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The New Westminster News Jan 14, 1913

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General Progress.        *" J
Every branch   of bualnesi    ��  �����
progress during 1812.   Th'    ;   8
of every administrative de   a,  ��7 ,t
prove lt. ����� f.
if g I
Large and Attentive Audience Greets Outgoing Council at Annual meeting in Opera
House���Mayor-elect Gray Given Cordial Reception���All Departments Present Satisfactory Reports���Have Kept Well Within Estimates���Mayor Lee Answers Critic-
isms of Bryson and Peebles.
well   founded, i a brief pause for breath on the part
wires across the I of the "would-be" hollered "Time."
The Westminster opera house was ������ proved to have been
packed to the doors last night at the {The placing of the wires across un:  w use    ���.,��.,.	
animal  meeting    when  the    officials  Fraser river bridge some two years     The reckless expenditure of money
���,��� l ug0  WM tjje  urgt subject.    He says on the sidewalks of the city has cost
that when they were put up he pro- i the ratepayers from (0000 to $"009 in
tested that It was not right, nnd   a, the   last    year, "'���   *������*���   "���*-
made their reports, nnd the various
candidates for office told what they
would do should they be so fortunate
as to win out in tho voting next
The meellng started at 8 o'clock and
lasted until    past   midnight,   George
Kennedy, the last speaker, spoke   to j
practically an empty house much to j clared
his discomfiture.    His coaorts on the     The ex-	
opposition are the only ones to blame, of exposing some deep plot doubtless
however, as the original plan was to j intended to say raised, ***** "> ��
lei lie  candidates  who  are  seeking: moment  more  against
.- -���,,..   i_.|,������_    contrary to Mb usual custom
according    to    Mr
lesieu vuot .i  "-�� --- -*_-;;j_,_s ,,,, p-o|,iPB   in that the specifications ls-
short time later a ��hip waa fo^ed^to , Peebles, ^ that k���e��V aj-rt^ rt
haul down her upper rigging to
"1 saw then lt was not right, that
the wireB should be lowered,",he   J"
x-alderman In the excitement
work which was too good for New
Westminster. As proof of these assertions he read a clipping from son,;!
paper or magazine telling of a chang-'i
in the method Of laying cement walks.
Much capital was made of the fact
that he refused to give the News ah
of Mb  life  to  be  published
was uu i musiHssHs  ,v  ���...,        but    ln
���. __    seeking: moment  more  against used  the  an j account  of  Mb  ute  to   uu   puu,.���,....-.
seats In the council speak earlier   in  tonym.   Contrary to hiB usual custom, j with the biographical Bketches of the
the evening, while the crowd was   ail'''"'��'������-  h�� had   made   his   subject j other candidates, and summed up bla
present, but there was such a holler "      "     """   ���""  ���*��*���*���'*
raised on the part of Messrs. Bryson I knew
and  Peebles  that  till
wus changed.
Mayor Lee and    Mayor-elect
1 however, he had   made   bis   miDjm | uwe, ts.us,..v.,	
ufficlently clear so that the audience j history  for  the  audience  by  stating
--..  ���*  .��..  ���n��� |_,at he sailed up the Fraser 34 years
sw   what  he  meant  and   the  slip 	
arrangements I passed almost unnoticed.   He read   an j ago and has been here ever since.
j editorial from the    Dally    News    ot j didn't state whether or not he was
Gray I June 29, 1910, criticizing him for his | babe in arms at that time or where!
and told how the matter was | he had spent the early part of    *���*-'
Board    of
hie    exact
John A. Lee, who for the past thr ee years has guided the destinies
the Royal City.
wtre each given ovations and    many 11 Btand,	
compliments from members of the' finally taken up by the
present council and tlie men who are ; Trade, which, to quote
opposing them for reelection. \ words, "seen the necessity for hring-
J. B. Jardine and kalph Wilson were  Ing the wires up."
the 'Orily candidates v,ho did not speak.1    The sDeaker touched on the cloud
Too Deep for Peebles.
Alderman  White  stated  that    Mr. j
Peebles seemed to think that because
the   council  has   gone   along   quietly
called upon
eUBPd on account of
^ ncil which went
oothiy'rather than one which
lh�� turmer going home before being  ed ._���....  ���	
and the latter being   ex- i last few days and got a laugh by com- be something wrong.   He tnougiu u.
* -* - bad cold. (paring the people of tho city to   the;peopie preferred a council which went
' ������      -'  ~,M��n
Sports of the varlo^^
of the Royal City, of which he is
Alderman A. W. Gray is a native son o. *... ..-,_   	
today mayor-elect. He waa born Oct., 6, 1876 and received hla education at
the public and high schools here. From 18S3 to 1896 he waa salesman at
>n sawmill and occupied a similar position at the Royal City Mills
During the past two years Mr. Gray haa been en-
 ist   u.    n    111    rjllrhrlst.
were without exception well recelvea l at some  unm   ��n���   ....     ........ ....
by the    big   audience    and    various ment of eating mud. j among themselves.   The 1912 counc
-marges made bv some of those seek- Gett After Mayor. he asserted, has developed some dit
tos election were easily exploded when h ,    m Mayer 1 ferences of opinion, but in   each case
Ita true facts were made known.       I       B   ���  the��Veaoa  of  the   finance | the majority ruled  and any unpleas-
Praises Confrere. committee and for a price $2.50 lower antness    was    quickly    forgotten    in
Alderman  Henley  was  called upon!than had been    bid.    was    his    next!Btrivlng for the best good of the city
aud  after  telling  of  Ms  seven I kick.    He didn't dwell on   this    very I at large.    He hoped the 1913 council i
the  council,   live  of  which j long, merely "*   '   ' �����>*>.�� ��- sTjbbbbbsbbbbI
the Nelson ^	
here from 1897 to 1910.    During the past two years ���.,. -.-,  , ...
gaged in the real estate and insurance business with Mr. D. W. Gilchrist,
and for six consecutive years he has been returned to a seat upon the alder-
manic board.
  L.   . r,   *   - ^r^tnJ^^^^^^^^^^-^^ rf'^lu  aiX��iu **>** ���� ^      MCT ac 1.111.1.."' TUP I ACT UMIFUT
Council Receives Reports- School  Tms^s   Expendfc���. as ��.~ ^ JT^*!^ COST   OF   PAVING    THE  LAST   MOMtMl
turfs for 1912 FaU Bc-
Refer Several Matters to
��� ������������ ������ <*f- -,-i.f   . .^^rii~-  ���*,_____
"ItsTguMir   "Meeting���New i     Evidence Omt tl*   affairs    of
i Will Be Inaugurated
I ton,
his  successor.  Alderman  Rolling-; stayed home from London. .Jof pe0ple have remarked that for   a
who has held that post for the      After    announcing    that    ���������*����   tow_ _. .�����, size  with such a  .mat'
' Jl"_     .��-   ���.���... ���,���,���rf that he i h��v�� some fiKures to qiloto at tveanes I  ",lc- force  ft is extremely quiet and I ^^^^^^^ ^^^^
U��2S��-a%��L��!J^C^ Government Am- jD.C. Patterson Will Not En-
urinsr the rsnsr   let* I /
lortcay Mororno.
sCTte given the city coun-
morning by  Mr.  F. W.
Sentient of the C. P. R.
er,  that  Instructions had
to remove the railway's
Front street df this city
with the 'order Issued
unci! some time ago.   By an
Dt emtsared into .In    1895    the
waa given permission to use |
lacticols in  the eity are being admin       ���
���Intend  along   most  systematic    and j the -.regress that has been made
'economic Hues is  contained   in    the
��� financial statement Jor 1912 Juat    Issued by Use hoard of school truatt-es.
This repent shows that  though    the
estimates _t the beginning of the year
amounted to $92,263.34, only $88,101.95
were expended by the board in   the
inalnteaaaoe of the schools.
In addition te tbe money appropriat
ed by thu city lor school expenditures
$150 was renewed  from  the sale    of
teuts ami $10611.75 from tbe provincial
govt-nunemt towards manual trainiat*;
equipmssmt, w hldh makes the total ap
propriatlons $93,472.09. Thus the board
has a aet hs_moe of $5367.14 on hand
will be returned to the council
; or ffnss siurJcisr '
^cmflttltmithat it WottW | ?��%,��� ����������� taxation," as Mr. L.
last yaur.    Mr. Henley stated that 'ieiU�������, ���j,,.^ ,.��������� _ ,_	
nn ���ervod with Aidermsn  Ktilliuston 'day's labor meeting.    Mr. Bryson ask-
���-''*a4*s_ns_JStM_>s�� oonsrtdsnsl hlto_io*.atmror U. I, illTti  asiliaH tha    '
moat wiricient ornv*.-' ���ss��� ' "tat^Th a. r iSZ iS tsi.istjtj^uisZ. jlmi
Str. Henley then went on to tell of'harbor  scheme   with the   rfioney    ���.	
-^^^^^^^^ "in I hand at present.   He thought that not i and made comparisons with the Van
his own committee during   the   laBt, enough publicity had been given th��,couver figures which showed up well
year.   The city market, he said,   has j harbor  scheme,  or at least  that    Is j for this city.   He told of the plans for
shown  considerable growth, although! what he seemed to have been saying.
not ,as  much as he had hoped.    He j although with all Ms references    to
saia there were various plans under "black and white" It may have been
consideration for an increase ln   the, something else.   Mayor Lee said tbat
market receipts,  one  of them  being, the new arrangement was intended to
me securing of an apple packing con-1 benefit the candidates, to give them
cern to take over a slight portion of i m0re time ln which to talk, and that
the building. He had nothing but good | they could get the house for tomor-
to say of the personnel of the fire de   row night,
partment and stated that every mem- "A Rotten Deal."
%er of the department from Chief1 peter Peebles opened his remarks
Watson down had done excellent with "TMs Is a rotten deal." He told
work. The biggest fire of the year how |t j3 the time honored custom for
was that of the Royal City mills, the council, who hold two newspapers
Thtre are now 22 men In the depart-1 |n the palms of their hands (a wonder-
the way)  to  first give
ay uructurss erected on   a
,i'ih notice hy the council,
a. Stronach. at the Dominion
at* ed Coqultlam. and Mr.
Conway, of the B. C. E. II..
claily   advised   the   council
ly had fully Investigated    the
[ the; discoloration of the city's
apply at Oequltlam lake, and
urat.ee tbat every precaution
ttssven to prevent a recur-
t the trouble.
FdlsootornUon, according to Mr.
fch, had keen caused .by surface
_,-��� oast) ot "he   hurrow   pits
; Its way Into tke lake, the color-
itter being simply rock, flour or
'��� clay 1a "suspension, which was
Jly   harmless,   although   giving
Iter a turbid appearance,
letters from Mr. Conway and
.onach on this matter topother
one trom the department of In-
, at Ottawa acknowledgmg no tion ot the eity aa to the condition
water wert* filed for wtarence,:
Cralf Presents Report.
limbing Inspector James Craig rn-
the  collections of hla depart-
during 1912 at $600,  with  616
aits Issued.
he annual report of Mr. 8. J.
,ee, chief sanitary Inspector, con-
ilng the recommendations tor more
aratus for the health department
_eh were outlined In these columns
' Saturday last waa referred to the
rhe   Progressive   Aasoclatton   was
|*en a grant of $160 towards the en
rtalnment which lt le proposod   tc
E.ovlde tor the members of the Fraset
alley Publicity Bureau which  meets
ire on January 24.' The aum of $.v
���as voted to the bureau Itself as pay
nent of dues owing for 1912.   It   1��
Understood,   however,   that    further
financial assistance win not be given,
f the  body  by  the  council  until  Now
F"Westminster la given proper recognition by tt.
J    A request that the electric cookinr
prates be investigated with a view to
making a substantial reduction In the
present charges, waa referred to the
new counoil.
Messrs. Fillmore & Todrlck, solicitors of Vancouver, stated In a communication that Hart Singh, one of
their clients, lost considerable clothing when the shack In which the
Hindu resided at the Small & Huel-lln
mills waa destroyed by the civic authorities. The fire and health committee will Investigate the circumstances.
Mr. D. B. MacKentle, market clerk,
ln his monthly reported stated that
the recelpta trom the market during
December   were   $283.06,   of   which
i.Cn.ntluu.>4 OP Pars Klaht.v
Avory Whits, tbe   secretary   of   tke
board, puis tt.
Tbe total expenditure was divided
as follows: DdMBs, $5*772.60; furniture
* 1667.-10: chemicBle, $182.77; hyln
plate, $ll��t; boiler Inspections $47.65:
general repairs, $1514.71; telephones
$155.50; water, $1000; light and
power, $*���*): in-rm-ance, $2527.16; mis
cellaneoua, $161*2.43; Sapperton sit*
(balance), 1783.*M" school grounds
$2157.55; repairs to heating equipment. $1S6.09; fire alarm, $208.50:
Janitors' material, $29.79; hygene sup
pies. $24.45; domestic science equip
ment, $64.(0; fuel, $2619.87; station '
cry. $1616.9$; janitors' supplies ;
$697.96; primary supplies. $809.34.!
manual training, $1093.04; maps and
casra, $268.29; salaTies, $62,009.16;
making a total expenditure In running
the schools for ihe year of $88,104.96
Annual Meeting.
The annual meeting ot the aehool
board will be held ln tlie council
chamber this evening at eight
o'clock, at which the present trustees
will give an account of their steward-
ehip. AU candidates tor r-oeitlons on
the school board will hs given ai<
opportunity to address the electors
Qnestlrns regarding school affairs will
be invited by the trustees.
Low Price cf Wheat It Responsible-
Lots of Room In Elevators.
Winnipeg, Jan. 13.���Western Canada has no fear of a grain blockade
for the winter of 1913, the main cause
belne the low price of wheat which
Is preventing farmers from shipping.
There le still storage room at the
terminal elevators at the Canadian
heed of the lakes and unless the market goon up very decidedly It ls not
intlclnatcd that much advantage will
be takrn of the emergency rates In
force now for routing Canadian wheat
via Minneapolis and Duluth.
Winnipeg, Jan. 18.���An epidemic of
scarlet fever ls now raging In this
city, according to statementa ot the
health department Of those with the
disease, 70 per cent are adults aad
while many of the case*) are light,
there are many very serious cases.
The health department states thut
it is busy continually investigating
canes and fumigating hourcs. The
hospitals are crowded with all kinds
of patients, especially the contagion
rm-nt and three more will be added
as soon as the aerial truck arrives
and is put in service.
Alderman Henley told of tbe condl
tlons in Sapperton, and said there U
no question but that additional protection Is needed there. Arrangements
are being made now for added equipment and with the Increased water
pressure there should be little danger.
A petition ls now in for these improvements. A new hall is also needed In Queensborough, but a by-law
WIS have to be submitted to the peo
nle Before the money can be secured
for the buildings. More alarm boxes
I are badly needed also, but as the
boxes alone cost $100 and tbelr in
staUatton as much more, money for
these will have to bo secured by the
same means. There are now 105
hydrants and 24 boxes.
Mr. J. Irwin spoke along the same
'hies, telling as he did In Queens-
borongb on Saturday evening. He emphasized the need of better fire protection tor Sapperton, and while he
stated that he did not blame the
council for the lack of equipment
showed that, there Is an alarming
shortage* ot both hose and hydrants.
He said, however, that except for n
petition which was granted a year or
two ago, and the present petition relief has never been asked.
In closing, he stated that while be
lived ln Sapperton. he would not represent Sapperton alone should he be
elected, but devote his best efforts for
s good administration for the entire
cltv. Mr. Irwin's remarks were appreciatively received.
Bryson Hits Out *
Then came the deluge. Only this
time there was only a little water
mixed up ln the, flow of works which
emanated from the versatile tongue
of Ex-Alderman .1. S. Bryson. He
started off by protesting against the
arrangement of the program and
stated that he could plainly see thc
hand!work of hla worship In the nr
rangoment. He said Mayor I.ee was
deterp'lned that he should speak first.
Then he denied that he was such a
kicker as the papers and some people would make him appear, and that
he was not in It with Mayor Lee.    ,
"Why Mayor Leo Is the greatest
kicker ln Now Westminster. A year
ago, with tbe assistance of some of
his friends, he kicked me so high in
the air that I hardly got down," he
��� Mr. Bryson continued tn this vein
for some moments, and while to some
his remarks were no doubt tunny, to
many of the ladles which msde np the
big audience, they teemed hardly ln
good taste.
i    He then started In to tell of some
'ot hit past "kicks," which had later
ful irlck, by ^^^^^^^^
their reports and then allow" the can
didates to speak tor a few minutes
He said they have no money to rent
a hall tor tqmorrow night, and some
one In the audience suggested that an
open air meeting be held.
"We are put up here for the brains
of the city to knock down," is the way
Mr. Peebles sized It up.
The candidate for councillor then
launched Into his speech, stating that
he thought the council were not taking as good care of their money as
they did ot their own. He thought
that much money had been thrown
away on the streets, but didn't feel
that It was necessary to specify which
particular streets, the money apparently being dropped from a baloon
and a little ot It finding a resting
place on nearly all of the highways
and byways of the town. The wag tn
the audience got busy again, and '
Born and brought up in the
City of New Westmlnstdr* Aid- ���
erman A. W. Gray was yesterday elected by acclamation to
the chief esecutlve position
within the gilt Of hit fellow-
Although the alderman would
bave preferred a fight he feelt
deeply the "ronor and also tbe
responsibility which the .electors ot New Westminster bestowed' upon him when they
selected him to lead them
through the year 191$.
Speaking after the failure of
any ether citizen to,tile nomination papers at tbe city hall
yesterday afternoon the mayor-
elect said ln part:
"I teel that the present epoch
In the history of New Westminster it the most Important in
her history and I am correspondingly grateful that the citizens ot this, my native home,
should tee (tt to hand the tiller
over to me, and to leave the
guidance ot the ship during the
present year. In my hands. I
do not feel that I can do better
than follow along, the well defined ptjths laid down by hit
worship Mayor Lee during his
tenurt ot office.
"Of one thing you mar be assured, I will do all in my power
to make th* coming year the
most successful one In the history of tht Iloyal City."
for this city. ,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the new jail and police court and
stated that an additional by-law may
be necessary for equipment which Is
at present entirely Inadequate.
In Alderman White's report of the
library committee a marvelous growth
was shown. Last May there were 436
borrowers enrolled, and at the end of
the year the enrollment was 769. In
the six weeks ending June 30, 621
volumes had been taken out, while in
the month of December just passed
the circulation was 1324. A total of
233 new volumes had been added also
tn the last year. A new system of
cataloguing Is also being put ln. Mr.
White said the city was extremely
fortunate ln securing the present
The parks was' ibe next subject,
and the alderman told of the work
that had already been done tn pre-
naration for the expenditure of the
$25,000 which the voters authorised
last summer. The engineering work
Is already started,' Queens park being
partly surveyed for Improvements, and
Moody square. Brunette park, and
Albert Crescent are receiving attention also. The engineering work has
been done at a cost to the city ot only
$946.53. while its resl value la at
least three times that amount.
Plants Worth $11,000.
Discussing the criticism of Mr. Jardine at the meeting last week on tbe
purchase by the city of $3760 worth
of shrubs, Mr. White stated that these
plants are now ln a nursery at Queens
park, and experts have declared them
wortfi $11,000, at a conservative estimate.
A Fine Hospital.
Alderman Dodd, chairman of the
health committee, opened with a
slight reference to the pew Isolation
hospital which waa established during his term of office, declaring that
it was equal to any tn the province.
Thanks to the generosity of the people the city had now a flret class gar
bage plant which the alderman assured the audience was meeting all
the requirements.
The aim ot tho health department
the labor councillor stated, was to
make a clean city. Two of the' mot:
Important incisures Introduced by the
speaker during 1912 were the new
sanitary and health by-laws.
Referring to the receipts ot the department, Alderman Dodd claimed
that this was the first year in the history of the city that any revenue bad
been derived from the branch.
Referring to the workingmen who
had again placed him In the field aa
an nldermanlc candidate, Mr.    Dodd
declared that all the laborers on eity
work received $3 per day.   Soma of
the contractora had   tried to gat the
best of the workers, but the counell
had set a hard and fast clause In all
Its contracts with regard to the conditions under which the laboring men
warn to work and had also Inserts! a
wage scale.   All the supplies ot tht
health   department -were   purchased
from local merchants and   all   were
shown the same consideration.
WIN ���� Lights.
Alderman Lynch, who t* chairman
of the tight committee, declared that
1612 had been a banner year for hla
department, u   it had   accomplished
more last year than tn any other year
(Continued on Paga Flv��.)
sist Liberally in Kings-
way Project.
ter Reevcsh/p Contest in
Kdmonds, Jan. 13.���The letting of'
the Kingsway paving contract and the
withdrawal cf Burnaby from the'
North Arm of the FraBer harbor commission Idea featured the last meeting
of tbe present Burnaby council which
was held this morning.
The successful contractors for the
paving Scheme were the Canadian
Mineral Rubber Co., Ltd., whose bid
of $334,000 was found to be the most
feasable and economical by botb the
council and the provincial government.
For the first time the public are
Informed that the provincial government has gone on record that It will
finance half the cost of the gigantic
paving project which will link Burnaby by a paved highway into New Westminster (Twelfth street), and also the
proposed paved road ot South Vancouver at Central Park.
The grant from the government will
be made ln two annual Installments
covering tbe years 1913 and 1914,
while Burnaby's share will be paid on
the local improvement plan.
A feature of the contract, which Is
of course subject to the passing ot
the roads by-law and also the sanction
of the incoming council, was a clause
which binds the successful bidders to
pay all maintenance charges covering
a period of ten years and to enforce
this clause the municipality will hold
out a sum ot $21,000 until 1923 which
will then be paid ovor to the contractors should the road be in a condition
satisfactory to both the .municipality
and also the government.
A Big Saving.
As explained by tho reeve, Burnaby
will be saving a matter of from $50,-
000 to $76,000 which would otherwise
be spent In keeping up the present
macadam road between the limits of
New Westminster and South Vancouver, "..--���.- .
The substantial grant from the Via
torla authorities will no doubt come
at a surprise to the electorate as
South Vancouver was only able to obtain a grant of $70,000 last year for
their share of tho work which has not
yet been paid and Is not lfkely to be
unless the municipal council come to
better terms with the minister of
public works, Hon. Thomas Taylor,
over the material to bo used on thi
Endorse Local Scheme.
The friendly feeling of Bumaby to
wards New Westminster was shown
when, following tbe reading ot a letter
from Mayor Lee, asking Burnaby to
support a harbor commission for the
whale river Instead of a separate commission for tbe North Arm of the
Fraser, Ihe council passed a motion
wlthdraXring from the latter scheme.
lt was explained In the letter (hat
two bills ware now before parliament
at Ottawa, Melting commissions not
only tor the entire river, such as the
Westminster, scheme covers, but also
a separate one for tbe North Arm of
the Fraaer which, until a few days
ago, had the support of the municipalities of Burnaby, South Vancouver,
Richmond and Point Grey.
The rest ot tho municipalities will
(Continued on Page Bight)
Ncmination Papers Were Already Ih���
"sWl*l Support Councillor McGregor
for the Position.
Edmonds, Jan. IS���No little aurpriae
v/as expressed ln local political circles.
this afternoon when it became known
that Mr. D. C, Patterson, of Kdmond*.
bad withdrawn hiB nomination taper*
from the reeveshlp race.    It was   a
nip and tuck race for Mr. Patterson,
as he only had eight minutes to spare
from the time tbe nomination papers,
were supposed to be sealed by    tne-
returning officer, Mr. A. G. Moore, to.
withdraw hia name.    Mr.    Patterson,
put  ln hla  nomluation papers    last,
The eleventh hour change created
no little talk at the municipal hall
where all the candidates were present, but Mr. Patterson later stated
that he had thrown In his lot with
Councillor McGregor and would take
the stump In support cf the Glen
Valley aspirant
Mr. Alec Macpherson was eteetatl
by acclamation for councillor ��r
ward two, being the only one to go Im
without opposition. ,
Mr. W. S. Rose,, wbo .was expected:
to make the run for school truste*>.
withdrew at the last moment and will
give his support to the other eaadf-
dates who are working Ibr better
ouhools and-better teachers tn **hs*t-s-
Tht Lltt.
The list of candldatet for office Is
as follows: . .
For Reeve���Councillor
Qregor and Mr. B. Q. Wa
For Councillors-*^'"
Ward I���W. Bevan and j
Ward II���A. V. O. MauT-
Wsrd HI���Councillor W.
T, D. Coldleutt and George Loaf.
Ward IV���Councillor P. Fan Vet aad
Mark l.nmley.
Ward V���ConncIIIor A. MacDotuld
and A. IS. Yorkston.
Ward VI���Councillor T. Mayne, John-
Murray and B. A. Winch.
The candidates for aehool trustee
(two to be elected) are; Messni.
Tern rile Cliff. Donald Ross, *\ Rusaelt
and W. J. Holdom.
Edmonton Plant of P. Burns st Co. to
Be Rushed to Completion.
Edmonton, Alta., Jan. 1$.���It It aald
here on semi-official authority that the
local packing plant of the P. Barns
Packing Co, will be ruabed Into service to handle the business ot the Calgary' establishment Nothing remains
to be done at the local plant tare the
Installation of the machinery, wblcb
la on the ground.
As the capacity la practically tbe
same as that ot the Calgary pleat barring cold storage facilities, which are*
not necessary at this time et the -rear.
the Edmonton plant will be able to>
pttsvest any threatened meat fa-ala*-
:'";  ..v-;      *
'I 'mi
iVtmr\maifctmW'  '        llil        '    '   ! I '
. ������""AGE TWO
TUESDAY,   JANUARY   14.   f��1J.
Am ondrpendcnt morning paper devoted to the interests of New Westminster and
Frsxjrr Valley. Published every morning except Sunday by ths national Prinllitff
I PaMiskiu.'/ Company, Limited, at 63 ,*fc**eni<c Street, New Wcjlminster, British
ROMS SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
asauuscctf'on* jfcould be addressed lo The New Westminster News, and not
i members of the staff. Cheques, drafts and money orders should be made
aa***��t   t* Tke national Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TBUSPUONES���Business O/lice and Manuger. 999; Editorial Rooms (all depart-
smentsl, 911.
SORSCRIPTION RATES���Tig carrier. 14 per year, tl for three months, 40c per
Sisissxss.   By mail, 33 per pear, 25c per month.
AIIVKKTHilSi.i RATES on application.
TO CORRESPONDENTS���No letters will be published in The News except over
the writer's signature. Thc editor reserves the right to refuse the publication of any
are held   annually,   beginning on   the approved of the English and the Am-
As long ago as September 4 last we issued an appeal
for the better regulation of the milk traffic in the city and
valley under the caption of "Save the Children." Since
that time the Royal Commission appointed to inquire into
the subject has had its sessions here, but although a report is doubtless ready for tabulation by this time, still
nothing has been done in the way of reform.
One of the results of delay is brought home to us today in the loss of the life of a little child and the serious
illness of over forty people, the cause for all which is directly traceable to a tainted milk supply.
There has long been evidence that milk is not handled
In that careful a*nd sanitary manner necessary to ensure
protection from death-dealing germs. We called attention to this five months ago, it was abundantly evident at
the sitting of the milk commission, and, if parents and the
citizens in general require any further proof, surely they
are confronted with it now.
The time has long come, but is nevertheless with us
still, when we should insist upon the Dominion Government taking action that will enable some persons in British Columbia to sit for the necessary examination, so that
they, being duly qualified, may institute prosecutions under the provisions of the Pure Foods Act.
