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The New Westminster News Jul 8, 1913

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saws *
News Classlf .���    -vds.
Have proven thel ��.-   jitli by the
results   they   prod u:        They   fill
targe    or   small   -Or    s   at   small
-*���*.. .������"���"     """- hierfcir-
The Weather.
New Westminster -and Iho I-ovwr
Mainland:  Light to moderate wind���;
^gem raliv  fair;   sl iti:mary or hlsher
un ** m*>
Scott's Will 8t��nd�� and Millions   and.
Art Treasures Will Go to
Merchants Protest and It Is
Buried for This Season. London,  July  7.���The  great es'ate
.                                    which tht- late Sir John Murray Scot!.
the   eccentric    millionaire    and    art
Delegation of Buslneismen Ask Coun-   connoisseur inherited from l-ady Rich.
Mo tor man Allen Taken into
Custody   Accused   of
Drinking on Duty.
A Few Weeks Ago,    Many    Men
Jobs,  Now Much  Labor and no
Men���Seems Queer.
Some que-er thlng3 happen in this
world day afier day. Hurnaby municipality is not immune from quccrnesa
 :  Johannesburg Striking Unions Plan to
Hearing   Today   in   Victoria Join Revolutionary Party���No
cn Westminster Assize siBn�� ��' Peace-
cil to Allow Government to Deal
With  Matter.
The Fhops Regulation bylaw, malting a weekly half holiday on Wednes-   Wests
days and Saturdays for different
trades In the city of Westminster compulsory, htm been suspended until Sept
1 to enable the city business men to
come to tome agreement with Vancouver merchants to close on the same
days. The Merchants' association and
other bodies arfected may then have
come definite plan formulated sis lo
what th.y wish and the council will
take up and deal with the matter on
Sept. 1.
That was the resolution adopted by
the city council last night upon a petition signed by the principal merchants of the city and supported by
f. strong deputation thai the bylaw i*-'1 ''
be laid mer, also suggesting that the
matter he left to the provincial government to fix a statutory half holiday for the whole province.
Strong   Deputation.
ard Wallace, will be disposed of as
provided In his will, made 1901, and
In the live codicils, giving more than
half of his property to Lord and Lady
Sackvllle, the laiter a daughter of a
former British minister at Washing
��� n. who succeeded the Sackvllle
as    tenants   of   the   famous
Conductor  Phillips  Seriously   Injure-,  and  this  was giutllued  by   Municipal  Justice   Morrison   Adjourns   for   Ono
Engineer    Macpherson   last   evening,
Judge Howay Cuts Down
Coquitlam   Revision
Coprt'g Figures.
When  Big  Tram  Jurr.ps  Rails
Last  Night.
when he told the council that, although signs had . been posted in
prominent parts of Burnaby telling of
helu required by the Canadian Mineral
Rubber company, the company pav-
A  curious  accident  took  place  rm  lng Kingsway,  60 Italians had  been
Week���Cebar Tried  and  Convicted Yesterday.
county seat, Knole l'urk, Seven Oaks.
The jury or the probate court, where
the suit to break the will had been iu
progress lor eight days, pronounced a
vrdict today, upholding the document. After only ten mlnuteB' consideration, Ihe jurcrs decided that
Lady Sackvllle waa guiltless of the
eharg'-s of fraud and undue influence
brought against hi-r by members ot
the Scott family, and cast the bur-
d. -i of the costs of the suit, which
will he extremely heavy, owing tc
the array of eminent counsel en-
ipon the late baronet'a rela
tiv.-s who entered the contest.
Will Get $2 500.000.
I.ord and  Lady Sackvllle  will
It is possible, lf not probable, that
placed at work during the past few the trialB of Moses Paul and LouiB
days, owing to the Inability of the Cebar may be declared abortive and
compauy to secure settlers, and that the preBent aS81zeB coun can no
especially white men. longer exerc,8e its funcu0nB in adit was only a tew weeks ago that ralnl3terms justicc thia summer,
the municipal hall was crowded to w j whiteside, K.C. representing
the limit    with    settlers    demanding Loui8    Cebar    alias      Alfred     11arr
way act with drinking while on duty.  wor,k and malU"K rhaTs^ aKaiust ,he charged,    with     assaulting     Charles
Tli^ scene of the smash was the cor-; fav'n�� company of giving preference Kagles provlncla, constable, whilst in -.,...,
ner of Venabies street and Commer- *? ������")ulht'rn kuropean labor and here the dlBcharge of his duty, raised the B '
clal drive and it is said that car No. "J9 8'tuation changes to Italians, pre- Bame point aa Stuart Henderson, coun-
1003, which left Westminster at lliSO viously fired to give room for rate- gel for Mogea -t^, dld for his ciieilti
p.m. over the Burnabv tracks, ran ' pa-VPrs- bein6 takHn back on lhe J��b- that the court was not properly con-
town the Incline oh Commercial drive I Mr Macpherson said that aeveral 8tituted and the proceedings therefore
at furious speed, crashing into the; complaints had reached him of alleged were irregUiar. The argument sub
building on the north side of the street  slave driving by the foremen on   the miUed waB the same as Mr   Hender-
t'.ie Interurban line of the B. C. E. R. in
Vancouver last evening, which resulted in serious Injuries to Conductor
Phillips, of this city, who was taken
to the Vancouver general hospital with
two passengers. Motorman F. J. Allen, also of this city, was placed under  arrest,   charged   under  the  Rail-
Reduces Valuation on Booth Acreage
From  $350 to (100���Important
Decision in Full.
His honor  Judge Howay, yesterday
'this   morning.
Superintendent   Elson   and   Train-
j master  Marsh  were at  once notified
wrecking  crew  having  been sent out;
from the Vancouver end.
rceive  about  $2,500,000  of  the  $5,900
:00'i of the testator's property, Includ-1through a window, having one of hlaIstating tbat it
Une some of his magnificent art col- arms broken, besides receiving serl-  standing
A deputation of 20 retail merchants  i,.<-tlon
Many of their friends among the
aristocratic audience assembled offer
ed their congratulation!" to Lord Sack,
ville and his daughter. Lady Hacu
ville was noi presi nt today, as sh'
was resting after the severe strain ol
the cross-examination she underwent
last week.
The verdict of the jury  seemed to
be a foregone    conclusion    after   Sir
Samuel Thomas Evans, the presldiiu-
judge,  had  presented his charge.  He
and  remain  dosed  from  1 o'clock In l ��Pressed   strongly   the   opinion   that' u-Tn��i.i.ilw n,,kh.H
the   afternoon   Tor  the   remainder  of  '-ndy Sackvllle was guiltless of frand  J- ��. Taylor. M.*>.. Off dally Dubbed a
ttin daj i a,ld sa'd that Sir John Murray Scott : Colonel.
The viewB of the deputation having  apparently had felt he had  found    ai    Ottawa,    July    7,-Hy    a    mili'.urv
heen invited. L. B. Lusby of Anderson  custodian tor the art treasures which  ��jd*r Issued todav. John Davis Tay lot
ft   Lusby.  hardware   merchants.  Said Ue desired the Sackvilles to keep at  ����� P- for New V,estm.nster, B. t     Ir
their attitude was set forth in the pe-   Knole Park, and had reallicd that he  formally  gazetted commander  of th
tltlon. wllh the exception of one point/must leave the money to provide for ! joy"   /^'tnent
which  appeared  to  be  the strongest, j this.
The closing up of business in tho ctty
for two afternoons was detrimental to I
the business  Interests of the city.       i Willi F   THF   DfiWFDC !     ���     Carrot Claim*
Mr.   Lusby  said.   "I   have  been   a Iff 11111     IIII    rli ill ILl I    The Pas.    Man..   3
strong   advocate   for   a   weekly   half- ,
holiday and In fact for seven or cluh'
years or longer, the trade tn which I
belong  has  given   Its  workers one  tn ;
it the  corner.    The  bodv of the car work, but from his observations from B0I1.8   that the B   c;   revig(fd siatutes
'eft the trucks when the impact came,  day  to  day  he had not noticed  any- ot  i^n  haU  beeu  abolished  by    the
but     happily    kepi   its  position   and   thing of the kind and his statements -UTora act   1913   as at june 3q  last.
swung clear of the tracks. , were backed up by Councillor Stride that all jurieg empanelled under the
Phillips, the (inductor, was thrown  ar.d Acting Reeve Fau-Vel, the latter 19|j apt Ci,a9(,d t0 be   on duly 1   and
waited upon the council and, for their
convenience, tho bylaw was read a
second time and discussed.
The clause which appeared to be
the main subject of contention was
that which laid down that on Wednesday h-ilf-holldays all grocers, but-
rhers, Tnti and vegetable shops are
��srcby required to be doted and remain closed from 1 o'clock In the afternoon for the remainder of the day
nnd en Saturday half-holidays all
other bhops are hereby required to be
was a   Joke   of long ,j,a{ there was no saving clause pro-
tous Injuries to his back ar.d head. One, Those Other Papers. ,,,mn ulm.h Illi(!llt ,���.  *���,,.,-(,>,.������ W:tU
'of  the  two  passengers  taken  to the:    Councillor Macpherson    created    a by the operation of the new act    The
j hospital whs a woman, but their names  little   breeze  by  charging  the    press new <ury muBt be summoned by  the
[were not obtainable at an early hour  with   giving   misquoted  reports    and
suppressing news, be stating that two
newspapers had published reports of
items   which   never  happeued.   While
Johannesburg, July 7���Many of ths
gold miners refuse to return to work.
At a meeting this afternoon militant
leaders delivered fiery speeches to
the 3000 assembled and a resolution
declaring that the Btrike was still on
! and condemning the strike leaders
waB carried.
One ot the chief speakers announced the organization ot a new morning reduced tbe valuation of
union cf Soulh African workers, $350 per acre, on SO acres ol the farm
which, he said, would be a revolution- belonging to Ralph Booth, Pitt river
ary party. EfTorts are now being road, to $100. The assessment on tha
made at [iraamfontein to bring out olher 60 acres of $350 was allowed to
the railway workers. stand.
A    dispute    is on   over the   actual I    Mr. tiooth appealed from the Coqnrt-
terms   of   settlement   which   General lam revision court on aoeaament rull'.
llotha. the ex-premier,   and   General on the ground that SO acres of hist
minister of mines, made with land was a quaking hog and practie-
the unions.   The unionists assert tha, ally valueless for agricultural or any
they Insisted   that   the   government other purpose.
provide for miners whose places were The municipality contended that a��
taken by the strikebreakers until new the whole    block   belonged    to    Mr.
places should be found for them, and Booth, they were entitled to take tbe
also that the leaders claimed amnesty good with the bad and strike an aver-
for the  rioters, General  Botha reply- age, that they were bound to fli tlics
ing that that was a matter for the de- assessment at its actual cash  value-
partment of justice, but giving the iin- and not at Its agricultural value.
preesion that he favered amnesty. 1    In giving the   decision   the   court
Dynamite Feared. said:    "I think it is manifest the low
Attempts to   dynamite    the    Rand lying land is too highly assessed.    I
.    .        ,            ,      club and other buildings are feared, cannot, work out the assessors com-
!!dL"g..f"fJh!.P_T.tlnuin5.fi.an.,aBB!^ The club Ib   barricaded   and    armed promise at all.   It does not work oul
members patrol the premises day and by any figuring 1 eau do.   I think I
night.    The   residences  of  the   mine am doing the straight thing iu leaving:
owners are guarded by soldiers.    An the assessment of   $350   on   the   HP*
attempt to destroy  the railroad    be- acres, which is the price put on   all
tween Johannesburg   and   Germiston similar surrounding land.   But this SO
was made during the night, but fail acres on the' morass or cranberry bos.
new methods ordered by the new act.
Crown Counsel's Views.   -
Mr.   McNeil,   K.C,   for   the   crown,
and  left  for the acene of the  wreck  the  majority  of  the councillors  wi re  sai(l  ll waa a Plea  which might give  ed.   The only newspaper published to-  I value at $100 an acre and 1 am tax-
one  of  the  company's  motors,  a prepared to let the matte- ri-..n, the rise ,0 considerable discussion.    Per-  day was a four page sheet published ing it for as much as evw it will sen
(Continued on Page Eight.) sonally, he thought the present jury  by the printers' union. for today.   I can scarcely work oot in
 ��� .    _ could act, subject to    his    lordship's      Twelve  thousand  members cf    the  my own mind how any one can give
direction and tbe decision of in:- trades unions inarched today at the $100 an acre for that land today, but
court of appeal. The court of appeal funeral of the victims of the riots. 1 am endeavoring to act for tho bene-
Bits tomorrow at Victoria and a eaBO The Itt. Rev. Michael Bolton Purse fit of the whole community- Ons
might be stated by his lordship and lord bishop of Pretoria, who officiated, hundred an acre on that boggy land;
the matter brought up then aud d'm- begged the multitude to return to that wlll tw the order of tbe court.""
posed of. their homes peacefully, out ot reaped      T'.ie    appeal   waa   sustained    witU
The court agreed, but decided to go,tor the dead. coats.
on with the Cebar'a trial. I    The Bpokeamau of the trades federa       Before any evidence was heard W.
Subsequently a case wan stated and  tion made a similar appeal.   "Disperse G. McQuarrie, counsel tor Mr. Booth.
Mr. Whiteside left laBt night tor Vic- quietly," he aaid.   "Let none say that asked  tbat his honor would' luspecfc
to    succeed    Lieut. !
1 Colonel   Johnson,  who  iB transferred
1 to the retired llat.
Carrot Claims AnethSr.
j    The PaB.   Man.,   July   1.���Another ]
What Canada Missed by Exporting Pulp Wood to
U. S. in T912.
torla.    Thla  morning   an   application we are a disorganized rabble."
will be made to the court ot appeal,     l  *~~*      \
Meantime,   the   court   Is   adjourned I mXmxx*.    *s**mm
until Monday. July 1*. aud all Jurors \l\UNV Villi lUK
{and witnesses are relieved trom at-' | VJllMJ j\JU 1 \JI\
' tendance until then.
themselves I am ln perfect sympathy
with them and would extend It the
whole year. The surrounding districts, bow-ever, which dn biiBinesH In
the cltv would not be sure by thlr
Wednesday and Saturday half-holiday
what business they could transact on
these days."
Continuing, he pointed out thnt ii
left a feeling of unrest. In addition
to that, the neighboring cities wen-
open on [Saturdays nnd Wednesdays
and If New Westminster closes, ns the
bylaw snggeslH, wllh the exception of
the four lines mentioned, the town
was practically closed on Baturday afternoons. The surrounding districts
have many workiflg people paid on
Saturdays and tho money would be
soent on Sa'tirday. The memorial Is
that if strong representations be made
In a united form to the provincial
legislature thiB desirable movement
can be accomplished.
Favors Saturday.
The :"i> ir asKed Mr. 1 ashy If the
hardware mon  preferred  Saturday or
Mr. Lusby -We have looked into
this question, it Is utterly Impossible
for us to close on Wednesdays. Onl
own business Is principally wholesale,
doing business wlth-other stores, mill"
logging camps In the district. We
have orders all through the week fo'
rennlra and supplies from shops and
mills. U the government says Wed
nesdays, of course, we will have to
abide by it nnd remain open Isle ot,
Tuesday nights. As B merchant generally.   I   would   not   like   to   see   tin
city dosed up on Wednesday after
nc'tns. Our competitors outside an
pi'liclting onr trade every duy and will
deliver by auto trunks and we lrivi
in meet ihelr competition.
Tbe mayor asked If there were any
clerks present lo give their views, btlt
no response w-tis made.
A Little too Far.
Alderman Henley -It looks to me
aB If the council were going n little
too far. It Is for the leglBlature. not
for us, to dlstate. We are surrounded
hy other cities and It Ib not for us to
any a mnn shall close ttp his place nf
business nt nnr discretion. It should
lie thoroughly discussed before wc
take action. Supposing WeBtmlnster
olonps un en Saturday afternoons nnt'
Vancouver keeps open what does th"i
mean? It means Injuring nur own
town. 1 iiuesllon very much whether
we can elore up a man's business.
The Mavor Vou can under the Municipal act.
Alderman Henley   Mnke it eonernl
In nil towns nnd nd In one i,',i'--i*i*.-.i
town,    Kvery
business,    All
drowning accident took place in    the
Carrot  river, in what is known as the
Sipannock    channel,     when    W,    H.
osher. a  Hudson   Hav    Construction
ioompnnvs man.  23 years old. unmnr-   Home   Manufacture  Increasing.   Laro�� f r?L*?'im,���ei!e0J!! ?��i ."".ff?!!!���.;"1" 5i
rled, fell overboard from a barge Sat-   "' '' '
Room   la  Left for Similar Fur
Siintlum'a Case.
The  only  trials affected are those  of
Moses   Paul   and   l.out.s   Cebar.     Paul
I urdav  night.    Owing to tbe darknesB.
the  Dig   Fellow*  Peruoe   Maps  While : pn-���r,B of thp ,,,-.,��� mrn  in the outfit
the  Smaller  Fry  Slaughter
Each  Other.
I'.iri.i. July ".-The Servian govern-
t'.i nl made an appeal tonight through
Itii legation in Paris for doctors and
tiursi s to aid the Servian wounded
who are so numerous that they are
t-evond the surgical resources of Ser-
.ia. __._
Cayonets as Daggers.
London, July 7. - The most Important news from the seat of wnr today
is the report, confirmed from Sofia.
of the appearance of a large Bulgarian force at Vranla, threatening tin
Servian line of retreat.
still more significant, as tendlnf
to confirm the belief that the Servians are suffering defeat, Is the announcement from Belgrade that only
meagre reports are being received
from the Servian army headquart rs
and ihat the government has divided
to publirh reports only on alternati
days. In addition, a rigorous cenaor-
lilp on tlle newspapers Is being enforced and the publication of special
war editions haB been  stopped.
The Servian wounded, describing
the battles, sny men threw away thel)
firearms and used their bayonets us
daggers, This accords with the In-
tormatlon from many souroea of tbe
irngulnary character of the fighting
and tbe wholesale slaughter witnessed
1 : te,present struggle,
Whatever the policy of the Euro
i'i an powers mny be, llttlo Is now
heard ������' attempts to stop the war,
Tho ambassadorial conference met In
Linden ngaln today, but Apparently
did little exeept dlscurs the boundaries of Albania. Meanwhile Pou-
innnla and Turkey give signs that they
will not long be Idle spectators.
A dispatch from Saloniki reports
lhal the Greeks have occupied Do-
mlrhlsslr and Strumltza, nnd, acoord-
ng to the most likely Information the
Hulgarian  general,   ivnnoff,  has  been
���lowlv    retiring    before  th
Clrcdi  forces northward,    since   hi
,....,.. Vt..,y weakened by the departure
"f hlti right wing to attack Krlvol.-ilt.
II should be noted thnl another d's-
patch (worts thai Oeneral Ivanoff, by
n  unexpected   allaek,  scattered  the
to save him proved of no avail.
ther  Progress.
Sarnia  Elevator  Burns.
Port  Huron,    Mich.,    July    7.���The
flnnt   of  the   Pointed   Ward  Elevator
company, located north of Sarnia. on
be St   Clair river, was burned today.
causing a property loss estimated    at j being made in that direction in home
$:i50.(iun, partly covered by Insurance
Ottawa, July 7.���A report of Can-
j ada's pulp wocd production for 1912,
! Issued- today by the forestry depart
ment,   shows   that   rapid   progress   is
Uituit 60,000 bushels of wheat and
220,000 bushels of oalB were burned.
Tlle origin of the fire hits not been
de ermlned.
Tooth Doctors in Conclave.
Calgary. July 7. The Western Can-
Ida Denial association met in annual
convention here this morning, pro-
nlnent dentists from all the western
provinces being lu attendance. Presi-
dent K. M. Doyle, in hla opening ud-
Ireas. advocated legislation providing
'or the Inspection af the teeth of
pupils  in  public  acliools.
is not affected by tbis point raised, al
1 though his cabu is appealed on other,Port coqultlam's Mayor    Presides
T. J. Ar-nstroiiK. sheriff, was called
and formally testified that the present
Jury was Btunmoned under lhe revised
statutes of 11. C. It'll. He did not
"'���-"tr.on the Jury under the act ol
Macnamara Trial.
rhe  trial of John  Macnamara  was
Ceremony There  Yesterday
manufacture of the raw  material Into to  have  come  off   Immediately   after
wood  pulp and paper,  instead  of ex- Ci-bar's trial, but. owing to the point
porting    it dircc*.    with    consequent raised  in  Cebar's  trial  and  the  case
large  loss  to  Canadian  industry   and mated by his lordship,    it   was    held
to  home  profit.    There   Is,   however, over  pending  the judgment    of
ill  large room  for further progress court of appeal
Port Coquitlam, July
operations wer.' commenced rn the in
Btallation of the Port Coquitlam $30.
000 waterworks system here tbl -
morning at a ceremony presided over
by Mayor Mars. To Alderman Welcher
,!c j fell the honor of turning the first sod
and. among others present were mem
the  land. Mr.  Uttatm. <
the   municipality, -ianloc
thla course.
I Mv. Mclntyre Bald there were over
100 acres of land on the farm, liisb
land as welt as low land, and in order
to strike an average ft would be
necessary la go over the whole lots
Hla honor concurring, Mr. McQuarrie announced that there waa an autu
ready to carry the court to the farm.
Concerning Speed.
His Honor:    "How long will it tato-
to get there and back, half an hoorT""
I    Mr.    McQuarrie:    "About   that   or
three quarters of an hour,   lt depend*
upon the rate of speed.   If your honor
Actual  exceeds  the speed limit: of course it
might bn done sooner."
H's lienor smiled and refused tv
commit Ihe court.
After inspection of the acreage: th��
court resumed sitting at 11:3(1.
T. S. Annandale, the first witness
called and a resident of this district
for 23  years, was asked hie opinion
along  this  line,  aa  is  shown   by  the      Mr. McNeil said    that    in   view    of! bers  of  the  city  council,  nnd  Frank    f ln    DTOVertj under qucstfon.
Reprieve fer Gibson.
Ottawa, Julv 7.���Instructions' have
lii :i Bent to the sheriff of Toronto by
the department of justice to postpone
���������'til Oct II the execution of Charles
Olbson, the Toronto man oharged ���,all 50 per cent., wa9 exported un
Wltb the murder of iiosenthul. The manufactured to the United States.
case was before tbe cabinet council, ,,���, ,,,���,lp ggjKgg cora, been manu.
"    I'���������'!:���>��� and Sat 1,rda*.     Tl-.,- pn]���*-s \ factureu   ln,0   pulp   in   t'anada,    the
value  would have    been    118,220.884,
The actual price received waa $6,695
��Ot  thut  the totul estima'.ed loss to  Cebar's  case going  before  the  ccurt > Seabrook, president of the board    ol
the country, through    exporting    raw  0f appeal, he did not feel justified in i fade.
naterlal last year, was $G.fi24.0O0. going on with   the    Macnamara    and      Tlle  water  brought   from  the  New
trinls   and   mittim*   tbe   count rv I
lain will be distributed through local
I mains, the first of which was started
Ion Railway avenue \'M fr-et from ths
iPipe Line road.
The 4S pulp mills re-porting iu WlHotber trials and  putting  the country Westminster main from  Lake Coquit-  h; ner       ,
consumed  a tetal of SGC.042 cords of  to avoidable expense.  "  '     ������'--���-'��� '  " -'���  ' -���'
"I would put two estimates on Ua*
land." he said. "One on the hoggy.
low-lying ground, and another on that
raw material, valued at $5,lil5,5S2
The quauilty consumed shows an In-
Tiase ot ln.'i per cent., in solie of a
���eduction of 43 cents per cord in the
iv���age price of the raw material.
The total cut of pulp wood lu Can-
Ida >n 1U12 wus 1,840,910 cords, valued
at $11,911,416.
50 Per Cent, to U. S.
f-i connection with the case were hllr- |
rled to Murray Hay, where Ihey were
signed by Administrator Pltzpatrlck.
At Least, That's What Reports Say-
Harvest Will Tell More About It
Later on.
Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper, K.C
counsel for Macnamara, said he ap-1
poured both for him and Dean, an-1
other accused man. He fell the difficulty and shared the responsibilit> |
and consequences of having to go
through a heavy role twice. Tlie I
prlsouers were anxious for a public
trial und thev wanted this difficulty
Of this totul 080,868 cords, or more removed.
After a consultation with the accused men and Adam S. Johnston,
also counsel for accused, Sir Charles,
at a later stage, addressed the bench.
He Buid the defence had four witnesses from New York uud crown
counsel bad been good enough to Inform him thut be would recommend
the attorney general to make an    allowance for their    maintenance   and
Kvery pruviuce, with the exception  expenses here.
The court accordingly adjourned un
til Monday. July 14, at 11 a.m.
Cebar Convicted.
Prior to adjournment. Loulsi Cebar,
alius Alfred Harr, was arraigned before a Jury and found guilty or as
saultlng   Charles    Kagles,    provincial
$88, Canada exported in 1912 enough
pulp wood to supply 54 mills of tba
average size operating In the Dominion at present
Well    Known    Railway    Postal   Clerk
S;nt Up for Trial on Serious
of Ontario, Increased
: '"��� :���: ���:;;. 0 :.', ft ���:��������� i;:.
Mr. Annandale could not sec what
lhe first named could bo used for its
its present condition, and doulii.r.ii II
it had any value at all. The other
pw-perty, that surrounding the .^irur-
buildings, wns soma of K vnrv x*.-ms
land, and might brins around tf'iVi an
acre. This figure would be iSv Wllto
tion for dairy por*po����:��. the use Urn-:'
land wa3 beins p-af fo now. Ho- ooold.
not give any idea of Its market value*.
The whole 115 acres was about half
good und half bad lard, and wUtic-i-;
did not see hew the latter could bx
much improved for years.
The owner, tt. llooth, in giv ng evidence, would hot put any cash valu-s
on his land. Hc did not want to aril;
lit; had settled on It and wanted tu
slay there. Never had he put is
valuation on his property and tn.
S. (Jack)  oITer had wer been made Wnr.   L'-nflcr
lireet- army *)f 80,000 under King Con-
mnn knows his own , 1 tnutino und occupied Nlgriui and
the   towns   should   act   other points OH the (ireek line.    It   Is
possible tint bntii reports are correct
AIH. Dodd Explains. "ml that the or.e crediting victory to
Aid. Dodd   Aa mover of the bvlaw   General  ivanoff h-s reference to a
I would like lo explain  thut It  la sn' inter dnte.  after the  Bulgarian  com-
drafted  Hint  we enn  cline up Snt-ir    inninler was reinforced.
day or Wednesday.    The council ln-1    An Interesting detailed report from
the power.    As to Alderman Henley's  On ek official  Bourc.es of  Inst   week's
remarks that we have nn power or operations describes how the Bulgar-
rlght to Interfere wllh lbe business of: lima, by Incessant labor, had trans-
the merchant or unybody else, we are formed Kllklsh Into another Plevna
doing  It  all   the   time.    Referring   to, with a Burprlslng extent of tranche!.
Regina, July 7.���Reports   by   tele-
superior gr.mh from the Bpeclal crop correspondents of the Saskatchewan department of agriculture Indicate that tlle ;
crops throughout the province are ln
excellent condition. Rain has fallen
plentifully throughout the province
during the past week, although Insufficient  for some  districts.
The general oondltlon of crops on
summer fallow Is good, lhat grown ou
last year's stubble Is thin and rather
short. Pall und spring plowing did
not receive moisture In Time to produce the best results.
The nverage height of the wheat
crop Is from 18 to 24 IncheB and from
2 to 5 per cent. Is now In the head
or shot blade and ls looking strong
and healthy,
Llttln   damage   has   boen   noticed
the contentions thnt Saturday or guns nnd defences, and nBsertB that '���I" n'Bl or tr��m hall.
Wednesday Is or Is not a gornl day, I tho Orooks, by their succeBsful nd- The hl,*y crop, which was checked tt
may point oul that It Is optional, ono vance, prevented the execution of a by tho hot, dry spell In June, has uow ���':,<
way or tho other.   1 don't think this plan  for a Bulgarian attack on 8a- recovered, owing to the rainy weather i��
London, July 7.-The following statement was handed to
the Canadian Associated Press
today by a high financial authority here, having. Intimate
connection with Canada:
"It Is now obvious to those
In a position lo judge that
Horne Payne's recent attack
on Canadian municipal credit
In London1 1ms been mischievous to a degree, ench day
affording fresh evidence of the
evil rt'Biilt Of his wanton
declaration. There is nol blng
m-sre senBillve than credit, nnd
it was surely as unjustifiable
for Home Payne to issue    his
pronouncement as rt would be
to cry 'llro' In the tnldat of a
church congregation because
the chimney was smoking.
"Friends of Canuda In London think Hint meetings
should be called at central
points in the provinces of the
Dominion to discuss the matter
and measures should bo taken
Medicine Hat, June 7.���J
Pope, one of the beet known railway  no consideration  wuuld he give mere
mall clerks In Western  Canada    and  than $$&-au acre for the -maru-fty land
chief of the clerks of the  llat    and and the good ground at the moat waa
Crown's Nest division, was today sen'  not worth over |<0tl an acre. In bh��
up for trial on the charge of theft of orftiniatforr..
$11145 worth of registered mall. I How He- Ofd It.
