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The New Westminster News Aug 16, 1913

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 Newt Classified Ada.        J
Have proven their worth by.y
results   tbey    produce.     The-       .j
targe   or   small    wantB   al:��    all
Th, WesdMer.
New Westmastet Md tbe **>*><*
Mainland: Light to mo*���^ *<��^
generally    fair   and moderate tern-
IjlB.C.,  SATURDAY   MORNING,   AUGUST   16,   1913.
Over 700 Militia Now on Island Are Hindering any Attempted Outbreak but Striking Miners Still Sullen-
Arrest of Ringleaders Will Follow���Matter Taken up
at Ottawa���Westminster Regiment Ready to Go Out.
Photographers at  Diflgs Trial  Persist
in  Snapping and  Crowd  Starts
There were upwards of 11,000 men
Ladysmlth. Th     western
,h��y  were receiving $4_per taj^t. ��������
rklug    In    Nanaimo
employees were working under u
noi xpire until the end of September
Miners e	
Th ' strike ls caused by  	
'    n cognition   from
Fuel   company
of   which    will
Iii  the
-for-all  fight
xpressed themselves satisfied  with the. conditions.
^  the United Mine Workers of America, a
union which Is seeking to gain r< -nwnMem from the mine owners
ou Vancouver island. _^^^^^^
The compuny officers Bay there ia no otber cause for dispute between the men and the companies.
The companies refuse absolutely to recognize the American
union,  which obtained 150 members from HOtm miners.
Tbe 0. M. W. of A. called a Birike  Muy   I,  and  the mines were
shut down.
At a meeting May 2, all but 20 of 500 wbo attended voted to go
to work. The U. M. W. of A. said f.00 of 2000 was nol repreBcuta-
tive, and offered slrllke pay.
Idle men then joined tbe union to get the pay, consisting of $4
per week for mines, t'i lur tlieir wives and $1 for each child.
The same operation  wus effected
tht re are now working.
San    Francisco,    Auk.    IB,-   Maury
Uigga got Into fresh trouble tonight -
and oul of It.    Leaving    the    federal'
building by a side entrance to shield
his  wife,  hls  mother  utitl  his   father
and three auntB from public curiosity,'
he was ambushed by a squad of news-!
paper     photographers.     The     women |
tried   to   run,  but   the   photographers
kept  pace  with  them,  snapping  th
nam eras as they gave chase,
Somebody matcher a camera. Some
body  punched  a photographer
face, bystanders Joined ln, and
Instant there waB  a free-for
at   the  centre  of  lhe  swirling  crowd.
Drew   Camlnettl   was  swept  Into  the
vortex and began to struggle with the
. rest.    It  got so complicated  that  the
| squad  of  officers  who  came  running
to the melee bundled the whole party
'nto a patrol wagon aud took them to
the nearest station.
'lhere it  developed  after much ar-
cifment, that    ine    photographer had
been  hammered  on  the    head    with.
something hard, what or by whom he |
""uld   not  be  sure.     A   reporter   said
'!iat   the   photographer  had   been  hlti
In the face with his own camera.    As
'he upshot of the whole affair Diggs
released  and  a friend  of  his, a|
Citizens   Determined   That
Never Again Will Ship
Ground in Fraser.
Board cf Trad.' Assured that Dredges
Will   Work   Day  and  Ninht to
Malic Channel Cafe.
Bullion   Worth   $600,000   Brought  Out I
by  Wagon Trains���C-nall
Battle Founht.
V/ill Discuss Making Briash B. C. E. R. Employees Will
| was
I law
The stranding of the Herakles is
not to be allowed to pasB Into tbe
seml-obllvion oj "regrettable incidents;' but will be ruthlessly followed up so that no repetition may occur.
The subject came up again at the
board of trade meeiing last night,
when after a somewhat lengthy discussion It was referred to the navigation committee of the board of trade
and the shipping committee of the
Progressive association to take all
steps necessary to ensure that there
shail  Le  no  repetition of,  the    occur-
* rence.
The matter was opened up by    the
1 repcrt of the chairman of the navlga-
. t.on committee, W. H. Gilley.
Mr. Uilley said he, with others, had
��� waited  upon    Mr.    Taylor,  M.P., and
! they    went    to    Engineer    Worsfold.
They asked Mr. Worsfold to do Bome
Cumberland, but the  mines
clerk, was charged  with  battery. I ������;-"  - ,
Defence Stars thing on the new- channel of the nv
!     In   the  more  serious   troubles  that j t>ef,jr(', thu   Herakles  wus  loaded,   so
JJust  new  engross    the    attention  ot;u,a- ***** would have no difficulty    in
���       ., .. -lgettng  out.    He   went to  \ancouver
nnd  the defence toon up  uxu  uu.uv.. saw   Mr.'- Nelson,  superintendent
-   - - ��� "  ���*��  e>.,-,t_   of dredges. They were promised every
assistance  in   dredging  the  channels
El Paio, Tex., Aug. IB.-   Reports tc
the  Mexican  consulate here say  that i
Federal Captain Montoya, leading   a
small   force  of  volunteers,    defeated
constitutionalists   at    t-lermosa    lie
Pledras, near OJinaga, opposite Presidio, Texas, on Thursday, taking faur
Federal  agents say  that  it  ls    the
government's intention io   begin   a
general attack on the rebels at Ojin-
aga within a few days. The attacking
force was sent from Chihuahua.
Representatives of the  Mines Coita-
pany  of America and    the    Alvarado
Mine and Milllug company, American
corporal Ions, have just brought out of
tlle  Parral,  Chihuahua  district,  gold
and  silver bullion  to the total  value
of $600,000, by  wagon  trains, to pre- *
vent Its confiscation by  Mexican war i
parties.    The bullion was transported
down   the  Conches   river   valley   and
crossed into Texas at Presidio. Guards
of armed Americans escorted It.    No
railroad   trains  bave  been    operated
into    the    Parral    camp    for    three
months.   All the mines in the I'arral
camp, except   two, have   been   compelled to suspend operations    during
the past few weeks on account of the
revolution.    Constitutionalists  control
Parral and adjacent districts.
Columbia White Man's
Take Ballot to Ascertain
Hen.   Mr.  Borden   and     Cir    Richard
McBride to Confer on the Big
Issue of This Province.
Arr.iablo  Esttlemerrt Looked far    a
Walk   Out   Likely  to Be Used
Only as Final Resect.
Officials of the R. C Electric aud
the cfficerB of the 8. reet llsil'vay
men's unions In New Westminster.
Vancouver and Victoria today lace ��
cr.sls which will probably be settled
either    this    evening    or early
Ottawa, Aug. 16.���Sir Illchard McBride. premier of Uritisli Columbia,
will be in Ottawa on Sunday on his
way to the old country. While In
Ottawa. Sir Richard will have an Interview   with   Mr.   Borden,  and  while              ,   _
tlle subject cf the conference has, of week unless the men accept tbe -off-en*"
course, uot been given out, lt Is un- cf the company or decide to fio out
derslood that it  will be In regard to  on strike.
the Asiatic problem in British Colum��� For some time ueRctiationu liav-
bia. i been going on between the -men anil
I Recent events on the Pacific coaBt the company, which culminated in ux
have been, In regard to Asiatic immi- board of conciliation being; -Harmed,
gratlon, well to the fore as one of which handed down its award on.
���the big issues. .Thursday  afternoon.
I lt is suited that the sentiment in < Little has been given oot for publ,
favor of keeping  British  Columbia  a  cation by either the men or the conv
.-.. w��_ Kaon ��r'o.(i��  nmiv dnrine the time the i-i-egof*"	
both    parties
white man's country has been _greatly  pany during the ^^JS^Sl
accentuated and a new spirit of alarm  have been    going
created by the recent report that the  showing a desire to refrain from any
the work ot  fighting the
Nanalmo. Aug 16. Further
took place yesterday afternoon at Extension, when several strike breakers
came Into collision with a number of
strikers. Missiles of all kinds were
iliiown and a number of shots were
tired, until the military detuchtnent
arrived on the scene when the strik
ing miners sullenly withdrew.
Little change uas shown In
situation ht ro today, although
residence   Ol   the   mine   manager
Htatenstt n went up in flames, presumably set on lire by either strikers or
That the provincial government and
the military authorities are taking no
steps to vacate lhelr position was
made evident here this morning when
an   additional   contingent   of   High
from   Vancouver   arrived     on
.e. thus bringing  up the tot il
Hlreiigth    on  tin-    north) rn
.he island to about 700.
likely lu arrive bended, as It  was
rumored Hire nu>i ........n that a call
would  v���������  '"���"'������ii  to  the officer com
aciWistahe.,0 indicate l-nto to Reno In
Isistance  ln
rioting  fire     This	
that the men are afraid It will mean
less work on the island once peace Is
Dlggs. the government rested at noon .
the tlefence took  up  the  burden1a"d
of proving that he and P. Drew Camlnettl did not transport Marsha War-1  ���  -      _   _
rlngton  and  Lola  Norrls  from  Saca-'and when the Herakles was ready  to
to Reno ln violation    of    the j go they  would place    all   the    boats
white clave traffic act. I available at  her    captain's    disposal
i     Counsel for the defence, announced . Mr. Worsfold alBo told them that    as
|tnnlrht that Mrs. Diggs and Mrs. Cam-j soon as the King Edward had  flnlsh-
I'nettl. tbe two Injured wlvea, will take  ed  at  Steveston  they  would  put her
thel"11" ?*"n<' 'r'r l""*ir husbands and that; to work In the new channel, and then
���nl.,lnn  that  the notmr   in   .,��  ..ml-   nu"'3  wlu testify   in his own  behalf. I along with the   Fruhl.ng. it might be
^:,ftlr��  has  bSnlWlth th, three witnesses th.detoWpo.rtbl. to get water sufficiently deep
-    mine owners in Ore- .-      ,      . ,han "" v"">* *���*** Herakles out.   She would
ho  desire  to ' Wednesday
test mm
Hindus now living in the province comment in the press aod eith��.-
were preparing to charter a direct side expressing the hope tbat tbe
steamship line to Calcutta for the differences between them would bo
of bringing their countrymen settled without the men having to
thus surmount- take recourse in a strike.
Employees Hold Meetings-
l.ast evening, however, the conductors, motormen and Uarnmen ot   the
three  citltB  held  mass meetings    in
t viler  to test the teelinj; of the    em-
purpose ^^^^^^^
to  Vancouver  direct
ing an exclusion clause in the immigration    regulations    which    provide
that they  must come to the country
[direct  from  the  land  cf  their origin
before being permitted to land.
At  the preBent  time  there  Ib    no
towards the declKan handed:
Victoria.   Aug.   la.   Expressing
the rioting  in  the coal-
taiiili r-
the see
part t f
Mt re troops ar
fore  the  trouble  is
d In re last evening
be  issued lo thf
instigated by tbe
gen   and   Washington,   n������  ���	
Closa down all the mines until the Victoria and Vancouver coal merchants I
have been forced to take American'
coal and have ceased to look to their
home market, I, It. Roaf. Hr . has arrived In the city nftcT stirring experiences et South Wellington.
Mr. Roaf 's TatheT of J H Hoaf, su-
nerinti ndenf of the South Wellington
mine, antl is a well-known Toronto
barrister, now on a visit to his family
on the const.
I direct steamship    service    from    the  ''"'"i"  Tv*~ ',"��� ".���      ��       -.      ..- ,
' Indian empire to Canada, it being down bj'the coneliaUon bow*, a***
necessary to break the voyage at 1B understood to be tavoiabto to tte
vint-nr Rnntr company, although each ta***, a*poiBi-
b ...  ,..,     t���  ed  a representative and the two ao-
New California Law May Be J^ �� v^'-* o,,ru ���,*��� am**
-l, "!.������ .���      ,   Hon.  Justice  Murphy
Money Easy in London.
London. Aug.  15     Money  waa easy
to obtain and discount rates were quiet
today. With the Paris bourse closed
ind t'.ie week-end near, the stock mar-
was quiet and reactionary
and set
the pil--t
regiment,  Nl
mandini',    ihe    HHth    	
Westminster, to muster his troops and
arrive In Nuiiaitno either this t veiling or early Sunday morning.
Herald Is Published.
The sit tint lon in .Nanaimo itself
shows little change, with the exception of the publication of the Herald
been threatened time and
ind  which  had
the inrnv   ��uii,..,-.	
tt^close the case not later than  to bring the Herakles out.   She wouic
ibe easier to navigate in the new chan-
tnel. The King Edward would work as
{many hours as the daylight lasted.
|    ln this ccnnect'.on a letter from Mr.
Darling, secretary of tbe Progressive
association, was read with the report
ndemnlng the pilot and his methods
ttlng forth that the findings of j
board were unsatisfactory.
That   Report  Anain.
Mr.    Darling  -Ha-i    the    naviga'ion
committee  r> ad the report  submitted
by the pilot board ?   I don't think Mr.
Gilley lias touched upon that point.
Mr. Gilley���No, we have not. for a
cood many reasons. There are two
sides to this question
Mr. Darling said the recommendation of the shipping committee of hla
association was that the mattir bt
takin up by the city council and othe��
tnbllc bodies with a view-
avoidance of these accidents.
and should be brought to
Tried Out to Prove Us
Effectiveness.      I
United  C'-atss  Friendly    to    Japan-
Would  Assume Protection  in
Case  of Trouble.
cnan-ei me.  �������   -*..-*...	
prcblem  becomes  more  serious    ami  """* ��"���������- ���- -   -
acute and -will call for delicate band    . Th�� ���e��ng in J?1"?**Z^tHmit
lt is understood tbat    Premier  *n^\ gorges hall art �����"*�������*
.   ,     ., attended, practically every esoptoyee.
......    -^^^^^^_^_^_^^���    Premier
McBride  will  lay  the  whole question  "'":���"-��� *���    . ...
with  all   Its  phases  before  Mr.  Bar-  wW\ lhe exception ol thom
eti the cars, being present.
The meeting was a private one, although The News was imlunmd thai
alter several hours
profit  taking      Copper   __
rails   and   Brazilian   stocks   were   th
moid   affected  antl  consols  lost  1-1C.
The undertone,    however,    continues
good,   and   the   setback   is   considered
only temporary.    American  securities
ulet and featureless during the
The  market  hardened
light buying ln the last hour and th
closing was quiet
were q
on ,
Washington. Aug. lii.���While the officials consistently adhere to their refusal to make any public statement
the negotiations between
the United States regard-
alien land law, it
Its  efforts  to
rntnt  on
ments are
time t;day
nnd steady.
which   lia--
ith   dynamit
UK nn    Willi    uju��,	
suspended publication during tiie past
two days.    The Herald came OUI  yesterday for tiie first time since Wednesday   morning   and   made   a   violent
���   '���"iitemnorarv   SCCUBlng
Tor the
of    lhe
attack   on   It.i   c.ontcmporar
it   of being   the  author  of   tin
and the subsequent riots.
Considerable discussion   Is
place as to  who gave orders
mllltla    to take    possession
Frank Shepherd, the
member for the district, denies all
knowledge ol the mailer, while the
local magistrates also disclaim any
responsibility. Mayor Shaw from the
start was against the calling for mili
tary n'-slstance.
iforth      lllchb	
morning  l.levt.-Col. .T. D. Taylor. MP
received word unofficially tti hold his
(Continued on  Pngp Klght.t
���Missionary   Shot.
Aug.  15.    The
civet)   a  telegram   re-
Charles M. Holbrook.
been  shot antl   in -
Souchlar. a small vii-
Constantinopie,  �������*- .����.��� ..... llible
lieiise  today  rece
port in;- that
ir missionary, had
stantlv killed at   j^_^^^_
Iau*' eighty miles east of Sivas, a town
rf  Asiatic  Turkiv.  4"5    miles    from
Constantinople    Mr. Holbrook, nt the
time of hi
"death, war,
on an excur-
Invitations from Presbyterian Chur:he:
at Chllllwack and  Roscdale
Favorably Dealt with.
Just Like a Goat.
Tacoma.  Aug.  15, -Up    on
he had never been be-
lived several years
l-'rinklin   K.   Lane.
with a parly
live issue
Hsrrl  Work  Needed  Most.
Mr   Gilley  said   the   most   effective
wa> of dealing with it was to s-^e that
(Continued on  Page Four.)
Rainier, where
fore, although
in  Tacoma.
meeting   of   the   Westminster
held    In    St.    Andrew's
Hinhlanderg on
il.strict are
tbey   are   evb
one of the mllltla
nnd bull cartridge,
command   has  Intimate
nre,  signs of disorder
nn i
The   first   detachment   of
Highlanders from   Vancouver,
arrived   here  yeBterday   morning,    is
stiu at Cumberland und   Ladysmlth.
Trouble was expected there all of yes.
terday as    many    threats   hnd
made hv the strikers thai they
tolerate    the    presence
Many of the miners In
said    to be    armed
vldenlly   cowed,   as
Is armed with rlfl
and Major Talt In
ed  that  al  the
his  men   will
^^^^^^ Two Maxim guns.
making  four  In  all   with  the  troops,
are  stationed   with   the   Highlanders,
and a plentiful supply of ammunition      :.'
la ready, nvsn
Refugees  Returning.
Strike breakers    still    continue    to
In from the woodB   In    and
^^^ and  theae are  be
ing given protection by the troops.
No attempt has been mnde by the
companies to operate the mines or
even to Import any more strikebreakers. This would mean the calling off of tha " '" "
from the
to Hev. R
church   yesterday,  a
church at Rosedale, lit
Mackay, late of Qlengan
N.8., was accepted by    that    ge
man.    The call was hearty and unani
metis,  accompanied   wllh
guarantee ol stipend,
nth's  vacation  yearly
U  soon  as the  money   was  availabl.
was given by Secretary Lane.
Outlook   Optimistic   This
Big   Things   Expect
Early Fall.
Week   and
id   i"
Japan and
ing  the California
is   understood   thu   In
deal fairly with the Japanese government the state department  has Indicated a purpose to facilitate any judicial proceedings that may be brought
to  test  tiie   leiiislatiim.
The proposal, il Is said
far as   that   mnde
Chines*;   Statesman
Eritith Against De-
0f Thinking
London,  Aug.   l'i
| eral Chang, a delegate
does not go | u|;""��   Prohibition
._    by    President "ho has  been  in
Roosevelt in the Japanese school cases! ""i""'8     endeavoring
-   ted States district attor- 2r,"8h, ����7,���'��'?"t
d to attack the legality , lr"m   her obligation
of   the   San   Krancisco  ,"'"."'  '"*ih*n  ��f>1*)'''
���,. .,,,.  ( hlna to report  lo  ..-. 	
Vlan  ?hl  Knl  the nature of hla
where the i'ni
ney was charge
of   the   action
srhool    board,    but  ..
scm lo the extension of all
in  the  prosecution  of
 ^^^^^        discus-Bioo, a d *;
c slon was come to to take a -vote cn
the situation senn time todsy whett
it will be decided whether th-ey will
gi out : n strike cr no.
Neither side will    make    any era
the  matter,  although  stale
expected to be uiadts tx:c
- wben it w, H be* ltnto**ra juat
Implores   Support   ���hat lhe aititude cf ��h+ ma really !-t
It Is eitremely  probubhr.   ft��w*over,
heads of the unionist ���
tbe  matter,  and  that
be favorable tcwanl*
Lie-fen'.nt  Gen- a stnae, (,..-... - move * ill bf delayed
of the National  some days  in  the hope thit further
union,   of   China.  negu,;��""na will ratch up the
Bngland   for  three
employees,  chiclTy
conductors, and  wouKi
to  induce    tha
to  release  China
io    receive any
started today for
Provisional  I'resi
that the wiser
will preraa .n
should tbe men
strike, s.xh a
��� in., days  In th<
r, tlations will i
and   F000
men  and
doubiodiy lie "P
strert car service.
does commit  the
l'nited States
reasonable  aid
test cases.
Jape May Suffer.
'Stion    that    Japanese residents   in   California   who   may   suffer
from the application of the alien land
ndemnlfied has been made on
tlle   precedent  established
e of the Chinese who were
Rock   Springs,   Wyo���  years
Italians lynched in New-
Mafia riots,    lt  is
however, that the United
ibly would guarantee Jap-
^^^     ' - in
A sur;
act be i
account  of
In the c;i
killed   at
���'go. antl the
Orleans during the
nointed ou
states probe
In a statement issued to the
public   today   General   Chant;
"Our people are deadly in earnest
In their efforts to rid themselves of
'he opium  evil and  thev cannot help
!��<-��    a    countrv
today  <>l
-old   moyinp
Mason,   a   15-year-i
ess. who has b��s-a music..:
feeling resentment againci a country
which is forcing upon them the very
art!cle by which they
and disgraced.
Dispatches to
Tariff Firbt l.cnpthy.
Aug. IB  -Extendf
New   York,  Aug. 1���.     ,
tin's Review  from branch offices of
R. Q, Dun & Co., In leading cities of. ^^^^^^^^^
.        i.   ,nv that the|NEW pARCEL  POST
,   ..   were degraded
It is Intolerable when !
acrlficlng millions'
of revenue ar.d
truggllng  against  	
" force us to receive
we reflect we are sacnuuiu. ���������....��� .Angeles
hundreds of lives in | pending
enormous dif'icul
'inese land owners against loss only
the ���-"'"���"' that thev were not properly I
ties thai countries
three years longer the poison
arnestly are striving to stamp
vent that they
compensated for property
obliged to dispose
BlBoodgOOd act
two or
I we so ^^^^^^
, out."
were]    The lieutenant
E. i". Mar Implicate*/.
Los An:   ies, Aug. 15.- Two arrests.
with mort promised, resulted fmuj the
finding   by   the   police  late  *~" *'
nicture aetrep-,. ���. ��� _
two weeks. Henxj W, Majska.-np, fur-
merly of Prince RupiinU- Otir....��pw a,
real estate dealer here, axnt Bldlwr
Burton,  a  young  salesman,    ol'   1-oa ���
were arrested ort. aDEtii-tcaa, .
the riling ot dltrftnqiioii.-'.-
Maakamp was said to came ot a fa-ally
worth three millions and is himself
wealthy In oil proper-ties in British
Ithe Dominion ot
1 vapid   maturing
the    iisuil
Iioiim- and    one
Washington. nUB    	
bate mer details of the asrlouUiirat 1 iJvorabia conditions
'.schedule delayed progress on the tai^  tjQeno. ln UlP fuU,re to a con
ff bill ngnln today In the senate. At Mtenti b���,  ,tl ,t conservatism
 ����  I"  evidence.
.,1  to dll
Canada, __.
of   the   crops   under
has restored COU-
is stin
'���*-**"*'   2'ey���yrtvB i    The lieutenant    general
of under the Webb- by app6allng t0 Ule BrlUB��� frl
China "to do their utmost to
ithe British  government to join
the root of wrong and
friends of
uch in evidence.
Z*motm*P^FSi b^'T^er?tix tWl .Enable
Mr. Mackay's Induction
cn August 88.
A   second cnll  came
church.    Chilliwack
takes place |and pntatoee^lhe^enate^undj hn,Vh:���^
from    Cook's
.... to     Rev.   II.   S
Fraser, at present connected with th"
High  school  staff  of  Vancouver,  and
late  of St.  John's    presbytery,    New
Mr.   Frani r  was  present
11 chosen words a?
Democratic lenders are can
aituatlon  tO decide an
blllty  of  beginning
i next week.
issine thc
to  the  atlvlsn-
longer    sessions
flovemeni of Brooerw--^ ^      dp
around  Extension
nnd tn  a
few   well   cnosen   ttmiu  .. . epted   the
Hls Induction dav hnt nol yet
but  H  will   prehnbly   he
ward  the end of Sopterber
Rev. It. J. Wilson, Rt
Vancouver, was moderator pro tern
nnd there wnn n fairly good attend
ance of members,
son. a Hi
Canadian  Implicated.
Angeles.  Aim.  18    ^'A''���1
but the leath-
mnrket is uu'et under
and the
*mmmmmmmm_^ Aug.
Gnu ral liurleste.n t
the new regula'.ions
eel   post   rates   and
l'resident Wilson a box
15.- Postmaster
day inaugurated
hanging the par
weight   Hmlt
| us In removing
In   promoting
�� ml
m derate fnll business is
O t*
mllltla SB It is under-,
ondltlon wlll the
year-old moving picture act-
made complaint late today to the
of hnvlne been  kidnapped  "id I
held  In  captivity  since  Aug.  6.    She!
told of  a  complicated   transaction  I"
which a Canadian multimillionaire, a
pbvslolan and several others wee Implicated.     Five  suspects   Immedlntalv
were Fought by detectives.    The flr*t
"-"outed on atlRptclon was Robert W
tliirtnn. a young SBlesmen.   Honrv W.
'tMknmp, reported to le thrc.  times
j'i millionaire, was arrested todnv. He
j'.; -n "ii nneratof and mining man of
I Victoria. B.C.
airly snt1
line Georgia peaches
.-t!H rether
indications of a
lated by gene
,ii'o.   Dletrlbut
���loted  fr
s^d that under no conn ������ ���  i;P '.;
Arrcstn  Probnblc.
New thnt the mllltla nre flrmlv
penciled at all points where further '_,
���  iiueiv to break ont, |^
'0    e made ^hou'd    any
made to create trouble.
The striking miners
attempt be
it-,, showin" 0
*"�� '^'n^rUrcd Manager
days ago When Uie      .
^rthe'tmei/me^n,.  lo-d  them,
i'^'t'the mine was on fire nnd throat-
l\\.A with destruction,    Yesterday  a|
ened  wnn  "'�� waited upon
deputation, ��n the men *����rcd ���������.
Stockton and proffer
Albinv.   NY.,   Aug.   16     Mr.
'1. Glynn   lleul-inant  g vernor,
now       submitted       'o
court of impeachment  the
question us to who is the lawful governor of this suite, following the Impeachment of
Governor sulzer.
In a leter to Governor Sulzer he says: "1 told myself ln
readiness to perform every
function of the office nf governor, except Insofar an 1 am restrained by your Illegal action
or by physical force "
The condition of Mrs. Sulzer
la still serious.
���:,i o -u ������:,' *-,'.i tt ���'.'; tt * # % ft'.'/ <l
from   Uval   footwear
Iron trade is dull.,    A
 ^^^^ looked for In
'rrs. clothtnir, heavy dry goods. Jew-
Irv and  articles of luxury  generally.
trade   at   Quebec   is   in
^^^ toluine and the re-
lil  demand  for seasonable goods Is
o-Til  for this period.
ronto  wholesale  bu��'ness   Is
quiet although  there are
revival    In    activity,
th" f-'ii'-" being stlmti-
rniiy good harvesting re-
^^^^^ i nt -"'(nil is In lih-
rt!   volume,  wnn   a   fnir   cnll   being
J f.T drv g"oils, shoes, groceries,
. and other staple Hues.   The
weal'icr has  been  favorable    and    If
tl. n brisk fnll trade la Confl-|tract with
vnected, ���   -���--!-
fir weat and northwest there
nreved feeling with tb"
d crona. ami
I to an
llll-B ��� ,' , , ^...  ^. ~
weighed  IT  pounds,  w th  n    postage
chare ot 13 cetus,  wns  delivered    at
the White House early in the day.
