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���    -
���. ������ ���***"
H0*m Classlflsd Ada
1 Haw proven their woith by the
drfftlui t..ey , produce. They till
larg*, or small wants at small
eost.      *,&.    -
'    ���       ""
Weather Today.
New Westminster and the lower
mainland: Winds chiefly easterly;
unsettled with rain: stationary or
higher temperature.
,BER  250.
Splendid Building to Be
11 Opehed at -"eginning of ! Managcn* in Copper Strike District State They Will Never I
.Term. Reeognize Western Federation of Miners���Solicitor'
                          of United States Department of Labor Investigates
* ACCEPT RESIGNATION But Outlook for Settlement Is Not Bright.
���'.**#-.���      ->
v OF.TRUSTEE RENNIE!     ms\\____\_______________m        ^^^^^^
AM But Two of School Board Conclude
'Terms Thl�� Year���La;t Night's
*     m       ��� ,
*���    *__   , Meeting.
Wilson's   Personal   Representative   leaves   Vera
Cruz Suddenly.
- .   ���  **
_ Tl I Rh school pupils will occupy  lhe
���*���"���$-,_ > Duke ot"Connaught high school wheu
'""     .#> the Bl'W nrm commences and though
a (ty-mul opening lu to be held later,
Wine simple ceremony is to mark ilu*
���   rj��cupniity of  the    lately    completed
" ^M-MWq.0   school   building.    This   was
*��       "Tt^wHiy the school board last night
frultce   1 >r.  Green   was  successful
Flavlng  the   fbrniture   taken   frum
014,"Bd  placed  In  the new high
loci.  -Thle   work    Ih   unw   aliiio.t
,l�� mi! natll the money tti buy nnw
Ings ts for thom I iib the old littitic-
II b* uSeiHk
if*-     Rennie  Resigns.
J^i'rueteo Jteflnte'H    resignation    wan
' m.-hpi il last night with regret.   One
\**j/*.ir"Of Vis term  hi ill remains   Now
*     all .'bui -Tmstees Stoney and Peck enn
���Sfc-iriil.de th��t(j teems next week and thesi
Calumet,   Mioh..   Ilea
promising adherence to ______
initiation oarer by direct or indirect
means to recognize the Western Federation oi Miners wua pronounced today by min'* managers of tin' oopper
ntl'lke district, wli.i wire willing in
iIIsiusm thf vlBlt bare of John ll.
Deotmore, solicitor Ol the department
of labor.
Tin- fact that Mr. Densmore had an-
iinnnri il   liin  mission  as one of  con-! men were
dilation  made most of th" employers  the  strlki
shako   their   lii-ads   dubiously ! smelter
30.���Uncom-. both  Sides  today  found  th? opposing
their deter-1 Claims  as  wide  apart a.  the  poles,
The employers said tbere were ii'ss
tban  80<i I  actual  strikers  left   In  the
dlatrlct   but  uuion   headquarters    furnished statistics showing that weekly
iitrik:'  beneflta are being paid to 10,-
Ml)   men.     Both   sldesi    agreed    that
ahout 8600 men have left the district
since  tlie   trouble   began  on   July   2.,
The  companies  figured   that  l-t.HOu
affected  hy  th^^^^~
ahout GOU  of these  being
mill   workers,   who   were
Kas   Obtained   Comprehensive   Grasp,
cf Affairs and Is Anxious to
Five Thousand Rebels Seek to Exterminate Federals,
Driving Them Across U. S. Border���Federals After
First Onslaught Put up Plucky Fight Under Insuperable Odds���Outcome Uncertain.
Vera  Cruz,   Dec.   30.���By   breakfast
Presidio,  Texas.   Dec.  30.���A  battle 1 for more help and more hospital Bup-
I11    which    6000    or    more rebels are \P-***  and   asked   permission   to crosB
seeking to exterminate or drive across 'l0   -ti<-   Mexican   side   to   attend    the
tbe United States border the northern i wounded on  the battlefield,
division of the Mexican federal army j No Hospital Facilities.
was in progress around Ojinaga. Mex.,!    ri01h   ,he   'cderal    and    thc    rebel
opposite   here  after  dark   tonight.       -armies   were   without    Held    hospital
Kor   30   hours   the   opposing   forces | facilities,  so that  the  wounded   were
had been under a lire which    caused   -***- nhere tliey  ha(1  fallf-'n- stretched
.... lKK.   uhh-hk-dm  ��� -   a   hre   which     Caused    ���-���    ������������*"-   '"�����/    �������*��   mim".   oi.c,_���cu
,,        ..        ..'     ,   '.' ���,  _,,,,���   .....dead and wounded on both sides. Gen-'on th'-' h!"8 among thc mesquite. No
-;��� ��i,1,��c New  >ears day or b00n afteri,rai Ortega'i rebel armv. reinforced buHeta came across tbe border,
sailing of   that   if no untoward  Incident occurs, k.  Hanks to the right and left,  kept1    About 5M0 rebels    were    engaged.
John   Lind.    President  Wilsons    per- gtgafflly on the offensive, gaining and  much  of  their firing, however,   being
-.1.,,....   - - - sonal    representative,    and the presi-; il(J|ji11R   foot  by  f00t   the   approaches : wi,hout  effect   because of their posi-
We  could  not treat  with  Ihe fed-1 given at least  part time employment\_g_x himself, will be talking over the 11() the fl-deral stronghold. :Uon below the  village, but they ccn-
*���"*���*-* 'international problems arising  out ofl Federals  Dazed.    ' jstantly gained ground and tonight ap-
tbe Mexican revolution. -j.-*^ federal  army,   dazed  and    dis-   Peared to be within reach of victory.
Mr. I.ind left Vera Cruz .it C o'clock organized   by   the   first   puff  of  rebel'    Tlle  federals withdrew  within    the
tonight 011 board    the    Chester,    tbe gmnke   clung to the trenches dug on  buildings and fortifications in the
' _ . ........ I-io-c    ,���h_...    .1.-.,     ............1     ...U...    .
Extraordinary Tragedy Oc-
curs in Paris���English*
Actor Killed.
8a. s  He  Meant  to   End  Own  Life-
Objected to Son Briujing Woman
tr House.
eration even  if tre  wished," said  F\ j at work, half of the difference between
\V.   Iieiiton,   manager  of  the  Copper  after lbe first few days.
Hange   Consolidated   company,     "The;    Today they claimed 9640 men were
mni   at   v., rii   would   never   consider   the two  totals  having  gone  to other
employment   underground   with   mem-! districts,   thus   leaving   'i'i'M   strikers.'.     - . ,   .
bare of tbe union, for there would al;They made additional allowances tor '*nen cruiser 01 tti
ways   be  trouhle and  In  view  of  the {lm 11  who  have come  litre  from  out
that ten thousand men are work-1 side cities, thus raising their estimate
^ ���*Wtc<Mt��*.    *
uore their interests." ^^^^^^^^^^
The strike Is to inter upon Its final
Stage within two days, tomorrow be-
|ing the laat upon which lhe compaiiieH
[will   receive  applications    for    work
from  strikers    Originally Dec   1  had
bei n set as the Hunt, but at the re-
 ._ .__  American navy-
bound for Pass Christian, Miss., where
President   Wilson     is    spending     Ills
vacation.    The Chester's caplain  aud '��� jjjj.
Ktar Admiral  Frank V.  Fletcher, as
Pails, Dec. 30.���An extraordinary
tragedy occurred in Paris tonight. A
popular English vaudeville performer,
known on the stage as Marry Prag-
son, waa shot and killed by his 81
year old father, Victor Pott.
Kragson had dined at a restaurant
and on the way to the theatre where
he has been appearing, called at the
apartment  whicli  he    occupied    with
.smoke, clung to the trenches dug on mniaings and lortilieaiions In ttie vil- ...     _. ���
the hillside  where  it  bad  decided  to la^e where they operated   what guns.his aged  father in  the  Rue    de    La
make a last stand.    Though  whipped t'1('-v had 'rom behind the high walla ��� Payette.     He  found   the   door   bolted
in the  lirst  rebel    onslaught,    which of   an   adobe   horse   corral   built   like  and  was  kept  waiting  before  it waa
their outposts   to   cover,   and a stockade.   They also directed their openedjjiy bla Jftth-er.���Wosd* ensued
liing  that neither side cares to di*t *���"'!"'' '!
any   great  freedom..  Both    "-'���*
jfnet that ten tnoiisanil men are wum* 1 d,���*o ���-,���-,��� ��� .......... " ""oniin | vacation,     rue cnemer:.  capiam  auu ',]_,,.._,  _e,T outp09ts    to    cover,    and  �� "'"civaue.     mey aiso -aireciea tneir ��� openeO|j��y  1. ___
ing  for the companies  era cannot Ig-jol the actual titr""'-^ to .imw. I Hi ar Admiral  Prank T.  Pletcner. as- t|)(,r_ some ot tltBjr Wr-mded with de-  firl"-S fr��m the customs houae which Und "suddenly  the   father  seemed  to
^^^ ^^^ Outlook Not Promising. i_ure   Mr   Und  tha,  ���_������  hourH  ���hould 8Prti.r8   jumoed  into  tte  rtrar    aa4  .t9��l mm*i**'',-tttm**i*ri   midway    be-llose control at Himself.    IJe drew a
The  future of  th-  strike  Is some-.guffjc(. to ,aud Mjm on (hf. ,,0U,Biana _;_^. t���^g"^^ri^^def^-fe*^-����i��h* *���������*****��� ��?�� a ****-**��� !,eM iver,aild the: soH fell  with a bul
      hence he will proceed to faa) er-fc put up , plucky  flight against'    '      -**-- ***-���-'   "J      *
_'.!..-   rimimliA "thnt   chances   for  an :'-;"rlslian- , , insuperable  odd_.'    Som
Sides   rtcognize   taut   cnances   ior  an persons In Vera Cruz knew of'. ,," occurrM   a,nong
early   settleemnt  are   rather     remote.;  . _**         .   .   .   ., rany   onuiruu   .111 un.
unions will endorse any plan for
uuas  -*>Mh
Ud* thnlr teems nent week and these \-____  .et UB  __t !(,'���,(   |,',it at  the  re-1The unions will endorse any plan toi
i��llltfn�� jfiin be lllled ai the coming quest of  business mni the time wns j arbitration  that  Includes in it recog
* ���������������������!... 1      u'h_i.._...   mm,r)   ihe   extra 1 nition of the men's right to organize
extended.     Whatever  good   the   extra I nition of the men's right to organize. I
H*    * _���   .      Chanoe Hours. |so days might have accomplished was!    The companies will treat only with;
*__    -��SV'_.*n *^he    Duke    of    Connaughl   wipotl out by the Italian hall disaster  lh. ir  own   employees  and   after   the     	
**W'' aaliMl^pejia tjie time of school hours ;and the controversy as to who should ! first or llie year will cease to consider  launch awaited him, regarded his suit
be cbauPd     Instead of starting i give   relief  10  afriicted   families   and' tlm   possibility  of  any  striker  being cases  with  expressions  indicative  of
iy at X&Q and  ending at 8:30  the deportation of Charles W. Moyer,,Ions of these.    Observers with affllia-1 varied opinions
,-eustoinary In winter, the ��� president of thc federation. Itlon on  neither side can see only
from 0 a.m. until 3 p.m
This  was  the  But-
���im-ipal   Mule  and   was
jy  the  trustees.
... Jrldgeman's resignation
raff -at l/ird Kelvin school
Wide Apart. 1 long and perhaps bitter elege In pros
The detailed 'Igures obtained  from I pect.
" siiwiifi
���f Poison In  Mor-^h
Bank Clerk Pound Dead In
civic  labor bureau l
Seventeen  people were    sent    out
from    the   civic employment bureau
jyetcrdar either to Uke poektona or
J__> apply for tbPrt.   Among tbem were
���ffllva e^nMB who wanted employment
[aa ddMestics. T
The positions most difficult to till
.are thoae of stationary cmineers and
domestics. At present firemen with
. .fourtb -tlaaa papers are also wanted.
On Priday morning two pipe fitters
are to be given employment and one
olher man wlll be furnished witb a
permanent position. There I* little
or no demand (or (arm laborers at
Though yesterday was considered
an exception'there Is not a day passes
but some man Is bitched up to a Job
and lt baa been proven tbe city made
no*mistake ln Instituting tho bureau.
flight against* * ttKL-il* Have Advantage. let in'HI. hei-d.
nefhlnr like a!    Tonigbt. although  the   "rebels �� ap-;    'lhe j. pert of the revolver attracted
the    federals | Pcared to have much advantage," the po",-". and those living In tbe adjoln-
jartment.    The son was hurried
hospital,   where  he  died.    The
as taken to the police station.
v.   ���_<���-,.., 0   mm.-., j   mnu-ui  ui   ui.i    tue feeble old man    was    greatly
Dead and Wounded. i 'ar nor'h. still having to win success \ shaken as he told his story to    tbe
The net results of the battle so far 1 B-8a'nW apparently hopeless odds or j police. He had bought the revolver,
as they  are obtainable  on  this side retreat. |he gaij, with the intention of commit-
were I    That the federals will surrender Is', ng ."tclde because life had become
Many dead and wounded (e!l on! improbable because General rtegi! unbearable. His son had brought a
each ilde. It was impossible even toillaa explicit orders to execute the e"! woman to the house ln spite of re-
Unnrrnlmate the number. i called volunteers and their command- peated protest.   Tonight, he said, hia
Mr personal counsel. I    Several score deserters jumped Into ers' Generals Pascual   Orozco.    Ynez  son  was  accompanied   by   the  same
s.nre his coming to Mexico almost tllJ, rjver an(j waded to tbe American ' Salazar, Antonio Rojas. Bias Orp'nal, -woman and reproached him for keep-
five months ago, Mr. Lind has 'or'| glde. They were disarmed and Bent ,'azaro Alllnls and Ro-tp.e uumez. ling him waiting. He meant to kill
warded to Washington voluminous re-'t,,^ by  Major McNamee. command- Eighteen   hundred   volunteers     also'himself  in   their presence and  drew
'   ilug the border patrol.    A-bout 15   of j00*016 under the sentence of aeath im-itae pistol.   What passed hp did not
ih*4aMrters were wounded and were ; P����cd   by. * General Villa.   That   the understand, but instead of putting m
  ���     ���   -t.-  -���*-   ��� lt*4t-m*ls  with all  their -renei-al*.    ei-   hullet into hia own temole he flret
Message Welcome.
Il is no secret that Mr. Lind    wel
comed the summons to nreet his chief
for personal counsel
; *><-***���
SeatQiced to Be Haiigcd He
Telb Police of Other
ports of the changing conditions in
this republic, but il Is known that he
.fretted over tbe restrictions of writ-
j ten communication* and often pressed a desire io hava "Just a -few mtfcl'"
utes dlreet conversation" with ���itfa#f^h
'.be preside "t' ____^ ibm -secretary of
i stile.'
Portland, Ore.. Dec. 3ft.-  No trace ot
-pelhou has yet been    found    iu    the
' stcmach  of  Clyde   Rud-rll,���the  bank
clerk and    lodge    treasurer   of The
Unites,  who  was   found  dead  in    tt_ 	
Portland rooming house three weeks i *____________\
Summons   Legislature.
was oider.'-d because |    s,  JohnI1 Nnd   ������, 30,-Oovernor
h   a ' "*vldson   '��sued  a  proclamation   to
__)      I night summoning the legislature elect-
-   , __*9***   * j ed last October to meet on Wednea-
_ ********   ~m also I day, jan   j4    str Edwar(i Morris, the
-a���. m-..��   lnd lne theory that i premier, will continue iu power with
���* *ns killed la growt��g strongor. 21 members of the Peoples' party,
Rudtll disappeared ailer a quarrel ;am| sir Robert Bond, former premier,
with ledge officers at The Dalles and wlll head the opposition with five l.lb-
was found in Portland after a tele | erals and ten membrrs of the Klsher-
sram sent to bis wife had announced men's Protective union, which won
his death on ihe railroad tracks near large majorities In the northern dis-
Portland. tricts.
DunJM tbe
;i>t ^^tbe
be!    W-
Wilsod1* mv
"Squeeze" in Pekin
Solves Mystery Surrounding Death of
Wealthy Lot Angeles Diamond
Sacramento, Cal., Dec. SO.���Mystery
surrounding tbe murder cn January
25. 1913. of C. G. Pendell. a wealthy
1.0s Angeles diamond broker, was
swept away at Foiscm prison today
when Burr L. Harris, a negro, sentenced to be hanged February 13 tor
thc murder of Mrs. Rebecca Gay, a
Christian Science practitioner, con
fessed that he killed and robbed Pendell.
Tbe confession was made to Sheriff
William A. Hammei, of Log Angeles
county. Harris described the Pendell
murder in detail. He aaid.tbat he entered the Pendall -store (rom another
store and when Pendell naked him
wbat he wanted he said he wished to
buy a diamond.   When Pendell turned
Cl_f***t *t*a 9 9    * \\I "Ls* 9   Harris wld he hit the diamond broker
���j raft   in New Yorb  r ��"* h<>*d wiih * ie*d pip*cover
PrtaidHt WilsoiFa envoy haa given ���
earnaat study to the aituatlon. Ue has-j
contarrad with itipmanUtlvea ot
both sides until be bellevea ha haa"
acquired �� comprehensive grasp ot
Will Return.
The flnanciaOaolation of the pies
ent administration has reduced President Huerta's views, but not so
strong as to force him tc yield. S3
long as there is money in the country, no matter to whom it belongs,
Huerta has the means to obtain It
and this situation is realized by Mr.
Lind. Nor has the advance ot tbe
constitutionalists been ao rapid of
late as would be expected. Thus the
time tor a full accounting between
the federals and the constitutionalists
seems in the opinion ot observers
generally to be aome distance away.
Mr. Lind took with him the greater
part of his belongings, but left aome
baggage here, assurli-s the American
consul, W. W. Canada, that he would,
return In four or turn if* at tbe
tin dilirt-Ti were wounded and were iP08**-11 by^��General Villa. That the 1 understand, but Instead of putting a
penaitfod ta remain on tbls side on federals with all their generals, ex-, bullet Into his own temple he fired a^
gTcandafSfr* hpmanlty. They were'cept, perhaps, General Francisco C'as-|his son. Why, he couM not explain,
carat Jnr _i>i' United Statea army lr��- General Joae Mancilla ar.,1 Gen- The janitor of tbe apartment house
-____7__T___ mi" .     ���   m -. !eral Maanel Lando,- of   the   regulars and neighbors informed the police that
' M Bfcson 1
T-m-.-am ***���*
 . ,.of tbe-lft wounded.led
Jtates army office��� to believe
lualties were heavy.   The Red
%oclety therefore sent requeatai"10,rt Uk��ly
eral Maanel Lando,
nilL.be Jorced -ovjer   to   the   Un
.States ln eaae of feder*.! defe?ii
believed on the American side
���,_,..>.,_, .i.n um-)    iw jn.ti^v* v. ***a apartment m*,**.
ot   the   regulars and neighbors Informed the police that
--   .,._.   ���,_.____ t-���i-%rtl'ot��eB heart the father and
Much Criticism at Coquitlam
Election Campaign Meeting���Air Views.
Twa Seek Reeveahip and Four Want
Scats In tha 1��14 Couneil���
. Many Issues.
Robbed Mail Clerk.
Moose Jaw, Dec 30.���Harry Ash-
worth, a mail clerk employed at the
local postoffice. was held up ln a lane
at the rear of the postoffice building
this morning and robbed of $44 in
cash. Ashworth had just come out of
the rear door when b was asked to
step down the lane and meet another
man. The man wbo made the Invitation was a total stranger, but Ashworth complied.   He had gone but a
To Aid Survivors.
Montreal,    Dec.    3d.���subscriptions
worth complied. He bad gone but * r^?*��Si�� ^SP&tt S?
short distance when the two men set ***'.** *****��" ��' th'**}��"J"1
upon him. put a gun to his head, over- n ��L .��_?._. LJJ^SS ft2? ����� _?��
powered him. tcok all hia money andt_^_��_^^_!��2f%i,^^EJ.
men beat him over the head. He waa !��r?���3 till a\2��?f^wi^!. i*
no, badly hurt.   No arrests have been ^^Tt^lls^utla10^^^ l��
"Speakers Liken Conditions In China
to Politics in the United
Mi 11 ona polls, Dec. 30.-���Graft and
rascality In municipal government
thrive tn China as well as tn the I'nit
nl States and It should not be hard
for Americans to understand Chinese
politics, Charles R. Henderson of thn
University of Chicago, told tbe Amerl
run Coclologlcal society today. Mr.
Henderson's topic was tho "Relations
between the United States and China."
"There ls 'squeeze' ln Pekln," he
eald, "and 'graft' In New York. In
-���China they do things to 'save' their
face, while our looters of municipalities grow indignant when (Reused and
fill the air with tho dust ot counter
Mr. Henderson recently returned
from nn extensive sludy of social eon-
���ditlons, lfi China. He Is optlmlslic of
the I'hliirse ns a people and says th-��y
wlll he greatly Improved by thalr us-
t-oclatlous   wllh   Americans,
"Contact," lm said, "Is inevitable.
Indsre.iursn throin-.li irade. education.
1 aiikrX mi.sioufc and diplomacy muat
Henderson discussed the Inunl
Sentence  Set  Aside���Now
Allege Ralph Fariss is
ed with paper and rags.
Harris said he had covered the pipe
eo heavily with rags that the first
blow did not kill Pendell.
"He groaned after he went down,"
Harris told Sheriff Hammei. "I drag
ged him into a rear room and wrapped his bead In a pillow that was
on the lounge so that he would maki
no noise."
Then Robbed Store.
Harris said he leisurely selected
what jewelry he wanted and escaped.
The jewelry, he said, he burled in the
country. The negro tried to describe
the place where Ihe diamonds had
been burled, but Sheriff Hammei
found lt impossible to obtain sufficient
information to locate " 'where the
jewelry had been cached. ML
Harris told hla slory freely to th*]
l.os Angeles sherilT and gave uo-r&-
**^*t**^*t__m 1 son .tor making the confession other
U>8 Angeles. Dec. 30.���An effort lolu",n that ntJ """ed te^eTR- off hls
save the life of Ralph Paris*. '��- "^Uerlff Hammei ^'tonight that he
llakersfleld youth who h>M up two; i,13 been CWrt*bced for some time
Southern Pacific trjj-m and klllod H-U-Tarpis, murdered Pendell because ot
E.  Montague, n.,rfavelllng passenger ,hp  similarity between that-murder
Trial ot Ruthenlans. ��
Budapest. Dec. 30.���At the trial at |
Marmaros-Ssiget.   of  the   Ruthenlana -     .
charged with sedition against Austria- "
Hungary, the examination of the accused was continued today.  That took
I as their general line of defence tho
{plea that they were actuated  purely
by   religious   motives.
made as yet.
Toronto for distribution.
"ppr: -.is'.ts Care Shown to Embassy
and 3ends Tangible Tokens In
Shape of $1200.
Paris, Dec. SO.���In recognition of
th? devoted iare ahown to Copt. D.
von -Wlnterfeldt, the military attache,
ot the German embassy to France^
who was seriously Injured In an auto-*
mobile accident iaat tall, while following the French army manoeuvres,
the German-emperor today sent an
autographed photograph to Eugene
Rtlnne, the French ex-minister ot war.
liig majesty alao bestowed decorations on a number ot French officers,
surgeons and civilian offlcera and women who had aided In nursing Capt
von Wlnterfeldt back to health.
The mayor ot GrisolUs was sent
$1800 to be distributed among tha
needy persons ot tha town.
-���..iou question, asserting that many
Chinese aro looking longingly toward
-T'lilirornla and that hundreds would
come If they ware assured of a two-
acre farm.
"The treatment received by their
pathfinder on the Paciric coast Use
not helped us In our relations with
the Chinese, whatever Justification
there may havo been ln the supposed
tneoasslty for selMefent*." be said.
agent for that railroad, was msdi* Today lu Jedge Gavin W, GrsTt/t* depart
ment of th.' iiperlor court, through the
filing of sff ,1 ivlts aliening that he was
Insane. Te: llmoiiy was taken and a
further hennng set for next JWday.
Proceedings in the case ���#ere re-
ipencil this afternor* Ihrough an at-
jtorniy emiployed by Umes'A. Karlss,
{the bandit's (athef. in *n attempt to
prevent the yodWd hanging, according to th* ���aent.:��ce imposed on him
by JudjsMTrsig on Saturday. At the
.lefepdMt's own request his ease had
IiimM rush id through the courts. *
# 8et Aalds Ssntsnea.
When ths case was called the attorney tor tlw defence formally Moved for tha setting aside.ot tho aon-
i ni       11 ���e��� ���
(Costtgped ob hit ahght)
The contest tor municipal honors in
Coquitlam got away to a flying start
last evening when some 200 ratepayers crowded th* Burqultlam Agricultural hall to hear a medley of candidates and prospectlves express their]
opinion* on municipal administration. 1
Although It started oft rather tamely)
the meeting warmed mm aa time gassed.'
snd there wer-a fireworks, Ad other
brands of excitement gai*re.       ���
After th* air claarM It was found
that there wtto Vwo candidates ln (he
running for tbe reeveship and four
tor,��.u��til seats. Por th* reeveship
KoiincUlor-B. J. C. Atkins nnd I*. B.
