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The New Westminster News Jun 23, 1913

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 News Classified
proven  their  worth
by tlie 1
they    produce.
ey   fill
or   small    wantB
B       <1  1
Weather Today.
New     Westminster     and     l-o\vor
Malnlaril:   Light to moderate wlntii
with probable showers and temyer.i
ture rm In;; steadily
VOLUME  8,   NUM' ��,
Search of More Than Fifteen Years Erifls in Discovery at Last.
Judge Howay Receives Word that lm-
portent Msnuscript Is in Hands
of Provincial Librarian.
Well Known Westminster Man Passes
Away   in   Vancouver���Wlll   De
Burled in Thlr. City.
Simon rraser'B original diary, which
has baffled the Bearch of historians
aud antliiuarleB for the last 16 years,
ha* at length been traced and Is now
ln the possession of EI. 0, S. Schofleld,
the provincial archivist, Victoria. Thlr,
news has Juat been received by Judge
Howay from Mr. Schofleld In a letter
Ot laconic  brevity.
That the diary, however, has beeu
found Ib the all-important fact nnd
the detailB of how, where and when
Interesting aa they doubtless are, will
be learned later.
Mr. Schofleld Ib having copieB made j
and it in possible the diary wlll be
printed In extenso. A copy, nt any
rate, will be lodged shortly tn the
archives of the provincial government
at  Victoria.
With historians and antiquaries it
has long been a debated point how
much of MiiBBon's edition of the famous diary haa been Kraaer's and how
mneh Masson'S, In the opinion of
many competent judges, It bears Internal evidences of careful editing
and the question of what extent, It any.
the original text Iiiib been "bowdler-
iBed" will now he settled.
As reported ln The News Ibbuc of
April 19 last, the diary of Plmon Fra
*��er'B trip down the river that now
beara hlfl name, was pledged to a
gentleman In Victoria by John Fraseh
a boh of Simon's, many years ago,
when John Fraser was following hi*
profession of civil engineer in the
Cariboo, The diary waB subsequently
returned lo KYaaer's relatives back
���past, but inquiries as to its ultimate
destination proved fruitless until now.
Word   WM   received   yesterday   In
the city of the pasBlng away in Van
couver of Charlea Mncdonough, so well
and favorably known to the older generation of New Westminster citizens.
At one time Mr. M tied u no ugh conducted a general and extensive store
bUKineBB on Front Btreet. In 1X73 his
store wub situated at the corner of
Sixth and Front street. About 1903
he lert thc city and in hlfl laat yeara
he held a post In connection with tho
customs office in Vancouver. He wai,
close upon 80 years of age.
Mr. Maedonough wbb a genial, kindly gentleman of Imposing appearance
and wiib a great favorite with old
and young during hla residence In
Nev; Westminster, He wae twice married, hiB  Becond   wife  surviving hlm.
He died early yesterday morning. A
requiem service wlll be held today at
9 a.m. ln the Holy Rosary church,
Vancouver. HIb remains wlll be Interred In the Roman Catholic cemetery, this city, tomorrow at an hour
which   will  be   published   later.
Four Lives Lost and $225,000 Damage in Montreal Blaze���Nine Drowned in Capsized
Boat at New Madrid���Two Boys Swept into Niagara Whirlpool���Trainman Is
Crushed at Saskatoon���Fifty Injured in Railway Wreck���Ship Sinks off Alaskan
Coast���Elevator, Churches and Homes Burned,
Montreal,  June  22.���Four  Montreal .and   Flremap  Cox escaped    the    lull   the  boat  until  it  wiib close to hand,
firemen lie dead at the morgue, three   force   of   the   falling   wall   and   were I Then tbey called fin .headquarters and j Douglas  road,  and  the owner of the
Herbert   Hawkins   Thrown   Through
Windshield  of  Auto  When  Ha
Collides  With   Machine.
Thrown from hin wheel to the top
of the radiator or un auto and then
hurled through the windshield or the
machine wan the experience of Herbert Hawkins, Whole parents reside
on Fourteenth street, thlB city. The
scene of the accident, which occurred
at 5 p.m. yesterday, was in llurnaby.
at the corner of Twelfth avenue and
are  Injured, one seriously;   the  large   taken      t by lha regculng ,)arty Mvv
three-ply brick sash aud blind factory! *t ,   .   ��,,
Dl Itzwelre A Sarra/.ln. facing ou Uu- but badly burned and bruleed. Flrc-
vernay and Levis streetB and Fabian j man Desjadrlnes was also severely
avenue, St. (lunegonde, ls demolish- |'injured. HIb condition Ib regarded as
Md; the large Ice warehouse of the | Borlous Tt(1 in]uml men were lm.
City Ice company on Fabian avenue. ��� ,,.,., . , . ,
In the rear of the burned factory. hM ��M4UMly taken to hospitals,
caved  ln and  Ib still  burning  In  the j     Owing to the Intense heat and the
two companies of firemen were sent
lo Bave the lads, if possible, Hundreds
swarmed to tho river bankB In a
vain effort to rescue them. The boys,
realizing their fate, stood up as the
boat neared the edge of the roaring
whirlpool and hhook hands in farewell. A second later, they were engulfed by a great wave in the rapids
Interior;   the front walls of a row of  great  volumes of  smoke that poured | The boat shot out of sight
Irrigation  Project Promoter  Arretted
In Seattle on His  Return from
Vancouver���Prisoner Sullen.
-Ins, the work
the  boys  was  Been  fer
One of
flats from 195 to 224 lluvernay street, i. ,h    amp,,!,),.,.-.,,,, ,    ,,.,   ,���,. ���,,,���
oppoBlte  the  sash  and  blind   factory,    . smouldering ���-"��."����� "'���   struggling lu  the rushing waters and
are scarred and blackened  from  the, of rescue was slow and difficult. Fl-  then disappeared.    Neither body has
tire and smoke windows and doors be- ! ��alI>'. however, the burned and charreu   becn recovered,
ing destroyed and in many cases front j remains    of    the   four  firemen   were
room-i  gutted I,aken out W their comrades and rc-
' ���    ' moved  to the morgue.
The property Iobb will reach $225,
Worst In 13 Yean.
ThlB Ib the result of the most diB- i
astrous fire that has visited this city j
since 'he burning of Ihe board ot trade i
building 13 years ago. The dead are
lohn Forsytbe, 28 years; Patrick
Hamlll, 34 years; John McDermott.'
22 years;  Webster Moleson, ITS years.!
A general alarm called the fire op-
piratiiB from every station In the city
and the ambulances from every hospital.
Never a Chance.
Never at any time was
chance to  save  the boys.
there    a
The tire-
OfcO, fairly well covered by Insurance. '; men  could  do  nothing.    There  were
 . I scores of paBsengerB in the cars along
Boat Capsizes: Nine Drowned.
New Madrid, Mu., June 22.���Nine
members of a party of 14 United
StateB engineers nnd other government employees were drowned near
New Madrid, Mo., late today, when the
United States survey
with the party aboard
Seattle, June 22.���Whether Allan
J. Ul-elil, former associate of W. B,
De Ldirui, promoter of vast Irrigation
projects, arrested yeatcrday In this
city on hiB arrival from Vancouver ,-|-hs
U.C.,   wlll  contest   his  retaking,   will '
the gorge rcute and they watched the
hopeless, struggle of  the  boys.    The
hundreds   who   had   gathered   at   the
water's edge could offer no aid.  Men
became  hysterical  in  their helplessness   and   women   passengers   on   the
cars wept and  prayed in dletress at
boat    Beaver, j the plight of the lads, who were stand-
capsized tn a  ing up in the boat calling for help.
A burring mutch or a lighted cig- [-"torm. Ab the boat neared Swift Drift, the
srette thrown carelessly by a passerby I Those drowned are J. M. McConnel, j first breaking of the river from the
Into some shavings lying in the Fabian c'- F- Williamson, chief engineer; , gaim upper reaches to the rapids, it
avenue doorway is thought to have Capt. l.amb, pilot; A. I). Crofton, en-|D(.Kan to rock. The toys sat down to
heen the cause of the blaze. The lg-i^neer; Harry Sherrett, mate; Cyril j keep from tumbling into the stream
nlied shavings in the open doorwav \ Wray. seaman; Freeman, deck hand; i Then, caught in Swift Drift, the boat
were milckly sucked Into tho building Itwo rodmen, names unknown I went racing under the bridge and as
jby a draft and trailed their way lm- I 'n*- boat **<������������* ������*������"' thp HotcbkisB ��� they pasFed under the bridge thev had
;mediately to a bin In the centre ofl"'��� **ni* word was sont to Memphis, ceased their cries for heln. The two
'the building which was packed with whence the government boat Chiska j m|tp8 turned toward each other and
ex-elBior and other fllmsv material.'was dispatched to the scene. Five calmly Bbook hands, then with the
bo* served as tinder for the'. meu ��" ,'��-lrd ������" Beaver were Wed. boat in the tumbling waters, threw
creeping flames. Tn? Beaver left Memphis on Friday 1 themselves on the aeats of the scow-
cm- was W. Hrown, 222 Fourth avenue,
this city. Hawkins, with two other
boys namid Fern and Matthews, wsa
riding toward! the city from Kdmonds
and, on approaching the corner, Mr.
Brown swung around In his auto. Fern
and Matthews managed to get past In
safety, but Hawkins struck the machine, smashing one of the lamps and
was thrown through the glass front,
cutting his head badly.
The New Westminster ambulance
was called but the accident having
nappeued outside the city limits, tl.e
ante could not make the trip ami it
devolved on Mr. Brown to brin., the
boy Into the city where hla wounds
were dressed by a doctor.
The boy is said to be badly bruised
and besides he Is Buffering from nu
meroiiB cuts on the head, caused by
thc glass, but it is thought that no
bones were broken. The accident wis
[later reported to tho Burnaby |>..lie��
not he-known until he appears in caun !    Krom ,he refuse box to thc dry kiln on a s"rve-v tnP and'acr"rdi,,B to th*" land clung with all their tsrength.
tomorrow at Portland, but it was da*]-. the floor "       ' '" '     '"'"' '
ii,  the east  wing survivors, the storm broVe with such
elated yesterday that Biehl could notjjjf' ^ buildiiig,   a   room   rilled   with -suddenness ,nat H Raye them no time
have been taken back to this country   Oi0(e]y p||P{| lumber   formed the p-tth]'"Tl��toV��r  to   prepare
except   for the   assistance   given   his !of ,hp fiamcB.    The intense heat from
bondsmen and    former   father-in-law. ,������ homing 0f the refuse bin lilerallv
a U T. Skinner, by American imml    me|tPd the floor from under the drv
Suffragettes Refuse to Eat in Jail and
Prison Doors Are Opened���Four
More Loose.
American   Emigration   to
This Side ol Line Worries
Champ Clark.
Annual Lew to Republic et ��123,532,-
000 Which Gees te Increase
Dominion'. Wealth.
The craft held to Its ourse until
tt encountered a huge wave, which
crested at a height of 40 feet. It en-
appeared to dive in the middle of l*l**-RpLi|i*,.,,i
wave and when it came again to view
it was bottom up.    A second or two
I.cndon, June 2j~-111-hAlth, brought
about   by   "hunger  striking,"  opened
tbe    prison    doors    today    tor   (our
officialB of the Women's Social   and
union,   the   militant    guffra-
American Bankers Enthuse Over Greet
Canadian West With a Capital "E."
Ottawa, June 22. New York bank
era held their first annual convention
on Canadian soil here yesterday, and.
among the party of Wn. were 50 millionaire: All were very optimistic
of Canaries future
It was fine for the west to hear
these masters of finance dilate, for
Just as soon as Ihey became optimistic they talked of that west. Vancou
ver was mentioned. James J. Hill,
"not a banker," he Baid, "but just a
mere railwayman." enlarged In one
portion of his speech en what benefits
Vancouver was winning from Irade
across the boundary that waB flowing
into and through her portals. The
���west   generally   was  mentioned   when
Lost  in  Niagara.
gretlon oificlalB maintained across tbe fc������ ,,n ipitat:, '^ m"**' bobbing IJWJ "f ^^'^J^JSrS
Caned an border. rwntter into the burning furnace )������>��� 'Moore 1 Years old both of Buffalo "'�� a wave for a moment and then It ,terms of imprisonment ror conspiracy
Biehl was sullen over his arrest ye. Im.ath. which loosened the piles -sum "���\; to* their deaths in a small boat wat, seen no more. *0 commit malicious damage to prop-
late this afternoon in the whirlpool Thp Indies of the boys are now ln;er^'- ���___ . ',l_j n���
rapids, while hundreds of men watch- , the whirlpool rapids and may never be The women ho ��ere released on
ed helplessly from the shore. The Recovered. A uuantity of driftwood "cense were Miss Annie Kenny; wbo
boys were playing in a flat-bottomed "aa been noticed In the whirlpool and .superintended the organization of the
terday, u honeymoon of K'Bs than twn;rlently to cause a draft
w eeks having beeu Suddenly Interrupt ' Four c      ht ,��� Cn K
ed.  SO ll   wlll not   BurprtM eome offi        A���  this  happened   before7 the  fire.
dais if H.ehl tomorrow on his appear-|m(,n  arr|v(,d   ������   thi.  SP(,ne     c^'im
ance iu court will nit have something  Etilowe   wllh   five
men   was fighting ucow   half  a   mile   above   the   rapids,
ni say as io the manner in which his the blaze with  two streams    at    the I when the rope holding the boat broke,      ,   ,      ,   ,,. ...       , ^   ,   .
' I���*   ...- --     .-j   ������   .-���-   ,he; loose half a  mile trom  the falls and!��f the Suffrage;  Miss Agues S. Ijike
capture was effected, and institute
habeas corpuB proceedings and
charges against well known govern-
i.i in officials.
Bondsmen Worried.
When Blehl disappeared about a
foil nlgbt ago Mr. Skinner was notified that he tniiBt produce him or for
felt his ball money, nearly ��10.0000,
And that it waa not up to tne gover,,
meat to assume any expense in Ihe
prem bi.*-
ijuited Statea Attorney Charles F.
Riddell was thel. appealed to by
Skinner, also United Slates Marsha!
.1 It. A. Jncoby, and the search
direeied by the latter resulted in
Biehl being located In Vancouver. H.
C. For several days (he problem was
'low to gtt Blehl out of Canada, but
finally the immigration  officers  were
plr.ee of origin in Fabian lane directing their efforts against the dry kiln
Smldenlv a dense i ilume of rnmke
rushed cul through ihe windows and.
without warning, n section of Ihe
smith wall collapsed, engulfing the
men   in the  debris.    Captain   Enlowe
it  is  feared   that'the  bodleB  will  be   Women's  Social  and  Political union;
beaten  into pulp.    The    boat    broke | Mi8B Rachel Barrett, assistant editor
and   they   were   carried   out  Into   the, , .. ....     ,
stream  and  went down  the. river.      >��de the  trip to the cataract  in  12.business  manager of    the  militants
Up  to   the   time   the   boat   reached   minutes. organ, and  Miss Geraldine Lennox, a
mid-Btream. it made    little   progress..    The  mother of  the  Roscoe  boy  is
After it had  passed  the hridgeB. the
current carried it rapidly towards thc
Washington, June t*. -While committees of both Bcu.'cs of congress are
preparing to impress Immigration re
forms at tbe next session, Speaker
Clarg ls givin-r attention to tlm other
side of the question. Immigration,
the speaker eald in a statement tonight, is costing the United State*
millions of liollars i year ic actual
money, uaidt from thc lo��s Involved
In ^Ivln-g up Americans to bc replaced
by a foreign immigrant.
It la high time." said Mr. Clark,
"that more attention be paid to the
influence of emigration upon our future. These Americans who are leaving ue understand oor institutions,
our ways and our aspirations, while
most rf tl.e immigrants into this country have to be taught these things
Canada Draws Them.
"In one week not tong since, lS-tS
American farmers, with f384,500 in
earh and $145,000 in irrsonal property, croEced into western Canada lo
settle pennani nlly in Uritish North
America. That's an average of VIS
per capita and tbst week was below
the weekly average into that region
alone. How many ro to Tiber countries fiin uot know.
"These emigrants are among our
best cltirens. I aA personally acquainted with 200 or 300 ot them.
There is not a bsd nr shiftless man
In the tot. They are seeking to better
their conditions. Tuny almost Invariably take fh"ir families with them.
The principal reason they expatriate
thems.>lve��i�� the lure of cheaper laiul
an J tee* stringent land laws us to
"Congress should make our homestead conditions aa easy us possible,
commtifbl* >fth safety, and should Increase the a"ea fur home hulldlng by
Jnditlou3 encouragement ot both irrigation  and  drainage.
"A Btalieti-rtan ha;- atoned tlv.t '.ho
average adrnt eHiaen is -nt the monev
value or JlOOtJ, considering solely a*
an asset to tiie oountry- If that is true
the 1845 American farmers who crora-
ed the Canadian border depleted thc.
assets 'it tht republic that week bv
$2,378,500. which mnRiplied by 5?.
would make the grand annua! total cf
loss to the republic $123,682,000, gone
to Canada alone.
', sub-editor.
eriously ill and has not been told of '     MiSB   Kenney
the tragedy.    Both are well known at  of 18    months'
was   Berving   a
rapids.    The   bridgemen   did   not   see
(Continued on  t'age Four.)
I Barrett nine months, and Misa Lake
and MiBB Lennox six mcnllvs each, all
at bard labor.
The prisoners declared when sent
ence was pronounced tha: they would
n fuse to eat and would compel tl.e
prison authorities to release Ihem.
thepo mm who bear the stress andI called upon for help, and yesterday
strain of piiding finance, wanted toI United States Marshal .lacoby admit*
be optimistic. The theme they Uer\ that without this assistance Blehl
preached, the advice they gave ti the | colll,i have continued to olude both
Tacific divide, after one of their own   M].   Sk,,m,.r Hllrt the government.
men, Governor Sberhardt of Minne
sota, had told them plainly and frankly why it waa In tlieir Interests tn
givo the great and growing west financial ammunition for its development on belli sides of the line, war
more than Interesting.
Fifty  Millionaires.
Remember   thero   were   (500   of   tlle
States' moBt  powerful bankers. There
���(\-cre  r>o  millionaires  In  the  crowd.
nnd  one  lone,   large  builder  or  rail-
ways   Canadian born he is proud tni
ndriit. "empire builder" he Is called Case at Calgary
in his adopted oountry.   lie was nrt-.-
tlmeB ii millionaire.   lU'iv is what they
collectively snld to the west. They
were not politely, guestlike in their
optimism, they were Optimistic wltli
a cinllal Ol
"Held   on   to   what   you   have   got,"
was their advice.    "This continent  i"
fast   coming  to a  period   when   wars,
In   Kurope  will  not  afreet  legitimate
development   iu  the  west,  where  de- ;
velopment    Is    greatest,    lt   may  be
rtayed now ror n time, It may he cur- \
tailed, hut It cannot  be stopped."
lt Ib the advice of men who repre-
rent 828 American banks having a to- I
Ml   canltal   of   1280 WR.000   and   total
reBodrces of $6,447,068,000.
Mr. Skinner, after Uiehl was lecalid
I Continued on Page Kight.)
Indian Murder Trial to Follow Hindu Hearing cn
Assize Docket.
Rsport8   from    Mexico    Say    Federal
Cer.eral   lc Bottled up Again���
Many   Deserters.
Nogales. Aril".. .June 22.- Oeneral
OJeda's federal column advancing to-
ward Hermositio is surrounded com-
Story of Clinton    Murders    and Lon- , I""1,"'1?1 L>,'nsun\"n(t st"": lr<""'5' j!-:'!  Citizen Soldiers of This City and Van.
"   ti'ilava official state advices received
Lieut-Col. J. D. Taylor Will
Go Into Camp With 104th
���Not as Commander
D. C. Forest Reserves.
Victoria, June 22.���Thc uew forest
branch ol the land department haa issued a statement of revenue for May.
showing revenue cf $254,810, from all
sources. The largest amount is from
license fees, J1S1.124.25, and there ir
thc sum of $80,000 from royalties and
>15,940.96 from timber lease rentals.
Both April and February figures were
| In  excess  of those  for  May.
Chase After Outlaws���Horses
Here as Evidence.
Will   Be
Tiiis   Afternoon���Question   cf
Priie   Fight.
Arthui   i elk
lagonia:   in
wm  I Hied.
22.- The    case    of
ey. Luther McCarty's an-
tho ring where McCarty
and   who  ia  on   trial   for
manslaughter,   will   probably   get   to
Llv   i  '"t   about  noon  Monday.
At the conclusion of lhe taking of
ev dence    tor   the
P lltcy's counsel moved that the
charge be dismissed on tho grounds
that the crown had not Introduced
any evidence Bhowlng that    the fatal
he-re.    lt was asserted  thai  the  federal armored troop train was strand
ed  between  burned  bridges and  thai
the  government   troopa  were  on   the
Fifty federal soldiers who left
Cuaymas to reinforce OJeda's group
were met and routed by state troops
yesterday. The
state Officials insist that deseri.i-r"
are occurring daily from the f( dcrnl
Mothinc   was   said   in   tedav's   dls-
,   ,, ,., patohes  regarding  the operations of
Clinton on May 8, 1918. .JSidler Masson, the aviator whoc yea-
I ins Is the third murder which It  ���,r(,.,v aropped bomb, over Qnaykmm
is alleged ban been committed by the   (lnJ ,',���, ,������,.,..��� >;unboatr, lying In th"
ltn! ..ti..   v.l���,   managed   to elude    the 1 hart01..     Advices   received   here  paid
that  the fighting  had  not  been  continued since dark last night.
Another chapter et  what   haB been
one of the most sensational cases of I
recent  years  will  he commenced    In I ,.        , ,   ,
ithe assise court today when ��� charge neM  >--��'li..lme late
Completed! of murdir  will  be  rend  agalnsl   I'aul |
Splntlum. one oi the two Indians who I
were arrested  n  few  months ago for
lhe killing of Constable Kindness    al
couver Will Go to Sydney on
or   citi
police   and   numerous   posses
zens ror nearly two years.
The    provincial    government    were ,
determined, however, that they should
be brought to trial and about $50,000
Practically all the arrangements
connected with the annual encamp,
men) of the 104th Regiment or Fusi-
l.ers have been made, although unusual activity will prevail at the local
headquarters rrom now until Thursday when the regiment will entrain al
the II. C. K. U. In time to catch Ihe
boat leaving for Sydney, Vancouver
Isdand. It Is expected that 200 men
will leave this city and the Frasei
valley, which will bo the largest muster leaving for camp for Beveral yeara
Of thiB number, the three companies
In the Fraser valley, C, P and K, at
Cl-ivi rdale,  Chilliwack  and   Kosedale.
No More Till 1915.
Walla Walla, Wash.. June Z;t.��� Thc
Nr.rth l'acltlc Saengerbund at its
business meeting here today decided
to hold no more saei.gerfests .inti) after the Lob Angeles meeting in July,
1H15, when the North Pacific organization expects to Join the central md
south Pacific societies in a mammoth
sacngerfest which will ,i1bo be participated in by delegations from various parts ot the l"nltt"d States and
tne UKng oi   hag aimay i���,en spent, including the ' Point Grev pas$eg All  Its Bylaws on,��'ll   provide  the greater  number;   50
own    Saturday |C(,8l ()f Ull, cal���UR,, whSch WM stated   Polnt Gr y      s*"rday Of  the   2U0  will   be   from   the   Uoyal
,....,    ,.,,,     "'"  w'be In the neighborhood of $40,000. '
First Trial.
Although the murder was committed
I bout  had been n prise tight or    thai |��ear Clinton, a change of venue was
Had Noisy Time. pelk.v was leaponslble lor the death iusked on the    grounds    that    nearly
Moose Jaw   June 22,���At    a    lOd��e'of McCarty. itvery  citizen    of that    district    bad
meeting ef the grand council ot the      The king'B counsel resisted the mo-'taken some part in the pursuit or the
U   c.  T. held here on Saturday.   Itlticn.   He contended that the bout had alleged slayers,   A trial therefore was ���.,i������    ,���   *m,i  ������  ward  i
'*  '���'   -���  "���������   ���   -*-- ussl/.ea at Vernon  I'*1     *      in.i'*i.i>     ">   -n    ">   ��*""
Kerrisdale. June 22. -All the 17 by-   City.
laws      tetailing     altogether   $78:1,718.!    The total enlistment at lhe present
submitted   to   the   electors   yesterdav : time Is 236, which includes the regi
passed   bv   overwhelming   majorities.-mental band at t'hllllwack. The latt-.-r
Splinter's    Throat     Was    Cut    Four
Times. But He's on tha Road
to Recovery.
Chler Interest was centred In the
water and Fewer Inlaws In respect to
Shaughnessy Heights in regard to
which     the    votes    recorded     show-
decided  to hold the next annual  been advertised as B contest to decide I held at the aprin
convention in Hrandon. The lim eon
ventlon or the CJ, (-'��� T, closed her.
on Saturday night nUer Iwo s'renu
OUS dnys ot merrlnien
the  hevywelght   chaniVioiiship  of  the |
world, that 11 had been openly exploited In the newspapers as a tight of un- |
which turned  usual Interest, that a large admission
the city Into a carnival of banda and  ree had been charged and that It was;
* ���::��� ���::;��� ft 3 ##���*�����##���*�� * ��
Comtantinople, June 22.-��� ft
Twenty men today were sent- ft
raced to death, after trial at ft
courl martial, for complicity 'liin the assassination of Grand ft
Vlxler Muhmoud Schefket ft
ia prize light.
Ills lordship denied the motion
I    The defence has little to offer
but the Jury failed lo agree and    another change of venue was aaked.
II is expected that the trial will
lusl two or time days as there are a
large number ot witnesses to be
Ves'erday the three horses, which
lt ts alleged were stolen hy the    two
and 2011 In Ward II, the total votes in
these two wards being tlHD for the
bylaws and 250 r.galntt. In all the
other wards the large bnlance ot voting was In favor of passing the bylaw,
The votes cast were unite smell in
number and the only bylaw which seemed an adverse vote In any ward
was that for the new Incinerator,
which was defeated In Wnrd I. but
was   carried   by   the     large     support
S.   Clements    M.P.   Tor    Comox-Atlln, IIndiana fer their escape, wcre brought |
deposed that  Pelkey  wub  born  nearjl" the city and will be used as   ex-
hls father's farm In Onliulo, and that'hibltB. !given in the remaining four wards.
hla  family   waB  respectable.    Arthur I    Indian Agent T. J. Commlskey,   of|��	
Pelkey  went  to school with some of-Vernon,  arrived  yeBterday  and    will j 0re ,��� the Kootenay.
the witness" children and he consider-1 Kive evldeuce. Nelson. ll.C. June 22.���Ore produc ,
ed his character of the best. It waB Mr. Commlskey that suggest- U()n  |n  thr>  Kootenay  and  Boundary i,ume tno ����mm��na.
wltneaBea >_d   the   means   by    which Paul and d|8trlc. last week totalled 47,221 tons. I    Tho regiments In
Several other character
ft testllled.    Several medical men were
ft brought In to controvert the evidence
*;��� of tho medical experts for the crown
ft ft # it ft * ft ft ft * ;S '* and the case went over until Monday.
Splntlum wero finally located.
n^k^atourfor'^'^todau'ofisi^  ��-  ���� BmtfgMgf   High-
DolBe. Ida.. June 22.���M, P. Splinter,
,,   . a rancher  living   80   miles south    ot
will go Into camp 2o strong. L WM  nt,mfked  wlth  a knife aa
New Colonel to Go. !he lay in bel- at g o'clock this morn-
This will be the tlrst lime in several jing by a man whom the police believe
years that J. D, Taylor, M.P., now to be Arthur Eakin. Splinter had
Lleut.-Oolonel J. D, Taylor, will go quarreled with Kakin over attentions
under canvas Colonel Taylor was re- ttie latler is Bald to have paid to
cently   appointed  comniur.ddr ot    the  Mrs. Splinter.
