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The New Westminster News Jul 16, 1913

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 News Classified Ads.
Have proven their worth by the
results   they   produce.     They   till
large   or   small   wants   at   small
The Weather.
New  Westminster and the. Lower
���Mainland: light to moderate winds;
���fair with s'.a.lunary or higher temperature.
<*$��. (RAP
BE REFORMED        " ��L       Of OFFICERS    $12>fl0��FER m
VxTtx-xt Jury Makes Annual
Polite Reference to Provincial Jail.
European    Nations   Quiz   Washington
About  Affairs   in   Mexican
What Would  Female Prisoners Do in
Case of Fire ?���Hospital for Insane Highly Commended.
The grand jury yesterday presented
their report lo the Hon. Mr. Justice
Morrison ou the assizes and the pub-
lie institutions In New WeBtmlnster
and Coqultlam. Some of the comments with regard to the jail were
Bcathlngly condemnatory and the re- |
-commendations draBtlc. The report
wus as follows:
After considering and disponing of
Ihe various Indictments submitted to
us, we are of the opinion that some j
of the cases presented, more especially those involving orientals, ihould
have been finally dealt with by the
lower courts. The necessity for bring-
ing them up at the assizes Ib not clear
to us. and we think an unnecessary
expense to the province has been in-
ourred In consequence of such action.
In the course of our duties we have;
visited the various public Institutions
of this city and iliistrict.
Praise  Asylum  Farm.
We were conducted through the
hospital for the Insane, and the col-
ony farm In eonjunetiun therewith at
Kssondale, by the superintendent, nr
C. E, Doherty, and hiB Btaff of aBBlst-
anta. We found this institution and
everything connected with lt to be in
a highly efficient state We were favorably Impressed with the eminent
suitability of the buildings nnd Its appointments, and we were convinced
by the absence of unnecessary re- I
Btralnt anil appreciated the excellent
appearance of the patients.
The farm and nursery gardens bad
our Interested attention. The Hplen?
did condition of the stock generally.
the cropB and condition of the build-
IngB, outhouses, roads, fences, etc,
���show the most painstaking care an i
reflect greut credit on tohe ser Sponsible.
ThiB model farm will undoubtedly
prove of the greatest benefit to the
province at large, at the Bame time
providing useful and congenial employment for the patients of tlie men
tal hospital. The wholesome outdoor
life ami conditions experienced must
most favorably effect their recovery
Everything we saw during an exhaustive Inspection of the fnrm was
vi ry  satisfactory.
We inspected thc hospital for the
Insane situated within the city limits
and found, ns at the colony farm, all
conditions within the buildings and In
the grounds surrounding it to he most
satisfactory.     The   government   is   to
be commended for securing the services Of Slich efficient officers aa thoae
responsible for the state of these Institutions.
We visited the Royal Coulrablan
hospital and were shown over the
bnlldings by Miss Scott, the superintendent We found everything In a
satisfactory state so far as the present
buildings �����'# allow. We were pleased to learn that the new buildings,
under construction, will he completed
and ready for occupancy in the course
or a few nvnlhs. This Institution
should be liberally supported hy the
towns and municipalities of this district. , .,
Roast the Jail.
On visiting the provincial Jail we
did nct find ;t in an altogether com-j
mendable condition. We consider, tbat.
generally speaking, it Is a fire trap'
and should be superseded hy nn entirely new building of modern design
end equipment as quickly as possible.
We would like to express our crave
reprehension of the fact that it Is the
custom of the matron to lock the
women's ward and carry lhe key away
at Ptated hours during the day and
, renin*, as proof of which we wish t >
state that nt the time of our visit
rrom 4 to 5 "*�� i,ni   "" ���***��� "'*''' "r
June  ne   wer"  unable  to   inspect   the
women's ward, owing  to the absence
from th" prison nf the matron with the |
kev in lor possession.
A duplicate "f this key was admitted to he in the prison by the officer iii charge, bnt was not 11 be
round, nnd the officer admitted that
had a fire occurred at the time of our
inspection, the women's ward could
not have been entered, a state ot affairs, which, considering the helplessness of those confined, can only
be characterized  as  astounding.
With further reference to the condition of the jail with regard to the
danger of fire, we would like to condemn In the strongest possible terms
the condition of the Btove In the
lanndrv. It is nothing less than a
(Continued on Page Eight.)
Washington,   July   15. - Adininistra- I
tlon officials admitted today that tbe
Bituation in Mexico and diplomatic In-
qutrlea from  Kurope as to what the
attlude  of  this country   would  be  to- I
ward ItB neighbor on the Bouth wcre j
engaging   their  deepest   attention.
Secretary Ilryan had a two hour
conference with President Wilson today, and, while th-e Japanese question
and departmental appointments con-I
sumed much ot their time, the foremost Bubjeet before tbem was the
Mexican problem. Earlier In the day-
it had been discussed at length at the ',
cabinet meeting.
j R. A. Little, of Vancouver, Gets Po��i-
Defeat   Second    Reading   Of ]        tion���Other Appointments by
Home Rule Bill and As-
quith Threatens.
Board of Trustees.
Imperial  Premier Will    Bring    Down
Legislation in Regard to Upper
Chamber Next Session.
Out or 2d applications for the position of principal of the Hoyal City
high school considered by the bourd
of school trustees lust night. II. A,
Little, now a high Bchool master Iu
Vancouver, was appointed at a salary
Of tilth per month.
Mr. Little, according to his creden-
  , tials, is    a man    of    high    scholastic
standing, having written Beveral uu-
Ixindon, July 15.���Premier Asqulth thorized text bookB, and for yearB
promised the house of commons to- was examiner or classics for the de-
day that the government wuuld pre- partmenlal examinations in Ontario,
sent to It at Its next session ita For UO years he was assistant princl-
scheme lor ihe reform of the house pal of the large London high school,
Of lords. and     persons    high    In
Military   Men   at   Halifax
Dinner Disgrace Their
Bryan Says He Is Forced to Go a-Lec-
turing  to  Keep  Body and  foul
Bank of Montreal Flavoring
to   Stolen   Auto
Minister      of    Militia    Gives    Them
Straight Talk���Wine and Whisky
at Dry  Banquet.
Becretary of state's salary of $12,000 a
year.    The    lobby    Investigation,   the
  j tariff and the Mexican situation were
forgotten, temporarily at least, while
Ottawa, July 15.���"If auy officers everybody talked about the resolu-
of the permanent force or militia wish tion introduced by Senator Bristow
to resign because of any remarks calling on the president to "advise
made at Halifax, they are welcome to the Benate what would be a proper
do bo," declared Colonel Sam Hughes  salary to enable the present s-cretary
Washington.   July   15.���Washington
was Interested chiefly today in   de 	
velopments       following       Secretary I
Bryan*; statement    that   he    has   ti   Counsel for Defence Fights All Manet
Bpend his vacation on the lecture plat I
form because he could not live on the
Line to Exclude Atmosphere cf
Big Robbery.
The hearing or the evidence in lbe
trial or John Macnamara for the theft
of T. J. Trapp's automobile on Sept.
15, 1911, commenced yesterday In the
.   assize court and    waa    distinguished
educational  this morning when his attention  was  of state to  live  with comfort  and  to I principally by the ignoring or the auto
A motion for the second reading of  circles In the east, as well as in this called to a report from  Halifax that  enable  him   to  give  his time  to the j altogether   the evidence being chiefly
tbe Home    Itule for  Ireland  bill was  province,  recommended    blm    for    a  some officers    contemplated    retiring   discharge tf his public duties." J concerned with the Bank of Montreal
defeated In the house or lords tonight position or responsibility.    Mr. Little from the force unless the minister of
by a majority of 2"8.    The vote was  is known  here as having applied  for  militia apologized.
302 to 04. jthe   position   of  municipal   inispector .    "1 have nothing to apologize for.    I
The  motion  Of    Lord    Lansdowne,  when it was first created. said  nothing at    the    dinner    which
leader id the opposition in the upper ;    Miss Strong selected four of the 26  could   offend   any   man  who   behaved
bouse, which declared "that this liouse  applicants as being beBt litted for the  himself."
declines to    proceed    with    the   con-   position and it wus only after lengthy      It is stated by men who were pres-
,, ,  ���   ........ v..  Montreal
Senator Bristow s resolution set I robbery. It seemed manifest that the
out that from 1T89 to 1799 Thomas ; motor theft was a mere incldept and
Jefferson and Edmund Randolph held ' the object of the crown waa to hin��
the ofTice of secretary of state at! the notorious robbery of the bank np-
salarles Of J3600 a year; from 1799 to ion lt. Another characteristic was the
1819, John Marshall, James Madison, righting or every point in the case on
James    Moun*    and    John    Qnlncy Irrelevancy and admissability by the
Men  o*i  Jcb  at  Land  Office  Vaitin-
fer  Preemption   Parcel to Be
Thrown Open in Cjrrey.
s deration of the bill until it has been  discussion and flnallv a vote by ballot  ent at the dinner that the conduct of  Adams served at taOOu; rrom 1819 to'defence     Objections  were  raised   bv
���'���""' '  ';      """  " ' "'   ' "  "    "���  ������������"-  J?63'  "r"r>- Clay, Martin Van  Buren,:counsel for the defence on every pos
submitted  to  the    judgment    of the  that the matter waB settled
llun was adopted without
The other three    men    who
selected  by the inspector were
CouttB, of Peterboro county.
K. Morrow, M.A., Gait; W.
I'aris, Onl.
Other Appointments.
Three    other    appointments
made.    These  were:
O.   Summers,   Winnipeg,   as
some officers of the permanent force
were and or the militia who were guests
R. D.  at  tlle  dinner  attended   by   the  mln-
Daniel Webster, John C. Calhoun and
James Buchanan served at $6000;
from 1S53 to 1911, William H. Seward
James U. Blaine, Thomaa K. Bayard
Walter Q. GreBham, Richard Olney
John  Sherman,  John   Hay  and  Klihi
Progressive   Association    Helping
Work up Parade and Other Features  for July  30.
Another land stampede is on.
I'r day   of   last  week  a  lonely
steader has been holding the fort   In
the corridor of the Dominion building
night and day. being assisted by his
wife at times, while yes erday an
other appcan d on the -scene and, with
his camp chair, lim-il up waiting ior
Thursday morning when one nice
40 acre parcel ol land situated in Sur
rey will be thrown open for preemption. It was thought that Un
stampede or May 19 would just about.
Ilnish the rush so far aa tbe ;-,. v.
Westminster district wsb concerned
but It appears that the Individual
holding the claim to thiB partlcuun
section has for some reaaon or o*h��l
failed to comply with the regulal'Obi
or elBo he has dropped the thougnt ol
farming, bo that the necessary ten
days following the cancellation by '.Vi
Ottawa authorities expires on Thurs
day morning, when It will again be
John Lenk was the first one on tne
ground early Friday morning las,. Mr
Leak Is a resident of Port  KellB   but 'occupied  the attention of  the BXOCU-  the instructor was In charge, and he
Reports of Industrial Commissioner
Darling, stating tbat a number of industries had made enquiries; appointment of a committee to co-operate
with the New Wetsmlnster BuBlneBS
Mens' association in arranging Ior a
parade on July 80; discussion or advisability  ot  holding  citizens'  excur-
Ont.;   A.  ister ot militia and General Ian Ham-
M.   Bell,  ilion fully  warranted Colonel  Hughes
in making the remarks he did.
There  were  125 guests at  the dinner and only a half dozen were guilty  Root served for $8000, and added
of a breach of good taste. "During  this  long  period  of  time
Colonel Hughes gave orders to the no one or these eminent statesmen
principal, probably at Lord Lister or hotel management that no liquor was was compelled to neglect the dutiei
Lord Kelvin schools, at a salary or to be served at the dinner and none Of the office because of meagerness
$10U per month. wlb to be brought into the room on  of salary."
Miss Beatrice Beddie, of Calgary, as  the  private  orders of  any  guest,    it I	
an  intermediate or junior teacher  in  was a temperate function.   In spite of
the  John  RobBOn  school  at  $65    per  this order,  the  strategy  of some
month. the officers    enabled    them    to    ge
Miss Charlotte Rennie, New West- around the orders. Waiters were sub-
i minster, as junior teacher at a salary sidized to substitute whisky for ginger
Of $60 per month during the proba- beer, and at one or two tables tbere
tlonary term. was a sound of revelry.    Finally  the
The  advisability    of    dividing    the  attempts at concealment passed    and
Lord  Lister and Lord Kelvin schools,  both  whisky    and    champagne    were
now under one principal, was brought served openly,
up and  Miss Strong    was    asked    to      When General    Sir    Ian    Hamilton (Gathering at Saskatoon Hears Article
bring in a report on the situation,        Btarted to speak the interruptions are
A  report  of the  progress made  in  Baid to have been most disconcerting
the singing classes was submitted by  and their  character  thoroughly  aleo-
the instructor, F. T. C. Wickelt, who  holic.
Btated that the children  were enjoy-1 General Shut Off. I
sion; tentative arrangements ror a lng the singing classes and were re-1 The Interruptions reached such al
luncheon tor Hon. J. D. Hazen; discuB-.ceiving benefit from them. While stage that General Hamilton teltl
sion ot arrangements tor entertaining  most  teacherB  co-operated  with  him.  compelled   to  cut   his  remarks  Bhort
.*-��..       w.       ���_��� ��� ���������*(-���"    ***���****. ****      ������**.        ���.������>���   ���   *����� ��� ���������[}    ,   IUVOI 1-vHl.llC "   ta        lUU-jll I   Cl ll    VI "   Ull 111 111, tl/lll)"    Ml   ll \**J l   III IS 10 It 11.1 Ll 1   11.^ .-iiiui   . , ,., . , ,
otricers and crew or H.MS. New Zea-  some   would   not  allow   their  classes  aud tlnally sat down with hia speech ItS? ������."}? ����� ��>L C.,*'....   a���1.",",
land, were some or the matters that one singing lesson a week, only when only half delivered.  ' *   ""	
originally hailed from Yorkshire, Hng
land, coming out to this country about
ten years ago
ThiB is not the lirst time thut Mr
Leak hus taken out a pre-emption, as
li>' obtained a claim to a tanning section in Alberta, This former pre
emptlon Ib causing Mr. and Mrs. Leak
some little concern, as special permission has to be obtained from
(ittawa for ihem to again take up
land and, altb ugh the wires wer,
kept   hot   Monday  and  yesterday,   tin
machinery at the federal capital bai
so far railed to respond. A reply it
expected  by  this afternoon.
Several dozen more homeseekers
have been tippetl off on thia partioulai
section across the river, but a visit tt
the office of Land Agent Magee ap
pr.sed them or the fact that the,
would have to go through the nerve
wracking formalities which took plac
up to aud on May 19, and one look al
the iwo men holding down positions
Close to the door has been enough foi
live of ihe Progressive association a*.jinked tbat an official notice be clrcu-
If He Said It He Showed Poor Taste
and Plenty of Ignorance,
otiawa. July 16.���The authorities a
Ottawa are greatly amused over lht
Btatement alleged to have been madi
iu London by Colonel R. M. Thomp
sou, a New York financier, thai
Canada is financially embarrassed ii
c nscquence of expenditures neceBSl
tated by the large Immigration flow
ing to this country. Colonel Thomp
sou is quoted as saying that each Immigrant costs the country $1600 and
that last year the total Immigration
c. st wo - $80,000,00 I.
Tbt fact Is that for the last it years
i Canada has derived its chiel linancial
jpi-iiit from Immigration, A conservative estimate places the average
amount of cash capital broughl t" the
country by each Immigrant at $1000,
In tie* past seven years two million
people have come in, bringing to Canada not li ss than two billion dollars.
This is only a small part of the pro.
! fit Canada has derived from initnigra
a meeting yesterday  afternoon.
Weekly Report.
Mr.   Darling   will   In  future  make  a
weekly report to the executive ot tie
work he has done during ttie past
i week and or what be bus lu hand.
jThls Idea waa endorsed on the sug-
igestlon ot Mr. Darling. He reported
| thnt he has the industrial survey well
under  way  and   that   he  had   already
collected  some  valuable  Information.
He also Btated  that  he had  received
enquiries  from  a  number  of  Indus
trieB  with  which  he  was  at  pres en
A letter was received from the liusi-
,ne8a Men's association, asking for the
co-operation of the progressives In arranging the parade for the Merchants';
picnic on July SO. It was pointed out
tbat there would be several thousand
people in the city on July Ho, the oc-
caslon of the picnic of the retail merchants of the lower mainland and the]
island, and the members considered
thai   an  opportunity    of     this    kind
'should not be overlooked.   A committee consisting of the industrial commissioner,   and    Messrs MeCloy and j
Schaake wns therefore appointed  to
i act  with the business men.
I    An effort wlll he made to have the!
dlfforent   industries   In   the   city   and
district enter floats, showing the pro- i
cess ot manufacture of their particular   lines   of   goods.     The   Vancouver!
Progress  cluh   have  offered   $100   In  representatives of the    big
prises, hut  monetary  assistance  was ra lwayg and their employees,
not asked from the New Westminster I     T-.,i8'    law  or9ate8    the     board
lated asking all teachers to assist.
Miss Strong will alBo report on this.
Reports of the medical inspector
and the school nurse showed all
schools In a  healthy condition.
Chairman Trapp insisted on restraining any attempts toward undue
expenditure, and several times reminded trustees of tbe present financial
President   Wilson   Passes   His   Wa?e
Adjustment   Legislation   Inside
Time  Limit.
Dr. McKay, superintendent of education for Nova Scotia, wbo hag done
a great deal to promote lhe cadet
movement, was interrupted time after
time, but hung to his task and finished his speech.
I     Colonel    Hughes    calmly    told    his
guests   that   there   w-as   no   place    in
the   Canadian   militia   or   permanent
force  Tor men   wbo  were  wastrels or i
bar   room   loafers.     He   said   rurther
that  fn the matter or promotion and
discipline  he  would  make no distinc- ,
tion between the permanent Torce and
the mllltla and that those who could
not behave themselves as "gentlemen
and soldiers had better get out while
the going was good."
Colonel Hughes prevented turther
interruptions by closing "the temperance dinner" at the conclusion of
his speech
ft i
Calgary, July 16.���That the
Dominion should loan to the
fanners of Alberta $10,000,000,
is the suggestion of a Calgary
paper. The contention is made
that tlle Dominion government
enjoys nn Income ot hundreds
or thousands of dollars annually from resources which by
right belong to the province.
The industrial and commercial
life of the province is In dire
need of money and the suggestion Is made that the Dominion
loan lo the province the in 1
lions thai would tide her over
this emergency.
St. John in Quandary.
St. John, N, U.. July 16.���The muni
Cl pallty of St. John is threatened with
an injunction if further Bteps are
taken to put Into effect the plans for
the erection of a hospital for patients
In advanced stages of tuberculosis.
There is no provision for such cases i
as they are not admitted lo eithei i
provincial saiiitariuniB or general hoe
pitals. Trouble has arisen over the
site Belected, Property owners In thai
district are objecting to the erection
of  the  hospital.
Possible New Senator.
Ottawa,   July   16.���Tho   Free   Press
predicts that  W,  H. Thorne.  a prominent    New Brunswick   Conservative'
friend of lion. Mr. Hazen and now In *
the  west   wltll  him. will  likely   be    a
senator from  New  Brunswick to sue]
coed the late Senator Kills.
To Entertain Sailors.
It   was  decided   to  co-operate   with
the  city  counoil   In   entertaining   the
iffir�� rs of the battleship New Zealand and that lhe crew should be In
vtiii  to come to New  Westminster
in .lulv 30 and take part In the celebration on lhi' day. This was embodied In 0 resolution which will be
forwarded t,> the eity council,
Mr Darling reported that be was
making tentative arrangements It a
hnnenet to the Hon. .1 I) Ha/en
minister of marine and fisheries, who
will visit the city about the end of
the month.
The question of holding a citisenB'
excursion waB also taken up. It wai
felt that the picnic should be held
some time In August and the matter
win probably be taken up again nt
the next meeting.
Washington, July 16.���New federal,
machinery for the adjustment of rail- :
road   wage   disputes   was   authorized (
today, when the    house   and    senate
passed  und  the  president  signed  the
New lauds-Clayton   bill  just   as   it  was
agreed upon yesterday at  the White
House  conference  between  President
Wilson,    congressional    leaders    and i
eastern I
Some of the officers, it is rumored. |are nn(. of tlu, wora, tvpps oI manhood
will be saved the trouble of Bending -j have met In my 21 years of expert-
in their resignations, as their cases vnef, on the bench. You're a dirtv
are being dealt with officially. skunk,  and    a     villain  of  the  wors:
I type."
So said the magistrate today, after
convicting Archibald McC.innis of
fraud and forgery. McGitniis met
Elizabeth Quinn two years ago. Out
Of her paltry earnings she gave hlm
$9U to huy lurniture. He left and she
became suspicious and had him arrested.
sible occasion and Sir Charlea Hibbert Tupper. leading counsel for Macnamara, made a strenuous appeal
against what he called an attempt to
try Macnamara, Dean and Powell for
the bank robbery on the nominal
charge against Macanmara of stealing Mr. Trapp's auto.
Several jurymen asked questions
and one, evidently Irritated by th**-
way Pollce Officer Black, of Detroit.
was being handled, protested be
should be allowed to tell his own
On the whole there was more evidence   heard   against   Marlin   Powell
than against Macnamara. a good deal
regarding  the  dollar bills alleged  to
have been found in his possession and
jthe suggestion of a possibility of thf*-
notes being planted in Powell's room
by the Pinkerton detectives, hazarded'
iby counsel for thc defence.
|    A. H. MacNeill, K.C, assisted by R.
P. Davis. K.C, conducted the case for
the crown.
Sir Charles Hibbert Tapper. K.C.
assisted by Adam S. Johnston, represented Macnamara
The firBt incident in the proceedings was the exclusion of all other
witnesses ln the case from the court.
whilst there was a witness testifying
in the box.
Outlines Case.
Mr. MacNeill, in opening the proyf
cution  in  his address to tho jury recapitulated  the  circumstances of th*p
theft of the motor car.    He said thai
if  Macnamara  were  proved   to  have-
j participated   in   the   taking   away   or
'the  auto  it   was  sufficient   to  prove;
him   guilty   of   the   offence   charged-'
.'the removal of the auto was the essence  ot  the  crime.     It     was    only-
taken a short distance down the rom*
and    abandoned    because   it  did  nut
work.    A   nrcoj-r.-ir;.-  part of tint  apparatus had been previously removed
by ore or Mr. Trapp's ramify.
The direct  evidence connecting thr
prisoner with  the charge  was that n
1 man  named  Ferguson, going  to fein!
Scathing   Roast  From   Magistrate  for I his horses ahout ti a.m.. saw  Macna-
Hamilton  Thief. mara cranking the automobile on tile
Hamilton, July  16.���"McC.innis. you j morning of Sept. 15.   A noise had been
heard in the garage between 5 and <!���
from Pen of Westminster's Chief
Saskatoon,  July   ID.���At  the  muni-
cipal    cities    convention    today,    as
was unable to be present. Secretary
il.ighthall read his paper on 'The re
iport of the royal commission of Hrit
'ish   Columbia   on   municipal     govern
The report tavored the board ot
.rentroi   Idea,   as   compared   with   tbe
commission   form   of  government.