Detective Campbell, who made tho |    Andrew Haliburton  ussowmr Tor Co
constable, while  in  the  execution ot arrest, said that he and Special Pos- quitlam    municipality,   produced   bi��
bis duty.    Sentence waa deferred.       tal Officer    Humphries    had   visited books and showed  In them  that  he
The only witness called was Charles Pope'B room and found a package   of had  made two different aaseaamentti
Raglee. mlBBlng letters and missing clothing and that $350 waa   the   Average   for
Examined  by  Mr.  McNeil,  witness alleged to have been stolen.   In   an- ROO(j an(j po,,,. -.j,,,    .,,,,��� ^lu,,^,,
Btated that he  was engaged  looking  other room  at the^ Royal  hotel they ho arrived at hy the prices for real
over the 0, N. R. points, ou the tracks found  $428  In cash and cheque,,    in eBtate and    the property aurroundins
clothing of his and In a grip of Pope's Mr. Booth's farm
was discovered a number ol registor- ii0ts ln that Tie{nity aold'up to tiy��
ed letter envelopes and a large num- each. The custom in anses-ii.it- wn-=
ber of cheques allegedly stolen from to strike un amount abont two-thirifc;
the malls. thp total vafue of the land.
Pope, according to the officers, said      Lleing questioned by Mr  HcQuarri.-
that on leaving Cranbrook one night  ,...tfl,,���q v,,PW ���, no ^.^ ���, ,otH    ,���
be wiib drunk nnd did not know what  tIlat district thla year because of tbe-
he was doing.    lie sad be spent the  quietm,38 0f the real estate market
balance of the money Councillor  AtklnB1  land,  some dis
tanee  awny,  he    had valued    around
  r���..r*,  *15Cr peT acve.
Calgary, July 7,-Represcntativcs of    _'1 B"Pl��>���� yo����kn*w he had hern
an Kngiish syndicate, Wttion purcud.    ��"'-y!* ���**���<* BBS} rrhiacd |4M0 an sera
on the Fraser river bridge, on Sunday night. Muy 4, arter the train had
passed. He waB coming from the
south end of the bridge nbout 111:20
p.m. Ile had a Ian.ern In his left
hand and waB reaching over for a
crowbar. On rising erect prisoner
stepped out from the darkness In
front Of hlm. Witness wus beginning
to sny that be must go buck. He cl tii
not know how fur he had got in the
Utterance when prisoner knocked both
his hands down, striking the lantern
and bar from hla grasp.   The lantern
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of the past week.
was broken. Prisoner then selied him  pll B |nrgl> tract of cmji ]am) neat q^,. for his pruuerty T* ���quired Mr. Moby the clothes and body, lifted him  morPi   arc   ln   (>aigary   making   pre- Wuarrle.      J
off his feet aud threw  hlm towards paratlons for the development of the      Mr-  HaHhurton ted heard oo(hiiic
tho Bide of the   bridge.   He    caught property.   They have taken over about ��r tw** t
mm mi-i.iiii..-i -..,".������ ���. ,,.���... ., hold of a pipe and got his foot up 8000 acres of land at a prico said to Judge Howay then stated that Ninm
to protect themselves against *# against another bar or tie and pulled be in the neighborhood of $2,000,000 WOO hud been tba valuation of tlte M��
possible ropetltlon ot this un- �� himself up. Otherwise ho would have and will build a railroad Bpur oue and acres of swampy land. In order to
called for attack." "��� been thrown into the river.   Prisoner a  halt  miles long.    Tbey  expect to bring the total aaaeaament np In Un
#  never spoke a word, but ran toward be marketing their coal ln Calgary by l-liO, 11 taaat hava harm neceaaary to
tt -if tt'fti-f * ie *������#**���#���*:* *
(Continued on Page Four.)
October 1,
-vConUaa-ad am Ptssst ������.�� -*AOfc TW9
TUESDAY,  JULY   8,   1913.
_ ��-i'tjrT4L-,  _ . . I been estimated at from 30,000 to 50,-
\Lr l.A.1 JL    \IJnV VJJJ aM!it****  <fWl-J(L^O 23 One hundred years ago today a force-
^*"^     "^^             W&t-^j*15���---* ^^ Iof   liritish   and   Indians   defeated   .in
Am leiiependemt morniag paper devoted to the interests of New W����tmln��tcr and Oeorge, Twenty-nine Americans were
*h* rrtx.tr Valley. Published every morniap eicept Sutidny by the National Printing ; killed or wounded, and only a corporal
and rublt*****- Company. Limited, at C3 UcKenzie Street, New Westminster, British j and nine r.-.en succeeded in getting
ClHmbia. ROBB BUTIIMILAND, Managing Director. back to the fort.
AU commaaieatitm* tho-H* be addressed to The New Westminster New*, and not]	
ta nultvtttual memfrers of the staff.   Cheques, drafts, and money order* should be made
mfa-rabl* to The Nt*tio**l l*nm1ing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TBUtPUONBB���Basil**** Office and Manager, 909; editorial K'toiiii lall depart-
tuntil, SSI.
M xat'RlPT'OK RATES���By oarrier, tl per year, $1 for three months, 40o per
ily mail, tt -per year, Z5e per month.
*m HBTIBINO BATB8 on application.
Kburne. July 7.- -Principles of telephone   management   were   gone   Into
! quite thoroughly  by J. S.  McGlashon,
Iof Ihe 13. C. Telephone company, be-
I fore   the   municipal   counoil,  bnt  the
I education of the subject far from satisfied   the   chary   reeve   and   council
lhat the rat: s obtaining in Point Grey
; were  equitable.    Mr.  Mctllashon  ap-
Lulu   Island   Residents  on   Number  5
Road Anxious for Connection With
Woodward's Landing
Triple Canal Project Finally Complet
ed���Millions  of Acres Brought
Under Cultivation.
,,.. .,       -T     ,,    _.   . T,   . .   .. ,     .,    ,   .      peared at the meeting at the request
When the North Dakota l'air association decided to ���r councillor Lempke, and the du-
exclude Canadian exhibits from competition it could not ousaion ot the telephone company's
., -ijii j?iii.- i.u        charges   followed   on   a  protest  or  a
have considered what a powerful advertisement such a ri,ct,,lt meeting of ratepayers agains-.
move would prove for the products of the Dominion, or a a proposedi'ncreaseinthe tatea
conr&e more diplomatic, but just as effective, would have
The telephone representatives explained that the increase In rates was
contemplated   because   the   company
hope  to  furnish
the start.
perfect service
In barring exhibits of Canadian farmers because Ijtf^^TpKiSnSI
their high standard of excellence would be likely to dis- it was necessary if the poim Grey
eonrage American growers, the North Dakota Fair asso- j territory was to be profitable.   The
-    ,- i .,   ,,       s, \. ,,       .   ,    ,.       , .   , complaints us tn service were perhaps
���elation has paid the Canadian agriculturist the highest justified, bm the council must not
compliment he has received in many a dav and at the same f0,sa the company bad many-aim-
*;������ V,������   ..!., ,_a i  t     a u  ii       ��     ,   ,i     , cullies to contend wuh and could hard
time has advertised to the world the fact that, as a pro-,v
ducer from the soil, this country stands first in the West-Ui
���vm hemisphere.
Had the directors of the Dakota fairs feared competi- * 	
tion from the farmers of the neighboring states, the exclu- two More Large structures to Be
sion practised against thc men from this side of the in-1     ,     .  Erected at onco
. j-        l  u j u  t u i   j   ���. Victoria,   July   7.���Winn   the   chil-
ierrmuonal boundary would have been extended to pre- aren cf victoria are called back to
vent the entering of exhibits from other agricultural areas school after their summer vacation
-     .-i.      �� - *   j        . ��� i i ,��� ,    i at  the  end of next  month,  thev  wll
in the American federation, but no such action was taken
and there stands forth alone in the limelight the salient
fact that the product of Canadian farms is so far in advance of American crops as to render successful competition jmpossible.
under way, but men will set out to
make a systematic round ef all the
old schools, with orders to kalsomine,
paint and r novate���in short, to thor-
o'tglilv clean i verv structure used for
tiie   houFjng  ;of (he   young  ipoopldw
find the accommodation provided for
them increased by two new schools,
those of iiie Burnslde and the Oakland districts.
It  has been  announced  by  a  member of  the  works  committee of  the
_ . .,.,.. . ��� board of school trustees (hat not on-
ihere is the bare possibility that the action oi the iy is a vigorous building campaign
North Dakota P'air association is a result of the campaign
being waged across the border to block the well beaten
path now being travelled by American farmers who are
turning their backs on the United States to settle in the
Dominion.   If such be the case, the decision of the fair as- wh*** engkged' in their studies
-.. i . -ii     j   ���      j    r        it       -L-    ��� i.- -it. Five   hundred   and   forty   from   the
sociation has been ill-advised, tor the hign rating it has overfiow of the ueorge jay, North
placed on Canadian farms and their crops renders the lat- ward, Hillside and itock Bay schools
s.    _n i_- i.i___    ,..  ...,   i-u���  ,���..���   ...u���   :,.   .:ii:�����  "ii  the ouening of the fall term,  will
find places in Ihe two new structures
of Hurnside and Oaklands, the latter
are ready for service, and will le in
shape for use beyond a doubt. Each
has six large classrooms, modernly
equlpped. Tin re will he no trouble
In connection with the securing of
the necessary instructors. Al the last
bonrd meeting several appointments
Wl re made, and it is expected that
at least as many more will be de-
> r       ��� -- -       .      . . - cided on at Hie session announced to
scheme lor instance, is like trying to eat pork gravey on. take place next Wednesday.
I     Besides it bus been decided, In or-
^^^^^^^^   l der to  afford  further  relief  to    the
[pressure  upon  Victoria's educational
Answer to correspondence:   Street cars  are  built 1 a-i?6m. ^ p0!nt ot tb?,OTSb'L91 *A
around their windows; that's why it's so hard to take out s'r'ScUon'ol tto9���wUoois   iS��a
the latter during the Summer. jfew  days  tenders  will    be called  for
  ,       j such a Btrueture on a site near the
_ corner    of    Quadra    and     Finlavson
'Considering the fact that the sun was pretty much streets. This win leave eight rooms
on the job yesterday, there'll be no rude remarks this ZT^lTZ^mml^iX
morning about the weather man. providing tor the  children of the
  growing northern section.
ier more attractive than ever to the man who is tilling
the soil of the republic and who is not satisfied with his lot.
Tip to thugs: Halifax is a nice town to stay away
from at present. The Canadian police chiefs are holding a
���convention there.
Knocking a good thing,
jiiic for instance, is lil
cream puffs; it won't go.
the   harbor   improvement
At the recent deaf mute convention in Seattle thc
arguments waxed so warm that some of the "speakers"
blistered their fingers and their "hearers" became crosseyed trying to follow the debates.
What's the matter with the press agent of Irish Home
Rule? He's letting the Balkan war and suffragette ad.
men get ahead of him in top column, front page stuff.
Even the summer sea serpent story artist is taking him
into camp.
You never hear any more street corner conversation
on the possibility of a general election following Laurier's
defeat of Borden's naval bill, probably because most of thc
politicians are away at the seaside tanning themselves
into the belief that they're having a holiday.
Seattle keeps interest up by alternating potlatches
Witt) police investigation:-. This summer they're bringing
both affairs on together and visitors to the spirit hamlet
sriuiing the next week or so will be treated to all the attractions of a three ring circus,
Sacred   Heart Academy
trne, July 7.   On Dominion Day
iii-  ladies of the Catholic order    of
the Sacri'tl  Heart took possession of
the   Bacred   Heart  academy  on   Bed
* v.i ll  road, ami  in  September pupils
will be received and classes opened.
Though nol fully completed, over
$250,000 has already been oxpended
on  the  massive  convonl   and  school.
j which is of light brown stone and
makes a very tine appearance,
academy Is five stories in height
In addition there ls a bulling
laundry purposes. The fourth
fifth siortes of the main structure are
Bet aside for sleeping accomodations,
while another section is given over
io quarters for the exclusive use of
the nunB, There is a large entertainment  hall  In  the academy,  besides a
' chapel, class rooms, kitchen and dn-
mestlc rooms Construction 'f the
Sacred Heart Academy was begun
early  In   1&12.
, and
Vancouver sent out eight mail sacks of tax notices
ihe other day. If they'd come back within the next two
or three weeks full of taxes the Terminal Town would be
��bie to lay a few sidewalks and build a few more sewers
wil.'���'.���:!! trying to burrow the governments hard-earned
It takes morbid curiosity to draw a crowd. A store
thut would start giving away autograph photographs of
���murderers snapped on the scaffold with every purchase
<ovfcr ohe dollar in value would have to double its staff
within a month. The latest example of how the people
like to indulge their taste for the gruesome and its associations is found in the fact that Evelyn Nesbitt Thaw,
���for whom the millionaire degenerate now in Mattewan
:sbot Stanford White, is coming to a New York theatre at
,-a salary of (4000 per week.
"T*is it- un  Important tl   i
Rl��l<ir> ���'' BritlHi Columbia, i* r  I v as
oa  Italy  S.   IB&R,  Jin.:   Olty I'm
ago ttifln*,   th .*   Sir   II Ich ird   Ri
I.yttt'ti. Becrilarj ol ii-.b* fm  lhi   *
antra, brouitht before the Hrd !i h honn
���mt   cons now-,   a   lull   constituting   lhe
fTtxiiny   of   liritish     ''olnmbi.-i.     Tbls
���BraK-ar-". which became :i lav   Iho r,,l
lom'iiii*. month, provided for thi  Incor
poration   Into  the  colony   ���!  lhi    dls
Iririi   formerly   known   b>   thr     vi
riona B��meM of New   raleilun      New
Ceor-Hia. New  Norfolk and Niv   Corn
vail,   Jind   lj .iii-   I* I vet a   Ihe   Ho
, fw^mntat- .. and flu* I'nolf!:* ncn::'*   Tb*'
Bouthern boundary ��:m thn Huh par-
ill. I, .-ind ll '��� northorn limits wen
mai in d i.\ BlmpA'n's river and lhe
Flnlaj l ranch of Ihe Pea :e river
'.'��� ��� ��� ��� ' ii loll land was Incltidi *l
Ithln tht   lln lis of the colnni bi d
I f i  '  bill i onfi rn tl the n< *���* ei
��� the t* il nles ol ''olumbla t't"i
Vanci in er    ��� hon t Ircumetanc ��� Bhall
iti'i "   Thla *:tt. th ne In 1886, and
, live   J' i'i-   later  llntlt-h   I 'nluinbi-i   bl
came o pr *��� n nl the I lomlnlnn, The
formation ol lhi oolonj In ISBS
i insequi nl u|i"i! LIiIe dlscovi n nl i * l,|
and Hn* Indus of population Hon n il
urallv followi il 'I he gold rush fro n
Cslifornlu commenced early In l^'.\
anil before the close ol lb year thi
n y inii uj li id a p 'i ulatl .' Hi il ..
Victoria, July 7 As tenders close
: da; for i et i ral artlch s n quired for
the lu-h-itiK Bervlce of the city, the
di p trttti. ui u ill : e in :i position to eo
ahead with matters which havo been
��� I* consldi rath n for Bome time
Vn "iif the Items :ire magnetic nre ua-
ble, and Installation, The depart
in'-,' adopted a -.uni whin dllferenl
i'    i ������ ,*.*. entl. in.'I now Instead of in
( stalling a It) hi in re and there in thi
i* :��� ,*:9 circumstances roaulre, ih>*
electrician Is having a district cover
ed futl> In fore the linemen .-ire moved
i ; another section of the city, Iu lhe
summer time much preliminary work
i is dope imd everything is prepared for
the hanging of the lumps by the time
the long evenings of winter,come,
I Victoria is a very dtffcult city t >
llghl on account of tho jogs In the
streets, which often meet one another
in ih" centre of :i block, requiring
tiine l:;hiH  i' Ecrve  tin- district   In
; place  of  which,    which    is  sulUc'en'
I where streets Intersccl -it r'chi angles.
There tin* several plnces where st.-mil-
nrds are very close together owing I"
ihls cause, bul there is no wsy out of
the problem w-iih the olty laid oul ns
ll Is,
With ii.- tenders In M will he pos-
Ible i" pursue the work nn the llghi
ng of Iti ��s Bav drlvewnv,    The ���*,
 'ni.'" has adopted n rlEld type of
'an ,��� on ;"���' i nnl of the rotisli -,n ���*��� * i r
ii   \' i' *' '���   v hh li   wi i*'*1   inn '   : he
usual  nrndanl  f*n".    Thore  will    be
fi    '"'I trl bea, which will give n   ofl
ened   light,   nol   s-i   brllllan'   as   tha
utandarda   recently   Installed   on   the
Dallas   road,    There  will   be   twelve
standards  In  the  roadwaj   and  they
will he placi d on the north side of the
rirh'n aialnsl the cemetery hank, thus
11 Ing farthei I nwny  from the efferi
nf : forms al tin* wator'a i dae    1 '*"
���'i'*'i kwnj" i: the name of tho   ' *   I
ard to i* * adopted,
Eburne   Station,   July   7.���Property I    The greateit enterprise ever under
owners along the No. 5 road on l.ulu I taken by British irrigation engineers���
,,..,. . .  ,   ,      Ithe   Lower   Uarl   tloab   canal,  ill   tho
Island  to  the  number of  fortyseven   punJftb.  ha8 jugt bpp]i fl0^tedi a,lu
nre so thoroughly in accord with wish-1 its opening nuirks_ a landmark in the
ing a carllne to bn constructed along  wonderful  and  rdfftiuntlc story of ln-
that   ihoroughfare     to     Woodward's  (llan irrigation.   The engineering sup-
' ,,   , iplement of the London Times contains
Landing, where there would  be con-,a��� account of tho completion of this
nectlon with the Delta by ferry, that! third and  last  section of the "Triple
they hnve signed a petition addressed   canal  project"  which  is now  irrlgat-!
to the municipal council of Richmond  '"^"'t"���? ','! ^8nPU?J^:   , ,
"The Lower Ilarl Doab canal is un-
Delta,  South  Vancouver and  Vancou- ugual  ln  oonstruoUon,  for  it actually I
ver  City,   in   which   nfter   requesting j crosses,  upon  a  level,  the  Important!
the authorities to do their utmost in | river Kavi.    The new canal has cost
,_,���,. ...    .     ,:���,  ! about one and a hair millions sterling
securing   construction got ^a ^arlme,  ^ )t [8 Mpii.t|,d (hat R ^ ,rrrlgat��
over 871.000 acres of crops.   The Che-
nab  canal,   which   is  another  section
of the triple project, alone irrigates an !
area  equivalent  to  two-lifths  of  the |
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ carllne,
they agree onu and severally to acede
to the municipality a slrip seven feet
wide on cither side of No. 5 road.
The cession of these strips, fourteen feet In all, would make the No
5 road an eighty fool thoroughfare,
giving ample room for a carline.
At a recent meeting of representative ratepayers from the districts
chiefly concerned, it was decided to
place the petitions of property owners before all the councils, with th.
end in view of a joint delegation approaching the B. C. Electric Railway
company and demanding a carllne.
Richmond council at lhe meeting nc-xt
probability  take ! lay of
whole cultivable area of Egypt.
The great Punjab canals have done
more, for they have literally peopled
the desert wastes. The cultivators
have been established in districts
which were formerly quite use! I IE.
Their villages are thriving, nad their
land Is growing In value, and for them
the desert, sands have indeed proved
golden. The triple project cost close
upon ��7,000,00(1, but it yields to th"
government a. return upon capital out
Indian Commission  Discovers  Useless
Waste Among Gea Fowls on
Bare Island.
^^^^^^^^^^^^m^^^m^m���^m^m^���m^m^^^^^ Per cent. Vet it means af-
action upon the petition and appoint I Alienee to the peasantry also, and life
a   committee   or   a  delegate. In   the   canal   colonies   Is   so  popular
In the petition the property owners   among  lhe stalwart  men of northern
siate that ihe provincial government India that the development of Irriga-
and the municipality are soon to spend; Hon  is seriously affecting  recruiting
$18,000  in  planking  a  portion  of No. ' for the native army.
5   road:   that  the   provinc al  has  ap- Concrete Results,
preprinted  $.15,000 and  will  soon e s-     "The attraction of Irrigation schemes | J;
tablish a ferry  between  Woodward's  for ihe unltlated  Is that  tbe results
and   Ladner;    and   that   lh
develoument of the d;'<-r rt
a carline being installed at
I.adner and Delta people
duous workers for the new carllne,
which has been talked of for several
years. A year ago the Point Grey
and Richmond councils both passed
resolutions endorsing II. The thought
of lhe people south of the Praser river Is that It would ultimately be extended to Boundary Bay and would
help wonderfully to develop the entire district. ���
Two Interesting Reports at Convention
in Victdria���Results Annually
, Becon-,ir.3 Ectlcr.
general are I > visible and concrete. To enter
warrants I an Irrigated area In northern India is
an unforgettable experience. The
stranger pa&seB In a Hash from monotonous, barren sand hills into a land
of smiling plenty.
On the one hand, the Interminable
desert: on the other, green, waving
crops, prosperous villages, and cool,
refreshing gleams of water. Small
wonder that In Hie presence of such
visions men have sometimes heen led
to form exaggerated ideas of the possibilities of Irrigation, It seems so
easy and simple to collect and guide
the waters pouring downwards from
Ihe Himalayas, and 'bring the de\=ort
in.' Rut it is not so easy, aud there
is a definite limit, now fairly well ascertained, to the prospects of irrigation in India.
"When all the programs ar.' complet-
ed, over Sii per cent, of the surface
How of the rainfall of India and of the
w:it<r from the Himalayan snows will
still escape to tiie- sea. Haiti does not
fall In greatest volume where it is
inert needed.   The thirty Inchea of nn
Victoria, July 7.���That nil ls not us
j it might be In regard to Bare Island,
located off the east coast of Vancouver Island some twenty-eight miles
north of Victoria, is the opinion of
members of the royal commission on
! Indian lands, who, under the direction
iof P. Kermode, curator of the provta-
\ otal museum, made a trip by steam
lancsh to the island In question,
i terday.
The trip was made on account of
I ihe application that Is being made by
the provincial government to have It
| reserved as u sanctuary for the sea
fowl that congregate and propagate
tinting its rocks II was claimed that
on account of the interference of people from Vancouver Island lhe breed
to run a passenger service until the
line  reaches   i'entlcton.
Considerable speculation in belni;
indulged ln with regard to the location of the line from Osprey Lake
west, and particularly in lhe vicinity
of Princeton. Owing to the heavy
grade both in nnd out of Princeton
the general Impression in engineering
circles has been that lhe main line
would go by ABpen grove, and u
branch line would be run into Princeton.
However, u cerlifled map submitted to the Penticton council a few
days ago by the Dominion railway
commission showed lhe main line going by way of Princeton, The head
office of the company here Is noncommittal and slates that the inatier
bas not  been definitely decided.
Suspended to Mend Broken Back
llrainard, Minn., July 7.���Paul Peters'n. 12, son of Ole Peterson, living near the Cuyuna Range Power
company's dam, climbed a Btee Ipole
and touched the telephone wire- ubove
the high tension wire. The shock
threw him to the ground and his back
was broken. Ills body bus been enclosed in a cast, and he is suspended above bis bed. ills recovery is
ing of the birds was not producing the
i fowl In satisfactory numbers, and as
Bare lslsnd  is  the only  pluce along
the coast  to which  the birds appear
to cling, it was thought  thai   rather
! than have them exterminated or even
slowly  reduced  in  number,  some a,--
tion should   be  taken  to preserve  the
I Islnnd for their use.
OnpOBttlon, however, is being taken
to this course by the Indians of the
| Cowichan agency, on the ground thai
jthe Island   is  useful  to them  for  the
cultivation of onions.
Upon  returning  to  the  city,    the
{commissioners, while thev declined to
venture an opinion as to what action
I they would take In the matter, frank-
ly admitted that there wis something
'wrong. As a matter of fact, there were
: very clear and unmistakable evidences
that something in the nature of vandalism is being carried on among lhe
{ birds.
It is generally known to those who
| have   made  u  study  of  sea  fowl  that
When through old
age the bodily
functions become sluggish,
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
give gentle, timely atld
effective aid, without
liscomfort or distress.
25c.  a  box   at   your
Druggist's. 173
NaU-liul Dr-ofl tni Chf mlcal
Co. 01 CiuadJ. I Unllrd.
.    ...     ,   ,n the flrst Inrtance three Is lhe n-gu-
(nual rainfall ln thc Chcrrapunj hills Of  iar number ot eggs laid, and if these
i Assam perforce runs to waste, though j,r��� .���.^_c,.re,t)  wU)l  ,..-., ,���or��� follow,*
|it  would  make the arid emptiness o*.      d |7"they lire taken thr-hlrd Invar!- :
rW' ably  plays solitaire, leaving but one
jeggs in the nett.    Examination of a
Victoria, July 7��� At Saturday's
serslon of the Baptist convention two
reports featured the proceedings��� thc I "'
first from the committee e.n "The state I"110
of religion," read by Kev. ('. W, King,
of Nelson, and thc second that of the
I board of management of the Okanagan
college, which waa read by Rev. Dr.
K. W, Sawyer, principal.
The llrst named report showed that
the pai-t year had been one of substantial spiritual advance, although
the industrial unrest In the provlnci
had hindered the work of the Church-
es. It had taken an average of nlnej
church members to persuade one per
son to unite with the church, and an
average of fourteen church members
to win one convert.
The proportion of hoys and girls attending the services, however, was tori
small, and he thought that pastors
should devote part of Iheir services to
a special word of Interest to children.
Reference wan also made to the cradle roll department, v hich waa to be
found in half the fields.
Twenty-six per cent of the chureh
nn nihers attended the weekly prayer
meetings, but the family alter was too
much neglected, and some lorva-d
move should be mad" in the mailer
The Sunday school, il was stated, hnd
thown a slight advance over the previous year.
College Report.
The educational report read by Dr
Sawyer reminded the congregation
that, sccordlnig t" pp-oni conditions,
lhe 11 'lift- of lln* I nard v.* ,11 now
jii'ider the dlrnctlrn of the Bapl 1 m
li " atl ty that bodj had bi 1 n en-1
trusted to the educational board of
the union,
Th" part year h id Inn good OBO,
and the resuttf were annually bocom
Ing leMer. owing tn ile* Improved ren
Identlat   nnd     scholastic     condition*
During   lhe   vear  diplomas  had   been
granted  to ihree  in    ihe    academic
course, tn ten in the business denari
ment, and rert.IIIoateB for proficiency
In some particular branch of tho work
to Ihree.
Two of the students had been nt Me-
Master in the t'.i'n' yi ir both ultnlp-
Ing high rank, a*--'! ni being awarded a J5" BCholarphlp In political econ-
lomy. Home chnnpes will take place
for the coming yenr Vice-principal
Barker will  retire to co  tn  Harvard
Sind blosEcm cs the
'T'lJUEh the scope for Irrigation ln
India lb n&t Immeasurable, enough has
already been done under British rule
make the Indian Irrigation system
of the wonders of the World. We
have   expended    ��40.000.000   on   irrigation, have brought millions of acrefl
under cultivation, and provided means
if livelihood for millions of the peasantry.    Incomplete though  they    are
the  Irrigation   works  constructed  by
Ithe   Hiilish   In   India are  In   some  re-
j spr-cts  the   most   hi neflcient   and   thc J
' "lOFt practical mrnument of our rule
I They have not eliminated famine, but
they   have   done,   much   towards   that I
end.   Railways are destined to furnish j
'he ultimate solution of Ihe problem ,
of  famine.     Crops   never   fall  slmul- I
tancously throughout the whole of In- j
dia.   The difficulty has been to convey
food to the stricken districts and lha*
difficulty   the   spread   of   railways   is
St. Catherines, July 7. Poll iwlng a
nuarrel between two sisters. Louise
Phillips of Thorold. aged 86, daughter or N. A. Phillips, lock tender on
the W.ell-ind canal, is dead from carbolic acid, believed to hnve been tak
en by herself and Josle, lor sister
aged 22, who dlsapepared Immediately
lifter the dead body of Louise was dis-
eovered is believed to bavo ended her
life in the old canal
The two sisters were close companions, Both attended church and
the warmest of friendship appears to
haxe exi-t'ed between ihem until noon
��� day The quarrel was followed by
ihe nding nf the cider woman wuh
1 carbolic Beld  bottle ch bs bi hand
I ���������'<. ran cut ofl he house saying. "I'll
! be blamrd f  r Ibis.    I can't hear It."
Siie wns lasl seen In tlie vlclnlt.V oF
the old Welland canal, near ill" Pen
man factory, whieh will be dragged
for several hours The water is now
being drained off Ihe level with the
hope of finding the body of the sister
II ir expected an Inquest will be beld,
het Coroner Herod Ib awaiting the re-
'i It "f the I'rnt-rgliiK operations before
making a statement.
I great number of nests revealed to thel
commissioners   that   gross     Interfer- j
fences hns been going on. there being
a big proportion of the nests altogeth- I
er empty,  a   few   wiih   three  eegs  In'
ihem, mnr" with two, and occasionally 1
a nest with hut one egg.    Moreover, a
crate containing sawdust  was discovered near the ihore, which  wonld got
to show  thai  it  his heen  the custom I
to   pack   the   cL-gs   nnd   convey   th-ni ���
from  the  Island   tn  the  mainland  by;
this   means.     Othi r   evidences  of  the
ravages that are going on werp dls- ,
cove-red at various points of the Island
ind generally It anpoars that there Is '
no room for doubt, that the life-span ,
of these sea fowl In these parts Is se- 1
rlouslv threatened.
As the commiFKioners did not convene upon their return to town, the
���"titter of their discoveries was not
discussed, and It Is not likely that
ihey will make nny formal pronouncement upon the question In the meantime However, a report will bc drawn
up and submitted to 'he Dominion au-
thoriliis. together with the other data
eoneernln-j tho provincial government's application for Ihe reservation
of lhe Island.