104th regiment, vice Lieut.-Colonel j Splinier escaped from his assailant
Johnston, resigned, but his presence and ran lo the front yard, where he
at camp will not be bs officer com- was caught anad a struggle took place.
uiauding. .lust who will be in com- Splinter again escaped and ran into a
mand is not yel hem given out. field where he was overtaken, elash-
C-, lonel Taylor having recommended ed again, and left for dead. Splinter
the. name ot one or the officers of the crawled half a mile to a neighbor's
regiment to Colonel Hoy, district for aid. HIb throat was cut four .$
officer commanding, but a reply has times, but the knife missed the Jugu- &
yet to  be  received  from  Victoria.  It lar vein.    He will recover. 'j��
is thought, however, that Captain  P. i    The  knife  with  which th�� cutting ft
II.   Smith,  acting  adjutant,   will    as-  whb done  was  the  one  Splinter  lost -;:
Bhortly  after he had quarreled with O
camp will be the Eakln.    Splinter says he    does   not *
know hiB assailant, but authorities be- ft
Pre:by'.eriaiT   General   Assembly, for
Victoria in 1915 and Then a Trip
to Panama Canal.
Returnfnff from the general assembly of the Presbyterian church in
Canada. JuBt concluded in Toronto.
Itev. J. S. Henderson, of St, Andrew's
Presbyterian church here, brings
word of great expectations held by the
ministers of the east for the proposed
pilgrimage to this province in 1915*-
when the general assembly may be
held in Victoria. Scarcely was there
a man. he says, who did not greet
'.he leda -of a visit to the coast with
Contrary to what hi supposed by
many, the Victoria meeting is not all
cut and dried, and not until next year's
gathering In Woodstock, Ont.. will the
place of the meeting in 1915 be decided. However, the Presbytery of
Victoria and the syocd of British Columbia both huve advocated Victoria
as the best place and in church*cir-
clcs it is conceded tkat their invitation wlll be accepted.
To Be* Kg Ditch.
ItPBides bringing eastern minister-*
to -*-ee thia part of the Dominion, oqe
ot the main reasons advanced waa the
opening of the Panama canal, which.
by 1915 will be feady. It ls proposed
to take the whole of tho assembly
down to nee the Uk ditch.
Aside from its religious character,
the general assembly In Toronto socially will long be remembered. As
a great gathering of men. all striving toward the same end, the meetings
and associations there afforded are
felt by the ministers to be invaluable.
Of the New Westminster delegates Rev. and Mrs. Henderson are
the only ones who have returned as
yet. They arrived home Saturday.
RevB. Petrle. Melvin and Thompson
are still in tlm east aa well as Messrs.
A. K. Day, W. A. Duncan and Findlay
Stuart, the lay delegates from thc
churches here. Most of these are expected  the  first week  In  July.
Mr. Commlskey conferred with th* 1 207712  tons     Smelter  receipts  foi ganders from Vancouver,    the    104thjileve  It  was  Eakln  aud  posses    are *
"  '"   "��� ���   '  if the wee"k were 4312 tons and for the!trom    New    Westminster    and    the seurching for the man who apparently l��
Indian   chiefs  and  told   them   that
(Continued on Page Four.)
Washington. June St. -Real
-summer time during this week
waa promised over the country
tonight by the weather bureau.
The tempeeraturea above the
seasonal were predicted for the
Oreat Lakes and the Pacific
1    'I
i *���
��� *
yeur to date 1,067,521 tons.
(Continued on Page Eight.)
'haB left the country.
I* s* s ass-asses* s s ��
\  i PxUL  -t'-'A'O
MONDAY,  JUNE  23,   1913.
��� ttttvottiti tu the ���i*nt**'r-*fitti
of sew WB*tmi\\��t*ir ""rf
fry th** s<ttionoi printing
A* wide-tendem m,,rnina ptl*.
��� th* Fraaer Vtxhtty.   Publxaked iree-rii miirnnj ttrefpl B**4a*)
-mat rt.blu.kuxv 0*m****s. Untiled, at S3 atcKemt-ie Btreet. New  Weatmlnater,  British
Columbia ROBB  BIITIIEItl.ANII. IfOtiafflnp  Director,
All cam*tMaic**ti*M* eh-iulti be addressed to Tke New ll i stni In ster News, and not
tto mt.1******** .*-*ix*-*r* *( f���� ��<��ff. Cka,*uts, drafts, and ma-iey orders ahnuM 1"' I'nidi"
-**i/able In The  Hatitnuxl  I'rinliH* and  Publishing Compiiny,  Limited.
TtCLKI'IIOKKB    Btxtituss* Ofsoe and Manager. 1199. fidUortal Rooms (nil drpurl-
���aumts). -Jtn
K'.'lliit'HtrT'OS* ft.ATF.S~By o��rrter, (4 per year. (1 for three -months, (Oo per
���KiiKh.     I'v mail, $3 per tear. ������ per month.
Anvs'iermisa katkb on meUetUlon.
Squamlsh Indians Give Concise State.
ment to C-)mml��sion cn  Indian
North Vancouver, June 28,���Before
the Indians of the Squamlsh tribe will
agree to Bell or give up any of their
lands tor Improvements Ihey want a
clear title to the land on which they
live, according to a statement mude
���\ ch.! i Joseph before the Royal
i . min.-si iii iin Indian affairs, which
closed iis scleiim at the Mission rest rve i r,  i-'tiflay.
In ordi v ."* Bee If tho othi r Blity-
two IndlanB presonl concurred In thla
opinion. Chairman Hon, B, I.. Wet
more had it pul tp n vote, The Indians
agreed with Chief Joseph's statement
VS In-n.Cnief Joseph  started to give
��� |hls evidence Chairman Wetmore ns:-.-
d  through  the  Interpreter:    "What
Ibis    le
The suggestion of the Progressive association that efforts be matte to have H. M. S. New Zealand visit Now
Westminster when she reaches the coast of B. C. is one of
the best proposals of many good ones tbat have originated
from the ranks of that body.
If there's one thing this fresh water harbor needs,
that one thing is the right kind of publicity to offset the do the Indians think^about
systematic hammering of the Fraser river which seems to 8^��h^'n|'treasons' for noi agree-
have started shortly after the lato Mr. Simon Fraser set ing to tho proposals of the whiti p ���
the pace for white men down its broad waters.   It always |jed'^/t0l^eep*helr.o^^Be";n ���;���.
my objecting to letting them put their
sl reels through this reserve is that
I feel that ii is not large enough. To
t streets go through would not leave
enough land for the Indians to live
on  properly.
"Another of my reasons for not letting the while people put tlieir streets
Tea is sold only
in sealed lead
packets to preserve its native
purity and
Blask.Greenand Mixed.
South Vancouver Council
couver Man a $225 a
Gives Van-
The playground Ib do longer res
for the heat-smothered child: ll If ' *
'.uiiine n resort lor the gr wn fo'lt,
who seek an hour In the opun.    It Ib
nlso becoming one if the nurseries of
ih-* nation.
Last year thronit'i  the bet   months I
over four thousand eh'ldr
daily to spend their play
the supervised  playgrounds
South Vancouver, June 22.��� The
municipal counoil confirmed the appointment of l'eter Wylie uf the Vancouver engineering department, as
Btreet superintendent at a salary ol ,
$326 per month; but not without a
protest from Councillor Thomas, who
objected that ,>Ir. Wylie was not a
professional engineer, and that the
Balary wns too high, Councillor I
ThomaB saiii that there were plenty
nl capable mi n in S mth Vancouver
and he did not approve of going out- !
siiie of the municipality for men   to
rill  municipal  positions.
Councillor Wllters asked ir the pal- j
ir\* was fixed at the committee when
tho appointment  was discussed,
Actlng-Beeve   Campbell   replied   In;
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
l cami the affirmative, and said that Mr. Wy-
loura i" lie had heen receiving $2no a month
and thlslln  the city, but  he would  not come
is easier to destroy thai to build anil the lies that havc
travelled far and fast concerning the Fraser channel need
.speedy and reliable publicity to overtake and overpower ii
The coming of a battleship of the size of H. M. S. New
Zealand to this port would demonstrate to the world the
fact that the river is easily navigable for the largest ocean
going craft.
summer the commission lock- ���-> pee
iis daily attendance rise to :*!" "vu-
Band,    What this supervised piny his
enme to mean to the you-v-*.*t' ��� who
nev, r poop Into Ihe country ������      best
he indeed bv th" growth of the nast  to take the higher pi
four years, The enjoyment of the child  -workmen had   a grea
io South  Vancouver  tor  less    than
Councillor   Wllbl rs   expressed     the
Opinion  that  ll  was  preferable,  as a
rule, to bring in a man from outside I
tions because   -
respect for jother
when you can get as gooa. or better, manufactured 18 B. C��� viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOIIN Kit" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications ol Americai. and Canadian  Engineers' ABBOciatlon.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer l'lpe trom
4-ln. to 24-ln. In diameter, "i'his is also made in thlB Province and we
consider superior to uny Imported artlole.
Wo alBo carry a Btock 11 Crushed Itock, Washed Gravel, Sand.
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering els. where.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
lhere is that we have not a clear title
fi our lands on this reserve. Until; Ft,"r venrx ntro. through Urn medium
ivo get a clear title for this land nu!nf ���"" Mothers' club, ihe fir--t nl-iv-
propositlon  frnm anyone will be en-   wound In Winnipeg came Into nxlRt-
Of course the harbor work now in progress will make tertained,   Until we have a clear tn- ':"r*op-
I  would  be  very  thankful  to the
! while people not to Bubmlt any proposals to us, as they will not be con-
Chairman    Wetmore ���- Arter   you
I have secured a clear title to thia land :
I would  you and the other Indians be
epared to i ntertaln an application ;
for the sale ol  this land?
chief  Joseph    We    will    conr.lder'
.     ��� .,,   , whal plan any party mav offer after
New Westminster the Progressive association will nave \ we set the title to our lands cleared
assist- UP' ���*))��� not before,    I would like to i
i      i "ii l     ' -*ilv that several parties have submit   !
doubt will be
himself is. perhaps, the hesi harem-|hira 'ban r.u- one promoted rrom
eter of succepR or failure but 'he In- among themselves, lie had every
dlcation of public sympathy mny also confidence In Mr. Wylle, he said, nnd
be used as a guide to ludsment believed   the   council   had   done   the
right thing iii appointing hlm.
New Westminster the most desirable anchorage on the;
coast from a skipper's viewpoint, but, in the meantime,
till that improvement work is completed there is abso-l
lately no reason why the big carriers of the seas, given
proper handling, cannot safely and without difficulty
come up the Fraser.
In its endeavor to have H. M. S. New Zealand touch at .
It was at. one" accorded the
hearty supnort ot ex-Mayor Waugh,
who ri-'ee h-is hec*mp known us the
"phyeround father." Ilttrine lint first
vear Ihe playnround budget amounted
In *400.   On the start of the fifth year I snld he wonld  nnt  take the lie
er ihe playgrounds ths commission Is | Councillor Dlfckenson or anyoui
Councillor Dlckeneon said he could
not understand the position taken by
Councillor ThomaB, who had been one
"f the strongeet supp6rtors of Mr.
Baxter, tin outside man. who had never resided in the municipality.
Councillor Thomas denied this, and
behind it the support of every citizen here ant
ance the city's representatives can give no
forthcoming for the asking.
As to the big battleship herself, it is a certainty that
nowhere on the British Pacific coast could she receive a
heartier or more enthusiastic welcome than right here in
the city named by Victoria the Good.
Penticton, B   ('.. .lune 22.���It. Rob-;
orison, manager of the United Okanagan growers, was a visitor to Penticton this week and reports that he has |
One hundred  yearn  ago  today   t'.i
Americans  under  UeUt-Col.   Charles
HL llaerMer orcupi��-d Qiioen-stown, af
-Ier a hurrii-d march up the  Niagara
river.  Boersth-r,  who  had  a  force  cf
570 infantry. Home cavalry led by Major I'hapin and two field  pieces, had
been  dispatched  hr  Dearborn   to  at-
'tempt thi capture of tbe post and sup
ply   -depot  at  the   Beaver   Dame,   18
���miles west of Qntt-nstown.
In the latter place lived Mn--. l.aural
See-onl. tx s-tliKht and delicate woman, |
but of the tiuil r>! which heroines are
mtai-.e.    She leSTBefl  iif lhe prospe-C- '
,'i\e attadk pn the tV-rnitOi HtronRhokt, j
���end Tv-uiy u rirrnhnut jonTmy uf nine-
leet. mtles en i-niu to lhi' qtitnlors ot
t.i'-itt   Cul. FitytKttiboa,xiT the 111 tii roR-
ime'it, wbo was in command uf six*!}
���*i:.   troops   and   2&0   Jndi-j.n.3   at   the
ffiesvei learns.
tn the meaatinre Boerttter, maCkhi-g
hiB way weslwarri from QiK'eiiKiiwn, nrach  In  evidence  and
waa  attaek. ii  in  the  rear  by   Jolm |of the grow-trs have be
ted ufrprs to us. bul I again say that
tin y will be given no thought until
the trouble or whieh 1 speak, the
nil"! tion if land titles, is made absolutely clear,
The  chairman���I  consider  that    a
I very good  clear statement.    That
a pood  business  proposition.
Chief  Jimmy   Harry   was  the   n
j speaker.    He stated that  In addition
ito other  objections  that   the  Indians
TO  FAR  AWAY AUSTRALIA ! Might have to moving ofr tlie present
| -psi rve,   that   lhere   Is  a  question   of
'their graveyard.    The     Indians,    he
aid. had RTenl sentiment tor the bodies or their dead.
The c immlBslon InrorniPi! him thnt
closed a contracl for the shipment of Ifhf> tr--1<' nre'l havp nn fear on this
30,000 boxes of Okanagan Jonathans Point that, the Indian Act stated that]
to Australia, at the rather satisfactory M' any reserve were surrendered that |
price or $1.40 per box.    As the aver- I''  was  necessary  tor the  persons to
age car runs about 600 toxes this will wholn ir was slvpn t0 see that thel
mean BO carloads.    Allowing tor pa-It     f,,Ml1 %vtTe removed lo whatever point:
anil  selling charges,  it   is  estimated  the ln<,i"ins might wish and that they
i .at 'his price will nei  th." a-ow-ei  were decently reburted.
about fi 10 pir box. which Is ci sld- j    Andrew Paul, who has acted as in-i
ered very good.    The terms an rurh  terpreter for the commission on  thel
up'*n ('-.'luer;,  of lhe frui(   i the "irs ! *wo '' 'vp ,h;" <hey have held sittings
Were  it  not   for  a   rath t   se.i i,- here, was asked as to the population.:
outbreak   i i   fli-i    blight,    lie   tmlluok  He F-:licl 'h(rf' WPn'' ""i1* nearly as hei
for the seat on would be very i.i nelnl   could fin'1 r"1'   nt'01" ���!"fl of all ages
Asked   if
planning tn spend nearly *'*fl Ofifl. From
tin- Ftraggllng few who first frequented 'be ground"!, the attendance has
grown li a mighty figure.
mi tbis h��B in significance. It
means not only that human klndnri'
h*i*= afforded the little fellow or Tie
eii-rets en outlet fnr the primal instinct of the young animal, that ofl that by n recent byi.
play,    it   means  also  that  Winnipeg| engineer had been glv
building  for  the  future  in
for the mentr.l and  physical
nl lis young.    Mayor WaiiL'h
Mothers' club have bullded n
He Bald he did not support  Mr, Baxters appointment.
Councillor    Dickinson,    continuing,
said that although Mr. Wylle was nnl :
a professional man, he was a practise) man, which  wns sometimes pre>
feral I".
Acting-Reeve Campbell explained
the municipal
a full author-
\merlean financial llous,
do vo would Incur tbe ill-will of the
big financial Interests and probably i
bring disaster to the manipulators,
while their campaign or C, P, R, can
be carried on without tear of such
"Tin- tide of emigration from Am- |
erican farms, and of American capl-
I:il,   Into Canada  has been   the  cause
on   many   occasions  of  meetings  of j
American financial ,nen and railroad
Inti to   Is   who   have   discussed   ways
and   means  of  stopping the  outflow. \
Western  railroads  whieh are  owned
or controlled by Wall Street interests I
have been the most active in this re- L
sped    ir. my opinion lt behooves Ihe
Canadians to   thing   for themselves
nui n it i e Influenced by this constant
stream      of     misrepresentation     and'
slander of everything Canadian, practically   all   of   whieh   emanates   rrom :
\nu rieap   sources."
C an ne
growth i
mil the |
ity to engage his staff without coti-
"���tiltinc the couneil: but In the case
nf Mr Wylie the engineer had first
consulted the committee, and the committee agreed to ihe appointment.
Councillor Thomas objected then, and
he was within his right In a^ain rals-
j ing his objection.
j    Councillor   Millar  having  remarked
ALBERT I that there was an opinion among the
ratepayers that  the  engineering   ,le-
Wlnnlpcg. June 22.���Three Bngllsh nartment  was costing too much, and
plumbers  are  threatening  action   Or   .],.,,   ,j,era  waa   no  necsslty   for
damages on account  of alleged  mis-   man;. Facrmdary men at hU-ti'
representation by the citv of Prince
Albert and Walter E. iliinn. secretary
II. A I". O. uf lOlks of lhe ll. nf C, meet
the f'rsi and third Thursday at s p. m.,
I-C. of P. Hull. Klghth strict. A Weill
Oray, Exalted Uuler; P, 11. Smith. .Seo-
L. O. O. M��� NO. s:t -MEETS <>M
flrst, Ri-ciiml, third ami fourth Wedneaday In each month ;it B p, m..
Ill the MOOBe ll'ini". II .1. I.,.nny,
dictator; P. E. Jones, secretary.
Headquarter-! ot imln.* In Sec Houbb,
oorner of Fourth and Carnarvon streets.
1. O. O. P. AMITY LODGE NO If���The
regular meeting or Amity imiu"- No.
27. I. 0. O. P., Is held every Monday
night at 8 o'clock In 11.1,1 l'-,,|l���ws* llnl
corner Carnurvun and C.Hilith streets
viHitlntr lirethern cordially Invited,
R. A. Merrlthew, N. o.; J Robertson,
V. Q. i W. C. Cotttliiun. 1>. a. rword-
Ing secretary ���*, H. \V. sangster, rinan-
elal  seeretury.
which mav go far toward making for
Intelligence and strength of bortv in
the coming generation ot their city.
k   i I
tea. en would be very
Fire lillgltl. hrtki oul la-- year t-'i*
1> ;. n;l!:|.*.-s cutting our ,)t till' dis-
eased |r'Ms. Lie progress if lhe 'iii-!it
�� '-, .ett'idil ;���'tl  it  was Ihotlglil  -Lilt
ii hail been pretty well stamped out
Put this past week it  has been  very
the  majority
n cutting oft
or the Prince Albert hoard or trade.
It is charged lhat Mr. C.iinn. while recently in Bngland adven ired Inr sltileld
tradesmen to whom he gave guarantees in writing of etnploy-netit.
Three skilled plumbers, P, -Sweeney.
W. J. Hammond and Robert Carter.
claim that they threw up situations In
the old cruntry to come to employment at their trade In Prince Albert
iioen th" representations nf Mr.
Gunn. They have just reached W!n-
nlpPR from that city jv.nl say thai
there is no employment lhere. either I
at their own er any other trade. All
th'-se men say that they have families
secoiitlu ���,- nipn at hU'h salaries
the  appointment   nf  Mr     Wylie    was
confirmed. Councillor Thomas objecting.
C. T.
���Jtrant. at the head i>r *iVO Mohawk nnd
'Cnv.yhnawagA Indians. Tho Aim-ri-
���ctrna piuhi-d forward over Tleaver flam
���creek, while the ri-dskinn followed on
their rear and ki-pl up a -galling fire.
stoo.-i they came un i>"il*/Kibbiin's little
Ifori-e. which wxs ilisplayiil to sueh
advantage thai DoerrBtler belhrvefl hi;
was. iwitpnmiVnil. *althouKb an a mat
iter of fart the Nmcriran force was
vastly Bnperior. Thi A-tareriara tn>m-
tnarder. deceived by Pif/gibbon I <ie-
tver lonrealnK-nt -ol his nnniiierR, and
-Ala* mexl leBt the Indianh esca'*' ron-
Ir-ol. apret-fl 1o *mirn'niler. Maior De
Hiivi'ii, commander id .tbe. diptrict.
came tip with 1-TWi men, and Vc-ik
charge of the Atneriran prleuuerB,
ivrho were sent tu nnrlmginn lloighls
The Itriiinh then advanced tipun
tJucnstoKn. nnd. OOCOpyTng ihil
t>laco, Hixm inTv-B-l-cfl Fnrt George. Thai
*Jie i)\*f wa-A savi-il to the llntiih was
l:irgel> due 'o the bernt*ein and pa
Iri-.itiBTn n! the Canadian woman, Mra.
t-'iH-ord. as. except lor her warning, the
Heaver llama would prnbnlily nave
Iri-t   i apt nnd
"Canada lost the M-rvieeB of a ills
tinguiiheil   scir-nliM   whin   Sir     Wil
lian   Kdmond l-ORati died thirty-eight
yeara #6t  Sunday.    Up waa born  in
I73H. directed the Canadian geological
*\irve> for thirty years, beginning In
IS-lL'. .tnd v��a�� -knighUti in ISfiS. II"
was the first to point nut the holt, ol
��ild iarthqoake -activity, extending
from  the s*. Lomrenoe -valley along
the Appalachian Tinge to Alabinvi
Imown u Logan's Line, fjogan. traced
thin "earthquake Ih'U" by means ol
'the faults in the rocks. Ihr.iuph the
lower St. Lawrence Valley, a rcRion
���which had been badly shaken liy
"quakes in 1G5J.
Sir William was a native of Mon ���
treal. and wan nlm tiinl nt Edinburgh
He gained the attention of the nei
��� ntili:   world when aitir an inveBtiRa
tion of the Welsh eoal held, he diecov
^ritil the "Bti-Rmaria tla) "  which   up
set.  the drift theory  oi  the origin  of
i'tai    Returning in Canada, he became
-director of the seoiogical survey dur
ing its pioneering Otxjs.   HIb Inveetl
tgattona  ol  the  crystalline  rocka  of
Canada nnd liis study oi the eupoeed
foB��ils nf the  I .tuiri nlinn rricki were'
���of Rirat Inteml  to yeolopieis. He or
ratij.ed a ilt: pli> nf Canadian mineral
products  and  had charge  'if   the tr.
hibii Bt the Paris exposition or 1865
which   rei tilted   in  altractlnft  the  at -���
tention of the world Inward Canada's
tniiur.il  NHRMa
in 18!>7. rollowinK �� nieelinB in
Montreal of the American Association
tor tbe Advancement -of Science, he
made a trip thrwiKh Now York in
vestigxUng the 'oitui l.in�� and tin
Champlaln Une Ol earthquake belts.
He ivrntt many pap��"rs and reports,
tint!  a  tKKik   l/ealint!  of  the.  "tlr:i:l.'TJ"
-.il Canada."
the. diseased limbs and tivifs. The
[disagreeable part of this is that many
|oI these were heavily loaded wi'li
I fruit and In many instances lne l.iss
'will be heavy. So far il is confined
to Jonathans and Spltzenbergs. IV-
licio'i., and Winter lianana are not
| nTfec1 ,ed ai  all.
all these would be entitled
to a -hare in the proceeds of a sale,
he said that most of Hum would ror ���      . ,
although they were nct ill in pertnan-lat h.on!t> ,u>P',n(I(���.n, uPon,P��� "".'I,1'1
���nt r's;'l*ii'i on the Mtss'on reserve.
that was their home, the headquarters
't the tribe, and all had contributed
money towards educational and religious Institutions as well as sidewalks
and other improvements.
At the cnlse of the arternoon slt-
tlntr. the Indian brass band Rave several selections In an excellent manner
As eh commissioners lert, three hearty ch'ors were given. The flags at
the mastheads were also raised In
honor of the commission's visit yesterday.
Thn crmmiss'nn ir, now holding a
sesrion nt  the Capllano reserve.
Sorrcrs Elarncs Wall Street for
Slump  In  C.  P.   R.
ready are expecting remittances. They
have retained counsel to recover damages for fraudulent misrepresentation
and for restitution or the money tliey
'lave already disbursed for transportation and traveling expenses.
Winnipeg,  June  Iiu.    Every   "wrinkle" that has proved ot value in the
markets  of   New   York  and   Chicago
has  been  made  use ot In  the  flflnx ;
up to the premises nt the F irt  Garry
market on Carry Btreet.    Under  the
supervision  and  upon the advice or
the dairy and rood section ot Ihe city i
health department, no sanitary detail ,
has   been   overlooked.     Kxamples   of'
ihls are the curing and pickling vats,
which, instead of being made ol wood,
are   lined   with   slate.     The   counters j
ur  n   which   tli-   market  produce  will
be displayed are constructed or white i
marble and glass.    Owing to the fact1
t.lBtt ibe -mallc-i speck of dirt Ib vlfll- ,
ble  on   them   their  absolute   cleanll- j
ness Is assured.
Judging   from   the    plans    already |
mnde   the   object   of   the   Fort   Carry [
Market company Is to indulge In all
the   "faddist"   ideals   In   the  handling
and delivering of meat, flsh and other!
produce,    All meat orders are to be '
.delivered   iii   wrapped  packages,    To
i ensure prompt, dellvi ry a fleet or motor cycles will be put 111 service, sun- ,
nlemented  by  ligh'  delivery  wagonB.
In thn hot weather therefore, the min- I
,    . , , llinuni   of   time   will   be   occupied   in!
���e much   ,r:lnsf"rrilu; goods from the Kort Car- I
ii-i & Hanna, Ltd.) ��� Puneral director*
niul cmlmlmei-H.    Parlors itir, Columbia
street.   New Westminster,   i'lionu set.
W. E. FAI.ES���Pioneer -Funeral Director
and Bmbabner, 612-618 Arms strebt
opposite Carnegie Library.
Accountant    Tel.  R.  LM,  Room ::
P. II  Smith W. J  Groves,
Work   unilertak in    In    city    and    OUtBldS
i-olnts.   211-1;   Westminster  Trust   Ulil*.
Ph.uie   364.     P.   O.   Box   607.
ster Board of Trade meets In "ti'-lMiard
room, CUy Hall, na follows: Ttilril Friday of each mviiUi; quarterly iin-��-*ilns
on the third l-'rlitay of February, May,
August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on Uie thirl Friday ot
February, C. EE, Htuurt Wade, seer*.
1.11 y.
Seattle. June 22.���Suggesting ihat a '
tnirean of Information for the guidance
of prospective emigrants to this state
In* established at  llerlin or Hamburg.'
Fred W.  Graham,  industrial agent  of
the tlre.it  Northern, has written to H. ;
v. ciiis, deputy commissioner of the
Resting  plans   for  diverting  desiralili
Immigration to the northwest.
Thirty-live thousand dollars was appropriated bj tho lati legislature fori
carrying on the wcrk of the state bu
reau ol statistics and Immigration, nml
Mr. Cities tame to Seattle Wednesday
afckin;: for suggestions and seeking In
lormatlon Irom tin Immigration agents
.f iio- transcontinental railway lines.
"It would be a splendid plan lo es
tablish   a  bureau  of   Information   In
some large  European city,"  Bald  Mr
Graham, "whi re Rn  ��� thll II  ol prod
nets   wiib   pictures    otiii    llteraturi
could be kept and  Information  given*
in KtiroiM-aus making Inquiries aboul
the northwest.    With  the
the Panama canal, and lhe
that will bo opened directly from Ku
rope,   It. would   be   desirable   for   th
".hildren and Adults Take Advantage
of Resting PlaceB Throughout City.