Controller Hlncly. of Ottawa, believed the alderman board of control
system   was  working satisfactorily  In
most places and If any
made it should be made
Controller Church, if
clared that commission
was nulhine but a fad.
by   tin
gc\   rnn
"A   DIRTY   SKUt>:<."
tin dlation and conciliation, headed hy
a cpmmissloner, to which the eastern
railways and employees brothedhoods
have   declared     llie r   willingness     lo
submit the wagi dispute on account
of which 80,000 conductors and train-
uu n have voted to strike. The union
oftlct rs agreed to an armistice until
tomi rrow afternoon, pending action
by congress, and otl':cials here expect
tin in now to make ready to lay ther
ease lefi re ihe federal mediators aa
Boon as President Wilson makes the
Engineer  on  "Montreal"   Battered
Pieces  in   Horrible  Accident���
Buried at Sea
Montreal. July 16. Battered beyond
recognition. Pert Vartiey. sixth engineer on the C, P. It. liner, Montreal.
was killed at sea on July 2. lust, the
accident being reported when the
ship berthed here. No one saw tin
man meet his death, but lt was sup-
pus il that he was rcach!ne across the
big shaft of the ship, which make
eighty revolutions per minute, when
he missed his footing or his hand
slipped und he fell upon it. lt hurled
blm Into the shaft pit, crushing his
body In a most horrible manner, He
waa making his first voyage at sea
in the Montreal  when he  was killed
The young man. who was about 2\
yenrs of age. and who resided in West
Cowes, Isle of Wight
To Shorten Run.
London, July 16.���It is stated this
afternoon that the contract to cover
one million pounds has been signed
for the construction of the ra.lwai
and a new harbor on the west coast
oT Ireland in connection with the All
lied route scheme, which the Cana
dian governmi it has now approved,
The railway will un from Callooney
to Blink's bay. Mayo county, which
is the port for Steamers which will
make lhe run to Halifax lu three and
a half days.
Wounded Bandit Has Washington Officers on the Move.
Bellingham, Wash.. July 16.���Prom
the   best   Information   obtainable   to-,      h, , ordinarily in tbe en
uipht  from Shaw island ln the San I Suddenly there was   a
fuan  group,  the highwayman^ who. | *MeM |RMn Vftrney and ,u, wgg gee|)
to  Bhoot  from  the  shaft  into  the  pit
Voung Horse Rustler.
Lethbridge. July IT, Harry t'his-
holin. a young lad charged with being
implicated In the stealing of ten head
et horses In Montana, was today remanded by Superintendent Wilson ot
the mounted police, the charge ot
thett being substituted tor a charge
or having Brought stolen goods Into
Camilla. His supposed accomplice,
wus attending Jim Carroll, escaped the police and is
now  in  Montana.
with a pal, held up a couple of bank
messengers near Nanalmo, on July 5.
land who escaped to Oreas island and
thence to the Shaw*  island, is to the
j effect that he is carrying a bullet In
lone of his 8hoil!der8.    It Is believed he
was hurl In tbe cun fight at West
sound wiih the Bherlft of San Juan
OOUnty   last   week.
The bandit continues' to hold the
officers in check and to escape from
'one part of the Island to another.
Late this afternoon word came that
he had succeeded in leaving In a
skirr and that he had taken refuge
on another of the islands in the group.
beneath it. The crank hit him a ter
rible blow, probably killing him instantly, and before his body was so
horribly  mangled.
The engines were stupped. and the
shattered body of the engineer gathered up, and the signs of the tragedy
removed, The nest dav Captain McNeil reatl the s'mple burial service,
and Mr. Varney's remains were com-
nii'ted to the deep, Then the ship
sailed on  its way again.
Trick Failed.
Saskatoon. Sask.. July 16.���Robert
Stewart, n prominent realty broker,
wns committed this morning to stand
trial at the next criminal assizes on
the charge ot altering the date on a
house listing The case is the outcome
of a civil action In which Stewart
sued the owner for a commission on
the house which the owner sold during the time that Stewart had tbe exclusive listing.
��-ft * ���* *�� tt������* �� * * ������ * * * *
Sir Wilfrid III.
1    Ottawa.    July    16,  ���  Sir    Wilfrid
Laurier la confined to his room with
an attack of bronchitis, although his
i condition is not regarded us serious
I Dr. Chevrler Is attending.
St. (laudens. France, July 15. Kine
Alfonso or Spain will soon he able
to enioy a windfall of $600,000 bequeathed him by Albert Sapene, formerly mayor of a amall town near
Toulon, who died In an asylum some
tlmn ago.
The civil court today pronounced
judgment upholding ihe testator's will
which n sister-in-law and others nevt
of kin have sought to have set aside
on the plea that he was Insane when
he made it.
The court held that, while Sapene
suffered from n mania of persecution.
he showed thai he was fully able to Ottawa. July 16. -The labor depart-.walked a mile along a trull and then; feet ln the air. and man and wreck-
conduct his bUBineSB and had a valid manl has been advised of the adjust- paddled two miles across Pass lakejage hiiaied to the ground. The nulia-
reason In an old family quarrel for dls-1 ment of the trouble at the Arcadia Ito Roberts brothers' construction I tor crushed tbe aviator's head, while
Inheriting  his Blater. icolliery  nt  Stellarton,  N.  S.    Fifteen j camp on the Canadian Northern rail- other parts of the biplane pierced his
It was because he was nn ardent ] hundred men were involved. They way 86 miles east of here. He had body. Kerns' aged mother, who had
rcynlist that the testator chose King! got certain wage und other conces- gone alone to blast some amethyst ptenped to th-�� door to see her son
Alfonso as a beneficiary. sions. from thc rock. Hying, was a witness to the tragedy.
i m. that morning by another witness
but no one was seen there. Between
7 und b o'clock that morning accused
md four others, two of whom *m**a
Identified as men named Dean *<ul.'
Powell, were seen driving in a different car between New Westminster and Vancouver. Macnamara was
driving the car. Macnamara had alsn
t���,Pn seen |p the city of New Westminster shortly before the commission or
this ofre.nce. Ferguson's evideuce-., Jl*
they believed it. was sufifcient ra ���convict accused of this chanse.. bub 'hns
had beside? -1 number of other efi**
cumstances and witnesses that mad��
t probable he was connected with tln��
'kink of Montreal robbery on the sann
morning The accused man was not
charged with robbery, lie was arrested In New York and as tliey wero
���* ire a person could only be arrested In a foreign country with tho consent of the government of the conn
try in which the arrest took paler. Th��-
sovernment or the United Stati s said
"We will not allow you to extradite
this man for the bank robbery ne-
-aiise there Is not sutircient evKJen-cee
against hint, bul there is another
charge  against   him,  the  stealing at
"i automobile."'
Objections  Start-
Sir  Charlea Tupper objected    that
his   learned   Irlend   was   putting   thp
matter unfairly as to Ihe evidence of
what took place In tlie United States.
is to the consent or the government.
It was In the discretion or the tf. S.
government merely. A commissioner-
was appointed and found there was
not BUfflclent evidence to put him on
his trial for the robbery. It was not a
(Continued OL Page Fbnr.)
Labor Trouble Fixed.
A Man with Nerve.
Fort William. July 15-
h:s  left  arm  destroyed
ture blast of dynamite. J. C
Mother  Saw Son  Killed.
Chlco,    Cal.,     July     16.- Thaddius
Kerns, ("hire's 20 year    old    aviator,
After having'was killed instantly this evening near
by   il  prenia-1 his home a mile north of lown when
Marihan I the engine or hiB biplane exploded 76
O       Ottawa. July 15.   The   high
hi!5    cost or living    has   ceased   to
k-   trend upward.    On the   other    "'
:','.:   hand,   it   shows   no -signs   at    "
:":    present  or sagging  downward.
The upward    tnndepcy,    which
has been apparent since Juni*.
O   lilll, apparently    reached    its   :
climax alx montha ago, for dur-
���::=   ing the last hair or thn present    '
;"'   year it haB neither advanced nor   S
receded. During the aix mouths   tf
���.'.I   the new high point reached iu   ���
the latter   part   of   1912   hue   9
'���   simply been maintained.
* -s
*4-4 54��**��t9*9S*5S* THE NEW WESTMINSTER NEWS.
WEDNESDAY,  JULY   18,  1913.
Ithologlcal reseacbes. He wrote "Ma-
��� pie Leaves," 'The Land We Live in,"
"Quebec Past and Present," and other
valuable contributions to Canadian
literature ami science.
An independent4) mominp paper ttevatad to the inter-it,, .! Set* Westminster and
tke Hater V alley. PaMltM every momlm*- except Hxmlmi d.v Ihr National I'rintinti
*n* Pnblitaing C.tm*anp, Limit���I, at M HcKenrie ntrect, Mete Westminster, liritish
Columbia. BOB** 811 111 UK LA KB, Managing  Director.
All cnmt****o*ti**x* should ke *d*\tr*-***tt tt, The New Wrttmintter Hews, and not
to indivttitm-il memharn of the ��#��iff. <*K*t?*te*. draft*, and mtney order* shauld be made.
payable Iu  The National   renting  and  l*tthH*hitt* Cnnxpann, Limited.
TKLKPHOSBB���DuetMM Qfio. **** Uann-cr, tti; M aerial Booms (all depart-
stents). ISI-
SVBXCIUPTION RATES���By carrier, |4 fHir pear, 11 for three months. 40c per
month.    Hy mail. |S per year, lie par null.
AI'VKlirlSlXll  RATKB on applXetttton.
WEDNESDAY MORNG,   JULY   16.   1913.
The dairyman who lives up to the health regulation--
Dr.   M.  T.   MacEachcrn   Leaves  Montreal   on   August   1���Dreadful
Hardships in Eastern City,
Montreal,   July   1:25.    When   Dr.   M.
MacKachern leaves Montreal for Vancouver on  August 1. the slum quarters of the city will lose one of their
has nothing to fear from inspection of his milk by the most determ^d enemies and the olty
,-      i   l        i.i        rr- ���,   ., ,. c   .*, ,, e   hall one of their most successful pcti-
inetncal health officer and the posting of the results ot turners tor health reform, u was this
doctor who, when he was attending a
patient some time ago from the Mon
Heal maternity hospital, llrst became
aware of the h irriLic conditions under
which the people in Richmond lane
lived many-' of the families being
grouped practicaly round a cesspool.
The doctor look the matter promptly
u.. and owing to his persistence, the
whole place has not only been made
comparatively sanitary, but the plana
for  entirely  new  sanitary  appliances
that inspection at the city hall. The man whom the new
order of things will hit is he who has been selling milk
below the proper standards of purity and that's the man
the law is after.
It has been definitely established that throughout the
year, but more particularly in the summer, the death rate i
among babies is largely attributable to impure milk and
the only way to guarantee an improvement in this condition is to force the dairymen up to the purity mark. There have already been drawn out,
j, ui- . ��� J?      Manv mrdiCal men and others inter
arc some dealers who, acting on a proper conception ot ested in social science have heen <iis
their responsibility in the matter, do their level best to sell!(lining lately whether it >
clean milk, but there are others who either do not realize
that responsibility or else, in cold blood, increase their
profits by neglecting te take ordinary precautions.
With the new civic and provincial regulations in force
and the exact tests of the milk delivered by the different
dealers posted publicly at the city hall, (he people will
have the remedy for the evil in their own hands.
It is only natural to suppose that the authorities will
prosecute the men who attempt to evade the law, but the
same offence may be committed again and again.   The
ic, however, have at their call a more effective means
to reach the desired goal.   The lists will tell them the
TODAV we are looking   for   something
special     t o      exercise
with.    Some are turning to  cheat  exercises,
dumbbells,   etc.,   when
we have at   our   command    without    extra
expense   or   equipment,
except, perhaps a good
pair of shoes.   Walking
one  of  the  best  exercises  nt  the
.,-.   By means of It you are taken out
I into the fresh air where you fill your
! lungs  to the full and  thereby purify
the blcod.
Nature has placed the larger muscles of the body on the legs, meaning
thereby I should say that they were
���ti he used the most. Correct walking will cure many of the ills that the
hotly falls heir to. It will help to keep
the great organs ol the body in good
condition. It makes a man more self
reliant, more aggressive, more manly
i and alert.
The best lime for this form of exercise is in the morning when the air
is most fresh and when the hotly and
mind are just awaking after the much
needed rest. The exercise will be
then more of a pleasure than a task,
the mind will he more responsive to
the things that are happening, the eve
will he more bright to notice the
beauties or nature, the ear will be
keen to hear the wonderful snugs
the chTirters: in fact, we los
greatest pleasures of lift
Hissing lately whether it
beBt interests of the poorer emigrants
to allow them to put up their own
rough shacks. Their general custom
is to erect the roughest possible wood-
��� n shell, it is usualy only one room,
but it is 'their own,' and this they
add to by degrees, building it themselves according as their prosperity-
Serious Influence.
But the earlier effects of these home
owned shacks have a very serious influence nn the infant mortality of the
City. A well known Montreal doctor
stated  that  he  had  just   attended   a
public, however, have at their_call a more effective means^ ^nu^wZrn nt furnuhin^s'ot
any  kind.    Before he could  git  n"ar
dairies that deal in pure milk and the ones vyhose product ����� Own0,��dMe"rn outth^fa'm-'
is unclean.   If, after gaining this information, they con-|iiy pets in the form of dogs, cats and
tinue to patronize tbe men who do not live up to the law,
they will have none but themselves to blame for the consequences.
It's a wise cow that knows her own milk���after her
boss gets it ready for his customer.
old hen or two, hnt several neighbors, both  men and  womin, who had
come to visit her.    Thia did not end
the trouble, for the attentions of outside neighbors was, if possible,7 still
more embarrassing. The cracks in the
badly erected walls were so big that a
; man's face could easily be pressed he-
j tween.   These cracks occurred In each
corner of the shack���it had four, and
'from   this   point  nf  vantage  a   nnm-
|lier of staring, unwashed faces, peered
through.    The doctor had to leave his
' patient while he used some of his own
sheets and medical appliances to stop
tip the cracks. That  meant not only
i terrible waste of his time other
patients were waiting bul the actual
patient  he was attending had to wait
: ir well.
lt would hi unfair and even impossible to prevent people from building
their own  Shacks, but  a strong effort
; is to be made by social workers and
others to induce them for fhe sake of
.human life to build a good deal better or to wait a li'tle longer before
building them at all.
In   some   of   the   emigrants'   homes
ino human beings oould live with health
or no cliUil be brought up with decency.
The recent big fires have been re-
monslble for a good deal of increased
, llness, and a considerable rise in the
is again showing symptoms of revolutionary rash and in- leath ram. Manv pitiful cases of lack
ternal complications.
There's a goat loose somewhere in the U. S. lobby
investigation, but whose it is, and who'll get it, have not
yet been settled.
Guests ax the Port Coquitlam board of trade banquet
Monday evening threw so many bouquets at the young
burg that it looks more like the scene of a flower festival
than an industrial centre.
tal'i'i't advantage of our opportunity
Although the morning ia the best
time for walking, still a walk if a few
milea any time during the day, even
it' it he only to and from work, will
prove  verv beneficial.
As to the correct way of walking I
have followed several different ex-
nprta' instructions end the one which 1
find best  ia as aa follows:
The body should be inclined slight-
Iv forward, not just from the waist,
the shoulders Bhould he well gack, but
not forced, the arms ihould move and
sw'ng easilv at the aide.    Head erect
Th- weight nf the body should be
���"'jstlv upnn the ball of the foot, not nn
the heel' The h<-Pi rli-mld strike 'tie
ground first (not wtth the jar thai
we so often pee), hut rather with n
slight relaxationof the leg muscles
striking ihe ground with a porinelnc
motion. The whole rd the sole of the
shoe ahould be used. When the fool is
leaving the ground a slight sprine ls
���riven and as the body is inclined forward another step is taken.
A few suggestions may not he out of
Ho nnt try to walk too fast and
better a short stride tlnn one which
's  too long fnr you.
Breathe through the nose and
breathe    deeply.
lf vou are ont for exercise do ml
worry over your business, hut give
yonr mind a chanKe
Walk fast enough to nersnire if you
can  hive a hath  afterwards
Don't -troll along it yon wish to gel
any real benefit.
Mr. Dunn is a hrother cf Osmond
Dunn of the 0. K. bakery, and is wel:
known in Grand Porks, The couple
wlll be at home In this city after the
f.rst of AuguSt.
Thomas Williamson, an old timer In
the Boundary district, died in Greenwood last week, aged d2 yenrs. For
a number of years he had been living
on his ranch at Westbrldge.
The city council chamber was packed   with   members   of   the   board   ot
trade  aud   business men  at  tlle  laat
meeting.    The   gathering   was   called
by the hoard to consider the situation
arlalug from the sale of wildcat prairie  real estate in this district.    A.  B.
i rites occupied  the chair.    Different
speakers  aired  their  opinions  of the
real estate game and the local finan
ciul  stringency  that  it was causing.
Suggestions  were  made  that  a  great
deal of misrepresentation and actual
criminal  practice was  Indulged  in by
realty salesmen,   it was the nanimous
opinion   of   the   meeting   that   something would have to be done tor st If-
protection  aud   for  protection  of  tin *
-sucker."   A subscription was opened I
and  a  substantial  sum  was  Immed !
lately  forthcoming  to  Inaugurate    a
campaign.    Committees were  formed j
and   the   meeting adjourned.
A rather serious accident befell Mr.
McPhee   and   .lames   Fanning    when i
they were   thrown    out    of   the    d. e
of  tor's  motor  ear  close to  tile  sl:i  *-l
one of  mill at N'onoose.   The doctor was call
hy  not.1''1', md to see a patient late ut  night
and Invited Mr. Fanning    to   accoro
pany   him.     On   llie   return   journey
while   coming   down   tlte   hill   leading |
to the mill tit a fair clip they struck i
a  patch  of  gravel.     The  car  skidded
and   before  the  doctor  could   right   it
or  pull  off. it  overturned    throwing
both occupants heavily t:> the road.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
II .* 1' 0, "f Klks of lln- n. of C, nice
the first ami tidril Thursday ut s p, m
K. of I'. Hall. Eighth street. A Well
Gray. Exalted Ruler; P. II. Smith. Sec
1. o. 0. M.. NO. 864.���MEETS 0>
flrst, second, third ami fourth Vvednes
day in each month st 8 p. m.
In the Moose Home. II. J. Leamy
dictator; I'. B. Joins. Becretar}
Headquarters of lodge In Bee Mouse
corner nt Fourth and Carnarvon streets
O. O. I'\ AMITY LODGE NO. 17���Th
regular meeting of Amity lodge Ni
'21. I. O. O. P., ls held every Manila:
night al s o'eiock ln Odd Fellows' Hall
corner Carnarvon and Eighth streeti
Vlsltiiu: Urethern cordially Invitee
H. A. Merrlthew. N. (}. ; J. Hobertsoi
V. li.; W. C. Cuathain, P. Q., record
(UK secretary; H. W. Sangster, finar
clal secretary.
���r A Hanna, Ia<1 >��� Funeral director
irt embalmers. Parlors 406 Columbl
N.-w   Westminster.    I'hum*  i)s*.
Endeavor to Sell  eonds for Dis
trict 01' North Vancouver.
W K. FALBS���Pioneer Funeral iMroctr
and B'-balmer, 612-618 Agnes strop
oppoaU Carnegie Library.
H.   .!-   A    BUTW1ETT,
) Accountant    Tel.   K.
28.   Ho.
COAL MINING light! of tht- Dominion
In Manitoba* B&akatchewan and Alberta*
th** Yukon Territory, tho Northwest Territories nnd in a portion of tli*- ProvfclOt
nf British Columbia, may be teased for a
term 0( twenty-one yt'iira at an annual
rental of $1  an acre.  Nut more than Lr*n8#
acres wilt be leaned to onw applloant.
Application for a lease mum tie made
hv me applicant In person to the AK'-nt
or Sub-Agent of the district in which ths
rights applied for arc situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described hy sections, or legal sub-dlvi-
iluns of sections- and In unsurveyed ��**r-
rltory the tract applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be ROCompanleA
by a fee of $5 which wlll be refunded if
i lie right" applied for are not available,
��ut not otherwise. A royalty Hhall be
paid on the merchantable output of the
mine r.t the rate of five cents per ton
Ttie   p. rson   operating   the   mine   shall
furnish the Agent with swam returns
Lccounttng for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pav the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights
ire not t<* tn�� operated sueh returns should
be  furnished at  least once a  year
Tho lease will include the csal mining
rights only, hut the leasee win be permitted to purchase whatever available
sur face rights may Iw considered neCSS-
sary for tlie working of the mine at the
rate  of   $10   an  acre.
Kor full Information application should
vie made to the Secretary of the D6p&H*
���nent  of the  Interior.  Ottawa,  or  to sny
tgent  or  Bub-Agent  of   Dominion   I-miln.
Deputy  Minister  of  the  Interior..
N B ���Unauthorised publication of this
i**fi*rtlfu>mpnt  will  not  he paid  for
Once again thc automobile hus the honk-honk ha-ha
���on the horse. After a ten year fight the American government has granted permission for the dust disturbers
to enter Yellowstone Park.
An old friend is back in the game. China, whom everybody feared had arrived at a peaceful end of her troubles,
Armstrong New Hazeltc-i, Nanaimo, Grand Forks. Greenwood,
Fernie   and   Cumberland.
Applying the refrain of a moss grown but once popular song, the present court of assize might adopt as its
anthem. "We Don't Know Where We're Going, Hut We'er
on Our Way." The prisoners also could sing those words
with some feeling.
In the opinion of Britain's foreign secretary th<
kan states are travelling the pace that kills.   He be
the war will cease soon with all sides tired nut.
this distance it looks like a case of let dog eat dog.
matters it to the lion.
The Dominion minister of labor doesn't think he can
do much in the line of settling the differences of the owners and men of the Vancouver island coal mines. There
are several reasons for this, but the principal one seems
in be that both sides prefer to amble along their ways
without his assistance.
f preparation have rome into tin
doctors' bands. In one wretched little
' \rl in Montreal there wus ii child
���,.,.., ., f,.w davs ago, where the fam-
*lv was already live, the father was
���in of work. Mini there was nol a
scrap of bread In the house. The doctor and nurse il'd their best fnr the
unfortunate family, bul when the
al'V was two (lavs old the father, an
habitual drunkard, came in to the sick
woman's room and stole the wretched
little  nil   lamp  which   was  the    only
! light she and the children could have
In  the  dark,  wretched  room.
II" ptole the food and every article
of clothing which kindly friends gave
her tn nawn them fnr drink vet the
nurse who was attending the ctse said
; that the hopeless aspect of the case
lay n >t sn much In the man's behavior
: as in the woman's folly. Kor when the
man was arrested fnr his conduct before she simply went il��� ��� ivn to the
court, refused to give   evidence   and
���   epged him off.
lodstock,   July   15.   "I   have   no
to  offer oiler  Uian   the  one
yon   have   1 n   following   in
the past i wish to lie taken Into the
confidi nee of lhe members of tins
congregation and I hope thai at all
times I will receive the sympathies
ami co-operation of my new people."
'I hus spoke Rev, II. VV I'rews, the
new pastor of the Central Methodist
church to a largo congregation which
gathered to hear, for lhe lirst ume.
Iheir  new   leader.
