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The New Westminster News Jul 3, 1913

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 News Classified Ads.
Have  proven their  worth by  the
rosnlta   they   produce.     They   till
iarge    or   small   wants   at   small
VOLUME  8,  NUMBER  98.        *���
The Wecther Today.
'/Nev-^Steitiiiinfter nml tjte fuver
mirHH|J^Llghl to modonU'Viwis;
leneranVtMr, probable cha-wens tonight or frilfciy.
Counsel   for   Moses   Paul
Makes Curious Request
of\ Court.
Spintlum   Cmvlcted   and    Sentenced,
But   that's   Not   Enough���Old
Evidence Up Again.
The supremo court of asiiizes resumed silting yesterday and took up
the ease Oj Moses Paul, charged with
being nccefsnry after the fact, In the
murdir of Constable Kindness, at
Clinton on May 2. 1018, fir the killing
of whom Taul Splntlum was tried
last week and sentenced to be hanged
en Sept. 12 next.
The indictment,
fact of the murdi
Moses  Paul,  well
the said Paul Splntlum committed the
murder of said Alexander Kindness,
did on May It, 1912. and on divers
days thereafter, unlawfully receive and
eomfnrl and assist the said I'aul
Spintlum in order to enable him to
In marked contrast to Spintlum's
trial, the attendance of the puhllc was
meagre. A. II. MacNeill, K C, jcon-
ducted thi> prosecution for the -prown
and Stuart Henderson represented the
Facts the Same.
Mr. MacNeill, In his opening statement to Ihe jury, recounted the farm
Wrf the case which, except for th"
oharge, are Identically the same as
those already reported In tho Spintlum  care.    Consel pointed  out   that  It
Seven Injured In Scrap cn Old Battle
field���Storm Brings Relief from
Terrible Heat.
Cottysburg. July l,-~txtteX BO >  an
the  Blue and tlle (Irey  were at    war
itiee more here tonight, when a tight
Biaried In a camp dining room when
veterans ot the North and South wer.
gathered on tho historic  hatlb field.
Disparaging remarks passed about
Prealdent Lincoln are supposed It
have star'ed the uproar. In which al
least seven men wcre stabed or other
wiBe Injured, three of thetn possibly
The   wounded   men   are   Kdward   .1
Carroll, sergeant of the quartermaster's corps, U.S.A.*. David Karhor,
liutler. Pa., a member of the slate
constabulary; John I). Maugln, Harris.
I burg;   Malcolm Griffin,  Bedford,  Pa.;
|Charles Sualer,  West  Fair-view, l'a.;
Harry A. Koot, Jr., Ilarrlsburg. Far-
bor, Maugln and Griffin are in the
most Birious condition. Tlieir wound-
were In the left breast and the surgeons at the Pennsylvania state hospital would not venture predictions a*
to their chance of recovery.
How   It  Started.
According to the Information the
authorities could gather, the light
started suddenly and was over In a
few minutes. It began Bhortly before
! o'clock, when the dining room was
full of people, and caused a panic
among the scores of guests. The
Veteran who was unhurt and disap-
pi and in llle melee, was slttiug neitr
Karbor and Carroll whin he heard
he slighting remarks about Lincoln.
He Jumped lo his feel and began to
(|tf> nil the uiartyrd president and  b. ���
; Important Decision Handed Down Yes-
Wai"   RaRCS  in   Balkans   aP(l terday Goes Against Pegi.trar
Hopes of Peace De-
of Titles.'
Each   State  Accuses Its  Neighbor
Starting Hostilities���Greek King
to the Kront.
An    important
given   yesterday
Justice Morrison,
mt iicenii in of the
civil Judgment was
by the Horn nib1*
before tie- recom
criminal assises.
Minister of Railways Will
Look   Thoroughly   Into
Kettle Valley Line.
Progressive Association's Efforts Are
Succescfu!���Entertainment     cf
New  Zealand's  Officers.
\v. .1   winteslde, K.C., appeared in
bupporl of a petition lo compel the
district registrar or titles to reg.ster
a mortgage on two lots in tin* cily.
Tiie registrar had refused to register
unless u subdivision plan approved bv
London, July  2.���Hope  of averting the city council was lodged and   the
a llalkan war Is rapidly disappearing. * luml   r,.j,|Btiy   act compiled   with    in
Bulgaria J)"x   sent   warning   notes   to other details.
Servia and Greece, demanding a ees-     a t-
nation    r all adUve aggressive move-;o-Tfic'.-a. opposed" the'application on
ments  wlihln  IM  hours.     These MteiK,,, of ���,<. la|ui rfgjgtry office.
T. P. Would Like to Control Fere
shore of Kaien  Island, But Mr.
Cochrane Hat a Say.
July 13 will see the Inauguration of
the dally tourlet excursions that the
Progressive association have bien
planning  for rome months.    The ex-   Maillardville
lourslons will start at Vancouver, com- I
ling to New Westminster In an observation car, going down the Kraser on
I the   steamer   Transfer   to   Steveston
land   returning   lo   Vancouver   by   the
|B. C, E. It., an Inspection of a cannery
;at   Steveston   being   included   i:i   the
This    was   announced at a short
Heated Discussion Again a
Feature in Coquitfcsa
after relating the Hayden Rents Becker, Gettysburg
, set out   that he,
knowing   that   tin
are regarded us tantamount to an u
A   Belgrade  dispatch   via   I'aris  to-
* nighl announces that the king of Servia is presiding at a council which is
expected to decide to declare war on
��� Bulgaria.
Qreece, in notes to Bulgaria and the
powers Justifying her action, accuses
Bulgaria of treacherously attacking
th" Cireiks nnd Servians, in order to
seise Important terlrtorles and so
place hcreelf in au advantageous pgbI-
' tion in the coming negotiations for a
settlement of the Balkan difficulties.
In th" meantime fighting continues,
according to Servian advices, on a
heavy scale, and the King of Greece,
with   liis   Btaff.  has  left   Saloniki   for
jthe front to direct the operations.
Ottawa, July 2,���An application
the ti. T. P. for the extension of
branch  line  from the dock at l'rince
iiiiiii.iiii-i.ni   inspector of legal   RUDert round the foreshore or Kaien ;meeting or Ihe executive of the Pro-
l)c.    island   and   thence   along   the   Shaw- 'Bressive  association   yesterday  ap.ir-
lawan passage was considered by the |noon*
iiiinlster,of railways todav. The entire1 ." wa8 *eOIded, after a synopsis of
branch   consists of  three  and  a  hall! ��� *ork done by Kenneth Myers since
miles of road which has already been  J01nf    .IPS     * 1o pMR th" acC(nlnt
The petitioner who ls owner in fee  approved to Point Hays.    The portion   ����*��� ��"�� "uc >'"�� for th<-' month ,f
simple of certain lots In the city    ot   for *ll:0.b approval  was asked tcday
New Weatmlnster   has   executed
from the latter point
Property   Ctwseo���Frets
Site Offered���Waiting fir Burvi',,
Water Agreement.
After  hearing counsel,  his lordship
decided  in   favor  of  the petition, as
would be impossible to have evidence I rated his detractors
as to the actual conversations between Then men who were stabbed Jump
the accused man and Splntlum in ref- I (>d ,0 the dvfl.nce of tht. veteran when
< renoe to the murder, b      the crown   lhc ol|le,,.H clo9(J(] ,���    Knives were out
vould lay facta hetore them rrom
which, he was convinced, the Jury as
reasonable men would conclude that
Moses Paul knew or the murder ot
Constable Kindness by Splntlum aud
was assisting him to escape.
The facts Implicating accused commenced with the finding of MoBes
Paul knew of the murder by Splntlum
man. Splntlum, camped together near
Clinton, -by Charles Truran on the
morning of Mny 3, 1912. After the
murder Qf Kindness, the same day.
the tracking to James' stable would
be related, where a Badille and a pair
of field glateeB were stolen belonging
to u man named Ness. The saddle
was recovered I'M miles from tho
scene of the murder and the glasses
vera afterwards seen  In  the  posses
In a second and the room was thrown
iti to an uproar. Women fled for the
doors and crowded to the windows
ready to Jump to the Btreet below. It
was all over before the other men Ir,
(hi room could get their breath and
the men responsible for had dlsap
To Close Saloons.
The light spurred the medical men
again tonight to an effort to have the
Gettysburg saloons closed during the
remainder of the ftelebration.
The constabulary later arrested a
man wbo gave the nama or \v li
Henry  and   said   his  home    was    iu
Committee   Meets   in   City   to   Draft
Constitution for Organization to
Ce   Launched   Seen.
mortgage of a. portion of them par-
lic'ilarlv described in tht mortgage.
The district registrar ol titles de-
clinoH, u register this mortgage as
signing as his reason that registra
lion of a portion of a lot shown on a
deposited subdivision plan cannot be
iftVcted. That a ^subdivision plan
must be first deposited under section
!)0 of the land registry act. Mr. White
side, for the petitioner, contends that
the plan attached to the mortgage Is
not a statutory resubdivislou of the
character dealt with in section 90.
That  the  section  which  governs this
CouncilU r Martin decbtrc-d a*, tbo
Coquitlam council laat eight tbat he
lived in a tree i cuntry, not in lltrraajiy
France or Russia, and'that the poo-plc
would have to be consnlted -��H over
the site cf the Coquidam (tnau-tatnl
Kor we're neither French oor Rxnukm,
Nor German, Jew or Pr-an-ciaa,
Nor yet Ital-i-ens;
i-ot,si,!-d   "i   aboul   a  mile  southward I ml^ ''i',''",,^6 !iS'S'li !""" tho',rf'   i Thiy\vSe MrEelves have'^dd a.
|mter, Sir Richard McBrlde, ln connec-lWe are can-a-d-i-aa8.  ?
Hon. Frank Cochrane was of the
opinion that it would give the railway
control of the entire foreshore of the
island. He slated that before giving
his official approval he would like to
see the railway commission about the
matter. The application was therefore allowed to stand for the presi tit
Kettle   Valley   Line.
At the request of counsel for the
railway, an application or the Kcitle
Valley railway for approval of a re
vision of its route between Osprey
lake and Goldwater summit. B.C., was
New Zealand. The New Zealand will
arrive at Esquimau on July 25 and
will be in    Vancouver from Aug. 2 to
allowed to Btand un'll the next hear
A constitution Is now being drawn
up for an association to be known as
the Municipal Ofricers' association or
HrltiBb Columbia, which will have as
Its objects the promotion of efficient
and uniform methods of municipal
I    The   membership  of   this   proposed
organization will consist of'eomptrol
application is section  100.    I am In
iclint-d  to agree with hlm.    Surely an "t
'owner may encumber any di signated In  connection  wiih  an  application
! portion of bis property without neces- of tt!e 8ame company for approval of
situSing  a  statutory   reBubdivision  or a revision between  Hydraulic summit
; any  division such as is contemplated anii    Penticton. B.C.,    the    minister.
t bv sectlono DO.    The plan attached to a(ll-'r listening to counsel for the rail
! the mortgage    Is    of no    further   use wa>"   and   couiiBel   for   the   Okanagan
1 after after the mortgage is paid;  nor Trust   company,  decided  to send    an
iis ;his contingency of foreclosure   an engineer to look over the ground and
| gnawer at this juncture.   The plan in report   upon   rival claims.    The  pro-
| question   is  not  a substitute  for  pre- posed revision, it was claimed by the
vlously deposited plans or any portion | trust"_ Company's representative, would
of them.
The  prayer
of   the   petitioner
' interfere   with   an   irrigation   project
ia   whicb it had under consideration. For
The vexed question of the tile oT
the municipal hall of CoqaiUaoi a-pain
raised a small tornado at Ute: council
Aug 9.   The matter of entertaining the! mePt,ng !"�� ^'     WHte.
officers and men for one day was left      ,, ���.n���T,v      f7Y    x.    7^,*     *~
in the hands of Secretary Darling to-," W'18    ru"KlU ,on bJ ���*,tett*r *T��m
report at the next meeting. : 1?Ft ^'^^Tie    Martin   *   &.-
  I s-.uiy, threatening    legal    pmermJin-gs-.
! unless  the   w-Viics or tbe  p-titiimer*
i who   requested   thnt  the  selection of
! the site  be  deferred  until  *m*\ no-
iniclpal election were acceded to.
The Utti r was as follows:
"We have been  insirorterf hy certain ratepayers of the muiiici|n.b'tjr tu
take proceedings  against tbe ooencil
i to restrain  it from parriia-smg m site
; for the municipal halt at MaiHardriUe.
Dunsmulr  and   Bilodeau   Applications
Not Dealt With by Board cf
We understand tbat a aetStka has
been presented to tke council sinned
by over 183 ratepayers and ho-asehoM-
ers of the municipality rr-qaiciag, ttter
eouncil to submit the qt-atum -af tbe*
  i purchase of the said site to tbe dec
I tors at the next mtrnieiml ete-cSraa.
An application for a liquor license tn '    "This number or course -ao-BStttates
the Dunsmulr hotel,    asked    for    bv I considerably more than tbe iwaucd
Scholes Bros., and one for a whole- j one-fifth  Epecified  in
sale   license  In  the  new  addition   to;act
tbe Windsor hotel block, filed by  P.
ilon of MoSes Paul at a place 14 mllen  Bible.    A   rumor  spread   that  a   man
wi h a stab wound was at the Reading
railroad station and iiie troopers rusu
I'd there by automobile. They looked
through the    crowd,    but    found    no
lers. clerks, treasurers, assessors and
Camden. N. J., as one of the men con- accountants and other assistants duly
cerned in the affray. They b.-llcve ; appointed as Bitch by their respective
that more than one man was respon   councils.
from  Spenee's Bridge, by  Indian witnesses.
Olher tacts Mr. MacNeill said he
would prove were that on May 6 a
bay horse was stolen 5l�� or 60 miles i wounded man.
nwav fr"n thc locality of the murder
On May 7 prlsnner and Splntlum were
seen riding the same horse and had a
conversation with another Indian witness. The evidence of the trackers
would be adduced from this point to
the recovery of the stolen saddle and
horsi s as In the Splntlum case and
so on to the surrender of prisoner and
Spintlum   tn  thn  police  authorities.
It won't! be for the Jury to say if
there facts proving the men were travelling together through the country
rldin-J' en t'i" same horse after the
murder led them to believe us common Penae reasonable men that More1
Paul 1-new of the murder ol Splntlum
and was apslstlng him to escape.
Tho Testimony.
After Dr Itoss had given surgical
testimony thai Kindness had died
from the effects of a bullet wound.
Forrept I/or'ng. who had been wound
ed In the rorearm. In the affrav bore
teftlmony similar to that which lie had
gteen In lh" Splntlum trial
James Boyd, whose evidence nf
Spintlum's identity witli the Klndnesi
assassin rivetted the case against the
murderer, repeated his former evidence.
He was neain rigorously cross-examined hy Mr Henderson for the defence, but never wavered or hesitated. He was particularly questioned
Bj tn his position when Iie rocegni/ed
Rolntlum. (living ocular demonstration In the wittiHSB box. 1! iyd showed
that, after he hnd located the firing
point, lie slipped oH the saddle and
that 't was while he had hla left root
on the ground anil the other in thn
stirrup ngalnst the horse's Hank and
while witness' head was Just visible
ever the saddle that he Identified
Spintlum r'slng behind the log.
Shown the phot.igraph of the murder scene In the forest, counsel en-
fieavored at Bome length to Ret witness
to fix lhp point where he was when
he recognized Splntlum.
The court, apparently somewhat
wearied at counsel's pertinacity, in-
Inrpnsed with the observation that
they wore not trying Splntlum, but
f'oses Paul. Moses i'aul was not
charged with killing Kindness nor
with 1-elnc fioi-p at tli" time Kindness
was killed. He was charged wllh being a-i tccei-ferv after tlle Tact. In s"
f,,- *. I," Mfdsted him from the -inr-
rull of the police after he knew Kind
ness was rl**<i\.
Counsel's Views,
Mr. Henderson-  The    crown    mil"'
prove nt (his trial upnn the evidence
inricno-identlv   of   th"   ln>--t   case   thn'
Klwlneps was killed bv Bnintltfi.
The Cour* - No! No! Thai Is f""-
posed of. This mnn might h�� mnn
mile" awav nnd might not have r*n~i
Snlntluin for tnne'lis and y��l bn e'i'Itv
rf the charre hid against hlm II" Is
���pot charted with -murder Mr. McNeill need not show that he waa there
ct the time, lint only that he knew of
the murder of Kindness.    He did not
Relief from Heat.
A roaring storm swept down out cf
the Itlue Itidge over the plateau of
Gettysburg today, bringing needed re
lief to thousands of veterans In blue
and grey who have sweltered fnr four
days In an atmosphere that would do
cridit to a tireless cooker, dangerous
in a city of 50,000 old and weary men.
For more than half an hour ruin came j
pouring down upon the sun-cracked I
und wind-swept encampment ground.
U charged with ., violent thundering
over the ground that Pickett covered
n 'tiS. Its salvos of thunder were
like the booming guns of Meade and |
Lee, and    the   thermometer
with   wonderful   agility.
clean d    lhe    air   oi   its
Preliminary steps toward formulating the constitution were made yesterday afternoon by the executive
committee, consisting of A. G Moore
Hurnaby; (1. S. Wilson, Richmond; I
.1 Mackay, New Westminster, and W,
H. Griffin, llurnaby who met for several hourB during the afternoon in the
city hall.
As soon as a constitution and other
matters are arranged an inaugural
meeting will be called.
We alio understand tbat
this purpose then intended to erect a  o. Bilodeau were both laid over untilV-*   *������**���  V���"**   ��
dam to raise the water ot Bhoot lake,  tbelr  next  meeting     three    months' Immediate purchase of tte
Counsel   tor   the  railway   con tended  hence, by tht board of license com- lb>- absolutely Ignoring (tas
that the land which It waB proposed  missloners at their postponed  meet-\lar&e   a  "umk*1" ���' *"
to'Irrigate had been acquired by the |ing  held  yesterday  afternoon. jThiB. of course, se-eiae ta -aa ***J^**\
trust company from the Columbia fix* \    The entire eewiab tasted    trot    tSV*1"^* 1JB*y,*nH2. *!? WW
^.,~x*.       .in.    n.*xt*A\ Weetwn    Railway    company,   whose I minutes.     No   opposition   developed Would be imposrtWe
nil\T   ANII   illflRY  charter had been taken, over by    the   when   It   was   proposed   that   Messrs. 1 council a  unheard of
I/UJI    Hlal/   ULvlll   Kettle  Valley railway.    This  charter  Scholes' application be laid over until
the next regular meeting of the board
in September. Chief of Police Hrad-
show presented a document testifying
that the premises of Windsor hotel
were In a satisfactory condition, but
because he was already the holder of
Kettle  Valley railway.    This  charter
contained  a   provision  reserving    to
  |the   railway   thu   right   of   way   prlvl-
I leges.    The dam could be moved fur-
104th Back From Camp���New Armory  tn(,r down  without  afiectlng the  project.
Certain���Wew Commanding Of
fleer   Is   Pleased.
B. C.  E
Interurban  Lines Carried
��� 30,510.
A  total of 30.510 passengers    were
carried on the interurban lines or the
B. C'-  B.  H*  on Tuesday.    These figures do not constitute a record for the
company, although it is possible that
, ii'ils'   year's   figures   would   have   beet
dropped I ecllpse-d hud the morning turned oul
Lightning Ibetter  than   it   did.    Of   this  number
the Kburne and Steveston lines, connecting With Brlghouse and Minoru
l'ark carried the majority of passengers, no less than 13,L'85 being the total accounted for there.
Central Park came next with li;.2.'i5;
Rnrnabv    branch.    L'MT;    Chilliwack
Man   Who    Mixes   His   Brains    witb
Bullet and Still Lives Is Taken
to Asylum.
Returning from camp carrying honors galore was the experience of the
lu-ith regiment or Fusiliers, who came
home from their annual encampment
earlv yesterday morning.
Never in the history of the regiment
have so many praiseB been heaped on
the heads of the officers and men as
during their stay at Sidney for the
part  five days.
Thev were a pretty tired bunch as
they left the rpeclal B. ('. E. It. train;I obligations whaievir upon the Irriga-
Bt 12:16 a.m. yesterday, for every mar, itlon company in the matter of right of
had been up and about since 4;30 the way reservations.
proviohs morning. The Chilliwack "1 do not doubt the truth of what
companies and the Cloverdale unit had you say," said- Mr. Cochrane, "but
even a longer distance to travel, the ' i would like to get the facts for my-
Tormcr not arriving at the Vedder self. You wlll bave a chance to prc-
mountain city until 3 o'clock, too lati   sent your claims to an engineer of the
��� tnrtnke of a Bpeclal banquet which j department on the ground."
had been prepared for them the even
"The  trust company." declared ihe
railway   counsel    "has    simply     t;en   a retail license, Mr. Bllodeau's appli-
leeping on its rights until our route   cation  could   not   be  granted    Mayor
Gray advised him to consult his solicitor to ascertain If some arrangement
could not be made whereby he could
maintain both wholesale and retail licenses
map was filed."
"The    impression     which    I    have
gathered from complaints and protests
received    lu    this   office."    remarked I
Hon.   Krank   Cochrane.     is   thut   yot;
people are  the ones  wiib  have  been j
sleeping     on  your rights.    You  havi I
had your charter since 189G and havc ;
not done much on  the work."
Counsel for the trust company denied that the charter for Ihe Columbia and Western railway Imposed any
Charles Donnelly, who shot binisili
ill the bead at the Togo pool rooms.
Columbia slreet. on Ihe mottling of
Apr.l 28, and who hovered
life and death for nearly
was ri moved to the mental hospital
for the Insane on Tuesday afternoon,
Donnelly la the most remarkable
paticnl In the eyes of the local modi
cal world that has hit these parts for
many moons.
He was found by the pollce on
April 28, lying In a pool of bleed in
the pool rooms, which are located
near the B. C. E. It. depot. In a letter written by himself It was shown
that he Intended to do awa-y w.i h him
Be f hy the revolver mule and Jus!
why the shot back of the ear did not
tnke fnti'l affect Is yet a mystery to
tho doctors.
Donnelly was removed to the bos
;dinl when It was disrovtrud that hia
irler'cB were shrunk from loss ol
blood. They were lllled and since
then he has galnrd strength, although
���v-:ily,i'd down one aide. The man
���vns in good enough Bhape on Tuesday
��� o make his wuy unaided to the police
'tub bin"", which took him to the
provincial mental hospital.
Letter Carriers Get Raise Under Ac
of Parliament.
The  13 litter carriers of the local
postofflce do not think thai number at
all unlucky for they are the men who. j
by nn act or parliament at the last sos- I
Bion. have received  marked  increase; |
In   pay   and   also  au
working   conditions.
iiv this recent amendment to the
postofflce nct, letter curriers will re
celve a minimum of $- anil a mntlwuni
between 10f jn iur day,. Instead or as formerly,
two weeks   n minimum of $1.75 and a maximum
of *%.1*.
Also the number of years of service before the highest pnv can tie
received has been cut exactly in half
Heretofore there were two years or
Rervlce In each or the grades A, R, C.
D. and E and now there Is but one
year or a total or rive years. Previously there were two weeks' vn"-
tlon with paV and a bonus, and this
luiB been extended to threo weeks
without a bonus but on  full pay.
From now on efforts will be male
to make the 104th the crack regiment
of the lower mainland. Permission
has been granted by the militia de-
nnrttueiit for the organization of three
additional companies and the location
of these will be given out in the very
tear future.
In   conversation   with   Col
Lively at White Rock.
Whte Rock. July '-.- spec'ii irnlns
fr-mn Vancouver nnd New Wenlin'-i-
��ter and rigs and motors from HuH'o
Prairie, Cloverdale. llazlenn i-e antl
Murrayville brought large crowds to
White Itock tn spend Ihe Dominion
Dnv brlldavs. Boating, bathing, rnt'es
and entertainments by "The Pierrots"
constituted the chief sources et a mute-!
���.. ���i The Women's institute of Hal''"!
Prairie had a special picnic on the i
sands and held a snle of home-made
"rcserv"H cooking, etc., In aid of the ,
ftindB or their Institute, the result be-1
Ing most satisfactory to the treasurer. |
Frank    J.    MacKenzie,   M.L.A., J.  D,
���he new head nf the 104th. The News
was informed that before another" year
had, pissed he expected to Bee work
-tarted cn n new armory in place of
the present    unsightly   looking   drill
tnd at the corner of Queen's avenue
��� ind    Stvth    street.    Everything  has
improvement   ol \ilfrn frm\vx\ os far as a new armory 1s
Micerti' il. excent the site, nnd Mavor
Gray,  who  tooh  the  matter  up  with
Men. R.i"' Hughes, minister of militia.
while at Ottawa, is understood to have
a Tne on a suitable site.
A firtt class athletic organization is
also one oi the plans of Col. Tavlor
before the winter season, the new CO.
being rspenlnllv pleaped with the
'���hv.v'-tg r'-ule by the boys at Sidney
Inst Saturday when thev defeated Ljth
the 6th and "2nd of Vancouver.
St. I awrence Channel.
Ottawa,   July   2.���The   commission,
reinstating n' Prnf, Hoskell. of cor-
-ell I'nivi t-sitv, Mr. Momerol and Mr.
Rtewnrt, which 1ms been appointed to
Investigate the   problems   connected
with the pn-eurine of a li;' foot channel In the St. l.-!'v-"ii"o river is expected to report at the end of the season.
Coquitlam     Will     Have     Short-order
Port Coquitlam.   July 2.���The   contract   for the  installation  of the  city
waterworks, awarded by the council a
<hort time ago io Moon and Sllverton.
Taylor. I was signed  tonight  by   Mayor Jumes
Bsck to Montreal.
Winnipeg. July  2. -0.    E.    Dewey,
-"���leral  freight agent of Q,  T.   P.  at I Taylor   M.P..   Alderman   Henley, Rev.
Winnipeg, has been appointed Irelghl ! M.   Abbott,    George     Blakeley,    Nela
traffic manager of the G. T, P. with j Nelson nnd   many   other   prominent
think  the crown   need   trouble  much Iheadquarters    at    Montreal.    A.    B. (New     WcBlmlnsterltes      were    Been
^Continued on Page Eight.) Illosevear succeeds him at Winnipeg,  mingling with the holiday crowds.
To (he luncheon at 12:40 to-
dnv In honor of the driving of
the first pile In the harbor improvement work, everybody la
welcome and no Bpcciui Invitations nre issued. Tickets for
50 cents each muy bc obtained
from Industrial Commissioner
Darling and Secretary Wade,
of the board of trade.
Mars. Actual work on the Installation of the system which will be completed four weeks from the start will
probably commence on Friday. Provision for the Installation of about id
hydrants for lire protection are included In the contract.
��� A gang cf men frnm the N w Westminster water department started
work on the connection to be made
with the clty'B system to the Uoyal
City pipe line on the Pipe Line road,
just north )f the ft P. H* main line
tracks. The connection will be ��iiti;
pleted bv the time the trunk mains
ai e installed.
Principal   McMillan  Steps from  Over
sight of High School to Post of  ������
Science Teacher.
other municipnffrr fn t*�� i
!anv other place  for tfcat matter.
"As you are no doebt aware, rt its
I open to' any ratepayer Os apply- to *!**���
���cuirrt for an injuncrion nstxainixt*; tfir-
���ouncil front ifs iff��ual action mi we
���i:ive now to notify yoo ttiat tfna prj-
.-edure   will   be   foflawwif   iw crxse  VH.
-ouncil persists in its p-o-snwrfi aoorsi".
"Ri-.ices   being    cniitnirr    to    th*?
wishes of *-'i many of tho ateq*****.
we understand that tfie pfonoerxt tsar-
thase of the MaillardvilW- site ** poor
'uci-e;s   ;;--   altcgitlier   itnaoccssarj'
���Vs   the" municipality   Sib���t*S *****��� ���
���'-   which is very oonvwa-eirtV ir.ia-
ited  and  in  all mspeoa startaije--fcr*
he emtructien of a momcijwt Jl-sD.
���' n that fn e sites in different locah-
tlcs have been ofrored to M*'."*���^
or a municipal  hair irite-    *"���*�� **^
Hie price being paid for tfic ^tj-Bo-aed
site is nltogetfier too high-    	
"We would ask yoa to lirasc ****]
-.attir le'ofe tfiL�� reeve and cotarat
and unless we hear tfcit tfi* oormeil
is going to comply wfO-i tte wishes
of the ratepayers, we. shaft lieC3=ipe-1
ed to enter ant.""
Another ��awyer**s View.