NKW     WBSI'.MINSTEil    LODOB]    NO    S,
B, tt l>. o nf Elk�� of lie- R. of 0��� meet
tbo first und Ihlrd ThurHrt-ay at 8 v. nu,
K of P Hull, KiBiitii street A Wcii��
Oray, Exulted Ruler ; P. II. Hmlth. Se-&
���' I,--
I.. O. O. M.. NO. tti.���MBHT8 ON
first, second, third and fourth Wednesday In each month nt S p, m..
In the Moose Home. II. J. I^-arny,
dictator:     l-\    M    Jones,     Becretary.
Headquarters of lodge In See House.
corner of Fointh and Carnarvon Btreets,
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODUK NO 17���The
rtgiilar meeting of Amity lodge No.
���il. I. Q. O. 1\, Is h��l'l every .Monday
nlKht ut 8 o'clock In Odd Follows' lltll.
corner Carnarvon and Blfflith street*.
visiting brethorn cordially Invited
R. A. Merrlthew, N. O. ; J. RobertMO,
V. (J.; W. c. CouUimn. P. <J.. reaord-
ln�� nee.retary; H. W. Sangster, fliuui-
clftl Becretary.
ter * Hanna, Ltd.)���Funeral dlrectore
and embalmem. Parlors 406 Columbia
street.    New   Wsstmlnstsr,     Phone   99B
W. E. FALES���Ploneer Fulifral Olrertof
and Kintiiilmer, 012-61S Ariii-b fltrofet
oiU'OHiie Corni-Klo IJtirary.
Shipipng   Ore   at
.Merrill.   II   C .  .Inly 7.
in a gin Bt the lirst of the
i prominent visitor than
,". n preventative of the c
Merritt his
week no less
A. W   Davis,
inaillan Con-
Plrhop to C-inniba'"! Friend of Former
university, and Professor Kvertnn wll' | King Cakobau
take  I'r-'fei-or Denton's  place;   while*     Montreal, .luly 7    llishop K  M. Dor-
Mr. Met ini   formerly phvslcni dlrec- ]*oux, of Nantes, France, who has spent
will return to the pastorot"   Miss, ll vrirs .is a mlSBlonnry In the Islands
0 go to Wlnnl-   of  Oceania,  Ib   spending  a   week     In
n   Mct^eol  will   Montreal, after being home to Nantes |
an lady prln-jon  furlough     Ile was  formerly vlcnr
| 'ri   llishop   Vldnl,  of  the  FIJI   Islands,
nnd knew Calfbau. the former king nf
Copvell haB ret't-neil lo
nog -.,"1 M *.*.o r-'hleer,
return l'i lake ln-r placi
Th" cnip I-., received much r.sslst-
iii"" dttr!n-8 t''e vo-ir f-"-n the l.idleB'
'���..ti"..,, Auxiliary society, newly fnrm-
,1 in V'i."niiver.   Bver since iis foundation. In" evi -  lh" work of Mm I" tl
������������'I in ��� I ��� en >'i-np'T"ri by 1'ck of
fends, ni"t 'i view of the op'r'tir
pledges, ii will he nncefsary t" mik'
��� elite reasonable pr ivlslon agalnsl
present necessities, Tha Institution
will in I'll a permanent endowment of
(100,000, Iii which thero Is little doubt
that the luslttrss men of the (ikana-
i-.in valley will contribute. Tlw tin
vasB, ii wns pointed out, Bhould in*
i-"iI'li'eneeii rlghl away, and It was the
proposed plan cf i'i" board to sofcure
     COmPI li I'I    l'i'"' 1    III    lake      111
:,elii ���" : oon -is ihe time Is r'pe.
Both reports were accepted,
solldated Mining and Smelting Co,
w.th |ie.ii|'|iti|ar:erii at Trail, win',
*.', located the big reduction works of
liis company Mr Davis' mission to
Merrltl wns with Hi" objeel of in
i.pectlng ih" copper properties of it id
Henderson nnd Mr Ovlngton, these
propert'ea nr.* i i lated in close vlcln
Ity io Ollettsvllla nnd thla week af
Initial shipment of a carload of '-op
per ore was made to the Trail roduc
iten work's. Should the values prove
satisfactory nntl it is found lhat lh"
transportation antl smelting charges
���'re noi loo exhorbitant these proper
|tos, upon which 111* re has heen point'
considerable work done up m due,
win in ill probability become quite
frequent If nol steady shippers. Mr
Davis enme In from Princeton on Mon-
'Ine iilgbl on the Preston nitln mail
stage, ��t-d In his own quiet way paid
a very high complin cut In lhe ripM
anil luxurious accommodation fur-
i iBlwd by Hie Merritt transportation
Accountant   Tel, it. i:��. Itunin 2, Hart
j     Rlork.
P. II. Hmlth. w  J  ilrovna
Work   undertak?n   In   city    and   mitnlde
l��lnis.   211-12   Westminster   Trusl   HIub.
Phono   36��.     P,   O.   Box   507.
Sale, Deeds, IlHHlnc-ns I*-tiorn, etc.; circular work ��tif(tlallst. All work hirlrtly
nnnfldentjil. K Hurry, room lit We��t-
mliiBter Trust Hlk.   Phonn 701
Mer Board ol Trade moetii III th*' hoard
room, ciiy Hull, as follows: Third Friday of aaob inonth; quurierly miming
on the hum Friday of FBbruary, May,
AnifiiHt and November at li P.TL Annual iinetlnBH on the third l-'rldny ot
Feln-uary. c. II. Stuart Wa.ld. wrnv
rlnterH. SolU-llnrN, etc. 40 Lorne Ht rn-***.
New Weatmlnater. O K. Corbould, ML
a    J.  II. Oram.    A.  K. MeColl.
the  FIJI  Islnnds,  who hnd  helned  to
ent SOU of h's subjects, and had loud- j
"I hi'* country with debts so h��avl|y
that he hnd In '-cd.. ii tn Ureal llritain
In order to pay his creditors.
For the p-'tl ten "etrs  lllchop B��r
ii'O-:   litM   in en   a   )��������� snu '-*,*   to     'lie;
Solomon Islands    Thi  natives   won-
cannibals and had killed aud devour- ;
ttl the last bishop lhere.   There were
only  twenty��� live- while  men on
Rushing V/ork cn 1600 Foot Ni ramata
I'l'iiHccn, n, ('., Julv 7 While i'v
contractors on the Kelll" Vnllcv rail
way seem in he pushing things a* f-l'l
ji possible, It app-ars tn be probable
Ihni B 1(100 fo I ttmi'el on thc furl'w
tide of Snni" nla ivMI not be finished
llllt'l    .."ltn-    'I" e   ee-.l    yi -tr,
< er,;,,"r"s-*nr 'l*it'i wiih "���' I" dtle
dr'll machinery I- being us'd hot ihe
hard rod; Is making quirk work In-
possible. Further cssi thi work i*
��� I,,, t't* cood'ng vigorously, and in nil prob
ability Ihe grade nnd sice] will ronnh
Upon his return to Nantes fur tha
good of his health and for removal of
t   i- 'larnel   from   his  eye,   dun  to   the
fierce troplcaT sun, he was created   o iMl  are  In  course of
bishop ln acknowledgment of his greal frolghl   nnd   construction  trains  aro
work    lie sxpecta to spend Hi    rosl  ninnlng as far as Cnrntl,    H  Is un
t*f his days in lbs Sol .iuo:i Islands,    |'l' rstood that no uttemjt will be made
iie   ll-'tlranlii:
i-tti"   riles,
Wai' r tanks Ht (
dl 11   nre   in   course
Summit    befors    the
I and Henvar
erection, and
tor-nt-law. aollcltor. etc Tolophoae
in70. Cable udi-lrewi "Johnston."
ciiltt, "Western Union." Offle^*, BlUi
Hlock, BBS ci.nii-iihlii str��it. New Weet-
mlnster, B, C.
alife ��� BsrrlBtorB nud Solicitors, Wwit-
inlnitler TrtiHI Illk., (lolinnhlii slreet
New WeMltnliiHter, B, C. Ctthle nddniHa
"Whltoslde." Wentrrn Union. P. O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69, W. J.
Whli   ih'e,  K. Oil  II.   L.   IMmonda,   D.
Willi, Hill'.
.  BTTLWFLL fililim,  Iliirrlaler-a'.-law.
�����oii,-,it'"    ete ;  oorner   Columbia   ang
Mt-Kt nvtl!    filr'-tt*..     New     \V.*."'niliintiir.
ii. '���   p. O  hot ui,    Telephone  im.
iclinr und Notary.
ek. 2S Lorne Hireet,
.It. O,
Offioes     Hurt
Ww  Wentmln-
M.-'.'III \It'!l��.    MARTIN     A    CASHAHT.
Illl   I .   *   ' "il     lolli-lt'ilil.     BOB   111   111
W teiHti'i i   Trust   Blook.    <l    ID.   Mar-
"    MoQuarrle   und  Liuorgo  L.
C.iHhiidy. TUESDAY,  JULY  8,   1913.
Ne-sy   Dispatches   From   Cities   All
Ov��r  the   Province���Vancouver
Island and  Interior
tleement data of the island. In order
to get Ihls data in the best possible
shape there- le a moving picture apparatus on board, supplied by the Nail Color [Cinematograph Co., Ltd.
ondon, in charge of th. ir repre-
Benlfttlve, H. A. C. Slntzcnicli, wltll
which It will be possible to pel col
ored pictures of everything noteworthy on  tbe Island.
The seventh annual meeting of the'
Okanagan Rifle association was held ,
on the range here last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. About seventy
competitors from ull parts of the province were presi nt and aome exceptionally good shooting done, Tbe
Duncan Uoss cup wua won by Pte.
Archer for the Becond year In succession and now remains in bis prr-
manent possession. Mitchell & Sutherland, of I'entlcton, have put up a
cup for competition at 200 and ami
yards in lhe Lehman, first Btage, lo
be won twice ln succession before
becoming private property.
The Mission Cily band has been re-
organized under lhe leadership of
John Thomas, who has been u resident of Mission City for some time,
in as ii m in I*; the leadership of the band
Mr. ThomBB, it Is believed, will be
able to organize a .good band for the
That Cranbrook will Ihls year undoubtedly have a fall fair tbat will
Burpass anything previously held In
that eity Is the conviction of Albert
II. Webb, secretary of tbe Cranbrook
Agricultural association. The directors of the association are busily engaged at present in completing arrangements for the big event, be says
and from the encouragement being
given to ihem by the citizens of Cranbrook, this cily will have a fair to be
proud  of.
A considerable amount of repair
work will be carried on at the public
and high BOhOOls during the summer
vacation. It was decided at the school
board meeting to call for tenders for
Ihe paintini; of the Inside of the old
portion of the building, including the
floors of the roomB und halls. The
windows of Ihe school will be repaired, the janitor's residence tinted, the
furnace overhauled aud the whole
building gone over In order to bave
It in shape for lhe commencement
of the next fall term.
A special committee cf the Rons
of England, was held to nrange for
the. worthy reception of the Supreme
I'aesident and tbe Supreme Secretary,
who are at present touring the Dominion and visiting the principal lodges of the order. These high officers
hsve promised to honor Kamloops,
and the local lodge Is proud and happy In contemplating a visit from them
on the 1.1th Inst., on which date, bj
well as on the Uth InBt., tbey will
be the guests of the lodge.
The medical officer of health. In
his report for the month of June
announces that the cily ia free from
all ordinary contagious disease, and
that only one case of typhoid has been
reported. This came from the Provincial Home, and It has not becn i
���possible to trace thc Bource of infection.
June   was   a   comparatively     quiet
month in police circlcB. the total mini
ber  of  cases  bandied   by   the  depart
ment   being  26:t.    ArrestB  numbered
ir,2,   summons   cases   39,   convictions
171,  B<-iit   for  trial   1  and  discharged
19,    During the month a  total  of 237
runs  wer- made by the motor patrol.
As  the  result  of a  judgment   given
bv  Mr   Justice  Murphy. Cumberland
cannot   levy   taxes   for   school   maintenance as Is provided by ItB annual
tax rale  bylaw.    Tbe matter was argued by It. C, Lowe, who represented
Thomas   Duer   McLean,   one   of   the-
city's ratepayers, and  II. A.  McLean.
K.  d  In   behalf of the  municipality.
Mr.  Lowe claimed that the rate wa-i
Improperly  made  to apply   to    both
land and Improvements. This view the
court   held   to   be   correct,   after   Mr
Mcl.enn bad been heard on the point.
and the section of the bylaw In question  was nnashed, with costs to the
extent cf tin nK*��lnst the city.
A  deposit  of 2.'l,linn young trout of
the "cut-throat" variety was
Kalumtilka   Lake   from
at   Tappens     These
of the silver variety
from   a   crimson
Resting Place for Birds.
Eureka SprlngB, Ark., July 7.���Hn,
Russell Sage, of New  Vork, who last
iyear bought Marsh Island, Louisiana,
as a refuge for birds, now Ib Interest-
led  ln a project to establish a rest-
Ing place for migratory birdB I.i  this
.vicinity.    It is proposed that congn
be asked to set aside 200,000 ac
Annus!   Batch   r.f   Foundlings   cn
Upgrade���Exciting Capture
of Pickpocket
Toronto. July 7.--\Ircadv tbls
seven  deserted    babies    have
found   in   ft"   parks   or
ot i doorsteps, after they have
the   Arkansas   forest   reservation
lhi- purpose, anil Krncst V. Vlsart, secretary of the Arkansas (lame and Pish
Protective association, Is In the city tc
further   the   proposal.      B,    A.    Mcll-
benny, Avery Island, La., has announced be will contribute $200,00(
to the establishment of the restlny
place If the Kansas legislature cai.
In- Induced to heln. Mr. Mcllhenr...
recently gave a 13,000-acre bird farm I ing
on Vermillion bay to tbo state
ti  ad
ged.     livid' nee   tends   to   show
ihe snme kind of drug has beei
minister d in each case, and wit!
exception  the  children  ired  af,"
celling   all   the   care   thai'
science could provide.
The cviunl batch of fondlings is on
'h2 upgrade, I ast year there were
12, and they all died under similar
rjlrcur Btances. Four were found dur-
[ill, and this year, which so far
onlv half over, that number has
ueen increased by 850 per cenl. The
-.'hildr.n are so parcelled as to leave
no means of Identity, und. with but
ine exception, the police have been
baffled. It Is argued that no distracted mother would leave a child with-
'to contain anything in the least Injurious to the doctrines of tbe Catholic church. It is the business of lhi
state to give protection and financial
assistance, If need hu, but not to take
charge of national education."
Attack  Immigrants
I    Mgr. P X. Cloutler, llishop of Three '
Kiveis,  and   Mayor    Norn* .,id.    also'
the  welcomed   the   delegates,   the   former
(dwelling   on   the   necessity   for* nilli-
j tan:  defenders of the church  tn Can-
i ada  owing to  the growth    of    ami-
j Christian    civilization.    The    church
j was In dange" from the bpirlt of ra-
] tlon&llsm,   from   .intellectual   liberalism, and from the materialistic spirit
of the age, be declared.   He cited two
bodies  as   special   enemies,  the   Free
masi .. organization and the influx of
Jewish  Immigrants,
"For  my  part,   It   Is  a  great   misfortune  that   we   should   have opened
our  doors  to   these  unhappy   people
medjlcal j who  have  come  to devour  thc  sub
stance of our race."
llishop Clotier was also paint d a:
the alarming growth of critical spirit
among lbe doctrines cf tbe chureh
to individual judgment. There was
great net d of a firm stand on the pan
of the church. The great obstacle
lay in party politics, which bad prevented the union of the French-Caita
dian Catholics for Iheir rights.
"We lost our rlgbtB in New Ilruns
wick, in Manitoba, in Alberta and In
Keewatin,  solely on  account  of    our
OVER $100,000,000
Conservative Estimate Plans Wcrk tc
Be Completed In Few Years
at This Sum.
the  cut   stone   work  and   afterward!
they both together amounted to (21,
494. ThlB would mean aboul $1,300
more than the original combined eon-
tract of Teagle and Gardner. Meanwhile Teagle had entered a law suit
against the board, whieh they lost, but
nevertheless It cost the  board  in the
neighborhood of $600.
year i
^^^ been
11   Toronto :
been drug '
iiit   some   mark   of   affection   on   its (political  divisions," said his lordship.
Is Appointed to Suppress White Slave
,       Trafic in Canada���Coast to
Coast   Job
and to the mistaken idea tbat religion
must be kept out of poltics. A good
Catholic in private life must be a
good Catholic In public life, and until our politicians realize this, we
shall never make any progress In asserting the rights of our faith."
made In
the   hatchery
trout  which  nre
take their name
Btreak   under   their
gillB.     Tbe  fry   were  turned   loose   In
excellent  condition;   but   it   wai  ob
Served  that   no sooner  were  they   in
the   water   Ihan   tbey   were   attacked
by  young  Squaw   fish   who gobbled
many of them up In quick order.
North Vancouver
Four   di legations   from   the   campers,   .1.   II.   English,   representing
N. V. Merchants' association
Larson, met ihe cily council
mlttee,   In   reference  to  the  proposal
to abolish  campi is  frcm   lbe  water
front.     An   emphatic   protest   aculns'
such action was entered by the repre
tentative! of ibe campers and
wns supported by Mr,  English
half of lhe Merchants' association en
tho grounds that it would materially
injure ihe business of the merchants
ti) have the rump residents removed,
as a large number cf them might
leave Uu city, and in consequence
the merchants would lose the trade.
IV Larson, In bis len years' residence
In North Vancouver, could mil recall where nny epidemic had been
caUSC-d by lbe campers.
Grand Forks
Miller, one nf the lending fin-
if  Brand   Porks,  saya  tlmt'
he will nol bay an unto until nil the
new wrinkles aboul this machine have
been Invented. Bam never wanta
anything thut will got oul of da'e,
except that old Irish whiskey thai be
k"eps in  lhe cellar,
A  pretty sight Thursday night  was
arrival In harbor of the gasolln"
1.din   il,  the  ownership
according   to   the   certificate,
In   lllll   Majesty,   lhe   Iv ng
osel.   which   carries   :i
Montreal, Julv 7.���The presence of
J. B. Lambkin at ihe enquiry Into
Jack Johnson's visit to Montreal, bid
a greater significance than most people Imagined, f"r Mr. Lambkin was
in tlte city in his official capacity of
Government Commissioner for the
fliippresa'on of the white slave traff'c
in Cantda, It l�� known 'hat Johnson's late-Bt troubles were caused bv
hla failure to observe the Mann whiteslave  law of  the   L'nited   States.
Mr. Lambkin's appointment Is only of recent date, and give's him vir.
tttnllv a rov'ng commission from the
Atlantic to the Pacific. Although he
Is never very talkative about his affairs, it is known tbat he has a letter from Col. Percy Sherwood. Dominion commissioner of police, recommending him lo the goodwill and re-:
questing the assistance of all the police beads and officials from Halifax
to Vancouver.
Find   Body   and   $1000
The body of the drowned man found
wltb   $1050  In  his  pockets  has  been
positively identified as that of James
St.  Marcil, eighteen  years  of n*-e.  of
Cedar, Quebec, missing Blnce November   last.     Miss   St     Marcil   cla'-ed
the  $1050. declaring  that  It   was  her
father's  life  Insurance  monev.    she
said her brother and her mother had
been   paaBcugcra  on  the  Bteamer  Ce-
clia   I...  which   went   down   in   Lake
St. LouIb with twelve noula on board
on   November  last.     Her   father   had
died   shortly   before   and   ber  brother
was   returning  home   with   the  Insurance.    Her mother perished also.
Inaugurate   Service
The   Montreal   and   Southern  Coun-.
ties Hallway company has opened  its '
regular service from Montreal   through
St     Lambert   and   Chambly   llasln   to
Illchi'lleii. and naturally  there Ib con-
sVlertible   Jubiliylon    in    tiv.*-    various
municipalities cn route.    The company
now   has  a   service   extending   seventeen   miles   from   Montreal     on     the
south   shere'   and   passing   over   the
Richelieu   river.
101  Cases an   Hour
A   new   record  wm  established   In
the recorders court the other morn
lng when one hundred and one oases
were disposed of In an hour.    A number  of  prisoners  were  called   at   the
same   time,  and  when   they   lined  up
In   the   lux  or  behind   the   bar,   they
, were   asked:     "Drunk   on   Saturday
ntghtf"    "Guilty,  your  worship"  wus
lhe  inevitable  answer,  and  on   being
questioned   as   to   bow   many   times
they  had been before Ibe court,  they
were sentenced or let go.   There litre
87  cases of drunk and  loitering, and
nearly  all  were  first  ofenders.
Coroner  Busy
Three-   deaths   which    will    require
the   attention   of  the  coroner   before
burial   permits  are  issiud,   were   recorded tbla week ond, and  Include  a
woman burned afier dropping a lighted lamp, one drowning und one from
Escaped   Destruction
A   runawav   Mount   Iloyal   avenue
clothing which would lead to the dis
dovery of the parent.    It Is alBo noted
jthat the babies are not only carefully
I packed but are placed at points where
(they would soon be discovered.
Exciting Capture
After an exciting chase through the
| Union   station,   William   Cooper,   who
says that he llveB in Detroit, was arrested  by Sergeant  Guthrie, of  I'ape
avenue station and charged with  the
theft of $12 and a railroad tiekei from
IT. S. Harrison of Woodlawn avenue. I
Sergeant   Guthrie   was   leaving  on
his   vacation,   and   as   be   boarded   a j
train he noticed three men justle Mr. I
Harrison.    He became suspicious and j
asked Mr. Harrison if he bad lost any
thing.    Mr. HarriBon said lhat he had
not. but later returned and told him
that his  ticket and  a sum  of monev
were  missing.  Sergeant Guthrie went [
through the train, and  when  Cooper
saw him approaching he jumped from j
the   train,   and   throwing   away     the- ',
ticket,   ran   through   the   station.     In
a short time, however. Sergeant Uuth
rle had bis man by tbe collar.
Want  to   Get  Out
"At  present  we are paying  $16,000
per annum  rental  for  four rooms  in
the   citv   hall,  und   we  consider ourselves justified in getting out of here
as  soon   as   possible."   declared   C.   S. i
Bishop,   superintendent   of   buildings
for the board of education, at a joint
meeting of the property and advisory
industrial  sub-committees.    The committee decided  to  recommend to the
finance  committee  that  the  propertv
fronting College and Orde BtreetB be
valued   at   $S5,000.  and   the  propertv
on Horden street at $60,000. and that
the properties  be eichanged between
the   two   departments.     The   College
Btreet Bite will be used  for the erec
tlon  of  two   buildings.     An   administrative building for the board of education  wlll be put up on the Colle-ee l"a"jong"the line of jurors.
street frontage, and a combined pub- I Was   Religious,
lie  and open air school on  the  Orde I
Members of   Fueston Family   Declare
Men Were in Bed on Night of
April 16.
Spokane, July 7.- Meeting the cutting line of croHB examination with
ready answers the members of the
Fueston family on the witness stand
With angry emphasis declared that j
Porter and CharleB Fueston were in
bed at the time of tlle murder of Al- I
bert Williams on the night of April
Porter Fueston proved a willing witness  aud  in  answer  to questions  by j
his attorney, F. C. Robertson, the prisoner  testified  as   follows:
Toronto, July 7.���If a forecast of
the- money to be expended on big projects Is any Indication of Toronto's
growth, the citizens can rest assured
that there can be no standstill to the
city's development. A conservative
estimate of the coBt of works to be
started in the future and completed
within the nt-xt few years gives an 1
amount approximating $100,000,000.
Independent of the workB in which
the city Is directly Interested, the-re
are Important developments contemplated by the big railway companies
and public Bervlce corporations that
will cost many millions of dollars. It
Ib safe to state that although the
harbor improvements Is one :f the
most costly and most Important Individual undertaking!: that has been approved by all parties interested, the
collection of Improvements to be carried out by the big railway companies
will exceed by millions the c 1st of the
;big harbor board    undertaking.
Esplanade Will Cost $13,000,000.
1    The   Esplanade   viaduct,     including
' the  land  damages and  all  that  goes
iwith  Buch  an  important undertaking,
will not coBt less than $13,0(10,000. and
; added  to that amount is the $2,500,-
000 for the new union station, so lung
anticipated  and  now  to  be  realized.
The estimate of the cost of tbe new-
viaduct is baBod upon the cost of similar undertakings elsewhere, but may
Ibe considerable more before the work
ir, flushed.
' The harbor improvements will be
[completed in ten yenrs. and during
I that, time over $19,000,000 will be
1 spent. The cost wlll be shared by the
Dominion government, the harbor
board, and the city, and the share of
'each will be determined by the object
Iin making the improvements, It has |
been estimated that the citv's share
will be from $3,000,000 to $6,000,000.
In the grade separation project    in
North Toronto neither a report on the |
cost of the work nor a Btatement as
to the parties to bc assessed for the '
work has yet been made, but the citv j
Is deeply interested in the declBion ofj
the board  of  railway  commissioners
to be given later.    The city will fght
against bearing any portion of the cost
of the work, which will cost  in the ]
neighborhood  of  $1,500,000    Including
the  new   union  station  Just  east    of
Yonge street, and Bouth of the present
C. P. It. tracks.
Boulevard Scheme.
Park CommlBBloner Chambers    has
Woodstock,  Ont,  July    7.���Feeling,
that sufficient evidence had  heen ad-r
duced to justify such a course, Police
Magistrate Ball committed  Mrs.  F. K.
Ileemer f��r trial  before a high  court.
judge and jury jn a charge of admin- !
isterlng   strychnine   to   her   hushar*   1
and   causing  his  death  0:1   March  25 ���.
last.    He took this action after W. T.
McMullen,the   woman's'   counsel,  had ,
asked for her dismissal with the understanding  that   the    crown     might!
prosecute at the fall assizes if Its offl- i
ce-rs   dealred.     Mr.   McMullen   argued
that the evidence of John  Mason, the
principal witness for the prosecution,
was not sufficient to Justlry a commit- j
tal.     Mason   had   not   told   of   seeing I
Mrs. Beemer pouring someout out of a.
bottle marked  "poison"  into  a  white
egg cup when he had testified at tbe
Inquest, aud bad not mentioned it until tl ������ (oiif.lablo asked him abont it_
As much strychnine as would cover ���
five-cent piece would cost teu cents.
and yet Maton alleged that the wn-
and was pouring it from a bottle a*
if it were salts.
The defense testimony taken daring the hearing tended to show that
I shortly before hia death Beemer wins
much depressed over a aeries of misfortunes, and that he and his wife
had lived amicably together.
a soft Bkln throughout the      trying      summer
months will do well t��  put In a supply of our
which preserves the original    whiteness    runt
softnesB of the skin and scents it daintily as
For the good of your completion try it.
At Prices 25c. and 50c.
701. Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
street front. Tbe open air school will
occupy the upper flat of the public
school  building.
Incendiary   Fires
Two fires of Incendiary origin oc-
cured In the east end, arid the police
have been naked by the owners of
the two stables which were destroyed
to endeavor to find the parsons who
Bet  the  places  on  fire.
May Secure Medal
It is probable that an effort will be
made to secure official recognition
for (lordon Blenkarn, tho young man
who heroically rescued James I lector
from the lake at Qrlmsby beach. His
act has been much discussed In the
and  the  attention  cf  thc   Iloyal
"I am au years old and waB born at'    ra'" ' """	
ickson. Neb.    I have not had mucb i Prepared a report Bhowlng a boulevard
^^^       - ....   ... , | Bcheme connecting the various parka
and driveways of the city, with new
drivewayB. the eBtlraated cost of which j
is about 17,000,000.   ThlB scheme has I
not yet been aprpoved by the board
of control or city council, but the expenditure  of  about  1500,000  for    the
Humber  boulevard  scheme has  been
apnroved. and UiiB year 125.000    was
HeuB10|rt> .voted tor part ot tho work, -which le
1 will ask "you whether' you held a\now  "������  "!'��� .'     ���
grudge   against   any   member   of   the      By-laws were submitted to the rate
     ������*-.           ���   ...   ..    loayerf   last   January   calling   for   ,Vl
Jackson ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
education.    I waB married in Missouri
aud have two babies living. One child j
Ib dead"
"I will nek you whether you did or I
did not take the life of Albert Wil-'
liiuns on the night ot April 16?" asked Attorney Robertson. "1 did not,"
responded  Vueaton,  casting  his  eyeB
to be cal
Humane Society Is likelv
ailed to it. Young Hector is
entirely recovered from thc
of the accident, all hough he
in a somewhat weakened con
Williams family?"    "No, sir,"  he replied.
Fueston then declared tbat he joined the chureh prior to the murder
'and hnd been religious since that
time. He said be had never been
charged  With a crime of any sort.
"I and my family went bo church on
the night of April 16," he testified.
"I tiid not utter wordB Buch as 'We
will get him tonight,' near the scene
of the murder on tho night of April
Under cross examination Fueston
declared he had tocu out of work
mucb of the time and had been obliged to saw wood at 10 cents the cord
prior to the murder. Ho declared that I*������*������*
the family had moved from Nebraska
to Missouri and from Missouri to
"When you were placed In the eel!
wllh your uncle. Charles, on the night
of June 1:4 did  you not state to him,
oayen> last January calling for the'
i expenditure of large sums of mon
j for waterworks extension, filtrati���
plant enlargement, garbage and re-
j fusal disposal plant, viaduct at Bloor
street, and sewer extensions, and the
City council were authorized to pro- j
ceed nt once with these works. Plans
d for   a    Bloor |
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing,
ity, well lighted and airy
���will be given.
minster News.
Good local-
Lease for term of years
Apply to Manager, Tne Hew "W��rtr.
