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The New Westminster News Nov 7, 1913

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. _......11
News Classified Ads.
Have  proven their worth by the
results   they   produce.     They   fill
large   or   small   wants   at   amall
The Weather.
N'ew Westminster and  the  lower
mainland:   Mostly cloudy with rain
tonight or Saturday.
Keeve and Councillor of Burnaby Have Another Verbal Battle.
Financial   Situation   Reviewed���Bank
Refuses  Further Credit to
-iii .   ...  _   	
,g Msn Accused of
Murder to America.
OW York. Nov. H.- Philanthropic
HebtewB here today announced that
negotiations have heen made to bring
Mendel HeillsB, the Jew charged with
ritual murder at Kiev, Hussia ,to this
country, In casu he Is acquitted.
BelllaH Ib very Ignorant, but It Is
thought he could talk enough to
arouHe the Jews here against the con
dition*. existing in Russia.
Belllss, if he comes, will be accompanied by Counsel (Irouseuberg.
ir he ii* sent to Siberia, Grousenberg
will lecture throughout America to
pay the money going to support
lleillBs' destitute ramlly.
North Burnaby, Nov. 6. The verbal
clashes between members or the Burnaby councll changed rrom the muni
clpal hull'to the Capital lllll school
bouse last evening when the reeve
and several or the councillors reviewed the present conditions existing In
tho municipality. /
Councillor MacpherBon, who, It Ib
rumored will make the race ror the
reeveship In January, waa again In a
righting mood and arter explaining all
the good work he had done In the
council during the past year, stated
that ulnce Klng��way had been built.
Ihe adjacent property had depreciated
to hair lt�� former value.
Reeve McOregor disputed this state
ment and In a fiery but brier reply.
Htated that "Councillor Macpherson
haa no right to make such raah, rotten and bad statements as the one he
li.u ju��t  made ubout  Kingsway "
The reeve reviewing the present fl-
*nanclal i-iiuatlon Htated that the municipality owes lh�� Koyal Bank or Canada $600,000 and that the bank had
retired to extend more credit but lor
all that the council was optimistic
ot the future The municipality owes
scliool orriclaU $20,000. pollce and
Civic oofflclals $10,000 and $60,000 han
mill to be paid on the Kingsway work
while even the councillors were re-
���celvmg no pay whatever.
The reave stated  that  preparations
were being  msde tor the flotation ot j
treasury   certifies!.��������  bearing    6     peri
rent interest running three yuam and
It might be Imperative for one or the I Liberal
councillors   to   visit     the     American
cities ot Chicago and New Vork ln or
<lcr to float a portion or thin loan
Councillor McDonald also addressed
the m-M'tina. paying special attention
to the work lielng done In North llur
naby and how the telephone company
was now Installing Instruments In a
���district which had clamored for thetn
tor the past three wars.
Inmates of Houses Have Gone Follow.
ing Order of Police Issued on
New Westminster's restricted district must go, or rather has already
gone. The agitation or the Citizens'
league, followed by Mayor (Jray's
prompt fulfilment or his proposal, and
eiiually prompt action by the police,
is responsible. Now every dweller o.
the houBOs has been told to leave and
most  have done so.
l_aBt Friday two Vancouver deaconesses visited the places, and arter being well received stated the police
commission's proposal tbat arter being asked to change their mode of
lire the girls were to be told to leave
the cily. 8ome of Ihem promised to
"think It over." snd said It they decided to follow the deaconegges' advice tbey would go to a home In Vancouver. This waa reported to the
mayor. On Tuesday orders were Is-
suid lo the police to close the houses.
Attacked by Party of Mexi-! Democrats Make First Defi-
cans   in   Havana���Not
Seriously Hurt.
Assailant Badly    Injured   by    Shot-
Number of Arrests���Alleged Insult Cause of Trouble.
Havana, Nov. 6. --General Felix
Diaz, who recently escaped from the
clutches ol I'reBldent Huerta of Mexico
following the latter's reelection to
the presidency, was stabbed here tonight by a young Mexican named
Pedro Guerrero. Diaz was removed to
the hospital where he Is resting easy
and refused to make any Btatement.
The attack on Diaz occurred while
he was walking on the Malecon, a ts-
sliii.nable promenade, ln company
with a fellow fugitive named Louis
Malda. He was wounded behind the
ear and In the neck, besides receiving
several blows on the head with a cane,
ills assailant  was arrested.
Diaz and Malda were listening to
the band in the Malecon when a group
of Mexicans, among whom was Guerrero, passed the Diaz party. Diaz is
said to have made an unpleasant remark about the followers or Carranza
whereupon Guerrero went to the seawall where another group of Mexicans   were  seated   and  told   them   or
nite Move to Establish
New Vork. Nov. 6.���The first
delinlte move for a permanent organization of Democrats in opposition to
Tammany Hall was made tonight
when the executive committee of the
anti-Tammany Jeffersonlan Alliance
decided to take steps to make the
alliance a permanent political body.
The name of the body probably will
be changed.
. Tlie alliance was formed and the
present name adopted merely for the
purposes of the recent city election.
Kight Independent Democratic organizations united in the movement. The
casting of 25,000 votes under its emblem convinced tbe leaders, Chairman
Bert Hanson said, that the party
should be continued and enlarged.
Witness Denies He Supplied
List of Firms Which Furnished Funds.
Tells of "Bag < Man"    for Tammany
Hall in Collections of Contributions In New York.
Vancouver City Council Decide to
Turn Down Charter Amendment.
Vancouver, Nov. 6.���The charter
amendment to have a board of control
and eight aldermen for this city was
rinally turned down today at a meeting or the city council. <
Arguments were brought forward
that It had been a great success ln
Toronto. Calgary and Winnipeg, but
it was stated in reply that lt did not
work so successfully there as had
been anticipated. The voting was
seven to eight against. There was
one absentee.
New Vork, Nov. 6.���George H. Mc-
Gulre of Syracuse, denied on the witness stand today that be had furnished John A. Hennessy, former Governor Sulzer's graft Investigator, with
a list of construction firms which had
been "sand bagged" into giving campaign contributions to Tammany hall
as testified by Hennessy last week.
McGulre is a brother of James K.
McGuIre, former Democratic mayor ol
Syracuse and with him a partner in
the rirm or McGulre and company, engaged   ln   bonding  construction  companies and  in  liability Insurance, appeared as a witness in the John Doe
proceedings instituted by District Attorney  Whitman  to investigate Hennessy's charges.
Arter  McGulre  had  sworn   he  had
can securities   which    have   already  never specified to Hennessy a single
been  cashed   or  discounted  and  the | instance or any construction company
���- ' engaged In state highways or barge
canal work having given up campaign
contributions, he waB withdrawn from
the stand.   Hennessy taking his place,
Paris Banks Puzsled.
Paris,  Nov. 6.���Some cf the Paris
banks    are puzzled    over    the    new
American income tax law.   They sold
some $5,000,000 of coupons of Amerl
opinion is expressed that tbe French I
banks may lose tbe 1 per cent. Income
tax to be collected in  the place   of
the alleged  insult.    The entire party i^"'    Mauy    inquirie8   "***   been
then came back to Diaz and following'
at   the United States embassy
hot wordB the attack was made on
Diaz, during which the police interfered. Some person ln the crowd drew
a revolver and tired, the bullet striking Guerrero. At the hospital it was
found that the wounds upon Diaz were
only .uperNclal and that the patient
was  In  little danger.
aud consulate general here ln regard
to the new  tax.
reiterated his statement and added he
(Continued oi Page Four.)
Second Seasion of Third  Parliament
Saskatchewan  Opened  Yesterday by Lieutenant Governor.
Regina, Nov. ��.���With unusual brilliancy the Becond session or the third
parliament of Saskatchewan was opened today by Lieutenant Governor
In the chamber the guard of honor
of all the officers of the 95th Saskatchewan Rifles. 16th Light Horse,
26th battery and of the corps of guards
In the city. They were grouped on
either side of tbe throne.
On the floor of the house were seated the judges of the school and district court, their wives, wives of the
members, deputy ministers and of-
ricers of the local regiments. The
Bcene was a striking one, for in addition to those already mentioned, the
floor of the house had been opneed
to over a hundred ladles of Regina
and other cttiea of the province.   The
Slayers of Vancouver Constable Will Be Hanged in
This City.
"Thank   You."    Said   Clarke   Wham)
Sentenced���Mother and Sweet.
heart in Court
Vancouver, Nov. 6���Clarke and
Davis, the two men accused of the
murder of Police Constable Archibald
on May 28 last, were found guilty
this evening at the assizes here and
were sentenced to be hanged in hies?
Westminster on January 15. Each
man took the witness stand In his
own defence and accused the other
of the crime. Their story was sitnl- '
lar in many respects. Clarke stated
that Davis flred the fatal shot after
the constable bad taken a jimmy from
him, while Davis swore that while
the officer wae> searching Clarke, the
latter drew his gun and flred three
Asked why sentence of death should
not be pronounced on him Clarke
said:   "Why not, the only thing Is ve
Leader   Maps  Out  extensive
Program  Until the  Reassembling
ef Congress.
| Oltawa. Nov 6. - Sir Wilfrid
'Laurier. leader uf tho opposition, has
mapped out    a    Bomnwhat    extensive
program tor lbe time Intervening be
Itwean Hub time and lhe reassembling
���ot congress and Judging by dates ai-
11 .id.,   set   will   nol   he   idle.
Hc wlll be the Kuesl ot Lieutenant
[Governor   Langller  ot Quebec  on   the
i pen ing ot  the  provincial   legislature.
OO November 16 ho will address the
J Young Liberal clubs or Ontario at a
j banquet   to be held at  brantford and
galleries were packed with those who "*!. n? 8uU,y of the char8e- I am
were not fortunate enough to have ��ntirf,y," y���' merc�� ���"*' wlu not
Be��ts on the floor of the house. hnd fault with the sentence."   "Thaak
Following the reading of the speech you',he "^marked   ou   being   sent-
Ifrom the throne, new members were |*nSIS
introduced. The premier, Hon. Walter The only tWn�� l would Hhe to
ScotCand the attorney general, Hon.j"*1-" ���**-*- Davis, "1 was preeent, toft
A. Turgeon, Introduced Mr. Hall, the had no naLnd la the shooting. 1 bad
newl member from Cumberland, while I0*8 misfortune to be preeent."
Mr. Malcolm of Hanley. ln succession I Clarke's mother and sweetheart
.     ,        ���.,,., ito Mc.  MacNeill. was introduced by were iu court at the time and had to
Yeaterday was "garbage can   day ln the health officials  clean-up cam-  Hon   j   A   Caider ���,,, Hon    w     R   be assisted trom the building at the
paign.    Inspections  were  almost  totally  confined   to  residences,  and  with | Motherwell. I termination of the trial.
W. O. Wlllonghby. opposition leader.!  '	
Jumps in Bay and Saves Insane Survivor ot Vortvrno.
Washington,   Nov.   6.���Martha   No-
vlck,  an  immigrant  girl escaped  the,
terrors ot the burning Volturno only 1 hardly an exception places where the metal garbage can was in evidence
to tall 111 and become temporarily in-1 were given a clean slate. Some houses had wooden barrels or tubs, but
sane In the Kllis island hospital where j guch containers are used contrary to the Inspectors' advice and should, they
she eluded her nurses and flung her- . .  ���* ��__.-��_:' Il  ,.. _..���i ���������_,._._i _._���
self into New York bay I "�������� b* replaced *l *���������-��� sanlury mctaI covered can'
The heroism or a nnrie, Miss Anna I        Better even than huving a garbage can Is to burn the refuse in the stove
Olsen, who plunged Into tbe warer ar- or .urnace.   This saves work for tba health department and Is even more
ter the Insane woman and after it hard  sanitary than leavin* grrbage to watt the coming of the collector.
fight brought her ssfely to the dock The west end of the ctty, west ot Twelfth street, was found to be clean.
where garbage had  been  thrown  out loose,  were found.
wbere both were saved, waa made the
subject of an Investigation by Surgeon
General Blue, of the public health
service, with a recommendation that
MIbb Olscn's bravery be rewarded by
a substantial increase ln pay.
entered a formal protest against Mr.
Hall taking his  seat.
Hon. Mr. Caider, Messrs. Smith and
Mitchell of the government, and
Messrs. Willoughby and Donaldson of
tbe opposition were appointed a com
mitte to strike the standing commit
llut a few  yards.
The metal can was popular.   An hour's survey of Leopold Place brought no Porcuoine  Ont    Mov  ��    <!M
infringements ot the health bylaw to light.    The places visited were clean L.��0���,*,���^??*'-O?t-'.'\0.T- ?.rS*r
Boy  Hero  Drowned.
mm m
Apparently Intends to Nullify Election and Remain
in Power.
No    New    Developments   Announced
from White House���Cablegram
to O'Shaughnessy.
Held for Theft In Regina.
Mcorhead, Minn.. Nov. 6.���J. E.
Armstrong Ih being held at Sauk
Centre, Minn., on the charge cf stealing an automobile from a garage In
Itegina, Sask., some time Saturday
night, lie ls being held pending the
will also speak at Hamilton about the jBrr|va| of Canadian authorities.
same date.    About   the  middle ot De-  ,
ceiflber   tbe  Liberal  chler  expects to cate  Held Over.
be in Toronto where he wilt formally     Whitby, Ont..    Nov.   6.���The   case1
open the Ontario club aud address the |BKainst stead    Cable,    of    the    Iron
members,    lie   will also   address the i workers' union, Toronto, in which S|
University Literary association. true bm  was  returned in connection '
A   number   of   other   appointments ���jjj,  t(,e destruction    of    a  Bcaffold
Washington, Nov. 6. -No new de
velopments, good, bud or Indifferent���
this waa the word tha'. came from the
whin house late today as to the
gtatUI of the Me-.lean situation, following lhe presentation to Provision-
nl I'rcBld'tit lluerta or the wish of
the l'nited  S'ati��s that he resign.
Those who had uny doubl about the
press despatches from Mexico City
ilPBorlblng Ihe last representations
made to lluerta had the -situation
-clarified for them to an extent today
by administration officials. From the
White House ll became known that
the views ol the l'nited States on the
recent election In Mexico were set
forth In a cablegram to Nelson
O'Shaughnessy, the charge d-affalres
���of the Amerloan embassy at Mexico
This cablegram contained certain
"'Instructions." Just what the lnstruc.
tlons were, no one would divulge, the
officials saying they were of a confidential nature. It was recalled that
when the negotiations began with the
Hureta government, there was no
formal note, but "Instructions tn .lohn
Lind." In Ihls way recognition of tho
Huerta government through thc technicality was averted.
From the way the Whlto House
���discussed the situation, lt appears
that Instructions to Mr. O'Shaugh-
sNiessy convey the desire of tho United
.states lo Oenersl Huerta were substantially outlined In despatches from
Mexico City last Monday, although
tho state department's denial that
Tiny "ultimatum" had been aent waa
regarded by many conversant with
the Bituation as Indicating that the
United States government In Its communication to Mr. O'Shaughnessy did
not uocesBarlly mean that It had said
its last word in the parleys.
it became evident at the White
House that the president considers
lho elections of October 28 not onlv
as Invalid aa to the presidency nnd
ror which dates have not been  fixed
are being considered.
Will Press for Legislation Governing
Incorporated Companies.
Ottawa, Nov. 6.���The private bill
which alma at a revision of the companies act will be Introduced again at
tlie approaching session of parliament
by Major Sam Sharpe, M. P. of North
The chief object of the bill is to
secure a greater measure of publicity
for companies Incorporated by the
Dominion department of state. It
calls for the publication of an annual
statement by all Incorporated com-
Major Sharpe Is hopeful thst the
bill which he has Introduced three
times wlll be made a government
measure at the next session, but If
it Is not, he proposes to press It on
the attention of the house himself.
rope hy tho use or suphurlc acid. Is
temporarily halted. H. H. Dewart,
K.C, for the detencc, Is ready to go
on, but says thc crown Is held up by
the absence of a material witness.
ney Smith, aged 11. lost his life    in j
I Edwards lake near here, but rescued L~_        ,��______   no mn
| Nina Hogg, aged V*. who had broken  Uver  ZuW   ll*00|)S   E-flCamp
through  the  Ice.    Sidney lay  flat on j      . _,'______
the ice and- reached    her,    but    sbe       M UldianapollS���AntlCl-
struggled so that    the Ice gave way I
and both sank.    Others rushed to thel pate MbfC Trouble.
rescue and Nina was saved. '
Official of Mining Company Murdered
at Instigation cf Constitutionalist
Police Officers Attempt to
Quell Fight and Are
(Continued on Page Five.)
Ragle Paaa. Tea., Nov. 1���Welnger,
assistant superintendent of the
Penoles Mining company at Maplml,
state of Durango, Mexico, waa robbed nhd then killed at the direction
or a Constitutionalist leader, according to Information brought to Eagle
Pass toulght by Ernest Miller, an
official of the mining oompany. Miller
with other refugees reached the bor-
der after an overland Journey of IR
days. Miller aald that after Welnlger
h,'d been killed hls Angers were oat
oiT so that the constitutionalist leader
might obtain hla rings.
The refugees who arrived tonight
wire escorted to tho boundary hy a
rel'ef expedition aent to Maplml two
months ago. They were the last of
tie American residents to quit tha
ni:.ilng settlement.
One man ln custody while the ar
rest or two others is Imminent, was
the result of an incipient riot which
took place on Alexander street at 11
o'clock last evening and which tor a
time looked like a free for all between friends or the fighting parties
with the police offlcera battling the
two combined.
William Porter Is the man under arrest with a charge of disorderly eon-
duct placed againat him iu the pollce
blotter, which may be changed to a
charge of attempted assaalt on a member of the police force.
The police drag net la spread for
Richard Spring and Harry Mitchell,
both well known In the city, the former tor fighting on the puhllc atreet
and with escaping from custody, while
Mitchell Is wanted on a mora serious
charge ot assaulting a peace offloer
in the performance ot hla duty.
The trouble started outside tha Central hotel at 11 o'clock whan Detective Burrows came serosa Bprlng and
Porter fighting on the pavement. Bar
rowe held on to Porter, Instructing a
bystander named William Bailey to
hold Spring. Harry Mitchell butted
Into tnt scrap, and although warMt"
to keep away, assaulted Bailey from
the rear and released Spring. Both
men disappeared and although search
waa made tor the two men up to aa
early hour thla morning no trace
could he found ot them. Constable*
Lundl and W. Milne aaaUted ta quelling tha riot Just after Spring aa*
Mitchell had mado their getaway.
and well kept. Cunningham street yarda with about half a dozen exceptions,
were clean, Cevernl manure pllea there must be removed at once. In one
Instance pecple living near a stable, told of the great number of fllea, which
the officers explained originated In the nearby manure heap.
a a * * *
One favorite reason given by tenants for til-kept yarda waa that
people who lived here before did moat of It"
*    *     *    *    *
Late British Ambassador to
Washington Guest at London Banquet.
Many premises showed signs ot recant eleanlnga. There eeemed to be
an unuaual buret of effort In thia direction and a common greeting from ua
man of the houae waa "come right In, luat happened to be straightening np
a bit today." *    .   **.    *    ���
Residential dlatricta will be again the object ot *��^��* ****&���*!
Sanitary Inspectora Pearce and Walmsley and the medical health officer
expect to finish their campaign by lata Saturday.
*    a    *    *    ���
Flrat the health offlcera. then the plumbing taapector and fatferdajr the
building Inspector visited Chinatown, and tha Inspection of each am brin-J
��*��������� am***
The blnta below ara from tho booklet leaned trom tha tlty hall laat weak.
They are every ona worth considering:
"Do not place anything in tha garb-aba can hnt kitchen refaea nad alwnya
drain all the water trom it before doing as.
���Do not keep your can or any other receptacle toajde the MMm: the
collectora are forbidden to go tnaMe tor reoeotutaa. inhere Isia tons�� tW
rear ot your premises, place yonr as* near It, and not |Mt wMjjtty htt-
chen door. By doing thla. you wUl aaaaths scavenger!ixmtmiol ^Vm- ta a
day. and you will epnaeqosntly get a mora frequent *m* hattar wHBk.
"Sncura tha garbage can trom Mag tnrnad ��r*t by dogs by drtotog a
stick through ana handle firmly Into tha ground.
,���, "Paaa a chain or wlra through tho hand* *��� *** ���**.������***p** H to tha tenon
hy a tuple and you *t 111 nartr tatt li
"Incombustible refui
anow and they should
lano.  Do net keep yoi
during tha winter and ....   . .
tlon of eta montha la a taar dayt In theeprtag.
"Burn aa much paper, roga. atraw. tto. an poasjhle. snd tokM�� tto
city's etreett and lanes clean. It thlt tt Impnaathla. Ua It up U msaOm Wt
place It la a covered bog nenr tht garbnga oan."
London, Nov. 6.���-A large and distinguished gathering welcomed the Rt.
Hon. James Bryce, late British ambassador to Washington, at a dinner
given ia his honor by the Pilgrims tonight The American ambaesador.
Walter H. Page, read messages from
tbe president ot the United SUtea.
Joseph H. Choate. former ambassador
at London, and others. President Wilson's measage waa aa follows:
"Few men have done mora than
Jamea Bryce lfi strengthening the twa
of friendship and brotherhood which
unite Kngland tad America and hare
been Ue cauae ot common aaplrntlon
and high example to Ue whole world."
Tho prealdent ot Ue Panama-Pacific
International   exposition. Chariot C.
Mooro. onbltd: "I attll honattat tho   .
Britiah and American ��*��^*L*i^\-*��** *�����!**���,, _.
together at San Frondee* In lttt." Martini Uw
City May Be Hacetf Under Control of
Officers Today���Word Expected
from Governor.
Indianapolis, lnd., Nov. 6.���Indiana's
entire national guard, consisting of
more than 2000 soldiers, is encamped
in different parts of Indianapolis,
ready for duty in connection with Ua '
strike of the employees of the Indianapolis Traction and Terminal
Special trains brought Ue troopa
which detrained in the suburbs, virtually surrounding the town. Great
secrecy waa maintained aa to Ua
coming of Ue mllltla and tew citlsenn
knew Uat the troopa had been called
until late tonight Aa Ue trains bringing Ue various detachments arrived
they were halted at Ue aubnrbn.
