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The New Westminster News Jun 27, 1913

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Newa Classified Ads.
proven their worth by 1'^
they   produce.     They  J(
or   small   wants   at   ���<>  .
���**      ���
 *. ������
New   Westminster  and  the  tower
mainland: Light to moderate wi-u<i��.
oartly clouds. wHh occasional ���"���i-ho,*-*- -
ers and stationary or higher l��a-
VOLUME 8, ttji*   >ER 94.
Marvellous Little Lady Entering 100th Year Does
Has  Lived  Under Six  British  Sovereigns���Takes  Keen  Interest in
Publlc  Affairs.
Bright and oarly this morning, before Bome people half her age were
about. Mrs. Elizabeth DeBeck. a resident of New Wesiminster. rose to
treet the commencement of the one
hundredth year of her nxo and join
half a hundred of her descendants In
celebratinK her 69th birthday. Today,
children, grandchildren ami ureal
grandchildren are gathering at the
home of Captain C. H. DeBeck, 135
Columbia etreet, Sapperton, U) Ob-
nerve the 99th anniversary of the
birth nwny back in old New Brunswick
of the little white haired lady wh ���
will be an Interested spectator of their
fun. hc'Bkleu Joining in some of the
milder, forms of merriment herself.
Hemstitching at 99.
When visited by a representative of
The News the other day she was busy
on a very fine piece of hemstitchinE
**Yon -Bee," she said to the reporter
ofter kindly welcoming him. "1 have
Just come over from Vancouver, and
I didn't bring any work with nie, so 1
���Marted this to keep myself busy. 1?
isn't much: oh. no, you couldn't call
1hat   fancy   work."
In spite of her depreciation, how-
���evrr, the work was very finely done
"Do you wnar KlasBeB?" Mrs. Do-
Heck  wnn asked.
"Yes when 1 read and Bow 1 do, hnl
for other things they are only a
bother Oh yee, I read a lot, I'm very
fond of It."
Interested In Sport.
And this waB certainly the truth,
for in the conversation that followed
the kindly little lady showed her
knowledge of political, municipal and
world happenings to be surprisingly
* xtnnslve And It even reached Into
lhe field of sport. Lacrosse she wa-*
most familiar with, alway-B favoring
the gentlemanly playerB. and in dls-
eiiBSln-c the, Kame Mrs. IleBeck showed that her heart was all with the local team, and expressed a desire thai
tn Ssturday'a match they would be
"What advice would I give to people
who want to live a good long time?
Well first of all I would Ml them to
be hMioet. Also, since the llible Bavs
that ii man, or woman either, who
won't work shouldn't eat, he should
labor earnestly for his dally bread
Work  a  Good   Medicine.
"And the best medicine for trouble
and affliction Is work. 11 takes your
mind off your worries. Ab far as yon
(in. don' worry.
"Yes I've had troubles and heart
sorrows but it's hardly worth while
to ment! in that. I've learned to east
them off. If everyone would think of
t li ih when In trouble it would be better for Ihem, for a little worklB heller for them, for a little work IB bet-
nh-oiyB kept my fingers busy."
Th"t this Is the truth Is well known
\.y fii^p v:hn have visited Ihe annua)
���exhibitions here and have seen year
after year the fancy work of different
kinda done by Mrs. Delli-ck which
have carried off so many pri7.es. Be-
sldee a long table scarf. Mrs. DeBeck
is now busy cn some very fine lace in
which number 15n linen thread is
Relatives of Mrs DeBeck say she
In in better health than even two years
ago. Often she is ahout. Ihe house
and garden lii hours a day; she Usually arises nt 7:30 a.m. and seldom
retires before 10 or 10:80 at night
Contrary to what might be c\neoted.
Mrs. DcB"ck requires no specially prepared .food, hut eats the same as the
other members of the household and
eniovs three meals a day. She
laughs whni anyone offers her ns-
s'stancc and climbs stairs and walk!
about out of doors without assistance.
Under Six Sovereigns.
Mrs. DeBeck hears the rare distinction of having lived under six British
sovereigns. She was horn in what
wis known as the York counties of
New Brunswick along Ihe river SI.
.lohn. 40 miles from Kredericton. Her
pirents wero Amos Dow and Anna
Twed, brth of the New England
ttatps; Fifty-four years ago she. with
her family, set out for the Pacific
coast. The journey took months, the
party h".vlng to coast along the Atlantic shore and, after crossing the
Isthmus of Panama, came northward
bv water.
"Victoria in those duys was a very
bad place to me," stated Mrs. De-
Beck. "It was so dark looking and
New WeBtmlnster was not much
either. Ab for Vancouver, It could
hive been bought for a pretty good
song. Tben It was mostly all whiskcv
t ''ons. The big fire there was the best
thing that ever happened to the place
On Soa iBland we could have bought
a large farm for $600. and other properly was wonderfully cheap."
Part of Long Life.
After living In several parts of the
province, the DeBeck family settled
near here, at one time In a house nt
Que-en'B av.enue and Third street.
which later was burned. Mr. DeBeck
end his sons cut timber at Pltl lake
Later several of the boys bourhf Ihe
land where the Brunette mills now
rtand and, after clearing it, put up a
Tho husband was killed by n tree
in the lumber woods and tho children
-separated as time went on. There
were twelve sons and daughters,
some of whom ar�� now dead. These
���were Emmaline, Mary Ann. now llv-,
(Continued oh rage Eight.)
uld timer of Westminster, who enters her 100th year tcday.
TO COME BACK    m mmm
Edu:aiion Figurer for This City���The
Government Premises to RC- Price of Teaching and Housing
init Bulk of Fraser Mills
1913 Taxes.
Secretary's Trip to Victoria Was Successful���Other Municipalities
Alsc Desired tt.
Tracer   Mill-?,   June   tt.   Qttsxethtf
IVter Barth, of Kraser Mills, who has
j-nft returned from a bm-incrs trip to
I Victoria   where   he   took   up   var,mis
j lruiTters affecting the muuicipaliti-t'S of
Ooqtfittam    and    l*raser    Mills,   an
n.'iinci-s thnt Ihe government has cr.u-
, Muted to refund three-Quarters of the
revenue collected from thc FrKsc*--
Mills district during 191:1. Mr. Barth
asked that all lhe taxes for the year
be given to thc municipality, bnt, ns
the government hat not made similar
I u How a 'ices to Port Moody nad Dim-
eans, Incorporated during the early
party of the year, though they were
eagerly requested! the minister of n-
I nance   could   not   see.  his   way   clnar
;io mate any exceptions to the role.
democrats Would Arm President witti
Hefty Club to Use Against
Washington, June 26.���Urgent d-r-
slm to arm the president with a tariff
jb'g stick, one of Stronger and greater
proportions than provided ln tbt
amendment suggested by the fin-.nco
oommlttee majority, developed loday
Iii the Democratic cuhcub of thn senate on. the tarlfl bill.
Discussion tf tne proposed countervailing   duty    on    wheat    and    flour,
which the committee recommended,
led to a general debate cn retaliatory
and countervailing tariff rates, and
Senator Hoke Smith, of Georgia, pro-
posit] tho adopiion cf an amendment
that would give the president power
to enforoe countervailing tariff rate.
on all commodities of commerc*:
against any nation refusing to deal
with the United Slates on a reciprocal  tariff basis.
It would enable the president at any
time to Interpose against any nation
which might discriminate ngalnst the
prcduots of the United States. 3uch
a clause In the tariff bill. It win
argued. Mould place the United Sta'ci
In a position to, defend the country
against any itnii-citirocal act'Oh er attempt to shut oft' ils foreign trade.
Pupils Here.
Someone once said education was a
' costly thing, but that It waa worth
i while a; any price Sn, tilting this
i unknown philosopher at Ua word,
; hire are some figures which will help
i lo shew what It Is costing the people
��� of New Westminster to educate their
children at tlie present time.    These
! are   of  course  but  the  Items ln  the
-total   outlay:   thc   profits   ciraiioe   be
estimated for years to const and even
then the dollar murk will mot be the
standard,  but  it   is  safe to aay  that
1 for returns the money nnw being spent
1 on the cily schools will bring results
jfhat   will   make   the   best   real   estate
Ideal   ever  turned   look  like bank   In-
I 'erctt.
Wha* It Costs.
The payroll for the inonth including
.everyone employed   by  the board  totals $3122.   Of this sum the 59 teach-
t�� on the stuff receive $2490.
Tin- average attendance of children
fur the year ending June 1. is 1704;
Ithe highest  attendance  26'10.
The present value of the various
sclii" Is may he approximately stated
ns fellows: Central, 160.000; Lord
Kelvin, |g4,000; Lord Lister, JB0.000;
Herbert Spencer, $56,000, Richard
���Iclli-ide. $611000: Queensboro, $5000;
.Trim Robson, $��400. The new Duke
i nT ronii'iuglit high school Kill cost in
hhe neighborhood of Jl-on.tWt* and this
1 dots not Include the equipment for
1 which tenders ure now ont, or the
'���jt nut's which arc worth something
TO-."  J100.000.
|     The property upon which the butld-
] in-gs eland  and   the  school grounds
total   21   acres,   valued     at     varying
sums according to their situation.
There  ere  other  expenses and   the
* pr-erent one)- are growing all tbe time.
And eftrr all wis the old philosopher
r'cht?   Well afh the men and women
Uir  the next  feneration  for Um- am-
I we.-.
Anything in the Oriental Line Roucer
Hemet,    Cul.,    June    26   -Bnsinpsr
j men Joined  Mayer  II.  fl. Shaw in  a
itiiiteineut today reprehending the ac-
; tlon of a party of citizens who drove
Korean    fruit    pickers  out of town.
While  the prominent  citizens of the
.town declared they were not in eym-
pnthv with thc Japanese, they assert-
,ed thai the expulsion of the Koreans
;was Illegal and therefore to be condemned..
In a communication from lx>s
Angeles, the secretary of the Jap-
IniH-se association of Southern California, said J.inanere would avoid any
I placo where they were not wanted and
j that the Koreans would not have pre-
jcipltntcd the Incident had they known
I of the feeling In Hemet.
C. P. R. Telegraphs.
Winnipeg, June 26.���James Kent,
manager of ihe Canadian Paolflc railway's telegraphs with headQu&rlers
In Montreal, arrived In this city today on his annual trip of inspection,
which extends to thc Pacific coast.
While here Mr. Kent announced some
tm porl am changes In western organization of the system, to tsko effect
on July 1, tho principal one being the
appointment of John McMillan, superintendent of the Manitoba division, to
bc general superintendent of telegraphs.
Dundee Confident.
I Albuquerque, N.M., June 26.���Tchtiny
Dundee, the New  York  featherweight
land Tommy Dixon if Kansas City,
who   have   been   matched   to   box   10
j rounds here Inly 4. begin nrt'"e tr-i!ti-
��� Ing today. Dundee will return to Los
Angeles after his coming battle to
prepare for a 20 round contest with
Harlem Tommy Murphy at Vernon on
July IF..
Republican Leader Wades Into President and   Democrats Generally
on 'Frisco Affair.
Washington, June 2(1 In a vigorous
speech In the house today, Representative Mnnn. of Illinois, the Republican leader," attucked Attorney Oeneral
McReynolds for postponing the white
slave cases In 8#n Francisco. He
criticized ComMssloner Cleneral
Camlnettl of the immigration bureau.
father of one of the defendants, and
declared that District Attorney McNab had "made the president and attorney gem ral not only beg the question, but eat their words."
Frightened Rabbits.
"Prlphtened   rabbits,"     Mr.     Mann!
said,   "never   sot  away   quicker   than j
the   president  and   the attorney  gen-
eral   when   tills   matter   waB   brjught ,
Mr. Mann tleclared lhat th- presl-
dent and the attorney general had
permitted thems-��lvet to be used to
prevent the enforcement of a great
moral reform law and Insisted that the
administration excuse for the postponement, offered to cast ignominy
upon one official In the department
f justice whose bravery, courage and
knowledge of how to do things, was
worse than the offence.
"The young Camlnettl is a youthful
boy of 27 years, with. I believe several children," continued the speaker, "and it was desirable to have his
father at the trial to protect him in
.his guileless Innocence, having only-
seven lawyers la do eo. Hia, father
had beeu appointed commissioner of
Immigration, one of the dutic-s of
which office is to enforce both the
Mann and ellunett whlfe slave laws in
reference to the importation of aliens
brought here for prostitution���a fine
mini to place in that position whose
principal object Is to leave his office
in order to go to the side of IiIb 27-
vear-old son under trial for a while
Slave offence.
Wilr.on Grilled.
"The action now taken is pure hypocrisy. Manlinets such as I would
have exp��cted from the Christian,
r-icirnl gentleman occupying lhe White
House would have required him to
aek the district attorney to withdraw
hin resignation and try theBo cases,
he being most familiar with them.
They have accepted the resignation of
thd dlsVriet attorfcev and dismissed
the officer who worked uptheTie cases.
"1 suspect the elder Camlnettl and
possibly the junior Camlnettl may be
quite willing to have the case speedily tried, whin the few men who were
familiar with the case and who have
worked it up are fired out of the service, before any one else has time to
learn all the circumstances."
Mr. Mann charged that the new
cabinet officers seemed to have an
exaggerated importance in their own
eyes and an exaggerated idea of the
Influence of each.
A former member of this house.
(Secretary Wilson) he said, telephoned to the attorney general's office and
the attorney general says "that without slopping to go through the files
and so refresh my recollection concerning any particular circumstances
jf the case, I sent the following tele-;
*ram to the district attorney ordering
him to postpone the case."
"What port of a department of Jus-
tdoe ia it?    What kind of an attorney!
general It it?    No doubt the attorney
general is a grent lawyer and a great:
man. but  if the Democratic administration   Intends  to  proceed   upon   the;
theory  that   when   a  cabinet   officer!
telephones   lhe   attorney   general,   or|
when   some   wealthy   defendant,     as
happened in the Western Puel case,
walks Into the office of the attorney
general and asks to have a case postponed, It is done, there will  not be
many   Democratic   administrations   in
the next hundred years."
Progressive Association Appointed Industrial Man
Last Evening.
Went   Carefully   Through   Slxty-elght
Applications and Heard Several
Express Their Views.
royai airs bank   ^PECULATE ON
mm ami   ,ND,AN MTO
Weik   Ending   June   20   Westminster
Leads Brantford, Medicine Hat,
Lethbridge and Brandon.
Toronto, June 26.--The Canadian !
bank clearings for the week ending j
June 26 total $180,139,575, as com- I
pared to $lbS,874,407 for tlle corresponding period in 1912. New WeBt j
minster leads four other citlea ui i
shown iu the following tabli.
Crown   Case   Closed   um
Spintlum's Side of Story
Opens Today.
Ilrantford ...
Medicine  Hat
I Lethbridge   . .
After  wading  through  68    appllcu
tions, reducing the    number    to    six j
then to four and after hearing these Brandon
four outline  their  policy,  ihe execu- |
live of the    Progressive    association
last evening appointed  W.  I,. Darling
to the  position of indUBtriul commissioner.
Mr. Darling has heen acting secretary  for some    three    mouths,    ever]
since Kenneth    Myers    wub    granted
leave of absence to go to England.
Careful    consideration    was   given
every application,  but many of them I
were found to be seeking a publicity (
commissioner's position,   this   apparently having been their line of  business.
The four applicants heard at the
meeting last evening were allowed
20 minutes each in whieh to speak,
following which many questions were
asked them. A vote was then taken
and Mr. Darling was appointed.
A committee composed of Dr. F. P.
Smith and W. Q, McQuarrie will draw
up an agreement which will be signed
by Mr. Darling.
. 6112.144
. 612,ISO
. 545.661
.  479,104
Witness    Admits    He   perjeratf
Himself at Vernon and ts Loc&ed
Up in Cells.
Duke  of  Sutherland  Died
Last Night in London-
Aged 62.
The sensational feature yea'entaar-
in the Spintlum trial for murder, now-
going on at the assizes, waa the ��i��-
prebension of Willie llcdam fur bis
voluntary statement that bis evid����c��
at the trial in Vernon was a tisuj.e a}"
falsehoods, a B.ory made up. hu asdS.
lat the instigation of Cullua Jack. Tliuft
I youth of suggestive surname otvcly as-
1 nounced it3 concoction before ttits, totr
anlnatiou and, as a result, wai ie<5 l*y
Constable Dunwoedy, by ihe order ol
! the court, to the cells. Whut will I��e
Ithe outcome of his conteisniau ie-
I mains  to be decided.
The testimony of the previous ��bs.
nlating to lhe .tracking of the twgi-
t.ves. was amply canflnr.ed-
The eaae for the d. fence opens today and  curiosity  Is rife as to b-a��.
iStuart Henderson, who ha3 been fisfav
.                I lng  for  his   client   With   all  the    re-
���   - r                           | sources thai   forensic  skill aad t**st*
acumen can bring  will try to
Was Larje B. C. Land Owner and the ifa6 chain. ���	
���    , i    ��� ~i��u c.,..^      i    A- H.  Macneil, K.C,    flnishe*   tf*x*
Heaviest in Europe with Excep-      I
tlon of Czar of Russia.
crown ca3e late In the aficrnoon
the trial is expected to cond-cde
On the opening of court jf-aU-rdsj-
,        ���,.     ., .,    o,,.,,    Billy  Dtkker,   residing    at    DeHic-r"*
London, Jund ��-��nwai Suth-  , k        , ,
^rland-Leveson-Oower, fourth duke of , 	
I Sutherland, died tonignt. .       .    flndl__    ���    s,ra.e*
I    The Duke of Sutherland,  who was ������    " ,   1*    ?    "���>���  Pll, -
born July 20, 1851 waB, with the ex-   h,or8,e  �����"�� Rowing   it  to  Chief
ception of the Emperor of Hussia. the I ftable    Pernie    the.M^
Repcrted   tha;   Big   British   Canadian
Plant Will Resume Operations in
Very  Near Future.
day,   Tte
horse was worn out with sMfat-   it-
had co saddle.
Mary Jane Anne, an Indian -an
said   she   knew   Paul   SplntUa
childhood.    She saw him at Dekkn*-ai
lake along with another
There la every possibility of tho
bi-s lumber mill ot (he liritish Canadian-Lumber corporation, located on
Lulu Island, opening- up once more
within the next few weeks. A movement is on foot to obtain the consent
of the shareholders of this 820,000,000
lumber concern to authorize the issue
of additional shares up to (3,500.000.
j which would mean the wiping off of
{the    present      indebtedness      which
d the i
months ago.   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Should this consent be given, it in British Columbia, including one
will mean the employment of Beveral which was beinft colonized under his
hundred hands who were- laid off personal supervision at White's Land-
just at a time    when    the    linancial ;ing,  35   miles  below   Fort  George, on
the  Fraaer river.
Another Norwegian Explorer Will Try
and Find Traces of Andre's Lost
Balloon  Party.
Ottawa, June 26.���While Stefansson
in his good ship Karluk Is prosecuting
his Investigations among the blonde
Eskimos of the northwest of Canada.
Christian l.eden, another Norwegian
explorer, will be conducting a two
yearB' journey of research and discovery In the northeastern part of
thia country north of Hudson's Bay.
He will not otily make an ethnographic
studv of the Eskimos of that region,
but he will endeavor to secure some
trace of Andre, the Swedish explorer,
whose balloon Is supposed to have
ended Its Journey somewhere In
northern Canada.
it >��
������:.i i'.: -.'���
Will See the  Peace.
Winnipeg, June 26.���Kev. Rathbnrne !
nirtl.-v, canon of Manchester, rector
of BeywOOd, Eng., is In Winnipeg. In |
connection with the work of the arch
hinho-is' mission fund.   Before returning to England he will traverse   tho
Teace River country.
Leaves His Millions.
Wheeling,  W. Va.,  Juno 26���J.  N.
Vance.      mul'l-inillionnlre      and    the
wealthiest   man    in West   Virginia,
dropped desd this morning.
���',:<       Edmonton,  June   26.���Roden
O C.   Hooper,   manager   of   the
���*:��� Marshall Wells company,   and
* wife;   Earl Meredith,    superin-
���'.:��� tondent of the Marshall Wells
O company, and wife; Mrs. Case,
������ll* wife of Manager Case of   the
tf west end branch of   the    Im-
���'.i perlal  bank,  and  a mechanic,
O all were drowned tonight when
���,'f their motor   launch   upset   in
���11' the river.   Case   himself   was
Df saved.
ft ?;<���*# % ft **f A ���<���> ft fr -ft ft ft 4
largest  land owner ln  Europe.    llis|
Scottish   estates   embraced   nearly   a
million and a half acres.    He owned
30,000    acres    in    Staffordshire  and
Shropshire and much landed porperty
in other countries. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The duke was noted as a sportsman : were both   on   horseback.
and  yachtsman.    As  the  MarqulB of; was on the buckskin borae.   It I
Stafford, he visited the United States  white spot on its face and white]
ou Bhooting trips several times. j The other maa was on a brown txexsat.
In 1884 be married Lady  Millicent .They were moving teat,   Sho oet tie
Fanny SL Clalr-Eraklne, daughter of 1 men coming towards her on tha-aanr.
f he fourth Earl Af Roeelyn, two sons I trail.   Ihi nsim Ml   I'iiiiIi  m lasts   i'
and one daughter being the result of Hake the next day.
the union. The cross-examination dlachiaed   ax.
Owned Much B. C. Land. confusion in the woman's mind as *��
lnmhrr cimrern lo authorize tha Issue I     In  reCenl yCa��� ,he  dUkP httd  l!Wn   *h*-   real   Purport  of  her ftVldaact     X,
L^J2f;"?Sf?fcilT^I^.��Jl^|a��-^    interested   in   a  -colonization *geemg she wanted to oouv-ay that she
scheme for western Canada and to kuew Spintlum but not that rfwr-
that end had purchased vast tracts of' recogniztd  him  aB the man  on    ttit*
��<,���..* th��� min .��� .h,.t down  -ever-l   terrltor>-    Besides thousands of acres   buckgkin   horse  on   the  (iav   ��&, bd&
caused the mill to shut dowu several   which stam]  in his name on tne Ca-*mcntion(ld
nadian prairies, he owned large tracts:    Hi8 lordship then took a hand ���cf
ut length the answers were as <ljfim'-<v
as the questions. She had not fuooc
nized either of the mm on bohMfeadc
on the day she met them on the trail
at  Dekker's lake.
Interrogated as to her evideoce az.