The new   regulation,  which  became
<���  ..ii..���  ,,i,i���v   raises  the  maximum
Men and  Funds Micsin-*;.
,    Calgary. Aug, 15.  -John K. May
hy WllUam Fryer, secretary and
O'jurer   respectively   of  the    Merchants
box, Whloh I fruit association,    are    missing, and
are believed to have taken witli them
compauy funds amounting to at
$5000, possibly more
OUt for their arrest.
What a D scovery f
Spokane, Aug. 15.    Marie Theilman.
described   ill    reports   fortiiphed   the
officials as "lhe girl who docs not use
paint," has been found at Seattle, according to a telegram wblcb nwch-wl
Probation Officer  W. Bl. V.  Wtoaim
yesterday.   The girl, who ��"rt�� n t?��*��Jt
selU r at the Isis theatre, dis��pp��arnJ'
under    peculiar     t ireumatanc'i   two
weeks  ago.    On   receipt of,tbe  tehv
gram yesterday the probat'an olTcsr
 ]asked lhat the girl be beld In ciiatody
least  at Seattle until she couM ba brousM
are  to Spokane.    Sh�� in the -draxhtcr of
P, Thellinan, 220 Mont-gomcrv avenue
mn xi uni
effective  today,  raises
weleht    of    pnrcels    post
?ro,n 11 to 80 pounds and makes eer
tain changes In the rates.
land, by
York City.
I-, the
-.:   |i    "ltl"h       ,^^^^^^^
nm-nllnn]   oeTtBlUtS   ' '   W
���' .���*h-"ts Bra locking fnrw
:.;���ve demand for fall and winter tner-
^Wmnlpeg reports n aubatatittnl in-
cren'e In general trade although there
"H seems pretty ihUrllsh thai Great lj,, ^^SJ^^rMIK
llritain should refuse to take BtlTIn Mohs. The eroM^areJWtf,^lt,a,p,rton
the  exposition   because  It   would  00��t lng mattirltv W1W K*l ,hat
her n little more than  she evneeled. i (h���t the vleltl will W mrg
g op-
that  England  has  cut rather a | orations ^wmon jl'^^^d"^"''^'-!^
l.cndon.   Aug.   15.    In   an
dealing   with   Great   Britain's
to participate  In  the
exposition, th
Panama t'nciflc
Outlook says:
Want Calflary Bonds.
Calgary,   Aug.   15.���Unsolicited
t.r.) huve been    received    by
Slnnott to loan   the   city    %'.
One  tender  came  from  England, by i
cable,    offering    a    million     "
while  a  similar  tender  waa
bv  wire today  from  New
The British offer oannot be accepted
city It under an Ironclad con
the Bank of Montreal    for
the placing of all bond-j which It may
offer  for sale  In   the  United  empire,
but It l-t probuble that the New York
offer will be accepted.
* # ���> ���.'.' ���"��� tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt *y -i
tt tt
, bulletin  Isanti  statistics
according to the
as the
Unless there are other and better rea- j of tart ��*.on lllirve,tlnf
sons to be given for this pollcv, we ����"W��H^���; commence
fear  that  England  has  cut  rather  -   crntlona   wh ch   havi d	
Ottawa, Aug. 15���Hon. W. J.
Roche, minister of the Interior.
left for the weat today. The
minister will be absent from
the capital for several weeks.
During the course of the day-
Mr. Roche had a long conference with Premier Rroden ���-
regard to western matterB.
July 31, excepting only Ml wheat
SS.75. clover "4.57 and alfalfa 75J��. art-
reported as having a condition abovo
SO, the range being from S2 fur be-a-QK
nnd corn for husking, to 89 for pota.-
toei and mixed grains.
ln the western provinorai snrlns
vhoat ia reported al 8-1.60 in JJa.nitot--.t-
S9 In Saskatchewan and 88 im Alkarta..
' the other grain crbpn beins emtTe^-
pondlngly high; barley, especially fi
Saskatchewan and Alberta fcetag ***
ne cent, or over. Root cr-cpn lr the
northwest provinces tn alao partiitw-
larly good.
Thirt-cn oer Cent. Fetter.
Tho  preliminary  estimate   of    'l'i
acre cf fall wheat is T.'.S'i
i resent tne promise ui j.��.-. r-.             vhlch for the harvestpd area
ef spring wheat G, barley 6. rye 2, anil 'n Ontario, Manitoba, Saakalchewon.
flax 1 per cent, above the average I Alberta and British Colnmbfa uf 8J5,-
Iyields per acre of the last five years, i --no acrea indicates �� tntal yield of
The condition of the oat crop promises j 1R4S2.000 buBhels as conqMred -wrlth
I- ..iou onnnl to the average. 116 396,000   bushels,   TKt.SM  acrai   in
11912,   This yield ia �� per ��mrt above
Ottawa. Aug. 15
sued   today  the census
office  reports that
returns  made  by  crop  reporting  correspondents ut the end of last month,
the weather of July was on the whole
favorable   to  the  growing    of    grain
crops.    The conditions in the northwest provinces were reported as generally excellent.
Representing n standnrd or full
crop by 100, the average condition
throughout  Canada ot  fall  wheat  la
expressed  at  77.75;   spring  wheat  rs
[87.6;   oats.  85.-15;   barley,  87.58;   rye,
xed grain. 89.88; flax. 8S.S5. The
���������; 86; ml
O il .      Illl.,r���     - , ���	
percentages of the standard condition      Thi   pre
of spring wheat, barley and rye rep-j Yield per
resent the promise of yields per acre   bushels w
world's show.
'ter than for eome
a yield eiiual to the average
Field Crops High.
tt tt tt tt tt tt ***** tt tt tt tt '
All  the
field  crops  of Canada  onl that of last year..
-I V
toe* ���* '**.���
m-~ "
l��AGfc  TWO
** i*et-P''i''i-'ii morning paper devoted to the ittterists ot Hew Weatmlnster and
ttu* tt-rtuer Valley. I'ubHtktxl e-oerv roorieiiis nrccpt Sunday bj/ the national Printing ,
matt PMbllthxtsg Company, Limited, at 63 klcK'r.'te street, New lrcstmlnsler, British
-OmStunbia. ROBB BUTIWRLANn. Managing Director. Theological
All cnft-n-wttMcaf-kms shoKld be addressed to The .Vt'io VVt'.tliiiinnlcr .Ycuis, and not '
Cla btdvcidtxat members ot th. stag*.   Cheques, droits, and money orders should bc made
ble lo The Sational Prlntino and fubh.-thitti/ Company, Limited.
TCUirllONK8~Uu*in**t Office ami Manager, 9D9, fd.lortal Rooms (all dcpart-
���). >SI
BCBUCHII'TION RATHB���Bv carrier, (4 per year, Jl for three months, 40c pet
tttttttth.    Hy mail. $3 per year, 2&c per month.
ADVKRTlSINtJ  RATH8 on application.
Conrerence  at    Victoria
Hears Learned Speakers on
Different Subjects
ll has bten suggested to The News from several directions that if there were city bonds for sale in less than
thousand dollar units, many of them could he disposed uf
In making this observation it has been pointed out
that it might be a plan worth while trying in the next issue of civic stock. Eleswhere this scheme has worked admirably, notably in Minneapolis, while several Canadian
cities in the west, as well as in the east, have adopted it
with satisfactory results.
Insome quarters the opinion is held that a man who
is looking for an investment in bonds would buy a thousand dollars' worth, or more, but it has been proved that
the smaller denominations are much more acceptable to t,
the bome market than the larger issues. The reason for
this appears to lie in the fact that there are numbers of
itssidents living on salaries, who wish an absolutely safe
investment for their savings and who, prompted by this
desire and also, perhaps, by pride in their city, would buy
its bonds in units less than one thousand dollars when
toheir financial circumstances would not permit them to! He then reviewed the synoptic Goepei 3
tnirchfmp iin tn a  rrrpjitpr amount and ,heir mutual relations.    Special-
glUTCnuse up LO a grtdiei   amount ly interesting and Important were hia
At any rate, as has been suggested to The News, references in the narrative   (,f   the
tbe idea is worth a trial in the next issue of citv stock.    !l!i,r!l\i'lfiI1cy raml <-e��urreetion or the
I Christ.    The  raet  or  the   first   being
  omitted, not  only  in  Mark,  hut alao
No reports of any more circuses coming this wav. but ��������� a" *������}���* otl"'r New Testament writ-
tv     >n 1 *  *      t     .���       t   ��� 1 ings  outside  ot  Mathew    and     I.like,
���tbere II be a CIVIC election later on, SO cheer Up. showed that such narratives were not
  I essential to the Christian faith nr the
Whether or not drinking shortens life is an undecided
question, but with some it certainly helps to pass time
Victoria,   Aug.   15.���The   third     annual coast theological conference hus
resumed sessions in the First Congregational church. Proceedings cony
nu need with a devotional half hour,
Cunducted by the Lord llishop or Col
unibia, who in hls characteristically
helpful manner gave ihe rirst or his
series of mediations on the attributes
ef (lod. Dr. Hoper tonk as his first
topic "Tlie Personality nf Hnd" as the
very foundation of all religion. Modern thought had sometimes seemed
semed to be fatal io the thought of
a personal (lod which was expressed
simply and forcibly in the Bible. Uut
this was largely because their thought
of personality was wrong. Tbey had
inherited too limiting a view of it, but
the older and truer view showed that
It had consisted of sympathy and
oommunlon. The personality of (lod
stood for the dignity of human nature and ils possibilities, and he appealed for an expression ot belief iu
that personality.
On Criticism
An   excellent   paper  on   the   "New
staiiitnt   After   I ritlclsm"   was   glv-
n by Hev. Dr, Adeney, who dealt In
a very thorough manner with the posl
Len of the N'ew Testament  today In
tho light of higher criticism.    He reviewed the changes or the past century and a hair, and showed the return of many  points to more conservation positions.    Criticism waj judg-
mmt.  not  necessarily  condemnation.
the board of governors, said: "Every
I thing seems so up to date and people
I so prosperous. The country Impresses
me greatly, and when full advantage
Is taken of the undoubted resources
by the most aclentiric methods of
farming it will develop in a way that
will be surprising."
W. 11. Irvine, a former president of
Detroit real estate bonrd and president of the Irvine Wise Realty company, one cf the largest concerns of
Duluth, says: "The cities or the weBt
are hound to become Industrial centres as the manufacturers must locate there to hold the market. Tliere
Is no doubt whatever, that the country which 1 have soon Is capable of
supporting a very large and prosper*
oils population, which will not Ih1
satisfied to deal with eastern manu-
facturers very long,"
11. It. Crow, Cleveland, is another
en'hiisiast, "Wc all looked forward
to the western trip," he said, "nntl it
has not disappointed us. Ymir prairies are all that they are advertised
to be und more."
Even   Highways   Have   Proved  Their
Worth, According to U. S. Official
Accident   at   Keremos���Salmon   Arm
Preparing Exhibit for New Westminster c-hibition.
Keremos, Aug. lit. Qeorge Allison
met with an accident while up the
Ashnt.la river on Monday last, While
going over a rock slide he slipped and
the revolver which he was carrying
went n(T, the bullet passing through
the lower part or his root. Billy Daly,
with the help or the horses, managed
to get Oeorge down to Ashnnla siding, where they took train tor Keremos
and on arrival was taken In au automobile to Ihe hospital at Hedley.
rirst century, and while he believed
that bclier in the divinity of Jesus
Christ made creditable the birth and
Infancy narratives, he did not think
they were necessary to the credttabll-
Uy of His divinity. While he thought
that possibly the writers might he
led to ascribe Rime natural events to
Bupi rnatural causes, yet that there
cuiild be no doubt that Christ did
manifest In Himself a power nr healing and restoration. The resurrec-
tlcn he considered to be estahlislit.l
ai a matter of tact by iis place in
���������*.. earliest as well as the later writings.
  Dr. Adeney carefully laid belore his
. , ,      . , ,      hi arers the  position  nl affaljs  rela-
Uregon sheep raisers are bemoaning the fact that the tlve to the Eputies and Acts as well
England has taken to growing tobacco. What a fine
n chance for the 'gettes to get even with the male simps
wbo smoke.
The difference between Governor Sulzer's wife and
Eve is that Mrs. Sulzer 'fessed up and Mrs. Adam's husband had to tell on her.
Leaving Fernie.
lie. Aug. 15. Hev, A. s. Martin,
B. D., ol Knox church, is leaving Fernle to accept a position in the Presbyterian college nt Edmonton. Since
his advent here he has made many
friends and greatly Increased the
membership or the church.
S. RobsI and John Shepltik miners
at the Crow's Nest Pass mines, tried
before Justice or the Peace Burns Tor
un'awfully neglecting to use sprags
while undercutting coal were each
fined ten dollars and costs.
Labor Dav at Vernon.
Vi mnn. Aug. 1". The Vernon fire
department has organized a Labor dav
celebration lor September 1st. which
will eclipse all former celebrations In
the number and value of prizes, and
diversity Of sports. The grand parade
of Qoats, vehicles drawn by horsea,
automobiles, motor cycles, bicycles
ami fir,, department ann-ratus decorated gaily tor the occasion, is tn be bv tht
wool clip this year has fallen off, but the fleecing in Wall
street seems to go ahead industriously.
to the Johannlne writings. He laid
great stress on lhe fact ihat when
criticism had done its work still the
Tact of Chrisi stonil nut clear ami
I lain. Theology had come out stronger than ever a> a result or criticism
There's still a shred of justice left in this world.   A
'Toronto man was fined the other dav for persisting in al- earn mm remained the greatest th
lowing his dog to bark between the'hours of 10 p.m. and l^Vp^dX'Vrrfesl" teamen
S HJT). j to  Christ,    The  real  evidence of the
  'inspiration and Infallibility of the New
Tcatament was Its power. It was
truth, though in an earthern vessel.
Christian experience proved its pow
er after all criticism to
and guide, and lo bring out ot darkness into light.
A large number of questions were
_ _ ,    ( to ])r  Adeney at the close of his
twenty-five per cent, of the land area of the address.
United States is improved farm land and about twenty-
five per cent, of the men who own those farms are coming U/pCT QIIDPRIQ-f^
��0 Canada to improve on them. I YlLJl   jUIYi IMjLJ
The European concert may be in tune, but there can't
:n much music to it with John Bull scratching his suffra-
fggttae bites and that collection of false notes from the Balkan states.
a big feature nf the day. led hy three
bra^s bends. The spor's committee iris
arranged for baseball, lacrosse and
football matches, played by the best
teams In the Interior Th" brigades
rrom Kamloops. Revelstoke, Armstrong, Penticton and Kelowna have
been invited to participate, and ar-
writ- j ringements are being made with the
c p. H. rnr single rare tickets between
Vernon, Kamloop-s, revelstoke, Penticton and intermediate points.
Vernon Golf Course.
Last week the Vernon Qolf club held
their opening meeting ovi ;- the course
regenerate | admlnd from the Land and Aglcul-
tural company of Canada, antl laid out
by Thomas Bendlow. the expert frnm
Chicago. When in full playing condition it will be second to none In Brlt-
Irh Columbia, as the land is irrigated
iml beautiful views of hill, orchanl
and lake are obtainable.
In view of the popularity of the good
roads movement In this province the:
following Information  from n bulletin i
ol the United States department of ag-
rloulture will be of interest:
According   to   the   data     gathered,
where  good   roads  replace  bad  ones,
the value of farm lands bordering on i
the roads Increase to such an extent
that the cost or road Improvement is 1
equalized, ir not exceeded.    The gen- !
eral   hind   values,   as   well   as     farnij
values, showed  marked advances, following the Improvement of mads.
In   Lee  county,   Virginia,  a   farmer]
owned   100   acres   between   lien   llur
and   Jonesville.   which   he  offered   to|
tell lor |1,800.    In 1908 this road wan;
I Improved  and, althougb    the  farmer
fought the Improvement, he has since i
refused   $8,000   for  Ills   farm.     Along j
this  sume road a  tract of 188 acres i~
was supposed  to have been  sold  for j L
$ti,ii00.     The   purchaser   refused     the
contract,   however,   and     the     owner
threatened    to    sue    him.     Alter  the
road improvement upon the land, the
same  furm   was  suld  to  the original
purchaser fur $8,000.
In  Jackson  county,    Alabama,  the
people voted n bond issue of $250 ono
for road Improvements and improved
24  per cent ol the  road.  Tlle census
or 1900 gives the  value ol all  rami
lands In Jackson county at $4.90 per;
acre.    The selling value at  that  time I
was   Irom   *'l   'o   $15   per   acre.     The i
census of 1910 nlaces the value of nil
farm lands In Jackson county at $9.79
per acre, and   the  selling  price  now ,
Irom $15 to $26 per a-re.    Aolual figures of Increased value following road
improvement are shown.
As llle roads ill no way effect, soil
fertility   or  finality   of   the   farm,   advances are due essentially tn the tie-
crease In the enst of hauling produce
to  market or shipping point.    Farms!
are  now   regarded  as  plants  for  tlie
business of a farming, and any reduction in their profits th-oueh unneces-,
sarily heavy costs tor hauling on bad ,
mads naturally reducrj their capital- '
Ization Into values. With reduced costs1
for  hauling,    proflta  are   Increased:
with   t'ie   result   that   the   farm   planl i
slin-.vs satisfactory earnings on a high- |
er  capital   value.
The automobile also has begun to be
an important factor in Increasing rural
values where gooil roads are introduced.
Immigration is particularly marked
where ro'ul conditions are favorable: 1
in fnct. the figures nf the departmenl
seem to indicate tint good mads indirectly Increase tli" demand fm- rural ,
prnperv; and tlte price of farm land.
���r e that ut nny commodity, is h-ic-i
relations between demand and
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
II. St P, O, "f Klks ul the I), of O., mee
the first mni third Thursday Ht s p. m.
K. nf  P.   Hull.  Eighth  street.  A  Well.
tinty,   Ijxillled Killer;   1'
It. Smith, Bee
. o. o. M., NO. SB4.���MBBTS Oh
(list. Becond, third and fourth Wednes
day In each month nt S p, tn.
In tlm Mouse Home 11. J. Leamy
dictator; 1'. K. Jones. seer.lury
Headquarters of lodge In See Hnusii
oorner nt Fourth and Carnarvon streets
O. O. P. AMITY LODOB NO. 17���Th
r.-Kiiltir meeting of Amity lodaw Nt
27. I. 0. O. P., In h#ld every M.iniln
night ut I o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hal
comer Carnarvon and Dlttcnth street*
Visiting tirelltern cordially Invite.
R. A. Merrlthew, N.O.; H. w. Sangster.
V.   O. ;   tV.   C.   Ooutlltim.   P.   I,.,   reeor.
ini,- secretary1 J   w. MacDonald, financial Becretary.
ier & Hanna, Ltd.)���Funeral director
and erabalmers. Purlers 405 Coltimbt
Hlre-l.    New   Westminster.    Phone  ytf
vv. e. PALES���-Pioneer 'funeral ntrwto
and E--biilin..r, Ht-918 Agues Htree
oppoaKa Carnegie Library.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)   ��18,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
lliiinchea throughout Canada aud
Newfoundland, and iu Loudon, Kngland, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A.. and Mexico City. A general
blinking buslncHS trammeled Letter*
nf Credit Issued, available with correspondents ln all parte of the world,
Savings Hank Department ��� Deposits
received in suina ot $1 and upward
md interest allowed at 3 per cent par
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over J18B.00n.niin 00
Cl.  D.  BRYMNBR.  Manager.
II.    J.    A
t.     Tel.   R.   II
��.   Room   1
Royal Bank
Incorporated 1869.
Capital   Paid-Up    $11,560,000
Reserve   Funds    $13,000,000
A General Dunking
Business Transacted,
Nsw  Westminster,  B.C..  Branch.
P. H. Smith. W. .1. Orovet
Work undertnk Ml in eity und otltsld'
points. '..11-12 Westminster Truat Bldg
Ph.me   3tit.     P    O.   Box   507.
Sul.\ l>e>-<ls. Business (Otters, etc.; clr
rulur work SpeelfUlSt All work utrlctlj
confidential H Barry, room 418 West
minster Trust Blk,   Prions 703.
A Spokane man accuses lazy wives of causing as much i
'"tomestic strife as lazy husbands.   Hc mav be right, but'
the kid who persistently dodges the wood pile has them
i both beaten as peace disturbers.
The Grand Trunk railway has offered three McGill!
.scholarships free to employees who desire college education.   That should excite some keen competition  among,
ihv bnhunks on the Yellowhead grade.
In First Trip Over Canadian Prairies
Americans Realiie Western
Bridge Acrosi Kootenay.
Cranbrook. Auk. 15 A pnvernment
brl ' * rang Ins left th>' town to mm-
ni'ii' " 'ho construction of the hridge
acroPS the Kootenay river from Muy-
onV to Hull river.
The Cranbrook pish and denr fuc-
tory I**-" having their hli,wer ?ysiem much-abused   Immigration  of  lato
remodelled  this week doing a Rood thnt  ia little noticed.
Mr. Smith experts next  yenr to
Ottawa, Aug. 14 Instead of diking
the beal ef the country away and leaving nothing hut the scum of th.. lower
classes, tho great influx of British Immigration to Canada during the past
few yenrs Is beferlng the condit on
rf the English farmhand, arcirdng
to .1. Obed Smith, chief Immigration
agenl of (ireat Britain antl Ireland.
Mr. Smith was delighted with im
migration conditions so far as he hud
found Ihem, and will make a study ol
the affairs rf the Dominion in regard
to the expected influx of Britishers
in coming years. He admitted that
'twere was conaldetiaYe IJ-iellng in
England that Canada was depopulat j
ing the better working classes, hut
rn the other hand. It was beginning
to be'tcr the conditions of the much-
abused farm hands In th" Old Coun- I
try. They are, he sn'd. becoming so !
scarce that the farmers are forced to
give higher wages. This is true In
almost everv line nf business,  so the
ster Board of Trade meets tu the bean
room, .'Ity Hall, tu follows: Third Pri
duy of eneh month; quarterly msetlm
on llie third Friday of February, MaJ
August and November nt H p.m. An
nied nie..tings on the third Prlday o
l->>hruut*y- U. H. Stuart Wade, secre
listers, Bolldtora, etc. in Lome stree
New Westminster. Q K. Corbould. Ii
C.   J. R. Grant   A. E, MoColl.
ter-Hl-luw, solicitor, etc. Til,-phon
1170. Cahle nddresn "Johnston
Code. "Woetern Union " Offices, KIP
Hlnck. r,52 Columbia street. New Wen
minster, n. C
wifrrmsinK.    kdmonds  a   wiim
sl-fe ��� Barristers Rnd Solicitors, Wem
minster Trust Blk., Columbia street
Ndw Westminster, B. C. Cable addres
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. C
Drawer 200. Telephone 68 W. J
Whiteside. K. C.; tt L. Edmonds, I
J. STILWKLL CLUTE, Barrtster-at-lal
solicitor, etc; corner Columbia an
McKenzIs streets. New W. stinkistei
B. C.   P. O   Box 112.    Telephone   711
COAL MININO rights of th.- Domlnlos
in  Miitiitohu.  Saskatchewan snd   -Mbert-a
I the   fUKOn   Territory,   the  Noithw-'St   Ter-
| rttorles  und  In  a   portion  of  tb,.   Provlnc*
of HiitiHli Columbia, may be loosed for ��
term of  twenty-one  years ut  un   minimi
rental ..f tl an acre. Not mora than ��&�����
acres will Ik- leased to on�� applloant.
Application  for u  lea*., must   be mad��
| by tl.- applicant in person to the Agent
ior Sub-Agent of the dlstrlot  In which th��
i rln'ita applied for ure ultuiited
In surveyed territory the land must b��
I described   l.y   seotlons,  or  local  mil,-divisions of section-*. Hud In unsurvoyed ter
ritory    the   tract   upplled     for    tdiall     bt
stoked out l.y the applicant himself.
V.nc)i application must be uev>,nipanle4
by a fee of $r, which will tx* refunded it
the rights applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty shall bo
nald on the merchantable output of th%
mine r.i ttie rate of five cents per lon.
The person o|ieratlng tin- tnlne shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for ttie full quantity of merchantable coal mlnt-d and pay tlie royalty thereon. If the coui mining righta
are not lielng oj��eruted such returns BhOuH
be   furnished  ot   least  once a  year
The lease will Include the c*til mining
rights only, but tho leasee will he permitted fo purchase whatever avatlablo
surface rights mav bo considered nceeo-
sary for the working ot the mine at tho
rote of 110 an acre.
For full Information application should
be made to tho Recretary of tho  Department  of the Interior.  Ottawa,  or to any
Agont or  Sub-Agent of  Dominion   Uindo
W. W. r-ORT,
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
N. B.���UnauthoHxod publication of this
odvertioement will not bo pnld for.
An Ontario magis!rate haslet a thief ro on suspended
i-entence with the understanding that the light fingered
party come west. Probably his worship believes the erring one would have a better chance to reform in the purer
air out here.
What some of the Americana think
of tlie western provinces and prairies
may he gathered in the following
short interviews with several of the
lending delegates to the real estaln
convention on the daylight wheat belt
trip fmm Winnipeg.
Robert .1. Coyle, jr., first vice-president of Ihn Pittsburg real estate
board Bays: "l am amazed at the
thousands of miles of farm lands I
have seen, with the fields of waving
pondered liy such votaries of the new   grain      It   Is  tlle   first   Canadian   trip
ln the sudden ninl widespread popu
larity of eccentric and more or less
-.iolent dancing, the Sew York Medl-
��� cal Times seen a phenomenon closely
.malogo-us to those dancing manias of
the middle a-Ecs which hnve been so
o'd    sport as havi
understand ll
sense enough for all of our party, and wc would nol
have missed it for anything, A great
future is hefore ymir country, and I
nn  n iw  appreciate  tlie  enthusiasm
that apparently fills every westerner.
Their confidence Is justified and the
growth of your cities In such a short,
time   is   wonderful."
I).  P.  Hlack, Pittsburg president of
a   concern   raplta.ll/.rd   at   $20,000,000,
w'th  a  surplus and  undivided  profits
of $2.nnn,000, says:  "This Is my first
,   western Canada trip, and lt has been
Jo arliich the victims -ot a neurotic dla-  c]    of  p0I,|mm  rr)ail   Islington ,n   revelation   to  me,     1   had   no  ld��a
the���� ilartf it ascribes to the unrest vi(. _,_'      ...       ���.,,,,���- I Hie country was developed to the ex-
oT tee ap-and ise various social con-;     >'ll'Pr��-<   was  given  bj   a  mission-. ((,nt ���  ,     gn(,  ^ ^        ^^
..ittions trt s jru.thntoir.ai character,     ary of the  Female  Aid society that so ���p t0 dato and pro8perou3."
