, gravel, crushed rock, vitrified
sewer pipe, drain tile, common and pressed brick, fire clay and fire
Our Interior Finish la manufactured from timber specially select
ed fnr Flat Grain.
We are also specializing ln Fir Doors with Veneered Panels,
which are better In construction, more beautiful and uo more ex
pensive ihan the old solid raised panel doors.
Hot our prlres before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
For the Christmas Holidays
Will tell tickets to points In Washington, Oregon, Idaho and  British
Columbia at one furo i nd one-third for the round trip.
ON SALE DEC. 18th to 24th
Low Round Trip Ft res to Florida
Tickets on sale Dec. 9,16, 2.3, 30; and Jan. 6,13,
20 and 27.   Return limit, April 30th, 1914.
popular  Sleaimhin
Secure   tickets   ami
We benk through via tiroat Northern   and
linos   from   New     York,    Iloston   or   Portland,
berths of
P.   C,   MEYERS,   Agent.
New Westminster, B.C. Phonee 263, 341,  1296.
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BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes
 BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  447
whose ailment is espe-
.Ml'..     lll.l.A   C.   IIAKtlY,  TKACIIKH  Ol
l'i..imli,ii, .   .1.   Kiary  BL,   New   Weat
misTiNo myMK ffWtR 006 TEAMS     300 MEN AT WORK
Engliuh   Has   Received   6ome   Severe
Jolts In th* Philippine*.
Ilaby talk Ih n highly developed Ian- I
(UBge compared to lbe Jargon Amerl- 1
can housewives talk to tbelr I'liiplrio
I house boys,   llut It usually conveys the
111! UN BIT,   AUDITOR    ANl j'"I'linlng wheu iieconi|iniileiI by espies-
1 va'**  pal ���
ciall) old ..".'
Although     Dani".   Jarry's   income
anted to ��� niy about $!��� i, ii*
ii.lain. Tel.  It.  I'm.  lo,i,ni  '_,  llur
P, II   Bmlth. W. J. Orovoi
W'-iiw in, i* 11.iii-n In city and oulild.
i',,inn, : 11-12 vV. HiiiiluMii-r Truat l-IU|
I'I,,,.,,*    '.'...     1',   O.   Box   1.07.
allin< I'lnuliii'i-iH. UichI Mil. meets ll
l^ii.'.r Temple every nr��i nml thlr.
Thursday of the month, II McLaughlin
president: \v. C. Hnun-Jerii, aeeretury
!>   ll   BOS  H'.li.
NKVS     \\ KSIMINMTHI.    LODQH    MO   I i
n a I', o  nr Bilks of Uu 0. of 0��� me. i
the flri-i nn,I Hiini 'Ilium .1n.  ��t - a, im '
K   of   P.   Mull,   HlKbth  strut   A   w-ll i
Cr.iv. Exalted Uiller; I"    II   Nuilth. Umt '
I..    0     0      M..     NO.     ��64 ~ MOOTS OJ
f.r il.  second,  itilril and f.iurtli \VV \,,Kh  ���
���Hy    In    earh    nmnih    ut     8    p.   m   1
in   ihe   Moose   liuiim.   ti. j.   I_mm]
dictator;    W     J.    Oroves,    seerntan i
ii sdquartars  ot  lodes  In  nv*  Housi
oornsr of Fourth ami Carnarvon streeti
I   0   0   V.  AMITT  I.ODllIT, NO   17���11.
r, ."lur    i ll is-   of    Atnlly    lt���U-    N
!7. I. O. 0. Wi, In h*ld every Bonds
nb'bl at tl o'clock in Odd Fellow-V Hal
inner Carnarvon Bnd Btarbth slreet
Mlibib- bri'lh.in conllally li,vlt,-r
R. A. Merrlthew, NO.; II \v. Bancsus
v. o ; w  c. Coatbam, p, o, rvoor-i
ln�� secretary: J. W. Muclinnubl. flnur.
Dial  Hierelury.
Beattle, Dec. 17.���On first thought
there Beems to be little connection
bi-tvve -n the bulldinK of Wilson  roadi;
and tramways In the Interior of Ala..-
she gestures.    At best, however, the
performance of the command speaks
well for native liiMnltlon
Spanish construction of Kuglliili
words Is another twist thut our poor
hiiik'iittfo gets in thu Philippine**-. "No
got" In the Island In tlie most commonly used expression for "I haven't any."
Kliuilnrly "uo enn do" means "I can't,"
and "no wnnt" inctins "I don't wnnt
It"    Not only between American ��nd
Filipino, but among Americans them-   Seattle and elsewhere In
selves,   this   twisted   construction   lina
largely supplanted tbe Icgltltnute one.
Wtth the soldier anything tbat be-
longed peculiarly to the Philippines
was described us "bamboo." Now all
colonials use the term. The "bamboo
fleet" Is the one assigned to Philippine
waters, innl the "bamboo government"
Is the Philippine civil goeernment In
distinction from the L'nited States military.
Alaska      Trcnspor tation       Conditions   Harbor Job at Victoria Seems to Have
Result in  Boosting Salmon Cingei  In ard Be-
hind It.
Victoria,   Dec.   17.���Tbat the   breakwater section of the Victor harbor iin-
iThere ��� hi ui ��� Everything went
wei! with the arrangementsm ade for
the comfort of the aged woman until
aili gi ii p * ��� took place, on November '���'. last. On-that date, a family
council, called upon the reijuest of
Phillip Lavigne, declared Adeline
Jarry Insane and appointed Telespore
Koucault cntator of her estate.
Deschatelets, who has presented    a
request lo have the decision set aside,
contends   lhat   the   nearest   relatives
were not called to the family council,:
provements will be completed within that the curator appointed Is not a rei-
i .. ,,:, ; the Increased price of nl sal- ""' !i,m-' ****** namely December, 1915, |alive  that Uvigne bad no legal right
mon   bellies  In   tbe   erocerv   stores  of   WM ; tatf;<l  festSTday by II. A.  Elgee, il" c.n.lh'; council, and that the whole
mon   bell.is  bi  tin   --.rodry  mires or  '    ��� *���     : affar   s the outcome of a plot   initlat-i
the   United  m..nai:.-r  in   Victoria for the firm of ������   ,,>.   Urlg���   _%   ���_* oth_. ^
States.        Even  wben  It. Is explained   Slr J"hn  Jacksasi.   Limited,  which  is, known  parties to get hold of Adeline!
that with Improved highways the use  engaged  in  its  construction.    Mr.  Kb: Jarry's money.
of does'teams ln the north ls Increas   Bee ��ald "tat the progress to date was     Doctor VUlenenre, of   the   Longue
of dogs teams in tni norm �� increas   Ki_t_eton  ln  ,.,,ery way __* that. Pointe  asylum,   was  called  into  the
lug   lh" riddle seems no nearer solu-  although to  the average citizen   who , witness box. He asserted lhat Adeline
Hon,  but J. .1.  Palstad,  who bas long   visited   th" soene there might be lit-j Jarry   was   mentally   unbalanced   and I
been  engaged   In  salmon   fishing and  ,!"  -'> H"��. BB a matter of fact first-[was not able to manage her own af-1
saltlna   In   tha     viclnitv   of   AfoKtiak   ��M*  nrogre^s   bad   been   made  since, fairs.    He stated she seemed to have:
salting to in     vicinity  M awgnas, ,,,., commencement of operations.     . Iiost all interest i��� the happenings or
where he makes hls headquarters, ts There were now engaged, he nald,;this world and she hardly answered!
authority for the statement that there about threp hundreil workmen Eighty ! when she was spoken to. She at pres-j
IS B connection, snd S most Important  ��r . these    worn    employed at  Ogdenlent  Is absolutely helpless ami  Doctor'
Anion',' other "sohllerlsms" (If I mny   ������,.  [rom an economic viewpoint.
Point,  while rome twn hundred  were] Vllieneuve thinks 1'. is a case of soft-
be permitted this contribution to the "The decrees! >  ���* ���   ������  ixteam    n ?.'.^/V^'1^^11'''',* W-Vi bnTh, TO��* ** ?f Sf1^
' ,                                    ,  ,               ., i lie ui < r'asing ii.i oi dog t'.ims in 0f   the   work.     The   ot.iers   consisted       Deschatelets.     Iho    petitioner    was
new isoguagei  were certain pure MS- ,���,. |nterlor of Alaska has seriously af- of the office and general engineering then called and asked for his version
lay   words.      lbe   list   Is   continually f, ,.,,.,|    the    business of    the salmon und elericni staff. of   the  affair.     Ile  would   not  admit i
growing, nml now there are do7.ens of salteries   of   the   Pacific   coast,"   uaya      It was at  the tjaarries that lhe ac- that Adeline Jarry was insane ami lie |
Tagalog innl Morn expressloiis in con- Mr. Palstad,    "Until recently the saltc tivlty   was   principally    centered     at
sti'nt use among tlie Americans.   Kor cries put  up large quantities or sal- present   Between 1,_��0 and 1,400 tons
example, there are the Tugnlog words m"n  bellies each  year and the backs of  rock   were   being  taken  out  every
"bagulo," meaning "storm;" curubno,"
of   the   flah   w,re  dried   and  shipped  day  and  deposited  along  the   line of
W. E. PALM -Pioneer Funeral Dire.tn
and Bmbalmsr, sn-sui Akt..'�� itree
opp.'Hi.. Carnegta Lihrurj.
��   nntvKi.i,   tsticcBsson  to cdn
1ST * Hanna, Ltd.5���Funeril dlre.'nr
and i-mliiilniere. Parlors 106 OolurnM
Street    New   IVmtminuter.    Phone   nti
,   ,,    ,      .,                   into the interior for dog Teed. But dur- the breakwater.    Last week 8,000 tons
meaning uu animal:    pnlay.    meaning   ,n(, ���u, la���t f(.w VPars m. ,,,-_������, ror RUogether  had   been handled   in  this
J "rbc,'   and   "tao,      meaning   "man.     (irj(.(l packs bas been curtailed alarm- way     This was being transported to
Moro    terms    In    common    use    are  Ingly. and  having small  sale for the the harbor by five scows,
"amok."     meaning     "Wild;"     "dato."   backs, which  were in a manner a by- Getting   More Plant.
meaning   "i bier;"   "krls,"   meaning   a   product the salteries have to a large That lt would not I.e long before the
wavy edged knife, end "sarong," mean- lextent ceased to sail the bellies onlj srries would b" so well developed
tnd are putting down  the whole fi_b. that It would be pors'bl" to tak" out a
Ing u garment���tie-Flew of Reviews.
said she could manage her own affairs.
Mr. Justice Charbonneau would not
listen to any further of this testimony
anil said the first question to be solved
was the legally of the interdiction
Tho questioning of Deschatelets
then took another turn and Mr. floy-
ette asked him if all the relatives
had been summoned to the family
council.     He said  they had  not been
"l'er two years the market for the  much largfr quantity of material than '; and   there   were   more   than   a  dozen
BOARD <>r THAliK-NK'.V WKtil'UI.*.
bUt Board of Truile meet* In thebonr.
room, city Hull, ss follows: Third Kr
(luy of each month; quarterly raesttnj
on He- third PrMuj of February, Muj
A,(Pint und November Ht 8 p tn. At-
nual ue*' iin��;n on the third ,'rldny c
February, 0,  H. 8tu��rt  wmi..  *eor��
K.io. Dosds, Business I**-it,-r��. etc.; clr
culm work ei'iccliillat. All Wotlt tiilril*
OonddSlUal,    II   Hurry, rvim III Wm
minster Trust Bis,   Phon" 102.
rtatera BoUelbors, etc.   to t__rnc _ttro*t
N-w   Wi-etmlnater.     O.   K   Corbould,  K
c     J   lt. llrent.    A. fc. McOoU.
nt lav,-. Snllcilur. ete. Snllcliiir Tor thill.ink nt vanoouver. Offlqes: Mer-
rbanis Bank Buihtlng. Kew Westminster. B.C Telephone Nn 19T0, CaUi
. lii. -��� "j',lui*ion." Code Western
l "nl'.n.
pickled   fish  has  been   decidedly  off at present was a point Mr. Elgee im*
and this seajofl we operated but one phasiied.     He explained  thit  hereto
taltery,    Last season  we ran five on  fore the work has been in every re-
different streams in the Kodlak dis- spect of a preliminary character and|Counci!
irict.. There ls  still  a  good  demand!that soon  the  progress would  be ap-      "If  this   be  true,"   said   the  judge,!
tor the salted salmon  bellies, but  we parent    to     everyone.      Anticipating ("the  proceeding    was  utterly   irr.-gu���]
relatives more closely related to Ade
line .larry than those  who had  been |
called   to   rorm   part  of   the     family I
West Indian Boys Can Get All of Th��m
They Want.
When  a  West  Indlnti  hoy  wants a cannot afrord  to put them up unless this increase In the output of the" quar- liar. Who called the council, anyhow
toy boat all lie baa to do Is lo visit a we can find son)" new market for the ries a new  scow was being buiit forjhe asked.
COCOanul Iree.    These trees lienr great leeks     $ had under consideration for the wi rk, while a steam hopp��r was!    "One of the Tutelle office employes."
bunches of outs among tbeir drpoptng :i t'"*1' dry-salting the backs and ship- bring  sent  from 'Singapore.  The  for- j answered  Mr. Thelberge,
green   leaves    mill*   when   the   biitieh P|,1K '"' m   ���**  Jilli:i"  "'"l  other coun- mer would be available In a few weeks I     "I thought, so,"  said the judge, "It
first sprouts out In tbe form uf a big
Innl   It   ts   Inclosed    wll bin   a   hard.
tries In tlie Orient but I soon dlsoov- j while
Bred   that   although   a   market  might  latti
found for them there, men actively  yel  been  received of her sailing.
the date of the arrival of the j Ir  wrong  for  these officials  to  med
vvas uncertain, no word having , die with such important things. Such
I proceedings  ought  to  take   place  be-
tough, woody  case or  spalbe two or  t,n?ap���(i  i��� the catching and packing      Mr.  Elgee also said that,  the workItore  a  judge.    1   wish  they   slopped
three   feet   long,   eight   or   ten   inches  (1r  the  fish   would   not   havc  time   to  up to date has consisted chiefly of de-', making a mess of these affairs
-ill. II
"IC.   f
r Blink,
r i
mul M
a streets
r   lie
O.   Bon
���Id" - Hitnl-t.-ra Rod Bnlleltom. Weel
mtnetT Trust Blk_ Columbia ��re��
Ni'w -lY.ennluil*., B. C. Cable *dlrf��
"Whit,nide." Wastern Ufclon. P. Q
iv���w,.r ton Telephone SS. W. J
Wlilt.el.l... K. C; H. L Bdmonda, D
J BTtLWBLL CI.UTB. B*irt��ter.utl����
e-vlleltor. etc.: corner Columbia an
MeK'nsle *tr(!et*. New W.-ntmlnete
II   C.   P. O.  Il.ii  III.     Telephone   HI
Solicitor    and    Notary.    f)ffic��i     Har
block.  It  Ixini"   mrvet.  New  WeMmle
ster, B. C.
Harriet,ra mni Solicitor*. (1)5 to (ll
M^-oiintnwer Truat Block. <1. B. Mar
tin.   V..   ci.   Me<4u��rr1*   and  Ooorge   t
In ilia meter niul tapering to n point nt
one end und to a slender slern ut the
other.     In   fnct.   It   looks   very   much
like S huge wooden cigar.
As the buds and flowers develop Ihe
spslbe  "iiiit<  open,  end   ihs  flowet
bunch continues to grow out beyond it
Until lbe cuts iH'gins to ripen    Ily thtt  fish '
time tbe spsthes have become dry mid      The   fisheries   Mr
hurd  end   break   off nnd  drop to  the
ground of tbelr own nceord.
It I* lbe spsthes or bud coverings
thnt the West liidinn boys use for toy
bunts, nud. while thc dry nnd fallen
ones v.lll answer, bctler boats lire
iiuule from the more flexible und partly green epetbeo still dinging lo the
flower stem.
The SpSthe ns gathered from the tree
work it up. positing rock from Ogden I'oint out a j    The lawyers  were ready  to  go  on
"The states west of Ihe Mississippi  distance of 1.000 feet.   The object was|With  some  more arguments, but  Mr.
are    the  largest    consumers  of   salt   to bring the breakwater up to a point  Justice   Charbonneau   stopped     them
salmon from Alaska.    Minneapolis  ib  twenty   feet   below  low   water  mark, iand said that he would take the case
an   especially   large   market   for   the  When it was remembered ihat in some! under advisement.
product    General business depression  parts the  water's depth was seventy! 	
is the only explanation given for the  feet, the character ot the task could
falling   off   in   the   demand   for  the be   better   appreciated.    However,  it
vus   almost   completed.     Another two
Falatad  controls   menths,  he  thought,  would   finish  it.
are of red salmon, a variety valuable Then It would b" possible to commence the laying of granite blocks
from the I'oint out lo sea.
The common, every day kind; you'll need it this year wben you
think of Christmas gifts. We bave been fortunate In getting a line
of goods for the times. This is a wet climate, with a lot of moisture
In the air. You want to be warm inside and dry outside. But listen
How are your poor feet?. What do you think of a pair of cosy slippers or a pair of our wet resisting boots?
For the kiddies. Felt 1 Strap Slippers, composition soles 30t
For misses' and youths, the same, sizes to 2s   451.
For ladies, sizes to 7s, the same   SOC
For the man, warm felt slippers,, leather soles   ���TS't.
Otber llnea at proportionately low prices.
To every customer, not a picture, but a 25c. carton of Combination Shoe Polish, a tin, a bottle, a box.
You get It if you buy 10 cents worth of laces, but shop early so
that you may have the best service. ���
-: THE :-
Popular Shoe Store
(Just below the Northern Crown Bank)
$30,000 Stock to Select from.
OUI AEIER ��.C.0.l.
'or canning, and his trip to Seattle
.vas n*,:ul( with t!,e purpose of negotla-
Itng for the establishment or a can-
e.e:y   to  handle  his  fish.
"Ob. be ls a hustler! Been trarellni!
on tfmt territory bu niutitlis snd ts en
guged to n girl In every town."