Mate of Washington  to establish an
Informal m bureau at Hamburg, Ber-
t l'n or Bremen, llerlin would be the
best place or Ihe three, as all emigrants going  to  Hamburg or Bremen
tto   take   passage   to     America     pass
through Berlin.
"Further, It would be wlee to havi
j-mibllphed an official state pamphlet In
the Oernian, Scandinavian, Hutch. Fin
ninh, Italian and Swede langusgep  and
iVivo  Ihe  Printed   Informal ior.   distri -
itiutid in Kurope through the centra!
bureau at Berlin."
Winnipeg. June 22 The playground
��� mmlsBlon, which, during the past
four years has accomplished so much
for the heit, r'lii'ii or the city's little
victims of circumstance who caiin.it
escape in the <��� ol 1 utslde of tho city,
have recommenced  Iti   activities for
ipenlng of  ,l"'   Bummer.     Eighteen    supervise.*!
new routes Playgrounds throughout the city were
thrown open, nud the chlldn n whi
have 11*. n awaiting the event will en-
Winnipeg, June 22. -Alleging teat
two years ago he deserted her, Mrs
Herbert swore oul a warrant f* r the
arrest of her husband, Henry James
Herbert, aged 21 years, and he wns
arraigned before Magistrate Mfcdon-
ald charged with vagrancy and non-
The accused pleaded nol iruiliy and.
as the case was remanded, he asked
for bail.
Before this could be arnmfed counsel for the def��nce explained the nature of the offense with which Herbert was ohargfd.
Ahout Iwo years ago. Mrs. Herbert
Alleges, her hurband skipped oul of
Ott-i'.'"i. whneo 'hev wer" then res'd-
Ing, leaving her with two Final! children to mtnni rl l;ii" hid, pile informed her i 11 r   n't  * *' 1 him foe
two  yr-irs, until  yesterday    ifternoon,
w h  'i ' i"* ���������'���'  ', *    "*n Mnln Btn 1 *
She made enquiries ahotil Herbert's
",, ',, ef it",, nnd   ' ""d  11 ��� t  h��, iv,,**.
living an -"'it nnd wife with another
woman,    [hiring the whole of yeBter
day afternoi n sh" pppni In *  limp 1 n
deavnrlng In pel him to return '���   her
Toronto,   June   --'���   The
iand commercial fraternity
Incensed at  the persistent campaign.1
apparently conducted    hy    American
financial  Interests,  to disparage audi
I liscri dil Canada and all things Cana- 1
'dlan In lhe eyes of the world and  in
I Canadians themselves.    By means of;
Hi" press and by other ways, slandi r-
joiiB  reports   aro  being   circulated   to
, the detriment   of Canadian  securities,1
* Canada's  eredit  and  interests ot  the'
' Dominion   In  general.
Local business men  have discussed [
I thn situation and have agreed that thej
1 best  way to end the campaign or to
j render or no Influence the efforts of
thn   Wall   Street   cll'itie     behind     the
'movement,   Is   10   expose   tlieir     me-*
thoda  and   call  upon   Canadians    to     Edmonton, Alta., .Tune 22.   The new.
think   for   themselves. I ly organized rural municipalities of Al-
Follnwlng a conference with n num-  berta, of which Hure are flfty-flve in
ber of his colleagues,    a    statement the province,  aro showing    wise re-
has been pn pared by c   T. Somers, stralnt In the use of the larger powers
president of thc Sterling Bank, Crown granted to them under the rural mu-
l.ife nud Canada flnijn companies and  clpaltles acl
last  year'B  president  ot  the Toronto     There was 11 possibility that the or-1
Board of Trade. ganlzatlons
ry   refrigerators   to   the     family     ice
Attent.'on h"-s also been given to the
i-lblnultoua house flv. In the Fort
Garry market It will not be necessary
to swat him. He will not be there
to swat. Horizontal revolving fans
have heen Installed over every door
at both front and rear. These punkahs
create such an outward bound draft
tha' anv flv Irving to enter will have
to bent, his way against a ,10-knot
Welcome P-hr Explorer
Toronto, June 22 Toronto will
honor to I'r. C. S Wright, who wpf
w'th the Scotl exn dition to the South
Pile. n��xl Mondav aftemnnn st 2
"'ii<"k in Hie council chamber, May-
"r   Hockeo   will   m-'ke   an   address   nf
vi'c���<-,. -,,,1  nre <*'   Iir,  W'rl'tht ���������*'���.
1 ���! gold watch and chain.    Among the
organization!   thai   will  take  part  In
iihe reception will be the olty council.
University -if Toronto. Royal Canadian
Yacht (iub. Empire (inii. Uppi r Canada College. Canadian Institute, Canadian Club, British and Foreign Sailings'  Society,  Imperial  Order  Daugh*
Iters   ui the Empire,   and    Antarctic
Heroes' Ladies' Guild.   Other organisations and citizens gencr: 11;   are invited.
loy lhelr flrst day's wholesome ft,11 In
those Institutions.
Already the heat on the pavement;
is beginning to make itself felt, and
Old Sol is throwing out suggestions ol
whal he may do in July and August,
and thousand of kldides all over Win-
nlpeg nn commencing to Ft nnd In
need of Iho oasis which the public
playgrounds has come to be, Th*u
sands of youngsters are looking forward to what is one nf the most plean
nreble features or the summer fnr
'hem The commission, too, is looking forward to It, and planning c
make It also one of Ihe most beneficial.
Forty   supervisors   have   been   engaged tn overpee the  fun  and  tn make
lhe lllll" Biiggeptlnn or hint hero a:r'
'her,.,  which  wlll  bring a   hirveft  *r
hntllly b -i'li in addition to the men
tni grr-wth that conies with clean enjoyment.     Frr  every  ground,  a   male
nnd female Intttructnr have been an
pointed and under their guidance thofvanced pte.p pro]
summer's program  will  Include a va-   the   opening   of   1
rlety  of  play  that   reaches  from  la-
| crosse nnd  athletics to Ihe telling of
stories for the regalement of the little
(folk.   Swimming will be made a Bpe
clnl Feature.
ihiH v, nr ihe authorities nre making it their ".im to attract not only the
*. is    : ,1 ml     h   '-vi *. ;i"i]    re
���d thnt th'   woman wat   drivi -, to
������'���i1'*! * -    * the 1 ourts.
i- ' ' fnr M*'* iifo-iiut'ii Bald
1 ��� re**, d   If  :,i   all  able  the  emu
''d '-'tin 1 oi   1  th��n 1 >rs    asked
,",,(,,,->���,   1 .,;', 1.,, n- cd
1   "i the Bum of }600 was finally j
F'-irecs Wall Street
"I have iiii irii f for C P it   and no
personal interest, bul 1 do ri grot the
slanderous  attack   on  Canada   which
"   1 titirely  tmJtiRllfled and, I  believe.
Is made by Wall Streel inti rests, who
In iheir efforts to1" personal gain, do
n 1 hesitate to promulgate false and
misrepresenting reports to the detrl
���in nl  of  thn  Dominion,    I  feel  even
more 1 trongly  in Ho*  ra tttcr than  1
h vo expressed myself."
Mr   Somers' ptatement followp:
"The   unprecetlenti d   onslniight   1 v
sotti" American publications and particularly a number of American flnan
rial journals on everything Canadian
land  particularly  Canadian  Becurltiea
lleads one to believe thai an organ!?
j ed effort  is being mnde by a group of
e  of  Interested    Americans    to    dlacredil
and I Canada  and  Canadian    investments,
the I-mil  it  seems  unfortunate thnt     those
I granted.
Admire  Aclv.nir.cH   Methods
TiT'iilo.   .lett"   22     The   trihlll
���1 host of experts on ppyrhlatry
mental  dlsea'-eB  assembling    at
\mer1o:i" Medical  Vppoclal.lon In Nla I'lterested have been successful In 11s-
gara Fn"p and mthcrRd from all parts ing. lo a  larae extent, the Canadian
���f ci-i-d* an ' the United   "tnie.  w as . oress.    Such   absurd   statements    tit
vvii   '.. the Whitby  Asylum  pchemo 't'i  Malesty's loss :n c.  I".  li.    and
pm ei-ii d by H -ii   W, J. Henna    TV '-titers of a no more authentic char
������ir-it'tn.   which   was   attended   hv icier, all  emanating from   Ni w   Vit'i
il t'i" medical prperlntrndentf of the have nnforiiuiately been finding Lhelr
hospitals  lor  Insane  which  cxiat    In ""iy   Inti    "iir   beat   public   Jnurnals,
Ontario  proved  most   otiuratlon-i!    In through    what Is    known as C.  A   D.
Hi" hroad ncope of opinion expressed npclat  dlpntttchop   i   is  unfortunate
children of tho city, bul older mem-
bi rs. r the community t.i the grounds,
ind  the lUuiy o(  the dlfferenl  me-
���h ds employed In iho treatmonl  ol
" * 1 ill-    defective.
in ail ilu* pri *. '1 pt'<* nted, no
o-titre nrri-'*, 0 pnch generous Ini r
apt as the demon; tratlon of the Ontario gnu rnmeni method and the ad-
I to he taken al
new buildings.
l'lnns of the nil'* were passed upon
and the whole fenl 're fn eiv disctis-
tid. The Introduction nl the latest
resorts ol scientists In Edrope and
America was thoroughly nnproved.and
'h" claim of the h sni| 1 being 'the
'"c*t  mi iiern  no,;  , [fioli   t  structure
ng entrusted for the
flrst time with authority to raise
money by ,1 loan for local Improvement purpi .-is would be tempted to
null Into In rrowlng to Hip lull extent
of their borrowing powers, but Hits
'��� ar '**"* not bi 1 ti realizi d. In no case
ii yel has ii" department been asked
to approve ol money by laws lor riir.-u
municipalities and In view or the fin-
il luation tins is regarded as
h wing a wide discretion on tha pari
nl Ihe councillors it the new orgm-
;,*���!' |i ft
Rural municipality lonnB In the pro
vine* whenever any nre asked will be
���ui absolutely Bafo Investment    The
ci tincilB are only permitted to borrow
to the exu tit of five per cent on lhelr
"'!'*"'ni. nnd as the valuation Is
'nnl" 1 0 tb" basis oT unimproved land '
or other Improvements, there can be
no danger ol a drop In the assessment
which   is  always a   possibility  In  Ihei
case of new  towns, which  are some- i
tlmep boomed at the commencement ���
Some 'i th.- smaller town of Alberta,
even   though    lhelr    assessment     is
steadily  increasing and there is    no
sign  nf n   let   bnck,  are  experiencing
: difficulty in placing loans,
A large number Of new villages are
being organized throughout the province.   Considerably Increased powers
of self government were given to vil-'
lu's at lasl BeBslon of the legislature!
un. ihi bi   pewerj   ure    beln
ICorbould, grant a Mccolu bar-
rlsters, Boilcitora, etc.    lb Lome StreeL
New Westminster.    11   B. Corbould, K.
!     C    J. R. Grant.    A. B. MeColl
ter-at-law, solicitor, etc. Telephone
1070.     Cable     address     "Johnston."
Code, "Western Union."      Offices.   Kill*
Block.  662 Columbia street.  New   Went
minster, B. C.
slrfe ��� Barristers Hint Solicitors, Wwrt-
mlnster Trust Blk., Columbia street.
New Westminster, H. C Cabla aiidreaa
"Whiteside." Western t'nion. P. O.
Drawer 200. Telephone 69 W. J.
Whiteside, K. c.; 11. 1. Edmonds, D.
J. STILWELL CLUTE. Hurrlmcr-at-law.
solicitor, ate.; corner Colombia anii
McKenzie streets. New Wi-sttnlnntftr,
B. C.   P. O. Box  112.    Telephone   11*.
Solicitor hikI Notary. Offices Ifart
block. 2K lAirne slreet, NOW WeBtmlO-
eter,  B. C.
McQtIAItltlB.    MARTIN    *   CA88ADT.
Burrlslers 111, d Si,lienors. 1106 to M*
Westminster Trust Block u. K. Martin, w. Q, McQuarrie   and Oeorge L
1 of ii" '--'tl io  Ai, er c :  '���
::   .:    01..
that   articles  of  this character  wen*
nol consigned to the waste paper has
���*-t   iv,,-to-,d  ,'f finding  lhelr way  to
���hi. ne.iiie through ti.e columns of
newt paper!'.
A-  Forciqn  I evert men!
"No doubt New Vork Interests
upon  the Canadian   Pacifli   ns a  po    ance dlstrlcln aa nrovldcd
curily wlthoul ,1 friend in their midst, rural municipalities act.
or a foreign  investment  with  which ________^^__^_
Ihey can  play  With pletehpruh llcthni -
they   can   plav  al   pleneure   without \
fear  of  Interference  fmm   Llin  largo
finani lal  InBtlttitlona    of    lhal    city,
These niiiiiiiiiibuci., would no' dare to
iipsnuie such freedom with the atockBl
of the  Amor'can  railroads controlled
l.y  th"  Morguni,   Rocki fellers    r.:.J 1
COAL MINING rlgble ot the Dominion
tti Manitoba. Saskatchewan end Alberta,
the Yukon Territory, tho Northwest Territories and In a portion of the Provtioe
or liritish Columbia, may be leased for a
inrrn of twenty-one yeani at an annual
rental of tl an acre. Not more Ihiui test
acres will be leaned to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
hy tlie applicant In person to the Atrent
or Bub-Agent of the dletrfct In which the
Hunts applied tor are situated.
In Biirveyed territory the land must be
described bjr sections, or legal sub-divisions of ecctlone, and in uneurveyeil territory the tract applied for shall be
���miked nut by the applloant hlmaelf.
Eaoh application must tie accompanied
hy a fee of tf, which will be refunded If
Ihe rlKhtH applied for are not available.
hut not otherwise. A royalty shall l'e
paid on the merchantable output of the
mine at the rate of five cents per ton.
the   mine   shall
nr���,|v 1     Tho   peraon   oiiornllng   the   mine
,      ..    . '        '   furnish   ihe   Agent   wllh   sworn   rctunta
"r    '   ''   '���  employed.    Hall    Insunnoe aooountlni for the f;di quantity of mv-
vlll   I i*  p'll   on   a   imiiii'il'il   bti"1"   In I chaiilnble  ooal   mined  and  pay  the  roy-
pome of the niral municipalities whieh i**-1* "'"reon. If the coal mipiag   rishfa
'ok   ��r.   f in .1 g I'iMtit'ives Into hnil Itisnr- ! *,r.n ,n,',
perated ench returns ehoul-d
leant   once a year.
Under 'hei Th*- lease will Include the ceal mining
riKht.- only, hut the lonaes wlll be pep-
tiili'.'d to piirtdtass whatever available
sui face rlKhis may be oonsldarnd necee-
���try for the working of tlu: mine at the
..il*' of  ii"  1111 acre.
full in'ormnilon applloatlon etiould
he made
Snl". Deeds.  Business Letters, etc I
culur work speclnllat.   All worli sti
i-.,,ii(tii.'iitiiil.    11. Barry, room us West
minster Trust Blk.  Phone 702,
.if  Ile
or S
[H* R-cri'lnty of the  Depart-
'nt'rior, Ottawa, or to any
Ak-eiit   of   [iiinilnlon   l.jitula.
��� Minister of llie Interior..
n  hinizeii publteatlon ot thi��
. h Ul noi be paid for. ���  r*
MONDAY,  JUNE  23,  1913.
Some  Real  Bad  Men  of Worst Type
Gathered    Into    the
Pierce was turned over In Milne while
started Tor the rear or the house. Burroughs noiselessly followed him. The
detective was jubI In time to grapple
wllh Pierce and prevent hlm from
esdttplng through u rear window. Then
llurrouglui let In the olher officers and
l'lerce was turned OVe rto Milne while
ItlcharilBun  investigated  the house.
lames Calvin was lound antl arrested aB a frequenter. Vtrney Lewaston,
an Inmate, escaped out of the back
door and unknown to either herself
or the detectlveB was Bhadowed to 549
Eleventh Btreet by Provincial Detective Hodgklns, who had planned Ills
raid to lake placo shortly utter  the
Waughop protested that his mind Was
temporarily Impaired by drugs. Art-1
tr olllce hours a deputy auditor was
prevailed   upon   to   Ibbuo  the   license j
ml the couple were married at mid-
night  by   Kev.  Kdward  E.  Bergman,
who  said  hi-  noticed  nothing  wrong !
with  tbo bridegroom.
Calgary, June 22. -The moat sensational raid on a disreputable resort
ever made In Calgary was engineered
laBt  week  by  a  squad  ol  detectlveB
in charge ol Detective Sergeant Rich- i,.lly pol|,.0 ,)rokt, lnt0 the lu)U8(,
nrdson. on evidence worked up by De- |    ln & bedroom or the house the detec-
te-ctlve Burroughs,   As a result itob- ltlV(, ,mmd KoBl. Curen   slie WM bad.
ert J. ! tana of 610 Seventeenth ace- ij beaten and the bed as well bb her
nue west, Is hold In the central station clotlllnK waH covered with blood.
on four distinct charges while the plem i,n(1 )j(.otl beating her and tak-
provincial detectlveB and InspectorsU-- lur savings just as the offlcera In-
are working up extra evidence against ] terruptetl When Bhe was ablo to
,,'    , ��� ....     . ; speak she Informed them that Pierce
Besides   Sergeant  Ulrhardson     and !,,,,,, ulten fm of her m(,ney and this
Detective   Hurroughs in the raidingamount, u well aB ��30 or his own
party   were   Detectives   Charles   Cox  money, wiib round on him at the Bti-
Kiin David Miller. Hon an(1 hM by ,ho 0JB0er�� until the
Detective llurroughs who liven in | lan.eI,y charge has ,���,,,��� eettled. Miss
the vicinity or the raided house, be- Coren wa8 BeIlt to th��� Woman's Shel-
came suspicious a few dayB ago and I tp.
Btarted to   gather his evidence. When :    Detective ItodgklnR    and   Inspector
he li'id tiie proper amount of charges
Justified against Pierce he placed the
evidence before Chier Cuddy and The
raid was planned ln detail.
Planned  Raid. |struigo slory regarding Colvln,
-"Coliin  w'as our steerer" Baid  De
.Murray  appeared   at   detective   head
Iquarters sml Informed the officers that
Ihey hail MIsb Lewaston In custody at
I thc  mounted  barracks.    They  told  a
Meantime Provincial Detective
llodgklns and License Inspector Morley bee,une suspicious and planned a
raid along entirely different Hues In
order to hold l'lerce and the inmates
cf tiie resort on charges or selling liquor without a license.
l'lerce Is now held In the central
station on ehargoB of keeping a disorderly house, selling liquor -without
a license, assault and battery and
grand larceny Had lt not been tor
the timely interference of lhe police
It is probable that Pierce wonld have
hilled Hose Coren. a woman who came
from Montreal with him last week.
The raiding party appeared at
Pierce's house just In time to hear
screams Issuing from one of the rooms.
Sergeant ifiehardson. ln command ol
ihe raiders, demanded admittance 'o
the house. Detective Burroughs meantime getting through a tront window.
Pierce apneared al the door and ordered the Intruders away, th re a toning
to brain ihem it they did not leave
the premises.
Richardson then dlsctised his
identity and l'lerce calmed down
"lil   get   the  key  and   unlock
door." be said.
lecetive llndnkins. "1 paid hlin to take
���i couple ot our men Into the house and
supplied hlm with marked money with
wn'ich to purchase liquor. This marked -money was found on Miss l.ewastnn
when sin   was arrested.
Intoxicants   In   Tablet   Form   Can   Be
Carried  In Vest Pocket���Cock-
tall Lozengea
Bangor, Me., June 22.- A Maine
sherirf might find a barrel of beer
or even a jug of whiskey, but he cun-
not find a beer lozenge or a cocktail
labb t and over that glad fact thi:
thirsty or this Btate are rejoicing
Kor the tabloid booze drummer hat
come to Maine and is doing a rushing buslnefiH in condensed drlnkB ol
all kinds, from plain whiskey to cocktails and from beer to gin fizzes. The
lrummer curries a considerable Block
if the tablets with hlin for Iminedtati
demands; and arranges for further and
unlltnlted   supplies   by   mall.
Many   bare  In     Bangor,     Irfwlston
and Portland are Belling tabloid drinks I
today, while a great many men who!
just must have their whiskey or be,,, . .  .
when  they  want  it,    have    obtained1.  ���">.������'���"' >'.''"
their own supplies and made their 11-  "'
liier  at  home   while  they   wait    aud
the  wait  is  not  long.     Nobody
knows anything
���lettieiitB   ot   tin
Presbyterian Mlnistsr Whj Knew ths
Bible   By   Heart.
OI the many examples of prodigious
memories which have been recorded I
Irom  time   to   time,  none,  perhaps,
have been so remarkable as the case of
Hev.   Thomas  Threlkelil.  who  was  a t
Presbyterian minister at Rochdale Ior i
twenty-eight years, and died there iu j
April, lii06. at the age ol sixty-seven.
Tlirylkeld's memory lirst attracted at- '
tenuon  when he attended the Gram- I
luq'r   School   at   Davuiitry,   where  be j
began  to  make a close  study  ol the
Blple,    When   a   passage   was  recited
| to liim he could Immediately give it
chapter and verse, ami, on the other
band, if a chapter and verse were giv-
en he could at oiiee repeat tlie passage.
Both  ut  Daventry  and Warrington, !
where he went to finish his education, '
his  lullow  students  delighted  iu  put-
ting   hiB  memory   to  the   test,   and
never  once  was   it  known  to  be  at ',
says Mr. Frank Hinl,
'Lancashire   Stones."   "Threlkeid
was looked upon as a living concord-
Rochdale  and
lance  to the  Bible  in
ubouT theTonVtltuent"����� neighborhood, and was constantly
tablets,   but   nobodylBsk��d ****- most puzzling questions by
cares so long as they produce some- !
thing that looks and tastes like li- i
The   tabletB   come   In   little   paper |
boxes or glass bottles or a dozen each
tnd   the  price  varies.     A   small   vial
of one  kind  of tablets,    costing    13
Burroughs, meantime, had lei him-'Orrs come time airo and
self in the window, without attracting  been heard Irom.
Arrested for Whipping Child.
Seattle, June 22. -John Orr and his!t��n,K" dissolved in a gallon of water
wife. Kdlth Orr. RMS Fifth avenue!"1"1 "titer ingredients costing 60
northwest, were placed under arrest; cent a, makis a gallon of what passet-
on Tuesday on a warrant chareing!for whiskey-total cost 63 cents, lt
them With brutally whipping a r.-yonT- |,fl "ot whiskey that would tippeal to
iid child. Marjorie Qovan, In whOSela connoisseur, for it burns and bites
e-ire sh" had been placed. The little!*111 ,,lp wa>' (iown' but il ls tt�� n,?ar
e'rl was taken to the citv hall When t0 whiskey as a good many people
the warrant was obtained, and welts '������''' able to get in some parts or Maine
dlscoloratlons   and   bruises   were  dis- ! 1I1('   "   "goeB."
played to Justice John n Gordon. Mrs. I Other tabletB. costing each 36 cents.
Margaret C. De Han Of the human lnHk', hulr tt Pint of whiskey of a
division nf the police department. oh-> "omewhat Letter quality. ThiB tab-
talned the warrant. Orr nnd his wife let requires only to be dissolved In
ar- held at the city Jail In lieu of *50D water, which takes but a few minutes.
vsi ��� -ch. which thev were unable to ir the man is in a hurry for his drink
furnish Marjorie ll the daughter of i he can hasten the process by stirring,
D-ivId C'-van. who came tn Seattle tn ] Cocktail tablets make one drink each
July, 1912, from Scotland, where h��jbe'nB dissolved In two thirds of a
the has a wife and another child. GovanlSlaSS Of water, A cocktail made In
I placed his daughter in the care of the ith'B   way   costs   twenty   cents.     Deer
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout tt-* Province of British  Columbia.
6avlngs Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Int-ere-st at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in ail parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manag-r.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W.  BLACK, Manager.
A Modern and
Handsome Office
can be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid of our
millwork. We have all ready
in stock panels, mouldings and
all necessary fittings to expedite the rush jobs. We shall be
glad to submit drawings and
ettlmates as we are specially
fitted up for this class of work.
Phone  473,   Queensborough.
as not sinceItablets, costing 20 cents, mako a pint
I of   some'h'ng   that   'ooks   like   lager.
1-with  a high "collar."
A  good  many  tabloid    drinks    are
I now coming In by mail and prohibition  is up against another  piece    ofl
I lough luck. The great advantage of
"h" tablets is that a man can conceal
la morning eve-opener in a corner of
'his vest  pocket or even  in hiB shoe.
Ti Rtlmony as to the efficacy of the
i Webb   law   In   keening   liquor   out   of.
i Maine is verv conflicting.   It is known
!that liquor has very latoly come Into
Bangor in large quantities, one dealer
a lew days ago having received a lull
'carload of beer, which was carted at*
I night  through the streets of the city*
tnd  across the    bridge    to    Brewer,
where   It   was   concealed.     ThiB   beer!
I has not as vet been discovered by thei
; raiders, although eighteen barrels of
beer   belonging   to    another     Bangor
I dealer anil concealed in Brewer were
I seized  a  lew   daye  ago.
From the Kennebec river came re- i
! ports or dozens or motor boats eueae-
eil   in   bringing  liquor  up  from   Hath
to   Cardiner.   Hallowel   and   Augusta. |
It   is   said   that   large   quantities    of
whiskey and beer have been brought
to  Maine ports  in  motor craft.    Thej
sheriffs   and   their   deputies   nre   now ���
Standing night    watches    to    capture:
The railroad and steamship com- I
panics announced some t'.me ago thai
the;, would deliver no liquors "i.i-
tended tor illegal sale." but it Is known
thnt liquor Is still coming, both by
rail and  boat,  in large quantities.
his brother ministers, sometimes actually for information, b'ut generally for
mere amusement. He was never
known to be wrong."
Threlkeld's powers of memory, however, were not solely concerned with
theology.   He wa.-, also a linguist, ami
knew   nine   or   ten   languages;   while
-dates   were  a -passion   with  him,   no
matter how unimportant,   His knowl- |
edge of historical dates, ol chronology,
heraldry,  and geuealogy was encycle- ���
paedic, ami one ul his favorite amusements was to go through the succes- I
sion  iu the Episcopal Sees and trace i
the  pedigrees of  families.
"In  only  one  direction," continues j
Mr.    Hird,    "would    this    wonderful j
memory  lecm to have been of direct j
service. Threlkeid was one ol the man- !
aiders of a fund for the benefit of the '
widows i ! Presbyterian ministers, ami i
consequently   was   frequently   appealed    to    on    circumstances   connected
with the lives of dead ministers, and
such was the opinion ol his memory
that i! the books had been consulted,
and hail reported differently, the error
would have been imputed to the secretary ami not to Mr. T.'s memory. Tiiia
was deemed  infallible."
A Genius For Finance.
The appointment of Sir Edgar Vincent tu tne chairmanship of tiie commission inquiring Into the trade and
natural resources of the Empire again
places in harness a man who has done
valuable work for Uie Empire.
The Vincent family from time immemorial have rendered service to the
state. Tbere was a Thomas Vincent
who received a knighthood frum Queen
Elizabeth, and do les* than ten bearers of the name have sat in Parliament.
After  leaving  Eton  Sir  Edgot  Vin- |
cent headed the list of candidates in
the open -competition for an appoint- !
ment   as  Student   Dragoman   at   Con- |
stantinople.   He. however, entered the
Coldstream (iuanls Instead.  Nevertheless, fate  wilied that he should drift
into a diplomatic career, and he represented Ilrttish, Belgian and Dutch interests on the Council of the Ottoman
Public Department in Constantinople.