Ttv i-nnuence  (if a peculiar  music,  deceased,   a  spiiisti r,   who   litul   been,    A   p   fjiphols, of  A.   P.  Nichols  &
Co.. Kansas City, speaking nf his lm-
1-nndon, Aug 14 -A pathetic story
of the poverty of a descendant of
.>rtr�� iJisc-rraRpd by psychiatrists, alien, one nf Kngland's heroes, was told at
isda. and neurologists. The impulse to the Islington coroner's court tlle other
���"TTrtl" in ragtime It views aa thc symp 'day. when Mr. Wnlter Schroder held
u-mH of rt distinctly contagious disease an  liuiuest on  Sarah  Christina  Adis,
61, of Popham  road,  Islington.
Evidence  was given  l.y  a mission-
of a peculiar music.
n-nnnbined with a native determination
to be smu��tl. manu up the motor re-
���an-tiuup KM  In   the  new   dances    to
deceased,   a  spinstt r,   who  had   t a
a milliner, had for ihe last three
yeara been in receipt of 8b per week
from the Female Aid society. Witness
-which n large und specially BenBltlied stated that deceased came or a good
���itasa in aeveral countrlea has sudden- stock and was a deacendani ol tlen-
ly* dtrvUt-d so much of its time and Wi Ife. Of late she had not done any
���i-neTTf. fot the scientific observer work. She paid ils 6d per week rent,
ta**) ���beautifully illustrated the psv- and when questioned as to whether
fht.t'-r or c.r wiin ns formulated hy s.,,. i.,,j sultisient food to live upon
U> Hon antl other Investigators of t!].:t.ghc   r,,. 1:, A   ,hal   8hp   ha(1   8ai(1   tha,
et.j'-i Ishe did  not require anything.
She had good health up till Sunday
tt is a fait probably not wlthoul
t-'i-gnifieam*'.. too, that "ragtime"
v��ri-p.inatrd in nr wns highly congenial
tp the wild religious emotionalism of
��i*e*e.ru revival services, There, at anv
s-il''. the "���"trotters" found it nnd
�����' .neir.j., was an essential purl of m..st
<* thi-i -anc'i-i-nt religions, as well ns of
��Krt a few new ones. It gives nutlet
nnii f-xprr-s-aion lo eerlain primordial a l"'sl mortem
-.ix* wntirtly  normal  emotions,  but It  1>l"iy was fairly well nourished
evening,   when  she  complained  of  so
lire  internal  pains.     A  fellow  lodger
gave her a    little Bttmulent,   which
seemed to give her a little sleep she
had   a   relapse,   antl    expired   before
mrilciii aid could be obtained,
Dr. Qeorge Madden, who had made
xaniinatioii,  nald   the
pressions of the country, said: "I
am reminded of the day, when forty
years ago, my family sold their farm
In Illinois for $ihi an acre. I was
back on the old place not long ago.
nnd found that it was then worth $200
an ncrc, and I cannot see where the
land is any better than the splendid
stretch of country we have pas-^*l
through on the wny t*. Itegma. When
your country becomes populated and
developed aa the older states In the
union, your value will he equal to
Henry W. Artnslrong. a member of
Haying   Is  Over.
S-.'me-i Arm. Ane. IF. The hst row
weeks have been btiFv tui's for the
farmers of tVs dii'r-t living Is
cow over antl this Imnortanl Top hss
i run -�� rend one The wepther dur-
'n,. '',,. hsv'nr '"' ���"-'���**! his heen very
fa' '' '*��� ."���<���' nt f r nccis'onal show-
em, which were net enough to do any
,.,-, -.,.,. r |., int,,rfr.r, seriously with
th-  wer',.
Work on the new C   1'  11   ��' itton Ini
Btnrted and a In-t- ��� '* - '  nf men and
teams have he,,,! t ,., ,  , scavatlng for
.the   new   bu'ldlna
For  Royal   Ci'��  Fair.
The worv ,.f cnllpctlne ��xhihlts for
thn  Sow  Westminster  ra ������  wlll  *    **i
'* '��� n r way. In the pasl 8 lln nn  \rtn
b���� been verv successful ai t'vs ex.
hlllti. n "nil Palmou Aroi hones Ilils
yen*- Iii do even belter than formerly,
The government dredge lini hpen
'.ere for some li.ee deepening the
eii-unet on the we��t �� .'���* -.f the wharf
���""nl moving a better anproach to It.
The whnrf itpeif in ai*,, receiving
Bome needed  repairs.
He Was Too Slow in Tele-ra-ihin--| to
t;ton   Runa'-'ays
Port Huron, Mich.. Aug IB Hush
telegrams to the local police and Immigration office failed to deter Mrs.
Frank llurgess and Mrs. Koy Franklin
from making thnir escape from Prank
Burgess, an Irato Toronto husband,
Burgeaa telegraphed the police and
Immigration officials here that his
wlfo, Maude llurgess was eloping with
one Hoy Franklin and thnt they
would arrive at Port Huron at fi.no
In the morning, and ashed lhat thev
bo detained. The message was not
received until an hour after their
train had departed. In the meantime
the couple had heen questioned by
lh" Immigration officials and both
proved that they were Citizens of
the il'nl'ed States. Their destination  Is unknown.
a record one of liritish Immigration
Four new steamers will be running t"
Canada, two on the Allan line and
two on the C. P. U. ll is elao expect
ed that the White Star will have another Bteamer In tholr Canadian s<--
vice.   and   altogether  immigrants   will
be far better accommodated than of
former years. "Canada is in the pub
lie eye In Croat llritain now more
than ever, and great Ihings are ex
pected of her," Mr. Smilh said en'hus
Solicitor and Notary. Offices Mar
block, SK Uirne street New Wwitmlr
ster, B. C.
Rtirt1.it-.-* nud Sollrhnrs. -R06 to 11
Westminster Trust Block. (). K Mai
tin, IV O, McQuarrln and fieorae I
Theso who saw a possible n iniuiee
for Miss Hilda King, of Quogue, I. I.
and Ceo. K. Prudeii, a North Carolina
life-saver, of which the papers made
much, will  he disappointed.
According to the Elizabeth City, N
Ci Independent, this possible rotna'C
"has a cloud." The Indepe'.denl cop
les the following paragraph from n
Hrooklyn paper of July 19. from (Jim
"On April 6, of this year. Hlldo
King, of Ihls place, placed her nam.-
and address, with the request tha'
the finder write to her. In a bottle
nnd threw It Into the surf. The hnl
tie was found on .luly 10 nl Mantoo
N. C��� by (Ieorge K. Prudeii. a mom
ber of the Pea Island life saving crew
who wrote to Miss King, requeBt'np
that she send her photograph. Tin
friends of the young woman In l.v
a romance will result nnd are patient
ly  awaiting developments"
This paragraph the Independent
copies antl adds this sign Trent posl
"('apt. Waller Moman. or BllzabetV
City, snys thnt the young Indy will
havo a surprise coming to her when
she learns that Pruden, the Prince
Charming who found her bottle, is
not a white man. The crew of 'lie
Pea Island station nre negroes Thus
innnv  n romance, has ils cloud,"
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of all  kinds.
Prices right   Satisfaction guaratitsen
It  McKenile  St.
Transfer Co.
)lflc��  Phont  185.      Barn Phon*
Bsgbl* fttraat.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
B.C. tat Service
i-an bt*. diverted Into pathological llnea was due to the rupture of a aneurism
and that the  Medical  Times suspects of the aorta of the heart.
r�� -what has happened now. The jury returned a verdict In ae
.%U   ot   which   should   be   carefully cordaucc  with  tlie  medicul evidence.
White Rock
"The Playground of B. C."
White, Shiles & Co., a!
l.*-ibL't>H Vancouver for Victoria iu i. m
2 p. rn. nnd 11 :4B.
LftftVQI Vancouver for Reattle 1ft a. m
on<! 11 [>. m.
Leaves Vancouver fur Nanaimo lft a.m
nrvl fi ;30 p.m.
Li-live* VanOQUVtr for   Prince   nur��*��rl
und  Northern  Point* 10 n   m.   Werinee
daya and Baturdayi at  11  p.m.
Chilliwack Service
l*n��es Chllllwack   7
Thursday nntl rliitiirdsy.
i .eaves Waitntlnater 8
Wednesday nnd Krlday.
m.   Tueedaj,
.   in.   Monday
Re Lot "B" of the South 39 Acres of
Lot 377, Group 1, Except One Acre
Theretofore Conveyed, In the District of New Westminster.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title to
the above property will be issued to
William Mcllrlde on the IKth day of
August, liilil, unless In the meantime
a valid objection thereto be made to
me in writing tiy a person f,r persons
claiming an eBtate or interest therein,
cr In any part thereof.
District  Roglstrar of Titles.
Land lleclstry Ofllce,
New  Westminster,   B.C.,   Uth  .Inly
The person or persons having iu
their custody or possession the following Title Deeds relating lo the said
property are requested to deliver the
same tO the undersigned.
30th January. 1889, grant from the
crown to Charlotte Adele Rougue
19th July,   1H89, conveyance   from
Charlotte   Adele    Ilotigue    to    Robert
Scotl Moncrleff
11743)        District Registrar of Titles.
New Sprln-s and Bummer Hutting*
now on display. See them. Perfect
fit and workmanship guaranteed. 701
Front StreeL
KD. noill.KT,  Agent,  Niw Westminster 111. W. BHODIB, Q
It. W. DltoDIK. Q. P. A., Vancouver,      '
W-a.now have [our trains dally and
will give you the cheapest rate going
not only to Knstem points, but to
Kootenay and tuber points. We nr.-
also   agents   for  all   steamship   lines.
For reservation and other particulars
apply to
E. GOUI.BT, Agent.
Now Wentmluater
P. A��� Vancouver.
* -
Eyewitness Tells of Sack of Durango
���Cupports Ambassador Wilson's
Washington, Aug. 4.���Tho first authentic account of what, happened
when Mexican rebels sacked the city
of Durango and an Illuminating ex
position of the state of affalrB in Mexico have been laid before Secretary
or  State  Bryan.
The statement was written by M A.
I<each. of San Krancisco, who has
been for the laBt three years In Chihuahua and Durango, Me'xlco. Having
lost everything he owned but bis
Clothing in the sacking of Durango, of
which be was a witness, and not Intending lo go back to Mexico, Mr.
I.i ach lias found It possible to speak
frankly, which would have not have
been the case had he any Intention of
returning to Durango.
The contents of Mr. I.each'B account of conditions in Mexico unpractically Identical with hundreds of
other similar documents which have
been received nt tlie state department
from consuls and Americans in Mexico, bnt which have been wltheld from
members of the bouse und senate and
from tbe public. His statements verify those made by Ambassador Wilson
to the effect there Is only one organized political revolution in Mexico and
that  is the state of Sonora. and  that
IstB lu Chihuahua, a man whom Madero had to keep bribed month by
month to stand by him. As far aB
Carranza Ib concerned hls men behave no better than others, though
he himself is of a higher type. In
the Bouth Zapata is too well known to
need any comment.
"These men are not fighting fjr
principle. They care nothing for Madero or any other man. What they
are after Is something for nothing. It
is the Ignorant poor against the rich,
s'eking to obtain by force of arms
whal they ure unable to obtain
through ignorance and dislike for
wcrk. I have heard tbelr leaders
urge them to take by force property i
wherever lound. asserting that the .
mines, haciendas, timber and other
property owned by Mexicans and for
eigner-t should rightly be theirs, and
ignorant 8b the majority of the mass
es are, lhey believe this. They will
not stop, no matter who Ib pres dent
of Mexico, until forced lo do bo, which
Will be Impossible for any govern- j
ment of Mexico without outside aid. '
Outside Help  Essential
"And (lod help tlie people remaining In Mexico, If our government re
m'jvis tbe restriction prohibiting the
free importation of arms and ammiini-
ton by all parlies If we do thin we
can call ourselves murderers. No
man unless be lives In Mexico a number of years, can understand tin
Mexican peopli
bows  with  the
l Peaches, 60 carloads;  apples,  'i'.);  ap
': ricots, 10;  prunes, pluniB. etc., 4
instead if the expensive method o
shipping  by  express  practiced  by  lo-
i cal   producers of  fruit  last year,  the
j consolidation  tactics   enabled   by   the
I fruit  union  gives  the  opportunity   to
i uhlp by freight, this effecting a great
I saving to the grower. The fruit all
goes to Kelowna or Okanagan Land-
lng   where   it   Is  loaded   on   cars   for
ishipment to Its destination.
! The effectiveness of the union locally has been hampered to aome
considerable extent by tlie withdrawal  of the  support of several  protnln- :    ���    ,
ent  growers,  who  promised  their co- j    Spokane,   A"S*   H.-Actlng
operation and assistance in the move .request of Ur. William I.. Hall
ment at the beginning of the season    intenduit  of  the   better  baby
Better Baby Health Contest Offers a
Cj ���*;������; est ion  for  New Westminster  exhibition
Who   Shot   Roosevelt  Will   Los
Hi�� Tenement  House and $140
Per   Month   Rental
New York. Aug. 15.- John Schrank,
whit shot Theodore Koosevelt on the
night of October 14, liili. In Milwau
ki e, is now* bankrupt. Six weeks af*
ttr the shooting Schrank was committed to the Northern hospital for the
Insane at Oshkosh, Wis,
Another chapter in his punishment
began yesterday,  when the City  Ileal
���������          Estate   company   started   foreclosure
You   muBt^rub   el-  proceedings   against   Schrank.     This
llllil    IH   ute   Hiuie   in    .--..ii.'i .i,   .um    umi
the rest or the country Is given up to  l!lKh'>'  l"'1,  ce,lt ��r  ,hp
-   ���     -.       .���  . ..-.-   ..     nie   ]��� tni,.  von can  unt
peons,  who  make   up
Mexican   peo-
bantlitry  and  looting by bands or re
belS  who find   it   profitable  to  maintain themselves ofr the country.      He
maintains that nothing but assistance
to  the  Huerta  government   from   the
outside or Intenventlon will put a stop
lo the wanton killing of Innocent men.
women  and  children  ot all  nationalities,  the  attacks on  young girls and
the tremendous destruction ol propertv.    He says In hls Btatement:
Looting  of   City
"Since my return trom Mexico with
some eighty other American refugees
1 have read dally all the leading dailies   dwelling   on   the   Mexican   situation, having talked to many prominent  business men and  l'nited  States
t.f I feces   and   have   wondered   at   the
aeeming lack of Inrormation displayed
by a large part ot our people. Including the state department, of whnt is
realy going on ln Mexico and what is
necessary   to  be  done to put  an end
to the wanton killing of innocent men.
women  and  children,  almosl   unlimited   outraging  of   young   women    and
girls  and   tremendous  destruction   of
property      Living   as   I   have   for   the
past three years in the states of Chihuahua  and   Durango,  the  hotbed  of
trouble,   I   have   heen   forced   to    go
through many trying experiences. The
worst, however, ol  what  1 have seen.
ii  what  took  place nt   Durango afier
its capture on June 18 by the rebel
forces    under    Tomai    l'rhlna    nnd
others, numbering some 4200 so-called  Maderistas.
'No sooner had these men entered
the c'ty than tbey began breaking
into all the saloons, drinking such Is
nuor as they found itn-rc. AfttT that
the looting of the entire city began.
Not a single store escaped being com
llet.lv sacked, and many were burned after being completely sacked, entailing a losa of more than 16,000,000
gold. All prisoners rrom jails and
the state penitentiary, some 400, were
turned loose, and all criminal and
land records burned. All houses were
entered and looted nnd their iiihabi
tautB robbed. Scores or Mexicans
were Bhot down. Prom the United
states e<insulate I saw Mexicans and
foreltneri dragged through tha street
on   the  i nd  of  a lasso.
Englishman Killed
'Rodgers Palmer, an EragUaatnan,
wsa killed because be refused to open
a safe of which he did not have the
combination. Carlos Van Brandls and
l.. W, Elder, both Americana, were
seriously wounded by a bomb used to
force a door of tile MoDOMld insti
tuto, where niuny of tin
had  taken  refuge.    They
before you can understand them
I have personally met many timeB
all the principal lenders in the field
in the north outside of Sorona, and I
know what kind of men they are aDd
tlieir mot.veB. 1 Bay that Mexico will
never be pacified except with out-
Bide help and cash by some such plan
as was advocated hy Henry l.ane Wll
Bon. who has the support of U0 per
cent, of the foreigners in Mexico.
When I say this I say what every foreigner In Mexico wonld say If be dared.
"Huerta would probably have been
wiBer to let some other man take the
provisional presidency, but he felt,
and rightly too. lhat none but a
Blrong man could handle tbe sltua
tlon. Aa President Diaz said when
leaving Mexico: 'They will find that
I ruled Mexico in the only way the
people are yet capable, of being ruled.'
Time and  events have borne out  the
truth of thia statement. Mexico will
not be ready tor anything else lor
hall  a century to come.
Roasts Woo-dro-.v
"I know many Mexican people, and
outside ot those holding salaried positions with the government, those who
own property want outBlde armed assistance. They realiM that tlie irresponsible and  uneducated  manses are
arrayed   against  them, and   it
arms   and   allowed   to continue
will  make a perfect  hell  ut  all
it onr worthy pi-rsldi-iit knew how
we ar- being ridiculed and laughed
at lor this lack of action on the pari
if our government; how we are b ng
placed in an emtikrrMlng Bituation
with foreign powers through the Americans or Mexico Clt) wet lng up a
petition to ihe EngUeh r vernment
to help them, il President Vison
Could  have  seen  our  flans  and   thosi
if other nations torn duwn. trampled
00 and shot nt. as I have seen; bow
we ar scorned In Mexico today as i
lot ot cowards for pulling up witb the
Insults heaped upon us, be wouid, 1
"feel ei rtaln. show that he Is tin* mnn
of the hour to lipb. id the mime of
lb" American nation and its people
by  applying  the*  incvUntile   remedy.
"Hundreds of people cun be quick
lv found to substantiate what I have
wrl ten, und I know that I am vole
lng Ihe feelings and views of all lor
elgners in Mexico in this statement.'
action is to take away from Schrank
a five-storey tenement liouse, at East
K'gbty-first street, upon which the
City Heal Kstate company holds a
mortgage for $13,000. The rial estate company filed a lis penden on
the property, alleging that the interest had not been paid Bince July 1,
At the office  of the City  Heal  Bt-  }��
tate company  it  was stated  that the
case  would   be  preBBed  at  once,  and
that   within   a   few   days   a   receiver
would   be   appointed   to  collect     the
rents of the tenement house.   As soon
as the legal formalities have been observed  the  property  Is to te  sold  to
! satisfy the mortgage.
I    lt was announced by the City Heal
Kstate   company   that   it   Is   unusual .
for  a   proresslonal  anarchist   to  own
properly.    That, company   holds   that
the  owning  cf  property   Is   the  best
cure for anarchy, yet Schrank owned
a  tenement  which houses  ten  laurl-
ies.    The  average  monthly   rental  ls
$14. so that the Income ol the house
is about 1140  per  month.
Mrs. Mull. Janlress ot the tenement
said that just before Schrank left this
city   for   Milwaukee,   presumably   for
the purpose of aasaslnatlng Mr.   [loose
velt, be brought J
14S   Cooper   street.      ^^^^
to  the house  and  Introduced  him  ;ib
- ���     the new landlord, saying lhat he was
glvi'"   going away and might not return tor
u   long  time.    SiTice  that  time
Mull said,  Mr.  I.auinger has been  a
the   house   ence   a   month   to   collect
the  rents.
Mr I.auinger was not at home lasl
night, but his brother, Herman l.an tiger, said that IiIb brother had given
up the agency 1ot the house Mrs
Mull s:rd she didn't know whether
any person was managing it, and that
no one had been around this month
to  collect  the  rent*.
The City  Heal Kstate comnany how-I
on   the
, super
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ health
contest at the Interstate fair, a number of the mayors and city councils In
the Inland empire are preparing t.
set aside a full day in the various
c ties and towns which will be known
ai ' better babies" day and which will
be a gala day for the town. llr. Hall
has sent out letters to a number of
officials In the Inland (Umpire asking
them to hold a preliminary better ba
by duy ln their t-jwiis and also to see
that tlieir best babies are sent ber...
A number of tbe towns are going
to hold harvest Tea ivals at which tbe |
"better babies" day will take place
but in the other towns a committee of
women will take charge or the day
and serve refreshments and provide '
entertainment for the women and the
children. The babies making scores i
of over S5 per cent will be sent to the
show at the interstate fair, In most '
Instances at the expense of the cities
ior the "better babies" committees.
Dr. Hull has exactly 227 entries to j
dale and expects to have far over fjOJ I
when the fair opena on September 15. I
The examining board will have its
hands full with that number of babies
to examine and Dr. Hall issues a gen ,
eral Invitation to physlclaiiB in the j
city and Inland Empire to join In the j
"1 do not believe that the exatuln-
lng phyBlclans are going to have anv
spare time at nur baby ahow," said
Dr. Hall, "and I hope that the doc
tors here and in the country will feel
at liberty to join us in getting the
work accomplished. All the physicians
ia the northwest are invited to visit
our Bhow and either watch or help
in the examination. I think we are
going to find out some marvellous
things about the bablea of the Inland
Empire before the contest la over."
Dr. T. Baxter, of Libby. Mont., who
la in charge of the better babies conteBt  which  will   be beld  in   Montana
Btate fair  two  weeks after  the  local
exhibition, spent some time with Dr.
Hall  Sunday  and  Monday  and  got a
number of score cards and rules that
have  been  put   In  force bv   the  local
show.    Dr.  Baxter  is on  hls  way  to
San Krancisco and took the cards and
rules along tn order to make a study I
1 of them before returning here.    He ls
miiiiB m.i.   u,.���    going to stop off at the Spokane show
I.auinger,  of  No.   0��� hiB ^y t)a(,k t0 Montana and will
East   New   York.   tak(? parl )n the examination.
That is the inducement we are offering the prospective purchasers
of Electrical Fixtures for the next
Thirty Days.
and offers you an exceptional opportunity to have
your Electrical Fixtures, Shades and Lamps replaced
and your home brightened up before the long evenings come.
Everything in our stock is marked down for
this sale, and those who come first will have best
choice.   Come Today.
Electricians, Sixth Street
Contractors For   Every   Kind   of   Electrical  Work
was .
�� AflER Ml IT'S
evi r
ct Hector
that it  would
lhere   In   a
���rv   few
Skagway,   Aug.
15,. American  am. ,
foreigners Canadian "postal oBlotoh have granted
were   then the   White   I'aas  and   Yukon   railroad
lined up against tha wall and threat- permission to curry mail over it_tcm
I    I'uh   execution   H   money   and norary  route to the new   digiings ui
Zlr!Z TZ"and    ammunition ,���,. Shushanna river, .c-orfl ng ... an
Mra not delivered, which the foreign announcement mud- byO. u "*(h
otbT*��e forced to do to sum* their ���t,���.   Railway offletaU have arrdftged
lives     H   W. Stepp, an American civ- to  use   the  horsia of tne
ll engineer, was shot through the leg stage
Te Tin Sheet Copper.
tin sheet copper on one side,
say ��� Thc Engineer, niftnl is taken ����f
the ci rr.-rt gg-nge err within one mini
ber ot that nrt ntiil then rle.-inse.f
witli th" Hi-its. niclA'ri sml by scouring w.th -miii ��.r awarf nud sunt! The
sheets nn- then coated with �� killed
spirit Rnv. They nr'* next place-i
���.:pou n holder liiid nt nn angle ����(
forty five degrees n> the tinniiif |n.t.
*.. that tin' t-.\.*''-s of t.n wiii return
hy arm [ty. Th" molten tin is i
i.ver the eoj-ip-er sheet and any ix
c* s> wipe-l <>ff with tnops made ol
plumber's I"**. Th-* nx de formed nn
tin- reverse side ol the sheet Irom the
heal nt tne iiii.'ti'ii tin is r moved by
dilate sulphuric acid pickles. The
sheets are washed and dri.-il anil then
it necessary r--lleil iicnin to gauge nnd
|h 1.-led.    Kor cleansing tinned art;-
Church Notices
CHURCH, Corner Fourth avenue and
Seventh Btreet.    Services 11 a.m. aud
(7:30 {mil;   Sunday     school     IS     a.m.
i M.  Gordon  Melvin.   13.A.,  minister.
CHURCH. Corner Carnarvon and
Blackwood. Rev. Jas. S. Henderson,
minister.--Services 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m.: Sabbath school and Bible class
,2:30 p.m.
Rev, A. S.  l.ewiis,  III)., pastor.    Pub
Ik*  worship  with sermons  by the  pas
r.-u   m .... .tor   11   a in.   and   7:311   p.m.     .Morning
He does not think that Can- robJeoti  "Persistant  striving in    the
'*,i,i,.">    ^.-nlened   with   nillway  (^tjaii     |if(,..       Kvening*  Bubjwt.
London Tlmee on Canadian  Municipal
Borowing���Conclusions Are
is pub-
I.ondcn, Aug. 15- The Times is
lishlng a -series uf articles on Canadian
borrowing. The writer's conclusions
appear to he reassuring, and ho de-
clares, in regard to railways, for Instance, thnt the expenditure hns generally been economical and well directed
ada I
ent reprises.
Touching on municipalities, the
writer says the questtci often heard
recently Is: Have not Canadian municipalities heen extravagant?   And a
    qualified answer must be given. Thov
tired  hnve heen extravagant, he state?. par-
i*x    tleularly in tlio west, to this extent:
*   nl   thnt   thev   hive   provided   themselves
nml   their  inhabitants,  by  borrowing
������Christ, the  Power of Cod."    Sunday
school   11  a.m.    and     'i.'in P.m.    Wel-1|
Portland, tire., Aug.  15. -The   New
and   their  Intiniuiaius.   u>   uullu ���. Thought   matrimonial   venture   which
with manv conveniences and Improve-  ,��� t0 ,,��� consummated under the "Law
��� i    .-   .iIbaab   hnn   tni
We have one large mom above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
Iof Love," by Miss Ethel Verna Oreen
because he did not have the 600 pesos
demanded ol him, A W. I.nurllant.
an Englishman, was taken out of his
home, two blocks from I'rbinii's head
quarters on the Plaza, and wan strip
tied,   beaten,   shot   nntl   lefl   tor   dead
_mmt*MMm      _^_      ������!;���>' s c!.*s   there    is    nothing    belter
line   to  Dawson  horn   White whiting mixed with B little kerosene
Hora* to tnke In the mail und carry ,���,, nu. ��Urf.ic�� ining polished after-
gold out  from the new  strike w���rl wjt), a little ��i ttie drv whitittf
Northwest  mounted police officers or Vienna lime,
made the statement that  tb�� trail  t 	
ments,  which   in  other places hnd  to
be provided  gradually oet of revenue,* -���-���    --
But. nfter all, savs the writer, if a  of this city and Edward William Daw-
ictv   paves   its   street   at.  say   4l<:   per   son of l.enia, Idaho, at the Temple ol
cent.. It may he better business tf -froth here, has called forth the bitterest condemnation on the part or
leading clergymen of vnrious denomi-
These  are  bill     a   lew     Instances    of
i,hat I personally know took place.