Troopa wart not sent into the, towm
until a sufficient force had boen aa-
sembled to preclude Uo possibility
of a clash wiU tha strikers who
gathered In Ue downtown streets om
learning thnt tha militia hM '
called ont
Tha troopa will remain In
until tomorrow morning.
Offlcera In charge ot Ut troaun declined to any tonight whether atmet
~ hgr aoMten.
Mr. ^ryco
Ml   _
that thn
by a*
queation would ba so*** la a manner
satlafactory to bott countritt. Thnt
belief, ht taM. waa baaed on hla conviction ot tht high rectitude and tlt-
vatad etaa-eot honor and tatarnntlonal
to replying to critlt-ama mtdt fe
Conservative praeeef hiesrarkaaa
baiandtr.   Ht aasphastsed the
Martial Mw had not bean
tarty tonight.
tonight, hot n prtottmntl-aai
g thn fttty under control tt t%*
troopa M expected trom 'IM
toft oBoe before mean tan.
Nearly Mt woman, mambara ��Mkn
Mutton at tht ttf-fM tn-r ttrtkt-
qnlln apmttoMtfMi at ths
 to tot emptro nt'
tond*.  Ht thtn made VdWet
to thett ig.lhjlt���  anytnt Ml
���        .'      *   ***.. a   ���'"_'. ***t.****i* :'**-* * ...
not hart noticed thaa*. *********
hla dBfttMMtd ****.
- �����������    ��� am**a*% in _____
anust tew m am*
*a*tt pcratnt BMduuww
Smsa****** �����   ���"���
:���' PAGI TWO
Aa independent mnrnlnp paper devoted to the Inter-eta of Sew Westminster and
Me Frassr Valley. Published every morning except Sunday by the national Printing
Stat Pabllthing Company, Limited, at S3 McKensle Street. New Westminster, .Iriitsh
OafomM*. ROBB SUTHERLAND,  Managing  Director.
All communications should be addressed to The Nexo Westminster Newt, and not
9* individual mtmbert ot tht staff. Cheques, drafts, ond money order- should tie made
able to The National Printing snd Publishing Company, Limited.
TRLEPUONBS���Business Offioe and -.onager, 98H, Editorial Kooms (all depart -
its), 111.
SUBSCRIPTION RAThS���By earrler, ti per year, 11 for three month*, 40o per
assmth.    By mail. $3 per year, 25e per month,
ADVERTISING RATES oh application.
British   Body    Maintains    Secrecy   on
Approaching   Maritime
London. Nov. 6.���Considerable sur-'
prise is felt that the board of trade
haB not yot announced either Its rep-1
icsentatlves or the agenda for the International maritime conference on ,
"Safety at Sea," which meets in I.on-
don on  November 12th.    This feeling
is coupled with indignation at th" of-,
fieos of the National Sailors' and Klre- \
men's union, whose committee are un-
able to understand the secrecy which j
is   being  observed   in   the   matter   by,
Sidney Hnxton and the permanent ofilcials of the board of trade.
Havelock Wilson, the secretary, declared that he had an impression that
the matter was being handled by the
hoard in the same secret manner as
the alteration of Uie scale of freeboard
lor British ships. Mr. Wilson continued: "Why this secrecy? I cannot
understand it, aa I should have
thought that everyone had an Interest
in greater safety at sea. Certainly
the committee of this union, which
represents some ninety thousand men,
has a very keen Interest. Yet up to
the present time the committee has
seen no public announcement of the
appointment of the representatives of
Oreat Britain, who are to sit on this
international  conference.
In   reply  to questions  which    were
There seems to be strained relations existing between
the occupiers of waterfront lots and the city council with
regard to the harbor improvement scheme and all for the
lack of a little, friendly get-together session.
New Westminster wants the harbor improvement
plan worked out, but at the same time this city does not
desire its prosecution in such a manner as to force industries long established here to move to other locations. The
firms which are located along the waterfront complain
of the high rentals to be charged and already a couple of
them have intimated that they will pull up stakes and
move elsewhere rather than pay. Two others, among the
largest and most substantial concerns in the city told
The News yesterday that they were seriously considering
taking the same step.   Evidently *the situation, if it is al-|g& '^^^UUT'SSjSgg |
lowed to slide much farther, will reach that stage usually Ifor tllp board ot trade- induced pa.Ha-
j ���__    i -i-     i ,i -,i    ji i-i     * ment to believe that an international
described as critical or acute, but with the proper kind of j mad line committee had been appoint-
handling there is no reason why patters should come to ^ tin' .S^att^f ^ m?
that pass.  Other problems, considerably more difficult of ,me" ">��*>��� ton representation on the
1 ' ��� body he rejoined  that  it was only to
be  a   committee  of  experts.     II   did,
however, seem remarkable that some
of the so-called  experts  were  under-
-p, ���      i       ���     _��� i ���   i    i     .i      ��� i       i , ,    writers and shipowners, ond why they
ine main basis trom which both-sides have to work should know more about the load line
is that of the best interests of the city.   The firms along ^^SS&uSS VwYow^
appears with regard to the International conference on safety at sea, and
judging from the Information which is
coming from Oermany and the United
States, that this body Is to consider
deck loads that are carried on ships,
manning questions, seamen's agreements, wireless telegraphv* boats, and
efficient equipment.
AH these questions are of vital importance to seafaring men. and although Mr. Buxton claims to be democratic he has certainly not gone out
of his way to enlighten the members
of the National Sailors' and Firemen's
union of the fact that such a conference has been appointed, nor has he
allowed it to be divulged up to the
present time what this body is going
to talk about, ln all probability the
shipowners are at any rate well in-
I formed on the subject, and for all that
is known the representatives of the
shipowners, and underwriters, who are
very largely shipowners, have been I
practically appointed.
Humor and
flUIE tuneful tale of Jack and Jill
-t    Has aerved uh long and well.
New grnet-Rtlons come alons
And on It 1..irn to aped.
Tliey get ttie story ot these two
Of very |Nt| renown.
When they have children of their own
To them they hand it down.
Can you recall���lust pause snd think���
A day so Ions iixo
That you were not Informed is to
The details of their woe?
How after waler up the hill
They went and tumbled down;
How Jill escaped without s scratch
To match Jack's fractured crownT
Just where they lived we do oot know.
As lo their other name���
If tt was Johnson, Jones or Brown,
To us It's all thi same.
lf Jack got well we never heard*
Whit's more, wa never wlll���        i
Nor If Jack's father found It bard
To pay the doctor'! bill.
This simple little Incident
Is ail wa have been told
About these two that wa hava know*
Since wa were ona year old.
They might hava told ua. anyway.
If Jill was sent along
To get tha water all alone
Till Jack sot well and strong.
Tent Burnt and Gum, Baggage,  Etc.,
Eurn���Weather Too Warm
for Deer.
solution, have been met and satisfactorily disposed of in
the past.
the waterfront necessarily wish to see New Westminster
prosper because their trade is here. The council stands
for the welfare of the city because its members have been
elected to take care of it. Neither side desires anything to
happen which in any way would give this port a setback.
They may not see eye-to-eye at present, but negotiations,
undertaken in a friendly spirit, would be certain to remove the obstacles which now appear to block the path
of progress.
The question seems to be one which claims the immediate attention of the city council.
"How  did   ihey   make
itoue age."
"How sbould I  know?"
"I suppose the man with tlif
rocks got the s_lrl."
Penticton,  Nov.  6. ��� T.  IC.  Andrews,
I manager   of   the   Canadian   Hank   of [
I Commerce,   and   Mrs.   Andrews,   who;
ihave spent three weeks hunting in the,
I hills up near the bead waler of Shingle ;
creek, returned on .Monday ufternoon j
from their trip, bringing In four deer.,
[Mr,   Andrews   declares   that   the   pre-
, viiiling   warm   weather  has  not   been |
conducive  to  good   hunting,  us  deer
and  other big  game have not  come
.down to the foot hills bb yet.    II. l.ier
and ('. J. Klppin, the latter being the
I manager of the  l'ark  Ranching com.
pany. at Fairvlew, spent a portion of
jthe time with Mr. and Mrs. Audrewa,
{and  Mr.  Lier assisted the bunk  man
lln getting three of the deer.   Mrs. An-
jdrews, who Ib a splendid shot herself,
! brought dowu the fourth.
Not ull experienced hunters, however, have heen as successful us Mr.
Andrews. On Krlday last a party of
local sportsmen lost a great portion of
<thelr personal belongings, some of
their rifles and ammunition and over
half their bedding when their hunting
tent burned down near Hiram luglee'a.
The party, which consisted of the Hev.
:Mr. Millar. J. II. Mitchell, Charlie
Curless, Alex. Beatty, Norman IHU
and Joe Markle, went Into tlie hills on
i Thursday ai��d camped on Inglee's
place. They got one deer. Messrs.
Millar. Heatty and Hill slept in a ca-
, bin on this property, but Mitchell. Car-
less and Markle occupied tho tent,
which was the prop"rty of Mr. Hill. In
i the morning, while they were all seated at breakfast in the cabin, they
heard the crackle of fire, and when
they rushed out their tent was in
flames, large bundles of straw which I
served  at  mattresses���for these  nlm-j
rods loved  chrcature comforts burn-!
ing fiercely.    Mr. earless, who lost his
boots and trousers, was seen afterward
roaming the woods In search of game !
clad  ln an overcoat.
Lease Extremely Moderate.    For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street C. S. Keith, Manager
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, rli.: tho
the celebrated "VANCOUtKK" Brand, guaranteed to pan Standard
Specification! of Americas and Canadian Engineer!' Association
We would alio call attention to our Vitrified Bewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-ln. In diameter. This is also made In thla Province and wo
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock ot Crushed Kock. Waabed Oravel, Sand,
Lime, Platter, etc.
See Ui before ordering elsewhere
Phonei It and II.
���02 Columbia atreet W.
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
MRB,    C.    a    KISIIKIt,    TEACHER    UK
pianoforte, harmony and singing,    Po-
pit,* lucceMfuty prepared fnr examina-
!    n.m in ii. a  M. im.i it c. M, Kui tirrna
;    apply 601 Third avenue.
I'lunofoite;   243   Kniiy   St.   New   UVst-
1     lutnalcr.
ihe lati Profanes Allan MaobiUi,
Prloolpal i.f ii,,' Olaigow College ,.,r
Music, ami Professor flmnlnnd Hint, of
Iho Glasgow Athenaeum, 1m-ks Io Intl-
innl,' lhal ulie will accept I frw pupil*
111 slnKlnx and voice production. Bx-
tcnllfi repertoire of high atlll songs.
Inr terms, rail or wrlle lo 11 US Hamilton  Ml**-.-!
"Mrs. Muchuiurrled is making a collect Iou of alimonies, lent she) Sbe
must be dreadful mercenary."
"Oh. no, I don't think tbnt"
"Then why ts she marrying snd divorcing so mucb J I hate to see a woman act that way."
"She hates to Ue beaten. She start-
ed out In good faith to be happy,
though married, nnd she suys she Is
determined to keep oo trying until she
teaches tbat state."
Commencing  Oct.  20.    Change    of
time table, as follows.
8:00 a m.    for Toronto, Kamloops l.o-1
-Kor St.  Paul.
6:2s  pin,-Kor Agasslz.
8:10 p.m.- Kor Imperial Limited. Mon
tieal, etc.
Kor rates, reservations
particulars apply to
aud    other
II. W.
B. CIOUI.ET, Ageot.
New Wiitmlniti
BRODIK, O. P.  A , Vancouver
The last message from Mars is to the effect that he
will stand for re-election to the Port Coquitlam mayoralty.
Governor Glynn of New York has been presented with
a big turnip, but then look at the big lemon Charlie Murphy handd Sulzer, which the latter now is in a position to
slip back to Charles.
_ A California inventor has invented a motor-driven,
reciprocating saw for slicing meats evenly. Now if some
one would invent something like that to do the same thing
to the prices of meats what a lot of joy it would bring.
Spokane, Nov. 6.���Oeorge B. Wai-
| lace, who was removed Monday as receiver of the Groff Tailors, incorporated, by Judge E. H. Sullivan, was placed under arrest yesterday afternoon
by Deputy Sheriff Iver Sorenson after
S. H. Ansehell, a stockholder, in the
company, had secured a warrant In
the court of Justice Kred Witt charging perjury.
The receiver was removed   Monday
by Judge Sullivan, who declared    Ihe
final  account would  not be approved
| because of gross irregularities In  the
  | affairs of the firm under the receivership of  Mr.  Wallace.    John   I,.   Wiley
jn     ,.         .                       ,              ,.     .           , was   selected   to   take   charge   of   tbe
rasting tor stomach trouble is a dangerous proposi- company's affairs,
tion    An Idaho school teacher who tried the remedy is evmencoA^waUe0w��Weangeme
dead and the doctor who prescribed the treatment has Dl��y��a ��f ,h(' Wallace Misfit parlors,
been found guilty of manslaughter. __ fiZffi ^Z**Mt\
company from his firm and Indicated
��� he had failed to collect accounts.
Ansehell   charges   that   Wallace   as
, ! receiver made a false affidavit In Feb-
, , i*i- , ,    , . . .    ruary.    When  taken   into court  Wai-
doe-; much more thinking and much less acting in this ia<* waived a preliminary hearing. Jui-
Mexican problem he's liable to work up a good case of I"" -Wi" rix"'' h'3 bond at $1'"00'
hook worm.
Now Shi Knew.
"I'd like to meet Mudeliue's brother."
"Wby.   1   didn't   know   she   hud   a
brother!"        ,
"H-b-bnbr ;
"Did sbe tell' yon so?"
"Then bow do you know she has?"
1     "Doesn't she wear his neckties, stick-
i pins aud culT lluks half the time!"
"Mr. (Jreen Is said to be a confirmed
"Ves; I guess that's no"
"And he was so carefully reared
too "
"But be shares himself."
Know Something Bettor.
"1 can tell wbeu u niau's in lore wltb i
"And I ran tell wben i man Isn't In
lore wltb me."
Seattle, Nov. 6. -Militancy as a
method of obtaining women's suffrage
and I. W W.-iim as a means of improving the living conditions of thejl:25 p,m
wage earners are taboo with the British working people. Both were denounced in specific terms by Thomas
Qrenall, J.   P.,  representing the  Mln
'er?.'   Federation  of  Great  Britain,  at
.the convention of the American Federation nl Labor,
"The British trade unions.' 'he said,
I"are absolutely and unqualifiedly opposed lo militancy, ln fact, a very
strong non-militant movement has
heen organized. It is known as the
Women's Non-militant association, and
Ib composed of the wives of  Kngiish
1 union   men   and   the   offlcera   of   the
I Women's Trade Union league are connected with It The British trade unions are for women's suffrage, but they
do not believe it can best be obtained
j by violence and transgressions of the
law.   The trade unions arc lending all
; possible   support   to   the   non-militant
iparty and assisting In every possible! 	
manner  to  obtain   the  right  of   fran-      COAL MININU riahto of thf Dotnlnloi
chlse for women. lln  Ma-gllob^ Saskatchewan  and  Albert!
"I  have
American   K
find them very much the same as the I term of twenty-one' yvsirs at* an   annua
'methods  of the   British  trade   unions,   rental of II an aero. Not more than 76li
we ,.��� not believe in direct action. OlirhX^'r^ S52ttSf>-��*
plan  or  procedure   Is  negotiation  and ! by the applicant In poraon to the Attn
conciliation wherever possible, always I ��,r Bub-Agent of ths district In which th
with the undemanding that a strike iTn^u^V.mV^.rtnd mu.t b
II.   J
Aci'iillnlnnl.  Tel.
111,   Itoom  I,   Hart
P. II. Bmlth. w J  Urov��__
Work   undrruk'sn    In    aty    anl    on'ilda
point..  jH 1-12    W-Mtmlnator   Tri.t    lilcttf
Hoi   607.
I'hone   III.     P.   O.
studied the methrxVs of the 'ho \likon Territory, the Northwest lor
i,-.���i_.,-.,i���., ���r im<nn* _r..i ��� r"ori'M an<1 '" ��� portion of the Provlnc
Federation   of   Labor   and ' ���, Britiah Columbia, may be leaned for .
If President Woodrow Wilson of the United States
Try It.
If you would lead a nappy life
And have a grand home ne-,1
Juat I've your money to your wife
And .ne will do the rent.
may be resorted to
"We are absolutely out of snipathy
with the 1. W. W.'s who believe in direct action and are opposed to negotiation or concllatlon, which, In our opinion. Is the best and easiest means to
accomplish the objects of trades unionism."
but only as a last   described  by  nectlona,  or  legal  eub-dlv;
I alone of aectlona. Ind In unaurveyed Mi
ritory   the   tract   applied    for    ehall    b
aloked out by the applicant hlmaelf.
An Italian murderer has been operated on to remove
a revolver bullet which he fired into his cranium in an
attempt to beat the official executioner to it. If the doctor wins, the patient loses,
hich he furnished later in the evening. Tin' case will be heard November IS at   10 o'clock
The nineteen year old girl in Spokane who has three
husbands living has made a flying start. If she lives to
lie-about seventy and keeps up the same gait there won't
be many bachelors left to complain of their single cussed ness.
Since the recent prohibition vote in Oregon, topers
have been compelled to carry a directory to guide them to
the thirstoriums without getting pinched for breaking the
The report that there were to be some ministerial
changes at Ottawa has been vigorously denied. Evidently
the cabinet maker who started the rumor doesn't belong to the union.
Mayor Gray has fallen in line with the clean-up campaign. He attended the St. Andrew's supper at St. Andrew's church last evening and it is reported that he did
a perfectly healthy job on the abundantly loaded tables.
Spokane. Nov. 6, Men or women
] who have tuberculosis or other Infec-
I tious dlieaiea can no longer be em-
ployed   in  serving foods In  the eating
houses of the olty, according to tbe
draft of a new rostauani and lunch
counter ordinance submitted yester-
jday by hr .1. li. Ondenon, city health
officer, by Assistant corporation
I counsel ESernet K. Sergeant This is
the ordinance that was ordered drawn
by Mayor Hindley recently arter the
I discussion in tbe city council of the
question ol restaurant and lunch counter  regulations.
Peraona who may be suspected of
having an Infectious ailment may be
required to submit to a medical examination by the city health officer.
Other provisions of the ordinance
relat" fj th" care of kitchens and
their floors, walls and ventilation. Tin
'���ans on "gun boats" usually gallon
size, can no longer he used after opening and all cans are required to be
emptied whrn opened.
A license fee of $10 per year will be
required and all places where food is
sold for consumption on the spot arc
Included within lis pravislonB. Kven
lunch counters with circuses, the In-
terstate fair or public gatherings will
be required to pay the license fee
along with the rest.
,T. Yankee Doodle went to town
""��� A-riding on a pony.
W' He stuck a feather in his hat
���p- And a U. S. customs official took it away from him.
Fifty Hours He Farted.
N irth Viiklina, Nov. 6. Fifty hours
without fooi! or sleep, Harry Son)mer-
vlllc. manaj-er or the Savoy hotel in
this city, yesterday morning wandered Into the store in the Nile, In the
headwaters of the Tleton basin, and
last nlgbt. arrived in North Yakima after making the remainer of his trip by
stage or NaChSS City and by train to
this city, lie became lost In tho hills
on a bunting trip.
It   l��  ��   poor  outlook   for   n
nome  when   the   hour snek  ts
aud the last baking or bread burnt lo
a crisp blnckuess
Learning Dy experience Is very often
ooiti ui pensive und uusatiifaciory.
Iletting ii.imey enough to do aa you
please i- n tag order, and vou stiouiil
time sis ried your grandfather on the
Job alujiil  ������evenly nve years ago
IVheu ii mil it marries nn angel be ;
ihould nnl iiiiiiiuaiii It be Hilda linns'ell j
expected tu live iu ��� lurched atuio* |
The man wlio Is too tnr.v to work
ougiii in tie eieiieii as perpetual vn-e
presldenl ol  Ibe lake-It eusy socleiy
It Is Pellet lo nave no reputation nl !
all   tlmu  to  nave one  Unit  you  run I
The man who nnvnys give* his word
to Ills tneiid* is -.enerallt -adly surprised wben ihey come around saying
tbat ne (loe.-ii t keep it.
Thp man who spends his pnergtee id
seeing   thnt   Hip  other   fellow   doemi'1 j
cheat hlm wlll soon find the oihel  fei
low ao fur ahead  lUat there'll be nu
A thing thnt makes n lot of talk la
likely lo prove a good cover undei
which somebody may slip something
Of cnurup you'll be ndveraply rrltl
(ised. The onu remedy Is a certain
denfiims  thai  you   way  Use ll dux re
To Improve Grand Forki.
(iriiiiil Korks, Nov. ii An Institution whicli will be known ns Ihe t'ltl-
'/ens' Improvement Association of
Qrand Forks, has been organized. The
objects of the association will be to
make (Irand Forks a better city, to
proinot i the cause of temperance, to
encourage the Observance ot Sunday
as a day of rest. In accordance with
the Lord's Day act, to establish rending rooms and other rooms where tbo
mi n Of the city may obtain rest and
recreation, to take active steps toward
the beautifying of tha city und endeavor to secure the best civic ofilcials
possible. Olllcers were elected and
the association starts with good fin-
anclal support.
Kach application must be occoinponle,
ly a fiw ol II Which wlll be refunded I   I
(he  rlghla applied for ire nol avalliblt
but   not  otherwise.    A   royalty  shall   b  I
paid on  the merchantable output  of th. *
mine at lbe rate of five centa per ton.
Tbe   peraon   operating   the   mine   aha)
r ii rnlnh   the   Aaent   with   awern   return ,
Idcountlni tor the full quantity of met   '
ibiintiil'i*'  coal   mined and  pay  the  roy   i
alty   thereon.  If  the coal   mlnlna   rlahb j ���
are not twins operated aueh returns ahouli    9
be  rurnlahed at  leaat once a year.
The l��aee wlll Include the cenl mlnlni I
rlghla  only,   but   the  leasee   wlll   Imi   per
nltl������   ' -----     ....   . ....
utiiiK   KiiKineers.   Ixwal   141,   meeta   i���
Ijlbor   Temple   every   llrst      and      llilril
roundly of the montb. It MoLouahlln
presldenl W. C. Saunders, aeireiary'
P. O   llox  6-.S. ���������
B. A P. O. of Rika of the I). of C. moei
the flrat and third Thursday nt 1 e rn,
IC. ot P. Hall. BlKhth atres-t. A Weill
Oray, Baa I led Ruler; P. H. Bmllh, Heo-
IL. O. O IL, NO. IM.-aBi'T8 ON
flrst, second, third and fourth \v- .piea-
duy In eaih month at �� p. m���
In the Uixa. Home. II. J. ly^amy.
dictator: P. B. Jonea, secreuiry.