  I    Councillor   Mounce- iBeRtl   ��ctwn-
j Have we done anything $8****** ia.onn-
HIs resignation as principal of the;ijcction with It, Mr��HA*gat��
Uoval Citv high school  was received |     Mr.  Mclntyre,  munfefpwJ flaificK-or
rrom  E.  R.   McMillan  at   last   night's! No.   I have been tHfnMnQSSflKunc
that what you are doinic te \**a*x\>   1
am not concerned with U���� oasnsl *?�����"
of the question.
Councillor Martin Cculd Use conn
cil comply with the wiabes tax the
ratepayers if they wanted to *tt so?
Mr. Mclntyre���They can. It is a
matter altogether in the *i��mfffon -or
the council to do one thins ��ir Use
other.    It is perfectly lepal-
Councillor    Mounce���Wo    lnne    ���
! right to choose a location &a -do oor   .
business. We have been tfer��"e MSaMB
.without a proper place.   *Wt Cers-at-
lam city  requires  all tike iwaai tfiey
'have In their hill for tbesneeAvor antf*
I their  additional   wor*  and  tttxtT.    IX
was up to us to find a lucirtt-'n .-imr
we   found   one.     We  hare m pe-rfe-r-l
right  to  go  ahead  and  catsiileie the
purchase   and  establish  -fus-raftc-us ��l "
hDmc. *
Councillor Martin- That ia not ihe
question. In the first -place it te teat
���i matter of buying a site. Aa a snat-
ter of business 1 would nr��t har the
Maillardville site for myself- I would
not consent to do it for the eeiraol.
That is one point the *ratep��*F**re -do
not think is right- II fa mot a soai-
ncrs proposition and tfrey tmi r***r-
���xtut sare
salary offered. I money.    Thc   other  point  ht  fa  tte
The appointment of Thomas il. I face of so many signature* tit rate-
Stewart, or Nelson, tm a senior grade payers the cconcil it eTnius their" ��t-
tetichcr    in     the     Richard     Mcrinde |most  to  thwart   thc prOXiimrtv
Councillor Monnce���I teas** exception to th"t. The enetttou ttxvs heft*
open for three i-p-TUta and the **********
et the munlcip-ility nercr tr*ott ft Jutland. If was up to the people tu
make objection, fttt tlir-re *rta Tieier
a wnrd until wlf?Irft the teat Tew
week��.    You wure tbe first to tic die-
special meeting ot the board of school
trustees. Ill health was the reason
given.   The resignation was accepted.
In hiB letter, Mr. McMillan stated
thut his physician had warned him
he must be careful, else an attack of
appendicitis would develope, and he
himself felt his physical condition noi
sufficient to meet the dimands of his
office as principal. In view of the
stress laid upon technical education
by a recent commission on that subject, he had resolved to centre all his
"hergy upon his special department,
that of science. Mr. McMillan also
asked that be be given work lu tht
Kngiish  literature   department.
The board voted to put the formei
principal nt the head ot the department of science, and also to avail
themselves of his offer by giving him
work In Kngiish literature In th�� I
senior classes at bis former salary of
 _  j $175 per month.
PITT RIVER  DREDGING. |     [.ptio^ declining the trustees' offer
 ~ i i f positions on the teaching staff were
Tenders for dredging the Pitt river j r<,ccivea- -Tom w j Nesbltt nnd Clean- now being called by the depart- \m*r]�� Logan, the former giving no
ment of public works at Ottawa   and , rpngon  for hls  decision, and  the  lat-
wlll be received there until Wednea- tM cbjectlng t0 ,he 8nmll Bl7e or the'tainlv better themselves
���lay, July 23. This work is of Importance In consideration or the new grain
elevator to be built at Port COQUltlam,
and It Is probable that work will be
sl.irted this season. The official notice states that tenders must Include
towing the plant to and from work,
and also stipulates that only dredges
and figs owned and registered In
Canada will he employed In performance or the work. An accepted
cheque for the usual 5 per cent of thc
contract  price is asked for.
New Schools.
Porl Coqultlam. July 2-Than'-s to
the efforts or Mayor Mars and W. D.
P.  Godwin,  chairman  ef  the  school
OJ board,  during  their  trip  to Vlctorlu
OJearly thlB week, work will be started
# at once on the city's two new schools.
one  on  the  site  of  the  old  Central
Prairie  Phoner Pay.
Winnipeg, July 2.--A condensed re
port of thc working of the Manitoba'the   people   fn   thin
government   telephones   Issued    thia j have a  oerrcct right tod
morning  shows a net profit  balance j did.    There  was mthina:
for May of $41,639.97, and a total net Everything wns done
:��  school and the other, a now one, at  profit balance for the six months end- open to the pnblfe.   I
(t tt * # # ft # # ���* * ��� *"���* ���*)'���*��� James park. ing May, 1913. of 1232,069.40. 1 (CbnUnneA e*.
school at a salary of $90 pir month
to go to $100, If found satlsfacory.
was the only other appointment mad.',
although others are pending.
Cupboards will be supplied In class
rooms where   at   present   there   ara I
none, and tenders (or these will    b i
called   f-ir.     Also   four   dozen   small I
Bchool desks will be bought before the j
opening of the school term.
satisfied with the decm-do <oT tUii,
Counc'Hnr   Martin- -Nor.
Councillor llamna Wr JSirtnt,
vou wpts the  first and f thfo4. M as
selfish move on yonr past to a*gfl>it*>
J tt kathaseessmt t~*Wt*x*A) ****** devoted to tlie inter-sts nf New Vfntmlniilm- and
th* mnr Vaal.w.   t*em)mt*h*t *v*m monKtitf except Sunday by the National i'riiitiny   places.
��m< l-��flWillie Ciafttw, Untiled, a( 68  Mi-Ken tie Slit-ft, .Veto   HV.il.ntnutrr,  liritish I
CoJow.im- JBOBB aVTHKKl.ANI), Managing Director.
All **m-*****k*mhama themM ke ai-Mre-ute-i lo 7.-V .Vine U'e.itmlnjler \euts. and nol
it-i r.-livutm**i ihjikSuh af th* .taff.   Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made
i Co Tht* t!.t*ta.l   **-i*t*Ul\g and  I'ubliahino Company,  Limited.
I tTtrrltnirma    a****} OH*** **d Manager, 999, Editorial Rooms (all depart
the machines ihey have to sell.
The report that a man was arested I
for   smuggling   tin   airship   over  the
I Mexican  border gives lhe merry Jok-j
iBttr   a   chance   to   InelBt   once   more
on the neccesslty of a (ly cop in sucii
KSChtrTtON KAnte���hy carrier, ti ver year, Jl tor three months, 49c per
���� alba. fS e*r ****, tie per mon!*.
AD-mTfWWa KATK8 em application.
which ; Mlnleter of Mllltla Made Offer While
MiU"" on the Coaat���Arranflo for
Carnival  Week.
Romance is not usually to lie found hanging to a pile-
driver, nor is enthusiasm a sprout often discovered along
the peeled length of a pile, but the driver and the pile today
will play a bin part in marking in tangible form the beginning of Westminster's new day as a national port and
lhe only fresh water harbor on Canada's Pacific coast.
When the nine thousand pound hammer drops this afternoon on the initial unit of Royal City harbor improvement
work it will start a ripple in the water of the Fraser that,
-ever-widening, will reach out to the great ocean highways
anii guiJe the carriers of the deep to the cleansing stream
.and growing docks of the Young Liverpool of the Pacific.
Tha^e who participate today in the ceremony on the
waterfront will not live to see the finish of the great work;
l he end of that labor will come only when men cease to go
'down to the sea in ships, but as surely as the Fraser river
Bows into the ocean, so surely will many of them witness
the sight of the largest of deep water craft berthing at
New Westminster piers.
The making of a harbor and its growth are not matters of years; t^ney are the work of generations and, like
n relay race against time, each generation must do its
share "or the whole plan suffers. The men of today in
New Westsnirjster will bear the heaviest portion of responsibility, for on them depends the starting of the work,
the proper institution of an undertaking that will continue
to grow as long as the city lives.
Here's to Westminster harbor, to the men who are
working for it today and to those who are gone who worked for it in the jmstL
Twenty thousand cigars,
formed part of the steamer
Kea'a cargo when lime in the hold
burned at llllo, Hawaii, will not go
up in smoke, but will be stewed un
and hashed and finally go into a
preparation to kill ants and other insects hnrmful to plants.
President Wilson's Idea of doing his
own typewriting when there Is a message cn Ihe fire may give rise to a
new way of doing things in official
circles nt Washington. How would
these headlines look?
"Secretary of State Puts In ills
Own Coal."
Senator  from   I'tah  Shines  All  Ills
Family's  simes."
"Washington Society Astonished hy was thought to he an ideal spot for a
Clever Woodchopplng nr (ierinan Am- permanent camp. II Ib pointed -iout
bassador." that     every   province  has   a  regular
To sny nothing of the following: place of encampment  evi ry  year and
"I   havo   ulway.i   found   Slmpsou'n  that  this  province  should   have   the
Soft Soan an  Invaluable aid  In doing (same,
my  weekly  laundry  work. -Mrs.    W
Victoria, July 2. Uurlng the recent
visit to this city or (ol. the Hon. Sam
HughcB, It has been leurned that he
aprpoaohed John Hrethour of Sidney,
to purchase 61 ucrcB of his property
us a permanent camp for the British
Columbia forces, nnd It Is probable
that the deal will be consummated.
The price asked for the property i
ranges around tho $7ri,000 mark.
The troope ure at present occupying 44 acres of land for thin year's
camp and It has met with suclj approval by thc officers nnd men that it
$95,000 BYLAW
North  Vancouver  Wlll   Atk   Ratepayers to Support Ferry Scheme���
Apply for $350,000 Subsidy
North    Vancouver,    July      2.--The
shareholders of the North  Vancouver
City Ferries Company met In the city
council and decided to adopt the recommendation ot Mayor Haynes In respect to ihe proposal to submit a bylaw tor $95,000 to the electorate   to
place the  ferry  company  on  a  sound
financial  basis,  thereby  providing annually  sinking  fund   and   Interest  on
the debentures and a sinking fund In
cash  to cover the depreciation.    Significant statements made by the members or the council was to lhe effeoi
that the Terry board should be managed direct through the city counoil,
Contract for Subsidy
Al Ihe advice or lhelr solicitors, tho
Mr.  Hrethour wan  (Imt approached I In ard   of   directors   of   Burrard   Inlet
ito rent his property  to the govern- Tunnel and Bridge Company have de-
j ment for the camp, but rerustd to do! elded to Instruct the Ottawa solicitors
180, statln-g that he would lend It glad-Ito proceed at once lo obtain rrom the
ly, but not lake any money. However, department a written contract ror the
in  order  thai  a  deal   may   be   made, subsidy.   This subsidy ot $360,000 was
jas such was necessary, he agreed  to  recently   voted   by   parliament   direct
| take the sum  or one dollar  for  the  l0  n,lr,-ard   inlet Tunnel and. Bridge
Sir Alexander Mackenzie, the great  rental of the land I companv, having previously been vot-
Canadian explorer, Btarted on his llrst i Want More Light. I, j ,��� t|1(Mn through th" V, VV. A V.
journey 124 years ago today, Start-: While Victoria is. known far and Railway compnay, In order to render
ing from Fort Chlppewayan, on the\<"l<le for its beautiful street lllumlna- the subsidy actually available, how-
north side of the Lake i.r ihe Hills, |tlon, It is.the aim of the Victoria clO-j8veri it |s necessary to write a enn-
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
j Mines Being Operated at South Well
��� ington���Sequel   to   Importation
of British Miners.
Answer to correspondence: No, Theodore Roosevelt is
not the author of Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes.
; win re for a number of years he had
been engaged In the fur trade, Mackenzie made his way along the Ureal
j Slave Lake and down the river which
; bears his name to the frozen ocean.
JThis first trip, for which lie had pre-
I pared  himself  by  a  year's  study  In
' Kngland o! astronomy and navigation.
occupied  the  period  rrom  July  2  to
September 21. 1789.    In l"li^ be set
iout on a it'i-niid Journey through tho
wilderness,   proceeding   ftrom   Fort
Chtpewayan up the I'eace river across
! lo the Columbia river and thence westward to the Pacific coasl at Cape Men-
zies,  opposite  Queen  Charlotte    islands.    The narrative of these expeditions, published  In  London, 1K01,  under  the   title   of   "Voyages   Through
America   to   the   Froren   and   I'acific
Oceans,"  was  of  great  interest     because or the Information It contained
regarding the unexplored country traversed and the native tribes, and won
the honor of knighthood for the author.
yens' commitlee In charge ot Viotorla
carnival  week, to make  the  city  the
best  Illuminated  metropolis  on    the
coaFt during  carnival  week     Special
prizes  are  being given  tor  the  most
artistic window displnys and all stores
wlll   be  asked   to   use   extra   electric
light, und to keep these lights In evidence as  late as pos
and green, the official
In various forms.   Thi
liia  Klectric  Railway
been  asked  to  llghl
during   carnival   wool
er i ti   electric   IU" '
light  display  of   nio.
tract with the government which wlll
set out llle exact manner In which the
subsidy is to be paid.   This wlll accordingly be proceeded  with at once.
Pretty Good Milk
Tint the tests made on specimens
of milk recently  taken  by   lhe  pollce
rrom local milk vendors and analyzed
by the Vancouver city analyst, proved to be satisfactory on an average,
i,,],ils the statemenl  made by Dr. ,1. .1.
Thompson, citv  medical  health offI-
with'red  at,d|cer'    T1"'  ,ea,s  made   show  a   very
.ling a Jewel\***B*-  unnlity  in  some    cases,    while
���  co)or     -php I others  fall a little  short -bul   in  no
iltlo,  using  red
carnival colors, j
liritish Colum
:'   street     carc
i    -einiesteil    to
Of   all   cluster
i'he electricians |
houses  or   -."lo- I fict
With the city council oiling streets by the mile, the
votes should slide in easily at the next municipal election.
The Jesuit estates ciuestlon. which
' wns destined to become a grent pollti-
| cal Issue, entered on its flrst stage
I just a quarter of a century ago today,'"'""'
City   ccuncil   has   l*t t
make  the  two  low*.
lights red and grei n
and  electrical  BUpplj
t"t-ifi have been aske'l  to use special
efforts in decorating their stores with
in electric display.
Get the Fever.
A committee of prominent Sidney
citizens watted on Col R y. district
commanding offloer of the troops al
nresent. encamped al the peninsula
city, with a view to getting his oo-
oneratlon in establishing a regiment
and   they  met  with   much  en
case was lhe product found to I ��� had
Got   What  They   Wanted
At aii adjourned meeting of the d's-
council  for  the   purpose  of  dls-
The sockeye season has opened, but these interior
decorations for cans are still as scarce as blisters on the
hands of an I. W. W. agitator.
One divorce judge in Seattle the other day cut the matrimonial knot for forty-one disgruntled couples; and still
.some persist that the marriage tie is binding.
when a bill providing for the settle
ment (if the ancient dispute between
the Society of Jesus and the province
or Quebec was passed, without nppo-
eltlon, through the lower house ot the
Qiteroc legislature. There was little
or no protest at the time, but belore
many months hnd passed a keen sectarian controversy developed, and
the passloiiB and prejudices ol rival
religionists rrpind clamorous
sion  in  the political arena.
A coal mine owner near Calgary has discovered petrified peaiis in his mine shaft. If he can locate a petrified
jeweler, hell probably be able to sell them.
lion. Sir Charles Tituper, Bart.,
Kene's a thin-skinned one: A Kansas City man has
just discovered that he has been married seven years to
two women. One or both of them must have been deaf
uinij dumb.
You -get more action for your money in the Balkans
than you do in Mexico. In the latter country they spend
months and months at one war. In southeastern Europe
they polish off one campaign ami then start another.
According to the Dominion census bureau, the west
is more truly Canadian than the east. The increase in the
native Ixirri out here in the last ten years has the cent belt
percentage looking like a storm sewer beside the Fraser
Some people don't seem to know when they're not
wanted. Tlie Democratic postmaster general at Washington has asked the Republican P.JVL at 'Frisco to resign
ym\ the latter has refused. Now for the official executioner.
Thf weather man kept his taps turned off for Do-
mimon Day, but ht couldn't refrain from giving an exhibits n of his nasty disposition by hanging three or four
black clouds up near the roof and leaving them there, just
to let picknickers know he could swamp them if he felt
like it.
the last survivor or the flrst Macdonald ministry and ono or the fathers bf
conrederatlon,  was  born  at   Amherst
N.   S..  ninety-two  years  ago    today,
July   2,   1S21,   the  son   or    Itev.     Dr
i Charles Tupnor.    lie was educated at
Acadia and Edinburgh university, and
i obtained the diploma of the Royal Col-
I lego or Surgeons at Edinburgh in 18-115.
He   returned   to   his   native   town   to
practice his  proreFslon, and  there, in
| IMG. h�� married Frances, a daughter
lot Silas II. Morse.    Ills long and dis-
tinguished public career begati in 1SH7
[when he was a member ot the executive council, and provincial secretary
ior Nova Scotia.    He was prime minister or Nova Scotia  rrom  1864  until
conrederatlon. and played an Import-
jant roln In  the  launching of the  Do-
��� niinlon.   representing   Nova   Scotia   in
j the   various   conferences.     loiter
i led   the   successful   tight   against   the
Howe  secsslon   movement.     In   the
elections   following  confederation   he
, was  the only non-repealer elected   to
\ the   commons   from   Nova   Scotia,   an
|��vldence or his great  personal popularity among his own people.    Ife was
returned   rnurteen   consecutive   timer
by his native coiintv, Cumberland. Between   1870  and   1884  he  was   minister cr Inland revenue, ol customs, or
public works, and of rallwavs and ca-
n-ils.    In  1884 he went to London ns
hich   commissioner     Tor   Canada.     In
1887 he waa minister or finance,  nnii
In  the    following   year  was created  a
Col. Hov announced that he had had
In mind the organization of an Island
rural regiment with at least one or
two companies in Sidney and others
t.ll alone the island, such as Nanalmo,
I.ailvsmlth. Chemnlnus. etc.
Tbrre are many eageri,and athletically inclined young men who have
been overcome hv the military atmosphere of their home during the lasl
week, and are anxi'"*i to r-nt into "he
rinks ot their country. That the island rural regiment idea will meet
with the greatest of sitlsfnc^on Ihr
Island over, Is expected, and ir it develops as anticipated earlv success Is
looked for.
Pestrained  Frcm  Vetinq.
The  Injunction  which   has  been   In
' iree Tor some tim". restraining n. C.
Reid,   p-esidrnt.  ard   manager  of  the
irlami Develoumenl  Company, Limit- !
ed.  from   voting  al   meetings   of   the |
company on the sh;trfs which he holds]
was continued  hy   Mr   Justice  dreg-1
ory Ior one month, and In "he niean-
"irf the shareholders who gave Mr.
Held proxies will have nn opportunity
'o be represi nttd by someone else at
the moetlnc,
Indian Potlatch Over.
I adyrmith.  .Inly   2    Th.*     n"t,latch
being given by the llttlla"  Indians at
'���**!"minus   Hay   the  nast   week  con-
"ludrd on Saturday  There we
in 11y  eight hundred   Indians  In
he | ance comim: from all "'er tli
ind some from the mainland
"n Con-table O'Connell went
cussing further ihe proposed Motor
Licensing bylaw (which had been sub
Jected to a first reading at a previous
meeting) the council listened to the
arguments of three motor car proprietors, Messrs Anson, Tarn and .Jones.
who took exception to the suggested
change of 26 cents for the run to the
suspension bridge from the car service. They asked that the rate should
be 60 cents anywhere on the.run be-
wiih the terminus and the hotel, and
this ��as finally decided on.
Nanalmo, July 2 At South Wellington It Is stati d. some 70 tons of coal
is being broughl to the surface every
two dais, the output given being Ior
Tuesday and Wednesday, It Is stated
thai "h" management or the colliery
employs nine men and Is open for
other labor, expressing further belief
that the mine will be working Its full
; capacity In one month.
The output at Bxtenslon is estlmat-
t tl us follows
All average daily output of coal or
300 cms. A total or 260 men employed.    A  total or 524 ions passed
hut the weigh scales in one day.
Thirteen twenty-flve and thirty-live
tun cars of coal ready for Bhipment to
It is also stated that men are being
booked up rnr Bxtenslon al Victoria,
and thai tin so receiv* either a m ine-
tary advance or a gratuity, in some
cases the booked men deserting thereafter enroute,
As to  work  at   the   Revere  mine, a
'hon.' of contention between the company and the U M. W. of A., it is
nal. tl thai the carpenters have ap-
pealed  to their  union head  ofrice  in
[Canada and have been Instructed
that   provided   they   are   nil   working
] at mines affected    by the    stoppage
' their action will be sustain
As a seouel to the recent  Imports-
S itement  That  Sir  Thomas  Shaugh
ncssy   Offered   Railroad  to   Sir
the   potlatch   tn  see   thnt.
was going on all righ'.
over to
Daniel Cupid, Esq., hasn't been attending to business here in this fresh water port and the stork's getting
ahead of him. Last month there were 19 more births than
in June. 1912, while there were two marriages less than
during the open season for weddings the year previous.
Brace up Cup.
baronet fnr !���'������> ton-ions ns one or th' '"'''*"   ''���'���'
negotiators of thp fisheries treaty. Hn make  ~
returned to Lon thn as hich commls- '"���    '' '
slmier. hut  retired  rrom  that  ollen In '"',   ' '
Iklir,  tn  1','co-e premier of the  Do? '"   "" ''
minion.     In   the  i-nernl   elections  of runn'ng
that year *>ts "dm nl'trat'nn was de This
feated cn th" Mar itoba schools nues- ��d f"
tlon.    He ei*t'""" 't as leader of th*
apposition unel 1"00
Lillooet. I!  C. Jul) 2,   -An excellent
I'art  has been  madi   on  the work of
(the  Domlrflon geological    survey    at
I Hridge   Hiver.   Bays   l     K    Kreeland,
'who is In charge nl the pnrty.
The   parly   ecu
i land,   thre	
of   Mr.   I'"ree-
from    Ottawa,
purpose is to
"  ���       il   survey   ef   an
'*'           *  ; (l square miles,
' ,;-   v'''       mountain, en��-
tl '  ���'��� ��������� i,       n and El Dorado,
''   ''*       '  ���  as Jones' ranch.
I  i" : i   ; li ��� -'   *.vork   Is  intend-
I i Is for a complete
Farmers of I ewer Nicola Want One
cf Their Own.
Merrill. II. Ci July 2. Ai a meeting
ot the runners or Lower Nicola held
at thnt place the tlrst or the week, the
purpose of which was to organise nn
agricultural and live stock association, strong resolutions were nnssed
condemning the ofllcers of the NIcols
Valley  Agricultural  and  Horticultural
��nd compn ii nt Ive geological survey
"f the entire up a, which will be commenced in -��� year by Mr. Bateman of
the nomln op geological department,
work it is the intrntlnn of the department to Issue a topographical may ot
'"���  ""-i   red.    This  will  be  fol-
'*'v."l  by  the  nnhlletiiion  of a eom-
hined   geological     and
may when  Mr   natomr
ed liis ex-imination of thn country
A s'aff corn Bpondent of the Toronto News, writing from Ottawa, sajs*
"Canada has s,k-iii an enormous
sum on the Grand Trunk Pacific
Which is not likely to yield a return
for some years to come; meanwhile
thc money might as well be. buried
iu a hole in the ground for all the
*nnt  it  i'o"u  (., ub or anyone else.
"When Sir Wilfrid was about to
-cart Hi" construction of the Qrand
Trunk I'acific and help that of the
Canadian Northern, Sir Thomas Shaughnessy said to him: -<'Why don't
you buy tbe Candian Pacific, turn it
into a government railway, and multiply its branches as the progress pf
settlement demands? I can make it
easy tor your government to purchase
it, and you will start with the tre
mentions advantage or having a paying transcontinental trunk line under
your control.' By now the Dominion
would probably have netted at least
two hundred millions of dollars In
profits from the Canadian I'ac'fic
with which It could have built new
lines throughout the country.
Unfortunately Canadian politicians,
when in orrice. like to embark on new
and costly enterprises of their own;
for reasons ihni need not.lie s'ated.
And so Sir Wilfrid began te build the
governmenl section of the Orand
Trunk I'ueific through tho wilderness
to Moncton, and assured tha Cand'an
taxpayer and the Englishman who
lent ua the money thai it would nol
cos; more than $30,000 a mile or "54,���
000.000 in all. Poor Mr l-'l Iding rig
ured that it would not cost us more
h-i'i M4.iKio,mm or something h-ss
thmi a year's surplus at that llm", to
construct this section and guarantee
the bonds oi the company for the line
between Winnipeg and Prince Kupert
to boot. The Winnlpcg-Miincton section. It Is now known, wlll cost about
topographical' $200,000,000 whilst the guaranteeing
i has complet-;nroc"8B west of Winnipeg has already
let us in for a huge amount more."
tlons of British miners tn Cumin
land it Is Interesting to note that believing the charges mnde against the
Cosmopolitan Labor Supply Co., ai
employment agency ln Vancouver. I
he substantially true, the departmei I
of emigration has partially cancelled
its license.
The complaints were sent to Ottawa
by J. II. McVety of the trades and a-
hor council The case In point ������'���as
that a number of Kngllsli minors who.
: It Is alleged, were Inveigled to the
coast under false pretences    lnsirue-
, tlons have been sent to M, U. J. Reid
:that the department will not Issue the
Cosmopolitan company a license unless a new application for one is accompanied by a recoinniendntli.il from
Mr   Held  and  rrom   Mayor Baxter   ir
[the agency continues to hire immigrants lor any employment whatever
it will be prosecuted Immediately*
This virtually puts that particular "m-
ploymenl agency out nt business. Th��
department declares lhat strict w.itch
i being kept -m other agencies ai the
Coasl tor slmiliar Infringements oi the
new regulations.
I    Sealed tender!,   addressed    to    the
1 undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
for Dredging, Pitt Itlver, B.C.," will be
received until 4 pin., on Wednesday,
July 23, 1918, tor dredging required at
; Pitt   Itlver.  B.C.
Tenders will not be considered unless made on the forms supplied, anil
signed   with  the  actual  signatures  of
j tenderers.
Combined specification and form of
tender can he obtained on application
to tiie Secretary, Department Of Public Works, Ottawa. Tenders niuBt Include the towing of the plant to and
from the work Dredges anil tugs not
owned and registered In Canada Bhall
not be employed lu tlle perfiirmanci!
Of the work contracted for. Contract-
i tors must be ready to begin work
wlihln thirty tluys after the date they
have boen notitud of the acceptance
of their tender.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to the order of tho
Honorable the Minister of Publlo
Works, for live per cent. (6 pir cent.)
ot the contract price which will ho
forfeited if the person tendering decline to enter Into a contract when
called upon to do so, or fall io complete the work contracted for. If the
tender he not accepted the cheque
will  be returned.
The Department does not bind Itself
to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order.
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa. .lune 24, 1H1H.
Newspapers will not be paid ror thi-**
advertisement   ir  they   Insert   it   without   authority   rrom   the   I) partment.
;-44136. (lfi(!4l
11 * P. O of Klks of the U. of C. mo��t
fie first nnd third ThtinKHiy nt R p. m.,
K. nf F" Bin, Eighth street A Wells
Cray. Exalted Ruler; P. H. Smith. See
I.. O. O. M., NO. M4.���MEETH ON
first, second, third and fourth Wrdni-a-
day In ench month at R p. m.,
In ttm Moose Home. II. J. l��mr,
dictator; P. K. Jom-n, secretary.
ll��adininrtTH of lodge tn tw House,
corner of Fourth nnd Carnarvon streets.
I. O. O. P. AMITY LODOE NO. 17���The
regular ne-etlns of Amity lodge No.
27. I. 0. O. P., la h*ld every Monday
nlrht ut 8 o'clock In Odd Fellows" Hf.lL
corner Carnarvon and EWith street*
viHltlriK bri.thern cordlnllv Invited
R.   A.   Merrlthew,   N.  O. ;   J.   Robertson.
��� V. a.; W. C. CoRtham. P n.. record-
Ini? sr-crctary; H. W. San-gster. financial secretary.
Railway Contractors Make New Ar-
rangements and  Remove Offices.
Fort (Ieorge. July 2. -Superintendent Fetters of the firm of Foley Bros.
Welch A Stewart, railroad contractors, arrived from up fiver yesterday
with Mr. Fetters, who will make Fort
fleorge his headquarters during the
progress ot railroad construction In
this district, lie is building a residence ,-u the headquarters or the big
contracting firm on the Indian reserve.
Wllh Mr. Fetters comet! P R.
Chamherlaln, a brother of President
B. .T. Chamberlain, or Ihe Qrand Trunk
Pacific Mr Chamberlain ls accompanied by Mrs. Chamberlain, and they
also will reside here this summer.
