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The New Westminster News Jul 15, 1913

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News Classified Ads.
Have proven their worth by the
reBultB    they    produce.     They    fill
targe   or   Bmall   wants   at   small
Ths Weather.
New Westminster and the Lower
Ma'nland: Light to tiicdcr-ate wlnd-s;
generally   fair   with   stationary or
higher temperature.
MAff > *���**
Appointed to Sit on Burrard
Peninsula   Sewerage
Councillor     Macpherson     Has
Opinion of Council's Ability and
Alto of the Press.
Wilson  Shuts Off Strike Talk  by ithe
Promise of Effective Legislation
Inside 24  Hours.
OBJECTS TO        between TWO MtN   | CANNOT STAND
Councillor    Angus    MacDonald
Burnaby'* choice as sewerage comtnia
sloncr   fer   tho    Burrurd    peninsula
sewerage commission,
HIb selection, which caused the
pugilistic BCene in the council chain
ber on Thursday afternoon of last
week, wus made by secret ballot last
evening, atid but for the Intervention
of Acting Reeve FauVel It was quite
possible, und to ull appearances extremely probable, that another wordy
warfare, perhaps culminating In another encounter, would have taken
The trouble, or neur trouble, arose
when Councillor Macpherson, In opposing the selection or any of the
present council, stated that he knew
hiB qualifications ns commissioner
were not up to the standard and knew
that others were not up to the mark.
bo tlmt be would withdraw ln favor
��� f ex-Reeve Weart. He further Btated
that councillors were Working for
their own private Interests.
Tome   More  Sizzling,
Thnt led to a quick retort from
Couno llor Mayne. who wiib seated
next   to   the   Kdinouds  representative
"Do I understand that Councllh r
Mucoherson Baya that councillors are
working for their private interests ?"
tsaid Mr   Mayne.
���Councillor Macpherson    "I do."
Councillor Mayne, rising from his
seat. "Do you menn to say I am ?"
Acting Keeve Fau Pel: "You are out
of order Councillor Mayne Councillor
Macpherson Is gentlemanly In this.
We don't want any more trouble."
Whether the janitor started the fans
working at that moment Is not known,
but the air which was getting a
trifle stifling soon cleared and trouble
Klven names were suggested as
possible commissioners In the first In-
I ance, these being Councillors Coldleutt. MacDonald. Macpherson, ex-
Keeve J. W, W'eurt and A.- H. Seymour 'Mr Seymour, Bitting In the
���udlence, asked that his name be
withdrawn from any consideration.
which left only four to be voted upon
Poor   Opinion   of  Them.
Councillor Macpherson aaid he believed the men on the council were
not capable and he would withdraw-
on condition that the others would do
Councillor   Coldicutt   opposed     tills
niggest:, 11.   stating   that   if  the    men
elected   hy   the  people could   not     at   '
lend   lo   affairs   of   the   municipality
ih-n  lt  was time for Ihem to quit.
Councillor    Macpherson    persisted
that tbe government should make the !
appolntmi nt from a liBt ot namea sub !
nulled and lie was supported by Act ,
ing Hot vo Fall Vel.
Councillor Stride, who had remained quiet bo far in the discussion,
thought thai If the council could not
do the work they Bhould go out rf
business.    The    other    municipalities;
Interested ln the scheme   had   met
with I ttie difficulty In selecting their
it v.-ns then that the scene between
Councillors Mayne    and    MacpherBon |
took place.
Some delay took place when  Muni- :
clpal Bolicitor \V. O, McQuarrie and |
Clerk A. ti. Moore looked up the muni
clpal act as lo where the acting reeve
got In with a vote, the legal light do j
cidtng that he had no vote.
Councillor Mucpherson, who bsw
vislctiB of a tie vole, suggested (hat In I
event cf this Ihe council Bhould cabli I
Keeve Mctlregor und get hlm to di !
cide, but this w.ib ruled oui of order j
OO the balloting, Councillor Mac-Don
Bid received three votes, ex Iteeve
Weart two and Councillor Cold.cutt \
An echo of Thursday's trouble rrop |
ped up Immediately following the bat- ]
lotlng, when Councillor Macpherson
arose uiul requested the acting reeve
to a��k tlie two New Westminster
papers to mnke 8 retraction of the
"malicious, erronoua and biased at
tuck" cn hlm in rcBpect to the
"nllegcd" light which took place In
the councll chamber. Councillor Mac
pherson anid the reports gave It out
that he had received two black eyes
In the encounter which, he claimed
was false
Acting Keeve Fau Vel, whose mem
cry of events had always been of the
best. Bald he waB surprised to read
the newspaper reports of the previous
meeting and asked thc source of Information.
This being refused, the chief mag s
trate dwelt on the Important work
the preps was doing In the Interests
of Burnabv nnd bow It had always
been fair and square with the council.
Noi n fl'oker or a imtle passed upon
the countenance   ot   Councillor    Fan
Vel  as  he delivered  the    nice    little
address, ,,
Later In thc evening, The NewB dls
eovered that i
Washington, July 14. Represents
this li tne du.nuu conductors and
tralymen ot eastern railways, ��n^.
Poor have voted to Btrike tor higher wag- s
and managing officers of'the raiUoud.i
agreed at the While House today to
submit tlieir differences to arbitration
under the provisions of the new
l.andis Clayton act, which President
Wilson and congre3s:onal leaders
promised to muKe law by tomorrow
night, lu tiie meantime no Btrike will
be declared.
Looks Gocd to Wilson.
��� 'resident Wilson expressed his
gratification after the conference thai
an agreement hud been l cached on
disputed polnta. lie declared that
While tbe i-tumuii act originally contemplated a controversy between a
single railroad and its employees, the
scope hud now been widened so us to
deal with a series of railroads. He
referred lo the suggestions made at:
"just and reasonable' and ban*
reason, he said, why congress should
not act upon them now lo preaent :.
great   inconvenience   and   perhaps    u
Public Will Know Just What
They   Buy   From   the
Asairc Ccurt  Not Willing to Adjcurn
on   Mere  Suggestion,   Proceeds
With   Macnamara  Ca:e.
"We   don't   know   where   we   are,"
.night  well be the retrain of the be-
���vildertd aBEize court yesterday when
,t adjourned for the day, after vainly
! groping   f-ar   a   satisfactory   way   out
Iof the impaase created by the Jurors
j act of 1913, which expressly declares
, hat ull  jurors  i ummoned  under the
  IB. C. Statutes of lifll become legally
* jdt-runct cn July 1, 1913.
necesasry  apparatus   for  con-      The court of appeal, to  which  the
ducting municipal milk tests has been  point was taken, lias temporarily evad-
McQuarrleled the Issue by extrajudicially advla-
Before the | ng the crown to discontinue the pres-
Medical   Health   Officer  V/ill   Bulletin
Results of His Investigations a*.
City  Hall.
Aid. Dodd Thinks Country,
Not City, Should Look
After Its Soldiers.
Brief Sescion of   City    Council    Last
Night���Paving Company Presents
Small Bill for Overs.
Ela-ne  fer Loc Angeles  Electric
Accident by Which  Fourteen
Lest  Their  Liveo.
Believed Balkan War Soon
Will End With Combatants Exhausted.
The city council held a brief sessijn
last night, transacting all business in
lesB than an hour. The only difference of opinion that arose was on th
received  by  M.  H. 0.  Dr.
and will be set up today.
end  of July  the  rirst  inspection   wl|ljeri" fiSS|z(g and' hold the untried cases I proposal to pay militiamen employed
i>e mi'i.e i:nd the ,*, su its posted in the|over until the next assizes. Iby the city  hair pay whilst the men
Macnamara  Case. ' were*in camp training.
In Kex vs. .Macnamara crown coun- ���    Alderman   BryBon  raiEed the ques-
li  ������-.-������*} by  any  se|   yesterday  artfully  attempted  the I tion.    He sr.'d the men in the water
! girnc of shifting the onus of travers- | department were asking for half pay
came i juK the case on to tlie shoulders of the ; whilst they were In camp training, oil
''' elcpurt, hut the court would have none the ground  that they had received  it
if it.    Counsel for the defence, while! last year.
expreasi.ig  a  desire    for    Immediate
city hall  where the  public  will  have
access to them and thus may learn the I
quality of the  milk delivered  h��  mv!
dair;. man,
A provincial statute,    which
Inti effect June 1, of this yeai
civic bylaw,    given    its    first reading
the next day, authorizes the medical
:,0  hialtli officer to take sarnplea of milkjtr?al, ii * u,*,-,,i ; :.  n,,;,..���i u the cas-
delivered In '.his city at any time he  werP  tr!(d   un(ler  lh���
fit. and provide that after a
Intervention   by   Powers	
Cruelty Charges.
disastrous situation tor tne carrying
busini sj of the country.
The president sad be would name
the new commission as quickly as
possible and that the contending
parlies had assured him that tue.,
would  await  legislative action.
The merits of the controversy itseli
were not considered al today B eon
ference, the legislative side alone b*-
ing canvassed.
Aside from President Wilson, those
who took part In ihe conference were:
Seth Low, president of the National
Civic Federation: Judge Martin A.
