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The New Westminster News Aug 6, 1913

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 Newa Classified Ads.
Have proven their worth by the
results   they   produce. % They   fill
large   or   small   wants"  at   small
The Weather.
New Westminster and the ljower
Mainland: Light to mod.Tate winds;
| chiefly cloudy with net much duota
temperature;   showers tonight.
Dominion Accepts Invitation to Enter
Exhibit  at   Panama   Expoi.i-.ion
al Golden Gate.
Trio of Old Men Died in City Yeiter-
Prairie  Yield  Sure lo  Be     day���two were wen over 70
Heavy and Banks Make and A" Unmarried-
Japs, Who Hold Control Among Fishermen, Break Walkout They Inaugurated and Kiver is Covered With
Ottawa, Aug. .*",. Canada will have i
an exhibit at the Panama Pacific ex- j
position to be held at Kan Francisco.
Tin- Invitation lo participate haB been ' Crain
Freely Predicted Quotations Will Drop to 12 Cents.
Boats  Netting  Sockeyes  at  Fifteen  Cents   Each��� otnoiaiij-accepted by the government,
* -.he  Bite  has   been   selected   and   pre-
| paratlons arc already under way for
the erection of a building commensurate with the importance of Canada
jas an exhibitor. The exhibit will be!
purely national In character and will {
consist of a display of the national
resources of the Dominion.
lt  Is  nol  believed  here that  Great
Britain's   decision   not   to   participate!
:ln the exposition has been arrived at
I with  any   Idea  of  retaliating  against!
h imen'.i  by Great  Lakes  t
July 31 Iho-.-v Millions of Bushels
Increase Over Last Year.
Late laat night it was learned that the 15 cent figure, thought
to he so low, will be almoBt cut in half today. Last night it was
said lhat at the Steveston canneries 40,000 sockeyes wcre being
i.fferi d lo anyone who would buy ut Ave cents each. In waa stated
tbat 10 cents was being paid for netted flsh, and lhat only Ior a
limited number.
A report was circulated In New Westminster and up river
places last night that Japanese fishermen were on strike above the
Kraser river bridge, but this Is without foundation. There are
only five Japa above the bridge, tnd thoae working for Kwen's cannery were out.
Winnipeg. Aug. 5.���"Latest reports
In regard to this year's crop Indicate
that we will get, taking it on the
whole, a good average crop-many
think It will be better than the average -and of au exceptionally good
'thi- l'nited States on account ct the quality," said (1. W. Rowley, manager
toll queBtion on the canal. of the Bank of Commerce here, when
"Grent Britain  lias nothing to gain ' interviewed today on the general con-
by an exhibition of her manufactures 1 ditlons.
at foreign expositions so fnr away,"; "In some caiies, of course," he went
said a government official thla morn-. on, "in a large country like thla there
(ing. "In fact Ilrillsh manufacturers I will be localities where the conditions
have for some years past been trying ' will be below the average, but the
Ito come to an agreement whereby ! reason for this in some districts will
there should be no such exhibitions lbe inexperience or careless agricul-
| In the future, it i8 simply a matter of tural methods and In others on ac-
the cily yeaterday at the agea of 78
T'i and (17 years, One of them, William
Mcl-'addin. the oldest of the trio, had
been ln llrltiBh Columbia since the
Cariboo gold rush and has spent the
past 2o yeara In N'ew Westminster, lie
died at St. Mary's hospital.
Thomas .lohnston passed away at
the Hoyal Columbian hospital at the
age of 78 years and Charles Judd
breathed hiB laat in the aame institution at the age of (J7 years.
>e men who have travelled long Thirty Business Houses Wiped Out at a Loss of $~iOnnflft
ya  through  thiB  world  died  In j 'twuu.ww
With Less Than SlO'J.OOO Insurance���Rebuilding Commences at Once and More Substantia! Structures WHI
Replace These Destroyed���Relief Work Organized.
Steveston, Aug
after Ub commencement the strike of
some 40U0 Kraser river fishermen was
firoken this morning, through the action of the Japanese who were lnatru
Athabasca   Landing,   Aug.   5.--Over 1 were provided with the necesalttee ot
30  firms  were  wiped  out completely ; life.    Clothing was also distributed to
by fire today.    The total loas will ex-'those needing It.    Tonight all at the
ceed  half  a  million  dollars  and  the : destitute   have   been   taken   care   oT
It was a coincidence that not one ofl Insurance will cover only a small frae-   houses having been secured for Hum."
them  had  ever married. |ticn of this.   Due to the high rates of: rendered homeless, while those with-
William McFadden waa well known insurance r<-w held polielea and these cut funds wlll remain in the tmmiera-
In the city and had many friends, who; few are not covered anywhere near tlcn hall. The neon train took a
often visited him at the Royal City the value Of their Stocks. Ab near as', number of 'the transients out of town
where he has lived for many years, [can be learned 174.1100 Insurance was i The situation here is near the nor-
He was a miner and came to British I hi  effect.    The  nameB  of  the  Insur-', mal, although evidences of the ereal
Columbia from Nevada,    lie had also1'"    '  '   " ... ���*
been in the California gold fields, lie
waB a native of Meadvllle, Crawford
county, Pennsylvania, where It is
understood he leavea some relatives.
The funeral will take place from Murchie's parlors on Thursday at 3 p.m.
Charier. Judd.
Charles Judd. who died yesterday at
the age of 67 years, had lived in the
city for the past 27 years. His home
was  at  4'20  Wilson  atreet.    The  fu-
pure    business    economy.    Canadian | count of unfavorable crop weather, but
Within 2(i hours | thrown ovi rboard by pickets, hut the I manufacturers     have been  gradually I much fewer cases of this latter than
thr'-at   to  send  strikebreakers    after .withdrawing from the exhibit business [of the first named cause
their catches waa not fulfilled    There ,��t our own fairs.   There Is a probab-      "The   railway   companies   are   pre-
appearcd to be more Japanese drunk llity, however, tbat Great Britain will [paring surplus care for the tall move-
thau  whites, but their little tea par- 1 aetid a national exhibit to the expoai-   ment.    The   movement  of   the   grain ��� "eral   w11'   tak��   Place   at   2:30   p.m.
mental in instituting it.   The demand It'es   were  held   In  thf ir  houses  and  tlon." Itoward the seaboard at this season ofj Thursday to the 1. O. O. F. cemetery.
for Hli, Instead of IE centa a flsh. was .were   mere   merrymakings  devoid   of   Mj,e year via Fort  William,  l'ort Ar- Thomaa Johnston.
turned  down  .except by  some ot the 1 disturbance. ....... thur'and Duluth means the'liquidation      Thomas Johnston  was 76  yeara ofland both Bald they would have Btruc-.   ,        ...        ,,.,., ,     .,.
lurned  down, except by mime of the!     The two provincial patrol boats ��� n    U/AIII f\   TC| I    AE of  indebtedness  by  the farmers  and  *Ke at the  ���*me of hl�� death  In  the  tares under way as soon as It Is pos-' ���    ^ ,' .^.      VBT?^.    * tl
mlied  at   20  cents,  while  It  la  freely   the river last night  and, thia morning , TvUULU    ILLL   Ul | merchants     throughout    the  country.  Royal   Columbian  hospital,   where  he  Bible, while temporary  quarters have' H/n��man,, .11?,;ot"',J!t.    nulWlnr    *V
predicted the price wlll go atlll lower j report! d   no   trouhle, 'although   aome j and |t i��� evident, as the figures show, bas been since laat December.   He haa 1 already been arranged for. ijintK   liunil,   Vlolette-s
ance   companies  and   the   amount  of i fire are on every hand.    The under
policies  iatued  by  them  are  not ob-1 current  of sentiment Ib one of bopr.
Llat of Losses.
Can't  Down Them. .,.,
The  business  men. although called '���    .,       ll8t ot los3t's ln the nre is
upon to sustain this great loss, prac-j    ''��.WB: ...    .   ���,,
tlcally alone, are responding to the' ,^ha^a hotel building U5.00O.
demands of Uie situation In a remark-' !���* *10.'0"6' ,N7 B ���ntf?J��?ery
able manner. Within ten hours of the bul dniR WOO. stock ��500; UiMtaiftn'
first alarm, about a dozen merchants rtlesta,T't ,bUvild,!if $�����.;,���H���tock ,500;
and hotel meu were on their way to . ?oyal. ba,lk *-u,Udln*- *100��: SS*
Kdmonton to secure atocka of goods 1 dr,ugBvtore buiUUnS JB000' *��ck *��**
to atari bUBlneBa again. The owners l���plePhone��� "change building. *1000-.
Of the Athabasca and Grand Union !Bf,nk ot ��0���m"cebul,dlnB *500-tnr~
hotels   were   Members   of   the   party l"iture     *��000;Rev��Von<i     --������-
v. ������ia .w��, ���..,., ���-���..��� ...... '.Dubord's   gi
grocery  and
The five Oent Increase per hour aaked
for the Indian women at the washing
tables w*b not conceded and the original 20 centa la now being given; the
Increase from three rents a tray for
the women packers, failed also.
May Go Lower.
was anticipated when the first of tbe I
Jauanese   were   seen   dropping   their
Japs Dominate.
That the Jape dominate the salmon
flKhlng here was ahown  by the  total
Indifference with  which they liateneii
| dllu    I-    ID    i^, llirill.   mm   IMV   ,I(UICB    UUVJW.I  ������        ���*-'    ������-��� 1 a... - .-.. J      ,,...,.    .it , un,,  it     ii/i , .
that thc farmers and others are mar-  been   In  the city    for    about    eight      The ruBh tor temporary quarter* lei ,,*������,
G.   Durek's
how line
hardware    holt
ln fae: all the Btrike brought the to the suggestions and promises of
fishermen wbb, for aome. 20 centa a mm peratlon advanced hy the whites
fiah instead of Vs. Their Iobb in dol- j and Indiana. They are four to one
lars and cents can never be known, bu and because of organization their
It certainly was all of Ihe $200.00. move* nre almost unanimous Those
figure Bet* Moreover, it Is Bald tha 1 who fished last night apparently had
the prln- will lower from lt cents ���nnip understanding with their fel-
One man in charge of a cannery wn lows, for thev went unmolested and
heard to sny that he rould get lot" el    "ST* later join, d by countrymen. The
Birill   llircTllllieTrn   '*'���"   ""'   ' uriner-H  ami  oiners are   mnr-i -���������������    .....   ......      ....      ���.,.,,,.      ..,.,,.,       , ,.,���   nun   un   ii-miiuriiry   i|uhvi-tm   u    ..,,,,,,,    ���,.,,,,,   .-in non.   (..���,���.,-.
NFW   wKTMIMTFR  ><���< n*   ��helr   K���1"   *'���'���������   **<������*���   ���n-   mo"Ula'     Funeral   arrangements   will   such  that not a  single  building  cap-  "���2���^t* ��nno- Mrf'^ii
HLM   WL*j|iniWjlLl\ fldence. owing to indications of hav-  be announced later. Uble  ot   occupation   recains  unrented "��""y.Vo^on*        ' yLeX**oA '
Progrmslve      Association
Issuing Descriptive Booklet���
Camoaign for Members.
flsh from the Japanese for li r-'ots.
while by some men it Is predicted thai
much   leas   would  be  given   soon.
II was the Japanese who them
selves broke the strike While whins
Indians and ��otn<- -laps ashore were
wailing ihe Jap union leader's return
last night from a conference In Vancouver, about So Jap boats put orr.
end the sight ot these loaded down
with flsh. and the thought or If- or
^n cents each for them was too mucb
Jap.-* hnd one man. nnd one man only
i'*> th'-ir t'tlklne. and. excpl from
, that leader, no Information rould be
���iinii] Th,- while men spent five
tinijrs yesterday trying to learn wtmi
the Jananege proposed to do. but In-
- -rial ly they were rCorn-i! to the
l(.-.'(-r. then absent in Vancouver.
Tin- trouhle in securing Inside ls
bor predicted by the strikers never
materlallred, for before the time for
work Inside to begin had arrived tbls
for the men not fishing. As darkni as morning all the men were on the Jo*
Closed In lhe majority pulled out on iand the women free to follow suit,
the river and before daylight the whieh they Invariably did.
water was thickly set with the riding r Run Still on.
lights Of the salmon boats. The   flsh   are  still   running  here   in
This morning the Btreets here wen- en -t numbers. While today the St-ir.
deserted Every man, white, red and l.'phthouse and Bcottlsh-Canadian,
vellow who could muster a boat and among the Independent canneries, art-
gear was at Work, although there were tak'ng snv number of flsh th- Bull
��tlll a tew men. a dozen perhaps, who r* '��������-rirla restricts Its number to -ZED,
were net fishing. The change from while ihe Imperial, of the IV C. Cno-
tli-* excited crowds of yesterday after- ners' association, win accept but 200.
noon made lt look as If the circus had ; fn-- ch man.
lefl town over night. Tin- strike was practically nnanl-
No Disorder. mpiiB   among   lower  river   risher-o'-n.
The striking fishermen an- to be In Canoe Pass, the North Arm and the
commended for tlu-ir strict observance main river, from 6 o'clock Sunday "n-
of the law Their behavior was ex- HI '- nm, yeaterday. when the Tint
celtent Despite the Ill-veiled urgings Japanese boats put mil rrom hen-,
to violence made bv I. \V. W. or- or all the seemingly exaggera^d
ga-.ii7.-rs not one cent's worth of tales ol the al?e of catches, even t'.e
d image was done to cannery pro- most unbelievable nre unite wlthli
perty "Non- of this 'destroy the the limit of tact Last night eaon h-"
canneries' talk thla time," anid a vet- ft thom nf net
eran  fisherman     Another white full - , P n   armful.
eniian en Monday morning, In asking tba cannery wharves sockeye* wer
tbe imperial cannery for another boat,|belng   taVcn
referred to the strike na "This
���:i= with the Tisli it held.
Twenty-flve  yards  Irom
Arrangements for Uie publication
cf a booklet deacriptive of New Weat-
���ftiin-KIiT and containing valuable information about the city and district
w-ere discussed ot the meeting Of the
execuilve of lh- Progress aaaoclation
yesterday afternoon. J. tv. Wood, of
Beliltl-'. appeared before the executive and explained that he wns prepared to iasue the booklet at no cost
to the association apan from tli I
cuts and reading matter, -which that
body  would  supply.
At the present time the association
ie without a booklet of this kind and
It was felt that It would prove of con- 1
siderahl- advantage to send when
enquiries for information were received.
If arrangements can be made to
secure the necessary cms, Mr. Wood
will be authorized to issue the publi-
Tbe executive also ratified  flu
iConcnuod oi. Page Four)
good harvest
Increased Shipments.
Shipments of grain trom Fort Wll
Considers jiiam   and   Port   Arthur  between   the
opening of navigation and July 31 in
bushels are:
1912 1913
Wheat    35.118,405    39.S96.124
Oats 10,77*4.276    14.K90.423
Barley  1,104.332     4,368,892
Flax     2.787.361      9.196,942
Mr Rowley regards the general outlook favorable. "Business conditions
throughout tiifs territory'." he said,
"show little material change except In
one or two llnea, such as lumber dealers     and     farm     Imnlements.   which
tonight.   Both the Koyal bank and the',     ��r.     .... ,,       ���
Bank of Commerce have arranged fori J&L?* ^Tr^lVit*.
new   quarters,  but  lt   will  be  Impos-  ^��n����JheGaBnon block
Bible for them to get at their v.��iu\�����������g- �� igft **"V���
Masonic    Re-union    Here
ClOEinr,  with  Banquet  Last
for a week, aa they are burled in a
maBB of red hot tin. Within two
houra after the fire had been conquered, lumber had beer, delivered
land work was under way on the new
] Bank of Commerce rooma.
, Better  Town   Will   Rise.
Yes.erday,, jjarvey Cull, druggist, whose entire stock was destroyed, will open
Friday morning with a brand new
outfit.    This exemplifies  the spirit or
Several   hundred   Knt^hls   Templar.
with their wives and friends,
lahow  a  continual  falling off.   the  for
mer on account of mortgage loans not "WetHer With Iheir wives
being so rreelv obtainable this vear as visited  New   Westminster
they  were   last, owing to the genernl'o" s sightseeing lour, finally  winding  their place at once.    Many other new,
financial stringency, and In the latterjup   With   a   lodge  seasion   and   a   ban-land substantial buildings will be com-
case owing to the rarmers being more giH-t held  in  the Masonic  Temple on , nienced within a fortnight.    The town
conservative   fn   their  purchases   than (.Agnes  slreet. (will  rebuild   much  better than it  was
they have in the past few years. 1 The visitors came over in foil.- before the fire. Guest.-* and employees
Which is a good Hlgii. General mer-j special cars from Vancouver and (at the two hotels were unable to s-ive
chants  feel  confident and  look  for-j were met at the depot by Mayor Oray |even   their   wearing  apparel,   an.!
barracks.  $4000:   Grand  Union  botel.
ltBO.000;   bowling alley. $3000;   Atha
.baaca  Trading  store,  $16,00*0;   Atha
hasca cafe, $3000;   Papa's fruit store,.
1*1000 Including    stock:    pool    rooiu.
���tin.000;   municipal  offices  and   Hen-
i dry's law office, $500: (Tagnon's offic*'-
f50fi;   Athabasca  club. fiOQQ:  Olirer'*^
barn, ttOOi);   Northern  Trndijig- stein*,
���".'(iiV;FrI-dman's   taf/or   shop.   $16*0;
Hughes'  butcher shop.   $1000:   Stock-
Bon   Marcbo.     $1000;     Hank-Btf*
t-1000:   shootlnK  gafloiy.
th- men of Athabasca.    A dozen new
buildings   are  already   belriK  arranged,   ."       ,.,.���,,
'for. I. Oa^i-on. who io��- six structures,  ���r   ,  f'""u
; valued  at 8200,000,   will   proceed  with '*-""'���    5��M      '"'      *''     *    x'h'
ithe erection of new buildings to lake
bases    Forwarding   company's     ware-
:house end goods, $50,000,
The Insurance so far as  known i��
-s follows:  Athabasca hotel. $8000 on
I ulldlnr: Stocker and company, $101X1:
Cull. $8000:  Cr.ind Union had. 8-40.-
000;  Kuril:   flO.OCO.
Order Prevails.
Kuril to a good rail business and all Jauul several other prominent members I was neceseary for the town to cornel    T'-,-   fire   here   ia   practically   snb
banks are meeflng legitimate demands or the local Masonic ord. r, to the rescue or manv or Uiem. ror fined I   ��� -i-i--s ;.. : m  :    .... -v.*.-
and   reel   sure   (bat  the  coming  crop |    The specials were routed over ihe  all their money, as well as ,.: lr jew
Fraser   Mill   line  to  the   big  plan,   of jelry, was Inst
tbe  Canadian   Western   Lumber cm Carina for  Needy.
where  several   big  sticks   Here      The   immigration   ball   was   thr.���-
ml ih.- partyjopen by the Dominion  government:
Will   t<-
liiaiiceil without undue strin-
Port   Coquitlam    CommisslonerB   B*--
lieve in Living up to New Act's
28.000 Men Wanted.
Wi-inini-L'. Aug. 5    That 88.000 harvesters will be wanted for n-iints nlong
the Canadian Northern railroad alone,
was the statement made at Uie railway offices this morning. The nnm-
t-er '--is bei-l reached l-v -i careful
Compiling of fhe lists received from
the various station agents along fhe
i'.,ro -i�� fhe eofnany. which Include
stnti -is used jointly by the C. N. Tt. |J
and 0. T.  r.
run   through  the  saws
i-.frnlr."    There   were  fewer  cases   of
carousing   than  on  an  ordinary  Saturday night and all of the liars wcre
free from flghta.
lln Sunday night  fish caught  were  taklns
Some     gasoline hoati
c-ime   In   loaded   to   the   gunwale   red
nt'c-i hoi, with fish, the result Of only      v irt Coquitlam, Aug. 8    The llceiu
c*    '-'"l. ram-mission,  sitting at  the city hall
v'h!l"   the  present   nm   ln'ts  the-" | tIt 1 h evening, passed a drastic resolu-
wlll  not  'e b  fisherman who is not  tlon to the effect that, in ordir to re-
advantage of it.
Calumet, Midi., Aug. .*")��� Bhwin
James Crow was authorised by the
supirilsors of Houghton county today
O hire ea many deputies aa he de
sires to handle tlle copper miners
strike Bituation, In eoiiseipieiice. tlie
>herlf! announced be would recruit tomorrow an army of 800 asslBtanU
nnd he Intimated that, if local men
would   not   accept   coinmlBSlona,   outsiders would be sworn  In.
Mine  owners  and     union
M..ii  iPPoslta views ot the develop-
the runner endorsing thc ac-
lion of tlle boaid. while the latter denounced It In unmeasured terms.
The n rm ' hired thugs" was upplled to the deputes by Western
Federation of Miners officials.
Union circles rejoiced over tlle ar-
r val if    "Mother"    Jonea    and
word   from   Washington   lhat   Walter
B. Palmer had been detailed by    the
'. department Of labor to investigate industrial    conditions    In    the    coppei
i country.    The  former apent the day
familiarising herself  with the situa
ilitti  In  preparation  for a speech  to
Ci 0 ���":��� ������':��� * tt �� # " * * * w  ���' *
Cardston.    Alta..    Aug.    5.��� O
That the Mormon church prac- v
,1,.,'illv    hai    decided  to aban- tf
don   its   Mexican  colonization '
scheme and devote It) enrrg
(0 (i,(i development
and Battlements   in
Alh-l-la.    was    the
Al����� made by ^tM
���1(ll(���ted that the ohurob
would attempt to buy out tb
niood Indians, who own ��
large reserve In Southern Al
be made at a mass meeting tomorrow
Uii'r.n  leaders  advanri d  the  belief  (0 the sidewalk cf th
: that Mr,  Palmer's Inquiry may result
In  a solution    of   the    strike.    They
I tain ita license, the Coqultlam hotel
which is immediately opposite the
c. 1", R. stnt'on on Ihe south Jtile
mns1 submit plans for a new building
Nnd.  If  this  Ib  tn he a three  storey
i'u tei. i-i'i-t he of mill construction and
hrlcV vi'ii.-i ���
I    Th-   matter   arose  out  of   the   lm-
��� provem-iits demanded OTfler ''i'
amended provincial Liquor act. which
becomes effective next year and one
I or tin- princinni provisions or the- act
Is lhat each licensed hotel must havc
21) or more rooms ready for the enter-
italnment of the public nt nny time.
The commission, after a protracted
discussion on the plans of Improvements submitted to the meeting, felt
that radical structural alterations
tl,c | would be necessary before the hotel
could posalbly comply with the demands of file new act and would cost
not less than $3000. They believed
thnt If they renewed the license they
could not give the hotel anv protection against further alterations next
year and the only course was to re-
i-nire the erection or a new building.
The hotel was considered too old for
big alterations and .an Inconvenience
main stre. t.
St. Louis Telephone Strikers Go Back
and Union Cards Are Recognized
by  Company.
conducted all over the mill, the diT-.
ent operations being explained b;.
Sales Manager Mackin and Acti.i
Superintendent  Ryan.
Lasting evening the ladies of the
party r-tiiriied to Vancouver by way
of the north arm. while llle members
stayid for a BeBaion in the Masonic
Temple, which finished with i banquet tendered by the local Kn..; .ts.
Speeches were delivered by p. .mill.-
ent members of the order throughout
the Dominion, all expressing their
pleasure at the treatment accorded
tbem during  their Btay  on  the coast.
An orclieBtra was In attendance,
while Edward Jonea did the catering.
'.���.'nre. Th- town council ha.*-- appoint
led n number of special watchmen tti
warn th< town and hold the rirf- in
cbeok should a strong wind come m��-
Bvi ry streel is littered with a mass of
r--ds snatched from the stores b-eforn ���
���rvlees of a competent conk and sen: they lurned. Peace and order have
a full store of provisions to the i:nmi- teen the rule throughout the day. A
gration hall: relief ofrices were open- numlier of special constables nvetnr-
ed ami anyone needing aid was Bent sworn in but their services were not
to   the   immigration   hall,   where   ail,needed.
Duncll   immediately  secured   th"
the r    cause #
a federal    Inthe Western
of   liitidn
S, of flalt like Olty, while
11! recently. Pr��-��eni Bmttfe
11   - .      ... _.       ii.���      cliiircll
wire convinced that
would be advanced by
Denver reports thnt
federation Of Miners had not Banc
t'oned iho strike were denied em-
phatlca'.ly. It waa pointed out that
a majority of the executive tyard of
llm union v.as In Calumet when the
movement started.
The first serious accident among
the troona came to light todav when
Orole Green, n private in battery A.
Lansing, waa o: erated on at a hospital. He waa wicked by a horae yeaterday and ao severely injured thnt
the military surgeons said h" had
little chance to survive the nlgbt,
Toronto, Aug. &.--The Dominion parole officer. W. P.
Archibald, is home nfter a
prolonged tour of Canada, during which lie has been Investigating the penitentiaries of the
Dominion "i think," said ho,
"the penitentiaries in the west
are going ahead of thoae In the
east. They arc building with
larger ideaa, and the buildings
are more humane and progressive."
<:< ft ft ft ft w ft H ft =::= >::= :;:< -s �� *
St.  Louis, Mo., Aug. 5.    Settlement
of the strike of maintenance men ami
clr! operators of the Southern Telo-
graph and Telephone oompany, n<-n
Hues, was announced Ibis afternoon
���ift.r a Itormy meeting of the strikers, In wblcb officials of the International Union of Electrical Workers told
���he strikers th-'t the settlement bad
been effected without submitting the
terms to ii  referendum vote.
The temp ��� f the settlement were
agreed upon Monday night ami wen-
placed before the strikers today The
executive committee of the union. It
was announced, had authority to settle
tb- strike without a referendum and
such a HCttlemetit hml been mule.
The strike hid be--n In effect Beven
weeks and resulted from the discharge
of .12 operators. The lenders of the
union Claimed that lhe>' had been discharged became of union activity and
that their dfiimisii-il was an attempt on
the part of the company to prevent the
organization of the girl operators,
Terms of Peace.
The terms Of gettlemcnf provide-
Thnt the striking girls singly shall
.1 [make implication for reinstatement at
a the exchange where tliey laat worked
"and that tin* maintenance men should
,  ' make application singly at the main
':;" | orrioo.
",. I. That   no   discrimination   would   be
;;;/jmade by  the company againat thoBe
J | having union cards.
,;<     That the eight hour day be placed
'Mln  efrect.
ft That thoae who did net perform
ft |overt acts againat the company and
ftlwere not convicted by the courts will
ft he given preference In Replications
ft for reinstatement, but without dis-
���tf crimination against holders of union
cards as such.
One of the  Human   Parasites  Breaks
Into   Duluth   Dock   Strike   and
Men   Remain  Out.