Haadquarteri of   lodge   in   s.-e   Ilouan
|    corner of Fourth ind Cimarron atreeLn.
I. O. O. r. AMITT l-OrXIB NO. 17���The
reir-ular nwetlni of Amliy Indue. Na
��.. I. O. O. P.. ll held every Monday
nl��ht at ��� o'clock In Odd Pillows' Hall
corner Carnarvon and KlKhlh streeta.
Vlelllna brethern cordially Invited,
tt A Merrlthew, NO.; II. W. Sanaaler
V. O.; W. C. Coatham. P. a., record
lng s.ercturv: J. W. MacDnniM. financial  aecretary.
mltted   to    purcha
whatever   avallabl
nurture rlrhta may lie considered necea
sary for the worklna of the mine at th
rate of IIO an acre.
Pur full Information application ahouli
be made to tha Secretary of the Wpart
ment of the Interior. Ottawa, or to an-
Aaent or Soli-Agent of Dominion Landi
w. w. cortr,
Deputy Mlnlater of the Interior
N. B.���Unatitllorlaed publication of tht
advertlaement will not be paid for.
W. E. PAI.KH--Pioneer Puneral Dlrectw
ami Brtbaliner. 112-111 Aanei atreet
opimeK- Carnetfe Library.
ter A llniina. Ltd.)���Puneral directofi
and embiiiniera. Parlor* 405 Columbia
atreet.   New  Weatmlnater.    I'hone III,
Seriouely Stabbed.
Spokane, Nov. II. C. B, llromley, a
teamiter, who was stabbed in the abdomen In a fight at the Marquis saloon
on Main avenue, Friday night, wus re-
ported to be In a critical condition at
Sacred Heart, hospital last night
llromley Is now mifferltig wllh peritonitis.     The  knire  pierced   the   walls
of tbe Intestines and Internal bleeding
set In.
Transfer Co.
ilflci  Phom  lit.     Barn  Phom  11
Bigbli ati ait.
���ter Boaid of Trade meeta In tho boar*
room. City Hall, aa follows: Third Pri-
day of ench month . quarterly tneetlna
on Ibe third Friday of February, May.
Auauat and Novemlmr at > p.m. Annual   meetlnia on the  third   Friday of
February,   tf   IL   Stuart   Wade.	
i Sale, li,-,.,ie. Bualneaa I_rtt��ra. etc.; *tr-
��� culnr work apednllat. All work atrhillp
I ronndeniini. tt Barry, room 111 Weat-
mlnater Trust Blk.    Phone 7M.
Haggagi Delivered Promptly to
���ny pirt of tbe elty.
Light and Heavy Hauling
rloters. Solicitors, etc.. 40 l,ornn Street,
Niw Weal minster, tl B. Corbould. K.
C.    J. H. Orant    A. fc. MeColl.
Dakota Danker Dead.
Minot, N.D., Nov. 6.~Jos. Roach,
president of tba Second National
bank, and one of North Dakota's most
prominent bankers, died last nlRht,
following injuries received In u
runaway a few days ago.
(Subject to change without notice)
Sunday schedule- TralnH leave New Westminster at I), 7, 7:..0, 8,
8:130 and ft a.m., antl every 20 minutes thereafter until 8:30 p.m.
Arter 8::;o service every .10 minutes wllh last car leaving at midnight.
Week day schedule Trains leave New Weitminiter at 5, 5:45, fi,
fi:in. I!::i0, ��:45, 7, 7:15, 7:30, 7:45 and 8 n.m., and every 20 minutes
until 4 p.m.. I'rom 4 p.m. to 8:.-.o p.m. a 15 mlnuto servico will bo
given.   After 8:30 p.m. a 30 minute service with lust car at midnight.
Saturday service���Early morning schedule the sumo as on week-
davs. but after 8 a.m., a 15 minute service wlll bc given until midnight.
Through trains for Chilliwack leave New Westminster dally at
���n..O a.m. und 1:10, 3:35 and 5:45 p.m.. TralnB leave Chllllwack dally
for return trip at fi:10 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. anil 1:10 and 6:46 p.m.
Dully Kxpress service to Chllllwack from New Westminster at 9;50
n.m. and 3:35 p.m.
iil-buv,   Solicitor,   etc.     SoHi'llnr for  tlie
ilank or Vancouver, orricea: Mer-
cbiinis Bank Building, New Westminster II c. Telephone No. 1070. Cable
nimroBS "Johnston." Code Weelcrn
I iilon,
llcltor, etc., Colllster 111., -k, corner Cnl-
.iniiiiln umi McKcnile streets, New Weitminiter, II.C. 1\ O. llox 286. Telephone  ]|f
���Ids ��� llarrlatera and Boilcitora, West-
SiCfS  Ft*, ""fa    Columbia  etreet,
����7i.W."iltf"'*_!>'1 H' c'   C111"" ****
Whiten*.-    Western    Unlbn.    P.
Dritwer   8.0.     Telephone   ��|     W.
J. BTILWIHU. CLOTH. Barrlster-at-laW,
solicitor, eta.; oorner Columbia ud
McKenih. street* New WeatmlnitW
D. C.   P. O. Box 111.    Telephone   71*
S'llP'tor and Notary. Offloea tSSt*
_'.,."i!,,���_,,5-Lo,,,���   ,tr*��t- Now Woatmln-
Burrlatera and Boilcitora. Ill to 11*
Weatmlnater frum Block. O. B. Martin. W. O. McQuarrie ind Uaoria u
Caaiidy. hnbmmm I
*A***mmu*W'**i*i.*t**i*i*i' mo 11.4 *,, ,****, -^.ab
Spec .h    Made   by   Canadian    Patriot {for the
Whose Centennary li Soon to
Be Celebrated.
freedom of action which '.van
given to ua on that occasion. Whci
we liad to consider what would be the
n iin scntativo      institutions      which
    ought  to rule the great Dominion  of
  Canada, we had, as a matter of course,
_, ... ,    .     , ,   to look  Into the past or the present
1 n readers of the present the fol- j^tcry of nations which had enjoyed,
lowing speech delivered by SirQeorg* or were enjoying representative in-
Ktlenno Cartier at the Inaugural din- StltUtloM. We came to the conclu-
ner of tho Hoyal Colonial Institute, "Ion that a legislative body, to be use-
held at Umdon In March, 1869, will j ful. ought to represent the sense of
prove of more than passing Interest. I rectitude of the nation, but not the
The chair waa occupied by Viscount PMlUmS Of the nation (Near, hear).
Bury, the president of the society, and ConMQUMtly we adopted a system
amongst those present on this occa- of representative government which
sion were the prime minister of Eng- allowed to the representatives elected
land, I't lion. W. E. (Hailstone. Hon. a certain length of parliamentary
Heve dy Johnson, the United States I ���***, in order to achieve great thin. i.
ambaHPador; tho Duke of Manchester, I We did not like that the parliament
Minimis of Normanby, th�� Itt. Hon. larJr trugt should be a mere sped e of
Earl firunvllle, the Ilt. Hon the Earl I power to last for only one session, and
of Albemarle, l*rd Alfred Churchill U����n to have another election. We
end many other Illustrious men of the I wanted that there should be a trust,
<lay, numbering In all two hundred, Iln ord"r thttt lhe electors themselves
Cartier was at that time in England I should show that lhey had confidence
negotiating the purchase of the North1'1 lhogn whom they elected; and then
west Territories and his speech at thin that those who were elected should
banquet on behalf of "The Colonial I "how *n return to those wbo had
larliaments of the Empire," forms a elected them, the realization of their
page of history whicb will be read with Promises, made In honor, that they
keen pleasure by all true-hearted l'a- wou*** legislate according to the In-
nadlans. This speech, which has been ter**M and the welfare of the com
lieretofore unpublished, proves of un- 'munlty at the time.
usual value as showing vividly the
sentiments and motive* which actuated the men who guided thc helm of
state ln the early days of confederation. Cartier's utterances on this occasion are forcefully eloquent of his
loyally to the British crown and admiration for Hritish institutions.
At tbls time when public Interest is
aroused In the prospective celebration
of  the   centenary  of  Cartier's   birth,
Monsieur Qazot, I think, said on
one occasion that "Common sense
rules the world In the long run." It
is so, and consequently a parliament
of small duration, an annual parliament of too short duration, can never
do any great work. With regard to
us, we do not find fault with our
neighbors. We are good friends with
our neighbors, and at this festive
board,  In  the presence of tbe    Mus
this page from the historic past wlll , trlous minister wbo   represents tbat
doubtless Inspire tbose In charge of
Ihe movement to greater zeal for the
fitting celebration of tho great event.
My I_ord Bury, my Lords and Gentlemen:���I must say at the outset
that It requires from rae a certain
amount of boldness to address you
after the eloquent speeches which have
been made, and particularly ln the
presence of the premier of England,
who stands ln this country not merely as the premier In tbe political world,
but who also stands as one of the foremost in eloquence, and as a scholar.
As a matter of course, If you expect
anything eloquent from me, I must
tell you at once that you will be dls-
great nation (Hear, hear) I am glad
to have this opportunity of telling
him that wltb regard to him, and with
regard to ourselves, we are as fully
In exercise of our freedom as any one
on the earth. Our Dominion, our
confederation, Is not formed on the
democratic principle; the representative element is a part of lt. but It Is
founded on a monarcbla! basis. Our
neighbors have their confederation
based entirely on the democratic
principle; they bave trted tbe experiment and it Is a great succes; but we
have tried our system to some extent,
and we expect that Its trial wlll result
Interrogate    ine    ubout    tho    French
Canadians.     The   shortest    definition
will/:)) I could give (because you muat
always  be  brief to  royalty, und  perhaps  to  this  meeting)   was,  that   tbe
Froi'.-li Canadltna, as well as myself,
were      English      speaking      French
(Cheers).    They appreciate the  work
and Uie value of Saxon blood;  and  I
cannot lose sight of the fact that there I
ia   and   idtplxture  Of  Norman   blood ,
wltb   tbe  best   blood  of  England.    I ]
merely  mention  thla  to show  that  I
am not in any  way wounded by  the j
admission, because I  know a little of!
past   history.     With    regard   to  our- i
aelvca, on    the   other side,    the two
races there are Frenchmen and  Englishmen',  we are Frenchmen, and the
Frenchmen    in    lower   Canada    have
prover (or rather  Englishmen  speaking French) that we can carry out representative   institutions     It   Is   said,
by our neighbors opposite here, that
representative    and    free government I
cannot bc carried out.    If they looked
to that French  colony  which    a few-
years  ago  number  only  4G.000    and
which   now   numbers   1,000,000,     thev
would  see   that  the carrying out  of
the representative system has been a |
success.    I thank you, my lords and
gentlement.    (Cheers.)
Press  Cannot   Sum   Up  Conditions���
Parties  Evidently  Prepared to
Go to Extreme!.
Umdon, Nov. 6.-���"The political situation has rarely been more Interesting."
This sentence from the Pall Mall
Gazette commenting on the attitude
of tbe cabinet towards Ulster and the
bome rule fairly reflects the state
of affairs. Vet the newspapers cannot agree as to what ll happening,
or likely to happen, In retpect of tbe
���uggested exclusion of Ulster from the
operation of the bome rule bill. The
Times thinks Mr. Churchill spoke on
behalf of the rest ot the cabinet. Tbe
Daily Chronicle and the Morning Post,
on different sides of politics, consider
that the cabinet haa decided to treat
Ireland as one and indivisible.
On the otber hand, the Dally Mall
thinks that the Churchill view still
holds tbe field in the cabinet, while
the Westminster Gazette does not be-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ In thla���tbat so long as England shall
appointed.   At all events, I wlll do my ibe England, and so long as England
utmost and 1 am sure you will excuse I "hall enjoy  the freedom and  tbe ad-
mv  shortcomings     My  name Is con- j vantage of a parliament, our political j Heve that the exclusion of Ulster can
nected  with thla toast aa relating to  gravitation aad our political affectlon.be the compromise which Is to settle
the    colonial    parliaments     1   regret j will   always   be   towards   the.   mother Ithe Irish question.    Meantime,    raem-
verv mucb that the selection fell on j country (Hear, hear).   In   order   thatjbers of parliament are taking np the
me  to answer for the repreeenlatlve  we may nol lose sight of tbis fact, we
iKHlb-B. as applied and carried out In'have  founded  ��� great  empire  which
the p��lonles which have the happiness I will extend from the   Atlantic to the
to be connected with the British em���   Pacific ocean, we Intend that all that
pire    with the mother country  (Hear. |immense territory shall be well gov
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queation In tbe constituencies, and it
Is not without significance that Edward Ooulding, the Unionist member
for  Worcester,  has  publicly  adopted
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  the view  that  "mucb as they dislike
heari. With regard to us, when welerned, and governed not merely on altble home rule bill, let tbem be pro-
formed o'i- ronfederatlon, namely the [selfish principle aa applied to ua, but pared to compromise matters, and say
Dominion of Canada, we were allowed j in order to add to Ibe power and to 'Leave Ulster ont. let her remain un-
by the .Iberallty of the English par-.the prosperity of the mother country jder Ihe imperial parliament, and try
liament and the English government ! !H��ar. hear). I am lure that-there! your experiments with the real Of I rein hm our brains tn work. In order to will never be any cause of dl.fleaity be-1 land."  Of courwe, the suggested bar-
tweaa England and our friendly neigh- gain satisfies nn Irish Natlonallat. but
bora on account of ourselves. But It the tone of T. P. O'Connor, speaking
matters not; If that unfortunate day at the City l.tbenr! club, waa not oulte
ahall   ever   come,   we ln   Canada  are I so  confident,  although  he  w       ���*
pram at our uwn scheme of representation lo the English parliament for
adoption. The constitution which we
enjoy was enacted by ua, though lt la
by vtrtttO cf an Imperial act 1: waa
not the InltlVIwi of the Hri11>h piruo-
ment of the Qrittsn nation; are were
allowed by be liberality of England to
do It ourselvot. (Cheers, i We came
before the English -government, wo
.uir before Ihe Engl lib pnillamrnt.
we presented a i}*l "in which WOI ef
course, a rsymtniil ;��������� sy_ti>m; ."nd
lt la a great source, I wlll not aay of
pride, but a great aourne of encouragement, to the publlc men who then
took -part ln that great schema, t'.i.i:
:il was adopted by the English government and by the British parliament
without. I may say, a word of alter
jttion   (Hear, hear).  We  feel  Krateful
ready to accept our position (Ffear.
hear) We will accept the situation
of the moment. But everyone of us
who understands the natural Incllaa-
l Ion of our nelgbbnra. as well na of
ourselvi>i or of Englishmen, to enjoy
[���������are. Is convinced that that unfor-
tunati' day will not oome. If, bow-
ever, it should come, we will be there.
il/nini *unl continued cheers, i
My lord, I bave heard a great deal
this evening with regard to tlte Anglo
Saxon race. I had the honor to bo
presented to her majesty wflen sbe
Krarionsly rave me an invitatfon. ten
or twelve years ago. to go to Windaor,
and her majesty was kind enough to
Are WE Down Hearted?
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with the usual anticipation.
"T. P.'tT Words.
"There would be a settlement unstained by blood," said "T. P.." "made
ei'iitri'iia by ccncenslons, and made
Isitlng by common national consent.
The only comic note In the discussions
this week- haa been provided by Joseph Devlin, M P., who speaking In
Lancashire, remarked that "The bome
rule party stood for progress; the
Irish queation was not so much a religious as an economic question." The
unconscious humor of this avowal lies
in the fact that the worst slums and
fhe most irmferpaid labor In the British Isles were to be found In Dtrbr.it.
which Is exclusively represented by
Nationalists. They never have made
any single effort so far as the ordinary man can see, to bring about reform In the city, and the Labor members who always vote religiously with
the Irish on the question of home
rule have really themselves this we**
felt compelled to make a few acid
comments on the state pf affairs which I
has been allowed to grow up under Na-'
tlonallst representation.
On the whore, It Is very doubtful
whether at present���and the qualification Is used advisedly���the Liberal
party leaders will agree to the exclusion of Ulster. Their followers are not
yet all aready either to recognize the
gravity of the situation, or to take a
decided llne In the direction of generous compromise. It must come sooner or later, since all the talk In the
world, all the anticipations and pro-
testations that matters wlll ultimately right themselves and leave que
happy, united family In Ireland do not
affect the truth, ai Mr. Churchill himself admitted, that home rule can only
be forced on Ulster at the coat of
bloodshed. Tbe Ulitermen are not
talking is big as some people suggest
As a matter of fact they are keep ng
strict secrecy wltk regard to tbe very
large number of promises of aupport
they havo received In case there are
armed outbreaka of aay kind. It la not
the case that people mako then promises wtth no Intention ot every carrying them out.
The man with real religious convictions on the one hand, and th* wIlH-
clans and the military men with bitter
memories ot the paat on the other,
have very little Intention ot shrinking
from going to extremees, aad accordingly directly the aituatlon becomes
serious there wlll be a large extalua
to tbe north of Ireland. Whatever
happen! now���whether wo have Ul
���ter excluded or whether wa havo her
retained���wtll not entirely avert tha
shedding ot blood. If rte la retained,
the long expected wll lhappen: If the
li excluded there wtll aa certainly be
Natlonallat reprisals. Only aot ta alt
probability on an organised scale, but
according to a ay item of mora or leaa
secret murder of the typo wltk whieh
the record! ot the oountry aro
Teamiter Dropa Dead.
Bukre, Idaho, Nor. (.���Thomaa BaV
llvan, aged B0, a teamiter for Eugene
Day, dropped dead Monday morning.
Mr. Sullivan had been a reatdaat at
Burke for maay yeara, coming har*
from Montana. Th* body waa removal
to Wallace until relative* oaa a* located. ..'.'���-    l^���
rpldmili  at KtrMiot Following Many
Cases Across tke Border
Penticton. Nov. 6.���The epidemic of
smallpox which baa broken out on tbe
American side of tbe International
boundary has finally���made Ita way
a-cruss into Canada, and tbere are now
two cases at Keremos, according to
the diagnosis made by Dr. R. B. White
of Penticton on Taeeday. when the
doctor quarantined Mr. and Mrs.
Crooker. Mrs. Crocker is understood
to be in a convalescent state, but Mr.
Crooker la as yet in the early stages
of the disease. A Mias Bromley, nn
18-year-old daughter of Peter Bromley of Keremeos. who haa been staying with the Crookers, ls also being
quarantined although as yet she haa
developed no symptoms of the disease. Tfeo greateat precaution! have
been taken by Dr. White in the prevention of the spreading of thli disease, and the government of British
Columbia bas met In Dr. Millar from
Victoria, who takes charge of theae
capes. It Is probable that should any
furthr" ortbreak take place that Dr.
Millar wilt order the quarantine of the
entire community tn which the dlseaae
Is manifest. V
Smallpox epidemic li at the preeent
time ln the following Washington
towns: Oro villi, tout cases; Motion,
���tx casee and Loomls, ten cases. All
cases have been Isolated aad rigorous
quarantine Is being kept by the author"
Itlei and all ipreadlng, It la hoped, wilt
be stamped out
Serious compllcatloni very often no-
company imallpox, but Dr. Whtta
itate* that the preeent epidemic ta
a very mild type of tho disease. There
have beon no deaths reported In tht*
connection a* yot attll It would be
well that due precaution by vaccination, etc, ahould b* taken by
peoplo In th* district
Davenport, Wash., Nov. ��.������A divorce ault In which Mr*. Julia A.
Rhead* of Sprague la plaintiff and
Oeorge W. Rhoads, a promlaent tarmor
of Qoldendale, Klickitat count* la defendant waa tiled ln Davenport Monday. Hearing waa let tor Novombar
11. In tho oomplalat Mr*. Rhoed* **ya
the ooupl* war* married la January.
Ull. llv* ehildton, of whieh three ar*
mlaor. being the mult of th* uataa,
Sh* allag** that beginning wtth
thn* year* ago lh* huabaad b**aa_*
abusive aad erual. pr*t*odlag Ma mt
i hmaaMT. faring om of whiff he oa*
ri*d a loaded *ua to th*tr badraoa,,
Judg* MoCro*k*y haa aunwd a ra-
���training order prevwUagthe tat* -at
coamanltyaryrty valued at "" *ja
attorney Maa. |7�� suit MM*
allaxn* |
ONCE when King Edward VH. paid a visit to Sheffield,
all the fires in factories and plants were allowed to
die out. Not a wheel in Sheffield turned for twenty*
four hours. ft The primary object of this was to lift the
pall of smoke that hovers over that wonderful steel-producing city, and to ensure, as far as man was able, a bright day
an' a blue sky for an auspicious occasion. Clt was
Shefft d's expression uf respect.
BI7T the action was unique���it was unprecedented���it
was unthought of that those hundreds of nudity
furnaces, raging night and day, and thoae seething
boilers, with quivering valves, should ever be allowed to
cool. ft This extingtushing of fires tort Sheffield hundreds
of thousands of dollars���the priee of the effort to get bade
again to high-power efficiency.
SOME businessmen in Canada pay an unwitting homage,
a    * si  * 1_ '   a.  * ^_��-_a**___.* _kl   _______���_ "a_f________
not to ar king, but to a superstition���the superstition
that hot weather jusUfies'letting the fires ol business
energy go out Tliey stop Advertising in the SiunHcr
months. By paying homage to tttttititM, cniieaiy **t*h****t*
turn* they have allowed Summer to become their "dull"
season, ft You know how dull & can be when you dont
advertise. Do you know how brisk it can Ke nude hy
AdvertfctngP Do you realise how much momentum yen
- f 'V,/i
>*iut*H    :
at (MM. I
���nr i
.-jprr": f   ��AGE FOUR
Fresli Water and SaltP0RI ^m
Tresh W ater and oalt        ^ .....^
Terrible   Havoc   Among   Sockeyes   in
Columbia  River���Will Be
Additional Locals
Expected   that  Three   Aldermen
Retire, While Two May Seek
Port Coiiuitlam, Nov   ���',    The latest
levelopment In the local civic politl-
proprlutlon had boen out orr fay the ub
Bambly.   This waa lu September laat,
arter the governor's Impeiioliiiiont.