V, rnop Mary Jane professed to t --'
iu tuber nothing about it, and ber
li aw features kindling into scum;
ghostly resemblance of menrinieal ax*.
the questions drew forth front Use
bench the warning that If x i-rfcttf
man trifled ns she did he voukt (ae
apt to go to jail. HiB InnfchiH. however, did not Infer that tbe tnxarttt*.r
lady was telling untruths.
A brilliant idea striking a jarynani
he asked when had she last seen I^ia*
Spintlum ?    "Vernon"    was   the   tat*
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        sponse.
  In answer to further Interrosnt-fforp-t
witness said the distance between *tht*i
Proud parents and anxious pupils men aI1j herself was tho l-oagtfi cl"
will crowd the public schools this the court room. When tliey aaw bnr
afternoon when the closing exercises t|ley turned off the trail abras*ty aad
will be held and the year's grade pro |She did not see their f.aqes...
motion    examination     results    read. u/'iif_i- u       a
Then it will all be over but the shout-1 Wllllaw Kept Busy.
lng, the city's 2000 school children I William Be-datn had a short %**%.
will be free, and for two months the llvel>' tinie in lhe bos. After he tiad
janitor will reign supreme in the admitted knowing Spintlum, thn ac-
local halls of learning. cused. and giving evidence at hla tviall
The remilar routine of school work , 'n  Vernon,
will  not  be followed during all    the'    Mr- Macneil���You said at Vernon -
afternoon.    Parents are especially in i    Witness���I told a story at V��raon.
Policeman Goe, After a Corpse Underfed  to  attend  and    see    just    how  ] was told to say it and 1 MM *.   it
a wharf. i their children have been  taught dur   wn3 Jaf,k  that  toM  me.    AH that M
Reporls of a    suicide    or drowning  lng the year now closing. Vocal music   Ba,(| at Vernon is a story,
reached the ears of Constable Milne,   will be given by tho different classes I     Mr  Macneil���What did yoo ay T
ihe   hue   looking   point  cop   stationed  and  to   bring  the  afternoon  and  two      W ltness-I   don t   remember it aH.
at the corner of Eighth and Columbia   weeks of suspense    on    the part    of      Ml"   Macn.-il���How  do you know it
streets   for  the   purpose  of  pinching  populis to a close  the  toss lists will,18*" * t,oth
auto owners, yesterday afternoon. The  be read. '!    "��' ss-Because  the    other   tan.
'    The senior classes    will    complete  sa."1.�� was.    Cultus Jack toM soe ti*.
stringency began io make itself felt
The corporal.on has lii lumber
yards located on the prairies, tlie majority being ln Manitoba and Saskatchewan, ul.bun-ill more will be re j
quired once the yueensboro mill bo- \
Kins operations aga<
Many   cuuses   have   becn  given   for |
tlle closing down  of  the  million  dol-1
lur plant ou l.ulu island, but it is un-1
di rstood that since one of the largest
shareholders of the company, the late *
Charlea   M.    Hayes, president of the
(i. T. P., went down with the Titanic |
over    a    year   ago   the    consequent
winding up of lbe estate    caused    a
linancial stringency    with   the   company.
Preparations are now under way by
the directors lo seek the authoriza-
tion of tbe additional bond issue and,
according to information imparled to
The News, little difficulty will be met
with in tbe scheme, so that the sight
of thc Queensboro lumber industry
being set In motion with the consequent requirement of scores of workmen will soon be an assured fact.
More   Lessons   After  This   After
noon  for Westminster's 2000
Public School  Pupils.
The  Court���Were  you paid to teU
report was to the effect that a Jap-      --- --  -������--          ���-���---  t ��� ,.
anese  bov  had   become  tired of  life writing on high school entrance this le^,'1
���ind had disappeared underneath Oil-! afternoon.    This  morning  cund.datea
ley   Bros.'   wharf,   there   to   end     his  will try the geography and Canadian   ������ wu N
,��' hlstorv  papers and  in  thc  afternoon!    �� itness���rso.
Constable   Milno  forgot   Ihe  autos.'wlll conclude the  whole examination1    ���e    Court-Were
disdained  thc Btreet cars, and  made with a drawing test.    Several weeks <"r^j N
a sudden dash to the scene of    the will etaPM before the entrance results     J""^
'fatal ty."    As is natural  when aueh are announced.  lcome8 T % a
a report conies out, tbe usual morbid | falsehood to tho coun ?
The Immigrant Tide. j    The Court���Mr.  MacneiT,
you    kit
Ihiitw    (M
I    delf-betadK
crowd gathered about the wharf, anxious   lo   see   the   police   row boat   pull
^^^^^^_ a^^^aaaaaaaaaaaaaa^^^^^a^^^xr���    what   SCTB
.,,       ,,������ ,������������  , ������ i    Winnipeg,   June   26��� Eleven   hun-  you going to do wtth a maa or tUs
Knerlilfrr^^C^ SLX�� **��! 1���V..^ �� L^I.   �� '* �� *"�� �����*��� �����--   *
through Winnipeg today. Moat of think the sheriff must take Wai in
these aro passengers from the Athen- hand, lt will'neVer do to allow even
Ian, Asiatic, Corinthian and an Indian to do this.
. Tunisian. For the week ending June Bedam was arrested by CaMbHe-
.1.? f�� ,!i..aPf "I.."' '24 about 200u Battlers arrived. Of Dunwoody and taken to the -featfMM
this   number   1014   were   llrltiBh.   2!i0  below.
Russian, 248 Callclan,  113 Htlthenlan,      John  Macmillan,    formerly   a am
\i)l  Norwegian,  55  Austrian and    GO stable  In  Lillooet,   related how    Wee*
Italian. murdered body of tx mgn named Wtiii^
  had  boen  found fn July,  IMF, t*re��->
Tommy  Murphy  Hurt. m*les below Clinton.    Chartaa Halter,
Los Angeles, Cal., June 27.--lack1" half breed, was arrested la
While, the Chicago featherweight, tlon wi'h the murder and af
probably will be substituted for Har-'Moses Paul. After the
lem Tommy Muprhv ln a 20 round bout 'west llaller was let looae.
cn July 15 at Vernon. Upon receipt Paul was not present at tbe
of a message from Murphy calling off Two Chinamen gave Importaat
his match wtth Dundee on account of jdence at the Inquest. Ah Wye i
an Injury the Harlemlte sustained Ini Jim. He arrested Charles llaller i��
training, terms were offered to White, second time. Moses Paul bra-be jtff
by the Pacific A. C. White lost a de- In Aupust, 1911, about three aadia
clslon to Dundee ln their bout here ! after his arrest. He got out tr mmamssxi
oii June 17. I        (Continued on Paae 11ms >
worked hard. Boards wcre torn up
from the platform of the wharf and
the search begun
Cruel fat ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Kuwa Ahara. aiied 16 years, a Japan
ese boy, as the name suggests. Kawa
can speak Euclisli. He explained that
he hud lost a chicken and had chased
it underneath thn wharf. The crowd
melted, so almost did the policeman,
Suffragettes in Coquitlam.
Port Coqultlam, June 25.���Following a meeting held under the auspices of thc Vancouver Pioneer Political Equality league, a local political equality league was formed here
this afternoon with 17 members. Mra.
MacKenzie was elected the first president; Mrs. S. Newmarch, the first
secretary, and Mr*. QuiUy, the first
treasurer. ;   .
FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 1913.
An independent morning paper dSVOtStt to the inter-sts nf New  Wfi��f mtimtrr and
th. "-'raser Valley.    I*nblisht*l every morning except Sunday b-.i the national Printing
by  the Indians there.    For some rea-
s >n or another, the natives believe
thai the Jessie Is stealing Iheir fish
i anil tliey have lodged a complaint
i witli the magistrate ul Clayoquot, requesting lhal the Jessie be Belzed on
her next visit. The Jessie returned
from  a   fishing cruise  to    the    west
ts*d I'ubluthing Company, Limited, at 63 UcKenzie Street, New Westminster, British | const bunks on Saturday night and  it
Columbia. ROHR BVrilKltl.ANl), Managing Uirecti
All communications shostld be addressed to The New Westminster S'eies, nutl nnt
C* individual member* nf the staff    GkSQeSS, drafts, and ntOHSy orders should be iiutiic
pai/ttiile to The National I'rtntino aud Publishing Company,  Limited.
THI.r:l'lll)NHS���[lu*itte** Offie* and Manager, tint); Editorial Rooms  inll depart-
���min. 991.
was while aboul ii inile off shore In
tho vicinity nf Clayoquot with her
nets set that the Indians became
rather wrathy. They think Hint the
Jessie should lie made lo keep oilt-
Slde   the   three-mile   limit,   the   same
SUHKCRII'TIUN RATKB���Ity carrier, t* per year, $1 fnr three months, 40c por '��� ���., ||,(,  American  fishermen.    The  Indians thought they caught the vessel
j peaching  Rnd  In   their opinion   thoy
>�����������������"������ have  sufficient evidence  lo have  thc
courts confiscate tho vcBsel.
Hy mall, S3 per year, 26c per month.
aiiykrtisinii itAi'KH on application.
Evidently to make good the claims his friends are putting forward in his favor for the post of poet laureate,
Rudyard Kipling again has burst forth in song and yester-
The   Hi v.    Albert   Carman,   famous
ns an educator nnd Methodist  clergy-
mun, was born in Iroquois, Onl., eighty years vn*i>  today,    iie  graduated
.      -., -      - , ,��� ,j.T       i -ii-- j     ���.    e from Victoria university In 1895, and
day there was published in London a sixty line product of became headmaster of tho Dundaa
his poetic fountain pen���or typewriter. I county grammar school.   After   two
The poet of whom the Anglo-Indians are proud-notJ g^ft '�� ���thewau&%%diee
seizes on the occasion of the visit of the French premier seminary (Albert College) ami was
to England and spikes it down with a poetic peg. The senti- Zt'mf Wvem Mel'/isf ile
ments expressed are calculated to make the Briton fall on deeded to devote his lira to the min-
the Gaul's neck, not to break it, as would have been the' 1^7^^ "IV,. cl'nnnH.""^^^.^''!'^:!
fashion in the days of Crecy and Agincourt, but to weep work, however, and aided in securing
tears of joy and hope for an eternal friendship between tr'!f��i*i S��X58
the pair of ancient enemies. (charter for the college,   He malntiln-
The TEA of Surpassing
Last year Its Sates
increased over those
of the previous year
by almost a Million
and a Quarter
Appreciation Is the final
test of merit.     om
Black, Mixed and Green.
01 Gill [LECH
Liberal  Leader In  Manitoba Says Hc
Is Far From Being
lil he discovered that
slowly poisoned.
ie   wan being
"Kipling in former days often has sung very much to|ed,4hJ? native connection with the
.r,     �� , ,     ,, ... ���     ,,   ___    ,,       __._,    j   1...1. x -:_x   st it tit ion  until  1Xi4, when he was
eoted B'shop of the Methodist I0tii��-
copnl Church of Canada. After tho
union of the >Methodlsl bodies thirty
y am ago, he ivns chosen gent rui superintendent of lhe Methodist church
in Canada. A powerful puhllc orator,
n gifted educator nnd an able executive, he nliled hugely in gaining for
the Methodlsi church the enviable
position it now In his among the re-
llglous  forces  of  the   Dominion.
the point, not to the point as it really existed, but to a point
cf his own choosing. The main thing, for Kipling, is that he
bas been able whenever he "had the hunch," which is the
modernized version of the "spirit moved him," to drop
right into the biggest puddle in the main thoroughfare
when it was most crowded. In olher words, he has success-
full} attracted public notice on several different occasions.
It is immaterial to Rudyard K that thc public has roasted
him about as often as il has praised his efforts; he is a,   ,, ,   ,,     _.   ���.
,     ,        ,. iii- ii    x i i   ���       V       x   *e      Major-Oen.  Sir  \\m.   Penwlck   Wil-
good advertiser and believes that every knock is a boost, if iiams of Kars, a Canadian who gained
it's the right kind of a knock. I****** i'1110*' ���*��� lh'' ���"������"*'���''"' ������"' mother
Mx      ���     ,*, i   ���     , i x     i,     country,   honun   his   nill'turv   career
any rate, in the present instance he seems to be eighty-eighi years ago today. He was
ihe only candidate with go enough tei get out and hustle 1,oin ���" Halifax, n. s., in iso'o, the son
for that laureate job, to produce his most up-to-date pro- SJJ^KnSttM&^HiS!?scoX
duct for public inspection.   If a man wants the post of poet and grandson of Edward AmberBt, a
laureate he should be able to write "short-order" poetry }��*" Aftw^ng8 tac^ES
and as Kipling demonstrated yesterday that he can produce on short notice he might just as well have the sinecure as anybody else, that is unless Dick McBride has
some other good Conservative in line for the appointment.
Drowned in Cowichan Lake
Victoria, June 28. Hutu rt K. It-ir-
burn, a member of the International
union of Bteam engineers, wns drowned in Cowichan lake Sunday while
swimming, He was taken wi-h crump
while in about ten feel of water and
sunk, it wus Impossible to rescue
him. Itneburn wus running a donkey
engine for Moore & Pethlck, the con
tractors on the t'andiun Northern
grade pnst Cowichan hike. Little is
known hy the men at the camp ns to
his relatives, hut ha is believed to be
a Vancouver man. His body Is Btiil
nt tlie camp Swatting lhe result of investigations us to  his  relatives.
Toronlo, .lune 2li. Because he did
not wanl to be married, Frederick
Webster, aged 24, wenl to Rlverdalo
purk on Monday nnd drunk a largo
quantity of ploture developing fluid.
He iliil  not  Intend to commit suie'd"
lie counted on being bo ill on Wednesday that the ceremony would huve
to bo postponed. And tie wns right.
Webster was so sick that he hud to
be removed to the general hospital
and he mny dio as a result cf hi.i
rash act,
Webster had been keeping company
with a young woman In Toronto for
some mtfhths. ll stems that he represented himself to be nn heir, anil
u very rich man at thai The two
became engaged uud the dute for the
wedding was set. Aa the time approached, Webster realized the great
Injury lie was doing the girl In allowing her to believe that lie was a moneyed man. lie Bought sume manner
in which to delay lhe wedding until
be had sufficient courage either tn
explain to lur ihat he wus poor or
to  quietly   leave  town.
The only way which suggested Itself to his mind wns to become violently ill. So be took the fluid to
Kiwi-dale purk nnd drunk It, und then
returned home, a physician, summoned, thought he was suffering from
a bad heart.    Webster did not explain
^^^^^^^^^ .    ,   , . *  .���.,,,.-,     ...tiipiny   m.,It,.rs
A peanut politician." an Easterner called his enemy for the closing up oiisomo of the pav-    when' ���   m,WR nad h r,n brnil..h,
the other day in the belief that hc was handing him a real ^^of"hf'^S^iSwh Z ",i" 'T "'""T ";'V whJch "1,'"';'
-. i->   xu      r.      i     ���  it ���  ������,.#���*������..;,.,. .,���,i  i���chi ,..,..        .    .        so vi i.f r iinaie v  detayed,  wind not
sour citron.    Rather hard on the motiensive antl tasty company haB with the city, bo that the
i  j ���   _ ���, ���    .v ,x .,,.,,. contractors mnv bid on new contracts
peanut, dragging it in that way. Lejft year wlth .���, absolutely clean
Driving piles in Fraser river mud isn't lhe most in-L^*,'; ^-1'��%^%^'
spiring job in the world, but when the pile to bc driven is heen partialy done in ������ number   o(
the����** \*x t**l-m\9 milHnn ^nllor Viorhnr anViPTOP 1*1  mukfiS  =aB��'  '">l1   I"  "���>���"*���  ' '  *<*���***�����
Winnipeg, June '26.���Speaking nt
Holland, at u banquet held In his honor, T. ('. Nnrrls, leader of the Liberal
party, made it clear that more Is to
be heard of the government's election-
eerlngtactlos at Olmll.
The methods adopted by the government In Macdonald and Qimll were
a disgrace to the province, he Said.
With regard lo the Macdonald by-
i lection, ho hud asked the premier to
arrange for a full and free investigation hy the Dominion government, but
the request had been refused, ll wns
a pity so far as the reputation of the
province was concerned, but things
had como to such a point that If
shameful   election   methods   were   not I
employed the Hoblln government
would not. survive.
The   conduct   of   elections   by   the
Roblin government  was common talk j
outside the province, and it was hu- !
mlllatlng ty anyone traveling to bear
the Comments thnt were made.    It was*
almost Impossible to get satisfaction
iiuule by lhe  Liberal * party,  because
of the manipulation of the department
of Justice, but another effort  would;
be minle.   A protest would be entered
In connection  with the elecU(in of K. |
I,. Taylor nt Olmll.   So fnr'as possible
some of Ihe actions w nild be exposed. I
It   was   perhaps   impossible   to   bring'
them all to light, but it  was not the
intention  of the  Liberal  parly  to lie
down In this matter und it would keep
up lhe fight.
The other spenkcrs joined In condemning the government's actions
nnd In declaring Hint the time had
come for it to Quit olllce.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUV BR" Brand, guaranteed to pass Stnndurd
Specifications of American  and Canadian  Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vltrllled Sewer l'lpe from
4-ln. to 24-ln. In diameter. This is also made In this Province und we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also- carry a stock if Crushed Kock, Washed Gravel, Band,
I.line. liiiKter, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Plionet 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented*
t. t-i. Mccormick
Phone 927.      Suit 19, B. C   E. R.  Depot.
Ne-W Wettmintter B   C.
Tin key. he gained fame by liis defence of tlle Armenian town of Kars
I'niler his guidance, the Turkish Kir-
rison kept the Hussians at hay during
a protracted siege, but eventually had
to capitulate, owing to cholera and
Btarvatton,     Oeneral     Williams     was
Free sugar and free wool have been decided on for made a baronet, and afterwards re-
tt      i     ci        > mi- rm.   i l        , l. ii     ee    . l    turprd  to his native countrv aw enm-
Uncle Sams millions.   Whatever else they can t oftord, mahder if ih,. forces in British North
they're sure of winter underwear and taffy.
Peanuts and baseball, love and foolishness, corned 	
beef and cabbage are things that go naturally together. I   Viclnrla June 26._u lB  ���pP(..P(1
A dead one and a live town do not belong in this list. that an arrangement will be reached
  [I'Ctwe.'i  the city authorities nnd  the
I Canadian   Mineral
b" held fer some months, Wi Inter
told the doctor thai be had a 'in.irt
of iin* poison in his system.
lie -,-ns at once removed to the bos-
pita] and may not recover.
Toronto, .lune '.'il - Tn fill four storeys and i scape with a broken arm aud
n few bruises wns the marvellous experience of Wilfrid Levins when he
Imd remarkable escape from death,
pitching head llri-t wuh a ladder down
the elevator fhuft at the Allen build
ing en  Bay Street.
I,event-, who is employed by the
Otls-Fensom Elevator company, was
working In the shaft al the fourth
floor, assisting In Installing a new elevator, lie was climbing a ladder,
which was resting on planks placed
across the ; haft, when something slip,
ped and he and the ladder were hurled down the shaft.
"Jack" McOlnnls and ".lne" Yarrow
hurried  down  llie Stairs and  assisted
the man from his precarious position
���I'd found that beyond the injury lo
his arm from the wrench when In*
caught the ladder, and bruises on his
ri^ht leg and left arm and side, where
lie t-truck. be was suff"rltin from no
other injuries. lie was taken to St
Michael's hospital, however, whers
examination rhowed Hint the arm was
broken and there were some Internal
injuries, the extent of which is not yet
Our Motoi Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
A Modem and
Handsome Office
i first in the half million dollar harbor scheme it makes ri*',s* ���'""' ����� '��
,.���� . , , .  .       . ,    . yel im n started.
Iiflerence; its worth a celebration in any mans town,    under those ei
A pet boa constrictor ten feet long got loose in Hamilton about a week ago ar 1 ambled down town on its
tummy. The latest report from that neighborhood says
that the band of hope has run out of temperance pledge
rcumstai ' s ll Is
sroposed that the company shnll un-
lertake the pavlnp of trei ts like
fort fi im Cook to Linden, Bay, Doug
'���is. Government ipuri Incomplete),
Hillside, Blackwood, (part) Pl< Id
Horgr and Qarbally roads* In all bul
iie lirit case some work has already
'���com done on the streets. The value
Of the work represents about $20".not)
'ncludlng all els -is of excavation and
laying material This Is ab.nit ss much
work as tho city can expect the com-
They've. just opened an elaborate and expensive new
hospital in Toronto and now that they've got a chance to '"."'' '" rarr>' through mis summer.
.    ' .. ,.      , ,     .        ./..,,     '.        ���        ,, ���    while  the  company  knowli ���  exactly
size lt up they re wondering if its not going to be un-|i10w much has to be done, win be able
" Ily.   Sounds like wishing for a soft boiled egg after
th? hen fruit's been in the water five minutes-
raise t'-e necessary  funds
work through,
It would be interesting to know just what the Democratic bosses in the II. S. think of the man they elected
president. Bossing, as a lucrative and satisfactory job for
the politicians in the land where the eagle has been wagging its tail in alleged freedom since seventeen-seventy-
something, seems to be more of an historical fact than a
present day condition.
Winnipeg, June 26. Deals involving several soulh side properties have
just been consummated this week by
W. 11. Collum and company, the larcr-
ost  of   which   is   lbe   transfer   of   tlio
Pembina apartments on Pembina
street to Joseph Woolf. of Vancouvi r. The amount involved was $(!.">,-
The corner Of Waterford street and
Pembina highway waa sold by the
same firm for $7000, or approximately J'.iu a foot.   Considerable movement
iris commenced along the   highway
since   tbe   street   car   construction   to
the new agricultural college buildings
has been arranged for .
Two bungalows in Prospect park
adjoining Jubilee avenue were sold
fur $6600.
Bhawnlgan  Palls, P, Cj    .lune 26
Mai-v Brisson, wife of Alphonse Al
hort, cf  this town.  w;is  srrested   by
'Ugh Constable Dyon, o   Thtee liiv
ers,   on   o   charge  of  nl i mpttng   tn
murder her husband.   The provincial
Infectives sre    searching  for      man
named    Anthime    Pellerand,    who In
'lleeed i" i e In r pararrx i r. and who
's Jointly    charged    with lier In  tho
The nolicn only Jusl    nc ������
 iching the womnn'p hoi
I'" j   found   h'-r  n'eklnn  In"
* .!' .1
Captain Hunt, whose wife thought he was killed in
the American Civil War and, while laboring under thai
delusion, married again appears to be entitled to thi* (.Team .,���,, preparing to nun the town, "it is Btal,a
miff as the most obliging man alive.   The Cap. just kepi   ;   !1;;1 ' 'V'1' h"' :ivr,m""1
I'll'   '       C411     l'"v     ***"*'**��� ������> ,-i i ���        I        '   I ���   I   ' .        t   I'   .ih'     "M     I    % tl
quiet when he heard of his spouses second matrimonial ,,,
knob���and married again himself. He was either obliging (tti
or else satisfied.
