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The New Westminster News Dec 1, 1913

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News Classified Ada
I'lavi! proven tbeir worth by the
results tbey produce. They All
large ur small wants at small
cost. iS
The Weather.
New Westminster and the lower
mainland: Light to moderate winds
mostly cloudy with rain tonight
VOLUME  8,   NVI A~H   225.
march mm
Villa Says He Will Control
Northern States in Two
Weeks Time
Has   Extensive   Plan  of  Campaign-
Approximate Strength of Opposing Forces.
Who  said   Santa  Clsus   was  dead? I has turned over $100 to help and more
Vou did? Well you're wrong;  he Isn't j Is   coming   from   other   sources.     All
und  If you keep a sharp lookout on i are agreed the plan Is a grand one.
Christmas eve you may see him hard      The firemen do not want what they
at work call'iiK on lots of his children ;ar<- doing branded as "charity." They
nnd tl.elr parents, too.    He may not
go  down   the  ch'mney,  hut   he'll  get
there  Just   the   6.me.     Krom   present
I indications   the  old   fellow   wlll   have
too larK" a hag to carry down a chimney.
Not     content     with     distributing
-|Christmas cheer at efery New  West-,
minster fireball   the fireman arc go-
inj_r bo send out Christmas boxes to
homes where tliey will be appreciated,
and in these boxes wlll be eatables of
all  sorts, and   perhaps a toy or two
know better than many, how the
scarcity of money has brought Bome
hunger and some want to families
where in ordinary times there would
he no need. They do not think of
those they want to help as poverty
stricken, but merely as men who are
temporarily "up against It," and
whose families suffer In consequence
In fact they believe In the brotherhood of man and In lending a helping
Also they realise  most people will
Buildings Razed in Steveston���This City Also
Juarez, Mex., Nov. 30.-Northern
Mexico, embracing Uie states of
Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo
Leon and Tamaulipas, and Including
the territory from the border to a
line 600 miles southward, wlll be
wholly under the authority of the
rebel forces within two weeks. The
forces which are lighting Huerta, will
then join at t.uadalajaru, with a
view of marching on to  Mexico City.
This is the rebel plan of campaign,
Oeneral Krancisco Villa, the rebel
leader, asserted loday.
This campaign, Villa said, contemplated not only tlie capture of Chi
liuahua City, but also the spreading
of Ihe rebel or constitutionalist authority further south, In which Villa
Is lo be Joined by Gimeral Carranza
tht- head of the revolutionary movement.
So far os the north is concerned,
Villa said the campaign Is between
14,500 federal troops, mostly In garrisons, and .ii.Hm rebels or roiisiiiuion-
allsts in garrisons cr roaming the
Strenpth of Force*.
The   approximate   strength   I .     the
opposing    forces    In    the    noiih
gathered    from    official    sources
Villa and mnde  known by hlm
At (luaymaa, Sonora 9000 federal
troops commanded by Pi Ira OJeda.
At Chihuahua City, simo   federals
commanded bv Mercado
Al Saltillo and Monclova, 1040 federals.
Ai Monlerery. Nuevo l.eon, JO00
Scattered, laOO ferierslf
Opposed to tht fedentl. and their
positions are
for  the boys  and girls who still  be; not come forward   to tell   when they
neve  In  Santa   Claus. 'are  In  want,  so the benevolent  soci-
V ..-n   th'   firemen   made  It  known | eties and school teachers    have been
that thoy I
ma���  trees
ere going to have Christ-1 asked to find out the names of these
md   Christmas  dinners  In | people, and with UiIb list as a guide,
the halls for children of the district
.who otherwise would be without a
I good time on Christmas day, and that
they   were   prepared   to   foot   the   big
hill all themselves, kind people want
Iad to share In this "peace on earth
tpooil will to men" spirit and have al-
I read" sent to the flre captains cash,
tovH, books and promises of eatables.
Needless to say these are welcome
'contributions and will enable tiie fire
! men to do more good than tliey even
hoped  for.    The  May  Day committee
the boxes will be made up and distributed as unostentatiously as possible. These will he left at the doors
of houses and no one wlll know but
that Santa Claus himself left them.
So Santa Claus is not dead, and is so
very much alive that he hss enlisted
the firemen to help him out during
th"  Christmas  rush.
Other persons wishing to help along
the good work should leave contributions with the captains at anv of tbe
Dykes Break on Lulu and 8e�� Islands
���Sleetrie  Service   Interrupted
in District.
Klre alarm box signals out of commission, Interruptions In electric service and damage and delay to river
traffic  were  some of the  results    of
In line with the principals and tbe
municipal Inspector of city schools.
The Superior cf St. Ann's academy on
Saturday voiced approval of The
News essay competition and the
pupils of that institution will be
given an opportunity to write their
essays during study hours.
The essays which are to be of four
hundred words must be in the hands
of the competition manager at The
News office by December H. In the
public schools the essays will be written on Friday afternoon, December 5.
His honor. Judge Iloway, will act
as Judge and the prizes offered by
The News will be awarded on December 22, which is the Monday preceding Christmas Day.
From now until December 5 every
child in the city of twelve years of
age and under will be busy gathering
are given,    the writer to   have
choice of any one of these.
Tbe time Is short so get busy children. Head all the books you like
and ask all the questions you want,
and make sure that the information
In your article Is correct. This will
count In tbe Judging of the papers as
well as the spelling, writing and general appearance of your essay.
First���An historical sketch of New
Second���The  Fraser river.
Third���British Columbia.
Don't forget to write your name,
the. name of your teacher and school
clearly at the top of your paper and
also the subject you have chosen.
The prizes are: First, ten dollars;
second, Ave dollars, and third prize,
two dollars and fifty cents.
Other details will be announced in
this  paper  during  the  week and  all
information     on     the     subject     he
Saturday     morning's     heavy     wlndjchooses to write on.    Three Bubjects|enquiries will be gladly answered
storm.    While at Steveston most dam-! SSSagBBSSSBSS^sm&BBSS^���S&aBSSSSXSSSg���tSS^^BBBBSS
age  was reported,  this city   was ulso   TRIAL OF BLACKIE FORD
affected and  it  will take most of to-
Ni Trace of  Ship Leafield and Crew
of Twenty���Mast Found.
Ottawa. Nov. .10. All hone of the
l.cafleld and her c:i*w* of twenty men
is gone. It Is certain that she found-
sred In thn recent terrible storm
vhleh  swept the Great   Lakes
a telegram received yesterday liy
the   marine  department     from    Cspt
aa j Lar In, of the government tub Arbutus.
byi which   was  ordered  out    from    l'ort
loday ' Arthur to look for she missing vessel.
j reports that the Arbutus was out ten
������'ays.    During  four of these days the
; weather was so bad that the mg had
to  seek  shelter  In   Kagle  harbor.   All
that was discovered was a black top
, mast nine feet long belonging to the
i Leafield
day to untangle the fire alarm system
which has become crossed with some
telephone and electric  wires.
.Several booms of logs moored at
the South Westminster shore were
torn from their moorings and floating broadside Into midstream partially
blocked truffle and required the services of three tugs to collect them.
A mtssage from Steveston yesterday said Considerable damage was
caused here and lu Hie neighborhood
early this morning hy a violent gale.
Evidence    and    Arguments    Wlll    Be
Concluded at Present Sitting of
Railway  Board.
... ,    , , ,        , i San   Francisco  labor  unions attended
Telephone and telegraph poles were|a ���__ mMin. today al tlu, TradM
blown down and msny bulldincs were iatl(,    ttamn.    councii    and    adopted
resolutions calling upon the governor
to intervene
Several    bridges
Jumped Overboard.
San Francisco, Nov. 30.-   Hub l'eter-
sen, a Seattle carpenter, travelling as
a steerage passenger ou the stesmer
Admiral Farragut from Seattle  Jump- i^p^'t. bv"j��mei"*Blcknell' K.C
__.a      . __.__._____._b     _>.__.-1     .......      A m .........t tVil_ * * '
111 Sonora. about (900 rebels under lpd ovprb0ard and wan drowned    this
command of Oeneral Carrania, head nf,,rn0,,n t|,rrc miles ou* from OoldM
the constitutionalists ifJll(p    A -.���,, **���_��� wlli iow,.red   a few
Ottawa. Nov. Iio.���It has been
practically settled that the western
freight rales esse will be brought to
a conclusion Insofar us the presentation of evidence and arguments are
concerned ut Hie present sitting
When uu adjournment was taken on
Saiunlay morning until Monday it
was agreed tbat a further examination
ot   Mr.   Muller, the  American freight
of the constitutionalists
At Juarez, and en  route to Chlbua
bus city, 5soo rebels commanded by
South of Chihuahua City. 1500
relcls commanded   by  Oeneral   Chao.
Scattered, MOO tsUftls,
Aporoachmp  C llhuahua.
In   preparation   for   the   attack     on
Chihuahua  (iiv,  3600  troops   with   lfi
machine   guns   und   equipment   which
tilled  three  trains hnd  I eft .Juarez up
to today and had reached a point !,0 j
miles south     villa expects to Join his
men within u few days und If possible
lo keep open train und telegraph ser i
vice  behind  him.     He said  he  would
be in Chihuahua Cfly within ten days. |
llut the capture of the city he insist i
ed would be only an incident of fur- I
ther advance    later    lu    conjunction
with  Carransa  and  other  rebel   lenders.
Villa pointed out that the only lm
portant points along the United
States border not held by the rebels
now arc Nuevo LareC'., opposite l_ar-
deo, Texas, and Pledraa Negras, opposite Eagle Pass, Texas, and that Ills
forces already had captured every
city in the north exept Guaymas.
Chihuahua City. Saltillo, Monclova
aud Monterey.
"We will move tight on to Mexico
���City," raid Villa, "that Is our destination Our forces are working together. Tlie troops now In Sonora
will move southward, attacking
Guaymas on the way. Those in the
east, now centred around Victoria will
move southwest while I will go right
<Iown through the heart of the country. On the way 1 will Uke Chlhua
hua. where I will be In command
within ten davs. Then I will Join the
eastern and western wings of our
army at (iuudalajara. Combined wc
will march to Mexico City."
Chihuahua City has been cut off
frcm communication for more than
two weeks. Last reports said the
federal forces had made every preparation to oppose the rebel attack.
Almost all the food supplies hsve
been exhausted.
minutes Bfter the cry of "man overboard," but the fullers were unable to
1 reach Petersen hefore lie disappear
id Petersen had appeared despondent during tiie voyage from Scuttle
and   remarked   lo  several   passengers
!that he had been thinking about ��ui-
Olde, He was n member Of the Carpenters' union, local 131. Seattle, und
.was coming to San Francisco to si-ek
���work.    Petersen wus _<i years old.
Huge Mass Meeting Calls
on President Wilson to
Take Action
Winnipeg, Nov, 30.---A streot car
squabble Saturday afternoon In which
several blows were struck, eventually
costing the life of William Halybur-
ton, an old-time resident of Winnipeg.
8o little was thought of the dispute
at the time that nothing was done to
stop Halyburton's assailant from
leavlne the cur or even of having him
arrested. A few hours later Ilaly-
burton died.
Within twenty-four hours of being
notified of the fact the police had
braced the man whom they thought
was the one Implicated, and Henry R.
Howard manager of the Pltner
Mghtlug company, of Minneapolis,
was under arrest tn that olty waiting
Instructions from this ctty.
Lethbrldgs Qrowrtng.
f/ethbrldge, Nov. 80.���A police census Just completed gives the population of the olty as 11,070. This It *n
Increase of 998 over 1911, the Dominion census.
Opposition at Gathering Not Given an
Opportunity to Express Reasons
for Attitude.
Washington, Nov. 30.���A week's
campaign by the National American
Woman Suffrage association to procure the adoption of a constitutional
amendment to enfranchise women,
was launched today st a miss meeting. It wss the formal opening of the
forty-fifth annual convention of the
An assemblage which packed a
theatre listened for nearly three hours
to arguments from conspicuous advocates of the woman movement. Suspended above the drop curtain was a
huge yellow banner .bearing the leg-
"We demand an amendment to the
United States constitution enfranchising women."
The association adopted, almost unanimously, resolutions Introduced by
Mrs. Holen Ring Robinson, a member
of the state senate of Colorado, calling upon President Wilson in hls
forthcoming message to congress to
adopt the woman suffrage constltu*
tlonal amendment as an admlnlstra*
tlon measure, and to urge congress to
take Immediate and favorable action
upon lt, urging the senate to pass the
amendment and asking the house to
create a committee   on woman   suf-
i ouiiiu 1 for tlie Dominion government,
will  lul.e place on   Monday.
The object of this examination will
be to strengthen any weaknesses
found in the theory of Mr Muller by
Mr Chrysler, counsel tor the c p. It..
during tiie course of his long and
searching examination of the rate ex-
I" rl It Is altogether likely that M.
K Cowan, couiibci for the Saskatchewan and Alberta governments, will
f Uow, Mr. Cowan will submit an
exhibit giving calculations as to
r.itii msde by Alex MucOnna'd, the
rate expert employed by him, and
will express h's views to the value of
tlie Muller theory, but it is understood will not cross-examine the
Washington mon. Ills performance
will be more In the nature of an
ai'gunieni designed to establish that
In the mutter of the freight rates the
west  suffers from discrimination.
The only feature of the Saturday
morning sitting was a spirited examination of Mr. Muller by W, I*. Phlp
pen. chief counsel for the C. P. R.,
tiie object of which was to establish
the unreliability of bis theories. Mr.
Phippen did not undertake a detailed
examination of the statements contained In the Muller exhibits.
partially    w recked
were swept away.
One of the heaviest losers was the
S. i ii -ii Canadian   cannery.     A   scowl
'which   was  tied  to  the lightship  ��.��
blown   adrift   and   crashed    Into    the,
[bridge owned by the Company, almost'
I Completely   destroying   It.    The   dam-j
1(1   lo the hridge will be abou"  $7000.
Part of one of the dykes In front of'
j thc   village  gave   way   and   a   portion
of  tlie place  was flooded to a depth
j of a few feet.
The Japanese cannerymen who live
ion the lowest level were the heaviest
| sufferers, manv of their houses being
partially inundated.
The heavy rains caused tbe North
Arm of the Fraaer to overflow It*
bank and break through the dykes In
several places on l.ulu and Sea
islands on Friday night. Sea island
suffered the most by the flood.
The dredge King Edward has b��er
he'd up here bv rough weather since
Wednesday midday. She is bound
for  Victoria  from  New  Westminster.
Body of Broker Missing Since October
16 Found In False Creek.
Vancouver, Nov. 30��� The mystery
connected with the disappearance of
J. C. McDonald, a prominent broker
and real estate agent, of this city,
who was last seen entering a rowboat
ut English bay on the morning of October 16. was cleared up today when
a body found In False creek was identified as that of the missing man.
Deceased entered the boat to row
across to the Jericho Country club, of
which he was a member, and an over-
', turned boat found the Bame day gave
credence to the belief that he had
been drowned in English bay. Mr.
| McDonald was 43 years old, well con-
Similnr muss meetings were held in nected in Vancouver, and years ago
various parts of the state todav by I was Identified with the Vancouver
sympathizers of the Wh. inland hop'"ovvinB clllb au a sculler,
pickiTs who are now ln Jail. Collections were taken up to aid 111 the de
San Francisco, Nov. 30.���Governor
Hiram Johnson Is to be asked to take
a hand in the case of Ulackle Ford,
whose trial Is to begin this week In
Marysvllle for his connection with |
thc Wheatland hop pickerB rlct on
Augusl ,1, when District Attorney E.
T. Manwell, Deputy Sheriff Eugene
Keai don and two other men were
Nearly  one  thousand   members    of
Nearly Two Thousand Men
Quit Jobs���Police Make
All Gatherings in Streets Will Bs Dl*
ported���Msy Use Strict
Messures. >
Win    Membership     Campaign    from
Local Aa*Mla�������� fey M Polnta
���Vancouver a Bad Third.
Much    Improved    In    Health    After
Month's Trip���Arrangsa Series
of Cabinet Msstlnns.
Ottawa, Nov. 30.-The Right lion.
R. L, Borden returned to the capital
today from hts sojourn of a month's
duration at Hot Springs, Va. The
prime minister was aciompanied by
Mra. Borden. They were met at the
station on arrival by Hon. Mr. White,
ion. Sam Hugb.es and a large number of friends. Mr. Borden, who
looks much Improved ln health after
bis holidays says that his visit to
Washington had no political significance. He had accepted an invitation
to visit Sir Cecil Sprlng-Rlce and had
enjoyed the pleasure cf meeting
President Wilson and Secretary or
State Bryan,
Now tliat Mr. Borden has returned
a aeries of cabinet meetings will be
held at which several Important matters wlll be considered including the
proposal to appoint a commission to
Clydesdales   Make an Impression at Annual International Event
Chicago.  Nov. 30    -The  internatlon
With a superhuman effort Victoria
! snatched victory from New Westmin-
' ster ln the inter-clty Y. M. C. A. mem-
, bershlp campaign on Saturday by
i winning out by 99 points, while Vancouver fell away behind and took less
New Structure  Wlll  Be  Located  300
Feet  North  of  Present  Ferry
al  live stock  show  opened  Saturday  than half as many points as this city
with the students Judging competition
in which twelve teams  were entered.
This competition aroused more Interest this year than ever before and
when the scores were posted Sunday
morning In the rotunda of the Stock
Vards Inn it was impossible to soeeie
through tbe crowd. Texas won first
place with Missouri second and Indiana third.
ln  the    cattle    judging    Manitoba
came second with a score of 895, four
in hog Judge and eighth in horse Jud-
MacDonald    college,    Quebec,
Indianapolis, lnd., Nov. 30.���Tha*
Teamsters' union voted unanimously
late today to go on strike at midnight
tonight. The union, which includes
the commercial chauffeurs, hae between 1500 and 2000 members.
A special    dispensation    for    milk
wagons driven  by   union    teamsters
was made at the meeting at the suggestion of Thomas J. Farrell, general,
organizer of the International  Brotherhood    of    Teamsters,    Chauffeurs,
Stablemen and Helpers of    America.*
Drivers of hearses are exempt from
the order.    Farrell    also    announced
there would  be no interference with*
the mall, or other government    wagons or automobiles, or with the wag-*
ons or machines of the express com-��
panies.    He said arrangements would i
be   made   for   delivering   supnlies   tov
hospitals, so that there would be no .
added  suffering among the sick. -~*
The police    department    has been
making    preparation    for a  week to
handle the strike.    An order was is-'
sued Saturday preventing the congregating of crowds, and the police were,
told not to   "hesitate   to use   other*,
means"  if  perscaslon  failed    to disperse  the  gatherings.    A  system  of
military patrol has been  mapped out'
for the down town districts, and ad-*
| ditlonal mounted and foot police hava
been added to the force.
In addition to tbe extra police, 250*
business men were sworn In as a re-3
Berve force this afternoon. These
men were provided with uniforms and
guns, and are quartered ln Tomlinson
hall, where they will be held until the
strike ls settled. The men are commanded by otOeer* of the Indiana
national guard.
Por four months Indianapolis haa
been agitated with labor troubles
which have resulted in the resignation of Mayor Shank. Superintendent
of Police Hyland and W. E. Davis,
president of the board of public safe-'
ty, and a general shakeup ln tbe city.-,
During the last street car strike,
there was so much rioting tbat tbe en-'
tire state militia was called out by
Governor Ralston. Tbe guardsmen,
however, were not used, as the employees and the street railway offf-
signed  an  agreement  to place,
Tho   general   traffic     government
bridge across the  Pitt river  will  be
located  about  300  feet north  of the]glDf'   _,     , ,
present ferry landing, according to made the best score on any one sub-
an announcement mado by W. J. U��0t that waa made In the whole com-
Manson. M.P.P. for Dewdney. It Is! petition, namely, 1014 on horses,
proposed to straighten out the Dewd-! Much comment was made on the
ney trunk road, which at present Jogs. close manner In which the Csnadlan
south near the Pitt river, to the ferry! colleges came together ln the total
landing.    The   bridge   will    be con- score.
structed directly In line with the British Columbia is represented by
road. 121 Clydesdales from the Colony farm
The plans for the structure wlll be at Coqulllam and among them a six-
file i at the Dominion resident engin- horse team of geldings to compete ttt
eei s office some time this week. Just llu. ai,^,,��� team class. The Brit-
as ��orn ss this Is granted construe-!uh Columbia exhibit is high quality,
tlon cn tha foundations will be start-1 but ,��� nettrly M Sported. The toured The federal government having, te#nth lnlermMtonal Stock show wUI
urrdlctlon over al navigable w��er.!be lcd ,of _ numbcr Md _my
ln tie province. It Is necosssry to s*.|  f  h���      ^     h,b|      f      ���_ Th���
cure  the approval  of Ottawa  to the
construction of the bridge.
Is a feature of the exhibition which
Canada should figure on nest year.
Judging will start on Monday at 9
o'clock. Very few western visitors
have arrived as yet. but th* special,
"Pat" Welch Imorovlnc.
Seattle. Nov. 30.���Patrick " Welch,
the millionaire railroad contractor of car from Winnipeg ts expected Mon-
Spokane, who was operated on last day morning In time for tbe steer
night for Intestinal obstruction, was competttfona Judging In Clydesdale
reported at the hosptal tonght to be classes begins Wednesday at nine
progressing favorably. o'clock.
frage.   The only protest was voiced ,make s report on the progress of the
by one of the delegates from Lonlsl
ana backed by a small following.
Tho opposing delegates, however,
were not even given an opportunity
to explain the reasons for their attitude.
Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, president
of the association, presided, and In
her opening address, voiced the belief
that "a deliverance���a speedy deliverance���of women Is about to come
through tbo action of the American
congress and throagh the president
of the United States.
high cost of living. A proclamation
wtll be shortly Issued fixing the date
of the opening session for January 8
or 15. \
Railway Company ���tor*.
Moosejaw, Nov. ��0.���Practically all
the )25.00n pf.** *****\ been wld for
the railroad company operative store
to be started her* early In Uie year.
Aonllcation will be mad* .to headquarters at Toronto for a further allotment ot |25,00O.
Canada's Trade With
New Zealand Grows
Ottawa, Nov. SO.���W. A. B*ddoe,
Dominion trad* commissioner for
New Zealand, tn commenting upon
the growth of trad* between tkat
country and Canada, mentions tk*
tact that th* steamer Niagara, which
sailed from New Zealand lor Vancouver on October tt, carried wltk kor
thei following agriculturist products
for coamibptton in Canada; 17,491
hoses df butter, 255 caroassss ot
veal, 81 quarters ot beef; li carcasses
ot mutton; 78 bags ot moat, 874 cam
eggs, 50 tona ot flax, 880 mm* ot turn
and one case of bonsy.
Tk* shipment at battar, saya Mr.
Beddos, Ig tk* largest which kia ***t
been on ona ship to Vaaeoum. Tk*
shipment of egga I* ��� an *~
and 1008 IMt of cold
been reserved oa th* skip. Tm mm*
ot eggs In addition at* shipped M g*a-
era. cargo.
Th* principal InerMM In Can*dA"s
trad* with Naw ZMlaad dartag tb*
tint stat moatks *mt tk* fiscal y*ar la
to be found ta bornsd eattls.
vaktolM, plgM and flttb-g*.
paper, grass aid ��k>v*r
laths aad sktaglM
The  result  was  unlooked  for bere.
With a good margin and a number of (eials  _,.���.._..  -..  .._.    .���  ,.,-.__.
prospects,  the  five  men's and   three their dispute before the state puhllo''
boya' teams thought    their   chances j service commission,
cood  for   capturing    the   lieutenant-
governor's trophy, wblch now stays ln
the capital.
Tonight there ls to be a banquet to
the boya given by women of tbe
���Queen's Avenue Methodist and of St.
Stephen's churches.
Just Llk* a Woman.
San Bernardino, Cal., Nov. 30.���
Eight months after she had testified
at a preliminary hearing that her
brother. Grant Trask, shot her husband in self defence, Mrs. Myron
Kurti hM notified the sheriff that
ah* wants to change her testimony.
Tk* police declare she wanta to tell
another story. Tb* shooting took
place at Colton, April 22.
Financial Company Try t* P*t��* th*
Municipality to Complete DmI���
OmM* In Court T*day,
prladiw- deerMM I* found ;ta, ���"2!**
Whether Bumaby will be allowed
to acU tte debMturM to th* Toledo,
Ohio, firm will probably b* decided
In supreme court tiki* atoning wfc*n
W. G. McQuarrl* wilt defend tk* action of tk* municipality t* refusing
to accept tke offer nad* by Mm A.
Maedonald, of tk* ftoottlah Nation!
a*curitlM oorporattosi tor tb* m*
ch*M of tk* MrtlBcatea a��gr��cattas
At tk* council BMttai *t Mmday
evening laat a totter wm t*ht   "
J. R. Gnat,. teprMsntlng  ktr.
ioaald. aad   ate a. i. Fadar.
uiMim. of. tt* B. C. TrMaaort ***v .
KSiVu I^t/XSttoito, ���&
lag tha* tk* totto* at tb* ooryor**
tion ta snaktef m**sst'"""" ~~"
poratkta  woMd M '
Car   of   Canadian   Wheat?
Sells at Same Price as
American in U. S.
Graded Number 1 Hard In MlnnsMte,**-.
But Lower Rating on Thl*
Minneapolis, Mlaa.. Not. 30.���Flma i
the grata laid* ot Western Canada^
billed by tb* Canadian Northern aadlf
tke Groat Northern 11dm to IflUMfT
a car of wkMt tkat graded Mi.'-
1 kard andgr MbuMMte state Immo- '
tion wm yMtorday sold by l*mk,.���**���*,
Oregor coospany to tk* ShsftoM, Wt*..
vator co-aaaay tor N ,.*m-* *J**~*\t
ker*. or practically tk* ��a_*%rtoo rn**--
wkaat of Hk* gnde fnwa MlnasMt*
or Nortk Dakota y- ���** t
*v*ry om M tke axekat-ga telMfT .
today of tk* taMt aad tk* ifQkakUttr,
import duty wm MM on tk* car. *M��f
-    fiw^-iKMTumosK^ annate*
etaakar! Mt-T'tk?*!
Craafcjf. of tko
_*__*��� H*
^^^^^_____ ^^^^ i
'',ttm,Jl*tt' wss��'
industry ms spruag up
*   contracts  kar*
JMd far
flak.   Aitow "
In Vaaoomr,
b*sMssit"to"N'*w a*alt....   . .
���agar gagglM* tross tk*r* to k* sent
by d-rwt *o*t It tk* panto tnala-
tatas IU prMMt klgk standard there
IN mm*m Otot Canada will aupply
nswsMgw*. kotk from tk* tt*M to
TbsBurt-aky mu
tto maaldtgal   so
to tWIr rlgl    tei
kM glvak
* *  . ...
' ���
W-fM&i   '-���     '--'.i_.
F- M
x ���%,'T *  ;��� ,,���'<��,
'-��� i- .. ��� '--���'���*. -;^:*v.V"!'-i''-' -���",'1'--'
A* Itutependtmt mornfnj paper denoted to the inter-sts ot Neic Westminster sml
ths frater Valley. Published every morning errent Su-aday bil t'ie Notional Printing
mad I'ublishtiiii Companv, limited, ��t C3 UeKensie Street, Ntu) Westmin iter, flrilljh
Oolttmbi* ROUS  SUTHERLAND.  J-anafflnfl  director.
All communications skould be addressed lo The New 11. stminster News. ��nd not
9s individual members ot th* stuff. Cheques, drafts, and numey nrders shnuld be made
m*%*able to The National Printing end Publishing Cmnpaiiti. Limited.
TELEPHONES���Hutintss Office and ifonajer, 9t)9; Kdilorial Kooms (all d.jiart-
tssnts), 991.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier, 14 per year, 11 for thres months, 40c per
tssonth.    Hy mail, t'i ver year, 25c per montS.
- * -- sino k ���" ���
HATES on application.
The editor of one of the great American weeklies
recently asked the question, "If there were no whiskey in
the United States nor any other liquor except beer, would
there be a prohibition movement?" He prefaced his
query with the caption, "Think it over." That editor was
wise in his day and generation, and out of his wisdom he
has provided an immense amount of food for thought,
while at the same time he has placed in the hands of the
temperance workers a club which, if they make use of it,
will accomplish more in ten years than the movement for
absolute prohibition has done since its birth.
In differentiating by inference between beer, with its
extremely low alcoholic percentage, and whiskey and the
other harder liquors, the originator of the idea has pointed
out to the temperance people a logical route to their goal
by following which they would, at the same time, place
their campaign beyond reach of what hitherto has been
one of its greatest enemies, the charge of interference
with personal liberty.
No sensible man can honestly deny the accusation
made against over-indulgence in strong drink, that it is
responsible for much of ehe evi] and misery in the world
today.   The records of prisons, asylums and relief organ-
not Included in the assessment levied tliat to do so will help them in their
for tin- improvement. (next contest;  and the curious specta-
Application will also be mude for: do is presented of the governmdnt
power to acquire the assesments re-1striving to keep down expenditure
(iniml under the bylaw between the against tlie taxpayers' representatives
city and the It. C Telephone company, to raise It.
the city so far not having the neces- "Such n state of things no ilmilit
sary poower, though having stipulated j tends against economy ami cheap pro-
with the company to privitle rlghts-of-1dttction, uot only directly, but by ills-
way where the company is unable to icouraging those responsible for the
negotiate the same. conduct of a business frum the endea-
The special bill ulso asks for power Ivor to give the public a first-rate ur-
to inaugurate the scheme of contlnu- tide at the lowest rate compatible
oua council collection ��r tuxes ln ad- with fair dealing the object of all
vance, budget, and election of con-1successful competitive private enter-
trailers, which changes were recently I prise."
approved of by the council, hut legis-j
latlve authority for which the city dues
not yel possess. A large number of
sections of the special hill are devoted
to this change In the system of municipal government.
It is probable that when the bill
comes before the council for co'nsiil
(���ration, all the terms thereof will nol
be agreed to as on some points the
council  is not  at all  unanimous.
Prierts  Picket   filingual   Institution-
High Feeling Roused at Vankleek  Hill.
King's   Palace   In   London   Has  Been
Absolutely  Trancformcd  in
refused admittance the second time by
guards pleaced near the eehool. Those
who did enter did so b^ stealth or
In  open  defiance of  the  priest's or-
statloned in front of the srhool
before tbe hour of opening. Hev. Father Kcuthlcr, the assistant priest
tliere simply told the pupils to go
home besause there wis no school.