Produced Telegram.
iii'iiiii'Hsv. in support of hla version,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  pniduced a telegram lie received  on
Moose Jaw Police Grab Man on Main,Oct. 27 last rrom Syracuse, which he
aald he believed had been aent to Iii sti
able the latter to pursue IiIh lnvestl-iwhich Muck had not accounted tor
gatioiiB into tho Btate highway depart- and that lie went to Buffalo and did
ment, atter the governor's special up-1 uot make those churgea.
"HcniicsM then said to me lie had
been inld such and such u company
had made mich and such a cnmilliii
lion and aHked me about it I told
him that I had no specific knowledge
ol any contributions."
Street After  Exciting  Chase-
Jumped Bail.
by McOulrei^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
It waa signed "M," and appealed In
Hennessy  to  make  u  speech  against
--^j-^j-^j-^H          William   II.   Kelly,   Democratic  leader
I or Onundago county, iu order Id gain
Moose  Jaw,   Nov.  G.    Alter  search-J votes  ror tho  Progressiva  ticket,
lng lor him for over a year, Detective |    Everett Fowler or Kingston, N.Y., Ib
Barclay   Stewart,  or  the   local   police jthe man Whom Hennessy testified Mo-
force,    arrested    Pete    Mnrtlnuk.    a [Quire had told hlm was the "bag man
Washington, Nov. 6- Railroad blasting operations on a tributary of the
Columbia river, In Washington, having killed more than ono million salmon and prevented the spawning Of
between two and three billion sockeye
salmon eggs, the department of commerce, announced that the fish-loving |
American publlc might expect a decided shortage in Its favorite article
of food three to five years hence. ThP
department pronounceB the slaughter
of the fish to be a "catastrophe
Change  Church  Charges.
Two   changes   in   tin-   Presbyterian.
eliurch circles effect in�� llurnaby were|
i consummated    I     I   mfit liiK  of  the H situaiion  ls that  two of lhe pres  ...._, 	
Westminster Presbytery held In ��w,"Lnj members of the aldermanlc board IQallclan, this afternoon after an ex-[for Tammany Hall in the collection or
couver on Wednesday evening     Hev.   irltlni chase 'contributions.
,A.  O'linnnel!    B.A.  is  transfer���!    0 and possibly    a    third^ will'goffer Cl ^ <*JJ^ MarUnuk WM      MtOulra   denied   he   had   sen,   any
the Oordon church at Edmonds and themselves ror re-election in January I   "���*"""���   - s ____. __,  .   ..
I wlll be Inducted on Tueeray evening, noxl    ���*?*,*, two who will retire   are
18.    Kev   Dr,  McLean, pastor of |mmnm John  p,  ,_allRan und  A.  R.
"The effects of  this dataatrophe,"|��t aja'pittriverl Port Coquitlam. lt
it declared, "will bc   seen    three    to'
live years    hence,    when    tiy    1918
progeny  come  back to  the  river    to
tly>    1
^^^^^^^^^^        river
spawn.   How serious the outcome will
be can only bo surmised,
Henderson Presl'J terian church. West. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Hurnaby. lias been transferred to SI. .Millard and the possible is Alderman
Paul's ohurch, Victoria, although thek _.. Welcher. Although no final au-
memberi ol the rormer ch,���*,*i. made a ,lom,cl,���u_Ilt h��� bean lllad��� ��� either
atrong proles,  agalMI  the change.       j,.   |g  p,.actlcalI..  ,.,.,.������.   ^th.*  rp.
: mainlng   two   aldermen,   It.   0,   Galer
The  ice Will be In tine shape by 3  .ind g  g   Morgttn> wlM be ln the neld
o'clock Saturday afternoon.        i'i'.Ui) :HRa*n.
' A  desire  to  devote  greater  atten-
New Power Station. .,ion ^ hl_ prlvalp t,usjm,B8 prompted
The   \.esern   Canada   Power  com- U,    ieeit*oi,  o{ Alderman   Millard  to
pany Is building a new power station ; gu,p flown   wh|k, (he .^ QM ,.e jn .
tends   making   an   extended   tour   of j
committed to stand trial on a charge ��'lch telegram to Hennessy. He said
of aggravated assault, .but jumped, Ja had talked with IiIb brother and
bail and disappeared. :fre,"iB  ������������ HjnnSSBjr  testified  and
Shortly afterwards ha caused oon. *���'* ������-***. ho had no such InJormatlgn
siderable trouble among the foreign " "'"messy had given out In his les
element   in  the  city,   bul   the  pollce   "'non).
McGulre admitted   that   he  had  col-
Wltnaaa, "Ho hud no right to swear
me and I did not huve to tell him. I
wasn't going lo get lulo trouble up lu
Krlii   county."
"llut you knew HcmicSBy wus the
governor's in.estlgiitor and you hail
given hlin 13600 to help out," commented the district attorney. According rn Hennessy, McGulre was one or
lected contributions In 1910 and lllll I several Including Jacob II Schlff ami
from aeveral contractors for the I Ueorge W. Perkins, who had omtrl
Democratic  state committee. I billed  funds lo help along lhe (Over
"Vou falsified   to   Mr.    Hennessy nor'a invasttotlon.
when you said you knew of no eonlrl- |     Tlle bearing will  be continued nexl
tuitions?" asked the dlstrlcl  attorney. I Tuesday  when  Mrtliilre again  will  be
"1 was not under oath," replied tlie [called as a with***
were unable to gel him. This afternoon he appeared ou one of tbe main
���treati and after a hot chuse wan
captured. He will come up in the
polico court in the morning
will be equipped with t���hsformers ofjN     Zea|aud     d Australla nexl
tho finaoitv of 1000 k lowatts anrt  is,    ...       ,     ...     ���    ...    ,      ...   *
being built for the purpose of reliov    ?> ' ���*��*���* it Impossible for Alderman
lng  .be old  station  In  the  centre of i folln *' ,Lan,Ran ,0 Beek  re*"���'    Mr,
Port  Coqultlam  of the heavy  load   It', l-angan is at present In the east and,
The livelihood of thousands of per-  now has to bear on account of a great ;wl"    not    be    "ack   untl1    parl-v    ,n |
sons In  Washington  and  British  Co-  increase   In   the   power  consumed   In | January, but he confided to a few ot
lumbia depends on the annual run of jthe  city  during  the  past  year.    The"1'
the sea fish whicli return year by year I pumping   stations   located   along   the  away that this year would be his
to tlie same  spawning ground.    This  dyke which borders the iPtt river, re- ',ln tlle council for a period at least,
makes the matter one of even greater  cently  converted  from steam  Will  be'     Alderman    I). E. Welcher   has    ex-
economic importance. supplied   with' electrical  power   from i pressed a desire to retire, hut owing
Hocks    dislodged by    the    blasting I tho new station. j to persistent requests from his friends
blocked the stream and   caused    the   Ito enter next January's campaign he
death of the ascending fish. Owing  to  the  ice  not  being  ready! has   resolved   to   think   matters   over
  jthe official opening ofthe ice rink has j before making any definite announce-
TWELVE SETS OF CANVAS I been  postponed  until  Saturday  after-' ment.
USED BY BIG SAILER   noon at 3 o'clock. 12374) j     The  question  as  to  who  will  otter
    I themselves  for  the  vacant chairs  is
Seattle.  Nov.  6.���One  hundred  and Consider Constitution. ! causing much  speculation.    W.  I).   P.
twenty-seven tlaiys from Newcastle-on-1     The     recently    organized     Central | Godwin.   W.   A.   Thursb'y   ami   W,   A.
Met Hennessy.
"Then why d-ld you give the governor 12500?" asked Mr. Whitmau.
"I hated to see u good business administration go to smash. There was
u great governor alone ln the executive mansion without friends and he
was about to be tried by the court of
Impeachment and 1 was Borry for him.
j He Bald he needed the money badly |
and that It was a case of dire necessity."
The witness admitted that he had
jmet Hennessy In I'tlca on Sept. 12 at
i the request of Sulzer.
  I    "HenneBsy told me," he said, "that
,   e*,nn.ia  i,���fr,.o ho went i ~' .. . .,  Sulzer had directed him to take part
personal  friends  before he �����< ' Woman   0peratcd   Fake   Matrimonial  ,���   the  r,ertlo(,-alk.  p-llIla-v   ,���,,���'  ,���
Bureau  and   Investment   Scheme,     ! Krle   county   and   that   the   governor j
Bureau anu  in. wanted  him  to charge    Norman    El
in   Many  Cities.                     j Mack with falling lo account for campaign    contributions.    The    governor
                                promised him, he suld. lo give names;
,  ' , .i._Jof those who had made contributions
Kansas City. Nov. 6,    A tale cf the |
641 Front Street.    Out of the High Rent Dittrict.
$30,000 Stock to Select From.
Open   Evenings  Till   9  o'Clock.
Pres. aad Ooal. Mgr.      Vice-President lae. and Traaa.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 snd 177.
Tyne the bin French full rigged ship ', Ratepayers'    association   met   at   Ed-I Keith  ar?
Hoche,  arrived   ai  Seattle  yesterday ��� monds   last  night   when   every   ward ; aspirants,
with a cargo of fire brick,  fire clay, i was    represented    but  ward  3.    The!
pig   iron,   calcium   and   general   mer-j entire  evening   was  spent  In   consid-;
chandlBB,   which  is  now  discharging; ering  and  adopting    u    constitution'
at   lier   12.     On   finishing   uploading  which  was largely formed on  that of'
she will be shifted to Tacoma to take: the    Vancouver    Central  Ratepayers'
on a full cargo of wheal for the I'nitel j association.   It was decided to not lim-
Kingilom,   under  charter  to   Balfour-jit representation lo wards but to give
Guthrie    Co. | representation   to   each   properly   or-
Capt. B. P. Le Bras, master of the ganized ratepayers' asosciation. The
big square rigger, reports a rather j association will meet on the first and
tempestuous voyage. On July 16 the; third Tuesday of each month, except
Hoche had her royal top gallant mast j June, July, August and September. An
carried away In a driving gale. All (effort will be made to secure the Ed-
told,   the   shap   had   iwelw   sets   ot. monds municipal hall committee room
as a  place of  meeting.    Peter Blair
among  those  suggested as
sails torn to shreds during the long
voyago At almost the end of her
vo'-.ipe, southeast gales drove her
away from the entrance to San de
Fuca and she was four days off Cape
Enjoyed to the Full.
At, St. Andrew's Presbyterian church
last  night  the  Ladies'    Aid    of
Secretary   of   Port   Coquitlam   School
Board Makes Recommendation���
Matter Laid Over.
[successful  opi ration   throughout    the1
.central west and a number of southern cities, (rom H"1-! to 1910, of matri-1
. menial bureaus mul  take business In-
vestment schemes was   told   In   the
federal court  here    todaj    by    Mrs. .
Leon Aldeii, c;i 'rial, under the luiine
of "Mrs. Anna ii. Taylor," for using
the malls to defraud.   The woman Is |
specifically charged  with having defrauded \V. I-'. Rlsdon, of Turkic. Mo., j
B.  I', tiny, of l.anesviilc. Texas,    and
O, J. Doll, of  Yale. Okla.
The  three   un n   mentioned  as    vie- I
tims in the present Indictments, it Is
j said,   were   induced   lo   invest     their;
I money  in  business  schemes  Mrs.  Al-
* den was promoting.
They testified she made them litem- j
ises  of   marriage.     Scores  i f   lettert
that are alleged  to have passed    be-
I tween the woman und her victims In ;
th'* present case were read    Guy was |
; the heaviest contributor. He testified
he gave Mrs. AUIen $1500, part of
which   was  In  lie inveati d  In  a  paint ;
It has become such a rare occur-ichurph served dinner to all comers
rence for a big steel sailing ship to i.Needless to say the comers were suf
come to this port that much interest jficient .to  more  than   till   the  school
At the meeting oi  the  Port, t'ogultj
tin-lam school board held r'" Wednesday j business.    Rlsdon  and   Doll  declared
evening   Secretary   W.   D.   P.  Oodwln   they  gave  Mrs.  Alien  mon-y  fnr in-
recommended   the
r  ���_,���!,_., i vestment in her electric vibrator busl
paying   of  higher  negg
has been taken in the Hoclje by local j room aitf thfe fare, thei handiwork "of '������ salaries to teachers in the city, A1', testified thev were engaged to
shipping men. and quite a number Ithe best cooks in these parts, enjoved ; schools, particularly these who had | Mrs. Aldi n. who was known to tnem
gathered off Pier 1- to meet her. She to the full, with accent on the full. !ci,aree of the primary classes. Ow- as "Mrs. Taylor." Rlsi.on aad uuy
was built in  Names in  .H01. is 276.0 I After dinner a program was given. W. j.       . ' ,_���.������.    "f   fh(,  vear  the   ar,>  r,T   y(ws  ��'d lb    1,"u',d
feet   long,   40.3   feel   beam   and   -2.5 |J, Whiteside, was chairman and those IlnK  ,0  t"e   lateness  ol   ���  �� i years younger.
who assisted were W. M. MeCloy, Mr. board was unable to make any raai- , Mrs A|dpn 0n,.:r,i,i- acquainted w'.b
Oraham, solos; Miss Cave-Brown-C'ave foal alterations to its policy of school (h(? lnRn thr0URh Idvi rilscments ror
an Instrumental solo;  Mrs. Renshaw. I administration  and   decided  to  refer a bu,iine8ii partner1.
feet deep.     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
For the Week Ending Sunday. Nov. 9.
next    year's
The testimony ef  Mrs.  Alden  fix<d
Sand 1
High. Low.
Time. lit.
11:10   5:40
10:10 -3.8
20:00 17:15
19:02 10.6
12:05   6:15
11:05 13.5
20:40 111-15
19:41    S.7
12:55    6:55
11:56 13.3
22:35 20:50
21:36   8.7
13.45    8:00
12:43 13.0
4   14
23:42    8.2
0:40    8	
13.21 12.7
14:20 22:26
2:20    8:311
1:21    8.6
14:55 23:15
13:53 12.4
3:45   9:30
2:15   9.2
15:20 23:53
14:21  122
Mrs.  Alderdlce, solos;   Peter  Peebles, j the  recommendation to
recitation, "Tam O' Shanter." board. ,     I the places and '.dates of the operations
  Mr.   tlodwin   made   the   suggestion  ()f  htf_  ma,r-mcnjai   agencies  as  fol-
Two  skating sessions cn  Saturday, ' while   reporting   on   the   recent   con-   ,Qwa,    i.-,.,t smith. I!m4;  Dallas, Tex..
3  p.m.  and  8  p.m.    Full   band  in  at- > vention of the Ii. C. School Trustees   _m, Kallsas ('itv   i;,o.-,;    Denver   and
0.S   tendance  and  two  instructors  paying i association   whicli   he   attended   as   u|KansaH   city,   1906;    Houston,. Texas,
���   '  special attention to beginners.  12374) I delegate   and   where  he  collected     a '-popeka,   Kansas,   and   Omaha.   Neb..
  number cf new  ideas on  school    ad-   lq0-.   ne.iiimout. Texas.  1008;  Shrove-
Bank Clearings. ministration,    lie also  suggested   the   port   la   1&u,d: Kansas City, Memphis
Hank clearings for the week ending ; raising   of   l'ort     Coquitlam     schools       . 'Sl   i,ou|g, liiin.
8.7 iyesterday  were  $599,841. : from a rural to a proper city standard |    T|lM operttt|0na  In  Kansas City  rn-
by having them along the latest    ap-1 ault(.d   in   the   indictment   on   whieh
1 and P
proved city lines.
Satisfactory progress is being made
by William Howay, father of bis
honor Judge Iloway, who had the
misfortune to break a leg through
falling late Tuesday evening. Mr.
Howay  is  resting easy  at  St.  Mary's
Councillors   Atkins   and   Martin   Will
Contest Coquitlam  Reeveship.
Pre-election   excitement    in   Coqult-
Among the new guests at the Wind
sor are Chas. J. Fentir. Kamloops:   I
lam    municipality    jumped    another| Owen,   Albion;   Wm.   Smedley,   Portl
notch yi  terday when It became known Haney, and R. Sharp, Alert Hay.
that councillor H. .1. C. Atkins would !     T   sh_nIlon ()f gt H,m0   wag _���,������_
the new arrivals at the  Premier  yes
Mr. and Mrs. Donald McLean, cf
Port Ccqultlam, visited New Westminster   in   their   auto   yesterday.     Mrs
Cre** ;f 14 Narrowly  Escape Death���
Ship Was  Fishery  Refrigerator
and Cost $y30,000.
run for reeve against Councillor E
.-. artln Alreadj tha cohorts of the
two candidal ��� are marshaling for the
ap-jjroachlng campaign .".nd a Iteen contest at tl"* polls - expi eti i
Since Keeve  Barth   ".ill retire from
she now is brihg tried.
P. W. [tenter, a post office inspector at S'.. Louis, testified Mrs. Alien
bad told him she had ui'ed the name
"Kannie K. Morton" In St. I-cuis:
"Louise C. Davis" In Memphis, and
"Jessie c. Halliday" In Omaha.
Mrs. Alden could  reim-mber few of
the    names    under���which    she    had
! passed.
Eleven  Days  in  a Cave.
Port Arthur. Nov. 6.���To die a few
i hours aftir 1 "ing found after 11 days
! absence   waa   the   fate   of   Mike   Mc-
] Donald, a Canadian Northern railway \i
jemplovec,   this  morning.    McDonald I
office and go to Vancouver, both cun-  Thomas Mars, also of Port Coiiuitlam.
dldates will  be on something like an ' was a  visitor  in  town  yesterday,
equal  footing,
i.igiiiiig wil ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
In     irrey A. <;. Martin, uow chair
man of the board of Bchool  trustees
| was discovered in a cave in a  w
Curling, Nfld., Nov. 6.���The steamer pne(i condition by search parties
Alcona, a floating refrigerator for thel  ���
Gloucester boats' engaged  in  the herring  fisheries on   this  coast, sank   In
Curling harbor today after it had been
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   swepi by flames for 18 hours    All the
_     It is likely  thai  cam'      T   ��������.�� 0f Toronto, wiib among the   crew of 11 were saved though several
paigntng will start before many weeks. I business visitors to the city yesterdav.   were thrown i:,t" the water when t.ie
A. Houston, of Chicago, registered at|��taamer went down
has been asked lo stand for the"reevS the RuB8< :l y' M,,r,J;l>''
oflfce    His thi   matter Is      R- F. Dudley, of Fernle, grand maa-
nol yel madi   knowi       ...   Sullivan   ter   Ior   British    Columbia    of    the
has made no ent ol Lis in    1. O. n  P., who is at present Raiting
tenl  ii    at 1 ig eli   tlons        Ithe coast  lodges, will be In the olty
i n  Monday, Nov.  17    On that  date
Unknown Killed at Brandon. ****** rit>' lo"^ No, " wi", V". m**'
Bmndon.No,   *     '..   .,   (own man, ;"r>  <��remonles and spec al drills,
���with i,.  blng on       pi    Dn to Identify Archdeacon I'ugh, or Lyiti a, pioneer
him, wa           : undti   i bean of the mlEsltjaary  of the  cariboo   country,
grain In tin        p   i:   wreck near b n- win, has been on a visit to the coast
Friday night   The vlc-tiin was thoughl
Th Alcona was valued at $100,000
and was owned by the Qroton Pew
fisheries company of Gloucester, and
was partly Insured. The refrigerator
ship had Just been put In order for
this season's fishing, about t*i begin,
and it will require much lima before
another boat can ba Secured tq take its
| place,
��� Continued trom rage One i
to be steal ng a i
clllea, was in tbe city for a few hours
.yee'.erday   visiting   old   friends   prior
We Have for Sale
A   choice   shipT.ent   cf   Jonathan
Apples  Bt  $200 Per  Box.
We    aivirio    buying   early    as   our
stock Is limit* .i
to his return for the interior again.
Mrs. Hamilton Hogg, 1007 Dublin
Street, will receive on the Hrst Friday
of each month.
Mrs. S. E. Edwards, 1013 Hamilton
street, will receive on Friday, Nov. 7.
could prove
Hennoi *
In Hi" lattei
on Sep" ml
or firms h
���   by others.
.;i!d be had met McGulre
room In a hotel i'i Utica
p HI.    II" produced n llsl
aid  MoOulre had  mimed
Bi si ie  ni ���,*, stock, 4 Ibs.
rib. tin
Fancy Whit
for  ]
Split !'".��� 	
English Lentils    	
New Flgi;. per Ib   ..    .
New Dates, per lb.  . .
Choice Grapes   	
tihrystallzed Ginger   In
dainty delicacy, per tin 25;
Fancy New Zealand Butter 2 Ibs. 75c
Kastern  Butter    3  Ibs. $1.00
Fine Kastern Select Egg;, per doz 40.
Wo servo you  well and solicit    n
tii.il order.
Dean's Grocery
Phone S8(.
Burr Block
Girl  Alive.Under  Wreckage for  Half
r.n Hour���No Effort Made to
Save Her.
Yesterday evening at the residence! Mocse Jaw, Nov. B - Tlir Investfga-
4 Ibs. 25:;of Mr .,���,] MrK peter Blrrell the mnr tlon into the C, I'. It. wreck here on
4 lbs. 25s i pi.,,,.,, was celebrated of Miss Kan* Monday was continued today. G. VV.
4 Ibs. 25c Elisabeth Laidlaw- ami .lohn MoNlven Cashl a, one of the first to reach the
3 Ibs. 25;   ���f   Vancouver.    The   bride  was   given   sei no of the wreck stated that  Lillian
 15c j away by her father and ihe ceremony   Waterman,   lhe  dead   girl  was  alive
 10s performed by Rev. J, S, Henderson In   undi���;��� th" wreckage for over half an
2 Ibs. 25; i the presence of only immediate rela-|hour afier the  wreck und    that    al
to blm ��� * v.ing mude contributions
The list *.v 11 wrlt'";i on the Bl Ltlot
ery of the li 'el and Hennessy s*_iil In*
had tal :; down in the presence of
To Defeat  Murphy.
"MoOulre wanted me to defeat Mur-
Iphy,"   said   Hennessy,   "and   nald   he
I wante i these revelations made,    Bul
[he sati! be did not. want It. known he
(had told me anything on account, of
jthe affiliations of his brother."