Al College avenue Methodist church
I whero Hev. Qeo, K. Smith opened his
pastorate as the new  pastor of thai
church  large congregations were  in
....        ,   ,i ,.,,-, *,,. i    ,   i    i , ��� i i . ,     i     i  attendance morning and evening, the
a million dollars in Westminster city bonds hed have had .*���,���,,  belnf! comfortably tilled on
both     occasions.       Uev      Mr.     Smith
I preached   two  excellent   sermons  aud
favorable impression was made
For modesty Councillor Macpherson, of Burnaby, �����*���m J
has the little white daisv chased to the bench. He doesn't
think he's fit to sit on the Burrard sewerage commission.
If he'd stop there, his colleagues wouldn't mind, but he
intimates that suitable qualifications for the job are
similarly lacking in them.
A voting actress in the old countrv, who never in hei
life earned more than five bob a day, has won a breach of!
promise suit against the younger son of a title for fifty
thousand pounds.   If father had invested that quarter of
better returns on his money.
Bienville, transferred He* scene of his   upon all those who heard him
Pierre le Moyne, Si
the famoiiH Canadian explorer, was other brother
born li> Montreal ^.:.2 years ano today,
July IG, 1661 He was one it a num
ber of brothers I some historians say
seven.otherH eleven) who figure in
some degree in French colonial his
tory. The Canadian branch ol the
family was founded by Chariot li
Moyne, or le Vi'in", who can
Normandv and became seign
Longnenll. n>?��� Montreal, and ol (In
teauguay, and commander ol Mop
treat. He waged var agalnsl thi in,
quoin and died In 1683. He bad eleven sons, bul '.''i seven of ihem won
a place in history which is probably
responsible rnr the discrepancy referred to lie tulle entered the
Krench na*.*. u-\*i *��� rved iti Ihree expeditions *.ii*..*i usi tl i ngllsh, in 1698
ravaging SI   John estroyln)  Port
p, nmnoiil     I'.e twi' d       o Hod
men nay       ������ I  ��� ��� nib*���-
activities lo the gulf of Mexico, found
ing colonies In l.ouisana aud Alabama
He died nt   Havana  in July, 1700.  An-
i\nto:ne,  served  in the
south, aad afterwards held command
nt   Cape   Breton,     Charles   was   gov
ernor of Montreal  and Three Rivers,
built  Port   Niagara  und  repulsed  the
Rngllsh attack on   Montreal In   ITil
Jacques accompanied his brother Iber
ville in his conquest  of Hudson Hay.
from nml rli fended Quebec
tr    < r l'sh in 1600, bul was
gagmenl Josoph also explored Hud*
w n It iv. a* il ai erwanl becatn an
admiral of I* ranee Paul mftdi pi ace
with the Iroquois in 1701, ami became
a sachem  of  the  tribe.  Imt   was  lal ���:
put to death in the redskins upon his
refusal to mediate between them and
the government, Descendants of Ihls
venerable fan Ily have long been pro
The Armstrong horticultural socle
ty's fair and celebration is coming on
in fine shape. The attractions on the
pro-ram and prizes offored are becoming more inspiriting every day
and the members are Bparlng nn pains
to make this celebration the besl yet
held in Armstrong, due thousand d il-
lars is being offered in prizes and
over s:x thousand hills are being dis
trlbuted all through the country in a
special automobile advertising cam
The publicity committee has ap-
pointed E, K, Beeston, secretary of
the hoard of trade, as secretary of
the Pun an for the balance of this
year, Mr. Beeston, who formerly car
i '-ii nui the worn for some years, has
already taken charge of tho bureau,
ami Miss Ashton has been engaged
as stenographer, arrangements having been made I'm the i fflcu to be
open irom a o'clock In the morning
until 6 o'clock in tho afternoon daily
I'r a I thai thi ��� - mn nl Dn real
estate In Ni I >! n is generally \ iry
much I wer ihan the actual sale value
i f tho proi ern was furnished al the
ue i ting oi the courl of revision of
the cltj  a ������ Bsuii nt  roll  when sum*'
|i. tests were entered Kor this yi ar
the total as ies nu nl Is $4,321,406
a-a list a total Of 1.1.883,180 lust year.
an increase or $438,216, made up chief
ly of increased hind values Assess
tneiil on land this year totals $1,888,-
271. and tho total assessed value of
Improvements Is $2,436,125,
New Hazelton
I' i Jennings has jusi made the
trip over the mountain, the flrsl lhis
s'asnii Mi Jennings has Pad a gang
of men busj on the t rail from Rocher
de Boule mine io ihe Highland Boy
property, and lie says that they can
now get a pack Ira n right up to their
camp, The camp is al the tunnel Bite
and some of the buildings ar" already
snow* on the south slope
and mosl if ii on the north
North Vancouver, July 15    A special meeting of the district couucil was
teld   when  the consideration  of  lln- j
inces resulted in the decision to send
the clerk, J, 0. Parmer, lo London tol
Conclude   the   negotiations   respecting;
the block of debentures which Hie.lis
trlct sold recently.     Mr.  Farmer  was,
no-sen because of his inside knowl-
iti'i' of the flnanclafaffairs >f the dis- ,
trlct and on account of experience iu
��� wil matters of this kind    Mr. Farmer will be absent about a month.
Decide on Policy.
The  district  council  had  a  consld-
rable  discussion  over  the    employ-
nent and regulation af labor affecting
lo  bi ard of works.   The question has
ii . n on tap tor some time and was
brought aboul by the reduction of the
card  of works gang    a policy  which
:t was believed by some of the council! irs   Bhould   he   regulated     by     lhe
I members  as  a  whole  rather  than  hv
the hoard  of  works alone     To bring
that matter to a hi id, C unclllor I.ou.
na said It was not the purpose of the
'hoard of works to take aay responsibility for the work done m that department If the committee was noi to
In* allowed to handle the questions as
they came up, and he moved lhat to
fix the responsibility some place thai
hereafter matters affecting  his  com-
mittee be referred  to then:  tor settlement.     Councillor     Kay   seconded
the motion.   Councillor Maclurg moved an amendment that matters affect.
Ing lal   r on  the  hoard of  works be
referred to the boards of works committee fnr report. This  was seconded
by Councillor Brldgman, and support-
Ward, and carried.
Appoint Teachers.
Sitting   past   midnight,   the   Bchool
board, with Chairman Perry presiding,!
and all the trustees  present  with the
exception of Trustee McEwen, consld- I
ered a record number of applications
for   positions  mi   the  teaching   staff,
Seventy were considered and oul  of
ihis   number  lour  appointments  and
another   provisionally   were   made
Still   Goce   On.
on the local constru1" n  of
of the Pacific Ureal  li i tern
is progressing favor ilil>  and
Is being steadily opened up to permit
the  employment   of larger  for"".-  of
men    Arrangements havo heen com
plcted with J   Balfour Ker to locate a
construction  camp  numlier  three on
his property In  0   I.   775, aboul  two
miles yesl  of cami) number    two in
it  l.  '.:.i. ami the work of construe!
ing camp numlier three is now in prog
n ss
New  Post Offi-e.
Alterations for lha conversion of the
old city hall into the new  post office
hue been commenced by Contractor
t  A  Allan  Dominion Archltocl Hen
iierson of victoria was out lo person-1
ally   direct   the   Initial   clearing     oul
operations and  lo advise  respecting
the planning of the Interior arrange
ments.  So far as Is  known  tho  main
entrance will be In its present posl
Hon.  bul   the  Inside  of  the  bulldlnf
will be materlaly changed
['. II. Smith. W, J. Orovel
Work  undertukm   in   city   and   outsldi
polnta,   JU-li    Westminster   Trust   HKIj
Phone 3'H.    P. O.  Box  507.
Bale, In*."Is. Business Letters, etc.; circular work specialist All wmk strictly
contviemlul. H. Barrv. room 4IS Westminster Trust Hlk.   Phone -.���i'i.
st.-r Board of Trail" meets tn the hoard
r"M��ii, '"Ity Hall, us r.illnws : Third I'rt-
day of eaoh montht quarl rty meetini
on the third Friday of February, May
Aiigusi anj November at 8 p.m. An*
nual meetings on tl"- thin! Friday ol
February, C, H. Stuart Wa-le. s-ycr*
rlsteis, roitcltors, etc. 4u Lorne street
New Westminster. G. E. Corbould, K
C.    J   u. Grant.    A. !���:. MeColl.
ter-at-mw. Holtcltor. etc. Telephoni
1C711. Cable address "Johnston.'
Code. "Western Union." Offices, 151P*
Blnck. f.li'i Columbia etreet, New West
inlnrf.er. H. C.
sir. - Barristers and Solicitors, West
minster Trust Blk., Columbia street
New Westminster, H. C, Cable addr"**
"Whiteside," Western Union, r. O
Drawer -J00. Telephone i*,9 W, 1
Whllpslde,  K. C.;  H.  L.  Edmonds,   r
Willi, side.
I. BTILWBLL CLUTE, Barrister-at-lan
solicitor, etc.: corner Colombia an*
McKenzie streets, New Wi-stmlnntPt
II. C.   P. O. Hox 112.    Telephone   710
Solicitor and Notary,
tilock. ^H Lome street,
slir,  II   C.
Offices     Har
New*   WestmtD
the lines
Hanlsois and Boilcitora. SOS to 811
W,s! 11,Inner Trusl Hlock G, !���". Mar
"u v.- <;. McQuariio and George L
iders will be received by the undersigned for tbe construe:lon of portions of the Canadian Northern Pacific
Railway on Vancouver Island, Province of British Columbia, as follows:
1 From thc City of Victoria to a
point near Headman's Hiver in the
District of Esquimau!!, a distance of
approximately  tlve miles,
2. A line leaving the above at Itegina Avenue. Victoria, and extending
to l'nlon Hay. Saanlch PenlnlBula, a
distance of approximately   lr,',   miles.
Tt nib is to include clearing, grabbing, grading, bridges, trestles, culverts, masonry and fencing.
Contractors will be required to submit two tenders for that portion of
the work included In the grading, one
being on the basis of the following
Solid rock,
Loose  rock,
Hard pan,
and the other on the basis of a classification for "solid rock" and "all other
Plans, profiles, specifications and
forms of contract may be seen, and
forms of tender obtained at the Offices
of    Mackenzie,    Matin
Metropolitan building.
street west, Vancouver
offices   of   Mackenzie,
Lid.,   I'cmberton  block
Tenders to Includi
offices of Mackenzie,
& Co., Ltd..
837 Hastings
B.C., or at tho
Mann & Co.,
Victoria. B.C.
clearing, grub-
Mann Al- Co.,
Metropolitan building. 837 Hastings street west, Vancouver. B.C., not
later than noon on Saturday, July 19,
1913, and to be enclosed in a sealed
nvelope marked "Tenders for Construction." The lowest or nny lender
not necessarily accepted.
July Mh, 1913. (17f>0)
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary   Puhllc.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
Saskatoon, July  16,   "1 have noth
ng  to  say  for  publication,"   replied
Geo, Bury, vice-president of the Cana
ban  i'acific railway, to a reporter's
uery  n i  to  whether there was any
truth In the report thai the oompany
had di cldi tl to construct a line fr
acainsi the K ig   Suakato n to Calgary b.  way of M r
killed in llun .a    len  and   lOnipresji  '"our  announce
I'U Id I     BS     In    1 eW      llm S    III*"     !.!������ IIV .
made in February, and there ��.11 bi
ii"  announcements  conci ruing   ihem
before   that,"   he  aillp'd
Mr Ihiii stated thai there was
ni thing of special note In his visit
i" B iskatoon Ile was on a trip of
Inspoi tli ii and would travel all ovi r
the western lines before roturnlng t*
up.    The
Is all gon
son haic
from lhe
Roclur  ih
Halloron and  Hilly Thomp
lefl  to commence the trail
government  wagon road up
Houle  mountain    to    the
romrtii in puullc life     Sr James M* Winnipeg
Pherson le Molno, born al Quebec In to crop r
is:!.",, was !���:��� ghted  In   1907 in  ruco be  quoted
nltlon i f his lln rarj   wi rl* and or ii I
io was also retlci nl a *
millions, pri foi ing noi ��� ���
until he had Bei n ccndl
. * i* tho v. est,
Rocher de Houle W'nniler group, own
id by Ilu* hoys They have several
weeks' work ahead of them on the
trail, but hi tho Ume ihev bave reach
imI their property the snow will have
disappeared and Uu \ can start to
The funeral of the late Mrs '"'i
land took place irom the fainili rq
sldence, llaliburton stroet, on Saturday The it. v Mi* Hedley officiated,
while Messrs It. lllvi rs, I! McQarrl-
gle, W Lewis, P Hygh, E Harley
and John On gorj acti d as pall bear
Grind Forks
Maltland Culb m In nn t r thi- * i
nnd   Dorothy   .' Ill nn   llatoBon cf To
r .,io.  were  irarr   *i   nl   m nm anolls,
Mil ... ��� *. .'*.  .i ia..,   ,',   '  :h ol .i.i,
Regina, July IE. 'Complaints are being made about tbe noise of cars passing churches during services. When
thi se were brought to the attention of
Superintendent  Doughty he said thai
while giving lh" regular services, on
Sunday il would he impossible to slop
lln  cars for church hours, as was sug
gcsieii by one complainant,   ah con
diicinrs and motormen had orders, he
said, to run  -low 'y past chltrchi s
ing the hours of service, and lo
sl lal pains io avoid all unncc
Asked wheihi r ii wi uld l " pet
to ' '��� ears mu  past without  stnp
ping ni the corni rs upon ��lib b   ths
��� hurehes are located, he said thai d
would nol he fair to passengers nnl
attending i hurch lo ask ihem 11 walk
extra hlock., in order to board cars i le
had  made  -������   polnl  of being  al   tho
places on  Hi"  in i" re  churcho *
were located, and i insldered thnl tho
: treol   railway   Btaff   was  I *'i ;**. lng OUl
Instructli ns regard ..   thi    uppn i * n
��� i  :.. Ise,
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)   $16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.0-0
Ittanehos throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, Eng
and. New York, Chicago and Spokane
'.S -V. nnd Mexico City. A general
'linking business transacted. letters
���f Credit Issued, available with cor-
respondents tn all parts of thn world
Savings Hank Department���Deposits
'(���celved In sums of $1 and upward
md Interest allowed at 3 per cent. ��er
Milium  (present rate).
Total Assets over iisfi.nno.nno.oo.
(i   I)   HRYMNKR.  Manager
To  Port   Mann  and   Port  Coqultlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily  Except Sunday.
As Per Following Schedule:
Leaves   New   Westminster   for   Port
Mann  S 00 a.m.
Leaves  Port  Mann for New WeBtmlnster 9:00 a.m.
Leaves New Westminster for Port
Mann  and   Port Coqultlam   10:00 am.
Leaves    Porl
Mann and New
I.raves   New
Mann 6:30 p.m
Leaves   Port
minster 7
We Htmlnsic
Tor Port
1:00 p.m.
for Port
f O   Box 31                 Dally New�� Bldg
of nil   kinds
Prices right    Satisfaction guaranteed
St   hi. Keene   St
!���< henhy  given    thai    lhi
hall ������' *!*iv paymi nl on trad
for 1913 Is now d
the office of   tho 1
Cltv Hall.
i IV..i) ��5. J, PEAIICB
Mann  for  Ni
hh p.m.
Leaves New Westminster for Port
Mann and Port Coqultlam 4.:in p.m,
Leaves    Port   Coqultlam    for    Port
Maun and New Westminster 6:30 p.m.
Schedule subject lo change without
For further Information Inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 1f>4L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
New Spring and Summer Sultlnga
now- on display. See them. Perfect
lit nnd workmanship guaranteed. 7��1
Front Street.
Transfer Co.
Offlcs  Phons   185.      Barn   Phono   1J7
B*yPI�� Street
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any psrt of the city.
I on trade licenses  I ���   a .        i *��� ���>      ,.
l:,'n��e Tmpmio'! !   8        Heavy Hauling
psi-sn THuee
fl    ���
674-678 Columbia Street
Every item of Summer Dress Goods, Summer Silks, Lawns, Mulls, Ginghams and kindred lines again slashed in price to hasten
their selling.   We have our orders to convert the stock into cash at once.   Now note the tremendous cut prices.   Splendid savings
for you in this great
REGULAR  15c YD.���All   in   handsome,
light summer colors. Take your choice at
REGULAR 35c YD.���In beautiful new Bulgarian effects.   Take your choice at
1000 Yds. 27-inch PRINTS     800 Yds. MIES
REGULAR 10c YD.���Handsome new summer effects.   Take your choice at
REGULAR 20c YD.���In dainty stripes and
floral effects.   Take your cohice at
1000 Yds. Moire Sash
In green, reseda, nile, Copenhagen, mauve, cream, champagne
and brown, 8 inches wide, 35c to 40c qualities.
2 Yards 2
1000 Yds. Scotch
Regular 15c and 20c yard. Take vour choice at
1 Oc Per Yd.
300 Yards Swiss
In a great variety of colors in floral z:vl stripe effects, 40c
to 75c qualities.
25c Per Yd.
During thin monster Bale tve propose to
offer strictly seasonable iiikn si mob re-
ntarkable prices tn make it memorable m
tbe annals  of  Hilk  idling  in   New   West-
IlllllMi .* ���
25c  INSTEAD OF 50c    ���V:-1'    '���>' r\r
Bole in grey, reseda,   and   cham   / jf
pagne al per yard       -w-jv^
39C   INSTEAD   OF   65*���Sp'.cml.il   --.rx
vniiii'H iii Cordes,   washable   Jao-  \M*T
quards, Japanese, etc, ��t per yard, -J-Jx,
50C instead of 75*   Charmlnc
Mesuallnes, Tamallnes, etc., in bor- rn
dercd efefots, striper, and plain, in H|lf
per yard   lJul'
75C   INSTEAD  OF  $1,28���Still  B ,
few beautiful lengths ��r flnesl fig- m���-
ured Poulards In reseda, hello. roBe /ST
imd black, at. per yard ' ****'
$1.55 INSTEAD OF $2.00"*
fine llm' nf satin iiin-iii-iJsi'   in
Ivory sky. pink, peach, blue, tnii(J-4   ���*���**���
and navy; 4u inches   wide, ulisI   Si
per yard  T ' **J*J
$2.75 INSTEAD OF $3.50-
A    pai I'iiilii i ly    ih,inn i nr     nl
ferlng of satin Charmeuso In
Ivory   and   black;   m
wide, iit por yard  	
$2.SO  INSTEAD OF  $3.50���
Por a beautiful Crepe de Chine; rhn nn
���in Inches wide; in a rich Bade V/ Xli
Of Ivory, at.  per yard -ft/.UU
Suits, Coats and Dresses
tmsamsmsamamaxx������ai��� m mi i *maxataisBasmximwma*^*mmmmmmam*s*^*smamstssmsam^mmmaaassss*amss*msmm
the suits are in :i wide range
of styles, materials and shadings,
thoroughly tailored and finished,
and surpass In Intrinsic value anything over offered before, even al
a mucb higher price,
Ladles' Whipcord and Pine
Serge Tailored Suits; regular
$86.00.   Sale price   $17.50
I.adieu' Whipcord and Fine
Serge Tailored Suits; rcgulaT
$80.00.   Sale price ��15.00
Ladies' Whipcord and Pine
8erge Tailored Suits; regular
128.00.   Saleprice   $14.00
Ladies' Whipcord and Pine
Serge Tailored Suits; regular
$26.00.    sale price... $12.50
Ladles' Hlue Serge niul Tweed
Suits*,     regular     $23.00.     Bale
price   , $11.50
Ladles'   Blue   Sergi
Suits;     regular
:iihl   Tweed
$20.00,     Bale
THE COATS���N'ew arrivals from
eastern markets have augmented
our already  wonderful Bhowlng ill
this       popular       section.       Kvery
length and style In all the popular coatlngB, and these low prices
afford unequalU il values.
Ladles' Pongee Coats; satin trimmed, regular $86.00. Sale
price    $17.50
Ladies' Pongi e Coats; satin trimmed;     regular     SM.oo.      Sale
price    $15.00
Ladies' Whipcords and three-
quarter lengths; regular $26.00.
Sale price   $12.50
Ladies' Tweed and Light Panama
Johnnie Coats; regular $20.00,
Sale price   $10.00
Ladles' Panama Johnnie Coats;
regular $16.00. Sale price $7.50
THE  DRESSES  in  elegance and
refinement of style surpass any
previous offerings and the variety
of materials and colors baffles description. The small prices asked
vvill move them quickly.
Ladies' Shut Taffeta and Messaline One-I'iece Dresses; regular
$20.00.    Sale   price... $15.00
Ladles' Shot Taffeta and Messaline One-Piece Ureases; regular
$26.00.    Sale  price... $18.50
LadleB' Klne Messaline One-piece
Dresses; regular $30.00, Snle
Price    $22.00
Ladles' Kine Mnssaliue One-piece
Dresses;   regular     $36,00,     Sale
pri"'  $27.00
Ladles' Hlack Lace Dress, built
over heavy messaline; regular
$60.00.*   Sale   price. ..  ��38.00
Misses' White, Light Hlue and Pink
Chiffon Dresses; regular $20.00.
Sale price  . $16.00
Little Girls' and Misses Colored Dresses.
Keg. 60c; no- 39C     R<* *ao��i "mv   Si-15
Keg.   $1.00;_ now. . ��� 75e
Peg.   $1.26;   now...05C
Ueg.   $2.60;   now
Keg.  $3.00;   now..S2.C5
Little Boys' Wash Suits.
Reg,  $1.00;   now..   85c    Re*. t-*IH,; """
Peg.  $1.26;   now.$1.00      Re��'  *2-60i   "mv
Ueg.   $1,601   now..$1.25      ������''*���'���   r*****0'   now
Just tliat little matter or giving money's
worth for money paid, just that little matter
of having tbe liest assortment of materials
ami color*, hus made this eectinn popular
witli Ihe public nud mnv nota these startling prices
28* INSTEAD OF 35* i Tint-
line of Preacb Serge iii navy, cardinal und black: 34 inches wide. (Vr
55* INSTEAD OF 75* Priestley's Mohairs, Serges, Whtcords and
Tweeds: 40 and 5(1 inches wide,
l'er  yard   	
80*    INSTEAD    OF    SI-00*-
Priestlcy's   fine   Whipcords,    Satin
Cloth.    Wenl    TnffeUs;     beautiful
qualities,    l'er yard	
$1.20 INSTEAD OF S 1.50-
li'ctland Cords, Silk and Wool
Klgiind Crepes, etc.; the latent  and  best,    l'er  yard   ....
5(V   INSTEAD  OF   75*    All   wool
f'hallies; 2t) In. wide, a \axgO rsm-ge
of  patterns  to
��r hardered effects. Per y.i
wide, ii litrrr'-- rence ��-/��
choose  from,   plain Sllf
ccts. Per yard **Vv
We respectfully ask for the payment of
all accounts.   May wc send your bill?
All  wash   rabric-H     in thla    dejwi-lnient,
Swtm  MiiKliiiH,  Dimities, Cheeks,  Vesting*.
Maniwirettva, etc., share in the subsUinti.il
During July and August our business
hours arc from 8 o'clock till 5:30; Saturdays, 10 o'clock. PM>4 f-OU*
Fresh \Vater and Salt
rirst of Chain of Wharfs Along Coast
to Be Built at Co���an's Cive
Within a  Month.
Los Angeles Fisherman Meets Sudden
Death in Water.