'All three hanks were looted. Hundred-! *f women and girls were tak
en rrom their homes and outraged. It
was heartrending to hear the sereanH
or anguJHh
"When lhe looting first started, 1
wenl wuh the Called Slates consul,
Mr. Ilamiii, to see Ceiieral lirbltia.
who  was  trying  to    arrange    rnr    a
the boundary line which is thirty
mllei from the scene of the dtacovery
will  be pntrull'd and order maintain
Mrs   E.  0.  White.  Bister    Of  Andy
Taylor who brought out .the t;rnt gild ;
ni riv ti at White Horse last main to
join her brother, and will be the firs
White woman to stampede to the dig
|R The first  letter to nrrlve from  the
'new  dlg-inis wai  received here yes*,
terdav   nfl. r  being  fourteen  dnv*  lr
,unr(1 tor in insulates and places trttn.lt     it convey, the   Information
r r.,,  ��� f    foreigners.   We sn. ed   thai flour u selling ror jr.') ror 100
A in reaching i rbinn, but only after poundj and bacon at Jl per pound.
'1 e Tt -ed otal <h" money & !ha, glicovery claim bus *;!�������"
h��d In our clothes Urblna told us BV,ragp of $3000 to every IJ squnre
ll -,   id Id  .ot nng until iwciity-f.mr tiri <' bedrock, and tha   cla m No
en-     la     .',   ed    as   the   men   had   1, above Discovery, ban given return.
��� ��ii   i   hat length of time to do  as hi rh as Vi to the pan.
'I: 'he I   de     ed to  city   in   pay      Tlle White Puss ral'road eem,> W ���
,,, rr   ' ii   .rviies.   Nothing was I Bteamboat,  the  Naautlln,  la making
,;; ,,,,'������,.., cither during regular trip, up White.rim load*
h rIMt twenty-four hours or after- ,��� oapaclty. and several other I gh
u��� r      Mr Oraham, the English con- CM�� vessels are being l��noHed   a
1    was   n/.r   cd  thai  the  killing <>r   White   Horse.    A  town  hns  b, en  e
taime" on Hot be investigated, as ������,,��:���,] at the mouth ofthe Donjek
1     ,.nr     during  the    twenty four ,. v,,. :i tributary to the Whlt��, where
,1   I, is I lie men tor loot.        I ralooni, eating bouses and -store, al
h'"'r    Bono a Only  Rebel  Ctate Iready   have  been  o-n��d.    A  sinilu
for    Summer   Celebrations���
Park to Be Improved.
Waterton   Lakes,   Alta,   Aug.   lfi.
Walerton Lakes presents a busy scene
for a watering place,   lt Is estimated I
that this -season ovi r 3,0Wi people have
visited  tlie park     Many of these are
actual campers, while a number have
been In lor .pedal uccasions, such ns I
the celebration  held  on   Pioneer  day, i
Dominion dav ami other holidays, it
Is reported here that a big celebration Is to he held on Labor day, when
visitors will be present from Cardston, Pincher creek and other p'nees
near nt  hand.
A man antl woman, whose names it
has been Impossible to esoertaln, are
walking through the South Kootenay
Pail, All the equipment they are carrying is a silk tent, which the lady
rtirrles, nnd a small "grub stake"
which   the  mnn  has  slung  over    his
I shoulder
herrow to onve and pay tlle interest
plus a s'nking fnnd. over n term of
year", rather thnn to snread the, expenditure over the same term of years
by meeting lt net of rcemte nnd do-
'lug with p'irtl"'lv paved streets. It Is
largely a onestlon of cnRt or money,
���mil r*"ui di.i-i municipalities hnve
; been at'le tn get monev verv cheaply
Nn i' "hi th.- pipy money made ea-^v
unending and t1,r* tendency has bc��n
both in up1 -r-vtkc imorovernenti ton
i..,.,*..,iv !ln,*| r'inrge ton much ncill'ii
c-.n't-i! -.c.-MTit, Thnt fendencv, he
ft-t'- wlll he corrwited by the ores-
en' ii'fr'"""v tti ra'slng fresh loans
Meanwhile Canadian towns haveha''
t>*i���ir monev eiicn-o nnd Int-nre*' and
sinking fund" which thev win h"--" tn
nnv nn charge" nn thetr nasi Improvement! are proportionately low.
nations   ol the city.
Kour church dignitaries who consented to discuss the matter at all
hnd not a word to say in Its behalf,
mlt, on tho contrary, decried such ' an
alliance In bitter terms as a step toward the breaking down ol the most
fundamental of human Institutions,
the family, civil society and the Btate;
that If the practice should be eon-
i tinned and gain sufficient ground lt
.would mean the complete demoralisation of the home.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street.  Mew  Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Muaical Goods of all  Kinds. PHONE I
Montreal. Aug ID -A small, tenr-
Istained and duit-grlmmed laddy was
i round yesterday afternoon wandering
  pathetically round the offices in the
big    Transportation   building,   sadly
Th'ef Gets Three-Year  ns.ki������ ,),.,��,. w|,0 iipicned to him ror
Sentence. !..��� **n. ,,r ��� nickel," explaining that
Parry Sound Ant'. 15 The town!hls fpther was lying dead nt Nn. HTfi
w-as recently stirred hv a series of lat Elizabeth street, aud that lie wis
burglarise and robber'eg wMch fotlthe sole support of a number or kid-
,i  time baffled  the n-tlce snd  made|dlei younger than himself.
Parry S-und'-
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting with the greatest favor  wherever  laid
everybody prr.
entered and
f'c  tal
Two Store, were .
  _ ���t, with a quantity   of cart
LaBt week, u physician, Dr. Onler, a|rlVtscep" knives,  tools  and  ether  art.l-
niphcw of the noted Op'cr of chloro- i0i,,s,   Three hoMli-iires were alio liur-
form fame, came into the pars With giarlied and two fine gaapllnn launch",
his wife and another gentleman snd n taken, is well ns �� lot or movam#
guide     Thev hnve seven horses In Sll   otp-ft si"-h hh Ip IllUallv   found in "itch
nnd  their objective point  Is Kallsnel Lhe-rp   In' ns the th<evrs rectnctl not
tn underitend  managing thn��e boat-
ices, two ���core* "en-! It is a tcrrllie thlnir tl) see a small
ven revMv-PTI and a rl-!hny. the Innocence of childhood yet ill
his eves, begging, and telling the sail
stc-v of the death. He left the
building with I'i'iiiy a dime, which
seme Fteru but kind-hearted "knight
of th ��� stree'" tumbled Into his hind,
and mevbo Hire was n dollar bill or
two which .1.0 found Its way Into the
collection, fer the men who ply their
"Thi BO are a fair sample of ihe poo-   .,vn   Is  b-'ir:  cifihlii'-e '    ft    ' ak   ,  .- .
uie   tint  our   government   Is   talking   vim*"-    whloh   u  i;i.nir*'lv  ner M-itcd   In Montana.    I hey will tour Ihe i-hmiii- | i,,  nnderneno   niiinacing  ine��e   tnnu-1 twiwuuu - .--..   	
about   mediating   with      Outside   tho   hy  old timers  as  being  the  terminUB  taln -1' "" lH,|n,s ln ,m' 'm*s "ml '������  >"->th   were  l"ft. one being "drift   and business at the bead ot the great rinan-
��tntfl nf Sonora there is nn revolution   ,, M,���  moa|  feasible  winter route to  tu'n b> *���'*' Sm'ni Kootenay Pass.        |(he other iincbor-d near here. Provln-  olal canyon arc not  totally devoid ol
H" '  ���   i ...,.���   i...  Bhushanna '    Bov*-fal climbers have been In and eig]   Con.*��ahle   Markle,    who.     with \ sentiment:   nnd   many   a  benediction
'  have made ascents or some of the dlf- cWef of Pollen Porder, or this plaoe, was showered on the young orphan.
HUNDRED CARLOAD"  OF fleult peaks.    Next season Will see the was   Otl   the   lookout,   fmmd   a   man |     A reporter made Ills way to 375 St. j
��� -- , Walerton Lakes park an busy a place .(.ampci   0���   Parry   iBlnnd.   about   two  Elizabeth   stroet   last   night,   only   to
I a. Banff,   Superintendent Brown, who miles from town, nml In his possesilon find that no such number eviated, and
I. In Charge nt the park, says thnt at   the   articles   stolen   from   the   places ��� that   the  street   ended   with   No.   240,,
presenl there Is lying 111 the Hank of  entered.    The man gave Ills name as j nnd that, as far as ll. was possible tol
Commerce  at   Pincher  creek   n  sum I,laincs Eastcrman of Bay City. Mich., |ascirtnin.  there  was  no one on  the
approximating $10,000 to be expended  and told a variety or stories nlmiit thn  street who had the slightest Intention
In the park this yenr. Already bridge! goods,    He wns tried today by Judge Of dying ror quite a time yet.   Rnqulr-
. have been built and roads made, but j McCitrry  and   convicted    on    all  the  lea nt numbers that might have cor-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Information   pro- other Improvements  are awaiting the i charges'ami neutencml t" three years I responded with that given by the or-
lur. d  In  some of our papers u�� uxmursu  un  ���>. coming    t>r    the    orern.'nent   bridge  In the penitentinry nt Kingston. It Islphan   of  the  transportation   building
 "���"'"' "'      '"' """���'" '" "���'���"���" "" '���������' 'ellov.i.  ,':i,���* | believed ho had a pal. | elicited no Information.
|n   MeMc...     There   are,   hOWlW.   '"'
i t��  ir, mi,i   bands,   B  ''ll  an  Ur
11 it 11 LP ill 111 B    JttiHi 11   imuuwi
bYna in Dorango, and Villa in Ohlhua.
hun   the latter being one of the Dig-
6",    ,,,throats in nil  Mexico;  a man
who to mv personal knowledge looted Barrel and robbed, killed end destroyed wherever he had all oppor-
tSXtT   1  personally   have heen    wlce
robbed  by this mnn and his baud    .
���Tls Is tlie great and brave man pic-  ears,   according   to
,, rlit   In   some of our  papers ns the  cured   this  morning. ���	
Mder andTead of all Constitutional. I    The estimate is made up as follows,  KanK.
Penticton, Aug. 14��� The   estimate
for  the  present   fruit   .onsen   In   onr-j
loads,   as  compiled   bv   Jack   Sewell  i
manager or the loeni rmit union, will
��� ibe  In the neighborhood  of 90 or  10(1
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Wcstmlmtei  with  Boulevard Dor
the Centre.
nitullthic la noUeleBB, non slippery, practically dtistles*. mniy   oo
horses' teet, and. above all, particularly  durable.    Kor these  res-a-wi*
BltllllthlO Is commended highly lit* owners of uutomoullrs and horatss
householders, ami city officials.    It bas boen adopted by Dfteen eitie
In Cunada. and over two bundred lu the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.      714-717 Dominion Tmet BulMtn* **	 T
e<tue f-ovj-h
k Water and Salt!������ ��
FOR NEW SAMSON.  Chines-! Send Letters to Head of Van
couver  Force���Maitre  Labcri  Is
on the Coast.
1 and Personal
Expected  Sealing    Investigation
Develop in Pitched Battle
The government    authorities    have
iccoptid the tender of the Coquitlam
Shipbuilding-wid  Murine Railway Co.
for  the new  snagboat, to replace the 	
I present  Samson.    Tbe  contract  calls
fnr $21,000 to he spent on the hull and \    Vancouver,  Aug.  15. - Apropos of a
housing. The machinery now in use: ca3e preferred against police officers j
,on the Samson will he transferred by i,y Chinese before the police board]
1 the crew to the new vessel when it is yesterday afternoon, a letter threaten-1
: huilt. in,' ihe life of   Clnet    Mulhern    and!
|    The vessel is to be finished by De-   LVpnty Chief McLennan,  was read at
cember.    It is to be 11"> feet long and
Mm. J. Johns, St. (Ieorge sircet, has
arrived home from a week's visit In
Itev. Father Maillard, O.M.I., is expected bacic next week from his two
months' vacation, tho first he has indulged  in   for seven  years.
Mr. and Mrs. J. 11. Best, with their
daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.
W. W. Hutton, left last night for Ed-
monti n. llercre returning to New
Westminster Mr. and Mrs. llest will
visit. Ontario.
130  feet. wide.
victoria   Aug. ir>.  -Seafaring   men
V1C"     ' ,���     ,������,,,������.������,    !    Thtl Samson came up from Ladner
���who have N-cn following the proceed- yeBtAjay aft��� rp���iacing several piles
injis nt the scaling inquiry expect that of a liglu at thn m0U-Uj 0f the river.
the viiolc matter will develop as its she docks at the D.P.W. wharf until
lir.al etase* straggle between the own- ��� Monday.
Boundary Bay  Personals.
H.  E,  Leash, the well known  landscape  photographer, spent   last    Sun
day    the guest    of .1.  M.  Nooney    at
I'he epistle was a unique, M.|lp   b(,.ldl     VVh|1(,  (m   ,hfl  Kromn\
interspersed  Mr   , 0|lsh  sn.lpppd  somo    vie
;""'    ���"*���"'''*��� (beach and woodland.
Mrs. Malloy and her two daughters,
or Victoria, spent a holiday the guests
ior Mrs, i). Whiteside at "Seaholme,"
Mrs. Whiteside's charming camp over
era of the Khooaer* and the captains,,    M ^ pnMt M&ge (hp nnly ve8ge,
��flii-erp, hunters and crews who took m0vement8 reported yesterday
the ships Iii the huntuig grounds. They
state that an iudicatiou of this may
ibe had from a comparison ol the evl-
-dence ��f tht; men and that given since
th;- Victoria Sealing company's cate
wns tiiniifsirnil
��� The most internal inp Part of the extensive arguments which will lie pre-
ti.nii'd by tbe lawyers of the different
Climt*. will ant be beard until the
���Court rcSurnH Jiere to sit pn December
fi One wes'S rrom today Mr. Justice
ft.t'ieiu1. tke eomralaBkmer, will close
fhe Sitting here.
Captain William Grant's evidence
jci-terday afiernotm, whicb contained
{statements to tho effect that the Beal-
er* did brink the restrictions prohibiting the aw of firearms in Behrlng Sea,
ami hri-tupM in skins that had been
���Hi-cored with Bhcltguns, caused a big
������tir nmonjaa thr taa-atera and hunters.
Kir-hard Hall, another owner, some
time ;iko. also gave evidence similar
toi thnt of Captain Grant, stating that
a paying cruise could not he made un-
fc-is the lx��s were evaded.
Contradictory Evidence.
The. eririrnee of the owners is contradictory to that given by the men
who did the pealing, livery captain
wbo his appeared on the stand, in re- ,
ply to nua-BUonB trom lawyers as to
whether ht- trsnd firearms In Behrlng
Sea or not., has replied somewhat as
follows: "1 know that I did not, hut
. can't -say for the other fellows." The
������captains have alno Impressed upon the
court that thf owners of the schooners *
never went to sea -with them, and con-
Sequetttl-J were not In a position to
������say what they did. Skins with bullet
hirlt't in ttiem were secured quite often, brtt this did trol prove that thi y
tiad sht-t them.    II  was oulte possible
Chat the Japanese had shut and only
wounded thf-m and lbat they had pick
est them un
When   the  commission   resumes   Us
���Sittinga here It is antlolnated that  a
tno-st Inter-eatlng legal flghl will start.
as both Fiilcs have engaged  eminent ,
law j ers to watch their cases.
the Beaver up and tiie B.C.P. up and
down. Since the freshet subsided the
clearance Bt the draw Is a good 26
feet when the tide is out.
The discharging ol dredge machinery for the Jchn A. l.re from the Despatch,  of  Tacoma,  began  yesterday.
the meeting
composition,    liberally
with obscene language
s.ons of contempt for the police.    It
wuh Blgned, "C-A-L-M," presumably
being meant io express Imperturbability.
"You can't    harm    US,"    said    the
writer of the missive, "you miserable looking the bay.
bob .    iou had better not bother us. I    Mr. and Mrs. Mackln, or New west-
We will club you with iron bars; you Iminster nnd friends have established
had better look out for your sanguin-  a comfortable camp on  the Washing
ary  life.    You are not smart enough  ton Bide.
to catch the principals in the gamb- Miss Kerr, t.i N'ew Westminster,
lint; raids: you merely capture a few gpenl the week-end the guest of Mr.
ol the stupid guides. You sentence ami .\irs, \v. 1). Reid at their camp
them to three months   you can give |"idylwyld."
them three years for all we caro. We Messrs. Hepworth and Brlcker, of
get ph nty of money  from  the  white
w^    r
Is I lm*^t I TEH*
The detectives can
play the games.
liLt find ua."
No Salmon for France.
The people Interested in the salmon
canning industry of British Columbia
arc  taking  up  with    M.  Andre  Istel
consul  for the  French republic,    tlie
New   Westminster,
who   come   down   here    to Lnd at Maple beach.
spent   las
sardines    On      preserved
hould   have   embused    in !
Victoria.  Aug.   15.���Word  has  been
received  here  that the  Blue  Funnel
limr      Titan,      previously      reported
aground in the Bed Sea near Jeddah,
I arrived at  Suez on  Monday last  in a
I damaged condltli n.   The dispaich failed to make known the nature of the
damage sustained by the Titan, btlt ill
view of the sandy nature of the bod of
the Red Sea it is Improbable that the
iblg  freighter suffered  serious injury
when Bhe wont aground on her voyage
from Victoria to Liverpool.
The Titan left here on May 11 with
jover 13,000 lens of general cargo for
jthe Orient and Great Britain.
She is -if thc same type as the liner
Btiloropbon, which is now completing ���-- ,
her cargo at Vancouver. The Bellero- Columbia sad Alaska ia now  prattle
phon Is expected to return to the out-  ally all up     No provision was
er decks tomorrow to load  1,000 bar-  Tor having t.i
rels or whale oil and 200.000 teet of quired by the French law. as It is now
(lumber for the outward trip. (proposed   to apply > ���,���������>���.���
Mra. T. A
back at thel
Muir    and    family    are
camp again.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert  Hendry spent    a
few  days  with    Alderman    and    Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Gunn and family
question of having a modification |are st.11 enjoying tlieir home al the
made in the law regarding the stamp-1beach.
ing of tins containing salmon. France | Vr ,,���,] mrs t;Pt)rse Ronnie are
recently passed a law that all cans 'apendlng a few days visiting friends
containing     sardines   on     preserved;    Mr and Mr8-irvlng wintemute was
last Sunday  wiih  Mr.  and  Mrs. Jos.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Wilson, of Vancou-
Remnants at Half-Price
On Sale at 2 p.m.
No Remnants Sold Before 2 p.m.
A Feiv of Saturday Night's Kid   Gloves to  Clear at
relief or sunken letters on the cans
the 11:1111c cr the country or origin aud
the name tf the firm that  put up thej
goods,    rnd.'i* a  recent decision  this:'
was   made   applicable   to   all   canned  guests or Mr.  and Mrs.
fish     The  salmon  pack  for    British : also Mrs. V. S. Marl*. Is a guest at the
same house,
made }     Mr.   Hates   gave   a   number   rl   the
ns embossed, as re-|young  people  a  pleasure   trip  In  bis
S.   F,   Mark:
launch recently.
Mrs  F, P. Smith antl laniily rt
Cyclops, also of the: that it' the law is enforced strictly no'p(j t() (llp rity arter spending several
The steamship
Uiue Funnel line, is due to have Kobe,
Japan, today, and will reach here August 30 via Yokohama.
The Antllochus is now* passing
through the Ued Sea on her regular
sailing to the North Pacific, and it is
possible that she rendered aid to tho
Btranded Titan. On Saturday the crack
British Columbia salmon can be sold
in France lhis year.
Mrs. Milne Injured.
Mr.  and   Mrs.    Charles  Milne,    of
Vancouvtt, while    In company    with
two friends,  were travelling on    the
road between Burlington and Belling-
,    '   11  ham  yesterday afternoon  when their;
Funnel 1 ner lxmn is due to sail   '���'���-���'���   '..?..   , ,,,     ,.,,.,,,   ,,...,-
1 r      ., - . I 11 I  i-  car  skidded  nn   1 ie   mail   near
rrom Liverpool for this coast. '���" * '  ,    ,       , , ..      .���_
 1 .     . tiie lish hatchery,  twelve miles trom |
rhe car turned complet
weeks at the bay.
Mrs O, I. M. liockrill Bpent a pleasant week at Mngerlonger camp with
Mrs. Marshall Sinclair.
Mra. Frank Pearson is Bpendlns her
holidays with her sister. Mrs. ll. C
Mrs. .1 N. Smith was a guest ol
Mrs.   F.   P.   Smith  this   week.
Mrs   .1. it   Russell and Mrs. Ce\ ar*
guests ol Miss Woodward
Many Shopping
We expect this lot to go with a rush t, night.
Dozens or sample Collars, Jabots, etc., elegant new
styles; regular values to $1.25.    Kach    38C
7 O'clock, 63c Pair
Best   quality  French   Kid  Chives.    Trefousse  and
l'errln. also Dent's tnaUes; 2 dome fasteners, French
seams   In   hlack,  grey,  tan,  green   ,etC.
Regular 86c  t;> $1.50,    Tonight, pair  .
All    si/.cs.
A  Good   Clearance
Silk Gloves
Long pure Bilk gloves; colors
are blue. gray, pink, navy, fawn,
,vhlte and black; 2 and 3 spring
fasteners at wrist: all sizes. On
Bala at T p in , pair 79c.
Special Saturday Selling
of Notions, 3c. Regular values 5c. to 10c.
M Umdon, Ane.  HS    Remarkable cx-
���pcrimmtn -with   a   modi 1   unslnkabie
���ship ar-e cU-j-.rribed hy John Ifoes, harbor  -siipcrtnti-ndcut   at   l.lanelly.    The'
rnrife]   ta  four fi-el   In    length,    nine.
inches wide, and scaled to represent fl
Item-skoal 410 reel lung, 72 feet wide1
And iirv.Vu.v; 21 tool til water.    It was
tf did   thrmivr,   five   hatchways   with
copper nrr down to the Hltnsnl mark.
itr   I'ns's. who wns invited to do what   rency
ie Tated with it. tfflefl the vessel slde-
wnysuntil the water filled the whole
���tnioritir Ot  the  deck  level     Then   hi
let ko     Immediately slip righted her-
Onocsin.**] Factions in Democratic Cau:
cus  Us:d  Strong  Terms  in   Debating  Bill.
Washlnsti n. Aug. ir. After three
hours if lively discussion between
the administration forces and the cur
Insurgents, tho houee Democratic caucus late today adojurned until Monday The fight for amendments to the bill has been bitter and
sell an-d Boated easily and buoyantly tonight the prospects were lhat they
���with thi- iiii-k jnst above waler level, might run through all of next ween
Mr. Hoes preesefl her well down under wlin a final contest on thu f'.oor   of banquet the preceding evening.
ly  ever   pinning  Mrs.   Milne beneath,   week  end
She was rendered unconscious, but is Bayvlew avenue.
repi veil   not   seriously   injured.     She       Miss C. Harris is til
was taken to the hospital at  Burling   ,1ns.  Burr
ton  and   will  return   to   Vancouver  in i     Mr   a���,|   MrRi ititchi
a few  days     The road at this point ltf|week end    guests   ot
In a    slippery    condition    owing    to
heavy    rains     Mr.  Milne    was    also
aliJtCy Injured ln the accident,
����� ��� '    ;Ma'tre t-abc)n cn Coast.
Mi'uf'ro Labori, lawyer and publicist,
defender of Zola and Capt. Dreyfus -
around whose rugged and striking
personality the politics or tbe French,
republic raged ror more than, ton)
years Is at the Hotel Vancouver. He |��' MrB- E,ll1>
iiddn ssed the Vancouvi r Canadian
cluh today. Th" V niter, who is president or batonnler or the 'Paris bar,
will spend several days here and in
Victoria before returning to Montreal
where he has accepted an invitation
to address the American Bar assocla
tion at its annual meeting there, he
ginning September 4. Tin* Montreal
Bar association    is lo tender   him   a
. guest of Mri
and son wer
Mn. Coverd i!
Watson, also Elmer Meredith and lir   |
Herbert Watson.
Mrs. Meredith and lier Bon Bpent a
day at the bay on Saturday.
Mrs. (I. A. Allen returned t" the
city alter a visit of several weeks
Miss Jeanette Peel i.s a house guest
Sample    let    of    Combs   and
f.arrettes tonight at 7 o'clock.
ar  va
35c.    To-
Safety Pins, paper
Common Bins, 300
Hat   Bins,  each   . ..
1 looks and Eyes, card
Tape, bunch  	
Spools, etc., each
���ihe water, and then let her gn. linnii*
dn-i'.ely -she hot.inti up to the surface
n-iut floated exactly as before.    With
���the whole cargo -shifted and still full
oi v.ai��-r she had ti corresponding list,
lut   idtm   three-tiuaTters   ot   the   deck
,<-,ak well out nf the water.
v nis Rooting power is ohtalned by
nuch a', plan ol construction as will al-
How water liitlu bi Itlng being built
outwards and down-wards rrom the
derV level it is absorh'-il in the ship's
form and extends to the water level, great
ind following the lines of the ship Is  ing
tl.e house Inevitable,
Attacks on the bill began In the
caucus sum after Representative Borland, t.t Missouri, entered upon an
analysis defence of the measure. He
was frequently Interrupted, as was
Major.ty Leaner Underwood, who
came to his support.
May  Mean  Monopoly.
Representative llardwick, of Georgia, attacked the bill    as creating
tContinued frnm rage One I
Final Clearance of Women's Dresses.
TONIGHT   $3.88.
Alien: three dozen In the lot,
made of repps, cords, muslins,
fancy cotton foulards, chain-
brays, etc., colored and white.
Smart Btyles, daintily trimmed
\iith contrasting materials, last
colors. Itegular values $5.50 to
H0.50, Final clearance Tonight  S3 38
Tor a Quick Riddance
Tonight 33c. Each,
This Includes children's coats,
petticoats, dresses.    The
been slightly soiled ur n
but all well made and c
styl".     Regular   values   If
��� have
r good
Children's Cashmere
Hose for a Brisk Selling
This lot Includes nnr well
known brands ul The Wonder,
No. 05, Little Darling and other
lines, l-'ine sort cashmere, line
ribbed In sizes 4 to 7 Inch, colors are pink, sky, cream, tan and
black, also Silk Lisle Hose In
sky, pink, tan, white and hlack,
sizes "' tn 7 1-2 Tonight per
pair  24c.
Waists at 48c. Each.
Big clearance planned for t"
night    Slightly Bulled odd lines
of white muslins and fancy striped   fabrics.     Regular   values   to
tl Till.    Tonight.  each   .      48c
Corsets Tonight SUS.
