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The New Westminster News Nov 1, 1913

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1 lave
proven their wurth by
or   small   wants
at   small
VOLUME 8, NUMBi     200.
The Weather.
New Westminister and thc Lower
Mainland: Light to moderate winds;
! mostly cloudy with showers.
Remarks of Juryman Reported in Court���New
Trial Ordered.
G. N. R. Eastbound No.
Meets   Work   Train
"Two Cumberland Miners Charged with
Rioting and Assaulting Police
Will Bring Millions into Pub
lie Treasury of United
WhltcflKh, Mont., Oct. 31.- A head-
on collision this morning between
Great Northern train No. 4, eastbound,
anil a work train nbout half way be-
tween Stone lllll and Hondo, reaulted
In the death of Fireman (luy Carr and
the possible fatal injury of Knglneer
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Warren    A.    Jones, of tbe passenger
The Jury ln the trial of two Cum ; "'j.;",,,,,,,,.,. M. 0| suHivan and Klre
berland miners was suddenly dlsoharg- nian I.. W. Mlse, of the work train.
Cd yesterday after it had listened to wore also Injured. One passenger,
a whole day's evidence and had re-1 |W0 mail clerks, two waiters, one cook
tired to brliiK In a verdict. This was Und one dining car conductor were
because of a Btatement mude by a re-; brought here tbls evening suffering
porter for a Vancouver paper and to a (rrom minor injuries and placed In a
certain extent corroborated by Pro-1hospital. The engine of the passenger
vincial Constable Kxley. which sai.l ; train went Into the Koottenal river,
that a Juryman had expressed views j Tlu- baggage and mall cars went Into
lhat Mr. Justice Clement later decld- '��� the ditch, but the rest of the coaches
���ed  made him unfit  to act.    John and ' remained on the track.
James   Connors,   the   accused,     were | 	
therefore remanded  until  Monday for
a new trial.
The statement banded to J. US. Hird.
counsel for James Connors, said that
on Thursday at noon before the crown
bad Iinlsi.cd Its case In the QOOdwIn
trial. Juryman (loldstone had said:
"We must uphold the pollce officers.
regardless." The Juror then turned to
the reporter and said: "We are koIiik
to send that man to the .juad." Asked
what he meant, Coldslone continued.
"We are k* Iiik to send hlin to prison
because we must upheld the police officers."     He   also   said:   "The   police j
_are  protecting   us  and   we   must   pro)
teet thcin and the other jurors are of
thr. same r pinion.'" ^^^^^_
Oflicer   Kxley   remembered   hearing i
this Juryman say lhal  the police protect   society,   "and   we   muat   protect
the  police,"  or  words  to  that effect
The reporter who made the statement   waB not   In court, but his lord- 	
���ship considered  the matter sufficient- I -_���-_-_-���_-_	
Iv serious to call the Jury In.    The po-j Ennlnsers Threaten Strike,
lire officer repeated his statement Winnipeg. Oct. 81.���It Is highly
���and Juryman Ooldstone rose What j probable that within the course of a
he had snld was: "The police protect j few davs Ihe Brotherhood of lyric.in.o-
the publlc and the public must pro I live Engineers will make demands on
teci the police " He thought that was * the C. P. R regulating a new schedule
all right ��o say. The Judge said this | The officials of thc C. P. II. snd thc
was  enough   to  show  him   'hat   Cold    brotherhood  have nol   been   In  agree-
to Craip Meaninn���Collection at Source.
Did He Confess?
Some   sensational   evidence   is   expected  to be  brought   forward   In  the
! murder trial of Herman Clark and hls
partner, Davis, who wlll be tried ln
the Vancouver assize court next week
on a charge of murdering Police Constable Archibald of Vancouver some
months ago.   Clark, who attempted to
I commit suicide In the provincial jail
last week, is understood lo have made
a confession as to hls connection with
; Oavl_.
County Court Case*.
Two civil cases and two chamber
.applications were heard In the county
c< urt yesterday The civil cases were
John Held vs. P. C. I_ane and Hera vs.
jConstantli-a. Enov vs. C.uylepal and
| Harnct vs. Beaton were th" chamber i
i applications. Ills honor Judge Barker
I presided.
London, Oct. 31.���According to latest advices from
Glasgow, the Canadian Northern railway company has
placed orders with the Fairfield Shipbuilding company of
Clydebank, for two turbine vessels of 20 knots speed. It
is stated that the two steamers, which will be known as
the Duke of Connaught and the Duke of Clarence, will
form the nucleus of a new line which will ply between
Highest Priced Banker, and Lawyers jPort Mann, the C. N. R. port on the Fraser river, just
above New Westminster, and San Francisco, calling at
Vancouver and possibly at Victoria en route.
In view of the fact that they are being constructed in
a British shipyard, the vessels will be debarred from .engaging in the United States coastwise trade. They can,
the transcontinental trains at Vancouver or Port Mann,
to San Francisco, San Pedro and San Diego direct. But
on their northbound voyages the Canadian Northern vessels will only be able to take passengers and freight destined for Canadian or European points.
It is supposed that the steamship company anticipates
competing with the Oregon shippers for a share of the
grain traffic between California and Mexican ports. The
new line will also afford travellers quick transportation
between California and Canadian points and on to ports
in Great Britain. Passengers will be able to connect with
the transcontinental trains at aVncouver or Port Mann,
which will carry them much faster than the United States
railroads to Montreal. From the latter port the Canadian
Northern steamships Royal Edward and Royal George
will carry them to Bristol and London.
Washington, Oct. 31.���The income
tax, the most revolutionary revenue
raising power conferred on the American government since Its foundation,
slarts tomorrow upon the path that
Is to bring millions Into the public
No one in the treasury department
believes that the regulations so far
formulated are perfect, but they will
stand until some one proves that they
should be changed and officials are
not Inclined to believe that expert
lawyers em ploy td by big corporations
particularly concerned with collection
"at the source'1 of income on bonds,
mortgages, salaries, etc., have failed
to understand them.
Officials believe that the regulations
they have put out are framed in the
only way to safeguard tbe government's Intereat
The man  -n  the  Btreet  who makes
more  than  ;.; i a year and  who ls
personally responsible for his share
of the tax does not need to worry
about his payment for tho present.
The operation of tbe law affects only
banks,   corporations   and   others     re-
Mrs.  Bessie  J.  Wakefield
Convicted for Killing
New Haven, Conn., Oct. 31.���Mrs.
BeBsie J. Wakefield, of Bristol, mother
of three little children, was found
guilty today of murder in the first degree for her part in the killing of her
husband, William, last June.
No woman has been hanged in this
state since 1736.
Evidence in the trial showed that
Mrs. Wakefield and her paramour,
James P. Plew, conspired to get rid of
Wakefield. While Mrs. Wakefleld took
her children out for a walk, Plew
partly drugged her husband, took him
out for a walk and then shot him to
death. A knife was driven into the
body and a rope placed around the
neck to give the appearance of aulclde.
Mrs. Wakefield then reported to
tbe police that her husband was missing and she feared that he had ended
hls life. An investigation resulted In
the arrest of the couple and both
ston.* was unfit to act. Ile was dls
missed from further duty and the remainder of tho Jury discharged from
nrtlnt: In thel nsan. His lordship re-
grafted Roldstone hud not obeyed the
Injunction to speak to no one of the
trial while It  was on
James and John Connors were re-
iii.hi,.',I until Monday at 11 15 am.
ror trial.
Churned With Assault.
The Connors, who are brothers, were
Charged wlt'i riming and assaulting a
nolle* officer In the performance of
bis duty Provincial Connlable Han
ney tmtlfled lhat on the ulRht of July
IP, a crowd of 30 or in men. all excited, went up Dunsmulr avenue at Cumberland and-aa he-walked np the streel
he heard a man called Navlor shout
"Head 'em off boys." This he thoughl
was meant for the special policemen.
Wh. re the crowd hnd gathered .100
or -I"') strong be saw Constable Mc-
Artie being assaulted hy a man, Good
When making his way to help, the
witness was grabbed by lbe shoulder
by James Connors, one of the men lu
the prisoners' box. Because of this Interference (loodwln escaped. When
arresting James Connors, John had Interfered.
Counsel for the defence questioned
witness who said he wore no uniform,
only  fl badge.
He had known tho Connors, one by
the last name and the oth "r by sight,
previous lo the trouble, lie had never
been Introduced to the brothers. He
ilid nm remember th .t the charge of
iisrsult upon another officer and that
ot ..ssai'lt upon blm, witness, being
1.1km up.
Cc:.sul for defence had Just received a message that a man named Mc
Aliist.i* was coming on Ihe next boat
to say ho was the man who bad h.t
the blow for which Goodwin was convicted on Thursday. Would that
change bis evidence relating to the
trouble In which he said he had seen
Witness sai.l lt would not.
Josoph McArgle, In the crowd at
Cumberland had seen James Connors;
ho knew him by his last name only.
Witness saw John Connors step In and
Interfere when Offloer Hanney waa
trying to arrest James Connors.
To counsel for the defence witness
swore he and Officer Hanney had not
discussed the evidence they would
give even though they hsd been together-daily for the past week at the
trial here.
Crowd Grew Larger.
Charles McTaggart, a provincial
constable, wus also on duty tn Dunsmulr avenue at Cumberland on the
night of July 19. As the crowd went
toward the city hall It grew larger and
noisier. It dispersed two or three
h<-<nrs after tha trouble. Thla they
���did upon advice from their frlenda.
Their frlenda were not all union men.
One waa a company official. He did
not hear Naylor tell them to go home.
Geo. W. Wallace, a mine engineer,
had come Into Cumberland late on
July 19 and with Cave and others had
been In the party which' waa the centre nf the crowd. Cava had been
���truck. The crowd remained on the
���cene after the party had eacaped.
"Head Tham Off."
H. O. Cave had been in town with
' Wallace and others and   after   the
Mulr-Moore fight had met Naylor of
the union, and Jamea Connors was
, behind.   They had a few words and
- nfter going a taw feet heard a shout
ment for some time aud a strike seriously thraatans tbe company on all
lines west of Winnipeg.
Thistle Club Dance.
Members and friends of the Thistle
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 8oclal club to the number of 75 couples
sponsible for payment on bonds, mort- enjoyed a Hallowe'en  party    in    St.
im-t.'s. salaries, which they are bound  George's   hail   last   evening   when   a
by    the    law    to    withhold,    "at    the  varied    entertainment    consisting  of
source."    Tbe  amounts  so    withheld  dancing,   vocal  selections   and  a  lan-
are not  payable  immediately  to    the  tern competition held sway  until the
treasury and the-money from the tax   early hours.    Miss J. Sinclair captur-
J wlll noi begin flowing Into the treas- ed first prlxe in thn competition with
ury vaults for many months.   The tax  John  Annal  taking second  honors,
for 1913 ls to be collected from March J I   ������
1.    shortly    after    the    constitutional
amendment was ratified until Decem-
I ber 31.
Better Claims Case.
Ottawa, Ocl. .11���J. E. Martin. K.C.
Montreal fQunael for (the i>orninion
Kovcrnuicnt In the Ilrillsh Columbia
better claims case. Is here consulting
with the minister of Justice In the
preparation of the federal side of It.
When the reference Is ready for hear-
Ing by lhe commission, s chairman
will be selected hy the colonial secre
tary owing tn the failure of two other
members to agree on a choice.
Sensation in Trial of Mendel
Beiliss for Death of Christian Boy.
Professor   of   Kiev   University   Cites
Similar Casea���At Least Four
(Continued on Page Four.)
Kiev, Russia. Oct. 31.���Those who
had been expecting sensations from
the testimony of the experts In mental
diseases at the trial of Mendel Belllas
for alleged ritual murder, were rewarded today by an anti-Semite diatribe from Prof. Slkorskl of Kiev university, who abandoned pretense of
the scientific limits of study pf mental diseases in expressing his belief
that Andrew Yushlnsky was murdered by blood ritualists. The witness
refused to he Interrupted by the court
who vainly attempted to stop him on
the vigorous protests ot counsel for
the defense.
After describing hlstorlclal similarities In alleged blood ritual murders,
which he claimed always were committed by more than one peraon. Prof.
Slkorskl declared that In the killing
of Yushlnsky at least four persons
snd possibly five or six wore concerned. The professor asserted that the
number of stab wounds In cases of
alleged ritual murder always waa
seven, or the multiple of that number, carried out In accordance with a
nre-determlned plan, and of thla the
Tushinsky murder wss an example.
Prof. Slkorskl said thla type ot murder waa not the myth of noilce prejudice, but a reality of the 20th century.
Such murders only occurred when
Jews resided among Christiana and
only Christian boys were selected aa
victims. The guilt of these Jewish
fnnatlcs, he added, had been ahown In
similar esses at Saratov and other
places. The Jews contributed to Increase suspicion'against their fellows,
the professor concluded, by taking
measures to defend themselves, by
raising suspicion against others on
the discovery of the crime, by seeking
to bribe them to aaaume guilt and by
doing everything possible to prevent
the trial ot their co-rettglonlsta and
to hinder the regular course of Justice.
Wall  Street  Excited.
New   York.  Oct.   31���That  part of
Now York which Is referred to vaguely as "Wall Street," Is In a state of
confusion    tonight   for once    in
career.   The new income tax law
comes   effective   tomorrow  and   some
of Ihe highest priced lawyers, bankers
and corporation officials In the world
confessed that (hey were st sea as to
Its meaning.
The chief source of trouble is that
portion of tbe law which provides for
the collection "at the Bource" of the
income derived from interest on
bonds, mortgages and certain other
i bligatlons. i-tauks and corporations
sre required to withhold this tax, in
making payments of interest due to
holders of securities. Moie than $50.-
000,000 is due tomorrow In November
Interest payments In New York.
The ruling in question has given
rise to endless confusion. In cases In
which bonds are not registered, thc
names of their owners often are not
known to the banks or the fiscal
agents to whom coupons are presented
for payment. The identity of the
owners must be established to deter
mine whether the tax ls to be deducted. Certain exemptions are allowed
under the l.v.v. Six classes of exemptions have been deflnea. Every lawyer and bank officer In New York bas
life made a burden by clients whe
wish to know which of the six forms
cf exemption apply to their particular
cases. There are no precedents to
apply to.
Whatever the outcome, it ia predict-
ed that many suits will be Instituted
with the government to test the law.
For Sale���One gas nlant. Price
1160,000-. Buyer to take possession
Immediately. Apply James Cunningham, owner.
If people of New Westminster see
thiB sign hung on the red fence Its
front of the Cunningham illumination
factory they need not elevate eyebrows, for the city has been given
one more chance to become owner of
the plant, franchise, good will and
all, for the sum of a mere $150,000.
This Mr. Cunningham confirmed laat
"But didn't you say Just after the
last bylaw was lost that you wouldn't
offer the plant for gale on any consideration, and that you wonld run
It as long as you were on deck ?" Mr.
Cunningham was asked.
"Ah, yes," laughed Mr. Cunningham,
 "bm (jjjt wag iugt t0 ghow you m_r
Want Insurance Rate. Reduced.      Cent"and I"m���'r������?J. ��l? ��2S
I    With the civic water system in Port ?_,U is ?he he�� fhi^? ^re*u**t!
Coquitlam  completed  the  council  ot     .*J*   ^l* WW ��   ^ Clty' a.
that city and ideal insurance men areL,-^*,?,0"1 *��nt ���* ra��h oxpen*.
.....,���..   __    _,_ J seeking a reduction in the locrttosur-S^^1""1'?;   Onegaa plant   In
JIADU.U1    Ul    Ul I i council   yesterday   the     matter    was {?  ha;e    ^��'   thv"e   l!n l  a  cHy    ln
brought up and the clerk Instructed to    ,   aT*.        re     ey    hmve    two   *****
  write the Mainland Board of Under- pl*i!l*_ .
writers giving them full Information   .   WB��t ab��ut that $10  option;    la
Statistics for October Are Very Satis- concerning the water system and the **** renewed ���"'
'protection it offers in eaae of flre.   A     "No llr- !t ���* not.   The city hasn't
reduction   in  the  ratea   wtll   be  sug- Eot any  money  for  options.    Mayor
May Move Lightship.
When the committee of the board of
trade meets this morning it will consider the objections of the Progressive
association to the removal of the
Sandheads lightship, as advocated by
some Vancouver mariners. The Progressive association has objected very
strongly to the change and with the
assistance of Capt. Boyd has drawn
up a letter of protest.
Jas.  Cunningham Changes
His Mind���Wants City
to Have Works.
Terms of Agreement Same aa Previous
Offer���Petition for Bylaw
factory���Building Permlta Shew
Not on Naval laaue.
Ottawa,   Oct.   81. ��� Hon.   T.   W.
Crothers,   who  ls  the   representative
r/lhr^y^ntt'^So^rrven! ���" ��"�� "*?�� are "* 1 T
|an interview on the South Bruce by-las those of a few m��nths ago. fhe
; elections. He attributed the result to
lt8 jthe personal popularity of the Liberal
I,,., (candidate and the personal house to
bouse canvass he made of tbe constituency. Mr. Crothers does not Interpret the result as an indication of
sentiment  either  upon  the  naval    or
reciprocity questions.
Separate Schoola Queation.
Ottawa, Oct Ul.���Provincial School
Inspector Summerly ia not likely to
make any more Inspections ot tbe
separate schools In Ottawa. He aald
today that he bid visited no separate
schools since the incident at Garneau
school when the pupila, all Catholics,
walked out of the school aa aoon aa
they saw hlm. Inspector Summerly
haa received no Instructions trom
Toronto with regard ta. making; further school Inspections.
Taken to Hospital.
Anawerlng a police call lut evening Officer IMttendrlgh and Patrol
Driver Guttrldge discovered a maa
lying full length at the corner ot
Fourth avenue and Sixth etreet. bleed-
In' from the head through oomlng In
contact with a rock on the aide of the
street. After being attended to by
Dr. McQuarrie, he wu taken to the
Royal Columbian hospital. Tke pollce
state the man wu Intozloated at the
To Spuk at Y. M. C. A.
H. C. Hunt, financial eecretary of
the Vancouver Y. M. C. A., win apeak
tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock to
the regular Bandar mu'a muting at
the local association. Speolal mule
will be given.
Boya Rant Church Bell.
"The curfew ehall not ring Umlght"
might have -><*W witter yeara ago, but
the Ingenuity of modem youth hu
relegated thla allegation to the w.p.b.
This waa proven laat night When Hallowe'en observers wt the bell of a
local chnrch a-rlnglng.
monthly returns for October aa compared with the corresponding month
in 1S12 continue to sbow the stability
of New Westminster ss a business
centre as compared with other cities
An Increase of a little under $20001 Wife   Of   Special   EnVOy   Ut
is recorded at the building Inspector's!     __     . _________   _.
office,  in  the  total  building permits I     MeXICO rOOMO AutilOn
Issue   Notice  That   Goods
Must Be Paid for in 15
Days.     %
Nearly   Every   Grocer   In   the   City
Reaches This Decision and Cion
*   _A__S__,_
._. ���   ,'*...   .%__#'**;
After several meetings and much
discussion thla week the grocers of
the Retail Business Men's association
ot New Weatmlnater have decided to
ahorten terms ot credit to lhelr customers, ud bate signed th* statement given below.
In making thia move the grocer*
have tried to make It deer that it ta
not Intended to be an arrogant ur sod-
dealy conceived idea. It la merely a
matter of good, sound bualneaa. Trade
conditions have, they toy, made tt Imperative, and wben recently all wholesale houses shortened terms of credit
from SO to II days, the only thing to
do was to carry this along to the con-
Thla la the way the statement now
being printed In circular torn, wtll
All. accounts are dm aad payable
*���:'���***��� day of the following
-non a In whieh tke gooda mv% bean
anpplled. Any watomer Mt htfrte*
(aid the prevtooa month'e aoeouat
by thla time win not be hmUM any
farther by any ot the unierstgaad
nierchanta until the uamnf lhat Ja
duo or part doe ahall be paM.
C. A. Welah Ud.. A. Bprlee. Soan-
dla Produce Co.. Md.. Sanaa * Sad-
gen. Annandale Bupply Co.. A. Hard-
man, c. A. weirt., Spppertea Grocery.
rnuik Jeal. WeeEnlaetor Trading Oa.
Mereer tk Sou V. A. WUB, Ctty Oro-
eery. M4-, Mathewson ft Jaaokaon. ft
A. LeBrvn. W. J. Rue, Hoyal Avenu
Grocery, MeKee ft Son. A. U. Mo-
Phall. J. W. Robeoa. The Pablle Baa-
ply 8toru, Dean'e Grocery, C X
Welah. Ud. West Bad hraMk. J. ft
Pepin ft Son. Mather ft ftST Onto,
ft Co., Ud.. David Adama, Central Gro.
aery, ft Oddy, Burnaby Lake Stora.
V- *    ��� : .*   ..'���'
i taken out during the month of Oc
tober. Tbe figures are: October, 1913
$106,308;   October.  1912. $103,536.
Crown timber receipts took an upward trends-indicating thaL collections
are somewhat better than they were
last year. For the past month
$8318.66 was taken as compared with
$5637.66 in October, 1912.
Dominion Landa.
Dominion land receipts sbow a decrease, this being explained by the
fact that last year 11 salea were made, I
which made up the entire total, while
last month's figures are simply collections from ordinary homeateading.
The figures were: October, 1913,
$169.60; October, 1912, $724.19.
Mining receipts also show a decrease, $128.30 being taken In laat
month u compared with $135 the
corresponding month of 1912.
The customs receipts fell down, al
though thla waa expected owing to
tbe preaent slackness of trade. The
figures were $23,787.94.
An Increase In the number of births
Is recorded tn the vital statistics, 25
new cttlxena making their appearance
thu during October, ltll The figures are:
1*13   1*11
Deaths        50     47
Births ��  77      U
Marriages  39      4$
One hundred ud thirty-seven eases
were handled In the local police court
during the put month acoordlng to
the report ot Chief Bradshaw. Of thla
number 87 were stvled under the
drunk charge, breaches of tha Indlu
aet coming second wtth 17.