Los Angeles, .luly 16.���Sharks are
believed to have eaten A. It. Blower,
of Los Angeles, wbo wtnt fishing Monday In Los Angeles harbor and fell
overboard from a launch. He was a
good swimmer and treaded water,
laughing and joking while the launch
was being put about to rescue him.
Suddenly he went down and we
seen again. Sharks are known
numerous in the vicinity of the
s not
to be
Tbe first of a series of public
v>harts to be constructed from near
the month of the Kraser northward,
vill bn started within a very few days
at Cowan's cove, Howen island, and
will likely bc completed in a month's
Tbo Cowan's cove wharf will be 300
leet in length and will be constructed
almost wholly of teredo proof piles.
An important phase of the work is Ihe
new departure whereby for the whole
line of wharfs Australian hardwood
plies will be used in large quantities,
as well as B. C timbers, whicb have
undergone a special teredo proofing
No definite plans for the other
wharfs farther north have yet been
announced, but these will he given
out soon. Tlie Bowen island contracl
i�� in the hands of James MacDonald
*: Co., a contracting firm wiih head- ,
quarters at Victoria and operating in
various parts of the province,
Down tho Kraser river on Lulu
island for the past week a derrick and
scow have been at work loading the
Australian piles stored there, for
transport, ami probably tbis week the
load will be taken to Cowan's cove.
Vancouver  People   Will   Havc  Opportunity to  Buy Civic  Bonds���
Moving Picture Shows.
Sjy   Number   of   Inde-iendent   Fishermen   Have Quit, Leavinn  Debts
Behind���Weather  Rcuih.
The. second salmon report issued by
the B. C. Packers' association and
���ilaied July  15, is here given
The reports from the Skeena and
Naas rivers and llivers inlet are very
���aiBCouraging. The weather has been
exceedingly rough and unfavorable for
Rahtng, and the packs relatively
small. A number of the Independent
fishermen bave quit, in some Instance-]
leaving behind them large indebted
Bellingham (lot 8000 from all
sources.    Seiner-a doing  little.
Anacortes Cot aboul 3000 from
all sources y-esterdav. Seiners doing
Scottish Canadian- Boats averaged
���about ii. Two iu this morning aver
^ged B-even.
Imperial    Boats    averager!    II
boats in  this morning.
f-Ciics    Boats  averaged  :
���lay.    Nothing in today.
si. Mungo ihats averaged 20 yes-
Terra Nova Boats averaged lu yes-
terday.    No boats in tbis morning.
Rniaswick Boats averaged 20 yes
Local Fish ng.
Pishing returns con Inue much the
same as last week, with lhe number
of sockeye stationary. At both the Si
Mungo cannery ami M. Monk .*v l'n.
in all about 2000 sockeyes were
broughl in yesterday The number
of bunts nut off the Ne-.v Westminster
waterfront is not as large as on Mon
���day No lessening ot the number of
licenses issued Is yel apparent, and
la-st nighl 1938 had been given out. As
t-vin inspectors who were yesterday at
Stevesion issued 131 this number will
now bnve reached an even 2089, as
a.'.ainsi a total of 1001) last year.
Vancouver, July 15��� Vancouver folk
will havn the opportunity of Investing
in "baby bonds" for local improve-
ment issues at HO cents on lhe dollar
biaring Interest at 4V2 per cent., according to the decision of the civic
finance committee ratilied by the cltj
council last nighl.
I Mayor Baxter suggested it. lie bail
been discussing the matter with the
city comptroller and that official bad
seen no harm In issuing bonds of Jinn
11 was accordingly arranged to is
sue $liii),UOU worth of local improvement bonds for sale locally. Notice
of a bylaw lo issue the bonds was
Church Has Theatre.
The   Methodist   church   proposes   to
tablisb a chain of moving picture
heatres in every large city of the
lominion, with a view to "educating
the public along safe and sane lines."
To this end a company has been
formed, with a capital of $100,000,
and a beginning will be made in Vancouver in the near future, at tbe
Hamilton hall, Dunsmulr. This ball,
which bas recently been renovated, Is
the down town Methodist centre of
Vancouver, and is centrally located.
Although it is not a main street, it is
not thought that this will militate
greal ly as a factor against the popu-
larlty of the theatre, as it is hoped
that the class of entertainment offered by the management will be In the
nature of a special attraction,
Arrives Today.
official Intimation has be
ceived that bis excellency th
Rev. Mgr. Stagni, IM), the apostol c
delegate for Canada, will arrive in
the city tomorrow at 9:26 o'clock, He
will be met by the reception committee and In the evening will pontificate
at benediction of the blessed sacrament in the Church of Our Lady of
the Holy Rosary.
To  Study   Indians.
With the Idea of studying the langu
ages and habits or (he Indiana who
live in the northern part of the province. Miss Mary L. Jobe. of one of the
normal colleges of New Vork. ll ft lasl
evening for Prince Rupert, where she
will be joined by two Indian guides.
Miss Jobs intends exploring some of
the little known parts of the province
and Alaska. In the ten weeks the
young lady expects to he away from
civilization she will travel over 40 I
miles along Indian trails.
Encourage  Tourists.
With a view in encouraging tourist
travel around the Crow's Nest-Arrowhead Lake route of the (' I'.11 , 11 \V
Brodle, general passenger agent for
British Columbia lines, bas been mak
ing arrangements for Btooovers    and
B| lal transportation facilities In the
Kootenay and Boundary districts He
returned from an inspection visit of
the C I', u. sections In thai pari of
the province yesterday
The Clansman is still at the Brain
.< iroii-es'  wharf on  pnuit  Btreet,
The tug fearless brought a scow
ti ad "f : and from Sechell lo be usnd
4iy the Mi ii ral Rubber company.
Thr cai
broughl    ii
i    rr
S) dm v    No   2  was
it    to tho    ���'���   N   u
wharf   late
id.iv   with   b< ���.  i.i ��� b
V1erkalct>   Delayed.
At  an ' el*,   i: in   mis morning  *
[\'i rwi'.'.ian    vessel    Her] ��� les
���Btarted up rivet   ���dondat and laid ovei
at Steveston awall in-  high tide    bad
not  reached New   \\ ��� il mln   ��� i
San I-'ranoiscn a.l*. Ici lhat ll
. b*ir nn "t'in-  Mia   no oul  lr
fearquentlne    Alia,    now     * da;
fr- in   Newcastle    An Iralla,   haa   h en
-chartered  outwards foi   liunbei   !..    \
f*\ Thane & Co   i ��� i   il
*Vhe Alta took lunibf'l     lit  '    ���    I'r i
'Mills some time ago, I ai  *.* ill nol d
ho this  trin. us all  In r  cai   u     III  b
put aboard at Vancouver.
Seattle, July IG Captain C. Curtis,
master or the Union Oil company's
tank steamship Oleum, b nind from
"Port San Luis for Seattle while off
Pall mi linn island at 0 o'clock yester
*d��y morning, sighted an enorn
���dead whale, which he reported to tin*
United States hydrograilnc office as
**, serious menace to navlgnl on
Tbe carcass, according to a wire 1 ;-
3 from Captain i lurtls, Is ovi r
ftel long, 'ih ti ei wide anil * ood
about 15 feel oul ol Ihe water. It *.*. is
.drifting in the path it* isels plyins
in the coastw Ise trade
flic Oleum's mantel seul ii small
boat to the whale and uu inborn of the
crew etuck a black ring into Uie body
and fastened a laulern lo Uie Mag
Btaff An empty '"I drum w i
tii-d "to the can.'. i.i a'lraci tin at
tention  of   nu i        ('apt    i    '
ve the exncl I"* ' m "I Hie whal
as latitude 47 in ��� ' Ioi * tudi
124 41   weBt.   Dei I        i mil   i" '
L-northern I h> *
Statea and one ball  i    '
tContlnued from Page One i
matti r ' :' government consent
Mr     MacNeill      I    hale    Ilu   i ihjeet ion
to Sir Charles putting it any wai  be
Mr    MacNeill,   continuing,   ompha-
:. ed thai lhe Hank of Montreal rob-
i" I*, had taken place early thai in im
Ing   8i pi   Iti    The sum of $1173,000 was   a
siolti, and  taken away     In  addition  in
to Ihe sum  taken  awaj    $801 0    was
ittered about tho city.   Tho actual
weight in cold was 216 pounds and the
i il i" rs ��' re hampered by the weigh!
ii;!n rwlse    they    would    nol     have
thrown  auay $8000,    n  was evldi nl
thai   these  men  musl  gel  a  convoj
ame  to lake  it  away      Returning  to
the  motor Incident  counsel Bald  thai
witnesses w mid  prove thai   between
Vancouver    and    New    Westminster
Macnamara and two other men, sun
si fluently   Identified    as    Mean    and
Powell were seen,   Powell was arresl
��� d subsequently and In his possession
were found a considerable quantity of
Bank  of   Montreal   notes   In   regular thin, smooth-faoqd
series of numbers, which had never
been in circulation I in th it charge
there was nothing before them at the
present time,
Evidence would be laid befor
thai   Macnamara  was  living  fo
tune  in a  house  in   Vancouver  with
Dean.    They   were   Been   al   various
Waller Cotton, the first witness es
amined was shown a plan he had pre
pared   "I   the   Hank  of  Montri ul   and
view from lhe ba"ck of the police station to the Bank of Montreal.
W. H. (i Phlpps, accountant, Bank
of Montreal, said he had held various
poets in the tank's service for 17
years. He had $i:irgo of the vault In
the bank In New Westminster. On the
night of Sept. 14, he locked up the
cash In the safe., Jnside tbe vault. The
vault waB about 15 feet square, the
safe was about''five feel high, two
feet wide and IS inches deep. It had
a combination lock and he had one
key and his assistant the other. On
the nighl of Sept. 14 tliere was about
$440,ntiii in the suite.
Mr. MacNeill-i-Hllow was it made
up? .,,
Witness! w-ps referring to a hook
when Sir Charles objected on the
ground that these entries had not
been mads hy witness���only Initialled
hy him. His learned friend was g >-
,ng Into the details of the bank rnh-
bery aad he wished to protest as
strongly as possible and preserve the
position throughout. He trusted his
lordship would ��� consider It There
was nothing mare unreasonable than
thnt on a charge of stealing a motor
car the defence were to suffer all possible prejudice by a supposed burglary of Hie Bank of Montreal���to try-
two cases In opp. If they could go
into this and saddle upon accused a
suspicion of beins connected with this
robbery ihey would pile it on. This
man had been months waiting for his
trial. He could not be tried under
the law f ir the hurgiary yet indirectly
he was being tried for it. Thc crown
was trving to surround accused with
prejudice and Suspicion. This question
Iof the amount of money in the bank
I suggested that it was proposed to try
Dean, Powell and Macnamara. Was
Macnamara to be tried on the charge
* for which he was extradited? He sub-
mltted this evidence must lie carefully1
| watched. He did not object to the
crown proving a robbery or a murder took place on Sept. 15, bul he
did object to evidence as to who
robbed the hank.
, Evidence   Relevant.
The courl said it seemed to him
the evidence  was  relevant
Sir Charles said it was of the utmost
importance to avoid anything ln the
nature of prejudice In his client or
a confusion of issues,
a confusion of issues. Il was prejudicing prisoner lo bring in facts with
which he had nothing to do. Tbe facts
In order to be relevant must be con-1
nected with t eh principal charge
which was theft of the motor car
The Court -Mr.' MacNeill mentioned
that one Pergusiin  was coming  lore
to say that he saw  prisoner on that
morning cranking the motor, another
witness  would   say   that     Dean    and!
Powell   and   prisoner   wcre   seen   together,    and     another    witness    that
Powell   arrived   in   Detroil   and   had
been   found   with   Bank   of   Montreal
bills said  to be stolen, in his possession.    All these parties are alleged to
be connected with each other     If Mr.
MacNeill   bas  any   evidence   io   Bhow
that    prisoner    is    associated   with
something tliat happened that morning
lt is relevant-
Sir Charles said he felt the responsibility    upon    him.    li   seems  they
, were to try the three cassssssssssssss
were to try the three cases.    He could
| not   sec   tilij   connection     between     a
'man   found''with   Hank     of     Montreal
notes in Detroit and the moving of a
motor    car    from  a garage 30 or 40
.yards  in   New   Westminster.
'    The court over-ruled the objection
Mr.  Phlpps then detailed the denominations  of the  rhoney   in   the  safe
It was made up as fellows: $150,  in
Bank of Montreal $5 bills: $145 ) In
Hank of Montreal $10 bills: $8000 in
Dominion of Canada $1 and $2 bills;
$36,000 in American gold: $15,000 In
notes of oilier banks, making $263.0^0
In addition there was a sum of $87,-
(mn in noies of all descriptions.
lie further related the numbers and
dates when received from the head of-
five  by  advices from   Montreal.
On the night  of Sept.  11  there was
nobody   living   in   tin-   hank   premises 1
and  everything was  In   perfect   eondl]
tion      Dn   the   morning   of   the   15th;
about   6  o'cl ick   he   found   the   hank
premises   bad   been   entered   and   the
front door open,    a considerable sen
of  money   was  scattered    over    the
floor.   The safe had been 1 lown mien
Tin-re  was about  $80,000  lying  about1
and !'.!7L7'-'l missing,    The money In
a parcel would size up about two and1
a   half   cubic   feel   and    Weight    from
200   In     Jail     pounds      The   windows
were  locked   from  the  inside     They
fi und a ladder up against one window'.
The   bed   in   the   bunk   premises   was
disturbed    One blanket was stuffed In
tlle  hole   ill   llle  sure
After luncheon witness told of the
recovi ry of three separate amounts of
the stolen monev
Identifies Powell.
Shown a pohtograph b> Mr Mac
Nelll, vltneas Identified the original
Marlin Powell, Whom he had se. n
In Detroit at his trial He sa.i eer
lain bank miles there which be hnd
Identified as a portion of the Btolen
,,,, ���* ���    ������'.' i ������ ere $10 hills.
chief Brad sh aw was then called t
Identify a wooden I ns In which was u
enrdboord  box  used   In  phlnnlng  the
nu my trom Detroil to New Westmin
sii ���
|',,|i���e    nffier-s    Nai'i'i-i     Vi'uhen:
���mil   WMr-nn   Hlack,   Detroit,   Identl
fled both i * yen
ii"'|i*er V'ml'irc. shown the before
���cent'"!" 'I oh* tograph, said: "Th ll Ifl
Marl1-.   Powell "
viiu in,   Bi-ei.-.  polli fficer,  H*
trolt, described Powell    He waB D tall
man     "    was    a
a pro
land P
N. H. Hood is a visitor ln the city
from Toronto.
W. J. Crooks, of Toronto, ia registered at the  Hussell.
It. Oraham, of Port Hammond, 13 a
visitor in  the city.
D. K. Dafoe, of Pasadena, California,
Is a guest nt the Hussell.
J. M. Campbell, of Victoria, la
registered at thp Windsor.
Archie Oxenbury left yesterday for
[a short  holiday to Alberta.
John II. Andreas and wife, of Sheridan, Wyo��� are registered at the Rub-
j sell.
Kred lliscock Is a visitor in the city
from Bassano and is registered at tile
Hev. and Mrs. E. G. Thompson have
returned to the city after a trip to
Eastern Canada.
Miss Ida Adams and Miss Clara
Shrese, of Vic nria. are the guests ot
Mrs. C. S. Keith, Hoyal avenue.
Herbert Bailey returned Monday
from Nanalmo, where he has been
spending a week's holiday.
Hussell Cordon has returned to
town after a visit to bis parents, Mr.
;and Mrs. Oeorge Gordon, of Sllverton.
A. Hall, of the Orange Sentinel.
Toronto, was the guest for a few days
of liis cousin. Mrs. P. Latham. Fourth
L. M Richardson, president of the
heard of trade, will leave In about a
week for Kngland. He will be away
about three months.
Hamilton Edge, of Derby, was the
guesi yesterday of !���'. .1. MacKenzie
M L.A.. who entertained him at the
Hussell at lunch.
Mrs. W. M. Dowlin. of Amherst.
NS is visit.ng Mr. and Mrs. L. It.
Lusby and is now with tbein at their
slimmer cottage. Orescent.
H. A. Stoney, the New Westminster
member of ih" labor com miss on, has
returned to the city, but will leave
aga'n on Monday, This time he goes i
to Prince Ilupert where the commission will bold a silting.
*"^    i i^, i r**i r T*js:c3~~i
Chairman Trapp, of School Board. Objects to Trustees Beinn Merely
Chairman T. J. Trapp, of the school
hoard, was peeved last night. At the
board meeting he said "Ureal Scott"
once and spoke in a loud angry vole
for almost Iwo minutes when I)r
Green wanted to postpone tlie ap
polntment of a high school principal
Until Trustee Hennie and Mrs. Gill,;.
Were in attendance.
"I'm down on this thing." the chairman  burst   out.    "Ilere  are   two    crj
ttiree   of   ub   who  are   standbys.     Wl
come here night after night and never
get anywhere."
Dr. Green interrupted to expla'n
but Mr. Trapp went right on "Will
Great Scott 1 if the other trusties
don't attend, the sooner we quit Iiie
better. We sit here till all hours of
the night and never get anywhere.
I'm tired of this sort of thing."
lh never, when the doctor Becond
ed Trustee Sioney's motion to proceed
at once with the appointments, Chairman Trapp calmed down and In a
little while was his smiling, amiable
self again.
entire Stock
of Women's
to clear
.   Come
choice early.
New Arrivals in Satin
Petticoats, Price $5.50
We have just received a shipment of beaiuiful satin
Petticoals by express; the shades are decidedly attractive, and as quantities of some are very limited
we advise early selection: colors are the new
American beauty, Paddy green, rose, lavender, Copenhagen, browns and tans, Alice, black, navy, etc.;
accordion pleated flounce.    I'rice  $5.50
To crowd the store at opening hour; quantities
are substantial, but becaues of their very season-
ablenes and the low pricings we cannot promise
a full assort mint after a few hours' selling.
Here Is an Opportunity to
Supply Your Needs at a
Great   Saving
Summer Coats at
Actual Half Price
I-'ifty beautiful new summer Coats to he cleared
al lhis remarkably low price; made of the Unlit sum-
nnr wool fabrics, repps, pannmas, silk, pongee, etc.:
in an assortment of new styles; in fawn, gray, navy,
tan and natural shades; to fit ages It! rnisHOH. to
women's in bust; jusl such a garment would add
comfort for present wear. All marked at ACTUAL
Beautiful Summer Dresses
(See Window) at a
Saving of 20% to 40%
More popular sumtnei styles; developed In voiles,
plain and fancy white muslins, Bedford cords, crepes,
mulls, etc.; elaborately trimmed with lace and embroideries; sizes 16 misses to women's 40 bust;
markul at a saving of 20 to 40 per cent.
Black Sateen Petticoats,
to Clear, at $1.18
An ither new lot by express; made from besl quality
imported sateens: lu a variety of pretty flounces;
priced  for quick  selling,  special   $1.18
May  Reorganize  Dominion  Arsenal  as
Retult   of   Investigation���Employees   Lack   Fitness.
Quebec, July 16.    A complete reorganization of the staff, and  an over
hauling    if   the   Institution   generally,
are anticipated as a result of the re
port on the Dominion arsenal here hy
il     ��� in lr 'IIS
Sir 'I*, 'i'i'':- conti nded thai thi
ecu pn pan d foi   i - pm iflc pur
and dlsl  ��� ci    marl
* il      . *���:   ���   ror  the  purpo       ii.
:���:        tnrrri     al  l'"* trial to fix  e il
ni* *.* , !*������   iin*  subjeel   of   dls
pule ",,    ���' -   would   hcmfl     ' 'i   li
mark ������    n   m thlB plan prepared hi
fairly good photqwaph
1 in ��� d  in  court    Powell    had
Sir Charles    *\re the- n-l evt��inr-
them  i-Pnui'My  lares  l"  the  nhotograph?    I
Minn*    ,se i'u. wora ���iilvhii'dly
Witness   Tliey   are   law    In    the
'���   '"rraiili.
I'rncei ding Mr   til ���-���'' pn'd he t*** '������
'!���'���  noles  from   I'ov * "'"   room   nn   lhi
llghl   or    tune   24,   THI!   ''"'I   handed
>:. in   lo   the   scon I**---   I'1'  lh"   pollen
tin-  pros'    ,��� mi  placi ������    v hen
ami such a  thing too    nl.i' ���
'I'll" court  Ml*:."   I'd  Hu   ���   .li, ii
m:  all  marks.
Mr   MacNeill a!  li nglll  promb i
i pul  in a clem   v
*,).*..     I Mleil    thi     plii
:       ,   mem   the   Instructions  ol
1. pirtf-eril   thai   n'l'hl      nn   Ih"   '.'"'ill
plan   I,., f" '' niles of t''*m     "e never s	
i*   *., I   ���' room 209!    lie wo- dlrecl
,.,|    I-,    I'..     -.,r,ei
III-""*   ������   V|ni I *'i     "I   ���*,.*"-  * i   '
 'i    ��� '  '*, '������ ���' i "i ������ ��*, *" .*-. h1'
I   tur". 'I   lliis   ' l'er   '"   'he   lleill '
I   flrsl   ������**���     I'*'"    Mi'-nw   Bomothlns
���wav  "ml  I   nicked  il   ll''     "   was five
iui ii im bills of ii"* iianu of Montreal    ii
wop "ii  ihe Btreet.
ii "ii       Mr   phlpps  was  ileal"   recalled  an*'
gave iin* numbers of ihe  portion of
d ii"  iiu-  stolen   n* le*   iiro'ln**eil   In  eli'r dl
iie : uv,   ;'i  Di troll  a number of Sin
, ri      hills   whi *h   wai:'   pari   of   Hi"     ti Ii *i
'lh're was an i'ii"i  iiu-'���'i     '     rt ad   urncd until 10:30 I   '..
I r i > i  t      iiii      iiii        liiilinilli'll      ill   )���    11.11      It'll-      11 I
a commission which recenly finished
Its labors and whose findings are un
i* r i em -.der.ii.i ii i y i.e militia au
r.i* r : ' I   ei in   *.* i
Tin re is ri i ��������� n io believe lhat
twelvi .. llllni] i. urns n: ammun'.l n
li ii" i ���*��� i. ci ndemm d and when it Is
: iiiii il thel :'" * .: It i. sured betw een
.':.'. and t-'i pi r Hr ii-aud. Hie Item
"i l bs will l e ia ���' guii' ii an a material one ii wevur, iio* cartridges arc
nol wholly had. and il is posslbll ll
sue a 11 ry considers! !o pari "f the
im im nie tuppl) u a ��� h ��� i I ��� en f uiul
il"li "live ThlB will he done by mak-
iiiK thi in OVI
CerLu- Condition.
I ii'k "I Bupi ��� , usuii. and Inspection
and carehtMie: H on the pari of the
' mph yi es ar" the main causes nf the
trouble which has th veloped. The
arsi nal authorities both made ami in
snocted   the  output   * r  lhelr  insiiiu
Lou       BomO     line      ami      the   lllillllli
council appointed a qualified Inspector, Ll Col. II*.rtli ii. and he had nol
heen ai work b tu: before di'covoring
a very  si"-;ous condition   *!' affairs.