The city authorities long ago realized their powerless-
ness in the matter and have been working for a considerable period towards having this matter rectified.    The
-.     i* .       ���    -,.   ,. .    . ... , . . over, mere is no puotio uamuaifiuuiH.,-] ....���,,...., .���.   ,.��.,....,
���City has no jurisdiction OUtSlde its Own boundaries, and no \ no red Ore nor oratory, to arouse the | To teal the passion of Eternity?
ineans of bringing prosecutions against people living there I Pe��Ple- Thousands of people win go '���
 * _    ��_. ,.   , ,     j   P. f   , ;r   .. %  ,        ,'in  Versailles on  election  day,  if the
���who carry on practices highly detrimental to the safety of weather is favorable, i��- they wm be
those living Within her bounds. attracted principally by the pomp and
Westminster's problem is that which faces Vancou- gESrtSu bav^piSa Tlttl
���ver and Victoria, and we feel that the time has gone by!1 b|K demonstration at Versailles on
for red tape negotiations and talk.    Let the government:""1 day:	
do something. !���������������������������<>������������>������
Until this rectification is brought about, we would ��� ���
urge not only upon the milk dealers the necessity of the j ��� FIRST TH,NGS' ���
most careful handling of their milk, but also upon house-1* ���������������������������������������������I
holders the need of co-operating with them in seeing that:  Tno first written constitution known IWhBt ^eiwecn Wm and the "era
it is in no way contaminated through their neglect of pre- �� history was framed at Hartford SIave of the wheel ot labor, what to
���caution, for it should be well known to all that milk willlusT'o" th*trLt*��he�� trei ���*���___���'jAr* pio'to'-sna- tn.* swing or Pi*M*dt����
take contamination quicker than will any other article 1��' Connecticut convened �� H*.��r r.i/u,K��� .,,.,, ,���,. i���,1K ,-,,,���.������.,.   of   ti.
used in daily consumption.
second Tuesday in January. The Sen
ate is composed of 300 members, none
under forty years of age, elected for
nine-year terms. The Chamber of Deputies, which has 597 members, is elected by universal sutfruge, while the
Senators are chosen by special commissions. The political affiliatloons of
the deputies are as follows: 262 Radicals and Radical-Socialists; 78 Progres
slves; 75 United Socialists; 44 Conservatives; 32 Independent Socialists
and 20 Nationalists. . I
The program for the session which
will elect ��� a president begins today
when the Chamber will elect its presiding officer. Tomorrow the Republican senators and deputies will hold
a caucus to choose the "Left's" candidate for the Presidency, among a
large number of aspirants. On Thursday the Senate will choose its presiding officer, and on Friday both houses
of parliament will convene at Versailles to" take up tbe serious task of selecting "Papa" Fallleres' successor.
This important gathering will be held
in Congress Hall of Versailles Palace.
It Is certain that the name of president Fallleres will not be considered.
In the first place, while there Is no
definite law on the subject, tradition
ls all against a second term. Secondly, "Papa" Fallleres is tired of the
oflco and would not accept lt. Thirdly, a large section ot the French people are tired of "Papa" Fallleres. He
has heen an- honest and able executive, but ho is too bourgeois In his
tastes to please the fashionables, and
he has aroused the opposition of powerful financial Interests, who hide the
real cause of their animosity by call-^
ing him a "weakling."
While the Socialists In the French
National Assembly are not powerful
enough to elect one of their own number to the Presidency, they will decide the issue. Their attitude has
i hits been set forth by Jean Jaures.
their leader.
"We don't eypect to elect a Socialist president., but our compact force
will decide tlie day. The revenge we
will take will be that we will think
solely of the welfare of the Republic
md France. Our votes shall be cast
for him who will give us the greatest
guarantees of democracy, social progress,   peace,   and   electoral   justice."
There is little popular interest in
the coming election among the French
neople. The real ruler of France is
the Premier, and the populace refuses to become excited over the
choice of a mere figurehead. Moreover, there is no public campaigning.
ericans, calling them "barbarians" but
this opinion has been somewhat modi-
fled by his experiences In London,
and, more receutly, In New York. Ho
visited the latter city not long ago to
witness the premlerre of his dramatic
spectacle, "The Daughter of Heaven."
* M. LotI was Capt. Viaud, of the
French navy, until his retirement under the age limit three years ago. As
a youth had disliked books and study.
and he was about thirty when the
writing fever seized him. His first.
literary effort was a romance, "Azl-
yade". Since then he has published
scores of books, and is now recognized
as one of the greatest prose writerj
of the century. He was elected to
the French Academy in 1891, when
still a naval officer. M. Loti rarely
reads the newspapers, and on his recent American visit confessed he had
never heard of Theodore Roosevelt,
lie bitterly opposes suffrage for ".women, and considers that the Turkish
harem system offers the best solution
of the women problem.
��� 4)
��� OUR   POET'S   CORNER.        ���
��� ���
(By Edward  Markham.
(Written after seeing Millet's World-
,       Famous Painting.)
"Cod tnade man in His own image,
In the image of God made he him."
Bowed by the weight of centuries he
Upon his hoe and gazes on the ground,
The emptiness of ages in his face,
And on  his back  tho burden of the
Who made him dead to rapture and
A   thing   that  grieves   not  and   that
never hopes.
Stolid and stunned, a brother to the
Who loosencth and let down this brutal jaw?
Whose   was  tile  hand    that    slanted
baok this brow?
Whose breath blew out the light with
In  this brain?
Is this the thing the Lord God made
and gave
To have dominion over sea and land;
To  trace the stars and  search    the
heavens for power;
Between Dawson and Whiiehorse���322
Miles in Little Over Three
Whltehprse, Jan. 13.���In the3o days
of record-breaking, or alleged record-
breaking, ancient Yukon history
interesting reading.
For thc first two or three years after the rush to Yukon bogati in 1897,
all winter travel waa done by dog
team. Dogs were succeeded by "dou-
ble-onder" sleighs drawn by one horse.
The country was then thought to be
civilizing rapidly. The single horse
and the "double-ender" wore Bmooth
trails on old Yukon's ley bosom until
the "overland" trail was built in 1902,
and two, four, and six horse stages
were employed, after which year the
single rig existed only in memory.
At present there is a desire to supersede the comfortable stage with automobiles, which, It is claimed, will
make faster time, and perhaps they
will If given good trails on which te
operate. But the fact remains, record
ed in history in black and white, and
In the minds of mlny old-timers, that
the best time ever yet made southward was made by dogs.
In December of 1S99, and when the
railroad only ran as far northward
as Bennett, a dog-team made from
Dawson to Bennett by the river and
lakes in three days and twenty-one
hours, a distance of 460 miles. Iu
those days only letter mail was carried, but the Bouth-bound consignment
averaged from 400 to 600 pounds each
trip. That record has never yet been
The   best   stage   record   ever  made
from   Whltehorse  to   Dawson  was  in
1808,  when  on the 88th of February
a stage left this place which reached
Dawson ln three days, five hours and
lliirty  minutes by  the overland  trail I
wh'ch at that time, was J122 miles le
length.    Scores  of   stage   trips   have
been made In three days and twelve
hours, but the record of the trip made
by  the  stage cited  and  made  nearly
ten years ago. has never been broken
Until there is enough money expend
t ed  to  make a  good  automobile  roud
Is  this   the dream   He dreamed   who between Whitehorse and Dawson, there
shaped the suns [ is little doubt, but that the record for
And pillared the blue firmament with i time���being In one terminal point In
light? | the least possible  time i>fter leaving
Down  all  the stretch  of  Hell  to  its j the otliei1 terminal point���will contin-
last gulf j no io be held by tbe dogs.
There is no shape more terrible than ;
More   tongued   with   censure   of   tht
world's blind greed���
More   fflled  with  signs and  portents
for the soul���
[More fraught with menace to the unl-
��� verse.
Right in the heart of building activity. Choice lot on the high
side of 8th Ave., close to Moody Square. Price $1750.00, third cash,
balance six and twelve months.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
A careful, progressive policy based on economic lines.
Ex-Councillor T. D. Coldicutt
respectfully solicits your vote and
influence for his election as Councillor in the coming eleetion in Ward
3, Burnaby.
Representative for Ward Three in 1912
Council, solicits your Vot e and Influence
in the coming election as a
Candidate for Ward Three
For Alderman
Jt is not often the case that an ap-
jMr-.il has to be made to the citlzena
sop behalf of a family aUongst us
-rfck.b lias been stricken with grievous
-atone, but in asking for monetary
for ihe Tubman family, wc
fed sure  that  there  will  be  a gen-
Only eight months ago Thomas Tub-
man. left his home in county Cavan,
Ireland and came with his family to
. British Columbia Shortly after reach
sgag New Wcestiiiini-ier, both Mr. and
airs. Tubmen were strick'-n with fever
and were taken to the Royal Colum
Aiajs hospital on Oet. 12.
"triiey liave four children, all girls,
_gcs ranging from three to fourteen
T_n One of these was taken to the
hospital on Oct. 17 and the other
ttirre followed three days later. Thus
the srbole family were at one lime
in thc wards. The mother and chll-
dn_ recovered but Mr. Tubman failed
fo rally, and died on Saturday last.
It will be recalled that tho fumigat
injr ��a* Ihe Tubman home was respoi,
atbte lur im  enquiry   by  the  health
by other nations as quixotic; but it
might in actual practice prove itscli
to be thc highest wisdom.
But, as matters stand, we are debarred from reaching a decision to
set the world an example by refusing
to arm. If we were lo do this we
might flatter ourselves with the be
lief Ihat our inaction arose from our
devotion to the Ideals of peace, but
the world would say that it was due
to  cowardice.
Canada is a part of the British Empire, every unit of which is preparing
and formulated the remarkable docu
mi nt. whieh was formally adopted in
the following April. This constitu-
1 tlon for civil government, the first
of Its kind, formed the basis of a charter afterwurds obtained from the
The charter, which contained more
liberal provisions than any that had
yet been granted by a monarch, wai:
'���ngrossed on parchment and sent
across the sea In a costly mahogany
box, in which It is still preserved ln
the state department of Connecticut.
The first attempt at constitution-making, embraced in tho charter, was so
general in character, and conferred
uch broad  powers, that it was con
peak3 of song,
The rift of dawn, the reddening of the
Through this dread shape the suffering  ages  look;
Time's tragedy Ib ln that aching stoop;
LodieB and gentlemen, as It will be
R'ftsClL""**>���� KSAsSffiS- tinned as the fundamental law of the
lal defence. Australia, New Zealand
South Africa even, will be represented
In the'defence forces either by ships
In the central navy or by their local
squadrons. If Canada were missing
In  the  line-up  we  would  be charged
State of Connecticut, and was not
changed until less than a century ago.
The original constitution and charter provided for the popular election
of the governor and magistrates of
the colony, for the making of laws by
impossible for me to meet you all personally before the forthcoming niuul-
Through'This' dread "shape'humanity I ��iP��' election I take this means of an-
betrayed noiincln1? my card dature    fer    Alder
Plundered, profaned and disinherited., nian und of soliciting your vote and
Cries   protest   to   the   Judges   of   thn   Influence on my  behalf.    I have had
wor|(l, I several    years'    experience    as    City
A protest that Is also prophecy. Councillor and if elected I will do ray
I best to assist ln carrying on a for-
O masters, lords and rulers    in    ail   ward  policy  fer the  advancement of
lands, lour City, at the same time having due
Is this the handiwork you give to fjod*: regard for the finances, and seeing
This   monstrous  thing  distorted  and  that we get value for money expended
will you ever straighten up thla
Is Respectfully Solicited in Favor of
Geo. H, Leaf
A Staunch Advocate of the Working-man's Interest.
with  relying upon the fighting prow- >    p "', aBBCmblVi ann ror the or
>,���������     A,     *hrt     f^lrt      I    ...ul      ,,,,,4      ,!,,,     n      in,  '   .....    n - .
ness of the Old  Land and  the other
Dominions  to  protect us  in  the day]
of trial and battle.
Membership In the Empire carries
with It not only honors but obllga
tlons,    The  primary obligation  is to i
ganlzation of a military force.
Buster Brown's father, Richard Fol-
ton Outcault, will have a semicentennial celebration today, for he was
bom   at   Lancaster.   O..   .January   14
1 lSfi.1
make such preparations as shall enable, us, In tho event of war, to con-'
1 \buto our share of the defence of
the whole Empire. We cannot, ln
honor, evade this duty, but ns a nation within the Empire, we cannot
delegate to another Dominion or power the obligation which devolves ��P" j fr'on"youngster was "all tha rage" for
skasutmrnt, but we wish to point out ��" >��>��� We ennnot meet It by voting | ,pvpr|,] v���,,r, ���,���, ,,,��� s,lcrPBS01., ._���,.
^rTuuit the family is in straighten-1*0***- We <������\ oBer something tt| nrowI,.. ��������� nn aven gr,ater tav
._e*rr. thnt nu lamiiy ib in ki.bi-,11- , ,noro substantial than our pocket I or)t(1 ,,,,Htrr arnvn Marv rati* and
*M %flromnstanc��8, has been recelvmii \ books to the assaults of the enemy, i T1(?(!' wm> p���, on thB ,,;���,,��� ������,! ������!,,
Mr. Outcault was thirty-two
before he discovered his talent for
rr','itin'r comic iiection characters. II"
be<tan h's nefarious, career in tho New
York World, but soon went over te I
tlie Journal, snd made nn Immedlat*1 .
lilt   wt'h   his  "yellow   kid "    Tile  snf-
Touch It again with Immortality;
Give  back  tho  upward  looking  and
the light;
Rebuild In    it    the music    and    the
Make right the Immemorial Infamies;
Uerfldlous wrongs, Irremediable wobb?
O   masters,   lords  and  rulers   In   all
How will the Future reckon with this
How answer his bruto question In that
When whirlwinds and rebellion shake
the   world?
How   wll   ii   be  with  kingdoms  and
with  ki'igs���
With   those  who  shaped him  to  tho
thing he Is���
When th's dumb terror shall reply to
After the silence of tho centuries?
Yours respectfully.
suniaUncc from the city during the
'_Ujm that Its head has been in the
"htspltfl, and now thai he has passed
airay, their condition in even more
la men table.
VlrY fe,-l sure thtit the facts Of the
esse have only lo be made known
to the public to result In a generou:.
_->��*>on��o In our appi-iil.
To Ihe views of those correspon
���tints who write deploring the Invest
���aert by Canada lu worship! of millions of dollars which could be so
ram.h more profitably applied to pro-
<1u,.*ji. enterprises, the Free Press is
saot entirely unsympatholc. That expenditure on armament, of the volume
and character deemed necessary by
.the Brreit. nations shoeld be made is
an hstticitm nt of the Christianity pro-
-resacd ��nii the civilization boasted by
.the "Mvanecd" nations of th
Not to give ourselves IB to bo dlsgra
ed to a degree falling but llttl" short
of the shame of refusing to do anything.
In thus contributing to the defence
of tho whole by aninglng for our own
I defence  by  our own   men  and  ships,
'the people of Canada must retain tho
' r'gi'.t to decide for themselves every
I detail of Ihe policy. A great Imper
I lal occasion must not ho made the
(pretext for limiting or compromising
I In finy wr-y. Camilla's right to r.ettle
| her own problems In her own way
land do as she will with her own.���
! Manitoba Free Press.
Ilshed In book form, while two New
York papers engaged In a Ions niul
expensive lernl battle over tha own
ershln of Rusli r Mr OutCFlnlt is now
a plutceraiie advertising man. nnd he
lives on l.ontr Island his telephone
number being 4 Flushing,
��� ���������������������������������������A*
��� ���
��� SCRAP   BOOK    FOR   TODAY.    *
��� ���
��� ���������������#���������������������������
��� ���������������������*��������*����������������>*
��   THE    HUMAN     PnOCI^tON.   ���
��> (By O. Terencr.) ���
��� ���
Pierre LotI, ��3 Today. Is a Collector
cf Mummies,
i.ouip. Marls Jul I on Viand, better
known as Pierre LotI, will celebrate
his sixty-third birthday today, probably by adding a new mumralo to hi"
collection. The eminent French novel
1st and dramatist luis n passion for
mummies, and his collection Is prob
Progressive  Candidate
School Trustee.
With three years irreproachable
record as Trustee In  llurnaby.
"Burnaby for Hurnabyltes and
the best schools in the Province." MM)
Burnaby Municipal Electors
Your Vote and Influence Requested by
President of the Board of Trade and Magistrate.
Nt,'su.iii' ������ b ih ��� argui ��� ���-' that,
thin--.* in ��� ��� i till.. ftri, Cat ad i mui
"jpsonvr.fui(i:tli ua that prevail through
-ont the. world and pursue a policy ol
���_Sfc*re***irednesi! for emerglncles ii
x>ot tenable, if Canada were an ln
<ieiM-nd<.nt country, without Interna-
tiiou-il obligations of any sort, lis peo
pie could decide to leave Its shores
siaprotiu'li cl and its waters free from
���SJss*s*ig of defence, relying upon Its
aftaoace or preparation for war and
t*s�� ���"ss-acofulness of its intentions to
nsoteet it from the aggression of the
miWii more war-like and less clvlliz-
��-*f. station*'.
risk taken  in  making  such  a
would be our own.    Our pol
French   Parliament  Assembles Today
to Elect Now President.
Today,   as   on  tho  second  Tuesday 1 ably Ihe finest or Its kind outside of
of January In each year, the French the great national museums,   Unllk*
world. Ijirllamenl will assemble, but this year: ihe ancient Egpytlnn King or "Bunker
he session is especially Important
:v. ii��� ��� ��� to Ih, election of a new presl
'i"iit of the republic, The term ol
"rcnlderl Armond FaH.orea explnv
���c>t month, and his   successor   will
probably be chosen on Friday ot this
itp'in" which wss made I" Connecticut
M. lot 'a corpses are nil genuine, for
he Is a recognized authorltV Btif'
Mtildn'i pi ���.;!!������ 11. fi- led with a bo
ins mummy, Np>| to Kgetlnn corpse*'
M, loll loves cats, nnd his house at
Photo in Album Reveals Relationship
cf Engaged Couple.
Stockholm, Jan. 12.���On tho evo of
their marriage a couple at Hnlmstad
west Sweden, made an astonishing
dlSOOVery, The banns had been published and everything was In readln-
'loss for the happy event.
A  day or two  before  the  wedding I
was to take place, the bride-elect was
looking  through  her fiance's    photograph album.   On seeing tho portrait
of a woman she suddenly ��Tclalmed.
"Why,  tnnt's  mother!"    Karl   Ander- i
sen. the bridegroom-elect, not a little I
sinrtlr-d Inslst'-d that It was his ovrn
Hut Investigations proved thst he
wns born .out of wedlock, and tint his
���no'her. who n'tcrn-irds married h's
fiance's rather, had kept silence about
the trregula'-ltv. No wedding could
of course, take place, but In spite nf
���Js* dlscrverv and dlsnnnnlntment the
couple reninln good friends.
week.    The   President ot  France    Is RochefortsurMer, near where he was
fleeted ror seven years hy a mn'orl
ly or votes ot thc Senate ami Cham
her ot Deputies, united in a National
born, is full of felines of all varieties.
A mosque filled with treasures from
the Orient. n  Moorish room, a Turk-
Assembly, The salary of the Chief! Ish room and n Japanese room are
Executive of Franc Is 600,000 francs, | features of Lotl's remarkable resl-
or ubout 1110,000, and h��- is given a dence. The distinguished author ls
further allowance of 000,000 for ex!a great admirer of everything Turk-
peases, Ish. nnd hss lately been bitter ln his
The National Assembly, on which denunciations on whet he termed the
the choice of a president falls, con- "unwarranted attacks" on Turkey.
Hlsts of two chambers, the Senate and ; Modern utilitarianism Is anathema to
A General Meeting of the
School Board will be held in
the Council Chamber at the
City Hall on Tuesday, the
Uth instant at 8 p.m., at
which the affairs and progress of the City Schools
will be fully explained.
All Candidates for School
Trustees are cordially invited to speak.
Everybody is particularly
requested to attend this
Secretary, Board of School
Trustees,     New    Westminster, B.C.'
Candidate for the Coming Election of 1913 Respectfully Solicits Your Vote and Influence. A Pioneer
Who Has Served Seven Terms as Alderman, and at
Present Chairman of Fire Department and Market.
Your Vote and Influence
Respectfully Solicited
iemw en
thai event woul bo  regarded the  Chamber  of  Deputies.    Suasions; M. l,()i|.   Earlier ln his career he dls-
To the Electors of the City of
New Westminster
Your Vote and Influence for
1 am ln favor of prof-ross along proper lines.   A competent engineer,
economy and buslnoss . methods In all departments.        (483)
Present Chairman of Board of Works
For Alderman for 1913.
; ."'��� ���TUESDAY,   JANUARY   14.   1613.
The progressive policy of the board
of workB under the chairmanship of
Alderman Kelltng and of the water
committee under Alderman CurtlB haB
brought results which are outlined In
the report of City Engineer Islackman
as appended hereto.
Not only does this statement tell
how the money voted by the ratepayers has been expended, but many
valuable suggestions tor the coming
year's work are made therein:
A Record Year.
The work performed by day labor
consists of the clearing, grading and
macadamizing of streets, constructing
timber sidewalks, crossings, etc., clearing and flushing paved streets and Installing house connections to sewers.
The work under this head haB been
a Bavlng sufficient to pay for the coBt
of the wagons.
The oiling of roads was carried out
during tbe summer months giving
considerable relief In some districts,
but owing to the great demand tor oil,
more oiling could not be done,
I would recommend that an oil tank
be purchased to fit on the body of one
of the Bteam wagons so oiling can
be carried out more rapidly and economically than Heretofore.
I strongly recommend that a ''reproof vault be built tor the safe-keeping of the hundreds of plans and
other records In my department which
represent many hundred thousand dol
lars. In fact their loss could not be
estimated. Tbe progress of the works
in hand alone would be delayed    at
. ,,   .       , , . .leant n year bhould they be unfortun
far in excess of that performed in any  atel   ade'gtr0��ed ?y
previous year in the history  of the ...
cHy Waterworks Department.
During the year. 16.76 miles ot , This department has had an exceed
streets have been gnaled, 13.26 miles tag1-' b��s>' >,ear. havlnS ,ald "�����
macadamized, 9.38 miles cleared, IMG mll,e,8 ��' entirely new mains and In
miles of limber sidewalks have been 8ta"ed 17 new hydrants,
constructed and 2.35 mileB of Utriber I ** )8 Particularly Interesting to not*
crossings laid. Thla work has not that the recommendation made by the
boen concentrated In any one portion I council of changing the supply from
of the City, all sections being given Ithe small Sapperton reservoir to the
fair consideration. In Sapperton, the I Queens Park reservoir to the low
work consisted of Ml milea of clear |leveI district of Sapperton has been
log. 6.74 miles of grading, 3.49 miles of I entirely satisfactory. Thla change en
macadamlzing, 4.4S miles of timber ! ablea the department to keep the high
walks and 0.67 mites ot crossings.      j'eve' reservoir entirely full and over
In the central portion the fallowing flowing since May 8, 1912. This, 1
work has been done: 2.30 miles of believe, has never occured before, ex-
clearing, 4.87 milea of grading, 4.601 cept. perhaps during the first year
miles of macadamising, 6.46 miles of: of the installation of the waterworks
timber walks and 1.2 miles of cross- system.
lnKg. I    The Sapperton reservoir   has   also
The Western Section, owing to the  been full and overflowing during   the
extreme  rapidity with wfcl-m   it   is same period. . t
building up, required more -attention |    Queen's Park  reservoir has nevei
Royal Commission Will  Enquire Into
Appointments���St.  Lawrence
Pilots at  Fault.
Ottawa, Jan. 12���The pilotage system of Canada Is to be enquired into.
The shipping interests, more especial
ly thoBo on the St. Lawrence, have
long been urging the propriety of such
action, and the recent accidents in the
river and gulf have emphasized the
need of it.
The wreck commissioner who conducted the enquiries found the pilots
to blame In moat cases.
It ls now understood that a commission will be appointed to investigate
the whole pilotage ayBtem. The enquiry will Involve the system of appointment of pilots and the off-repeated assertion that it comparatively Is
a close corporation.
The commission will be composed
jf two experienced shipping men and
jne ot the deDartmental officers.
Gets Proud Father���Lighthouse Keeper���Into Trouble���Warship's Use-
lees Run.
New York, Jan. 13.���Nathaniel Jones
display of flags to celebrate the birth
of a baby to Mrs. Jones in tbe Watling
Uland lighthouse which they kept in
the Bahamas, cost a British man-
of-war a useless run and the light-
keeper his position, according to a
story told by passengers arriving here
on the steamship Arcadia from the
Ignorant of their significance, the
lightkeeper swung aloft two international code signal flags which were
read as a signal of distress of distress
A German tramp steamer sighted the
signals and hurriedly notified the
British marine at Nassau. A gunboat
with one hundred marines waa despatched under full steam for Watling
Island only to find that the lightkeeper and his wife were celebrating tbe
arrival of their flrBt baby.
The British officers did not take
kindly to the Joke and as a punishment they removed the couple to a
smaller station where tbe lightkeeper
would have plenty of ttme to study
the International signal code.
Municipality of City of New Westminster.
TO WIT.���
Public Notice Is hereby given to the Electors .of the Municipality aforesaid that a Poll has become
the Election now pending for same, and tbat I have granted such Poll; and further, that the persons duly :
as candidates at the said Election and for whom only votes will be received are:
Other Names
Bryson   James  Stuart   ...
Dodd  Walter   	
Henley Joseph   	
Hogg  Archibald 	
Irwin   Joseph Wood 	
Jardine  John Buckle
Kellington    Albert  Edward   .
Kennedy George   	
Lynch   Frederick Joseph
Peebles  Peter	
White    Alfred  Edward   .
Wilson   Ralph
Whether for Mayor,
Reeve, Alderman,
Councillor or
School Trustee
For Alderman
Rank,  Profession
225 4th Avenue   Merchant
1408 7th Avenue   Carpenter
615  8th  Street    Manufacturer
362  Hospital Street  .. Carpenter
357 Hospital Street  ..Salesman
428 5th Street   Accountant
44  Leopold Street   ... Agent
220 Second Street  Journalist
223 Queens Avenue  .. Manufacturer
410 Third  Street    Broker
229 Fourth Street Insurance Agent
501 Sixth Avenue  ... Carpehter
ri.amberlin Henry C .'.'.'.. ".'.'.'.'.For School Trustee  517 Third Street   Carpenter
pntr..':.',.'.KkHope Patterson. do. 712 **��*��_ ..^jff^^jm
sSr::::;:::^rnder':::::':    t    ffS ��r ..v.v.ssfir^
^v::::;'S&4..:^:;;^:.::;!     ���>      ��� ��** Janltor
Of which all personB are hereby required to take notice and to govern themselves accordingly.
Given under my hand at New Westminster, this 13th day of January, 1913.
Si , J. 8TILWELL CLUTE, Returninc-
than was anticipated wben the estimates for 1912 were prepatvu'I.   ,     .
In this section 4.44 mtles of streets
were cleared, 5.16 miles graded and
5.17 miles macadamized, 3.05 mtles of
timber sidewalks laid and 0.55 miles
of crossings Installed.
In Queensboro' 2.01 miles of plank
roadway have been constructed.