Port Coquitlam. Aug. 5.���Amid
Bcenea ot much enthusiasm ?nd In lhe
presence of a large gathering of citizens, Mayor Mars by the turn .if a
handle on a hydrant at Scboolhousc
road at 5 o'clock this afternoon liberated a flush of 200 lh. water pressure, thus formally opening '.he water *
supply system to residents ii' all parts |
or the city.
President Seabrook. ot the board ol
trade, defied convention .vti-n he
ducked bis nail into the toiin and secured the honor or first quenching a
thirst fron
princess may:
is sold out
Citi-ccns'   Picnic   Ship   Will   Pull   Oft
for Victoria This Morning With
S.  R. O. Sign  Displayed.
Duluth, Minn., Aug. fi  -Although the
strikers at the Alluiie/. ore docks had
signified a willingnesB to go to work
t. day and the company had made all
the concessions the atrlkers bad aak- 1
ed, an  1.  W.   W.  leader  succeeded  111
stopping  the  negotiations  for  ending
the strike and the strikers finally vot- ���
id to remain out.    The men who had j
been  brought   here  to  act  ub  strikebreakers  quit  iu  ii   body.
The dock oiriclals bad granted all
demands originally made by the |
strikers and alao had oromlsed an Increase In pay of 15 cents a day.
which was a later issue brought up by
tbe men.
Mayor Konkel. of superior, attempted to address the strikers, but they
refused to listen to him after he hid
engaged in n wordy battle with the
I. W. W. loader.
With every ticket sold and" enq-ETr-
lie Port Coqultlam water i,B made for an additional 200. tbn
1 annual citizens' picnic, scheduled f-nr
\ | loday, promises to be a huge success.
The committee in charge feels Krats
fled at thc unusual demand for *ai>
commodatlon, demonstrating that Uiw
w'-ii known holiday (or WeftmfaMtar
iieople is jiut as popular as ever. Tfcn
Princess May of the C. 1*. K. Hn'-
came up river last' evening; mxnti
docked at the C. P. It. wharf. Ki����-
wlll drop down stream at 7 o'docK
��hi:rp lhis morning and will pri>'.a->jlv
arrive In Victoria between tho novrs
Of 11 and  12.
Difficulty waa encountered laat rv��
nl-ig coming up stream, owing to the
  Ihundreds of sockeye nets which bk>ck-
j  d ine channel.   Interfering with ua-
Ottawa    \ug    5     l.leut-Col.   II.   C. jvlgatlon In the main channel is vioJit-
Lowther,'aeoretary to the governor- 1*��8 t;,(> la'-vs ���*<���<* government ofnc��v
general, lias  Issued  a bulletin to the  M> ,h,'t Prosecutions are in osr!��r ��i-
Koyal   Highnesses.! ���'3SS ""' fishermen heed the vnxrmsexgir:
Possible   Governor   General   Will   Re
side  There   During   Re-airs  at
Rideau   Hall.
Birmingham, Ala.. Aug. 5.���
Louisville and Nashville pas-
aeng.r train Nc\ 4. from New
Orleans, waa heldup by bnn-
dlta between lllrmlnghuni and
Clalera early tonight. When
the train reached Birmingham
tho two express meaBengers
were found manacled together
and the Irona had to be filed
off tbelr banda.
ft ft ft ft
ft ft
effect  that Their
the Duke and Duchess of Connaught
wlll prolong their stay In England |
unt'l Oct. 17 in orde; that they may.
be able to be present at the wedding I
of HUH. Prince Arthur of Con-i,
naught, which haB been tlxed lor Oct
The Journal saya:   Historic Quebec*
the  ancient  capital  of  Canada,   may,
once again become, at least tempor-
arlly,  the cent  cf government In  tht
Dominion.    It Is probable Hint  In the
event of alterations  which  are being
made at Rideau  Hall not being com- :
pleted    hefore     11.II.11.  tlu-  Duke  of
Connaught roturna to Canada, he will
take up his residence at Spencerwood,;
the  home of  the  Hetitenant-gover.ior
of Quebec,    or possibly at tiie    far- '���
���'.';��� famed citadel and the administration
# of the country would tben be carried
on  not n  atone's  throw  whence one
hundred  years ago the    country  was
.ruled by the    intrepid    and    gallant,
��� Krontcnac,
r the petrol DOatS to keep clear rta
Princess May comes up stream
New    Vork,    Aug. 5.��� SMM ;7
thousand women employed   im ,1
east side knitting mills struck
today,       demanding       shorter
hours,  higher  pay  anad  merit *
Sanitary workln;; conditions. I< ���'.
is estimated thut more women tl
are Involved In the strike than *..'
In any labor   disturbances   iu "
New    York    since    the    great Ct*
shirtwaist strike of  1909. Sev- S>
oral thousand men went out in C'
sympathy    with    the    women t*
workers. ����
....   ....   .".   ....   ....  ....  .��, ....  ,.'-   .���. .-c  e^  ->v -w. -���* HA life    TWO
* ���   ^tcJiaSwaa,
at. independent morning paper devoted lo (lie Internal! of New Westminster and
tx, frtxtei Polity. Unhlished entry morauio ej-ccpl Sundnj/ by the National Printing
..tl Publish!** Company, Litnited, ot 63 U oKttvtlt street, New Weetmlneter, ftritisii
���""''""'"" ROM! SUTHERLAND, Managing Dircet'ir.
sn roiiim-unioatianj should tie adttreesed i-> Tht New Weetmlneter Veue, and nm
in iiiiii.utttoi members o/ the ttafj. Cneuuee, draftt, and money order* ahould lis made
Ki,/uie.   in  7'he- National p-rtnllnn aid J'uMliilitng Cnmpany, [.United.
n-l.t-.t'lioans���uusiitess uflice and Manager, -J-J'j, Editorial Rooms lall depart-
���tents), mu.
SUBSCRIPTION DAi Ku- Hi, carrier, |4 por j/n��r, $i for ilireo month.
���mentA     lb; n��a��). I.   i,er le-iii. atic pur monili.
SDVBSTISIIHI RATHS tin application.
Ucyd     George's     Scheme     Said     to
Cause Loss of ��1,133,000 In
Four  Years.
The strike of the sockeye fishermen on the Fraser
river has sagged in the middle and, like a summer engagement, has dissolved.
There ai e several reasons for this abrupt end to the
walk-out pulled off on Sunday evening, but thc principal
ones are two. First, there should not have been any strike
at all and in the second place the chance to make good
money while the big sockeye run lasts was too much for
the strikers.
The fishermen tried to beat the old law of supply
and demand and failed.
It does not take any very hefty commercial brain to
���grasp the established rule that prices on a glutted market are lower than quotations where the demand exceeds
the supply; but failure to take note of this fact brought
on the strike and then killed it.
Earlier in the season the men who haul in the nets
agreed to take twenty-five cents a fish and seemed satisfied with that price. If twenty-five cents is a good figure
when the day's catch is running from ten to fifty sockeyes to a brat, it is too much to expect when the haul is
averaging from five hundred to a thousand. Arguing
from the other end: if twenty-five cents is a fair price
when salmon are running strong, as lhey are at present,
it is not enough when they arc scarce, as in the earlier
weeks of the summer.
In cutting from twenty-five to fifteen cents the can-'
ners followed an established rule of business and were
entirely within their rights irrespective of whether the
lower rate is fair or not. If it is not, the fault lies with
the fishermen themselves, who should have held out for a
higher than twenty-five cent price earlier in the season
to allow for a cut when the big run would enter the river.
As things have fallen out, both the canneries and the
men have lost money by the creation of a situation that
was altogether foolish and unnecessary.
A sage of authority has remarked that it's an ill wind
blows nobody food and there is one redeeming feature
to the strike. While tho se hundreds of idle nets were out
of the river, thousands of sockeyes got safely by on their
wav to the spawning grounds, which will mean a welcome
addition to the supply of the years to come.
Saskatoon Builders' Exchange Launches Campaign From Winnipeg
to the Coast.
All you've got to do to earn a threp hundred thousand
dollar reward 13 find that $750,000 pearl necklace that was
lost between Pari.- and London the other dav.
An aggregation of doctors down in Knoxville, Tenn.,
tiavc discovered a perfect, baby,   Huh!   There are hund-|
reds of mothers right in this town who can show you one
an: dav.
Nicaragua says she is willing to accept all of the U. S.
^provisions in the proposed treaty. Is there anvthing Nicaragua wouldn't accept with a three million dollar donation
The citv of Nelson is nlanning a !>i,r carnival.   None,
t F those little towns like Victoria nnd San Francisco are
oi 'r to get ahead of her with their street fairs, Panama
1 ���: hTbitions, etc.
Man is a noo-, confiding, innocent creature, isn't he?
"Some women in the east have started a movement against
present stvlog in female attire to nrevent the possible corruption of their husbands' morals.
Uncle Sam heard thai John Bull was going to heln
-lack Canuck move his grain crop, s" uncle cot busy and is
I ",',n;,vr fiftv million dollars out of his treasury to handle
the U. S. yield fast enough to keep pace with the Cana-
iT.'    shipments.
Talk about roducinr the hich p��si nf livimr.    V
neapolis m;m hiv�� 1" taxi ran ��n a $30 bill, refused to oav
was arrested and fined ST-n Thnt pnds the csfi. the taxi
companv ppn't filled and i'1" inv rider is in fifteen simo-
lenns, which will buy considerable beeksteak.
YiiuV' pot to set your Marm clock for an early hour
to ""t 1111 in time to head off a Tap.   California has been'
V-l.-linir herself to make herself laugh at the discomfiture
nf '���'(��� b'tt-le brown men whom she has barred from own-
im- land and now the little brown men have trimmed the,
anti-alien law all to ���' non by incomorating comnanies that |
can't be touched.   That beats writing notes from Tokio
A <��� -iivpntlon lietwoi n Or * ' Bi
and the l'n it. .1 Sti lea wai   nnoli      '
���eighty-six years ago ti day, t ������   *
the iirtii-ii s . :  I ��� 19, pn vldl
i��t,,i  '-""im -i  ������' ini*** *i    . . :��� ���
definitely  extended,  with    thi     i   ���
vis i that either party mlghl annul lhe
agreement on twelve mi nthi' nol ce,
By iir se conventions the Btati    of the
vast territory comprising ihe pi     * I
province of British Columl 11 in I *
Btati    i f Oregon and Wai liin ���*  i
]i ���- undecld d    Neither country        ���'
mm It .-I oul llin "wild    *i ���"������'! I
l lu    ot .   !'��� ij   compai y  It i rt
: h n1 rerelgni    over the
T , i   ���   :   ,i    * *   *   '   ioi:  nf
;,   ���;���;;,, I ' | I' I 1* '
I, i mai I '    * *
British   and   [Tn lid   Stati     I
1   .   di ipli
��� * ���   |  i
;* ������    i wortl
I'll. ;iiid  they  begun  to demand  tha
th< lr government take possession n
���i '" Pacific coasl up to Russian
In   1846   the   United   Btates
i ��� *! m tin    n Ore i' Britain thai the
* * '   -is of 1819 and 1827 would he
l-r    itfd .ii the 'in! or a year, nnd,
*��� -   - ���     ��� ���"., of war, comralKslon-
* : *    ipp        *i    t-i    bi ttie    the
bi und irli tt,
'���'.���   ll'*i'i".    Wi thn m.   long   Uo-
f the Mi thodlsl  Magazine of
r.to and the am ior of n "History
i nl.i.     !',:��� i*' i    Si "in,* and  De-
��� '    ' I other works, �� as born
ntu     ,'ent ara ago to-
A destructive analysis of Mr. Lloyd
ueorge's land-taxing policy and an ex-
posuri of Its failure In result are con-
inert In an article by Harold Cox
n the Edinburgh Review. Four years
'nve passed since the vote-catching
I propaganda, with Its attacks on the
hilies and land owners, was Btarted,
. ml it Is possible now to test ii by
'���   ie dry  light  of Btatlsties.
The budget estimates of the yield of
the Increment value, reversion, and
undeveloped laud duties for the whole
period aggregate ��946,000, and the
actual yield has boen ��223,430, Mr.
('.'X points oul:
"Up rn March Bl last the total yield
of the three duties was ��223,430    In
otl er words, nol only have the original
v.iguo prophecies as to the bounteous
i vii id t l' thi bo taxes proved to be without  foundation, but the three ear-fill
Bti p made after the land valuation bad been started show a dUcrep-
mcy  in  comparison  with  the actual
���ecclpts tint  no rhetoric can hridge.
be chancellor of the exchequer estimated fi r a sovereign; he has recelv-
,i   Is,  8%d."
The OOEt of valuation and collection
'   [ th- three taxes is pul at   ��1,366,000
' y  Mr. I'll--, and as the yield was only
C233.430, he slates:
"The filial result of four years' working of  Mr,   Lloyd  Ueorge's    brilliant I
lontrivance   tor   paying for   dread -
naughts and old age pensions is a net
lost to the exchequer of ��1,133,000."
A Fallacy in "Futures."
i-i  1909, when  introducing his hud- '
���et,  the chancellor claimed  thai   the
taxes would produce an Increasing rev-j
-���linn ill the future.   On this point Mr. j
Cox observ s:
"i    is difficult  to discover any  rea-
son tor ever anticipating a large revenue frnm  any one of the three land i
���nine duties.   It Is true that undevel- \
iped  land duty shows, so far as the
'nst estimate Is concerned, an appre-
'iahle Increase   on   previous years���
namely,   an   estimated    UttHn.onil     this |
vear, as compared  with  an estimated ]
��100.000 last year.   Hut this estimated Increase���which is still In nublmus
Is based  on the calculation ihat, a
nslderable sum of arrears of duty.
io less than  ��240,000, will fall to bei
���i',:. rled   ill   tli"  present   year     As   a
-natter of fact the land value officials
ere  this  year  demanding  from   many
Ipeoplo undeveloped land duty for the
four  previous  years.    This method "f
-v.. lllng the estimates will necessarily
ease In the course of a few years, and
the area of land still remaining to lie
valued wlll not add any great sum to
', the vli Id of this tax."
'As regards reversion duty, the ul-
'iniate prospects are equally poor. This
duty Is an arbitrary impost upon those
('nnd owners w!io-?r- predecessors in title, In order to meet the convenience
;   I tillriers,   lei   land  at   low  ground
l-oiits, hoping to recoup  their    estate
when the reversions fell In.   Since this
���ei-v convenient form of letting Is now
-lenallzed   as if it wen- a crime, land
.wners wlll avoid it for the future: so
���hough   though   reversion   duty     mav
leld   a   substantial  sum    while    old
��� :���- s are falling In it. cannot be regarded as a permanent source of revenue.
"The increment value duty is found-
d on lh" assumption that the value of
���in- land in the United Kingdom is
necesrarlly going to rise very' greatly.
That i.s the kind nf assumption that
politicians and business men qnestion
While Mr. Lloyd Oeorge and his
Irlends ar" Btaklng their political rep-
ttations on ill- prospect of a rise in
the value of liritish land Kngiish land
owners are quietly Belling here and
buying land In Canada In view of tli"
heavy emigration now In progress the
'-tt- r    speculation    seems      likely      to
orove the more profitable, At any rat"
i is mo'.i Improbable that land in the
United Kingdom will rise se greatly
n value In the course of the next
twenty years as to yield anv appreciable revenue In the way of Increment
���.nine ii*if it is noticeable lhal Mr.
' '.".ii Ri -rue's estimate of the groaa
vli Id i *' this inv fi-r 1913 14 is only
H's estimate fer 1911-12
was   ��50,000."
The article ci "eludes * "The truth
Is thai the Lloyd Qeorglan valuation
:s absolutely usrlesi except for the
-xcluslve purposes of the Iloyd Geor-
ian land ta ��� es. and they are useli ss
fer anj  purpose whatsoever."
EYfcS   mi\J   N^u-j-ir   brtvV   IT
Mi ntreal,   Aug   ,,.    l-'lve    hundn d
thousand dollars iu littli   luund .. ...u
i ,   ii., ,.,i,   nm,,, ii   a.-,   j- '   golc   Pieced
,'.. li    u .llun 1*1. il   III.Ill   III"   ill p-uO    ' '*
i-.*,v, i* ,s   gi iiei.o a   on.i .    in    *lie   ��� .'..
and ii strict baim buiiu.ng in tne ma ti
ill ee   of    llle    Ul yal    111111*    nl    l .lli.nl i
the other afternoon.
Few pedestrians who had occasion
to pass the Koyal Hunk building gave
more than a passing glance at a cab
.-lauding at the door and except for
one or two who saw the messeugers
rarry the money in, the incident went
The money was pul In small linen
Backs containing }6000 each and lying Iii the bottom of the cab. A bunk
official guarded it and checked the
bags as they were carried In, while
,i Becond man checked the sacks inside.
i onstable Lefebvre, on duty on st.
James Btreet, was the only uniformed guardian of the money: but moro
than a dozen plan clothes men were
tcatti red aboul Hie stroel to see thai
none of the "light fingered gentry"
of the city got awaj with one of the
Although it took more than an hour
to make the transfer, Constable Lefebvre said thai nol more than five per
cent ef the passcrsby realized what
was going on.
A movement extending Iroin Winnipeg to the coast to bring about the
elimination of all duty on building
material, Is about to be launched by
the Saskatoon builders' exchange as
the result of action taken at a recent
meeting of the hoard of direetora of
that body.
Kvery builders' exchange west of
Winnipeg will be asked to co-operate
In tin- movement wtth a view of bringing about an act of parliament to repeal all acts providing for duty on
building material.
Directors of the Saskatoon exchange
Indignantly declare that duty on
building materials is a rank Imposition
in the Canadian west, that it offers
absolutely no protection to the Canadian manufacturer because freight
rates from eastern points of manufacture an. even greater than the
duly togetiier with freight rati s from
American points, and thai the duty on
this class ��.f material is nothing more
or   less  than   a   form   of  revenue.
lliiilding is too essential to tin-
growth and developmenl of the countrv to be taxed as a source of revenue
and every western Canadian should
use ever, effort to bring about the
Importation of building supplies tree
of duty.
The matter will be placed before
the entire membership of the Saskatoon exchange at the next meet iiu:. hut
the secretary has been Instructed to
communicate Immediately with the
i.O'er exchangi s, acquainting them
with the proposed movement. The attitude of the other exchanges will be
made known at the next regular meeting.
The    Right   Kind   of a Fla-} Incident
Enacted at Fort Erie
Immigration   Agent   Says   They     Are
Fit   Physically,   Mentally,   Morally  and   Financially
Dominion Immigration Agent Malcolm It. .1. Iteid, In an Interview at
Vancouver, stated that Here must be
a misapprehension In the mind of
Mayor Morley. of Victoria, regarding
the proposed influx of Hussians from
Mr. Reid says that ll has been understood for some time that there
was a proposition to tiring a number
of Hussians to liritish Columbia from
Vladivostok. The matter was first
mooted seven months aire, and it was
then stated definitely and emphatically to the promoters of the scheme
that laborers were not wanted. The
understanding was given that tlle
men to be brought out would be farmers and farmer's helpers and lhal
all would be financially in a position
to go to work on the land as farmers.
Tiny are all to be fit physically, mentally, morally and financially, and
the department has retained tbe righ'
to reject any of the partv, whether
they have relatives In Canada or
among  the other colonists or not.
The advance guard of the colonists
is expected on Aug. 15 cd the Dominion and provincial authorities nr-j
working together to see thai thev '
get placed where thev e-m carry nni
their ideas of mixed farming a-d
mrk"t gardening. A well known
RusRian coloniser M Vaschennff |��
al the head of the movement, and
In all it is eynectod that i in farnlltoa
will be brought to  British  Columbia.
Czar Tries  Seven  Milr  March  as Private   Soldier.
London, Ahe .". flmnenr Nicholas
of Russia, fully aecou'.red ns a nH-
vate, recentlv rqade a F-v-n-rnlle
eii rrh in order to u-ain personal experience of ' i-i'-r as a common soldier, acenrd'ng tn the D-illy Tele
granh's St.  Petersburg correppondent.
The e-n-ni ---r '  i tH<-e<l ;,-��� a rifleman with the e mil roiled overcoatt,
" itches w-nh !*."' reiitnls of amniunl-
t'--n. trenching ppade, r itlon bag. et ���
altogether wetph'ng thn e nuarti -1 n|
a hundred-weight, exclusive of the
Thus i nulppi il wiih all the nutfll "''
an Infantryman the emperor marched
up hill ami di *.��� a da'e r* r sei en m ;" ���
riving ih" salute of a private s*'M<*r
in tin* illh . rs v horn he mi t on the
Everyone was aonarently Ignort-inl
Of   Ills   Identity    until   the     next      day.
��li ii the "inner, r entered himself, in-
cording  to  the  r- ���.���<���' 't'ons,    nn    the
regimental  roll  ns "Private  Nicholas
Human iff, married, of ih"    Orthodox
faith, coming from Ts'arskoe-Seio."
Close  Can  for Steeple|a-l'.
I.aervse,   Wis.   Aug.     f,     Precipitated head nvcr heels down the steen
roof    of    the    first    Congregational
church   when   a   cleat  loos, ned   under
Ills feet, Roy Bailey, Minneapolis
steeplejack, escaped death when liis
body was caught fast where the steeple and roof met Had he fallen two
teet to either side he would have
been hurled fifty feet lo the pave
Horses Roasted to Death
Hamilton, Aug '.. The stables of
W. it, Foyster, Ice dealer, on Burlington Street, were totally destroyed by
fire and t horses and a pony roasted to death, It Is not known bow
the fire started, but it had gained
such headway before it was discovered that It was Impossible for the
f ri men to gel it under oontrol until
the entire building was a complete
Fort Krle, Ont., Aug. 5.���Buffalo and
Its little adjacent, civic sisters on the
Canadian side of the river made
Thursday of last week a holiday and
made of llle holiday u rousing big celebration of the ract that pence has now-
existed for one hundred years between
these two countries.
in weather of must uncomfortable
warmth Uncle 8am and John Bull
clasped hands across the boundary and
swore eternal friendship with a side
vow to let no opportunity escape of
securing the proposed  peace memo
rial bridge for thiB point. In fact
this bridge loomed large throughout
th-' celebration.
Tin. proposition calls tor a beautiful Btrueture aboul a mil'- long, spanning the river from Porl Erie's lm il
ness section In the font of Main strei:
In Buffalo, and ciilzens of both Cities
have a tli msand good reasons why It
slu uld be iuil' by th" governments at
Washington and Ottawa or ly tlmn*
al   Albany and Toronto.
The iwo Niagara Kails cities stand
aloof from this line of argument, bavin : an idea that the peace bridge
should join in their collection of
bridges and wer.- the only phi""-* in
the vicinity which did nnt fall In line
with Buffalo ami Fori Erie in proclaiming today a civic holiday. The
bridge would cost anywhere above
three million dollars,
A VVeiland county committee, headed by W. M. German, M P., Initiated
tb" n lebratlon, and ihe Buffalo i hamber of commerce joined with them.
The project met with a cordial reception and earnest Bupporl and gn iv
until it enlisted public officials, politicians and the public in general.
The early morning's heavj fog
cleared away and the crowd began to
gather at the beautiful Kurt Erli grove
where seating accommodation had
been provided for six thousand people.
Kor the forenoon hydro-eli ctr i
plane flights and a balloon ascent had
been arranged.
Flag   "Incident."
An important part of the festivities
began at 12:30 at the McKlnley monument In Buffalo, when representatives of thirty-seven business men a or
ganlnatlons paraded the streets Lead-
Ing the wav was i'ncle Sam. carrying
a British flu- and John Hull ���.���ith the
Suns and Stripes, and the crowd
eli.*. red this emblematic proximity.
Then came the 91st Highlanders
band of Hamilton. Their striMnu
marching music captured the crowd's
attention. In lb" line win three battalions of tiie Spanish war veterans,
nicmbi rs of the chamber of ommerce,
the Manufacturers' club, tin* West
Side Businessmen's associations and
manv others.
Winn tin- Buffalo contingent arrived
at   Kort   Krle  grove   by     ferry,     they
were met  by a brigade of Hoy Scout!
from   Wolln^'l   and     Niagara     Falls
headed by the 71th Regiment band of
Buffalo.    The parades joined .and with
two   bands   leading   they   marched   to
tlie   stadium,   where   the   Boy   S    * H
crossed the new silk flats nf tl..* two
countries In-fore the speakers' Btand
John   Hull  and   Uncle    Sam    grasped
hands  with  an  unmistakable  heartl
ness, the band played    the   national
anthems, and  then the speakers ;*"t
tied into the sf.ri'-us business   if thi
day. cheered by the pr"seiire of many
thousands of people,
Prominent  Cinadians  Presnent.
Sir .lohn Olbson,  lleutenant-gover-
nor of Ontario, and   party  arrived  at
l'ort Erie aboul one o'clock and were
entertained nt  lunch.    Sir John himself was hilled as a prominent speaker, other Canadians being t'n- lion  W.
I.. Mackenzie King, the Hon. Rodolphe
Lemleux. Hr. .1   A.  Macdonald. Toron
to, and Mr. Evan T. Kraser. M   1'   I'
of Niagara Kails.    Mr. flerman, M.  H
���was chairman,   Oovernor   Sulzer,   "f
New   Vork, was unable to come.    Mr
W. .1. Bryan, secretary of Btate, wired
liis sympatliv with tin- movement
Mavor Knlirinanii "f Buffalo v ;.*-
li,.,-.-. also t'i" Hon Herbert I' Blssell
of the New Vork supreme court, Congressman Smith, Buffalo, National
Pence c mmlttee officials ami oth��rs
The speeches were necessarily l'i*!'*i
ami mopl if them emphasized the deslr
ability of constructing tin- proposed
Aft,.,- lln- addresses Hn* crowd was
entertained bv balloon as enslons
flreworks, sports, another grand parade and  dancing  until  mldnlglll
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
H. * I'. O. nf Klks i.r tin* li. nl C, mee
iin- first ami thlnl Thursday nt �� p. m.
K*. of P. Hall. Blghth street A Weill
(iruy. Exalted Ruler; 1'. It. Smith, Set
.. O. I). M., NO. KM.-MKKTS ON
first, second, third and fourth Wednes
day In inch inimlll nt �� p i"
In the Moose Home. ll. J. Leamy
dictator; K. K. Jones, secretary
Headquarters "f lodge In Bee House
corner ul Fourth nml Carnarvon Btreets
. O O. K. AMITY LODOB NO. 17���Th
regular meeting of Amity Indue Nt
27, 1. o. o. v.. la beld every Honda;
nlKlit iit i o'clock In odd Fellows' Hell
corner Carnarvon and Kluhtti Btrttti
Visiting hrethorn oordlally Invite*
It. a. Merrlthew, No . II w. Sangster,
V. IJ ; W C. rto'i'llinn, P. Q��� r-wmri
Ing Beerctarv ,!. w. MacDonald, financial Becretary.
ter ft Hanna, Ltd.)���Puneral .itr.-eior
��pd -prnbalmers.    Parlors mr. Colunibl
slreet.    New   W.-ttlmlnHti-r.     Phone   tlm
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  $16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
branches throughout Canada und
Newfoundland, and In London, Bag-
hind, New York, Chlcano and Spokane
U.S.A.,  and  Mexico City.    A  general
banking bualneei tranmicted.   Letter!
of Credit Issued, available wllh oor-
respondent! In all parts of the world.