Gray had to dip down into his own
pbeket for the last one. 1 have given
my word it will be all right. Options
are useless things anyway. What do
yeu think?"
"'tt ts right you are willing te accept the whole $150,000 in bonds" waa
the next query.
"No, the arrangements are the same
aa before.    Just  about  the  same  as
"Are there any differences at all?"
"None to speak of; Just about ths
Later in the evening Mr. Cunningham phoned Tbe News office to give
| further assurance that there would be
| no option.
A citizens' committee of men favor-
fable to the purchase ot the Cunning-
OaveWHer Stateroom When. U**IJj�� ^X^r���**"���
j ratepayers required.   Over 230 namea
(were placed on the petition for resubmission.   This number ia said to   Include namea of some men formerly
j opposed to the purchase.
latere   Hid   While  Officers
Searched fn Vain.
Col, Duff-Sturt of Victoria, tew
puled by Capt Poalkee, payawater
tor the dlitritft and etaft. wu ta tha
armorlee last night aad Juwected A
ant ft companies of the IMth rag),
���ut At the conclusion of the teapu-
tion ha addressed officers Md *****
and ewe���ad manure at the growth
aad efftoleacy of the tout detachment
Under Capt LU��e Smith ud Capt
Hatada the ________________________
eempuy awsuuta and the *	
MB itiangth. UMr fee ttaltlng officers made m iMPMtkm of tta
orderly run. Thev ftumrUalatad
thua, la charga tar the eWeldhey ef
**���- tif*tk**.
the oftteers go to ChUlwuk
"   to laapoet Uia other
*Mt..Mk pMlw.-
m�� et Ja��u win
Mm WUtutnaler.
khsjto JMhMoe ____
'ver gave a baunel lo
una of th* tHrtfMt. '.
this city wu MM* to
New York, Oct. 31.���The steamer
that arrived tonight from Vera Cruz
with Mra. John Und, wife of Prealdent Wilson's special envoy, brought
also two Mexican legislators who owe
their liberty, if not their lives to her
quick wit and generosity. To save the
two Meaicana from arreat tn Vera
Crux, Mra. Lind hid them In her stateroom and sat up all night on deck until the boat left port ud the officers
of the Huerta government had gone
A week ago the cables brought word
that the Ward liner Morro Castle had
been detained at Vera Crua while
Huerta's agents searched for eight rebellion members of the legislature ot
the state or Vera Crux. When the
Morro Cutle arrived here tonight only
thou aboard knew that two ot the
eight deputies had escaped arrest
These two, Adolto Domlngues and
Miguel A. Cordora, uy they will stay
In New York until Mexico beooi
a safer place tor tha oppMMts bf
Mra. Und uM that her huhand,
the special envoy, had expected t��
ebme home after the Mexteu eleo-
    Now ahe dU not kast whu he
would come.
We extected that tk* Morro Caatte
woaM UU from Twa Cras." MM Mr*.
Und. "��t 4 Cetoek M th* attUMul
of Ootober tt. Thu CastohTMiit"Man
!!___ to -- -iJ-~���������^-^���
flight *t Dr. FtmiIsu Vaauu
u lho Mom
Cumberland Msn Wires He Is Guilty
of Assault for Whloh Convicted   .
Miner Is to Be Sentence*   -
Although Richard Goodwin, a Cut*
berUnd miner convicted hers ��s>-
Thursday ot aasaultlng a notice afti-
cer, comes ap for sentence nf 40: IS
o'clock this morning, be m-urrttil! b*
treed. A telegram framMftamU
tame to J. ft Bird, ^igrtoouneel, yee-
terday, saytag tkatj
It wu he whojiack th* bkK *
whMh GMdwt^fga fees* rsitXt******
luster for *m Wssttatuflr m Uto
^^^^^^ to this, ftls ms**
_________________________-_���~- ���*���_"
^-*aa*m '-___d__aM ���'' * ������s***r
"Mit $ha Maith.jwa *m**M
'with taara hTSSr ey*||
t* kete-thte.   I
-mw  mwmmMf*-*^*rW*stwm*      *
at ���_______���______���____________���
*��� **..:-���'���.'.���' '������:;* '���'iir.'i-
.*.*; ' if 9Sii^*^ "' f "tA i ��� ���<��� -���:;..:.
%'i. ���'..,"& H,-,--,,-W.y <���>.,���- it?,* i-M
"*, "' ii ��i'- 5:*.,;"'..;., .:.,*,:.*&; rMii PAGE TWO
SATURDAY,   NOVEMBER   1,   1913.
An independent >Mr*bl�� paper devoted .o the inter-sts of Sew Wettmintter snd
ths frsser Valleu. Published ever, momma exeept Sund...*. by lhr A'ntinm.l I riming
mat Publishing Company. Limited, st 63 Koffmaie Street. New Westminster, Br.Hsft
ijalmTntia ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
All comnunlralliiiu Mould be addressed to The Sew Westminster Sews, und not
te Individual members of the staff. Chcaues, drafts, and money orders should be made
payable to The Sotmnal Printing and .'utllsMtm Company. Limited.
TBLUPIION BS���Business Office ond Jfanap.r, HUS; Kditorial Boom* (all dcport-
atsntt). 991.
SUBSCRIPTION RATBB���Bv carrier. 14 per i/ear, Jl for flire. months, ���Oc -per
aumth     Bn mall. I�� per year, tba per month.
ADVBRTISINU RATES on application.
In his handling of the Mexican problem President
"Woodrow Wilson of the United States seems to have been
credited with his first real error in the game of running
the United States, which is some record, considering the
fact that he has been playing steadily ever since he moved
into the White House and has been at the bat off and on
.ill season. But it does look as thought he had fallen down
on the Mexican squeeze play. However, you can't expect
a man to be perfect in every position and the number of
chances Wilson has accepted, compared with the small record of errors chalked up against him entitles him to be
catalogued as a Tv Cobb of statesmanship.
Wilson made a clean hit when he announced that sordid monev considerations would have no weight with him
in outlining his policy towards the troublesome republic.
The U. S. ambassador to Mexico. Henry Lane Wilson, tried
to throw the president out at first with the trade consideration argument, but Woodrow beat the ball to the initial
saek by half a league. He stole second on his flatfooted
refusal to recognize Huerta because Huerta was a murderer and he made third in safety when he forced the bombastic ruler of Mexico to let John Lind land at Vera Cruz
as his personal representative. But that old timer, the
Monroe doctrine, seems to have caught him at the plate.
The umpire vet may give him the benefit of a close decision, but all the points of the play known at present show
a majority against the runner.
When Wilson took his stand for a new brand of diplomacy, a brand from which the dollar sign had been removed, he stamped himself as having the makings of a great
statesman, but the burden evidently has been too heavy
to carry and he has been forced to fall back on a reiteration of the hands-off clause of the Monroe policy. His declaration made in Mobile the other day also has weakened
his position instead of strengthening it.
In this last mentioned pronouncement the president
of the United States declared that his country never again
would seek one additional foot of territory by conquest.
If that had been a new political gospel it might have got
by, but it is old and it has that lack of punch characteristic
of senile decay.
In 1846 President James K. Polk said practically the
same thing, yet after that Mexican war NewT Mexico and
California became a part of the United States.
In 1896 President G rover Cleveland remarked that
Uncle Sam's ample and diversified domains precluded
all dreams of conquest. A few months later President
"William McKinley characterized forcible annexation as
criminal aggression, but when the Spanish-American war
was ended the Castilian minister was forced to sign a protocol by which His Catholic Majesty relinquished to the
United States Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippines.
Wilson says, as his predecessors have said, that the
United States does not want any more territory, but he
will find, if it comes to another war with Mexico, that the
beaten nation pays for its defeat in territorial concessions.
That's the unwritten international law and that's the way
it will stand till war is abolished.
In making his Mobile declaration the president of the
United ^States has been unfortunate enough to bring forward again an idealistic policy impossible of realization,
which naturally followed his stand for moral diplomacy,
but which has," like the ungrateful dog, bitten the hand
that fed it.
The season is changing!
iio vou realize it? Arc you prepared for il?
An old-time physician onoo said,
"Begin the winter right, before it
starts, ami you'll be pretty apt to keep
right till summer comes again." Tliere
is more In thai than may at first appear.
Beginning rlghl means prepaying in
Don't wall til lyou have llrst caught
cold before you put on your warm underwear!
Oon't wait till your feet, have been
soaked   in   the   flrsl   rain,   with   the
probable cold and rheumatic twinges
afterward, hefore you buy and put on
your strong winter shoes!
Don't leave the small but necessary
repairs to tlie basement furnace until
after the first eold snap!
Don't forget that exercising briskly
In cold or even damp ulr, is usually
harm les. bul thai sitting in a cold or
damp house, or ln wet clothes, is very
likely to be followed by any one of a
number of winter Ills.
Keep the house well ventilated even
In the stormiest weather, always remembering thai the sleeping apartment should be the airiest in the
Keep as great a variety nf food on
the table as you can all winter long,
not forgetting that nutritious food
makes heat.
If a contagious disease Is making
headway In your neighborhood, keep
yourself and the children out of overheated, stuffy places when' large
numbers of people congregate.
ln short, begin the winter with the
doctrine of prevention, and the question of cure will very largely take care
of itself.
Dogs Entering  United  Kingdom  Must
Go  Into Quarantine for
Six Months.
liOlidon, Oct. 31.���The heavy fine
imposed nn an An erican visitor recently at  Folkestone for a breach of
telephone al S o'clock lasl night, asking hlm  tu hurry al  once to MUO Second avenue north to attend a serloiiH |
case of Illnes.    Arriving at tlie corner
Of Valley street, Dr. Sayre descended
trom   an   Kast   Queen   Ann   car   ami j
Btarted   to  walk   north,     lie  had   pro-!
ceded   but   a  few  steps  when  a  man |
darted   from   beiilnd   some  shrubbery
and struck hlm several violent blows
over th.- head.
With llie first blow Dr. Sayre shouted for help and I.ouis llensel, ll Jeweler, whose place of business is iu tlie
llincliley block and wlio had descended frnm tlle same car as Dr. Sayre,
hurried to the spot, also shouting for
help. The physician's assailant dropped the beer buttle and took to flight. I
The  jeweler  was  able   to   furnish   an ;
the   dog   Importation   regulations   haa  excellent  description uf th an.
drawn   considerable   attention   to   the1     Dr. Sayre was assisted to his home
subject    of   the   restrictions   imposed [""(l   ��POFttd   the  case  to  the   police
'    ,        lie suffered  serious cuts and  bruises
With regard to the entrance nf canine j,,,,,  ,,��� S(,_i<)Ua lnj,lr|eB.
visitors to the United   Kingdom. investigation   disclosed   that   then
An official of the board of agrloul-,was n��� B,,r*0,ls ,.,,���,. ,,,* ���������,,,,���,. i��� th.
ture   and   fisheries,   interviewed   by   n   ;H)|| hlock .in Second avenue north. De
Lease Extremely Moderate.    For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street
C. S. Keith, Manager
press representative yesterday, remarked that ull dogs brought In frnm
abroad were subjected tn six months'
detention in quarantine on the pram-
i Ises nf a  veterinary   surgeon.    There
��� were five such quarantine stations In I phone  call
Great  llritain but Ihe premises of any  unM
[veterinary  surgeon  approved  by  thej
board might be used fur the purpose,
'The cost of such detention fell upon
the owner of the dog.    Subject to the
hoard being satisfied as to the lm-1
���probability of the dog having contract-
led an infectious disease prior tn its
| arrival In this country a license to re-
I move It from quarantine could be obtained  In  three months, hut It would j 	
still be liable to three months' inspec-1
tlon.     Kven   if  the   intention   was   to | Battle of the Giants It On in the Oi
take a dog to Calais by one boat and
spite a declaration or the physician
this morning that robbery may have
been the motive for the attack, the
police are investigating nn the theory
that malice Inspired the bogus tele-1
nnd   the    subsequent     as
I'ortland, Oct. 31.���"Teaching will
pi t affori! anyone the abundant life if
they use it as a makeshift." ['resident
\\". T. Foster of Heed College, told the
county institute teachers yesterday.
"If a teacher i.s not satisfied let
him step out and try the newspaper
or some other vocation, lf he finds
that teaching i.s best for hlm be will
go hack to it with the words of I'aul
in his heart, 'Whereas I was blind,
now I pee.'
"Horace Mann said of a $100,000
school that was built that tbe money
would not be wasted if a single boy
was saved. One who has no Ideal to
light him on his way cries out against
the routine of the life of teaching,
teachers' meetings, reports and other j
features. He cries out because he
does nnt understand. If he could only
look nn routine as one of the compensations we would be helped for routine
makes us accomplish more work in
less time. The teacher who goes to
work with the profSssioal spirit will
not bave time to enter all the diversions, social and other, that abound.
Hut he can and must glv.- time for
the self-improvement necessary to
make him a good teacher���or, in fact,
any teacher. He must not go too hard
at routine, however. Teachers owe
'it to themselves to get out into the
lopen air under ('.nil's blue skv a day
lii;i   ihis."
II. M. Skldmore, chairman of the
dnv. introduced a resolution for simplified spelling, which was adopted.
hring it back by the next these quar-1
antine regulations would  he enforced.
The efficacy of the regulations was '
proved by tlie fact that rabies had!
been absolutely stamped out ln this!
country. There was nut the least like-!
lihood that such regulations would be!
relaxed, and people owning or interested in dues had recognized the need
for stringency. The long period of detention was due to the fact that rallies
was a disease of slow Incubation. Tlie
hoard hed actualy had Information of
a case In which t'ie period was nine
.months. Tile usual period was three1
weeks  or less.
i "00 dogs had passed through the quarantine stations.
He did not think that many people
attempted to evade these regulations
by smuggling in dogs. There were not
more than a dozen or so instances annually of attempts to evade the regulations. No doubt from time to time
small dogs were anaesthetised and
smuggled through in muffs and boxes
hut most dog owners complied with
the   regulations.
Fields���Eritlsh   Interests Buy
in California.
Seattle. Oct. 31. Two big California
oil companies���the i'nion and the
Oeneral Petroleum have been sold tu
a Hritish synidrate for $110,000,000,
iiie deal, according to press dispatches, being consummated in London yesterday by Eugene DeSable,
Tlie deal in. aus that there Is no
During tlie past year lunger any doubt that tiie RoU.BCl_il.Ii_
through tho Shell, iiiitlsh Imperial,
Uoyal Dutch and olher petroleum companies intend io invade lh.- Pacific
COaal   in   deadly   earnest   and   n   give
tin* standard oil Company th" battle
of its life for control nf tile nil  'i.u!e.
Through    an     Investment  of ubout
11300,000  made  in  Seattle  mor.' than i
two years ago, by the Shell Interests, I
it  was concluded   lhat  Seattle   vas  10
be made the theatre nf battle.    Since ���
that time, however, big interests ba." ]
j been   secured   in   California,  anl   sta-
SOMEBODY  SLUGGED  DOC Itions  have  been  established  ai   :.th.*;-
WITH BIG BEER BOTTLE   points along  the  American  and   Brit-1
  | ish Columbia coast llne.
Seattle. Oct. 31.���Lured to a lonely Nearly a year ago a local paper
spot on Second avenue north between printed a story In wlilch It was stat-
Valley and Aloha streets by a bogus jed that the l'nlon Oil company and
sick call, Dr. T. D. Sayre. 43!! Denny'other California companies hoi been
Way. was assaulted and seriously taken over by the Shell interests. The
beaten aboul the head with a beer | dispatch received yesterday would Ill-
bottle at  8:15 o'clock last night. Tbe|dicate   that  the   final   payments   btvo
wben you can get as good, or bettor, manufactured In D. C, viz.: tbe
the celebrated "VANCOl'M'ilt" Hrunil, guaranteed to paaa Standurd
Specifications uf America!  and Canadian  Engineers'  Association
We would alao call attention lo our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to M-ln, In diameter. This Is also made In tbls Province and we
consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a slock of Crushed Hock, Washed Uravel, Hand,
Mine, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones IS and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
MILS. O. C .'ISHI'-lt. TSACHER ul'
pianoforte, harmony ..ml singing Pupils luccessfuly i repsrsd t.��r examination in H A. m. in,,i it. .;. 11 l'"i i rms
apply 003 Third avenue.
Pianoforte: _i_ hl.ary BL, New Weat-
the l.io* Profaeaor Allan Macbeth,
Principal of tbs Glasgow College ef
Music, .nnl Professor Grassland lllrst, of
ilu- Qlaagow Athenaeum, bags to Inti-
niiii,* th.,' she will acoepl a few pupil-.
In   singing   utt'l   VOlCa   ('rn.linil.in.      Ex-
tenalva repertoire <>f high class ���*,,!,*.
For t. rms. call or write to LlOl II.uiul
ten afreet
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ... .t16.0��0,000.0��
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00'
llriniclies   throughout   Canada    and
Newfoundland, snd   lu   London,   Kngland, New Ynrk, Chicago and Spokane
i U.S.A., and  Meilco City.    A  genera)
banking turn in est transacted.    Letter*
or  Credit   Issued,  available  wltb  cor-
respondonti ln all parts ot the world.
|    Savings Hank Department���Deposit,
received  In  sums of tl  aud  upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
annum (present rste).
!    Total Assets over $186,000,000.00,
O.  D.  IlltYMNEU.  Manager.
providential arrival of Louis Hensel
saved the physician from what he be-
llves would have been fatal injuries.
Enmity groused because of recent litigation In which the physician took
p:irt was asslgncM by him as the
icause for the attack.
In his report to the police. Dr. Sayre
i declared that some one called him by
Dangerous Writers And
The Evil They Do
been  mad
According to the telegram the Union Oil company, with Its wide petrol
eum fields, its subsidiary pipe line
companies and its great fleet of oil-
carrying steamships, harces and sailing ships will pass frnm the control Of
Lyman Stewart and bis family and
become merged in the gigantic Hrltisli
corporation, financed bv the Ko'lts-
The I'nion Oil company deal Is tu
he  made  on   a  cash   basis,   while   the
General Petroleum company will
change hands through an exchange of
Tin has been discovered in Portugal. They probably
need some more there after the bunch their ex-king
Manuel spent on Gaby Deslys.
They've dug up Nero's palace at Rome. That may be
interesting, but you ought to see the hole they're digging
for the foundation of the addition to the local postoffice.
The fellow who wrote "In  the Good  Old  Summer
Time" i.s dead.    He lived quite a while considering the
���complaint from which he suffered.
On the evil influence of some present, day writers the London Standard
has the following to say:
Tbe suicide of Wallace E. Haker off
Manhattan Ileach raises interesting
questions of education and psychology Haker v.as 23 years old. and
said tliat he wns impel]..] to take his
life because Shaw, Ibsen and Strlnd-
berg had told him the truth ahout the
artistic tempi rament.
No one knows the effect of a cleverly Constructed play or a brilliant, essay. It may stimulate the minds of
thnse who see the une or read the
other, but is just as likely to depress
Un- rnlnd that is educated in such n
way tbat  It  Just  feels the borderland
the student, nay, who has just got
liis degree ;.i Ovford. Cambridge, or
London. This Is jusl in tiie time
when :; student of i'i nr i'i. mav have
come mare or less brilliantly through
three years of crowded life and hard
work. His brain Is mosi sensitive to
literary Impressions, He is inst at
the outset "f .in Intellectual life. He
's in the position of tie famous senior wrangler who. as senn aa he raw
the list which aaaured bin of h's degree, exclaimed; "Now. thank Clod, I
A beauty specialist says girls should be kind to their
faces. The kindest treatment for some human maps would
T_f kalsomining.
Newspaper headline, "Government Signs Dam Agreement." That's not the first time the paper in question
has been referred to in exactly the same terms.
| am qualified to begin to learn."
lt is one of the axioms Of a teacher's training that irony Is nut understood by children, and that sarcasm
should never be used In a school. The
i wit  and  charm of the dlslilusionera,
jsuch as Ibsen and the rest, pass over
the heads ot .children, who cannot understand Irony. It is fun for the disillusioned bul happy people who have
left   iheir   'varsity  days  some   ten   or
| twenty years behind them. It is equally  fun  for  Hie  Well-read  elderly  lady
|or gentleman who haa, without, a university training, nbsorhed knowledge
of the world. Hut such works have
on" wicked "striking point." The
thinking person of 113. feeling hls
way Into tie world or Intellectual life,
is subject. Hi the trouble of misunderstanding, and liis brain is strangely
fie.-   from   what   physiologists   In   an-
'other sphere of work call Immunity.
Hoys and girls who are Intellectually
lev I with tlle average person of L'2
should   ch' W   Shaw   and     Ibsen     and
! Strin.il" rg very fine before they swallow, Then lhey can either spit them
"ut ' - d ������ i tin m ns they choose. At
any rate they are not worth committing .*���*. **Idi  about,
London, Oct. Sl. At the present
time the number of smallpox cases
in this country has dwindled tn a very
small figure. Must nf the principal
cities atld towns, Including London.
can show an absolutely clean record.
The need of accommodation for con-
snmntive patients under the national
Insurance   act   is   urgent,    and     thus
lsmallpox and other hospitals available are everywhere being utilized for
I tliis purpose. Nuneaton smallpox hospital, for instance, which cost ��10.000,
has never had a patient, hut will be
transformed Into a sanlloriiim for consumptives. Al tiie request of the local
government hoard, artlng on behalf of
the London county council, tbre managers of the Metropolitan asylum board
consented in December last to provide
accommodation for consumptives under the act In their three smallpox
hospitals. At the present time lhey
have about 400 consumptives In thnse
hospitals under the London authority,
and 100 cases under the Middlesex authority. Downs scliool hospital has
been wholly allocated for tliis pur-
nose, as haJ-t a portion ot the Northern
H.   J.   A     BL'RNKTT.    AUDITOR      ANB
Accountant, 'lit. it.  in. n,n,m i. Harl
p. a Hmlth w j. Orevss
Work   uqdsrtaksn    In    cily   ani    out**ld*
polnta.   211-12   Westminster   Trust    Uhlf
I'hone   -tH.     P.   O.   Box   607.
ming Engineers, Local 848, meets in
Labor Tomple every first un.l third
Thursday of tie- month H. MoLaugtUIn,
prcRid-nt: \v. C Saunders, secretary,
P. O. Hox BU,
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new tall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
n. A P. O. of Elks of the 11. of C. meet
the first nnd third Th.irsd.iv at 8 p. m.