Tbe following ls a summary of the
expenditure on Usees works:
Sapperton $
West End ...	
Queensboro' ...	
Total    $
90,552 I
had less In it at any one time thai:
1.300.000 gallons and tbls only tor a
period cf one day.
Richmond's Share.
The average standing amount ir,
this reservoir during tho year hat-
been about 2.0G0.O0O gallons per day
Richmond has drawn during the
year an average of 800,000 gallons pei
day and at some periods the million
| mark has been reached.
The amount allowed tn the estimates
I tor maintenance of 23 inch pipe Un*
*; I has only been exceeded to the extent
of *C1.63.
I    The exact cost for labor for main
talnence ot both the 14 inch and tht
They Get 8a Bad the Nation Adopted
a Total Prohibition Law.
In Its addiction to tbe use or alcohol
Iceland developed a national problem
like China's wltb regu.-d to opium.
Like China, too, Iceland dually got
Us eyes open to what tbe bublt wus
costing, not only ln t-huracter depletion
and persona! misery, but In pluln dollars and cents. With tbe beginning of
Ibis year a total prohibition taw weut
Into effect.
There ure only about 85.000 people In
Iceland. The chief city ls Reykjavik.
where the new Althing House is located. Along the coasts nnd on tbe
edges of the fiords nre the trading stations, to which tbe farmer carries bis
produce on horseback. Wltb hlin there
used to go habitually a wooden keg
for replenishing. As a rule, the farmer was drunk before be started for
home and  utmost entirely  dependent
Editor of Paper That Published Libel
Against King, Arrives in New York
New York, Jan. 13.���Edward Holton
James, editor of the Paris Liberator,
which printed the alleged libelous
Btory of a marriage of King George
of England to a daughter of Admiral
Culme-Seymour, before he became the
king, arrived today on the French
liner La Provence, to aid his friend
Edward Mylius, the Belgium Journalist, who was Imprisoned in England
for criminal libel in having circulated
the statement in that country.
Municipality of Burnaby
the r.ts t. ir^Krs ^��S^^5
nomin���ed as Candidates at the said Election and tor whom only votes will be received are: 	
Whether for Reeve,
Councillor or   "
School Trustee
McGregor   ... Duncan Campbell   Reeve    	
Walker  Benjamin George ..... Reeve       	
Bevan    William ..'.    ��� -     Councillor      ...
Stride   Eber        Councillor
Surname Other Namea. ���'..,0UU,0,!.'"".."!..  ' -   -   w^
 Glen Lyon Ranch   Farmer
  Edmonds    Broker
One*   Fraser Arm  v..,-   .Farmer
One     Edmonds    .*.,   ...Florist
.���.'.^Somas'Davie.'-.::::     Councillor      ..:      Three   East Burnaby  . 4M��
East Burnaby
Works Carried Out 'Under   Contract.
Nov Finds it a Pleasure lo Eciof Meals
Here is a case which seemed as bad
and as hopeless as yours can possibly be.
This is tbe experienced Mr. H. J. Brown,
upon the sngnrlly of bis |>ouy to get I jg^ Bathuist SL, Toronto, in bis own
Ulm safely buck to the farm.   Interest- I words:
Ing stories are told of tbe Intelligence        "Gentlemen���I have much pleasure in
and devotion of these beasts.    When \ mentioning to jou UiebencfUsreceived
the mau would roll off Into the road
Leaf   George HerDert      "_:*������___             Three
Madlll   William Henry       Counc lor   .        Three
Fau Vel   Phillip  William        Counc   or           Four
Lumley  Mark        Couno   or           Four
MacDonald   ..Angus         Counc lor            JW
Yorston  .Ernest  Alfred        Councillor            Five
Mayne   Thomas William       Councillor             ��"*
Murray   John       Councilor             | to
Winch    Ernest Edward       Cou1n2,tUor.              S ���__�� Burnaby
Cliff   Frederick  Temple   ... Schoo   Trustee  East Bumaby
School Trustee  Nortn   uurnaoy
School Trustee  Centra   Park ..
School Trustee  Central Park .
few   months.
Street lmprovemeBta, Arena Building,      _.       .        .      .. covered  li
Isolation Hospital. Oarbage Wharf andl    ����� P���T,���-���,���? rZrZZ"Li,
Garbage Scow.
The total value of the works was
I reinforced   concrete   reBervolr     have
��� boen fully prepared and a site has beei
    ,,,,        ,   .,,     L-������i��� ,���in.  ���v I selected by exploration in the nature
$2.67 p.c of Uw cost at work actually j '"-tely northeast of No. 3 I- irehall.
s.��c���,-ut.-i!. f     Tenders   were   also   called   for.   for
������just:  ��������    Hot   v.. I _&/*____9!   ���'���"".J.I""*'   of  *���*"*   hl*h
Tbe value of ssonks under contract. 'J""** �������*"**������'*ssssd i w���'���i,i siroi,��"���?^!
but which have not yet been executed, Ithe Incoming council to construct n,i
/���"�����!    ,ssnrvs<r.        , .. ���    *,
J ysst hesn s���t ��n��t I  w,���,t,l ,
WO   111 ���a'��^"--^     ��S      MV,.,,      S..V5     *-S     ,��V.M     ������      v...
*��.*�������   25 Inch pipe line for the past yea;
I ls $3,061.00.    The  proportion charge
...       ,      ,, ,. I able to the 14 inch main has not yet
The  workB  carried  out  under thtB   . JL_____I     several lane ltak'
"""'"" Ulm until bo roused from his drunken
<lnujtieT and could proceed on bis way.
When Anally be reached his destlnu
tlon a family orgy began. In which
even the children were allowed to 1'iln
Tbe nation's light against alcohol wns
precipitated by the tioml Templars In
is.'*,. Three j-i-sm later there were a
ssHnibsst- ot OoutiKlilusr fssmpernoce no-
rl,.��!..*. in tauo m. Inw worn oasussNl far-
bladlntf   lite   tnnmirscturs,   or stfc-otsotfe
splrtts. and lu IOCS a prohibition bill
was laid before tlie constituents. A
hard Aght ensued on tbe "personal liberty" Issue, but the majority of tbe
people hnd become convinced tbnt tbe
nation's hoiie lay lu n complete divorce
from alcohol, and tbe bill became law
on Jan. 1, 1012.
Chroniclers of the Icelandic story
claim for Iceland tbe honor of being
Ihe Hrst country In tbe world to forbid tbe sale of Intoxicants throughout
Its territory.-New York Tost
Douglas Road  Broker
Lakemere    Mill
Capitol Hill   Broker
Vancouver  Heights    Contractor
4080 Hastings street ....Broker
McKay   Contra***sr
McKay    Broker
Jubilee  Briddarer
is 138(1,436 00. and the engineering ex
penses on this account are $6,250.00, or
1.62   p.c.     these   works   coiihi.it   entirely of Street Improvements.
Sapperton   Sewer.
A comprehensive scheme has been
prepared for sewering, under tbe combined system, nearly the whole of Sapperton aad a portion of Burnaby. The
Dominion Government have agreed to
supply the labor for the portion of the
Sewer running through their property, and Burnaby is now advertising
the By-law for tho contribution of their
Tbe scheme when completed will
add 45 miles to our sewers.
The estimated coat of this conalruc-
tion is $884410.00 and the engineering
evpenaes Incurred to date are $6509.00
or 0.62 p.c.
Contracts for sections "A," "B" and
the outfall have already been awarded.
General  Office  Work.
additional storage as soon as possible
It Is Interesting to note that thf
new services Installed during the yeai
exceed ihat of last year by 66.
Atter the flooding or the river thlt
year several leaks appeared In tht
Lulu Island submerged water main,
which on Investigation appeared tc
bo caused by the movement of the
sandy river bottom which left som>-
of the Joints of the pipe without
supports. These holes were no doubt
In some cases, caused by eddies from
the piles of bridge and probably waterlogged snags lying close to th,
pipe line.
The pipe has now been repaired and
the water will he turned on again
as soon as the concrete foundations
have time to set.
Ssfe.usrded Supply.
To Insure a supply to Lulu Island
and Richmond an emergency main
was laid costing $2000, half of which
In addition to the Local Street Im-1 '\i��tab<L ?"?*?��� S_5SA-_2_
provement Plans, the Department tm'^^f^L1**^^* ��*_��_:
designed a new reser^rwhlch it to ! ^n*JS nan ZLt. no   aL
proposed to construct In the upper end   '^^ftll^T .^I ^
ot Queen's Park, to hold 1 1-2 million
gallons, and has also designed a
scheme to increase the capacity of the
Sapperton upper reservoir.
Tbe survey for a duplicate pipe
line across the north arm of tbe
Fraser river to Lulu Island is almost
Topographical suvreys aad contours
Of Queen's Park, Moody Square, Albert Crescent snd Saperton Park have
been made preparatory to a scheme
tor general Improvements. The new
cemetery haa also been contoured.
Plans have been prepared, grades
established and levels given for the
grading and rooking ot over fifteen
miles of streets. During the year It
baa been necessary to write 1964 letters an Increase of 207 over 1911 and
1148 over 1910.
In 1912 tbe total water permits Issued was 458 and newer permits 358
as against 410 water permits in 1911
nnd 866 sewer permits In 1811.
The number of plans prepared during tho year was 676.
The number ot persons who called
With reference to the proposed duplicate pipe line across the Narrows
at Twentieth Street on the North Arm
to Lulu Island, Mr. A. C. Powell, har
bor engineer, reported on the mattei
���nd the- council have been considering this proposal. The surveys of
the scheme, however, are nearly completed and this will be a matter for
the Incoming council to take up.
The water tower constructed by the
Vancouver Power Co. at head works
has now been completed and I can
say without hesitation that It to the
most modern, up-to-date and artistic
water tower in North America. Water has now been drawn through thla
tower for the past few months.
The water supply has on on* or
two occasions been discolored owinr
to the glacial clay from the construction ot the new dam finding Its way
Into the water. Thi* discoloration
Is unpleasant but absolutely .harmless. Provision to now made however
to prevent a recurrence.
In conclusion 1 wish to thank thr
council for the many courtesies thst
nt the office on business of Import-1 were shown me during the year.
nnce was 1851.   In addition to these     The success of the department thi*'
there were a large number ot callers year has been due In a large measure
���eeklng Information on minor matters
of which no record has been kept
Board  of Works  Mslntsnsnce.
The Increased cost or maintenance
over 1911 is $10,74166. This Increase
In expenditure has been necessitated
owing to the fact that more paved
streets are now being used and require cleaning and flushing.
During the year 1913 with the completion of several more miles of
paved streets, I would recommend
the incoming council to seriously consider the purchase of sn automobile
nutomatic street flushing machine
Which will he more efficient and more
economic than another horse-drawn
I The purchase ot two steam wagons
by the board of works for the purpose
of hauling rock and other material
was made early ln the year, but the
wagons were not delivered until tote
In the season, but since the time of
their delivery they have been put to
excellent use, cutting the cost ot haulage down to one-halt tor which lt
could be done by team's.
The use of these wagpns during, the
to the loyalty of the staff who have
worked with great devotion through
out the year.
I "remain, gentlemen.
Yours obediently,
(Sgd.) J. W. B. BLACKMAN,
City Engineer.
M. Can. Soc. C.E., Etc
Arrangements Now Bslng Made for
Safety of Ship Traffic
Ottawa, Jan. 13,���While work on the
lludnon Bay Railway to being pushed
forward arrangements are being made
to secure such aids as will make the
hay and straits sate for navigation.
A party will be sent out In the
spring to arrange for the Installation
ot buoys and the location ot lighthouses aud beacons,
1, T. Hasan, the expert engaged
by ihe government tb advise as to th*
layout of terminals at Port Nelson, ls
now on the way to Ottawa, and ,tho
estimates this year will contain nho<
...        ;i-;,"'��)���r't"��-Bi lW lar>s^ Y9te-Jpr docks and.hgr-
present "Mr will Ih my opinion make bor Improvements;
Austrslia Doesn't Seem Able te Chsck
the Spread ef the Pests.
Australia Is still suffering from n
plague of rabbits. Ceaseless slaughter
or tbe bunnies Is effectual only In
checking In a few Instances their
spread, for tbey breed mi rapidly that
extermination seems Impossible. Stuck
raisers are wire netting tbelr properties, digging out the burrows snd destroying nil siirrace cover. The government Is helping by selling wire netting at n nominal price. In the hot districts tbey are poisoning tbe water.
Notwithstanding all the trapping,
poisoning, rniulgutliig. fencing and digging but, tbe nest Is spreading.
Eight or teu rabbits eat or destroy
as much grass as one sheep. As there
���re iuuny millions uf rabbits tbe loss
h appalling.
Rvhleuce of tbe way the rabbits are
being slaughtered Is tlie tart that from
New Koutli Wales alone ft.71S>:tii
pounds of their skliw were exported In
11)11. Mino.i'UO pounds In 1U10 and
��.i:��i,uuo pounds In limb. The total exportation of skins from the cv-suuon-
wealth of Australia Inst year was 10.-
888,710 potiudjJ.-New York World.
from ycur Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
sad can ch-M-rlully recommend them. I
simply had confirmed dyspepsia with aU
its wretches! symptoms, and tried about
sll the advertised cures with no success.
You have in Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets the best curstive agent I could
Cud. It is now such a pleasure to enjoy
tneals with their coase-juent nourishment that I wantto nieution this for the
benefit of ethers."
Tke fact that a tot of prescriptions or
so-c��l!esl "euros" bave failed to help you
*s ��ss snjrss   _,! jassn Issiva.aroS So ao ou
sufrerfosr- T*y >ro-r>m-sro Dympopmt.-
Tablets and see how quickly this sterling
remedy will give you relief and start your
stomach wortingpropcrly. If it doesn't
help you, you get yourtnoney back. 50c
a box st your rlrng-rist's. Compounded
by the National Drug snd Chemical Co.
of Canada, Limited, Montreal. 141
Holdom Walter John ..
Ross   Donald   	
Russell  Franklin John
Of which all persons are hereby required to take notice and to govern themselves accordingly.
Dundonald 8chool, North Arm Road.
Outhle School, Lakemere.
Mr. J. Topplnq's Store, 13th Ave., East Burnaby-
Mr. James Herd's Office, Hastings St. East.
Burnaby Public Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Burnaby Lake Store, Burnaby Lake.
Barnet Hall, Barnet.
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam. ....,_,*_.__   s���.��
Every Elector may vote tor the Reeve and Two School TniBtees and the Electors In Wards J- ���*��� 4
I vote tor One Councillor in their respective Wards and may record their votes at any of the polling staUo_s-
i     Given under my hand at Edmonds, this 13th day ot January, tn the yeaiM.913.    _   M0()p_   R,turn,B9
5, andCass-r
Blasting With Weter,
A new method of mining Is being
practiced In German slid other coal
shafts thst Is said to do awsy wltb
dangerous blasting, while also avoiding much of the risk ot spontaneous
explosion of coal dust Deep boles sre
bored In tht rani nod -water Is Intro-
dtirttl Into them hy i>l|*es under heavy
pressure. The water Hnds Us way
through tbe coal tlssun-s and opens
tbem up until the mass Is loosened,
when II Is reudlly removed while wet
without nny dual or tbe use of sny
tools other than s light pick and a
���teen's Htuss.
t-overs of Bacon will be grieved tn
learn tint bis bouse at Qorhtmburf
Is fulling to rack nnd ruin. It bas
been more or lees of a rnln tor years
past, but on revolting It the other day
after n lapse of some year* I found
one of Hit Itomsn statues gone, snd of
tile other ont only the trunk remained.
One of (he Roman medallions bsd
Kiine. Unless something Is done
promptly tbe whole building will tall
tn pieces. It Is to be hoped tbat Lord
Veriihim will take steps to preserve
the house of his Illustrious sucestor.-
Ivundon Graphic.
Indies' nnd   Gents' Suits  dyed
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New Velvet Collar 76s
We do repairs at * small additional charge.
345 Columbia Bt.   . Phone R!7<t
r-   r_LnpGA.D       Haswm Paving Co., of B. C., Limited
TOi^^SJT/      *-V*�� of ��*"����� Coxnpre.*ted Concrete (Patented)
line of Cigars and Tobacco
events bulletined.
A. 6. BEATON, Proprietor.
For Rent
7-roomed house, fully modern
with turnaee and kitchen range,
linoleum and bllndt. Lease it
required, ISSjM par month.
8-room house, ont block trom
car. 91 MM per mtnth.
(-room house, modern, with
basement, 12100
Warner, Bungs & Ce.
Phons 1034.
Coldleutt Blk.     East Burnaby.
"���hone MM 010 Hamilton- Bt
d. Mcelroy
st*rvtfr��sfT> Clswnlntt
Bs-r-s-tr M-HMefll
Advertising has established a new order of things in commerce.    It has become a mighty power in business progress; a
complex yet comprehensible transmitter of many parts for the.
distribution and selling of merchandise and service.
Tallin, Bio.
Transfer Co.
DoUrtrti Frotiptly to
nay put of tha etty.
Its function Is fivefold:
To enlighten or educate���to create
new wants or to satisfy old ones���to
protect and foster legitimate enter
prise��� to establish a medium tf understanding between buyer and teller
at a basis for mutual profit and advantage���te prescribe tn tconomlell
prlot ind tht mtlnttnanet tf 1 fixed
standard of quality.
Nona know better thin tht buying
publlo how will these functions hsve
boon fulfilled.
Modern advtrtlslng hat glvtn us an
Insight into various manufacturing
processes. Thf prtdueer hit taken
us, the consumers. Into hrf confldtntt
tnd told ut Jtitt how hit rninot meat,
hit flour, hit clothing, etc., It mads.
Wt know why ctrtsln things should
tr should not be. Advtrtltlng hat
told ut���brondtntd tur understanding
and guldtd our Judgsnt.
Modern advertising has tntbltd ut
to .unlock tht treasure house of tht
worid't dtvlnttt melodies through tht
medium of tht ptoytr-ptono. Tht motor
ctr has lengthened tht business day
*nd brought th* fragrant countryside
to cur door. Mm shavt In comfort In
ton mlnutti where they uttd to take
twenty. A magic bottlt provides us-
wlth cold drinks with tht westher it
00 degrees or gives us a warm beverage when Jack Frost dips tt <M bt>-
Modern sdvertlslng hit elevated thf
ttondird of business ethics. It protects tht minufteturtr from unscrupulous competition and tht con-
sumsr from bast Imitation. It conserves trade���extends business���cre-
atot good will. It tntbltt tht corporation, tht manufacturer er private Individual on trial tc take hla case directly to tht public tnd tc secure tht
public's judgtnt on hit policy or char-
actor baud purely upon thtlr rttpto-
tlvt merits.
Modern sdvertlslng hit opened up
new opportunities to thc opprctstd
and poor ef far-off anda. It hat turn,
td tn unceasing tldt cf Immigration
to new countries. It hat developed
nations,, and mads tht namt of the
Ntw World a promise cf bettor things
among tht people ef thc Old.
All thla advertising has done and
will continue tc do. It to thc ever-Increasing Influence fer tht advancement of, mankind���tht meet potent,
indeed, cf thc many forctt Influencln*
human action.
Advlct regarding year tdvettlefng problems It available through any
recognized Canadian sdvsrtlslng agency, or the "secretary of tht Canadian Press Association, Notm 801 Lumtdtn Building,! Toronto. Inquiry Involves nt otMlgsMtsVcst your part���tt tVrite, If lirttrssttsd.
CITV ���**' MIW WkttlwHMVitftlivifa
.-.ti>v;:-- '.  .':������' .
������ ~-sP,4ts|r*'-,Ws'irs. ���-.., ���,,��.. I
PAGf" f-OU��l
1 W.
Lack of Good Roads, Expenses Entailed in Clearing Land, Difficulty in Securing Farm
Hands, High Taxes, and Evils Caused by Large Blocks of Land Being Held for
Speculation Purposes Brought to the Notice of the Commissioners���Witnesses Declare Rates on B. C. E. R. Are Not Uniform���Will Be in Session Today.
That  the  three  greateBt  problems | zie deplored the lack of dairying cx-
whdeh confront the present and pros
pectlve settlers of the Fraaer valley
are lack of good roads, the difficulty
and expense incident to clearing the
land, and tho labor problem, was the
gist of the evidence brought out by
some half dozen witnesses examined
by the Royal Commission on Agriculture which opened a two day session
In th��, city hall yesterday morning.
High taxes, and the evil of tbe speculators who buy land and bold it for
years without cultivation in the hope
of selling for a big profit, were also
touched upon. Suggestions for the elimination or lightening of the burden
were made by the witnesses and will
be considered by the commission in
framing Its report to the government.
The commission met at 10 o'clock tn
the Board of Trade rooms. All the
members were present, including Mr.
W. H. Hayward, M.P.P. of Victoria,
chairman. Mr. Alexander Lucas,
M.P.P., Vancouver, Mr. S. S. Shannon,
Cloverdale, Mr. William Duncan, Co-
mox, Mr. J. J. Campbell, Nelson, Mr.
J. Kidston, Vernon aud Mr. C. B.
Christenson, Victoria, secretary.
perlence among the settlers, and said
that but for this fact a great many
more people would go In for'Balrying.
He said the receipts of cream at the
local creamery have been steadily falling off in the laBt few years, due to
the Increased demand for milk. The
farmers found more profit in selling
their milk than in skimming it for the
"We have the finest dairying coun-.
try  on   the  continent  of  North   America," said Mr. MacKc-nzie, "and yet
the demand for milk, butter and cream
Is  greater tban  the  supply  by  far."
Following Mayor Lee's welcome, Mr.
Hayward stated that all members of
the commission realizes that anything
done for the benefit of the farming
Industry will benefit the Fraser valley
and Delta more than any other section
of the province as It is here that the
best agricultural districts of the province are located.
Mr. Sinclair thought taxes were too,
high, and should be reduced for bona
fide farmers. The price of land is
also too high, forcing many dairymen
out of business.    He would have the
On account of the meeting of the' government clear the land, and give
council at the same time as the com
mission, Mayor Lee was unable to be
present at the opening. He appeared
shortly after, however, and welcomed
the members of the commission to the
city, and offered them any assistance
in the power of the city officials or |
himself. Chairman Hayward announced that the commission would
return to New Westminster next Bummer and his worship asked that an
opportunity be given the city to show
them about the district in automobiles.
Adjournment Today.
This is thc second city in which the
commission has held an inquiry, hav-
the owners an opportunity of paying
for it In ten years, with Interest at
five per cent. He promised to look
into the question further and to appear again at the later sessions next
A Hard Proposition.
Mr. F. Kearsley, living on 140 acres
at Strawberry Hill, gave a most interesting illustration of what the present day farmer Is up against. He
said he has lived for nine years on
this place with his wife, a daughter
and a son. All of them are at home,
and he makes from his place about
$1000 a year. This Is the only salary
they get.
He has 20 acres of his land cleared
ing met in Vancouver last week  for
three days. After today's session they j and keeps three cows, and one horse
will adjourn until after the session , and hns 200 head of poultry. From
of parliament, when every section of j this latter item he gets form 25 to 50
the province will be visited in secur-1 cents per bead net.   Two acres of la.'.d
ing evidence. The commission'8 object Is to make a thorough study of
conditions and recommend such legislation as they think will remove
some of the burden from the over
bnrden tiller of the soil and will also
encourage immigration.
The commission has anthority to
Subpoena witnesses and force an appearance. No witnesses will lie summoned on this trip, however, all test!-
I ls planted In Bmall fruit, 500 crates
j being sold for $2.25 per crate. One
' thousand pounds of currants were
! raised on the same land, which
j brought eight cents per pound.
Mr. Kearsley thought taxes were too
high and there are too many restric-
j tions hedging a homcF.teader. He
; says they are not allowed to Bell the
I timber on their land but are permitted
! to burn it.   Tliey cannot even do this
W. Noble, a meat dealer of Eburne,
also had a grievance against the B. C.
Electric, stating ihat a charge of 50
cents per hundred on cattle is made
front Cloverdale io Eburne. He says
he chn get cattle In carload lots from
Cajgary for 50 cents per hundred. He
also had something tc say for the
cause of good roads, urging that ihe.
beat roads possible be built.
A. Brehaut, a Coqultlam dairyman,
told of his experiences  In  the dairy
buslpess.    He has 105 acres which ls
assessed at a valuation of $360.   Fifty
acres are cleared.    He keeps 35 cattle
aud gets an average price of 11 cents
pefjfluart  for his  milk,  which  costs
Ii I in to prcduce about 30 cents per gallon. ;���'He says he can sell all the milk
he gets.   Little or no trouble has been
experienced   with  the   labor problem.
Ho,do?sn't use machines, but says that
two'rnen can milk 40 cowb in about
an hiqiur with four machines.
Cost of Clearing.
Joseph  Shannon,  a  pioneer farmer
of the Ag.isslz  district,  living at St.
Klma, nave some interesting testimony
of His experiences.    He stated It costs
h|*n. about $150 nn acre to clear his
l8.nt**'.Swhicli  Is not heavily  timbered.
Another point in his favor Is that he
obtains his powder at a cheaper rate
than others.    Thc chief obstacles of
the settler, he said was clearing land,
the scarcity of labor, and poor roads.
He also stated that he was not on a
farm lor the purpose of making money
but merely (o have something to do.
"if it were not for the land clearing question," said Mr. Shannon, "we
would get ten settlers to one on the
Mr. Shannon suggester that the government clear the land, taking a first
mortgage for the cost. The question
of bringing up boys was also dis-
Mr. A. Nenves of Pitt Meadows, told
his story lo the commission, but, like
Mr. Dixon, was told that nothing could
be done In his individual case, but the
abstract problems brought up would
be considered. Mr, "-leaves has 200
at#e*j In Dyke District No. 1, and is
the only settler in the neighborhood.
The balance of the land there, consisting of 1000 acres is held by a Seattle
syuciicnto. He says he has been after
a road and bridge In order that he may
reach his land, but thus far has heen
Mr. C. A. Bourne and Mr. C- A. Welsh.
Alderman Joseph Henley, moved by
Mr. M. J. Phillips and Mr. C. A.
Alderman A. E. Kellington, moved
by Mr. T. 3. Annandale and Alderman
A. W. Gray.
Alderman Walter Dodd, moved by
Mr. D. S. Cameron and Alderman A.
W. Gray.
Alderman A. E. Wh)te, moved by
Mr. C. A. Welsh and Mr. A. B. Winte-
New Candidates.
Mr. George Kennedy, moved by W.
J. Mathers and J. D. Kennedy.
Mr. James Stewart Bryson. moved
by Mr. Thomas Glfford and Mr. W. S.
Colli ster.
Mr. John B. Jardine, moved by Mr.
George Blakeley and Mr. John G.
Mr. Joseph Wood Irwin, moved by
Mr. L. B. Lusby and Mr. W. T. Reid.
Mr. Archibald Hogg, moved by Mr.
George Blakeley. Mr. James L. Gal-
brnlth and Mr. George Rennle.
Mr. Ralph Wilson, moved by Mr.
John McClughan and Mr. D. W. Cross.
Mr. Peter Peebles, moved by John
A. Calbick and L. B, Lusby.
School  Trustees.
There are three vacancies on the
school board and six nominations
were received by Mr. Clute as follows:
Mr. Henry C. Chamberlln. moved by
Alderman Walter Dodd and Mr. R.
Mr. Richard A. Stoney, moved by
Mr. D. S. Cameron and Alderman
Mr. Frederick H. P. Mcintosh, moved by Mr. Ralph Wilson and Mr. D.