The arrival ot Mr. Fetters this tlm"
means Ihe removal of the pay offices
of Foley Dros.. Welch & Stewart ' I
Fort George. Joseph Roberts, who
will have charge or llle pay ofTlces Tor
the rompany here, Is now at Fori
C.eoree. end arrangements for moving the offices are under way.
MANY  CHANOFS   IN   C,  P.   R.
In I
Calgary Old Timer  Dies.
Cnlgarv. July 2.���More than a quar- Can't  Keep Away  From  It.
ter nf a century a dweller In Calgary, Calgary,    July 2.    Dominic      Mc-
���Incob Kthleman died at his home. He Carthy   Is  again In   trnuhin and  only
Cru��l wonts in-ldo-ra cut lazy jicople.be   no   Bprochmnking.     It    -won't    I.*
ta tlw quick. much  of a  picnic  for  them.
Associations for what thev considered  was * ne of the oldest and best known ��� through having a friend produce a ball
Take ihinss easy, il ttcy don'l be ,, |a quite pr���Ppr tr, kick nbout the
tta-xtr to otix-rs. prevalence   of   rain,   but   hov,   many
PrfrnaiiT v.:*- hairs cause tho would rather help furnish material foi
-ffootit fo d'*" Jtran-g
an eastern "heal fatality" story'
Thrrf'b no uhov for the small boy Two llerlin publishers bnve dcvla
who ctn't !.:���' i'i   circus, ed a scheme for combined telephoni
inewa and  mus'cal Bervlce to be bup
tJarbast" and love letters should hi piled to telephone subscribers for i
t>urti;-u b*fo��i   iti'*i create trouble.       monthly paymenl -i $1.25.
Onr.e  ia a, Kront   while  there la  a The Herman "overnmenl has order-
j(0VtM.��l  bf��"��  ���*)���"> wis a '.;..,   with  il ed the consiru       n tif .  plant   which
'at*, heme- Will use governu, ml coal antl hi  cap
-_.-,._ able of produolng 6,000,000 barrelt  of
Ilea   iand   wAinn-ji   take   il*   iTat'i benzol, Iho new  fuel, annually.
cttanci-      -.cuiei'uuw- -tor      Iflstanci ���
m.*v.-.i tta     ,.v;  tr.MTVik Salesmen of machinery too largi   to
������.��� b" carried around are finding moi   t
The  I.  \-i    W   in  Spokane    are    I" picture  rilms  useful in  Bhowmg  pi
h.-ivi-  .-.   ���            >'   vliii*-)!  ihnri'  is  to poctlve   customers   the   operation   if
the unfair manner In which th"v con
ducted a public meeting, which was
held In Merrltl Some six weekfl ago
said meeting the ntlrpose if wh'eh wa��
t" consider and flnaly accept the
suitable site In the vallev upnn "
lo erect permanent buildings in which
to hold  Ihe annual fair
From   the  sites  nfTererl     the     t*   ��� ���
suitable   one.   aceordlnr   to   the   \   ���
taken,   wns   the   one   offered   hi    lh
people of Merritt and  "i"  nne  v h
wns finally accepted.   The n ��� ���
Of this * !'i- vis the "-'-'""��� of th
gales front Lower Nicola lo rise in a
body   in   th"   meeting   nnd   I    the
hall, when they saw lhat Merrltl was
in have the agricultural buildings,
And now ihey Intend tn start in agricultural association of their own.
Another resolution that the fat rs
of Lower Nlcoln passed wns ni    prav
ini'  to  the  provincial  goveri n i nl   lo
withdraw -lie government granl to the
Nicola Valley Agricultural and 11 rtl
cultural association.
' i algtir ans nnd  his  name  was  re-
 ' ���' throughout the west.    He had
be, i pick for ahout a couple or weeks
tnd   'I   ivaii   nit   thought   his   illness
is so serious till th" last moments
drew near.
Th" late Mr. Hshlnmnn was born in
'.'���'Torino county. Ontario, 15 yars
'i* * nnd came out wesl in Vi"^l when
ie located 8t Wlnnlpi " for a time   II"
bond for Vn'i did be escape spending
the nighl In the pollce station. Dominic's old failure of having a long-
mg for gambling way the cause of his
tr Millie.
McCarthy, who is known to the
Calgary police as an Inveterate gambler, was on his way from Lethbridge
to Calgary ;. ei lerday. when a chance
for  nn   easy   game  presented    its"ir.
.���rt.ni.i"d it" re for e'-ht years In all Alex, lipblnson, n farmer from tlie
and worked in tho employ of Jsme H ou'h of Lethbridge, consented to be
Atbdown in Ih'ise earlv days wh��n nd Into a gnme of poker for small
the bltr hardwire huslnt ss or the ��������� I stakes, but before he had linlshed Do
vas only first feeling Its way. In I8S" mlnlo had annexed the Robinson
Mr.  Kshleman  came  I  rther  west  to  watch and chain, valued by Alex, al
Calgary and nctiii ns an employi f  $30.50,
tho Ashdown people here lor Bome Robinson opened up bis vein valve
years. Some time later he embarked when be landed nt the C, P. It. Btatlon
on a piano agency nml tuning busl and Detective Ultchle was attracted
ness and he was one ur the earllncl by the explosion, lie quickly singled
inner;-, known in this part ol the out McCarthy, and Robinson Identified
world. In this e-'u-ieM*. he was known khe gambler aa thc man who had tak-
"ut* "-in or c-ilgn-v and traveled much [en Iho watch. Ritchie placed Mc-
in Ko"''uay end 'V- nations ������: Al- Carthv under nrrcsl on ."'- charge of
berta lhat were then .  Ultil. I g-.abllng,
Winnipeg, July '.' H s. Jenkins,
general superintendent of the C, I' ll
western telegraphs, is retiring from
that position, to be succeeded by John
McMillan.   n"w     superintendent
Manitoba. Mr. Jenkins will hnve a
new position crested for him, B. M.
Payne, local superintendent of telegraphs in Winnipeg, will occupy the
position vnonted hy vir. McMillan.
James Kent of Montreal, manager
of the c. p, ii  telegraphs, announced
; these ct-inntct. He was unable to say
what the title attaching to Mr. Jen-
Ii|e��" pew   pof.itjon   wonld   be.
Mr. Kent, who is In the west nn h's
Innnual Inspection trip, stales 10.000 nd-
*'titieo-il miles of wire would he strutm
��� by Uu' c  P. It   thla year.   Hair or this
I amount is to be In  Ihe west,    in the
prairie  provinces  and   Ilr'isli  Colum.
j bin  4..rie0  miles of copper wire are to
be <"-eeird.    This amount  inohut"s lhe
exli nsion of through commer"inl wires
ini train despatching telephone   circuits.
r.-yj Ci*** Or--i Today,
liin;;. ton, July 2. Greal Interest in
bcinf taken in military clrclos In I'm
I ���nil t camp, which is to be hi bl tit
ll-irrielii'bl, beginning July Mrtl and
continuing until July 8th. lt is i-x
i etui lhat nbout 1 BOO young Bolcl-
Icrs if the king will be undor ean.
vas. An attractive program li .:��� been
arranged. Including lessons in swimming. Ono day will be set aside for
athletic contests and a rund has been
.'and lor tin  purchacc of prtzeti
ter 4 Hanna. Ltd. I���Funeral director*
nnd embnlmers. Parlors 40B Columbia
ntrct.    New   Westminster.    Ilionn   SSS.
W. E. FA LES���Pioneer Funfral Director
nnd Embalmer. 612-618 Agnes "tr��fet
opposite Carnegie Library.
It    J.   A.   BURNETT,   AUDITOR     AND
Accountant    Tel,  It.  I IK.  Room :.  Hart
P. II. Smith. W  J. OrovBl.
Werk  undertakin   in   city   and   outslda
jtolntH.    211-12    Westmlnnter   Trust    Hldg.
Phone  304.     P   O.   Box   607.
Sale, I'eetls. lttisiiu-SH Letters, etc., circular werk specialist    All Weik strictly
confidential    ii  Barry, room its Wuhi-
inluslt-r Trust  Blk.    Piliine 7"2
ster Hoard ol Trud*�� ne��ets In thfl Imart
room, City Hull, as follows: Third Friday of each month; quarterly meeting
on tho third Friday of SVIiriiury, May
August nnd November hi i p tn. Annual meetings on the third Friday of
February. C. II. stuurt Wade, HMtcre-
rlsters, Soitelloi-s. etc. 4ft I^irne Hti-fcet,
New Westminster, o. E. Corbould, K.
C.    J.  II. flrant.    A. B. MeColl.
ter-nt-law, solicitor, etc. Telephone
Ift7ft. Cable ad-ireful "Johnston."
Code. "Western Union." Offices, Bills
lilork. 562 Colurtihla street. New WeBtmlnster. B. C.
sliTe -- Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster Trust Blk., Columbia street,
N��-w Westminster, R. C. Cable addraaa
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. O.
Drawer 20(1. Telephono 09 W. J.
Whlleslde,  Iv.  C.:   II.  L.  Edmonds,   D.
I, HTIl.WLLt. ft.UTE. Biirrister-at-laW.
solloltor. etc ��� comer Columbia an-f
MoKi n'le streets, Now Westminster.
B. c    P. O   llox   112.     Telephono   Tit,
Solicitor and Notary. Offices Hart
liioek.   2S  l^irne   street,  New  WestmlD-
iler.   H    C.
M'-it'ARR] h,    MARTIN     A    GASSADT,
I la it Is', t��   -url   Solicitors.    60B   lo   SIS
" ��� iti  In m .   Trust   Block.    (I.  E.   Mar-
O.   MoQuarrle   und  Ueorge  L.
' a. ...uiy. Hi
.piffliimpiii .  ijiiim i. ,i
Charges Against Toronto Policeman���
Dismiss  City   Architect���Fined
For Stalking  Spooners
. Toronto, July 2. Charles Gibson,
sr.. father of the young mail who is
under   sentence   of  deutli  al   the  Jail,
complained to W. Chambers and to
the police commissioners ot alleged]
misconduct  on  the  part  of Constabli
Chapman ot tha police force.
Mr. GlbBiin's Btatement is thai the
officer, while over at the jail bi cured
admission to lhe death cell and going
up lo the condemned man snapped
bis fingers in Ills race, saying. "I told
you, Gibson, thut you hadn't much
Chance of n new trial." The boy reported the taunt to his father, and tin
latter Is exceedingly angry over the
"My boy has enough to worry him
without a pollce officer treating hlm
in this way." lie declared. "Whal
rlghl has a police officer lo go in to
see my boy like that when even I.
IiIb father, cannot get In to see hlm
wllhotit  ii pass?"
When Mr. GlbHon reported tlie matter to Governor Chambers tb'' latter
BtAtedI bill It bad already been broughl
to his notice, and he fllnci rely regretted that the young man had been
subjected to such treatment   lie ad
tied that he had taken the guard on
duty at the time to task, and had
given orders which would prevent a
recurrence or the action objected to
by Mr. Gibson.
Judge Winchester promised Mr Gib
son this morning that lhere would
be an  investigation.
Tie Can to Architect
The city architect's department Is
to be reorganized with a new head
as substitute for Hubert McCallum.
At a meeting oi the hoard ol control.
Controller Poster moved as follows:
"Thai it be recommended thai Hubert McCallum, city architect, be grant
ed three months' leave ot absence
and that the board proceed forthwith to nominate a city architect and
that the person so nominated shall
be possessed of competent ability to
reorganise and systematise the department In a milliner lhat will meet
wllh the approval of the city council
and the  public."
The controllers frankly voiced their
opinion thai a change was neccessarv
and that the reorganisation should be
far reaching in its acope. The matter was allowed to stand until controller Church returns from Washington
Old   Berkeley   House
The old Berkeley liouse at uno King
street east Is said to be 12u years old.
so it muBt have felt unite at home
when mentioned at sedate Osgoode
hall   recently.
Mrs Small, widow of the late John
Small, collector of customs lived there
after ber husband's decease until
some months ago, when sh,- removed
to 6 Karl street. It was explained
to Chief Justice Kalconbrldge that this
aged  lady    she can't  be far from  SO
had sustained five strokea of para
lysis since 190S. ond that Ihe home-
Stead on King, helween Onturlo and
Berkeley, was not adapted to her ron
dition because of its antiquity,    As
Mr Small's will did not give the executors the necessary authority, they
asked permission to sell or mortgage
the old Berkeley property nnd to
purchase 6  Karl slreet for $8000,   Mr
Small died on February 10, 1909. lib
lordship, acquainted with the family
and residence, mad" the order as de
Boilermakers' Strike
One serious result of tha boiler-makers'   strike,   which   ia  still   on,   nasi
been to force the employers affected
to Bend large quantities of iinsiarted
work across the line, and It Is said
ratlu r than submit to the demands ol
tbe strit ers thut ihls policy will
contiinn d indefinitely, probably to
the delr ment of the local union, that
one employer declared Is. owing to
the lack of support from the International body, from which it seceded
some time ago, running short of fund*,
This Is the fourth week nf the strik*
and about eighty men nre out still.
the Poison mid llerg plants being lhe
only ones to which the men have returned. So far, It is declared, no
Btrike wages have been paid and it
Ib said thai there is aome dissatis
faction on this account among the
ranks of the men.
The  Hall  of Fame
if the  suggestion of the  friends of
Dr. .lames  I..   Hughes is approved  by
the Olty   council, a  picture  In   oils or
the retiring ehier Inspector or publlc
Bi-hools will be hung lu the corridor
of the cily ball, among the other portraits that now make ii "hall of fame"
The board of control will recommend
to the council that a civic address
and presentation to Pr. Hughes mark
the appreciation of the city for his
lengthy services in the public schools.
Wlll Cost $4,000,000
Works Commissioner Harris has advised the board of control thnl the
outlets and trunk sewers, together
wllh a sewerage disposal plant, exclusive of lateral or street sewers,
will coat $-i.uoo,ooo. A comprehensive
report will be mnde by ihe commie
sloner In the course of a few months
Saw Son Struck
While watching the procession of
motor cars conveying the orphans to
Soarboro Beach, Sammy Baboook, ng1
three, was struck by one if the machines and almost instantly killed
The little boy's mother stood on the
sidewalk and saw her child crushed
by  the  motor  oar,
Sue  City  for  Damanes
The city cf Toronto Is defendant
lu a Bui: tor unstated damages
brought on by the widow of Alex.
McWIlllams of Dutton, who on the
Kth of October last, waB drowned ofl
llle Church Street "Up, at nbout 11
o'clock al nighl, The allegation of
plaintiff ia. tlie city was negligent In
having no protection of anv kind
around the wharf, and no lights what
ever, to warn persons of the end Of
the dock. The action is being beard
before Mr. Justice Mlddleion. in the
non-jury civil assize court in tho city
tu  police court   ciinviet.il  two  young
fellows of disorderly conduct for Bpy
ing on the spooners,   Kenneth  Bolton  and   Wilfrid   Silnilt/.   in re   each
ined two dollars and ci.ats or fifteen
days.    They  were caught  by  the poi-
Icemen lying In the bng grass wltliln i
fifteen  leet  vt n young couple, both j
bad   field   glasses   In   their   pookel I
The alarm of the unsuspecting couple
when the three policemen pounced on i
the boys, with yells and scuffling was
verv   ludicrous,   aald   one   policeman, i
"Stalking the BpoonerS," It Ib thought
Will  become u  popular sport.
Still a Mystery
Thu Inquest at the morgue Into the '
death   or   the   unidentified   man   who S
i wns   found   on   the   cellar   step   of   a
lodging bouse at 181 Wellington street
vest, threw no light on the clrcum-
stanott of bis death beyond proving
that hu died from suffocation, result
lng from the manner In which he lay
after falling  from the balustrade of
the steals
An   Ac-si   Cplnster
M    the   see   Of   eighty seven   venrB
Miss   Issubellu   Mcl.ellan.  one  of  thi
i bleat residents of this cltv lias pass
'd quietly away Bt her brother's home
Saok vlllS slreet. She wub bom In
IS2H at the corner of Ouch-tias and
.Inrvls streets. Her fa.her, the lal"
Malcolm Mel.i linn, waa a merchant
tailor of old Muddy Yurie Tb" family n moved to Yonge and Richmond
Btreets, then to Yonge, opposite Oould
'street, uud finally to Carleton street
where M'ss Mcl.ellan lived for fifty-
four yenrs.
Not Agreeable Surprise
Considerably   surprised   wane   Mr,
'and Mrs. Frederick  llotlne, when lie*
I tool lve  Tavlnr called  nt   their apart
'nunts on Christie street and Informed
them that be held n warrant for their
nnesL    The  other  residents  In   the
houae were nlso surprised when they
were Informed that Ihe pseudo Mrs.
Hotlno Is ln reality Mrs. Minnie Taylor, who eloped a year ago from Kng-
land with  llotlne, leaving  behind  her
a husband and two children.
Well Known Property Sold
Sir Henry Pullatt's propertv nt the
northwest cor-T of King and Toronto
streets, oppoalte 111" Catidian Northern Offices, ib sold ut between $280,000
and $300,000. Sir Henry states ho
Is not In a position to divulge i> y
facts. Ile. however, referrrd lhe reporter to Mr. H. fi. Buckland
estate dealer. "I know who the purchaser ia and what It will coat him."
the latter said when called up. "but
1 nm tied un. I can't give yoa any
Pills Kill Baby
Going out into the garden to hang
out her washing, Mrs. Marcel Qagnon,
gave a bottle of pills to little ten-
tiiontliB old Ceclle to play with. The
bottle was half full of chocolate coat
"d laxative tablets a l' Mia Qagnon
thought It was securely corked. Ilat-
lling Its new toy. however, the baby
managed to shake out the cork and
attracted by the sweet tasting tablets,
consumed Beveral of them. Wben
Mrs Qagnon returned to the room
the baby waB In convulsions brought
ou by the strychine ln the tablets;
each of them contained one Sixtieth
of a grain of the poison and would
be haruilr-BB for un adult.
Have No Authority.
OVER $2,0C0,0G0
n   Pays   fer   Fa
Town   Plan���News
From thc Prairies
ure   To   La/
Winnipeg, July 2.    Tliere Is soarce-
' ly a  day  goes by  that the board  ot
control ia not reminded In some shape
,or form of what an expensive thing
li Is tu construct a Olty without any
attempt at lown planning, ll Is con
Btantly being asked to widen or open
up Btreets, sometimes ai an enormou
cost tor expropriation; exteiiali.ua are
needed hers and there, new lanes ar"
required, and so ll goas week In and
coat the cil y in the
is estimated that Is haa
in the neighborhood if
correct the plana of the
grew  aa Topsy did.
id  I hut   It
Week nui      It
cost the city
$2,000,0000 to
city that just .
The widening of l.ivlnla avenue Is
up for consideration. It hus been be
fore the board on many occasions, and
the estimated cost of the work Is about.
Jlon.OOO. Thla Btreet, which parallels
Portage avenue. Is destined to becotn?
a business Btreet. even aa Kllla avon
ue and Sargeuut avi nue have become
business thoroughfares, but as it is
Banding today, lt Ib extremely narrow and runs into a blind end at
.Maryland Btreet. Tbe traff.c Ib already bo great that a lain- running
through to Sin rbrooke Btreets in lhe
rear of the Deaf and Dumb asylum
Ib constantly congested.
According to ex-Alderman Wilson,
who appeared before the board of
control today, lhe city found It nic-
cessary some time ago to acquire a
strip ef land lli'-a feel in width for tlie
widening of this aame Btreet from
Arlmg oa 10 the city liniitB.
Propose New Road
'The country between Winnipeg !
and Selkirk is the garden of Manitoba," says a geed funds enthusiast,
"and we propose to make it more ac-
cesible. A scheme is on foot at tho
present moment to construct an as-
a real phalt road from W.titiipeg to Selkirk.
The Intention is to follow the river,
going direct from Scotia street, Winnipeg, to Elevlne Btreet, Selkirk, This
road. aB you will understand, will be
In places almost a mile cast uf the
main highway. The latter iB now being Improved and should be in excellent shape by fall. The municipality
ls sharing the expense Wllb the government.   The estimated cost is $170,-
Lesson to Boys
Henry Greening, one ol the members of a gang ot four boys who have
been stealing bicycles about the city
for sometime and Belling Uiem, was
sentenced to serve six months In Jail
(or the theft of a bicycle from a men-
senger boy. The names of tbe other
members uf the gang are in the hands
of the police and warrants nave been
sworn   uut   for   ihem.
Charge Employee
Charged  with embezzling the funds
14   year  term  convict. John   Newton.
v.as pul  on trial for having assisted
them In the i i'fort to smuts liberty.
Copeland and  Poster pleaded guilty.
Copi i mil vita sentenced to six months
Imprisonment   to fellow  the comple- '
tlon of bis present term.    Foster, as j
bs has shown u disposition to assln
the   authorities,   got   suspended   sentence. '
,                   Pastor   Russell
Pastor llussoll, president of the In- ]
ternatlonal   Bible  study   association. \
delivered   his  well  known  lecture on j
"Life   Beyond   the   Grave"   before   a
tremendous audience  In the  conven. j
tion  hull  uf  the    industrial    bureau. *
deuling  with  some of the fundamental questions of thelogy, he embodied
In  hla address  a vigorous refutation
of the  religious creeds    which    put
faith lu lha ' ilBtenoe of eternal torture.
Plan New Edifice
The congregation of All Souls' Unitarian church, which now worships
In the Manitoba hull, have decided to
erect u church, u site having bean se
cured at the corner of Weatmlnater
und Furby.    A general meeting of tlle
members   v. ill  be  held  to consider
the  pluns     It   ia  hoped  to  have  the
i building ready by October 19.
Couldn't Hide a Rabbit
John   Inglls,  the   ruinous  American
crop  expert,  was  In  the city  on  his
way  west  to  Brandon,    Regina    and
Moosejaw, and down the   Hoo   line.
Asked ub to the condition of crops In
the   IJakotaa.  he  Bald:       "They    are
abort and thin.    The recent rains are
helping  the   late sown  crop,  but  the
early   crop   Ib   largely   beyond   help,
excepting   Insofar   as   the   rains   will
tend  io  better  filling."    Speaking  of
conditions in Kansas, Mr. inglla said:
"They call  il  a good crop in  Kansas
when It will 'hide a rabbit In the middle of  May.'    This year in June you
could Bee u jack rabbit a mile away."
Despicable Act
Without u word in his own defence,
without the  slightest altc-mpt to Jus-
* tlfy   or   condone   his   offence,   Philip
j Ponsonby,   aged   51)     years,     pleaded
'guilty to an attempted robbery of St.
Joseph's church. In which act he was
caught at noon    on    Thursday    las'.
Magistrate  Macdonald. declaring that
such a man was a menace to society,
sentenced  him   to   two  years  In   the
Youthful  Bandit
Declaring that he  was a danger to
the   community   at   large   Magistrate
N.  R. Tunnel  Under Mcunt Royal
to Centre of Montreal Proceeds
Working under' continual high pressure for the thirty-one days of May
��� the men who are driving the Canadian Northern tunnel under Mount
Hoyal to give that railway central terminals lu the heart of the business
dislrlit of Montreal, Bi-t up a new rec-,
'ord tor the Northern American continent, that Will probably stand for
many a long day.
Working day and night without
ceasing, one shirt breaking in to excel
the mon they superseded, these tunnel
drivers succeeded In boring through
810 feet In the ill days or May, for
the work did not stop on Sundays. The
mark they passed was set up last year
In the mines of the Arizona Copper
company, and stood at "99 feet of
heading S by 8 feet, In the same time.
But the new slab decorating the cn-
tranceto the Canadian Northern tunnel deals with a heading that Ib 8 by
12 feet. The record, therefore, should
ttand without question.
World's   Record.
The world's record for boring was
made  In  the  Alps,  something like  a
thousand feet being made.    But while i
this   was  accomplished   In   the  same
length of time, It can hardly be com-
lpared with  this of the  Mount Hoyal
tunnel, for the reason that the Swiss
drilling was done through soft rock.
The engineers Bay that for brilliancy
!of perrormance It does not come up to
the standard set by the Mount Royal
tunnel men.    The company, to recognize the achievement   will    present a
medal suitably engraved   to   the men
who actually took part in the record-
���*breaking performance.   They have al-
ri'.dy had their celebration.
j    Two features combine to make this
'; record remarkable.   The firBt was the
i marked personal daring of the men;
i tbe second their perfect   co-operation.
On  the  very  laBt shot  the  first  was
! demonstrated in a characteristic manner.   The holeB had been drilled and
Macdonald Bentenced Herbert Bray. , the blast prepared for the last Bhot,
aged 19, to seven yeara In the penin- which waa expected to loosen fortv
tentlary for housebreaking and high- tons or rock and clinch the record. The
way robbery. men  hurried   back  Just   beyond   the
License Fees danger line, but, when    the    current
About $S0.000 has already been col- [was switched ou there was no answer-
lected In fees by tlie civic license de-* lng road. It was a tense second,
partment for tlle fiscal yiar, which Something had broken. Then with
began on April 1. License inspector oue thought uppermoBt they plunged
Frank Kerr estimates that the collections for the year will amount to
$120,000. The amount collected last
year was $115,288.90, thn estimate for
the year being $101,000. The bicycle
licenses are not good after the first
of May, and the other lie uses expire
cn the last day of May.
appoint a civic vice-commission until
speciul legislation aulhorzlng it to do
so haa been obtained from the provincial legislature, according to the
report made by the city solicitor when
Mra. a. M. liuestis and a delegation
from the Local Council of Women
waited upon the board of control. The
bidies presented the draft bylaw that
Ihey had prepared for the constitution
Of B Commission Of nineteen citizens
In view Of the city solicitor's opinion, however, no action was taken
und it was agreed that the controllers
should discuss the Bituation privately
with representatives of the Council
or Women at a later date.
New   Insulators
"Our aim ia to make the serve?
the lies' In the world." This Is the
Bplrit that ia actuating members or
the hydro-electric commission In their
efforts to prevent a recurrence of the
breakdown In the service, and the
manner in which they are going about
the work of refitting the entire sy*e
t tn wiih new Insulators would prove
that the boast Is no Idle one. In all,
it is planned to spend $30,000 for the
new equipment, and rush orders have
been sent  tn various points.
Submit   Claims  to   Controllers
Forty employees of the waterworks
repair department applied to the
board of control for an Increase of
25 cents a day In thetr wages. If the
request is graftted It will add $16,014
to the city's expenditure, and the
board therefore decided to consider
It   before  acting.
"Well   and   Truly"
The corner stone ot the Toronto
Housing Company's first building waa
"well and truly laid" by bis honor
I.lint-Gov. Sir John Gibson. In the
presence of a notable assemblage of
pr million! professional nnd business
men i f 'be city,
Stalking  Spooners
The. police are kept busy regulatln
the spooners In High park, but a case [Is being proceeded
Toronto will not be In a poBltion to  of  hiB   employers.   Albert   11.  Uogers,
aged Z6 years, who was until recently
employed by the T. F. Ford Publishing Co.. of Toronto, as tlieir Winnipeg representative, was arraigned before Magistrate Macdonald uf the
city police court. As further charges
ire likely 10 be preferred againat him,
he was remanded. It is alleged that
while employed by the Ford Company
Rogers' Accounts became so involved
that an auditor was sent from Toronto to look into the financial tangle.
On his arrival Rogers disappeared
and is believed to bave been In h.diug
even  since.
&uilding  Permits.
It. Taylor has taken Out a permit
for u $-10,000 apartuieut house to be
erected on the southeast corner of
Home and Westminster. The build
lng will be of brick and will be three
storeys In height. Thirteen permits
were Issued by tlle building inspection department, the aggregate estimated cost Of the buildings being $64.-
650. The total for the year to date
is $9,408,750.
Playgrounds Popular.
That 'he Winnipeg playgrounds unbecoming more popular each yenr can
be evidenced ty the large Increase In
attendance the opening week. The
count at the end of the* first week
stiowed an increase of 9000 children
over the opening week of 1912. This
in itself iB very gratifying to those
who are Interested in the playground
movement, lt is not numbers alone
that Bpell success uf the movement,
encouraging aa that phase ot the
work ia, there are many
thnt are far more Important.