He y\as next appointed Financial
Adviser to the Egyptian Government.
and in conjunction with Lord Cromer
restored financial prosperity to Egypt-
Having overcome the financial difficulties of that country, Sir Eiitfar returned to Constantinople us Governor
of the   Imperial   Ottoman   Bank,   ami
suce led   in   placing   Sultan   Abdul
Hamld'a Government on a satisfactory
financial  footing.    On  his retirement
.*ts\vi T^fcw
And all  points in the Pacific
To Uound Trip
Chicago    $ 72.50
Duluth        60.00
Minneapolis        60.00
Montreal      105.00
New York       108.50
Philadelphia     108.50
Pittsburg       91.50
St. Paul, Minn     60.00
Sioux  City,   la     60.00
Toronto,   Ont     92.00
Washington      107.50
Winnipeg     60.00
Omaha,    Councll     Bluffs
Kansas City, St. Joseph    60.00
Proportionately reduced fares
to Many Other Points in the
East. Return may be made
through California at slightly
higher rates.
Going Limit 15 Days.
Final Return Limit, Oct. 31, 1913
Liberal stopover privileges
and choice of diverse routes offered.
Two All-Steel Trains
To the East Dally
"The Olympian"
"The Columbian"
Milwaukee Trains,
Milwaukee Service
Milwaukee Employees
All the Way Across the
For additional Information regarding   fares,   routes,   Bleeping
car reservations, etc., call on or
City Passenger and Freight
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phane 890.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia  Street, New Weetmlneter.
Singer  Sewing  Machines.    Smalt  Muatcat Gee* of all KM* PHONE 6ML
It Pays to Advertise in the Daily News
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, Tlie New Westminster News.
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. 0***\
WrMAfNlHrtC   ***.  *****      j
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of all kinds.
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To Chilliwack for 45 cents.
To Aj-jassiz and Harrison Hot Springs for 50 cents.
(Above rates are subject to change without notice)
Must Transfer  License
Calgary, June 22.   That the license
romniis-flionors  arc   etill   firm   In   the j
attitude announced some   time   aiso!
that tho llccnso of the King Oeorge j
Hotel.  Calgary,  must  be transferred j
to pomp other person than the present
holders, Bell   Schlefdl and n��ll Is reiterated by one of the commissioners.
The  commissioner  Btated  that    no
attempt  was beliiK  made to force    a
transfer of the ownership or management   of  the  hotel,  but  that  they
'imply  Inpiftrd   that   tho  license    be
transferred  to  Home one  more  Eati?-
faotory to tho commissioners,    ll i:' I
nol nnt'oipated that any n-tlon on the'
iifitl-'ii will be taken at this session ;
of the commlBBlon an they cleBlre    I" ;
���ivi* the present holders a reasonable '
lenj.-th of time to make arrant;'- nonta
for the Irantfi r of the license.
he receiv
���I b knighthood from Que
Poatlle. .lime 22. Finding thai Dr
Philip lJe>.iord Waughop. through ill
'.l-anlth, w.rry nnd weakened will pow-
"r from the use of drugs, v/.u incapacitated from assenting tr> ti mar-
.inpe eiremony vith Miss Wiii'
Klotp. Judge Everett Bmlt.i lias 'led
his ii*ie>Un annulling tho Piarvlage
The dootoi asked for an aniuiimeni at
marrlnRe on February 4 last, eight
cays after he had married Miai KIofb. i Join..
."ho was ruperlntendent of '.ha Queen
t ity hospital, It ,vaB the contention
of the doctor that he was under th<
Influence of drugs at the time und
unable to realize the Importance o!
the  Ftep he  waa  taklnfi.
Referring to the time of the mar-
rlnge the court says: "HIb Indifference to hla mother's welfare, bin hostility   to   relatives   nnd     old     fainilv
Where Plumes Come From.
It may be taken thai practically the
whole "1 the ostrich feathers produc- j
ed   by   South   Alrioa   ar >   gold   and'
handled in London.   The importance
ol tin.' industry is very great; yet tlie
average    man-ln-the-street,    nr    the
woman  who wpars the leathers, has.
little   or   no  idea  of  it-   magnitude.
OudtBhoorn    has    been    <-alle,l    the
cradl ��� ol the ostrich-farming industry,
u:k!   has  risen  In  a decade to lie the |
wealthiest South African Inland farm-1
ing town, chiefly by reason ol its hb-j
trlchea.   It is the country ol the plum-1
ed ostrich, or rather of "the plucked j
lard."   and   everyone   talks   leathers.
The industry was bt.rn in its present
���."rm uiily titty years ago, and In 1865
'.here  were but eighty-two tana- birds
in  Bouth   Africa,  while only  sixteau
thousand pounds ol feathers were exported iii that year, aud these camel
For the  most part   Irom   v. iid   bird*
brought down by hunters,   The 19111
census   showed  7'lG,"'Ki   domesticated!
ostriches In Smith Africa, and an export nl a value of $11JM6,!S0.
A New Duke.
Tlie Marquis ol Ham It'm. who is
now Duke "f Abercorn, following the
death ol his .'ather, succeeds to ijreitt
possessions. Tlie late duke held seventeen titles, was a peer in three kinii
and a duke ol France. Hi*
successor inherits most of these honors. Thc Abercorna hate cut u big
,-ure in rublio Iiie Ior several generations.    The present duke's granJ-
.atuer wa-. nicknamed "old t-jploti-
���lid " and he appear* as "the duke"
In Disraeli's "I.ulliair." 01 the first
M��ri)Uis ol Alierei'iii it is related thst
he required his housemaids to war
Whit? g'.OVSS when they made his bed.
friends, his   stupidity   in   commonplace nd'alrs. his Iobb of family pride I How His Majesty Dines,
tnd lack of former self-resepct were      y*-,^ George's dinner usually con-
'11 m arks of a mind that had become   ..... ���| . \{*S*\e t.i(.ftr S11U,,, - ,,i,.(-e ol
impaired   by   drupa.   or   come    other |     ,,lad   su-,, ���r   halthut  or   mullet,
source ol degeneracy, hut In any oven:
mark'd     distinct     mental incompetency.
The court describes the wife aB the
anl'thepls of the husband, trained In |
Bhrewdness, alertness and the ability
to make hor own way In the world.
The court ttateB that the (mod qualities of the wife should not be ob-
BCtired by the censure merited by certain conduct.
Tho couple were denied n marriage
license^on February < by County Au
.'rilled sole or halilmt or
slice ot roast name and an lei
times, however, His Majesty's dinner
is lar more restricted. On days whei
he feels an attack ol dyspepsia ap-
proaching his dinner often consists ol
& little soup, milk pudding and a roast
apple and cream  and an  ice.
Thsn Extinguish Parasite.
ffwo English physicians arc cxperi-
minting witli   a   new   parasite   witb
which they hope to extinguish the fliei
ditor Byron "Pnelp's when" friends"ot ',( Uiair -="uutrv lu ����� lew "�����������
A leading retail merchant in his line says that he^
uses The News almost exclusively because results from
News ads. are in the ratio of four to  one from other
A real estate firm doing a large business states that
The News brought the best results in a recent campaign,
in which a number of other papers were used.
Another real estate dealer sold three properties within
ten days from three small classified ads. in The News.
A prominent business man in New Westminster stated that he gave The News a contract because he saw more
people that he knew reading The News than other papers.
they don't all tell us about the good results obtained at
These are but a few of the good words spoken of The
News by satisfied patrons of its advertising columns,'and
And we don't hear any complaints from advertisers
that they are not getting results.
Join the list of satisfied advertisers in The News and
secure your share of the immense volume of business sure
to be done in New Westminster this year.
! i ��l
x ! FAoe KJtm
MONDAY, JUNE 23,  1913.
M. S.   Now   Zealand   Will.   Beach
Vancouver Towards the (TWf of
Next Month
Look* as Though f*cNab Might  Have
Been Trying to Put Something
Over  cn  Democrat::.
Vancouver. June 22 The battleship
New Zealand will arriv*; in Vancouver during the last week mi July. ThiB
pri at vessel, the Rift of thc New Zealand government to the moUior country, is on Its way round the world.
It has already visited South African,
Australian and New Zealaatl'pbrts and
at earh point it was given most enthusiastic receptions. At present the
New Zealand is the m-eat invdern, as
Washington, June 22.���The resignation of United Slates Attorney John
L. McNab, of San Francisco, wired
yeBterday lc President Wilson with
sensational charges that Attorney
General McUiync.Ids had directed delays which threatened to defeat lhe
ends of justice in certain crimi-iai
prosecutions, Will lie accepted promptly. That was the only information
from  Ihe  White House today on  the
well  as the most powerful'vrsm'l on lBituation.
the entire  Pacific ocean. The   cares  are   th-ise   of   Maury   1.
Indians Would Mcvfl.  :. 1^*** .ami,1,,r,'w P '',mto"JS '" SIS'"
,    , ,   ..        ,    rainenlo,   Indicted  under    the    white
The royal commission on Indian af  |g]ayfl ,aw;  an|, ���f,*c*al8 uf Uu, \V,,M.
ern  Kucl company,  indicted  for den ���
spiracy tc defraud the
iContinued trom page one)
Falls,   coming  of  well-to-do
In Greater
Burnaby Police Ccurt.
Three cases were disposed of in
the llurnaby police court Saturday
morning, all of a minor character.
Yong Ylppou came through with 15
beanleta and an additional three and
a half for allowing his horse to wan
der at large.
Louis Neurone, of North llurnaby,
was evidently not posted on the
trades   license   bylaw,   for   he     coin
fairs Inspected the Indian reserves
at C.-ipllano and at Seymour creek
Saturday and, notwithstanding the
heavy rain that wa�� tailing, Chora was
B large turnout of t^e Indians at both
places The former was visited In
the morning and the latter in the afternoon. Chief Matthias Capilano,
���HpeaVi'itT for his people at the Tlrst
���named reFcrve. and Chirr -.Ilimnlr
Him* sneaking tt*% those at Seymour
creett. Both chiefs expressed as the
���desire ef their bands that their pres-
ri't  reserves should be sola and that
the Indians should -receive the money i ouUng a), xhe** cases They
nnd he moved to the Wg tm-rvt- on|tRlH,��� oaro 0, jn oue tinu, by
the Squamish
customs, ('ami -
nettl is a son of Anthony Caminetl'.
recently appointed commissioner general of Immigration. McNab, a Republican holding over from the last
administration, charged that "rich
and powerful" Influences were wotk-
ing to defeiil the prosecution
All  Wll  Be   Pn-#:cuted.
Attorney Qenera! McReynolds was
-vlllinr t'i tay this muob for pulltca-
"There is every intention of pruje
Alaska  Shipwreck.
Ketchikan,   AliiBka,   June   22.-���The
eteamer Curacao of the Pacific Coast
Steamship company, Captain  William  nienced  to  operate  a pool  room  the
Thompson, Is a total wreck at Warm  early   part  of  laai   week.    Constable
.���     ,     .    , ���,,     ,.     ,��� , m-*, r--a   Doidge appeared on the    scene    and
Chuck, about 30 miles from lish Egg,   m ^ ^ (q gppear ^^
on the west coast of Prince of Wales ;trate    Ueatty.    His   appearance   coat
island, where she struck an unchar- hitn $10 and costs,
tered roek.    No lives were lost. To keep a dog without a license-Is
also a contravention of the license by-
Iliu. Edward Purveaux found it so at
llie expense of $5 and costs.
The vessel's entire bottom was
ripped open, and several persons narrowly escaped drowning, as the water
was almost up to the steamer's deoks
When she was beached.
Word of the wreck was brought to
Ketchikan Ly the cannery tender Orient, which was dispatched for assistance shortly after the accident, which
occurred at 8 o'clock Saturday morning
w*^   r
Chief  Weds.
There was quite a joyous celebration in Maillardville on Saturda)
evening over the nuptials of lhe popu
lar chief of police, K. Pare, Coqultlam,
and Miss Leah Dault, of Montreal.
Miss Dault was met at Westminster
Junction on Saturday by the pruapee
The Curacao arrived here from Se-mve brldegroqm and his friend* and
attic Thursday evening leaving about esoorted to Maillardville wbere Rev.
midnight,  with  a heavy  load ol   gen-
Architects to Gather.
llenreirntntivefi frnm all. paltitt ef
British Columbia will gather fn v-tn-
���couvi - S iturday, June ig, to. hold their
sei '! annual convrniion. the. first
i'i"i* 'ne taking place al the rooms ot
the I   tiI of tr--ip at "in n.m.. Satur-
taki n care ol
officials.    No
thn   postponemiiiu"
The attorney general Intimated  1*
might istnu- a formal etatement later
Secretary Wilson ot ihe department
I of labor i.-'oii lull responsibility to-
, nii-hi   for i'e postponement    of    tho
I trial in the Dlggs-Caminettl ease.    In
tlav. lune 28.   The orderVT Tmshirss]a signtd statement Secretary Wilson
���will be the election of oft'ieers for Hie said:
���ensuing year, the oresent president's ���    '"rhe   attorney  general     postponed
iidi'.r.ss and the delivery ot various pa-I trial    in    the    lines
pers  of  importance  by ������trirm'hers  of | solely on my request
the society,
Kiltie* Parade.
The -nenal invoe-Ctlon tif the, 72nd
Si*'r i-'ti Highlanders in "held yes-
teril-v nfterni "n Col. Kdwards Leckie
���corn" ipdinP. The inpn*'p-|ie.Ti was held
ty (vi l!ov nO.C. Vlctrrln. who was
nocompanlpd by hiB ndlut-.'-al Cant
'Mn'-rn Tl"1 rp-ci-meot -paraflefl ln the
���drill h ill 300 utron-g and presented a
very  fine a-ipenrance.
HerrinqbacV   G^tnerlna.
The New Brunswick assor'nllnn -of
Tt. C. will hold their annuel plcnie nt
Srrcnd Ileach, Stanley Parle, on July
1. Martini; at 2 o'rlo-Ht In the aTler
���noon The committee have iirranced
a splendid program, including Ihe
usual snor's, etc.. and anticipate a
large crowd. Election ot officers for
the ensuing vesir will 1-p held. Ml
former New llmnswlrhrra are in
Tiled. ,
Falls Hard en TwKiV.
Charles Johne-ton. "wlvllo wnrle'^e M
the hack of the old Hastings hotel
Hasti'i" Tt wnnlte -yeF-tprniiv nfl ���*���
���noon fell 30 fret to the C P 11 tr-e-.ira
nnd was so seriously Injured *'i-tt iv
W. C. tlph onlered hlin lo bc tnlten
to the flencral hospital.
ernl  merchandise and  cannery    sup-
According    to    the report, brought
here   the  Curacao  had   just   left   the
will  be | Flsh Egg cannery, bound for the Swift
capable qannery  ut  Warm  Chuck,  when  she
will suffer byI struck the reck.   She was running at
| full speed on the usual course taken
by steamers when she met disaster.
Water Beats Pumps.
II was soon found that the pumns
could nol make headway against the
inrush ol water and Captain Thompson Immediately headed his vessel for
the beach at Swift's cannery, He
managed to bring the vessel up on
the shore Jusl before the water had
reached the deck line.
Boats had been put over the side and
the laBt passcngi r waa lifted off just
as the Curacao Bettled to the bottom.
It was high tide at the time and
onlv a part of lhe Curacao's stack is
Thc cargo will be an entire 1
muni ttl  ��������� if,e
Mr. A, Caml-
net'ii has lul recently assumed the
duties of commlBBloner ijenernl ol Immigration Ho has not yet tully la-
iniliari/��il himself with tin* duties of
lhe office, lie asked mo for. leave of
absence in order tha he mlcnt return
tn California to be present ai the
trial of his son, 1 Insisted that he
remain I ere until he wnB sufficiently
acquainted with the duties of the position of CommlBBloner general to -he
able properly to Inspect the Imnugra
tion stations at Pacific portB when he Is expected here Sunday evening with
returned  to  California.    1.  therefore, thi    paBBengers.
suggested thai 1 would ask the attor-      Captain Thompson is one of ihe old-
ney  general to postpone  Ihe trial  of' est skippers on the northern run.
the ct-'p until the next term of ctJPrt.
It  is nothing unusual for the district I Fiftv  Injured.
attorney of lhat or any other district.!    Rochester. N.Y.. June 2. -Fifty per-
The tender Orient met Hi
Slates court geologioal survey boat;
Gedney, which was at work pn the
| wesl coasl of the island, and whieh
i Immediately left for the scene of the
! wreck at Warm Chuck.   The Gedney
Only $��������(*. StfGH" ;.;.
Winnipeg, June  22.    Questioned  re
gardlng a report that (Irani Hall, gpn- i
eral  manager   of   C.  P.  It.    western !
lines,   had    rcalgned,    Vice-President |
llury   said   there  w^s  nothing  In   it
thai    Mr.   Hall,   wUq  tad li-oen  sick.'
was fis; recovering, aiuU would shortly
be h ick  in his iilTicn.    Tte above re
l>ori  originated at Calgsry,  where it
vas Baid that  Mr. Price, vapuiintend* j
ent 11  the Alberta divi��iori. would be !
Mr.   Hall's successor.     Wh'uV  lhere  ia
nothing   In   Ihia   reporL   lil   is   under
[Blood  that  Mr. Price  is :n,    li'fle    for ���
promotion and it is pmbaiflr thai nn
early announcement U> liiia tfiffeel wilt
ibe  made,  though   nol   almiy tixv line!
Not Very Loyal.
s-Aifi Current, Ka��k., Jm*- tt A
apt (ial military train of 22 ears left
bare lhis afternoon at 2 o'rlncfc with
SOO mi u with i uinjciK nt and burst H
*roie the -7th light linraH/BtaiiDued Bl
Swil Current, Miplr CrotX (."ull
fl.ak i, labri and Vanguard for tbe en
campmeut at Sew ill. Maai Six
Bold., rs wen; later reported to have
descried (be 27th al tabrl hell the at
Swili Current while i nrouu*. A thor
'Ou-.-li si arch iB beinR made les the de
���Belters and a aerKeanl Itfl here to
taki   Ihem to Sewill il cjuigM.
IContinued tinm \i**.::e onei
-��ti d.d no', in-d.ee lhe two men
urani d other chlel ��� waaid bo appolnl
��it In their placei 'This had the de
���In J effect and thl two outlaws were
bo I, handed over.
The  Murders and Chase.
In Ihe Bprlng ol  1911 s murdir wiik ,
committed n'-w Clinton mid Paul and
Splntlum were suspected, Six months I
later another munhn  was committed I
and  this   was also  laid   lo  th,:  credit
ol   the   two  Icdians.     Tbis   .inie   Hn i
vlclmi  was a Chmamajv.  who, It  wat
:Baid,  was (he mil;.   eje-wiliu-Hs to lhe'
murder of six months before.
Again, wire posuei sent out mid
agaiu Ilu- outlaws manap-d 1 a "diode
i heir pur.iiiers Severs! Imies Ihe
���con.'-l.virtcs were wilhia a short distance tif thn iiiurh *':-��� .i il nun. and
cnc. thoy came on �� i>ii|i fin which.
41 v. HS aflerwi.rds found, hail been
<cfl by the two Indians just a short
���half  hour before.
II was on May i, 1912, however,
lhal a dispatch was sent tuil from
Clint' n that Provincial Constable
Kindness had becn r.hot la death and
thai Spec nl CooaUWe l/irln�� had
been serltuisly wounded In sh attempt
lo arrest Ibe ihi 111*s. K'ndnei aaa
shot in the b:i:k and was k lied iin
iiiedi.ilt ly
The ire of r auirnlB foi m.los
-around wu3 aromi il and pe.su- were
une" more put on thc trail who
scoured lhe mountains and woods In
������every direction, while dCOTW Ol spi
Clal police joined in Ihr chase.
Finally, however, afier wm hit of
weary waiting and watching, thoy
Were called In. mill it xi���� not Until
the h*ib-tUBfl SaggOtcd by Indian Ag. nt
C: ui'..ii>'Uey "s* carried out that tlie
4-ip ��� ..i- of tin.* two wen "*���� ellictcd.
or the attorney gonpral to grant a
postponement ol tlral in Buch cases
when an immediate trial would seriously inconvenience i ithor parly. Thi
suggestion and the request came from I
me purely in tiie interests oT the public service."
(By  "Gravy."')
Kelly's   "Nine-Three"   Record.
It was seven yeasr ago today, June
23, 1908, at Spokane, Wash., lhat rian
Kelly, until then unknown to fame,
ran a hundred yards in nine and three-
firths seconds. The record was accepted by the Amateur Athletic Union, on the testimony of a score of
reputable men who declared that
they had Inspected the watchoB, three
in number, and that all read nine and
three-fifths Beconds.
No othi r record In amateur athletic;-,
has aroused t i much controversy as
that attributed to Kelly. One of those
who rcfiisul to believe the authentic
ily of Kelly's time was the late Mlke|
Murphy, who trained Kelly for some
time in the year following hiB alleged
record-breaking teal In Spokane. The
lamented Mike held that Kelly hadn't
it in him to do better than len nnd
one--fifth si conds,
lt has heen alleged that unofficial
time keepers at Spokane made the
time over ten seconds. It is certain
lhat Kelly never did anything so
wonderful after that, alihf ui!h he had
the advantage of being traFm d by
Murphy and other experts
Jack King, former athletic trainer
at the Spokane A. r.. recently mnde
a statement which hears out the theory of those who hive refused to accept Kelly's record King tells of a
former race in which the watches
were fixed, as a Joke, and he thinks
the same tactics were m-rd In the
Kelly affair. He absolves Kelly of
ill knowledge nf lhe "living" if there
was iinii intended merclj as a boax,
It soon ri I I e*j ".,il lhi '
"1  don'l  th ��� k  11  *.:i-  the intention
to  go si   r-  as  'ii  apnly   for   p c
.irils "   pi Id   King    "I ut   there   was
much  talk  11  had  to I"   dene     As to
Kelly, l am   i good friend nl his. bul
li" never could  run  up to that   mark
When he wt' t tn .I.n lestown 1  iff. red
to !������ t $1,600  that  In-  wouldn't   nhee
,i  the sprints, and he dldn'l   Afterwards  in- Btarted  In  seventeen   100
viril   races  and   never  placed   In   one
of them, although  they  were run  In
10   1-6  or  worse     He  t-,---,-   ran   10
n*it In Mb life, aud 1 don't lliink thai
he  could "
rnn�� wer.. Injured, some of them seriously,   win n  a   Pennsylvania  railroad
jexcvrFlon     train     was  derailed
Sterl ng station this morning.
The train was filled with excursionists bound for Olgan, Hock City and
Bradford, l'a.
While Ihe train was running at 40
miles an hour, three of the tlve
coaches left the track, rolling down
an embankment. As it rounded a
curve, the smoking car left lhe track,
followed by all but two coaches. The
locomotive also remained on the track,
breaking awny from the train after
dragging the coaches about 200 feet.
Practically all the Injured were
residents of this c'ty. It is noi be-
lii'Vd  any   of   tlie in   are   fatally   hurl.
It was said tli.it District Attorney
Prank look  was  refused permission
lo examine Ihe wreck when he arrived
ai the se: ne. Railroad officials had
thrown a cordon of employees about
i', and Mr. Cook could not get within
20 feet of the nearest ear.
Bad Ties  Did  It.
Mr. Cook said he had every reason
to believe that bad lies were responsible I'or the wreck.
After Uie district attorney had returned home, a messenger brought
him word that the railroad men were
going in burn the ties for a hundred
yards on both sides of the wreck. Mr.
Ci uk, accompanied by Sheriff Acond,
rushed back to the spot In an automobile. Tbey lound thai the ties had
boen thrown together In an adjoining
Held, but a railroad man said thiB
was done t'i get them OUl Of the way.
sin riii Acond demanded that the ofll-
c.als refrain from burning any ties or
Disrlct Attorney Cook has request*
ed tha publlc Bervlce commission to
conduct  an  Immediate  Investigation.
Kather (iaron performed the marriage
There waa a large assemblage of
guests from Fraser Mllla, Port Coquitlam as well as Maillardville at I
lhe residence of Mr. and Mrs. 1'a.ri, I
where sulTer was provided. The toasts |
were numerous and all joined in wish-'
ing lhe bride and bridegroom all hap- !
tors. Pare 1 ft Montreal last Monday
and had a pleasant tr>u in splendid
Society Indignant.
The Burqultlam Agricultural society
met on l-'r.d.iy evening und appointed!
collectors for the prize fund In con- ]
in c lon with the annual fair in Sep- *
umber.     The   chief     object     of     the
meeting  had  been  to  discuss  the  lil-
ting ii,,. temporarily, if a portion of
tha agrlcullural hall for the purposes
of a municipal council chamber   and,
i dices for Coqultlam.   The linal reso-
United I lntlon of the Coqultlam council, last
Wednesday,  to    purchase    the    Lam,
ourC&UX property in Maillardville aud.
c.nvert    ii  Into a    hall    and  offices,
hewever,  rendered  the  project  abor-
! Lve.   In connection with this BUbject,
.the   secretary,   VV.   A.    Holme,   and
others expressed great  indignation ai
I the statement    of Councillor    Atkins
I that    the    Agricultural    society    had
charged a fee of $5 for the use of the
ihall   ior   an   entertainment   arranged
for purely    charitable    purposes.    It
vvaa explained  that  $3.r,u  for an  all
��� nighl     gatherings     had     only     been
nearjchargsd,   that  the  society  was  com��
pi Ued hy its rubs to make a charge
Watch for our full page
announcement   of our
Clearance Sale
Greatest Values We Have Ever Offered
evty at Essondale. to tha Pitt Hiver
n ad. Ab trustee and seei-nuiry of the
Coqultlam school board lne will Richie
ihe education department nn the subject ol school grants, in vimv cf the
a- w scheel on Port Moody road and
the additions to the nine Mountain
and Millside schools. Ab clerk of"the
rrasM r Mill3 municipality, he *��-ill
press the finance department tbr a re-
Oiml of lhe government's proportion
if this year's taxes on the incorpur-
toed area.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
and thai the directors had subscribed
for t.ckels in order lo cover the hall
G.   N.   R.  Activity.
Extensive preparations are being
made for the accommodation of the
w rl;men to be employed on the ex-
cav.-U.ing proposition by the Q. N. It.
en their properties bordering on the
North road in preparation for their
trackage system to be established
ilu re. Large bunkbouses, dining
halll etc.. are being erected to the
east of the present railway line near
thu paper factory on tlie Brunette
river. The big steam shovel is expected daily nud the soil excavated will
be dumped into l'ai.n- creek with as
iiimiti rapidity as possible. In all,
about. 300 men will be employed lu
tha work.
Valuable Clay Pit.
Th�� clay pit on Hamilton streel.
Nj'irih   road,   llurnaby.   continues
give    unlimited    satisfaction to
own-ers.    Six trial botes    have
sunk to a dept of -'.! feet and In
Instance  clay  ol  lhe    highest
Itmte has bo-en located.
Crushed Under Car.
Saskatoon. June 22. David Molan>
tier, a C. P, U. Breman, was killed al
Wynyard bj falling under the truck
ol a freight car, Li ".as -ji \ij*r��
old and a native ol Ellsworth, about
so 63 mihs from Minneapolis, Hi was
Sunday Work.
Councillor Atkins' visit to the H. c;
E. it. camps In the eastern section ort
Couuitlam to report to whal extent
wcrk ou Sundays waa permitted, bus
rceeived the cordial approval of trial
portion of the municipality, com
plaints of blasting on Sundays and
oiher Infringements of the Lord's Day
act impelled Councillor Atkins in
make thp inspection*. He warned the
camp foremen that the council were
determined to ses Ihe law entbrcedl
and all unnecessary work suspended
ou the llrst day of the week. One
camp :n situated on the JohnBton road
and the other on Ihe Pipe Lima road
in th neighborhood ol Westminster
Tlie ^^ater Front
From Fraser Mills and the Kraser
river hridge come reports of a marked
dBcnaasa iu the height of the water.