Dlstrlr-l   Attorney   Whitman  elicited
from   Me'lu ire  tiiat  his  concern   had
done a large business in  bonding the
I contracts   of   construction   flrma   en-
gag'd In thc state highway and barge
canal   work   and   that   McGulre,   after
having given (600 to Sulzir as a cam-1
|paign contribution had at Sulzer'a re-
I quest given $ir,i'(l to Hennessy to en-
tlvefl. After ;, wedding tour of thel though ahe was moaning and Implor-
Pacific coast Mr, and Mrs. MeNIven ! lng l:r|p, no effort was made to re
wiii reside In Polnl Grey, jmovc the   .cbtis and asa'st her.
  !    Tomorrow  the  crews of all  trains
OBITUARY. Using  the  switch   In  the evening  and
  morning preceding lne accident will
CAI Hit -The sad news of the death | he called In order to settle the qtiM-
of his lather. Robert Galer, of Wags- tlon as to the disappearance of the
ford. Suffolk, Bngland, has just been lock. No witness has yet been called
received by Alderman it. C, Galer, of outside tho train crew, who stated
Port Coqultlam.    Deceased    was    64 j definitely the position of th" freight
years of ago and had been 111 for t
nasi  three  years     Death  was cn: :-'d
Columbia Street, i Iron: the effects uf a paralytic stroke.
I..It.AM .   A.II 0 M
Lessons In  Pianoforte,  Violin, -ting
ng,  Voice    Production,    i henry     (III
:lass or priwuei*, i. Harmony. Counter
point. Musical I'oni) and  History.
Pupils prepared   lor   the   examlna
lions of lbe AsHocritid Bonrd or    the
Hoyal   Academy  of   Music  and   Uoyal
^^^_^^^^_^_^^^^_^^^^_^_ College or Music.    Also    Professional
engine at the lime or the crash.    All ' Diplomas, 'leacher or  Performer.
tbe Injured are doing well and eeveral     For terms, etc., apply Gl  Dufferin
i ure now  ub'.- to walk aruutid.
itieot.   Phot.i! 411 It.
Friday and Saturday Specials
Last Friday and Saturday we offered special bargains
in some of our best lines of Footwear. The public
were not slow in taking advantage of our offerings,
as our store was crowded both days.
Regular    Friday and
Price        Saturday
120 pairs Men's Dark Tan Waterproof Boots $7.00 $4.85
86 pairs Men's Velour Calf Waterproof Boots  6.00 3.85
48 pairs Men's Box Calf Goodyear Welts  5.50 3.65
% pairs Men's Waterproof Heavy Boots    t.00 2.85
78 pairs Men's Waterproof Hi Cut Boots  6.00 3.65
120 pairs Ladies' Hi Cut Gun Metal Button Boots  5.00 3.65
62 pairs Hi Cut Gun Metal Button Boots   4.50 3.25
26 pairs Ladies' Box Calf Lace Boots  4.00 2.65
46 pairs Ladies' English Slippers  1.50 ."5
82 pairs Storm Rubbers 75 .25
46 pairs Misses' Hi Cut Gun Metal Button Boots                 4.00 2.85
Remember These Prices Are for CASH ONLY
W. E.
711 Columbia Street
Wettmintter Trust Block
High Cost in House-Furnishing
Is a Thing of the Past
Better Prices and Better Service Than You can get in This City or Vancouver.
White Enamel Beds, with spring and Banitury cotton top mattremes complete for
Brail Bed, Hprlnn und all  wool liiattresH for	
fIhlffoiiicr in Qolden Ouk   	
Chiffonier   In  Solid   (ioldon  flak     	
Chiffonier  In  Solid   Fumed   Oak	
Bxtenilou Talilen In Qolden Oak   	
Breakfast Table*, with date Leg  	
Kitchen Tables 	
Set of Solid Oak  IiIhith  	
Solid   Oak   Extension   Table	
Kitchen   Rockers  with  aruia   	
Nurse Rookeri	
1 [mir heavy Portiere, brown nr green 	
Thc Big Furniture Store Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
i ���'��.���*.*. ...... i***mu***Wt*-m
. .,..%.... ��� -. .
_ . pace riva
Ini, mM'BiliiiK, gymnastics and hand-,
ball. It was fell ut the meeting thut '
the union was trying to control too '
many branches ,,t sport and lhal In
the United Btates no attempt Is I
made to govern hockey, root ball, bas"
ball and such  team competitions.
Delay in Making Perfect Sheet Causes
Postponement of Official Opining
to   Saturday   Afternoon.
���lint when everything wai consld
erod la fine ihape for the official open
Ina of the bin Ice rink, the general
public was doomed to disappointment
company who had been using every |
effort to have everything ready for]
Ihe opening, but a ten hour stoppage '
of the machinery on Monday dereutcd I
tbelr aim. Th�� break In the median! |
cal department allowed wbat little Ice I
had been formed to soften from
WhlCh it never recovered until Wed-1
noiday. I
The Ice will probably be In perfect j
shape this evening but the company j
are not going to take any chancel in I
Two  Games   Scheduled It Columbian
College���College vs. Hustlers and
Adanacs vs. Crescents.
Deprived    Specimen    Get!    Deierved
Penalty���Podeiu the  Vig ind
Some Othln.
lie probably would be abBi-nt for sev- !
enl days.
Only Speculation.
Mexico City, Nov. 6,���Prevented by
the most Unpenetrable reserve displayed at the national palace from
learning more of Prealdent Huerta's
Intention regarding bis answer lo the*
American demands, the Mexican people an- Indulging In speculation as to
the llnul outcome.
As a Bi-ijiiel to (leneral Huerta's da
ori'i' yesterday making bank notes
legal tender, foreign residents and
Mexicans alike have been ransacking
the lown for silver money, but ut the
banks It was with difficulty that
change could be procurred for notes
of more thun live pesos Business men
are alarmed, fearing tbut there will
be so great a shortage of metal currency soon that It will Interfere seriously with the transaction of business. |
last evening. _ It was found'that while | disappointing' the publlcTaiid "therefore
the Ice was In fair shape, the Arena
company did not feel like allowing the
skaters on the Ice until a perfect
sheet could b�� si-cured and for that
reason the opening was postponed until Saturday afternoon at - o'clock.
Several hundred skaters were ready
to make the Jaunt to Queen's park In
the hopes of trying their blades for
the first lime this season when the
report spread that the Ice was not
ready aud though every effort was
made, to circulate the news, more than
200 wended tlieir way tii the park.
No  one   was
account of tb
postponed the opening until Saturday
afternoon whin It Is expected that record crowds will fill the arena both
al the aft. rnoon and evening sessions
Throughout the whole of yesterday
a man was on duty In the rink sprinkling a sheet of water which was rapidly congealed Into Ice but In some
places the ruts caused by the pipes
win- still showing.
I.aft night's postponement means a
big losa to the company who were
confident ot a big opening crowd but
rather   than   accept   gate   money   and
more  exasperated   on |allow patrons on the poor Ice, It was
��� delay than Manager Kd j deemed  bitter to wait until .Saturday
Savage and thc directors of the Arena'afiernoon.
Changci Yet to Be Mide In Schedule
���Double   Headen  on  Tuesday
Nights it Arena,
Tuesday evening, Dooember 2. win j
Sea the Wisiminster amateur hockey
learns get awa> for tin- season of
1912-14, thin being arranged at a
meeting held on Wednesday evening
The early start, and therefore nn
���parly closing, will give the winning
team a chance to challenge for lhi
Savage trophy which was placed up
for r. unpctltion during the summer by
Mr. Savage, ot Vancouver Viclmin.
Vancouver and Westminster teams
are expected to compete for this sti-
verwarv, which will be emblematic
of thc amateur championship of the
Double header games w III be play.
vti every Tuesday except when such
dates i-1'u.h with the profess,ona]
s'-liidule Ibis will apply on lb cm
I ( 9 when Uie liiKt pro game Is
scheduled on thu local rink between
the Hoyals and Victoria and again on
February 3.
Tb-e lenta'ive schedule, which will
necessarily have to be changed In
���order to conform with the priili sslon
nl games IB as follows, the first learn
mentioned In each game being lbe
home team.
Dec.  -���- llcavrri vs.  Moose;   I'raser
Mills vs. Bapperton,
Dee. it Sapperton vs. Heavers;
Moosb  vs.   Fraser- Mills.
1K>C. 1�� Moose vs. Sapperton;
Kruner Mills vs   Heavers.
Dec. ii Sapperton vs. Kraser Mills;
Moose vs   Heavers.
Dec ;ID Kraser Mills vs. Moose,
Beavers vs.  Sapperton.
Jan. 6-Beavers vs. Fraser Mills;
Sapperton   vs.   Moose.
Jan. 13- Kraser Mills vs. Sapperton;
Heavers vs. Moose.
Jan. 20 Moose vs. I'raser Mills;
8npperton vb. Heavers
Jan.  27 -Kraser  Mills vs.  Heavers;
Mocee vs. Bapperton,
Keb. 8--Moos* vs. Heavers; Sapper-
Ion vs. I'raser Mills.
Feb. 10���lleavers vs. Sapperton;
Kraser Mills vs. Moose.
Fob. 17- Sapperton vs. Moose; lleavers vs.  Kraser Mills.
Jack Johnson at End of Hn String���
Pelkey.8mith Bout May Clear
the Air.
Columbian college gym wlll   be thc
j scene or tiie  basketball  games    thin
[evening   when   the   Cresceuts   oppose I
the Adanacs    In the   opening    game,,
while the HuBtlera and Columbian ecl-1
1 lege  take  part   In  tbe  second  of    a
j double header.
|    This wlll be the first time that the
winter sport  haa  been  Btaged   ln  the
I college gym    this   season    and    the
'student body have made big plans In
ithe way of noise and enthusiasm.        I
Or   the   two   games   the   ''rescents;
'should be able to maintain their pres-
nil   lead   against    the    former    high
school   hoys,   although   tlui   result   of
Ithe   College-Hustler   encounter   will
probably   remain   In  doubt  up   to  the,
| last  minute of play.
Kar the Adanacs tlie following  Will
itakc the floor:  Cunningham and Cur-;
1 tlB;   Sutherland: Cook    and    Uobson,;
ITlielr Opponent!  will have llle  follow. ;
lng:    i'entlar d  and   Rogers;   Btorme;
; Dougherty and MacDonald.
The Hustlers will consist of the
I five Sangsters and the lineup for the
{college team Is: Martinson and
[Raley;  Moore;  Smith and Manson.
Lew Scott, alias Frank Wilson,
found guilty under tbe morality laws
In the pollce court on Wednesday,
came up for sentence yesterday morning before ,\1 agist rate Edmonds and I
was sent to the penitentiary to serve
a term of three years.
Scott  was given an opportunity  to
produce  evidence  as  to hiB previous
good character, bul waB unable to do j
so.    HIb brother-in-law ln North Van-
COUVer refused to come and testify tn I
his favor, saying that Scott  was "no
Blew Away $120 Worth of Soil.
Abilene, Kan., Nov, t. John Dolan.
la farmer living near here, estimated
I that a July wind blew from his farm
soil worth $120. In a petition filed
In the district court here today, he
asserted that fires caused by sparks
from a railroad engine burned all the
stubble from a tract of bis land, leaving It unprotected. When the winds
came, the loose soli was blown away.
Tender! for Elevator.
Ottawa,  Nov   6.���Tbe    department
Of trade and commerce  haa received
ten tenders of the plant of the term- i
inal   elevator to  be  erected   at  Port \
Nelson.   They have been aent to the ;
grain   commission   at   Fort   William.
When a choice is made by  the com- :
missloners. tenders   for   construction |
good" and deserved all that was com-i*"1 be =alled;   The elevator will have
lng to him a caPacit>' of one and a half million
Failing    witnesses,    thc    convicted |buBtl<-''8'
man   asked   the   magistrate   to  all' 'a -������������.
him  out  on   suspended  sentence,  but
the court  considered  the offence too |
serious and sentenced him to u three
year term.
I'odesta Eugenia has a distinct diB
like for anything that looks, listen?
or smells like work. He is there when
Capital  Subscribed $500,000-30   Capital   Paid up $44��,667.78
Reserve Fund $200,000.00.
To every one making a
age  their  estate,  the  above
wlll and appointing an executor to man
figures have a deep meaning.
They prove that In addition to careful management, experience
and knowledge of values, thla Company offera a financial standing
and responsibility that private executors cannot give.
Our charges for handling -.states are never aon and are often
less than those allowed to a private executor. Wben you ean secure
so many advantages without additional coat by appointing thla Company to act aa your executor, you sbould gtve the matter careful
consideration and consult witb us.
Full Particulars on Application
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
Riveted Steel Plpea
The time appears to be approach- j
ing when John Arthur Johnson Is to
Bake his retirement frcm the prize
ring, BSver since the big negro was I
arreated in Chicago on a charge of
white slavery, public opinion has been
turning against him with tlle result
that the Brst good heavy weight who
meets Johnson wlll beat hlm lo a
Iti ports   frnm   I'aris   Indicate   that
iJohnson   welglu  280   pounds  and  actually     waddles.     Hll    finances    ure
growing slimmer every day and Is no
* longer   able   to  command   big   money
lln the tnuhic halls.
Deoember  'i  In  San   Francisco  will
settle the difference between uunboat
Smith   and   Arthur   Pelkey  and   which
ever   wins   this   battle   will   bn   In
'line   po.iltlon   to   make   good
lor the world's title.
House  League Standing.
P,    W. L.
Marshall    9      7 2
McGill    9      6 3
Burnett 9    6 3
I'lke    9     4 5
Sloan    9     4 6
Walters    9      0 9
it comes to asking lor a handout, but
manual lubor I May the spirits of
the 1. Vi. W. forbid. Nix for Poddy.
.Yesterday the magistrate looked bim
j over and decided to let hun get out
of town ir he would get- He said he
would and it is presumed thut he has
Two Visitors.
You  know,  it's awtully  disappoint-1
; ing  when   you  travel  a long  way   to
do something  in  particular and then'
i get  your  attention  drawn  in another
1 direction.    Tbat'B what occurred to a
Pet I MIsBion    City    man    on  Wednesday
.777! night,   after tv*   had   arrived  here  to
666  transact some business.   In some way
. 666 ', or another he got on the wrong side
-444 ; of the swing doors of a Juicery  and
��� ttt jthe cheeBe waa ofl. In came the booze
,000 iand out  flew the  particular business
idea   and   yesterday   the   man
Mission  was in the drunk row
P. O.  BOX 442
2    Reel Imp Feature    2
,  Today Only
Phone 1324.
claim !
Repr-eientative Teim  Will  Oppose V
C. A. at Queens Park Saturday  Afternoon.
(Hy tho Potter.l
'spun  hiB  yarn and  was permitted   to
depart  to transact his bit.
|    All the way Iroin Armstrong, II. C.
came  Kred Thompson  and when    he
struck   this   metropolitan   centre     he
was  so  overjoyed   that  he   proceeded
IImmediately   to   celebrate   tne   event.
{The firework! went up most all night
: Wednesday and the charred remnants l
'came down  in  the  police court   dock,
| yesterday   morning.     1'red   was  kept'
| till  the afternoon till  he could  sober
up  and   then   was  turned   loose   with
nn Injunction lo cease bis endeavors
. to make this a dry town.
i    Seven  celestial  hopheads  failed  to
'cover   their   ball   money   with   their
bodies and it was ordered forfeited.
from I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Hei Residence Y. W. C. A.
Following   the  defeat  of Tammany I
Hail,    one    would    think    that     the
amateur  hockey    league    would    get
away from secret caucus stunts.
Report from  Eait  Stitei New West-
minitir Defence Stir It Through
with the Qame.
Vancouver amateur hockey teams
I will likely get one evening a week In
order to pull off double headers. This
Ib In line with tbe proposition be
'tween the local league and the arena
That was a great day In Coffeyvllle.
��� Kansas,    when   Walter   Johnson   ar-
Irivid   there   la��t   week   in   company
I with the "round    the    world   troop."
j Coffeyvllle la the native haunt of the
big    smoke    from    Washington    and
when he went    In and    opposed    the
Olants   all the banks closed, not be
cause   hold-ups   were   feared, ,but   so
tlmt the financiers could get out and
see   the  great  men   of  the  country.
Even  the  postmaster    received    permission  from Washington to suspend
���he  reading of postcards, close    the
Cfflee,  and   go out  and  mingle  wltb
*\i\  rejoicing populace.
Hilly I'ltzgerald Is married. The
ft.ir.ous Fitz. who since tbe winter of
,'>1- has been pounding dough for
l'a Fitzgerald In SI. Catherines, wai
trimed to Miss J. Adele Sheehan this
According lo a report from the east
(Ieorge Kochon, Uie star defence man
of the New Westminster hockey team,
wlll not don a suit again. Just what
truth there Is to tills can be placed
on reserve, for recent advices from
���ileorge himself to other members of
the team Kochon will again be teen
wearing a New Westminster uniform
this winter assisting the Royals In
tholr flght for the Paterson cup.
Although ouly a young fellow,
Rochon wai ono of the players whp
Almost disrupted the Saskatchewan
Amateur Hockey league early laat
winter by playing with Swift Current
after having played professional
hockey with Port Arthur the winter
Rochon wis a member of the Edmonton team tn the Western Canada
Baseball league last eummer.
'After making eueh a success ai an
athlete the eastern report ti hardly
correct, although one never knowi
what will happen in this hunt for
material by the professional clubs.
Glinti Upiet White Sex.
nonglai, Arli., Nov. 6.���ln a game
featured by errors and home rune,
the New York Olants defeated the
Chicago Whlto Sox here today 14
to 5. Rath, Chaie, Evtmi, Magee and
Devlin made home rum. The score:
Chicago ,.?.' .5
New York 14
Batteries:      beverem   and
Schalk; Willie and Meyeri.
Practically all the regulars will be
out with the rugby teum on Saturday
afiernoon ai Queens park when tho
Vancouver Y. M. G A. fifteen will be
the visitors. Smith, the Columbian
college star, will be seen at full back
while Ihe three-quarter line will be
looked after by Haley, nitchburn,
Wilcox and Ford. Dart and Davidson,
who have all shown themselves capable of getting the ball out of the
scrum, while Stevenson. Dlggs. Whittaker, Hart, McDonald, Ruddock.
Kvar.s and Andrew should about bold
their own on the forward line. Dun-
ranson and DavlB are held as reserves.	
Just who will be referee Is yet to,thc vice-presidency, but aa alio to the
be settled, the choice lying between j elect iou of the congress. Despatches
A. B. F. Lloyd and Tlm Mahony.        i today say that General Huerta would
  convene  the  newly  elected  congress
Hooiieri Go to Battle. land abide by their declilon as to tbe
Dlcomington, lnd., Nov. 6.��� Indiana j legality of the elections. This was
university's football squad, composed | looked upon generally here as an In-
of -5 meu, departed tonight for lowa | tenlion on the part ef General Huerta
City, where thc Hooslers will play the ] to have the election nullified while he
lowa university team Saturday. Cap-  ' *" '- ��� ���������-"-���������������-.
tain Davis, who was Injured In    the
Fancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Block.
'Continued from page oae)
Mus. Bac.
Singing, Piano,  Theory.
For Terms and Hours Apply at
Studio, 1011 Hamilton Street.   Phene .
1319 R. (2243)1
game,  will not play   Satur
Bookiee Fined.
Toronto. Nov. 6.���Handbook men
gathered In yesterday by the pollce
were today brought before the magistrate aud lined all the way from $10
to $60 each, the total amounting to
continued in power Indefinitely.
Lind Leaves Suddenly.
Vera Cruz. Mex., Nov. *.���John
Und, President Wilson's personal representative, accompanied by Captain
W. A. Burnslde, military attache ot
tlie American embassy in Mexico City,
departed suddenly at 7:30 o'clock tonight, travelling In the direction ot
Mexico City. Mr. I.ind declined to reveal the object of his visit   He said
Royal Intelligence Bureau
415 Weitminiter Truit Building.
J. M. GAWA, Mgr.
Exclusive agent for H. Ohashl &
Co., New York, manufacturers of
Typewriter Backing Sheets. Carbon
Papers, Ribbons, etc. Mai) address.
Drawer  110   New   Westminster.
What with the harbor Improvements, the further
the fliherlei and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Weitminiter ia coming to
her own.
Taller te Ladlee and Gentlemen.
Weetmlneter Truet Block.
Commencing TODAY, (Nov. 7) we
are putting on sale the whole of
our stock of Millinery at
The season has only jnst opened, yet we are making this offer
on account of the present "DEPRESSION.** Our stock ia treab and
thoroughly up to date, and consists of
Felt* Velours* Beaver, Plush
and Velvet Shapes
Remember by purchasing NOW you lave 50e. oa every Dollar.
Carnarvon St, Oppocit* Hotel Rueaell
WeatmluUr. B-&.
S     4
17 n
Si. Catherines' lacrosse team has
becn Invited to play Cornell university at Ithaca, N. Y.. on April 11, of
1914. The team Intends to accept
and also visit Chicago before the O.
A. L. A. opens.
The Quebec Hockey club appears
to have tho leait difficulty among the
N. H. A. clubs In signing up their
men. Practically the whole team la
itgned up at the present time,'while
they have secured some promising
material from amateur clubs.
According to a Montreal report,
Didier Pltre Is a bad actor In the N.
H. A. clubs and for thli reason want
to get blm palmed off on the Patricki.
Tbat $2200 eut In ulary which Pltre
got handed hlm thli fall li enough to
make anybody Inoculate with a
Bobby Oenge, who came out to the
coaat witb Ueorge Rochon last winter
and made good wltb Victoria, Is now
on hli way to the coait from Fort
William, Ont. Oenge will probably
All a permanent berth on the Senators- line-up thil winter, taking the
place Ot Ooldte Prodgers, who Is back
with hll old team In Quebec.
At the annual meeting of the Quebec amateur body held In Montreal
laat week a reiolution waa passed
Which wlll be -submitted to the annual
meeting of the O. A. A. V. whloh
would confine the jurisdiction of the
union to track and field sports, box-
Week End Specials at thp Fit RiteClothing Parlors
Regular Values to $25.00.   Week-End special  --/'*H $i7.Wt
These Garments sre of this season's make and are ap to the adnata in style, flt and finish.