-What kind of glrla ere theyf   Mee
Is nlmost In the shape of a boat, and gir|Br
all tbut Is necessary to transform It tu      ..Sl'|r,     And |>0(JU|ar too,    Eacb one
s very seaworthy and fust sailing toy ��� mgeged  lo al   lenst  Lulf a dozci-   Charged That
canoe Is to sew the open end together druiuuiers.
nnd   lit   rudder,   sail   and   seats   or
When this Is done lbe bout ls almost
mi exact model of lho liig dugout ea
noes that the boys' fathers use In Hsh
ing In fnct, these dugouts were prob ,
ul'ly copied from one of the tree grown
boats - iroin "Harper�� Book For
Voung \iiturall8ls."
The Repeating Brand.
-lightning uev it strikes twice In the
���ni me place."
"Uli, yes. It does "
'"Show me the pluce.
Her   Confinement Is
Result of Plot to Get Hold
of Her Money.
Montreal, Dec. 17.���Is Adeline Jarry
wrongly confined In the Longue i'oint
New York. Dec. 17���Selden Hicks.
twenty-five, son of a wealthy farmer at Bayslde, [_, 1.. is dying in Flushing hospital from bichloride of mercury poisoning. It is believed he took
It as an experiment.
Saturday afternoon Hicks returned
home from Selden, N, Y. Besides being a chemist he Is a civil engineer
and  was  supervising  the elimination
i of a grade crossing for the New York
Central   railroad.    When    he arrived
lhe complained of pains in bis abdo-
j Later he is believed to have gone
to a medical chest and swallowed
mercury   tablets.
Dr. H. W, Peterson, of the Post
Graduate hospital, operated on Hicks
yesterday as a Inst resort. The capsules of his kidneys were pared.
Richard Phatcher. aged twenty-two.
a clerk,  living at No.  394  East One
"Look   st   some  of  onr  grand  old   asylum?   Was the procedure begun to Hundred and Niiiety-fourth street, the
have her placed there the result of a \B_mx* ls ln Pordham hospital tinder
Fair Onea Down the Sound Take Up
the Battleaxe Against High
Coet of Living.
Seattle.   Dec.   17.���Inaugurating    a
movement that is expected to be state j
wide  in  scope,  permanent    organiza-!
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 a.m Daily
2:00  p.m Dally
11:45 p.m Dally
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 am Dally
11:00 a.m Dally
From Vancouver for Nanalmo.
3.00  p.m Daily
Nanaimo, Union Bay and Comox.
.... , , 9:00 a.m Wednesday and Friday
tion of the Anti-food Trust    League, j Vancouver, Union Bay, Powell River.
having for its object the reduction lnjll:45 a.m Every other Saturday
statesmen    Thej bare been bit by po
iltlcal lightning time and again "
COAL MINING rlchta ot tho Ooictnlo
lu v-oiliolia, SaKlmlelicwiiri and Alberts
thr TiScnn Territory, th�� Nortbwcat Ter
iltfirh-n nnd tn a portion ot th�� Provlne
���tit l-riii'-h Columbia, may be leased for i
term of twenty-one y*t* at an annua
rental of It an acre. Not mare than Itli
���eras wtll be ItitfeA to ono nrt'Hoan*.
Appllcattoti fer a lease roue* be mad
by the iitvpllrflnt In r*,raoM to the A*ill
or B'.li.Agent of the dlatrlct In wbtob tb
lights ap-plli-d for are at'uate*'.
In eorveyod territory the land muat b*
dear11t.ed by aectlona, or Uveal aub-dlvt
���tona el aectlona, Snd In unaurvrred tw
rltorv the tract appli-d for shall b
���ink- i out iy thn ar'Hcant hlmaelf.
Kich si iillcatlon mutt be aocompanliv
ky a f"' of ��'. wMeJ. wtll be refunded I
the rl la enpltrd for are not available
but nut otherwise. A royalty ahall b<
paid on ihe merchantable outimt of tb
mine nt the rnte of five oenla per ton.
The iieraon operating thn mine aha)
furnlKh the AKent with aworn return,
accounting for tbe full quantity ot mer
chantn hie eoal mined and pay the ray
���Ity ttinrc-on. It the ooal mining right
are not being operated etich returns ahoul'
be furnished at least once a year.
The leaae wlll Include tbe c��al minim
rights only, but the leasee wlll be pei
nutted to purchase whatever avallabl
���urfaee righta may be considered neow
���ary for lhe working of the mine at tb
rate of |I0 an acre
Por full Information applloatlon ahooli
tic mnde to tbe Secretary ot tbe D*f��ri
mint ot Ihe Interior, Ottawa, or to an:
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion I_and>
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N. D.���Unauthorised publication of tbl
advertisement wlll not be paid for.
P.O. Box 14 Dally Newe Bldg
of sll kinds.
l'rinee right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
W McKensle Bt
Wrong Hunch, Ne Lunch.
���Tlere, my  boy," eald his new em
ployer. "take this quarter and go uut
Hud get three hum sauriniches"
Tlie l>oy vanished and did uol return
for hulf an hour.
���See  here.     Where hate yon  liwn
loitering,"  demanded  tbe boss,  "end
where are my siiudwlrlies."
"Scliwom!"    gasped    tlie   boy.     "I
,, thought   Ihey   were  for  mel" ��� New
���> York World.
L.R.A.M., A.RC.M
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
log. Voice Production, Theory (in
��lase or privately), Hsrmosy, Coaster
point. Musical Form snd History.
Pupils propsred tor tits examinations of the Associated Board ot tke
Royal Academy ot Muslo and Royal
ODllege ot Muslo. Also Professions!
Diplomas, Teacher or Psrformer.
For terms, ste.. spsly It Dufferin
Street.   Phone 411R.
A Perpetual Error.
A printer's error iu perpetuity! flow
iiiiiny know Ilmi when Joining In the
"Te Ileum" they nre carrying on. In
one phrftse Of tbnt song nf pr.-ilse. nn
iinclent blunder} "Make tliein to It*
uiitiilicri-il wltll thy saints:" ao it run��.
Ami so when manuscript copies rhvu
place to printed books was It rendered
In the medieval Latin then in nae. "nnt
merntl"���"to be miuiliered," us we suy
In Euglllb. Transpose tbe llrst mul
third letters and you get "munerarl."
"to be rewarded," which is what al)
prayer books would be printing toduy
uud congregations singing were It not
fur Hint nrtcentli century printer's
error.���London Taller.
"Thc lilac buatiee tn my suburban
Home are as large us forest trees."
"I wish I could iliac tbat"
"Vour lie generally lacks beauty, per
I nine   and   bigness.
plot hatched to rob her of her monev?   [Observation for bichloride of mercury
These were the questions asked In  Poisoning.    He  went to the hospital
the practice dlviesion of the superior >ee"?rda>' and  told Dr.  Muth he had
court, and  Mr. Justice Charbonneau. jtaken two tablets by mistake.
who  presided, severely    scored    the j " ���������
OOurt   house  officials   who  had   had
charge of thc proceedings.   The legal I
"Aren't you hnvlng your daughter
taught to ploy or singr
"No," replied Mrs. FllmgllL "1 har��
decided that (lie shnll bare no accom
pliebniente whatever. Instead of *truing for approval I want ber to have
the superior pose that ensblee ber to
observe the efforts of others with tolerant Interest "-Washington Star.
"Thare s smart child."
"It hns evldentlv picked oot parents
that It can nnss "*
Ssms Result
"Do yon believe in suffrage, Jskef
"No, but my wile does."
Sir  Wilfrid  in  Toronto.
discussion about   the   matter   lasted ,1�����"^  in^Torn^^'Ln^''".^
MiniTbave'all   Practically the whole afternoon. KJ^tHLS   ,Tor0?t0   .!0dai'   ,*ft
Mine   bav.   all l�� AdeIlne'j the w(fe _ ft    guest of Toronto university, lonlght
I late Marcel Bliegner. and she had iiv- he,'��� ,0, be the guest of honor at the
'ed since his death with J. Deschate-,university college dinner, where
lets, to -whose daughtera, Jeanne and :many distinguished persons will be
Emillenne. Bleigner willed all liia es- Present.
tate on the death of his widow, who1  ���
continued to live with the Deschate-! _.    _,      ��� , ~
lets. She was considered a kind grand- j    .,.   .No j***0!*' Convention,
mother,    and   every   attention   was     Washington, Dec. 17.���A resolution
shown her.   A8 she grew in age she! ��� ON ashrI'"      "gbtggg  cm  sh  cm
Its Specialty.
When eongrern la In eeeaton.
day. lan't ll tuai grand
Tn as* It dolns nothing
With such ��� master hand*
Ot lei us ttsie It this way:
Pray isnl it lust swell
Te see II doing nothing.
And doing u ae ������lit
"If you had. say, |500,OOC,OCC
would you butid libraries or start col-
"Neither.   I'd have meat three times
a day."���Chicago  Record-Herald.
became ill; last year she had a Btroke providing for the calling of a special
of paralysis, and when the spring i convention of the Republican party
came she asked the Deschatelets to: was voted down, 35 to 14, late today-
have her placed in the Sainte Therese: by the Republican national commlt-
Pointe asylum, where they receive pri-, tee.
The following 1* a complete Uet to
date of the positions of Ore alarm
boxes ln this city:
4���Fourth avenue and Sixth.
5���Asylum. '
6���Royal City Mllla.
7���Sixth avenue and Sixth.   ,
8���Royal avenue and Klghth.
9���Fifth avenue and Twelfth.
Quite Naturel.
"Of course," aald the tourist "yon
know all nbout the autldotes for snsks 12���Agnea street and Merrivalo.
hllet" ! 13���Cumberland street and Harvey
"Cermnly." replied the explorer.      ! 14���Columbls and Dufferin.
"Well,   when   s   snsks   bites   you 16���Brunette Mills, Sapperton
wbat'e tbe thing yon dor
������Vcll."-Phllndelphls Press.
16���Royal Columbian Hoipltal.
17���Hospital and Richmond.
Hi���Queen's avenue and Third.
22���Royal avenue and Second.
23���Queen's avenue and Sixth.
The New Mother,
"When you kissed yonr *weplni 'j;_Thlrd avemle ������,, g^ona.
mother goodby and went ont Into the 25_Flfth avenue and Fourth,
world to make yonr fortune I prasoms j 2��_**nttu avenue and Eighth,
her laat tearful Injunction was for yon 27���Third avenue nnd Tenth,
tu be goodf ' 2*���Sixth avenue and First
"No, make good."   tf*    '   "-i. 1.     31���Carnarvon etreet and Begble.
32���Agnes and Sixth.
34���Front street and Merrivale.
85���Columbia and McKensle.
as���C. P. R. fisiin-T.
Off His Mind.
Here's the wsy   one   enthusiastic
snd    religiously-Inclined     Chrletmss, 42���Small and Bucklln Mills,
shopper puts R: 143���B, C. B, R. Railway Car Shops.
"Praise Ood, from whom sll bleselnga 145���Sixth avonue sad Tenth.
flow, |4(t���Bighth sveoue and Twelfth.
I bought my presents long ago!"        147���Sixth avenue and Pourtoaatk.
The ROYAL STANDARD new profit-
sharing catalogue is just off the press. You
need a copy whether you collect ROYAL
STANDARD coupons or not. Directly you
see the splendid new coupons we are offering, we know you will get busy at once. Besides, there are many new recipes in the
book and our head chemist gives valuable
hints on bread making. It explains also how
to get ROYAL STANDARD FLOUR coupons FREE! Remember, only 6000 for distribution. Write today and be sure of your
copy. Address Premium Dept
price of all food necessaries, was effected at an enthusiastic meeting of
Seattle women at the Grand opera
house yesterday. The league takes
the place of the Women's Co-operative
association, a temporary organization
formed recently with the same end in
The officers of the association, Mrs.
F. A. Martin, president, and Mrs. R.
E. Thatcher, secretary, however, will
] occupy threse positions with the
league. The new organizations, according to the by-laws which were adopted
by acclamation, will meet the first
Tuesday in every month.
The members were required to sign
a pledge that they will work individually and in co-operation with the
league to secure such remedial legislation as may be deemed necessary
by the organization to accomplish the
purpose for which it waa formed. One
hundred and ten women who signified
their intention of joining the association at the mass meeting ot December
8 will also be required to affix their
signatures to thia covenant.
Some time prior to the next gathering, President Martin will name the
members who will compose the
league'e investigating committee. This
committee, it was announced by Mrs.
Martin, who presided over the meeting, will conduct a rigid Inquiry Into
conditions on Weetern avenue. The
speaker admonished the women to proceed with proper care as the investigation is to prove one ot the biggest
problems they have ever undertaken
to solve.
Mrs. George A. Smith suggested
that the league appoint a committee
to confer with the Home Consumers'
league sa to the advisability of a
scheme which wonld make the latter
crganiiatton a sort of bureau of Information for the benefit ot the producer and consumer alike. The producer, having for aale strictly fresh
eggs, would supply his name and address to the Home Consumers' league
and In this msnner, Mrs. Smith urged.
the producer snd the consumer, now
separated by the middlemen, to the
alleged disadvantage of both, would
be brought Into close touch. Such s
committee will soon be named.
Mra. J. U 8hute. president of the
Homo Consumers' league, ssld st thla
Juncture that while neither the Anti-
Food Trust league nor tta objects had
ever been brought before the organisation of which ahe Is the head, the
proposed committee will be heartily
received. ��
Oeneral discussion nt tko high
orles of eggs, (he cause tat this condition sad stops that should ba taken
toward a imdanUsa ia tkslr ***m*. followed ths adoption of ttriaws
transaction sf routine business.
Thomas Pate, formerly a Seattle
attorney, who
st Ksat, aad Fraah
Poultry ysrde,
askad that Wsstsim
the better of
consumer, bs
Page declared
gsther together
For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
11:00 p.m Every other Saturday
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena
River Points.
tl:00 p.m Wedneedsy*
For Gulf laiand Pointe.
f:00 a.n. Tuesdays for Victoria.   Call
lng at points In the Gulf Islanda.
Bt). OOULET. Agent. New Westminster,
a W. BRODIB. a. P. A- Vancouver.
When yoa take your
Eastern Trip
may as well travel
at minimum coat.
In comfort
Tickets will be on sale December 80
to January 1 at single tare and one-
third for the round trip. Good to return January 6.
U. OOUUn, Agent    .
Now Weetmlneter
II. W. BRODia. O. P. A.. VsneouTsr.
Residence T. W. Q. A.      Phons UM.
Transfer Co.
3Nteo PMaa Ut.
Proapur tt
"Mn Brown 1
-ladtedt what
-^Nt^YsS W
-ihi- ,
. '���* I'lS*^' *_r ^^ **'~*"t*
. ������ **'rfi- PAGE FOUR
We have received another fine
lot of apples, heavy pack and
each apple wrapped. Just the
thing to gel a box of these be-
for the  holidays.
Jonathans, box .  $2.25 and J2.50
Delicious,  per  box    $2.00
Wlneeaps,  per box    $2.25
Iiome  Beautye,  box    $2.25
Btayman   Wlnesaps,   hx...$2.25
Mcintosh  Hods, box   $2.15
Yellow  New Inn  I'ippine bx 2.25
Cookinfi  Apples.  6  lbs 25c.
Lata rape rod Cranberries
per   lb 17'_c
Crapes,   lb 15c.
Grapefruit, 3 for  25c
I,onions,  dozen    35c.
Model Grocery
308 Sixth St. Phone 1001 2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
Of.rn   Saturday   Evenings   from
7  to  9.
Local News
Lecture in City Hall.
Instead of giving his lecture on the
Cotjuitlam dam in the Y.M.C.A. gym-
nusiuin on Priday, <!. B. Conway engineer of the 1). C. Iv It., will speak In
the hoard of trade chamber of the
'city ball. The lecture is 10 bo illns-
itratid with lantern slides.
Nothing oould be more appreciated than a pair of "Jaeger" Slippers,
for sale at \V. K, Sinclair's.        I-6.SI
Aji unreserved auction sale of high
Srude furniture; will be held at 51 Columbia slreet. on Monday next, Dec.
i'inil. al 1H0 p. in. sharp, including
oak dining room, library and bedroom furniture, a Malleable range
and sundry effoois. As the owner.
Mrs. Jano Haker, is leaving the cily.
nil will bo sold. P. It. Hrown. 17
Begble street, phone .1114. Fred Davis.
aut'iioueer. (��630)
Christmas Pound Service.
The prayer meeting at St. Paul's
church on Friday evening next at
7::in will tuke the form of a pound
Service. Friends are invited to bring
or send to the church one pound or
more of groceries, whieh will be received by members of the ladies aid in
the church parlor. At the close of
the service gifts will be made up iu
Christmas parcels and distributed to
needy families. Names and addresses
of families deserving of help will be
gladly reoelved.
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For full particular?
call at our office and let
us know what you require.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
I'uiil   Up Capital  and
Surplus t 2.800.000
Assets    -,-.-.-8_.9.r>
Trus teeslilps Under
Administration over 6,000,000
1ni_iee      for     Bond-
1 ���i '...,,.,       ..   ���_s.nno.non
C. S. KEITH, Managtr.
Offices ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanainio,
Calgary, Itegina, Winnipeg,
Montreal. Charlottetown, London,  Eng.;   Antwerp. Belgium.
New Westminster
606  Columbia  Street.
Today at *i p. in., P, 11. Hrown
will sell al Moreton Hall. lid
monds, 1 removed for convenience 01
sale), a quantity of furniture and
household effects, including - ranges,
dining room and bedroom furniture
and carpels. All in good condition
and will be sold without reserve. Ful!
particulars at 17 Begbie street. I'hone
|334. 12611)
Why buy imitations when you 0:111
buy tlio genuine Jaeger "Pure" Wool
Slippers at W. E. Sinclair's.       |26;IS)
C. A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
City  Store 193 and 443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West End Branch   650
Special in Jam
We are at times through
elose buying able to nive you
n close price on cortnin lines.
We have Just received a law
Import order of CROSSE &
lb. crocks, whicli at any other
time   are   retailed   for   36c.   and
30c, bui whioii we offer you for
20c. each.
This line embraces Strawberry, Raspberry, Plum, Apricot. Damson and Gooseberry.
We also received an assortment Ol Potted Pish and moats
to sell at i-Jc. per jar.
Tea Garden Grape Prult marmalade, per Jar 35c.
Dinger  Marmalade.  Jar 25:.
Green Fig Marmalade, Jar 35_.
Lemon Marmalade, jar 25:.
Surnaby  Board  of    Trade    Discusses
Shortcomings  of   B.  C.   E.   R.���
Lack  of   Facilities.