C. N. R. At Ottawa
Ottawa, June 26.���Plans for th" C.
N. II. tracks, round liouse and repair
ShopB which are to be erected this
summer at Rideau townstte just south
of Otiaua, lune been  prepared,    ,\t
Hldi n i  : "*' * ii   ���     it   i i'1 ii lb 'i
on the tlmi t tbli -, three lines of rail-
*.��� ;r-      i   * mi t    . the 'ran. c in inei nil
tlv Toronto and  Ihe   Montn ,il  llm s.
Thi   roun  I ���   se       ll   bs  buill  In   thi
In time   C'ntre  'i   the  iiiinie  mads   l-.*  the
;!,;.,..    '* ��� ks     li    ' ll  have   fiftei n   engine
"*""       Ri * i r s'.n   a an   n   be bu ll
ironnd   thli     / boi I   forty     II   *       nl
.will       * tog iher al ihls polnl
The Toroni       n   ll Is e> i* (tied, wlll
l��- wrkii:.- :    ore ihe Autumn.
Matchmakers  never set
���on  fire.
If a man  is handsome he exaggerates  to himself.
It  takes  a  working  theory   to  pull
off a practical stunt.
the world Bometlmcs he's called B fool he
cause b ��� does nsk s question thai ::
wise uian can't answer,
I.in*k ������- *i good thlnti ti  have around
the  liouse,   lull   jt   is  difficult   10   touch
and  train.
Young   women:     big   ri ei   in   white
boots can be Been a block away.
Perhaps there's nothing in a name
but it. helps oi) a bunk cheque.
Char iy   mny   cover  a   multitude  of
Bins but all the big ones show through
Why is it thai ;i man who is nl
ways h< lping his wife at home during
his spare time is regarded by bis fool
friends as being in the henpecked
Yon   never  can   tell,   unless  II
ficaiidul, thut you ougtltn'1  to
    Int. for th"
ter lb*'! frpm Shawnlgan earlier lu
���   ��� ' i li -i;
i * - *     -.   ���*..*,.���..   ,\:-,',.,,,.,.     \,i
in rl had m   re i  i i    Bnsper.1    uni
wronp   dolnp      Tl -Ily,     fit 11��� r,
n othi ���*  nnd   fi nr chlldri n   ������     in
;i '.,*' nth'  -. evr hiopj. until  Pi llcrand
������ ,   Into thi ir lir"
I* l ��� r md and Mrs Alh rt, II Is
known were gn-nd friends Bnd fi P
some time pasl the husband had sd
vised Ins wife to pay less attenti *.i
tn the man. and flu-llv hsd forbidden
'be bitt< i* to call al his house
A  short  time  later Mr   Alherl   re
celved  :i   crr'lt  amount   f'f  e.ir.nn-.-,   ���
'���n'-e all addrcsred In the same handwriting and apparently comlns ri* ���',,
tin sn iin- pert-en. lie Intercepted son-i
"f these letters and wis hot-*-'* ed  :
diPCOVl -.   It   i-   BtOti tl,  tl'*'t   D   I''* '   v   -t
' ��� Ing h *'��� i- ii npilnrl his own llle i .-*
'is wife .ind I'elli rand.
i '��� ,   of   he l*i ters   t''i* ncl'ee t' lie
co'ii-iin ihe .. i ii" i| sic * 111 ���'"I words
"Ma ���'* vmi 1-,'celvi d lhe an ��� n'fl ���*���
iio noi hesitnie, he muBl bo pul i ii
of I In   �� i-. "
A b :  fi im Mrs   Mbi ri to Pelb
riit'il. " hich Lhe i   lh ������ ', iid  ���'-���"
man why h ��� n "' nol fu nl Ihu polsi *
as she w ih " min; (nr II
A   :-!i"t"   i rn"  ncn  Alherl   ti ol*.    q
Icivil action iigninsl Pellernnd for hav-
��� Ing aliens i d his wife's affections  " !
May   G��t  Warm   Reception Pellerand Bettled oul of courl  I. r 11.-
Vlctorla,   .lune   28.   U'b.n   Captain  r,ii"  umi   kepi away trom the Aim 'I  '"'-���'���' '���"   possible
George Heater, master of the fishing bome mni i\  n,,. tlmt
scliooncr Jessie, taHes his command The h
Into Clayoquol on his noxl trip to the time pa
wi  i eoasi. be will, in ull probability, I stomach
it  Is eailor i -  s me men  to con-
^������- Irol   in*ii*   ten.pi i*   limn   il   is   to   pny
As for trouble- the supply  always the hills thai losing it occurs.
exceeds the demand.
Wltll some .nl' ��������� * d In 'p ea ; Bl
to be an actri ss than II *.- to act.
Money *,-ilks, but ll always m-is us
if ii feared thai a dictograph Is con
cialed in the wall,
,; n!real Jut i 2)1 Whither Fran-
'* '* I ombird v bose holy was
found in a roc filled with riis fumes
took bis own life or not has not been
del' rmii d.
A ��'"k ago, Contl, the dead man's
landlord,   went   with   Ills   family   on   a
trip lo Providence, Rhode Island   lie
left thl bouse In ilinrRe of i.inbardi
The family, on their return- this morning found thai tb" door wns tightly
shut. At first this did not seen, lu-
UBtial, ns l.ombiiili was employed
iIhi* ii the iiii.) h the Dominion oil
cloth company, I'lirther examination,
however, Bhowed thai the keyhole was
tinliiv plugged, and suspicions wer"
ni once aroused,
V'! ' ntrance was i Ffected, nnd i.om.
i  was found  lying dead across a
VI 1"
���  a   ��� nn   ������'  BPmethi
i f     ;-
lie  Is   apt  to  think  hc
Is thi
'be accorded  u   very   warm
I"*1 In tho from room.   There wns un
��� rpowerlng Bmell o( gas,   The jets
��� f the stov", s;\ in numb r. were urn
' * * n lo tm i i ill extent. Kvi rv
w iiiilow \ as i ii'ifully closed nnd
plugged No theory Is advanced us
to any reason for s it-Id". I.iiiiib.iiili
was api : ii, In a happy s'nii of
mind when left i>\ irs trletids. li
in cnlculnte approxl-
 ^^^^^^^^^    of his dentil, as  the
-bund has been rufferlng for meter registered a loss of 21, cuhlo
i   with   Bevere  palm   in'"   fst-l   ���'   gas,    Nombardl   had, accord
and  from  serious  Intestinal  In: lo Or  MoTnitgart, h-cn dead for a
reception I trouble which he could hot explain lib icon   I   ible time,
Pnrt William. Ont., .lune if,
I* wing ti bard day's work on the sec
* on of the O. T. P. about 45 miles
north of this city early this week
Nick Iteski u foreigner, In taking s
short cut to his cabin, came across
a' fox burrow, Before nightfall In-
had dug out tin  fox puns iiliinii  iIk-
size of a half grown terrier which he
sold fnr JUiioo cash. All three snl
lnals were of the silver species. Ever
s t,iio fox ranching passed the expi rl
mental st;i-':' about three years ago
three eastern fox raisers hai" an
ii.iliv sen! buyers Into this district.
The firm of McDoilgafl Itros. alone
have purchased 81 live foxes In the
territory tributary to Fori William
ilils soring. Nearly all were silver
grey, black, silver or cross between
silver and red. Olher firms report
correspondingly   successful   purchases.
The animals are worth approximately
twice as much alive as they are dead,
It Is estimated that ihree represents
this of eastern ranchers shipped oul
of Fort William during the pnst ti>.
weeks forty thousand dollars worth
of young and grown foxes.
Ottawa, .lune 28. "lie cane in onei
in a while and threw ni" five cents
f r a In i le 'I milk, i ne time in>
father came in nnd found me rrei z
lng in the bouse, ' was a portion ol
Hie evidence given in courl b. Mrs
Margaret Doyle, who charged her hus
li md John Doyle, a wa ��� r in Hit
Cecil, with non-support
A few years ago affairs In lhi
l ,* * Is household were nol "accordii *
lo lloyle," nnd the courl then grnnl
��� ���'I a s paratlon, with Uie understand
lng lhal John Doyle was lo paj h
wife twenty dollars n month for ihi
support  Of  Iho  children.
This he did until April 18 of thli
year.   He then tell behind.
"I brougbl the children OUl and had
Ihem outfitted to Ihe extent ol $+4
and us I gol onlv $40 a month as sal
nry I cnuld nol be prompt in my payments.
"When   did  you  buy   the children
the clothes," asked  W, ,1. Code iu ex
"llecause when liny cam" lo Bee nn
Ihey were In  Intters." s-ild   Doyle,
c-iseshrdl   brill   rill   rd   Ibrdl   brdltirdl
Deputy Magistrate Askwlth adjourned the case pud told ihoso inn rested
io try nnd mnke .���, settlement,
For nursing mothers
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
offer the important advantage that they do not disturb
llie rest of the system or
affect tlie child.
25c. a box at your
Nnt" n *.! Drus nnd Chrmicn] Cn.
cil Canada, Limited.      17*
gg fsan����^---iw��S53S]S !3
can be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid of our
mlllwork. We have all ready
In stock panels, mouldingB and
all necessary fittings to expedite the rush jobs. We shall be
glad to submit drawings and
estirnates as we are specially
fitted up for this class of work.
Phone   473,   Queensborough.
701 Columbia Street Phone 57
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes       TANKS
       BURN OIL     	
P    O    ROX   44?
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
i.i iiHiiiiiK wltli Iiii' Kii'iituHt favor wherever lulrt.
Bltulithic on  Second Street, New Westminster with Boulevard  Down
the Centre.
tllliillthlc Is nulBelOHB, iioti-i-llppi'i-.v, pnn-tic��liy tltiBtlees, enay oa
ImfacB tilt, and, above all, particularly dinaljle, Kor ibesa reasons
liltulllhlc in commended liiKnlj by ownsrn ol automobiles and borses,
householders, aim riiy officials. It ban baen adopted i.j (Iftaon cities
In Canada, and ovi'r two hundred In the L'nited StateB,
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
14-717 Dominion Tru-i'  Eulldlng, Vancouver.
Phone Seymour 7130. *w*a%\\w��m
������������jii*t'i. ���.
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Driver   cf   Mall   Wagon   Held   Up   on   Young Norwegian Will Ascertain Man-
Public Street By Three ner cf Death of Explorer
Men Andre.
Montreal, June 26. A daring attempt to hold up the mall wuh per-
petrated on the night of June 'JO, on
Mount Royal avenue, three men Intercepting the Royal Mall waggon us a
lutii'd Into City Hall avenue.    One
held the horse's head while the other
two jumped on the seat and grabbing
the driver. Joseph St. Pierre, by the
arm, ami ordered him from the seat.
St. Pterre was reluming from Mile
Knd station with tlie mail to the posi
Montreal, June lit'. Cn his way
'north to inter the Arctic Ice and explore the Islands on the Hudson Bay
region, Christian Leden, the Norwegian explorer, arrived In Montreal on
June 20,
Young, fair-skinned und spare or
flesh, Li-den is a typical Norseman,
lie is looking forward with keen anticipation to spending ii year and a
half amid the northern snows ami Ice
.tines, ten months of the time without
cir.ipiinlonsliip, other  than   that  pro-
|vlded by his Kskimo companions,
Yes." he said, "the Arctic OOld ap
Mr. I.eden knows the Kskimo characteristics Intimately lor he has headed three expeditions in Greenland and
he Btates that while they are loyal
servants once tliey come to trust you.
tlu-lr dealings with white men have
been so scant that they look uihui
them With great suspicion, lie expects lo visit tribes that have never
hi fore men a white man unless It
were some members of the Ill-fated
Franklin expedition. He speaks tlieir
language well and describes It as having no crnuectlon at all with nny other knout, tongue, although in some
���-mail rpspecta it resembles that of
the North American Indian. On this
trip be will make a close study of the
fololwlng tribes: Iglukiks, the Kine-
petus, the Netehiliks, and the Kidis-
liks. nnd should increas- the Anglo-
Saxon's world's store of Information
on this subject.
office,  and   was  twenty   minutes  late   peals lo be very strongly.   II has ever
when he turned the corner of Mount
Royal avenue.
Standing In the rond were three
men who awaited IiIh coming, and
while lie whipped his horse to make
up   for   lest   lime   he   was  taken   in
awares by the sudden move lo hold
hlm up.
lie used Iiiii whip on one man, anil
-.-������iis about t" iiiake the second blow
IiIh arm wus held fust In the grip pf
another who hud lumped to the seat
of the Royal Mail waggon, at the
same lime demanding thai he get
His whip was taken from him nnd
the holdup nun made an attempt lo
open the door lo get at the mall
Blnce boyhood, and  1  will  he glad  to
put by this flannel suit and pul on fur
garments and teelt he dogs ..training at.
the slf-imli  The heat in New York was
Intolerable,   Cold is good, bul the her.' i
destroys a man's vitality.   Up wherei
1   nm   going  the  cold   is  as  great   as
that   at   the   geographical   north   pole
As ii matter of fact, I hope lo lie verv
near  the magnetic north   pole during
my  travels"
Mr. i.ri'.ni is making thla expedition
under tin- ausploes of the Norwegian
government uiul the university of
Norway at Chrlstlanla, lie win leave
Montreal in a few daya and travel nn,
to Hudson's Hay by lhe overland route,
oanoelng up the rivers wllh ling portages.     A   small   freight   rteomer  hss
Constable Charbomnau patrols the already left London for Hudson nay
Mount Royal avenue district, and. nnd he hopes to And il welting for j
catching sight of him as he turned him at Chesterfield Inlet It carries,
tlio  corner of Cily   Hall  avenue,  the  his  provisions, scientific  instruments.
land   camerna,   including   moving   pic- |
ture machines.
Andre Balloon Mystery.
"i hope this boat will arrive safely.
gang  ran  away,  going  Into  a saloon
further up the streel.
Charbomnau kept the men In night,
and, satisfied that he had seen them
enter   though  more  than   fifty  yards  he said. "My experience of the lee in
Found  Bank  Roll.    Reward Was Onei
Montreal. June 26.���One dollar v.as
the reward given Tom Montgomery
one of the baggage officials of Wiiiul
sir station for recovering ihe ��um
of seventy dollars lost hy a traveller, i
Montgomery saw- an Italian laboret :
pick up the roll of bills from the plat- 1
form, ami Immediately demanded the!
fund.     Sam   E.   l.lchtenhelin   was   a i
witness,    No sooner hud the roll been
recovered  than a  worried  individua'
came  along  tiie  corridor  looking   in i
cv ry corner for something,   lie told
Montgomery he had lost seventy dol- \
lars  iii  ten  dollar bills  Of the  Bank
of Montreal.   Hli anxiety was greal
ly relieved when the roll was produc ;
ed by the official, so much s'i that he
reached out one hand for Ihe seventy I
and with the other produced tw'o one I
dollar hills from his pocket, offering |
one to Montgomery and the other to j
Mr. Llohtenheln.
The latter refused the reward, saying  that It  bi longed  to  Montgomery. '
but  with  the result  that the  refused |
dollar   went   back   In   tli?   traveller's
..way.  he  walked outside    until
place elpsed  for tlio night.
At   10.1S7  he   was   having   a   flerr
struggle  With  tWO of them,  the third , pend When my start will be made, hit
one Yetting away, followed shortly by N *' *****  \ _b:"7* "l9?*!00 ?<
that region Is that It clours -nlv In
July nnd friezes ngnln iti September.
Hn"'! the irrlvnl of the boat wlll de
one getting .
.���mother,  who slipped through the policeman's grip.
The man caught was taken to the
Million and gave his name as Oiis'nv
Chnmberland, anil when brought before Judge l.eet he was charged with
obitriielniT tho Iloyal Mail, a very
serious offence, for which the posl
office act has set no penalty.
The law reads. In section \** of
the post office act. that anyone Is
liable   lo  an   Indictable  offence   who
together nnd get off eurlv In the w
ter Mv primary object Is scientific
research. Bnd among other minerals I
hope to demonstrate thnl hitr copper
deposits "-lut In the nirthlnnd.
"1 expect also to brine hack sure and
certain evidence of the manner '���'���
which Prof. A. S. Andre lost h's life
on his famous Attempt to find the
north polo hv balloon travel, And'-n
>-tartcd In 1SH7. and th" Eskimo tell
tu.. "-tiirv nf his being killed by one
of the tribes,   I belleev Ihe (toootinl
abandons, obstructs or impedes a mall plvn��� to father Turnnetll will nro-e
waggon on the king's highway, or correct that Andre's balloon deeee-id-
who grabs n horse's head, holds the led near the habitation of one of Unharness, takes tho driver hy tlle arm tribes nnd Iho terrified Kskimo put
or mounts (he wnggon. - him to death, imlng various parts of
When no penalty Is fixed, nothing his outfit for ornamentlni: the'r own
short of five years can be indicted homes. 1 have an exact list of whnt
by the judge when a conviction has that outfit comprised, and thlB wlll
been secured. help me In my Investigations:
Son of Alderman  in Accident
Montreal.    June     2o.   J.     Norman j
Drummond, fifteen yaar old eon   of I
Alderman   Driiniiuonil   of   Rosemount, '���
was seriously and perhaps fatally shot
by  a  bullet  from  a  rifle  In  his own !
hands,   while   out   practice   shooting
With a younger brother nnd a cousin |
on   hia   father's   farm   in   Kosemoiint. I
Young   Drummond   left    his    father's |
house Bhortly after lunch Iii company
of his brother Itoss. aged 1". and his i
cousin, Willie McKay, 18 yenrs of age. ,
to practice shooting  in the fields In
the nar of the Drummond farm. The I
| bovs   were   armed  with  a  22  calibre
| r fie.    About 5.HH the younger Drum- ,
* mond  and  his cousin  came  rushing
In 0 the house shouting that Norman
| had   bten   shot   and   appeared   to   be
: dying,   An ambulance was Immediate.
��� ly telephoned for from the Koyal Vic
j torla hospital, and the terrified relatives were led by Ihe two boys to
ja spot about half a mile away, whero
I the lad lay on the ground moaning
[feebly, and bleeding from a bullet
wound under the heart.
$��,000 Opening Handicap at 1 Mile
Will   Bring Together Best Gallcpers in Training in Western America
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric from Granville St. Station
550-Thoroughbreds in Action-550 +AQ*. t-cun
FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 1��1��.
im mwi,m
in* Engineer  Saves  Lad's  Life
\Un����vcr Court  House  Site���
Highlanders'  Band.
Vancouver, Juno 26
ujt tn throw olT any of his garments,
A. Y. (-analill. a young marine en-
if'mterr, plunged off the C. P. R. wharf
-laat nign: to the rescue of Peter
tlsxxx'tvir.te, a nine year old boy who
=����c4dfTi!��Tly fell into the water while
you when I meet > on again."    He then j     Charles A.  Illchartlaon remembered
ran  into  the  woods and  witness  did   Boeing a buckskin horse belonging to
not   see   him   again   until   this   case   Alex IlaviB at Cherry creek about lhe
cann- up for the tirsl lime. , beginning of May, which shortly after
Ah   Wye's   Fate. j wards was missed and not recovered
All  Wye  was  a  witness at the  in-  until he saw It at Kamloops.
'���quest and on October .1 and 4, later,      Mrs. A. (Jaspaid, Dog cr.ek, turned
was found dead.    He was found with  out a black lioi'iie to pasture early   In
his head cut open. (April  last and  did  not see hlm until
|    To the    court.      1  arrested   Moses  August.
Paul in lhe latter part of August and j    'lhe    court     then    adjourned     for
I Ah Wye was murdered In October,    j luncheon.
After Moses Paul broke Jail he go' |    On  reassembling half an  hour was
warrants  for  his  arrest  and  the  ar-  spent in tho various witnesses ldentl
rest of Splntlum.    Witness had not'.i- fylng the brown, the buckskin and the
lng to do with the Ah  Wye investl- black  horses  referred  to  throughout
Without paus- gation, the evidence.-
Cross-examined   by   Mr.   Henderson j    Knoas      Alphonse,      a      Kamloops
I don't know whether Cultus Jack-va-a'tracker, corroborated In    detail
In the New WeBtmlnster penitenliary  testimony   of   Phillip   given   the
for  live years.    I  was  suspended for  preceding.'   He, too, related with mar
the escape  of  Moses  Paul.    White'.-  vellous accuracy the   various   move
body  was found  some  time  In  July,  ments of the hunted men,, the mend
and I told Forsyth. Forsyth never
told mo to go and sec Willie Bedam.
Mr. Henderson���You just pumped
Willie Ilcdam and then told Fofsyth
his Btory.
Witness -Yes.
Cultus Jnck then corroborated Ihe
tracking evidence,  demonstrating up-
againat thetn was that of Ah Wye and
inn the little fellow, who was uncoil-
:aei<H�� anri sinking for the last time.
I jinati II had tu swim ' a distance of
���over f>u yards to the tugboat Clayton,
wbirfc  he  reached   ln  an   almost  un-
���.���ewnacioiis condition. ^M	
Voii.��K Basougle, with several small ^h ji
-mqpa-Bloni,   wus   playing  ahout   Pier  t, Mr     Henderson-Was    there    any
A. Jrai he dared  Ills chums  to  walk yviacnce    Introduced    againat    Mcses
���a. RB-drj-.    ln attempting the feat him-  tjai&l
-self, he vJippid    and    fell    Into    thn     Mf
-water   atlMi ��\ thai  point, is over 20
treet deep,   llnnble lo -swim or render
:��ijr aid to their companion, the Other
littte boys screamt'il   for  help.     I.nn-
���stett. who was looking for a  position
tm one or the boats, heard the cries
;in��\  wilhoui  a    moment's    hesltn'lon
|on his own boots thn characteristics
! of the shoes and their marks. The
' tracks from the log had been mnde
by the BhoeB In court, or a pair like
them, he added.
j    Mr. Henderson���When did ynu  laat
nee Splntlum before you saw him at
Kamloops ?
the L   Witness���1 saw  hlm  when  he  ran
aay  away from Jack Macmlllan.
Dennis    Foster,    William    Cassler.
William  Bob and  David  Pav!.  Indian
trackers, also gave corroborative testimony.