K. of P. Hall. Eighth street. A Weill
.iray. Exalted Ruler; P. II. Hmlth. 8��c
L. O. O. M., NO. 864��� MEETS ON
first, second, third and fourth Wednea
day In each month ut 8 p. m.
In the Moose Home. II. J. l..*umy
dictator: E. E. Jones, secretary
Headquarters of lodge In S**o House
corner of Fourth and Carnarvon streets
I. O. O. F. AMITT LODOE NO. 17���Th.
regular meeting of Amity lodge Nc
27. I. O. O. V.. Is held every Monde;
night al �� o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hall
corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets
Visiting brethern cordially Invited
R. A. Merrlthew, NO ; H. iv Sangster,
V. O.: W. C. Coatham, P. (J., recor.-
Ing secretary: J. VV. MacDonul.l, financial secretary.
Commencing on.  26    Change   "f
time table, as Follows.
vim am.    for Toronto, Kamloops I.o-
1:28 p.m.    For si   Paul
6:25 p.m.  -For A-_as.ii/
8:10 p.m.    For Imperial Limited, '���lon
ti nal. . te
For rates, reservations   aad    icher
particulars apply  i"
K. aOULBT, AKent.
New Westminster
ll. w. BitoniE. 0. P. a��� Vanoouver.
W. E FALES-Pioneer Funeral Dlreclo
and Ee-dinlmer, S12-81M Agnes streel
oppohI..- i'arin-gt��? Library.
ter A Hanna, Ltd. I ���Funeral director*
and .-iiilinlmers. Parlors 406 Columbii
street,    New  Westminster.    Phone  811
ster Hi,.ird nf Trade meets In the hoar.
roofri, City llnll. as follows: Third Frl
day of each month; quarterly m-eilm
on the third Friday of February. May
August an.l November at H p.m. An
nual meetings on the third Friday e
February. C. H. Stuart Wade, secre
i ���..minle.
Sir Donald Mann denies that the C. N. R. is asking the
government for any more money, or bond concessions, or
land or any such things. Well then, whatinthesamhill is
he doing in Ottawa, if he doesn't want something?
When fire threatened a Detroit hotel the other night
a Chicago man crawled down the fire escape in a nightshirt, frock coat and silk hat. If he had had a little more
time he probably would have put on his spats.
Now how are you going to figure it out? The Conservatives grabbed the Chateautruav seat and the Borden
naval policy was endorsed by the electors. Now the Liberals have collared South Bruce and the Borden naval
program is condemned.   Vot iss?
An Ontario druggist who had sold some alcohol claimed in his defense on the charge of selling liquor without
a license that alcohol was not liquor. Don't know about
ihat, but if he'd tell us what some of this whiskey is made
of we'd be much obliged.
The Royal Mercantile Co.
Is now Open for Business at
Davies* Old Stand on Sixth
We aim to conduct a genuine Bargain Store. Our stock will consist of
Small-wear, Dishes, Glassware, Kilchcnware, House Furnishings, etc.
As our store is too small to carry Furniture we are putting the price away
down in order to run il off quickly.
We have on sale now Brass and Iron Beds, Springs, Mattresses, Dresseils,
Buffets, Chiffoniers, Library Tables, s nail Tables, Couches, Seagrass Chairs
and Rockers, etc, and they are all marked at prices that should clear them out
in a few days.
Sale, Deeds, Rtisln.-ss letters, etc.; .'lr
oular w..rk tp-aclfllist. Ail w.trk miiI.'II>
confldentiHl. H. Barry, room 418 Waal
minster Trust Hlk.    Phnne 702.
rimers, Solicitor... etc. .(< I^trni- sir��*���t
New Westminster. II K CnrliouM, K
C.    J.  R. Orant.    A.   R   M.Doll.
t."���'U-tt.w, solicitor, etc. Tel, ip hon
1(j~i. Cable nddress ".lohnston,*
Code. "Western Union " Offl.-es. I.III
Block. 0.12 Columbia street. New Wost
minster,  B. C.
side ��� Barristers imd Bolloltora, West
mlnater Trust nik., Columbia street
New Wesiminster, r. c. Cable aidreai
"Whltealde," Western Union. I'. 0
Drawer 2011 Telephone m W. .'
Whiteside, K. C.; 11. L. Edmonds, r
I. KTILWICI.L CLDTB, BHrrlsler-nt-lm.
solicitor, etc . oorner Columbia en.
MoKentle itroeta, New Westmlnst��i
B.  C.   P   O.  Box   11 a.     Telephone   711
Solicitor iii-i.l Notary. Offices Har
hi.Hik, '.S Lorne slreet, New Westmlr
Mar, B. c
MoQUABRtK,     MARTIN     *    CASSAD1
lli.lrl-.il, in    und    Solicitors.     6lir.    to   * I >
Weetmlneter Trust Block. O. IS. Mar
tin, V". (I. McQuarrie and Ueorue I
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COAL MINING rlulits of tl
In Mr.otti.ba. Haskstchewsn and Alt���-rta��
the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories nnd In a portion of the I'n.vino*
of BrltlHh Columbia, may he leased tnr m
term of twenty-one years Ht 1111 nn.iuaf
rental of ll an acre. Not more than *lt*i
j acres wlll he leased to ons applloant,
Aplilli'i.lloii   for  a   lease   iiuihi   he   mad*
��� l.y the applicant In person to the Ag'jat
jor Sub-A-f.ht of the district In which th*
ilKiits applied for are situated.
1     In surveyed territory the land must b*
down-lbed   liy  sections,  or  haul  sub-dl��1-
���iona of sections, and In uneurveyej territory   the   tract   applied    for    shall    b��
staked out liy the applicant himself.
I1_1.I1 implication must be accompanied
by �� f f l�� Which wlll be refund*) It
.he  rlxht .  applied for are nol available.
hut   not   otherwise.    A   royalty Bhall   b*
! pul.1  on   tl.e  merchantable output of lh*
1 mine al the rate of five cents per ton.
I'h"   person   operatlna   Uie   mine   ehall
furnish   ihe   A��ent   with   ewern   return*
���icountlnit for the Cull 'iiianllty of mer-
ili.iiii.ihle  coal   mined and  pay the  roy-
uliy   thereon.   If  the coal  mining   riant*
are not helnK operated aueh returns shout*
be  lurnlsheil  at  least onoe a year.
The i.-nne wlll Include tbe ceal ml nln*
1 ilk-inn only,   hut the leasee will be per-
mltted   to    purchase   whatever   available-
surface   rlKlits  may be considered neoea-
Isi.ry for the working of the mine at th*
rate of Iio an acre.
For full Information application ehoul*
be made to the Secretary of the Depvt-
I "I'm of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
AKent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Landat
Deputy Minister of the Interior.-
N. II   - Unauthorised publication of tbl*
sdvertlaement will not be paid for.
Transfer Co.
Office Phon* its.     Barn Phana lir
������gbla Straal.
iiagaaaa Dallteiwd Promptly U
any part of tha city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
P.O. Box 84 Dally Nawa Bldg.
of all klnda.
PrloM right.   Batlafaotlon guarantied
St MeKanala St .      .    .
SATURDAY,   NOVEMBER   1,   1913.
Brit ith     Manufactuers    Losing    Busl
ness Because They Are Not
Cuts   Prices   Shamefuly     and     Finds
Himself in Court���Fair Job
For $2.
ndon,   Del.   81,    The   passing   ol
ibe Balkan storm cloud must be proving  a  tedious process  to  lbe  man In
iii" nr.et. ior iiriiisb engineers and
manufacturers it should  provide an
unequalled opportunity for tbo organ*
Uatton of new and attentive cam
paUiis. Tbere Is mucb lo be done in
llie near cast, and ci.nilnenlal manufacturers are gllVS lo Iiie fuel.
There are three mailers upon which
British engineers win have to take
Immediate action if they wish to sine
themselves some of ths trade, which
lias already a tendency to drift towards foreign manufacturing centres
Th.!-" three matteis have been (rested lar too lightly during our recent lyl
period of Industrial activity. Tbey
refer to adequate local representation,
willingness to study local require-
iie u's,   and   the   various   deposit   syi:-
tsms now in rogue in eastern govern
ment. municipal, and private eon
tracts. Tbe first l.vo questions huvii
been raised before, and have been lhe
Subject of repealed appeals tiy resi
(lent  Ilrillsh OOllSUlS.    'III.
Seattle.   Man  Calli for.   Government
Contracts and Lets Them to
Beattle, Oct. ::i     Reaffirming previous revelations of remarkable  frauds
which he asserts wt" perpetrated In
Connection wllh the furnishing ot sup-
I plies  to  the   I'ug.l   Sound  navy  yard
while he was chief clerk In lhe navy
I pay  office  In   this  city.  J.  A.   Ksttls
I well   today   In   the   federal   court   laid
"rtaln   supplies   from   lhe   navy
I yard   submitted  bids  under the  name
Reliable Agents  Wanted.
Some day Ilrillsh engineers may fully realize the value of having reliable
ag. ntH In all countries where machinery Is in demand, Kven In our
own colonies opportunities have been
given lo foreign enterprise through
Ibe absence of experienced Hritish
agents, llritain may have th.
mat' rials and workmen in the
Spokane,   Oct.   111.    .1.   J.   Jefferson,
self-styled preacher and    seer,   who
looks 36, but gave liis age at 75, when
arrested Saturday and charged with
vagrancy under the olty ordinance
describing fortune telling as a crime,
was yesterday locked iu Jail In default of |800 bonds,
Jefferson, who Is dlsi liiKiilsjed by a
luxuriant  growth  of  hnlr  banging  lo,
bis shoulders,  appeared  al   the  pollce'bare lb" d.'tails of a selietne whsreb)
"nut   with  a  larg"  Bible beneath ble lha   personally,   alter   receiving   .alls1
arm and entered a plea of not guilty. I for
it was announced additional evidence'
against iiie prisoner bad apoearadand
tbe ease  was pul  over until later fori0' "  HotltlOUS firm, awarded ibem to
Investigation |himseif and then iiiiid contracts.
Mrs.  Hello (ir.'v of    ihe    Qr&nltel    In his position In the navy pay office
b'oek  saw  Chief   McAlplne   yesterday.  Kettlewsll   was   in   charge  of  sending
She aaid she called upon J.tttaraOD last   out   proposals   for   supplies,     opening
Krlday at  bis apartments  in tbe Car- bids, making ths awards and handling
Intel the payni.nl  of tbe account.     Ily tills
Mrs.  Qrey,  according  to   her  storv. I mesns he made bids under the name
told Jefferson nhe had obtained a dl* jof "Lyman Evani & Oo." for quantl-
vo.e.. from her husband and Unit ho* ties of ferromauganese. he testified,
had disappeared after being ordered j snd awarded tbem to this fictitious
to nay ber alimony, j firm
She says Jefferson promptly said! t'nder a vigorous cross examination
li" could see the husband after plac ; hv Attorneys Will II. Morris and Bert
lng hia hand on hers and gazing off IBchleslnger for the defendants, Ket-
inlo space for a time, lie then toldltlewell admitted that prior to the date
her the missing spouse was in Nebras-j for tin- opening of lb" sealed enve-
ka or Kansas, hut could i.e positively lopes containing the bids of other
last Ib also  located   and   Hie  allmonv   covering  a j flr'OB he had slit open one of the com-
h'  would ipMing bids, examined it. and then re
she   pro i trnllled  It  to the navy pay office.
in the house
by no in. bus new, but It is a matter of j number nl yara collected if
finance rather than engineering. I'iiv   fmn.    Mrs.   Orey   aald
tested  .lie  ...uld  not  afford  so  rniich !    Then, after be had awarded the con-
hut   lhe old time  policy of  waiting al   should   come
bome  for deputations from abroad  Is  give blm the
so the  price  was obliging  reduced  tn
S:'| ". ihen to MOO, and finally to thl)
on condition the sum be paid Sunday
"He told "i" be would not "at until
my former husband was located " she
���aid,    "II"  said  he  would   go  Into a
finest   trance Saturday  nighl  and  remain InIquestioned  concerning  events    which
world, I It   until   Sunday  afiernoon,     when    11 were pertinent  to the case, or whicli
tract to himself be wired to a firm
In Colorado lo obtain the material
wherewith to fill the contract, he
Kettlewells' disclosures came after
Judge Jeremiah Neterer ruled that
the  government     witness    could     be
and  awak.-n
of no value In an age of competition After Oomoleting arrangements for
Travelers .or continental engineering ; the trance Mrs, drey says Jefferson
firms, equipped with a knowledge of ask"d t'i to t"ll her fortuno aud finally
several languages and a "desire lo eame down to t'i. after which, she
please," are now finding their way says, he did a "fair job."
Into  the  remote  places of  the earth
and I involved the defendants.   At the same
Uimo the court declared that the right.'"
Continental engineers realize the
value of ^advertisement. Hritish engineers will have to fall into line.
The seoond matter is largely one of
this ".dsire to please" Hritish engineers and manufacturers are still dangerously  conservative.    They    know
best.    Now ll is not always advantag
eous   to "know   best."     Local  requirements often demand implements which  knowledge of the crime
show   a departure from standard  pat- \     In his hasty  Inspecltoi
of th" witness wouid he protected and
that he was nol compelled to Incriml-
natl   himself.
Meyer Ernuaht  Into Te��timonv.
Kdwln K. Meyer, one of the defendants In the naw yard conspiracy case,
was   brought   into   the   testimony   by
Ketttewell  unexpectedly.
"The defendant   Mover was equally
Colvllle,   Wash.   Oct.    81_���tlordon Implicated  with  nu- In this," he    as-
Thayer was brought to the county JailIBerted.
Charged   with     the    burglary   of  thel    "Who t-dd  you to say that?" Attor-
Hiikbart   store     al     Daisy    Saturday   nev  Morris demanded.
morning.   Cordon Ih a youth of 12 and      'No  one,"  Kett'ewell  r��nlled.    "It's
when apprehended stoutly denied anyitb" troth, and that's all I'm trvlng to
��� tell. 1 am not trying to evade any-
of the rash i thing."
terns Sometimes these modifications I register the youngtter left a newspa-j (May Allen and C F. Riddel, renre-
are the outcome of sentiment. In any per which he had taken from the looting the prosecution, pretested
case the client Is likely tn derive malls during the day. This gave Hticr- j, ff-.ori.Flv against the exam'natlon
greater satisfaction from the fulfil-1 Iff W. L. Woodward a clue Also theinf Kettlewell concerning any other al-
ment of his personal demands than'youth in crawling through a window jloged frauds or conspiracies than that
from an attempt to tench hlm what left a thread of his trousers upon a: in the preaent trial. Judge Neterer
we  may  term "hls business." I projecting  nail.    This  small fragment jlP(  down  the bars for the defense to
Drttish engineering firms have not; was compared with lhe clothing tho in certain extent, but Instructed them
shown a great anxiety to modify tojboy wore and matched under a micro i not In olunge into details which would
ord'r  their  standard  designs     Their  scope. IIncriminate  the  witness.
attitude would be Understandable lf| Confronted with this evidence the I Attorney Schleslnger for the de-
no competition existed, but today tier-1 boy broke down, confessed the bur* | fense gave the firset Intimation todav
mnn and other foreign engineering Iglnry and told where he had hid theinf the lines to be followed by the de-
flrms are modifying their designs and* money In a ran. Sheriff Woodsrd I fendants in refuting the governments
are actually providing fret, samples Ofl found t'i'i In the cache, which was re-1 evidence when he declared thaL re-
Iheir products turned   to  the  proprietor of  the bur-1 gardless of Kettlewells testimony, all
If   the   ll-ltish   engineer   can   meet  glarized store. Iof the  matters  In  which  the  former
these new tacllcs wtthoul any altera The boy's father, J. I. Thayer, i chief clerk had been Involved would
tion of bis existing methods then all came to lown today and asked for the ; be brought out by witnesses for the
ls well.    Hut, however much  be may   ear.- of the bov pending the return of', defense.
have been successful lu his own col-! Judge W II Jackson, when a charge | "We will show that certain of these
onles there are Indications thai he has:��ill be filed against the lad In the ju-j defendants hsd been threatened bv
not   yet  grasped  ibe situation  iu  the  venlle department. j Kettlewell."  Schleslnger said.   "Their
Ibusiness was threatened.    These mat-
MINE   PRESIDENT  SUED jters   are   bound   to  come  before   the
FOR FORTY THOUSAND! Jurv: the government can't keep them
Spokane. Oct. 31- K. J. farter, who
Halkans.      These     Indications     come
from men on the spot.
Local Comments.
Writing from several districts. Hal
kan correspondents To" a special supplement of Ihe "N"ar Kast" are almost
unanimous In an appeal to the British manufacturer for a revision of his
methods. A correspondent in Servia
The difficulty   found   In   developing
asked the court last week to dismiss
Injunction proceedings agalnsl C. L.
Cowell, president of the Marsh Mining company, filed suit ln Ihe superior
court yeBterday asklne damages of
I40,nno from Cowell. He charges that
business with ('.rent Hrltaln is caused I Cowell violated a contract which
by the refusal of Hrlti'-h manufactur- j would have given Carter 400,000
ers n accept llle usual Servian con- ��� shares of mining stock,
illiions of payment which continental | in his petition for an Injunction last
manufacturers cheerfully accede to. j week Carter charged that Cowell, aa
Continental firms nlso. ln every brnnch I president  of the Marsh  Mining com-
of trade, furnish such goodB as are
conformable to the wants of the country, and at regular Intervals send travelers to Servia who. with the local
agents, visit ciiHtony: re. In this way
the manufacturers Imcrne personally
acquainted with their customers'
wants and with lh�� changes taking
place In the country's commerce.
Eczema Is Only
Skin Deep
Proven by D. D. D.
pany. entered Into an agreement wltb
the Pohlman Investment company giving It an option to purchase 400,000
shares of stock at 25 cents a share.
He announced that he and Volney D.
Williamson took over the option, but
the mine president failed-to open up
the lower levels as provided In the
In his complaint yesterday (arter
makes similar charges. He says Williamson has refused to become a party to the action.
He announces among other allegations, that the mining company has
failed to make the sheft below No. 3
level. He says the stock Is worth
.15 cents a share.
A few skin troubles originate In the
blood. But very few. Dr. Kvans, es-
���commissioner of health, antl a famous
writer on medical subjects, says:
"We shall begin to mako headway
with skin disease when we learn two
things; first that skin disease does
not come from impure blood; second,
that so-called blood purifiers have no
-aueh BCtlon."
Get busy then and clear up your
akin.    Stop the Itching and burning.
Drive out those pimples.
Make up your mind to start now and
give yourself a smooth,  velvet com-
You can do It with the aid of the
wonderful D. D, D. prescription���a
cooling, refreshing lotion���not a salve
or "grease���It soothes your tender
skin, opens the pores, drives out the
old Impurities and gives you a skin
like a baby, smooth and clear.
All druggists have D. D. D.. We
aell lt on a positive no-pay guarantee.
You don't risk a *ent. Don't suffer
another day, Call kt our store today.
Ask also about D. D. D. Soap-best
for tender skin.
Frederic T. Hill, Prnwlst, New
Westminster, B. C.
i��> ror IS Year*
Ths Standard Skin Rtrntdy.
Host of Friends Would See Convicted
���anker Set at
Moscow, Idaho, Oct. 31.���Whatever
may have been hie faults, guilty or
Innocent, It is evident thst B. P.
O'Neil, former president and principal owner of the State Bank of Commerce at Wallace. Idaho, has many
friends ln Moscow who sympathise
with him.
Cltlsens from all walks of life and
members ot all political parties affixed their signatures to a petition
circulated here yesterday for O'Nell's
pardon. Many today went out of
their way to find the petition and to
sign It.
If the people of other towns sign
as generally as they are doing In
Moscow Barney O'Neil will have presented to the Idaho board of pardons
the largest petition ot the kind ever
tiled In Idaho.
"There appear to be none who doubt
that Mr. O'Neil was technically guilty
of the crime for which he was convicted, but attribute bis downfall to
bad Judgment rather than criminal Intent," stated W. O. Barge, who has tke
petition ln charge In this county.
Laiy Husbsnds, Vags snd Other Petty
Offenders Wlll Push
Buck Saw.
Spokane, Oct, 31.���Convinced that
the time has arrived when the county
should establish an "honor wood
farm," where vagrants, lasy husbands
and petty offenders may harvest the
2.00i> cords of wood required annually
to warm the county buildings and the
hotneB of those depending on charity,
the board of county commissioners
yesterday voted to attempt the venture and will take preliminary steps
to select timber land tomorrow.
While the prisoners snd la��y husbands wlll be obliged to cut the countv
wood us soon as the land le selected
and quarters are erected the commls
slonere also plan to maintain summer
Jobs for petty offenders. The men will
be obliged to remove stumps and clear
land after the wood has been cut.
Officials Indorse Move.
Justices of the peace, county officiate and superior court Judges indorsed th�� move.
"While some delay might be caused If the sheriff were opposed to the
plan ha hae ottered to assist In tha
work and will provide a daputr to
take charge ot the men, said C. H.
lames, chairman of- the board.
"Any court will have power to sentence men to work on the term for
miv length of time desired. Only the
petty oftenders. lasy ��������'>�����'��� ��J
���vags.' however, wlll be committed to
work on the wood ranch.
Place Msn en Honor.