J. H. Todd's Music House
���We  bave  made a
or words to  that
the prosecutor
effect'   ^^^
No, sir."
Fueston.      brother
of this Job,'
' questioned
of |
are now being prepare
street   viaduct   of  steel     construction
(and of concrete construction and ten-
1 ders  will   be  advertised   for  at  once.
I Soundings are being mnde for the extension of the waterworks system and ;
jthe  mayor  expects the report ou  the1
extension of the nitration plant    this.
i week.    Works Commissioner    Harris:
isaured his worship that the re- !
port   will   bo   ready.     Street  Commit?- i
sioner Wilson Is preparine bis report
on   the   question   of   establishing   the
refuse and garbage disposal plant.
The by-law for the Teraulay street I
extension     from     College    street     to!
Davenport  ro; d.  has  been given     its
Are;   reading  and  will  be  considered
again  by  the council after the
holidays.   The cost of th:t
Singer  8ewlng   Machines.
419  Columbia   Street.   New   Wealmlnst-rr.
Small   Musical  Gooda  of all  Kinds.   PHONE <SMt
The Bank of Vancouver
tl 260,000 and the city
, work
sb .ire
Fiery   ^oeechea   at   Annual   Con-^reis
of  Catholic   Association  at
Three  Riven
and .1
in com
on bo
mien rs
li   vestfd
Tlle   smart
street ear filled wiih all Its
ment of passengers narrowly escaped
destruction and endangered tbe lives '
Of hundn ds of persons as it sped
along Mount Koyal avenue minus D
motorman. It finished Its wild car
��� -ir by crashing Into a Windsor street
car going north on    st.    Lawrence
CcnUntions Sustained
The contention of the city ihn' the
filtration planl site and plane are mi
given iii tha specifications, are bub-
talned In the report which Is new be
Ing   prepared   by   Messrs.   Jamieson,
I Barbour nnd  St, Oeorge, thrpe competent engineers engaged by the city
|to study the whole subject malt
the  COntentlOPB of   Mr.   Mcl.eod,
look over the contract  for thia
from   V.  11.  McOulgan,
Wtkome  and   Farewell
The  Methodists  of   Hoseniount  as-
11- iiih'ed   in   large   numbers   In    tbelr
[ti-ish church on Friday to give a reception to lhelr new mtnleter, the
,1. P, Martin, and nitio to eay tar
to  lhe  Rev,   VV.  P.   Wornell, who is
leaving tor Maecouche Rapid i,
Joseph Lajolc. Ot-atl
The death tonk  place recently al
his  residence,  St.  Dennis  streot. ot
Louis Joseph l.ajoic. dlreotor of Soh
mer park, after an  Illness which, his
lasted two years,   The late
jolo wiib a partner for many
JBrneil  Lavlgne with  whom he con-1 principles of th
ducted  the  well   known  local  amuse*
nn nt place Sohmer park.   Joseph La
was   born   In   Three   Riven
Charles,    tt stifled    that Charles lived .
with   him,   his   wife,   daughter     and w,u ��9 J?80'*1'    , ���     _^__
mother at the time of the murder. He North Draina8e, System.
said that Charles came in at 9 o'clock     T'll?, ������������*   staggering expenditure
the night of the murder and remain- I *������**���   ''<"   b"'irJ, ��    co'1,,ro    luul   Cll>"
ed during the evening and retired In  JOUUCll has bad  placed  before
same room where he was reading,  for   consideration   th s   year    a
An  Interesting Witness. "���00"'����,0 for the <1���'"W ��*����n u'\
Fueston, the wife of Marshall Nor?1 Toronto and Moore park, and
l-ueston testllled that when she can,.   !'8 this money Will have to be provided
with her daughter, Pearl, on the ' ���"*��"*��"����� <h" ����"��
the  murder,  that she  found
Branches Throughout the  Prov
nee of  British Columbia.
of One Dollar and
Savings Department at all Branches    DeposltB -.
upwards  received  and   interest  at  the  bigheBl  current rate  paid
credited half yearly.
���Here' Cheques sold, payable in all parts ot
Drafts and Trav
New   Westminster   Branch:
General Manager.
Three Rivera, P. Q��� July 7.   Bome
extraordinary  claims  were  made  and
arguments advanced at the opening
here of the anmial congroB
Boclatlon  Cathollque de la
Ciinaillene   Francaise.       Hr
Uuiil, of Laval University,
outlined  lhe  alniH and objects of the
association.      He   said   it     numbered
-tutiti members and had for lis objeel
preparation   of  a  general lon   of
on  :
, fold-
of L'As-
of   jele
ufi the ways
select  party,  has jusl
of the shipyard of lbe Hlnton Miu-hln
cry compnny, Victoria, and Is r>r�� foci
long  and  Hli  horsepower.    She
becn  commissioned  by   the  Imperial
government to gel   first  hand a.iver-
Ootober 11,
I real at  Ih
a   position
of Thomas
184li. He came In Men-
��� age of fifteen and took
wllh the dry goods firm
Thlbodeau  and  Company
militant defenders of the Catholic religion and the Canadian nation, Ii
Chose to discuss the subject of prim
nry education In the province of ijuo
bee.  because  of the  prominence  of
who fp(, nnostlon In recent discussions, and
vork 1 because It  was firmly convinced that
the crlllslms adverse  lo  the Catholic
I system  were without nny foundation
ln nciunl fact.
Iir. Baril spoke of the public school
as lhe battleground on which were
arrayed the contending forces of the
church ami the body of Freamasona,
free thinkers and athleatB, whom he
classed together, and whose object,
he alleged, was to strike at the
church through the school. Ho charged tbem wiih making efforts to se-
euro Clodless schools for Canada und
Baid  such efforts should  be   vi'Mroiin
|ly  resisted  by   faithful  Catholics,
The   speaker   defined   the  leading
association in regard
to education as flrsl and foremost ab
solute ni, i unquestioning submission
to the church nnd Ils right to control in moral and religious education
night ��f^^^^^^^^_^_
Charles Fueston reclining
ing led In the dining room
not testify that hc was asleep.
Pearl Fueston. daughter of Marshall
Fueston, proved the most Interesting
witness  to  Ibe    big    audience,  which
crowded the courtroom to the doors,
She  wore  a   blue serge  suit and   a
large black hat     Apparently Confuted
by   the  audience   sll
that Bhe was tlte "nephew'
the  prisoners.    She
that  Porter Fueston
nnd thut Char!
North ^^
us this mom,   ^^^^^^^
by the issu-ing of debentures tli
and his colleagues are somewhat an
It was never contemplated a.
North Toronto and  Moore
1 to the cltv    that |
of one of
finally explained
was  her  cousin
waa her uncle.
She said that Bbe attended the Union Bark Baptist church on the nigh-
of   April   16   and   that    "���     	
home at abou'.
Charles l-'ueslim
COUCh. She dec'
the   tlm
park  were ami.... ^u^^^^
this amount wuuld be required, There
pressing need  for this Improve-
and the residents of that part
city are urging the construe-
drainage system, because
no hope of getting perm a-
until  the drains are i
she returned
10 o'clock. Ilndlng
asleep on the spring
^^^^^^^^ red that he wus sleeping soundly. She referred to her uncle as "Charles" each time she mentioned his name.
Prosecutor Crandell in cross examination attempted to prove that Ibere
was f rlel lon hei ween her family and
Ruth Cain and Alherl Williams The
witness declared thai tliey had always
been friends
is  ti
of thi
tlon of  lh
they heve
tient  pavements
ii in reasonable to pr
value of buildings for which permits
will be Issued during tbe next three
mouths wlll be ab'-iut 116,000,000, This
estimate is made from the valui
Ibuildings for which permits were
sued during tbe lirst tlve months of
''he vear, und the IncreuiBo over last
' year's permits for the same period.
idiot that  tht
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Paving*
Ib meeting wllh the greatest favor irbaniw lhf<B
���d a In
Mr.   La-
years of
Cornwall, .Tuli V.   Bdward Duffy, a
resident of the town Hying mi rhlrd tna1
etreet wed wae committed to stand
trial OH a Charge Of burning his own
house. One nighl recently Duffy, it
Is slated, made flvfl separate attempts
to bum his home. On lbe nlgllt i'i
question he was Intoxicated and bnd
two flasks Of whiskey In bis posses.
wife 1 '-��� ft hlm on tbls
friend.    As
Later he Joined with Messrs, Perkins,
Be&USOlell   and   South   atld   remained
his venture
with the late
secondly Hie assertion or the parents
duly lo'watch over the child;  lastly, I slon,    Duffy
the'exclusion or the government from night nnd  stayed with a
in. dneallnn, soon aa she left her husband he star!
aald,   "has   the ed the  fires.    He made vigorous ob
dueatlon ijcctlon  when  nrreBted   by
Dmeit U-|of Its youth and to see that none Of OrltW, --���.-   .. b
the books of Instruction are allowed |to bo arrested In his own uomo.
Board    of    Education    Wae
Toronto, July "��� The loose business
methods r the bonrd ot education was
again aired and admitted before Judge
Winchester When the awarding of Hie
masonry anil concrete work lender
for Brown school which caused
suit, was fully Investigated at
continued sohool board probi
"Wi u. i concluded that
lot-1    $2,000    in    lhat  law
B,  Mi. Waste?"
Mr. Waste admitted it.
The  teenier of  TeOgll
nt  118,860 bud been
the  board   as
for concrete.
the   board
suit,  Isn't
sphere  of
'Tho   church,'
ban a member of this firm until he Btarted  sacred  right   to  direct  the
lias B memoir ui _           ,     , ^ ^ ^^ ^ (q |M ^ non(? pt | OrltOB, claim
for masonry I
.ecommended by
WM    tlardner's  tender |
ThlB all came to ISO,-
During a meeting nf lhe prop-
committee,  ut   which   only   Mr
Smith waa present, according to himself, Alex Orr, of Orr Bros,, wub telephoned   ln  nnd  offered   to    do    the
maBonry work for $16,354 or $12 less
Constable, j than Teaglo'B tender    This was ac-
Ing'lhat ho"had"no~rlght [eapUdi'bUt afterwards It WM.found
' ��� I that  their  contract  did  not  include
w Wettmlnster with Boulevard Dowr Bltulithic on Second Street, Me
the Centre.
Bltulithic Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dtutlens, eoaji an
horses' feet, snd, ubove ull, particularly durable. For theae reaecuv
Ilitiillthic Ib commended highly by owners of automobiles and borw*.
householders, una city officials, lt hus been adoptod by nfteea cities
in Canada, and over two hundred In the United Statea.
I Columbia Bitulitliic, Ltd.
I     Phone Seymour 7180.      714-717 Dominion Trwet BulMIng, V: rAec votra
TUESDAY,  JULY  8,   1913.
Fresh Water and Salt
On. Third   Day   After   Flret   Pile
Driven the  Eighth  Street Slip
la Filled.
ship  company.    First,  there    iB    the
Ajux,   which   was   built   many   years
ago, of tin- ���ld design with high masts
and funnel;  then conies the Keetnun,
which   combines   much   of  the  bulky
appearance of the  latest    ships,    although  sbe  carries  two masts.    The
|TalthyblUB,  Captain  Allen,  presents
ithe latest achievement of Alfred Holt
is in his remarkable    shipping    career,
Chief Engineer Consldsring Change-
Crothers Expected���Bishop to
Celebrate Anniversary.
Vancouver.    July
-On a general
She Is of the twin mast type
and ai. I Inspection trip of the weBlcrn lines of
J, (i.  Sullivan,
Hy the  forenoon  of the  third  day
.-;mcc it began operations, the city pile
.Invcr had  completed  the  placing  of
.-ill (piles  required  in  tho slip  at  the
to<>t of Eighth street and yesterday at |C'berth
**MO    p.m.    tbe  crew  commenced  to
prepara -for a-awing off and laying the
.capping of timbers un tbo iny, sticks.
Krom  Vi'lilap  morning,  Trr.rn   work
was tipciin to shortly aTtCT-aoun yes-
fe-rday  S3 piles  were driven.    When
it  is con-smCTed that all were placed
in position from a f-knliog scow, Ihfy
.-ire certainly very evenly driven; all
.ire, vritb few exeeptioBS, vertical and
*, line with one anothor.
Thc  peculiar H-pp-er  starta -of  clay I
-which waa stnich near Ihu shore par-1
lially  disappeared   as the driver  git
.arthcr oet, Irot nt no time -was it al- ���
tosethei abieftl.    "fhe    envlnecr    ia '
���charge neflev-re this to In- lhe same j
which   crops  imt  neat-  FlTth   avenue,  ^Mri wm Enter R|ver Thig Week-end
and -which is -fount! to overlie the hnrd
though she stows away lfi.000 tons I the C. P. It. Bystem,
of cargo, her fine lines enable her chief engineer for western lines, ar-
to clip through the wnter at a faster rlvpd ln tl]0 Clly lhtR afternoon. The
rate  than     most  of  thc  transpacific ,     .   ,,,  ,���   , ���,, _��� ,������i ,���
nassenaer boats question of siibslilul.ng oil as fuel In-
"���'M"   '       '' ,8'ead  of coal  as at  present  used  on
locomotives  on   the  Cascade  division
Tho arrival of the Talthybius Friday afternoon from Liverpool furnished this unique occurrence in coast
shipping. It is not expected that all
three of the Hlue Funnel vessels will
d at tbe outer docks together, although the Keemun nnd Talthy-
bluB will be tied up on Wednesday
morning,   tbe   former   being   on   her
of the ('. P. H. main line, between
Vancouver and North llcnd, is one of
the principal subjects to be taken up
by the chief engineer with local traffic
officials. Oil is used aB fuel on other
sections ct the line In British Columbia,  and an extension of the system
j from Tacoma to discharge.
pan  in  din-Trent  parts erf  the  upper
-MeeQons ol ihe t-aiy.
Thn to** Ve-M-lem was at I. Mayers'
Whv! <!:..-iriR the afternoon yeBterday.
Thc uift ir|y��T flocked at the -department of public works whiTf yetter-
��)ny afternoon fur ��. 6'ftort. timi--
At the Vraser tiver bridge yi'stor-
��lay the! Transfer, Terra Nova and
Beaver were reported pausing up and
down river. The EauKi> at the draw
showed 23 feet clearance last night.
This is a fnlt two teet lower than a
-wees. ago. and nlinnsi every day now
sees the freshet -subsidiiuv
Restless Going Ncrth.
The VJnmlnion freherles Inspection
cruiM-r Histleru, which came nt�� river
on Baturday antl rs now at fh�� city
market wharf, is preparing to start on
her regular patrol and inspection trip.
<'apta"m Moore will receive his orders
trom (Titet Inspector Cunningham
within a day or two and will iminrdi-
attelj leave for a crulao up tbe coast
���Twenty-five  Hundred   Fraser
Fishermen   Ready.
Feare for Schooner.
Some speculation is being indulged .
In concerning the well known schoon- j
��-r Ainrricana, which left  the Colum-I
'*>ia river March  3  for Sydney.    The
wetsaal wim in company,  for a time of
the schooner   Lyman   Fermi r,   which
was' vi recked   in  a  Sooth   Sen  liurri-
,:*Ann, n-n<"l  a\>��aitom-d  bv her c.ipvtiiii
und tcrew  near Suva.    There Is Home
���anxiety ns to whether the Amcriciiim
wenlh' red  the  atoms   s^ic   must   h ive
encountered,     Both   the   Americana
and ioites cruteitd.lln   line nl. 147 ile-
���Ki-res west on the 2,"rd day out  from
cite   coast,   n   record   for   remark.-ih^-
fa*t sailinK.    Some days after crossing the equator th<- two ships parted
tie hurricane with a nnmhor of
��ithir cr��n which ply between the is-
lnnd�� nnd which mw either destroy! d or disabled.
Tho   cabin
Bold by T. J.
-irterronn  at
CTitiwr Cecilia will be
Armftrnng, sheriff, th'S
2:30  at   the  Blip    if  the
tte-anji  Kn-gineering compnny,    Front
The Ti-rilia is powcr-rd witb a four
���f-ylitiiler  2tl h.p.  11-rmnn  engine.  ll>12j
���model, nnfl In letijrth is *2T> feet, over (
all.    She haa an  el-eht   foot beam,  is
upholstered  in  gi*t��-n  plinth, finished
inside with hardv, god, nml hut* sleep-   s;iU Francisco
ing   aeciiinmodation   for   -six   person?.
��he  is fitted  with toilet, eooh  stove
iknfl  '-li t-trlc li|;hl.H.    The tinna of the
���ftidn   ire  ravli.
**60.*-00 IN BULLION STU.V
t^tin Francitco, Jn'lj 1. BneoeBS ri
tially crowned the eTforts ot Captain
Whltlkw, for yaftnrfia-j he succeeded
in rijaitiitg the steamer H. .1. Corcor-
���an and plarinK it iti the Until' r'B
Point dryiHv-.W. Thc XDRBel was lurn-
��?l our when ii culVuled with the
s-'-m -u-le otl tcagi I inland Beveral
i lonths tin>    si-ftv  thouaand  dollar
hi hi iiiun *aa in the Corcoran'a safe
��� il  the Ume of tb.- coll'n'i-i'i bul  thli
i '*ni"i a resliiir, vVii�� ni the bottom ol
���   hi- 1 .-.y and hum Dot yel  been  I
c   -id.
C.   L.
- *t
Woodbury to  Enter Canadian
Fishinn   Induitry.
or'i.-i. July 7    To havo her port
���ielrMlion changed  from  Seattb
c.'.'u iu   no  that   -s1'!'   may   entei
*��he t'.-i.i'-ulian firhlnr, Induatrv, the hi
������lihiit -i-ht-^tni-r Charli v Levi Woodbury,
��l.-apl .in, lloinmcsl, if.  today  being   in
-cuiectt-if b're by  v.oTernincnt  officials.
"lhe owners of Ihn achoonir. the  Al-
Itianci.   Iit^blng   y.otnpanv.   think   thai
the rufpe which  the vr-wicl now car-
i^tr* itrnrther 1r>b prepoweSBlng for a
Tlrtiirp cyaft. and they will re-name
tu-r AflKtce  No   2.
In arfew days the prhtximr Alll-
a-nc- fin t is <liie from tho fishing
'tianliu cm tue Becond crulpe. She Ib
'th-e nnWcs' '*''��l of the local fleet,
^can-yiuy, -nniy iwo dories. The Alliance oojfflmny will operate Ita bonis I ���
the *we*flL.i out I  tinnV.s
iidt'tirv   is   wt'l   k"'iwn   on
"d   nml   Bl   Tiri'-h  Columbia
*Shn   v. ���������    t--t'titi tl   nl n-'t   two
ig.  by  th* t'lh't-v  proti  -    i
way  out  to  the  l'nited   Kingdom  on has been planned in accordance with
her last trip, and the latter returning the general policy of increasing    the
efficiency of the. service. Tanks for
the fuel have been located at Port
Moody and the idea was mooted some
time ago of having the oil piped to
1 Coqultlam, wbere the C. P. U. shops
1 are now established.
Joint Water Pipe  Route.
Protesting     against    ihe    city    en-
| glneer'a change of route of the partnership    water    pipe    along    Smythe
; street and across False creek at Gamble Btreet, Ueeve Churchill and Councillors CunlilTe and Wells,    of    Point
;Grcy,  Interviewed  Mayor    Baxter    at
] the city ball yesterday,   The viidt was
as a result of the allegations that the
Smythe street route would cost more
than the    former    route    chosen    by
Engineer     Burwell,     along      Ileach
avenue.    Point (Irey municipality, by
its agreement with lbe city, is to pay
half the cost of the pipe.    As a result of the conference. City Engineer
Fellowes,  who  mapped  out  the  new
llocation   for  the  pipe,  and  Municipal
Engineer Johnston, of l'o'nt Orey, are
ito prepare joint estimates of the two
routes for comparison purposes.
Good Work at Coombs.
Adjutant Thompson, bead of the Immigration department of the Salvation
Army In Vancouver, has just returned
from a visit to the army's colony    at
.Coombs,  Vancouver island,    and    reports that everything in the colony is
flourishing.    The barn,    whlcth    was
destroyed by fire a week or so ago,
bas been    re-erected,    and    tbe    last
vacant farm of 20 acres has been disposed of to a settler, completing the
occupancy of 17 of tbe farms out  of
the  criginal  20,  three    having    been
bought    outright    for  townsite    purposes.
Hon. Mr. Crothers Expected.
ll is i -ipi-cud that the present week
will   witness  the  opening  of  negotiations looking to a Bettlemenl  of th-e
coal mines strike on Vancouver island,
lion. T. W, Crothers is due to reach
Vancouver today or tomorrow on his
way   to   Nanaimo.    In   the  meantime
the coal situation has teen somewhat
relieved  ln  Vancouver  us  Wellington
coal,  which  is  among the best that
Vanoouver Island   produces,   Is   now
Oran������*���������:men  to  Celebrate.
Ten thousand loyal Orangemen from
I  parts of the lower mainland  will
Vanoouver    next    Saturday
ior a monster ci lebratlon of the anniversary Of the Hattle of the Boyne. An
equ'il number of ret, dent members of
lhe Orange order will join with the
visiting Orangemen In a monster par
ado, and an afternoon of patriotic ad-
dre.-Ki s and lii Id sports Io be held at
li:. ckton Point grounds.
Et. James'  Day.
Invitations have now been i.--siud by
Blshi p de Pencler for the celebration
of holy communion on St. .l;tin��-s' Day,
Friday. July 2',, which is the third an
nlvi rsary of the consecration of bin
lordship as bishop of tho dloceso of
New Westminster. The sacrament of
the Euoharlsl will be taken at 8
o'clock In the morning, and Bpeclal
Intercession will be made Cor the
bishop unit diocese of New Westmin-
sii r.
Treasure Island.
John Schnorr nnd Charles Pendlck,
two young trappers from Menzlea
harbor, were sentenced to six months'
Imprisonment by Judge Mclnnes ibis
morning for robbing the Btore of the
Booth Lumber company in l"ite Inlet,
on May 13. The Btory of the thofi
s-und'd more like a chapter oul of
"Treasure Island" than a story of
modern life. . lore was a rowboat, a
breaking ol th lock t I the -��������� i rehouse
in the deud of night, and tin n ;i
sil"ni carrying awny i ( three Backs
ot flour, ti Back of bt an�� u Back of
sugar and a Back of rlci After getting the Stuff on board, the two young
adventurers rowed through lhe nighl
up Bute Inlel to tho cagin i f .lohn
lit'n I. :i logger l hi re they hi l tho
m ti it above the rafiors or tin cabin,
making an excuse to Hovel thai thoy
wanted to cache them away 'ill winter
whi n they would be trapping In tho
News has been telegraphed that the
advance oT the sockeye shoals bas entered the .'-.trails of Juan ile Fuca
from the deep waters of the Pacific,
:md, at the usual rate of progress, the
first of the big run should enter the
mouth of the Praser at the end of
thn present week, its stated In The
News yesterday  morning.
On Thursday last the cannery at
Sooke took "(100 soekeyes in its traps
Fishery Overseer Fred Maitland,
when Interviewed yesterday, said:
"There will certainly be not less than
2r.on fishermen engaged on the Fraser
river salmon fisheries this year, anil I
exnect there will be IIOiW in all.
"After the end of this week we will
[rigidly enforce the law aguin'-d those
flBhormen who catch without licenses.
The  work of looking after the  fisheries will be so great this year that
iwo   will   nol   have   time   to   keep   so
jclcse a watch on the individual- fishermen ns in th" smaller year-.. We will
! he driven  to lake extreme measures
against all  who neglect  to takp oul
licenses us a warning to others."
This year several of the big can-
Tories will have as ninny as 125 boats
out esch, and the work of overseeing
the fisheries will he a heavy one. The
provincial offices here and at Steveston have been crowded all week with
applicants tor Rill net licenses.
A. B. Williams, of Victoria, is a visitor in the city.
V. 1). Beale, of Eburne, is registered at the Windsor.
11. D. lieem, of Bremerton, was in
tlie  city  yesterday.
James H. Smith is a visitor in the
city  from  Dewdney.
D. R. Whitehead, of Toronto, is in
the city for a few days.
Mr.  and  MrB.  Macdonald, of Ilart-
ney, Man., arc registered at the Rus-
[ sell.
j James Delaney and Alex. Brown
I are registered at the Hussell from
��� Ladysmlth.
Mrs. W. A. Bennett. Shiles street.
.Sapperton, will not receive today nor
again this season.
Sir Charles Hibbert Tupp"r, K.C,
was registered at the Hussell yesterday from Vancouver.
Miss Masters, of Edmonds, and Miss
Cawley, of Chilliwack, were among
those registered last week at the
Y. W. C. A.. Victoria.
Mrs. S. Bowell and family left yesterday for White Rock, where they
will spend the summer.
11. A. McKee, of Ladner, arrived in
the city yesterday cn route to Barns-
ton island, where he has large ranch
Captain and Mrs. Wm. Ayres, who
have just returned from a trip to the
south, have taken up their residence
near Burnaby lake. The captain expects to erect a new home there immediately.
The marriage of Miss A. F. K. Cold-
smlth and A. N. MonltOBh, New Westminster,  took  place  at   the  residence j
of the bride's mother,  Aldergrove, on
Saturday   forenoon,   the  5th   inst..   in
the presence of the Immediate rela- i
tives of the contracting parties.    Rev.
A. Dunn performed the ceremony, Miami Mrs. Mcintosh will take up their
residence in New Westminster.
Ccal o hecner Goes Down.
Hal.fax, July 7. While running
bare poles before a heavy gale, the
schooner Maud Carter, i)'i tons, conlj
laden and bound from- Lculsburg, N.S.
ii Charlottetown, I'l.'.I., foundered]
i-oinpany, and tl.e Foster was caught five miles off Cape George, Antlgonish gather
county, this morning. The naptaii
and crew launched a bea! with Rreal
difficulty and reached shore safely,
F.'-tip Movements.
Los Any.i les, Cal., July 7. Arrived:
Roanoke, Portland, Coronado, J. li.
Stetson, Qrays harbor; Willamette,
Puget sound; Wasp. Columbia river.
Sadid:    Beaver, Portland.
lion.K Kong, July 7.���Arrived previously: Steamer Seattle Maru, Tacoma.
Amsterdam,   July   5.���Arrived:    II.
Henry, Seattle.
Hamburg, July 4.    Arrived: Salatls,
Seattlp, July 7. Arrived: Steamers
(, \.nnt, Buckman, Oliver, .1. Olson,
lSm Francisco; Tamplco, Nome; Cap-
itain A. F Lucas, San Francisco;
Jeante, Southeastern Alaska. Sailed;
Steamers i olonel E. I.. i>rak
1. irge 96, San Francisco,
-the   Hi'
' fiirt f
���yea^   ,.,
cmilB-rdlSe-nriV    The  local   ���
twn���t't Mir Wei-rTin.i-v from R Mi
���tpTt-nij'-^Pl^'h-Ml   ttl   fllSllOri     Of   '"
rattle n-usntW" nghthBl  the  vestel.
��� * ���- 	
Vlntorta. July 7 For the first time
In th" Mstnry of Pacific coast ship-
pint; "icic an- three hie Blue Funnel
linern <B��harKing and loading freight
on Panel Bound and each vessel ren-
BWMmtfl three dl��l
ditrpl'-vii i nt ,,r I'"
ir/ t
t-i i -,
I Hi
It SI ea in
If It Isn't Part of the City, Then It
Should Be,
Aldi rman \\ hite, lu th * cltj council
lasl night, said the harbor engineer
bad broughl before ihe harbor com
mlttee tha facl thai there was no cor
reel Burn.. ol Poplar island, Tin
r unmltti o thought li ��,u d islrahlo
thi re sht.nl l be a ich a Burvi j aad II
bad been i tfi rred to Mr, Macdermotl
,��vho in.ub* a  bui '.**>  "f the cltj   'i hi
ongln ' r ri i imended the bui vej  b ���
ti a i   und "i, behalf of the ci ilitee
he  inovt i  ths   recommendation    b ���
, adopti d,
The mayor   \\ hal Is the i Btlmatt A
i    B    '
Alderman White There is really no
i* il linate,
Alderman Ilryson Is Poplar Island
eii side lhe city ?
The mayor Don't you know* where
Poplar Island is ? l.ulu island is on
one Bide ot it and the mainland on
the' other, both sides In the city. Wc
aro making application fur Poplar
island to the government nnd we require in have that survey to show
Juat what we are after, and to the
fact that we have to open a channel,
Besides that wo have to gel our harbor line adopted on lhis sidr and ll
musl bo shown whin dlstanc
island is rrom the mainland.
Alderman Bryson I know a man
who has been try Ing to k'-i It,
The mayor -There is a protest sl
Ottawa agatnnl the government giving ii to private parties If it is not
in the city, we wanl ii in tin- city.
Alderman Brysi n Is thai half mil
lloi   i olng to be spent on surveys.
The mayor We are not going lo
use ih:ii money, We luiitht take it out
nf Uie  waterworks contingency fund
Alderman White also detailed a
niitiitii r "*. items recommended by the
harbor engineer to in* purchased for
tho mt, all.iiion of "ll systems on the
dredge, otl storagi tanks, smoke
Black and casing, i lc.
Until repi rl re refi rn d to th
harbor committee with pov.ii* to Be'
Rev. Cr. J.*ukt,cn Ir Cc-.rl.