9th.   1 arrested Charles Haller before horses, their sitting down here, their     Chief   Nonstable    Fernle,   recalled
the Inquest and  It    was    some    tllH  camping  there,  sometimes idling  the  ������������?��� J"*E ^httahi ef .1'"   ��
after It I arrested Moses Paul.   I laid   track  and   again   picking   it   up.    the   Presslons about    he height of the log
the  Information.    I  wired    to    Chlet   finding of the buckskin mare and the  '���"���* lne Blopp 0I
Constable  Uurr,    The only    evidence  Baddies.
.pteivim-��round lhe pier.    After secur- The" inquest was held  on  tho 8th or  ing of the shoes,  their coralllng    of
���sprung overboard where tlie boy was
.i��tn^;jTii-aB "in the water.
Court House  Site.
The. tjncBlk��� of endeavoring to so-
<<rtiir���� the old courl house site    for    a
piiMir  iiark   was  discussed    at    last
nifjtii'n m-ivting of the board of park
���4-emmisaioners.    Tills   resolution   wai
'HnjUj udoiltcfl:   "Tint this board be-
novel tlm ii   is in the besl  interests
��-*���* the -efty That the old  court  house
���a'VR    should Tie    made  Into an  open
���upoc-e.   and   recommends   that    rate-
yiayrrs and other organizations   of   a
���EMi-iilar character  he  nsked  to  bring
rhoir  inlluenci'   to  bnir  on   the  gov-.
<Trtn-ATi ��m tl.is rani'i-t; nnd further,
tha.l tfhe cily counen be asked to open
-n-eRCtii-itJons with  Ihe  provincial  gov-
t-iirmi.-T,t   for   the  acquisition   of    the
\ Highlanders for Potlatirh.
S-Tnctt the V'.'nd Scaforth Highland-
��?rj maflit! the trip to Tacoma last
year, wtion- tliey look the cily by
���torm, the'tr lame 1ms spread up and
liown the Paciric coast. With the
tarni: of tbl regiment the fame of its
tv/.ml has also smtsad nud it Is now
in drmnitl Tor fairs nnd carnivals all
���ovfr ttif -states of Washington and
���vOT-PS-un From July 16 to July 19 In-
<-tnsiv��. the hand will play at the
jSranlli potlalch. The full dres3 unt-
���form -will tie taken along and the
InjKt is eM>e(j(sd to he quite one of
Hie rtatnrSs -iff this, carnival of fun.
"Onring the coming autumn tiie band
lta�� b��-en -secured for fairs at Spokane
suul Walla Walla. Salem, as well, is
-malting -an elTort fo secure this band
'idr lhe aulumn fair lo bc held in that
Still Goes on
���On the fourth day of the trial, and
with  ltC***iW prcspooia  of  finishing  be-
fore Vhe-nrtl^r-Tlif Wrnk. tlle suit of
Will'.w    .}. Olipiiunt    against    I.otils
*j1Ie-aindi*r over the snle of Porl Mann
���awjUdivi-sion   lets   in   Febriinr^.     1911
-waui. lesuuied this mornfttg. The action
is  one  i�� -which   the   plaintiff   claims'
���a. Tet'sion nl his agreement to pur-
-���c.Vias"' nviil   tlie  return   cf  his   money,
���-��lT��?5:Tig  thai   he  was deceived al   Ihe
Ume t'i inrchrin* ns    Io    the    location
iin-rt  <���'-laraiii* r, ot  the  lots  he  agreed
vo buy.   Since the time of purchaae
��� 'fi.'   HTDpert)   |S  alleged   to  have  eon-
���tAamiUbi   decreased   in   viilue.    The
���rilx-st*. li .% denial of the allegations
��af intsropreaeilatlon.
I.iceji3e Only,
ilxi ifi-tiire the hoard of license com-
otadam will adhere strictly to the
��� rule if not recognizing anyone but
���ihi* iiMrraifv holder ill their dealings
i *HJi nit Deense, This was embodied
'in a resolution moved hy Coininis-
.���mntier EBttenon yesterday afternoon
aj t-he rai^-ling of the liourd. Owners.
���or the >-jp��irs fif buildings In which
liut" r ia aold' will hot be considered,
eJw- licensee .alone being responsible
ui t'w boarflrtqr.tbeimanntr In which
Mtt tbsha-imi \i -fonmicted.
F-julty   Water   Pipes.
il-"aa3;j .tfii-etTftttioii has been shown
'.s*a exJiy in a l.irge percentage of water
���tfivte Supplied  by   the  National  Tube
ooraunuy, i�� PitUiurg, to the city, by
��� tbte. itpon of tl*^> city's pipe experts,
-nuui-r- public at' the luoeling of the
-.villi nu 'rij otmiait'ee yesli-rday. Out
���of tin lengths of pipe examined and
riw-n us ijpics <ir each size, r>4 per
��� jtr,).   .il  the   lim-lncb   pipe   was   re-
���Jteetei,  n  ger  i-en,i,  of  the 6V4-lnoh
rjiip��.-. tinti im iesa than nt per cent, of
i the   MVV irii.'l    pipe,     This   result,   say
���it*- p,pf* f'.-.pct't*. was   obtained   with
���hi* ,Us**n.l   illnn-.'Hi-i' of 20 per cent.
1 Aw ���aic'p-rej-siitf*-., Hllhough  In per ce.nl.
i-mi. is iituuJi,. illowed by manufac
.THethcditt Mission.
The TJelhi.'dl.'t ihiiieh in Vancouver
��� ttas ra emlemplatlon the Inaugura-
Utm of a inlBslon somowhat along th.'
liiurs nt tbe Hugh Price Hughes mis-
:-jitaQ in West London. Bng., known in
ithe t.>lil tuiintr; in the West London
j-nts-sMKi. Arrangements are .at pres
^-nf. tifinz concluded and the services
wAi te rreli*. in the large auditorium,
*ni* ths- uid BapMit'chnjch, Dunsmulr
iitui nadlton streets, known mnv as
i-Jianitltnii  hall.
������Mfrltness��� Yea.
Mr. Henderson���Hnd yon a w'.Tranl
to arrest Paul Spin!lum at Mary ltd
ler's camp ?
Witness���No. I had nothing lo arrest hlm for at that time.
Mr. Henderson* Why should nol
Splntlum huy cartridges ?
Witness���I don't say he should not.
It was my business io ask him. A'.i
Wye was killed a few weeks after
the inquest.    I could not swear *hen.
Mr. Henderson���Why did you le
Haller go and keep Moses Paul.
Witness���I had nothing to do wiui
II.    It was my orders.
Chief Burr.
When lt came to Identifying the
shoes found bo many hundred miles
from the footprints behind the log In
the scene of Kindness' murder he was
equally positive with Phillip that
these verv shoes had made the footprints. They corresponded In every
measurement  and  detail.
CroFs examined bv Mr. Henderson���
Cultus Jack was wllh them whin they
examined  the  log and the  footprints.
How do you know the pootprlnts
were made by these shoes ?
Witness���The   right heel  is   .........   ,
down  on   the   shoe  and   that  is  the  be Put ,0 1!"'m W tlu> afternoon
shoe thai made the track.
Mr. Henderson���That is the only
way you know. You did not see the
shoe for some days after the mark.
Wltnosi��� I don't know how many
days. Tlie other shoe b turned down
at  Ihe heel too and the mark cones- |
and the Blope of the ground of the
locality where Kindness was killed.
Tho caBe for the crown then closed.
Mr. Henderson for th" deft uncalled for Mr. Kelly, the foreman of
the Inquest on Constal le Kindness
but no one had seen Kelly and ll was
ultimately found thai gentleman had
gone down town.
Mr. Henderson then intimated that
his case would not last much more
than an hour if nothing nnforseen occurred  to  prolong  it.
The court adjourned until today nt
Chief Constable J. W. Burr said Ik  ponds.
10:30, Ills lordship expressing to    the
turned   *'"r-y opinion  that  lhe rase  would
was -7 yearB in the provincial police
service. A warrant was issued for
Moses Paul in connection with I
murder of White. He heard Ah Wye
gave evidence nt the Inquest. Jn con
sequence of Information received, he
laid Information against Paul Spintlum for the murder of Ah Wye. lie
was at Clinton assizes in May. Hll'2,
when   Kindness   was   killed   and   lhe
Henderson���The onlv  way yon
is by  the  heels    being    turned
-Anything I track   1    can
��� What   was    the
���Vessi'  for the  iiiirsvit   I
and Paul Splntlum w-n-e
ull. |
Mr.    Henderson ^^^^^^^^^
height of the log?
Witness High enough that if a
man 'knelt down ho would be out of
.sight. Tin- man behind the log crawl
Strawberries  Likely Will  Drop Today
���Cherries  and  Gooseberries���
Rhubarb a  Drug.
of  Moses  Paul'ed on Ills knees for a little bit. . We
,'rga'nlzcd.      ftook the  wrong  truck  lirst and came
His former dlstric"   hack and picked up the right (racks
was divided laat year. Part of the
Cariboo was in his pros nt district.
Kindness had heen stationed in Clin
lon for about three months, before he
was killed. When Kindness' body was
brought In he held an Inquest. He
took the statements at the inquest
down in writing.
Mr, Henderson���Did you n.-'-t any
of the wit msses either ���*, I tic m-
qr.esi. or outside who it was I hat did
the shooting.
Witness���Yes, I asked two of them
If they could Identity ihe party who
shot Kindness and tliey said they
could not. Loring was a special constable at the time and ia my brother
in-law. Ritchie was also a special
constable. The rest of the posse were
in attendance at the assizes and
volunteered to go with it. I did not
swear them in, I do not know what
rifle Kindness had.
The search for ihe two men was not
successful. Tho men gave themselves
un. The eniefs brought them In.
There Is no question  about that.
in regard to the Information laid
against Moses Paul lie I Mosesl was
noi. present at the inquest. Charlie
Haller was arrested on suspicion.
Moses Paul was arrested afterwards
and subsequently broke jail.
Information was laid against Paul
Splntlum for the murder of Ah W'y
on September 29, 1911. lie learned
Ah Wye was dead on that date. Wit
ness was quite satisfied Moses Paul
and Paul Splntlum were implicated
it In.
Mr, Henderson was proceeding to
ask particulars ahout the sources of
the information Mr. Burr was In possession of when crown counsel interposed.
Mr Macneil���I don't think an officer of the crown should he asked to
disclose information of this kind. It
would be a serious matter if he did.
It is not proper. 1 think it Is wrong
and would create a had precedent.
The Courl --In the public interest It
Should not bc pressed, it cannot In
any way help in this case. (To counsel for the defence.) What question
d'd you ask in respect to the All Wye
case ?
Mr. Henderson���Whether there was
any  evidence  at  the   inquest  tending
and followed  them.
Willi, ss, who was wearing dark
blue spectacles, declined to examine
a photograph cn the ground of his
eyesight. Ills eyesight had got bad
afier the tracking.
Cultus Jack, portrayed as the villain
of the piece by Bedam, somewhat relieved the tale of ruthless pursuit
with some humor.
Mr. Macneil -There is one Ihing.
Jack. I want to , ask you; William
Bedam, a witness in this case this
morning, do you know him?
Witness���Yes, I know him well,
Mr. Maoaalliilfi said In cour', this
morning, that t!i"e evidence he gave In
Vernon was untrue and that you had
told him to tell that story. Whal
have you to say ahout that?
Witness, smiling���I never told anybody to say anything.
Here Before.
Cross-examined by Mr. Henderson���
Were you  ever  in  New  Westminster
before, Jack?
Witness- Yes, I was here for seven
or eight years. .i.
Mr. Henderson���WKal for"
Witness    For drinking whisky.
-Did   'hry   put   you
years   for  drinking
do you want to find
I  paid  my
to implicate Paul
Paul ^L^^^_^^^__
Counsel then  asked    witness    what
Information he imd al the inquest,
inside er outside, upon which to lay
ihe Information,
Mr.  Macneil    I object.
Mr. Henderson Did you lay Information from the farts revealed al the
Mr Macneil   I objeel lo that.
Witness   Nm  altogether
Mr. Henderson Did you lay Information from footprints on the wel
ground, footprints or Lorse tracks?
Mr, Macneil   I obji cl lo that.
Mr, Henderson Had you any Infor-
Mr, Henderson
In jail tor eight
whisky ?
WH ness���Wliat
out bo  particularly  for ?
Mr. Ilejidecsou���*,'bat did they put
you in jail for"''   **'*
Witness���You know what a man
gets for  drinking,  for getting drunk.
Mr. Henderwu-f-'Jlut what did you
do when you were drunk ?
The Court���He gave you a very-
good answer that he had discharged
that by  working out his sentence.
Mr. Henderson���Was it for shooting
his wife ?
Mr. Macneil- That has nothing to
do with thia case.
Witness���My wife told a lie aboul
Mr. Henderson -What lie did she
tell ,
Witness���She said that I  shot her.
Mr. Henderson When you were
five years in the penitentiary did you
not l"arn Kngiish"
Witness���1 was round here before
the  white man  came and  when  they
������il from page .om*
*��f :i ncn-v, wrench, he 'believed. Wit-
neah aaid he saw Paul Spintlum at a
.-stjjre in (.'liiuoti the game day that
���3*gs*c% C'^ifl fcrot-a JaB, about 2 o'clock.
tte r-irat huck lo the jatl fn the after-
���-raw-m i��':d liiiiiid Moses Paul had
��� tne:x ]>c*i.     ���
In  cunMlqis.-nue  of information     re
.-ceMFcd ��/f Spintlum'l having purchased
���-airtrid^c-s. ho and Cultus .lack visited
���mtj  HaUer's camp    dom    morning,
j,l\t<::l IS or 1? miles from Clint' n, Hc
set**' Bjfintllim thi re.   Witness remark
**1. m Jti.-n. "I saw you In town yester
���day."    l->j>iiitli;in   replied   "yes."    Wit-
nrn asked if lie had bought cartridges'
iiad **ssh*Tl Otey were.    Spintlum   an-     John  Pollard
���vrefoi stB*, tie Itatl th''m in a house In 'stray black hursi
tfni-ml.'R-B Bsm that witness would never j Pollard's ranch.
���***���  iiM>��.    Vi'itne.-a  made a grab at jits neck.    It wai
hitr  J.a4 Splnllum  eluded    him    and I was a few days
���en-ill-* n ile li  Into lbe brush with a J killed
jaU.ia:^  t.f  Ton   se. t;   of a       I   Will
teat ion from anybody < lse tt
yonr laying this Information,
wiiin'ss ��� l   ascertained
Hr, Henderson���Outside ol
Witness- Outside of the inquest be-
! fore and afier, which were not given
at the inquest. I got the information
i.at various times.
Mr. Henderson Why did you held
the inquest on Kindness immediately
his body wns brought 111, instead of
sending a posse oui?
Witness-���Because ihe trackers were
on their way from Kamloops, They
got to Clinton thai night, Ther- wen.
50 or 60 men out at various times in
the month of May searching for Mores
Paul and Paul Splntlum. Mr. Kelly
na i foreman of the jury at Kindness'
By a Juror I don't think Boyd was
asked to IdentlfV the man who lind
the shot thai killed Kindness.
Frank Place Broke to missing a hav
horse he ownod  early ln   May.  1H12.
He  saw   il   en   Mav   fi   and   thin   not
until he 5*iii   It at Kamloops.
I Other  Witnesses.
'inembi red seeing a
ahout one mile from
11 had u rope round
'i Btrange horso, It
iiii r Kindness   in1.-.
.Spintlum or Moses came they spoke lo me and I picket
up words here and there. Ill the penl
tentlary they spoke lo me In Bngllsl
and 1 answered them a little.
Mr, Henderson You said you nevei
told Willie lied.un to say anything Ir
Witness  -I   would   h"   ptinls'.ii i|
telling him  to tell lies.
A Hard Name.
Mr. Henderson Did any of
police ti II you to nil Willie Bednm'd?
i A laugh.I ll is very hind l* r me t<
gei that name oul properly, my lord
i Renewed laughter, i
The court    smMinglv    sympathized
wltll counsel  in  his distressful situa-
^^^    tion
Witness- Never, the   nolle,
certain  said anvthlng to me on Hi- s
Mr. Henderson- Were ynu
noil court house when Willie
was In ihe witness box ?
Witness���1   was outside   the  court.
Mr. Henderson - Did you speak to
him ahout this ease ?
lxuscwives may sc out for this
morning's eity marget tisstire'd of.
there being a good supply of small
fruils for sale, Including the first oi
the season's shipments of locally
grown cherries as well as goose
berries and strawberries.
Rain Spoils Cherries.
It is expected that tha cherries will
sell for 7c and 8c per pound for the
best, and ordinary fruit down as low
as Oc. There is likely tu he much
of the commoner quality of cherries I
offered because of the recent wet
weather. Growers Bay that excessive
rains have split much of the fruit,
which, when compared with that Im
porled from the States where favorable weather has prevailed, will
have lo be sold at a lower figure.
Importations of American strawberries will cause competition with
the product of thc local growera and
berries will likely go at $1.90 and
$2.00 per crate, instiad of $:!.,ri0, thf
quotation at last week's market. Bet
ter weather to the soulh I-.as mads
the yield of strawberries a good pne
both as to quality and quantity and
Fraser valley berries have dropped in
price accordingly.
Gooseberries will probably go at 7c
or 8c a pound. There will not he
many currants for ,i wick or ton days
when the white and black varieties
are expected to be ready.
! Gardeners with rhubarb an. Ining
advised not lo ship It lo market, as
the growing offers of small fruits
have crowded the former out, and
the best place to sell it now is to the
fruit canners.
Local  New Spuds.
Old potatoes are coming in steadily.
but not by any means in excess of
the demand. The price 13 not much
higher, standing still at $10.00 to
$12.00 per ton, but it Is better to gel
rid of potatoes at that price than
leave them in the pftg and not dls
pose of Ihem at all. By two wrek^
from today growera are confident thai
Ihe supply of local new potatoes will
have practically put last year's crop
off the market.
The Beaver brought In a- load nf
produce yelterday afternoon, includ
ing flowers, plants nnd largo ship
ments of young fowl, mostly broilers
and ducklings. Thegp j ill likely sell
at  last  week's quotations.
THE     I AST    TWO
in Ver-
Bi dam
fix |    Clarence Brown corroborated.
Witness All I asked Willie Bedam j
was: "Did you see anything of Paul
Spintlum before the shooting ?" a-d
he replied that they were out hunt
Ing in the mountains. I then asked
him was he really sure aboul soring
Mr, Henderson Whv were vou n��k
ing all this ? Did Forsyth tell you to
find out ?
The Court���Walt until you get his [
first answer. Mr. Henderson.
Witness    1   wauled In (lnd out any  !
thing lhal   was going on.
Mr Hi ndersen ll'il Forsyth er
Fi rule ask you to son Willie Bedam
end if yru found out anything to til
them ? Hid yuu ask him to nay
WitnesB   They told the to find out
anything that was going on about the '
murders,    They never told me to ask
him to lay anything.
Mr. Henderson After you saw
Willie Bedam you went and told
Koiiytli  ,ihiit he said,
Wllnes      Yes.  Willie    Bedam    told
You will see one
(f thc
^^^ Comedies
ever written.
In-  was  certain lie- saw
Ott.er Interesting Fea'.iirita
and a
NIGHT 7:15-3:13. K
**^   I  I^t I J**-T I T
^^^^^^^ T*EI-3   I   ^^^^^
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.FRIDAY, JUNE  27,  1913.
*m*. ***m
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
LACROSSE   >:   CRICKET   =���;   BASEBALL   -.-.   BOXING
Ireland, 4; Hall, 1; Andrews, 2; Arn-
J jld, 0; Street, 12; White, 2; Morton, 2;
THull, 2;  llatfull, 4; extras 9; total 62.
Dopestcr     Unburdens     Hla
cf   Few   Pertinent���and
The following article on East and
Went lacroBBe, edited by Charlie CJuer-
rle. captain of tne TecuniBeliB, who
sticks hli* name to a column ot dope In
the Toronto News every day, should
prove interesting to New Westminster lacroiie fans.
Querrie, at tho beginning of the
protect season, was one of the worst
knockers of New Westminster, living in the east. He could not say a
kind won! for tho Royals, while all
the time he was boosting the stock
i f the Vancouver! and especially Con
Jones. Charlie has taken a tumble
to hlniHi If during the past few weeks,
lie hns seen the light of day and that
llghl is Ihnt New Westminster has one
of Ihe finest teams ever produced by
any city when lacrosse in mentioned.
Here  is  the  article    hy    (jueiVie  on
Minto cup lacrosse:
The question haB often  been  asked
Baseball Results.
this cily, admitted tonight that he Intended to sail for Europe next Tuesday to engage in fights In tM. Petersburg next September. lie said he did
not Intend to forfeit his ball bond. 11907
-Milch calls for his presence naxl
November    ln Chicago, where    he is]
of the Atlantic, the fanB recognizing that he was a credit to
the game, lf not an accomplished bruiser.
-Packey McFarland defeated
Charley Neary in 10 rounds at
Standing df the Clubs.
under sentence   on    a    white   slavo
Chicago officials declare he will bo
brought back lf he attempts to evade
his $15,000 ball bond in tbe white
slavery charge laid against him there.
New Owners and Win.
Spokane, Juno 26.    Spokane took
whv Ihe eastern teams cannot go west
and bring hack the Minto cup. which hattle here this afternoon, th
was won In the east by Weatmlnster I KOlng tu the youngster 2 I
in 1907.
Ijtour attempt shave been made since pi the two twlrjerr, and Ktllllay, the
then  by  the  eustern  teamB  to  bring  Seattle centre    fielder,    twice  saved
hack Ihe enp, and all  have been  de-   Mclvor by  epectacular catches,
feated by the western teams. I "���    "���    -E-
in  1907  the Tecumsehs    won    the Seattle  ������  2     5     0
champlomlhp and the following year 'Tacoma       ,.  l     4     2
went   out   and   tackled   Weetminiter,      Hatterles:  Mclvor and Cadman; Mc-
hut were defealed In live of the cloieet  Qlnnlty and Harri*--.
games  i ver 'pTaved   fer  thc  cup,  by
teres of 6-4 and 6-5. Eeavcrs Drop Another.   .
ln -)9>l>t MoiHn.il  took-a  ''r*ak all     Portland, J��nie 26,  -Portland del
(Hy the Potter.)