Bach man will be plneed on Ws
honor, although a competent deputy
sheriff will supervise the work. l*sy
husbands will be allowed to work on
the farm, but their earnings. -11.60 a
day, wlll be turned over to tnalr tam-
The, board estimates that sn aver
age of twenty men wlll be available at
all times for this purpose. It ip ***\
mated the county would bn required
to expend nearty |M,0M for *ood
without the "honor wood tans In
operation In tlm* I** tt***st*t\ Ihm supply. It Is argued the Innovation wlll
not only make Spokane ��� discouraging place tot ".**��,* but that the
county wood supply may bi bad nt a
in the house
W.  E. FALES Quitting the   Furniture   Business
This Big Sale Offers Unusual Money-Saving
Opportunities���Go Through the Stock Today
�� [WE QUIT!] ��
Thousands of thrifty, economical furniture buyers are taking
advantage of the remarkable price reductions offered at this
Retiring-from-Business Sale. You, too have an opportunity to
make needed purchases at this time at a saving of about one-
half the regular retail prices. Investigation will show you that
the merchandise offered is from the.best manufacturers, and not
one article has been withheld or overlooked. The store is dotted
with the big price tags, the selling price marked in plain figures,
together with the original price. A sale that is different, inasmuch as we absolutely guarantee satisfaction with every purchase or refund your money without question.
A delayed shipment of Tapestry, Rugs from England just
to hand; all sizes, pretty patterns, HALF PRICE���just what
they cost to land.
W.E.Fafes, opp. Carnegie library, the Iver Sml Sales Co., selling out W. E. fales
to The News Office and receive a Handsome Pennant in Three
Colors, Size 15 x 36 inches.
Pennant Coupon
Bring three of theae coupons and twenty-five cents to The Newt office
and receive one of the beautiful Westipiptter Pennant*. In cafea$m avi not
a subscriber bring 40 cents for one month's subscription ��M 2* cent* for pennant Address all mail orders to the New* iMlVpi^
6c extra for mailing.
'  *.<���
���"���liri^^vvy P"   FAOE FOUR
Hen   Fruit   Scarce   at   Market-
he  would   have  protested  arreBt.
In chargins the jury his lordship
pointed nut it was not a question nf
the rixlit nr wi-iihk of the island labor
iiiBput.1. Incidentally be obpected to
the word "scab": the sooner such an
obnoxious lerm were forgotten the bet-
I ter for 11. t'. Not ten minutes after
they retired the Jury was recalled and
Rood idi. charged.
Attendance���Normal  fupply  in
Other  Linet.
Trading :it lhe City market yesterday morning wus up to the standard
tot the past few weeks. The ntteud-
ance was normal. There wus a good
arrival of poultry and vegetables and
the buying each ol these lines waa
t&tia factory.
' Kggs were srarce and nn a gnoil .l>-
mand they advanced Ave cents, little
AfflCUlty being experienced by tlle
majority nf sellers of "strictly fresh"
In securing the advanced price of U1
cents a dozen.
(lood quality spuds brought $16 a
ton. while the market quotations for
medluft) grade stood at *14. There
was little enquiry for lower grades.
ln the meat department veal and
pork  were  the  most  plentiful.
Some Tine looking Spitsbergen and
Baldwin apples sold at $1,110 per bo*.
Other prices were:
Turkeys, per lb  35c.
Chickens, per lb    19c to 21c.
Ducks, per lb 17c. to 21c.
Butter, per Ib 35c. to 40c.
Kpgs. per dozen 60c to 65c
Cabbage, per lb      IViC. to 2c. i
Turnips, per sack  60c. to 75c
Carrots, per sack  60c. to 75c.
1'otalfies. tier sack 90c
Onions,   per  sack    $1.251
('nib apples, per lb 2c. to 3c
Apples, per box ...
man by the name of J. McCue.
The official description of the man
ls: About 5 feet S inches In height;
weight about 175 or ISO pounds: dark
hair und dark complexion; probably u
If ever that ladles' hockey team gets
really organized there will be enough
in the coffers, taken fronl the fans to
fit up a public or private ward at the
Royal Columbian hoipltal. The project Is worthy of support from the
management   of  the   Arena  company.
Miss    M.    Ard    MacKen-rie,    General
Organizer, Visits Westminster-
Tells of Progress.
Church Notices
tural hull was well attended despite
the Inclement weather and a pleasant
evening wub passed.
Cat Turns on Gas.
Who ever heard of a cat turning
on the gas and attempting to do away
with itself? Tbla happened in the
Hurr block lasl evening when one of
the tenants, on opening the door discovered the feline silting near an open I
jet Just on the point of collapse. Ily
unletting a water pall, lhe eat hud
accidental}'  turned  on  the gas.
Fancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Block.
I Want To Borrow
$1,000   for three
OHCROH,    corner
ltluckwood streets.
and'7:30 p.m.;   Sabbath school    and
llible class 2:30 p.m.
..       .���   , , , CHURCH���Services 11 a.m. and 7:30
New Westminster  was visited  >es-!pn,     Adu���   B1We c|aas  llnd  Sunday
terday by Miss M. Ard MacKenzie, 'school at 2:80 p.m. Guild meets Mon-
organizer for the Victorian Order   of day ut 8 p.m. The minister will preach
Nurses for Canada, who Is on a tour!"' both B''"1"'8-    A h��'��rt>' W��>COme
l-cxtended    to    strangers.    M.   Cordon
|Melvin. D.A., minister.
While in the city yesterday Miss Mac-1 OLIVET BAPTIST CHURCH���Itev.
Kenzie was the guest of Mrs. \V. S. |a. S. Lewis, pustor. Public wor-
Collister, where a meeting of the exe- ghlp 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., with ser-
cutive of thc local branch was held jmonB by the pastor. Morning subject,
yesterday afternoon. "The Hattle Is the Lord's."    Evening
Interviewed by The News the organ-1subject,  "The  Divine  Companion  for
iaer.   whose  headquarters  are  at  Ot-'the   l>ost."     Baraca   class   for   young
men,  Kldelis class  for young women
2:30 p.m.    Everybody  welcome.
Bridge Nearly Completed.
With the exception of the laying of
tlte  1 racks  on   two  of  the  units,   tlle
C, P. It. treble track bridge across Ihe
Cotiuitlam river lb now completed, The
tracks are  being   laid  at  the  present
Carnarvon     andi'ln,p     Thl entire  three  units  of  the
Services  11  am I bridge will prolmbK be In use In about I
two weeks.    The Hamilton Bridge Co ! good |���t C|0SC in, in the City
years at nine per cent interest, payable half yearly, on a
are the contractors for the work.
qf the Dominion visiting the various
branches   in   the   different   provinces.
Special  revival  services  will  begin
tawa, expressed herself well pleased
with conditions In the order throughout Canada and more especially In this
city, where she believes the worth of
the organization Is just  beginning to a'  the    Free    Methodist    church    at
be" felt by the medical  fraternity.        I Eighth and Kennedy  streets,  Sabbath
Speaking of the  work  being' done ia.m. Evangelist B. C. Dewey, of Ore-
in the country Miss MacKenzie stated  gon, who has had a wide and success- l
that the rund collected by Die Duchess | fnl  career  in  evangelistic  work,  will ���
$1.25 to $1.50(of Connaught and which now amounts ibe In charge.   Services every nigm I"*
Pears, per box    $1.00 to $1.30 I to $223,000. is at  th
Flsh, Retail. order.    This sum  has been placed  In
lloundpra, per lb 10c trust as an endowment fund, the tn-
SturgAon, per lb 15c terest being used In the advancement
Halibut, per Ib 10c of the order especially    In  districts
Smelts, per lb 10c  where the expenses    exceed    the    In-
Herrlng   3 lbs. 25c come.
Sockeye, per lb 12%c|    Then   again,   explained   Miss   Ma:--
disposal of the:ginning al 7:��
vlted to attend.
All are cordially in-
Jas. D. Marsh, pa.-'tor.
Retail Meats.
Ueef. best rib roasts, per lb. 20c to 22c
Ueef. loin, per lb 26c to 27c
Ueef. round steaks, per lb...20c to 25c
Boiling beef, per lb 14c
Veal, par lb. 16V.C to 17c
Pork, per lb 12V_c to 13c
Mutton, per Hi 8c to 20c
Poultry, Wholesale.
lions, small, per doz $6.50 to $7
Hens, large, per doz  $8 to $10
Chickens, per doz $t. to $7
Broilers, per dozen  $4.00 to $5.00 I
Hens, live  per lb.      17c to 18c I ohuri���.   afla|r
Chiekens, live, per lb 19c to 20:: | manv ',���.���,,,,,
Additional Locals
Kenzie, the l.ndy Minto fund is b. ing :
treated  the  same   wav   for the  pur- ! 	
pose of making  small  grants  toward j
constructing small hospitals. Purchase Bank -ite.
This Is the second visit of Miss! The Hoyal Hank has purchased a
MacKenzie to this city, sh* having Bite for a building on the corner of
been present when the order was Clarke and Queen streeta, Port Moody,
organized some six months ago. The site te to the centre of the busl-
"There is a wrong  impression    ex-,ne9s <llslrlct "t tteclty.
Isling among many of the citizens of """"*~
the various places I have visited," ex- In Effect Tommorrow.
plained Miss MacKenzie to The News, j    The new time table on the Central
"We  pride ourselves  in   not  being  a   Park   line,   extending   the   service   to
altogether,     although  20   minutes   during   certain   hours   of
manv people who could well use    the ithe day, will go into effect tomorrow.
Pucks, per dozen       J8 to $10 j sprvjc(..g of a mirse   teeUng  ,hPV  ^Sunday
Ducks, live, per lb 16c lo 19c j ,,ski[|R   _,,.,,.;,..     We  g0  ,0  ,,���������,   ,���. ,
I people of moderate means and to the New  Factory.
poor."                                                    i    The  Grlnnell  (Hove    company    of
Concluding her interview. Miss Mac- Vancouver, lias decided to establish a
Kenzie paid a compliment to the exe- Stove and leather goods factory at the
cutive of the local order and also to corner ..f Mars street and Wilson road.
NurBe Downham   who has charge of Port Coquitlam.   The factory will em-
the work In the cily.   The organizer P'0? "'" "e0')U' ilt '������'' ��?t��et lm! la��r,
loavs for Ottawa on Wednesday next if  businrss   warrants,   40  people  will
find expects to arrive there about  the l>"   employed.     The   complete   proce
fContlnued from page ono)
I emi of Novembi
"Head  them off;  don't let them  get I western trip on
She   left  on
August 17.
Body Discovered Hancting to Ctepc cf
Freight Car���Believed to Be
J.  McCue.
awny this time." Then Reynolds, a I
miner, had said; "Where's that gun \
Of yours?" Ile had said none was-|
needed with "that bunch." A blow on |
the side of the head had staggered
After the noon adjournment Cave
again testified. He said be had beeif
convlcttid  of assaulting  a  miner.
Jas. M. Brown, a fire boss previous
to the strike, then took the stand. He
had heard Cave challenging James
Connor on the night of the 10th. Cava
had threatened witness and when the
latter had said he was too light. Cave
bad said: "Trot out the biggest man
you've got."
Ile  had   followed     Officer    Hannev ,     _.
through   the  crowd   and   had   seen   ii ;    T,lf'   10'ly of
man  reach  out,  grab  Hannev  by  the  l        "f J'  McCuB- of Coqultlam
uboulder and tear his coat.    The offi-  yesterday  morning  found  hanging by
eer  turned   and   accused   James  Con-  ;i *"">"' r"lln<1 his neck, to the steps of
nors of tearing his coat. , a freight car on the C. P. H. Westmin-
Witness hesitated to tell who lt;s,Pr branch line about a quarter of
was tore the coat. "He is a close rela- a '""" ('ast ��' 'he Praser Mills depot
tlve of mine." he said. The name wai The gruesome discovery -was mad" bv
not given. But It was not. James or I J. Beattle, conductor on the night
John Connors.    Witness  was certain. '��� shunting  train at   4    o'clock    in    the
Examined by Mr. Taylor. Brown said . morning. The case is believed to h-i
lhere  were  12  or 15 men  with  Cave  one of suicide.
.that  night.    This  was  earlier  in  the      The shunting train  was engaged In
the big row started switching  ears  in   the neighborhood
of manufacturing gloves and other
leather goods from raw hides will be
conducted by the concern.   Operations
on  the  factory  buildings
will    start
Auction Timber Tract.
One of  the  largest   areas  and  perhaps one of the mosl  valuable limber
mits ever placed under the hammer,
will be auctioned off in the crown timber  office  on   Wednesday   next   when
some fi.!i2 square miles of timber land
amounting   to  442.   acres,   located  on
Spuzzum   creek,   between     Vale    and
: North  Bend  will he sold at  the upset
.price of $13,082.01.    While the lumber
trade at  the present  time has  fallen
j off considerably, it is altogether likely
(that   some  spirited   bidding  will  take1
  ...    place before the immense tract Is sold.
*..m��� .esse* to*! * w- n,"'k",t' r���*n ii"",t-r
waslwlll have charge of the sale.
evening.    When
there w.re about 150 union  men and -when Beattle, While walking along the
top of the ear In question noticed the
lie had  seen  but one non-union man
This   was   Cave,     lt   was   an   excited
J. E, Bird, for the defence. In addressing the Jury pointed out the first
seen of James Connors was when |,���
went up the street to the big crowd
Mr. Bird said if the crown had wish
���ed, Brown, the fire boas, could have
been made tell who this relative of
bla was. The crown had been lenient
however. Otherwise the unnamed
man  might have stood  in  the  prison
body hanging limply from the side
steps. He Immediately notified W, it.
Stanton, chlet   of    police   at  Praser
Mi'is,   who   bad   the   body   removed   to
Murchie's parlors In ibis city, Papers
fi und In the clothing lead to the be-
lief thai the man la .). McOue.
The papers also Indicate that    the
man was from Coqultlam; but whether
j from   Port Coqultlam  or the municipality is not known.    An endeavor is
I being  made by  Chief  Stanton  to (lis-
Icover   further   Information   about   the
Addition to Hotel.
Tenders are being called for the addition to the Holbrook hotel In order
to comply with the new provincial
Liquor act. This will be In the nature of a one storey addition thus
bringing the total rooms to 86, Messrs.
Gardner and Mercer have prepared
the plans and are allowing Belected
contractors to figure on the project.
The new addition will be of brick.
The building is owned by an English
estate. Bome delay having occurred
owing to the length of time consumed
in the passing to and fro of correspondence
Remove   Barricades.
Acting on Its own Initiative, the
C. P, it has removed the barricades
from Moody street crossing. Port
Moody, much to the gratification of
the residents of that city. The city
had appli'd to the railway commission
for an  order causine  the C    P   It   to
then the crossing, but the facl lhat
Arthur Leighton or Nanaimo, repre- cover, ""","r  ���'���""""".���"", ��'""",,'.","  the barricades were removed made the
sentlng  John  Connors,  said  If Jamea n,an   '"  ur'l"r  '"   P����uVlly  establish ta
.Connors had  hen wrongly seized for,'1'* Identity.
'tearing the coat. John was justified I Th" body is lhat of a workinnn. Th"
in Interfering. It was obvious molt clothing was fairly substantial, bul
of the crown's witnesses held animus j <��'>' 15 cents In silver was round in
towards the prisoners. the pockets,    An Inquesl  will be held
For  the  crown A.  D.  Taylor,  K.C..later.    Neither the police <f Port Co-
showed how Cave and party had three |quitlam   nor  the  police -tif Coqultlam
application unnecessary,
Smoker Postponed.
I    Owing   to  Hi"  facl   that   II   clashed
with a citizens' dance in celebration
of Hallowe'en, the Btnoker of 1'ie Port
1 Coiiuitlam troop of B. C. Horse was
not held last evening. The Hallowe'en
times   been   accosted   by   miners.'   jlf I municipality   ar"  able   to   trace    any |dance which  was held  In the agricul-
James oCnnors had not torn the cosi 1
... AT...
Dean's Grocery
This week   we    ni"    demonstrating
Malkins Best Tea, and Brown Berries
Coffee.    If you have nol  tried    thla
a* -dellcioiiB Tea and Coffee come In, our
store and have a sample cup.
Buy IWalkin's
Tea and Coffee
This Week
We are giving away dainty china-
ware with every purchase.
Dean's Grocery
Phone 386.
Burr Block Columbia Street.
Ready for the Day
To the  Thrifty
We wish to reduce our stock
for stock-taking purposes and
are offering the whole at a reduction of from 10 to 20 per cent
For Seven Days
for cash. We invit" yon to come
and see us We will save you
floods delivered in any part of
the city.
Corner 6th St. and 5th Ave.
Phone 404.
of New Westminster, worth
three thousand dollars. Apply Box 2327, this office.
C, P. R, Ready-Made Farms
More than 9,0110,000 acres good Canadian Pacific Hallway Com
nimy land In Ilrillsh Columbia, "Sunny Alberta," Saskatchewan and
Manitoba awaiting magic touch or lillers' are to blossom usMie roue
All C. P. It land for sale on new twenty year, colonisation pay
mint plan; $20(10 will, If desired, he loaned settlere for farm Improvements, , , ,,
Kor descriptive literature and settlers' transportation rates call
on or write the Canadian Pacific Hallway Company's Official Land
Selling Aguits
D. E. Brown, Hope & Macaulay
Financial,  Insurance and  Real   Estate Agents.
Rentals and Collections.
General Railway and Steamthip Agents.
Furniture Bargains
Dining-room chairs In Qolden Oak Finish, set uf 6, regular $15.00.    Ball  	
Extension Tables, Golden Finish 	
Kitchen Cabinets complete top and base, two bins and two drawers.    Regular $l.r'.    Sale
Kitchell Cupboard, class doors.    Regular 115.00.    Hale	
English Breakfast Tables,   Regular 17.00,   Sale	
Kitchen  Tables,   larne  Bize   	
Bedroom Tables, Golden <>ak.    Regular H.50,   sale 	
Brail Dels, full lire.   Regular $17.50.   Sale	
Bedspreads.   Regular $1.60.   Sale 	
Bed Uuilts.    Regular $2.00,    Sale	
S 9.50
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5 1.50
For the balance of this week we offer you a reduction of 15 to 20 per cent
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The Big Furniture Store Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
Open tonight till 11 p.m.. Gome rl-r.vn, see our
prices. Don't buy till you do; $30,000 stock to select
The latest patterns in Chinchilla Overcoats with velvet
or shawl collar.
$30 Overcoat $21.50
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Stetson, Borsalino, Mallory
and Knox Hats
$5.00 Hats for $3.35
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Between the hours of 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. on
Worsteds and Tweeds; sizes 33 to 40, regular price $15.00 to $28.00 for
Please note that only 15 Suits will be sold
at this price.
$6.00 Suit for $4.15
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Scotch Tweeds, Worsteds,
and Serges, latest styles,
made by Hart, Shaffner &
Marx and McAlpin-Rich-
Fit Guaranteed.
$30 Suit for  $21.00
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$15 Suit for     9.50
Here's where we are right,
having the best selection of
patterns in the city.
$1.25 Shirts for $ .90
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$4.00 Shirts for  2.75
1 "    ��� ' i .!��������� .���
If vou are an old customer of this store, you know that when we advertise bargains they are sure to
be fullv worthy of the name. If you are not a regular patron of ours, you could not select a more opportune
time tc call and see how we help you to stretch the purchasing power of your dollars.
Even those who have become somewhat accustomed to the unusual values we have offered, will find
many happy surprises for them at this sale for the prices in several instances have been reduced lower than
evei before.
__, . pa��\k nv��
Former Star Goal Tend Thinks Puck-chasers Have Opportunity to Control Hockey Situation���Refers to Baseball Players' Fraternity Plan.
Illley Hern, former ntur goaltender
of the Monlrcul  Wanderers, In of lhi'
���opinion   umi    the    newly  organized
hockey oommlllion is a poor proposition wllliout the players having a
commission too.
"Naturally," said Mr Hern, "tho
now commission Is good for Lbe own
en of the clubs, it gives then a firm
grip on every professional hookey
player in Canada who Intend! to re-
main In the (ante. The hockey player
wlll In thla way he to a greal extent
powerless to regulate salaries. Ile
will either have to take what he Is
ottered or appeal to the oommlailon,
and If the OOffltnlaalon'l riilin>; I. not
satisfactory to him. be will either have
to play or retire.
"Now, (lure lu otw way that the
players oould teaeen tbe power ot tbe
t" mmlaelon considerably, tin, incidentally show that they are a Itroni
organization. They OOOld Inaugurate a
playera' fraternity. Tlie baseball playera' fraternity in tbe Doited Btates
baa been a great success, ami i in-
Hev,. that if the profeaalonal hockey
plajreri of Canada do i.ot organize
aome kind of a OOmmtealon thu winter, they will benefit hy thla season's
experience ami form audi g strong
organisation next season that tbey
will h .e a whole lot lo say about
what's what In hockey.
Slap at Preaent Co mm iau on.
. "If a commission of thil kind were
organized, the preaent hookey commission would kwe much of Its power.
To make It a lOOCeM, It would need to
Include the three Mg leagues N. II,
A., Coast leagues aud the Maritime
'l'ills commission would have a
whole lot to do with regulating aalnr
lea. It could work like a hlg union If
It were found thai the present com
mission was not trearli g any certain
player rr players properly not giving
hlm enough salary, for Instance
every player In that particular league
could go oul on strike, and the com-
mission would be behind them.
1 am In a peculiar position to critl
iclze;   but even ao, 1 cunnot  help    be-
Having tbut  iIiIh  players'  commission
or fraternity Is Imminent.
"There Is one thing thut I have al-
jwiiys emphasized," said Mr. Hem.
|"and that Is that the magnates seem
ito overlook the fact lhat hockey
'playera do not have to play hockey for
a  living.     Muuy   of   them   huve oilier
| vocations,  and  could   git   along  very
well without playing hookey.    If tliey
[play,  they   wunt  to  be  properly relm-
' bunted,"
Local  Cricket  Club  Will   He Member
of Mainland League Next
! Moody.    Sapperton    and    Burquitlam j Adanacs Defeat Tigers in Last Minute
Parka  Are   Engaged���Burnaby.                  of Play���Hustlers Oo Down.