Maitnont announced themselves as being In tbe field while John roster,
J. D. Robertson, H. B. Baker and
Wallace Whiting-are candidates tor
tho connell.
-   Municipal Hall Deal.
The outstanding topic ot discussion
among the candidates waa th* munlcl
pal hall deal, put through by the present cannell and In thla connection
Councillor R. J. C. Atkins cam* te
tor severe condemnation aad persistant bottling tor th* part h* tpok.
Councilor Foster, who Is seeking
return also earn* te tor a awMis ot
criticism for th* part he ph_y*d te
^s^^>^<s^^v><nX^^*^saa^^><w w>ndtrf|)|  0tvlct, o,monatratod at
Convention ef Dctor*���R*move
Blood to Cteana* It
Philadelphia, Dec. M���Aa apparatus
by which th* Mood may bo runowC
clsaaaed of Imparity ***** r*torn*d mm
th* system ud m oontrtvane* lar
whloh tt can b* determined whether
wm Is suffering from tower or a_as*w-
ly haa an appetite, wer* aasoag th* te-
veatlona der������������--������ ��� *��������� *	
10     hill      III .    MPSg
attiena' Leagve Defegatet
WU1 Attend Meeting of
Tho** much .
wholesale Hgner ...�������� --, *���
���artB'h* b*tor* th* hoard ot llcmud
oommlssloaers thla attanioon sit I
o'clock whaa th*f! ��Mt te te* dty
hall. Also diligstes frost th* CHI-
sens' leago* will hs ther* and wtth
..***.*_._       *._._   lh ____.     ��*_'_."___.      fc.-.-jL"--
-**a\ ft
teem wffl b*"u*',rawyer th*��
' to h*lp team te     *r *��������
t��_autd on Pag* BighU
and that of Mrs. Gay and another
woman. Mrs. Hssktns, whom Harris
has confessed to murdering.
IlarrU told the sheriff that he r*-
turned to the rear room of tbe Pen-
dell store and satisfied himself-th*
-man waa dead   before   he   lett   the
place. ^	
��������������������- I weary minute* ot Us1iif*"a��d wi
Hi* Wlf* Itm Him. *b* gladsome mw y**r wW" "-'
Edmonton. a*t. M.���In **areh ot known-Joys   aad   sorrow*
the woman to whom he ha* been mar ngkewd te,   p*opl*   wtU
rled flv* -***-, Thomas CowiMr.hr- M��r*d. sejvlo*   toalgbt  ta
How Westminster-Will
Spend New Year's Eve
Hum tetet 'M. ......
Itev, U. Ootiom Molvta. who *m
tmtvmai ite ��SiS-r * **-
oommlsstoo at Its mat *������
of Atewmas Kelfitto*'
wtU UMp %* mmmM it**
Th*M hMStattet* ~
from la* m**ttei U_. ..
being that te*teaVHtltkm
��Mur teagn* t**t*-M to**- %
solicited the service* ��>f tb* cite folic* ln finding her. To tk* notlc*
h* told how th* woaw hnd Wt hit
_____._.   _.��   *,*___.     *.m   ___>l_d__._,    m**.**,   ___,.
I affair* will h* li
afisriMon th*r*
b* to lhat
A* th* old year drags out th* ladt
jreary minute* ot IU Ute and whU*
th* gladsome nsw y*ar with Ite tev
^^^^^^^^^^ te *bte��
ated *'te
iriwd'ih"wmonton"Mon��ay and today|^^'^i$i|OA*lr;'��^*. S^-*^*-���?*��� mSS5��^
m 'K
QM*n* At*m* *h��reh
ngrogMlMMi ��jt te* *mm|
Nent pm*t
i ___*__   ___m^_4}^t__t ������___________' ^*WL\__
lh* ramlt *t lh*���.****** *M, 6*
m -*
laek.. white *n******m, W'
-���-, *.r-ii>-r- :���':���.
��   i
%*i-��S*^! 1
t****yr.r*ci r >"*-.���','��� ' ,',i-i"*TE*-< I      *"^nj-,        I
An IftdlJMHdMl meratop jmpor d��i|0��sd to tht Infer st* et Kew Westminster and
ttu fratsr Vsllsy ruiiiithed sverp more-tow wospf StMubsv '<�� t'i" National /"rlntiiio
Md PsSHsMaj Company, Umttsd, ��l 63 IfoKsiUllS Strsst, lieic Westminster. Britiah
tOelumli*. noun BDTBBBCiAlID, Jfonoptoiff Director,
All o'nmmunl.-nlliiiu ikould b�� Sddrsssed In T'.' UstB Winliiiiiislrr .V.-ii'.v imd nol
In Individual memfe-tra of tht stuff. CJir.ip.ea. draffs, nnii moiwy orders should be modi
aa.ot.i,   tu lhe National rrlntlna "��ii /'utll-ilii'iii Cnmimnii, f.iinil'-d.
TKl-KI'llOS US���Ousln.M O/fiii' and Afuii-i/.r, 8119; BdltoHal Booms mil depart-
���MMM.   8*1.
SUBSCRIPTION  RATEB���Ull ctlniir. II  per |/a_r, 11  for l*rc�� molttM, 40c per
������imis    Hit mad, II per Kear, lee i��r month.
AHl l.lt'llmlStl RATBB on simliration.
STOUb'  AND  i.iAF.I.iED  1-iiS
Rich  Rancher charged  with Securing
..   Land   Least- and  Ordering   H13
Spokane,   11'i
Charging   thai
Today marks the passing of the year 1918, a good
year in many respects, rich in different ways, but principally so in experience. Money has been tight, the cost
orliving has risen, business has not been what it was, but
in spite of these facts there are many bright spots to be
located in the past twelve months.
British Columbians and citizens of New Westminster have nothing to fear for the future and nothing to
complain of for" the past year. It has been a hard one
no doubt on a large number, but it has taught its lessons,
lessons that never would have been learned had the bright
sunlight of continued prosperity shone steadily. A little
slackening in the rush of progress is absolutely necessary
in the big scheme of things,' It sifts the gold from the
dross, tests the true value of a man or a community and
leaves the strong ones really stronger, while it eliminates
the poor material and the quitters. Undergoing such an
experience comes a great deal harder on the cities without
the real wealth to back them that New Westminster possesses. In the case of the Royal City it simply marks a
breathing space in the forward march, a year during
which sinews have been tightening and conditions have
been settling down to basic principles in preparation for
the greater onward rush to follow.
With its large agricultural district at its back, its industrial possibilities already bung developed and its magnificent fresh water harbor gradually approaching its
stage of real usefulness, New Westminster has nothing
to fear and everything to hope for in the brilliant future
which is the certain heritage of the province of British
Columbia as a whole.
.1.  .   iw,   Idaho,     U **.     30,    Alvia-i
��� * iyd n, ogi i aboul ii, who la oharg
;      .. ;,,.. ti | ciopeil ,- *!.. IVtuhtuo
: . .   Wash.,   \. ,ih   i'i ail     I*'..     ' inuli.  ���'
si in* i gii i. mul \ Uo b cured r mar
r .i ie lie, ii.-i* Kero Di ci ., ber 17 a id
married by Justice 11 tbe Pi ac
i ulrju Anderson, la i perl d to b
*,*.'.n:,ii in Rltzvllle, Wub'j., tor an
i th i- ��� ���* me . "nl vlolatii n ol a parole
on which lu* la reported I i have been
all.v..l 1* nln . Ly.
.*.,   ;*,i c, ( . Drown Is in   ��� celpt 11
hor husband, J. J. Nichols, a woalthj   .  hllll  rroa| ,.   (.   Ll,:,.   ,���,. glrl..,
pionee* rancher of Davenport, trick   ' tauiur, who statea  thai  bis daughter
her intu Blgning away her Interesl In Is bu; 16 years of a* * and that "sbo
his property valued at U00.000, then   ���������������*  ' olen  I   heme and   Hayd n
,      ,        .                   , ,       i      i li wonted m   Klttviilo    tor   another
placed her In an automobile and ord crlroc..    ���-���������, ���,���,.*,���, ��������� idama oount)
ered her to go to the homo "i her p],0titd Sheriff Brown to arreal Haj
parenta In Stevens county and nevei den wh revor found,    Sheriff Drown
return   Mra     Amanda    W,    Nlcholi h'i*1 ; ���1I'""1 lh-'J    Hayden   and   ths
.,    ,     .         ,,.. , Lamb mi I utter being  murrli d here
started suit In the local courts tor dl- ���..,,���,���. ls *l(.r. fl���. Pb1ouMi Walhi
vorce aud recovery of the property, A| Palouse Hayden Is said to have
Mrs, Nichols, who bas been residing purchased fl money order payable '"
m the family home, West 1928 I'��� ill B "���" Red Cedar line ai St. Maries,
avenue, elnce the trouble wose, se- ���*���*���}������������ 'V."1 .V''1"'"1 ":,s__���***& sh":
cured an order to restrain her bus
band irom selling the property <u*
taking the chlldreu,   whom,   she al-
!���'1 im Seattle, according lo Informs
tiou received frum the city marshal
���it   Pulouse,
Bberlfl Brown Is also in conimunlca-
Hun with Sheriff Hays tn Pasco,
Franklin county, who appears to bs
operating with the sheriff of Adami
i .nny. These officials wlll be notified by Sheriff Drown that Hayden
and hla child-wife are probably In
c. C, Lamb wrote Sheriff Brown
that bis daughter had been attending
���. irool in tho country about six miles
trom Washtucna and when she failed
to return home the evening of December 16 he suspected sho had gone
wllh Alvian Hayden. Hayden is described as being aboul -- years old.
medium small, red beaded and had a
brown aud a pray suit i.f clothes.
Yakima Woman Dead at  Rome.
North   Vaklma,  Wash.,   Dec.   'in.
Mm.  Alexander  Miller,    wife    of the
owner of the Vaklma Milling company
the   largest  office  building   in   North
Yakima  nnd extensive    real    estate
leges, in- seoured during lu-r absence
rrom home tiie day before Christmas.
She afterward recovered them.
Mrs. Nichols waa arrested last
week charged with Improper relation.!
with a man named Woodward, but
was released under bond. She says
in ehe complaint thai the arrest was
can.-,,I by her husband, She chari','
he (old her he would charge ht r with
improper relations with other men ii
she did not deed him the property.
The complaint  says they  were mar-
i ii cl ai Davenport in lx-^r and the*,
have two children, Howard, aged 7
unci Nina, aged 12. Mrs. Nichols sn;.
lur husband owned a quarter section
of land when they were married, bul
that they aftorward acquired a sec
tion and a half cf land at their home
seven miles from Davenport, valued
at   $10,000,       'lhey     also    owned     a
$12, i equity in land near Soap lake,
she avers.
Sii,* estimates the stock and farm
machinery aa worth $?0,0I i and lhat foldings In this valley, died In Rome
two  lots at    Iwvenpcrt    are    worth
$10i)i).    They   als.i
Now that the rush of Christmas shopping is over, it
might be a good idea to do your Christmas swapping early.
The first thing to do after opening a Christmas present is to look for the name of the donor���or is it the price
mark that takes precedence?
Last week back in Montreal they were wishing for
cold weather; now they're pulling their whiskers and
praying for spring.
An aviator has looped the loop five times in one
flight and come back to earth to prove the saying of the
ancients that whom the gods-Would destroy they first
make mad.
according to u cablegram  from  Mr.
tied Btock, sin-  Min,,,- received by M. W. Phillips, her
says, in tbe Davenport National bank.  [a(jjer,
the Davenport drain company, as wi II 	
as Btock in tbe J, ll. Itoberts company I
and ihe  Northwestern Oeneral Trad- Large "Dry" Area,
ing company. Seattle,  Wash..    Dec   30.���Superin-
Says He Threatened Her. tendenl    Oeorge    D, Conger,    of the
She Bays she signed deeds and bills-j Anti-Saloon league of Washington,
i.i - ,'��� s to all the propi rty tliey own his annual report, says that In 78 pei
Ml exi * pt Bmall properties in Spokane .cent, or the area of the state- probibl-
and Kootenai county after her bus tory laws are in force. In this fir'
band was abusive to her and almost tory dwell 4. per cent, of the Inhabl-
mail- her "delirious." He told her or .tants of the state.
July ti, she saya, that "he was iroitm
Medal and Diploma for Superiority
over all competitors at the great
World's Fair and at all fairs and
expositions wherever  exhibited.
POWDER is the one great baking powder, for over half a century
known and celebrated for its purity, strength, and keeping quality.
Its use assures the food against
alum and all forms of unwholesome adulterations that go with
imitation, low grade brands.
to get people to swear agalnsl her
and she would ho thrown out penniless." She alleges he told her if Bhe
would di ed him the property they
would  be happy.    She says sho went-4. .  ,
to Davenport the next day and slgne-J1-*"'  '"""'  '"'''
Ridei to Jail in Taxi.
Spokane, Dec. 20.���Minnie  Miller, a
German of good appearance, cume to
police headquarters in a taxicab late
keil    for    lodging
ii-.:::     11  except the heme on College j ���*"��"'��  ���'''���"   POSBP.slOM   was   $10.     A
, delicate
Remarkable Result! Reported by Lcc
turer  Before   London
avenue and  tho  Spokane county and
officer    failed
sliculi!   pre
questioning by  the  booking
to    reveal    why    she
i   police   station   id  a
Kootenai county property
She said  lhe dei ds were no sooner i, ,   ,  .
signed than hir husband secured tv..  !,el'1 a8 ** P>aAC0 "   '"M-0*'   slu' K:,v"
automobiles,   placed   tho  children  In ! hc-,r���a:'\ n,._',0���aMl_i_S^T!pa,_���.a_
A newspaper headline says "Tiny Earthquake Wakens
Seattle." They must be lighter sleepers down in the spirit
city than they used to be, or it would take a man's size
temblor to get some of them up.
British Columbia has about two hundred and fifty-
three million acres of land within its borders, all of which
is not divided into subdivisions, some being devoted to
farming, lumbering and other industrial pursuits.
A San Diego real estate man was arrested in bed the
other night with a sledge hammer beside him. The press
despatch doesn't say whether or not the charge was
one cf thfni. and taking Iter in tho
other, w'ent to a pluce eight milel
from Davenport She was then ordered to gel Into the machine with ihe
children, tbe driver was told to take
her to the home of her parents, i.id
she was told never to return, aecird-
m:; to 'lie complaint-
She asks divorce, the custody of ihe
children   and   $125   per  month.    She
ai:.o u-iks that she be (riven half the
properly she has signed away.
a housewife.
with a cell
HI-_i'.-Class Operator Smiles When He
Is  Accused  of  Very   Petty
Hois.. Idaho, Dec. 30, Lashing a
lOii-pound sturgeon to a raft, when he
found the lish too heavy to 'irry,
forcing the big member of tbe linny
tribe to haul hlm into camp wheM
later tbe sturgeon was served ,up to Pacific coast In connection wtth the
a crew  cf hungry men,  is tbe'latoet  exchange  of $60   worth   of   lead   for
Spokane, Dec  30.   OrvlUe Cavenesa
said to be known to the police of tin*
tale in the lish line mat has reached
Boise, It waa brought to this city from
It takes onc'-twontioth of a second for a wireless signal
to travel from the Pacific u> the Atlantic, which has the old j
adage  about  bad  news travelling fast hunting a dark
: Frank   Maxwell,
engineer of th<
$57,000  worth  of gold   in  the  posivs
sion of a steamship company, was ar-
Ctllff Of POllCt
He Raises a Roar and Fellow Pas-sen-
gcrj in  Car  Give  Him  the
New York, Ik-c. 30.- Although pick
pockets'bave hi en forbidden to operate on tbe Forty-second Btreet cross-
town cats,, they could not resist the
tempiu lon tittered by the massive
gold chain that spanned the waist
com cf Chief cf Police Qeorge Chev
alier, "the hest chief White. Plains
ever had." 'lhey got not only the
chain but a heavy gold watch and a
diamcud studded I.Ik, emblem as a
"_ou know. I know a thing or two
about pickpockets myself," Chlel
Chevalier sa'd at the Bant Fifty-firs
street. Bunion when reporting the in-
cideLt. "but these fellows must hav,
bee. Elicxor than any we hav.- i,i
White Plains. They didn'; uae p tic
ten, lii.- some ol them do, but 111";
went to all tlm trouble of unbuttoning
my vest, slipping the chain aud
charm uul ami then lifting the watch
Iron  my  [icc.ki t."
Th ��� chli f had Jin t arrived M th*
Grand Central station from White
Plains and lud get aboard a crowdi d
car bi.uud west for Broadway. Mor'
pii8sen;:iT3'>r.-*wrii ti In nfttr hiui and
lie n. Icrccd Into lha middle cf th
"I was thinking how    clev r   th-
Nd\v  York  detectfvea    are    to  ke"' I
pickpockets  off   these  crowded   Cai ; i
and   was  running over In  my  mind
:  mc  similar    method    of    keeping ]
them awa;'  fro::i  ihe crowd,  at  "���
While   Plains  railroad    station    and
from  the  farmers who coui.   to town
on coun days, when 1 was Josil"! by.
men u.id   women itetting In and out.
"We wire crossing Fifth avenue
when I happened to look down and I
saw my '. est open and the chain pone.
1 i ill. J out that I had been robbed
ami tin- i-.'ir was Btopped Th" pas.
engcrs l-Mighcd at me, and thai was
all ilu sympathy i ci r. I left the oar
und aaked lhe way to tbe nearesl
polici  Blntlon.
"I've arrested heat's of pickpockets
iu my town aud thought I could tell
'i.i a mil" away. This one. however,
might have been a very pretty young
woman   who wns  standing  riicht  In
fronl Of me, aid who was jostled
agalnsl mo several limes. She lefl
the car Just before 1 discovered that
i  hud   hec-n  robbi-d."
forest   service   with   headquarters  ln , ^s*e-*  laHt    "-K"1    "��    a  vagrancy
Uoise. charne because of lhe discovery In hi*
A   lurRe  crew  of  men   ia  stati.ned room  of articles said to    have    been
at the  (ix Bow  tunnel on  the  Snake 8to|(,n   f|..lln   MrB    ,,    ���    Woodin   ct
river  between  Idaho and   Oregon.    A ,���    ,           _.
rancher ot the name MePhorson noti- ,Ve8t ":,J''C F,r81 ftvenue'
fled   the   foreman   In   charge   of   the At police   headc|iiarcers,    where he
camp that if he would send one of his was taken by Detective Itoy  Fordyce,
men  up he would give    him    a fifi. he evinced amusement over the asso
fhluklng that one man can manage
a s,ugle fish without trouble, the fore
man dent one of his Austrian labor
ers after it. Whim he arrived at th'*
Mel'herson ranch, howt ver, the Aus
Ulan found the sturgeon.
As the flsb waa aiill alive the As.
triaii   built  a raft from  I-rT.-i  lcavfcg 'whloh Included $lfu) worth r.f Chrl.it
in opening in th*> middle for     e f',..'i  mas gifts In a large   satchel    taken
to swim in and then lashed the star   from an automobile in front of Cari"B
gcon   securely   to the  raft     Pwjhlns    (ore ,    t Wednesday.
the cri.lt frem the shore he allowed.    .
the sturgeon to ri-P-i! h m Into camp ].,*ltVl"" * ���������*������ '���>' "' arrested on
Beveral mil.>s below. .', fish menu ���Curisiiii-.'i aay by In toe.ive Chostoi
was served at Uie cdrop 'hat night.  ,-Edwards on iimplclon of having been
.       |the burgisr who tool; $1^1,) worth of
pewelry  from tbo Uh ,<l* harm���:    resi-
elation of his name with the manliness r.f theft. William Harkness
UKed _*<, v,ho was nrrisied with h ��� i
is said by the police to have admit'.r-d
tin  theft cf   the   Woodin    property,
lloqulam, Doc. 30. IIoukIus Johns,
if ;-' attle, and Miss Abel, also of
Seattle, were seriously and perhaps
latally Injured In a fall over a forty-
foot cliff on I'acific beach. Both are
In the Hoqnlam hoapltal.
The couple was taking un evening
stroll along the cliff overlooking the
ocean when a section of ground gave
way, carrying tha man and woman
with i'. They luy for nearly hair an
hour before aid  arrived.
At UlO hospital Johns v.as found tc
have oiic arm broken In tline places
several ribs were fracturd and he
may have sustained internal injuries.
Miss Abel was suffering from sever"
bruises and ahock. hut no bones were
dence early in lho. morning cf th
same nay, but was released at 0 p.m.
two hours before his arrttt by For
The alleged recklossnesa of Hark-
noes and the suspicion of a hotel-
keeper caused their arrest !!<irkni��s,
who save his vocatli n n a waiter. Is
said to have offered Ihe hole'inan
fmr merchandise check, on Carr's
store, valued nt ?-ri each, a. security
for the payment fit his room rent
His desire to borrow a dollar on the
checks Inspired nn Investigation bv
the hotel keeper. S. B, farr. of
Han's store, recognized the checks a ������
lBsued    to  .Mrs
(lead - Fhe - News
w;fe  slayer pardoned.
Man   Freed   Wlio   Killed   -lis   'As e  i.i
Spokane���Petition to cov rn or
Sp' kane, nee. 30,���Hernia:  R>."j-tel
convicted In October. 1911, In tli" loc
lal courts of killing his wife. Th-rcssi
Icncsii 1, has hei n pardoned   >y clever
nor l.ls'i r and appeared  In  Inokani
Iyesterdav,  whoro he conferral    with
former County  Prosecutor   |chn   I..
Wiley, vho has aided In :   iffl-lng his
A petition acklng that Ii-tr3tel b.
1 pardoned was circulated I*J serin-'
among county employees, w3.es nnd four that had been
I members cf the Jury win .convicted W'oodln.
him. On his arrival In Spolkne Roes i Apprised of the (���'rcumste.nce. De-
tei visited the pollce st-itiol and ini" lectiv,; Fordyce waited at ths hotel
Conferred with Wil��� y, whovrosecuted for lh<- return of Harkness,    The Int
tor was accompanied by Caveness,
Part of th" Woodin property war
found in a room nt the [Ier Grand, I
riioming house at Post street, and
otlnr First avenue, occupied bv Cavenesa
vn ii"- in accordance wilh ihe ttateroenl nf
Harkness, lhe res; if it is In lhe
posncBsion ol a colored roan livitr'
on Becond avenue, ho stated. Hark-
Roestel wandered nrcwd I1\t* rItv|nosfl ni booked on a larrnny cliari;e,
for a week af'er the shci'l'ig. but He Is 28 year.*, of as*p, end n native cf
surrendered to the t'o!;-e. " - e'-ti'-i this state. He hns been In tbe local
id he v.ni irsane and Vn. ���* no thin." lolli before on petty lar-;"iiy charges
cf lhe shooting, ,lt i:i stated by the police.
j   London,    Dec. 80.*���Remarkable re
'suits of the application of electricity
and radio-active earths lo crops anil
other vegetable prov. ibs, and of the
|effect Of high frei|(i, ney discharges
upon lower animals, were quoted by
T. I'lil.r-.io Baker In a lecture before
me society of aits.
Mr. Baker emphasized al the outset
that cue of the essential' for successful electro-culture wen? electrical currents of an extremely minute character, The same thing applied In the
ease of the use* of radio-active earth;
la very minute amount of radio activity would In certain case. glTe extraordinary results, whilst too great an
amount would give worse results than
If ordinary earth -Had been used.
The effect of electrification might
be due to several things. The static
effect miRht be to eau so a contrac- \
tion in the capillary tubes of tht i
plant ste ms, which would increase
the capillary attraction and causa a
quicker and more ready rise upwards
of the nutrient juices, while the nat
ural production of the electric currents at the terminals of a plant
miKlit be due to electric endosmose���
the passage c.f fluids through any cellular structure which given rise to osmotic effects causiriK the generation
of currents,
Tbe electrical stimulus might poss
ibly assist tome of the enzytnle actions taklns place- during plant nutrl
tion, while it appeared from laboratory experiments to Increase the
flow of the nutrient liquids through
Ihe fine capillary tubes by reducing
tbeir viscosity. This was more particularly the caso with alternating
currents, A numher nf experiments
made- with bactc rla, ferments, moulds
and other mcro-oreanisms had led
him to the conclusion that almost
Btory Individual plant or organism required its own particular type of eie<v
trloily 11 the best result! were to be
obtain! il.