Ladies Tyrolean Norfolk Suits "Water-proofed," just the thing for akatb^ o��fc a fcw saita Irft
Regular $25.00, week-end special .......$1&50  I .    LadfcaTyiaWmGblS     .      ,    V
Ladiee' Tyrolean Vasts. I Regular 1M*>iL***4^
Regular $3.50, week-end special -. .:-..., .12,50  | Regular $25.00,
709 Columbia Street   ���
... . ��� - ���**������*
���i. ml  ste
V    --,    "   V'   �����'   -I
n**fS*'  '
|    tf---��-- *aqb sra
I Classified Advertising
ACREAGE 281,947
��eieed for Tne Newa at the follow-
t_M_ places: F. T. Hill's druK itore,
��M Coltiinbla street; A. Sprice.
QuernsboroiiKli. I-ulu Island; Mrs.
R lju-den, Highland l*ark; Mrs. V.
IjcwIs, Alta Vista.
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
*af tt per word per weak; Ue per
���ruth; i.HOO wordi, to bo asm* as re-
ma'-r---t' ��tuv;lu oue year (rom   date of
watrect, $2-5.00.
youi-K maa In private bouse (no
midday meal), near Saj-prrUm car
line. Reply stating terms to Box
2M& Nows office. <!365.
cn ranch; a going concern near
city. Muat bave $300 to $600 An-
plj Box 2345 Newe ofttcei.     C2M5.
general servant.   Bessie   Cox,   Co-
��iultlam, B.C. <��54)
tare In large or email quantities for
���pot cash. Will give fnll valae or
nili sell your household -goods and
effects by auction. WIU gaarantee
to realize value or no eommlselon
charged. 11. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction HoOs-a., Kinf'a.Mtcl btock,
Columbia street. <2334)
Uge. furnished, at 220 Seventh
street. Inquire at 224 Seventh
atreet. (2360)
housekeeping and bedrooms, 420 St.
George street. (2347)
liouse    opposite     U.   C.   Rolf  links, j
Austin road; $10�� cash, $15 month-1
ly.     Apply  Kitves,  H.  C,  Oolf club. I
Spring    Planting   of    1913    Increases
Area in State in Substantial
FOR SAI.K- $40
belt $8. Apply
Box    -351     News
Olympla, Nov. ti.-Statistics compiled by the state department of agriculture show that the spring planting
of 1913 has so extended the planted
area   in   the  state  that   more  than  a
Millions Will Come After Opening of
Panama Canal���What Wlll Bc
Done With Them?
ern  house, Sixth street    car    line
close In.    Apply    Box    2346    News j quarter of a million acres nre now In
of ice- \ ���***���*> j Iruit trees.
~""""���""~'������-���������������������������     Kecorded plantings bring the total
KOR    SALE ���  FIVE    PAS9ENOER  fruit tree acreage to ..S1..47,  with    a
auto in lirst class miming ordet, probability that tour nuriortei hot re-
extra tires, etc. Trade as first pay- ... ��� ... . . ���_������,,.__
ment on small liouse, modern. Box P��rtta�� ����> ��*<���" ���������** total consider-
I ably. Of the total acreage ^30,706 acres
2348 News office.
finished, and large cleared lot, Ed-
I are In apples, 12,925 acres being plant-
led to this fruit last spring.
While   Yukima  county   atlll   Is  the
Tacoma, Nov. 6.���"Two hundred and
fifty union men from states west of
the Mississippi and I'auadlan provinces weet of Winnipeg, representing
state federations of labor, city central
labor councils and local unions of all
thn trades, will be in attendance upon
the Western Uibor Immigration conference for a two-day session In the
Labor Temple, Seattle, opening tomorrow at 10 a. ni.," snld Charles
Perry Taylor thla morning.
"These union labor men of the west
are profoundly Impressed with the Industrial problems consequent upon the
Has Recovered From Recent Disaster
Further Assistance  Is
Not Needed.
Seattle, Nov. fi. Noinoltei who suf
fercd lo.s In lust month's storm are In
no further need of outside aid, according to passengers who arrived on lhe
Senator this morning.
Nome is ngnln on Its feet and apparently ns prosperous iib ever, say
officers of the Senator. A majority of
the business houses have moved to vacant structures In other portions of the
town and with things again normal
citizens are manifesting more interest In tho new strike some distance
back of St. Michael than In the storm.
Old timers are preparing to gn to the
great Influx of population lhat may be t ne)v   Melds.    Reports     from    Dawson
expected on the Pacific Const during
monds. Clear deed.   Cheap for cash, leBdlnf ffpU county of the statPi |e���d-  the first few yeara following the open
Apply owner, (ieorge Warne, Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds. (2324)
saws, foot power mortising machine,
grindstone.   Box 2222 News office.
ing all competitors both in total acreage and number of plantings this
spring, Okanogan nnd (Irant counties
are showing remarkable increases In
the number of trees planted and bid
fair to be close competitors of Yakima before long.
____-_-_________---���-��������������� I Berry Butlneu Growing.
ACREAGE NEAR NEWTON, JUST 8 j    Eaatern    Washington,    lt    appears
from the records of plantings, also is
miles out, less than 30 mlnutea' ride
on B. C. Electric from New Westminster; soil excellent, bottom or
upland aa desired; tram frontage
$150 an acre and remainder just
hack of frontage lots $100 and $125.
Terms quarter cash, two years for
balance. ThiB Is a sacrifice; estate
to be cleaned up at once. Sole
agents, Curtis & Dorgan, New Westminster.   Phone 466.   No trades.
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (2335)
furnished housekeeping roome, 37
Agnus street.    Telephone $38 !_.
apartments to rent, right on car line,
steam heated, hot and eoM wator,
gas ranges, electric light, separate
bath to every suite, moms are bright,
cheerful, clean and sanitary and rent
is very reasonable including gas and
lights. Also single rooma, both
furnished and unfurnished. Apply
Mrs. Mandville, suite 1, second
floor. Mandville apartments, corner
Sixth avenue and Twelfth street
Tenders, sealed and marked "Tend-!
era for Property,' are invited for the j
(purchase of Lots 3, I and 17, Block 6,1
iSuburban Block 4, New Westminster]
City, and will be received by thc
undersigned not later than 6 p.m., I
Saturday, November 8th, 1918. These
lots are splendidly situated on the
hill above Richmond street at Sapperton.
Th-e directors are desirous cf realizing this property in order to provide
funds towards equipping the new hospital.
Roval Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, H.C. (2340)
going into the berry business to a
considerable extent, and the plantings
of plums and prunes last spring in
some of the eaot side counties give
promise that they may be seeking to
take honors in these fruits away from
Clarke county.
Okanogan county purchased more
plum and prune trees than the prune
districts of the southwest, with Kerry
county second. The bulk of the apricot shipments went to Chelan, Okanogan and Grant counties, in the order
Yakima and Spokane counties were
the heaviest purchasers of strawberry i
plants for spring planting, while
Whatcom and Skagit counties led In
the purchase of bush berries. On the
whole, fruit tree plantings of last
spring were rather less than those of
Plantings by Counties.
Kollowing Is a segregation by counties  of  apple  trees  sold   for   spring
ing of the Panama canal. Immigration
nml other authorities have estimated
the Increase of population that may
be expected In California, Oregon anil
WnBhlngton within two years after
the canal opens at from 5,000,000 to
20,000,000 people. Even if the lower
figure be the maximum this influx will
bring serious problems to labor, for
two-thirds of our Immigrants now
come from the Mediterranean shores,
whereas prior to 1855 two-thirds came
from the countries of the north and
west of Europe.
"The better elements of our Immigration have always come from the
north and west of Europe, hence the
class if Immigration received In thc
past, quarter-century has not improved. Regardless of whence the 5.000,-
000 may come, their arrlvdl in two
years in these three states means serious Industrial problems. These Immigrants will have little capital and
wlll be obliged to seek employment.
They will he compelled to crowd Into
our industries already well supplied
with labor, and may also be expeoted
were that the last boat down the Vu
kon bore sixty-live stampeders for the
strike from the Interior.
Nome citizens have little or no hope
that Lane and his power schooner,
.Polar Bear, or any of the other small
craft known to be In the Arctic, will
get out before spring. No anxiety is
felt, however, as all were well provisioned.
The Senator left Nome October 25.
At that time the steamship Corwln.
which, during the summer, operated
from Nome to Kotzebue Sound points,
was expected to leave for Seattle October 28 with Seventy-five passengers
and the United States revenue cutter
Boar lay In the roadstead awaiting
the arrival of the liner Victoria before
leaving for Seattle with fifty destitute.'.. *
Captain Cann described tho voyage
jotlth ns a ���succession of gales.
The Senator brought 242 passengers.
Including (lus Dorgen. a Nome merchant and his family; George MoLood,
a mining man from the ���Candle creek
district, and K K. Powell, one of the
biggest dredge operators of the Nome
territory. The Senator brought aB rar-
to create new  and  inslenslfy  present j go a  small   shipment of gold bullion,
social   problems  In   Pacific  coast  cil-j furs. Ivories and miscellaneous freight.
"The information we have received |
shows that hundreds of thousands of | Boy Charged With Shooting.
, instalment-plan tickets have been sold !    H.-catur. III.. Nov. I     I'l-irenc Kul
in European  ports by many of    the
I steamship companies which expect tol
keeping rooms. $10   and   $15   per
nv?��th at 224 Seventh street. (2J.TI)
Adams       1.106 engage In passenger traffic via I'ana
Asotin            85 ma.   One report gives 125.000 of such j
Henton         3,111 j tickets  sold  to  Seattle and  Portland.
Chehalls           789 j Another mention of 40,fi0(i Hollanders
Chelan       59,222 ' destined   for   Seattle.    Other   reports '
Clallam i         46' give equally large numbers headed for '
Clarke        1,675 |California ports.
Columbia        814      "A  few  hope  the  Immigrant!   may
Cowlitz            850  be induced io become farmers, to set-
| Douglas       27.712 'tie on and improve the logged-off lands
I Kerry        4,077 |Or go upon  Die  irrigation projects of
Franklin           1601 eastern  Washington,    Consider  for a
| Garfield         84 '
Crant    181,281
Island            625
Jefferson         47
King         2.H9H
Kitsap            422
Decatur, III��� Nov. 6.
Ier, of Mattoon. 11 years old, has been
arrested on a charge of attempted murder followolng the shooting of a companion several days ago.
A images, was the first case called.
The  ties  which  have bound  Clarlf
Long and  l.ulu M.  Long as husband
Davenport,   Wash.,   Nov.     6.    Om   and wl.'" since their marrlago in 1895
man had heart trouble, several of Ihem   were  loi.'ay  severed   by  Judgo  It.   L.
.aid they couldn't hear well, a few McCf����keji **���*>**. f,,r *?**'*{?,&
' , , , , ,.,' , Sessions. Tlie suit wub brought by Ihe
more showed doctors oertlfloatei to j,ugbwid| who alleged desertion since
prove they were unfit for Jury dut;,! idiii; ()n the part of his wife, who round one man told the Judge that h'. | sides, with their 14-year-old child, near
had too much work awaiting at bome
to do Jury duty In Judge Met'rnskey'
court Monday, when 30 prospective
Jurors anembled for the beginning Ofl	
Staba Friend;  Kills Himself.
Portland.     Ore.,     Nov.    6.    A.     T
iiaviiinii. Okanogan county.
j   The child will remain In tba custody
Of tli" mother.
the November term of court. Sonu
excuses were honored and some were
not, but when court was called to
order there were but 21) men for jury
duty from 69 mimes drawn at two different datei, The case of lloiithluB
versiiB   the   (Ireat   Northern   railroad,
Harm's, a grocer, toduy shut aad killed himself while brooding over his
net tn stubbing u friend at a card
card game.
The Evening Luxury
Anticipated with delight by all who use it
���MiaMT AW ABB-IT. LOlla.   IMA.
When Run Down
in physical condition it is usually because the action of the
organs of digestion has become irregular or defective.
Then there is need for a safe and speedy medicine to relieve
tho ills which occasionally depress even the brightest and
strongest The one remedy you may take and feel safe with is
(TH. latsast Sala at An. M*dkia. la 0*. WorW)
The first dose givc.i 3pccdy relief in sick-headache, biliousness, constipation, lack of appetite, heartburn, dyspepsia,
and lasting improvement follows the timely use of this favorite and reliable home remedy. You will become healthier
and stronger, and more cheerful if you let Beecham's PiUa
Pick You Up
Dirtct...r;* wiih ��*>ery boa point the ***** tr* Smith tnd art *��pr��i��IW valwabU lo n ita���.
I'fcpiir��d only _���/  I hnmat Btrrham, Sl. Hrltna, l_anc*��htrt. f-nglaml.
Sold fvcrywlicre in Canada and I'. S. America      In txnn, TS cents.
on Kingsway or in New Westminster, l-ost Wednesday, October 2S.
Cam News office. (2371)
arhere. No collection, bo clia.r^:.
..fc-jMfrican-Vancouver liereaatlin- Agency, t*li Haitlngi i treet west. Van
ixKivfT, nc. inrit
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought for cash. P. B. Iirown, 17
beg-Wie streeti New Westminster.
NOTICEI IS HEREBY lilVKN lhal I lnlond lit   tin- n,*xt  merlin-**!  nf the  Hoard
of  License  I'omnilsslnnori-,  to  apply  for a
transfer from myself,  Charlea Schwahn.
John K. MacKenile mid nm<*e Loop, of
tin* retail Honor license of the Colonial
hotel in thlB elty.
l :3fi:) Applicant.
New Westminster.  n.C'..  Nov.  6th,  191-
momeni the equipment, or rather, lack
Ol   equipment,  of  these    immigrant? iThali Why the Bivalves Are Becom-
Land  costs  moMy,  which   few  Immigrants have.    Farming is differently
Kittitas     3,580
Klickitat     17,408
Lewis      1.531
Lincoln     3,104
Mason     238
Okanogan   113,428
I'acific    7B8
Re  t-ot :..  ot Blocks 148 and  l.'.t,
t.ol 91, Group 1, Map 1157, in  thc
Disirict of New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the toss of Cortifi
cate of Title Numlier 'il*?.F.. iatiupd in
the name of Harry Cline.   baa    been
tiled in this office.
Notice Is hereby given that I shall,
��� it Um> expiration of one mouth from
the date of the Orat publication hereof,
fn a daily newspaper published r�� the
City of New Westminster. Issue a
��� duplicate of the said Certificate, nu-
i less in the meantime valid objection
Vlee made to me In wriling.
IDlstrlct Registrar or Titles.
Lend Registry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., October B,
19U. 12226)
I have been instructed by Mrs. N.
Johnson to Bell hy public auction
labsolutely without reserve) on the
317 Fifth Avenue,
on Tues., Nov.  11,
At 1:30 p.m.
(sharp, the valuable and nearly nev.
contents   of   her  well   appointed   resi-
Jdence.     As   Mrs.  Johnson   is   leaving
'���shortly for the old oountry every
article offered must be sold regardless of price offered, this is an exceptions, opportunity   to    acquire    high
Iclass furniture at your   own
The parlor
Pend  Oreille   	
Pierce     3,236
San Juan    90
Skagit     892
Skamania     2.141
Snohomish     2.141
Spokane     51.210
Stevens    52,866
Thurston     1,536
Wakkiakum    34
Walla Walla    2,030
Whatcom     3,379
Whitman     5,896
Yakima     163,182
���Unclassified      64.057
Uducted In Kurope than in America.
The Immigrant must flrst find a way
to earn a living, while he masters the
language. The hope that he will turn
to  farming,  under the circumstances,
lis   probably   vain.     He  will   look  for
j work    So would any one similarly situated.
"Many   prominent  authorities   have
I been Invited to address our delegates.
Totnl 710,876
"Principally 'Yakima    ;in<_
Rossiand Growing.
Xi-hort.    Nov.    6.-���Such
change ha6 been wrought in
'luring  the last five years,
President Samuel (lompers and Secretary Frank Morrison, of the American
federation of l.abor. President A. P.
Marsh, of the Washington State Fed
cratlon of Labor, President Holton (if
the Seattle Central Labor Council,
Secretary of Labor William H. Wilson, Commissioner-General of Labor
Anton Caminetti, Delegate W. H. Trotter of the Canadian Labor Congress
Immigration Inspector Turner of Everett, and many other eminent labor
and immigration authorities are
among lhe number.
"Our president, E. ,1. Stack, of Portland,  Ore.,  who  Is  secretary  of  the
"Benton; Ojejjon   l.ederatlon  of  Labor,   Is  ex
, '! pected to arjiyy this evening,    forty
or fifty c-onferei-CV delegates are already ln the city."
|    Mr. Taylor is also secretary Ol" the
"ashington   State   Federation   of   Labor anil a native of Washington.  Ile
printer by trade and president of
ing    Scarce���Need    Breakwater to Protect Them.
a great
buildings have been improved and oc-lhls  Typographical   Union  In  Tacoma.
0^ iiu pai mr contains china cabinet and
���mahogany rockers. Axminster rugs.
piano and
a three piece parlor sei in
mahogany frames, upholstered in best
silk and cosi a shori time ago $140,
centre tables, pictures, laet curtains,
etc.; dining room contains in part
handsome fumed i.uk sei ol pedestal
extension table, buffett, six leather
seat chuirs, cabinet ami pedestal and
coat $346, also liquer case, crusts,
silverware, porcelain dinner Bervlce,
bronzes, linen, etc , etc . den furniture, combination Becretary, large
quantity of valuable books, Empire
typewriter, pictures, beater, etc., etc ;
bedroom contains very large and
heavy bums bpdl, springs and Hest-'
���mon* mattreseei, Circassian walnut
dressers, commodes and chiffoniers,
ruga, curtains, etc.; kitchen
Malleable range, large quantity of
preserves, tallies, chairs, etc.; also
-___. I gard en   tools,  lawn   mower,  etc.;   one
He thc Southeast Quarter of Section 'nv,' passenger Studebaker automobile, j
25, Township 8, Id the District of [Don't forgel tha date and time, Tues- \
Hew Westminster. ,d;>y, November 11, 1913, at 1:30 p.m. I
���Wfcereu proof of the loaa of Oct- Hharp.   open for Inspection on Mon
tttecte   of  Title   Number   1S1C4F,  4��- 'lay, November 10, 1913, and on morn
Hoed in lhe name of James C Korlong  ing of sale
cupled and the city thas been placed
on such a substantial basis of prosper-1
prices. | ity that T. H. Waters, of the Nelson I
contracting firm of Waters & Pascne. I
wan astonished when he visited Ihei
golden city on Thursday for the first j
time since 1908. This Hrm is making
arrangement! to open a branch at ]
Rossiand, as It believes that  there Is i
He began his career in life as an 8
year-old newspaper carrier In old Tacoma in 187B, and feels tliat he is a
pioneer. Mr. Taylor has always been
a prominent union labor man, and is
well known among organized labor In
Washington, Oregon and Idaho.
sufficient building work to be secured
in lhat city to justify the step.
Voten'  Lilt.
given that a Court
Notice is hereby
Ol Revision on above Hat will be held
on Saturday, the 15th day of November, al 10 o'clock in the forenoon, in
the ('ouncil Chamber, City Hall, New
W, A   DUNCAN. City Clerk.
contains,City Hall, November 6, 1913.      (2368)
*aad Charles Hummel haa been filed fn
Afele office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
sat the expiration of one month from
���thr dale of tbe drat publication hereof, in a dally newspaper publMhed in
-_*__���- Ctty of New Westminster, issue
.*% dn-fflioate of the said certificate, milea* in the meantime valid objection
A* made to me in writing.
.District Registrar ot Titles.
l_and Tteglstry Office,
New 'Westminster, B.C., OetobCT 1��,
UM. <��6��*
FRED  DAVIS.  Auctioneer.
New Imported TaD ���**__* *"���
'.splay.    See them,    fmtlntl Bt
��� .'il.niansblp guaranteed.
SU 00 up.   701 Front Mn
r on
Tetophonei: Office 53, Reildence   .2'.
JOHN IIE1D. Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Hros.'    fissollie
engines.   Marine   Engines   anil   Ante
-mobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth St.
P.O. Bok 474.    New Weitminiter, B.C
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Tbe^Daily News
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in? at points in the Ouir Ialands.
JED. OOULKT, A,ent. New Westmlnater
H. W. BnODlB, a. P. A- Vancouver.
Beattle, Nov. 6 ��� "Reekie-is automobile drlveft are to be th" special quarry of police officers, according to an
announcement made ni headquarters
this morning. During the past month
the niiiuhdr of persons killed and In-
Jured, in auto mishaps, due In many
Instances to reckless driving, has been
so large that tbe police have decided
to proceed with unusual vigor against
ail speed offenders.
The man who waa struck by an automobile at Occidental avenue near
Main street Monday night by a taxi
cab died at the elty hospital laat nighl
without recovering consciousness.
Shortly before his death he called for
"Charles Sand;:," whose Identity Is not
known to the police, but whom the
nurse In charge said was a man who
brought some flowers to the afflicted
man. W. fi. Hriggs, driver of the taxi-
cab, is held at the city Jail on an open
charge. He was hurrying to catch a
train al the King street passenger station when the accident, occurred and
had two Insane patients in his machine.
Abraham l.evy, 1036 Jackson street,
was struck by an automobile at Eleventh avenue nnd .lackson street last,
night and sustained Injuries from
which he may not recover. The car
was driven hy Orville ('. Hatch. 1428
Ninth avenue wept, and according lo
witnesses, carried no lights. Hatch,
In reporting the accident at police
headquarters, asserted he did, but
four witnesses contra'1' ted him. Levy
has a fractured skull, a broken collar
bone and a fractured hip.
EduiKird de Regardo, a waiter on the
Bteamehlp Spokane, was struck hy an
automobile at First avenue nnd Cherry
slreet last night and wiih painfully injured. Ile is at the Paolflc hospital.
The, machine was driven by Oeorge
iAd.iniK, 2017 Seventh avenue. I
Seattle, Nov. 6. -That the l'uget
Sound clam, who, In his humble way,
did more to cheer and sustain the
early pioneers of thla neck of the
woods than did even benevolent old
Chief Seattle, or his daughter, I'rin-
crs Angellne, whose warning saved
the infant city when the hostile redskins planned to wipe it off the map,
is going the way of t'ie Siwashes and
disappearing before the advance of
eivflizatioo is thc conclusion reached
by J. II. Deer. Shelton oyster mag
tiate, who for thirty years has made it
bis business to study .hell flsh.