As a rc-e't nf h't* report to Ottawa
a couple nf hnadnuartere staff off cers
were e-1| i|,m ii in r,, nntl contlucti d
I lengthv Investigation bul In order to
I '*   douhlj    l lire    Hn*   services   of   two
experts fr m thi Woolwl-^h arsenal
were enlisted    li Is their roporl which
������.as recently penl  i" Ottawa,
Unfit for   Use.
l'."'U'i   what   has   been   learned   lore.
through   official  soudces,  the arsenal
i i'i. i- ih  and    ihe   conditions under
. ch II n is hei li    olieialed    "re con
il  tl,  while as  s 'ai' I    millions of
n undfl of ammunition bi i found i i la*
iindi 'rn* issue io iin- mllltla,
Th" Investigation, though very thor
ough, was conducted with much se
ii"iy. ami while very llttlo has been
paid aboul ii and Hie conclusions
i*' m hed, lh" main facts have leaked
' a' ami caused a sensation in local
miliiai". circles, further devel iptnentB
are availed  with  ureal   Interest,
It i understood '.hal one of the
. ..an causes of the trouble was ihe
Impropi r adjust mi nt of llm machines
used  iii  making ih" cartridges,  with
* Hm   result   ihat   a   great   pan   of   the
'��� million   rounds   was   out   of   line   ami
liable to cause serious accident.    All
1 ibis ammunition must lm dstroyed or
ai least made over.
Employees Lacking.
There are ahout six hundred employees In lhe Institution, and. to some
extent at least, there has been pollti-
ral patronage in iheir selection. Consequently   technical   fitness    has.    in
many Instances. I n lacking,
Cul. Handel, lh,. head of the institu-
itlon, is retiring in view of the silua-
t n ihai has developed, and numerous
changes In the Btaff are anticipated.
The experts will recommend a cum
plete reorganization of the arsenal and
��� i thorough inspection hy experts of
ih" ammunition which it semis om
Meanwhile steps will be rikon in
pave as much as iiussilile of the ma
terhil which has heen c indemned and,
in Its |ires..|i!  slate, is imlll  for use.
Moose .law, .luly I". M lose .law is
feeling 'in* money tightness pretty
keenly. Manv manufacturers have
���ul their stall's dowu in lhe I iwest
possible    limn,    particularly    lumber
nerchatlts,     The   cily   has   also   sus-
���ieiiii.il all hut urgent work, and have
iid off large numbers of men, while I
some ut*  Die  officials, ii   is  reported,i
��� a*.e  nui   had   their  wages  for some
time.   At ilu* suggestion of the mayor,
In- hoard of trade h ive decided in dis
���en-.*' with the services of Industrial
'i.iumissioiier   Hrown,   who   has   been
������'���'���.iving   a   salary   of  $6,000     yearly  ;
I Trewn   is   al   present   OUl   of   the   cily
endeavoring to locate industries,    So
far lhe two principal Industries whicb j
he hns been responsible for have been
in automobile manufactory, which is;
now nearly completed, and lhe Metz-
gor Seed anil (HI company, who have
ommenoed operations,
Dlrn   In   Jail,
nue nf  the  Inmates ai   the   Burn
hv prison  farm died yesterday     The
��� body Is now at Kales' undertaking par
���������im anil   Coroner McQuarrie lias ordered  an   Inquest   to  l���*  In Id  Thursi
daj   mornlni
More   Phips for  Pacific.
-     in'-*   l.',     v plstunt   Pas
Bcnger Traffic Manager Oi irgn Wells,
n| the Canadian Pacific railway in Toronto, s od inlay "The Canadian l'a *
eii'tc railway will place Iwo new
i:. timers ou tho i'acific m*\' year.
Killed   hv   Motor  Cycle.
Montreal, .lul 15, Miss M Hev "11,
Mh,, ��a . ran il" .in by a i*" i* :* cycle
di ,i- a l',   Hov lh, dli 'I i" ih"
hospital this afternoon, Th" young
man   v.as   iiniimuiiiiiT, ,|iut   under    nr
*      I.    |    Uditlg    ,. I    Invi    l; ���*'""l:
K. II.  HIJCKLIN, N   BtoARDSUDB,        W. r. H   Milt m ,t-
Pras and Q��a). Mgr. Vice-President. Hae. aid Tr������
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Blanches Throughout  the   Province  of   Brltlch  Columbia.
Savings Department Bl all Branches     fl. |ioslts of Une Hollar and
Draft, and Travellers' Cheques sold,  payable  In all  purls or the
world, '
CHAS. Q.  PENHOCK, General   Munauer
New   Westminster   Branch: a   v-   ntunu   ���
��-     "LAOIl,   ll'r.na-iier
��� -7 :'"��:*...7a-.-*"i-;:t1;i-.
The New Westminster
Morning���Grand PowWow of the Seaton Indians at
the Totem Pole; Lecture, "The American Habit,"
Mr. Stanton.
Afternoon���Concert by the Chicago Male Quartet;
Lecture, "Education and Well Being," Prof. B. F.
Evening���Popular Concert���Bell Ringing and Male
Quartet, Chicago Quartet; Great Production of
"Abraham Lincoln," Benjamin Chapin. WEDNESDAY,  JULY   16,  1913
paue invi
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads^m ^
LACROSSE   >:   CRICKET   :-:   BASEBALL   ;-:   BOXING ONTARIO $1,0007000
������'In statu quo"
-stating the real situation in  Vancouver as regards the proposed Jump of;
Is Hie proper way of I season.     The   boys   have   decided   to
. I jump to tbe pros, but JubI who they
, | will  play  against or  when  they   will
play has not even been discussed."
the  Man  cup  holders  to  the  profes- |     Klm jf aMj that uttie varn  knocks
Blonal ranks. The boys who have j the timbers from under tbe Vancou-
been petted and praised hy the fol- ver reports of yeBterday that the two
lowers   of   amateur   lacrosse   in   the '��� teams   would   play   In   Vancouver  on
Kour will be staged on the island
grounds of the Tecumsehs HiIb afternoon, the present league leaders, the
Irish Canadians, being the visitors.
The game was scheduled especially
for the benefit of the shop clerks and
thoae who enjoy tbe weekly half holiday  in  the Queen City of the Lakes.
Terminal City, or rather their mangers and executive, which includes
Joe Reynolds, are now finding themselves standing between the gentleman wltli the honiB and the deep sea.
A mistake has been made, so think
the executive, although it took no less
than six hours and a half for the
members of the team to catch hIkM of
the glories that attend the path of
the professional lacrosse player.
Someone  must  bave   been  dangling
a bag full of golden ducats before the
amateur champions and the clinking
of the coins was the last aid to the
boys to decide that If Con Jones
his  players  are  taking down  a  little  rontOB?
Change it  was only  right  for them to
break into the Jackpot.    Quite so.
Last evening The News was In
communication wllh the secretary of
the iinii. Milton Oppenheimer, who
also fills the posl'ion of secretary of
the provincial board of the H. C.
Amateur  union.
"Nothing has been arranged with
(.'on Jones about any games," said
Mr Oppenheimer, "and for my part I
am able to slate thai then- is little
possibility of the two teams playing
together  on  Saturday,  If  at   all,  this
i Saturday.     It  nlso  demonstrates  the
unwillingness of the executive of the
j V, A. C. to treat with Con Jones, they
perhaps having In mind his record In
I lacrosse on  the  coast  and  bis deal-
i lugs with    Westminster.
On only  one occasion  has  Vancou-
evr caught sight of tho Minto cup, so
| that the  Mann  trophy was becoming
a fixture, the same as the old   Minto
| trophy has become In the Praser city.
Why, then, the idea of allowing those
i eastern sport hogs to grab that Mann
I cup after It  took  Vancouver two expensive  trips  to the shores of  Lake
ind I Ontario to cop It from the Voung To-
"111 win this race or break my
neck," said Martin O'Hrlcn as he
mounted bis second motorcycle, after
demolishing biB tlrst bike, at Macon.
Ha., the other day. Several minutes
later, O'Brien's cycle skidded on lhe
slippery track and went through the
fence, -when O'llrion made good.
Baseball Results.
Such a move would  be pre
poBterouB In the eyes of the better lacrosse fans of the Terminal City,
Con will be over here tomorrow afternoon, armed with legal statistics
and also the threat of the V.A.C.'s
The Hussell hotel Management
have reserved two rooms for the reception of the guests frnm Victoria
and Vancouver. The meeting opens
at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon
It's a safe -u'liess that It will not consume six hours and a half In order
to see Just who is running lacrosse out
here on  the  coast.
Standing  of the Clubs.
W.    I..
Vancouver 54    Hli
Seattle    54
Portland    46
Victoria    42
Tacoma 40
Spokane   32
Daisy   Rothwell  brought  suit  against !Tnis
I William   H.   Rothwell,   which   Is   the'
fighter's real name.
Voung  Corbett  was  principally  famous  as  the  man  who  knocked  out
, Terry   McGovern,   the   Brooklyn   ter
ror.   He first turned the trick at Hartford,  in  1901, and six years  later he
I again smashed McGovern on Hie chin
: In a battle at San Francisco and won
the  title.    He  soon  hit  the toboggan
and was defeated by Jimmy Britt, Hat
Nelson,  Aurello  lierrera,  and others,
'although  he  always  claimed  that  he
was robbed In the Britt fight
A scrap between Voung Corbett
and Terry McGovern that is not Included In the records took place In
Scranton, Pa , a few years ago. The
old rivals had been induced to bury
the hatchet and go on a theatrical
tour as joint stars. The company was
in Scranton on the anniversary of
Voung Corbett's defeat of McGovern
and Jim Corbett was also playing in
Pel that city. Jim suggested a love feast
60ti to celebrate the anniverasry of the
593 battle and the subsequent treaty of
554 | peace, and It was pulled off with great
Expenditure for One Year
Hospitals  Crowded  and  Cases
are Increasing
466 | eclat.    In  the theatre  after  the  din
480 ner  Young  corbett  and  Terry  went
359   through their usual performance, and
j wcre Hearing its conclusion when the
I former  make  a joking  remark  about
his victory over Terry some years before.     That   aroused   McGovern's   Ire.
snd, quick as a wink, he sent over a
Coveleskl pitched I vicious  punch  that   took  Corbett  on
form   and   was   ef- [the chin, and sent him sprawling. As
soon as he had recovered Corbett
Can't   Stop   Mike   Lynch.
Tacoma.  July   IB.    Tacoma    played
lo isely  In the field today, while the
ihree pitchers used could not halt th"
Spokane  batsmen
in   championship
feet ive at all times
Score: IL    11.    B,
,,;,,] | Spokane    11     12      4
Tacoma        1      6      4
Batteries:   Coveleskl  and  Hannah;
Kurfus, Belfnrd, Crum and  Harris.
Tnat's   How  Jack   Home   Daubed   '.
Whitewash All Over Electrics
Last Nirht.
When a pitcher In tbe city league
ib les out a one hit, no run gams li
is lime to doll the hal and the lids
dropped to Jack Horne last evutug
when he had the Electrics at his
mercy throughout seven Innings, iuht
enlng up in the pinches enough to ;-'ap
the kalsoinine on the nickel chasers
good and plenty, while the Moose
w.r.-  pounding  out   four  runs.
I lorne   wus   never   seen    In     better
: hape and but one error was made behind   hlm,   although   five  of  the  juicy
I. nd were pulled oft by the teammates
:   Mr. Silver,  the Klectric hurler.
No Bcores were sent across until the
third Btanza, when errors allowed
Hay io get on, to be brought iu on
Welngartner'* single and the latter
crossed the, plate a minute later
through another muff.
in the fifth Welngartner again
Blngled and Wlnilhladi walked, both
being brought In by a fast grounder
by Mallen.
The ElectrlcB' only bit cam" In the
sixth, when Corbett connected with a
uuiil"    Jameson,  with two out, was
walked   and   It.   was   up   to   Silver   to
save  thc   day.     Mr    Silver   followed   In
the footsteps of    the might)    Caa iy
and s'i   i  . out,
Umi' ior the Electrics, and Williams * ��� the Mnuse, pulled down the
lie'il'i * honors, the former connecting
with Iwo flyB near the fence, while
thi lain i Bcooped a difficult one close
I" sei   I il base.
The details are as f: Hows.
H.    II.    E
Electrics  0     1     6
M i so    4      6      1
Hatterles Silver and Fisher, Walker. Horne and Oentry, Umpires,
Ityall and  McCabe.
(Hy the Potter.l
If Jack Horne bad been pitted
a-a list llle mighty Ruyle on Mondni
night, showing the same form as yes
terday p.m., the fans would have been
treated to some real classy ball     Al
the Canadians on Saturday Bfternoon
and th'- 104th regiment the following
Wednesday. The N. Ns reorganized
:Hst evening and threaten to pull down
the championship of Moody park.
Afier perusing the French column
in The News of Monday, one has to
wonder whether the Monsieur (Sail
thier mentioned as residing at Maillardville Is any relation to thc dare
I devil French Canadian of the Montreal  Nationals.
Trainer at lacrosse, amateur hockey,
soccer and now at rifle shooting ts
the record of Tlm Mahony. lie will
i act as oculist for the New Westminster rifle team on the Richmond
ranges during the rest of the week.
lt ls understood that Harry llyland.
who waB In the city on Monday, was
acting as the enimissary of Con
Jones, The former Balmon Belly appears to be having a good time living
nn Con's payroll and doing nothing.
Hiirnatiy will bave one glorious
chance ti Ket even with the Wesl
Knds tomorrow night at Queens park
Three of the latter aggregation,
Storme, Murray and Lougheed, are
away on vacation and with several
new players Blgned up by the suburbanites Manager McMurphy believes
his bunch will just about redeem
Hob Brown is kicking himself
these days because he failed lo to
lain the services of Butch Belford,
who was sold a few weeks ago by lhe
Tacoma cluh to the Philadelphia Aih
li ties.
The Bportlng writers of Vancouver
are seriously thinking of chipping in
a few bones apiece to buy un adding
machine, should the rumor materialize
that the V. A. ('. and the Vancouvers
are in play off for the cily champion
ship. What a great chance Lalonde
would nave to make a world's record
in the scoring line.
Beaverr Still Winning.
Vancouver, July 15, Vancouver
made it two straight here tbis afternoon when they defeated Victoria 7-2,
Although the Bees made the same
numlier of hits ;*.s the home team, errors behind Toner were responsihi"
for  several  runs.
Score: R.    11.    E
i Vancouver     7   13     0
I Victoria     2    13      2
llatteries:    Wilson     and     Konnick.
Lewis;   Toner.  lloatman  and   Hrotten.
Portland Arr the Victims.
Seattle, July IB. Hunched hits in
the first inning -save Seattle three
runs and additional scores in the fifth
and seventh gave the locals the game
6-2. Meikle pitched effective ball and
held Portland scoreless until the
seventh when an error, two hits und
a fielder's choice, scored two runs.
Score: It.    H.    E
Seattle      5      8      2
Portland    2    10      3
Batteries,    Meikle    and    Cadman;
Mays  and  Williams.
up with blood In his eye, and only the
entreaties of Jim Corbett and others
prevented a spirited rookus.
In the opinion of Young Corbett the
greatest flehters in pucllistlc history
" re Joe (Sans and Terry McGovern.
There Will  Be  Royal City  Eleven for
First Time  in  Years at Annual
Standing of the Clubs.
W.   L.
New  York   63    "4
���Philadelphia    44    30
Chicago    43   ?.R
Pittsburg 40    39
j Hrooklyn    36    39
Host.>n    34    44
St.  Louis   32    48
Cincinnati  31    51
Yesterday's Games.
bul   a  s
ii tie
an   p
it   ibird
:s  sin  e
I" Cl
���*���  le
iguer to
9 cr  ii
for n
That six hours and a half meeting
��� 1 the V. A. C. team Monday nlgbt
eclipses anything in the marathon
line pulled off by the B, ('. L. A.; and
si 11 Milton Oppenheimer, the secre
I iry of llie club and also secretary of
the provincial hoard of the amateur
union, persists In telling The News
that lhe deal Is still banging lire.
That "We should worry" stiifT Is
getting still" these days, bul this was
cxactly whai Tom Gifford. President
KelPngton and President Agar slated
to Tlle News yesterday.
Ai   Cincinnati:
New   York      	
Hatteries:   Hrown
Hi. wton  and  Myers
AI   Hrooklyn
Batteries:  Cheney
Stock   and   Fischer.
At   Pittsburg:
..  2    11
4    14
M a -
New  Westminster    will    again    be
represented   at   the     annual    cricket
week in Victoria in Angus'.    This decision was made at a meeting of the
local  club at the  pavilion  on  Moody-
park    last    evening.      when    namea *
enough and to spare were banded in
of  those  prepared  to  make the  trip.
Thla will be the first time in many
years lhat the Iloyal City has entered
in   a  coast  tournament  of   this   kind
and. with the showing made by    the
I first eleven this season who bave not
lost  a  league  game  up  to   the  present,  there appears every  prospect  of
the locals    breaking    into    tho    win
'column against some cf the crack aggregations of Vancouver and Vancouver island.
\     F. C. B, Cnvc, the new addition from
: Winnipeg,  who  has  starred   for    the
prairie city against the best. Including
the   Australians,   will   be   tlle   capialn
from now on. Rev. K. It. Bartlett having   found   that   his  other   dut'ea  will
j not permit him  lo continue the posh
| tiin.  although  his services  will  still
he at   lhe disposal  Of  the Club.     W.   A.
.Wells wns elected vlce-captaln, with
'a committee composed of A B. Tlgar,
.Rev.   E.   R.   Rartlctt and   !..   II.   Miller
The report on the operations pf, the
hospitals   for   the   Insane   In   Ontario
for the past year shows that insanity
Is  costing  Ontario practically  a  mil- I
lion dollars a year.
The total number of insane In the
Institution is 573C, of whom 2769 are '
male and 'i'.idl female, a net Increase
of 86 for the year. Tbe dally average
for the year was 0682, an Increase- of
90. The admissions for the yearl-to-
talhd 1247. an Increase of 103, There
were 460 deaths, an IncreaBe or 45,
and 578 discharged, an increase Of 28
over the previous year.
Deportations Heavy '
The number of deportations shows
an increase of 32, with a total of 25*.
Of these 66 were Insane, 49 criminal,
and 43 who were likely to become a
charge upon  the community.
Tliere lias been a steady growth
in the revenue from the hospitals for
the insane under the present government, and the increased income aggrades $S636. The total for the
year was $312,326, as against $303,-
698 for the previous year.
Better   Facilities
Greater facilities for the care of the
insane have resulted ln Improvements
everywhere. An additional hundred
acres has been purchased at llrockvllle, making 320 acres, aud with the
640 acres at the new asylum at Whitby, the needs of the hospitals will be
largely supplied by the work of the
patients. Manual and health 'work
has been found to lie most beneficial
in lessening mental degeneracy, and
under the direction of Superintendent
Edwin It. Rogers, who has carried
out the directions of the ministers In
the hospitals for the insane, a high
standard has been reached that is
being adopted in many of the institutions of the United States and Europe.
What  Insanity Costs
The cost of running the several hospitals for the insane for the past year
was as follows: Brockville, $1J3.420;
Coburg. $26,813; Hamilton. J 194.756:
Kingston. $117,691; London, $170,404;
Mimico, $110,883; Penetang. $57;413;
Toronto,   $163,378.
Growth  in  Insanity
i  steady  increase
Paid on the daily balances of Savings accounts, subject to cheque withdrawals. Handsome Metal Home
Banks for children supplied to depositors.   ..
for the safe-keeping of Deeds, Insurance Papers and
other documents, which you cannot afford to risk
losing. You carry the keys and no one can gain entrance to your box without your authority. Our vaults
are fire and burglar proof. Rentals $2.50 per annum
and upwards.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streeta, New Westminster.
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL    ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
There has been
in the number of
ln the cycle of flv*
has beeu this:
1907 to 1901 ..
1902 lo 1906 . .
1907 to 1912 ..
Why   People
cases   of  insanity
years the average
Go Crazy
. 9 HI 1
. li S 4
as the executive
E !   Next Saturday
The Nifty Mn.
anagi r, ure o
wllh l'i
after   .1
r     The ttrsl midweek Kline of the Hii;
It.   li.   BJ
Pittsburg      6    18      1
Boston     3   io    i
Batteries:   McQuillan,  Hendrlx and
sin',mi. Coleman; Rudolph and Whaling, Rarlden.
At St, Louis: R.   II    F..
BL   Louis     2    10     0
Philadelphia    3   10
Batteries: Hums, Sallee and Wln-
l'o; Chalmers, Brennan and Killifer.
II nvley.
Standing  of the Clubs.
W.    T,,     Pel
Philadelphia 59 22 .72*
Cleveland  ��<��� 33 .602
Washington  ** 39 .661
Chicago    46 3S .547
Boston      39 40 .493
SI   I.ouis 39 54 .419
Detroit  35 54 .393
N, w York 23 57 ,287
afternoon lhe first
eleven will make the trip to Vancou
ver where Ihey oppose the llurrard?.
while the "A" team will battle against
Central Park, one of the new clubs of
the lower mainland, on the asylum
grounds. Enough material has been
located to Held two of tbe strongest
elf vens of the season so that a brace
nf vic'orles are looked for on Saturda v.
Beven Days Sale
Of their entire stock
Beginning Saturday morning, July
19th, and ending Thursday evening
July 31st.
Corner Columbia and Sixth Streets
Yesterday's  Games.
At   Iloston:
Batteries:   Leonard
���Walsh nnd Schalk.
Al   New  \ork:
N'iw  York  	
St.   I.ouis   	
Batteries:     Keating
Hamilton and  Agnew.
At   Detroil:
llatteries: Plank and
Samloek   nnd   Stallage,
Onlv three games In
R.    H.
1 7
2 5
and    Thomas;
ll    11    E
and     Smith;
11.   E
...  7    11       2
...  0      9      3
I.niip;   Hall,
the American
International League.
Toronto n, Montreal 3.
Rochester 2-1. Buffalo 5-3.
Baltimore 1. Newark 10.
Providence  5,  .Jersey  City  2.
(By "Gravy.")
Joe Clans stopped  I Mil  Hawkins I
in  Ihree  rounds at   New   York, I
"The old  Master" always    declared   that   bis   three   ba'tles
with    Hawkins   and   bis   three I
bouts    wiih    (Ieorge    "Elbows"
McKni'.d mi.   neither     f    vlnr,
were Champions, were the hard
psi  of his career     Hawkins,  a |
California  lightweight,  defeated
tiie Baltimore coon in the f rsi
session, Cans won the second
after he had been knocked
d iwn    sevi ral    times,   and    lhe
negro waa nlso the victor in
the third,   One of the Mi-Fad-
ilen fights was a victory for
Oans, snother a draw, and 111
th,' third, fought In 'Prison in
'99, "Elbows" knocked Cans out
i-i ilu' 2:lrd.
Joe Jeanette knocked out Jeff
Madden   in   ���'���   rounds   al    New
Buck    Crouso   stopped    Dave
liurtz  In    8:h  round    al     New
i The causes for insanity are numerous. In one year 41 men and 25
women were driven crazy in Ontario
through business troubles or loss ol
friends; mental strain and overwork
56 men and Sl women: religious ex
citenieut. 8 men and 9 women; fright
and nervous shock, 9 men and 13 women. The above are called moral
causes, and quite distinct from the
physical   causes.
[ There are a number of causes to
swell the ranks of the female insani
to which the male sex Is not subject.