Savings Hank Department���Deposit*
received   In  sums of  $1  and  upward
md Interest allowed at 3 per cent tar
Jiinnin (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,0110.00
O. ri. iiitYMNEK. Manager,
w. EJ. PALES���Pioneer Funeral DlreoU
and   K'-'iiiilin.-r,   Uri-HI"   Agnes   etrcp
iippoai.., Carnegie l.ttirary.
II    .]    A    BURNETT,   AUDITOR     ANI
Aecountant    Tel.   It.   12��.  Renin  i,   Har
I". It   Smilh. w   J   i-,rovi-��
Work  undertak in   In   city   nml   outsld*
pniiitn.   ;h-12   Westminster  Tru.it   Bldg
Phone  3S4.     1'.   O.   Hex   507.
Sal'-. Doeds, Business Letters, etc; *-lr
culur work specialist   All work strlotl]
cnnflil. nll.il     II   Harrv. room ltn West
minster Tmel Hlk.   Phone 702.
ster Board "i Trade nuiots In thebesjr-f
room, ''Hv Hull, an follows; Third Trl
day ut each month; quarterly tne-stlnj
en tin- third Frl.lay nf l-'-linmry, Muy
August und November st f nei. An
mint ni.-etlnKu nn lhe thin! Friday o
Ffhruary. it. H. Stuart Wade. ��"Cr��
Royal Bank
Incorporated   ISO!). ". !
Capital   Paid-Up    $11,560,000
Reserve   Funds    $13,000,000
A General Banking
Biiglnegfl Transacted.
New  Westminster,  BC. Branch.    *
ii-i. im Solicitors, etc 4'> Lorne stree'
New Westminster,    O   B. Corbould, K
i'.     J.   It.  'Irani.     A.   F.   MeColl.
t.r-ut-law, solicitor, eta Telephon
i '7... Ciiiit,. iiddn-^M "Johnston.1
Code, "Western Union." orrices, kip
Block, 581 Columbia street, New Wi*
minuter. II. C.
siiie ��� Barristers and Bollnltors, Wsel
minster Trust Hlk., Columbia street
N.-w Westminster, n. C. Cable ii.tilr.-e*
"Whiteside," Western Union. I', f
Drawer *_��� rt n. Telephone ��9 v.-. .'
Whiteside, K. C.; H. I.. Kdmonds. I
.1. STILWELL CLUTE, Barrleter-at-lav
solicitor, etc.; corner Colombia an
McKenzie streets, New Wi-stmVnste
B. C.   R o   Box 112.    Telephone   711
!     Solicitor    and    Notary.    Offices      Mar
hlock.   It*   Lorne   street.   N**w   Westmin
1     ster, II. C
Barristers  and  Solicitors.    60$   to  61'
Westmlnstsr Trust   Hlock.    i;.   v..  Mar
tin.   \'.\   u.   Mc-yiiarrlM   and  Oeors-u   I
i    Cassady.
I   co*'; MININil riBiit, ,)f ,!���. ,,���m-mo.
In  Manitoba,  Saskatchewan  and  AlbertZ
th��  Yi-Acui Territory, tbe Nortbwen Ter��
rttories and In a portion of th..  Province
I of British Coliimtiiu, may be leased r���r *
1 tenn   nf   twenty-one  years   at   an    annua]
i rental of 11 an acre. Not mon. ihan ��51!
1 acres wiii be leased to ons applloant.
i     Application  for a  lease  must  Isi  mode
by He- applicant In person io He- A��enl
or Bub-Agent of tlle dl.ilrlct  In which Wt
I rlulits applied for arc sltualeri.
In surveyed  territory  the  lnml   must  b*
' d.scilbed   by   sections,   or   legal   auli-dlvt-
l sinus of sections, and In  unsurvi-yi-d cer-
illory   tho   tract   applied     f���r    shall    be
sink...! out by  the applloant himself.
l-.arh  application  must   he accompanied
i-y a fee of 15 which will I,.. refunded If
ihe   rlKhta   applied   for  are   not   avallahle,
Imt   not   otherwise.     A   royally   shall    be
' paid  on   tho  merchantable  output of  tbe
mlie* at the rate of five cents per ton.
The   person   operating   the   mine   shall
, furnish    tlie    Ag-'lit    with    sworn    returns
aii-nuntlilK  for  the  full  nuanlliy of  mer-
, chantahl-.  coal   mined  and   pay   lhe  roy-
i ally   thereon.   If  the  ooal   tnluliiK    rights
lure not helng operatsd sueh returns SOOUM
| be  furnished at  least  once  a   year
The issue will Include the e��ial mining
j rights only, but the leasee will Ite per-
J mltted to purchase whatever avalutbls
1 surface rights may be considered nccce-
j sary for lhe working of the mine at tbs
rate  of   $10  an  acre.
For full Information application should
he mad-- lo thi- Secretary of the Depart-
I ment  of  the  Interior.  Ottawa,  or  to any
. A��ent or Sub-Agent of  Dominion  Imuni*
W.  W   rORT.
Deputy Minister of th- Interior.
N. II���Unauthorized publli-atton of this
nrtvertlsftment wlll not be paid for
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
NO   D
of all   kinds.
Prices rmht    Satisfaction guaranteed
19  McKenils  St
K. i, *..;, ii c . Vug ". Recentls
Hn-  Canndlan   Pad-He    rallwav     hi'
been naylng m ial attention   to the
expeditious handling "f the fruit -md
produce of tlm Okanagan valbv
which i�� inn-ens im in vi lume l i ar b'
year It is Btated lhat no Btoi ��� will
he left unturned to bring aboul n
satisfactory condition of things,
������We intend to clear nn everv ouncr
nf   frelRhl   each   evening."   vm     th
niat'-inent  of    BupTlntendenl   .1.   II
McKay. In lhe course of an interview
with   Mavor   Jonea   of   Kelowna,   end
S.   T.   Ellott,   vice-president    if    thi
b'-ard of trade, "and  In order to glv
effeel to this, we will nut 011 an add' i
tional   eveniiiK   scow   to  char   up   nil
the fruit and produce remaining over,
each  day at   Kelowna  and tlm other
points on llm lake. To carry this oil
effect we must ask yonr co-onnratlon
in   placing   lights   on     llm     K  l'-w"
wharf while tho frelghl is being hand
His worship at once int'-'it"! t''*r
this would la- done, find Mr McKai
said that steps wonld he taken n*
commence  tlm   new   service  without
It. Robertson, Hm manaier of tlm
Central Helling Agcnov, who wis In
Kelowna at tlm time of tim intm-'e**-
expressed extreme satisfaction with
tin   imw service.
Transfer Co.
Dfflce   Phone   1BV      Barn   Phons   13'
Bsgblt Street.
HagKaee Delivered Promptly  to
any part nf ths city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
B.C. CaastService
��� ���   ���
i   ���,
I.c;ia'oh VHhcmmir for Victoria 10 ft. m
'i. p. m. nnd 11 :4V
Leave* Vnncouvor for H^iittli*.  ]0 a. m
nnrl II  p. m.
Loavpu Varirniiver Mr Niiniilmo 10 a.m.
i .ind ii ,'.U) p.m. ,
i Lenvfla Vanoouver for Prince Fluparl
tnrvl Northern T'..!mu in n tn Wodnea
<i,ivh  and  Saturdays  nt   n   p in.
Chilliwack Service
,  "The Playground of P. C," ���is ssa'saa.;. -<
WWi White, Sb8a * Co., S�� '
rn.   Tuaaday, i
I.' nvi -i   '���'. ��� mmtn     r   s   u.   tn,   Mnndny
���   Im nl.iv  :,'   i   l i U iy.
BBALED 'lltNI'l'.US. superscribed "T'*n-
*i.*r r..r All.tin..11 m Land Registry Office,
New   Westminster,"   wlll   be   r Ived   l.v
th- Honourable, the Mlnistrr nr Publlo
Works nn i.. nn..ii ,.f Tuesday, tin' tt'Hi
day "l August, tun. for erection nml
completion "f .nl'liii,.ii i,, Land Roglstry
Office.   New  Westminster.
Plans, specifications, contract .mil forms
of i.inI.r may be seen .." and nfn-r Hi-
13!th  (lav  nl  .Inly,   1013  m   the offlos  "f
IS A. Pletcher, Government Agent. N'-v
Westmlnetci .1 Mahony, Qnvornment
Ag'-nt, Vancouver; and in- Department
of   rut.II.-  Wi.i-kw.   Victoria,   H   ��'
[nlendlna tenderers can. I.\ ipplytng 'o
Hi- undersigned, obtain out- ropy nf tha
Irawlngs nud one cony .,r the spootflca-
llmiH for Hi- mini nf tw-nlv flvi. (fii)
Each proposal must be accompanied bv
in iu pled bank cheque nr certificate of
deposit ..ii 'i chartered bank "f Canada,
made payable tn Hi- Honourable thn Mln-
I Inter ..f Publlc Works, for ibe mnn or ID
|n-r ���'. nt.   nf   the  inn.,nnl   ,,l   Hi-   ilriirt.
jivlii.-ii shall be forfeited If the party tendering decline to enter Inm contracl when
called upon tn .1.. *.,.. or If bo lull m cim-
pleto the w.n-k contracted fnr In. i-h-.iu-.-i
nr    certificates    ..r    deposits    .-f    unfii'--
|i-snfiii tenderers will he returned tn tham
| upon  Hi- execution ..r th intraot,
Tenders  will  nol  l��- oonsldered  unless
made  out   "n   lhe  forms  supplied.  Hlitn-d
Wub in- actual slgnnture nf tlw- tsndsrsr,
and enclosed In  ih" envelopes furnished.
I    Th- lowest ��r nny tender iiiii necessarily
.1     I-;    ''.Itlt-'KITII.
PllhllO  W.irkH  Engineer.
Department nf Puhllc Works
Victoria, It'-., -jr.ih July, 191.1.    (l��o:ti
Wo now have four trnlns dally and
will give you the oheapaat rale Roins
not only  to  Eosti rn  points,    but    to
Kootenay and oilier points.   Wa ara
niiii  agents  for nil  Btonmalilp  lines,
i'or ru 111.,:!..in mni other pnrtloulura
opplj' lu
1-1. QOULET, Aiznnt.
Now   WoKliilliiHler
1"'   OOl '.'ii*   Agent, Now Westmlnstel   II. W   BRODIQ  0, I'   A., Vancouver.
'i   w. 11 , irjij . .;. p, a., Vanoouver,     ' WEDNESDAY,  AUGUST  6,  1913.
'Alit    Th^te
corner stonu of thu new armories ut |
Jumes Moore, an old Brockvllle
business man, died suddenly of acute
a bull    had levari
tll(. I was badly bruised.
1  ribs broken  and
General Sir Ian Hamilton laid
.1.   Matthew*  of   Loring,  owner
I of a motor stake from Trout creek to
Luring, was bo severely injured when
his automobile turned  turtle that his
life ls despaired of.
,.,. , , Toronto   shook   hands   with     itself
I nonius mand,  u  well  known  resl- ] when  the  newB   was  spread   that    a
dent of I'ramake township, died aud- ��� new   poBt  office,  customs  bouse  and
ilenly, aged 56, i registry   office   were   to   be   erected
Dr.  itobnrt    MacAiplue   Thornton, near tt8 ?8ntre of the city,
minister of Camden road Presbyterian |   The customs department at Otta
Fartherst   Wett   In   Albernl   and   Ex
treme  North  in  Fort George���
Dates Announced
chureh,  London, who died, was a
live of Whitby.
Captain Thomson, of Northamptonshire regiment, England, Iiub been
appointed uk successor to Major J. P.
Shine of the Koyal Military college,
At the Hoyal Ministry college, Kingston, it Is understood that Col, W, (1.
Gwatkin of the general muff, Ottawa,
Is to Bucceed Lieut-Col. J. ll. V,
Crowe HK commandant
The i.uild property In roliurg, formerly the beautiful home of I). F.
Ladd, of Galveston, Texas, has been
sold for $10,000 to Frank Hess, ol
Philadelphia, who is spending the season there.
The people living in the west end
of Cornwall, saw hall much larger
than any ever seen before In that locality and an employee of the street
railway company brougbl one place
down town which waa as large as a
good   sized  ben's egg.
Nine cows and a bull were killed
on tb- farm of Mrs. K. Ilugheson.
near Latimer: the barn of W, Pair-
man, west of Qananoque, were burned with Its contents and two horses:
and otber cattle suffered in a lightning storm near Kingston.
Evidence In two capital caBes, both
of them conviction for child murder,
Is under c mslderatlon of the depart
f.'iit of justice. Charlea Watts of
Amherst, N. 8., under sentence of
eilmitli on August 1!S, killed the child
of his sister. Victor Pople. of Winnipeg, is sentenced to be hanged on
September 25 for the murder of an In
Constable Wright of Ingersoll has
mysteriously disappeared.
Over l.hoo miles of colonization
roads wlll be built in Ontario thlB
Itev. Pr Hates Penman, lecturer at
Kimx college, Toronto, died In South
! wa !ia�� recognized the protest of the
i iierriton manufacturer! against   the
dosing  of  tin-  customs  office   there
and the office win be reopened,
Mrs.   Thomaa  ('rummer,  near   Mill-
.bank, Wellealey township, gave Paris
green to her two children and took
a dose herself. One child is dead, und
ahe Is In a critical condition,
All that was mortal of the hero of,
1 Koolaml river, Smith Africa, Major
Hampden Zane Cockbum, V, C, was;
| laid to rest with full military honors
I in  St. James' cemetery, Toronto.
The    Port    Nelson,     the    largest
dredge ever   built   in   Canada���and
constructed   In   record  time   for  the!
Dominion government will leave Toronto nt once cn her long journey to]
' Hudson Day.
Thomaa Collins, the first fireman
who worked on the tlrst engine on the
Qrand Trunfl  leaving  Montreal, ami
who was employed by George Stephen-
aon, the great Inventor and engineer
on  the Victoria bridge in  Montreal.
died at Kt. Thomas last weik In his
Mth year.
jC-upior, confronted hlm. Wright pump
' ed through tlle f.rsl floor window,
taking shade, glass and sash i:i 1:1
, leap, lit- left his hat behind h m and
��� also a trail of blood from his face,
1 which was cut by the glass.
Later In the morning Mrs. Hubert
I Hobs, of 54 Grant street, was awakened by hearing a noise at the back
iof the house. She roused her hus
| band, who went downstairs and found
Wright making an entry through the
'back window. Calling to his wife
1 Mr. Ross told her to bring down hia
I gun and Wright made a motion as
' It to reach for a revolver. Itoss made
| for hlm and the Intruder retreated. fifty-two fairs will be held this |
,111s escape waa cut off, however, by year In liritish Columbia. Tbe far-
jthe anpearance of the next dooritbest wtst fair will Lc In Alberni ami
neighbor who bad been aroused by : the extreme north fair will be held
Mrs. Ross, and the man was pounced |p Fort George. Golden will have
ion and held until the arrival cf the the farthest east fair and Grand
' pollce. , KorkB will limit tlie fairs to the south
The  province  has  been  divided   Into
'six circuits.    The dales for tba fairs
wore arrangid by tho- li. C. Fairs as-
First Circuit
Cobble  Hill      Bcpt, 3
Nanalmo  S' pt. IS, n, iv
Mbernl    Sept IT
; Islands       Sept.  17
Comox     Sept. IS, 19
C< w'chan  Sept, in. 20 j
Vict- rla       Sept 818-27
.V v'; S. Saanich    Oct. 3, 4
Second Circuit
Vancouver       Aug.  30-Bept.  6
ViMl-, Vancouvi r    Sept. 17, 18, 19
Helta     Sept. 19, 21
Coqultlam       Sept   19
Mlsalon       Sept 23. 24
Made Ridge     Sept. 24, 25
Sept.   27
New  Woatmi"��'ar  ..  Sept. so-Oct. 4
Th'rd Circuit
11,  12
Friends   Negotiate   With   Minister   of
Justice���Resent   Intrusion   of
London  Man.
Mux well in the hands of Hr. Mueller.
1 specialist.
While preaching during the celebra-
lon of lhe first muss of one of his fel-
'ow priests, Brother Victorian, n well
known  and  popular member    of    the
Alex. Craig, a piom-or business man I Franciscan order, drupped dying In the
of Strathroy, died  In Toronlo general | pulpit  at  Quebec,
hospital. A   mystery   whl<*
[/Action    Soclale    given    warning
'hat a Catholic party may be organized in Canada if Protestants do not
respect liberty of conscience.
Robert F. Reddy, a clerk in the account of passenger receipts office of
the C. I*. R. at Montreal, lost hla life
while swimming  near CartlerviHe.
Miss Kathl"en Doherty. daughter of
the Hon. C. .1. Doherty, minister of
justice, was thrown from an automobile which F'riK-k the curb at Montreal  und  painfully  hurt.
Frank P. Jones, managing director
if the Canada Cement company, back
from Oermany, having accompanied
Sir  Max  Ailkln,   said  he had  left  Sir
Mrs Milb-r. wife of W. 1' Miller, il
lhe Inland revenue staff, Hamilton.
paaaed away
Having smothered to death, Oeorge
Betty, aged 45, was found dead in bis
11.1 at st  Catherlnea.
Miss Klsie Mackenzie, the English   ''
the     police   ar"
robing surrounds the death of T. Q
Da.vsley,  a  native of  Toronto,   whi re
his mother lives, whose body was re
���i-veriil  front  the  St.   1.awrer.ee  river
Sunn's laiand.
Paaqual Ferrata, a  wealthy Italian,
tid in  Montreal, charged with a
Hamilton, Aug. B.���Friends of Gunner Moir, who have been working (or
a year or more to Becure his release
from Central prison, where he Is serv- j Buraultlam
ing a life sentence for the murder of
Color-Sergeant Lloyd at London, resent the Intrusion of Joseph Lawrence,' K- nt       Sept.
according to a Toronto dispatch. Abbotsford       Sent.  13
Mr. Lawrence offend tu deposit    a  Chllllwack       Sept. 16, 17
$5,0110 bond for Molr'a good behavior I Aldergrove     Sept. is
it the minister of justice    would re-lSurrey       Sept.   2'
lease him. j Langley       Sept.  24
Friends who have been negotiating IMatsqui       Sept.  25.  2C
with  th" minister of Justice at Otta- ' Richmond       Sept. 20,  27
wa  think  the  introduction  of  a  new : Fourth  C;rcuit
factor In  the proceedings  may prove  S tlmon Arm     Sept. 23. 24
more of a hindrance than a help. Kamloops       Sept.   24-28
Owing to changes   in   the ministry   K'lowna       Oct.  1,  2
of justice that have occurred since the . Armstrong       Oct.  8. 9
friends  of  Moir  opened  negotiations,; I'entlcton     Oct. 27.28
there  have  been  several   checks  en- Summerland  Oet. 29, 31
countered    The applicants have, It Is , Okanagan Valley Apple Show, Nov. 4
understood, met with a favorable re- '    to 7.
ception from the Hon. C. J. Doherty,) Fifth Circuit
but have now to make an application , Windemere Sept. 1, 2. 2 ���
to the Ontario government, aa prison-1 Golden    Sept.'5,'Si
era confined  ns criminal lunatics    In ' N'ce.ia I Merritt)      Sept.'1>1 1
the Centrnl prison are wards of thlB, Trail       Sept    16.   17 i
province.    It is the hope of the nego- 1 Revelstoke '. ...'..''.'..'.'. .   Sent.   10-18
tiators   that   the   pr-ivlncial   secretary . Cranbrook       Sept IS. 19 i
wlll order an examination to be made ' Crawford  Bay     .   Sent   20
el  Moir by competent alienists. When!Kelson    Sept!   23.   24.   2=i
tbey   have little doubt that  an order 1 '-.rand Forks Sent   25   26
for his release will be recommended.      New  D'nver Sept   30' Oct   1
Sine his Incarceration In the Cen-   Arrow  I tikes ......   Oot   2   3
tral  prison. Private Moir has proved I nre��nwood       Oct' 7' 8
j a model prisoner.    He has been found   Kaslo '.'.'.'.  Oct   14   IB
[Courteous and willing to oblige, and Ib Sixth Circuit
Is  first class mechanic.    He Is one of  Enderbv        ' "" " ^������   on
'the class  of  prisoners  that  gladdens ' por, Qoor'ge . Sept   16   17
the heart of a warden, prompt to obey   m,,,,..���,') '      Sent    li
orders and to assist  Incvery  way  In   n..   V'slP"  '.'.'.'...    ,'.'. Sonl    "0
Rella Ci ol-.   . .   yopt. so
�� ������NAVY CUT
"See! The captain is
smoking PLAYER'S
cigar tastes better afterward."
England prefers PLAYER'S
exceptional leaf quality and manufacturing skill gives them an
unusual  richness  of flavor.
in tu'
, Hnlklev   Valley   !������
Sept.   g  and   2n
Sept.  .Ill and Oct.  IS
of  th"
militant   auffragette,   addreaaed
first  Toronto meeting.
tt la rumored thai Hon. W. 11 Hoyle
Itt '., retire from the speakership ol
the legislature.
John F Di er, of London, Ont.. waa
arreated In Detroil on a charge of obtaining $4S0 by fraud.
D N, Miller, superintendent
Hamilton atreet railway, was
in a motor accident
At Toronto Miss Klsie Mackenzie
outlined i'1-ins for a suffragette campaign in the eaatern states.
Preparations an- well under way
tor the All-Canada exhibition to be
held   In   Now   York  next January.
Cornelius Osborne, retired farmer,
was fatally  injured   by   falling off   a
lojg of fijfr^tea^t JojaftJClHS^
Prank Nicoletti, Toronto, WW held
responsible bv a coroner's lury for
the dentb of George Ii'Alessanilro.
.1 bn n O'Neill, V. S., tor 40 yeara
a well known resident or London,
(int.. died on his ranch at Karl Grey,
The ratepayera of Ayr. Princeton,
liruniiio nnd Plattevllle have carried
hydro-electric by-laws by large majorities.
Th-- Dominion government is negotiating for the purchase or a steam-
shin for the Halifax-West Indies
K .1. T ker. a veteran employee In
the provincial bureau of labor, Toron -
1 suffered severe Injuries In a bad
Detective 1 liiiiiipniiin brought back
t.- Branl'ord B. It. Henderson, arrest-
ed  In  Hamilton  on  two charges of
Pulled through a three-Inch space
lack Nowlck, an employee of the pa
per company at Sault ste. Marie, met
Toronto city council unanimously
decidid to apend $1,000,000 for a mechanical nitration plant o'a Toronto
The Toronto board of control authorized tha expenditure of $12,600 for
expert advice on a garbage disposal
The government elevator at
Coll'ounie msde a world rtcord in unloading 350,000 bushels of grain in
eleven hours.
The funcrnl of one of Sarnia'B oldest pioneers in the person of the Into
Banford S. Finch, nged 91 yenrs, was
held at Detroit.
Eighteen motorists from Detroit
were arraigned in Windsor for speeding, and two for not having Canadian
licenses exposed.
William Henry Peterson, for many
vi-irs county crown attorney anil clerk
Of  the   peace   of   Wellington,     passed
away at Quelph.
Over 200 acres of land In concessions l. 2 and 3, of Grantham town-
rtlp  v 111 be used as thc route
tlrst section of the Welland
J |> .liiffrnv. of Gait, editor o,f the
Dally Reporter, formerly of the c.ina-
���;an-.\mer'0!,n.   hns  Deen    appointed
Canadian Immigration agent at Philadelphia, .
D   1   Downs, n well known resulen'
rf wnimcebiii-g, fell off a launch In the
Ht. Clair rlvor, near Algenac, Mich.,
nnd was drowned.
David   McEaehren.  of COtSWOld,  In
cersoll.   the   well   known   breeder
Holsteln cattle, who was attacked by
murder said  to have been committed
in  Fresno, Cal , ten  years ngo.     was
I named by hla wife, who sai.l the kill-
11* ���; was in Belf-defi nse.
The wel canteen al Fort McNab,
N  s. has been ordered closed.
.1 .1 Hughes, M. I', for King's, P
1-1 I., was unanimously renominated
nl u Liberal convention at Charlottetown.
Along tbe coast between Illchlbuc-
to and Sbedlac, N. li. lobsters are
reported so plentiful that tlie pack- '
erils cannot handle them all. Hake
and cod are very plentiful. Mackerel
.���tr- not plentiful, und the fl-h ^re
small. The cold storage planjif ar'e"j
toll. ���'��� ���***���
Nearly sixty scientists    arrived on
an  exploration  trip In  Northern  Ontario.
A good suppiv of natural gas his
been found In the new field near (lil
Gordon Montgomery, electrician,
aged 19, met instant deatli al Tim is -
kamiiig mine.
The Port Arthur police commissioners raised the Balary or 1'ollce Chief
McLean to J2,0ll(i a year, an increase
of $860,
Some premonition of his death may
have come to Ueorge Prlvat. who
was found dead in front of his cabin
on his homestead at tCakabeka Palls,
for only a few months ago he start d
a movement to have a cemetery lnid
oul In bis township, lie was the first
to be burled tbere.
maintaining   the  discipline    of    the
I prison     "He is a trusty who can be
'rn-;. i to do anything that i.i given
to blm to do." sniil one official.
.Moir was committed as an epileptic,
although tbi-< line of defense was Ink-
on   againat   his  own   wishes',   and   the
man is positive In the statement  :��� ial   TUCt/'li    SIAT    rnnrtr
be   never  had   an   epileptic   fit   in   his   11111   II    Will    IfHfhll
life,  and  he certainly  has  shown   no [ IIILI   It.   Ill/1    ll/IIULI
��igns of aberration since he ins been'
in  the prison.    Ills desperate escape
from the Hamilton asylum is regarded by his preaent custodians i-s quite
natural for a mnn to undertake who. i 	
while perfectly sane, lias been confined, perhaps for life, among insane per- jToronto   Ccuple   Out   in   Launch   for
_ Pleasure.  Spend Anxicu-5  Hours
On   the   Water
'Aug.-' n.'-A'-  nighTlX' the f
-onden Financial Men Will Investigate
Canadian Railroads���Rosy Prospect  for   1914.