Bankers Exciting Interest. 	
  In one of the most oxcjlj^ig games
...      . .,       ,.    . . .,, ,,   ever staged on the basketba|l|L'ourt of
blx of the city league teams will be 'If
Been In action this afternoon after a""* Y. M. C. A. the Adanafcs last
lay-oil or tWO weekl caused by Hn, wining nosed out a win over the
iTOQUoli cup contests being staged 'Tigers h> - oun point margin In the
lust  .Saturday. i -*** minute of play.
Uankeis vs. llurnaby is exciting the] 'n "���>'' second encounter Crescents
mosl Interest owing to the showing defeated the Hustlers '_. to U In a
made by the latter learn laat winter | rough and tumble affair, during which
When they managed to break even in fouls galore were handed out by the
points with the flnunclal students   In j Officials.
Marshall's     Team     Defeats     ftoar.'s
Three ?traipht in House Leanue
Mire surprises were handed out  In
the House  Bowling  league last evening when Sloan's <|ulntette went down
to defeat three games straight before
the aggregation under Duck Marshall.
Heavy  scoring   was  mnde  i.n   both
I sides, Captain  Slum notching a total
lot 681* but was forced to give way to
a _S!i at the bands of HulT and also
580 by Marshall.    Huff with _4:i cap-
I Hired  Individual  honcrs.    The  scores
ami league stands follow:
Sloan��� 1       'i      3   Ttl.
I Steele   177    140   175��� 498
|Thinner  16H   i;i7   188- 467
llun Clark  133    149    118��� 404
liaggman   157    ltil    198���516
Sloan    188    173    '.flO��� 561
At a meiting    of    th" Westminster
Cricket <lub held Thursday evi ning It1
was decided  ttl enter a  team  in    the
Mainland Cricket  league fiexl  season, '
K. ('. B, Cave being elected a delegate
to the  next  meeting  of  the  urganiza
tlon to be beld on November 9.
Thla action will bring to this city a
betti r grade of the summer pastime in
that only tbe best teams In the Vancouver district will be members and
before the Royals would -.nter it was
neceaaary to make a guarantee of a
j v.c|l equipped ground.
New  Westminster captured the Taylor cup thlR past  season  in  the Van-
Icouver and Dlatrlct league, but several
iof the teams which comprised lhe Van-
! comer league will be dropped as not
being   strong   enough   for   the   Main
land organization
Unless they show better combination
jthe soccer team from the It. C. H. S.
Is liable  to  slip another cog In  Vancouver this afternoon.
both garni s played
.Manager Stacey,   of   the    Hankers
has gathered together a strong lineup which includes two members cf the
rugby club, who arc Idle this af er-
noon. Harry Tidy will officiate at
this game, having resigned from the
City club In order to bc eligible on
tbe referees' boai'^1.
The Hankers' llin'-up will he as follows: Clark. Stacey, Shildrick, Walker, Hamilton, Allison. Whiteside. \\ il
son, Hibbs. Dunford, Pitcalrn.
Rovers vs. Eapoerton.
Ai Moody park the Hovers and Sapperton clash for the first time with";
the chances favoring the former. Man j
ager Grant was uncertain of bis line- *>
lip when seen yesterday, hut mention
ed that a strong aggregation would *
be trotted out.
Ralph   Forrester,   of   Hurnaby.   will
handle the game, whicli starts at 2:4."i'!'
o'clock. **
Will Go to Burquitlam.
The City eleven whl make their "
first appearance on the Burqultlam :;
grounds at '.'. o'clock this afternoon. ,:
This will be the opening home game *
of the suburbanites, the City taking <
no chances of dropping the two points. :
The players will take the _ o'clock or :
the 2:30 o'clock Sapperton car and :
walk the rest of the distance along
the North road. Ashworth will be the
Bren Btumett (.Julnn, president of,
'the N. II A., realizes the Btrength of
!the       l'aciric       coast       organization
He conies through  with  the Informs-
'tion that Skene Honan Is due for the,
coast or will have to slay out.
Tlle Tlger-Adattao battle was the
feature of the evening for ending the
flrst half with an adverse score of 8
points, the Tigers slowly crept up to
their opponents and two mlnuteB from
time saw both teams even. Tigers
then notched a goal from the foul line
which gave them the lead, only to lose
out by a field throw.
Joe Evans and Jack Smith handled
the first gam" (villi Q. I. Sovereign
and C. Kirkland officiating In the
823    766    857
Marshall��� 1       2       I
Johnson   166
Wlgley   173
Huff 243
Dally  126
Marshall 194
3 Ttl.
162��� 4118
164��� 468
184- 599
147��� 430
212��� 580
House  Learue
McfJill      6
Pike    6
Marshall   t
Burnett 6
Slcan  6
Walters      6
814    859    2575
Vi.     I..
tt tt
.. ft s # e a * # 8 * * (
Schools league���      '
High school vs. Richard Mc-
Hride.     Sapperton     park.     10
St. Louis    vs.  Lord    Kelvin,
Moody park. 9:15 o'clock.
John    Robson    vs.    Herbert
Spencer,    Moody    park.    10:30
City league-
Hankers vs. Hurnaby, Bapperton park, 2:45 o'clock.
Rovers vs. Sapperton. Moody
(    park. 2:45 o'clock.
':���       Cily vs. Burqultlam. Buniult-   tt J
:=   lam, 3 o'clock. tt
i Rugby. ��� I
.       Vancouver   vs. Nanaimo   at   tt'
':���   Nanaimo.
Field Hockey.
*       Public schoola vs. Burnaby at   '���-.:���
'..    Vancouver.
a. t
�� tt tt 0 O ��� �� tt. * �� ����� tt I*, *!������ tt
On Inside Westminster Property
From $500 up
Agreements of Sale Purchased
At Reasonable Rates and Terms
J. J. JONES,  Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
Head Office:  Columbia and Begbie Streeta.
With the Baseball I'layers' Prater- j After walking two miles to Burquit-
nlty and a I'layers' Hockey commls-1 lam the City soccer teem should be ln
slon, what  Is this country coming to! fine trim to hand a licking to the su-
Sellg's  Thrilling/Melodrama   In
two acta
"A Child of
the Sea"
A waif cast up by the sea saves
the life of the llglithnuso*-
1-atest new-B from Abroad
Edison Photonlay.
A   Drama.
'QTfjc fcljutert *$pptr"
You want thi* rateable
dolian to you, imaed at tray
giving you an accurate aad tela
all the Markets oi the Worid ���
is worth hundreds ef
ef the Fur Market,
cf what n doing in
Raw Fan.
*.. H. BUCKUN, N. BEARD81_m       W. T. H. BUCKUN.
Free, imd deal. Mgr.      Vies Presld���l -toe. tsf Tree*
Fir, Cedar  and Spruce
Phonee No. 7 and 1/7.
an> way.
*��� ' f . *
November 1st to 6th
Coat for
We want every man and young man in New Westminster to. wear one of our
SMART NEW OVERCOATS. Therefore we offer you for ONE WEEK OI^Y
your choice of any $22, $25 or $30.00 Overcoat in our shop for
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Pacific Coast; 200 Coats to choose from; we have the style and n
want; get it now, don't wtait.
Regular prices plainly marked
on Every Garment
.*    "���:f
.Don't mi**
thi*, men,
H'* tike pat-
m\*\ng money
, l   -         ;':* .*-.
**   -. *"'*..
k *'��
.   *   el- f*'
". ^ n.\i'
' .-if.^mif'i
i t            s
'     ".  *���
���    *���   * A-
���  ' ������.-MtM-i.,
Yior ir>! )',ui
���   /��� Mi
���     '*���'������ w**\.   -V*,*'^  ���'-���1,/.^??>-'*''rV*'?\;,-''>-_"*'^^*'i'-''-.-1V''v.;'-
','' -*��   -
SATURDAY,   NOVEMBER   1,   1913.
f��A6B   �����
�� -
Classified Advertising
W H llllil'III11    ADS    WILL
Muni!*, nl. Oct  81.   Bree  legal **���
rice fer tin' poor of tlu> olty Is 111.' lilt*
o-Jved (or Tne News at the following places:    I'. T. Hill's drug store,
���fi:-.s   Columbia
QvMnsboro ii-,'*
;    A.
��� ��  O * * ��� ���
rn;;     SALE
flnlshod, and
mouds. Clear
Apply owner
1.*.-iiiii aveuui
large cleared lot, Eld
.l.'.'d.   Cheap for cash
Ueorge Warne, Elgb
', Edmonds.        12324)
ax*, a <���
a ****** *
* * A *
<��_,*. , ir per wo
iKiti; MOO mi
qp**& within ��
sxtitstxct,  $26.00
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oi'ds, to lit used a�� r��
trom  dul.- "i
FOR   sai.i*.      A   SINGER   SEWING
machine, $30, Apply Sapperton hotel.
Expert   Oft   on    Big   Job���Will   Snap
Colony   Farm   Stock   When
He Gets Back.
Victorian   Pleads Case  cf   Hired
Eefore the Labor Commission.
ne  'i.n
L>   I
-imi il..liars for   '^
^^-���ranio nun  *a}*t^
Hire.' y. ars al U per
cent. Interest payable half yearly,
*m a. good lot close-in In tha city
New Westminster, worth three
thousand dollars. Apply Hox _;i_7
���'Jiiii office. (2327)
modem house on
location.   Apply
. nice.
ear line, excellent
llox   2296   News
FOR    SAI.K        SAW    TABLE    ANII
saws, foot power mortising machine,
Hu!*. 2222 News office,
flnishod, and largo cleared lot, Kd-
monds. Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Apply owner, (ieorge Warne,
Eighteenth avenue, Kdmonds. (2140)
-company wishes to meet linancial
or real estate linn desiring to add
tife   Insurance   to   their   business.
lined    e.Ultra, t    given    lo    suitable
vari*,.    Apply  Box  2320 The
miles out, less than 80 minutes' ride
on B. O, Klectric from New West
minster; soil excellent, bottom or
upland as desired; tram frontage
$150 nn aero and remainder just
back of frontage lets $1U0 and J125.
Terms quarter cash, two years for
balance.    This Is a sacrifice; estate
ture. in large or small quantities for
spot cash. Will give full value or
-ill! wll your household goods and
���edecta by auction. Will guarantee
fn realize value or uo ciunmissioii
<ch*r*Kod. 11. J. Russell, Westminster
Awctkiu   House.  King's hotel  hlock.
I'nlumbia. street.
rwuns in private family, close in.
Afiiily to !iu Fourth Htre.t,      i__18)
to  be    cleaned    up  al
agents, Curtis & Dorgan. New W
minster,    rhono 406.    No trades.
Victoria, Oot, 31,    How to take moving  pictures   from   the   e.iweateher  of
:\ C, P, n. train In the Rocky mountains Is the question thai is agitating'
the mind of 11. A. C. Siutzeiiieh, who;
has heen engaged by the provincial
government to tak.* films nf the various Industries Of the province and
nlso a number ot scenic views. Mr.
Sintzenleh, who has been here for
Bome time in connection with thla Important commission, has left for the
mainland, Clad in a manner lhat Ik
Calculated tO render him Impervious to
jthe hard weather which be expects to
Since coming to the province sev-
! oral months ago Mr. Sintzenleh has
jbecn somewhat unfortunate in regard
to weather, the conditions frequently
proving other than propitious for animated photography. Despite thla difficulty, how.,ir, Mr, Sintzenleh
taken a number of wonderful
,nnd many of these have been dispatch
ed to London to be printed and exhih
The trip which Mr. SlnUenlch
|US| Bel out upon will probably b.
last of the series made by hlm through
ithe   province.     He   Is   going   through
 ,     , ti1P  Rockies, and  will call at Qrand
once.     Sole j t.orks in or,jer t0 lako pi_t���r,,s 0f the
Viotorla, Oct. ai.- The lot of the .1"
Simple T'
lt  Is
hs by Which the i
is Millie to Lie.
well  known  that the
era thl
est heni'ficen. scheme put forward in U <^��ta%J^^W&
Montreal, ami a Legal Al.l sociot.   Int.-*,    ;,,"!/,,/ u"���. picture, and hy taking ml
already been  tentatively organized, a*   i.nUge Ot this tact some iistoiilshlni
may I,*- obtained, parllcul,
.,,8 of somewhat short foou
eer.ling   to   the  announcement   yesterday afternoon by A. ii. Brook Claxton,
EC, C. who spi ke at  a meeting of the
Charity Organisation society.
��� '," ,""' ,'",.",,i;" ",'', "J ��dd!?M "" .'."'''"'' ml  in all seriousness as
���'""llln" '" l'1""11""1 to -Tenant,   the ~ f   1(,,u���|,. pr0portloM
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       .peukor  averred   thai    a    numlier of       ,,'���,���..,.    .���_,  U,.0.,|B who loo
mestlc servant was brought to the at- prominent  members of the  bar had    L VSa nlcture were deceived, tor the
d   tholr  willingness   to   pr~   "'
IJ" .Imployod/'NoT long 'ago the writer
saw  reproduced In a popular maga-
... . ��� ,���.,-....h which was desiilb-
leplctlng  a
Canada's   Commissioner    In
Tells of  What  He  Saw
This Province.
il - 1
rli,   Oct.   'il     The   Hon
I'auadian commissioner
at I'aris,
and '
teatlou   ef   the   labor   commission   by! expi*.
mote the cause of tree legal aid. A
Committee had already been formed,
composed of C, m Holt, K, <'., Arthur
Vallee, and Mr. Brook Claxton, and
the work nf organisation was proceeding apace.
speaking of rental relations,
Brook i ilaxton pointed oul that
wleal  plan for the tenant
was in gel a written Contract for his
dwelling,     He .11.1  not  believe in  "un
deratandlnga," because they were ni-
nasi : ure lo be misunderstandings,
"We  have    a    population    growing
defined for the Oriental domestic, he i ""."J". "1"i,l'-v "la" '"", K���TiCi hi"
declared, bul not tor the white B|ri. i"1"",.'" <''������<���'"'��""'��� *�� ����W ���� tthita
and In view of the fact thai ihls class "��' *������" ""*am w" have troub,e "' *B|
of labor was the most defenceless in
the   province   in*,   commission   should I
__fmmmmmmmmmmmmmm    _____________^_ HOSPITAL
or ov
lii-pi'i'tor of Customs .Mare'ianl at the
' session at the parliament bulldlnga,
He suggested that the women In ser
vice  should   have  a   limit   of  a  maxt-
: mum number of hours, and be paid ex-
;tr:\ for overtime.
Mr. Marehant also briefly advocated
the single tax  system M a
bringing   land   under   pi'odu
liniiilng  uneinplo;. ment.
Mr.  Marehant pointed to tin- differ-j
ence   between   llie   treatment   aeeoril
rd to the Oriental and the white helpj
The   hours  of  service   were   well
I domestic, he !
Iiiih jusl returned from a two months'
?��mnav*2t five or'^^sons'whoMmnl |,rlp to Canada.    II.- expresses himself
so ,,'the..Hi"the background.    W rBftUy pleased with the reeult of tha
|���   ,-,'alilv   the vegetable was of only   ;������-���,._,,._   whicb   was   undertaken   with
ordinary proportion and, mere��� *,   oos  ( (>f m)t|nK (,iH |(.(i,(l (hl.ll(,,.
SlKLW U ^arueuTS L ��� r*p t U try,
beings oecaus.     _ ( |   Vr )(,,v H|ll,k,- ..t !.i�� aHii.iiisi.nn-i.t ut
If a fisherman bas I(jj9 progress mad.- during the three
it in"? i,,.,��� since he wuh i.im  In Canada,
lens of short focus,
to  Duraual     '" tns Ha""> Wl,v
-- .._..'��� I caught n lish six Inches long
appear gigantic In lbe
Hy means of bis roi
filhorman may hung lb*
Blx or el|;ht teet nearer
than  be  himself  Is, imd
be   made   lo
nn.l line the
lish u good
ib.. camera
iiis rights easily
FOR SAi.r_-ji.no DOWN, ji.no PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar
ket square, faassi
.'.Ahril housekeeping rooms, private
family. $8.00 per month, 310 Warren
trade   protection   specialists.   J. M
Ciawa,    general    manager.     P.    O.
drawer 110, New Westminster.
Jirrnished or unfurnished, al reason-
able terms.    113 Oakland street.
apartments to rent, right on car line,
-steam boated, hot and cold water.
sas ranges,  electric  light,  separate
jath to every suite, rooms are bright,
cheerful, clean and sanitary and rent
ST��y reasonable including gas and
ir;l>VK.     Also    single    rooms,    both
furnished   and   unfurnished.   Apply
Mrs.    Mandville,    suite    1,    second
Jtoor, Mandville apartments, corner
iiiith avenue and Twelfth street.
mining there. Proceeding to Field
and Revelstoke, he expects lo secure
some unique films of the scenery. On
his way back he proposes calling at
CoQUltlam in order to obtain representative films of the government stock
farm. He exnecis that the trip will
occupy about three weeks' time.
On the last occasion on which Mr.
Sintzenleh ventured lo take pictures in
the ltockirs he had two instrument-;,
one for color and the other fnr black
and white work, attached to the abridged platform In front of tbe engine.
Almost obscured in fur and woo] he
stood there while Ihe train rattled on
and turned lhe crank of his machines.
Which were recording in the one instance, forty pictures to the second,
and in the other sixteen pictures to
the second. When weary of the task
and almost exhausted from the
he was rescued by the driver
fireman, who thrii"t hot tea and
down his threat There wis no fore!
).io feeding about it. either. h<
recommend legislation limiting th
maximum number of hours and I'ixin
the principle of paying extra
time.   He believed tliere was an abundance of  while help to be obtained,
which would be available if the social ostracism now   existing was  removed and the girl-, given fair treatment,    This  systi'in  of  parental  rule
'which prevailed where girls  wero employed was unjust In that they  "* ~
get sufficient resi and recreation
' i rd Inary general Bervanl
$20 to 330 a month here.
I terms   wero   not   bad
I those of store  girls
Portland, ore Oct 81. While being rushed from the North Hank Sts
tlon   to   St.   Vincent's   hospital   in   a
I taxicab this morning, an elderly woman having in her possession a railroad
ticket   signed   "Mra   Nell   \.   Smith,"
died  of heart  disease liefore  the lios-
did not I pi tal was rea. bed    The woman, who
The I was  about   ,;s   years of age  ami  ap
arned from parently of Oerman extraction, alight-
BO that   the     ,| fn.m a Spokane train at the North
compared  with Bank station and was suddenly taken
i far as salary |111.   she was attended by City Physl-
lhe  lens does lhe res*..
Very  laughable   caricature
be made hy simply inov-
swlng back'' ol the ram-
tbe perpendicular.    Your
be made lo look like i*< -
dwarfs   wllb   big
an  almost  endless
 deformities may
devised   by  \aryln_.  ...
angle ol the bank
graphs iu
Inglng the
era out of
friends may
dining   giants   o
beads.     In   tact,
variely of qualnt^^^^^^^^^^
trying  the elevation
the camera and the
Cure   must
bo la' en, however, le
"slop down" the l"ns as much as possible in order to bring tli ��� Whole picture well Into focus.    This, of course,
means that a good light is required:
otherwise the   exposure   must   be
long on- and your model may
.md spoil the picture,
mo\ t
was concerned.
wei k. be thought
girls,   tho   hours
lessened,  and  time
for overtime.
Two    half    days
Ian Fred .1   Zlegler, who ordered her
should be given Ihei sent to the hospital. She was dead I.e.
of  labor  generally Uore the cab reached the Institution.
and  one-half paid \    The woman bore no marks of Identification   with-lhe   exception   of   the
  j name   on   a   through   ticket   reading
OEJECT TO BARRING j'rom  Spokane  to San  Krancisco. The
NEGROES AS JANITORS  body is at the morgue.
Spokane.  Oct.  "I -Resolutions de
trouncing the position of Custodian A
0, Alexander of the city hall for his
recommendation barring negroes a3 j
janitors were taken last night at a
meeting of negro voters at the office
of B. A. Stokes. The action of the
civil service commission in rejecting |
the recommendation of Alexander was
Idea of
Tin- Bogus
Several    prominent
nf Paris conceived lhe
Ing Investigations among the beggars
on lbe boulevards by disguising
tb mselves as me nbers of tn.- begging
fraternity and soliciting aims, Tbey
ded beyonii their utmost expec-
dlMoverlng fraud
t .ripples and til I n.l
liberal fees which
received.     A    good
i number of mess
��3_U*n_.Hl___ COMPLETE, HOUSE
lteieirtn'R rooms $10 and 115 per
month at 221 Seventh street. 12333.1
twoen Gloucester and Victoria
streets.    Reward.     Nows  office.
over    the molt ?    A good tonic and
Invlgorator Will put them  in  condition  for you.    Don't let  them loaf
too long, for if cold weather strikes
before lhey get back to laying, likely they  will    be    poor    layers    all
winter, when eggs mean money, too.
Improve the appetite and  digestion
by putting a little of Conkey's
ing Tonic In the mash once a
Watch the Improvement,   Try this
on   Conkey's  guarantee  your  fowls
will look better, act better, do better In every  way.    2nc. 50c and  Jl
packages; pails J1.G0 and $?,
means  protit.    Look  om   for  Roup.
Better have Conkey's Roup Remedy
on hand now, 25e, 50c and Jl sizes.
Use It at the lirst symptom.   Hotter
still, put a   little    in the   drinking
water occasionally as a preventive.
Money  back guarantee.    Brackmau-
Ker Milling Co..    Ltd..    540
street, and all grocer"
ng at the
nip-lit- -a brown hunting dog, with
chain. Finder return to 100fl St.
Andrews streel for reward.      (2316)
'.���wiginatine inside buildings repaired
:iay or night,   by    Woodward,   G13
-"Colombia street.    Tel. 70S.      (23021
where. No collection, no charge.
Am*rioan-Vara:ouver Mercantile Ag
���^ney. S36 Hastings street west, Van
v-ouvrr, lit'. (23321
farm ealei
-sought for
Bogble -pm
i   conducted.    Furniture
cash.    P.  H   Iirown,  17
'ct. New Westminster.