Sinca Saturday night the river has
lowered oue foot or more and hue
last n.uht it was still receding. With
the full of t.he spring tides past and
cool weather during the past two
Wi eks, there is now practically' uo
danger of a disastrous freshet.
Ttrla momirts 'he new ferry boat
Langley will make her first run on
lier* regular srip up river to (lien Valley, 'llie Langley was built In Van-
iihit and. commencing today she. will
i :rry passengers back and forth between  up  river  points  and   this  cily
The tugs Clansman and Helen M
Scanlon and the Transfer all docked
at  tlm city- mmrfcet  wharf  last  uigtil.
The Beortr tied up yesterday at
'.i.e C. P   It. freight wharf
The FruMm? came up from down
river late Saturday and docked at tlle
guvern-manl wharf. Both she and tin
Sliiiison rerarn ro the delta lhis morning;
No through craft passed up or down
the river yesterday and tbe draw- at!
IBe Fraser river bridge was not open-
id once, On Saturda) the Senator
.lansen, Beaver and Helen M. Scanlon were tho only large boats going
The steamer Norman arrived at
Port Moe-dy Setorday wits a cargo of
oil from San Francisco for delivery
at the IT.. CT. Refinery.
The tog fssiic brought, two scow
loads or coal to the Columbia Cold
storage* wharf Saturday.
Much driftwood nas become lodged
against rhe piers of the Lulu island
bridge. The swiftly running current
is holding the drift fasl and it will he
difficult to move il until tlio wafer
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Are rtowing some very pretty i��slg��s in Brass Beds, 4 ft and'4' ft. 6 In.
Exceptional bargains at from  $29.50 to $53.75
White Enamel Iron Beds from  $3.95 to $18.S��
Ge-BOine Oak Dresser $18.25 to $27.50
Otber DresBers in elolden Oak, Royal Oak and Mahogany finish.
Wining room Suite. ooiiBisttng of Pedestal Tabic, extend to 8 feet
�� Bid* and 1 arm chair, BSdltUlflM with II. B, plate mirror.   Thle sun*
ia aa exceptional bargain at' ��4��.��0 complete.
Out Dry Goods section la attnaeting great attention.
Cor. 6th Avenue and 12th Street���take 12th St. Car
The Men
Roland, Man
em i levator at
about ii o'cloi .
in the ground wllh al
ol   Wheat.     A     ear  li
A ���: .: tif Jab.
"Thli  piece nl   line nu   UIJ   dte-x  li
i\ ei nnv years nid "
-lis beautiful! Did yon mnke I
��� niirsolf?"���New Orleans limes Ileum
He Remembered.
She   Vou  brute!     When   I  eniiseiile.'
ui marry you I enn'i think wlifre ni.i
'lend was     He   Hu iiiy'sliuiHder, dcur
London OplUklU.
Were All Away,
.liin li I In- North
111 si bank caugbl lln*
11 n nighl and bunted
ml 20 *" bushel.!
If     tilled     with
wheal standing on  the track  beside
tlie eli vator was burned to the tracks
All iii.- . utile male population of ihe
town wire away In picnics in lha
country. There was considerable Insurance,
Hot Sun Did It.
Winnipeg, June Hi:. The hot. sun
shining through a defective window
pane in a new house' at
avenue, Ibis morning, tired the, build
ing. A high wind spread the Sparks
of lhe blase and 12 other houses,
some empty, some occupied, were
damaged, four of them being destroy
I'd.    Tlle church of St.   Michael's and
All Angels Buttered to the extent
Levelling Grounds.
The   miiiiieiii.il   employees   uwIt
Oeorge    Alderaon    have    completed
work on   tin    Austin   roadi tor   the
pr. s nl, and :,i*i' now engaged iiii III'*
levelling of the municipal grounds
which will be devoied m recreation
purposes im- the in neiii ni the youth
if the district. Another gang Is
making good progress with the
Ln'i'ii.-bury rond, which ��iTl open up
and connect Mr. ilateimhury's grei n
houses with the Lake Como road.
Children Will Be Free.
The oonvenl school children of
Maillardville break up for the sum
li : ilarwood m''' '"'Hdays on Wednesday when the
closing exercises lake place. In the
6VI ning tho siateis have arranged an
excellent concert in aid of the school,
ubout (000.   The lire loss aggregates
Seeing tho Whole Country. ulioul     $11,000,     whils    damage     was
Chicago,   .lune   22    'rn * Brazilian caused to ths   furniture   ol all   the
minister of lorclgn affairs, Dr   Lauro neighbors within   two   blocks,   win
Mueller spent an active day here tb- plched   It    through   doors and win
dav   aad   hit   I   nighl   Inr   San   Frin- dows Id ti  frenzied serai.ible to let  ll
eitro.    Several   changes  In   the   plans 1, yond   the  lire  tono,
ol the South American guest   wl * Is  ���
hi re pr* moi lal 'i   in: ..* en Bra
/il   nnd   lhe   United   States,   were   an Up She Comet.
nounced l elm*   h'.s depar un   for the llosth rn,   Sask.,   June   22,   Seager
west at in ir, p.m    Instead of going Wheeler, who  * in the Bhaughnessy
direct to i'-ui Fram is* i, without  fnr prize  for  the world's lust  wheat  al
York, has five p.rees ol winter |
Lacrosse   Booming.
The Ma'llnrdvlllc Lacrosse club n-i :
Of busy practicing on Mr. Urrhaut's Held
and nre thinking of matching a  team i
ngainst   some   of   the   surrounding
juni' rs  before  the    season    Is  much
farther advanced.
tlllt -Freddie Welsh, the great: Brit
ish lightweight, defeat"d Watty
Baldwin, thi* Huston hover, in 2n
rounds at San Francisco, Watts
put up a good battle amf the
lillle Welshman Imd to travel
his fastest to get the decision
Welsh had jusl lost his PmKlis'i
title to Mutt Wells, and Ms victory mer Baldwin and rtifii'-
quent defeal ul Wi'lii Rl?' nh
proved his rlgil-r to ff rv'nrn
in ut for th.* in |t. This v.-is held
last. Novernner, and Welsh regained   liis insl   llltieil;.
im a   Harry  I.'wis outpointed  ''i'r'
.Mans In-Ill in i-ix round*- al I' ill
Sunday Annivcrrarie-j.
1909    Sandy   Ferguson   defeated     .1 (-�����
.leanctle   lu   twelve   rounds     ni
Hoston.    Porguson niich'    hnvp
defeated .lohnson and other hlg
blackB as well as Jeanette. .-"id
become the world's heavyweight
champion  if he  had  lived simply and trained properly, .lohn-
Bon  fought  Sandy  four    times.
wining a decision   twice, another
on a foul, white the fourth was
a draw.    Ferguson  made John
son extend himself lo the. llnvt
but was knocked out by    John
1909���Battling  Nelson  defeated -l "-k
Clifford  In  five  rounds al  Oklahoma.
ftrje Proulx Home.
���in   Ueorge Proulx,  M ill
lardvllle, arrived homo from M-"'tr'a'
en   Saturday  and   received  a  hearty
from Iheir  friends.
ther stops, i morrow  is to be spent
In Omaha '.mit u stop ol ont  day will
be  made   In   In nv. r     Afti r   ��cvi ral
daya  In  San   Frarffclscn,   Di    Mueller ho\
md his part;  ,  ll ml urn t.i New Vork
wheal  all  headed out.     't he
standb -7 nu hi ������ and Is ol the Khar-
��� ���" i ',    ol   Ml.i rian   wheal.   He
n        ** *      Marquis    early    red
: *atn  Victoria
by the south' i i n ute
Ixniis and l'ii-tur ,
lopping at St.
wheal and i*i.v
acres of barb i all In
Three in One.
i -i'i i; Coqutilam, li It for
i isl nighl lo Intf rview tin-
g' ���" rnmi nt dei arttnentnl heads in a
Irlp'.i! * ipncity As re* ���.*���, he will se"
tht * bill Wl rl*. * official i in to far-ill-
tli s [or iin- i ��� t nslon i f Ihe Austin
roud  lhi  ugli UlO :   ; It '*)  farm prop-'
Campi la Favorite.
Les ingeloB, June 2^ Chnrlea I.n
iluiix. if Paris, and Eddie Campi, of
San Fi-iini'iseii. finished today lhelr
hnd training for their bantiunwfi'ght
ba tie at Vernon an na 'i'i*' sday n*'n
Campi was a 10 to S favorite li night,
Social   Leader   Gone.
Paris,    June    'J'i.    Mme.    UpnrEci
Ooyau,   who   was   Lucie   Hobo  Felix
Faure, ilaugiili r of  llle  f  rmi i   prpsl
.Iiiii ,,r the i*. public, died i idn      G'.ie
was   a   ll ad' ;*   Df   I'.iri* ll IClal   :*.  '
literary circles antl v.as the aulli r ol
a number i f books. She was born
In 1866,
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Ircn Ccd Cots, wllh spring complete, very apeclal at $4.25 and     J JjJ
Our prices on Rugs a nd Carpets has always
been the lowest. Now you can have your choice at a
discount of 20 per cent.
Cor. (>lh ;ii-d Carnarvon Sts. I'hone 588.
r *ms-z^*tecrxr.*.*te:-.**a3mxreaa ���that m*M
MONDAY,  JUNE  23,  1913.
paui **\m
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
******* i
WeBtmlnster 7, Vancouver 8. Sounds O.
oncBiuud to the average lacroBBe fan,'G.     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
but to thoBe who attended Saturday's  L,  Turnbull, Westminster    5.58
name   and there    were    only    about      Fourth quarter���
Spring,  Westminster 23 I win Annual Rsce on Hudson���Cornell,
Spring,  Westminster    3.47
the Favorites, Second, with
1)00 prssenbr-tha match waa one of
tbe best contested and the prettiest,
from a spectator's viewpoint, that
liaa been dished out In the B, C. I.. A.
this Beason.
A downpour of rain, which continued until llie opening of the ihlrd
quarter, did not deter the players
Irom playing the. name arid Tor the
firBt time tliin Beason thero was an
i lit re absence of ragging and also Undi I hi rale slashing affairs which, al-
ihough they appeal to some, do not
tend to improve Canada's summer
pastime, Nino players were Bent oil
during the so mlnuteB of play, but
the offences all were of a minor character and only drew live minute reals
fi om the officials.
An Indication that the game was
evenly played Is shown on Uie scor.
sheet, Westminster registering one
goal in the llrsl quarter, another iu
lhe Becond, while Vancouver broke
even lu the fourth quarler Willi two
goala each.
Doughy's Nose.
Not a single incident marred the
afternoon's exhibition, except in tin
Becond quarti r, when t.'llit Spring got
a nasty crack on the nose from the
stick ,f Pickering which would have
laid many a plnyer out. Pickering's
previous exhibition on the II Id. how-
ever, led many to believe that the
affair ��us more ot an ucelili nt ilia.i
anything else, although Doughs look-
ed like a Turkish warship running the
gaunlet Of the allies when hS earn''
off for repaira.
The old style play, where the ball
Is kep; un ihe move throughout the
entire game, where the lleldi rs can
be noticed chasing up and down und
where ll ntlre home and outer defence of the Salmon Bellies could be
n, i ii moving forward in action like a
will drilled body of troops, waa In
evidence  Saturday.
Thla wub the Bort of-game which
tin- majority of people Jusl want to
Bee, Even Westminster's most rabid
Fane like to see Vancouver BCOrlng
goals at times and ihey hud that op-
tn' it un i t y Saturday, alihough only on
three occasions.
The llrst goal wus scored by Len
Turnbull after nine mlnuteB of play.
I alonde wan Bent to guard the nets
after Hess had been chased off for
rapping Feeney. II. tiinord mini' >
pretty run up the Beld and was well
placid to score, but shot wide.
George Gallops.
Captain Ueorge Rennie broke Into
the limelight in the second quarler
whin playing the odd man stunt and
Uie Olympic veteran scored his lirst
x. al of ihe season. The tally was
well received by the crowd. I.en Turn-
hull scored Ins Becond goal a few
mlnuteB latir. hut Referee Dewar had
pieviously blown his wlustli.' for an
Infringement of the rules and* dis-
<��� anted the goal, but nave Westminster a fn i* throw.
Four men came oil
wards the i nd of the
minor penalties.     M
Ai  ihi' opening of the third spasm
Un- mini Ioi,ds had blown over and (lid
Sui   cann*   out   in   all   his  glory   much
in Un* rellel of Uie bleacher fans who*
had stuck it out during the s'orm, so |
Interesting was tho play.
Sibby Nichols, who bad been playing ii good game, notched tbef lirsi
goal for Vancouver live minutes after
half nine, but this appeared to be
the incentive for Westminster to Btart
Uii* hn works and for the next 16
minutes Mr. Hess, lhe Vancouver cub-
todlan, had the time of his life trying
In stop n rain of shots which came
his way. Twenty-three Beconds rrom
ihe Nlchol lace-off and Grumpy broke
Into the BCOrlng division. That was
nm enough and cliff Spring stopping
nu atiuck near the Westminster goalmouth, speeded up tlle Held accompanied liy ll. Gilford and Wintemute.
The pass was given lo V intcniuto, lo
Gifford back to Wintemute, and the
111031 spi ci.ieular play Ol Up- season
���ended when G. Spring scored his 86C-
i nd goal, II was a bnlnai i effort and
real lacrosse which noi ine crowd in
a frenzy.
Len  Ao*iln.
Len Tr.niiuii followed up this by
scoring an easy goal pusi Hess. The
\ ,i icouver *,oaiii udcr showed up his
peculiarities when be allowed the easy
ahola to go by while be slopped the
hard and last ones.
With Uie score 5 to 1 In favor of the
it' yuis ai the beginning or tlie fourth
quarter, Vancouver appeared to work
better combination and following an-
olher goal by CHIT Spring, Carter
scored the" sreond goal for Vancouver.
Lalondo, who had been bottled up
throughout Un- afternoon by Johnny
Howard, scored Vancouver's third
tally by a brilliant effort which left
< lark no earthy chance lo Bave.
Grumpy Spring llnlshed lhe game
winn lie scored over Grlflith's
That Odd Man.
The odd  man Blunt won  the game
Wns:minster.    This old trick
JO, Spring, Westminster   1,35
i Carter,  Vancouver     'J. 10
; Lalonde, Vancouver   1.23
j G.  Spring, Westminster    3.22
First    quarter���Hcsa,    Vancouver;
Feeney, W( Btmlnster;  Lalonde,    Vancouver.
Second quarter���Godfrey, Vancouver;   C. Spring, Westminster;   Feeney,
Third   quarter  -Carter,   Vancouver;
T. Ronnie, Westminster.
All penalties 5 minutes.
The Teams.
Vancouver Westminster
Hess     Clarke
Griffith       Howard
Ion  Marshall
First Defence
Second Detent
Third Defence
Godfrey ll. Gilford
Murray       Feeney
Third Home
Nlchol    W. Turnbull
Second Home
Gorman     Wintemute
First Home
Carter       C.  Spring
Lalonde    L. Turnbull
Allen   G. Spring
Referee���Bob Dewar.
Judge of play���F. Cullen.
Game timekeepers���F. Lynch and C.
Penalty timekeeperB���Dr** F. P.
Smith and Vic Russell.
Goal umpires���A. 0. Halsiead and
F.  Patrick.
Seattle Close Up.
0,  Rennle
T.  Rennie
B. C. L. A.
!���'. A
:*9 20
20    3'J
PougbkeepBle, June 22.���Syracuse
llrsl, Cornell Becond, Washington
third, Wlsoonsin fourth, Columbia
lirth, Pennsylvania sixth. Tbe dark
horse of the conference, Syracuse,
won the aquatic event of the Intercollegiate eight-oared race on Saturday
afternoon In one of tho beBt races
seen on  the  Hudson  for some years.
Cornell, the favorites, held the lead
until aftir the mile stake had been
passed when Ten Kyck's black aggregation nosed ahead und held the
lead to the finish. The official time
was 111:28 3-.',.
The winners and Washington furnished Uie excitement, especially the
coast crew, who. making a poor start,
plck"d up wonderfully and were but
Iwo seconds b hind Cornell when they
pa isi d the finish buoys.
Cornell  won  Hie  four-oared  varBily
and the eight oared freshmen's race.
Real College Spirit.
Seattle, June 22. -Two members of
the eight-oared crew of the University
of Washington, which rowed third in
the I'oiiKhkeipsie regalta yesterday.
were kepi in ignorance three weeks
of the drowning of their brother, it
was learned today.
The oarsmen were Ed. and Elmer
Leader, twins, who pulled No. 2 and
No. 3 oars in the race. Tlieir broth) r
Arthur Leader was drowned while
awimmlng ai Kosa, wash., June 3. but
the twins were not told of his death
because it was feared the news
would uniu rve them for the race.
Western    Canada    League    Magnates
Reach  Settlement���Stormy  Week
Now   Forgotten.
Torontos Lost at Montreal While the
Tecumsehs Are Trimming Nationals on  Island Grounds.
Montreal, June 22.���Six thousand
spectators watched lhe Irish Canadians win tbelr fourth Btraight vie
tory in the flig Four yesterday afternoon, defeating the Torontos, laBt
year's champions, by a score ol 10 'o
4. The game waa rough throughout,
bitter feeling between the players being worked out by severq croBB check-
Tecumsehs  Beat  Frenchmen.
Toronto, June 22���The lead obtained by the Tocurnschs In the early part
Moose Jaw, June 22.���At a confer-
one- of the officials of the Western
Canada   Baseball   league    held    here
Saturday nighl  Uie difficulties of the ^^^^^^
league were threaped out and aired of the game waB enough to win over
bo thoroughly that the atmoBphere ''he Nationals here yesterday aner-
has been cleared and all clubs wlll;n����n. although ;he Montreal agjrogO-
be back on the diamond and playing f��� had "'�� better or play In the
Monday. Upon the trouble concern- laBt two quarters. Excellent lacro3.se
Ing the Saskatoon and itegina clubs featured throughout, 'he Indian home
being brought up the past action or showing the best coinblnati*,.. work
President Gray wus thoroughly en- m displayed this Beason.
dorsed by the remaining members or
the board or control.
The representatives ol both the
Regina and Saskatoon clubs present
expressed their regret that the misunderstanding and difficulties between their clubs and the president
had occurred and Mr. Gray, in view
of their explanation and with the Interests of organized ball at heart has
agreed to overlook the past and start
all tennis to work at once.
Manager Bill Hurley and the Saskatoon leum, together with Managers
Hiilin. of Itegina, and Wishiiian, of
Edmonton, have been reinstated upon
probation. As predicted, a meeting cr
the league settled the difficulty,
Big Four.
F.   A
Irish-Canadians   4
33    IS
21    IS
20    2S
Nationals     1
IS    25
(By the Potter.)
Four victories and one defeat Is going pretty fair for thc aggregation
under Tommy Gifford.
Baseball Results.
Westminster     ��� ���   i      1
Vancouver  ��� ��� l     4
Next   game   Westminster   \s.
couver at   Victoria, June  28.
Goals  Scored.
Games -Cnali
in a row
quarter, all
G.  Spring,   WcBt.   .
Lalonde, Van	
C. Spring. West. ..
W. Turnhnll.  West.
L. Turnbull, West.
Wintemute, West.
Feeney,   West.    	
Allan,   Van	
Adamson.   Van	
Matheson. Van	
Cartel-.  Van.
0. Rennle, West. ..
II. Gifford. West. ���
Oorman, Van	
Phelan,  Van.   ..-������
Nlchol, Van	
Arbitrators   Dismissed   at   Ball   Game
With  Beveral  of  their best players
P< rformlng for the Mosse at Somas,
the Circle F nine were easy for    tlie
'tastings A. C. yesterday afternoott on
the  Millside diamond,  the final score
being 11 to 3.    .Wilson was peppered
for   12   clean   hits,   which   were   more
than  enough    f>    take    the    lumber
lshovirs Into camo. four errors on the
l part   of  the  locals  being  responsible
'for Beveral tallies.
The   real   feature  of   the  afternoon
! wbb the dismissal    if    PrentiaB    and
ISullivan, the umpires appointed,    for
handing  out  alleged    raw    decisions.
! Prentiss, who was last heard off in a
Westminster City  league game    last
Friday   p.m.,  routed   the  ire  of    the
M llaide  boys   when  he gave  a elose
decision    against one of their;    base-
runners and Jig was promptly yanked
from  the diamond.    Sullivan followed
suit  in  a  few   minutes,  this time  at
the hands of the Terminals, Trombley
occupiid  the  Held  alone  for the rest
ot the gain.'.
The score:
HasLngs A. C	
Fraser Mills 	
Batteries:   Sc iti and
n't) and iluhnke.
Standing  of  the  Clubs.
Seattle 41
Vancouver  3'.i
Portland    82
Victoria 31
TacOma 32
Spokane   23
Yesterday's GameB.
And Mclvor Made  His Debut.
Seattle, June 22.���Victoria   hit Mc
Ivor often  and  hard,  five  home
helping to give Victoria the game 10
to  3.     Hardin  pitched  a  good   game
for the visitorB.    The Bcore:
It.    II.    K.
Victoria   ID    16     3
SeatUe     3      6      1
llatteries:-- nardin  and   Shea;   Mclvor and Cadman.
Hiding the goat had no : errors for
Bun Clark. The little Fergus player
was there with the goods on Saturduy.
Four straight wins for the Irish-
Canadians make them look like Big
Four champions. Our old friend Jim
Kavanaugh is managing the team and
seems to have a healthy lot of stick
Charlie Qucrrie's Indians slipped
one over the Nationals Saturday alter.
noon, which goea to indicate that,
with the exception of the I-C's, the
eastern league is pretty evenly
Buck Marshall came near scoring a
goal  on   Saturday.    Even  Bun  Clark
runs jg hoping to get    a   chance    in    the
goal  scoring  before    the    Beason    is
The      Westminster hoy      scouts'
basketball   team   met deteat   at   the
hunds of the Seymour troop, Vancouver, Friday evening.
As predicted
weeks ago. the
blemallc or the
i [ Canada, is
in  The  News  several
People's   shield,     cm-
Boccer championship
dead issue. The sec
retary of the Calgary eleven recently
wrote the manager of the Nanalmo
lifiiteds. asking what prospects there
were for the prairie eleven making the
trip to the coast at Ihe end of their
season and competing for Hie shield.
lt now develops that ?40 was taken
In ai the last game between ihe Van
couver Thistles and the Nanalmo team
competing for the shield at Vancouver
last month, which exorbitant biiui
prompted the Coal City magnate to in-
form the Calgary people Ihey had better s'uy at home tor the present. Until the soccer game la placed on a
firm footing hi. IF will como ot il in
lhis province.
It.    1
... .11    '
.   ..  3
Iron Man Beats Jimmy Clark.
Tacoma, June 22.-Clarke and McQInnlty engaged In a pitchers battle
this aritrnoon which was major ll ague
In its perfection. Two bases on balls
and three errors in the tlrst inning a B|aUgi,ter bouse
game   tlie   locals   two   runs   und   the '
game. Clurke held Tacoma hitless
until the seventh. McQInnlty was invincible with men on bases. The
R.   11.   B.
Tacoma   2      2     0
Vancouver  0    6    3
Batteries:  McGinnity and Grindell;
Clarke and Lewis.
I Portland, June 22.���Pcrtland-Spo-
ikane caine postponed; wet grounds.
The penalties handed out by
Referees Cullen and Dewar on Saturday pleas, d President Kellington. The
coast game is being kept clear of the
exhibitions which featured previous
seasons and made a lacrosse field liki-
The Point Grey Red Sox, who meet
the Moose on the Queens park diamond this evening, are reputed to
have a phenomenal twlrler named
Holmes who has defeated every team
they have met I his season. Jack
Horne will do the hurling for the
Although the downpour of rain no
doubt prevented many New Westminster people from attending Saturdays
lacroBso game, the exhibition dished
iiiii to the 1500 present augurs well
for a better crowd at the next home
game. The locals played Ihelr best
game ol Lhe season and the Vancou
vers were not tar behind .lust whal
the new additions to the green shirt
aggregation will do remains to be
s en. Hyland should make a differ
enCO on the home, while lloss Johnson should 111 In well on the defence
Should Con Joii"s grab Hilly Fitzgerald, he will have a team which will
lake some beating.
Saturday's contest was a clean one
in evi ry respect. There was little or
the Slashing which has broughl down
the game lo Ihe low level lt occupies
back easl. When once the managers
of the teama realize lhat tlie people
pay their good money to watch clean
contests the attendance will Improve
at every game.
of |    The decision of the V. A. C. boys to
for   vves.inins-.ei.     -.���..* ��������������� ~*f".."  H.ick together for this season nnd to
Stbeneld beating their men.and fans
assisted the home    in the-    lightning
pass work
and   Nifty   Red  Sex  Meet  To- '
Point Grey Red Sox, will make
their debut bei ire a Westminster
crowd this evening at Queen's Park
when they clash with the Moose, prea-
i nt leaders of the City league.
So far this si ason the Point Grey
boys have heen cleaning up around
Greater Vancouver, with the result
that the herd in the Royal City look I
tike pie at a loggers' convention, but,
y. u can't tell what might happed this
p.m. Bill Graham's outfit have pulled
off so many peculiar stunts this tea-
sun that the crow d attend the games l
looking for nothing else than novelties and these might be on tap when
'hey  meet the visitors.
Horne and Gentry will do the twirling, the visiting battery being Holmes
mil Mulhollanil. Len Chaput will
handle the indicator, starting the game
at 6:45.
Standing cf lne Cl-Jbs.
W.    L.
Hrooklyn    29    23
Pittsburg r. .27    81
Cincinnati 30   39
Yesterday's Games.
At St. Louis:                        It.    H.
Chicago    fi   lo
S .  Louis     0      1
Philadelphia Nationals have
Dooln, Dolan and Doolan on their
team. All three figured In Saturday's
game at Iloston.
The first event of the Fecond annual V M. C, A. track meet will be
run off at Queen's Park this evening.
The program will be continued on
Wednesday and Friday evenings of
this  week.
Harry Godfrey made his debut with
Harry had �� look after nil lurnbull,
nnd although Haying the ttma his
life staving oft shots from the lengthy
home player, especially the
type, the old green shin
his presence fell  wltb the
-defence. ,,       ���,
, i���. details of the afternoon
I   Hows:
Goal Summary.
First  quurliT -
L. Turnbull Westminster ....
Second quarter���
0. Rennle, Westminster ������������
Third quarter--
jNTohol, Vancouver 	
star made
nre as
^^^^^^^^^^ lacrosse
H thlB takes effect il will make
four teaniB In the B, C. L. A. for 1914,
Including the Victoria aggregation.
Whether Milton Oppenheimer, the
leading light of thn V. A. C, has gone
into the question thoroughly Is problematical. The Jump of an amateur
team to the pro ranks la a serious
move and whether Vancouver can
support two pro teams is also another
question to be considered.
Should the move be successful and
the application successfully get by the
magnates of the B. 0. L. A., this will
mean Ihe llrst Vancouver homebrew
aggregation to be mixed up with professional lacrosse. And there Is no
reason to believe that the support wlll
be even belter than that accorded to
the present aggregation under Con
Umpire, Assisted by Shortstop,
for Sumas.
Three errors by Stack, the Moose
shortstop, and barbaric decisions or
the part of the umpires were respon-
Ible fur the defeat of an All-Westminster team at the bands of the Sunns nine yesterday afternoon. Until
the fif tli Innina the score waa 1-0 ln
favor of the Americans, when Westminster lied. In the sixth three er-
rors, which let In three runs, were
made hy Stack, while lhe same player
ilso made two wild throws to the
plate .which accounted for the fifth
Kvans waB on the mound for Sumas
until lhe firth, when the locals began
touching him tor safe hits and Corbett, the Electrics' twlrler, went In.