Knapp, of the commerce court; \V. C.
Iirown. president of the New York
Central; riamuel Rea, president of tin
Pennsylvania railroad; Daniel Wil
lard, president of the Baltimore k
Ohio railroad; Oeorge W, Stephens,
president cf the Chesapeake and
Ohio; Frank Trumbull, chairman of
the board of the Chesapeake & Ohio
directors;    W".    W.    Atterbury,    vice
prealdent of the Pennsylvania; a. w.
Smith, vice-president of the New York
Central; II, K. Wells, legislative representative of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers; Warren B Stone
president of the Brotherhood ut Locomotive Engineers; W. S. Carter, president ot the Brotherhood of bOCOtntlve
Firemen and Khginetnen; A. B. tlar-
reUon, presldient of the Order of Railway Conductors; W. ti. Lee. president
of lhe Brotherhood of Railway Train
men; Secretary Wllswi, of the department of labor; Senator Newlaiuls,
chairman of lhe senate Interstate
C mmerce commission; Representative Clayton, chairman of the bouse
judiciary committee: Representative
.lames Mann, house minority leader,
nnd Senator Kern, llie Democratic
majority leader.
All   Approve.
The result ot tlle conference meets
with tlie approval cf all thc interested parties.
"We have until Wednesday night
In which to effect an amicable set-
dement,*'  said  Mr.  Qarretson    afur
the meeting. "We are Ailllng lo
ava-.l ourselves of every means for a
reasonable settlement, Should con-
gresB fall to act. then the entire subject will be referred to the committee cf one thousand."
W. F. C, Brown, president of the '
New York Central, said: "The result
of the conference was entirely satisfactory to the railway managers. It
is exactly what had heen agreed upon *
hy the railways aud thc unions. When
the I.itndis-New lauds mesure still
have become law. it will furnish the
b?8t means of settling future wage
troubles. We are phased in every
Other railway managers pri sent
Concurred   in  this  statement.
may se*
csientiflc analysis has been made, the
rating of each distributor shall be
made public. The dairymen will not
be advised the day on which tests will
bi  made.
Two procesres will be used, on�� ly
means of which the percentage of butter fat and the total solid of the milk
is found, and the other for ascertaining the amount of dirt cr foreign
matter In the milk. For the first in
electrically driven centrifugal machine
is employed, and for the other a Bmall
pump, which forces the milk through
a filter screen. Later these filter
screens ure laid on elass plates. End
the amount of dirt thus revealed, It
Ib Ihe results of these tests thnt will
he posted regularly In the city hail.
were tried under the present summoned jury, presumably if the verdict
was advene to accused. It only remained for the crown to declare an
ntentlon to appeal if the jury did not
lonvict to complete the topsy-turvy-
lorn created by the new act and the
aversion to responsibility cf the pow- Imunera-tl *n
ars that be. ' city.    Fifty
When Justice Morrison declared
lhe court would proceed, crown counsel was evidently taken somewhat by
surprise. for lie announced that hc
was nct  prepared  to  go on  with  the
As it affected other departments ol
well, he asked for instructions.
Alderman White moved the same
action be taken as last year.
Alderman Dodd said he had voted
against it Inst year and would do eo
again this year, on principle. If the
Dominion government wanted soldier *
they should pay them sufficient re-
and not come upon the
cents a day was as noth-
Lcb Angeles, July i4.--Besponsib'.l-
[Ity for the wrick at Vineyard station! .	
last  night, when  two Pacific Klectric :
trains collided,  lies, according to ct- i Bulgaria  Reported Suino for Peace���
"totals of the road, between Conduc- ' fca.c���
���or  Emll  ilartholomal  and  Motorman!       No
loseph  Forn^ier, with the brakes on
the second train accused of failing to
act properly.
The conductor insists that hn waved
i red lantern In the path of Forrest-      London, Julv H.-Tbat tho Balkan
er's train In ample time for the Motor struggle will end bv ��!!! ���,
man to stop.    Forrester, who was to- y     proceaa of mu-
'lay found in his home only slightly jtua t'xhau3t:0!i Beems the poly hope
injured, declared that he did not see'Slr Edward Grey, the British foreign
'he  lantern  until   within  500  feet  of j secretary, is able to hold out     in a
Prattiir.   T.I. ' ^roPean Powers to resort to force to
ridtntai     I CET. I il)10CJ��f'   D6&CG
Before the state railway com--determined   to   negotiate   peace   with
!?*- I Bulgaria only on the field, without intervention by any third party, and un-
of the same
each,  within
:ng to the men.
Alderman BryBon said hn did not
understand the Bituation. The argument last year was that they had
plenty ot money.   This year they had
evidence and testimony will not begin I net. \
I until today. Alderman   Henley   said     the    men
The court room was crowded when  might   be   called    volunteers.     They
I Mr.   Justlme   Morrison   took  his  seat   spent a good deal of their time under
upon the bench. canvas and  it was for the benefit ol
Mr. MacNeill, K.C, representing the,'he country they lived in.   They were
i crown, rose and there was a hush of I at  peace  just now, but  that did  not
expectancy as to what he had to Bay j mean  they   would  always  be  bo  and
upon thc Bubjeet of the chier Justice's  noue Of them knew when these men
I advice. ' might   te   called  out   to   protect   the
Mr. MacNeill said that the court of | homes of the people.   The leaEt they
|appeal, without dealing with the point! could do was to allow their employees
raised, had advised, as the bets course ! half   pay.
to be adopted, the traversing of thej    Alderman Ooeld declared that every
mission  today
stopped a train of tars
���wpe,  weighing  35  tons
'ess than 500 feet.
Forrester's train was of three cars
only, as was the train Into which he
Thin the blame lies between a mo-
���crman. a conductor and the brakes.
The coroner's jury was empanelled to-
iay but the inquest will not begin un-
'il tomorrow afternoon.
Death List Grows.
ln  the  meantime    the    death  list
Trows.   Tonight it stood at 14, through 1
he death at a hoBpital    of    Sidney '���
less Bulgaria proves amenable, it ..
expected that no advance will he/
made upen Sofia to enforce aa-ecpi-
a-.iete  of  the  Servo-Greek  termB.
Serious fighting for the time being
<8 susuended bnt thc advance ot the
Turkish and Rumanian troops continues without opposition.. A BelgTado
report sayss the Servians on Sunday
captured an importint position eight.
miles weBt of Kustendil.
Secret Compact.
According to the Athens CTrrespon-
dent cf the  Dally Telegraph. Greece
and Servia signed a secret treaty last
', March, binding them to prosecute war,
which was then foreseen, with Bulgaria un'l the Bulgars acquiesced In
\ the territ rial arrangements laid down
; i in the treaty.   By these arrangements
Vititorc  at   Board   of
There  Firm  In  Assurances
Town's P.o-mitlng Future
Port Coquitlam, July 14.���Representatives of municipalities in the Praser
valley and various publlc bod.e
gathered here tonight at the annual
banquet ot ttie board of trade, and
duriiiK the evening in reports of officers and in speeches by Colonel J. D.
Taylor, MP., Win. Manson. M. L. A..
Mayor Mars. President Seabrook and
others, tbe important place the
future held for this city was duly em
Glowing Tribute.
Perhaps most  important nf ail was
tbe signal tribute paid by Colonel J.
D. Taylor,  when  he    said:    "I    have
Been many communities worthy of the I
attention of the investing  public, bu
.untried cases, and the reservation of j citizen was subject to a call to'arms
I the decision of the case of Louis Ce-  in  an  emergency,  as  much  as  these
��� bar convicted under a Jury summoned  men.    They volunteered    and    knew
-r    a    m I under   the   old   statutes,  but  empan-1 what  they  were going  to  do.    They
Trace   Banquet '+*..* eince tj,t;r abrogation until after I were willing to accept BO cents a day
the vacation. If the city encouraged enlistment tbey
Th-e     Court���The     question     was I would have evervone In lhelr employ-
brought up before me In the ordinary j ment going ont to camp and drawing
way.   Everything was done to send lt|half pay-
to  the  appeal  court  and  that  court
does not seem to have thought it ot
sufficient  importance  to look  into it.
We have only the advice of the court
of appeals.    I don't see why I should
anticipate  or come*  to  the conclusion
that the act Is defective.    There are a
i number   of   prisoners   being   detained i
here   who   have   a   right   to   be   tried.1
There are also a great many people.
farmers and business men, taken : way between the tracks should be
away from their occupations at great I planked to tho satisfaction of thc
^Inconvenience to them,    f don't think! board of works.
I  would be justified in assuming that j     The   letter   wjs   received   and   ap
all  this work will be abortive.    How  --.roved.
long    has    this    man    (MacnamaraI      A letter came trom the city solicit
been  In  jail?
Mr.  MacNeill -Three months.
Sir  Charles  Tupper.   K.C,  tor  accused���His   preliminary   examination
Tiie   motion  was carried   to  allow
I the  men  half pay.
Some  Letters.