London, Aug. 5. The financial position is unaltered. Things still re-
ii'iiin very quiet, bui the undercurrent
is distinctly good,
���TN  T-JiHHUo,
'upon bute in a disableu ga*olir
.ii,my clad,  wou  a 'oui ^aic  uio.nua
.uut of the  no.ih ana  ...u  iH-tuu*
Lo   u.u   uioii.   ..i   tht.r   i.*~.   again*.
wiuu and waves bui a ai  oa., ��a=
the harrowing experiuu.. a few
uiglns agu ui C. T. oua.tii.ian, a trav-
elu-J ana son of Police i unstable
���, uapman, and a lady companion.
I ut-so.ieu iu a state oi exhaustion, tbe
young woman is suffering irom BhocK
while Mr. chapman's painfully  swol-
tunaiely. however, the look out on
watch at the life Bavlng station had
by this time sighted the launch behind the bigger boat, and a crew was
Immediately despatched to ofrer assistance.    The couple were transfer-
  ., , ,. i ed to the life savers speedy craft and
len bands are literally a mass ol big  ^      w(?lv takM (u ���,,   foo( ()f M���Vl,
of the
ship cn
V. I, McCormick. formerly of Saskatoon. Is licensed of Issuing worthless
checks al   Winnipeg.
After having been a resident of the
city   for  32   years,   Donald   \V.   Mac-
lean, one of Winnipeg's old timers. ls|
t'nilir the guidance of its new higb-j
ways  commission    the    province    of
Manitoba    is making huge strides in
the direction of better roads. ;
When   Sir  Y'llllam   MacKenzie,  arrived at Emerson in his special train. I
he found  Alexander Harold, aged* 14, |
shot  in  the  abdomen,  bleeding  pro-
rusi iv and  waiting to go to Winul  |
pet- heepltal In th" next train.   The
railway  magnate cancelled  his own I
engagement, and hnd the lad ruehed to
Wiii'iiiif"? In his own special, thus saving his life.
Word reached Kdmonton th'it Kx-
n'orcr lindford wbo Is outfitted by the
Dominion government has reached
Heraclicl Island.
Foster McCurdy, ranch foreman
committed suicide; Archie Davidson, B
hoy, was drowned; Joseph Norman, a
farmer, nu t death from a str ike of
lightning, and Solomon Holden IB dead
from n paralytic stroke. All In thc
little town of lnnlsfall, between Calgary nnd  Edmonton.
The city will g
steadily along, conserving everything
Which ll can. but there will be little
fresh development This will be for
the good of all, and a unlet time for
the next few months wlll leave the *}W> a
wav nicely clejir for a boom In 11G4.
One of the llrst things which the
city will undertake at the earliest
moment for their own protection is a
careful consideration of tha Canadian
railway position, and It muy be ex-
tiw'tn] that within a few months from
now prices of Canadian railway stocks
wiii be as something round the figure
which they are considered to bo really
worth.    This mnv   mean  that  certain I
blisti rs   and   abrasions   caused
glv    blisurs   unu   au.a*s,ou3   vu,=,r-..        ( u procto(ll.ci
by bis night long light to reach shore  ^ homee
and safely.
i ne   voung   people   hud   taken   the
laumli   to   Scarboro   Ileach   and  bad  EXPECTS ANOTHER  DELUGE
out in   the  lake  to  listen  to so STARTS WORK ON  ARK
tin-   music  of  the    baud    on    shore, j 	
When they decided to return home Panama, Aug. 6.���Word bas arriv-
Mr. Chapman found tliat the engine ,,j here irom Penonome, a town ln
would not respond, and be proceeded |lle interior of the republic, that So;'.
io endeavor  to  adjust  the  trouble.      undo   Sanchez,  a  native of  tliat   sec
Meanwhile the bonl bad been drift-   Hon, has proclaimed himself the Mes
ing out on the lake and when a heavy iBiah
wind sprang up  Mr.  Chapman  began |    He   bus   predicted
to  realize  that  his  predicament  had
developed    Into   a   verv    serious   one
atld ho   wiih  his companion,  made
the destruction
of the world by a deluge in a short
time, and some Of bis eighty adher
ents are engaged iii build ng an ark
while   others   are   busy   collecting   In
From Those Wko Advertise.
They want your trade. That's the reason why they
advertise. They will treat you courteously and supply
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising1
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
News.  It helps us.
tndled the more the potentialities of
Canada reveal themselves, and if the
genernl survey revenls there has been
south   shore.
Weary Fight
Now thoroughly alarmed  Mr. Chnp-
i certain amount of recklessness In man and his oompanlon brought th
Find  Work lor  Many Idlers
Minneapolis,  Aug.  ."..    Mavor  Wall
''hepoi i imt la also good, for It meana I oar Into use and attempted to propel nce c. Nye's plan to transform the
that more care and discrimination will their craft  Inshore,  and  hour after police of this olty Into temporary em
be shown In the future but that money wearv hour found ihem at their try- pioyment agents lias proved an un-
will be lent more generously for ap- 1 ing   task.     The   boat,   bowever,   con- : qualified     success.     Lust    Thursib-.
proved prospects.   Tho eity man's Ig- j tinned to drift, despite the desperate  morning when the plan went Into of
I -mrence of Canada has been the Do-1 efforts of the occupants. ; feet there were more than  1H"�� men
.minion's gnat  drawback, even as it |    The wind bv tills tlm" had become  loitering  nbout   the   streets,   the   an
kifl been the advonturer'a opportunity! I very cold and what with the expos- Ithorlttes  declared,    Chief  nf  ptiic
when that Ignorance Is  replaced  by  ure and  the  terrible  s rain  of  their Martinson   estii"nt"d   tlmt   there   nr-
! knowledge  the tliark  ls  doomed, but. '��� work with the oar both Mr. Chapman  less than lul who bave nnl ei*her ob
j '-nniin Is placed In a  very    much and the lady Buffered greatly, talned emplnvirani or fled 'he city
strnnger and  better position  as  re-     h was not until 6.80 In ibe morn- to escape n term in the workhouse,
I ranis the ros-ible lu Ip of the London ' |ns  that  help  came  In  tlie  shape of  ���
money market. (the Mlultaga. one of the tigs belong | In Jail for Etrp'nci.
  ing ti!  tin- Weddill oompany,    who     Berlin. Aug. It.-���Only In S��vnnv. oi
G- To   it  Beys ,,nv" llu' dredgtns contracl  at   tbe ,h(, n,,,-,,,,,,, -states, is tlm often-"1 ������'
���   Baltimore Md   Aug 51���A race for Western Cap.   The boat, with Capt, Ulopment punishable   with   aivthln"
hind of Mlsa Kather Cleveland, Frank Cook In charge, wns on her more revere than a fine,   To this fact
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P    O    BOV    44?
TEI EPHONF    *,?*
i Toronto, Aug. 4. -A spectacular getaway wns made by John Wright rrom
26 Grant street a couple of ivgbts
ago. Wright had been looking
,,r through the bouse for portable valuables  when   Daniel  Flaherty,  the  oc-
nice in I
Cleveland, Frank Cook In charge, was on lu
���e  "White  House  Inliy"  is holding;! wav  from  Trenton, and  sighting the  Herr Karl lturrian, the f-nioits on-r
the attention or all Baltimore society. helpl*ss craft and ber exhansted crew iat|C tenor, owes it thai be wns sen-
Horii'-'ii   Stump    son   of   Judge     and * be  Changed  his  course and  proceed-  tenced at Dresden!  to a months Im-
Mr�� H Arthur Stump, and H. Gordon ed to the rescue. prlsonment   A chemist of the town
Ewlng son of Mr and Mrs. William The unfortunate couple were taken declared that Herr Burrlan eloped
J lowing, of Roland Park, are the rl-jon board nnd their launch placed in .with his nineteen year-old wife to
vals, It became known today. itow. j America.   Herr Burrlan admitted th'i
Young Stump and  Kwlng are mem- Nearly rwamped charge, pleading extenuation. Hn snld
tors of the senior class at Princeton. Misfortune, however, continued to he hail long lived unhappily with his
where Mifs Cleveland bus made her j attend tb" unfortunate couple's move- own wife, now divorced. The chem-
l,mn,���. ments.     As  the  tug      was    brought . Ists's   wife  died   in   New   York   from
Misa Cleveland In tbo aecond .around to pn��s through the Enitc-n poisoning following the eating ot ovs-
daughter of the into President QroverlOan th" sw"ti�� almost (tfamned tho ters while Herr Burrlan was fulfilling
Cleveland. Kaon of the suitors for small boat, and It wns found neces- on enirAnment at the Metropolitan
her hand Is about L'I years old. Isary  to again come to u stop.    I'or-  opera bouse.
Specal Excursions
Five    Days    Including
Meals   and   3:rth.
Clariol.   ls.l.ind.   Mountain   and   Forest
Sails Mondays (Midnight), An;?.
���4lli. Ilth, ISth, 25th and Sept. 1.
Sails Thursdays (Midnight) Aug.
7th,   14th,  21st  and   2i*t'j.
Bouts remain at PRINCE IU'l'EUT one day, affording an opportunity of seeing the now Graftd Trunk I'acific city. Parlor rooms,
separately or en suite, with or without private bath, etc., an an additional cost.   Staterooms en suite without extra cost.
H, C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W,   E.  DITPEROW, Q.  A.  P,  D.
1-hone Private Exchange 8134 f��AUe  F-OUK
weoNesoAV, awgust 6, 1913.
Fresh Water and Salt!��� ���"*
Only 100,000 Taken  Monday But Several   Big   Runs  Are  Coming  up
Some predictions nre that the sock-
��'>����� run vvill drop off in number be-
tot-e the end nf the week. How much
v-luuiet- of thia there is. the fish them-
uetntaaaAs know and, like some others
-���ilon-K the river, they refuse to be Interviewed and "have nothing to say."
Reports from Bellingham show no
mora flsh than a week ago and the
none holds at Anaeortes. In the
limits there are said to he many fish.
Thc B. C Canners' report for yes-
1 -r-dav is as follows:
Bellingham pot 100.000 yesterday.
Rwpprtea considerable salmon in the
.' iKtriiit.
Anaeortes Rot 45.000 today but the
seiners on lhe salmon banks did not
lu i inch
Rk ported some heavy runs have
..;,.. il up the straits during the past
few days.
Ratepayers'   Association   Pass  Important   Resolution���British   Parliamentarians Arrive.
Battleships   ar.d   Ocean
Capital   Look
Liners   Make
Like  a   Real
I'he draw
-vas open ed
,iik vessels:
tor Jansen,
Terra   Nova
;-t the Fraser river bridge
yesterday for the toll iw-
The Reaver, down; Sena-
down and up, and the
No abatement In the sockeye run
v.as nntieed Ilere late List night. Pish
���-ire being taken in the usual numbers
���orr tbe local waterfront.
The cement steamer Marmion came
io the ll. C. !���!��� il. wharf yi sterday with
,i load of cement has*. These were
ilisichargid and put on the tre 'in ears
iheri! fur use by several concerns.
Most nf ibe longshoremen were the
Russians who were taken on In place
iif locwl men who some weeks ago
���_<knl Ioi Till and GO cents an hour
for  handling  the  cement cargo.
Victoria. Aug. 5.���Four deep-sea ur-
I rivals and three departures are lacked-
: uled for the ensuing week on Victoria's
! ocean waterfront. The mercantii i
j shipping was totally eclipsed by the ar-
' rival of II. M. fi. New Zealand aud
! the U.  S.  S. Wast Virginia.
The   West   Virginia   and   the   N'ew
Zealand     have     both    arrived.     This
brought the American vessel In  port
In  time to give the New Zealand thel
customary  salute  upon  her arrival
The West Virginia will take up her,
anchorage near the point vacated last,
.ccuing by the California, and it Is
also reported that the New Zealand
will this time take up her anchorage
in the outer harbor, instead of pre!
ceedlng to Esquimau,
Maru Ir Day Ahead.
Of tiie mercantile fleet coming into
this port, the Osaka Shosen Kaisha
liner Seattle Maru will reach port on
Wednesday with a full cargo and llghl
passenger ll3t from ports in the Por
Kast. Tlu' Seattle .Maru left Yokohama
a day ahead of her schedule, which accounts for If arriving one day ahead,
The big Hlue Funnel liner Bellero-
nlion will return to the outer docks
tomorrow from Puget Pound to discharge 1,000 tmis of British and Oriental  freiplit.
Tin- Harrison steamer Candidal i,
jCaptaln Rufhforth, returned to port
: yesterday afternoon after discharging general carga on llurrard inlet
;She Is to load slightly over 100,000 feet
lef lumber,-transported on scows to the
.'liter docks from tli- mills of the
Canadlan-Puget Sound Lumber company.
Two   Sailing-.   Wednesday.
Tliere  will   be  two  departures   in
Wednesday, when the Canadlan-Aus-
Itrallan  steamship  Makura    and    the
Vancouver, Aug. 5.���With reference
to the proposal mat the c.ty esubl.Sii
an independent municipal light and
power i laut, me central executive i-t
the ratepayers' association passed a
resolution last night urging the ap
polntment cf delegates and the rais-
.ng of funds for tne purpose. In the
latter connection it was Bugested that
arrangements be made for either purchasing existing plains or starting a
ti.tunc.pal system.
"Why  Have Churches ?"
Rev, W. K. Adiney, D.D.,   a    prominent   liritish divine and  educationalist, will  speak  in this city  next Sunday and Monday at    services    to    be
held    in    tin-    First    Congregational
church on Thurlow street. Dr. Adeney
Is well and  favorably  known  to    the
Christian public of Kngland, not only
as a Biblical scholar of the first rank,
but also  is  Identified   with  all  movements for the promotion of Christian
werk  among  young   people.     He  has
been a  foremOBt advocate of the best
modern    methods    in    the    Sunday
school.    His address on Monday evening will  be    lo    ihe    Christian    Bn-
Ideavorers of the city at their quar-
1 tcily  rail  on "Why   Have Churches?"
Britishers Arrive.
The   distinguished    British   parliamentarians who are members of thc
! Umpire Parliamentary association ar-
rived in Vancouver today.
They will remain in Vanrouvrr until tomorrow, when they will sail for
Australia ou R, M. S. Makura, when'
thoy will ti' ihe Invited guests of tlir
government ef the Commonwealth ol
Australia, Prom Australia the party
will return via South Africa to
Britain, which will be reached in
about  four months'   tine.
Committed  for  Tral.
John Murphy, alleged highwayman,
wae i immltted to .-land trial hy Magistrate South in the police
J.  D.  Ettinger
D. J. McRae,, of Coiiuitlam, was in
the city yesterday.
Miss P. M. Clark, of Seattle, is a
guest at  the  Russell.
Harold Hawkins, of Seattle, is in
tho city on business.
H. J. King, is registered at the Una-
sell  from  Red Deer. Alta.
A. I! Carter, of Uanff. i.*- in the city
for a few days and is registered at the
.1. W. Wood, of Seattle, is in the
I city on business and is registered at
1 tho  Windsor.
Mrs. .1 Morgan has been indisposed
I for the past week and Ifl recuperating
j at Boundary  Bay.
T. IL McSlamey was in the city yesterday from Dewdney and was registered at the Windsor.
Miss Kathleen Logan, telephone op-]
orator for the II. C. K It. Is enjoying
.her vacation. She leaves for Victoria
I this week.
Miss Mary Gregory commenced hor
holidays yesterday and intends mak-
jing a trip through Vancouver island
iand  Seattle.
I .f. Hoult. It. C. Maclionald and fl
Gordon will leave this morning to lako
part in the track events at the carnival  In  Victoria on Thursday.
Mrs.  C-r.irge  Di-Heek    will    receive
with her grand-daughter.  Mrs.  M,  N.
Matheson, at 136 Columbia stri el east,,
on  Friday,  Aug.  8,  from  11  to 5  p.m. i
would teie oe     !
new westminster^
tContlnued from page onei
polntment of F. M. Blrchfleld as as
s.siani Becretary to W. L. Darling.
.Mr. Blrchfleld is busy working on tlu
membership roll and will shortly in
'stituie a campaign to Becure nsw
[members, as well as to collect tho
dues from those already on the rill.
A  resolution was    passed    thanking
the citizens who had mado it possible
court yes-  --0 entertain tho officers of the battle-
SeeThese Specials for Quick
Here's a parCial list of some of the larger specials, offering values that were
almost unparalleled during our midsummer clearance sale.   Come today.
Slightly Soiled Tailored
The Princess May leaves
C P. IL wharf this morning at 7
o'clock. Sho v. ill reach the river
r/ioliih with ft good tide. Tin- excursionists will be broughl hark Into
���.his pert by the Princess May ahout
The   govt rnmeni   dredgi    Fruhllng,
��� which    left    here    Monday,  rode  al
anchor Monday night off the Steveston shore.    Early  yesterday  morning
--he proi ilul at half Bpecd, because
���>r the nets.
Col.  .1   D.  Taylor's  request  for the
survey of the (-'raser river from Mis-'
sion to Hope la being acted upon byj
ths department   if publlc works.   The
survey wlll be minle In an effort  to
clear the banks of debris snd thus ob- ���
viate   the   irutnerous   eand   and   mud '
bajfta which are caused by these. An-
in-ip;!!'",.:  ihe report  on this Burvey.j
�� i.w-i   *��� '��� ipooti'd M tak.' place dur
log  Aii-emi  and Septembi
I jui ll i il  thai  ii mporary r
idven to  N'ii'inien  island
. at Mardi i.a'.il  liar.
Blue Funnel liner Talthyblus leave
for their respective destinations. Thi
Makura is bound for Auckland ami
Sydney, and the Talthyblus goes I i
the United Kingdom.
Wiih 1,000 tens of nitrate, the Norwi uian steami r Tricolor is expected to
reach here I iwards the latter part of
the month from iin- Wesl CoaBt.
rday.  He was charged with
! Ola Gagnes on the night of July 1
Murphy was i.: company with another
man,  and  when   pursued  by  Gagnes
and Thomas Duff, who was also held
up, the other man shot Duff in the
li z.
robbing   Bhlp New  Zealand.
The request of the Chilliwack board
of trade to support the resolution
passed by that body, asking the provincial government to taku into consideration the construction cf a
bridge across the Fraser river between Rosedale and Agassi: tc lake
the place of the preaent ferry service
v.as referred to the city commlttoo.
Appears     to     Have     Present
Vcnerutlan  Government  Guessing   Hard.
it is ex-
elief Will b'-
liy dredging
Ship   Movemenlc.
rfc/v.i'-.    Aug.    5. -Arrived    Power
schooner    Bender    Brothers    Bering
3i a.      Sailed:    Humboldt, Skagn ���
Umatilla,   Sae   Francisco;   LaToucbc,
HOirth western Alaska:  .Viva..
Northland  southeastern   \'i>'<*
Ciollah   towing  dredge  Seattle
Day.  I fehtshlp 93, Swift
li-ii       -,ii-.*l.*s.
Doaven    1' rtlandl
: in.'
Am 5 Arrived:
President, Seati
Willerastadt, Curacao, Aug.
Open communication between Venezuelan rev ilutlonists In i uracao and
Venczui Ic has bi en pr .;i,bii. d by thi
government authorities of Curacao on
the protest of the Venezuelan consul
The departure of the sloop Paflnia,
which has been making voyages b��-
tween Curacao and La Vele de Cora, ::
port In Venezuela, state of Ful -.- i,
was prevented by the authorities heTi
Sunday  night.    The  vessel  h is  i I
conveying arms and provisions to t!.i
aid of Clpriano Castro. The consutV
protest declared that the Palima waa
Call Kllcd Carpenter.
In the case of William  Samuel,  a
carpenter,    a    verdict of   accidental
death was returned by  the coroner's
jury  yesterday.    Deceased  was    employed on the addition to the Henry
Hudson school now    being    erected.
According to the evidence he was en- ���    Albany, Ore.,
gaged at the time the accident occur-  a Blgn painter,
red In nailing in some uprights for a
partition wall.    He bad a number of
the   uprights   laid    acrosae the floor
beams and In pi stepping backward as
He put each of the uprlglitB in plac-.
one of the uprights he stepped on
j was a cull. That Is, ii should have
'been s-t aside as faulty, 't had a
j knot in the oi-ntre and when Ile step-
ped on It, it Broke and he fell to the
ground floor, sustaining injuries from
which he died xt the general hospital
shortly after.
Eve*  ��f  Revival.
"British Columbia is on the ere of
i great  revival  fn mining, and    it Isl
for Vancouver to prepare for if," said ;
H. ll. Brown, superintendent   of the !
mining exhibit at the  Vancouver    ex-;
hiliition. who has /list returned to the
coast from a trip  through the Interior
n connection with this year's mim-iral
display.   "The   ni .t method of handling  low   grade     c Piper    ores    alone ,
mi"a'is thai a vast  ifcvelopment    wll
Aug. 5.���L. F, Morris,
IK year** old. wa i at*
rested lure today by fpdr.al secret
operatives on i charge rf belongln
to a gang of cou terfeltera that had
operated a planl for counterfeiting
Bilver coins on Kigefj island, ln the
Willamette r.ver, si. mtles above
Cor*aIlis. Several weeks pso tin
government was informed th.lt counterfeiters were working on tin' island
and secret servlci men -were ar once
sent snt to locale iiie Illicit don. It
is safd the counterfeiters were aniu-
teura aid that but ;< Bmall portion of
th Ir togus dollars wus put in circa:-
This is our regular stoek line; slightly soiled or
mussed by handling; good looking, comfortable
muslin ami limn tailored waists: laundered collars and cuffs, some with embroidered fronts;
others with tucks, button front, with pearl buttons;
some wiih breast pocket; regular values to S5.00.
Special clearance at  tr** -��e
i-V-h. . i.i, , '���'. \ , ft rm *
** % *w
Continuing  the Extraor-  Many Good Specials From
dinary   Value   Giving   in  the Staple Section
Women's Whitewear
This   lot   is  composed   of   white   cambric   combinations; night gowns, petticoats, drawers, etc; 'lain
tily trimmed witli  lac- and embroidery;  included
'������'���'���' A rlcan seersuckers combinations, trimmed
with lace and embroidery;  beautiful garments and
worth     doublo     the     money.       I'riee      per     gar
menl  $21.58
Senators Discjss Autos.
Washington, Aug. 6,-���Senate Denvi
crats succeeded trday for the first
time In1 speeding up Consideration1 ol
the tarM hill, making considerable
progress in the metal schedule de
spite protests of Sma ors Oliver
Smith,   'if  Michigan,   Ciuntninis    and
Whitewear at 98c
One of the best whitewear values wc offer: pett
coats, drawers, combinations Included; trimmed wll
lace and embroidery; made from an excellent graii
Of white muslin and cambric.
Pongee  Silk Clearance        Rush   Price   on
Turkish Towel3 Linen and Cotton Dark TilTki.-li
Towels; good large size; 2'2\ll Inches; made in
Kngland;   fringed   ends.     l'er  pair 65<
8hestS���Hemstitched Sheets; large double bed sft��;
pure  grass   bleach, d,   regular    >2.26.     l'er    pair
���"    $1.95
Huckaback Towels���Large size Huckaback Towels;
pure linen.    Per pair   40C
TowelISf���Heavy grade of pure linen crash Towel
ing;   is  inchts  wide;   red   stripe border.    Special',
P'-r   >art!    ;|0~
Huckaback Toweling Pure linen Huckaback Toweling; fancy fleur de lis pattern; in Inches wide;
for  gueit  towels     Special,   per  yard   J��5t
Djlgariarr  Wrapperette    Just   arrived  and   placed   i-i
pieces of Bulgarian Wrappere
Special,  per yard	
65= A  YARD.
.",'.inch    Pongee   Silks; natural
colors;   good   heavy  excellent
washing qualities. Special, per
yard    CSC
Silk Waist*, $3.50
Pongee silk, white mummy silk
and striped .lap   taffeta   Bilk
Waist;;; smart tailored styles;
with doable collars and cuffs;
button    fronts,    with    dainty
pearl burtons.    Special
price    $3.50
At fi5c a yard we are showlnir a
special purchase of saxe blm-
dress fabrics, pure wool
serges, whipcords, repps, etc:;
42 and 44 Inches wide. Special
per  yard     S5c
At 53c five pieces of licht tun.
saxa blue, brown, pure wool
repps: suitable for light sum-
n,i"r coats and dresses Special
cfear.tnce, per yard 53c
White    Ves tings,
Twenty pi, ees nf beautiful
quality white vestlngs, crossbar marquisettes, voiles, dimities, etc.; ^7 to SO inches wide;
regular values to 4Hc yard.
Special clearance, per yd 19c
Colored Pongee Silk 48c
All good perfect washing colors, bronze, tan. cream, gray,
blue, mauve; L'li Inches wide;
nsualy sold at 60c and cr.c p.-r
Lyra. Balboa, Panama     Sailed:   Roa
noke.  Portland;  Thoman    L    Wand,
Portland;     San    Gabriel,    Umpuqufi
.��� mm Kgainst manv ef ih" ratios
take place w thin "*��� ���"'"i tt^-yt\ecra .C1]1,,. onD-^����n nontrffl In the ratos
Take  a* Britannia, mines    at  HoV^^SeTwhMS^Vrf?!
-.mud tor example. Under the i<lll (l;, ,i ,rt 15 per rnnt on cars ..-/nil
method of handling the rock, the*)- ,��� $,, lV) or ,���������. o(l R$I ,.,,,, ������. cars
only seemed about .�� per cent, of lti�� ; v.,*,.,,, a,   ratir,.  Ihil,  ������������   ,������,- ,8S8
carrying false ships papers.  Ilu- ves*   .-nine, but with thetconcentration sys- lllin
sei was. however, permitted to 1-a..-. -,.���, nearly I.r. per cent, is extractort.l
today      rhe attorney  general  repl   d ctart Goon, on Creche,
10   the   \. nezm Ian   com ul   unit   ��� ta      |.;v,.r
Adverfise in the Daily News
v-dun:. tiger cub i-
government *,*..;- unable to prolnl/fe
tin* departure if the papers weru 11
order and thai care would be taken
t-iat she would carry onlj her cnv��
.n.ij ennith provisions and water I ir
them N 1 passengi rx, b,, sai.l. had
11 * tt found "ii board nml ill" laws of
Curacao ;�� rmitted ilu* veBsel 10 cn to
sea 1 ithoul '1- - -1.i:--. 11 ��� - her destlnat.ton
Cable communication between b.-n
effort   wi.V be  made  to  llaA"*'
$1500; 46 per cent, on,
valmil at $ir,(IO aniliover. and :
cent, on automobile parts.
pi r
Hontreul, Aug ������ A live tiger
which stalk *'l unchained 1 n ile d*'ck
<*f the Cu.'-'i during all t'n* fifty three
du>J tho vesBel was   11 pit    . ���   from land  Coro  was  1*" establl lied   *
Punts   Arenas  -' 1   Montreal,   bud   no day,    A rei   reached here that c*
terre,.-'   lm*   the   lutrep 1   S  * in ',', ,.   uelan    governmenl     wai     com
ere*,   tho  dubbed   '!.���*   lungh    li asl mandeerlng horses and mules al  Ma-
:-;F.;iiy," ami  who  1  ni'-i   ���'* *'- him rticaibo.    A:   th  r dispatch said then
.is  unconcern dlj   as  ll   be   ivere    a had  becn :.  ���:. \ ilutlonary demonstra
"Spotty" 1., .1 '** b * ni*-  two   ;.  utl
old.    Il<- ������'��� - I) wl     1 tl     vi
, 1   pn    i* :.. Costa   Rica fur bu
Oil   in.*   ivaj    limn   -: . *   Fl'U    : ���
I'm.- 1 Arm ie la *'  'la       1      ra    two
   old  al   t ial   time
brottghl up - *i in lk bj 01
,.n n, v. 111 - ��� i*i  perti  he        ' i-;- I :���"
haa  trav lied   In all  1 llmati
tlnnl.   can-, r,   as   the   CllZCO   I     nd   I
Cape Horn 1 1 Puntn Arenas, and then
.-rosseil the equator while on lhe long
trip to Montreal,
V.v vessel is loaded wuh nitrate.