Everybody knows that the clam Is
fast becoming a luxury instead of a
cheap nnd stable article of diet In
l'uget Sound cities and towns, and
the market fisherman wandering along
the  clam  flats,  spado  and  bucket  in
ihand, generaly is accused of being
the agent of extinction. w'roog, f):iy��
Mr, Deer, positively. Tiie big passen-
**nr steamboats that ply the Sound
night and day ln those modern times
are the real culprits, he declares, anil
tbo public-spirited Individual who
would play tlie 1'inchot role on behalf
jof the clam must begin his conserving
by moving to restrict the size and
speed of the l'uget Sound water craft
The man with the -spade might dig
on happily and profitably for years,
says Mr Deer, without, affecting ln
the least the visible supply of clams,
but the bivalves that give the world
its most precious lesson in the beauties of golden silence and relax Into
happy garrulity only at high tide, according to popular tradition, cannot
live and prosper on beaches where the
wash from big, fast steamships bents
Incessantly, and to this facl, and not
to the activity of the markel clam dig
ger, Is due the rapid dwindling of the
���nee happy clam family.
Wuh Cuts Off Air.
The wash from the Steamships, explains   Mr.  Deer,  fills   with  siiud   llie
boles by which the clam, securely bidden in tbo mud flats, communicates
with tiie outer world, and sooner or
later causes Its death. This Is the
reason, says Mr. fleer, that the remote
beaches where few ever go to dig are
depopulated of clama nowadays, with
the result, that foraging parties for
picnic crowds return minus chowder
material, and report turning up
countless empty shells but not a Bin-
Sle live clam.
As proof of the correctness of hls
theory, Mr. Deer points out that on
Hood canal and remote arms of the
Sound, where only small boats of the
kind that were In general use twenty
years or bo ago, are Been, clams In
plenty are still to be found, In spite
Bplte of constant digging on the part
of the dwellers In those fortunate
Tho remedy? Sure, Mr. Deer has
one to Biiggest. The owner of the
clam flat, or busy old Uncle Sam.
or the sovereign, state of Washington
must build breakwaters In front, of desirable clam beds to prevent the wash
nf the steamships from Htrlklug the
shore; then all will be well again.
Mr. Deer brings a message of good
cheer for bon vIvantB who dote on
the native, Otherwise Olympla, oyster.
The highly flavored little chaps are
flolng to bn cheaper some day, hn
says; at least they are going to be
more plentiful, and If thn hon vlvanta
do not IncreaBC In greater proportion,
prices wlll actually fall, tariff or no
tarlfi. i
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
D  MtTTHIW.. viCI.millOtST,
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund ��nd Undivided Profits
You Can Start a Savings Account
with $1.00. It lj nol necessary (or you to wait until you hsve i
large sun of money In order to start s Savlncs Account with this
Bank. An account can be opened with $1.00 and more on whicb
Interest Is compounded twice i year.
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
MONDAYS-12 midnight for Prince Rupert, Stewart.
TUESDAYS-  12 midnight for Victoria and Seattle.
THURSDAYS���18  midnight for I'rlnce Hupert, Granby Bay.
SATURDAYS���13  midnight for Victoria and Seattle.
FRIDAYS���12 midnight, Oct. ..1st,   Nov.   14-28,   for   Queen   Charlotte
Islands (Direct Service.)
MONDAYS���12 midnight, Nov. 319 for Manet, via I'rlnce Rupert.
Mondays and Thursdays BteamerB  make close connect iou at  I'rlnce
Rupert with (irand Trunk Pacific trains for Terrace, New lliirel-
ton and Smithers;  mixed aervlce  from  SmlihciB  to  Hose   I.nke
(Mile S00.)
Tickets to all points east and to   Kurope.    Any   rail   and  steamship
II. O. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
627 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.  D1IPEROW, 0.  A   P.   D.
1 bone Private Exchange 8134
Our Interior Finish is manufactured from timber specially select
cd for Flat drain.
We are alio ipeclalUIng In Fir Doora with Veneered Panela,
which are better In construction, more beautiful and no more expensive than the old solid railed panel doora.
Get nur prlcea before placing your orderi.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
The Bank of Vancouver
Brinchu Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Sivlngi Department at all Hranchea Depoilta of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the blgbeat current rate paid or
credited bait yearly.
Draft! and Traveller!' Chequei aeld, payable in all parte ot tk*
CHAS. O. PBNNOCK, General Manager.
New   Weetmlneter  Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager. ������MNMRBMM
<M^ *
-i: - ���-"';������*. ���
Young Dlitrlct Showing Up Well According to Heivy Grower
Hevelhtohe, Nov. I]. Hob I.iimont,
the largest Individual owner of fruit
lands la the t'reston district, one one
of the most profreulve of the old
timers of Die Kootemiy. imssed tiiroiiKh
Revelstoke lust Wednesday on his way
linmi, frotii VlotOlia, where he was at
tending the provincial school trustees
Mr. I-union t, who owni 1,200 acreB
of choice fruit lands In tlie Creston
iliitrlcl, haa this year planted 2.snu
fruit trees on his lands. These fruit
trees are composed of Delicious, Mcintosh Reds and Warner apples. Tbe De
llclona ipple li tho highest priced ap
pie In the valley.
Shipped Over 30 Cara.
Thla year hai been a banner year
for the Creston district, over thirty
cara of the luscious fruit being shipped
to Alberta markets Aiiioiik the principal shippers aro Htoek & Jackson,
Prank Rose. W. K. Iirown, the Dow
Hros and others Mr. Lament saya
that some of the old orchards this sea-
aon yielded _. to IIO boxes of apples
to the tree, while the younger trees
averaged six to eight boxes.
One of the oldest fruit buyers of
New Tork has recently Bent an order
to tbe provincial minister of agriculture ifor 55 c.irloads of non Irrigated
apples The minister of agriculture
referred the order to Creston, but as
most of the orchards are young, the
order could not be filled.
Several   of   Calgary's   millionaires
have   recently   become  Interested     In
Creston fruit landa and much good to
the district la expected to result from
I this fact
No Winter Killed Trees.
In   the  Creston   district   the   winter
|kllli'd frull trees nre unknown, this Is
owing to the fact  that the climate Is
pf an even temperature and the cold-
bst  weather |eldotB exceeds zero,
Mr. l.amot'i .-iys tbut any man who
iplles hlmii' If enn make a great sue-
ess of fruit  growing at Creston. Im-
;lne   young   orchards   10   years   old
Born  the   average  yield   Is,   say.   15
boxes of  apples  at    $1 50     per    box
I tne-ins }I2.60 per tree and 60 trees per
acre, means nearly $1,300 per acre.
Mr. I.amont says that land values
���t Creaton will Increase rapidly as
tbe shipping from that point Increases,
i-and near Creston which can be obtained at from $100 to $.00 per acre.
In a few years wlll be worth $500 an
Mr. Lament is a big man wllh big
holdings and big Ideas. His estimated
Interests are Creston now are worth
probably ��] 50,000 These. In the nat-
uarl course of oventB. In three yenrs'
time should be worth a quarter of a
Ciigsrv, Nov ��. The playgrounds
committee of the school board composed of J T. Macdonald. R V. Taylor.
J. A Smith, assistant superintendent
of schools, aud 11. McClelland, super
intendent of school buildings, have decided that all schools In the elty having eight rooms, and over are to have
two skating rinks, a hockey rink for
the boys and a skating rink for the
girls. Workmen have^ been engaged
noon tbls work for tbe paat two" weeks
and It ls expected that the rinks wlll
be completed by the middle of the
present month.
Although In former years some of
tbe schools had one rink each, this ls
the flrst time that two rinks have
been built for schools with eight
rooms or more tha nthat amount In
previous years also there was no supervision of the rinks, but tills year
H. C, Flood, physical Instructor and
teacher of swlicmlngfl will have the
charge of the.r. rinki with the assistance of tho asslsi...:it principals. The
rinks will be kept for the exclusive
use of the pupils at the different
schools and people not connected with
the schools will not be allowed to use
the rinks as was the case In previous
North Yakima. Wash.. Nov. 6 ���
There are only 4.751 bales of hops lefl
unsold ln the Yakima valley, an unusually low number for this time of
the year, according to McNeff of Me-
Neff brothers, and the price wlll go
to 2R cents a pound before tho end of
the week, It Is believed.
Mr. McNeff yesterday bought 300
bale* from the Moxce oompany, 173
balea from Pollock & Harvey, and 80
bales from Dave Harvey, all at 22
-gents a pound, and 255 bales from
-dealers at 23 centa.
The 4.751 bales remaining unao^l are
lo tbe handa of growers In varloui
parts of tbe valley. The greater portion Is In tbe handa of Moxee growera, a number of whom hold leveral
bundred balea each.
of the papers In ull countries are as
seiting that Turkey and (Jreece have
both left to the powers in accordance
with the lutter's wish the adjudication
of the future ownership of all the
Aegean Islands. Neither of them [insincere, nor are the powers, and therein lies the seed of grave development,
i'urkji y at the present lllll" does not
want the Issue raised ut all, because
lbe feels that she will get very little
If the powers adjudicate, while (iroece
Intend! to stick lo all tlie Islands she
ha:i seized and only to refer to the
powan the future of the ones now
Occupied by Italy. The powers on
lhelr p.irt although they have not yet
OBlClally admitted have no Intention
ttt ilee'illng the fate of the Islands now
occupied liy (Jreece. Tliey regard lhelr
'ite a*, decided, niul will iiiii. Interest
themselves any more In the matter.
Dn Ih�� other hand, tliey do claim to
settle the future of the Islands now
occupied by Italy, whercaB lhe Turks
regards these islands as specially excluded from tho consideration of the
powers by vlrute of the treaty of Lausanne uuder whicli at the end of the
war fti Tripoli they ought to return to
the porte. Nor iIoob anyone think that
Italy la Intending to act with perfect
straightforwardness, hut wishes to retain poiteiilon of Rhodes and Stum
For the Children
Mother's  Little  Helper
la    a     Sunehine    Girl.
No Trace of Slayer.
Kpokane, Nov. 6. - No trace of l/oule
Joshua, the Indian wanted In connee
libn with thc William Iloyd killing, was
found 'yeaterday by the local officials
The last time Joshua was seen he was
accompanied by hls wife und was on
his way to Stevens county. All sheriffs have been wired a description.
Secret of ��� Sign Painter.
Sign paloteri do not uiually achieve
fame, but tbere wai one In tbe laat
century wbo did achieve a curiously
loug lived bit of work. Tbls was the
man wbo painted a station sl^n at
Harpers Ferry, shortly ifter the completion of tbe railway Hue to that
point The sign Is lu possession of a
western society of engineers.
For a long time the society endeavor
ed to ascertain who mixed tlie paint
and applied It to the sign, wblcb was
placed In position at tbo Harpers
Ferry station about forty years ago.
Bummer's heat nud winter's storms Id ]
no wny dimmed the luster of the paint
used to make the words "Harpers
Kerry." They stand out ss boldly
as tlie day they were formed by the
painter's brush. The wood around the
letters hns been worn about a sll-
teenth of sn Inch by sand beaten
against It by (force winds, but tbe letters have withstood tbe elements. It
is asserted that no patot manufactured nowadays Is equal In durability
to that which wai applied to tbe old
Kor a long time, but without success,
the society tried to learn tbe Identity
of tbla bumble artist���Huston I'osL
���  *           .,    '
:��..'��� --.
'v'J. 1"  >   _'.____'
Mutlirr'-. little helper, btmy ull the day.
Wishing up tlie iIii-Ih-h putting ihem
tiiiHtliiif out the parlor, brualilni down the
Ksiplna ihlnga in order, ahe la everywhere.
Southing now ihe baby when Its toothlea
Keepi-iK little Rlvier from playing in the
Makli.K pence among Ihem when lhe chll-
dren fmw n,
i:��-ltlng lea for mother whan Ihe goea to
low n
Mother's   Utile  helper,  may  ahe  year  to
Learn  new  wave of  helping,  learn  new
wuyB io cheer,
Brlnilni Mullen nnd iladneaa id every one
file IttioWM.
Scattering  the  ���unahina  everywhere  aha
Her Angel Child.
Mother's darling, nged four, was not
to be like otber hoys and learn to use
naugbty aud slangy words. Ue wns not
allowed io piny wllb tbe older boya In
tbe neighborhood for fear hla sensitive
culture might be shocked at the language they used. One day while
mother was busy ba slipped over Into
lbe next afreet and played for half
an hour wllb a crowd of older boys.
In lhat half hour be took a complete
course In modern language.
On his return mother said:
"Wbere Iiiih my precious been*"
"You should worry and get a wrinkle." he cheerfully replied.
"Ileare^t. tell mother where yon
learned such horrible language.'" moth
CT exclaimed.
"Aw. good night shift." came sweetly from the eupid bow mouth.
Tben mother commenced to weep, for
abe realized tbnt ber angel rbild waa
Just a boy after sll.-Kansas City Star.
The Most Itomantic Figures fn Ills,
tory Were the Old Vikings.
Perhaps the most romantic figures
In history, at least to the boys and
girlB who love alventure and daring
deeds, are tbe Vikings. Centuries
have passed since the appearance of
an unknown ship at sea was the signal for tertilied prayer by prieatl and
people, tbe burdr i of which was,
"Save us, O Lord, from the rage of
tbe Norsemen." llut even lo this day
tbe word Viking baa power to thrill
such as few otber words possess.
Norway is tho real home of tbe Vikings, for, from the fabled t'me wben
o.lin. their god, led his followers out
of Asia and settled wltb them in
Norway, sucb an unreasoning love of
freedom Influenced the fierce Norsemen tbat not one of them was willing
to be ruled and all wanted to rule,
Thus It came about tbat tbe country
was divided Into very amall portions,
and over eaeb portion ruled a petty
lord, known aa r. Jarl or earl. These
little domalna naturally quarrelled
continually, and io things were In a
aad plight until Harold, th. Falr-
I.aired, upon tbe death of bla father,
waa proclaimed Ring. The lad wai
onl yten yeara old at tbe time, but tbe
Nor-emc. matured early, and ao It
waa oot very long before be fell in
love wltb Gyda. tbe beautiful daughter of a petty king ruling over a
neighboring land. He aent an am-
baiaador to aak ber band ln marriage, aa waa tbe custom of tbe time;
but Uyda, wbo evidently waa very
ambitious indeed, sent back a message saying tbat sbe would become
King Harold'a wife only wben be had
conquered all of Norway and bent It
lo bis rule as King Erik bad conquered Sweden. Aa aoon as Harold
had received hii menage he took a
���olemn oatb not to cut hla beautiful
balr until he won Gyda for a bride oo
ber own condition!.
True to bil word, be conquered
Norway, and, aa a conaequeuce, Gyda
became bli bride.
Up to tbe time of tbe wedding
��� feast be had been known aa "The
| Frowsy Hatred"; but afterward be
i waa called all over bla conquered
: kingdom, Harold Haarfelger, wblcb
' means the fair-haired.
lt was wltb tbe reign of Harold tbe
* Fair-Haired tbat tbe Viking age be-
I gan.
Although   Harold   bad   conquered
i Norway, be bad by no m-yws subdued
I tbe fierce love tor freedom   In   tbe
j hearts of  bla sut.'ects.    Tbose  wbo
had ruled over petty kingdoms refuted to be subject to tbe rule ot any
| man, and  ao  tbey  sailed  away  and
became aea robbers, or Vikings.
Anatomy of a Violin.
Taken to plecri a violin would be
foind to consist of tbe following
parts: Back, two pieces; belly, two;
coins and bloc ke. its; ildei, five; lide
linings, twelve; bar, one; purdings
twenty-four; neck, one; Anger board,
one; nut. one; bridge, one; tailboard.
I one; button for tailboard, one; string
ter tailboard, one. guard tor atrlng,
Only a few Left
And They Are
And 25c to the News Office
Looks  Like  Trouble  In  Putur*  ���*���
tween Turkey and Orotee Over
Aegean laiand*.
tandon. Nov. ��.���The situation In
the near eaat ia developing In a very
curious fashion, and makes one think
that after all unless the tenlton between Turkey and Greece la very care-
hilly handled there may -sooner or later be serious trouble. It will not
come over either tb* queitloni of th*
disposal of tre religious foundation! In
tbe conquered territory or over the
cltlr.ensMp of Ottoman Greeks hither
to resident In Turkey, wbo bave alwaya been regarded as Turklih subject*. It wtll arise over the future of
the Aegean Islands
At tbe preaent moment the majority
Batthyany'a Black Pearl.
There is n curious story of the precious lilink pearl which Count l/ruls
Hiitteyan... tlie Hungarian revolution
1st, wore In his aearfpln. Sentenced to
death ror Ida part In tbe rising of 1H4U.
he gave the wnrfpln to the valet who
attended hlm In prison. The valet be- :
quenthi'il It In his son. and the son de-'
elded to sell It It wus taken to Humi-
pest I" be valued, and tbere exhibited
In a Jeweler's ihup window. Crowds
assembled to stare at It and the suspicions of the Austrian police were
aroused They Instituted a rigorous
tminiry snd discovered, to tbeir amsae-
ment. tbnt the |iearl had been stolen
rrom the crown of Kngland ir-0 years
before. The llrltlsb government
bought It hack, lint no one lias been
able lo discover by wbat means It bad
passed Into Ibe poaaesatou uf tbe list-
tbyany family.
Thi Sublime Porti,
"Sublime porte." frequently used te
denote the government of tbe Turkish
empire or the country Itself, Is derived from the French and means lofty
gate. It bad Its origin In.lb* gateway
of tbe uuter court ef tbe seraglio at
Constantinople, from wblcb Justice
wa* supposed to be aduiluUtered.
Cauldnt Help It.
Tape, did you ask mamma to marry
"To*. *on.H
"Became yoa loved barr
"No. became I knew ibe woold
marry m* whether t asked her to or
Mf-Hooiwo I'mt
When Vanilla Cams From.
The history of vanilla la closely as-
MiiLitwl wltb tbat uf covim and chocolate, fur rant.Ua tame  wltb  cocoa to
Kurope.     In  fact,  tbese  three highly
linportsut product* of New Spain were! one; sound poit. one; atrlnga. four
Introduced Into Kurope Uy Spaniards.' pegs, tour; total, sixty-nine. Thret
In llie year I ."ill) cucou waa Qn<t drunk| kinds of wood are uaed���maple, pine
at tbe court la Madrid, nud wltb choc-1 and ebony. Maple is uaed for tbe back,
���iltitc. also a Mesleun product wsa' ,be Deck- the *1'*e Ptoce* and tbe
quickly adopted. I bridge.  Pine ls used for the belly, thf
,,, cominerelsl reason. ,h. method; ����� %��**> "fJSKM? "SSS
of manufacturing chocolate was kept   |8 U8ed for the finger board, tailboard
a strict sei ret. niul It waa  made al-   and  otber  parti,
most exclusively In Mexico     In some *
manner, however, tbe carefully guard- Madcap Prince****.
cd secret reached Spain, and io IMS] The three prlncenei at the courl
the tlrst cliui-olate factory wai ea- of Louia XIV. delighted In practical
tabllsbed nt llireelom. Jokei and   were   for   ever   In aome
In   the   production   of  a   delicately   acrape or other. One nlgbt at Trianon
' tbey procured a petard and exploded
tt beneath the window of monsieur-,
bedchamber.   Once   wben   the court
waa at Marly th* odor of an exceed
ingly pungent tobacco waa wafted to
tbe king's nostrils aa he waa on tbe
point ot retiring to reet, wblch, upon
Inquiry being made, waa found to pro
ceed from tbe apartmenta of Mme. d<
Cbartrea,  wbere she and  ber aiatet
were smoking pipes borrowed from
tbe Swlaa guard.���From H. Noel Wll
llama' "A Roae ot Savoy."
flavored chovolnte vanilla la a neces-
siin. ami we may therefore conclude
that tbe drst introduction Into Europe
of vnullia for commercial purpose!
dales back to about I MO.
Wbat Is tbnt wblcb flies high, flies
low, baa no feet, and yet wears shoes?
Wby Is an egg too lightly boiled like
one tmlted too uiucb? Because it Is
b anl ly done.
What Is that wblch has neither flesh
nor boue nnd yet baa four fingers and
a thumb?   A glove.
Why ls tbe sun like a good loaft
Been use It's light wben It rises.
Why Is a butcher's cart like hla stocking? Because be carries bis calves
Wbat ta tbe best way to keep water
nut of your bouse? Don't pay tbe water tax.
Wben does a man bave to keep bl*
word?   Wben no on* will tak* It
Artist (ingrllyt-Ko; I tell yon t dont
want a model. I only paint (lowers
ind fruit Model (aweetlyi-That'a all
right Every one aaya I'm a peech.-
Cortwll Widow.
On th* Way.
Ill* man wbo alts around waiting fot
somebody *lw to discover and develop
bi* ability ta inre sooner or later to become > Wearisome grumblir.���Chlcag*
Hit; Kakkw-Ar* yoa going to taki
a eoarw to a buslnn* coliige?   lln,
Bocfear-Yia: I want to fled oot how
to got mor* money out of JacL-Jodg*
Indian Laborar'a Sang.
In India wuen drawing water from
the wells tbe man tn charge of tbo
operation Invariably encourages tbe
bullocks with a cheery singsong nt
tbe critical moment when they ar*
raising the heavy leather pouch of
water from the well, and If he wai to
remain silent tbe Indian bnllocl}, wbo
Is- a strong conservative, would certainly refuse to start. A aong-ewhtv-h
the men sing when they are making
mortar rnns something like this: "Ob.
bullock, what a work yon ar* doing,
going round and round making mortar
for tbe masons! ob. bullock, go faster,
go faster!" Tbe masons will cry out:
"Oh. bullocks, for mor* mortar, mora
mortar.   So go faster, go faster."
An Amsdete.
A mouae being chised by a eat to
Mr. Joe'i brewery fell Into ��� vat of
beer. Tb* cat iprang to tbe edge at
the vat aod Oiled, "Aba. Mra. Mouae. j
you bad bettor bav* let no *at ytm
than to drawn."
"re*." replied tb* motto*, "tt fa*
wlll aav* m* fram tbt* yoo may eat
Th* cat went to tb* edg* of th*
tank and extended bl* paw, and lb*
mouse landed and ran hastily Into bla
"Com* ont" demanded th* angry
eat "Redeem yonr promts* aod let
me devour yon."