Tin red variety or the American
gooseberry blight waa treati cl with ar,
effhiv iliKchiirge, but was not killed
by it; ou first Bpraylng the blight.
however, with a weak solution eif a
Bolubli sulphide, and then playing on
il witli a high-efficiency effluve, Innl-
jsallon eif tho sulphide was effected,
and tin nascent sulphur killed the
ibli^hl organisms. This waa carried
|Oitt w.ih the blight occurring on growing geioselwrry bushes. Another in-
tcrosliUK appllcailon of tho effluvive
discharge lyid been to cheese mites
The very small mites were readily
c h eli-ociited by ii short, rather Intense
dlueburge. 11 wae'Wiv.-orthy lhat In
tn,s Instance again the Intensity of
tin- discharge and Its physical char-
ai nr required special consideration
ss It was found thai by having a dlf
fercnl type of effluve ihe mites were
nol only not killed, but wcre act.ially
Our Interior  I'lulsb  In manufactured from timber specially selected fur Flat drain
We are also specla!l/.liig 111 Kir   Doors   with     Veneered     Panels,
which arg better In construction,  more beautiful and no more ex-'
pensive than  the old solid raised panel doors.
(let our  prices In-fore placing  your orders.
Local Sales Department, I'hone 890.
Order  Ycur Suit  st
Wa guarantee  satisfaction.
640  Clarl'sc.i   St. Colllster   Blsck.
Grand Trunk Pacific
Monday Dec. 29 at 1. midnight,
to l'rinee Kupert nnd (Iraiuv
bay with connection! for Masset
Saturday,   Jan.   11,  at   12   midnight, te: Victoria and Seattle,
Grand Trunk Pacific
PaMeoger trains leave I'rlnce
Ilupert. Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10 a.m. for Tern:,
Hazelton and Smithers. Mlxi I
Bervlce beyond to Ko��o Lake
(Mile  300.)
Fast moijeru lrainiuailinik.JL'''
Chicago ilth all lines from*""
West for all  points Kast.
Through tickets to Europe.
Vour choice of rail and oceni
We  win   i,e  gi,���i  i���  iybmll  nn   Itinerary fur yuur approval.
W. E. Ouperow, G.A.P.D.     H. O. Smith, C.P. A TA.
S27 Granville St., Vancouver. Phene  Bey. 8134.
Phones 15 and 16 M2 Columbia Street W.
Wholesale and retail dealers In the famous Comox steam and
furnace coal. A ton or this coal will, without doubt, boll more water
than  any other coal  on  tlie  market.
We ulso have a limited supply of Old Wellington (Ladysmlth)
eoal for stove and grate.
We carry a good slock of hulldlng material, Including Vancouver
brand of Portland Cement, This cement Is being used by the Dominion and Provincial Governments und nil the large corporations
ami contractors In the province, It is ground very fine and Is very
uniform. Hard wall planter, 1 lino. Band, gravel, crushed rock, vitrified
sewer pipe, drain tlla, common and pressed brick, flre clay and flre
Wihi Bald he had recci'ir-iend-d
that Roestel he rel'asrd a" the evi
dence Indicated he sin ' '������. ��� ������'���ff "'bei
crazed hy her attentions tf
men.    lie. siril  he del not l" '
crime -vus premeditated.   Ij^ppfel w*i?
m i iti need to "i"".'�� from cu*
iy years at Walla W.ili.i.
to liven-
Action Falls Flat.
Olympla, Wash., Dec. 110. -Untie in
corpus proceedings brought agalnsl
Hlieriff Metzger of Vaklma oountv
win fall io pain liberty for w. c. Calhoun and Willis C. Thorpe, fugitives
from Oregon, the supreme court decided, affirming the Yakima superior
court In both cases. Both men,
charged with receiving Hlnle-n prop-
erty, claimed Oovernor I,lHter'�� action
In honoring the requisition for their
return was defective because the
word "knowingly" had beon omitted.
(Subject tn change without notice)
Sunday schedule-TinliiB leive New Westminster at 8. 7, 7:30, 8,
8 3u .mil y a.m., and-vi ry 20 minutes thereafter until 8:30 p.m.
After D.'i.o service envy 80 minutes with last Oar leaving at inld-
Week day schedul.���Trains leave Nev Westminster el I, 5:45, 6,
��:H, 6:30, 11:45. 7, 7 15. 7:30, 7:45 and 8 a.m., and every M minutes   -
until 4 pm..    From 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. a 15 minute service wlll b��j *
given.   After 8:31) p.m. a 30 minute service with last enr at midnight.
Saturday service- Early morning schedule tho same ss on week-
duys. but after 8 a.m.. a 16 minute Bervlce wlll be given until mid*
Through trains for Cfcllllwuck leave New Westminster dally at
9 30 a.m. snd 1:10, Har. and 1:46 p.m.. Trains leave Chllllwack dally
f��r retnrn trip at ��:10 a m. and ��:30 a.m. and 1:10 and 5:45 p.m.
Dally Express service to Chllllwack from New Westminster at 9:50
ii in. and 3:85 p.m.
J V/tONESDAY,  DECEM-fER  31,  1013.
4IRH.  KI.LA  C\   IIAllllY.  TKACIII'-K  CU
���       PlSllOfiut" I   -113   Keary   Kl���   New   Went
inliiHicr.  ^^
AoooulltanL  Vi-I.   It.   l.H.   Huiiii  i.   Um
P. II. Nmlth. W. J  ilnivw
WiuH   unili'iiaki'ii   In   city   enl   outsM
uoiiiiii.  mi-ia  wsstmlnstsr Trust  Bidi
���phi.ni!   8114.    P.  O.   Hos   601.
ci uiiiiiiit, 820 Weitminiter Truat
building.   Phone 4'_x (2694)
uiiiiK engineers, Loeal iit, mssta h
Labor Temple svery firm nml till"
'I mni.In,* nf ih��� nu,nih II Mi'l.iiuKlilln
pn-eiib-nt: W. C. Saunders,    socrstari
I'  ci. It, .. fill..  _____
B. * t. ci nf Kike of lhe ll of C, "ii-e
tbi riii,t mni 'iiir.i Thursday 'it I P ���
K. of IV Hull KlKlith Street A V.vii
<;n,v. Bssltsd itiiler. i". ll. Smith, KW
ret uy.	
1. 0. O. M.. NO. IM.���MOOTS OI
Brit, seoond, third anel fe,urlli W. tn-r
���]-iy In em-It month itt H p. m
In    lhe     Miiohi-     II,ini,-.     II. i.    __B8tO)
dictator; w J Oroves, sc-crotan
llesdqunrtsrs ol te,iiice- In Sss Housi
oorner of Pourtb end Carnarvon mi-wu
1 O 0 V. AMITT I.OW1R NO. 17���Th
ri'Kuinr meeting of Amliy IuiIku N'
27, I 0, O, 1'., le held every Memda
iil��>,l nt �� o'clock In Old i-vii ,���������� Hal
oorner t'.rnurvun end Kigtitli streeti
vtHttieiK   brsthern    cor-nniiy   invttfii
R A M.irilhi-w. NO.; II. W HiiliKnl"!
V. cj.; W. C. Coatham. P (1 . recnrf
Ini: lei e-retarv: J. W.  ICsoDorisid, flnar
etui seoretary.
w  ���  h'ai.kh-Pioneer Puneral i>ir<-ct_
hi. I F.e-ilialini-r. Ill 111 A��ii>'�� ntree
ojijH.-jil.tf Carnrile Library.
ter Jt Matina. LM.)���'Funeral illrfcinr
end -vinlmlme-re.    I'nrl.ira 4C5 Columb!
an"i.   New Westminster.   Phons nti
UilAltn OF THA IIB��� NKW W KM i all .\
i'u ll.wird of Trade m-wla In the boar'
roan, Pity flull, hb followi: Thud Fn
day of each ipontti; quari'-rl)- msetlni
un ltn- third Friday of Fe-teruary, Unt
A'tgunt and Novemtii-r et H n m. Ad
niiiit meetlQSS on tlie- ihlrd V'rtd,iy o
Ffhruary. IJ. II. Stuart Wade. eecr.
���*-.i,,. U.eds, Bualneas Letters, etc ; clr
rtilwr work speelallst   All work itrtotb
confldtntlal.   H. Barry, room IU Weat
enliiKl- r Trust BIS.    Phone 7112.
imn-r��. Boilcitora, elc. 40 l^inw Hlre-ei
N.-w Weatmlnater. O. F. Corbould, K
C.    J   U. Urant.    A. K. MeColl.
ai-ln��-. Solicitor, etc. Solictor lot tin
ii.oi* nt Vancouver. Offloset Mer
chunti Hunk Hutldluu. New Weatmlnster, HC T,-I,'|,l.iine No 10711 I'.ililr
ail.tr, -a      "JulinMtoll."      Cenl,.'      Wi-Kti-rr
W    I-'    II .KSFonti.   BARR18TBR,   FO
llr*l..r. ��� lc. Colllalr r Block, cine - Col
iiiiiliin nnn Mi-Ki-nili- streets, N'-w Weal
minster nc. P. O. B��t :*6. Tela
phons 344.
aide ��� BarrlBiera and Bottoltors, Wee'
mlciHler Truat Blk.. Columhla alr-w-
N. iv Wi-almlnaie-r. It 0. C��Mo add"-*
" Wll',aide." W'-eiern Union. P. f
Drawer ion. Telephono II W. J
Wlille-ald... K. C.; H. I- Edmonds, t
Fashionable   Combination  Blamed  for
Many  Accidents to  Feminine
London, Dee. BO, iii--.ii heel i and
hobble hhiriH ure having their revenge mi Fashion's devotees. A record   kept   fnr  three   months    on the
Pennsylvania railroad system hai re-
vealed tbe astonishing tact that of all
injuries suffered by women due to
Slipping or fiillnin while on the coin-
pany'i property hich beeli ind bobble
Hkiri. wen, responsible for lbe greal
majority.     In   one    montb     I'orly-fuui
nuch accidents took placi'    The fol
lowlhg montb there ware   forty-two,
nnd tor tin- month ended October 1*1
then- wore fifty-two.
"The Pennsylvania   Railway   com
pan)   la  Iml  the only  eeimpaiiy  sihie-h
ti.i*. observed the danger of high
heeli and bobble skirts," an official
cl (he Ooneral Omnibus company told
n press representative recently, "On
i * * uf iin* tube railways In U ndon
ii  was reci otl)  ��� case that wai
,- niiii only after considerable non
i>l.-. Two women bad slipped wben
entering a train, and one narrowly
escaped a u rloua accident. Their
claim wiib lhat the floor of ibe car
i inK'- in inn 'ribbed' was a trap for
sii mh r In els, and wai dangerous
Bome time at"' a similar case occurred In a tramcar, when a woman'!
heel nei c'liir.ht In the ban ol wood
on the flooring Bbe could nol lira".
her toot out, and the conductor, think
mi! that i in- did nol Intend getting off
nt that stopping place, rank tin- bell
mil then ean'." fur her extra fare
'Iiii.-i she refiiaul to pa) tbe while she
tug  * 'I   al   Hi"   In'' I  ef  the  shoe that
held her anchored to the car. tonally
hhe had lo take off lur shoe, much I.
the amusement of the otber paiien
ni is."
A taibtonable outfitter in the Wost
Bind gave It as hi* opinion thn' thi
dais of ihe hobble skirtH and high
heels ar,- numbered.   "The reason Is,'
In* said,  "that  most   wearers of these
attributes of .asblph have found thai
tbere Is a danger t' t'i" wearer. The
high-heel craze has been carried to
an absurdity, The other day a woman  weartng hinit heels fell in  Bond
street, nml when picked up it waft unci   that   one   ef   tbe   heels   e f   hai
in ots had bieiKc n ai the narrowest
pari, she had to stump uloni: for sonic
iiistauci* as he-ut i-hp could, bui ultimately took refuge in a taxi-cab.   so
far as the hohlile skirt Is concerned,
it iii now being viewed with suspicion.
It gives loo little ronm for a reason-
able step, and tbe nexi spriim will
probably UM a reversion to he-tter and
inure comfortable  walking apparel."
Glim-aaee   of   tho   Famous   Conqu.roi
That Are Plot Inspiring.
Buys   Murk   Antony,   who   lind  evi
dently   Keen  lhe great I'liesor  In  convulsions.     "When   lhe   tit   wns   on   I
marked now he did shake; Us trui
Ihls itocl itid slmlie." Again: "Ye gods,
It doth iiiiinze uie n man of such u
fi-ehle temper should so get the start
of  the   majestic   world  und   bear  the
palm alone."
We Would hardly recommend horse
hack riding t" iiii epileptic, "but by
dint of perscvci'iuioo." says the historian Opplus, "Caesar became an ex-
pert horseman, often dictating to twe
or three SOCrotarlttl ut once  while lu
Romance e.f �� Treasure Hunt Tbsl
IIun I-'hhi li ated Travelers.
i-'or hundreds of years tin- belief
has prevailed that i-'old dust and ucnis
to the ,-ulue of 16,600,000,000 Ile
burled at Ihe bottom Of the sacred
lake of Quatavltl in Colombia, a ter-
rllory once occupied hy Indian tribes
renowned for lln-ir fabulous wealth.
The aboriginal Indians of that ,
locality had a custom of easting all
their vessels and ornaments of pre*
eious metal Into the walere of the
lakes as offering! to their gods, and
the knowledge Of thlH custom led to
tbl belief lhat has heen handed down
through the age-s that It was the
burylng-place of fabulous wealth,
Kor   centuries,   almost  ever  Blnce
America was first discovered, travel-
One Reason Why
Beef Is High Here
Such   Is   Final     Decision    of    Appeal
Ccurt  in  En-jland���Matter  of
Rolla'   Judgment.
bondon, Dec, 10.���Tbe court of ap-
pe-als has concluded the hearing cf
tin- plaintiffs appeal 111 the case ot
Bebb v. the Law Society, and affirmed
the decision of Justice Joyce, holding   i ,     _, .    ���."
thai  both un.l.-r common tow and iS     **" r B S*ren*'?*'* Stru9flle to Keep
Montana Man from Facing Mur-
] the saddle, nml rude without using lilt   811  and   explorers   have-  engaged   In
| hands.''     We   have   hail   u   somewhat
! similar experience tse our own prac-
j tice, wbere ths patient unlike Cosssr,
! gave up epilepsy while continuing an
ii horse trainer
When   Caesar   eame   to   unbridgi
| rivers during hls campaigns ho swum
across them, sometimes helped hy In
(luted  bladders, but usually unaided.
Ouce,   Inning It seizure In  the  water.
be cried out. yon remember;    -Help
me. t.'nssliis. or I perish."
Ile   explored   pcTSOtinlly   ami   afoot,
conquered eitles. accompanied hy way
or precaution by but one or two ser
rants���hn admirable precaution foi
epileptics when ai nil possible,
lie needed to be careful.   If he bad
lived In the gluttonous days of Caligula   or   Kero  umi  had  to  any  extent
Indulged  In lhelr dietary excesses, he
never would have crossed the Itulilcon
nor effected the Important victory over
| Pompcy tbe Great nt Pbarsalla, and
I the protosts of hls nervous system In
j the   way   of  convulsions   would  hnvt
i heen more iitimerous.
lie paid the Mllc-test nltelitlnil to bil
hnlr. although he had so little of it
Uke the rest of Hie liiil.lhc-nihil llie
world eiver. he allowed this occipital
fringe to grow long, nud boldly eomlied
It forward, like a vine over n blank
wall. In the vain hnpe of concealing
his cranial nakedness���tbe touch of nature that makes lhe whole bnld world
kin ���Or Matthew Woods in Scale's
vurioua expeditions In search of this
territory, and many attempts have
been made lo drain the lake, without
lute- law women hy reason of tlieir
s'-x are disqualified rrom acting as
Miss Owyneth Bebb brought the ac-
lion lor a declaration that she was a
"person" within tbe solicitors' net,
1(43, and ihe amending acts, and for
The  Spaniards   were   Just  on   the  u mandamus to compel the Law socl-
point ol succeeding in the task of
draining the lake- after years of bard
work ipettt upon It; but when they
>ve-re hall-way through, the sides fell
in and years of work were? wasted.
In   1900  an  English  company undertook  the  work.     They   proceeded   appeared   for
to    drain   It.   by   diguing   a   tunne-1   l-'inlay, K. (
sty to admit her to tin- preliminary
examination held hy the, society with
a view  to lur becoming a solicitor.
l-ord Robert Cecil, K.C,   and    Mr.
Wright  (Instructed  hy  Messrs.  With-
<-rs, Bensons, Dirkett,   and   Davles),
Mi us Bebb; Sir Robert
Mr. Hughes, K. ('., and
Bpokane, IJec. .u. fifteen cars of
bc-ef cattle from Canada which wero
j turned oier to the K. II. Stanton
Tacking company yesterday mark the
second shipment to this place under
lie new tariff which clipped off the
duty on live stock.
Ur. J. B, lOxllne of the United State*
bureau, who wltll rive assistants examined the cattle, under the Instructions rrom Customs orricer J. E. Daniels, round the 3.0 head to be in excellent condition.
  ,    The Stanton company also received
���    ,        ,, _    ' i sixteen cars, containing :i"5 head, De-
Itiil",     Mont       Dec   30.-Attorney  comber 1.,  which  passed  Insnectlon.
ni.n \    T'i *1:Vt'"Tn,".J KSM    "We tti11 wnttoM to Import stock
mln A.  Blakely. formerly of i-ibhy, Ironl Cawuta all wint(!... 8aid E   H
':'*'','i' ������''A   Stanton   last   night,   "and     this    will
mean   a  reduction   or  rrom   half  to
a cenl a pound at retail.   Theae beef
are being shipped from the hig,h
Alberta,  near    Cai
der Charge  in  B. C.
.MoM.. at the extradition
by  Commissioner    Van    Etten    last
w.ek,  is making ���_ determined  effort
to  keep his client from  being taken cattle*
back LO British Columhla ror trial on  ,-jv,.r  ,,  ,,,,,,
a  Charge  cr  murder.     .Not  only   has  garv" '
Breen prepared a petition ror habeas      Under the new
corpus and a writ or certiorari in cast '
through    the    adjacent     mountains,  Mr. Tomlln, K, C.  (Instructed by  Mr.  *l   tllould  become   necessary   to   take
bringing It below the level of the iur- S. P. B. Duckiiili), for the Law so- tlie3'-' ��'ip��, hut he has personally ap-l^one* ai ,> eve a-.1 other live itock
race of the water. ciety. pealed to Prwddent Wilson, Becretary from  Canada and  is  also a  point of
The lake waB   not   emptied until,'    At the conclusion ot the arguments  B-pran"  tlu'    Montana    delegation    at distribution.
1903, but lt  [apt refilling on account the master of rolls, in   giving   judg-  Washington,  D.  C,  and  to   William) __L_ ,
of the heavy rain! and tbe presence   ment,  said  that  the  appeal  raised  alWallace,   Jr.,    recently    appointed   a I
of  springs.       A  certain   number   of  very  important  point as to the right 'member of the  L'nited  States'  attor--WENATCHEE PUTS BAN
Jewels and ornaments found In  the of women to be admitted to the pro-  nty'a staif, asking them to use their I ON ITS CARD ROOMS
mud Of lhe lake bed seemed to indl-  fesslon  of  a  solicitor.    The  plaintiff  f'>'x"1   Offices   to   prevent  the   surren-1 	
cate that the search for the hidden  -Bought a mandamus, or what  was in  d("r or  Blakely to the Canadian offi- I    Wenatchee,    Wash.,    Dec.    30.���All
, or  the  prlnclpi
Ithe quarantine
rule Spokane ls one
1   ports  of  entry   for
and     inspection     of
treasure was to prove successful, the nalure of a mandamus, requiring
Then lhe mud i rled hard and fresh the l,aw society to admit her to the
difficulty was thus encountered. Ever preliminary examination. The Law
since the engineers have been con- society was, of course, a modern cre-
tinulng operations, but no further atlon of the statute. His lordship
treasure has come to light. 'said that. 300 years ago l/ord Coke had
ArtiT an outlay or some (66,000 it
has  been    decided    to   abandon  the
lt remains to he seen whether anyone else will take up lhe search.
expressed the view that women could
not be attorneys at law, and there
was evidence that there was at common law the disability on the part or
women to be attorneys. Apart rrom
what Lord Coke had said, no woman
had ever been an attorney at law, and
no woman i before the present proceedings were started) had ever ap-
restaurant they called plied oi  attempted to be an attorney
Pardonable Mistake.
Tour   Lancashire    gentlemen    re
cently paid their first visit to Paris
and in a chic
the waiter   to   their   aid   to fix   the at law.    There had. therefore, been a
menu. ilong,  uniform,  and  uninterrupted  us-
"We    don't    understand   French, age of what was the common l\w. No
' and we don't want to know what the doubt, added his lordship, many worn
;ccr3 for trial. icard tables and caid rooms In every
A petition is being circulated by; pcol hall have been put out of btisi-
Blakely's friends, which has been ness by order of Mayor Parr. Chief
signed by many Montana residents, j Inscho reported to him that some
and which Breen says will have 15.000 ' were careless about permitting gamb-
sigiialures when it reaches Washing- llimf. even after repeated warnings. A
ton requesting that the warrant of ex-'conference was held with City Attor-
tradition he refused. The petition Injney Kemp, and the mayor Immediate-
part r ads* as follows: ly made a sweeping order, which ia
"The rominis.ioner recommended to have permanent effect. This action
the extradition of Benjamin A. Blake- is supported by an ordinance which
ly v.ilhout a reasonable showing on ;gives the mayor discretionary powers.
the poit of lhe Canadian government.! Still more drastic measures are
A careful perusal of the testimony- about to be taken in the case of ono
given by the only eyewitness ol the or two pool halls. Their licenses will
Shooting, we submit, will convince be taken away without ceremony un-
any reasonable man. whether he be less they quit admitting minors. Chief
lawyer or layman, that the action or Inscho aays. They have been warned
the commissioner is not warranted by against this violation ol law. but ex-
evidence,  and can  not  be  attributed cuse themselves on  the  ground  that
name of tbe dish is," they explained;  en, and in particular Miss Bebb. were  J��  anything  other  than  prejudice or .young follows say they are ot age.
J BT1I.WJ.U_ CI.UTK. Bsrrlster-nt-liw
*..!!. iter, oto.1 corner Columbia *a>
Milii-nllp ftreelll. New We��tmln��t��:
ll   C    P. O. Box  Ul.    Telephone   7lt
Solii'lior and Notary. Offices Har
I,link. 2d l__rne Mraet. New WeetmlB
���ter. B. C
4   CAS8AD1
���01   to   111
O.  B.  Mar
Sad  lleorie   I
tin, W. a.
COAI. MININO rl-fhta of Ibe Dominie-
In Manllobs. 8a��hstehew��n sn.1 All>��rti
the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Ter
rltnrle-ii snil In s nortlnn ** lhe Provln��
-ol Britiah Columbia, may he leased for I
term nf twenty-one /sere at an annua'
rental el II an acre. N t more than III'
acre* will tw. leaaed le on* applicant
Ai ellca'ten (or a lease muat be nad'
liy the nepllcant In person to ths A��eo
or Hul> leent of H.e dlatrlct In which tb
rleht�� applied fnr are situated.
In Hiirv.-yael territory th* land must b
describe.) by aectlona. or local aub-dtvt
pinna ol eectinna, and In unaurveved tei
ritory tho tract applied for ahall b
staked nut bv the applicant hlmaelf.
Bacii apnll-mtlnn must he secompanla'
ky a fee of II which wlll be refunded I'
the righta applied for are not available
hut mil otherwie* A royalty shall tk
paid on the morehantable output of Us
mine nt the rate of five centa per ton.
The poraon operating the mine ahai
-furnish the Acent with sworn return
accounting for the full quantity of mor
ohantable coal mined and pay the roj
ally Iherenn. If the coal mining right
are tint being operated eui-h returns ahoul.
be  furnlnliej at  leaat once a year.
The leaae wtll Include the coal minim
rights nnly, but th* lease* will be per
milted to purchase whatever avallabl
aurmoe nghte may be considered neces
eiery ror the working of the mln* at thi
vale of III an aot*.
For full Information application shouk
lie made to the Secretary ot the Depart
menl of the Interior, Ottawa, or to an;
Agent or Sub-Agent ot Dominion Land.
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N. n.���Unauthorised publication ot thl
adverllaemenl wlll not b* paid for.
P.O. Bos 34 Dally News Bldg
j. t. BURNtrra print ���moi1
ul all kinds.
I'riee* right.   Satisfaction guarameas
SB MeKangle Bt.
Prices of    Favorite    Beverage    Soar
Along witn Other High Costs of
London, Dec. .0. -Tea. like almost
everything else that figures r.n the
breakfast-table, has risen in price
lately, Seme varieties have gone ut
as much ag id a pound In the whole
sale market during the last year,   For
|once in a way. however, this rise wll
not fjll upon the consumer. The tea
trade is singular in Us refusal to al
low any one bul itseir to suffer from
��� the fluctuations of Ihe market. The
present situation was explained to a
] press representative by a well-known
[ dealer. He gave Ihe following table
of the increase in prices during the
last year:
Best  Indian     Id, per lb.