.,', was fhe Milwaukee, which visited
����iis pert from South America early
tH'is si-11 11 lbe only pen i-l..- put
int��i td-tneeii 1'iinla Arenas and Montreal was Hi" ih' Janeiro, where she
bimkered coal for two dayi* As the
trip was some 10.000 miles the crew
v.er<- i-lnrt enough to gel into port
t-iRrr.    Tho lunn ;   of the long sei
���VOyage  doe-   li   t   si .111   to   I,live  Inld  oll
���Cnein however, niul liny worm as
doughty ami iveatherbeatcn a l"t a *
< ver  pul   in:"  Mi ntro '1
.: Coajli
Bula,   forming
of the
lutlon Ib B'lld
thi   t'oloi iblan  ;   -
������-'   t* rn   headli ml
Mt 1 tcalbo     T 11   n
' * ���     iprea ling   I 1 *
construction  on   UW*-  new   Haro  stii:e<
jereche building siurt at once and'   iir
lord 1* ni complet*    the    details*   th*
associated elmrii-.t/s comm!tte8��of tfre
city  coun ill yesl onlay  appointed!    Af-
b rman  McBCRtlli and Captain C. llo*
boh   relief oftte-ar,   a    committee   10
draw up a rupoF-8 for preseutatlten   ro
the city euone-ir on Monday ne*-;t. Th-
v a    exprmssed that tliw-tafWrn?
���'���* n tl be Hnfshed bv the llrst cf next
year and  thai no  delays  would fake
placi  us n: ehe case of tha new police
Biter�� Bit.
Montreal, Aug, 6.���A senmtlonal
Stjni to the alleged graft imttiiry in
connection with the Italian worklnE
men getting join* on cit-y rt*?tt-l3 took
place today before Judgi-. l.��-ft, when
l'eter Child, tlle city Borwman who
was arreated im a ohajiga of obtaining
money under   fnlBO   pnKsnces   from
the men, wa* d a -I'.a-i'-^i-s* for lack    of
evidence and three at the wltni Bses
broughl    bi    the   p-rossoutlon   were
onb red to On held pemllng an Investl
gatlon as w whethw charges should
be laid against them nr not.
The Popular Shoe StorT
Tho Home of  Low  Prices.
6-tt Front Street.
Specials for this Week
7.",c woi-tS of Packard's
Barefoot Sandals;   doubl
pair In store
....  25:
soles;   any
si ii***   ol  Zul 1 and M
ttn'-in��:  Hits   Fire  Tru*:k.
London,    Ont.,    Aug,    ii.    When    a
rund   Trunk   freight   engine   Btruck
Ottawa    Ui     5    Ofl cials    ol    1 11
public  works  departmi 111   ire
Into  ib"  all   ��� ,: ons  made  bj    I ,* .
1 Bhi r. local ri preBentatlvi nl th
penti rs' union, lo the offi 1 1  ih 11     11
Foundation company, ol Montn
ported  29  men  rrom  New   Vork' lasi
week to work "ii the cu *
SusBex stri * *
i"  1 On,
!  ** '     l.    *,*. Ill
A reporl  * i.i be pn p   1 1
o'flclals    am]    handed  ovi r
Roberl   It" * ��� ���      dnister
works,   who.   it
make   il   publl
Meanwhile  Mr,  1   her I
a   statement  of  tho  * ti ���
found thi
i* * *". tif
Iv-   be
m and ie*. too   ivlll make
���in* motor truck from the Central tire
til al William Btreel erosBlng al    '���'
��� ��� 1 \   this  morn ug   the truok   was
thrown .','1 feet against a watchman's
uitj  and landed a \. i*. ek on an ad
* Ir.Ing  truck.    Thn -  iin men    were
��� 1 h i* 1.  two    of    ilin.i    badly,    five
other  firemen   were  on  the  truck,  in-
eluding Assistant    Chief   Scott,    bul
thoy escaped serious Injury.
Plght Ovor Currency.
Washington.   Aug   5.���The   administration   curreney   bill,   Btjll   further
amended    in    Important    partlculora, |Oents
lemergsd from the Democratic confer-
ence ef the h-ouse banking and cor
rencj" commtttee today over the protests of It' prssentatlvos Mosley Bugle
ami Ragsdale. At the end of a lively
session, In which the Democratic objectors promised to carry their fight
to the floor of the caucus next Monday, the Olass bill v.as approved by a
!rate Of 11 to 3.
Fleet-POet Running Shoes; a clearing
linn;  T to 2    40;
Ladies' White Canvas  Shoes;   leather
soles;  all sizes   50i
Men's Fleet-Foot Rubber   Soled   Ox-
fords 75c
Hoys'   Heavy   Leather   Soled     Canvas
Sheas; siies l, 2, 3. 4, 6  95:
M.es's Heavy    Leafier    Soled    Brown
Ciwvvas Shoes; all sizes  $1.25
Ladies' Snappy Ten Hotton Oxfords;
every size.    Per pair   $1*.-Ja
Ladies'  $5  Hoots;  only    *3.96
Ladies'  Dress  Hoots;     broken     lines;
every size;  value to %n   St.95
Box Kid Hlueher Boots;   svery
li.ills'  Dress  Hoots;
Stub  tous     glove
leather;   every   size
Cents'   Tan   Willow
Calf   Uilloii  and
Blltoher    Hoots;     $6
up   town,   Onr
Slater  Hoots,  K.  W.,
K. QpobB,  1,-rkle
Hoots, etc.
Cranbrook, B.C.
ond largo mill llr.
curn I earlv this
ti tally destroyed by fire.    The
bad a capacity of 200, io I fe tl
5.     The   see-
week nr
when   the
���r of the Crows Nest  Pass Lum-
company  at   Wardner,  lie.,  was
, Aug 6.
* within ii
: in   loss Is
���-i vi n d bj
aboul    f,-	
part I ail;.
r  Wcrk   Z'*.i
���]  Cunday, Au- u��t 3
l\'i stinins'i
r,       Sand il' nd
ta   Time.
High.        Low,
High. 1 ow.
Time   Hgl   T me   Hgl
6:45    1:57
5:44 U ^   0:52   f 0
L'D* Vi 15:55
19  11  13 i; 12    :   0 7
7:50   3:06
i:  - ' It '*,    1  37    il v
81:10 16 32
21:12 13.6 13:17    I.S
9:0H    t 36
7 "'' 11 '.'   2:22   5.7
81:40 i
-    *     13.4 1-1 02    :: -.
lfl:10   :. 35
i' 12 ln.s      * '   t :
21:16 IT:""
21:11 13.1  ill''    '* ''
11 35   ���
*.     *  |n.6    1:01    ::'.'
- 17:13
'     12.8 15:43    7.2
13  11.    .      ���
: , 10.7   :��� 0.
������-. .-,  i    *  '
*    12.4 16  :"
t:,:in   :������ 15
i ;     I 11.2   0:10   2.0
.-,*! 19:10
I 12.0 IS 12 1" ���'
Busy  Vestci
i.i nd ti,  Aug    ,     \ mj   .   x,.A
'*    lire i     urrcd I daj   In  Surrey
in burned   nt
'������ nth lowi       i'he women b c line un
usually   m tlve  du .:, *    the    daj     In
l.mi'l n     A  mat ; ::    0f    the
militants v.as held and Mrs Emme
line Panl burst, although very sick
and feeble, attended ll
'lore Fort Inspecting.
Seattle, Aug. 5. Seer, t-nw nf War
| ��� *��� Ison, ii. in ral Leonard WJood and
their accompany army officers arrived
in Bonttlo i . ii. amor this afternoon
utter Inspecting Forts Flagler, Worden. Casey and Ward, the artillery
posts which protect the Strait
Fuca and the Puget Sound navy yard
Federals Say They Wrn.
Ml I'aso. Tex.. Aug. 5. Federal fol
dlers e-iler fol. ManCll'i defeated
Com titutlnnalists commanded by Col.
Tcrlbln Ortega, after two hours of
fighting Icdav near l'anclierla, ���''
ndles south of the border, nn the
Mexican  National rallwav.    Ffdor.il*
claim Ortega's lops in M killed, 14K
prisoners, eight, wagens or provisions
100 herpes, two rapid-fire guns and
nimntltlos of riries and ammunition
The federals say their lc^s is 25,
Hail   Kills  Pins.
Macleod,   Alta ,   Aug.   5,    Hall     del
greal damage in the disl rh i   oui
In re lasl  night.    A strip of tei
aboul . * ...  ���:  li    *.* i i*
long WB    ei' *.,i  lati 'I     Tie*   u   '
wer,. iii    some    places    i      lai
,  , ���;��� ���.  : tnd  i oull i .
halli d-oul
i *    . arrlcd hall in.- urancc,
Tcslinn   Ammunition.
oun ��� a,   Vug   ;..   At Mu* Petawawa
Iraln       ground  thla v, eek    tests are
! * lng  '   ;. lm led  of the artillery am-
iinltli     ��hich bus been  made over
'   tl a i, ���!���  arsenal  nfter    being
nileinned        dafi i live     The
He   8hOW8d   Them   H--
Dm Moines, In.. Ain r, -"T|iii> In th'
wny   to   commit,   sulcidi ,'*   ( hirh
Slossy, 7 years-old, raid to twi frli ndl
of bis own ace, last  night.    Hu pul
of I revolver   lo   his   head   and   pulled   the
���'��� 'trigger,    Heath    came    Bhortl)   after
he   was   taken   to  tho  hOBpltal,     'I'll'
boya li id found the revolver In an nl
lev,    ti  contained    t no    uncxploded
Dean's Grocery for
Special Values
"loth-s  Pins       5 doi. for
Old Dutch Cb nn.-.cr. 1! tins for . .
i.ii|iild Ammogla, per bottle ....
Powdered Ammonia, 2 puts	
Liquid   Hlue,  per bottle   	
Washing Soda, 2 lbs, lor 	
Napilia  Soap,  per  bar  	
( A'-e nov; almcat over. Wc expect
S B big ihlprnOnt of choke berries
i{ on Tuesday. SPECIAL PRICE, per
^crat .  Sii
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Ih meeting wltli tin, gre��t<-st favor  wherever laid.
ii charge nl Col mi 1
lhe lerj
tho :
Accidentalv  I
St. Jos  lib. Man.,   ".en   "���
Bin  v      i"' Idi -ilnll'     hnl
ii," i* i    . hll    canoeing hi re *. Ith
Mi ni   Ion, ii   BlBSonette,    A   i mi
and  in  lie* nanoo  In  somn ni
i f tin*  ee. **i. '��� dischan ed, the
San:        '     1    dy,
with  H nu I e v tnd  Dowr
Bltulithic ort Second Street, Mew Wsstmlnstot
.<��. ,.r ��� the C-��ntre,
Bitulithic Is noiseless, non-slippery, prsotioall) dustloss, eaay on
horses' fast, and, above nil, particularly durable. : or Ihass roasons
Hitiiiiibic is commended highly by owners of auto ubllos nnd hors����
lousolioldsrs, aim olty officials.   It has bsgu udi it uy aiiwuu clt
ui i aiiiulii, and mer two bundrod in the  llulle*. BUics.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phons Se>,.,our 7130.       i'1-1 717 Domlnicn Trust Oulljlno. Vanoouver.
Th^Bank Jjapuyer
Branches Throughout tli�� Provinca of  British Columbia.
Saving Department nt all. Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
jp-wurds received and intern,.* at the hlgbast current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Gltequet sold, payable In all  parts of fhe
CHAS. G. R��i-*NOCK, Gensval Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manooer.
-.���-���af- sssBvro r. ������-;r-:.-T n a minium
i.'wwrxaira' ��a��i|yi)Bii HHW WEDNESDAY,  AUGUST  6,   1913.
M. --
**.iitt nvs
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
take on the Elbow river. Mr. Fawkes
estimates lhat it will require about
two weeks more for the survey gang
to get down to the present city reservoir, when the survey wil be complete.
���-.:��� O ���::������ # ft ft ft ft # ���-.'��� *.;* =11- ':':��� ���'.':��� ft
Toronto, Aug. 5���A telegram ���":���
received thla morning  by    tho O
.Mann cup truetees from  ll. B. ft
Aimstrong, Becretary   of   the ft
Armstrong Laoroase   club,    of ft
Vernon, B.C., challenging   the ft
In Idi-rs of the Mann    cup    lor
games to be mutually arranged ft
in September. ft
The     Armstrong     Lacrosse ft
<tlub aro amateur champions of ft
Interior  liritish  Columbia. ft
moderate in their display. The coast
has developed as a real hockey centre since tlie erection of Ice rinks In
Vancouver, victoria and Westminster
and the high grade class of hockey
which haa been dished out must bc
kept up to the Bame standard If the
fans are to be expected to lend their
ft ft
tt  i-i
All the lacrosse players, with
exception nf Bun Clark, left yogti
afternoon lor Victoria where
meet  llie  Vancouver  twelve  for
Port    Coquitlam    Goes
After More  Baseball
Worlds to
Leaving   oil   the   2:
this aft irnoon,   the
10  o'clock  train
Pert   Coqultlam
tl���.y 1 ba.-cball   nine   will  attempt   to  lower | Washington
lhe ] the colors of several teams who have j     Batteries:
flrat time today Blnce the mix-up in
the B. C. L. A., which resulted in the
deposal of one, Con Jones, llun could
no: get away In time to make the
afternoon boat, but left laat evening
and wlll arrive in the beat of shape
< arly  this  morning.
Although only one workout has
been held since the disastrous defeat administered by the V. A. C. last
Saturday, tbe players are feeling
confident ef getting away with the
tall  end  of lhe score today.
Lester Patrick, who was responsible for tbe amicable agreement between Vancouver and WeBtmlnster,
following the bust-up, will    probably
beeu making a loud noise in the
lerior as lo tlieir prowess at the
American game. This is the second
trip of the Port City nine, although
they will bave to extend themselves
when they meet such teams as
Kelowna, Kamloops and Vernon.
Manager (icings received several
tempting oilers from the upper
country uirly in the week aud. though
three or tour of his regulars will be
unable to make the trip, be picked up
.lack Oentry and Len chaput last
evening who wlll undoubtedly hold
their own with any i.f the travelling
ICamloops will be met on Thursday
i Yeuterda/s Games.
At  HoBton: 11.    II.    H
St. Louis   0     2     2
Iloston    3      8      0
I     batteries:  Leverenz and Alexander.
McAllister;  Leonard and Carrigan.
Second game: It.    H.    R
|St. Louis   4    Vi     2
. Hoston    2     9      2
Batteries: Wellman and McAllister;
I Collins, MoBeley and Carrigan.
1    At New York: It.    H.    E.
Detroit    10    13      2
New York    5     8     5
Batteries:       Dublin    and    Stallage;
! Keating,      Schultz,      Caldwell      and
' Sweeney.
1    At Philadelphia: It.    II.    K
.Cleveland    5      7      li
I Philadelphia   0     8      1
Batteries: Blanding and O'Neill*.
i Plunk, Houck, Pennock, Brown and
Lapp. J
At Washington: R.    II.    K.
'Chicago   5     !l      o
 2      8     -1
Uenz, Scott, Hussell  and
;   Boebllng,
(iroome   and   Ain-
have charge of tl
assistance ol eltln
Bob  Dl war.
Today's game will be played on the
Oak Bay grounds and special seating
accommodation has been prepared for
handling a record breaking crowd as
f,ir as Victoria lacrosse is concerned.
This afternoon's battle wlll atari at
2 o'clock in order to allow the Westminster contingent travelling on    the
.excursion    boat    an    opportunity
witnessing the struggle.
Tun Rennie I.as recovered fn m Ills
uttack of sunstroke and will be seen
���on the defence in place of Eddie Mc-
With   the!'1'1'!   Friday,  the  team journeying    to
ernon on Saturd
ent.il .Monday e\ ei
fame. Revelstoke
not yet completed
and staying over
ing for a second
md K- towna bave
arrangements, but
negotiations are In progress for a
series of games in those cities before
the team returns.
The   following   players   will     make
the trip,  together with  Manager Goings and Secretary Fitzgerald: Ruyle,
0f I Immlng,   Dupuls,    Fraser.    Dunsmoro.
McConvle, Smith, Gentry and Chaput.
International League.
Toronto. 1;  Baltimore, 2.
Montreal, 6;  Jersey City, 6.
Buffalo, ���!:   Newark. 7.
Rochester, 6;  Providence, 6.
Five  Star Left  Hand Twlrlers Out of
Ten in Action Lost Out Yesterday���Marquard  Stopped.
Good   Matches   Promised   in   Tennis
Tourney This Afternoon���Yesterday's  Results.
Gotid headway ia being made In the
annual tennis tourney of the WeBtmlnster club, several Interesting
matches featuring yesterday's play.
All eyea an- n >w turned to the 3:30
o'clock match ln the doubles this afternoon, when Lewis and Swan meet
Kddy and Sutherland. The former
were well up In the Vancouver tournament last week and. If playing to
form, should emerge with a victory
In the ladies' doubles Miss Peele and
Miss Corbould look likely winners.
They took yesterday's events In two
straight sets.
The refults of yesterday's play and
the draw for today follow:
Eddy beat Chestnut, 0-3. 0-1.
Miss Peele and Mias Corbould beat
MIbs  Payne and  Mrs.   Klson, 0-3, 6-1.
Macgowan  beat Gardiner, 0-3, 6-1.
Eddy  beat   Draper, 0-2, 7-5.
d'Kasum  beat   Sutherland, 0 2, 0-3.
Tuckwell beat Petty, 5-7, 6-3, 0-4.
Mias Peele beat Mlsa Martin, 0-O,
Miss Shlldrlck beat Miss Rand, 0-2,
C 2.
beat   Mra.   Klson,
To   Fill   New Chair.
Saskatoon,   Sask.,   Aug.   5,��� Dr.   W.
C.   Murray,  president of  the  unlver-
Slty of Saskatoon, returned yesterday'
from  a  holiday  trip  in  the east  and
announced   that  W.  P. Thompaon.  B. \
A.,   had   been   appointed  to  the  new
chair of biology at the university.
Breaks Pledge to Keep Pledge
St. Louis, Aug. u.���Miss Estella McCarthy, 29, a leacher in the Allen
Bchool, will marry Ernest Meyers, a
St. Paul civil engineer, ibis fall. Misa
McCarthy breaks a pledge to tlie |
school board not to marry during the
school  term.
Prevent  Spread cf  Rabbies
Minneapolis,   Aug.   5.���A   score   of
cattle, horses, hogs and dogs  belong-1
iiig to farmers along the Hudson road,
may  bave  to  be   shot to  prevent  the 1
spread  of  rabies.    They  were  bitten
last week by a supposedly rabid dog, :
Tbe dog was shot Saturday.
Observe   His
Aug. 6.���Rev.
Harris |
entered the ministry of the Methodist
:church In 180::. On Wednesday. Alb
jgust  13, he  will celebrate his jubilee
at  his  home   ln   Percy  township.
Baseball Results.
All-Stars You Read About���Well
4ere   They   Are���Moose   Got
���em  8-0.
T   ii noise you heard last evening?
Tl lull thud effect?   Thnt was |i
the Westminster all-stars tumbling
over themselves escaping from their
i . . .1 afti i- Bill Graham's Moose had
crossed lhe pan a total of eight times.
. !������ the all stars never oven Bmelled
thi pli ��� - f board whieh Ind lea ti b the
In   ii   plate
it *.: �� not one of those ordinary
falls, bul a real live "whal bo, she
tumps" effect, with the bumping al!
being administered by Jack Horne.
Homo allowed his victims only
three measly hits, having the opposition looking like a covey of Juicy c:i-
nartes at a eat congress Just before
lunch time.
of course there was the usual ga-
l.xy of errors. These have been the
feature at all tbe games so far this
season uud last night's encounter was
no exception. Al no period of the game
did the all-stars have a chance to de-
clare they wen- in the money.
It  Was Just  Like  This.
Wetngartner'B single and J. Gay's
triple started trouble in the first with
���one tally. Four more went across In
cond. when singles and free
utilized. Marmont look-
oua In tlle third, hut a last
plate by Chaput finished
Standing  ot the  Clubs.
W.    L.
Seattle    06    47
Spokane  *0   71
Still Thsy Lose.
Seattle. Aug. :,. Seattle outhit Victoria today, bul the \isitoru made
tin ir hits count while the locals were
unable to complete the circuit and
Victoria '..ni 8 to 1 ���Ii-i-k's home-
run hilling and the supi-rb pitching
of Narveson la it,    pinch ia were the
it.   ii.   i:
s tal tie
I'.att   rl
is.     Dell,
    1       8       1
 li      7      1
Mclvor   and   Cad
num; Na
rveBi a im,
1 Shea.
Chicago, Aii'-r. 5. Ten left-hand
pitchers figured In seven of the nine
major league baseball games played
today, live BUBtatniOg defeat, feur
winning and one retiring without, a
credit  or discredit.
The winning southpawa are: Pierce
Iof Chicago, who defeated [tucker, of
Brooklyn; Wellman, or St. Louis, victor over Collins, or the Boston Amerl-
' cans in the- second, and Leonard, of
��� Boston, conqueror of St. Louis in the
I first game of the double-header, and
Hussell.  of the  Chicago  American*.
Five in tho major leagues lost their
games, Marquard, Hucker and Sallee 1
going down lo defeat in the National
while   Plang and Collins were beaten '
j In th" American.
RuBSell pitched a fraction more than
lone inning for the Chicago White Sox
jand get:- credit for a victory being the
only southpaw in either league.. Ho��h-
I ling, the Washington left-hander,
j was neither loser nor winner, being
relieved in 'lie tenth with the score
1    Rube  Marquard'B    winning    streak
��� ai   broken by the I'lrats afti r the
Nl .*.    York   star  bad    achieved     ten
lehl  ' Ictorlee.
"Slim"  Siilli e was ri-ti-rned a loser
.������������'.in * the rushing Philadelphia Ns
tlonals  Although   he  nitched  a  belli-
game   thad   nny   of  the   luckless   five
jallowlng only r.n-- run.
Mrs.   Sutherl   	
0-3, 6-3.
d'Kasum and Teale beat Doutar and .
Shildrick, 8-6, 0-4.
Lloyd beat Ford. 0-3, 0-1.
Rnddlck beat Chestnut. 6 3, 0-3.      i
Phlpps bent   Illoise, 0-4, 0-2.
Today's  Draw.
The draw tor today is as follows:
11 a.m.--.Miss Homer vs Miss Payne,
2:30 p.m.--Mrs. Sutherland vs. Mra.
Rusell on court 1; Flyer vs. Ifalnef,
on court 2.
3:30 p.m.���Miss Payne vs. Miss
Homer on court 2; Eddy and Sutherland vs.  Lewis and Swan, on court 1.
4:30 p.m.���Haines   and    PMpps vs.
Lewis  and  Stacey, on  court I;   Miss 1
Shildrick vs.  Miaa  Hickman on court 1
'_; d'Kasum vs. Cartntchael on court 3.1
5:30 p.m.-   Mr. and Mrs. Tliipps vs. i
Eddy and Miss Corbould, on court 1; j
Draper vs. Teale, on ccurt 2;  Wright
vs,  Pelly on court 3.
6:30 p m. -Haines vs. Stj-er, on
I court 1: Whiteside vs. Goldsmith, on
I court 2.
If so. you have na doubt made provision for a proper division of
your estate and provided as far as possible for the future welfare of
your beneficiaries.
But have you done everything to insure your wife and children
getting the provision you have made In the way you Intend? Ib your
executor competent, to Invest your eBtate in proper securities? Will
he give your affaire bis constant attention and live to complete the
diviaion of your eatate? 18 he flnsmcialy responsible for his actions?
Will be he lmpartitil and free from prejudice?
The Westminster Trust. Limited, wftl give your eBtate alt
of these necessary requirements, and a great many other advantages.
Our fees are the aame aa those awarded to a private executor.
Consultations and advice given freely.
Wills drawir tree of cliarga.
J. J. JOtNES. Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begbie Streets, New Westminster.
Thanhouser  Special
Little Dorritt
From   Dickens'
ALL   SEATS   10c.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid*.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia   Street, New  Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Muaical Goods of all  Kinds. PHONE BM.
White Rock
The Playground of B.C."
WHITE, SHILES & Co., Official Agents
ed dange'
whip to ti
tlie innln
A   nonthe
suited    In
bome, aitho
the plate, the
Mi"in, tr* the
ons In th-   firet
have   pet red  hi
between third '
��y Welngartnot
Two mor" runs
In the slvth aided
whiffed the three
play In the f' irtli re-
elngartner    scrambling
h  had  Sllv-:- protected
ner would have been
looked danger-
tlie fifth and would
he not fallen down
home, being tagmi-d
a  shoved   over
errors.    Home
Jt batters.
It.    II.    R.
.it oose    .���������������  s      ���>     -1 '
Ml Ktur.i  V" ��     3     Bl
llatteries:  Home andmHulinke;  Sll-1
i. - and Munn, umptrM^McLaughlln
'���Shuffling  Bill"  Loses One.
I'ortland. Aug- 5-- Spokane started
n batting rally in tlie ninth frame today whieh bade fair for a few
moments to overcome Portland's two
to nothing lead, obtained In th--- early
Innings, but one tally was the best
ll produced and so the final acorn
! was 2 to I in favor of the home team.
Douglas for Spokane pitched a Rood
I game of ball, allowing but four hits
to ten garnered off Hynes, the I'ort-
I'lid slab artist. Hynes, however,
kept his hits wldel) scattered.
It.    II.    B.
3pt kane   1   10     1
Pi t Hand     2     4     2
Datterlest Douglas and Altman;
Hynes and  KiiiK.
Sixteen  Inning Game to Tacoma.