Inspector Ingall, of the Ontario education department, visited the school
when he hail about a score of English-
speaking pupils only.
The children did not know why they
,.,.,, -   ,, _��� i       i ,i i were  ordered  home.    One  child  sail!
IZatlOns afford plenty  Of proof tO   back  Up  the  Charge, he t.sd asked Father Houthler and the
There is no room for quibbling or word juggling there; if priest said he would ten him later.
, ,   .   , ���' i ���        i    i * Li   i      Beveral  parents ordered  their chll-
strong drink were given a hearing before an impartial dren back to school, ami they were
tribunal the verdict would be guilty on all counts, but till
governments assimilate a larger stock of moral courage
than they appear to possess at present that impartial
hearing is unlikely to come off.
But it is a question whether beer can be rated a strong
drink. True, it contains a percentage of alcohol, but a very
small percentage, many times smaller than the alcoholic
load in whiskey. Buying a drink at a bar, if you are a
moderate drinker, you pour out for yourself about six
teaspoonfuls of whiskey, often less, and add water or
soda. If you take beer, you get a glass full of it, and
twenty times the size of the portion of whiskey mentioned
above. Furthermore, everything else being equal, the
little drink of whiskey will quicken your pulse, warm you
up and lay the foundation for a drunk, while the big glass
of beer will leave behind it no other sensation than that of
elcphone   Employees   in   Edin-
burgh Have Dicomc B'g Pcwer
In the Sla.c.
In   ' ......-,.-   ... ,, ,.   _,.>,,,
hai"    ��� nib l  tl ���   probb m,  the chief
objec  ..    iii-iit ownership of
a thirst quenched. To put it briefly, a pint of whiskey
will produce in the ordinary man a good-sized jag, superior in finish and technique to the largest possible effect
from the consumption of half a dozen quarts of beer,
which, by the way, is somewhat beyond the ordinary man's
cubic capacity. It is highly probable that the same quantity of coffee,'containing a percentage of caffeine���the
alkaloid present in all soffee���equal to the percentage of
alcohol in the beer, would do more harm to the drinker's
constitution than the malt liquor.
Viewed in this light, it looks as though the temperam
campaigners would accomplish more by directing thei
efforts for the present solely against the greater evil,
whiskey and hard liquor drinking, lest they be forced to|
include' in their black list beverages that, even by themselves, are not catalogued as dangerous.
From another angle, the argument in favor of a fight
against high percentage alcoholic beverages alone finds
support in human custom and habit.
Evolution i.s responsible for all progress. From Sir
Richard Grenville's "Revenge," and Lord Nelson's "Victory," have developed the great dreadnoughts that ride
the*seas in this age. Franklin caught an electric spark in
a thunderstorm and Edison harnessed it to give us light.
heat and power. Eve originated the fig-leaf garb and
Worth has developed it till woman's dress has become a
thing to wonder at. Nobody thought of building a
dreadnought in Drake's day, nor even when Stephenson
discovered what the steam engine could do. It took time
and education to develope the one from the other.
Therefore, it seems logical to suggest that in the elimination of the drink evil the best course to pursue i.s the
one which is natural by cutting out the greater evil first.
Such an idea, of course, will meet with the opposition
of the hysterical prohibitionist who spends his time thinking and talking "the demon rum." without having at his
disposal a single shred of real information on the subject
or a practical idea of his own to offer. To him it might
be timely to point out that for every whiskey distillery in
the country there are probably a hundred or more breweries; separate the two interests and the task looks less
difficult.   The general who can divide the enemy's forces MfWnM to"* Zl'i'Z
has victory within his grasp.
London, Nov. 30.���Buckingham  I'al-
aee, under the restorers hand, Is now
scarcely recognizable as the same
building, and when the king aud queen
return they will find it has ceased to
hu  the  ugliest   palace in  Kurope.
i". e whole of thc main building has
heen  refronted.   In   place  of   the  old
I I'ortland  stone,  worked  into graceful
j architectural   composition,   meets   the
Vankleek Hill, Ont.. Nov. 30.���The eye.
pupils of tbe Vankleek Hill bilingual     The work has been one of consider-
y-iyiin able magnitude.   At one time SOO men
school   were  forbidden   to   inter  tne \���^rn kf.,lt  lnliiv,  40,1  |nthe day  time
school   by  one  of  their  priest        '"land the other half by night, when the
building was illuminated by electricity. Nearly 10,000 cubic feet of stone
have been used, and many modern inventions not generaly employed in the
buHding trade were utilized.
Perhaps the most remarkable aspect
of the work has been tho speed with
(which it has been carried out. The
: new front was designed by Sir Aston
Webb, li. A., and the drawings were
approved by the king last year. It
was, of course, impossible fer the
work to he carried on while the king
was permanently in the residence, so
that only three months ln the year
could be allocated to Messrs. Leslie
and Co., the contractors.
They were offered two "years" but
undertook to finish the work in one
"year" of three months and they began operations on August S. The mos:
careful drawings were made, and two
stone yards cere kept hard at work
to supply the material required. Kach
stone was numbered so that when it
was brought to the palace it could be
fitted at once into its proper place
Special precautions were taken against
suffragettes, and not a single untoward incident occurred, with the exception of the death Of one employe".
The statutes which once figured on
the front have been rep!ac< d by a Blm-
nie bnlust rail ing cut the roof. Their
chipped surface and crumbling bases
suggest that they ar" worthy only of
the rubbish heat), but experts who
have examined them have Belected a
few to set up In the gardens.
Th refrnntlnp Ins to some extent
revived the suggestion, often mooted in court circles, that the palace
might be thrown op"n to the public
.'h'i the kin;; am! queen are not in
residence. While the king is anxious
taat the great treasures It contains
should be acceslble to lovers of beautiful things, then; are stated to he
-ertain objections which stand in the
Last  Fifty  Years    Have    Seen'Great
Timber Loss In That Section
of B. .C
The Vankleek Hill school was re-
ported by Inspector Merchant as one
of the best conducted bilingual schools
ir. the province. It is In connection
with this school that thc Ontario government conducts one of ii-- English-
French model schools. This year
vear there is only a training class of
tbe pupils in the model school.
Tlrs is the first time any disturbance of the kind has taken place In
Vankleek Hill. The senior priest here.
Rev. Father Beausollcl, is one of the
leaders In the French Education*^
Congress nf Ontario, and has been in
Vankleek Hill only two years.
People lure cf all classes are much
worked un over this latest development In th" bilingual trouble in this
���"-.mmo'ty. Several English-sneaking
Cathodllc fumllit.*. threaten to withdraw from the separate school, as they
are utterly opposed to this action on
the part of their clergy.
T'.iis is Inspector Ingall's first official visit to any school In the section
this term.
The Rocky mountains forest reserve
lies just north of the International
line In thu province of Alberta, and
embraces nn area of about 18,750
square miles of timber land, in wlilch
lie the sources of most of the streams
flowing through Alberta and Saskatchewan. Since the reserve was established In 11110, there has been an
organized effort to check the forest
waste by flre, which Is said to have
been out of till proportion to thut suf
rered by other forest areas in the west.
Early explorers found heavy timber
over hundreds of miles of country on
the cast slope of the mountains, which
is now practically denuded, nnd It
has been founded, states W. N. Millar,
district inspector of forest reserves,
that at least 90 per cent, of the rorests
In this section are not one hundred
years old, while probably 78 per cent.
aro not over 50 years old. ln other
words, evidence points to a surprising
ly heavy and widespread destruction
of the forests within the last firty
years, during which time travel in
these mountains has been a factor of
In providing for fire protection the
Rocky mountain forest reserve has
been divided into five sections, each
of which is under the control of a
forest supervisor. These divisions
run from 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 acres
I In area, and are laid out on topograph-
Ileal lines, so that they can be admin-
I Ib tered practlaolty Independent of each
other.     Each   supervisor   further   Bbb
divides  the district  under his charge
I into   ranger  districts,   which   average
I rough!  about 300,000 acres each. The
ranger districts are also bounded by
! mountain  ranges or other topographical lines, and the ranger in charge Of
each is made responsible for all work
I within the district.    Besides flre projection duties he is charged with the
administration of timber, the construction  of trails anil  bridges,  and other
supervisory work,    lt  is thus possible
to    provide   year-round    employment,
which is ssld to secure a better type
���t< range- and keep men in tbe service
who   are   famiii.ir   with   tit"   districts
iand the work Involved.
The success of the fire prevention
1 work. Mr. Millar points out. has been
largely   due  tp  developing   the  lookout system and perfecting pre-arrange-
ments for despatching help In emergencies.    The patrol system would be
wholly   Inadequate   under   the   eondl
'tlons in tbe reserve    bul tli" plan of
I loading  fires  by  trlangulatlon  from
i lookout  peaks and  by  communicating
Iby wireless or telephono has made it
possible to secure adequate protection,
Mr.   Millar  states,  at  a  eost of  from
;1 to 2 cents per acre.
Lease Extremely Moderate.    For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street
C. S. Keith, Manager
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes      TANKS
P.   O.   BOX  44.
Our lnt/lrior Finish Is manufactured from timber specially selected for Flat Grain,
We are also specializing In Fir Doors with Veneered I'aneis,
which are better in construction, more beautiful and nu more expensive than the old solid raised panel doors.
Oet our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
wben you can get as good, or better, manufactured ln B. C, Tit.! tbe
tho celebrated "VANCOU. EK" Urund. guaranteed to puss Standard
Speculations of Americas and C'auadlau  l-iiglneers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer I'lpe from
4-ln. to -4-ln. In diameter. Tbls Is also made lu this i'rovlnce and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed itock. Washed Cravel, Sand.
Ume, Master, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 1��. 902 Columbia Strsst W.
E. H. BOOK-UN, N. UE AH DALES.       W. f. U. BUOKLIN,
Pres and U��sl   Mgr        ���. i, ��� . lesliiam esc. sad 'trees.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 snd 177.
Experts  Investigste  Cattle   Test���Extensive Work Acccmplished
In Year.
public ul Hit! *: tha political p iw
er tbat :������ * . : , tl ���* I .:,..i':*.: up of
large bodies * . publicly p tld emp iy
ees. A commi n Inten sl leads thi m
to organize and exert pres: ure oa public officials, ami this power, by many
regarded as dangerous and a men
to our democratic and republican ti rn
of government, would  neces  irlly be
Victoria, Nov. 30. -Tbe whole question of testing cattle for tuberculosis,
which haa created so much Interest re-
ntly, Is being careful? gone Into by
the veterinary surgeons connected
wltb th" provincial department, who
are gatbi red here at this time for the
specific  purpose.     Among  the  "vets"
vastly  augmented   I*   the   |      ���*  . * an* ^ikini? part in tills liivesti-.a-
owned ."",1 oneratcl ,!��� r , ';��� * , :     ���".    '    ;i   ��-h.,.|. l!f utking puice m   he par-
sfsffi:,^!rho"tinvr an':   ��� "*' �������� &rDrflAeJ^i:
er   iiiih1 c   utilities,   a*!.J   th*1  various  .imi i, �� _  *.,.
cities engaged In the business of  -     lMey'  8P*"���.  B�����tt aml  Mr
^^S.,?: ??* I''a"i" !      '       ">' *B    W��B '"��� the subject of tuber-
and pnw.-r systems, etc ,.,���;,, ,, ������ , ft   offir.-al, .,,���,,.
How the  Pressure  Works.
This politic: 1 Influence is already In
evidence   in   (Ireat   llritain   after   two
vears of government ownership of the
tp'ephones, In a recent number of the
Edinburgh Review tbe editor discuss-
'*s it. dlsnasslcnately in an able his
tory of the telephone In the rtrltlsh
Isles, Me points oui that In the or-
ganlza.Ion nf private oapltallsl enter-
nrlse the eovernlna body���for example, the directors of a compan; tnd
those for whoso pecuniary benefit it
ts carrte.i on ':'" shareholders are
Intercst.eil jn keeping down wages and
'���-alaries :������ ���> fnr 09  is compatible with
will be made In the bill for power to
deal with a large number of matters.
wblch, at present, the city is without
power to regulate. The bill seeks power to regulate the following: Loca-
tion and constructions or huts, sheds.
garages, bars, etc., whicli, if unrestrtct-
  . ,| oj to location, would tend to reduce
the value of assessable propertv; pro-
City of Victoria S.eks Private Bill fer      ;   ���;, ,, or regulation Of tents;  collec-
���   'i of an annual charge for arreart
[i ���  sidewalks;   prohibition  of the
practice of Importuning of travelers
Changes   in   Municipal
by hotel runners and drivers of hired
, , vehicles;   for regulating the distance
fn ��� lha centre of tha Btreet at which
Victoria, Nov, 30.- Important addl- blllldlnitt mn> be erected thereon; for
tions Io municipal legislation will he regula -u.- the weight and measure-
���sought by the city at the nexi Bes- ment ot frod ntuffs and Imposing pension of the legislature. The private I altles fdf. short weight of same as well
Wll on which nty Solicitor Robertson as of fuel; altering of present meth
lias been working for some time. Is nis of expropriations whereby the city
now ready for the. consideration of the tnav pay the coBt of  land  taken  tor
city council and will be dealt with pul lie purposes, nnt In a lump sumIenergetic In ths constituencies; while
jit th<' ue\t session of that body. In as now, bnt fn Instalments to the same jthe goneral bodies of voters Ih too little- meantime, as the time for giving]number as those by which the special tie interested in economy to bring any
notice Is short, the bill as drafted will assessment Is levied, the owners to | counter Influence to hear upon a can-
In* advertised In the usual manner. ,be paid Interest at six per cent, on all dldate. Members are returned, If not
In  addition  to  the powers  alreadv unpaid   Instalments,   such   Inteerst   tolpledged to support tbe claims put be-
fear of rhe shareholders tends to restrain,  them.
In government enterprise th" administering ilrn-irtraent. is BUoslttlfed
for directors, the taxnayers take the
place of th" shareholders and ths
members nf the legislative body are
their reprecentatlvps.
"Rut, oddly enol'.'li." says tha Edinburgh authority, "the very persons
who mlghl 1"' expected In the name or
the taxpayers to ask for economy .t-c
the most clamorous for the payment
of libera] wages, Kor many years
economy baa been out cf fashion In
tho liouse nf commons, end ralslnc
wages highly popular. Government
estimates are not scanned with n view
to detecting extravneance; but the
minlFte * whose denartment nays
wages Is pelted with nuestlons and aa
Deals directed to higher payment and
incrensi d  evpendlture.
Publi: Emn'oveci in Politics.
"The retison Is well known, (Jovern-
meet employees have votes:  they aro
* Bl iti   I'*: ; that they had never rayed  d .,   complaints from the far
* I after the post mortem examlna-
til a i   had   i'i   made.     He   went   on
to polnl ��� the test might not In-
11 tate i the Etage to which the
dlseasi had liveloped In any animal
but It wa culated to demonstrate
the puroseni ��� of tbe disease. Refi rring
to the cr ��� . itn tbat had been offered
by the d: rytnen of the lower mainland, it " ��tated that their cun
plaint:* wi o based chiefly on the
ouestion nf c mpensatlon for the
slaughtered animals and also upon
the Importation of milk from the United States, taken frum untested herds.
In reply to t':e complaint of the
dairymen the nrgument waa advanced
that, it was infinitely better for the
dairymen to lore cne animal thin to
lose tie-n all, as would Inevitably result If the  Infected ona remalnB al
largo with the others. There wan no
attempt being made to coerce the
dairymen Into anything. The government measures were of a preventative
lature, and were as much In the In
ererl ������" tbo dairymen of the province
as of the people of the province,
During the past year an enormous
amount of testing work had been done.
Among the many places lhat have ben
visited by the provincial veterinary
lurgoons ar" Vancouver Island, which
'nc'urtcs nl1 the ctttle districts ef ths
:! ��� '!.  !���������'������  Island.    Udn��r,    Chilli-
ink, Langley, RosslBnd. Nelron Bnd
iin rn. II is not regarded as likely
"i-<t the testing will be continued
���h'a year, the -season being practtca'ly
'���'.-fil and the appropriation si', aside
frr the purpcrr p"t>ct!cally used un
In the great majority of canes It is
stated that the farthers themselves
requested that the test should he applied to their animals, and where it
wns found ncccRpnry to slaughter the
animals, care was taken to show thn
'arrrer from the carcass that, the dis-
KD&feired   upon  the  city,  application be paid out of general  revenue audi fore them, at least with the knowledge |ease had been detected by the test.
Li.-r.it of Producticn Reached in Unit
ed   States���Tremendous  In-
rrcart In Canada.
Writing on the consumption of
spruce for pulp, a prominent authority
in the east says:
Tho ui .lindane" and cheapness of
newspapers and other printed matter
Is one of the most salient features of
nur modern life. We take a complacent pride In comparing our one-cent
1-page productions with the Insignificant six-penny Times of a hundred
years ago. We seldom give It a thought
that all this wealth of morning and
evening editions, sporting extras, magazine sections and comic suplements
Is making a tremendous drain on our
forests of spruce.
One large daily paper in New York
consumes In the courre of a year as
much spruce as can be cut from four
:ir five thousand acres. If the proprietors of this newspaper maintained a
forest, sufficiently large for the annual
growth to supply them with all the
pulp necessary for a year's consumption of paper they would require a
tract ahcut 14 tulles square.
The demand for spruce Is not only
large, but rapldtly Increasinc. In the
l'nited States, th" cut of 1M9 was
double thai of 1X99 and six times that
"f 1889 lt. Is tt"t surprising, therefore, to learn that Mr. I'lnchot has
estimated that ther" Is onlv from 10
to 30 years' cut In sight In the various
states. Already the production of
pulpwood south of the border seems
to have reached a maximum, having
decreased from 1 "HI,non cords In 1906
to 1.474.0110 cords In 1910. This decreasing Rttpply, operating in con-
iunction with the Increasing demand.
has led to a great augmentation In the
Imports from fanada.
At. the present time, pulpwood Is
made almost entirely from spruce,
and principally hy the mechanical pro-
ciss. In Canada, iu 1912. the aggregate of wood iibciI was 886,042,000
'ires and or this i;77,747.onO cnrdB were
spruce. The aggregate of pulp manu-
factured was 6K2,ii:i2 tons, of which
amount 499,228 tons wero mado tne-
-hank-ally. These figures represent
"ti Increase of about 44 per cent, over
19)0. Canada has by no means yet
-mched the limit of her production,
but In can only he a question of time
till the operation nt the same forces
brings about, the same situation as In
tlie United States.
t" tiie circumstances, the question
of finding Substitutes for spruce he-
"���������""i "(' pe"iitlar Interest and It is
interesl Ing tn learn that, assisted hy
a grant of J30.000 from congress, ex-
nerlnwnts are now being carried on In
���Wisconsin with a view to trstlng the
"fflcacy of such words as hemlock and
jaokplne as a substitute fnr Hpruee In
the manufacture of paper-pulp, With
regard to Jarkplne, It. may he said
that If It could be utilized In the niak-
Ing -of paner, we might turn to profitable account a tree which, at present,
hns very little commercial value.
V.n t:,i*..ir.. n   r,. , , ,t   m p , put vol NT. WO   MATTHCWS. VlCI-SSCSIQtNT.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager,
Capiul Paid Up .    ���',.'.
Reserve Fund -lid Undivided Profits
You Can Start a Savings Account
w'th $1 CO. It is not necessary Ior you to wait until you hsve s
large sum of money la order to start a Savings Account with this
Bank. An account can Le opened wllh $1 00 snd mors on whicb
interest is compounded lw.ee a year.
Aged   Mother  of   Olvorce  Suit   Plaintiff  Stirred   Up  By  fife's
Spokane, Nov. SO, -Rolled by
chargt'B made against her son. Marcel
P. Warren, who seeks a divorce from
.lessle Lee Warren, Mrs. ... P. Warren became excited on the witness
stand yesterday, making It necessary
for Judge llruce Ulake to adjourn
court until tomorrow and continue the
case In order to restore quiet.
lloth the husband and wife made
charges. Wurren, former clerk nt the
Ware Hros. Hardware compnny, at-
tempeted to prove IiIb wife had flirted with his uncle. Stover Warren. Tlie
wife, In turn, accused her husband of
entertaining un Orpheum actress during her absenco from home, and lavishing hlu affections on Mary Uird.
She said he had put newspapers over
the windows while he enjoyed a Dutch
lunch with women during her absence.
Attorney I). W. Henley attempted to
show lhat Warren had only a platonlc
friendship for Mary Hird. Warren
testified Ills behavior wns above reproach, and declared his actions were
prompted by phiLotilc motives.
Attorney A. J. Barnes crosa-examln-
ed Wurren.
"What do you mean hy platonlc?"
asked the attorney.
"I don't know," responded tho wlt-
"Ynu don't know? Well, I thought
you didn't."
Wurren explained that he had many
friends nt hls home because he and
they wero members of an orchestra.
It was testified that Mrs. Illrd had
enticed orchestra members away from
practice on practice night. Warren
testified   ho  rebuked  bis  wife  when
Here I: k Remedy That Will Stop li
Do you realise the danger in a
i neglected cough ?
Tbeti why don't you get rid of it?
Ves, you can shake it off. even though
it has stuck to you (or a long lime, if
you go about it right.
Keep out iu the fresh nir as much as
you can, build up your strength with
plenty of wholesome food, and take
NA-Dru-Co Syrup of Linseed, Licorice
und Chlorodyne.
This reliable household remedy has
broken up thousand! of hai king, per-
; sistCUt   COUgbS,   which   were   just   as
troublesome ss yours, and what it lias
done for no man yot hers it will do for you.
Na-Dru-Co Syrup of Linseed, Licorice
i and Chlorodyne contains absolutely uo
r harmful drugs, and so enn  be given
���sfely  to  children,  as well ss adults.
]  Your physician or druggist can confirm
I  this statement, for we are ready to send
I  them on injucst a complete list of all
j the ingredients,
I'ut up in ajc. and 5<ic. tiottles by the
I National Drug and Chemical Co. cf
I   Canada, Limited. 317
she received a letter from his uncle,
Si,.ver Wnrren.
Mrs. Warren, the aged mother, rose
from the witness Btand as Mr. Barnes
cross-examined her. She said she had
rheumatism and must stand up. Sbe
stood close to the Judge, behind the
bench, and he motioned her away. She
later become Incoherent; then Judge*
Illake announced she was excited and
deemed it best to adjourn court.
Charged With Contempt.
Davenport, Wash., Nov. 30.���Georgn
Kliiiiuls, a prominent farmer living
near Klickitat county, who was recently cited by tlio court to advance
|1S0 alimony, $75 suit money und tZRO
attorney fees until disposition of the
divorce case filed by Julia Ithoads of
Sprague, is being sought on. a bench
warrant Issued by Judge _.uieph Sessions, before whom It di veloped that
the man had not atu.ided to the
court's order. He wlll bo brought to
Davenport to answer for alleged contempt. -*.**..--���.-.������.mn*-r**m.:n*f'.tm,m. ,*******:���*-.m
W   '
&i**f>r;?X*V**m ��� '*��!'
t i.m   m-a*mr?*aa ��>nf��nf��*��-* * . ��� '.i,aiS**i<***,i,^<*m*'*,..^
State Monopolies
May Save Balkans
and  tlie  monopolies  Introduced  afier
wards;   as,  If  monopolies  come  first
they check tiie democratize!ion of thelslstence of Russia's finance minister,
State,    A case in point is .Switzerland,I-iergiu* Julcvitsch Witte; and as Uus-
which Is first of   all    state-monopoly I sla had  no captious  Keichstak  to op-
countries   Here the alcohol and bank- pose it, Witt's great, drink monopoly
bill   became   law   without  difficulty.
to life, but not in Oermany.    It camejtration on one's own petty, often into lire through the energy and  per- significant needs and imagined needs.
This   concentration   it   petty  and   in-
Gre.\t Impulse Given to Movement by
Recent War���All States
are Planning.
Bi: in, Nov. SO, in the manufacture
and sale of products for consumption
by the state, the half bankrupt Balkan
nations set their one chance of re-establishing financial equilibrium. In
Servia the first administrative step
of the all-powerful premier I'ash-ltsch,
after the war. waa to decree In the
provinces torn from Turkey a complete slate monopoly In the trade In
tobacco, salt, matches, petroleum, spirits and cigarette paper; and to forbid
the import of these articles Into the
annexed districts. The (ireek and Bul
garian governments also propose new
monopolies which will bring the first
In nbout $1,300,000 und the second
$1,100,000 a year - both large sums for
Balkan finance.
Al the same time state monopolies
have been given a strong Impulse. In
St. Petersburg an Inter-departmental
conference has Just been held to discuss the exploitation of oil fields by
tlle state; and the ministry of com-
luunlcutlons favored a complete state
monopoly. Hussia is considering also
a drug and medicine monopoly. Austria has got two monopoly projects on
hand. Italy  last  year caused a minor i officials and
grants lis monopoly rights to be ex-
plotted by a private oorporatlon.
Arguments Argains Monopoly.
About tbo merits of monopolisation
by the state of the trade ill necessaries politicians and political economists differ. One stale-financial grounds
all approve of monopolies.    On social
grounds, particularly from the. viewpoint of values and qualities, a good
deal ls said against them. Soon* | ate
monopoly products, In particular to
baCCO and matches, are bad and dear
Compared with the products sold un
der private competition In iioieiuouop-
Oly countries.
note monopoly are reserved to the
state by the constitution. The cantonal governments have their own
monopolies. Including even lire Insurance.    Aa Switzerland has always been
democratic, this system does not op-
eraie in the InM-ri -t of reactionary politic.
Monopolies  In   Europe.
Europe's present greatest state monopolies, apart from  railroads, are in j      . .
matches,   alcohol,   tobacco   and   salt. ' '*   *,��*l">'   -"���' '"
Also  lhere are  partial  monopolies  In |
explosives.     There   are   state   match i
monopolies  In  France,  Spain, Greece, |
Servia   and   itou|natii<".;   and   Austria
bss a plan In hand. Thu Krench match
monopoly   has   existed   since   1872.   It |
embraces the whole trade from manu
j Russia's drink monopoly Is the
Of fiance ministers.   It Is all the
j envied because It had from tlu
a certain moralist coloring
I facture to retail trade The govern-
Still greater opposition comes from j ment expropriated 600 match factories,
democratic politicians. Democrats j with a capital of over $0,000,000. At
complain that monopolisation makes I first, the state tried the experiment of
the population dangerously dependent j leasing the monopoly to a private cor-
on tlie state, lt decreaes the. number I poratlon at a rental of $3,200,000 a
of men and women employed freely I year, but in 1890 the state started
In private enterprise; and It multiplies, business for itself, and it has profit-
the army of officials, who are at thc|ed, for the present net. yield is $7,-
mercy of the state. The state controls 000,000 a year. France haa now six
the politics of its army, and where ] great state match factories; and no
tho state is reactionary the monopoly i private factories. A stiff tax Is put
army must be, or least vote, reaction-ion the various lighting substitutes
ary. Thc Itussian state, when It made ' which have been Invented at a resull
a monopoly of the aplrita trade took lot the high price of the. state product
117,000 persons out of private life and Spain entirely prohibits the. Import of
turned them Into officials, and it fur-; foreign matches. She leases her match
ther gained a measure of indirect con monopoly to a corporation; and getB
trol over about 60,000 other persons. $2,000,000a year. Portugal also leasts
Germany's state railroads (which are her match monopoly. The Greek, Ser-
practlcally a monopaly) employ 740,000  vlan and Roumanian match monopolies
workmen,  and  In  other
International crisis by her plan for an
Insurance monopoly; and Germany
lately planned what were to be practical monopolies In potash and petroleum
All these plans were on top of very
gnat monopolies which already exist. About $760,000,000 of the total
revenues of all Europe's states come
from monopolies- In whicli the state
alone either manufactures or sells pro-
duel!, or does both; or In which the
st.in*   in   return   for   an   annual   rent
state monopolies of Kurope (Including
railroads)  over 2,000,000 are employed.
The  socialists,  whose   program  de-
were al! copied from the French initially .
The instlutlon of a monopoly In
spirituous liquors is the dream of every
European finance minister, who findB
ui4iids stale ownership, see state own-  himself  In  difficulty.    Tho reason  Is
ernshlp being used as a weapon
against themselves. The Hungarian
progressive leader, Justli, says that
Hungary :.-. an instance of the extent
to which state monopolies may cripple popular movements. These political critics of monopoly drclare that
the stale must be democratised first
that the minister sees in  Hussia the
great  continental  state  which  has at
present no financial trouble; and Russia's  posl:ion  Ib  entirely  due  to  the
monopoly  of vodka.    As  a means of j
balancino  her finances Germany  has!
been aiming at a drink monopoly for!
t!i!rt>  years.
Witte said, was not hls only motive. ;
The' sLate, through the monopoly, :
would be able to light Intemperance.
The vodka consumption would decline;
and from this tlie state might lose, but !
j lf It lost lt would be compensated by ,
from other forms of
taxation, Witte'S measure follows the
German plan. The state leaves all ':
the raw distillation of ale,,!, ,1 to private enterprise. Tho law. however, I
gives It the right to distil ir It cannot
buy ready-made spirit at a reasonable
price The refining, rectification and
bottling are done in state factories;
and nearly all xhe retail sale Is done In
state instltulon called "vlnnlya lav-
kl" which am really state public
houses without any consumption on
the premises. A fraction of the retail trade Is done In first-class restaurants; and there the vodka Is sold
at a price fixed by the state, which
allows the restaurant a small commission. Russians differ as to how far
Wltte's moral Intent has been real-
zled. The consumption of vodka has.
In most provinces, Increased since the
first state "lavki" wero opened In four
Volga provinces in 1895; and as a result of the rule against consumption
on the premises, drinking in the open
air has so Increased tbat a special
law had to be passed against lt. The
three per cent, of the gross takings
are net profit, and the annual amount
reaped by the state is $300,000,000,
which Is nearly equal to the total budgets of some great states. In addition
the state gets, as in premonopoly days,
the heavy excise tax This result
keeps the notion of a drink monopoly
alive in Germany; and Austria. In
Germany, it is admitted that lf the
monopoly plan of thirty years ago had
become law, all the financial troubles
of the following yeara would
been avoided.