Indian     2d. per lb.
.Ceylon     2d. per lb.
China  ...  3-.il. to Id. per lb.
"Kour or five yeara ago." he said,
tea wus to be had In bond at 5d. a
pound;   now  the same  quality  costs
' sd. This rise ts due. I think, to an
increased demand all over the world.
Curiously enough the production Is
rising too. Nearly every Continental
nation is now taking Indian and Ceylon tea Instead of China. Russia,
which Is by far the largest customer
for the latter, is also consuming Indian and Ceylon. China tea Is not
popular here; It is quite out of fashion.
"Although tea has Incressed in
price wholesale the private individual
wlll still be able to obtain his favorite
beverage et the former price. The
retailer very rarely Increases the
price of hla tea. Neither does he
adulterate It. lie shares the loss wllh
tlle wholesaler. Sometimes for weeks
ut a stretch ten is sold at a loss.
''O roi era no longer blend their own
teas. That method involves too great
an outlay of capital, and besides, quality and price cannot be relied upon.
Now the-y buy 'heir leas ready blend
Tliere is always an Increased demand for tea ul (hi 1st mas. Charming
little, ti a-caddies to hold half a pound
or so can now- bc obtained and these
arc popular for Christmas presents.
Silent Partner Commended.
Spokane, Wash., Dec. 30.���Judge E.
H. Sullivan refused to grant divorce
to Mayme K. Camp trom C. U Camp,
holding that a wi man was not en
titled to a divorce merely because
the husband refused to speak to her
for davs nt a time and would stay out
tato at night.
���Queer Dietary -Rules That Ar* Part ol
the Eskimo Religion.
Tn Illustrate one of the phases of the
j native religion ul the Kskimos. we may
consider the quesUon of food taboos
lu   the   mountains  of   Alaska,  oil   tlie
j upper Kuvuk and  Noutnk  rivers, and
I on the headwaters of the Colvllle. Ill*
'i prohibitions which applied to the eating of the flesh of the mountain sheep
I alone were us extensive as the entire
| dietary seetlon of the Mosaic law.
A young girl, Inr instance, nilslit eat
only certain ribs, and when she wiib I
little older she might est certain othet
ribs, but when sin- was Tutl grown sin
I ivnulel for -| lime ll ive to abstain from
cntlttg lhe ribs which had been nllowii;
In hor up to then.
After n woman had bad her llrsl
child she might ent certain otber rlh\
after lu-r second child still others, nnd
nnly after bin Iiu: had live children
llllghl she enl all the rllis; Imt even
Ihen she must nnl onl lhe membranes
ui tlle Inside of ttu- ribs lf her ���llllil
was sick she must not ent certain
ribs, and If twn nf her children were
��lik she might nnt nit certain ntbpr
ribs.    If lu-r brother's child was nick
"but let il be something typically in tducation, Intelligence, and compet-
Krencb���something you can't get in ency, superior to many candidates
Kngland." who would go up for the    l_aw soci-
���The gentlemen leave lhat to me," sty's examinations, but with that, of
Baid the waiter. "I will devise a col- course, the court had nothing what-
lation exquise." (ever to do.
And.   walking    to    the   speaking-)    Lord  Justice  Swinfen  Eady agreed
tube,  he Bhouled   (in clear Kngiish,  with the Judgment  of the master of  '^eigu country
aa    the    visitors    thought);       "Cat the rolls.    He said that if there was  ________
eoup'." to be  any change  from  the ancient
Before tbat waiter had time to practice, it was for the legislature to
turn round, the men, who fortunate- alter it. It certainly was not for the
ly were sitting near the door, were court to do so.
hurrying    down    the    boulevards���!    Kord Justice Phillimore also deliv-
agbast and pale.    Not till their feet ered a judgment to the same effect.
were-on their native heath again did and the appeal  was accordingly dis-
they find out tbat "cat soup" was tbe missed with costs
Parisian    for   the    French   "quatre
aoupes"   (four soups).
inexperience In bis official position. J Chief inscho believes tha" managers
' Blakely is _'l years old, married;who want to enforce this law can do
and has one child. He has lived in;so, declaring the reputable halls ot
Park and Oftllatln counties for 2f, the city are proving it. The propri-
years and If a citizen of Montana, etors of these well-conducted pool
Owing to the treaks or rortune he Is :halls are anxious to have the law en-
wlthout means to make a defence in a 'forced as a matter of justice to themselves.
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL    ���
P.  O.  BOX  44?
OIris' cissies, Tuesday 1:80 p.m.;
Adult classes, Thursday, 10:80 s.m.;
Sewing classes, Thursday, 1:30 p.m.
Hoarding and room rates reasonable.
Meals served to ladles and gentlemen.
Special dinner Fridays. 11:30 to l:t0.
Por particulars osll phone 1384.
Break* Through lee.
Mclson, Wash., Dec. 30.���While
hauling wood across Bedley lake,
three-quarters of a mile west of Moi-
son, the Ice gave way and Herbert
Standsbury, load of wood and four
horses were precipitated Into the
lake. Mr. Standsbury was able to get
out himself, and his leaders becoming
unfastened gained the shore, the
wheelers drowning In abost nine Test
of water.
How To Kill I'p Holes In Wood.
It sometimes becomes necessary to
till up cracks or dents In fine woodwork, furniture, floors, etc. Tbe following is tbe beat way of doing it:
White tissue paper ia steeped and perfectly softened ln water and by thorough kneading with glue transformed
into a paste and by means of orhers
(earth colors) colored as nearly as
possible to tbe shade of the wood
To the paste calcined magnesia ia
then added, and it is forced into thi:
cracks or very  firmly  to tbe wood
she might nol eat certain |��irts. and ! and after drying retains ita smooth
If ber brother's wife died there wert j surface.   	
*|lll dlffcri-nt prohibition*. _._,_..        *.
The tiilam* applying to the ribs nf I   -*-> Wonder Mie Likes Aunt Mary-
sheep hnd relation lo the health irf ber
i'lillilreii and nf her relatives They
nlso depended upon what animals her
relatives ��r herself hnd killed recently
nml on wbether thnse animals were
mule or female.-V. Stefunssen In
llnr|ier's Magazine.
Old Viking Funerals.
A* Viking ship wus often of large
|ini|Hirtli>ii��. nml lt wu* seldom or never allowed lo rot ur to lie broken up.
Muring U-cti useful In the arts of war
It served quite another purpoee In the
art* of peace When n chief died hi*
biMly was reverently placed In tht
stem of the vessel and a torch applied
to the bold. The mini's kinsfolk end
friends watched Ihe Haines grow big
ger snd brighter u* the huge ship, wltb
set sail, plowed Its wny through lbe
water for the last time until corps*
and sblp disappeared under lbe wares
Whst's Ihe Answer f
W'list give* us our sense of loathing
for the garden Innd. demurely usefit,
little neighbor that he hns proved hlm
self, while tils second cousin, the frug.
u Iio scctus lu do nothing but piny tin-
ihiiuly nnd the braggart. I* uniformly
treated n* a good fellow'! If the load
gulped mid croaked nil nlgbt long ami
mnde hi* iinme lu slimy |��ml* Instead
n| In llie melon |mteh. -would Ihey n>
verse their prtfnHil order In onr ee
t i. -Atlnnlle.
New Dishes.
What new dishes hnve ynu hnd since
vim luive lind your new Krench cook?'
inked Mr* Squire of a friend whom
-lie met one morning.
"Oh, n whole new dinner set," replied
the olher. "nnd several piece* of ent
Kin**, and she's only been with Us
about a week."-Harper's Magsxloe.
Net Impressed.
"I know nu north, no south, no sunt.
no We��t" declared tbs Impassioned
"Vou are nlso Just ss badly mixed Is
���everal other re*|iects." commented sn
Ud farmer In tbs ssdlsnct.-Pltts-
liurgti Post.
Regina. Dec. 30.���Hon. Arthur Meighen has promised the Conservatives of
aaskatchewnn to come to this province (or s series of three meetings. He
wtll speak first at Moose Jaw oa Jan.
t. st Saskatoon on las. ��. ud at Rs-
glna tbe following day.
The small daughter in a family
where there are a number ot brothers and sisters went on a visit to an
aunt where there are no children,.
She was quite carried off her feet by
thc attention which she received,
and when her mother arrived to taks
her home she was very unwilling to
"Why do you want to stay will;
Aunt Mary?" inquired the mother.
"She curls my hair three times a
day," replied the child, "and she
dresses me to beat the band!"
All Ont.
A young preacher persuaded a fellow student to listen while he rehearsed a sermon. His subject was
"Light." With a violent gesturt
witb the rlgnt arm he said, "Blot
out ths sun!" With a similarly
fran' le move nent of the left arm be
roar d, "Diet out the moon!" Then,
with a combined gesture, made up ot
both arms, he bellowed, "Blot out
tbe stars!" But It was enough. The
auditor arose to leave, wltb a hoarse,
cruel whisper, "Turn off the gas!"���
Biiptls.1 Standard.
"What's the matter with tbat fellow over tbere on the corner, who Is
purple ln the face and is waving bis
arms Uke a windmill?"
"Oh, that's Blobblas In an argument. He's evidently trying tn
make somebody taks what he eon-
slders the commonsense view ot a
He Was Congratulated.
W. P. Burnham, ot Winnipeg,
whose wife bsd presented him with
13 children, sent a newspaper clip-,
ping announetng the birth ct ths thirteenth child to Theodore Roosevelt,
and received a letter ot congratulation frcm that opponent of race suicide.
Leaves Books to Canadians.
Jobs Charles Sharpe. a well-
known British banker, lett ��500 for:
Bishop Plnkham's College at Cal-
gsry. and hla collection of theological -books for presentation to Canadian and English tbsblogleal satiates.
Jogging Laziness
into Activity
Died of HemerrbSQS.
Buffalo, Deo. 30.���An sutopsj
yesterday on the body of 1
ot Toronto, who died on Bund
bslng tsken trom s polles s
��� hospital, showed thst hen
of tbs longs wss ths cause
The merchant whose business lags in the summer i
has himself to thank.
To slacken the selling pace in the hot season���to >
lessen Advertising activity���indicates a resignation
which has no place in modern business.
If we think we cannot keep our business booming in
summer time, we surely will not.
What a jolt it must have been to the fur trade, when
the first mid-summer fur advertisement was run in
a daily paper! Now many fur stores are following
the example of that progressive fur man wbo dared
to .be'.ieve that fur sales need not go down as the
mercury goes up.   ���
Energy, linked with Advertising, has turned tbe
month of January into the biggest selling season
for white goods. Advertisements of a high stimulative power, combined with a disregard of "seasons,"
bave opened up automobile selling two months
earlier than was once thought possible. Advertising
bas started Christmas shopping early in October
instead of the middle of December.
Advertising rises superior tb seasons and thermometers.    The right land of Advertising strikes *
responsive cord in human nature���and human  .
nature u the same in August ss in Deoember.
. Ai
_M$. ���
.   i '/*A
V1 t��AG" FOUR
A Few Words
- from the -
Model Grocery
We ".un to see Ihe people who
nre careful aboul the quality of
their groceries. Whatever busl-
ness we build up wa expect for
it to stand upon merit in buying wa Belect only pure, wholesome goods, mul if they are not
as we represent ihom to you. we
wlll cheerfully lake them hack.
On that basis we Invite your
Model Grocery
.08 Sixth St.
East   Burnaby
Phone 1001 2.
Branch, Second
St. and Fifteenth Ave. Ed-
Monds Branch, Gray Block.
Phone 1111L.
We Heartily
Thank the
Public for Their
During the
Past Year,
and Desire to
Express Our
by Extending
Our Kindest
Greetings and
Good Wishes
Dominion Trust
Open  Evenings from 7 to 9.
Local News
Came Out Second Best.
in a crash betwi i n a B, C. v.. H.
car ami a V.-P. transfer wagon on
runt sir, 11 last evening the latter
] vehicle came out second best, receiving a his dent in the side. The
horses escaped uninjured.
The  hand  will  be  ill attendance at
the rink every evening this weel; and
:al60 ThurBday. New  Years afternoon.
Special music anil special damn's.
' New Year's Cakes at Eighth Slreet
'biikeiy. branch three doors from tram
office. A. liarilniaii, proprietor. Telephone 381. (2697)
Wind   Up  Accounts.
To wind up accounts for the present   term   of  office   the   cily   council
'will  meet lliis morning at  10 o'clock.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod. the
! Insurance    man.    All  kinds   written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
For all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the 1!. C. Transport Co.,
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building,
Office  phone S2C,  wharf phone 880.
Classes   resume   January
.Modern Business School.
nt   the
County Court Sittings.
Tin next Bitting of the county court
Wlll be held on January 13.
The Royal Cafe, Dominion Trust
block, has re-opened. Best of meals
at reasonable prices. (25341
Don't forget Dr, Proctor's lecture on
Sunday, January  4.  In  Olivet  Baptist
'church at ,1:45 p.m. (269SI
C. A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
City  Store    193  and  443
Sapperton   Branch    373
Weit End Branch   650
These   Orangi B   will   soon   lie
over.    Get a box while  the season  lasts,    l'er hox  50c.
Used   by   everyone    on     New-
Year's day.   ln packages at 20c.
each;  in tins at each 50c.
A dainty for the children that
Is perfectly harmless, lb. 10c.
I.arge. soft, delicious Ratsins,
per lb. 25c.
Nuts, Candy, Cakes, Apples,
drapes, In fact everything to
nuke your New Yea; start right.
prize for gentlemen wna won by Qeo,
Alderson and the 1ir*n for ladles bj
Mies Davles.   The consolation prizes
were captured  by   Mrs. Smith and  I
McLB AN���Yesterday afternoon tu-
ncral services were bald over the
body of iiie lai Duncan McLean In
Murchie's undertaking chapel, afl r
which burial was made in the l.O.O.F.
cemetery. Amity lodge No. 27 conducted lie services.
I STOHAKT- The funeral of lhe late
. Mrs. James Stobart was li 'Id yesterday afternoon from the family r, si-
dence, 222 Fifth avenue, to the Church
jof Knglani! e 'tnetery. itev. B. It.
Bartlett conducted the services.
DARCV The body Of the late B,
P. Darcy will be burled this morning in 11 o'clock In th. Roman Catholic cemetery  following a  service in
.St.     Peter's     church   nl    whicli   Hev
Father Beck will officiate.
! SENKOUL The funeral of ihe late
Andy Senkoul, who died in New
Westminster yesterday will be held
this afternoon from Bowell's chapel
to the Roman Catholic cemetery. Itev.
Father Heck will administer the rites
lot burial.
hii associates are attempting from
abroad to partition th nation while
the pi 1 pie if China desire union,
'iin- presidential mandats Issued today deplores the sufferings with which
Inner Mongolia has beeu afflicted and
orders the Chinese commander, to
p. rmlt ihe Mongols to reoccupy the
lauds nnd giv ��� them financial nnd
i hi * assistance, The northern Mongolians bavlng withdrawn since the
ciiino Russian agreement, tlie mandate continues, it Is hoped to pacify
Inner .Mongolia by kindness.
Seattle, Dec. 30, A. It. Smith, 11
' machinist's helper at lh * Seattle Con-!
stniciinn A Drydock company's plant,
'��� wns perhaps fatally Injured yesterday
When his right arm was pulled from
his body In the lull of a planing machine.
Smith was attempting to remove a
belt from a pulley wheel without shutting  off   llle   power.     Tliere   were   110
I witnesses to the accident    lie wbh
Mi aid to cry out and the next Instant
he was seen flying through the air.
A toiirmiiiet was arranged and 11
few moment!*, later be was hurried to
the Seattle general   hospital.     All  op-
II ration waa performed Immediately.
Last night it was said there was little
I hopo tf Ills recovery.
Ten    Thousand     Idle     in     Seattle���
Hoboes' Union Feeds Hundreds
and Supplies Beds.
Issuing Auto Licenses.
Auto and  motor  cycle  licenses  for
1IU4  are  being issued  at  the provincial police office in the city. Owing to  pices of tht
difficulty experienced    over   payment   ticket !fl.25
by  unmarked cheques in  Vancouver ;
only cash or marked cheques will be |
I accepted in payment  for the licenses.
Grand Scotch dance will he held in
St. tieorge's hall on New Years
night at 8:30 O'clock, under  the aus
Seattle, Dec.    39.���It    is    estimated
that there are   ten    thousand   unemployed   men   in   Seattle,     a
larger   than   is   any   previou
hut   tliere   lias  been   no  dl.Ord.
Ottawa, Dec. BO.���Mllltla orders re
; lining fi liritish Columbia were ia
.sued today as follows:
31st regiment British Columbia
borse���To be adjutant; Captain it. E.
llagel, vice Captain 11. (!. Forstcr.
j transferred to the corps reserve. To
I be provisional lieutenant. Squadron
Sergeant Major C. J  Clarke,
Provisional Lieutenants A, D. Hoieg,
T. Osborne and T. It. Charles permit
j ted to retire.
Captain V. E. (lawyer. Indian iirmy. j
I ts granted temporary command In tbe
number active military service    of   Canada, i
winter, I while employed  under the Canadian
Thistle Social club. Gent,   only 11  little more    than
l.aditj by Invitation.      , amount of petty thieving.
r and government,
usual I
For plumbing, heating    and    sheet
1111 tal work consult Merrlthew & Ram-
Eighth    and    Carnarvon streets.
I'linne  586.
Miss Him at Market.
In    the   deatli   of Tliomas Stenson,
wbo was killed by a Westminster Interurban   car   on   Sunday   afternoon,
lhe New Westminster market loses an
Mosl of the men hav,.- money. For
1 example, thousands of luggers and
fishermen came here, after being paid
[off and have considerable sums.
Eleven hundred men received free
lodging last night. These are the
["down-and-outs."    On  tbe opening of
Just   Imagine   Buying  a   Whole   Short
For 10 Cents.
A country rami living just beyond lht
outskirts of I.iiniliin drove ta ibe m��
tropolts one day In order 11 few pro
visions, etc.
Illy the wny, this itCCOUUt Is perfectly true. It Is not u problem or 11 Joke
The prices stated can lie verified 1
The C0UlltrytUdB lirst went lo the
lion rest cobbler's. Tliere he bought 11
gnoil pair of shoes. Not shoddy font-
wear,   carelessly   turned   out  or  even
machine mnde, but band sewed and ol
tine, strong leather For this pair ol
shoes he paid Just 7 cents
Ne.�� lie drove to 11 butcher stall In
Sinltlilleld. There he bought 11 sheep, n
dozen chickens nml tell pounds of beet
For tbo sheep lie paid 10 cents. Foi
tho chickens he I'nld IM cents apiece.
or 18 cents for tlio dozen. Tho ten
pounds of lieef cost hlm 11 nickel    Ful
beef wns imif 11 cent n pound,
Stowing  nwny  his  purchases In  III*
hlg wagon, the funnel- nexl stopped at
n lish stall, where for 10 cents he
bought twenty live big codfish,
Ills visit to the grain merchant conl
hlm more. For lie wns forced to pay
15 cents for n Inislnl of ryiv-u sum out
of nil proportion to his earlier pur
Chases. It wns chenper. you see. to liny
ment tlinn the rye bread to eat It wllh
But bis ensuing trip to the draper's
for enough homespun cloth to provide
hlm with 11 winter suit atoned for the
high price of tlle gmln I'm- lie found
thai the stool homespun cloth wns sell
lng nt 1" cents nil oll. or 98-6 cents 11
I'he fanner bad no trouble In carry
lng Ills wares limne In Ills wagon Fur
the wagon was Inrge lie had driven
It to London full of firewood, ami tills
wagon loud of wood he had sold for 11
Tlle foregoing prices aro all accurate.
The high cost of llv lng hnd not yel bit
England For. you see. all this hap
pemil several years ncn
In fact. It was at the beginning of
the sixteenth century. - Now Vork
For a thorough up-to-date business
training enroll at the "Modern." 12692)
Seek Reprieve.
A largely signed petition bearing
the names of prominent residents of
llurnaby, South Vancouver and New
Westminster has been forwarded to
Hon. C. J. Doherty, minister of justice,
asking for a reprieve of William
Bond, of Central Park, who is serving a two year sentence in the Wesiminster penitentiary  for theft.
Money  to  loan  on  first mortgages,
improved  city  and   farm   property.  9 ;
per cent.   Alfred W. Mcl.eod.    (2524)
old   timer   who   until  last   week,   has;spring  all   the  idle   men   except   pro-
not failed to attend market for many  fesaioual  vagabonds   vvill   lind     ready
years.    .Mr. Stenson made it a pointIemployment in road and railroad con-'
to travel from Vancouver to this city Btructlon and the lumber Industries,
every  Friday morning where he  was I    Eive hundred men are being fed at i
accustomed   to   purchase   a   plentiful   the Hoboes' union lodging house at a|
supply of eggs from th-? valley  farm-  total expense    of    $20    a day.    Thb
ers.     He   vvas  SO  years  old,  tall  and  achievement is the result of the men I
walked witb the aid ot a stout stick, organizing themselves, and witli their 1
 . own commissary' and police.
A  temperance rally will be hel-j In j No Professionals,
the Olivet  Haptist church  on  Sunday i    First  of  all   they  expelled  all   pro
afternoon at 3:45. addressed  by A. P.  fesskmal    tramps,    beggars,    thieves'
Proctor,  Ml).,  of   Vancouver.    Come and drunkards.   Then a system of col ,
and hear him. (2098)   lecting left-over food from  hotels and;
 . restaurants  was  adopted     This good I
Get your skates sharp- ued at Gen   f��od supports the men. with the sddl-l
Speck's, 62�� Columbia atreet.     (25251   tlon of staples provided  from a  fund
contributed by    citizens    who    desire
Member! cf Wert Virginia Legislature
Indicted    in    Connection    With
Election   of   Senator.
t'harleston, W. Va..
members of the West
laturs are guilty of a
in connection witli th
l'nited States senator
Dec.  .Id.���Five j
Virginia  login-
ceptlng  bribes;
election of a i
at   the  regular1
Hundreds of positions aro looking
for the "trained man." Enroll at the
"Mcdern." 1201121
1 and P
Operations Commenced.
-Unc-arthing the leaking water main
at Essondale waa started yesterday
morning by the provincial authorities
and today J. W. ll. Blackburn, city
engini 1 r. will make un inspection of
the work. The escaping waler has
cut a channel through the hillside and
is being wasted at the rate of many
hundreds of gallons each day.
Increase   the   pay   in   your pay   envelope by attending the "Modem."
Ai St. Patrick's hall this evening
the annual ex-students high school
dance will be held.
Final arrangements for the dance
being given by the Burqultlam ladles
in the agricultural ball, Austin roa'l,
Ihia evening, have been  completed.
Mr. and Ml'B. Fred Coekeriil, of
Burqultlam, gave _ very successful
drive    in    their    In me,    Austin
on   Monday  evening.    The  first
"Get The Habit"
Specials lor Christmas lime
Helm's Mincemeat, per Ib 25c.
Jap Oranges, largi. boxes  45c. |
Sunklst Oranges, dozen . ,30c. and 40c I
Mixed   Nuts,  all   kinds  and   fresh
per  lh 25c.
Freih Cape Cod Cranberries, 2 lbs. 35c I
Table Raisins, per package   25c. |
Candies, Stockings, etc.
*S7 r.nlumhla  Rt. Phone ��8  ���
Watch Our Ad. for
Specials in the
Next   Few
The Fair
(516 Columbia St.,
New Westminster.
Only for a few days
Cans of corn, peas and  Deans
10c. per can.
25c Jars of finest jam 20c.
Robson Grocery
Corner 6th St. and 5th Ave.
Phone 404.
session held in January and February
Hll...  and  Should   he  expelled,  la  thei
finding   of  a  joint   commltte   of   the
two  hous s of  the  legislature,  made,
public  today.
One member cf the state senate and
nothing said about it.    The men  ���>���*>���  six members of the house of delegates
vide   their  own   cooks.     Tbere   is  no J were  indicted  last   Pebruary  charged j
disorder, no complaining. With acenpting bribes to vote for Col.'
When the sleeping attendance fall. William Seymour Edwards as Dnlted]
below live hundred ii is because nnn States senator to succeed Clarence j
have worked during tbe day and havs W, Watson. Later Judge Nathan Qoffj
money to buy bids in a regular lodg ��� ��' the United Stated circuit court was
ing liouse. Small towns and cities are  elected.
treating iiinerant working men with Kht' ��r lhl' men under indictment
harshness, driving ihem into the hav'* *--nee b,H'�� ���""'*��� convicted and
cities.    The  report     widely  published   sentenced to terms in  the state  penl-
that Seattle is caring I'or all destitute tentiary.
men has nol brought    an    influx   of '
them,  only  a  few  dropping in    each!
day. j
If well to do people continue to cou-1
I tribute funds on tlle same scale as al j
present  the unemployed  problem  will '
not be serious at any time during tbe
1* inter.