TW! i, Aug. S.-A I'"-.' mi bslU i wouid aCCept
to NeighbcM, 1 till by Keller, & hunt. ^ ]3r|ghou89
by McMullIn and Harris' fly to the
���'���tHi-ld gave Tacoma one run In the
sixth inning this afternoon and a
name which marked for lta sneed and
sensational playing, McQInnlty went
in during lhe ninth in.'.ins and allowed four hits and no rm.S tm the next
seven  frames.
n. ir. a
Vancouver      ,, 2   18    a
Tacoma     4    15     3
Batteries: Ingersoll and Konnick;
Knrfuss, Belford, Mcllinnlly anil Harris.
���cinht   Match   Is   New   Assured
for   Bnrhouse   Arena   on
Labor Day.
nnd Newby.   Attendance, 1
I New Yor 1
[chloago .
IIOBtOll   ..
Within tin- next tew wo|A�� hoc''---,
fans on Ihe coast are likolj '���' to hear
< f developments In the i-ffanadi-m
. winter-game as effecting th-^> west.
Trunk Patrick, the Vancouvi-.te ma,-
Date,   Is  now  ln  Toronlo  hr.br"obbliic
around with the uu-L-uis i if the
National Hockey association, no that
if tin- national commission plaf* Is
worked out and accepted by botA the
t-nst and west, It is likely to bo foiVniu.
laud within the ti --Nt month In oiVder
to clear the air before real train\ng
istnits in the full,
Following th" failure of the natlo-|ii-
al lacrosse commission idea. Patrlick
is likely In ash that everything tr e
put down In black and while liefor *
In- makes 11 move, so that the dlffei -
1 -nt .leagues will lie tied down and un -
..Iiie to raid each other for player? .
"TIm- easterners are the ones who ana
craving for a commission, having I \
mind the successful ilUils pulled ol '
by the Patricks during the past tw.
Masons, which, not only robbed Ihem
< f their stiir playOTB, but also boosted
the salaries ol tin- remainder so that
only om- ti'inn putted oul ahead In a
linancial way last winter.
The facl Unit Ontario and Ouehec
nn' tlw real training; grounds of the
Dominion, where real B'nra vm plotwd iWubIiIiiri
up, li likely tn be the sluniblln blOOlt |C|lhiragii .
of tin 1111 tti . 11 plan, fi r V trick Boi-tmi ..
.. Hi 1 ��� i* ;*: ,. , t-i hnvo hluisiilf tied Ipetroll . .
n I ���     pipy 1 rn    the "iistern  .iU. I.ou'b
--.- -^jg^. viirk
Standing ol lne Clubs.
W.    I,.
la 69
...\ 51
r t
Willie Ritchie, lightweight champion, will meet Freddie Welsh, the
liritish champion, iu the Brlghouse
arena, LulU island, on Labor Day,
September 1, in a -ju round battle.
Confirmation of this news was received from San Francisco yesterday
afternoon, when Ritchie came through
with the announcement that he
the  terms  ottered    by
officials, vi?., a $i5,iwd
^uaiaiitie, and that he would be up
iiortn  within the next two weeks id
start training.
rfuch  a  bout  will  undoubtedly    at
tract the attention of fight fans    all
over Hie country,
Welsh Is still In Vancouver, hnv-
| ing heen waiting to hear from Ritchie
during the pnst two weeks and ho loo
tt;lll aelect a permanent tralnim:
1 camp now that he Khowb the dial is
Vi 1 Ish has been a thorn lo tli
side of Pjtchie for some little tlmr
as he obtained a decision on points
Beveral yeara ago. since then the
American fighters have fought shy
of   the   plucky   HritUher   and   it   ha.*
taken    Beveral    months'    work    ror
Welsh to git hitched to one t.r   lhe
(,. - notrln ra in the Bcrapplng line 0!
the  American continent
1st. Louis  .is
Yesterday's Games.
PlttBburg: It.    11.    E.
New York     1      ti      1
Pl'tsbur:;       5      X      0
Batterlest      Marquard.     Promm*,
Crandall    and  Wilson;     Adams    and
At Cincinnati:
Batteries!       Perdue
Rarlden; Brown
At Chicago:
I Chicago	
Batteries: Huck
ei'gcs, Miller;   Pierce
\t  SI. Lou's:
Sl.   Louis   	
p    M    r
,.i    r��    2
.. r.    ii    2
Strand   and
mil Clark.
it.   it,   !���:
  2    o    n
18   in     ll
r. Curtis and Hick
Batterli s
Bu'.lea and
and N'eedhain.
It     H.    l'i.
 1      7      0
 II      4      0
gander and Killifer;
Standing  of the Clubs.
i In I'd
���im'ii have pr.Mctl up ai
being    only
. 66
. 64
18S3���John' '���  Sullivan defeated Hei
bert i\. h.'tde. the "Maori Riant,
from A'istt*..'"a, in three roundB
at New Vora. The "nosum
Btrong K'-V" h���1 w��n tin
world's cli.-i.-plonshV the _ previous year by defoatlfik Paddy
Ryan In nine i.iindii at Mi.'*���";
Blppl City. Charlie Mltobe..
England's pride, had also proved
an easy victim for SulflfAn,
nnd Ihe fans were clamoring Uir
n nrm who could reduce .T'-litl
fi.'B butnp or conceit. The
"Maori giant" wnn Imported for
thai purpose, and he looked like
the man to turn the trick. Wheu
ll enme to a teBt. however, the
Australian was only a play-
thliiK  tor the  Boston  hoy.
.Um Stewart defeathed Luther
McCarty  lu ten rounds at  New
tlrover     IIiivch     nnd     Fr-1 ll"
Welali   '  *���   ������   twdvo-Nund
draw a! Winnipeg,
I By the Potter.)
The present Mann, cupholdera are
likely lo encounter aifticulty in retaining the trophy won by their
seniors. The Qrajadvlow Intermediates of the Vane, over league are
ulkins of challenging for the cup
when their season is over, lf such a
challenge is accented there appears
no reason why the championa of the
Westminster intermediate leagle cannot iV likewise.
Art Sinclair, who played h's best)
-,.i.n<- if ill season with lhe all-stars
ast evening, holding d wn tin. 'irs:
U..1, in great stile, is tod with Hilly
Welngartner u'M Jack Gay in the
ilttlng OOUlpetition. Two hits are
treditcd tc > ach cf  these players.
Bapperton    must    win    over    W-asl
Rnds tomorrow  evening    at    Queens
irk if that team hopes to have any
show  In  tin-  Intermediate  champion- !
ship.     So   far   the   West   Ends   have I
won  live  straight   sanies and  a win !
tomorrow  evening  will  cinch    thom
he pennant,
c.eorge    McLaughlin,    cf     Praser i
Miills, knows the rule book down    to |
tine point atld handled last nisht's
11  game like a  Silk  O'Loughltn.
Both the C.iants and the Athletics*
dropped their games yesterday, whlla
Cleveland and the Phillies climbed up
peg or two. Even Boehllng got h!?
Just about as the Balkan league 1
geitlng out of the game, China ami
Venetucla are getting into It. Mexico,
however !s the stayer. Others ������** ::���
Come a: 1 Othi r.i n ay Ri b..'. the
Mexica j f!_4ht on forever.
Two   Weeks
iu.  6.���City   Water  En-
''son   Fawkes  reported
to Commissioner ,\. (I
In   About
Calgary, Au?.
clni-er   A.   1
this  iiir-iilng ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
sves   ihni   the  survey   which  'lie
eity  is running to determine the cos'
nf n pire line for a mountain water
snniily   hnt   now   been   coninleled  to
*ithia two n'l'i of the prosent in-
IH 12
Car.idlxnr  Win  Out.
Tacoma, Aug, 5. lioseta marked
th - piny In the North Paciric International lawn tennis chatnptonihlpi today v.lien ..it the American players
ti ll beforo tlio Canadians who will
flghl out Hi- rin.-iia between them-
11 ivi *  loni irrow.
,    HAVE  ^^^^^^^
Royal Theatre
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of Fiends
is erected ull along the driveway
from Laurier avenue bridge out, has
led to a number of enquiries as to
the condition of the fence in question. "As a matter of fact, tbe fence
is In good condition," said a prominent member of the Ottawa improvement commission staff this morning,
"Of course no fence can be built that
someone connot get over, or under,"
he. continued, "but the preBent feuco
bus no  breaks  in  it."
getting on car at corner of Sixth
street and Fourth avenue, a
satcliell containing money, a pair
of gold rimmed glasses, small pack
age of dry goods. Finder '.lease
leave same at George Cunningham's
blacksmith shop, Eighth street.
The  defendant
clan and suffragist, who was "arraign-1 was discharged  at  the conclusion  by
ed In Hyde Park police court for de-   the magistrate
tying  police  regulations    and    going
bathing at Jackson Park minus a skirt
lie Lots 60:, r,u3. CHI, 606, C.llli. Hii. 623,
624,   ��*J.i.   626,   C27,   62R.   629,  S3B,   681,
of  Lot  ;7.v.  Group  1,   Map  111,  in   the
I'istrii't   nf   New   Westminster,    Port
Iliiniini.n.t   Junction.
Whereaa proof of the less uf certificate
nf nili- Number 12646 F, Issu.sl In the
name of Edwin O. Slmmonds bos been
filed  In   this  office.
Notice Is hereby given that I sliull, at
the expiration of one month from the
late of tin- flrsl publication hereof, In
i daily newspaper published In tho City
.f New Westminster, issue a duptlcati
if the snld Certlflaate, unless in the meantime valid objection be mado to me in
w ritlng.
lilstri.t  Registrar of Titles.
Land  Registry  office.  New  Westmins-
r.  B.C.,  ine) August,  1913. UMT. i
POR SAI.K���A BARGAIN���B-room modem house, newly tiulli, large lot, siiu-
nti- jusl n sl.-p from Twelfth Btreet ;
$2200; $100 cash, balance %'it, n month.
For  f''W  days  only.
in the Royal apartments, close to
Columbia street; everything is new
and clean; furnished *14 00 per
month; unfurnished, including coal
stove. $10.00 per inonth. Light and
water free. This is probably the
best value in town. White, Shiles
it. Co agents "40 Columbia street.
keeping rooms, H6 and $1H per
month at 224 Seventh street. (18211
ent.    Hav,.
-rn    hi"
will  I.
t    SAI.K    lilt
loroughly   modi
.illsh.-.l floors,
icing      Moody
lortgage $2700,
3   i-
*!i ri
rn house, Har.lwu.ii
Large  lot,   Hull   str...t.
Park,     encumbrance,
bearing 8 per cent, I"
Will trade  for pro-
and wearing tight-fitting bloomers of
black satin.
Patrolman Pat Straight, who arrested Miss Ladova, was in court as the
prosecuting witness. Hc brought with
him the outfit in which she disported
herself to tbe entertainment of a big
crowd at the bench
"Women's can't swim in skirts and
swim properly," said Miss Ladova.
who is an expert swimmer. "Any way,
if their figures are sufficiently rounded, they do not need as much covering as men. My costume was incomparably more decent that that worn
by men bathers. I was covered trom
head to toot but all around me were
men naked up to their thighs.
"I know mothers who will not allow their dnughters to go to the beach
because men loll around In such disgusting costumes. Men should be made
to wear skirts and women allowed to
take their plunge in tights or bloomers���just as they see fit."
A big crowd followed Miss Ladova
when she wns ordered from the water
and taken to th.1 Hyde Park police station.    Bail  was  furnished  for ber by-
Mrs! L. Brackett  Bishop of the Chi- court and prepared to testify
Cotterel pleaded not guilty, and
Frank Eaton, who appeared on his behalf, told of the humiliating and un-
lust treatment Ills client had reoelved
at the hands of the company's officers.
He said that the defendant, who is
employed as night engineer at the Calgary brewery, was on his way home
at 7:20 In tlie morning carrying a sack
I containing a number of bottles or beer
for his private use. and had a receipt
to show for the money paid. Notwithstanding this he had boon followed by
the detectives who entered his house
and handcuffed and arrested him
without any warrant or authority
Searched His House.
While he was In tbe city lockup,
they had gone back to bis house, nnd.
ignoring the protests of his wife, had
searched the building In the hope of
finding stolen property to substantiate
their action. They had found nothing but the sack ot beer, and In order
to Justify the arrest had laid a charge
of drunk and incapable agains Cotterel. There were no grounds for this
charge, as he was perfectly sober at
the time of his arrest. His fellow
employees at tlle brewery were In
"   as to liis
Minneapolis, Aug. 6.���A bill will be Cllstor. Alta., Aug. B.���When Mag-
iulroduced al tbe special session ot |Btrute Miilhlas, who keeps u bard-
uie legislature prob.bltmg the sale wan, atorei w,,nt to business the
of habit forming mugs to uny except iot|���,r morning he discovered that
licensed physicians. j three ot lhe large panes In bis store
Representative   ii. A. Campbell  an- fr0���t had been smashed tJ atoms
nouaoed   thai   be   would   introduce   a I nothing   was  missing  from   the   store
bill giving cities tlie authority  to  re-|aI1(i tile Buick was undisturbed,  it  is
 the   general   opinion   that   the   wreck-
Big $30,000 Stadium Complete���S5.C0O
Knights  Templar  Wlll
Take Part.
strict the sale ol heroin, cocaine,
morphine and all other habit-forming
drugs to  physicians.
Under the proposed law physicians
themselves must not sell or prescribe
'the drugs but may administer thom
personally .
Mayor Nye enthusiastically endorsed Campbell's measure, "its enforcement    will    rid  Minneapolis and the
.whole state of drug slaves,"  be  suid.
: "Under the present law tlie city is
powerless. We may lie able to convict   Hughes  and  his son   Wednesday
of selling morphine without register-
j ing its sale, but that will not pre-
! vent them and other dealers from
| selling drugs to dope fiends In the fu-
���ture and registering whatever names
the slaves choose to give, thus evading tlle law.
"I am not sure the city council now
could pass an ordinance restricting
drug sales.   The attorney-general is
age is the result of some person who
bits adopted this means of seeking
revenge upon tlle local magistrate
us no other motive can be ascribed
for the  deed.
John Addison, brother of the postmaster, who sleeps in a front room
over the post office, immediately
across the street from the Matlilus
store, thought he heard a Btnashlng
of glass about half past two o'clock
this morning, and at once arose to
ascertain the cause of the disturb
ance, but although It was beginning
to be duyliglit he was unable to see
anyone   around.
That it was deliberately done Is
manifest from the fact thai across
the middle bar of tlle window there
is a deep dint caused by a blow from
a piece of round iron or gas pipe. No
trace of the iron has been found, and
the   identity   of   tbe   Party   or   parties
of the opinion that it could, however, [committing the deed has not been
and action on tbla phase will be tak- jcertained.    A reward of a substantial
en ns soon as the Hughes case is set-  sum has  been  offered  for the appro-
tied ou Wednesday." ihensloi,   0f   the  culnrlt.   who   will,   it
ciga ileach hotel, a suffragist who entertained Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst
when the English militant was touring America.
Miss Ladova is a graduate of Russian  and  American  medical  colleges.
character and condition, as well as the
conductor on the street car on which
he went home.
Mr. Eaton Indignantly informed the
court that with such men ns the 0. P.
R.      apparently    employed    parading
W. EO, Rates, court commissioner,
also endorsed Campbell's plan. "If
such a law was passed and enforced."
he said, "It would decrease the number of paticts  i   send  to  the  Btate
found   t: - given all tiie punishment
the law   will allow.
hospital nearly forty per cent. I
go b"for�� the legislature myself
,he!p push Campbell's bill.
detectives, no citizen walk-
Save  the  Babies Jing near the company's property was
Montreal   Aug   5���"A national cam-j immune from arrest whether he was
ra'ign is the only way to fight Infant guilty of any offense or not.
mortality"  Dr   Louis Laberge, med'-     The detectives of the company were
cal officer of health, remarked today.|not   on   baud    to   s -   ������*..*.:.*������
charge of drunk a
���Cotterel.  and  tlu
inglv  dismissed
Counsel   for   the
d Incapable against
magistrate accord-
the    charge  against
ra.l.-  fo
pralrl.*  I,
..petty  Wl
Imati* t"
rm anil S
���tn $6600,
mth   V
to rent, 434 Seventh street. Apply
manager  Union  bank. 11822)
housekeeping rooms, 5"i Agnes
street.    Phone  638 L. (1836)
POR RENT    10-rooi
house, corner itli
Will lease  $4n.fm
lughty model
nl   13th  stri*.
���We ought to found a national society for the prevention ol infant mortality," he added. "The first duty of
the society would be to see that poor
, mothers are properly nourished, so
* Sat they   nay be In a position to feed i that he intended to carry
1   **,.'-,  , ,    , . ,,,.,.,11,,. r.,,p- nnd tt tered by bis client.
our high Infant inoit.iUlv  rale,  a.iu n ,	
is  not   much   use   taking   any   action I
unless it  is concerted."
���    declared
the matter
Street   Railway   Company   Cannot   Be
Compelled  to  Make   Extensions
���Ottawa  News
l'O  vol'   WANT  lo exchange  your  pn
perty or sell u snap?    We have clients
wanting same.   List your property wltli
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west. Vancouver,  B.C. (1825)
FUR R1WP���8-room fully
elose iii; Jttii il month.
sell, ii.'.ti cash, balance
Including Interest,
modern lions.-,
will lease "r
t'Ml   n    in.mill
Phone 312. Room  201
Westminster Trust Buiilding.
(Successors to Eastman & Walmsley)
Bradley Apartments.
Most up-to-date in the city.   Private
bats, electric stoves.
Furnished and Unfurnished Suites.
$"() per month and upwards.
1218 Fifth Ave. Office Phone 750.
In lb.' MHtt'-r nf the Estate of William J.
SI.aip. and Henry E. Sharp, both ot
tin- Cll'v of New Westminster, Province
.,r British Columbia, cat i *���   li i
toss  under  tie-  firm,  name  nnii   Btyle
of th<* Wcstmlnsti r Qanigi    It   tin   said
of th..
Ami in tho Malt
H-.ils Act."
NOT1CK Is herehy  given tl
named William .)   SI irp
Sharp  r,,rm, i ly  i irn * *
der tho firm, u.m*  und sl -1
minster V.n
He*  Cily  of   New
vince of liriilsii i
tni'tit   in  writing,   ilnti-i
Jul-    AH.   Kill llSHl
..ft'..* city >.i N*
II     nbnvo-
ind  lli-nr>   I!
' ���  nn-
i   ' *. * mrv
tVi ill  Instet   and   l*r
iltitnbln. did   li)
1   lh.*   2   ...I   du      nf
'l*   ll   Milne,
Wi stmlnm. ���    il.C, for
o- iiii   !������ ���:**���;������   . 1   lll.-ll
. stale,   ci  *..*     un I   .ii,
in.iv bo seised ... -..M under ex
tnd   notlci further   u
me. tb :.- ..(  cn dil        if th.   s,
.1   Rharp mid Ilet thai i
htislnesfi  undi r the fin     n mv
dltors,  of
,- ulon.
en   thai   ii
Id   William
.Tying ,.n
.ml   wf.1.-
.,r it,,. Wostml    * ���  Hm .*,-.���.  w in t..- i��� i.i
'  tl *   ..rr' ' Ri urgi.  li   Milne.  Broker,
Room SH7   WYmi r Trust   Block, Nev
Weatmlnst'-i    li ��� * .. i lv   iho  14th
da'   "'   "*' V.H * al  Iho hour of
-'   ���'' " rl * '   In ttu      non
And nol ci   Is fin      , i:1,,��� ,n,,, A\\ ,���.,..
sons Ini' .   .   ,i .. huia Wil
liam ,i   Sbnrp and ib-nry K  sh irp aro n-
��� *   ' *   * * tlu- lOlli das "i  Aug
' ���'    * *' '    ' ���   ��� i '   thetr  names   an I   nrt-
rs ol   lhelr  * lalms   duly
��Mi   tot .  rteclarntlnn, nml tbo
'   *     *       ml value r>(  the Securltv   ���  I   iinrl
'*'    *���* tbo un.l. rs -ii.-.t   and lo
��� ' *      it       n i.e.*   o, v.>p. at  nm   nv etui" ���-. n i   i... ril.il
I ���       ������  ol iho ni- ting.
Vnrt  t Ml -    is   further  glv.-n   thai
*   will   on an,i nflor iho uth
nt ���    * ,]-*   ,.,-,���.,., ,t ,,, distribute
;'*"������ '*> * i1 ��� sahl Willi .in .! Sh irp
''"'* ��� ". ��� lam nmnng tbo persons
t *: lii-"*i havlna rotmrd only tn
r'*'***i- K'tiiol   ho shnll havi. then hart
!'���"       * i  ' Ill   nol   l��. hold  r-fwymslblo
n.   or   nnv   pn-l   th��renf    ��..
Re Lot "B" of the South 39 Acres of
Lot 377, Group 1,  Except One Acre
Theretofore  Conveyed,  In  the   Dis
trict of New Westminster.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title to
the above property will be issued    to
William  McBrlde on tlie lStb day    of
August, 1913, unless in the meantime
a valid objection thereto, be made to
me in writing by a person or persons
claiming an estate or interest therein,
or in any part thereof.
1. C. OWYNN,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Reglatry nffioo.
N'ew   Weatmlnater,  B.C.,  12th  July,
The person or persons having in
lhelr custody or posaession the following Title Deeda relating to the said
property are requeated to deliver the
same to the undersigned.
"uth January, 1S89, grunt from Uncrown to Charlotte Allele Rougue.
19th July. 1889, conveyance from
Charlotte Adele Rougue to Robert
Scott Moncrieff.
UT-i.'il        Dlatrlct  Registrar of Titles.
Washington. Aug. 6.���A citizen army which will comprise thu trained
men of every state, nol already included in the national guard, as the
organized militia is called, is the pet
plan of the military element of the
national capital, and Representative
Hay's  bill   to establish a  legal  status
for that aimy and a method for rais-1
Ing one Is being commended here to- !
Briefly,  Mr.   Hay's   plan   is   to   put!
the. raising of the citizen army In the
bands   of   the   president   In   time   of
war.    He is empowered to raise such
an army, calling for volunteers from  children   ohm
various   states   In   proportion   to   the  patina his wll
state's population.    The army  would |malnlv on tli"
be raised for the length of u v, ar, or
for the time whon war was threatened.
The officers would
nn n wiib experience,
military schools and
guardsmi n; and the
Tot-ides   that   in
Charleston, W. Va.. Aug. 5. - Mrs.
Cynthia Sparks, aged sixty-eight, and
| known aa West Virginia's "Oil
Queen," has been enjoined by Judge
Llttlepage at the instance of her children from taking charge of ber fortune of $3,000,000, the children claiming that the purchase by ber of a
typewriter by lier is proof that their
j mother Is insane, though a lunacy
I commission  decided  In   li'-r  favor.
Mra. Sparks was a widow when she
became wealthy through a dlacovery
of  oil   on   her  mountain   farm.    She
soon married George Sparks, over 3"
yca-s her junior,  to  whom  she  deed
od  her entiro  fortune,     Mr-.   Sparks'
;nd   Snarks   with   dissl-
''S fortune.     Htlt  it   wis
typewriter episode that
Ottawa, Aug. ;..
wa r.lectric railway
in  future  lo  lnai.e  a
service in the city,
IS    HOW    IU    ptOblfcsri
will  have   no  power
���mould the otta-
oonipiiiiy decline
tiy e--.li naions ot
oilier man what
luc corporatl in
to compel  Uiem
Trenton. N. J., Aug. -V Daniel
Tolinan, accused of conducting an establishment Tor lending money at illegal interest rates. In connection, it
is alleged, with a chain of fortvfive
similar establishments throughout the
oountry, has pleaded guilty. He made
his plea after a number of the state's
witnesses  had   been   examined.
'oilman wns technically charged
with maintaining a disorderly liouse.
which is tb" New Jeraey name for
any place where an illegal business
is conducted. He will be arraigned
in   a   few   days   for  sentence.
Tolinan formerlv conducted iloti.ii
shark establishments in various c'tles
in Canada, but after bis women representatives hnd boon convicted tn
Montreal and Winnipeg, under the
ntui osurv law. b" withdrew from
iio* Canadian field. His agencies
were all conducted by women.
Denver, Colo., Aug. D. The biggest
temporary stadium ever built anywhere Ib ready In Denver for the.
Knlglits Templar conclave, which begins here August '.i.
v ; The enormous stand occupies the
iuew civic-centre Bite, it is Till feet
j long,  410  feet  wide, and  It  will  seat
comfortably so.oou  people,    it  took
! tour weeks to build, und as soon ua the
I Knights  Templar  conclave  is. over  a
���force of meu ls ready to begin razing
it.    And  the  cost  of  tbe  stadium  is
The stadium will be    used    for the
.drills, in which 3,000 knights will take
part. It also will be used as a reviewing stand for lhe parade on August 12,
i when Ofi.lHlO men are expected to
march. The parade will take six hours
to   pass   the   stand.
But the big stadium Is only one feature provided by Denver for this
great conclave. I'or electric effects
on the Btreets and decorations $ld'J,lJ0i^
is being spent.
Thc Church of the Holy Sepulchre
at Jeruusalem being reproduced In
halt-reduction, and tho Mlcklegato
liar of the Benedictine Abbey, York,
Kngland, Ib being reproduced complete.
A  knight  in  armor,  fifty  feet  high.
I against B Colorado sunset, towering
60 Teet Into the air, will be outlined
ln   electric   lights.     Tlie   city   streets,
.for sixty blocks, will be canopied with
Incandescent bulbs.    No "world's fair""
lever has had a lighting scheme to
equal tbat planned for Denver An
electric cross sixty  feet high  will  bo
I suspended from   a   captive   balloon
1.000 feet above the dome of the state-
I capitol.
The grand parade In Denver will be
the last in which Knights Templar
will ever ride horses. So rapidly is
tlie automobile replacing the horse the
Denver committee bas been unable to
lind in the whole state, enough ciiarg-
lers to go around.
At the next conclave, three y-urs
distant, the knights will huve to content themselves with seats   in motor
l-'iv,. hundred Pullman oars will be
packed Into the union depot m relievo
the crowded conditions of hotels. It
ls .stin.add the Templars will use as
many extra Pullmans an were l.'i
Waabtngton for ihe Inauguration.
be chosen from
graduates rrom
former national
bill     explicitly
oil   mili'iirv   unit
there  Bhall  be  n
regular   army   offi
for the benefit of
and men.
The bill
all tbat is
would   he
certain   number of
oors.   placed   there
the oilier officers
makes n
needed to
war  or
paper army
s.-t it In tm
a  call  from
he  ���>'
day of J
'���    I     !.
'     '       '
mv  t.
���   I- .
-s.��i   .if   nl*.
* ������  I n   notlfle
."������' -nfnsti-r   lhi-
-In im
For s License to Take and Use Water.