Germany  Unlucky.
significant when in an elderly woman
it. takes the form of dress. Women
with grown-up children, perhaps
grandchildren, who persist In leading
fussy, worldly lives, who think only
of their complexions and their hals,
are nearly always half way towards
With this view Dr. Foerster's book
agrees, for It notes tiiat insane women
orten collect vast quantities of use-
Oless clothing, spend extravagantly
and show an unusual deesire to filmic
in  society.
Rome   Rapidly  Disappearing
fore a New Construction.
Rome, Nov. 30.���The traveler who
wishes to see old Rome���the old Rome
that dwells like a sacred picture In
the minds of all civilized men���would
do well not to postpone IiIb journey
too long, or he bids fair to be disappointed. At the present moment the
famous city is busily keeping up its
reputation of being "eternal," a new
town is in course of construction and
is rapidly springing up, with a healthy
disregard of historic associations and
characteristic absence of all uct and
taste, beside the great monuments of
the past, dating back as they do to
thc times of the Roman republic.
With the 18th century Rome began
to lose its classic character, that is to
say, aa far ag all fresh building enterprise was concerned. The 19th century brought with it the laying out of
a park on the Monte Pincio and other
have'kindred improvements; then for 60
! years no great change took place until,   as   the   capital   of   New   Italy,   a
The Island oi Tea
The choicest tea in the world grows high up on the
mountain-tides of Ceylon. The native purity and garden-
freshness of this superb Ceylon Tea is preserved by the
sealed lead packages used in packing.
German  financiers  complained  that ���. i!ltrodu(.t. monopolies, Tl.e i developed
the  excise duty on  drink  brought  In | >
much less than in other countries. The!
i government   brought  In  a bill  which!
left  the  distilling  of   raw   brandy   to;
private  corporations   and   individuals,
but provided that the whol > refining
r ctitlcation and final preparation, al
1 so tie wholesale and rrtail trade,
should be a state monopaly. The
empire   would   he   Its   own   publican.
j The profits expected  were $00,(111(1,000
la year. The state proposed te buy
from the nrivate distillers raw spirit
at from S7.50 to $10 a hectolitre; and
to sell H  when ready at. from $50 to
. $75 a  hectolitre. This  profitable
was  defeated.    The  government  was
Germany has  been  unlucky  in  her ! great period of change ensued, which;
into  perfect fever of new i
only monopolies she has, apart from enterprise  of  all   kinds,  only  to  be
; communications, are restricted to par-; hrought to a sudden termination by a
ticnlar   state.     Havana,   and   Saxony j severe financial crisis,
ihave salt monopolies;  Bavaria has    a Prosperous   Period.
i state  "pearl  fishery  monopoly;"  and*    Now that a more prosperous period
the Prussian state has a local amber j has ensued and that Italv is enjoying:
[monopoly. In 1882 Bismarck propos-ia financial and economic boom, thei
led   a   tobacco   monopoly.     He   failed. 1 old   city   Is  once   more  going   ahead.!
Tobacco monopolies in ot'eer s��ai��s New buildings are arising on every!
I are   looked   at   with   mixed   feelings   ^ide; the great palace of justice is fin-
The financial results are good, and as  ished;  the chamher of deputies is to
a   tax   the  monopoly   system  ls  fair, i be   enlarged   by   the   construction   of
because the burden  falls on smokers |a new wing in the heart of the town;!
In proportion to the quality and qnan-1 a new hospital of vast dimensions has '
Dlanl''i,y  of the tobil<-'co the>'  smoke.  But;obtruded  itself  into  the  solitudes  of!
'countries with  state  monopolies pro-1 the Gaellus;   vast  business premises
12 DAY S
reigns where Phillips & Wright's Shoe Stock was
���the fire scorched it���The popular Shoe Store
bought it���And the knife has gone in and halved
and quartered the good old prices, and the happy
buyers are delighted.
Men's Strong Work Boots at . . 95c
Ladies' Oxfords and Pumps at . . 95c
Kiddies' School Boots at    .   .   .   95c
MEN'S WORK BOOTS-Strong bluchers     S1.4B
HOUSE SHOES���Black or white canvas     45*
KIDDIES' 75c SUPPERS���Selling at   25*
GUM BOOTS���Knee length; reduced to   S2.95
THE "ARISTO" BOOT for dressy men���At   52.85
RYAN TAN HI CUT BOOTS���Worth $6.00;  for   53.85
LADIES' BOOTS���For heavy or light wear     51.45
Popular Shoe Store
(Just below the Northern Crown Bank)
Black, Green or Mixed
accused of favoring t'ie distiller by
proposing to pay them too high a
price: experts threw doubt on the estimate of $60,000,000 profit; and the old
argument was raised that the monopoly would make many thousands of
persons dependent, as officials, on thc
merry of the stute. The Reichstag
rejected lhe bill. A dozen years later
practically  thn  same  bill  came  back
due*, indifferent tobacco, and very few-
few varieties. That Ib the case in \
France. Spain and Austria-Hungary.!
The state profits. The treasury' of
Germany, where there ls no monopoly,
manages to get only 36 cents per capita from its tobacco taxation; and
Belgium    only    25    cents;     whereas
are rearing their heads on every side,
even along the old Corco, that street 1
of historical palaces, where now, on
the Largo Goldlni. the new- Unione
Militare, the Roman equivalent of the
army and navy stores In London, has
sprung up.
The increase of population is caus-
THE bid beacon
fires were the great
advertising mediums of their age.
Though they could not advertwe merchandise,
they advertised the things of most vital interest
to the people.
Placed on the summits of high hills, bearing a
message to thousands of "readers," they were
prototypes of those modem fires of Twentieth
Century commerce���the "beacon" fires of Newspaper Advertising.
The advertisements appearing in the newspapers
to-day ate shining lights in the world of
commerce, flashing out news and information to a waiting world.
When   the  modem   manufacturer  lights
the  Beacon  Fire* of  Newapaper  Advertising
he places his message before the people in a way ** ^1 >raPart ]tmy^
edge, beget appreciation and win preference for his goods.
Who can fail to see any day the gleaming messages of " Magk_Baking
Powder,"' 'Standard Ideal Ware," "Sunlight Soap. "Gillette Safety Razors.
"Penman's Underwear." "Infants' Delight Soap," and many others?
To Um Manufacturer, of Canada
Eachdsy ssmrnm*stUm -h** pabUd* n lbs
���w_psp��i. Aie fsarpiodueis sod year broad
sll ia lbs ***** ** s***sraj,* *��� tJwy bUsoosd
J��* by ihi ****** tm ai adttnaisg oe *��� M*
Ml at ******* laser?
It yea are dotal a loeal tmstaes* tal **** ***** sdtsridai
pnblw wkb tka Mm**i-40*f*s*a*-*l*t tbis at**-****.
li yoa ara doing ��� provincial oraatloail baslaese k ****** *
bs well lor yea to have lbs toasts* sad saMees el a good adwaddag
tt-acj.   Ali<oliK����wiUb��lsnsitad,wi��lwalcot>��.illi|ill��.by
tht S-eroury ol Cwsdita Pms Aiudohns. Rosa VO, I
France   by   means   of   her   monopoly i inp ���_. town  ,���  expanli  ln  pvery di.
KStS tl.90, Italy and Austria $1.10 and   rection; the Prti dlCastello at the foot
Spain $1.    Kngland Is the only  Euro-,of tho Vatican are entirely built over,
pean state without a monopoly waichiand a quIta n(,w quarter has develop-
manages to get a big per capita yield * (,d in the neighborhood of the Pericolic
from her tobacco taxation. State tobac-'.HIH.; on the other side of tbe Porta
co monopolies yield tremendous prof- *,,���__ where half a century ago the fa-
its on the turnover.    In Prance of a. mou8 *j**_ Aibat,i stood with lu mag-
turnover of $100,000,000, $88,000,000 Is ,:n.;lccat   view   over    the    mountains.,
profit;  In Austria $36,000,000 Is profit UhPre now  stands rows of fine villas
Out of $58,000,000;   and  in Italy  $40,-!and on the othpr side of the town on |
000.000 out of $60,000,000.    The Span-j the slope of the cianieolo. more villas
i.h   tobacco  monopoly  brings  $3,000,-  a-e t0 be found
000.    Portugal. Roumanla and Servia      That -������<.,, has been done of late to
tl_o profit largely from the state to-
-Ti-eco business.
After Extensive Observations German
Doctor Has Reached that
People with a passion (or violent
clothing are three-quarters mad. This
ls the discovery ot the distinguished
German mental alienist. Dr. Bernard
Hols, and he Is backed by other Investigators. Generally, ho declares,
(union and clothes have a direct influence on Insanity.
Dr. Rudolph Foerster, of Berlin, has
been Investigating the same subject,
and he has Just published a book on
"The Connection of Professions and
Fashions with Mental Diseases." Dr.
Foerstei- ssys U ls a sign ot progressive paralysis when a plain of plain
iif: takes to dressing himself np Uke
ar Unter der Linden dude and weart
a silk hst And Dr. Hols lays lt ls a
sure sign of paranoia when elderly
persons show a minute seal about
their clothing, and particularly when
two elderly members of the same
family copy one another's garb.
"A certain proportion of lun tic3,"
says Dr. Hols, "probably three per
cent, owe their troubles to the influence of fashion, that is, to women's
fashions. This does not Include the
vast number'upon whom fashion acts
indirectly ln an injurious sense, for
instance, to tight-laced women wbo
suffer from hysteria. Hysteria ls essentially a fashion nervous disease.
Also Is does not Include thousands of
Indirect victims whose nervous systems are undermined through disappointment with their dressmakers,
jealousy of other women's clot-hes and
Inability to pay modiste's Mils. If
these cases art counted, than a third
of women lunactics are victims ol
Dlrease af Mind.
When fashion ls aa Indirect or contributory causa of Insanity. Dr. Hols
finds that it chiefly produce* f��n<w
tlonal disturbances of th* mood, saek
is undue exaltation, undue depression
and diseases ot the will, The commonest form of Indirectly caused fashion
nsanlty la maniacal depression. fMh.-
irty In
bring the old city up to the level
of a modern metropolis cantint be de-
The tunnel under the Quirlnal,
for instance, has greatly improved the
traffic conditions and the wretched
hovels along the banks of the Tiber
have given way to handsome modern
quays. A fine municipal park has
been laid out on the viaduct crossing
the valley that divides the Monte Pincio from the park of the Villa Borg-
hese ("now Umbreto I"). It Is only to
be regretted that all these varied Improvements should have been impaired by a phenomenal display of bad
taste that was quite unnecessary. The
beautiful Piazza Colonna, with its Imposing Vejl and Marcus Aurelius columns, should never have been allowed
to be desecrated by the presence of a
cinematograph theatre even though lt
only be a temporary structure.
The Jubilee year of 1911 did much
for Rome, but also brought with it
that unhappy creation the Posseggiata
Archaeologies, that unfortunate boulevard that was to carry the poetry and
charm of the Via Appia into the heart
of the town. And finally we come to
the Victor Emmanuel monument,
which practically occupies the entire
northern slope of the Capitoline, and
dominates the town from aU points
o. view.
This work has Imposed a burden
upen the city of 25 million lire, and
th.:* Rt a time ot severe financial de-
prcsssion. : -No on* grudges modern
luly the right to caltbrate lu triumph
In the most prominent and sacred position in the ancient city, but unfortunately the gigantic proportions of th*
monument are in no Way matched by
IU artistic conception, and as it stands
It merely records urbl et orbi the Impotence of our modern artists when
compared with the authors of the wonderful creations of antiquity.
(New Pennants
Ions lunacy seldom appasrs aa
The greatest ot all dangers
women of between Ml and SS," *******
Dr. Holi, "Is �� too mtalita
to clothing snd to	
When a young woman ta unreasonably
 V MU ���***���
keen on fashion, that may m*an
[ttl disease, hut whw ��<_��ui~
ting on In llfo do** so. that
certainly moans a mind nbals _
"Ona sign ot all hatfB���ry Is an
entire tack or sympnthatta ��nd human
taterasta, and a Mny,
Monrtea), Nor. 80.���the lad who on
Thursday, Nov. 6, while playing at
being a highwayman, shot his trtand.
Johnnie Lawton, will not go to a
formatory. He will not be
anv more than he has been.
Ha pleaded guilty yeaterday nwrn-
tng to assault with Intent to do grtov-
���ws bodily ham. Thar* wn* wit* n
ttttta crowd ot his young trta-nda ta th*
court. Ml enltad aa wlta****s of th*
*��!uMc* Cboqtwt dM not *mt**M*
aad sih_.il haw nuns smnhnril -ataar-
stent t**re y*ars of Ms. Ml aSntt-
"British Columbia/' 'US.A."aiid
a few "September Morn."
"Canada," "McGill," "British Em^
pire," "U.S.A." "Manitoba,"    ?
More New Westminster Pennants
will arrive this week.
& _ami__t _*____ii_M_.
./'it'i ''-
V'k At,:':Xi>
��� *W-r*., -_.
( ���'itfiii
til *
. Ssi *~-
An hidependcnt morning paper denoted lo the inter'sts of New West minuter and
���JU prater Valley. Published every mnrnlnff except Kunduu bil the National Printing
an* PuMirtinji Company, Limited, at 63 McKen-ie Street, New Westminster, British
Ool-ambi* ROBB SUTHERLAND. Managing Director,
All communioatio-ns should be addressed to The New Wc.vtmtnsfer .Veins, and not
���o Individual members of tha staff. OhSQUSS, drafts, and mousy orders should be made
-payable to The National Printing and Publishing Compano, Limited.
TELEPHONES���llutlntlt Office and tlanager, aus,- /editorial Booms (all drpurt-
-stmts), ttl.
SUBSCRIPTION RATR8���By carrier, |4 per year, 11 for three months, 40o per
���south.    Bv mail, 13 per year, 25c per month.
AD V ER 'I ISI .VI,  RATES on application.
not Included in the assessment levied that to do so will help ihem in their
for the improvement. . j next contest: and the curious specta-
Application will also be made for cle Is presented of tlie government
power io acquire the assesments re-1 striving to keep down expenditure
quired under thc by-law between the I against tlie taxpayers' representatives
cily ami the It. C. Telephone company,  to ralso It.
the city so far not having the neoes-l "Such a state ol things no doubt
sary peower. though having stipulated tends against economy and cheap pro-
witli the company to privide rlghte-of-1duction, not only directly, but by dls-
wuy where the company Is unable to icouraging those responsible for the
negotiate thc same, j conduct of a business from the endeu-
l'he special bill also asks for power:vor to glVi   the public a first-rate ur-
to Inaugurate the schema ol contlnu
ous council collection of taxes in advance, budget, and election of controllers, which changes wcre recently
approved of by the council, but legislative authoritv for which the city dues :
not yet possess. A large number ol nilf 1/III TO 1II IP
sections of the special bill are devoted f)ljLl\l_l\j[lAlfl IJ
to this change in the system of niiinlcl-  ���"*'**-"****���**��� "**
pal govcrniiii nt.
lt Ib probable that when the bill
comes before the council for consideration, all the terms thor-of will not
be agreed to as on some points the
council  is  not  at  all  unanimous.
Priects  Picket  Bilingual  Institution-
High Feeling Roused at. Vankleek Hill.
Vankleek Hill, Ont.. Nov. 30���The
pupils of the Vankleek Hill bilingual
school   were   forbidden   to   enter   the
school  by   one  of  their  priests,  who;
was  stationed  in  front of the  school
before the hour of opening.    Uev. Pa
ther  Rout'iiler,  the    assistant.
Inspector Ingall, of the Ontario edu-i
���partment, visited  the BOhOOl
had about a score of Kngiish
id asked Father Routhier and thej
dren  back  n school,  and  they  were
The editor of one of the great American weeklies
recently asked the question, "If there were no whiskey in
the United States nor any other liquor except beer, would
there be a prohibition movement?" He prefaced his
query with the caption, "Think it over." That editor was
wise in his day and generation, and out of his wisdom he
has provided an immense amount of food for thought,
while at the same time he has placed in the hands of the
temperance workers a club which, if they make use of it,
will accomplish more in ten years than the movement for
absolute prohibition has dene since its birth.
In differentiating by inference between beer, with its
extremely low alcoholic percentage, and whiskey and the
other harder liquors, the originator of the idea has pointed
out to the temperance people a logical route to their goal
by following which they would, at the same time, place
their campaign beyond reach of what hitherto has been
one of its greatest enemies, the charge of interference
with personal liberty.
No sensible man can honestly deny the accusation
made against over-indulgence in strong drink, that it is
responsible for much of ehe evil and misery in the world
today. The records of prisons, asylums antl relief organizations afford plenty of proof to back up the charge.
There is no room for quibbling or word juggling there; if
strong drink were given a hearing before an impartial
tribunal the verdict would be guilty on all counts, but till
governments assimilate a larger stock of moral courage
than they appear to possess at present that impartial
hearing is unlikely to come off.
But it is a question whether beer can be rated a strong
drink. True, it contains a percentage of alcohol, but a very
small percentage, many times smaller than the alcoholic
load in whiskey. Buying a drink at a bar, if you area
moderate drinker, you pour out for yourself about six
teaspoonfuls of whiskey, often less, and add water or
soda. If you take beer, you get a glass full of it, and
twenty times the size of the portion of whiskey mentioned
above. Furthermore, everything else being equal, the
little drink of whiskey will quicken your pulse, warm you
up and lay the foundation for a drunk, while the big glass
of beer will leave behind it no other sensation than that of
a thirst quenched. To put it briefly, a pint of whiskey
will produce in the ordinary man a good-sized jag, superior in finish and technique to the largest possible effect
from the consumption of half a dozen quarts of beer,
which, by the way, is somewhat beyond the ordinary man's
cubic capacity. It is highly probable that the same quantity of coffee, containing a percentage of caffeine���the
alkaloid present in all soffee���equal to the percentage of
alcohol in the beer, would do more harm to the drinker's
constitution than the malt liquor.
Viewed in this light, it looks as though the temperance
campaigners would accomplish more by directing their
efforts for the present solely against the greater evil,
whiskey and hard liquor drinking, lest they be forced to
include' in their black list beverages that, even by themselves, are not catalogued as dangerous.
From another angle, the argument in favor of a fight
against high percentage alcoholic beverages alone finds
support in human custom and habit.
Evolution is responsible for all progress. From Sir
Richard Grenville's "Revenge," and Lord Nelson's "Victory," have developed the great dreadnoughts that ride
the seas in this age. Franklin caught an electric spark in
a thunderstorm and Edison harnessed it to give US light.j^cgardi       .: ,*:��� :   ������,!	
tide at the lowest rate compatible
with fair dealing the object of all
successful competitive private enterprise."
King's   Palace   In   London   Has   Been
Absolutely  Trancformcd  in
Last Fifty  Years    Have    Seen-Great
Timber Loss in That Section
of  B. .C
The Hocky mountains forest reserve
lies just  north  of the international
line In llie province of Alberta, nnd
embraces nn area of about. Is.TfiO
square miles of timber land, in which
He the sources of most of the streams
flowing through Alberta and Saskatchewan, Since the reserve was established   In   1910,     then:   has   been   an
organized effort to check tho forest
waste hy fire, which is said to have
been out Of all proportion to that suffered by other forest areas in the went.
Early explorers found heavy timber
over hundreds of miles of country on
the east slope of the mountains, which
Lease Extremely Moderate.    For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street
C. S. Keith, Manager
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
 BURN OIL     ���
London, N'ov. 80, ���Buckingham I'ul-
ace, under the restorers band, Is now I Is now practically denuded, and   it
scarcely  recognizable as    the    same ^a��__Je?n, f??na,ed> ���J?1? ^: N' Mlllar'
,    , , , district   inspector  of  forest   reserves.
building, and when the king and queen i ,,,.��� ,lt ,���ast 90 p_r ,,,..��� ()f thp foreItg
return they will find it has ceased to ���,,, m. s.,,.n,m art, ���ot one hundred
be.  the  Ugliest   palace  In  Europe. yMmi llldi ...Mu, probablv 76 per cent.
The whole of the mam building nas Ma ���ot ()Ver ,-��� yfm. .,kl ,��� ,���,���,_
been refronted. ln place of the old j ������_ evidence points to a surprising-
Portland stone, worked Into graceful,,, ��� . a,ul wrd68pPBad destruction
architectural   composition,   meets   the (lf   th(1   foregtB   wjt|lin   ,..,.   ,,,_,   fifty
(-V1' . . ,.       vears.   durliitv   which   time   travel   In
I-he work has been one of consider-  Ul(.sn mountalnB lias been a factor Of
P.  O.  BOX  442
able magnitude,   At one time 800 men
were  kept  busy.  40ii  inthe  day  time
and the other half by night, when the
building  was Illuminated  by  electric-
ln providing for fire protection the
Rocky mountain forest r. serve has
been divided into five sections, each
Driest j **���>'-    ���^V;',���'���,' ln;00" *]'������'������' l'"'1 ",f stom'!of  which   is   under the  control  of  a
i>i          rive been used, and many modern in-!, ...   -,,nftr1rtanr Thou.     ,1t��l_lnn��
there  simply  told  the  pupils to  go ventlong not generaly employed In the'forMt   s" ''""' ''
home because there was no school
Our lnt-Srlor I'lnlsh ls manufactured (rom timber specially selected for Klat Grain.
We are also specializing In Fir Doors with Veneered Panels,
which are better In construction, more beautiful and no more expensive than the old solid  raised panel doors.
Get our prices befure placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
building trade were utilised.
run  from  1,000,000  to  8,000.000  acres,
i In urea, and are laid out on topograph-
Perhaps the most remarkable aspect,lca, ���       B0 th_t _    (,.in ll(, .u|m,n.
when be had about s score of English-1" ��LB ^tas bee^^aSed'oS?  The l8tered ��������"���� independent of each
snesklne nunlls only which  it  has  been  cairieit  out.   iin !0lll0r     K.,,.h  aUp(,rv 8or further abb-
���^i,V hilZndWnot know why they feb���   l^TZV&toLrT* ?*ldM ,:"' "istriV<  """- "��� <*arge
were   ordered   home.    One  child   said | .::.'..!:...,'  ��.' 1",   ,,l..,iJt:...*,,i''-*i   ranger   districts,   which   average
approved   hy   the   king   last   year.   It
was,  ol   course,   impossible   fdr   the
, .1. i <    _.     nil .     ��� nll��i      \> x       tuiii i'li       luipun      i ���    ��� ���-**���
priest said he would tell h m later.        j w(1|.k t0 bp oarrled on kMi. the king
Several   parents ordered   their  Chll- permanent-   in  the residence, so
that  only  three  months  In   the  year
refused admittance the second time by I Mu,a 1)(, nllor.lt,.(l l0 Messrs. Leslie
guar,]., pleaced near the school. Those        , c      ,hp contrMtor���.
.iin  .:.: ii"i so bx stealth or     Th     were otfered two "years" but
rought about ���.Oil.Him acres each. The
ranger districts are also bounded by
mountain ranges or other topographical lines, and the ranger lii charge ofl
each Is made responsible for all work ,
within the district. Besides flre protection duties he Is charged with the
administration of timber, the construe
in   open   defiance  of  tli
di '.
The Vankleek Hill school was re
ported by Inspector Merchant as om
of the best conducted bilingual .school
In the province.   It is In^connection I^^7 the^teriaTrequlirel' Kach "f, rl"'K<'r ;}'"1 *������� ""'n '",11"-�����'". ,
with this school that the Ontario gov-   to ��%'   numbered ,0 \h:��� wh&1 lt who are familiar wUh  the districts
"rnmeni conducts one of Itsi ETngllsh-          ,,,,���,,.��� ���, a       , ce ,t     m b    and the work Involved,
mode!    schools.    This    vear  _ ,   _.' ,_._',._      ..,  !
priests  or-1 lm,jPrtook  to  finish  the work  in  one ,          ...          ,   .
'"vear" of three  months and they  he- "��� ��   trails """  'V'fZ' a'"' "' !.r
gan operations on Augnsl B. The most fT^I!    �� *'   " 'f ,hl,s ,""fsihl"
careful drawings were made, and two "', . f��. llle . ��������'"'    employment,
tone yards ��ere kept hard at workl^^i?.^ ,'.".*"..urr �� .::"'_r_,.>:pp
stone was numbered so that when It
wben you can get as good, or better, manufactured ln B. C. vli.: the
the celebrated "VANCOU. Kit" Brand, guaranteed to pass Stsndard
gpeclticatluus of American and Canadian Ihiglneers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Bewer Pipe trom
4 In. lo 21 lu. in diameter. Tbls Is sIbo made lu this Province aud *ns
consider superior to any Imported article
We also carry a stock ot Crushed Itock, Washed Gravel, Hand.
Mme, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16. 802 Columbia Street W.
vear there i.n only a training class of
the pupils In th" model school.
Tlvs is the first time any disturbance of t'ie kind hsis taken place in
Vankleek Hill. The -senior priest here.
Rev. Father Beausollcl, Is one of th"
leaders In the French Educational
Congress of Ontario, and has been in
Vankleek Hill only two years.
Pecp'e here cf all classes are muc'i
worked uo over this latest develop
ment In the bilingual trouble in this
*"-,mme-,:ty. Several English-speaking
Cathodilo families, threaten to withdraw from the separate school, as they
are utterly imposed tn this action on
the part of their clergy.
Tliis is Inspector Ingall's first official visit to any school In the section
Ibis term.
How   Telephone   Employees   in   Edinburgh Have Eicome B'q Power
in the State.
Tn the _uds"mrr.t -of many whe-
have studied the problem, the chief
objection to government ownership of
public utilities is In the political pow
fitted  at  once -into  its  proper  place.
Special pri cautions were taken against'
The  success  of  the  fire  prevention
work. Mr Millar points out. has been
iffragettes, and not s single unto-1^gely due to developing the look-
lyard incident occurred, with the ��,x. i'^M system and p:>rf,ctln,: pre arranse-
ceptlon of the death of one employee. ;""'nls tor despatching help iii emer-
The statutes which once figured on i
the front have been replaced by a simple balustrading on the roof.    Their
c'aipped surface and crumbling bases
gencles. The patrol system would be
wholly Inadequate under the eondl-1
tlons in the reserve hut the plan ofi
loading fires by trlangulatiun from
hey are worthy only of 11""1""" ,��raks a:,f1 ** communicating
the rubbish heap, but experts who ; >'-v _ r,"l0SiS or telephone has made it
have examined Uiem bave selected ��I possible to secure adeijuate protection,
ew to set up In the gardens.
'I Mr.   Millar  states,  at a cost  of  from
Th refronting has to some extent I1 to 2 centsperacre,
revived   the   suggestion,   Often   moot- j
"d   In   court  circles,   that  the   palace
might he thrown open to the publl
���.vh""! the king and queen are not i
residence.  While the kine;  Is anxious
fiat,  the  great  treasures   It  contains
should he accesible to lovers of beautiful  tlr.nrs.  there sre Btated  to  be
certain objections whiih stand In the
E.  H   BOCKLIN, N.  DKAHUBl.KB.        W. I\ U. BUCKUN,
Pres aad (leal  Ms?        vue tiesldeiit Bac. and Treas.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and V7.
E-xpcrts   Investigate Cattle  Test���Extensive Work Accomplished
in Year.
Victoria, Nov, 2u.    The whole ques-
er t^at goeg with the building up of, tion of testing cattle for tuberculosis,
large bodies of publicly paid employ- which has created so much interest re-
ees.    A  common  Interest leads  them
Li.T.it of Production Reached in Unit
ed  States���Tremendous  Increase In Canada.
Wrltiug on the consumption of
Spruce for pulp, a prominent authority
in the east says:
The abundance and cheapness of
newspapers and other printed matter
la one or the most salient features of
our modern life. We take a complacent pride In comparing our one-cent
12-page productions with the Insignificant six-penny Times of a hundred
years iiko. We seldom give It a thought
that  all  this  wealth  of  morning  and
to organize and exert pressure on pub-! ^^terlnurv   ���n**T.nne't" 1 I """^ ",,U;""S' *��or,��"' <^���' ���*
lie officials, and this power, hy many  ���b <��o p^inc'ai*Tepart^em   who ;'-"" -''^"^ *��<- comic suplements
, , t^ ,  ,,      ,.    ,-< u       j regarded a* dan8erous and a menace are wthered here at this time for tbe la makl;o�� * tremendous drain on our
heat and  power.    Lve Originated the fig-leaf garb and to,ourdemocratic and republican form|.���!-tS��� "T^.��� 2^". S. SiJSS|torMU of ��pnici
Worth has developed it till woman's dress has become a
thing to  wonder  at.    Nobody  thought of huilding  a
of government, would necessarily be
vastly augmented if the government
specific   purpose.     Amonn   the   "vets"
| who are taking part In tais investiga-'
tion, Which is inking place in the par-1
owned sad operated the railroads, the Uan;em buildings, Sre Chief Veterin-
One large dally paper In New York
consumes in the course ef a year as
much spruce as can h" cut from four
dreadnought in Drake's day, nor even when Stephenson ^
discovered what the Steam engine COUld do.    It took time cities engaged In the business of one-jK., ." ' ���' ������'���um''- ''urn.u .mu b��- f0rest, sufficiently large for the annual
and education to develope the one from the other
Therefore, it seems logical to suggest that in the elimination of the drink evil the best course to pursue is the
one which is natural by cutting out the greater evil first.