Have  a  System.
late last night Oovernor Krnc.t
Lister and Mayor George F. Cotterill,
on invitations of the iiobces' union.
visited the lodging house conducted
by the union, with the co-operation of
the Oily.
Wheu the governor entered It was
I explained to hlm that the 500 lodgers
Who were (-tartly men. nearly all
young, wen- real working men. w"h
net a professional tramp or criminal
among them. The system of govern
ment, whicli included a mayor. Judge
and police was detailed to the gnver
nor, and also the manner of collecting food frem the hotels and restaur-
ants each day.
May Transform Dry Kilns on Former
Royal  City   Milk.   Pro
Civic Free Employment Bureau
City Hall. Telephone F52.
Is -"prepared,  at  short  notice,  to  sup
ply the citizens with help of any de
scriptlon  for any  purpose.        (2665)
Pekln   Hi
Shi Kai
ers thn ughnul i'u
The transformation of tne dry kilns,
vacated when the Koyal City Mills
property was purchased by the Canadian Northnrn, Into an engine house
capable of housing six locomotives, Is
understood to be under contemplation
hy the officials of the C. N   P. U.
Slight structural alterations to the
li ridings will have to be made before
they could I.e used for such a purpose
and 11 decision In the matter will pro
bably be made within the next few
At     the    present   time   the  engine
30.- In announcing the house of the mill which survived the
Tallfii.   President   yuan disastrous fire that practically gulled
*. the military command- th    mill two summers ago,  Ih being
country to Inform   razrd to the ground, lhe hollers being
Why They Have Little or No Effect
Upon the Earth's Balance.
In answer to lhe query, "The earth
Is held In Its nrl.lt hy the absolute lull-
ance of rolltl'lpetal nml centrifugal
forces, nml if the Iin In nee were ills
tiiiluil lhe earth should Ily awav Into
spare or fall to the sun. yet this Iml
mice la continually dlsturliisl by me-
Icnrx nnd other causes and no cntus
trnphe occurs; please explain," Kdgni
I.nclen l.nrkln. In lbe New York American, says*
���There Is no centrifugal force ns such
In nature Whnt so Appears Is reaction
ngnlnst gravity due to (be motion dl
the enrth Inertia. 1111 Inherent property of all matter, would forever maintain n moving body In nn absolutely
straight line in Its original direction
unless some outside force draws II
aside Tbe direction of drawing aside
Is slways toward the outside disturbing
mass-the sun In this ease And the
earth thus continually falls from a
straight line���n tangent-to Its orbit
through n distance of one ninth of nn
Inch during each second
"If gravitation should suddenly be
annihilated the earth would fly awny
on n straight line Into space. But
���should a trillion tons of meteors sml
denly fall mi lhe oartli It would nol fall
to lhe sun. Imt would still revolve
nround It much fusier on a smaller
orbit The year would he shorter Ami
the new orbit assumed wuuld be determined ill space by tlle equilibrium of
central gravitation nud lhe reliction of
Inertia   of  tl arth  against   It.    Itut
since the setting np of the grand mas
ter clock In Greenwich no variation nl
(be length of the sidereal year bus
been detected Therefore tbe m.-iss of
all the millions of meteors falling on
Ihe earth dally Is loo small to have any
appreciable effect on the length of the
Re-rains Found in Fraser Solve Mystery of  Disappearance of  li. F.
Darcy   Four  Years  Ago.
For four years the whereabouts of
I-I. I*' Darcy of this city, and an old
timer of the district, have been 11
myst'i-y; now the mystery is solved
jfor tin.- badly decomposed body of a
man taken from the Kraser at Sun-
bury two weeks ago has been idenil-
fl d as that of the long-missing man.
A sei of false teeth and n shred of
blue clothing were Ihe scant, but sufficient   means of Identification,    Dr.
Levey, a dentist, Is positive the ..et
of falBe teeth found with the body
were made by hlm. und VV*. F. Uiggs
Ih sure he sold the clothing to an
asylum 1 iiiployee. and the deceased
was an asylum employee.
Il   vvas   011   Keh    1(1,   11110   that   Mr
Daroy was discovered to he missing
and his hat found on the Kraser river
bridge. Then and since, all endeavors to find out Ills fate were fruitless. Two weeks ago, on Dec. IM. a
Jury upnn the body found al Hunbiiry
brought In 11 verdict of "found dead''
j and the body waa liuriid. The teeth
and clothing were kept and It is hy
them Identification haa been established.
The remains have heen exhumed
and will be hurled loday with the
rii  s  of  the Roman  Catholic  church.
Not a Suffragette.
London,  Dec. .'io. -Princess s.ipiiii;
Hiileep Singh, of a prominent Anglo
Indian family permitted lur property
to be seized rather than pay tuxes bc-
>-aus��> she belongs to the Woman's
Tax Resistance leagu-. Arraigned In
court she said: "When the state recognizes me aa a cltlsen I will pay my
share of ils upkeep If I am not 11
person for the purpose of representa
Hon I wlll not be a person for the purpose of taxation."
 . .___���___
Investigation Ordered.
Winnipeg, ik-c .in. a full Investigation Into alleged Irregularities at the
recent civic elections was order by
the city council last night and an ap
prnprlatlon of $500 for the purpose of
carrying on the Investigation and the
prosecution of any cases discovered,
was voted to Corporation Counsel
limit, who has been entrusted with
���arrylng on  the  Investigation.
Mexican Denies Report.
Tokio, Deo, Iiu. -Krancisco ds la
Harra left here for Paris today, having compb 'ed the mission entrusted
to him by the Mexican government of
thanking Japan for her participation
In the Mexlcali centennial. Senor
Pnrdo. the    Mexican    minister    here.
gave out the following statement 'o-
day: IE* ports published lu America
that 5() Japanese officers had applied
for permission to attach themselves to
thu Mexican federal army are untrue.
What a  Disappointment!
Portland,   Ore.,   Dec.   30.    Unidentified   persons,   Including   one   woman.
Invited   ">0U  employed   men   today   to
go  to  a  church,   where,   It   was  said,
1 they would be fed.   The men went In
the  rain  to  rind  that   they  had  been
1 directed  to a  luncheon of tlle  Itotary
i'-lub, a  business  men's organl7at:on.
The pollce drove them away.
Public   Playground.
Portland. Ore.. Dec. 30.   S. Benson.
1 noted Oregon timber man and good
, roads advocate haB bought 220 acres,
embracing the famous Cordon Kails,
on the Columbia river, east of Portland, and will make of the spot a
scenic playground on which Hie public may roam     The falla  v.lll bp tm-
i proved on a plan similar to tliT-^MU*U��.
gardens of Pasadena. Cal.
the triii.pr tliat  Dr. Sun  Val. Ren anil   Hold  fer junk.
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to buy Hot Water Bottles. We
have them with a two and five
year guarantee,
Thermos Bottles $1.50 up
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by trading yith us. We guarantee yen
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vv'i,In cf our slogan, "Satisfaction is
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Dean's Grocery
A reduction on every article (if furniture in the store   until   December   31.
Our Specials are:
5.00 Brass Hods ��19.75
Iron l',-ii\ Spring and Mattre.-w
complete for    8.25
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Mattress for  21.00
Big rr>ducLion:*i on Blankets and (^n:lt;?
Cot our prices.
"Yon lo.:e if you go elsewhere."
Phone  386.
'./.-mills   alien!
The Bin Furniture Store Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
Queer Bridge Foundation.
Al   llle   Utile   loun   of   Wadelirldge.
Cornwall. EnKhintl. there u a hridge of
n unique character Owing to tlir
strength of lhe current ordinary stone
foundations won hi unt hold, mul nu
morons devices were tried wlthoul sue-
rem l.veiitiinlh ItHIM ��f wool were
SUIlk lu the nil cn ill untl lhe |>lles
driven In. and this strange foundation
hns in-lived wimileifiilly linn nnd sntls
Belated Discovery.
"Mj denr.'' said Mr lllckeis tn hl��
wife, "I saw III tlle papers today a de
i Isliin nf n court that the wife may in
some enses be the head of tlle family.'
���.lohn Henry.'' replied Mrs Dickers
"the courts are sometimes very slow III
llndlng out things "-I'm k
Had a Good Excuse.
"They  were next door neighbors fol
yenrs, and jet they iw-ver spoke "
���"I'hnt'H the way  wllh people In clt
"There wan some excuse In Ihls case
The prison rules fnrliadu talking."���
I'.lriiiliighiiin Age IIelnId
Gift CosU Boy's Life.
Ran   Krancisco.  Oik:.  30.    A  Christ-
mas   preaent   to   10-year-olil   Kranris
(irady cost the boy his life yesterday.
: In riding down a hill on a roller
coaster nlv��n hlm by 111. parents, thn
' youth collided with an automobile,
driven by Hichard O'Connor, chauf-
feur for a real estate firm und was so
badly Injured thst lie died soon afterwards.   After the boy ran Into the car.
O'Connor stoppid his machine, picked
up the young victim and hurried wltli
him  In  the automobile to a  hospital
Died   Laughing.
Edmonton,   Dec.  HO.--While  talking
and laughing with some of the nurs?s
lln tii" Mlresioordia hospital, iticbard
QrahBtn was suddenly seized wltll
li art falliim ami died within five
minutes, Suffering from u broken
leg, cn imed by the kick of n horse ou
ills son's farm at llofleld two weeks
ig.i, Mr. Oraham was brought to Edmonton  lo receive medical attention.
Ending the Argument.
"Hriggs cnlled me n llnr."
"Didn't yon deny II?"
"Ves, nml he said that proved that I
bus."-Hoston Transcript.
Not   Society'e  Fault.
(lllilis-llovv did Unit rich boor man
���Ke  tn  get   Introduced   Into  society?
iniiiis-lle wasn't introduced; he wns
Injected -Judge,
T .   lucky man Is Hie one who sees
smi grasps nis opportunity.
Stanbrldge Mayor Dies.
Stanbrldge, Que.,   Deo. no.- Mnyor
Charles IB, Iiiiuii died Ilere lust night
following nn attack of apoplexy. Ile
Ir survived hy a widow, one son nnd
ono daughter The funeral wlll take
place Thursday and will be under the
direction of the local  Masonic lodge.
The following Is a complete, list to
���lain of the positions of flre alarm
boxes In this city.
4    Fourth avenue and Sixth.
6���Royal City Mills.
7   Sixth tiveaie and Sixth.
8���Royal avenue and Klghth.
0���Fifth avenue and Twelfth.
12 Agnes streot and Merrivalo.
13 -Cumberland street and Hurvey.
14���Columhla and Dufferin.
If.���llninctte Mills, sapperton,
IH���Royal Columbian Hospital,
17- Hospital and Illchmond.
21���Queen's avenue nnd Third.
22���Royal  avenue and  Second.
2,'l���Queen's avenue nnd Sixth.
21���Third avenue and Second. '
2J>���Fifth avenue and Fourth,
2(1���Fifth avenue nnd Eighth,
27���Third avenue and Tenth.
29���Sixth avenue and Flrsl.
31 -Carnarvon street and llegble.
32���Agnes and Sixth,
34 -Front street and Merrlvale.
35���Columbia antl McKon/lo.
3(1���C. P. R, Station.
42���Small and Bucklln Mills.
43���H. C. tf!. II. Itallwnv Car Shops.
4fi���Sixth avenue and Tenth.
4(1���Klehth nvenue and Twelfth
47���Sixth avenue and Fourteenth.
/ WEDNESDAY,  DECEMBER  31,  1913.
���   .   PAGE PIV��
Tools of Water Makes Game Slow and Listless���Westminster Has Heavy Injured List���Final Score 7-3���Pitre
Stai Man���Tobin Unable to I'lay.
In a .vi v. uiul llsth-ssgami* playr-d uu
tlio poorest ici- >i-t s��*en In u i-uast
league gains, Vanoouver took tho load
ui   tbe   ran-   tor  tlio  PstsrSOQ   trophy
by defeating Mew Wsstmlnstsr seven
..aiH to 111r<-<- at thu Vancouver arena
i.ii.t evening Bxoept when Art Throop
nent tbrougb sions in ilu- opening
stanza anil   registered   thc first  tally,
iim Hoyals were never in tbs running
Johnson mirjiribetl everybody by
turning ont again in uniform hut thin
wan caused mors through Charlie Tobln inn being lu oondltlon to play owing K> his bavin,; aplkiii hltum-lf ln
a practice three dayi ano. This perk
ol trouble together with tbe fan that
Oeorge Rochon inn yel to get his Ice
legs accounted (or a Terminal City
\ Ictory.
Tlu- defesl of the Royalu was made
mors emphatic on account of the su-
parlor book-checking ot the Million-
aires s three man dsfence continually
guarding tbe net under oontrol of A!
lm Parr, Pltre, the French Canadian
bullet was tbo mar man of the came,
the former I'anailleii playing well to
hla name both on the attack ami de-
'.-:n.- Then again slbby Nleboli wss
there wltb the kooiIh, thn lacrosse
player certainly earning the rl-aht to
till the iIiiich of Prank Mghbor Taylor showed S flash of Ms olil form
bul this wan scintillated to a greater
. (tent ' wing tO JolniBOn being unable
lo use hi�� familiar sweep -stroke when
hack  mi  tbs  defence.
One-Two-Three Order.
Vancouver forged lo the front In
the Tlmt period Increasing IU lead In
the second anil third Siangan while
SVeetmlnstSf had to lie satisfied wltb
one tally In each .0 minutes of play.
i or individual goal-getting Eddie Out
ui well earned the plnudlts of the
. -i.w.l when he went through from
��� ack I the net and Bcored on his lone-
tif tbe officials Skinner Poulin
referred a nun partisan game, but lhe
itc cannot be said of Witter Smaill,
who appeared to bo slghtBeelng
iiirougli  a  solitary  lens.
Very little rough work erupt Into
game, although tni Harris play-
some  if  hU  old  tricks  when  he
nnii' a delibertate attempt to spike
Johnson In centre Ice. Harris waB
the min who laid Johnson out in the
iau game in Westminster and Is well
In the running to draw a suspension
from Presldenl Frank Patrick for hla
rough siut,'.
Tin)  following luminary  tells the
i tale:
Tho   Line-up.
Westminster Vancouver
: Lebmab     Parr
, Kochon    K.  Patrick
Piivi r Point
Johnson      Grlffls
| Oatman       Pltre
Mallen       Taylor
Right Wing
MoDonsld       Nichols
Left Wing
Throop      Harris
Referee, S. Poulin; judge at play.
W Smaill; goal umpires, A. Benedett,
Westminster, P Ion. Vancouver;
game timers. I'. Hurley iVan.l, Kd.
Savage i.NW.i; penalty timer, f'has
' Youn��.
Goal Summary.
First   Period- Throop   IN.W.I   _ uu.
Nichols   (Van.)    :lfi;   Taylor     (Van.)
5:37;   Nichols (Van.l  5;ill.
Second period - Mallen (N.W.I
6:38; Hawti (Van.) 2:(ii); Criffln
11 Van.)   ll'i'i.
Third   period    I'itre    (Van j    L':2S;
Harris   (Van)   3:17;   Oatman   (N.W i
! Penalties,
First period���Oriffli (Van.); Grit-
tin (Van.l
i    Second period- Pltre (Van.) Throop
j    Third       period-Johnson       (N.W.)
'Throop   (N.W.)
Standing of the Clubs.
W.    I..    F.    A.
Vance nver      3      2    32    26
| Victoria      2      t    23    23
! Weatmlnster    2     3    22    28
Next game, Westminster st Victoria,
iJan. 2   1914.
Tbe   .Mainland   Football   association up   a   poor   team   when   he   assumed
Jumped  upon    several    players    with control of the New Vork Highlanders
l-utti Icet at the meeting held Monday last spring, but lhe old Cub is liable
evening.     Melklejohn,  of  the   Hovers, lo spring something out of the ordin-!
was one who gol  1st down,  the  loeal ary   in   1H14.    One  thing,  he  will  not !
pin;.er    being   under  suspension    for take his players to Bermuda fer train
montb dating l'i mn Monday.
The  ().  II.  A.  looks    like    a    good
thing gone wrong lollowing the recent.
Investigation aa to the professionalism
which   ll  alleged   to  prevail   in   what
rai supposed to be the one real am.
i in organization iu the country. It
looks like a meal ticket that's all
punched ont Per several years the
Toronto presi liaa hammered the pro-
f'.-i'iial gnir.e When they were well
iware of I l.i- coin being handed to
uiiat'ur players.
mg purposes.
The   (jutstion   is   asked:   "When   Is 11
the Fraser Mills Hockey club to stage I
another  smoker ?"    Not  one  of    the
Yoidy-Thompson   brand,   but   after   a ll
pattern of the one    held    some    six ||
weeks ago.
Which recalls to mind that a Wont
minster organisation  is  planning    a
smoker  on  a big    scale    somewhere !
about lhe end of January.    With Van- j
COUVer talent over    here    the    event]
would  be  well  supported.
Baseball players who Join the Ped- The New Wes-minster bowling rjuln-
,'t-al league will be enjoined, accord (tette, at present tied for premier posting in Charlie Murphy, of the Cubs. tjon |n the Inter-City league, com-
We bave heard of lacrosse players mentis operations again on Vancou-
lieing hauled Into court for similar Uer drives next week. The Hoyals
Stunts. ,aie certainly hitting a  fast clip con
sidering   they   are  a  team   without  a
Frank Rich
Comedy Co.
Change  of  Program   Every
Other Day.
2      Shows   Every   Night      2
7:15 and 9:15.
Matinees Thursday and
Adults   25*
Children    |5��
>*   felfcMTED.
J.J.Jones. MAN-DIR. V    J.A:Renn!e. SECV-TRES
Local Directors
Competent men of many years' experience are at
the head of each department, and our Board of Directors of the leading business men of this city is a guarantee that your affairs will receive a proper business
executor under wills, trustee for investment of
funds, buys agreements of sale, loans and mortgages.
Pays 4 per cent on daily balance of deposits. Life
Fire, Accident, Sickness and Employers' Liability
Our Safe Deposit Vaults are both fire and burglar proof. Box rentals $2.50 per annum and upwards.
Bngllsh exchanges just arrived call
Bombardier Wells a -spoof." a
"blooming spouter," a "bum toff." and
i "killjoy boxer." There Is no douii!
lie Is a hloo.iy awful prize fighter U
our old college chump Queensberry
would re-mark.
The coming baseball stason will
kIiou. the fans whether l-Ynnk Chance
is a $26,000 manager.    Chance picked
licim-.   ihe   local   alleys   having   been
closed down.
With a representative team In the
field the Hankers should have Utile
difficuliy in defeating the I_onsdale
United at Moody park New Tear's
afternoon. The contest should be wel!
woriii watching, however, and no
doubt a good crowd will be on deck
to view the operations.
Mayer  Mars Presents Port Coqultlam :
F. C. with New Unifcrmc���Cup .
Tie on Saturday. Shackleton's Expedition Will Be Most
Heavers     Swamp     Sapperton     13-0���
Fraser Mills Turn Trick on the
Moose  12-1.
To prevent bewilderment adding
machines should have been furnished
to eaeb spectator et tbe arena laat
night vm-n the Beavers defeated Bapperton by 1:1 to 0 and Kraser Mllla
wmt from the Mooae 12 to 1. In the
ll< avers Sapperton contest particularly the goals were chalked up In
such nulck succession as to become
monotenoui unless one was good at
The Kraser Mills-Moose game was
Hie belter one to watch and at times
tho playing was fairly fast. Though
il wiik one-sided the Moose put up a
lively defence and the Circle P string
had 10 work for Ils points.
Pour 111111 utee after tho Beavera and
Sapperton look the Ice the scoring
started and kept right on going until
tliH grand finale in the last period
��hi.n no lens than nine goals were
scored in < ne two-three order. This
11:11111. lucked vim and had few exclt-
ini!  moments.
Thomas, the latest Sapperton goal-
kroper, did not do anything that
would uni se Hugh Lehman to fear for
hls Inb He showed he had nerve, but
1:111..  else.
Tin- only reft! accident of the even-
Iiik chose lingers, of the Sappcrtona,
fur Us victim. Ile had his nose
ln<i 111 i,y the puck. Sutherland, of
Hie Beavera, retired and the game
wan finished with six men a aide. As
I was   tlle  case   last   week   the   Moose
* turned  up with a man missing    and
j their game with the Praser Mills was
t also a  six-man one.
The teams were:
First Cams.
Praser   Mills���Dunbar,   Lett.   Scott,
Box,  BolK-au. Jefford and Sanderson.
Moose   Bradshaw,     Flnlayson.     C.
Cunningham.    MeLeod.   Stacey    and
Han ford.
Penalties���MeLeod (fj, I-ett,
derson, Cunningham and Scott.
I Ooal Summary���First period: Box.
j.20; Scon, 3.20; Sanderson, 1.30; Jef
ford, 3.20; Sanderson, .45; Sanderson,
.St; Box, 2.05. Second period: Boil-
ieau 10.20; Box 3.28. Third period:
Boileau. .30; Box, 4.20; Stacey (M.).
2.16;   Box. 2.50.
Second Game.
The teams:
Beavers���Swanson, Swan, William-
aon, Kinnie, Sutherland, Hastle and
Sapperton  ��� Thomas,    Robertson,
Ileppcnstsll,  Rogers. Corrlgan,  Whittaker and Harrington.
Ooal Summary-First period: Suth
erlntid. 4.00; Swan. .10. Second
period: Spence, 2.2*; Wllllams-on
1.17. Third period: Spence. .25. 2 00;
Kinnie. 3.25; Spence. .12; Kinnie. 1.03,
2.30. .45. 1.06;   Hsstie. 1.30.
Standing ef the Clubs.
W.   L.
Heavers  6     0
Fraser Mills   4     1
Sapperton 1     4
Moose 0     5
Next game. Tuesday, January 8���
! Beavers vs. Praser Mills; Sapperton
vs. Moose.
Canadiens Furnish Surprise by
Defeating Quebec Away from Home
The one surprise In the second
series played In thc N. H. A. last
ovening wus Ihe defeat of Quebec on
Its own Ice, the Canadiens turning
the trick by the close score of 4-3.
This la the llrst defeat of the Ancient
City septette on Its -own cigar-box
rlnk fnr two seasons and demonstrates
the Btrength of Jimmy Oardner's ag-
gregnllon from Montreal.
On the Toronto!, rlnk, Ontarloa defeat nl Ottawa by a score of t goala
to 1, thus making the second defeat
of the Capitals tn four daya.
At Montreal the Wanderers continued their winning streak by defeating Torontos to the tune of 7-S.
The Queen Ctty septette was never In
the running.
N. H. A. (landing.
W.   L.   F.   A.
Wanderers  2    0     IT      ���
Canadiens ........ 1     1      4.     6
Quebec   ��� ��� 1     *���      ���      ���
Toronto* 1     1      ��      7
Ontarloa 1     1      ��    ��
Ottawas  0     2     17      ���
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust BMf.
For being a team well supported
the Corniltlam soccer eleven cops the
cookie in theae parts. Without this
support the ranchers would be unable
lo Meld tbe team that has been fighting in the (ronl ranks for the past
few yeara
Mayor Mars of the Port City, one
of the strongest supporters of the
eltVeii, followed up bis past acts (his
week by donating a new Bet of uni
fonns. enough to rig out the entire
team. The colorB are the same as before, orange and black.
It is expected that the players will
trot out in tlieir new suits on Saturday afternoon at Port Coqultlam when
they oloal- wilh West Vancouver in
tlie drat round for the Mainland cup.
Arrangements are being made for
tin holding of a concert that same
Arduous Ever Attempted  by
>:. =;. * �� �� * $ =:. a ���*�������#����
Indianapolis, Dec. 30.���That
organized baseball will be attacked as a trust under the
Sherman anti-trust law, and
as maintaining a black list in
case any Injunctions are sought
to restrain players held under
the reeerve clause, from playing with the Federal league
was Indicated In a statement
issued today by Bdward E.
Gates, of tbls city, counsel for
the Federal league.
New Westminster theatregoers
turned out and almost crowded the
opera house last evening when the
well known Scotch comedy. "Bunty
Pulls the Strings," waa presented. To
say that the play was Scotch was putting it mildly and lt is no exaggera
t.lon to say that "Bunty" pulled the
strings, for pull the strings she did to
perfection, saving her father from the
spinster who had "hooked" him and
marrying him to an old love of hls
early youth. She also marries herself
very diplomatically to the young man
of her choice and saves her brother
Bob wben he is In trouble.
The play was well received and
Dawsey McNaughton merited the applause she received aa "Bunty,"
daughter of Tammas Blggar. Thla
last role was played by J. H. Heron.
Sussle Simpson, Wellum's aunt, waa
clayed by Grace Richardson, while
Wellum Sprunt waa well taken care
of by J. M. McFarllne.