A letter from O. R. W. Conway,
; chief engineer of the B. C. E. R��� was
i re-ad with reference to the plans sub
mltted to the council showlnR the proposed Inyln* out -of the car barns on
I2th nnd 13th Ftreeta. agreeing to th
request of the council that the road
lohnston. of Youngstown. O., and the i
dentlflcatlnn ot Carl Murray, of lyos i '-
Angeles.   Still two bodies are milden-1
'itied.    One of them Ib that ot a woman.
Tbe list of seriously injured  prob-
ibly will total 150. A tew are reported i1^   eastern    boundaries    ot   Greece
lSSt     ,7 ln3?t2 ,i   , would    be    extended   to  the   MeUa
The list ot killed as it stands to-1 rtvetl considerably  to the    eaat    of
light follows: Drona. and Servia would have access
Edna    Alter,    secretary  Associated   tD ltie Aegean Sea at two points.
"harltieB, Pasadena;  Ollie W.  Alley,      ln  the  house  of  common,  tonight
Bakeretield'.     Jacob     Barman.     Lo��jS|r EdwaIQ Grey, tlw, British foreign
\ngeles;  Marie Evans. 1x>b Angeles; ,., F���CTetary, replying   to   a   suggestion
V  Genalguchl,  Los   Angeles;   Sidney,,hat an armiBtice should be forced on
lohnston. \oungstown. O.; MIbb \er-   ,io Balkan states, said that it was im-
enlca  Miller.  Los  Angeles;     Edward pojgtMa to exaggerate the kCMBK ot
Murray. Toronto. Onu; J. Carl Murray. (-he  wari hvt  mere wotiJs ���mmtsx-.hot
Los Angeles; Mrs. C. G. Norman. Los,,tk)!lv  ^  affect  the Bitnation  and  it
���Xneeles;   Idwln  Plat?..  Los Angeles; . ,V(nlU1 bp most difficult for the Con-
William Taylor. Pasadena;  Vnldenti-  Cfr, 0, Europe t0 impose peace.
*..! ma-:, abe*;-       -..ars ..id: 'linden-;    Rulgaria  had asked  Hussia to ahl
iher In s>curing peace and Servia anit
��� Greece had agreed to cease hostili-
I ties upon certain conditions. As te>
[Turkey, no exception could be takflrr
/ to her position, so long as she adherer*
,'ro the Enos-Mfdya line.
' Guard Europe. Peacts.
Th*.' essential thing for th* powers.
:3'.tl   the   foreign   eecretary.   was   to
'.ifi!d wcir.an, about 22 years old.
Man  and
Wife Arrested for Life
��� urance   Swindle.
Portland, Ore.. July tt.���T-n-o indictments   were   returned   today-   by   th-?
.-rand lury against James e\ LaFYance ���       ... ,       *-.,������    .,..-.,.,..,,,.,
id   Emil,    LaFrance.   his   wife,   who /'""���'<"-'   i,nd   ������"^"it^��'an   sgreetnent
ire accused if having perpetrated an
isu--ar.ee swindle a year ugo where-
iy they profited to the e: ten: of $13,
1 um sure that never was there a pro-  was taken In March.    He was arrest
position or more  promise given  than |e(j (m jan  9  1912..   Dean was arrest-
Port Coquitlam.    lt iB to be the com-ipj on jan   j. J912.
mirclal and industrial adjunct cf Now ;    j|r   MacNeill- Could  the c urt  see
Westminster and Vancouver." its' waj,   to  adopt   the  ingestion   of
The $15,000 Bet aside for a new post  (he courl of appeal?
office, he said, was merely to provide1 j Cannot Adopt Suggestion,
for a site and the calling ol tenders;      T|ie court. 1 cannot adopt a Bug
next year the government would    er.- I gestlon merely,
pend a  still  greaier sum  and  in  thci|lkl  not tliink' it
hort   time
new building would pet an architec
turul  standard  for all  buildings here.
Mr.  Manson.  In  handling the  toast J(,.ul't F(,e why I should go on suspend-
to the province,  pointed out  that    of|jn��� -jj9 court and perhaps commit an
jrs intimating that the claims solicitor of the B. C. 15. H- had issued a
voucher for $842.29 in full settlement
if the (I rigor claims.
Heavy Voltage Wir/:s.
Tiie city engineer wrote the coun-
-il In reference to the application of
the Western Canada Power company
for pcrmissien to lay a 2000 volt under
iround  cable  to  the    Iowa    Lumber
-ompany'B    mill.    After    consultation
, with the city electrician, he made the
The court of appeal  following recommendations:
of EUfOcient impor- 1    ���,   Th.lt where the cable crosses Ihe
to take it  up in an ordinarily j 3trccts and water mains it bc encased
and   give   a   decision.     I
White Rock Transactions.
While Rock, B.C., July 14. One oi
the moBt Important business transaction! Hint has taken place here was
consummated lasl week when II YV
Morris took over the White Rock hotel on 11 leng lease. Mr. Morris In 1
had considerable experience in tlie
management ol seaside hotels, having
formerly hem engaged in that business in Bngland. P Grayale, the owner of the premises, is not removing
from White Rock, but proposes cre-'l-
ne a business block in his property
opposite the railway station where he
will open a bakery and general store.
r-v,-Vvp'x. Mlett.. July 14- Ileck-
with Havens, with .1. II. Herplanck as
passenger, wis the first of the nvla-
torB in the Chicago to Detroit hydroaeroplane cruise to reneh Charlevoix,
landing here nt 4:25 this afternoon.
The trln from Pentwater. trom which
place the start was made nt 2 41! p.m..
was uneventful.   Only we Btop was
made, a shortage or gasoline making
it necessary to land at Frankfort.
the tctal 1H13 appropriation cT   ten or tinjustice to men who are incarcerated
twelve   million   dollars   at  least   one- !am] ready to be tried.
Sir Charles Tupper -We are most
anxious to go on.
Arter a silent pause of a tew moments, tlie court said: "I nm here and
am  obliged  to  go  on  with  the  work
tl*rd would be expended in the Fraser
The retiring secretary, O. Phillips j
submitted a report relative to the pro '
gress or the city. Mr. Phillips opened
with a statement as to the important
events since the opening of the year. 1
These wire, namely, the Incorporation '
of a portion of the old municipality 1
as the city cf Port Coqultlam;  the
before me."
Mr   MacNeill    1
lordship  rules  that
The Court    1 d *n't re
und' rstand    your
all  the  cases  ge
any reason
opening of the C, P. It. freight term iB0 far. to Interfere. Of course there
iuals; lhe birth Of the Coqultlam Ship |���ra a number of cases recently put
building company and Marine Railway |���, the roll which might be traversed
Co., Ltd.; the start of the double track ! witlitnit injustice.
C.  P.  It.  steel  bridge across the Pitt
river, and the completion of the C.
It. double track system between V
cuuver and the I���Itt river.
The   colloquies  bei ween  l-eivh   am'
P- bar were imnerfrrMy  beard  througr
ln   the noisy interruptions caused hy inn
Innri  -(b!"''-ir K,-\rr;" outside tlie nre-
"11 these various happenings nreyc]ncts 0f the court hut it wns decided
the starting of a new city and al! In I, , p0 on With the trial of John Mac-
one year what  will  five or ten  years !namara.
bring forth ?" queried the secretary, I sir Charles Tupper, for accused
Referring to an Interview with G. formally asked for a case to hc Btated
Bury as to further C. P. R. develop- for the court of appeal, upon the same
ments, Mr. Phillips Bald he had been ! grounds as thnt of Cebar. Odder the
Informed that the establishment of1
additional C. P. H. works In the city
would  depend  entirely  on  the  eondl-
(Continued 01. Fage Four.)
M tt *
Autos  in  Yellowetorp.
Washington,  July  14.    Arter  a  ten
year    contest,    the    government  Ii:>b
granted permission fnr autom ililli s to
enter Yellnwrtone national park, and
pact fid been entered]officers are now working to widen
into between "the councillors to forget, the approaches to the
all   the   Incidents  Of   last   Thursday'* constitutes    the    main
meeting and that the one surprise ef through the park.
S^SL3^flS"m2Sll|f"W1  Iir"llL"1 I ^d*  Plural  Voting. Ion,*, Frank A. Cummings, Charles S
meiTlntervl2w"rCoSnoinor  M��d-      Umdon, July 14-The bill to abolish  Alwyn. nr.,F, J. Doher.y, J. M. Con
pherson   would   neither deny  not   ad; plural voting at elections In the Url -
rap did lake place, as he |*Fh  Isles  passed  Its  third  reading  In
tlon or the trafric.
Mr. Phillips had received the assurance oi the Pacific Dredging company
lhat they would erect a plant at Port
Coqultlam In bIx or nine months and
probably before    that    time.    Waterfront property had been purchased on
which the plant would be established,
A  Payroll Town.
Later In his report, Mr. PhilllpR said
that the monthly payroll of the city at
present  was $C0.1S!I and that $112,000
loop,"  Which  had been expended on new  buildings
thoroughfare  from Junuary 1 to June 80, 1913.