Of the till cases admitted tn asylums
during tiie year. 890 inherited a,pre
, Nationality of Insane
Of those admitted to tbe provincial
institutions. S49 were Canadian born
IM) Kngiish. 5-1 Irish, 56 Scotch, 2"
Russian. 32 American, tl Italian. 2 As
Syrians, S Austrians. 14 Cennaiis, 6
Japanese, 2 French. 4 ^inlanders. 1
Hollander, 2 Hungarians. 1 Romanian,
1 Norwegian. 3 from the West Indies
and 2 Bulgarians, There is an over-
population of 126 in the hospitals foi
the insane in Ontario,
Where They Come From
1 York county supplied 361 of the inmates admitted last  year.  Middlesex
149. I.amhton 34. Carleton 55. Want-
worth   im,   Renfrew   26,   Hastings   26.
I Leeds  28,   Waterloo  22,  Siincee il,
I There seems to be an Increase ir.
the Insane from the parts that are
sparsely settled and where the comforts of life are not easily obtained,
Since the hospitals of the province
were opened tliere have been admit,
ted 35.275 patients, of whom 17,276
were female and 17.999 male.
Amidst Island, Mountain, Forest and Glacial Scenery to
Including MealB and Berth for Round Trip.
Permitting side trip over scenic route of Grand Trunk Pacific Rail-
ay at small additional cost.
C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
: Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.   E.   DUPEROW,   G.   A.  P.   D.
Phone Private Exchange 8134
709 Columbia St.
Westminster Trust Bldg.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia  Street,  New  Westminster.
Singer Sewing   Machines.    Small   Musical  Goods of all Kinds. PHONE 694.
Ends In Divorce Court.
ll was four years ago today lhal
Young Corbett, the once popular box
er, was knocked ont by Johnny Frayne
|ib llle eighth round nt San Francisco That was tlle beginning of tlle
end or Young Corbett's pugilist ic ea
.refer hul, although he lost n right
I nnd much or his reputation, he won ;i
I bride. The young lady accompanied1
the lighter to California to see the
battle and agreed to become Ills wire
If hc won Although Young Corbett
[lost, the girl considered that he bad
pul   np   such   ii   good   flghl   that   she
waived ihe tonus or th* agreement,
and tiny wi :��� tIi d i.i Ban Rafael,
cal., on tin- ii.i'.  following tlie battle.
This romance of lhe prize ring ciilml
n.itnt a few months ago In the di
VOTCe OOUrl  or New   York  when  Mrs.
Moose .Taw, July 15 -Now that
FouraCrBB' statement regarding the
thefts from the city stores ahs been
given to tlle police 11 appears tbat the
thefts nre not nearly so large as was
nt tlrst thought. In the last three
years there have been five carloads of
junk sold from the City stores and
not more than two carl mils of this
could possibly have been stolen by
Oould and his confederates, as has
been alleged. Most of th
and lead piping. It would app<
slsted oi gonds thai had been returned
from Jobs and not accounted for as
not being required on these jobs.
One fact that the police wlll be confronted with is that Tadman, Ihe junk
dealer, straightforwardly bought all
the Junk that came from the power
house nfter II was bunii and paid
over the money lor it.
Uses of Olive Oil.
Not every one realizes ihe medicinal I ���r"B
properties of olive oil,    It Is unite true
that the machinery of the body needs i
ulllng occasionally, like nnr macho ideal i
machine   which  Is  constantly   In   11*8; I
and olive oil  taken Internally  WH tie I
exceedingly beneficial, a tablesiionnftii
will  nid  tiie digestion  and  ease  llrei
trouble.   This oil should be served frequently ns ii dressing and Is not only j
pleasant on  vegetables,  but serves aa
un appetizer ns well.   Taken Internally.
either with salads or alone, lt Is benefl
clal for catarrh pith"' *t the stomach
or lh rout,
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB,
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
A Nsw Fsd.
Tbe newest rnd In Interior deroratliin'
Is painting the Wainscoting and 'the
hnsebonrds lu the mrlous rooms s deep
glossy blnck.
The floors nre finished In dark brown.
.md the walls of rooms so Unlabel) look
best tn buff, grny or dull blue, which
preserves (be neutral tune of tbe room.
Suspect   Foul   Play.
Hamilton, July IB, -Startling ilevei-
ol the copper wire j opnieiiis are expected at the adjourned
would appear, con-1 Inquest ordered by crown  Attorney
Over a Card Game.
Edmonton, July 16, Jose Lope, accused of murdering John Proderlckson
ni Jasper a few nights ago over a
card game, is in tbo custody of the
Edmonton mounted police, Ha was
broughl in lhe city this morning and
will remain here until his trial comes
on ai Jasper,
Washington  to Inquire Into the circumstances surrounding the death ofl
John l.afferty, whose body was found
lying   beside   tlle   (i.   T    R,   I racks   al
short distance east of Bay street  late!
last  Tuesday  ulelit. and  who died  Ini
the cltv hospital Friday.    The circumstances of the case as learned this|
morning  from James Freeborn,    -iisi
Jolui strict north, for whom thi  man
worked since coming to the citv three
weeks  ago,   Indicate   a   possibility   of
fool play.   Tiie dead man Is known to
have had a solid gold watch und a sum |
of money nm 111111 ing to $18,    These,I
along with tb" coin and vesl he word,J
were   missing   when   lhe  Iniiircil   uian
was found, mul the old ratncoai  that .
was thrown over him, 11 is claimed,
I was not his properly. |
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throaghbreds in Adion-550
inrnwiTissT'j PA��E   SIX
Classified Advertising
ri ived for The News at the following places: K. T. Hill's drug store,
UM Columbia street; A. Sprice,
yueensborough, Lulu Island.
��� RATES. ���
��� ���������������������������������������������
Classified���One cent per word per
���lay; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used as required wlttln one year from date of
ci.ntract, $25.00.
iLr's olfice. Apply Dr, McQuarrie,
Colllster block, between 2 and I
liouse work. Apply Box 1746 News
office. (1746)
Phonograph, nearly new, home b'79.
Call 780 Queens avenue. (175S)
mints I will for a short time cleat
lots or acreage at a very low figure.
Walter Neal, 23 Sixth avenue.
I'hone at meal  times to R 1347.
Pickpocket    Allowed   to   Go  on   Suspended   Fenterce���Had   Been
Arrested Many Times.
One four room bungalow, two three
room houses, and one four room
house at Bdmonda with basement
full size, plastered, electric light,
pantry, china cupboard, clothes
cloBet, veranda front and back
neatly finished, new. Will take
small cash payment or deeded lot
for first payment, balance as rent.
George R. Love, Cumberland road,
East llurnaby. (1737)
boat.    Apply 1321 Third avenue.
tight roomed modern house, nearly
new, $30 a month. Lease. Phone
C12. ���v<n)
bungalow, 317 Fifth avenue.    11734)
TO      RENT      FURNISHED,      TWO
pleaBant front rooms.    Apply    Mrs.
Cooksley, 422  Eighth street.  (1731)
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh
slreet. (1722)
rooms to rent; every convenience.
Apply 619 Hamilton street.      (1692)
week; also housekeeping rooms, at
1108 Eleventh street. (17441
FOR SALE��� $1.90 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (1677)
where. No collection, no charge..
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west. Van
couver, B.C. (167S)
Furnished (hree room suite, with
haih. Hot and cold water. $27.50 per
Bradley Apartments.
1?1B Fifth Ave. Phono 750
gold brooch pin, pearl setting. Reward, 608 Third street. Telephone
1194 L. (1760)
Hcuses to Trade
No. 708 Seventh avenue, city, five
room, fully modern, new liouse.
Owner will take lot as cash pay
ment, A good deal for few days
No. 1030 Fifth avenue, city, seven
room, fully modern house, large lot
to lane. Owner's equity $1300, balance easy payments, will take a lot
for equity.    See us about  It.
Six room modern house at the corner
of Tenth and Belleville streets;
lot 66x120. Owner's equity $2500.
Balance payments Bmall and easy.
being only $250 every six months.
Nos. 207 and 209 Seventh avenue.
city, two fine new houses for exchange. Owner will take reasonably
priced property for equity. Investigate at once.   These are good buys.
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Bulilding.
monogram E. Q, S. on back. Finder
please call phone 1331 L, Miss K. G.
Stevenson. 11741)
Province of British Columbia, County
of   Westminster,
By     virtue    ul   a    distress   warrant
������sued in an action bj  Daniel K   McDonald and to me directed against the
goods nnd chattels of Tliomas Lenthen
I have seized nnd taken the following:
All of the  furniture,  bedding, carpets, blinds, linoleums, kitchen furni-
���   re.  etc.,    in   the  "Sterling     Hotel,"
Ituate    corner    Koyal    avenue    and
Tenth street,  New  Westminster, consisting of the   contents   of   62   bed
rooms, 7  kitchens and  cafe    and    a
uantlty of other goods and chattels
The shove will  be sold as a  going
T-* rras of Bale * * il
All of which 1 shall expose Ior sale
nl   the   Sterling   Hotel,  corner  Hoyal
.hi nue and Tenth street, on    Thursday, the  17th day of July. A D. 1913,
at the hour of l ' o'cloi i*. in the forenoon
New Westminster. July ll   1918
T. .1. ARMSTRONO, Sheriff,
(1738) Bailiff Inr the Landlord
Montreal, July 15. Charles Klein,
who pleaded guilty to pocket picking
Iin the Bonaventure station and was
released on suspended sentence by
Judge Bazin turns out lo be one ol
the most notorious crooks on the continent.
Kline, wIiq has a dozen aliases such
as Marcovitch, Cooper and others, has
a record of convictions and escapes
in and around New York city as long
;ns one's arm. This record, however,
did not arrive until after he had been
allowed to go ou suspended sentence.
The whole thing is a bit out of the
usual, the fact that the case was disposed of in chambers being one ot
:the features of it.
Accompanied by Woman.
Klein, or Marcovitch, or whatever
he is called at home, was accompanied, employees of the courl house say.
by a very handsome woman who had
money to burn, and carried a fat bank
roll, containing amongst other denoni
Inaudns, a lew bundred dollar bills
in her handbag. The lawyers engag
ed in the case, it is said, were paid
magnificently for their services; and
there was a general air of luxury
about her.
Judge liazin, who sits on Tuesdays
and thursdays only, was at his coun
try residence and could not be seen.
Chief Charpeuler, Of the Montreal
detective force, when asked about the
case,  said:
"Vou can hardly expect me to discuss the action of a judge; but I will
say this, that our department feels
pleased at having captured such a
notorious pickpocket as this man
Unfortunately, we did not know he
had such a bad record until afier he
had been allowed out on suspended
sentence. The fact that we got the .
record at all goes to show that our
department leaves no stone unturned
in going after these fellows."
Long  Record
ln 1903 Klein was convicted in New
York of grand laceny and sent to thi
penitentiary for a year. In 1904 he
was convicted of disorderly conduct
in Newark and fined, ln 1906 he was
convicted of grand laceny In New-
York anil sent to the penintentiary
for six months. In 1908 he was con
victed in Hartford. Conn., of pocket
picking mid sent to Jail for six
months. In 1910 he was arrested a
couple of times for pocket picking.
,f ned and sent to jail for a short time
In 1911 he was once arrested for
grand larceny and discharged. After
wards he was arrested in Boston on
j the same charge and defaulted his
'bail. A month later he was nabbed
j in Brooklyn again, on the same charge
j and again jumped his bail.
In connection  with  this question of
pick tuckets, a leiter was referred to
Mr.   Charpentier   from   a   city   in   the
'United   States,   in   which   the   writer
charged  that two New  York  pickpoc-
I kets were allowed lo do business In
i Montreal, and In return pointed out
all the visiting pickpockets to tlle local detectives with whom they were
|aIso supposed  to  share some iif  their
False, Eay3 the Chief
At first the chief was inclined to
'become angry, but his sense of humor
got the better of him, and he laughed.
"What do >ou expect me to say
! about this." he asked. "Of course it
'is not only a falsehood but foolish.
i Do you suppose I would permit
| such a thing? What is more. I maintain there Is not a city, taking the
population in proportion, on the Ann r
can continent, so free from pickpockets na Montreal.
"We arrest all who come here. If
the judges do not let them out on
I bail .vo convict them too, and send
i them to jail. Our records even thus
; far. show that. We have arrested
about 20, some of them have received
| fourteen yeur  sentences.
"But this ball business is our bete
| noire, lt makes us the laughing stuck
of the underworld of the l'nited States. I have told one of tlle judges so
"But we can't help that. We keep
on arresting the pickpockets just the
same. If we can't jail them, we can
at any rate put them to considerable
expense and  keep  them  moving."
Charged Contractors With Conspiracy
to Defraud���Padding of Pay
NaBru Co Laxatives
are  especially  good   for
children   because  they   are
pleasant to take, gentle iu
action,  do not irritate   the
bowels nor develop a need
for  continual   or   increased
doses.    25c. a box, at your
National Drill and Chemickl Co.
cf Canada, Limil.d.       177
WEDNESDAY,  JULY   16,  1913.
Was Sewed in Lining of Coat of Man
Who  Died���Widow  Now  Looks
for  Bank Roll.
Re Lot "B" of the South 39 Acres of
Lot 377, Group 1, Except One Acre
Theretofore Conveyed, in the District of New Westminster.
A Certificate i f Indefeasible Title to
(he above property will be issued t-i
William McBrlde on 'lie lsth day of
August. 1913, unless In the meantime
a valid objection Unrein be made to
me in writing by a person or persons
claiming an estate or interest therein,
or in any pari thereof,
.1. ('. OWYNN,
District Registrar of Titles,
land Registry Office,
New  WeBtmlnster,  B.C.,  12th Julv.
The person or in-rsons having In
their custod) or po session the following Title Deeds relating to the said
property are renin ited to deliver the
Fame to the undersigned.
ruith January 1889, granl from the
crown to Charlotte Adele Rougue.
l!>th July,   1889, conveyance   from
Charlotte  Adele    RougUG    to    Robert
S-ntt Moiicrleff.
���f 17-i:i) District  Registrar of Titles.
Separate tenders supercribed.
"Tender for Residence of Head Gar-
"Tender for Residence for Engineer,"
"Tender for Residence of the Bursar,"
" Tender for Residence for Assistant Medical Superintendent,"
respectively, will be received by tho
Honorable the Minister of Public
Works ii[) to noon of Monday, the 28th
day of July, 1913, for the erection
and completion of the following resi
donees at the Mental Hospital, Kssondale, B. ('.:
"Residence for tho Head Gardener,"
"Residence for the Engineer."
"Residence for the Bursar,"
"Residence for the Assistant Medical superintendent."
Plans, specifications, contract and
forms of tender for each building may
be seen on and after the Mh day of
July, 1913, at the ofices of J. Mahony,
Government Agent, Vancouver, S. A.
Fletcher, Government Agent. New
Westminster; and the Department of
Public Works, Victoria,  B, C.
Intending tenderers can. by applying to the undersigned, obtain one
copy of drawings and specifications
of each building for the sum of fifteen dollars ($15) for each sei re
luired. which will ba refunded on
their return  in  good order.
Bach proposal must bo accompanied by an accepted bank cheque or
certificate of deposit on a chartered
hank Of Canada, made payable to the
Honorable the Minister of Public
Works, for the sum Of 6 per cent, of
Ihe tender price, which shall be forfeited If the party tendering decline
to enter Into contract when called up
on to do so, or If he fail to Complete
the work contracted for. The cheques
or certificates of depoBlt of unsucci sh
ful tenderers will be returned to thetn
upon   the   execution   of   the   contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied.
signed with the actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed In the envelopes furnished,
J    F..  dltllTITII,
Public  Works Knglneer.
Department of Public Works.
Victoria, I!. C, July 4th. 1913, (1712)
For a License to Take and Use Water.
Notice is hereby given that Dawson
and Grace, of South Westminster,
w-ill apply for a license to take and
tiso one hundred inches of water out
of an unnamed creek, whieh flows in
a northerly direction through wild
land, owner ' unknown, and empties
into a ditch on subdivision near Scott
road. The water will be diverted at
a point fouth of Ladner r-jnd and will
be used for stock and domestic purposes on the land described as a subdivision of fractional section 25, B 5
N . R. 3 W.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the Mh day of July, 1913.
The application will he filed In the
office of the Water Recorder at New*
Objections may he filed with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller ot Water Rights, Parlia
merit Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
H71S) Applicants.
1 Section 4m
Section 348)
Notice is hereby give,, that on tin
22nd day of July, A.D, 1913, applies
tion will he made to the Board ol
License Commissioners for the Mum
clpallty of Langley, for lhe grant of
a license for the sale of liquor hv re
tail, In aud upon the premises known
ns the "Langley Hotel." situate a'
Kort Langley. in the Municipality of
Langley, lu the Province of British
Columbia, upon the lands described
more particularly ns follows:
'    A portion, containing by estimation
thirty oiic-liiindredtliK (30-100) of an
acre, of lot seventy-nine (791. group
I two (2i. New Westminster Disirict.
in the Province of liritish Columbia
atld a portion containing one hundred
and nineteen thousandths (119-10001
of an acre In the said lot seventy-nine
(79), group two (j), New Wostmlnsti 1
District, Province aforesaid.
Dated   this  7th  day   of   June.   A.D
11809) Applicant
Spokane, July  15.  -Some  pauper at
the  county  poor  farm   who  fell  heir
[to the clothing  of Charles  Coleman,
: aged 59, a pioneer carpenter, who died
;at the institution June 111. may be carrying around  a  large  sum  of  money
! sewed  in the lining of tlle coal,  if a
confession made by a woman claiming
I to  be  the  widow   Bhould   prove   correct.
County  Superintendent of Charities
: P. S   Redding, who was petitioned to
I secure   the   roll   of   bills,   has   asked
I tbe officials at the    poor farm  for a
report to clear up the mystery.    If the
usual custom wa= followed the clothes
1 were either burned or given to some
Sewed  Bank  Notes in  Clothes.
A woman who had posed as a friend
Iof  Coleman   came  to  the   rourthouse
land declared that she was the widow
of the deceased and asked that she be
given   possession   of  the  roll  of  hank
notes that she had sewed in her husband's clothes.
The woman appeared at the office
of Mr. Redding June 1 with Coleman,
whom she declared was a friend. He
fainted in the basement at the courthouse and was cared for by Dr. B. II.
Roark and others. After he was revived he was removed to the Sacred
Heart hospital. After a few days he
I was committed to the county poor
: farm.
Claims Widow's Rights.
Nothing further was heard from the
ease until the woman appeared at the
courthouse and said that she was the
widow and asked that she he given
his clothing. After she was informed that the el ithes were probably destroyed or had been given to some
inmate of the institution she declared
that their savings had been sewed in
the lining of the coat by her own
' hands.
"The woman declared that she had
failed to confess that she was the wife
of Mr. Coleman, as she hoped that he
would he cared It bv the eountv until the time of his death." said Mr
Redding yesterday. "She did not say
exactly Imw much their savings
amounted to. hut lhat it was a considerable sum."
Toronto, July 15. The charge of
conspiracy to defraud broughl against
Rutherford Cuming, Kred L. Richardson and Solomon Thompson, In connection with the alleged "padding" of
tiie pay sheets for work done on the
intake pipe, was dismissed hy Judge
Morgan. His honor finds that tliere
was no conspiracy; that the city
could not have been and was not defrauded, as It held a sufficient "holdback" to cover any overcharge, and
that the contractors, In increasing the
pay rolls were simply covering the
losses they would have suffered
through the disorganizing of their oth-
'er work ln "rushing" the intake repairs. His judgment reads in part:
An Adjustment.
"I am glad to observe that the city
and the contractors have made an
adjustment of their difficulties, but
this is quite apart from the criminal
indictment and has no influence upon
my judgment In the case. 1 will say.
however, that had 1 found them guilty
this settlement would have Influenced
me in passing sentence."
In finding the accused not guilty, his
honor pointed out 'hat the crown had
to reply, in making out its case, solely
upon the evidence of the accused
themselves, "and it is an Inflexible
and just principle of law that when-
ever's a man's own statement is taken
to establish a case against him, it is
pit allowable to take from his evidence  only   that     which     establishes
I criminality, and exclude what may ex-
I plain  what  appears  to be criminal.
"The   work  on   the   Intake   was  an
1 emergency or rush job, and the dt -
fendants had to do it at scuh times as
I the weather permitted.
"They had to be ready at all times
lo  take  up  the  work  and   press  it  to
I completion.     They   were   to   he   paid
'20 per cent, over and above the cost.
.This is a wide term, and these people
interpreted it to mean not only the
money,  material  and  labor  used,  bul
��� also  such  losses  that  they  sustained
1 through disorganization."
C. A. BOGERT, General Marager.
C��plUl P��id up    - -       - $5,000,000
ReMl-v. Fund $0,000,000
Total Atieli $70,000,000
The Influence of a Savings Account
When you take In a frw dollars or a lew hundreds, deposit It
It once in a Dominion Bank Savings Account and draw il out only
u you need it. It is lar easier to save il you do for money ,n th��
Bank does not sip away like money In your pocket or at home
Besides It Is earning intereat all the nine.
"Cunimlngs had intimated this view
of the case to Engineer Rust, so that
���the proceedings 'lacked the element
of secrecy which is a part of all eon
i splracj'.'
"It   was   not   a   loading   up   of     the
ipay sheets, for losses on other work,
but a charging to the intake contract
the actual cost of the work.
| "Cunimlngs made a grave mistake.
It was a stupid way of doing what
he wished done. He should have sent
in proper sheets and then supplemented these with a claim for extras Had
the city disputed this he could have
brought a civil action."
* Proposed   Hamilton     Gas    Agreement
Now   Ready���Controllers   Stick
it Up to Promoters.
Cadets  Nct  Permitted to  Smoke���Offenders  Severely  Dealt   With���
2,500   in   Camp.
Telephones:  Office 53.  Residence 429.
JOHN rkii). Proprietor,
We now have four trains daily and
will give you the cheapest rate going
not only to Eastern points, but to
Kootenay and other points We are
also agents for all Bteamshlp lines
Kor reservation and oilier particulars
AgcntH      Palmer     llros.'    (lasollnei"''!'1**' t0
Engines,  Marine   Engines  and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and  Works:  Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.   B.  VV. UUOUlE, G. P. A., Vancouver. | u. w. UHUIUK, U. P. a. Vancouver
E. QOUMCT, Agent
Now  Wesiiuliiste*
B.C.Coasl Service
LetWM Vancouver for Victoria iu a. m.
���I |i. in. ii ml 11 :4ft.
Leavei Vanoouver for s��-niti(> jo ... m
nml 11 p, m.
i.i'iivii Vancouver f*��r Nanalmo 10 ��.m
i unt) V :30 p.m.
Leavea Vanoouver   f����r   Prince   Ruperi
nnd   Northern   pniniM    in   n    in      WednM
dayi and Saturdays ai   n   p.m.
Cliilliwack Service
Leaves Chllllwack 7 a. m. Tuesday
Thursday and Saturday.
Leaves Westminster h a. m, Monday
Wednesday nnd ETiiday.
IBD, oom.KT, Agent. NeW Westminster
Niagara < n-tln* l,al;e. duly 15,
"They are a line, clean-looking l"t ol
hoys, and a eredit to the Cadet move:
ment." Thus did Lieut -Col ('. I.. Foster, staff medical officer, describe the
cadets camping here, at the conclusion Of the mual muster parade for
medical inspection. Col. l-'osler waa
Immensely   pleased   to   find   Buch    o
1 Ithy   lot   of  youngsters,   and   they
fully  deserved   his  praise.