S. Cameron.
Trustee John Peck, moved by Trustee T. J. Trapp and Mr. J. Carter
Trustee Lawrence Thornber. moved
bv Mr. G. W. Morrow and Mr. J.
Carter Smith.
Mr. James Alexander Rennle. mrved I
by Mr. T. Gifford and Mr. J. J. Jones.
Secord Carleton, D. C. McOUllvray and
Robert Rowat.
School Board���H. J. Barber, A. L>.
Coote and John Robinson, re-elected
by acclamation.
Chllllwack  Municipality.
Reeve���Freaerlck Klckbush.
Councillors���J. Bailey, J. A. Evans,
R. Brett, Robert Mercer, Josiah Mc
Connell, William M. Wells. Four to
be elected.
School Trustees���J. L. Denholme, J.
I". Parker and W. J. Glanvllle. Two
to bo elected.
Maple Ridge.
Reeve���J. C. McFarlane, by acclamation.
Councillors���W. H. AnBell, Moses
Ball, A. G. Denoon, G. H. Fulton, N
S. Lougheed. J. Hampton, J. R. Mc
Milan and D. B. Martyn. Five to be
School Trustees���Mra. Webber succeeds G. L. Churchard, Fred Biggs to
fill out Alexander's unexpired term,
John Bailey, J. J. Wilson nnd John
Southwcrth.   Two to be elected.
************************** 'mn. A      l*|
\ Correspondence f^m & ROSS
************************** *>
The New Westminster News does
uot hold Itself responsible for the
opinions expressed in correspondence.
Average Depth of Ice at Location
Proposed Docks at Port Nelson
.   Less Than Ten Inches.
Editor The New Westminster News.
Sir,���I have the authority of tho
medical health officer of New Westminster to quote hint as1 saying that
he has not found a person suffering
from scarlet fever who has ueen supplied with milk by me personally, with
tho exception of those receiving part
of one consignment of milk which haB
been kept and delivered separately,
by a separate driver, moBtly In Sapperton, from any of my other milk. I
have bad this Infected supply of milk
In the explanation of the cause ol
the epidemic ln yesterday  morning's
News, through a typographical error
It was stated that the driver who delivered thu Infected   milk   bad   also
taken scarlet  fever.    This  ls  not bo,
]but Ehould have read that the people
I at  the  ranch  across  the  river  from
J which the milk was primarily secured
| had become affected by the disease.���
Editor The News.
List of Aspirants for Civic Municipal
Honors Filed Their Papers���Delta
Elects Council by Acclamation.
The following nominations for the
positions of reeves, councillors nnd
school trustees in Coquitlam, Surrey,
Delta, Langlcy, Mission, Sumas. Richmond, South Vancouver, Chilliwack,
Chllllwack municipality and Maple
Ridge were made yesterday;
For Reeve���James .viars and L. E.
For Councillors���R. J. C. Atkins.
Juhn F. Langan, E. S. Morgan
Thomas Routley. A. H. Millard, R. U
(laler, W. H. Whiting and W. S. Keith
Five to be elected.
School Trustees���H. B. Baker, W. F
Philp.   Two to   be
Le P.13,  Man., Jan. 13.--In view of
the fact tbat tho report of Chief Engineer Armstrong shows that the ice at
P-rt Nelson. In the area where it is
in;ended  to  locate the  docks  is  Icsb
than ten Inches and that in spite of
this, doubts be ve been  expressed  by j
eastern  newspapers  and  other   inter-
ests as to  the possibility of keeping
Port Nelson open all the year round,
the edl'or ol Ihe iIudBon Bay Herald |
laFt   October  wrote  to   the  secretary;
of the bo'-ird or trade at Vladivostock,
In Siberia, for Information as to con- ���.
ditions at that port, a letter was re- ���
ceived by him a tew days ago saying: |
"Vladivostock,   Dec.   9,   1912��� Your j
letter of Oct.  22,  1912,  addressed  to I
the   board   of  trade   in   Vladivostock,1
was handed to us for reply and we beg i
to inform you that the average depth
of ice In this port is about 15 inches,
and a channel about GO to 100 fathoms :
wide is usually kept more or less clear
by the Ice breaker.    Small Ice breakers are always for hire to assist steam-
ers berthing and imberthlng.
"(Signed)  Bryner KouBnetzoff & Co."
Get Our Prices.   It will
pay you.
BigFurniture Store
Cor. Sixth and Carnarvon
Sts., New Westminster.
on the market.
mony   being   confined   to   those   who ' during the summer months.    He sug-
wish to appear.    At the later session j gester   that   the   province   buy   land .
some witnesses will be forced to ap- / clearing   apparatus   which   would   be/.*?__       ,,    , -,..-.
Ve*r melon the commission and give   used by land owner*    He would alsc/JJM fer ^e*ax^ nmountoajo about
-*"<������?��*������     ������, wltHM.        .    > kr.^abrmoPr7oTe^y^e'r^.0��� '" *~  f ^ " ^ dyke, but he says this
The first wltTess raZTwas Mr. D.       Another recommendation whieh the | ^[^^Z laTvovV     He* Is'slsoT
K    MacKenzip    manuirrr  of   the   cltv I sneaker   made   waB   the   teaching   oi ; ;lls "<T,,P0 laBl -ear-    ���� 18 also In,
wJk^BccrXrTottLn   _   & i   agriculture and allied  studies  In  the   ���''"ortrcl.ln some property on Barnston
i.i..rk.*..  m en tar,   nf   ll���    !(,   A.   &   I. 1 ^ ^^     ^ ^^ & d|gcrl'Island  which  was  dyked   by  Ihe get,
lnation on the part of the B. C. E. II. ! u,01?'    An Indlan reservation, unoccu-
I In fares, pointing out Instances show- ] ?'���?��� was alB�� dyked  and  he thinks
i Ing a big difference in fares for the \ll"'  Povernment should   pay  for this
I same   distance   on     the     Vancouver-   wor'i'
j Westminster   branch,   as   against   the
Kracer* valley  branch.    A, tax of ten !
j per cent on wild land, he thought the
beEt  plan to shut out the speculator,
1 saying tbat It seemed to be the men
-���'.iti-d  thai  n   is   who do no work who make the money,
thereby placing a premium on Idleness
The firBt witness at tbe afternoon
session waB L. Dixon of Langley. He
bject of making   canle here six months ago  with  his
aid ihe farmers I faml'y- consisting of six sonc the eld-
' est 15 years.   Having only a few hundred dollars, he is unable to purchase
a place, and Is living on a farm near
Langley rent. free.   He has some stock
and a few Implements, but ls unable to
do much aa he Is liable to get notice to
move at any time.   He asked (hat the
government place him on a decent preemption, with sufficient money loaned
him to give him a start.    He Kaid he
thought  he  was   entitled   to  this   for
| hrlnslng bl3  boob  here  to  grow   uj,
! Asked if he could meet payments of
>$120 on a loan of (2,000, he said he
I could if he had  the place.    He
would first increase  loUi to p�� t0 n,�� Dominion agenl
could tell him of vacant lands,
successful  only   ln   getting  the  road1.
No bridge has been  built across the I Godwin and W. E.
l'"loeU' I elected
l     Air.   .N'eaves   thinks   the  owners  of Surray
the big tract near blm should be forced       For neove���Thomas' J. Sullivan, bj
He.says that/ aootamatloa, ��� ������       , ,'
C3ououllL,rd~ tl.    S.    /null.      and       R.
Grant, ward one; J. D. Murphy, by
acclamation, ward two; Joseph f.
Brown, by acclamation, ward wree.
R.  D,    MacKenzle,    by    acclamation
-society, and secretary of the Westminster Creamery. He explained tho
workings of the city market, the com-
mivsion taking n great interest In all
of the details. They assured him that
when they return here It will be on a
Friday when they will visit the market "II you want lo meet ;i FraBer
-valley man, go io thc City Market,"
tu the way Mr. MacKen/.le Bummed
up thn situation nnd
the desiring house for practioullj
sBVery farmer in Urn valley.
He explained that ihe market Is not
���conducted with the
money, but merely t
and to bring them into Ihe city.    The I
city is in no sense a competitor of the
farmer,  selling only   what  Is  shipped
in ano what tlie farmer Is bimcsll un-!
able U) dispose of.    This is handled
fnr n commission of ten per cent. On
thlB basis, iiiiBim sk totalling approximately $75,000 was done last year.
The farmers' business, Mr. MacKenzifl
said, is easily four or five times this
(Unount, although no figures are available.
Asked     to    BiiggcBt   Improvements
which he would make should the government make a grant, Mr.  MucKen-
yJc stated that h
-fhe stable room.    Space  Is now  pro
Nominations    Mode    Yesterday���With
One Exception Candidates Had
Announced Their Intentions.
viflwl for 27f> horses, hut. the stables 1 Wtaunlsslon, Mr. Hayward suited, is
are Inadequate for the needs of the I unable to takr up any Individual eai��� >h.
'business. He said he would then ! '"lt hl" 'banked Mr Dixon for opening
miLiM- a rtart on u cold storage plant "n a "rw eWe ol tho Immigration ques-
to he used for the benefit of the farm ' Ut��� al  leaHl
Wfth the exception of the nomination of Mr. James Alexander llennle
"or school trustee no fresh candidates
rof fauniclpaj offices either for   tbe
council or the school hoard were dls-
clo i d by the nominations yesterday.
Alderman   A.   W.   Gray,   moved   by
l   M.1WM- John A. Lee, and seconded by
who ' "."'��� Seorga Cunningham, senior, was
The   ino on!j  candidate for the mayoralty
IVas :
ore only. The securing Ol bettor transportation facllitlcB, Mr MacKenifs
thought a problem which should be attended to. lie staled thnt bout Ber
vice was all right, bill thai the rail
service was Inadequate, and thai there
is Bomo rate discrimination on the
part or the II. C. Electric Railway
Krom competitive points the rates are
all right, but from points where the
tram lino Is the only means of tratrt-
portatinn thc freight and cxpresB ruteti
are too high.
Better for Dairying.
Mr. MacHenzle Blnted that in his
opinion, the Fraser valley Is a dairying
rather than a fruit raising country, and
lie thinks that In a few years there
���will be "biiich more dairying aud Ii-bb
fmit growing. While fruit Is being
Braised here, however, Mr. MaceKnzle
would h,ave a practical man
among the farmers to instruct them
'in packing and sorting, lie thought
���the inspection of the fruit should he
made at/JClie place of shipment before
the grower haB gone to the expense
nt par-kltlg and : hipping it, only to
Iihvs- it condemned in some cases The
Jam factories, he said, had decreased
the amount of Utile fruit which finds
its way To the market.
He aald he did not favor the suggestion that the government give away
powder, but thought it should be sold
to the farmers at cost and an experienced man sent to Bee to It that the
powder was properly used. He would
also have the government give practical demonstration!; of the possibilities of truck gardening, ns this feature of the farming industry Is at
presmnt almost entirely In the hands
��st the Chinese.
Need Experience.
,  .Speaking of dairying. Mr. MacKen-
Pleads fer Good  Beads.
Mr. w. ,i. Kerr, president of tha Canadian Highwaj Association, appeal
i il io plead for goi 'I roads Hs argued
thai at prosenl the roads leading Into
Westminster are so bad thai only one
hair ton can be carlcd over them,
whereas, If got A i> ads wi re built two
tons could sasilj   be can ed   tel
load. This would mal o a big dlfi r
���m-e lu thc transportation charges of
the produce and it could I- told nucb.
He   though!     the     province   should
build   the  main  trunk   roads nml  tlie
municipalities ths branch roo Is leai
ing to them.   He would have the gov
eminent buy the bonds of the rural
municipalities rather than fen,- them
to place them on the innrkr-i them-
BclveB. He would also haw the gov
travel ] eminent either clear 5000 inns to i���.
sold to the Settlers on easy terms oi
clear half of a large number of 40 ai re
He tohi of the cort of the various
roads, ami recommended that the best
be put iii. Answering ihe argumenl
Hint money wan not available to pave I
roads at a cnsi of from $16,000 to |20 i
000 per mile, he sniii the roade Bhould
be luilt on money raised I -.- the Bale'
of bonds payable In long terms of i
years. Inasmuch as the Improvement
Is permanent. Asked his opinion of
tho proposition to force owners to put
In necesBary roads In tracts which ars
subdivided by them, Mr. Kerr said this
would have the result or Stopping subdivision work entirely, as tho cost of
tbe rtadB would have to conic onl oi
the property anyway und the additional cost would make Ihe price loo high.
He thought the sale of five acre tracts
a good thing for tho province as It
brought ln settlers.
and accordingly at tho closo of the
nomlaotlonB was declared mayor-elect
l>! Returning Officer J. Stilwell Clute.
1 bough Abb rn.-ui Cray was not
present the announcement that he had
'" '���<"" Un ruler or the Royal City's
tltlli - ii r the year or 1913 was
greeted by a round or npelause rrom
"" small gathering of candidates
'' ' mipporters and a few newspaper
men who -Air,- awaiting tha rcBiilt of
I the nominations.   Mayor Lee was also
Prisenl and   displayed   considerable
II nthustaim,
l'''(lvi   candidates were nominated
"ot  tho aldermanlc Beats, but all   of
these had previously unnounced them
| selves aa being In the lleld.
[   Thoigh a large dentation cf prom
I Intnl. clrlienn waited upon Alderman
1 Curtis right up to practically the clos
Iiir minute for the nominations,   for
permission to present his name to the
returning  officer  as  a candidate  for
1 is illor.  the popular council mem-
ber  stolidly  maintained  his  previous
Bl mil mill refused all Inducements* to
    the  contest  for  seats  on  tht
i aldermanlc board.
of the twelve candidates nominated
for posit,ons on the council five of
them are at present members of the
rlvlc administration, while seven are
em in ly new men.
Mr. Il'iinlej, the new school trustee
1 uidldate waa nominated by Mr. T
Clifford and Mr. J. Jones. Trustee
John W I'eck. as was expected, en-
tered the Held and waB nominated by
"���'i T J. Trapp, chairman of the
school board, and Mr. J. Carter Smith.
Trustee Thornber was nominated
again by Mr. O. w'. Morrow and Mr.
J. Carter Smith. There are three
vacancies on the school board and six
candidates. Three of these are labor
The Nominations.
router of candidates ls as fol-
Alderman Fred J. Lynch, moved by
Ward four; J. Kerry and Oeorge Rod
ford, ward five.
School   Trustees���H.  Bost.     Albert
Q. Marshall, C. M. McCalluro and H.
i C. Robinson.   Two to be elected.
Delta. '
Reeve H. D. Benson and the. entire
! council, consisting of George  Dennis,
: A.   D.   Paterson,   W.   Kirklond.  Chris
��� Brown and H. Lewis, wer,> re-elected
by acclamation.   J. II. Davis and W
j il. Ellis sre also elected by acclamation as school trustees.
For Reeve���David l'oppy and J. "3.
Councillors���Ward one, T. C. Colo
and Fran"- Mathias; ward two, George
C. Taylor, y acclamation; ward three,
Joseph Sherlock and W. F. Dodley,
ward four, R. J. Wark, by acclamation; ward five, George Howell- and
Barney Devine; ward six, Alex. Vanu-
ette, by acclamation.
School Trustees���-J. W. Barry, C. B.
Pallet's and J. W. Towle.
For Reeve John D. Cade and
Thomas Cathi rwcod.
Councillors Ward one, John Barr,
by acclamation; ward two, F. A. Ver-
chere, by acclamation; ward three,
Harvey Wreu and Thomas Thompson;
ward four, W. j. Clark, by acclamation. ���-   .
School Tnisiees���J. A. Lampard, J.
A..Adshopd mid E. OEborne, Fred Gib
bard and O. I*. Spencer. Of these two
are to be elected.
For Reeve���Angus Campbell and I".
The councillors, all of whom were
re-elected by acclamation, are us fol
lows: D. McKcnzle, A. Olllls, T. B.
3trnlton and I . O. Lnmson.
Mr. Dan McJCcn: le, Angus GIlLs and
William  Porter  were elected  by ac
clamatlon as school trustees.
Point   Zrty.
For Reeve���C. V. Richardson, S. G.
Churchill and H. H. Harvey.
For Counaillors���Ward one, J. H.
Locklln, by acclamation; ward two, G
W Welsh, by acclamation; ward
three W. H. Lembke, by acclamation;
Ward four, M. R. Wells, G. W. Sep
smith and W. Porter; ward five, G. A.
Cunllffe, by acclamation.
School Trustees���W. 8. Blackwcll
I. M. Campbell; and W. F. Stewart
Two to be elected.
South Vancouver.
For Reeve���Mra. A. E. Kerr and Mr
W. A. Powell.
For Councillors -Ward one. Spencer
Robinson and John Vildorf; ward two
George A. Stephens and William Dick
;nson; ward three, Peter McNelsh and
il Humphreys; ward four, John Third
and William Wtnram; ward live.
George L. Greenlay and Gordon W.
Thomas; wsrd six, W. E. Miller and
Robert McBrlde; ward seven, Charlea
Campbell and George Roden.
For School Trustees���James Campbell. William W. Hilton, W, Morris
and James R. Shanks.
Chllllwack City.
Mayor���John Henry Ashwell and
Henry Herbert Gervan.
Aldermen���H. T. Ooodlnnd, James
Munro, William Davles, C. C. Bckert,
Associated Doctors
I       Specialists
Del Monte Inn
Friday and Saturday,
Jan. 17 and 18.
Remarkable Success of These Talented :
Physicians In ths Treatment of
Chronic Diseases.
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
In the Thick of the Battle
Our  Extra  Supply of Wrapping
Paper is being used up fast.  Share
in the big Bargain Carnival.
Sole agents for Westminster for Ihe famous K Boots.    Depot for
Leckie's  Boots snd  Ahren's  School Shoes.
A  $20,000  Stock to  Select From
Offer Their Services
Free Of Charge
The Associated Doctors licensed by
the state of Washington for the treatment of deformities and all nervous
and chronic diseases of men, women
and children, offer to all who call on
this trip consultation, examination, advice free, making no charge whatever
except the actual cost of medicine.
All that ls asked In return for these
valuable services Is that every person
treated will state the result obtained to their friends and thus prove to
the sick and afflicted In every city
,uid locality, that at last treatments
have been discovered that are reasonably sure and certain In their effect.
These doctors are considered by
many former patients among America's leading stomach and nerve specialists and are experte In the treatment of chronic diseases and so great
and wonderful have heen tbelr resultii
that ln many cases It Is hard Indeed
to find the dividing line between skill
and miracle.
Diseases of the stomach, Intestines
liver, blood, skin, nerves, heart, spleen
kidneys or bladder, rheumatism, scla-
(lco, diabetes, bed wetting, leg ulcers,
weak lungs and those afflicted wltb
long standing, deep seated chronic dls-
"oses. that have bafflfd the skill of
the family physician, should not fall
to coll.
According to tbelr system, no more
cperatlons for appendicitis, gall stones,
tumors, goitre or certain forms of cancer. They wero among the first In
America to earn the name of "bloodless surgeons," by doing away with
the knife, with blood and with all naln
In the successful treatment of these
dangerous diseases.
If you have kidney or bladder trouble bring a two-ounce bottle of your
urine for chemical anayBls and microscopic examination.
Deafness has also been cured In
nlxty  dayn.
Mo matter what your ailment mav
li��', no matter wnnt others have told
you, no matter what experience you
may have had with other physicians
It will be to your advantage to see
them at once. Have it forever settled
In your mind. If your case Is incurable they will give you such advice
as may relieve and stay the disease.
Do not put off this duty you owe your-
Relf and friends or relatives who are
suffering because of your sickness,
as a visit at this time may help you.
Remember this free offer Is for two
days only.
Married ladles must be accompanied
by their husband and minors with
their parents.
Office hours 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
New Tram Regulations
On and iifltT Jan. 1. Ifllfl p,-rlaln alterations will lie mnde In thp refru-
latlonS' of this C'jmiKiny OOVSrlttS the trmiH'>urtutlun of im.nn, h��'im ovrr Its
IlIllIN'U   O.V   THK   H'rEPS
HI-il KI>.
���A.���,", , ',' I"in '? ',"1'"? "' Hr*1 n"'n n*ld money" con do to provide an
ndcqimlH Inim BSryloS wnk'.i will gunruiitrs- conveinlenee and s��fet for Its
passencers Snd this policy will uo continued In the lino of the provision of
addttloiuil oars,
Aft,-r New Year's Day riding on the steps, bumpers or fendors of cars
will he a violation oi tho . rovlnelul rerun,turn* and sua, action cannot be
permitted by t.e Company. Ae epeedl.v ait poMlble, with due resrard to public
conveniens, the platforms' of a.   cars will be equipped wliu sates or doors.
t. i-i. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P. O.  BOX 442
Good Buys in City
With Easy Terms
Six roomed house on Alberta Street, Sapperton, close to Columbia
Street.   Price J2800; )500 cash, balance $25 per month.
Six roomed house, new, oa Eighth Avenue, close to Sixth Street
car line. Full sized basement, furnace, fireplace, and laundry tubs.
Price S3700; $800 cash, balance arranged.
Three roomed house on Dublin Street, close to Twelfth Street car
line. Largo lot In fruit. Chicken house and runs. Price $1800; one-
quarter caah, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Five roomed bungalow on Hamilton Street, modern, furnace, fireplace, laundry tubs, electric light fixtures, cement walks. Prlo
$3800; $800 cash, balance arranged over two years.
451 Columbia Street        Phene 669
i .-^���V', -
US* i SS  0   irm     lilht,,
TUESDAY,  JANUARY   14.   1913.
��� ���������*���*.<���*.,>.>
��� �����������,
All membere of the Westminster Rugby club are exacted to
be at the meeting of the club
to be held this evening at 5
o clock in the office of Mr W
F. Edmonds, Westminster
Trust block.
Tbe time of the meeting was
set at 8 o'clock in yesterday's
News, but this was an error
Everybody is expected to be
on hand as Important business
is to come up for discussion.
��� ������_*
distribution ot players the American
association was Ignored, and another
fight was on. Finally the conference
committees reached an agreement. As
a result of this conflict the National
league became a 12-club organization,
an agreement which continued until
1899, when Baltimore, Cleveland,
Washington and LoutBVllle were dropped, and the present circuit was then
adopted    "
tect the water supply, had taken control of the section claimed by the
city and an additional area besides.
On this property timber cutting or
any other operations that might have
a detrimental effect on the water supply were prohibited.
Rumor Is Unfounded.
References had   been   made,   con-
Cuke McCarthy Will Again Fight On
et. Patrick's Day.
Denver, Col., Jan. 13.���Luther McCarthy, who begins his season of theatrical performances with an exhibition
in the Auditorium here tonight, announced here tonight that he will fight
March 17, In Columbus, Ohio. He says
he will take on any man the promoters suggest, but Insists the affair
take placo on that date, first, because
its his birthday and second because
its St. Patrick's Day.
McCarthy says he may be one of
the principals in a bout February 22.
Americana at Boston Whitewash Montreal Wing Wheelers.
Boston, Jan. 12.���Strong work In
both defense and offense gave Boston
Athletic Association a victory six to
nothing over the Montreal Amateur
Athletic Association at hockey tonight.
The Canadians outskated the Bos-
tonlans, but Canterberry's placing at
j*on! for Boston and the team work of
thr home club proved too much for the
,,.,,, ,      ,,     .. .  , ,|tlnued  the  speaker,  to  debts  which
war between tiJ2,1 Sf. W.grea,1 i "'�� city had incurred In an effort to
0w'ls4staL? wt^*^*^"1?*1* ����������� the land once more under its
yeLagBo last Sunday control and probably some people were
The National league's first fight
against Its sturdy rival was In 1884,
when the Union Association was organized. The circuit consisted of Baltimore, Altoona, Boston, Philadelphia,
Washington, Chicago, St. Louis and
Cincinnati. This was probably the
worst year in the history of the game.
Many clubs and leagues disbanded.
The Union Association had Its troubles
from the start, and Altoona was soon
replaced by Kansas City. All clubs of
all leagues lost money, and for a time
the sport seemed on IU last legs. The
American Association was organized
n 1882, with the Philadelphia Athletics, Baltimore, PlttBburg, Cincinnati, Louisville and St. Louis as charter members. The association and the
National league continued on friendly
terms until the trouble of 1890 came
up and started a war.
Joe Tinker Will Get Johnny Kllng to
Plsy   For   Reds.
Kansas City, Jan. 13 ���Joe Tinker,
shortstop and manager of the Cincinnati  National  League  team,  who arrived In Kansas City today, with an I
offer to Johnny  Kllng.  catcher    and
manager last year of the Boston Na-'
tlonals. was confident tonight that he i
to a I
Insinuate of
Opposition Refuted By
Mayor and Council
lContinued from pane one)
In Its history. He gave assurance
that all the lights petitioned for would
be Installed within the next two
weeks' time.
Just to Bhow in a positive manner
the efficient way under which the
light department had been conducted,
Alderman Lynch introduced figures
showing the cost of construction and
maintenance during 1912, and the
estimated cost of the same items during 1313.
He placed the cost of construction
during 1912 at $41,275.85, while his
estimates for tbe same time ln 1913
are $25.00(1. The maintenance during
the year Just ended amounted to
$41,179, while for 1913. it is placed at
$40,914, or approximately $1000 lees
than In 1912.
The following is a detailed account
under the impression that this was
the case. That it was not so was
tho emphatic declaration of the water
chairman, as the Vancouver Power
Company was under a binding agreement to pay all out-of-pocket expenses
incurred by the city, whatever they
might be, and ln addition give the
city a bonus of $10,000. Thus far the
company was bound to pay $7000.
Need Feel No Alarm.
In any circumstances the citizens
might feel no alarm for their waiter
supply, waB the definite assurance of
the alderman.
Mr. Curtis closed with the statement
that he was sorry he was retiring
from the council.
Goes After Opponents.
While he declared that he bore no
malice to any of his opponents. Alder
man Kellington went unremittingly
after his critics and refuted all the
insinuations wade by logical argu
In entering upon an account of his
stewardship Mr. Kellington eulogized
the etfortB of Aldermen Dodd and
Henley, the other members of the
board of works committee and staff
and the officials of the engineering department. He spoke of the reorganization,  which  had  been  one  of  the
ing that lt was well worth every cent
it had cost, and the city has done bettor as a result of this trip than almost
any other city ln the Dominion. He
discuBBed the subject ot people kicking
on the money spent for travelling expenses of $25 on a Victoria trip and
$35 on a Seattle trip, and remarked
that some people are bound to kick
even though they are getting full
value and then some for money expended. '
Hogg Makes Hit.
Mr. A, Hogg, one of the labor candidates, made a good speech which apparently was well received. He stated that he had never been honord by
being elected to office but had been
highly honored by the laboring men
of the city in being nominated as one
of the three men to stand for the
council. This he conslderel almost as
great an honor as being elected. He
thought the labor committee had
shown good judgment in endorsing
Alderman (lay for mayor, and stated
that he expected to see a most successful  administration.
Mr. Hogg told of his advocacy ot reform in public owned utilities, whereby water, light and gas will be sold
to the public at cost. He promised to
go further into this question at the
meeting on Wednesday night.
Had to Appear.
Mayor Lee first apollglzed for appearing in the campaign at all except
to give a short review of his administration, but stated that in view of the
fact that he had been criticized very
freely by various candidates for alderman he could hardly do less than explain some thingB which might not be
entirely clear to all of the electors.