There are now 74 members cn the
roll ot the board or trude, seven now
hi ill relt he waB bound to silence, but   tl.e   house   H   coninems
he did take gvceptlon to the Btatement
that he hnd his two optica In mourning.
Othor  business  transacted  at    the
(Continued on Page Four.)
lhe house 01 comni"iiH tenleht nfter
11 notion to reject the bill had been
defected 2HH to 222. The bill passed
Its first rendlne on Aprll Kth by a
vote of 30H to 107 and embodies the j I
principle "ono man one vote."
way, T. B. ThomaB, J. I). Wilmer und ���'.
Mr. Joalln being admitted tonight. *���'.
New Officers. lj
Tl'" fallowing wer�� el"'ed to ofTice =;
Tor 1918:    Frank    II.    Seabrook,    re-J:;
elected president*,  W. J,  Manson, M. *',
A���    honorary    presldeut;    Arthur
(Continued oo Pago Five.)
Winnipeg. July 14.���"There,
is no greaier shortage or cash
lor municipal securities of
Canada than for those of any
other country in the development Btage," Bald L. Zucher-
mundel. a prominent Berlin
banker, today. "Realization by
the, Investing public that industrial securities are producing a bigger return for their
money militates agalnBt the
success ot municipal loans."
Mr. Zuchermandel praised
highly the conservative policy
ot Canadian banks, which, hc
said, were doing jUBt what
banking houses ot Oermany
had done���closing down a little
oy too rapid commercial expansion.
n an iron pipe.
2. That the cable shall ho placet
underground not Icfs than three fee:
3. That the lino be obtained froir
the city engineer's office upon giving
hree days' notice.
4. That eccurate plans Bhowlng the
���xnct location, after the work has
been executed, be deposited at the
jlty engineers' ofrice.
5. That thn roadwav and other
vorks disturbed he made good to the
���ntisfaction   of  the   board   of   wirks
ailing which the board to have the
mwer to make Ihem good and charge
ane   against   the   company.
Th" recommendations were approved.
A lett"r frcm M" IjOWV. manager
if the Hassam Paving e-mnanv, on-
dosed an account for $98.R7, the ex-
'ra OPPt fnr labor employed in com-
(Contlnin-d nn Pace Eleht.l
North   Burnaby   Residents   Object  to
Choice  cf  Burial  Ground   by
LaFrance and his wife wi re arrest-
d in Coos ccunty where they were
iving under an assumed name, after
1 body supposed to be that of LaFrance had been found in Clackamas
Bounty and Mrs. LaFrance had collected the insurance money. LaFrance
has confessed the swindle, but, has told
several conflicting stories of the manner in whieh he secured the body that
was plant; d in the Clackamas river,
���md that mystery is still unsolved. La-1 ���"'*
France has named an undertaker and
two medical students as accomplice!;.
hut  proof of their gui'.t  is  lacking.
Au:o Kills Child.
Tercnto. July 14.-An Inquest was
opened today into the death of the
four year uld son of Isaac Jolly. Kings-
< 11 road, who was instantly killed yesterday when struck by an automobile,
which, according to the police, was
driven bv A. L. Patterson, of Milton
The little fellow was walking along
the Kingston road near West Hill,
with two companions, and the auto-
tncbile, it la said, travelling ut a "rnte
of speed" swung as it passed and
s ruck the boy. throwing him to the
side of the road.
Dcmec His Guilt.
Portland. Ore.. July 14. W. W.
Robinson, president of Robinson und
company, clothiers, waived examination today on the charge of embessl-
ing $18,041,41 of the firm's money
The charge will not be examined by
the grand jury. Robinson arrived In
Portland this morning in custody Of
Sheriff Word, who went to Bellingham. Wash., yesterday to take charge
of him, following Robinson's arrest
there en rou'e to Canada. Robln.,011
denies  his  guilt.
I The .M'nr "wpq "ro evhtnstlve that It
i could nol be of long duration and no-
! somnlleatlnng ought to arise endangering  the   European  concert.
There wns every reason to bci'c-",
ho concluded,  lhat  matters would  ho
brought to a satisfactory termination.
King Telegraphs  Pres*.
King Fi rdinand. of Bulgaria, in a
telegram dispatched from SoHa. on-
'ulv !2. informs the Evening News
that the stories nnd reports which
���he Creeks and Servians have been
circulating In Kurope concerning so-
called oittrr.gcs committed bv Bulgar-
troops noon Greek and Servian
populations in Macedonia, are absolutely unfounded and are pnhllshfel
with the oh'eet or creating a bad impression. Kine Ferdinand proceeds
to te'l of the liberties enjoyed by the
people of Adrianople without regard to
,'k'u- nationality..
Now It's Masterly fietreaC
Sofia. Julv 14 ���It Is confirmed thnl
Cetera! Ivano'f has affnctr>d a splendid retreat. Semi-official statements
have been issued accusing the rireeks
if estting fire to the town of SSi-res
^nd declaring that th�� Ilulgnrlans nt-
!empted vainly to Fct the f're under
control, Other statement* charge th��
rireeka with " hnlesale ��rr>-��sacres and
atrocities at Serres and elsewhere ire
Turkr on the Mov*.
Onutnnt'nop'e, July 14���The Turfc-
leb delegates to the Balkan financial
^r,-v>-missi"n ���"' Pnrig have heen re-
-lUnd. "Hip Turkish armlee are continuing their advance and have arrival at the Silivri-Bclgnde forest line.
'���������iver Bey's forces havo tiocupl-ed
It Ib undPfsfnod a Servian-Turkish
agreement has been reached, tint It is
"waiting ratification from Belgrade
before being signed.
ft * ft ft ft ft ft ft* ft ft ft ft ft ft fl
Doesn't Want  Much.
Washington,     Julv     12.-* Secretary
McAdoo, appearing  before  t'ae  house
committee on appropriations todav for
ihe first time, urged deficiency appro-
  jirlJtlons   of   $220,000   for   contlngHlt
I expenses of tlle treasury, {662,000  le
Trouble is brewing in llurnuby over i cover Increases of limits of ent  or
the proposal of Vancouver to locate a ; public   buildings   under   construe;, u
������'��� I cemetery    In    North  Burnaby.    Last : $78,000 tor technical engineering ser-
# I evening was the  first time  that   the  vices in construction of public build-
ttl Question   bus come  up    before    the lings, and $305,000 tor enlargement of
# i council. A leiter was read from C. E. | public hulldlngB and additional spa
ft .Telklus, protesting against the city
ft 1 authorities purchasing land In Uum-
ft aby for a cemetery site. No action
ft was taken or will be taken until a
ft reply is received to a letter from the
ft I municipal clerk, asking the city just
ft  what they Intend to do In the matter.
It Is probable that once the inrormation ls received from Vancouver as
to their Intentions, the matter
wlll be taken to the provincial gov
Birfgarla  on  Her Knees.
Belgrade,    July    14���Only nntpost
I'-i-emotifs  along  the  frontier  oe-
-nr-ed today,   ft is reported that Bul-
������i-in   bis  made  direct overtures to
Servia for an armistice.
for parcels post  service.
From  Over the Border.
Kdmonton.   July  14.---Nine  liUnois
'irmers. wltll sin estimated capital of
not less than $20,000, left the cltv tbiH
morning  for  the  country  northwest
���it  h**e  for  the  purpose  of  flndlns
"liable farming lo-cfltimw.   The party
��� "��� nlloted by C. J. Broughton. Canadian government agent at Chicago.
Convention  Clo-et.
in-   ��,,ep|es,  Julv  14-Th"  CVs. Veteran  Lumberman  Dead.
tlan Endeavor convention ended here Portland. Ore.. July 14.���Alter over
tonight. The farewell message frotri��-i w��eks' confinement In the GikmI
.,,.r. ,���f,. delivered hy Pev T ;Samaritan hospital, Charlea B. Hand.
Whltcomb Brougher, pastor of the of thin dty. veteran lumberman and
Tempi" Baptist ohnr'h. \.<���* Angel-B. |one of Portland's beat known clti-
Rev. Francis v.. Clark, of Boston, the zens, died rrom blood poisoning cam:
n'esli'ent or tbo United Society, made ed from a small splinter entering the:
the closing address. I palm at hi* right hand. PAGfc  TWO
TUESDAY, JULY  15,  1913.
An independent SS*tt*at�� paper demited to thc inter-sttt oi Sew Westminster und
the fraser Valley. PubUahttd every morntnp except Sunday by the Sational Printing
mid I'nhlishing Compama, tmimUed. at 63 McKenzie Street. Sew H'ctdmitistcr, British
Ctitninliitt. ROBB BVTHEltl.ASD, .Managing Director.
All omm-wn-icarwlii tn*S***s *e txddies ted to The Sew Westminster Sews, and not
tn indiri.beil -nemtwr. ml the *****���. i*hc;iies, drafts, and money orders should bc made
*.tij;able to The StUitmsxl Frtntinp and 1'ublishing Compan1/, Limited.
TKI.KI'HONBB���********** Office and Ifnnaocr, 099; Editorial Booms (all depart-
-Mints), 991.
ntllUCItlPTIOS KAt'.r.K���Bv carrier, $4 per year, $t for three months, 40c per
*mt**t*.    Bp mail, $3 ***r u***r. tic per montli.