Corbett held the hatters safe.
Gentry and Mullen starred at the
bat, the former being robbed of a
���lean three-bagger in the firBt when
the umpire called it a foul. Mallen
secured three hits in four times up
Art Sinclair played the beat game for
Westminster In the field, accepting
every chance at second, while Bill
Sayce pitched the best game or
season.    The   final   score  was  5
Arrangements  were  made   for
other game on July 5.
Rain   Makes   It   Bad  for  the   Marks
A three-cornered shoot between the |
civilian   rifle   associations     of     New
and Bresnahan; |Westminster,   Port   Moody   and   Port
Haney is being arranged to take place
on  the  Brownsville  ranges next Saturday  afternoon..    The  fact  that  the
104th   regiment   will   he   at   camp   of.
that  day  will  leave the  ranges open
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     to   the   civilians   and,     with     proper
I conditions, no little rivalry and good j
Saturday's Games. shooting  should ensue.
C nc'nnali S, Pittsburg 6. I    The i>0rt  Moody team will be here]
Brooklyn 2, New York 0. Ito retrieve their ioss at  the port city |
Philadelphia 5-6, Boston 4-2. .a week ago.    A drenching rain spoilt d|
Chicago ti. St.  Louis ii  (culled end I good shooting on the 800 yard ranges
Saturday   arternoon.   although   littler
conditions   prevailed   on   the   900   and j
i 1000 yard  ranges.    The following arej
;the scores:
Ilaneries:     Piorc
Ptrrltt, Burke and McLean
At Cincinnati: IL    11
|Plttsburg   5     9     1
Cincinnati   4   il     l
Batteries:    Adams    and    Coleman;
Allies, Brown and Kliug.
FOR SALE���Seven-roomed house on Hamilton
��� ���  ;hoiii   '��� '���'"
������     T .*��� .|<{    I   ��� ���       ���    '     *
���street, opposite Lord Kelvin Schaol. Lot 66x182 ft.
to 33 ft. lane. In lawn and garden, flowers and cement walks.
Price $3500; terms arranged.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director...
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
Amidst Island, Mountain, Forest and Glacial Scenery to
THE ALASKA COAST I STEWART)    f.   v $48.00
Including Meals and Berth for Round Trip.
Permitting side trip over scenic route of  Grand  Trunk  Pacific  Ran-
a>   at small additional cost. ^^H
H. C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
5117 Granville Street. Vancouver.
W,  E.  DUPEROW, G. A. P. D.
i'hone Private Exchange S134
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX 442
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Mad*  In  New  Westminster.
Schaake  Machine Works.
i'   i
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
<f third, darkness).
(. leveland ..
Boston ...
Chicago ... ���
in troit  	
St. Louis ..
New  Vork  .
fat.indi'fl of the Clubs.
\V.    I
Yeiterday's Games.
At Chicago I Ural game I: R.
|St. Louis     -
Chicago    ���>
Batteries:    Leverenz   and
Scott and Schalk.
Second game: R-
St. Ixiuls    ��
Chicago     *
Batteries:    Wellman    and
Wulsh nnd Schalk.
5      0
2     1
il.   E
Blaine Wlnt.
The ninlne nine defeated Port Co-
miltlam In the American city yester.
day afternoon to the tunc of 4-2. Th-?
game wns evenly contested throughout
nnd was not won until the last of the
Didn't Show up.
The n-on-apne- ��� in if the Hustings A.C. nt Port Coquitlam on Saturday crenled no little disappointment and the game will be claimed by
tho Port City boys..
At Cleveland  (flrst game)
R.    H.   E.
Cleveland    6    12     3
Detroit    7    14     0
llatteries: Balkenherg, Btandlng
and Carlsch; Wlllett, Lake and McKee. Ton innings,
Second  game: It.    11.   El.
...   2      7      I
.... i    r.    1
mind    O'Neill;
Burr   .   .
Oliver  .
II. Vid.il .
K.   .Mi'ii/i��
. .1. Sloan
Wilson   .
J. Knight
A. Dadds
1.11* ll
82 1
Batteries:     Gregg
DaUBB and Rondeau.
Saturday's Games.
Cleveland 7. Detroit 6.
Boston 5, Philadelphia 4.
Waahingttoti 4-G, Now York 1-0.
St. Louls-Chloago; rain.
International Leacue.
Toronto 2-0, Jersey City 3-5.
Newark l, Buffalo 3.
This is Ihe second and laat week of
the Charles E. Uoyal stock company
at the Royal theatre. Today and
Tuesday Mr. Royal will offer one of
New York's greatest suecesses, "The
Fortune Hunter." This clever little
troupe of actors proved to everyone's
satisfaction during the past week
that they can put on high class plays
as well as slap-Btiek comedies. Bdythe
Klllotl, Charles K. Royal and Ted
llowland will have nn excellent
chance in this play to show thc ex-
lent, or their versatility, Kor Wednes
day and Thursday's performances, Mr.
Royal has deeided to present another
cf Eugene Walter's plays, the one this
time being "The Wolf," which is   an
extraordinary story of the Canadian
woods. Moving pictures aro run In
conjunction with all plays, thereby
doing away with the unnecessary
wu'ta between acta.
���tai.*-j-�� ���v      *��� *   ��� ��   '���"
MONDAY,  JUNE  23,  1013.
Classified Advertising
Cl ived fnr The Newa at the following places: V. T. Hill's drug atore,
118 Columbia atreet; A. Sprice,
yueenalKiriiiigb, Lulu Island.
* RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
any; 4c per word per week; 15c per
���"���.Kith; 5.000 wnrdB, to be used as required Within one year from date of
itmtract, 126.00.
fur   laundry   work.    Troy
months, five or Bix roomed modern
i.ouse, furnished. Phone uon. U563)
tv a N T 101) ��� good FURNISHED
rooms with board. Apply 715 Fifth
avenue. U513)
beds and pillows, Address llox
1136 NewB oltlce. (1383)
cheap.   Apply lkix 1573 News olllce. I
aory  Bale.    Splendid    city
Eighth    avenue,     opposlto
park.    Owner holding agreement of | of leaving them of!
Traces ol Past Fashions In Present-
Day Garments.
Man is naturally a hiijlily conserva
tive being, and in nothing is hU conservatism more marked than in hit
clothes. His skeleton shows the rudiments ol the tail which ho discarded
ages ago, nnd fn much the Bame way
the modern man's dress is reminiscent ol past fashions.
For example, take the two buttons
on the backs ol coats.   Theae are by
lot    on : ���n means pretty, and they certainly
Moody ! gre not, uselul, yet no tailor dream
a coat whieh be
sale fnr $350, will part with aame I js making. But the buttons once bad
fur $326 (or nearest offer), balance J H use. for they date Irom the day-
of $10115 over 18 months. Hox 1560 i when olegant figures were admired In
The News, 11566) linen  auel  Uie   buttons  were   used  to
 j lusteu   a   strip   ol   cloth   which   was
FOR SALE -SET    LIGHT    DOUBLE I drawn in to give the wearer a Blender
express harneSB, %2'o. Apply Fashion i waist,
livery. (15511
week':*, drilling iiunuiily    COUld    muke
Hiiei*) splendid showing "However
short mny be iheir training uud no
matter hot? raw they arr, these men
have lh.' root of Ihe matter In llieui.
Assessment  of     Real     Property
creases $45,000,000���Population
184,730���Increase of 11  Pet.
And as Result Regina Rooming Houae
Keepers Are Summoned to
FOR    SALE ��� ONE    TEAM    OF
horseB weighing about I520U pounda,
seven and eight years  with harness
and wagon;    alsu one    team    3000,1
seven and eight, with harnoas and
wagon;  also ono extra wagon, 3Va I
Inch  skein, will  sell altogether    or '���
separate, cheap for cash,    or might
consider trade.    Apply    1406 Fifth
avenue, New Westminster.      (1550)
POR SALE��� $1.0(1 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Prldo Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market siiuare. (1461)
kitchen, toilet, bath, coal and wood
house; $11 monthly, 230 Eleventh
atreet. (1576)
ing room, kitchen, pantry, three
bedrooms, bath, etc., electric llghl.
On large lot with stable and woodshed. $25 a month. 1108 Eighth
avenue. 115611
309 Hospital street.
keeping rooma. All conveniences.
732 Agues street. (15251
funisbed housekeeping rooms, flrst
floor, at 224 Seventh street.    (1503)
housekeeping rooms. Apply 37
AgneB street.   Telephone L638
The Board of School Trustees of the
I'tty of New Westminster invites Tenders
lor tlie supply ni uu- undermentioned
J'urnlHtitnils.   etc,   viz:
rent man school
.-.*> Pedestal desks,
io Teachers' desks (sanitary.)
jso Chairs (plain, i
io Chairs  (better quality.)
i Lunch milieu.   i>   legs,   3ft. k 12ft
1 Bxtenslon dining tnl'le, tjtiartered oak
hinall slzi'.
:i Library tables, leather top, about 6ft.
x   2ft.,   *���-   in.
6 Commercial   tables,   6ft.   61n,   x   8ft
llin   x  26ln. high,
1   Domestic Science table (see drawing)
J Plain tables, 5ft, *>. 2ft, liin.
I  Platform table,  lift, x 2ft
I Cupboards   i mlasn doors.)
a* I'.Miiii.-i   seats,
r.u Laboratory  s,*ats.
*: Brussels Carpet  Squares,
*t Brussels   Hums   (small.)
3 Umbrella Stands.
.1 Mirrors   181n. s  itlln.
lis Window Shades
~ sinvt'H  dual and gas.)
Further details ean Be obtained on application to the Supply Commltl f th"
School   Board,
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Sealed   tendera   addressed   to   the   Bee-
vmry  of  Uie   Board  ol   School  Trustee!
ill  i���.  received  up to noon on   Monday
��� ie snth day ol June, mm.
Thi   Board i"   School  THintecB
��� -tv Westminster, in'., June 23, lf* 13.
1), R. & M. AGENCY, LIMITED, 520
Columbia street, New Westminster,
will collect your slow and bad accounts for a mero triflo. No membership fee required and commission charged only on tho amount
collected. Statements rendered
monthly. CollectiouB made everywhere. (1365)
At the back ol ulst-ers and Inverness capes there is a slit whicb is
edged with buttons an-d corresponding
buttonholes. These were useful in the
days when civilians used to travel on
horseback, for the slit oould l>e unbuttoned, enabling tlie man to ride in
comtort, whilst il he wisrheel to drive,
say. Vlc coat could bc buttoned down
to the bottom, so that hia legs might
lie kept warm. Civilians no lunger
ride horses, but the bulton-s on ulsters
still remain, and are likely to do so
for another century,
The buttons on coat-sleeves were
imt primarily put there for ornament.
They are n relic of the days wben
eoat-sleeves were made so narrow st
the wrist that buttons nnd buttonholes wcre necessary to enable the
band to slip through. Some eouts aro
still made with the buttons running
slantwise across the cull. These buttons were used when it was fashionable to have cuffs which e'ould be
turned buck and fastened. The buttons are now useless, and in some
coats they were discarded and a row
ol braid put in their p'.ae-e. It one
dny occurred to n tailor that this
braid was particularly ugly, and he
lett it e.ff. He could not bring himself. heiwev.T, to etleet the relorm out
and out, but with the Englishman's
love of compromife, he put a row ol
stitching in tho place where the braid
Winnipeg,   June   22.    The  ar.sessed Itegina,   June   22.���The  overcrowd-
valuo of the rateable (liable to taxa- '"g or houses In  the city  must stop,
,               ,   ....            ,���_,i. and   conditions   here   musl   Improve,
tlon) real property ln Winnipeg for tho gfty offldlll8 of th() llt,aRll ttnd    M
ourronl year Is 9269,419.520.   This I*. department, and in pollce court there
an increase of $45,069,080, or just 211are Hix cases which lend emphasis to
per  cent,  over  the  rateable  total  of  this word.    The overcrowding ot the
.~,, ... ... .   , ,      ....   ..,������,��� 'houses   is  an  evil   that  ean   be   pre-
$214,31,0,440 reported by J. tt. Harris, vehted (,aBlh, ln  the op,nlon ()r'tn���
city  assessment   commissioners   ur.U jhoalth officials, and today's results In
surveyor, for 1912
Of this total $187,861,170 Is on land
at  a  full  money  valuation  and  $72,-
ut>K U.M)  on  bulldincs,  on  n   basis  of
two-thirds ol actual monej value.
Population  Increase,
The   population   of   Winnipeg   al
January 1, when the reports were compiled, is set by Mr. Harris at 184,730,
an increase of IS,177, or nearly 11 per
cent, over the figures at January l.
11112. when the population was set at
Ward 3 again snows .he largest Increase in poiilatlon, as It did in building permits during 11)12. The Increase
ln population in Ward 3 was !i.N(i7.
Ward 5 came next with 3,463 and
Ward 6 was cl use third with 3,139.
Ward 2 leads All ihe i,I lets In .he
Increase In assessments with a total
of $16,259,050. The big appreciation
ill tho value of Main street and Port-
ago avenue frontage and that of Ihe
close intersecting streets Ih responsi-
ery short period of training would
in them wry formidable troops."
couver, n.C.
Miss Alice Banner, llox 5, Sta. "Il,"
New York City. 11579)
���! a b is
bunting case, 14kt. Finder please
return to tbls offlco aud receive reward. '       (1686)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street weBt. Van I \luc\ been, and thnl stitching is put on
(1-W9)   coats ui this day. through  it  would
��� pur.7.!e any person to give a shadow e>!
. a reason why it should be.
People who ought to know say that
ev-Mi the   band   ol   ribbon   round   a
man's hnt    i9   descended    from    tlie
fillet with which he used to bind the
cloth which used to serve as his headdress,  and  velvet    collars   on   overcoats  date   from   Elizabethan   times,
when   richly-lined  cloaks   were  worn.
witli high collars standing up as hi'^h
as the ears.
Tbe braid on glove* is also a sur-
j viva! ol Elizabethan customs.   Glove-
, makers were not so skilled in those
days,   and   gloves   wcre   made   up  ol
1 several  pieces of   skin.    Embroidery
i was  then  put along the back  of tli-
! glove to conceal the  seams,  and  the
' three strips ol braid on gloves repre-
1 sent   this   embroidery,    though   the
j seams are no longer there to be eon-
I cealed. Clocks on stockings and socks
i wcre also tirst used to conceal senilis.
i and clocks are   etill   put   On   socks,
I even   though   these   are   now   made
Military and   ceremonial   costumes
have details which go back to amstz
I ingly antique times for their origin.
Epaulettes, Ior example, were origin-
ally a contrivance lor fastening chain
arm ir. P.ut ol course in military co*.
mine  these  details  are  generally   ro
tsined for the sak" ot the decorative
effect     But tbe lux*! on the back ot
I the  l,ord  Mayor's coachman    is   nol
; particularly pretty and that is the re-
I mams of-what u^ed  to be  a bug for
a wig!
Nick Trevanoff, 1726 Winnipeg street.
who was the first defendant. Then
C. BundolflO, 1772 Winnipeg street. Is
tho second defendant, ln this case
there wero ten people living In three
I rooms. One room, 9 feet by 11 feet
by 8 feel, had three men: a second
: mom. 9 feet by 11 reet tv K feet, bavlng l'e ���:r men, and h third room, 16 lent
I by 9 feet by 7 feet, having three men.
A fourth ease ls that against Margaret Staclto, at Winnipeg street,
where three adults and Iwo children
; occupied a room 11 feet by 9 feet by
'7, and live adults occupied another
' room of the same size.
i The house of Vault! Papuk. with
I two rooms, each having 1,200 cubic
i feet air space, held four adults In eneh
; room, wihle in the house of N. Cnpa-
tlnie, on Quebec street, there were
'four adults living tn each of three
| rooms having 1,000 cubic feet of air
ble for the big jump in Ward 2, Ward spaco each.
18 came next, and this is undoubtedly The case against Margaret Staolto
due to the steady advance in the value did not come up but Trevanoff and
| or residential property in the middle Papuk were lined $2 each and costs
^vest end ot the city because or the ind Jon Vassl $1 and costs. In the
|very heavy building operations or the1 eases against Budolso and Capatlma.
Calgary, June 22. An account of
{5.712 has been sent to the city by lhe
legal llrm of Lougheed, Bennett & Mr-
Laws for passing on the validity of the
bonds and treasury notes Issued by
tho city through the bank of Montreal this year. This was considered
excessive and has been submitted to
tbo mayor, the city solicitor and the
city treasurer betoer payment Is roe- I
The amount of Hie tot ill Issue exam- |
Ined by this drill waB over $3,000,(100. |
but thn services was really demanded I
by the bank of Montreal rather than
tho court lend emphasis to it. |by   the  city,   who  employed   ils  own
Assistant City Solicitor Forester pity solicitor. It Ib contended that un-
had charge ot the prosecution, and his! der the city's agreement with the tii'iik
cases were six in numher  There was ' the city Is responsible for the expense
! Ol this service.
i    The  financing ol the clty'H    public
1 works was held up for a considerable
'time bv d��lnv of the firm In  passing
upon the bonds and various aldermen
'have expressed  the opinion  that  the
j delay  was  unduly  prolonged.  On  une
IochrIoti, wh"n n speclul meeting was j
called to pasB a resolution dictated by
| these solicitors to Validate the Issue of I
treasury  hills,  the  solicitors  kenl   thej
aldermen waiting over thirtv minutes
. for a copy or the motion, which they
jh'id promised to have delivered In the
city  h-ill  several  hours    prevlouslv
Later the solicitors discovered that tho ;
! resolution which they themselves hnd;
I dictated was Incorerct, und another
| apeclal meeting was necessary to correct the error.
This  Ik  the   service  tor  which  the
city hus been asked to puy $5,712.
Sank of Montreal
B8TABU8HED 1^17.
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ... .
RESERVE    ��,16,00U.000.0��
Blanches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted, Letters
of Credll Issued, available with correspondents lu all parts uf the world.
BavingB Bauk Department���Deposits
received in Bums of tl and upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per cenL per
annum (present rate).
Total ABBots over $180,000.001).00.
O.  D.  BRYMNKR,  Manager.
past three or four yenrs.
The assessment figures including
exempted property, which Includes
church property, railway holdings,
etc., shows a grand total of realty values In Winnipeg of $299.fi!>s,95S. Property exempt from taxation is valued
by the assessment commissioner at
$40,270,460, compared with $33,241,-
140 ror the year 1912.
business assessment on rental
amounts to $5,882.95S. which
fixed rale of 6 2-3 per cent,
produce  a   revenue  of  $392,-
each of the accused
was lined $4 und
at the
C.    A.    Gillespie    Would    Give    Fifty
Saskatoon,  June  22.- The  offer of
C.   A.   QilelBple   to  donate   llfly  acres
of his farm at Heaver creek for use as
a civic park, the airing of complaints
by the street railway employees, the
deciding to advertise for a man to take
charge of the city market and to get
| in touch with the farmers to aid them I minster 9:00
I to dispose of their products and criti- I     [.eaves  Ne
Telephones:  Office 53, Residence 429.
JOHN  REID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Bros.'    C.asollne
Engines,   Marine   Engines   and   Automobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
hair CUTTING    beaud CUTTINQ
Specialty���Treatment ol the scalp
by Vibro-.Massage und Clover's Famous Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOVLE. 35 Elflhth 8t.
arty to trade for acreage. Curtis &
Dorgan, 706 Columbia street. (1559)
Lieut.-Col.  Baxter Made Chief of
Nations   Indians���Given
Wampum  Belt.
Going Out ot Business
The entire mock of the Pioneer
Hack & Transfer Co. 5C4 Cambte St.,
Vancouver, H. C,
The proprietors of the Vancouver
Horse Repository will sell the entire
stock of the above by Public Auction
on Friday, June 27, at 2 o'clock sharp.
The slock comprises twelve well-
broken nurses, young, sound and well
matched. Hacks, Victorias, Wagons,
buggii s, harness, oat crusher, Fair-
hanks weighing machine, etc. The
entire outfit will be offere>d first aa
a going concern,    Terms cash.
\V.   *���'.. Tompkins. Auctioneer
Horrible   Crime  at   Eyebrow,   Sask.���
Three Women and Two Men���
Complete Confession.
N'iagara-on-lhe-Lake.  June   22.
thc light of a huge hon lire, with
regiment  of  Indiana  from   the  Caledonian   reserve,   formed   ln   a   hollow
Bquare about him, and all the chiefs
of the Six Nations present, Lieutenant j elected an
Province cf  British  Columbia,  County
of Westminster.
tinder and by virtue of a writ ot
fi f i to me direi-tr-d nnd delivered j
ngain^t the gosds and chattels Ol
Ralph Asser nnd Sydney Asser. at
the suit of Columbia Trust Company,
Limited.   I   hnve  seized   nnd   will   sell
at Heaps Engineering Company's
premises, Front Btreet, Net* Westmlti
ster, on Tuesday, the 24ih day of
June, 1913, at 2 o'clock In the afternoon, the following, or Bufflclenl
thereof to satisfy lhe judgment debl
and  costs hen in:
The cabin cruise,- "Cecilia," powered
with a four cylinder cycle 20 li p
Doman engine, 1912 model, Length
over all 35 fevt. beam 8 feet, upholstered in green plush. Bnlshed inside
with hardwood, sleeping accommodation for six persons and titled with
toilet, coo kstove, and electric lights
Terms of sale cash.
Now Westminster, June 7, 1913. (1562i
Will sacrifice new cement block house,
Thirteenth avenue and Kingsway
read car line. House has six largo
roonia, pretty grounds, lot Gfixl57,
corner to lune. A bargain for quick
deal t>ni> $1400 agalust the prop-
ens If you are looking fur n home
nnd ii snap see this at mice.
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster  Trust  Bulilding.
Real Estate. Fire Insurance.
Two Hard Time
No Treasure Found.
Led by Miss Harrytill and Mis*-
'jenrvieve Davis, the treasure-hunting
party from Plymouth which has been
searching Cocoa Island in the Pacific
for treasure supposed tn have been
buried there by pirates many year*
ago. has arrived at Panama on board
the Bteamer Melmore without any
spoils. The Melmore sailed trom Harry
in September last, carrying, in addition to the officers and crew and the
two ladies mentioned above, Mr. 11
Whitworth, of London, ami two other
gentlemen financially interested In a
venture -aIh'-Ii whs fondly hopeel to
return 101 |"'r cent, profit, The (allure
of two nthi r attempts to locale lh-
buried gold nnd jewels of the buccaneers made by Karl Fitswilliam and
Mr. Harold 1.my did not diminish the
faith ol the members ol tbe Melmore
expedition, who declared they had
specific Information of the exact position ol the accumulated hoai I- Une
treasure wa. brought Irom Lima in
1H20. consisting ol gold bullion and
article to the value ol about $25,000,
(XX), and the other treasure, which
la placed at an even higher tie'im
was taken tn the Island by the iiiiiiou-
pirate linnitn Despite the care with
which the Melmore
the expedition was
$500,000 the s.'^irtli
been   fruitless.
Moose  Jaw,    Sask..June    22- Mrs
Caldwell,  Mrs. Creeman and Mr. and
Mrs. Koy arrived from the north this
morning   in   charge   of   constables  of
the R. N. VA'. M. P.    They stopped nf,
here and will be taken to Itegina. With
them  wus  I'alrick  Kelly, the central
| figuro in  the tragedy  or. the Qreen-
man farm mar Eyebr iw, where a child j
i was placed In a barn on March 26 to
|freeze to death to hide the disgrace
of an illtglmtate birth.   They will hei
tried at the supreme court here al the
next slttlnij.
lt  was a motley crowd that left for |
Regina.     There   was   Pat   Kelly
last  winter sued  Mrs. Oreenma
Colonel K. S. Baxter was Invested with
the head-dress of a chief of the honorary council of the tribe and waa
given the appellation of "Bek-arahk-
wageh." Thousands or olllicers, soldiers and guests witnessed the curious
ceremonial, which took place at the
tattoo held last evening on the camp
Lieutenant-Colonel Baxter l�� �������-
ond in command ot the :17th Haldt-
maiid Ittllles, better known as the- Indian regiment, and the success ol his
eli oris to produce an Indian mllltla
corps  is  evidenced  by   the   fact   that.
ntrarv to the experience in nearly
every other rural unit, three-quarters
ot" the men of the regiment have attended live or six annual camps. The
result of this was shown when Gen-
���ral Hamilton complimented the reg-
whollment nfter the review yesterday aft
'or   oruoon for its steadiness and soldier-
isms of the work of the civic departments by Alderman Mclnnes featured
the lasl meeting of the city council.
Mr. ciiiespie's offer was referred to
the park board. The land he otters
adjoins that recently presented to the
V. M. C, A for a camp site. It Is situated on the east side oi the creek
twelve miles from Saskaioon. Kor the
last few years It lias been a popular
resort for holiday makera and with
the boats which will ply the river, Mr.
Gillespie thinks it will be a tine pleaB-
urn reEort.
The trades and labor council wrote
asking Ior the resignation ot Commissioner  Richardson  irom the builders'
exchange ot  which  he  was  recently
honorary    member.   They
To Port  Mann and  Port Coqultlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Dally  Except Sunday.
As Per Follcwlnp; Schedule:
Leaves New Westminster for Port
Mann 8:110 a.m.
Leaves   I'orl   Mann  lur  New  West-
x Westminster fur Port
bused their request on the ground
that he had no more right to belong to
It than tin* plumbing inspector had to
join the plumbers' union. On mo-
poii of Alderman Mclnnes. action was
deferred for a week to allow full consideration. Alderman McLean Jokingly suggested that It be referred to the
Mr Richardson Is by no means Inclined In accede to the request f.ir his
icsignnii in, arguing that he ban lust
aa much right to belong to It as to the
Masons or any other order. Several
of the aldermen consider the request
totally unreasonable and as being
worth:, of but scant attention.
Mann and  l'ort Coqultlam  10:00 a.m.
Leavea    Port    Coqultlam    for    Port
Mann and New Westminster 1:00 p.m.
Leaves  New   Westminster  for  Port
Mann 5:30 p.m.
Leavea  Port  Mann  for  New  Westminster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves  New   Westminster   for   Port
Mu nn and l'ort Coqultlam 4:11(1 p.m.
Leaves    Port   Coquitlam    for    l'ort
Mann and New Westminster 6:.'!0 p.m.
Schedule subject to change without
For further Information inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 104 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
was  fitted  "in
estimated  tn cos
appears  lo ba\
wages and then entered suit against
I her for breach of promise of marriage
jbut the suit was delayed through Kelly stealing an overcoat and getting
three months in jail.
Kelly ia the admitted rather of thl
, murdered child and less ihan two
I weeks ago he went to the Oreenman
Ir-inn ;md after gun play and several
jshots (ired. was arrested by an armed
i posse -trhil commltteed for trial on
|n charge of attempting to murder .Mrs
Greeman the woman he had seduced.
Rich Eyebrow Widow.
Then there was Mrs. Greenman, the
rich Eyebrow widow, who admits thai
Kellv was the father of the murdered
child. Sho came here aeveral years
ago with her husband ana her father
and mother from Illinois. Her husband died and left her his farm which
lie has  since conducted herself. She
has   admitted   "keeping    company"
Willi Kelly, who wns her hired man
Mra.   Caldwell   la   also  on"  or   thi
Iv bearinr.
Chirr Williams, 97 years old, bul
still aa perfect a specimen of man
kind as nny present, himself received
the new hrother into the chiefhi. id of
the tribe. In a lengthy speech, plc-
turepque for its truly aboriginal Im-
igln.'itive pat-sages, and  replete    with
extravagant expression ol the joy he
experienced  in  welcoming suchaheap
big chief to the tents of the Iroquois.
the old man outlined the spirit of the
���i'.t; ui. Chief of chiefs also spoke,
after which "Two Sims," as Colonel
Baxter Is named may he translated
into Kngiish. was presented with his
head-dress and wampum belt und declared a rully constituted member of
the honorary counoil.
