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The New Westminster News May 26, 1913

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The New Westminster Nev *\s
the only morning newspape> -> ib-
Hshed in tha City of Nev �� est-
mlnsler and tha rich and ��-rtlle
Kraser Valley. *}
'-, JS.'e;M '>\WMtininstJSr- ��nd
MainlaiW: /l.Ijbf to niftljfrat
(1(1 1^1 Kill
Irate winda;
generally  Tair today an* Saturday;
J>tationnry or higher ijf,\perature
Suits Aggregating a Million Reported to Be Preparing to
Launch Against California City as Result of Empire
Day Tragedy When More than Thirty Were Killed and
Double That Number Injured.
Well Known Vancouver Clergyman Ir.
Hospital   With   Fractured
L-Qng llench, Call.,    May 86.-���Proa- ell and of the bonrd of publlo works
pictive    damage    suits    aggregating conferred with District Attorney John
probably  $1,(100,000  or more    and    a D,  Fredericks  with  reference to    the
grand jury Investigation engaged the grand  Jury  Inquiry    which    will    b-
attention of city officials to-day as the atarted either before    or    Just    afier
mosl  probable outcomes of the dlsas-, tlie  coroner's  Inquest  Tuesday.    The
ter   yesterday   when  Zi>   persons  lost object of the Inquiry  Is  to    fix    re-
their  lives   In  the  collapse   of  a  por- sponsibility  for the condition  of    the
Vancouver, May 25���Orave fears are
expretssod as to the recovery of Kev.
('. ('. Owens, of ChrlBt church, one of
the prominent clergymen of liritish
Columbia, who sustained a fracture
of the skull by falling out of a rig on
Saturday afternoon while driving down
'he hill on WeBtmlnster road near
Mr. Owen was returning from the
funeral services of John Whitty, who      Washington, May 26.   That another
was recently killed in a runaway ac-  great Atlantic-I'uciflc waterway, mak-
Niearaguan   Minister  Sees
One in His Country in
Near Future.
Castrillo   Believes   That   U.   8.   Wlll
Build to Get Route 2000 Miles
Empire   Day   Figures  of   B.  C.   E.
Away Ahead of Anything In
Other Years.
Development League Stands
for Government Aid to
Few New Westminster citizens remained indoors on Baturday and the
various attractions throughout the dls- ;
trlct  were  well  patronized,  with  the, Fraser  Valley's   Rights  and
rcBiilt lhat all B. C. E. H. records for
passenger traffic were shattered.
While official flgureB are not yet
obtainable, it ts estimated that between 32,000 and 35,000 passengers
were carried ou the interurban lines
On May 21 laat year a total of 27,000
lion cf the mut.iclpal pier Just after
the close of the British Empire Day
The Dead.
The list of dead Ib as follows:
Mrs. Frank Matthews, l.os Angeles.
David Black, aged 7, Long Ileach.
Mrs.  Han  Thomas,  Long Ileach.
Mrs. August Hurt-/., l.ong Ileach.
Mrs.  Richard Oeorge  Dowlo,  Pasadena.
Mlsa     Frances     Harriet     Newell,
Kenosha,   Wis.
MI63 Mollle Gates. Oak  Purk, 111.
Mrs. t'hcBshlre,  l,os Angeles.
Mrs. Arthur C, Helps, Uing  Beach.
Kaiinie IS   Mctlee, Uing Beach.
Harold   Letts,  S  yeara,  (ilendale.
Mrs. Ii. S.  Holmes, I-ong Beach.
Arthur J.  Ilennet, l/ong  Beach.
1)    M.   Spears,   lxing   Beacb.
Mrs.  1). .1.  Ix>miiB, Ikib  Angeles.
D. K. Wallace, I.ong Beach.
C. II.  Lawrence,  l.os Augeles.
K. ('. Kvdtlne, Long Beach.
Frank Shaw, 60, Los Angeles.
Emma   Prig-more,   50,   ix>ng
section ol  which   went   down
cldent  at  the  corner of  Camble  and
Water Btreets, and while on hiB way-
back to his residence, one of the
horses attached to tlie carriage
stumbled and fell. Mr. Harron, of Harron Bros., undertakers, was in the rig
and  Immediately Jumped out to hold
ing a ship route between the eastern
Trunk Roads to Be Asked for���
Other Matters.
An all day session of tlie Fraser
passengers were carried on the Inter- I Valley Development league on Friday-
urban lines of the company, but lt Ib  resulted  in  a  number of  resolutions,
and     western    coasts of  the   United j admitted  by  the offlcialK    that    this  all  tending  in  various ways  towards
StateB 2000 miles shorter than through ' number will be greatly exceeded when | strength'
the  Panama canal, will be built soon j the  figures of Saturday's  traffic are
by the l'nited States It; the opinion of  announced.
Lusby Asks How New Arrangement Will Affect
Secretary Wade.
Cr. Holmes Alleges Slackness of Board
of  Trade  Caused   Inception of
Progressive Association.
The question of the appointment Af
an industrial commissioner for tlfe
city and the relation of tho publicity
work of the city to the duties of the
���under a weight of human beings j'lie horse's head, leaving Rev. Mr
which has been estimated at not less Owen sitting in the rig. What hap-
tban 750 tons. j pened  after that  neither  Mr.   Harron
On  the order of the district  attor-
nev,  two officers    were    placed    on
guard  this morning    over the ruined
leotlon of the pier,  with  Instructions
to   keep  watch  constantly    until    relieved  by  the grand  Jury,  and  allow
no tampering wiih any  part of    the
structure     that    collapsed.      Several
broken   limbers,   which  are   expected i
In show  lhe general condition of the i
pier and  thus aid  in  developing cvl-1
dence of negligence, if there be any
were taken out of the pier today and
locked   up  under  official   seal.
The weakness of the pier, which
was built eight years ago and never I port
repaired ln that particular portion, ls
believed to have been due to decay
catiBed by the action of salt air on
wood and Ub iron fasteners and sup
nor anyone near is able definitely to
say, but It Is thought that Mr. Owen
attempted  to get out of the carriage
in a hurry, caught his foot and was I
hurled against the curb. He waB pick- j
ed u-- unconscious and was hurried to i
the  general  hospital   where    it    was j
found  that he had sustained  a frae- I
tured skull.
Late   this   evening   Mr.   Owen   was,
conFcious   und   unconscious   by   turns'
and  an operation  has become neces
Bary If bis life ls to be saved.
Dr.  Salvador Castrillo, retiring Nlca
raguon minister.
In a statement tonight Mr. Castrillo
said that be believed lhat a canal
treaty would be negotiated between
the United States and Nicaragua and I
In the interurban service on Satur-
day tht re were practically double the'
number  of  cars  in  use  a year    ago'
while the service has also been great- \
ly improved.
Two   records   for  passenger  traffic
ening  the agricultural  Indus-(secretary of the board of trade.
try in llie valley. ;dlscuased   at   considerable   length   at
thief intereat centred In N. S. ;the meeting of the board on Friday
l.oughoed's short paper on agricul- I Mr. Lusby asked what, was the exact
ture, setting out four main, obstacles ipoBition or the board ot trade in con-
whlcb presented the most formidable | nection with the proposed Industrial
difficulties to settlers at Ihe outset, j commissioner. He understood that the
and to overcome which, it was neces- j Progressive association* had heen ash-
that a canal would be constructed ion the Chilliwack line of the company Ih.7 BoUK^Vhf SL^ri-SSfe �� ^h-fS, "iT" a'Ul a ^"i*-
acrosi. his country. were  broken  on   Empire  dav.    Kin.uSjLS In   were   i.���h   Z,r'        i   .\\to, ,��,, ""*   'T    t0 WTSSJ** m.
the total for oiu-dav and the total for ;       ,.            tre  lan(1  c|pan"S-   bad  dustrlal commissionerthip duties aud
        '    "   "''���   '""' "'    ""''     !   '��� -���' '      *���   ���-���-    on   their  acceptance  that  their  publicity  work should  be  foisted oa the
publicity commissioner
Coquitlam  Talk  of   Independent
Phone Service.
A   movement   Ib   on   foot   in Port
Coqultlam to establish   a   telephone
service  In opposition    to    the    B. C.
Buy B. C. Products Day Arrangements
Going Ahead���Committees
ports.    However, it was declared that I Telephone system.    The  new  service
a much Btronger structure might, have | proposed *. automatic and the scheme
is being  promoted  by  a  local  syndl-
Klizabeth  Hannah  Richardson,
38, Orange.
been wrecked under the same circumstances, aa the big parade marched
upen the pier In step. Military men
pointed out that the vibrations creat-
Long Beach, ed hy the measured tread of thous-
I/ong Beach, andB of  feet    caused    a  tremendous
Holmes, 39, Denver, strain upon Ihe supports which al
] ready had been heavily burdened by
the crowd thronged about the auditorium doors awaiting admittance.
and they recalled tha* military
columns comprising large numbers of
men always broke step when cross
Ing even iron bridges, irt oi '.sir tal
uvoid causing collapse or serious
The grand jury Investigation wan
Long demanded by the officers of the
United Societies ot British Born Residents and visitors whose celebration
of Victoria's birthday anniversary
was interrupted by Ihe tragedy.
City   Attorney   Long  answered    re ,
ports of the prospective damage suits!
fur large amounts with the stall ment '
that In his opinion the city could not I
be held responsible for the deaths and'
Injuries, because  no charge had been j
made by  the city  tor the UBe of the|
municipal  amusement  property.    Uae
of the pier and auditorium had been
given   without  cost,   and   the  celt bra-
torB, he said, had used It at their own
All but the most seriously injured
were removed to their homes In 1-os
Angeles and neighboring cities today.
The total number of Injured probably
will    never    be    known      accurately
Pauline Mctlehet
Thomas Heck
Mrs.   Lib*   M.
Son of H.  L.  Bayllss, Los Angeles.
Mrs. Ada E. Ingraham, ll, Pasadena.
MrB   Williamson, Ikjs Angeles.
Miss Anna Longfellow. 00, Pasadena.
Mibs Anna Stone, Lung Beach.
Mrs. Jane Wyvel, aged 70, Csssu
verdugo, Cal.
Mrs.   Warren  0.   Letts,    38
Beach, and daughter,  Dorothy,  12.
Mrs. James Nicol, 78 years old.
Mrs. Anges Hill, Denver. Colo.,
mother Of .lusllce W. A. Hill, of the
Colorado supreme court.
Added to these, Mrs. Iv C. Hush. 70
years Old, Of Long Beach, Buccumbeii
to injuries this afternoon. Ernest Q
Eales, I��h Angeles. Mra. Kales, his
wife, and Mrs. W. P. McDonald.
Compton, Call., also are on the list
or dead The Hat iB expected to be
further Increased before tomorrow by
the deatli of Miss Marguerite Reed,
aged 12. of l,oiig Beach, whose back
was broken, and of William Cooper,
of Pasadena, one of the two veterans
of the Crimean war who were in the
van Of the parade.
Seeking  the Cause.
While I Ry Attorney Stephen Long
Dissatisfaction with the service
rendered by th- 11. C. Telephone company has long been rife in the city,
and particularly the failure to Supply
a night service.
Arrangements are proceeding apace
for the Buy Home Products convention, whieh will be held in this city
on May 30. 31 and June 2, and the
merchants are entering into the
scheme with a vim which assures
Twelve committees are busy looking after the details and the rules re
garding tbe window displav compel!
tion have been issued. Copies will
be provided each retailer.
The  Rules.
The rules are as follows:
The display sliall be divided into
four classes, each class shall compete  for a  flrat   urlze  of $10  and    a
one train, the first tarin of five cara
leaving on Saturday morning, carrying
over 800 persons.
All  kinds of cars  were utilized  to'
take the large crowd to Brighouse to j
attend  the boxing bout and this tea- j
ture, togetlu-r with the lacrosse game
it Queen's Park, was no doubt respon-
Sible for a great part of the increase
The traffic in New Westminster will j
also no doubt be increased, as new j
lines have been put in operation since
roads, inadequate markets and trai
porlatlon. To these later on in the
day was added drainage, applicable to
low lying lands.
After a lengthy discussion It was
remitted to MfSBra. Hill-Tout, Hulbert
and Ixiugheed to bring in a report to
present to the provincial government.
Each member was earnestly urged to
send data, particularly applicable to
hla own district, to Mr. Hill-Tout for
the  purpose  of    preparing    and  the
May 24 last year and pasaengerB using  drawing up of a  report.
Department  Advertises  for  Work  on
The department of public works, Ottawa! has  advertised  for tenders for (second prlte of ti
the completion ot the Steveston Jetty!    The Judging shall be performed by
at the  mouth    of    tbe    Fraser river. | a committee from Vancouver.
Plans, specifications and formB of contract and tender may  be obtained  at
tiie offices of C. C, Worsfold, district j dlse that are carried    by    dry    good [street
the Twelfth street line will he counted
as city traffic Instead of on the Interurban department, as waB the case
New  Westminster. 15.700;  Lulu Is- !
land. 6000;  Fraser valley, 2600;  Burnaby, 2600.    ln North  Vancouver last
year the day's record was 14.S00.
Had the board of trade concurred in
that? The publicity commissioner
was an officer of the board of trade
and necessarily If his work was enlarged, it-would affect his work as
secretary of the board of trade.
The Chairman���It Is rather in statu
Mr. Lusby--The board of trade
should be consulted as it vitally aT-
fects us.
Not Yet Settled.
Mr. MeCloy���There is nothing settled  yet.    Mr.  Duncan has  to  re-port
The other resolutions were:
Oiher Resolutions.
That the transportation and agricul-
laBt  year,  when  the  interurban  cars I tural  committees co-operate    in    thei;���  ,,     ,       ,       ,   ,
provided,he only service for that pa,,! study of the tariff of'charge,  reiat-  l^l^do  &"?��?��
of the city ing  to the  transportation  of  agricul-!be  ..   iolnt  ,,1M,tw  nf  the  hoirrl  nf
,1 Jtt r tirban'line" rt*tt?����J5 1 ieW. "a**""  WS* *?  ***** '�� ^r ssT^Le^Uon^U tern
asl Emn 1,  A v company . valley, and  report to the next exeoU- Uy  publicity  committee  on  Monday
'���'      ' F  '  '    '" ! m;'' meeting. , ^ thinl: we wuuld have the Jg,
That  the  transportation  committee  t0   close   a  deal   of   this   importance-
be instructed  to  interview  the  B. C. without consulting the whole board.
K.  H.. and  other shipping companies I    x,-r   Lu*by���I   think   we  should   be
to rectify  the difference in the ratea better informed as to what this move
between milk and cream. | means.    It may  take  somehting oot
That    the    agricultural    committee [of our hands and  saddle our official
take action to see that    the noxious)with  work that he  is  unablo to do
weed  act  was more    rigorously    en-'along   with   hiB   present   duties.     At
forced. I present  his  duties  are    encumbered
That the league approach the agrl- :wlth publicity work that he Ib utterly
.���    .    . .... ��_    ,_       ,     .cultural  depart mem  ot  the    govern- tunable to perform compatibly with U��
will  start  worn  Oils  w��e* cbmnatng raent-,l��i the view of ofctotmng as-\ work, ot tae, board ot trade,
the route ot the Lulu Island cars en-1 ���-lgtance  ITOm  an  expcr.    by   inB.truo. \ Speak Out Plainly.
near I Uo��� 0T demonstration. In the bottling \    "There should he a tree and
B. C.
E. R. Makes Slight Alteration in
Lulu Island Line.
Following a permit  granted by the |
provincial   government,   the   B.C.K.R.
tering  and  leaving    the    city
Classification.    Cla��s A, dry goods. I Fourteenth  street,  the    new    tracks l^j preserving ofVrut't aid T6��^TwUts��nsslm ot this tott^.~l tt>���� h������
This   includes   all   lines  of  mercban-  leaving  the  "cut-otl"   at   Fourteenth  for fUDUcUy \ur\ exhibition purposes. I a grouch, such as I am occasion-**
iltc     that     rx-rn    ,.  .rriml \\w tt t*v emtxA  I tit *t*t*x*t- \ .       ~ ... Z >����������������������    *-�����   . a * ���
That  the  chairmen ot aU  standing \ accused   ot,  but   1   am   positive   Utv
eotnmltteen be members ot a board of 1 Wade is unable to give sufficient time
engineer. New Westmintser;    P.    W.1 stores (furs includedl. Class B, cloth-1'   This change has been made neces
Aylmer, district engineer. Chase; from, ing;   this  class  includes  men's    and|sary owing to the completion of thel"on't���'{   wWch  fh.lU  have    ower    t0 \,0 the duties of  the board of trail**-*
Ihe  postmaster at  Steveston  or from | boys'   wearing   apparel   of   all   kinds, j large freight yards which haye beeit, dpa,  wUh  a��� matterB  squiring    Im- '.along with this publicity work."
the puhllc works department. Ottawa, i haberdashery,   hats   and
The tenders must be sealed and ad
dressed to R. C. Desrochera, secretary, department of public works, Ottawa.
The Inst day for receiving tenders
ia June 17.
of Aboul or,
occupied  with  the legal phas.
dlBasti r's aftermath today. Mayot  hurt, most of   them
Plan to Form Clearing House and Deliver Direct.
The Lower Mainland Milk Producers' association has issued notices to
Ihe dairymen of the interior shipping
milk to Vancouver lo form a farmers'
however,     were     seriously, Joint   stock  company,  with   the object
  ���������'   selling
i. s. liaich, members of the city coun
being   still    init
hospitals here and Ini Lob Angeles
which, lie
ing the past three month
remarked, helped out.
The reason was that the Importing
companies had enough business at
home. Ile. himself, had
erable quantities to American concerns for shipment to different enterprises In this country during ihe
lust six weeks. Seattle wholesalers
had been entered for from here. In
the early part of the year lumber had
picked up very well, but during this
* last month or six wicks prices had
I fallen off about $1,50 again.
| The northwest territory trade was
almost nil at present owing to the fact
that the bankers will not advance
buyers the money. He had heard of
j particular buyers stating that prices
Beard of Trade snd Extension of City   made  no  difference   to  them.    They
J. G. Robson (Jives Excellent
Review of Whole Situation in Canada.
of establishing a  co-operative
I agency and clearing house in Vancou -
I ver.    If 75 per cent, of the dairymen
] signify   their  willingness  to  Join  tlie
company   an   Immediate commence1
! ment in'the work of organization will
bo made.
The association contend that  I'arni-
,.',1 ���*, p *!,i-   rrR should receive 60 cents per pound
nf butter fat for their m'lk, instead of
52 cents, the present price,    lf Ihe retail  dealers  decline  to  pay  lhis,  ar-
���nngements are proposed whereby the
company will distribute the milk by
house to house delivery and dispense
with the middlemen,
L|mltt_Good Road to Woodward's
Landing Advocated
'could not buy the goods because they
could lint get money to pay fnr them.
Business was dull on the plains and
not bo bright on the coaEt as It was.
In the east business was brlBk owing
to the railway and heavy construction
going  on.
Links With Ladner
Dr. Holmes Bald that lu the absence
Many Importnnt matters were deliberated by the board of trade on Friday evening, chier among them being
iho proposed appointment of an Indus-.of Mr. Cunningham, he had assumed
trial commissioner, which will assume the chairmanship of the municipal
a more concrete form after the meet- committee and had been handed a
ing and discussion today, nmong the communication from the Delia board
committees of the city council, pro- of trade nuking their opinion as lo the
eresslve association and board of advisability and feasibility of Improved
f-ofla I highway communication between New
Other features were money strlngen I Went minster and Ladner by Wood-
cj the proposal to increase the city .ward bay. ln view of the harbor im-
bo'undnrles,   the  improved   road   con-   provement plans.
neotlou between the citv and the Del- , He was unable to get liis committee
ta and Ladner via Woodward's Slough together and his views were person-
ferry and the decrease of lumber Im- al. There was no question. In his op-
norlalloiiB from the United StateB.        Inlon, of the beneficial results of the
The industrial eoinmlsalonerBhlp and establishment of sueh a highway and
(lie money stringency are reported In, he would advise the hoard to back up
separate articles. The Woodward: the preposition mosl heartily,
ferry rond was committed to the care I They should communicate with the
of the city council and the boundary citv couneil here and with Richmond
extension to the municipal committee municipality advising them to open up
for Investigation  and  report. ;and Improve their respective portions
In the absence of President .lohn A. jof the highway connecting With Wood-
Ancient and Hcnorable Anvil Battery
Celebrate Again.
Although forced to chose a different
'ication this year, the Ancient and
honorable Anvil Rattery celebrated
by firing the Hoyal Salute sharp at
noon on Saturday, May 2-4, and thus
kept up a custom started In 1864.
Tho salute this year was fired in
'ront of the new blacksmith shop of
ex-Mayor. ThoB. Ovens aud that
gentleman again supplied the anvils
and ammunition, as he haB done here
ever since 1873. He first produced the
wherewithal! in 1871, but was living
at Spumim the following year. He
did not allow the day to pass, however, without following hiB UBiial custom and the Hoyal Snlute was fired in
that place also in 1872.
Captain Peele and a number of other
well known old-timers were again on
'he job nnd the firing was watched
by a nuniher of Interested spectators.
It Is stated thnt the Hoyal Salute
hns been fired without a single exception on every Mav 24 since 1864. being
Inaugurated on that occasion In honor
if the viBit of Governor Seymour.
as are usually carried by clothing
stores. Class C embraces all lines
of merchandise that are usually car
rled by the following retail stores:
GroeerB, butchers, flsh markets, drugs,
bakers, fruit aud confectionery,
florists. Bhoe stores, wholesale liquors
and tobacconists. Class D covers all
other lines not specified under the
heading of classes A, B and C. Thla
includes hardware, builders' supplies
furniture, sporting goods, stationers
jewelers, musical instruments, elec
trical fixtures.
points to b'O considered In making
awards: All goods dlsplaved In win
dow-s to be of B. C. production or
manufacture, except bunting or othei
strictly decorative materials which
may be utilized to assist in tasteful
Attract!voness: This applies to the
decorative treatment of thc windows
us a whole and may be extended U
include the store front, and nlso to
the manner in which the goods arc
displayed, with a view of Impressing
the beholder with their merits.
Originality: The "'rm originality
shall be understood to apply to the
treatment of the window as a whole
The following committees have
been appointed:
Organization, Messrs. Hashleigh am!
and I    Mr. Mct'loy��� The industrial commit-
furnishings, built in the western sectionol| the city , m(?d        attention ac
the   present   line  of   the   Lulu   islam!, advisorv    board    to the'tee is simply doing missionary work in
road   running  directly     through     the ����� ���� a��    u^Tague     The  board   thiB    connection    and  wiii  report Ut
yards at the  present  time. executive  oi   uie   league      i in   ooaro fnr decision t
niit,,i,intieiof control shall lav our the secretarv s ,tno board ior decision. a
duties  and   advise  him   upon   import-       Mr. Curtis���One phVse of the sitia-
has  not  vet  been  considered.  It
, tion
directly     through     the'
Until   such   time   as   an
semaphore system  is  installed  at the!
Junction, a flagman   will  be stationed ; ���*"*  matters  of detail. ���,���,-,,
,llert That   the   publicity. committee     be   lfl contemplated to pay the imttmtrail
The freight yards will be used tor requested to formulate a scheme foi J commissioner $3000 a year, it is pro-
parking trains coming in from Mill- Publishing a booklet embodying facts PO��*d that a ProP" man should fj-et
side.   Vancouver   and   Fraser     valley land figures regarding the various dls-   thAt    ��hat  I  want to say  Is this by
1 tricts of the Fraser valley, aud  bring | *������? ��,f warning to the Progressive sain   a   report   to  the   next   meeting   of I soclation.
the executive respecting the cost and       ,_,        Sounds Death  ***���!*	
proposed  means    of    financing    thl.       'It means the death of ^�� ft��ffi��-
1     [ 'sive   association.     I   know   sometBfns
of the difficulties of raising $2000. io
addition to other moneys that msy bx*
required bv popular subscription aud
I don't think lt is possible for the association  to raise  $5000  or $6000 far
P.  E.
Darling;   rules.    Messrs.    Plows    and]Thirty  guests  were  seated
Ramsay;  judging, Vancouver commit- | decorations    being    the
O.'s to Organize Among Ladies
In This City.
New Westminster will Boon have
chapter of the P. E. O
lerual society with a secret name,
which has the distinction of being
one of the few. if not the only fraternal
|organisation to which no male person
can belong. In the United States tlie
society has about 18,000 members The
first chapter organized in Canada was
lhat in Vancouver a short time ago
New Westminster will follow her sister city's lead, enough prospective
members being in sight to form the
second chapter in Canada.