>hi l.lirtmmi R-ttrKS on application.
Daily Health TalW^Rf NOT IN EAVOR
The announcement in lhe press dispatches a few days
ago lhat from Ijondon wuuld come the capital to move this
year's crop of grain from the prairies constitutes the best
news Canada has heard for several months.
With a year that hii;* been marked hy a steady tightness in financial centres, the Canadian banks were faced
with a serious problem in preparing for the post-harvest
operations and, at the .same time, preventing conditions
from becoming worse in business circles.
In other years the bankers have had to cut down on
iheir credits for some time prior to crop moving in order
to hold on hand the money necessary to take care of the
immense yield of the Canadian prairies, bu*, if the recent
announcement from London is correct, it means -that business conditions in the Dominion will become no worse and
that when once the grain begins its journey from the fields
things will be considerably better.
Of course, it is not to be supposed that the financial
men of the Old Land -will lose by their assistance to Canada. On the contrary, their money, so utilized, will earn
substantial returns, but, nevertheless, their action is proof
i��f the old proverb relating to the comparative consistencies of blood and water. With demands for money from
all parts of the world, many of them offering exceptionally promising fields of investment, the capitalists of
Britain have chosen to come to the assistance of the Dominion at a time when it will do a s^reat deal of good and
their action in so doing is simply further evidence of the
fact that "the family7' was made to stick together, a fact
that Canada will do well to remember.
Westminster first, last antl in the middle; get the
Tin would be just as pretty as silver if it were just
as rare.
The charge of "graft in the city hall" some way or
another doesn't seem to rhyme with "Toronto, the religious city."
International   Body  Comin-j  to  Coast
in  Aunust���Calling (or Tenders
For oieel
Victoria, July 14- -During iho month
of August Victoria will be visited by
ono cf the greatest international bed-
les el' the duy. It is the Qeologloal
Ci ngriMS, which Ihia year has been
assigned to Canada for the first time
in tlie history of the organization, und
it is usKiin^i that tliere will he in attendance at lhe various meetings that
hnve been arranged throughout the
Dominion a number of the leading
mines in the realms cf seientific research from nil quarters of the world,
c, I'. Clapp, if Hie Geological Sur-
v y, wlio is in the city, made this an-
nouncemi nt.'
I'll.* ei ngress will have its first
meeting in Ihe oast al an early date,
says Mr. Clapp. and thereafter a series of extensive excursions will bo undertaken so that the ep'-iro Dominion,
from Hal.fx to Victoria, and from
ihe boundary to the Yukon Mil be
vl fifed and  geologically inspected.
Two if the excursion parties will
come to Victoria and the other coast
cities, and after meeting in convention here with local geologists, they
will proceed northwards right up to
Ihe Yukon Territory. Tills division
i f the great congress into parties was
necessitated on account of the tremendous extent of this country. Otherwise it would take years to achieve
the t-isk in hand. In other and older
countries notably in Rut-ope, the con-
gnss was able to keep together, anil
all the members saw all the diffcr-
enl conditions, but in a countrv with
'In- vast dimensions of Canada and
the tremendous variety of conditions,
it would of course, be impossible to
attempt lo take them in as a whole,
and consequently tlie congress has
been divided into a series of parties.
Import  Dairy Cows
Prof. VV. T. McDonald, who ha-, been
travelling many thousand miles over
the Dominion during the last few-
weeks in searcli ef cond dairv cattle
for the farmers of British Columbia
has returned to Victoria. He reports
that he has obtained a good n-iantltv
of good grade dairy cows, with Holsteln blond predominating. These will
not he shipped until the wealher becomes cooler, but then will b-- snld by
auction at different centres in the
province, and will serve to take the
place  of  those  cattle   which   reacted
Wait till the Chinese market gardncrs form a trust
and vegetarians will lose lhe laugh they now have on the
meat eaters.
There'll be several larere cans of red ink used up in
Seattle this week when the employing printers of the coast
trathcr there for their annual bee.
The other day a man in St. Paul took $70 from his
employer's safe to pay bis debts. Will the creditors be
forced to return -flu* torn or will the boss lose his seventy
.-���imoleons ?
As a liehtning change artist the chameleon has nothing on the Butte widow who put a sudden end to a criminal case there the other day by marrying the man she,
had accused of stealing her diamonds.
It's a queer world where peonle have to be coaxed to i
take care of themselves. So many have wandered to death,
<m C.P.R. tracks on the nrairies that the company is go-,
ing to take some specially drastic action to prevent fur-!
ther fatal trespassing.
If New York's latest list of statistics is correct, there
should be a law compelling bachelors to marry.  It is stated
that more than half the crimes committeed there last year ���
���were the work of those wbo have no better halves to keep
them in order.
The Kansas City iurymen who brought in damages
for both plaintiff and defendant would hardly suit the
ourposes of a murder trial. They'd be apt tn recommend
life imprisonment for the prosecuting attorney as consolation for the prisoner they voted tn hang.
Manitoba was duly eonBtrttfted a
-province of Can.-ula. by -royal and par-
Stamentan enactment 12 years ago
today. Adams t; ArrfcibaM. -afterward knighted, wa.i niin-rd as Ore first
lieutenant-governor. The Rorthwest
had been acquired from ihe Hudson's
Bay Company tiy the Doratlftuti m 1^fi*l.
Fallowing this ai ranp-fiw-nl, anil DO-
lore Ihe actual transfer (if the country, lhere was a period nf irnnlilf.
Rlel bended a rebellion ot ha'.f bn i *!.-*
and early in 187B set uti �� provisional
government The rt'piom*M*? of P 'i ���
aid A. Smith, the future l-��0Td Strath-
cona end Mount Iti,yal, nun lh   mar ih
��>f COlOnCl Wolf, lev, afier V
Wolseley to Kort Carry, put an ��� m'i
fo the uprising. In l.hr HTlow ng Rep-
-temtrrr the first ministry ni tin
���province was nrE.ini'/.ed with n < Hon
M. A- Olrart aa premier.
I the  establishment    In    Canada of  a
great Anglican Institution of learning. I
From   ita  inception  Trinity  received
many generous benefactions.
Sl.     Thomas,    Ontario,     was    the
I sreno   of   a   terrible   railroad   wreck
twenty-six years ami today.    A freight
i train ran into an excursion train, and!
jthe latter, being crowded witli passen-
Igore, caught Are, Nineteen people
| were killed, most of thetn being burn-
led to death, while forty others were
i tn rlously   injured.
Trinity University, Toi-otro, was
founded under tlie provision o! a royal
���tarter dated ni*<tv nm: years ngo today, .lul*. I". I'*'.''. IVisfmr, Sir ' i
���j-rns iin* leader  In :-.;��� tuuvi until  tnr
Toronto, .Tuly it    Earl Mi Kay. the
<-, ��� ��� ,-r-f Id rn * f RonJamln McKay.
���!>r-i-'i] tin- lower lip and peverely
was h'tten through tlie lip and badly
scratched by an Irish terrier -uf
ferlng from rubies. The little fellow
.* I- attacked while Bitting on tin- door
-.���' p of liis home, Dr Olendennlng
��� ��� colli d and atti nded to the buy.
who is doing nicely, 'lln- dOR was de
t,;.," hed liy a policeman, it wns stated i*i:iT the animal had also billon a
man ��'"' a cal previous to attai kin -
lbe child.
to  the tuberculin  test and havc
to bn destroyed.
Youthful Thieves
Charged   with   breaking   into
enter nn  the store  premises    of
Burrldge'  Mercantile   Co..   ami
Stealing  from   campers  at  the  Corse
I two gins, a clock and a quantity of
lewelry, Owen (I.  Long, aned 12, and
Sidney Hutton. aged ir,, were arrest-
I ed  hy  Detectives Turned and  Kdens.
'The lads  confessed  to  their  attempt
i at   robbing   the   llurridge   Mercantile
i Co.'s   store.     They   secured   entrance
i through  a  rear  window,  which  they
'.smashed,  hut  did not. take anything
j away.     Tlie   campers   at   the   (Jorge
wfre robbed while they were absent
| from the tents.
Want  Steel   Now
���"  addition  to  the  tinders  for ma-
j terlal   which   have   been   invited   for
ISooke   Waterworks,   tenders nre  now
being asked frr a supply of structural
steel   for   some   49   trestles   carrying
the  concrete   pipe  on, the   flow   line
between Sooke Lake and humlm-k re
servoir.    These trestles are' designed
lo  meet  the creek  and  ravine  cross
'ngs,   nnd   will   be   either enstructed !
by day labor or under a sub-contract.