We will have thousands of different kinds of cut flowers for Christmas. Also largo quantities of potted
flowers, and flowers ill fancy baskets. Walt for ibe opening of our
new store. Tidv, the Flonlat; phone
184. (2632)
Goodwin Released.
Richard Goodwin, the Cumberland
thitUr, who has been granled a'riew
1 rial was released from the provincial
Jail yesterday on bail of {2000 and
two securities of $10w> each. Hon.
Mr. Justice Morrison granted bail at
the assize court session yesterday.
Fred Davis will sell by public auction (absolutely without reserve) the
household furniture and effects of the
well-appointed 6-room residence of
Mrs, Jane Baker, on the premises, 51
Columbia street, on 'Monday next.
December 22nd. ai 1:30 p.m. sharp.
This sale is of gnat Importance to
Christmas shoppers, ae all the furniture is exceptionally good, and practically new. Every article must b:
sold regardless of price, as Mrs.
|J..ak_T is leaving _,'ew Weatmlnster
for tiie Kast. 1261141
J,  11. Todd's Music House, 410 Columbia street; will bd open every eve
iuing from now until Chi-Stmas.(2641)
Sunday School Concert.
Th�� annual entertainment of the
Phpr"'-'tnii Methodist Sunday school
.viii I.o bold on Friday &Vei_'_ng. All
bhljdn :i of the Sunday school and all
outside children are cordially Invited
to attend. A supper will be provided
and 11 musical and oral program given
during ths evening.
Open This Morning.
Transformed In every department,
the Strand hotel. Eighth ami Columbia streets, formerly th; Depot hotel,
will be throw open its doors to the
public tills morning at 7 o'clock. The
hotel has been practically rebuilt. A
numher of rooms have bun added,
bringing the total up to 73. These,
with roomy, well lightid rest rooms,
have transformed the house into a
most comfortable place of residence.
A very effective improvement bas beea
made in the bar room. Th? best of
service is assured in this department,
three well known local win-' clerks
having been placed in charge. The
general standard of cuisine has also
been raised. Frank L. Johnson is the
pew manager.
Get your skates sharpened at Ceo.
Speck's, 626 Columbia street.    (2525)
-Tho members of the Coquitlam municipal council will attend the annual
banquet of the Coquitlam Conservatives-association ia a body on Priday
night at Burquitlam.
Wae an Old Stager.
Merrick Gilbert, an employee of
Champion and While's stables, Vancouver, Ivho difd a few days ago as
the results of injuries sustained to
the head in an accident, was formerly
the operator of the stage between
New Westminster and Gastown, as
vahC-GUVEr was known In the olden
j A general discussion on tlle Short-
'���coinings of the B, O, 10. It. occupied
,the attention of lhe Burnaby board
of trade lust night and 11 oommlttee
1 was appointed to confer with the
j Westminster officials of the company
'on variou.-i mutters rajsed.
I   This   committee "will ask   that a
station   equipped   uud   bealed   lu   thu
proper manner be constructed at
Highland park; will support the residents uf ila.'./iiul road who are petitioning for a stop at that roadway,
and dlicuBs complaints made of carelessness on the part of the company's
employees In handling goods In transit and oi  iiisniiicieiu  protection of
goods at the various sl.uions throughout tbe municipality.
I'I.r queetton  ot  bitter  station   f,i-
Iclllties at Highland park was Intro
duced t>> P. 1. Macpherson. He stat
cd that in view of the long' waits
thai had lo be made for ears on account cf the ..-minute Bervlce, it was
only rum tiiat a comfortable waiting
ii*, :u  should  be  prov.did.
As iu the tlauurd street stop, a
petltli n i'v in the residents in thai
quarter asking ft r tlu station was
eudorai d by the board. The people
have now to walk about 60.) feet
along lhe tracks over dangerous cat-
lie guards io get 10 the nearest station. "Raeside," and as Hazzard la .1
gazelted highway they believe a Bti 1
justified. They have an alternative
route for reaching Raeside, but it Is
much longer Ihan by the tracks
Bevi rai mi mbi is e. :. plained of the
carelessness of employees of the B.
C. E. Is. in handling goods in transit. The pilfering of g ds at stations
on account uf 1 .;������ ��� ��� pt tion
��_._ also con-iplaired '!
Tb,        mi   "������ composed    ol
Messrs.  Macpherson,  Sparks  :.'.d  Al-
\ Ian.
p. I    \l , : ��� raised  the
quesUon if earn ag pi toners fr";n
Vancouvei   to   New   Westminster on
:the Interurban -ars. There was no
reason why they could nct be brought
ovei  by patrol now    thai    Kingsway
iwas opened, be said. Nothing was
dene :n r- ference to this niattpr.
It was decided to support the "Buy
13. C. Products" campaign b-ins conducted by the B. C. Manufacturers'
association,  recently  organized,
Wrltli n Dominations ot officers for
nf.it year will be received at Janu
ary's monthly meeting.
London, Dee. 17 The climax of the
popular agitation over the execution
Of Kelly, the Liverpool murderer of
Booksuller Bardsley, cume thla morning when, us tlle execution was taking   place,   a   crowd   of   ten   thousand
people gathered outside the wails or
Strangeways Jail and    sang   "Hang
both or none," There were frequent
collisions during the night between
the crowd and the police, and five ot
llie  police  were injur, d   in  the  fight
whiiL. many demonstrators w.-ar evidences of the strength of tbe police
Kelly   waa bunged at  S o'clock, and
the  firm Intimation that  the people
had Unit llle law bad taken Its 00111.40
was tbe hoisting of tile black flag on
the prison flagpole. Tlieu lhe crowd
dispersed,   bui   thoro   has   been   mure
ei   bss  disorder throughout   Oldham
and   Munch, ster  all   day   as   a   result
of the agitation.
(Continued from page one)
plaining that a severe cdld contracted
early in the week had nigh placed
him burs de combat. Mr. Praser
practically wont over tii" same
ground oovered at tho Kdmonds
meeting held last Saturday. He was
given a sympathetic bearing.
Moderate Remarks.
Councillor Macpherson, to the sur
prise of everyone present, was very
moderate In bis remarks, and failed
even to mention the day "when Macpherson licked both the McGregors
and  the  Krnsers."
The planks in bis platform were as
follows: Maximum economy with ul
mosl efficiency; promised 20 per
cut. reduction In the 19H taxes,
eight-hour   day   for   every   employee;
1.nm.in.;n standard wage, inside   und
outside agalnsl lho Sliding scale; organisation oi a union of municipal
employees; employ ratepayers only;
conveniences extended to actual sot-
Hers, advancement ot the Greater
Vancouver Idea; reduction iu salaries
al tin- municipal hall, do away with
the positions ol four district foremen; Borne! road wants fixing, would
nm agree to paving unless provincial
government  oomea  through  with  60
per cent, of the total cost; abolition
of  llle   present   ward   system.
Councillor Macpherson was also
given a good  bearing.
Endorses  Macpherson.
Charles Cully, who Is opposing
Councillor  Fau  Vel   tor  ward  four,
was the next speaker,  rirst  endorsing
the remarks made by Councillor Mao-
pherson. lie believed ln the abolition of llie ward system and scored
tho priss for alleged Inaeeurnte reports, but lor which, ho later apologised,   Then questioned, ho admitted
be wai not a resident of lhe municipality,   but   hoped   to   be  al   all   early
dale.   This admittance did noi fall on
kindly   eiiis.   and   he   sal   down  amid
I sll once.
Opens   Broadside.
1 Councillor Fan Vol opened up t
broadside on bis opponent wben be
mentioned thai someone would wake
UP on election day with lho (aot sadly
embedded on liis mind thai In* bad
run  lor something.    Tin-    councillor
:110m the north explained the work
performed during the present year,
how tiie pri sent council had boen
handicapped for luck of money, but
lbat North Hurnaby bad been well
treated >u tiie matter 01 distribution
of work.
Councillor Fan Vel was lbe subject
of much criticism from 11 certain section ol  the crowd   iu  ivspi et   to  road
foreman Tough, who 11 was allegi 1
Imd boen "playing lhe favorites" with
certain friends ot his.
lu tie absence of Councillor Mac
Donald. Alfred . nr-ston, a candidal'
lor ward live, was very brief :n lii'
remarks, reserving his energy until
they dualled in Vancouver Hi iglits.
Councilor Coldicutt.
Councillor Coldicutt del' nded ibe
presi nt administration of the waterworks system, the contract between
llurnaby and Vancouver being signed
at a lime wheu lie was chairman of
the waterworks committee
Tin municipal.tv. be explained, was
now tolling f 10,000 worth of water to
South  Vancouver annually,   another
good move on Iiie putt of lhe present
council. Tb" iin sent council had ur-
r.iiig. ,1 matters to (educe tin- 1 iti 1
rale to 18.60 per resident As chairman ur tin police committee he de-
i'lob ,1 iin policy of retaining nn 1 f-
: on , *   force  in  oider in cope ��itli
the 1 '���or Increasing number of Iihiih-
lents  who  wore  passing  through  lbe
in closing. Councillor Coldicutt
pit ac noil economy, explaining lbat
Burnab}   was  lu   no  different shape*
than othi:   municipalities on the  1* iv-
ei mainland.
li. ��    Patterson, of Bdmonda, who
is running Lir tlle council for ward
Iw.i, was the laHt speaker, stating
thai lie was running on his record,
made while ou lhe school board during lhe past two years, He dill not
foil it expedient in reduce tlie police
force, whicli had to cour 98 square
mili s.
1 Continued f 10111 page one)
bad   was  my   walking   stick,   which   1
always carry," ho mild.
So earnestly did be entreat tha
union men to restrain from violence
that during ihe bunkhouse attack he
In aid a cry lum: ibe crowd, "Vim
are protecting the seal.:.. If nm
don'l look mil you will gel it yourself,"
Neunthal admitted being once ordered off the company's property, bul
declared thai afterword be bad been
granted permission by ibe officials to
cross tlie mine yard.
lie was positive that be never saw-
anybody in the August 12 crowd lhat
he recognized, nor did he see anyone
assaulted at the bunkhouse. "There
were no Bouth Wellington people in
the troubles thai alght," declared the
ai cused,
This concluded Ihe case for th.' defence,
Mr. Tompkins and Mr lioaf, llie
'mine officials. Wire called In rebuttal by the crown to refute th" s'ate-
1111*1:1  of  Neunthal  thai be  had    been
granted  permission  to cross th" pacific Cool company's property.
"(Jet Thc Habit"
The Dominion Express office will
bo open rli 10 o'clock ivory evening
from now until Christmas for the convenience of the public. I2ij4"i
Genuine Dr. Jaeger Slippers c id
only by W. E. Sinclair. (2038)
Surrey   Elections.
A  public meeting of the ratepayers
jif Hurr y will be hold at tbe niunici-
j pal hull. Cloverdale, at 1:30 p in. S:tt
j urday, Hoe. 20, when it. is expected
I tbat matters pro and enn will be dismissed by intending aspirants for positions on the council next year.
0*jr Dairy C-itlJla-iy.
.Vine  quarts of  rresh  bottled  milk
foi   $1.00, delivered daily.    I'hone 166.
Go to Victoria Today.
This morning tiie big delegation
from porl- along th" Praser river
ge,s to Victoria to ask that the provincial bridge across tiie Pitt river
be built s or 19 feet hlgbi r than was
intended, in allow small vessels to
pas.; through with ur r.iini.iug the
Th * most exquisite odors known in
perfumes and toilet waters am made
in Moscow, Russia, by Rallet Hill's
drug :lure. (2C2S)
Only for a few days
Cans of corn, peas and  Beans
10c. per can.
25c jars of finest jam 20c.
Robson Grocery
Corner 6th St. and _lh Ave.
Phone 404.
Money to loan on  first mortgages.
Improved   city  and   farm   propertv,   II
per cent.    Alfred W. Mcl.eod.     <2r,24i
Insure wltb  Alfred W. Mcl.eod. the
I Insurance    man     All   kinds    written,
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
On  Saturday,  December 20, a  Bale
of home cooking in aid or the V. W
C. A. villi I.- hi ! I -it Id Id I.- McDon-
aid's old stand corner c.f Sixth and
'Columbia street,
Schcolr Out Skinnay!
Prlmnrv pupils in New Westminster
wi1! be dismissed todav between 1:30
and _ o'clock Inr the Christmas vacation and pupils of Iho higher grade:
i*. ill ilart their holidays tomorrow af-
p ternoon.
Tbe Koyal ('af". Dominion Trust
block, has re-opened. Host, of meals
a reasonable prlci s. (2D34)
Por plumbing, heating and Bheel
mi tni work consult Merrlthew & Ham
��� ���������������'.   Eighth    and    Carnarvon  streets
In addition to the furniture pre
vlously advertised by I'. II. Brown for
unreserved auction sale on Thursday
next, at Moreton hall, Edmonds, there
will lm offered a further largo eon
slgnment of furniture and household
effects, removed from Cumberland
road, consisting of Wilton carpets,
rugs, oak dining and bedroom furni
ture. Monarch rauge, culinary utensils, etc. Tliis sale will therefore com
prise in" lirsi clasa ranges and th"
contents or two houses. Time, 2 n.m
Thursday, December !-.. (2627)
To Clean Out Chinatown.
After a C< nf. ri :;������' to "I. the lire
limit on Chinatown buildings between
eity 1 fflcfals anil Hi" 0 I tiers bad
be'n nili yesterday, II was decided
in ""'i again nexl Wednesday and
to fjnaiiv draw up some agreement
Some of th" owners wor*' represented
hy Mr. Price of Vancouver, Tin".
agrei i th il tvbal wnrk lhe city had
ordered dono wnB rcaaonable.
For  nil  building   supplies   and   fuel
oil apply to lb" II.  C, Transport  Co
Ltd., nnn Westmlnslpr Trust building
Office  phone S2C.  wharf  phono  "'-in
i'hone 686.
Social and  P
Hearing   cf   Eribery   Charges   Against
State   0-'ficiai3   Will   Be   Resumed  Today.
Vlcksburg, M! ��., D c 17. 'i'li"
trial of State Senator O. A. Hobbs,
Indicted w;:h LledtenantrOovernor
Theodore Bilbe, on the charge of soliciting and receiving bribes, was delayed rurthe,- loday when A. W.
Sh mils, who had bl 11 appoint".! sne
otal judge in the case by tlovernor
Earl Brewer, declined to sit, saying
he was not legally qualified.
When Judge Henry C. Mounger resumed the 1 nch th" defence objected
io proceeding on the ground that
Melinger on Tuesday had declined tn
Judge 1 Manger said latT that be
had no other oourse except to continue
In the trial until the expiration or hoi
commission on Dec. 31. The trial will
proceed   tomorrow.
There Is  Danger
hut you ar" 0:1 the light track when
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Special   10 a.m.���Plates  5;.  each.
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Sir Ed/iard Grey Admits Nothing Has
Teen  Done  cn  Home  Rule
Lo 11 ib :i
addn si In
tin progri
the dlrec
menl.   vl
The   go
by n spir!
Che ih or
and disci
Still, the
op-n and
the I.It.. ���
ment wai
. Di ��� 17. Sir Edward Orey,
ol i' ite for foreign affairs,
g the constitutenta In North-
. ��� la> acknowledg d thai
be 1 id In* n made as yet In
tlon ' 1 achieving a settle
tli"  home  rule question  by
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Ci iintry, a shipment of Peck Prean'B
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n.nioiit, h" said, actuated
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ii inst. ad of entering In j
ug   terms,  the opposition 1
in     Btaylng    outside  and j
things  at  the  windows.
or  .'."".id continue to be
would m t be th - fault, of
party If a peaceful settle
nct  rcachi d.
AH kinds of groceries for
Christmas use in stock at thc
store of
(Successor to Ayllnj ���* Sweln.)
447  Colum-...  Jt.
Phene W
Field to Himself.
Very booh a i'"ii"r.il meeting of vol-
���j"-' in BapDi ri"," Is to be call) d at
ivblch election and election prospects
vill be the in.'in or much conversa-
���'.���-' ll i * under tood tbe gathering
:.--. i"':"i' called not 1 0 much to hear;
* - - '-'; ��� for iii.- councll aa to
'���*. te 1 'vi tei : 11 has been rumor-
' '1 tl al som   1 ther c mdldate besides
i 'i   !'*':" to announce be would
1 un ' : Bldi 1111.hi bul so far ihe only
"* "  from Sapperton In the field i*. Mr.
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eills successful!:) and is now al * er
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J. Shirley nr Carnarvon Btreel for
many y ars a resident of Nov,* Wesl
mliisi.r, ia i.'.-i ������ on a lour amtinrl
tin* w rid. He flrsl goes to Seattle
and 1 il:cs Bhlp en ������ urain vessel to
England and from ihom to Australia.
Mrs '' A. Welsh will not receive
today, 1 "i as usual on tii" third Thursday in January.
DIED    In  New  Westminster otl Tnes-
day, Hoc. 10, ciorn  Mlllcetrt Dawe,
aged   41,   Wife   of   Albert   .1.   Diwe.
1042 Seventh avonue,    The fiin��rnl,
will be hobi on Thursday, Dw. 18,
nt, 2:80 p.-   ri-.m the house to St.!
tlarnabas church.
Welcome Theodore,
nio Janeiro 11     17    Col. Theodore !
Roosovelt  ."nl   pu'y,  on  arrival at (
Corumba,  wero  warmly received  byi
lhe civic autboritit'i   and people. The
president of the     inlclpality express-1
ed '0 c..i   Ri., i. ,. 1. i'u.. satisfaction
if the people of Ci rumba af the honor 1
' '   * ���    ���    later tbe Roosevelt pirty ���
lett on a hUDI   In  .1   nearby Jnngle.
c"''i.o EY ������ ' :��� n lingering sick-
ness the death - * d Tne f'ay p'���hi
or Mary Jane i I i ley, In her _f)ili
year. Deo< Bert . tied l.t this city
and was formerly a reside:.! of V'lo-I
torla and the ruin ral arrangements are j
pending direotli ni fn ..1 friends there, j
DAWE    The   run.r;:l   will   be   held
this afternoon or Clara Mllloent Dawe I
trom the homo ](',_' Seventh Htrent to
Bt, Barnabas church.   Rev. E. R. Bart-.
lett Ib to officiate. I
Christmas! Christmas!