The inspection was rigid in every
particular and very Utile escaped the
doctor's attention. Kach boy was required to hold out his hand In order
that It might he examined for cigarette Btalns, nnd to the credit of the
camp. It may be said that but feu
culprits were found. A few of the
hoys. who. unfortunately, are more o-
less accustomed to smoking, somehow got wind of what was tn take
place and made vigorous use or pumice stone before the inspection, thus
evading detection. The authorities
wlll not tolerate smoking by the boys
"Tiller pnv rlreumsti'ii-'ei- and are de
termlned to put " stop to it. due boy
w:is   Cltiehl    th-s   morning   and    was
iiuule in peel u wh Ie saek of potatoes
r punish rr-ont,
The camp Is now In full swin--'
Though the parnrte i tn- s have nol
been flnallv tabulated tho total
strength of the camp is IufI under
2,600, A huge number of there are
from Toronto. Including n detachmenl
of about BOO public y hool bnvs,
Though  perhaps the smallest  cadets
'n camp, they are hv no nie-ius I'.e
least lively, and apniur to hn nnjnylnn
themselves to lhe utmost The-, came
over by boat this morning, and had a
flno trip, the only mishap being the
loss of a rillle. A diminutive and tear
fnl young redcoat dolefully Informed
Col. Thompson thai he had lefl   his
rifle ill charge if a companion only
In have the companion carelessly drop
It overboard when attempting, as he
said, to shoot a flsh.
Hamilton, July lii The natural gas
agreement has been finally decided
upon by the com rollers and it is now
up to the promoters of the National
(las company to accepl it before it
gees   to   the   council.
The ball started rolling when Controller Cooper moved thai the agree-
|ment between the city and the coin
pany. as revised, be ace. pted; and also
that It I.e printed and a copy sent :n
.Ves: ii. Miller and Murphy, and if sat-
isfactory to the promoters it then be
.-ent on to the council.
To this Controller Morris took ob-
iection. Ile contended that it should
le considered hy the council first, but
was overruled by the majority,
Al this juncture thai clause which
dealt wiih the restriction placed on
the company In the eve nt of failure to
supply the minimum two million feel
I for more than Beven days ol any year,
1 aus discussed at some length. There
I seemed  to bo a  difference of opinion
m the matter. Controller Morris said
thai as he understood the clause, !t
meant  seven  consecutive days
"Thai was not tlie understanding :ii
all,"  announced   Mavor  Allan     "The
j i-'ause means that if tlie company fails
lo tupply the niiiiiiiinium lo the city
for any seven daya of the year, It will
bo required to secure more gas or la-
I stall an artificial gas plant."
i    At the conclusion of the discussion,
t was decided to slrike the seven day.)
from   the   clause   altogether,   and   tile
following words were inserted: "Falling to supply two million cubic feoi
for more than one day in any month,
except in the case of unavoidable accident in the opinion of the council."
This concluded the matter, and it is
likely that the company will acept the
��� controllers' decision.
ihe company will be required lo
bear  the  expense of  submitting the
I hy-law lo the people.
Montreal, .Inly IB, I.ouis Mullen, a
blacksmith at the Angus shops, nc-
CUBi d i f plunging a red hot iron nt
weldng heal   agalnsl   the   body  of  (i.
IMasoovltoh, a fellow workman, inflict
lng wounds which caused the man ti
he sent lo the General hospital for
two weeks, came before .Iiidg" I.n
fi ntnlne  in  the   Enquete court,  ami
was    remanded    for    voluntary   slate
The men were at work, and it wns
claimed by witnesses that a little fooling between the men who splashed
each o'her with water developed to
wltliln a hair breadth of tragedy when
Mallen, who like his fellow blacksmith
was naked from the falsi up, turned
from the water throwing and pulled
lhe   red   hot    har   from   the   furnace.
pressing the molten end agalnsl the
ban' body of Mascoviieh, frightfully
burning the flesh. The man collapsed
ami had to he removed In the hospital ambulance,
Eighth Street.
Reduced Tariff to Meet the Times.
Weekly Kates:
All outside rooms $4.00
Court rooms  3.00
Daily rate 75c. and $1.00
Newly   furnished.     Hoi   and  cold  running  water and  telephone
In all rooms. ���
good caff: in connection.
A Modern and
Handsome Office
can be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid of our
mill-work. We have all ready
in stock panels, mouldings and
all necessary fittings to expedite the rush Jobs. We shall be
glad to submit drawings and
estimates as -m* are specially
fitted up for this class of work.
Phone  473,  Queensborough.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pasa Standard
Specifications of American  and  Canadian  Engineers'  Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer i'lpe from
4 in to 24-in. In diameter. Tbls is also made ln thiB Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We alBo carry a stock i f Crushed flock, WaBhed Oravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See ua before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   In   New   Westminster.
Schaake   Machine Works.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
W$*'-Vf^*r-*W*Y *. ���*:���"��� "^.''fWiiifcV:': ������.-���>4
���"..���'.-,���.'���*:*���"������   ."���'"'"   ���*'   ���  ���  ���'*"������ k-������-"-���'  ���    u>i>-.r*
Bitulithic on Second Street, Ne* Westminster wiih Boulevard Dowr
the Centre,
Ilitiillthic Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy on
horses' feet, nnd, above all, particularly durable. Por these reasons
Bltulithic Is commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, aim city officials. It bus been adopted by fifteen cities
ln Canada, and over two hundred in the United Suites.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver. WEDNESDAY,  JULY  16,   1313.
Grocery Stores Sell Beer in Section of
Montreal���Speaker Knocked
Montreal, uiy 15.���J. II. Roberts has
now practloaly recovered from the injuries he received when ho was attacked after speaking on behalf of
the I. 0, 0. T. at the corner of Beau-
liien and Christopher Columbus
Questioned  regarding the statement   the   children   were   getting   better,  he
made liy  father Morln lhal there was! said,   his   wife   run   away   with   them
absolutely no need for Mr. Huberts tol After scouring the city, he found the
carry on the campaign, in the north-: mother and children sleeping on the
east district, and thai the place was i floor In a small room in a filthy con
absolutely  free  from  bars,   Mr.   Hob-'dition.    The children were living like
ish priest In Montreal, as be is only
;".i years of age. In addition, he has
tlie reputation of being one of the
must genial clergymen in the city.
His fatiier owned considerable properly In Notre Dame De Grace which
has made hlm take considerable in
I ti rest  in  that   ward.
Stole Own Children
Charged with kidnapping her own
children from thu Alexandria liospl-
j Ull. Mrs. Eustaclie Barney was arrested t n a police court warrant. Hrought
before Justice Lafontalne, in the aria gnment court she gave her bus-
1. ind a bad half-hour, while acting as
tier own lawyi r. Mr. Harney took
the aland against Ills wife, lie said
she deserted him two years and four
months ago, after which time he had
taken lhe beat care of his two chll-,
dren until Ihey contracted measles
aud  were sent  to lb'- hospital.  While
Most Inviting
at all times is a
cup of
TEA.     That   is   oi\
account  of its inherent goodness of
lf\   S.tl.d   L.��d   Packet.  Only.
Black,  Green   and Mixed.
Young Man Fined $20 for Acting Just
Like   a   Clam���Trouble   In
Booze Emporium.
erti Bald:
���Why the place fairly teems with li-
< .ns. d   grocers,   there   being   one   on
practically avery Btreet comer and I
li ive heard from a reliable source that
littled beer and spirits can be obtained at any hour of the day or night
and on Saturday nights brewers' vans!
"Utile pigs," lining oul of the same
dish, lie took them away and Immediately swore mi a warrant for
the arrest of his wife.   She was re
leased   on   hail   and   tin-   date   of  trial
wlll be I'l-vd
Girl   Di33-pcared
No Blue to    the    whereabouts   of
Ottawa  Isolation  Hospital! B:ing  Used
for Jail���Tao New Theatres
ai*.-  I usy  delivering beer  very oftenIGladys   McArthur,   the    ��ta ;������ struck
past midnight. girl  who  has  disappeared   trom  her
Curse to Dictrlct. li me haB been found    Mrs. Ada Mc-
������This-* secret drinking is a curse to At bur, Christopher l clumbus strei t
the neighborhood, and the members of ���"'���" mother, is almojl trantio with
the Progress lodge of the I, 0. a. T��� anxiety.   Blnce her daughters d.san
who have their I tings in the dis- Pearance she has scarcely taken time
trlct are fully alive to the fact, there-   '" ,,,lt '"' 8leeP- u"' P'n* UP ���' constant
lore thoy a:ranged for the meetings  search,
to be held   If they consider that thej
i orli   musl   continue  and   lhat   more
ne.-tings are required then I shall go
(again despite the facl that 1 might gel
���knocked  down, over the Job.  1  have
|t>> do my duty towards the 1   0. 0. T
'I  wish   to say  that  no one  more
p up reci,Hi s than myself and the Oood
emplars    the good    work done    by
S-'ather Mnrin In the u irttiern district
lln the cause of temperance; nol only
[that, bul we realize that Roman Catholic priests all over the city are working in the same dlroctlon. The priests
ha*..- their way of carrying out temperance propagande, we have ours by
h dding outdoor meetings
"There is absolutely no question of
our ruining the good work already
ilotip in the district We are doing a
public good when we have our meetings, hy bringing tin- fact of this
.secret drinking before the public.
Will Be Continued.
"The flood Templars are the largoFt
missionary body in the world and
they do Iheir work by holding outdoor
meetings, and these will be continued
in Montreal all through the summer,
the next meeting taking place on Sunday next at Mount Hoyal park, but
iipnfortiinately I shall not be able to
take pari in many of thetn, as 1 leave
for Kncland on Saturday, but hope
in be hack again early in August "
Mr Roberts went on to talk of the
���i n of the police on Monday night.
and produced a heavy loaded black
lack, which waa rubber cased, and had
.* leather loop at tlie handle, to Increase   the   security  of  (he   grip.  The
Escaped     Prisoners    From  Edmonton
Said  to   Havc   Stolen  Mail   Bag
at   Regina.
Ottwa, July 16.- When a man whose
child has heen treated at the city
isolation hospital refuses to pay for
the treatment, his child is kept in
the institution Ull he conies across
with the money In most oases he
comes across within 24 hours. Controller Parent admitted in council
that this principle was followed in
the Institution and Alderman Macdonald did not think it was businesslike, Imt rather a childish practice,
ile was following up a complaint made
hy a delegate of the Allli d Trades.
Controller Parent explained tlle advantages of the policy. "If the parent
wnn i pay, ii has been found better to
keep the child tliere till he does," he
said, "if l-.e owes a hundred dollars and
tlle child is kept in the hospital he will
pay   up   within   -1   lriurs
wi  pon, a murder-looking Instrument, have the child kept there, it's better
is taken, said Mr  Roberta, from one than suing him, and takes less time
the ringleaders at the disturbance, and expense."
! -.  a local grocer, assisted by a mem- City  Architect.
ber of the I 0 Q T The man was Controller Ni Ison will move for the
busy using the cluh when brought to appointment of a city architect at a
1 ... and was taken to a policeman, , huiTil of c.lit roi meeting this week.
who, declared  Mr   Roberts, refused to|He said so in council when Aid   Auld
i ike the man Into custody, simply telling him  that  If he .lid not  clear he
mid te- arrested,
Mr     Hiiher's    dec ired    that    tills
dws the pollce were oul to connive
th the gang, and  lo offer as little
protection as possible.
Montreal Citizens Setting    Anxious���
Plane for Four Affiliated Colleges
���Building Permits
li ntreal, July 1".    "It  will he the
rd  death  trap in the city."   Is
,vay  citizens  refer to the  street
loop which is being oonstructed from
Notro Dame street around ihe corner
��� f tin- court house to St, James slreet
Little st. James sti 11. as the thoroughfare is called at tin- point where
n i mis in front 11 the cot * i house, is
vry narrow, nnd    ftbi .������    the   oars
bwlng ..round to enl r St. James
Btreet, it is only MU it ft et wide. People  oomlns"  along  the  sidewalk  will
Ian*  to   lie  cunt anally   watching  out j^  Qn   (1.(,  improvement   commission
Ior  cars  to  avoid  accidents.    As  for L^ ,,)(, p0-j|ae commission.
Inquired about what action was being
taken toward thre appointment of a
scaffolding inspector,
Mr Kelson explained thai this had
been delayed I ecause it was thought
better to have a city architect wh -
I could have charge of all sm-h officials
is scaffolding Inspectors. A staff would
in- organized so thai there would be
more than one man available to in
speel  scarfulds
Prcpo3e New Theatres,
li in w begins to look as tin.ugh the
lerectlon of a theatre such as would
I suit tin- requirements of the city will
ile a race between C. Jackson  Booth
and J. II   Ferguson, proprietor of the
Harmony Hall building, which was destroyed by tire.   Tin-re is a well-defined   rumor  in  circulation  that  it   1b|
\ Uu- intention of Mr. Ferguson to erect
|a large theatre building, hut he would
give n i confirmation of the report. C
fackson   Booth   was  out   of  the  city
���md his Intentions regarding the convening of tin- old Bank Btreel church
into  a   theatre  could     not     he    obtained.
Tasy Mayor.
The fir: i half of 'he year has heen a
busy period for the city controllers
nnd aldermen, especially the former.
The hoard of health members, too,
have been bus'*. But the busiest ner-
son of ihem all has been Mayor Kills.
tor he is a member of [he hoard of
control, of the hoard of health, and of
the walerworks committee, besides he- I
Regina, July lii. No tract has yet
been found of four fugitives from justice of-lln- Alberta prison at Kdmonton
tor whom the police throughout western Canada have been asked to keep a
vigilant, lookout for. The police have
j received a wire trom the chief of police
at Kdmonton requesting that trains
| he watched and a general lookout te
kept for the above named men.
Renewed efforts will he made to ef-
] feet the arrest of these escaped convicts, for the opinion is general in po- *
lice circles  that  the arrett of  either
one  of  the  above  named  may  solve
the deep mystery which still surrounds
the   strange   disapeparance  of   registered mail and money packages fron.
the Regina station some time between
.Saturday  evening  and  Sunday  morn-
i ing.
I    The early hour these convicts leap-
led  from the Alberta penitentiary on
'the morning of their get away makes
it   difficult   for   the   police   to   trace
them   up.     The   convicts   had   a   long
start hut  a number of guards were'
soon on their trail, and the mounted
! police were not  long in taking up the
���hase.    The country for miles around
| in Alberta haa hi en scoured in a determined   effort     to    discover    their \
T.here is just a possibility that these
i fugitives from justice made good their
escape from the province of Alberta
[ to Saskatchewan and to Itegina, where
they may have teen successful in the
stealing of the hags of registered mail
which" are reported stolen. While it
Mb admitted by the police that these
I men would nol know that the bags
I were to be left at the station at a
certain time, il is possible they happened .upon them by being at the sta-
I tion watching their chance to get out
i on some train going east. Seeing hags
Iof mail lying about and no one on
' guard, as seems to have been the
case, these fugitives, it is said, may
h 'i* taki n a long chance.
j Postal authorities are still actively
, engaged In trying to solve the robbery, but so far as could Le leaned.
, were  unsucci ssfr!
Hamilton, July IS.���Booze was being dispensed over the rosewood in
Henry Goldberg's thirst emporium in
steady Htreams. The evening rush was
on and the tinkle of the bell on the
cash register was the sweetest music
on the ears of the proprietor. Suddenly there was a deafening crash in
the rear of the hotel -a grinding, ripping noise.
"lletcha (hieI that a freight tralnsh
(hie) bumpt ush," crooned an old veteran, who had gazed at himself long
and often In the mirrors
There was a rush of many feet to
the hack or the hotel, and then the
proprietor heaved a sigh. Some one
had entered with a miniature crowbar
Mid pried all the Dxtures apari in the
I ivatory. The taps were torn from
the sink and a lovers' knot had been
tied in the lead pipes. O'Connor was
the clocest to the lavatory when the
crash reverberated through the bar.
Mr. Goldberg accused him of knowing
who was responsible and offered him
Jin If he would tell the name of the
individual with the playful disposition.
O'Connor admitted that he had a large
sized idea who the man was.
"But I'm no stool pigeon. You'll
never find out from me who wrecked
the place," replied he. A call was Sen!
in for the police and Detective Cameron, who responded, place O'Connor
under arrest on a charge of wilful
Detective Cameron stated that
O'Connor told him that he was in the
'.".-.atory when the damage was done,
and that he knew who did It.
"I suppose you think that you are
a very smart young man, O'Connor.
hut 1 dont. If you know who caused
that damage and will not tell you are
is guiltv as the other man. You're
linded $20.00 said the magistrate.
Montreal   Beard   cf  Control   and   City
Council   a*   Parting  of
the Ways.
Montreal, July 15. -The dispute over
real estate transactions for the city
has reached a crisis between the board
of cantrol and the city council. The
hoard precipitated matters by send-
lng a report to the cacus of aldermen
on the Ahuntsic land deal. It was
charged in the cily council by Alderman   Bastlen,  thai  the  city    bought
property for a sewage purification
: plant at an unduly high price. He
i said that the city had paid eighty
1 cents a foot for the land, which was
offered   to   him   hy   Mr.   Payment   at
thirty-two cents a foot.
The controllers Bay that the charges
made by the council wrre so grave
:-is to eail for a reply.   They continue:
"We cannot let this accusation stand
i against us. and we ask the council to
withdraw it. If a judicial inquiry into
: i.he transaction  is  deemed  necessary.
ve :.re willins to vote the money fnr
t at once.    We are nlso ready to rec-
mmend  a  vote of money for an  in-
'ui'i-y on the other purchases of land
made   by   the   city   in   tlie   past   throe
years. T'i-re is also a $1.0011 cheque
put up as a sort of wager with Aid
/ You cannot realize the richness, coolness and full fragrance
that skilful blending can produce in Virginia leaves, without
buying and smoking these famous favorites.
They are an exactly right combination of finest workmanship and material, which has earned for them a world wide
Ask your dealer for them today.
10* for 10
the driven) ef carriages and motors,
'ley will ill future have to take their
lives in their hands to make any use
11.    tlle    street   lit   all
Eocnd   the   Money
Now  that   ihe  board  of governors
Bnd the committee of the four then
logical colli! es affiliated with ,the
McQIll   University   have   secured   tin
$��00,000 the) wanted, they shall have
In consider how  they shall spend tin
money.    No    plan has    been    formed,
hut it is expected that the money w.ll
lie  expended  on   the  following  lines
The  securing id  a suitable site,  with
building, winch mlghl be altered and
used for a period of five years, large
In the tlrst half of the year there
nn- ISI days, of which 27 were Sun-
davs. leaving hist 164 working days
and Mavor Kllis has been nt a meet
lng each day, on an average, this
; year.
Paving  Scheme.
Controller   Nelson   reported   to   the
council  that  Assistant   City  Knglneer]
Askwlth   was     working   on   estimates
I for an extensive scheme of street nav-
Iuk 10 embodv the whole olty These
estimates could not he readv for some
time. All petitions for local Improvement pavements and sidewalks whieh
are presented at the city hall In time
to he pnsBed upon at the next session
< niiiigh to provide for the erection of  ()f (|1(1 c^y council will be granted un
suitable  building, or anid  should  a
better  or  free  site  be  procured.    As
der the present local improvement bv
law, which provides that the city pav
1h!s scheme of co-operation Is only a for one-third of the pavement as well
year old, It Is thought It would be ' ,),��� street Intersections. On nnv
more advisable to secure land with w���rl( petitioned for after thnt the c'ty
a bn Iding already on It, thnn to rush wjj| pny only for tho intnrseellons the
headlong in'o the erection of a new property bearing ths wh-le cost of the
build ng without    knowing    whether romatnder,   Th" nev lneni i-mon
Iment be-In"  which provides for this.
I passed the first rending of the council.
the present scheme of co-operation
win become permanent,
Butter  Buildings
Building permits fm* tin' past month
ill  Montreal    showed    a    considerable
Increase over the figiros for the corresponding month for last year. In
June,  11)18, 404 permits were issue-
Montreal, July 15.���Owing to the
wi'm a value or $2,878,424; In June of {unsanitary slate of houses In the olty
last year permits   issued   numbered
twenty-four have been closed for the
warm summer weather by I'r. J. K
���117, bul tlie value was onlv (1,718,606
th'is Indicating that 11  heller class of   I nherge. chief contagious discuses of
building is now lining erected
New  Parish   Priest
father   Patrick  MoHunalil.  who  for  lng   week.  59   tin
lve   vi ars   has   been   connected   wiih   and 7,"i  the  week bef
si, Agnes parish, has been appointed
parish prie.it of lhe new English-
���speaking   parish  ol   SI.   Willlbrnril   in
floer.   The Infant mortality went un
to 171 last week, over 111 the preceded   hefore   that,
re that.    These
ue  all  deaths  of children  under live
years,    The  total  deaths  last   week
were 270, and the birth 433,   The con
's irdnn.'  father McDonald  has many  taglous  diseases  reported  were:   Dip
fherln.  17;  scarlet fever.  Ill;  typhoid
:;: tuberculosis. 80; smallpox, 1.
qualifications,    I'or one thing he ean
now boast ei bolng the youngest par
They Were Not "Regulation" Trousers'
and  Three  Soldiers Had  to
Fall  Out.
Ottawa. July 15, The members of
the Governor General's foot Guards
are hard up fir trousers. Three of the
nun of that regiment turned up to he j
inspected and paraded minus the regulation trousers, and the colonel no-
tlced  lt.
There   must   he   no   mistake   here; ���
'regulation trousers" means the Bpeclal trousers which belong to the uni-
form of the regiment.   The three men;
had   lint   "regulation"   trousers;   that |
was   all      They   just   wore   ordinary
trousers,   such   as   ordinary   civilians'
wear.     Apart   from   that  detail   they
were  dressed  quite  correctly,   in  the
"regulation"  redcoats    and the "reg- j
illation" caps.
Although   it   was   almost   dark   on;
Cartier Bquire, Col, J. S. Dunbar, the
inspecting  officer,  noticed  the  nmis-
'���ion when the regiment lined up to be
"Fall out, take those trousers off
and put on proper ones," he thundered, when he came to these men.
The men looked blank for a moment, and then fell out of thc ranks
in   the  ���'regulation"   manner.
Hut they didn't take their trouBers
off: at least not Immediately. They
lust went to the drill hall and talked
the matter over for a time. Then
thev went home, for the simple reason
that there was not another pair of
trousers to be had.
The supply of "regulation" uniforms has been a vexed topic, for
t'ome time among the men of the G, (V
!���'. r,. They declare that they have
made applications for uniforms, hut
the latter are not yet forthcoming
The matter will, of course, be men-
tionid in Col. Dunbar'B report, and
this may hurry the department up
Saskatoon Tax Sale.
���Saskatoon, July 15. Another good
day's work was put In by the city
treasun r att he tax sale which 888
parcels were disposed for for prices
which totalled $8,581.48. Great Interest Is being taken In the Bale and
the bidding continues with unahati d
Bptrltedness. There remains about
lone-quarter of the list to be disposed
nf yet, and II Is estimated that about
four hours of as active bidding hh has
been experienced thus far w'll eom-
plete the sale. .''" thc remaining par-
eels, sone are small and some are
large,    nil they are distributed In such
a way n. to maintain the interest ai-
Ireatly il.. wn In the proceedings.