Made rrom strong white coti-
tllle or batiste, medium ur low
bust, lung skirt, 4 to ti hose supporters, steels that wlll not rust,
trimmed at the top with embroidery or laee. Regular values
to $2.60.    Tonight, pair.  Sl 38
Complete   Arrangements   ard   Variety
ot Exhibits Bring c.-hibition
Merited   -T-jcccss.
vmighly trixrijailar in section. There
is thiii apparently no interference
>,iit>. (he speed as tar as water is con-
���-fcriKil. nor dots ii Interfere with the
tar-go carrying. Mr Hees, who has
been working un ihe Invention for
���wenty   yi-n-.-t��� added  that  lhe cost nt
construction U> embody liis Idea would  wil.h all the power or hanks and rail
1 i  about Ihr j>c- cent,
,i   i    un-    channel    was    properly    looked
monopoly   in   money   estab ish- �� accomplish   more
a gigantic Political and financiall��"��a) thil��� ,,������,������ vrt���a ���f (,.ns,lr���.
They   should   urge   upon   the   govern
ment   the  necessity   <r  deepening  the
\v  R. Duncan approved ur the I'm
gressive association's action and atti    ':' ���.'"."  *��    how
tilde.   The pilot had plenty of time to1
take  BOUndlngs ul  the  channel   when
the Herakles was anchored In  Bng
lish bav
\v. ft, C.illev sa'd the pilot v in r ���
lehiiie, conferring greater power
than any man or act of men should
Ha declared that the day was likely
tn come when ������sume mounted ftoose-
veit wuuld get the government reins
and perpetuate   himself   as a   Diaz,
in    siihiitlid  weather    and w ill    a
g -ud  attendance,   Hurnaby s  lirst  anno..I ii ...t Bhow was opened yester-
daj afti moon and will continue
this evening
Ow Ing to the abi i ilea of iteeve li
C, McGreg r, who had been called
with his regiment, the 72nd Highlanders of Vancouver, to the Nanaimo
ci ai s r.k'* trouble, ex-K. eve .1. W.
Ainu performed the duties of throw-
���p-jsiness Orr,rr-63ion ru, Honolulu���
Cause, the Tann.
Curl Townsend. Wnsk , Aug 16 \
jnitlneu ���epTesslon prevails In
Hawaii to an oxti nl n el before
i.hituiui. ini) mat -is of vessels arriv-
tni.' trom Honolulu :���*���?. other island
This  depTf-hsliti.   li'uibilti'l     In   the
���i-truposed removal of ie Bugar duty.
ffia.i crippled the lumber market to
���jiiK'h au evti-nt tl.tu dealers have can
M-nllgH ttissexf orders and vessels which
Km i I t��een engaged tor man) yeara In
Ifilre lumber carrying trade from Pugel
brand In the island;, will either he
laid up or Seek olher fields for opera
I Ono yard in Honolulu has 12,000,-
WOO feet and four ether yards are
���juver-stock-nl, -wiih no demand The
(���ncl-Mion-Fr lUilx-rl Ijertrers, which for in
snany years him Veen engaged In tho
lumber Irstf from the sound to thc
Inlands *w.il i�� the (Its! to be la A ui
or ilaced iti another rout *
roads and other corporations linked.
Representative YVinge. or Arkansas
disclaiming  any   connection   between        - ,      ,
his amendments and those proposed 'T"" "".'.
by    others    who   are    lighting   for
Ni w Vork, Aug. 15.- The centre of
attraction and interest at the meeting
it the National Association or Chiropodists at the Hotel Marlborough was
iii American "Trilby," personified in
Miss cinra s   Houston or Chicago
Seated in the extreme husiuess-like
looking office, Miss Houston exposed
fur the benefit nr visitors and news-
ill paper men and women her well-shaped
foot which hy all experts has been
unanimously tleclared the most perfect
In America.
"As we are situated at present only
N'ew York state and New Jersey havo
regulated nur profession and put us
under supervision or the medical
hoard," said a member nt the medical
hoard "In all other Males any man
any barber can hang oul a shingle
and become a chiropodist This tines
t.i. Mi-.i '��� rm- the dignity or the profession "
The Bank of Vancouver
Branche* Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department nt all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ln all parte of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A.  W.  BLACK,  Manager
changes, said he proposed to protect
the farmers' notes, aum.ally held in
the southern and western banks.
"1 plead," he said, "for sound busl
Representative Henry, of Texas, ad
vpcatlng amendments agalnsl inter
looking directorates and rm- what ho
culled   "corn   tassel   und   cotton   bale
cash," asserted that the refunding of
the 2 per cent, circulation bonds hv
the 2 per cent, non-circulating bonds
wuuld permit a ' big grab and steal hy
big hanks."
other   pulilic   I
ceed  very  carefully.
nol  Bitpposed   to  taki
less he was Instructed
to blame puri'lv  and
The   teh
soundings  un-
The pilot *.a*
Imply    He d .1
not  wish  lo  relieve  him    rrom
Invtstinat on  Not Thorough.
Mr.   Darling   said   'he   idea   was   ���    I
to make a scape    goat   of    anybody.
'lhey   examined   the   report   submitted
to  the government   and differed  with
tho iindings.   The Investigation was
hot  as thorough as    It    should    have
been In the circumstances.
W, ll. McQuarrie, chairman There
seems to he something rad'cally
wrong in a pilot not taking soundings
eves  for  a  month.     Anybody   that     know*
Anna anything or thlB    river   know-B   that,
here  Captain Rogers told him he would not
iring    a  iriift tlie river Ier 24 hours,
pair or diamond    stud-lel    stockings,      Tbe discussion  then dropped.
has sailed ror New Vork. The actress j
brl f addnsi c:.m*
Id mon tod the otTlc.als iu charge, r.ir
the untiring n'ork In perfecting sueh
an organization, and with having such
a line displ ty, which ho thoughl com*
pared  well  with ail)   he had yet seen Twice   Eltten   by   Rattler.
as far ns a  district   show  was  cun*     Sentinel  Butte,  N.D., Aug   1 r>    Al
ccrnod. though bitten twice by a rattlesnake
The ex f i'i.��� s a . d thai owing to  with her mother standing near by and
hls  ths;:     to  kocp   awa)   from   muni- powerless  to  aid,   Miss   Anna   lllstad.
clpal  matters  during  the  past    year living on a homestead near here, will
and also the pruBSure of private Inisi- recover.   As the snake colled to strike
in ss, lie had nol assisted In any way Miss Olstad tainted, and twice the ren
the efforts of the committee in    the tlle hit her, both times on the right
weik nr staging the   show,   bul   he ankle,
would   promise,   and   a   promise   rrom I    The  mother,  alnne  with    the    e'rl
lum mean: that  ,1  was always kepi |I  gave antidotes that pn
ived successful.
Her Diamord Hosiery.
London, Aug. 14.   With  her
misbehaving as badly as ever,
Held,  who has been  appearing
London   music   hall
it was iu his power, lhat Ins assistance would iff fi it In > ming at any
ruliire ev. nt ul litis kind
In closing he paid special compliments to I'res d "lit Waiter S Rose
and a'.so to Dashwood-Jones, s member of lh" committee, Who had wnrk
ed hard for the success if the nlTilr.
The nhow is being held In the iinr
naby   public hall,  which Is lllled   **:th
a profusion or cul and potted ri wore
nnd plants together with an excel-
li nt display of vegetables.
Although perhaps two weeks early
In the season for ihe best fi wer d.s-
according to the physicians.
Large Tins Pineapple - tins 2T.c
Large Tins Pumpkin    2 lins 'Hie
Worcestershire Snuce   ..It bottles '.iiio
Daddy  Sauce    i bottles 25c
Club Sauce, per bottle   "nc
Liquid Ammonia, per bottle   IBc
Liquid  Hlue,  pel   bottle   16<
Reckltt's Hlue  ���> packages 2'ie
iser 2 tins iiiir
JFor V/-:eU Ending Sun-Jay   August 1"
WmlrnlnsttT.       Sand Head
iKite.   Time. High. l-ow,
I Hl?h 1/iw. Time llut Time. Hgt
?1-15 10:30 j 20:10 10.1 '��� 12
U;r# 5:ir. 13:51 6.9 2 21
���VIZ* ll:-4�� i 21:" 1(U ln::10
M:15-.6:40 i r.:16 7.0 ?.:e0
***.Kt 12.S0 i 22:1S 10.8 11:21
U-.3�� 7:40 I 18:27 fi.fi 4:36
13 Otl | 2:1:"4 ion 11:56
o:or,  s-izi i 17:17   gi   ���''���������
23:45 11.0 12:24
17:r,6   6.6    ���"':&"'
i.n * 1 iv  she replied smilingly,
IS IB 13:ir>
��.*S ��1��
��!):30 ���*.���*���
1:25 1��:20
^O;05 10:10 !
. Old Dutch (Tenn
didn't wear either a split skirt  nor 11 CH1NE��C WITH  HOOKWORM              In the season tor lha besl f ' we:- d.s- choice    Eastern    Townships    Bllttet
transparent   gown    when sho tripped              -J~       will BE DrP0RTr:3 plav, the exhibits rank well in  emu- 2 lbs *'*fu'
toward the steamer, so the ship news.                          _                                   Iparlson  with anv  seen  in  the lower Kancy Creamery Butter ���2 Ibi. 7r,c
1   porter  bad  Id ask  her   if  she   wore;     ^.a8l)lngton    AllK    \'     Chinese   im*   mainland or '11  lhe  Kraser valley |,���cal  Dairy   Ilutler, per Ih.   .       . .3Bc
th    .i.aii end stockings.   "There's no mlgrftnls on r'0l,tB t0 Mexico, afflicted     Beveral   Vancouver   and We itmln,- Cooking Butter, per lb.
r   place  to  carry     them,    thai     ',wm| |u,(,kwnrn, , ,- ���,l,er Infections or  ster   ifriiis  have  magnlllcenl   exhibits, ��� Malaga Crapes, per Ib.
contagious diseases, in the future will which blended with   those   of   local iflravensteln Applos.,,,
bn ordered deported immediately up- residents work harmonise well, Local Tomatoes, per lh
Defied the Devil                    on lhelr arrival in Ihls country. This'    The Judge* were hard pressed all nf choice Peaches,    Pears
Branirord Aug 16 -Whl e   a   tent decision   was   reached   by   Commls.!yesterday making he different awards
���; ,  meet a   0   ��� -ml nnlal Dawn" adher- .loner General ol Immigration Camln. and I  was not un ,1 at el ,.t eventn . ,|:m,     y(m     ���,������
2.7 ens on Colborne streel  wns in pro- ettl today, following 1. recent report that the Html exhibit had   been   .1 c,        ���������
9.6 gress last night vandals set Are to a trom   Immigration   officials   at   Hani- dd                              .        . Okanagan   Celory 1       nsj
|.|  Sleeping teal of the loaders,   The (Ire  Krancisco Indicating lhat a large per-,     Music, was sup, II      11.,   u  hon \ ^     _  ���,������. 2
ils deparimeni was summoned, but could eentaga    6f   the     Chlnoie   paaalng afteriMn, while a m In - tre| enti rtaln..
"0 save nelth ��� effects noi  ten!    l" the through thai  port on their   way   to merit wasj'ven ���aat eve ning.
Mexico wire hookworm victims.        |   Today an eve.,   argo   crowd la ex-
Seventy-four    Chinese     hookworm ipoeted to attend the show, which is
detained   In   Sati   Krnn   of easy access In hnlh street car and
10,0 meantin;1  tht   meeting was continued,
LS tlm leader exclaiming thai he was of
12:61 10.2 Irlatl  descent,  and   despite  tin*    Lie.  patients now
is ti   iq   B:"fi   18 that the devil bruned hi 1 Bleeping teni Cisco will be allowed to go to Mexico motor traffic.
,%�������� tin ih 17 104 lie would continue to preach In Brani   it an  Immigration inspector la   per-     Th- oioae wu   ibk
l��i0B   4.)   t-i*   l*''' flird- i"'iu"" l'J ""���"""'""y lhwn' locloCk l"9 'mDg'
Dean's Grocery
ke    place    at    10
Burr Block.
Phone 35G.
Columbia Street.
Fast Passenger Train Service by 15. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throughbreds in Mion-550 BATURDAY, AUQUST 16, 1913.
f��AUB FTV��
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
LACROSSE   :-!   CRICKET   ���-.   BASEBALL   ;-=   BOXING
Local  Eranch of B. C. A. A.  U.  Will
Strongly Recommend This Move
to Central Body.
A decision to recommend ihe reinstatement of all soccer players who
have been under the ban of the ama-
tei] body during the pitsi few yeara,
was made at u meting of the local
branch of the ll. C, A. A. IJ. held In
tin*  Moose lodge last night.
About 3d were present at the gathering, many of the old timers who
were associated wtth soccer some
year ago In ing noticed among the
gathering, which indicates thai unusual [Uteres! is being shown In the
winter game this coming season.
The Vancouver branch of tbe union
nntl also the moguls of the senior
nmati ur league of that, city were hauled over lhe coals for their attempt to
drag Coqultlam under their jurisdiction. N'ew Westminster claims that
Coquitlam is their territory antl will
make a strong flghl when the annual
tnei ting of the provincial hoard is held
In   Victoria  early   next   month
WeBtham island, last year members
of the Vancouver antl District league
have as yet to make any move in the
direction of seeking reinstatement,
inn the loeal body will get Into communication with the IsTaiul men im
mediately, advising them to make im
mediate application to either New
Westmlm ier or Vancouver mul thus be
able to form a league Including Wesl
ham Island, New WeBtmlnster and
North Vancouver,
Ret I S. Henderson, president of
the local board, A. E. Verl ami all lhe
resl of the executive were In favor of
th" local outlaws securing reinstatement.
'I'he following were elected to represent New Westminster ut the annual provincial meeting In Victoria:
J i Keary, Jack Phillips and V E
and    11     .1
ncn appearance of the latter team
abandoned, has buen Bet down for
Monday evening. The Burqultlam
boys say their absence was duo to a
misunderstanding and no discourtesy
was intended.
Vert, with A   McLaren
Leamy as alternates
In some of the finest tennis yet
seen on the local courtB Lewis and [
Swan captured the men's doubles
from thu team of Keale and d'Kasum,
although tliey were hard pressed from
the s.urt.
The victors wcre expected to take
down the prize on the form they displayed iu the Vancouver tourney two
weeks ago, but credit wus givin the
losing team last evening v. hen tho
tl im 1 Hei had been played, for the uphill ba tie they bad fought.
Miss Rickman, winner of the ladies'
open singles, failed to repeat her sue *
Cl ss ill the handicap singles, meeting
Jen at al  the hands of Miss Payne.
1.. A. Lewis had little difficulty in
winning out In the men's singles from
3h Idrlck,
The following were tii.- results   of
>( s-t rday : I
Ladies'      handicap      singles    Miss
Payne defeated Miss   Rickman    4-6,
6-2, 6-3.
Bl ini .finals  mens handicap    single!
--!..  A.  Lewis defeated    B. Shildrick
;2, 6-2.
Mt n's doubles Lewis and Swan defeated Teale and d Easum 7-B, 3 6,
M, 6-4,
Tlie :inal games in  ihe tournament
will take place th s afternoon and    a
lauce In BL Qeorge'8 hull tonight will j
ring the tourney to a close.
Beth Men Confident of Winning
Labor Day  Mill at Brlrhouse
V. A. C's Challenge to Calmon Bellies
Not a Model of Good Tnorts-
Dclhngham   Annual   Marathon   Marred
by  Misunderstanding of  In
As a lust lone hope of replenishing
tin ir exchequer and saving their
fate in tho matter of professional la-
i rnsse, the V. A. ('., one time Mann
oupholdors, have challenged for the
MlntO CUp a^a.nst the Salmon Bellies,
suggesting September SO and October
& as the dines for the two games
against Weatmlnster.
Bellingham, Auk. 1 r>
Ishi *i ���>������ Ithln Hie prize
ternoon in the third
linker Marathon, but
prizes probably will not be made until ,i misunderstanding ov>*r the route
tn t.. taken is fully settled between the
Contestants mni the contest committee nf tile Mount Haker club, sponsor
It  li*..  rare
Paul Weeterland, of California and
ihe fir*-' man to the dome of the mountain in 1912, finished first, signing the
r. gister at the finish al 'i S8, making
his official Uni" !i hours 22 minutes
nnd 4>. Beconds, or 18 minutes better
than the time of the 1912 race Joe
Prankevlz, who followed Westerland
our th.- tnu's. finished second, his
time i .ing i'�� hours li minutes, 22
minutes  over  the   1912   record
More than two hours after the first
runner came  in.  J.   K   Magnusson   reported  a'   race  headquarters,  having
gone the entire dlstenc
on account of the miss
ivies announced last
And   all   this   after   the   Vancouver
professionals refused to cotne into the
Four men Tin     little  party   which  might  have  placed
money  this af . lacrosse   on  a   better   footing   In     the
annual    Mount I orovlnce when both the green shirts
the  division   ol! and   the  Salmon   liellles  were  willing
to term a three team league.
The withdrawal of the green shirts
rrom any more lacrosse following the
sparsely attended game t.f lust Batur-
! t> threw a shock Into the ranks of
he V A. I' antl th.er lasl hope was
1. cl 1 in Ihe dl f nil' of ihe former
Jones men, s'yle tin ins. Ives chain
selves champions of Vancouver, atld
challenge for the professional championship In lacrosse
Whether the trustees of the cup
will consider the challenge remains lo
lc seen . No league was formed by
��� lu. iwo Vancouver clubs, bo that if
the Westminster executive desires to
raise a kick against such a proceeding lis is being pulled olT by the V.
A C. executive, there will be Utile
hope of the former amateur Cham-
,_ , . ,1 .,, , ng getting in the melon culling as
,th, when! il.-'   fsr as  Westminster Is concerned.
Vancouver, Aug. 16.���So sure ia
Freddy Welsh that he will repeat his
former victory over world's champion
Willie Ritchie when the pair meet In
this city for their i.'0 round championship battle on Labor Oay afternoon
that he is already going ahead with
Ills plans for future matches based
on a decision over the world's champion.
"I v.ant the general public to knjw
tliat ;l 1 win tiie title I am going to
defend it every time a worthy oppon-
enl comes into view,'' dedans Welsh.
"First cf ull Packy McFarland can
li tv liis chance. 1 have already box-
ud hlm Gl), roundB, being the only
lightweight that has ever dared tackle
McFarland. I can easily make 135
ringside, the American scale of
weight, but if McFarland can do 135
at 11 o clock, be can have the llrsl
chance at tho title. Then, on every
holiday 1 am ready to defend the title
btf..re the club offering the highest
price, and allow tlie general public to
select my opponent.
"1  will  realize that there has been
no    popular    lightweight     champion I
Blnce the days of  Battling Nelson.    I i
want to be as popular aB he was, and
the only  way  to gain that popularity
|is to keep boxing and defending   the |
Pollok Confident.
Harry Pollok, manager of Welsh, is
just as certain that his charge will
be the next champion, and along this
line is mapping out the campaign. Immediately after the battle, in thc
j event of Welsh winning, Pollok and
[Welsh will start for Kngland and
Wales, taking a moving film of the
bout with thetn. They will exhibit in
the British Isles, and then return to
New York, where Pollok has practically accepted an offer for a Thanksgiving Day match with McKarland.
provided the latt.r shows any Inclination to make 13a pounds at 6
o'clock. Welsh's next bout will be
Christmas Day. on the coast, and
<very holiday .'litil he either retire or
is defeated will see the Hriton In the
ring against the best of his opponents.
Detroit, Aug. 15.--Walter
Johnson, Washington's mighty
pitcher, made baseball history
today when Ills team defeated
Detroit il to 7. It was his
twelfth consecutive victory',
the season's record in the
major leagues. Earlier in thc
season he won 11 games before
being beaten. Today was the
fifth he has won from Detroit
Hi is year.
made to it had the dancers kept within I
proper limits. A few bold spirits,
however, with more boldness than discretion, succeeded in vulgarizing the
dance to such an extent that It has attracted the attention of the manager
of the hotel who says he cannot permit
I the dance to go on while the dancers
***��� continue to introduce bo many objec-
.;;, Itionable features."
g ��� Opinions of the other guests of the
..'j j hotel is very much divided, but the
1' majority express the belief that the
, management will make no mistake in
ji.! cutting out the dance entirely.
Caught in  New  York  and  Now Tried
Fourth Time for  Murder.
Milan,  Aug.. 15.���Calenda,  the  no-j
torlous Calabrlan brigand, is again on j
trial ut Batanzaro assizes in the same j
grim  iron cage in which  in  the year
1X68 he heard his condemnation to 80 !
years' hard labor for murders. Hardly
had  he shaken  off his shackles than
he was hauled  before the  Monteleon |
assizes to expiate an outrageous crime 1
fer which he served five years in the !
Brindisl convict settlement.
Calenda then expressed his inten- j
tion of settling down quietly. This he |
did until 1905, when he heard that a ]
young fellow named Maori had made a ;
boast concerning Caleada's beautiful i
nelce. Mad with rage Calenda waylaid him with a gun. The shot missed I
hut a few nights later Macrl was found
pierced through the heart.
The brigand  disappeared:    and    in
his absence he was sentenced to li0
years' Imprisonment   A few days later a shepherd stumbled across a couple
of bodies on the mountain where f'a-
1-nda was known to be in hiding. The
two murdered  men  had been shot in
'he hack by bullets of a pattern that
Calenda  was  carrying.    The  judicial
authorities   increased   the   penalty   to |
life-long   incarceration,   and   carabin- !
i.-rs    were    dispatched   to  fcour  thel
mountain fastness In hopes of captur-1
ing him.
Meanwhile Calenda���furnished with
1 a falFe passport���was on his way to
I New   Vork.     No   more   was   heard   of
.him till 1H11, when  an Italian dctec- |
tlve, dropping into a Brooklyn phar-]
macy   recognized   the   ex-brigand   In
���the chemist's assistant. Hence his expulsion from the l'nited States and his
reappearance to answer for two murders and  two other attempts at murder.    This ls the fourth time that the
court   had   been   occupied   in   judging
his bloody deeds.
Presenting that
NIGHT  6:45, 8:15, 9:45.
Do you not find your duties as executor Interfere with your own
business and that you really cannot give the estate the constant
attention lt should have ?
Westminster Trust, Limited, Is especially organized to handle
trusteeships of all kinds and will be glad to relieve you of your
onerous duties as executor.
Our strong Board of Directors of the leading business men of this
city Is a guarantee that your affairs will receive a proper business
T. J. TRAPP, President.
Second Vice-president.
Kirst Vice-President.
T.   H.   SMITH.
J. J. JONES,  Managing  Director.
Head  Office:   New Westminster, B.C.
Hotel Dunsmuir
Eighth Street.
Reduced Tariff to Meet the Times.
WEEKLY  RATES���All outside rooms $4.00; Court rooms, $3.00;
daily rate 75c. and $1.00.
Newly  furnished.    Hot  and cold running water and telephone
in all rooms.
Mite M
"The Playground of B.C."
WHITE, SHILES & Co.. Official Agents
Baseball Results.
Yesterday's Games.
At   Spokane It.
Vane uver . 4
11.    E.
and   Orlndell;
11. E.
4 1
2      1
the (loin.1
reported it lm-
billiard   thai
mountain  f"r  Ti.'
judges Bent to the peak
possible   lo   brave  tin
was   raging   on
Ii is the misunderstanding that probably will oau*c a contest of the first
two men to win. Magnusson's time was
lt hours, f.l minutes, or two hours
more thn'i the 1912 winner's time. .1
C Hayes finished fourth, having fol-
lowed Magnusson to the dome, hls
time being 1228:16.
Nearly  Lost His ' ife.
Hayes came near I sing hls life
when ��� "arly to t^e ten of the mountain, while ascending the Olacler trail.
He   looked   over   hs   shoulder   to   See
how rn ir Victor Galbraith, another
runner, vas t-, hlm. A half blind
crevasse cng'i'feil Hayes antl he rolled
ami  tumbled  precipitately downward
ipo feet He was not seriously hurt,
however, it took him 20 minutes to
rrawl out. when scratched and bruised
lie resumed the race, reaching tlie end
of Ihe trail where an automobile was
in waiting, completely exhausted.
In the last lno yards he fell more
Ihan a dozen times anil II was tieces
H'.irv f'.r the driver of lhe automobile
tn tie Hayes In Ills seat lo bring hlm to
the city, a distance of 22 miles. Hayes
recuperated rapidly, however, and appeared nil right a couple of hours af
*f.r   -nming   111.
victor Galbraith fared even worse
thnn Haves When Hayes arrived nl
Hclsl.-r's ranch at the foot of the Dom.
lng trull he was asked about Galbraith.
All Haves could tell was lhal he saw
flnlhralth a minutes before he himself
fell Into the crevasse, A searching
par'" nt once act onl and found Gal-
tirnllh In Hie same crevasse that Hayes
fell Into, Galbraith suffered from 8X-
���p.-ini-o and exhaustion hut no serious
���results ure expected,
Had the V. A. 0. joined the proposed new league 11 different feeling
would b" prevalent In the Uoyal City
t .wards the existing Vancouver aggregation, hut this hoggishness which
Is creeping Into other sports In the
Terminal I'ity leaves them little sympathy with local fans.
Should the two teams get together
lhe local fans can rest assured that
the Salmon liellles will get into condition to such ns extent aB lo make
the fareiful game against Cornwall
last fall look like a Mexican presidential campaign as compared with tho
proposed series.
Younger Salmon Bellies Will Have to
Go Some Today, But Should
Win Out.
Halt.Th s
Smith ami
At S. a'tl": R.
Seattle   4
Portland   0
Batteries:    Fullerton    und
Stanley and Williams.
At Tacoma:
Tacoma    '
Victoria     '���
Second game called on account 0
darkness, score 8-2,
Yesterday's Games.
At Iloston: B.    H.    E
Chicago   H    lfi     *
Iloston      6      i      2
llatteries: Lavender and Archer
Bresnahan; Hess, Perdue, James and
At  New   Vorl
St. Louis       1      *      2
New York     6     8     1
Batteries: I'erritt and Wingo;
Fromme and McLean, Hartley.
At  Philadelphia: R.    11.   E
Cincinnati   '*���    9    ��
Philadelphia    8   10     0
liatleries: Johnson. Packard aud
Kllng; Brennan, Alexander anil Killifer.
Al Hrooklyn: R.    H,    E
Pitlshurg   2   11      4
Hrooklyn    3     8     1
Ilallerles: Hobinson. Cooper and
Simon, Gibson. Kelly; Ragon, Allen.
Ruelhach. Itucker and Miller. Called
in the fourteenth inning on account
of darkness.
Ctudents 5*rike,
University  of  Idaho.  Moscow.  Aug.
\\2.���Many  students who    have    been
employed all    summer    painting    the
jr'-ifs on buildings    on    the    campus
' struck yesterday when it was learned
that their wages    were    to    be    cut.