Such an idea, of course, will meet with the opposition
of the hysterical prohibitionist who spends his time thinking and talking "the demon rum." without having at his
disposal a single shred of real informat:'>n on the subject
���or a practical idea of his own to offer. To him it might
be timely to point out that for everv whiskey distillery in
the country there are probably a hundred or more breweries; separate the two interests and the task looks less
difficult. The general who can divide the enemy's forces
has victory within his grasp.
rating the streetcars, gas planu, light I""fn .peeking.on the subject ot tuber-1gr?wth l" B",,"Ly ,h"m w}'h u" the
and power systems, etc. ,���,*��� ������,���, ���,���. 0, lh(, (lfr,r:alR made:!',"1" necessary for a year's consume-
How the Pressure Works. the statement that they had never re- |,on.��i*l-fI ��>��y would require a
This political influence Is already In oelvea any complaints from the tar. trsjt afcMt 14 miles sqimra
evidence In Oreat Uritaln after two | rm,ra .,.,,.. ,,,��� ,)()(;t mortem exatnina- " �� demand for spruce le not only
vears of government ownership of the tlons hid been made He went on VeTt*. but rapidiiy Increasing. In the
"��������� phones In a recent nnmb'-r of the ,., ',���,-_���_ ���,��� ,,,,, ,���,���. t,;.+l In|Kh, ,,., {,.. United States, th" cut. of li'lilt was
Edinburgh Review the editor discuss-jdicate di .-ly the ttago to wlilch the i''""b'p that of ISH'J and six times that
���s it dlsnaBslcnstsly In an able his- disease had developed in any anlmaff.' 1SMI ,u ls not ��1'rPr'��!�����'- thereof the telephone in the  Rrltlsh but It was calculated to demonstrate r��^ ,n  ''?.r"  thttl
Isles id- pointe oul that in the or-1 the puresenco of the disease. Referring
!ganlsalton of private osoltallst enter- t0 the criticism tliat. had been offered'
nrtse the eovernlng bod- 'or exam- ky the dairymen ot the lower main-
pie, the directors of a company ind land, it waa stated that their com-
those ior whose pecuniary benefit It plaints wero based chiefly cn the f" n'lV(' reached a maximum, having
is carripd nn���th<< shareholders -are Uuestlon of compensat'on for ths decreased from 1,716,000 cords ln 190B
Interested in keeping down waaes and | slaughtered   animals  and   nlso   upon r��  Mf-W cords in  HHO    This da-
Teasing   strpply,   operating   in    con
|Will be made In the bill for power to
deal with a large number Of matters.
whicb  ft present, the city is without
power to regulate.  The blii si-eks pow-
to regulate the following:    l_oca-
and constructions of huts, sheds.
j gat-ages. burs, etc., which, If unrestrlct-
 i I as to location, would tend to reduce
the value of assessable property; ivo-
Clty of Victoria Seeks Private Biil for hibltlcn or regulation of tents; collection of an annual charge for arrears
undi r sidewalks; prohibition of the
practice of Importuning of travelers
Changes   in   Municipal
Mr. Plnohol has
iStlmated thai there Is onlv from 10
to 30 years' cut In sluht In the variuus
states. Already the production of
pulliwood   south  of the border  seems
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital P��id Up
Reserve Fund and Und.vided Protils
You Can Start a Savings Account
Wth $1 00 It Is not necessary for you to wait until you have a
large sum o( money In order to .-.tart a Savings Account with this
Bank. An account can te opened wth Jl.COand more on whicb
interest is compounded twice s year.
NEW ��V-.STM1N3TEn OnANCH :   O, M. MATHEW90N, Man��gcr.
Aged   Mother  of   Divorce  Suit   Plaintiff   Stirred   Up  By   Wife's
salaries . far as is compatible with |u_e Importation of milk from the Unlt-
the mn.-imurt rf BfUctency. If the dl-Ud States, taken from untested herds.
actors are Incline^ te he lavish the|in   r���,,:v   to  rte complaint    of    the
lairynn'Ti the argument was advanced
fenr of the shareholders tends lo re
stralr.  thl in.
In government enterprise th" administering dentrtment is subsltuted
for directors, tl,e taxnayers lake the
place of th" shareholders and the
members of the legislative body are
their representatives.
"But, oddly snol'eh." says ths Edln
burgh antliefiiv, "the very persons
who mlghl I"' expected In the name of
the taxpayers to ask for economy are
the most clamorous for the payment
hat it was Infinitely totter for the
dairymen to lore ine animal than to
ioap them all, as would Inevitably re-
Mult if the Infected one remains at
largo with the others. There wan no
attempt being made to coerce the
dairymen Into anything. The government measurer, were, of a provonint:   e
nature, and were ns much iii the In-
ererl ot tbe dairymen of the province
as of the people of the province.
Uurlng the nasi   year nn  enormous
of liberal  wages.    Por  many  years lamount of testing work had been dom
economy has been out of fashion In Among the many places that have been
iunctton with the Increasing demand,
has led to a great augmentation In the
Imports from Canada.
At the present time, pulpwood ls
made almost entirely from spruce,
'mil principally hy the mechanical process. In Canada, In 1912, the abrogate of wood used was ��liii.042.OI)0
Cords and of tbis 1177.717,000 cords were
spruce. The aggregate of pulp manufactured was 6S2,ll^'_ tons, of which
amount <iIlil,220 tons wero mado me-
������haplcally. These, figures represent
an Increase Of about 44 per cent, over
IftlO. Canada has hy no moans yet
-o-ichod the limit of ber production,
hut In can only be a Question of tlnii
by I oi. I runners and drivers of hired
, , vehicles;  for regulating tho distance
fn * the centre of the street at which
Victoria, N'ov. 30 ���Important addi- buildings may be erected thereon; for
tions to municipal legislation will be regulating ibe weight and measure'
nought by the city at the next ses-[ment Of fond stuffs and Imposing pension of the legislature. The private I allies (dr short weight of same as well
bill on which City Solicitor Robertson as of fuel; altering of present moth-
_ian been  working for some time, Is *ods of expropriations whereby the olty |
tlm house of commons,  sud  raising visited  by  the provincial  veterinary till the operation of t'ie same forces
,....,.,...      I.J..V.1 i... r, ..   . .. ......    t      1...1     ����� .    tl._         -I.....,      ,.
wages highly   popular,
to detecting extravagance: but
miniate-.' whesn denartment nays
wages Is pelted with nuestlons and an
neats directed to higher paymenl and
Increased expenditure.
Publi; EmetoytCT in Politics.
"The raison la well known,   Oovern-
Government I iur goons are Vancouver Island, which
W includes sll thn cattle districts of the
the   ��� li * 'i. I."'" Island,    l.ndnor,   Chilli-
BOW ready for th�� consideration of the mav pay the cost o! land taken tor ment employees have votes: they nre
nty comicil and will br dealt with publlo purposes, not in a lump sum energetic In the constituencies; while
nt the next session of that body In as now. bul In Instalments to the same the general bodies of voters Is too lit-
the meantime, ag the time for giving number as those by which tbe special tie Interested lu economy to bring any
notice Is short, the bill as drafted will assessment Is levied, the owners to]counter Influencs to bear upon a can-
%(��� advertised in the ubuuI manner. .be paid interest at six per cent, on all Idldate, Members are returned. If not
In addition to the powers already unpaid instalments, such Inteerst to pledged to support the claims put be-
JpbnfetTed  upou  the  city,  application be paid out of general revenue and j fore them, at least with the knowledge | cate had been dotected by lho test.
ids, Langley, Rossiand. Neb on and
iiu rn,    it Is not regarded as likely
''H the    testing    w'll  bo continued
���hai year, llie gottscn being praotlca'ly
���'��� red and the appropriation s*' aside
���rr ii)o  p|ir:ir-i   t "IVally  used   un
111  the  great majority     of cases  It Is
stated that the farmers themselves
requested that th" test should he applied to their animals, and where It
wss found ncecsparv to slaughter the
animals, care was taken to show the
'artner from the carcass that the dls-
brings about the same situation ns Iii
llio United States.
t�� the circumstances, thn question
of finding substitutes for   spruce   be-
-n���.,.t nr ppcultar Interest, and It Ir
Interesting to lenrn that, assisted by
a grant of J20.000 from congress, ex-
', ���������niiints are now being oarrled on In
Wisconsin with a view to testing the
"fflcacy of such woods aB hemlock and
jaokplnc as a substitute for Spruce In
the manufacture of piiperpulp. With
regard to JaokplOe, It may he said
tliat If It could be utilized In the making of paner, wn might turn to profitable account a tree which, at present,
has very little commercial value.
Spokane, Nov. 'in. Rolled by
charges made against her son, Marcel
P. Warren, who seeks a divorce from
Jessie I,ee Warren, Mrs. BS, P, Warren became excited on tho witness
stand yesterday, making It necessary
for Judge llruce Blake to adjourn
court until tomorrow and continue the
case In order to restore quiet,
lloth the husband and wife made
charges. Wurren, former clerk at the
Ware Hros. Hardware company, at-
tempeted to prove hls Wife had flirted with hls uncle, Stover Wurren. The
wife, in turn, accused her husbund of
entertaining an Orpheum actress during her absence from home, and lavishing bin affections on Mary Bird.
She said lie had put newspapers over
the windows while he enjoyed a Dutch
lunch with women during her absence.
Attorney I), w. Henley attempted to
show lhat. Warren had only a platonlc
friendship for Mary Bird. Warren
testified hls behavior wuh above reproach, and declared his actions were
prompted by platonlc motives.
Attorney A. .1. Barnes cross-examined Wurren.
"What do you mean by platonlc?"
asked the attorney.
"I don't know," responded the wit-
"You don't know? Well, I thought
you didn't."
Warren explained that he had many
friends nt his home because he and
they were members of an orchestra.
It waa testified that Mtb. Bird had
entlcpd orchestra members away from
praotloe on practice night. Warren
testified  ho  rebuked  his  wlfo  when
Hen Is t Remitlf That Will Slip II
Do you realise the danger in a
neglected cou^h ?
Then why don't you -i;et rid of it?
Ves, you run shake it off, cvrn though
it lias stuck to you for a long time, if
you go abont it rij;lit.
Keep out in the fresh nir ns much a*
you can, build up your strength with
plenty of wholesome food, and take
Na-Dru-Co Syrup of Unseed, Licorice
uud Chlorodyne,
Thit reliable household remedy ha��
broken np thousand* of lucking, per-
sietent coughs, which were just as
troublesome as yours, slid what it haa
done for so many ot hers it will do for you.
Na-Dru-Co Syrup of Linseed, Licorice
niul Chlorodyne contains absolutely no
harmful drugs, and so enn lie given
snfely lo children, as well as adults.
Vour physician or druggist can confirm
thi. Htatrmrnt, ior we are ready to send
tin-in on request a complete lint of all
the ingredient!!.
Put up io 23c, and 50c. Wtlea by the
National Drug and Chemical Co. cf
Canada, Limited, 3|7
1 sho received a letter from his uncle,
I Stover Warren.
Mrs. Warren, the aged mother, rose
from tho witness stand as Mr. Barnes
I cross-examined her. She said she hsd
rheumatism and must stand up. She
stood close to the Judge, behind the
bench, and he motioned her away. She
later become Incoherent; then Judge
Blake announced ahn was excited and
deemed It best to adjourn court.
Charged With Contempt.
Davenport, Wash., Nov. HO.���George
lllioads. a prominent farmer living
near Klickitat county, who was recently cited by the court to advance
$l.rii) alimony, $75 suit money and 1250
attorney fens until disposition of the
divorce case tiled by Julia Rhonda of
Sprague, Is being sought on. a bench
warrant Issued by Judgn Joseph Sessions, before whom It developed that
tho man had not attended to the
oourt's order. He will bo brought to
Davenport to answer for alleged contempt. *^^-|ffV-**S',WHfe;tt��. .tm. .������
State Monopolies
May Save Balkans
��� <      int.nAiitias*  after, to life   but not in Oermany.    It cume trillion on one's own  patty, often  In*-
and the  monopolies h. rodu    ' ���'  .", ' re      rough   th"  anew  and   per- significant needs and imagine. ids.
wards;  as   If 7����;.':^S*,0?3i ��! dBA taaim minister, This  co, ntrsttan  B  ���*��, and  ta
,i���.y check t..e li'   . ;-''J;."       ..,���,,;.;,:r);���ls .,���., vitB,i, wiua; and as Rut- slgnlflcanl when In an elderly woman
slate.    A CSS* ii   poi nt it �����_^       ':������,, ',,.���,   ������ (rapti<���...  Relchttak  to OP   II   takes  the  form  of  dr*SS.     Won,.,,
which is irst�����''��'''���    u"   '   ik- nose it, Wltt'J greal drink monopoly  with    grown-up    children, .   Pfhaps
oountrtos.   Her* Uu aljcob01 ana nana   i difficulty.     grandchildren, who parsUt In tending
""<" ,"",l"""ly    "f, J?" "'-���,,    (.an' in s I's drink monopoly Is the env, fussy, worldly lives, wbo think only
���state   hy   ���   com I itution.        I    ^���J'^;.,. mln.M,r���.    H Is all ��� more ���  their  complexions   and   their   huls.
 . tonal gownments   bare   tne ll   own becaute 11 had from the first are nearly always half way towards
..   .   ,    ,���  mOMpoil^J��?n,?ind has ,iw y��be".;a certain moralist coloring.   Plnanc*, insanity."
r,        ... M.verrent by* Krauts  its  monopoly   right* to  be ���:���   ,nCa    As Kwltr-erl. 1.1   u l�� Way*0*en   ^ ^ ^ ^ ^     ���,(,���,      With tht�� view  Dr.  io-rM-rs hook
Great Impulse Given to Movement oy  * ^ ^..p,,^,!,,,,. democratic,  this  system < <I1>      ��..,., tJlt       ,,,,-nunh     the   monopoly. : agrees, ror it notes that Insane women
Rer.nt  Wai���All   States Arguments Aflalne Monopoly, era.e in the Intenm of reactionary pi. ^ Intemperance, often   collect   vast  quantities   of   i,:*e-
Reccnt Wai    All  a�� Atoft the merits of monopolfeation ltlC. ; Th��� V0llka consumption would decline;  cleat clothing.    tpend    extravagMtl
are Planning. ,,v . .,. 8til���. or Ihe trade in iH'cessar- Monopolies  io   Europe. 1^ f_(m) lMjl _. hUiU, ml(.llt lolie- b,��� lnm, show an unusual dees.re lo shn.c
lai   nolltlotans   imd   political   ccotiom-1     Europe't present  greateM  state in .{ ^ .. w6u](i 1](, (.omp(,nSa_ed by   in  society,
  Su differ On* stato-flnanolal grounds ������poiicB. apart from railroads, art w     	
,;,,,���. Nov, M,   .�� "." panutacturo a��� throve,*mt.opoltot.   On toclal ^^ al^o^ao^^ ��lt,^
and sale of products for consumption   PO ��W* ^tSSimd QliaUtles, a good   explosive*.     There   sr*   state   niatca ; ^ _,._. olblillatloi, of alcohol to pri*
I,v the state the hall bankrupt  Balkan    .    , ,   wM a(..,|���Ht th*m    Home state  monopolies  ta  France. Spain, ��*"��?', vate   enterprise.    The   law.   however
SltionsM.to.lr.onechanwofr*^,^^  ���&���,*,, _ particular. to-jflervta .and Boupante:   and   Austria 	
tahlishlng   ftaanclal   eQtd ill. ri nm. tol
BsrvlS   th"   first  ndmlnlttraUve^tteP
j If It lost lt would b .^^^^^^^^
! a higher yield Irom other forms or
^^^^^^ Witte's measure follows the
I German   plan.    The  state  leaves  all
vate   enterprise.    The   .......
������������        .    Rives It the right to distil If it. cannot1
h'!c,"',"aud matohtt,' are bad aud dear I Ja8 a plan in hand. Tho Prench mateh . *     .,,.������,.������,,���, B|)lrlt a, a reasonable
ontpared   with  tl.e prodUOtS sold  un* | monopoly   has   existed   since  1W.U       ,(.H   ThP  reflnlllK,  rectification  and
dSrpoST "iiemocraulw.th a capital of .^/KEEL. *J |gT which  an
bottling  are dom
Ifactur.'  to  retail  trade.    The  govern-! -��������� ��� -	
opposition ('Otnes from I ment expropriated $00 matcli factories. I ���**������* nearly all the retail sale is
Kilitlclans.       Democrats i wltll  a capital of over tU.nHD.Oi.i..    At , ���J1/4,"*1   Instltulon   called   "vinti
"    ���       ���-.!.. ir,,.,i the exiierimcnt or I kl    which   are    really    atate
In slate factories;
done In
 lya   lav
really    state    public
Old   Rome   Rapidly   Disappearing   Before a New Construction.
Bl.     I >'l<-| nnn, n    m..    ._. _,  ]ar>'.      TOO   IIUSSI_.1I  a**-**,   n...	
conference has Just been held to dis-|a monopoly of the spirits trade took.of th
cuss the exploitation of oil  fields by ���"* "' --'���-��� '"����� ��n.i   Snali
tiie  state;   and the  ministry of com-
niunlcallons favored a complete atate  ther gained a measure ui it.-*.,-*.-*.*���        .
monopoly.    Hussia Is considering also   trol  over about. 60.U00 other  persons.  t2.000,000a year.    Portugal also leases i""   ���������-   --    �����-
a drug and  medicine  monopoly.  Aus-   l.ermany's state railroads  (which are her match monopoly.   The fireek, Ser-111}* ha<1 to be passed against it
trla has got two monopoly projects on   practically a monopaly) employ 740,000  vlan and Roumanian match monopolies  three  per rent, of the grosB takings
hand. Italy last yi-ar caused a minor i officials and  workmen, and  In other  were all copied from the French iiilt-lare -������-.- Pr��r;t.' andthe annual amount
International crisis by her plan for an  state monopolies of Europe (including, laliv . "      *"    " l���
 �������'�����    and    Germany I railroads)  over 2,000,000  are employ-      The   instiutlon   of   a   monopoly   in rh'c"'a near'y equal to tne��� ujiai ouu-. .a_ce, �����,��...��� B.^���. ��� 	
i_.-_. ..���,.������ i.n,. rtrpam ,,, c;vcry  Krtsof some great states.   In addition  the past, dating back aa they do to
' " " '" "" '" '"'�����'"'tiionolv davs. Ithe times of the Roman republic.
turned them Into officials, ana u iu.-,,...,...  er match |8""'"   '"" '""��� "-"���"���:'*- ���;���- ���������-���	
ther gained a measure or Indirect con-  monopoly  to a corporation;   and  gets I0" t*}*- premises, drinking in the open
trol  over about. 60,000 other  persons.  ��2.000,()00a year.    Portugal also leases Iflr   haB   SO  increased   that  a  special
 ���������-������  ������-���   '.., m.i.h monoDOlv.   Tho On "      " "���"���''"" "    Th''
Home, Nov. 30.���The traveler who
wisheB to see old Rome���the old Rome
that dwells like a sacred picture in
the mind* of all civlllied men���would
do well not to postpone his Journey
too long, or he. bids fair to be disappointed. At the present moment the
famous city Is busily keeping up its
reputation of being "eternal." a new
town is In course of construction and
is rapidly springing up, with a healthy
disregard of historic associations and
are net profit, ana tne annual amount  .,,*,.-���,.,,,, ... _.._.���	
I reaped   by   the  state  is  1300,000,000,, characteristic absence of all tact and
I which is nearly equal to the total bud-j taste, beside the great monuments of
-  ...   .AAlilmm    ->__.    nasi     rl-ttnff    li.'iek    as    theV   dO    to
illroads)   over 2,000,000  are employ      The   instiutlon   0    a   monopo.y   ,���.^ of , ,���;,���������,,���   .,,.   ,���_,.  u. ���   .,���,_���  ,	
'��� , ....;,      ��� hn n      ,    '"PlrituouB liquors Is the dream of every    h     __ a8 h  pr(,mc,nopoly day8, | the t^meg of th* Romaa repub ic
The  socialists,   whose   program  de-  Kuropean finance minister, who finds I,      h      * .       *_.      This'rpgult      with the Uth centurv Rome heean
and. state ownership, see .t.taOW�� Mnise.f  in  difficulty.    The reason  1.^ |^ps the^oti^n of a8 drink Inopoly !to lo^ its classic charact SXtTta
SSSSI^-*!L?S*SJSr !>��Te  "hich hi. ��llS.1Iv"  '"  Germany-;   and. A.slri��;    In!8a>' a9 'a>- a�� a" ***** building enter-
The Island oi Tea
The choicest tea in the world grows high up on the
mountain-side* of Ceylon. The native purity and garden-
freshness of this superb Ceylon Tea is preserved by the
sealed lead packages used in packing.
.avid-  "-���-'   ���     - lonly  monopolies she  has. apan   irom   ��� ���hi,.,, n, ._������   .m   ,,.,   ������,,.,..    .,	
much bss than v.. other countries TheUnununlcattona, are restricted to par-'brought to a sudden termination by a
govaromwt broiwht   In  a  bill  which���  tic���lar   state.     Bavaria,   and   Saxony  severe 'inaneial crisis.
left   the   distilling  Ol   raw   brajid     to monopolies; Bavaria has    a. Prosperous   Period.
private corporations an. ndMduaIs.- ,,. .. , fishPry monopolv;" and j Now that a more prosperous P-iod
but provided Owt.Oa wbolJ���_����"������� the Prussian state has a local amber 1 has ensued and that Italy is enjoying
r ctiflcatlon and final preparaikVal | ,nonopoly     ,���  1882  Bismarck propos-ja   financial   and   economic   boom,'the
"d   a   tobacco   monopoly.     He   failed, j old   city   is   once   more   going  ahead.
Tobaooo  monopolies  in  ot. er    states ! >Jev,-   buildings  are   arising  on   every '
[are   look.-l   at   with   mixed   feelings.', side; the great palace of Justice is flii-
Black, Green or Mixed
'So the wholesale and retail trail".
should ba a state monopoly. The
empire   would   he   its   own   puhlican.. .    .    . _,-.__,
The proflU expected  were -$60,000,000  "e   'ook'-'j, ,at   * l,n   m'%��� ,l'T??��*l"S0_1 ��-\'*������** ��T"~- " -
���" The state nroooaed to buy T'10 "nancial r<,sult8 are --00'-* a,ld a��'.l8hed; the chamber of deputies is to,
rrom he -.rl-ite tp��llilU -s raw anirlt a lax ,h0 ,nm,l't,ol>' s-v��teni is fair, (he enlarged by the construction of
MTo i^Vlfo t% z ectJ^tre andl1,ec-,,fi,' lh" bur(,Pn fallB on ��**������� -*<����� "--*-��� -*- the heart of the town;
to sell It" when readv at from SS0 t0!'n P!��P"rtlo�� to the quality and quan-1 a new hospital of vast dimensions has
ma heCtoWtM TOs wtStStertaS {���*** of ^ toi��a'co ������� smoke- ButUtruded itself into the solitudes of
was defeat".1 The V>v��rnme n was "oun,rl<'9 wilh 8ta,c *--<*-*��V---<���** Pro-Who Caellus; vast business premises!
*r,���v 1 o avc-i���g ,'edi" llr h r^ indifferent tobacco, and very few . arP rearing their heads on every side.
XL, nay them too hah a r"w varieties. That is the case In even along tbe old Corco. that street
S^e_L^toeW4^b^^eat?4EJ_aB(*' Spain itn*1 Austria-Hungary, iof historical palaces, where now, on
niS'o" I . ..u( '.'Ki pr and the old  ���c   8,alB   ltumfi     Tbp   lreasllr)-   "<���'**<-   *"*V*   Goldini.   ihe   new   OUlone.
usmnumt was raised that the numop- Oermany, where there ls no monopoly., Miliiare. the Roman equivalent of the1
l3?A mata^^^UXTtbf^*^^4 gjgnp \\�� army and navy stores in l_ondo��. has
persons dependent, as *���**^^\g^   ^v'^^eenuf^wherTaV ��� UD-
12 DAY S
reigns where Phillips & Wright's Shoe Stock was
���The fire scorched it���The popular Shoe Store
bought it���And the knife has gone in and halved
and quartered the good old prices, and the happy
buyers are delighted.
Men's Strong Work Boots at . . 95c
Ladies' Oxfords and Pumps at . . 95c
Kiddies' School Boots at    .   .   .   9Sc
MEN'S WORK BOOTS-Strong bluchers   $1.49
HOUSE SHOES���Black or white canvas     4B��
BOVS'   SCOTCH   GRAIN   HEAVY   BOOTS        $1.45
KIDDIES' 75c SUPPERS���Selling at   2SC
GUM BOOTS���-Knee length; reduced to   S2.95
THE "ARISTO" BOOT for dressy men���At    S2.SS
RYAN TAN HI CUT BOOTS���Worth *6.00;  for    S3.85
LADIES' BOOTS���For heavy or light wear    Sl-45
-: THE -.-
Popular Shoe Store
(Just below the Northern Crown Bank)
PHONE 208 ^^^^-^-^
0 B A Iv E I>    I-KA 1>
officials, on UtllnaMan on'v 2b cenis; nin'it": ine mcrea.t- ui ���iti-i-nm-.i-m .= ������������*
mercy of thestnt'. MJMM | Konce by means . of her monopoly ,��� the townjo mguiIto erery^
reject*d the bill.   A dosen >ears laur
ine   nvn.u��i-��i, iVnrnea   bv   means   oi   ner   muiiu.ru..    ]nB   lm.   -.-j-.,,   ���*,  i-*-,*,.-.   ...  ���
wen years later I     (    $1 ft0   ltal). all(j Austria $1.10 and   rectloni the Prtl di Castello at
bill  came  back \^'-.n $1 '   England Is the only Euro-i 0f the Vatican are entirely bul
 L    _  ...-I- ...i.h....t _ mnnnoolv which'anri �� nnite new Quarter has c
Modern Beaconfires
THE bW beacon
(ires were the great    ^^^^^^^
advertising mediums of their age.
TKou��K thev  could  not  advertise  merchandwe.
^rle!^ the thbg, of m^ vital intent
to the people.
Placed on the summits of high hills, bearing ���
la.gc to thousand, of "r?ders/ ihqr ��**
protons of those modern fa. of Tw��^h
Centuiy commerce-the "beacon 6rcs ci Mewv
paper Advertising.
The advertisements appearing in the newspapers
to-day are shining lights in the world of
commerce, Bashing out news and information to a waiting world.
 I    When   the   modem   manufacturer   lights
edge, beget appreciation and wm preference for h.s goods.
After Extensive Observations German
Doctor  Has  Reached  that
People with a passion for violent
clothing are three-quarters mad.   This
is the discovery of the distinguished
German mental alienist. Dr. Bernard
Hols, and he is backed by other Investigators.    Oenemlly, ho   declares,
Ituhton and clothes have a direct Influence on Insanity.
I    Dr. Rudolph Foerster. ot Berlin, has
been investigating the same subject,
and he has Just published a book on
"The Connection ot Professions and
Fashions with Mental Diseases."   Dr.
Foerite. ssjrs U Is a sign of progressiva paralysis when �� plain of plain
life takes to dressing himself tip like
ar Unter der Linden dude and wean
a ailk hat   And Dr. Holt lays it is a
sure sign ot paranoia when elderly
persons  show  t   minute teal  abont
thei.- clothing, and   particularly whon
two   elderly   members ot the same
family copy one another's garb.
"A certain proportion of lun ties,"
says Dr. Hois, "probably thrse per
cent, owe tholr troubles to the Influence ot fashion, that Is, to women's
fashions. This does not Include the
vast number upon whom fashion acts
indirectly In an Injurious sense, tor
Instance, to tlghHaced women who
suffer frpm hysteria. Hysteria is essentially a fashion nerwras disease.
Also is does not Include thousands of
indirect victims whose nervous ays-
terns are undermined through disappointment with their dressmakers,
Jealousy ot other women's clothse and
Inability to pay  modiste's Mite.    It
 *_A   ihn t I
To th* Manufacturer* of Canada
Esch itj wrnn articlw |irtn publicity ra lhe
btwiptpdt. Aie your products aad your btsad
���till is ths vJley ol ob-mirily, st sn they bUxooed
lank by tht b���coa twi ol -tdmiiiit oa tht Ofr
hiUal public favor?
II yoa aro doing a local hmlness talk am yam t*tt*mh1a%
11 yo�� aro doing a prwlnstel or ���ll���al haslnaM k'w����U V
UwollioryeUtalts'rathscaaaMlsad uattaaesala gwdsditUsg
���tucy.   Abtoltlwss will bs hndihtd, wMkssI cow et eUl   '    '-
tk* Secnisry ol CtaadiM Pfsst -Aindsdns. RaMa M9.
  the foot
spam a*.    *****  - - -    ... U1 vus      built over.
peat) state without a monopoly w :iich ; and a nuite new quarler has develop- ii
manages to get a big per capiu yield ^ in the neighborhood of the ParicolVcl'
from her tobacco taxation. State tobae-lHllla; on the other side of tbe Poru',
co monopolies yield tremendous prof- .i,ia where haif a century ago the ta- V
its on the turnover, ln France of a moug villa Albanl stood with Its mag-;
turnover of noo.000.000, $H8,000.0��) ls i-if.rent view over lhe -mountains.*
profit; In Austria J36.000.0H0 is prof it j t)lPre now 8tat,dB rows of fine villas
nut of $58,000,000: and in Italy J40.-: and on the other side of the town on
000.000 out of $60,000,000. The Span-j the slope of the Glanicolo, more villas
���ph   tobacco  monopoly   brings  $3.000,-|are to be found.
.100. Portugal. Uoumanla and Servia : That much haf been done of late t0
iUo profit lamely from the state to- bring the old city up to the level
^acco business. of a modern metropolis canont be de
lied. The tunnel under the Quirinal.
for Instance, bas greatly improved the
traffic conditions and the wretched
hovels along the banks of the Tiber
have given way to handsome modern
quays. A fine municipal park has
teen laidjout on the viaduct crossing
the valley rhat divides the Monte Pin-
cio from tbe park of the Villa Borg-
hese ("now Umbreto I"). It is only to
be regretted that all these varied improvements should bave been impaired by a phenomenal display of bad
taste that was quite unnecessary. The
beautiful Piazza Colonna, with its Imposing Vejl and Marcus Aurellus columns, should never have been allowed
to be desecrated by the presence of a
cinematograph theatre even though it
only be a temporary structure.
The Jubilee year of 1911 did much
for Rome, but also brought with it
thst unhappy creation the Posseggiata
Archaeologies, that unfortunate boulevard that was to carry the poetry and
charm of the Via Appia Into the heart
of the town. And finally we come to
the Victor Emmanuel monument,
which practically occupies the entire
northern slope of the Capltoline, and
dominates the town from all points
o. view.
This work has Imposed a burden
upen the city of 26 million Ure, and
lh:' et a time of severe financial do-
pressslon. f o ont grudges modern
luly the right to oolebrate Its triumph
In the most prominent and sacred position In the ancient city, bnt unfortunately the gigantic proportions ot tlte
monument are In no way matched by
its artistic conception, and at It stands
It merely records urbl et orbl tho Impotence ot our modem artists whan
compared with the authors ot the wonderful creations of antiquity.
Hunrteal, Nor. >0.���Tha lad who on
Thursday, Not. I, while playing at
being a highway man. ahot hte frtend.