The remarks of Mr. Bryson anent the
1911 bond Issue he disposed of when
committee's  accomplishments  at  the  he reminded the voters that a most
explicit report of this incident had
been given the ratepayers during the
campaign a year ago. It waB at that
time shown to be a falsehood and had
no business in the present campaign.
He criticized Mr. Bryson for telling
only half a story.
Replying to criticism of his London trip, the mayor briefly told how
the money market ,was    flooded    at
beginning of the year 1912, and laid
stress on the fact that this had resulted in all the departmental work being
done with greater economy than previously.
Had to Use Planking.
Dealing  with    the    Queensborough
problems the speaker stated that the
conditions   were  such  on  the  island
that wltb the exception of Ewen ave
Swindle Alleged.
Los Angeles,"-Jan. 13.���Officers of
the Seaboard Oil and Transit Company, arrested todav after the return
of Indictments by the federal grand
jur-y charging fraudulent use of the
malls, are charged by United States'
Attorney Robinson with having swindled Southern California investors out
of 100,000.
Former Actor Dead.
New   York,  Jan.   13.���Sidney   Bar-
rington, once  widely   known   as  an
actor, was found dead from gas   as-!
phyxjation in his room today.   He left
a letter "to be opened in case of acci-
dent" which showed   he   had    been
grieving over the loss of his wife Ih!
San Francisco a year ago.
Four roomed flat ln the Marjorlbanks Building on Begble street,
close to Columbia. All conveniences. Rent $20.00 per month. Possession January 1,
Store on Begble street, near Columbia; size 20 feet by 66 feet.
Possession about January 1.' Will lease. i""-,.
J. J. JONE8, Msnaglng Director.
Head Office: 28 Lorne 8treet,     New Westminster.
AL. W. GILLIS. manager.
A  Scotch Comic Who   Will
Amuse You.
From the Orpheum   Circuit.
Those   Funny   People   With
the Funny Names.
CONTRACTORS -tor prices on $-
Lumber Lath and Shingles
The Kind we've   Been
nue it had been absolutely impossible \about the tlme he arrived in London
to Improve the roadwajs by means
of macadamizing and paving and that
the planking of streets had to be resorted to. The drainage question had
always been an important one in
Queensborough and to provide a satisfactory system of cleaning out the
ditches a pumping station had been established on the Island. The permanent improvements had been confined
to the city proper.
Touching upon the criticisms made
with regard to the delay in the Second
street. Third and Fourth avenue pav
���would  secure  Kllng's  signature   ... ,,,,  .        ,...
contract to play with Cincinnati next!0' the af'alrs of the department dur-; lng the aiderman stated that this work
vear. ling 1912:    Poles Installed (298) at the '
, cost of    $1215.84;    poles    on Second
Looks ��� Real One. I street   at   $600;    meters   purchased
Chicago. Jan. 13.���Robert McLean ' '741), $6500; meters Installed 1$25-
of Chicago, International Ice-skatln-t Ul In November alone���; abolition ol
-champion, won the half-mile, mile and watpr mettrr rent In 1912 at the loss
two miles Illinois state champions,1'"' *��500 to thc revenue; Iobs on the
(outdoor) In the races here today, un-1 new meters Installed $1333.80; trans-
dir Ihe auaplces of the North-vent j formers InBtalled, $4000; extra wire,
Skating Association. W. E Ounderson ! *SOO0; arc lamps Installed to da e,
finished second In all three events. $2378; street lamps Installed to da e
In the mile Ounderson finished a foot! $2378; Btreet lamps Installed recently
behind McLean.
had been held up on account of an ob
lection made by the B.C.E.R. to con
structing eight Inches of the paving
on either side of the rails as they had
done on Columbia street. They claimed that they were not required to do
thiB In Vancouver but the council demonstrated to the officials ot the
I company, who were found to be de
; ctdedly fair minded in their dealings,
that thingB were different in Westmin-
! ster than in the Terminal City.   The
142;   previous to 1890 until last year .board    of   works department finally
Ihore had been no more than 6 to 10 I succeeded In getting the company to
' UnslallsHl   In   any     alnmlm     year.     Tbe'do tbe required  paving,  but not  until
with debentures ot all kinds, inciud
ing municipal bonds from all parts of
the world, paying a higher rate of interest and a great many of them guaranteed by the governments in which
the cities were located. The New
Westminster bonds bear Interest at
4 1-2 per cent and were disposed of at
$91.75, while nearby municipalities
were offered only $80 for their 5 1-2
per cent bonds. He cited the case of
Vancouver, which was forced to pay
interest at the rate of 5 1-5 per cent
on a flotation of $500,000 and of Alberta wblch was forced to pay 5 3-4 per
cent on a big issue.
Discuss Finance.
The present condition of the city's
finances were taken up, and Mayor
Lee showed that the city Ib now practically out of debt to the bank, and all
of the old debtB and the 1912 temporary loan has been cleaned up. The
year 1913 Is being started with a slate
as clean as lt could possibly be. The
earnings of 1912 showed a surplus of
$7000 or $8000 over the expenditures.
Descending to Mr. Peebles, the
mayor remarked "One of our critics
haa  been  so successful    In     building
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letter* of credit
sold payable in all parts ot the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WIL80N, Manager.
Thursday, Friday
sf> /  ~ . _- ���       . .  ���. _-
��J value of Use  plant la placet!  si  SSSO.-1 n,e ssssod waa ss-ell .sxlvaneed jsnd In-/.i-lioole and brldsrebpuaeejtnat.lt
ay   000,   on  which   there la *  bonded     In-   element   sreatber   Intortered   ss-Ttft   (lie/even dlecueaed on tlsfc floor of pmrtal.
Ixifty Peterson's outfit of pin artists
slipped two out of three games over
the bunch captained by Frank Ayers'
���on the Front street alleys last evening.
Coghlan had both high game and
high aggregate. The scores are as
12       3 Ttl.
���Coghlan   132   135    159 420
Fotheringham .... 91    134    134 3S9
Wegley 124    108    116 MS
Peterson 128    110    136 373
475    487    644 -506
12        3 Ttl.
���O. B 124    108    116 348
S. H  91    110    134 335
Sullivan 116    129      86 331
Ayerst   Ill    147    148 406
000, on which there >��� a bonded Indebtedness to the amount or $180,000.
Increase Over 1911.
Referring to the receipts of the
department. Alderman Lynch declared
that while they had totalled the
amount of $79,891.16 in 1911, they had
.442    494    484 1420
��� ���->������������������������������������
1887���Jack  McAullffe    knocked    out
Harry  Ollmoro  ln  28th  round
at Lawrence, Miss.
1903 ��� Youti" Corbett defeated Austin
Rice in 13 rounds at Hot Springs
1908���Pa<*' v     McFarland     defeated
Bert '   yes ln 12 rounds at Bos-
1908���Sam   uingford outpolrted Jim
I any    In    10    rounds at Los
Ang ies.
Knockout    Brown    out-pointed
Willie Dsveher ln 10 rounds at
New Toil'
Joe Rivera Knocked out Danny
Webster, lu gllsh, In 13th round
at Vernon, Cal.
1911���Al Viblak and   Porky   Flynn
fougl '  ,lx romid draw at Phlla-
delph. .
���**.*.���  - * *> *   ���
���By "Gravy.")
Today ls the 22nd anniversary of
-the end of the second great baseball
-war, and lt was on Jan. 14, 1891 tbat
-ibe conference committees ot the National league and American association adopted a new national agreements stopping tbe strife that had almost disrupted organized bait. The
���sdirect enure of the memorable war
of IHDti was the reserve clause tn contracts. Most of the disgruntled players under contract to the National
league, for the 1890 season took part
in the brotherhood movement and
joined the Player*' league, wblch had
the backing of several capitalists who
thought they say an opportunity for
rich pickings. The Players' league
circuit paralleled that of the National
league. Throughout the season the
fight was carried on In a relentless
fashion, at a great financial loss, and
affected ihe American association aa
-well as the two leagues directly at
war. The following winter the rivals
adjusted Otakt differences/but tn the
reached the record amount of $25.00n
In 1912. A total of $25,481 was
charged in 1911 and $26,000 in 1912.
Alderman Lynch also referred brief
ly to the new contract made with the
B. C. E. It. for the supply to the city
of power. This would effect a saving
of $10,000 In 1913 alone, he observed,
lie declared that lt had been the wish
of the department to Install a number
of new street lamps late last year,
but on account of the fact that they
were practically unavailable en the
coast they had been forced to wait
some considerable time for even a
small portion of the order. ,
The alderman also referred to the
proposed new Jail and store house,
stating that the preliminary plans for
the structure had been prepared and
a special architect would have tho
permanent ones finished In a short
Praises Mayor-elect
Alderman Curtis, chairman of the
water committee, preceded his statement with a few complimentary remarks towards Mayor-elect Gray,
stating that he was a much under
estimated man and tbat ho had found
him a better alderman that he expected.
The water department, observed
Mr. Curtis, had given entire satisfaction during the year with one or two
exceptions. Ue went Into considerable
detail is to the cost of the various
component parts that make up the
water system, stating that altogether
tt had cost approximately $900,000
One 25 Inch main and another 14
Inch main 14 miles long supplied the
water from the lake to the reservoirs
which had a total capacity of four and
a half million gallons. The reservoirs
were all well filled and soma were
always on the overflow.
Touching upon the two proposed
submerged mains across the North
Arm, Alderman Curtis said that surveys had already been made for them,
but no definite action regarding the
Improvement bad been taken.
The alderman made the gratifying
statement that the expenditures dur
Ing 1912 had been within both thc
estimates and the by-laws, although
additional expenditure had been
caused by the Installation of permanent mains on paved street*.
Publicity Helps.
Aldernlan Curtis also gave a short
account ot the affairs of the publicity
bureau of the city, declaring that lt
had boen helpful In bringing repre-
���mntatlves of 293 families to the city
Many nationalities were represented
amon a the Immigrant*.
Even though the bureau had been
most successful tt had been conduct
ed along economical line* with the result that all the money voted for Its
nnkeoo wa* not ret need up, declared
Mr. Curtis.
Referring back to the water system,
Alderman Curtis observed that there
had been conrtderabto agitation regarding condition* 'around the Coqultlam dam'. In explaining the city'*
position la thi* retard the speaker
stated that It wa* one* thought that-
New Westminster owaed the title to
considerable IMS around the lake, hut
work of the contractors.
The main arteries of the city were
always kept In mind by the department. Two of theBe had been put in
condition by the 1911 council while
tho balance of seven had been turned
into first class roadways by the means
of grading, macadamizing and paving
during 1912. The paving of tbe short
streets between Columbia and Front
streets was also effected last year,
Case of Sorehead.
In an endeavor to discredit the engineer's department lt had been alleged that the good part of the Improvement work had been costly snd
expensive. No doubt, Alderman Kellington observed, some foreman or
contractor, who had done inferior
work, and had been forced to do it
over again, had circulated the stories.
"All the engineers are very capable
men," said Mr. Kellington, "and If you
get men In tbe council who get ou*t
on the atreeta and complain of their
work you will not keep them long."
Referring to the criticisms regarding his department made by Mr. Peter
Peebles, Mr. Kellington stated that it
appeared as though some outsiders
had secured statements from the treasurer before they were presented to
the council. The charge that the city
engineer was sole arbitrator ln the
ease ot disputes waa declared absolutely false as It specifically states In
contract agreements tbat ail disputes
will be refered to three arbiters by
whose decision the contracting parties
are to be bound.
Just a Dream.
It had been charged, continued the
candidate, that the Bithulithic paving
ln Point Grey had been done cheaper
than in this city. One of the "would-
bes," sad said the Point Grey paving
costs $1.25 per square yard while New
Westminster paid $2.26 tor the same
measurement. As a matter of tact
Point Grey paid $1.80 for a total of
four Inches of bithulithic with no
curbs or any finish to tbe streets
while New Westminster paid $2.25 for
ber paving with curbs, complete finish
and six inches if bithulithic. In addition the base of the New Westminster bithulithic was of a more permanent character than that of the other
municipality. Mr. Kellington bad positive proof of his figures on hand In
tho shape of letter* from the engineer
ot Point Grey.
The candidate belittled the suggestion of Mr. Peebles that the city would
save a great deal of money by the establishment of a cement testing plant.
"Suppose one were established,"
Mr. Kellington said, "and tha operator made a mistake, tbe.ctty would
be forced to remake all work ."at It*
own cost At present if a contractor
does not finish his job to the satisfaction of the engineer-he I* compelled
to replace It
"There I* nothing easier than faultfinding," commented Mr. Kellington,
"It require* no brain*, no self-denial,
no capital, and no talent to aet one up
In the grumbling business. I boar no
malice against thoae people bnt advise them to think before they make
statement* a* to reckless expenditures."
8e**"�� Flcures. ���
Mayor-elect Gray, a* chairman of
the finance committee ot the 1912
council made a report en the finance*
of the city showing that the affair*
of the city were tn very good shape.
The speaker then took up the que*-
ment   In   Victoria,  and   he   therefore
wants to help run the city."
His worship then went on to explain
'hat the temporary loan bylaw to
which -Mr. Peebles has such an aversion. Is a necessity and is issued ln
every city ln the country to tide them
over until the taxes come in.
Going even further Into the depths,
his worship took up Mr. Bryson's claim
of credit for forcing the Vancouver.
Power company down to bed-rock in
building the Coqultlam dam. The city
had nothing to do with the building of
this dam, but did want the land surrounding the lake. The case has been
strenuously fought and ia not yet settled. He told of the appointment by
the provincial government of a competent engineer to see that the water
supply of Westminster was safeguarded in every way. This was done, and
A. O. Powell, the present harbor engineer, is responsible more than any
other One man for the company being
forced to get down to blue clay before
putting In the foundations of the dam.
The recent muddy water, said the
mayor, mlgbt hove happened at any
time before the dam waB completed,
although everything In reason bad
been done to prevent such an occurrence.
Another Pipe Dream.
The charge, that secrecy Is being
observed In the harbor scheme proved
another myth. The mayor pointed
out that when the bylaw was submitted and many times since, lt has been
explained that the $600,000 voted waa
tor tho purpose ot widening and extending Front street from the city
Market to Tenth Btreet. The reason
the work haa not yet been started I*
that the city la still engaged in the
numerous details which must be completed before work the can be undertaken.
Foreshore rights must be obtained
from the Dominion government lease*
cancelled, and many other arrangement* made for prosecuting the work
to a successful conclusion.
"The people," said ,hi* worship,
"have shown by their enterprise and
expressed by their votes that they
have confidence In their city and
iliarbor and there I* little question but
that .parliament,wilt pass a bill creating a harbor commission. This I* the
only city on the coa*t where extensive preparations are being made to
take advantage of tbe benefit* to ec-
inte from the opening of the Panama
The mayor closed hi* remark* with
an appeal to th* voters to choose oare-
lully the men to represent them tn
the council and to choose men who
-will carry out th* policies which th*
ratepayers have so clearly endorsed.
George Kennedy, a candidate' for
alderman, made a speech, but only
an Infinitesmal fraction of the crowd
which had tilled the theatre remained
to hear htm. Most ot these' did not
understand what he wa* talking about
that the$fOT*rament lb order to dee- tion ot the mayor'* London trip, stat-
Loat en Daeert.
Lo* Angele*. Jan. U.���Mr*. Claude
Baker Glbb* reported to the police today that her husband, a motor truck
���alesman, had disappeared on the desert between Bakerafleld and Taft.
She feared he had been lost ln the
sandstorm Which swept the desert
Jan. 4. Glbb*, acordlng to his wife,
started Jan. 2 to deliver an automobile truck, to a purchaaer et Taft and
failed to arrive at his destination.
Pathe's Two-Reel  Film  D'Art
A Classic Masterpiece fn Colors.
*t*be most maanloflent pmsjsso-'
tlon of this famous tragedy ever
conceived���a marvef of beauty.
Denny & Ross
Furnishing Homes
Get Our Prices
It will pay you
Corner Sixth and Carnarvon Streets, New
3,500 tons, 7,000 horse-power
Sailing Every Monday (,12 Midnight)
for Prince Rupert.
Connecting with Grand Trunk Pacific Railway tor points east   ot
Prince Rupert. / !
Connecting with S.S. "PRINCE   JOHN"    on   certain   dates   for
Stewart Granby Bay, Massett and other Queen Charlotte Island points
Saturdays (12 Midnight) for
Victoria and Seattle
SS. "Prince Albert" for Prince Rupert mad war ports,
 3rd, 13th and 23rd of each month.
Through tickets to all Eastern destinations and to Europe.   Tow
choice of rail and ocean lines.
H. G. SMITH, C. P. & T. A. W. B. DUPEROW, G. A. V. D.
Phone Seymour 7160.     VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street
W. R. OlttEY, Phene It*. IE. QlttEY, Ptioa*SSI.
Phones, Offlcd IS and IS.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
whith we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
Pre*, aad deal. Mgr.       Vlce-Preatdent See. aad Tree*.
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phones No. 7 and S77.
VfMVm Show You How!
If you have idea*���if you can think���we will show yen th* secret* of tale fascinating new profession. '"
Positively uo experience or literary excellence necessary.   No flowery language" Is waited. a   i  ��'
The demand for photoplay* Is praetloally naUmlted.   Tke big film manufacturers are ["moving heaven  '
aad earth" In their attempt* to get aaOngh good plots to supply th* ever Increasing demand.   They are of
(erring MOO and more, for single scenario*, or written idea*. *
We have received many letter* trom the film m-toutocturer*. such a* VITAGRAPH, EDISON, ES8A-
photoplay* tu then..    Wo want more* writer* and we'll gladly teachh you the secret* of sueceas.
We are sslllna photoplay* -wrtten by people who "never before wrote * line for publication.
Perhaps we can do the same for yen.  It you can think of only one good Idea every week,   aad   wtM^
write It ent *A.dlr*cted by us, aad it sails for only SM, a low figure, %*
Don't hesitate.  Don't argue. Writ* Mpr and learn Just what thla new "������itrfeetuon may mean tor you -
'.-,���... , .
1543 BrmaJurxiy
���:��.,;' PAGE   BIX
TUESDAY,   JANUARY   14.   1913.
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used as required wittln one year trom date ot
contract $26.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 60o,
Death Notice 60c or with Funeral Notice $1.80. Card of Thanks 60c per
house-keeping rooms. Give description, location, price. Write Chas.
J. Rutler, Fernrldge Lumber Co.
house.    Give  location,   description,
price.   T. S. Greene, Box 561, City.
jj s
room modern house on good sized
lot< and fairly close in. Answer at
once to Box 477, News, or phone
728. (��7)
Mrs. Petticoat Sees Domestio
Side of Battleship Life.
suitable for light housekeeping. Apply 213 Seventh street. (449)
new house, furnace heated. Apply
418 Ash Btreet. (467)
unfurnished; modern conveniences,
at 1316 Cariboo street. (426)
rooms for rent at 224 Seventh
street. (����?��
keeping roomB, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes
street. <398>
small rooms over the News offtce
Suitable for club or light manutac
turlng purposes. Will lease for twr
or three year (era. singly or en blec
Apply to Manager the News.
4 and 7 years old.   Phone 499.
seller and buyer together.
The Significance ef Little Things That
Half to OU the Social Wheels���No
Quarter Par the Man Who Forgets
His Wife's Birthday.
Wear Etsa-i wu so sorry jrou could
not come to New York wben tbe fleet
wss1 here, fer tbe sight waa well wortli ferent. work If you choose.  For exam
lot 60x160, price $1000.      Box    461.
loom). Re,ward for return of same
to Mrs. Dr! Jones, 48 Royal avenue
Stove. Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week.
Canada Range Co., Market square.
Tenders are required for the erec-
tlon and completion of a Three storey,
llrick Store and Apartment Building
to be erected on the corner of Sixth
pnd Carnarvon Street, New Westminister, for'A. W, McLeod, Esq.
Plans and copies of Specifications
ran be obtained on application to the
Architects, and tenders received up
to noon on Friday, January 24th.
The owner does not bind himself to
accept the lowest or any tender.
Westminster Trust Block, New
Westminster, B. C. " '    j:;, (476)
Re New Westminster District. Block
S of Lot 92, Group 1, Map 1146.
"Whereas proof of the Iobs of Cer-
t"flcate of Title Number 28620F, Issued In the name of Lily Rita McNeill,
bga been filed in this office.'
Notice is hereby given that I shall
nt the expiration of one mcn^h trti/p
the data "f the first publication heret-
cf, last daily newspaper published In
tho Gttjr of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, mi-
lees In the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
C.   S.  KEITH,
The Corporation Invites tenders for
the construction of 1782 linear feet
or more, of cedar pile quay wall.
Further Information and specifications may be obtained from A. O.
Powell, Harbor Engineer, Rooms 611-
614 Westminster Trust Building, New
Westminster,  B.C.
Tenders  will  be  delivered  to  the
undersigned, on or before 6 p.m., January  27,  1913.    The lowest,  or any,
tender not necessarily accepted.
City Clerk.
City Hall, Jan. 7, '13. (436)
The Corporation invites tenders for
the delivery' on barges at the City
Quay, of 30,000 tons more or lees, of
quarry run rock.
Further information and specifications may be obtained from A. O.
Powell, Harbor Engineer, Rooms 611
514 Westminster Trust Building,
New Westminster, B.C.
Tenders   will  be  delivered   to  the
undersigned, on or before 6 p.m., Janu
ary   27,   1913.     The   lowest,   or   any,
tender not necessarily accepted.
City Clerk
City Hall, Jan. 7, '13. (436)
Pursuant to Section 7, of the Brit
Ish Columbia Railway Act, 1911, no
tice Is hereby given that there Ua:
been deposited with the Registrar Ii.
New Westminster, plan, profile   and
District Registrar of Titles. I book of Reference of the location ol
Land Registry Office, New Westmln,-  th? Canadian  Northern  Pacific  Rail-
��tof, B.C. December 22nd, 1912
Curtis Block, Nt** ���*7tttmln��*er, B.C.
Telephone MB.   "; l��. O. Box 777.
way, mileage 6 to io, L\iiu Island, ap>
proved by the Minister of Railways of
British  Columbia. (469)
Chief Engineer.
I i    sss^sJSjjjSSasijI,..
seeing. Over a hundred of our battle
ships, armored cruisers and torpedo
bouts lined up for miles along ths Hud
���on rirer. and at nlgbt wben the ships
WW* brilliantly lighted, tbe effect was
gorgeous. Dick knew a number of the
olU'-ers on board tbe ships, to we were
royally entertained during tbelr stay
In 'liese waters. I bad Iota of fun go-
log over one of the ships' with a young
enxlgu. Ue was so terribly afraid tbat
everything would not be In perfect
order thai he reminded me of a very
new young housekeeper receiving ber
husband's relatives ror the first time
You go down a flight of stairs. Lvery-
thing is up and down on a ship, just
like your grandmother's old bouse In
(lie country, where uo two rooms are
on ttie same level.
"Here's tbe mess room," sold my escort.
"Hut where are - the tnblps and
������hull's?" I Inquired, looking meanwhile
Into corners lor piled up heaps of fur
nit ure.
"Up on the colls," replied Mr. Ensign.
And, sure enough, there were the tables
on racks sgalnst tbe celling, but not
a choir In sight
"Where are the chairs?" I persisted,
ind the encyclopedic guide explained
tbat Ihe seats were all fastened to the
celling. Tbey are long benches which
fold up like those for the tables
.lust think uf getting your furniture ull
out of Ihe way during hoiiseclennlnir
time ot when you want to give a dnnt-e:
And OO sharp corners to hump Into
when you come home In the dark!
I'p another flight of stairs, across a
sort of bridge effect and down again.
Slid I found myself lu the ship's sewing room-H man's sewing room.
There sat three seamen, their legs
thrashing np nnd down like mad,
stitching nwny for dear life. "Tbey
are the ship's seamstresses, the tul
lorn." explained my escort.
"Is there nn nitnciimeiit for darning
socks, nr do yon Uo them by band?" l
saucily Inquired.
A smile of pitying toleration appear
ed on the countennnre of Mr. Enslg
Napkin Rings Out of Date���Napkin
Envelopes In.
Napkin rings are out of date. The
time honored circlet of silver. Ivory or
carved wood will no longer grace the
tables ot tbe truly up to date bouse
keeper. In tbelr place has appeared
the daintiest of table accessories, the
napkin envelope.
These, dainty receptacles are mnde of
sue linen that matches the center-
rleces and dollies used elsewhere on
Ibe table.
Tbey are decorated wltb embroidery.
cf course, but here there ls opportunity for, more elaborate work, and dlf-
pie. a girl can make her own napkin
mvelope. embroidered with a pretty
���pray of her favorite flowers and her
monogram or one initial ln oue corner,
and this Is a good plan, for then if she
goes sway from home on a visit it can
be taken along to be used by ber
hostess In pluce of tlie usual ring.
Tou can obtain the pattern by opening an ordinary business envelope six
and one-half or seven Inches by three
snd one-half inches wide. Cut the Un
tn according to this pattern and but
Missionary Sees Hope for Country in
Present Unrest���Deprecates
Violent Deeds.
Honolulu, Jan. 12.���That there ts
great social unrest throughout India
ls the assertion of tbe Rev. Dr. E. C
Scudder, who arrived from the Far
East after many years of mission
"I can see a great future for India
as a Christian land," said Dr. Scudder.
"1 sea. it in- the unrest. Not necessarily ln riots or the unrest shown by
deed's of violence���ihat was stopped
by the grace and tact of India's Emper
or and Empress at the Delhi Durbar
���but the restlessness over the restraint of caste. Things occur now
which were Impossible thirty years
"There Ib a restless eagerness after
western education and western customs." continued Dr. Scudder, "and a
restless unbelief In the old gods and
religions.    Temples are decaying and
tonhole tbe edges, either straight or In famng i���t0 disuse, while there is a
shallow scallops. Then stump the del half-hearted endeavor to prevent this
sired design on the plain portion of j unbelief In the drawing together of
the linen thnt corresponds to the side i those who have been at variance or
of the envelope which hears the ad-! unknown to each other and the bir n
Sres. wneriemlng letter. Vou can I of the South India United Church, in
uress wneii sending iiieiiv, which the various denom nations are
Choose a design of -lowers that  will  which ttejr nop ^ ^^
allow a blossom or a spray of leaves,    ���_he [nd|an ohrU,lan nas develop-
to be carried over on (lie llnp. or that | pd wonoerf���iiy |n the last few years
���pace may be reserved for the uiuno-and )a forging ahead with stendy ad-
fram or Initial of the owner. ' vancement." said Dr. Scudder in con-
Another method ntf making the envel-; elusion. "What Is known as the In-
ope Is.to cut nn oliloiig piece of linen dlan Church has been recently estab-
IOH by OU Indies scallop and button���' lishrd In several missions in which
hole the edges. From one end measure j the missionaries make a grant quar-
*���*���������*���' ��� | ��.._-.,     n���A     i,.,,..w.     fi.iMio     urn    nctrafiillV
thi** nnd oue-hnlf .m-tit* 111.1] fold the
Public Notice ls hereby given to the
elector* of thu Municipality of the City
of New Westminster, thut I require the
presence of the said electors at the Council Chamber, City Hall, Columbia street,
New Westminster, on the 13th day of
January, 1913, at 12 o'clock noon, for the
purpose of electing persons to represent
them In the Municipal Council as Mayor
and  Aldermen.