Ingenious  Plan
Several Winnipeg motorists have
Complained in regard to what they
claim is a trap laid for them on the
main Portage road twenty to twen-
ti live miles east of Por age La Prairie. This trap takes the shape cf a
manhole about one hundred yards
long, which Is covered on top with
Btraw and furtuB u perfect bar to pro-
gresa over this Bpot without the aid
of a team,   it would appear from in-i
veatigatioiiB  that   wire   mad" "that   a
farmer resident In the dlstrlci  with]
more      ingenuity      than      conscienc.*���
struck  the Idea of providing  for  the
payment on his farm
mudhole and keeping
lit  well  watered and  In  such a  condi
tlon that motorists were bound to fall
\ into  his  trap   with  a  consequent   in
flation of his bank account   It Is said ,
I thai   In one day  he cleared up more )
than  $20 In  hauling motorists out  of j
this particular spot, nnd it can readilv ;
be  seen  how  ll   would   be to  his  ad-
vantage lo preserve this trap for the
passing motorists.
Home  Reunions
At   the   meeting   of   the   Home   He
union association ot Winnipeg, it wis!
reported tlit^, Ibere were now thirty-
Beven associations aottvely ut work
throughout Canada und that W. J.
iiulnian, the founder cf the movement j
was arranging tor a conference of all
| tho  governing   bodies  in   tlie   Domln- ;
Frustrated Escape
The story of u frustrated escape of
Iwo convicts, Joseph Copeland. sentenced to 14 years for un attempt to
Bhoot two years ago tho
stable Patrick J. Traynor. and Joseph Poster, three yeara, from Stony
Mountain penlntentiury, April 28, last.
Deputy  Minister of Agriculture Calls
Attention to Necessity of Instituting
Campaign   Against   Spread.
Mi'iilreal, July 2 Because the tpwp
of i'nt'mi l^ind'iig would not lake
action to prevent the inroad nf nn
epidemic of smallpox, declared by lhe
provincial health office"! to be nr?
vale-it, the Cote,in landing bonrd of
health Is ntifleat.il and the provincial inext morlgag.
officers havc taken charge of thel0* making tli
town at the expense of the municipality,
The whole trouble rises out of a il if-
terence of opinion between medical
I.nst veek Dr. Qatitiller, district
(medical Inspector ot the provincial
board of health, wth headquarters In
Valleyfleld, reported (hat them were
a 1-irgo number or ar'uibe��� caseq -r
Cotean Lending and that the municipal cotifnii had refused to adopt measures to it-event contagion.
Tli's t- - o'i was denied b.* tbe local
health offloer, who claimed the cp������
Wire o"lv chicke-i'iox. Dr. Beatidry.
chief Inqpcc cr of the provincial board
/if heal h nti'i an authority on smallpox, was accordingly sent to Invest!-
, .-ate, iie confirmed Dr, Qauthler'a
As a  result of Dr.  Beaudv'a report
laud   the   failure  of   the   municipality
lo obey orders to take precautionary
measures, the provincial board of
health haa taken full control of the
town from a sanitary standpoint,
-Quarantine haa been established on
12 houfleB and wltole��nle vncclnatlon
The   following   circular   letter     has
j been   received   from   Deputy   Minister
Scott of Victoria, calling the attention
or rarmers throughout the province to
the necessity of oouductlng a  vigor-
ous  campaign  against  the  spread  of]
noxious weads in the province.    This
constitutes a grave menace to the de-
velopment  of  agriculture,   and   tt   is1
very essential  that a determined  effort  be made at the present time tol
combat the evil before it gets too big'
to handle.    It is deplorablo to see iu
many good agricultural districts in the ;
province lljc alarming extent to which j
the Canadian thistle has spread. This
Is one of the very worst weeds iu ^x- !
i ittence end probably the hardest    to
The following course of treatment
which shculd be pursued for the eradication of Canada thistle is recommended by the seed commissioners'
branch of the federal department of;
The Remedy.
Being a deep-rooted perennial. Can- i
ada  thistle should  be  ploughed deep!
in  summer just as the flowers open. \
or the flowering stems may be mow-;
ed down audi he land ploughed as soon
other factors ! ns tbo new growth appears.    As new-
stems  are  thrown  up  they  must  be
cut   off   with   a   broad-sheared   culti- ;
vator. at Intervals during the summer
and  autumn.    Deep ploughing In  the
autumn has been found useful In sup- ;
pressing the thiatlea In Manitoba.
The chief safeguard against Canada
thfStle  and  similar  deep-rooted   per- ]
ennlals,  Is  undoubtedly    a    regular
short rotation of crops with thorough ;
cultivation.    A three-year rotation oft
crops Including two cuttings of early
red#clover for the first year, followed
by deep fall ploughing for hoed crops
with   clean   cultivation   and   a   cereal
Crop for the third will suppress It.
For permanent  pastures and  wih*
lands win re this course -of treatment I
ia  not  fensllie.  p  "Ian  which  Is fol. !
lowed by ninny with great success isi
to keep the iilnnta cut ofT right tit the
crown and never allow them to flow-
er.   This course, if pursued faithfully
will In a few years' time destroy this
All provincial constables and lire
wardens have again this year been
appointed scents fnr the department
In the onf'-roemen' of the provisions
of the noxious weedi net., and ' have
been Instructed In case of non-ciim-
pllance with notices served on owners, to Institute nros^cutions. This in
Itself, however, [a not nil that Is necessary.    II is imperative that the co-
through the acrid smoke aud dust to
find the cause. The break In the wire
was located In a few minutes and
the rock Bhaltered In the explosion
that followed. Over Beven feet had
been blown in an hour.
Aa to the co-operation that waB the
I men's own affair. Realizing that records are made only by men who work
:well together, the drillers hired their
own men.    When they needed a man
"hey hired him;  if he could not fill it
I with the others they fired him.   The
organization finally became one of the
most  efficient  tunnel  gangs    ln    the
world.      Each    man    tempered    his
! strength   to  his  neighbor's  and    the
JBmcke and dust counted for uothing
lat all. 4
Good Time.
It seems flttir. * that the record for
tunnel   boring   should   be   set   up   on
Canadian Northern engineering work
This railway company will have creut-
ed a  transcontinental  across Canada |
from    Atlantic    tidewater   to   Pacific
before another year has gone, and the
sneed   they   have   made   in   building
their lines haa set the whole construction  world  wide-eyed  with  nstouish-
ment.     This   tunnel,     slightly     more I
than  three  miles  long,  was  reported j
to ns the best  way to enter the city !
of Montreal.   Incidentally, owing to its \
potentialities for rapid transit, it gave
that  crowded   and   rapidly  expanding
metropolis Ave thousand    acres more,
breathing space, und  that within ten |
minutes of the business centre of the |
city.     People    said���railway    men��� :
that the work  was  Impossible and a
piece of folly, but daylight will prob-
ably meet somewhere inside the bore
before  the end  of  the  present  year.
The  company  is  contemplating  very i
extensive terminals, and lt is expected
that  Canadian   Northern   transcontl- j
nental trains will be running through
this "record" tunnel before the end of
another year.
McLaughlin Service Covers
the Country.
'ALLY important in buying a car i; ocr-
ice���a feature sought by many but obtained hy few.    Consider then that which
cocs with every McLaughlin car. Through iudepotssocax-rJ
all over thc coun:ry over ��100,000 worth cf parts are carried
for thc purpose cf [jivi.-i���* -quick, adequate an 1 rconcncl service t ) the McLauehlin motorist. You may never nerd this
lervice, It it tue, Ai tlie came it's m'^hty comlurti-i^ t�� taans lint it
is ready when and where you want it.
No cither company Ll Canada haa an- thing lite t'le tame unmatiufXcJ
for tli h purpose. This ll what wc mean by McLaughlin service. It u
til embracing, ipeedy, convenient.    It ovt-ri t'..c country
Call and see these new models at
our showrooms or phone 691 and
allow us to demonstrate.
We have the largest stock of tires
and accessories in the city:
Gasoline and Free Air Station
Storage Batteries of All Kinds Recharged and Repaired.
T. J. Trapp &J Co.
Mclaughlin vehicles for
Over Ten* Years
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Ulock, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Go��d locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term ef years
will be given. Apply to Manager,, The New Westminster News.
Riveted Steel Pines
Steals   Own   Clothes���Charged   With
Ottawa. July 2.--Can a man he called.a thief when he simply steals his
own suit of clothes?
Apparently he can.
At any rate such Is one of the
charges that Adelard Martin, of no- I
where in particular, will face when
the police next find him. Having a I
contempt for a court summons!, Mar- j
tin did not appear before tin.' nlagis- |
Irate, antl a bench warrant was ls- :
sued for his arrest. The case In some i
respects Is au extraordinary one.        I
Marlin  was charged with vagrancy
last week by Joseph l-aflcur. Adelard |
moved himself Into the I.alluur domicile some weeks previous,  but  when,
asked to pay his rent, as per agreement, some weeks later, he Innocently ,
disdained all knowledge of such inun- ;
liane matters and rcfUBed to consider
p. proposition.
Lnfleur then seized his hoarder's
clothes and bade Martin to seek new
quarters. He locked up Martin's,
clothes In a trunk. The'latter came
back In a few days, when the Lafleur
family was out. and took or stole IiIh
haberdashery and made a hasty
P.  O.  BOX  442
TELEPHOtrc 3��*
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor  wBere����
Want Sunday Cars.
W'unlneg. July 2    Selkirk lown will
i shortly have a Sunday electric railway
! service right up to its southern con-
operatlnn of it"�� farmer* themselvpg lines bb a ret ull of the sweeping ver-
bo eeoured, The provisions of thfjiilct In favor of the Innovation in st.
noxious weeds act are stringent j Andrew's municipality recenUy. The
enough, but Its proper enforcement! final vote In the municipality was sev-
onnnot he eft" eted to the be"' ad-an-   enty  to six  In  favor of Sunday  cars.
; tnt'e   un
; share  and
take   steps
.they seed.
the farmer' do ihei"
see that their neighbors
to destroy weedB before
I fust, therefore, that we
tmay bave united  action along  these
1'"''   l l*""  lines, and that effective work will be1
done this year towards the suppression of those weeds which are proving such a menace to successful agrl-
and tt Is understood the company is
ready to Ftart cars as soon us, In conference with municipal authorities, a
schedule satisfactory to all can bc
drawn up. With this sweeping twelve
to one verdict In favor of Sunday cars
In the municipality Immediately ad-
Joining Selkirk on the south there Is
no doubt but that th* towiv Itself will
was told  Chief JuBtice  Mathers  and4cultural development in different parts I go almost unanimously ln favor of the
a Jury uf the asslies when another jot the. province. I change.
in Weatmlnater with Boulevard Dowr Bltulithic on Sxcourt Sanecl. ��=
, the C��ntre.
Bltulithic is noiseless, nonsllpp��ry, prurtteaU; diistlnm. teaixy bci
horses' feet, and, ubove all, particularly duruhle. for ih-aa rf*����i>i>!"
Ilitiillthic is commended highly by o�� iters ul automokOra and twr��en.
householders, ana city officials. It has been adopte-d by fcrTlw.. otic
in Canada, aud over two hundred in the United State*.
Columbia Bitulithic, Lt*"
Phone Seymour 7130.       /1-4-717 Dominion Truat ��� </.:��*, ma%*%t ���
��*ac f-ct>fl
THURSDAY, JULY 3,  1913.
--  ts
Frest Water and Salt��� WANf IT-0H
-r-1-f  I. =
The following vessels passed
through the draw at the Kraser river
bridge yesterday: Helen M. Sc.inloii.
Senator Jansen up and drown, and
the Beaver upward bound.
From Cuba.
Completing    a    voyage of 71  dans
from   MatamaSi  Cuba,    the    British
steamer St rat had ni, Capt.  Dunett, ar-
1 and Personal
But the Price of that Old Court Houae
In Vancouver���Archbishop Back
from Boundary.
Y.lfiepuver, July 2.    Agreed that the
., sieuun-r ctiraiiiHtiiii, i api.  uuiieii, ar-   old  'colirt   house   site   nhQUld   be    ob-
S1iarj> iH iiab iVclor.k thiB afternoon rived In Vancouver yesterday wiih a [ tainrd: for the city, ihn city council
���.we flrat pair -atlli be driven and actual cargo of raw Cuban sugar for the H.C.! have uj.Cldetl to reopen negotiations
.���1-nntru-ctigiB   Malted    In    New Wesl- refinery. 'Mr thijiblpck with the provincial gov-
-iHter'** I ttxh*n.talked     ot   harbor   ornmeht. and wlll send a delegations
���cheine. a nelitrae that uow calls for; Loading 200,000 Bushels. | to   Victoria   In   the   future   to   confer
itn i niwnditurc of over 15,000,001).        |    The   Ilrillsh   steamer
\V. K. brieker, of this ctty, returned
from a visit to the east on TueBday.
IC. It. McMillan and his mother have
left fur thu cast on a vacation. They
will visit friends in Saskatoon nnd^
Mrs. ('. S. Davis's left on Tuesday
for hor home in Mousotnin, Saskatchewan. She Is In receipt nf a wire that
her mother Is seriously 111.
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Gillies, of the
Lindsay, Ont.! Warder, were ln ��thq
city yeBterday and called on Chief of
Police and Mrs.  Ilrudahaw.
Mrs. M. M. Shore,
visiting her mother,
Jones.    Miss Grace
of Merritt, If
Mrs. Ilashwood
Lord   Derby, with tile executive on the terms they  has Just returned from Merritt, where
The lM*T**xtx\ lMa�� win bc atarted to- Captain Fellows, which for two months demand.      Mayor    Baxter,    Aldermen  slle Hus visiting lur sister.
��� :n\. ha-*t**->r. will cost abt nl $500,000,  waB In drydock at Esqulmalt, is now Mallon   ami   ('ameron   and   Chairman i    Kenneth  Myers,  formerly  secretary
���.-lulling   txf   ronrac   quite   a   large  berthed  al   I'ortland  taking aboard  a \V. It. Owen", of the pnrk board, were r.f the Progressive ussoclallon, has ex
urn-Hint that , has already  been  spent cargo of 100,000 bushels of grain  for named by    Alderman  Bam say    In liis  pressed his intention of remaining in
i ni.isai'ito.  ���iii>  and  In  purchas-  Kurope.    Sbe will get away from the motion   thai   finally   obtained   prefer-  London,  where  he    will    engage    In
tat: iijiiipiri-nt  that  will   be  used  by  Columbia about the end of the week.
the clt* i�� i ll*V**f lm  Ilu;  quay  wall ! 	
lhal is to be slarjed tins afti rnuon bv | Coming From Atlantic.
Ue contractors.  meumcr, Halloy   anii '    The  Pacific Coast Steamship eom-
an-ti.   "Use amount Of this contract  pany's big coaster Congress which  Is
i.-i Slti2.rt*t I shortly  to  leave  the  Atlantic on  her
A banquet; will be held previous to!maiden voyage to Seattle, has been
tbe crmam "I itrri rug the first pile, placed on berth on the other side. She
at which COirnrJ .1 1). Taylor, M.P., will load a cargo at Philadelphia for
w-811 he the kiwA nt honor. Colonel i Seattle and San Francisco according
Tkyler has witNtoil with untiring to present plans.
��'tti;r��y in the interests of llie city
ence over;that of Alderman Hepburn
that the. ijeflnltelngure of $500,000 be
offered to the province for lhe site.
Archbishop Returns.
newspaper work.
William Manson, jr.. son of the  provincial  member  for    Prince    Rupert.
\f er bis seven weeks'
-oAmeetion ��: h the harbor scheme,
ami has srairrd the ujijiroviU of lhe
tnirbrr tixu:. the granting of the fore-
��Ijtirr -rights and the passing cf the
tnrtaT ���t-s^rMBkia"um ud.
Invit.l?.i��.s havt' I eon issued to the
mayors and aldermen, reeves and
.touncithrrs of fhe -surrounding cities
aad ���HUhllilTI111 IS. -iin'tiihers of the
Itominion und jirro hit-ial governments.
txianis of tra.de of the district and the
v'iy-ic��--"ar Progress club. Invitations
hai'i: aLia Jmvid issued Id the presidents "if the Nuw Westminster board
���nf trail*, "trades and labor council and
PfOf*j****SM namtiathm.
tlclrue) Taylor will he the only
speaker at the luncheon, but there
will be -others nt the pile driving cere-
cui-ny. which will talce place at the
font of Kightti Btreet at 2 o'clock.
Spfahers thure will probably Include
11. ,i. Stevens, M.I1., Vancouver;
Thomas r.itTurd, M.P.P., New West-
���minuter; F. J. MaeKcJiizie, M.P.P..
I hlm: IJi-rbor Engineer A O. Powell.
iiiiB the reeves of -Uur-naby, Richmond
find Fraser a ilia
MavLir Gray will g'rve the concluding
iKfdresa ,i-*l will Hum officiate on Ilu*
pile *m*rerer, which will be suitably
jtwiiniiPit for the orcaBlon.
the   Krotenays   and   Boundary,   His
Grace  Archbishop  Casey  returned  to
the   city   on   Monday   afternoon,   and
was      welcomed      buck      by    Father
O'lloylr. O.M.I., D.D., and Father Pey-
The new steamer isjtavin, O.M.I.. on behalf of the clergy,
lo get  away  on  her  first   trip  about  In  an  Interview  bis grace  had  many
July L'2, and is expected to reach San ; Interesting comments   to mnke on bis
FrhnciSCO about  Sept.  C. Itoi-r which.  Knve him  a close insight
Into snirilital and temporal affairs in
Waterh*)use Steamers.
Mcrsrs. Frank Waterhouse & Co.
repoW; the. following movements of'
steamships comprising the I'acific
fleet: Harpagus, sailed from Manila
for Yokohama, June 24; Falls of
Orchy, sailed from Seattle for Portland via Victoria. June 2X; Flintshire,
Palled from Portland for Yokohama.
June 10; llarpalyce, arrived San Francisco June 13, to load on Pacific coast
for orient about middle of July.
that por"on of tho province,
But They Will  Do It.
Opium smoking as a pastime In losing  favor  nmong   tlle   Inhabitants  of
the local Chinese quarters, due mainly to   the   strsnuous   efforts of   the
members  of    the   "Chinatown    Stalwarts."  who    hnvp    during    Ihe  past
throe montha created    havoc    amen���
the oriental devotees of the proscribed
drug.    In this period over 50 arrests,
havc been   minle bv Detectives   Seal-
lien  and  McLaughlin,    and    over    L'fl
Prince Rupert Docked. opium joints have been ra'ded. Opium
Victoria, July 2. -The passenger to the value of $,"i"H has b'on seized
steamer Prince Rupert, of the Grand nnd the Instruments such as pines.
Trunk Pacific fleel, wlll be drvdocked lamps and toys confiscated, These last
at Esquimau today following her nr- are some times of great value tn their
rival from Prince Rupert.   On lier last  owners,  often  elabnrately   inlaid  and
tour through l wll�� has been attending at the Colum
blan college for the past term, has re
turned to IiIb home In the northern
Captain and Mrs. Jackson, of Nelson, will be welcomed by the mem
bers of the Salvation Army at a s raw-
berry social this evening. Captain
Jackson will lake charge of lhe
Westminster branch.
Washington. July 2.���The president
and Mrs. Wilson announced tonight
the engagement of tlieir second daughter, Miss Jessie Woodrow Wilson, to
Francis Rowes Sayre, of Lancaster,
Pa. The wedding is eipected to lake
place next Noveml i r al the White
liouse. Mr. Sayre Is al present an
attorney In the office of District Attorney Whitman of N't w York.
voyage the Prince Ilupert lost a blade
of her propeller and will have a new-
wheel installed before resuming service.
Thc new governroenl boat Fispa is
being tin-nt-d iivit to the department
���of fisheries this morning and in ���bout
trine week Chiet inspector Cunningham
will roaJie hit Iir; I official trip 111 tbo
mew craft. Sines, Inr trial trip on
.lime IS ahe has been lying ��t the
Klips -el her builders, the Marine Rail-
way cominuiy. l.ulu island, where the
list finishiftir'tonchrs have been made.
In that rime the davits havc bun
��-v*-��-.u'tl umi a motor launch and ten-
*\**r put SQsdkA; the lighting arrange-
HM'tita have Ini it cninplt-t tl and the
e.**a*t*** iMunnfw,'Tind propeller shift
bav? been thoroughly tes'id. Till
last tif i.v.* puiti.tii.t; scraping and
vara ..<h tag is now completed, and the
��� tan 3wJ upp��-r fillingi, ure on. Al*
icigatfc-FT ii��- ,+:mpa is one of the most
ship-Ftia*���*���*. usaii to be found In a
���mimlh's cruisr_
'ftte* tfoeattbn of a suitable dock for
���Ui ti.-v tonal is mill being Debated
bv Uo r*,M Inspector, bul i: is llltelj
iihc- will iniihi iter headquarters ai
Boats -plsct*1 al the lower end of In
watertri-nt hrrp, proi ably near Lull
island wtMrp ahe will be out of tho
������way <if traffic and where good wintei
���luat^r-.' ran bc secured.
It i? a raatt-or of conjecture jusl
howfthc "peculiar name l-'ispa was ap-
plU-d to itui n: w boat. Inspertor Cun
��� ���nin---.liam i-'inrtis hi' has no idea, but
tiie ct ihe r itThi, in the department,
������if an busgbiativi turn of mind, holds
th.-.t ���'���,'.-." ihr first syllabls In Usher*
lee, arid "pu." ilxr firfl Iwo letters In
Pncljc ******** united, in coBslderaillon
i* the i-ii'ji'jiiu,'. met with in securing
���ruiniei. not already registered this
ar.lutk-ii 'sbCilui ftttsly enough.
Kiigtni^-r SebOCV. Ihe naval archi
tteet vim ctnuxtu-d the FSspa, will de-
liver nil pajx-rs lo ;be department of
fisheries th*i�� wetfk, uift this morning
iir beat vlrt'iall> raeomes the propertj ��'f the -gomraxienL
The    magbwt    Samson    and    ihe
dredge  ii.hlins  returned to work at
h    Pi lbs jeali til:n marnlns
-   . * ��� docked ;.t the marl   *
-i-h  rl  ���    ilfntay  afli-i in on
Tii* l      l   arfolNlocki I al Ihe tn I
ket wit r; yesterday.
New Dock in Use.
II' llingham, July 2.���The inland Navigation company's new dock In the
Whatcom creek waterway berthed ils
firse vessel at 8:15 yesterday morning
when the steamboat Kulshan arrived
from Seattle. The dock Is SCO feel
long and 10-0 feet wide.
Ninety Chinese Abeard.
Victoria. July 2.���W. R. Dale, loeil
agent of the N. Y. K. line, li.is been
advised that the steamship Tatnba
Marti will reach William Head at 7
a.m. tomorrow, and being given a
quick clearance at the quarantine station, should reach port before 9 a.m
The Tamba Maru Ib bringing 132 passengers for. Victoria, Including ?I
chased  with silver.
Will  Pay Up.
Influenced by the turn of alters in
���he tirst moved of W. li. A. R tohle,
K.C. io tax bis legal bill for drawing
nn tif False creek agreement, ihe
city council, by a vote of nine in flve
deeided to make haste and settlo tho
bill if still possible, at the original
sum of $2600. In so doing It put in
effect a resolution that was lost before tho finance commit lee last Friday.
Nct In on It.
While personally approving of the
idea. Rajah S'ngh. one of the leading
Hindus if the local colony, stated
ihat it was not the Intention of bis
compatriots In Vancouver to urge a
boycott Of Canadian Imports into In
dia unless an unfavorable reuly
brought back    by the    delegation
An  interesting event
the residence cf Mr. . ,i Mrs,
Maple street, on the >0th ult..
David Donaldson and Miss
Craighead were married In tin
ence of a company of their f
Rev. A. Dunn officiated The
was attended by Miss Lizzn
while  William  Craighead    acti
hist man. The coupl
honeymoon, will tuke
rienco in this city.
UP  Hu
place at
tl     as
'Continued from tinee otmi
go right ahead and  if tbey  I ike ou'
an Injunction let them go ahead  Then
is nothing to stop us rent In.- the plai i
If we cannot purchase.
.  !    Councillor      Walker-   Th*       pt   pie
is* could not raise an objection 'iiit'l you
of  proposed to buy it and you only re-
Come Thursday^ and
See the  Assortment
These Few Items Will Give You
an Idea of theOfferin&s We Have
Remnants Half Price
Today at 9 O'clock
Tho   greatest   clearance   of   Remnants   tbls   season.
short lengths the season's besl selling materials;
silks. dreiB goods, was a goods, ginghams, prints,
etc.; shirtings, sheetings, toweling, cottons, flannelettes, curtain muslins, etc. On sal" al nine
o'clock Thunday   HALF  PRICE
Fascinating Styles in
Women's Summer
Coats at $4.98
Full length coats, in a superior quality of natural
linen, repps, in white (nun and natural; some
showing beli.il effect; Itussian collar; all sizes;
regular to $8.60.    Clearance Sale I'r: *        .S4.9*8
Women's   Underskirts at
Clearance Sale Price
$1.12 Each
-An cpcnrt of
provided for
tary of the
journey from
Ls this month.
ns inn
���ivell r
���*.\ fiettdl
(7 ifti..
. !   . !
-.:  timL
frcm   tti
��� er
Ill   \
mil :i:!t tl
at Ibe ��
glr   i
ii   wharf
jealenlaj aj
Thi"   1 ���:
1  i.
has    i ���������
a-urnr-tl ti
Los Angeles. July 2-
18 warships will be
Josephus Daniels, Been
navy, on bis projt eti d
'San Diego lo Los Angel
according to a telegram received from
Congressman Stevens today. Proctie-
ally all Ihe vessels of the Pacific coast
fleet  will  comprise the escort.
Alert Hay wlrelees etatlon reports
that tho Aliifka Steamship cotnmnv's
Bteamer Dolphin, which on Sunday
morning went aground off Pearce is-
I'ltttl and    subsequently    floated, left
'Aleri bay at 10:40 Tuesday forenoon
for Seattle, escorted by the li ('. Salvage company's vessel Salvor.   As far
jas can be ascertained the Dolphin
suffered very little damage when she
struck on Pearce island but before attempting to steam BOUttl her skipper
decided thnt it would be the host
policy to await tbe arrival of a convoy.
(ir.iee and company's new liner Colusa, making her maiden voyage, is
due at Vancouver today. For Drltish
Columbian ports ihe Colusa carries
shipments of Europpan freight and
, fruits and miscellaneous merchandise
(rom  San   Francisco.
nn finishing her discharge at \';m-
couver Hi" vessel will go tn the sound I
with 1500 tons of nitrate from ports
of chile f, r Dupont, and 60 tons of
fire I rick nml other freight from
Eur po for T icmna Al oul 6OO.OC0 fert
i i creosoted inline will !"��� t tk n un
iitinl from Si utile in be loaded on thel
it   11 fi -,- iv r it turn voyJi
Britiah Columbia Hindus which lefl
in March 14 for I ondon to lav their
case before the officials of the liritish
government, and latir going to India
On Monday a despatch was published
stating tb\t Victoria Hindus had em-
i bodied lh" ideti of a commercial boycott against Canadian imports in a
resolution which was to be aent to the
liritish government  authorities.
Ccuple cf Dominion Day Jags End in
When   Dominion   Day.    1914,    rolls
along, Charlie Ste'n  and Tnnv  Paris
will look ep their diariis and discover
���It- entry. "Royal Columbian hospital,|on ,hf'-r own '    xv'  never objected to
July  1.  1913." going to the people.
Charlie    nnd    Tot.,    remembering     Councillor Martin   The object of the
that Tuesday waa the anniversary of  fjri"..!"u.1 thf' second petition is prac
:he Canadian federation, boarded the
solved  to buy  it two weeks
Councillor Mounce. We looked ii
over three months afgo. You and
Councillor Martin did nol approve of
Councillor Walker-vl do not approve
of it yet.
The Reeve.
The Reeve���The council n"\"r turned d -wn the proposal to go to the pnb-
1 lie. 1 cy onlv required tii" one-
fifth number of signatures and gave
ithe petitioners another fortnight to
get them. Thi y dil not bring the petition back, They brought anoiher.
asking that the question be lert over
until the next municipal elect ion.
thereby takine the matter oul of the
council's  hands   altogether  and   going
Eighteen only Cotton Heatherbloom Underskirts;
made with deep pleated flounce; in a shade of
light and dark reseda, .ire i.; usually sold ai ? 1 7.'.
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Quick Clearance 58c
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Five   dozen    missis'   Umbrellas;    strong   steel   rod;
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Clearance Sale Price 68c
About twent) dozen in this lot; gloria covers; steel
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$1.60.    Clearance  Sale  Price       93c
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i iver;  Bteel rod and frame! usually Bold at $2,60
in $.",."'ii    Clearai  Sale Price      $1.98
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wool covers and  pure silk;   for men and  wimieti,
straight bandies, guni quallt) mountings,   Clear-
on '��� Salo Price   $2.85
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silk gloria covers; selvage edge; steel rod. frame
and bulb dinners; elegant liat.illfs; plain with neat
trimmings and mountings; Bold ub high as $12.00,
("learance Sale  Price    $4.55
Next to Indispensable
Women's Rain Coats
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Sale Prices
lis possession renders a woman independent of
weather conditions, imr store is ready to e<jiiip
AT $10.85 We are offering for a i-iiiok clearance
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chin; close-fitting collars; all Beams Becurely
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I'"���  ���*       $10.85
souse special nnii decided to show the
natives a little speed. Charlie at a
Lite hour began to hollor blue murder
and. when taken In was found to have
a dislocated shoulder sustained in ;i
scrap at Sapperton. Ins'ead of sallln."