Johnnie Uwton, wlll not go to a reformatory.   He wilt not ba pmOshed
innmuiy i�� v*j  -         arit m����ra than h�� fcaa haan.
these cases are counted, than a third     Ha pleaded guilty yesterday ohms-
ot woman lnnactlcs ara stotlma ot lng to aasanit with Intent to do jpte*-
faahlon." ���*** bodily nam.   Thar* **M.jj3*m*
Dlreaaa af Mind. llttte crowd nf hte young triHk ta tka
When fathlon te an Indirect or con- court, all catted aa wltaaaaaa a* tt*
trtbutory canto ot Inanity, Dr. Holt AooUWS    ���__   __*-_.-. _.
flndt tbat it chiefly produces f��wc<    But Judge Cho��oo�� ��M not
tlonal disturbances mt tho mood, tach tham mMh ahout ii.KMI.
u undue exaltation, undue depreatloo
and diseases ot the will. Tho oommpn-
est torm ot Indlroetly cauaed fashion
naantty la maniacal depretalon. raaa-
lona lunacy oaMom appsara early la
New Pennants
^British Columbia/' "UaSeA.^ and
a few "September Morn."
Dire " "U.S.A." "Manitoba,"
More New Westminster Pennants
will arrive this week.
'��� 11 ? *.w
S ���  a4 a *-i
"Tho gmatett ot all dangera for
woman of between 40 gad M." **M\
Dr. Holt, "to * too mlnhta aUaattea
to clothing and to titan] "'
*hm. a young woman I*l
tew on fashion, that any
Ul dttaaae, -but wj����a *,**
Ung oa In Ufa doaa ���**--������
>m -a*** ******
��t Ste* Dm Uttl*
it may mm. mm
'^ISW of all
entlto teck of apmi
laioMHi aad a
{ ��'
��'4*��__fflfei1V'S_'t ������*'*($_-_*
��� -^ Ji -**���������   Ir.**  .-1$*},, ^A0k*\
:\ -.'
resk Water and Salt
Work  on   Sandheads  Channel   Let to
Naviflation   and   Dredging   Co.
for $70,000.
The Navigation and Dredging company, of Vancouver, has I n awarded the contract of removing son.oon
i'arils of sand  and tilt  frnm the new
Sandheads   channel.     Tha   oontraot
price  was (70,500.
The principals In the firm are
tlrant ic Lewis The firm Is an old-
established one snd for some years
has doue mucb dredging work for the
e. r. it.. At present the firm is dotes
the dredging across the First narrows
in connection with the laying of the
new water pipe line. The dredge
Georgia, which is at work there, can
raise material from a depth of 48
feet, and is a three-yard dipper
dredge. The work in the narrows will
he completed next week, and the
Georgia will then he transferred to
the moulh of the Kraser to begin
���work on the government contract, it
Ib understood ihis is a rush contract.
One of the big contracts recently j
completed by the company was'
dredging for the H. C. Sugar Refinery
six and a half acres in area to u depth
of .18 feet. --
contrary to his custom. Hev. Mr. Win- portuuity  to search the mine  fur the
cou said  he could  not  refrain  trom two slain offleert,    But only live, led
expressing some of the merits of the by Dr.  I".  B,  Btraup,  ��W����t_Of
deceased      Betide    working    as    a Bingham, were allowed to penetrate
pioneer the late  Mr.  Burr had  done the workings.    Tiny  made two trips.
nuch for this city.   As a   life-long returning* on the Ortl wltb the blood-
member   of   the   Reformed   Kplscopalj stained   hal   of   Mandrlch.     hey   than          _
church he had been one of the found-j rushed  iu  later and   hrought  out  the   HU)(.k  ,.���ln,)anv
ers cf St   Paul's   and after the  great | bodies,  who had    been    drugged    by I first lime  111  lhl
tire   hail 'helped 'rebuild   it.     Ht   had j Lope/, a considerable distance up the
even made the choir pawn and alwayi Andy indUne. ,    ,      ,
waa Interetted in many wayt in its,   A post mortem examination showed
religious  life      Mler  the  service  sev-  tonight   thnt   Mandrlch  had  been  shot
eral hundred people marched to the through th
1. (). O. F. cemetery where burial wns ! tnrougn
Coastwiae   Schooner   Will   Come
Fra��cr   Today���Taking   Good-
lized Cargo Out.
inade.   The pallbearers were W, a.
Duncan, Sidney A. Fletcher, .lohn
Iteid, W. II. Keary. \V. H. (illley und
L. (1. Dunbrack.
Tho late Joseph Hurr came In this
province abou! 1(80, and was known
to all the pioneers. At the church
yesterday one old timer was heard to
The  steam  schooner    Tallac    ts  to
come up the Fraser today lo take uut	
u cargo of piles from Ruskln for j bad taken breakfast with Colonel
work up the coast. Moody In Sapperton.
Pilot Captain Ford spent yesterday 	
aboard the lightship at Steveston In I ADAMS- The funeral of lhe late
readiness for the vessel, and Bhould Mrt. Jessie Patterson Adama, aged
bring her through this port early to- 78, was held on Saturdav afternoon
day. lt Is a,.iiestlon if tho Talluc from ,|���, residence, Twelfth avenue,
can he taken so far up stream as p.ast Hurnabv. to Fraser cemetery,
Kiiskin.cspculally at this time of year, jUev   w   c   Krank   of  Eusl  Burnaby
heart llulsey was shot
the lungs, nenr the heart,
wlilli ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
heel. To kill six men, Lopez has fired
only seven bullets, every one taking
effect.     Four of these men  were shot
through the heart, while his bullets
passed close    tu    the    hearts of    the
other two.
In   yesterday's  battle,  although   tho
deputies  fired dozens of shots,  Lop
For  Ihree   days,   beginning
matinee today,   the   Howard
IU   presenl
city,    the
drama. "College chums."
As tlle  title  Implies,  tht  phi.v
with   college   life,     nearly     all   of  tin
characters being students in Harvard. .Hm Qraham and Ned Brumley
are room-mates and chums. They ars
another bullet Btruck hlm In the |both popular among thp students, ths
one because of himself, the other he-
cause of hls success as a football captain. They are both 111 love wltll the
same girl, Dora Winston, and the race
they run for flrsl place In her affections cuiistltutes the main story of the
..-,  ,__       A   number  of    comedy     characters
remark that  It  was just  to >ears ago ��� t|ri,(| bHl t|in,p    t1u)H(, ��.*,��� km)w hlmlfumllh material for laughs.    There la
Tube valet, I girl from Hosloii, an
hip with equal SCOUraoy. lie pos-1 old maid aunt, and a student who
settSt it perfect  physique and  classic j celebrates   well   hut   nol    wis.My,   and
Rev.  E.  L.  Pidoeon  Glvei Termon at i
St. Andrew's Church Here.
Since  the city   Is    now    th"    place |
with   a  where social customs are  made    and
Foster i since   84   per   cent,   of   the   p..'pie   111
for the British  Columbia  live  In  towns    or
comedy cities, the people of the cities musl
jdo lhelr very utmost   to  make cond I'
deals|tions there the bait   This la. In capsule   form,   thi'   senium   pleached   by
Rev    K. l. Pidgeon,   of   st    John's
church, Vancouver,    nl    SI   Andrew's!
Presbyterian chureh lasi night
A city'B clhlca were Important now j
becaute betide being the place where'
mosl  people lived, the city  tal  tht
standard for smaller towns ami rural
districts,    Only  ill  per cut.  of    Hi
people   in  Canada   were   In  centres o
less than  4000  people    and    In    Hi.
now that  the deceaaed,  with  himself. I Ray ,|,at (,,, shoots a revolver from the
Itpeolally with child lift In
Opening of Big    Ditch     May    Divert
Much   Old  Country   Business
from Canada.
but should navigation to the mill
wharf he Impossible, she will be
moored In the stream and Ihe cargo
In ought down and pul aboard.
The Tallac has been here before,
making the same trip during the
Notice IniR heen given that the gasoline boat "Burin" has been let on
charter by the Victoria and New
Westminster Trading company to A.
C. (1. Smith, of the Kast CoaBt Transport company.
)' Victoria, Nov. 30.--Following the
throwing open of the Panama canal
to the world's commerce, lt is expeoted In Bhipping circles lhat the travel
���between Canada and the Antipodes
will drop off a great deal. At the
present time trade was never better,
but when the direct liners are plying
out of London to Sydney via the grea-
waterway and offering a lower rate
for the voyage than that by the all-
red route, there is not the slightest
doubt but that Canada will suffer
through the diversion of the old country passenger business.
A gnat many of the people who
take passage on the Canadian-Australian liners to Sydney come through
from th old country. They erdss* the
Atlantic to one of the eastern ports
ahd then take a rail through either
Canada or lhe l'nited States, with
their destination on this coast as either Vancouver or Victoria. By the
present route lhey are about five!
weeks en route, whereas by way of
the canal it is expected that the trip
will be made In less than four weeks,
and all the vexatious changes will be
Looking Ahead.
No doubt when tho I'nion Steam-!
ship company placed the orders for
the Niagara and her sister ship they ;
had their eyes on the canal trade. A ;
report from Sydney, published In this;
paper a short time back, stated that :
it was likely the Niagara would be
withdrawn from the Canadian service
aa soon as tho ditch is ready for navigation. And there looks to be plenty
of truth in the report. The company
is gi-tting its fine ships well adver
tised and when definite word corneas to the exact date of the opening
of the cana], no doubt the Nnion
Sit earn ship company will have Its
schedule ready to publish. They wji>
need their finest ships for the hits'"
ness, ;is other line., will be compel ina
for th" trade. The Canadian trad.
in ita present state, alone would \,<
BUfflclent to crowd off the big Austra
Han flyers on all their trips, and it it
quite within the hounds of reason thai
tli.- l'nlon company will substitute vii*
Niagara with < ne of itit smaller Bl Ipi
when the canal opens.
Additional Locals
All-Day Session.
Considerable work Is ahead of the
llurnahy council when It meets at 9:31)
o'clock this morning for an all-day
Session. The revision of the water
rates and apportionment of road work
to he done during the winter months
will be taken up, together with a report from Engineer Macpherson as to
the possibility of relieving the log
jams at the junction of the Brunette
river ami Burnaby lake, which Is alleged to he obstructing thc flow of
Expert skate sharpening and riveting at Oscar Swausoon's, 13 Begbie
street. (2369)
Reeveship of Surrey.
II. T. Thrift, whose name has been
connected  with  the reeveship of Surrey   municipality,  has  anri'ounced   his
' candidature,  this being    made    at  a
j meeting held at Tynehead on Friday
evening,    Mr. Thrift will speak hefore
the   electorate  of   ward   five,     White
I Rock,  on     Wednesday    evening,   the
i present  chief  magistrate,   Keeve  Sul-
'llvan,  and   Councillor   Keary.   having
been  Invited  to attend.      ._    Is altogether probable that the St. Leonard's
otel  licence   .sill  lie  brought  up  for
discussion at the meeting.
conducted the services.
CAMPBELL���The remains of the
late C'clin Campbell were on Saturday morning at Id o'clock laid to
rest In the Roman Catholic cemetery.
Uev. Father Bessette conducted the
service of tlle church.
features  and   Is   known   here
quick  wit mid  intelligence.
cities,  lhe ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
had  a  right   to  he  horn,  though  this
      was  mil   realized    by    some    people
for   biB I they  all  contribute    to  the    fun  and   NeM  a child had a right to grow up
'hilarity of the bill. strong  and  healthy.    This  wns often
Mr. Potter will be seen 111 the char-  denied   It.     Statistics    showed     Mont-
acter of Jim (Iraham. and It is said to,real to have tbe third bigbesl Infant
"Get The Habit"
Extra Special Today
Xmas Post Cards at
lc Each
Xmas Cards at Vfc-Price
Don't forget everything in
preacher mild  Bnt a^Child |fljfi store js mlUCcd -TOITI 10
to 50 per cent.
British   B_rk   Lynton   Bound   for   Columbia   River  Sends  Distress
First    New    Westminster   B.-P.   Boy
Scouts���Orders for Week  Ending  December 3,  1913.
1.   Drill ub usual    on    Wednesday
next,  December    li.    at    T:..0    p.   in.
Dress:   Drill  order  with   staves.     All
scouts    must    attend     this     parade.
Scouls  studying  for  their  first   clasa
badge will he exahilned on the six ,._^__^__^__^__^__^__^__^__^__^__,
first. Aid questions embodied In this|revenne cutter Manning is cruising In
bad gc
Seattle. Nov. 30.���The British hark
Lynton, hound from Santa Rosalia,
Mexico, for the Columbia river, was
lighted oil cap.* Flattery at 10:30 this
morning signalling "V.!���'.," meaning
"assistance    wanted,    Mutiny."   The
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Finley and
family, of Burqultlam, have moved to
tlieir new residence cn Austin road,
opposite the agricultural  hall.
C. Hamilton, of Cloverdale, and O.
McSilv.y, of Montreal, were among
Saturday's guests at the Dunsmuir.
A. Knight, Of Chilliwack; L. D,
CarncrcsSj of Cloverdale. and M. S.
Halstad. of Harrison Mills, registered
at. the  Premier on  Saturday.
ti. R, Burton, of Victoria, and B.
flrcdie. of Montreal, were guests at
the  Russell  Saturday.
H.nry AusUnson. of Bergan. Norway, and Hllgrove Newburg, of Stockholm. Sweden, two globe trofter3.
viBited this cily on Saturday, making
i brief stay at  tlle Russell hotel.
.1.  II
payahie next Wednesday evening
requests  that  all  arrears  be  paid  up
in full at once.
4. Every' scout is to complete his
uniform at once, and if any articles
are not in stock, a note will bo made
Iof all requirements, and every opportunity given to comply with this or-
| de.-.
5. Any scout who has  not yet re-
' celved  his  certificate  Of  membership
can obtain  same    on    application  to
j the scoutmaster.
6. Scout John Humble, No. 70, has
passed Lie tenderfoot test, and now*
belongs to the second class. Scout
H Meredith. No. 17. is hereby struck
from the roll.
ll.  I'.   DAY,
Sc ni; master.
N.*w Westminster, *n. C,
November  28,  1913.
t'ie straight of Juan de Fuca to assist
shipping and is believed to havo gone
to Lynton s assistance.
No  report  has  been   received   frcm
Lynton   since   she   passed   in   at   Hi"
cape    flying    distress    signals,     hut
Ssnior Captain   S.  U,   Dunwoody,  of
ice.  said   the
 _,         had   received
Regimental I wora of the Lynton's plight and had
gene ^^^ ^^^^^^^
Tbe   Lynton.  which   was  bound  for
Portland,  is BuppoBed  to have    been
prevented  from  entering  the  Colum-
the storm     which    has    been
2.   By kind permission of Col. J. D.
Taylor the  miniature rifle range  will
be open for the use of the scouts on
Wednesday  next    Only  those  scouts
In  uniform  will    be    allowed    on  the
range,   to  take   part   ln   the   shooting
practice,    it Is hoped that all scouts I the revenue cutter
will take this opportunity for passing Manning    undoubtedly
their   marksman   badge
ly consented to act as coach.
3.   Scoutmaster    Chapman   wishes)
to remind .very scout that the usual
monthly subscriptions    are   due nndj..    .
next Wednesday evening, and ',       .,     _,    .,    _    ,���    _.
sweeping  tbe  North   I'acilic  the  las:
few   days  and   was   forced   to   put   In
to the Strait of  Fuca for help.
be one of his  most successful  parts    I
Mr. Raymond, who was such a sue
COSI as the ranch owner 111 "In Wyoming," will be seen iu an entirely
different sort of character, that of
Ned Brumlty, tli" hlg football player..
.Miss Florence Monroe will play t'ie
part of Dora Winston, while Miss Avis,
Manor will l,e seen In a very eino- I
tlonal role. Kate Blakemore. tht
landlady's daughter Miss Bundle,
will again be Been in comedy charac-1
Mr.   Van   Dyke  will  be  cast   In  an-1
other   villain's   part,     Mortln     l'nder
wood,  a  hunchback    chemist,    whose I
physical deformities have so Weighed
on Ills mind as to make hlm ready to '
commit any crime for the sake of the
man  he  so admires.
Jack Douil will have another com-'
cdy part as Georgia Wall, the celebrating student. Walter Malott, who
was responsible tor many of the
laughs in the character of Hank
lones in last week's play, will be seen
In a still better comedy role. Oahe
Higgens,  the  rulie  valet.
"College Chums"  has all  lhe  prom* ;
Ise of being one of the banner bills of
this already  popular company.
That well-known and ever-popular
musical comedy, "The Pink Lady."
will app. ar al the opera house In this
city on December 10, according to the
announcement on Saturday of (' K
Wells, the new Im see ot   the   open
This play is a production of the
tlrst water and It is expected lhat a
capacity house will greet it when
played here.
mortality nie ol any   city   in   ihu
world, lu uptown dlttrlcts It was
lower; iu doWUtOWn districts inu.ii
higher. This wub not fair, since experiments showed It possible to save
these lives. Children had a light to
play. Playing was aot B pastime Im
character formed tht character of tht
adult. Also a child had a right lo
be useful. In the city there wer.. no
"chores" like on the farm. When a
boy or girl went to work they worked
under an uninterested employer often,
and the parents' guidance was Lick
ing. A child too had a right to de
velope character and yet many a par-
. nt didn't know how to guide this da
The home,    the    church,    ami    the
School  were lhe three placet where a
child  wns to b�� aelped realise tht
noble purpose It was placed lu llie
world for.
It.Bidence Y. W. C. A.        Phone 1324.
The Fair
A Few of Our Prices Today:
3 Ibt.  fine Tea    ��0c.
No. 1 Coffee, per lb 35c.
Mooney's Biscuits, ull kinds,
ordinary    price    "lie,    for
today    20c.
Come  and   see  ut,     Wt  will
save you  money.
Robson Grocery
Corner 6th St. and 5th Ave.
Phone 404.
I ���".v.". m
'San Francisco. Nov. 30.���Rough
j weather at sea has delayed all vessels
Trom the north and the smith during
ithe last few days. The Admiral Far-
j ragut, from Seattle, due here at 7
| o'clock this morning, did not arrive
until late this afternoon, having been
i delayed .by severe southerly weather.
I Three mlleB from the Holden Gate
[Ous Paterson, a Seattle carpenter,
jumped overboard and the Farragut
was  delayed  nearly  an hour more.
The steamer Beaver, frnm Portland
and Astoria, . ncountered a good bit
of rough weather, hut was only a lit
tie behind schedule. The steamer
Sunn Yak was one hundred and forty
hours from Kagle harbor, and the
Aiioline Smith cami' down from Coos
bay in forty-six hours instead of a
third  less than  that time.
C.lrls' classes, Tuesday 7:llii pm ;
Adult classes, Thursday, 10:30 a.m.;
Sewing  classes.  Thursday.   Till)   pm.
Boarding and room rates reasonable
Meals served to ladles and gentlemen. 'Diplomas,
and Mist^
Lit AM.. __.R-C.1_
Lessons in Pianoforte, Violir,, Hing-
ng, Voice Production, Theor. lln
olatl or privatclyt, Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form and History
Pupils prepared    for   the   examinations of tba Associated Board of   tbe
Itoyal  Academy  of   Music  and   Uoyal
College of  Music.    Alto    Professional
Teacher or  Performer
Special dinner Fridays. 11:30 to 1:
For   particulars  call   phone   1334,
etc.,   apply
411 It.
Sl  Dufferin
Oak Chairs for Juror..
Moscow.  Idaho,  Nov.  B0     The Jury
In  the district  court  next   week  wlll j
occupy new solid oak chaira in the jury j
hox for the  first  time  In  the  history
of Latah county.    Tiie chairs arrived
the other day  and   were  Installed   In
the courtroom.
Two Hundred and Fifty Vessel! Clear
from    Fort    William ��� Twenty-
five Yesterday.
Consequent upon ihe first payment
being  made on  a  Llock cf timber at i
Spuzzum,  sold  recently,  the  receipts j
of the Dominion timber office for last
month  were considerably larger than
the receipts  for the  same month last j
vear.     The   figures   are:   November,
1913,     $4274.02;     November,     1912,1
J..GS...���1.      ______________
The  receipts of the land office  for
November   were   slightly   h. low   those
for the   corresponding   montb    last
year. The revenue from Dominion
[lands last month was $309.75 and for
the Bame period last year $f>71.47.
The receipts on mining lands during
November amounted to (65, while lasl
year they totalled $199.60, The de-
I crease in  the Dominion  land  revenue-
Fort William, Out.. Nov. .10.- In the
final  rush  to get  on  their way  down
ithe  lakes  before   midnight  and   thus
1 avoid  the  necessity  of  having  their
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ] insurance       extended,        twenty-five
Howard, of Nanalmo, is Btay.- freighters, carrying    about    8,000.00(1
ng at the Russell. bushels    of    grain,    cleared    for the
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Hughes and the east today. All week ships have been
Hisses Kitty and Norah Hughes, of lying two, three, and even four
ittawa. are visiting the city. They abreast at the docks waiting their
ire  guests at   tbe Russell, turn io slip under the spouts at the
.Mrs. BJ. C. Trav.-s wlll not receive elevators, and the .-levator men have ,__.,,..���   ��,,_...,.      ,���  ���,-.
���.gain until February. been working    anywhere    from  four- crfease ln the Dominion land revenue'
Th"  wesi. Coqultlam   Conservative teen to twenty hours a daj   tb keep ,[K explained by the fact thai payments
iiih has arrange.t for the holding of  the streams of grain running into the on townsite sales last vear helped to
i fancy dress ball In tin   Burquitlam  ho,(1" "; '"" '���""������I** swell the   total
November    had    been    a    record I month    four
For the Week Endino Sunday, Nov. 30.
Westmlnstel. Sand Heads.
Time. High.             Low.
High. Low. Time   Ht. Time. Ill
24     3 20    '���'  15 i! 20 1".:;    I.Jtf    ti.ii ;
It 6 i i", 46 13:48 13 0 20.67   8.0 ���
2,1    4 30   ii 66 8:80 111    8 37   8,0
15 30 14:21  18:1 !l*i:    1 8
26 6:35    0 45 4:34  12 5    9 40    8.0
16 i'r. 10:60 H*.r..i Li 1 22:17   0 _
27 6,*..r,    1:40 .",34 13 3 lr':.n    9.9
11:60 15:28 13.0 22:66   0.3
2.20 6:31 14.0 11:1'' lu .'
10 12:40 10:00 12.7 'ii 'HI
25   3:00 7:25 .Ui 12:42 10.8 Ider
18:40 ; 1G:45 18.3                    M. <
3:40 i 8:16 14.5    0:17    0.4
18:10 14:50 17:12 11.7 13:49 10.8 |
agricultural   ball  on   Friday,   Decern-
���' ber 20
Invitations are being sent nnt by
the committee In charge of tho Bee
ond annual ball of the llurnahy board
of trade whicb will be held In Oray'
ball, Edmonds, on Wednesday evening, Dei ember 10.
itev. .1. s. Henderson, secretary of
social service and evan ���   Bn   tor the
I Presbyterian   church    in   British   Co-
ilumbia, will preacb In lha Armstrong
Presbyterian .hurch on Sunday next
I month fur the ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
imore than 250 vessels have cleared
trom ihis harbor During the last ]
week more than eighty vessels with;
.something like 60,000,000 bushels of
grain, have gone eaat it is estimated
that about half of tbese vessels were
hound  for American ports.
During    the    past !
nts     wero     Issui d, ;
grain _ shipment   and]eleven   homestead  entries  made  and
���        -i      _ jf.nr.r,in homestead  cancellations  re-
��� j;Vei at the lands office.
T'i" bniUMns permits for November
aggregated In value $11,676. Thla Is
i marked decrease from November,
1912, when th�� total was $81,720. The
weather conditions Is one cause to
whicli the decrease can he contributed.
17 4
and   wlll  also   lei ture  at   a   social
the interior town on Monday, Dec
regular  meeting  of  the   West-
0.51 mlntter branch  of the   Victorian  Or
Nurses will be held in the V.
V at ii o'clock this afternoon.
DECEMBER 5 and 6
���: At the
Y. M. C. A.
in aid of the Itoyal Columbian
Wild  Anima'.s. 40 Clowns.
A  B (j Time.
Advertising space is valuable, because the book is
in use by everybody, on duty constantly, every day
in the year.
It is the only medium that cannot be read at one
silting and then laid aside and forgotten.
The Telephone and the Directory never part company. Side by side with the means of advertising is
the means of making the sale.
Do you not think it should have your careful consideration ?
For rates and information telephone
Advertising Department
Seymour 6070.
Ralph  Lcpc_. Stiil at Bay Fires !:���
Shots and   r_ix  Ar-   Fatal���
Dcciies Recovered.
lT"sh  Ehelle**!   Walnu
Shelied   Almonds,   lb	
I.iilk  Currants.  Ih	
VasUCSB  Currants.   2   p';is   	
ITnest Seeded Raisins, 2 pkts ....
I'anny Bleached Sultanas, :; lbs.,
lirnunil Sweet Almonds, full IU oz.
jurs,   per  jsr    60c.
All  Willis of snlces  and  extrae'-*
.Tap Qrahxes, large hojees  $.������_.
Navel OrsTPS, pi r do?. 23o. and 50-:.
Kniperor  GraTOg,   per  lb       15c.
Ch doe Winf'nn \j.plei;, 3 _bn 23:.
P-r  br*  $2 25.
I  X    laddie   2  Ibi    I 25c.
'.  ���        i   i-.li'ion.   2  U_.   .*. 25?.
strips, :: lbs   1 33c.
Let *.,. your first ot the month
We guarantee to please
DODD -On Saturday afternoon at _
lo'clccli  the  fntieral <;f the  late t'hrls-
Una Dodd, wife of Alderman  Walter!	
!*��� dd   was  held.    After a Bervlce  111 I
St.  Aldan's Presbyterian church con-     Blngbam,    Utah,    Nov.   30.    While
ducted   by    Rev. Mr. Petrle,   burial Ralph Lopez, the Blayer of six men.
was made in tbe   Fraaer   cemetery. 1 was attempting   to   batter   down   s
Mderman Dodd, who.   besides   beingIbulkhead ��t tho entrance cf tha Par
"ii  (he connell.  is :i in. in her ol    Ihe   neli   iiiiuii I    n   v.'"   liiah A|*o:<   mine
Trades and Labor council and a street  here  late   Loday
railwayman.     Therefore     the    pall- Andy  in. line  and  brought  oul    the
bearers    were    chosen    as    follows: 'bodies  of  Deputy    Sheriffs
Mayor (Iray and    Alderman    (Celling-1 llulsey  and   Tom   Mandrlch
ton, it. a. Stoney and President D. S, 'tims cf the desperado's unerring aim
Cameron,  rf  the  Trades  and   Labor I In a subterranean battle yesterday.
'   uncll. and o, Oeesoti and H. Drys-j    A surprising development late today
dale   from   the   street   rallwayraen. was the report that  Mike Crandvlch
There   were   many   member.;  of     the   w'lio shot bis wife flvo tines and nerl
Chinaman Qjrned to Death.
Portland. Ore . Nov. 30.���A China-
in.in, Y>e CIiuiil; I'ook, was burned to
death ..nd property valued at 975,000
was destroyed .inly today by u lire
winch ii.-i...' oul in tue Pioneer paint
s.ore .'ii Pirst street, A Chines,
lodging house above was gutted, and
the Powers Furniture company'-s Btore
adjoining was badly damaged. The
Chinaman was trapped in the burning
lodging hous". 'Ihree other Chines1
were badly singed while crouched on
a file escape, but were finally rescued
Would  Guarantee Bonds.
Ottawa, Nov. 30.���Notice li given in j
the Camilla Gazette that tlle C.  P.  I!.
*   *[ ii'ers  of  the
the :  rvl ies,
Empire present atI'ously wounded her Beveral  days a?o|ada and1 elsewhere
"as also n fugitive a* bav In the min
,and was co-operating with l.onez.
Dean's Grocery
BUTtn Scareefy war, there an old
it'n ��� - of this district who did not yes
ili.rd***. aftorroon attend the funeral
\(xf the la'��� Joseph Burr, which was
be'd in tli ��� Reformed Episcopal
church. Government officials, citv
r n r*3sentatlvc3 aud ' frit rids
��-p.!l;s of life  were  present.
Two deputies < n > rd at  the Par !
nell inonth  opened  flre    with    r'fle
when  Lopez  began    breaking    d'.-wr
the bulkhead  and  he retreated  back
Into the mine nfter prying away one
board.    Thai  hunger is making hlm
posee penetrated |wiii it-,,,iy to parliament fo"r an   acl
enabling it to guarantee the principal
DouglasIor  interest  of   bind   debentures    or
tho  Ve I other securities  issued  by  any  com- ;
pany  In  whieh  it  may  lake,  hold  neil
dispose of shares, such comnan! ���
having for ona of the'r ebjeefs the
purchase of tan-Is,   whsrvus,   dooks |
elevators nnd other hold'-"-*  '"  !'��������� \
        to I IIT d  ft* H
[nurpese of the nr! - :"��� company un;i.
Us iit.eninship companies,
For  Patro'  Du   	
San Bernardino, Cal.   Nov. 30,���Thp !
Twentieth     United     States     infantrv
     reached here    this    afiernoon    fif-m
In    all I desperate Is the bellaf of thn officers, I Utah,  bound for KI  Paso for border
Heron., as he has been In    t'ie    mino    with jpMroi  dirty.    Th..  regiment   consists
i!s  Street.
i tho ch"rch service a  private, service joiily a sma'I supply    of    I rod    since of NO'l men, travelling in four special
i,..,.. (.ou |n the ho'.'so,  conducted  by  Thursday. ltrai��s.    The offleers  say  that  ns  far
|p*v   C, R Windo'.t.    Bt.  PuTs    Re-1    Hundreds of men be-.-, d In a dozen as they know  there    Is    no    Bpeclal
[ formed church, was filled and though different languages today fur the bp- significance to this movement
Easy Chairs and Rockers
A Whole Carload of Them for Xmas
No wonder we undersell the other fellow, when we buy them by the carload. You benefit as well as us, as you can buy one chair from us at the same
rate as we buy them in carload lots.
Shoals of Them.   You Bet!
To suit every purse, so come early and dont' be disappointed.