'Hie mode of nomination of candidate!.
shall be as follows: Tho Candidates ahall
be nominated in writing; the writing shall
be subscribed by two voters of the Municipality as proposer and seconder, and
shall bo delivered to the Returning Officer at any time between the date of
the notice and 2 :00 p.m. of day of nomination, and In the event of a poll being
nucessary, such poll will be opened on
the K.th day of January, 1913 at:
at. George's Hall* oorner of Clarkson
and  Church  streets.
No   4 Fire Hall, Keary street.
No!   6   Fire   Hall.   Thirteenth  street.
Crane's   Store,   Quo��_n*borough.
From   9:00   o clock   a.m.   to   7:00   p.m.
of which 'every persdii  }s hereby requir*
ed to take notice and Govern hlmsel{ accordingly.
'.* �����������*,* The persons qualified to be nominated for and eleot��d as the Mayor ���������
shall be such persona as are male British
subjects of tho full agw of twenty-one
years, and are not disqualified under any
taw and have been for the six months
preceding the day of nomination tlie
registered owner, In the Land Registry
Office, of land or real property In the
City of the assessed value on the last
Municipal Roll of One Thousand Dollars,
or more, over and above any registered
judgment or charge, and who are otherwise duty qualified as municipal voters."
m *������ The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected as Aldermen ������**
shall be such persons as are mule Urltish
subjects of ttie full age of twenty-one
years, and are not disqualified under any
law. and to have been for the six months
next preceding tho day of nomination the
rrfristered owner, in tht* L*und Registry
Office of land or real property In the
City of the assessed value on the last
Municipal flgpriMmrnt Roll, of Five Hundred Dollara or more, ov��r and above any
registered Judgment or charge, and who
are otherwise qualified as municipal vot-
Given under my hand at the City of
New Westminster, Ihe 4th day of January.   1913.
(411*) Returning Officer.
linen oter flat w> ilmt It will lie over
Uie otber fold, ns dof* the Hup of the
envelope. This done, the embroidery I**j
worked on the outside of the flap, und|
the end:-* of this nblnnc envelope nre
terly and these funds are carefully
administered by Indians. Thus the
light   Is  breaking,  the  morning com-
Hurta Chlne��e����   Reform.
Peking, Jan. 13.���Dr. W. Roeat, of
eniisht  tonether  with  the  buttonholej Batavia, Dutch EaBt Indies, who was
Ktltrta or by narrow rliibon run through appointed  advlseor   to   the   Chinese
-iimll eyelets thai have previously been  Government for the reform of the cub*
THE HOYA1. COMMISSION nppolnted hy
thi- Provincial Uovernmont 10 Inquire Into
the conilltl.inH of agriculture In tht- l'n,-
vlnce, in Its various brunches, anil in all
I its  relations  to  industrial  and economic
toms law. died at Mukden today.    It
Is feared his death will disorganize the , development, will hold sessions al th
reform scheme.
lowing places and dates assigned
Vancouver^���Court-house,   January
Prospector Burned to Death.
Rapid City, S. D., Jan. 13.���Charles |
SwanBon, old-time miner and prospec-
tor in the Black Hills, was burned to <
death ln his cabin early today when, !
after the houBe had caught fire from a
lamp    explosion,    he    dodged    back
through the flames to    rescue a bas ;
of nuggets. _
Clever Poaching In France.
Poaching  lu  Trance l�� stelMstlflcnlly
organised by regular bands of punch
ens, wliu set out ut night by motorcar
i with highly K|iccluliccd apparatus, nft
17 th
1. A Quarter 'Section In Saskatchewan
in exchange "for Burnaby property.
2. A fine Three Storey Block in a
thriving Manitoba agricultural section. Portion of block leased for
$40 per month. Balance ln use. This
Is   a   going   concorn   clearing     ten
thousand -per annum. Will exchange
for revenue producing B. C. Property.       ;
3. Two full bearing orchards in tho
Okanakan Valley. In each caae own-
em will trade for coast property.
The properties are handy to thc best
educational facilities.
4. A Matsqui ranch in exchange for
Alberta acreage.
5. A choice Chilliwack 50-acre ranch
with choice buildings, for revenue
producing city property.
Write or call on ua If you want to
trade an we have a number of bargains worthy of your consideration.
Firs, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile. Burglary, Employer'a
Liability Insurance.
I For   Exc-ionce   In    Shaving.,  Haircultlns
and Hhiimpoolttg give the
'   35   Eighth   tt.    David   Boyle)  Prop.
In trial     l'our skilled workmen.    OurJ.ys-
Itvtii  nt   ir.'allng   the   Scalp   for    dalWruff
J*'. fiilliiiK hair cannot be Improves) ujpon.
P'ri   n.
HasmiKlnK a speciality.
Re Lots I, B, 7 (except the southwesterly 32 feet by 54 Vi feet of said
lot 7) of portion or lots 1. 2 and I
and a portion of 20 feet by 106 feet
marked "Lane," or Lot 6, Block 34.
Map y04. in the City of New West
Whereas proof of the loss of Certifl
catc of Title Number 128681", Issued
In the name of Robert l.ennle, has
been filed In this office.
Notice Is hereby given that I shall
at tho expiration of oue month from
the date of the first publication hereof
in a dally newspaper published in thc
City'of    New Westminster,    Issue    a
Billiards and] Pool
niggeat and best line of Pipes,
Cigari nnd Smoking requisites
Wholesale and retail.
J   L. Duncan,"Ltd.
609 Columbia  St.
P.O  Box 34 Daily News Bldg.
of all kinds.
"Prli      rli'.lit     ipt'sfaction guaranteed.
*���,*) McKenzie St.
W i I Bui i Modern
5-Roomed Bungalow
Just oil Pixth Street car line, with
hot water heat. $3150.00; $1000.00
cash, balance to arrange.
Coldleutt Block, Fourth Avenue
Phone 719. East Burnaby, B.C.
who replied with a sl(-nlflciint Dnurlsi
of bin band In tbe direction of tbe Hust
"Our method of rppnlrinc socks Is
fnr smperlnr fo the old rasliioned way
ot ilnrnlii'T. We require neither ma'
chine. (hiT.'ul nor needle. We throw
etu OTerbonnl,"
''Would jiju enre to sec my qnies.
tet-V politely Inquired my guide nftef
We bad Inspected the kitchen reclou*
and found Ibem Immaculate ami up to
dale lu their appointments.
The ensign, stifling the mingled
pride and imslety whicb. always beset
young hn��**��kf���.'liar's. Wd the way to
tain nprUliY.uiit with a nonchalant :,g.
After giving a hnMy glance orf.iihd tbt
rniw nsi I peered Into It aud, whifi
-prenoivluK an nnroncerned face. 1
caught blm giving a surreptitious; backward kick to nn Inquisitive slimier *���*��
der his bunk and swiftly Jamming-'a
sorlnbly inclined handkerchief /barak
Uito the drnwer of a chest.
"'I Uldn't know until yesterday." con-
i>Bi>ed Mr. Ensign earnestly, "that 1
Was a confirmed old bachelor." ll
scarcely think be looks bis advance*!
Ige ol twenly-three.l
"I bad nBked some girls over fnr te*,
and I told the hoy tn clean up say
quarters. Welt, do yon know, I weal
down there after lunch, and such a
pline: It took another fellow nnd ssk
e. whole hour working frantically Jus*
tn straighten up���not to clenn up at
all-Just to smooth things over." Hsf
ernrd. luit the boy was funny!
The ward mom would bare
ocxt In order for Inspection, but tl
was up -visiting hours were mer-
tbere was a chance mily for one i*-ef>
into tbe quarter which seemed to Is* e
thoroughly   masculine "Ince,  Its walls
Boarding   House   Bunness   Good   For
Woman ot Executive Ability.
In the Woman K Home Companion a
woiiiun  wrlli'i a   most  Interesting account of ber experiences ns n ki��i-per ol
a   hoarding   house.     She   thinks   Ihat
where   a   -woman   has   a   very   small
amount of capital  Hie hoarding house
business  Is  tlie   nest   business   in   tlie
world    'following i�� a oner extract:
"The  actual   reason  for uiy  success
lu  keeping   imnrders Ik  this:     I   nave
given  my  hoarders clean  rooms, good
service and  excelled!   homelike  meals.
well   cooked   from   Hie   best   materials | |iap( hidden away, to pluce Ibe gnme
oil tbe market.    Some of tbe poachers !','r"f'rom'a'riy"point of View they'may debate Immense nets  made of tine ���..*������*** _ ��� HAYWA!tD, M.I..A.
mesh   BU|i|n,rled  on   long   poles.     ren | Chairman
men   ure   required   to   manlpulale  the o. B. CHWSTRNSF.V
Election for School Trustees.
Puhllc Not lea is hereby given to tho
Bleotors of the City of New Vfestlnster
that I require the presence of the said
Klectors at the Council Chamber, City
Hall. Columbia street, on the 13th day or
January, 1918, at 12 o'clock noon, for tlur
purpose of electing persons to represent
them as School Trustees.
The mode of nomination of candidate*
shall he as follows: The candidate* shall
bo nominated In writing, the writing Shall
be subscribed by two voters of the Municipality us proposer and seconder anil
shall be^ delivered to the Returning Officer at any time between tho date of
the notice, and the hour of two p.m: oa thi,
day of nomination; und in the event of n
poll being- necessary, bucIi poll will be
opened on the 16th day of January, 1918.
St. George's Hall, corner of Clurkaori
und Church  streets.
No, 4  Fire Hall, Keary street.,
No.  B  Fire Hall Thirteenth street.
Crane's   Store,   tiuuensborouirh.
From II :00 o'clock a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
of which every person Is hereby required to take notice and govern himself accordingly.
."In every Municipal School District any
person being a householder In the School
District, and being a BrltlHh subject or
the full age of twenty-one years and
otherwise qualified by the Public School
Act. 1905. and amending Act, to vote at
an election nr School Trustees In the
snld School District, shall be elUrlble tis
be elect.si or te serve as a School Trustee in such Municipal District "
., Olven under my hand ut tho Clly or
New Westminster, the 4th day of Janu-
8rv    1013
,.-., J-   STILWKLI,  CMJTB,
<"<>> Returning  Officer.
Block "B," aouth half of District Lot
1368, containing 45 acres, more or
less, Municipality of North Vancouver.
Whereas, proof of loss of Certificate
of Title No. 11590 C, covering the
above mentioned property, issued Id
the name of Corporation of District of
North Vancouver, has been filed In.
this office, notice Is hereby given that
I shall at the expiration of one month
from date of first publication hereof
Issue a duplicate of said Certificate,
of Title, unless ln the meantime valid
objection be riade to me ln writing.
Dated at tha Land Registry office,.
this Uth day of December A.D.. 1912.
(311) District Registrar.-
B.C. Coast Service
and served simply and eltlciently.
"Itreaktust Is from 7 lo s::m They
have their choice ot two cooked nml
one uncooked ,-��-mil nnd Ihe fruits or
the seiison. eggs In every style or
chops, hoi rolls and coffee. Some take
egifs   lieafen   In   milk   und   others   hot
bidJwl ""Ik. ' t"k>' n��tn* to have the; through receivers in different purls of
tH-lHS of the boarders rmeretl lo Thai | ,ue cmlllto-. smuggling It through lllc
MJ**, , ;>cirn! (c|tv eJ^.'.'.ups; concealed in mn-
"Mim-heon Is rttilii  lii tu  I o'tloi'kt. 1 i���r.ais bcueath DUHblOUi and In tli'e
We have a   mil  ctltree. a  cold   inenl
10th and 1 HI:
New  Westminster���City  Hall
HUl and  Uth.
Victoria���Court-bOUSe,      January
and 13 th.
All the sessions to be oommencsd at 10
o'clock a.m. of each day.
Anybody   dunlins;   tO   glVS   evidence   hc-
rmv tie. Commission on any subject within
the scope of this Inquiry Is hereby invited t��� appear at any of tha above sll-
thus of the Commission.
It  Is  the  purpose   to   Hive   th,.  Inquiry
the     widest      and      fullest      scope     possible.
While  It  Is  the  Intention   to  take  up  the
Investigation  trom the  point of view of
the practical producer, be he horticulturist, dairyman, or stock-breeder, etc.. it Is I Wednesday and Friday
also  the desire  to ascertain  the -Ww-fS ol        ,_���,���.,,���   rh|,���w;1���k    -
the consumer,   the   middleman,  the  com-   Tnurmlliy ���,���, Hal���r,1:,j.,
,U'^;'; ..ra^"aHn,:nhefor,. fiS'l-ommls-lKI".  QOUXJBT,   Asm,.  New   worn
erwinxl  biirryllip back to  I'arU, their fl*,,n' vvil| not be rwtrtcted to w*y tornuuiH. w. BSlODIS. o. p. A., Vanco
nr- of Inquiry, but will ��h- afforded avoir
opportunity to uika up tho subject  mat
Ltavei Vancouver for Victoria. 10 a. m.���
2 p. m, anil 11 :45.
LeavM Vancouver for BaatUe L0 a. tn*.
and 11 p, iu.
i.t;iv<n Vancouver for Nonalmo -i i>  tn.
Leavw Vanoouver for T*rinc>' Uuiwrt
and Northern 1'oltiu 10 p. m. Wodnec*
Leavei Vancouver every Wednesday at
10 [i. m
Chilliwack Service
Leaves   Westminster
a.   m.
nets, clslit to hold (he poles and t\v<
lo beat the game The poachers place
their   name   on   tile   centra!    maricet
preserves  nntl  crtke.   plenty   nt   liread
slid putter, coffee, tea and Iced tea.
"Illniier ts from tl to 7:15. We hnve
soup, one kind of meat, but thnt sn
perlatlvely Rood: two veueUbles. a snl
ad Add n desserl-not an elaborate
menu, but cooked "Tell, daintily served and mnde of the best materials
and the tiest variety. We once ran
tnrty days without duplication a dca
serL Thnt'* why my pie*** are i��r-
ma-ieut and paylu1-."
cases of In cobiuierctiil travelers' sain
pie boxes with double bottoms.
duplicate of tho aald Certificate,    un
leas in the meantime valid objection   ""ed with pictures.    She was there hi
For the Men's Room.
Amnni:   tbe  new   leather   lielonrrlnj-s
which are ready for holiday rIvIiik are
these excellent gifts lor a man.    Um
bo made to me In writing.
C. 8. KEITH.
District Registrar of Titles
Land Registry Offtce,
New   Westminster,   B.C.,   January
3. 1903.
It'a tha Work.
Uae Your Phone
628 Clarkson Street. Phone 490
Eighty Rooms, New and Modern.
The moat cemfortable rooms in thf
city. Hot and celd water and steam
radiator In each. Bar and first clast
cafo run lu connection.
Cor. Front and Begble St.    Phone 181
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
full tunc and variety, a la (iilison. a
la llnrrtwin fisher nnd a la nobody til
Hut don't yon think. I'lsa. dear, that
In hum world the significance of ilitle
things Is often overlooked? Wmne-n
I hi in nil. don't lose sight nr them ns
much as men do. The housewife, for
instance, who wants In make Iter tunue
attractive *|s-nds time aad Ihuiight
opon Ihe smallest details and sees to
It Hint the Inside as well us the outside of her glass lamp globes Is dust
ed and that her rugs are even nnd
straight, flic knows Hint a good din
nei is one thai Is good throughout nnd
thai coin gravy or stale bread will
Jake ihe touch of completeness away
trom an otherwise charming meal.
Nothing la too small tu be of some
Importance, and Hi* man who forgets
bis wife's birthday or does not stoop
to pick up her handkerchief when she
drops It ts pulling out one by one the
ally pew which hold together the great
���trui lure of their happiness.
My. what a lot of cheap philosophy
I am netting out of my system! But
the weal her has been so "beastly,
you know." for tba last few days
that I'm feeling down on my luck. Bo
j write suou and ctumr np your doleful
! -hum. MABEL.
Tha Light In the Ssa.
In Hie course of n cruise organized
by    the   Norwegian    government    for
oconnographlcal purposes Investigations were made ttl determine to what
depths lu the ocean ntmuspberlc light
penetrnteH. I'rom the experiments It
nppeura Hint the red rays do uot extend below (i*K> meters, but the violet
and the blue nre mill Impressed upon
tlie photogrnphle plate. At 1.UU0 meters ure still to be seen smue violet and
NOTICE!   la   hereby   given   that   meetings
ot the Provincial ljibour Commission
will  be helil at  tho following places:���
Victoria ��� Tuesilav anil Wednesday,
January 14th and tilth. In thc Maple
Committee-room of the Parliament Buildings, at  lu a.m.
Vancouver ��� l'rhlay nnd Saturday,
January Klh anil 18th. Court-house, 10
Mew Westminster���Monday, January
J!0th, City  Hall,  10 u.m.
Kamloops���Wednesday, January 2'nd.
Court-house.   10   a.m.
Salmon  Arm���Thursday,  Januard ''3rd.
Ilevelstoko ��� Friday, January 24th
Court-house,  10 a.m.
Other meetings will he announced later.
The Commission will  hear evidence
Ultra  violet rays, but at  1.700 meters  M ���"jM^a-'f Je^tSmmTmp
every ruy of light Is extinguished. J lie i invltssd to be present.
Chauffeur la Killed.
Sun Francisco, Jan. 13���William C.
| Jones, a chauffeur, was'instantly klll-
; ed at a street crossing tonight,  when
the  heavy  touring  car he was drlv
Norwegian government propose" to
Utilize this knowledge in the study of
the iiiarlue life of the ocean bed.-
He Wesrs One Suit Three Times.
Tbe czar of Kiismu Ih generally supposed to spend more on bis clothes
than nny other reigning monarch. Ills
luilierlnl mujesty rurely wears a ault
of clothes more than three times, and
i he pays from $:;,", lo fot' fnr Ills or
dlnury walking and morning suits.
The two firms of tailors wbo bare tbe
czar's custom do little otber business
The czar'n custom Is supposed to be
worth JIO.fKKl iier annum net profit to
Hie tailor who makes bis ordinary
clothes nnd $ I.1.000 per unnum lo the
lallur wbn has tbe making of bis uniforms and court dresses.
II.  O.  PAllSON.
P.  ft.  McNAMAltA,
(4 OB     ' Heoretary. Ja2
Is a set nf desk scissors and pni-er
cutter In a leather caws, und the other
Is a new whisk broom bolder, wblch
la very mannish In style.
Now Beauty,Soot Is en ths Veil.
Tbe beauty spot rell Is Ihe very hit
est fashion whimsy. On the length
and breudth of a white or flesh tinted
Shetland silk veil there Is Just one
dot���an  nppllqued  dot  of   velvet���nhd | tractors  must
when tbe veil Is tied over the hat the ��8ftfiS%j__ StVte __4$0M*
tot ls mnde to come in that particular   their tinnier. ,  ' ,
Inenlltv inhere ��� court rilastcr heaulv Bach tender must he nccomp-miei!, BJ
locality wnere a coun piaster oi amy u] J���pffij ehop.ua un a cluirtered hank.
���pot would ordinarily be worn. This payable to the order of the Honourable the
_��� _, ,��� tha side of the chin on the Minister of. Public Works, for five pet-
tnay De at tne sine or ine cnin. on ine    ,(nt (fj      ^ of thn cmUract price, which
cheek, at one comer of the mouth or tu   wm be forfeited If the person tendering
���HS'U'D TtDNDBRB, addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for
Dredging "nuta Creek, Vancouver, wlU
he ncelved until 4:00 p.m. on Friday,
January SI, 1013. for dredging required
;it Ksiso Creek. Vancouver,  B.C.
Tinders will not bo considered unless
rmide on the forms supplied, and signed
with the actual signatures of tenderers.
Combines! spis-iricallon and fm'tn of tinder can be obtained on application to tin?
Secretary, Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, and to C. C. Worafold. Buq-, District Hiurinoef, New Westminster. B.C
Tenders must Include the towing of the
plant to and from thn work. Dredges aau
tugs not owned and registered ln Canada sliall not be employed In the pcrfor-
mance of the v/orlt ci'itriictcl for. Oon-
*o Is gin work
tin  dat"   they
sny otber piquant and becoming altu-
Rebela Are Active.
Mexico City, Jan. 13.���The rebelB today attacked El Potrero, an American-
owned hacienda near Paso Del Mache,
A. .11. Lawrence, manager,in mlSBlng.
decline to enter Into a contract when call
,d upon to do ao. or fall to complete the
work contracted for. If the tender be not
accepted   the  ehoirue   will   be  returned.
The Department does not bind Itself to
ncccpt the lowest or any tender.
By Order.
Department  of   Puhllc  Works,
Ottawa. December 57. 11)12.
Newspapers  will   nol   he   paid   for  this
invirtlaunent if they lns��rl It without au-
COAL MINING rights of the Domlhlon
lo Manitoba, Saskatchewan and alhi-.rtu,
tho Yukon Territory, tho Northwest Territories and in a portion ot the Province
of British Columbia, may be leaned for a
term of twenty-one years at an annua)
rental of tl an aore. Not more than 2&I10
acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant lu person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of tho district lu which tho
sights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions ef mctlons. and In unsurveyed territory the tract upplled for shall be
stoked out by thn applicant himself.
Kach application must be accompanied
by a fun of IS which will bn refunded If
the rights applied for ere not available,
but not otherwise, A royalty shall be
paid on tho merchantable, output nf the
mine at the rate of flvo cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of merchantable, coal mined and pay tho royalty thereon. If tho coal mining rights
lire not being opernted such returns should
bn  furnished  at  least  once a  year.
The lease will include the csal mining
rights only, but tho leasee will bo permitted to purchase, whatiwiir uvnllnble
surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of tlio mine at the
rate of 110 an acre.
For full Information application should
he made to the Secretary of the Depart
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.
w. w. couy.
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
N. II.���Unauthorised publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for.
nn collided with a taxlcab and turned , Employees at this hacienda number- {h-trity from the Department.���8JMS
4��  Lorne  8treet,  New  Westminster, over upon him. I ed 30, 24 of them Americans, | US6)
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters.   Aerated Water*
Manufactures) by
Telephone R tit. Office: Princess St
13,850 Tons Register
34,000 Tons Displacement
16.850 Tons Register.
34,000 Tons  Displacement.
These new  palatial liners will leav��*
Southampton on  April   1st and    May
27th respectively   tor   Vancouver  via.
tho Suez Canal, calling at   Gibraltar.
Monaco or Ville Franche, Purl   Said.
Colombo.    Singapore,     Hong      Knng,
Shanghai.   Maji Nagasaki,   Kobe   and
Around the World Tickets From Vancouver, $639.10.
Choice of Atlantic steamships from St.
John, Montreal, Quebec,, Halifax, Portland, Boston or New York.
Passengers will have the opportunity of taking many aide trips during
thn Kmpre3aes' stay at the principal
ports. Time of voyage from Southampton to Vancouver about two.
montliH. Full purlietilars, rates, ate,
on application to
New Westminster
Or H. W. Brodie, O.P.A. Vancouver
D. McAulay
fel. 7(11.
Cor. 6th and Columbia
who do not receive The Newe before*
I a.m. should
and make complaint. Only In this way
may an efficient delivery be maintained.
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and    second    hand
goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
10 Mclnnes Street. Phone 100S
Arrived. Perfect Fit and Workman
ahllp Guaranteed,
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street TUE80AY,   JANUARY   14.   1913.
Talking Pictures Come
From Edison9s Brain
New York, Ja��. 13.���Thomas A. Edl-
���son sat back in his chair and chuckl-
��d this afternoon in the theatre ot
his laboratory at West Orange, N. J���
_s there passed upon a screen in front
of him a procession of human beings
and animals that sang and talked aud
shouted and played upon musical Instruments, and barked and made various other noises that moving pictures
have never before furnished.
lt waB a moment of triumph for
Edison, the result of four years ot
unremitting effort to reproduce sound
jiynchronOusly with action.
"That's a little raw yet," laughed
the vizard to the newspaper reporter
lie had Invited Out to witness tho first
demonstration publicity of his newest
Invention, "but you Just give us a
��hance and we'll show you. We're
green at working these things yet."
There may have been something
"raw'' to the trained eyes of Thomas
_, Edison, but to the rest of the spectators It seemed tbat a complete sue
onus had been achieved.
Real and Lifelike.
For the first few seconds of the exhibition lt looked just like regular
""movies." A large man ln evening
<lrens strode down a flight of staini
and to the front of a lavishly furnished drawing-room until he reached thu
of  the  old   songs   while  the  pianist
aud violinist accompanied her.
Collie Dogs Barked.
They went away���and you could
hear their footsteps as they walked
up the stairs���and another man appeared with two collie dogs, whose
loud barks were as natural as life.
That one complete reel, and it had
taken Just six minutes to show, two
minutes more than the other phonograph disc revolves.
Before thc show was over, four more
"sketches" were exhibited, and In each
the Illusion was maintained. Two of
these Mr. Edison bad not seen himself before, and he laughed heartily
as an Irish politician ln one of them
delivered an Impassioned political oration, which his daughter, standing behind, read to him out of a newspaper.
The most startling manifestation of
the synchrony of sound and action
came when a brick was sent crashing
through a window above the speaker's
head. You could plainlv hear the tinkle of each piece of glass as lt fell
clattering to the floor.
Absolutely Perfect
Various examples of moving picture
films were shown. There was a melo-
���lrnmlc sketch. "Her Uedemptlon," In
which the exclamations of two struggling men were exactly audible. Then
there was the scene from "Julius Cae-
They Make Good
who keep themselves in fine
Ehysical condition. Regular
owels, active kidneys and
liver, good digestion, and
a greater natural vigor follow
the timely use of the reliable
tlon to thi: sum of Three Hundred Thousand Dollars t*300,ooe.00) in tbe whole
In accordance with tho "Municipal Act."
And the said debentures shall be Issued to
equivalent of Eighty-four Thousand Dollars (184,000,00) al thc rate of Pour Dollars and Eighty-six and two-thirds Cents
($4.8(1  2-3)   to the One  Pound   Sterling.
Sold everywhere.
la boxes, 2V-
cunslst of 616 debentures each of the de- each debenture being also expressed to be
nomination of One Hundred Pounds payable in Canadian Currency computed
Stirling (��100) and one debenture of the at such rate, and such debentures shall
iniount of ��45 6s. 8d. being tbe Sterling have annxed thereto coupons expressed
quivalent   of  Three   Hundred    Thousand ] both In Sterling and currency for the In-
front of the '"stage." Right there jars," where Brutus and Cassius quae,
things began lo happen. First the rel; the miser scene from "The
ulg man thrust out one arm in cus- Chimes of Nonnpndy"; and the beBt
tomary attitude and then he began tojof all. the scenes from "il Trovatore"
talk. j In which the "Iseonore" song is sung.
"Ladles and gentlemen." he said ; in each cf them the action coincided
and then there followed an lntroduc-; bo exactly with thc words that there
tion to the first exhibition of real 1 was absolutely no distinction. Even
talking "movies" that has ever been !in the highest tenor parta of "Lcnore"
��een. The Bpeech was delivered In It wns Impossible to believe that the
carefully modulated tones, with articu- i singer was only a pictaro and that the
lation of the clearest, and each action '< sound was really coming from a phono
coinciding exactly with each expres- graph nt the back of the white screen.
��� fllou.    II was bo lifelike and  natural '��� How It Is Accomplished,
that from the corner where Mr. Edl-: The moving-talking idea Ib baBed
son was sitting with a big black cigar j iincn two comparatively old propositi! his mouth there came a satisfied t'-ont. The talking machine Is old.