Oct. 81.���S. Ram start, repi.i-
Welcome hotel. South .lack-
sen street, hart a busy time last nieht.
whieh Included a round of some of tin*
South-of Y.-i'ier thrtstorlums, the loss
.if his watch, a visit to the police station, and the reenverv of the I'me-
niece. I ikewise Ramslad engaged in
fistic combat.
In one of the (.-.nth end saloons.
Ilamslid accumulated n seomlnirlv respectable  survivor of  better davs
at the same time lauded
Custodian Alexander yesterday slat
ed in defense of Ills position, that "eo|.
ore.I   men   made   good   janitors   only'
when  a  man  stood  over  them   whenj'n
they  were  employed  in  the  work.  All
of the big buildings of the-city havel
had  to  take  on  white  help  and   it   Is
our experience tiiat colored help ilo.-s
.not get the results," continued Alexan-1
der,     ���llowever.   instead   of   firing   20
i men we have let  out only about six
since   the   building   was   opened   last
May.    1 am entirely satisfied with the
inew nlan adopted by the civil service
hoard   of   trying   out   lanitors     before
'hev are employed.    Ily this plan any
undeserving man can he gotten rid nf
without      the    formality      of      filing
Colfax. Wash.,   Oct   11.   Kennethl
Taylor, the infani son of Mr and Mrs.
Blade Taylor, narrowly escaped being
buru.-d to death late Saturday night
at the home of 'ais grandfather, M  A
Hose.    The child had I n put  to bed
and an electric liKbt left burning
hanging on the head ot the bed.
About I" 30 a loud report was heard
the child's room and Investigation
shewed the bed a mas> of flames. The
'hild was taken from the bed and the
flames were extinguished wltll difficulty. Fourteen burns on the child's
'ice. hands and body were dressed by
Hr. St Su '. and It is now thought he
is out of danger
tat ions, both In
cases of count.-rf.
men, and by tb.
ihey   themselves
story   Is  lold  of  ..	
bogus  beggars calling upon  the  leu
d'Auroale, with appeals for
each one of  whom  tbfl
frunes.    At  last
Ix'ggar app.^^^^^^^^^
said: "I have received about
mendicants of I -iters i
rerognued them ^	
rags,   but   I   don'l   know   you.      ,'ott
musl  b" a bogui   literary  mun
���ellef, ie
duke  nave  i
however, a g-nulni
eared, to whom  I In
day.   and   I
in spite ol tl.e'r
tiio  progress
years   since  he   wuh     ^^^^^^^^^^^
I Among the  many  signs of  this  progress, perhaps the mosl striking were
llie efforts being made by lhe several
'provincial    governments   to  complete
the works undertaken to provide more.
i harbor iiceoniino.latloii, In  view of lho
anticipated   Increase  of  trad''   in   IIiii
near future.
As M. Hoy visited every province In
Canada In tbe course of bis two
months trip I.e was able to note this
activity In St. John. Quebec, Montreal.
Vancouver and   Victoria,    and  found
everywhere the same optimism and
well founded lalth in lbe future of lbe
country. M. Roy was also much Impressed by the rapid construction of
railroads all ov.r tbfl country, opening up new country for settlers, such
as the Pence rl\er district In one nf
the richest parts of Canada, which
will be opened next year.
The commissioner was able to get a
good insighl Into the work of the C,
I'   ll   In Ihe task of double tracking all
over Canada   M  Roy also visited the
new work of construction now carried on by the (irand Trunk Pacific
transcontlnetal railroad from Edmon-
'on to l'ort Qeorge     In traversing tho
country from l'ort Qeorge to Ashcroft
he was surprised to see so much land
available for agricultural purposes.
Many people on this side of the Atlan-
'!c believe that the lumber, flsh anil
'lining Industries are the only natural
���eyources of liritish Columhla. but 111
a three weeks'  visit  to the numerous
alleys of that province ths COmmlS*
���doner was convinced that there was
i  vast area of agricultural land  Io bfl
'pened lip.
Tailing Shot,
bsd   Jusl   reschod
bis farewell sermon
Hon with whom le
���How beautiful,
one of the deacons.
Health I a companion and eventually nerm!t��"rt
him to share his room. I '''er in th*1
night he awoke and found his "friend"
and the Rsmstsrt tlmenlPCi. had dtp-
appeared. Ramstad hurried to noil"
boa'hito.'-lp'-s -and cenin'att��"d -r i\v
theft. He then 0r-s.1l7.ert himself into
a f-virohine* cnm-m"t.ee of one.
At 4 o'c'ocV thlr ���"ornlne n vol",
over the tele"v'orip thus addressed the
���mpi ci the desk.
"Juat tear un that conmla'nt about
'he watch. I cct the ticker bnck, anrt
1 cot somebody's goat along with
it."  _^
,-il ___ppi_r__in _*'.'W��'r outfall
n.'lte   River   In   sai'l   district.
that the Corporation "f the City of v'""'
tVestmlnster   will   nft'-r   one
the  first  publication of this .
to the  Governor General  In  Councll  fm
approval  of  siwh  works.
DATBD at New Westminster, B
27th dav of Bentemher, It'll)
Boilcitora   for   tho   Corporation   of   He-
City of New Westminster,
Portuguese Barbers.
In almost all foreign coun '.os thn
gentlemen whose business It Is to cut
hair havc some peculiar sign whereby
Ihey seek,  more nr less successfully
for a  t"
��� Think
.ut':. .
to tbe congrega-
I   had   bad   mucS
said a visitor te
���aud bo** appro-
ill sermon."
aid    tbe     deacon
than    In
het ter     text
my  Ket her'���
house  are many
Ior you.
Seattle. OCl 31 Completing S special southeastern Alaska cannery voyage, the big freighter l.atouehe. of
the Maska Steam.h:p company's fleel,
arrived here yesterday wltb 76,000
'���ases of i-anned salmon, the largest
single shipment I * come from tho
north In  two years
Very little of this year's product Is
t'elng stored In lhe north, and the
Latouche, the Seward and the Cor
dovn. all of the same company, will
Practically clean up the packs of the
Molra pound. Taku. Santa Ana. l'ort
Beauclero, Kasaan, Quadra, Excursion
I Inlet  iiti.l  Shakan  canneries
The  Latouche   went  only    as    far
Fat Is Ridiculous
month   from
tic apply
Ke  U)t   h.  of  Blocks   148  and   149,  ol
i_*n ��2, Qroup  1,  Map IT.'.?   In the
TiieirW- of New Westminster
Whereas proof of the loss ol Certlfl-
it.zs ot Title Number 21331*;, Issued in
-roei aaine of  Harry Cline,    has    been
.lied in this ofl.ee.
Notifje is hereby given lhat I shall,
ai On* expiration of one month from
**><*. date of Ihe lirst publication hereof,
��� it daily newspaper published in the
Ctty ot New Westminster, issue a
tHXttiirsxc of the said Certificate, un-
i>s�� ia th<; meantime valid objection
<-w. made: U> me in writing.
Tilstrlct Registrar ot Titles.
..-.ind Registry Office,
���Ne-* Westminster, B.C., October 9.
UB. (22261
From Vancouver for Victoria.
Sut  First  She  Got  a   Needle
London.    Oct.     31.���A    parlormaid
named   Nora  O'Oorman,  belonging to
Tralee.   Ireland,   was   yesterday   successful   In   an   action   brought   In   the'
Aldershot   county  court,    under    the
Workmen's Compensation act. against
Captain Edgar P. Conway, of Farm-
borough.   O'Oorman in December last
was cleaning Mrs. Conway's bedroom1
'vhen   a   needle   penetrated   her   foot.:
She suffered much pain, and was dis-
idled  from  work.   In  .March  last she'
was  twice operated   upon   at  a  Cork
hospital.    Kvidenee  showed   that   part
if  the  needle  remained   in   the   bone,;
but  that  the  pain  of  which  she  still.
complained, ought    to    disappear  In
'bout three months.   The defence was
'hat   the   plaintiff   disobeyed   the   orders of  the doctor called  in  by  Mrs.'
Conway, and that she refused to sub-*
nit her foot to an X-rays examination
and   also   refused   to   go   Into  a   local j
hospital  for an operation.    The plain-
tiff   dented     this.     .lodge     llarinctnn
awarded   lier Ss.   Ifld.   per   week   from ,
Uie   date   she   left   the   respondent's ]
house, with costs.
iling   Ihey seek    more nr less siicressiuiu.    house  are  ".��">   ���"������ ,,.-...,,,���   I|y       I tie   i.atoucne   wen.   only     as     inr
i to remind the passerby that bo needs   | m0 to prepare a place   orju   ���       '|north u Juneau 011  this  I rip. confln-
a haircut.   Nowhere, perhaps. Is this   the way. Where Is he going. h,*lnK her voyage to southeastern Alas-
sign of the trade more distinctive than        The   deacon   smiled  ���������"   ot \-** cannery ports
In Portugal.   It Is twofold.   Sometimes , answered.   "He   becomes coaviai*, The freighter Seward   which took a
Her   a hue pair of scissors, sometimes a   ,|,e stale penitentiary. lfl]I] pn-_��� (|f rnil| tr(im s,.U!tle for the
in I ���_ _
a hue pair of scissors, sometimes
horse's tall, gracefully dangles over-,
the threshold of the balr-oullliig
emporiums. The latter ta by far tbei
most popular, and Is especially notice-j
able In Oporto, lt natural!; suggests 1
lhat one's hair Is growing Inordinate-1
ly 'ing, and nobody careB for an ei-
cess of half���except the rising pout.'
--London Strand Magazine.
10.DO a.m	
2*110    p III	
11:45   p tn	
From Vancouver for Seattle.
I" im a 111    Dall)
11:00 a.m Daily
From  Vancouver for  Nanaimo.
Overfat mt'n ar.d iwntii, mortified and
IniifilimtRd by tha publicity ef consplcu-
DU-i roi 1 anrt billows of fat. nr�� **/���*_iluaJly
learning that through the alscortry of ��n
i.mlneiit physician th*. bar-ten of ovrfst-
ii"A{i is uiktri fr.,m th��m. leaving thp fig-
iiM' Htinc tlvrly proportioned, lhe fl'sh
firm, the tV.'.n smooth, nnr) Ihe general
h'-nlth vastly Improve.!, without dleltng,
ex err I ni*, t.r rep.ultlng wrinkles or flsbbl-
nem There is ni e'i*.al acl no substitute
f'.r the farr.-,un Mnrmota f-renrrtpllon. Put
there Is a n.w or.*-*! more convenient form
a tablet f-,rm t.f this safe fat remover.
Mflrmoi.-t Vrtsrrli.tUn, Tablets contain the
nam.* hanrileas. .-Tertlve ingredients as
th- original prescription that haB enabled
tn many 'hmjaar. .��� of uncomfortable men
0n-1 won-o-r. to reduce their weight evenly
ani elea _'!v at Ihe rate of a pound or
mnre a .lav % An eTfepttonally large e\ta
Saturdav I ��f theae Marmeln  f>re��ei*.ntton Tablets Is
Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and 8keena 1 ^*-'"'' by ���)����� Marrnola Co.. Farmer Hldg,
River Points. ! ,-"',r,jlt Mich., ou receipt of price.
Wednesdays!   - '  "    '��� """
3:0(1   p.m.
9:00 a.m.
11:45 a m.
^^^^^^^_| --"aily I
Union  Bay  and  Comox.
...Wednesday and Friday
Union  Bay, Powell  River.'
  Kvery  Saturday j
For Prince  Rupert and Alaska.
,00 p.m Kvery
fie the South, aet Quarter of Section
ti, Township s. in the District of
"Nee,* Westminster,
VVTarn-as prool of the loss of Cer-
���v iRcat-e of Tale Number 13184P, is-
arc-eii in the name of .lames c. Korlong
smmI Charles Hummel has boen bled In
���nin* office.
\mn>' is her. by given that I shall.
��_t tlie expiration ol one month fopm
the date of the flrst publication here-
***\ ia a daily newspaper published In
t*** Ctty off New Westminster, issue
ax il��|<li sir oT the said certificate, un-
***** in the meantime valid objection
tha mx-sta to me la writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
T-anJ Hegtotry OfTice,
Nev Westminster, B.C., October 18,
11-.no p.m. ^^^^^^^^^^
For Gulf Island Points.
7:00 an . Tuesdays for Victoria.    Call
lng at points in the Gulf Islands.
ED. OOULDT, Agent,
W.  BltODIB. a.
N.w   Wi-ainii'.'o.et
P.   A..  Vancouver.
New Imported Kail Suitings nnw on I
display See them. Perfeei flt and,
workmanship guaranteed, l'rices from I
tlX.oii up.    701  Fronl Street.
Spokane, Qct, 31 ��� While Marie An-
lerson, who (*eekH a divorce from Pe-
\ndersnn a wealthy Chewalah
:,*,',. I estl fled veptordiv in the
��� ur' ': I'-ilim William Huneke thai !
ho 'iv m ' *��� "���"��� ���' sl'l nklrt the hus-
' I 'red  thiM   when  he eame to
Spokane he found his wife arrayed in
Mrs \iid.T9on declared it was a
modest dress, of ordinary fabric The
mis'ami testified it was a silt slilr: '
f expensive design and said that his
wife declared the "oountry about
' ' '  * etuh  was ton slow for rn"."
Andi rson said he was obliged l.y bis
wife In leave his valuable ranch and
tome to Spokane, where hn secured
a Job making beds and doing the work
of a chambermaid at the Valentine
[hotel, lie Baid he found his wife was
associating wtth "ther men and no
longi r cared for blm.
She t.-slifierl that he cursed her beoause she wanted him to kiss her at.
one time. She said he became angry
wh'-n sh" wanted him to go to a dance.
The attorneys waived arguments.
ludge Huneke took the case under ad-
Prod Igested Letters.
A  woman  who wenl lo a hospital
for the purpose of undergoing an operation  aske.l   for  Iwo   postcards  on
the day the operation was to be performed.   After having written on both
cards sh" addressed Ihem lo ber husband und asked ber nurse to mail the
one it was beBt to mail the nexl day.
The nurse glared at the cards and
saw that one of them read as follows*. ,
My   Dear   Husband--I  have  bad
tbe  operation   and  am   doing  nicely. |
Will be at home In a week or two."
On the olher card  was written:
"My   Dear   Husband-   I   bave   bad
the operation and am sorry to tull you
tbat I did noi survive."
The Merit of Pauline.
Pauline,  who  bad  been   attending
School for two weeks, was telling her
parents aboul the naughtiness of ber j
"That's   bad,"   said    her  mother,'
"and  did  Ihe teacher bnve to speak
to you too'.'"
"No'm," said 1'aullne; "sh" had to
speak   to   all   lbe  class   but   me   '.bis!
"Good," rep'ied ber mother.'
"Whal did she say?"
'Why." answered Pauline, "she1
sail, 'Now, children, we will all wall,
until 1'aullne Is lu order'." '
stale penitentiary."  ,      | fl]]1 cllr(���, (lf nna\ from Seattle for the
��� I'rlnce   William   Sound   country.     l"ft
A QlieCT Sorviau  Belief. I Cordova Friday     She has about  1 aon
To hatch a ebbken by holding anj,nn8  nf  copper  ore   from   Prince  Wll-
for the all id  tinie In  the 1 *. I * j 1 < ������ rM Sound  mines and  will  bring 4L\-
believed  in Servia to he  a   nflo cases of salmon frnm  lb" P%clf1C
violent d**thi I American Fisheries company's can-
jnery at Kxciirslon Inlet for Bellingham.
Tho freighter Cordova, which Is
���<'��o on Ihe wav south, wll! bring SB,-
(100 eases of salmon from Bhskan, ln
'ddltlon to copp.-r ore loaded at
Prince William Sound  ports.
1 Hie
ie  disirict  of
��� ars  was,  write
ondent, known
I  both tbese feats
the   apathy   of
armpit ^^^^^^
certain charm against
more especially if the bird be swallowed whole forty dayB after ll comes
A robb.r who had devastated
Kolubara for many
es a Belgrade corre-
10 have accomplish-
which accounted
^  the   peasants   le
pursuing blm. persuaded as lhey were
of his Invulnerability. He was finally, however, killed by th" mounted
police, thus elisor -dlling a time huu< r-
ed Servian superstition.
Uruises '���> Ki:r,.::iire.
Is a method which  has been
���      ������-'  fronl
of great ubc In removing bruises from
furniture: Wet Ihe part with warm
water; dpuble a piece ol brown l,;|l"'' Puniihrnent
live of six times; then soak It ln warm I
water and lay It 011 the dent. Apply a
warm (not hot) flatlron until tbe
moisture has evaporated. If the
bruises are not gone, repeat the process. You wlll lind thlB very good,
and If lhe surface of the furniture ta
not broken Ibe dent wlll disappear
and  leave no trace.
The Juice of t! e tinipe.
Tbe Aral - say that when the first
__________________      1^.
The Aim-.
In Afrba the leaves of certain species of aloe pro\Ide
strings, hammocks, 	
ropea Wllh the Mohammedans the
aloe iu"ana much. Kor Instance, thos*
who have returned from n pilgrimage
to Mecca hang ll over tbelr doors a..
h ilgn lhat tbey have made the great
Her t 'levi-niPMN.
She  Mary (Irubam  Is certain1'   s
clever woman, yet she bas little
where  her  cleverneks
for     Industrial     School
Children Comes in For Severe
���I0C8111 comes In.  She leads a m��iiloMI'��
When the grapes be-1 thal Bl,e thinks he Is worth listening
grapevine was planted the demon 10-   VI.,y ,.|
lis  sacrificed  a  peac ck  on  tbo spot, lo ,p).
where the plant was set.    As soon asl      He���That's
It began to sprout forth he sacrificed
an ape over lt 	
gan to appear he Blaughtered a non.i t0_
and when these were ripe he offered j         -
uo a  pig;   hence 1. Is that he who] Him It  Was llecomlng
drinks wine feels at first aB proud as       ..,_.,   t 6n,B |H becoming, my dear
a peacock and becomes subscfiuently ' ���     ���-���-- "- '- - **x
as trlcksome as an ape. as bold as a
lion and at length as stupid as a
Youths Wanted Curette, and Broke j an^part oMhe^na.omy
telephones:  Office S3, Residence 429
JOHN HKID. Proprietor.
I    Agents     I'almcr     tiros.'   OaBollne
1 ICnglnes,  Marine   Engines  and   Auto
I    mobile  Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth St.
I Ore., Oct. 31.- Two well-
o'l'hs, giving the names of
and Karl Smith, who
and articles of Jewelry
li'eli would Indicate they had heen
Indents at the university of Wash-
'"t'-p an* held by the federal author-
charged with robbing the
al Aulatif, a station on the
I'aolilo In Douglas county.
bovs sav lhelr homes are In
and   admit   thn   names   they
Bold In War.
The word (iumboll when used as a.
surname has nothing at all lo do with
-   '        y.    It. denotes
I lhat Its nrst nearer was a man of |
considerable Importance and great
power In the state. It Is derived from
tho Norse word ' gumbald," which Itself has nothing lo do with nn> affliction, but means "bold In war."
yuiie Accidental,
Small   Boy- viotber,   please   glvt 1
me another lump of sugar for my cof-1
fee.   I've dropped
me.  Mother-
Small Hoy
j said the man who thinks he ts a
j   plOIU.'lt.
She looked at Mm coldly -for a 1110-
I ment and then replied:
"Ves,  It Is becomlr
P.O. Box 474.   New Westminster, B.C. ��� turned to Seattle were disregarded.
Iresseil   yi
Bert  Jack
carry  papi
hies her
'''"iltl. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
givo are fictitious. They say lhey
were beating their way to San Francisco and broke into the postofflce and
store  to   get   cigarettes .and   took   the    ._  __-j**********���*- ______________________________________________________
stamns and money order blanks as an 1 Paddington, an.  the other a Holborn jt)l0  interstate commerce commission
afterthought.    Their pleas  to be  re-1 viaduct pearl merchant. Ia|i Ilot t0 bo |n violation of the law.
the one you gave
-Where did you drop It?
-ln the coffee.
Mlleaqe Books Legal.
I ssmAmm*. 1..11... ��'_..._-��� i    Washington,  Oct.  ill.-The  sale of
1 Modern Julius Laesars. ,  .     , ,,       .. &    , i._.
_, _ , ....      interchangeable mileage books   with
There are at least two Julius Cae |thn requirement that, the coupons   be
sart In Loudon ��� one_b chemist:ln|tftohanged   for   tickets  was   held   by
Scalding a llrsn.l.
To scald a brand Is to make a brand
look old. The way to scald a brand
Is to pu a wet cloth on the animal
where thn hot brand Is to be placed.
The brand wlll show plain and the
hair Is not burned.
Anil Now Ile Doesn't.
Howell���Do you like _ ingregatlon-
al slhglngV
Powell���I .11 I until tho calH In our
nolghborhu i.i  adiptel  Ib.j  Idea.
London. Oct. .11 11. Hinckley, who
represents llaggerstou, aroused considerable discussion at the meeting of
the education committee of Ihe London county council at Spring Hardens
.  yesterday by a motion with reference
oaterial for bow��,to punishments in the council's Indus
lisliing lines and | trial schools Mr. Bleckley moved:
"Tbat It Ib Inexpedient that children In
Industrial schools should be punished
by the deprivation of a regular meal;
and lhat the special schools subcommittee be Instructed accordingly." Iio
said ll would probably be a surprise tn
soipe members of the committee to
know that this punishment was In
use. It came to him quits as a revelation when visiting Industrial schools.
On fifteen occasions between March
fi and June :',() there were c.-ihoh when
there was an absolute deprivation of
the regular meal and the substitution
of bread and waler.   ("Shame!").