Ottawa. Dec. 30.���A Montreal atory
to the effect tbat counterfeit bills tn
large numbers are being made ln that
city haa been punctured by the Dominion police. Col. Sherwood commissioner ot the Dominion police says
the alleged bogus ten dollar bills had
been found to be genuine and the
whole thing was only a scare due to
to the recent discovery of the -gang
of counterfeiters at Jollette.
Detective Parkinson when he went
to work bn the case believed the bills
were good and be aent them here for
examination. They were found to be
all right and were aent back to Montreal today. Two bill* war* of Uie
mme number but of different letter
I London. Dec. 30.���Columns are de-
'voted In the newspapers today to Sir
I Ernest Shackle ton's plans for his pro-
i posed expedition to the Antarctic next
year. The expedition is generally
; hailed as Indicative of the spirit of
; British bull-dog determination.
, The main object of the expedition
I will be to cross the south polar con-
��� tinent from Weddel sea to Boss sea.
ia distance, roughly, of 1700 miles,
'making the south pole a halfway
! house on the great Journey, of which
lat least half will be over an entirely
! new route. It wlll be the biggest polar
: journey ever attempted and If successful will open up, in the Weddel
j Quadrant a vast unexplored region,
: which is still a blank on the map.
The actual program of the expedition is dependent upon the monetary
Isubport which may be aecured from
the publlc, but tbere is no doubt tbat
the undertaking will be proceeded
wtth and will be tbe greatest in the
history of Antarctic expeditions. Pro-
j vision will be made in case the party-
has to spend two winters in the south
but Sir Ernest hopes for a mild sea-
'son. which will enable him to reach
Ross sea by May, 1915.
Aeroplane Sledges.
An Interesting feature of the equipment to be used by Sir Ernest will be
sledges driven by aeroplane engines
and an aeroplane with clipped wings
to aid in propelling the sledges over
tho lcc.
The transcontinental party will consist ot six men and 120 dogs. The
animals chosen will be tbose accustomed to team and post work ln Siberia and Alaska and they wlll be
handled by experienced Canadians.
Main Object
In an interview dealing with his
plans Sir Ernest said:
The main object of the expedition
wlll be the crossing of the polar continent. Tbe unknown fields ln the
world which are still unconquered are
rapidly narrowing down, but there
still remains thla great work. Of recent years the Interest ot geographers
and the publlc haa been concentrated
on the approach to the pole from Ross
"Except Dr. Brace's discovery ot
Coats Land tn 1904, and the results of
the Filchner expedition of last year,
we know scarcely more ot the Wed-
dell quadrant tban we did ln Wed-
dell's day. There la a vast unexplored region In the big white apace on
the map.
"The crossing ot the aouth polar
continent will be the biggest polar undertaking ever attempted, a longer
Journey than to the pole and hack and
Infinitely more difficult, because we
ahall alwaya be advancing over new
ground with no depots to draw from.
"Ths minimum distance trom aea to
aea la roughly 1700 milea and mors
than halt the distance wlll be positively a new route. With good fortune it
ia probable that the whole journey wtll
cover new ground. That la to say.
after reaching the pole from Weddetl
aea we may atrlke out a route over to
lloss sea, which wtll be neither that
which I followed on my prevloua jour
ney and which Capt. Soott took, nor
the other and shorter one adopted by
Two Strip*
The expedition wlll have (wo ships,
both driven by oil fuel, giving a radius
tor operation tour times greater than
coal. The larger veaeel will leave
Buenos Ayrea early nest October tor
the Antarctic reaching, If possible.
78 degrees, where ther* ts * good landing plaoe, discovered by a German explorer.
' "If tho to* caadltloaa permit, the expedition -tt, reach tk* bus at tbt
Entire Change of Program
"The Deadweight"
Essanay   Drama   in  Two  Reela.
Vitagraph   Presents  Van   Dyke
Brooke  ln
Song by Mr. Pete  Murphy.
Animated Cartoons by Mr. Bray.
Fraser Mills v. Moose Sapperton v. Beavers.
First game, 8 o'clock.
Admission 25c. Reserved Seats 50c.
Pres and Genl  Ugv. Vlc��Prss_daal tec. and Treas
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and BTI.
beginning of November. A shore party
of six men will land and proceed im-
medlattly on the march across the continent. Otherwise permanent winter
quarters will be made on Weddell sea
and depots wlll be laid out towards
the pole before the winter, in which
event the expedition will cross the
continent the following year.
"In addition to the six men of the
transcontinental party, there will be
a biologist, a geologist and a physician
attached to the ship. OtherR may be i
added if funds permit Probably 30
men will be taken altogether. We will
also use an aeroplane and aero-motor- j
driven sledges."
Candidates  Preparing for Interesting
Campaign Which Opena Early
Next Week.
With the exception of the regular
meeting of the Edmonds District
Ratepayers' association In Moreton
hall on Friday evening, when it Is
expected that the atmosphere connected with the race In ward two will
be cleared somewhat little wlll be
done In the election campaign tn Burnaby until the beginning of next week.
All three candidates for tbe reeveship, D. C. McGregor, A. V. C. Macpherson and Hugh M. Fraser are
preparing tor the opening ot the campaign.
Interest la gaining In the different
fights for councillor In the wards, each
section promising to be well contested.
In North Burnaby Councillors Macdonald and Vau-Vel will be opposed
by A. >!.. Yorston and W. Culley respectively..
In the Bast Burnaby dlatrlct each
of the three candidates. Councillor
Coldicutt, William Karrmann and
Charles Allen are completing their or
ganlsatton and are quietly canvassing
the ward. This race ts causing no
little speculation, the question simmering down as to whether ths Coldicutt opposition will split Rs votes
between Messrs. Karrmann, ud Allen.
Net Yet Decided.
Walter 8. Rosa has yet to glv* his
flnsl decision In ward two, asking tor
further Ume at the laat meeting ot
the ratepayera' aaaoclation. Mr. Roae
It he enters, will be opposed hr D. C.
Patterson, who ta completing two
years' work as school trustee.
In ward one another Interesting race
la foreshadowed by the appearanee ot
William Bevan In tho field, opposed
by Councillor Stride, ths present In-
cwnhent and Otto D^ekert This ts
Mr. Bevan's third attempt and tha
aecond tor Mc. Deckert. white Councillor Stride's tmmmtm sa tko connell
wltk oae term acepted, dates bnck
some U yenrs.
In this dlstrlot whieh takes _s a.
greater portion ot ths munlclpaUty
a C. I R, ttt WlMKU and V��te
la Attn Vteto
although some 300 odd families are in
residence there.
In Central Park th; Fraser faction
appears to have easy sailing with its
candidate for councillor, William -.array. The present representative.
Councillor Mayne, failed to secure the
nomination from the West Bumaby
association and this Is looked dpon as
a setback on hls chances for re-election. _.' - ' i ".
ln North Burnaby little Interest is
being shown except in the race for
chief magistrate. On account of Ills
activities and assistance In securing
the passage of the B. C. E. R. franchise and the consequent construction
and operation of an additional two
mtles of tram line In the north. Reeve
McGregor wlll undoubtedly pull a
heavy vote In wards four and five. A
considerable proportion of the Vancouver vote ta polled ln North Burnaby
owing to the proximity of the polling
station to the city but whether the
present reeve can retain hla hold cn
the Terminal Ctty vote against Hugh
Eraser, another Vancouver business
man. can atlll be classed ln the doubtful column.
Italian Prisoner Rstoaasd After Flvo
Years Was Not WrongfoMy
Ottawa, os* M.-amoo tm mm
tion ot the Italian prisoner OontfeMi
rataari trom St Vlaee-nt de tm
penitentiary oa Christmas av*. after
serving tea ysars of a Mtofa fair
B��t M tb* tUI ft��4 MM****
--- ^.M m_____i__IiI te Ate mA
��_b__A_t_t___l tantalMit
___________ ___m_m^L. isV-xti ��_______
t**m^ w*jmvrw\ *-**^ *****
____h______ft��_^_   A   *���_______���   __wmm^_^_^   _g   M*_m
______________        fa-**\        fl^_____*.^_______ttl__________i     * flf
__tjL__t_m  ___#   _______  __,___*'    __m
_^__i______nt _______ ________\ e_] ^l^_*_^_^   ^_^
The Bank of Vancouver
Branchea Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department st sll Branch-fa Deposits el One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at ta* highest con-eat rate paid or
credited half yearly. I
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable tn all parts of the
CHA8. G. PENNOCK. General Manager.
New   Weatmlnster  Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
-   FiOULY
paying for the piano ls the soa-
tkac to da
Oar mmt paymsat plan allows th*
pteeham a* the piano from tb* flrat
payavsat��.ai_d it's a small paysaeat to.
tka OewUn-wn
11 mrs wm muse
hut la this caa* tt la
a result   of   thaaa
a trite -par-doa. Mto
waa afcstteae-g'
aa a resalt  of  gaa.
aad of
'a^_f_m    _____M!\''mm_m_m''ts^s*   "_to^__ '.___.
mm-mm* -ha ama gmar ******
'���"���ti i
. .:
>tMJ .; v.*
*elved fur Tne News at tbe follow
lug places: F. T. Hill's drug Btore.
��_S Columbia streel; A. Sprice.
Queens-borough, Lulu Island; Mrs
11 I__rd,:;. Highland l'ark; Mrs. V.
Lewis. Mia Vista.
FOK    SALE -SKI. 1.     YOl'It     PROP-
erty through an nd. in this column.
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar-
k"t square. (2519)
Canada Club Affair In London Leaves
Good   Impression   In   Us
Astounding Character of Figures Given by Glasgow Expert to Chamber of Commerce.
��� RATES. ���!
Classlf-lid-���One cent per word per
fs���>��� - (c per word per week; 15c r*��r
-tson'tb: B.OflO words, lo be used as re-
n ,,���-,�� RllblB "lie >e��r 'mni date of
footrect   III ""���
���-_JNI_^|^__iiEJ_>   1
ccni. in amount up to U50 LOO on
approved property to part. c< ntem-
plating building. Applj B. -I.
Boughen, room 26 Hart block. (2696)
any kind by day, 382 Columbia
street, city.
door machine men. cue slicker man,
one yard foreman. Apply Superior
Sash and Poor Company, Third
avenue ami Fourteenth street
tion leading to the arrest and conviction of the party or parti..- who
stole a gasoline stove irom the
launch "Cecelia" lying al the wharf
of the Heaps Engineering Co., Ltd,
Schaake  Machine Works,        (2C75)
wilh l'n. place preti rred; usi ol bath
and telephone; occupation Monday, December 29; breakfast a consideration. Write District Traffic
'Chief ti. C. Telephone Co., New-
Westminster. (26i3i
beeu missing for some time. Anybody harboring same after this
notice will be prosecuted. J, II. McCall, suiti- -l Royal apartments,
corner Agnes and Tenth streets.
farm sales conducted. Purnlturi
bought for cash. P, 1) Drowu, li
Begble slreet. New Westminster.
i-J .171
IN     THE     SUPREME     COURT     OF
In Probate.
(ure. or stocks in trade, in large or
���small quantities, highest price paid.
Or Fred Davis will sell your _
t��y public auction with guaranteed
results, or no commission charged.
See the expert on furniture before
vou niv.- your goods away. Address
i'red Davis. 548 Columbia street.
New   Westminster, (2067)
in Uie Mutter "f the Estate t.f Thomas
jol na m. lati Df the City of New JVest-
m i.>���:.r. Deceased.
NiiTlcK IS HEREBY GIVEN tliat all
creditors an.l other peraona bavins any
claims in demands against tne estate nl
the above named Thomas Johnson, lute
of the City <.f New Westminster, in lhe
County of New Westminster, in the Province .if BrltlBh Columbia, deceased, who
died mi the second day of September, 1913
and whose vvill wns proved In tin* Supremi
Court or British Columbia on the thirtieth
day nl October, 1913, and n> whose rm'
and personal estate letters of administration wilh iii.. will annexed were granted u
James Johnson nf tlu* City nf N.w West-
niinsti i* nforesald, nr.* hereby required tr
si nd particulars in writing nf their claim!
or .1 .m;uids i<< Uie undersigned, the ini
mlnlstrntor with the will annexed, nn ol
before Un* I Ith day uf Junuary, 1914, at tin
undermentioned address, after whlcn dutt
tho said admh Istrator wiih the will nn
n-\i il will proceed i.t distribute the assets
���tf Hie villi Thomas Johnson! deceased
amongst the parties entitled thereto, having regard onto in 'In* claims and demandc
��� if which li** shall then have had notice and
the s.iiil administrator with tlie will annexed will nnl In* II.iiiii- for tie* ass Is "i
ill., said Thomas Johnson, ���!* .*��� is' <l. or any
part  thereof s.< distributed lo any '**   ton
.:��� i" i    ins "I vvl'.is.* claims .>r di *,.. i i      In
���hall   'i'i   then   havc  hn I     ntlci
1 i thla llih day of II .*��� mber, A.D
Hi i:i.
Administrator with Hu* Will Annexed, 312
Eighth  m:.*i*t.  N.w Westminster,   B.C
No. 20S Agnes street; fire place,
bath, etc.; cheap rent. Enquire at
14 Begble street. (2693)
nicely furnished runin $1.50 and upwards at the Stifling building, corner Koyal avenue and Tenth
street [26851
to rent try an nd. in this column,
heepini.  rooms.  HO    and    $15    pei
month at. ."14 Seventh street. (2522)
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street west. Van
couver. (2618)
Courl ol it.-vision oi thi Von r * Lists
for 1914 will I" Ii* in .u the Municipal hall,
Edmonds, B.C., on Monday, January 5th,
nil I. ni   i" o'clock  in  ilu   fori n ion
ARTHUR il   MOORE, Clerk.
Edmonds, B.C.,  Deeembi i   -jTih,   1913.
Pioneer Books on nr and Callfor
-a pioneer. Canadian Camp I.Iff. _i
tion; Among the Peoples nl li. ti.;
Pathless West; Nun. or Pioneer V
nnd I'-n.-i. The 8<*ts of five for 13
ISc per copy till Jan. Ilth. Addr
K. Herring, 1U7 Hamilton .St.,
Westminster. B.C., or any ol the
-stores.    Discount  lu Hie lra.il.
r.lu by
tl eiil-
111 the
.'Hi oi
.'.ss F.
ite Blocks 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12   of
part of S. VV. >,t, Section 18, Township S
A Certificate uf Indefeasible Title to
the, above property will be Issued to
Mabel Louisa I'laylair on lbe 3lBt day
-of December, 1913, unless in the meantime a valid objection be made to me
���in writing by a    person    or    persons
claiming nu cst.-iic or Interest therein,
ur In any j.art thereof.
.1. 0. (JWYNN,
liistrid Registrar of Titles.
t_an.i i;. glatry tilTice,
New Westminster, U.c, November
251b, l'jll!.
a The person oi persons bavlng In
���their custody or possession the follow-
log Title l leeda relating lo the i aid
propertj ire requested to deliver the
aame t.i tbo undersign! d.
17th January, l*;'.'. Crown grant io
Cordon Parmer Dafoe ol S. W. Vt,
���^T.tion is, Township 8.
17th January, 1879. Gordon rarmer
Dafoe tn Qeorge Marshall, coi vcyance
fn tee of the S W  10 acn a ol S.W.V4
!*5tfCl"ili   1-*. Town.-In[i B.
3l8t December, HiO... Cordon Parmer
jiafoe to Jnck Miller, conveyance In
feo of S. part of S.W 'i, Section 18,
-Township 8.
24th September, 1904, Oordon Par-
���sticr Dafoe to Jack Milkr. conveyance
in fee part of S. W. Vi, Section 18,
Township 8.
Ilth February, 1005. .Tack Miller to
���David Wright, conveyance in fee Of
.tip south porl Inn of S. W. \'A Of Sec-
t.km  IS   Township 8. except  Id ncics,
.1. ('. GWYNN,
<l24.6>        District Hegistrar of Titles
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
.ug, Voice Production, Theory (u
dasa or privately), Harmony, Counter
oolnt, Musical Form and  History.
Pupils prepared fnr the cxannna
ilons of lhe Associated Doard of tht
iloyal Academy of Music and Royal
College uf Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher nr  Performer.
Fnr terms, etc.. apply 51 Dufferii
-treet.    phone -111 R.
What with the barbor improvements, the further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster Is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Transfer Co.
Jf'lcs  Phons  KS.      Barn  Phon*  11
Isgblt ttrsat
HsuKSae Delivered Promptly  it
anj part of the city
Light and Heavy Haulin?
London, Dec 80. Everyone waa
very cheerful at lhe recent banquet
ot the Canada cluh. Then- was, of
course, as usual, a large company ol
London bankers, tlnancii rs and busi
ness mon concerned with Canadian
affairs, and the success of the Mon-1
treal cltj loan had put them in good
lum.��� r with themselves, -Vou Bee,"
thoy said, "ihe l.iiilsh Investing
public Is as keen as ever upon Cana
dlan opportunities, provided Canada
is prepared to pay the increased price
which world conditions demand."
There wus. ii Is true, the semi-success of the Toronto loan, pointing In
-i contrary direction, but the cmidi-;
lions of Its Issue were regarded as
quite exceptional. Indeed, the appll-|
aallons actually made for tliis Toron
to loan on lhe first day are said to
have nlmost coven d the total of a
million sterling; it was only when
the Canadian government's surprise
tssui of four millions sterling waa put
upon Hie iuarl.i i that some of the
Toronlo applications had to be withdrawn. This is quite possible Beelng
the obligations under which certain
firms [eel themselves lo niv- priority
in tlieir support of any Canadian governmenl issue In this country.
A French-Canadian's Speech.
However, the general tone of the
highly representative and Influential
Anglo-Canadian gathering was thoroughly cheerful. The speech of the
(veiling, thai elicited most fcheers,
ami attracted mest attention In the
press, was that of St Alexander l a-
coste. His half broken English Itself
appealed to many of his hearers,
v.hile Cue obvious sincerity of his III
terance won everyone's sympathy.
His theme vas tbe position of the
Ifi-ench-Canadian In the British empire, a subject which always arouses
inti .- ������ i amen-*. Engllshmi n, and
..:,*..-.; has jn.-- nnw been brought
: * ,. protniuentb before the public
by i rtaln Canadian telegrams report-
in*; somewhal Btrange utterances by-
Mr. i'.i urassa, in the course of his
Onl n in visit,
"I .iin." remarked the distinguished
ex-chief justice, "imre or less in a
Btralght-jackel when I have to Bpeak
English ' He frankly admitted, as a
Canadian of French descent, that
Canada would have to meet In the future, as in the pas'- "greal difficulties." li has evidently wound I his
pride to luar things In England during his preBout visit, that he has
lnvii ii.i!i,1 before, ".-inine of my
friends," in- said, "have aaked me Is
ja trui that ine Freneh-Canadlana are
net loyal?" And then lu embarked
I upon n delightful little narrative uf
I how Canada was saved to the empire
by French-Canadians, in the days nt
(.len.-ral .Montgomery, and again In
llie conflict Of 1 s 1 -J.
Plea for English  Sympathy.
"Or  course,"  he said,    "we    < ma-
; .li.nis. of French descent. 1 iK.- France,
foi blond Bpeaks.   It cannot be otherwise;  but tin re is nol one Canadian
nnw*.  whatever bis   love   to Fra '"-.
i who  would I).- v, llllng tii go l'**i     to
France and abandon  England.      vnd
wby?  li  is your admirable   conetitu-
i,i ii    tlte only ci astltution which permits lo rule  noi only  the  pi ople  i f
��� .in-  eri i ii.    but    tin*    people    ��� f all
creeds;   uot  only  the  people  ol  one
race, bul  tho    people    .-if all    i.ices.
I We ban. had friction in Canada, but
lit has not been due to the constitution.    If the constitution was obeyed
| in  ils  spirit, there  would  be  no flic-
I tion."
And th. n Sir Alexander went nn to
jpliad w,ih Englishmen for their aid.
j'i.oi not tiie people of England be
prejudiced agalnsl one of the races
I which go in make up the Canadian
poop'i. Vour emigrants who come to
US will I'eel this prejudice If you are
prejudiced yourselves. What we re-
ijuirc is the unprejudiced mind in our
country, and if our Immigrants come
io us witli their mind unprejudiced,
.ve an sure to solve our difficulties,
.iiiii unitedly make Canada as great as
il can be made. There is not now one
dissi ntlent voice out of a hundred
people in tin Dominion wishing to
sipai.il ��� from  KhKland  '
S i   Frederick    Wllllama-Taylor, as
the special guesl of the cluh. on the
ci . i'.n of Lis appointment as general   inaiiiiL'i.r of the  Hank of Montreal.
received tha must cordial greetings
Irom the Innumerable friends he lias
made In lhe Vnglo-Canadlan community lull, while Mr. Donald M nomas-
ter, tie president of the evening, had
entertaining reminiscences to give of
his  i ��� '*' ni  iiii:iii|-lhe empire tnur.
Glasgow, Die. 30. \i w statistics
of an astounding character relative
lo railway economy and the problem   tered  the  bold   he  saw   that  several
Hopeless     FiQht     Against     a     Peculiar
Conflagration at Sea.
When the freighter Hardy steamed
out of I.e Treport. France, she curried
besides tlie mineral waler In her hold
n number of small wooden cases marked "metallic sodium."
The channel wus rough Tbe vessel
rolled und pitched violently. The captain saw that tbe ship was listing tu
port and. suspecting that tbe cargo
was shifting, sent u boatswain below
to Investigate.    As tho boatswain en-
hlc-aidon.    of    Interior    City    Returns
from Trip  Bouth  with  Now
uses of mineral water had broken and
that the water was swishing about In '
the hold.   Then suddenly he saw onu
nf the wooden cases marked "sudiuin"
burst Into tin uie.
Immediately be cave tho alarm, and
the crew rushed to their lire stations.
The captain directed tho men to play
Phis'was based "on thV'good.  ll'�� bMe lBt�� u,e bola    As ,he fln"
stream  of  water  struck   the  burning
of transportation within the metropolis were given to the Qlaagow chain
ber of commerce by A. W. Oattle thi-i
.if11 union.
Dlsousslng Cue possibility of substituting machinery tor hand labor in
porterage, Mr. tiattie suit I thai n
whole "human" borsepowet hour cost
,',s   Id
porter's wage of id. per hour and lhe
ability to develop one-ten til i f a horse
power by muscular effort. An electric horse-power hour cost, in Glasgow, less than one halfpenny, to
wblcb might be added another halfpenny for c.-iiiiial and maintenance
charges for the machine, That was
a i. tui of ui. Instead of 40d a big
economy, but not the whole story, The
machine could do tho work quicker
and in ii. r than the man. The machine could do all thai the man
could do, and u gnat deal thai he
could uol do, The substitution of machinery tor hand labor brougbl them
face lo face with the labor question
What had labt.r gol  to s.iy  about  it
case there were several explosions us
package nfter package wltliln the case
caught Bro. By this time two nihei*
cases of siiiiiuin bud broken open, nnd
their contents us lhey came In contact
witli the water from the hose burst
Into lln mos.
The crow could nut believe their
eyes. The more water lhey poured uti
the lire the more Intense grew the conflagration. Then suddenly two eases
Dew Into the ulr. crashed ngnlnst lho
overhead beams and spread out In
sheets of lire, the smaller pieces dropping back only to bounce nnd dance
about, hot balls of tlaino, In  thu half
lie had discussed the polnl  very care-   swamped hold.
fully witli the chief., ul Hn* National
union of railwaymen, ami .1. K. Wll
Hams, ihe secretary, had written a
pressing the opinion that lhe new
transport company's Bcheme "would
I. in fit not only the railway companies, but also their employees."
Busing hi--, calculations upon atatis
i lea up| lied l.y tlie railway companies 1 i Uu In ud cl' tr.i.1 *. Mr, li::t li
BUgg  ited  tbat  only  24,000,000  hours
Panic stilt ken. the crew dropped the
bose Hues anil lleil abovo decks Hut
the captain ordered the cargo flung
Into the sea and led his men back Into
the hold. They succeeded In throwing
several of the cases overboard, llut as
each case hit the waves It rebounded
Into the nlr. a naming ball.
Tho superstitious crew was fast becoming unmanageable, mul the captain
out of lhe 97,000,000 hours spent by saw tbut lu any case be must abandon
train drivers annually   upon  locomot- ihe ship    lie ordered the crew to the
he*,  in Creal   Britain    could    be ac- lm;,is not one moment too soon, for as
counted tor as    engaged    in haulage the boats rowed away from the blnz
upon ih.. railway track     The remain- ||,g bulk several loud explosions enme
der of the time is spent In sidings or
in terminal work.
Shunting absorbed aboul 62 411! of
each T'i active hours 1 I the loconn 1
Ive's life, or M.6T per cent   His polnl
was  that  if Sl  l'i per cent, or any- , , .