Notice is hereby given thai Dawson
i-ml firnrp. of Soulh Weatmlnster,
will apply for a licensi- to ink" and
use one hundred inches of wuter out
Ot an unnamed crank, which flows in
a northerly direction through wild
lind. owned by Mr Patterson, and
empties Into a ditch on Bubd i on
rear Scott road. The water will |,c
river'od at a point sootli nf Ladner
-'���ad and will bo used for stock nnd
''"meslic purposes on tbe land de
���"cribod ns it subdlvll '"it nf fractional
i-.-iion 26, 11  r. N., n. 3 W
Tills notice    was    posted    on
-round  on  tlie  Kill day of Jul."
""bo application  wlll be filed In
'Too of lhe Water Recorder at
Objections  mny   bn  filed   wl li
��� iid   Water  Iticord'-r    or    with
���Comptroller of Water Rights,  Part's
ment Buildings, victoria. B.C.
(171SI Applicants.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary   Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street
New Westminster. B.C.
Telephones:  Office 53,  Residence 429
JOHN  HEID, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Gasoline
Engines.   Marine   Engines   and   Auto
mobile Repairs,
Office  and   Works:   Tenth   St.
P.O. Box -474.    New Weatmlnster. B.C
N"w Vork, Aug 5. A cnble from
London Bays:
A blue book containing the reports
of the committee of public accounts,
Iwhieh hns lust been Issued, reveals a
| serious fraud, extending over a niim-
I bor of years, by a certain unnamed
bonded warehouse In respect to unpaid
: duty ou tobacco.
in conseouence of systematic iinder-
' weighing the llrm, which denied nil
I knowledge  of  fraud.   Is  liable  to  Hi"
forfeiture of a bond for $260.1     II
offered to pay arrears of dlltv from
April. 1904. The sum of 1131,086 has
accordingly   been   recovered.
Some customs officials employed in
thp warehouses have been reprimanded and moved to other posts, but without loss of any remuneration. Apoar-
ently no punishment bas boon inflicted upon ihe (inn's employees who wore
discovered In the act of falsifying
At the special request of Hip inland
revenue i'onnl, the name of the llrm
is not published.
thev based   tho;r suit.
What did she want thev as'-ed
"itli a tvpew rltt -**��� in the "!ii'"iti!iiis
where Iter farm is located? No one
there bad over seen such ;- contr.i*n.
I'on   b- r-'ro   nnd   no one  coulr]  "-inv"
O'I".      'I"',"   Old    "')".-ni    vis   s---. I'*    I".
s---e,  thev said.    'I"'-.*  case bus gone
through al the courts,
B.  C.   Water   Pc-irs
Ottawa,   Aug.  .'     \i   the   last   nos
s'o-i nf parliament i"t net  "-ns nasscd
handing over lo Brlt'ah Columbia or.
tion   -a-er pn-ers in Ihn rallwav bail
of   i'-it   province.     Some   mlsunder.
stand'-*"*?   has   nrisen.   however,   with
i regard to applying the leglalafnn nnd
j ilotei-'inin- its pvtenf.   .1. It  Ohall'e-
i .-ifi-r"'.- ndont  of v ater powers, and
! *-s   .i. Poh'ns   niB'sta-M private apcre-
j t-srv   i r  pr    i-oi'li"   i*;,--..   1,. Pn   -.*..���.'
to do so. Tlie city oan merely request the company to build further
extensions and it the request is refused lhe present service will have
to  suffice.
At least this is the opinion of Mayor Ellis and others of tli" city council. The city's agreement with the
o.E.it. binds tint company to construct and opt rute only such extensions, from time to lime, as the company wishes to construct. The city
cannot force the company to action.
Tear   it   Down
City Wiring  Inspector  Norman  E.
Hoi!   has  ordered   the  builders  of an
apartment house In Gloucester Btreel
to tear off the lath and ollipr inat"r
lata which had been placed over dec
trie  wiring,  for  which a  p
in i    bi-en    Issued.    The    acl
which  the  wiring  Inspection
ment op ���utes gives   Mr.   Bell
Ity   to  take  this  course,  nud
tion  was necessary  In order that h
might see if the  wires bad  In
piiiv put In.
At  Point of Gun
li is expec i':l thai the Otta
ley   Motor   Car   association   will
mand  a  thorough   Investigation
-li.- charges made by certain
ists   that   they   were   bold   up
Minneapolis, Aug. 6.- Displeased
with the numerous arrests of tbelr
drivers on short weight charges, officials of the Cedar Lake Ice company are Investigating to determine
what became of the ice tllut was
chocked out each day on the wagons
and not accounted for.
Por two weeks au Inspector h-is
boon following the trail and. accord'
ing to the company officials, has
found tiiat many drivers are giving
short weight to customers and selling the remainder of the ice to private  pariios.
As   the   first   step   to   prevent   not
rmit had only the embezzlement of this ice. bul
under, the  short   weight   as  well,   the  com-
lepart-'pany today secured a warrant against
one  of  tho  wagon  drivers,  charging
him  with  embezzling  100  pounds  of
ice.    The  warrant was to b" served
late   todav.
Accordln to ih ��� Inspector who has
been watching the drivers, lie has
evidence againat tour other driver'
employed by the company bul will
not nsk warrants lor tholr arresl until the lirst case Is dlsnosed of.
Ontario People Favor Prison Farms
Toronto. Aug. 6 Hon W. .1 Hanna, provincial secretary, has received
a deputation from Elgin and adjoining counties asking (or the establishment of a district prison farm similar
to tliat at Guelph, but on a scale In
accordance with the needs of the district to be served. They asked that
action be taken this fall with a view i >
making preparations to dispense In
due course with the local Jails. Hon.
'Mr. Hanna took notes of tli.- statements made bj the different speakers,
und promised consideration II" stat
ed, however, that lie was nol prepared
to commit himself to the proposl
the   11C-
New Road to Open.
Eugene, Ore., Aug a Tin
constructed Eugene i -orvallls
of tne Portland, Eugene &
Railway will be t! -ow n open
fie before Si ptembei 1, proi
August 'Hi. accordlnt   to    ata
made hero toduy by
E Straborn, or the
& Easter.!.
! newt'
Easl trn
to ..il-
ably ly
I   'ii. nl i
President  l: iberi
Portland, Eugi :..-
point of a
Gntlneau i
when tbey
out paying
at the
gun   at
iad  bv
tried  to
n  tariff.
u tollgat" on 'lm
Win. Ci ughlan.
go through  with
in    col-f*--
rlllns    with
II   vi
111.,    nroyi""'"!
w  of reachln"
New  Spring   and   Summer  Suiting*
now  on  display.    See  tbem.    Perfeol
tit nnd workmanship guaranteed.    701
Front StreeL
Pass the Muctard, Ple*"*e.
Coaticook. Que., Aug 6 Uurlng n
severe thunderstorm which passed
over this section the other day, John
Buckland, who lives on the shore of
Lake Lester, was standing on Hi" ver
nndah of his cottage when n bolt "f
lightning struck the water nearby with
i loud, hissing sound. A minute or
so later Buckland bbw something
floundering In tho water, and running
to the bank found thai It was a large
flsh. lie gol Into his bonl ad rowed
Inward the (lnb. which lie lef Hod wltll
i blow ot bis our. When lie hauled
the (isli Int i Hi" boat It wns found to
lie a bass weighing elevei pnttndB. A
hole bud been burned clean through
; Its body by the lightning i oil
He Swallows Polion
Bloomlngton, 111.. Aug 6 Earl B.
Riddle, 43, postmaster al !.* roy, 111.,
until bis arrest a lew weeks ago on
the charge or embezzlPim nl, was
found deud In liis yard, nit empty
carbolic acid bottle al Ills de, Riddle was charged with embezzling $14.-
500 ns trustee or the eBtat" of Mrs.
I Eliza Stonsbury, wbo i ft n... money
to    the    Cumberland      Presbyterian
I church,
M itn il. Aug. 4. "it would apnear
tbat MontrealPrs arp nol afraid of ttie
"di 'rflv Int-pin" which has been the
snblpc! if special legislation In sev.
oral   \en rican  nnd   lluropeaii cities.
A I''i phi crusade was started hero
m-t -i >���-. mug ago. and a petition wna
prepared to be presented to the citv
fathers in-king for n by-lnw Imposing
n to.' of td on tbose woo wenr h i'
plna in such a way as to endanger tin
eyes i nd bonds of the public. Such
ifi'itu'i-i -Teems io be comparatively
rare tn .Montreal, unless it be that tho
Monlri-nler is too gallant to si.; i any
"���lit <-i concerning that alTp.i.; lhe
fn Pcl.ii-i in women.
P.p that ns It may. tha little labels
which have been PtllCk OU car windows
ind on lamp posts announcing the
nn o ���. il l iw haye kindled but litt*<
'"ithiisii.Mii. and comparatively few
signatures have been put to the petition,
Cost   More   Yet
Mavor Ellis points oul   In  a  statement,   that   the   new*  acquedtict   B"d
intake nine have a'readv cost  t*6.67n
more than wns pBt'matpd in  T'"T n-*'1
ir'bihh-  another  *l:i".     will    be
-coiled to e""'t'l"'e the ''���'- as --""���
*.'i--isi.,| hy Engineer Currie. The
mover nl��n calls atto'iti'ii lo the fact
���hoi    th '-.;i-s   whloh    have   now
*-!���-vn n filler" ivern ordered li*
lisl rear's hoard nf control and p-nio.
���'|   |n   en-'-a'tin-l   lo   tli"   oino'-ui"   nil
-������'-* if Mossi-h Canphnn and Hav-
oi"-!;. tit" onlv i-ett whn hnd made an
������ -tu--i "������-���-.ipi.-'nn under water if
ihe defo-"'1'" - '���*'���
Wuet   P-   Ii   -it   Once
""��������� ���   of til  !""�����  be s"'"i
i-i   O'i '���'   nrpspn*     -. ;,'< -     su-iplv
svi-tlp���. hpfnrn || w'll h- odpfl-'olp t.
 "!"   '""   'In-   ������ei'd'-.   if   lh"   p.ltv   lln.
��o .. r,...,,'|,!��� t,tn��� r���r i ,.,-���,,.o,.,ii
������iiti-ilv !��������� , Ik"" worked mil Whal
i0 ���,,,-��� nm work must lie Btarted lm-
The Stcrk  Won  Out
Mlnenapolls, Aug. .v Th" stork
won oul in a race wltll the Wortham
���fi Al'-n carnival company train Sun
day night and about an hour before
Uie yarda wore reached n baby Inv
was bom to Mrs Marin Deb-trre, leopard  trainer  with   pie  shows.
The mother nnd babv wit-., taken
lo the cltv hospital In th" police nm
bulance as soon as the train pulled
into the city.
Not   So   Bad   As   '"���������lected
Toronto,  Augusl   l    The respectful
manner In which Sui day is observed
in  Canada   was a  revelation   to  th"
Gideons from across the line.    They
expected   to   find   a  wide   open   c'ty.
nnd bad planned, as a leading feature
if the program of tho last dav of the '
convention,  to hold gospel  rallies In
the  rotunilus  in  Iho leading hotels of   '
the city.   But, owing to the f.-n-t lhal ,'
no bars are open in Toronto oil  Sun-!'
days and thou- are so few pcopl", px-1'
cept   guests  around   the  hotels,   thnt
pari of ih" program was abandoned,
Instead  the  delegates  conducted   lhe
usual   services  al   about   forty   city
churches,  hold n special  service  al
the Prod Victor mission, a gospel rally und testimony meeting al the Metropolitan Methodist church, gave addresses al  tlio brotherhood at Cooke's
Presbyterian church, and ut open air
| meetings on tlie streets.
ratlfind b-
'.   lo   |l>
r,   ,.
1."   "f
'.-,     1.
n  In
o   l...   f
tn   ���-.
fl        *������<���
-- '���"
,   ,.r
1" th
ii im
-' !
,.. ,.
t-.itif.rl, .1
..-    thr    fin
"*s   ii re
II ti
>���) fl V
r      rx..
r      nf
,,    ..'..,.
.,,., rl
it! tie
-fo--S   Hi'""!-! lie 1"
-1    11"   ,-*ell    pe    ,...,.
coon    pf
rnit'i"'l   not
ii  fin- occurring
r-��-��    I-    Alrl-i-*
""-..   r-"-!,,..   ,..-   HI.I,,   (���!.,,,,l ,   M-,,1.1,
t1'.. enn-.l  ��n fbo il.a.-���,,���.,.���  ,.���������,..!..
sptto or ilu- protective fence thai
Fast Passenger Train Servilce by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throughbreils in Adion-550 WEDNESDAY,  AUGUST  6,  1913.
page seven
Ontario Government Names Commls-   Commonwealth   ia  Exactin-j  and   Can
tion to Investigate Matters Pertaining to Roads.
ada Must Guard Against Getting
The  Culls
Ten Year3 Ago Her Ships Were Inferior to Britain's, Today They Are       I
As  Large or Larger
Tned   to
London, Aug. 0���It is going to be
a good deal more difficult in future
lo emigrate to Australia since the
federal government���at the end of
two or three months, perhaps longer,
��� when ull the arangeineniB ull over
Kurope are complete, intends to In-
I reduce the new system of medical
certificates without which no one wlll .
be able to bave theso shores. Of
course, oven at present It Is customary for the federal authorities to
send back to this country any Intend- '
lng Immigrants who on arrival may
be found nol to bo physically fit. but
tl:;.-: is fi !i lo be bard both on the
Individuals and on the shipping com
pany. ami hence iho wish tn obviate
thla procedure by ensuring tiiat no
in" whatever oan embark lore un
less lie or she has an absolutely clean
bill of health. Dr. Perrln .'-.'orris lias
accordingly Installed bio self in Vic
torla streot, and is preparing tin*
forms which each person will have
to fill up and which eaeb doctor will
have to draw up. It is not tti" pr1-
vnio medical practloneer who will nil
up the medical form, but specially appointed offlc .'. referees who have to
send in n confidential, report as a
result of close examination, and then
If everything Is satisfactory give a
r rt'flcate to  this    effect.     if    the
health of  the  patient   is  not   satisfactory,  tlnn  tin- permit  Is refused,
Severe  Test
Tin.  examination   is    exceptionally
: thorough,  reminding on" with  all  its
wealth   of detail   of  nothing  so  much
ns u  very  Bevere lost for insurance.
No on" will  escape, since all  passengers of nny class will havo to obtain
la permit, and it should be recollected that  while all the normal bars to
entrance are duly  set forth, such  as
mental and kindred troubles, contag-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    inns   diseases   and   physical     defects
generally,   the   conditions   are   drawn
 so broadly that they will prohibit the
Wreck   Scaffold   by   Putting  dipsomaniac  and   the.  Individual   who
Wreck   bcatiota   uy ��   ,,..   gow)ng   h|s   w)1(]   oa(g   |Q0   frep,y
Acid   on   Ropes���Strike   in also has sown the needs of disease.
At present the referees are b ilng
Progress. ; appointed at all iho chief p rls in
  ; Europe, as the regulations aro to In-
applied to everyone without regard
to nationality. No doubt at the same
t'"ie it Is lhe hon,. rf Australia that
ultimately the standard of physical
conditions will he Bo raUed In Eng-
land -Australia considers ber own
vastly higher than the British that
so far an tin- empire Is concerned 1'
will he possible 'o hnve one standard
of accepted health for intercomnntni
cation, and emigrants will be called
"migrants'' As for Canada, she will
have in take care lhat she does not
g"t tlie Immigrant Australia does not
Toronto,  Aug.   5.���Charles  A.   Mc-1
���Grath, C, K.,   William A.. Maclean, C.
IC, and A. M. Rankin, M. .1'.  1'., have j
been   appointed   by  the  Ontario  gov-1
���ernment as a commission to invest!- j
gat.* nnd study all matters relating to,
tbe construction  and  maintenance of
public  roadB  and  highways  In   fulfilment  of  the  policy announced   ln  thej
speech from the throne at the opening
cf the legislature last year.
'iho purpose of this appointment Isl
io formulate n comprehensive sohema
for the Improvement of the highways
of iiiii Ontario.   Tin- objective of the
government  in to establish a system1
of   provincial   highways  from   end   to
end of Ontario.   When th" announce'
no nt was made at the las- session of.
Hi" legislature Hir JameB Whitney ln-1
tlmated that Hi" initial appropriation
would imt in- lens than $10,000,000 to
properly carry out such proposals as
might he recommended to tin- government.
Whatever plan is adopted will. In
nil probability, include the system
now in operation under the highways
Improvement act, whereby the province contributes one-third of the eobt
of road Improvemenl iu those counties
that como into th" Bcheme. lu view
oi' tin- expected grant from the federal government for provincial highways no new counties 11114-" elected to
participate In the highway Improvemenl grant for two >"iirs anil no .1 mbl
the larger plan now proposed by the
pr oiiil authorities bas nl.-o this assistance in view.
London. Aug. .". There are 136
ships of the dreadnought type at pro-
sent built, building or projected, of
whieh 411 fly or will fly, the liritish
flag. It further appears tliat the British Hlilps which havo been completed
have been built in 2'i.il months, the
German in 35.5 mouths (though in
thiB the six months occupied In the
official trials is Included), the Amer.
can lu Hli. the French in 42, and the
Austrian  In  30.25 months.
The armaments nf the vessels
now building nre given with some res' rve, and In the case of the German
ships are now known to he Incorrect.
Thus tin- two German battleships 'ni''
down this year carry either the iron
or the 161n. gun. and if the latter
lhey aie more heavily armed than
anv British ship yet designed,
Germany lias throe battle cruisers
larger than any warship vet 'a';!
down in this countrv In the Derffllng-
or, Kalserin Augusta. (SrsatZ Ilertlri
each of which is "f doited with a dis
placement of 30,000 tons and a hor"
power of 100,000. Tlie most powerful
British battle cruiser, the Tiger, is
given a displacement of 2S,ono tons
and   engines  of   11D 000   hoc--   nowr
Tlie outstanding feature of the ta
ble is indeed the enormous deveb-n
ment in the size and power of the
German ships, v hich n dec-'de ng~
were Inferior to the British in everv
respect, but an- now en-nl or "ven
superior  in  armament  and   speed.
Heintzman &
Co. Piano -  -
Humboldt 88 note <|M QC
Stream     Known    for     E:auty     Spot.
Causes Loss of $26,003���Six
Acres Whittled  Off.
7 ronto, Aug. 5.���Alertness by tht
f.i..i..in 01 in.* Hamilton Bridge com
pun) i, construction work on  the
1.m...in   1 ai'ii.c    railway    some
miles  oast,   ol   I'lierrywood
10  county,  disclosed  a
tn Ontar-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ diabolic.il at
tempt to bring about a tragedy, and
lo.s prompt action probably tiaied a
number of lives.
Previous 10 giving orders for the
raising ol iio* Bcaftold upon which
.-1 on* nf..*.'ii or twenty men would be
1 ngaged in the work of finishing tlio
construction of the buge railroad
bridge ut un elevation 01 some fifty
Met over th"  rorks  iu  the valley  be-
I .*    lm   attention   was  sudde
1 1 .-il   U] , n   the  ropes  whicb
be UBed to lift and Bustain the scaffolding.
A moment's examination served to
Sim*, that th. *. ii ui bi 1 :, saturated
with sulphuric acid, which bad eaten
into tin- material to such an extent
that lhe weigh! of tlie workers would
have  instantly caused  it  to collapse,
A strike is iu progress "li Iho work.
and suspicion centred upon {strike
sympathizers, Tin- matter was re-
ported 10 the attorney-general's department, and the provincial police
wen-  detailed  to  Investigate.
As a result. S. M. Gamble, a mar-
rled man, 37 yiars of ago, residing
at Dennlson avenue, was arrested In
Toronto   by   Provincial   Inspector   Al.
II Boyd, who was accompanied by
Acting liot'-otlvo Holme 1 Gamtjle
was apprehended on the serious
charge of being concerned in the plot
to cause th" collapse of tlio -scaffold
At tlle time of his arrest it wns said
lie was on his wav to take part In
a conference on the strike prior to
a general meeting of the Structural
iron Workers of the labor temple last
night. He made no Btatement, how-
< vor, when apprehended.
Gamble will be taken to Whitby By
Inspector Boyd to answer to the serious cbarre preferred against blm.
He was bold In t' e city police cells
at the request 1 f the provincial authorities.
 I Player Piano   -	
4,000 Sheets of Popular and Instrumental Music
Regular 25c and 35c music at 10c per copy
Violins from $3.00 and up. Mandolines at $4.50
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Earth  on the   Long  Hill  at  Saskatoon
is   Restless���Serious
Minneapolis,   Aug.
mona has a  valuable
Harry.    Ho pro|
hoop blm  In  go;
in  Bptte  of  tha
5. -C.   W.   Si-!'
hi rse    called
.oses to continue    to
d physical condition,
automobiles that In-
test   Minneapolis streets.
Recently ho fitted to tlie bridle between tin- horse's ears nu electric
I,gin that Ib u headlight in more son
ses  tliiiii  ono.
��� I nm not going to take a chance
in iim being smashed up by an automobile," says Simmons.
Tlie ordinances of tbe city require
lights on all horse-drawn vehicles as
well as automobiles, and tiie electric
light shining between Harry's ears
ha-" boon bold to comply wltll the requirements.
The light Is fnd by a storage battery on tlie harness saddle,
Harry is a pet horse. Por 18 years
he has been the family driving horse.
Ho is ful of mischief and takes de-
llghl in untying tin- aprcn strings of
Simmon's little daughter and of
.Sic'cioji.';'  mnld.
Saskatoon,   Aug.   B.- After   invest,
gallons which  have  lasled  for  sever
al weeks, the commissioners and (.'.
Linglneer Clark are mnv sati;
Ihe slipping of the eartli on the Long
lull   is  due  to  a  general  movement
of the river bank.   Another examination of the depression in tlio roadwa)
was made ibis week when considerable  evidence   of   further   sagging  of
the   bank   was   noted.    'I'he   commissioners will submit a report upon tin*
whole  matter  at   the   meeting  of   tlle
city   council   on   Monday.
The   sudden   sagging   of   lhe   roadway at this point occurred about  six
weeks ago and  an  investigation   was
at  once made as to tlle cuiiso.    After |
tests whloh lasted two or three days
a  spring  was  located,  and   for   some
lime  li  was  thought   that   this  might
lie the cause of tlie trouble.    As a re
suit of tiie continued movement    of
;the earth however, tlle QOmmlssloners I
are now- convinced that onlv n goner
nl sliding of the bank would account
i for the depressed roadway.
The Problem Nov
I'or son.o   time   past   the   cily   has
bad   teams  hauling  earth   to   fill  iip
the crack-like opening, with  tlm re- *
suit that the roadway, In spite of the
continued slipping of the bank, is in
fair  shape.     It   Is  admitted   that   tha
plan of merely filling in th- depreo
'slon will cnlv temporarily relieve the
situation,    What steps  will   be  neces.
isary  to  prevent.  If possible,  n  recur-
i rence   of   the   trouble   Is   a   problem
which the commissioners are dealing
J wltli nt  the present  time.    If no feasible   solution   enn   be   f.  Mid   to   pre
Toronto, Aug. 5 -The old Humber I
river has been lauded as ortp of Toronto's beauty spots and as a cool re-
Sort for residents when Old Sol ls getting in his best strokes, but it was
Shown at the York township court *jf I
revision that the river was nothing
less than a great big thief. The old
rh.r just whittled $13,000 off the
township assessment and took something over that amount from Messrs
Armstrong and Took, who own a farm
along iis banks.
I luring recent years the current of
Uo- riv. r has completely changed th
"complexion"   of   the   waterfront     o
this  farm.    So  much  so  that no les
than   six  acres  of  good   land   floate,
down   the  river  to  form  sandbnrs  to j
th" annoyance of canoeists and boat-j
men.     The   township   assessors   have |
rated the farm at 8] ncres, and thirl
-.* ar put the assessment at tiGH.noo I
The   proprietors   viewed   tho   work  of
tin-   Humber ar.it  decided     that   then    Excited
wasn't 8] acres tn tlle property. Meas
nremenl  brought on-  the astonishing
tact thai there were only 75 ncres and
an  appeal  was at  once  made  to  iho
court of revision  which agreed    nnd
knocked off $13,	
Tin- old river not only succeeded in
Columbia Piano House
Sale at 61 Sixth Street
New Westminster, B. C.
POLL rtlf IfiiGGiR
ed up on a well covered ditch adjoining .he C. P. R. Hack, only one ol
Ills heels giving indication of his
���Me  No  Shcot"
"Where's   the   gun:-'   said   the  off!-'
"Me no Bhoct,"  was  the scared- re-
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Italian Threatened  Man Who
Only   By   Ccol   Headedness
Saved   His   Life
! piy.
Mi ntreal, Aug.
-looking     dawn
calibre  hunting
knocking two men considerably out of  the  barrels  of  a big
finances of the township treasurer. 1'     ���,,   al t|,e other end of which  with
The excitement had attracted quite
I a crowd among whom were several
I countrymen of llle captured Italian,
iand placing lhe prisoner in charge of
the Mayfalr avenue resident the con-
1 stable made a twenty minute search
! of the field and found a gun careful-
j ly covered over witli hay and several
newly discharged No. 16 cartridges,
.with tlie stamp of the Dominion Car-
Buy the News-Read the News
All the New Westminster News
��� fled that  nuances ., fthe township .reasurer I  , trlgger_   WM   a:1   excitable i tr.dRe comp        onj thrpatened
the river continues  its aspenI it.will       �� experience  of C.  R.  to 8hoot  vou. Mr. Kenncar." said the
probably take.a few more acre. on. _J ^^MayS" av��ue, Notre Dame\Zn*Zn*.  bringing   the  prisoner  for-
the de Grace, last week, and there is iii-jward  fol. identification.    "He is not
tie  doubt  but   that  his  coolness  and ; the man  who threatened  me,  but he
face of such a nerve-racking |WBB wj,h him." was the  reply.
' Promises   of   release   If   he   would
and   possibly   death. !peach on his pal were of no aval, and
,ii    iveiiueai- anu his three  bonnle  ������ be|nl, taken to the station it  was
children  were enjoying the beautiful  impossible to make a charge of suf
and   sunshine  ot  a   perfect   Sab-  fjc|Pnt   seriousness,  nc-ording  to  the
when tlle stillness of the  captaln In charge of the station, and
Last year the assess
property   was  only   $57,000,
large   increase   made   tlle  owners   gel
little satisfaction in having the taxes  pluck in	
taken ou  the land  that  the Humber ordeal saved him from Berious injury
has tiikui from their domain
Public  Investigation Will Be Held Into Affairs of  Public Hotpital
Hamilton, Aug. 5.- -A public Investigation will bo held Into llie con
duel of the Hamilton city hospital.