"Ob. no," aald th* moo**; "when I
mad* It I waa In Uqaor."
Would R*fu** Homo Rul*. -
London, Nov. 8.���Joseph Deatlln,
bead of tbe Ancient Order ot Hibernian!, -peaking last night aald: "We
would rafu** bom* nil* tomorrow It
Ulater or any portion of Uliter war*
cut off from tbe reit of Ireland."
A Chinese Joke.
TbU U a sample of tbe jokei tbey
like ln China:
A courier, bearing Import! nt dispatcher, waa given a borse and told
to make all possible speed toward
hla destination. Some time afterward
he waa found In the road, walking anii
pushing hU borse before blm.
"Why In the world are you doing
tbkt?" hs waa asked.
"Ob," be iald, "I reflected, and I
came to the conclusion that we ihoulo
make more apeed on six feet than wi
possibly could or four."
South American Oil Blrda.
One of tb* in I mal curiosities ol
South American U the "oil bird," ol
quacharo. tl breeds In rocky cavea ot
tbe mainland, and one of It* favoritt
haunts la tbe island of Trinidad. It
laya ita egga in a neat mad* of mud
and tb* young bird* ar* prodigiously
tat. Th* natlv** melt tb* fat Cowa]
In clay pou aad produc* from tt ���'
kind of butter. Th* cav*a Inhabited
by th* bird* ar* uiually aecenlbU
only trom tbe tea, and th* hunting ol
tbem la sometlmea aa exciting aport
Kaw aad Boiled Milk.
Raw milk aad boiled milk ar* v*ryJ
different food*. Tb* caa*ln ot raul
milk, iintee* modified ao that tt will
not torm bard aad larg* curdi, off��ti
���ertoua dlfflcultle* In dig**Uon thai
an not pr���ent In boiled milk.
Acr* Voot ot Water.
An "aero faot" ot water la equivalent to 4S.M0 cubic f**t and to tbt
quantity required to cover an aero to
tbe depth of on* toot. Tho term it
commonly uied tn connection wltb
atoraga tor irrigation.
Swta-gtag Electric Ughto.
Electric light* n*p*nd*d by ths
familiar twtotod cord can bo protected
againat Injurious vibratloa* by hook
Ing th* ond* ot a aplral earing uu
th* cord, *laok*d far a chart dUtaato
to'permit "tbto ta badoa*.
Uva'r *ong, I* all th* aataator If ill
maa la ible'., raaeh th* high notea ol���
Uo wag* tcalt.
Drydon OotTlK-F C-Thtee .trap,
para, Hugh NUhotota. Jam** Batftae
aad a man naamdJtffo a��#UaU-f,
Ue, whloh la fNMh*rooa.
A Handsome
15 fry 36
���*' x.
'mimifiit, if.'-'K-'i/A.
f-n-mt.       ���     >''*"   >��""*"        ;        -    t
1*1    /-��    -�� ���*.*   n* **'Jf***  ���*���*.<-
' r 'V1      ''   I ,**'* .'���     ���*      titt-tr
im- *
Bring three of tJww
*nd ��c��iT�� ome of the t
�� Wtacrihwr bring 40 **ms*% fa
mat Address m mail order*
Bcejtrtfotrmafflnf.  ,     f^vj
; ,i ?*s*''
.   .     'r    ....
. S
i ' i i��" ft
"    '   ���   *
Ui *ftQE ���te��T.
FRIDAY,  NOVEMBER 7.  1��13.
Inspect  the
And you will find a neat and
well kept grocery, with a slock
that will aupply any ami all of
your wants.
���"���DellclOUS" Apples about the
latest in apple line     3 Ib6. 25:
(.rapes     2 Ibv 2Sc
florid* Grapefruit 2 for 'lie
Jacob's Hi.siis high grade Imparled biscuits   11! varktiea, all
al. per Ib 25:
("lark's Boupa, per tin   10e
laical rule Honey, per Jar. .25c
Corn Flakes, 3 packages for 25c
Strictly Fresh Kggs, dos. ..SOt
Imported Macaroni, thn highest
quality, per package .... .ISc
lloinz Vinegar, linest table
vinegar ou the market, malt,
White wine and cidar, bottle 10s
Model Grocery
308 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Bumaby Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
Local News
Will Hold Social  Evening.
The second annual social evening of
���the l'ort Coquitlam Women's institute
I will  be. held  In  the agricultural  hall,
l'ort poqultlam*  nn  tlie evening of
Wednesday, Nov.  11! al  8 o'clock.
Have you Heen    the    $150   diamond
ring Gilford is Kiting uv.uy'.'    (.2870)
Call at our office with your
agreements and
let us quote you.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Paid   Up Capital  and
.Surplus $ ��800,000
/Meet* 19.73,918.93
Trm tee-ships  Under
Admlnlatratlon over   6,000,000
Trustee fur Bondholders over   25.000,000
C S. KEITH, Manager.
Offices  Vancouver,     Victoria,
New Westminttter, Nanaimo,
���tlalgary. Itegina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Charlottetown, I/on-
don, Bug.; Antwerp, Belgium.
New Westminster
���606  Columbia  Street.
Open   Satuiday   Evenings   from
7 to 9.
Arrange  Bazaar.
Under the auspices of the Women's
auxiliary of st.  Barnabas, a baaaar I
will Iio held on tho evening of Dec. 3
ln the chi rch. Arrangement's for the
entertainment are now being made
and the features will include a Japanese cafe and fairy grotto.
Oet your Bkutes shurpened at Geo.
Speck's, 626 Columbia atreet.     (23531
Coquitlam Slectlona.
Councillor It. .1. C. Atkins and former
Councillor Marmont are mentioned as
candidates for the reeveship of Coqultlam municipality at the elections
in January. Neither men have yet
made uny announcement. Mr. Marmont opposed Iteeve Harth during the
last elections.
With every $2 purchase you get a
chance on the $150 diamond ring. T.
Gilford, tho jeweler, (3870)
Pitt Ferry Service.
Kor the benefit of constant travellers from one side of the river to the
other the l'itt river ferry, l'ort Coqultlam, will shortly operate on a
schedule. At the present time the
ferry operates only when it is necessary. The schedule is now being prepared and will be announced later.
Por plumbing, heating and sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew & Ram-
aay. Eighth and Carnarvon streets.
Phone 586. 12363)
Small Flre.
A small fire occurred In the basement of a house near thc corner of
Royal avenue and Tenth street yesterday afternoon. The flre department
was called and little difficulty was experienced in extinguishing the flames.
No serious loss was caused.
Expert skate sharpening and rivet-
ing at Oscar Swanson's. 18 Begble
street. (2369)
Four Room Bungalow.
A permit for a substantial four-
roomed bungalow to be erected on
Harvey street was issued to A. F,
York at the building inspector's office yesterday. The home will cost
C. A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
City Store   193 and 443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West End Branch   650
That a grocery solicitor Is
some times a necessity. But
we also feel that a personal
visit to our stores would please
you better. We have three fine
storeB and have many articles
on our shelves that is nearly
impossible to tell you of
through  the medium of an ad.
When you want cornmeal In
small quantities we have It in
packages at 15c each.
contractors for tho work, have all their
dredging complement on the scene of
operations and .preparations are being
made for a start on Monday. The apparatus with which thc work will be |
conducted consists of the dredge Rob-
Eon, a pile driver and a scow. Twenty
men are at present engaged In get
ting things in readineSB for the start.
For all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the B. C. Transport Co..
Ltd., BOS Westminster Trust building.
Olllce phone 826, wharf phone 880.
Permit for Factory Building._
An early star! of operations on the
plant of the Grins el Flove company
is expected as a permit for the buildings was taken out at the engineer's
office at l'ort Coquitlam yesterday,
jTho factory will be located on Wllaon road, near the Coquitlam river,
lt will cover an area measuring 64x30
feet and will be two storeys in height.
The cost is approximated at $5000
Fred Davis will sell by public auction (absolutely without reserve) on
the premises of Mrs. Johnson at 317
Fifth avenue, the contents of her well
appointed residence, on Tuesday next.
November 11, 1914, at 1:80 p.m. sharp.
This will be a sale of great importance as Mrs. Johnson is leaving New
Westminster for the Old Country, and
every article must, be sold regardless]
'of price offered. Tlie furniture is all!
of the highest class and nearly new
and will be on view Monday, November 10, 1918, and morning of sale.
Big reductions In millinery all this
month at Silvester &  .Macdonald.
Purchase Lanter.-is.
The Coquitlam council !'..;- ordered
the purchase of several laut* rns for
uee by the municipal fire department
which is under the direction of Chief
:if Police Pare.
Extend Service.
Plans for the extension of the B. C.
Telephone company's system in Port
Coquitlam havi. bren filed at the en-
glneer's office in ihat. city. The plans
provide for tho Installation of 75 new
poles in several of the thickly settled
portions if ":������ Hi*. A bout 50 applications fur telephone service will be
filled when the i xtenslon of the facHI
ties is comp eted
A home run with a Ij"\- of Hill's
"Saturda;. Special" will win for you
every time (2366)
Exhibit in Saskatoon,
c. ll. S. Wade yesterday dispatched
a varied line of bottled fruit and vegetable exhibits  gathered  from  the dlf*
'print ranches of the Fraser valley for
exhibit In a private land office in Saskatoon.    The feature of the exhibit is
la   bottle  of  scarlet   runner  beans  14
I Inches long, grown In South Westmin-
* ster.     The   other   produce   has   heen
gathered     from     Surrey.   Burquitlam,
I Maple  Ridge,   Langley,   Mission.   Port
| Hammond. Abbotsford. Chllllwack and
I thu cltv.
Money to loan on first mortgages
I improved city and farm property
19 per cent. Alfred W. Mcl.eod.    (2337)
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod. the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay loflses.
Mud   Scraper.
A valuable acquisition to the street
cleaning apparatus of the eity board
Of  works department  has just  been
made by  the Importation direct from
[England     of    a     horse   drawn   mud I
Bcraper.   The machine cost $200 and I
was manufactured by  llamhaker audi
company of London, -.ng.  Tin* Bcraper
v.hich will be drawn liy one horse, will
i,'- used for keeping the macadamized I
' mads In the elty free from mud during i
the winter months. A local hard- J
ware  Arm  acted as agents    fur    tin'.
* English concern.
.gn t's,
bats     for   skating,   at
59  Sixth street. (!
Start  Work   Monday.
The dredging of the mouth of the
unobstructed ._^__^__^__^__^__^__^__m
entrance lo the harbor of Port Coqult- skat]ng boots a���d gkatea for ,adtea
la , ,, i be Btarted earlj nexl week. and genUemen ai Geo, ft. Sp,ck's. m
Thl    I... ....    |... ���������������.   r,������p,ny,   the (:ot���n,llla ���,,,.,.,, (2r,2l
Coast Sealed Oysters
Per Pint    -    -    -    -    -    50c
Per Quart    -    -    -    - $1.00
Crescent Oysters
Per Dozen     -   -    -   -   35c
iSocceeeor to Ayling S\ Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98
If vou are, and desire to save money on your fuel bill this winter,
dun I  buy  until  you have seen  what we have to offer.
Using a "Howard Overdraft Heater." burning wood or eoal means
a Bavlng  ni you of 20 per cent, of the colt of your fuel  bill.
We have also a large range of Oak, Airtight and Fireplace Stoves
at prices which mean money in your pocket by buying from us.
New   Westminster.
Plume  69.
Pigs $1.00 Each
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
^^^^^^     Established 1M1. ^^^^^^^^
Flre, Life, Accident, Employer!'   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marino Insuranee,
Some pretty patterns nre now
show  In our Art Neeilleivorli !)(>���
partment;    White   Muslin Tea
Aprons, stamped In eyelet lie-
slgnss for Working, These nre
always aoceptable for Christmas
sifts, and while the assortment
Is so fresh and new It is n good
opportunity for yuu to make
yuur selection. I'rice, each 804
lhe New Westminster
Department   Store
Just Arrived, at 75c and $1.00.
A good assortment of strong,
hanl-wearing 1'inlircllaa, ���specially   uiuilii fur  Ihn children   lo
take   to   school;   extra strong
sticks, frallies nnd handles that
will stuiid all kinds of rough
usage, and lhe covers nre made
or extra strong cotton tbut win
shed the heaviest shower. These
you will find of excellent value
at 75e to Sl.OO
Our Big Opening Sale
merchandise in every department, with the McAllisters' guarantee behind every transaction. We wish
to invite everyone to our new big store. You are at perfect liberty to walk around any of our selling
floors, price and examine the goods, without any obligation to purchase. These special prices offer you
many savings in your purchases during this- big opening sale.
Now that the skating season
has opened, Sweater t'oats are
right In line. The most essential
thing in your skating outfit after getting good skates Is a good
sweater coat. We are offering
some special bargains in this
line for this week end. We
have, without a doubt, the largest range of sweaters in the
city, so come and see ours before
At $2.45 -This assortment includes values up to $3.-$, and
they come in red. blue, gray,
slate and brown; al lsizes. All on
sale at   $2.4*
At $3.95���This lot comes in
slate, gray, blue, red. brown, tan.
khaki and combinations of these
colors. These are our regular
15.00 line, and we have nil sizes
from 34 to 4".   All on sale
st    $3.95
At $4.95���There are Just twenty-
five coats in this special offering. They have large roll collars,
and are a real heavy, all-wool,
kitted coat, Colors are gray, cardinal, navy, red, green, white
and brown; al Isizes. These are
retgular $6 00 coats.   All on sale
at    $4."
At $5.50���This lot is our regular I5.7."i line, and we have col
ors ln gray, tan, and navy. They
are extra heavy, all-wool coals. ���
with larg" roll collars. All on
salt'   at    S5.50
The Opening Sale Prices on
the Furniture Floor that
Well Merit Your Attention
A few special lines gathered at random from the selling floor:
$31.50 Golden Oak Extension Table for $25.75    A heavy base Pedestal
Extension   Table,   bright   golden   oak,     actual     value    $31.60.     Kale
Pr^o   $2$. 75
$32.50 Golden Oak Buffet, $27.25 A pretty, medium alzed buffet,
with leaded glass door and bevel mirror back; actual value $32 50.
Sale   prico    S27.28
$39.50 Golden Oak Den Set. $35.00 This is a beautiful set, made
from selected wood with padded leather seats; 5 small am! one arm
chair;  actual value, $89.60,    Sale price   $35,00
$9.50 Golden Oak Centre Table for $7.50 \ pretty re itre table for the
parlor, made from selected wood; actual value $9.60  Sale prl<*> $7.50
$58.50 Golden Oak China Cabinet, $47.50���A golden oak cblna cabinet
wi'h round glass sides and mirror back; a specially good design;
actual value, $68.60.    Sale price $47.50
$25.00 Golden Oak Dresser for $19.75���Made In the princess style
wllh large bevel mirror This Is a very handsome piece of furnllure;
actual  value $25.On     Sale price $19.75
$35.00 Fran Bed for $29.75 A good brass bed with massive round
frame and upright posts; actual value $86.00    Sale priee       $29.75
This is the new Klectric Fire-
less Cooker; operates from any
electric, light socket.
Roasts, bakes, bolls, steams
and stews atld costs no more to
operate than a llotpolnt Klectric
iron. 'i
fall and see thla wonderful
new invention now being demon
strati-d In our Klectrlcal Department on the second floor. McAllister's   price    $35.00
All kinds of KlectrlclTotpoInt
Irons. Toasters, etc.. In slock at
the lowest rush store prices
Sutln Underskirts In black or
colors, cut In the new style for
the shaped skirts, finished plain,
with fancy niching On sale
special   at       $1.9$
Satin Underskirts, cut lull with
deep ni'i'tirdi-iin plaited flounce,
In a variety of colors, also ln
black,    worth   $3 95.     On     sale
special  at    $2.50
We have also just received a
pretty assortment of all silk mse-
aallne, taffeta and satin t'lider-
sklrts. In a vurley of the new
nnd pretty designs, In plain,
tucked and aocordeOD plaited
styles.    These are In self eolont
and  pretty  color comblnatiena,
Special priced to sell
for ...        $3.95 to $5.50
Cocoa Door
Mats for
Muddy Days
Two special values
in Cocoa Door Mats of
the better kind. Thick
heavy brush that will
give almost unlimited
wear, and in ample
sizes to insure protection for the interior of
your bome,
I'lan Cocoa Mats. size
l>ix30 .inches; special
a;. e'K'li .... $]..50
Kancy Bordered Cocoa
Mats; size 20x33 ins.;
at.  each    $1.75
In the interests of this business wc must positively state that thc
firm of McAllisters, Limited, is now in no way connected with
the late business of Messrs. Lees, Limited.
Thc premises, stock, fixtures and equipment have been purchased outright by McAllisters, Limited, from Messrs. I>ecs, Limited, and this business is now owned and operated solely by McAllisters, Limited.
In purchasing this business Messrs. McAllisters, Limited did
not purchase the accounts and hook debts of Messrs. Lees, Limited, and have nothing whatever to do with same, and we are not
now collecting, nor have we anything to do with thc collection
of Lees, Limited, accounts, nor are they payahie to us at our office
McAllisters, limited.
A very Special
Value in Wool
At this season of the
year most    ladles    are
thinking of getting   a
Dressing down. and
this Wool Eiderdown
connot be surpassed for
wearing and comfort.
We have a special shipment of 27 Indies wide,
III pink, blue, red or
gray: reg. C5c. MoAI-
lleter'a special price,
yard     5QC
A very Special purchase of Black Sateen Underskirts, Just to hand fur
this :.ale. These skirts are made or best quality Kngllsli Bateen, cut in
tie* new style with shaped flounce with four rows of five links, ami
dust frill; all sizes. These are good value al $1.25, but at this sale
special  at    75C
Nev  stlyle, soft silk finished Underskirts, mude with shaped top. and
deep knee length, accordeon plaited frill.   These skirts are up to the
minute In  style, am! are excellent,  value  at  $1.96,    Bpeclal  fur this
*al<3  $1.25
FOR  $'..95.
Ori uped togi  !n r for Ible sale are a number of pretty one-pieee dresses.
i  i s in serges, poplins, etc., many Stylishly trimmed With silk. These
dresaes come In an assortment of si7.es, and are all pretty, new Fall
Dresses; regular values as high us $15 uu. Kor this sale, special
at    $9.9$
Never was a better opportunity offered for selecting a warm Kail or
Winter Coat, In thiB lot we huve on snle at $13.78 are coats In tweeds,
1,'iiicle cloths, und the new coatings. New garments for this Kail sun-
Son. Many of them are handsomely trimmed and the variety of styles
and colorings is so broad that every one can lie gutted in this sale. If
you are thinking of a new Pall coat, you cannot do better than get In
early to our Ladles' Ready-to-Wear Department and get. the first se
let tion  of this  very  special  bargain;   regular  values $2.1.511   All  one
pries    $13.7$
A traveller left us his sample range of furs at a very special discount,
tn lie doted out during this sale. These are In BXCOSS to our usual
slock and we recognize the price Is the best means of passing them
along. We specially recommend you If you are needing a fur for this
Fall or Winter to get right busy and see Ihls range. There are Mink,
Marmots, Imitation Kox, White and (iray Furs, and lots of other kinds
feu you to pick from. To facilitate selling we have grouped them all
at one priee, $6.96 for each fur, he It a collar, throw or muff. These
wlll be on sale on the first floor In our Ready-to Wear Departmenl.
The price we are selling them at in no way represents the value, but
you can choose ihem at this sale at  $5.9$
at 50c per pair.
Both in wliite and colored Turk
Ish Bath Towels, we are specializing al 60c a pair, to give, abso-
lulely the very best, value that
can he obtained In the market,
loday. These Towels you will
find big. thick and will dry
Well, and they can be thoroughly recommended for good hard
wear. McAllister's special value  ut.  pair SOt
****** V*_3����� r**%*i����if**
TO $6.00 FOR $3.75.
(In going through our waist stuck we have set aside a number of lines
In silk, net, and lingerie waists. Of these there is only one of a else,
but they are all new, fresh, clean waists for lhe present season's wear.
They have all veen grouped together Into one big lot and will be found
on table in our Ready-tn-Weiir Department. Vou can pick any waist on
this table;  regular as high as $6.00 for  $3.7$
Have you seen the new utility garment? It slips on and off like a
doubleT)rcastod coat, and two buttons put It In readiness. The wearer
can dress lo receive company in exactly nine seconds, and when proper!.-, fastened no under garments are visible. It comes In many
Styles and materials. Let us demonstrate these lo you in our Heady
lii-Wear Department onthe flrsl floor.   They ure on sale at. ..  $1.7$
Some very pretty evening coats tire on sale In our Ladies' Roady-to-
Wear Department. Thesi "-" made In fine quality bro'i lciotli, lu all
colors, many prettily trimmed In embroidered silks and silk lined. A
number Of these have been group d together for a special price and
each and every garment In the selection wlll be a real bargain. If you
are needing an evening ooaj this will be an Ideal time to make choice.
Special for  $17.50
Women's warm, ribbed Winter Underwear, In both white and natural,
vests and drawers These garments nre well shaped and made In
ample sizes und would readily sell for 66c a garment. During this sale
you can get your winter underwear In any size. Actuul value 65c a
garment    Bale price, a garment    454
FOR  $1.46.
Soft White Flannelette Nightgowns, made from the best quality Kngiish flannelette, daintily  trimmed, full und long, and made In all sizes.
These nightgowns were bought to sell In the regular way at $1.75 nach.
During this sale, special price   $1.4$
$7.50 AND $9.50 TAILORED DRE8S SKIRTS, $5,78.
One of the best bargains In thiB sale Ib this lot of Tailored Dress Skirts.
Many of them are made In good quality mannish serge, others ln smart
tweeds and gray wool coatings. These skirts were made from the ends
of cloth from one of the best ladles' suit manufacturers In Canada, and
to use up these pieces or cloth left over, he gave us a very special
price. Many of them are worth $7.50, and some even as high as $9,60.
There is an assortment of all sizes and there ls a large variety of
styles. Each nnd every skirt Is a real bargain, and they all go on sale
at one price.    Kach    $5.75
Steel Folding Davenport Couches,  fully  upholdstered;   regular
$23.50, for $15.00
We are cloning out about 60
Framed PIctnroB, miltablo for
Den, Dining Room or Parlor.
ThoBO will bo marked about
half the usual prices.


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