Replying briefly to the addresses
hetween pub's on the pipe of brotherhood, the new chipf expressed his appreciation )f the elevation accorded t i
him. As brother chiefs on the council, Colonel Ilaxter haa King George,
the  Duke of  Connanght  and  Colonel
House, 5 rooma, In good ahape, centrally located, huge lot, one block
rrom car. $1800, $200 cash, balance
to   suit      Owner   haa   to  go  away.
Kxtra fine
ue; pip.d
built; nice
at all.
C ittage on Seventh a
md ready tor furnace;
hii.   $3150.    Any old tl
Province of British Columbia, County
of New Westminster.
Under ��nd by virtue of a writ of
attachment to me directed and delivered againat the goods and chattels
<f Henry Oeorge ai the suit of ll. W,
t'.iark, W. B. Hennessy and Prank S,
Kern, I have seised and will sell al
he store, corni r of Sixth and Agnes
streets, New Westminster, on Tuesday, the 24th day of June, 191.1. at 0
o'clock In the forenoon, the following,  or sufficient  thereof  to satisfy
tiie judgment deb'  and  costs herein:
All  tlie  show  cases,  cash   register, I _   _ ���    ....���,���_,.	
and   stock   consisting   or   tobacco, j INVESTORS*   INVESTMENT   CO.
r gars, fruits, candles, candy making |
outfit, one six fool  silent salesman, a
quantity of bedding, etc.
Terms of sale cash.
T. J. ARMSTRONG, Sheriff.
Kaw Westminster, June 19.        11577)
Right   to   the   Point.
Probably the most concise s'ummino
up on record in n civil case has been
attributed to llaron Brarawell, Tin
defendant's counsel closed bis ca*-i
without calling a witness whose com
ing had  been much expected.
'Don't you call Jones, Mr. Blank!'
said the judge significantly at thl
close ol counsel's address.
"I do not, my lord," replied the
The judge turned round to thc jur>
and gave vent to a low and prolonged
"Whe-e-ew!"    he   said,    or,   rnthi'i
whistled,   "Gentlemen, consider youi
National Gardens.
There arc two gardens of Kngland
namely, Kent and Worcestershire
That ol Ireland is unuilly ssid to he
C&rlow, in Leinster. In Uie east Cey
lon and Burma have Loth received
the litis, and the district ol India
ao honored is Oude. (jlauinrgansi.iri
Is often spoken oi aa tbe garden ol
South Wales.
party.    She has confessed tn murder
ing the child ai the Instigation of her ISir Henrv M, 1'ellat
mother  and   grandparents.     She   rays       The  wlerdeit   portion  ol
thai ehe will go on the witness stand  monlal loll wed when tha *
In  the  uppi r court  and  Ml all  she I'he Six  Nations gathered
knows.    Tin   Koj'h, Mrs. Qreenman's
parents, are lu the party and the fivi
are closely ptiarded by constables of
the   Royal   Northwest   Mounted    Po  lc
Kor   thn   third   time   within   a   week    i
Mra. Caldwell again related the   grin:   lh
details oi   in. horrible tragedy on thi
Greenman farm which nestles In the
Kycbrow   hills,    Graphically  she  do
scribed it all without hesitancy and
then MrB Greenman, mother of the li
the   cere
l'-mberii or
ahout nml
wildly  entered  Into lhe war dance 01
the tribe   bringing di lieu,ei    shrieks
i' in the lips of many lair visitors who
crowded a'-out thn enclosure.
Tlm review In th" afternoon pr ived
ccesfl Imih from the military snd
Fiieetarulni   polnl   of   view    Kully
live thousand visitors were on lhe parade ground when General Hamilton
i Colonel.  Ihe Hon. Sam  HugheB, Gen-
Ural  Blllsnn and  Major M.-dit irks, of
General   Hamilton's  staff   Malor-tieii
Furnished Hhree room   suite,   with
hath.    Hot and cold water.   $27.D0 per
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block,     657 Columbia street.!     Bradley Apartments.
New Westminster, B.C. ; 1218 Fifth Ave. Phono 750
egltlmate rlnld which Mrs. Caldwell
la committed for trial cn i charge of
murdering, was committed to stand
trial at the tni sitting Of the suprenn
court in Moose Jaw Later Richard
Kov was also sent upon a similar
charge- thai of beln.; accessory to ilu
The hearing  wan  before J   .1.  Mc-
Donough   nnd   Arthur   Porter,  Justices
of the peace, and wna in camera. Ber
geant King, or the Hoyal Northweel
Mounted Police, conducted the cai-
for the crown. The prisoners wen
not defended by counsel and wlll lie
taken to Regina today to be held until
their cases come  up  In  Lhe    upper
Woman Conferee.
Mrs. Caldwi 11 hua made n complete
confession. In fact li waa due to her
that lh" ease came to light na Olilckl'
al it did. She states that sho will
plead guilty in the charge or murder
on which idui has been committed
Mrs  Oreenman,  tho  mother    o'    tlw
child murdered, denleg absolutely all
knowledge ol the alTalr and sayB that
she was unconscious while the murder
waa being committed The Koys admit knowledge of the affair, but deny
thai they had anything to do with the
case until after tho child was killed.
oral LnsRiril. Camp Commandant nnd
Lieutenant-Colonel Victor A. B, Williams, A. I). C, rode np to the reviewing ground about 4 o'clock, when both
cavalry and Infantry brigades were
formed, -iWhltlng lhelr an I val
Arter passing slowly up and down
In front or the long column, the oL
ii r rr ion',; their position al 111" B1-
'Mlini; base, forming in review order
Ihe troopa marched past, the Cover-
���mr C'lieral's llmly Guards leading.
["Iin '. ntu Brant dragnono and the Sec
nnd dragoons, Bt. Catherines, complete the cavalry brigade,
As   the   Hist   Highlanders   swung
past, lhelr green kllta In pleasing con
trast to th" dull khaki doublets, the
spectators burst Into a shorn nf an
nlatiPe that was onlv equalled when,
lo the strain" of "The British Grena-
f|ior��" the 10th Rov-ilu. I" two thin
red  lines miirchrd past, with Captain
Gonderham In command.
The  honors  among   the   city  corps
were fairly spill between the Queen's
own ami th<> mth Regiment of Hamilton.   The a7th Indian Regiment wna
ep.ally the steadiest r-md mosl soldier
ly corpB In the rural battalions,
General Hamilton paid high ootnpll
ments to all taking part and expressed
surprise thut rural regiments with two
Splendid arrangements made thl*
year tpr cheap round trip tickets to
all   points  east,  commencing   May 28.
Week End tlckeie on sale lo local
points at Single Fare for Round Trip
on   Fridays,  Saturdays  and   Sundays.
Kor ratea and reservation apply   to
New Westminster
Drodle. G.P.A . Vancouver
b.C.Coasl Service
���n Vandouver for Victoria 10 a.
mul 11 :46.
Vancouver for Seattle m a. m.
Nanalmo io n.m.
Riul  11
I vtv i h Vancouver ft
nml fi 30  (> in
Leavea Vancouver for
nnd Northern Polntu 10
iliiss  and   Saturdays  at
Plinoe Rupert
rt m. Wmlnefl
11   p.m.
Lltltn,   Dune
. iVlHi    *>l    L'
kiouUlij,   j i.
.   ul   ;i   I't.h..
min .-tun-ill. it. <J.
i'i.in.1,    Bp4 ClflC LtlonS,    I-nl in    "I    c
can bu m ��� n and tonus oi ii nd i u
at  Ui-' offli ������ -��t   Mi.   Win    U.-uil-iN
Blrt i iii   Ami.it- eti   Vlctorl i.   ti    >' .
Post Office,   Duncan Station,  li   <
..i thi-. Di part mun i
E'iane, n\�� clflcatlone and form Df i mtract
dom win N"'. bo considered unless *iade
nn Uk* priuted forms supplied, i\t\4 signed
wiih their actual signatures, suiting tuelr
occupations and places nl resident in
tin' .tm- of firms, the actual signature, the
nature of Lha occupation ;uul place <>f re
sldoncc of i im*!i member of the firm must
be given,
(Cach tender inunt ba sccompnnled by
an accei led cheque Dn a chartered banh
payable to the order of the Honorable thr
Minister of public Works, equal to t<-n
poi cent no p.o ) of the amount of the
tender, which will be forfeited if theperson
tendering decline Lo inter Into h eontracl
when enii��d upon to do no. or fnil t" complete the work contracted for, If the
tender bo not accepted the cheque will be
The Department does no! bind ItMr-if to
accept  tho lowest  or nny  tender,
ply order,
It. tr  DHJSnOC'fBUR,
Sn r< tary,
[Department of Public Wnrki.
Ottnwa, June 8,  loin,
v wnpnptrn  will   nol   b-  paid   for  thin
��� ������������'���! ������it.K.p,. .it   ir   thev   Insorl   it   without
authority from the Department,    ii'""*
Chilliwack Service
Leaves  Chllllwack   7   n.  m.   Tunmln*.
I'huiwlay and Baturday.
l^-iivH  Westminster ��  a, m. Monday,
Wi-ilm-Hiliiy nn.l  Krlilay.
KD  QOULHIT, akmu. N.-w Wsstmlnstsr,
H   w   mo mni]. o. P. a.. Vanoouver,
Transfer Co.
Kflcs Phons 1S5.     Barn Phons itt
Bsflbls Btreet.
HSKKSKe Delivered Promptly to
anj psrt ol the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
The Umi'' for receiving tenders tor
completion nf ths Ji'tty at Steveston,
ai inuuiii of PVasor Hivnr, N"w Westminster, B.C., Ih hereby extendi d to
Wednesday, .inly 2, 1913,
Hy   iirdiM-.
Department  of Publlo Works,
Ott/iwn, .lune 9,  1813. (1544)
Nnw Spring and aummer Suitings
now on display. Roe them. Perfect
lit and workmanship guaranteed. 701
���f^ront Street MONDAY,  JUNE  23,   1913.
Hinry Robinson of Kingston, died
tjSrery nidtlenly In the undertaking es-
��� talilii lum nl of ll. .1. Held in that '11ty.
I Bergeant M. II. Leer of the 7th reg-
Hment, was notified that he bad been
���chosen on ibe Canadian Blsley team.
file bus acoepted,
The annual convention or tlm Ontario provincial oourt of the Catholic
���Order of Foresters was held In Cornwall IIiIk week.
The two eastern regiments, the
42nd of Almonte dlstrlot ami Uie 59th
ot Cornwall are well up to strength
at  Barrlefleld camp,
Premli r Borden, in oompany with
Umi. .).  I).  Hazen, will again go to
London iiiih summer to resume ni go-
tlatlons with the admiralty.
Btarted liy a dropped cigarette a lire
ill   Wttltby   speedily   HWept   down   the
tents  of  the    railway    oonstructlon
camp, leaving 700 nun homeless.
Instructions hav,, been Issued to
Hie ollloers of Iiie department of immigration Hint Immigrants arriving in
on anil after .Inly 1 must have In their
possession $-!�� each.
Mesrs.  Plndlayson and    Rudd,   of
the iivirine nn,i fisheries department,
bnve been In Belleville, with the ob- j
jii-i   ol   inspecting  a  site  for the  es- '
tablishment of a lish hatchery there. I
During tbe month ol April tbe trade.
of Canada maintained  the buoyancy |
wblch has characterised it for �� long
time.    The total irade increased by
over 1S per cent., trom $59,284,480 in
April.   1912,   to  J70.605.160   in   April,  would   i
1913. wage  b
.; lD.ooo repayable In ten years to the
Canadian Forging company.
A severe electrical storm swept
over the southern portion of YorL
county, accompanied by n heavy
downfall of rain and high  winds.
Went Presbyterian church, Toronto
was  crowded  to  capacity  to  hear  u
sermon delivered by nr. C. VV. cordon  (Ralph Connor), of Winnipeg.
r.  ii. stark died suddenly
Toronto gets
lion for 19J4.
The Ontario f
W. A. MacLian
IH-   C. K.  Wright
Ad.  club convi-n-
���rninoiil   Will   send
Kurope  to  study
if the Scotl
returned  to ht
i To-
a  well
Heart   failure   caused     the
death of William Robinson,
known Chatham lawyer.
Pi ter Bison, M. P . for Kast Middlesex, died at his home In London
after several months' illness.
steps have heen laken Inward
building a boulevard 42 miles long encircling the city of Toronto.
Smallpox has borken out In Wallace township, anil the board of health
has ordered the vaccination of students.
Hamilton  hospital governors admit
< vi rcrowdlng,  bul   repudiate  Inspec- I
lor    Dr.    Bruce    Smith's    charges of |
Arrangements  are  to  he  made  to
Imry telephone, telegraph and electric
light wires
Rev. ! Father Tlerney of London,
who has been ill and who left for a
trip to Utah, was presented with a
purse of |600.
Kllsn Clenholm, widow of the late
John Kennedy, Falronl'riilge. J., P.,
passed away In her 76th year, al her
home in Toronto
Rev. E W. Wilson of Little Current, was chosen by the temperance
convention for Manltoulln and Minde-
moya as tempi ranee candidate for the
i. glslaturc.
Fur the Hrsl time in Stratford's history, nn aeroplane wiih Aviator Hems-
trough t nf New Y irk in charge, tlew
like a bird in great circles, amazing
the natives.
ll is proposed to construct and
maintain Hi miles it permanent
roads lln F.ssex cctnity within the
next ten years at a cost of approximately $1.0011,1100.
The Ontario Sieel Products Co.. of
ojlbway, the Canadian branch ot the
f s. steel corporation, has been Incorporated with powers for combining wllh olher companies.
By the death of John tlordon. which
took place al his residence In llarrls-
lini, Ihe community loses a highly re-
spected citizen and one of the early
i ��� (tiers In  that district
Waterloo County Temperance association decided on a campaign of education and to submit the Canada
temperance act in the county anil
I'.'rlin city at the earllert opportunity.
ogatlonal union in To-
resolution condemning
pnhiie entertainments.
in i snada was conald-
firms   of  belling  oon-
N'elson,   .lnne   22.    The . arbitration
board which was appointed In connection with the settlement of the recent
labor trouble  iii  Nelson  lo strike an
equal wage for common laborers, cement mixers ami    bricklayers'   and
btone masons' helpers on the basis of i
the  numlier of  hours  worked  by  the |
men  during lust, year's  building sea- I
son and this year's rate of wages came
to the end of lis deliberations and set |
the common wage of these classes oil
labor al  89  1-2 cents per hour.
Under ths new scale cement mixers
and brick layers' and stone masons'
hrlpcri will I-,, paid $3.16 for eight
luiirs. Instead or $3.1f>0 ror eiglil hours/
���.ml common laborers win be paid
(3 56V4 for nine hours instead of
$3.25 for nine hours.
The final report of the board was at'
"This arbitration board mel In the
olllce nf Toye & Tore, and unanimously agreed that, according to figures submitted to us. tbe laborers
wages bc oil1'-., cents per hour, and Wl
* immend that this rate ot
paid by the contractors to
iiiii'iiihi i 81, lull, commencing on
Jul) 1. 1913."
It Is expected under the resolution
passed in March last by the city council that the city will pay the same
rate as the contractors.
In opening Hs last evening's session
th ��� board called upon John Burns,
Jr., and T H, Waters, representing
tin contractors, for a statement of
their side of the case, and John Notman. representing the trades council
for a statement of the men's side of
tbe case in order lhat some decision
might be arrived at between the employees nnd Hn- employers upon which
the hoard mlgbt work.
After hearing the parties the board
decided to proceed with its work on
the basis of thc figures which had already in en submitted to it.
there was nothing wrong with her.
Left alone, It is believed that during
the night  she gnve birth to the child.
On llie following day the accused
arose and ttik ti walk and late that
evening was seen to leave the Institution us if going Into the city. She
returned an hour later.
On  Friday the girl worked bird all,
day. bul on Saturday she was again
very ill end lata In tha afternoon con-
tossed of giving birth to a child on
the   Wednesday.    Her  story   was  nt
llrst  not  believed,  but   later color of;
���ruth   waa  lent to It whrn It wuh no- [
Heed In Ihe local papers that a child's i
'uiilv   had   been   found   on   the   river
hank anil that the child's throat,  was
When these facts hecam�� known
the police were sent for and Detective'
Sergeant Jack llishop, who went to
irr, st Mrs. .McCourt, found ber In
'���tich a weak slate that he ordered her
removal to the general hospital, where
she remained for B considerable time
When the miiglsirntp announced
that be would oommll ber for trial tlle
adopted, that canvassers be appointed
and that ministers be paid monthly,
Instead of quarti ily, wen; embodied
ln the report. The committee added
a proposal that a Conference Ministerial Salaries oommlttee of laymen
In each district be appointed In an
endeavor to improve financial conditions.
On the P
Pathetic Diaries and Records Left by
Lost   Pioneers.
A peculiar and pathetic interest attaches to the last records ol lost ex-
plorsrs, dying alone and unaided auiul
icy wildernesses nr in the steaming
depths of tropical jungles.
The diary kept by tlie gallant Capt.
Scott teems witli tragic touches, but
it also lias its beautiful ami IU heroic
���Ids. No mors splendid instance ol
magnificent selL-iii-riFice has been re-
cordsd than ths action of the disabled
Dapt; Oakei tn seeking voluntary
death in the bliizard, so as not to be a
accused appeared to be relieved at the burden on his surviving companions.
noughts of having i- it through at
least the first part of ber lerrbile e.x-
nei-ii '.ce Through it all she looker,
ultrrlv weary and forlorn, and to all
appearand! s  absolutely  without  hope
The space In tween 'Regina anil
Saskatchewan on ths C. P. It. grade is
I now spanned by a completed double
track, the last spike in tne construc-
! tlon work bavlng been driven on Sun-
According to present plans of the
; promoters, the new hole: at Moose
Jaw, Saskatchewan, will contain :i"'l
rooms, und 75 per cent, of the rt-
���liilred capital will como from out-
jside sources, with the understanding
that local backers Will put up $101,000.
'The new hostelry is to be designed on
i an elaborate scale, and Is expected fn
jriink with Ihe best in western Canada.
An Increase of is,127 acres In wheat
acres is shown in the Manitoba de-
I partment   cl    agriculture's     bulletin.
i just   ISSUI il.
Sabbath Morn In Glasgie.
It was Sunday morulng, and the conductor as bis bus rattled along was
perhaps not fo wide awake as usual.
At all events he didn't observe the
small boy who dashed uut of 1111 entry,
piping. "Ill, there; stop!" and lt was
only when tbe stout old sent next the
door bnd prodded blm In tbe leg thnt
the nili, lal became aware of the pursuing figure. "Stop the bus for tbe boy,
conductor," observed the prodder. The
conductor looked dispursiglugly nt the
chasing Uiy, but, seeing that he wus
holding up a penny, decided be must
be a passenger nnd stopped the bus.
"Now. then, shaver, bop on," he said
when   the  boy  panted up.     "Who are
you cuiiin' lbs very"" Inquired ibe
youth scornfully "An wmii d'J'oil
menu by rimiiiii away from yer <us-
tomers? 'hre; mother wunis two 'u'pen*
uies for I liis penny, She's goiu to
church."���tllusgow  News.
The world is the richer in the possession 'if tacts such  as these, which
is why the las', diaries of men dying !
iu similar oircumstances have always |
been  ardently   sought   niul  carefully
liy fnr the most dreadful tragedy ol 1
Arctic exploration was the loss ol the Ab a direct result of tha Injuries he
Franklin expedition, when the whole received when hazed by his work-
nf the officers and men ol the tu 1 cv- mates at the C. P. it. Weston shops
pli ring ships, Erebus anil Terror, 139 'during the noon day meal hour, Arthur
in  all,   perished.    Curiously  enough, j Pale, aged 17, is dead at Winnipeg.
Indications polnl 10 tha commence-
lent of through traffic on the (Iranil
1 Trunk Pacific irom the pralrii-s to the
.maritime  province ports in  1914.
Politenpss Paid.
A striking exuinple ot the value
politeness in tnld liy 11 woman "fl
wns left lo siip|mrt herself aud
child anil wbu had never hml 1
business miming Ll��*r nusbuud 1
had   an   un-ouie   nt   several   llioiis;
dollars 11 year, lint it bad nil been
spent on good living. After bis ileatti
lhe wife applied Inr employment In a
n e-
Saskatoon, Alberta, June 22. -
Propelled by the wind and assisted
by a steep down grade, a box car filled with wheat made a flying trip on
the C. N. It. frnm C'uidio to Liinisilen
���1 distance of 11 miles,
Officials of the C, I'. It. at l.unisden
I discovered   the car  standing on  the
,,    .     .main track, a f,-w hundred yards be
on Mam street in Welland |,0��� ���1(, dep0( .��� al)m��� the Bftme tim(
thnt the officials al Condle missed the
car from the siiling. Ilotli were mystified until wire communication cleared up the mystery.
The car was standing on the Condi
siding when passenger train No. 1
a������mh bound, passed through Condle
ai 11 o'clock, Shortly before north
bound passenger train No. 25, reached Lumsden at 12.47 In the morn
lng the car was discovert d on thi
I iiinstUn main track and directly in
the path of the Incoming passengi r
Rut for its timely discovery a wreck
would luve been almost inevitable ai
Hip car would have been hlililen fr.m
the view of the engineer until a short
distance away, owing to a curve.
The passenger train was flagged
and the engine pressed Into service
<i> return the wandering car 10 Cond1,
while the passenger coaches were left
on a siding Officials of the rond ar
qualnted with lhe Lumsden grade ile
cluro that the car must have travelled
forty miles an hour and marvel at I'
reaching Lumsden. over the winding
track, without lielng derailed. A sharp
uphill grade .in the other side of
Lumsden  brought  the  car to a  stop
firm   Wltb   ivhu-u  she bad   I1111I
���'What rati you dp?" she wns asked.
Partly In Jest she rep'led ��he could
write a   polite note.    To Per  surprise
she  was  taken  ill   her word,   for the
tirm was lindly In need of such a per-
I son.   Sbe wns Inld that It wis difficult
' In   flr.il   some  one   wbo  could   answer
complaints   In   sm-h   a   wuy   that   the
friendship of the customer was retained     For several years she supported
herself anil her Child by writing polite
imtea. ���Detroit Free Press.
Hat. .lune 22.���"Whether
In the mind to hear thf
arrows of outrageous for-
The Congr
1 'iilo passi 1
all Immiii-il
llorso r .cing
ered and all
'!' mmd.
Commencing a few years ago witli
n congregation ol tiny the newly built
Alexandra Presbytoflan church, Brantford, has been reopened With a seating capacity of 900. A magnificent
n w ,t-i,i b:,s been installed al a cost
��� 'f  $.15,000.
Curiosity prompted Charles Mc-
\uiey, 13-year-old son Ol l'eter Mo-
\11ley, of Chatham, to see what powder in a bnt I lo would do when n fire-
crackor wan exploded In the neck of
the bottle. Hroken glass severed (he
I loi.il vessels In IiIb neck and he died
after a week of suffering.
Further reports on the wages paid
in Ilrantford Btores nnd factories
were presented lo the trades and
labor council, the average wage, 11
wiih slated being $4.50 while glrlB
interviewed had stated that $7.50 anil
SH wuh Ihe lowest on which a girl
could   keep  herself   pr-spcrly.
I.  llenrv  Peters has been appoint-
��� d by his majesty the Oorman emper-
���or, 11s his counsel nt Toronto for the
province of Ontario.
The annual decoration of the graves
���of* veterans took plnce In Victoria
Lawn cemetery, St. Catherines, 4,000
in ople being present
Tin- Presbyterian general assembly
al Toronto, condemned the social
'���' n and adopted n resolution In ravor
of temperance,
Oeorge While, head of Hie OfTO of
rioorgo White ft Soiih,  manufaotur-
era of threshing machinery,    London,
tiled suddenly, aged so.
North  Grey    Liberals   nominated
lohn Mcliuaker. as their candidate In
Um provincial bye-election, to suc-
ceod Hon. A. 0, MacKny.
Tilbury town ratepayers voted on
Lwo by-laWB, m:e to grant u loan of
'tis nobler
rtings and
Hearing these  lines from  Hamlet's
lnollloqoy '"'lng mournfully recited In
the Canadian Pacific rallwaay waiting
Uoom, a  reporter on Inquiring as to
Ithe Identity of the seven  hotlcsa and
coatless women who were in ing entertained by an eighth, found    the!
were members of the Women's Presr
club, which recently held a convention at Edmonton.   They were strand'
, ,1 here while their worldly goods nnd
shier   scribes   tpurt   eastward   In   111'
club's special coach.
"Mountain madness" was tho mic
of   their   plight,   said   a   rreshyleriar
cleric from Baltimore, who Btarted t
Introduce the male scribe As b mn ai
the fact became known thai he was a
1 reporter dire threats ot vegeance
'mnde him refrain from revealing anything. They Implored thst nothing
be sent out by the press of their escapade.
They lnd gone for n walk and when
they returned the train was cone. A
message, however, brought their car
back by the next train.
Winnipeg, June 22.-After hearing
the evidence of a number or wltnessei
Magistrate Macdonald committed for
trial Mary Casemore, alias McCourt
who Is rhirged with Infanticide, nl-
leged to have been committed on May
IS Inst, while the accused was employed as a domestic servant In the em-
nloy of the King Edward Memorial
The main witness for lh" nrosccu-
tlon was Miss Katberlne Keller, lady
superintendent of the hospital, who
spoke of the glrl'a engagement to
work at the hospital. In March last
She was n good worker and no fault
had been round with her. On Wednesday, Mny 14, a maid came hurrying and Informed her Hint Mary was
verv sick. On the witness making an
examination of the  girl  she declared
Smoking in Winter.
A physician writing to tlie Family
Ooetoi' iLniiitoii, says tbnt smoking tins
rt worms effect on most people ill wiu-
ter than tu summer, ami he advises nil
-uimkers who tinil their health lllld
mental fncHltles Impaired Iti winter fnr
Ilu apparent reason (o accept tohiirm
ni the explanation end t�� phi duwn
their smoking during Hie colder
months Tut,iii-en. he snys. Is n powerful drug nml i-ftiiiiot tie cotiKiiine��l In
uirge i|,miitllttts without producing 11
��� vrt.-iln effect un tlie heart It must lie
remembered Hint during the winter the
Heart bus n grent deal more wiirk lo
���In thsn In summer, fnr the cold onus,-a
Hie blood vessels tn become smnll and
pinched. It Is llius less able tn bear
tbe extra strain put upun lt by SllloU
though ninny relics ot the Ill-fated
oomtuander, sir John Franklyn, were
recovere I by Bearch parties, aud are !
now preserved In the museum attached to the Greenwich Hospital, none
il In- diaries nr personal papers were
ever  found.
iii.' Bingle written record ol the Inst
expedition remains to u--. It is in
the Inrin nf u sheet torn from 11 *-niall
pa k"t diary, and these an- the worda
tt contains; "April 26th, 1848.���Terror
iand Erebus were abandoned. Sir John
Franklin died on June Ilth, 1-47, and
. the total loss by deaths up to this
oat.-, '���) olbcern ami  la men."
This precious scrap ol paper was
discovered in a cairn on King Wil-
liatn's Island In the year 1-5-,. There
was no signature, but the handwriting
I wus atterwarda Identified as that -I
Captain Fitzjanies, one oi Sir John's
In the tra-.'u- history ��� expli sthio
no briefer record tl . ..n.- ���*,,,..- : a
disaster so appalling in it . nu-:iil nie;
although Burke ami Wills, who lirst
crossed Australia, left behind them
only -i few tattered leavea fn in an old
! pock t-book to te'.l the Btory nl how
they and their companions had lain
down in the desert t" die.
ol all the many valuable ami Interesting documents left behind by lost
! explorers,  however,   none can vie  in
importance with the last journals of
David Living-time, who died, worn nut
by hunger and privation, at Ilala. in
Central Africa, on May 1. l*i~2.   These
were brought down to the coast, to-
I gether with Ins body, by I,is faith lul
' bla*,-k  "buys," ami wert published in
I December, 1874.