It Is necessary to select snme non-in-
flamable  material   In  order  lhat   per
manency may be secured.   There are
five  syphons  where the  pipe  will   be
under  pressure  and  the  Sooke  rivet
has to be crossed.
i-'inhland Re-iment
A Highland regiment for Victoria is
uow almost an assured fnct. As already stated, the organizing commit-
tee met with a verv favorable reception from the mii-��-er of mili'ia and
defence, and from Oeneral Sir Ian;
Hamilton. It haa now been dec.(led
that the regiment when formed, will
be attached to the Gordon Highland
era, and will wear the Cordon tartan
��� nd tiie badee "By lined." of the (lav
Gordons, The question of finances
has been 'he most serleus one for
the commlltee, bul several prem'nent
men in lhe cltv have signified their
willingness to lend a helping hand In
Nearinn r-ore'-.tetion
Of the fniir large buildings tn form
earl of the new and more adequate
K ,���.* N, terminal rallwav facilities
which I",-*" i ���'������! under constme'lon
on the old Songhees reserve for Bomi
months, two bnve been pract'callv
completed ""d two urn  h,-"g rushed
���,|, .. .  tv   (\ .,...,Mr...  V    I!    tl,.,.    -is fast
a:- is compatible with thoroughness.
AWArn   LAT.r   CONT'='��r"T'-.
Spokane. Julv 14 -Cortrn-ts ntrcrc
,,.,.;,., *925,ono and lnc|"d'ng sr'-""
'f the finest fentnres *t th* no;: $2-
000,ruin, and some of the in'���est in
d ��� i'l'",i contract^ yet swarded in
connection ' i li the cn"s*-"f"lTi. have
he..,, let  wl'h'n  the last  few dn'-s   ne
I"-nl1-*!"   tO   I'"'   :"llH)'l"e. "'e-t   r.f   ][     |,
Harrison, superintendent of construe-
tion for the Hrivtnn Fi-^e'neer-ng *-m
'���-mv. which tins tho ge���ornl construe
tlnn contract for 'he bit )���������>������) The
latest contracts to hn -iwa-rbd a-e ths
InteHor cablnel f'nlsh tho interior
marble, the eytpr , r n"d Int'-rVr pnin-
''"? ne* "'-"r>rod hv the cabin0* e--.
tract, nnd the plastering and plastot
, y .,.,-���,.,  pontrflot.
T'...     1-,-T.I      |... II. ������.��!���. -I     e���.  |r.,-.(      ',,
I'.rs-   ������"������    i -���'- -1   f(j   tv-   r'n-l'-'p--
--���'���t ��� -*,  'n*T in n-oorox'mntelv
���:���;, o i, This eo was irlven tn .1. J.
Ti-ik' r if SBnttle, The contracl
takes in the entire plastering of nil
the walls and ceilines and the model
lng of tli" ornamental plaster. The
bitter will euI he the i" "i""' li nal
stock casts b-it will lie special designs
' l'i I ' rl I, ��� skilled workmen on the
build ng md moulded bv them dlrocl
ly nn the "nils and cell'ngs or where
������ r " * :'. ma call for tb< -.-...
PLAV is the natural
outlet for a boy's I
energies     ami     consequently  if a hoy la to
be normal he must hi
given   some   form     ef
i,lay.    The  old  saying
has proven to be true
on     many     occasions.
"All work and no plav
tn.-tT-.es    .lack    a    dull
boy."   If you do not believe that play-
is  natural   take  a  walk   through  our
fair city any day: study the play and
players at Queens park, Moody square
vacant  lotB  and  ninny  of  lhe street I
and you will find scores of men and
hoys gelling  what  nature  is calling
for und that Is exorcise.
Of course some are being paid fnr
their services, but they Bre in the
minority and the polnl sliil holds tru".
duly a few weeks ago at one of our
parks o baseball game was being played, another team was practising, two
lacrosse teams were Irving to gel
some also and an athletic meet was
being run. These were the organized
groups and does not take into cons d
elation tbe small boys plavlng arcund
Our city is fortunate indeed in having within its confines the number n'
open spaces thai it lias. These cnubi
he made very attractive and useful
at small expense.
I believe a great number rf the
complaints which are coming into the
polic" day after dav could be remedied if the boys and girls �� ere given
a place to play under good supervision, it would menu that the c'tv
would pay a playground supervisor
Instead of the policeman now doing
duty on  the  parks.
It Is not enough to have a place
to play but it requires a good man
to handle the piny.
A poorly equipped playground with
a first class teacher is better than
a far superior equipped ground anil
inferior  teacher.
"I'virr -"'ds are real'v schroln In
which children are taught to devel"t
not nnly strength of mind and si If-
confidence In their po��-ers as thev
compete with others of their own age
but it develops those traits of character and of honor, which when pro
pcrly developed result In honest men
land woiM,". The influence (f the
adult ou the child cannot b�� over-estimated for it runs through eternity.
:The older man influences tbe young
man. the young man Influences the
older bov. the older bov Ihe younger
boy, and the younger hoys are grew
ing hy this means to be like the men
Th" playground is offi ring one of
tlie best opportunities at the present
time for bringing boys in close contact and under the direct Influence
of the men, and. therefore the men
ishould be mere careful as to what
k'nd of influence tbey are exerting.
Calgary    Councillcrn      Will      Submit
Straight Hi-jb Level  Bridro for
People's Approval.
Calgary, Alta., July 14.���Despite the
frank admission of City Engineer G.
W. Craig that he thought T. H. Maw-
son's original plan of a combined high
level bridge and roadway across the
Uow river at Centre street, was tlie
best, the council has voted to submit
a by-law calling for a straight high
level bridge from Centre street on tlie
south side of the river to Centre sl reet
at the top of the hill on the north
side. The action was taken following
a report of the special bridge committee on six proposed bridges. The committee report Included the engineer's estimates on the cost of both
plans, inclusive of properly damages,]
as fellows: Cosi of straight high
level   bridge,   inclusive    of     property
damage,  $672,160.    cost  of  Mawson
bridge and grade, $517,600.
Mystery Unsolved.
The mystery of who gave oul  tbe
absurd  story  from  Commissioner  A.
J. Samis' department that the muni ���'-
pal paving plant was saving the city
$1,000 a dny, still  remains unsolved.
Tbe  responsibility   lies  between  Superintendent II. C, Brown, of the paving   plant,   and   Commissioner  Sam Is,
but neither man has come forwnrd vet j
to admit  that he  made the blunder.
As a result of this  nhsurd  story, tlie
,"gag" rule was introduced in the coun- ,
cil by Alderman Carscallen, seconded i
by Alderman Crichton, that n > infor- j
mation Bhould be given to the newspapers by  the  heads of city depart- '
ments except through the c immlssion-
ers or mayor.    The aldermen appar-
ently seemed unaware of the posBlhll- j
Ity thai the unreliable interview mlghl
have  been  given  out  by one of  the'
commissioners hitns"!f
Takers Were  Fned.
The breid-wranping hy-law Ogttr d
pa-ain In the-police curt when C. I'
VVhltlock and K. Davids were charged
with delivering unwrapoed bread contrary to the by-law, M, B, Peacock ��� ,
appeared on behalf nf the accused and . \cooi
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
II & P. O. of Klks of the I), of l ���. "iee
lhe first nnd third Thursday al 8 p- m-
K. nf P. Hail. Eighth street A Well
iiniy. Uxalted lluler; P. ll. Smith. See
. O. O. M., NO. 864.���MEETS Or*
llrst, socond, third and fourth weanes
dny In inch month at 8 P- m.
in' the Mouse Home ii. J Leamy
dictator; P. B. Jones, Becretary
l-tendquarters of lodg-a in Bee houm
corner nt Fourth and Carnarvon Btreeti
1 O O F AMITY LODQE NO. 17��� Th
r, Kiilar meeting of Amity lodge Ni
21 1 o. O. P., Is held every M-onoa
niRiu at �� o'clock In odd Fellows Hal
oorner Carnarvon and Eighth streeti
viHittnii lii-ithern cordially Invitee
It. A. Merrlthew, N. o.; J. nnln-rtHot
V o.; W. C. Cnatliam. P. Q., record
Inn secretary; H. w. SangaUr, finar
clal secretary.
ter & Hanna, Ltd.)���Funeral director
nnd embalmers. Purlers inn Columbl
sired.   New  Westminster.    Phone  98:
VV E. KAl.ES���Pioneer Funeral DlrectO
and Bi-balmer, Oiii-sm Agnes ��ir��e
opponl.��� Carnevle Library.
Unt    Tet   it.   128.   Hoom
stated  that  he  had   understood   that
tho bakers were to bp ppmiittPii  to
deliver  wholesale  broad   without   the;
wrappers,    Thp   three  accused   bak- ���
ors,  ho said,  had  been  wrapping  <ir
much of their bread as they could, and ;
what was being delivered unwrapped
was   wholesale.     Magistrate   Sanders'
Bald he was unaware of any such un- |
derstandlng as this.    "The by-lav; U. spKriFiCATiON*
hero, and it has eitherd  got to be  en
p. h. Smiih. W. j. Orovei
Work  undertflh in   in   city   and   outmd
points.   211-12   Westminster  Trust   Bide
Phone 3��4.    p,  o.  Box  &07.
COAL MININU rlKlits of th��> Dominion
in Manitoba, Baakatohewan ami Alberta.