Thev  were being paid  from  26  to 4".
cuts  per    hour.     Two    or  three    of
them  later wenl  hack  to  work at    30
cuts per hour, while the others have
left f r the harvest fields and mines
Sw Si $i
Whisky for Dry States.
Mlnenapolla, Aug 15.���Liquor dealers here will ship over $20,000 worth
of beer and whlskv a month into dry
states, following the decision of the
Iowa courts that the Webh-Konyon
Honor law is unconstitutional, according to local officials of George Uenz
nnd compnny.
R.    11.    E.
Arrested for Murder.
1 Braymer. Mo.. Aug. 15 William
Collins. 22, is under arrest for the
murder of John I'. Benson on an Alberta homestead last May. Collins returned here with a story that Henson
had  been  burned  to death.
Masons, suspicious, had the body exhumed and found a crushed skull ant'
bullet wounds. Money belonging to
Renson was found ln Collins' home nfter his arrest.
MusV'ika. On'.. Aug. 16.���A stir war-
created among the guests of the Wind-
ermere house when It was rumored
that the management had decided to
prohibit anv more of the "tango"
dances in the hotel dance hall. Since
the summer season opened the tango
has been the popular dance here, almost to the exclusion or all others.
When properly and becomingly executed the dance ls not objectionable
and no objection  would    have    been
D:f:at AH T'ars Esaslly Last Nlcht at
(Jueens Park.
The  Moose  gol awny  with another
"victory lust even'ng when they
trounoad lhe All-stars for the third
time In succession, by a score of 7
to 1 Al no period of the game were
the herd In trouble and Jack Horn
had little dlrricully In keeping men
off the hags.
Silver wns cn lhe mound for thn
Stars, but received mediocre support.
many errors being noticed on either
'Ihe tonms will probably meet again
this afternoon at Quoena Jnrk.
A Misunderstanding.
The  lacrosse  matOh  between   Mnll-
lirdvllle and    Hnrtiultlam    Scheduled
for lust Wednesday, but through  the
The local senior amateurs will Im
hard pressed this afternoon when
they meet the V. A. C, in the final
jame ol the season In Vnncouver.
Laht Saturday's victory  waB the llrst
one obtained against  Vanoouver   in
two seasons, and the boys are feeling
elatej upon their success, hut unless
lhey play a brilliant game a different
tale may be told following Ihls aftcr-
111 oil's contest,
Dlllahough. who has made a name
tor himself In truck circles for the
W nged V cluh. and Doldge, another
speedy mnn, will both be seen on the
Vancouver line up, which coupled with
the facl of n strange ground will givo
the Terminals lhe advantage. '
Nelson  Not Playing-
Only one change will he made    In
he I,toil    line-up,    Hernle    Peedham, |
the speedy home pto-y-ar (lt Burnaby
liik'ng  thc  place of Nelson
Idisabled through injuries.
This will be the last  game of tho
I si��ion    for     the    younger     Balmon
Bellies, unless Victoria agree to play
, tholr    postponed    gnme    here    next
Saturday,   So far. Manager Sam Lon-
mer has Ignored  the communications
addroieod hlm by Ihe looal dub with
regard to finishing out the schedule,
nnd although n forfeit of $ii0 Is claimable bv New Westminster for the default, thnt sum Is not considered
| enough, compared with the posslblo
gat- should the Ciiplluls make
Yesterday's Games.
m Chicago: R-   ��� *���   K
New York     '*     "      '
Chicago      8     6     1
Hatterles: Caldwell and Sweeney;
Cicotte and Schalk.
At Cleveland: H.   �����    ������
Philadelphia 12   "      ���
Cleveland &   12      *���
Hatterles: Plank. Shawkey and
Thomas Lapp! Kohler, Falkenburg.
Cnllop nnd O'Neill.
At  Detroit: R-    �����    ��.
Washlng:on s   17      '
Detroit   1    ���      3
Flnltorlos Johnson. Gallia. Hnrpnr.
Hughes and .Mnsmith; Hall, Lake,
House nnd McKee.
At St. Louis: R-   H,   E
TVs'on      2      '      n
gi. I/miW     1      *      fl
IVtter'es: Mrselev. Hall and Nunn-
���maker:   Wellman, llnumgartner    and
50 Men's All Wool Tweed
and Worsted Suits. All
from 34 to 44.
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
wll��    ls ! Alexander.
Rcoms and Bowling Alleys.
Cor. Church and Columbia.
six Standard Continuous
Regulation Alleys. First-
class reading and committee
Three    English    Billiard
Tables, seven Pool   Tables,
veatigiition into th* nfrairs of Franc in fe^ liorhtine: and ventilation
n   I'orter, formerly of tho brokernge ��*        ," ti����.*l��
(inn of Smart. I'orter & Co.   l-orter'n | of any Pool TOOm on Pacific
liabilities    were    fixed    at something   Coast.
The matter wlll be settlod ono wayllnore thnn IHOO.OOO and his assets nl   p    ���   prv-p-nprrrp   Iif on no-dor the other early next week. '$50,000 by Receiver James W. Taylor.  ���** **- ^UlUilUl I, luanujjur.
International Leapue.
Montreal 7, Providence 2.
Toronto 0. Newark 4.
Buffalo 1. llulttmoro 4.
Rochester 4, Jersey City S.
Mcn-y In Pups.
Chicago.    Aug.    IB.        Twenty-five
prize-winning  Alrdnle    puppies    were
tho chief assets  In  the receiver's  In-
Saturday Only.
.     .       Mill']
*  ��� : >   hi
Men who want One Hundred Cents' worth
of actual value for every one of their Dollars
should not miss this opportunity.
Reid & McDonald
Semi-Ready Tailoring       707 Columbia St. ;
fmm stm "m...-.������*���*���.���������.
celved for The News at the following places: F. T. Rill's drug store,
ti'iX Columbia street; A. Sprlce,
queensborough. Lulu Island.
CIsMined���One cent per word per
day; 4o per word per week; 16c per
mouth; 6.000 words, to be used as rehired within one year Irom  date of
,-i.utract,  626.00.
hotel, a few respectable citizens
\,ho appr-epciate a comfortable and
up- to-date room. Rates $1.60 and
upwards weekly. AIbo three room-
t d suites furnished, gas, electric
light, hot and cold water. Only $15
per month. (19041
Aidan's Presbyterian church, corner Seventh avenue and Fourteenth
street. Apply to George Halliday.
1410 Tenth avenue. (1896)
Apply evenings at 212 Queens
avenue. 11899)
six; married woman. Apply stating
wages and references to box 1896
News office. (1895)
Keeping rooms; every convenience;
$18 up monthly. Knights of Pythias
block, Agnes street. (1901)
one-half block from Central school;
bath, electric light; $20 per month.
Apply 224 Seventh street.       (189")
in the Labor Temple. Terms reasonable. Apply D. S. Cameron, sec
retary, Labor Temple building.
Phone It 280. 11879)
keeping rooms, $16 and $18 per
month nt 224 Seventh street. (1821)
and ether furniture, nearly new. D,
Line, Wedgewood street. Take
Sixth street car to Douglas road,
one block north. (1892)
engine, 1221 Third avenue.
4 H.P.
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (1826|
Around B. C. Mines;
North Makes Good
Startling   Accusations   Made   Against   Spokane   Official   Believes They   Are  Would Help Britain Commercially and I    New   Hazelton,     Aug.     14.���Thirty
thousand  dollars and  sixty-one cents
Head  of  Doukhobor Colony  in
This  Province
purse containing sum of money and
nugget brooch. .Will give $10 reward. Return to Box 1898 News
office. (1898).
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver,   B.C. (1825)
Bradley Apartments.
Most up-to-date in the city.   Private
baths, electric stoves.
Furnished and Unfurnished Suites.
$20 per month and upwards.
1218 Fifth Ave. Office Phone 750.
WILL GIVE CASH and clear deed to
close ln lot 66x132 for house of six
or seven rooms.    What offers ?
WE HAVE some good prairie farms
to offer in exchange for city and
district property.
WILL GIVE deed to beautiful cleared
lot on Fifth avenue, near Third
street, as payment on liouse in and
around same location.
FOR SALE- A bargain. $100 cash,
balance $25 a month, for five room
modern house half block from car.
Price is right for few days only.
Investigate at once.
FOR RENT���Seven room modern
house, situate otl car line at Edmonds, $20 a month.
housekeeping rooms, 37 Agnes
street.    Phone 638 L. (1836)
TAKH  NOTICE,  pursuant
of the "Companies Act," t
named oompany tnteads, on*
Die date hereof, to apply to
,.f  Joint-Stock  Companies
to section IS
Imt Uie above
��� in.mth after
Hi.. Registrar
change  its
FOR RENT���Furnished, four room
modern house, Seventh street, $2rt
a month.
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
Charges of practicing peonage, slavery and general oppression have been
made in the following letter addressed to the upper country press against
Peter Veregin, head of the Doukhobor
colony  In  B. C:
Castlegar, I). C, July 24.  -
Sir,���1   call   your  attention   to  the
slavery which Is practiced in this pro-
I Ince In the twentieth century.
1 had just escaped from the so-call-
| ed Doukhobor "society" where over
7000 meu, women and children are
kept by the Peter Verigiti In the
worst kind of bondage; where the
sick are denied any medical help;
where children grow in ignorance, illiterate; where the morality of the
people ls undermined; where the
"chief" calls himself an incarnation
ol Jesus Christ.
There are hundreds of my friends
who would most gladly leave the "society", become British subjects and
enjoy the liberty under your free government, but l'eter Verigin does not
pay for the work of his slaves and
my friends remain penniless slaves in
the "society" which is worse than so-
called peonage In Mexico.
I am now 23 years of age. Since
15 years of age 1 worked for Peter
Verigin. who used to send me with
others to gain money for him. The
first year 1 hrought into the "society's" treasury $75; the second $150;
the third $100 and the fourth $22 and
$300 worth of implements. Besides,
I worked for Verigin all the time,
when I was not gaining money for
In British Columbia I worked for
Verigin three months cutting wood
and clearing stumps and so did the
other 300 slaves which he brought
here from Saskatchewan this   spring.
Here, thank God, 1 and over 40 of
the others saw at last that wo are
nothing but slaves of Peter Veigin.
who exploited us worBe than a slaveholder of olden time. I decided to
free myself and recently went to P.
Verigin and begged him to give me
for my work money enough to buy
a railroad ticket to Saskatchewan,
where 1 left my wife and children.
But, as with others, he sent me to h���
and did not give me a cant.
As a penniless man I cannot go to
lawyers and sue him for money due
to me.
The government should interfere on
behalt of us.
Responsible for Half of the
Wrecked  Homes
Would Not Be Menace in
of War
Spokane, Aug. 15.���"I think some- j London, Aug. 15.���Sir Francis Fox,
thing should he done with the lazy ;Of tho engineering firm of Sir Doug-
wives as  well  as  with  the  lazy  hus-  las  Fox and Partners,  discussing the
ed at the Golden Fawn.   One of these
was   seven   feet   wide   where   it   bail
were the returns from the Trail smel-l wtn'^ w*!"0 ?. "fT? *?��� "i*
feet lu width. The fifth ledge is this
ter for the first shipment of ten carsmioBt recently discovered, float from
of ore from the Silver Standard mine. It giving assays as high as $50 to the
Two hui.r.vd and eighty-two tons of; ton, Baid Mr. Bennett, who will return
ore went $106.42 per ton. jto Sheep Creek tomorrow.
This  was  by  far the richest cargo
that was ever hauled over the G. T.
bands," said A.  11. Gephart. secretary   project for a tunnel under the English I1'- 'uto Prince Rupert, and it  Is only
of the Associated Charities.   "But the channel   with   a   press  correspondent,
question is, just what to do. said   such  an   undertaking   would   hc
"While we have no scientific class!- an   lncalcuable  boon   to   both   France
fication of the dnla on the question, and  Great   Britain  commercially and
I  am  sure  lhat  our  experiences has presented no dangers from a military
been  that  half of  the  broken  homes standpoint that could appeal to an In-
are attributable to the men and half telllgent man at this day.    From tlio
lo  the   women.    The   lazy   wives  are engineering   aspect   it   promised     no
the   firBt   of   many   ira.n   luuds   lhat
| wlll leave New   Hazelton  In  the near
future,    lt  was the biggest Bhipment
of ore thai  has yet been  made from
I any   of   the   northern   mining   camps
and It was the richest shipment from [The   price
\ any of the quartz camps, It proves the  000.
mineral  resources of  the  New  Hazel- .
Jennie Belle Bonded
Ymir, 11. C, Aug. 14.���J. J. Hennessey, who bonded the Jennie Belle, ha*
begun work on the property with a
force of seven men. Most of the last
week has been occupied In transport-
ng supplies and material fur the work
of  the  property   was  $25.-
the cause
f I table commercially.
Sir Francis has been concerned personally with the building of same fifty miles of tunnels. His firm ulillt
the Mersey tunnel at Liverpool; was
associated in the construction of the
Simplon tunnel through the Alps, and
has put through more than twelve
miles of electric railway tunneling In
the    big
who are
"The women who do not care for
their homes, and do not give the
homes proper attention, are many.
Many men wbo are loafers and heavy
drinkers have become so principally
because the wives did not make the
home a real hoin, and the wives didn't
do so in large part because they were
"To tell the truth, I don't know
the exact way to get at the problem.
I think it Is too big for legislation
to correct, but a law might aid considerably.    It
and  instruction  in  domestic
that  will do a great deal.
"It would be a good idea for a domestic Bcience school for many older
wiveB, aa well as for the young brides
Many mothers and wives need It more  Btructed  about  100   feet
than the young brides.    I am for the  channel bottom through
great difficulties, and there was every ,t��n camp.
reason  to  suppose   it   would   be   oro-1    One mile from Glen Mountain, ft
training of the girls  a few minor changes
miles from  New  Hazelton. the Silver
Standard, shipped ten cars of ore thai
returned over thirty thousand dollars.
ThiB ore was all taken  from  the one
development   shaft   on     No.     2   vein
which  is  down  250 feet.    There  was
practically   no sorting  of  the ore  hefore Backing.
The  Silver   Btandaid   is   owned   by
London.    When the project was last a private company which is develop
before the public in 1907, Sir Francis  l��K  the  property   for  its  own  profit,
studied  the  situation  and  reported  a There is no stock for sale to anyone.
plan   of  construction,   which  he   still  There   waB   therefore   no   desire     to
believes  a  desirable   one   except   for  boost the value of the ore.    At  that
jthe smelter returns were greater than
Favorable Ground ithe members of the company  ant id-
"The conditions for tunneling under jpatcd and great enthusiasm has been
the  channel   are   unusually   favorable  aroused
from the engineering standpoint" Baid
Sir Francis.   The tunnel could be con-
below   the
stratum of
lazy husband law, and think the next gray chalk, very homogeneous nnd
step will be the laxy woman move- practically free from and remarkably
ment, but I haven't given the cure impervious to water. My idea is that
any great thought and can't say what there should be two circular tubes,
it should be." each  eighteen   feet   In   diameter  and
���      ----- -thirty-six   feet   apart   measured   from
centre   to   centre.     They   would   bo
connected  at  intervals  by  cross pas-
Keeping it Up
Since the first shipment was made
development work has continued and
the first crosscut tunnel which was
driven from the bottom of the shnft
to tap  the  number  three  vein  at  the
Choice Dividends
Grand Forks, Aug. 14. Willi the
payment this month of the Granby
company of $225,000 and by the Standard Silver-Lead company of $50,000
the total distributed in dividends hv
Kootenay and Boundary milling companies during the year to date. Is
hrought up to $1,434,875, which is approximately $200,0011 over the total of
Qranby  dividends for the year to
date  total   $673,0110  and   the  Standard
has payed out profits to its share*
holders at the rate of $50,000 per
month, innklng a total of $400,000 for
the eight months, Since this company, which operates the Standard
mine at Sllverton, commenoed to pay
dividends in April, 11112, It has distributed $825.0011 to lis shareholders.
During the first seven days of August the Granby smelter In this city
treated 22.030 totiB of ore, of which
amount 21.675 tons were from the)
Granby mines and 355 Ions from for-
300   foot   level,   was   completed   some   eign   properties.
time ago.    At the present time Mana   Grnnhy   shipped
ger   Haskins   is   drifting     into     very
choice concentrating ore and the size
of  the ore  body  is  increasing  every
day.    He has Bent down a report that
sages, making it easy to Introduce Ithey are In 40 feet and have a big lot
currents of air and to exchange work- of fine ore. Ile has also encoutered
men from oue tunnel to the other, i what appears to be a new ore for
"These two tubeB would offer fa-J that property which he thinks will
cilHies  for traffic  in   both  directions  Increase  the  gold   values,   but  before
In the same  period
348.000   pounds     ul
blister copper.
During the period from Jan 1 U>
Aug. 7 of this year, the Granby has
smelted a total of 749.378 tuns of ore.
of which amount 740,840 tons were
from the Granby mines and S538 tons
from other properties. In the same
period Granby has made and shipped
a total of 13,013,697 pounds of blister
Want  "Merchant  of  Venice"  Barred.
But Spokane Board Refuses
Their Request
"Standard   Discount  Company,
Dated  itt   New   Westminster,   B.C.,   this
thirtieth day of July. 1913. ��� 187m
Toronto, Aug. 15.--On an application ' Plant Will Cost $110,000 and Will  Be
on  behalf of Ilrantford, for an order
for  distress  on   the   property   of  the
Grand   Valley  Railway   for    $7,555.62,
claimed due for arrears of taxes for
1913, W, T. Henderson, K. I'., of Brant
ford,  appeared   hefore Chief    Justice
Made in New Ontario Iron Works
��� Ready for  December
Cobalt, Ont., Aug. 16. Work has
been started on the foundations oi
the new Northern Customs concen*
Sir William Meredith at Osgood.' Hall trator on Nipisslng mining company
yesterday morning. The railway, ground, north of the LaRose Extendi ",, lJJ ",' ��� , ,l:""1s of lhe rpc*'iv*'r' sion property, near mileage 104. The
K. B. Stockdale, of Toronto, was rep- four acre Blte  wa8 ,ea3ed  ,rom  lh(.
resented   hy   P.   Smoke,   also   of   To- Nipisslng   company    antl    has    heen
I cleared of all underbrush and a gang
of men started on the erection of the
South Westminster School.
SEA USD TENDERS, subscribed "Tender
r.e* South Westminster School," wlll bs
received up ta noon .>f Monday, the 1st
.my nf September, 1913, bv the Honourable
���'... Minister of Public Works, for thc erection .'iml completion ot s two-room school
.md conveniences, etc.
Plans, specifications, contracl   md forms
of  tender  may   be  s. . !.  nn   in '  alt	
Ilth day  ..f   August,   1913,  al   the office I
of  Mr.   -\   O    M.osh:,I!.  Secretary,  School
Board.   South    Westminster:    Mr     S     \   ,
Fletcher.  Government   Agent,   N< v.   Wesl
minster:   of   thr   ivpnrtmenl    of   Public
.V...K ., Vli tori i, It r
Intending tenderers can, I ��� i] plying
to ih" undersigned, obtain on*, copy of
PItiiih ilti.l specifications '"r i'1" *um uf
on dntlars H101 which wlll b- n-funflwl
on   " tnlpt   of  t :-i:,s  In  ii-.<.<l  ... :  .
Each proposal ttmsi !.<��� a.-.* unnnnted hy
an   accepted   haul*   --':.- .; -1�����  or   <������������' ::*,*,1.    ..!'
deposit on , el irt.'mil bat k il Canad'.
��� ������ ��� I * pavn! I" t.. ih.* II,.nun* ,i.|.- the
Minister .,( Publlt   Works, for a sum equal
t.. i* p.*r  >   ...  tt n.lt>r   which sh ill lie
t*..'t. lted if tht> i .*'v tmuiiM Ins tl. -1 ne to
..nt-. Into '���-.nl '* *��� * when called upol lo
<t.> SO,   ...   II   I,,. I ,,i     t i|,|, t,. lhe work
contrncti I for Tl * * - iu< i nr certificates
or denosli of in rui h nd. rem win
he returned t<, them m  tl xecullnn ,,f
th--   C ...tract
Tenders wlll n,a t... considered * nit I
mnde .���ii nn the forms supplied, sWni-d
with lh actual signature ,,r tne tenderer,
rin'l   enclosed   hi   envelopes   furnished,
Th.- lowest .,r any lender nol necessarily at pt.-.l.
J   K   f,iti! rri'w
Publlc Worki  Eng r
Departmenl nf Publlc Works VletnHn
B.C,   August   5th,   1913 (1881 ���
Mr. Smoke pointed out that the
property was in the hands of a receiver, who could only pay out the
money In his hands. He said that the
city of Ilrantford was largely responsible for the receiver not being able
to raise money. He said that an agreement with the city whereby the trial
of the city's action for the forfeiture:
of tlie railway's franchise was to be
postponed till September was a har
io litis application. "1 will make the
order not to issue for a month," sahl
Sir William. The order was after-
warda changed so thai it will not Is-
sii" till September 17, when the other
action comes up.
Re  l,ets fife:
hob, eoa  ..     023
C28, 829 * I 631
I. Map 114, In Hie
Westminster,    Port
Cert I flout.
-.1  In  in.
has    n
tin 3
824,   626.   620,   '������
of   l,.,t   278,, Group
l)|stti,-l     of     New
I lammond  Junctl. ..
Whereas proof ,.f the i,,sh .,f
nt tit,,. Number 12C40 *���'. Is.su
��� i. f   Edwin   'i   Slmmonds
filed    hi    this    office
X  w hereby given thai  I shall   at
������ ��� ��� vMrathiH of ."i" month from the
date ,,r ih,. first public ill ,n hereof In
. dally iv o snaper publish, .1 in the >��� *-.
. r New Westminster, issu,. n dupl cute
. - the s.ti.' c.' 'tlflntte miles . in the in. in
lnne vali.l objection bo made lo inq In
v titlng.
.1 .' GWYNN,
lUitrl.t   It.-glHtrnr  ef  Titles.
Lane  it.-.'tvti-. ,,    .-..u   Wentiilnq
t"r. B.C., Snd August,  1018. (isir.)
Paris, Aug. 14 One of the most pa
thetlc tragedies In Alpine annals is
that of the sulfide of a Vienna coffee
house keeper named Kumposcht,
whose hotly has been found In the
Styrlan Alps.
Kumposcht and a friend named
Werner climbed the Oral Bpcksteln
During the descenl bad wemist sei
in. and they lost their way. Flnall]
they got into a rooky gorge, where
Kumposcht broke down Both spun
the night In a small grotto Kum
poscht wan So exhausted n.-vt morn
Ing, that Werner was forced to leave
hun, wltli nearly a week's provisions,
promising to send u rescue party from
tb" valley
After ten hours' climbing Werner
arrived al the fool of the mountain
but he was so wak and sick thai ho
could not accompany tho rescuers
who fail, d lo find the grotto In the
fog. Amaii,.i- pany found Kumposcht
dead. Driven to dlspalr by wcaknoss
sml I'onllness, he had committed sui
otde by cutting an artery and Btab-
blng himself in the chi at, His last
will and some diary notea wero found
"l muBl commll Bulclde    l can't stand
it  longei     No o imnes to hi Ip,    I
canaol oal and cannot Bleep I Bee
men In the valley, bul nobodj comes,
How ungrati ful are men! Goodbye-
One mlnuto more and all is over"
Telephones:  Office 53. Residence 429
JOHN  RKID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Ilros.'    Gasoline
lliiglnes,   Marine   Engines   and   Automobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth 8t.
| P.O. Box 474.    New Weatmlnater, B.C.
new building.
The   intention   of   lh
Ithe Northern Customs, Limited, .is
to bring the new plant to the same
capacity as the mill which was soltl
a few weeks ago to the English com
i puny operating tlie City of Cobalt and
other mines in the Cobalt camp. The
foundations will be prepared for 101
stamps, but for the presenl lima only
80 stamps aie to be Installed But
this buttery can he Increased one-
fourth without any extra foundations
made necessary, and if eventually the
capacity is raised, 11 can be tlon..' witb
, 1 ttie  extra   work
The 80 Btampa to be i laced In the
new mill will give a capacity of 250
tons daily and fi r iii" i ri Bent will
take care of all the contrails held
by the company The systi rn of .* n
centratlon will be Identical with thai
of the old mill with possibly one or
I two minor changes.
The work ��ill be rushed to com
pletlon and It is expecti .1 thai lhe
new mill wlll be In operation Bome
i "i" durlna Decon ber of thi; year
The sit,- selected Is an Ideal on t, on
ih.-  north aldo ol  lhi   hill.
one feiiinr.. ill ilu* new mill will h
th- fact that all the mach nery to b ���
used wllh one or two possible excep
tlons will In- manufactured In Nor
tbem Ontario, iu New Llskeard H.t*
the order has bet n p!*..*.-il I ir the ma
chinery and ii is now being build pur
pti'.ely  fir the mill.
The new mill marks t'.i" 16th eon
centrator In the Coball enmp and
will cost in the neighborhood or tiiii-
linker Or". Aug 1-1 Lawrence
Cartwrlghl and Mrs, George can
wrlght. his sister in law, are dead and
William Powell Is probably fatal!t
wounded as the result of a family
quarrel, which occurred Bl tho home
of ill" woman at Rye Valley todaj
All are victims of a .38 caliber revolver In the hands of Lawrence
The trouble stai tc l just as lhe
party wns i rt paring to go huckle
berrying, Cartwrlghl In a rage whipped out hla revolvt r and lire.I two
shots at Mrs George Cartwrlght, Bhe
dropped dead,
Turning upon Powell he shot him
through tli" abdomen Powell Jumped
on hls Siorse and escaped the rain of
bullets Cartwrlghl Beni after him,
rode to the homo of Richard Cartwrlght, three-quarters of a mile away,
and collapsed
Lawrence Cartwrlghl  then   placed]
the revolver against    his    head    and
blew out hls brains,
Spokane, Aug. 16.���Abolishment of
the "Merchant of Venice" from the
public school curriculum, as was requested of the Spokane school hoard
by Rabbi David l.evine ot Temple
K.manii-Kl. would not result to any
advantage to the Jews in the opinion
of President James M. Brogan, the
newly appointed head of Gonzaga uni-
varsity. President Brogan takes the
' position that the drama is a standard
work tif literature not calculated to
prejudice the modern mind against
i Hebrews, and that assenting to Hi"
priS"iit request would open the way
for unlimited requests of a similar na
ture by many other classes.
No Cause for Offense
"The representation of the Jew In
the '.Merchant of Venice' Bhould not
be taken as offensive to the Jews of
our day," he said. "There are many
characters overdrawn In literature,
and no class has more canst, for ur .-
vance In this respect than we Catholics, yet we do not ask to have good
literature burled in oblivion on ihat
account. Scott's Ivanhoe sinned grie
vlously in this respect.