At a recent date Mrs. C. A. Welsh,
227 Sixth street, entertained the members of the Vancouver chapter at a
luncheon at which prospective members of Wesl minster were present.
the table
���Uow   and
without   expense,   to   the     league.     A
rider waB added, to the effect that the
commitue also aBcertain  the cost of
a secret fra-i the booklet in sections, and  write to
thi-  various  municipalities  associated
with  tlie  league,  as lo  their  willingness  to  subscribe  for,  al   leu-n.  1000
of  the   sections  applicable   to    their
respective districts.
That  the  next  general  meeting
(Continued on Page Pour.)
tee to be selected; publicity and
decoration, Messrs, A. C. Thompson
and Robb Sutherland; real estate
offices, Messrs. Dorgan nnd Dadds;
wholesalers and
Messrs. MeCloy. Luce and Darling;
grocers, butchers, flsh markets,
Messrs. Traves and McDonald; drugs,
bakera, fruit, confectionery and florist. Messrs. Ira Held and D. S. Curtis;
dry goods, millinery, fancy gooda,
haberdaahers. Messrs. Plows and McDonald; hardware, builders' supplies,
furniture, sporting goods and electrical fixtures. Messrs. lllakely and
Ross: stationers. jewelers. shoe
stores and musical instruments,
Messrs. Gray and Ireland; hotels,
wholesale liquors and tobacconists,
Messrs. Neb Nelson and Bilodeau.
while chapter colors.
Going After Them Strong.
Rome. May 25. Twenty thousand
manufacturers, j troops have been ordered to proceed
at the earliest possible moment to
Sldl Carbn, Tripoli, whore the Italians receutly suffered severe reverses
at the hands of the Arabs. The government is determined to cruBh the
rebel Arabs in that district, where, on
May 16. the forces under General
C.nmbrettl came into action with 10.-
000 Arabs entrenched, with casualties
close to 1000 men.
�� *
Lee,  Mr.  L.   M    Richardson   wua  np-
polnted chairman.
Less U. S. Lumber
Mr. Robion reported thai the heavy
Port  Coqultlam  to  Have    Two
Ones at Once.
Tho Port Coquitlam    school    bonrd
hns  selected    planB    for    two    new
schools In the city.   One four roomed
wards' Landing as soon aB practicable
Ile moved accordingly.
Mr. Lusby Beconded the proposal. It  building, at   an   estimated    cost    of
wns most important -Vancouver had $11,000, wMI be built on a James Park
Importation of lumber from the United I already a good connection with Delia. I site. The other, to be known as the
Slates whieh had operated so detri-ITlie city had wasted a lot on money | Central school, will be creeled at an
mentally to the province and espec-lon the River road, but by this high- iestimated expenditure of $17,000.
lally to the Kraser Valley had fallen j way they would open up a good part It is intended to have both schools
off    Tholr latest    statistics    showed of the country. ready for occupation nt the close of
that it bad decreased 50 per cent, dur- (Continued on Tage Four.) 'the summer vacation.
Calgary, May 25���The Burns
arena, scene of the tragic
event of Saturday, when
Luther McCarty met his death
in the light w-ilh Arthur Pelky,
was destroyed by lire at a late
hour this evening. The' origin
of Ihe blaze Ib a mystery.
Kour deaths were narrowly
averted. Wesley Dlnsen, his
wife and two children were
asleep ln the building at the
time and managed to escape
just as the flames were licking
up everything in sight.
The building was covered by
Ht * * :* * # # -.'��� # # ft ���.'! w -tt
Roosevelt  Libel  Suit On.
industrial purposes. I mention this
because our chairman is a member ot'
the executive of the Progressive association and he can use it tor what
It is worth.
"1 believe the publicity work should
be In the hands of the city, that ft
Bhould have the official recognitiao-
Ihe earmark of the city council. People in the old country seeing the advertise ments written up by thn l*ro:
grosslve association may put it dowa
is the work of a boosting club and
would never have the same confidence
In anything published that way as
they would coming from an officiat
The Chairman- The Progressive ����-
soclation  feel that thi y have to look
to  tlie  city  for assistance.  Thera  ���� .
no question about that.
Need J10.000 Yearly;
Mr.  Curtis-Another  point  ia tint
the commissioner would have ti> focj
Whether there  Ib no need  for    the   that his appointment  was a perman-
Borvlcei of members of the Victorian  ent one.    You will not get a stnw-gr
Order  of   Nurses   in   New   Westmin-  man if the appointment was only in
s'.er, or whether It is ignorance of the   last six months.    It  would  talcs Erosj-
fnct that   there Is a branch   of   the |a year to learn what he had tb do. ."**%���
order here that has made It possible j support a publicity commissioner and
for one of the Victorian Order to re- IM   Industrial   commissioner  wfl!   reside in town for a month wilhout   a'quire not a cent less than $10,<W* a-
single  request  for  her  presence,    Is  year and that is not a cent too amefa.
a question the Royal City officers of !    Mr.  Lusby���1    cannot    uiidereiaoU
'the orgauizatiou  would  like to have  how this committee can inteHiRently
Nurs- of Victorian Ord*r Awaits First
Case���Presence  Should   Be
negotiate without knowing the feeling of the board of trade. Can it tni!
what the board of trade may or niajr
not do?
Mr.   MeCloy���It   can   only  discuss
tentative plans.
Up to the Board.
"It has gone farther than that.   It
Marquette, Mich., May 24.���After I decided without delay,
the selection of a jury and the opening] in conversation with Tbe News last
statement of counsel for the plaintiff nlft;lit. Mrs. T. J. Trapp, New West-
In the libel suit of Colonel Theodore I m|[iBter president of the Victorian
Roosevelt against Mr, George A. order of Nurses, said that for the
Newett. which begins here Monday. | pa9t month, during which there has
Judge Richard 0.  Klannignn.    among |been R mir8l, 0I1 ca\\ ln this city, there
his first duties, wlll probably be call-  hHB uot b(,t,n a Blngle request for   her . , ,     ,,
ed upon to rule just how much proof pr9Mnoe In a sick room.    Mrs. Trapp  1,as be8,n thr"st upon the Progressive
must fall On the plaintiff and defen-  polnt8d  out  that  the  order  goe.-t out   associaimr,   ������>   ���><'''<'!"   ""*:   sit.ni.twti
dant.   ,on cases whether or not the patients
  - I are in a position to pay for services
Ship  Strikes  Mine. [rendered and If there Is no Held for
Smyrna. Mav 24,   The steamer Ne-|6hMUy wcrk ,��� New Wegtm|nst8r Bhe
felt that the city was to be congratulated, but. If, on the other hand,
tt was because those who were in
need of the nurse's services did not
know of her presence here, It was
vada, with 200 pusrengerB on board,
! struck three mines In succession to-
iday in the Gulf of Smyrna and sank.
Only  SO of the  passengers and crew
aro reported saved.
Ore Production.
NelBon. H.C. May 25.- Ore production In the Kootenay and Iloundary
district last week totalled 47.802 tons,
making a total for the year to date of
1,027,894 tons. Smelter receipts for
# the week wcre 42.177 tons and for the
H year to date 908,056 tons.
This Is the opportune time to dlKruts*
It before any definite arrangement is
"The board of trade should naturally handle the industrial proposition.
Their secretary should be lu toacb
with Industrial bodies and transportation companies. At present I doat
think wo are. The publicity wort:
, should bo kept apart from tire
matter of public responsibility to ud- ot tr(1de work,
vertlse as widely as possible among "I waB in Seattle last week'and <
the needy sick the willingness of cd up0I1 a certain gentleman�����h��
Nurse Downhnm to respond to calls manager of a transportation oompmjr
tor her help. ���in connection with a boat sorrier.
Miss Dowuhum mny be fonnd at the , He said: 'Don't talk to mo aboat a
Y. W. C. A., phone 1324, at any hour*boat service to New WeBtmlnster. We*
of the dny or night. ' (Continued on Page Four.)
* i oft ���*-,(���    IWO
MONDAY, MAY 26, 1913.
Is    -   v*   -    ^IWS
jIk iwrf'-ie-fdleiif mor-Kln? /<"i<i r devoded (���- the bifci -(.-.* et .Vm* Ifcst-minster ,on/
ta** ******** Valley. Published every itiominp exoept S-uwlaj*/ '���** the Vadonai Printing
*tml I'lthii.hiii.i Compan*/, Limited, at 68 .11* /.'���'. :ii filrect, .v, .<��� ir, \i ���, ,,r n r, t, l.ritisli
**S***ie*s. TtOBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Direct
.in sattmuMoetiotis should be addressed to via .v, .<��� IVeslifiinster v,-i,.., und ��i"f
tr. in.n*cv,f!uoi no inbort "I tio tin*. Cheque*, drafts, moi laoiicji order* should be ma-It
ttveutti.tr to Tti.1 National rrmtiuo n/,,i  Publishing Company, l.iioiinl.
mjtPBON;.'.- ���liusini.ss i��l��i* and Vawiger, OOil; Editorial fiooms (all depart-
SKMll.   SSI
trUBBCRIPTION It ATI's-   By com r. Si i>.:r , ,-ur, $1 for Ihreo months, tOo pn-
-msv-uk.    By matt, l"i per year, -'-t- per month.
AeVBUTiBINQ I'M is on application.
We trust that it may not be very long before the
School Hoard awakes to a sense of ils duty to the public
iiml appreciates how fatal a mistake it is making by endeavoring to hide its actions from the press, and therefore from the public whose sole means of information as
to what is being done by this body is gathered from the
news columns,
lation for Canada that took the name
ol the Quebec act.
it was the opinion of Carleton, who
had Undertaken the administration of
Canadian affairs some six years before, that the French Catholics, com-
prising the bulk of the population, did
not wanl an assi mbly, Chli f Justice
Hay advocated the abolition of Bpeclal
religious am! racial privileges. M.
Maserres, as a spokesman for tin-
French Canadians, asserted Unit his
countrymen would i ,��� content with
any form of just government, well ad-
mlnisti red unfl M. <i" I otblnlere ed
vooated tho retention of the French
: rii.!*., urial tenure system and thc
admittance of the Belgneura to some
form of council.
'i ii<-s*i- statements and lhe n purls of
Brfrlcb.officials, formed the topics ot
heated debates In the bouse, The
Qui beo acl was denouncod by members us calculated to "establish Popery," anil to subject English colonists
to "French Blavery." The act was
passi ii uud ri malned iu force for
seventeen years, lis effect wob to win
for  England the friendship   of    the
Sold In sealed lead
packets only never
In bulk. In this way
you are always guaranteed a delightful Toa with all Its
freshness, strength
and flavour perfectly   preserved.
Krench Canadians pasrive during the I ^'r^Z wlfh"a"houa'e 1 o)��StoSk
the astute and tar-Beelng statesman, !llr.'r """.,. '.Vn'eh-u-rd that theeo men
Caneton, had In mind, for al thejlme J^e.Crown o^e^tba. the^.neri.
Several days after the board has adopted a schedule ^as,�� -'d-t that the Ne, f^^aX^K.""*
of salaries affecting the teachers, that is several days after \ ^e" �����& "tfCS bP��, ���*��*. using   mis,-, premutations
dom granted them  bj    tho    Quebec   ^ j,,,,,,,  ' A|, asslgnmeni  of lh!
JC o in., ,���,i   io,,rn=,ii.t was made to the Hankers' Trust Cor-
c,-���,n,? Merce? Adam   who played nation with tbe specific instruction
j';:::���!1^ iuTede^oS ���*������* woo *<��** * ��������������������<' -�� ^
The press of this city carefully abstains from any-
ihing approaching sensational or yellow journalism, but
it cannot hold itself responsible for reports which may
appear elsewhere and which, while they may be classed
under this head by the school board, are in very large
measure due to the board's action in withholding the necessary information from which correct reports may be
Not until Saturday last was The News informed.
through the post, of the particulars surrounding the resig
nation of the late secretary to the board and since Tuesday
last, when the board began to advertise for applicants for
this post, the public has been left to draw its own conclusions.
Thc Westminste ��� school board appears to ha
nual attack of publicity horrors, for, a little ovi
ago. we
in ordei
re an an-
i- a year
nod that
pointed oul that the board had not lea
into committee at every conceivable opportunity
to avoid the press is unworthy of a responsible
It is conceded that every public body must work in
committee, but these occasions should be made as rare as
possible, otherwise thc people begin to lose confidence in
their representatives. Publicity is the voter's safeguard.
How can he know otherwise how he is being served?
Representative government depends upon publicity
and it is high time that the school board fell into line with
public men and women in other cities who welcome it as a
connecting link between themselves and the people they
represent and whom they serve.
If this be recognized there wil! be no need for the
board to send out letters to avoid misunderstandings.
ef Canadian literature, waa lorn in
Edinburgh seventy-four years ago today. He w'.ts educated In his native
city, and came to Canada at the ag(
i .' nineteen.
Bi ��� Ing a publlshi r of books in
'l'i ronto, bi gradually bull! up u prosperous business. With Goldwln Smith
le* founded the Canadian Monthly
nnd w if for a time Its editor. He also
established the Canadian Educational
Monthly In I 'tit it. bi >*��� ed as a ra *
|or of mil'ts.i In repi lllng the Fenian
in- isl >n of Ontario.
i: ,* t, :i mini 11- of books on his
b rj tnd lani uage, including ;t "HIs-
tory of the Canadian Northwest," :���
Ir Ji hn A Macdon iid," and
i ' Hlstoi y i r Canadian Literature."
He collaborated with Miss Wetherald
In writing "An Algonquin Maid," ;t ro
nance of early Canada. In 1S8 ! he
h ft Canada and became tbe edit r i f
magttJ lm s In New York an ! Chi' igo.
It. was alleged that lie unlawfully
and fraudulently turned lhis amount
vir to ti!- Bankers' Trusl Company,
ir that the accused was guilty of thefl
through tbe misappropriation of pro-
'���i   ds held undi r direction.
FiUy-six      Today���Married       Twenty
Years in June���Clever Linguist
and Cood Mother.
Loudon, May 2.. Queen Mary will
be tbe recipient of congratulations to-
morrow trom membi rs of all the royal
families of Europe, for this Is the for-
ly-sU annlversars of bar birth King
(Seorgo'e coneorl wan bom In Kensington Palace < n May 28, 1867, nearly
two years after ihe Mrili of ths prince
who wan desltned to be her husband,
The Princess of Teck wuh christened Viotorla Mary Augusta I.ouIbh
Olga Pauline plaudtne Agnes, but
from her earliest girlhood was known
aa PrincesB Mary, In is.il she was be-
trothed to tho Duke of Clarence* tha
older sun of the Prince of Wales, but
lie died soon afterward.
Twenty .years ago IliiH month Ihe
announcement or her engagement to
Prince Oeorge was made, and the
man-Inge took place on July C, 1893,
King George nnd Queen Mnrv will thus
celebrate tholr china wedding unni- j
versary next July.
Queen Marj will doubtless go down
to posterity as tbe type of a  model
mother.   If  .".   somewhat   severe  audi
spartan one.   The rix children of tit
keen   have   nol     bi i n     Indulged  or
"spoiled"  and  are,  consequently,  far |
more simple and iir.ufl'coteii In their
demeanor and tastes than many children  of well-to-do commoners.    The!
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Sir Richard's Pre-Emplre Day Address
in   Vancouver���The
Naval   Bill.
Vancouver, Muy 24. Inspired by
tin* fact that today is Empire liny. Sir
Richard McBrlde, who attended the re-
iiiiii n last nighl of the Conservatives
of Ward 111 . was ti mpted, be said, to
sa} something as to what Empire Day
meant. From this point on the prom
ier turned to the navy question, and
delivi red ti rousing speech on the sub-
sat,*. Deeds, Business (jettsrs, otal .-lr-
c-ul.ii- wink Bpeotallst, All work strictly
confidential. II. Burry, room -tin W-Mt*
mlnster Trust M!k.   I'bonu 7e*i.
it a.- r ii of elks uf tin li. ei i'., meet
Un- flrsl and ihlni Thursday m 1 p. m.,
K of P. 11.i'i. Blghth street. A Wells
Uray, Exalted Ruler; P, ll. Smith, Seo-
i*, ini-y.
r   In
854.   -MEET'S
^^^^^^^     bird   ��� .lii.n.i.i.
li main i In K   nf 1-   hull al  -- p, in.
.1 I., .uny, dictator; !���'. B. Jonns, *-..--
retar) Headquarters of l"ils�� in See
liouse, coriier of Fourth und Carnarvon
-.p.. ii haa nol delegated the rearing of jt ct,
her offspring  to  anderlfngs, and  fur | lai-g
yi ars has devoti .1 so
their Interests thai sh<
for  pi t-i eiiil   induli
dtvldi a her tlmi   i.i .*.
ind t'i   Btate
S vepl  Things
tuges  have
^^^   1      I" ii.* ' !". !i.l       	
Ince Queen   Mary took  charge.    Ont
f her first acts wns t.i greatly redlini
which elicited the applaui e ol lhi
_ iiatliefiiit;.
much tune ti) it bad always occurred to him, said
'eir. no leisure the premier, thai the question of de
is and reall feneo Ehould be referred to In a non-
en ber family party way, and ti was regrettnble
��� hn! then " as so mu th parti . n h p
Clean. '    ilayed on the que tlon al the t ;i<
i   m *d    In  it  i
arrangements |    Ol   Ottawa  they   bad   been   treati i
for w* i l-  i'.e'  to s dli cusi Ii :i aB to
what Dtighl lo !���   done by Canada as
ard of Trnda Chaac Career of Elus-
ne   Dollar���Diminishing   Deposits
asing   Extravagance.
l ast Fenian Raid.
due r*r the last   Fenian  raids  look
place forty-three years ago today. The
Fenians had gathered along the Qti"-
bec frontier and the militia was call-
d oul to repel the invaders.   Or1 May
IB, IS70, soirc 200 Fenians crcrsed the
border and took up a Btrong position,
at   Eccles'   Hill,   In   Misslssquot,   but adopted-tills i
tliey wi re driven out by a force cf less I purse strings.
Arising out of Mr. Hobson's reporl
on Friday ei i ning to the board of
trade on the lumber Industry and on
the decn .*.: of i rdi rs from thc prair-
ii provinces, :m Interesting, if academic discussion ti ok place on the striu-
gi :..*;.    I the ii, t ��� j  mai I el
Mr.   1>   s   Curtis said  ii  would be
good If tin j  could   gi t    a Btatemi nl
from the bankers as   to   why    thej
ttltude of tlghti iiitiK the
lie would like to hour
the number of servants and  attend- a matter of duty towarda hersell and
:!*.. and  this spirit  of  business-like towards the empire.
,    |   ,..,  applied  to .i!l  ol Imperialistic Principles.
��� fairs ol He* court. The besl  snd  safesl  f atlon  by
Tl rganization and superintend which  the  Intereets ol    the    peoph
ence of the household, In tbe pasl al could be advanced weul,l be round In
ways  delegated   to  officials  of some the adoption of Imperialistic doctrlnei
,,,   ,..,,,,,.. Queen  Mary's personal md the practice of Imperialistic prln
mention     A    thousand    leaks    and clples     They   believed   thai   through
sources of waste have been eliminated the  promotion  of  the  policy    which,
i, nu In r meeting or Amity lo
87, 1. O. 0. I-'.. !�� hi'l.t .-ver*, Mnirlaj
nittil nt i o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hull,
cornel Carnarvon an.l l*:K;te*. .-n.-.is.
Vlsltlne lm tli'-ru cordial I: bivlted.
R. A. Merrlthew, N. r... .1. lioii-iiwjn,
\ t'.. ; IV. C. ('"iitti.tiii. P ���,. recording secretary; II. W. Sangster, fln.in-
,i*l secretary.
- i a* n.ini.u. I.t.t i - Funeral din otors
i-,l embulmer*. Parlors 40C ' ilumbls
ireet    New  Westminster.    Phone SSI,
kV   B. FALES    Pioneer Funeral
and   Bmbalmer,   61] 61!   Agn
iBlte ' 'urn.ute l.lhrury.
! 'ile,-.or
ti rs. Soli
V  U     \V,*Htt
I'.   J. K. I
Ih.iH. etc. 4n
ilnster, Q E.
rnnt,    A.  K   MoColl
iltl.  IC
than eighty militia and farmers. their  chiirman,  Mr.   I-.   M.  Richard-
O'Neill,  the  leader of the  raiders.;**-''", on the BUbject.
u-.-is captured bv a l'nited Slates mar- '    The chairman    I am not In a buy-
Bhal.   This ended the Fenian uprising. Ing district,    However, he mighl say,
witii the exception cf a brief and fu- ', bankers were not    Increasing   credit
tlle invasion of Manitoba the folk
InK year, which was suppri sseil
United Slates troops.
The Fenian raids com. the provincei
over a -million dollars. In direct ex
pendltures, and much more in damog
to  business  and   commerce.
Wc h&ve received a special Canadian supplement issued bv three ol the largest provincial papers in the north
and midland sections of England, a publication which D4WUCDC TDIICT fACF
claims to deal with all phases (if Canadian life.   The mans | DrtWllLlW   I HU J!   IA-JL
���and descriptivo articles therein go to show that there is
--.till much work to he done before this citv receives the
recognition that it merits, for we fail to find a sincle
tion of the word New Westminster in the whole 32 pages.
At   u   meetinB   of
ohaiit:-'   Association
a day or two apo, one
���Rave excessive delivery as one of the
<rauseB of the increased cos! of living.
"Today people will not carry home a
fen cent purchase,." he said. And the
���..-it ate ment   is   worth   taking   Into   ac-
t-xiunt in considering the problem that
"ha*; occupied so many minds of late.
Knr Che excessive delivery the doal-
i-rs themselves are to some extent responsible. They tire naturally anxious
i.n vloasc their customers, and show a
**iHinKness lo deliver even tlie IU-
rent purchase which is liable lo en-
eourane abuse on the part of Ihe cus-
���v-w-yv. k Is not an easy problem for
the Individual dealer, unless he adopts
nor. delivery as a practice and reduces
tv* prices accordingly,   Reluctance to
���silver  even  a  Hinall   purchase  mlgbt
mean  the less of a customer,
r-hon there Is the telephone,   it is a
-great   convenience,   but     the     service
\fchii-h il rt nders must be paid f< r b;
nomeone    if Hie housewife finds her
srlf   in   need   of   a   spuol.   a   box   of
���tiai'tn*. r. soup bone umi a bunch of
iHti.i-e, she goes t > the telephone and
cub-si for separate deliveries to be
���made frnm four different shops.
Without the telephone she would
prnbablj wait till she was going oul
���hi-n-i-tf and she would carry home all
Oiree parcels. Ilitis saving Ibe four de
tiverit-n Now it is clear that sonie-
h<��ly must pay for tlirse deliveries,
ami it is only natural and reasonable
to expect that the consumer shtii Ipay
;it l<;ast a portion of the cosi. Woodstock Sentinel-Review.
and conclusive opinion of educatlon-
��� 'alists that the more reserve tliere is
the Retail Mer- ; between the sexes the less relaxar
held in Toronto \ tlon of rules that affect the Uvea, the
of the members conduct and Ihe morals of the people.
Sooner or later there will be a complete isolation, and in addition there
wll Ibe definite and decisive., teaching
Of sex hygiene.
The prudery that has so long perverted the education of (he boys and
girls, at suitable ages, in the very essentials of life, In the knowledge that
makes for happiness, for freedom
from disease, for freedom from many
of the experiences now Incident to
gross and Inexcusable ignorance, is
passing awa>.
It goes none too soon. Coeducation
has hi Iped to keep it. With the change
there should be re-.il education, and
education affecting Ihe body as well
as the head ol the Individual, Kingston Whig.
True Bills Returned Against Cook and
Against   Associates   Alleged
Offences Outlined
brought In
Cook. II. N.
-A true hill was
in the case against F. ('.
O'Connor and J. O. Hearn,
and also in the case In which the accused is Mr. F. C, Cook, both of which
have to do with the affairs of the defunct Bankers' Trust Company. In
former   the   information     alleges
ll"* ct*
ten d
dlan tribes
in. 11.
Early In
I-"rcg Lake
priesto  of
the Northwest rebellion of 1885
it danger dreaded fer the scat
ttlers was a rising of the In-
whose warriors were st 11
compared    to    llie    white
April, llig Hears band at
had cruelly murdered the
the Roman Catholic mls-
i Inimhti
wi nid !
The Horace Mann school for teach-
��tf, in connection with Columbia uni-
heetlty. New  York, has    decided    to
_ decided
abandon the co-education of the student!-,   whi  un-  more  than   thirteen
years old,    The first definite step !,.,.-
he-en th-- Issue of an order for separate
tmfMlngs, and tbe equipment of them,
as th>- pn llmlnary to a complete bi p
aration of the sexes.
Ono of the features of the change
and one of the reasons for it Is In
the scheme of rearranging the ci -.-
of studioF for the girls so that thc 0
may b�� two curricula, ln the course
for thc girls who do not aspire to go
La college practical subjects will be
uuiKht which wlll he of more service
tn.-in the technical ones required lor
entfani'i' to college, which wlll be|
-.,.,-hl  in the other course.