Un' YiAum Territory, the Nnrthwent Territories and in a portion of the Provwioe
i.f British Columbia, may be leased for a
term of tweaty*onfl y*'ara ut cn annual
nmtal of ti an aero. Not more than 7661
acres will lt��) leased to on�� applicant.
Application for a lease must l���� made
by the applloant In person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of th** dlstrlot In which the
rlKhtH applied for aro situated.
in surveyed territory the land must he
described by Motions,  or legal  sub-divisions of sections, and in unsurveyod ter*
1 ritory   the   tract   applied    for    hhall    be
stoked out by the applicant himself.
Kach application muat bo. accompanied
'��� by a fee of $0 which will be refunded If
the rights applied for are not available,
| bul not otherwise, A royalty shall be
I paid OO the merchant abb* OUtpUt of the
I mine M the rate nf five cents per ton.
The   person   Operating   the   mine   shall
furnish the Agent with swern returns
: accounting for Uie full quantity of mer-
j chantable coal mined and pay the roy-
alty thereon, if the coui mining riiybta
, ire noi being operated such returns should
1 be- furnished ai  lenst  once a  year
The lease will Include the oeal mining
: rljfhts  only,  but  the  leasee  wlll   be  permitted  to   purchase   whatever   available
turface rights maj  be considered nece*
<mrv for tho working of the mine at  ihe
I rale'of  $10  an  acre.
For full Information application should
be marie to il%> fteeretar/ of th"  Ivpart.
merit   of   the   Interior.   Ottawa,   or  to  any
Agent  or  Sub-Agent  of  Dominion   i.;unln.
W. w. CORY,
Deputy  Minister of the  Interior..
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of this
i   ,.-t- , . i iu..te,.fit   will   not   n*�� paid   for
Snle tx'i-ils. BH-atfieM Lettan, etc.; circular wurk Hp, clnllHl.    All work strict,y
forced or wiped out altogether,    saul ;    oonfldentlal.   H. Harry, room ,18 Wi-��t-
his worship, '    minster Truet Blk.   Phone ""2.
Flower Show Popular. 1 	
The number of entries in the garaen I BOARD OF TRADE.
conipotition this year is more than
double that of any previous year. This
is a good  Indication  of what  may  be
8t,-r Bonrd of Trad" tru-em In thf board
ronni. flty Hall, na follows: Third Frl*
tiny of ,-nch month; quarterly metftlnf
on tli�� thlr,I Friday of February. May
August and November at 8 p.n. An
nual ni��*��'tln��cn on th. third Friday o!
February, C. II Stuart Wade, were
Will   Cicnd   the   Wesk   at   Vicicr'.a���
Endeavor to Get Visit From
American Jhlns
Victoria,  duly   14.-  After    all    the
Now   Zealand   will   be   in   the   capital
during Carnival Week, and visitors at-
! tending the  festival,  as  well as  residents,   will   have  an  opportunity    of
. viewing the battle cruiser of the grea'
Common wealth  of  the  Antipodes  under ideal  conditions.
Word to this effect has reached the
city from the Hon. J. I). Hazen. minister of marine and fisheries, who In
a telegram to the premier, Ma'ed that
the ship would call here on the original date, July i",. and then proceed
to Vancouver on July 21, remaining at
that port for a few days, and then
returning to the capital on August 4
and remaining until the end of thc
week and  the carnival.
From the wording of the telegram
It appears clear that the New Zealand will not only be at Bsqulmalt
for t"o da" before going tn Vancouver, but will, upon her return, stay
dur ni; the run of the carnival, which,
to say the lea3l is a great deal more
than w-as expected hv the most Ban-
ru ne people Interested in the move-
ment. That tho rreaere.e of the shin
in these watrr-i during Carnival week
will   - - vo   ;,   ' cl mble  attraction
tn ren-* '���*��� loc lted 'n 'he sound cities,
part f ���' ul'. at ���'���11 nt 10 people rest-
|r|.,r ���> ,,.,-. iii.',.-t points, may h--
lak���n r>r planted. Inasmuch as li Is
p*������ evi rv dny that o modern battleship la to be Boon under any c'.rcum
StlMH' s
An'icipatlns 'his happy result, the
nfflc ala of the citizens' committee
have been in communlcat'on wltll the
naval attthcr'tiea of the Unted States
iu the hope that it nay be possll '������
tn effect a ereetlng between the Ilrillsh shin aj'd one or two cruisers at
i-,*i' d tn the Pacific squadron of Hi,-
United States fleet, So far, no definite Information haa enme to hand re
parditiK this s--|i h 't the carnival
en'hus'asts are not without hope that
their  idea  may  be  realized.
expectetl at the big flower show to be i
held in the new horse show building i
on  August 13 and  14.    The rain and |
warm   sunny   days   of   the   past   few
weeks  have helped  the garden  crops i
considerably, and many beautiful Kar-
dens are in evidence.   The directors of j
the  horticultural   society,  deslrius  ofl
rendering all assistance possible, have '
arranged to hold a public meeting on icon Bonn, QUANT * Mcroi.I., BAR
risb-rs, -^iltcltors. etc. 40 l.orne Street
New W.-^tmlnj-tter. O, E. Corbould. K
C.    J.  H. Grunt.    A. B. MeColl.
July   15.   in   the   lecture  hall   nf   th
public library.    A  paper will  be  read
on "Flowers and Vegetables for Inhibition;   Mow  to  Produce and  How  to
Show Them."
Synod Meete S-on.
On Tuesdav the thirteenth meeting
of the Anglican diocese of Calgary
will commence its sessions under thej
chairmanship of the Klght Hev. llishop I
Plnkham. Over two hundred clergy
and lay delegates from all parts of the
diocese will be present and some important matters are due to come up for
discussion. The members of the,
Woman's auxiliary are looking after
the hospitality of the out-of-town delegates and they will provide luncheon
each day in the lower Paget hall. The
proceedings will start, with a celebration of thn holv communion at the
pro-cathedral of the Redeemer at
which the canon of Manchester will
preach the sermon. At 10 o'clock matins will he held in the pro-cathedral
when the bishop will deliver his address.
Looking for Cash  Books.
The storv of the theft of monev and I
missing cash books at the Calttarv land
titles office as related a few days ago.!
was practlcaly substantiated by a
prominent governmen' official who
was intervied bv a press representative b'ter. While this gnntb m������������
showed a desire to belittle the nutter, he admitted that chief li t, ctlve
Nicholson is working "n the case
and that th" authorities have ���" i ��� ���*'
discovered the men who took Ihe til
from the rash till nor the reason for
Ihe abduction of the cash books for
tho lat t s;v years
ter-at-law. Bolicitor, etc. Telephon*
toVo. Cable addreae "Johnston.'
Code, "Western Union." Offlcne. KIM
Blnck. S52 Columbia etreet. New Wart
minuter.  B. C.
aide ��� Barristers and Solicitors, West
minuter Truat Blk.. Columbia etreet
New Westminster, B. C. Cable addrea*
"Whiteside." Western Union. P. C
Drawer 200. Telephone 09 w. 3
Whiteside, K. C.: M. L. Edmonds, J
I. STILWBLL CLUTE. Barrlstcr-at-lan
solicitor, etc.: corner Columbia an-
McKenzie streets. New Weetmlnstet
B. C.   P. O.  Bol  112.    Telephone   71(
1.   P.   HAMPTON    BOLE
Solicitor    and     Notary,
block,   'is  Lorne   street,
ster, B. C.
Offices      Har
New Weatmlr
Trnders will be received by thc undersigned for the construction of portions of the Cnnadlan Northern Pacific
Railway on Vancouver Island. Province of liritish Columbia, as follows:
I 1. From the City of Victoria to a
j point near Headman's River In the
District of Baqulmault, a distance of
'approximately five miles.
2,    A line leaving the above at Uo-
Iglna  Avenue, Victoria, and  extending
| to l'nlon Hay. Saanlch Penlnlsula,    a
distance of approximately   LVi  miles.
Tinders to Include clearing, grabbing, grading, bridges, trestles, culverts, masonry and fencing.
Contractors will be required to submit two tenders for tbat portion of
the work included in the grading, one
being on the basis of the following
Solid rock,
Loose rock,
Hard pan,
and the other on Ihe basis of a clasai-
flcation for "solid rock" and "all other
Plans, profiles, specifications and
forms of contract may be seen, and
forms of tender obtained at the ofTices
of Mackenzie, Mann & Co., Ltd..
Metropolitan building, 837 Hastings
street west, Vancouver, B.C., or at the
offices of Mackenzie, Mann & Co.,
Ltd.,   Pemberton block,  Victoria,  B.C.
Tenders to Include clearing, grub-
ofLces of Mackenzie, Mann & Co.,
Ltd., Metropolitan building, 8,17 Healings street west. Vancouver, B.C., not
later than noon on Saturday. July 19,
1918, and to be enclosed In a sealed
envelope marked "Tenders for Construction." Thc lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted.