Loose Change Day
The success of The News' Dollar Bargain Day on June 5th was
so marked that many retail merchants, as well as the customers who secured bargains on that day, have asked us to put on
In order, however, to give a wider range to the bargain list,
the next big bargain day for New Westminster will be a
"Loose Change Day" when the merchants will give special
bargains running from 5 cents to 95c. This big special day will
be held
Tomorrow,  JULY   17
and Watch For the Announcements f    tlM EtQHt    ""^""Vw'-f I
WEDNESDAY, JULY  16, 1913.
"' ' '��� IdM
Remember the Place���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
Laurentia Homeogenlred Milk
and Cream. Bottled In Alberta
nnd guaranteed fresh. Cream,
pt. 25c; Milk, pt. 20c, 2 for 35c
5c. for empty bottles.
Carnations, per dozen, all colors, 20c.
1. X. L. Tamales and Chill
Con Carne, 2 cans 25c
anlder'B, the I'ork and Beans
of quality. You muat try them,
2 cans 25c
Comb Honey, fresh in today,
comb 25c.
Try a tin of Water Biscuit,
once tried alwaya used, per
tin 50c.
"Our Special" Tea���This tea
is grown and blended for ourselves only and la really delicious.
Raspberries, 2 baskets   25c
Per crate   $2.35
Strawberries, per basket   ,.15e.
Watermelons from 50c. to 85c.
Canteloupes, large, each ...15c
Peaches and Pears, 2 lbs. . .25c
Plums and Apricots, basket 50c.
Apples, new in, 3 lbs 25c
Tomatoes,  per  lb    20c
Basket, 90c.
Cabbage,   per  lb    1! ic.
Lettuce, 3 heads    5c.
Radishes. Carrots, Green
Onions, Turnips and new Beets,
3  bunches  10c
Four deliveries daily to both
ends of the city, 9:30, 10:30, 2:30
and 4:30.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BR1GGS
It is a great satisfaction to have one's earning power supplemented by the earning power
of his savings.
Money deposited here
earns four per cent, per
annum and the interest
is added each three
There are many other
advantages extended to
depositors with this institution which
should know.
Call in and allow
to explain.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships under Administration, over $8,000,000,
Trustee for Bondholders over
City News In Brief
All notices of meetings, entertain! The new registration system ou the
ments, sales of work, etc., in this Interurban cars of the IS. C. B. IC,
column are charged for at the rate | with the exception of the Kraser val-j
of 10 cents per line. Please do not I ley line, goes into effect tilts morn-
ask members of the staff to break this ing. The change, from the coupon
rule, as their Instructions are positive,   system  is  n complicated  one  and  is
I likely to cause a little trouble to the
There will b-e no meeting loday of.i conductors for the tlrst few days,
the board    of management   of   the |
Hoyal Columbian hospital. j    The   Meat   Cutters'   union   held   an
| enthusiastic meeting last evening, sev-
Gct it at the   Uoyal   Pharmacy,   47 j erai uew members being added to th
Nouvelles de
FROM  8  O'CLOCK   TILL  5:30.
74-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Sixth street.    Tel. 1253.
Reeve   Barth  a  telegraphic ix  M.   S.
l.amoureaux a Ottawa lul demandant
de reioumer si tol que possible an
conseil niuhlclpule le deed pour sa
proprlete a Maillardville, sign-6 par
II taut attendre jus,me au retour du
document avant one le travail pour le
tl-S"3) j list, while the organization  was very  cbangement  de  l'hotel de  ville    peut
I emphatic  in  its  support  of  the  half
I holiday   movement   and   also   of   the
| great,  Labor  Day  parade  In  tills city
September.     William   Ure
A large plate glass window near the
entrance    of    the    Y. M. C. A.    was
broken yesterday afternoon by a hall j.
being thrown through it. K  {,^fw wm, appoInted ,0 ,)lP Ulbor
Trimmed hats worth $8.00 for $2 !IG,   day committee of the Trades and l.a-
$15.00 bats for $5.00, outing hats 75c. | bor council	
A lot of flowers to clear nt 25c each, i '	
Stre entreprls.
Mrs. Agret, 50 Sixth street.       (1754)
An Important executive meeting of
the Retail Merchants' association
committees in charge of the hlg picnic
here on July 30 will be held In Vancouver tomorrow night.
Ice cream grotto, Eighth Street
bakery, telephone 281. A. Ilardman.
proprietor. (1670)
It Is still possible that there will
be a citizens excursion. A number
of the business men are taking it up
as it Is felt that there are many residents who would take advantage of a
cheap rate to one of tbe neighboring
National Finance Company, Ltd., for
fire, life and accident insurance. 521
Columbia street.   I'hone 515.     (1675)
1'oBtmaster MacDonald, who spent
part of last week at Crescent, says
that, summer resort is this year more
popular than ever, and Increasing
numbers of people from New Westminster, Vancouver, Bellingham and
other places are holidaying there.
DAME -The funeral of thc late Dr.
Augustus Dame took place yesterday
morning. Services were conducted by
Itev. Kather Heck, or St. Peter's cathedral .and interment took place In the
Rorfl&n Catholic cemetery. The following were the pall bearers: Messrs
P. O. Bilodeau. A. I.. I.avery, E. Oou
let and W. Doitin.
W. S. Rogers, le superintendent tres
111,1   '!��� iestlnie de la Canadian Western Lumber  compnny, a   en   une autre  opera
lion le vendredi dernier.    11 se trouve
tres bien et sans danger.
I.e Uev. I'i're Jos l.uyten de Water
ville. Wash.. V. S. A��� en vislte chez
le PSre Caron.
See Our Ad. on Page 3
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
I.e conseil de Coquitlam aura lieu
ce soir a Burqultlam, 7 heure du Bolr ,
pour affaires ordinaires eoncernant la |
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. 16721
Professor lllll Tout, of Abbotsford.
will this evening address the Burna
by board of trade on the subject of
agriculture. The meeting which is
held in the Burnaby municipal hall
will convene ut 8 o'clock, and, it is
expected, will be attended by a number from this city.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved city and farm property.
9 per cent.   Alfred W. MeLeod. (1671)
While no word has been received of
more excursions to be sent to tlie New
Westminster merchants picnic from
towns or cities of tin- province, the
committees in charge of the excursions already planned have written
the Retail Business Men'B association
lhat the idea of a trip to this city is
increasing in popularity, and that the
numbers who will attend will easily
be up to the figures announced.
The Big Furniture Store,
Sixth and Carnarvon streets, is run
ning a genuine clearance Bale. Substantial reductions on all lines for
cash. Denny & lloss, the people
who treat you right ull the time.
Charge of Supplying Whisky to Indian
The Indian act infringement was
again much in evidence at yesterday's
police court.
William Haker. bartender, Merchants hotel, was acquitted on the
charge of selling a flask of brandy to
Cnsiniir Johnny, an Indian, after evidence had been adduced.
Casi'mir was arrested by Constable
Anderson on   Saturday   evening   and
lound with a couple of flasks in bis I renouvellement
pesseseion, one of    whisky   und    the
other   of brandy,    liis    yarn    to    the
is obsolete and ill-adopted for present
needs, and a severe handicap to the
officials In charge. In our opinion an
entirely new building should be constructed with separate accommoda-
Bxcellence MonBeigneur I tion for women, and matrons' quar-
diMego apostolique    du    Saint I terB, as well aB for persons detained
M. Pare, constat le h Maillardville.
ot sa dame, ont donne aux enfants d.>
la place, 1'occasion de se rafraichir
avec creme gelee.
Stagnl, .......
Siege en Canada arr,vera a Vancouver   pending trial and for prisoners found
Mercredi  16 Juilltt  fi  dix  lieures  du ; guilty   and   awaiting     sentence,     the
matin.    Le soir a 7 heure une recep- | whole   being   brought   up   to   modern
tion religieuse aura lieu dans l'Egllse   standards in  all  details.
du Snint Kosaire.    l'n banquet official j New Court House Needed,
sera domn-    par    les    chevaliers    de |
Colon.  Vendredi    soir.    Probablement
sen excellence fera une courte visite a
New Westminster.
The conditions surrounding the
court house, we believe to be inimical and of such a nature as to lead us
to question whether justice Is not
seriously Interfered with, owing to the
noise of a double line of Btreet cars,
and the heavy traffic passing within
50 feet, causing constant interruption
in the hearing of evidence, and must
impose an intolerable strain upon
those responsible for the procedure
The accommodation and appointments
are also lacking, and we submit that
a new court house is Imperative,
This space is toi
cur complt te lines
comfort,     Bathing
Bottles, (Jrupe,  I.i,,
berry Juice.  Knee
Powder, Talcum, are
have.    Safe to Bay-
stock in ihe city.
small  to  specify
for  your use  and
Caps,      Themos
b,   Lemon,   Rasp-
Cream,    Mosquito
In part what we
ii- have the best
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS,
Phone 43;  L. D. 71;   Res. 72.
New Westminster. B. C.
About 3(i0 members and friends of
the Kilsilano Presbyterian church
Sunday school beld their annual picnic at Queens park yesterday, arriving in the city about lo o'clock In
four H. C. K. R, cars. Sports and con-
ests were the order of the day. One
incident, luckily not serious, occurred
when a little girl was struck over the
head With a baseball bat, but only a j
scalp wound was inflicted.
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millionB to pay losses.
The llrst entry for the exhibition of
the ll. A. & I. society lias been received by the manager. I). B, Mackenzie, lt is from the Comox Cream-
���ry company, Vancouver island, and
is iii competition for tbe prize for tlie
liest display of butter, the best 50
pound tub and the best 60 pound
print. This entry so much earlier in
the season than usual, is taken as an
indication of a large number to come,
md causes pleasure to officers of the
Kor pressed brick, fire clay, commit! brick, cement, lime, plaster.
travel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
���i lhe B. C. Transport Co., Ltd. Office
phone S26, wharf phone S80.      (16741
August 11, 12 nnd IP, are the dates
thai ..ave oe. ii set for llie fourth an-
iu;il convention nf lhe Pacific High
way league to he held this year in
'In* Progress cluh chambers, Vancouver Delegates from down the coast
as lar as l.os Angeles as well as
from this province will attend A
tour to the asylum farm has been arranged after which the visiting motorists  will  be entertained ai  luncheon
Ibj   tiie   local   motor   league  and   the
We make awnings, tents and anils.
| -enovate carpets and draperies, re-
! Bake   and   rupollsh   furniture,   manu
'acture cedar dress and waist boxes.
vlndow seals and do all kinds of
| ipholstery work in leather or tapes
i ry. We are the largest makers of
I vlndow  shades,    draperies    and    In*
������rior    hangings.      Estimates    given
Lees Limited. (16601
An agreement to close every store
in New Westminster on July 3Q, the
lay of the big picnic, is now being eir.
minted among the retailers and already all. with the exception of the
hardware men, have signed. The hard
ware dealers will likely also decide
to close, thus making Hie move
inanimous    Secretary llashletgh,   of
Hie Retail Business .Men's association,
.vi rked hard yesterday taking the
igreement in all Hie stores, and expects  to complete his canvass today.
Two men nan a narrow escape from
drowning   yesterday   morning   when
they fell Into llle  Kraser while trying
lln   jump  into a   boat.    The  boat   was
I moored nt  Qllley  Bros.'  wharf, a few
j feet  separating it  from  Hie pile, but
both   failed   to     make     the     distance
When they tried lo jump aboard, with
jthe   result  thai   Hn*   Kraser had   them
I for a   tew   minutes,    (lne of the  men
WOUld   undoubtedly  have  la-en  drown-
i ed had he nnt grabbed the other fellow's  legs and  hung  on  while assistance came to them.    Neither was any
: tlie worse for the ducking.
La retralte    des  Peres    Oblats    se
termine ce matin par la ceremonle du
des   vleux    rellgieux,
apres quois chaqtie pcre s'en  retour-
nera dans sa mission respective,    La
office* at that time was that he had retralte a etc preche par le Rgverend
;ot ihem in Vancouver whence he had   Pere   Blanchln,   O.M.I.,  professeur  do
just come,    in ihe court on Monday dogma au Seminalre d'Qt,ta*ea.
ne swore he had received them in thej	
Merchants hotel from Baker, also Item      Le P-Jre Maillard   a recu    de    son S which  should  be  built in  a
one beir.    A hallhreed named (Ieorge  provincial   la   permission   d'all.r' voir ' apart from tbe business portion of tin
Purcell  BUpported  the  Btatement  that),,,, ,ie ses Uncles  pres de  New  York. 1 city.
Casimir had  been supplied    with    a 1 ��� Reverend PSre ***** """" quatre |
beer, but saw no flask of brandy furn- ; ou cin,i semaines en "God's Country.   ,
Ished him.   ��� HOUSE FOR ItKNT OR
Baker,   in  his  turn,  swore   that  he | Boy  Tied   Up   System,
not bnlv never supplied the flask, but Toronto; Julv  15.    The  real romance
had refused Casimir tlie beer with the  of the T.S.R.'s so called Rapid Transit i
remark that he was taking no chances. ; system came out In an Interview with
His strict  orders were not  to supply   thP a3tute general manager, Robert J.
even  halfbreeds,  if  he  did  not  know   Fleming, and his aide de camp. Chiet \
thetn personally,    ln answer to Chief   Knglneer Clarke.   The storv reads like !
Bradshaw he said he knew the differ-   a fairy tale, but it is really  real,  matter,
ence   between   a  full   blooded   Indian  0f fact   A boy trundling an Iron bar-
and a hallbreed.    The full blood came  rei hoop along Keele street conceive,;
in  with a  hroad  smile, the half breed I the   brilliant   idea  of  converting   tin
did not. hoop into an aeroplane.    And with all I y^e  Home  of  Low Prices,
In reply to Mr. Kdmonds. Baker said j his might and main he threw his hoop ] 64-,  Front street,
he  hid  been  about 25  yeara  in    the j jnt0 the air.    But it struck the power
country. i |incs 0f the Toronto l'ower company.
A stevedore named llogart corrobor-  and    bingo!    an    instantaneous    and ,
jated    Baker    to    the    extent that he heavy short circut resulted paralyzing | Barefoot Sandals;   double  soles;   any
|heard the refusal to supply Casimir I the service in the eity and even Incomer j with the beer. 1 terruptlng   tbe   Niagara     circuit.     So
The magistrate dismissed  the case .heavy indeed was the sh ick and short
observing that it was taking chances 1 circuit    caused    by    that   seemingly
even  supplying  halfbreeds.  as it was [harmless hoop that the "surge" killed
difficult sometimes to distinguish be- two wires and broke down the tnsulat-
tween the two classes. ijng service  at  four station, Teraulev
Casimir Johnny  was fined  $25,    or  street. Scott street. Natalia street and
a  month's hard labor, for having the jthe  terminal   station,
liquor in his possession
Hurnaby Lake. Modern eight roomed bungalow, hot and cold water,
electric light, city water: standing
on acre of ground, beautiful lookout: tennis court, garage, stable and
chicken bouse. Apply Capt. Thomas
l'ort Coquitlam. 117551
I The Popular Shoe Store
The  Home  of  Low Prices.
641  Front Street.
Specials for this Week
Another Pemberton Indian was fined * AHG-T41 IOTP    A Vil
55 or a month with the warning tbat WOUlJiilUi  AINU
(Continued from page onei
if he were convicted
be sent up to tlle "skookum" liouse.
A  vagrant was given two hours    to
white pollers ^V^S^aSt  *  ���"���<*' ^""""^ '"^ ' >��   "^ ^  """".">.*'
pair in Btore   75c
Fleet-Foot Running Shoes;  a clearing
line;  7 to 2   40:
soles;  all sizes   50c
Ladies' White Canvas Shoes;   leather
Men'B Fleet-Foot  Rubber    Soled    Ox-
fords 75c
Boys'  Heavy  leather Soled    Canvas
Shoes;  sizes 1. 2. 2. 4, 5   95c
Men's Heavy    Leather   Soled    Brown
Canvas Shoes;  all sizes   $1.25
Ladies' Snappy Tan Botton Oxfords;
every size.    Per pair  $1.95
Ladies' $5 Boots:  only   $3.95
Ladies' Oress  Boots;    broken    lines;
Ito  pieces,  and   would not  be  tolerat-   Gents' llox Kid Blucher Boots;    every
ed   by  any   insurance  company   in   a  size $1.95
private building. [Cents' Dress Boots;   stub toe;    glove
The   toliets   and   bathing   facilities   leather;   every  size    $2.95
Gents'  Tan   Willow   Calf   Botton  and
RENEW  HIS  BONDS  we consider to be absolutely  unsani-
  j tary and a disgrace to any public Institution, jail or othdrwies.
Our inspection convinces us that it
Vancouver, July 15. Kred J. Allen
the nWtorman in charge of the Hurnaby Lake interurban car of the B. C
B. II.'which crashed into a building
at the corenr of Venabies and Commercial drive on the evening of July j
8, was brought up In the police court j
this morning. Allen was arrested | Marde Ileach Park, being a sub
following the crash on the suspicion | division of the ht��torie old Whalen
of being under the influence of liquor.'estate on Boundary Hay, is at
Several police witnesses testified thai  iaBl ���n the market In 50x100 feet lots
Blucher    Hoots;    $5    up    town
Slater Boots,  K.  VV
Boots, etc.
$3 91
K. Boots, I.eckio
Boundary Bay
they were positive the accused was
drunk at the time, while a half-empty
whiskey bottle was produced In court
as having been found In the front vestibule of the car.
The case was adjourned until
Thursday morning. Allen was unable to renew his bonds following the
Port   Moody   GetB   Government    Loan
for Read.
Porl Moody, July 16.���A temporary
loan from the provincial governmen
of $24)400 in order that the city
might purchase the right of way foi
the Dewdney trunk road running
through the city, and the decision oi
the council to submit a bylaw for ?.',.',
null for lhe purchase of a mulltclpa'
site and for tlle erection of a Bllltabli
building were the main features of
the council meeting held this even
ing. Public Works Engineer Griffiths
of Victoria, wrote, sanctioning the
loan of the money for the purchasi
of lln- right of way, whieh will hi
paid back this year by an assessment
on the'property owners benefitted b;
the road.
Thu  bylaw  for the municipal    hall
will lie submitted at nu earlv date.
fronting  broad  streets and  with   per-1
petual   beach     privileges.     This   has
been the camp ground for scores    of
local  people  for fears.    The lots are
selling   fast,   many   people   procuring
the  locations   they  had   occupied     aa
tenants  for  years.    Prices  $330  and
upwards, easy terms.    Sole agents,
700 Columbia Street, City.
Residence Y, W, C, A,       Phone 1224
Macleod, July 15. No clue has vel
been found as to the whereabouts ot
Harry Thompson, formerly the keeper of a boarding house on Twenty-first
street. Thompson disappeared unac
i-iiunlably last Friday and no one hai
heen able to discover where he Is A
few daya before he was missed he is
known to have purchased a package of
styrclinlne. and this leads many t 1
suppose that he had a motive in disappearing. Ills request nl the drug
store for some styrchnine "to poison
mice" was not refused, although it was
known that he had been iu poor health
for some time. Search parties bv
blood hounds from the "I'ncle Tom's
Cabin" company, playing here, have
been scouring tlie country around hut
without result. The hushes along the
river are so dense, b iwever, that a
body mlgbt He undiscovered for some
time. The missing man la about GO
years of age, and came to Macleod recently from High river.
Kresh Plums 2 lbs  for 2Bc
Fresh Peaches  2 lbs, l'i  :.:,i
Hipe Tomato' s, per lb 25c
Ripe Bananas, per dozen   30c
Fresh Strawberries   ...2 boxea for 2.V
Kresh Cod and Halibut..2 lbs. for 28c
lied   Spring  Salmon,   per  lb 16c
Smoked   Halibut   2  lbs.  for  86c
(Successor to Ayling A Swain.) Jttrx-t
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.   *-\\Jt
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia  St., Phones
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   St.   Market.   Phone   1205.
Edmonds  Market.  Phone  L883.
Suits to your
order and satisfaction.
T. J. Trapp & Co's
lhursday Only, July 17
10c. Hand Brushes, 15c. Fish Lines  5c.
15c. and 20c. Tack Hammers, 25c. Tea Strainers,
15c. and 20c. Scrub Brushes, 15c. Juice Extractors, 15c. and 20c. Garden Trowels, 1 doz.
Hat and Coat Hooks, half pint cans of Varnish Stain 10c,
20c. to 35c. Screw Drivers, 25c. pliers, 25c. Mojv-
sticks, 25c. Collapsible Aluminum Cups, 25c.
Pocket Knives, 25c. Coat Hangers, pt. cans of
Varnish Stain  15c.
30c. and 35c. Butcher Knives, 30c. Fruit Presses.20c.
50c. Buggy Whips, 35c. Chamois Skins, 35c. tin
of Healing Powder 25c.
50c. Grass Hooks 30c.
50c. Iiemon Squeezers, 60c. Lawn Sprinklers,
50c. Preserving Kettles  35c.
60c. Nail Hammers, 60c. Preserving Kettles, 60c.
Scissors, 60c. Spice Boxes 40c.
75c. Candlesticks, 65c. Preserving Kettle, $1.00
Set Children's Rake, Hoe and Shovel 45c.
65c. Waste Paper Baskets, 75c. Bucksaws, 75c.
Scissors 50c.
75c. Nickel Plated Cuspidors 55c.
85c. Cocoa Mats 60c.
$1.00 Busy Lawn Sprinklers 65c.
$1.00 Grass Catchers for Lawn Mowers 70c.
$1.00 Chamois Skins, $1.00 Oil Stoves, $1.00 and
$1.25 Razor Strops 75c.
3 Window Screens 22x 32 1-2 in., 3 for 80c.
$1.25 Cocoa Mats 85c.
$1.25 Axes. $1.25 Meat Safes, Window Screens
15x 22 1-2 in., 4 for 90c.
$1.50 Hoy's Coasters, $1.50 Fishing Rods, two
75c. tins Klondyke Metal Polish, three 50c.
bottles Veribrite, $1.25 Cobbler's Sets, $1.50
Screen Doors 95c.
Here is an opportunity to buy small wares at a
great reduction.   Don't neglect it.
Phone 59
New Westminster.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
High   Class   Ladles   and   Gentlemen's
Columbia   St.
Take advantage of tlip Business Man's Train and make vour
homo at CreBcent Beacb (Blackie spit) fnr the aummer months.
Train loaves at 0:30 p.m. dally, on anil after .lune lr., returning in
the morning in time for business,   Crescent   Beacb   affords   Ideal
conditions for summer homes, Combining Um  best  of  bathing,   boat
liiK at all stages of the tide together with fine beach.    Artesian ��.cll
water to all residents.   Let us show you this property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 18B1.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability, Autcntebll*  tnd
,   Marino insurance.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
and  every  15  mlnuteB   until  9
p.m.   Half hourly service until
11  p.m.  wtth late  car at  midnight
SATURDAYS���15    minute   bit
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS-* and 5.45 a.m.
vice Ib continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 1. 7.30 8 and
8.30 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. wllh late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. und hourly until 10 p.
in., with  lato car at  11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and    hourly
until  10  p.m.  with  lain  car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 am. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS   8 a.m.   and    overy
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection  is made at    Kb-
liniii* until 11 p.m.
und other polnta on Lulu Iiiliuid.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
CIS p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.   tt.  W . BBUU1E, U, V. A.,  Vancouver. | a. VV. UKUUUtt. a.
\ ,*1*1:1.


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