Another idea is that the aimB and
itSvnl* of the boys and girls can be
b-etter studied separately. There is no
'loabt of this.    It is tho solemn, firm
sion  and  either  other  persons
other band  Of Crces, under the
1'ouud.maker.   also   went   on   the
path, and  forced  many a lonely set-
,tler to llee with his family for refuge
to the fort at Battletord,
Tliere they were still In danger, but
toward-, the end of April. Colonel 1)1
ter with his brigade made a rapid
march from Swift Current! and, after
resting for a day or two, marched
upon the Indians at Cut Knife creek.
Tliey defended themselves vigorously   and   Colonel   fitter  bad   . Ighi   men
kili.-d and thirteen wounded, bul aft
er the di f( ai of r"bi is al Batoche an i
the capture of Rlel, General  Middle
ten marched to Battleford; and upon
this i! iy   May  26th    in   thnl   eventful
spring,  Pouhdmaki r,  w tl>  a  nutnl nr
of  his  br ives,  i urn ndi n d   uni nndl
��� i ii illy  to tho    commander In chli f
and, like i'.:n Dear, wus tried and sentenced to tbrec years in the penitentiary,
conspiracy on the part of the three
men, and in the latter Cook Is accused
of llie theft of $8(10(1 by Mr. l-\ J Pop-
As soon as thc grand jury has made
ils pronouncement, Mr. F. II. liullock-
W, lister, for Mr. Frank Hlgglns, who
Is 111, applied for a postponement until
fall on the ground that they bid ii"
time io inrtruci other counsel and be
cause Mr. Hlgglns would nol be able
to be out f-T some days.
Crown Prosecutor Robinson Btated
that he hud communicated with the
attorney-general's department and
was advised thai the Interests of jus
tice would le met by traversing thi
case to tlie fall assizes.
ills lordship granted the request of
the defense and ordered the cases to
gO over Until   fill!
Chargec Explained
()n Ttieid-iy morning Mr. Justlc
Morrison charged on thc two Bankers'
Turst Company indictments. His address was nlti gether of nn explanatory nature. In the Instance where
Me--*; Cook, Ileum and O'Connor are
mentioned, he told of the Informal Ion
war | of the corporation with an Initial capital of $800,000. Later it was increased to $2,000,000.
At flrsl business was transacted In
a small way, but in mil a dividend
"i ii,iid ef ten per cent, on preferred
stock, nnd two per ei nt on common
stock. The evidence showed that Blnce
iniii, when cook practically obtained | ext
control, no business hud been done of      Mr
accounts or granting new ones. They
w,re trying to encourage ihriftineas
and economy In all business.
He did not think It could he said
thai bankers were not looking after
the InterettE of their customers. The
bunkers gave them a fair Bhow, tilth' ugh they might decline to increase
Mr Curtis The public would like
t ' know ilu* reason for thla money
[stringency und wbj the bankers followed this policy. The bankers must
foresee something just as some people thought tliey could presage the
Deposits   Decreased
The chairman- It is the result of a
combination  of    circumstances.    Tho
bankB' circulations  were  pretty  well
up to the limit  and  money was not
coming In. in tho same way.   Tlie deposits with the banks throughout the
Dominion  of Canada  for the year up
to   April.   1913,  showed   a  diminution
jof $14,000,000, rrom that of the year
preceding   April,   1912.     That   did   not
seem  much  In one  way, but if they
| took Into consideration also the enormous number of people coming into
jthe country and the amount of money
I with  thetn.  it  did.
In vii w  of the decrease nf deposits
and times gi ttlng hard the banks must
decrease iheir loans accordingly. People wen- not hoarding the gold as in
Mr.   I'urtM     Where   has   the
gone  to?    Back  to  Kngland?
The chairman it is a very difficult
thing to sny where the money has
"���im   to
Mr ii*'*' ��� "*.,��� n ust get the I'ro-
i-t-i spi- * nsfrr itlon to give a dinner
i.i ,,,*., ,���
add <   -   ' ���
I-' ' :**. --nr* around this table
now  u hat  is the mal- '
and.nlthough the Btaff of servants haa
been gr.iiily reduced, affairs are now
carried on with clockwork regularity,
thanks to the Incn asi d efficiency,
(ine of the queen's greati Bt tasks,
ri quiring sevi ral hi urs a day. is thai'
r-.f att' nding to her correspondence.
All suits of people .a all parts ol thi
world deluge Queen Mary with letters
���n all possible Biibji cts, and lo all of
Ihem the queen insists on giving lier
personal attention, whenevi r possible.
Tlie queen does not receive as many
l-o'-giug letters as an American multimillionaire, perhaps, but she has more
'linn her share, and quite enough to
bankrupt tlie royal treasury if all the
requests Tor small articles to be lold
at auction for the benefit of church
or charity, and these requests come
not only from all parts of the empire.
but from the United States and continental Kurope.
Many of these letter writers calmly suggest that an article of the
queen's own making would be especially appreclati d.
The Kngiish queen is a devotee of
the needle, but if she plied her needle day and night she could not supply
the demand for specimens of her
handiwork As a resull of tlle queen's
example, a needlework cult has sprung
up In Kngiish society, and threatens
to oust bridge.
Horticulture     Is     another   of   the
itoi d for the blgm ss of Canada ll
would also Mand for the bigness of
the empire. If once it was realized
tl*. ii tin* supreme issue was defense of
empire, then they must come to the
li gii al conclusion that the defense
of the whole was much better and
wiser than the defense of a parti
ll,. was appalled al the position
some people had taken on the naval
question. Was it necessary that
Downing street should actually say the
empire was in need  I In peril? Any
man who knew tbe history of the old
country must realize thai the hour
Would never arise when llritain would
ask anyone for help He would say
to all Liberals as well as Conservatives do you propi.se to wall until
Britain sliall ask for help rather than
proffer It? If so, Ihey were unworthj
to be the progeny of their illustrious
ancestors. Such a request could
never lie. and never would be made.
Churchill's Letter.
If they bad read Mr. Winston
Churchill's letter any they all ought
to have read it they must come to
the conclusion lhat the supplying of
Ihree war vessels by Canada would
be very useful to Britain. That should
be enough for any Canadian.
Let them diagnose the case as n
plain, everyday bnslness concern, continued the premier, who went nn to
show how the bonds, as affecting fin-
l.-r-at-law*. solicitor, etc. T. lephonf
li to. Cable iniiiresH "Johnston."
Cods. "West, rn Union," Offloes, Bills
Blnck. 652 Columbia stroet. N�� w* Westminster, ll. C,
���T1I.--.VK!.!.  CLOTH,   llarrlsoi-.U-liiw
tc ;   oorner   Colomh i    m,*
st r'.*ls.     New     W'-t   'nlnslfr,
i   Box   112.     T.-lep'  'lie   710.
H'*       I
Solicitor nnd Notary.
block,   21   Lorne   slreet,
sor.  II   C.
Office,.     Itni-t
New   W.-stmlD-
Barristers and Bolloltoni. fe;. to f,i��
Wastmlnster Trust Illock. O. E. Milr-
tln, W. Q, McCjimrrl.! und Oeom I��
wmiiisii'i:. BDMONDB ft wihtb-
sufi, ��� Barrlstars and Bolloltors, wast-
minsl.T Trust Hlk.. ColiiniM-** street.
New Westminster, H. C Cablo address
"Whiteside," Western fnlnn. P. O.
Drawer 200. Telephone C5 W. J
WhlMalde, K. c.; ri. I.. Bdmonda, D.
queen's fads. She is verv fond of|anclaI matters only, were talmost In-
muslc, and holds a degree of doctor of I dissoluble. That, matter, however,
music. She sp.aks German, French j '���v;lfi mll>' !l secondary consideration
and Italian as perfectly as English. Patriotism stood first, that wonderful
She is very fond ot the drama, and sentiment which bound Britons to-
hardly ever misses an iinpotrant new ' gether all over the world
play, and the late King Kdward often
referred to his daughter-in-law as
"our dramatic critic." Her verdict sh
to the merits of a play Is accepted as
final by European royalty.
Earlier in his speech the premier
had devoted considerable lime to discussing the wonderful changes which
had taken placo in the province dur
ing Ihe last tlve years, the railway
development all over British Columbia, and the certainly ot the still
grealer expansion in the province
luring the immediate future.
the cause < r which is unknown, destroyed the Btables Ol the
Lake  Simeon  fee  Company,  In   East
when 15 horses were burned
to death.
nd ct him to givo us nn   Had  Long   Eeen   Advocated  by Cana-
'       nu in**.*    string.mcy: ,   ,
dlan   Press   Association���Free
Accountant. Tel. It 128, loom it
Hart  block.
P. If Smith. W  .1  Orovea,
Work  undertaken   In   city   and   obtsid-a
|w.liits.    211-12    Westminster   Trust    Ili'lK-
^^^^^^P.   O.   Hex   507.
ster Honrd of Trade meets Iii the board
ror��n, cily Hull, us follows: Tldrd Friday of each minimi. quarterly nieetlni
tlitni Friday nf February, Mav.
and November at fi pan. An-
>eUngs on th* third Friday of
February, C. II. Btuart Wade, secretary.
nn lb.
Pictures and  Machines.
World   cf   Si-ndthrifts
llr  Holm'     inld he had read an article  on   whj   moncj   was  so hard  to
obtain from the banks.   II stated they
were 1 ning u w
i dtl r *��� i,
te" llgl ily and losing sight of the noe
"ssily  of saving     That, was  why  tin
Toronto, May 25,���In  n
In-  removal  of duties on
rld-w'ile  multitude  nnd typecasting machines.
nsidering    money ! by the minister of finance
ference  to
In bis bud-
The Quebec Act.
Carleton. governor
chief Justice Hay. I
; and M   de I.
Kir Ou
ada, Willi
(ieneral Maserr     ^	
appeared before the house of commons
1.19 years ago today. May 29, 1774, to
of Cl
I li
ll profitable character.
In July, 1912, the Title Holding Co..
a subsidiary cone. tu. Iiai.l been formed
Aboul Hits time Hearn became associated with It. Afterward. Cook and
Hearn fonnel the Negotiators, Ltd..
which enter, d Into a contract with
Mi.- Hankers1 Trusl Company, for tho
-ale of sii,.res altogfther favorable to
From October on a large amount
of stock was Bold, some by tin- neons- lupon
od, iml the greater amount by agents.
22 Per Cent. Dividends
Representations were made that n
dividend was paid In 1012 of 22 per
wen. other representations, all of
which It was charged, were false.
While it did nnt appear that tin .nan
O'Connor had  made any  represents
bunks supped th'-m and let them know
| they wanl d -��������� real, a breathing space.
The nrl e'e bn ht In the real ei tate
' it ;" - ' io and it took it- up very
car' 'ill!y
Thi re was ��������� *������ fki. ssness about the
COtnblnal on and the banks realized it.
Tin eh* irm: :, Real estate business
is "ot the cause, It is an aggravatl
of th�� Fin linn The hankers nr" nol
to blame for the stringency. It is n
���*��� ���-'���' * I- ��� '(nation and nol confined
to c.i-i id ��� !t i, und,- ubti dly true the
of III Is far too greal
Hob-nii    Thnt does not account
I gel spei h. Mr. J, R. flone, president of |
I the  Canadian  Press  Association, said
explain and argue the proposed leglB-  tlons. he   appeared    prominently
Where Is  the money 7
���iiift   ' ike  Burying
Mr, Curtis Onn cause nf the strin-
gi CJ ��� : ��� *��� mta In non-producing speculations    Tbey might as well
! urv  t! n     and  nut  it  in  non-
'���i * ��� "i '*  j���(*��� dm ;��� i-  land.
The cil lirinan     \  man    in*:--    h-v-o
' ivi rtl   of properly nnd  net  be
abb   t" '":'  liis linger on the cash.
Mr, Robson Speculated profoundly
wh il " llm Jncksot
the money ",T< hn Johnson
hypothetical peraon, paid him for propi rl *. or what the other fellow did
with it to whom th" nebulous "Jim"
Hold the same property and so on ad
infinitum. Tbe monev i.iusl he somewhere Oh where, oh where hnd It
gone ?
Finally the board gave It up.
-ii" change would result in a direct
saving to every newspaper and printing establishment'In the country.
The duty of twenty per cent, which
has   been   In   force   amounted,   in   tin*
case of high priced linotype machines,
to some $600 or $7flfi on each one. and
to a proportionate amount for tlle less
n i expensive machinery.
it is estimated thnt the duty collect.
.-il mi typesetting and typi casting nvi-
chlneo coming In'o Canada has hern
upwards of $60,000 to $76,00 lla yonr.
ThlB will now be saved. Tliere will
ba no Inlury to any Canadian Industry, as the machines are not manufactured In this country. II is known.) 1ESERVE
that n large number of publishers con- 1
templatlng purchases will Immediately    profit   Iv   thO   ell.Tlge,    1-0111.���   e'llcr ���*
-���'���ii"iriug as many as five or six now
III-' "������pes.
The removal of di-tles '���:��������� ph-^to
graphs fer iieivsp-i>"*��fli while not a
Iti-go matter financially, will bo a ben- ,
efit In preventing delays In the ens- |
did wllh toins of pictures coming from Kngland j
nother.iind other countries, Hitherto only |
pictures fnr Sunday school pipers
were admitted free, others being sub- j
jeet to a duty of twenty per cent.
The Canadian Press Association has
advocated   (bene  changes   for  several
yenrs,  and  during the paat year haa
discussed the matters In detail [overall
times with Iho authorities. I G
In Ilrantford, the celebration of Vic
torla day will be divided, the banks
ind legal and government offlci i be
Mtg closed on Saturday and Ihe slotes
on  Monday.
Every, Woman
li Interfiled nntl Mi'uik! know
\ about tlie ww Inr-Tni
Auk your (Tmswlrt
it If h* cannot supply
tho  MAIIVI.Ij, accept no
o:hor, hut Mod Btamp f"r lttafr
trntcd book������e-ah-il.   It pivra TxiW
pnrhmlara nM fW'-rtlnfin IpmilDBblB
to ladlci.WtKDSOR8UP
Tt��l   A ��. ntf. for ' lunula.
?ank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid-Up)  ....$16,000,000.00
branches throughout Canada and
snwfoundland, and in London, Rug
ttnd, Now York. Chicago nnd Spokane
'.*% A., and   Mexle*. City.    A  genural
���mnkinn buHlnoan transacted. Letters
.r Credit issued, available with cor
ronpondnntfl in nil parih of th*; world
Savings Baiik Department��� Deposit!
received In Bums or JI  and upwind
and Interest allowed at 8 per cent, pei
annum (preaent rate).
Total ASBOtS over $1X6,000,000.00.
D, dkymnek, Manager.,
ooai, MINING rights nf the Dominion
lu Ma nit film. SnMkittch��-wnn nnd Alberta,
Um Yukon Terrltoryi Hi" Northwest Territories and in ti portion of the Provisos
of British Columbia, nmy ���������� leased t'<��r a
tTin fif twenty-one years at on annual
rental of %i nn acre. Not morn than u&fi#
acrea will \>** teased to one applloant
Appllciitlon fnr a 1wih���� must OS imule
hv the applloant in person tn th< Agent
nr Bub-Agent Of the ilietrlri In whWi the
rights applied fnr are Hitimtiut
In surveyed territory the land must t>e
described By sections, nr legal sub-divisions of sections, and in unsurveyod t��r-
rltory the tract applied f����r shall i>e
staked >'iit hy the arl'Hcant himself.
ESach application tnust be accompanied
hy a fee of $-r- which wm i>.  refunded if
'lm rlKhtK applied for are not uvulJaMfi,
bul nnt otherw Isjqu A royalty Hhnii i>e
im t'i on the merchantable output of the
mln<* ut the rate of five cviwh r^f t��n
The parson oiH'ratlriK thc mln* Hhall
furnish    the    Ar�� nt    with    sworn    returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and puy thn royalty tberean. if the coal mining rights
iro not being operated suoh returns should
tie  furnished at least once a yrar.
The  leue will  Include the egiil  mining
rights   only,   hut   the  leasee  wlll   bo   i*-r-
I   to    purchase    whatever    available
lurface riKiits may he considered nocea-
lary tor the working of the mine at the
Kit** of $10 an iirre.
Kor full Information application sbould
:>e made tn Uv S'^retar/ nl the Onpftrt-
fnonl nf the tnterlort Ottawa, nr to any
\K"nt or Sub-Agent of Dominion   l4iuds.
Deputy  Minister of tho  Interior..
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of this
Ldvertlsement win not be paid for.
Kloved !
From 46 Lorne St.
to 401 Columbia St.
Watch for announcement.
High   Class  Ladles  ani   Oentlemen'a
Ladles   and
Tailor, .    -   .
HiONDAY, MAY 26, 1913.
T. I. TRAPP & Co.
Open up in our New Place a Large Shipment of
Garden Tools.
F. & M. Lawn Mowers, special machine, ball
bearing, throe to five cutting blades; Garden Rakes
anri Hues.
Vancouver  Means to Vie  With  Portland���Roee Festivals In Plcardy
and   London
You Can Talk
Over Our
Distance Lines
Three Minutes
From New Westminster
To Port Moody for 10 cents.
To Cloverdale, Coquitlam and Ladner for 15 cents.
To Eburne and North Vancouver for 20 cents.
To Hammond, Milner and Steveston for 25 cents.
To Abbotsford and Mission for 35 cents.
To Chilliwack for 45 cents.
To Agassis and Harrison Hot Springs for 50 cents.
Tim magnificent roso festival     ut
Fort lnml ih t�� huve a competitor on
thin Bide of the line.If plans now being formed In Vancouver come to
fruition.   The city Beautiful assoota-
tion Ib actively interesting itself In
thlH aa in. many other projects, Buch
oa window boxes on the BtreetH and
the cultivation of vacant lotB.
The rose la Ihe national emblem of
Kngland  bul   from  time    immemorial
the rose has been an emblem, a symbol,    llarpocrates. the God of Silence]
received from the God of Love a beautiful  rose.    This  wan  the  first  ruse
ever known, and it was a bribe beau- *
tif nl enough to induce HarpocratfB to
please  Cupid  liy  not  saying  "all    he j
could have said" about Cupid's    mo-
ther    Venus.
In  Council   Chamber
The    ancients    remembering   this*
Bt*.ry, used  to have a roBe placid  in
their rooms of mirth or entertainment,
���   and sometimes, even in their council chambers, as a hint that what was'
seen  and  heard  there  should  not  be
talked of outside.
In olden times piety employed the
rose in the adornment of holy tern-
I pie Love und gaiety have formed
I roses Into crowns and scattered rose
leaves under tlle feet of those whom
it. was desired to make joyful. In'
some countries, notably I'erela, grief
has covered the graveB of separated
loved ones with roses.
Modesty and purity have ever received the roBe ub their sweetest and
most glorious reward. In many parts
of the world there has been held from
very ancient days a rose festival, wheu
by popular vote some lovely and pure
damsel has been crowned "Oueen of
the Rosebud, Garden of Girls."
Rose  Festivals
Nowhere Ib this rose festival more
prettily  carried  out  than   in  Sllency,
a small village in l'icardy, and it was
the ceremony at this place, which Ka-
I ther   Nugent  -a   well   known   London
I Catholic   priest���   took  aB  his  model
; for the "Rose Festival" which was for
! several years held at the Crystal Palace.
In Plcardy, candidates for the honor of being "Itose Queen" appear belore competent judges and the damsel
who gives the most affecting proofs
of Innocence, truth, simplicity and
general goodness of character receives
a high crowned hat completely covered with roses. Such a hat is trea-
Btircd and handed down for generations.
Frequently it has happened in Plcardy--and  the writer  knows  that it
gn wn. The soli muBt be worked underneath the large roots and tapped
about them. The top of the tree
should be leaned Bllghtly to the southwest.
Thia enables the tree to resist tbe
hard south  winds and before the end
of the  first  season  the tree  will    be
standing in an erect position,   it is
a good plan to shake tin- tree several
limes while tapping the earth around
the riots and to pour waler ahout thc
tree in order to bring th" soil in contact witli every bit of root surface.
After tli" water lias been poured on
another Inch or two of dry soil
good surface should be thrown about
the tree to prevent  baking."
Regina Hotfoot After Minneapolis Ex
ample���Fresh Vegetables Assured to  Every Table
Hi inimlttee has determined to deal
wltli them In the order of tlieir reception.
��� The loo lots   will   be   distributed
through the various sections of the
city, both north and south of the
Anyone knowing of a lot convenient to him, which he would like to
use, may confer with tbe owner atid
if consent Is obtained the gardener's
name and that of the owner may be
reported to the committee and such
lots will be included lu the 100.
The oommlttee urge again   that all
.those  who  wish  to  use a  lot  should
,:(1 I lose no time In seudlng in their names
as all  will appreciate the urgency of
the matter on account of the lateness
of the season.
The objects of the movement nre
as follows:
To reduce the cost of living for Individual families.
To cheapen garden produce for the
whole city.
To cultivate among the citizens
pecially the young, a taste for
healthiest of all recreations.
To beautify the city.
(Above  rates are subject to change without notice)
Regina, May 25. The committee on
Education and Legislation of the City
Planning association met Saturday afternoon In the city hall It was de
Cldod l" ask the treasurer. Mr. P, Mo-
Ara, it., and Dr. How to prepare a
statement of the work done and the
expenses incurred in connection with
cleaning up day.
A report on the cultivation or vacant lots was made and lt waB decided to undertake to cultivate 100
lots to he labelled I'll} Garden Lots.
Ten feet on the front of each lot
will be given over to the growing of
flowers while the remainder of the lot
will be used for growing vegetables.
The committee propose to arrange for
the plowing and harrowing and present each vacant lot gardener with a
package of garden seeds.
They are at present collecting data
in regard to the coet, and the available
supply of seed potatoes and the cost
of harrowing anil teamsters to lay before the parks committee before making a final announcement.
i Meanwhile they wish to receive applications for lota, ao that the work
: may be got under way without delay.
Many lots are already offered for free
use as gardens this year.
Want  Permanent Secretary
|    On account of the multiplicity of the
duties  In   connection   with   the  work,
i the committee  is  seeking  for a per-
manent secretary to look after the details of the undertaking
Among  the  requests for lots which
have already  come  In, the first one
was fr.nn a college professor. Ihe Becond from a newspaper reporter, the I
third from a member of the civil ser- I
vice and the fourth from a working-
man.    This  indicates  the    range    ofj
citizens who ari. undertaking to cul-1
tlvate vacant lots.   There is no doubt
that If there la a good res-ponae from
A delightful luncheon was given by
Mrs. C. A. Welch, 227 Sixth Btreet,
New Westminster, Saturday, May 17,
for the members of Chapter A, I'. E. O.,
of Vancouver and prospective members of Chapter B, New Westminster.
Covers were laid for thirty gueBts.
The rooms were decorated throughout with yellow and white, the chap-
ter colors, and the tables were cen-
tered with pretty bouquets of mar- j
guerites (the 1'. E. O flower), with
streamers of yellow and white ribbons to which were attached place
At the close of the luncheon toasts
were propoBed by different members
as follows:
"To Our Hostess," by Mrs. A. E.
Clark;  response, .Mrs. C. A.  Welch.
"To Chapter A, Vancouver," by Mrs.
Frank PearBon: response by Mrs.
George R. Bow.
"Chapter B, New Westminster," by
Mrs. R. J. Madden; response by Mra.
Howard Welsh.
"Chapter F, Bellingham," by MrB.
of Bellingham.
Geo. Uearing; response by Miss DobbB
"Chapter B. C��� of Waverly, lowa,"
by   Mrs.   E.   D.   Carder;   response  by-
Mrs   George W. Rlttman.
"Chapter It. Spokane, Wash.," by-
Mrs. J. A. Sutherland; response by
Mra. Ready of Spokane.
"To Our Absent Members." by Mrs.
E. S. Learn; response by Mrs. J. 0,
Challies, reading a letter from Mra.
Montgomery Smith, who is at present
ln London, Eng.
"To Quests Not P. E. O.'s," responded to by Mra. A. C. Shallenberger, formerly of Seattle, Wash
After the toasts  Mrs.  Frank  Pear-
Imperial Nurseries
and Floral Co.
Horticultural and Floral Design
Special   attention
paid to mail orders
Original Designs
Bamboo Baskets
Cut Flowers Fresh Daily
Salesrocm: 1056 Granville Street
Peter's Road and 5th St., Eburne, B.C.
Phone orders attended to.^
Seymour 6058
I sou rendered a vocal solo iu a very
1 pl-eaBina manner, and Mra. A. J. Tyson
........       h��u    *������*.     ������,,*u,      ..........    ���.,,.,��   �����     mu,   ,,   nice    in   ',    n'l.,,    icainjuor   tiwiu I r . nrvlr,
has  happened   In  London���the  cromnitbe citizens It will have a remarkable   8a^? a ,p,  ,,���,'., .v.. ,���, ���. .�����,_
of roses constituted the sole wreath ot .effect on the city. 1    Tho foloU-ingJ-vere the out-of-town
Its    wearer
proved   an
honorary;   2nd. home gardeners, who
have  gardens  of  their  own.  wish  to
but such a crown kaa
attractive dowry and an
honorable recommendation to a wealthy suitor.