I A meetilng of the girl's baseball
Icluh will be held after practice tills
, [evening at Moody Park. The meeting
EFe-saw 10-lnnliig game rrom Victoria U. ostensibly called for the purpoBe
today by a score of 6-4. Hardin was nf selecting a tnini to play the Nifty
hit hard hut was well supported until Nlne at Mo0lly ,.ark silturday a,t(.r.
the last inning. Kraft waa steady. | ,,���������_ t>nt Dame Humor has it that a
Kit/Simmons, the new Spokane short-I ,,(>wln|, ben wi]| bo nrranged In the
stop, covered hiinseir with glory dur- Ilear future, when suitable uniforms
lng tlie game. The local team was |^n j,e patched together. BUI Graham
sold today to the Spokane and Inland accepted a challenge from the Bloom-
Empire lailway company. Score: I <-r Girls yesterday morning, the Moor.o
it.   ll.   K I being required to bat lefthanded and
Victoria     -I     S     4 1 field   left  handed   during  the   game.
Spokane     5   13    D I Naturally the southpaws will have to
Batteries:  Hardin and Shia;  Kraft  switch over to starboard,
and Hannah.
Kred I.ynch felt a little surprised
yesterday to bear he lind been select-
an''!ed to referee the amateur game between Vancouver A. ('. and Victoria
at Vancouvi- Saturday afternoon. It
will be remembered that the first
game of the season resulted in a dispute over the official! and Victoria
left the field. Maybe they are seeing
the error of their ways and have learned the old axiom that games are won
on the field and not in the Clubhouse,
1910���Harry I^ewis knocked out
Voung Joseph In Beventh round
at London.
People's Shield Is Dead���When Soccer
Times Improve Conditions May
Be  Revived.
see the day when amateur and professional can play with or against each
other. Nanaimo has the chleld. Tbey
won it from the Vancouver ThlBtles
by bette rplaying, but, from present
IndlcationB the trophy will remain in
the Coal City for pome time, with the
expense of burnishing It charged to
the Nanalmo Nnltedb.
(By "Gravy.")
Frank Ootch, the star of the wrestling game, has defeated a lot of good
men in his long career, but perhaps
the hardest battle of his career was
that with Jim Parr, the English catch
as-catcb-can grappler, at Buffalo nine
years ago today. After the bout the
Iowa farmer declared tbat Parr was
the speediest and most scientific
rough and tumble wrestler he had
ever met. A big crowd gathered in
Buffalo to Bee thc combat, and hundreds of wrestling fana were present
from Canada to cheer the Britisher.
Gotch had an advantage in weight of
a dozen pounds or so,, and he needed
it all and all of his strength and clev-
eriiFBs In the engagement with the
Englishman, who had been the victor
In over a thousand mat bouts. Parr
mixed things from the very Btart, try-
  j Ing out his adversary. The first quarter hour waB a continual mix-up, with
The article which appeared In The honors equal. I'arr had been aecus-
News a few days ago with respect to  tomed to achieve victory  by a "scls-
Junky  Joo   Loses.
Seattle,  June  28.���McQInnlty
Mclvor,   the  veteran   and   the   youth,
hooked   up   In   an   exlcting   pitchers'
was little to Choose between tlie work
rra*t al
Bf eat��r by
tin* mlt-;. -l.uf  weft easily de
WeBtmliiBter.   the  lat,t  game  being  a
runaway   match.
Following this up In 1910, the Nationals tried to take a fall out of (lie
Frater river twelve, hut  never had  a
chance, and lost both matches by big
In 1911 tho Tecnmrehs wen the
championship, arid ar, they had won
nil their games away from homo, and
Van-confer had succeeded In winning
the champ' nltllp niul th>' right to defend tlie eui) frmn Westminster, it was
fi li In the cast lhat th t Indiana had
a good chance of bring i.g 'he mil':
lui'l*   i-M
There waa considerable evidence ii
think thai the Indian 1.raves had ,
fair Chance, as the Vancouvi r Iweh
contained flvo players who had fig
end with the Tecumsc-liB before tli"
wenl west.
Clarke, tin goalkeeper; Harry firif
ed Vatitotivcr >l-^! In a pretiy-fll-in-
ning game here today, the Colts
biiiichiir; hits In the last half of the
Ilth and scoring two runs after the
Canadians had hroko the tie in the
first half of the Ilth.
Hayiies deserved a 2-1 victory In
nine Innings but poor Bupporl in the
ninth, all wed tlle visitors to breuk
the tie, Three faet double plays enlivened the play.   Scon-;
ft.    11.    E
Vancouver    3    s    i
Portland   4      6      4
Batteries: Hall und Connlrk; Hynes
and  Murray.
Standing  of  the  Clubs.
Philadelphia  39
New   York    37
Hrooklyn    32
Chicago    Ill
flths,   Pick  ring.   Ions   and   Ail.inisoiiiPillsl.nrg
were lhe ex-members of the Tecumsehs ii ho played with the Vancouver
eh implom in  I'M-.
Hut even with the knowledge the
Indians possessed about the style of
the Vancouver twelve, Ihey lost th,'
eerijl hy -i total of 7-3, being defeated
in Ihe fiisl game 5-0, and Winning lhe
lecm il   ' ami*   3-2.
Lasl  yi ir Westminster again enme
i-iin possession of the trophy hv de
featlng Vancouver, and win n thu To
rontoi winning Uu first championship
of the  Big  Knur, It was felt   llie  blue
shirts with  iheir classy outfit, had a
fine chance, but owing to the war lie
twi en th * I'm) leagues, thi   series was
not playi o .
In 1909 Hegina got the licrorse fever
nml Imported a whole lacrosse 'am
from the east to try and down th"
Westminster dug, and although t' ey
secured the cream of the eastern talent ihey were badly beaten,
St.   Units    26
Boston  28
Cincinnati  23
Trying to find  the plate by torch- I
light  and   matchllght   is   against  the I
rules of all orthodox baseball.    This
happened at  the alleged game played i
on  Wednesday  evening  between the
customs    and    the    ufternoon  paper. |
which  ts also  alleged" fo have  been
won by the prers artists.    The game
hai  been  protested  by  the  Dominion L*,..,  ,,
officials on 'he grounds that darkness ; Hp,)r,
Eflt in, which would naturally have reverted the Bcore hack to the seventh   J****-���*
spasm.   From Information garnered at i gmm
gnat expense, the New  Westminster   *
baseball   c immleilon   has sustained
the protest.
the People's thield soccer comp'-tition
haa bi en taken up by the sporting editor of the Nanalmo Herald, who take.B
'a crack at The News, stating that the
I latter is laboring under a false Impres-
Ision  when It comes out with the re-
i mark   that  Ihe  People's  shield   is  as
dead as a door nail and that a Calgary
team   will  think  twice    before    they
i come out to tiie coast to play for it.
The News does not intend to hack
I down from its previous statements.
'The People's shield, so far as Its con-
'n'-ction with Kred Parker is concern-
I ed, is d��ad. No Mexican revolution
| or Balkan affair will ever be pulled
j off with the Boccer championship of
1 Canada unices it la taken hold of by
prominent men of the Dominion, men
who can stand the ti st of good, clean
sports and be above anything that
! ttm'>l!s fishy,
i Like some other tilings in Canada.
Bors hold," but when he tried It on i
the Iowa man he found himself flying
unceremoniously over his opponent's
head. Now one down, now the other,
the representatives of Uncle Sam and
John Bull waged their furious combat
until, at the end of about fifty minutes, Parr waB pinned to the mat by
a half Nelson and a toe hold. When
they went at it p.galn, Parr's spirit
was still undaunted, and he rushed
the American until Gotch had to give
ground. Willing but wary, the Englishman narrowly escaped a speedy
finish and came back strong, sending Ootch to the. mat but was unable
to held him there. A minute later
(iotch was up and Parr down. A
scissors to the body, after twenty-
eight minutes, won the decision for
the American. Parr was a thorough
sportsman, and made no excuses, but
FOR SALE���Seven-roomed house on Hamilton
street, opposite Lord Kelvin Schaol. Lot 66x132 ft
to 33 ft. lane. In lawn and garden, flowers and cement walks.
Price $3500; terms arranged.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Weitminiter.
real eFtjte for instance,* the soccer I admjtied that the hest.-man had vC-on.
people 'have' gone i^head Joo fast wllh-JHls game elcver'battle and his eftti-
the game and the- ifresent slump will tude in defeat won the respect of
n-rnain     slumped     until     conditions, every  spectator,  and   tbe  cheers and
when men will take hold of the  applause were aa much for vanquished
By that time we may hope to  as  victor.
Pres. and Genl. Mgr.
Sec. aad Treas
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Yesterday's Games.
At   Cincinnati: It    H.    K.
Chicago      3      S      0
Cincinnati 5    13      "
Balleries: Cheney and Bresnahan;
Brown and Clark.
A Vancouver sport hanging nronne
the Columbia street depot yesterda;,
morning knew he was in the home 01
the Balmon Bellies the moment lie
opened his yap to mention about Vancouver winning on Baturday afternoon.
Hla role is in safe keeping until H:30
Saturday evening, when the scores
will be flashed to the Royal City.
Coronation day was well celebrated
at I.adner yesterday. In the mornine
the Delta town defeated Kburne it
lacrosse, while horse racing held
sway in the afternoon. Many from
New Westminster made the trip and
report a great time.
Al  St.  Louis:
St.   I.ouis   	
Batteries:   llendrix
Mali' e and Roberts.
I!     H.    K
   4     6      1
....   5      8      2
and   Coalman;
At  N'ew  York
New   York       ......  5     7
Batteries: Tyler. James and Raridei
j Whaling:  Kromrne. Crandall. Mathew
ison and  Myers,  Wilson.
j Boston      3      7
New   York    11    16      1
Battteries: lloss. Koyes and Whaling, Brown; Mathewaon, Crandall and
Myers,   Hartley.
At Philadelphia! R.   H.   E
! Brooklyn       5    10     0
Philadelphia  2   12    2
Batteries:  Riicker, Curtis and Fish-
r;  Rixey, Seaton and Killlfer; 14 in-
j nlni.'s.
S"coiul   ame: R.
Brooklyn   4
Philadelphia   2
llatteries: Curtis and Fisher
western ander and Dooln, Killlfer.
II.    E
ll     0
G      0
Standing of thc Clubs.
II has been said that the long 'mln
trip and the difference 111 th" climatic
condition! makes a difference to a
tenia and that n club should sp<md a
month at the coast before playing a
The Tecumsehs tried lt both ways.
ns on the first trip west they Jumped
off the train and played the fir
gnme, and on the last Journey were
lhere over a week before they played.
Strange to say. thev made their best
sh.iwlng. and the Vst et any eastern
aggregation, when they played as soon
in. Ihey arrived.
Whi tin r  the  eastern     or
aggregation! are the heat will hardly
he settled until Ihe Iwo winning funis
meet ��l IOB10 halfway point und battle on a in -.tral ground.
It  Is very doubt'iil IT the Westmin-   I'hllut'eli.hla
Iter  Oh   iiiph lis  COUld   come   easl  and   Cleveland   .
win a game from any of the preeent Bpiton   ...
teama In the "ig Four and It is almost | Washington
impossible   for  an   eastern   team   to
make the 3000  mile voyage and  win
in Westminster.
(lames will he played tills fall he-
Iw, en   the   champion!   Of   the   British
Columbia league ami the winners or
the Big Four and while Ihey should
prove Interesting, Unlet! played at
some n ulral polnl Ihey will not he a
fair teat of Um ability of the two
It mlghl he argued that Weatmlnster enme east and won the trophy
from the N, L, I'., but tbey came along
In Ihe middle of lhe seaaon and played Ihe Shamrocks, who won the championship In the year before and wero
In lasl place In the league at the tlmo
they lost the mug. ���   ,���At Chicago: B.   H.   I
T, enmsehs, who won the N. I, U. Cleveland   5     7
ch-imnl'iishln   the   vear   Westminster  ( hlcago        .7     s     u
came  ���aet   bad   verv  llttlo  difficulty '    Batteries: C.rogg and Carlsch; Benz,
def.-tlii'- i'he Weitminiter champions  Walsh, Russell and Schalk.
at the Island In an exhibition game
liy ti score of 10-3.
Chicago   '���'���>   3i
iDetroit   ...
St.    IXHlls
.New York
Yesterday's Games.
At  Washington: R.
Philadelphia   11
Washington    "!
liatleries: Plank and Schang;
lln, Engel. Wilson and Henry,
Second  ame: B,   11
Philadelphia 10   11     C
Washington      8   10     3
Batteries: Brown. Bender and 1/npn:
nroome, Wilson and Henry. Ainsmlth.
5      1
Sammy l.itohenheim. 'he Montreal
hockey magnate, refused a dollar lhe
other day proffered him by a traveller
who had dropped a roll of hills, the
finding of whloh brought Sam ns a
witness. The friend of the Patricks
and also Ernie Johnson must have re-
cuper ted some if ills losses of lasl
winter to turn down that iron man.
Ban Johnson, of the America]]
league, and President I.ynch, of the
National, have agreed to force the
baseball player-reporter out of business. No more wlll Rig Six stick his
little C, \V. at the foot of an "I Am"
story and no more will he seen the
stereotpyed stuff from the "pen" of
Mugiy McGraw.
The Parks commute are making a
i Ick ,"t the number of teams using
Queen's l'urk every evening. Tliey
have no desire to put a stop to th'v
healthy exercise, but when four lacrosse and two baseball teams are in
action at one time, they believe It Is
time to call a halt. After this It will
be necessary to ask permission for
the use of the oval
The Sapperton boys tried hard to
arrange a lacrosre game for last evening, but the last straw, the Olympics,
of Vancouver, sent word yesterday
morning lhat It was too wet to make
the trip. Pretty soon we shall consider the Terminal City as a Eecond
I'rlnce Rupert.
Wonder how ninny fight fans express the hope that Jack Johnson
makes good his eacape. Should he
land in Canada the Dominion authorities wlll c mfer a great favor upon
the American department of justice
and upon thousands of fans. If they
deport him back across the line ns an
undesirable citizen,
Vancouver B. C. E. R. Team Wins it
Central P-rk June ?6.���The cricket
teiim from the IV C. E R. cartu-n of
Vancouver donated the Central Park
aggregation tills nfternoon 52-80. The
home'-ters. butting first, could only
compile lhe small score of 30 against
lhe bowling of White nnd __lreland
Shaw making top score with 7.
Jacks, for Central P'Tk. secured
Fcven Wickets for a small score. Here
nre Ihe seores:
Central Park-Trlpp, 2; O. White, 5;
Coell, 1; Smith, 6; Shaw, 7; Beale, 6;
Rigliy, 0; While, 0; Wright. 1; Reid,
(i    la.'Us. 0, nnl. out; extras 2; total 30.
il   C   IO.  II.-  PoOle,  3;   BIowcb, 10;
At   Detroit: R.    11.
St. I/ouls       7    11      1
Detroit      5     9     p
Hatterles: Lavender and Agnew:
DavlB, House, Seamloch and Stnnage,
Boston-New York games postponed;
wet grounds,
Inter-iat'o^al Leaque.
Toronto 7.  Providence 6.
Montreal 5.  Newark 6.
Buffalo 2, Baltimore 5.
Rochester 12, Jersey City 4.
While the Phillies were getting their
humps yesterday nt the hands of
Brooklyn, the New York fiinnts were
Climbing the ladder wllh a double-
header over Boston. This only goes
to show that a tight race hat, started
for Ihe National  league pennant.
Spokane should be able to support
a ball team now ihat the railway
company has bought Iho franchise
This stunt, however, does not always
work out, for the Toronto S. H. C,
dropped a few thousand last summer
on lacrosse.
In making n Dot at Mlnorn Park
next Saturday, always pick the longest priced horse in Ihe race. You
may not cash the first meeting, but
racing will he In vogue In Canada for
many years to come und think of the
time you will have when he does land
We are offering a special
cut price on several lots of
men's suits for Friday and
Saturday. Note the remarkable cuts quoted.
One Odd Lot $12.00 Suit for
One Lot $12.50 Suits for  -
One Lot $15.00 Suits for-   -
One Lot $18.00 Suits for   -
One Lot $25.00 Suits for -   -
$7.50 the Suit
- $9.75 the Suit
$12.00 the Suit
$12.75 the Suit
$16.00 the Suit
Special on Men's Panama Hats
For two days only.   Any of our
$10.00 Panama Hats
May    Be    Jumping    Ball    to    Go    to
Montreal, June 26.���Jack   Johnson,
the negro pugilist, who has arrive-^ ln
Balbriggan Underwear
Prices that sold regularly at 50c,
65c, 75c On sale Friday and
Saturday 35c.
3 for $1.00
-Al Palter knocked out Bombardier Wells In third round nt
New York. The Kngiish champion completely out classed Pal,
7.er In Ihe first two rounds, but,
as In his subseiiuent bouts, lacked lhe stamlns nnd punch lo
long maintain his advantage, tn
his later hattle with Smith, nnd
his reci' ""~ ������''- Carpentier, Weill demonstrated that
ho Is n finished boxer, bul    not I
a lighter,   Despite his difeata, j
Weill was popular on both aides
Men's Lisle Half Hose
50c, 6Cc, 75c Values
35c, 3 for $1.00
Two Days Only
Special line of
Men's Summer Sox
To clear at
25c the Pair
x   Get One of Our
reid & Mcdonald
707 Columbia Street 6. .!������-������     m , I
FRIDAY, JUNE 27,  1913.
Classified Advertising
calved fur The News at the following places: K. T, ll ill's drug slore,
62�� Columbia street; A. Sprice,
yueensberough, l.ulu Island.
��� RATES. ���
Clanlfled���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15fi per
mouth; 6.000 wordB, to be used as re-
j.itred within one year from date of
eon-tract, 625.00.
lo purchase, small house with from
two to five acres, near tram or
irain  for city.    Box  1632  Newe.
would like work three or four dayB
a week, or few hours daily. House
or children.   Box 1621 News. (1621)
house work by day. Apply Box
1627. (1027)
cantile office. Apply in own handwriting to Box 1615 News office.
near  Central  school),  711 QueenB
avenue. 11635)
bungalow; five rooms and large attic; cement basement, with laundry
tubs; panelled dining room, beam
ceilings, built-in buffet, hook cupboards, fireplace, electrical fixtures;
on Ninth street, with Btreet In rear,
hei ween Third and- Fourth avenucB;
walking distance; a bargain. Inquire of Owner, 908 St. Andrew's
street. (1622)
ORCHARD   LOTS   $50   CASH,   $10  A
month, price $575; also new house,
three rooms and pantry, on 66 foot
lot with 12 fruit trees on, $1551),
$100 cash, balance to suit. Apply
(1. Paterson, Stride avenue anil
Twelfth street. (16191
POR    SALE ��� ONE    TEAM    OP]
horses weighing about 3200 pounds,
seven and eight yeara with harness
and wagon;    also one   team    11000,
seven and eight, with  harness and j
wagon;  also one extra wagon, 2%\
inch skein, will sell altogether   or I
separate, cheap for caBh.    or might
consider  trade.    Apply    1406  Fifth
avenue, New Westminster.     (1550
X ���-���'���'��� ' ��� '   ���''-.���*-,- '
Every ten cent packet will
kill more flics than $8.00 worth
of any sticky fly killer. Refuse
substitutes, which are most
Simple   Rules for   Making   Good   Butter���The Part Played by Bacteria
���Directions for Churning
Liberated   Man   Refused
Was Again  Locked  Up
Go    and
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN. $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every oae guaranteed. Market square. (1451)
but financially unable to cultivate
write post office box 1405, Vancouver. (1631)
ing nioms upstair)
close In.    Hox 16:
', phone-and bath.
8  News.       (16281
bright and airy, hot and cold water,
$2.00   a    week    and    up.     Special
monthly  rates.    845  Royal  avenue.
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings Btreet -west. Van
couver, B.C. (1449)
e<i modern hoiiie at Edmonds, $13.00
per month. Apply J. Bone, 68
Eighth street. (16301
iage, newly decorated, conveniences,
Princess  street.    Phone  43S.  even
ings, about  7 o'clock.
housekeeping    roomB,    pantry'    and
bath.    Apply  819    Queens    avenue.
rooms, with or without board; close
lo car line.   Apply 439 Tenth Btreet.
Coqultlam Municipality School Board.
Tenders will be received by the
undersigned up to 4 p.m. June 30,
1913, for the erection of an addition,
22x36, to tho Blue Mountain School.
Plans and specifications may be Been
at the residence of Mr. Ewen Marlin,
chairman of the Board. North road.
Burqultlam. The lowest or any tender
not  necessarily accepted.
P. BARTH, Secretary*.
(1598) Fraser Mills P. O.
First New Weatmlnster Troop Baden-
Powell  Boy Scout Orders.
Scouts attending tlie Lynn Valley
cimp will parade on Saturday, June
28, at the armories, at 4 p.m. They
will  bring  blankets, etc., as directed.
Scouts attending the Dominion Day
parade will parade at the car station
on-! July 1 at 7:15 a.m. Dress, full
dress with stives.'' Lunch and car
fare musi  be brought.
The troop will parade for Inspection '
on Wednesday. July 2, at
Some bacteria are good friends of
the butter maker, while others art-
very bad enemies. The ripening of
cream is mainly due to the work of
the good bacteria which it contains,
and these amall gerfns thrive besl
when the cream Is kept warm. Tho
bacteria which are of greatest aid to
the' dairymen are the lactic acid
A pure . ultiiro of these germs Is
known as "star,or." Starter is used
by the best butter-makers for ripening cream and gives to the butter
that fine flavor and aroma bo much
There are other bacteria which
cams  trouble  In   butter  making.
Among these are the bacteria which
turn milk blue, red and occassional!.!-
yellow. Others produce a curdling of
tho milk without souring. Some pro
duci ;;>s accompanied hy had flavors.
Some make tho milk very bitter,
othe-s give it a soapy taste, a fruity
taste or a strong barnyard odor, and
some make the milk slimy or ropy.
so that it can be drawn out into lon.;
Trouble from anv of these Is usually Ihe result of carelessness or unsanitary conditions. Thes, g.'T.'s get
into the milk at the time it is drawn
j from the cows or afterwards. Milk
jin the udder Is practically germ free.
'There need be no fear of thi <e harmful bacteria in milk if cleanliness is
'practiced and if the two saf.-st ard
best means to check their gron'tli are
used, viz: extreme heat and cold.
Pasteurization of Cr -m
Pasteurization of cream has become
justly popular. While it doeB not remove all the ills which are apt If
befall cream. It does perform lhe following services:
1. Drives off Ifad odours, especially
due to feed.
Montreal, June 86.���Ths arrest of
Warden Malepart, of St. Vincent de
Paul penitentiary, ordered by Mr. Justice  Guerin.
John It. Davis, convicted last December for bigamy and sentenced to
throe years, liberated qn Habeas Corpus.
Deputy High Constable Sullivan
told off to affect the rearrest of Davis aa ho leaves ihe courts.