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The Big Furniture Store Sixth and Carnarvon Sts. THUR&&AY, DECEMBER 18, 1913.
as Lee Miller ami his companion as
Louise (Jlarke. They were '::i their
way from Montreal to Chicago    The
eouple   are   lii-iil   iiiiil"!'     the     Whitf
.slave aet and will be turned over to
the federal authorities jut.t as soon as
word in received from Washington.
The pair have heen travelling together
a:i man and  wife.
Toronto   Clubl   Wlll   Be   Strong
ia**as  Look  Good���Quebec
'Unusual   Interest     Being     Shown   ir.
Game   Against   Vancouver���
Ot- i It   ||  a  clnoh   that  the  Senators  will
he  better  than  lust  season.    Percy Tobin Fixed Up.
Not I ur   Ikim   been   -.Iven   lull   charge
laiid will ilut be hampered by an ex-1
ecutlve that wants to ron the team     *,,..���,,, ,.���,, vho   ���_���   U)   a.l(IU,
,  lnml   decide   ��lui   sliall   plav.     lie  I,as
I secured Mike Murphy and Allan Wil- M'"--;> night's game   between     New
Toruntu   Dec   17.   The professions] son  from  the  Maritime  league snd Westminster and Vancouver are tthe-
stubs an- eolna to make a l.iic ssTsrsl other juniors. 1�� to Well themselves in forty differ-
elubs an goirn, to maki a in* fft_ Wj|| _^ Mi___d . .,,   wayg aIlJ   ,Jcl,.���s   Uir ,.w.rytnl���g
The Canadiens who finished in sso- points to om ol the best games ofihc
uni! place last year, are l,:<  ly u, hsve   Coasl   league schedule.
;rtl  tbelr  lasl   > ai's  players  in  line.i    Vanoouver  is by  all  mian.*.   in  the
exception nt Pltre, who has |running Tui* the championship. Tues-
igue.   l_alonde ami day�� game  against   Victoria clearly
oui   again.    Th y  demonstrated   thai   fa***   and   Instead
increase In sal- ,; the Balmon Bellies bavlng to watch
when  victoria,  last y ai s champions, they
i,id for th ��� local patronage this winter. Last year Toronto* started badly because they were composed of a
pit ol young players, who were mak
lng tbelr tlrst appearance is tin-
money   class.     Davidson.   MeQIffen,
KiiyHtnii  and   Holmes  were all  OH A
players wlthonl muoh experience, ami
Cameron and Nighbor were two wmt-
���wl:!i tH
gone to the coast li
Lavlolette wlll  be
may bnld out for]
ary but Ibey will both be the
the Canadiens itarl to play, Qeorge
Kennedy haa picked up Beveral Junior
__^,, play,*-��� ami may irt a couple ul stars
lit  lhe first part of the season without , friim tll(. |,ut,(.|,
iniicii coaching until they secured the Wanderer, Fell Down.
services of Jack Marshall, a veteran i    wmid
em   recruits   Who
amateur circles.
had mado good in
They drifted along!
from Montreal, who nol only played
good bockey bul put the right amount
ol "pep"  In  the team, and  liefore the
end "f ths season they were sa g I
as    sny    aggregation  In the  N.H.A.
With a year's experience snd a couple
of   new   players   the  Torontos  should
be in the race all the way.
OnUrios  Look  Good.
The ax-Tecumsshs win undergo a
number ol changes. They will ba cal-
iii the Ontario*, have s new manager,
��ear different oolors, snd line np with
only Ihree of last yiar's players The
Mi Nainarn brothers, who played
i*i�� il li'iekey and were prime favorites
last winter, will again b" with llie
'. un Steve Valr. the Hariri- boy.:
.vho trleil all lust season any.\ay, will'
b the oilier one of last year's sex-
lette Jimmy Murphy, who Is popu
In* In sporting circles, Is the presl
il nl uud mana-ner of Ihe new aggregation .':iil Jmnes is not of the calibre
ta be behind ��� loser, and has already
Becured   a   number  of   young   fellows*
who will be oul trying all the way.
Ths   N.   H    A    passed   several   rules
Ihls  season that  will  please the  pub
I i*    The games must start on time,
i ������ reel  botw sn the pcrlixis will be
*  five minutes duration, anil will not;
be  'Iraii-s'.-i! out   to 10 or IB.  which   is   CSBSdl
:*  bm! feature of all amateur contests,
bsd  ' .'ture ni the arena there was
not an amateur game lhat siart.d at
i ������ appointed hour.
Champions are Strong.
The outlook for tin' other trams In
lh - professional circuit Is very bright
Quebec champions, who were big fa-
'���'rites  herr  last  year, hive all their
lyers In line and  will again be lhi��
.: to beal    They.havr Moran. Hill,
*' i*:'i-iv.   rrawforti.    Mytrke,    Malone
nid    Tommy    tfmlth  and  in  addition
' ive secured "Holdle" Prodgers.  who
imped the team tO play ut the coast
���t   vi-a-
Several  Holdouts.
Wanderers, Canadians and Ottawa*
ore rapidly gelling their teams lined
'li for the season, the principal diffi-
being  In  the signing  up of a
���  ni pis of lasl  year's players on each
The  holdouts  are as  follows:
nnadleni    Lalonde and Lavlolette
Wanderers   lloss and llyland.
H'ne    liarragh rind itonan.
In lookltrR them over the only one
��   o has any  license to demand  the
ime Balary  as last year on Ihe form
;��� lyed  here Is Jack  Lavollette. of
'   ��� Canadiens   lie played grand hoc-
key  ev.ry  time  be appeared   in  To-
ronto, but a* lor the other five from
in- way lhey performed at the arena
v are lucky to have a contract tendered to them
���iiii have to travel their best in order
to nose out the bunch under Frank
Slu nid New Wi "tiuinstir Win on
Friday ni^ht-. and there are many
in this city who will ��a;i r a few sl-
mclcons ou their p<m. it will give
this city   a   two-game   lead  over   the
BE re the In-an-uiuen; of
: the league last winter.    They hud one
of ihe lust teams on paper In the or-
i'* *. ���.' i' i'��� :i iuil K-il down l.mll.. ,11���- ,m__^m^_^_^_^_^_^m^_^_^_^_^_-_,
dallj  In Toronto other l;lubs' whereas if Vancouver is
Art Uoss was a good hick ". player rictorlous it will place tiu-in in the
but he did imi show verv much In tbe ���"'"' HiL!l ""' R��yal* trailing In see,,,,,]
j games hen*. Hyland, the two cleg- Place, although having played one
horn-.   Russell  and  Oordon   Roberts more game.
are an class) players, bul they tailed All doubts about the locals not be-
to live up to their past records The Ing in condition disappeared yester-
Wanderers had four net guardians tol day afternoon following a stiff work-
choose from, Including our old friend jeut under ihe captaincy of Hugh Let-
Marchand, who played wlti Torontos man.
, last yenr. but none of them approach |    Churlie Tobin, who vvas reported ae
having ijuit the team owing to finan
talihi:iij.h tbe Rover club went through
three tough  games  witiicut  having a
���goal scored againsi it while notching
twelve agalnBt  tbe opposition.
Vb.*   handsome   trophy   Is   now   on
'view In Herb Ityall's window and Is
being admired  by all lovers cf    tbe
I amati ur game, especially the soccer
fans who are Intent on turning out in
full force when the two teams battle
on Saturday,
Referee Leach, of Vancouver, baa
been appointed the official of the
game which will commence at 2:30
o'clock sharp.
At lbe regular meeting of the city
league hi Id on Monday evening Tim
Mahony and Italph Forrester were appointed linesmen tor ths game.
With Moody park in excellent condition and with a bleacher stand
erected capable of seating upwards of
sis hundnd people there appears no
reason why a record breaking soccer
crowd Bhould nnt be on hand ready
to lend tlieir moral and financial sup
Mayor Cray will be on hand and
has agreed to present the trophy to
the victors.
Master of Dominion Grange Says the
Rich Flaunt Wealth in Farmers'
Con Jones and Harry Cowan Reported
to Be Arranging English Lacrosse
ihe standard of Leiueur of Ottawa or
Moran of Quebec,
Jirr.my  Gardner Likely  to  Get  Ronsn
and  Darragn  for  French Cana-
dient���Other Trades.
cial difficulties with the club, has
come to an agreement, while there Is
a strong possibility of fleorge Rochon
lr Ing brought out to the coast to m-
���ume his eld position at point.
Tp to the present time the Hoyals
have been travelling along without a
spare man. Trelitrne, last year's
spar,-, having jumped to the boundary
league. H	
Wold  is expected from Kochon any   BngUnd
day, and in event of the Kort William
ibvy still  refusing to accept  Ihe offer
]of Ihe club, his poSitlon will be taken
M mtreal, Dec. (7.���Newsy Lalonde.
holdout     hockey     | la; i r.
wa�� uf i't rid by ilmi tram In exchange
for both Itonan and Darragh, the ot
tawr   pair, vho have Ih cn  put on  the
market ty Manager Percy   Lesoeur,
nl lhe Capital t'lirn. He wired (Iturge
Kum  cdy.  tha manager Of the Cana
for tin
dian AU)letlc club, and after
Inice with Jimmy Oardner,
agar od the Catiadien hockey
was decided to offer IjiIoii.
: pair.
i Ottawa has ulso sought Wanderers
In an effort to dispose of Its troublesome pair of forwards, both of whom
have been on the holdout llsl seeking
flliim against the Jl.'HH) contracts
Ottered them. From the Wanderer.-!
I-SSOSur nsked Hyland and Odle
Cleghorn In exchange and Ihe ether
clubs have uIbo been Fought In con
nrction with lhe deal. Toronto asked io surrender Walker for Darragh
president    L-lchteuhetn    previously
IOffered Waller Miller for Hunan, but
|the Ottawas say Hyland or Odle
(leghorn are Iho only men they
would think of accepting, though
Carl Kendall might be another Inducement. President Llchtenhcin has
not. however, returned from attending
thp nlter_tatlonal league meeting in
New Vork; so that no deal can be put
through Tor the present.   There Is no
'possibility,  however, of  Ihe Wander
j up by another player whom the officials have had Iheir eyes on for Feme
I tin." and who It anxious to make a
place on a coasl  team.
Big Demand fer Tickets.
Tin-   pasteboard   sale  went  Into  tf
feet  I    ~
attendance Is assured following a con
tinual stream of applications through
Con Jones and Harry Cowan are going to visit the old country according
to advices received from Victor,a.
The Vancouver lacrosse magnate
haves lor the east early in January
with Harry Cowan, the two boirllng
cne of ihe Atlantic liners fer merry
England, where they meet the chief
moguls of Canada's national sunm tr
pastime, in the hope of arrangim tin.
details for a couple of pro!".-,- ji.al
clubs to play exhibition gam ���_ ir
| fall.
At this ..ason of the year when
the stove league Is working nvprtlma,
the  story  may  held   water  to a  cer-
Toronlo, Der. 17. Thst agriculture
is stagnant and the rural districts are
being drained of their best to swell
the cities, was the statement of w
C. Good, master of the Dominion
Orange, In his speech at the 39th annual meeting of that association here
this morning.
He congratulated the association,
however, on tiie unanimity shown by
the farmers' organizations of the
prairie provinces with themselves in
presenting their claims at Ottawa recently. Ile thought they were on the
eve of a great  forward  movement.
Hitherto the vast resources of our
country, nay. even the lives and character of its people have been exploited and v/asted In order to make possible the enrichment and aggrandizement of the few.
"Signs   are   not   wanting   that   new
life  la beginning  to  make Itefilf  felt.
Let  us   fan   the  feeble  flames  before,
which greed and oppression will ulti-1
mately wither away.
"A class of idle rich has grown up
in Ih? cities to whose love of ostentation, commerce and industry are
now pandering. Enervated and miserable specimens of humanity rush
about the country in great cars,
flaunting their wealth in our faces.
tear up our roads and cast their dust
upon our fields."
He thought agriculture insufficient
reward, Tiie burdens of tariff and
dear transportation fall on the fanners. As remedies Mr. Cood suggested
tha adolition of protective tariffs;
ceising to allow the unearned increment in land values to be appropriated by individuals; modernizing our
political machinery to secure a cleaner democracy; organizing our industries upon a co-operative basis for mutual service, noi profits; adapt our
schools to our country's needs.
Wc have some good, modern houses
listed for rental at moderate rates
-: Also :-
Modern Five-roomed Suites, steam
heated, Gas range, Elevator, etc.
Stores and Offices to Rent.
Safe-Deposit Boxes for Rent.
Apply Rental Department
J. J. JONES. Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
Friday Evening, December 19
Seat Sale Wednesday Morning at Hill's Drug Store.
Admission: 50c. and $1.00.
tain few. but one can just Imagine
the reception Messrs. Cowan and
Jonea will git from the British sportsmen---obliging fi-iia.s, don'tcherknow ���
If copies of Canadian journals    have
.......*_____________,. ; wended their way through the G. P.
sterday morning aud a record :0   v,_ ,bmin��� accounts of lacrosse
) battles as fought out on the ccast.
i confer-iout the day. This will be the first
lie man * visit of Vancouver on local ice this
team. II | season, Pidler Pltre aud  Prank  Nigh,
Pen v Ueaueur of Ottawa, haa given  W- parting with "J**?���
Darragh and Itonan Until Saturday to  President Sam inlgl It be  gladI to rid
,:, up. but whether they do or not hnaseff of Hyland and his salary.
to  ibi ther the operation for appendicitis has left any effects on him.
Kvuyone should pull (or a big
crowd lit Moody park, on Saturday af-
trrnoon when the Itovers and City
e< ul,. tholr little differences regard
mg possession of the Iroquois cup.
Jack McDonald, who played with
Vancouver last season and wae one
ol   Hi"   irlo - Picdgera,   Oatman   and
Ouo,b��ncalt��mUSi tt loThoW-W. axzm U> .lance .brough th. pr.l-
r !,;��� irmoVmCArom Jimmy Sf and coaler.|M�� Jf .he^morning
Murphy, of the Ontarloa. All UM W *��"*��������,*$����� Jk��S/Si_i ��
Mb.. Mayers Including "the dyne- mon llellle* *k�� ��?0'h"pUvK"R ��
mile twin.," Howard and George Mc the good work and thi. city-will be
Namuia. have reported ln me Queen placed tack on the ��"P ����� ���" *l���
city. McDonald Ik expected to UrtW *T jfr*_Z_��^Jl_\ "n,tloD"
..... dav, In order to get -In shape for|durlng the palmy ��������*��� ��f Ue n��llonal
lf the New Westmins!er bowlers
keep up their present scoring ability,
the team should make preparation, to
visit Portland at the Northwest tournament In the siring.
It seem.   like    lacrosse   time,   of
i lie opening game, which I. scheduled
lor Baturday of next week.
It In gins to look aa If the Ontario.
In the N. H. A. will be a big drawing
card In Toronto thl. winter, due to
lhe. popularity of Jimmy Murphy, the
malinger. IaxsI year, travelling under
the name of Tecumseh., me playera
fell down bad In the early stage.,
whicli nllowed the fan. to turn their
attention to o. H. A. amateur game*.
Later In the seaeon, however, the
learn threw a .hock Into eeveral ot
the oilier teams by wonderful playing.   Sporting men In Toronto win*
summer pa.tlme.
Which remind* u. that all thi. talk
of a D. C. amateur team visiting
Winnipeg mi* coming spring In
Much ot mu Allan cup le mere bun-
come. They would have about a.
much chance as Dill Oraham'. Moose
ball team .tacking up agaln.t the
New York Ulanu.
In accordance with a resolution
paaaed al tho annual meeting of me
P, C. II. A., giving Preeldent Prank
Patrick (ull power to appoint an of-
-���-"���   ~. ���   ._   jflolkl eeorer In each elty, the Van-
��� hul Murphy u about the wisest little exuver magnate yeaterday announced
conch  ihat ever hung over a fence ime selection of Barney Ooet of me
--��� "World," for Vancouver; Joe Oorman,
"Time.," for Victoria, and Vlnceat B.
Andrew, "Tbo New*," for Now Weatmlnater.
If   they
tamer with
     hung _*-*mmm
with  a  megaphone.    There are two
things Murphy demand* In a hockey
���player   speed and courage.
'tiav��fii both, he will^^^^^^^^
Ike Tieherne, who   played   *t*t*
with  tb*  Royal,    last
jumped to tbe boundary
The twenty-round tattl* �����*���*_������*
for Now Year"* day between 1-MCh
ires* and Dud Anderaon etauM
prov., tut Intere-itlng one. *w?J���*
Anderson* ea*y *rit**m ovar rwa*
narrleau, hli .crap with tta W���*
fork dentin *hould pe �� ���*1 w,�� ������
The local rugby fifteen wlll oppoee
toe Vancouver Welah en Queen'* park
oral Saturday afternoon. Thla will
ta thc first vltlt et tte Welah to tbl*
*\t*. the team hating been re-orfan-
lied after a lapse of three seasons.
Tho Patrick, have waived thetr
right to all players eaat of Port Ar
mur *Uh tte exception of Bewle
Harris and Oeorge Itochon. These
two ar* under .nape-niton.
bor being tl.e new players. Pitre.
who travels under the cognomen of
the "flying Frenchman," will probably
prove the sensation of the Terminals
this season, his wonderful speed In
shooting making it necessary for Man
ager Ed. Savage to Install wirenettine
guard, on eillier end of the rink lo
prevent Injury lo the spectators
Inter-City, Bowling.
The N'ew Wesiminster bowlers
journey to Vancouver this evening,
where they will clash with Parks'
team in an intercity contest on the
Pender alleys. On the form displayed
by the Royals during the paft four
aerie* a victory is to be expected.
���r end of the  rink   lo !    A *t T\
:o the spectators. j,/\t  the    1 heatreS
Likely  to  Arrange  Game  With
couver  During  Christmas
day  Season.
|   To an audience pitiably small "The
j Price," one of    George   Rroadhurst's
Van--"indefinite run" plays, was given last
[night In tbe Westminster opera house.
i It Is oue of the sort wlllch has now
become a standard���the problem play
j���and unlike some of the same family
______ its    "problem"    cannot    be    termed
superficial, and excepting one or two
With no more professional hockey . instances,  the production    is  human
games  scheduled   for    the    Queen's'enough.
park arena until Friday, January 9. J Considering the worth of the play
excepting ihe Vancouver-Westminster; it is most to be regretted that the
game of Friday night of this week, jaudience was so small as it was. The
preparations are ou foot to have elm-Jmere handful of people who attended
er a Vancouver or a Victoria amateur could not be disappointed; yet their
septette visit the city during the commendation Ib not what keeps the
Christmas  holidays    and    stack    up j doors of any theatre open.