I effect on the city. \ ,,       ...        ,  .
lt bas been decided that there shall   ��ue8ts;  , Mr?-   T-rouadale
be  tour    classes  of   members:       1st,   Tr��uvhdal?  ?'  Bu"al��'   ^..  tl>
Dobbs  of  Bellingham.  Wash
Oklahoma experimental Malicm
press.a bulletin on "Tree Col-
has i
ture."   by   Professor   Morris,    of    the
horticultural department.
While the bulletin treats of many
features, such as the best trees to
plant for shade or poet and pole production, perhaps the most timely aud
useful advice is that relating to planting,  which   is  as follows:
'"I lie trees should be set n little de*-p
cr In the soil than they stood in the
i nursery  row,    or    where    prpTiously
partake of the advantages of the other,
nr who wish to add another plot to
their home gardens; 3rd, vacant lot
gardeners, who, after paying $2 50,
will be entitled to free plowing, harrowing and seeds, as well as reductions tn the price of garden tools and
plants from a number of hardware
stores  and   florists     who    favor    tiie
scheme;   -4th. juniors,  under sixteen
years of age, for whom some older
person  will  act  as sponsor.
The charge to them will be only $1.
which will include to them all the
privileges of the other members. If,
as Is believed probable, the number
of applications surpasses  the supply,
Miss I
Y.-,   MrB.
Robertson, Long Island, N
Keady. Spokane, Wash.
The following were the out-of-town
Vancouver and New Westminster:
Mrs. J. A. Cuuningham. Mrs. Price,
Mrs. Scott. Miss Trunbull. Mrs. Tyson. Mrs. Shallenberger, Mrs. T. Gifford. Mrs. J. K. Agar. Mrs. Frank
Pearson, Mrs. Howard Welsh. Miss
Hitchman. Mrs. A. E. Clark. Mrs.
Geo. R. Bow. Mrs. Geo. W. Rlttman.
Mrs George Hearing. Mrs J. G. Challies. Mrs. E G. Learn. Mrs. H. C, N.
McKlm. Mrs. L. Hicks. Mrs. G. H.
Moore. Mrs. R. J. Madden. Mrs. (Dr. I
Sutherland. Mrs. (Dr.) Carder, Mrs. ,
P.  Gunn. Miss Susie Clark.
Daffodils!    Th. f^i
Daffodils!    .nTo���
Carnations nd Roses
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Nutshell News From
The Prairie Centres
Finest Quality and Best Value
To those who lovo a beautiful flower garden, without which a
home cannot be truly homelike, wn would be pleased to tell them
nil about our choice bedding stock of great variety, everything wanted to make flower gardens beautiful and attractive, such ae:
wiih a payroll of nbout  $1,000,000   a
Alexander  Stewart,  nged   nine,  son
of A. M. Stewart, financial agent   of
Winnipeg,   was   run   over   and   killed
Saaatoon's new    Episcopal    church.*|,y  aI1  automobile driven   by  Charles
will cost 112,000.   A public bath house  McDonald,  son of a millionaire mer- \
Moose .law business men gather^
to see the first stake driven in site of
huge linseed mill.
| Sir Robert Perks Advocates Georgian
Bay Canal���How  He  Build  Up
Euenos Ayres.
Covent  Garden   Florists
Vancouver Block
Phone Sey. 1213    Granville Street
and swimming pool is under way there
Gallclan   celebration  at    Macnutt.
Montreal,   May   25. -"The   moral   I
,    ,    ,     , .would draw   tot  the  city of Montreal
chant,  who was locked  up. la-
John  Stovel was elected  by aci la- |    '..If  y���u  wan,   lt)  niake the city  as !
near Saltcoats, keeps the Mounted Po-  mation president    of   the    Winnipeg . vl,��� wol,ij e\o a city with one and a
lice    busy    Investigating   nn    assault  board of trade, following the presen- I jmlf   n,mion   01'   peoplo     within     ten I
which may prove to be a murder. italion  of a  comprehensive  report  on | yl.arBi   turn   the   whole   of   the   Hack
'    ,       ....       , ��� I prosperous  western conditions by  K. i   ,v .   from y)out -p,, L'Isle, up to the,
Melford's  board  of  trade  plans    aj�� ^  r(lUring preeMwlt. J��g' nrwn^ ���wMnt ,���,��� vm, con. |
A    ..tie sale waa closed at  Winnl-   tlnuous  river  frontage    that
PINK8,   ETC.,   ETC.
Make a visit to our greenhouses and nursery and see for yourself, ln the meantime ask for a catalogue, which will be mailed
free on application.
Wo fill window boxes;  a choice selection of flowers.
Don't forget this fnct; we can supply you with everything for
your vegetable garden also.
Our stock of Cabbage, Cauliflower and Tomato Plants Is the best
we ever had. We have them In large quantities. Get your orders
In early.
Head Office, Suite 710 Dominion Building.
Phone Seymour 5556. Vancouver, B. C.
Greenhouses and Nursery at Royal, on B. C. Electric Railway, Eburne
Branch, 2 Milea from City Limits.    Phone, Eburne 43.
big celebration next year in honor of
^^J^/rfeSa^'weet^CanlllW When J." I. Stein.'of'the firm of I n'rst   section   of   tl.e   great   Georgia,,;
\a   ,w        *        2i,-��   i    l*te�� >">�� w��"Kh' ac,ln* for ven" !��a>- ca��al lu ,he   ,>a8t- conm>ct   ,,K'
ada bj  Chevalier do la ( orue In the IJ a^  purchage,.   wW  m teet    of | Georgian nay from here through Ot-
l arret  mer ���w>^_ trackage on Archibald street nnd front Itnwa and through the French River to
ing on the stockyards, for $50,000, the j the Great l-akes, thereby enabling the
MANITOBA buyers acting for a Chicago syndicate, i great   ocean-going    summers   of   the
world to go from any of the European
The entire grain storage of the west
is 90,560,000 bushels. ALBERTA
Lieut-Governor    Cameron's    horses i    Calgary  will  establish a pure .milk
were blue ribbon winners at Ottawa dispensary   for   babies,
show. ;    Alberta  Is the first of the wnstern
The value of the present annual out-  provinces to establish and    equip    a
put of Winnipeg's factories Is estlmat-   mine-rescue train,
ed at fifty million dollars. A new elevator system for Alberta
Winnipeg's   building   permits   Mon-   Is announced with an Initial plant to
day included a new  public school at cost half a million.
$100,000 and dwellings at $05,000. Natural  gas  was    struck    by    the
The contemplated changes and ad-  Dunmore   Development   company,    at
ditlons  to  the  Winnipeg station  and  their townsite nenr Medicine Hat.
hotel of the C. P, H. will coot $2,500,- I    Rains last week did  great  good to
000. |crops In Southern Alberta.    The gen-
Figures of the assessment commls-  eral condition ia best on record.
, sloner place Winnipeg's population at      A report is current that  the brick-
1S5.000,  cn   increase  of  about   19,000  layers all over the province will ask
over the previous year. ��� for an increase of from 67 cents to 75
Seventeen horses, six head of cat-  cents an hour on June 1,
tlee and a number of pigs and hens ers hrd u fight   when   one,   Mudery,
wen- destroyed tn a fire nt the farm i    In a shack at Passburg, two foreign-
of George Junkln, near Sanford. struck J. Kalzeek with a bottle on the
A Fire May Happen Any Time
DO    IT   NOW
An Insurance Company   with   $4,000,000   C-iitutal
Phone 1299 322 Westminster Trust BUfe.
portB without transshipment right   to
Chicago.   Duluth.   Kort   William   an.l
Port Arthur, and any of tho Lake Su- |
perlor portB.
"The Georgian Buy canal would be I
to the whole of Canada what the Sue;
canal Is to Great Britain, and what j
the Panama canal will be to America
lt is as important to these dominions I
as these two great canals aro to the ,
two grent commercial countries Inter- !
Thus spoke Sir Robert l'erlis. the j
great British lawyer, flnamiar and In- '
dustrial captain when Interview at I
Montreal this week. Sir ltobert. who, |
In addition to being one of the great- |
est parliamentary lawers,   financiers
and industrial captains of the day is a!
great city traffic expi rt, under whoa,' i
skill aud guidance one of the great
underground railway Bystem as |
London was electrified and redeemed I
from financial failure, bad been speak I
lug of the phenomenal development of
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.   BOX  442
The  Hon.  Albert  Murray,    speaker side of the head, knocking him dead,
in the fifth Alberta legislature, and onl    Thomas H.    Mawson,   expert   city Ithe Argentine, where he and his pnrt-
of the most widely known men of that  planner, nnd  who has  a commission   ner.  the  late  Mr.   Walker,  carried  a
province, died nt Winnipeg aged 74.     ifrom the new king of Greece to makelhngo  contract  for    Ihe    government
There are 350 Industrial establish- a modern city of ancient Athens, Is I which wub lurgely responsible for tho
mentB In Winnipeg, 60 of them being'in Calgary and has taken up tho work 'growth of Buenos Ayres from a city
established In the paBt vear. the whole!of planning the Calgary beautiful at of 226,000 people tweuty-slx years ago
giving employment to'18,000    hands!a feo of $25,000. to ono with a population of 1,400,000.
Simmer's Seeds
We keep our stock fresh bv burning doubtful seeds. Can we tho
mcre to protect you? TORONTO PARKS LAWN GRASS SEEO ia
what  we handle und what wo use on our own lawns���Try it.
Now is tho time to KODAK. We are agents for Eastman's Ko-ttabs
and  supplies.    Big aud  fresh  stock always on hand.
Curtis Drug Store
Phons 43; L. D. 71;  Res. 72. New Weatmlnster, B.C.
1 f��AGe fOU��
MONDAY, MAY 26, 1913.
Critk'-tcrs   Keep   Slate  Clean���Fourth
V.'in  in  Succession���Rose's
Bowling Effective.
The Nt w Westminster cricket club
oaatlnoed its victorious career on
Saturday on the asylum grounds, when
���the fourth consecutive victory was
ra-gtat-ared, a strong team of the Van-
���convrr Burrard  club being rcfeated.
For the losers R. Smith played a
���meritorious innings ot BO not out and
K. It. Bullen bowled well, securing six
wickets for 21
Westminster, has arrived in the city
and will take a place In the Kamloops
lacn sse team, Mr, Coutts Is a stick
ha,idler of mucb reputation, and will
be a welcome acquisition to the
hoard of trade and wished to work in
peace and harmony with that body.
The first question it asked was
win Hut the board of trade bad taken
this or that matter up or was going
to take ii up?
On Best of Terms.
New  Linkr.  Opened. Secretary     Wade     confirmed     the
The new links of the Vancouver Golf chairman's    statement    There    had
and Country club were opened at 11,,r-   been no friction whatever.    Mr. Dar-
qultlam   Saturday   morning   when   A.   ling and himself were working in e>-
McAUistrr, captain of the club, drove  lire  harmony.    There  was  no public
the first ball amid  Ihe  plaudits of a  Question came up they did not com-
; large assemblage,   The course proved  munlcate with each other upon.
in excellent shape and this, combined      Rarely a couple    of    days    parsed
with beautiful weather, made it ideal
for an excellent day's sport card. Mrs.
without  Mr. Darling calling upon him
or he. Mr. Wade, illuming Mr. Darling
Klkins. president of the ladles' section ,on vqrious points and talking the mat-
It was simply a division of
of the club, presented  the prl7.es after tea had  been served.
I* II.  Miller, 46 aud  BS, W,  Money,  the Cleveland Americans get .1. Leilas.! carried off the batting honors for, veil outfielder, and Stump, shortstop
from the New York Americans In ex
change   for   Infielder   Roger   I'eckln-
paugh. was agreed upon by telegraph
before the Cleveland club left Chicago
l,elivelt was wanted principally aa a
Uttl locale.    Irving, 3 for 52 and Hose
"7 tor 40, bowled unchanged through
���ont' thc Burrard innings.    Scores:
New Westminster.
��*t. Bartlett l.b.w.. b. Whittaker..
W. A. Wells, b.  Bullen  	
Cl. Irving, b.  Bullen   	
K. A. Hose, c. and b. Bullen 	
K \V. Money, run out  	
Milter, c Charlton, b. K. F. Smith
C 11. Judd. b.  Bullen   	
K. T. Dunrord,  b.  Barber      0
C. Walton, b. Bullen        lfi '
A.   R.  Trigar.   not  out        1   Militia  Sharpshooters
tpr over,
  Ile did not think the publicity work
  of  the   bureau   would   Interfere   with
FRANK  CHANCE  SECURES the   board   of   trade   work,     ile   was
INFIELDER  FROM  CLEVELAND   thoroughly In accord with the appoint-
  �� 'incut of an  industrial  commissioner
Chicago, May 25.���A trade by wihch   for this city, although he would give
no opinion as to who should be employed.    He held a strong opinion on
that  but  he   would,  meantime
that to himself.
Dr. Holmes -Friction might not be
the right word.
Overlapping Work.
Mr. Curtis���Call it overlapping.
0  pinch hitter by Cleveland, while Man- !    Dr.   Holmes���Yes;   I   do  not   mean
0lager Chance hopes to strengthen his  friction   in   the   liberal   Eense.     1   do
29 , infield   through    the     acquisition   of, not  doubt  that  our    secretary,    Mr.
46   I'cckinpaugh
A. Gocdbat
c. Chandler, b. Bullen
on  Ranges,
Marked Improvement was
Total  .126
Burrard  Club
A. S. Charlton, b. Hose   15
Tt f. Smith, b. Irving       14
IL I). Whittaker, b. Irving     1
R J. Barber, b. Hose     5
\V. 6. Chandler, b.  Irving      0
J*. K. Bean, c. Tigar, '���. Rose    4
V. it   Ttiillcn. c. Miller, b. Hose     5
T. B. Hat-stow, b Rose 10
IL  Smilh.   not   out    3G
C  Hurst,  b.  Rose      0
O. C. Durrant, b. Rose   2
Kxtraa          3
Total    05
(By the Bolter.)
Two well known lacrosse magnates
were missing from  the Westminster
club house ou Saturday afternoon, viz.,
Charlie WolBh and Wells Gray. Charlie
ia attending thc Sbrincrs' convention
in Dallas, Tex:, while the 1012 man-
hf*vr of the Salmon Bellies is on civic
business  Id   Ottawa.     It   will   be  remembered   lhat  nbout  this  time  last
year  Charlie  Welsh     picked     up    a
<:.Q.I). call at  l^is Angeles to the ef
feet   that   Fleming,   of  Toronto,
raiding  WeBtmlnster players and
rived in the city the day of the open-
imr, game of 1912.
IrfSF.ter Patrick, who will be one of
tbe officials in next Saturday's game
at Vancouver, was a spectator of the
opening   -game.     lie  felt  wel!   pleased   I'te
that the [day was kept clean and pre- . Pte
dieted  n   good  season   for  Coast  la- . Pte
crosso. i Pte
! Pte.
Wade, and the Progressive association
jget on well together, but It showed
i that there was overlapping by their
'continually consulting with each
Dolnig Better other. I know for a fact of persons
getting communications from both
noticed bodies and they did not know where
in the scores made by tho members they stood.
of the 104th regiment on tlie Browns- j The Chairman���The report should
ville ranges Saturday morning and ibe ready to come up at the next meet-
nfernoon, although severs! have yet ing. If anything Important or any
to learn that a bull's eye means five difficulty arises the president can
while an outer only two. call a special meeting to disciiES it.
Lieutenant  W,   J.   Groves  was  top      The subject then dropped.
scorer -ilth 94. Captain Tom Cunning- *	
ham, Captain P. H. Smith and Lance- __ _ ITC!I1VTr, T ciocj
Corporal Wise sharing honors for D. C UolNl�� Ltibb
second place with 93.
Although the light was good
throughout the duy. a tricky cross
wind rendered shooting difficult at
times, while the glare of tho sun's
rays In the morning session added a
little difficulty to getting the proper
The following are the scores made:
200 500 600 Tls.
ifouiin.ieu irom \oixe one.
The band in the grand stand added
to the -scene and helped the bleacher-
U-e-9 before the big event started. A
curtain raiser between two junior
teama had been ararnged. but this fell
through at the last minute.
Lieut.   Groves    :il ,'!2
Capt. Cunningham ....30 31
Capt. Smith   31 30
Lance Corpl Wise  ...,:ll 31
Pte.  Dadds    30 32
Pte.   McCue    24 31
Sergt. Melss  29 28
Scrgt.   Chi,soman    27 21
Corpl. McKenzie   27 10
Pte. Pool   27 25
Sergi. Little   23 18
Sergt.-Major Pliilpet   ..27 28
was Corpl. H. Corder  19 15
ar-   Sergt.  Robinson    13 23
Corpl.  Jelfcry    2S 14
Corpl.  Pettigrew   20 13
Pte.  Magee   14 19
Pie.   Press    19 22
Pte.   Me Adam    14 17
Corpl. Garraway   29 9
Brooks    12 23
DeFrles   20 io
Laird  21 6
Gray    21 4
Weller    16 4
Pte.   May    10 12
Pie. Gales   12 3
One item connected with the Bay-
t-ey-nar-rl-eati scrap at Brighouse Saturday evening which appealed to the
fans, was th>- refusal ot Barney Gosh
��?o Introduce all the white and colored
tightweight and heavyweight hopes in
this section of the continent to the
���-ga/.e of the throng. At the most,
.���these fellows are, as a general rule.
nothing but meal-ticket fighters. Once
they have made a name for thein-
a-alveB th;-}- will have plenty of time
to get Introduced, garbed In a pair of
Ticket holders at lhe Brighouse affair had no cause to complain for
���never r bitch occurred throughout lhe
BOii.-*ion.       Oilier    promoters    present
might take Btock of the arrangements
and  not   sell   tickets  for  places  that ���
.-cannot bo found.
Albert (Dublnel Kerr, the well-
known hockey player who quit thc ,
���nami' last winter after playing a s.-n-
���atlonal match with Victoria the yea,
previous, has signed up for life, hav-
ing marri.-d ht Winnipeg Miss A 0
Murray, formerly   of   Ottawa    Kerr
��� as  perhaps the most  polished   wing
o\*tyi ��� Is Ike game,
A Significant  indication of the ad
fane, i made ,n civilisation during re-
oenl years la the report from tbe FIJI
Islands where the Australian cricket
its.  due   tb   arrive   in   Victoria   th'
-week.   play, d
Kngliili   gam
i Continued li
*. Hee on
Mr. Curtis thought Ihey should know
a little more of it before endorsing su
important a proposition. Tbey Bhould
have a sketch or map uf the territory
before them. He did not know enough
about, it to be clear about recommending an expenditure of that kind. It
miglii he well to refer it back for a
new report and sketch showing the
territory, number of miles and approximate   cost   involved.
Dr. Holmes said lhat. was what he
meant by his motion. The city had the
engineering staff Tlie council should
be advised ot the board's attitude and
asked to make the necessary investigation. The modified motion was
4���59 declared carried.
24���58 i Extending Bounds
21���57 Secret'} Wade said he had expressed
16���57 his opinion before the executive, at
19 -62 Its last meeting, that the time was
16���4!�� opportune to move the city to take
S���4<| st. ps towards the incorporation of the
8���4!)  land between the Brunette river, the
10 4$  present city boundary on the east, and
10 45  the new boundary of the Fraser Mills
8���38  municipality, if that were the will of
10 37   the people living there.
8 33 ,     He  did   so  because  at   the  present
]2 32  time they were giving certain Indus- i
s���M ' tries In that district civic utilities j
suchtas water and light, and assisting:
th'-rn *;with similar advantages as their
They also needed for the extension ���
of industrial work the land lying In
that district. Hc hoped very shortly
to locate a very large Industry or.
some of thai land, and if they located
there, they would desire to be supplied with their city utilities.    He be-
At the Theatres
The next at'rartion al the opi ra
bduse win be the Australian Pollard
opera company, who are booked to
play  four  attractions here,  commenc-
, ing next Thursday evening. They
Will put on a special matinee on Saturday afternoon. The following are
the musical comedies thai they will
produce: Thursday evening "La ILllo
Butterfly," Friday "Sergeant Brue."
Saturday  matinee "The Toy   Maker."
land Saturday evening "Thc Mikado."
Tha Brats for lhe productions are now
on sale.
The new show which opens at the
Royal theatre today ls a strictly novel
lone.   The Milmarf, a lady and gentleman,  present  a  combination  singing,
posing and acrobatic novelty.    Walter
! Lcmar  Is  known  as  America's  for-f-
jirosl. nightingale and it can be justly
'said that he deserves that title, as he
jean imitate all sons of birds to per-
1 fection.    Louise Byrd will sing a late
popular song which will be handsomely  Illustrated.    The  big  picture  feature will he a three reel Gaumnnt entitled "The Union Eternal."   The big
scream   comedy   will   be   a  split-reel
Keystone.     The   first   subject   Is   "A
game of  Poker.    The second  subject
is "Father's Choice," in which father
wants Mabel to marry a man of his
choice, but she refuses    and    elopes
with her sweetheart.
Fresh Herrtnp and Broilers Hsve
'lne ai-.'-cnranee of fresh herring
was the feature of Friday's market.
The snnplv in this commodity wai
mcre than equal to the demand and
the price was three pounds for 2r
The attendance was good and trad-
lne was brisk throughout the morning
with little change In prices over tl,"
previous  week.
In the poultry Fcction broilers
made their first showing nml the
older birds will now have lo occupy
second position. Poultry, live weight.
dropped about two cents a pound and
was offered at 20 and 21 cuts. From
$4 to $6 a dozen wns obtained for
The vegetable market continues
dull while the florist continue to ���>'i
a land office business.
TnnflniiPd Trim pace ODftl
/_v t /VT I HT JE7Z3
2���i ;
have lost $2000 or ?30(,0 there. W
were told by your chamber of com
merce  that   we  could  get  plenty  of ileved from his Inquiries that a great
trip got nath-
rd of trade
freight  and  trip  aft
"Do not," continued
: "misrepri set   anything
cial bodies.
"Publicity work and b
wcrk  must  be divorced.
"If yen don't agree With me ! have
nothing to say but I want to so on record tonight as disapproving of this
proposition wltb the Progressive association."
The resolution appointing the industrial committee was tlnn read, lt was
recorder as "to discuss the industrial
miitters with the Progressive association."
Mr. MeCloy said he wns not present when h" was appointed on the Industrial committee and as he was also
a member of the Progressive executive lie fell he wns In a false position. He presumed there would he a
,-.'|i. rl to the board i>f irade on a
thing of such vital Importance and it
would be for them to say yea or nay.
Secretary's  Stand.
Secretary Wade. In answer to Mr.
Lusby,  said  that   he did  not  think It
was uji to him at tli" present moment,
as an official of the board, t'i express
an opinion    He might be called by the,
cltj council to give his Ideas    When [able was
the natives at   the * :ld  be did give his Ideas they would be   Vrm hsrbi
A  few   yean   ago  a  based mi the Interests of the city and'part of 173
���top-oft of this kind would havi m   ml   not on Ills'own personal Interests The sub
a fr.-,- lunch for the hungry Islanders      1"'  Hi Imos   According to tho reso-   municipal
Thto time they roasted the Cornstalks lutlcn the committee has only t n and ropori
I many of the people there would like
It    ,
With  regard  to the west,  end  now
| was Ihe time lo carry out    the    city
boundaries as far as it will meet the
j North  Arm  harbor commission  limit.
Thai  included  D.  L.  172 anil  part    of
1173. he thought.    In the beginning of
lhe year some of the residents of 172
came to him and he referred them to
the president.    At that  time the city
was not particularly desirous of taking them in because the roads were so
had.    Now  the  roads had    been  Improved  by   lhe  government.
It. was the logical point to expand
their limits to that extent in view of
their harbor improvements. It had to
come sometime. It would not Interfere
with the people's rights if they wanted
tn come in, or the city's rights. At
present they might ascertain Ihe feelings and if favorable, take action on
the matter.