Tliey told of vast and far-Teaching
! discoveries and explorations, under-
: taken under nlniiist Inconceivable conditions ol hardship and privation, In
! (act, Livingstone literally laid down
1 his life for his country, since to his
: nioneer enterprise is largely due the
fact that BO great a part ol Africa ia
��� to-day colored red upon thi map.
Archbishop Langevtn, addressing a
longregatlon in Cathedral parish on
his pastoral visit to Ht. Boniface, put
an end to the proposal to remove the
arcblepiscopal see from St. Bonnlface
to Winnipeg.
During the lirst five months of this
vear ending May 31, no less than 11,-
086 homesteads have been taken up
ir. the west, which shows a large Increase over any corresponding time
In recent years. About 75 per cent,
if these homesteads have been taken
ip In the prairie provinces by English -speaking people. Canadians lead
the way, closely followed by Dritish-
a.ra and Americans.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting wltb tbe greatest favor wherever laid.
���/*  '';.''*���*  1
' .f^**?l
1 .
���H        '���','
* W
.      '
:f '--fr
,- **<���....-.                ���. l^��unDI
- ' -Alii i'jfc'-VlB
Bltulithic on Second Street,
Ne w Westminster with Boulevard Dowr.
the Centre.
Bitulithic Is noiseless, non-slippery, ptactlcally dustless, eaay on
horses' teet. and, above all, particularly durable. For these reasons
Bitulithic Is commended highly by owners ot automobiles and horses,
householders, ana city officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
In Canada, and over two hundred in the United StateB.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       i'14-717 Dominion Truit Building, Vancouver.
The Merchants' Too.
Though the petition circulated
among the hotel men to secure the
closing of all bars in the city during
the time of the funeral of the late
John A. I.ee on Friday last was not
presented to the Merchants hotel for
signature, that bar was closed along
with the others in town.
From Those Who Advertise
v .
They want your trade.   That's the reason why they
EVOtyWOnUHl advertise.   They will treat you courteously and supply
k Is interested ond ptiouM know
i about the wonderful
Mar!JT*fiU *��� your needs at reasonable Pri^s-
Aak your dmeclst . _
I It.  If he cannot fipply
Uie  MARVKL, accept no
other, bnt ���end Btntnp for llln��*
trated book�����-eaI��d.   it pWea 1
particulars nnd dfrectlnna invilnable
U> ladies. VT1N1>Sf��llKL'ri>LY CO.. Windaor, Ont
(wfmerttl AgtButM fur *'****���]���*
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
News.   It helps us.
* through
Tht Kickoff.
With bated hreiiib the mother nmh-
ed across tlie football held to tlie en,,.r
i;ency hospllnl
"What tlllllllta." -she faltered, "of mr
son V"
They looked iiihiii her with COtlipns
"Well, yon nee." explained Ihe enp-
tiiln nf Ihe tetiin. "be lost tils bend
when we tried Ihe H.vltu; wedge."
Shrieking wildly, she mink to the
"They told me tt wn�� only n broken
nrm."- I/indon Saturday Journal.
"'Ihey say that Mrs. SVaddlnirtnn's
little liny la ninliiilextroiis," wild Mrs
"Lund mtkes," exclaimed Mrs Wotta*
nitte. "Is thnt Suf Ain't 11 tun inulY
I'bey expect,sl lie wlis piln lo l'e sll
ric in after they cut his touslla cut
out"���Chlcii no Kei-onl 11 era lil
No Anevver.
Tommy���Pop, a man's wife Ih Ills better unit, isn't shey
tommy's l*op��� So we are 4��ld, 1117
"Then if a man inni-rles tirlce there
isn't anything lert ut blm. Is ibeiu:"���
IaiimIuII I eieKinplL
Presence of  Mind.
An Englishman in travelin
Ceylon was the guest of a
ofneia] at Trincomalee.
"The dinner was excellent,',' he says,
"but when it was about half over I
was startled by bearing the wite ot
niy host tell the native servant to
place a bowl of milk on a deer-skin
near  her chair.
" Uthough she spoke as calmly as
if giving an ordinary order. I knew at
once there was a snake somewhere
in the room, for they prefer milk to
anything else. As a ha.sty movement
might have meant certain death we
a'.l snt like statues; but, for all that,
nr.- eyes were inspecting every nook
anil corner, with a peep under the
table. However, it was not until the
milk was placed on the deer-skin that
the snake appeared. And then, to
nir amazement, a larg'- cobra uncoiled itself frnm my hostess' ankle an,!
glided towards the bowl. when, of
course, it was Immediately killed.
"But just fancy the nerve "I the
woman, though she fainted when the
thing lay deail on the floor. How
many could have remained motionless
in   such   circumstances?"
Ministers Have to Wait For
Their Salaries
Toronto, .lune -J2. The fact that
he salaries of many ministers in ttu
I'oronto l .inference of the Methodist
church wire ln arrears was deplored
by .1 W. Flavelle, when he presented
the report of the Ministerial Salaries
'omniili'e. In many caseB the men
,vho  suffered     were    only     receiving
mall stipeiiiis. To meet this situation
the committee recommended that
the stationing committee should de-
���llni' to make nppolntmeiits to circuits
which would not pay the fixed minimum salary to their ministers.
It nlso suggested that "the Circuit
Boundaries' Commission be requested
to lake Into consideration the ndvls-
Iblllty of merging the work of weak
circuits either wltll others of their
own church, or, when advisable, with
Presbyterian      11      Congregational
thai ir physician was not needed but
the accused pleaded hard and it wasIchurches
decided to allow Dr. Alexander to ox- ]   The   recommendation   of Toronto
amine her,    Me later  niiiile a super-   lOas't  District that a system of week-
flciai examination and declared that I ly offerings for ministerial support be
The Crest   Did   It.
The Irishman is nothing i! nnt ingenious. Here is n good story told "f
one, a terrible scamp, serving in Bouth
Africa, under Col, Hamllton-Browno.
On dls liar.e he asked for a character, in I was (riven one by the colonel
s 1 ha.' as should ordinarily have imr-
red I1..11 'nmi employment for ever.
Sum ���   t 111 ���   inter  t4ie   colonel
him. a iim-i   prosperous   man,
ab lut ti embark tor the Mother d
"But," said the colonel, "ho
it thai t ������������pi ��� rcailm.' su'h 11
acl it as I 1_-.1v- you should hav
I ' taken ii,?"
"Read it, sir-" ill" scamp replied,
"Never n one of ttiem read it. ami
for 11 very good reason, as not one ol
them could read s word of Kngiish.
It was tho lion ami the unicorn lighting for thc crown on the top of the
official paper that did the trick, ami
that's what 1 wanted when I troubled
you for a character. So long, colonel;
there's the 'all tor the shore' bell ringing. Good luck, anil niany thanks,
as it's through you I'm in for a Ivigh
old time."
v was
Honey From Church Walls.
Several thousand bees and a store
of honey weighing 120 -pounds, were
discovered among the rafters of Kos-
eth Parish Church. Harrow, Eng., dur-
iii'' a spell of hot weather in the late
fail of last year. Members of the congregation noticed honey trickling down
a wall of the church, and this led to
the discovery of Uie bees and tlieir
store. The honey was afterward removed in pailfuls and the bees weru
Lived elsewhere.
Animal   Locomotion.
A   special   exhibit  Illustrating   animal locomotion appears in tho Horni-
nian    Museum.  London,  and   shows:
adaptations   to    swimming,  creeping,
burrowing,    running,    leaping,    para-1
chuting and flying.   A handbook has
beon 1 ipileil to explain these odap-1
'...lions. I
Jogging Laziness
into Activity
The merchant whose business lugs in
lias himself to thank.
the summer .'
To slacken the selling pace in the hot season���to <
lessen Advertising activity���indicates a resignation
which has no place in modern business.
If we think we cannot keep our business booming ia
summer time, we surely will not.
What a jolt it must have been to the fur trade, when
the first mid-summer fur advertisement was run in
a daily paper! Now many fur stores are following
the example of that progressive fur man who dared
to believe that fur sales need not go down as the
mercury goes up.
Energy, linked with Advertising, has turned the
month of January into the biggest selling season
for while goods. Advertisements of a high stimulative power, combined with a disregard of "seasons,"
have opened up automobile selling two months
earlier than was once thought possible. Advertising
has started Christmas shopping early in October
instead of the middle of December.
Advertising rises superior to seasons and thermometers. The right kind of Advertising strikes a
responsive cord in human nature���and human
nature is the same in August as in December.
Advice regarding your sdvertisiag problems is available through any
rei-o/fniwd Canadam advertising agency, or the Secretary of the Canadian I'ri'.Hs AiniH-iul inn. Room 51)3 Lumsden Building, Toronto. F.nquiry
involves no obligation on your part���no write, if interested.
MONDAY,  JUNE  23,  1913.
"PAY   CASH    IT    WILL    PAY
Remember the Place���
33 Eighth Street,
and thc telephone No. 2
Summer Weather
Means Camping
Already we have bad a/Jew orders for summer cithlW-'and we
wish to state that wBsrB particularly adapted to this class
of trade. We send it express
at your expense or..,we .w^ll pay
freight ourselves on orders over
$10.00. Do not forget us.
Summer Beverages.
Rose's Lime Juice, the Ideal
summer drink. Large bottles
Rose's Lime Juice Cordial, a
little different from the straight
Lime Juice.    Bottle 50c.
Welch's Orape Juice, pints
35c; quarts 65c.
Smith's Grape Juiqe, pints
Red Seal Wines, Port and
ClareL delicious, cooling and
refreshing,  bottle  50c.
Raspberry Vinegar, juat home
made, per bottle  50c.
Cllquot Ginger Ale, Root Beer,
Sarsaparilla, dozen $1.85.
FRUITS,    f.t;
Strawberries, 2 for ........25c.
Peaches,  per  lb' .'.'.. J.".. -15c.
Plums, per lb 15c.
Pineapples, each   ,..... *'���. 30c.
Apples, 3 lbB.   ...'.. i...25c.
Cherries,   Ib ...30c.
Fresh Tomatoes,  lb.   ., 30c.
Gooseberries, largo Victorias,
per box  15c.
Spend    your    money    where
values demand.
Public Supply Stores
U L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGG9
Open Saturday  Evening 7 to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary. Itegina, Winnipeg.
Montreal. London, Eng., and
Antwerp, Belgian!.
City News In Brief
All   notices  of  meetings,  entertain-  Floury,  another operator  who leavi
iner.ts. sales of work,    etc.,    In    this  this week  for a six  months'  stay
column  are  charged  for at the   rate j Chicago, was presented with a colonial I
of  10 cents  per  line.    Please do  not'jewel case  by  the members
(Continued trom page onei
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
His honor, Judge Howay. returned
from Chilliwack on Saturday and will
hold a county court today in the
stipendiary magistrate's room.
Get it ht the Royal Pharmacy, 41
Sixth street.   Tel. 12D3. (1463)
Yearly promotion examinations for
all grades in the local high school
will commence on July 7 and continue
until the 12th. The school closes the
'J7th of thiB month.
loe cream grotto, Eighth Street
bakery, telephone 281. A. Hardman,
proprietor. (1534)
The city council will hold their
regular weekly session in the council
chamber this evening. The Burnaby
council will also gather in the municipal hall at Edmonds.
National Finance Company, Ltd., for
(ire. life and accident insurance. 521
Columbia streot.   Phone 515.      (1537)
There was a good turnout of dormitory men at Y. M. C. A. breakfast
yesterday morning. The members met
ln the association building and after
breakfast held an informal bible talk.
For everything electrical Bee W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1443)
St. Ann's convent school will close
tomorrow for the summer vacation,
when Ihe customary exercises and distribution of prizes and medals will be
presented ln the academy hall in the
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, tho
insurance man. AU kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Following the usual custom, the
Sunday evening services at Queens
Avenue Methodist church during the
summer will not commence until 7:3c
Delicious hot and cold lunches
served at the Nutshell during the
summer. Hoom 3 Dominion Trust
building. (1434)
of the
Wawatasa club, composed of members
ot the New Wesiminster exchange.
cannot give to your estate the
care and time necessary without
neglecting bis own business.
Is it fair to expec? tbat of
This company, being organized
and maintained for that very
purpose, does give to each estate all the time and care necessary.
. Then the company is made up
of individuals who have devoted
years of time and study to this
very work.
They are experienced.
Call in and talk over the subject, as it applies to your particular estate.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
I'ald  up  Capital  and  Surplus
Assets    4.973,101.05
Trusts undor Administration
Trusteeships lor Bondholders
A. E. Mills is a visitor in the city
from   Bradner. .,
Jas. L. Proudfoof, of Vancouver, was
in the city yesterday.
J. Ross, of Pitt Meadows, is registered at the Windsor.
D, IS. Roberts, of Winnipeg, Is ln
the city for a few dayt.
Thomas Smith, ot Tort Kelts, Bpent
tho week-end in the city.
Win. McKay, of Strawberry Hill,
was in the city on Saturday.
II. Marlow Simpson, Thomas Dean
Carl and Ilinson Bitrlow are registered at '.he RuBsell from London, Eng
A. E, Disney, North Pacific coast
passenger agent for a n umbel' of
steamship lines, was In the city Saturday   afternoon.
Mr.  and   Mrs.  IS,  Burkitt have  return to the city after spending their
honeymoon In Seattle and other Wash
ington state cities.
T. J. Comiskey, Indian agent at Vernon, will be in the city loday In connection with the trial of the two Indians, I-'aul and Splntlam, on a murder charge.
J. A. M. Faulds, manager of the
passenger department of the firm of
D. K. Brown and Cacaulay. general
railway aud steamship agents visited
"New Westminster on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. McDougall, of
Seattle, who have been spendiufe tlieir
honeymoon In Vancouver and Victoria,
were In N'ew Westminster on Saturday and were the guests of Mrs. J. i>.
Kendall, London slreet
Councillor Day, of Manchester,
England, waa in the city on Baturday,
in company with G. H. Little, of Vancouver. A visit was paid to Fraser
Mills where they were the guests of
W. S. Rogers. Mr. Day arrived in
Vancouver on the Empress of Russia,
the new C. P. It. liner.
Eighty-eighth Fusiliers from Victoria.
The Fifth regiment from Victoria
completed lhelr annual training on
Macaulay Plains last week.
The two Vancouver regiments will
occupy the western position, with the
officers' headquarters in the centre,
ahd the Wesiminster and Victoria
regiments will -pitch' tents on the
eastern side.
It is assumed that the required 11
days of battalion drill have completed
by each unit, so that from the llrst
day in camp the movements under
canvas will be of a character met with
In the actual life of a regiment in
the tldd. J|
Important Inspection. *
The principal event will be on Fri--
day, when an Inspection will be made
by Colonel Hon. Sam Hughes, nith-1
is'er ot militia, and Sir Ian S. M.
Hamilton, adjutant genernl of the
overseas forces.
These two officers are  expected  In
New Westminster  before  the    troops'
go  into camp  In  order to look over
the ground for tbe location of a new
drill hall.
On Sunday morning the church parade will take place, afier which camp
will be broken and an attack on Victoria will be commenced, the Victoria
regiment and a company of cadets
forming the defensive forces.
The march to the city will be started Monday morning, so that by evening it is expected that the men will
bivouac on the proposed ground ready
tor the attack which will commence
early cn Dominion Day. Following the
Held operations around Victoria, the
Vancouver and Westminster regiments will embark on the Princess
Royal at Victoria, later calling a;
Sydney in order to pick up the fatigue
parties detailed to close up camp.
The small boy was in his element
yesterday afternoon enjoying himself
at the Brunette river swimming hole
oul at Sapperton. Nearly 50 of the
youngsters made the trip.
Money to loan on firBt mortgages,
unproved city and furm property.
Terms eaBonable.   Alfred W. MeLeod.
Liilinlslied business of the recent
W. C, T. U. convention here will be
brought up at the regular meeting of
the local union to be held in Queens
Avenue Methodist church this afternoon. Among work to be done is
the appointment of superintendents of
the  various departments.
For pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
to the B. C. Transport Co., Ltd. Office
phone 326, wharf phone 880.      (1564)
The cement base for one track of
the B. C. E. IL has been laid on the
Sapperton hill and rail laying will
probably commence towards the end
.���I lhe week. The double track will
extend from Leopold Place to the
switch at Brunette street.
An Ice cream social will be held at
Moody park on the afternoon and
evening, Tuesday, June 24. under the
auspices of the Ladies' Aid of the
Sixth Avenue Mi.-lhod.st church. (159H)
The closing exercises at St, Louis
college will take place at St. Patrick's
hall Ibis afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Among the exercises will be an exhibition.of the old sword dance given
j by the boys at the last May day festival. The distribution of prizes to the
successful pupils Will Include eight
gold and ten sliver medals.
The Bt. Peter's Altar Society will
'hold an ice cream and strawberry
social on st. Patrick's hall grounds
'this afternoon and evening. There
\ also will be a sale of home made
'cocking. (1698)
Ti ihIi rs  are  nnv.   being  culled  for
the furnishings of the new Duke
t'f Connaught high Bchool, PrlceB an
l.isi*.' I   on   chairs,   tables,   desks   and
other fittings, and tenderers will have
Iuntil June  .-Hi  to Bend  in  their bids
The contractors are rushing the work.
as lb" board expects lo have llle new
] school in readiness by September 1,
We make awnings, tents and Bails,
renovate carpets and draperies, remake ami repolish furniture, manufacture cedar dress and  waist   boxes,
! window    seats   nnd    do all  kinds of
'upholstery work in leather or tapestry.    We are the largest makers   of
| window shades, draperies and interior   hangings.     Estimates   given.
'Lees Limited. (USI I
V Developing and. printing
done on the premises.
Agents for the
List prices.
Vmi can't trade in New Wcs'inln-
I ster without a license, is a command
ment according to s. .1. Pearce,
license inspector, which is rlgorousli
enforced, ns that gentleman Informed
;an American trader when be docked
him $ln for selling strawberries from
over the line, on Columbia streel, on
Saturday. Strawberries selling ai
j $2.LTi rose 10 cents in prico Immediately.
Ladles, the Madame May hair-
dressing parlors ure strictly sanitary
and up in iiate. No need of going to
V'anoouver for your work.   The manu-|ot 4i
facture of wigs, loupees and SWttChefl
a specially. Bring in your comblngB
Also agent for the Manlon's Thunnal
pud., and blankets. Vou can't afford
to be without one. Rooms 5111-50;:
Westminster Trust, Phone in your
lappiiintiiii nts,   1318. Il5'.i4|
Stopped Biehl's        I
Nice Honeymoon
(Continued from page one)
Young Westminster Man in Holy Orders at St. Peter's.
The distinction of being the only-
native born British Columbia Catholic
priest belongs to Rev. Father Herbert
Bessette, who officiated in St. Peter's
B.C. church yesterday, ln the forenoon he sang the high mass aud in
the evening officiated and preached at
benediction service.
Selecting his text in the evening
from the gospel of St. Matthew, 18:14,
"Woe to the world because of scan-1 jurisdiction
at Vancouver, went to that city nnd
returned to Seattle on the same train
with Blehl, yesterday.
Under Sentence.
Biehl left the country while he was
under a sentence of two years' imprisonment on McNeil island f-ir
traudulent use of the mails In the
promotion of the De Larm enterprises. He appealed from the sentence and his father-in law became his
surety. May ".1 last Biehl's wife,
formerly Miss Sophie Emma Skinner,
obtained a divorce in the King county
superior court, and lal"r Father-In-
Law Skinner was called upon to produce Biehl in court, the government
having learned  lhat  he had left    its
We are instructed h^ the directors of this company tol announce the inauguration of a
General Stock
Reduction Sale
at once of compelling interest to every buyer in this city
and vicinity.   No need for us to dwell upon the reason.
Suffice it to say that every articie���every line in this
$200,000.00 STOCK
will be marked so low that your needs for months to come
will be anticipated by buying now. Look for our itimized
ad. tomorrow.
JAS. W. CONNOR, Manager.
dal. woe to ye scribes and Pharisees,
etc," Father Bessette gave a powerful
and scholarly address, his quiet, unassuming manner, fluent delivery and
choice diction making a great impression upon the congregation which
crowded the church. He dwelt particularly upon the sin of leading others
The identity of Biehl's second wifo,
who did not accompany him from
Vancouver yesterday, could not be
learned, but she Is believed to be a
Portland girl.
The new phase of lhe Biehl case
excited considerable interest at the
lederal    building    yesterday,    wonder
Into temptation and transgression by  beiim expressed as to the exact man-
example     or    precept,   especially   the j ner in which the defendant was taken
young anil innocent, and the
At the close of the service the eloquent young priest was cordially congratulated upon his lirst appearance
In a British Columbia pulpit, lit-
came to St. Louis college a little boy
of eight years of age and. early evincing his vocation for the priesthood
In due course he proceeded to the
seminary to prepare for the sacred
calling. Thence be went to Buffalo
with his fellow-student Father Swenceskle, where he studied at Holy
Angels college. From there he went
to Tewksbtiry, Mass., where he fin-
ish"il his philosophical and theological course. He was ordained by Cardinal O'Connel) at Holy Cross cathedral, Boston, a year ago, at the same
time as Father Swenceskle.
Father Bessette will take up his
duties here iii connectlou with St.
Peter's parish.
terrible out of Canada. The oflicialn refused
I to tell the steps taken by the immi-
gra ini oftlclalB to land Uiehl on
American soil.
MACKENZIE The fun. ral took
place at Douglas, B.C., Saturday arternoon of Colin I. M. Burton MacKenzie, who passed away on June 19. Deceased was the Becond son of the late
Colonel Burton MacKenzie, of Ktlcoy,
The funeral which was private took
place at 12:30 p.m. Deceased had
been camping at Douglas and a small
circle of friends assembled to offer
iheir last token ot regard and respect,
The Impressive service of the Ahgllcan
churoh '-\:is conducted by Cauon
d'Easum, of New  Westminster,
After the Bervlce I-".. O. Burton Mac
Kenzle, brother ot the deceased, fol
lowed the remains to Blaine, fron:
which point they were i lii pint'
to Vancouver for cremation, Canon
d'Easum accompanied tho remains ti
Vancouver and performed the last
rites of the church there.
Tl-.e pall bearers wire MessrB
Molyneux, Collshaw, Shannon, .leak
ins, Richardson and Keary.
Deceased was a resilient of the die
trlct for the past Hi years and leave!
n  great   many   friends   to   mourn
loss,    lie spent, Ihe last while at.
rev Centre where he  was engaged In
farming.    His genial personality and
kindly  manner won tho  regard of all
who  knew him and  friends ami  ac
quaintnnces alike  join   In   expression!*
of sympathy to his widow ami ilaucli
ter.   Nona,  from   whom   he  hits  been
taken ai the comparatively early agi
Boundary Bay
Maple  Beach  Park,    being    a  subdivision   of   the   historic  old   Whalen .
estate    on    Boundary    Bay.    is    at
last on the market in r.OxlOO fni.t lots!
fronting  broad  streets  and  With  perpetual   beach    privileges.    This   haa.
been the camp ground for scorns    of!
local people for year*.   The lots am ;
selling   fast,   many   people   procuring
the locations  they had  occupied    as
tenants   for   years.     Prices  $1130   and
upwards, easy lerma.    Sole agents,
700 Columbia Street, City.
Buy a Home on Easy Terms
4-room bungalow, facing south, good view of river and gulf. Price $1700,
$200 cash, balance as rent.
3-room bungalow, 7 minutes walk from carline, good view. I'rice $1500,
$200 cash, balance as rent.
If you have good vacant property, will arrange an exchange for part payment.  Come in and see us about this.
We have several rooming house propositions, also houses to rent in all parts
of the city.
List your property with us, we can act as agents for absent owners, collect
rents, etc.
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street        New Westminster, B.C.
P. Burns & Co.,Ltd.      $ 32.50
hone your order in early
ut not before 6 a.m. or
will   not find  U3  there.
always    Q'ad    to    hear
from  you  and
ever sorry to see you.
o   phone   us   up   whenever  you  arc  hungry
we    will   e ndeavor    to
satiety  you  and  your
* Is llie spedall offer (good till June 2t)
on   balance  of  our   season's   suitings
I MADE TO YOUR OHDER,    including j
Serges,  Worsteds and Tweeds, in all i
' the latest shades of brown, tan and I
Higb   Class
Ladies   and
401   Columbia   St.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd. K
fresh Si raw berries, per bo.x   15c
Ripe Bananas, per dozen  30c
lied Spring Salmon   ...2 lbs. for use
-'resit Cod  2 lbs. for 25c '���
Kresh   Halibut    2 lbs.  for 25c
Palace  Market, Columbia St., Phonea  Smoked   Halibut    2  llm.  for 86c |
I20O,   1201,   1202.
hisI Sapperton   Market,   Phone   120*4.
Eighth   St.   Market,   Phone  1205. |      (Successor to Ayllng A Swain.)
Edmonds   Market,  Phone L883. 447 Columbia 8t. Phone 98.
liniuHusuu Osle*. M p , fin; miNt.
C. A. BOGERT, Ceoeral Manager.
Capital nulil "I
Rc-servs Fund
Total AsmU
Financial Headway
of |hfl ��ur�� and permanrnt kind la rarely made without the anslstar.cfl
of a Savings Bank Account. It stimulates saving, keeps the money
In abtolutft safety, Increases it with Interest, and provides the ready
cash to take advantage ���! the business opportunities v/hlch coma
sues way.
Curtis Drug Store
^   The departure of Mins Jennie Tear
| son from the rany of the 11. ('. Telephone operators on   Clarkson   street
| wan lhe occasion of    an  Interesting
j gathering on Saturday when a presen-
,. *.�� ' tatlon was made to her of a cut glims
Kor PHOTO  GOODS,  SPECTACLES fruit duh  by  th���  ,r;<rri,.  department
���nd SEEDS, mni the lady operators.   Miss Pearaon
  | was  the  senior operator at  the local
Phone 43; L. D. 71;  Res. 72.        ��� exchange, having formerly worked In
New Westminster, B. C. jthe Vancouver exchange. Miss Eunice
WATSON The funeral was held
yesterday afternoon of the late Mrs
Robert Watson, who passed away on
Friday morning. The services, which
were private, were conducted by the
Itev. A. Dunn. Only the relatives of
tbe deceased wero present, interment took place In the i.o.o.K. cemetery.
Residence Y. W. C. A.
Phono 1324.
Take advantage nf the Business Man's Train and niali" your
home at crescent Beach (iilnckie Spit) for the summer months.
Train leaves at 5:30 p.m. daily, on and aflor June IB, returning lu
the morning In time for business.   Crescent   Beach   affords   ideal
Conditions for summer homes, couihiniiiK lhe  beat of bathing,  boat
lng at all stages of the tldo together with  line tuiach.    Artesian well
waler to all residents.   Lot uh show you this property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 18*11.
Ws write Firs, Life, Accident, E mployers"
Marino Insurance,
Liability,  Automobile  and
Trains From interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���6 and 5,tr. a.m.
and every 16 minutes until 0
p.m. Half hoyrly service until
11 p.m. with latfa car at midnight.
SATURDAYS���IB minute ser
vico Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���I', 7, 7.30 8 and
8.30 and every IB minutes until
11 p.m. with lato car at midnight. ,
For Vancouver via
6.4B a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
in,  with late car at 11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. nnd   hourly
until  10  p.m. -with late car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS- -7 a.m. nnd every
hour uiltil 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS   8 a.m.    und    every
hum until 11 p.m.
Connection  Is  made at    Kb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.1B a.m., 1.10 and
C.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.0B p.m.


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