He was convinced thnt Ihe people of
Umdon had given no mandate to mete
out such treatment to any children In
their schools, particularly the children
In tbelr special schools, who had not
the advantage, as other children had,
of parents nt home. The custom wae
an exceedingly bad one, and should be
abandoned. It was wrong morally to
bring this form of punishment Into
their schools, lt was degrading to
the child, It was degrading to the committee, and it was a mismanagement
nf the fund that they administered.
Mrs. Phillips, chairman of the sne-
elal schools sub-committee, said Mi'.
Hinckley was under a misapprehension as to why this punishment wan
meted nut. Some form of punishment
must be given to these children st.
certain times, but they were not deprived of a whole meal. Bometlmee
they wcre not allowed lam or cake,
but no child was ever deprived of a
meal In these schools. Some children were given bread and wnter In
very extreme oases, and that waa
only for one meal. But they wero deprived, as a punishment, of "extras"
which mado thn mesl more nalatahle
, The question was referred back for
a report.
threadbare. ._ .   .
SATURDAY,   NOVEMBER   1,   1913.
raos  ilvia
OVERCOATS with shawl collars���in such wann,
soft, fleecy materials as Chinchillas, Whitncys,
Naps���in blues, browns and mixed heather effects���both
tingle and double breasted. $15. to $35. tn
Acme Clothing
C. M. Green. Manager.
Milled in a
Wonderful Way
The pick of Canada's wheat crop i.i
ground Into flour by the Uoyal K'aiid
ard milling process. Kach grain I.s
Cleansed ��"d passed In a golden
stream over many sets of rolls, each
grinding gently and a little finer  From
c.n<* machine to soother, untouched by
human hands, sifted through flno
silken mesh and automatically pack"!
Into sacks branded "UOVAI. STANDARD." This is th" flour for you���
or��amy, nourishing, pure ROYAI.
Vancouver,   New   Weatmlnater,   Nanaimo, Victoria.
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
MONDAYS���M midnight tor Prince Ilupert, Stewart.
TDBSDAY8���U midnight for Victoria and Seattle.
THURSDAYS- 12 midnight for I'rlnce Kupert, Granby Bay.
8ATl'KDAYB~-12 midnight for Victoria and Seattle.
FRIDAYS*-M midnight. Oct Slat, Nov. 14 28, for Queen Charlotte
Islanda (Direct Service.)
MONDAYS���ll midnight. Nov, 319 for Maaset. via Prince Rupert.
Mnmlnv. and Thursdays steamers make cloae connection at Prince
Hupert with Qrand Trunk Pacific tralne for Terrace, New Hazelton and Smithers; mixed service from Smithers to Rose Lake
Tickets to all points east and to Europe. Aay rail and steamship
11. 0. SMITH, C. P. * T. A.
627 Oranvllle Street, Vancouver.
W.  B.  DUPBROW. 0. A. P. D.
1 hone Private Bxcbange 8124
The Bank of Vancouver
���rsnehee Threuahout the Prewlnee of British Columbia.
Ssvings Department *��� ����� Branches Depoelte of One Dollar and
upwards reoelved and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafte and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts or the
CHAS. 0. PENNOCK, Qsnsrsl Msnsgsr.
New   Wentmlnster  Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Nativec Claim Poaaecaion of Land and
It  Can  Only   Be   Leaaed
From Them.
Montreal, Oct. M,���''The Fiji Islands
are a crown colony, and when they
were annexed by Great Uritaln, the
laud was supposed to have heen ceded to the queen," said It. A. Ilarricks,
i sugar planter from Uie Islands, In
an  Interview  yesterday.
"But It waH not taken over hy Sir
Arthur Gordon, the ihen governor,
and the natives took possession of it,"
hc added.
"Now that there ls an agitation for
the crown to take over tbe lands, tht
natives say Ihey have been In possession  so long they  ahould  not  he dls-
iiirhed and that Is the view adopted by
the home ofllce.
"The  land   policy  of  FIJI  has  heen
thf; stumbling block in its progress for
land cannot be bought from the natives, only leased. The government Is.
however, taking over lhe unused
lands from Ihe natives, and Is dealing
wllh them direct. But being a crown
colony, without much land belonging
'n 111" crown, it Is difficult to raise
money, and although we wanted recently to raise ��2,000 lo open up our
roads, the home office would not agree
ti   It."
Mr. Ilarricks is spending six months
touring through Canada and the Unit-
"] Btates, with hh, wife and two children.
The chief Industry of the island* ih
sugar cane planting, be said.
"Tlie plantation and mill work is all
tnt"* by imported coolies from India,
under nn Indenture system, and they
ire well protected by the government
v present there is a commission out
'here, sent  out  from  the ulil  country,
Inquiring Into the conditions, ami they
ire finding thai  the coolies nre living
in : ���! absolute heaven compared with
thi ���* own country.
"Tliere It an executive council and
i provincial council in control of the
Islands,  snd  the  governor selects ten
men as iicmis cf department to govern.
\ few weeks ago the council was added io by the election of six representatives chosen by ballot, hut naturally
they are always in the minority, and
the heads of department always follow the governor. Now we are trying
j 'ri Increase the people's representatives to eight."
The population of Fiji is ��0.no na-
tivcq, -niinii Indians and a few thousand whites.
Tliere nre many women wbo go
through life without a dressing room
or lioudolr for their own personal use,
but there nro few who do uot long for
one, nnd even when the limited space
of a house makes it Impossible for the
women of the household to have indl
vlditul boudoirs there Is often one upstairs room which could be made Into
a sitting room or dressing room for
their collective use.
It could be supplied with a comfortable couch, where breakfast or other
meals could be taken by any ono tired
or III. with a few easy chairs for
lounging and resting, with good light
and a bookshelf for magazines and
bunks, with a writing table or desk,
with a well Stocked work table, a sewing machine���lf It Is to be used also aa
a sewing room���nnd a pier glass.
It conld hardly be equipped with a
row of dressing tables, one for eaeb
daughter or cousin or aunt or mother
who used It, us these would make it
crowded, so the actual dressing would
still have to be done In bedrooms. But
lt would prove a haven where Its collective owners could go for help and
advice, to see whether their dresses
were on as they should hc. to "get
hooked up." lo rest and rend ami get
(Way frnm the tediousness of thc bedroom when Illness kept them upstairs
SCOTLAND TO SELL      What Do You Suppose
TO UNITED STATES Is Reason For This ?
Linen and Wool Gooda Manufacturers
Benefit  by   New  American
Edinburgh,  Scotland,    Oct,  81.���In
the Flfi'Bhlre linen trade, ���bipments
of goods to the United Slates are being made In larger quantities since
the new duties have been fixed. A
good all around buslneea is anticipated with America, buyers are being
CarefUly nursed, while personal vis-
Its arc seen to be part of a uianuf'ic
turer's program at present
In flax, of the new crop, there has j
been more business passing. nnii
prospects are most satisfactory. As
a result of the reduced duty on wool
and woolen goods, nearly all the spinners are keeping all their machinery
going, and dyers have the prospect
of excellent business. The demand
for hosiery and kitted woolen fabric!
Is well maintained, employment in the
nuemorus factories being most satisfactory.
Hritish manufacturers of agricultural lni|.lements may benefit to some
extent by the new tariff���for people
who have gone from this country to
America, engaged in agricultural pursuits, could, if they wished, procure
for themselves British made goods at
a reasonable price, an Indulgence
hitherto impossible owing to the high
Owing to the world-wide shortage
of cattle, which the changed tariff
does not affect, lt is anticipated that
the new tariff will make leather somewhat dearer in this country. Hitherto
llritain has practically been the world's
market for hides, but now America
imay take a bigger share of the sup-
An Eaay Way to Sav�� One'e Time and  ply.    |t is thought, however, that tan-
Temper, ners In this country will benefit by the
The following  list lf tacked  up on  change
the  Inside  of  the  closet  dour   where
In   view  or  the  fact that  the   II.  ('.
Klectric  hai  dropped   from   a   fifteen
to a twenty-minute schedule on it3
New  Westminster-Vancouver Intesur-
ban   branch,   the  following  announce-
day next, an improved schedule will
become operative. The new train service has been arranged entirely ���rntAb
an eye to meeting the refiuiremMrtK
Of working men and others who tl-ixirt:
better (acilltles for reaching tbn ctty*
meat from  Victoria is rnther interest-  of Victoria nt more convenient hour*.
An announcement of great interest
and Importance to al Ithose who live
along the llne of the II. ('. Electric
Saanlch Interurban, or adjacent there
to, was made yesterday, to the effect
tliat, commencing un or about, Satur-
aml while It Is hoped that eondftiotw
will warrant making it permanent. ���'
is explained that tho venture In f-tin*
ly experimental, everything depending for Its continuance upon the degree of success which attend-* the
onerstlon of tho augmented service.
brooms, dusters, etc.. ure kept will be
fouud u great comfort to the housewife:
Empty every wnatebosket everyday
Empty them on nn open newspaper
(and fold It up at odcci Iu the room
where lt Is ��� uevcr in or
kitchen or dining room. Th
Stuttering nf small thlugs und saves
time and energy.
Change water in any vase of flowers
each day. This Is necessary for health.
When sweeping a room don't lay
dusty articles on the hed. Dust flrst.
Tbls keeps that mucb dust out of the
Biscuit manufacturers In Edinburgh
are confident that the tariff revision
ls the forerunner of considerable increase in trade. Formerly manufacturers in this country did a large export business with the United States
but the high tariff reduced this practically to nothing. One large biscuit
near the manufacturer is already in communi-
prcrents  cation  with  a  firm  in  America  with
S'attle, Oct. 3!.--Officers of the
Scandinavian American hank yesterday took out group life Insurance for
sixty-two officers and employees of
the bank, the amount of Insurance
running from $1,000 to $2,000, according to the length of service of the employees. A total of 180,000 in intur-
ance was provided for the employees,
the bank itself paying ull premiums
ind obligating Itself to keep up the
premiums in thc future.
Though Beveral big eastern financial institutions have taken out g-oup
insurance for the benefit of iheir employes, the    Scandinavian    American
bank is the flJst Institution on the I**
Clfic'coast to adopt the plan. The pot
icy was written by Walter C. ilesay.
ot the Aetna Life Insurance company
The plan or group Insurance, recently conceived by some of the life inaur
ance companies le more liberal than
Individual policies, both as to the *i**-
of premiums and the examinatioa ef
Hanker:, who have adopted tb* policy of taking out group insurance for
thelr employees claim that tbe nave
encourages the men themselvtB ta
carry extra insurance and brings tin-
institution and Its employees closer
together. Interest In the welfare of
the employes is reflected by the writing of the policy.
Watertown. N Y, Oct Jl. -With
ithe oapttlfe yesterday of a white bear,
the firs' ever taken in the Adlron-
darks, the mystery of the legend of
! the "ghost bear," told In the lumber
| ramps north of here, has apparently
j beer cleared.
The anlmul was caught by Henry
1 Johnson, of the settlement of Hague.
i In the heart of the mountains. The
i 'inlmal is of the aiorage size of bruin
land almost snowy white. Its capture
came as the result of jukes that had
been aimed at Johnson for months
I When he reported having seen a white
I hear. A dozen traps were set and
I today the animal has been nabbed.
The animal Is thought to be a
freak specimen of the black North
American bear.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C., Limited
Layers of Hauam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
7C9ColmnbliSt WMtudnater Treat Bldg
Health  Officer  Denies  Reports  Privilege  of  Scanning  Mortality
Spokane, Oct. 31.���As the result of
complaint by local physicians, the
o&Utt of death in death returnB filed
with the city health office, will not be
given to the newspapers by Health
Officer J. B. AnderBon. Dr. Anderson
; says this order Is ln line with a rul-
I lng made about a year ago by the state
commissioner of public health, under
wlilch the right of newspaper reporters to gran death returns was denied.
J. M. Knight, proprietor of the New
Kngland Unkertaklng company, says
reporters have a perfect right to look
over death returns while they are In
his possession, that he has slways permitted this practice and that no order to the contrary has ever reached
htm from the state board of health.
"Tho order to keep tbe cause of
death from the papers was adopted in
tho Interest of more accurate returns
as to deaths," said Or. Anderson. "We
found that the publication of the cause
of death had given offense to a few
phvsiclnna and tbat the practice of
nslng subterfuge In the returns or
minimizing the real cause and giving
only a contributory cauae had been
adopted. Doctors In some cases do
not want the families of their patients
distressed nr offended by the cause of
death being published.
"The laws of the state provide a
penalty for the pyhslclan who divulges the nature of a patient's Illness and ln publishing the cause of the
pntlent's death wo are making the doc-
'or do Indirectly what he haa already
been forbidden to do under another
law. A death certificate, under a ruling of the state board ot health, belongs to the family or relatives of the
deceased and not to tho publlo, but It
Is required by the public as a measure
of safety In the preservation of the
public, health.
"If a man dies of alcoholism It I*
not pleasant for his relatives to see
this ln print and really serves no
good. Yet, the official Information Is
of value tn dealing wllh such cases In
the future, and to iny mind It Is better
to avoid publicity and get tbe facts
than to gtve publicity and take the
chances of not. bavlng an accurate aad
truthful report made." ���'-.
Under the administration of former
health officers all birth and death records were open to public Inspection,
whom he formerly did business
amounting to several thousand
pounds. British made biscuits are
considered to be far superior to biscuits made in any other part of the
The  rubber  industry  ln  Edinburgh I
giveB work to a vast number of peo-1
:ple.    In spite, even, of the old tariff
; rubber   goods   made     in     Edinburgh
maintained their market in the Unit
ed States, but with a reduction ot at
least 20 per cent., great extension of
trade Ib certain.    Owing to the tariff
motor tire manufatcurers on this Bide
have  been  debarred  from  competing
'��� with the American product, but lt Ib
anticipated that efforts to find buyers
in the Slates w ill now meet with sue
cess and a new outlet be thus obtain
ed. Already the orders from American
houses, wihch awaited the passing of
the bill,  are  increasing  the  business
!of Edinburgh trade.
The book printing industry,    which
..,.,,        , forms one of the chief occupations in
room after it ta cleaned and prevents Edlnburghi i8 natUrally filled with
the dust from sifting through the speculation as to the probable effect
sweeping cloth underneath them ou on the trade of the revised American
the bed.   Cover them over well. ' tariff.    The  head   of  one  large  firm
Never put brooms or feather dusters expressed the view that It will un-
away Itotnrr shaking them out well, ������ doubtedly have a great and beneficial
Keep dust cloths clean. effect' not on'y on the Printing trade
In setting furniture from one room j^n^bur"1- but 0n tbe COUn,ry ln
Into another for cleaning don't put one j on���l'mi>or��,���t Edinburgh firm with
piece on top of another and don't Jam j a house In New York has found It con.
them too close together. Scratches I venlent, even under the old tariff, to
imd mars come more easily this way buy Its paper tn this countrv and send
than iu a year's wear. It out to America, and with  the new
Never let a sign of dirt remain on iconditions It will, of course, be even
tbe piano keys.    Don't wait for clean-1 more profitable for British  manufac
lng day.
illustrated are sbown two new utensils for cooking vegetables and eggs
The double basket Is used for cooking
nspiiragus or corn. It separates lu the
center, aud the vegetables may be
dropped ou tbe serving dUh without
danger of burning the hands of tbe
rook. Tbe egg basket with hourglass
attachment will he found very convenient for boiling eggs
Jturers to export to America. Printing
; ink is also among the articles upon
j which reduction of duty has been
: made, but it is the opinion of a repre-
1 sentative of a leading Scottish firm.
; who for five or six years had a branch
; in New York, that it is not posaihte
to compete profitably in Ink with
| the Americans, under any tariff whatever.
Khaki Pudding.
Six apples, one lemon, one ounce of
butter, one ounce of candled peel, two
enures of sugar, three eggs, one-half
gill of water and one-balf pound of
pastry are tbe Ingredients required.
Peel, core and slice tbe apples; put
tbem Into a saucepan with tbe sugar,
the grated lemon rind, butter und waler. Slew till tender, rub through a
sieve and add tbe yolks of tbe eggs.
I.ltie a buttered pudding dish with the
pastry and put In tbe stewed apples.
Bake In a moderate oveu till net. Beat
up the whiles nf tbe eggs stiffly, then
gradually add to tbem three tablespoon fuls of sugar. Put this meringue
ou top. decorate with candied peel and
bake ngaln until the top Is u pale yellow color.
Qeed Polishing Cleth.
v'elveteen wlilch bas, served Its par
poee aa a drees or blouse should be
preserved and made Into polishing
cloths. In thla connection velveteen
Is almost as good na rbamols leather,
and cannot only be used for obtaining
a fine polish on satin wood and mahogany furniture, bnt as a meana of
brightening silver aad plated gooda
When soiled tbe velveteen may bt sue-
cessfully cleaned bf washing It in
soapy lather.
To Freshen a Feather Bea.
If yon have a feather boa that haa
become rather limp looking because II
haa beon ont tn damp weather, try this
means or freshening tt- It la beat ta
try It. too, as noon aa yon rome la:
Take a bowlful of boiling water,
sprinkle Into a bandfnl of ordinary
white unit and tMa when It to dtaaotv-
ed shake the feather Ma la It
Naw Trial Denied.
Atlanta, Oa.. Oct 11.���Uo M. toafc
sentenced to hang (or the murder ot
Mary Phagan, waa denied a naw trial
today by Judge I* 8. Roan, wbo pro-
sided over tho trial at which Frank
wat convicted.
Darkey Shoota Up Club and Wounda
Two���Breaks Up the
Spokane, Oct. Sl.���Two men received dangerous bullet wounda and a bullet passed through the lapels of the
coat worn by a third when Lemuel
Llndeey. negro, aald to hare beea
mad wtth Jealousy, entered a .negro
clnh at IM 1-8 Sprague avenue at
11:10 o'clock last night Juat before
the beginning of a dance, aad began
Lee Chambers. 10�� 1-1 Spokane
atreet, wss atradk by the flrat bullet,
which shattered hla collar bono and
pierced hla loft shoulder, lodging In
"���������h st the haek. Warren Tyler,
U First avenue, who waa sittlag by
the rtnve in th* largo room, roceleod
the second bullet ta tho thigh ot hla
loft leg after It had paaaed throagh
the eoat ot David Stark, proprietor ot
tha cluh
As the gunmaa aimed a third time
at hla flrat victim Stark seised him
end *���** deflated bullet weat throagh
tha floor. Tha aum waa than a*r-r-
powered aad disarmed aad placed under arrest by Officer Walter Lawson,
wha waa attracted to tho place by tha
Tha wounded aaw ware atteaded at
tho emergency hoe>IUl by Dr. R. I.
Newell. CMtabere waa taken to flawed Heart hospital aad Tyler to his
Thmaaa Chlahelm, *t Bit Riverside
avenae, aaya about M men were ta
the team awaiting the antral of worn-
oa for tka dance. He aaid Idndaey
cama aptaein to the door aad back-
inhere, who went, toward
aay aald to Chambers. I'll
fmtt dirty tricks,' and be-
��." aaid ChUhotan.
tin the hall made exit In
The etowi
temr through
rear   wtndowa   and
down tha back stairway, while ethers, enable to reach tke ******* W* be-f-'
hied aiecee ot ftinitare aad tka eteve.
I ersonally Cjondacted Holiday Party
-Leaving Vancouver December 7th
This "ALL-EXPENSE TOUR" will give you an
unusual opportunity to make the journey at minimum expense to any point in Europe.
Tickets -will include all railway aad atea___ahlp i
meals and bertha.  There era ao extras.   A choice ot <
ship lines is oflered.
The party will travel by special train, via Chicago and Niagara FalU es
New York, there connecting with the varioua steamship lines, lt will alao hc
in charge of an experienced traveler, who will look alter all details of the tof.
Ii interested, please call on or address
City Ticket Agent
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry.
622 Columbia Street, New Wesminster, B. C
Money Always  Talks
Earn $150 a Month More Than
You Get Now
Read This Message Through to the End !
We want every reader of ihis
printed message to ask himself:
"Do 1 want to rise above the ordinary, commonplace existence that
goes with a small, limited Income?
Have I a desire to BB SOMEBODY
ln tMs world, to attain a place
among the SUCCESSFUL men and
women who really accomplish something?" Moat of us have. The world
has no use for failures, but lt applauds SUCCESS.
mako mora money than you ara
now earning.    >'
You can Increase your Income in
the amounts we named above. Oh.
yes you can. Don't aay "I limply
cant aee how 1 can do lt" That
one remark ia the earmark of failure. The "I can" and "I will" peraon ia alwaya welcomed by tha
handmaiden of SUCCESS. What
are you today���a salary alare, a
wage earner, or depending on tha
meagre profits frotp aome amall
business; do yon ran a boarding
house, or wait oa table, or clerk in
a store qr. any one of a thouiand
and one jbeatloBi that allow yoa
but the mere necessities ol lite?
Ntt BB SOMEBODY? Yea, you
can! Thia printed message la tha
opportunity, la the opaa sesame ta
bigger, brighter thtaga: It la tha
calling of QPJPQRTOMJYrrtha
fabled old lady who riatta aa ao
very, vary seldom.
Why not bo aaaodated wtth WC-
CB8SFUL men and women who
hava adapted a acofeaaion .that..U
not akme laeratfra, hot b plaaa-
aat, education, parfonatd at will
aaa   ha aasaaaafaUy
your message of succeast WE-
nlcat work WE DO. Tew
are mentally trained for that
of the work. But EVERY
SON ts trained by nature ts
ride the ground work, the
ton on whieh tbe trained
builds his finished product Yoa
are staring now at a safei *mt
i��nd sure method, we ACTPillXY
NEED YOU. Probably yoo <
reallie thla. Bnt the fact i
because with ua, this motto 1
"Ond for all and all tor one."
We hare grown from a. men *i*.
filiation of a few souls tfayiksttfr- -
perlence dearly���right hereon tka -
ground, where 57 actual pra_t*al__g -.
motion pleture eompantnr are *tC*\V~
ing up film footage many Ikim
aads of ftwt a weak.   We hare tarn-
sisted each other, hare takes ke m
few more from Ume to time.