Mr. Small I should like to know
how far the boundary would go in the
Fraser Mills direction, the mileage,
and under whose jurisdiction it is at
The secretary It belongs to the
government and Includes a strip ot
waterfront, It goes back a consider-
ln the wesl end the North
,��� eommisslon extended to
and thi y should meet them
, ,*i w-ph refi rri'il to the
lommlttee for Investigation
on tin- i reasi  and nol over a t*.r
Any tnan who has been selected to
represent liis club In a lacrosse battle
und   who   gives   bis   promise   that   h
authorized to discuss mailers with the'
Progressive association    There is no
r aoon   to   be   alarmed   unnecessarily,
our president  is capable of bringing
In   a   sufficiently   lucid   report   and   1
would be on deck I - mak" n trip only have no hesitation In saying that when
�� .    ....    ., j    ..:.:.     ,     _   ...       i  .     I li.it     r,.,wir,     ,,:     ni v<>,,     ,v��>     -.'.���il,     I el v..    1,
lo fall down and visit another city, Is
������unfit t-i pla) again nnd this applies to
u member of the Westminster Bl n nr
amateurs. Manager Turnbull v i',1
likely lake drastic action with this
player, who in the pasl has shewn pro-
mite of making the professional team.
and suspend him indefinitely Such
nr.tiun is the only way to build up a
wining aggregation
Joe Qorman. sporting editor of the
Victoria Times, and last year with the
Tr-cumsdis. will 1 <��� rcen en Hi" Van
���ermver line-up next Baturday Joe
���mviiiMi over bis job to Johnny Parks
���f Vancouver Saturday and will be
���mil wltb the grc-n shirts thla week
hat   report  is given  we win bav
clear matter to discuss and t" come to
��� conclusion upon.
in-  Holmes then recounted the Inception of tli" Progressive Association
and   said   that   in   th
Classed  with  the "I  told  you sos," he
remembered thru distinctly perdlctlng
tbat if the association were formed
on the lines indicated, there would be
Inevitable friction between n krid the
board ol trade. Then- was no hard
and fast line of demarcation ns to thc
duties of the two bodies, That had
como true,
Friclion Alleged.
There had  1 n  Hnd  always  would
be frlciion and the board of trade wns   bleu
���lore   Ihmi   anybody   else,   to   blame
I fer ii     They gol  lax in their duties
Joe Keeper Heard Fror- and It waB almosl (creed mi tho other
Kort   Wliiiim.   Ont.,   Mav   25     li     body ol cltlrena to establish tbo Pro-
Keeper of Winnipeg, won the T rerslvi   asso, aticti
Journal ten mile road race In 60 01:      If the bonrd .ir trade, and hc lilm-
OKrge  Hepburn,   Winnipeg,   sec-- .'    sell took h's abare o! the blam I
Wev  BtMlworth,   Port  Arthur,  third, done their duly In the first place there
TheTr were 20 starters with Keeper a would have been  no need of a  Pro
-Jnmi;  favorite. rl
snu* association and  they  would
[have  had   tho   young  .ilemenl   round
Tubby Coutte In Kamloops. jbelplng them.
A Kamloops journal hus the follow-1    The obalrman begged to correct Dr.
tag to say about Tubby Coutts, who Holmes   in   his   statemenl   regarding
made a name    for    himself    around  friction
Marketing Matters
The secrotan  reported on the markets and agricultural convention.   Although  nct  very largely attended, it
was eminent'}- satisfactory.   The prom
',*,* had  (ens. tiled  to receive a do!o-
L'nCen   op-Mi   the  subject  of  getting  a
���������ivi���:���-,."pi organizer to organize and
br'ne t'-e farmers in tlie differe.it dls-
���r!<-f    Into   line  "n   the   marketing  of
their produce.   Th" Progressive asso-
rlsk  of   being|elation hnd endorsed Ihelr nroonsitinn
and  would  send a delegate with  the
de-notation to tbe premier.
The repnrt wns adopt'*'].
Chinese P"rtdl|ro
<\ letter free, tiie Neu* WesfmlnrtRr
BltsinepB  Men's n-'soc'ntinn    directing
attention tn the l-i'���nitary conditions
under  which  the Cblnepe    gardeners
produced  tbelr  vi gptnbles  "nd   tlieir
infri'M-enieni   of  Hi"  e.lty   bylaws    by
ni ddline Import! -l  frti'ta and voget-v
wHh their homn grnwn products,
lit   inking  OUl   n   license   WAS   re
'i  t" ill"    municipal    committee
with power tn set
A P'o 3ut-iert
���\    , . ��� * ��� * e.^potlrn   fr,...,   I],,,   Keotr-i-
"-��� i ' of tradi  '���''��'-'nine -i ren^u-
lien ���tf'.ii. condemning the action
of the present provincial government
Betlina '-r lenslne land to Asiatics was
reci-, e.i and filed.
The chairman observed that tho
resolution opened un a wide nuestlon,
II rn'rht refer to Hindus who were
British  subjects, an well as Japanese
Tbere had been none.    The ln,,i ch'iiiam.i
"JT"***? "".'���"i.'.ndrine "a lacrosBe stick  Progressive association were anxious      Mr. Small snld it was strange that
m\mT^CtotMmrttote and    amateur to do their beet tor the city     It had It shou'd be * ���-,- them s. thai time in
' -in,mh,, Nl.w  the  best  of good Will    towards    the view of the Callfornlan legislation.
xvilh  lhp  I
,"iinr teams
"H. Coutts,   of
the league  be held  at   Abbotsfcrd.
That a letter of 'hanks be sent    tn
Richmond     municipality     for   thoif
j srenernns hospitality to the league on
Mnv 16,
That   the  league   would   view    will,
fever -ni early movement In the construction    of    the    new    government
[bridge across the Pltl  river.
That  the proposal to    construct    a
nnved   mad   from   the   Pit!     river    to
I Vancouver be endorsed.
That the executive meet al least
nne month before each general meeting.
Mr. Lougheed's Paper,
Mr.  I.-TUgheed.  In   his  paper,    said'
Settlers   In   the   brush   nr   uncleared
I land,  in   the  lower  Fraser  valley  are
i not  in   a   great   many   cases   making
. the progress thai  should fall tn their
[efforts.     This   is  In   a   great   measure
I due (o tlie following reasons:   cost of
'.land clearing, bad roads, want of suitable markets nnd luck of cooperation.
i    The cost of clearing th*> land is the
most   important   and  one  that is the
i (Irsi  great trial to a settler.    If he is
jonlv  possessed  of a  few hundreds of
dollars or a Iho,,sand,  nearly all his
j money  is spent,  in  securing  tho  property.    He hns then to build and dispose of the brush on  the ground    in
|order to prepare the surface    for    a
'crop.    He does not get on with    this
i work very rapidly and his remaining
* money  is all gone before he does so.
It  is here he nn-ds belp,    lie cannot
��� continue,  his  clearing   on   account of
Mils  deferred   payments  and  his  pro-
��� petty is not In shape to command Ihe
anpntlon of a loan company: Even
lf his title is clear he dreads a innrt-
; gage, which, in many cases, carries a
i high rate of interest. Under the circumstances   he   must   either  sell   his
! propi rty or leave home and obtain
employment in order that he may
again continue his clearing, If he
sells, his opera,ions are continued by
i some one else. If he goes away to
work It will be several years before
enough land Ib cleared on which ho
can   make a  Using.
With tliise difficulties In view, a
'iv linn Iv,-, been pre entod to this
bitrean, which has -iln-ndy the approval tf s vernl societies and municipal ti.-s. thnt the government of tho
province assist ilia actual settler In
leaniv; the land, such assistance to
be a direct cbargo   on   the   properly
I mil  repaid  wltli a  moderate rate of
interest In a certain number of years.
In  doing  this  the  prov,nc-  is  noi
offering any other bonus than giving
the settler the advantage of tbe low
! rate of interest which the government
��� ,an obtain for hlm.
|    It is also suggested that If suitable
machinery tor clearing land were
placed at the disposal of the Bottlers
in different districts, the cost aim
work of clearing could be reduced a
| hair, in comparison with the present,
I the settler could al once make his
"ind productive and lhe district would
become richer and more 8' It-support
S'rong  Reason.
A Btrong reason for asking asslst-
,-.'"���' Is 'hr all ei nearly all the merchantable timber has been taken off
the settlers' lands, Raving only the
slumps and brush, which can bring
the settler no compensation for his
work in  disposing of It.
Mr. I.ougheed amplified his Btate-
ini-i by siallng that tin re wis more
land under cultivation and being
clear'd 20 years age Ihan now. li
was no use putting men on the land
If they wi re iml encouraged to stay
thoro. 'I he Fraser vallev hi I i
special claim on the government, as
they had contributed more money in
ils revenues than all the rest of the
province  pul   together.
Mr. Hill-Tout Btrongly confirmed
Mr. Lnugheed's views. II was Imperative to take some means to keep men
on Ihe land afier they got lhere.
Within the Inst Iwo years, within a
radius of iwo miles of his own home,
seven   people  had  come   to  live    on
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land nnd had failed to make good.
Sand either exchanged or sold the
| land.    At any  rate they    had    gone
away. It was not as if these men
' were not industrious or lhat they
* were not adaptable lo the life. They
! had put em rgy Into their wcrk. lt
' was a most discouraging condition of
The     government     had     received
'.revenue    direct    and    Indirect    from
these timbered lands already, and
1 should  be  ur-ed   to  help    by     some
��� scheme of money loans to settlers at
a low rate of interest.
Roads Discussed.
Iliads, in,nk and lateral, were also
fully discussed and a motion *o lay
before the government, a request to
cons ruei trunk roads through the
whole Fraser valley was carried
In this connection a memo from the
public works department was read lu
regard to the cost of paved roads, it
was pointed out  that the estimated
��� cost was, nn a conservative basis,
$24,000 per mile, wblcb was considered prohibitory, standard macadamized roads wcre being built by
the government at present.
Leave 12:55 a.m.,   10:00 a.m.,  12:17 p.m.,   1:28 p.m.
Through Trains for Portland, Ore.
Leave at 12:55 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 4:28 p.m.
Close connection made at Portland with trains
for California.
to all Eastern points in effect daily May 28th to September 30th.
Final Return Limit, October 31st.
Choice of direct line returning.
For rates, reservation, and all
information apply to F. C. ."Meyers, AkL at Bridge, Passenger
station Phone 26.5.
The   New   Westminster   News   dues
not hold Itself responsible   (or   the
opinions expressed in correspondence
To the Edllor The News.
Sir, in order thai thf re mighl he
nn misunderstanding as to the circumstances under which Mr. L, Avory
While, secretary of the board of
school trustees, haB left his position.
I have been requesled by lhe school
board  to  write  you  us  follows:
About one month ago Mr. White
found It necessary to lake his wlf-
east for her health. His understanding with the board was lhal he would
return as simiii as possible, probably
in ten days. After two weeks of absence the board was told by Mr.
Willie's friends thai lie had found il
necessary to take his wife to Kngland; and that he was forwarding his
resignation, on this Information the}
advertised for a secretary.
Mr. White's resignation was sctu-
ally received ou May 21 lust., and ac- ,
cepted with regret. There has been
no criticism made of the work done
by Mr. White during his term of service, which was honorable through-
Yours faithfully,
Acting Secretary  of  Hoard  of School
Trustees. I
Now Westminster, May 23, 1913,
70S) Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldir.
t. h. Mccormick
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MONDAY,  MAY 26, 1913.
paoc nvi
For Sport  Readers   Manslaughter Charge
Laid Against Pelkey
The dozen willing workers from
thu t'on Jones employment bureau,
Vancouver, B.C., managed to commandeer only three goals while tlie
Wesl minster aggregation wore annex-
who should have been there to se
The  Details.
Following are the essential details
Westminster. Vancouver.
Calgary. May 26.���Luther McCarty, Inquest will  be held tomorrow after-
the  heavyweight    champion    of    the  ,��,������    The result of the
world, died in the ring from a chance  ,a _,....,   .������.,���    .,
blow  delivered  somewhere  in  the re- > ***������������������������������ P<-"ding the Inquest
gion  of  the  solar  plexus.     The  end
POSI mortem
Ing eight In the opening paragraph ot Clark   Hess
this seasoirs professional lacrosse
chapter at Queens park Saturday
The score records the tale fairly
well. Of course, it Ib the llrst of the
season and the Salmon liellles were
cavorting on their own watershed,
but, after making these,discounts, any
kind of a mathematician would have
u substantial balance left to the credit
Of Manager tiltford's throng.
By Quarter*.
The first quarter was even; the
second showed a shadow in favor of
tli*- hereditary guardians of the Minto
mug; ihe third saw Vancouver several lengths behind and In the fourth
Vancouver wasn't visible at all. The
holiday crowd thut turned out to add
tone to the llrst lacrosse event of tho
year tallied somewhere about the ten
thousand mark and the style cf play
was as clean and free from coarse
work as a transaction at the ribbon
counter In n dry goods store. The
grandstand was full and the bleachers
likewise, while the row of human sardines that lined the fence was four
deep; also tliere were the honk-honk
shays, whose hoarse voices, ranging
all the way from high "C" to low "Z,"
added color and melody to the proceedings.
i'eannta and Ice cream cones re-
talled r.-gularly at Bve centavos,
which same hasn't a whole lot to do
with a score in a professional lacrosse
game, bul simply shows the steadiness of the market and ".he absence
i f hysteria during the session.
Wind   Needed.
Snme defunct near-Solomon once
ventured the opinion that "Practice
makes perfect." That may or may
not be the case, but In the lacrosse
game practice certainly makes wind
and wind was something that was
badly needed under those green
chkumles on Saturday. In the final
quarter there didn't seem to be
enough breath left in the whole dozen
frnm the clam strewn shores of
Greater Vancouver to blow out a wax
Yes Sir. some of the spare wind on
the sidelines could have been used to
considerable advantage b} Con Jones'
hired help during those latter stages.
It'll take good lacrosse to- pry loose
the Minto dipper this glorious year of
1913 and, by the same token, It'll take
a lot of wind to play good lacrosse in
the light i-f which facts a little practice won't enme amiss to the sportive '
dozen in Con's encampment
Ever the Same.
(Hd age doesn't soeem to be doing
much creeping over the Sain,on
Belly line-up. They're as monotonous,
ly fast os ever and in that regard
they were just as monotonous at the I
close of lhe session on Saturday as'
when they started. On the other
hand, to use the language of the
linet, "Snme one has blundered."
Judging from the play, training hasn't
figured much in the preparation nf
the MlDtO cup aspirants, nr If It has
flgun d. it hasn't produced the desired  results
Work it oul on a plain, oneand one-
are two basis. Vancouver held the Salmon liellles lo a score of cue to one
In the initial quarter. If th y had
had the wind to stay with the pace
they could have done the same In
ihn second, third and fourth. That
sun, add.*. Up all right, hut then
there's always the off-chance that
Westminster could let out the belt a
notch or two extra speed if the eondl,Ions demanded such loosening up.
At anv rate, there's a certain amount
of solace In the   above   geometrical
touoh for one Con Jones, which is
passed Up to him fnr what it's worth. *
Line-ups Familiar.
As to the line-ups of the teams,
they were strangely familiar. Tommy
Gifford, of course, wore his store
clothes on Empire Day and In his
presidential and managerial capacity
voiced his opinions from the region
of iiie club house door. Ills active
representa Ive on the lb-Id was Oeorgs
Id nni.���. and C.eorge did some acting
and representing. Sblv seconded by
that gentleman i f large proportions
familiarly known as Buck, whose
rear uai .*������ is Marshall. The rest of
the Ri yal.-, were all to the good, as
Was to In   o\\' ,:ted.
On the Vancouver chart there was
a new apni marked as Bobby I'rlngle.
For a long time, he couldn'1 be seen
ni, account cf the facl of Hill Turn-
hull. Hill Is somewhat wide up and
down. Then afier a while Con Jones
slid Bobby oul from behind Cariboo
und Inserted him In the rear of Punk
Wintemute where the crowd got a
glimpse of hlm every now nnd then
trying to do something to mop the
speedy   Punk  from   plunking.
It wouldn't avail much to go
through the four quarters and record
Iho playing bit by bil. After the number ono spasm, during which things
wero even up and there was promise
of un exciting finish, there wasn't
leally anything to It but long sieges on.
the Vancouver goal and shorter onos
ni the Westminster end. The teams
changed round every quarter, as is
the ctiBlom, and the hall dropped
nftener Into the Vancouver net than
Into the Westminster bag, as nlso Is
the custom.
Form Chart.
Griffiths rellrved, passing to Ion,
who unloaded to Pringle, Murray look
tho ball down to tho other end and
tossed to Allen. Then (ieorge Ronnie,
or Buck Marshall, or Johnny Howard,
or Tom Rennle took the pass from
Hun Clarke nnd ran. Let the gentleman run a considerable distance, pasrt
to Peeney, to Turnbull, to spring, to
mother  Spring  to  another  Turnbull.
lo Wintemute nnd then let somebody
of  the  battle came arter one
und 45 seconds or fighting.
There   had   been  oue  or  two  mix-
ups of un  Inconsequential    character,
then  came  a  clinch.    Referee  Eddie
,Smith    separated    the    men.      Both
���'0'nt- squared   off    In    puglllBtic    attitude.
"oward   i Grlffth   Neither seemed  thc  worse    for    the
Cover, 'clinch.    Suddenly  McCarty  was Been
Numerous    doubts   were expressed
minute  today us to the actual cause of death.
It did not seem as though there was
sufficient  force behind the    blow    to
cause   death,   several  have   declared.
lln the lacrosse revival In this city has
been called for Wednesday evening of
, this week, when It is expected that
steps will be taken to organize a
school lacrosse league to compete for
the Lally cup and gold medals.
Principals Coatham, Gray. Canfield,
and Cullin have entered Into the splr- j
It of the scheme and have promised
their support to Messrs. Matt Knight
;and Thn Mahoney, who are working I
;hard locally to keep up the national I
Matt Ilarr, the well known Vancou- i
ver lacrosse enthusiast, Is engaged In
I't-lky   said   he   did   not  believe   that  missionary work along the same lines
Marshall    West
First Defence.
T. Rennle  Pickering
Second Defence.
Rennle  Ion
Third Defence.
Gifford     Pringle
Feeney  Matheson
Third Home.
W, Turnbull     Murray
Second Home,
0, Spring    Allan
First Home.
Wintemute   Carter
Outside Home.
I,. Turnbull   Lalonde
Inside  Home.
G. Spring  Adamson
Referees- Hob Dewar and Fred Cul-
Timekeepers���M. .1. Knight, New
Westminster;  W. Ellis, Vancouver.
Penalty timkeepcrs���C. D. Peele,
New Westminster; Charlie Young,
Ooal umpires ��� J. Gifford, New
Westminster; Harry Godfrey, Vancouver.
First quarter���
I. W.  Turnbull
'_'.  Lalonde. Vancouver. 12.1M sic.
Second quarter���
3, (!. Spring, Westminster, l.'.'A.
���1.  W   Turnbull,  Westminster, 5.41
">. Allan. Vancouver. S.42.
Third quarter���
6. L! Turnbull. Westminster, 7.57.
7. ll.  Spring.  Westminster. 1.21.
X. (1. Spring, Westminster, 6.4".
Fourth quarter���
9. Wintemute, WstfttnlnBterj 2:46.
ln. 0. Spring. Westminster. 6.14.
II. Adam sen,  Vancouver,  6.1-5.
Second quarter���
Wintemute,  Westminster, 5 min.
West,  Vancouver, 5 mln.
Fourth quarter���
W. Turnbull, Westminster. 5 min.
to double up ln a crouching attitude.
To tlie Bpeciators It looked as though
his punch actually  landed  near    the
It wub currently rumored here today that McCarty had suffered from
a slight weakness of the heart and
this. In conjunction wltli the excite-
ard hopes to organize a league in the
Terminal City which will compete
with the Royal City boys. The time
and place of meeting wlll be announced later.
his crouch was Blmply a fighting posi- ment cf the fight and the landing of
tlon, but he continued to go over, IiIb the unexpected  punch, are generally
eyes rolling  ln  his  head,    then    he blamed for his death,
collapsed and fell full length on the      Mccarty's body will be shipped   to
floor of the ring. his birthplace at Hastings. Neb., Mon-
The referee, assuming that he had day night,
been knocked out, stood over blm to; Lid on Boxing Game,
count off the fatal seconds. j    The fatal ending will have the effect
Charge  Is Mantliughter. of putting the lid down tight on box-
Arthur    Pelky.    from    whose    stiff ing bouts in Calgary.   Tommy Burn9
right hook near the heart Luther Mc- succeeded  for juBt one year in run- j
Cany fell dead in the ring    at    tbe ning bouts at his arena located   out-
Burns arenu yesterday afternoon, will  side the city limits,
face a   charge   of   manslaughter   In      Betting on yesterday's contest was
police court here Monday.   The Royal lively at 2 to 1 against Pelky holding
Northwest mounted police   completed out for ten rounds,    while    McCarty j
the  necessary  papers on  the charge was 5 to 1 favorite for the decision,
placed against him today. It  waB  not  generally  supposed thst !
Just before  the death of  McCarty Pelky could assimilate enough science
was announced, It developed    today, in three weekB to give bim a chance j
Pelky  had  slipped    into   his    street with McCarty.   Pelky Bhowed a great :
clothes at the request of his trainers deal Of Improvement over former ap-
Mid  was driven to his hotel in    an  pearances.    In  the  brief  contest  he
automobile. lt was not until after
he had washed and dreBsed that he
learned of Mccarty's death. Officers
soon arrived and took him Into custody.
An autopsy was held over the deud
lighter's body  late last night and an
exhibited better judgment of distance
that his opponent and also put more
steam into his blows.
lt was stated unofficially today that
as soon as the responsibility for Mccarty's death is placed. Pelky will go
south  to  meet Gunboat   Smith.
Senior Arrateurs Flash  in the Pan  in
FirBt   Game   of   Season   at
Victoria, May 26.���Playing the home I
team   off   their   feet   in   the   opening
quarter,   the  New  Westminster nma-
teur lacrosse boys faded away in tlie j
n.-xt  two spasms and  lost out to the
tune of 15 to T.
This  was the opening game for the :
Royals and the way they tore into the
defence   of   the  Capitals   startled   the
letter's  supporters to tbe extent that
they began  In imagine after the first
quarter was ended that a double vie- ,
tory   fnr   New   Westminster   lacrosse,
aggregations was imminent    The lo- i
cal   players  were  a   more   rugged   lot
than the fast Hoyals, bul weight told
In the end.
Feeney played a star game for thc
visitors, netting no less than four of
their seven goals. He gives promise
Of emulating the records made by his
brother, Pat with the Salmon Bellies
The line-up and summary are ns
Summary:   Goals.
First quarter���
Keeney.   Westminster,   :30.
Swanson. Westminster, 3:30.
Feeney,   Westminster,   4:00.
J.  Johnson,  Victoria,  12:00.
Second   quarter
McCarter, Victoria. 10:00.
BrynjOltsen,   Victoria,   2:00.
Brynjolfsen, victoria. 3:5n.
Brynjolfsen, Victoria, 4:00.
Th*rd  quatrer-
J.   Johnson.   Victoria.   :S0.
I.. Donald. Victoria, 1:30.
McQregor, Victoria. 5:50.
Brynjolfsen,  Victoria,  1:08,
j     Storme,   Westminster,   :30.
J.  Johnson, Victoria, 5:no.
Fourth   quarter���
Clute. Victoria. 1:00.
J.  Johnson,  Victoria,  7:00.
Storme.  Westminster. 1:00.
McCarter. Victoria. 2:00.
Feeney.   Westminster,   1:30.
Feeney.   Westminster,   2:00.
Brynjolfsen. Victoria, 3:00.
Clute,   Victoria,   :15.
First   period-   linkers,  Vlctorln.
Remnd   period --Nelson.   Westminster; J. Johnson, Victoria; H. Johnson
Third quarter -Baker. Victoria!
Battson. Westminster; Baker, Victoria;  .1. Johnson, Victoria.
Fourth quarter���.1. Dakers, Victoria!
Swanson, Westminster; Gifford, Westminster.    All for five minutes.
Deferens - W. Dlnsmore and W. C
The Llne-un.
Victoria Westminster
H.  Johnson       Coulson
Clegg       *   Nelson
Dakers       Gregory
Sweeney   ��� ��� ���  Cooper
Styles       Atkinson
J. Johnson      Battson
McCarter      Sangster
Victoria   Boy   Easily   Trims   Barrieau
But Can't Produce a Dream
Whatever 'opes Ernie Barrleau had
ln the region of the Canadian lightweight championship flickered and
died on Saturday evening when Joe
Bayley, the present holder of the title,
defeated the Vancouver boy in the
tenth of a scheduled fifteen round
battle   at   Brighouae.
Barrieau held his own until the
fifth, when he began to loosen up and
attempt to give blew for blow to Hay-
ley. Two minutes of this soon con-
vlnced Ernie that he had made an
error for Bayley just sailed In and,
standing all kinds of punishment,
hammered his opponent's face and
body till he had the former amateur
lightweight champion shaky at tbe I
knees. After the fifth the crowd was
able to pet wise to the faot that Barrieau. touted as he has been by Van-
| couver fistic fnns, was really not in a
i class with Bayley and for the next five
; rounds Bayley just used him ns a
' punching bag.
Weak and hardly able to stand on
''.lis  pins.   Barrleau  staggered  out  for
: the tenth round and was bowled over
n   the  first  mix-up.     lie    took    the
"(imt  of nine before he rose, only to
be sent down ngain for another nine.