Into port and berthing, Tony was
blr.wn out of his course and, in tacking back, missed his footing on a
Tw, Ifth Btreet car with the result
ihat be put one of bis knee joints out.
flcili will remain under the care of
the nurses for a few days.
Ncn;enre in Prayer 2ook.
L. i.th n, July 2. -In the upper house
of convocation for the province of
Canterbury* the Bishop of Ely today
moved i n solution for the appointment of a committee to revise the
prayer book and psalmster. The
resolution was adopted unanimously,
The blEhop of Ely said that all were  "
: wane  that   the   prayer  book  and   til"
psalmster   contain <!   some   passages,
which, to speaicthe truth, are not fo
removed fr:m'l.iiir: nonsensical,
Th-e, i-*> .-w.-u tii.'tjii-. tr Marmlon, ot
���Vaa-wuv' <\ speai nosl ol Dominion
!>��j in Wt-stminster pi rt, coaling at
the Vt P. K. wharf, and going down
t*&n:!X wiih -colors flying late    in (the
���*��*- I 	
TbCti Kings? a>   is  expected  10    nr
i-i��._    *t tb" Columbia Cold    Storage
'ceiriTiaf--v'R  wlinrf  t'i i    rii ''ning.    N
A -of t-h-e miT- <if l.er halibut catch
rtS.T'iS'-cl :,.��� 1.*P late last night.
Pct-tsicn-tic cf ft ,'nbc*
V t- ri*|. Jul) 2 All thi
plred in iu lont rs who havi
i-i gulatlon pi Hi 'I al tard ll
Rainbow, to the nuinbi ol
the  present   tinie  busily
ApMjkmOrw'^ kryo    nets    havi
(Umi iftripprii us yfil, pn piitationa are < rew
j feeing eium bt a    large    number   of eher,
���fiih-jTiwn   Sli   get   their   in ts   out   by
'.fke Dr��t t�� aeil wvrk
At 8|f"elocV. Iisl iiigit' Iho i nratic" ' -1'
SU thc'Frsser river bridge gatlg was -''.i
���31 feetv   Tlniti is soinu inches less than
Go lne |   I
I  iile-i \
'���rved th-
M, c   s
G i, ar ��� at |
ngaged   Ini
packing their kit bags, and within the
next   week   the   whole   party   will   be
well on their way in England    These
pensioners are under orders to  leavi
Esqulmalt by July ��, and   will  reach
Montreal In Ume In catch the t utwartl
sailing    of    the    Canadian  Northern
steamship Roval Edward
With the departtire of the pemlon-
ers only about 30 mm will he left on
board the warship and bv tie end ol
lhe month this number will be reduced
In  three   men.   who   will   he     left     j,
i harga of the cruiser    Thn Bkeli	
wlll he composed of l.l- u'   p||
Engineer Jones and  aCrpcnti i
Going Right Aftc- It.
El  Paso. Tex.   July 2.    A rep it  re
* ived ai r rt ;;::���   :.:0 ;i'-' thn ",fb"v
:*.*s. <���:.*. -   hAS   reached r Ji.r, .s ' !".v opinion
bringing the InfcrmatlOH lhat Generally-" ri Rus-i:
Francisco      Villa,      Cbnst'tutlOnallsl I ire under thi
commander-In-chlpf, has ordered his
troops  ni  Ascension  to  break  camp
nnd    I" uln    the    march  an  Qludad
Juarez tomorrow.
Probably Jumped Backwards.
Edmonton, July 2. ���His hit falling
'rom his liette while .standing at the
���ear rf n "treet car pn Monday evening, Siuskie RuCcas, ��lRussian laborer, Jumped eff the rnr to n cover tt.} peace
l.uceas   was   thrown   violet:"'-.-   ti   th*
around, sustaining such injures that
In* died In the Strathcona hospital.
One P-odv Recovered.
Edmonton, July ".    The  fin:  body
'o be  recovred cf lh" six   l".-l   in  Hi
Iver    hist    Thitrrd'iy    evening    was
phi ashore today al a point on'v
���   few  hundred  feet  from  where  tin*
Tro"i Hallfav,
If'     V.5., July 2.    .-ailed:
acrountabl" for by tin
pile driver wliich for
Han bSQD lied up Jusl bc-
-,'i end of the Fraser river
Svdney  tnilines.
stiitiev. ns.. July 2. -Arrivals;
Saii'lejord. Wabtina. Cleared; Ling
flelti.  Hamburg.
" "'is nf
* eeurred.   It w in
thil of Mr:
Rodrn  i
Hooper,   wl'p
'"   'It.*   t * It;
ftger "i
1 " .Mui-nhall Wi '
Ii  11 ir.i var
fcrMgr-.. 'L *������ ���' '' 'lon ii stream to the
-fkot ofButhlh sire��'t last niglit. lo be
tn mritoi - - t- :  driving  lhe flrsl pile
Quebec   Arrivals.
Quebec, July 2, -Arrived;    Lauren-
tic, Liverpool: Manchester Commerce,
.Manchester; Tyrolla, Trieste;  Monto
/mina, London; Sicilian, London.
r-tter off Ccfore.
Soattle, July 2. Pedro H. flonzslps,
a Porto Blcan who shot and killed I'te,
Martin Chabarla, of the 25th Infantri
ni For' Lawton In February, 1912,
was found >gullty ��f murder In tho
f i it degree by a Jury In the L'nited
States dlstrlci court tonight. Ile wus
first convicted .if murder In th . c
imd degree, lul secured a new   tr!;!,
tlcally the same and the council turn
ed It down. Ilesliles there was no
other site considered. There wero
lots of other sites in view. *
Councillor Foster This site here
(Austin roadi  and lhe Quigly site.
Councillor Martin There were lots
of places if the public had gol a chance
of going Into the matter.
Councillor Atkins I certain!-, tried
to make myself clear and have it s"ttl-
ed by the people and not by the council. Two weeks' extension of Ume
was granted the petitioners to submit
it. to the people and I was willing to
adhere to their decision. The petition
was changed to hold it over until the
nexl election, I am not willing to
agree to that I am Informed that
names were taken from the old petition end port' d on to the n. w petition.
The 'd rigniturri were rtuck on to
ihe i'i :i ct 1 ti- "iii it if -,iy information i" ��� rn ei I nt- . th '' this com-
mplj l"�� i solved.
.!.'. r .lln ', . * -.iled.
'���.axCF, Warm.
- C-utmI".- Martin 'lhis is cloaking
tii" mat'i r The principle of the netl-
tlon is the same. There Is inmethlng
oleo ic the bi -'; of all this, thundered
the iraii councillor trJac'as fc'S '���-'.
��cr r!   ,vn   Oil   the  table.    The
���    not re.'i.gnizi -I.    I h've
We are in a free country.
rti rm.tnv or Prance, We
Ilr't't-h flag end we wan'
Hi" ie   pi" rpcognlred as- sifh.
Councillor Atklni The majority
will rule
Councillor. Martin \nd they will
-uie. to.
Tiie   motion    vtis   then     put     wl
Councillors -Mkins, Mounce and rosier
siipporird it  3; Councillors Martin and
'.Valki r :> ;alnst, ".
X|lr, .    tv.. ���������-.- dre|ai">i1 parried and
apparentlv rclened again.
A Free Sif.
A h it' ��� frcm J. D  Rfal eel. on be
h i" ' *   Mrt    C-   M"ll. Collins, w is
��� -ni' t'*i *i>tc n ilonl-le comer lot ������<
the Catherine und Esson roads, J32-
120   fill   free   for    a     mnn clpal   hill.
'i  transpired  lhe site was near the
tin  "t:t   r'   the   Blue   Mountain   anil
if tin   r ---i's
C.i imqliipr Martin   There arc a mod
.  .*��,,  y.r.. ,.0^!!!,.^. jT1 .i-i.-.   Per
.   ., .-,"������ >������������' I lllll I'P -I lllll -,' I
cntme'lli r Foi ter Al cul one-thin!
if nn aero,
Councillor Mounce r ived that the
offer he received and thc donor thanked foil it.
Cei-ti'ill' -   Mnr'iu     -Viiil     thai     Ihe
etntteii will consider it
The   motion,   with   Ci n-illor   Mor
fir addition   was carried.
The council v-s notified thai Ihe
appet ! of Ralph 1! oth. 'inner, agalnsl
thi assessment f -"���'���'l net- acrn mt
hlc :    Icaltural Itnd wcnld tv heard
before  Jut!;:"   Howay   In   the  county
court on July 7
Mr. Hallburton, clerk and assessor,
and Mr. Mclntyre. solicitor, were Instructed In itltt'iid to the Interests of
the  municipality.
The petitions of tbe residents of
Austin i iad and Rochester road in
Iconnectlon with the installation of
the water system from Hurnaby mains
were left over until the next, meeting
of the council, pending receipt of the
agreements  with   Hurnaby.
A letter from F. C. Gamble, department of railways, Victoria, was read
| announcing that tho H. <". E. It. bad
i been granted pi rmlss.ion to cms slhe
Johnston road and the Dam road with
their tracks subject to a number of
conditions safeguarding the public,
which  were enumerated.
It was remitted to the engineer to
sre that the conditions were complied
it was i xpiained thai the subject
was governed by the H. C. E, It. act
and not by the railway commission
at Ottawa.
Permiss   n was granted to the Me-
,I..-ughlin  Carrlnto company, Vancouver  to  ir"!**.  at   their  own  expense,
, iren  plates .it cross roads Indicating
| the nanus of tho roads and the distances from Importani centres, under
. the pupi rvli; ti  if  tin* engineer,
,     :'  -   .  .*  *  ���*'������ I ': "������   .���*i::::-.*::-.n ol
thi board ��� f wi rks, Coun lllor Mounee
and   tli��  engineer   to   reporl   on   the
l-rs-t   route  to  make  a  rond   Into   Mr.
Rosenberg's  pnperlv  al   the ea: tern
���nd of the municipality.
An application by W. C. Dond. of
Victoria, for sever nnd water advantages for his property wesl of the
:'iprline rond and north of the CPU.
.truck, was discussed It was questioned whether New Westminster would
allow nny further tapping of their
mains, but ns the matter would convenience) other settlers il was left In
the hands of the engineer.
Pert Moody Council Will Prepare Thl?   *
Regulation. j
Porl Mrf'dv, .liilv 2 The report nl
the medical health office*-**-, lit- Carl
Wright, which Included several t ro |'
po.ials regarding better sanitation fnt
���he safeguard of the health if thi
City, presented al a previous meeting
tit: referred Ir* lhe counei this "ven
lng lo ih- heal h committee with In
tru'-l ons to pn*,un-" -i bvlaw embody
ing the recommendations,
. a letter was received from the C
P. It. stating thai ihey did nut thlnl:
fhe trafpo across Querns and Kyle
street at the present time was stiff!-
eieni to warrant their providing olec
trie alarm signals nt these points, ns
suggested 1 v the council, The bonrd of
works department were Instructed to
further Impress unnn tit" railway the
nrcijs'ly of Installing tho alarms.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches  Throuflhout  the   Province  of  British  Columbia.
Savings Department nt all Branches DepoaltB of One Dollar and
upwards received and interest at tbo highest current rate puid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parte of the
CHAS. G.  PENNOCK, General  Manager
New   WeBtmlnster   Branch: a. W.  BLACK,  Manager.
701 Columbia Strcci phone 57
when you can get as good or better, manufactured in II C vis ��� tha
the celebrated "VANCUIM BR" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of  Americas  and  Canadian  Engineers' Association
We would also call attention to our Vltrllled Sewer Pine from
4-ln. tp 24-ln. ln diameter. -This is also made In this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article
Ll..teVpiiis"er.Ce[cy * Bt"C" ' '  <:rUB"Cd  ,l0Ck���  Wa8hed  0ravel-  SHnd'
See us before ordering elar wbere
Phone* 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shinies ON THE JOU.
Local Sales Department, Phone H90.
���i*^mvat**itts'axrji'tKj^:*a*s^sj".,jxsLJt*:^**'L-:s- ****** ...���*��
m m **m**��*m*tm*
THURSDAY, JULY 3,  1913.
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
LACROSSE   :-:   CRICKET   ���   BASEBALL   ���-.   BOXING
fro.  Teama  Wade   Around   Hastings
Park and Vancouver Oets Long
End of Score.
New Lightweight Champion Wlll Give
Victoria Boy Another Chance on
Orangemen's D��y.
today tO the Chicago olub. O'Brien
wus "/armed OUt" to the Denver cluh
in 1911 and late lu tbat season wus
recalled to Iloston.
Weill Well! Well! Vancouver
lias at last won Its second lacrosse
game or the season. Many rans of
this city believed It wub ubout time I'
something like that should happen,
but COO Jones has to thank a good old
thunder shower, which put the -grounds
under water before the commencement
oi the play
It was the slowest and most painful contest that lhe funs have had Ihe
mortification of seeing this Beason.
'I"he r.lliill people who packed Hustings
park enclosure on Dominion day stayed there watching the antics ot tbe
players grovelling around In the mud.
ran or the time it passed io the burlesque stage, especially when Vancouver, with one man shy, ragged lor a
lull  rive  minutes.
There ragging displays Just appeal
lo a Vancouver crowd und Ibey
cheered to the sen > when the two
teams were playing a game ot tag
Tbnt was about the only mistake Fred
Cullen, th" referee made during the
entire 80 minutes or play, when be
failed to slop the play and award a
free.throw to tbe Itoyais
To make a story of the game would
I e almost Impossible 'I'he storm which
drenched the grounds and bleacherltes
li. rme ibe game Btarted, mads play
almost Impossible One can imagine
men Bcooplng up a pile of mud iu
place of iin ball and racing down ihe
* eld only to lind mil their mistake,
'-ml yi i In Vancouver eyes It was the
I ' sl   and  fastest game of the seat-on
Aboul lhe only feature on the Westminster team    was    Johnny  Howard.
The old Shamrock picked tbem out at I
c.ll angles and. althougb bis cheek se-
cured   five   tallies.   Howard   was   the \
l est man on the field.   Harry Hyland
ii tide  an  excellent  impression.    For!
a,m was the responsibility or reeding
Lalonde, which he did time and again.
On  I lie defence the hero of Katttr- i
day's scrap, Harry Griffiths, made a
good   Impression.     Eddie   McCarthy
was substituted ior I'at  Feeney owing
to tiie heavy going, and worked bard.
although he was lust In Ihe enmbliin- |
tlon  Btuff,    Mac scored a pretty goal,!
howei < r.
Tin* rei t of ibe detail" may perhaps
ie better forgotten. 'I'he story win
l" continued on Baturday afternoon
;:���   Hastings   Park
French Valse, Canadian lightweight
hampinn. That Is the new order of
hlngs following Tuesday's scrap at
Hrighouse, l.ulu Island, when the
Renton, Wash, boy outpointed .loe
Bayley, the title holder, In one of the
best and fastest 15-round battles ever
held In liritish Columbia.
Following the record made by Itay-
ley since be won the championship
rrom Hilly Allen Just a year ago, the
Capital City hoy wus a prime favorite
When   he   entered   the   ring,   tlle   tans
believing that Valse whose career
has been along the lour-round route,
would die ufler the fl rst six rounds.
That was Just how the mistake happened. Bayley, up to ibe seventh,
hul the better of tlle deal and was
leading by a large margin until a right
swing over the naBal organ staggered I
blm. The tide turned then and for
eight straight rounds Valse began to
improve, giving blow for bl iw with [
such telling effeot that tin re was iio
iptlon rnr Referee Hewitt but to give
llie   decision   to   tlle   Kenton   lad,
Bayley, although outpointed, was hy
���ui means all In and for the lust two
rounds tore Into his onponent, vulnly
'!'��� mpt'ne to land ��  K, <>. blow.
Tuesday's s"rip was the best ever
"tnped srrund there parts. Those who
v. i re not there are stiil ki"klng thern-
���ub-rs ror In ing nbse-ot. Their chance
will come on Saturdav. July 12, when
the two boys will again mix, this lime
with Valse the favorite.
(By the Potter.)
Jimmy Hewitt would have stood one
lovely chance of being lynched had
lie given a decision against Vaise, or
oven a draw. Any man wMo calls the
light!Ing even throughout knows little
whireof he speaks.
July. I'or those not rowing enthusiasts Henley still affords a wide variety of entertainment. For a large proportion of the visitors, Indeed, the regatta week Itself Is but an Incident.
Country people for scores of miles
around make regatta week the occasion of their annual summer holiday,
and they make good business for the
hundredB of raklrB, showmen and
booth merchants who gather from all
Kngland.     Henley   after    dark
during regatta week affords a specta
.   ,     , "    ,    ' , ! cle not to be seen elsewhere. The riv-
Lalonde now lends the goal scorers ,,r ,��� thronged with houseboats, punts
In the coast league. Wonder how and other erart, all brilliantly decor-
long he^ wlll hold It against Grumpy ;���(,.,] with Japanese lanterns, while
Spring? jthe   bridge   la   strung   with     electric
 ' bulbs of all colors, and the shores on
Eddie McCarthy made two records j both Bides are ablase with color The
on Tuesday. He scored his flrst goal myriad of light, reflected In the water
for Westminster and also got a beaut give to the Thames the appearance of
of a colored eye. Eddie Is Just won- a gigantic kaleidoscope. Fireworks
during which Is the best  honor to re    displays on a lavish scale add to the
"Herb Ityall. New Wesiminster.
Send Iwo best players you have In
the city. Money no object. (Signed}
W, C. Dignan." From the above wire
from Hope, B.C., Monday night, it
would appear tbat a sirring ball game
waa played there on Dominion Day.
Nnt Jameson, formerly of the Maple
Leafs, blew Into the city last evening
from Seattle, Nal wants the Hals lo
play a game againat the Moose Frl
day evening so that he ean again don
u uniform at Queens park.
Fer lielng the smartest and fairest
umpire In the city Mr. McCube. of the
Balmorals, takes down the biscuit,
ills officiating in the Coqultlam-West-
minster game Tuesday afternoon
pleased the crowd.
i spectacular beauty of the Beetle. Tiie
| streets of Henley  put on gala attire
and the visitor Is confronted by numerous   "welcome"   signs.     All  or  this
I lavish display the "guests" ol Henley
pay Tor, with a wide margin of profit
added.    As an example, the necessary
.and Inevitable lea, which commands a
| price or  "lliruppence" the ",'ot at other
seasons of ths year, is quoted at a
shilling during regatta week.   Thrifty
|Englishmen bring their lea pots along
and   brew   their  own   beverage.    The
ling spirit. "I realize-that my conduct |
was unbecomingly and ungiltleinanly
and ihe only excuse I can .'offcj-rf is that
I acted on the spur of hot irfipulse. I
am nol only willing, but eager to apologize to L'mplre Ferguson." ThiuV
spoke Oeorde, which we al'fmust admit Is handsome and epokeo- like a
Stovall had an Idea, when he flrat
started on his baseball career, that he
had the makings of a great pitcher.
The very first chance lie had lo display his goods, which was with'Seattle, he threw his arm out, and soon
abandoned his twirling Jrebitlon.
While with Cleveland he o'e-dasionaly
covered second, but tor the^ast six
years he has been stationed on the
Initial bag,  where he really shines.
$45,000 at Stake Whe/i Suit Is Entered
to  Estreat Bonds���Will  Decide
Case Today.
Chicago. July 2.���United States District Attorney Wllkernon entered ' a
motion In the federal court today ask
ing that tbe personal bond for $80,000
given by Jack Johnson, negro prize
fighter, on eleven Indictments under
the federal white slave act, for which
..... i he has not yet  been tried, bc forfeit
meadow near Henle,s the favorite ed,   Arguments on the motion will
resort   ,   the rural totk  i  games Ue heard tomorrow morning,
and   con ests   or   skill,   strength   and       .���      ,   ,      ,    ,      .,-,,,..,
I chance, booths lu which everything in-1    ApI"'al bond9 for *15'000 aro alB0
digestible nun  worthless are on Bala,
and   shows  of   many   varieties,  serve
to Bcparate thetn trom their savings.
The mosl. amusing sight of all, however, is to see a visiting American
try to punt. All the Yankee visitors
trv  to do It, and  all  miserably  rail
Baseball Results.
Weak   Team   Holds  Coquitlam   to
, Score.
Holding  down  Coquitlam   to    three I
runs, while  playing one or the  weak-j
est  tiauiB of the season. Westminster!
made a creditable showing al Queens
park Tuesday afternoon.    For    some
reason, yet unknown, such players asl
Welngartner and Chnpht, after having
promts tl  i" turn out, were missing.1
with   the   result   that   several   of     the j
old Btandbys were forced Into a uniform.
Ruyle, the Coqultlam twlrler, pilch-
ed a heady game throughout, allowing only two scratch hits.
Ruyle    and    Immlng    have    been
secured  by  Coqultlam  for  the rest or
the season, tba threatened raid by the
Blaine club having been headed off.
The following are the scores:
n.   ii.   e
���Coqultlam   3   10     l
Westminster   0     2      5
Ilallerles: lluyle and linming;
Sayce and (lenlry.
Standing  of the  Clubs.
Seattle  4x
Vancouver   44
Portland  37
Victoria   37
Tnecma    3 4
Spokane 25
Yesterday's Games.
At  Vancouver: It.    H
'.' incouvi r     2      6      0
Seattle    1     s     1
Batteries':   Clark and Konnick; Mc
Ivor antl Cadman.
At   Spokane: It.    H.    E
Portland  11    14     1
Spokane   l     8     2
Batteries:    Hynes    and    Williams;
Smith and Hannah.
At  Victoria: It     H.    E
Tacoma .��    0      3      3
Vlcti ria 10    13      li
Batteries:      rielford   and   Orlndle;
Toner and Shea.
The Moose and the Hals are liable
to hook up on Frulay i venlng instead
of Tuesday. Coqultlam will play the
Moose on  Monday  night.
pending againat Johnson. These, were
signed by Matthew Baldwin, a real
estutr dealer when the negro was
granted permission to carry his case
to the United States circuit court ol
In  the  bonds given  on  the untried
catching Iheir poles  in  the mud  nnii  indictments there Is a provision lhat
iiii i
On good terms, splendid
apartment site. Close to
Albert Crescent. Convenient to down town district. Size 132x133 ft.
J jtl.ili:  I
*    idi
Head Office
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Columbia and Begbie Streets, New Weetmlneter.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
usually diving headlong Into the water. "Ually good dive, old top.' 'is the
politest of the comments made by the
appreciative spectators.
Standioq  of  tiie   Cul
.New  Yi rk    < 4*J
Philadi Iphla 38
Bn "kiwi    )   ..     . .I'.."'
Chicago -ii��
Pittsburg  SO
1! 7
St.   1   tills    29
Iloston   2G
Cincinnati   26
There should be a great crowd at
QlKens park Saturday afternoon
when Dad Turnbull's amateurs stack
up against tlie champion V. A. C. At
this lime last year the result would
be a foregone conclusion for the V
A. C, but the tables might be turned
on Saturday.
According to spi eial advice by private clothes line from Vancouver, the
green shirts are very much encouraged by the victory of Tuesday, which
enme as a great surprise. Just liko
getting money from home. They are
going to try and repeat.
About the most surprised men at
the Hrighouse affair were Morris Condon and Joe Bayley. They have been
picking such easy dubs for the pas;
six months that a good trimming, ns
administered bv Vaise, appeals to
many  of tiie  fans.
Theredore Itoosevalt is going to
South America in tlie autumn. Thie
will allow the world's series in lhe
biseball line to be the whole show
Teddy is going south to lind out
whether the other end Of Ihe con
tiiitn: will tip up when be lands.
the negro must noi leave the jurisdiction of the district court oi
Illinois, lt is because of this provision lhat Mr. WUkersoa has asked
that the bonds be forfeited.
Yesterday's Gaines.
I    At  Hrooklyn R    II
Itos:on    2     x
Brooklyn , 16   14     3
BatterRs:  Tylere, Noyes and Hess;
Itagnn and Miller.
At Philadelphia] it.   H.   B
New Vork   8   13     1
Philadelphia    4   13     l
Batteries:   Mathewaon and Meyers;
Chalmers   Moore and Killlfer.
t-ocal  Scots Gobbled    Up    Prlies    at      A,   Cincinnati: 11.    Ii.    E
Victoria. gt,  l^ouls     6    10
New Westminster came through on Cincinnati   4     s    2
lop at the annual Scottish sports held Batteries: iiurke. P.errltt, Bailee
in Victoria on Tuesdsv afternoon, Ft. Und WlngOl Hatter. Hrown and Kling
C. McDonald, of this city, wearing Y.      ,.,t Chicago; R.   H.   V.
M  c  A, colors, winning   be all-round .Pittsburg   -i   10    .1
championship.   Mac took three firsts Chicago   6     8     0
in the IS pound hammer throw. 16 Hatteries: Adams and Coleman;
pound  ahol   throw  am',  defeated    .1. t Humphries and Archer.
mniiii- ti ii,  i   li. ii   .'    In Ihe heavy- 	
weigh! wrcatllns, besides being on the American league.
Winning tug-of-war leam. Standing ol ine Clubs.
YV.    I..
In the wrestling events   McDonald IWaBbUistoii!...',. ..'.!' .:i9
won a watch worlh $176. In����tn-n .   ...  ....:t;l
Charlie tJut rrie suggests putting thl
V. A. C. in the 11. C. I., a. instead of
640 icon Jones'    aggregation.   Noise   i i
I mucb insult for (jcn.
Bill   Graham   slipped   ever   a   good
II ne    Tuesday    morning    win en    he
; changed  the   batting  order  with  tine
man cn.   They brought In a half score
I of runs nfter that,    Mr.  Holmes, the
|'iwirler of Point (Irey Red Sox. is just
E.  peered to think  he  has received  two
6  defeats from the Moose.
Ninth Alberta Derby.
When the ninth renewal of the Alberta derby Is run off at Calgary tomorrow, it will be on a modern track
with   the   skyscrapers   of   a   modern,
hustling city  as a background,    The
Spectators win he largely cosmopolitans from all over America and  Kurope.  In appearance and sartorial effects   little   different   from     a     race
course   crowd   in   Montreal   or   New
York.    Ilere and there in the assem-
blage, however,  the  dusky  face  of a
half-breed,  or  the  characteristic  habiliments that mark the bronzed  mid
stalwart wearer as one of the last of
the dlsapeparlng tribe of cowpunchera, Will recall to the Albertan pioneer
memories ot other days when the west
was wild and wooly and when   "boss
raring"  In  infant  Calgary  lacked  all
the  polite  accompaniments  that  will
mark  tomorrow's race.
!     When Calgary was little more than j
a  cowboy  camp,   the  sport  of  kings
had   its  devotees,  and   a   crude   race;
opurse was laid out on which to decide I
the "differences of opinion that mnke;
'boss' races."    In those good old davs
there were DO parl��-mutnals, nor bookmakers to act as middlemen between
the   gentlemen   of   sportlne   proclivities  who  wished  to buck their juilg-
men;    And in those days, too, betting f mfH,���      tn,taiments y9ar by
on the races was no mire matter of'
risking a few dollars, or 8 few hundreds. Any gent who didn't have sufficient confidence in his n'.lity to de en(lent
Judge horseflesh to wager every cent 'win,.
he possesed on the result was con-: , to & advantage of Canada,
sidend a piker and a bum sport Nor j pa|d w ,ord/hIp ���Klt farmers &hm]d
did the betting end when the Pockets | ���", n ,
' London, July 2.--At the annual
j meeting of the Hudson Hay company
, Lord Stratchconn said that the prof-
' its from trade were the highest in the
company's history. The sum to the
credit of the land department also
constituted a record.
The conservative pilicy of the direc-
: tors in not forcing land sales at low
j prices in the past, and the energetic
measures taken to retain the good will
of the people of Cunada by affording
them   modern   shipping  facilities   are
being Justified.    Land was at present
Jthe  shareholders'   greatest  asset,  but
i it. was a diminishing one so the directors felt that a proportion of the land
sales should be treated as capital, and
invested in the trading side.     ^
Total sales showed a marked increase. Furs gathered slightly exceeded previous mi-mb-M-si,''-1. . [ ^ '
Lord Strathcona went'on to speak
of the proposed establishment by the
company of a loan and mortgage business. It is proposed to assist farmers on approved applications by converting their sale agreements Into
loan ngrcments, fnr it Is felt that by
relieving  the farmer of the  necessity :
he would be aide to put his earnings t
into buildings and stock, and thus fol- |
low mixed farming rather than be so
as   at   present,  on   wheat
Pres. and Genl. Mgr. Vice-President. Sec. a*d Trees
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia Street, New Westminster.