Klngi ti n, July 7. Rev. Samuel N
Jackson, HIV, formerly pistor of the
Flrsl Congregational church, Kingston, dli 1 in Burlington, Vi rmont, He
was well known In Canadian cities In
the eighties and nlnetli B,
iConlliined from Page One i
Poplar the south end of the bridge and disappeared.
a man Cross-examined by Mr, Whiteside,
ll was ii very dark night, lie got n
Knod look al prisoner. It mlghl have
been fm* a minute or a minute and a
huir.   lie was positive ii was prisoner
vho assaulted him.     lie had given    a
description of him lo tin- police,
Counsel addressed the Jury and
urged thai Mr. Eagles mlghl havo
been mistaken In his Identification
from the darkness of the nighl and
the luitl look he bud of hlm
Mr, McNeil replied thai Eagles had
sworn positively as to tho Identity of
prisoner and if they acceptod 111
statemi nt aa true then thai Id ntlflc i
tlon wbb as good prool as If b m ��� n
bj half b do/,' n.
Pi , ont t* was found gull :  us I
News has been received In the city
from Cambridge, Mars., of the marriage of Miss C, E. Hilehani. formerly
matron of the Columbian college In
this city, to Rev, W, A. tirifford. who
held the pastorale of the Methodist
church at Enderby some years ago.
Hev. and Mrs. (Irifford will spend the '
summer in Osslpee, Mass.
Victoria, July 7. -To consider the |
recent increases In the rates charged
In the handling of freight at the local
wharves, a joint nieetim; of the board
of trade, Victoria shippers, representatives of the Victoria-Vancouver Stevedoring company and the Empire
Stevedoring company, R, P. Rlthet, I
owner ,'f Ihe outer wharves, and F
!���' Harrison, of Evans, Coleman &
Kvans. was held recently
.1 .1. ShallcrosB, president of the
hoard, outlined the tacts already
known, namely, that six months iiko
the rates in question were Increased
2o per cent on ri neral merchandl3'
ami 125 per cent, on Iron and Bteel,
and that il is only a month since ii
was announced that n furtri<-r advanoe
of 12 per cent, was Imperative. Tlie
explanation of the stevedoring com-
paniea that these chtinges were necessary because of ihe demands of the
longshoremen was referred to. aftT
which Mr Shallcross said that It was
thought that the present was an opportune time to consider the question
because of the presence in the c'ty of
Mr Rlthet, one who was directly Interested,
Hon. E O. Prior Bnd 1! Q, Wilson,
who have been aetin'.r as :��� 'P'-'-i:i!
committee of the boaid or trad'' with
power to Investigate all the circumstances in connection with the added
cost to shippers in the handling cf
freight between the ships' Rides nml
the warehouses, were called upon.
Both gave brief addresses, in which
the results of their Investigations w��re
outlined. This Btarted a general discussion, which w-as participated In by
��� ���'' t ��� e thooe in Attendance, and in
Ihe course of whieh ilt" questl in war
considered from all possible points of
An adjournment was taken until tomorrow lu order to give those who
have the matter In hand an oppor
tunity to obtain furthpr lii"o---"'tion
neccm-wry before anything definite Is
decided upon.
Four C.i-id 'li'-- vj^-i-.-.i
SI    I uthi ri' '..II     7.    Four   can-
dldaiei   ' .nib*! i    iir ndt   I dn li   I
Nlchi I *��� i   Rlchm nil      Roi ::   nn an I
Ti ni   Wi bl    - - i,.  .   i   i ated for  th
alder   tnlc  scni   -. > i. ���, -i   .*,|t .-���'   \,
lha rli atlt i f  Md, Mi h n Mov r   Li-i
Jam :n"   nil  Ihe   t*' ���   - *- ..t si   l' ���-.
rick'   ward v i ri   i h -' d bv ncclama-
tli n, bul lhe fuel thai    lr, U'.-bb. who
is a  ri tired  li i�� ni ��� -    tan of Toron
in, is ihe choice t ( n party of mt n
oppi setl   io  tin-  Canadian    Northi i *
railway using I .oul ���   ��� reel as a rl^h'
of   w.-tv   e. ,.   |tfl   ,|( ui,),,   ,]���;,,.](   route
through  St.  ratherln a   has aroused
considerable Interest, aad the mattor
is now an Is ii  i I Importance,
Mako Deal for P-wer.
Act  r-t. Ont., fuly 7    The vote upon
the power by-law submitted  by the
���iiiii'-il was cnrrlt il bya vote of -llfi for
���md 19 against, The council was thus
almost unanimously sustained in the
ion '������ -  ''-ii  "i"ti..  with  ih"
Toronlo and York Radial Railway,
which is for a live year term with an
'���nlliifl rlghl i-i renew hy lb" town
for n furthi r tir'-i ef live yenrs. or ������ '
tii" end of the time thn council mav
make a new bargain wltb power (rom
another source Tho comnnni ntrenn
to iiu'i the prices charged ly the hydro commission In Brampton. Anv rt Ih
pUtea as t i rites or il"iuandi"l rednt-
Hon i" I"- Bottled by the countv *��� >-��� -<
without tho right of appeal by the
^^ I Lm*^ir>^ii nrE&r***-***���****'
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Arizona   Must  Shew   Up.
Washington, July 7     \rlz ma I
lalt't-l slat" to be cnllei! to ucciiiiiu
the war department for alleged f
un- iii comply with the nick Mill!
law, Seen tarv Garrison has dlrec
Oovernor Hunt's attention to the i
thai the Arizona mllltla bus been n
i nllstod In preparation for it" enn
oncampmenl and haB BBked hit
' uni ior cortaln Bitppllea (umi
by thi f doral *ovi rami nt,
The   New   Westminster   News   does
nnt hold Itself responsible for thi
opinions expressed in correspondence
Editor The News.
Sir. l'i mill tm- a word with refe ���
ence to yuur editorial note In yesterday's Issue nbout "Home Payne and
the Juvenile Pulpit Orator Of For:
I am not familiar enough with
lb ni" Payne's utterances t" say how
far   vour   remarks   are   Justified   with
refi rence to him. Bul I do know they
are utterly unjustifiable with refer-
i nt 1* m the minister ;r Fori Oeorge.
In the lirst place ii" Is not n
"juvenile pulpit i rotor," b it a bralnj
and sail" man ��ho ha ; had yeara of
experlenci In di b1 * ��� >-lth nn n, and
has been mo I a ici *    ful In his work
Thai he Is an om i    frei I)  con
e.'i ii, :| by ih" 5000 i ���' pie whom le
h> hi ;.pi ll bound throughout tii" ad
dr      he dellt ert d
In rn ��� geci ml place he d tl nol use
iio- v.i ids ynu quote v��itli r ferenco to
Fori Ui' rgo. The only n fi ri nca h
mado to tho guioB of hell was In a
pa isage al the clo�� t I IiIb address In
which he ssld, "If the Christians re
main true to their profession and
stand by ib" church the gates ol hell
cannot prevail agaliiBl her."
In Ihe third place he did not regrol
his utterance, Ho did regret thai th i
Toronto paper had misrepresented and
misquoted him. So, Mr, Editor, the
trouble was not wltb the "Juvenile
orator" of the pulpit, bul with the
fresh young quill-driver of the press
who did not know a BCrlpluro quotation when he heard It, and who al the
speed al which the preacher was leading him got things Hiked up wrong
Anil il  was the    paper    thai    had    to
make it rlghl -and did.
New Weatmlnster, July 7, 1913,
Wholesale Rustling.
LotllbrldgO, July 7 Whal will nu
douhieiliy dovelop Into a wholesale
horse stealing nnd smuggling case
was brought to b head early Ihls
morning, when n bunch of 11 head of
horses were seized und a man named
James Chlsholm arroBtcil by the
mounted police, The entire south
country, from Lethbridge to Cardston
nnd CouttB, Is surrounded by special
constables and mounted pnllco searching for an accompllco. The horses
are nil branded "F.ii"   on   the   lett
sliiiiildi.r  uiul  jaw,  nnd   11   Is  tl [hi
lhal Ihey were Stolon  I'l'i.iii  ti'ar Cul
bank, Montana, ami thai the original
theft constated of probably GO boad,
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid*.
E.  H.  BUCKUN, N.  BEAHDSLEB,        W. f. H. BUCKUN.
I'rsB  and c<nl   Mgr Vice-President. Bee. a.M Trees
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Fust Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throughbreds ii? Adlcn-550
"'JXi.-!ixaia/3ia��aB��iuyuajiJBBiM:iLjnii.!jTut��t    * --i- sbe iMoanMBMin TUESDAY,  JULY  8,  1013.
Phut rtvi
��� ���*���***
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
LACROSSE   :-t   CRICKET   :-:   BASEBALL   ���-.   BOXING
(Continued from page one)
Calvary Sport Promoter Wants World Champions for
Prairie Games���President of B. C. L. A. Issues Statement���Jones Said to Have Deliberately Deceived Victoria Representative to Spoil League Meeting.
:; ,:��� ;;;: :;;= ft r,f *% *% # ���>;��� % -.
Victoria, B.C., July 6, 1913.
Dear Kir,���I notice In today's
Colonist an account of a meeting of the B. C. L. A. held in
N'ew Westminster on July 4,
notice of which you Bent me by
wire on the Hrd IiibI.
Regarding my abet nee, I
wIbIi to Inform you that I
travelled lo Vancouver for the
express purpose of attending
tliiK meeting, but 1 was informed by Mr. Con Jones on my arrival that same bad been pos;-
poned until next week.
Consequently, 1 did not think
it necessary for me to go to
New Westminster and attend d
Hie race meet Instead and 1
bad no Idea that any meeting
had taken place until glancing
through the paper Ibis morning.
Yours truly,
To l-'r d  Lynch, l-sq.,
Secy. li. c. I- A..
New Westminster.
Moose Trim Port Coqultlam Last Evening 4-3 Before Lively Line-up
of Fans.
Ilefore a crowd of nearly 1000 people, by far the largest that has yet
attended   an   evening   baseball   game
his command, and would tackle any-I community will lose one bit of trade
body not more than twice hla weight, i if it closes either Wednesday or Sat-
It Ib said that from the day the prison urday; However, it is not the whole
-ffalla closed behind hlm Blackburn haB | question   what  the   merchants  think.
They are a comparatively small num-
trained constantly, and haB kept himself In the best of condition. He is
permitted to box with other prisoners, and haa acted aa boxing instructor to the sons of the warden and to
priBon officials. He captained a
prison baseball team.
Joe Walcott, known as the "black
demon of Barbados" and the "Boston
Ace," waB another colored boxer who
was put out of the running by participating In negro testlflvitles, The
"giant killer" attended a darky dance
one night, and,, after assimilating a
few- drinks, began showing off his hard-
, the l'ort Coqultlam aggregation last
evening by the close score of 4-li.
i    The   contest  was  one  of  the  best
��� pulled off in the city thiB season.
being a nip and tuck affair until the
I sixth,   when   Dodds   was   touched   up
'( HI '��� work, while running professional la-
���# crosse iu Vancouver, suspicious as It
-.;:: 'haB been to the Westminster fana and
i,, lo many in Vancouver, is shown up at
:';t' ItB worst by the letter received by
Secretary I.ynch of the B.C.L.A. yes-
wws s sa sens i sawrat <va**sisu
'������"' sx.��--   :x,f=i.r���;:,;sr ��,'.��
Con Jones cannot be ousted from la- |gartner.   Oentry followed, bringing in
crosse  associations  with   Westmins-1 welngartner,   and.   Huhnke gaining
ter this season. It la too far advanced, I fin;, on ���,, Prrori Gcntry came across
but a movement which was started *
last summer and whieh gained considerable headway at the annual meeting of the B. C. Is. A. thi.i spring, is
being fanned into flame by the present mix-up, and Ib bound to culminate
in the near future. Westminster does
not want to associate with a man who
in this city, the MooW nine defeated , ware Th*3 wagn't a razor, but a nickel-plated gun -one of the new automatic kind, which, as Irwin cftbb says,
"you start In ti shrfoting by pulling
the trigger merely an dthen have, to
throw a bucket of water on lt to make
It stop." Joe showed his admiring
friends how the gun worked and
when the smoke cleared away the "demon" found a bullet hole In his famous and useful right band, disabling
that member so that Joe was never the
same again. When he began lighting
again he couldn't close his right hand,
and soon lest h's welterweight title,
and wis whinped by Honey Mellody
and others who wouldn't have lasted
a minute with the black before he was
shot uo.    Incidentally  the bullet that
will stoop to BUCh trickery as that ex- ] ,)Ull   wh|(,h  npp(,w  i,atted
in  the mix-up.
Tbo Beventh inning followed with
no scores but the l'ort City boys gave
a scare In Ihe eighth and last whet)
a double by Imniing brought in Smith
and Ruyle. I went through Walcott's hand
l'mplre McCabe was called upon to I 0ff" nn��� f,f *|,|s frbnds.
make a close decision over the nexl j     Blackburn and Waicott w-ere two of
up    antl I ,ilp  i
posed by John Virtue.   The lacroaseh,umped int0 Huhnke. who wan well u���
followers of liritish Columbia, where illn(jer  *,     McCal
the national game still ri igns supreme. 1 K;i'f(,  ,iml   auowed
will have no sympathy with a person ' ,)lU' wh(.��� acquainted" with the rules
who shows a hankering for such con-   revcrgea- his declison, pulling the but-
temptuous  work  aB bas  been  pulled  tor mlt .��� first ,)n(] *,,���,
t   colored   boxers   in   ring  his-
1 ut.. like Jack Johnson, they could
ruled the batter not stand prosperity,
Immlng  to  score, 	
The le
arning back on
;  off during the past few days,    ine ia- l third.    The next batter was out
rroEto f-.ius. managers and players of i,n, ,|u, gam(>
'the whole Dominion, once the truth is j    Harno .,.���| 'rjentry worked to por-
tmblished, will show no signs of re- , f,.(,,i(m (or th��� Moose althougb seven
| wet when Con Jcnes Is bustled from frrorB wf.ro ���,.,,]��� behind them. Dodds
L-flle game, when his name will be plac-   mruiP hla first appearance for Coquit-
'  ���il . a the same plane as tbat of Horace j Iaul ail(1 uia well except in the sixth
Pogel,  who,  exposed  for  similar tac- , etan��a
This week will probably see an end  t)cs in baseball, Is now the laughing j" '^cor,,. It.    II.    B,
Of   the   present   lacrosse   trouble   be- j stock     of     the   continent   in  hia   at-jjjew  Westminster         4      6     7
tween   Vancouver   and   Westmlnsler. | tPmptH to break up the National base- j j, |ft   r-oimithim ...... 2     4      2
Yesterday a meeting of the Westmins- ball commission. Batteries* Home anil Gentry; Dodds
ter club was held and. although little' Celongo in Scrap Heap. ���*\nt\  Immlng;   umpire.  McCabe.
ilth jhe News is speaking for hundredBj'
of Westminster and lower mainland j
dent Kelliiu'ton. of the 11. C. I*. A . also funs when it asks that Con Jones be
a member of the local executive, Iti relegated to the scrap heap of (11b- |
wat�� minle evident that a meeting of credited sportsmen. The Vancouver,
the association would be called this public hive becn hoodwinked. They |
week, probably on Thursday, when arP pping hoodwinked at the present j
the different  points at issue will  be (jme and yet many of thetn don't know
because some of the sport writers
Baseball Results
was  given   out  for   publication,   wl
the exception of a statement by Prei
threshed out
The   next   schedule  game   Is  billed
for Queen's  l'ark next  Saturday.
Manager Tom (i'.fford. who is leaving the dispute in the bauds of bis
confreres on the executive, Is taking
no chance Of Vancouver springing a
eurprisi and regular practice will be
Ilu- order of tlie week in order tn cope
wiib ar.y eventualities which might
arise on Saturday afternoon.
Outside Offers.
Althougb tin re Is a very remote
chaffce of the present association be-
imr busted ror the season, despite the
statements of Con Jones, the local
club yesterday received a handsome
offer from a sport promoter or Calgary, offering to gather a team to-
;,ether and play a series or exhibit! >n ���iay hnve
games In Calgary, Edmonton, Itegina, j unenvlatl
Nino.*--" Jaw, Saskatoon and  Winnlp*
Standing of the  Clubs.
W,    "
Vancouver 49
Seattle   'id
Portland  42
Victoria   38
Tacoma    36
Spokane  28
Yesterday's Games.
At   Vancouver: It.   H
Vancouver     7    11      8
Spokane   6     8     1
Batteries:      Ingersoll    and    Lewis;
Cadreau, Coveleskie and Hannah.
ber, perhaps very important, but small
in numbers.    We are here legislating
in  the  Interests  of  the  whole  community, merchants, clerks, consumers
and   other  classes.     One   gentleman
mentioned,  timidly,  I   think, that the
merchants  gave  a  week  or  10  days'
holidays to their clerks.   That Is new
to me.    I heard that some years ago
a merchant said he meant to give his
clerks  such  a  holiday,  but he never
did.   I am very glad to know any merchant does it.    As regardB Vancouver
on  Saturdays,  I   do  not  doubt  many
would go there, but the bylaw makes
provision  for  that.    I  don't see  why
the merchants want to go to the provincial  government  to pass this law.
The government has already delegated
to    the    municipalities the power to I
legislate In this matter, and, such be-
ing the case, it will take a great deal}
more influence than  we or the  mer- i
chants possess to change the govern-1
ment's attitude in that respect.   It was;
left   Tor  the  municipalities  to  decide
what   day   suited   certain   clasBes   ol
Btores,    There seems to be a fear of j
competition    from    Vancouver.    I am
prepared to lay the bylaw over so that
��� ���the   BusinesB   Men's    association,    a |
oumped i Bfrong, influential body, may take it
up and approach the Vancouver coun-j
ell as to closing on the same day as
we   propose.     The     Local    Women's
Council, representing a large body of
[consumers in sympathy with the wo-j
i men clerks, are in favor of this half
holiday.    The members of the .Trades !
and  Labor Council, representing 5000 j
���or 0000 consumers, are in favor of It.
I think their views as well as the 51 j
ior Wi merchants who have signed this':
j petition,  should  be  considered.
Other   Aldermen.
Alderman Henley said he was in fa-
vor of the half holiday but let Vancou- j
'ver and the merchants here co-oper-j
Alderman   Bryson   also   favored   a
'half holiday, but  on  one  day  in  the
week, whether on Wednesday 'or Sat- ���
Alderman Kellington said that personally he would like to see the half
holiday compulsory, but he did not
[like to work a hardship on the mer-
! chants. He advocated the co-operation of the business men of Vancou
Paid on the daily balances of Savings accounts, subject to cheque withdrawals. Handsome Metal Home
Banks for children supplied to depositors,
for the safe-keeping of Deeds, Insurance Papers and
other documents, which you cannot afford to risk
losing. You carry the keys and no one can gain entrance to your box without your authority. Our vaults
are fire and burglar proof. Rentals $2.50 per aiuium,
and upwards.
' .    '       .:..      f
a   -ii.;. i���
IOI   -���   It
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begbie Streets, New Westminster.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���L������
P.  O.  BOX  442
of Vancouver owe Jones too much to
say anything against hlm.
The real facts of the present cause Tllp fPaIureF ���r baseball in the
nf the trouble hive yet to be an- |week Just ended were the rise of the
noiinced in any other papers but those N,;w Yor,. cl.jb ,() loau,,r8hip in the
in New Westminster. National league race and  Ihe fall cf
Yesterday there was noticed in the-the philadelpbians.
Vancouver Journals the announcement      Notable also were the setback 'ofl
that   "never  again   will   green   AlrU }Bropklyn and tlle gain of Chicago.
draw   sticks  with   Westminster     and i    T,|p 01anl c-liarge  ls lhe mo8t alg.
it  was only yesterday afternoon  that   nlncalU happening ot the week. Perch-1
Con -Innes, the martyred hero of Van-  pd ft, !tt,t ri. thl, top   Mc0rftw.s men'New York ,
will prove a difficult band to dislodge   phlladt lphia
If  they  continue  playing in  anything  Chicago
like   their  present   form.     They   have   Hrooklyn   ..
won 26 out Of tlieir 32 games. Pittsburg  ..
Twirlers   Weakening. , st.   Louis   . .
I'b IjiIi Iphln's pitching stafr Is Bhow-   Boston 	
Ing the effect of Ihe strain or keeping  Cincinnati  ..
lhe  cluh  at  (be  top   with   Alexander
At Seattle; It.   H.   E   ..
'Seattle   3     5     0 ver and New- Westminster.    1,-et them
ictoria   2     5     1  get together and decide cn something ,
Batteries:    Fullerlon and Cadman: ' definite.
Narveson, Kantlehner, Fitzgerald and.    In the lengthy discussion, the mayor j
Shea. |said    ln    reference to the hardware:
A'  Tacoma: B     H.   E.:stores closing on Wednesday some nf
Portland 1     8     0   the m'ill-1 Inside and outside the city
Tacoma     0      5     2 : kicked   beC-ibfee   they   could   not   get
Batteries;  Martlnoni and Williams; | supplies   and   reQUesJed   that   otip^ot
McQInnlty, Kurfess and Harris
6tanding  of the Clubs.
ouver. wired Secretary I.ynch as to
whether the II  0, t* A. were mooting
in   Victoria  this evening  and  to keep
him informed ot whatever movements
the association intended taking. I
Con Jones la caught  in a trap.    He ,
-trawled out or his present
position by the "id or the
Victoria vote, hut the letter received
. . ."iC
The  world champion Salmon  Bellies|from John Virtue yesterday will give
Jones little hope of making nny Impression river there.
During  tin' trouble laEl  year Jones
realised that lbe roast was getting n
trifle too hot  for him.    He laid  his
Clubs  mantle on lhe shoulders of Matt Ilarr.
al   that   time  his  close    friend,    and
would undoubtedly bea great drawing
card on the prairies, bul the presi nl
trouble with Vancouver Is by no
means so far advanced as to lead to
Ilu* belief that there will le no more
games between the two coast
this Bumra
Yesterday's Games.
Ki Rrooklyn R
New York   t
Should the prairie tour be arrang- hiked along with one of bis lour sored, lhe team would leave here early yjlp advertisers, to the east.
In August ttnd. nfter playing a series! Maybe a similar trip la now being
of games as far cast as Winnipeg, nlanned. Matt Rare was noticed at
would return to New Westminster In Saturday's riasco and the wiseacres
time to prepare for the annual MlntoL^me through with the suggestion tbat
c-,-,p games with the eastern champions'
which at the present time, appear to;
he the  Irtgh-Canadlana   under   Jim
President's Statement.
President    Kellirlgton'a    statement
which Is more especially made for the
Vancouver public deals with the correspondence lending up to the present,
< mix-up.  Willi tlm execptlon of the let-
���ter    from    John  Virtue, of Victoria,
VM'terd.-r-, all  of the correspondence ���������
referred to 1 v Mr. Kellington haa boen   Expect to Turn Electric Trick on the
ilirr Was taking a lay of the land pre-
naratory t'i assuming control. With
Matt Hair at theWhoad of things in
Vancouver, Weetmlneter would deal
wllh h'm on an even basis, In fact
thi*v mlrht perhaps be wllllnSf to eon-
cede something so long ns the trouble
was ended;  but  with Jones, never.
ard Seaton as ths only really depend- \t Rrooklyn                    R.   FI.
able  pitchers,    Hrooklyn,  besides  de-   vjf,w \"ork  ,,   6    11
vel ping a snasnl o( box weakness and Brooklyn  1   12     2
Ineffective  bitting  is  shot   to  pieces Iiattcrl��s*.    Demaree and    Mayers;
with Injuries, Wheal, Bt-ingel, Erwln, Curtis, Slack, Miller and  Heckenger,
Fish and Catcher  KisclVtr being    on At  Philadelphia:               1!.    H.    E.
the hospital list.    Most likely to give  Boston   15   13     1
the (Hunts a smart brush in *he near   Philadelphia 11    15      1
future is Chicago,  which    has    becn Batteries:    t'efdue    and    Rarlden;
playing excellent ball.                            ' Moore, ChalmefS, Rixev, Marshall, lm-
Reds Liko Cubs Now. lay and Killifer.   Howley.
Pittsburg conliin-.es  to    lose    regn- Second game:                     fl.    H,    E
larly.   St. I.ouis hus improved   and Is   Bos'on ..,..2     9      2
close on  the Pirates'  heels.    Hoston  Philadelphia 3     8     0
looked to bo slumping for a while, but Batteries: Dickson, Rudolph and I holiday in the week
braced against Hrooklyn. Cincinnati Whaling, Rarlden; Alexander. Seaton j E. C. Traves. of T. Burns and eom-
is getting to look more like the old and Killifer, Howley. patty, sitid the provincial government
Cub  team  with every   week.    Jimmy \t   Pittsburg:                     fl.    tt.    E. |w;ts being approached to make a sta-
Shcckard has   joined    his   old    team   Cincinnati     1      2     2' (iitory half holiday,    lii-t firm lnd i..r
males and Tinker is finding another  Pittsburg   5
llatteries:    Hrown and Clark
Inson and Simon.
,tbem at least should keep open.   They
never knew what was going to break
Uown  or  what  might be  wanted.
Alderman  Kelllngton'B motion  that
������,    the bvlaw be held over until Sept. 1
����*��� With the r-sj'.^'   already .-stated, was
���Boo 'finally carried "hna *.;:?-"}��<* *���������*** Ule : .
rl-  applause tt the deputation. j.
"iV. i Many   Bailor   It. �����
���J��: Alderman Dodd HplSffldd tttht the X
���*��l bylaw was not off his o*t,' W- The |
���;*" Trades and Labor CdlSWlT, Woitlcii t I
,,:\ i Council antl a nunJB'dV of merchant" I
"6 |aiul clerks were all in favor of il nnd ll
jit was on that account that he bad in- |��
F:   trodUIMd  it. |'j
1, Alderman Dri'son explained that the I
hardware Bl-frcbants had an agree- I
ment with their clerks to Close on I
Saturd.iv aftdftlOOns, The agreement'!
terminated cc tfSpt 1. |
Mr. Lusby, alluding to the -federal I
movement, said if all (he stores and  I
offices.    Including    batiw and  Intel 11
bars, dosed on Wednesdays (He hard-  I
w?re men would certainly ngr>e to it.   *���
The  mayor said  the  council   (could   ***
take the matter up again, but it fas   ���
not likelv thev would appoint one half I
Amidst Island, Mountain, Forest and Glacial Scenery to
THE ALASKA COAST (STEWART)    ' .. ..,..��8.00
Including Meals and Berth ttor Round Trip.
Permitting side trip over scenic route ot Grand Trunk Pacific R&il>
ay at small additional coet.
H. C. SMITH, C. P. fc T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
VV   E. TJTJPEROW, Q.  Am P. T>.
1-hone Private Exchange 8134
Our Motor Truck now drivers Lumber? Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
published  from time to time  In The
News nnd thereforo does ���* it n"'ir-r
repeal tin-    III rn Is Presldi ut Ki lllng
lot ��� i pftemenl ���
"As -.|-esl'"nt if )��� - Tl. C. I. A I
(,., i in fell new m myself and to tho
it,: n.:,.* public i f British Columbia,
thnl ti is i- rret pondence should be
puhlli hed.
������I am ci-e,' itibly informed thai the
Vancouver papers have all boen fur-
Moose Tonight.
Taking courage from  the fact  that
the   Kier'tics   were  the  liril   to  turn
the trick over tbe Moose an.l that the
latter's  winning streak  is like   in  i-t
flntrd land boom, the Balmorals wlll
go on the Beld full of confidence thli
ovening In nn effort to combine with
the nickel chasers In dislodging the
herd rrom tbelr high and lofty perch.
Thi-  funs can   expect     a     few    sur
iltdied   with   Rofereo  Dewar'e  rep n  pl.|gea ������ n���. shape or new men and
md none of the papers hae published ,��� w
ex-Cub,   Miner  Hrown,  his  most  successful box man Just now.
Just a Little Bit Better.
The story in the American league is
almott  the same  from one  week    to
'another.    Some   weeks  the  Athletics
: play excellent ball and the next    the   Philadelphia
Standing ol the Clubs.
pinlily is supir-exci'lleiit.    Last week  Cleveland        ...48
was one ot the super line sort tor this  Washington  -14
���terllng team, which  is so (ar ahead  Chicago      H
it. As ihe i*i -ion contains iin- reason ol lhe i-i'-n"iislnti of lon and Griffith, || is i niy fair t" Mr Dewar
that the roporl be published nnd given
the earne pr' mlnence Ibftl criticisms
positions for thc regulars on thu
nil Bavce and Decker will be Iho
ball ry for the Hals, while Home and
Oentry, who have won almost con
linually this season, will he found on
nt    7
-.TMin L. Sullvan defeated Jack
Kdrain in Tfi rounds at Rich-
burg, Miss., In a battle for the
world's championship and $10.-
000 a side. The fight was pull-
id off only nfter a game of
bldeandsoek with the aulhnri-
was thought.
nn Impartial and capable refine ^ |mmm| f0]f thn Moo8e
have been  given. Tonight's   game   will   sfnrt
-The meeting w���s held  on  the Wh k   fc
Instant, and was called al the renuesi	
of Con .Innes nnd nl which Mr. .Jones,
acknowledged receiving notice hy nsk
lng for a postponement, giving no rea
eon  but   thnt    he    found    It     Incon
venient to attend,   ll" *>** Informed
th-it the meeting would take place.
"I can see nn reason whv he nnd
bis delegates Should not have attend-
l (I the meeting. !
"Mr   Virtue's lett" shows whv the
Viotorla dekgntcs ---I'd nnl attend and
lhal.  In  i-"ii" oT the faol  thai  Mr.,
.tone" received ft rr'rend notice of lhe
'���meeting  he Infotmr-d Mr Vlr-ue tint,
there   wtis  no   meeting,   in   nrder  In,
prevent wlmi he tlmm-hi would l��  n
-juurititi ni the special meeting,
"Thin Is ' nlv another insinnce where
le crosse hns been run In the Interest
of the mnr.v-i'rs. In'-lcnd of peine run,
In the Intereftfl cf the puhllc nnd being conducted In the Interests of true
eoori 'ind to the credll of the national
A Contemptible Trick.