Hun*, like 11 1-2 per cent, of the avail-, ""'<���<������   w""'h   owdl/.es   rapidly   when
able energies or a locomotive wen* ab   water """ hcs " ���""' n"ln(,s ,13 so"n M
sorbed  by Shunting, th.y  were jusil-   Hie water becomes warm,    According
from the bold. Then there was one
mighty detonation The freighter
broke In two nnd plunged oul of sight.
The origin of tlle lire was. of course,
lu the sodium.    Sodium is n peculiar
tied  otl  that    pita    alone    in  asking
whether shunting v.as advisable at all.
to tlie chemist's classification, 11 is the
second member of ihe alkali group lhal
By liberating    locomotives    from the   Includes lithium, potassium, rubidium
work nl shunting, the railways would,
according to his calculations, Increase
their efficiency by about 300 p"r ci nt.
Mr. Cattle's  figures  regarding  the
and caesium.    All of these elements
have  the same  iharaclerlstlcs ns sr
diuni  in  greater or less  degree,    'i'h
Indium  sbould  have been  shipped  in
lite of goods wagons^suggested that.of   hermetically  sealed tin cans Inclosed
iu wooden cases, llut the rnlllng nf
the ship and the cureless stowing ul
the cargo broke open some of these
c.-ises, nnd the sodium. Which wus not
properly [nicked, was liberated.���Boa-
ten Herald
the  1,400,000  railway   wagons  lu  usi
07 per cent, permanently occupy sld
ings.    In otber words. 5,000 miles of
railway wagons were permanently Immobile.
Hopeless Ex'.ravaoance.
The cosi of read cartage in the
United Kingdom is md lesa than
200,000,000 pounds per annum. One
hundred and twenty thousand trade
vehicles are employed daily in London alone;  their upkeep cos's 30,1    I,
(.ilm pounds per annum.     The    work   . ,      , . ,
,      ' ,   ' .    .      . .....   tempted   su lc Ide��� nut   onlv   11
pone per day amounts to about 86,000   '_.._...,  .,      ...  ......   	
tons   or  three-quarters of a  ton  per
vil.icl,,   and   Hie   av.-rairi-   distance   of   ���1*v,����   refe, red   to   vvas   written   right
curiam   might be estimated at three  ��fteroue ofsm-h attempts      be driver
Origin of a Famout Hymn.
It seems to be a very solid fact that
llie poet C'owper. author nf the hymn
"Cud Moves In a Mysterious Way." nt-
ilovoral   times.     In   fact,   the   pi'iuiliir
miles.    Tn carry  three-quarters of a
whom he had engaged I" take hlin In
ton a distance of three miles was a ' ""-' riv,'r ���"   whl''1' ���"' ���"������"'  P'��ni">*��>
very poor day's work; such, however irownlng himself, being suspicious "f
was the efficiency  if a London  van. Ms  customer's   Intention,  dime   hlm
Four hundred and fifty miles of vehi- iroinid   in   the   closed   nirrluge   ami
ck-s   stood   still   in    London's   streets finally set blm down nt his own rtmir
for nine hours  per day. Stepping   out.   and   HiuIiiil'   lhe   old
Willi these statistics Mr. Oattle led   familiar scenes, the 1 t. mm   ���������! '
up to his scheme for clearing houses
���central establishments equipped
with electrical machinery for the sorting and distribution of goods into
trucks bound direct for their respective destinations. Mr. Oattle -*sti-
niates the cost of a London clearing
liouse at 14,000,000 pounds, and the
surplus pronts at    9,296,000    pounds
int. rushed Into the luntie mul lii��lnitl
*y composed the Imnmnnl hymn -������cmi
Moves In 11 Myteiitui.- Wav   Ills Won
dors to Perform." - New* Vork A mer
leu n.
A Common Center,
It makes tn, difference how Irrpgu-
sterling, after paying nil charges, and   *nr|y objects tfre arranged, their com-
interest  on capital.    Ile believes that   tl\nPr\ Influence Ol their force center la
with audi a house he could increase
thc efficiency ol railway locomotives
300 per cent., add vastly to the active
lives nf goods wagons, and produce
for the railway companies by the Bale
of their London goods yards a capital
redemption of 20,000,000 pounds sterling.    Mr. (iattle's proposals, il  Is un
This Is s fundamental fuel of llie
���ntlre sidereal structure Millions
iiron millions of suns and worlds flying In all directions as bees In 11 swann
.r moving In cosmic streams ami ns
���iirrenl of stars, net by ineiuis of mil
dirstiKid, are about  lo emerge  from   rental gravitation precisely ns though
the "statistical" stage, An experl
mental planl is .n.w In operation at
Ballorsea, and two ilrillsh railways
and one French railway company nre
stated in huve di cided to l(;st lhe
systom in a  practical scale.
hey were nil condensed Into ll irlgmi
tlC globe nt their common center of
_nnlty.-F.dgnr I.Helen l.arkin In New
Vork A inert enn
She Knew III Right.
"Madam," half 11 dnz.oii men hnatcnfd
in nssure ber, "this is tlm smoking
"I know It." she snld  calmly Mating
llerlin.   Dec.   80.    Considerable   pri-   herself, "but I iiiii ��urc the 11  Inhere
gress wai made with the scheme f-.ir. trv nmr,. ^nt, ttinu ihey ure lu ihn
i-nr iihenil     I couldn't get 11 sent nt nil
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 a.m    Hnlh
2:00 p.m  Dallj
11:45   p in Dail)
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 a.m Dallj
11:00 a.m Dull)
From   Vancouver  for   Nanaimo.
3:00  pm Dallj
Nanalmo,  Union  Buy  and  Comox.
9:00 a.m     ..  Wednesday and Frldaj
i/nncouver,  Unicn  Bay,  Powell   River
111:46 a in    Every other Saturda)
For  Prince   Ruoeit  and  Alaska.
II 00 p in     ... .Every other Baturda;
������rince Rupert. Granby Bay and Skeenj
River Points.
11:00 pm   Wednesday-!
For Gulf  Uland  Pninij.
f:00 an. Tuesdays fur Victoria    Pal
In* nt points In the Ottlf Islands,
IT)   dot-LET,  Am-nt.  N. a  Wsattnliuiei
H.  W.  BltODIH).  n.  P   A..  Viinfouv��r
HOT.CEJ   IS   HBBBBV   OIVBN   thai   a
CtBirt nr llevlslnli nf till' Voters' Lists
Km ISH wlll he h"ld "I the Cnilli'll
uTixnili-r. Miillliinlvllle. nn Monday, .liin-
uary bib,  11H1, nl  3 n'diiek hi tlm after-
A llAl.iiifin'ON, Clerk.
Wnltliii'iMlli*.     IM'..     H. ci'iiilicr   ___),
MIS, ���   (".MM
Walla Walla Wash., Dec 30. For
usiiiK 11 boll to fasten together two
parts of a threshing machine, Charles
Hungata Is ask il by Ernest Dickey,
foreman of the threshing outfil of
which Hungati and his father were
nwni rs, to pay hlm $16,800, ,\ sui'
for thla amounl was filed here,
Dickey charges thai Hungate ordered
him in fasten tv 0 pans of the mn-
���Ii'iii* logi 'Li t* ind Hun in* refused
for the reason, ha says, thai the repair wus unnecessary and ihat l*
would resull in a deathtrap.
lie charges that Hungate later
without his knowledge, pul In the bull
and -Iuil while working on tho ma
chiiie his clothing was caught and h"
was whirled around and around, both
his ;nik|.*s In Ing b'Sken. tin- miincles
Of li . '. i. i.vrenrhi il Wise and his
eyesight Injured before tbe inachin
��� ry could bc stopped.
the establishment of a Jewish university in Jerusalem ai a meeting of the
organizing committee of ih" Zlonl-I
organization recently held here The
meeting vvas attended by thlr'y-one
members of HiIh body nnd by the dl
recti rs of the Jewish Colonial trust,
who live in llerlin, Cologne, Wles-I
hadi-li,     Mannheim.     Al'onn.     Vienna No Chance For Leopard.
Lembarg, (lalat/..    Warsaw,    Mosc vv       wnii,.   Mother,   the   Sunday   sch	
si.  Petersburg, I.Hum, London, Man- headier suys we should all nf us tr> lu
Chester,   The   Hague,     Antwerp,     and   |���. ���^ S|,���|i���KH as w-e can    Mnther-i'ei
Jaffa  (Palestine), ,���i���i.     Willie;   that's   right.     Willi.-.
in  lhere.     1  dnti'l  mind  the cigars  el
liter   They're better than my husband
Nil further objection was offered, nml
.he kept her seiiL-Clilctigo Trl bu UB
Residence Y. W, O. A.
Phono 132-t
in New Westminster, B C.
-".  dwelling  houses,  all   modern,  In
fine locations, close in on good streets
I Aim ono store on Columbia ml, and
J two on Blxth Bt,
Apply    ii    Cunninflham    Hardware
or to Jas. Cunningham.
Dr, Tschienow. representative of
the Inner actions committee, renorti il
on several political matters and certain branches of Zionist activity in
Palestine.     Ills   report    was   followed
by nn animated discussion, chiefly regarding the resolution adopted at. tin
eleventh Zionist, congress at Vienna,
by which the actions oommlttee was
authorized to take the necess-irv pre
liniiiinry   Btepa  Tor  the  ontabllshmetil
of a Jewish university at Jerusalem
The sum of 40,000 pound:, was nllo-^
caled for the university fund, and the
actions committee has now resolved
to entrust the preliminary measures
for the establishment or this university lo a committee, which is to consist   nl   four  different, sections.     Pro
ifter 11 pause, mul tbiiegbtfiilly - Then
I'm glad I'm iml 11 leopard - Chicago
Iteeord llerani
S"�� Hit It.
Mr limiggs M1I1I1HII, you will hnve
to eenniiuil'.e. Villi are rpry fviruvn
iimt Mrs. (linings |v��r nie! Mr
(Inaggs- I ipilte iigre�� wllh yiiu.-l'hll
idelphla Iti-cnld
\ Mend Is one ,,l life's he��t lilies-
lli.s In Ik- a friend Is tn lie lifted 11
little wav  toward heaven eip-h dnv.
May Extradite Him.
Itegina, Dec. 30. -On a warrant
feasor Dr. Weizmann, nf Manchester, rharglng embezzlement at Ft. Pierre,
has been placed at the head of the kjjj,, u,0 mounted police am holding
scientific section, and Profi-BHor Otto|a mnn -.ami-d Crulckshanktj hore. Hn
Warburg, if llerlin, will take charge |Wni appear for uxtradltlcii proceedings
of the organizing aectlon, tomorrow.
Vernon, 11 c. Dec, 80. James Stevens, who has just returned to Vernon
ir,.iu a business trip to Mexico, thua
describes his trip and impressions:
Hi said in- li fi Victoria on August
ls. and wini by sea to Ban Francisco,
friiiu which pert he f"k another
stoaiiicr to the porl of Manzanlllo, on
thc wesi coasl ol Mexloo, whicb was
held   bv   federal   1 loops.     From   tliere
the train journey to Mexico City was
uneventful, the count.) pustnii
through ail i.i inn in the handa 11 tha
Ann. .I m Mexloo City, he said it
was difficult to realise thai a blood]
revolution vas raging In the country,
everything was going on as usual, and
ths ;.nuns all doing a brisk trade, on
Sundays, the bull ring was crowded
with mora thau 20,000 people The
ii.���v. torreador, Belmonte, lately arrived 1 .mn Bpaln, was creating quite
11 si hi atlon, killing his ciK'u; bulls dur
lng ihe afternoon,
The military bands were plav ing lu
the Alameda aud tin- parks aa usual,
uiki the country dub and its adjacent
golf links were crowded as usual with
uie cosmopolitan thrnnn that constl
1 nti b the fori Ign colonies.
Imported Goods Costly.
Oue of the tew changes to be notlc
. ti was the Increased cosi ol Import-
��� i gi 1 ii.-, owing in the he.ivv custom
iiu. 1, nu osed by Pn stdenl Huerta
>u an i fforl to keep his rapidly diminishing treasur) funds from dlsap
pi urlug altogether.
While iii the city, Mr Sti vent, at
ti mh d a dinner given by the mi m
lurs ni the iirnish club, to Oeneral
lluerla, which was extremely onthus
instil* in character, and showed plainly thai us far .is th ��� English colony
was concerned, General Huerta held
their sympathies.
Mr, Steveuadescrlbea Huerta as bm
ins. in appearance and manner, a
typical s ildler of the martlnette type
in lacl verv much the siinie aa Preal
di in Porforlo Diaz was In his young
ii* dav.-, and wiih tbe 1 ame Idi as and
methods with regard to the ruling ol
iin country.
The tirsl trip Mr  Stevens took oul
of  Mexll 11 Clt)   was il  ll.nl  Iii lh.-  H:i
cieiida (estate) of Senor Landero, oni
uf tin largesi and richest land own
ers   In   Mexico
They arrived at tbe station of Tepe
11.1 asco .ib m '���' o'clock in the eve
ning, innl were met by a coach and
si... wuh outriders annul to lhi
teeth, to take them the remaining 20
mili s in the hacienda, as rebel band
wen known to be in the neighbor
Arrived al the hacienda tbey found
lhal in thing bad been leti to chance
there wire armed guards stationed all
round, labile a searchlight was scour-
ling the country in 1 verv direction
from ib* reef of tin- buildiiiF. Durln-j
hi., visit of feur days, however, noth
iing in tii" nature of an attack took
place, and he returned safely to
M "x co City.
While on the vlalt he questione.
hla best on his views, with regard U
the dii'l'ircni tactions and was i* W
that he. in common with tflpjl t' ''
other Mexicans of the upper ''���) ���'
looked upon the whole thing, um*' 0
hss, wiiii indlffort 1 '���" U ��� was all In
tavor nf t'.io Huerta regime, bul
should Carranza win for tbe time being, and i'i" atmosphere get too hoi
r ir him, ho would take a pleasure
trip to Paris, the Eldorado of all Mex
iciins, and wait till the storm bad
blown over, and his own partv was in
power again, before returning. Need
li ss to say, a large portion of his
iiiLiipy and securities were Bafelj
Stored away In Kuropean banks.
Mr Stevens' next trip was to bis
OV 0 ranch, In the state ot l'uebla,
about 100 miles distant from Mexico
City, and a days rldr of Tuxpan,
where tbe Eagle Oil company, an
English com pay, has many wells.
Rebels on AM Tides.
Here he found that rebel bands, under the command of Cundldo Aguilar,
were Infesting the country on all
sides. 1111 his arrival at the ranch.
Where ha was expected, he was greet
ed with a ftisllade of fireworks. In his
honor, which wns kept up for iiIhuI
halt an hour, and later learned lhal
tin little town of Mellaltnyucii. about
five miles distant, had been thrown
nun ,i panic 1111 bearing tbe reports
nml was anxiously expecting an al
Ink al any moment
tm tbe ranch,   everything   wan In
first class order. In fact, If anything
better than when hfl lert more than n
yenr ago, The stock Iiiii! Increased
considerably, and had been well
looked nfler. He also found that the
pile 1,1 slock bnd gone np Iio pt-r
cent diiriiii! the last two yeara Near
ly ud tin* other ranchera round, most
ly Americans, were siill on theli
places, and reported tliat they bud
had no Interference frnm the federal
or rebels, the only trouble being thai
Just  al   present   the  rebels  would   mil
allow   tl    to   send   their  stock   tl
Mexico City to be sold, aa ihey wi n
under the vain Impression that tbey
could  starve  It  out.
Federals Took to thc Woods.
During Mr. Stevens' slay en the
ranch the neighboring town of Metlal
toyiicn (known locally as the Mesa),
!wns attacked by the rebels, or rnther
occupied, as the company of federal
|volunteors, who were supposed to de
fend it. immediately took to the bunh
ns did most of the Inhabitant*, The
commander 1 f the volunteers, who In
judiciously delayed bin departure toe
long, paid the penalty of being bang
led In the market square. An untoward Incident ocourred when the reb
'els had left the lown, uflor looting
everything In iiip.ht, when nn old man
,1.110. father of one of the women on
I Mr. Stevens' ranch, was shot bv the
I volunteers, who accused hlm of Inv
1 Ing i-ho-.vn the rebels whi r�� thoy could
obtain loot,
in comequence of 'jnln three dayi,'
"waki '   waa  celebrrled  In   honor  of
bin memory on tho rniich.
After a stay t.i six weeks. Mr
S'.cvcna again    left    tho    ranch    In
charge ot .Mexicans, ami returned uii
country to Mexico Cily. He found
the general opinion in tho capital
wns lbat lluerla wn, o: his "last
itgi." owing to financial embarraae-
1111 i.ls and the lack ��� i funds with
which to pay Ills troops. There wero
wild Illinois in circulation every day,
11ml everything seemed In n danger-
ousiy unsettled ti i'o
Wanted to La-.  Marinea.
ll  was said 111.11 1.1 - i.-; ' ,b iid'-."i'fil
nl   I'lixpan, Sir     ��� ���'��!. tr , r Ciinl,|.*.rk.
imd been snubb-31 ti;' .hi \merle u
admiral, hla tu r .' 1,1 1 in rm k
when lie expreiSOd a wi-', ie ici..
marines tor guardi   . ii>e  nl wnn.
After a abort sia/,  .'.-  - ovens returned by way of  ,' m C 1
and Ntw York. Al ltn i.'i'U1 ita I1.11
mi opportunity of ���(���cinq 1 ������ wir
ibi pa ol the Euro mi pow��ri in ibu
excitement  was caused owini;
to lb,- riimo- "���"' "������ -' "���������  ���'-���������'
���iieineni   was caused owlin;
 mr that one or lhe   United
Statea battleships was going to transfer ut hi 11  some members Of the lato
Prealdeni    Madero's   family    to tho
Ward liner Mr. Btevana wns on. Tills
turned out not to be the case, us
lluerla had prevented Hum from
reaching ihe American battlnahlp.
ami lhey had Innl to take it fuge at
the  American  ronsulute.
Humor and
mr mvj*c***j* w. mtttirm
fPHB fellow who ��pends most of bis
time In dreamland Is generally lo
bad witb the bix collector.
Per ha pa It would be nn Improvement
upon 11 self made man If ho Innl bad a
Hi He advice wbeu bo was Selecting Ills
The person who always known
enough to keep still ought to draw a
salary for It-ami he often does.
It makes a lot of us mini when the
redaction Is forced upon us tlmt wo
deserve what we get.
The person who considers hla de-slre
sufflclent reason fur doing :i Ihing generally gets to 11 point Wbere bis desire
Is entirely Impotent
Ambition   is   11   deadly   uutlilnti*   fur
Work Is It guild thing. Iml nl thst
���('hat's the use nf snviiiu ativlliing
nbout It3 There's so much ul it in (lie
world thnt it enn bo depended upon tit
tnke cure of Itself.
fif course it was the other Im>v tbat
bd Utile Johnnie into leitiidfllliin. but
v imt mother can't etptalu Is how tie
gut hiiltcrbrol.e
When you take your
Eastern Trip
1 you   may  tie  well  travel   In  comfort
and  at minimum  cost.
Ticketa will be on sale December 20
in January 1 at sln..!e fare and one-
third for the round trip. Cood to return January fi.
B. OOUI.KI. Agent
New W-Mimlostar
II.  W. HltoniD. O. P.  A .  Vauconw
New Wellington
Office, 554  Front  Street,
Foot of Sixth Strsst.
P. O. Box 345. Pbone 105.
Telephones: Office 53, Rseldence �����.
JOHN IIBID, Proprietor.
Agents     I'alnter     llros.'   Oaaollu*
���nglnns,  Marine   Engines  and  A��t��
mobile Repairs.
Office and Worke: Tenth tm.
P.O. Box 474.    New Weatmlnster. ��� C.
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, -     ii.
,��� t     r*'   *    ,,.{ * i f>ACE   EIGHT
Fresh ^Vater and Salt
days undergoing repairs. I'niil the
survey baa been completed ii wlll nol
be known bow loug the Belgian will
be delayed.
For the Week Ending Sunday. Jan. 4.
Dipper Dredge Assisting King Edward
and Frtihling at New North
���j-!,,. v.-. iver Navigation and
ln-t dgtng ; ���">   whicli   holds  the
,.,��� ;,-a,i i r the removal nr son.uiit)
cubii yards ol material from the new
north channel across the sandhends
has placed a dipper dredge in opera
tien nn the work This acquisition to
the dredging wlll, it in believed, greal
ly facilitate tha opening of the new
channel to the required depth.
The Fruhllng and Kins Edward are
also engai I il en the channel uud with \
tl,,* three dredges operating rapid pro-.
tr.ui>* should In- made. Work, it Is]
expected, will be reBiiineil shortly on;
iiie north Jetty, liroley aral Murtin
���are the contractors for tbis work. ���
Resident Engineer Worsfold visited]
tlu- sei in* ot operations r.t the Mini i
heads ou Monday. Yesterduy he i.i i
speeted Hie dredging work bains no:'
dueled a1.  False creek, Vancouver.
���A estiuiiistcr.
Sand 11
t ads.
HiRh. Low.
Time. 111.
*..:,:,   'i.-i;
7 ali 14.6
Ls:(.ii 14:45
17.nl 11.2
9:80    4:00
8:28 14.4
lii; n0 15:45
17:511 lhO
<i. 55    4: .5
s.57 14.2
80:00 16: H,
19 "2    H.'.i
��� >.:*
lu:l'.   4:45
9:25 18.9
.1:M 17:30
20:11   H.4
10:50   5:00
9:62 13.6
2 :'._
22:25 IS:25
21:24    leu
11:20    5:25
10:18 13.2
;. *.
24:00 111.2U
���i'.i'.OO    8.8
17: i'.i
11:45   5:85
10:44 12.9
r  -
.-mil tlm collection "f that $111,111111 debt
rrom Port Coiiuitlam. Mr Marmont
charged that the present council hail
(alien short of its opportunities even
considering  ihe  financial  stringency
anil   other  difficulties   it   hail   to  fnce.
Councillor Atkins hail said Hint be |
waa standing on his record,   "Where
is  liis   i-i rurii'.'"  asked   tin-  speaker.
"1 iliiln'l  know be hail any."
During his criticism nf ihe present
council Mr. Marmont remarked on the nlgbt
appointment of tin" solicitor. munlcl-|
pal  clerk  ami  engineer  at  the  'i"n'
when the municipality and Port Co
quitlam   were  separated.    Theae  appointments   hail   I" cn   ina If   Without
any applications being duly called lor
ami   practically   at   tiie  dictation of
Port Coqultlam, be charged
That $10,000 Debt.
Counclllbr Foati r promise
r. turned he wi uld advooatt
ploymeni of resident labor.
gave a brief outline nf tin'
position of the municipality
liiin il
Btantly observing him, how   mucb
has benefitted bj a week of rest
recreation In lhe mild gulf cllmai [.
The president played is hobs of
golf again today, lie is growing accustomed t.i the stubby grass ou the
links wiih its retarding effect on the
roll of drives and made u better scor
than usual.
Many letters and telegrams of tell-
citation on lho New  Year arrived to-
Lack of Buyers and Sellers Reculto in
Early Closing���Few Changco in
Will  Go  Down   Stream    Drawing    22
ies to at the Cottonwoods
Trading was rather draggy and
iglit on the holiday city market yes-
arday ;���.-. irnlng and because of the
ack of both buyers ami Bellera the
closing   was   early.
There  was  little  or n    change  In
poultry prices.    Prices were:
Turkeys, per lb., drosse
Chickens, per lb	
thai ii
the em
lie also
He said
thai as soon us the 810,000 came ali ne
from Porl Coqultlam, and he b lieved
a s:'tlsf.ict.ii-y arrangement for earls
payment  Innl Inen  nuuie. tho munlcl
pallty would be practically free from
J. D, Robertson, candidate tor councillor, also advocated the einploymenl
nf local labor, lie wns imt a in, mber
of any party or clique ami bis services
i,i tlir municipal!.) would be in the
Interests nf ihe ratepayers as a whole.
He declared himself to be a strong
t. mperance advocate.
Wallace Whiting, if elected to the
council, would advocate a square deal
ill round with no sectionalism, ll"
would make no pre-election promises.
il. B, Baker Beven ly criticised the
present council on the hail ileal, and
the 110.000 debt of Porl Coqultlatn'B.
As to tlie latter hi- said thai it was
not a question of Port Coiiuitlam not
having tin- money. Tliey were hand
iin-.' it nud therefore he concluded
they had it.
Huge Concern Placed in Hands of Receivers for Purpose  of  Reorganizing
Until  f'riday Morning.
j Ducks, per ib	
! Butter, P'T lh.   ...
.  Bggs, per dozen ..
| Cabbage, per lh ..
'lii' steamer UarpaguB, Captain H.JTuriiips, per Back
Farquhirscu, will clear from FraBer j Carrots, per s.i.l; .