The course was decided 00 at the regular monthly meeting of the hospital board of governors when, after
a number of Items of routine business
had been disposed of, the question
uf ilu- improper treatment of put.cuts
as recently reported, was Introduced,
It was moved by Mayor Allan, seconded by Controller Cooper, that a
public   investigation   into    thc    corn-
bath  morn,
sacred  day   was  rudely  shat ered
a terrific  report at close  range, and
the   unmistakable   "ping"   of    bullets
flying past their ears.
Hushing to the hedge which separates his residence from the Blind
school field hard by, Mr. Kennear GIRL HIT
t in time to see two swarthy
skulking away in an endeavor to reach cover a few yards across Ot'-i
the field. Sea I ake girls, a 13 year old d'uieh
On  tbe  approach  of the  infuriated  ter of  Mr ^^^^
father who at the time did not know   Rose   Donomo.   had  an  excit ���ig time
Certain   whether  any   member of   while   picking   berries   one   dav
"'*'      During   tlie   course   ~*
was ji
he was released.
The miscreant w-ho threatened to
kill anil almost suited the action to
the wcrd. is still at large.
������'OMAN   WITH
5_Two   little   Blue
���  a 13 yenr old dnueh
Gauthler, and Imr cousin.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured in B. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-in. in diameter. This ls also made in this Province and we
consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a Btock of Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Band,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsrwhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
his   family was hit or not one of them   week
took to his heels and disappeared in-  wanderings
to the  orchard  which   skirts  the  C
P.   track,  and  on   Mr.   Kennenr's  an
grllnrly   demanding  ol  the  other  his  tiie
right  to  be  shooting in  such  danger-  running
ous proximity to his home nnd family   "-  '*-"-'��� ���
the  reckless  miscreant   brought
to the  present, saying:
v Threatened   Life
^^^^^^        of  their
they found  their wav on
farm owned by  Previn  Bernard.
The girls bad not i���ie far through I
farm  before   Mrs.   B"rnard  came
ftor   thom   nnd   told   them :
to  get  Off the farm.    Not   getting off
the .fast  enough  to suit her.  the girls allege  that   sbe  abused    them,    culled j
thsm  names and  flnallv  grubbed  the j
"Vou   go
-aini   out
awav   or   I'll   blow
Never   flinching
Denome girl  and  knocked her to tho
ground and  pounded her.    When she
vent  further  slipping  the  car   tracks  plaints recently made by Mrs. OrulOb
will   have  to  be   removed,     Poss'hlv  and   Mrs,   Weston,   nnd   any   others
now  line   will   bo  laid    on     N'-ith   which   might  in   tlie  meantime  arise, iput" y*^- "jp'm'flowt,,"    The Italian re
trains   out!"     Never   flinching,     ni- grounu ami  ptiuuu-cu	
though    apparently    facing    possible was freed  the little girl  lunined  and
death,  Kennear  shouted: threw her berry pall at Mrs. Bernard
"P"t   lhat   gun  down,  do vou  hear. The child's aim was true and the pall
���--,..     -   ,u..   ���i,������i.    InftlnHt-iff a   lone
street, nlti-oi-gh   ncth'ng  definite  has1 In-  arranged   for.   and   thnt
been decided  ns to Ibis.
.Moore   and   Controller   Cooper   be   a
committee to interview Judge Bolder
plied in heated tones
"1   blow   your  bead
off.   one   more
lo obtain a date  for the hearing and  ���"P- .
It  was with difficulty  the threnten-
Held   Un  cn   Ho"evrrir---n   and   For?ed
Pact- to Fraud ChnrceR.
('���-burg. Out..  Ane   B     tlobert   Anlt
of St. I.ouis, Mo., nfter figuring In    ,i
: .".ii-iiiloiini marriage with Doris Reid.
n   yount Toronto society  woman   n-v
nearrd before Police Magistrate P, D
| Boi'gs. chnrgeti with receiving money
Toronto  under false pretenses.   The nronrletor
!of the Arlington  hotel claimed  thst
day  fol-  A���it had given him a cheque ror $99.08
md the i-nnit returned it for lick of
'���On   Day   of   Father's   Death
Man   Is   Arrested
Toronto,  Aug. 6.���On  the
lowing the deatb of bis father bv no-
cldenl nud on the anniversary of his: funds.
brother's death lu u similar wnv, J. urday.
.1.  Neville, n stenographer employed     Ault's marriage to Miss  Reid bus
bv Messrs Dunn nnd I evin-v apnear   occasioned a stir among iho Btimmcr
report at a special meeting to be
called next week. The motion was
if Chairman Pratt had been allowed
1.0 have IiIb way. the cuse of Mrs.
tlritioli would have been dropped nnd
no further Investigation held as regards thai particular case. Other
members of the board failed to see
things in the same light as Chairman
Pratt, and In Riille of bla statements
thnt the Qrttlcb cuse was closed, ns
fur  ns  llie  bonrd   was  concerned.   It
Ho was remanded until Sat-1will be Investigated along with others
d   in   |��
��� Hi-
court hi Rnswer   to    n  colony.   Thoy won- wed by a Metho-
oharge of forging the endoi'sntlon of dlst clergyman, and while on the way
a cheque belonginn to thai firm. tp  Port  Hope  to catch n  train   wore
;|*.  loui  i i'"d  Hie  ni��� .i of  the l'*lil up by n young man with a rovol-
killing  of  bin   lather  on   the  Qrandivor and compelled to return to town.
Tr   1    mil * ty,   iii   some  timo   ngo The young woman was taken home by
hoi    : his brother, who waa employ- her parents Rnd il I
, -i hv  the sai ip rallwn: , In a alm'lnr on  t rforl   will
fuslih o.    He was allowed out on ball
. I   '  000.
Bond   Fr ��� -   A-  Trtftsrs
Montreal,   Aug,   ."..   Twenty-six af-
fldnvits  making   direct    charges if
"grafting"   agalnsl   road   foremen In
el man v as porsunded by Ronald
Sharp and n neighbor to withdraw
from Iho levelled weanon. mid the
desnorndo taking ndvniilage of his op-
porlnnltv. bucked nwny and disappeared in the same direction an bis
****** Notro Dame i\n Orscp police
"tntlon was nt once notified of the
throat   to   kill,  and   In   n   verv   short
t''ne n  police nonstable arrived  on
the scene, nnd tlle two men who were
kept under observation by Mr. Kennear and his neighbor. Ronald Slmrn.
were followed In the border of Montreal west, where P, C. Saxon w">s
on  duty.     l-V-irlm-  trnilb1"  li   thin  dl.
rectlon, the Italians doubled bnck to drawn
Nn!r<*.  fllp-ei   ,|,i i'.,-,,,,,   i,.,���.,!*,,....    ,,.n0^
hit ber on the cheek. Inflicting a long
This wns enough, for Mrs. Bern-ird
went to the house, while the girls
went home.
The next dav Mr, Bernard came
to Hull nnd through Mnior -S- Fort'"'
took an action for $100 against the
girl's father. The girl's father hn*��
now taken steis to have Mrs. Bernard arrested  for assault.
S02 Columbia Street VV.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made  in  New  Westminster.
Schaake  Machine Works.
Iho employ of tho city have I n laid  'lie despatches from the slnt'on. thev
In ioi,��� iho board ol' oontrol.   It la uu- took  to their heels hi onnoslto direc
d,erslood   thai   criminal   proceedings  lions, one being toll,���-ii in- the of-
understood that will be InBlltutod Immediately against  fleer and a resident of Mayfalr aven-
in- made to have the three    of    the    toll-gatherers.    The ue.
marriage annulled.   Nothing Is known charge agalnsl  ihom  will bo Unit of.    An exciting mni 'umt followed, tb"
h.r, m* tult. :i .tot-lion. [human quarry being eventually round
Duluth Expects it Too
Duliit. Minn.. Aug. 6.���Duluth'S
board of trade Is to erect a new
building that probably will cost at
least half a million dollars, Tlio
members voted to take up nn option
the bonrd hns been holding on one
bundred nnd fiftv feet of property tit
Fourth avenue west nnd Second St..
and order plans for the new building
al once. Tbo site will cost
$48,000. Tin- notion is based on th" |
belli I that the removal of thn tn-:f
from wheal wlll result in n tremendous Incr aso in tin- "iiin trade here,
it-id ns -li,. nrnijenl bu'M'i ������ Is Inclinable ,*f i xten I 'ii or of being heigh
toned new nml bi.nger quarters will
ii- Imperative,
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up
rtesorvo Fund
Total Aise-.i    ���
Savings Accounts
may hi oprned In ths name of two indlylduils so that either one
can withdraw and deposit money therein.
This form of aooo'unt Is ecpecially convenient for a mun and wife
or two members of a family.
"PAV    CA8H    IT    WILL    PAY
Remember the  Place���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
Oh, Gee! W
it's hot!
All right, try some of our
Summer Beverages and keep
Cllquot Club Ginger Ale, Root
Beer and Sarsa-parilla, -bottle
20c, 3 for 50c.
Hose's, per bottle   BOc.
Columbia, per bottle 25c.
Empress,  bottle   50c.
Yacht Club,  bottle    35c.
Lemonade, per tin, 15c. and
Persian Kale, the mo-st codling
drink  made,  tin  25c.
Smith'*,   bottle    25c.
Welshe's,   bottle    35c.
Welshe's, bottle   65c.
Cooked    Tongue,    delicious,
per  lb 60c.
Cooked Ham, lb 40c.
Armour's Chipped Beef, lb. 45c.
Geneva  Sausage, tin    35c.
Vienna   Sausage,   tin    15c.
A few preserving apricots
still  remaining, per crate $1.20.
Public Supply Stores
. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIQGS
City News In Brief
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., in this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents p��r line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
Hassell, the ex-convict, will give a
moving picture lecture at the Edison
theatre today. (1853)
tl Tidy is today acting as judge at
tin- Surrey flower show, which opens
todaj at Surrey Centre, A large number of entries have becn made tills
Get It at the  Hoyal   Pharmacy,  47
Sixth street.    Tel. 1253. (18321
Friday evening the members of the
Thistle club will hold a social on the
lawn of llle Moose lodge for the purpose of getting together and planning
ti program  for tlie winter months.
The next attraction at tlie opera
house Is "Uncle Tom's Cabin," Saturday afternoon and evening. Prices:
Matinee, children 1(1 cents, adults 16
cents; evening, 25c, 50c, 75c, $1.
Watch for the parade. (1850)
Miss Dowham, staff nurse for New
Westminster of the Victorian Orde;
reports tliat seven new cases were
treated by her during July, making a
total of eight cases under her Cure
during that time. She made 4S visits
and received $14.70 in fees.
when her named was called. Myrtle
was arrested, but balled herself out
with ?25. A bench warrant was issued
and she will be apprehended if found
in tbis vicinity.
Two ���d<Smksyof the garden variety
lost their bail money by failing to appear. Earl i.ecruix, the I'rencb-Caiia-
dlan-Indian, who created a little disturbance at the Kraser hotel the previous evening by smashing In a window glass, was allowed to go on payment of tlle costs.
Clifford Armstrong, of South Vancouver, who was picked up the previous day when intoxicated and in a
bruised condition following a scrap in
a hotel, foiled to appear and lost hm
bail money.
A  powerful  moral  lesson  is taught
in  "The  Prince  of  Evil,'   a  two-part
Vitagraph   drama   that   will   be     exhibited today   at tbo Edison    theatre.
The evils of gambling, win thev in the
form   of  card   playing  or  betting  on
the ponies is strikingly illustrated in
tlie story of tlle meshes into which a I
young    woman,   overwhelmed    witli 1
gambling  debts,  involves    both    her
sister  and   herself,   nearly     wrecking
ibotb their lives. The machinations of:
ia clever adventurer. Prince Delamere,
.to ensnare the    young    woman    with j
whom  he  lias  fallen  in  love  so that |
"The Playground  of B.C."
WHITE, ShiLES & Co., Of ficial Agents
White Rock Hotel
Under new management; $2.00 per
day. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. W. MORRIS,
Interesting Bulletins.
Ottawa, Aug. 5.���The commission
of conservation will publish in the
course ot the next week or ao several
bulletins of interest to various Industries throughout the Dominion.
One bulletin deals with the protection
of Canadian forests.    Among the sub-
TAXES 1913.
first mortgages.
farm    property.
. MeLeod. (18281
Municipality of Burnaby.
Tax demands for the current year
having all been issued nnd BB the rebate period will expire on August 25,
owners who bave not received their
notices will oblige by communicating
with the underBlgned Immediately,
giving full description of their property.
W.  H. GRIFFIN, Collector,
(1S40) Edmonds.
she will be forced to marry him, form ijpctlJ (lpa|t w(th  ,���    ���lis    W(),.k    a|.(,
the plot, of tins,   one   of   the   most the railway flre situation In Canada!
thrilling society    dramas    ever    P">- the use Of bil    as   locomotive    fuel;
uUeed. ...       .       , , forest planting;  forest fires and brush
The prince is tho leader of a clever  disposal.
gang of smugglers, not so clever, how- j '_	
ever, but that   they are outwitted by
the  wideawake CUStOma officials  em  !
ployed by  Uncle Sam.    Tlle urrcst of 1
turning point at
restored   to   the
while you can afford to
put a little money aside
regularly.    There   will
never   be a lime   when '
you can do with less inconvenience to yourself,
and it is   an   excellent
habit to acquire.
One Dollar is sufficient to make a start in
our savings department
You will be allowed 4
per cent, interest which
will be added quarterly.
You will be extended
every courtesy consistent with sound business methods.
But do not delay. Call
today and make that
start you have so long
intended to make.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Psid-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships under Administration, over $11.(100.000.
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
Money to loan on
improved  city    and
il per cent. Alfred W,  ^^^^^^^^^^
The department of public works has
notified J. O. Taylor, M.P., that a
report will be called for at once in
connection with the request that a
wharf be constructed at White Rock.
If the report of the engineers is favorable, provision will be made fnr
the  structure  In  the  next  estimates.
Dr. F. P. Smith, dentist, has removed from the Dominion Trust
block to the MeLeod block. Sixth
street. 118511
The -picturesque sights of a fishiia
town were lost to tourists, who, on
Mor, "ay visited Steveston on the
B. C. E, It. sight-seeing tour, under the
guidance of H. O. Lamb. The Light-
home cannery is the one usually Inspected, but visiting tourists were allowed no admittance there while tlte
strike was on.
He-dT Hassell. the ex-convict, with
Ibis great moving pictures at the Edl-
(son loday. (1S53)
An Immediate start is to be made on
the alterations and addition to the
Cosmopolitan hotel on Columbia street
in order lo comply with the provincial Liquor act. The building permit
for this was taken out yesterday
morning, the work costing about $3000.
Tom Furn-ess Is also erecting a small
adldtion to bis residence on Tenth
street  and  Fourth  avenue.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod. tho
j Insurance    man.    All  kinds    written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Alderman Dodd. D. S. Cameron.
president of the Trades and Labor
council, and R. A. Stoney leave for
Victoria this morning, where they
will attend a meeting of the Victoria
council this evening to enlist support
for the big Labor Day celebration nt
Queens park, September 1. They will
return on the midnight boat from the
For pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
���o the II. C, Transport Co., Ltd. Office
phone S26. wharf phone 8S0.      (1828)
Arrangements for raising a loan sa
as to make a start at an early date
on the Burrard peninsula sewerage
scheme were discussed tit a conference Monday at Victoria between the
premier and attorney general and thelJJ?" y
members of the recently appointed
After tho meeting it was proposed
to start negotiations with some bank
for the advance of $400,000 or $500,-
uio bv the government The government intimated that it would endorse
tlie application for an immediate loan
pending the disposal of tbe bonds,
which will be guaranteed by the province.
Work will be pressed when the advance loan is negotiated, on tbe two
main sewers, China creek and Canoe
creek, which will serve ward eight
and the settled portions of South
Vancouver. Alderman Crowe, Councillor Campbell, Reeve Churchill. Mr.
(ieorge W. I'hipps. secretary, and Mr.
A. D. Creer. assistant engineer, comprised the delegation.
the prince forms ilu
which happiness is
two young women.
The devotion of the younger woman
to ber    married    sister    is strikingly
shown and  forms the strongest    mo-1
tlve of   this   Interesting   photo-play, i
The leading parts are played  by    I..
Rogers   Lytton,  Edith  Storey,    Anita '
Stewart and Harry Northrup, assisted |
by other prominent  members of    tb
Vitagraph players.
New Masonic Temple.
Port Coquitlam, Aug. 5. A small
knot of Masonic brethren In l'ort Co-
qtiiilnm gathered on the site or '.In-
new Masonic hall on Shaughnessy
street today, when Mrs. O'Hunliy,
wife of It. O'llanley, at the invitation
of Worshipful Master J. '/.. Long, cut
the first sod of tbe excavation for the
new building which will take two
months to complete. A lodge of local
Masons  wa3  recently organized.
The Fraser river gave up another
of its dead last evening when the
police recovered the body of a fisherman, which was found in the water
near the wharf of the ll. C. Manufacturing company,  l.ulu island.
Some of the employees noticed the
body floating In llle water and.notified the pollce. Detective Burrows
removed it to tlie Murchle undertaking parlors.
The body, which was badly decomposed, was evidently that of a fisherman, according to the clothing and a
number of fish cheques issued by tbe
MonJ-t cannery in  May.
The man wits about five feet eight
inches in height and wore a dark
shin and suit and long rubber boots.
His evident connection with the
Monk cannery leads to the impression
lbat in- was lisliing for spring salmon
up the river past the bridge and after
being drowned, the body had floated
down stream to the two forks of the
An  inquest  will  be held some time
"MEN WHO ^^^^^^
Men Who Dare" is another reel at
ithe Edison loday.    In the plot George |
mer    steals    money    from    the I
bank in which he is employed, is   ar- j
rested   and   sentenced   to   ten   years'
Imprisonment.   Ruth, bis wife, pays
him frequent visits. At tlle prison
factory, under the old doctor's regime,
whether a convict is well or not, he
is put to jt'ork. Oeorge, who is not
very strong, is examined by Dr. Randolph, the new prison doctor, and is
found to be unfit for the labor. He
is sent to the prison hospital. This
move on the part of the new doctor
invokes the animosity of the warden >.
in charge of Mortimer, and he writes ,
Ruth that she will not Le permitted j
to see her husband again.
The girl conies at once to Ihe. prison
and asks the warden how her hus
band is. Ile replies that he Is well
and happy. But just at this moment
(Ieorge is brought in from the hospital. Sbe hears her husband speak
lln very favorable terms of the now
doctor and she determines to follow
him home 'that night.
The prison factory foreman sees
her with the doctor and brings tbe
news to the warden. They plan to
have the doctor removed and to get
a Bwom statement from Ruth to tlie
effect that she had been at the doctor's home. This she at lirst refuses
to do, but seeing how cruelly they
treat a dying convict, and fearing
that her husband v. Ill be treated ac
cordingly. she promises. A host of
reporters are brought in to bear the
woman's story. As she lj beginning
to tell it Oeorge conies out juot in
time to hear how his wife accuses
the doctor. He denounces her accusa
tions and tells the assemblage how
good the doctor lias been io him.
After his passionate defence of the
doctor, (ieorge falls dead. The reporters force the warden to resign
showing him no mercy for his fiend
isb act. whil> the doctor gently leads
the prostrated  widow away.
A. F. 8
A. M.
The attention of patrons of the company travelling over tho Sap-
perton-Ediuonds line is called to the adoption of tin- PAY-AS-YOU-
BNTER system of collecting fares on Ilils brunch of the New Westminster system.
Tlle pay-BB-yOU-enter system is now accepted by all electric railways as the most satisfactory method of collecting fares. It has
boen giving perfect satisfaction in Vancouver for several years and
is now being introduced by tbe B. C. Electric in Victoria and N. W
The members of l'nlon lodge,
9, A. V. & A. M., are requested
meet at Freemason's place. Agnes
street, on Wednesday, August 6, at 2
p.m., for the purpose of attending
the funeral of their lato brother, John
McGarva, of Coquitlam. Members of
sister lodges and sojourning brethren
please attend.
W. .1.  HACKING, WM.
(1S46) Seoretary.
Hotel Dunsmuir
Eighth Street.
Reduced Tariff to Meet the Times.
WEEKLY  RATES���All  outside rooms $4 00; Coort rooms, $H0��;
daily rale 75c. and fl.00.
Newly   furnished.     Hot   and  cold   running  water and  telephono
in all rooms.
Black Currants, per lb 15c
Pears, Plums and Peaches, 2 lbs, L'5c
Watermelons from, each  ..40c to SOc
Muskmelon, each    16c
Tomatoes, per lb 20c
Ripe Bananas, per dozen   30c
! Apricots $1.20 per crate, 3 lbB for 25c.
|      (Successor to Ayling t% Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
Pack   in  your  bathing  suits  and  a j
well filled hamper and spend a day at;
Maple Beach,  Boundary Bay.    Plenty j
of free    picnic    plaoes    on    the sand
beach or under the wonderful spread
ing   maples.     Lovely     spring     wator.
Take tlte River road   to   Ladner   nnd !
the Ooudv road south.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
Pres and 0-eal.
Vies President
Sec. aad Triu
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. 7 and B77.
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Enquit'3 about our special stockes,  they are  money  savers.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Officials of the 11. C. E. It. In this
city have received an invitation lo
attend a dance and social to be given
by the members of tlle B. C. Electric
Social club, of Vancouver, to the two
London directors of Uu- company.
I Messrs. Harvey and BlundolBrown.
The affair will take placo on Thursday eu ning. a special our bringing
tin- Westminster delegation back from
Heath claimed Michael Downing
yesterday, after lie bad been lying in
Hn- Royal Columbian hospital sin'-e
duly 29, suffering with a fracture in
both legs, a broken shoulder and numerous other injuries received when
he was struck liy a C. I'. It. locomotive. Downing was crossing the railway tracks near ihe Dominion match
factory In Sapperton and fulled lo hear
the warning whistle of the engine, He
! was 111! yours of age.
Por the llrsl lime \* w Westmin
ster will be represented at the International convention of pltimbi rs and
*.t. amfltti rs of the Ami rican contln*
i Bl   which opens    In     Iio..ton,     Mass..
j next week. George Petrle is the delegate selected by the local union u-
make the trip and he leaves via Mont
! real on Thursday evening Up to the
present year ttie local union bus nol
had the necessary 26 members In
gi i.i Btandlng and the change shows
the Increased activity In the plumbing
and Btoatnflttlng work In the city. Mr.
Petrle mil stop oil at   Montreal for g
; few days, visiting a sister and also
meeting bis parents from Scotland,
win, nil- spending tlieir vacation in
In- eastern city.
Victoria. Aug. 5.���Commencing the
second day of the Victoria carnival
with motorboat races, the continuation of the polo tournament of British
Columbia, Miss Alys McKay in au
aeroplane flight at the Willows and j
morning band concerts in tlie city
slrtets. the jubilant proceedings then1
adjourned for a well earned lunch. I
Thereafter the Victoria Yacht club
held races off the harbor in several
classes uiul Mayor Morley opened the
flower show which forms a feature
of the week. Another feature, because of lbe visiting war vessels I hiB
afternoon, is tlle military and nava:
athletic tournament. A dozen other
enjoyments nre provided, nt night the
pressmen holding a pow-wow, others
bearing a band concert by the sou
shore, al  llie same time witnessing a
I military  tntoo  by  torchlight  of    thc
regiments,  accompanied   by    a    Ure
| ivorks display.
The i.oulinda won the motorboat
race, Vancouver to Victoria, for the
Martin cup, with the Ethelda Becond,
30 minutes later.
Residence V. W, C. A.        Phone 1324.
Call antl inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
F. J. HART  &  CO., LTD.   '��� P. galvin
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401    Columbia   fet.;
Take advantage of the Business Man's Train and make your
homo at Crescent Beach  (Blackie Spit)  for the summer months.
Train leaveB at 5:30 p.m. dally, un and after June 15, returning In
tlle  morning in time  for business.    Crescent    Beacli    affords    ideal
conditions  for summer homes, combining  Ihe  beat  of  bathing,  boat
ing ut all stages of the tide together witb  fine beach.    Artesian well
water to all residents.    Let ub show you this property.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'
Marine   Insurance.
Liability,   Automobile   and
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia  St.,  Phone9
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eiplitli   St.   Market,  Phone   1205.
Edmonds  Market,  Phone  L883.
The Rexall
���always the leading store in
���every city. We can .save you
money on your next pair of
Glasses.   Try
Curtis Drug Store
and  SEEDS,
smith -Rev, Prank, of Bast Bur
naby, officiated yesterday morning al
the funeral of .1. W. Smith, who died
at the Royal Columbian hospital on
Sunday evening. The services were
held at tbe Bowell parlors, and inter
ment took place In the 1. (>. (). !���'.
cemetery. The pall bearers were
Messrs. 0. A. Welsh, A. E Kellington
11. C. Major, M. .1. Knight. Iir. McKay
and C. A. Bourne.
Central Park Fair.
Tin- News is in receipt of the prize
list ol the Central Park Agricultural .
association, the annual exhibition be-1 Roman
ing  Bchedilled  for September  17,  is,
19 and 20,   During the post two years
this  association    bus    been    making
greal   strides, the  fair  of  last   year
exceeding all  previous records,    Kn-
tries cloBe on Wednesday, September
10, and an open to all comers,    P. K.
I'lirmor, McKay, Burnaby, is th
rotary of the association.
Phone 43;   L. D. 71;   Res. 72.
New Westminster. B. C.
Court   Yesterday���Bench
rant on  Myrtle.
Afti r a  little  lull  m   pi lire
circles,     vest, rday     morning
i   i'li   dltfen in   win n  Bisveral
were  broughl  up,    ,\  Chinaman  forfeited his ball of $50 for running   a
i cliiick-u luck game In tin* nest end.
Myrtle  Patterson, charged  with as-
i sault   and   battery,  failed   to appear
BISTER   HSRMILLE���The   funeral
will take place this morning to   tha
Catholic   cemi tery  of Sister
Ilermille, who died at St. Paul's hos
pita], Vancouver, on Sunday evening
nfter n short  illness.
To the outside world Sister Ilermille was formerly known ns Mis.-
Anna Marie l.earty and wuh a native
of Astoria, lire,, wben. ber parents',
still reside.
She was well known throughoul the
lower mainland aa one ol the most
useful and ablest members of Unorder In the wesl. The funeral services will be held at St. Paul's hospital lit 9 O'clock tills morning, the
body being broughl to this city for
courl   interment.
'.'   IS, . _
I V^L^/v  I With   His Hrpnr Mnvino*  Pir��tnvps
With His Great Moving Pictures,
Men Wn
Tin- funeral of William
will be bold from Mnrcbn-'
to the I. o ii. i'. cemetery al
on Thursday, August 7, 1813,
Today's Vitagraph Special "A Prince of Evil"
Al,.   SIIK IS BAVED BY   Ill-lit   SISTER,     LOVE   AND   DE-
Coming   Friday,  August 8,  "Uncle Tom's Cabin," Vitagrapa.


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