Christmas Brew
This is a special, creamy, amber brew, prepared for the Christmas trade. We have made special efforts to get something which
should please the public. Send your order early aa this particular
stock is limited.   Price same as "Premier."
For sale at all dealers.
Westminster Brewery
Phone 75 L
against the Beavers or an all-star
league team.
On the form they displayed on
Tuesday nlgbt when the Circle F
went down to a heavy defeat, the
Beavers are the one best bet and unless Injuries play havoc with the
players they should be able to annex
the Mi-Rue trophy.
A game between me Beavers and
a Vancouver or Victoria team wonld
prove a drawing card, and with the
consent of Manager Kd. Savage of
the arena, steps were taken yester
day to g-et In touch with the other
cities to arrange a game.
Iroquois Cup Pinal   Set-ween   Rovers
and City Should Draw Record
Crowd en Saturday.
Tbe deck* of the local soccer
���phere will be cleared for action at
Moody park on Saturday afternoon,
when me ownership of the Iroquois
cup will be decided between the
Rover* and City, bom local teama.
This la the Brat year In the history
of the trophy that a New Westminster
team wlll gain poaaesslon and It redounds credit on me brand of soccer
dlaplayed by city league teama when
two of the three club* can qualify for
the final.
Had New Weetmlneter entered an
all-star team In the competition the
situation might have been different
and the goal scoring abilities of me
present serlaa   materially   Increased,
In the main, praise was due the
eaat, Edna Marshall, as Ethel Toscanl.
Clarenoe Bennett, a* Professor Dam-
aroff, aud Catherine C. Bennett, as
Mrs. Dole, doing especially good
Held 'em Poth.
Sarnia. Dec. 17.���A colored man and
a white woman were detained by the
V. S. Immigration Inspectors at Port
Huron today.  Tbe man gave his name
Entire Change of Program
. Feature.
Beauty Unadorned
Comedy In two parts, featurl:
Sidney Drew.
The (Moy Samaritan
A weatern atory.
English   Comedy
Feur  Acts.
Y*Mc��r>   Manicure Sets
AmaS-Bresh Sets
'.   Cadbury's   I/owney's,
Webb's, elc.
SUrting    Monday,    Dec.    22
Frank Rich
Comedy Co.
af  Twenty  Artist*.
701 Columbia Street
(Druggist and Opticus) Phone 57
Money to Loan
At current rates In sums of (500 tp $2000.   Only first class improved security considered.   Let us hare your application.
746 Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust Bid*.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
709 Columbia 8t Wtftahtfer Trust BMi
Christmas Time is
Candy Tune
.       v,"
Whether to give the finishing touch to the Christmas
Dinner, or to be in the Gift I|s^
iii Canadians
Surpass all others. Made in Canada for
and conceded to be
The Most Unusual Chocolates ontiieMar^
_____________H        __________________ __________________^^^___________^________________________MI-____
Phone 66
university a very handsome, complete
edition of liin works, which will have
a place In the library.
���ttASairllC'i    4.US    WILL   BID   KK
*a*t**mi for Tne Sews ai thi tplloW-
tun places:    I-'. T. Hill's drum t.totn
tUM    l , I*::: '.ii    .--iM'pt;     A.    Hprice
ttoeensborougb, l.ulu Island; Mra.
R. ijirdi-n, MiKliland Park; Mrs. V.
I_ewis, Mln Vista.
��� RATES. ���
���CSsealfted���Ono rent per word per
���us; te per word per week; 10c per
���������_.��_; 6,'iw words, to be uaed as ro-
tdired within one year from date of
aaatinnt  1*6.00.
roit SAI.K ci
in--;  shop;  v
(8 a mi al h
FOR   *Al.E
r)  good li calltj ,   rem
Appl)  Box 2638 N'e\i .
kitchen and bedroom furniture; also a few laying hi us chi ap. Apply
llox 2637 'I In' News, (2637)
cbange for a farm in the Fraser
Viillev in (.ood location. Apply A.
Q Mnrsnall, South Westminster.
Phone 12-15 111. (2609)
Contracts wanted. R. K. Park, Car-
ter-Coiton Bldg., Vancouver.  (2699)
furnishings till Christmas. Genuine
money raising reductions in all
other lines. Western Home Furnishers, 108 Columbia street,   i_r,*.'ti
Montreal, Dec. 17.���Volumes of
��� n ��� ke rollin ,r thn ugh tli- baaemenl
windows of :��� three-storey brick tin-
em 'ni house ui the corner of Pine ami!
Laval avenues attracted the attention
of Constable Belanger, ot the City]
Hull aveude pollce station, f.iis morn-j
Ing, ni 1:30, and by the time the eon-|
���table had returned to the scene, after turning In an alarm at the corner,* ,*,,,, . _ , ,
and Distrfcl Chief Dagenals and his: Ton Uttto mounds of snow were hud
men had arrived, the blaze had spread : '"'''���''"se bV 1"'t10n tM) wa8t6rn *****
to ail three Storeys. Hudson s bay when tlie sui. rose ovei
Animal Which hat been Subtcctcd bj Paper of Interior Says Immense Pos
tho Eskimo as a Beast ol Burden III    Qjbilitlses cf Western Course Now
Only Half Tamed and is Almost all
Ferocious as His Wild Brother ���
Only Constant Severity Will Control
FOR    SALE ��� A     PAIR    OF    HAY
horses, rising seven anil eight
years; weight 2800 Ihs. Will be
sold on the market on Dec. Wth. J.
E. Davis, Tynehead, B. C.      I25CS)
erty through an ad.
In this
FOR SA1.E-Jl.no DOWN, $1.00 PEI!
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
ltanges; every one guaranteed Mar
ket square. Claim
���daily $5.00 extra by
nuim-s  for US.     Free
���-vrow mushrooms i"
t..VNds ami boxes.
gfoahrooni Com] any
building, Vancouver,
growing mush-
bookl it how
cellars, barns,
103 Empire
D.C.        (2613)
To   Ri?NT
Royal Intelligencs Bureau
415 Westminster Trust Building.
J. M. GAWA,  Mcjr.
Exclusive   agent  for   11.   (ihashi   _L
Co.,   New    York,    manufacturers   of
Typewriter  Backing   Sheets.    Carbon Inight,
Papers,  Ribbons,  etc.    Mail  address   p_"e
Drawer   110   New   Westminster,
tlie surrounding wilderness, says Leslie
ti. Shannon iu a recent article. i?ar oul
from the shore the bay was fro7.cn soli,I
itS't over the Ice and the land the gale
whirled the feathery snow in great
clouds, lf there had been a spirit ther
iiiiiiiictci* at the 1ml it would lune record
ed a temperature of at least 30 degrees
below zero.
With the first appearance of the sun,
two swarthy men, wrappeil to their eyes
in fur, emerged from the hut on snow-
shoes ami drew from out the adjoining
le.n-to a long, low sledge on whieh was
lashed a great heap of skins. They were
trapper* about tn start for the trading
pwt some 40 milos up the coast Frnm ne_. four _vo.lr_ th(, ColulI1 , , ,u,
the front of the sledge- they cnll it a wM1 bc ma(1��� navigable, anil thai llie
komatik���extonded for nbout eight foot largest part of the wheat trade from
a -tout sealskin strand known in thore the western prairies will go lhat way
regions as a bridle, Clearly it was to the foreign market.
meanl that draft animals of sume kind The above is especially gratifying to
should be attached thereto, But where Revelstoke, where a large number ol
w, re tluy! t trappers knew, Look- residents lnne long sought to obtain
ing at the 10 little mounds of snow, one recognition ot the feasibility of the
i them called sharply, "Ho, ho���-ho, bo, meat grain routo scheme. The hla-
ho!" mry nf thai movement is well known
The cffocl  wai curious.    The  10 little   locally,  for  it  lias  been given  the UI
mou-ids  moved, and  then    were  tuns- mosl  publicity possible and the vari
_" i'1.'!.. !!'.""'-,.? .-'.,,(.'.'!".!���'''.'.'.'   formed  into as many   dogs,  which  un- oua phaEes of the projeel  havo been
rurluil themselves, arose and shook tbe fully discussed.
s , lng thai the occupants of Hi"
first two flals wdere in no danger,:
Constable Belanger rushed up the
stairs io the third fiai, where he
found Mrs. Nellie I'urliy. a widow, half i
suffocated with smoke. He carried the
woman to the ground, and by this
time tin1 tenants, surrounded by most.
jof   their   Valued     possessions.     were
standing on the Btreet, none too com-j
tortabla in the wintry air.
The firemen had a hard struggle to
: prevenl   the  spreading  of  the  blaze.:
but the tire was under control in half
Ian hour after considerable damage
had been done. The three families
thus driven fr, in their homes were
were Mrs. Perby, 139 Pine avenue; J.
Are   Rcccgni-Cd.
The Mall-Herald of Revelstoke deals
as follows; with the Pacific wheal
The government engineers who have
been exploring the Columbia river to
ascertain ils feasibility as a weatern
wheat route to Portland, have stopped
work on account of tbs cold weathi r.
They state that the ri ports lhey have
submitted on their investigation have
been favorable and that the Columbia
river ctitild be made navigable from
Revelstoke to the Pacific ocean. Flat-
bottomed boats would have lo be used
exclusively, and in many placea the
river would have to be dredged for
several miles.
The American government bas engineers working on the lower part ol
the river antl ll Is the opinion of the
engineers   on   the   work   that   in   the
Blanches Throughout tbe  Province of  British Columbia
b_ vlngi Department ul all Branches Deposits of One Hollar and
upwanlH received nud Intercut at llm highest curreut rate paid nr
credited half yearly.
Drafts aod Travellers' Cheques sold, payable lu all pari- of tbe
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, Oeneral Manager.
Nc*   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
hon-w on Rochester road;    twenty
miotics  from  car. ��� P.  Baker,  Bur-
��iuitlara P. O, (-602)
1". I.. MacPhersoh, Salesbury Ave..
Edmonds, wlll    be   open    io receive
gifts   of  food,   clothing   and   toys   to
i make up for Christmas hampers for
ROOMED  the needy.
iit. Berthlaume, the proprietor of tic
flats, living at 804 Lava) avenue, and
Dr. T. I.. Larseneur, 208 Laval avenue. Tho three homeless families
were given shelter in thc 66th Armory. Tho origin of the blaze could
not bo discovered.
Responding to an alarm from a pri-
|vate hox Bhortly after 11 o'clock lasl
th ���  firemen,    under    Histrict
Dagenais,  encountered a  brisk
Rubber company, 71o St Dominique
street. The fire originated on tho
second storey from some unknown
cause.-and after a fifteen minute battle, during which the firemen man
aged to confine it to the place i���
which it had started. It was extinguished. Considerable damage was
done to the stock.
to rent try an ad. in this column.
banlcs'  t.len
John   Relrt.
'Wi stmlnster
and  iu  the Matter nf n
1       fur    battels   Claimed
Carrying on Business
Iron   Works."
Pursuant to Sectlnn  37  of said recited
Statute I, John Reid, nl the City ef Nev
Westminster,  Province of  British Columbia,   Mechanic   Proprietor  of  the   Westminster   Iron   Works,   hereby  give  notlc
that Inasmuch  as the sum of  1178.00  Is
now due anil  unpaid   no-  for <>*.*. r  tbrei
: I :i} months after the Bame ought tn have
been paid  inc.  to wit,  nn  the  Hth  day  Ol
August, 1913, tor the repair, alteration and
Improvement ot a certain enattel to wll ������
One fore and aft compound marine slide
alve engine  tP.-xKixs  Inch stroke,   with
direct connected air circulating and feed
pumps,   drivi n   fmm   low  pressure   cr iss-
bead, also intermediate -shaft and   thrust
collars (English huilt.)    This engine ii In
good   working   condition   with   new   crank
shaft   and   bearings and   link  motion   renewed and developes about 1i> h.p,
In respect of and upon which said chnt-
cl I hav,. a lien for money, skill and ina-
erial bestowed by me upon  said  chattel
in Its alteration, repair and Improvement
then by Increasing the value of said chat
1 tol.  which said chattel was hft with nv
by Waller A. Oilley. nf New Westminster
B.C.. eon tract oil claiming to he the ownei
��� thereof, on or ahout th.  first dav of April
FCUNITORE.  STORE STOCKS AND   WIS, for repairs, alterations and Improve-
f��rm    sales   conducted.     Furniture :.!!"'m*, :""' "':" '. ��'"> ���)- ".V expiration oi
keeping rooms, $10 and $15 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (2522)
months old;   two  black    ears    and:
Wack spot on back.    Notify Phone
7*V>.    1211"'.')
terrier;  answers    to the   name    of
Dennis;     no     collar;     short    tail.
Kinder notify  Edward  Hassall. Bur-'
quitlam,   B.C.,   Golf   club. (2610)
Goes  to  Court    and    Company
Which   Made   Sale   Lcteo
thc   Aotion.
bought  for cash.    I1,  li.  Hrown,
Begble street, New Westminster.
���whete. No collection, no charge
���Aakcrloan-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, il'iO Hastings street west, Von
���couver. (2,"181
-"lu-M'i* i Books on B.C
��� -fA<KW_-r.    Canadian C.
th*** An*,,uK tbe People
KaSnhaa W*sti  Nun,  o
.-.*-:���   i'r..     Til,'  Beta  of
TS.:. (ttr onpy [ill Jan. Ilth.
K. H.-n-iMK. hit Hamilton
mm*****ssA*s****te, B.C., "t anv i
txum*.    Blseount to tlie trade.
and California bv
nip Life, .inI edf-
i of B. i-'.; Iu the
Pioneer  Women
five  for   t_.
.two ti) weeks frnm the first publication
li of thi. advertisement to wit, on Saturday,
tbe 20th dav of December. 1913, sell Iiv
public auction said engine for the amount
nf said Indebtedness due ma thereon and
the costs nf this advertisement and c ���-
ef   said   sale.
The time and place of paid auction sab
will be at the hour nf ������..?,<, o'clock In the
afternoon on Saturdav. the 20th dav nf
December. 1913, at mv business nfric,,
Westminster Iron Works. No. f.r,, mth
Street, New Westminster, B.C., nf whicb
all parties concerned are required to take
note*" and govern themselves aecordinu-lx
Dated this 5th day of December, A.D.
By his Solicitor, .1   I'   Hninnton  Bole,  2*
I.oiiv- Sir,*,!. Nee.   W s' alnltrr   B.C.
To  -ail   Wolter   A.   Oilley,   Esq.,   and   I"
i'.'\ onl  't   may  Cun* *������]
isi   publication ��f this nolle*.  r,ih  December. 1913. (2567i
Montreal, Dec. 17. A point of more
than ordinary interest for merchants,
ind especially for commercial travelers, was settled in the inactive division of the superior court when Mr.
lustice Charbonneau dismissed summarily an action, entered by the Itoyal
Canadian Jewelry company, against
!���'. I'. Quay. The action had been en-
���ered ln Ih? dlstriet of Montreal, and
the defandant claimed it ought to
have been taken in the district of
Beauoe, wlhlch contention was sustained.
Th -  action  was  for  $1S0 worth  of   laguhd   mere and  more,
jewelry,    (luay's wife hail bough!  the   ehjillel through and hung
jewelry  from  a  commercial  traveler,I ago '
who had gone to her husband's store, j ly c
in Saint Elzear, in    Beauce district,I into
When the jewelry was Bent from Mon-, their howls.
t till-
-s   )���'.
(__r.it. i
thf. Works 4, I, 7, ,\ li.  lo and  12    o!
, part tit B. W. i,4, Section in. Town-
ihij. 8.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title to
-tic above  property  will  be  issued to
-MatK-5 !_oii;sa Playfalr oii lhe .1st day
nt Ueceiuber, lal,;, unless in tlie mean-
timts a valid objection be made to me
,':ti writing by a    person    or   person*.
cUimint: an estate nr inturest therein,
���nr in any part thereof.
J  ('  OWYNN,
lestrict Registrar of Titles
t.ai-d It'*r,   iry Mi., .*,
Npw WeBtmlnster, lie, November
,.i(h. 1912,
The peraot        j.i���:   mi   bat Ing   In
r.'l.   r r* . sl. -.1 >   *,:   poi -' -;- ��� 11   Iio* '   |
-a�� Tllta li,* da ri luting to H.e said
garo-pert) an n pn ii *i to di Hi i r lbe
tisxixe to the underslgni d.
Krh January, 1878, Crown granl lo
Gnrdmi Parmer Dafoe of .-: W ',.
.Ri-e-tifin 18,  i   wnahlp 1
ITth January, 1879, Oordon Parmei
.Woe to Qeorge M irthall  coi   *
'ra  (te   ef   I.*,-   s   W.   1 ,   a. I, r   el   S VV ',
tSftrtnm  I;-., '1 o   .   *   i
31 iit Deoetn ier, 1003. Gordon Pai
iflsitK- lo Jack   Miller ���   ti
_>e c/f B. pari <.| S v. li. Section l-
Tain-A.iii 8.
Mtb September   ','" I    <:��� rd in Par
-���Kier Satoe I    .Tacl   Miller, ci   ��� ���    m ���
���n tee pni t of a   IV. 14,   Bei lion    :-
Townsbip >.
Itth fel.i- - ;������    ':������  ,     lad     I'r*
���5>..vi<f   Wi i;/,,:,   ���   i,   ���    ��������� n   i
������She B^Hitb portion ol S. \V,  ', if
-tkiii if. Township B, eve,.pi |
.1  C OWYNN,
(?<7��i      District Registrar of Titles
N ght   Antics   Cause   of   Rap
Fingers���Parker  Donates
Set of His rooks.
Montreal. Dec. 17.--"In view of tht
highly (Magraceful conduct of a group
of McOill students, on theatre night
the corporation of McOill university
hereby passes a resolution of censure,
expressing Its abhorrence of such
conduct. In tbe interests, not only of
the orderly elements among tho sin-
dem hmiy, bul also in lh" interests of
' .���* well-w'lgbers '<!' the university in
genl ml."
This  resolution     was    iniaiiiii:
i irrled at  the lasi meeting of thi
pi,rat Iou       Principal      Peterson
li i
Dr  Morse, on behalf of the commit
morals and disclplin
treal to Saint Elzear, it was returned
by Quay, who said he had not anther
Ized his wife to purchase It, The
company then sued him. and took the
action here, becaits: (luay's wife bad
made an election of domicile in Montreal in the written order she gave lo
the commercial traveler.