That ended it.    Biddy Bishop, the Ta-
-oma  referee,  realized   that   the  fight
was ended ami raised  Bayley'e arm.
indicating  that  the Victoria  boy  still
retained the championship of the Dominion.
This was the second occasion on
which Bayley has had the chance to
| deliver a haymaker to a man In the
early stages of a fight and on both occasions he has been unable to do so.
Critics in the prcrs stand Saturday
evening became firmly of the opinion
'hi, MorrlS Condon's protege, good
fighter though he may be, will mnre
than meet his match in the near future In one who has little science, but
a vicious  punch.
A crowd of nbnnt 3000 were present
\nd appeared well pleased, not only
with the Ideal arena built at Brig-
house, but with the excellent curd prepared hy the promoters.
The preliminary, between Frank
Rerrleau, brother of Ernie, and Hed
Roblpson, of Victoria, came nigh ap-
���lroachlng the main event In excellence, fhe middleweights mixing It for
eight fast rounds. Barrieau pettini: the
rieolBlon in the eighth through aggres-
New   York.  May  25.���Heavy
slugging by the Erasmus batters lost the game for Erasmus yesterday at Hawthorne
field. Erasmus tallied two
doubles, five triples and a
home run. ln each case the
balls cleared the fence and
were lost. In the last half of
thc eighth Inning Brush lost
the last ball with a foul flyover the fence. Umpire Wilson
gave Erasmus five minutes to
secure another ball. The Erasmus captain was unable to do
this, so the umpire awarded
the game to Stuyvosatit. although the score then stood '.���>
to 5 in favor of Erasmus.
MAY 26, 27, 28.
The Perfect Athlete and the
Country Girl.
America's    Foremost    Mimic
and Imitator of Birds.
 1 L ,	
. '***���
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
Giants  Again  Defeated���Portland  De-
feats  Tacoma���Spokane  Mixes
I In Slugging Match.
Spokane. May 25��� Following is
official standing of the clubs in the
Northwest league including today's
Standing  of the  Clubs
Seattle    i.'4
Vancouver -2
Portland    18
Victoria    20
Tacoma  16
Spokane   14
Yesterday's Games.
At   Seattle���                       B. H.
Vancouver 11 it;     l
Seattle     1 4     1
."..I. rles: Decanniere and Lewis;
Fullerton, Schneider. Gipe nnd Cad-
At Portland���                    lt. H.    E.
Tacoma     1 2      2
Portland     2 9      2
Batteries: McGinnity and Grindle;
Martlnoni and Murray.
Singer  of   Illustrated   Songs.
A Keystone Comedy in which
Schmidt shows his smartness.
The Union Eternal
A  Gaumont   in   three
which   will   hold   you
Another    Rlp-roarlng    Keystone.
3   DARLINGS   3
A   Classy   Musical    Offering,
The Broncho with the Human Brain. A Horse tha
Puzzles Scientists.
....    92.00
Philadelphia   ....
Pittsburgh        91.50
Rochester, N. Y     96.40
St. Louis, Mo     70.00
St.  Paul,  Minn     60.00
Sioux City, lowa       60.00
Toronto, Ont     92.00
Washington     107.50
Winnipeg        60.00
Omaha,  Council  Bluffs,   Kansas City and  St Joseph        60.00
Tickets will be sold at proportionately reduced farces to MANY
OTHER POINTS in the East in addition to those named. Return
may be made through California at slightly higher fares.
Liberal   stop-over  privileges and choice ot different routes    are
offered.    For additional Information regarding fares, route*, sleeping.,
car  reservations,  etc..  call  on or address
H. H. STEVENSON, City  Passenger and Freight AgenL
622 Columbia St.,  New Westminster.'
At Tacoma-
llatteries:    Kraf:
leski and Ostdlek;
11.    E.
18     0
8      3
Wilson and Shea.
C;!iooi   Princip.-.ls  Will   Meet  to  Talk
It Over.
A  meeting Ol  various principals of
the city BChools and others Interested
Home    of    the    Cinematograph.
Entire Change of Program
Pathe Feature in Two Reels.
The   struggle   of   two   aviators
for the heart and hand   of   a
beautiful girl.
Vitagraph Comedy.
Lecturing   Dorothy    Kelly   and
Wallie Van.
Buy Fraser Valley
Get   the   wife   to   take   a   glass   of
"WINEWEISER" Beer,  It will    -drive ,
away her tired feeling and make a
new woman of her. "WINEWEISEB"
Beer is only slightly stimulating. It is
more of a tonic than most medicines
and is a wonderful flesh builder. Have
a few bottles on Ice for use when tired in either body or mind. Vou
couldn't have a better or cheaper refresher of either.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia   Street,  New  Westminster.
inger  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Musical Goods of all  Kinds. PHONE 69*.
Westminster  Opera   House
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
Three Nights, Starting Thursday, May 29.    Matinee: Saturday Afternoon at 2 30.
Thurs. Eve.
"La Belle Butterfly"
Fri. Eve.
"Sergeant Brue
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect,
from the start.'
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made  In  New  Westminster.
Schaake   Machine Works.
McOregor       Swanaon
the performance outlined In isnurr   b. Johnston
thp    above    paragraph    ahout    eight .McDonald   , .1 ������   Clifford
allowing   three   holes  tor   thc , Outside
and you've Rot   a Clute  ' Storme
fairly good Idea of the game.    If you' Inside
liavn't, then you're one of the   onea Brynjolfsen   Feeney
Vancouver BCor��n,
Sat. Matinee
"Toy Maker'
Sat. Evening
"The Mikado"
Evenings, 25c., 50c, 75c, $1.00; Matinee, 25c and 50c.
Seats now on sale at Tidy, the Florist's.  Phone L184.
Comfortable Family Hotel
Forty minutes run from New Westminster on G. N. Ry.   All train*
stop at White Rock.
Fifty rooms, large Dining Hall, magnificent view of Bay and Gulf; ,
only live minutes from Railway Depot; Hot and Cold Water.   Rooms
can he engaged en suite, suitable for children and families. European
and American plan; gymnasium hall In connection, also a store containing full line of groceries.   For terms and ratea apply
White Rock, B.C. *��� QREYELL. Proprietor.
MONDAY, MAY 26, 1913.
Classified Advertising
��� RATES. ���
��� ������������������*�����������������������
' Classified���One cent per word per
iav; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6,000 words, to be UBed as re-
mired within ouo year from date of
contract, $26.00.
Itirth or Marriage Notices r,0c.
Death Notice r,ar or wtth Funeral No-
tlee $1,00. Card of Thanks BUc per
servant; <me who can cook.    Apply
135 Third streel, or telephone 31(1.
with crop, or exchange, for city
properly. Inquire 32S Eighth street,
New Westminster. (1884)
stronK. and burned up five oars <>f
lumber, doing $io,tm(j worth of damage. There was little Insurance, Tlle
lumber in the yard caught Beveral
times but was exttngulrhed, Mr. Smith
says he will Ltiiid jusl as soon as arrangements ean be made about his insurance.
for sale by owner; price $2050; $200 ;
cash.    It has bath, pantry and basement Apply 4411 Wilson street, just
off   Major   street (13731
KOIl SALE��� $600 CASH WILL 011-
laln Immediate Possession of an
ideal city lot .facing Moody Park.
Balance of $1000 can be paid on
terms to suit purchaser's convenience. Write Owner, Box 1349 Daily
Nows. (1349)
wants work by the day. Apply Hox
1390 Dally News. ilR'JO)
POR/ SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar-  aml ,vho h'IH- ncver hnd any business
Art of  Being Gracious.
Tbe mt of lielng gracious hi a valuable asset not only in the social world,
but also to the business woman or
man.     Merely    knowing   how    to   be
courteous  hus   won advancement tor
men and women, for it Is not an easy
mutter to lind employees who can deal
will) a disgruntled customer aud still
keep bis nood will- There are bis business Institutions thnt keep sueh men
and women, and many of them draw
handsome salaries.
A stiiklntf example of the value of
politeness Is told hy a woman who was
left to support herself and her child
ket  Bquate.
ily employed that has ihree or four
hours a month extra time. The
ambunt Of work is small, but I am
willing to  pay  well for having it
done.    Address P, O, Hox 146, New
Westminster, B.C, (1366)
training.    Her husband bad had an In
come   of   several   thousand   dollars   a
year, but it had nil lieen spent on good
living.    After his death the  wife np
WILL THK PERSON WHO PICKED I piled  for employment to a-firm  witb
up small dog on Sixth street. Bur-! wblch she had had an account
naby, kindly return    same;    If   not      "What can you doV" she was nsked
will be prosecuted.   T.
D, Coldicutt.
ver city and Vancouver island for
an article In demand by all merchants. Machine sells at sight;
large commission and exclusive territory. Kor particulars call 211
Westminster Trust building.  (1357)
work   on   commission.     Apply   Hox
1339 Daily News. (1389)
feet condition, 22 feet long and IS
feet wide, containing stock of
groceries, tobacco and cigars. Will
sell for $0oii cash and allow one
month to remove from present site.
This is worth considering. Apply
sol Twelfth streel. (13771
poles, 30 feet to 60 feet in length.
7 inch to 9 inch tops. Can take iu
water'or on ears. Nestos Timber
Co., Ltd., Bellingham, Wash.  (1268)
beds and pillows. Address llox
1136  News office, (1383)
free���We want a man or woman to
open an office and act as our representative. We have a permanent
position for the right party. Sotno
of our representatives aro earning
three hundred dollars per month.
We furnish everything and pay express charges. All you have to do
is distribute our printed matter and
write contracts. No experience
necessary. Write today. Harbor
City Terminal Corporation, San
Antonio,  Texas. (1324)
FOR     RENT -TWO     ROOMS     AND j
kitchen, hath and toilet,    coal   and
wood     house;     tine     view;     $11.00
monthly.     230  Eleventh  slreet.
ished seven roomed house In choice
residential part ol the citv one-
half acre of lawn, shad,, and fruit
trees. Available June 1. Apply
Motherwell  A.   Darling. (1X80)
tween Eighth street and Columbian
college, a small black change purse
containing a number of bills and
receipts. Finder leave at Newa
office and receive reward.        (1388)
dant with emerald. Centre studded
with rubies and pearls. Reward.
009 Fifth Ave., or phone 648 (1370)
lock of hair.    Apply at News office.
Found.-- Black pony. 13 hands high,
three white feet If not claimed will
be sold at Municipal Hall. Edmonds,
at 1 p.m.. on Tuesday next, May 27,
to defray expenses.
(13.85) Poundkeeper.
l'urtl.v In Jest she replied she could
write a polite note. To her surprise,
she was taken at her word, for the
firm was badly In need of such n person. She was told that It was difficult
to tlnd some one who could uusWer
complaints In such a way that tbe
friendship of tlie customer was retained. For several years she supported
herself and her child by writing polite
In another Instance n young man
arose trom nn Itislgnlticnnt position to
that of secretary of tlie president and
diplomat for the concern, lie was
never too busy to perform au act of
courtesy, and it was noticed thnl lie
was bringing new business. He was
not due of those young men who size
up tbe clothes of a visitor, and his
good treatment of one unfashionably
dressed visitor got a JUO.UOO deposit for
the tlrm. One of liis duties now Is to
tour the hanks of tbe country and get
exchange accounts.
Often two people start a similar bttsl
ness in the same block. One Wlll thrive
while tlie other starves for lack of
patronage. Nenr a New York college
two young women opened manicure
rooms within a few doors of each other.
They had the same prices, but the
grade of work differed. One woman
was tactful and businesslike; the other
was slovenly and offended her customers by telling them It was bard to
make their hands look nice. The first
oue soon enlarged lier quarters.
Ways of Reproducing Colonial Block
and Constellation Patterns.
The average woman of today cannot
weave the blue and while coverlids of
colonial times, says the Wumnn's
Home Companion, but tliere is a method aside from this by Wblcb the beautiful designs may be reproduced, nud
that Is liy darning tbem lu uu buck,
aback. Wonderful results eau be secured In tbis way. They are uot difficult to make. They closely resemble
tbe original pieces nnd bave mucb of
the sume durability. To make them
huckaback of ll course weave is chosen,
it Is twenty-live Inches wide, and. like
the fabric of tlie old coverlets, two or
more lengths must be seamed together
tu give the correct width for s coverlet It may not be possible to secure
tbe material in the extreme width
mentioned tn all sections of the coun
Was Reviled and Denounced But Time
Proves Worth of His Wonderful
Musical Creations.
Calgary Added 432 Citizens to Population in First Year of Imperial
Reunion  Work.
1). R. & M. AGENCY, LIMITED, 620 i
Columbia street, New Westminster,';
will collect your Blow and bad ac-'
counts for a mere trifle. No membership fee required and commie-
| slon charged only on the amount
lected. Statements rendered
nthly.    Collections made    every- ' Ing still as n mark of respect and as a
funished housekeeping rooms, 37
Agnes  Btreet    Telephone  638 L.
nlshed, modern, convenient, central.     Y.M.C.A.,   Hoyal   Ave     (13711
Do's and Don'ts In Mourning.
There   has   perhaps   been   DO   more
sweeping or  wise social  reform   than
the one tbnt has taken pluce so fnr na
mourning Is concerned.
No longer do people swathe themselves in wrappings of costly, fragile
crape. Even a widow's -weeds are su
modified thut she Is no mere a somberly conspicuous object. Sense and
good taste bave banished tbe deeply
bordered handkerchiefs and tbe fear-
some note putter and envelope with its
Inch border of black.   We wear mourn
where No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street west, Van
couver,  B.C, 1199)
���       ttsm        ��� ***mt*ss*****s*si
sitting room close in. First clasa
locality.    Phone 496. (U61)
TO      RENT      FURNISHED.      TWO
bright   housekeeping    rooms.    Suit
man and  wife.    1020 Third avenue.
keeping    rooms.    Apply    412    Ash *
strict. 113131 I
ness and dwelling block. Edmonds,
In front municipal hall, two stores,
kitchen, dining room and Ave nice
bedrooms. beose to responsible
parly. $70 per month. Apply Alex.
Macpherson, phone 1065.       (1803)
Wanted secretary nnd bookkeeper
for Board of School Trustees. Must
be able to use typewriter and a short-
hand writer preferred. State experience and salary required. All npplir.-v
tlons to be in by noon May 28. Apply
Nnw Westminster Bonrd of Srhool
Trustees. (1345)
feei, unfurnished; every convenience; suitable for housekeeping. 806
Durham  slreet. (1338)
or vacant lots for rent, imle or exchange, splendid position on tuvxrh
front.    Winch,  White Rock.    (1323)
rooms, 205 Carnarvon street. (1828)
ed complete, electric light, bath,
phone, etc., $14 and $18 por inonth;
also one partly furnished room $8
per month, wllli oti-cr accommodations, at 224 Seventh street.    11296)
428 Eleventh street. il223)
Furnished   three   room   suite,   with
bath.     Hot  and  cold   waler.
Bradley Apartments.
1218  Fifth  Ave. Pncne 750
King's Hotel Pool Room
Uest Pool Tables In the city, Fine
1 ne of f'iltars and Tobacco Sporting
���events bulletined.
A. fl    BEATON.   Pronri-tor.
f- 9. Box 34 Dally  News Bldg
of all kinds.
1'rices rlRht.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
M McKenzie St.
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
We have two of the finest policies
ever written, and ean insure either
men or women from 18 to 70 against
accident, sickness or death.
$10.00 for $3000. $25 per week for
five weeks, this also covers 4'J diseases.
$5.00 for $2000.    $16  per  week  tor
five weeks; this also coverB 49 diseases.
Identification wallet with each policy.
Policy Increases in value each year
Call and see our ProspectuB.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block. 657 Columbia Street
New Westminster, B.C.
(1365) | "protection," for seeing what we wear I
no painful questions are asked by ne
i|iiaintunces.    Hut the mourning of today Is neither uncomfortable nor Ugly I
and certainly not tbe fearfully oipen
Blve business it once was.
All mourning should be of the most
severely    simple   order.      Elaborately I
trim a dress or hat and It ceases to be
mourning for all Its snbie hue.
Rind; velvet or satin Is not mourning,
nnr whilst in deep mourning must n
really decollete evening gown be worn
Almost all jewelry ts burred while
black is the only wenr. Dull Jet pins
or a buckle to the waist belt are l>er
nilsslli e, Imt not gold, silver or anj
cnlriretl stones. Rings should not be
worn, tilth, naturally, lhe exception of
j an fiig!ig��inent or wedding rtug,
Sever   wear   u    colored   underskirt
Nothing looks worse than to ctttch a
!  fleet lux   t-'ltiupse   of   color    when    tlie
; in*.ner   moves,   nnd   embroidered   or
"lm ������*" stockings are also In bad taste.
S le or dull tflscp gloves are equally
i oi reel lln- hi i ter lune die mil ntttilge
of weurinij Letter, nml ii black or dark
gray mackintosh must he worn
Sever adept tlie ridiculous device nt
a   baud  en   the   left   arm  mid   Imagine
hy this   ii"  tu turn a  colored  cunt
lute inouriiliig, Such n band lias only
a meaning when worn wltb uniform.
try, but tf It cannot lie found twenty
two Inch huckaback, the more ordinary
width, will answer the purpose.
Yet while the width or the buck-
aback Is not Important It is essential to
have It coarse, for the use of Hue buck
aback not only doubles the labor, but
makes the design too small for real
beauty If It ls used on a large piece
Resides the huckaback, one needs
Spanish yarn, of which the darkest
shade nf blue should be chosen It
takes about one and one-luilf skeins
to make one square of ttie designs
Whichever pattern is chosen, the
llrst step ts to run In the long lines on
the entire surface, both under the de
Sign and between Its different (Tgltres
These lines nre pill 111 lengthwise
parallel with the selvage of the buck
aback, picking up the little crosswise
threads until the surface presented has
the effect of blue lines running 1" one
direction and white lines running In
thc other.
The design must now he worked
upon this surface, The simplest one is
that made entirely of blocks, each block
formed of II number of small square*.
Public  Caresking,
The same quietness of demeanor
irllU'h marks well bred people to pull
lie conveyance* or meeting places
should I"' practiced on the street. Ca
rentes in public or callliiK to tieqiialnt-
niiees the width of the street away Is
distinctly lu bad form, nnd a lack of
consideration for others Is shown In
the carelessness which does not keep
to the right side of the sidewalk In
promenading, which rushes through
swinging door** without a backward
glance to see whom the door may
catch lu tlie rebound, Which presses lu
abend at box oWce and ticket olttee
Willi IIO respect for tlie rights of those
| earlier oil the ground. Another viola
1 Iimi of courtesy is to lie Inld to the
| charge of the man who smokes on the
street when with a woman.
Wenr nmber and Jet If you would
guard against throat diseases
A very hot lemonade the last thing
nt night nnd plenty of warm blankets
will break up u cold If taken nt the
lu some cases very tender and cnsllj
chnpped skin wlll yield to the treat
ment of glycerin applied llumedlstol)
after washing, when llie skin is moist
l)i. net apply it tu a dry skin Rub
thoroughly into the skill and then nil,
with u goud cream
Physical aliments In child and moth
er have Jllst one origin lu llie physical
system itself. You can be rool in hot
weather and wil rill III cold weather
and Well In any kind ,,f WPIIIhfl if you
take care of yourself regiirilless id the
weather One u( tlle llrsl gllimlllin
steps to that eure Is to stltlirille v,,,ir
self nml .lour child wltll fresh air
morning, noon nnd night.
If tliere is  n h  sewing lo do   snd
nt ttils season of the year there (s geli
erally piles ef It the seamstress, il rims
maker or mother of a larce family, us
the case may lie, should take cure that
her eyes tire not strained or uflnwed t"
become overtired by close application
to the stitching of senilis, working or
buttonholes nnii tlie llmusnud nthut
tasks that nre necessary when dress
making is being done.
Toronto. May 26.- Wilhelm Richard
Wagner, the Immortal operatic composer and reformer of the musical
drama, was born Iii l.cipsic, one hundred years ago and the ccntennary
was observed throughout Kurope and
America. Wagner festivals, commemorating the genious of the musical
rebel, has lu en held, or will take
place within the next few days, In
many cities on tills side of the Atlantic, as well aa in Oermany and Eiir-
The man who was forced to tight
long and valiantly for his revolutionary operatic principles, and who wub
ioften reviled and denounced hy critics
[an.d public everywhere was balled as
'the greatest composer of his time-
perhaps uf all time.
Leipsic, where he was born; Dresden, where he won his first operatic
success, anil from which city he later
'(led, an exile, because of his participation in the political agitations of
1849; Konlgsberg, where he was for
a time a conductor, and where he married Frauleln Willu-lmlna Planer, an
actress; Riga, where he was also engaged as a conductor; Zurich, where
he spent his exile, und produced most
of his literary works, as well at outlining his famous tetralogy, "Der ring
des Nlbelungen," and other operas;
London, where he conducted concerts
with great success in 185!*,; Venice,
where he completed "Tristan und
Isolde:" I'aris. where he went in 1SG9
and negotiated the production ol
"Taniihau.-er" ut the (irand Opera a
miserable failure, due to a clique that
deti rmlned to suppress both the piece
and its composer; Vienna, where Wanner heard his "Lohengrin" for the
first time; Munich, where he lived for
a time after 1862, when he received a
pardon for his political offenses, anil
was permitted to return to Oermany;
Balreutb, where lie completed "Der
Ring," and where he died thirty years
ago all of these cities and others connected with the life of tho greal musical genius held Impressive centenary
celebrations lust Thursday.
Wagnerian Mecca.
Perhaps tin- most noteworthy of the
day's observances was at Balreuth,
long a Mecca for Wagner lovers, and
the scene of the memorable productions of "Parsifal." From 1N6H to his
death in 1SS3 Wagner resided pennant ntly In Balreuth, in a house named
Wahnfried, in the garden of which be
himself built the tomb in which bis remains now rest.
The copyright of "Parsifal" Will expire at the end of this year, a petition
asking for its extension having been
refused by the imperial parliament,
ner have confined the production of
I'nder the copyright the heirs of Wag-
i "Parsifal" to Balreuth���a monopoly
Immensely profitable both to the heirs
to the people of the little city.
Frau Cositna Wagner, widow of the
composer, has led in the movement to
confine "Parsifal" to Balreuth, and declares that in ho dolnR she Is carrying
out the wishes of her husband, who expressed a desire that the opera should
,nev,r I.e produced outside his own
theatre. In America "Parsifal' 'has
already been porduced many times,
j und productions are now being arranged for in several European cities
Wagner was a man of many love affairs. Ills flrst marriage, entered
upon at the age of twenty-three with
Wllhelmlna Planer, was a failure Cos-
Ima, his last wife, who Is Btiil living,
and who receives a royalty of $25,000
a year from her husband's works, was
the wife of Hans von Iluelow, the
pianists, when she lirst met the composer.
It was a cafe of love at first sight
and Von Huelow accommodatingly ���.'.nt
a divorce that they might wed. "The
gjori Hans," hr he Ib called by Wag-
nerlans, in praise for his "sacrifice,"
was not so pliant as he seemed and
privately entertained a fierce animosity toward the genius who had stolen
his wife.
"If he were not n genius, nnd onlv
some one I could kill. Wacner would
havo been dead before this," Von Ruo-
low once remarked to a friend.
Calgary, May 26, Four hundred and
thirty-two   new   citizens     have     been
added to tiie population of Calgary
during tiie past year as a result of the
���work of the Imperial Re-Union Association which has been operating in
this city  for the  past  twelve  months,
The alms and objsata of this organ*
Izatlon are too well known to be repented at length,  but  the association
, was formed for the purpose of enabling desirable residents of Calgary
who have recently emigrated to the
Dominion to become reunited with
their   fumllleB   curler  than   they   had
, hoped to, through tho advancing of
funds to pay their passages, the money
thus advanced being rapaid In Instal-
i ments
The committee in charge of the
operations of the association were
able to report the guarantors that not
one single family to whom money had
been advanced to enubel them to Join
relatives in Calgary had defaulted In
their payments.
In  addition  to this Calgary  estab-
: lished a record unbeaten by any city
In Canada during the tlrst year's existence of such an organization. This
is all the more remarkable when It Is
considered that the cost of transporting a family from the liritish Isles to
, Calgary is almost double that incurred
In bringing them to a point In eastern
Canada where no long rail journey
lies between the port of debarkment
and destination.
The committee of business men in
charge of the work Inld twenty-seven
meetings throughout! he year and the
applications of 130 residents to bring
their families out from the old land
were considered and accepted. Twenty-eight of theso have already repaid
tlieir advances in full and all of the
others are making payments regu-
Notice Is hereby (-jiven that tho undersigned will apply to the Hoard of
License Commissioners at its next
regular sitting for nn Hotel License
for tbe premises known na the "Hotel
Dominion," situate upon Lot 11, Hlock
6, corner of Sixth and Columbia
Streets, Cily of New Westminster,
Dated this 9th day of May, A.D.