"But we do expect that the living
interpreter of life, thut Is the teacher
must know history and not read it
directors of obliquely, as iiuskin puts it, bul give
the pupils tli" real facts. Not all f.ne
literature is truthful. Literature
written today can not exaggerate or
falsify character as it could several
centuries ago. for the world now
knows history. The old Calumnies
are no  longer believed.
Would Abolish Christmas
"The Jews of New Vi rk would abol
islt Christmas from our schools because they do nol believe In Christ
but the supreme court if the United
Slates pronounced us a Christian
country, and as Christians our teach
irs should tell tli" truth of ul clasaej
Kather Brogan addt d that hc
thought Shakespeare |i p&rtray'ng
the character of Shylock as he ti .1
"was playing lo tii" gal'erlcs, Jusl ai
Bome modern writers do," and that
the portrayal was not BuppoBed by
th.. writer or his audience to be a
true picture of Jewish Iif".
There are manv classes, he ma'n-
talned, who could with equal just.fi
c ,: .ai ask thai varii us works of lit
. rature considered good and standard
be abolished and that "we could not
have literature if we were lo con-
fine Ii  strictly to historic truth."
and would be large enough to accom
niodate the rollng stock."
According to Sir Francis'
jeet It would he possible
communications simply by
few miles of the tunnel. This could
be done merely by stopping the drain,
age pumps or letting in extra water
and allowing it to accumulate in the
lowest part of the bore. This would
In no way Injure the tunnel, as It
could be pumped out again as easily
as it was let In. Blowing up or otherwise injuring the work would be quite
II. c, Chancellor Is one of those
members of parliament who favor the
building of an Kngiish channel tunnel on commercial rather than on
military grounds He does not luy
nny particular stress upon it as an
assistance to the nation in case of
war. nor does he believe thai it would
present the slightest danger under
such circumstances.
committing himself he sent  a sample  copper.
to the assayer. The Silver Standard
tunnel pro-.has sprung surprises from the begin-
to cut off ning and the highest hopes aro hi Id
flooding a by everyone,
Values at Sheep Creek
Nelson, Aug 14 opened up for a
length of -sno f.-.'t. with the oreshoot
running continuously for that distance, one of the iftigt's on the Golden Pawn group al Slmep Creek Is
without equal in that camp, according
to Cliarh-s B, Bennett, one of the own
ers of that property.
At  the   Hume   Mr    Bennett   stut"d
that   five  ledges  had  been  discover.
$377,483   In   Gold
Hedley. Aug. 14. Kor the firs! flv��
months of this year the Hedley Gold
Mining company which operates the
Nickel Plate mine here, crushed 29,-
1 su tons of ore at Its stamp mil!, producing  In  gold  $:I77.4N3.
This gives an average value p.-r
lon of $13,980 compared with an average of $10.62 fur 7".ir,r, tons crushed
during 1912, Total costs In 1912 averaged };.14. Figuring on tii.- sam��
basis the n.-t profits fur the first
live months of this year Bhould be
about   $7 80  ier   ton.
Clack   Pugillrt   Had   Interesting   Time
on r*3ard Ship���Kicked Out
of  One   Berth.
Spokane, Aug. 15. Bdlth Nicholls
lias been hiding from lur husband In
Spokane for nearly a year, according
tu testimony by Luther Nicholls, a
ft rm.'f employee of the Smith & Co.
undertaking firm, in a divorce suit lu
Judge llruce Hlako's department o(
the Biiperlor court ytstTday, Nicholls
said that he was confident that his
'.ur. was in tin; Jurisdiction of the
court, hut thai the sheriff and his relatives have been unable to find her,
"My wife went out for a drive on"
day with my friend Charley and I
later found her taking a drink of beer
with him," testllled the witness. "I
told her thai she bad done wrong, bul
Bhe declared that she meant nothing
by it. A few tniitiilis later sin- tool;
half the furniture anil disappeared,
"She has evidently seeuri d all letters addressed to her through th.*
general delivery at the post office, aa
none have been returned. At one time
she Indicated In B lt-lter that sh" was
on a ranch, but we were unable to
lind her."
.iniig" illake announced that it was
unusual that a woman could be in t'i"
Jurisdiction of the court and yet could
not be reached by a summons. 11"
then decided tO lake the case under
advisement, Nicholls declared thai
he gave his wife $500 llisuraiu*"
money at the time.
Montreal, Aug. 14. Social ostracism
and rank rebellion marked the progress of Jack .lohnson. th" black fighter, across tbe Atlantic; according to
the story tohl here, when the Corinthian came hack from London and
Havre. He had a merry time at sea,
In spile of the trouble his presence
mail" the purser of the vessel. A
'Montreal lady. Mrs. .lane Radford, re-
belled whin the pugilist and his white
wife were quartered opposite her cabin, end the resu'l of her protest was
that Johnson had to be given another
The trouble was not unexpicted, (or
Just as soon as the Corinthian knew
that one of lur passengers was t" bo
the champion Rghter sii" knew her
troubles would nol require seeking.
Tho ship had jus* cleared Quebec
when the Montreal lady a mghl tii"
purs.'r, and said thai she would not
live for ten days opposit*' Mr. .lohnson
and  his  white  wife.
The official tried  to prove to  her I
Hint  he waa  a very  qujel   man.  but
his explanations did not go   Nothing
but   hls  removal   w ,��ltl   suit   her   Th"
purser sought tbe Rghter and suggest
eti that be take cabin No 13, rm tiie
upper deck where he would have only
half a doyen uiale associates, while
there  would   be   no   other   woman   on
that deck. Jack rebelled at the men
tlon of No. 13, declaring, It Is sahl,
thai hail luck had dogged his foot-
steps for lhe last year or two and
that he did not ear" to break into
Kurope   from   such   a   fateful   cahlp.
The purser barkened to his pleadings,
but gave blm No 11 the ii">.t to the
suggestive number so the pugilist
feared that he and hard luck would
have some morn hard battles In the
Jack held "court" datlj with a
small circle of friends In his cabin
or the smoking room, ills wife was
lefl entirely to herself, with *he ox
ceptlon of one lady, who look piiv
on lier lonely slate and spent several
hours wllh her on the voyage. Roth
BlUCk to their own quarters very closely, and th" other passengers made no
attempi  to draw   them out.
The voyage ended just In time to
Save the champagne cellar of the vessel from doing dry, so the officers of
the ship sahl. Jaek did not consume
much of the liquid himself, bul the
little coterie of friends with whom he
liuil surrounded himself on the trip
across were always ready for a little
more nnd the pugilist was ready to
see lhat Ihey got  It,
"Jack did not give im miicii trouble
Montr.-al, Aug 14 Charged with
ihiift and false pretences carl P, S k
yer, of lis I'nion avenue, appeared h"-
rore Judge Leel In the police court
and was ordered to Btand trial, The
complainant was Mrs. Sarali Bradley
who keeps rooming houses at ilils
Lagauchettere Btreet west, and at 23
Union avenue.
Two years ago Mrs. Bradley sold
the furniture and good will of the
Lagauchettere street house, and this
summer took up the house on i'nion
avenue. Later ahe was allowed to re
sume at tin* Lagauchettere Btreet
house ou condition that she paid $213
rent due, to whicb she consented.
Early lu May, according to the evidence given hy Mrs   Bradley she gave
Sekyer $5f, to pay the rent for April,
and told him to tell the agent that
the bouse needed repairs. Sekyer,
when he returned told Mrs. Bradley
that be had seen the lawyers, and
that she was in danger of being sulci
out for the b.-.'-k tenl, To protect her
self, she said, he persuaded ber to
transfer the has" if the l'nlon avenue house to him, with all th" furnl-.
ture and other effects When tha'
had been accomplished, s'.ie went on,
ho tried to get her to transfer the
furniture of tli" Lagauchettere Btreet
stating thai Bhe mlghl still be sol!
mil. This sh" refusi d to do, and vis
lted the lawyers. There sh" was told
there never had been anv question
of selling imr out, and tbat Sekyor I
bad not called
Sekyer had asked Mrs Bradley to
marry him, bul she had refused 11"
then Is said to have ordered bor oul
t.f the bouse on Union avenue.
Groom   Neglected   to   Purchase   Welding Fare After Getting Money ���
Came Back Not "Busted "
He's Twenty-''*  Years Old. But He's
Bettci- Than a Dish Rag.
(ittawa, Aug   15.   The curtain has
been rung down on the romance of
Rcselha Monifils um! Leon Bally and
the loving couple are married. The
charge of abduction, which was preferred against Rally, was withdrawn
In the pollce court, and he Intimated
that be was perfectly willing to have
the matrimonial ond of the proceedings take place at once,
A happy suiiie Illuminated the face
of the young bride-to-be when she was; val?'
told   that  she   was 'at   perfect   liberty j     This mornlnp
to lake Leon for better or tor worse.
Koielba caught  rlghl     of    the   manly
Winnipeg, Aug. 15 This is the sequel to a "BuBtyd' 'romance But something about ihe romance must first i;.?
Two years ugo Mlgyda Szewezuk,
an Austrian, fell In love   at least be
thought lie did with lltistytl Howhan.
a female compatriot, fair of laco an.l
eke Of fortune. Everything was arranged tor the wedding, when the
groom told the bride-to-be that Ins
exchequer was low, In fact, that In4
was "Bustyd."
Sh" did not want her Madding to bn
spoiled by such a triviality and accordingly presented Mlgyda with a
pourbolre of $100.    With the money
he   was   to   purchase     eatables     anil
drinkables for the wedding.
The time came, nnd to the church
did llust. it como, hut not so the groom,
ii.- was not lo be found Then tin'
im ws came that he had Hed Uie olty.
Bustyd's heart was then and there
"Bustyd" and she retired to her room
weeping bitterly. And the curtain
rang down.
Two weeks ago tin' faithless swain
returned to the city, not "Bustyd," bul
rath.-r hi funds. II" his a partiality
to weddings anil last evening presenl
ed hlmsi If at a house at "ii Battery
street, dressed in his Sunday best, for
he was to he best man at a wedding.
The   fun   was   uproarious      Mlgda's
cup of happiness was drunk to Hi"
tlregs. The dregs were bitter, Indeed,
however, for anon the door opened
and the stalwart figure of Detective
Hubarewlcs of the police department
Stalki d across llm floor
"I want you," said the grim minion
of Hie  law.
Mlgyda wept. He knew that retribution hail overtakt n hlm and thai hli<
hour had come,
"I'll coin"." he sobbed In his own
language. "Hut why could you nol
hay"   waltod     until   after     lhe     festl-
himself, but we were all glad when
the other Hide wns reached" that Ih
the way the officers of tho Corinthian
exprii sed It.
form of llallly while engaged In the
gentle art of washing dishes, when
employed with Mrs. I,. M Pelletler, on
Clarence street    it was a cast- of love
at lirst Bight though Leon was somewhere In tie   vicinity of forty
Ile appointed a Irysting place at
North Bay whore fourti-t'ii-year old
Roselba was to moet him. lu the
meantime lier Joy wus Interrupted by
the police, wlio were of the opinion
Hint llallly wan trying lo ahdiul the
"I am tired of washing dishes,"
was her plaintive wall when explaining why ihe ran away.
That she really loves the swurlhy
Leon anyone who saw the iwo together coultl not doubt. This morning before court tbey wandered
around arm In arm, and seemed to hi
ll. was a downhearted
Mlgyda lhat faced Magistrate Mae-
lonald al tile city police court, His
fac" was more o'ercast when llustytl
The iiory was soon told his honor
A'k.tl what ha bail to say. the accused
suld h" h :tl Hi,, money In his posses
slon al   Hie time of bis arrest  and  In-
was   willing   to   make   restitution.
This   was  done.    "Bustyd" as   Hus-
tyil'ii heart once was. II is now healed
for s time ago Bhe married anotli
er. she had no hard feelings to hold
agalnsl Mlgtlya the faithless, nnd It
was mainly on account of whal slit?
sahl thai he wns allowed lo go on hiih-
pended sentence,
thoroughly enjoying themselves.   The military   officers,   Including    Col
emancipation from oish washing wns
realized early Ihls afternoon, nntl It.
Is hoped that Koaclha and Le-ou will
live happily ever afterward.
Old   Renlment   Is   No   More
Quell"", Aug. 14,    The Qi n's Own
Hussars, the oldest cavalry regiment
In  Canada,  In  which  many Canadian
Pelletler and General Lessnrd received lhelr early training, has been diM
banded, The corps have been in ei:-
latcnci"  101   years. SATURDAY, AUGUST 16, 1913.
News of Happenings
In Other Provinces
Dr. Robertson, house surgeon at a
Toronto hospital, has developed smallpox.
Half a  million people were carried |
hy   transportation   companies   on   Toronto's civic holiday.
Miirvln Campbell, a Rideau Kerry
lad of 14, made a heroic rescue of
Brown, aged H.
linancial stringency has struck
in Ilrantford, antl, as a result,
will   be   no road   paving   this
���tl  in
and almost Instantly killed at Radis-
The Saskatoon board of trade is
ahout to start on a whirlwind campaign to increase the membership
from 250 to 1,000.
With harvest only a few days away
the following Is the estimate of the
Saskatchewan department of agriculture for the 1913 grain crop: Wheat,
125,557,014 bushels; oats, 124,435,6.10
bushels; harlev 10,117,897 bushels;
flax. 18,539,fll8 bushels. Total grain
crop, 270,670,469 bushels.
loring got in a cut and potBoned him.
Caught riding in a I'aris first class
subway car on a second class ticket, a
passenger blew out his brains because
be did not have two cents, the differ
ence In fare.
Canadian Citizen    Soldiers   in    Camp
This  Season   Number  53,000
Remarkable   Advance.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Truat Bldg.
Sime and save your appendix, is the
advice  of  Johns  Hopkins  specialists.  Oriental Consul Objects to Legislation
Appendicitis and other Intestinal trou- *
hies  are  due
to  grouches,    they   de-
that Prevents His People Employing  White   Women
Mr. and Mrs. William Williams are
ealing lima beans cooked on the vine,
from their truck farm at Lanham, Md.
Light .ing   recently   struck   the   vines
being I '���,K"i��lnB   recently   struck
land cooked the beans.
from an unknown cause result-
lamnge to Uie amounl of J'0,-
Ittin at Taylor & Hates' brewery In
David Bratld, fireman, antl Albany
Mil,,"!u. of Windsor were hurled to
lhelr death while lowering a coal chute
ai Sandwich,
Th" lake traffic has assumed such
proportions that Inspectors have been
placed at the Toronto wharves to pre-
\, ir crowding of steami rs.
The body found In the Thames river.
ni Chatham, was Identified as that of
Hugh McKay, a carpenter, whose
home was formerly In  Ingersoll.
At Qrosvenor Presbyterian church.
Toronto, the Rev. Dr. McTavlsh, the
pastor, preached thu anniversary sermon of ihe 26 years of Ills pastorate.
An epidemic of measles has broken
out among Indian children at. flell
river, the little railway OUtpoSt 160
miles east of Cochrane, on the Transcontinental
Mr. ami Mrs William Keinbeeker.
llerlin. were seriously Injured In a
in..ti r accident when the automobile
In which they were traveling near
Belle riii r turned turtle.
The following have passed lhe final
i lamination   at   the   Hoyal   College  of
Physicians, it.ntlon: B. c Hanna,
.lessi,. McDonald ami li A. Williams,
of Toronto; w. .1 McKay, of Manitoba
Th.- Hev. .1. bs, Sanderson, M. A...
founder of tli" Whitby Ladles College
ami n well known Methodist minister,
died at the home of his son, .1 H. Sanderson, Saull st... Marl", aged S4.
M:^s Augusta Ollklnson, of Ilrantford, was adopted with Impressive
ceremonies by the Six Nations in-
titans If<��� r father, Col Jasper s.
Ollklnson, was their superintendent
for thirty > *ars
.1* ha ll Merrlthew, a well known
farmer, of Thorold township, died from
ehock following the amputation of his
leg which was made necessary hy nn
accident while he was operating a
i it Mln*: machine.
By setting tire to two sheds in a
in,.. ,n Berkley atreet, Toronto, and
i attempting   to   draw   the   ocou
i;,*..    ,.���  a  nearby sior" to th" llr.- in
order I    il thl J mlghl enter and rob it.
thieves   attempted   to   burglar:/.
v. am Stephany's confectionery
Ottawa, Aug. 15--No fewer than 56,
000 Canadian  militiamen    are
drilled this year In the various camps   	
and at. local headquarters.   This is a|    One million bees resented intrusion
remarkable    advance    upon      former Iof two surveyors on the Montclalr, N.
years. Uurlng the last decade the num-1 ���r'"';ta,r'  <'f  Mr"��� N���iam  *'   *'���'<'<���*���
** anil drove them off.   One surveyor be-
Not Anxious for  Union  With Canada,
Says   the   Observant   Dean
Montreal. Aug. 15. ��� Dian Sanders,
who has Just returned from his trip to
Newfoundland, where hc attended the
convention of the Grand orange lodge,
gives some very interesting Information in regard to the conditions under
which the people live there.
"They told us," said Dean Sanders,
"that they had separate schools all
round, for the Church cf Kngland. the
Roman Catholic, tbe Methodist, the
Salvation Army and even the Seventh
Day Adventist, The bl-lingual difficulty dees nol exist with them, antl
IS for home rule, they said, that they
enjoyed in themselves, though they
lid not appreciate the difference between tlieir autonomy and the sort
of government that Ireland Is to have.
Then with regard to the marriage
question, in a amall community where
:,eop!o art- generally known, that matter Is generally settled easily, because
i Roman Catholic priest would not
marry a I'lntestant couple, antl the
same would apply to a Protestant inin-
Regina, Aug 15.���That the Chinese
residents in lhe province of Saskatchewan should contest ln the courts
to their utmost the law prohibiting
them from employing white girls was
the advice given by Dr. Lu, Chinese
lleves he was stung several thousand consul general for Canada, at a ban-
time,!. quet given In his honor here.
Ile declared that he considered the
law moat unfair, and said he did not
se*. how  the  higher courtB could  up-
        hold  lt.
Seen  by  a  reporter  after  the  ban
rOAIHI III Dill 1/ >l>"''',,r '���"���8i'1'1 "liU'"' 'li(inot wlsh
linulll    lit    III   I l\   to discuss the question.    He made one
uimni in uulii remark ln ,.���f;.r���no��� t0 lti howeveri
which  was significant.
"Justice,"  he  said,  "should   be  the
Washington  Growers Believe  In  This fundamental principal of all great nations."
Method of  Marketing Dr.   Lu   said he  did  not know  yet
what would be done in the matter aB
his countrymen here had not come to
  I any decision  up to the preBent.    He
hinted,   however,   that   it   was   quite
Davenport, Wash., Aug. 16.���With a  within  the  ranee of possibility    that
new bulk warehouse at Creston com-: the   case   would   be   fought   through
ber of active militia trained has fluctuated round ahout forty thousand. In
1911   il   BtOOd  at   44,<ib0;   in   1912    the
first year of the administration of Col.
Hughes   49.000 were trained, and this
| year the number is 7,000 greater.    In
addition   some   17,wn    milltamen   who
|ar" regularly enrolled wlll   nol    be
trained Ihis year. Thus altogether the
I roils of the active mllltla of Canada
carry  the  names  of 73,000  men  who
hive volunteered their services.
Great activity haa been shown since
Colonel Hughes has attained office in
Ditching forward the cadet movement.
No fewer than 35,000 cutlets have been
regularly organized and officially Inspected In connection with militia
vorps, Individual organizations and
BChools. Nearly R.tmO of Ihese were
drilled  In  tho  cadet,  camps of    1912.
Many of these cadets showed marked         _       _
proficiency. Besides these, upwards of  pled d  hy  th"  farmers'  union at that  tlwJ highest court of appeal, the house
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70 OM  addltlona  lmen,  through  their plaee, one by the same organization at
officer:*, have been enrolled nntl made
application for recognition. Thus, in- Davenport well under construction and
eluding  the  men   trained,  the  cadets a  large bulk  warehouse  operated  by-
trained, the men relieved  from train-
ins:   .'im]   the   men   enrolled   for  new
corps, no fewer than 179.000 Individuals are "ii the list    ThCFe figures do
i not Include the civilian rifle associa-
jt'ons.  The  extraordinary   progress  In
providing Instructors is another feat-
I n-e of the present administration of
jthe  mllltla  department.    1'pwards  of
S.OPO school teachers alone are qual-
Hied as  Instructors, and    there    an.
I numerous  Instructors  in  the    militia
service      Despite   the   great  procress
made the annual  nverage cost of the
trained man has fallen
$150 per head.
a co-operative   corporation    nearlng
completion at Wilbur, as well as one
at Mondovi, where the Washington
Grain antl Milling company is building, men who have for many years advocated thc bulk system ln preference
to the expensive hag method of marketing will soon see the culmination
of their dreams in hulk marketing of
nearly 1,000,000 bushels of wheat in
Lincoln county the present season.
At Davenport the union, Mmer Mccurtain   manager,   is   building  a  con-
to less than  rr"te structure with a capacity of 20,-
000 bushels and will have it ready for
  juFe of patrons by September 1.    The
! new  warehouses  at   Mondovi,  Ceston
These matters were, however,    dis- NEWS FREAKS. jand Wilbur  wiii  have  like capacities
cuased at the convention which in re- :and at all places farmers have taken
'.-ard to the schqfll problem was of j Two-year-old Lester David fell Into with the idea, some preparing to take
opinion liiat a great effort should bel*M eight gallon vinegar lar at Paris, j Immediate care of the grain in new
mnde  Whereby  a uniform  educational I m, an(j was drowned. granaries, other in steel tanks, while
system could    be    Introduced    which |  still others will store on their farms
would 111 nn way Interfere with rell- i The municipalities of LyonB and in canvas bags of from 100 to 500
Elous  beliefs,  bul   in   which   provision I sice.  France,  will  pave  the  principal, bushels capacities.
f lord ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
He did not think that liis countrymen were being treated quite fairly
in the matter because they had to
pay a Very large tax upon entering
the country and the records would
show that the Chinese were verv seldom convicted of any criminal offence
antl in addition to this they are law
abiding and have every wish to live
at peace with the other citizens of
Over one hundred and fifty Chinamen were present at the banquet that
was, tendered to their distinguished
visitor. Aside from his remarks on
the question of the employment of
white girls, Dr. Lu devoted the greatest part of his speech to discussing
the recently formed Chinese republic.
Ile emphasized the fact that the Chinese residents of Canada should devote
their share towards making the republic a power. To accomplish this,
he said, there was need of education.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
From Those Who Advertise
They want your trade. That's the reasen why they
advertise. They will treat you courteously and supply
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
News.  It helps us.
would  be  made  for the Imparting of i streets with a preparation of glass.
r.'llgous Instruction as desired by thel 	
parentf.                                                                 A convict, who escaped from .lohan-
In  regard  to the marriage question   net-burg jail, was raptured on a farm
the consensus of opinion was In favor  where he was masquerading as a tle-
of s." iirlng legislation Tor one law for itectlve In search of himself.
the   whole   Dominion,  such   as   would I 	
Bi ickvllle'a new cluster lights were
turni d "i. for the first time
Queen's university, Kingston. Is to
ad ������' ii"* plan of two aemosters, li
weeks each
On " ������ biggest day of Aylmers' old
hon ,* w.fk. old hoys from St. Thomas
lllled a Bpeclal train
Leonard Tllley, son of ihe late Hir
Leonard Tllley, and well known ai
a grain and fli ur merchant, died at
Ste   Vim- .I,- Bellovue
li Wallace, for 7,1 yeara superintendent of the Mat*, hint.nt home.
Ilellevtlle, ins resigned bla position
antl   with    Mrs    Wallace   haves   next
w....k for England.
On  �� charge of bigamy.    Charlotte
Meekea, iiii years old, was arrested at i
Kingston at the Instance of a Roches
Ier mnn, who claims to have married
In it  when she was 14
Within six weeks lh" w.irk of th'
census of 1911 wlll have been completed, and tbe greater portion of the
temporary stuff at Ottawa employed
In connection therewith will he disbanded
dinner Gauld, of the R, C. 11. A., a
-deserter, was sent- need In Kingston
to fix months In jail hv m'.'ittry court
martini     ThlB Is the Ihir' time be has
-deserted from various Canadian corps
I uphold Ihe dignity of the civil power.,
and render Impossible some of the de-
: r-lslon that have led to the difficulty.
Although th" people wen- most hospitable and cordial. Dean Sanders saitl
. io- observed no indication of them desiring closer relationship with Canada
"In fart." lie sahl. "I do nct think any-
I tiling hut str.-ss .��f circumstances
would lead them to reconsider the
matter" He mentioned that anient.'
the decorative devices in th" banquet
''all was tin* motto, "One throne, one
fleet "
William K Sherwood, of Kvansvll!".
lnd . died within twelve hours after he
pul t n a new pair of green hose. Col
in the lower part of the county
Sprague, Harrington, Odessa, l.amona
and Downs, much wheat is reported
ready to market in bulk and in anticipation of the change in process the
craln companies have made changes in
their plants, ln Davenport bulk marketing has heen Increasing and this
season will probably run close to the
hundred thousand mark.
Huge  Bank  Deposit.
What is claimed to be the largest
deposit ever made in a single bank in
oue day was entered at the Cansdiao
liank ol Commerce in Bsrnia the other day when tbe stockholders ot the
Imperial paid into the company tha
first ol their money on the recent increase ot the capital to the $15,000,000
mark.    The deposits  tor the day  totalled $6,400,000.   The amount will be
increased by a further amount later.
Aboi" one quarter of Monte Hello
was wiped out by fire.
lit Rev l"m oger. O, C. w. boad
of the Trsppist Monks, died at Oka.
Sir Thomaa Shaughnessy entertained ai dinner at Montreal for the
liar! and Counteis of Clarendon.
Moulders engaged In Montreal toun
derleu went oul on strike on receiv
ing a deaf ear to their demand thai
the ten-hour day be reduced to nine
Dense fog in the Oulf of St. Daw
rence delayed the Virginia, tbe Mian
I ner cnrrylng tha team of Canadian
bowlers, returning this week from
lhelr Ilrillsh tour
Krench   peoplo are  becoming  more
and  more Interested  In Canadian so
rurlles.  said   Hon.   l'hllllpe  Hoy.  Canadian commissioner In  Paris, on bis
return to Montreal.
Father Joseph (lulllaume Forbes
parish priest of St. Jean Baptist*
Church, Montrrnl, has been appoint-
ed bishop of Jollette. Ill succession to
the lite llishop Archambault.
Dr Uoss and his party returned
to Selkirk from Kort Alexander with
details of a most brutal murder.
whirl, took place on the Indian reserve
Bl that place between July 18 aad 10,
���,��� ,*���.,,��� being Kdward Sinclair, a
treaty Indian
Tho  Tofield-Calgary  lino    Of    the
���Cruel Trtmk Pacific will he in operation late In August and will
lo  handle the  crop  In    the    district
through which It passes.
l.e Roy Krederlckson and Itulh l��nv-
enport, who have served 21 mon hiI Of
thr,,. year .entenoee tor noBHM
Committed at Kdmonton. were married In the office of tho chief Of police prevtoUl to being released and
deport od to tho states.