Singer Sewing Machines.    Small Muaical Goods of all Kinds. PHONE ***������
- ���	
; TRW*
IlcOi  Toronto
defeat Tuesday.
teams  went down  to
were emptied of money. No cowboy
could qualify as a dead game sport
until he had put up IiIb saddle on the
result. Any piker could bet his money,
for there was always another pay day
coming; the half-breeds could and did
game so far   and
champions of -.he
have only lost one
look to be the 1913
Hlg Kour.
Several  changes will  be  made    on
the Westminster amateur line-up for
Saturday afternoon. The boys who
0 1 went to Penticton are liable, to gel
Hilly  McKay, the champion  High!
land llin'.'. r Of H. C. also of this city, ��� p,,*,,,,,,,-.,,,-.,   B0
took three i!r.ijs in the dancing com- c]8Veiand ..48
petitions. ,  Ch'cago ..'.'.'.".'.'..}'. ,'.'.i\
I Washington
The Irish-Canadians -|)Pt tl,oir ponies, hut there were other
ponies to be had: and the redman
might wager everything he owned, In-
cludliu his squaw, but a benevolent
government would look after him. and
the �� wds were full of women. To
the puncher, however, there was only
one saddle. The affection that other
men might bestow on a wife, or a
home, or a business, or a bank account, the cowboy bestowed on hia
saddle. It was usually an elaborate
and rosily affair, built especlaly for
him BCCt tiling to his own plans and
specifications, and In H he spent -
l:t*v* nart of his life. The plunder'
of I day couldn't qualify for detd
pan" ce--. c���ip-ireil w'th those nunch-
ers who usi d to bet  Iheir saddles.
Nifty Ones Win.
Al Moody pari; laat night lhe Nifty
Nine WalUed Into the West Bnd
Methodist church ball crowd In 11 to
r. lime. The batteries were: Nifty
Nine, Innes and Lewis; Methodists,
Mills and Toncrast.
. 5117
24 J
Hi alim   	
Sl. Louis   82
Detroll   29
X.-w  York    IS
Yesterday's Games.
At  N'ew  York: It    H,
Philadelphia   8   13    2
N't w York   5    18     It
naileries:      Ilender    und    Scbang;
Ford and Sweeney,
At  IloBton: It     II.    E
Washington    B     6    1
Hoston   0      3      4
Hatterles:     Hoehllng    and    Henry;
| Mcseley, Foster and Cnrrlgan
At   Detroit: It
Spring Golf Tournament.
Tho final between A. C, Slewan and
.1 A. Motbeerwell for the spring
ti ornament resulted In the victory of
lhe   former player.    The.    games    In, r
this competition    have   been   keenly i( l;,':'""     ''
contested.    On his road to the final
Stewarl   won  from    McAlister.    Mac-    ,,,,,..       ,    ,       , .  ,,,.,.   ���
Innes nnd  Clark,    while    Motherwell.Schalk   Kul.n:  Lakeiand McKee.
accounted for Page. Gardner and Hep-     A Bt Louis (11 innings),
burn ''rs   gam
The ladies section of the club will Cleveland  1
play for the captain's iMrs. K. Page)   h;   *"""*"
l.ri/.o loday.    The competition for the
president's prize (Mrs. F. Elkins) will
In* played for on Thursday, July 7.
llatteries:      Mitchell    and
Hamilton nnd Agnew.
I    Second game: , R.
ICleviland <
|St. Louis     1
llatteries:    Falkenberg and
Stone and  Alexander.
9      2
7      9      .
Smith    and
11.   E.
5      1
5     3
Marvin   Hart   became   "heavy
weight Champion of the world"
by  knocking  out Jack  Hoot   in
the   12th   round   at   Keno.    Jim
Jeffries act< d us referee, and. it
was said,  "presented'  'the title
to the victor, but Jeff has since
denied this.    Hart was a sorry
champion, and In the following I
February was easily defeated by t
Tommy Burns    In   a   20-round I
battle In   l.os  Angeles.
Frank   Erne    won    lightweight
title  by  defeating  Kid  Lavigne
at Buffalo.
Packey McFarland knocked out.
Ed Randall In third round at
���llm Jeffries earned his first "big
mpney" in the ring by knocking j
out "Denver Dan" Ixing in the
second round at San Frnnclseo.
winning a purse of $1,000. Jeff's
hnt  go  in   for  stock   raising,     horse;
| breeding  and     growing  of  crops  for
! their use    This fund should be a good j
dividend  earner, and secure the per-|
petual   continuation  of  the  company,
j and also prove advantageous to Canada and Ihe empire.
As a whole the year must be tak^n
] as a period of general activity In the
I land  market,  while the Bales record-
led and nrices realized  furnished am-
iple  evidence  thut  the  company  had
Participated   In   a   marked   degree   in
the prevailing prosperity.    The financial stringency throughout the world
which  set  in  a  few  montliB ago  has.
however, aided in bringing ahout a ne-
rlod of comoaratlve Inactivity whieh
was espeelallv  noticeable  towards th"
"lose of the nscal year under review.
Nothing Against Him.
Sherbrooke. Man., July 2.--I.. A.
nnfres-o. charged with the nuirib r of
Mrs. Mlltedeau, was discharged today
by Judge Mulvena on th" ground that
that tin re was no evidence to warrant holding him for I rial.
Amidst Island,  Mountain. Forest and Glacial Scenery to
Including Meals and Berth for Round Trip.
Permitting side trip over scenic route  of Grand  Trunk  Pacific  Rail-
ay at Biuall additional cost.
H. C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.   E.   DUPEROW,  O.  A.   P.  D.
i-hono Private Exchange 81J4
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
S'ova'.l to Celebrate.
Co.- te  Stovall,  leader of    th"    St.
1 onis llr' wns, will celebrate th!s week
the     ninth     anniversary   of   IiIb   big j
league  debut.    Btovall   Flirted    the
liresei*,' year nJ manager of the lowlv Drowned  in  a  Tub.
Browns with the brightest prospects Winnipeg. July 2. While'reaching
of capturing tha cellar champ'onshlp for a tin can which was floating in
or the American league, Considering the tub ot an Ice cream freoi.er. two-
the material lie hid to work with. I year-old
everybody thoacht ho could do It, hut
II. E.
7 2
7     2
It beeins lo look tis If neorgo Is going
to be disappointed by "Husk" Chance's
aggregation. Well, so lt goea. Life If
Just one bally thing after another, and
yon can't hardly ever tell what Is going to turn up.
Stovall Is a native Missourlan. am)
Is now in his thirtv-secor.d year. He-
only Important bout before that | i.Pp.,n playing professional ball with
was with the clever Hank Orlf- j PenUlSton, Ore., in the Inland Empire
fin. a nego, whom hc knocked j i(,ngue. In 1902, finished that season
out In the fourteetnh round. The j -*-\Q, Portland In the Pacific North-
year following the Long bout ' w(,8t league, and In 1903 pitched s
Jeff fought draws with Qus , fPW games and covered the Initial Fack
Ruhlln and Joe Choynski. and for Ran Francisco and Salt Luke. In
ln 1898 he came to the front by fhe Pacific National. In 1504 Oeorge
stopping the grent Peter Jack- signed up to play first base for Bur-
son In three rounds. | Ungton, In the Iowa State, and he was
-BattUnR Nelson defeated And;,-j manager of that team when, on JulV
Hezenah In ten roundB at Win- i2nd.   he  was   sold   to   the   Cleveland
Gertie Wolf BllppeS, fell In
iiead first and drowned In IS inches of
Another FeatheT.
By a score of 13H to 119, the Westminster otickel team added another
feather to the crop In lhelr caps and
Incidentally Improved their slandlng
nl llle top of the league when they de-
fe.ittil Burrarda al Brockton Point on
Tuesday In an all day match.   Miller
and Cave got away wllh the batting
lu nors, the former scoring 56 and llin,.        Chlcaco Gets Buck O Brlen.
Winnipeg man 86.   Rose was 'effective     Boston,   July   2.���Thomas   J,   K.
it the bowline Idklng six wickets for  ("Huck") O'Brien, one of the   Iloston
a small average ' American   league  -pitchers,   was sold
International League.
Buffalo 1, Toronto 4.
Rochester 2, Montreal 1.
Newark 5, Baltimore 4.
Jersey City 11, Providence 6.
-Johnfly Coulon defeated Joe
Wairner ln ten rounds at New
(By "Gravy.")
Regatta Week at Henley.
Regatta week at Henley, the quaint
old lown on C- "">������.m- s, fifty miles
from London, affords a rare spectacle
for the thousands of visitors to England who annually mako the Henley
pilgrimage  during   the  llrst  week  of  paid a hundred dollar line with bOOOm
Americans. He played his first game
With Cleveland on Ihe Fourth of July.
1904. and remained with the Ohio nie-
tropolls until last year, when he went
to the Browns. For a time In 1911 he
managed the Clevclands. following the
resignation  of Jim  McOulre.
Stovall was suspended for a time
early this season for spitting
on l'mplre Charles Fergusons
coat. A a humorous old college professor used to say. "Those
who expect-lo-rate on the floor miiFt
not expect -to-rate high In the classes," and George soon repented of Ills
notion, made a handsome apology, and
Mon., Wed., Fri.
10c.AH Seats 10c.
Children 5c.
Matinee, 2 to 5 p m.
Night, 6.30 toll p.m.
I*'**-.   1   .
I * I    I  *
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throisghbreds in Action-55 0 . .
PAUE  six
Classified Advertising
ived for Tlle News at the following places: &CT, Hill's drug Btore,
B28 Columbia street; A. Sprloe,
ijurensboroug-h. Lulu Island.
RATES. ���
S  ***************
Classlfled���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
���i   nth; 6,000 words, to be used as re-
.red within one year from date of
��� ��� n tract,  125.00.
as general good cook;  imperii need.
Uox  1666  News. (1666)
.ng and demonstrating for quick
selling household article. Apply
box 166.1 News. (1663)
Wanted ��� young   lad?   for
dental office.   Apply Dr. Brett, Cliff
block, opposite post office.      (1656)
for Bale $500 below vai.uk.
four roomed house, partly fiirniiihed,
sea front lot, graded; flower garden; White Rock; lovely situation;
spring wuter piped lo house. Owner
leaving neighborhood. $1000 for
cash or f 1250 on termB. Apply E.
I). R��� care White Itock cottage,
White Rock, (11167)
Spokane Jury  Finds That Portuguese
Joe  Was  Squaw   Man���Complicated   Case
lot, 66x131 comer Ash street and
Fourth avenue. For quick sale will
sell for $1100 below market value.
This is a money maker; Investigate
at once.   P. O, Hox 1,14 City. (1665)
Spokane, July 2��� KempHka Sysic.
(Susanne), daughter of Qui Qui Tas
of the San Poll tribe, and sister of
Chief (ieorge of lhe Nespelem tribe of
Indluns. was the wife of Pop
tuguese Joe (John Enosl. a pioneer
stockman,  and   is entitled
Marriages Performed  in    Ontario    by
Clergymen Non-resiaent in Can.
ada Are  Not Valid
Cable*   Rett     Station     Doing     Good
Work���Citizens  Contribute
bungalow; (lve rooms and large attic; cement basement, with laundry
tubs; panelled dining room, beam
ceilings, built-in buffet, book cupboards, fireplace, electrical fixtures;
on Ninth street, with street in rear,
between Third and Fourth avenues;
walking distance; a bargain. Inquire of Owner, 908 St. Andrew's
Btreet. (1622)
Irish, on ranch or any work outsido
city; satisfaction guaranteed. Apply
box No. 166u  News office.      (1660)
month, price $575; also new house,
three rooms and pantry, on 66 foot
lot with 12 fruit trees on, $1550,
$100 cash, balance to suit. Apply
O. Waterman, Stride avenue and
Twelfth street. (16191
meeting the large and small investor. You may have had no experience and yet be the man wo
require. Call at 48 Sixth street for
particulars. 116491
tors eaBily earn $3.50 to $5.00 per
day. Call 48 Sixth street, Westminster, between 9:!i0 and 6.        (16491
wants work, by day. Apply Miss
McLean, 324  Seventh Btreet.  (1639)
Writtea applications for the.position
i I engineer for the new hospital will
be received by the undersigned up to
u p.m. Monday. July 7, 1913. Applicants
must possess third class papers. State
��. nether married or single, and salary
E. S. WITHERS, Secretary.
Iloyal Columbian hospital, New Westminster, B.C. (1660)
rooms with board, suitable for city
gentlemen; references. Apply Turney, 703 Third avenue. 116621
three  bedrooms,  two  parlors,  bath,
etc.,   newly    decorated;    cultivated
garden.    Apply    Mr.    Sutcllffe,   on
"premises. (1655)
near Central school), 711 Queens
avenue. (1635)
Btreet. apply A. L. Lavery, City
bakery. 116541
ished rooms, elose to car. Board
optional. Mrs. Stanbrldge, Thirteenth avenue,  between  fourth and
. second   streets,   East   llurnuby.
V       ������*'��� ' (1643)
ing rooms upstairs, phone and bath,
closa in.    Hox  1628  News.      (1628)
bright nnd airy, hot and cold water,
$2.00   a     week     and     up.     Special
monthly  rates.    845  Royal  avenue.
tage. newly decorated, conveniences,
Princess street. Phone 438, evenings, about  7  o'clock. (1634)
the $800,000 estate, according to lln
i verdict of tbe Jury In Judge J. Stanley Webster's court, after three hours
deliberation. The verdict means thai
the Portuguese widow of Bnos must
share the estate with the squaw, who
j lives  on  the  Colvllle  reservation.
The Enos estate owns the property
|at Sprague avenue and Hrown street.
| on which stands tho Alger hotel, and
'also the north half uf the Empire ho-
jtol building, at Division and Riverside
I Not long before his death Enos sold
Ito the Milwaukee railway the Me-
jchanlc's hotel for $130,000, which mon-
ley he used In purchasing other Spo-
i kane property,
The case has been one of the most
unique in the history of the courts of
the northwest and wns bitterly contested. Even the Immediate relatives
of the squaw apparen'Iy knew but
little of the relations of Susanne with
the Portuguese pioneer, who married
her when she was but 14 or 15 year3
of age.
Portuguese Joe. who died In the
Azore islands In 1911. while there on
a visit with his young wife, drifted
into the Yakima country In the early
'60s. Lll'le of his early history was
brought out at the Irial other than
he was an early visitor with the San
Poll  tribe near Nrspeleni.
Testimony al the trial indicated
that the swarthy Portuguese crossed
tlle Columbia river ln the early '70s
and soon afier asked Qui Qui Tas of
the Nespelems for his daughter.
 After his marriage into the tribe he
j returned to the ranch on ("rab creeK
GOOD  SINGING  VOICES  ANXIOUS and made a fortune In stock In the
but   financially  unable  to  cultivate ! Big Bend country.
write post office box 1405, Vancou- j    The fact that he was a squaw man
ver. (1631) |was apparently kept a  secret.    Even
his neighbors who followed him into
the territory testified that they had
never suspected that he had an Indian
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every oae guaranteed. Market square. (1677)
minster district to meet the lady
demonstrator nt 48 Sixth street and
learn something of interest to every
housekeeper. Free demonstrations
every afternoon at 2:30. (1649)
Toronto. July 2.���That marriages
performed in Ontario by n clergyman
non-resident In Canada, are not valid
will be a surprise to most people.
Such is the fact, however, uccordipg
to Deputy Aitoniey-Uenoral J. It.
, Cartwrlght. "Mosl people do not
to half of id,(nv I,;-said he. "but the law Is as
plain as can be made that marriages
performed hero by non-resident ministers nre not legal. The same is
true whether the minister comes from
the United States or from England.
Unless ho is a resident of Canada the
marriage Is not legal.;'
The act reads���"The following persons, Leing men, and residents ln
Canada, may solemnise marriage between persons not under a legal disqualification to contract such marriage"���Whal follows merely Btates
that he must be an accredited minister cf some Church or denomination. |
Thn question in dispute is the word j
Mr.   Cdrtwrlghl   declared   that   the
word  was as  plain  as  could  be, and '
that' there was no doubt    that    mar- ���
riages performed by non-resident ministers were not legal.
"It's a serious matter," went on Mr. ,
Cartwrlght, "and people ought to take
no chances."
Dr. McCullOUgh'S reported statu- ',
ment that all ministers conducting'
marriages in Ontario must he doml- ,
ciled in Ontario, is. of course, quite I
wrong.    Many  people have apprehen-
All  the  Doings at Towns  and  Cities
Throughout  the
All that
minister be resi-
frnin the fact
wore distributed
into church say-
inducted by non-
sre invalid,
f   the   provincial
suid  that  mar-
. i
BAD DEBTS CO! I ECTED EVERY-1 Susanne and other Indians testified
where." No collection, no charge, that her father'gave her to Portuguese
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag- Joa for, !*" Ponl,es wjien he said that
ency, 336 Hastings street west. Van- he w��uld bo,RO<Kl '�� her father, nioth-
OOUVer, B.C. (1678) lpr and m^m}-?lf ��* 'he family.
Had Three Children.
���������a ���������--���--^     Susanne swore that Alice Nicholson.
i now the wife of Alec NicholBon, a
I half breed, on the Spokane reserva-
I tion. is tlie daughter of herBelf and
For Sale���In Sapperton, close to Co-1 Portuguese Joe. The government rec-
lumbia street, car line, five roomed ordB Indicated that she is the daugh-
modern house, new and well built. ; ter Of Susanne and Skolaskin, former
$50 cash, balance $23 a month. The chief of the Nespelems. Susanne tes-
prico is right for quick Bale. ''I'''1  ,hat B>>e had  three children  by
Portuguese Joe,  but  two died  in  infancy.
According to Susanne,    Portuguese
deserted her after several  years.
Blons oil this point.
cessary Is that the
dtnt in Canada.
The trouble arose
that   printed   cards
in  a   prominent  Tor
ing that marriages c
resident ministers  v.
Mr. Manchester, <
registry department,
riages by out clergymen were very-
rare. "Occasionally a minister from
Manitoba or Montreal performs a cere
inony In Ontario, but of course that
is perfectly legal. We have very few
cases in which a minister from the
United States tits lhe knot. When
such cases dn occur we Inform the
people that the ceremony must bo
repeated before a initiisVr resident
in Canada."
For Rent���No. 609   Bent   street,   this
city, eight roomed modern house in   ,
first clans condition, house all new
ly overhauled.    I.easo $39 a month.:
For Rent���Furnished, Mr. Wamsley's
house, corner Tenth avenue and
Twelfth slreet. To careful tennant
will give long lrase and cheap rent.
For full particulars, see ub.
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Buillding.   '
when the whites began to settle thick-
bath,    Apply
rooms,    pantry    and
sl'.l    Queens    avenue,
1162.) t
funlsbed housekeeping rooms, flrsl
fli-.r, sl 22-4 Seventh street.    (1676)
Province of British Columbia, County
of Westminster.
Under and by virtue of a writ of
fl fa to me directed and delivered
against the gosds nnd chattels of
Ralph Asser and Sydney Asser, at
the suit of Columbia Trust Company,
Limited,  1  have adzed  and   will  sell
ly around thetn. She denied that she
had Sever been the wife of other Indians, as testified to by various witnesses for tho defense.
Portuguese Joe married a woman of
the Azores a short time prior to his
death. She was made the chief beneficiary in the will.
The chief bequests, aside from those
to the wife, were gifts of $10,000 each
to a Catholic church in the Arore
islands, his childhood home, and to
two asylums there. Small sums were
given to other relatives, and $6,000
was bequeathed to the Spokane Y. M.
C. A.
Following his death the brothers
and slu'er contested the will, but
Judge Keenan held it valid. It was
alleged that the will was signed by
the pioneer when the wife plied him
wllh liquor and forced him to affix
his signature.
The verdict last night was given
following a week of court grind, which
has brought nearly 100 witnesses. Including many Indians, from all points
of  the northwest.
"Tli" estate is probably worth more
than $300,0011." said Attorney Cannon
last night. "The Indian women will
get half of this amount, aa the sums
paid out of the will must be paid
must  rule
to the costs, which are heavy."
rhe  case   will   undoubtedly   be  ap-
aled   tn   the   supreme   court.
CommiBsicner   Makes   Invtstiaation���
Country   Fire   Z-sei*.   During   Past
Two   Months
Furnished Hire
bath. Hot and ci
��� room    suite
Id water.   %*>;
so pet-
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
Real Etatc and Insurance.
Notary   Public.
Curtla B'ock, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
at    Heaps    Engineering      Company's   out of the  funds from  the
premises, Front Street, New Westmin-  of the  estate.    Tlle  court
ster.   on   Tuesday,   the   24th   day     of  ai
June,  1913, at 2 o'clock in the after-1
noon,   the    following,    or    sufficient, P*
thereof  tu satisfy  the judgment debt \
and  cos's herein:
The cabin cruiser "Cecilia," powered
with s four cylinder cycle 20 h p.
Doman engine, 1912 model. Length
mer all 36 feet, beam S feet, upholstered In green plush, flnlshed -Inside
with hardwood, sleeping accommodation for bIx persons nnd fitted, with
toilet, coo kstove, and electric  lights.
Terms i:f sale cash.
T. J.  A U.M ST It ONU.
New Westminster, June 7, 1913. (1662)
Fort Wllllsm, July 2. Fort William
undoubtedly holds the highest record
of any city In Canada during 1912 uf
having securt d 'he largesi number
of Industries employing the greatest
1 numlier of men. The Industries thai
I Fort William lias secured ar-' corporations In good  financial standing.
The industrial bureau is conducting
.an active campaign during the present
Postponement. year for additional    Industries,   and
Tli- above sale is hereby postponed while the financial stringency exlstng
until Tuesday the 8th    day    of July, I throughout   the  country  has had  tho
1913, at tltt. snme time and place.
Regina. July 2 That the fire which
destroyed the grand stand at the Regina exhibition grounds was purely
accidental rumors which have been J
afloat for some time past lo the ef-
I feet that It was the work of incendiaries having proved groundless on
Investigation, is the statement made
by It. .1. McLean, provincial commissioner. The report, he said, originat-
led in Saskatoon
li appears that someone in Saska-
! toon claimed to have heard rumors
of a fire at the Itegina Exhibition
grounds two dajs before the fire actually took place. This tumor was
communicated to the local police, and
the fire commissioner a day or so after the fire, and a quiet Investigation
jwas Immediately b�� gun locally.
Meanwhile Mr McLenn went to
Saskatoon, but was unabli to discover anything to warrant the belief that
1 the fire was of incendiary origin.
"Tiie story appears to have been a
fabrication," he said, "and I think
there is no doubt that the real canst'
of the fire was that attributed in the
newspaper reports."
Mr. McLean declared that a fire
epidemic bus been sweeping ihe country distri-ts of Saskatchewan for
some time past, no less a sum than
I $100,000 having been Inst through;
the destruction ol farmhouses. The
leading Insurance officials attribute
ut least a portion of this loss to Incendiarism, he added. Farmers hard
pressed for money, the Insurance men
alleged, had destroyed 'heir homes in
the hop,, thai the; might recoup tin m
selves from 'le* sums collected on
their  policies
E-'-ept by Fire
"I would not go 31 far as to endorse the Blrlcture of the insurance
men," said Mi McLean, " but undoubtedly 'luring the past two montha
He- countrj   has bten  swept by fire
Toronto, July 2.���To save the lives
of a few of the hundreds of babies who
die every summer In Toronto In in
Improper feeding and unfavorable
home surroundings la lhe object of the
BableS" Rest Station which the Down
Town Church-workers' association
has established In Memorial park, at
the foot of Portland street. Last year
the ^Iniverslty settlement began the
work, and the station which they kept
up undoubtedly saved the Uvea of
many babies who Would otherwise
have dropped off during the hot
months. This year the work Is being extended.
The station consists of a large tent,
12x24, with a double fly and no Bides,
In order that lt may be as cool and
airy ub possible. Inside are cribB for
20 babies. The cribs are nothing more
or les than lar-ji; clothes baskets,
each lltted with a tiny mattress and
bed clothes. The top of each basket Is
covered with netting to keep off the I
ease bearing illes. All of them
Stand oil a trellis several inches from
the ground, in order to allow the air to
circulate freely. Each crib Is marked with the name of Ihe baby who occupies it, and everything is, of course, I
kept spotlessly clean.   .
The babies are brought  in early In
the morning by their mothers and re- 1
main  at  the  station  all  day.    When j
they come In they are weighed on a
scale, and  their progress is carefully
recorded.    They  remain  in   thc  tent
till 5:."10 p. tn., wben their mothers call I
for them again.    A trained nurse is in!
charge of the babies all the time. They
;are  fed  regularly  with  certified   milk
from individual bottles. The Memorial!
park  is  very  quiet  during  theBe   not
days, und there is nearly always a cool
. breeze off the water, so that the babies
sleep most, of the day.
Would  Probably Have Died.
There   are   eleven     of     tbem   there
'now.  all  of  them  ailing  babies   who
j would   probably   have   died   within   a
month if they had not been  removed
there.    One mother brought In a wizened little mite telling the nurs" that
he  was the eighth of the family, but
that all  the nst  had been  taken off
She  lived  in  a  hot,  noisy  room, and
- the   poor   infant   had   not   chance   to
sleep.   The mother naturally set much
store by him.    At the station,  where
i he   Is   already   beginning   to   pick   up
in  weight, he  is  known bb  S.  B., or
spoiled baby.
Another mother brought In a shrlv-
leled.  puckered-up  little atom  of hu-
; inanity.    "I can't get him to take the
bottle," she exclaimed. When she came
hack in the evening Bhe could hardly
'believe  her  eyes^ when   she   saw   him
drink   up   one   bottle   and   then   howl
j for     more.     A   few-   hours   quiet   antl
I coolness,   combined   with   the   belter
milk,   had   made  the  difference.     An-
* other ten-months-oid  child  is known
, as the old man.    He has the face of a
man of ti), all seamed and anxious.
Telephones:  Office 53.  Residence 429.
JOHN RBID, Proprietor,
Agents     Palmer     IlroB.'   Gasoline
Engines,    larine   Engines  and   Auto-
���lobilu Repairs,
.  Office  and  Works:  Tenth St.
P.O. Box 4,'h     New Westminster, B.C.
-effect of keeping Industries from pro-
; posed extensions, yet Fort William Is
.not being materially affected.    So far
as it concerns  her  industrial  expansion, progress still continues,
I    Chief among the big Industries established  In  the olty during the pasl
j six months is that of the Steel Com-
MERCHANT TAILOR pany of Canada, who without any par-
Spring and  Summer Suitings | tlcular demonstration  of    any    kind
turned the first sod of their big plant
for Fort William on June 4. Tent
norary offices of the builders, Messrs
I'rack and Perrin. are now located on
the Bile, between Beventy five and
one hundred laborers are now engaged on construction work nud it is fully expected thai the plant will be completed before the end ol the preBent
year. The plant equipment will cost.
in the neighborhood of half a million
dollars and will employ 250 men,
On an average forty
fir'-s throughoui the
a   year   nre  reported ;
origin.    It  Is safe to
between 20 and 30
outcome   of  incen-
r cent  of the fires |
now on  display.    See tbem.    Perfect
fit and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Front Street.
as nevei before
per   i',*ni   Of   Hit
country during
as of unknown
say that of tin-He
per cenl   are  the
diarisni.    Sixty pt
In  the country districts since the be- 1
ginning  of   the   pr* sent   epidemic  are
reported us of unknown origin."
The  fire commissioner    said    that 1
every < il' rl was being made lo stamp
out the Incendiary evil.   The officials
nr-  exerting themselves to  bring  to
"-'.'      any   persons   who   may   havel
bi en guilty of arson."
Twelve   Poys   Drowned.
Lawrence, Mans, June 30    A narrow
wooden walk over 16 feel of water lo
the municipal bath bouse on the Mer-
riinae river, gavn way today under the
stamping feet of a crowd of Impatient
boys and at  least 12 of Ihe little fel
lows   were   drowned.     There
more bodies in the stroiun.
Such is Qjif-n Slreet.
Toronto. July 2. A main thorough
fare showing tho neglect of years.