���chuckle. land Ihe motion picture machine Is old.
In the course of his talk the con- j But thev have never been harnessed
versional picture took up a plate and ) up together before successfully. Mr.
dashed lt to the floor. It flew Into 1 Edison'B way is to have the talking
pieces with a crash and each frag-land moving picture machines get their
made Its own peculiar nolBe In bounc- 'lmnrcsslons at the same time.
Ing and back. After that the picture ! They are set up side by side at any
blew a horn and a whistle, nnd then j dlRtonce up to 40 feet away from thr,
a man come on and played the piano, acts and a-i the character's gesture Is
A girl appeared and played "Way' taken by the "movie" his words are
Down Upon the Swannee River" on 1 taken by the talker. The new Inven-
n violin and another girl sang some I tlon ls called the kinotophone.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITA*. (Pald-Up) ....$16,000,000.00
RESERVE $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit issued, available with correspondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
receive** ln sums of $1 and upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
G.  D. BRYMNER, Manager.
Iii.jl.ti:, ($300,000.00) ;it the rute of
$4.S6 2-Z to the one pound Sterling, each
di-benture bclug aluo ttxpresaed to be,payable tn Canadian Currency computed at
such rate, and such d-fbenturr-s ahall have
annexed thereto ooupon* expressed both
in HU'iiinj. nnd Currency for the Intereat
thereon at the raws of four and one-half
(4 1-2) per centum per annum payable
half yearly on tho 30th day of June and
the 3lt��t day of Dec-miber in each year.
And such Sterling debentures shall be delivered to tbo purchaser* of the said debentures, and both as to principal and interest shall be payable at the Office of the
Royal Bank of Canada in -London, England, or In Toronto. Montreal or Vancouver. Canada, or in New York, at holder**
option. And the principal of the, said debentures shall be payable on tho Thirty-
first day of Deoemtwr, A. U, 1952.
2. There shall be raised and levied annually by a special rute sufficient therefor on all rateable land within the limits
terest thereon at the rate of Four and
One-half (4 1-2) per centum per annum.
payable half-yearly on the 30th day of
June and the 31��t day of December in
each year. And such Sterling debentures
shall be delivered to tbe purchasers of
the said debentures. And both as to principal and interest shall be payable at tbe
office of the Royal Bank of Canada in
Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, Canada,
or tn New York or In London, England, at
the holder's option. And the principal of
tlie said debentures shall be payable on
the thirty-first day of December A.D.
2. There shall be raised nnd levied annually by a special rate therefor on all
rateable land within the limits of the said
Municipality the sum of Eight Hundred
and Eighty-three Dollars and Ninety-
seven Cents ($883.97) for the purpose of
forming a Sinking Fund for the payment
of the said debentures, and the sum of
Three    Thousand    Seven    Hundred    and
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
on Saturday, the 18 th day of January.
1913, between 9 o'clock a.m. until 7
o'clock p.m., at the following places:
Burnaby -Public Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Ave., East
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam.
Dundonald School, Fraaer Arm.
Barnpt Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Burnaby Lake Store,  Burnaby  Lake.
Lake-mere School, Lakemere.
Public Notice ls hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of-the District of
Burnaby will be taken on the above mentioned By-law at the time and place above
mentioned, and that A. O. Moore has
been appointed Returning Officer to take
the vote of such electors with the usual
powers In that behalf.
J. W. WEART. Reeve.
A. O. MOORE, Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 31, 19J2.
of the said Municipality the sum of Three j Rlghty   dollars   <$3,780.00)   for  the  pay-
Thousand One Hundred snd Fifty-seven
Dollars and Tour Cents (13167.04) for
the purpose of forming a sinking fund for
tlie payment of the said debentures and
fhe sum of Thirteen Thousand Five Hundred (113,500.00) for the payment of the
Interest at the rate aforesaid, the said
special rate to be In addition to all other
rates to bo levied and collected In tbo aald
Municipality during the currency of tho
said debentures or any of them.
a. This By-law shall take effect on
and after the First day of February, A.D.
4. This By-law may be cited for all
purposes as the "BURNABY ROAD IM-
this Thirtieth day of December A.D., 1912.
RBCEIVi-,1' the assent of the Electors
at an Election for the purpose on the
  day of   A. D��� 1913.
RBOOXHIDKRBD and finally adopted
hy the Council, signed by the Reeve and
Clerk and Sealed with the Corporate Senl
all on the  ....  day of    A.D.
Sp*clflcutlonB, agreements of sale deeds,
business letters, etc.; circular work specialist. All work strictly confidential. H.
Barry, room 418 Westminster Trust Blk.
Phone 702.
L. O. O. M.. NO. 854���MEETS ON first.
second and third Wednesdays In each
month In K. of P. Hall at 8 p.m. H. J.
Leamy, dictator; J. H. Price, secretary.
I. O. O.  F. AMITY  LODGE NO.  17���The
regular   mfetlng   of   Amity   lodge   No.
1.  O.   O.   1''.,  Is  held  every  Monday
nlsht at R o'clock In Odd Fellows' Holl, j
corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets, j
Visiting brethern cordially invited.
C. il Bryson, N. G.i R. A. Mcrrlthew.
V. a.; W. C. Coatliam, P. O.. recording secretary; H. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
Take notice that the above Is a true
copy of the proposed By-law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
on Saturday, the Uth day of January,
1913, between 9 o'clock a.m. until 7 o'clock
p.m.. at tile polling places:
Burnabv Public Hall. Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall. Central Park.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Ave., East
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam.
Dundonald School. Fraser Arm.
Barnet   Hall.   Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office. North Burnaby.
Burnnby  Lake  Store  Bumaby  Lake.
Lakemere School, Lskemere.
Public Notice Is hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of the District of Burnabv will be taken on the above mentioned Bv-law at the time and place above
tloned, and that A. G. Moere has been
ment of the Interest at the rate aforesaid,
the said special rate to be ln addition to
all other rates to be levied and collected
In the said Municipality 'during the currency of the said debentures or any of
3. This Bylaw shall take effect on and
after the First day of February A.D.. 1918.
4. This Bylaw may be cited for all
purposes as tbe "Bumaby School Board
Loan No. 1 Bylaw, 1913."
Done and Passed ln Open Council, this
30th day of December, A.D., 1912.
A.D. 1912.
Received the assent of the Electors at
an eleetion for the purpose on the	
day   ef       A.D..   1912.
Reconsidered and finally adopted* by
tbe Council, signed by the Reeve and
Clerk and sealed with the Corporate Seal
on the  day of 	
A.D. 1912.
-Dundonald School, Fraser Arm,
Barnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Bumaby.
Bumaby Lake Store,   Bumaby Lake.
Ijakemere School, Lakemere.
Public Notice la hereby given .that tlse-
vote of the Electors of the District ot
Burnaby will be taken on the aboVe mentioned Bylaw at the time and place abova
mentioned, and that A. G. Moore has been
appointed Returning Officer to take the*.
vote of such electors with tile usual powers In that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
A. O. MOORE, Cleric-
Edmonds, B. C Dec. 31,  1912.        (177)
���Crowds  of   Irish    Devotees   Flock   to
Scons   Near  Mallow's
crosses. There are not a few who
record them as a supernatural origin
and Intended as a warning to the railway company not to proceed with the
work ot desecration.
Others maintain that a cross must
have been nailed to the tree when It
was young, long before the older
among tlii> present generation saw
light, and that It was gradually
grown around until the tree enveloped It. Counter argument* appear
lo discountenance this view, for the
surface ot each cross la quite smooth
and without nail boles or indentation
CENTER * HANNA, LTD.���Funeral
directors and embalmers. Parlors 405
Columbia Btreet, New Westminster.
Phone 9U3.
appointed Returning Officer to take the
vote of such electors with the usual powers In that behalf.
J. W. WBART, Reeve.
A. O. MOORE. Clerk.
Edmonds, B. 0��� Dec. 31, 1912. (374)
Take Notice that the above Is a true
copy of the proposed Bylaw upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be token
on Saturday, the 18th day of January,
1913, between 9 o'clock a.m. until 7 o'clock
p.m., at the polling places:
Bumaby Public Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall,  Central Park.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Ave., East
Hamilton Road School. Burqultlam.
Dundonald   School,   Eraser  Arm.
Barnet Hall. Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office. North Burnaby.
Bumaby  Lake Store,  Burnaby  Lake.
Ijtkemere School, Lakemere.
Public Notice is hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of the District of
Burnaby will be taken on the above mentioned Bylaw at the time and place above
mentioned, and that A. G. Moore has been
appointed Returning Officer to take the
vote of such electors with the usual powers In that behalf.
By order of the Council.
J.   W.   WEART,   Reeve.
A.  G.   MOORE.  Clerk.
Edmonds. B. C. Dec. 31. 1912.
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 145.
A By-Law to enable the Corporation of
the District of Burnaby to ralae by way
of loan the sum of Twenty-eight Thousand .Dollars (S28.0*a..t9) for School
WHEREAS the Board of School Trustees of Burnaby ln pursuance of the power**! granted to them by Section 5* of the
"Public Schools Act" have caused to be
prepared and laid before the Municipal
Council a detailed estimate of the sums
required U* meet such special or extraordinary expenses which may be legally Incurred by the Board.
AND, WHEREAS, the said estimate of
such special or extraordinary expenses
amounts to the Bum of Twenty-five Thousand Dollars <$25,000.00) according to
the statement following:, which sum together with the sum of Three Thousand
Dollars <$3,000.00) estimated costs Incidental to this By-law and discount on debentures amount to the sum of Twenty-
eight Thousand Dollars  (S28,000.00).
Purchase     of    two     or    more
Bchool Sites and or Additions
to Existing Sites and Clearing
Sites ,     $25,000.00
Coat incidental to this By-
I-iw and discount on debentures $ 3,000.00
. BYLAW NO. 146.
A By-Law to authorise an agreement between the Corporation of the District ef
Burnaby and the Corporation �� tho
City of New Westminster ter theeuild-
lng of a Main or Trunk Sewer: i
Corporation of the District of Burn��>y CD-
acts as follows: _ .
1. An agreement shall be enter* Into
between the Corporation or the DlsHiflct of
Burnaby with the Corporation of the Cits.
of New Westminster for the building of.
a main or trunk sewer In the terms bf the
schedule hereto which agreement Is hereby Incorporated with and made part of
this By-law.
It. The agreement shall be signed under the Corporate Seal of the Municipality after the final passing of thla By-law.
3. This By-law before final passlnc
shall receive the assent of the electors
qualified to vote on money by-laws.
4. This By-law may be cited as "BTJR-
ment By-law, 1913." *
DONE AND PASSED ln open council
this Thirtieth day of December, A. D,
RECEIVED the assent of the electors
thlB  ....  day ef        .".....	
PASSED this day of	
W E. FAI.EB���Pioneer Funeral Director
and Embalmer. 612-61S Agnes street,
opposite Carnegie Library.
Ij\w, Solicitor. Etc. 653 Columbia
street. New Westminster, B C. Tele,
phone 10*0. Cable address "Johnston." Code. Western L'nlon. Offlcts,
Kooms ( and '.' Ellis Block.
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
EYLAW NO. 144.
Corporation of Burnaby
AND, WHEREAS, tt Is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon the credit of the
AND, WHEREAS, under the powers
vested ln the Council of Public Instruction under 8ectlon 8 (b) of the said "Public Schools Act" the boundaries of the
Municipal School District of Burnaby
have been extended so aa to include District Lot One Hundred and Seventy-two
(172), Group One (1), New Westminster District.
AND, WHEREAS, by Section 14 of the
said "Public Schools Act" where any territory has been Included within a Municipal School District In accordance with
Section 6 Cb) the provision of that Act
respecting Public Schools ln Cities and
District Municipalities shall apply thereto, and such territory for all school purposes,  shall   be  deemed    to  be  united  to
THIS AGREEMENT made In duplicate*
the   ....   day of January, One   Thousand
Nine Hundred and Thirteen.
of the FIRST PART:
WHEREAS the parties hereto have
agreed upon a joint sewerage scheme to
provide sewerage accommodation for both
Municipalities for the area shown upon
the plan hereto annexed.
AND. WHEREAS, the party of the Second Part has agreed to construct the said
sewer from the Fraser River to Tenth.
Avenue as shown upen tbe aald plan and
to make the sewer of a slxe sufficient lo
accommodate the sewerage requirements
of the section of Burnaby shown on the
said plan.
AND, WHEREAS, the acreage of Burnaby that will be benefitted by the said,
sewer amounts to Six Hundred and
eighty-three (6831 acres and the acreage
of the City of New Westminster that will
be benefitted by the said sewer amounts
to five-Hundred and Sixty-four (564 >
I acres.
AND,  -WHEREAS,  the Party   of   tho
A By-law to enable the Corporation of the
District of Burnaby to raise by way of
lo.in the sum of Bighty-four Thousand
Dollars (��S4.000.00) for School Pur-
posts : .
WHEREAS, the Board of School Trus-
J. BTILWELL CLUTK. Ilnrrlater-ut-law.
���nllcjtor. etc.: earner Columbia and
McKenale Streets,. N.W Wratmlnater.
B.  <".    P.  O.  Box   112.     Telephone   710.
tees of Burnaby In pursuance of the powers granted  to  them  by  election   60 ot tt"
public   Bohool.  Act'
Dublin, Jan. 13.���From, all parts of i    Tho tree is said to have snapped of  j   P   HAMPTON   _q_B,   BARRISTER,
nouthern Ireland crowds of the de-; Itself and the incidents as recount-
vout and merely, curious are flocking'ed are certainly remarkable. A
to Mallow, a small town on the great j strong feeling prevails that the rail-
Southern and Western railway, at-1 way company should not be permit-
traded by a story of the wondrouB I ted to fill up the well and that the
manifestations in the shape of two : archway leading to it should be re-
���cruclflxes accidentally found Inside a opened. The interest Is Intense and
tree In the vicinity of a holy well. j thousands of all creeds and classes
The exact site ot the well, which.are flocking to the ecene.
has long been regarded as blessed, be-. ������i .
longs to the railway company, and that'
the  public were  much  Interested  in  SHOOTS WIFE WHILE
solicitor    and    notary,    610    Columbia
street.    Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
paying devotion to the place was evl
���denccd by the fact that when the railway was being constructed a special
Archway was built, so that the general public might have access by a
road leading up to it.
Roused Indignation.
About fifteen years ago the archway was closed by the railway company to the intense Indignation of tbe
neigbbrohood. Recently the company
Announced IU Intention of closing the
the well also. This was denounced as
n desecration and so strong was the
feeling that the local authorities Intervened, and the company apparently
abandoned Its purpose.
When feeling had calmed down,
however, the filling in ot the well was
begun. A very considerable amount
-of refuse, ashes, etc.. were dumped
Into the valiey and a siding was In
���courpe of construct!'ii, while carrying out these operr tlons a number of
men were engagid cutting down a
tree at the well. One who worked a
saw at a part of tha tree found his
saw snap without undue pressure.
Me then got his axe and struck at
the place but the head of the axe flew
���off. In trying by force to break away
the tree which was about 28 Inches In
diameter and BO feet high, the tree
suddenly split up the middle, one half
falling way, and the other half, for a
coiiBlilerabla height, remaining erect
and revealing faintly and prominently
-sin the center a well defined crucifix.
Further down waa a smaller cross, also quite distinct.
Stream* of People.
Tbe men ceased work and removed
the portion of the tree with the
crosses to a nearby workshop,* which
was visited all day long by streams of
people from the adjoining districts.
Many and conflicting opinions are
(being offered a* to the origin ot the
n.irrlstcra nnd Solicitors. Rooms 7 nnd
s. (luichon block. New Westminster.
G. E. Martin, W. G. McQuarrie and
George L. C'asaady.'
WHITESIDE * EDMONDS ��� Barristers
and Soil'Itore. Westminster Trust Blk.
Columbia street. New Westminster, B.C.
Cable address "Whiteside," Western
Union. P. O. Drawer 200. Telephone
69.   W.  J.   Whiteside.  H.   L.  Edmonds.
Sacramento. Cal., Jan. 13.���Joseph
Stassl, an employee ln the Southern
Pacific shops, walked into the kitchen
of his home this afternoon, fired a
bullet Into his wife's head as ahe
stood preparing his meal, her two
little children playing at her feet, and
then sent a bullet through his own
brain, dying instantly.
Mrs. Stassl lies ln the county hospital, near death, praying that her life
mav be spared for the sake of her
children. The tragedy resulted from
stories told Stassl concerning his wife.
1,410000 Drinks Aboard.
New York, Jan. 13.���Coincident
with the call of "all aboard the wat/r
wagon" there were l,44fl,000 drinks
of Scotch whiskey, 72,000 bottles, or
6,000 cases, being unloaded at the
deck of the steamship Cameronla from
Glasgow at New Years'. At retail the
shipment represents $288,000, one of
the largest consignments ever received here In one ship.
Quest at Whit* House.
Washington, Jan. 13.���Mrs. Grover
Cleveland, guest of the President and
Mrs. Taft at a dinner In her honor, sat
this evening hi tbe atate dining-room
of the White House, where more than
26 year* ago ihe sat at her wedding
dinner. It waa Mrs. Cleveland'* flrat
visit to the White House,- where she
was married June 2, 1886, since she
left there March 4, 18��7, after Mr.
Cleveland'* second term.
Passenger Trains Collide.
Mllfay, Okla., Jan. IS,���Twenty-eight
person* were Injured, none seriously,
when two St. Louis and San Francisco
railway paaaenger trains collided head-
Accountant. Tele. R 12s. Room Trapp
ster Board of Trade meets in the board
room, City Hall, as follows: Third Friday of each month: quarterly meeting
on tlio third 'Friday of February, May,
August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on the third Friday of
February- 8. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
-anted to them by eleetion 60 of the
le Bohool. Aet" have eauaed te be
1'r.pmr.a snU Istfd fassfors, Use. SfuniclpssJ
Counelt n detailed ..tlnutt. or the stutm
required to meet such special or extraordinary expenses which may be legally incurred by the Board.
AND. WHEREAS, the said estimate of
such special or extraordinary expenses
amounts to the sum of Seventy-five Thousand. Eight Hundred and fifty Dollars
(I70.S50.00) according to the statement
following, which sum together with the
sum of Eight Thousand One Hundred and
Fifty Dollars (18.160.00) estimated costs
Incidental to this By-law and discount on
debentures amounts to the sum of Eighty-
four Thousand Dollars (S84.0O.OO).
Vancouver   Heights,   new   modern   eight-room   building S4MSS.lt
New building and additions   to
existing buildings ..        ..  .. 21.411.(11
Clearing and Improving grounds
and fenoes     1,451.11
A  By-law  to enable The  Corporation  of   .- ,--���,- . - -   -   .-,-,,., . ,     ,,
the District of Burnaby to raise by way   such   Mun clpal   School   District,   and   all wiii.tti.AN    trie   rartv   oi    inn
of Loan the sum ot 1100.001.00 tor jK | Rrt*l"4*l<?f *Wat* to TOC". __%>_;_�����_,_ | gj"-���-*' p_.?^_ftgisja*xeflg thi <��!
purpose   of   constructing    further    Ex-   liable to assessment for school purposea In        tlM ___���__���""_. u,. mId"��.-,,,. (rom
tensions  of  the General  Water  Works   the same manner and tp the Bame extent
System throughout tne Municipality:        ar. If the same were included in the UnUU
���������...   ,,   ,        JsE-s    ,k��.    si,,   of   the   Incorporate   City.   Town   or   Dts-
WHEREAS   lt   is   expedient    that    the   ,',_. ss���r,i^i���n,v   ���,���,! in ,hl�� Uv-Ww the
,.������������ �����.,.m ���, w,.,��� EU. tn   8*l^^^^"s^d_��^B_��5r_)fl
and apply accordingly.
AND. WHEREAS, it will be necessary
to raise annually by special rate the sum
of Two Hundred and ninety-four Dollars
and slxty-fjve Centa ($;��4.65) principal
and the sum of One Thousand Two Hundred and Sixty Dollars (1128.001 Interest, making together as total amount annually of One Thousand Five Hundred and
tittr-tour   Dollars   and   Sixty-five    Cents
General  System of Water  Supply  in   the
Municipality should be further   extended.
AND WHEREAS lt will require the
sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars
(1100,000.10) ln order to Inslal such extensions.
AND WHEREAS it ts necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon the credit ot the
AND WHEREAS It will be necessary to
> suinustlis- by .pistol rut. tbe nam of I
ntcsuesuist snd  eiriy-t-wo pollers,  nod   ,
thlrty-flvo Cents (|10Sf.S5) principal and
the sum of Four Thousand Five Hundred
Dollars (14500.10) Interest, making together a total amount annually of Five
Thousand Five Hundred and Fifty-two
Dollars and Thirty-five CertU  ($56ii,35)
_     ire i__ .    .  ..._
and  Interest  thereon  ..  hereinafter men.
AND, WHEREAS, the net value of the
whole rateable land ln the aald Municipality (Including District Lot One Hundred and Seventy-two (172) as before rc-
Costs incidental te this By-law
and discount en debentures..! J.lSt.ll
I   mk
K ���-/*�� v.*, it k*rsHEi^__H          ^K
'���'"������'���*'   ___Tjm
l^^��� 1
S_i__��Mr*feffiM _ajg_
Corporation of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 142.
A By-law to enable The Corporation   of
tha District of Burnaby to raise by way
of loan   the   aum   of IIOI.OOO.OO   for
Street Purposes:
WH1DRBAS It to necessary and expedient that the Counoil of tbe said Corporation be authorised to borrow the sum of
Three Hundred Thousand Dollars (ISOO,-
000.00) to provide for Improving nnd constructing certain roads and streets within the lliulta of the Municipality.
AND, WHEREAS, it Is necessary, to
raise the moneys required to defray tlie
above expenditure upon the oredlt of tue
AND. WHEREAS, It will be necessary
to raise annually by special rute the sum
of Three Thousand One Hundred and
Fifty-seven Dollars and Four cents (18,-
157.04) principal and tbe sum of Thirteen
Thousand Five Hundred Dollar* (113,-
500.11) Interest, making together ��� total
ameunt annually of Sixteen Thousand Bla
Hundred and Fifty-seven Dollara and
Four Cents (611,157.14) for the term or
forty years for the repayment of tbe aald
loan and intereat thereon as hereinafter
AND, WHEREAS, the net value of the
whole rateable land In the ICuiiicipsvlity
aooordlnr to the last revised, assessment
roll . -      ���     -       ���      	
AND, WHEREAS, tb* total exlstlag debenture debt of the Municipality Is One
Million, Nine Hundred and Twelve Thousand. One Hundred and Fifty Dollars
<|1,��1!,160.00> exclusive of Local 1m.
provement debt secured by special rate*
or assessments of which none of tile principal or interest Is In arrears.   .
AND, WHBREAS, to provide for the
pavment ot Interest and the creation of n
Sinking Fund for the payment of the ssld
principal sum of Three Hundred Thousand
Dollars ,1300.000.00) It will be neotsmai-y
to levy n special annual rate sufficient to
raise the sum of Sixteen Thousand Six
Hundred and Fifty-seven Dollars and
Four Cents (616.157.04) the amount to
bo calculated annually on the whole of
the rateable land comprised within the
NOW, THEREFOBE. the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the Die.
trtct of Burnaby enacts a* fellows:
1. It shall be lawful for th* Reeve and
Clerk of the Council for' the purposes
aforesaid to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any person or body or bodies
irdlntr to the last  ravlsed  assessment
amounu   to Twenty   Millions,   Five
idred and 8,ivcnty-slxT)u>usand. Two
idred    and    Five    Dollars ���f*!0,87l,-
I'lumpliin and Hehr, the people with tunny names, ln a funny act at   the
���'���..,    -,    Royal theatre today. ���,,.,'
corporate who m-*v be vIUIa__D advance
the same upon the credit oflhe debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum not
exceeding Three Hundred Thousand Dollars (1300,000.00) and to oauae the same
to be plnced In Ihe Royal Bank of Canada
AND, WHBRHA8, lt is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon the credit uf tbe
AND, WHHRBA3. under th* powers
vested ln the Council ef Public Instruction under Seetlea �� (b) ef tbe said "Publlo Schools Act" tbo boundaries ef tbe
Municipal School District or Burnaby
have been extended so as to Include District Lot One Hundred and Seventy-two
(173), Group One (1), New Westminster
Dlatrlct. ' .
AND WHHRBAB, by Section 14 ef the
said "Publlo Schools Act" where any territory haa beea laoluded within a Municipal School District in accordance with
Section I (b) the provisions of that Aot
roapecttna Publlo Schools in Cities and
District Municipalities ahall apply thereto, and such territory, 'or all school purposes, shall be deemed to be united to
aucb Municipal Sohool District, aad all
property situate ln such territory, shall
be liable to aaieasraent for school purposes
ln the same manner and to Uie name extent as If the wm* were Included In the
limits of tho Inoorporatifl City, Town or
District Municipality, and in tills Bylaw
tbe word "Municipality" shall be construed and a__y ���eoorflnsly.
AND WHERfcA8, It wttl be necessary
to raise annually by special rate the sum
of Eight Hundred and Blgnty-thre* Dollara and Nlntty-seven Cents .(UII.IT)
principal and thy sum of Three Thousand
Seven Hundred and Eighty Dollar*
(,��.7��0.00) Interest, making together a
total amount annually of Four Thousand
Bla Hundred ���V_.��'*%-��h>y.I>fl'*r* and
Nlnety-seveo Cent* <����,����}.��.> for the
term oTVorMr Uf) year* fer tb_ repayment of th* sold toon and tr ..rest thereon a* hereinafter mentioned. '  .
AND WH-BRBAS. ** aet value of Hi*
whole i��l*ebl.Te��a In the ���*_ Munlel-
Dalltr (moludlfuiDtoirkt Let One Hund-
red wdTlJvwty.twe (171) a* before re-
"anU WHBHBAB. te prov4��* for the
payment ef th* Interest and th* creation
Sum* .DellaiT (�������,*�����.������> It will be ne-
oeewiry to levv a special annual rat*
sufficient to raise ths sum of Four Thou-
und Bla Hundred -md Sixty-three Dollars and Ninety-seven Cents (t4,M��.��7)
the amount to be calculated annually on
Uie whole of th* rateable land comprised
my^^KVAtrrm by th.
Reeve and Council of the said Corporation
of Burnaby In Open Council assembled
a* follow*, namely:
1. tt ahall be lawful for the Roeve and
Clerk af the Council, for the purpoee
aforesaid, to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any person or body, or bodies
corporate, who may be willing to advanoe
the oarne upen the credit of th* debenture* hereinafter mentioned a .mm not
exaeedlng Eighty-four Thousand Dollar*
(MVooo.o*) and to cans* the same to be
placed In the Royal Bank of Canada In
the City of New Westminster to the credit
of the self Corporation for the purpose
for the term of forty years for the re- cited) according to the last revised As-
payment of the aald loan and Intereat sessment Roll amounts to Twenty Mtl-
llierion as hereinafter mentioned. lions Eight Hundred nnd Forty-six Thou.