Davis, on the advice of his attorney, reiuBt's to leave the shelter of
the court house, and he and the deputy high constable are locked Into
a court room.
These are Bome of the unprecedented Incidents which took placo in the
superior court.
Mr. Justice Guerin was the presiding judge ln practice, and had fixed
11 o'clock as the time at which a pronouncement would be given on lhe
writ of Habeas Corpus granted In the
DavU case. The production of tho
body of the condemned as well as
that of another man whose liberation is sought. Vincent Morgan, was
ordered for that hour, but when Warden Malepart, lo whom the writ was
nddresscd, was called, there was no
response. J. C. Walsh crown prosecutor and Deputy High Constable Sullivan were In attendance, but tliere
was no sign of Malepart and the prisoners.
This looks like trifling with the
King's writ, remarked his lordship,
ndd.ng, "If Mr. Malepart does not appear in two minutes he may be sent
to jail  for an Indefinite period.1
Made   In   Smart
Styles, Suitable
For Every Outdoor
Vn Mlckl A* W*U Cl
IT      mat
Temperance Alliance la bearing fruit
Money Ib coming In hy every mall, in
sums from $1 to $50. Somewhere
about five hundred of the ten thou
sand asked for has already be-on con
trlbuted, and of course the campaign
Is but a few days old.
i Letters were seut to every church
member household of the Ottawa Pro
testant churches. As half lhe cltv
population Is Catholic, tliere are but
fifty thousand Protectants here. There
'are UlxLf Pivo Prii ostn.nl rhi|,-cU'S.
with an nverage membership of from
300 to 350, thus making the Protes
tant church membership well up to,
If not over, twenty  thousand  people.
iThe appeal has nol been made to
Catholic   church   members,   although
Ills lorshlp then examined the writ i ArchbUhop Gauthler, Father Whel.ii,
as served on the warden and find- an* ot',er ot th* Ol-Wgy Of that church
Ing the service had been personal, 8re n8lstinK the movement by sym-
made an order against Mr. Malepart path-v UIul appeals.
for contempt of rourt. He next sent ' Si5[ thousand letters In all were
for. the  sheriff,   who  was  not>!n   hjH-,8ent *)*���������    The money. It ts. expected.
8 p.m. Dress. ,
full  dress.    Every scout  on  the    roll  ,   **' ������'ci'toys   most   of   the   bacteria,
must attend. leaving a clean seed bed for the add-
The provincial secretary  will carrv  ed culture to work in.
out the inspection nnd examination of
3. Produces   uniformity    of    flavor
badge holders, as this is lhe last par
ade of the season. Every scout is expected to attend.
By order,
keeping rooms. All conveniences.
732 AgmiB Btreet. (1525i
fnnisheil housekeeping rooms, first
floor, at 224 Seventh street.    (15031
Ag.'iit i
<*il   up   1
: TENDERS addressed to i
tin- Department uf Marine ai
Victor!.i., II l',. will li,- n,
IIIXlll   uf   the
i'or the old  Bands  Head  Lightship
' A description uf the Lightship and any
further   particulars   required   Ban   li"   ob-
Mliieii fr.uii th,* Agent .if ihe Marino De-
inrtm nt in Viotorla, 11. C.
lCneh  tender-  must  he aooompanled  by
:in  accepted* cheque .et|ilal   to  ten   per cent.
��.r lhe total iini'iiint of llie tender. The
cheque accompanying ihe successful ten-
rti r will bo forfeited Bhould tlw said tenderer decline to purchase the Lightship at
the tender price. Cheques acoompanylng
unsuccessful tenders will be returned.
The successful tenderei  must  lake over
and remove the Lightship a* n >ih his
tender Is accepted nnd the purchase price
The highest or any tender not necessarily aeem.1,,1
N-wsfy|,ers cnpylng lhis advertisement
with.nu fChthorlty from the Department
ivlll not be paid fo
nepilty   Minim, i   of   Marine  an.l   Fisheries.
Department ef Marine   ind  Plsherles
1--1I71        Ottawa   loth  May,   IDIk.
Advertise in the Daily News
Mr. Wamsley will rent hl�� large new
house, corner Tenth avenue and
Kingsway; fully furnished. To right
party will give lease and cheap
rent.   For full particulars see us.
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Bulllding.
,_  from day to day
4. Makes the cream easier to churn.
6. Adds to the keeping qualities fif
; the cream and butler.
The  process of pasteurization  is a
simple  one.    To    pasteurize     cream
; place the container in a vessel of hot
water.     Stir   the  crpani   occasionally
land bring it to a temperature of 175
office at Hie time,  but  Deputy  Sheriff Durand quickly  put  in an appearance, and was informed by the learned judge  that  an  order of contempt
of court had  been made against  the
warden,  and   that   his   immediate  arrest   anil   Imprisonment   until   further I
notice waa required by the court.  Mr I
Durand  received  tlie  warrant,  towed i
and   withdrew.
Some explanation of the non-anpear-
ance  of the  prisoners  was  forthcom-1
ing   later,   when   it   was   discovered
thai   they   had   been   confined  down- I
stairs since 9 a.m..  In  charge of two j
guards,  who  were  unacquainted  with I
��o coming  IB  for    some?  weeks
Every, Woman
, Is liitcri*su-il tod piiutiU know
i about the won'lrrfut
Marvel ^gyp
degrees F. Leave it covered at that court procedure, and did not respond
temperature for twenty minutes. It wl"'n the name of Mr Malepart was
will cool very little if lifted out of cn"e(J- A message sent downstairs
the water. Then cool rapidly to GO by rrown Prosecutor Walsh brought
degrees F. Pasteurized cream re- ,hp,n uPBt.all"s QUlckly with their pri
mains sweet for several days.   "Start
Auk yonr dmeglst fbr
tt.   If h* r-uuuit *OT\
the  MARVEL, sccept no
other, bnt Bend elnmn fl.r Urns-  l
trated book���ft*-*] ed.   It gtret full
particular, and rt,rr^|nils tnTnlaatile
W ladies. WIMisOllsIll-l-I.YCtl..Wlmlaor. On'
liwwral Atfnuta tor Canada.
! COAL MINING rights of thc Dominion.
in Manitoba, Suskiuciicwii*) ud Aibei-iu,
the Yi.'.on Territory. the'Nortliweirf Territories und in a  portion of the  Prov tics
| of BrltlAh Columbia, muy be leased for a
j term ot twenty-one years ut un annua)-,
rental or II un acre. Not mure than 2561
acres will be loosed to one applloant
Application fur a huxat* must be made,
by the applicant In persofi lo the Agenl
or Sub-Agent of the dl.tnct In which th��
rights applW-d for are situated.
i In surveyed territory the bind must ht
described by sections, or legal sub-dlvl-
slnns of sections, and In unsurveyed  ter-
j rllory   the   tract   applied    for    shall    be
, staked out tiy ths applicant himself.
Each  application  must be accompanied
| by a fee of tS **hlch folll be refunded I*
the rights applied for ure not available,
but   not  otherwleii.     A   royalty   sliall    Ix?
I paid on  the  merchantable output   of  the
: mine at lhe rate of five cents per ton.
I The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn return*
accounting for tlie full uiiiuillty of m-qr-
chanlable coal mined and pay the royalty thereon. If jUie coal mining rights
are not being operaled such returns should
be  furnished  al   least  once a  year.
Tho lease wlll Include the caul mlnlna
rlshls only, but tlie leasee will be |��r-
mttted to purchase whatever available,
surfnoe rights may be considered nocea-
sary for thn working of the mine at the
rule of 110 an acre.
For full Information application should.
be made  to th/- Hecrotar/ of lhe  I-lnpart-
ment  of  the  rnterior.  Ottawa, or  to any
Agent  or Sub-Agent of  Dominion   Ijuidai
W.  W. CORY.
Deputy Minister of the  Interior..
N. B���Unauthorlied publication of this
advertisement -wlll not be paid for
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ....$18,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Uranches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and lu London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letter*
of Credit issued, available with correspondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Hank Department���Deposits
received   if sums  of ,41   iipd   upwarit
andthterest allowed at 3 per cent. p*r
j.umum (present rate).
Total Assets over lise.nnn.niio.no.
O.  D.  BIlYMNElt,  Manager.
Specialty���Treatment of the Bcalp
by VibrivMassage and (Hover's Famous Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE. 35 Eighth  St.
Telephones:  Office 53, Residence 429.
JOHN RBlD, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      llros.'    Casollne
Engines,   Murine   Engines   and   Auto
mobile   Itepairs.
Office and   Works:  Tenth  St.
P.O. Box -474.    New Westminster, B.C.
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of all  kinds.
Prices right.    Satisfaction guarantned
59 McKenzie St.
Three Hold Ups in One Evening Topped Off With a Highway Robbery
With  Violence
Winnipeg. June 26.���That tliere are
a number of real had men in the city
at  the present time is  evidenced bv
the  fact   that no  fewer  than  three
holdups  were reported  to  the police
l'n one evening, and one highway rob-
| bery with violence the next morning.
The latter was reported by a young
I foreigner,  who while on  ihe  way to
a farm at ahout nine.thirtv o'clock in
the morning was set upon hy two men
. whom  he met  In  Elmwood, and  whr*
faith they   would   show  him   the  way
iio his destination, beaten into a fa'nt
iing condition and then rubbed of JI41I
in cash, all he had.
The man who is about 21 years of
age. and apparently a Galaclan. with
n remarkable name, came Into the
central station.
His clothes were torn and tattered
nnd Mb face bore every Indication of
having been hit repeatedly with a
particularly heavy  Bledgehammer.
Three holdups were reported the
previous evening, Two were reported
from Fort itouge, when two men.
whose names are not available, stated
in the 11. dlvlalon police officials tha'*
a masked man had held them un at
the corner of Nassau street und Ros-  pound
Province of British Columbia, County
of Westminster.
Under nnd by virtue of a writ of
fi fa to me directed nnd delivered
iigainst the goads nnd chattels ol
Ralph Asser and Sydney AsBer, at
the suit of Columbia Trust Company,
Limited, 1 have Belied and will sell
a' Heaps Engineering Company's
premises, From Street, New Westmin
���-ier. on Tuesday, the 24th day of
.'une,   1913,  at  2  o'clock  in  the after-
noon, the following, or sufficient
thereof to satlafy the Judgment debt
nnd costs herein:
The cabin cruller "Cecilia," powered
with a four cylinder cycle 20 h.p,
Doman engine, 1912 model. Length
over all 86 feet, beam 8 fi et, uphol-
Btert-d in green plush, finished Inside
with hardwood, Bleeping accommoda-
Von tor six persons and Btted with
toilet, coo kstove, and electric liglus.
Terms of sale cash.
New WeBtmlnster, June 7, 1913. (1562)
The above sale Is hereby pos'poned
���fittl Tuesday the Kill    day   of July,
1(11, at thp same lime nnd place.
(1612) Siiorlff.
Furn ish .il three room
bath,    Hot and cold wute
BiiHe.    with
.   $2: 50 per
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
New Spring and Summer Sultlngi-
now on display. See them. Ported
(it and workmanship guaranteed. 7nl
front StreeL
lyn road fine nf the victims h>st
gold watch and fob, nnd Ihe "Hut 11
silver watch nnd chain, and both had
heen relieved of 11 quantity of small
The  third  holdup proved, on   investigation,  10  be nothing  more ihan a
sequel to a fight which look plai t
the corner of Flora avenue and Char-
lei itreet. Two men, both slightly
under the Influence of liquor, Indulg
��'d In :i friendly boul Th.y foughi
for some mlnutea and tin n daoldwl
ii wns time in no home    Uut on pull
Ing   hiniKi if  together  one  dlscov 1
that In hnd lost a lar ���'��� and valuabh
diamond during the fracas. He Im
medtatelv accused his antagonist of
Inking   It
The other Indignantly denied sueh 11
ihing, but the owner of the "rock"
was not to hi refuted, and I"* accord
'ugly seized his enemy's cold watch
nntl chain and ran off with it, obviously wuh the Intention of holding ii n 1
hostage for the diamond. The loser
of the timepiece immediately wenl to
the police and laid a charge of high
way robbery against tho other mun -
Rl least this is what he tried to do.
hit on Inveatlgatlon the police deo'd
ed lhal lhe matter was not one for
the laying of such a charge. Frnm
all r.'iiorls they nre sn'll undecided
as to what action to take In lhe mat
must   be  added   to  It   if  ripened
I cream is desired for churning.
Directions for  Churning
With   right   conditions,   a   tetnpera-
'ture  which brings  butten  in from  20
-o 30 minutes, is the correct one.    A
range   of   tempera;urea   from   54     degrees   to   58   degrees   F.   for   winter
meet!  usual  conditions.
When necessary, add just sufficient
butter coloring of 11 reliable brand to
give  the  butter a clear yellow  tint,
The greater the speed the further
the drop of the cream inside the
greater will he Ihe force applied to
the fm globules and the moro meekly will they merge together and form
When the butter Is the elie of
wheal grain, it Is sufficiently gathered. The buttermilk may then be
Washing and Salting
I Temper the wash water in winter,
having it from 60 to 55 degrees F���
according to the condition of the butter and the temperature of tho room.
In hot weather the wash should be a-i
cold as possible. Ae a rule, good but
ter should be ivasbcd hut once. Tho
mor" butter is washed the more it Is
robbed of its flavor.
The nulling of butter depends on
personal laatc and the amount of salt
used should be determined by the
consumer, rather thnn by the produc-
'''' if ih.- butter is for Immediate
use three quarter! of an ounce
of butter la usually siiflit
Hiilier should be worked just
enough to expel the excessive moisture and to thoroughly distribute ihe
Bait. Any portion 1101 reached by the
salt will  he  li^ht  iu  color.
soners,  who  were  produred   In  court
some time after 11  o'clock.
Argument was then taken up In
: the case of Davis, and another surprise was given those present when
his liberation was ordered on the
ground of Irregularities connected
with his trial, it being established
lhat he had not been given the proper option of having his trial summarily by the police magistrate, before the court of aeisloni, nr before
a jurv. "You may go. you are a free
man." said Mr. Justice* Guerin, ad
dressing  Davis.
Bul     Davis    did    not     go.
counsel        Leopold        Houl".
not unmindful of the wide awake
sence of Deputy  High Constable
Ii van.    Arrest   within   the   prec
of tiie  court   In ing    Impossible,
shrewd  deputy   was   watching  11
tiriihif   opportunity    to   e ; |.-ir|.-.
warrant he held, and kept n close ey
on  the man  who wus making sueh 0 i
dramatic  fight  for  freedom.
So matters remained till ths lun
cheon hour, when Mr, Justic Guerin
l"ft the bench, and Mr. 1. ..\ Bedard
clerk rf the court, ord' red 1 verybodv
out. Everybody promptly obeyed,
except Davis, 10 whom the presence
of Mr. .Sullivan in-led i,K a damper
on th" magic words "You ni" u freo
man," just uttered by the judge. Goth
remained behind, and Mr, Bedard hud
no option but to lock them together
in tlm court room, where I hev ri
mained until the court re-opened.
B * P, O, nf Klks of llm IJ. of C, roes
th" first 1111c* third Thin-sdav nl S p. m
K. of P, Mull. Kiglith Ktr.*.'t. A Weill
<!r:iy. Emlted Iluler; P, H. Hmlth, tier
,. O. o.
tlrst. M'-<*
iluv In
In the
M���     NO.    864.���MSSBTB Of.
ond, thlr,] nnd fourth Wednee
rucli     month     ut     s     p    in.
Mm,,so     Rome.     II.  J      t^'niii-f
i-'.     EL    .Ion.-*.     Neer-pttiry
inrtera   of   lodge   In   See   Ifoune
of l'ouriii and Carnarvon Btreets
Ilia   1.
was I
nre. |
the [
O. O   F. AMITY LODOB NO.  17���Th
r'Kulur in.'ollng of Amity lodge N<
27. I. O. O. K\. Is held every Honda
night nt 8 o'clo-k tn Odd Fellows' H*J
corner Carnarvon and Kiglith Htniotr
viNltini- hr-'lhorn enrdlnUv Invlt-v
R.   A.   Mi-irlthf-w,   N.  0. ;   J    Rotmrtaor
v. o.: W. r. Coatbam, p, o��� reoon
tint secretary; IL W. Smigator, tliim
ciai secretary,
tor & lloiinri. Ltd,)���Funeral director
nnd embalmers. Parlors -105 Columb)
slreet,    New   Westminster.    limne   39'
w. R. PALMS-���Pioneer Pun-THi Dtreeta
and KmliHlmer. (IU-818 Agnes ntret-
opposite Carnegie Library.
II.  J.
,', ccout
t.     T.I     It.   l:
8.   Room  2
Quadra Comes Wandering  Home
Victoria, .lune, ;:ti. - Returning from
a lengthy cruise In the Gulf of (leorgla. recharging the numerous beacons
and giving them a Tresh emit of paint,
the steamer Quadra, Captain Le
Blanc, oi the marine and fisio rlei de
partmi nt, came Into port. The light
linns'* tender looked lilo* a tired warrior ciiiiiin^ home as she iteamod inthe hml" 1, umi in order that her 11 I
appearance may be reitored, the offi
toils of ih" murine department have
decided in lav the vessel up for a
month. Thi Quadra will be thorough.
ly overhauled both inside and outside. Her hull is to he scraped and
1.Hinted, and her machinery will he
given Ihe besl attention hv skill-d
mechanics The light hiiupp tender
is now getting up In years, and her
host days have passed by. However,
she is good for several more years
service. The tjuadrn with her clipper
how has often be?n taken for a private yacht nnd when sh" wns launched   In   the   late   Ws   she   wns  one   of
'ii" proitli  ��� -.* is.is afloat.
hfrbertpvidal ^m Proof of Value
glUi1'1'    limited        G-'M/  ! of thetlme-tested.world-tried,homo
I of the time-tested, world-tried, home
remedy���proof of its power to relievo
' quickly, safely, surely, the liend-
I aches, tho sour taste, the poor
I spirits and the fatigue of biliousness
! ���will ha  found la every  dose  of
SoUi .trey's..
,..���.. M ,..���. li.
BROTHF!-*1   or   l/*NCO'IVEFI   MAN
Edmonton, June -": i.ouis Barker
hai hem found dead In n siwr nl
N'"lson avenue und Thirteenth s1-'"'
il" was cmployod on fl tump there
to keep lh" sowr from  flondlnn,
It is inspected thnt the giiollne "n
cine got mu of order nnd he ��*��� f
down to Investigate when he was suf
fiieni' d by ih" fumes.
li" was missed by his room mute
lasl nighl and when he did not show
up this morning (he latter and other
workmen went Into the Bewer. The
body wub In ten feet of water. Baker
wus fortv yeara old
ther  In   Vanfcouver.
Toronto, June 26, For III" 111 ��� \I few
days corps of export electricians will
go over ihe entire llyili-1 electrl
transmission lyiti m with a fine tooth
comb, clearing oft -ill dangi rt 11 and
defective Insulators and Installing in ��
ipeoialy tested ones in their placea
Some conception of tho mammoth n.i
lure of the task oun be realized In the
facl ihni ihere are 807 mllei of trans-
mission lint's to covi r an l over 1, i
miles of circuit
The commission lur* taken hero!,
measures as a result of the Inveatlga
limis of chief I'lngln. er F A. Qaby
following the second breakdown with
in n week.
Mr. fiaby apent practically ilu
whole day upon the trunk Iiii" lie
I ween Niagara Falls and Dundaa.
where the break occurred. For over
five hours in some place! and in oth
ers for eight the system wns tle( up
In Toronto the power was off for
about six hours, an hour and ten minutes being due to the time occupied In
tlio transfer which had to be made
from the Toronlo Electric Light svs-
iem which temporarily carried the
The Investigation showed lhal the
[Oorman insulators were "going like
I nine-pins,' 'aa Mr. Qaby expressed II
I'ulolwlng IiIh return to the cily from
Porl Credit. No explanation can yel
h" vouchsafed for this sudden failure
unless it ho attributed to conditions ol
temperature antl the recent hot spell
The breaking of the Insulators, how-
ever, throws a very high aurge upon
the system as wall aa abort-circuiting
It to the ground. Fortunately tho h.i-s
J will not. be heavy, since tlio German
.insulators, which appear to be Inca
able of their work, are not many nnl
the American Insulators ull lu perfect
P. It. Hmlth.
Work    tlll'lerliill in      I!
IKilnls.    211-1
w .1 orcvM
ellv    nnd    outsld
luster  Trust   nidi
I'I. mi..  864,     P,   O   llox  Bin.
To Port  Mann  and   Port Coquitlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily Except Sunday.
As Per Following Schedule:
Leaves  New  Westminster  for  Port
Mann  8: on a.m.
LeavoB  l'ort   Mann   fur  New  Weitminiter SOO a.m.
Leaves   New   Westminster  for   Port
Munn  and  Port Coquitlam  10:00 a.m.
Leaves    Port    Coqultlam    for    Port
Munn nnd New Weitminiter 1.00 p.m.
Leavea New Weitminiter for Port
Munn 5:30 p.m.
Leaves   Port   Mann   for  New  Weitminiter 7:00 p.m.
Leaves New Weatmlnater for Port
Mnnn and Port Coquitlam 4:80 p.m.
Leavea   Porl   Coqultlam   for   Port
Munn and New Westminster 0:30 p.m.
Schedule subject to change without
For further  information  inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone  164 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
Dominion  Day
Ticket! on sale June 21 to July for
cne fare and one-third for round trip;
turn until July
S.tle,     ll tH.     IllJHlnoMM    l^ttl'IH,    llO   ,    "It
inlol* work specfnllaL Alt work strloll)
i will Idi nt In I II llurrv, ro.iil 4IS West
mlnutur Trust Blk.    Phone 70J
ir   H     W.   Hrndle,
IfiD  OOULET, Agent
New   V oi . mil,'Up.
0 P A.  Vancouver
hot Board ol Trade mectH In the bean
room, t'ily Hull, im follows; Third Fr!
dny of .-nili lo.inlh; -i'ioi t'.rlv leeetln,.
on thu ti ini Friday of February, Mm
AuioiHt and November at s p.vi, An
nual meeiiiin* on itm third Friday e
February,  c.   H.   Btuart  Wade,  seen*
B.C.tat Service
rlfltoro, Solicitors, etc. 40 Lorno Streel
New Westminster. O. Rl. Corbould* K
c.   j. rt. a rant   A. K  MoColL
t��T-Ht-luw,     nnl Set lor,    **tr,.        Tt'lcnhorv
i inO.     < Sable     fcddroM     "Johnston.'