The Bii? Furniture Store Sixth and Carnarvon Sts. ���I
-**illl -_.il �����������
Vhat with the harbor Improvements, the further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster ls coming to
ber own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
[player, although be did not seem to
Ihook up w.ii with Tofleemen,
Brooklyn.  N    V.,  bus a ttlrl  runner
, who   enn   do   the   hundred   in   11    If,
I seconds,   Bbe has a cballsnge to "all
i the idrls in lhe  world."
GOOD CARD TONIGHT jSpecial Afternoon Teas
Westminster    Team     Retains    Clean Mir.-  Bbawcross,  < iirlnihifT.    McNaugh-      It's a cinch the new arena at line-
jton and  HoUhklSS, all of these Play-1 bee  will  be   ready   In  time  for the
I ars excelling themsslves   and   being | opening   schedule   game,   The con-
the    rest    of    the '
Score  Cheet  In   Iroquoia Cup
Csmes���May Meet City.
well supported by
Samphor had one goal kick in the
firait hair and three lu thp. second,
thi's Showing how lhi.. tide was flowing.
W.ih have Lelth handling the
v Ills' le. tiie soldiers kicked ofr. but
wvre soon headed in their own terri-
u:y.  Carluduil opening  the  scoring
Frar.tr Mills Hockey Club Should En.
tcrtain  Big Crowd at Smoker
This Evening.
Playing a dgshlag nam.' throughout
lln- whole of tiie '..u minutes of play.
th..    Westminster    Rovers    soundly
trounced the sixth Regimeni eleven
of   Vancouver  on   lhe,  Catnble  street
ground*. Saturday afternoon mid thus I utter elgbt minutes of "play following
emerged into   th.- iinai.   They   will U pretty combination display,   shaw
in, et either Westminster City url rms. mud.' No, 2 late in lhe Kecntid
UaiHdule Rangers or North Vancou-; iinir,arter Mcl.eod had missed an
ver. i open goal.
Four   goals   to   nil   wuh   the   score.,     |n ||,,. n.>conil half every Hover for-
Identically tin same U th.- previous ward appeared to wake up and as aa
game* played in 'he competition andIamend ror his previous display, Me
ih,.  Rovers eleven has every <"iu<0' to   l.iod  wormed his way paat  three nieu
feel proud or retaining a clean sheet (banging tba sphere in'o the net as a
In the score card while at the sameIw uut up. II waa beauty nnd well
lime piling nti a total i.r IJ goals I Iwrml tie* applause reoelved Siiaw
axainst opponents. Some record when!cross added a fourth late in tiie !������
ana considers ihe fact that two ofj slop. Throughout the whole or ihe
lh" three games have been played on I game the home team played a one-
strange grounds back    formation    which   continually
Ramphor in Form. threw  the  Rover attack    offside,    no
Baturday's sbul out can be laid   to I less ihan 26 stoppages being mad" on
Hi"  eredit    of    I'll 11    Samphor.    who (this account.
threw thrills of pleasure into thei Although lb" Ride lines were black
large crowd present and a mighty I With people. Manager (irant was of-
shock to Scoity (irant. when the el/if ered the significant sum or 16 uif-
r,:ir|;.-iTi Porl Vile custodian flung I teen) cents as his share of th" gut.-
i. tnself headlong rrom one post to the latter ull expenses had boen paid,
other saving aii almost certain tally. IScotty refused to accept the col-
Coupled wiih th" name of Samphor'lateral.
All arrang. ments are completed tor
the  holding  or  what  promlsfs  to  bo
tractors are up against a tough agree
merit In having lo pay 60 per cent In
6X0CSS or the gross  reoelptS at    each'
of the games played In the cigar box >  ,
arena,   which   has  been   Uie  death  of   "''  KP<*�� "' lr"'  "'a*0"  ��t  frasor
all  N.   II.   A.   t. aum  during   the  past   MlUt  this  evening,   when   Vancuver,
lew seasons. Westminster and I'raser Mills boxer..
-..  and   wrestlers   mix   matters   for   the
The city league will meet In Ryall's Iedification of the fans
c ff lco on Tuesday evening for the pur-j    The circle  K  Hockey   club, under
pose of arranging games for Saturday I whose auspices ihe sporting event u
The Mecca Cafe Is making a specialty of Afternoon Teas. We have a
I warm comfortable room and if you
.should want a cup of tea while down
(town In the afiernoon. call In at the
Entrances:   MacKenzie and
Clarkson Streets.
being  held,  has  worked  hard  to  get
everything In line and the committee
promises   no  delay   when  the events
are being run off.
Spec a!  cars will  be    run    on    the
Millside line in otder to take care of
the crowd,  while plenty cf accommodation  has    been    provided    in    the
So many kicks were levelled at tin; .spacious  Fraser Mills hall.
n. ii. a. schedule released last week!   Nts Westminster   fans   will   take
thut  Percy  Qulnn  was Instructed    to i the 7:30 car  In  order  io  be In time
Iraw up a fresh one which every man-  for the opening turn,
ager will  accept   without  pretest. ��� ���
The   backers   of   soccer   teams     in
Vancouver  are   having  a  hard  grind
this winter ir lh.* Dfteen cents offered j
te  the Rovers  as  ihfcir share of    thei
gate on Saturday Is any criterion,
Made  to   measure,   guaranteed   one
year.   Phone GTS for appointment.
MRS. TWISS, City  Manager.
(2*86) 237 Sixth Street.
Harry   llyland  and  Art    Itoss    are
slill  holdouts  with  Sam   l.iclit.nliein. I
of the Montreal Wanderers,
Amateur Hockey
Tuesday, Dec. 2nd
Prices 25c & 50c
On first mortgages, $500.00
and up on city or farm property must be improved.
Safe Deposit Boxes to rent.
From $2.50 per year and up.
J. J. JONES. Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treaaurer.
'AM    Five    Basketball    Teams    Have
Chance fer City Championshi;
Collene on Top.
Srveral   Surprises    Pulled    Off���Man
cheater City  Begins to
Iroquois  Cup Came  at    Moody    and
Rugby  Fixture Called Off on The defeat   or   Crescents   by   the
i Hustlers   and   the   victory   ot  (.'olurn-
Account of Weather. ,tian collfc.Re over th(, Adanacs has lefl
  an  Interesting  situation  In  the  city
[basketball series, with the leadership.
The wretched  weather of Baturday j although  at  present  in  the  handB  of
caused   the   cancellation   of   the   two'the collegians, still  in reach of    any
_______ inaln football Karnes in this city, the of the ottier lour learns.
reterOS of  the  City-LoilSdalS    sccccr <    Dntfl three weeks ago   the    chain-
Liverpool  2,  Tottenham   Hotspur  1    date,  deciding  that   Moody   park  was I plonship was about  Bettled with    the
Manchester l'nited n, Derby Conn
*.  Aston  Villa 2
l,    Manchester
Twelve of thd leading clubs in the
rirst   division  of   KngliHh   football  and;
ne'er  a  one  could  obtain   more  than j
ono polnl on Saturday afternoon Buch
8  showing Is almost a record in the
premier wgsnlcatiou,   and    Indicates
to British Columbian followers or the
weekly I'lim.'-i the   eVehness    of the,
i .��� . ti Jtiis comprising the league    ;
sa. rrieid   Wednesday,     thirteenth
down  tbe  table, showed  s  return  to
rorm, defeating Sunderland who still
has mi  excellent chanoe to head the:
Chief among the surprises of the
day was the Win or Manchester City
playing at Oldham, thla    being
ind win after a disastrous ten I
weeks of play Liverpool and Preston thl* other tall-enders. also eame'
through with victories at th�� expense;
���f Tottenham    nnd"  Mldillesboro  re- -(
Saturday  can  be  put    down    as  a
great  day   for   the     weaker     teams, |
11,iby   County   holding  Its  own   with,
Manchester   Vn'.&rt.   Chelsea   defeat
Ing   Bradford,   while   Kverton   gained j
a  draw   playing  at  WeBt  Ilromw-tch.   j
In the second division little change
Is   noticed   In   thc   league  standings.
Notts  Korest,  trailing  at   the  foot of
tha   ladder,   met   with  disastrous   re-,
kii!U   at   I/peds.   the   City   piling   up j
eight goals to nil on tho Foresters.     I
The following are the results of
First Division.
Holton W. 1. Blackburn it. 0.
Ilunley 0, Sheffield United 0,
Chelsea 2, Bradford City 1.
Newcastle l'nited
Oldham     Athletic
Citv   it
Preston   North   B,
ough 1.
Sheffield  \V   :'.  Sunderland   1
Wesl Bromwlch Albion 1, Kverton l.;
Second Division.
Birmingham 1. Orlm<by Town 2.
Bradford  ���'!.  Uury 1.
Bristol City 1. Woolwich Arsenal  Li
Clapton  Orient   2,  Blackpool  0.
'Leeds City 8, Notts Forest 0.
Leicester Fosse i). Hull City 4.
Notts County 3.  Banisk-y 1.
Stockport llu.ldersfield.   postponed.
Wolveiluunplon  W.  1,  Fnlham ".
Southern   League
Brighton k  Hove A. 2. Bristol li.  l.i
Northampton 0,    West  Hnm    Unlt-
lhe|ed 0,
Norwich  C.-Southampton,  postponed J
Portsmouth   1. Swindon  Town  1.       '
Exeter City 0. Queen's IV IL U.
 Kngiish  Cup Ties j
The fourth  qualifying  round of the j
cup resulted  as follows:
Qlosapp ii, Berkley 3.
GnlnsbOTO 3. Stockport County 1
Fort Vale 3. Coventry Cily 1.
Norwich Cily 6,  Walthajns-Ow  ('.
Watford 10. Bournemouth 0.
(illllngham 2, Nunhead 0.
Swansea 2. Cardiff City 0.
Blackheath  6. llarequlns 2.
London Irish  1, Old Alleynlans 0.
Richmond  _������ Trojans 0.
Old    Merchant    Taylors    11.
Hill t.
Old  I.eyelans  12, Old  Blues S.
Oxford U. 24. l-ondon Scottish 8.
Newport  3,  Cardiff  0.
���Gloucester ��, Hampshire 3.
Leicester 10, Moseley 0.
iu no shape to play on although the Cre-E.-.-nts sitting back watching 'he*
two teams were out In unif"rui read;, other teams light il out for places,!
for the fray. I but. with the college at thc top of the I
Queens park waa in excellent shape
Iir a rugby game, but word was re-
.��� Ived at noon that day Trom thc
Met.ill manager asking that the game
be postponed, to which lhe local cap
tain assented. The Impossibility of
reaching all the players bv telephone
caused several to make the trip    to
ladder    and    the    leaders    and    tail
lenders separated by not   more   than
200 points there is an added incentive
lor  the   whole  league  to  pay  special
attention  to training  Irom now on.
Here is the league standing:
P.    W.    L
College    ...  5     3     2
lhe park. Including live or the M.filll Crescents
i Tigers
I Hustlers
Springs Huge Surprise Over Annapolis
Cadets���Big Crowd at Polo
Vancouver Amateur   Hockey    League
Claims Royals Are Tampering
with Players.
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
SS   ' Prince Gorge" ud   "Pticce Rup��t"
MONDAYS���12 midnight for Prince Report, Stewart
TUESDAYS���12 midnight for Victoria and Seattle.
THURSDAYS���12 midnight for Prince Rupert, Granby Bay.
SATURDAYS���12 midnight for Victoria and Seattle.
MONDAYS���12  midnight.  Dec 1. ter Msssst
FRIDAYS���IJ midnight. Nor. Tt, tar Queen Charlotte Island points.
Mondays and Thursdays steaasers make dose connection at Prise*
Rupert with Grand Trunk Pacific trains for Terrace, New Hau*-
Rupert with C.rand Trunk Pacific trains tor Terrace, Hazelton
and Smithers; mixed traias te Rose Lake (300 Mile.)
Tickets to all points east and te Kurope, via all rail and steamship
H. O. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street. Vancouver.
W. B. DUPEROW. G.  A.  P.  IX
those Private Exchange 81M
Furniture Exchange
in 61 Sixth street for real bargain in all kinds ot furniture and furs
ishings.    Picture Framing, UphotaUrrtne, Furniture Repairing, etc
Try us for Window Shades.
Royal Mercantile Co.
week showed Blgns of defaulting
owing to a late start having been
made in signing up players. Manager
Graham reports that three men have
been signed  up during the past few I
New    York.    Nov.   30.���The    Array
Ifootball team  furnished a spectacular
nnd confusing flnale   to the   eastern     According  to  a  report  from  V
fKlbull  season  of  li'13  by  defeating j couver  several delegates of the Vanillic Navy eleven at the Polo grounds couver Amateur    Ice    Hockey league ��� -.- -
lytsterday by u score of 12 to ��.            state   that   New   Westminster   repre- WJfi 0les* being C. A. Dadds, L. Han- I
I    Completely   outplayed   during   Ihe sentatlves have been lu Uie Terminal |M��� *__���_:    ' Bl"ck'"u-
i opening    period    or the    game,    the City offering inducements to players
cadets swept the sallorB off their feet in order to secure their services   In
lln the second half of the contest by the Incal organization.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust IBdfe.
a combination of brilliant individual
Mill atiil open team    plays   that   quickly
j relied up an overwhelming lead. With
J victory in sight for the first time   In
four    years    the West    Point    team
Tiie paper containing the report
also issues a warning to the local
league against such practice which
does not appear to be out ot place. It
is very well known In tbe city    that
scored rapidly and finished the game | Vancouver players will figure in New
with a  total  that  has not been es-1 Westminster    amateur    games    this
lUioisBcup competition. ably ^*��j��* *��� ��**
According to advices from the F.ast.
nmatcur hockey has the professional     According  io  the  ruling  made  by
itamc Jim Thorped to a fare-thee-well. the Ontario Amateur union, amateurs
 ,��� cannot t^y    out    with    professionals
"Vancouver pros look like one best|The different provincial unions Of the
bet for the championship," Is theic. A. A. V. are reported tQ have
heading of a Vancouver paper yes- practically the same constitution, so
terday.    Watt    till    Hugh    Lehman's �� swooji by Jim Keary on the Heavers
'��� ���-'  Is In order unless that gentleman ie
steering clear of trouble.
bunch get going and the Terminal
City fans wlll probably get as big a
surprise) ns the one handod the Nnvy
by the West Point cadets at the Polo
grounds on Saturday.
Joe Gorman, a sport writer of Victoria, Ib reported to be out In uniform with the Senators. No wonder
Joe Is the greatest booster Dealer
Patrick has In the Capital City,
Newsy Uilondo 1�� having trouble
���with Ceorgo Kennedy and Ills Irish
Canadiens. The small sum of $1000
ls mentioned as the offer to the
French Canadian with a substantial
bonviB If the Canadiens win the N. H.
A. 'fchnmplonshlp. Kennedy Is between two flreB In the I*londe case
It's a sirange old world. Four years
ago Eddie llpthegrove carried Uie lacrosse sticks snd water pall for
Jimmy Murphy, tho present head of
the Onlarlos, of Toronto. Now Eddie ls managing director of the Tur-
ontos, also in the N. II. A.
Frank Barrleau will get a chance
at Bud Anderson on December 9.
Thai's the time when Vancouver, B.
C, and Vancouver, Wash., will clash.
Tom Browell's transfer from Everton to Manchester City possibly accounted tor the City's win on Saturday.   The centre forward Ib one great
.���i'l'd.il by either academy In ten
years. Despite the complete annihilation of the Navy combination and its
hope for a fourth consecutive victory
ever the Army, the game was fought
out desperately until the closing
moment, and the sailors went down
with c-o-ors f!vlng.
Forty-two thousand people witnessed the game.
Coquitlam    Now    Has   Seven   Point
Lead In Vancouver Senior
CcQUltlam maintained Its unbeaten
record for this season on Saturday
afternoon on the Port City grounds
wheu Illvervlew went down to defeat
fuur goals to nil. The visitors were
in difficulties from the flrst drop of
the hat, the Ranchers' forward llne
playing remarkable combination work
considering the state of the grounds
and ball.
Marshall and Miller were in their
usual form giving Worrell very little
to do between the sticks. A fair
crowd turned out to witness the
league leaders In action in spite ot
the rain.
Coiiuitlam ls now leading the league
bv seven points over the V. A. C,
their nearest competitors.
winter, just how    many    not    being
known until the teams take the ice.
New Westminster people are going
to support amateur hockey this winter, but that support will be greater
lf they know that the players are residing tn the ctty and district When
the time comes to issue a challenge
to tke Vancouver Rowing club In the
Savage cup Inter-clty games the fans
do not wnnt to pull tor a team which
In the main ls composed of players
resident ot another city.
Executive of Ness Westminster Amateur Leeceo te Held Cession
This Afternoon.
At a meeting of the amateur
hockey league scheduled tor this
afternoon or evening, the last details
of the league will probably be settled
ln time tor action st the rink tomorrow evening when the flrst double-
header of the seaaon will be staged.
The meeting was originally slated tor
Saturday afternoon, but. several ot
the delegates tound It Inocnvsnlent
to attend, hence the postponement
A general desire appears to exist
among the clubs to strengthen up the
Moose teem, which during the paat
It is expected that Beveral transfers will be taken up by the league,
probably this afternoon, owing to
some players, who, finding tbe stakes
against them making the team they
have signed up with are desirous of
hitching up with some otber organisation.
Another important matter for the
league to take up this afternoon ls
tbe resignation of W. E. Maiden, secretary. Bill accepted the position
tendered him at the annual meeting,
confident that he could spare the time
to look after the multitude of business which ts always cropping up,
but since then he has found lt Impossible to handle the position In the
limited time he ^as at his disposal
and he to desirous ot turning over the
work to another person.
As Another Men's Wife.
8pokane, Waesh.. Nov. 28.���William
Faulkner got a divorce from Desde-
raona Faulkner yeaterday, when he Introduced In the court of Judge E. H.
Sullivan a picture of his wife which
waa Identified by witnesses ss the
woman who hsd posed ss the wife of
another man. The couple married
at Rnthdrum, Idaho, in 1908.
Train Kills Deaf Man.
Moscow, Idaho, Nov. SO.���Eric Ben-
dlcksoa, an aged resident ot Moscow,
wss struck by a Northern Pacific extra freight train trom Lewiston and Instantly killed about i o'clock tn Uie
afternoon, near the stockyards. The
dead man was desf.
BrsMHse Through***.* ��w Ftcwleeo et ���rltlsh Columbia.
Savings Oapertmeirt et sM anaabee Deposits ot One Dollar en*:
upwards received and interest at Iks highest current talegsM ��'
credited saM feerty.
Orafts mat TeeveHora* Cfceej-se eoM, peyeble le #U parts of Ow
OHM. a MWWCK. ��mmmI Meneter.
New   Westminster   ���ranch: .    A. W. IjLACK. MsiWfler.
��� ll,.
Youth Feces Serious Charge.
Freewatcr, Ore., Nov. 30.���-Lloyd
Sullivan, ot this city, was arrested tn
Wslls Walla on a charge ot wronging
Bdng Carrol, aged 16. He waa brought
before Justice Miller, who placed hlm
under a |M0O bond, ln delsnlt ot
which be wns taken to Pendleton by
Deputy Sheriff 3. H. West to stand
fm ft:Sl      .
rwtt MMM MILYt
Afternoon, 1:�� te 8:10 '* *   tWitnj. i:W*>
��.-����.-_-_-..-..--_.���, -'Sjgjj.,.
i  HIM,
Art Making Christmas
CHUMO This Already Popular Company WM be Hen
',   ���'*'<* /
-so*  ��������
...   ,   A ,      ...   """"I Ulster Protestants to
Classified Advertising   | Denounce Carsonlsm
ed-ASSH'lKli    ADB    WILL   tm   KR-*
���,���-,!  fot   The News at thn follow-
^ .���,,,.,_      |*. T. Hill's drug Mala,j
*:>    ,-, i iii bis    atreet;    A.   Sprice. |
QoeensborouKh,   l.ulu Island;    Mrs.
���K. Lsrden,  Highland l'ark;  Mm V.
Lewis, Alia v lata.
J'Oll    BALE
erty thfou
h mi ad
In thla column.
** *
RATES. ���
a * * m���* *******
CUac-iRed���One cent  per
*__���, ���   4r per word
month: 1,000 words,
���alr-v. within one year trom
sentrect. (25.00.
Bnlshed, and large cleared lot, Bd
monds, Clear deed. Cheap tor cash
Apply owner, Ueorge Warns, Elgh
teenth avenue, Edmonds
Another League and Covenant Signed
���Woman Says Religion Should
Ee Judged.
per week; U* per
is, to be eeed es re-
fOR SAI.K Jinn DUWN. tl nu PEU
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar
ket square, (8619)
��ats et
please return to News otTlce anil re
celvo reward. l_."ll)
HAVK ��10,000 AVAII.AUI-R IM *.
6 :i months, to loan at 5 pot eruL
Merest. Application muBt be
at    once.    Confidential.
���|Tte News.
Bos    1��1
to UN to invest for three to tour
months time with good returns on
Invested.     Bos  MM   News
want a home of your own
sell my three room home, five lain-
ulcr, to car, live cent fare, lor ��15
monthly. J- V. D., Alta Vista P.O..
Iturn a by.
������('KSlSHlin   AND   UNFURNISHED
.tpnrtmcnts to rent,   right   cn   car
Une,  steam heated, hot    and
water,  gas  rangea,  electric    light
separate balh to every suite, roosts
am    bright,    cheerful,
sanitary nnd rent is very reasonable
Inclndlng   gas   -md
single rooms, both
unfurnished. Apply
traile  1,    second
clean   and
lighta.     Also
furnished    and
Mrs. Mandville,
floor.    Mandville
wbere.     No   collection,   nn  charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile An
eucy, 336 Hastings street west. Van'
couver. (2618)
The Manchester Guardian in s recent Issue published the following article from lis oorrespondenl al Bally-
i lonay, In Antrim the most Unionist
bi unt) in Ulster:
The meeting nf Protestants held ln
Ballymoney, comity Antrim, to protest
agalnsl tbe pulley of Carsonlsm marked an Importani development In ihe
home  rule  ootisiruvorslos.    Sltiee  the
formation of the "provisional government," with its stage Wits tlon of an
army, Hs threats to rebel against the
lawful authority of the
llumeiit, and Us efforts
tn foment and
which Caraonltes un
pire. Afier three dun years of enn
tllet the Carsonites often d to the empire six or uie nine counties, as the
ease mlghl be. deeply divided, in
which they proposed to maintain civilization and religion by force ol anna;
fur Sir Edward Carson knew well that
ih. provisional governmenl would nol
hold a single county or a sinuU' half-
county, exoept In northeast Ulster for
a week exeept by military toree.    Sir
Edward oould not venture ou representative government. Indeed he had
given a sinister warning tbai rue Irish
Roman Catholics were t,> be beld
by his government as hostages, mucb
in the manner of mediaeval times.
True    Protestantism,    salds    Mrs
Qreen,  would   set itseir to ba  the
upllttor of
this r.is
,. rated i.\ two witnesses,
M'rs.   Duorest   would  have liked     lu
* i.n the court ail about the account and
her opinion of the milk, bul as this
had nothing to do with t'.i ��� saas she
had t . bottle lt up for the county court
judge, who Is lik.ly to ii' a chance
to list ii t" it and will ni i  bs al''1' tO
Ignoble  position refuse,    Regarding the Interview  on
i them in the em-1 the sidewalk she wanted to know
;   " ..uut  wuuld  like lo have an]
The complainant denied that be imd
used any other epithet that could be
considered abusive except to call thei
hupbaud in reply a liar.
His  worshln  expressed   Ills  opinion
lllll   the     lady   bad   a   hastv   'empcr |
which she had allowed to run away
with  her, and    h
Tha defendant created soma amuse
ment by bustling up to the desk ol thi
OOAL MtNlNi) rights ��f Hie Domlnlo
in Manitoba. HaikalcUnWao an.l Alberts
lhe  .ikon Territory,  ide Northwest
in a  crook and a rnirue and alritoriwi sad In s portion ��f tha l'royino
,"in toSSto? 'mn,, Sleigh"htrri&s!i5��i&v��rtffi
a,,',,ui,iiiiii. *r.*i. ii. i.*,  iinniii *_'
rental Of ��l an acre. Nol linn.' ibnn
,u:r.'H win tx* i.'i.s.'U to ons applicant.
,'.(,,,iH*:.ii,'i, r..i ii lease mdst i>m mas
nv ilm applloant In psraon tp tbs a**��
or Bub-Agent of tbs dlstrlot in wiii��� in*
rights applied fur are ���lttnit.d.
In Biiiv.yi'.l territory tha lan.1 must b
described by stotlona, or Isgal mih-nivi
slon* uf secll.inii. an.l In uimurveveil wr
ritory   the   tract   applied    for    sliall    ��
king and par-1 rrif.nrt; _,* helper und the
. fined her five dol- staked eut by ihs applloant blmaslf.
nn.,i ,nr uyi   noi ,    ^^ ^rffc-tloe musl ba aoMmpeqlw
i uy a tea nt tt. Which will be refund.*. I
.he rlshls applied for are nol iiviillabl.
hut  nol  otherwise.    A   royalty   aliii.1    b
clerk and holding up the business ���.' j �����" ��R tfc .K^T^'u $ &.*
the court while she wrote out a cheQue The peraon i>t**r��ttns ths mine ��i.ai
and treated Mr Oardner to her opin i fumi.t. the_ Am-nt with sworn ?rani
ion  of the ease and   its ending SOttO   &#_**_ %TtgT%_f &* "?��
P, H. Hmlth. W. J   lirovna.
Work   iiti.l.'rt.iknn    tn   city   uu 1    out-tlds
points.   _li-r_   Westminster   Ttu-t   ttl.tg.
I'hone  an*.     I'.  O.   Box  H)7.
alios  Dnglnaera,  Loos]  MS.  meeta in
Ijihor   'I'.-iuple  every  flrat     nn.l     third
Thursday of the month, n   McLaughlin.
pr.*sl<h*ttl :   w.  C.   Siiun-l. re,     m , i.-lury,
IV  O    Hm   C'_H.
those    whom
it   had
past.   It
voce.    As she left tlle court she hurst
oul Into a loud denunciation or the
plaintiff nnd said: "If 1 pay here he
perpetuate religious strife in _hecoun-|wr���nged in the -.,.       .��� , .
I try, thousands of Protestants all over ���, ()f frieniiship, or common national, *���--- "a-v '" t-1" "''xl �������"���
'Ulster  have In  conversation  express- j B(,rvlc,,_ thai they were met that night	
to send  forth to their count..vnien      I SHEARWATER   GOES  SOUTH
sir itoRcr Casement asked why in,
stamen  were drlllinR    and    arming.
Againat whom were Ihese arms to be j ��� - -
directed? Attalnst their own brothers! Victoria, Nnv. SO.- l'nder instruc-
and the best friends th��y had In the I tlons rrom the admiralty. II. M. S.
i world.    Catholic Ireland, so rar  from i Shearwater,  Commander  Walter, sail
ed their horror or such a policy. With :
the rapidly approaching crisis in the [
uffairs ol Ireland it was felt that some
isteps would be taken by Protestants
publicly to proclaim their detestation
or Carsonlsm, with all its nil-Irish
qualities,  and  the  meeting at Ball;
farm   sales   conducted.     Kurnltur.
bought for cash.    V.  U.  Brown, li
Besuie slreet, New Wesiminster.
money tonight was tbe result.
Likely Unionist Centre.
Certainly no better centre could be
toUnd in i'lster than this prosperous
town for beginning the new crusade,
which seeks to find a common, platform for all Irishmen. In the days
before land reform changed the whole
face of the country the Protestant and
Catholic rarmers In Ballymoney and
the surrounding district whloh Is
known as "the Viotitc," rought side by
side for the removal or the landlord
evil which was draining th" llfeblood
<>r the country, ln those days no ar-
tiricial barriers such as have since
been erected by the Ascendancy party
iu a last desperate effort to retain
their power divided the men of the
nort'.i from the men of th^ soulh. It
I wae this unity whieh made the greal
by given that I intend  laud purchase acts. Just as |:  i*
Pioneer Books on III', an'l California by
a pioneer. Canadian Camp l.lfe. Snd uli-
ilun; Among tin- Peoples of B. Ci In Hie
rathli'HH West; Nan. or PlQueer Women
and Kim. The sits ot five for 13.0U or
lbe. per copy till Jan. 11 tti. Address I-
K. Herring, 1U7 Hamilton St.. New
Westminster, B.C., or any of tha hook
stores.    Discount to tlu- trade.
'hating Ihe people or Ulster or seek-led for the Mexican const ln place or
lng to triumph over them. was. he b<>- i li. M. S. Algerine, whieh limped back
'lieved  wllh all his heart, only  dosir-ito port on Monday lust with her port
Ious of convincing  Protestant  Ulster I propeller carried nwny.
jof its affection, good will and admire-      In view of possible developments In
Itlon lor the manly qualities and great: the Mexican situation within the near
capacities or the citizens of I'lster. future, the British authorities have
Put amity lu the place of enmity, and deemed it advisable to replace the Al-
he believed  I'lster could  go out  andjgerlne With tho    Shearwater,    which
! govern,  not  I'lster nlone. but all Ire-
Hand, and make home rule somclliiiig
ally thiTBon. If tba conl mining rtght
nro not twins oi*r��t��s1 such returns about)
he  fuinlsliisi at   least  once  a  yenr.
The lies.' wlll Include the rent minim
righta only, but the MUSS will tm per
itillted lo purehaae whatever avallehl*
iiirfni-e rights muy b�� considered neoes
sary for tfi�� working of the mine at un
rnte of Sin an acre.
Kor full Infomatlon sppllcatlon ahout
ba made to the Secretary of the DAparl
ment of the Interior. Ottnwa, or to an;
Aaent or Hub-Agent of  Dominion I-M)d��
w. w. rortv.
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N   B.���Unauthorised publleutlon of till
advertisement wlll nol be paid for.
ll. A V. O. of Hlka of ttie D. of C. meat
the first and third Thursday at 8 p. nt.,
K. of P. Hall, Ulghlh atreet. A Wells
Oray, Bzalted Ruler. P. II. Hmlth. See-
��� O. O. M.. NO. Ill MKKTH Oft
first, aecond. third and fourth Wednesday In each month mi H p. tn.,
In the Moose Home. II. J. Leamy,
dictator; W. J. Orovss, wereinry.