K'tr a low down, contemptible trick,
Fiic'i as Ihn one said to have boon
performed la-si Friday on John A  Vir-:
tue    of   Vlelt.rln.   one   of   tho   trading  "u"  "r the four escaped convicts has   leased
minnorters or lacrosse In tho Capital been abandoned, according to Deputy!    At the time 1
Cily  Con Jones, president ot the Van-   Warden  Cummlng:*, or the Edmonton
ronv'er Lacrosse elnh. lakes down lhe penitentiary,     although   Ihe   mounted
blecull     Jonea, If Virtue's chnrgo is Police will continue to keep a lookout
true,    today    stands    convicted.    Ills  for the fugitives.
In the race lhat It seems almost useless in speculate upon the possibility
of its being caught.
Washington and Boston had one of
the  most  IntereeUng  series of    the
week, the Senators coming out decisively on the long cud with four
Chicago and Cleveland held each
Others' pace, the record for both bu-
iug live won and two lost, with one
game lied.
lit. Louis lost ground,    Detroit nlso   Washlngti n
fell  back.    The  New    Yorks    had    a   New York
9     1   the last four years given their clerks
Robi j n week er two weeks) holidays during
the vear.   Those who did not take the
j holidays sml double pay.
The   mayor  expressed   the   opinion
that the clerks'should meet the conn- j
p,.t  I cil In private with no reporter's nrefl- j
7-Vilotit, so tint thev could express them-
Hosli n 	
St. Louis 	
No.   V -.-k   80
Y'Stcrdjy's Games.
At  ���- �����   Vork: !'���
Washington  ;
New Vork    I
Batteries:     Engel,     Qalllam   and
Henry, Ainstititii;  Kislu r, tlnssett and
Second game: R.
lves without tbelr remarks heit'it di-
550 vulaed to their employers.
r,*; i      Tlle subject  was tben dropped.
. 48 I '
*������"": Seth Sees for Himself.
��� 376     Rampart,    Alaska.    July    7.- Seth
��� '74 Mann,   Preeldenl    Wilson's personal
representative on the Alaskan toi-.r pf
it ���''��� the Seattle chamber of commerce, i>
(' 8 day header the party of ll- tourists
6    0 who visited  the government expert-
trhen you can get as good, or better, manufactured ln 13. C, viz.: the
f*(c celebrated "VANCOtH'ER" Brand, guaranteed to pass -Standard
fi-Kcilications of American and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call af.ention to our Vitrified Sewer PJjje from
4 ii.'* to 24-ln. in diameter. This is also made ln this Province and we
cons/der superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsrwbere.
Phones 15 and 16. 902 Columbia Street W.
"Continued from page onol
11.   K.
12     1
r>      3
poor week of It, although ending with Hatteries:      Pooling    and
a burst of sensational ball In the last Schultl, Clark and  Smith,
Washington game. i     At Hoston;                          R     H.    E
Is Wagner Through ? Philadelphia    7    10     1
Reports from Pittsburg confirm to a  Hoston   4     4     1
great extent the fear that Wagner ls Hatterles:      Iirown.      Hender    and
sbout   through  playing aB  a  regular. Lapp;  Collins,  Bedient and Carrlgan,
Tliere seems lo be danger also that Nittinmaker.
Cobb's Injuries are more serious than Second game
(By "Gravy.")
II.    B.
Philadelphia 8     9     4
Hcflton     8    13      1
Batteries: Plank. Houck. WyckoIT
and Schank;  Wood and Thomas.
At  St.  Louis: It     ''.    T
Detroit   fi    10     1
St.  l-ouls   "   10    12     1
Hatteries:     Hauss.   Wlllett,     Elder,
,   ...    . Unlf a dozen years ago Jack Hlnck
lies  of  Loulslanna  nnd   Missis- h,urn   of Philadelphia, was one of th'
sippl.    It wiib a grim, bard bat-1 greatest   col in d   boxers  tn   the  ring.   Dubuc and McKee. Stallage;  Mitchell
tie,   under   London   prize   rltiR   |��� ran, -, lvllB J|1R, 8lx V(,lirB ag0 t0.  alui AKncw.
rules.   Kilraln had been 111. nnd   day that the black boy, a light middle- | 	
was not In good oondltlon, but! weight, outpointed Jim Harry, artiea-l
be made  - gnme fight  all  the I vywclghl,   In   I'hilndelphia.     A   little
nnd  at  times  looked  like I later he met  Harry  again In  Bridge-
the winner.   Siiiiiviin and KU-1port Those were about hli lut publlo
rain have appeared ou Ihe stnge j appearances. A riotous night In  Phll-
together In recent years. ladelphla'S "little Africa" was Hlnck-
.Jlm Smith defeated  Fred Stor-1 burn's undoing.    He killed a man, In
beck in fi founds at  New York, I Self-defense,  he  alleged,  but  ho  was
  jiiiilto  prison  tor  fifteen  years.   He
Scott Free. is now  serving bis
Edmonton, .luly 7. -The aotlve pur- iis expected thai lu
International League.
Montreal, 8;  Hocbester, 2.
Toronlo, Bi  Buffalo, 2. '
Baltimore, 0;  Providence, 7.
Jersey City, 1;  Newark, 2.
Callr. on Bryan.
Washington, July 7.    Soruka Ebara,
venerable Japanese statesman and or-
llflh  yenr, and  It | ganlzer    or    the    JnpaneBe-Amerlcan
will  soon  be re- ( Pence society, called today on Secretary   Bryan.    Mr.   Ebara    Is    touring
value the good land at $600 an acre.
Similar land immediately adjoining
i was assessed at but J:ir,0 nn acre, and
i his honor wanted to know where there
i was a difference of $;ir.o an acre in a
quarter of a mile, or In one Instance,
merely In the difference or east and
, ,   ,   west of a tree.
Here i�� a knotty problem sugsteste-a 	
by sir Henry Roscoe In bis -autoblo-      ' want to do what's right with the
graphy,   Two man argued i* to win-   people, but it doesn't look fair to me j
ther ml or water is the lighter.   Tbe*t0 j0 this," he snld in dismissing the
lirst man contended that the ml must wllnpRS
bo   lighter,   as   it  floats   Ul   "
mental farm here and taw grain and
vegetables flourishing within 60 miles
of t'i" Arctic i-iriit'. demonstrating the
agricultural possibilities of the Yukon valley.
'An   Odd   Arg.unent.
is a knotty problem sug-'ot-tt'd
And then the unscientific man tri
umped witb  thc   argument   that oil
Albert   Hrehaut,   farmer,
by Mr. Mclntyre, said he
lived    on
must be the heavier because it keep* j -anc-   adjacent   to   Mr.   Booth's   farm
the water down. 1 [lis land waB now valued at *?,oD an
 ;acre.   He   had   subdivided,   but had
Might   Be   Worse. 'never got an offer for the lotB and
When the poet Wordsworth died nn  restored it to acreage.    On his prom-
obi lady at Ambleside lost no time in ise to cancel the subdivision the court I
telling  the mournful  news to an oil ()[ revision  had  equalized his assess- j
and  confidential   manservant.    "Hy, ment at 6860,   Kor about 10 acres sub���
ey I" quoth Thomas.   "It's a gre't Iom divided  he  had  got $2000 cash and I
nae doot, but idler a'  it may  not blithe rest  In shares.    The shares were1
sic a parlisli loss as ye're coontin' nn. valueless.   Ills 10 acres with the cash |
Mrs. Wordsworth, thev say, is a gey,land shares might show    a   value   of
���lever body, ami she'll be carryin' on $ls,000 on paper.
the business, we may  be sewer.
The  big  responsibilities ol inarriet
life arc the little ones.
Wood  Alcohol   Killed  Him.
Calgary.  July   7.���Arthur   Iloughan
drank a quantity of wood alcohol this build.
Uy Mr. McQuarrie.    Ile thought bis
aiBSBSment too high.    He thought Mr.
Booth's assessment too high also. He
did not know ItB value for residential
purposes. Thero was no such thing
there. There might bit snme small
parcel sold on small payments, On Mr.
Booth's  boggy land    one    could    not
Miss Maud
Fealy ;
The Broadway Star and National Stock Favorite'In'
A poetic drama from the
Danish of Henrlk Herl. A
3-reel notable Thanhouser
production. This marks
Miss Fealy's photoplay debut.
Blackburn   looin
champion of the
wi ighi divisions.
Alone  the  boggy Ian 1  was of
tn the "pen" America to ascertain the causes and Imorning and died before medical aid no value.   Alonjfj**A-8?"olfcer land   it
d    like    the coming  extent of nnll-.lapatu se sentiment and  could  be summoned,    The police are hiIkIii   be worth  $60 an  aeroi    It was
Welter and  middle-   to do what he can to Improve the situ-   Inclined lo believe Iloughan commlll-  only good fur a "run" 'jr cattle,
lie had   the enure atlon by personal representations to ed  suicide  und  an  Inquest  will  bo;    ills honor tlnn  nave his decision
Westminster's  Favorite
Matinee:   2:00  to   5:00.
Night:   6:30 to   11:00,
Adults 10c;  Children 5c.
Marqult of Queenebury bill of fan- al men of Influence in the l'nited Statea. held.
na ri ported ,-ibo\o. PAUE   SIX
Classified Advertising
c Ived for The News at the follow-
,ng places: I-'. T. Hill's drug store,
6IIS Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Queensborough, Lulu Island.
I RATE8. ���
Classifled���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used as rehired within one year from date of
contract,  $25.00.
GIRL       WANTED,       APPLY       1420
Seventh avenue.    Phone 755 L.
housework, 903 Henley street, or
phone  L955. (1686)
furniture in good condition; must
be cheap. Apply Box 1684 The
News.  (1684)
as general good cook; experienced.
Box  1666  News. (166C)
ing and demonstrating for quick
selling household article. Apply
box 1663 Newa. (1663)
Principal for High School, New
Yi'estminsler. Applications with full
j articulara will be received up to the
l ,th inst.   Address
Secretary   Board  of  School  Trustees,
(1681)       New Westminster.
rooms, all conveniences. Apply on
promises, 434 Seventh street. (1708)
suitable for lady or gentleman. Apply 66 Sixth street. (1705)
rooms to rent; every convenience.
Apply 619 Hamilton atreet.      (1692)
furnished housekeeping rooms at 37
Agnes  street.     Telephone  638 L.
funlshed housekeeping rooms, first
floor, at 214 Seventh street.    (1616)
Details    cf    Successful    Operation on
Mother of Alderman Hanna
of  Victoria.
timber land. If you want to learn
particulirs of thin I can tell vou.
and help you tile application to buy
at $2.5(i per acre. Box 1707 News
office. (1707)
The details of the operation where-
POR SALE���$500 BELOW VAI.UE.Jby Mrs. James Hanna. mother of Aid-
four roomed liouse, partly furnished,
sea front lot, graded: flower garden; White Rock; lovely situation;
spring water piped to house. Owner
leaving neighborhood. $1000 for
cash or $1250 on terms. Apply E
D.  U..    care While    Rock    cottage,
Fcrcst   Fire   Losaea  Three   Times   as
Grea-j, as Commercial
White Rock.
lot, 66x132 corner Ash street and
Fourth avenue. For quick sale will
sell for $1100 below market value.
This ia a money maker; Investigate
at once.   P. O. Box 164 City. (1665)
Montreal. July 7.-  "Canada Is losiui',
three times as much timber every year
��� rin.-ni   Hanna  of  Victoria,  recovered   the foremost authorities in this coun-
her   sight   In   Toronto   are    just    to  commercial  uses."
iuin,l This statement Is made by one of
.he  following  is  from  an  eastern  the foremost authorities lnt his coun
neper: 'tr-v ��" forestry matter"
'sirs'.   James   Hanna, of   Janetvllle, I who has charge of thi
near Lindsay, Out., aged eighty-three of the C. P. R.
years, and totally blind for the past      "And this tremendous waste,   son-
five vcai-s was operated on yesterday tinued Mr. Wlnegar,   ls evidently not
hv  iir.  K.  A.  Reeve, the noted occu-| letting  up  this  year,  as  the   reports
list, of this city, and left for ber home; from the Laurentlan mountains
lasl night with her sight  restored.       '    "The timber resoun
The history of the loss of her eye- j ion have
sight experienced bv Mrs.  Hanna and   it i'i realized that it takes on au aver-
its subsequent restoration  is  replete age one hundred years for a tree to
Forty    years i grow up that  is capable of producing
Officials Are Striving Hard to Bring
Out the Full Value of Canada's
Fruit Lands ��� Certain Limited
Areas Produce Certain Kinds ol
Applet and Other Districts Seem
Unable to Compete.
TUESDAY,  JULY  8,   1913.
es of tiie Domln-
been over-valued, and, wben
With   pathetic   interest.
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 rER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square, (1677)
ago  her  boh   William    left    the    old t two railway tii*. ll  will be seen
homestead  to  seek  a  fortune  In  the j disastrous   these   lires  are,   and
west. First he settled on the prairies, jdifucult It is for nature to catch np on
and, doing well there, lhe cal Ito ven-
iel, black and white. Reward. Address F. Ray, 815 Tenth street.
ngate, mounted in gold. Reward at
620 Columbia street. (1693)
ture still further received a ready response, but during all his wanderings
he never failed to keep In touch with
his mother.
Settling In Victoria. B. ('.. W. J.
Hanna. by dint of perseverance and
hard work, made good and is now an
alderman for the city of his adoption.
Later on he was able to make periodic
trips to the old home, the scenes of
which had never left his memory. It
is tlve years since his last visit east.
Then his mother, though seventy-nine
years of age, could see to read with
facility, nnd the thoughl of losing her
eyesight had   -ever entered ber mind.
Affliction  Discovered by Grandson.
Mr. Manna's son, Stephen, came east
last  fall  and  entered  the  freshmen's
these devastations caused    by    man's
1 carelessness.
"So far as the railway companies are
j concerned, every possible care is being
tfken this year to remove anv possibility of tires beginning from locomo-
itive sparks and simiiiar causes.    The
I railway commission, through Ita lire
inspector, Clyde X. Leavltt, is taking
np this matter in a stringent way. Orders have been Issued making it compulsory for locomotives to carry safeguards against the throwing out of
sparks and cinders.    Inspectors have
That orange you bad for breakfast
was grown iu Californiai the raisins
ill the piece of pic eaten at lunch
time CBmc all the wny fmm Spain;
B. M. Wlnegar, I the currants tlmt dot our puddings
forestry branch I and cakes travel farther���from Greece;
I iii I the assortment ol fruit offered
as dinner dessert often represents
many countries nl the world���nearly
always many countries except oui
own. 'Twoultl almost make you think
Camilla bud no Iruit. And yet���fifteen
ami three-quarter millions ol dollar.-
is the value I tbe average annual
Iruit crop of the province of Otitarh
alone. Apples, pears, peaches, pluut.-
cl'.-'rries, grapes, strawberries, black
berries, currents, gooseberries, strawberries, are grci*,,-tl abundautlv in suit
al ' ��� localities nnd under proper treat
Going back a few years, taking sta*
ti.-tics a< compiled bv experts on tin?
sublet, lur the years 1001-1905, th.
averai;e yenrly crop in Ontario wa.-
tlieii valued nt about seven ami a ball
millions. Now, from 1905 up to the
present thc acreace of iruit lands in
the province shows an increase ol
only eleven ami a quarter per cent.
So that, making nil due allowance for
increase In price?, it is evident that
much more Iruit is being produced.
As un  ��id  to effective educational
214  Fifth    avenue;     answering    to!
name of Cleo,    Finder please return
to 214 Fifth avenue and receive reward. Anyone harboring same after Ke" at  Mr,(',n  university
After comnleting his academic year
he returned west for the summer, but
Incidentally called to see his grand-
I mother en route, to discover th.it her
jeyi sight had failed her, anil was cha-
I grilled over the failure of the intimate
this notice will be prosecuted.
to be maintained at divisional  points
for the inspection of this locomotive 1 K,","rl(   ,���   ,, lut   growing,   Ih..-   Ontario
ipparatus. the company  hns to pro- | [ruit branch lias boon conducting i
number  of  years   what   ii   called
vide Bpeclal lire wardens in certain
districts, make fire guards and arrangements for the burning of brushwood and litter, and all operating employees are called upon to report any
fires they see on their runs. In this
way the railways are doing their share
to minimize the Iosscb and dangers of
such fires.
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings Btreet west, Vancouver, B.C. (1678)
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary Public.
Curtis Block,        657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
neighbors to inform his father of the! YOU CAN KEEP MY WIFE
state of affairs. BUT GIVE  ME  MY  AUTO
On arrival home he broke the news i *���������>
to bis father, who Immediately left for ; New York, July 7��� Working in a
Janetvllle, where he arrived on Fri- j New York department store is Mrs.
day.   The aged mother was heartbro-   Mary Gertrude Savage, until recently
He uses to Trade
No. 708 Seventh    avenue,    city,    five
room,    fully    modern,    new    house.
Owner will take   lot   as cash
ment.    A   good  deal   for  few-
ken nt her inability to see her son.
Mr. Hanna immediately Informed the
neighbors that he would have his
mother operated upon, but they did
their utmost to dissuade him. They
considered   that   such     a    procedure
I would be futile, but, fortunately,    Mr.
1 Hanna's faith had not been shaken.
"Yej, I see Your Hand."
Arriving in tbis city early yesterday
morning, Mr. Hanna conducted his
mother to Dr. Reeve's surgery, corner of Bloor Btreet and Park road,
where, with the deft skill of a specialist, the physician quickly performed I savage paid over $6000
���thedtffliculttaskof removing the cat-1    Soon aflprward prank Connollv, a
the lawful wife of W. C. Savage, a
well known cotton broker, having of
flees at 239 Church s'reei. Manhattan
Her wages are $6
she  sighs over th
glances longingly at the clock her
"affinity" Harry Immlck, sometimes
Mr, Savage's chauffeur, is winging
his way west.
Immick and Mrs. Savage eloped
from the beautiful Savage residence
at 64 Lincoln road. Flatbush, February 1, In a brand new, beautifully upholstered  touring  car.   lor which   Mr
slreet. Everything new and first
class.    Terms reasonable.        (1690)
rooms with board, suitable for city-
gentlemen; references. Apply Turney, 703 Third avenue. 116621
\No.   1030  FIHh   avenue,     city
room, fully modern honae, large
to lane.    Owner's equity $1300, bal
tracts,    "Can you see anything?" the j
Pay-1 doctor  asked   of   the   erstwhile   blind
days j woman   Immediately   after   the   lance
[had  been  withdrawn  from    the    eye.
-^^vys-1 "YeB, 1 hco your band," came tbe quick
���*ven 1 reply. Then turning her bead slightly
.land   seeing ber  son.  she cried;   "My
"orchard survey work." A county, or
portion of a county, is covered each
season by scientifically trained Iruit
men who mnke a (arm-to fart-i canvass
i ul record the location, acreage, kind
of iruit, varieties, trees in bearing,
trees linn-hearing, nature ol soil, tti-
lage, fertilization, diseases, insect
pes's, market in*.-*, income��� in fact a
detailed record nl the orchard Irom
every standpoint, This data i- exceedingly valuable, as you may readily understand, 'lhis Mitvey work so
far ..ns been carried on in the counties <���( Slmcoe, Huron, Lamtiton, Elgin, Lincoln, Wentworth, Durham,
Northumberland and Prince Edward,
An experimental (arm at Jordan
the supervision of
��� fruit branch, but
! it may lie regarded as m tlie prelim
1 inary stages, as it lias little "r li"
��� fruit in bearing yet, being practically
I rewly planted. During the past ten
to fifteen years, a number ol experimental stations have been conducted
at different points throughout the
province Ior tin' purpose ..( testing
IruiU and finding out what varieties
are best suited t" the respective localities.    This  experimental  work
week, and  while j Harbor   is   under
lace counter and | t*,0 director ol  tl
brother of Mrs. Savage, spied the stol- j in eHect completed,  ami that  lists ot
Sealed tenders, superscribed "Tender for Manual Training Building.
Alia Vista." addressed to the under-
ilgned. will be received up to the
hour of 7:30. July 10th, 1913.
Plans    and    specifications    can    be
* en at the office of the architect, 116
Crown   building,   Pender   street   west,
ancouver, or at the office of the
School  Board,  Kingsway,  llurnahy.
Each tender musl be accompanied
by a duly certified cheque for a sum
equal to 5'' of the tender, which will
i." forfeited il the party tendering declines to enter into the contract it
called upon, to do so.
Tha cheques ot unsuccessful tenderers will be renin.'d to tbem on
signing of contracl
The Hoard does not hind themselves
to accept Hie lowest or any tender.
A. J. BAUHAM, Sen- tary.
Box 207, McKay. P.O (1701)
Theatre   Building Columbia   Street
Sealed tenders, superscribed Tender
for general work, plumbing, heating
sad electric lighl bb the case may be,
nnd addressed I the undersigned will
be reoelved up to noon of Wednesday,
18th July   foi *       lon and com
pletion i r i he Hi ��� nml bug to be
erecti I on Columbia street. New
Wesl ninster, B.C,
Plans and specifications can be obtained by responsible contractors on
application to the arch lb *��� -
The compasy do in I bil 'I themselves lo accept the lowest or any
(170'Ji vn h tects.
anoe easy payments, will take a lot I
for equity.    Sou  us  about   it.
Six room modern house at the corner
of Tenth and Belleville streets;
lot 66x120. Owner's equity $2500.
Balance payments small and easy,
being only .2o0 every Bix months.
Nos.  207 and  209 . Seventh    avenue.
city, two flno new houses for    ex-
change. Owner will tuke reasonably i
priced property for equity.    Investigate at once.    These are good buys. !
' son William.'
and broke down
As soon as composure waa restored,
the elated old  lady almost went into
hysterics again with joy. and repeatedly exclaimed:  "I can seel I can see!
II can Bee your white vest.    I can even
i read." And she left the office with her
i blessings  upon  her  Biirgl'Ml  benefac-j
en car outside the hotel  Endicott,  In
N'ew   York   city.     He   telephoned   Mr.
Savage,   who  arrived   quietly   with   a
I -squad of cops.    Immick and Mra. Sav-
��� aire   were   arrest-��d   wben   they   came
lout or the hotel     At  the pollce, station   Savace   is   reported   as   bavins
said:     "All   I   want   Is  my   car;   you
can have itty wife if you want her!'' I
after  which  he  entered   the  car and I
drove  off.   leaving   h's   wife   and   her [
affinity   to   pursue   Iheir   own   s\v<-ef I
way.     But   the  automobile   gone,  Im-j
mlck'i   overpowering   love   Pt   Mrs.
I caught
i n.
soon   died,   and
i  westbound   train.
the recommended varieties bave beet
Ontario covers a wide area niui includes varying climatic conditions
Thus, it is that in Prince Edward
County the Ben Davis apple grow*
to such a site that y.u need to see it
to believe it; that the ruddiest North
ern Spies oome from Oxford County,
that they have Oil the St, Lawrence
brought the Mcintosh lied to such
a state of perfection that lhe fruit
growers set up a memorable stone ii
honor of the parent tree of th; Mc
day he I In tosh Reds, Varying conditions n
For two   soil,   climatic   influences,    moisture
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust  BuitIding.
Province of British Columbia, County
of Westminster.
Under and by virtue of a writ of
ft fa to iae directed and delivered
against the gimda and chattels of
Ralph Asser and Sydney Asser, at
the soil of Columbia Trust Company
Limited, 1 have seized and will sell
at Heaps Engineering Company's
pii-iniaes, Front Slreet, N'ew Westmin
ster. on Tuesday, the 24th day of
June. 1913, at 2 o'clock In the afternoon, the following, or sufficient
thereof to satisfy the Judgment debt
and  costs  herein:
The cabin cruiser "Cecilia." powered
wltli a four cylinder evele 2D h.p.
Hoinuti  engine,  1912 model.    Length
over nil 85 feet, beam S feet, uphill- his
Btered In green plush, finished Inside
With hardwood, sleeping accommodation for six persons and fitted with
toilet, coo kstove, ���end electric llghtn
Terms of Rale cash.
New Westminster, June 7, 1913, (1562)
Furnished tl ret room suite with
hath, Hot and cold water $27 50 per
Bradley Apartments.
1218  Fifth  Ave. Phone 750
The above sale Is h
until Tuesday  the Sth    day    of July
1913, ut ihe same time and place.
(161*) Sheriff.
Rockefelelr   Makes   a   Social   Call   on
34-Ycar-Old   Mary  Beechcr.
Chagrin   Falls, 0���    Julv    7.    "Land
sakes!    If it  ain't John  Rockefeller.
Sit down. John."
Mrs. M. A. Beechcr. 84, placid an
armchair under a big shade tree In
her farm yard for .lohn D, Roclte-
felle,-,  72.
"How arr- you Mary well?" asked
Rockefeller, as he sat down beside
"Yes. 1 am feeling pretty well," site
answered,   "And   how   are   you   and
"Oh, just  about  the .satin "
"Won't   you   hive   a   drink,   John?
It's pretty warm today?"
"Ves, please."
So Mrs Beecher's daughter brought
water freshly drawn from the deep
well beside the house.
"I just want you to see my sweet
peas. John." she said, as site arose and
lied the way to the fei  where they
'made  a  bright   border  foi   tho   lawn.
"They're prettier than for years."
"They're  beautiful,"   Bald  .lohn.
Then they returned to their chairs
'and talked long of old limes.   And af-
i ter a while the motor partj    �� h    i In
eluded four Noting women brought out
by   Rockefeller  for an  unaccustomed
ride   staffed   back   to    Foresl     11:11
John I), (paved his hand as he turned
; tlio bend In the road and the aged lady
n iiirnul Hi-   ,-i'ltile.
ll wasn't tin. first time John II, had
I called on Mrs. Beecher It wss Jusl
first call this year, since his re-
llurn from PocantlCO Hills to hii
| summer home In Cleveland. The two
havo been friends for more than 40
! yean-.
One of John li.'s Bummer pleasures
] is motoring around tho pleasant country roads and dropping In to Bee bis
old cronies.   There aro many nun and
women hereabouts who have    beard
I of course, that John D, is the richest
by postponed  man in the world, bul who know blm
only its a simple, kindly Old man. who
doosn't have to work much any moro,
mon;lis now Mrs. Savage has been re-
Ipenling her folly over -he counter of
a   Sixth  avenue    department    store
-while her husband nnd the two chil
dren  lived  in  the  big  Flatbush  real
'. donee.
Justice  Blackmar, of the Brooklyn
supreme cour',  granted an  Interlocutory decree to Savage, Hiving him the
custody   of  Ihe  children
GOVERNMENT   OFFERS   REWARD. | ��d beyond question; the >
ing   llie   tree   by   cultivati
Place   Price   cn   Head   cf   Dynamiters,
Who   Destroyed   Dam.
Toronlo. July 7.   Tin- Ontario government  has ottered a reward of twi
nundred dollars for Information lend
ing to the arrest and conviction of the
men   responsible  ior  the  dynamiting
of the Mississippi Development company's dam at (lull lake.   The outrage
j iccurred on June 13 last, and since
then   tin-  provincial   police bave  been
conducting a searching Investigation.
It  is believed thai  the Identity of the
dynamiters is known to people in the
district, and tho offering of a reward
| was decided upon to assist the police
i In running down their quarry.
When ihe Mississippi  Development
company constructed   Its   big   forty-
foot concrete dam a number of farmers owning land along the lake pm
In claims for damage lhat would re
ful-  from the r il Ing of the    wai -r
level.   T*.-   company    re listed    lhe
claims, holding tl n tii" _, lounts a   .
��� were out  -if proportion  to the
of the land t;. elj '" be il imagi d
lit. ii  tbere  'ns been   mere or
��� ihe company, and
Ing atti ntlon to the
lestructlon  of  tin
of   one   or two of
ed fi
leas feeling ni ::
the pollen are g!
theory   thit   tht
dtiin was tho wi rk
these llffi etui.
The complete destruction of the big
concn te work is evidence that ,-i large
quantity of dynnmite was uped and
'hat the men had plenty of time to accomplish their purpose. Ii is believed ihni
uiul the like make it itnp"itatit t
tin? grower to know just what van-*-
ties of any kind of fruit aru adapted
lo bis location, and it is through tne
,-urvey work and experimental work
"i the fruit branch that I.e is able I"
procure authoritative data on these
Much work is yet to be done in the
making oi better Iruit. The effectiveness ol spraying has been demonstrate
d of li-d-
uud the
use ol fertilizer*! has la-en brought
homo to the growers, and now the
fruit brunch intends to make a strong
campaign lor the proper pruning ol
orchards. Some work has been done
already in thia respect, but, in addressing a meeting oi fruit, growers,
.Mr. W. I''. Kydil, of the Iruit branch.
who knows the orchards "i lhe pro
vince thoroughly, stated thai "there
vere not su properly pruned orchards
in the whole of Ontario." It will be
the business ol the Iruit branch 1"
teach correct method* ol pruning, and
to prove its value as it haa proveO
the value ol spraying. Tlits is being
done by actual demonstrations in the
oreltards. wlnie large numbers ol fruit
growers gather and watch the opera.
ti'tis ol experts at  prunnin.'.
���since the orchard acreage is beinp
conaUlerablj increased from yenr b
year by extensive now plantings, tt
has become advisable lu assure tl"
((rower of a lair start *itb his younp
tree- by a system "I nursi rj Inspection
which will enable he fruit branch tc
Issue a certificate a.- to the health)
conditions ul the slock from any par
ticular nursery. A provincial entonin
IngUt has been attached to tlle slnH
"I tiie branch so lout expert, seitinti
He knowledge ol Iruit pests nml ili<
eases will be the basis ot all nursery
certificates issued.