AND WHEREAS the net value of the   sand  Four   Hundred   Dollars    (120,646,-
whole  rateable land  In  the  Municipality J 400.80).
according to ths last revised assessment AND. WHBREAS, to provide for the
roll innounts to Twenty Millions. Five "payment of the Interest and the creation
Hundred and Seventy-six Thousand. Two | ���t a Sinking Fund for the payment of the
Hundred   and   Five    Dollars    (|J0,67��,-   said principal sum of Twenty-eight Thou-
AND WHBREAS the total existing debenture debt of the Municipality ls One
Million. Nine Hundred and Twelve Thousand. One Hundred and Fifty Dollars
(51,112.151.00),   exclusive   of   local    1m
sand Dollars (K8.ooo.00) it will be necessary to levy a apeclal annual rate sufficient to raise the sum of On* Thousand
Five Hundred and fifty-four Dollara and
sixty-five Centa (11,554.15) tho amount
to be calculated annually on the whole of
provement debts secured by special rates   the   rateable   land  comprised  within   the
or assessments of whioh none of the prln-1 Municipality.
clpal er Interest le in arrears.
.. AND WJWRlSAa to provide fer the
payment ef Intereat and the creation of a
slaking (und for the payment ot the said
principal sum of One Hundred Thouaand
Dollars (1111,101.00), It will be necessary to levy a special annual rate sufficient te ralae the aum et Five Thousand.
Five Hundred und Fifty-two Dollars and
Thirty-five Centa (16652.35) the amount
to be calculated annually on the whole of
the nunable land oomprtoed within the
NOW TUBRlUrORB the Municipal
Council ot The Corporation ot tha District ef Burnaby enact* aa follow*:
1. It ahall be lawful for the Reeve and
Clerk of the Council far th* purposes
aforesaid to borrow or raise by way ef
loan from any person or body or bodies
corporate who may be willing to advanoe
the same upon the credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum not exceeding One Hundred Thousand Dollara
11100.000.01) and to cause the same to
be placed in the Royal Bonk of Canada at
the City of New Westmlnstor, British
Columbia, to the credit ot the said Corporation, for the purpose and with the
objects above set forth and to Issue any
number of debentures of the said Corporation to the sum of One Hundred Thousand
Dollars (��100,��00.00) in the, whole In accordance with the "Municipal Act." And
the aald debentures snail   be   Issued   to
consist of Two Hundred and five (2051
debentures, each ot the denomination ot
one hundred pounda Sterling (��110) and
one debenture of the amount of ��47 lis.
lOd. being th* Sterling equivalent'of One
Hundred Thousand Dollar* (flOS.OOO.OO)
at the rate of 14.1* i-S to the One pound
Sterling, each debenture being also expressed to be payable In Canadian Currency computed at auoh rate, and such debentures wall have annexed thereto oou-
pons expressed both In Sterling and Currency for the.Interest thereon at the rate
of four and one-halt (4 1-1) per oentum
per annum payable half-yearly en tbe
loth day of June and th* list day of December In each year. And aueh Burling
debenture* ahall be delivered to th* purchasers ot th* aald debenture*, and both
as to principal and Intereat ahall b* payable at tha office of the Royal Bonk of
Canada In London, England, or In.Ter-
onto, Montreal, or In Vancouver.,OatssMB.
or In New Tork. at bolder** OfstM*. And
tbe principal of the aald debenture* *ball
b* payable on the Thirty-first day of December, A. D.. lilt.
1. There shall be raised and MvMI an-
nunllv by a special- rot* sufficient *-���
for on all rateable land within tbe.
of tbe laid Municipality the sum ol _.__
Thouaand and fifty-two Dollar* and thlr-
ty.flve Cento (11062.11) for the  pui	
Reeve and Council of the said Corporation of Burnaby in Open Council ussem-
Dled, as follows, namely:
1. It shall be lawful for the Reeve and
Clerk of the Counoil for the purpose
iforesaid to borrow or raise by way of
Joan from any parson or body, or bodies
corporate, who may be willing to advance
the same upen th* credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum not
exoeedlng Twenty-eight Thousand Dollars (Itl.OIO.M) and ��o oauae tbe same
to be placed Ita the Royal Bonk of Canada In the City ef New Westminster to
the credit ef the said Corporation for the
purpose and with the objeots above set
forth and te Issue any number of debentures of the said Corporation to the sum
of Twenty-eight Thousand Dollars (128.-
001.11) tn the whole in accordance with
the "Municipal Aet." And tbe said debentures shall be Issued to consist of
Fifty-seven (67) debentures each of the
denomination of On* Hundred pounds
starling (41*1) and one debenture of the
amount of Fifty-three Pound* Bight Shillings 8lx pence (163-8-1) being the sterling equivalent of Twenty-eight Thousand Dollar* {121.000.00) at the rate of
Four Dollars and Eighty-six and Two-
Thirds Cents (14.1* t-l) to th* On*
I'aund sterling, each debenture bailie also
eksreased 'to be payable In Canadian currency computed, at such rate, and ouch debenture* ahall have annexed thereto coupons expressed both tn sterling and currency for th* Intereat thereon at the rate
of tour and one-half (4 1-1) per oentum
Ser annum payable half-yearly on th*
0th day ef June and the tut day of Deoember In *oca year. And such sterling
debenture* (hall be delivered to the purchaser* of the said debenturea And both
as to principal and Interest (hall be payable at th* offlc* of the Royal Bank or
Canada In Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, Canada, or In New York er In lVm-
don, ***ailand. at th* hold*/* option. Aad
th* principal of theilaid debenture* shaU
be payable on tb* Thirty-first day of Deoember. A. D., 1111.
I. There (hall be rolled and levied an-
..��. hT a special rats sufficient there-
I ratsaW* lead within tin lltjUts
" Mtmlelpoilty ths *um of Two
I alnety-four Dollars and six-
' (1114.46) for th* purpose.
. Sinking Fund for the pay
._. a*ld debenture* and th* *um
Thau-nod two hundred *nd Sixty
dim,10) for th* payment et the
Interest et tbe rat* aforeSld, the said
rial rat* to be In add tlon to all other
-"" ""and ooll*ct*d In the sold
Jtg th* currency of the
er aay of them.
��� ahall tak* affect on
and with th* object* above set forth
to Issue any number of debentures ot tne
sold Corporation to the sum ot Eighty-
four Thouaand Dollars (Il4.000.00l In
the whole ln aecordutnn with the "Municipal Act." And-the said debenture* Mill
 _.  be issued to consist of On* Hundred ami
at the City Of Net* Westminster, British Seventy (iff) debentures each of the des
Columbia, to the credit of the said Cor- nomination ot One Hundred Pound* Ster-
porntlon for the purpoee and with th* ob- Ijlng   (��100)   and  on*   debenture   to  the
number olTubenture* of the seVpenwr*- i
nomination of On*
Jlrog^moi)  and ,
enTl"peace (isVi
wwn   -m  .-MV-**   ��������-.���-
of the construction of the said newer from
the' Fraser River to Tenth Avenue as
shown upon the said plan which cost is
estimated at Three Hundred and Twenty-
six Thousand Dollars (1326,001.00) leaa
Fifty-five Thouaand Dollar* (155,110.00 >
the value of Government labor.
AND.  WHEREAS, the   Party   of   the
First Part has agreed to pay to the Party
of tlie  Second Part Fifty-five per cent.
(55  p.c.)   of the cost of said sewer  (tho
share, however, of the Party of the Ftrat
Part not to exceed the sum of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars (��'*"--
000.11)   tn  thirty yearly   payments   t*����
, will be sufficient to pay the Intereet nnct
lelnlcla*- fund on Use ahare ot the Party of
th. First Part of tke oosrt of aald server
calculated upon the basis ef   thirty  (.101
years with Intereet at five  (6)  per cent,
AND. WHEREAS, the Party of tho
First Part has agreed to pay to the Party
or the Second Part fifty-five per cent.
(56 p.c.) of the cost of maintenance of
said sewer.
that the Party or the Second Part covenants and asrees with the Party or the
First Part lu successors and assigns that
the Party of the Second Part will within
four months commence and prosecute to
completion and have completed on or before the let day ot January. 1115, (unless
prevented by strikes or other causes) a
sewer from a point on the Fraser River
to a point on Tenth Avenue of the location approximately as ahown on the phut
hereto annexed, such sewer to be constructed of concrete pipe* of a diameter
ot not lee. than firty-four (64) inches at
Tenth Avenue and Sixth Street
AND tbe Party of the Second Port will
construct lateral sewers from tbs said
main sewer running from the main sewer
to Tenth Avenue aforesaid as shown oa
said plan.
THB Party of the First Fart Its successors and assigns shall have the right
to connect Its drainage and sewerage
ever the area of Six Hundred and Eighty-
three (183) acrea as shown oo the aald!
Slan with the said aewer and to drain In-
> sold sewer surface water and ordinary
sewerage and to use the said sewer both
i a (sanitary and storm sewer.
AND ir It Is found that the said sewer
will provide sufficient fall to take sewerage from outside the boundaries,of the
���aid Six Hundred and Eighty-three (*S3>
acre* a* ahown upon th* aald plan the
Party of th* Flrat Part may with the
consent of the Engineer of the Party of
the Second Part extend It* sewerage
works outside the said area.
The Party of the Second Part covenant* with the Party of First Part that
the said Main Sewer constructed by the
Party of the Second Part and Sewer*
constructed by the Party of the First
Part'to connect with the sold Main* Sewer
ahall be constructed under the Joint supervision and to the mutual satisfaction of
ths Engineers of the Party of the First
Part and of tbe Party of the Becondl
THB Party of the First Part covenants, with the Party of the Second .Part
Its successors and assigns that the Party*
of the Flrat Part will pay to the Purtr
of th* Second Part lu successors and assigns after completion of the sold *>*wer
from Fraaer River to Tenth Avenue, fifty-
five per cent. (II p.c.) of the coat of the)
said sewer (the said fifty-five per cent.
(66 p.c). however, not to exceed the sum
of One Hundred aad Fifty Thouaand Dollar* (1160.000.00) and aueh payment to
be made In half-yearly payments on th*
Thirtieth day* of June and December in
���ach year a* will provide a sinking fundi
tor payment of aald sum In thirty (!*>
years with Inter*** at ftv* (I) per oent.
' AND th* Party of th* Flrat Part covenant*-with tb* Parti of th* Beoond Part
that- th* Party ef th* Flrat Part will par
to th* Party of the Beoond Part fifty-
five per cent (it p.c.) of the cost of
iwlntcnonee et the aald main eew��r ettefc
payment* to be made yearly on tbe Thlr-
hereto have caused their Corporate1**���*-
of forming * sinking" "fund"fo"r"'the~'i5��. |_sC>f.sr'*ll��"*rtt��t day ��4t February, A.D,
oTrUr -^^nWBUaiMB- Pf^^s-W-J--.** JSL �����
(14100.00) f*r th* payment of the tat*!*- mi-Mr "*-
est at the rate aforesaid, th* said SlitjssT BOAB
rate to be In addition to all other r
be levied and collected In th�� aalu
Slclpallty during th* currency of the*
ebentures or any of thim.
I.   This by-law shall take effect ou
after tb* First day of February,   A.
4.' This by-law may be et_>a_f<
dl the Thirtieth day, of Dw**ca$*r,!
lily ^
���"dW-a^nrgp Jee aeaesit   of the   -"-lectors at aa sTleottoo fer the pur-jose on th*
aU oa th*
finally ado
th* Reeve
Corporate        .
 A. D���
...  .. ... - , #
th*" rHSu%��ABT   BCHOOL
_J| NO.  5  BY-LAWr1118."
.���_ ..ND PASSED In Open Council
this Ttlhrtil'th   d*y  of   December,   A.D.,
nHCtnVHlD the tuwrnt of th* Electors
 for th* purpose on th* ...
id flnallv adopted
by the Reeve and
th* Corpora'* Seal
above Is a tree
ipen which
11 be taken
1 ^.ir.
Ave.. Bast
BTK��Stoa IVe*. Btheot. *J*Wl��iMn.
CMC, Re*t>*.
Tak* notloe that the above   I* a. tree
We ��*JMSl��W*ySR. rnrnl
in Saturday, the uth day   of January,
ill],  between   t o'clock   a.m.   until   f
Vtock p.m., at th* polling place*:
. Burnaby   Public  Hall,   Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall. Central Park.     __J
Mr! Topping*'* Store, Uth   Ave. Bea*
lumaby. .     > - .
Lokem*r* Bchool, lakemere.
PubHe Notloe is hereby given that tn*
vote of the sOeetor* of the District of Burnaby will be taken on th* above mentl
*d By-law at the time and place
mentioned, add that A. O.
has been appointed Returning Officer **>
tak* -**_*-_*<* *uch *i***tor�� with tk*
usual powers In that behalf.
BdnsMda, B. C, Dec. II, WX     ��� (4*t_
Y*r*'-*��*ffi**'' ��� "'* '    'K.   ,_._. PAGE EIGHT    " T**"l
TUE8DAY,   JANUARY   14.   WIT..
Some new spceials to clear up
before stock taking. These are
worth while looking Into.
Soup, Canned, No. 1 quality,
quaranteed satisfactory goods
at a special price; all flavors,
each s 10c, per dox $1.10
Canned   Fruit.  Ducheas  Brand,
"quality   goods,    3   lb.   tins;
Peaches,     Pears,     Apricots,
each    20c,  per dox. $2.35
Canned Salmon, 1 lb tins, each
    15c, or per dox. S1.T0
Turkish Coffee, a delightful
blend, regular 40c. per lb. to-
.day  S5c, 3 lbs. for $1.00
Calmed  Tomatoes, 3  lb.  .tl.ns,
today  2 cans for 25c.
Pork and Beans, Quaker brand
: regiuar 15c, today 2 for 25c
'Van Camp's Hominy, delicious
and appetizing, per can.. 15c
Tickles' 2 lb. jam, ia all flavors,'
per jar    46c
5 lb. palls   80c.
Sardines in Oil. 5 tlnB for. ,50c
Geneva Sausages, Just fine,
regular 35c. today 3 for $1.00
Roast Pork. Guaranteed quality,
sliced, at, per pound   50c
Parsley,   bunch    10c
Cauliflower, head ..20e
Brussels Sprouts, lb.   .,..12!/*c
Celery, per bunch       15s
Head lettuce, per head  10c.
Springbank    Creamery    Butter,
3  lbs for   $1.00
Public Supply Stores
V L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIOG3
Miss Rand, 301 Queens avenue, will
not receive until Tuesday, January 21.
A. Hardman, the cake man. Gel
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 281. (394)
A meeting of the Daughters of Gog-
land will be held in the Oddfellow**'
hall this evening at 8 o'clock.
Skates sharpened and set at Geo.
R. Speck's, 626 Columbia St.      (396)
Miss Annie Tidy is to be married
at 7:30 o'clock this evening at St.
Barnabas church to Mr. Sidney Herring.
Aldermanlc committee rooms hsve
(been opened in the King's Hotel block.
All those in favor of a good progressive council come along and hustle.
Rooms will be open all day and evenings. (490)
In conformity with the order that
all public meetings in Sapperton be
suspended on account of the outbreak
of scarlet fever, this evening's meeting at which Alderman Gray waa to
speak In Johnston's hall, has been
A branch of the Union Bank of Can
ada was opened for business on
Saturday, January 4, in the premise,
recently vacated by W. E. Sinclair
611 Columbia Btreet. (387)
Aldermanlc committee rooms havt
been opened in the King's Hotel bloc';.
All those In favor of a good progres
slve council come along and hustle.
Rooms will be open all day and evenings. (490)
The annual meeting of the Women's
Council was held yesterday in St.
Paul's Reformed Episcopal church
There was a good attendance. A ban
quel was served to all the members
at 6:30.
Burnaby   Councillors   and   Municipal
Staff Sorry to Lose Mr. Weart���
Reeve Will Feel Lonely.
Edmonds, Jan. 13.���A pleasant surprise was sprung on Reeve Weart
this afternoon just before the retiring
magistrate commenced the reading of
tb* annual statement. Councillor McGregor, rising to a special privilege,
eugolized the, work of Reeve Weart
during his two year regime at the
head of Hurmiby and presented a
handsome present In the shape of a
silver tea Bet suitably engraved.
Mr. A. G. Moore read the address
which waa in an Illuminated form.
The present was from the councillors
and the municipal office staff.
Reeve Weart, ln replying to the
preaentatlon, mentioned that his two
year's service as reeve had been
pleasantly spent, ln fact on Monday
nights from now on he would feci
lonely, not being ln his usual chair at
the council inoetlngs.
W"bat lie had done during those two
years had been performed with the
idea of Burnaby and its future ln hla
mind and he felt sure that his efforts
had been appreciated by a large majority of Uie ratepayers.
Raund3' of applause greeted the
reejfe as he Bat down.
Will Pay Half
Cost of Paving
(Continued from Page One )
Railway Will
Remove Buildings
(Continued from page one)
be notified of the   action   taken   by
Burnaby. Lt Is probable that the North
Arm bill will lie dropped in favor of
the "Royal City project.
Tho resignation of Mr. B. G. Walker | lea��e
$196.76 had  been derived  from commissions.
Pays $5000 a Month.
The Richmond municipal council
gave notification that on account of
the condition of the money market It
would be In a position to pay $5000 a
month and Interest on the $30,000 it
owes the city on the construction of
the submerged water main uuder the
North Arm.
The recommendation of Alderman
Lynch that a plan of the B. C. Telephone Company showing the proposed
pole lines on the various streets bo
approved and that the clerk notify
the company that the distance ot
poles from the property line will be
established by the board of works ns
required, was adopted.
The following recommendation and
report of the watter committee was
also adopted:
"That the waterworks superintendent and  Are chief be authorized    to
make arrangements for the operation I
of the Sapperton (ire gates.
"The coat of repairs carried out on
the submerged  main  Is  $Si95.69, ono,
half of which    is    payable    by    tho)
Richmond council."
���  A recommendation from Ihe    same '
committee that the Incoming council
consider the laying of an eight   Inch I
wood main  along Eighth avenue    at
William, Sherbrouke,   and   Richmond
streets at the cost of   approximately ,
$2000 vyaa referred  to the  1913    administration.
Extend Invitation.
An invitation to the B. C. Federation '
of Labor at present In session at Vic-1
toria to hold its next convention   In j
New Westminster was wired  to that
bodv at the outset of the meeting.
The council will meet again    next
Monday morning to hand over the ad- i
ministration to the new council.    Be-1
fore doing   bo. however,   the   Arena
agreement  may  be  considered |
The  Oldest   Inhabitant   Says
A general meeting of the New Westminster Retail Merchants 'association
will be held Tuesday evening, Jan. It
at 8 o'clock in Conservative committee rooms. The offices of the association are in room 520 Westminster
Trust block, phone S6S, (433)
Por an hotel thoroughly up to date
and equipped with all modern improve I
meats, patronlie the Hotel Ttomlnibn
corner ot Columbia and Sixth streets |
Hates moderate by day or wef k. (464) I ��,
The annual statement of the Burn*-; _
by council and the speeches of the '��� _
candidates seeking off ice in the muni- I*
clpallty   this   year   were   unavoidably j
as stipendiary magistrate waa received and accepted. Mr. Walker is
in the race for the reeveship. In his
letter he mentioned the fine work
which the present police force are doing and Rave great credit to Chief
Parkinson and Sergeant Lyne for their
efficient work.
A letter was read from the B.��C.
E. nl Informing the council that a decision had hern handed down against
the municipality in the franchise suit.
A motion was passed leaving the
matter In the hands of the 1913 council.
and some other business of importance
will probably be transacted.
��� ���
COLLINS���After a lingering illness
extending over two years and five
months there passed away on Linden
avenue, Burnaby, yesterday Miss Eve-
lyn Collins, aged 20 years.
The late Miss Collins came out from
England two years and a half ago and
took up residence with relatives In
Burnaby. Despite the fact that she
had been ill from the month after 6he
arrived, and though she sufefred extreme pain at times, she bore up with
wonderful fortitude.
| The funeral has been arranged for
i Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, in-
i ferment to be made in the church of
! England cemetery in this city.
Heaters  and Stoves
- AT -
And prepare for a long
Clearance prices on all kinds makes
it easier for you.
Oar low price* include setting up within a radius
of one mile.   Pipes extra.
Sheet Iron Heaters at $1.95, $2.25, $2.65
No. 15 Coal Heaters, $12.75, or qualities at $10.25
No. 113 Coal Heaters, $16.50, or qualities at $13.25
No. 115 Coal Heaters, $21.00, or qualities at.. $17.00
Wood Burners at $4.50, $6.00, $7.50, $9.00
All Ready-to-Wear marked
down in our Clearance Prices
Because individual
executors die���often in
the midst of administering an estate. The
Trust Company is perpetual.
Because the Corporation can be held to
strict account. The
individual executor is
frequently neither competent nor responsible.
Consult the officers
of this Company before
drawing your Will.
crowded out this morning
Aldurmunic oommlttee    rooms have!     There wns burled yesterday in the      BRECHWBY���In the person of Mr. I
been opened In the King's Hotel block, ! Oddfellows' cemetery by Rev. Geo. A.   \v.    K.    Brenchley who passed away
All those in  favor of a good progres- j Ray, Thomas Tubman, who succumbed ; yesterday morning New Westminster
slve coincil  come along and  bustle, j after a long Illness In the "loyal Cot. j lost nnotner ot Us early eltlzeus.
Rooms will be open all day and even- / urrtWan hospital on Saturday last. |
fng9. (490)
Apparently In good health on Sntur-
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
H. E. Leash, formerly photographer
for \V. J. Kerr. Ltd,, has resigned and
will devote his time to commercial
photography in the future. For thf
present lie will retain his studio at
519 Thirteenth street, opening a down
town office in the spring. -.491)
The people of New Westminster are
fortunate in having a dairy in the city
rrtofan hospital on Saturday last.
Deceased leaves four little girls and   day   Mr.   Drencliley  was struck  down
a widow behind him. and as the fain-   with heart trouble on Sunday evening;
fly is In Etraitened circumstances the I ami, though his cafe was not consider-i
assistance of the puhllc la asked to de- iPr serious, he succumbed suddenly yes !
fray the expenses of the funeral.   The   terday   morning.
1 city  Is  meeting the hospital  bill and j     The deceased waB a native of Eng
haa charge of the family, all of whom ' land   and   came   to   Westminster   2G !
have  but  recently    recovered    from  years ago.   During his long residence I
. fever, and any money over aud above' |n the city he became very widely ac-'
(funeral  expenses  will  be handed  to. quainted  and to his host of  friends
I them. | the sad news came an a decided shock..
at which pure sterllzed milk can be
bought. Why buy an inferior grade I
when the Crystal Dairy Is selling an
absolutely purg nnd wholesome paa-
(welled milk, All bottles are thoroughly washed and slurlized, thus in- j
suring absolute ctuanllniiss. I'hon*-
1150.   555 Sixth street.   . (1ST)
Three more case3 of ecarlet fever
were discovered yesterday. Two were
in homes on First street and the other
on Penitentiary Row. As his premises have been thoroughly fumigated
and his milk cans properly sterilized
Mr. Fellows has heen given permission to continue the distribution ot
his milk.
The fund Is open and subscriptions The death occurred at the family resl-
wlll be received at the City Hall or' dence at the corner of Twelfth Btreet
at The New* office. land Sixth avenue from where the fu-
Alderman Cray    $ 5.00      neral will  take place on  Wednesday ,
Alderman Kellington       5.00      afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. The funeral
Alderman Lynch     5.00    , will be held under the auspices of the
 _-.____-   International Bible students.
j    Mr.   Brenchley Is  survived    by    a'
Forty  years  in   use,  20  years  the ' widow, five sons and four daughters.
I The sons arc Charles of this olty, Ar '
Standard, prescribed and recommend .^nur'of Vancouver,-Robert of Victoria,
ed by physicians.    For Women's All-  and Elwln.    Mrs. R. B. Dixon of Van-
_...���_       ,    ���,., Icouver, MrB. Mathews, Mrs. A. J. Mer- j
ments,  Dr.  Martel s Female Pills, at cer an(, Mrs   T. H. 0raIlt of thla eltv !
your druggist, are the daughters.
j    One of tha sons Is manager of the
1    g Bg        ��� ' P.  II.  Stewart Wholesale Fruit Coin-
'���{"sFT THF  HAR IT"  lian>  "���   Vancouver, and another Is a
*���*.���-���       nc  niiun     I machinist  In the    Schaake    Machine
Your    Chilblains    will
bother you till you use
The results obtained by
using  this   remarkable
remedy are marvellous.
25c. the Rottle.
(Successor to F. J. MacKenzle.)
Chemist and Druggist. Phone 66.
Dominion Trust Building.
New Westminster, B.C.
McGregor opens fight.
Will Address Electors in the BurnaSy
Public Hall Tonight.
Edmonds, Jan. ID.--Councillor D. C.
McQregor will open his campaign in
the Burnaby publlo ball tomorrow
(Tuesday) evening when he will speak
on different municipal matters now
effecting Uie municipality.
An Invitation has been sent to hlf
opponent, Mr. II. 0, Walker, to attend,
and also all tin- other candidates.
Accidentally   Shot.
Peluma, Cat, .'an.   13.   Mr.
of all kinds In great variety.   Try our
typewriter ribbons, our Carbon Paper
I In all grades and for every uao.
Stephen's  and   Stafford's   Inks  and
p ; Mucilages.
Griffith, secretary of the American
Rubber Company, of Oakland, accidentally shot and killed himself late
today, while hunting ten miles from
this town. A charge of buckshot uev-
ered his jugular vein and he died in
an hour.
Wank Hooks ol every kind.
648  Columbia  Street
Phone  453
Hyland, Grant and Hyland, a Drawing Card at the Royal
Theatre Today.
Are You Fully Insured?
For what amount should a man insure in order that his family and estate
may not suffer loss in case of fire damaging his property, accidental injury to
himself or premature death?
You should answer this question, but we can help you do so as we write
l   Fire, Life and Accident Insurance.
312-315 Westminster Trust Block, and 746 Columbia St., New Westminster, B.C.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street
feel the need of Glassos today when
EYE8TRAIN Is the rule and not the
Workmen who would have reliable
help for their eyes shout.! call on
Druggist and Optician
701  Columbia  Street Phono 57
If you want
Reliability, Silence,
Economy, Satisfaction and
The "YALE" will meet
your requirements.
Adapted for the Fishing Trade.
The Schaake Machine Works
These are all In good locations and
they can be bought fc
1359���FIFTH   STREET    near   Eighth
avenue: 60x132 to laiin; a good buy
at $1,000; one-thtrd cash.
1195���SEVENTH   AVENUE  near 4th
Btreet; two lots; upper side; r>Oxi;jo
all cleared and graded; prion $1275
1397���66 FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy terms.
are  good   Investments  nt   the   prlcei,
r now.
66 foot lot in 'good location; Just off
Columbia street; price 31200 ou
easy terms.
1398���5 LOT8 ON TWELFTH AVE.,
near Sixth street car line; 60x159
each; some are cleared; street Is
graded;, price $3000 on good tenns
Fs J. HART & CO., LTD.
We write Fire, Life, Aceldont. * mployera' Liability, Automobile
Marine Insurance.
Sir Edmund B. Osier, MP., President. W.D.Matthews, Vlce-Preuldont.
Oi A. Uog-ert, General Manager.
Head Office Toronto, Ont.
CAPITAL PAID-UP    ��� 8-000,000
IU0SEHVH 1TUMD     6,000,000
TOTALASBKTfl...   ������ 79,000,000
A branch of *Usl�� Btsk has been established In New "Westminster
at tho corner of Columbia and Sixth Streets, opposite the Post Offico.
A Oeneral Banking Business Transacted.
O. H. MATHEWSON, Manager.


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