I|iiii|i|uiirtera of lodge In Ser House,
corner of Fourth and Carnarvon atreeta.
the mntt.'r of ihe
Pn ,h in-   I inn,.   M
nr Hi w  WisiiillllBle
TAKI-". NOTICE lhat lirnli,
���apart mints,   corner
nnd Twelfth streeL
TO    R.NT
tuxuekeeplng rcoin, cheap. ��pciv
301 Columbia street.
Notice is h
to apply nt the next silting of the
i Board of License Commissioners tot
the City of New* \VeBtmtnster for   s
bottie license and a wholi Bale llcensi
! tor the Mile of liquors in an.l I] n
jthe premises sliual d upon Lot '������- of
City Block 24, in the said City of New
Westminster, B.C.
Bated this 101b day of November. 191.
to rent try an ad. in this column.
Weeping moms. $11    and
nth sl 224 Seventh street. (S2Z)
$15     ner
ml   1   In
unity which, given a fair chance, will
eventually complete the regeneration
of the country Initiated I y tbe land
There was no difficulty In securing
Bpeakers .f distinction. Amongst the
speakers were Mrs. Qreen, who has
made her mark in historical literature;
Sir Roger Casement, who after rendering   valuable   service   to   the   empire
and humanity In distant parts of the
world, has returned to his native Antrim; and Captain White, the son or
(he field-marshal who defended Ladysmith, The loeal speakers included
Alec Wilson, who has been Tor years
en" of the ableel and nee-' energetic
helpers In the industrial revival move
.-.-Hat.* of Augustus
1). lato of the City
, deooasod I
Of  lbe  Wlll
will no. go further south than M��toa|g������gi CtSt'SSftltlr'artfclilp!
It was originally planned that Hie ,.,,,,,', ,���ir#, tiougUui Brymner, the execu-
Shearwater make the usual annual 1 tors ln the said will namaa.
������rulne to ports nlong the South Am.r-| And further tnki* notiea that alt per-
lean coasl SS far south as Valparaiso ^eh^i7e^W^0^S^.��_u"���
but under the latest orders received Whereof duly verified, to the undersigned
l.v Commander Walter, the cruise has1,m or before the IStn day of December,
rule bill bass.*,!, whieh he hoped would . been abandoned, !..,;.,.",.! ^r^^o'^y'u?. .iSZoTot
occur, they would do iheir plain duty     Between fifteen and twenty seamen I th,,lr ;ii,,,.,, ,hl,.H��� rorthwlth.
as law-abiding citizens to their coun-   md one officer wer.* transferred from      vrr,r ,|���. ���,** mi, day "f Decembei
try   and.  setting  their shoulders  to 'he  Algerine to the Bhearwater,  so ;������'���   the said exeeuiora will nnwe<'d io
the wheel, would do their best to make J * "  the latter vessel will hav,   her      ' .    '.-';��� -Jg .'������,;;;', ���    '! '
Inland a success and a credit to her-1 "ill complemenl  for the cruise,    The   ���_. ,.,:,,,| Snlj  to the claims they sluill
self  and  to  the  British  empire.    He  detachment  that Is now on the way, then have hnd notice of.
:.,. of November,
great and beneficent.
Aloe Wilson said tliat as Ulster
Protestants are born and bred they de-
el ir. d thnt Sir. IC. Carson did not
speak for them.    II the present home
. O. O. F. AMITT LODOH NO. 17���Tbs
regular meeting et Amttv lodge Na
27. I. O. O. F., la held every Monday
night at �� o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hall,
corner Carnarvon and Khthth streets.
Vteltlng brethern cordially Invited.
H. A. Merrlthew. NO.; II. \V. Songster,
V. O.; W. C. Coatham. P. O. reoard-
Inx secn-tarv: ). ~. Mail >onuld. financial eecretary.
\V. K. FA LEH--Pioneer Funeral DlrtOtSI
and Ke.hiilmer. Cll-SIH AtOina atreet
.���l'Ii,;.l..- Caruegte l.lhri.ry.
a.    BOWKt.l.    (Stll'CBSHOK    TO    CKN-
ler * ilnnna, Ltd )���Punarsl directors
and iintialmera.    Parlora till, Oolunlbltt
���treet,   Niw   Weatmlnst' r.    limne  its.
r  II.
street, with use ot phone.
li nil nl  the nexl   meei m^ '���'���  ��� i,   111) i
IttitiwS^'from^yMlfl^Cnarle-i'^bWBhn.lment;   Mr. John  Dlnsmore, one of Ul-
tn John K  MocKenslc and Bru ������ Loop, ol   >trr's "captains Of Industry," aud Wll-
"'���'  ������*   * ���;.,.,���':!  n.ini Ma,.,.,*,,Pi a  risinj- barrister. The
town ball, though it was crowded to
believed there were manv thousandsIfrom Devonporl to relieve the time
of decent Ulster Protestants, Unionist exnl.ed nun from the Bhearwater,
vol rs, wh,. signed the covenant, but|will, upon their arrival, go td the Al
Id i ss *u. these same op nlone
Carspnlsto Is not a true reflection of
decent i'lster opinion. Carsonlsm was
like one ot those distorting mirrors
they  Baw  Bometitnes  which    made    a
man ion
Heme Rule Inevitable.
Heme    rule    was    coming   *.> liotliT
thej liked it or not, ami Mr, Wlls in
suggested thai they might tty to torm
an Ulster peace commit; e, open to
whether Unionist
Dated iiii*
i ith
.1 I'llll.l.ir:
A   i'
ei i'i".    I ir   lr, ing, of the cruts
m. C. s. Rainbow, goes   south
the 8hearwater.
\-  a new pn peller has to ba easl
tor the Algerine. it is impossible that  in
i   1 l','.'a'libellous'earieatu'ie o;   -h"  **--   *-* hl  il  Position  to  sail for
' two months. ���
*   WOOD,
i if  IU  in im  Birks  ': itWii K   Oranvllli
sin. i.   *. mi ouver,   Ei.  Q,  Bulldtora  fm
th.   i:\a, .it,ns ��� 'i: ��� >
De-iier   W.fs's   Charges.
Walls    SValla,   Wash..     Nov.     W.
���auk K. Sims n ��� ently im .1 u r s dl-
Vnn ���
of  ii"*  Colonial
_itil lo this city.
i'II.Mil.K.s  SCHWAHN.
(9SS31 Appllcnnt
New Westmtnster, B.C Nov. 60), 1S ta
vorce b\  Ms wife, Ines U Sims, who
l",nir   protestants.   wheiaer   In:  nisi     ���,,���,.,,,���,  falled  ,,, ,, ,���.;,.;   t,,.*t  ho
or Liberals, or Nationalist, or belong-U-.me home drunk al frequent  Inter-1
|vals, and also had u bad disposition,
an  answer filed  In  superior court
\    ol   phono.    41��  Seventh  Bt.  (K0��.
Canadian mm
From Vancouver for Victoria.
M:���� a.m I*1"3*
2:(��l  p.m -*->��
11:45   p.m W��'">J
Frcm Vancouver for Seattlt.
I0:<W' am >1**^t
ll-.HO a.m - Doily
From   Vancouver for  Nanaimo-
3:00  p.m D***t
Nanaiioo,  Union Cay and Comox.
9.(10 am Wednesday wid VrUltij
Union Bay, Po*��H Riv����.
 Every  Saturday
For Prince  Rupert and Alaska.
SI.00 pin Kvery SamWlaF
' {Vince Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena
River Point*.
11:80 p.m Wedoeedar.*
For Gulf Island Points.
1:00 a-n . Tuesdays tor Victoria.   C��B
ine; at points in the Gulf IslanAa.
KD. OOOLET, Agent. New ~<
bl mr. brodib. a. p. a. vi
Telepbotes:  Office 53.  Residence 429
JOHN  IIE1D. Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Bros.'    Gasoline
Uugint-*.,   M.v ne   Engines   and   Auto
mobile  K   .airs.
Office and  Works:  Tenth St.
��0. Box 474.    New Westminster. B.C
11:45 a.m.
Ue fllocks ���.. 5, 7, 8, 8. 10 and ��  *l
-inn nt B. W. V*. Section 18, Township s.
.\ Certificate of Indefeasible Title lu
���She abovo property  will be ianucd to
Mabel l-ouiaa I'layfalr on the Slat day
ol Deoember, 1913, unless in the mean-
timt: a vulid objection bc made to me
at writing by a   person   or   p-ersims
.laimiu" an estate or interest thersse,
or in any jiart thereof.
Uiatrict Uegistrar ot Title*,
t-imi Registry Office,
NVw Westminster, B.C., November
:'..i.h. 1:11:1.
The person or   person*   haviag   ie
their custody or poHsession, the toihra
Title  Deeds relating io the anid
requested in deliver  the
rv, 1879.   Crowe grant to
property are
���use Is the
17tb Janui
ot   8. W. %,
;nriSon Parmer   Dafoe
���Section IS, Township a.
I7tb January, 1871*.   Gordon l*arm��T
'iafcMi Ui Oeorge MarshalUeonveyanee
���n tee or the S.W. 10 acres of aW-14
. rtee.t ion 18, Township 8-
Slst December, IMS. Gordo* rarnxr
Jlafne to Jack  Miller, conveynner
fee of it. part of B.W.Vi
���*ro\��H8hlp 8.
24th September, 1904.   Gordon n��r-
tnf.r DatCO to Jack Miller, convoyanen
4-n fi--. narl of S. vV. '/��,   S-cction   IH.
'Townehip 8.
lttii February, 1905.   Jack Milter to
TMtvM Wright, conveyance in ft*, of
ttu. eoutr. portion
..on tt. Township 8, eicept
Notice is hereby si ven that I intend
to apply at the next sittin*. of the
Licensing Board Ior the City of New
Westminster lor a renewal of license
ov s>eii liquors by retail on the premises known as the [loyal City Hotel
__.tua.ed at corner o! Customs 1Iouk>
Square and Columbia Street, in the
said City ol New Westminster.
Now Westminster, Nov. 8, 1813.
Ithe door, would hold only six hundred persons. Application lor tickets
had been received frnm over twenty
miles' radius, and a building Hue.*
limes tli" size could have been easily
rilled, but its promoters desired to
Iconflne the attendance to the people
ioi Ballymoney and the Immediate district and were compelled lo refuse
j tickets. The platform Kroup was of
heading people or the district, while
the audience was oomposed, except,
for a sprinkling or women, exclusively of sturdy Protestant farmers who
have mads Antrim one or the garden
counties nr Ireland. Mr .lohn Moll-
,1. rry. who presided, made il clear that
the meeting was a purely Protestant!
Thc Covenant Signing.
The proceedings were very cntliusi-
astie. and ai the conclusion nf the
meeting there was a general rush of
the audience to the platform for the
purpose of siRniiiK a covenant which
was nad by Captain White, amidst
cheers, and which, beginning with the
ivords, "Being convinced in our con-
pclence tliat home rule would not bc
disastrous to the national well being of
Nev/ Wellington
Office, 554  Front  Street.
Foot ot  Sixth  Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
���sua us iiii mi 11 ii si i ���s ms���s ii
lifter' proceeds: , Hess "resistance to the will of the
"We, whose names are undersigned,
Irish citizens. Protestants, and I :in-
;>'*rters or Irish nationality, relying
undi .' God on the proved good feeling and democratic instincts of other
treed.", hereby pledge ourselves to
stand by one another and ,,'ir country
in the troublous days that are before
us. and more especially In help one
another wh"!i our liberties are threat-
ened by any non-statutory body thai
: aj  be set up in ['later or elsewhere.
"We Intend to abide by the just laws
,.; the lawful parliament of Ireland.
until BUCh time:, as It may prove Itself
hostile to democracy. In sure cenri-
ito:ien  thai  Qod   will  stand  lr.   tb se
* . stand  by  the people, Irrespective
of creed or class, we subscribe i ur
ling   to   no   politieal   parly,   but    whol
could agree lo seek ror and advocate
proposals   which   could   bl-  honorably
accepted by both sides.    If anything
of the kind was attempted Bomebody||
had   to   begin,   and   why   should   they
Uot  begin that night?   if onoe thej
got   people to talking practical  nud
'nal polities, they could generally uet.
state.mianship   enough   to   devise     u
practical   solution   even   lor  the   most
pUZSllng    problem.    He    appeal.',I    to
tbem to talk the matter over amongst
themselves and their friends, rind out
bow* far public opinion was ready for
a peace movement, and If tbey round:
[he Protestants or Ballymoney favorably disposed or the idea.    let  Bally-
money have tii" great honor or start-;
ing a campaign which would show the i
world  that   Ulster  Protestants  were'
out for the welfare of all  Ireland, no}
Imatter whal the form or Irish govern-]
: ment might bo,
i   The following resolution was adopt-!
���ed amidBl greal enhuslasm:
"That tills meeting ot Protestant inhabitants of Ballymoney and the
Route protests asainst the claim of!
Sir Edward Carson and lhe self con-i
Btltuted provisional government tit.
Ulster to represent the Protestant!
community of northeast Ulster in the]
��� policy  they have announced  if law-;
parliament or Oreat Uritaln and Ireland,
and, further, hereby pledges itself to
offer such opposition us the law per
mits or enjoins to the arbitrary decrees nf an illegal and entirely non
representative body."
A second resolution called upon his
majesty's governmenl "to pursue his
policy ol bringing all Irishmen together In one common field or national effort."
I nli b all these ami accuses his wife
if various things, ending by asking
;'.i-:i .lie divorce be granted him.
',.   m ,"- r ol  thi   ��� state of
,   i    idy,   ulherwli     knowi
,   ;    |d*j   ��� I ��� *        *' Int,   .
li  ihe  matter    of    the    "Ae
., - ������
NOTICE l�� hereby irl    n ihn bv arrti-i
,,r  Mr   ji -ii ,   Morrison   tl iti-d tl
,!.u   of   November,   A    D.   I 111.     Charlei
���;,,,:.-,. M.i*, ii   i ifrlclal A       * ...
up;  . i vil  Administrator of tin   i stal
A in.i  l.  Cassidy, uthi i ������ ��� ���   ku wn its An
.i   c,   . ,i*    ; ,i.   ol  thi   oil     "i   N. '>*
���a ��� i-rtmlnsti r    In   H-f   Proi lne,   iti   Hrlll li
,',.1'iri.iii I, it, ��������� as. ,1 inii.-.' io
i i      i - * -  - by fun  ��� r ��ii ��� ���   thnl
.11  perifnna Indebti tl  to tbe abovi   i
.-.  r, .���:   -. d to p '  thi   Ltnounl nt tin .r H
:���:������,>.  to till   said  Chari, ���
i ;��� ",n    :,l t "i, niul  iii-.t  nil  i" '   *,, -  fl '*-
I, ; ,-*������..    against  '   '   said estate ,,ri* re
quired t�� pr. m ,n them v��rlflQ_3 t'.*-
[toi-v  il* r-".;ir.n I- ,c . in or  hefon   tlie  *.*',|   ,,v
nfji'iuar*   A. IV Itli 4. to the Mini ''I: i'i* ��
1 ,','inu,- >ini'.i*. siler which Hat.' the eald
Charles flciini*  Malor will pt'i,*. .-ft I,, 't'i
���if!,',',   the assets ���>! the sni.l ttsttx-t*. bavins t' sard "ii*> t" -":< 'i claims ss are tn, n
propertv li.-fui'   hlm.
Hnt.il ti.is .���mn iir. of November, A   I>
ster Il.mrd uf Trade m^. Is In the buard
room, .'lly I Ik 11, tx* follows Third Krlday of .tiel. month; (i..aMi-rly e'.-,iln��
on tti,. third I'rlrtay nf Ho-ln iury, Muy,
AuffUSt and Nuvember nt 8 pan. AB-
ii.e.l nt" iIiiks on tlte third Vrl.lay nt
Kebruary. O. II. Stuart Wade, eeer-k-
gpuctracATiONS,  Af.itnr.MWNTs  or
Btle, Itelds. Hiiulneiui I., it'is. ete.; elr-
cular wink eii.-ta.iHal. All work stileilf
onfl.li'i.llal H Harry, rnnm 111 W��|.
nili.klrr TnlSt Blk.    Phone 7'>2.
tlaters. Solicitors, etc. 46 l-orn.. Htreet,
N.-.v ^V���. unlneter. Q K. t.or*)0.itd. K.
a    J   H   .liiinu    A. K   MeColl.
Sollelf'irs for lb
M ,i",v
EDMONDS    *    wnrri:
sin;   '  * trl ���    I'	
* ���   '
fau. <;ooi;s.
With  the  Foster  Players  who are al
ihe  Iloyal  theatre  for  an  Indefinite
engagement, playing two bills    each
wt sk
it iin.l inspect our
lines and new fall styles
place .your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
.'.,-t.iw Hollcltos, <-te. Snllc'ior for Ihe
It.- -ik nf vanoouver. Offio'n: Xl.-r-
chan-u Haiik iiuil.lln>r. New wsstmins-
i. r. B.C. Telephone N<> l".��- Cable
address '*J,��hiist.,n." Code Western
iicitor, etc., Colllst.-r Kt.-*--,.. corner i'nl-
limtilii anu M.*Ki nzl.- streeti, N.'W \V.-(t-
mlnstor. n.C. P. ��>. Hox :.%.. T-ie-
pl.i.ne S44.
side ������ Hnrrister-" ��nr> BeileHora. 'V.-rt-
rultiMt. r Truet Ilia., i>l,i'��M�� ����� r.-et.
N.w WiMtmlnsl"r. H. i* f���i,i. an 'r���ta
"Whltemrte," Weeters imioo. P. O.
Drawer .no. Tt-Hjtihsai ��3 W, J.
v,i.ll.���:.|i. K. C.; II. L. Kdmonds. tt
. BTI1.WI-:I.I. CLtlTlS, Barrlsler-kl l��w,
eollcltor. etc.; corner . 'ol.iml.li, iml
. leKsnSM streets. N-��w We-.imln��i..r,
U. O.   P. O. Boi 112.    Telephone   lis.
Snlldtor and Notary, office Halt
block, in I_)me street. N"w Weetmln-
iter, B. C.
Box 34 Dally News Bldg
Librarian Warte'd.
Appllcatli ne ��� 111 be ri celved by thi
undersigned up to r. p.m. of tho 16th
'     * iin whit
rpei ch,   I' tl w
pil.;. for tlie position of
the   Pubtlc   Library   In
of lie,': in ber,
Librarian  at
litis City.
Applicants mjlBl slHte nualifiea-
tions. salary required and give good
W. A. DUNCAN, ("ity Clerk.
City Hail, N'ew Westminster, B.C.,
November 26, lni-i. (_4M)
'��.   Hi"
.  il.',*.*
,,f    the    PStl
,.) Int, stal
of      tin-      '
slate "f
ot 8. W. V. ot Socio arras.
District Regtotwr ** Tstk-s
**\  tlir   niiil'i :
NDTP'i; Is hereby nlven thai by order
rf Mr Justice Morrison, dated tne '."Hi
*iy of November, A. IJ, 1913, Charlet
<leoii!" Major; Official Adinlnlstrel
������pointed Admlnlstrutor of ihn *
JV-ti. A Wn,I", b.'e of tbo city "
Wi-slmlnsn-1. tu Hi" Prmllli'.' of BritlS]
Colnmlila. deceased Intestate,
And notice Im hereby furthor given thai
nil persons fadebted io tli" above estate
an- required ,.. pav ih.* nmnun' of their
indchtclii' -�� fortbwlih. to Hi" said Charlea
<;.s>ritc MVrinr, and that all nemona Imv-
,-Jiu- cl.iTiin* .'ikhI'isi the wall "Ftnii* nre
rcniirid t., iinxnii thom verified by ntni,i-
torv d.clnrail'iii on or li, fore the 2nd day
of .Pamiarv. A. D.. 1911. io th.- duI.! Cliarlee
��5��iiv.e Bin lor. nfier which date the ."*,!'l
lomrlee Oeorge Meier will proceed to dl��-
i tni.,it.* tbe ,'.HB.*is of th.* eiilil nutate, h:u-
HrtK regard "lily to sucii claltna nr. are then
hpeoperly  luture hlm.
imi...I tuts 2-th day of November,
\. D
delivered a fighting
" true, he said, 'bat
lhe cherished   rights sod liberties of
the   Protestant   population  nf Inland,
were being betrayed, he would offer,
h     iel    ., :    ervi ,!ly for armed resist-
ance,   l il the b sertlous t" that efreet
were a tissue of falsehoods ror which]
blank Ignorance was the only excuse.
"Bui it Is i",:.   'proceeded Hi" speaker,:
In a ringing voice, "so much the law-j
lessness of Carsonlsm ihat I am here!
to protest against as Its lovelessness,
ltn barrenness of Ideals and ol ars^u*1
i Its, and above all Its wholesale fal-
siflcatlon of the facts of history and
the faetfi of .mmiin nature. It hss been
said," captain White observed, "by |
more than ona Presbyterian- and one
of them a clergyman that amongst
the *.i ii ��� ��� r members of the church
70 [)":��� ���* it ore in their heart'. In fn-
v.r of hi ms rule, but they dare not.
make their opinions known for fear
or being expelled by their congregations. And thlg happens '"it In tho
south and wt st, whero Uhlonlsts tell
��� ti," in ipl * ate priest-ridden, but in
Pri'  -iau' loving Ulster,"
The   Rule  by  Force.
Jlfs, ';, nn  iald that thev wero met
In the name ,,f their oountry and for
lh"   botlor   of   ths   religion   ln   whi-.h
t.hey were born,   Thoy were determined  thin   their  land  In  one  unbroken
" bole rhcnld bn lirie,i up in rodiI ramo
amongsl the peoples, and thai rellElon
amongst them should bo purged from
;the disgrace nf violence and hate.    A
Christian   minister   had   called   them
'from the pulpit to a "holy" war   aa If
any war rould be holy between f'hrlB-
tlon peoples and between brethren .In
mm I -
whit'���:-id i-i. kdmonds   ���*���   WHITE-1 that island.   Never had there been to
Uu    "aid    Chart, i-    Qeorg<
Ireland  u   persecution  of  Protestants
for reunion's sako.   She did nnt lliink
C.tilKi  that Ulster I'rolestunts would be lon
Get Wsllop When He Went to Collect'
Bill and Woman Payc Fine
in Cour'..
Vict":*,;'. Nov. 28. in the experience
of Howard n Stevens, a milkman, ths
hnrti work ,-f his business Is not always ,,ver when he delivers bis milk
to iiis customers. In one oase ha found
th'> collectli n of the account id him
into troubled waters, and resulted In
hin k> ttlng a Blap In the race.
li, ���', i ii.i. ni the ladv who administered the slap by laying an Informs
tlon for assault, Had it been har
husband who mal him in this fashion,!
he told the court, he won:,) bav.* set- j
tied with him man-fashion, there and
then. The defendant, Mrs. Margaret]
Ducrest. volubly denied the
and tnld ber story tn t'*" police mm-
Istrale today In a tons of Rome exeltR-
Mr. Stevens said ihat. on Thursday
last he and none out on the Hurnslrte
cur to see about the payment ot a bil
ance on his hill, and bad round Mr.
antl Mrs. DUCrftBl Kettlnn oir the car
Jnst ahead or blm, He hud wn'keil nfter them to Die sidewnlk .".nd had spoken lo the man. Some, question was
raised about the quality or the riuld
[supplied hy him and he hnd replied to
this.  Ducrest had  given him the lie
i direct and he hnd returned It, and
at once had been slapped In the race by
! Mrs.   Ilucrest.   to   whom   he   had   not
boon   addressing   hlms��ir.     The   husbund hnd rewarded hls wire, with a
"F.od Tor yen."
���Ills story as to the ulap waa corrob-
Most people would be
benefited by the occasional use of
Na-Dra-Co Laxatives
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N-tionel Drue end Cb.mlc.l Ce.
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St McKenzie St.
Royal Intelligence Bureau
415 V/e_tminstei Trust Building.
J. M. GAWA, Mgr.
Exclusive agent mr  li. Ohasbl  &
Co., New York, manufacturers or
Typewriter Hacking Sheets, Carbon
Papers. Ribbons, pte. Mall address.
Drawer   HO   New   Westminster.
Tin. Statutory Meeting or the Hoard
or   License   Commissioners   wlll   be
(i.ld ut the  Municipal  ilall on Wed-
of tense I iiesdny, Dec mber loth, Hii.. at    10
���e m-".-1 o'clock in ths forenoon,
Clerk  to the Board of License Commissioners.
Kdmonds,  B.C., November 27th, lftlfi.
City Vetera' List, 1914.
Notice Is hereby glvetl that the
Court of Hcvlsion on the above
Voters' List, will bo hold at the
Council Chamber, City Hall, on the
10th day ot December, 1913, at 10 a.m.
City Clerk.
City    Halt,    New Westminster, Ii. C,
December  1,  1018, (261B)
To  the  Hoard   of   l.icnse  Commie
Notice Is hereby given that
the next regular meeting of the Hoard
of License CoimnlsslonerB for Langley. I shall apply for a renewal of II-
qiifir license for the Langley hotel,
situate nt Langley Kort In the province ol liritish Columbia.
Langley Kort.
November 7, 191:.. (21)85)
MOQUABtm.     MARTIN     A    CAH8ADT,
Barrister* and Solicitor��. tut to Sit
Weetmliister Truet Illnck. (1. ID. Martin. Yi. i). McQuarrie mul Ueorse l_
Transfer Co.
>lflce  Phens  tl&.      Barn Phene 11?
���sable itreet.
Baggage Delivered Promptly te
any part nf the elty.
Light and Heavy Hauling
*tTv nr kinw wve��TMiN*TI!K  *r
When you take your
Eastern Trip
yon  mny  ss  'veil  travel   ln  comfort
and at minimum cost.   Wc can prove
this.   Call on
IC. (ioUI.KT. Agent.
New WeSttnlnsts
TI. W. UltnOlK. O, V. A., Vancouvei
Healed tenders addri's.-.d to the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for
Immigration Detention Hospital Uu.-ld-
Ing, Vancouver, U.C.," will be received at this office until 4:Ofl p.m..
on Monday. December 29, 191;',. for
the erection of tho above named
Plans, Rpcrllleatlon antl form of
contract can be seen ami forms of
| tender obtained at this Department,
, nt the orrice or W. ilenderton, Ksq..
i Resident Architect, Victoria. ll.C, and
Ion application to Mr. A. .1. Chlsholm,
lour.inker, I'libiio Building, Vancouver, n.c.
Perton* tendering arc notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
mnde on thu printed forms supplied
and signed with thoir actual signatures, stating their occupations and,
places of residence. In the case of
firms, thc nctual signature, the nnturo
of the occupation and place of residence of eitch member of the firm
muBt be given.
Each tender must bc accompanied
by an accepted cheipie on a chartered
bank, payable to thc. order of the
Honorable the Minister of Publlo
Works, equal lo ton per cent. (10 *xx.)
of the amount of the tender, which
will bn forfeited If tlle person tond"r-
ing decline lo tutor Into a contract
when called upon to do so. or full lo
complete the work contracted for. If
the tender he not accepted the cheqilo
will bc returned,
The Department docs not. bind Itself to accept the lowest nr any
tender. a
ily order,
II. C. DB8Rf.CUElta,
Department cf Public Works,
Ottawa, November 19, 1913.
Newspapers will not   bo   paid   for
this advertisement  If they Insert    It
without authority from   tho   Deportment.���49327. <!4gm
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The Daily News UMNMi
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Knniiuy schedule���Trains leave New Westminster nt 6, 7, 7:30, 8,
8:80 and 9 a.m., and every 20 minutes   thereafter   until   8:30   pm.
Alter 8;ll0 uervlce every 30 mlnuteB  with  last  ear  leaving  al   mid-
Week day schedule���Trains leave New Westminster at 5, 5:45. 6.
6:li", 6:30. ��:45, 7. 7:15, 7:30, 7:45 and 8 a.m., and every 20 mlnuteB
until 4 pm.. Krom 4 p.m. lo 8:30 pm. a 15 minute service will be
given.    After 8:30 p.m. u 30 minute service with last car at midnight
Saturday service Early morning schedule the same as on week
tints, but after 8 a.m., a 15 mlnuto  service  wlll  bc  given  until  midnight.
Through trains for Chllllwack leave New Westminster dnily at
1:10 a.m. and 1:10, 8:86 and 5:45 p.m.. Trains leave Chilllwiick dally
tor return trip at 6:10 a.m. and 930 a.m. sud 1:10 and 5:45 p.m.
Dally Kxpress service to Chilliwack from New Westminster at 9:50
a m. and 3:35 p.m.
Stigma   cf   Convicts   Is   Discarded   at
Famous Prison In Cal-
Snn Francisco, Cal., Nov, 80
Stripes, oalled by poets "the degradation Of the convict." and by ultra re-
formers "the medlaevallsm of onr
modern prisons," an- to be no longei
nt San Quentln, Nearly two thousand
Inmates of thu historic penal Institution across the buy gathered In the
courtyard of the prison Jusl before
lurking up time, wben all but six of
lhe striped suits, to the Strains of t'.ie
I prison band, went up in smoke.
a bugs bonfire marked ihe passing
Iof Hie stripes al San Quentln, und il
win mark something else also   whal
Warden J< hn B. Hoyle anticipates ns
in-  i ist big uct of reform before he
'presents his resignation, tts he says
. he wlll do, to Ihe state board of prison
Men   Clad   in   nent.   suits  of    cadet
'blue-gray whtchcil lhe flames blot out
S custom th:it has been In vogue for
many decades. But six suits will be
reserved from the conflagration. These
belong in tho six "incorrigibles"���men
in solitary confinement 'In the old
"sash and blinds" al the penitentiary;
men wohse records within the prison
li ��� vi- placd tehm In the lowest pos-
sible category.
But for thi otherB the fire theoretically opined s new era In beh,V"r
and lis rewards. Henceforth, marks
will distinguish each of three clu:*, s
.���the middle class, that which be
havrs only under stress and is not
particularly anxious to reform or
"make good"; the honor elans, that
Which has eeen its mistake and can
I,)' trusted to nuke lhe best of Its lot.
ami ih;' Incorrigible class, the six men
Whom onlv solitary confinement, away
from their fellow men, can bold    in
Placed at the outBet in the b'.g middle class, the nian w*ho rises to "n'
honored position wlll receive on his
cap a broad black band ami ou bis
sleeve a blitel: crescent, both rewards
for his distinction.