While the growing ot good fruit In
profitable quantities is tho great prob-
lur the fruit  tanner, he litis still
\       �� :������.�������*
Ask your Druggist or Grocer
to show you the new plan for
killing all the flics in your
house or store in one night,
and have neither flies nor fly
killers about in the daytime.
one to look after her. and all without
a word being said to the girl's mother
wbo Is capable of looking nfter her.
such is apparently whal has been
done In Montreal.
What appears on the face of lt to
be an outrageous piece of work on
the part of the authorities, Is related by MrB. Hell, a widow living at
St. Urban B'reet,. Mrs. Hall has Hied In Montreal for five years, and previous to that for three yours In Winnipeg. Three years ago. In r daughter, 1-ouise, then aged 18, came from
Kngland to live wtth her. and has
been supported by her mother ever
Last Aprll Ihe girl went Insane, and
was sent by the civic authorities to
Longue Pointe asylum, where she was
reported to be making progress towards recovery. On May 2a, her mother visited her at the asylum, bul
on going there again on June 24, ahe
was told that ber daughter had been
sent to England on board the steamer Lake Manitoba, which sailed June
Was  Not  Told   Why
"I visited the Immigraiion office,
and they told me tbey had sent the
girl to Kngland, hut I wns unable to
find why they had done so." said Mrs.
Hall today. "There was no reason for
sending her to Kngland. Her homn
was in Montreal with me. 1 was supporting her, and there, was no danger of her becoming a public charge,
and, besides, she has been here for
almost three yiars. What wlll happen to ber in Kngland, I don't know.
We have no relatives in tbe old country to help her."
Mrs. Hall Is In a bad state of anxiety regarding her daughter's safety.
At the office of the Dominion immigration department, lt ie stated,
that Miss Hall had been deported under the clause in the immigration act
which provided that tbose who were
In danger of becoming a public charge
and had not been In tho country for
a period of ihree years, could be returned to the country from which
they  had conic.
Tinders will be received by the undersigned for tin.- construction of por-
lionij of Iho Canadian Northern PaclflO
Railway on Vancouver Island. Province i f British Columbia, as tolli ws:
1, l'Tom the City of Victoria lo n
point near Headman's Itlver In lb'-
DlBtrlot of Esqulmault, a distance or
approximately tlve miles.
2. A line leaving the above at Regina Avenue, Victoria, and extending
to Union Hay, Saanlch Penlnlsula, n
distance of approximately 15*14 milea.
Tinders to Include clearing, grabbing, grading, bridges, I resiles, culverts, masonry and fencing.
Contractors will be required in submit two tenders for that portion of
the work Included In the grading, ono
being ou tiie basis of the. following
Solid rock,
Loose rock,
Hard pan,
and the other on the basis of a classification for "solid rock" and "all other
Plans, prollles, specifications unit
forms of contract may be seen, and
forms of tender obtained at the offices
of Mackenzie, Mann ti Co., Ltd.,
Metropolitan building. S27 Hastings
street west, Vancouver. 111'., or al the
offices of Mackenzie, Mann *; Co.,
Ltd., Pemberton block, Viotorla, lie.
j Tenders to Include clearing, grub-
(iffices of Mackenzie, Mann & Co.,
Ltd., Metropolitan building, Si'.T Elast-
ings street west, Vancouver. B.C., not
later thnn noon on Saturday. July 19.
1918, and to be enclosed In a Bealed]
envelope marked "Tenders for Construction." The lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted.
July nth, 1913. (1700)
COAL MINING rtBhta of th" Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Altmrta,
the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of ti." Provmee
nf HrltlHh Columbia, may be loa-sfd for s
term of twnnty-.me yeurs at an annual
rental of II an aero. Net mnr,' than 12&-8e
acrea will be leam-d to nnw applicant.
Application for a lassa miint be mad-a
hy the applicant In per-son to tho As"llt
or Hub-Agent nf the dlntrlcl In which th*
rlslitu applied fur are situated.
In surveyed territory tin- land muat be
di'aerlbed by sections, or li-s-'il mi'n-divl-
fllonH of Hi-otlonn, ami In unmirveyed territory tb" tract applied for shall b#
atakt-d out by the applloant himself.
Each application uiuHt l��- ai-compaiitod
by a tee of $6 which will he refund,*.! lf
iho rlfftitfi api'll'-d for ara not availnble,
hut not ethenrlse, a royalty shall be
paid on the merchantable output of th*
mln* at the rale of flvo centa per ton.
The p-eraon oi>orallng the mine alia!)
furnish the Agent with sw-��rn return*
accounting for the Cull quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty (hereon. If the conl mining rights
are not )j*lng operated such returns ahouhj
be  furalabel at   leant  one-" a  year.
Tbo leattr wlll Include the r*i��ul minims
rtgtita only, but the leasee wll! he permitted to purchaaa whatever available
(���nirface rtgtita may ba considered noce-a-
eary for the working of the ralno at tbe
rate of $10 an acre.
For full Information application ahoulij
bo made to tbp  Secretary of the Depart.
ment   of   Ihe  Interior.   Ottawa,  or   to  any
Agent   or  Sub-Agent  of   Dominion   Ij��'"I;i.
W.  W. CORY,
Deputy   Minister of the  Interior..
N.  B.���Unauthorised publication of  tlit-��
advertisement win not be paid for
has nm tei n open ted for some timi
Telephones-   Office 53,  Residence -429.
JOHN niiin. Proprietor.
Arents     Palmer    liros.'   Dasollne
Bagtnes,  Marine  i:ni;ines  and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and  Worko:  Tenth  St.
P.O. Dox 474.    New Weatmlnster, B.C.
Aged f!4:   GetR Six   Months.
London, om , July 7     fames Kit/
irernld. a feeble old man of *-1 yeara, Is
ni ihe county Jail, where In* is awaiting ihe fulfilment of tit -der of Mas
��� I Istrale K B. Smilh. of Allen Craig,
'who convicted him .'f vagrancy and
sentenced hint to servo six months at
���luird labor." The case 11 attracting
much attention, especially in view of
the fuel that tb" niteil prlsoni r hud
been under the care of ii"* Jail physician since liin arrival In this "i'v. II"
Is said lo have livid ol i ::������ time in
Snrnlii, bul chilms Rtratford db his
most recent home, lie wis born in
inland xi years ago and never married. He is imw frlendlt as and ii waa
proved against hlm thai he had tm
home and no visible means of support.
An effort will probably he made to
have hlm removed from (he county
Jail cells and placed In some of the
hornctl for aged people.
the explosive was obtain- tn Important matter t" ileal with In
  ie vicinity which | marketing his crop to tho best advantage. Tin- co-operative association,
which has liien I osier od by tin- Inn!
lii.iK-h. does much to solve the mnr
ketlltg problem, Tin re are -nine but.
"I these associations in Ontario, and
while tle-y nre not exactly iiiul".r nui
trol id llie Iruit branch, tliey are connected with it hy lln- tact Hint Hi"
director ol Iho Iruit branch bus been
t'n.I is now secretary ol the U-'ruit
Jewti  Est->h' "i) Tribunal,
Ni w  i.Yr'.    lo ���   :.   The establishment of :i Hi 111 Hh*   :t sort or Biblical
tribunal f' r orthe Ion Jews, was decided  upon  hero .ti   n ��� mvpntlin  or
ihe Jewish iolire gatli -i ��������� lhe United
Siiiies and Canadn     Nt trli   l* (1 con
gregatlons, mosl ot tho n : *  ���*.: >! t taut
cities, were represented   the p'irpn.,���, !"j' .,',
of the eon', i ntlon being to further the   '
work  of orthodox  cohgreiatlons  and
sspeclall; to hold up traditional Judaism as agalnsl the reformed and liberal types    The Bi 'h Din w 111 hivo ii
representative orthodox Jev a ns '-"tu-
bers, who shall certify to qualifications of men applying for the rabbinate nnd especially shnll setup religious  controversial  questions   Another important matter agreed upon wasl
the recognition of the United  Byna  i    Montreal, July  7.--To  take a  girl
goguee of America, which have been -from a lunatic asylum, pack ber on
formed   In   Ihe   various  cities   In   the I board  ship  and   send  ber  across  the
psat live years. I ocean lo Kngland, where sl"-' bas uu
|   September has in turn consisted ol
SIXlculi, thirty,  ihirly-oiii' and  IlliaHy
ti.irty diiyr.
Actors in Toronto Joined by Chief
Rabbi In Theatre.
Toronto, July 7- In the early hours
of tho morning of June 29, men, women and children crowded th" Central
Palace   Hall   to     Witness   a    Hebrew
Miss Hadif- Schoen Gold and Mr
.Samuel Aurbuch, both of whom ure of
New York, were the principals. They
have bein appearing, however, wiih a
Yiddish stock company in this city,
and it was previously announced that
the wedding knot would be tied ou
the stage at the conclusion of Saturday evening's performance. It was
on this account that the huso gathering front the surrounding neighborhood flocked Into their place of amusement.
It came its a surprise when the
prospective Broom appoared before
th" curtain and announced that owing to objections raised by itahbi Jacobs be nnd lYs bride-elect would be
married In Central Palace Hull. Then
amid wild cheering the throng tore
up to the hall, singing on tha way.
The packed hall was almost stifling
but. the gathering was an orderly one
and   Itev.  J.   Waldamati   had   no  dlfTi
CUlty   in   performing  bis   purl   of  (he
Wltb lh" end nf lhe formalities th"
orchestra l'i a lively manner. Btruck
up "At tiie Vlddlsher Hall," and then
here was a rush toward the bride,
who in turn tread a measure with
her many admirers. About a hundred
tat down to dinner, while tin re waa
the customary Howling bowl. Speeches
were made by .itidge Cohan, a. ii
Birmingham, Conservative organizer,
nui i-:. \V, J. Owens, m  P. i'.
It   was   nut   until   5   o'clock   i'i   the
morning that lha merriment ceased
Couldn't Eat Blankets.
Kiirnhani Camp, Quo.. July 7.���The
idvance parties of the Highland battalion of the eadetti al I-'.-irnhatn ap
peered to have been completely overlooked hy whoever had charge of the
arrangements of the camp, for not food
or drink was supplied lo Hie lads and
what little they were able tn obtain
was whal Ihey purchased at the Y. M,
C,  A. marquee.    Everything appears
in hnve heen lefl lo mere chance lor
th"  reception  of  the  endets:    It   was
dt.'sk before blankets wer" handed out
and then bui. two waterproof Bheete
were aerved to each tint, nnd two
blankets in each lad.   in canoe where
there were six or seven lads in a tent
il   would   have   gone   very   hard   Willi
them if rain had s"t In, us wllh the
amall number of waterproof sh"' te
many had to I'" down on tho ground.
Three officers who were quartered together were servi d oul wllh Iwo waterproof shecis mul live blankets
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)   $16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, Kug
land, Now York, Chicago and Spokane
j U.S.A., ond Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available wllh correspondents Jn all parts of the world.
|   Savings Bank Department   Deposits
: received  in Hums  of $]  and  upward
nnd interest allowed at .1 per cent per
iniiiim (present rate).
Total Assets over $1 K8.0nn.niin on.
0.  I)   BRYMNBR, Manager.
P.O. Bos 34
Dally Newe Bldg.
of all  k I ti il s.
| Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
19  McKemif  3t
New Spring and  Summer Sultlnga
now on  display,    Sen them.    Perfect
(It and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Front StreeL
To  Port   Mann  and   Port  Coqultlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Dally  Except Sunday.
Aa Per Followlnfl Schedule:
Leaves  New  Weatmlnsler  for  Port
Mann  8:00 n in.
Leaves   l'ort   Mann  for  New  West
minster 9:oo a.m.
Leaves  New   Westminster for  Port
Munn and  Port Coqultlam 10:00 a.m.
Leaves    Port    Coqultlam    for    Port
Mnnn and New WeBtmlnster 100 p.m.
Lphvob New Westminster 'or Port
Munn 5: "fl p.m.
Leaves  Port  Mann  for  New  Westminster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves  New   Westminster
Mann and Port Coqultlam 4
Loaves   Port   Coqultlam
Mnnn and New Westminster
Schedule subject to change without
For further  Information  inquire:
Eraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone  1G1 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
for  Port
.In p.m.
for   Port
6:80 p ni.
Transfer Co.
Office   Phone   185.      Barn  Phone   137
Bsgbls Strsst.
HaKgatte Delivers* Promptly to
any psrt of tbe city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
But  Now  Telephone    Girl   Seeks
Have  Him  Arrested  Under
Mann  Act
to  Instance  of  What  Quebec  Man   Old
By Carefully Witching His
New   York,  July  7.-Mrs.   May  Ho-
Chief Engineer Miller on the Job Making Preparations to Benin in
St. Catherines, July 7���Chief Kngi-
The following on successful dairy
gardes  Tower,   who  lias  filed  a suit  lng la supplied by the department of!neer Weller of thc Welland ship ca
unprecedented In law against her for-  agriculture: , _, >v,     , ���'
..,���r iim.i,,,,,,!    Aii>,.��,   i.*-.!.......i  T i    -rv,���. . ., na ,   wo k   on   the    owitr   section   of
mer hiiHliund.  Albert   Ldward  Tower. I     There  are  such  excellent  concrete1    "'        ���, ,     .    , ���*.,
multi-millionaire Ironmaster, inakliiR 'examples now and again outcr���pping which will begin in August, announced
charges against blm under the Mann of men who prove that It paya to that the present old canal tyill be
act, although she obtained legal se- lake up cow testing, tbat tlieir re-I closed between Allanburg ard Mar-
parallon from him months ago, is In cords of success make stimulating latt's bridge, near Thorold, for bulld-
Mouiil  Vernon.  NY. reading    for    dairy    farmers all over  ing a new  weir at the  head of  lock
Prom lhere she Is directing her nn- i tlie  Dominion. ' No. 26 of the present cnnal, to supply
usual proceedings which draw Into! Ilere Is a (tood example of what I the above mentioned water. A (lain
documentary toils the name of Miss one man at Cedar Hall, Quo., in the will thflfi he thrown across the old
Klsa  (iarrett. iQaspe    peninsula    accomplished     by,cnnal  at  Allanburg,  and  the old  bed
Miss (Iarrett. a young woman nf carefully watching his fairly good of the Canal between the dam and
exceptional beaut7, Is Bald by the.cows and feeding them better. TheIM-OTlatt's bridge will be utilized as a
plaintiff to have lived on the Tower first year his -eight cows gave him dumping Kround in which to place the
ranch in Buena Vista, Sonoma coun- 83,611 pounds of milk, an average of material removed from above water
ty, California. Exlstenoe there was 4188 pounda at a feed cost of $32.50, 1�� widening the deep cut.
described as Idyllic    Mm. Tower says  netting   u   lota)   profit   of   $7U ��-j    an!     If it la desired to continue naviga-
lt was  utterly  unlawful.
Was Telephone Girl
FTSends of the beautiful Mrs. Tow-
<*r declare the case, brought now bo
near home by ber presence In Mounl
Vernon,   carries   more   of   the   pathos
ef romance than of vengeance.
Mrs. Tower was a telephone girl
in Poughkeepsle, Over Ihe wire her
gentle voice won the old man of millions. They met. Tbey were married. The young girl, so strangely and an Increase of one hundred and thirty
suddenly lifted to the power of wialth I"'r cent lu the profit, ll pays to give
from the helplessness Of llttle-pald-for additional feed if the cows kept are
work, loved lhe husband-benefactor of the type to make use of it profit-
devotedly. ably.
Only  a  little  while before hei- gull The forclbl" realities are theae. The
for separation  she said she loved br,r gross Income from milk increased by
husband  still  and  would  always love $183.43   from   the   same   number     of
average of $'j.6l) per cow. Two nt
the besl cows In the herd the first
year were lost accldently. two heifers
made up the herd to eight again; a
pure  bred sire is  kepi.
The next year his eight cowa giv:
him 41,408 pounds of milk, an average of 617(1 pounds, or one thousand
pounds of an Increase per cow, but
the total profit was $177.lilt, or an
average of i'i'i.u per cow,   This is
'lh'' marriage had taken plac Iii
1903, A former wife of Tower bad
shot her only son and hersilf a year
Whon sin- won her suit the obtain-
ed $7liii il month alimony,
In Mount Vernon her friends said
the wis Influ,meed in lur presen
action by actual enduring love for
Tower lhat she feared he would tie
duped. They declare that she has
absolutely no thought of avenging
herself on him or on thf woman she
names as his companion on tbe California ranch.
A  Mrs.   Wt iss  was  mentioned  by
Mrs. Tower during the earlv singes
��� of her'sitit for separation. Mrs. Tower said Mrs. Weiss criglnnlly had
cauaed the trouble between hersilf
and her husband.
How Lawyers View Case
Oreal interest Is manifested atnontr
lawyers al the efforts of Mrs. Tower
i" broaden the scope of the Matin
net, and cause the arrest of hrr tins-
Tim prevalent opinion of lawyers
is ttm - if the Mann acl can be enforced against husbands who cross
into other states with other women
Wives who entertain a hitler feeling
towards thf ir husbands, can make
ihem a deal of trouble. Others be-
1 ��� V"   il   will   open  a   new  avenue  for
.Mrs. Tower's application for Hie nr-
r'St of her husband, who. she charges
is living on bis California ranch with
Miss Garrett, is now In the hands of
the Washington authorities for a decision aa to whether the offense char
ged is amendable to the federal stat-
utes or those of California.
Questioned as to the application nf
tin- Mann act, Benjamin P. Spellman,
of Towne A Spellman. recently attorneys for Mrs. f. Augustus Helm
in her divorce suit against the cbpjer
king,  said:
"Recently there have conic to my
attention In a professional way sa
many novel methods al blackmailing
that I am not at all amazed ot the
use to which the Mann act Is being
put This law w-as placed on tho
statute books to prevent the great
abuse of taking women from one Btate
in   another   for   immoral   purposes.
"it  is stretching the   imagination
verj much tn cover the case nf n supposed injured wife following Ihe trail
of the other parly. The courts have
recently struck many blows nt the
numerous practices indulged in for
blackmailing purposes, and looking
at 'h��- present luter-.ireiation. it si cms
tn mo that the courts  will
cows, the profit far more than doubled, and the owner has received
every encouragement to try for still
belter results. That Is where a trial
cow testing trip generally lands the
Lionel Lawrence Takes Another Cruiao
in  Matrimonial   Ship���She Too
teeks Annulment.
ew York,    July    7.    Lionel
grea' grandson  of  Capt
rence,     of
rune,   actor
has    been
tlon of the old canal, entrance mav
be had to it through lock No. 25 of tlve
present canal, wben tbe ship canal Is
completed by making a short cut
through the bank separating the tw
The  tolal  lentil  of  the canal  from
lake to lake Ib 25 mlleB, and the difference In level between the two lakes
826  \-'i   feit,   is  to  be overcome  byi
I seven lift locks, each having a lift of t
46V. feet Tin- dimensions of the lock)
are to be SOO feet In length by 80 feet
Iin width in the clear, and with 30 feet I
of water over  the  miter sills at ex-
itreme low stages in tbe lakes.
The width of the canal at the bottom |
Will be '.TO feet, and  for the present
the canal reaches wlll be excavated to
a  depth   of  25   feet    only,    but     nil
stn-tches will be sunk to the 30-foot
depth, so lhat the canal can be deep-i
ened at any future date by the simple I
process of dredging    lit the reaches.
To Insure Quiet Port.
A new western breakwater consist-1
Ing of an  Immi use  rubble mound  of
j stone  from   the  excavation   north     of
i Port Colborne,  and  terminating  in  a I
timber   and   concrete   headblock,   lo  |
!rated  mine 2.(��in  feet  further out In!
the lake than the pn sent breakwater
will he build lo insure nuiet water In
'on  Colborne  harbor during storms, I
which  is not the case now. the present breakwater nr.'. lielng far enough t
out in the lake to deaden the swells.
Tho inner harbor at Port Colborne!
will be deepened to the proposed new .
canal previously mentioned.    A guard
l'-ck will be built In the reck cutting a |
Bhort distance    below    Humberstone i
and  whet)  this  new  cut  is ready  for i
navigation   a   regulating  weir  will  be
built across the abandoned portion o'
the present canal, which will be used
IMPERIALIST P ImFFR d0b,-'d '"'��� ���'"'"��� widowhood by mar-
,11111  UIIIHLIUI    I  IWIlLLIlrj-lng Wellington Prank Clllcy, and la
 ,  , spending her honeymoon in    Europe.
_._ ___..., -..,.. Announcement of the Becond marriage
CX-PREMIER DEAKIN H    , WORK   following  so  soon    after   De   Larm'B
ED HARD FOR THE IDFA.        idrath, surprised  many  friends of the
  i Re Larms.   At the time of De Larm's
'death   his  wife  waB  living   under an
Australian   Statesman   Wa;   t-.i��el�� aB8u,ned name in Michigan. She went
R���.r,������.;ui��� C. a.:_���:__ ���<**. �� wlth lllIn 'rum Seatile, in February,
notpont Die ro.   br ns ng the Aus.  n,m . ,..,., .    .
. ," ., ,�������""�����"��� "������-= ��u��- 1912, as far as California and there
tralian Naval 8cheme�� to Their left him. On June 21 news came of
Present Stage of Advancement��� hia death. The widow asked to have
Paid rnr British Squadron to Pro. lht' body shipped east and identified
teet   l.la-d  Continent. :'l  *h""  " ?<"���*'<'��  "������burg.  NY..
j for burial. Now cornea the news that
It is more than ever easy lor Cans- on ���,"r"p '������������'��� Ull, ahe married Mr. Cil-
dians to .-ay t.at Canada leads all ibe 'ey at Boston, Mass. An unusual fea-
overscas dominions ill the matter oi ture ��f the marriage is tbe announce-
Imperial relationship and deleuce. in mint that Mr. and Mrs. Cilfey would
Australia there may be a different be at home after October 1, at Ixing
opinion, says Canadian Courier. The Beach, Cal., In the aame state where
present Australian  High Commission. D* Larni died.
er. Sir Ueorge Reid, in Canada a lew'	
Uionths ago. may think diflerently,  SU| Liberal Reform Club
may Premier Andrew Fisher, whe Victoria, Julv 7. There was launch
lode with Sir Wilfrid Laurier in th* ed in this city an eniliufi'.iisilf
coronatlon procession. And Mr. Al- meeting of Liberals, what IB ttokfd
fted Ueakin, Premier belore Sir An- forward to as a great infiimnio in
drew fisher, may have his own idea? the future of the piun-, wren tire
about the significance of a VuoMvat Literal Reform club v ... orgtintreS
conference for the purpose of study. and ,-.,��� preliminary sf-ps taken to
tni What may be done to organise a Ket It going. That there is need for
Pacific imperial squadron, both Cana- BUch an orgaiiuation a"d that It ean
dian and  Australian,  for the defence be of much service to rt~t party and
ot  imperial   interests on the  Pacific.
to the fight for good go/uniluent was
the opinion of all who spoke, und the
value of the work don- mother cities
try similar clubB was toll tiy men
who had been prominent in them.
Nearly everyone present had been a
member of a Liberal club before coming to this province, either in the!also agents for
eastern provinces or on the prairies,
and aeveral of them mentioned their
surprise that there had not b-een one
established here before now.
Do As Others Do, Take
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and benefits most peopTe. Tried for three generations,
the best corrective and preventive of the numerous
ailments caused by defective or irregular action of the
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(Thi LwsMt Sal* of Any M��UdM Ib th. Wo-rld)
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same excellence���in all climates; in every season���Beecham's Pills are
The Tried, Trusted Remedy
Prepared only br THonui Bt��eh��m, St. Heteni, Laawnhire. n***firn4.
       _8old everywhere in Canada >��d U. S. America.   )o beiq, 25 enm.
B. C. Coast Service
1 recent utterances ol Premier Sir:
hard Mcliride point in this direc-
"Iion't-givoiip-tho-ship"   as a bypass for water to the canal,
anil   theatrical   manager
served   with   the  summons F0R   THIS  UN|VERSITY
and complaint in an annulment pro I 	
Seeding brought by his last���no.no. Ch'cago. July 7.���The soft crackle
latest���wlt-S, Mrs. Ernestine May Doy-jof Chickle in tbe process of masti-
chert Lawrence, through her attorney ica'icn hai produced a false note in
Herman Roth. Ith"   symphony   of  the  Midway.    The
Mrs. Lawrence tn her complaint undcrjaw of the plrl undergraduate
states that she was married to Law- accustomed to nervous vibration in
rence on August 13. XDl'i. nnd separ- -, exorcise on the plastic product, be
ated rrom hlm in January, upon her,came stilled, and the sound which ac
discovery thai she was his thlrtrenth  companled  the process,  the sound  re
matrimonial venture
that  l^awrence  ls a
ard.  that  he  came  It
She also Btates Bumbling the lapping waves on a peb-
habitual drunk bly binch. was beard no more. Tb'-
uu,' al   untimely   governing  board of the  University  of
hours and  that   ll   was Impossible for   Chicago   has    discovered     tbat     p-nr
her to live with him.
Lawrence  chuckled  as he read   the
Complaint to a reporter and Haid lhal
chewing is scarcely a rigueur In thin
day  and   age.  and   wltb  one  wave
its band banished  the custom  to
sent  the  toothpick
he   hadn't   engaged   any   attorney   as Umbo   whither   it
yet. He termed tbe dninkeness charge Just a year ago.
"nonsense"  and  aserted  that  he  had      The  order  of  he  officers  took  th'
been married onlv three times before term et a refusal to permit the uni-
he  married   Miss  Dovchert. versity   bookstore  henceforth  to  deal
Mrs.   Lawrence  said  last night:   "I 'n s��ch vulgar merchandise.   This ao-
am   bringing   this   suit   to   exonrrate tion  will  make  necessary
myself  In  the  eyes of the world.    1 six blocks for thos
was tricked into the marriage by Mr.
Ijiwrence swearing that he had been
married and divorced but once before
he met me. After we were married
I read thut he bad at least five prev
Ions wives, and I asked his family
about lt.
"They said it was merely newspaper talk, but I started an InvestlgS
Urn anil found that the newspaper
stories were true and that 1 bad been
greatly humiliated by marrying a man
who was virtually a poly gam I Bt, and
walk of
fair coeds whosi"
craving for elastic sweets cannot be
denied. The Reynolds Club, stud-en
governed, will sell the prescribed
marathon   dental   sticks,  so  that  the
llut whatever statesmen may or may
nut think of the concert, it i.- certain]
thnt Australia, who, twelve years ai;oJ
emerged   Irom  her  "penal  twilight,"
lias  Bone Imperial  things  which  she
lieean to do under tlie energetio Pre-!
miership of   Mr.   Deakin   belore  the
present   Labor  party  got  the  ascen-l
dancy in the Commonwealth.   In Aus-;
tralia the naval  and military service1
is fir in advance of anything we havei
in Canaiia.   Only a year after the crea-i
tion of the Commonwealth���in 1902���';
an agreement ,/as made by both tlie i
Imperial  Government and the Com-j
iniiiiwealtb inr the maintenance of a!
naval force Irom 11103 to 1913.   Au-stra- j
ha   made   no  contribution,   the   pay-1
ments were for a squadron ot  British I
sbips   to lie   stationed   in  Australian il
Walesa.     A   more   recent   feature   otl
their   program   is   the   buil ling   and I
maintenance ol certain ships to form1
an   Australian  squadron  of  the royali
navy,   under    tbo    command    ol   the*
Commonwealth, in times "f peace, and I
part oj the eastern fleet of the royal
navy in war.    In military matters, loo, f
Australia,   during   tbe   leadership   of |
Premier Deakin, which began in J903 ;
made L-reat  progress.    Australia,  un-1
der   the   present   Labor   Govi riiment.
of ! has practical  compulsory service���not j
h' I called  by that name���in which every *
pale between  sixteen  and  twenty-six
years ot age must spend a certain ��eb
Dumber  ��� I  days every  year in   mill-,
tary   tialniiig.    !ix-Premiet   Deakin,
who lias just resigned from tbe Oppu-1
sitiou  in  Australia,  knows  how    aii- i
vanced that service is.   Ho was mem,
bet for Balls tat in tlie House ol Re- |
freeentatives;  several  times   member'
���f    Federal    Council    ior    Australia;
chairman ��f committee ot public ac-
counts, and for twenty years consecu
Prom tJ�� captain of mdtutrf to the
hod carrTcr���from milady iu the onto to
the woman with tbe scrubbing brush���
the accomplishments of every one of u��
depend absolutely oo the accomplishments of out stomachs. Backed by a
pood iDgtstioa, a man caa (jive tie best
tbat is iu him. When his etooach lotls,
he becomes a weakling.
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drinking, slecpiug and exercise,, aided
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will sire you tbe chea-pest rate iroing
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Kootenay and olher points. We are
ill steamship lines.
Por reset-ration and olher particulars
aippty Eo
Lewes Vancouver for Victoria lu a. in.,
2 p. m. and 11:46.
Leaves Vancoaver (or Seattle 10 a. ia.
and 11 p. in.
I ..-.v.. *. Vancouver for Nanalmo IS ana
and '��� itt I' ��i-
Leavea Vancouver for Prince Rupert
and Northern Polnta 10 p, ni. Wednes
day.-*  and   Saturdays  at   11   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
E. GOtTLBT, Agent.
leaves Chllllwack   7   a.
ThurHday and Saturday.
n.    Tuesday,
m.  Monday.
H. W
Leaves  Westminster  8
New Westmlnstei j Wl*dtle8da*r ���""���> Frl*��v-
r,T.r-.r.,n   r.   r,    .     ,- iEI>- GO-ULBT. Agent. New Weatmlnater.