The company's contention was that
Guay's wife was acting for ber husband nml that Ihis being the case, he
was responsible. He, however, disclaimed all responsibility and pointed
out that he dealt only in groceries
and candles antl had a very small
Btock. It could not be presumed, acoordlng to blm, that he had authorized
-iis wife to go Into an entirely new
line ami to buy nearly as much Jewelry as his grocery stock was worth.
Thia reasoning the Judge found good,
and he ruled that Guay's wife, not
] hei ii,-.- authorized tu luy something
I entirely out of the ordinary line of her
1 husband's business, was nol auihor-
ized to make an election of domicile
In Montreal for him. It was accordingly decided that, the aetloi ought to
have been entered i.i the Beauce district and not in Montreal,
.Numerous witnesses were heard to
prove the facts mentioned above and
the bill of or.sts lhat will have lo be
footed by the company will run mucb
higher than Hi" hundreil dollars.
sno * from their shaggy i'-mi*-. Another
shar;i call and they caaio bounding to
the komatik. Kicking mil '���'.lling them,
the trappers got tbem Into harness. To
tho loop nt the free cad of the It,,He
they buttoned tho tealskin traces, one ot
which extoodoil cer each dog's back,
thero to divide into two loops, ithich,
af his front iri- wcre thrust through
them ',".i*,'i mer his breast, Now there
was a :;-, it hi Uabaioo, the J _- leaping
ex i' ly al'oat, tugging al their traces
1,' howling with all thei- miglil rt ��� the
rappers took seats in the komatik The
a ..n in front had ii whip of walrus hide
f ll, 23 feel long. Oul it Ben witb a
resonant crack, "W'lnt! Whit!" ihoul
ed Iiie driver. With ti lina! phon - of
howls tha dogs lent forward, strain; -
1 -rd I" gel their heavy load undi r wav,
nil*! then in n tna-1 rush they were off,
the varying lengths of Iheir trace*- per
initting tl.eui to travel together like a
pack of \ olves.
Gradually thor pace   slackened
it became :*.  gCDllo trot.    But on a
oil  day  they  went,  following  tha
lino  -across  frozen   bays  and   tbe
i.    1     of   land--  that   lay   between,
drive:* keeping tlicm  to their  duty
his cry of ''Whit' Whit" and an occa
1 iinal crack of the whip.    Sometimes I *,e
Ir-p; ers ran beside the koinatik nn their
snnwsh.es tn get their blood  in  circuls
tion. and once in a while lhey would hnve
to  help the dogs haul the liunialik up a
-I'       slope.     Darkness   was   falling   a-
tlcy  approached  the end  of  their  -:"
mile journey.    The dogs were tired nnl
Thir    driver,
became -nv
.is use of tl.e whip.    But sudden
i   their own  accord  the dogs   lr,'-.*
a ran, and again filled the ail   n lh
The whitewashed  bull
Now that the outside world Is c im
Inn to be of a more favorebl     i| Inlo
towards  the project as  the  resull   of
���ii" work already accomplished by l .���
survey parties, it behooves the i    iple
i ' Revelstoke to Infuse new Iif"   and
��� : rgy  into all appertaining to the
Bubjeet whicb can be handled locally
ind io Bee to li that the gn at .um ���������.
a  ���>:���-. ,t   scheme  fraught  with untold
possibilities to this district, the ;ti!h
growing centres, and indeed the whole
country,    are    not    obscured or lest
;* li   of   on   any   pretext     whatever.
Least of ail Bhould there be allowed Io
arise danger of t'te project being delayed owing to lack of enthusiasm or
Interest  on  lhe part of thc people of
Despite  iiie  doubts  of  a  tew   the
ini "rs were pm to work to carry
i nt a survey on this side of th? bor
der, in complete the preliminary sti ;*.*
initiated    liy    tiie    American govern-
un nt oi. their side of the line, and the
St   I "i> s   ol  tii"  supporters  of the
il on  scheme  ti r a direct  waterway from
1'i-t the grain districts through Revelstoke
little to iiie Pacific have received every en-
their  couragemenl  from  tli-' reports of the
r* lulta of tlie survey si far as i! has
Grand Trunk Pacific Steamships
Prince Rupert and  Prince
Monday*, ami Thursdays al mid-
nighl   en*  Prince  Ruperl
Tuesdays   an-**,   Saturdays   al   l-
mldnlght   for   Victoria  and   Beattli
Thursdays   at    I.   mldnlghl    f,,r
i iranliy   Bay.
Friday,   I', e   uth,   al    1 :   mid '
night fm Queen Chnrlotti  Islands
M,mil.iv,   lie.   15th,   al   I.'   mid-
Ill '.hi   lm*   ee wart   and   M.,s��� I
trains   connect   ut   Piinos   Rupert
witii Monday umi Thursday steam
i rs    from    Vancouver    for    Tl rtHi-c.
Hnr.citon,   StniiiuTH.   mixed   trains
lu   Ttose   LakS   I mile   IOC >
llaiUM   eolilecl   at   rhlcauo   wllh   nil
lines   frum   the   Went.
Tickets   to  and   from
uny  t-i, aniHlilji line you wish,  Wc
li.,', .*   lh, in  all.
Wc w.ii  i,    glad  io  submit  an  Itinerary for your approval.
W.  E.  Dupercw,  G.A.P.D.     H. G. Smith, ii..?.  a\ T.A.
52?  Granville  St,  Vancouver. Phone   S��y. 8134.
il.  IT-'KLaN, N. HK.l Itiiai.KK. W. t. H. BUCK.UN,
iitb  aad (leal   Mer. V1< ����� Itesldant. BM, *A*A TrMS
Pir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and III.
til  b
certain court Irregularities dwelt upon.
If he des not obtain a fr.orahle decision, Mr. Cooper intends In appeal
to the minister of Justice before tbo
prisoner dies on December 31.
Murderer   Campbcl'.   Under   Sentence 1'ALL   GOODS.
of 0;a'.h  In  Montreal. Proves Call and  inspect   OUT   fall
Cn gma to Guards. 'illCS aild 11PW fall Styles aild
��� *       he had had on the aub-
:   'iii,.    chairman   of   the stu-
],.,,.    i   uni ii      General    re-sret had
n   M' ��� -��� ��� 'I that   Hi"   council hail
been ab!    to deal with these who
ist have b en th" prin-
**     * *:*
i      pai   ag the resolution   !':unel adv sed h
poratlon decided no jhor room
Mrntreal, Dec i: Because ber
brother Accidentally shot lier while
lookinu' for a burglar, Bertha Unmet.
iii years old, who lives with her
moth'T and iwo brothers al HT Notre
Dame street west, will have to
ito Notre Dame hospital to bav
hull 'I lodgi il in tin fleshy part of tile
right leg li cati d and extracted.
Miss Unmet and her brother, I.ouis,
a    young    man    of   eighteen,    w*re       ���""���"
reported |aroused early in the morning by noises'
of the pott had mine iu M*_!,t. Kar ter
and faster Hew the dogs, and. twinging
the komatik dizzily around a point of
land lhey i*ti\c a scries of great leaps
ami hounds, to 'Iraw up at the poK with
a j,--*. i : nourish thnt .uld have done
credit to a fashionable coaching pa. .
A Near Tragedy.
.'. i.ar,' worker of extraordinary cn
durance an tl indispensable, withal  it* tbo
desolate reg ��� nf the n-.rth. where snow
sn I ice 'cicn throughout moM nf the
year, thc Kskimo or "husky" ,!,*_; yel
receive** a lad name from the nnn for
whnm he rlavos with nn other reward
than cue slender meal a day and a bul
let in the held when his live wlnl ��� '���;
service havc worn him out. Extreme fe
only, cannibalism, treachery nnd coward
ice ar* the charges brooghi sgainrt hun.
"Kick i very dog you pass,'1 is
Jurance and imlispenisble, withal, in the
n rule that (he huskies' nias
ters, whether Eskimo or of
Eumpoan nrigin, seldom violate;
sill if a 'in-- is every misguided enough
; to growl at a man, lie is unmercifully
* beaten at OhCS Should a Stranger re
monstratc such incidents i the forego
ing are riled tn prove that the dogs have
tn be treated harshly to lie kept in sub
jeetior.   The cowardice of the husky i<
''���""-��� ix, in "far as his fear nf man
is ��� nceriied. When klcki I at or
benien, ii, v   -;,,.i,  nwny  whining.    No
Otbri '   *���!     < -.'f" where  the,    ai,oiin,l
on! for l.is rCufOfl lhey are rigi Iv
barred f,-.>m rerlain t, n.iorr, but na
loss cai   1.1 cl li)' starvation ihey will'
I n*'ver   titlark   a   Inn,.iin   being   **\-q   |,;i
thc net-. ��� I" mako a show of resistance
OVanagan  United  Growers Close
cemful Year���Go On Record
Against  Asiatics.
Yen. ('.".,
IH;an man
I!   i-
d   ii.
Tiiat    the
iiie big co-operative association, han
���. a i' an unpreoedenti d bucci ss In
handling tlie marketing 11 tho f: ull
and preilm*. ol the Okanagan vallei
was clearly demonstrated sl thn e *���
'���r.-.l meeting of r.n* Bh irc'ic'
:n  Vernon.
Ai in it mei ting ' ! ���' fl| in :-
. re cul mltti .1 fo;- 'ii e n ideratlon
of :,i" shareholders, which, when ex
ainineil  erllictlly,   resulted   in  enthus
iasm ami satisfaction.   Commendation
of lhe work of l'i" yea: was linanl
moils,  and  the  prevailing  feeling   vvas
thai the marketing problem had been
atlsfaclorily solved.
The season's successful work has
not only been successful, but has been
carried on in a manner so economical
thai Hie expense aeeannt Is far lower
loan hail been expected. The report
of   It.   lloherlso'.i,  tiie  manager, slated
that $20,000, or approximately on  hall
of the charges retained tu cover operating expenses, would, al. the end of
lh" season be refunded to llle loeal as
Tli" figures ,,f ib" report, complete
to November 30, showed that lhe ship
ments of the association had been n-n
carloads, comprised of 686 cars of
fruit, Hal cars of vegetables and ,.1 of
Df this total lhe largest Hem was
r*jrs  of  apples,   l'eaches   hniulh d
Sucii i- il,    treachery of the dogs th:,'   totalled 8414 carloads; plums, .10 cars;
! cor-
visitor-!  are al
tempi !" pel Hi
ore stroking d
of th" ncctisioi
mouthful   nf
ore likoly In
Will ned   not    to   a'
Evi n if the dog vol,
��� es uot take adv | nti,,'
i to help hiln-ilf to a
your    flc. h.   tin-   (.lie r-
imngl-jO that
nn iiiake haste
In th" building where lhey have lhelr
residence, and thinking burglars hud
broken into lh" premises the woman
and her brother decided to investi- i
"at". I.ouis armed himself with a
revolver and both wenl down to meel
ihe supposed Intruders, although
Inter not to leave
��� recognize th    tin* itra nighl
��� ill ,*   ir.  'etil
.  'I  thai  ',i  1906 a
ieen nassed to the effect thai ��� 'iiiiii-". McGill uni
versltj ,m   nu official coun-
'���"ii tnee In  lhe eel i ration known as
theatre  oii lit,     . i  thai   ibe  ri-i.iui-r.
of   the   in,:, ei     \   be    n on,, ted     In
When 'lo* arrived at ibe bottom of
���he Etairs they found Hint the noise
had I'" a i* used by workmen wbo
had returned tn finish packing for W.
Scotl and son, who had been out for
suppi :*. The workmen had lefl the
premises at aboul ll-i'M and had n: I
snid  thej   would  return.
The |,n ther mul Bister wer
anil the
withdraw their     i>poi and patronage Ing to their respective rooms
from  Ibis COlobral    It.' young   man   was  in   a  highly   nervous
This  ban  bad  be i, vlthd  iwn  lor eondil      'iiie  girl  was walking  in
lh"  presenl   vear.  hut ll   ... decided from   (.,f  rit,i   when  lhe  revolver  was
to Inform tho students thai *    iceforthlaccidentally discharged In 1i!r bands
ii wouid be operative, the l uilci en', ring his sister's leg
A   report     thai   the board  ol   gov-	
proofs smtiil  that  Hir William  aM
stead of balking
lie howls.    Place
of the big qrny i
woods  and   "ven
Donald bad recently donated to the
university, for purposes of Macdonald college, --X iirpoiits of land, ad-
ojlnlng lhe property at Ste. Anne de
Bellevue, as well as a house and lot
at the entrance to Macdonald college
Kir Otlberl l'ark r has forwarded as
a souvenir ol his recent
visit to the!condition
And Hc Weighs 300 Pounds.
Mn'".law. Dec. 17- Word has been
receiwd lore thn Jacob floskl of i.e-
donx. has 1," n arrested In Winnipeg.
It In alleged ihat Thursday morning
last he threw his wife to th" ground
and then Jumped on her race several
times. Thc woman la ln a serloe .
Goskl welglia 300 potlRue
Munich, lice
i ranged   I'or   lln
prunes, II4; potatoes, 174; onions, CV,,
cars in sacks and 'ii run in crates,
and eahl age, 52 carloads.
November sales totalled 181,085.02
hiingliiit the sales total for the vear
i othal dale lo ihe splendid sum of
to Ihale date lo Hi" splendid sum of
$423,651.09, of which 5303,832.60 was
realized from    fruit    and   $119,818.50
rrom the sale of vegetables.
Tiie auiiiiitit. reserved in covor banning "barges lo dale totals $4.0,269.61,
whereas ihe actual expenses In No
viiilier 80 came io only $16,638.41,
leaving o surplus in the charge account ol ahnul JL'I.OIIil.
The  r porl.  of  It    Huberts in,  inane
ger, to the board if directors, estimated Hint thorn was still In tbl   -al
ley  for i hipmeut   between 200 and  -lei
carloads of frull ami vegetables
not. less than I'd cai loads of hay.
The shareholders decided that
executive sbould Investigate the
products question, with a view lo i.av
lag n big Having mnde. After discus-
"ion Ii was decided in adopt the
Washington apple box. which differs
slightly in shape and iii'o from llie
Canadian box.    Thi   lath r tvill  sttll'
rmituilly   known   to   the   b,. Uhoi1 for export Shipments, but foi"
Canadian trade tiie Washington box I
will be used, because of United Stnlcs
competition,    The  decision   was  nlso*
reached  to  if filiate  with  the  Hritish
Columbia    mlt Growers' association,
and It. Robertson was elected as a
delegate to the convention to be held
In victoria in January.
Thn shareholders of th" Okanagan
United  Growers,   Limited,  have  gone
ou  record  as opposed  to the owner-1
ship or biasing ot lands to Asiatics,    ;
minot ll
pule. A driver that slips mul falla
Biiiong the dngy while arranging Ihen
harness is lucky if the fangs uf nil nf
them nr*' not buried in him in tin*
twinkling of an eve
Tin*.,- facld limy grieve the dog lover,
but lo* ina} fi I comfort in the rcflec
'..nn thai iin- s.i, nn prro husky is real
ly   lim   n   nog  al   all;  a   wolf be   la ill ilil
position, voice and appearaiu e. that
ei'iitui o'i i.f enslavement by the K-ki
mm und northern BOttl.ra have
broughl In n Male only of sullen nub
mission Of 'liigijiah traits, such as atlin liinein to man and faithfulness to
his inssier, he Is entirely Innocnt,   in-
when  he gets excited,
I gray inisky with UUS
."Ives of the northern
lho   men   who   have
���ii doga ajl Iheir lives would find it
lately  iliihmH   to  tell   which  was
h.     A  Hudson's   Hay   trapper,    in
a   man p
writer, nine chas a) a pair of wolves s
Whatever else  may   be    suid   about
Montreal.  Dec.  17- Who  and   what
is   William   Campbell,   sent     to     the
death cell at Bordeaux for the murder
of his rlva! In love, tlcorge Muir. neat
the Senecal station. In August last?
ls he a wholesale murderer, bis hands
stained wiih the blood of many vu*
till,: ?    So the police of  B6VI    ll J
lean ciiies believe to be    the    case.
lias hc been a soldier, a sailor, a pro-
���    li nal  garni lert    lie  salutes  like
ililli i*. ;,,* deals cards as an old
in ! al the *-v!'iie. and for a man who
laces 'ii" gallows h" has told little of]
his pasi career, Murderers generally
grow reminiscent as the shadow ot
the gibbet creeps over thetn. William
Campbell does not, but sils silent,
studying his prayer book When spoken to he is kindly anil courteous, but l
that Is all.
Assistant tlovernor I.anilreauit, who;
wag on a visit io the court house yesterday, admitted that the negro murderer was one of tlie most mysterious I
and religious of prisoners.   Campbell I
has nl last declared his faith, lie was
a Catholic thin..  > are ago, bul he
was also a backslidi .
'in   Thursday   last   the   condemned;
man   expressed  a  ilesir?   for  a   Bible,
and  iifi-r  reading  for  some  time  lie >
asked   lu   be  given   a  catechism.     He
.vas given two. and both remained by
Ills side until yesterday morning,
when  be informed  tiie death  watch
��� rn Kii.ird outside bis cell thai be would ;
like  lo  have  the chaplain   pav  him  a
"Catholic or Protestant?" inquired
th i guard,
"I USi d to he a Catholic thirty years
at'ii,-'  replied Campbell, "Blpco then
religion   lias   not   been   11:111 ii   i;i   mv
The  Rov,   father llareaii.  lhe  Cath
nlie chaplain,  visited  Hie man on  Ills 1
rounds In ih * afternoon, Apparently :
no one vvill ever know the substance
of that interview.
ll   Is  thought  by  the  jail  officials,
thai Campbell must at one time have
hi en a soldier, for his military salute,
���1 politeness exact d from nil prison-
ers, was perfect trom the first. II is
known that iirv was given a five years'
conviction   lu  C.imclnatl   penitentiary
.'or a. daring burglary.
Two  years  ugo  iie   was  in   si	
li-' * ItO m exhibition time. Hi" purl
���im ' f a man with an enticing nrm
iter f'-.ho stood in iron: ami Invited
thl ' rowd In "Hli. lbe coon and you gel
������ 1;- '*-. Tli:-"e balls for five." \:
dial Urns liis alias was "The Afrlenn
Otherwise tlm career of the colored
man   ia  covered   with   a    string    nf
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Cokstnbia   St.