THS1I   SUCCEED,   be aaaa
brook to failure.   Aad now me i
ready fo extend the brsMfcae _
thia oatqae orgaa-iatioa lie -Mae
western autsa aad aeeept a r
ed membenhlp from each
each   state.   The  atwa
freAaeaa.   tte oMaf-thi __. ���
HOW.   Oftaa wa eanttiaa -mm*
pushed hr.~ tav;;i��Mir��lnTeiL ..JE? """^ ***** ^ *���*
read, write aad obasrre.  No. daw   WtJt,
jpa ara not gala* to aak
pereoaa. oataids the aothpra aaa ������*#
tmderetand.   Listen. Nad aa< let  :,
lh����tiani eoah ia. ..w***a*mt*M, ,��,
*    We are aa ergawiattoa aTRTO- ' **
c.B______S_ii��-* wpSSeh ����*#. ���
Dlarwrtrtti Madsd together   *��<���
mutual headset each member.'.!
We ans NXHtfietire. wa an ttVC
OS-SPOT*;*,,'% bM ��et ta yea
���.ft!***' PAGE CIGHT.
SATURDAY,  N<_V-.MftER   1,   .���IS.
Potato Flour,.pkg *>^5c-
Klne for cakaa, puddta-gs, Cto.
Whole Wheat Meal, pkg. ...30*1'
Health Food.
ltnman Meal, pkg ���39e-',
Health Food.
Ralston"* "<''ll,h 1,r*n- PkB25e-
All    three    recommended    by
Finest    English    Marrowfat^
Peas, 2 pkKH <**���
If yon object to canned goods,
wc would suggest these:
Dill PiOkles, large tin 25c
Ubby's Mince meat. Ib 20c.
Canned Crab, tin    25c.
fanned Scallops, tin  35fc
Canned Clams, 2 tins 25e.
Model Grocery
308 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
Greater^ A Wplch
r.nnri T��mnlar Lodnc. I Annual Banauet. ****    I  10      W  ��   vlwll
Gocd Templar Lodge
An endeavor in being made to establish a Good Templar lodge in Port
Ker plumbing, healing and sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew * Ramsay, Eighth and Carnarvon streets.
Tlioue 586. (3148)
* Conduct Services.
IU*."'Mr. Manly or Sapperton will
conduct thc evening services at the
Salisbury Methodist church, l'ort Co-
gull lam  on  Sunday.
Annual Banquet.
The Burnaby municipal employees
will hold their annual banquet In the
llurnaby puhllc hall on Saturday evening. Nov. i"_. It Is understood thai
Ihe Burnaby branch of the Victorian
Order of Nurses will furnish the catering.
For all building supplies and fuel
oll apply to the H. C. Transport Co..
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 8.6. wharf phone 880.
Municipal   employment   Bureau.1���
Millinery special, Krlday and Satur-j People  desiring  help of any dasorlp-
day.    Handsomely trimmed plush and   tlon can be supplied at short notice by
hats, realiy  worth  $10  to (IS,   applying to the office. City Hall, Clark-
for 87.50.
Mrs. Agret, 59 Sixth street.
Ratepayers Meet.
Ward One Ratepayers' association,
Burnaby held a meeting laat evening
when many new voters were put on
the list a justice of the peace being
present to make the necessary affidavits.
The Onward Bible class of Sixth
Avenue Methodist church will hold a
sale of work in the church on November   4th. (2889)
son street entrance. Phone 852. (23051
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
The People's Grocer
dity  Store 193 and  443
Sapperton   Branch    3.3
West End Branch   650
The    Ladles'    Aid    of St. Andrew
church  will hold  their annual  Seo
supper and concert on Thursday. Nc
veniber 6.   Don't n.iss it. (231  .
I Call at our of-
I fice  with your
agreements and
let us quote yoa
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
l'a id   Up Capital   and
Surplus $ -2.800.0fl0
Asfiots 4,��n,983.95
Trus tees-htps Under
Administration over 6,000,000
Trustee     for     Itond-
taolders over  25,000,000
Hallowe'en Social.
Under the auspices of St. Paul's
Guild of the Reformed Episcopal
Church a very enjoyable and entertaining Hallowe'en social was held at the
Invitation of Mr. and Mrs. \V. 11. Gilley
hi their residence, 407 St. George
Street, on Thursday evening. A number of young people in the guise of
witches caused great fun and songs
and musical selections with games
were indulged in. Refreshments were
also served, There was a big crowd
"Mum" Pale Today.
We will have over 1500 fresh chrys-
aulheuium blooms In our store today.
It is an absolute necessity that we dispose cf these at once and to do so
we v.lll sell thom at prices unheard
of before. We will also have a full |
line of pot plants and bulb... Tidy,
the Florist, 730 Columbia street
I'hone 184. 123301
Conservative Association Dance.
The   West   Coiiuitlam   Conservative
association gave a thoroughly successful   Hallowe'en dance in  the  Burqultlam hall last evening.
Tennlc Club Dance.
The tennis club of Port Moody gave
a well attended sheet and pillow case
dnuce in the Orange hall. Port Moody
last night. The dance was the principal feature of the Hallowe'en festivities In Ihe Inlet city last evening.
Agricultural Society.
The directors of the Burquitlam Ag
rlcultural   society   will   meet   in   thf
Burqultlam agricultural  hall on  Mon-
, day   evening  for   the  purpose  of  re-
Money  to loan  on  first  mortgages.   eelving  the  secretary-treasurer's    re-
improved city    and    farm    property   port  ln reiat|(m  to tlie recent annual
9 per cent. Alfred W. MeU'od.    (23371
Fred Davis will sell hy public auc
tion at the Westminster Auction
House. Kings hotel block, on Tuesday.
November 4, at 2 p.m. sharp, the
household effects of Mr. F. W. Cameron, brought here for convenience of
Eale. The sale comprises nearly new
Monarch range, oak dining lable and
chairs, beds, springs, mattresses, etc..
etc. Full particulars can be had of
H. J. Russell at his Westminster Auction House, Kings hotel block.  (2829)
show.    Other matters  will  also come
up for consideration
Social and P
Why not get In ou our Flour,
Baking Powder and  Yeast Cake
Special   this   week-end?
I sk. your own choice of Bread
Flour;   1  40c. tin  Dr. Price's
��� Baking    Powder;     1     Royal
Yeast   Cakes.     These   three
All for $2.00
Main   Store���681    Columbia   St.
Sapperton Branch���317 Columbia  St.
West End Branch���Cor. Sixth
Ave. and Twelfth St.
��� ���
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
Offices ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Regina. Winnipeg,
Montreal, Charlottetown, 1/or.-
don, Kng.; Antwerp, Belgium.
New Westminster
60S Columbia' Street
Open   Saturday   Evenings   from
7 to ft.
Succssful Entertainment.
The Kast 'nurnaby Auxiliary of the
Victorian Order of Nurses held a successful entertainment in Moreton hall
last evening, Burnaby talent being assisted by New Westminster and Vancouver  vocalists.
"Utility Garment."
A new departure along the line of
lady's dress, styled the "Utility" being demonstrated in the window of
McAllister's. Ltd., proved quite an attraction to the ladies of the city who
were shopping down town yesterday
afternoon. The main feature of this
newly fashioned garment in addition
to Its simplicity ls that lt can be used
as a house dress, negligee or apron.
The dress is shown in a varied line
of materials and colors and In all
sizes. The "Utility" garment will be
on  exhibit again this morning.
For the lirst time since her wedding
Mrs. A. W, Oray entertained her many
friends in the city to a delightful "at
ht me" held nt her residence, 226 Sec-
end street, yesterday afternoon.    The
guests numbered  200  and  Mrs. Gray
was assisted    in    receiving    by    her
mother, Mrs. Davidson, and Mrs. A. K. I
Kellington.    The   decoration  arrange |
ment  was  very   effective   indeed   and I twelv
fitting  for  the    Hallowe'en
Ihe dining room were the Misses Julia
Olfford, Anna Morrow. Evelyn Cunningham and Susie Clarke, of Vancou
ver. Mrs. Frank Pearson, aocom
panird by Mrs. Tyson, rendered solos
that were greatly enjoyed. Mis?
Rachel Welsh, daughter of the hostess,
was at the door. Cameron's orchestra
-f harp, violin ami flute played most
acceptably during the afternoon.
Mrs.  R.  B.  Walker entertained    In
honor   Of   her   daughter,   Miss   Minna
Walker, on "Wednesday evening.    Pro
gresBlve   rum   was  played  during  the!1
early part of lhe evening, lbe winners
Of   the   lirst  prizes   being   Miss   Mary
Keary   and   Mr.   Harry   Itaikes.    The
consolation prizes were carried away i
hy   Mlsa   Marjorie   d'Kasum   and   Mr.
Leonard   d'Easum.     After  a   very en-1
joyable supper the room   was cleared \
Hid  dancing was kep'  up until aft"r
Among   those   invited   were;
occasion. I Mjss Vwian Hickman, Miss Nona Mc .
I he dining room was graced with pink I K���Ilzi(,   , |tla|nei. MlM    Marv    K,.:,rv.
chrysanthemums, while pink roses and | Mjsa JeOTle An,,���   MlM ,8a  Macdon. i
Resigns  as   Magistrate.
The   resignation     of     Frederick   C.
Campbell,  government  agent  at  New
Westminster    as     stipendiary   magis- I
trate   for   the   county   of   Cariboo,   is
nilbllshed In the current issue of the
R. c. Qazete,
smllax adorned the tea table. The!
ices were served in the den, which I
was daintily arrayed with crimson I
chrysanthemums. The door was opened by the. May Queen, Miss Jean |
McPhail, and her maids of honor. Miss
Eva Mosdell and Miss Kathleen Drew,
all dressed in their beautiful regal
coronation robes. They were assisted
by little Miss Myrtle Brown. Mrs. C.
A. Welsh and Mrs. F. J. I.ynch assisted in the drawing room, while the
ices were served by Mrs. C. A. Bourne
and Mrs. T. Gilford, jr. Mrs. W.
Gifford, Mrs. Dr. McKay. Mrs. Jos.
Henley, Mrs. J, B. Jardine, MrB. J. 8.
Bryson and Mrs. E, Savage poured the
tea. while assisting also in the serving were .Mrs. Arkle. Mrs. S. Brown
Miss Julia Gilford, Miss I-ord. Miss
Birtch, .Miss Savage. Miss Wright
Miss Cross. Miss J. Davidson and Miss
Nellie Davidson.
Alderman John   F.  Langan. of Porl
aid. Miss Gertrude Gaynor,
trix Minchin (Vanoouver),
GILBERT -The death occurred yes-; lam council,
terday al Kdmonds of Charles Wilfred
Gilbert, aged 11 years. Deceased was
well known In the district, and was a
member of the Sons of Kngland. The
funeral takes place on Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock from tlie family residence to the Church of England ceme-
I fcery.
Coqultlam, Is away on an extensive
j private business Irip to the east. Ile
I was  yesterday    granted    ten   weeks'
leave of absence by the Port Coqulb
L. M. Richardson, manager of   tin
Royal bank and president of the board
if trade, together  with   bis   wife, arr
j expected  to  land   in   Montreal   some
time   today   after   spending   the   pas'
few   months  in   England.    Mrs.   Hich
lardson   will   visit   friends   in   Ottawa
her  husband  returning    to    this city
Miss Warwick. 609 Agnes street,
will receive on Wednesday next and
on the lirsi Wednesday of the month
| throughout the season.
��bout thirty friends of Miss Carrie
Smither paid her a surprise visit last
evening at  her home on  Itlver Drive
COTTER-  From   the  residence    of  semes snd muslo taking up the even
Mrs. C. .1.  Morrow.  103   Hraid  street, |ln��.    Refreshment*  were served at a
lne funeral or the late Mrs. T. Cutter   late hour.
was   held   yeBterda   ymornlng.     Rev. I    '���'���''���'��� "
McDONALD���Tomorrow morning at
it:30 o'clock the funeral of the late
Beatrice McDonald will lake place
from the Tamil:? residence to St.
Peter's church, Deceased was the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. McDonald, 119 Agnes street.
I Father Heck administered t
������^^^B^���IIM11������ j |,m-*,n*|   .,,,,]  t|���.  pallbearers ware:   A,
 ������ i j., Lavery, P   Bowler, Fred Lynch, J.
f, ws f Feeney,  Ed. Goulet  and  r. E.  Mona-
aad M
l_.It.AM,  A ILC.M.
t-iwhons In Pianoforte. Violin, Sing-
.ng. Voice Production, Theory (in
.-la-hs or privately), Harmony. Counter-
IKiint, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for the eacamiiia-
��iou6 of the Associated Board of the
Iloyal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Also nrotesaloual
Diplomas, Teacher or Performer.
For terms, etc apply 61 Dufferin
dtrcet.   Phone 411 K. (21571
Kinnuu Catholic oemi ier.
Sons  cf  cmiland   Benefit   Society
The members of Lodge Burnaby
No. 218, are requested to assembl
Edmonds station at 1:40 sharp on
Sunday. November 2, fur the purpose
of attending the funeral of uur late
I Brother Chas, W  Gilbert,
W, s. hose. President.
(2326) A. Mcfee, Secretary.
���o recognize and seise the opportunities when they come to you?
*��> fit yourself to take advantage c*t
fjiauv future opportualtiraa��� it is thf-.
otipJrtunity to gain a practical *���<��*��
edge. mm&mmM
Mcdonald    on October no.
1913, after a  brief illness, Beatrice.
the dearly beloved daughter Of  Mr.
and Mrs. it. C. McDonald, 119 Agnes
Btreet, aged 21 years.
The funeral Wlll be held from th"
family residence on Sunday, November 'i, at. 9:30 o'clock a.m., to St.
Peter's church. (2323)
A. I.
4Phone 8S3.
BOUCK, Principal.
���10 CsluMfeU Sti
Coast Sealed Oysters
Per Pint 50c
Per Quart   -   -   -   - $1.00
Crescent Oysters
Per Dozen    ���    -    -    -   35c
(Successor to Ayling * Swain.)
447 Columbia 8t. Phone 98.
1! Anderson left yesterda'.
rili s of i'or Redlands. Cal., where it ii under
Btood he will accept a new pastorate.
On TuosdQj evening last Hev. Anderson v.as presented with a purse of
in the gild .'is :i token of esteem from the
members of the Sapperton BaptlS*
Church and a few outside  friends.
A Halloween parly consisting of Mr
iand Mrs. .1. J. Johnston, Mr. and MrB
Kil Ooulet, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Wels1'
and Mr. ami Mrs. F. R. Pearson
at | motored to Point Grey last evening
where they were entertained al r
large gathering of Vancouver, New
Westminster and Point Grey people.
Mrs. C. A. Welsh received about :ton
of    her Vancouver    and  Westminster
friends   on   Wednesday   afternoon   at
her pretly home, Krnrae.    227    Sixth
street.   The decorations In the dlnln"
room partook of n Hallowe'en nature,
autumn    tints    predominating.     Th"
table  was spread  with a eluny cloth
in tlie centre of which was a beautiful
hand  piilnlid   bowl   overflowing   with
assorted  fruit.    Streamers of smllax.
BUtumn leaves and yellow ribbon ran
from lhe dome to smaller basketB of
! fruit  which  were    fashioned    out    oV
pumpkins.     In    the    drawing    room
vnses of yellow chrysanthemums were
the principal decorations' where   the
hos'i-iK received in a becoming gown j
���of black velvet.    Mrs. Howard Welsh
and Mrs.  A. E. Clnrke, of Vancouver. [
assisted in the drawing room; Mrs. A.
C. Bballenberger served  the  Ices    ini
the  den  under  a canopy  of  autumn
leaves, assisted by  Miss Opal Clarke,
or   Vancouver,   and   the   Misses   Ruth
Agar  and   Katberlne   Renshaw;   Mrs
Ueorge   Dearing,   of   Vancouver,   and
Mrs  T. Gilford. Jr��� poured tea during
the  lii-bt   hour  and   were  followed hy
Mrs.  A.  B.   Kellington   and   MrB.  McKay.    The  young ladica  assisting  ln
Miss Bea-1
Miss Cor-
bould. Miss Marjorie d'Easum, Mr.
Tuckweil, Mr. Hmcheson, Mr. Caw- j
ley, Mr. Dunford, Mr. McGregor. Mr. I
Minchin t Vancouver), Mr. Harry I
Raikes (Vancouver), Mr. Leonard |
d'Easum, Mr. Arthur Creighton and ;
Mr. Annandale.
Mrs. V. C.'Brlmacombe and her i
small Bon, of Haney. have been the j
guests of Mr��. Briniacombe'B slstei. ;
Mrs. II. V. Ardagh, for the laat week. ]
Mrs. C.  I!.  McAllister left suddenly
for  the east on  Saturday  last,  beinv, |
called home on account of illness.
Mrs. M. M. Matheson. 135 Columhla
Btreet east, will receive the first Wed-j
nesday and Thursday of each month
during the season.
Mrs. Arthur Trapp will receive with j
Mrs. T. s. Annandale for the first time ;
since her marriage on Tuesday next, |
from 4 to 8 o'clock.
Mrs.   H.   G.   Rae,   nee   Miss   Eunice I
Pride, for the lirst time since her mar-
riage,   will  receive  with  her mother, |
Mrs.   W.   A.     Pride.     1103     Hamilton;
street, on Wednesday, November 5.
On Thursday afternoon the Political
Equality league held a tea at the resi- ,
dence of Mrs. Tuckweil, 714 Fourth I
street. Mrs. Ilryan. of Vancouver, I
spoke, and Mrs. Tuckweil also ad-!
dressed the gathering.
Misa M. Aid MacKenzie. organizer
for the Victorian Order Of Nurses.
with headquarter* in Ottawa, was the
guest of Mrs. \v. s. collister yeaterday.
Alderman F. W. McNeice and
family, of Port Moody,' are making a
few days' visit to Vancouver as the
guests  of Mrs.   McNc'ce's   mother.
William Sinclair, of Port Mcodv,
well known in this city aud Coiiuitlam. 11 suffering from a severe attack of ppeumi "la.
Mrs, Edwin H, Johnston. 322 Thlnl
sire. ���. will receive on Tuesday. November I. and on the second Tue-day
for the remainder of the season.
McAllisters Limited
Don't fail to visit the demonstration ofthe
Utility House Dresses in Our Store Windows
and Store on Friday and Saturday.
The lady will demonstrate in our show windows
during Friday and Saturday the complete reform of
the house dress now as a garment of Beauty, Utility,
and Comfort. We have a complete stock now to
supply your requirements in many pretty colors and
Priced from $1.75to $3.00
It will appeal to you aB It has lo
thousands of women "who will accept
no other. We have a good range of
very choice materials and patterns.
It is typically a Utility garment as It
is practical for every kind of service
- a house dress, negligee or apron.
Also   a   slip-on   over  other   garments.
lt is shown In a wide variety of materials such as crepes, plisses, silks.
Challle, voiles, lawns and fancy flannelettes, ln a good range of styles at
Interesting  prices.
Lei us demonstrate the many features of this pattented garment, Vou
will  like  it.
it "
are demanding the "UTILITY" garments because of their simplicity of
adjustment, their cleverness of style
and the very attractive designs used.
Only two buttons required to put
the garment in readiness. No undergarments arc visible as lu the case of
the old kimono.
When one side Is slightly Boiled It
can be reversed with the clean ��lde
OK  top.
All Ihese desirable features are to
be had at prices no higher than you
are In thc habit of paying.
Become a wearer of the "UTILITY"
and you wlll become enthusiastic In
Ub praises.    See our big display.
On Sale in Our New Ladies" Ready-to-
Wear Department on the First Floor
McAllisters Limited
What with the harbor Improvements, the further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster Is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Kancy fresh dressed local Spring Thickens    30c.
Hens   ' .' 25c.
Boiling   Ueef    12'/je.
Pol  Koasts   ;   15c.
Rabbits,  each    25c.
Pure l.ard, .Is, 5b, 10s, per lb 15c.
Picnic Hams 13e.
Host Sugar f.'urcd  Hams and ilacon   '. 23c.
Phone 300. 632 Columbia Street
Residence Y. W. C. A.       Phone 1324.
Mus. Bac.
Singing,  Piano,  Theory.
For Terms and Hours Apply at
Studio, 1011  Hamilton Street.    Phone
1319 R. (2263)
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P. O. BOX  44?
In the West End.  Corner 7th Ave. and 20th St. Half
block from Vancouver car.
FROM $800 UP.
Terms $100 down and $100 every four months.
74G Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust Hid?.
Phone S5R. I'hone 85L.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Our Interior Finish Ib manufactured from timber specially selected for Flat Grain.
We are also specialUIng In Kir Doors with Veneered Panels,
which are better In construction, more beautiful and no more expensive than tbe old solid raised panel doors.
(let our prices before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Established 1S91.
W* write Flre, Life, Accident, Employtra*   Liability,
Marina Insursnoa.
Automobile and
(Subject to change without notice)
Sunday schedule���Trains leave New Westminster at 6, 7, 7.39, 8,
8:l!0 and �� a.m., and every 20 minutes    thereafter    until    8:30    p.m.
Arter 8:30 servico every SO minutes  with last car leaving at  midnight.
Week dny schedule -Trains leave New Westminster at li, 5:45, S,
0:15. ��:30, 0:45, 7, 7:15, 7:30, 7:45 and 8 a.m., and every 20 minutes
until 4 p.m.. Krom 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. a 15 minute service wlll be
given. After 8:30 p.m. a 30 minute service with laat cai* nt midnight.
Saturday service -Early morning schedule tho same as on week-
dins, but after 8 n.m,, a 15 minute service will be given until midnight.
Through trains for Chllllwack leave New Westminster dally at.
030 a.m. and 1:10, 3:35 and 5:45 p.m.. Trains leave Chllllwack dally
for return trip at 0:10 a.m. and 9:30 a.m, and 1:10 and 6:45 p.m.
Dally Express service to Chllllwack from New Westminster at 9:50
a.m. and 3:35 p.m.
������   ,.--���:"'���
*, -x.
<l I


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