BRODfE, G.  P. A.. \ ancoiiirer.   H. W. BRODIE. O. P. A.. Vancouver.
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Uie active principles needed tor the
digestion of every kind of food. Ihey
go to the assistance af the weakened
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m. '."News.  It helps us.
crv aoon  Bs a">'  mlu'r  woman  would do  upon
put a s'op to tin' enthusiastic contention  of a lawyer that he can charge
a violation of tho Mann acl against
n husband who happens to become,
��itli a woman or another state, a
bird cf pasttugc."
making such a discovery, I at once
ordered my attorney to stari  suit for
un annulment of my  marriage.'
inferior maxilllarles of the male sex j tivcly member ot the Parliament ol
need not grow anemic. | Victoria. 	
Indignation ran high in Ihe worn-ens _.    '     . ,  ���. ,
domltories.    It was intimated that the A Piscatorial  Bishop,
authorities have bitten off more than The IU. Rev. Edmund Arbuthnott
they can chew In placing a lid on this1 Knox, llishop of Manchester, bug.,
form of toothsome gymnastics. witnessed an alliance the oilier weeK
"If thev won't let us chew gum in I between the bee oi Manchester and
the open, we will simply resort to that of Lincoln, for a son o�� Uis mar-
gumshoe tactics," declared one coed ried a daughter ol the Hisluip oi l.m-
from  Texas,   who  Is taking  summer  coin.  Bishop Kno:
people v en
.Inly 7. That two young
noi married In accordance With the laws of the Methodist
denomination, lo which the husband
belonged, "r the laws of the Anglican
church, to which the wife was attached, is one of the arguments being
work here.    "We chew gum (town in
Texas, and I think it's a heap sight
'    .,  , ���    . i Uo waa irradii'itt'd   better than cocklalllng and tangoing., -
Wi'th iS from the nav.'.CaTemy   which  seen,   tO be  the  most   popular I -.a". ��.   was born at Bangui.-
in  1878 to become flag ensign on lhe  vlees  of  this effete  community,  and   *a*      <"
gunboat Alert.    An Injurv to his eye  >'ou Just  tell  'em  I  said so.    1  cami*
compelled him to retire from thn navy  here to  learn  something  besides Bti-
Wld in issn he mnde his first matrl-  quette���it    I   wanted    a    'nost-grad '
onlal cruiae by mnrrvlng a Miss .les   course  In   that   I'd   go to  Waco,  not
to Chicago."
ste  Cunningham,   In   San     Francisco.
Domestic squalls soon upset this craft,
and they parted.    Mrs. Lawrence No
l   mnrrvlng   Duncan   C.   Uoss,  champion all round athlete of the world.
and Lawrence being wed lo Miss Dor
Uhy Drew, an actress, In 1891.
Some   He   Forgets
Aft; r eight  years  of  partings and
used in the courts here to dissolve the | reconciliations,   he   is   said   to   have
marrlnae of Bdgar Oentry Thompson  married  a   MIbs  Jessie    llarnes,    el ��� '
and Maud Baiter, The plaintiffs In the  Windsor Locks, Ont. a ceremony that  Association Formed^ to__Keep Uniform
case are  Joseph   Henry    and    Mrs. Ihe Bays he doesn't remember. In 1896
Thompson,   imrents   of   the  husband, lp,i8 marriage to Miss I.eddy Le Vyne
vim Is n minor.   The two were mar-
Ul     ii,,-. ....1 tu     Mi,Iho-    ......i i..rr    .,.,.,    ��� n,,..',,-���,   <m    iiih    rt..
uniform weekly prices In buying from
the growers and In sending out quo-
remeniber   marry
More than one threat of a chewing gum "blind pig" was heard during the day. and It was whispered
that one energetic young womsn had
been buying it by the box and ped
dling It by the stick through the dom
lie   also  doesn't
rled by Itev. A. E, Runnells, Methodist minister, nt I'rescott, on September 14, 1912.
The Ipalntlfts further allege nB
���grounds for dissolution that Ihelr consent was not secured, nnd thnt the
young couple vent from Quebec to
Ontario to bo mnrrled for   the   sole
purpose of dispensing with their con- ;|[U on t)lo -,ui,je"ot of bis nlliged mar-
Cent The 1'iwa Of tlie Methndlset and j rnB�� to a Miss Lillian Bond, a Miss
Anglican churches, It  is further con-���  Carr|8  |lu,i���|p  and a  Miss May  Wel-
Prices Is No More
Grimsby, Ont., July    7.���The   fruit
was announced.    Tho name of tt Miss  buyers  who  united  In an  association
llrlnkcrhoff  next  appears on  his  re-!����m* flvp ?<>"��� a*��- ln <"!(""- t0 k,!pP
r.rd, b'tt he denies that ahe was over
his wife
tations to dealers throughout the coun-
'"'   '"8I>  "*'l'��"''J"""'"'" ���""h'  ,  try, have mutally  agreed to dissolve
lng  Ernestine  Kingston  along about    h ft ' interested
������* -  but he Is sure he wed MlBS ReU|here   ff)Ur or flvp ,���  ^amsvllle, two
at Winona and on" at Vlncland.   Thev
WlnflOld, a violinist, although he savs
ihe did It aB a Joko.    His memory Is
x has folic sons ajid
two daughters���a very iuipoaing iam- I
ily  these days. !
Tbe bishop is tbo son ti a clergy*
liangaloru.   lie
ISiul s  BcbjoolJ
ami Otfi fl     His 'Varsity career waa|
a brilllu.'t one, lor be ganu-d iiuumk-
ons li",. >rs  an I  was Boden Sanscrit
Sclioial      Kir a liuic be was u tuloi
at   Miiioii   College,  Oxford,  and bif
parish woik cm mowed when bte wat
appointed  to  a  living in   Leicester.
lu- tlieu proceeded to the important,
living   o(   A.-ton.   Uiriniiit'liiiiu.   ailci |
which  Ins promotion was rapid,.    He-
was apin'iijtL'.l an Honorary Canon ol
Worcester Cathedral, then Suffragan
to  the  Bishop  ol   Worcester,    r-'iom
1-9-1 to 1903 he wa* Bishop "i Coventry,   from   whence  he  was  appoiutei1
to Manchester.
A  Blow to Cheva..��r.
Mr.   Albert   Chevalier,   the   famous
interpreter   ui   "coster"   lite,   had   ��
somewhat  disturbing experience  in
the early days ol his career. He was
giving a performance at a West tnd
tneatre, but the audience tailed to
appreciate or respond to his humor.
Just as be was nearlng the end ol hia
oeriormanco there was a terrlBo round
comprised a buying force that disposed I of applause, and bo thanked Ins stars
of practically all the growers' prod-1 that success waa bis at last. He was
ucts  In   tho   middle  Niagara  district,1, about   to  take  an   encore,  when   tlie
require tho   publication
"lt Is nlso Claimed by plaintiff that
the young poonio obtained 0 marriage
license through fraud, both representing that ihey bad attained their
majority,  wllst,  ns  n  mat ter of  fact
After the marriage th
din. Two other young women are
said to have been his wives, but their
namis even are lont In the dim mlHis
of thc  past,
Lionel Lawrence is a familiar figure on Broadway, He saw Harry K.
Thaw   shoot  Stanford   White  on   the
was twenty.
newlv wedded OOUple kepi the malt
B se-'-ret, and |t was only towards the
middle of the following month  tnat
the  plaititlffB  father beard    of    the
union. ., .,
In  the course  of  hla  evidence  the
husband said he thoughl his wife had
been    mnrrled    before
Mnrv  linker at   Mr
which he was then the matfhger and
stage director,
Arjed Chinaman Dies.
New Vork, July 7. llr. Clio Choy,
late of China nnd Cuba, died al Kills
I'sliiinl In his 15(11)1 yenr. Willi a parly
of Chinese he was enroiilc to Canada
miller bond, having only arrived from
Havana,   His health was excellent, he
iiis-wlfe'onh   lived  will, him for tW0|��ald, and he resented suggestions that
"IH,, "      ��� storice cf ins iife'o wire exaggerated,
months, '
He    married
Bunnell's bouse,
manager seized him by the arm and
pulled him into tlie wings.
���Done well, haven't IP" ssked Mr.
Chevalier,   "Hear the applause?"
"You silly ass, they're nut clapping
y,��u," replied the manager. "It's the
Prince of Wales who's just come in."
with the exception of the fruit and
vegetables,going to the canneries. It
is stated that one, an old-time
Beamsvllle firm, desired to make quotations lower and not In accord with
the others, hence Ibe disruption that
Is apt to caisse rime discord among
the. buying firms before the season is
Thin combination of buyprs regarding prices was ft most important one
In tbe InereBts of the growers. Now,
unless some mutual understanding Is
reached, nothing but chaos will result, j u...ia�� *��.i��
as wns lhe cas.- before tbe buvers'! Widow of DeLarm Marries Again
association wns <��� r---t. Th"n there Seattle, July 7. -Almost exactly one
were all kinds of buying prices, nsJyear. to a day after her husband. War-
well us quotations, as'growers would 'dner K, De Lara, financial broker in
rtrtvo from one buyer to another with this city, bad met bis tragic death
tin ir loads uiul dispose or tbem to the nt Plftcerville, Cal., In an onsoure log-
vin- wh. was ix cent thc highest, lE'i'S camp while In hiding from the
Look e��for�� You Shoot.
The t-ue sportsman msy bu defined
m one who looks belore he shoots.
Keep Out the Weeds
Weeds unchecked will ruin the crop.
It isn't sufficient to plough and sow well in
Spring and Fall and leave the rest to nature.
There are weeds to fight.
There are weeds in Business, too���weeds of
competition and opposition���of public indifference from without, and of lack of enterprise
from within���weeds that unchecked seriously
retard business growth.
Cultivation is the only effective weed-killer.
Keep cultivating and the weeds never get a
! chance to thrive.
There is a combination plough and harrow,
fertilizer and spray, for every business���an
effective weed-killer that will keep out the
It is Advertising
It is not enough to plough and sow well with
advertisements in Spring and Fall and leave
the rest to human nature.
Human nature and the respect your customers
bear you are not proof against the Summer
weeds that can thrive on rest and apathy.
You must keep busy in thc hot weather���you
must keep cultivating.
Turn Summer dullness into activity by Summer Advertising. Plan Summer attractions
and plant for a crop of Summer profits, and
thc Advertising cultivation will keep out the
Keep Cultivating
Keep Advertising
Advice regarding your advertising problems in available through any recognised Canadian
advertising agency, or the Secretary of the Canadian Prcw Association, Room 403 Lunudeo
building, Toronto.    Enquiry involvu do obligation on yuur part���so write, if intcreited. PAOE  EIGIiT
TUESDAY,  JULY  8,   1911.
Rcmetnfcer the Place���
33 Eighth Street,
aiiditbe telephone No. 2
���* "Hunt's Supreme Quality Hawaiian  Pineapple in 2 1-2 lbs.
tins, each 35c.
Glass Jar ABparagus. Equal
to tho best and better than most.
Large cans 30c; small cans 25c.
Preserved Grapes ��� Spanish
Grapes peeled and put up in a
heavy syrup. Very tasty. Per
tin 25c ���
Raspberry    Vinegar���Regular
..homemade.per hot. 25c.
Lime  Juice,  per  bottle,  25c.
'  and 50c. .
Turkish Coffee���The coffee
with the delicious oriental flavor, per Mb. 40c.
Our Special Tea���Quality Is
good economy.   Try a lb. 50c.
Pette's delicious Dutch Cocoa
at reduced prices 1-2s, tin 35c,
1-4s, tin 20c
Beautiful, fragrant Carnations
just In this morning. Let us
send you a dozen for 25c.
Peaches. 2 lbs 25c.
Apricots, 2 lbs. 25c, basket 50c.
Plums,  2  lbs.  25c,  basket  50c
Pears,  2  lbs 25c
Musk-melons,  each    15c
Watermelons, each 75c. to $1.00
Cherries, not cooking, 2 lbs. 25c
Cherries, eatlBg, lb.   .
Spend     your
values demand.
money    where
Public Supply Stores
L. L.
ADAMS       S. K. BR1GGS
City News In Brief
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc, in this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their Instructions are positive.
His honor Judge Howay left the
city for Yale yesterday nnd will hold
county  court  there   today.
A Jap named  KohsyasUi,- employed
at the Brunette Sawmills, was removed ',
to the Iloyal Columbian hospital yes-  	
terday morning with  severe cuts on Edmonds
one of his bauds.
(Continued trom page onei
A man named Bti inger, brought ln
from a railway construction camp on
Lulu island, and a man named Duell,
brought in from the Sapperton gravel
pit, wcre removed to the Royal Columbian hospital last evening, both
suffering from broken ribs, the result
of accidents.
The W. C. T. U. will meet at the
home of Mrs. James Cunningham, 727
Third avenue, thiB evening at 8
Manngcr O. J. Hunter, win has been
in charge of'the local branch of the
Union bank since it wns opened at
the beginning of the year, bas received word that he has been transferred to the head office In Vancouver. Mr. Hunter's successor will be
|W. Embury, who is coming from Al-
Secretary Withers, of the Royal Co- ; berta.
Paul  Splntlum,  sentenced  to  death
for the murder of Constable Kindness
at the assize court, was transferred to |
Kamloops jail last Sunday.
Eagle   engine
Begbie street.
station,   13
It is quite true that 99 out of
100 wealthy men, except only
those who inherited wealth, got
their  start  by  regular  savings.
But they did not become wealthy by that means only. After
accumulating a few hundred
dollars they invested It in sound
True, some speculated in
real estate, stocks of companies newly organized and other
such ventures) but most of such
Booucr  or  later   lOBt  all.
Wiser people who studied
thin matter watched the results
of others over a period of many
yeurs, or accepted the advice
of .sound financial meu aud did
not speculate. They invested
in good bonds, or the Stoclts of
strung companies which were
past the experimental stage,
Babson of Boston and Moody
ot New Vork, two of the best
Qualified writers and advisors
on linancial matters In the l'nited   States,   recommend   regular
���savings till a reasonable amount
is accumulated, and then holding th-4e funds until a time
when good seasoned stocks and
bonds are veiling cheap, when
they should he bought
At tbo present time we know
of a particular!) good seasoned
stock which may be bought al
���n ������priv-o 1�� V'"1'1 the investor i.;
p��j cent.
Thocoinpimy Is gi owing rapidly, hiis excellent management,
plenty of capital. The stock is
I.i,ltd on Uu- exchange, so it
can be Bold at any time funds
are required, pays Its dividend
quarterly and lhere is every
pro-spej I lhat its price will be
larfti 1', enhanced, �� bile there is
'-.fcry grttvp iioith; if it wi:i ever
ngaln nil so cheap.
The Interest earning is double
the savings I nil: rate, whl,- we
i-'.*iis.i),r ilu- security quite us
'I lu* owner of this kind of ;.������
<*iirit>   is  alwaj a  able in slei p
well, tree from  rear of loss
fail in anil  ��rite for particu
1,-irs il Interi Bti ii
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd,
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
Residence Y. W. C. A I'hone 1324.
fSuits to  your
order and sat-i'
High  Class  Ladies   and
401   Columbia
lumblan  hospital,  Is receiving appll
cations   for  the  position  of  engineer
for the new  hospital.
Get it at the Royal Pharmacy, 47
Sixth  street.    Tel.  1253. (1673)
Notices are now being sent out, announcing thc regular monthly meeting of the board of school trustees for
the evening of Thursday, July  10.
Ice cream grotto. Eighth Street
bakery, telephone 281. A. Hardman,
proprietor. (1670)
Routine business occupied most of
the time at the regular meeting of the
board of directors of the V. M. C. A.
last night In the association building.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved city and farm property.
8 per cent.   Alfred W. MeLeod. (1671)
No word has yet been received by
Secretary Gray of the school board
as to when the results of the recent
entrance examinations will be announced.
National Finance Company, Ltd., for
fire, life and accident insurance. 521
Columbia street.    Phone 515.      (1675)
The executive of the Progressive
association will hold their regular
weekly meeting in the association
headquarters at 5 o'clock thia afternoon.
Eagle engines are built by the
Standard Company, and are known
for reliability, durability and economy.
Committees working on arrangements for the big merchants' picnic
to be held In Queen's Park here on
July 30 met in Vancouver last night
and  reported  progress.
Por everything electrical see W.
Day.   IlmiBo wiring and conduit work
a specialty. 1672)
Contracts for linen were awarded
at the meeting of the Women's Auxiliary of the Koyal Columbian hospital yesterday afternoon to W. S. Colllster and company and to the Gordon,
Walters Dry Goods company.
Save time, trouble and money when
buying gas engines. See Jack Insley,
of the Standard Supply and Engine
Company, 13 Begbie street.        (16941
According to the school engineer,
very little repair work is being done
on tbe different city schools. The
buildings have been well kept and require but little overhauling before
school  open  in  the  fall.
Insuro with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Numbers of Indians are now In the
cily awaiting the opening of the canneries. Some time yesterday some
of these unfolded their tents with true
Arabian Bllentness and are now encamped on the vacant property on
| Front street opposite the city market.
Tor pressed  brick,  tire  clay,  common    brick,    cement,    lime,    plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
I'u the 11   I'. Transport Co., Ltd. Office
i phone 826, wharf phone 880,      (167,1)
1 Two local teams will meet in the I
I Y. M. C. A, swimming pool tonight In
a game ol water polo. This game is
JubI catching on here and spectators
ire welcome. Besides the water polo
there will he several swimming and
fancy diving contests,
Within a few minutes uft'-r a street
car had l.-:t the rails at Sixth street
tnd Royal avenue, last night at 7
o'clock, n tram following Immediately
behind booked unto its derailed companion and sent It on down the hill,
none the worse for the accident.
v. ��� make awnings, tents and nails,
renovate carpets and draperjjs, re
make  and  repollsh  furnltur-A  manu-
i.i 'nt ilar dress and waist boxes.
window seats and do ait kinds ot
upholstery work in leather or tapes
try.    We  an-  the largest  makers    of
I window shades, draperies and interior   hangings.     Estimates   given.
| Lees Limited. i lOG'.i)
Mayor (iray  was granted  ten days'
leave of absence at last night's city
council  meeting,    While be  is away
, Udermnn Kellington   and   Alderman
fardlne  will  act alternately    in    his
' place,    The mayor expressed himself
us nattered thnt lt-itook csro such men
; to fill bis Job,    Alderman  Lynch  got
i   months'   leave  of  absence   at   the
| same meeting.
Teams and men are at. work ploughing parts of the grounds of the new
Duke of Connaught. high school in
preparation tor grading and levelling.
Already   part  of   the   terraces   at   the
(west corner of the building have been
made, and us soon us possible every
j part of the groin,ils will be laid out.
Construction work la now progressing
well  and  everything points    to    the
j school being ready for occupation by
the commencement of the fall term.
Late  Sunday   night  someone  entered  the garden  of T.  II. Smith.  Hoyal
avenue,  and   look   a  number  of  rose
looms.    In speaking of the incident,
Mr.  Smith said  he would  be glad  to
give  roses   lo  anyone  wanting  them,
but he disliked having the bushes mutilated.    "We grow  tlle  roses for tho
hospitals  and   al   nil   times  are  glad
to   give   tliein   away,"   he   said,   "but
Gentlemen's   I"  ",;ir nml  destroy  ihe  hushes In a
I hasty effort lo steal them is not right.
The  belter way would  be  to nsk  for
them;  they aro free."
0, n. Brymner, local manager of the
Tlank of Montreal, was chairman at a
banquet tendered Campbell Sweeney,
superintendent of branches of the
Rank of Montreal In n.C.. who on Saturday completed his 50th year with
tbat Institution. Mr. Brymner was one
of the two members of Mr. Sweeny's
staff when the latter owned tlle Vancouver branch 26 years ago.
Hev. J. S. Henderson waited upon
the city council last night nnd. on behalf of the Koo.se fraternity, requested
permission to pitch a large tent on
Alberta Crescent for the holding of
Friday, July 11 and continues until
the Chatauoiia, which begins next
the 16th. The request was granted
unanimously on the usual safeguards
being provided.
Alderman Kellington indignantly directed ihe attention of the city council last night to the misuse made of
the nermlFSion gran'etl fo 'he McLaughlin Carriage company. Vancouver, to erect sicn posts ,"t tlle Intersection of roads giving the mileage
from Important centres. It had been
���ised chiefly as an advertisement for
that firm. The mileage was microscopic, but the firm's nanm occupied
nearly the whole space of the placard.
He moved that the engineer take it
up with the carriage compnny and report to the Council.! The advertisements were most objectionable. The
motion was adopted.
The monthly report of the district
nurse of the Victorian Order of
Nur=es, read yesterday at a meeting
of the auxiliary of that organization,
shows, even more than last month,
the Increaslne interest being taken in
this work by New Westminster people.
During the month of June the nurse
made 41 visits, and attended nine
cases, seven of which were n-'W. Five
of these necessitated more than ono
visit. Thrco more doctors have given
work to tbe nurse, anri one operation
was performed. The amount received in fees was $16.20.
representative insisted on
redress and to that end the papers in
question will bc asked make a correction.
The engineer was instructed to prepare plans and profiles for a sewerage
I system for Kdmonds and East Uurna-
| by, although the work will not be
| started this year. The making of
plans will extend over the next nin-e
I months.
Engineer Vorcc, of the B. C. E. R���
appeared before the council regarding
the grades on the proposed new line
ln North Burnuby. Ile was given
Several Hindus were reported as
not having waterworks connections
with their shucks and are said to bj
stealing water from the municipal
hydrants. They will be arrested if
they continue thn pilfering.
Messrs. Claude lllll, Sharp and
Thomas appeared as a delegation
from the Hurnaby Lake Progress club
mul asked that the Brunette creek be
cleared of logs and stumps In order
to protect the low lying land in the
vicinity of llurnaby lake. A committee will inspect the river this w-eek
and make a report.
Mosquitoes Thick���Meeting Tonight-
Noxious Weeds.
Councillor Mayne will address a
meeting at McKay ball. llurnaby. this
evening dealing wiih the water question and other municipal matters.
The ladles of the East Burnaby
Melhodist church and the Dundonald
road church, Hurnaby, held successful garden parlies last evening. Hev.
W. S. A. Crux, of New Westminster,
addressed the East Hurnaby gathering.
Mosquitoes are said to be so thick
'ti different portions of Hurnaby that
the mothers are encasing the legs of
their children In newspapers before
darwing on the stockings. This has
been found a protection against the
attacks of the pests.
The Hurnaby police are after the
persons who scatter pieces of wood
along tlle streets, especially on Edmonds road. Teamsters also are reported to be leaving big rocks in th"
middle of the road, used in blocking
the wheels, and they too will be
drawn up before the beak should the
practice not cease.
STAND1SH��� The death occurred
early yesterday morning of John Albert Standl-sh, aged 51 years, at h's
residence, Douglas road, Burnaby. He
leaves to .mourn his loss a widow, a
father and a large number of friends.
Funeral arrangements will be announced later.
An    enforcement    of    the    noxious j
weeds act Is likely to be carried out
by the Hurnaby municipal authorities '
during the next two weeks.   Tho law I
c impels a man to  keep  his  land  rid
of noxious weeds and thisiles. which j
are liable    to flood    his    neighbor's
We Sell
Screen Doors
Why Suffer '
Newcomers  and
Newly weds
This great  Liquidation  Sale  Is    your    opportunity
housekeeping.    A great saving on your expenditure.
to     Begin
Start with a St.Clair Range
How Is
Shall We
Send a
The most economical user of fuel In existence
about hflft a-^ much needed with these stoves
Pleaso Note  the  Splendid  Savings:
today.    Only
and   ranges.
Stoves at
$10.00. S12.50. S15.00. S18. $20.
Camp Stoves at $2.00. $2.50 ��"<> $3.00.
Tents, Cots, Bedding, Stools, all at Cut Prices.
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminstei
GILLESPIE���The funeral will take
place this afternoon at 4 o'clock of
Charles Richard, the 11-year-old son
of Mr. and Mrs. 11. A. Gillespie, 339
Second street, who passed away at
the Royal Columbian hospital on Sunday evening. Services will be held a
I Murchie's undertaking parlors and interment' will take place iu the Church
of England cemetery. Rev. F. Plaskett
will officiate.
Dewdney Trunk  Road    to    Run    Into
Port   Coquitlam.  July   7 -The   gov-]
eminent  will continue  the    Dewdney
j trunk  road  from  Port  Coquitlam    to
Vancouver,  skirting    the    shores    of
Burrard Inlet.   A trail runs over this
ground  and  it  is probable that  this
i will be the route Chosen for the new
At (he present time the government
is grading nnd macadamizing the roadway between Port Moody and Port
for   Month
Attendance  and   Averages
of June.
Kor tin  monih of June the average
number of children who attend'
Westminster's  schools  was  16
the highest 2071.   The attendances in
tbe   different   schools   ver;   ns    here
Kelvin ami Lister  882
Herbert  Spencer    !!."*���*:
F. W. Howay    282
CJueinsboro     411
High  school      124
Robson 329
Richard   Mcliride      225
loved husband of Hal tie Standlsli,
at his home on Douglas road, Hurnaby, on July 7, after a long illness,
Aged 51,
F'.iH'.u'.l f.ii Wednesday afternoon
from tha Olivet Baptist church at 3
O'clock. 11701!)
Boundary Bay
The Ideal   Holiday Resort
Good bathing, magnificent samly beach, boating, fishing, driving, etc.
Transportation facilities unexcelled, five trains daily each way, stop at Whito
White Rock combines all the pleasures of seaside and country with the conveniences of town. It has daily mail, stores, hotel restaurant, daily milk delivery, bakery, butcher shop, telephone communication, etc., and water piped to
most parts of the tewnsite.
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street, and White Rock.
Board  of  Works   Will   Ooerat��  There
and on Other Streets.
At the city    council    meeting
night the following report and i
mendatlons ol   the   board   of works
were  adopted:
That a three plank wall, be laid
on the west side of Fifth street, from
Sixth avenue south 200 teet. Estl-
liinted cost $18.
That all Intersecting streets to
paved streets be graded down to conform to the new grades, and that tin*
contractors do the work with our own
men, and charge same up to street improvements.
That a hand rail be placed on ths
south side of the wooden sidewalk nn
Seventh avenue
Maple Beach  I'arlt.    being
division  of the  historic.
estate    on    Boundary
last ou the market iu 50x100 teet lots
fronting broad  Btreets and  with  perpetual   beach     privileges.     This   ban
been the camp ground for scores    of
local  people for yenr".    The lots are
selling   fast,   many   people   procuring
the  locations  they   had  occupied    as
oona" I tenants tor years.    Pricos $330 and
upwards, eas> terms.   Sole agents,
700 Columbia Street, Cily.
itr.l^      a    *r,uu
Bay, ���',t;If you read THE NEWS
you get all the news.
fresh Plums	
Fresh l'i aches 	
Ilipe Tomato* B, per lb.
Ripe Bananas, i>'*r dozen 	
Fresh Strawberries....- boxes for '.'."
Fresh Cod and Halibut. .2 lbs. for 2<
adjoining subdivision IRed   Spring Salmon,  per Ih 1!
of lot 21 and portion of 111!, lot 10, Sll.
11. and situated between Thirteenth
and Fourteenth streets.
That the superintendent of works
submitted a list of prices for lumber
from local mills, and that the placing
of orders be left tWfh the hoard ot
works with power to uct.
That James Cunningham bo giien
permission to take up a portion of thi
Hassam paving on Columbia slreet to
i'fleet repairs to syphon, BUbject to
his making arrangements with tbe
Massath Paving company to restore
the road to its present condition.
That James Cunningham be given
grade on the south side of Queens
avenue, between Seventh and Eighth
Btreets, for his new gas main.
That the bonrd of works be authorized to remove the rubbish, on all
boulevards fixed by citizens privately,
free of charge, llle same to be charged
to the board of works maintenance
nccount nnd afterwards transferred to
another account if necessary.
Alderman Kellington Intimated that
the finance committee had mado arrangements with the board of works
that afternoon to go ahead with the
work on Uoyal avenue from Second
Btreet to Eighth street.
Smoked   Halibut    3  lbs.  for
(Successor to Ayling
447 Columbia St.
Phone 98.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia St., Phones
1200,  1201,  1202.
'Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
| Eighth   St.   Market,  Phone  1205.
Edmonds  Market, Phone   L883.
No Come-backs.
���'YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made  in  New  Westminster.
Schaake  Machine Works.
Take advantage of the Bus'ness Man's Train and make your
home nt Crescent Beach (Itlackle Spit)  for the summer months.
Train leaves nt 5:3�� p.m, dally, on nnd after .lune 16, returning In
the  morning In time  for business.    Crescent    Beach    affords    Ideal
conditions for summer homes, combining Ihe  beet  or  bathing,  bout
lng at all singes of the tide together with fine beach.    Artesian well
water to all residents.    Let us show you thla property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability.  Automobile   and
Martini  Insurance.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia bt.
and   every   IB   mlnuteB  until   !>
p.m.    Half hourly service until
11  p.m.  with late car at midnight.
SATURDAYS���IB    minute  ser
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���6 and 6.46 a.m.
vice Ib continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS -fl, 7, 7..'10 8 and
8.30 and every IB minutes until
11 p.m. with lato car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m.,  with   late car at  11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDA I'S���8 a.m. and    hourly
ttlfMli 1"  pm. with Into car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 n.m.   and   every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection  Is made at    Eb-
hour until 11 p.m.
nnd other polnta on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���IMS a.m., 1.10 and
C.15 p.m.
I>OI NTS���4.06 p.m.


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