Code, "Western Union,"     Offloea, BnU
Block,  561  I'uhinMiiH ntr��et, NflTW  Wee'
minster, B, c.
Leturei Vancouver for victoria io
i p. in. and 11 :4b.
LeaVSs  Vancouver for Seattle  10
am)  1 1  p. ti).
Leaves Vanoouver for Nanalmo io
and <��� :30 p.tn,
Leavea Vanoouver for Prince Rupert
nnd Northern Potnta in p nv vVednea
iiiivH  and  Sn Lur daya at  ii   p.m.
ChHliwack Service
ui.ie ��� Barrlaiot��� nnd Solicitor., Weal
miiiHter Tru.t iflk.. Columbia hihii*.
N.w We.tmlnHter, n. C.   Cable ad-arM
"Willi, sule."     W.-Rtein     Union.     F.    0
Imiiwi-i*    linn.       Telopilinnn    lilt      W.    J
wiutesiii,.. k. at ii. i.. Bdmonda,   l
J. HTII.WKI.l, CMITK. IliirrlMer-nl-lil*-*.
.nllottoc, eip. : oorner I'ohlmtilii un'
MoKonale -ilr.-ctii. New Went minute,
it  C.   I'  o. Hut iu.    Telephone  iv
Ottawa.   Juno   26.    Thn   license   ro
and  has a bro-1 duollon campaign (wing carrlod on hy
,the   Ollawa   branch   of   the   Ontario
Holloltor nnd Notary. Offloea I-Tnr
hlock, 2H liorne etreot. Now Weatinln
Hter, II. O.
Barrtlteri nnd Sollcltore. 805 to ill
Wutmlnaler Truat ItlocK. il. B. Mar
tin. W. tl. McQnurrto and Geora. I
.Olive.    CllllllWtlllk      I
urHiliiy iii,4 Salui'li v
l'1'H     Wl'HlllllllMlor
H.loy mid  Friday
8  a
"ID.   (j
H. W
lllll.I'll',   Anent.
HltlllilK.  11.   P
I ransf cr Co.
Office Phone 185.      Barn
Begble Btreet.
HiiKiiane Iiellveie4 Promptly to
any p.rt of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Summer  Resorts   of New ^Vestmmster
I or IslanilH mid the mow clad Olympian
inr of Mt, Uuker and Rainier on the
, horizon,
tifiTcn   ro   riiir   , Th" i-anoramic vlew afforded    by
WAI III    l\   Mnll WKil' "weeP of *������*> lm>' ls a "ever
Tin I Lil    Id   I IllL I "diiiK source of pleasure and enjoyed
und whin night gently drops Its dark
  | lnaiillo over all, lhe twinkling light*
!of Blaine, the lntermlttant flaBhea ol
New   WeBtmlnster   Cltliens   Flock  to ; the Pathos Island and East Point light
; houses���the  guardians of  the  straits
Popular White Rock���Good
Train Service
��� together with the rod gleam of the
icamp fires on the distant headland.i
j of Boundary bay, Ocean Purk and
Birch Point arniiHe new Intereat and
ipen other fields of thought and speculation.
The  plash  of onr and   paddle  and
"Tho real playground uf Ilrillsh Col
ninhla," Is the manner In which Whttl
Kock,  the popular  summer resori, la Qig   melody   of   the   "Canadian   Uoat
(leicrlbed.    All   who have enjoyed    a Bong"   r|gM   from   ttu,   wait.r   where
day's   hi.liiluy   on   Its   Iplendld   sandy while  sail   yachts  und   pulling  motor
beach   or  along  the    wooded    slope boats skim Its Binooth surface, their
above   it.  endorse  the  expression. occupants enjoying the balmy evening
Many   and   varied   are  the   natural :l\r nnd making the marvellous effect
attractions of White  Rock, and  what ���f ihP phosphoriscence in the waters
nature   has   not   provided,  the  enter- oui&jB   the  thousands  of  fish  that
pr.se and fori thought of its rtlldetttftjeefi ^JO\e bay.    Thus    the   evening
uud of those directly interested in Its shadows  lull  and  the  feeling of  rest
advancement, Ib endeavoring to furn- and contentment enshrouds all at bea-
Graphic Story of Missionary Hero of
the North���New In
utlful  White Rock.
Hon. Cochrane to Put th j Intercolonial
Upon   Paying   Basis���Purchase
New   Equipment
Ottawa,   June   26.��� The   increasing
Recognizing its growing popularity
and its ful ure possibilities, the (Ireat.
Northern railway has built at White
Rock the most modern and commodious passenger station on Its system
in II C, and every train, the "International" and "Shasta, Limited" express Included, stops al White Rock,
giving the patrons ol this resort the
choice if five 'rains to and from the
large cities daily.
Miles  of  Sandy  Beach
Four miles of sandy beach, clean,
firm, dry sand, varying from a tl w
vards to eight hundred feet wide, according i" tbe stat�� of the tide, is tbe
playground White Rock off'rs to Ihe
children for their hall games, castle
building, races, etc, Ah the tide comes business on the Intercolonial railway
in over tliits wide stretch of sun-kiss- has made it necessary to supplement
id s.iiui its varying Influence makes the present rolling Btock and general
th" temperature of the water Ideal equipment of the road by additional
for bathing, while the gentle ralie i ar:--. iii epi r3, etc., and extensive ccn-
uiid ah rii' r of rocks, undertow, tide iraeis have been let for the follow-
rips, etc., guarantees safety both in ing: 1050 box carB, 2S cabooses, 100
boating and bathing for young and flalcars. 5 colonist cars, li first-class
Old. coaches.   4   first-class   separate   coni-
Boating  and   Fishing pnrtnieiitij. loo coal cars, 2 postal cara
To ' naure the fullest enjoyment of 3 baggage cars, 3 slteperj. 2 diners.
bathers and those fond cf boating a 30 parilOger and freight locomotives,
floating pur. 800 reet long, has been Since the Candian ear shops are
buill by Iho While Rock townsltl heavily pressed with orderB. lt la be-
people from which these sports and II veil that many of the contracts
i ther aquatics can be Indulged In at above mentioned have been placed
till slug s of the tide. Row boats are with American firms.
available tor those fend of rowing. It iB in the intention of Hon. Prank
and a well known Fraser river pilot Cockrane to put the Intercolonial up-
will. lhis summer, operate a pleasure ou a raying business bas'a and to
launch, taking parties oul for trips make it pay interest on investment.
in the llghl hi uses, fish traps. Iliroh Already he has led the ��av among
Point. Ocean Park. Crescent and the Canadian railways by raising ratei
other polnta of Interest In the enclr   on the line, dtspite the opposition of
Toronto, .lune 26.���If he had paid
his terrible toll campaigning for liin
| country he would he wearing the Victoria Cross. Men would be hailing
him as a hero. Jingoes, in the safety
and elegance of the banquet, hall,
would lie Quaffing his health In c.ham- I
pagne unfurling the flag and exuding
memorized eloquence in his praiBe. |
Hul his was a million of peace and
good will He waa just a young missionary, serving his cauBe with faith
and zeal, and cheerfully paying its sacrifices. And the noisy jingo, in these
days of war scraea and navy talk,
hacn't any time fjr the quiet, earnest.
lelf-iacrlflclm soldier of peace.
fonder In the far north Hev. Percy
cled  In
While  the  trout  fishing,  in
local shippers.
At   the   present
rale   of   progress
the   (nnii hell   river,   White   Rock  trains  will   be   running   through   lhe
lias long been  famed, row amateurs mountains to Prince Rupert^ lhe Pao'
fishing:   In   llvs  direction   Si
Hay  aftordi  a  wide  field.
et Indulged in the sport of sea  Ific tirmlnus of the Qrand Trunk Pacific,  by   August  Of  next   year.     Sueh
Ib the confident pred ction ot Colling-
sturgeon, flounders, herring and Binelt wood Schreiber, the government vet-
literally team Its watirs. eran consulting engineer, who at the
in days long pnsi the woodsmen age of 74. has jnBt completed an In-
vorklnii on Its shores and the Indians spectlon of the ('���. T. P. construction
found spearing sturgeon in lhe hay wesi from the Tfte Jaune Cache.
both a fire spur- and profitable Of- Mr. Schreiber reports thai there ar^
cupatlon. The Japanese herring fleet now 340 miles of the line in operation
ia often seen off the bay and ilu S'*m- west of Edmonton with a first-class
inhmoo Indians catch Iheir winter paiienger lervlce. For almost the
supply  of salmon   in   lis  wat   rs  while t rst    time   sineo     ennstrnct'on      was
many e  clam  lake ami crab feed is commen I on the mountain section
enjoyed hv the campers.
Aralei and   Sea  Weeds
To While  Itock  Is owed  the explot-
ihere Is an abundance of .labor, and
ihe contractors therefore are nol ra
strlcted  in  any va.- with  their rper-
i-ition of ihe it. c. coast agates which atloni,    Tha American labor organ!-
in   size   and   beauty   hid   fair   lo   rival   zailens  which   for several  yeara have
oi   tli.*   Yellowstone  park   und  agitated   among  the    foreign    labor
noi  recently been trotibllna to
xient.   Altogether Mr  Bchrelber
found  conditions most  satisfactory.
Lake  Superior  regions.     Hunting  far  havi
ih'S"   affords   manv   happy   hours   to   any
lhe  little ones   and   in  not   a  f W   In-
���stances, profitable hours to the grown
The   seaweeds   loo.   kelp   with   |:s
bulb and  flowing  ribbons and snaky
lash, often 'JO tn 80 feel In length nnd Ottawa, Juno 2G. -Realizing no��
strong us a rope, also the finer var- thai the new Catholic church on lhe
ieties washed in nntl left by the ro- Dlebo is to he erected on the Fourth
ceding tide give the children houn avi nue end Percy Btreet site, several
of pleasure In collecting. if the heads of families belonging le
Through Shady Wood. ihat pariah have sinni:!"'! their In en
When   tired   of   paddling   and   play-   tions   of   withdrawing   their   contrlhu
ing on the sands the numerous foot- Pom to the church fund, others who
piths through ihe ehady woodi, with have not yel agreed io pay anything
their raagnltlcpnt ferns, variety of i
mon and lltchehs, tlo-verlng shrubs
splroa, syringe, dogwood rose, etc., lies th
afford ihliglitful walks 'Hn* [jragance
of theae woods will never be forgotten, nn i 'hi re -to i lar' I arrlei, wild
strawberries and aevei I other vnrie
ties   i .    wll-'    trulll   Iii   I
und  gathered
will not do so.
According ���> several Glebe Catlio
flu roll   fund   will   Buffer   t<
th,  , ���'. rt ��� i mi r JHOO'1 as ih" resull
of   :1 e   ih eis'oii   lo   bOlld   I u   the   I hi
n      -i ',.��� i tlon di sired hv  many
of  th     parish   is  at   I .in   ���.--'���el  and
hunted for Powell avenue,   It li olalmed by aome
tint tie* majority want thli h e, nod
In  sh   ly  maple  groves  pretty  log  ihej hold that their wlihei should be
houses and summer campi are found  considered,
nestling  In  P     cool dap tin or    the      "I  win continue lo go to Bt, Jos.
vends where nature Is uu'ei nud r. st- eph'l church and will pav nothing to
fill. Al another ipol a beautiful view- ward th * new one," said the bead or
,.f th,* l :*.* is obtained with its circlet one family in dliounlng iho mutter.
: W. Broughton, Anglican missionary of
'��� Lake   Harbor,  Il-.ifPn's  Land,    Berved
I'ind   sacrificed.     For  three  days  and
'two nights in  March of laet year he
, was   lost   in  a  crevasse near tlle sea
coast of that awful Arctic wilderness.
ln IiIb life-or-death struggle with the
elements   he   was   forced   to  cut   off
three   of   his   toes   Snd   perform   five
serious   operations   upon   other   parts
of Iris body.    For a year he has 'ra-
veh d  frcm   place  to  place  in  search
of treatment and health.
Finally he hae reachtd Toronto and
will undergo the llrst of a series of
operations at Grace hospital. If these
are successful he L.-oks forward to re-
i turning to his missionary work, maimed in body, it Is true, hut dauntless
' of spirit and b ml.
Mr. Brought! ti is yet on the ninny
fide of thirty.   He wub an earnest and
enthusiastic student at Wyclifl'e col-
i lege,  and  haB  twice  hroken  his  COl-
| lege course  to  till  a  vacancy  in  the
I ranks ot the missionary band  whieh.
' under the auspices   of   the Anglican
J church, has devoted itself to evangelistic effort among the Eskimos. From
I time to time members of this devoted
i land have returned to civilization tc
I recuperate after enduring the. terrible
' exposure entailed in their wanderings
from hut to hut. sometimes requiring
\ a week to get from one cettlement to
.���mother in the c  Id wild of this dreary
A Dramatic Story.
The dramatic itory of this young
missionary is a remarkable evidence
of the consecration of young Christian
Canadlanlsm. He spoke of hiB experiences with the quiet nonchalance
land unconcern of a told Ier who had
obeyed orders and done hla duty. "For
three days and two nights I Fat In
the crevasre and rocked myself In
order to keep up the circulation of
my blood." he said. "Then I waa
Flezcd with a craving for food, until
I was f treed to cut a slice off the
Sleeve of mv skin coat, which when
fisvored with saccharine, seemed to
satisfy i"o for a while. 1 mutt have
been miles away from my Eskl^vi
hoys. I started my journey, hut lhe
: id un wh'ch 1 was located he-
I'lio" separated from the -shore ami
I  was forced to jump for my life.
I almr-t EU-oceeded in clearing ilu
space. 1 gripped an ice hummock
hut became immerged up to my waist
Being wet I was forced to take off luy
thoes and wring Ihem out. but as
[soon as tliey left the warmth of mv
I'm! ihey became frozen and 1 had alternately to walk and crawl for ���'."
miles to Ihe nearest station.
I Thawed Out.
"Upon arrival at the Station,
lapsed Into unconsciousness," he continued unaffectedly, "and the nexl
thing I knew my Eskimo friends won
thawing me out on their atomnchs
For two months 1 lay helpless in ar
glo. and subsequently I could raise
���"\;i If on an improvised crutch. llv
this time gangrene had pet in snd
Ihe operations had to he performed."
"Who performed them?" he was
'I was forced lo do It myself. It was
six months beforo I received any
medical attention."
He told of how, three weeks lifter
the Ksklmos had broughl hlm hack
lo consciousness, he beokoned thom
to assemble around his crude bed. and
there nnd then delivered Ills message
and held a simple service, notwithstanding the fact that each movement
entailed almost unbearable agony.
On the boat Which brought him hack
lo Canada three operations were per-
I formed on him, only one being on his
i foot.
This intrepid young missionary ls
fired wit!, a fearless zeal ror service,
which is almost amazing. He expressed himself as impatient over the slow
progress he is making toward recovery.
"I am just longing to go hack
among my parishioners," said he,
"but the doctors aay that the nature
and permanence of my Injuries demand that 1 should stay within reasonable reach of medical attendance,
ir I am not permitted to return to
Hafrii '-i land when I have finished my
course at Wycllfte I shall go to the
"I know of a field where I can be of
some service, and he only a week's
tramp from Fort Churchill, should any,
weakness overtake me."
Mr. Broughton possesses a splendid
physique.    His  face is heavily lined.
His open, steadfast eyes demonstrate*
a courageous spirit.
Montreal. June 26.���When the Imperial limited pulled Into Windsor
Station, the crowds on Ihe platform
were pleased at the sight of a charming little Oriental beauty alighting
from the train. She remained for an
hour or more in the waiting room and
the curtoua rrowd wandered in and
about the rows of seats just io cast
a sly glance at the little lady in native Chinese costume.
She was married a month ago in
Canton and she is now Mrs. Chin
Wing, wile of one of the mos: important Chinese merchants of New
York. She is accompanied hy her
husband and his father end mother,
cn  route  to  her  new  home.
\\ ith u retinue of household servants the distinguished little party
of Oanton aristocracy will proceed
jon Ub way tonight. In the meantime
! they are seeing Montreal.
The youthful groom told a press re-
' presentative that his young wife was
| far too shy.
"if it were not that my father and
I mothtr   were   coming,"   lie   said.   "1
I di n't think 1 could have prevailed cn
her to come to America.   She has on-
I ly   been  out  cf   the   Can on   convent
j a short time, and the world in general is a novelty to her."
|     The young man. who is in partner-
| ship   with   bis   father,   is   a  graduate
of Yale.
I *m*t******S*2*****aaa****B
After   Many   Year.   Whalen   Property
Is  Placed on  Market���William
Taft Signed Title
Y. M. C. A. Campaign Failed
Ottawa, June 26.���The Y. M. C. A.
canvassing campaign for $25,000 to
pay the expenses for the current year
lias closed and il seems very Improbable that the workers will have a total of more ihan $10,000. Thia Is
very discouraging to the executive,
and It is very likely that tlle meni-
I*. rs will be compelled to drop a share
of ils present work in order to keep
up with the expenditure, It is practically impossible, they say, to run
'he Y. M. C. A. with Ua present et-
Itectlveness on the small revenue on
| hand. The mortgage on the building
Wats up half of lhe money that has
I been donated lhis year. The executive, therefore, will have to try un-
iother method of getting the money
required in order to keep up th" splen
'did work thai the "Y" had cut out
for  Itself.
Old  Patrick    Whalen    was    a   veil
known character to Hundreds of resl- ]
dents   iu   tills   part   of  the   puvlncc. j
Though an uneducated man, he show- |
ed  superior foresight  when  he chose
tor a homestead what is now Maple
Beach  park,  or  Boundary  Bay.    The |
old   gentleman   saw   in   this   magnificent beach, fringed  with  century-old
spreading maples,'a"future playground '
for Vancouver and New Westminster,
and for many years he witnessed the ,
colonies   of   campers   who   ga;her��.'d
each summer with great satisfaction.
For years Mr. Whalen had been sol- ,
iclted  by   hundreds  of  lovers of  the i
place  to   sell   portions,   but   up  to  a |
comparatively   recent   date   when   he
received  outright title  to    the    land
signed by Wm.  H.  Taft, he was unable to make a legal conveyance to i
Shortly afier receiving title and in '
fact before he had time to think of
plans for the future. Mr. Whalen. bet-!
ter known as 'Tut". *xna taken ill and
died. Before his death, however, on
Mareli 10. 1910, he and his wife, Emma Whalen, deeded the homestead to
their son, Michael Whalen, who has
since had the land subdivided and
placed on  the market.
Practically all the familiar figures
who have spent their summers at
Maple Beach for years will be back
again this year, but as owners of
their favoriie spots and not as tenants as heretofore.
Scores of new faces will also be in
evidence at the opening of the season. It Is most surprising the number of people who waited for years
for a chance to buy a part of the well
known beauty spot when it waB cut
into lots.
; The shell banks of Maple Beach
and vicinity have long been a favored
spot for Ind:an relic hunters. Excellent collections have been gathered
by campers during recent years and
as yet only a small portion of the
famous eld Indian camp ground has
been explored. Deftly carved ivory
fish spears, stone bowls and knives
and hone needles tell of the industry
of the tribes of old, while relics of
Ihe tomahawks, arrow-heads, etc., relate a different tale of lhe red man's
Maple Beach ls a natural camp
ground, lt has the domestic water I
and the bathing. The land and the
beach are perfect for the purpose
named. Absolute freedom from holes
and tidal undertows makes the beach
a veritable paradise for children,
while for fishing, claming and crab-
ing this part has been famous even
from a commercial standpoint for
many years.
J. H. Todd's Music House
411  Co'uoibla   Street   New  Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.     Small   Musical  Good, of all   Kind..   PHONE  694
C. A. COGERT, General Manager.
C.pit.l p.id up
Rater-ve Fund
Total Aitetx    ���
Don't Risk Losing Your Money
by crryln? II with you, or hldinij it at home. Fire or robb'ry
may wipe out the savings of a lifetime In a tew moments. Let The
Dominion Bank take care ol them. It costs you nothing for this
���protection- In faot, your money will earn Interest it deposited in
the Savings Department.
= 1
Have you ever been over the old Whalen Homestead (Maple Beach) at Boundary Bay?
If you have you remember its bathing beach famous for its beauty, warmth and safety; its never
ceasing spring gurgling down the gentle slope; the
magnificent maple groves, broken here and there
with bewitching roads and byways and gardens.
This spot has been the camping place of scores of
New Westminster and Vancouver families for many
years. The excellent bathing, boating and the historic spring, not to speak of innumerable other features of interest, have endeared the place to these
lovers of nature to a surprising degree.
No part of the property was ever offered for sale
though hundreds of people have tried to buy their
favorite camp spots, till this season, when a subdivision of the portion adjoining the bathing beach was
made and is now being sold. More than thirty families have already secured their favorite lots and
there still remains a block of the most delightful sum-
her home sites possible to imagine.
Maple Park Beach is one place every lover of outing should see before making a choice of a summer
home. As a play ground for children it is free from
every feature that makes tide water dangerous at
other resorts. During all the years that Maple Beach
has been a play ground the first fatality has yet to
be recorded.
In the days of the red man's reign, Maple Beach
Park was a headquarters for thousands of the tribes
from the earliest times. This property has been
their trading headquarters, their hunting and fishing grounds. The same old spring that slacked
the thirst of these warriors of old is still singing its
same old song. Wonderful collections of Indian
relics have been unearthed at Maple Beach during
recent years. In this and other ways the old Whalen
estate is the most interesting point within a short
ride from these cities.
The Ladner-Woodward's Slough Ferry for which
the provincial government recently voted $35,000,
and which includes a plank road from Woodward's
across Lulu Island connecting with the mainland
highways, places this property at the end of the
most beautiful 18-mile auto drive in the province. It
will cut the distance from Vancouver exactly in two.
The trunk road from Ladner to the beach is macadam and shell. Permanent road improvements are
being made adjoining the property at present.
We are making daily trips by auto to Maple Beach,
and can accommodate anyone wishing to inspect the
place if arrangements are made a day ahead.
If you wish to take au auto trip where wou will
be handsomely rewarded for the trouble see Maple
Beach. Take' your own car if you do not care to
come with us. your first leisure day. Splendid roads
Take the Ladner road from New Westminster and
the Trunk road south from Ladner. Good accom-.
modations for meals at Ladner.
Plans and particulars on application to
Curtis & Dorgan
New Westminster, B. C.
ill V3C31!
The Beach, Surroundings, Water Supply and Train Service Are Unexcelled by any Resort in B. C.