San Francisco's most noted prisoner
was one of the first to discard the
strlpeB, when the guariU. armed with
new uniforms, Invaded the prison li
brary, where he was at work. Trusties on the outside and on the inside
and laborers in the Jute mills came
ln for the bounty which the new HUits
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For Christmas
Thoughtnfl    peoplo   arc    becoming
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���m*t���*t*_f _*���*** them, of the happiness of those who
L_�� I ��� are employed    lu stores    during    the
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:is custom continued to come.
During   the   past   few   years,   how-
_U **   _W *_       ever, public sentiment on the subject
**mt ~i***W --^Ml       has been aroused;  managers have be
come highly considerate in most in
stand S, and it ls but through the
thoughtlessness, selQshneSS, or deliberate la?InesB of the public that the
few days preceding Christmas day re-
itaiu any of tlieir old time drudgery,
No\V already for yOU tO Se-ilon-. hours, and exhausting rush,
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luncheon recess, until 5:30 or 6 in the
afternoon.    In Christmas  week    the
hcurs have to be much longer; most
ot the big  stores guide the time by
the amount nf custom that comes in,
i but  knowing  the  tardy  character of
I lhe shopper they commence their late
rule some    days    before    Christmas.
iThe  Saturday    preceding    Christmas
Dreased Dolls, Box Dominoes, Musl-1 thls year probably will see the com
cal Box, Humming Tops, Baby Rat- niencement tf the rule in most places
ties,     Picture     Bocks,     Pop   Guns,' and  the  shop  assistants  in  the  ma-
,        ,__,   .__, I loritv of stores will have to bo    on
Jump.ng jacK. i'
[duty until _:3U, 10, or 10:30.   Bul Uie
public can help a great deal by making a resolution thai they will do
their shopping  in the  regular hours.
Automobiles,    Wool Dolls,   Talking!"  th��   ����W���  **  lhe  �����������  find
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Dominoes,      Stiff   Cover     Picture j ������    WOnn'a      Christmas!      The
.bookstores usually close at 6 oclock
Book,��� j cr     6:30.      The     Saturday     beiore
i Christmas they will likely keep open
until 10 o"clock, and every evening
during Christmas week the usual rush
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Here too the same consideration
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Tea Sets, Aluminum Rattles, Celluloid  Rattles,  Metal  Horse Soldiers,
Wool Balls, Musical Tops, Meehsn- -    -  ��������� --��� **
I Christmas. Not only the -girls, but the
lea. Mouse. M.t.1 norland B��My, | ^^^   _^   b(J     _���_     than
Mechanical    Bumble Bee,   Musical ple8ted  to  gee  the  Christmas shop-
Jumplng Jack, Wool Rattles, Musl-jper getting his purchases within the
 Gentlemen's Fine Tailor-tan
iCW Front SL New Westmiorttr.
[Sin; On & Co.
Go to
for your
cal Animals.
Fancy China
Cake Plates, reg. $2.25, sale price $1.25
Cake Plates, regular $2.75, for.. 2.00
Cake Plates, regular $3.50, for .. 2.60
Cake Plates, regular $1.25, for .. 1.00
Post Card Albums
Regular $1.15, for  70c.
Regular $1.00 for  65c.
Regular 70c., for  45c.
Regular 50c. for 85c.
Also a line at HALF PRICE.
At Greatly Reduced Prices.
Water Sets, reg. $2.25 for $1.40
Water Sets, reg. $1.75, for U0
Berry Sets, 7 pieces
Regular $1.50 for  1.20
Regular 85c, for     .65
Cut Glass
At 20 per cent Discount.
Cut Glass Bowls, reg. $8 for ... .$6.40
Cut Glass Bowls, reg. $12, for .... 9.60
Cut Glass Bowls, reg. $7.50, for .. 5.00
Royal Crown Derby Plates, etc. at 20
per cent off.
earliest possible time, ln order that
the terrific Christmas rush might be
obviated. Jewellers are also among
the ones abused, and sometimes the
last customer does not turn out until
Metal Flre Waggon, Target Pistol, (close on midnight-after which there
K.nd.rC.rt.n Sets, Larg. Drawing |��re perhaps hours of work for the a*
.. , * m -...* slstants preparing for the following
Slates, Large Musical Box, Card ^y. 0JJ%toeUoners .butchers,
Games, Work Boxes, Noah's Ark, j bake-,B_theiel too, need greater con-
Celluloid Rattles, Celluloid Trump-1 ��iaeratlon.
eta,   Mechanical   Dolls,    Celluloid
t*m-**tHA**k and Manufacturers of
Fancy Goods, Silks and.
-US Celwnbia St.     P. O. Box 671'
New Westminster, B.C.
441 Columbia St
Four doora East of Bank of
IN-m lapurted Fall Suitings mast am
.{isttt-i     Haa tham.    Perfect lit an*
���kip guaranteed. Prion free*
,   T01 Prout Street..
By making your purchases early you have the advantage of choosing from
complete assortments; you avoid the holiday crowds and delay; you can take
your time in making selections; you can get better attention than when the rush
is on.
646ColumbiaSt. 1 [Jg�� fr|]f New Westminster
Dolls, Cornets, Trombones, Musical
Wheels, Puxsle Blocks, Metal Soldiers, Banjos.
Nosk's Ark, Fitted Work Banes,
Happy Hooligan, Cold Lead Soldiers, Crowing Rooster, Dolls, Cameras, Fur Rabbits, Fur Dogs, Urge
Drawing Slates, China Dinner Seta,
Jumping Jaeke, Horses, Building
Blocks, Skittles, Stiff-Cover Picture
Books, Water Color Paints, DelW
About The
Better Toys
Plaaaa maka your selection early,
before the aaaartmtnt la broken. A
small deposit wilt haid ***** article
till Christmas.
One of Them Says Canadians Need
Net Worry About Libellous Statements Published.
Montreal. Nov. 80.���'1 don't think
you Canadians have any noad to worry." aald Mr. Adolph Schomberg or
Berlin, Germany, thla morning to a
press representative, when speaking
of tbe libels regarding tha Dominion
which have appeared ln the varioua
papers of Germany and Austria.
"I msut aay, however." continued
Mr. Schomberg, "that 1 have not eeei.
these reporta. aa I haw been away
from Germany -for the paat fwe
months, and I underhand that theae
stories hava bean published only for
th* paat month or ao. U It ta true
that certain papera la Germany hava
made the etetementa which wa credited ta them ey the Owmdmn *****
they are manlfeaUy unfair. I hnve
spam considerable time In the western
part of Canada snd ss a matter of tact
I have aome property tn several ctUee
of the weat whit* I have hadrtor aome
considerable time.
"Bo fnr a* I *m neroonally *******
ed 1 am satisfied aaeolutsly with say
inveetmeata there, and my aaaocMw
In Germany are also satlatted. H *
true Oat business, oondlt'oaa are
somewhat eulet hero mt the geeeiit
Ume. bat H W. tar from tketruti to
aay thnt OMgo h* bmdaegt
Him there.  The tanks haws
land speculators w
���tea Of. being'he**f��t ._**____-**
to the beet thing that ever huMMd.
9 "9
.   ar
1. Please shop as much
as possible before December 10th, thus avoiding: the over crowding of
stores during the two
weeks before Christmas.
2. Please shop as early
in the day as possible,
thus avoiding late hours
for the clerl Jl
������* **
3. Please do not insist
that parcels hedetivered
��� >;
and ,.- *.
easier for
* c^tS^hKSwwhS
1 ' ate pMMwIwIwml ��Mback*
s * i   ���( ,
��''������ EIGHT.
thi* coming month. You
nntl that qualities will be rlstit.
���pri,-*-*:* rea-sonable ami wejgnts
���LOCAL APPLES���(iooil cook-
era. Including Spys, Kings.
Stork, Salomes, etc. Only 30
fcoaes ai. tliis prloe, l'er bos
M.OUR���Leading brands. Hob-
-���n flood, I'uril.v. Vive Hoses, etc,
.!> lb. sink. $1e5-
Hoar, Varsity, 49 lb. sack SI.ts
Aaberoft Potatoes, 80 lb sk ��1-��
Local Potatoes, 100 lb. sk. M
Dairy Butter, local, .1 Ibs ...1.00
N<<w Zealand butter, 2 lbs.. .7*
Strictly fresh eggs, dozen., .te
(kf.iii cooking eggs, ilos��� M
Ten   fine quality,  imported
bv   us;,   '���',   ll>s -���  Ug
Oar o��n Blend Tea, lb. .'.-   .40
Our Best Blend Coffee, lb.    .40
New Benson's Fruits for Xmas
Baking all in.   See out window.
Model Grocery
908 KiKth St. Phons 1001-2.
Burnsby Branch:
2nd St snd 15th Ave.
We Have   ���<
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For full particldars
call at our office and let
us know what you re-
Local News
Administered  Sacrament.
Bacrnmant ��au administered yester-
day morning al St. Andrew's church,
and man; people cami' to participate
in tho service.
Owing to late arrival of goods B. J,
K-s-Bt'll has found It necessary to pos!
pone opening his new Oriental Btore
in the Kings hotel block until Wed-1
msday, when the display will be well
worthy the attention of nil lovers of
���fine china and brass work.        (2628)
Inspects Burnaby Schools.
Physical Instructor Cunningham of
tbe department of education at Victoria Is Inspecting the schools In Bur-
naby, paying special attention to the
coarse of pbysioal drill being taught
Cathcdrul Women's Auxiliary salo
of work,  fancy  work,    candy,    home
cooking,   etc' Concert   in   evening.
Ttwaeay, December S, (2618)
Incorporate  $50,000  Company.
The Collins Lumber company, with
a capital of $60,000,  has  been   incorporated, the head  office of the concent being situated in this city.
Fancy work aprons, doll novelties,
bone cooking, and candy at St. Andrew's sale ne^jt Thursday afternoon
aad evening.   Tea will be served,
Executive Meeting.
The Central Ratepayers' executive
of burnaby will hold the regular
���meting In the committee room of the
men irl pa I hall. Kdmonds, tomorrow
evening at X o'clock.
Oet your skates sharpened at Oeo
Speck's, 626 Columbia street.    (2525)
Local  Concern  Incorporated.
The Public Supply Stores. Limited,
la the latest concern to he Incorporated, according to the current issue of
the B. C. Gazette.
C. A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
City  Store    193 and  443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West End Branch   650
Secure lhe Better Toys
Now Before the Rush.
A Small Deposit Holds
Any Article Till Xmas
We like to tell you, anil keep on
telling you,  of  the goudness of
Now, if we should tell you that
as well as Us goodness, itB
dally use will save you dollars,
In your coffee hill, wouldn't
that interest you? That is Just
what we mean. It costs a little
more to buy, but has twice the
strength of ordinary coffees,
anil a delicious aroma anil flavor that will  please you.
roffee, say:   "Barrington  Hall"!
Prove   for   yourself   that   what
ws say Is true.
Get It from one oT our three
Btores  for SOC   P"r ���*-���
We  are   exclusive   agents   in
New  Westminster.
Our Dairy Company.
Nine  quarts  pf  fresh   honied   milk
for 11.00, delivered daily.    Phone 166
Arrange Annual Meeting.
Tho members of the West Coquitlam Conservative association will!
mcft in the BurquiUam Agricultural |
ball tonight for the purpose of arrang- i
ing the 8111111111 meeting and banquet I
of tbe association. A large turnout I
is expected.
ease is considered one of the most Important on the Vancouver Island
strike trouble list, and it is nct Improbable that the trial will extend
over several days. Israel I. Rubin-
owits, who was among those arrested
during the strike troubles. Is counsel
I'or the prisoner. A. D. Taylor. K.C.,
will conduct the prosecution.
Witli every $_ purchase you gel u
chance on the $ir,o diamond ring. T.
Gifford, the jeweler. (2370)
More Criticitm.
The action taken by tbe government in the coal miners' strike on
Vancouver island was the subject of
many caustic observations by several
speakers, member., of the Socialist
and I. W. W. organizations of Vancouver, al a meeting held in the Edison
theatre last evening. The building
was well filled.
Por plumbing, heating and slice!
metal work consult Merrlthew & Ham
ssy, Eighth and Carnarvon streets
Phone 586. (2526)
Vr* all building supplies and fuel
nil apply to the B. C. Transport Co.,
Ltd.. fiOii Weili'iins'er Trust building.
Office phone S2ij,  wharf  phone RSn
Charity Dance and Social.
A charity dance and social wlll be
Riven in the Burqultlam Agricultural
hall on Tuesday evening. Tbe proceeds will be given to a family In
need of aid,    Mrs. Gunn is in charge
of the arrangements.    --
  Marathon   Day  for  Council.
Skating boots and skates for ladies '��� Members of Ihe city council may
snrl gentlemen at Geo. It. Speck's fi'!l> ��ant to call this "marathon day" If
Columbia street. (2523) ;the sessions scheduled are as lengthy
  ;is  can  ba  reasonably   expected,    Al
To Call Minister. 1:30  o'clock    a    special    meeting Is
A  -meeting   of   the   congregation   of   called to consider the Sapperton sew-
81.  Andrew's  Presbyterian church  for   er   matter.     Then   at  7:Sii   p.   m.   tbe
Dominion Trust
llie (Perpetual Trustee.
laid   t'p Capital   and
Snt plus t I.800.6M
Assets   4.S73.SS3.96
T r u s leeshlpe  Under
Administration over   6.000.000
Trustee     fur     Bondholders over    25,000.000
C. 8. KEITH, Manager.
Offices ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanaimo.
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg.
���Montreal, Charlottetown, l.on-
���l.-m, Eng,; Antwerp, Belgium
New Westminster
v Branch.
-606  Columbii   Street.
Open   Saturday   Evenings  from
7 to ��.
December 10, announced from the
nulplt at both services yesterday, is
for the purpOl * of considering extending a call to a minister. Several
men have bren selected as capable to
fill the BOSltll II and by llie night of
the meeting  a   fln.il   reply   frnm  these
i* (Expected,
council will visit Hurnaby council to
again talk over the same question,
and a'.l "i:s beside the regular business, which includes the receiving
of  the gas  bylaw   petition.
ffare von seen    the
rinr; Offford  ll
1    (_::7'>i
Money to loan on first mortgages
Improved citv and farm propertv. .
percent.   Alfred W. MeLeod.   (2524)1
All kinds of groceries for
Christmas use in stock at the
skore of
(Successor to Ayling tx Swain.)
*A7 Columbia St. Phone t*.
in have your
ri��;..1  these long evenings.    We
toa suit you Irani 50 centa up
l>e&l gold  filled lor tl  to Ja.
Women's Institute Organized.
The  BurquKlam   Women's  Institute]
is now a reality.    At an enthusiastic
meeting  of  those  interested,  held   In ,
the Agricultural hall, Austin road, on i
Friday evening last, organization was'
completed and it was decided to apply
i.i the  provincial  government for Incorporation.    Mrs. (lunn.  Austin road, ;
I was elected  president.    The other of-
Insure with  Alfred W. Mcl.eod. the J fleer,   are:     Mrs.   Smith,     vice presi- i
insurance    man.    All  kinds    written,  dent;     Mrs      Herrmann.      secretary-
Hundreds of millions to pay losses,      treasurer;   Mrs. Ceo.  Alderson,    Mrs..
(2524) [llalvorsen and Mrs. Cowan, directors.'
I   II .... C-....I        tin
Left Collateral.
Two natives of tlie celestial empire wcre corralled by tlie police last
pruning while an toying themselves in
an alleged "hop" joint. Forty
dollars, bail, wss left with Turnkey
rittemfriga. .-.I'ling for their appearance in court Ibis morning.
Serious   Case   for   Assises.
After an adjournment lasting three I
days, the Bpeclal  assize will  reopen
this morning  with  the  bearing in tlie'
ease,    Iteit    vs.    Cowler.    Cowler    is
���charged   with   committing  an   assault ���
apnn  Provincial  Constable Taylor at arv   members  of  tbe  Women's inst
fhe boat  landing at    Nanalmo.    The tute.
I Mrs. Fred Coekeriil acted as secre-
tady pro lem for the meeting. Geo.
Alderson. president of tbe Burqultlam
Farmers' institute, and .'. Coekeriil,
Becretary, assisted In the organization proceedings, and In recognition
cf their services were elected honor-
This year is commencing ihe new <ra of Christmas giving. Useful Rifts are  now   in demand.    A hardware store offers yuu t'ie great
rst variety and the beBl ���.slues.
Hammered Brass and Copperware, Jardinieres, spirit stoics.
Kettles, Trays,  Vases,  Ink Stands. Crumb Tra.-. 1 Igar and Cigarette
Boxes. ...,.1
Community and 1847 Rogers Silver Knives aid Turks Ten, lies-
soil. Table. Soup, Berry and Salad Bpoons; Butter ami Tie Knives.
Cream and Gravy ladels, etc.
Razors, Skates, Thermos Bottles, Scissors. Poc.kel KhImh. carving Seis. Lamps, Electrical (ioods and n greal numbi r of other appropriate and useful gifls.
New Westminster,
Winter in Califoniia
Agents for Pacific Coast Steamship Co.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1M1.
���*>.*, ���*!***��� Flre, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marine   Insurance.
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Bargain Tables of Toys
in thc Basement at lOe,
15c, 25c, 35c and 50c on
Business with us Is Increasing by Leaps and Bounds���There's a Reason!
If you lire one of our regular customers you are already aware of the Changes and Improvements we bave made In Ibis store. If you havo
uot paid us a visit for some time, we Invito you to come nnd see for yourself, . ���_,.___���_, Iu
We want you to pet tbe habll of looking over our goods on display, or on the sbelves, and comparing the prices witli goods elsewhere, mis
wlll be profitable In the long run for both you anil ourselves, for we feel confident we can save you money on your purchases, anil every customer we add to our list gives us just tbat mucb more buying power, which means still greater savings for our patrons. The reasons ror this
improvement in our business Is not an assurance that the money markel, generally, Is much easier, but assures us that the Quality, tlio servico,
and Ihe prices of this store are b'lng appreciated by tho buying public of New Westminster nnii the. groat Praser \ alley.
Rainproof Cloths
.lust at this time every ono
should be prepared with a suit
or coat, resisting the rain. We
have  some    fine    qualities    of
Cravenette   Cloths,     that   are
made by the well-known firm
of Priestley's, Kngland, and finished by the Cravenette Company. Kvery piece is stamped
und bears their guarantee of
rain resisting finish.
These we are showing on
Monday at $1.95 per yard. The
width is 60 inches, and we have
color., of navy, green, fawn and
gray mixtures.
We have for Monday a special
lot of Delaine Blouse Lengths,
all wool, in many colors, some
with borders for trimming to
match. The values are usually
75c per yard Monday we sell
In blouse lengths of ihree
yards,  for     $1.35
Select the Better Gifts
For a gift we want something
tliat will be useful and last, as
well a_ adding to the furnishing
and making home home-like;
and that furniture is the best
solution of your "what to give
problem." Do not forget the
Third and Fourth F'oors. All
kinds ol different designs in
Dining Chairs. Tables. Buffets,
China Cabinets, Sectional 11 mk
o ises. Library Tables, I'arlor
Tables, in many different designs: Cellarets, Jardiniere
Stands and Crass ('hairs. We
know tbat If we have the prices
right you would rather give
something useful as well as ornamental.
The Home of the Hotpoint
Everything In the Hotpoint llne on display In our Klectric Depart-
ment on tho Seoond Floor at the lowest  possible  store  prlres.
See this demonstration���It will Interest you.
Specials from the Carpet Department
Reg.   30c   snd   35c;   Special   25c
square yard
This oilcloth haB body to It.
especially adapted for this climate, its wearing qualities are
good and tho range of patterns
Is splendid. This Is n good
floor covering for very little expense. Special, per square
yard       25c
Size   16x24    inches;     Rej.  60c.
Special 45c
One of these mats Is Just the
thing for these wet, dirty days.
You should have one for ench
door. Apart from the time and
work, they will save ymir linoleums and carpets. Special,
each     45C
Reg. 75c and 80c.    Special,  50c
per yard.
We can recommend you these
carpets. They are Ilrillsh manufacture, and the quality will
appeal to you. There is a saving of -T>o and :10c on each yard
We have a wide range of patterns for you to Choose from, lu
red, and two-tone green and
fawn.    Bpeclal, per yard.  50c
Art Needlework Dept.
For Christmas Gifts
We have many new lines In
Aprons, Tea. Aprons, Kancy
Work Aprons, Travelling Aprons and Clothes I'ln Aprons.
These are made up and Stamped
ready lo work, some being laco
trimmed. These aprons would
make B very dainty Christmas
gift with a little of your own
work. Prices 25c, 35c, 50c
and       75*
Don't forget our nice assort-
mint of Children's and Ladies'
Wool Skating Caps We have
Ihese in the different shades
and   styles.,      I'rlces     from   25c
to     Sl.OO
Ribbon Special
i'ive Inch width Molre Ribbon, also fancy striped and spotted,    This Is extra good quality
tafetta    ribbon,     suitable   for
Christmas bags or girls' hair
ribbons. Values to 75c a yard;
to clear at, per yard  ....  25c
'.'.it. Inch wide Taffeta Ribbon;
rood quality for school children's luiir ribbons. Vour
choice of pale blue. navy, champagne, tan. brown and green;
per yard, 15c or ' >'*'" '"r 25c
The Busy Days Are Starting in Toyland Now, Shop Early Please
Our Big Sale of Manufacturer's Samples of Ladies'
Coats, Suits and Dresses continues Today
At a big price concession we have purchased the whole rample range of a well known manufacturer of
Ladies' Garments. On sale in our Headyto-Wear Department on the flrr.t floor. At Ibis sale you will
be able to select the newest and most up to the minute styles and materials ln Coals, Suits and Dresses
ai practically th" manufacturer's cost price on each garment. This is s real, genuine, bona fide bargain
i.pjKirtiinlly. and there is nct a single garment In this sale that is old or out-of-date stock. Everything
has been made up expressly for this season's business, nnd from the best and richest materials only.
Beautiful Warm Winter Coats, Smart Suits and Dresses are lure in abundance of styles and sizes.to pick
from, and every garment, without exception. Is a real bargain.
$18.50 COAT SELL FOR $9.50
Lot No. 1- A big range of i.adli:;' N'ew Fall Coats, made in a  wide assortment of cloths, as  WC! !
cloth, mixed tweeds, etc. Snme are three quarter length   In   cutaway   style,   others   In   full   length     i\'es
some being half lined iu silk.    All perfectly tailored and  p-< tllly  trlmrai d,    Blxes I
regular sale values in tbese ranges to $18.60.    During thin .ale y< u can chooio any
garment In ihls assortment for  .'...
$28.50 COATS SELL FOR $16?5
Lot No. 2   'Beautiful Pall Coats, many In the new tw et: "i '  ! * uche    cloths,    In a  good    assortment   of
different styles and colorings, also some in rill woe! ScRtch   '���'��� ceds   aid   reverslbles.     All   sixes  are  lo
be found in this lot.    Many of these garments wei lade to be sold as high as
J2S..-1.      Vou can choose any garment in tli!.-, lot for, sale pi ice  	
$14.50 Small Women's Coats Sell for $7.50
Lot No. 3    Coats for mlSSCS and small women
cully in procuring ready-to-wear garments.   Tbis manu._	
women's sizes, and we nave *. good selection of beautiful coats
all kindB In a good assortment of sizes.    Many are smartly    c	
tailored.    These sell  regularly us high  as  $14.50.  Vou can choose any garment In
this   lol.   for   	
Oftentimes  thc  smaller  sized  people  have  some  diffi-
facturer specializes on the misses'    and    small
in blanket cloths, cheviots and tweeds of
cut and    trimmed,   and all are    perfectly
Rich Silk Velvet and Evening Coats Sell for Less than 331/3%.
Lot No. 4 A range, of sample velvet ami silk coats. These are handsome coats, made In the richest
fabrics, and richly lined and trimmed, These garments are all bought at the same discount, and to all
those ladies who are looking for a smart velour or silk coui. this sale offers an exceptional opportunity.
li" hided In thl_ lol ar" a number of pretty evening coats. All these garments wlll bo on sale at
exactly one-third lcr.�� than the usual prices.
$30.00 LADIES' SUITS SELL FOR $16.50
Let No. 1 Ladies' new Pal] Suits, perfectly tailored, and in the newest models fm* the pre.He.it season.
Ton- nre In mannish navy gorges, diagonal cheviot suiting and Copenhagen serges. Vou have your
choice of Strictly tallcrid and cut-away styles. Th" coats are lined Iu either silk serge or tailored satin.
and Ihe I'irfi are cut mi Iin- newest lines These suits would sell in Iiie usual way at
$25,C0, $27.50 and (30.00,    In  this one week's sale y.m can choose any sull in Ibi;. lot to*
$40.00 LADIES' SUITS SELL FOR $19.65
Let No. 2 'I adles' ti' 'v Pall Bttlts, made in the besl quality navy bine mannish serges, also In smart
In,   ���!   suiting  Cloth,    The  coal   Is  cm   on   the  new  straight   lines,  and   strictly   tailored   und   lined   with
sidu)*.'i's guaranteed satin, a porfeotlj mt ami fining coat, These nils are ibe acme of perfection
for  ladles'  wear, and con:c In a full  range of sizes.    Regular prlres $35 to $4n.    Any
suit In ibis lol  for  	
Bti I k in [.adles Dresses are included for this sale. The material.*, are serges, Bedford cords, whip
l.laek and white clu-elis, brocades, plain Velvets anil messaline sill'.-. There Is a wide variety of
. end being : ample... the selection of styles Is very large. Many are prettily trimmed and make
veiling or party dresses. Included in this sale win be a number of pretty semi-evening frocks
re always useful nt this time of lhe year. There Is a big sein tin:, of sizes from the small Women's
��� '������;::' larre women's sizes. Kvery dress In tliis lot will br- reduced to about the ordinary cost to
u ufacturer,   We have divided the assortment up Into six different lines at Die following prices:
Now on  Bale at    S7.S0
Now on sale at         $9*85
a   t.i    nail' 'I i'M   -th vi ii.
1   r II v       t'i       "':i  I' WMUK
A  big
ih i les
Idi al ���
thai at
t-i i -
tb.- ma
Drosses; regular to 112.50.
I ires: i s: regular lo $16.00,
Dresses; regular to ���tDviiO.
Dresses: regular to $20.00.
Dresses; regular to $27.5(1.
Drexeos; regular to $30.00.
Now on BS e al
Now on sale at.
Now ou sale al .
Now  on salo at.
On Cut Glass for
Dainty Gifts. Our
Values arc Great.
Price   Inducements   to
Buy in Our Basement
S piece Hand Tainted Tea Set;
regular $14, for  .... S?.50
10-plece Hand fainted ChTna
Chocolate Set       S7.BO
It-piece genuine Limoges Chocolate  Beti   2  designs   Hpeclal
BT-plece KngllBh Porcelain Dinner Set, decorated with wide
and narrow gold bunds. Special     S19
Irrldescent  (JUiss  Dowls,  Vases.
Frull Plates, etc.; each 2SC
8-lnoh Cut tllass Merry    Howls,
at     S3.95
lioudolr clocks,   In   handsome
mahogany   Inlaid  cases.    Hpeclal    $2
Niekelled Alarm Clocks. Special       9Sc
cut class Suits and   Peppers;
sterling    tops.      Special,    per
pair       95c
l'i inch     Long     Handled       imir
Brooms,   special .     Sl.SO
Buy    Lots    of    Small
Wares and Notions
At This Sale
We  institute this  big  sale  of
little things to demonstrate the
completeness of our Smallware
Mucks, and to impress upon the
public thai we have everything
no matter how small. During
this Important sale you are offered these goods at a remark
able reduction from regular
prlci s. Tulk about lhe Increased eost of living; If you take ad-
Vantage of the opportunities we
offer for genuine saving, the
problem of living wlll be simplified. Head tbls big list carefully.    Save  It  for reference:
Boot Laces .lob No 1: 3ft
Inches, for boys;  sale p.-:ee, p'-r
doz.cn       Sc
Job No. 2: 45 Inches, for ladles;
former price, 15c;  salo price,  2
dozen for     ..  \St
Shield Brand, 365 Pins A pin
for each day in the year; former   price,     5c  a   paper;     sale
- 500
:   ex
for  . .
Shield     Brand,    500
graduated pins on a
t.-.i  large   siz.es;   sale
paper  for   	
Dainty  Solid    Brats    Pint
graduated   pins on  a  sheet;   extra large sizes;   sale price, one
paper  for       ��c
Orkney Safety Pins���Solid
braes with guarded coll; sizes
00 0, 1, 2 and 8, also assorted
on a card; regular price lOe;
sale price, one card for Se
ENTI and B-otsbcJa . . ���
Toilet Pins- Hlack headed: ,:
pins, graduated on a Sheet; first
���quality; former price r,c per
sheet;   sale  price,    two    sheets
for       5��
Lace Pine���Dozen pliiB on a
card; pearl, white, sky, pink,
mauve, purple, gun: large pearl
heads and also tiny pearl heads,
best quality; former price, f>e
a card; salo   price,   two   cards
for       SC
Invisible Pint lis 'dns to a
box; any size; formerly sold at
Bc a box;  sale price, two boxes
for   SC
Hat Pins -Extra large heads;
six pins to stylish box, 10
inches; black and white; former price 10-S; sale price . gg
Dominion Hat Pins Large
black heads; 10 Inches long;
steel polish shanks; four pins
on card; formerly sold at _0o a
ca-d; sale price for card of four
Pins       S*
Hooke and Eyes. "Champion"���
Machine carded; black or white
all slues; former price, two
carilB for 6c;    salo   price,    six
curds fnr      IOC
Dorcas Hook and Ear Hlack
nnd white; any size; former
price Sc  per card;   sale    price,
three  curds  for       ge
Dome   Fasteners,   Sh��ild   Brand
- -Washable, sliver plated, white
or black; slue 2, former price
fie per dozen; sale price, :i dozen   for         g��
Hair Nete-SIlk; "Koyal" extra
large: correct shape; o.u-!i one
In an envelope; formerly ac for
one; salo price, 2 for . Ke
Hair Nets-Silk; "fled Cross''!
large size; each one In a sanitary celluloid cylinder; all over,
���wltli hair pins and draw string
formerly sold ut 10c; sale
price       b*
Needles, ..Shield Brand Hest
quality; all sizes; former price
f>c; this needle Is guaranteed;
sale price, 2 papers for ...  Sc
Only 21 More Shopping
Days Till Christmas


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