New Wellington
Office,  554  Front  Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 108.
What with the harbor Improvements, tho further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster is coining to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
In Probate.
KMtat"   nf   Ttianum
��� City nf  Ni'W  Wtwt-
to Float Loan.
IT     Havnrla   has  ar- j
n loan of
Issue   of
$20,000,000,    The  bonds  will  hear In
ti rest at the rate of 4 per cent.
lhe   Mailer or  Ibe
Johnson, late nf the
minster, Occensed
MOTICK   IS   H1.HEBY   tllVKN   lbat  all
oredltors and other persons huvlnit uny
"'iiiiei nr demands agaiiuu me rstatr of
the  above  namod  Thomas  Johnson,  l*i��
if iin* city ,.r Nnw Westminster, ta ilm
I ountv nf N.w WcHlinliiMtiT. In the Province of initiKh Columbia, deovaaea, wh����
lh .1 ..ii ii���* second dav of Bepti lnl>e., tttl,
anil whose will was proved In the Hiipr��nw
Court nf liritish Columbls on the thirtieth
dav  ,,r October,  1013, ami u, whom, nnl
I ml personal estate lotion (,r iulintnl��itw-
II in Willi Hi" will at v.-.l W"r��� itrnntiit to
1.mn s Johnaon of the City of tf��w Westminster aforesaid, are hereby reiiulred la
lend particulars In writing ,,r tti, lr Halm*
11 lh inalidi I., the umi, rnlginil. llm ad-
mlnlstrator ivlih tin. will anm-ncd, on nr
before tie* Uth (lay o( January, titM, at the
iintlermentlonei! address, nfter whiiai tuto
"." mid administrator with the win un-
i'V.I will proceed lo distribute the asm-ta
'.r ihe Mild Thomas Jutinwin. drneum-d
innmevt th, parties "ntltl.il thereto, having regard nnly 1.. tha claims and rinmnnda
of which ha Khali then have hnd notice and
aliases. Ills 1,1, n.iiy is a locked'book;|w^%lf^K1)!&^&28LllSf
and be Iidh the only imv     lie In 431 'he said Thortias Johnson, dttn-saroror any
Sen, M'nln""!,," ��. .."""I." I1'" ,;f rl;���r'f",:r ��� ol? US
continent  ngaln and again,    He has shall not then have hM notloe,
< tnerlenceil  the  lights and  ban  mif-'    ''"'"il tills ilth day at Dse-Smber, A.It.
tered In the shadows, but neither bis', " '' ,am��B jo.inson.
ub   : mt memories nor IiIh suffsringB  Administrator wuh the V.'lll Annexed, lit
will be 1 nal to the passing public.    ! ,.,,l_;."',,,h street, New wsstmlnster, nc
Meanwhile ths fli?iit for the lite of 1 	
tbe condeiiin.-il man noes on. Monday
next haa  linen  fixed  by  the  supreme V W f  __    COLUMBIA
court  for  the  hatirlng  of   the  ftrgu.  l.lf.V.ft, Mrw
ment on a motion by  W,   N. flooper, ***"'*��� NEW
eounsel Ier Campboll, who alms to bp-     Oirls' classes, Tuosday T:sft ��.m ;
cute a ee��  trial     The nrRiitnenl  will ' Adult, classes. Thiirsilay, 10:80 S_.ni..
b" mien the same hi that submitted Sewing tissues, Thursday, 7:80 nm.
to the oourl or appeal.   The absence I   Boartlng and room rates roesenJSe.
Ut a Witness, Arthur Marshall. 11 wil 'Meal* nerved lo Indies antl gentlUWB
ness whoso evidence wan material to Special dinner Fridays, 11-so toTlW,
the defence, will be cmphw.!r.ed, and     for particulars call phono MU.
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Victoria, Uec. 17. Prom negotiations that have been going on. it le
not Improbable tliat the luniln mini
of British Colombia are on tlie i vo or
opening up an Important trans-Pacific
business in the mile of creosoted railway ties of Douglas fir to the railway
companies in India.
it is stated on excellent authorityI
that tl. Bengal k Northern Railway
company, of India, ban agreed to eon
���idi : tenders from British Columhla
rirms foi tbe supplying of these tie**-*, i
i������! :: i hoped thai a trial cargo .hip
ment of between 126,000 and 106,000
ties will be made within the near fu-
A tremendous number of tlon are!
uaed on Indian railways, us they are
placed mucb closer together thnn is
the case on thi American continent!
It Is claimed tbat British Columbia
Hr, when properly creosoted, wlll la I
:. good ileal longer than any or the
i uital le woods of India, whieh fall an
easy prey to the boring insects of lhal
greal continent,
1 be creosoti'! fir, on the other hand.
la almost Impervious to the attacks of.
these pest* and hence the Indian ao-
tlvlty to necnra wood from this side
of the Pacific. It Is sai.l that the
lender figures, which are now In, In-
dicate that Rood fir lies can be pur-
chased more Cheaply here than It Isi
possible for thc Indian railway com
: panics to buy ties In tbelr own land.
Tenders have been presented by
several British Columbia manufactur-*
ers for the contracts, and everything
points to the conclusion that the activities of the Indian railways in go-
, lng abroad for their ties, indicates
that In time the mill men of this prov-
inve will be able to work up a valuable business In India.
Arrangements have been made ao
lhat In the event of the trial contract.
being awarded to a Hritish Columbia
company the production of tb:- ties
and their CTSOSOting will be supervised by an official of the Hritish Columbia forest branch in order to ensure a first clasB shipment. It ls
pointed out that not only -will the
Hritish Columbia lumbermen benefit
by the possibility of such a trans-Pa-
clfic trade, hut it wlll ulso be of (treat
advantage to the creosotiiig Industry
In the province.
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Bis    shopping    dsys    left    before
Can any living being Invariably do
all the tiling, tliat he intends in the
course  r.f one small   lift 7   If  such  a
  person   Ireathes   lie   must   either   be
^^%W^"^| sup< 11,11111:111 cr u very embodiment of
a**tW R ��� aniu:ticnli'_8   existence.     i'he     wh: Ip
^JJt^_A world ih rolling on  with���It hi-ihih in
these l'i. w remaining days���remorseless hast.' to the festive teason whloh
Clpses another of its miilian years.
And of all tiie Unit" ambitions which
in��.lap llie In art of man. it irf 10 lj"
happy aim make his fri"nds happy
ii, 1 liri-iiinas and the immediately en-
iuing year. It is this quest never
alas; really realized���which is turning the peaceful cm.duel ef trade
throughout   the  Christian   world  into
la prolonged bazaar which stretches
over tlie   remaining   weeks   of the
: year.
.New Westminster in days gone hy.
1 wllh Uie leisure of a people to whom
haste ��as a word without meaning,
was wont to leave its Christinas shopping until the very last moment. The
Saturday ttfore Christmas, the day
before, the very eve of the festive
iii.xlit when Santa comes clambering
down chimneys with his stole of surprises for little folk and big. were
quite early enough to make a round
of the shops for the perquisites of tlu
occasion. But today there aro more
stores, and competition is keener; so
shoppers are waking up to a sense ol
tables, demonstrating lots of ""��� necessity of getting their thin-...
earlier. Kven so. there .s Imi' at
in the human makeup a . 11 ��� ��� .y 10
procrastinate. Some p��_i''> (-imply
will net do their .-:,,_.'t,i _ witniL
reasonable time. There is ���������<****'. 13 ue
liUeralely evil in their lntea'.l 1 ;.i, '���mi
the result of their hahit is :l.r. -lc
happiness of many is at risks.
The ordinary inind rev.'ls 111 t'.ie
finite, and months and _ m.i is -.ie
jas essential to their happ . r-s _���_
markers are to most Dnl_. p'i>i'_
The essence of a'.tainn.. it ll not in
the achievement a3 viewed '���: ��� n tn./
standpoint cf eternity .0 n.'.ch a<
from the standpoint of how much can
be squeezed into a week, a month, a
year'. Ther-lfcre the rush of balls,
dances, parties, bazaars, concerts,
theatrical entertainments, etc., which
are packed into the last few weekt
before Christmas���that great outstanding inile-post of the year.
December is so crowded with ather
events ihat shopping is half-neglected
until ihe last moment; then conies a
perfect frenzy of shop-parading, and
the people who do the parading lncl
dentally suffer a good deal of mental
misgiving for having left the purchase of their gifts until so late a
time that the choicest thing3 have
already  been well  picked over.
But they are not the chief sufferers. Anyone who has visited some
of the busier stores any time during
the paKt week wil lrealize something
��� ouly a very trifling something.
however���of what the rush means to
any one of the clerks employed. No
store in existence could supply suffi
cient assistams to give sruie people
ill the attenlion that they demand
Box Paints, Toy Dinner 8ets. Musi-  -- *��ul<l "ot be Possible.   So the staff
is made out un as reasonable lines as
cal Dolls, Dolls' Fur Sets, China possible, assuming thai customers
Tea Sets, Aluminum Rattles, Cellu- will be as fair lo the assistants as ii
loid Rattles. Metal  Horse Soldiers, i's expected thai the asslsiants will be
to them. But the tax on the latter'.
; physical as well as mental endurance
is never quite appreciated."
j Nearly ail stores open at 8:30. The
'regular closing time Is 6 o'clock. Even
these hours are quite long enough
when a busy day is wedged In between. But wheu doors swing ceaselessly from morning to night with thc
stream of Christmas shoppers, tbe
great majority on an aimless quest
which lakes them all through the
store, and behind whom a more or
less chaotic condition is left by way
of overturned neckwear, piles of
viewed but unpurchased slippers or
gloves or ribbons, the assistants may
well be excused for the often overheard wish that "Christmas was
The public, when It Is not keen
about shopping. Is too often prone to
blame proprietors and managers ot
btores for working tholr employees
aueh long hours. But no one would
i>o gratefully welcome a condition"
which would make It possible to close
early as those very managers snd
proprietors. They realize the advantages tiiat wonld accrue to them-
8tlv.�� as well as to their shop-assistants, who, If they had shorter hours,
would be better fitted for their work,
and would give better Bervlce. By
alioppi-ig earlier the customers would
receive more Individual attention,
they would have more things to select their gifts from���and they would
hc more likely to endorse that particular store In consequence . of the
consideration which they would receive.
There are still six shopping days
left Many ot the stores are already
in the throes ot Ute rush. But to
help the girls knd other shop-assist-
iints, to make tbem less weary tor
that great International holiday when
peace and goodwill are sappoaed to
reign, tt should bo the object ot overy
gltt-givcr and humanitarian to think
ot a wider happiness *: alch they may
mve by considering the shop-assistant as well as those tor whom their
������Ms are intended.
We Would Like to
Show You
our beautiful line of Manicure and Toilet Sets In sliver, sliver plat*
and ebony.    They ure elegant and useful, and make aa ideal Xours
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We  will be glad to have you call and see our crisp, dean, ae*
stock.    It is a pleasure for us to show you the goods.
John B. Gray
Phone 338 Two Stores: The JcwcUer
60S Columbia St., New Westminster.
and Shaughnessy St., Port Coquitlam.
Good assortment at  right prices.
Mail orders carefully attended to.
Royal City Chemical
Cleaners and Dyers
Look Over Vour Wardrobe.
We can help you work wonders wltn clothes you are inclined   to   throw   away.    Take  ae
chances with articles of valwe.
G. F. BALDWIN, Proprietor.
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Metal Firs Waggon, Target Pistol,
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Slstca, Large Musical Box, Card
Games, Work Boxes, Noah's Ark,
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Dolls. Cornets, Trombones, Musical
Wheels, Puzzle Blocks, Metal Soldiers, Banjos.
Noak's Ark, Fitted Work Boxes,
Happy Hooligan, Cold Lead Soldiers, Crowing Rooster, Dolls, Cameras, Fur Rabbits, Fur Doga, Lsrgs
Drawing Slates, Chin* Dinner Seta,
Jumping Jacks, Horses, Building
Blocks, Bklttlsa, Stiff Cower Picture
Books, Water Color Paints, Dolls'
About The
Better Toys
Please- make your selection sarly,
bsfore ths assortment Is broken. A
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till Christmas.
Clothes pressed and cleanr-d.
833  Columbia  St.
We have all kinds of Groceries for
Christmas buyers at our store. Spe-
olal  reduction  for  cash.
H. Whitaker, prop.
Cor. Royal Ave. and 10th St. Phone 190
Beet Workmanship.      Fit Guar
Ladies' ar.d Gentlemen's Fine Tailoring
��55 Front St. '���        New Westmiaabcr.
Phone B., West End Pharmacy.
609   Eiflthh   St.
Go  to
Sing On & Co.
Importers and Manufacturers e-S
Fancy  Goods,  Silks  and
8.9 Columbia St.     P. 0. Box *Tt
New Westminster, B.C
for your
441  Columbia St
Four door* East of Bank of Montreal.
701 Front st.
Sp.-i.i  offer ut  Imported  Ens___*
woollen goods for winter.   Suits
to order.    Perfect ���*"   and work
ship guaranteed _. lowest price.
Queota ef Asqulth.
London, Ore. 17.���Ambassador and
Mra. Pas*, with Francis Bowes Sayre
and l'V> bride, formerly Mln Jessie
Woodrow Wilson, wero Um guests ot
Premier Asqultli at luncheon today.
To Spend Vacation in Paria..
London, Dec. IT.�����L Hon. Winston
Churchill, first lord ot tho admiralty,
deafer yesterday "We riport that he
(started spottftt three weeks' ��aoa-
When to
Send Gifts
Nova Scotia, Newfoundland,
Eastern Canada and alt Atlantic
Coast and Southern Statea���allow at least five days.
Northern B. C. and Alaskan
Coast���Send on Dec. 16 or 17.
Central States and "Middle
West, Manitoba, Afterta^ and
Saskatchewan���Aifow^#e* to
five days.
���' -m
*$ *f 1
! ��� $ y
W "
--:'�����?.i: *��ACE EIGHT
THURSDAY,   DECEMBER  13,   1913.
Hew C. P. R- Coast Steamers Rapidly garbage  Tins  and     Other    Things���
Assuming Shape in Clyde Magistrate Shuts Down on One
Shipyard. Kind of Collecting.
Va-.-lnria.  Dee.   17.    Steady   progress \    Those   three  dollar    garbage    ean.
ia hring liia-le on  the ronslruction of tame   In   lor   another   session     of   in-
(t_a two t'sj-ia-iiiao  Pacific  Princesses '.vesication in the police court yester-
at the  l��unil>a.rn>u  yards.   Periodical day, and Adolph Graft, who had the
reports an' being received by Captain 'onx, 0\  them,  still  has  'em.  Adolph
J. VV. Troup,  manager of  the  U.  I.'. |j0Us^|  them  from the man  who col j
emit   service.  Seal lng  w uh    various iected swill from the White lunch on]
points  ��f  COBStractton,  and   Hie  imli   Columbia   Btreet,     Then   Mrs.     Davis;
cations an*  lh:U  tbe two gulf steam-  bollgllt ,|���-,  white lunch and thoughl |
ships, which will be ih" finest  nnd hlh. was alg0 buying the garbage en
Rp.eeti.-st  on  the  entire     acl if const,: Evidently  Mrs.  Davis didn't.
will b<' brought to :i -state ol complc
*'n>n and delivered well within con*
tract  time.
l__nniirg   iip   side   liy   side   on   tin
hi inks til ihe CyM-e, the bl
; volupes.
Anyway,  Adolph  has the quartette in
spite   oT   the   charge     of    theft   laid
,  'against him and the magistrate opln
framework ed if tliere was a chance for a dispute
ul the two veeeeto is now rapidly as- Rl all -- should be aired In the civil
miming the ^hapc lhat It will take as  courts.
tbe time for launching draws near. Aubrey 0. Dales, who was up cn a
Hut a rew months have elapsed charge if appropriating two hones,
���fnce tie keels were laid at the Denny ] said to belong to a Vancouver in-.-:
plant. The skeleton structures havi dint insurance outfit, got off. The
been pushed forward to such an ex-1 prosecution seemed to think    that  I.
iiit that the steel plates are now be-
tag rivetid to th- frames, and in the
���nM-imtiim- the thousand and one ot'.ier
parts neces.'ai-v for the carrying out
dldn'l  want to  prosecute and   wuuld
have  withdrawn  the    ease,    but  tht
court wasn't strong for allowing him
'self to be used as a debt collecting
a contract trf U.1b nature are- feeing factcrj-i BC ii  went    on    till    it was]
found that no witnesses for the pro
sedition were present and the charge
was dismissed. Gates says he will
bring a civil action for damages
against the company which laid the |
Norman  Hansen,  who  was accused
' uracil out at the Dumbarton plant
Snch a stage has been reached tha!
ii Ib now anticipated that the two
rnagnific*. nt Princesses will he launched almo-st simultaneously about, next
���It is under-stood that the terms of
"he contract stipulate that the craft be
dllivervd by the end of nt
��� ut thry will be on hand in good time !
tot   the     Panama-Pacific     exposition;
season.     Tliey   are  to  he  fitted   with ���
r;: arr-d   turbines,   and   when   engini d
and ready for their trials it is expected that phenomenal speed will he developed.    They   wll   lbe   able   to  uncover at hast 23% knots under ordi-'
nary working conditions.
Th*-' two boats will tie the largest
_hat ever were constructed to ply
���in and out iif the inner harbor, both
being of r>,00 Otons register.
According to reports from the coast i
wireless stations, nothing has bren
seen of the missing derelict Aloha.
whieh went adrift from her tug a,
week acco ofr l',apR Flattery. Ever
e��inc<> the schooner was lost the I,'.
���rv life-saving tug Snohomish has mail"
a thorough search of the coast both
north and south of Tatoosh.
On Saturday the Snohomish picked
up at sea, four miles north hy north-
-west of the l.lmatilla lightship, a piece
of a schooner's gaff, with jaws. It
Had becn painted yellow and was
badly broken and chafed.
Thp wreckage is believed liy officers or the life-saving tug to have be-
ionged to the Aloba.