(12S4)     EDWARD JONES.
Notice Is hereby given that at the
next sitting of tho Hoard of License
Commissioners for the City of New
Westminster appllcallou will be made
for a transfer of the license to sell
liquor by retail Is tho Central Hotel
premlsos sltuath on Lot One (1).
Hlock "G," Merchants' Square. Olty of
New WeBtmlnster, from Jos. I. Kree-
man to Honry Freeman,
Dated   at   New Westminster, n.c
this 6th day of May, AD. 1911.
Holder of License.
(1331) Applicant for Transfer.
Wanted teachers for the city
schools, Including high school
t.achers, commercial teachers (with
academic tencher's certificate), public
school principals, vice-principal* and
assistants, manual training anil
domestic science Instructor's. Application forms may be obtained at tho
offices of the Westminster News.
liritish Columbian, Vancouver Province and Victoria Colonist,
11376)      New- Westminster, B.C.
Notice Is hereby given that the Corporation of the City of New Westminster proposes to fill In and build certain works on tho foreshore along
portions of the main waterfront of
the City of Now Westminster, and
hns deposited tho plans thereof and
a description of the proponed sites
with the Minister of Public Works
and a duplicate thereof in the office
of the Registrar of Titles for the District of New Westminster In the
Province of liritish Columbia, being
the district In which such work Is
proposed to be constructed, and will
one month after tho date hereof ap
ply to the Govemor-lh-Councll fot sp
provnl thereof.
Dated tills 3rd day of May, 1913.
By W. A. Duncan, City Clerk.
Telephones:  Office 53.  Residence 429.
JOHN  REID.  Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Gasoline
Engines,   Marine   Engines   and   Auto
mobile Repairs. ,
Office and  WorkE:   Tenth  SL
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
Re Let thirty four (341, SoUthWOSl
quarter of District Lot ei^ht hundred and sixty-seven (867), Muni-
clpallty of North Vancouver, Map
Whereas proof of loss of Certlfl
cat,, of Title No. 59942 E., covering
the above mentioned property. Issued
in the name of Sham Singh, has been
filtd In this office. Notice Is hereby
given that 1 shall nt the expiration
of one mouth from date of llrst puty
llcatlon hereof, issue a du plicate of
said Certificate of Title, unless In the
meantime valid objection be made to
me In writing.
Dated at the Land Registry Office
Vancouver, B.C., this 12th day of
May,  A.I).   191.1.
(1316) District Registrar.
Etiquette For the Debutante.
Etliplette forbids a debutante to Issue
Invitations   to   men.     A   written   nutt,
signed by her und expressing the wish
of lier mother thnt she write Is per
nilssibie. but engraved invitations must
Dot be sent by unmarried women te
(belr men friends.
Bunny S��ndwlche��.
Sandwiches   iiiiiiieiiiely   served   nn-
n I ways nppetlzlng, nnd for a gather
II1C of little rnlk* ther ullodld be novel
III form These are cut In the shape of
rsliblts The bread, thinly slued, i-
etit Into shu|ie by the use of a curd
board pnttern, Halt the number cul
are spread Willi n choeolllle and mil
filling and then tofiped Willi the re
tnnlllltWf Minnies, says Hniper's Itszar
A Ui! of melted chocolate is then drop
ped on to simulate an eye. Any olllel
animal shape may be lined In-lead nl
the bunny, and the snme Idea inn) be
applied to any odd shaped sandwiches
Hint yuu cup cut out Willi u knife or
n cutler.
Firs at Vernon
Vernon, It. ('.. Mny 25.���Starting
shortly after seven o'clock Wednesday night, a fire, started hy sparks of
a conveyor catching In sawdust, completely destroyed the mill belonging
i to  Alderman  T.  K.  Smith    of Arm-
Oniom snd Pan,
After   frying   onions,   pour  n   little
viiiegsr il.to lhe frying pnii. let It get
hot nnd It will remove sll smell from
'.he pun.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned, and endorsed
"Tender to Complete Jetty at Steves
ton, B.C.," will he received at this
office until 4:(iu p.m., on Tuesday.
June 17. 1918, for the completion ot
the Jetty ai Steveston, at the mouth
of the Fraser River, New Westmin-
st' r. B.C,
Plans, specifications and form of contract can be seen and forms of tender
obtained at this Department and   a'
the  oflices   of C,  ('.  Worsfold.   Esq
Disirict Bn glneer, New Westminster,
B.C.; F. W. Aylmer, Esq., DlBtrb't
Engineer, Chase, B.C., and on applies
Hon to the PoBtmafltf r at Steveston.
Persons tendering are notified tha'
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied.
and signed with their actual signatures, slating (heir occupations nnd
places of residence. In the case of
firms, the actual signature, the nature
of the occupation, and place of residence of each member of the llrm
must he given.
Each tender must bo accompanied
by an nccepled cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to lhe order ill ih"
Honorable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent. (In p.c '
of Ihe ninoutit of the tinder, which
wlll be forfeited If lhe person lender
Ing decline lo enter Into a contract
When called Upon to do so. or fail to
Complete the work contracted fur. If
the lender be net accepted thl
Cheque  will   be   returned.
The Department does not bind itsilf
to accept thi' lowest or any tender.
Ily order,
Department or Public Works,
Ottawa,  May  Hi,  1918,
Newspapers will not be   paid   for
this  advertisement   If   they   Insert     It
Re Lota 3 and 4. Blook 5, of 8ectlon
36. Block 5 North, Range 3 West,
Mop 529. In the District of New
Whereas proof of thn loss of Certificate of Title Niiuibvr Hir,74F, lBsued In the name of Alexander Allan.
has been  tiled  In  this officii.
Notice Is hereby given that I shnll,
at the expiration of one month from
the date nf the lirst publication hfli��
of, iu a dally newspaper published In
the ('ity of New- Westminster, Issue
a duplicate of tbe said Certificate, unless In tlio meantime valid objection
be mado to me In writing.
Dis.rlct Registrar of Titles
Land  Registry  Office,  Now  Westmin
ster, lit;., April ;tn. 1918,     (1206)
Splendid arrangements made this
year for cheap round trip tickets to
all  points east,  commencing  May 28.
!     Week  End  tickets on sale to local
points at Single Fare for Round Trip
on   Fridays,   Saturdays  and  Sundays.
For ratea and reservation apply    lo
New Westminster
Or H.  W.  Brodle,  O.P.A.  Vancouver
To  Port   Mann   and   Port  Coquitlam
Dally  Except Sunday.
Will  Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
As Per Following Schedule:
leaves New Westminster for Port
Mann 9.00 a.m.
I .eaves  l'ort   Manu  for New  West
! minster ��;i)0 a.m.
Leaves New Westminster for Port
Mann  and  Port Coquitlam  10:00 a.m.
Leaves Port Coquitlam for Port
Munn and New Westminster 1:00 p.m.
Leavea New Westminster for Port
Maun 5:30 p.m.
Leaves   Port   Mann   for   New   West-
, minster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves New  WeBtmlnster for  Port
Maun and Port Coqultlam 4:30 pjn.
l,caves Port Coqultlam fnr Port
Mann nud New Westminster t> SO p.m.
Schedule subject to change without
For further Information  inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 104 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
Specialty���Treatment of the scalp
by   Vlbro-MasBiigo   and  tilnver's  Kam-
ins  Stimulating  Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE. 35 ElQhth St.
B.C. Coast Service
New  Spring  and   Summer Suitings
now  on  display.    See them.    Perfect
j nt and workmanship guaranteed.   701
i Front Street.
I^sat-s Vanoouver for Vlctortii tn a. m
I 2 p. m. and 11146,
Leavi-H Vancouver for Hwnttlo 10 a.  m
nnd 11 p. m.
leaves Vancouver for Nanalmo 8 p. ra '
Leaves   Vancouver   for    Prince   Hli|�����rl ' *-�������,r-   Phon*   1R1
and Northern Points   io p. m.   Wedner j " '" *     ,0^���       ���
Transfer Co.
Barn   Phon* 137
Begble Atratt
Cliilliwock Service
BaKKOKB Delivered Promptly to
sny psrt of the city.
m.   Tuesday
a.  iu. Monday
Leaves Chllllwaolc   I
Thursday nml Baturday,
l^'uv'-s Westminster 8
Wednesday snd Friday.
BID, 00OLBT   Aa"tit. New WestmliMtei
u. w. BRODIB, (I. I', a.. Vanoouver,
Light and Heavy Hauiing
without authority   from
ment.    4IJ043.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
" ' " ���* -W"i|in��Hililn����
-n ������***v*m*��"%-^i-m<r***h*r
MONDAY,  MAY 26, 1913.
Kor tho third time in live months W,
tl. Mulligan has been i tected mayor of
Donoghue's grain elevator, Kingston! Caught lii'- and several thousand
dollara damage  was dom.
The Ottawa bonrd ol control relus-
ed to give the link'* of Connaught
eighteen Inches ol a street.
Andrew  ,M<-Million, Iliad of the long
established paint ami paper business
of T. MciMahoii & Co., Kingston, Is
The body of Robert Mackie was
found In Little lake, lie wandered
away from bis home In I'rterboro last
Two new direct Steamship lines will
be established between Canada and
Italy before tin- end of the present
Lindsay Cross ami William l'elkey,
youths arrested at Cornwall for passing Iiokus money were sentenced to
fifteen and eight days III the local Jail.
Mrs. IL L. Borden was presented
by government members wiih an electric brougham after the adjournment
of the commons al 4 a. m, Saturday.
Prank a. Copley, well-knofrn KitiK-
sion peddler, in a lit of despondency,
BUlclded. A lum:; book was found in
his pocket Willi a credit balance of
The llun. W. T. While, minister ot
finance, wil! have for western Canada
in the middle of June to look Into
conditions  in  the  prlrie  provlnci .**
Toronto negroi i complain that they
are   refn: i d   Bervll e  :���'   city     ri .can
A Chatham -u- r< enhouse wi *- burn' d
i j   I'r- I.in 8.    Th    cltj  has h i i six I'r'
in a m (' '.<-
buy Page, :i 1 i ; ei i *'ld boy, * *
fatally in,.m ti li] s Btreel car '* ;
mm in li imllton
Hugh   i'i iid,  i' iiioi- member of the
bryi of Reid  ���-   Bn * * .   rot onti . <���
otti r a brli f Uln
Horace i*'* *'* r, 50 wi 11 known San-
day school ai l temperanco worker
died at Brampton
PYederlck T Watt wlll be Gui lph'8
mw police i *��� tr tte, In .- UCC' Bslon
t i T   W   ;-' tundi rs, rosigm d.
I'rcd ll Ba; li y, a bak r and confectioner of London, was kii ked to death
by a hon e In his Btables.
Gordon   Mc * ndn ** ������*.    married,  end
im father ol three children, Is chat    6
at Windsor with abducting a 13 yeai
ol I girl.
property owners in Woodstock car
rled a by-law to provide $12,000 .m
extern ion Ol water mains, but defeated two othi rs.
Word comes frnm Mitchell of the
death of John Woolacott, one of the
best known residents of the township
of l-ojian. aged 31,
While giving evidence in an assault
fondant,   Mrs.   Osborne,   a
case  In   which  her husband  waa  devonian, dropped dead.
Dr. Marion Oliver, of the Presbyterian hospital of lndore, India, nnv on
furlough, is lying critically 111 at her
old home at Avonbank,
(me nf the best known newspaper
men of the province ��ns removed by
the death of John Carrtck, former
editor of the Hamilton Times.
John Bveretts, a well known fanner,
near Everton, died at the general hospital, Guelph. A week ago he was
hooked in the ahdomen by a cow.
Heart disease caused the death In
Detroit of Dr Ernest L. Shurley, one
one thc most prominent physicians
The larKcst convention of musicluns
ever held on the continent held forth
In Toronto all Ian weik. Hundreds
<if delegatus from the States nnd Canada were prist nt
Harlow Cumberland, Port Hope, the
former Toronto ticket alien! and well
known man. who was stricken Wltll
paralysis and bus been ill all winter,
Ib recovering his speech.
The t-hoek ot having two Angers cul
off'caused Robert Nelson's death at
Toronto. He was 64 years of ape. and
n will known lumberman of Owen
Mrs.  .1    A   S-imbrion nf Ilrantford.
promt-  ti to donate J' 000 In memory
of h> - parents end P'ster for the pub
llc-ition ��� ! a Bible dictionary In t'hl-
nese t< r the use of all ihe mlsslonar-
lies in Ch'na.
with o strand ol rope around her
neck nnd another piece dangling from
the celling ol her room, Mark Hlng
Hay, ii Chinese girl of 12 years, was
found dead in her room over her father's store, ut Toronto.
Nell A. Oxley. a former Grand Trunk
station o��;ent at  Harrow, was arrest
rd In Walkerville, on n warrant Issued
three  nud   a  half  years ago charging
hlm with appropriating J300 of the
ruiirnnfi company's money,
The railway mileage between Port
Arthur and the Pacific coast now
reaction a total of 13,5110 miles.
Another step denoting the Import-
ance or Fort. William In the financial
world  Is the establishment  of a bond
stock nnd debenture exchange In that
Th'^Weslern Drydock company has
recel*d a contract from Montreal Interest for the construction of a tiiifi
foot Bteel rrolghter, the longest one on
fresh water, to eost $5,0(10,000.
The new ��� levator the government Is
building al Porl Arihur to cost $1,-
260,000, is being rushed to completion
80 OS to he in use this fall. There were
14.500 piles used In the foundation
Tcday    Dcglms    Crcat    Amateur
Championship  at  Mecca  of
Gt. Andrew-*:' Links.
Rev. H. ,i. iii -im ns. of Rose Bay,
N. s��� has accepted the call extended
by the congregation of the English
Lutheran church of Berlin aud will
be Inducted on June 20,
Profespr C. L, Moore of Dalhouste
university,  who has been  elected  a
fellow of (he Royal Society of Canada
tn recognition of his contributions to
mm un*,   Ih   a   native    of    Colchi stl :*,
N, S.
That    the   members   Of   the   Nova
Scotia  governmeni   which  prorogued I plonship of Great Britain,   This is a
Tuesday,  are  anything  but  sup-trill-1 weak   earlier  than   last,   year's     title
Edinburgh, May I
drew's, Scotland, (l
As     St.
heme    of
v i ild's most famous golf links, followers   of   the   ureal.   Scotch   game   will
gathi i- today to compete iu the annual
tournament  for the amateur cham-
tieiis, Is evident from the fact that
this session of the thirteenth administration opened on February 13, has
been in session thirteen weeks, closed
ou May 18, with nu opposition num
boring thirteen members.
Many Base Uses to Which "Infinite" Is
Put   Nowadays.
What is happening lo tiie word "Infl-
uiie'.'" It used tu have great and rare
associations mul serve greut needs.
Now I meet il everywhere anil with
every possible application. One bonnet  ia  Infinitely   more  beautiful, than
another, one brand of wine infinitely
preferable to tbe next, lie mis au infinite desire to see bor; she would Inll-
uilely prefer n bobble skirt to one with
I'-iet   ut   Westward   Ho!   when   .lohn
Ball,  of  Royal   Liverpool,  scored   his j
elgnth  victory,  deflating  Abe  Mitch-
��� II, one up for 3H holes.
Mi. Hall, who was born in 1SIJ3, llrst!
won     the    amateur   chainpii.in.liip    a
quarter of a century ago at. Prestwlch.
tie   repeated   ill   1V.IU     at     Ilolyake,   ill
1892 at Sandwich, in 1894 at  Ilolyake.
in ISO!) at Preatwicb, and three timcB
In 1890 h" dl efoti d the crack profession.ils of Kngland an Scotland in;
the open championship, and in three
subsequent years captured the Irish
open championship, besides winning
Innumerable other tournaments.
The Si, Andrew's links, when- the
big tournament, will lie staged this
week. Is the Mecca of golfers through-
out tin- world, ll was In a lil He collage, filled to overflowing with a vast
���tion of brassl s. putters, cleel
One novel Is Inliniicly superior   illl(1 ,���������.,. ,,har:ipi hrnulia of lhe game
lo Its predecessor; a charm ter In It In*
finitely prefers game to domestic fowl.
There i- no nssoi lation too trivial for
li. im use too petty, (uu* books nnd
nnr newspapers ulike bristle with mis-
uscd "Infinites." Tlie wind, like I.aii-
n e Me,in., aid Lord Mj ron, bas become ii social literary success, and no
worse late can befall a great author or
ii great word ll Is taketi up by the
fashion papers and lij society Journals,
i.ihI ilu*. Benson's styles are usually in-
Unitely prettier than tbe last.
Infinitely pretty!
Net "niy .aleii- s journalistic fol'c
who like i" produce an emphatic effect
- nl any eost are guilty. My learned
friends imt it to coininon use Sn do
1 when I forget We are Infinitely
obliged nowadays to one who giu-s us
a lift of a few blocks antl Infinitely
grateful for onr Christmas presents
Our greatest and best author* vie with
une another In bringing this ureal word
down from Its high estate, end it is
nnly u few days since I heard a most
fastidious man ef letiers lecturing in
Boston s.iv tbnt the Sunday supple-
ineuts would be Infinitely more divert-
Ing  if sniiiclhing    I  forget  what-were   mar to a cure-all as any
different,    The robin's note In "Finns   on a drug store shelf.
Macleod"    Is    "Infinitely    winsome."
liven as critical a writer as Mrs   Anne "
Douglas Sedgwick speaks "f a heroine The Prophecy of 1913.
"Infinitely malleable" through love and      I   wonder   whether  you   know   Ihe
nr a fat  vnung German musician as   story of the prophecy of the frur Tats!
figures i"ur times  repeated winch  is
near the St. Andrew's links, that Tom
Morris, "the father of golf," made his
it was during Morris lifetime, and
��� * omi exti ni due in his efforts that
the ancient Scottish gai e atts . ��� *
ii ipularit; thn u hi ut the United
Kingdom, Ami i li i and * he contlni at
Utility the lasl quarti r century of his
life   be do 'l In his i Igl *. i Ixth year
Morris was , imltti dlj  the greatest
living expert In tho royal game, and
pilgrims from all ovi r the world j
*. Isltl 'I  hi:*  cell:     ���
i-i 1861, lsc.!. 1804  u d 1887 he held
the    golfing       ��� i ni ' ���* hip    of    the'
Id,  and   he  c mtlnu d   to   plsy   a
: in!.- -.* '  until ���*.-*. ell pai i hie
ll fit) ii* blrthda:,
Tom   Morris  alt al trll uted his
long life and abundant hi alth to thi
"hi "Scooch" past rn tor and bs which
he llvid. lie con '���'������ n ���'. golf the cure
for most of the allmi i ��� '!��� tti is heir
to, and perhaps lie was nol very far
wrong at that.
The Bank of Vancouver i
Branches Throughout the  Province of  British  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches DepoBlts of One Dollar and
upwards received and IntereBt ut the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ln all parta of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W.  BLACK, Manager.
A Modern and
Handsome Offtce
can be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid of our
mlllwork. We have all ready
In stock panels, mouldings and
all necessary fittings to expedite the rush jobs. We shall be
glad to submit drawings and
estimates as we are specially
fitted up for this class of work.
Phone  473,   Queensborough.
With the Pollard Australian Opera C mpany this week commenrinig Thursday evening with "La Belle Butterfly"; Friday evening, "Sergeant (true";
Saturdaj ma lnne, "Tcy Maker"; Saturday evening, "The Mikado," all the
i pera house.
��� vi n   with   heavy   motor  traffic,   and
preserves the road from tin* weather
.- i  from heavy tram portatlon,    Au-
1 . *   " *���* ni i s complain ot its debar tins���but
ration compar-
i with the Increased comfort
A better sprinkling service is being
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Bring  Coot  t3  $500  Per   Mi
Hope  Frcm  Okotcks.
arranged this year.    When the    new
Calgary  Freight Rates From Ontario  horseless sprinklers,  ordered   by   the
commissioners     are     received,    the
sprinkling carts at. present in uf on
all paved Btreets on which the Btreet
car line dins not run, will be transferred to the outlying districts.
Commissioner Samis is prepared to
Calgary,    .May  25.   The    price   of organize the street Bprinkllng service
rne several mtles ol walking inthe  ,,..,,,,. ril aeilverfca ������ Calgary, le so  to cover practically tbe whole city and
open air during an afterno n thi    j,^-, ,;,.��� ;,s USl. for gtreel H)r:,,kljl:u.   ���.,  give an  efficient  service  in  ordl-
llnks, togetiier with Bpeclal /"I exer-   )S practically out of the question, says  nary weather,   lt will probably be im-
plB0 '" "'" same thai develops many  Commissioner Graves. possible to cover the outlying sections
Important   organs  Ol   the   body,  COnStl- ,,,   , , ., , , u-linllv    hnt   thu   incrp-im-H   ,.niii-*itiient
tni,.  if , i,,,i,. i���,i���i,., ,1 in  .,1,,,., ��� . ,    Alderman ( arscallen and a number  wnoi y,  l*��<  me  incnax-n  equipment
��� ,..,... 1     ,   .,,..  win be as fairly distributed as possl-
Attention, Mr. Travellr
t,,'i'.  <������',.,,',,'1  ��t citizens have suggested repeatedl
" ''   -.'.inn   ,.,., ,.t��� , ,   ..  .,     ,     .,
feeling "infinite compassion."   That, tn
he sure. Is better then Arnold Bennett's
Brampton   description uf n woman us "InBultely
. : being talked sbout ill
Paris )u-t
the use 1 1 oil on all unpaVed Btreets,
.1* s partial 9 ilutlon of the dust prob- 1
letn.    Oil Is used with very great sue- '
! !.
In   order  to  encourage  the   proper
ej*s In California cities and in almost   celebration of Empire Day    the    de-
school teachers of the province 10,000
Her Ons Extravicance Is the Raising
of S'ante&e Cat*.
Apart from tlie usiiiii homely ('er
man national domestic virtues - the
cult of her well stocked linen chest, (he
catering to ber husband's Individual
tustu in the daily menu, tbe strong
personal supervision uot only of ber
own children H nnd grandchildren's
health and comfort, but also the moral
und physical well lielng of such small
waits and strays as hIhiuiuI In Berlin's
charity Institutions���the kulseiin pos- ;
sei-ses one really extravagant and aris
toeratlc hobby. She collets cuts,
bleeds and buys cuts-Siamese cals.
the beautiful, sleek and glossy cren- ;
tures whose light fawn nnd dun colored
bullies nre surmounted with dark gray,
Fable or blink heads lighted up with
pale tilue or gray eyes.
I'ure bred specimens so marked
lime been known to fetch between $!V-
(K��i and $11,0011. Tliey are lineal descendants of tlie king of Slams own
cuts and some years ago were sn
highly prized In i'aris that no elegante
ot those days could successfully hold
her place In aristocratic society without possessing nt least one of Ihem
Tlie kulseriii owns and breeds thee
cats She gives them ber personal at
Mrt. Wilton Will Bar Turkey Trot.
Mrs   Woodrow   Wilson,   wile of  thc
president elect, does not approve of
������turkey trotting'' or other extreme
tonus of dancing, and tliere will lie
in.lie of It lu the White liouse while
she is tliere She mnde this clear re
rrtitly when In conversation with an In
tunate friend she said:
"Uf course I cannot regulate the
dancing nl the Inaugural bull if the
Inld Is given, btlt future events In
Washington where this mode of dancing Is permitted or encouraged wlll not
have my sanction. The tuoslep uud
waltz I love to see."
Mrs. Wilson particularly objects to
elaborate dress and heartily disapproves of women smoking and drink
lug cocktails.
As Mrs. Wilson's daughters share her
opinions mi these subjects, the soclnl
events of the younger set of Washington doubtless will follow ulong these
Grardmother In College.
Mrs.   Rachel   luster   Avery,  one  of
the llrsf presidents nf the reiiiisylviinlu
Suffrage association and a graudtiioth-
every t< wn and city and even on a   partment of education lias issued
aumber of country roads In Ontario:
the country roads In the Niagara pen-
Insula being quite generally oiled. copies of u booklet ot patriotic poetry
This practice is out of iiie quosuon   and Prose-
ssks  John   N.   Raphael   m   Ins   in   Alberta,   however,   because  of  the
Bystsnderf    The  prophecy  was  mad'   enormous freight on crude oil, while
lr".KJ by  Mademoiselle  Lenomiaud, Uravel and  sand  roads  may  be oiled
French "wis.' woman,    of the pre?-  ;cr ;i whole season for from W' to $100
nt      Kaiser's      mver-to>be-torgiitten|per mile In Ontario, the cost would be
(lve times thM  in Calgary     There is
no oil in Alberta and the cost of haul-
ng ii from the oil fields of Ontario or
of the southern Btates is prohibitive
Md. Carscallen has heen making in-
V.'e will have on sale, daily, May 28th to Sept. 80th, low rate round
trip excursion tickets to destinations in Eastern Canada, the United
States and to Kurope.