1* 'it red With holt's of various depth
lhal constitute a continuous menac
to all vehicular traffic nud disgraced
with a broken track allnwanc t skirt
lng the rails on both sides. Such Is
Queen street today, ono of the mosl
Important Btreets in the citv as the
great connecting link between the
east and the wesl The disgraceful
Btate of the thoroughfare pn seats
one of Hie strongest arguments for
the appointment of a commission and
thp retenslon of experts to report upon the problem of road construction
In Toronto. Of lato dozens of complaints have been mado regarding
nay be jthe condition of the roads In nearly
I every sectloti of the city.
Capt. Hamilton Back from New Zealand   Makes   ?tatem-?nt
Montreal, July 2. Capt. (J. C. Hamilton of the liritish Qrenadler Ouards,
and Mrs. Hamilton, have reached
Montreal on their way home vin Vancouver from New ��. aland, wbere thc
captain has been assisting Major A.
G, Qodley, commanding the New Zealand defensive forces for three years.
The travellers arc staying at the RltZ-
Carlton  hotel.
"As Is knowni" said Captain Hamilton, "we have compulsory service oul
there, and It Is a very great success.
There are. of course, some people
who do not like It, some five per cent,
of the population who speak against
militarism; but they are dwindling in
numbers, and as oftrr happens they
make far more noise than is warrant-
ted either by their numbers cr importance. 1 noticed an article In a Montreal paper from Chrlstchurch, New
Zealand the statements In which were
absolutely contrary to the facts. Before I left I had three thousand men
of my brigade in camp, an attendance
of 94 per cent., and the camp went
off splendidly.
"A man in New Zealand has to do
thirty drills of one and one half hours
each, 12 half day parades and S days
In camp, and tlie scheme lias been a
most marvellous Buccess all round. I
thing the question of compulsory sfr-
vice is of very great Importance, nnd
tho sooner Canada realizes her re-
spons bilily In the matter the better
It will be for everybodv. Vustralla
and New Zealand, 12,000 miles away,
have it. and I canno' understand whv
it haa not been adopted here. I am
quite in sympathy with Lord Roberts
In his campaign! My views, in a
phrase are one empire, one navy, one
army, run on imperial lines. Tho
Compulsory system would do Ihe country all the good in the world.
"I know perfectly well that yon
oannot have a voluntary system or
whatever you like to call It, without
the men. Vou may have officers and
bands, hut you must have thu men,
a proper permanent s'aff."
Wed at Thirty, Says Mn. Belmont.
When Mrs O. II- 1' Belmont was
naked recently whelliqr she really hnd
~:inl thnt girls would be better off ir
they did 110I ninny before they were
twenty live she nuswered without 11
moment's hesitation:
"If Ihey took toy 11 dvice they would
IVIlIt Until Ibey were even oSler than
that And I du not ineun that counsel
for working girls only. I believe (lint
If women dill not marry under thirty
there would lie fewer divorces than
lhere nre now.
"Men are not nt nil the fairy princes
Ihni young girls think them, And glils
ure by no means the angels men Imagine idem to be���until they learn better.
If both men nnd women married later
thev would know themselves und ench
other far belter thnn tbey do ns mere
girls and boys, nnd tbere would l��
fewer tragic dlscuohuntuicnt.1."
Geo.  Ramsay and  Arthur  Mole are
organizing  a  military  hand  In  this
city, and they expect wil bin the next I
two   months,   lo   have   a   mimical   organisation   that   will   si cond   to  none
In  the west.    There Is no lack of experienced   bandsmen   In   the  city,   in
facl  almost a full  completement    of.
men has already been securid.    Most
of  these  have  Instruments and  for  11
few   who  are, unable  to  get  them at j
present   instruments  will  be supplied
by  the  band.    Ashton  Yates, n  thor-
OUghly  qualified  Instructor,  will  lead
the band, which wlll piny music that
tlle people want to hear, und not mus- j
Ic that the lead-, r wants them to hear.
It is understood from a reliable
source that the Southern Okanagan
Land Company are nbout to dispose
of its large holding in the lower end
of the valley, known us Its southern
lands,, and comprising In all nbout
22,000 acn'B. It is stated that negotiations for this property were entered Into by an English syndicate
some time ngo. and that the engineers
for the syndicate, who have since
made an examination, have presented
most favorable reports.
New Hazelton
C. C. flush has purchased the stage
and express business and property
formerly conducted by I). Miller. He
took possession the middle of the
week. Mr. Hush has been ciinnected
with the (1. T. P. for some time and
he ls favorably known and no doubt
will get his full share of patronage.
He will run the stage to the old town
ns usual.
C. S. Anderson, from Audi rson
Creek. Hablne, arrived in lown nn
his annual trip for supplies. For
many years he haB been a resident
of the BablneB, In the aummer he
prospee's and mines and he baa some
claims there now which he firmly be _
lleves will make hlm bis slake as
soon as transportation Is such that It
will make it convenient to get in and
out if the district. Ib* expects that
next yonr the government will construct a wagon road Into Babine Lake
from Burns Lake, a distance of four-
It en miles over a level agricultural
country, and secure an exceptionally
easy grade.
Tom Wilson, the Dominion government inspector of troublesome insects
was on a lour of inspection in thi
valley this week. He reports that
so far as his Inspection has gone be
j has discovered no destructive Insects
i whatever, with the exception of a fi w
I onion maggots which he found at N't-
'cola. A few complaints have been
(made to hlin of the presence of tue
! cut worm In a few gardens, but these
jean be easily exterminated, said Mr.
' Wilson.
Bacchanalian microbes appear to
have invaded the Indian reserve during the past few days, maqy of the
natives being afflicted in consequence
For three, const cutive dayB lhis week
batches of Indians have been called
upon to too the mark before Magistrate Saul and answer to a charge
of drunkenness,
Rev. T A. Osborne, family anil maid
have left for Chesterfield, Eng., where
they will visit until their return to
White itock, H. c. In November imr
ing his pastorate hero he gave un
stinted!;.- not only of liis time and
ability toward tiie highest calling to
which man enn aspire, the uplift and
salvation of humanity, but he also
gave liberally and without ostentation of bis  material substance.
COAL MINING  rights of the  DotnlnloD
in Manitoba. Saskatchewan and AUwrta,
the YUEon Territory, the Northwest Territorial and In a portion ��>f lha Proywoi
of British Columbia, may be leased for a
term of Iweniy-une years at ::n annual;
rental of il an itere. Not mon- ihan 2&6S
acrea will lw I<��iuh��J to onu applic.utf..
Application for a lease musl he rnads
hy the applicant in person to th�� Ajcn',
or SuD-AJrent of tho dlstrlot In whlob tl e
rights ui>|ill.'(l for are Bltuutmi.
in surveyed territory tbe land must b,
described hy mictions, or legal Hiib-illvl-
Hhtiis of ���eottonSt and In unsurveyed territory the tract Applied for shall ho
Staked OUt by the applicant himself.
Bach application must he accompanied;
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if
(he rights applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty Hhall be
paid on thu merchantable output of th*
mine nt th�� ralti of five cents per ton.
The porson oi*erntlng the mine shall
furnish the Agent wltll Hworn n-tume
accounting for the Cull ijuantHy of merchantable coal mined and puy the royalty thereon. If the coui mining righto.
ure not being operated sueh returns ehollK*
be  furnished at   least  once a  year.
The Wave wlll Include the cval mlnlnft
rights only, but the leasee wlll he jwr-
initted to purchase whatever available
surface rights ma} be considered net'��*��-
sary for the working of thu mine at ths
rate of  tJ0  an acre.
For full Information application should
be   made  to  l***  Secretary  of  the   Depart*
ment  of the  Interior,  Ottawa,  or  to any
Agent  or Sub-Agent of  Dominion   l-unle.
Deputy  Minister of the  Interior..
N. B.���unauthorised publication of thle
Advertisement w'" n"* se paid for
Bank of Montreal
B3TABU8HHD 1817.
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ....J16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $18,000,000.00
branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, Eng
land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
C.S.A., and Mexico City. A geueral
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit issued, available with correspondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Hank Department ���Deposits
received in sums of $1 and upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per cent yer
annum (present rate).
Total AssetB over $lS6.nilO.(iuo.no.
O.  D,  BRYMNER,  Manager.
P.O. Box 34 Daily Newa Bldg.
of all  kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guurautiiet).
59  MeKenzle St
To  Port  Mann  and   Port  Coqultlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily Except Sunday.
A�� Per Following Schedule:
Leaves  New  Westminster  for  Port
Mann S.00 a.m.
Leaves  Port  Mann  for  New  Westminster 9 00 a.m.
Leaves   New   Westminster  for   Pnrt
Mann and  l'ort Coqultlam  10:00 a.m.
Leaves    Port    Coquitlam    for    Port
Mann and New Westminster 1:00 p.m.
Leaves  New   Westminster  for  Port
Mann 5:.10 p.m.
Leaven  Port Maun  for New  Westminster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves New Westminster for Port
Mann and Port Coqultlam 4.SO p.m.
Leaves    Port   Coqultlam    for    Port
Mann and New Westminster li:H0 p.m.
Schedule subject to change without
For further inforrnatlon  Inquire:
Eraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone  164 L.    Office 903 Columbia Sl.
Toronto. July 2. Tbe popularity of
the transatlantic trip as a holiday
never was so pronounced h* it is this
summer, and with this popularity is
coupled the St Lawrence route. People from New York city Itself, With the
iiti"st fleet of flrst-Class ocean vessels
In the world ready waiting at their
docks, are writing up here to the
agenl:; nf the Canadian lines looking
passage by the St. Lawrence rente.
Toronto ncitilB report bookings
from sueh placrs as Iloston, New
Vork. Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Fort
Kayne, Indiana and as far west as
Dregon und south to Florida. F r a
cummer trip to Europe, sailing by
Montreal by the liners which take In
the noble St. Lawrence river and gull
end the .-llriiils of Belle Isle, appeals
to Americans who have sailed from
New York to Dostou as something different and delightful
Anolher feature  which    is    making
the Canadian route popular is the facl
that some of tbe lines, notably the
Canadiiin-Ciinnril, are featuring one-
cabin ships. People of this continent
may be poor, but tbey are opi to be
democratic, and therefore proud, for,
strange tn say, the most democratic
person is the one who objects to traveling second class. First-class or
nothing for him, or as Ib most likely
In  cases of Ihls kind    for lier.
These  new  one-class    cabin    sliltif
:baye no first  or second  class,    They
have "one" class. Tbe rates ere about
the same as tbe old Bedond class, but
the accommodation  Is  belter -equal
to the Old first Class, in fact, exeept upon Ibe ships de luxe. And the
invldliis distinctions of class are thus
avoided. These ships are becnmlna
Immensely popular, being booked full
up away in advance f -r every summer Balling, For people of moderate means tbey are Ideal.
"We have bookings now for next
year," said Mr, Boland, general On
I irlo and New V Tk slat" agenl
"The one-class ships nre lbe most
popular ships of all today. People don't
like to be distinguished hh 'fimi' or
'second' class according to the money
they care to spend. Nowadays, a
person of moderate means can get
first-class accommodation on a one-
class ship on  tbe ('.-111111111111 route  for
iless than J10I1 round trip. This year
Is the biggest vear for ocean travel
ever known. All Ciinnrds are full up
both   from   New  oYrk  anil   Montreal,
;and  aleo  Hoston."
We now have four trains daily and
will give you the cheapest rale going
not only to EJasti m points, but to
Kootenay and  olher points,    We are
I also   agents   for  all   steamship   lines.
', For reservation and olher particular:;
apply to
Iv OOULET, Agent.
New Westminster
fl,  W. BROD1E, il   P.  A .  Vancouver.
B.C.Coast Service
I.t'iwt'R Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. m.,
1 p. in. und 1J :4b.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m.
un<l II p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanalmo 10 a.nv.
and i; :B0 p.m.
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert
and Northern pnlnts 10 n rn Wednot
tiiiyB and  Saturdays at   n   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leavea I'lillllwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
t'llUraday nml -Saturday.
1^-iivin Westminster �� a. tn. Monday,
Wednesday nnd  Friday.
BD, QOULHT, Agent, N,-w Westminster,
ii   W   iniiiiiiK. it. P. a.. Vanoouver,
Transfer Co.
Offlca  Phon*   18S.      Barn  Phon*   Ml
������fibla Strast.
baggage liuineiu-i Promptly to
any part of the ctty.
Light and heavy Hauling
Movement to lntrodu:e Copper Coins
���Financial Stringency Hits
City Hare.
Cnlpary, July 2.- Shortage of money
in the city treasury with which to carry on public works, tho delay in opening up of city work and the consequent shortening of the season, the
general financial stringency and the
lack of work compared with former
years these are conditions which
make u public market an Imperative
necessity  in Calgary.
Charity and Boclal service workers
111 the cily anticipate a hard winter.
Money Is nol. Likely to be plentiful.
"I sincerely hope thla market movement may be successful for the sake
of laboring people,    whoBe    condition
Wages   Are   Very   Low   But the  Jobs
Are Vacant���Ail tne Ooings in
the Eaatern City.
Montreal, July 2.���Kour firemen
killed a week ago, scores resigned In
the last two years, salaries still where
they were a long time ago, and the
city of Montreal on the outlook for
good men -this, In brief, explains the
great problem confronting not only
tbe lire chief .but the civic administration, property owners, fire underwriters, and every citizen of Montreal.
Kthlcs forbid the heads of the fire
department making a "kick" to   the
public  over the  lack  of  firemen,  but
there  Is  no denial  that the  deparl-
ofters  a  dlsocuragtng  outlook."  said
a   deaconess   whose   work   takes   ber ment In In bad  straits,
inneh among all classes of people The  standard   for  men  joining  the
"The saving of even a few cents on "�� department Is high. Men of good
each article of food means a great | character, i f physical ability and able
deal wben there are several mouths to stand tbe long hours of fire flght-
to   feed."    The  vigor with   which   the I -��K ilr'   wanted
women nre pushing their campaign fori     According to those who should know
the   copper   coin    la   commendable.If*19  standard  of  pay
New   Residence  Qualification for Dl-
vorce Now In Fore*���Many
Notable Cases.
Keno, Nev., July 2 ��� Midnight Jun?
.10 marked the close of the Keno divorce colony, ns by the new law that
was the last day on which personB
seeking residence qualifications for
divorce could comply with the old
conditions before the new law came
into force. It ls now no longer possible fur the divorce-seeker to take
advaniage of the six months' residence
clause which for years has been in effect In Nevada.
The amended divorce law, passed by
the last state legislature, goes into
effect January 1, 1H14, requiring a
vears' residence before application for
divorce may be made, lt is now impossible to come within the six
monthB' provision of Ihe law.
Keno divorce lawyers who asserted
they would light the new amendment,
declaring lt unconstitutional, have
thrown up their hands In despair, and
no attempt will be made to light the
Keno for years has been held ap td
One-Eleventh   of   Total   Quantity   of
Honey Consumed In B. C. la
Produced In Province.
the   standard   of   pay   In   away   below
While it. mav be to the advantage ofiw,>iit  it  is In cities of the same size
the limited few to prevent the Intro- throughout all parts of America. The acorn. The city became the bint of
dUCtlon of Ibis convenience, it will bo "rumen of Montreal are paid less than j every jokester. To register in any
at    the   expense of a large proportion I those  in  Toronto,  although   Montreal, eity rrom Keno caused a smile and a
is a larger city, and a city with many Moke to follow. After actual residents
more old buildings, Consequently of Keno had stood for this treatment
when the danger of death is ever ap-   - .     , .
parent, the reason for the lack of up-
inav seem a" small I Pl'oants for posltlciiB In the brigade is
people   in   Calgary. I apparent
of the population  who can ill  afford
the unnecessary expenditure of even
til  single  llitll"
"One hundred and fifty dollars more
her  less  per  yi ar
���amount   to Bome ,.   ,
���but   ther,'   aro   manv   more   to   whom in  Jai*  "bough   Buried
his sum represents tbe difference be-I    D:l"lpl *���'������*������ ��������� a res,dent of Mon-
ween enough and actual hardship."       tr���1 ��<��� Present serving S sentence of
Mm.   K    P.   Newball,  president   of  ""''en 'lays In the  local mil.    What,
he  Consumers'   I,, ague,   regards   the :>*""���   must  be  bis  surprise  to   learn
troductlon of this currency as one of lhal '"' waB recovered dead from the
e most Important rOBUltS of the ro. : r*/1 r ir  :���.:������ '������ - ��� ������:   'l"i       ':.*���:. wa:.
venation of the markel.   If t!u> rnp-
r coin oan be placed  In circulation
d be minle acceptable at the banks
d at  the Bhops, an economic revo-
btii'ii may be effected
'or some time they resolved to remove
the stigma from the name of the city. j
and when the last Etate legislature j
met In Carson City a delegation of
mothers chartered a special train and
ib seended ln a body upon the lawmakers and demanded that the statute
bo amended.
Many   Beautiful   Women.
There   were  many     beautiful    anil
lovely women who came to Keno for
Identified by his sister as the morgue j marital relief.    Mrs. Margaret Bmer-
land burled'at her expense. Lon   McKIm,   the     beautiful   daughter
Water Consumption. | of is:ia-"  Emerson,  the brotno seltzer
Owing  to  the  warmer weather  the I king, was one of these.   She endeared
j ivnti r    consumption    Of lhe city has i herself to the people of Heno and took
rhe Introduction of the coin allows I -S��DB  "P   two   million   gallons   in   the j a prominent part In the welfare of the
Of   prices   between   B,   10,   la   and   LT, j nast week,    ll  now sl mils at 65,000,-1 city.    After her  divorce  from    Scot!
Bt"nle.   II    Increases   competition   and
BducatOS the public to eliminate waste
las far as possible.
h Althotu-'h the board of trade has rejected the pet It Inn of the women to
.circulate this coinage, it may be possible through the market, to direct
public opinion to a point where it will
be to their advantage to acquiesce.
000. The pumping capacity is given
at 50.non.ono gallons In 24 hours. The
margin is considered safe enough.
Arrest Five Youths.
Because of numerous complaints
made by the puhllc. as to the conduct of certain youths who frequent
the parks and do not behave in a
proper manner, a watch was kept, with
Mollis McKIm, the New  York society
man. she took a trip around the world
and was married in a suburb of Lon
don to Alfred Vanderbllt
Kdna Goodrich, the actress, obtalmd
her divorce in Keno and immediately |
married Nat Goodwin, Virginia llar-
ned Southern, the actress, also obtained her divorce in Heno and was lm-
itbe result that five of tbem appeared | mediately married again. Mrs. Flor-
'before  Kerorder  (leoffrlon. ence Jennings,  considered  the    most
Many   Mormons. i beautiful   woman   in   Haltimore,   was
When   the  Tunisian    docked    here ! divorced in Reno.    Her marriage fol-
from    Liverpool,     ninety    Mormons lowed Immediately,
came  down  the  gangplank.     A   little |     Mrs. Henry Hutt, wife of the artist
Moisture   too   Much   for   Strawberries
so Far This Season���Americans
Force   Down   Prices.
! was recently  divorced  in  Keno.  Hutt
' once   said   that   his   wife   was   more
|beautiful thau the Venus of Milo.
Corey,  the  steel  magnate,  Becured
lati r they left on their long railway
"rip across the continent to Salt Lake
City The party was composed almost
-���ntirely    of    ycung    people, most of
them   having  come  from  the  central   hi8 decree tn Heno, so that he might
part Of  Kngland. ! wcd Mabel Oilman, the actress. Corey
Increase Minimum Salary. 'built a home ia Keno aB a guarantee
An important discussion In regard , that he Intended living permanently
to the minimum salary paid to teach- l|n that city. However, the divorce
��rs engaged iu the mission work of thel was granted  and  Corey  left immedi-
  Montreal prrsbyferv took place at the   ately.
According to excellent authority, the meeting in Knox church when it was Phillip Dodge, president of the Mer-
Btrawberry crop In the districts ad- j moved by Dr. I" W Kelley and sec- genthsJer Linotype company, divorced
joining New Westminster bo far this ��nrlrd hy Professor l>. J. Fraser that nl3 wife *n R8na Scores of others
season has been practically a failure th<' minimum salary be Increased from | fuuy as promlnent might be men-
becaiiBe of the rains. Whiie the fruit |,ls P''r month to {25. The motion tloned, among them being: Mrs.
has   been   plentiful,   also   on   account 1 wns passed. ] Hugh Corby Fox. of New  York;  Mrs.
of the wet weather, it Is very soft and;     .. Not a Free Mason. _ I Klsl�� A. Harrison, of New York;  Mrs
Hilda Sampson, of LondonN Elisabeth
Powell Steddard. ef New York: Emma
Wright Mendels. Milo Kgun Prown.
Fried������    Peet.    Dorothy    Case, James
tier, ...
If kepi for ,i short time becomes! Nominal damages tn the "mount ef
watery and mouldy. Whatever may **5 have 1",,'n awarded by Mr. Justice
take place during the rest of the berry Demers to a litigant who Bued a public
season to obviate this condition, there speaker for describing hun as a Free
seems lo be no doubt, but that up to!NI��ron. while, as a muller of fagl, he Qayley, Arundel Smith. Thomaa Rives,
lbe present tbe yield ban been most wa> "resident of a Catholic order-a i |arl( Richardson, C urtland Mnssle,
disappointing. branch  of  the  St.  Jean  Baptlste  so- j n,,rer.ce Cullen, Fanny I.ampe, Edna
This opinion Is not Intended to In-   olet)'. i Hudson and R. M. Huddington, known
elude  all  parts of  the  province.    In $100,000 Damage. j aB ,]���, rather of the divorce  colony,
some places, where the weather has j Ten thousand dollars damage was , ���.),���, although a millionaire, got a job
'been favorable, the strawberries have caused in this city by a fire that de- gelling tickets in a motion picture
been large and of excellent quality, "troyed a wooden shed belonging ,to l^a-ate In order to testify that he really
nnd if hoped-for changes In the weath- ''*"' Balllargeon Express company at wa8 jn fteno in good faith and had
<t are realized the same mav be said Ontario street, near the corner of St 1 regu]ar employment.
of the New Westminster district. De-nla  Street    A  number of  valuable | 	
For the first time In the history of  trucks and  moving  vans were  stored | WHOLESALE STEALING
Only one-eleventh of the total quantity of honey consumed ln British Columbia last year was produced In the
province, according to figures compiled by the department of agriculture. It Is estimated that 566,163 lbs.
of honey, valued at $1111,457, were produced In. or imported into, liritish Co-
'urnhia during 1 filli. Of that amount I
the province produced only 60,274 IbB.,
value $12,682; other provinces in Canada supplied 326,164 lbs., value $81,-
291; countries outside Canada supplied 190,726 lbs., value $25,604.
While IlritiBh Columbia as a whole
may not be an ideal country for honey |
production, there can be no question
but  that  the  province  Ib  capable  of
producing a far greater proportion of;
the honey consumed than was the case
last year.   To a very large extent the |
honey yield of this province depends!
upon   the   methods   adopted   by   beekeepers aB a body.    The department j
nf agriculture  is doing its  utmost  to
educate   ranchers   In   the   elementary
principles   of  bee-keeping.
Tlle Okanagan valley is probably
the best district for bee-keeping ,but
it is not the only district where honey
may be gathered In large quantities
during a good season.
While clover, which is possibly the
chli f source of honey. aboimdB on
every hand, there are many other
nlants from which honey can he gathered. Among the sources of honey
may be mentioned the mow-berry
bush, firewood, fruit blossoms, alfalfa, clover, raspberry and any other
The, cool summer evenings experienced have a tendency to retard the
secretion if nectar In flowers; nevertheless good honey crops may be secured by bee-keepers who properly
understand the requirements of their
bees and provide them with old combs
or "foundation" for new combs and
ither facilities for storing honey.
Modern  Methods.
F. Dundas Todd, one of the Inspectors ln the service of the department
of nericulture, in a recent bulletin
on "Agriculture in British Columbia,"
mentions an apiary which produced
1,100 pounds of fine clover honey
from seven colonies of bees, while
seventy-eight other colonies in the
lame neighborhood produced a total
crop of only 93 pounds. The cause of
the difference is readily understood
by an expert bee-keeper. In one caBe
the beeB were assisted In every possible way; in the other cases they
were more or lesB left to their own device;;.
Mr. Todd tells how he induced eight
bee-keepers to adopt modern methods
nf  bee-keeping.  *ith  the  result  that
i the value of their honey crop amount-
I ed to $720 Instead of no crop at all. as
In   previous  years.     What   Mr.   Todd
, ruccceded in doing In that  particular
locality may bo done In practically all
I parts of the province, with the result
that In a very few- years British Co-
jlumhia. though  not  fo favorably situated   as   California   for   b-=e-keeping
should  be able  to  supply  the greater
portion of its own demand for honey
and other product? of the bees.
Tbe sources of honey are plentiful
'n ir-'rt parts of the province, and
the secret of ruccess in honey production lies in supplying the bees with
proper facilities for storing it while
the honey flow- Is flourlEhlng and the
weather Is favorable.
Oa the Prairies
the city market here. American growers have shipped iheir strawberries
into Westminster direct, and thiB action has caused quotations of other
years to be lessened. Whereas formerly nt this season, locally grown berries would bring from $3 00 to $3.50
per crate, wholesale, Ihey nre now
because of American shipments, realizing bul $2.00 and $
he building. Although th- fire
'listed less than half ��n hour, it w-as
ene "f the fiercest the department has
had to fight.
Catholi- School Burned.
Damage to the extent of nbout JRi.-
nr.o w-as done to Chainnl-iln -acheoi tho
'������nrOFt Catholic school in the city, by
Ore which hndly burned tbe roof and
the fourth ptorv, the lower storys be-
An auto truck loaded at Lynden, j '"B damaged by water. A cigarette
Wash, brought s larffo consignment dropped during practice on the stage
to the c'ty market last -veek. This j nrepnred in i room on the fourth floor
is now made possible bv Improved['*���* th* Cosine exercises which wr-e
highways and Ihe advent ef the auto to he held in Thursday next is thought
delivery Formerly a"v American]to be tbe origin of the outbreak.
berries mid here were I -ought to van- i Shocking   News
couver and ihlppid over here by the
commission   men.
When Miss Lily Barnes bo-ilci] the
Cunard liner Ascania at Quelle" In
the hope of meeting lier brother
Charles   K.   Barnes,   she  was   greeted
with the announcement that h�� had
lenpt overboard from the deck rail
on   Thursday   evening,  June   19.  and
Remains   Fiend   at   Rrglna   May   Be
10,000 Years Old. .   ,    ,
Itegina   July  2.    What   Is  expected i that his body was nut of reach licfnn
Wlll prove upon Investigation to be a �� rescue party could pul out  for hlm
perfect skeleton of a prehistoric man, MIPS   Bnrnfc.   who   hud   not   seen   het
dating back in  least. 10.00 yeurs, bas brother for several years, was heart
been discovered on the banks of a ri
vine In the Willow Hunch country
about 4H miles north of the border in
southern Saskatchewan.
Attempts are being made by Inler-
ested citlzenB to send an expert to Investigate the reported find and to obtain the valuable specimen for the
provincial  museum.
The firBt report of the discovery was
brought to the city n few days ago by
n farmer who resides In that district.
He brought with hlm a number of fos-
Sllzed  boneB  of prehistoric    animals
broken  at  the newa.
Probably   Less   Work.
I'nder Ihe new rules for the control
of traffic on busy street cirnera, the
constable detailed at the crossing will
use n whistle to denote the movements
ef vehicles, onrs end pedestrians, In-
stend of giving the B'rnnl bv waving his arm to start nnd halt the moving cars and rigs of all kinds.
Secret  Meetings.
What are described an "6ecret meetings" nre evidently to be n featur.e of
the  big   HrotherliP'-'d   of    Locomotive
roeognlzed  bv  experts  who examined   Engineers' convention,   o be held here
-   August.    An  extensive scheme for
��� hem to he the remains of exllnet
eaurlans of great age, nt nny rnte older than Hie second glacial period.
He reports tbe discovery of a hurmn
Skeleton ne-ir his own fnrm. but It
���was not unearthed because of the
danger of damsglng the fossil.'. An
Investlgat'.'-n Ib assured.
Trvlnp   Anc'her.
Chicago. June 80.���Woman  Biiffrng-
ists of Illinois  took  their  firs'   st-ns
today to gain n place In  the election
machinery of this oountry.   Twenty-
'be amusement nf the delegates and
their wives and families has also been
Break  Eggs All  Day.