Mills tomorrow morning about 11 Potatoes, pit sack
o'clock v it'n ini* consignment of lum-jOnions, per sack
ber (or South Africa and will ro downlCrab apples, per lb
stream in the CottonwoodB where she Appjles, per box ..
will lb tu until Friday morning when Penis, per box .
Captain l'i rd, pilot, intends to clear
the river mouth. The Harpagus wlll _
draw 22 feet. After loadiriK at Chi * ; *'*" ''��� ��� "'
iiiainus she will sail for South Africa.
Ilcr full cargo will run over 4,000,000
fer I.
lt is two and a half years now
since tbe crew af the big tramp
steamer bas been at the borne port in
England and all arc very anxious t i
return tbere. She lias Inien ninnin-:
from one port to another for all tha'
time and her officers cannot get
all for borne any loo scon
,  in
20 to 25c
c. to 21c.
 50c. tn 55c
   1 Vie. to 2c
 60c. to 75c
 COc.  tn 75c
    . 110
 2c. to 3c
 $1.26 to $1.50
 $1.00 to $1.30
   3 Ibi
', per lb. 20c to 2
i'i ni ra It
to suit ll
I Flounders, tier lb.
! Sturgeon, per lb. .
Hal but, per lb. ..
I Smelts, per Ib. ...
Ueef, best rib roas'
flci'f, loin, per lb.
Beef, round steaks,
* Boiling beef, per lb.
Veal, per Ib	
Perk, per lb	
Mutton, per Ib.  ...
Poultry, Wholesale.
small, per doz. ..      .$
(liens, large, per.do/	
Chickens, per das	
' Broilers, pn- dozen
j Ileus, live, per lb. .
i Chickens, live, pi i
' Ducks, per dozen .
Ducks, lhe. per lb
.. ,26c to 27.
b.. .20c t.i 25c
,16V4c to 17c
.12.40 to 13c
 8c to 2Hc
5.1.0 to $7
....?R lo $10
 $5 to $7
$4.00 to $5.00
...17c to 18c
 ISc to 20c
,...$8 to $10
. . .loc to 10c
Run   Foul
Fog a
of Belgian Ship Hassai
i. Portland���Mast Broken
Off���Repairs Made.
'Continued from pane onei
(Continued from inge o::ei
���, in*.* He Bald an error had been'
made as the court failed to determine
the degree of murder and declared
lhal the decree conld only ba fixed
I . taking testimony, a procedure
which had 1 een omitted when Ben-
��� nc   wns- Imposed.
Jclin   il.   Fredericks,   district   attor
...  agreed  with    the    defence and
Judge   Craig   formally   act   aside  the
sentence  he bad   passed    upon    tiie
"I shall now proci "11 to r -si titer. *������
the defendant," announced-the judge.
Alleged  Insane.
At thai polnl iiie attorney for the
lefence stopped proceedings fo* the
second time by filing rour affidavits
alleging that Kariss was Insane The
affidavits were those of his father,
'innes A. Kariss. Percy Failsa, his
brother, Mrs. Dorothy Cartier, who attended school wiih blm at Tulare,
Cal, and Mrs. .1. 1. Boyer, Mrs. Car-
tier's  mother.
The drier Farias swore that his son
.vas unsound mentally because of a
nervous malady suffered by his moth-1
er jnst previous lo his birth. Thc d��-|
tendant's brother declared the bandii |
had fits of sullenness to the degree
of Insanity and similar assertions an re
made in the affidavits to which Mrs,
.''artier   and    M-s     Boyer   swore.
After these documents had b "n
signed Dlstrlcl Attorney Frederlcka
called Beveral witnesses to the Bland,
New Vork. Dec. SO, Two great department Btores In New York and oil"
in Hoston. nn express company, a '
wholesale house and a private banking house run in connection with the
department stores, all allied with and
controlled by the Slegel Stores Cor-
poratlon, of wblch Henry Slegel of this
city is directing head and president,
were placed In the hands of receivers
today through a suit Instituted by th
holding company In the federal courts
None of the concerns, according to
statements or counsel, Ib Insolvent,
and the action waB taken t.i serve
ihelr good will, to rehabilitate and reorganize i'i m. The assets and Ua
bllltles were not stated. Curtailment
of hank credit made receivership imperative, it was said.
Tlieir gross earnings heretofore
have b en estimated at $40,000,000 an \
nually. The Qreenhut-Stegel-Cooper
company of this city, baa no connec '
tion, direct or otherwlai witli the
firms controlled by the Slegel stoves]
i i* poratlon and In Chicago, the Btore
ol Si gel, Cooper -a; Co., althougb its!
stock Is owned by the Slegel stores
CorporaUon, Is prospering. Couni *i
here Issued a Btatement lo this effi ct
which was confirmed by Max Pam,
tc-ricr.il counsel for the Chicago store.
The business ibere. be said, would
to continued without Ini rruptlon.
The store, he added, wis in no sense
party to the suit.
Further Search for  Ralph  Lopez
Slayer of Six Men���Many Think
He Escaped.
Portland, Ore., Dec. 2.0. Her foremast broken off ten feet above the
���deck and her bow stove ln and badly
splintered, mark the pimc;pal damage
the Bteamer Northland sustained bere
when she collided head-on with the
Belgian ship Kassai, which was
anchored in the stream just below* the
mouth of the Willamette river. Komi
of the rigging of the Kassai waa carried away and it is believed that a
plate on her bow i.s broken.
A thick fog was hanging over the
river and the Belgian had dropped
anchor to wall for the weather to
<:lear. With a part cargo Uie -.ttam-r
Northland, Captain Hodge, waa en'
route down to Rainier to finish load
ing for San Francisco. She was nearly on tin- ship before discerning her
It   is estimated  tliat  the  Northland'
���will bave to remain In port about, ten
dealing with  the same question.
Mr Atklna was nsked why, when he
was elected to carry out the will of
lhe people as a whole he only performed the will of a part of the peo-1
pie, and why he had tiirnid down the
petition presenl id to tho council ask-
Irtg for " referendum on tlie question.
Ta thi Be he gave varied replies which.
however, did not apparently make an
impression   on   the   meeting.
Councillor Atklna declared thai his
platform would be his record In the
council in whicli he has served wince
For   Retrenchment.
In outlining his platform Mr Mar
monl said he would advocate retrenchment during dull times; employment
nl resident labor when possible; an
equal chance to all ratepayers In the
matter ol appointments to public offices under the control of lln* council;
Call for Bids on Construction of Proposed   Bridge   Over  Second
Bingham, Utah, Dec. 30, -To open
the Utah-Apex mine next Friday and
search tor Italph Lopez, -.layer of si->
men. was the tentative decision reached loday by Sheriff Smith. Although
it is generally believed Lopes has
escaped, the sheriff and bis deputies
are confident lie succumbed either i
hunger or to the gases generated in
the tunnels to asphyxiate him
Not  sine..  December   l.  when   tin*
portal, were sealed up and the work
lng filled  with  poisonous fiimi s. hai
any member of   the   posse   Been   or
heard the desperado.    After tile mine
had bicn opened and parti)  searcher!
it  was sealed again cn December 141
to mn!:t' sure  that  hi- was not allvi :
to  light  another  underground  battle!
occurred on    November    20 I
killed two deputies.
Bberlffs    and    nearly    300
pursued Lopez for a week
several counties before he
I back-tracked to Bingham on November 27 and made the mine his strong
bold. At the beginning of the chase
he killed ihree peace officers who
| tried to arrest linn for Bhooting R
!.Mexican in a quarrel concerning i
I woman.
such  as
tin n  In
Vancouver, Dec. 30.   Adopting   the
policy cutllned ut  a  meeting of the
board last week, the directors of thel    Wcrk was started yeaterday on the
Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge com, erection of the stage on which the ac-
______ i      .     .     i       'Ciisi.d   in   some   of   the   Vancouver   is-
pany  hav,.  deeded   to  In  it- tenders k
tor the cons,ruction of the proposed ���    t th .,,      of ,������     e
bridge across the hecond  narrows ac-   _ja]        ^ M(jm|        ,        -        "
cording to th,. plans prepared by Sir \ _     w;ll ,.,,.���       ��� ,,,..,
eminent  "-"-
Harry,  tin
Winning  Numbers
Firbt,  5689:   Second  2158;   Third,   1440.     Next five.   1829   2262    148'
7109, 4177.
nrr nil China and Glassware,   china    Dinner   Sets,
llcri\ Sets, 1'lat.s, Sugar and Cream
CUT   GLASS���Celery   Tr.*>.y:,, Sugar and Cn lm
ill'.,   lie.
Pitchers   Vases,
CRYSTAL    GLASS���Goblets
ind Tumblers.
New Westminster.
stage will take up all that
the eastern side of the courtroom between lhe door giving entrance into
the public portion and the entrance
for counsel. It will bf built in three
heights, ... many men being arranged
op eai .1 tier.
T e  staging    la    hi Ing   t specially
built   for   the  r.i m mod atlon   ef  tv-
accused iu the Anderson et al trial,
In which then are .17 defendants
Tin re are other caaea in which Mn*
defendant ��� run On the a. i ige ,���'.
aboul 2" when the stage ��111 al o be
usi d
John  Wolfi
isii  engineer,
Cables were despatched Immedlste-
ly afur yesterday's session from
which tin. press was excluded notl
fylng lhe Kngiish engineer and hla as-
��� i i ites of the decision of the board
,*" d :i \i'l* thai I'lidi rs be advertised
In l ondon
llids on 'hi. ������' oik will In* rici'i' ��� d
up in Apr I I licit. \d\i .-' .in.-lit -*
*.*. 111 also in Inserti d In Ioi al and
i Ittawa  i ��� *���*   i apera Inviting    ti nderi
nl,   lie    Colli I] .;'*'    ,li
An i.nl.. i-i* ���-, atatement glvi n mil
alter thi ���. . * Bessiou bj l' I arter
Cotton   presidi ni    of   lho   company,
��� ii i lain  i i dlflcations  In  the in .*    a
bei **i ' ��� 'In- hoard and the pro
vincial govei tin * til wi re suggested In
a ii li gram froi . the authorities al
Victoria He dei ined to dlacuBS the
nature "I the suggested changes, but
Intimated lhal the directors' reply out-
llm d lhe r. a on v. hy lhe repri sen
tan-.*'. ol the i oropany could nol alter
their i in*** al  the presi nt  ilage,
The telegram was from sir Richard
McBridi       die   premier   asked    the
din * lore  il  they would be prepared,.
, ., ���   :,!*    *  win, their previous pro   ' ,,(" r| :'" underatandln    , ...*
��� .iai  lhal   ilu*  provinci   u ��� mme con
Ciiy Pays Exhibition Bills
Vancouver, Dec  30     Vfter mme np
pi all * :i   lhe  city   counc i   last   nig il
adopti tl   tlm   recommendi tlon   or  : V
limiiii    committee to pa) ofl iin* oi **r
driilt   ol   {7596  of  thi    Vai ���  l-'.\
hibltlon iisi-iiciaiii n. bul derided n
notify the associatlcn's lank thai no
further guarantees would be given by
the city f:ir accounl -
Pure   Inventions.
London, Dec. 30    Storli s pi Inted in
tin. Unlti d states to the i ifeci. thai
ii'ii'  liri: iin and German)  had con
Wmter in California
Agents for Pacific Coast Steamship Co.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
trol i f the  project, to Blgn i vi r the
lllfl dy    ' I       ���*'"".'1000     tl    'ird-i     the
* I . ini   granted    bv    Ihe    Dominion
���t.i. i .u.i nl    ** :*ii!ii :���   �� i'h  t'i"   fund J
in .1 I iii.. municipalities Inti reali tl, In lbe evenl Uf thn prnv'n-
���iil gov run * tn undertaking to build
���'"���   ��� ;   ���*.    *!   brldso,    'I li"  right     t'i
��� i le ��� :i.. cosi of th" ' tmcture would
in* i.e ��� .i iiv the government, it
...!:   hi pulati ll
tho financial and commercial actlvl
ties <,r the United states in South
America were c nrm :. 11: j 1 y sterday in the Hritish foreign ofrice a.-
pun  Inventions.
established 1181.
We write Flre. lire. Accident, Employers'
tAa-ttsf lir.au.-a.sce
Liability,   A litem j bile   and
Pass   Christian,    Miss., Dec    SO.
Presldenl  Wilson's varatlon Is greatlv
Improving his health    As he climbed
ovir the huiikiTs nl the golf links to-1
day there was a vigor In his walk that ,
revealed to thoae v. ho have been con- i
. __.<���**#>-
New Year
The New Westminster
Department   Store
New Year
Wednesday Store News at McAllisters
Men's Underwear
All Sizes and Qualities
Besl quallt) "Panangle" Wooi
Fleeced Underwear. A splendid nartiien! lor men who can
pot wear wool! nil Biles frnm
34 to 14. I'rice. per gar-
nn nt    SOC
"penman's"   lure   Wool   Heavy
Uihbal Underwear; double
breasted. An excellent garment f'r hard winter wear
This ls our regular 11.26 and
$1.50   line.     Special,   per   itar
ment    95t
Hciiiv Pure Wool Ribbed Underwear, A very soft and
durable garment, In al lslaes
trom 34 i" t'i Prices. $1.50
"Imperial" tine Natural Wool
Underwear, tor men who want
a medium weight garment,
Price, per garment, - $1.25
��� in-. Shield's" Natural Cash-
in sre I'liderwear In a medium
weight, pure wool garment,
very soft and warm, .lust the
underwear for particular nnn:
all sizes from 3. to 48. Price
pi r garment   S2...0
We arc putting on a special cut
in "Wolsey'' Underwear. Everyone knows that this underwear is ihe best that money
can buy. sn here Is your
chance to get the best at a
low price. We arc selline; our
rr-Riilar 14.00 line for per
garment    $2.75
Curtain Net?, Scrims
and Muslins
Winn particular and 'i'ii irnlng women drape tiui: win
dowa  they   consld r   Hie  effeel
��� .in the outside as Wl 11 as llle
inti riu.'
Nothing is belter adapted to
rill the need ofthe dark and
dull winter days than fine
scrims,   voiles  er   marquisettes.
Krom our splendid assortment
of patterns and colors yon can
choose what will harmonize with
your ru-ss, furniture or walls, ns
wel las having a must pleasing
��� ffi ct from iii" outside. Por Inexpensive hangings we hh^-i.i
the following;
Madras Muslins. In creain or
ecru, :it. \, r yard 20c, 25., 30c
and     35C
While Dotted or Figured Muslins, ;'i  20c to -10.;
Nils, in white, cn am. !."r. .
i cm or Arab, in a variety i f
patterns at. per yard 20c, 25c.
35c   and       *SC
Scrims, plain or b-Prdi r ' ' ��������� :
yard    *-**--.'.     ���) '  T3c
I'iindr.ra Volli -, \ tb '��� tb hem-
rtltched an.l colored borders
:it, ;i r yard ...  <5C ar|d 50c
MarMU'si'ttes and Hack Scrims,
In a variety ot dainty patterns
iu white, cream or eccru
ground   at.   per   yard        60c
Always a Complete Stock of
Oral;.   Rods and   Fittings.
Extension   Hods,   complete   will
brackets, each     S-C to 35c
Brass Tuhlnss: size ���% Inches,
at per foot... .IOC and 50C
The McAllister
Prices on Stoves
Randy CasI Cook Stove; wood
only, it g  Jin fnr   ai3.50
Hummer t';ist Cook Stove; coal
or      wood.      Regular    |!i	
for $15.00
st Clair Malleable St. el Range
wiih ful! nickel trimmings,
high oun. Duplex grate, fitted
w uh thermometer and warm
closet below oven Ons or
il." mosl economical fin I burn
i rs in :li>* mat ki i and a per
feci bakei Sold with a nuiir-
niiiii' and conni i ti d
for 5C5.00
We can f * 11 most an) ordei I ir
Blankets, from the dark gray
Union Blank Is, al $3.00 per
pair, lo th" pure, i nfl. clean,
wi nl o!1 tin. famous Hkeldon
Blanki i at, pi i* |. .ir 3.-��0.nQ
Hefore yun  buy  blankets ynu
Owe it. In   ,' U|   ,, If  tO li !   ll;-*  : ll r.v
i-i a in.i i' . I*..    ..''rii mi . never
more complete than  ii  is right
Cray Blankets   al    $3,00,   $3 50,
$4.50, $_00, ?0 00 and $6.50
Wliite Blank  ii nt, inr p iir $375'
$4.25,    $4.93,     $5.50,     $6.95,
$8:30,   $9.C0   and   .    $10.01.
I'oint  Blanket*, in Krcn, hroirn
or red in, p.r pound,  $1.00
f,rp��t Va!iip�� Greal Corsel Value$
ureat Values        at McAni$lers
mlVlPTl   Q We   "���"''   "mv   ''arryinn   a   full
iixva.1 3 ||ne ���f ,|1(, famous "K. T." cor
sets   und    also    the    American
P a ft        a l.ady Corset In Ihls a'ore.    Spe-
uWeater  LOatS '",1 *���*-* bargains are offered
tu fill vour CO net wants.
SWEATER  COATS    AT    $1.95. R,EG- $'00 CORSETS FOR 75c.
Mens'   Wool  Sweater Coats;   NT. ������'���'*���:,,,r"  ""'<'"  <,r  *\m]   ""*,lilt-V
$2.60   .ind    tl     values    In iWilo com,lie,   with   medium
gray, navy. i.-,���. brown, khaki "'f  al,<l ?���� lll'v   A Perfect-
and   r,,i.  ii'i.nnieii  will,  cn* tltUng model mde and shaped
trastlng       colors.         Bpeclal '-vactly as    he better cnriets,
...                                     ���*  __ and finished with    four   hose
tpJL.Va supporters   These corsets ure
SWEATER   COATS   AT    $2.95. splendid   value  at   -.l.UU  each
Ail     Wind     Sweater     Coals,   in Corsel   ('rices      75C
mny.  red,    nmy,    faun    and $1.50     CORSETS    FOR    $1.00.
slate,  and    combinations    of Heavy White Coutille   corsets,
colors; regular values to |3.76 mnde with IiIrIi bust and draw
Special    $2.95 String,    lo&g   hip    and     extra
SWEATER     COATS    AT $3.95. smart shape    adapted    for all
These    are    onr  r.'KiiIar    *;,.,���> im.res and finished with   ',ur
values   in   all   wool,   fine   knit. bnse supporters; regular JIM.
medium weight .*. .is; in good .,-''"' ^0|,'SETS ' FO'n    si 2?
plain     colors,   or contrasting �� i'5,. .C��RSEJS     F?R     *1'25;
shades;  all six., from 38 n> K   r,', """I'*' ���"����� "' ���"��
.,   _-.���.l.|.1| C3 os quality coutille with   medium
*9mt.*stO ]nw |,u8|   |,m|F htp. built on ex
sweater coats at $5.95 trttnely graceful lines and fin-
Shaker Knit Sweat'r Coats, Ished wilh six hose support-
witli roll collars, In rolors nf ers; nur regular |1.76 cornet,
navy, brown, Havana, smoke Corset sale price $1.25
and gray; regular $B 75 and Ladies' Satin Underskirt*, in
$7.60   values  for ..   $5.95 cerise, burnt    orange,   royal
purple, blue and black, finish
*.            mm.       * id   wllh  deep nccoriliou  pleat
Buy Blankets at ��? """T ������"���ft m-so
* Satin Underskirts finished with
M" A'llcf-ArC narnrw   ruchlng  on    foot,    in
luiniioicis (.(ilnr_ 0_ __.MDi bf0wn navy_
II   costs   less   to  buy   Blankets r'T,'f'_"Va"*' , S,"mar_*m
and blacks  Special at $1.95
and Quills  than  It noes  to  pay Taffeta and    Messaline    l'nder-
doctor's    fees    and    druggists' skirts In newest shades, with
bills, besides, ll  is much more deep accordion plaiting
,,,i .,���:,,,    ,,,���*, ,,, lhl. cb���. Pricw .$3.95 Md $5.50
iii.n take cold at night through C ���     Wa5ef.c
having Insufficient bed cloth s, uHRpS in   VTalSlS
"'' ���' '* ;' '-'������ l!:v ������"������',' ���"*"-"������        Pansy Ket Waists. In a .tood as-
|- bj blankets or quills al prices aortment ot styles, li 1 with
liko these Rllk;   values    to    16.00.    Spe-
Quilts;  itse 66x78;  good heavy Coto^WwVw*^'tn IJfenS
,";'"'      ,;"'m:-     eove"��d      in style;    ralUSS   to   $8.60.     Spe-
green, red, hrown or blue at. ... ���� ac
each        $1.50   and  $1.75 -;,,; ,ra|������ce' of our TenV**
Turkey    Red     chintz     Quilt, *f* -tomm-**,.
Paisley paiti ms. strong hi at�� ***** "'"' ������������ for f-Q-t
covers,  and   well   filled   wltli Reg. 60c values for     35o
cotton    A good quilt for overy Reg. $1.0 Ovalm    tor       . C-.C
''-��>��� *%��� ���" $1.50 snd $2.25 c D  . .     c
Silkollne Covered Quilt. In bmp TflCCS ID TUri
liiihi   ii.   dark    colci        : All  our  stock  of  Furs  Is  re-
witb fluffs i itt'ti; a ���.   b'.   ... due d to tbe    lowest   possible
llghl as down   at prices.
' " '       52.85 ���*<���<- $3.50 Natural Mink Set; regular $886,
-:' ������'-���    0�������� MMTsfin^i stoies^i19-??
thi   inn-si ilm s we bave;  In special                    513 75
fanc�� designs, well quilted and ,.-r',.Ilt.���  , .om.y ' acts:' re*    fa!!
tilled with pure white cotton; Hnoclal                      ciien
si,.- 66x78; at, each. $3.75 ,;ni? snuirrei Sets; ��� refrllo.
Down Comforters, In   all sizes special    $25.00
and colors. Nothing Is .�� liRht <;,''-v Squirrel Muff;    reg   %!���)_
and   still   ao   warm   ns   a   r. al Special  $9.50
down comforters.    We   have ''-ray Squirrel scarf;    ren. $i��i
them   In   prices     from     $5.50, Special    $7.50
$5.95,      $7.00.    $10.00,    $1220 ���-'"  hllvn  a   frw   nlce   f,,,a  '"
��0                                  (��e nn Children's Purs left,    which are
��-��.UU greati, reduced.
Hardware Values in the Basement
Galvanized   Iron   Bails;   r"-;>il:ir   86c;   each    25<
Galvanized Tubs; each 65c, 90c, $1.00   *"-* $1.25
Hardwood Towel  Boilers,   regular _r,c;  each 15t
10-quarl  id-tinned Dish Pans;  regular 40c;  each 25C
Handled   Shoes   Brushes;   regular 35c;   each    254
9-Inch  fin Pie Plates;  regular 10c; each  5C
Pointing  '['rowels;   regular  86c;   each      15C
Coppered Coat Hooks; rogluai  16c; per dozen lOe
Wire  H_gg  Whisks;   regular  i'"">e.   each    254
Jspm i Coal Hiids; regular 60c; each  454
Globe Wash Boards; regular 86c; each    25*
Bannister Brushes;  regular 36c;  each    254
Corn Broom;  regular 46c; each   354
The Wizard (lil Mop, with large caa of oil       $2.00
Crockery Values in the Basement
|_gg Shell china cups ami Saucers; gilt and raised decoration, Values
c. 60c, for 254
Irr.di si i nl Uliiss Flower Vast I, I'ruil  DIshOB, Ponied Nut  Bowls. Cake
I'l.iirs ete    spi clal each   254
Maj. Ilea Milk Jugi . t - Hlm- 86i ; esch   254
i      i . '    decorated iuuks and cups and saucers; each 104 ���I'''' 154
i i .i'd China Cream .im-s;  l-pmi size; sacli  254
'i-, pli. i Dlnni r Vet; real Indian Tree di coratton; per sei $45.00
:���: p.,',- Seml-I'orcelain Dinner Sei with neat pink rosebud band dec
oration In Dresden effect.   Speclul  $10.00
���i l*.*.| Ola* I sir::;c!,i Tuiniil rs i iiii.-d design; 3 for 254
Potted Wine Glasses, porl or Bhcrry; por dozen        $1.50
Nenr   Cm   Glass   8-lnch   Frull   Dlsb   and   ii   Nappies;   per
in     $1.00 and $1.50
Four Special Bargains in Furniture
Fumed (iuil Buffet, wllh bevelled mirror, silver drawer, large china
partmenis and linen drawer; regular $47.60.   Special���$39.75
Square design In a Fumed oak China Cabinet with mirrors in back.
This is a iieauiifiii piece; regular $88,60.   Special $31.75
6-foot Extension Table in Fumed Oak with square pedestal base;
regular $89 60, ror  $25.75
Set of Fumed oak Leather Seat Dining Chairs; regular $81.76. special    $18.50
Bel complete;, regular $187.26,   Bpeclal  $115.75
thl; home of the utility house dresses
i. -


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