No other sign of the waterlogged
derelict could be found. The wrecked
vessel is believed to be floating southward between tlio paths of vessel!!
plying to the Orient and may not be
sighted  for many  weeks.
xl year, so ot having molested a Sapperton worn
an on tlie street on Tuesday evenin;
while he was in the grip of an extra
drill!; < t two. was fined ten dollars,
or, in default, one month In the percolator up on Eighth street. Norman
said his name was Hansen, but la'er
he admitted that, while it was Hansen, it also was Hetherington, the
Hetherington piece coming last. After
ihls discovery Norman's other evidence was discounted and he was
warned that he had been steering a
close course in the direction of the
Shoals of perjury.
On the list of qualified members of
the   order   whose   marching   sung   is
"And another little drink won't do us
any  harm," there    was    only    lshur j
Slugh,   who    contributed    S2.50    and j
A vag by the name of Robert Ken- |
n,���(!>* got two hours to burn up the |
king's highway In his endeavor to get j
cut of this cily.
Allied Trade  Unions in  Denver Issue
Ultimatum  to  Governor  of
���For the Week En
High. Low.
9:10    :i:45 I
17:49 14:15
��:4S   4:10 I
18:35 15:10 ;
10:20    4^50 '���
l*:*9 18:05 i
10:55    5:3�� j
21:00 17:05 1
11:30   60S j
22:35 IS:15
0  12:05    6:20 j
0:15    7:00 I
12 40 21:20 j
ding Sunday. Dec. 21.
Sand Heads.
High. Low
Time. Ht. Time. Ht.
8:0S 13.8    0:02    (1.2
16:4H 11.9 18:13 11.1
8:4*i lg.9   0:44   0.-8
17:34 1] 5 14:0S 10.7
1:27   0.7
15:06 10.0
9:28 l.H
18:40 Ki.li
9:54 13...
19:5-3 10.-
1-..28 13.7
21:34 9.7 17:06
11:03 13.6 3:52
2_:1H *).', 18:03
11:39 I .4 4 IS
i'v r.i
Thief Not Prosecuted.
Flore-ftce. Italy, Dec. 17 Counsel Tor
"Vincenio Perugia, char, ri with ab
-UractinK the Mona Lisa from Ihe
l__*ivre, has asked that Perugia be
���sjiien his liberty on the ground of
-'ram-t? no* having entered prosecution
-.gainst hlm in the Italia i courts.
Fire Loss Is ? "...000.
Kast   Jordan,   Ont-,   Deo.   17���Tho
...iwmill  of  the  Kast  Jordan   lumber
i.i ui pan y   nas  destroved by   fire to-
aigM.    Loss $200,000.
Denver. Colo., Dec. 17.���Governor
, E. M. Amnions today w-as git en five
days within whicli to recall the sta'.e
' troops from the strike zone, dismiss
Adjutant Oeneral Chase from com-
Diiand of the slate military department, and to deliver all military pris-
' om-rs over to civil authorities, under
'penalty if the circulation Of a pi ti
I tion for recall.
This action was taken by a convention of the allied trades unions and
was issued in the form of a resolu'ion
, Introduced by the resolutions committee and was adopted unanimously
by the delegates to the convention.
The governor intimated tonighl
that he would give no heed to the re
porlcd resolution inasmuch as he had
(conducted his efforts of conciliation
; and peacemaking to the best of his
ability and did not fear the consequences Of his executive actions.
Zapata  Forces Busy.
Mexico City,   Dec.   17     The activity
jof  the  Zapata  forces   was   manifested
I today by the raiding of the Los Keyes
| station nn the main line of the Inter-
! Oceanic  railroad, 14  miles from  the
capital.    The operations were without
material  effect, on  the general  situation to the south of the city, around
Hllpa Alta and Ajusco,
Christmas Bargains in China and
���== Cut Glass asa
Austrian   China   Dinner   Set,   gold     and      wliite,     \,~     pi..feu.
Kiitra Special    $35.00
Austrian   China   Dinner   Bets,   '.'7   pieces;   figured   disign      A
Bargain    $21.50
Semi -Porcelain   Dinner   Sets,  'J7   pieces;   for   ordinary   ware   is
extra   good   value      $15.00
F'orco.lain   Dinner  Sets,   97   pieces;   flow red   designs.     While
they   last    $9.95
fancy hand decorated china���Our assortment Includes
I'h-wotaie Beta, Berry Sets, Plates, etc.
CUT GLASS���Celery Trays, Water Sets, Berry Howls, Yasss. etc,
Kew Westminster.
turn IAND
Winter in California
Agents for Pacific Coast Steamship Co.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1191.
We write Flee. LKe. Accident, Employers'   Liability,  Automobile  and
Marine Inaurai-iee.
A New Stove
Why not buy a new stove now and have it in-
Btalled for Christmas?. Tho "Fame" Malleable
Bteel Range; polished top. Duplex grate, all-steel,
Hi inch oven, full nickel finish. A splendid baker
and will give equal satisfaction witli either eoal or
wood. Our sepolal prtce, set up and connected
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Electrical Dept. Special
JUST  IN    A  shipment    of   Green    anJ    White
Class   Conical   Shaped   Reflectors. Just the **&*?&* tat
ix room or office where a good, and at lhe same lime
soft light is required. Speolal price for one day o.nly
7 Inch   :;izo    30��*
111 inch site 50C
Each Day Brings Fresh Attractions to
This Christmas Store
New and Pretty Christmas Gift
Suggestions on the Main Floor
Splendid .election of Ladies' Leather Handbags; a gocd variety of
shapes and styles In goat, seal, calf, and other skin leathers. See
this nice choice assortment which haa just arrived f.ir our Christmas trade. The prices are right, ranging from..%*,,00 t0 -.12.50
We are also showing a grand collection of German and Sterling Silver
Mesh iHags and  I'urses, any Bhape or style you desire we  have in
slock.    Please your relative or friend with one   this coming Christ
mas.     All  are   moderately   priced   to  suit  all  classes.   Prices  from
each   Sl.OO to as high as $21.00
Th; celebrated Perrln'B make of Kid Cloves is very prominent In
our Ladles' Glove Section. Kvery pair Is made of the finest
selected French skins: perfect fit and all finish -guaranteed A full
range in all colors. Tan cape gloves and long kkl evening gloves
Thp prices are the lowest possible, ensuring good values; per
pair    Sl.OO  to $3.iO
Grand Display of New Novelty Neckwear
We are now showing all the newest styles and coloring Effects In
Ladies' Neckwear, in Dresden, Persian and Hulgarian novelty. Our
clerks will be pleased to show you our choice selection. Even
article is priced low and will s-ell quickly.
Dainty perfumed Flower Hunches. Sprays, Hoses nnd Hows, in all
shades, suitable for evening wear and for decoration purposes,
Prices ranging from, each    SOc   to S3.50
Ladies' Coat Uuching. In colois white and cream, fine net and shadow
lace designs.    Selling at, per yard    25c
A swell assortment of ladies' new style Collars, comprising Dutch
In Hulgarian effect, high or low, with jabot or plain, in materials
of lace, sik. crepe de chine and niusin. At prices from,
each    SOC   to $2.50
Alro Ladies' Fancy Stock Collars, in all styles, shapes and sizes,
In shadow and heavy lace effects of while and cream. Prices
from, < ach  50C t0 53,00
Good Values from Art Department Section
Ladies'   Aviation   Caps,   In   colors   of   re d,   navy   and   white,   heavy
honeycomb  knit   weave.    Attractively  priced  at,  each 75c
Ladies'  Motoring  Hoods;   red or  white only,  in  heavy  two and  one
ribbed weave.    Just the thing for long distance motoring.    Erlce-,
each    S1.7S
Childttm's   Woollen   Caps   in   plain   and   combination   colors.     Price.
each     50C
All   Wool   Scarfs;   moderate  weight,  size  10x71'   Inched  long.     Price,
each 9<5e
Ice Wool Scarfs;  in white only:  size IKxTi inches.    Price   45c
Chlldur.n's Wool (.overalls;  cardinal and white;  all sizes and  prices
from   50C  to Sl.OO
Infants' Wool Coats, with cuffs and collars neatly trimmed witii fancy
silk braids. In colors and cardinal.    Priced at. each    $1.75
Thursday in
the Men's
There  is nothing  more sultabl
as a  gill  for a  man  than    a
good umbrella.    We are showing a  large  range of umbrellas  for Christmas  in  prices
from S7.00 to S7.50
Men's Cnibrellas. made of best
Cloria cloth, with or without
automatic opener handles of
niitatlun   ebony.     Prices
i   n   52.00.  52.50   S3
Men's I'mhrellas, made of the
best silk covering. Hest horn
and sterling s ilver handles.
1'rices..S5.00   and  $7.50
A Very Acceptable Gift.
Men's Knitted Mufflers. In gray
and   white.    Specially    priced
at    $1.25 a.xl $1.50
Men's Silk Mufflers In red.
gray    and    white,    Specially
priced .ll    52.00
Men'B All-silk Knitted Mufflers,
in   hlack  and    gray    mixture.
I'rice   $2.75
Men's   pure  Silk   Knitted     Muf
���/flers.  in gray  and   white.    Specially  priced
at ..,     $3.50 and $3.75
Boys' Fell Hats in Bah rah
style; colors of cardinal,
navy, brown and gray, with
different colored bandi;; sizes
''.'.,  to 6%.  Priced at..$1.00
Ilojs' Rah rah Hats, made of
corduroy velvet. The newest
thing in boys' hats; colors of
brown, navy, taupe, red and
graj check; sizes 6% to 6%.
Priced   at     $1.50
"St.   (Ieorge''   pure   wool,   heavy
ribbed Underwear.   This Is an
excellent  garment    for    m**\
Mini wear the  heavier wei'  it.
if underwear.    Comes   in   .11
sizes;    regular   $1.75     a   garment    Today, special.$1.4$
"Penaglo" flno wool ribbed  Cn-
werwear, In   all   sizes.   Also
large  sizes   In  Scotch     wool;
reg  $1,26 and $1.50 values. Today,   per  garment 95C
A Good Carpet for
a Xmas Gift
Ceimless Axminster Hugs; size
S.lixll.ii; n gular $49.00. Special     $38-75
These rugs are woven all in
nne piece and are therefore perfect. They are a good quality
of Axminster, with that deep,
rich, velvety pile which makes
this one of the finest specimens
of machine made nigs. The designs are Ihe latest in Oriental
and medallion effects: in colors
and grounds of reds, greens anil
fawns  etc.
Wilton Hearth Hugs; size 36x72
inches; regular $12.60. Special    StO.PO
This  is the finest quality  linen   buck   Wilton   Hug;   there  Is
endless wear to them. The   designs  are   Persian   and   Oriental
effects,  in   color  ground  of  old
rore   fawn, pink and gray.
Inlaid Cocoa  Mats, with the different colors right through to
the   back;   colorings   and   design;;   to    match    any    effect
wanted;  size    18x30    inches;
regular $-.75.    Special,
each    $2.25
Staole ard Linen
Values that Should
One of our special Marcella Bed-
spreads would be just, the gift
that would bQ most appreciated   by   the   housewife   this
Christmas. Se-e this line that
we an- s'.iowing in extra fine
quality Marrella Spreads; rich
in effect and design; large
size. 82x100; our regular $4.00
value   Todav    *3,3��S
Hi,-ivy Striped Flannelettes. A
nice asso:Iment. of colored
Rtripes. Your choice. Itegular  15c  a   vard.   Today,     per
yard    12'i*
_:nr Delaines to sell al 15c. The
flhrlc is made of a nice quality nf cotton, and comes In a
wide assortment, of dainty
walBtlng designs. These are
nice for children's wear, washes well, and gives avcellenl all
round satisfaction. Snap
price,  pel   yard    ISt
Get Your Christines
Tree Ornaments at
the Christmas Stall,
Main Floor
on Thursday
Makes a present that Is long
valued, '-.-piece fine Semi-
Porcelain Dinner Set, wllh
neat floral spray decoration,
lu pink and apple green; regular $17.00 Special..$J,2.50
A special 97-plece Dinner Set
that is the best value we have
ever shown; dee-orated with
a pretty floral design, in light
green, dark green or Peacock
blue; regular value iii. Spe
clal,  per set   $8.95
IK", piece   English   Pore lain   Din
i er Set, decorated with bur-
nished gold band and fine line
A set that would sell anywhere for $26.00. Our special
price    519.00
44-piBce  English  Porcelain Tea
Set, with dull gold band nnd
black line decoration, One of
the best \alucs we have ,vi r
offered.    Special    this  week.
P'T    set      S7.50
24-pIece Austrian China Tea
Set. heavily decorated with
leaf gold and Iris spray. A set
that would appeal to your
good taBte. Special    SIS.00
Iridescent Glassware    nl
each     25C
Nut    Howls ,    Fruit    Bowls,
(ahe  Plates,  Pooled   Howls, etc.
16-inch Pooled Class Punch
bowls   S3.50
Blown Class Decanters. Spe,*:.,!
each      75e
Thin footed Wine Classes; port
or sherry, pei do/.... 51.50
Pouted   Claret   Classes,   per
dozen $2.25
Plain Class Water Carafes;
each     SOC
.-piece Carving Sets, caseo:
real buekhorn or while celluloid handles, per set. 53.00
$1 50 SILK  FOR Sic YARD.
Black Peau de Sole Silk is of
guaranteed wear, fast color,
and very serviceable, it is 21
Inches wide; $1.:!5 and $1.60
values.   Today, per yd..95-t
Another linn Is Black Taffeta,
with a soft chiffon finish.
This is US inches wide; regu
lar values $1.50 a yard. Today, per yard  95*
SILKS, 49c A   YARD.
In this lot are taffetas, messaline, foulard, satin, .laps, etc.,
in widths of 20 and 27 Inches.
This iu in plain shades of
brown, black, gray, green,
pink, blue, red, navy, brown,
and white stripes, or black
ground with Jacquare design
and white ring, also mnny
shot effects; values lo $1.26
yard; all lo clear al ner
yard    49c
If you are renovating or making
a hat, these velvets will he lhe
t'.iing you need. New shades
of purple, raisin, emerald. Co-
penagen, cream, brown, crimson, orange, green, Ian. black,
etc. All ono price, per
yard     95��
LENGTHS   FOR   95c.
These ar a few , ud of delaine,
usualy sold ill 75c per ynrd.
We hRVfl ctu them Into lengths
of 2',��_ jnrds lo clear toelny
Tor  length    95e
See  these.    They   are  all   wool.
Toyland News for
Huy Ihe boy a lied Wagon for Christmas.    Only a very limited uuan-
tltj at these prices;  worth double   Each. . .   75C tfOtt "*-- $1.25
Sieel  Artillery  Wagons:   each    $3.00. $3.25, $3.50
Willow Doll Buggies; eaoh   $1.50. 52.00 and $2.50
Folding Huggles Sl.SO to $3.50
AM S'.rl Buggies, finished in dark green anemel   $2.50 *o $3.95
liovs- steel Wheelbarrows, In red enamel   75c. Sl.OO, $1.25
and    $1.50
2 wli  .led Steel Carts, painted bright red; each.   50C, 65C a"d 75*
3-piece   Kindergarten   Sets,   table  and   2  chairs;   strongly   made  and
painted  red and  varnished;   per set   $3.00
Kindergarten Chairs, finished In dark oak. with bent wood back; extra
strong,   Spi clal. each 75*
Dolls' Houses, nicely painted and furnished complete; each.  53 to $9
All   roads  lead  to   McAllistere'   Toy   Department.    The   immense
display and the extremely  moderate prices are drawing the crowd.
Christmas Gifts on
the Furniture Floor
Having Hritish bevel plate mirror, top drawer divided fur silver, largn
China cupboard and linen drawers; regular $47.50. Special. $39.75
$9.7��  LIBRARY TABLES FOR $7.75.
.Many designs In Ktmied Oak and Oolden (hlk Library Tables;  regular
?:i.7\     Special    $7.75
Many beautiful, useful and sensible Jardiniere Stands, ln quarter cut
oak, fumed oak and golden oak; reg $5.50 and $5.00, Special. $4.50
;;   Leather  Covered   Couches.     These  ure  very   substantial;   regular
$15.00.     Special   today    $12.7$
Gift Suggestions
from Our Ladies'
With lhe near aprpoach of the gift-giving season the excellent
savings now to be secured are particularly opportune. Particulars as
follow s:
Handsome  Japanese  padded,  sikl  lounging  robes;   good quality  silk
and heavily padded. In shades or hrown, navy, blnck, saxo and cardinal. These are regularly  sold  at  $7 50.    Our special at    $5.50
Extra Heavy Wool Eiderdown Hathrohes, In pale blue, cardinal, old
,   rose and gray;  from    $3.75 to $5.50
Cood quality Molto Petticoats, In  navy, brown, green.    Our regular
$175.     Special   for    $1.00
Silk and Satin Petticoats; newest shades and styles, some with deep
accordion plaited flounces, others finished with niching. Prices
from   ....    $1.9S   to  $740
Our Children's Sweater Stock
reduced as follows:
Itegular $1.25; special . . . 95*
Hegular $1.50; special. $1.15
Itegular $1.75; special. $1.35
Itegular $2.00; special. .$1.60
Hegular $2.50; speeial $1.95
Itegular $8.00;   special    $2.40
Children's Coats greatly reduced for the Christmas trade.
A good assortment to select
trom in all sizes.
Special on Children's White
Lawn and Embroidered Dresses
In a good assortment; daintily
made and trimmed with fine
lace nnd embroidery. Dur prices
as follows:
Itegular  $2.00  for $1.50
Itegular   $2.50   for $1.$$
Hegular  $.1.00   ror $2.25
Regular $4.00 for ...  $2.95
Regular  $5 no   for $3.75
Hegular   $6.00   for $4.50
Lingerie Waists
A beautiful assortment well suited for gifts. Some have fine yokes of
shadow lace, with touches of hand Madiera embroidery, also a
nice line of di Inly marquisettes.    Prices from. $3.50 to $9.00
Silk Waists In Ihn new styles; materlnlB arc taffeta and messaline.
I'rlces  $4.50 to $6.00
Two lots of Oirls' Coats, sonic will fit small women; In tan, black and
white diagonal, hrown and green tweeds and blanket cloths, some
In   Balkan  style, especially  good  styles,  all  tills season's  models;
values to $12.50  for   $7*50
ValucH tn $16.50 ror 99.50
A line of Women's Coats, In sizes from 36 to 40, In browns, greens,
iiavys; all good styles; our regular $14.0 Oand $16.00 coats. To
clear at  $9.80
-^9t**V^_______5--�� "'" -���-��� I'm, fee
Bring the Children to
Choose their Presents
in Toyland
on Thursday


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