Sed.-illi.  Mo.. June 30.    Egg breaking  Ifl  the   business  of  a  new   plant
here which has just commenced operating,     In   one   room  of  this   factory
thlrty-tWO white-clad girls break eggB
all day long.   They break 144,000 eggs
a day. The factory Is run hv n   poultry nnd   egg corporation which Ib pl-
flve members of Ihe Illinois "Woman's |m',,,,,ring  In   this  district   in   tho  egg
Democratic league" presented a petl- breaking Industry.    Yolks and whites
Cobalt. July 2.���One of the biggest
high grade seizures made In the camp
in some time was that just culminated In Cobalt by Inspector A. T. Rowell nnd Provincial Constable Jerry
l.efel'vre, whereby five persons are
locked up In the provincial jail, including three women. From the
seizuri s of tools made, the police are
certain they have found the place
from which silver rings, crucifixes,
etc.. hate been manufactured for some
tlmr  paBt.
John Borock and Joseph Matiaziuk.
both Polish miners'working in Cobalt,
were taken into custody by the provincial police, and at the time of the arrest about ten pounds of Bll'ver waB
seized, iacludlng a solid silver necklace In a continuous chnln. Maltese
crosses, Swastika luck charms, hearts,
"tc with the seizure on Saturday
were found various moulds and rings
partly completed. Beveral ounces of
dust from the filings were nlso taken
by the police, who believe that In this
raid tbey have put n stop to the manufacture of solid silver charniB which
has been going on illegally in the
camp for some time.
A visit was anid to the house In
question, Bltunted In La Hose street,
inst ofT Lang street, and one the side
of the railway tracks, with the result that the three women were arrested, nnd the pollce are now looking for Harry Partnolk, alleged to be
Implicated In the business. The arrival of the police was a sign of great
anxiety to thre three women In the
house. Mary Partnolk. a girl of 17
years, ran out of the house and hid n
tomato can containing a couple of
pounds of silver, while the other wom-
n acted In a like manner.
ln the cellar of the house the pollce
found fresh diggings, and a few feet
from th" surface uncovered snws.
chisels, files and other tools with
which work had born done. A Bmill
furnace wns alio found in an outhouse nt the rear. More silver was
secreted In Una. and altogether the
police have between 12 and 15 pounds.
Hon to County Judge Owens, asking n
ruling on the eligibility of women
voters to serve ns Judges nnd clerks
or elect Ions. The question was taken
under advisement. The league also
announced the appointment of a
women's county    central    committee,
Over 1500 men are In camp at Cal-
eary. the largest yet known tn Alber-
' ta's military history.
Nine   men   were   seriously   Injured
In  an explosion  nt Horse Shoe Falls.
i 50 miles west of Calgary.
To the largest  gathering the Cann-
! d'-ui  club of Calgary has  ever held
Henri  Bourassa. the Nationalist lead
er  Irom  Quebec,  gave  an   exposition
iof his pos'tlon  in Canadian and  Imperial politics.
The Calgary supreme court dlsmis
sed the appeal of Martin James Arm
strong against  the verdict  of a jury
'who awarded Mra. Henley Lewis (nei
; Lousianna  Collardl   $20,000  damages
for brea-h cf promise.
J. D, Kennedy, real estate agent, of
I Tifield. Ocorg" N. Campbell, post of
I Lco employee, and John A. Huchad-
I an, carpenter, former residents of
i Prince  Kdward Island, were arrested
charged with stealing four black fox
les.   valied   a:    $7000,   from   a   ranch
near Kdmonton.
George Lane has juat completed
the purchase of the famous Naniba
ka farm at a price of $250,000. The
farm consists of 10,000 acres, of
which 4000 nre iu crop nnd la well
slocked. Mr. Lane meatiB to bring to
the farm his percheron mores, of
which he has over 100, nnd will con
tlnue the work of bueedlng, for which
ha la famous, on a large scale.
I'edlev B. C, Juno "iv���With the
distribution of a Becond dividend thlB
vear of $60,000. tlle Hedley Oold Mln-
which will recommend persons t" kitchens. Th
serve as judges should Judge Owens jure broker '���
rule favorably.
Of the eggB nre separated as tlle shells, ,,,..,.,
are broken and then frozen separately 'IK Company hns brought the lotal
in thirty-pound cans. The surround-V'd to the shareholders In the Nlklo
ings are said le be perfectly Banl- I Plate mine lit Hedley slnco August,
tary, and tiie product Is used by bak-! 1��09 tc $981,000. Tbe dividend which
ers' and confectioners In preference ; is being dlstrib " ���' this ricTi'.h rrpre-
Io eggs kept and brolieti Ifl their own - sented the regulur quarterly 3 per
room In which Ihe eggs cenl disbursement with an additional
kept  nl  a  temperature  bonus  of  i  per cent,  on  the capital
of oo degrees summer uud winter,    stock.
Ten alleged crooks. sUBpected pick
pockets and racing touts, were arres
led at the Begins race course.
Fifteen hundred people visited thr
Mada-lnCanada exhibition train at
Outlook, niaking the total attendance
to data approximately ono Hundred
and  sixty  thousand.
Cordon Phillips, assistant Industrial
commissioner at Winnipeg, received
the appointment to the position of Industrial commlBBloner of London, Ont,
at a salary ot $3000.
Reports this week from nil parts
of Saskatchewan. Alberta and Mnnl
toba, show a crop condition that is
declared by members of the Winnipeg
Grain Exchange and the Grnln Growers' association to be Indicative of
the heat crop that the west has produced for years. Haltia have been In-
lennittnnt since the seeding was completed. Wheat In many places Is twenty Inches high and looking fine.
oughtless Advertising
Lost Advertising
(By John C. Freund.) ���
Neither the daily papers nor the trade papers'receive the
amount of advertising to which they are entitled by reason of
their tested usefulness.
The daily papers and the country weeklies are the natural
mediums for the retailer, and in some cases the manufacturer,
just as the trade papers are the natural mediums for the manufacturer and the jobber.
With some few exceptions in the shape of weeklies and
monthlies of national influence and circulation, nearly all other
advertising mediums belong in the parasite class, and while they
consume vast sums give and can give no adequate return.
The competition which a daily paper has to meet is not, as
so many of them appear to think, that of other daily papers, but
that a host of minor mediums, such as trashy magazines, weeklies,
theatre programs advertising schemes of all kinds, .which are
useless so far as results adequate to teh expenditure involved are
It is the persistent ignoring or ingorance of the above facts
which is responsible for much of the money which is wasted by
advertisers, and thus many are induced to believe that advertising is of doubtful value and that its results can never be definitely traced.
The problem how best to secu/e publicity has as yet received
little economic and certainly less scientific treatment.
Many houses hand over their advertising to agents, some of
whom are notably reliable and capable, but most of whom leave
their business to poorly paid and inexperienced clerks and are
principally interested in those mediums from which they can secure the largest commissions.
When advertisers, especially those who expend considerable
sums, organize a publicity department of their own as being as
vital to their success as their buying, manufacturing or selling
departments; when they back every hundred dollars spent for
advertising with at least ten to fifteen dollars spent for brains and
experience organized to discover how best to do their advertising,
the results will be enormously increased.
That the problem of publicity includes much more than advertising in reputable standard publications should be self-evident
Every letterhead, every billhead, every envelope, check, is a medium of publicity just as well assorted and arranged stock, an attractive store window, comfortable but business-like offices, clean,
straightforward methods, prompt service, reliable goods, willingness to remedy errors or shortcomings are mediums that make
for publicity.
For the present, however, let us limit the enquiry to the opportunities presented by publications.
It seems scarcely conceivable that the reason given by many
concerns, even of standing, why they do not expend more money
in advertising in the daily and trade papers is that "it costs too
As if there is such a thing as "expense" if that expense brings
in a profit.
The only limits to the appropriation for advertising should be
the possible market and the manufacturer's or dealer's ability to
meet the demand with his capital, his credit and his organization.
When we see the public utility corporations that supply us
with telephones, with electricity, with gas; when we see railroad, telegraph and cable companies advertising largely because
they have found it pays, should it not be a lesson to the manufacturer and dealer?
Unfortunately the majority of advertisers do not know how
to advertise even when they have selected the best mediums.
The poor results that follow are blamed upon the mediums instead
of being charged to the incapacity of the person wTho prepared
the advertising.
Suppose a business man were told that thousands of possible
good customers would be assembled in a hall and that he, together with his competitors, would be allowed just two minutes
to make his appeal to them, would he not carefully consider and
perpare what to say in those two minutes?
If even tho representatives of standard publications have to
sweat blood to get business it ia surely somewhat due to the fact
that the average advertiser when he has selected his mediums
and prepared his copy does not give sufficient space so as to attract
Let a single instance suffice: A singing teacher of high
standing prepared an announcement of a slimmer school which
he inserted in "Musical America," a high-d#*s publication with
a large and influential circulation.
He got no replies.
Then the editor and the advertising manager took the matter
in hand as a test. They used exactly the same copy but displayed
its salient points in four times the original space, while the handsome cuts of the school in which the original card had been reduced to thumbnail size, were enlarged three times.
Within two weeks the advertiser had 127 replies from all
parts of the country, secured all the pupils his school could
accommodate and had to refuse a number.
"It pays to advertise!" especially when the advertiser has
something of value to dispose of, chooses his mediums with care,
preferring the daily and trade papers to all other mediums, keeps
posted as to which publications are rising in character and circulation and which are declining, tells his story in a simple, concise and convincing way, takes enough space to tell it, keeps at it
persistently, creates an efficient organization to handle his advertising, rejects all mediums whose main appeal is on the score of
cheapness and, finally, is willing to-edf-operate with the publisher
to secure the best results. *"      PAOfc EIOI'.T
Remember  the  Place ���
33 Eighth Street.
i  ard the telephone No. 2
Head Lettuce,  3 heads  ...,25c.
New Potatoes, 5 lba 25c.
New Carrots, bunch    5c.
Orecn Onions, per bunch ... 5c
(looseberrles, per lb 11c.
Ifl lbs-; ior i.'^l $1
liennuda Onions, 11 lbs 25c.
���JJi*' fleets, 'per bunch   5c.
���ithnb-irb, 10 lbs 25c.
Cucumbers, 2 for   25c.
ltad^ahija, 3 bunches  10c.
Fresh    hotliouBO    Tomatoes.
'    per lb.  ...,.'. 25c.
1 Cabbage, per lb 4! sc.
Strawberries are scarce. The
rainy weather accounts for this
and the crop is very limited.
Wo Have a few crates of local
berries to Bell at per crato $2.60.
Or 2 boxes for 25c.
Cherries,  per   lb 25c.
I'lums. 2 lbs 25c.
l'eaches, - lbs 25c.
Watermelons from 75c. to $1.25
Uuskmelons or cantaloupes
each   :. 15c.
Oranges, do/. 35c, 45c, 60c, 65c.
Applet--, in awfully fine schape
3 ll-s. for 25c
Bananas, per dozen  30c.
r     '.,���'������     i -���
We specialize In Summer camp
I   \if.,n i"n* i' M
Spend    X<lur    money    where
Public Supply Stores
li. U ADAMS       S. K. BR1GGS
City News In Brief
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc.. in this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cenis per line. Please do not
ssk members of the staff to break this
rule, ac their instructions are positive.
Mr. Mcintosh, Durham slreet. was
granted a hulldlng permit yesterday
to build a ifniio addition to his residence,
(let it at the Iloyal Pharmacy, 41
Sixth  street.    Tel.  1253. (1673)
Al the cadet camp to be held shortly at the Viclorla grounds, a Y. M. C.
A. lent will be erected and all privileges possible will be given the men.
Jack Insley. ot the Standard Supply j
und Engine company, 18 Hegbie slreet,   Juryman
reports business very goad, and he is
kept  busy  supplying  fishermen  with
reliable gasoline engines. (16SI1)
ifl asked   him    :o
to the glasses farther than they were
very llku those he had Bi en in tne case
hut he was positive about the cise.
Old Paul, whom be believed to be
prisoner's father, arranged the Interview at about 14 miles fr-un linen -e's
go lo ibe Bridge.   Prisoner was taken to Ash-
visitors gallery or procure credentials, croft on Dee  28
"But taj name is Borkott," the youth
ful senator exclaimed."   "I don't care
if your name is Dennis, you can't  go
in ibere," said the doorkeeper." Just
then   a   man   who   knew 'the  senator
ruBhed up and said, "Don't you know;
this  young   man ?    Tills  is   Senator
Hnrkett,  sir."  The  doorkeeper  began j
backing oft with bumble apologies, hut
seeing n humorous gleam in the sena* I
mr's eye.  be  remarked,  "1   was  not |
aware they bad lowered the age limit
to admit high school boys to tlie U
S. senate -so this is Senator Ilurkelt, j
Blr I"
Joe Moes, lilghbnr Joe, corroborated. He did nol take the glHBSes In his
band and could only suy they wero
very like them.' He identified the guns
and a cartridge belt the men had In
Iheir possession at their interview.
Thev were taken to Ashcroft on Dec.
28. 1012.
Willlniu I'lace, Doc creek, fil miles
north of Clinton, spoke as to losing n
bay horse with White face and white
legs. He had seen the h^rse since at
Vernon and here. The horse disappeared after May 6 from his pasture.
Frank Johnny, nn Indian, swore to
meeting prisoner and Splntlum riding the same horse. Ile knew them
both.    They hnd guns.    Splntlum wns
Paul Spintlum, sentenced to linns
on September 12, for tbe murder of
Constable Kindness at Clinton, will In*
taken to the Kamloops jail, where he
will pay the death penalty.
We have money for discounting
good agreements of sale. G. B. Milne.
307 Westminster Trust block.    (1623)
The grand jury yesterday considered and found a true bill upi'ii the in-
A lady charged with a breach ot |ilietnieiit against Louis Cebar, charged
the motor act was accorded tbe bene , with assaulting Charles Eagles, on the
fit of the doubt in the police court New Westminster bridge whilst mak-
yesterday in a conflict with Constable ', ing his escape by night from the pro-
Milne's testimony as to her driving I viucial jail farm at Burnaby. Eagles
past a tram car taking on passengers, (is a hridge attendant.   The grand jury
, ,. _    . I foremost,1 with  prisoner  behind.    He
Foraets   Regulations���True gpokfl ,0 ,hcm am, )n anRwer t0 hi8
Bill Against Cebar. .query where thev were going, thev re-
The jurymen in the MoBea I au castI pUedl ..We arfi ]lIBt travelling through
ara rigorously secluded trom external ,,hp pountryi We don't know what we
communication or corrupting in* |Brp Lroing t0 (,0.. He showP(i Chlel
fluences during the trial, due of them Constabll Fertile and the Indian track-
forgot this Interesting fact yesterday" erB afterwards nnd pointed out the
at luncheon time recess and wns mak- spot Wn<,rp ho had met Moses Paul and
lng a Bee line for freedom and re- pa���i Splntlum.
freshments until arrested by the stem i j0hn McMillan, police constable at
lorian    commands    of    the Indignant  Clinton in Hill, testified lo the ������'ii'--
der of a man named William White,
near Clinton and to arresting prisoner.
Moses i'aul for it.   He was remanded
twice.    He subsequently escaped from
He saw Spintlum near lh
day   of  prisoner's  escape.
Ice cream grotto, Eighth Street
bakery, telephone 281. A. Hardman.
proprietor. (1670)
Of the different divisions supplying
men to the 104th regiment at Its
camp in Sidney, Chilliwack sent
largest number, their companies comprising 101 men. For a rural district
this number wus thought to be exceed
inly large, by military men.
Do you not find that the care
of the estate for which you are
acting as executor entails a
great deal of trouble and anxiety?
Do you not find much difficulty ln selecting Investments
which will insure regular revenue for those depending on
the estate and at the same time
be absolutely safe?
Ua you not find it u good
deal of trouble to supply clear
detailed statements of the position of affairs whenever request-ad?
t)o you not feel that the
time devoted to tho interests
of the estate could be spent
much more profitably to yourself if used on your personal
This   company   is
to aid you in this.
You  may  appoint
pany  your agent.
this    corn-
All  the:-details
will be tiiken off
and    trouble
-our hands.
You may still supervise mat -
tors, even pass on the proposed investments when presented
to -you   in  concrete  form.
���Wc are now handling a number of estates In this way. and
complete satisfaction is being
given to all concerned.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
Paid up Capital and Surplus
 ���   18,800,00	
1 ABsets      4,9^3,161.05
Thi sis under
Money  to loan ��n  first  mortgages
improved  city    and    farm    property
had also the indictment against Tap-
ley, charged with theft from a C. P.
It. freight car at Coquitlam, before
thetn, but could not proceed upon it
on account of tho absence of witnesses. It will be dealt with on reas-
t',J^ sembling. After consultation with
'council, the court relieved the grand
jury from attendance until Friday,
July 11.
The petU jurors who are not engaged In the Mosi s Paul case were relieved until Monday next, which indicates  thai   the  trial  will   last  until
ness  was present  at  the Innuost  on
White   when   Ah   Wye,   a  Chinaman.
gave   evidence.     After  the  escape  of
Moses    All    Wye    was murdered or '���
killed. -    !
Cross-examined, witness said Moses j
Paul   was  about   three  weeks  in  Jail
before lie got away.    Sn far   as    he i
knew  there was no evidence against
prisoner adduced.
Further proceedings were lliett ad-
journed until today at 11 a.m.
8 per cent.   Alfred W. Mcl.eod. (144*1)   Friday (tomorrow).
The Salvation Army is giving a
strawberry ice cream social this
evening to welcome Captain and Mrs.
Jackson, who are coming from Nelson to take charge of the work in
this city. I IOCS I
Mills Will Ease Orf.
Through an agreement between the
members of the B. c. Lumbermen's
association, the mills of the province
will shut down vine day per week until
further notice. This has been brought
about, owing to the drop in the de-
New Westminster Preceptory I mand for lumber on the prairies.
Knights Templar will entertain the which has affected many of the small
delegates to the grand priory, which I concerns. The Fraser Mills, accord-
will be held In Vancouver In August, ing to the agreement, will be com-
on one day of the convention, August I polled to shut down 24 hours each
6 the delegates will visit New West- week, one  night and  one day  shift
Boundary Bay
Maple Peach Park being a subdivision of the historic old Whalen
estate on Boundary Hav. is at
last on the market In SfalM feet lots
fronting broad streets and with p( r-
petual bench privileges. This has
been the camp ground for scorea of
local people for year" The lots are
soiling fast, many people procuring
the locations they had occupied as
tenantB for years. Prices 122D and
upwards, easy terms. Sole agents,
700 Celumbla Street, City.
a  program  will  be  ar
minster when
National Finance Company, Ltd., for
(Ire. life and accident Insurance. 521
Columbia street.    Phone 51D.      (16751
The members of St. Paul's Adult
Bible class held a Dominion Day picnic at Crescent ut the invitation of
Miss L. Wilson. There was a good
number in the party and Miss Wilson,
assisted by Miss _ Bishop and Mrs.
L>nn, entertained' the class to lunch
eon and supper.
For everything electrical Bee W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. M72)
Tickets for the luncheon in connection with the driving of the first pile
In New Westminster's harbor may bo
had from Publicity Commissioner
Wade or Industrial Commissioner
Darling. Luncheon at 12:45. Tickets
50 cents. (1679)
At the recent militia camp at Victoria the Y M. C. A. tent was well
patronized by the soldiers. Books and
magazines were supplied and writing
material was available free. The lent
was in charge of association officers,
including Messrs, Bead and Horne, ot
Victoria; H. W. Maxwell, of Vancouver, and Secretary Richardson, of this
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance tnau. All kinda written.
Hundreds ol millions to pay losses.
Figures submitted by J, w. Creighton, head of the provincial tax collection and assessment offices here, show
j that for the month of .lune the sums
collected in the unorganized districts
! total $54,2011.    This    is   a    heavy    in
I crease over last year's statistics for
the corresponding month, when J47,
800 was collected.
although they have orders,to run the
mill nt full capacity for three months
ahead. Speaking in Vancouver yesterday, Colonel A. D. Mcltae felt
hopeful of the present outlook nnd believed that business would be just as
| good, if not better than at any previous time by the first of 1914.
Remains   of   Man   Drowned   in   River
Recovered Yesterday.
Old Father Fraser gave up hia dead
yeBterday afternoon when a fisherman
named William AndryzgUBkte dis
coven d the floating body of Thomas
S. Oleson. who was swept to hie
death on Saturday afternoon. June 14.
by being caught In a tightening rope
while towing his scow bouse.
The body wis noticed lying among
a pile of logs about 75 yards west oi
the Mercer shipyards and P. C, John
ston was dispatched to bring it to the
The man was Identified by the ner
sonal effects be had on him, Including
a watch, which had stopped running
at 3:45 o'clock.
The body was taken to the Murchle
undertaking parlors, where an tnquesl
will he held at X o'clock this evening
Oleson had been married but 8
short time and was living on a scow
on the North Arm.
lie was a member of the Odd Fel
Orrock Promoted.
Montreal, July 2,- J. W. Orrock,
division agent of the c. P. I* at.North
Bay is appointed to succeed J. B.
Brown as principle assistant chief engineer of the C. P. It.
Administration    .
Trusteeships  for   Bondholders
Open  Saturday   Evening  7  to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Wesiminster, Nanaimo,
Calgury, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, London, Eng., aud
Antwerp,  Belgium
Fur   pressed   brick,   fire  clny,  cora-
| mon    brick,    cement,    lime,    plaster,
'gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
" Hi" B. C. Transport Co., Ltd. Office
phone 826, wharf phone 880.      (1674)
A Japanese trader was charged
j wi li obtaining money by false pre
I tencea in ibe pollce court yesterday
I and. on  the  application  of  Mr.  Cor
(Continued from page one)
and southern  points'will  nlease note |
that the Scott road hill Is Impassible
owing lo regrading und recent heavy i
Use Yale and   j
Johnston Roads;
1165." I
Residence V. W. C. A.       I'hone 1324.
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street, and White Rock.
Ii'iiilil,   the  ease
t' in. rrow,     Thi
note in cbangi
bUBtni bs di .ii
was postponed  until
trader   gave
in ii Chinaman In   a
I'll.' Celestial says In
I found   li*  noti  mis spurious and laid
Information wltb the police.
We mak" awnings, tents and sails,
renovate carpets and draperies, re
make mni repollsh furniture, manufacture cedar drees and waist boies,
window Beats and do all kinds of
upholstery work In leather or tapestry We are the largest makers of
window shades, draperies and Interior   hangings,     Estimates   given.
Lees  Limited. (166<i 1
it.  11. "Pete" Han. ii   pioneer   of
British  Columbia   for    the    past    42
years, formerly of this city and now
resident   of   the   Simian   mountains
near the Vedder ri\ ��� r.  was  s visitor
liere yesterday.    Pete ia l""king for
the miscreant who pinched a couple
of boats belonging to one of his pals
and   vows  vengeance  on   the   parties
concerned Bhould tbey be located    Tn
c.utfitorl.     Bathing     Caps,     'I hemos T.
Mottles, drupe.  Lime.    Lemon.    IttiBp   .
ht-ttty Juice,  Face  _Cream,    Mosquito1
jjrder, Talcum, are"in part what we
lia*e.    Safe to say wo bave the best
slock in the city.
This space la too small  lo specify
���J] oomplete linos tor your us.* and
News he Imparted thai
was  going  iu   lur mixed
I especially in bogs and cattle
ureafti r
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS,
Phone 43; L. D. 71; He: 72.
'     New Westminster. B. C.
I Noted Chautauqua Orator.
S"iint(.r Elmer .1. Burkett, who is to
be one of the lecturers In the coming
Qtututauqua, is not only a young man,
but Is younger In appearance than he
lg In age. At the time of bis (Irin
election to congress lie was llttlo
more than a boy. One of the attaehes
seeing hlm about to enter the Benate
until sm-h time us prisoner and Spintlum were Identified as travelling together after the murder.
Mr. Hi'nderson argued thai tha Indictment laid it down that Kindness
was killed by Splntlum and it must hi
proved at this trial.
The Court Vou would have ttii:
jury  try  Spintlum  again?
Mr. Henderson kept hammering upon the subject of the photograph uit-
ld  til the court again Interposed.
Tin- Courl Don't glorify ibis photo.
graph too much. Vou forget the Jury
have ordinary powers of observation
If witnesses will only sny tbey don'l
know when they don'l know and nit
try to be too accommodating, ii will
finish this and Bave time.
Witness-; proceeding, said wben he
recognized Spintlum the man had ,-
smile or a scowl on bis face. He knew
hlm from different marks on his face
as well as by the general contour of
his face and form.
Mr. Undersoil- Are you positive thai
ll was not Moses Pattl who killed
Witness - I am.
Mr. Henderson -Did yuu see Mosof
Paul that day?
Witness--No.  I  did  not.    Tlie  first
time I knew Moses I'aul as Moses I'au'
was at the preliminary trial al Kam
lie first Informed the police of his
recognition of Spintlum on Dee. 13,
Evidence Repeated.
William Ritchie, Charles Pollard and
John Pollard gave corroborative testimony.
Andrew Ness deppsed to losing the
Baddle and glasses which were afterwards recovered bv Chief Constable
i'Ttile and Major Churchill, an Indian
notable of intelligence.
Major Churchill swore to seeing the
prlBoner with the field  glasses  in  a
���'���isi!��  on   Dee.   HI   lasl   when   be   saw
Mosoi   Paul and Spintlum together at
Interview which led lo the surren-
Now Laid Kggs 2 dozen $1.0-1
Good Cooking Butter   2 lbs. $1.(10
Fresh Btrawberries  2 Iioxcb 25e.
Baqanas, per dozen    30c
Idil Spring Salmon, per lb 13c
Smoked Halibut  2 lbs, 35c
(Successor to Ayling & Swain.)
447  Columbia  St. Phone 98.
P. Bur ns & Co.,Ltd.
chamber took hlm to be a visitor who ��� der of the outlaws.    Both  bad guna.
was not acquainted with the rules   in      Cross examiSd, he could not swear
Suits to your
order and satisfaction.
High   Class
Ladles   and
401   Columbia
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace Market, Columbia St., Phones
1200,  1201,  1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth  St.  Market,  Phone 1205.
Sii Edmonds  Market,  Phone  L883.
hone your order In early
ut not before 6 a.m. or
wlll   not find  us there.
always    glad    to    hear
from you and
ever eorry to see you.
o  phone   us   up  whenever  you  are  hungry
we    will   e ndeavor    to
satisfy  you and your
Now and save the dealers' profit. When we say to you that every rug is new this
season and selections representing the newest and choicest styles made in Canada and England you have the assurance of getting the best money can buy at
about the cost laid down.   We offer in this Liquidation sale:
$50.00 Wilton and Axminster Rugs at $38.50
$45.00 Wilton and Axminster Rugs at  33.50
$40.00 Wilton and Axminster Rugs at  31.00
$35.00 Wilton and Axminster Rugs at  26.50
$30.00 Wilton and Axminster Rugs at  23.00
S26.00 Wilton and Axminster Rugs at  19.75
Brussels Rugs at $12.50, $15.00, $18.00
Tapestry Rugs at  $6.75, $8.00, $10.00, $12.50
Small Mats at  50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00
Every yard of carpet is reduced in price as we are very anxious to convert
the department into cash.  On Rugs and Carpets we will give 30 days' time.
Best $1.50 grade at $1.30
Best $1.25 grade at   1.00
Best $1.10 grade at 85
Do not overlook the fact that every article   in   our   several departments is
marked down in this Liquidation Sale.
The IdeaS   Holiday Resort
Good bathing, magnificent sandy beaich, boating, fishing, driving, etc.
Transportation facilities unexcelled, five'trains daily each way, stop at White
Rock. %
White Rock combines all the pleasures of seaside and country with the conveniences of town. It has daily mail, stores, hotel, restaurant, daily milk delivery, bakery, butcher shop, telephone communication, etc., and water piped to
most parts of the townsite.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made  In New  Westminster.
Schaake  Machine Works.
Take advantage Of the Business Man's Train and make your
home at Creeoent Deach (Blackie Spit) for tho summer montv-t.
Train leaves nt 5:3d p.m. dally, on nnd nfter June 15, returning In
the morning in time for business.    Crescent    III ach    affordH    Ideal
conditions  for summer hones, combining  thc   best  of  bathing,  boat
lng at all stage j of tho tide together with fine beach.    Artesian well
water to all residents.   Lut us show you this property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1M1.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employero"   Liability,  Automobile  and
Marine.  Insurance.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
and every 15 mlnti-ti'R until I)
p.m. Half hourly'sen-ice until
11 mn with late car ut midnight.
8A1UHDAYS���18   minute  ser
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���8 and 5.4-5 a.m.
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7, 7.30 8 and
8.30 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with lato car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
C.45 a.m. und hourly ' iit.il 10 p.
ni.,  with  late car a.   11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. aud    hourly
until  10  p.m. with  late  car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until  11 p.m.
SUNDAYS   8 a.m.    nnd    every
burn until 11 p.m.
Connection  Is mado ut    Milium- until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Inland.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
6.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.
���    i


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