A young homesteader named 001*
lng was struck by UghtnlnK ftt Unit*
and  Instantly killed.
Miss Mary Meade of Winnipeg and
lior brother were thrown from a rig
Possible   That   Drinka    May     Be    as
Scarce  There as  Snowballs
in August.
Stockholm. Sweden. Agn. 15. There
's a prospect that Swi den niay soon
be placed under national prohibition
��� bus making it an offense to drink
lirituniis Honors anywhere In the
���ountry are contemplated, and there
's a reasonable chance that they will
bo adopted,
Prime Minister Staaff. In a recent
iddross before a congress of tetollars
n Btoekholm, declared that prohibition WPB the only effective means ol
prevent'tig drunkenness. All olher attempted methods of reform
had proved Ineffective an
to stop the evil.
The prime -minister's speech ls eon-
tillered   an   Indication  of  the   govern-
noent's policy, nnd is believed to tore.
hadOW   the   Introduction   into   parliament of a hill for the prohibition  of
11 spirituous drinks In Sweden.   HiKh
\ law would command the support of
he royal family.   The king Is a strong
temperance advpeate, ami the crown
princ,, Is n total abstainer.
A   prohibitory  law  would  he  likely
'o meet with opposition from France,
Sweden has a big trade In wines and
mlrlts with Krntice, nnd she depends
he sahl.
ipon the French money market to fin
inre many Swedish enterprises. There
tre fears that the exclusion of French
vines would encounter retaliation In
he form pf the exclusion of Swedish
securities   from   the   Paris bourse.     A
proposal to Increase the duty on wines
'n 1!>04 had to he dropped because the i
"-ench   government     protested,     snd
'hrenli'iitd    to   bar   Swedish consols
'rem Ihe f.ul. ��� i-m- '������.���-'*���'-> ngo.
Concerning custard, or "coated," aa
lt was formerly called, H wn* a com
mon Joke ot civic feosta In Kngland lo
the olden time to place an enormous
rnstard In the middle of the table. Into
which at some stage of the prootrdln-gs
the elown unexpectedly Jumped Hen
Jon-son uses the term "costard leap
Jack" of one wbo "In tall ef a sheriffs
dinner" took "his almaln leap Into a
costard" to "make my lady mayoress
nn| ruxx sisters tsugh aD their hoods
ensr their shoulders."
Wanted No Jealousy.
l.tttle tola bad received a doll and a
kitten among her birthday presents.
"Which do yoo like best, your kitten
or your dolt?" ssked ber mother.
Lola went over ami. whispered tn her
mother's ear, "1 llk-t dollle beet, bul
���lien.* don't tfll Httty."-Chicago Newa
Jogging Laziness
into Activity
The merchant wlioso business lags in the summer /
h;i.s himself to thank.
To slacken the selling pace in the hot season���to
lessen Advertising activity���indicates a resignation
which has no place in modern business.
If we think ire cannot keep our business booming in
summer time, wc surely will not.
"What a jolt it must have been to the fur trade, when
the first miJ-sununer fur advertisement was run in
n daily paper! Now many fur stores are following
the example of that progressive fur man who dared
to be'ieve that fur sales need not go down as the
mercury goes up.
Energy, linked with Advertising, has turned the
inonth of January into the biggest selling season
for white goods. Advertisements of a high stimulative power, combined with a disregard of "seasons,"
have opened up automobile selling two month*
earlier than was once thought possible. Advertising
has started Christmas shopping early in October
instead of the middle of December.
Advertising rises superior to seasons and thermometers. The right kind of Advertising strikes a
responsive cord in human nature���and human
nature is thc same in August as in December.
No Come-backs.
"YA.LE" Engines'always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   In   New   Weatmlnater.
Schaake  Machine Works.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
BURN OIL     ���
See. asd Tree*.
Pir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phonee No. 7 and 877.
AilvVr rowing your advertirin* problem, it avaiUle Ik���* ��*
retoKniwJ Canadian adverting agency. W-^ffSSg.?.  Enquiry
Sianl'i��uA<��uUoiwa.��Mn403<:Um-��lciinu.U.n|,.To^to. t-uqu, y
involve! no obligalioo on your part-io writ*, il mtcrejt��l.
when you can set ae good, or better, iuuuutactured ln B. C, Tli.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to paea Standard
Specifications of Americas and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe trom
4-ln. to 24-tn. la diameter. This Is alao made In this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock ot Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Band,
Ume, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phonee 16 and It-
902 Columbia Street W.
Buy the News-Read the News
All the New Westminster News
Special Excursions
Five    Days    Including
Meals and   Berth.
Sails Mondays (Midnight),
4lh, lltt, 18th, 2Eth and Sept. 1.
Glacial,   Island,   Mountain and Forest
Sails Thursdays (Midnight) Aug.
7th, 14th, 21st and 28th.
IloatB remain at I'UlNCE RUPERT one day, affording an opportunity of seeing the new Qrand Trunk Pacific city. Parlor rooms,
separately nr en suite, with or without private bath, etc., an an additional cost.   Staterooms en suite without extra cost.
H. C. SMITH, C. P. & T- A.
627 Granville Street, Vanoouver.
W. B. DUPEROW. Q. A. P. D.
Phone Private Exchange 8134 ���   l'
fir rAflB BOBT
Remember the Place���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
trade after
especially for our
much difficulty in
it. Delightful for
Stmdeas. Especially nice for
Fruit Salad and a dozen other
neat dishes. Remember we are
sole HRents for this product, per
tin 30c.
Sliced Peaches-These are
very hard to procure anil only a
limited pack, so be sure and get
a tin, per tin 30c.
j California Limes���Jucler than
lepKmb and far cheaper. For
drinks, lemon pies, etc., they
cannot be beaten, per dozen 20c.
, Bon Ton Raisins-A No. 1. The
' best on the market, 2 16-oz.
pkgs.   25c.
Peaches,  per lb 10c
Pears,   2   lbs 25c.
Plums, 2 lbs    25c.
Grapes,  per  lb 20c.
Oranges, doz 35c. and 40c.
Bananas,  dozen    ,.. 30c.
Canteloupes        ...15c.
Watermelons    35c.  to 65c.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., in this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents p'r tine. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
Sheriff Armstrong is expected home
on Monday from a visit to Skagway.
Hundreds of remnants on sale today
at W. S. Colllster & Co's. (1905)
On a charge of highway robbery
Michael Ducey wati brought In yesterday from Port Mann by the provincial
police. Ile is alleged to have committed a robbery near Kamloops.
Men's odd lines of Patents, values
to  $7,  to clear at $2,95, at Sinclair's.
The Frank Rich musical comedy
company will say farewell to this city
this evening, playing "College Days"
at the Royal theatre.
is a motto every young
man should constantly
keep before him.
Money set aside makes
a man a better employee, a better man. It
gives to him that self-
confidence so necessary
to success.
An employer generally considers a savings
account as the highest
kind of recommendation.
If you have not yet
become a regular depositor, come here and open
an account. One dollar
is sufficient to start it.
You will be extended
every courtesy.
You will be a better
man every day for the
Dominion Trust
Greater Westminster
P. B. Brown and Fred Davis will
sell by auction a quantity of household effects including some office
llttings, on Tuesday. August 19, at 2
p.m., at a store adjoining King's hotel,
Columbia street. Terms cash. Bargains to everybody. (1902)
Burqultlam persons wishing to
show what the district can produce
will send anything they wish towards
Vancouver district exhibit to W.
Whiting not later than August 27.
The C.  N. R.  has tiled at  the city
j clerk's office a plan showing the connection lhey propose making with the
II.  C.  B,  K compnny  ou l.ulu  island.
It Is simply an ordinary plan and docs
I not  indicate  whether  the  railway   is
I steam or electric.
Hefore buying your footwear, see
what we are offering. All the remaining lines of Oxfords 10 per cent, bo-
low cost at Sinclair's. (1900)
(Continued from page onol
White Rock
"The Playground  of B.C."
WHITf, SHILES&Co.,Ofricial Agents
Take the round trip on  the Transfer this afternoon, leaving U.K. wharf j
at 2 o'clock.    Kare $1. (1900)
The alterations in the   circulating
department of tltt library are now
complete and the new arrangements
The classes at St. Ann's academy j whereby borrowers can choose their
and St lown books from the library shelves
are manifest. Misa O'Meara and her
assistant are busy preparing to reopen
the circulating department.
reopen   on  September
s college on tlle lollowing day.
Money to loan on
Improved city and
9 per cent. Alfred W
first mortgages,
farm property.
Mcl.eod. (1828)
TAXES  1913.
The Progressive association have
arranged for autos to meet the special
car arriving in the city every afternoon from Vancouver with tourists
taking in the trip to Steveston. A
half hour trip through city will be
arranged for the sightseers.
Women's    Patent,    Vici and    Cun
Metal Boots,    regular    $5 and  $6.50
value,  to clear at  $1.05. See    them
at Sinclair's. H900)
Socialist lecture every Sunday. Edison theatre, at 8 p.m. Speaker, Ernest
Burns. (0000)
Building permits for a new cottage
costing $2000 were taken out yesterday by W. Merlll. Ninth street; W. A.
Handeock for repairs to a house on
Agnes street costing $300, and R.
Cheyne for a frame garage on Third
A visit to our store today will prove
most interesting. The last day of our
groat remnant sale affords hundreds
ot unusual bargains. W. S. Colllster
S- Co. U905)
The  local  cricket  team  leave    for
Cedar Cottage   this   afternoon   where
they meet the team of that place in I
I league match.
For pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
tti the'n. C. Transport Co., Ltd. Office
plume 820, wharf phone 8S0.      (18291
Bob Cheyne leaves this week for a
cruise in northern waters with his
brother, who is lirst engineer on the
steamer lvanoe running out of Powell
river. He expects to be away two
Women's Patents. Vici and Oun
.Metal Strap Slippers, regular $4 and
$���1 50 value, now     $1    at    Sinclair's.
A building permit was issued yes
terday to W, N. Merrill, Ninth street,
for the erection of a five roomed cottage at an estimated cost of $2000.
This tlie last day of our August
clean up sale. Our great remnant
snle is final; take advantage of the
many splendid bargains. W. S. ("fillister & Co, 11005)
The charge   of   assault   laid by   a ,
Chinaman   against   a   compatriot  was I
withdrawn  In  the   police  court     this
morning.   The complainant alleged he
had been murderously assaulted  with
an axe.
insure wllh Alfred W, Mcl.eod. thn
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
The    city     tn usurer's    office    was
crowded all   ot   yesterday   until   9
o'clock In the evening wllh residents
paying their taxes in order to save
lie rebate. Th" eli rks were kept
liusy from morning till night taking
in th" cash.
Municipality of Burnaby.
Tax demands for the current year
having all been issued and as the rebate period will expire on August 25.
owners who have not received their
notices will oblige by communicating
with the undersigned immediately,
giving full description of their property.
W,  H. ORIPPIN, Collector.
(1840) Edmonds.
regiment  in  readiness  to  proceed  to
Capt. Coote and Lieut. Caskey ar-j
rived   in  the  city  last  evening    and
joined   in   the  consultation   with   the,
other officers.
Although nothing official has as yet
been received from Col.  Koy, O.O.C.,
it is not at all unlikely that the local |
mllltla will be called to arms either;
today or Sunday in order to proceed j
to   Vancouver  Island.
Men  Held   Ready.
To The News last evening Col. Taylor Imparted the information that
Sergt.-Major Phllpott had practically
completed his arrangements for uo- J
tifvitig Ihe men. should official orders
be received, and that practically every
man would be ln a position to report
for duty within two hours of the issu- .
ance of orders.
Capt. Coote nnd Lieut Cnskev
brought word from Chilliwack and
Cloverdale that full units would be
available from C, D and E companies.
In event of the strike on the island
becoming prolonged it is possible that
the local militia will be called upon
for relief work with the Vancouver
and   Victoria  regiments.
Several companies of the 8Sth and
5th regiments in Victoria are as yet
available and also five or six companies of the fith regiment of Vanwiu-
ver. These, together with the 104th
wonld be ouite capable of forming a ;
relief contingent in order that the
men now on duty on the island might
not lose too much time from their employment.
We Rock Hotel
Under new management; $2.00 per
day. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. W. MORRIS,
Board   of   Trade   Members   Tell   How
Many a Time and Oft They Stand
and Wait.
At tke Theatres
Manager Cillis. of the Hoyal theatre,
announces that he has secured a distinct novelty  for next  week, starting
with Monday's matinee.    Tlie novelty
consists of a company of actors who
present the famous "Humanovo" talking pictures, which have been making |
such a hit In the eastern cities.   The
pictures are slow and every word can
be heard distinctly, just like witnessing a real play.   The company c inies
direct   from   Seattle   and  it  is  their I
first appearance in  British Columbia.
Pete   Murphy,   Westminster's   popular
soloist, will also appear at every per- |
formance during the week.    Tbe nd-1
mission price will  be    15    cents    for j
adults and 10 cents for children.
Royal Theatre
Ottawa Marking Time. ; R��P��rt to Board of Trade ShowS H��"
Ottawa. Aue. 15-The labor depart- |      FinCi Unbroken Highway Can Oc
ment. so far. has not taken any action |
in the Nanalmo miners' strike, nor Isl Easily Realized.
it  likely  thnt   it   will  without  one  of | 	
the parties involved in the dispute; T \y Cunningham, chairman of the
makes aplica'ion for a board of con- municlpal committee, gave an lllumin-
eiliation. Hon. T. W. Crothers. mln- ; ating report at the hoard of trade, last
ister of labor,  will  proceed    to    nct  njK|lt, [n regard to road improvement
and  Improvement  of  means  of  com-
You see the pictures, you hear the
voices, just like witnessing a real play
Something that Everyone will Enjoy
Special Solos by Pete Murphy at Every Performance
Continuous:--2 to5and 7 toll p.m.
Adults, 15c; Children, 10c*
will proceed    to    act
speedily In an effort to brine ahout
settlement   when   such   application   is
Tioth masters and men. it is stated,
refused to consider the suggestion the
minister made a Fhort time ago to
have a board of conciliation consider
the difference on which the dispute
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Board  of  Trade  Completing   Arrangements for Visit of Hon. R. Rogere
and Hon. J. D. Ha/en.
Paid-lip  Capital   and  Surplus
Trusteeships  under   Administration, over 16,000,000.
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
At the meeting ol the board of trade
I last night Vice-president W. G,  McQuarrie said the matter ol making ar-
I rangomonts for the visits ol  Hon   It
I Rogers and   Hon.   i   n   Hazen  had
heen left to hint and the president,
He saiii lie had conferred with J. I).
Taylor, M P., who had Informed hlm
arrangements had been made to have
one of the government boats on Tuesday to lake Mr, Rogers on a trip
t-oiin iltlie harbor and down the river.
The steamer was not a very large one
ami only accommodated somewhere
about 10 or 20 passengers. It was
suggested tbey semi four members,
He presumed the city council and
other public bodies would also be represented.
Mr. Hazen was coming on Thurs-
lay and lie understood Would be taken
round the harbor and down the river
b) tho Flspa.
Pnars   - lbs. 2f.c       Mr.  Duncan  said he understi
.rapes   per lh 20c  ll(l"   '���   Poster and Dr. Roche
bo in Vancouver tomorrow.
Bananas, per dozen  We i   ()n mMm Qf Alderman wh*���, ������.
CHteloBpe, each   IE-* [arrangements were lefl In tbe hands
 IdC  of   lhe   vice-president   and   secretary
���toe to (}0o and if possible to secure the attendance of Mr Foster and lir. Roche.
The committee  appointed  to  meet'speaker's al
Mr. Rogers on Tuesday were tlie vice- jthe subject of Mr
Kosidenoe Y. W, C. A Phone 11524
At tiie board of trade meeting
last night, the secretary drew attention to the deplorable service at present prevailing on the city lines of the
B. C. B. H. He had been asked to do
so by a number of members, Particular complaint was made as to the long
I time   taken   in   traversing   from   one
point to another on tlie Kdmonds and
I Sapperton line and also the belt line,
I lie gave a personal illustration of hav-
llng tO wait U minutes on the Sapper-
|ton   line  owing,  apparently,    to    the
precedence given to the Burnaby car.
| Such a wait disorganized  the  traffic.
Spoke Out in Meeting.
With bitter unanimity several mem-
1 hers gave their experiences of the Interminable delays and a standing committee was appointed to look after the
matter affecting the relations of the
B. ('. Iv It. and the city. Meantime specific data will be gathered and presented to the company showing tin-
grievances of the public to be well
Speeding on  Hills.
The secretary also mentioned complaints had been mnde to him of the
dangerous speed of the trams coming
down the Sixtli street hill, which
might result at any time in an accident, and the hunching of curs on the
I) rail switches. He had coniimmic.it-
ed with Mr. Purvis on the subject. Mr,
Purvis replied that if such things happened he was not aware of it and the
men were not attending to instructions, it was not always possible,
he pointed out, to keep a proper space
between the cars, supposing more
than one was coming down Sixtli
Sixth street at the eame time, bul
they mus:. at least have one I) Bv.-itch
between  them.
C. P.  R. Criticized.
The bad connection between New
Westminster and l'ort Moody was
again emphasized last night, although
Mr. Goulet reminded the board that.
six weeks ago when the same complaint had been made he had told
them they had only got to mention ii
in the head office in Vancouver to
have the grievance remedied.
\V, It. tillley saitl iie understood tho
Iraln leaving the city at 4:10 gol out
to tie* Junction a tew mlnutea after
the train had lefl for Vancouver. Thus
Porl Moody people wishing to gel
home bad to leave here a little after
2 o'clock, There was no reason why
the I o'thick train ahould not leave a
little earlier and make the connection
at the Junction.
The secretary    was    Instructed  to
write the C.  P   It   to this offot i.
S'gns Rectified.
J, W Cunningham iald tho ell j i a
engineer reported that day that the
automobile people, McLaughlin, Bulck
& Co., Iiinl submitted a new design of
their sign placards, showing the arrow pointing the right way, reducing
the size or the objectionable advertisement and bringing up die proper
Information. It bad heen approved liy
the city council and It was now up to
the automobile people to substitute
the new signs.
A Good Move.
The chairman reported on lhe recent reception to the New Zealand of
fleers These had expressed themselves as delighted with the hospitality antl entortainment extended to
them. Tliey seemed to be especially
Interested In the Fraser Mills. They
were all very much Indebted to Mr.
Darling anil others for the success-
ful organization of the entertainment
('apt. Powell's lecture was another
subject of congratulation, Capt
Powell, he ��;,h pleased to say hud
promised   to  give  thom  another  loo-
Retail    Price    Was   $1.2*3   Per   Bag-
First of Ceason's Apples Offered
on  Market.
New potatoes wcre the only produce
on yesterday's city market that under*.
I went any quotable change in price,
these selling for $1.25 reiail and $1
wholesale per bag. Eggs maintained
the increase of five cents a dozen set
last week and sold  at  40  cents.
The last raspberries expected    this '
year were ottered, and the hist apples
made their appearance.
The prices were:
Apples   3 lbs   i'r
Blackberries, hox    $1.60
Potatoes, per hag   $1.2o
in, is. per bunch ac
Onions,  per  lb 5c
Carrois. per bunch   5��
Cabbage,  per lb 40. |
I'urulpB, each   a>"
Egos and  Butter.
Kggs, wholesale, dozen   -f>c.
Kggs, retail, dozen   40c.
llutter retail  per lb    35c.
Ilutler.  wholesale,  eer Ih '.'Mc.
Fish,  Retail.
Pink Spring Salmon, per
Wiii!"   3
ning Sa
H    |.er   lb
3turg< oi
. per lb.
Hal but,
per lh.   .
mon, per lb,
I! lbs. 25c
Smelt<. per lh	
Sockeye,  each   	
Retan  Meal
neef  heat rih roasts . . .
Ueef, loin   	
Ueef, round steaks
Roiling beef 	
Million  12c to
lions, small. p.*r doz   $6 to 57
Hens, large, per doz  .        . ,$S to $10
. 15
to ISc
to 27c.
to 25c.
. . ,14c.
to 17c.
to 13c
chickens,  per dozen
; Broilers, per doz.   ...
Hens.   live,   per   lb
Chloki tm, live, per Ib.
I nicks, per dozen
Ducks, live, per lb,   . .
Ducklings, per III. . . .
...$4  to $6
$3  to $6
23c. to 24c
.$12 to $15
. ,20c to '.'Me
..28c to 80C
niunication  between   Ladner and  this
!eity.   It is as follows:
From New Westminster via Columbia street and Ewen avenue there Is a
well   macadamized road to Boundary
road  or Canal  street,  Richmond.    At
the end of Canal street the dyke ditch
| is crossed  by  a bridge,  which  needs
| replacing by  a   more  permanent  nnd
stronger structure.    Tlie roadway on
('anal  street  is  narrow  and' the  city
has placed rock on it, but the surface
has not been rolled.   This road to the 1
pumping station at the river also re- I
tliiires widening anil the city has been |
negotiating    with    Richmond    council ]
I for a division of the cost of permanent'.
improvement, or the running of a cut-1
' off from the bridge crossing to meet
N'o.  191   road,  Richmond, on  a more
direct line,
i Canal street joins with a gravelled
and planked road which connects with
No. 5 road across l.ulu island from
the North Arm to Woodward's landing.. This road is in fairly passable
condition, but needs repairing.
No. 5 roatl is being re-planked 2-t
feet wide. It will give a splendid
roadway from the ferry landing to
Kiver roatl at Fraser avenue. Thence
there is a well paved motor road to the
city by way of Sixtli avenue, a instance of ten miles. On the ferry lielng
operated there is thus a motor rond
provided by the River roatl through
South   Vancouver   and   Burnaby.
Hut there is obviously need for tbo
improvement of the boundary connection of No. 19 roatl with Kwen avenue.
Alderman Dodd informed vour committee that estimates have heen prepared for Improving Canal street.
Richmond being ask"d to assume half
the  cost.
In view nf the near completion of
de ferry prelect, it l�� recommended
that a memorial of this board he addressed to both tin Richmond council
and the Richmond and Point Grey
boards of trade, the Delta council and
board of trade, urging that this matter be given consideration. Improved communication by No. lit road from
hte Ferry read will groatlv convenience those farmers who find it profitable to haul tlieir produce to market as by the l.ulu laiand road there Is
obviated the hill climbing which confront.'! the vehicular traffic by the
viver  road.
Alderman Whitn waa dellghtd to Bee
the committor take such practical action in regard lo it This was one of
the "".ut Important Imnrnvements thai
could he taken !��������� if ih- v get good
pnnnectlon with No. 5 roatl he did not
ihink they had anything to tear, hut
everything to h-one frnm fhe propoaed
firry h��tween Woodward's pud l.a-l-
per. lf they did not get their full
share of the developed trade from that
connection it was their own fault
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���6 and 6.45 am.
and every 15 mlnutea until 9
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p in. with late cur at midnight
BATUH1MY8���15 minute ser
vice ls continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7, 7 30 8 and
8.K0 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
REGl'I.AR  SERVICE-6.45 and
6.45 a.m. and hourly until  10 p.
in.   with   late  car  at  11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 am.  and    hourly
until  10  p.m.  with  lute  car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
Sl'NDAYS-8 a.m.    and    every
utiro until 11 p.m.
Connection  is  made  at    Kit-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other poinia on Lulu Island.
Eraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 aud
6.16 p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.
Columbian College o:;
Affiliated   in   Arts  with
Toronto University.
Affiliated in music with
Toronto College of Music.
Thc college will open Sept.
Excellent staff in all departments.
For further  information
apply to
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia St.,  Phonee
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapptrton   Market,   Phone  1204.
Eighth   St.   Market,  Phone  1205.
Edmcnde  Market,  Phone   L883.
Winnipeg   Market.
Winnipeg, Aug. IB. Trading waa
11Klit In options on the wheat market,
and prices strong, Influenced Bolely by
better strength In corn markets south
l'nck In your bathing suits and a
well lllled hamper anil spend a day at
Maple Beach, Boundary Bay,   Plenty
Of free    picnic    places    on    tlie  sand
of  the   line,     tints   wt re   firm,   while ] beach or under the wonderful spread
Hax again advanced sharply during
the earlier hours. sagging later. Winnipeg wheat opt ned unchanged to 1-8
liiKber, and closed 1-1 to !l-K higher.
Minneapolis opened unchanged to 1-8
higher and closed 3-8 t-i 1 2 higher,
|ltiK inaplcB. Lovely spring v
���Take the Kiver rond to I.adner
[the (lowly road sou'h.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster
Yearling Leg Mutton, lb 22c.
Ueg Spring Lamb, lb 27c.
Loin and Rib Lamb, lb 22c.
Shoulder Lamb, 11) 18c.
Spring Chicken, per lb 2Sc.
Round Bone Sirloin Steak, per 1!) 22c.
Be sure and try our Sweet Pickled Corn Beef.
Just what you want when tired of everything'else.
I'hone your orders early and get prompt delivery.
B. C.   Market Co., Ltd.
677 Columbia St. Phone 1315.
od  llie,tu*��. la
Peaches, ikt Ib	
Watermelon, each ...
Plums  2 lbs. 26c
Oranges, per dozen  80a to 4r>c
president,   secretary.   Messrs.   Surtls,
Gilley and Holmes; to meet Mr. Hazen
(Successor to Ayling & Swain.)       on  Thursday, the same   committee,
447 Columbia St. Phone OB.!substituting Mr. Monk for Dr, Holmes,
with slereoptloon views.
The secretary took the opportunity,
al fEe close of the meeting of warmly
ihatikltiK tli" board for their kind
sympathy during hls recent Illness He
assured them he appreciated It greatly. He also thanked Mr. Darling for
performing  his duties    during    the
Willie   lie   Was  on
Darling be strongly
recommended   the  board   to  add   his
name to the transportation committee,
The recommendation    was    unanimously adopted.
Take advantage Of the Business Man's Train and make your
home at Crescent llench (Mlackle Spit)  for tho summer months,
Train leaves nt 5:30 p.m. dally, on and after June 15, returning in
tho murnlng in time for business.    Crescent    Beach    affords    Ideal
conditions lor summer homes, combining the  best of  bathing,   boat
Ins at all  Btages of tho tide together'Wltb fine beach.    Artesian  v/ell
water to nil residents.    Let us show vou this property.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1B��1.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'
Marine   Insurance.
Liability,   Automobile  and
Out of the High Rent District.
Open F.vcnlnga Till 9 p.m.;  Saturdays  11   p.m.
The Home of the $1.45 Shoes
for Ladies
Every size, black and tan, hroad and narrow.
FOR MEN���The only shoe store where vour
dollar does the work of two.
Men's boots, black and tnn    -  /EVERY\  d�� 1   nr
Men's Oxfords, black and tan,  \S1ZE     / ��P 1 *\j*0
The Spot for Leckie's Loggers' and Pishing
Roots; Slater Shoes (F. W.), K. Roots, etc.


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