We can give you a choice of lines on both the going and the return
trip, in fact can make up your tickets so that you may go oue way
and return another.
Hound trip ticketr to Europe are Interchangeable on steamship
llni b.
lt is a good idea to let us make your reservations as far ahead as
possible���only a small deposit is required to hold choicest accommodation until you decide definite departure.
grandfather. William the rir.-t ol
Prussia asked Mademoiselle Lciii.t
11 and hi l-'J'.i when he woul I iske bi'
hist . ominand on the battli Hi 1 I I'ut
down  the  figure*  "f  tins   ionr.''   -ne
said, "and ml,I Ih m to the date like inlrles Into the oil production of th
this, 1829 plus I plus B plu- '2 pins il experimental wells now being dug nt
equals 1849.' Vou may remember that Ikotoks. Some oil has been found
111 1 - J11 William tbe First if Prussia these, anil .-is soon as any quantity of
marched against the Duchy of linden., crude petroleum Is available Aid. Car-
' What will be the most importantIsoallen proposes to secure a supply to
event iii iiiy career nfter this one:-" be used on several streets as an ex-
asked William.      Put down la-P.l and periment.
add the four figures composing it to| The use of oil on dirt roads prac-
;t in the same way," snitl the pro-jtically obviates the dust nuisance,
phctrss.    The  result   wns   1871,   when  ^_^_^^^^^__^______^__
H. C SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
627  Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.  DUPEROW, G.   A.  P.  D.
t hone  Private Exchange 8134
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured in B. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American and Canadian Engineers'  Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-In. to 24-ln. in diameter. ThiB is also made in this Province and we
consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime. Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere. J
Phonet 15 and 16.
802 Columbia Street W.
the King of Prus.-ia became Ivmperor
i.f Germany. "And tlie date ol my
death?' 'he asked, "Tnke 1S7I und use
the same key to your destiny 111 tlie
same manner," said Mile. Lenormand
He added 1, tf. " and 1 to IsTt and tlie
total 1888 wns the year of his sEeath.
"And when," he said, "will Germany
bnve to fight with all her strengyiJo
defend what wc hope to conquer Lit
h,r- Mile. Lenormand pointed I"
the pencil and the figures 1889, "Three
eights are '24." she said, "and 1 makes
���ib. Ad.I '2:, to 1888." The result is
1913.    Are you superstitious?
Dr. Francis .1. Shepherd, dean of
the r,-u-!iltv or medicine nt McCllI. will
retire from lhe active work of Instruction  next  fall,
Qutn   Ylck.   a   Chinese   grocer,   of
Taming the Shrew.
\ friend "l Bothern, the elder, tlie
greut comedian, told an anecdote ol
lum tbe other day. Once, when Ik-
whs a member ol Laura Keenc s cmii
puny. Miss Kcene, whose temper was
tempestuous nml violent, took offence
and became exceedingly nugfy with
lum.     lt   whs   evening,   and   she  bad
summoned him to cume to ber room,
intending to vent her rage In n tiradti
of censure.
"I knew lier way," afterwards related Bothern, "and I did not wait tor
her to speuk.
"'Belore you utter a word, MiM
Kcene,' 1 suid, 'lot mc turn down the
"I  turned  it down  ns  1  spoke.
" 'What is that Ior:-' she cried,
amazed ns well as enraged.
" 'Because,' I answered, l can bear
to endure whatever you hnve t" --ny.
but I cannot bear to sec those bcnuti-
ful eyes blazing with passion antl lhat
lovely fnce distorted with wrath
on, now, mul *.ay whatever you 1'
"Site   was   Immediately
mid wo wcre friends again."
Pert Personals.
John D. Rockefeller has again given
proof of his unlimited riches. He mu
hoiight out an Iceman nenr hlm.-Haiti-
more American.
Naturally the world Is relieved to
learn  that  when  George  Ade slipped
er. Is studying to be a fanner at the   and fell  bo did not injure his fuuuy
University   ot   Wisconsin.     She   Is   11   biine.-Chh'ago News.
Ircshinnn.   while   her  daughter   Is   n :    There  Isn't  much  doubt  that   Mrs.
sophomore,    If  Mrs.   Avery   bus  her   Kliiley .1. Shopnrd Will lie Just us phil-
way  her granddaughter will enroll in   nnthroplc  na  Miss  Helen Gould  used
tbo Institution  when she attains the   to be.���Boston Journal.
proper age.                                             I    After  telling  people thnt it Is not
Mrs. Avery declares that one wny to ! on|y needless, but foolish, tn grow old
Montreal, was bulled from the chapel   i(is|st n,e suffrage cnuse Ib to tH'Come n    uninn Russell (bum IbUUI declares, "l
of the  Hoyal   Victoria hospital.    He  iU(lceMf���|   f���rlner  a���d  thus   humble   ������, still un Infant."    lf you don't be-
had been a resident over twenty years                    Je ,n m cm      ,��� wuk.u ,,���   ^ ���_  rp|1(,  wbnt 8|ie ,nys and  bu
nnd  was   one    of    < nlnatown s  mostt ���",    .     , ^    ,__,, ���..,,_ v.,��-u
pronpt-rtns merchants.
' 11ini-les he ts supreme.
vouvluced.-Indianapolis News.
the morning paper of New Westminster
and the Fraser Valley
la read hy 93 per cent of the business men of New
Westminster every morning.
Goes into over half the homes in thc city of New Westminster.. Is first, last and all the time a paper for New
Westminster and the Fraser Valley.
Gives more news of the city and district while it is
news than all other papers combined.
Shows an increase in circulation of over 50 per cent
in the past six months, and still growing.
Has a payroll of $25,000.00 per year which is spent in
New Westminster.
Expends less than 10 per cent of its total revenue
with out of town wholesale houses.
Is not The News worthy of your generous support?
Pres. and Q��d1. Mgr.
Bee. aid Treas
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 snd 877.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Westminster with Boulevard  Down
the Centre.
Illtullthlc Is nolseleBS, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy on
horses' feel, and, above all, particularly durable. For these reasons
nitullthlc is commended highly by owners of automobiles and horBes,
householders, ana city officials. It has heen adopted by fifteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred ln the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic,Ud.
Phone Seymour 7130.      714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver. PAOK EIGHT
MONDAY, MAY 26, 1913.
1 City News In Brief
Remember  the  Place-
33 Eighth Street,
a-.d the te'ephone No. 2
For  todny  only  Jacob's   His-
eults Will remain on sale at. 25c.
per pound
Do not fall to net
gome nt these regular 40a
goods at this low price.
Sunshine l'eaches, 2 lb. cans,
2 for 25c.
���Quaker Pork and lleans, 3
for 25c.
Maconochle's Haddock nnd
Smoked Alberts, regular 20c,
today 2 for 25c.
Tickler's Whole Tlums ln
syrup, large bottles. Retail
regular 4f>c, today 2 for 75c.
Have you ever tried Noel's
reach. Ginger, Orange or Lemon
Marmalade? If not, you should.
We will retail thiB 35c. delicacy
today for 25c.
Kmpress Baking Powder.
"The IleRt Yet." Try a tin und
If It dissatisfies get your money
back;  16 oz. can 25c.
After Dinner Mints. The famous U-AU-Know Brand; large
tins 30c;  small tins, 2 for 25c
Crosse fi Iilackwell's Sardines,
"Quality Canned," 2 for 25c
Strawberries, basket  20c
Pineapples,   each     35c
New Potatoes, 4 Ihs 25c
Asparagus, i bunches  25c
Tomatoes, per lb 30c
Rhubarb, fi ihs 25c
Oranges, 30c, 40c, 45c, 50c doz
Holland  Pippins, box
Wtnesaps, box  	
Newton Pippins, box  .
All 3 lbs. for 25c
���a n
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS
The city  council    wlll    hold    their . being found by practically all, so that
ekly meeting in the council   a light  court  docket will be  handled
i-i gulsr
chambers this evening.
Floridora for the Hair, fragrant
and effective. Price 35c and 50c.
Frank Jeul, Tel. 339, City. (1372)
by .Magistrate Kdmonds thiB morning.
Synod to Meet.
The annual meeting of the Chureh
of England synod of Westminster dlo-
Qulte a number of the members of  cese will be held in St. Paul's church.
St   Peter's club of this city went to   Vancouver, commencing on June 4. It
Vancouver on Baturday and spent the   Is  probable  that   more  will  be  beard
day at  Second Peach. ! at this coming session of the ultimate
: destiny of the Holy Trinity See house.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the] .	
insurance    man.    All kinds    written.
. 2.15
.  2.15
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
The  regular meeting of the  W.  C.
T.  II.  will  be held this afternoon  at |
3 o'clock In    the    league    room    of
Queens  Avenue church.    A good    attendance is desired.
For everything electrical see W.
nay. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. U204)
The annual meeting of the Political
Equality league will lake place this
evening at 8 o'clock in room 401
Westminster Trust building. Members
all attend.
The Canadian Western Lumber
Company have purchased a live ton
motor truck for the purpose of catering more to New Westminster and
district  trade. (1375)
A   charge  of  supplying  liquor    to 1
Indians was made against Ham Lal, a
Hindu, on  Friday    morning    in    the I
police courl.    Accused    pleaded    not
Buy Old Church.
The Central Park Presbyterians
have decided to purchase the old Central Park church, which was closed
some time ago when the congregation
divided, part going to Jubilee,; Burnaby, and the others to Colllngwood
East. The old edifice will be renovated and It Is exnected that services
will be held ln the church early in
Making Good Rosd.
The Columbia Bltulithic Paving Co.
have started operations on the South
Vancouver section of Kingsway, which
will mean a paved road from New
Westminster to Vancouver. Tho Burnaby section of the highway is now
approaching comnletion by the Canadian Mineral Rubber company.
Patriotic Celebration.
The   Bridgeport   school,    Richmond
municipality,   celebrated   Empire   day
with exercises on the morning of May
their    friends.    Reeve    Bridge    was
among the speakers.
is a business in itself,
and not one easily acquired or simple of performance.
This company divides
the work among many
specialists, all of them
know just what to- do
when called upon, and
therefore do not waste
time and the funds of
estates in learning how.
That is one reason
why this company does
its work so much less
expensively than an individual executor can.
The subject of executorships is a big one.
Call in and let us talk
it over--as it concerns
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
Tired of It.
Retail merchants and business men
of Chilliwack, members ot the Retail
Merchants' association, evidently are
tired of the many requests for aid
from the different sporting organizations of the eity and district for at
the last meeting of the association
they decided that all such requests
must  come through the organization.
New Shingle Mill.
It is expected that the new shingle
mill   at   Fraser   Mills   which   will   he
I operated   by   tho   Canadian   Western
Lumber company will start this week
.���u-cuscii    pit-iiu-ru    ""M There  are  11   machines  and   quite  a
guilty and the hearing was adjourned  mimbPr of men will be added to the
1 until  tomorrow  morning. already large staff.
Money to loan on lirst mortgages,
improved city property only. Terms
reasonable. Alfred W. MeLeod. (1374) i
The Sapperton Football club wind
up their season and celebrate their | o;t. Tin
league championship by a ball tonight i with the
in Johnston's hall, Bapperton. There
will be excellent music and a large
attendance of the athletic element Is
Try the 15c and 35c summer
lunches at the Nutshell, Hoom 3, Dominion Trust building. (1246)
Miss Barbara Wylie, the militant
suffragette, who received such a ferocious reception at Doncaster. England, where Bhe was pelted with eggs
and other missiles by an indignant
crowd, Ib well known In political
equality circles here and in Vancouver. MIsb Wylie addressed several
meetings in New Westminster and is
an accomplished speaker.
A Ilardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery,
Telephone 281. (1205)
The Thistle Social club, which was
recently organized, will hold a meeting tonight in the lower hall of the
Labor Temple for the purpose of organizing for the summer and arranging a series of meetings and picnics.
New members will also be enrolled,
those, eligible being uny of Scottish
parentage or Interested in affairs connected with the Scottish, arce.
Raymond  sewing  machine  for  sale
n   firBt  claim  order,  only   -$15.00.    C.
1 N.   Edmondson   &   Co.,   corner   Sixth
avenue and Twelfth Btreet. (12161
The   Woman's   Auxiliary,   the   mis-
ilonnry organization of the Church of
I England, holds its annual meeting for
'lu- diocese of New Westminster in
I Christ church, Vancouver on Tuesday,
I Wednesday and Thursday of this
| week.  'Mrs. Dickinson, the president,
and a large number of members will
| be in attendance from this city.
Build up British Columbia by plac-
ng your fire insurance with B. C.
companies. Our companies are among
tho strongest operating in the Dom Union. National Finance Company, 521
Columbia street.   Phone 515.     (1356)
# ���������,, i'i ijf iS # # Si >"- Us -'��� tt ���* * -* -v
Miss Heather Mellvllle, of North
Vancouver, visited With Miss Jennie
Crawford at the college on Tuesday
and on Wednesday Miss Crawford loft
for her home ni Cninie, B.C., having
finished  her term here.
Mrs. D, Macl.ean. oT Kelownn, had
dinner with her daughter,"Miss L.
Mncl.ean, on Wedneaday night at the
college; and the same evening Mrs.
(Mavor) Jones and Mrs. L. Robinson,
of Kelownn, called upon Miss Mac-
Lean and  Miss Dora  Day.
The college annual picnic is planned
to take place on Saturday, May 31,
when the entire school will enjoy un
outing at Bowen Island.
Mr. H. Swann received a visit from
hla mother, Mra. (Uev.) Swann, who,]
with her husband is engaged in work
at the Kitamaat Indian institute, Klta-
mast, B.C., on Thursday. With Mrs.
Swann were Miss Clark, also from
tho institute, and Mrs. Wood "Trom
Victoria, whose son Ib in attendance
here. i
Uev. and Mrs. Elliot, from Vernon,
called upon Miss (i. Clover at the col-1
lege Wednesday evening. |
MIbb Simmons and Miss Dora Day ;
left on Friday for Victoria to spend
the week end there. A patty of boyB
Including H. Henderson, J. Wheeler,
A. Ballffy, M. Newitt and H. McDIar-
mid  took the 2 o'clock boat for Vic
Father O'Boyle Leaves���Rev. Father
Beck Officiates.
Uev. Father O'Boyle left New Westminster on Friday lo take up his new
pastorate ln Vancouvi r. Before leaving the reverend gentleman presented
each of the pupils of his catechism
class with a souvenir.
Yesterday Rev. Father Beck conducted the "services In St. Peter's pro-
cathedral, as snecessor to the Rev.
Father O'Boyle. ln the evening, the
last Sunday In May, the ceremony of
On All
school   room   was   crowded I the   crowning  of  the   Blessed   Virgin
parents of the children nnd j was celebrated.    The children of the
Society of Mary, dressed in white,
carrying bouquets of white flowers,
and wearing white lilac crowns,
marched round the church In procession, led by the boys of the Sanctuary.
Five new girls were received into the
society. The benediction service concluded the last of the corpus Christ!
Baby Cabs
and Carts
During Our
Fultonettes at
Folding Cabs at
$2.50, $3.50 and up to $9.50
$5.75, $6.50, $8.00 and $10.00
Dobie, 608 Belmont street. ;
W.    A.
Adam B. Johnston spent the holiday
in  Seattle.
William Ellison, of Victoria, spent
the week-end with his family, who
reside in this city.
Alderman and Mrs. Lynch motored
to Seattle on Friday together with
C. A. and MrB. Bourne.
Rev. Mr, Kerr and Mrs. Kerr of
Prince Rupert, are the gue
M. Ci.  Melvin and Mrs.
cts of Rev.
J. A. and Mrs. Cunningham and the
Missis   Cunningham   aro   spending   a
few  weeks at   their summer home at \ For  Sale
R. C. Armstrong Wt last evening
for Fort (Ieorge, where he will take
up a ponition with the Hudson's Bay
The retirement of Lieut. P. C. McGlllivray from the 104th Regiment, ie
mentioned in the current issue of the
Canada Gazette,
$3300 for three large cleared lots,
Seventh avenue, between Fourth
and Second Btreets; one-third cash. I f**
balance 6 and 12 months. Call and | es
go with ua ;n see those. We can | mm
sell separately.
Baby Carnages at $12.50, $15.00, $17.50 and $25.00
New Stock of Vudor Hammocks
$3.00 to $5.00 each
We Furnish Your Home Complete
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
-$2800, new Ave roomed,
fully modern nous-*1, large lot.
Seventh avenue, near Fourth street.
Only $350 cash, balance monthly
Set  thia and don't nay rent.
Phon**: 312. Room  201
Westminster Trust Buiilding.
Business Opportunity:
Paid up Capital and Surplus
Assets       4,373.161.05
Trusts under Administration
Trusteeships tor* Bondholders
Open  Saturday  Evening  7 to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Loudon, Eng., and
Antwerp,  Ilelgium.
ftocephophonea uiul Qrafonolas arc wtth- |
out a peer iu the musical world. They up*
**j|wU>le i>r reproducing nnt merely one
��'.-iss of Instrumental muslo, but every
cdass of Instrumental music with a fidelity
lluil Is no l'-s.s than flawless tin- violin,
the '-radio, the harp, the flute, He* clarinet,
th�� cornet���all tho wind instruments, nil
the Instruments of li.tn.ls and orchestras
- nil Uie Instrumental music ot all the
Not only this, but the human voice
ta now so perfectly record,-d niul no flawlessly reproduced that the bome without
��� COLUMBIA has become as Incomplete
.-���m a piano without a keyboard. "ilKAH
liurnli-ss Aiacliln'-i- ruin1 Jls.oo each to
J050.00 each.
The school board have decided on
i regular schedule of salaries for the
teachers similar to that In use in Vancouver, Victoria and other cities. This
is in pursuance of the request of the
Teachers' institute that teachers' sal-
���iries be placed on a business basis. It
is expected that the adoption of n
regular scale will tend to make the
teachers more efficient and they will
at least have a clear understanding as
to their prospects when accepting a
position in a New Westminster school.
Building material,   cement,   lime.
|hard   plaster,  gravel,     sand,    crushed
rock, fuel oil and all kinds of towing
Apply  the   1(.  C.  Transport   Co..   Ltd
Phi  S26.    Wharf phono 880.  (12021
Baggage cars, transformed into passenger coaches by WOOden seals lielng constructed on either Hide of the
carH, carried many of the fight fans
to Brighouse and return Saturday
evening, Although over 2001) were
handled hy the II. C. B. it. on the Steveston line, few Complaints were heard
of the service, which was excellent
considering the heavy traffic on all
other roads. Practically every lnter-
urhan car owned by the company was
placed In commission on Saturday,
while additional cars were operated
on the local city lines.
P, H. Smith and W. J. droves
auditors and accountants. We will
kfM-p your books, make out and col
leot your accounts, and prepare your
financial statements. Kor terms, ad-
dre.SB 211 Westminster Trust building.   Phone 364. (1359)
The ladles' Aid of St. Paul's church
are holding a "Birthday Social" tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock, at the
residence of Mr. and Mrs. W. U.
Gilley, 407 St. George street, In aid
of the new hymn and prayer book
fund. The ladies very cordially invito
all friends of St. Paul's and assure
them of an enjoyable evening. Ulrth-
day gifts of one cent per year will
be  gratefully  received. (13<il)
E,  A.  and   .Mrs.  Clarke  and  family
and Mrs. C. A. Welsh and family re- ]
turned   yesterday   from     a     two-day [
motoring trip to Bellingham. ', 3pri,lg Saimon  2 lbs. 35c
Dr. ('. II. Doherty and Dr. Mackay. I Halibut   2 lbs.  25c
of the Coquitlam    asylum    farm,    to- : Cod    2  lbs.  25c
gether with John P, Langan, of Van- j Kresh Green Peas  2 lbs. 25c
couver, ppent the week-end in Seattle. < Strawberries, por box   20c
I Rhubarb, per lb 5c.
! New Potatoes  4 lbs. 25c
The Revs. Canon d'Kasum and IC  It
Bartlett  leave this  morning  for Victoria  to  attend     the    Pacific    Coast !
Clericus.    Mrs. d'Kasum accompanied
tho canon.
(Successor to Ayling & Swain.1
W. J. Qalbraith has sold out his tin- j 447 Columbia St.                     Phone 98.
mith business to the Burnaby Plumb- ^^	
ing and Heating company and left Sat- j
tirdny evening for Los Angeles where
he has Joined  partnership  with  Don- '
aid  Archibald,  a  formi r  resident  of
New   Westminster.
Mr, and Mrs. A. Ilardman. accompanied by tbelr son, Gordon, have returned to the city after a lengthy Btaj
tn Bouthern California Miss Haul
man will prolong her BOjourn for a
few weeks visiting friends while Mr
Douglas ilardman is returning by
Stanley  Kirkland, son     of     Mrs   B
Kirliland. of Eighth street, well known ,
in this city, has heen appointed senior j
house  surgeon  in   the   Montreal  Qen-
leral hospital.    .Mr.  Kirkland  has jus!
computed   his   final   year  at   McGill]
college, Montreal.   He will commence
his duties loday, according to a tele-
gram received by his mother.
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street        New Westminster, B.C.
| UP.
**% Columbia Street
New  Westminster's  celebration  of
Victoria day and the Sunday following
was one of the quietest on record, only
15  persons being  taken  Into custody
by  the    police and  of these a  large
majority will face a charge of being
intoxicated.    On Columbia street  and
also at the lacrosse game practically
no signs of disorder were noticed, with
the result that Chief Bradshaw's hired j Central   Park  and  the  park  conimis
help had little to do out of the ordi- i sinners  are  now  engaged   In   making
nary.    Few of those arrested remain-] out a program of Improvements which
Phone 453, ed in tho jail over-night, bail money  will be undertaken with the money.
Mr.  Hermann Helllesen    and    Miss
Florence (llory  Quaylfl,  of  Liverpool, I Sapperton  Market,  Columbia  and
Kngland, were united in tbe bonds ofl Keary   Street,' Sapperton 1204
matrimony on Friday evening, May 23,  Eighth Street Market, 515 Eighth
at the home of the bridegroom's par- j Street 1205
ents,   711   Fourth   Btreet,  and   In   the i Edmonds  Market,  Edmonds   883 L
presence of several relatives and
frlendB. The ceremony wus perform-
by Rev. C, E, Wincott, rector of St
Raul's It. K. church. New Westminster. Mr. and Mrs. H. Helllesen will
reside in  Vancouver.
The many friends of MIsb Nellie
M. Davis and Donald MeLeod, both of
this city, will be surprised to hear of
their marriage, which look place In
Vancouver  on   Friday  afternoon   last.
Miss Davis is the eldest daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J. Davis, of 312 Tenth
I beg tO Inform you I have decided
to continue the grocery buaineBB conducted by my late husband, C, B,
Deans, under the management of Mr.
W.   Mercer, who has  been  connected
,   ,        .       ���, with  the business for the past three
Market,  Columbia    Street
 12001201-1202 years,  and  trust,  by  strict  attention
to business, a share ot your patron-
Sin tMiniDn o in,. M P., chisidint.        w. u -n��TTHrws. vici-prisidim.
C. A.  LOGERT, Ceneral Manager.
Capital i,Aiil i,|
Rf-siiiva Fund
Total Aurli
$,!*,, OOO, OOO
Financial Headway
ot Ih*. sure ��nd permanent kind Is rarely made without the assistance
ol a Savings Bank Account. It sllmulaleti saving, keeps the money
In absolute safely. Increases it with Interest, and provides the ready
cash to take advantage of the business opportunities which com*
ones way.
(Mrs.) C. S. DEANS
Money for  Park.
Central  Park, May 115. -The sum of
i'MiM) has been  granted   by  the  provincial   government     tor    Improving
Home For Sale
No.  1���Here  Is  a  Bplendid home for sale cheap.    In a good  locality near Queen's Park and hew school.
It.  haB  seven   large  comfortable  roumB  with  every  modern  convenience;   full  basement;   on  a  large lot, 66x132 ff.ct.
Thla place Ib below value nnd   the   terms  are  nuch   that  almost
anyone can handle It,
PRICE,  $4400,  $750  CASH,   balance monthly,   lf you want to buy
a home let us show you this p lace.
Agents for  Pacific  Coast  Steamship Co.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1811.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mptoyers"   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marine  Insurance.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���6 and 5.45 a.m.
and every 15 minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
SATl'llDAYS���15 minute ser
vice Ib continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7, 7.110 8 and
8.30 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with late cor at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m���  with  late  car at  11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and
until   10  p.m.   with  late
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAY;-'    7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS ���8 a.m.    nnd    every
hum until 11 p.m.
Connection  la  made at    Eb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
rOIt eiltl.LlWACIv AND WAY
STATIONS 0.15 a.m., 1.10 and
8.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.


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