-i��� ������',.,��� : rrr-
*"���'.*    .'     Si'     ���'"..;
There are summer cottages, white canvas camps or the 50-room White Rock
hotel to choose from. Water is piped from artesian wells and springs, milk delivered fresh from the ranch, stores, restaurant, telephone, daily mail, etc., are all
there to provide for your wants and the bathing, boating and miles of sandy beach
cannot be surpassed anywhere in British Columbia.
lite, Shiles & Co.
New Westminster.
Resident Manager,
���������������II liTlfll PAO*.  EIGHT
FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 1913.      ***}
T City News In Brief
Remember the  Place -
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
in half gallons, quarts, pints.
Prices are right and all jars are
Starwberries���LocalB for preserving, per crate $2.50.
..Fresh  Totnatoes,  per  ID.  Z5c.
Cherries, black and yellow,
per lb. 25c.
' "reck Frean's" Golden Puff
'Biscuits, delicious and tasty.
tin 50c.
I. X. L. Chicken Tamales, 2
tins 25c.
Maple Svrup in gallon and
half gallon tins, gallons $2.2o,
half gallons $1.25. Kxtra special  quality  and  flavor.
Sutton's regular 35c. sauces,
five different kinds, today per
bottlo 20c.
IIcin7. Sweet Pickles, In bulk
per  quart     ***���
Heinz Dill Pickles, dozen ..25c.
Soft Edom Cheese, per lb. . 35c.
Oregon Cream Cheese, lb...35c.
Held 'ft Meller's Fruit cakes,
per   11),   ���������* 25c'
Holland" Rusks, per tin  25c.
Kresh  Sliced  Tongue,  lb.... 60c.
lla'vilis' Eggs, the best yet,
per dozen 35c.
Demonstration of Minced Sea
Clams the re6t of this week.
Spend    your    money    where
values  demand.
Tke Water Front
The B. C. P. cleared at the Columbia
Cold   Storage  company's   wharf   yes-
All   notices of  meetings,  entertain-  nesses in the Moses  Paul case given t terday   and,   nfter  coalilig   :.t   l'elyea
ments. sales of work,    etc.,    In    this  a   brief  interlude  from  the  Spintlum |and company's wharf. Bet out on her
olumn  are  charged  for at the  rate  trial
of  10  cents per line.    Please do  not I .
ask member, of the staff to break this I    A    general   meeting    of   the    New
rale, as their instruction, are pgMtiVe.  We8tm,,��8lcr ���Un��lne8f, M?," S ^""l
' T tion will be held In the Conservative
No date has becn set as yet for the (committee rooms, Columbia street, on
holding-of the postponed  meeting of ' Friday, June 27, al  4:30 p.m., to dis-
the coal commission, but notice will j cuss the matter of the weekly half
probably Le given within a few days,  holiday.    All  members  are  urgently
requested to attend.   U. S. Rashlelgh.
Oet lt at the Royal Pharmacy,    41  aecretary. (1624)
Sixth street.   Tel. 1253. U463) ]
Special    travelling    accommodation
A new lish stall has been erected at I will  be  provided  for out-of-town  visi-
the upper end of the city market and   torB  t0  the  provincial  exhibition   by
will bti open for business for the tlrst :lhe c0���tlnuance or the Cl. N. R. train,
time this morning. I which  usually  ruhs  during  the sum
mer only, until October 10.    The fair
has been extensively advertised along
tlle  route which  this train  will  take,
and thc exhibition authorities are as
Citizen soldiers    of New Westmin-1 sured of a good attendance from these
ster and the Praser valley, the 104th   points.    The train, will make its llrst
regiment of fusiliers,  entrained  yes- trip on June 15.
terday morning for Vancouver where      , aMam    (hn    Madamc    May
lt  will
or  our  week-end    specials    in  home
furnishings.   \v. s. CollUter & Co.
they emb..rked on the Princess Royal
for Sydney for the annual encamp-
ment to be held during the next five
Ladies, thc Madamc May hair
dressing parlors are strictly sanitary
and up to date. No need of going to
Vancouver for your work. The manufacture of wigs, toupees and switches
return trip to the halibut banks. Tho
Roman is expected to bring in hev
catch of halibut on Sunday nighl.
The tug flyer brought a scowload
of coal from Seattle to Gilley Bros.
Wharf yesterday.
The Samson came up river yesterday after aeveral days work at tho
mouth of the river and early this
morning clears again for the delta to
replace No. 9 buoy which has drifted
from Its position. Somo Blight
trouble has been caused during tlie
spring freshet by driftwood lodging
against the channel buoys and carrying them from their moorings but the
boats of the department of public
works have been on the lookout and
all have been made secure at once.
See Our Ad. on Page 3
Also agent for the Manion's Thurnial
pads and blankets. You can't affcrd
to be without une. Rooms 501-502
Westminster Trust. Phone In your
appointments,  1318. (15941
Alderman J. S. Bryson and City
Engineer Blackmail returned yester
day from Victoria where they interviewed the government officials in
connection with the new fraser ciine-
tcry. After the cemetery had been
marked out an order was issued from
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. IC. BUGGS
Outing, tadured and    trimmed hats j a specialty. ^ Bring In your combings
worth  $3.50 to  $8.00  for $1.95.    Mrs.
Agret, 59 Sixth street. (1633)
Building permits were issued yes-
teraay to the following applicants:
Mrs. M. E. Turnbull, Fifth avenue, additions lo residence, $1000; Mrs. M. D
French, Eighth avenue, four roomed
cottage and small stable, $1000; C. II.
Parsons, Princess street, live roomed
bungalow, $1500.
Secure   your   camp   site at White
Rock  before all  the choice  lucations I the provincial board of health requir-
are taken up. (1C0CI ling  the  excavations  to  be   four  feet
i apart.     The   citv   proposed   to   have
A vain endeavor was made in the them made 3;7 f,ot apart .,n(i t0 thl8
police court yesterday to evade the | pnd ���U! aeiegatlon approached Dr.
pecuniary consequences of passing | ,,..,���,,��� provincial medical health
with motor cars tram cars stopping i officer aml explained the situation. A
for passengers. A. Vancouver banker reply ,s expected within the next
owning No. 1074 had to alb up his fPW'davs
$20 and costs despite the efforts of I
his counsel to prove    it   must    have ,     if you are in  need of pillow slips,
The I.cnora docked at Gilley Bros,
wharf yeBterday afternoon.
The Norwegian steamship Ilerkales
lilt of Sydney, N.S., with a cargo of
.-iteel rails for the Canadian Northern
railway at Port Mann, is reported
duo by II.  P. Vidal, I.til.
iContinued from Page One i
The draw at the Fraser river bridge | |n(,  nt  I1eBec  station.    N.B.:     Olive, i
was  opened   yesterday  for  the  Sam- W'eatniins-
son, Beaver and the tug Clive, which inow   Mrs   "   1Je"- nt 'New   vvegtmins
took Gilley Bros, sand dredge up the iter;   Howard,  of   Penticton;   Hannah,
river.    There was a good  20  feet of' Helen, Warren, Ward, of Eburne;  Le- '���
clearance at the bridge last night.      i nonli  Mrs   j,   Hughes,  Queen's  ave-'
The Praser River Canners' associa-|nu��i  Clarence, Sapperton;  Josephine!
tion meets in Vancouver today to es-  and Roderick.
tablish the prices to he paid for sock-j    Some of  the  grandchildren   in  this J
eye salmon this season.    At the open- {p.u.t of the country who probably will
ittend   the   big  birthday   party   today
cannot give to your estate the
care and time necessary without
neglecting hia own busine...
Is  it fair to expect
that    of
This company, being organized
and maintained for that very
purpose, docs give to each estate .ill the time and care necessary.
Then the company is made up
of individuals who have devoted
years of time and study to this
very work.
They are experienced.
Call in and talk ever the subject, at it applies to y: ur parti;-
ular esta.e.
been    another    car.    P. C.    Milne is j
death on motor numbers.
We have money for discounting
good agreements of sale. G. B. Milne,
307 Westminster Trust block.    (1623)
Ice cream grotto, Eighth Street
bakery, telephone 281. A. Hardman,
proprietor, (1534)
The rails are being laid on the
double tracking of the B. C. E. It. line
down llle asylum hill. At present tney
are placed on thc ties half way down
the bill, while the work of clearing
and cementing the track ahead is
being pushed ahead with commendable celerity.
Delicious fruit, ices and sherbets
served daily at the Nutshell Booms.
Room 3 Dominion Trust building.
Money to loan on llrst mortgages,
improved cily and farm property,
8 per cent.   Alfred W. MeLeod. (14441
The following new post offices havo
been recently opened: Cheakamns,
Vedder Crossing and Point Cowan, all
open dally except Sunday. The estab
lishment of rural mail routes has ef-
feeted the closing of Annlevllle and
Sunbury, matter for which will ba
sent to New Westminster, and Delta
and Burrvllle, mall for theBe places
being addressed  to the local office.
The most favorable time to buy
house furnishings, that is* to save
money without sacrificing 'quality, is
Friday and .Saturday of each week.
W. S. Collister & Co.
sheets, bed spreads, bath rugs, towels,
towelling, or table linen see our
specials for today and tomorrow. W.
S. Colllster & Co.
ing of last season fishermen received
but 12 1-2 cents a fish, but before the
end of the run as high as 45 cents
was paid.
Allan Purvis, superintendent of the
B. C. E. R. interurban lines, ia in Vic
toria on business.
Alderman J. Murray, G. I.. Church
ard and J. II. McNiece, of Port
Moody, were visitors to the city yesterday ou business.
W. Walmiiley nnd party, of Port
Moody, mototed' Into town yesterday
and attended the "Passers By" In the
opera house.
Mrs. W. T. Reid and family are
leaving loday for Crescent beach for
the summer. Mrs. Reid is not receiving again this season.
P. O. Bilodeau returned from Mont
real yesterday, accompanied by his
two daughters. Misses Ruth and
Adele. The Misses Bilodeau have
been attending school in lbe east.
Mrs. George Adams will move with
her family to their summer residence
"The Firs.", at iCreBcent, on Monday.
Mr. Adamn hns bWn spending the
past few weeks there.
are: Mrs. H. Wilson, city; Mrs. John
W. Bell, Bellingham; Ward Bell, Vancouver; Mrs Cl. Lewis, Wert Si attle:
All canneries are busy preparing for j Chas. N. Hughes, Seventh street; F.
the big summer run of salmon due to S. Hughes, Queen's avenue; Mrs. M.
commence within the coming iwo j;Matheson, Sapperton; Mrs. C. Tail,
weeks. Indications are said to he fa- * Columbia street: Mrs. A. .1. Cunning-
vorable and this week's catch of ham, Fifth street; Mrs. D. Douglas,
spring salmon lRn improved. M. Royal avenue; Howard, Victor, Eileen.
Monk & Co. received S00 ���pounds from'Clifford, Mildred, all of Pentlctun:
down river and 1200 pounds were I Mrs. McAdoo. Nanaimo; Mrs. W.
'irought down from up stream. The I Wrteht, Olympia: Mrs. V. Chaplan,
St. Mungo Canning company received IFourth avenue; Mrs. T. Llaley, Salem,
between 7U0 and SOO poundc from j Ore: Ned DeBeck, Vancouver; Miss |
down river. IL.  Ward  and  Viola DeBeck,    all    of
 ��� | Eburne.
In  response  to  the  urgent   request i    There are many great grandchildren
nf the fishermen and salmon canners ] and  in  all  S4  descendants are  living
'if  the  province  who  have  been  and iThe oldest  grandchildren  are  Walter
are at present, suffering severely from j Cunningham,   Port   Moody,   and   Mrs.
the ravages of seals and BGallons, the I Phllpott, Douglas road, Burnaby. both
provincial   government   has   sent   out,of whom are married,
au expedition under Dr.  N^wcomb to
investigate the whole question with a
view   of  arranging   for   the   destruction of the seals and scalions in places
where they are a menace to the salmon catching Industry.    In a government report It Is stated that the seals
ind   sealions  destroy    more    salmon
than are caught for canning purposes.
The seals and sealions, as a rule, lake
lust one bite  from  under  the  throat
if the salmon and let the rest of the
fish go.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of  Britiah  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and interest at thc highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Traveller.' Cheque, sold, payable In all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
��� -v
National Finance Company, Ltd..
Miss Gladys Whitely, of Cloverdale
and Miss J. Itnnford. of New West
minster, left last evening by the C.
P. R. for Montreal, whence they will
embark on one of the Allan liners for
for [ England.   The two young ladies, who
fire, life und accident insurance.    521 I are   both   school   teachers,   will   visit
Columbia streel.    Phone 515.      (153
For everything electrical Beo W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specially. (1443)
���\ wire has been received by Secretary Darling, of the Progressive asso.
elation, from Sir Richard McBride
stating that the authorities at Ottawa IJnade
the liritish Isles and will also spend a
sluirt  lime in  France.
f> ���    ��� st* ,   R| arranged,
Dominion Trim II ,������,..
��� Insurance
Company, Ltd.
lire as yet unable to announC" 'he
program for the battleship N'ew Zealand while on the coast, but Sir
Richard promises to notify tlle association as soon as anything definite is
Kings Hotel Sold.
The Kings hotel changed hands last
evening,  Messrs.  Smedley and  Flanagan, who have had possession of th-;
property  for  several   months,   having
sale    to    Joseph    Freeman,
formerly of the Central hotel.
Season's Suiting Made to Your Order
Many very excellent values still left
for you to choose from. In fact the
most expensive onea have not yet
been chosen; and they are all the
same price. Give your order today.
Last chance.
401   Columbia   St.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made  in  New  Westminster.
Schaake  Machine Works.
Change   in   Interurban   Trackage   En
terlng City.
Within the next few days the
Eburne cars will be routed ovrr the
lew tracks leading off from Fourteenth street, instead of over the present tracks, which pass through the
centre of the freight yards the II. ('
B, tl. is building In the west end of the
-Ity. The tracks for the Lulu Island
branch have heen laid from the cut-
off line to lhe end of the yards and
wlll be connected up some time this
Two of the freight  tracks have al- !
ready been laid in the hollow scocped I
mt during the past lew months, while
���hi' ti.'s fur additional tracks are on!\rw i ,;,| ���*.-,,...
the ground.   The yards when com- \Qooi Cooking Butter
pleted wlll be the largest maintained \*rTeaa strawberries .
by the company on the whole of it3
system.    They   will   he  required   for j
making    up    trains running  between :
"Miliwack, Fraser Mills, Nov.- Wool- I
mlnsUf -r.:-.il Vancou'v-ai*.
Residence Y. W. C. A.       Phone 1324.
3 dozen sun
..:i lbs. $1.00
.2 boxes 25c.
Bananas, per dozen  Hoc
Hed Spring Salmon    2 lbs. 15c
3-noked Halibut  2 lbs. ;J5c
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Are showing some very pretty designs In Brass Beds, 4 ft and 4 ft. 6 In.
Exceptional bargains at from  $29.50 to $53.75
White Enamel Iron Beds from   $3.95 to $18.50
Genuine Oak,Dresser $18.25 to $27.50
Other Dressers in Golden Oak, Uoyal Oak and Mahogany finish.
Dining room Suite, consisting of Pedestal Table, extend lo S feet,
5 side and 1 arm chair, and buffet with B, B. plate mirror. This suite
is an exceptional bargain at $48.60 complete.
Our Dry Goods section Is attracting great attention.
Cor. 6th Avenue and 12th Street���take 12th St. Car  |
*** '
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
Paid  up  Capital  and  Surplus
Assets   ...
TiiistB und'
....   tD.217,'.��S3.!l5
Trusteeships fnr Bondholders
Ith Alfred W. Mcl.eod, the
man.    All  kinds    written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Open Saturday Evening 7 to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary. Itegina, Winnipeg.
Montreal, London, Eng., and
Antwerp, Belgium.
A   committee   composed of W, T,
lleid.    .1   Dorgan    und    M. .1.  Knight
! were appointed  at   the  meeting    of
[thf  Progressive association last even
I ing to act in conjunction with    the
Committee from tho board of trade In
I arranging  the  cei-eniuny   which   wlll
I take place on the. occasion nf tlle
driving of the first pile In the harbor
improvement scheme on July 8,
We make awnings, tents and sails,
renovate carpets and draperies, re
make and repollsh furniture, manu
facture cedar dress and waist boxcB,
window seats and do all kinds of
: upholstery work in leather or tapestry. Wo are the largeeit makers of
window shades, draperies and Interior hangings, Estimates given.
Lees Limited. (1181)
um notei^;
As h�� pot oul of bed.
'���The ��iraw ihat broke the camel s tiacli
la In thla tick," ha aald.
���Cincinnati Knqulrer.
(Successor to Ayling &. Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 93.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid*.
A movement h:is been started
I among the members of the St. Paul's
Reformed Episcopal church in this
cily to solicit funds for a memorial to
the memory of Ulshop Crldge, who
died In Victoria several weeks ago. In
all probability the memorial will take
the form of a pulpit. The quarterly
meeting Ol the church was held iiii
Wednesday evening, when satisfactory
ANI. PHOTO SUPPLIES, reports Were read by the heads of tho
^**h*   * ""-' different departments,
Por pressed brick, (lie clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock aud fuel oil, apply
ui the II. C, Transport Co., Ltd, Office
phono Sllli, wharf phone 880.      (1D64)
Developing and  printing
done on the premises.
Agents for thc
List prices.
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS,
Phone 43;  L. D. 71;  Res. 72.
New Westminster, B. C.
\ The Jurors and witnesses not en
gaged In the Splntlum murder trial
were discharged yeBterday until Wednesday in 11 a.m. After the Jury have
returned their verdict in the Splntlum
case the ssbIzc will adjourn until
Wednesday, On the reassembling of
the court It Is probable  Moses Paul
; will be arraigned, all hough It Is a conjecture that the McNamara and Dean
leases may bc taken on, und the wit- day,
M .fin*'nl. June 2d ���Frank Bailey,
the "'.liipi- king," was arrested hen*
after a running flghl with Constable
I'lliui, f tho lleaudry and Ontario
Btreel station, Shots were exchanged
but neither men were wounded.
Shortly after midnight, a tclephom
un" s.ii^e was received at  police hi ad
quarters to the effect that four mei
were robbing the drug Bton of A. lioj
corner of Ontario anil St. Christophei
Constable Pllon, who was the firs
lo arrive, found Bailey, il is said,, hilling under Hi" counter, The "dup-
king" drove the offloer buck by throw
ing hollies of soothing syrup, am
made his escape through the door am
dashed down the street. Several Bhoti
were llret. but. Bailey finally sir,-ron-
deri'd, and walked with Ihe officer tl
the lock up Thn accused was tin
onlv one lound in the Btore.
Brought before Judge Leet, In th-
arraignment court, he pleaded not
guilty to a charge of housebreaking,
A plea of Insanity was tiled by .Jul"!
Iielorlmier, who appeared for hlm
Bailey was remanded.
Last month he was allowed to go on
$200 ball pending an appeal t>i thi
court of king's bench, which had beer
brought in liis behalf, lie did not ap
pear and his Whereabouts wire un
known  until  again  arrested.
The diug store entered hy Ballej
and Ills companions was the one kep
by A. Roy, lined recently for Ills II
legal traffic In Ihe sale nt the dopi
drug. When arrcHled Bailey had i.
large amount of morphine in his pus
session, so In. was brought Into court
again this time before the recorder
where he was charged with having
morphine and pleaded not guilty.    Hi
was remanded until the 26th.
"If I get   fi   this lime  I'll  cut   my
throat and you'll never see ine here
again," a detective says Bailey tnld
Trnmp-Can't you give mc soinetliln"
to eat ma'am?
Ijidy of the Ronse��� Ves: here la a
piece of homemade mince pie, t
Trnnip-l nskinl for food, niflillltn, nJ
fork - Homo Clint
I'h* frtl  mnn'* fur*' ��������� Innp "n<1  v*-'*n
Anil mournful (-ww "if rrfp��
A Mnmirhe nrtif mid ricruhn-*i mm
Ami mlilt'il  in  iii��  tlie' ��
Boundary Bay
hone your order in early
ut not before 0 a.m. or
will   not find  us  there.
always    glad    to    hear
from  you and
ever sorry to see you.
o   phone   us  up  whenever you  are   hungry
we    will   e ndcavcr    to
satisfy  yeu and  your
Maple Beach Park, being n sub
division ot the historic old Whalou
estate on Boundary Bay, Is ttl
last on the market ln liOxlOO teot lots
fronting broad streets and with per-
iietual beach privileges, This has
been the camp ground for scores o(
local  people lor year".    The lots are
selling   fast,   many   people   procuring l p,)tce  Market, Columbia  St.,  Phones I
the  locations   they  had  occupied    as]
tenants   for   years.     Prices  $330  and |      120��-  120J'    zoz'
upwards, easy terms.    Sole agents,       fjPPjrtdn   Market,  Phone   1204
CURTIS & OORGAN | Eighth  St.   Market,  Phone   1205.
700 Columbia Street, City. Edmonds  Market.  Phone  L883.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Ainids!   ttlund,  Mountain, Korea! uud (ilaclal Scenery to
Ull.-IKitVATOffY   1NI.KT   (GllANUY   HAY)    *��4.00
Including Meals and Berth for Round Trip.
Permitting aide Irlpjover scenic route of tiiand  Trunk  Pacific Ilall-
ay at small additional cost.
C. SMITH, d,'P.''4 T. A.
i  Granville Stroet, Vancouver.
VV.   E.  DUPEROW,  0.  A.  P.  IJ.
t-hone Private Exchange 8134
American professional golfers win
engage In a tournament wltli the professional stars of the French links
at   La  Boulle,   France,  beginning  to-
Take advantage of the Hus'ncss  Man's  Train    and    make    your
borne at Crescent Beach (Blaoltlo Hpit) for the summer months.
Train leaves at 5:30 p.m. dally, on and arter June 15, returning in
the  morning  in  time  for  business.    Crescent    Beach    affords    id'-nl
conditions  tor Biimmor homes, combining  the   best,  of  bathing,   bout
lng nt all stages of tho tide together with line beach.    Artesian well
water to all residents.    Lot us show you this property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployere'   Liability,  Automobile  and
Marine Insurance.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver! Via Central Park.
WBI':ki>AYS--B and G.-ir> a.m.
and every 15 minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly servico until
11 p.m. with latp car at midnight.
SATURDAYS���jj minute ser
vice is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7, 7.30 8 nnd
8.30 am! every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with lato car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
in ,  with  Into  car at  11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. nnd    hourly
until  10 p.m.  with  lato car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS -7 a.m. and every
hour until 11  p.m.
SUNDAYS   8 a.m.    and    every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection  Is  made at    Eb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 aud
C.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.


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