July Gth, 1913. (1700)
llarrlM��*rs und Solicitors. 605 to 111
Westminster Trust Block, fi. B, Mar
tin, W. O, McQuarrie and fleorge I
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
rn   Ml INROM   M���
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid Up)   116,000.000 0'
RESERVE    $16,000,000.0'
Branches throughout Canada ntu'
Newfoundland, and In London, Rn*
land, New York. Chicago and Spokatu
U.S.A., nnd Mexico City. A genera
banking business transacted.    Letter
H.  Windch-'k  cf   Mission   Narrowly
E--;aper.   Death.
Mlsslt n City, It. ('., July 14.- A miraculous ft scape from death occurred
here ��*he*t a mr-tof car driven by II.
Wlndebank, the owner, turned turtle
in a ditch near Dewdney .-.taM m, on
the trunk road, pinning Its occupant
Mr. Wlndebank had beep in Dewdney on a I uvincss trip, returniiu- Inine
h" slopned al ll. Thompson's phi ��� ond
c'-erh u'rd tho machine. Shortly afterward lm le'l to continue his i urney
home, and when negotiating the lum
al the railway crossing a! Dewdney,
something went wrong with the steering gr-if and in a momett, the tni
chine was nnslde down In the ditch
with Mr, Wlndebank pinned underneath struggling t i get frno and iu
Ihne i* , I of water How he extricated himself from the perilous nosltlnn
lie cinnnl himself evplain, bul he
evi nt tally s:o1 on tho bank, wet
iiiniui-h ������������d with excruciating pain In
I hi*   i bouldi .*.
Mi neon, Alto., Julv 1-t     A, M   11 1
fnr    the   bast    fe--"      ���erir-l      S"C-et->.-v
treasurer cf local lmorovp*mnn( d's
trlcl No. Z27. ba - lie,.,, arr*,'i'-ed u-
fore .lu��tic"s of t*',> Pence Major t-,r
yl�� C. M. ('���'. ('. W. Holrnson and W
Cilcs on n eharire of misanpr-'pr'-l
i"H the funds of the municipality for
Ill's own use. nnd wns remanded The iof Credit issued, available with col
mod �������������� released en bends tn the   respondents In all parts of the w
���"o"nt of .-t'T.nii, him��elf $r,ufi and two
I'-rt'eu in  si'ino.    Ver several
in  has  been  the  Poo   P-��h n
e'ot,  having    as    prevtousl
heen   -secretary   ef  **"���  district
for llfp. fro a-H boil Ins'-r-ince   -store.
keeper nt   Highland, besides being ex-
��� ensivelv  engaged   in   the  real  estate
In-tin ennentlv disposed of his nro-
-ortv. e"d '-"k Ihn t'-'n with h's f>m
llv pt M"rr'<-> osteoslh'v for a visit *o
fMer,*-'*. Ttie authorities of the d;s-
tr'ct, however, who have been r'-eelv-
in'i reports <f late for uncredlted
'-ive-; !'��������� vblcll t'-em u-.ly pn e-"dit
!,i   I''"   books,   had   him
SavlngB Hank Department��� Deposit'
.Ms dis-   rpnelv,'<1  In   sums  of  ��1   and  upward
stated |?Dl.,n.ter*.,J allowfi(1 ��t 3 per cent ��e>
B.,���nt lanniim (present rate).
Total Assets over J18fi.0fin.nnn,no.
O. D.  BRYMNER,  Manage!
To Port  Mann and  Port Coqultlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Dally Except Sunday.
As Per Following 8chedule:
Leaves  New Westminster  for  Port
Mann  S':00 a.m.
Leaves   Port  Mann  for  New  West-
minster ft:00 a.m.
Leaves  N'ew  Westminster for  Port
Mann  and  l'ort Coqultlam  10:00 a.m.
Leaves   Port   Coqultlam    for    Port
Maim and New Westminster 1:00 p m.
Leaves   New   Westminster   'or   Port
Mann 6:80 p.m.
leaves   Pnrt  Mann   for   New   Westminster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves  New  Westminster  for  Pnrt
Matin and Port Coqultlam 4:1*10 p.m.
Leaves   Port   Coqultlam    for   Port
Mann and New Westminster -8:30 p.m.
Schedule subject to change without
For further Information Inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 164 L.   Office 903 Columbia St.
P.O. Box 3-4 Dally Newe Bldo
of all   kinds,
irrestid   In   Prices right    Satisfaction guaranteed
59  McKenzie  Rt
New Spring and 8ummer Boltings
now on display.    See them.    Perfect
fit and workmanship guaranteed.   701
Kront atreet.
Stettlrr,   and   he   was  hrought   hack!
here   for   a   hearing.     Attorney   Law* I mmm*m
t-enee is acting for the district In the
mat'er,    Dunn Is a man of genial (lis ���
position   and has  made mail"  f-iends i
throughout the distr'ct who find dim-1   ,a hereby given   thai    Iho   srennd
oultv  In  believing thai  there can be  hall yearly payment on trade licenses
anything wrong In liis business tran-ifor 1913  is now due and  payable n|
suctions, and he himself claims thai  the office of   the License   Inspector,
everything  can   bo   satisfactorily   es- City Hall.
plained. |(1729) S, J. PEARCE.
Transfer Co.
Office Phont Its.     Barn Phone 137
Begble S��r����t.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hawing
Reoi-Banlntion of Preaent System Advocated���Alderman   Now   In
Charge Inexperienced.
Calgary, Alta, July 13.���That there
ihould he a reorganization of the
methods of handling the city finances
us at present managed hy Alderman
Carscallen, chairman of the finance
committee of the council, Is the opinion or Mayor A. H. Slnnott. The
mayor believes that if the finances of
Ihe city were handled hy a board composed fif the mayor, the city treasurer and one or two other competent
city officials much of the uncertainty
and trouble experienced In handling
debentures would be avoided.
"I advocated a change of thla nature early in the year," said his worship, "but the council did not see fit
to take It up. The handling of the
finances should be In charge of some
oue thoroughly familiar with the work,
and the city treasurer certainly should
be a member of the board. The mayor
should be on the board to be In touch
with affairs.
"It is absurd," continued the
mayor, "that the management of the
finances should he turned over to men
who are absolutely new at it as was
Nelson    Getting    Ready
Event���Many   Mineral   Exhibit
���Other   Attractions
for    Annual   Dr. Watt Denied Alleged NJglccl
Chew, j 1G.0C0 Quarantines
In  Last Ten  Years
Ndscn, July 14. There promises to
b" an exceptionally good exhibit in
lhe mineral section of the fall fruit
fair this year. Awards are being offend for free milling gold ores, gold-
sllvr ores, gold copper ores, dry silver lead and zinc ores, and a new-
class has been made for clays suitable for brick, pottery and cement.
There will also be a display of bulld-
""! stones and a special prospectors'
prize for the best discovery In 1913,
A medal Is .being offered for the best
classified collection of ores displayed
by a school bov, the exhibit to be
a bona fide collection made by the
boy himself.
A contract has been signed for tlie
fireworks display, which will be a
splendid sight. It Is expected, and a
feature of the big annual Nelson
fr��'t fair thlB year.
Victoria, B. ('., July 14.��� Kor nearly
Ihree hour*! Dr. Watt, director of the
William Head quarantine station, occupied tbe wltncBs box at the assize
jourt room, when the last sitting of
the Dominion quarantine commission
wai-j conducted by H. W. It. Mooro.
Duslng that time the doctor had an
opc'rtuiiily to answer criticisms which
have been leveled by certain passengers of the Monteagle at the housing
sanitation and administration of the
quarantine s'atlon.   lie also gave his
vprsion of the d's-igreem'-nts bet wee-
himself and Dr. Hunter, h's assistant
the story of which has ben given bv
the latter gentleman at the last sit
tine at Ihe station.
The whole of a morning was snc"t
Two Bids for Construction of Concrete
Tunnel   Under C. P. R.
Tint applications are still coming In in  cross  examination   bv   H.   H.  Rob
for space for district o.\hlb'ts und dis- ertson, counsel  for  Dr.  Watt   who at
tricts  which  Intend to make exhibits the outset  had  elicited  the fact  thsi
nre   urged   to   get   their   applications the director had taken up his present
in  for space  as soon  as possible, as duties  at  William   Head   in  the year
It Is going fast,    l-'rultvule Is the laBt 1897. at   which  time  onlv  eight   men
were employed on the station.
the  ease  this  year.  There should   he  district  to  date  to  signifv   Its  inten
pome continuity In the handling of our  Hon of mukng  a district display,    As   that  year   nearlv   600,000   people  had
bonds and debentures." ito  local  attractions,  negotiations  are  been examined bv officials at the sta-
Newrpapermen   and   others   around   under  way   with  the  V.  M.  ('.  A.  to  tlon. and over 10.000 had actualv been
the cltv hill familiar with conditions  feature   an   attlle'lc   h��'I     gymnastic  quarantined, representing in  their to*
there are the only ones fully aware of display  In  pyramid  building, gymnofl
the ridiculous spectacle the city    has  tic drills   etc.
made of Itself on several occasions That Nelson is in no wav behind
this year through blunders of the lln the class of attraction held at its
finance committee of the city Council I fall la'r Is shown bv thc fact that no
of which Alderman Carscallen ls the|i,,SH (|lan three acts on the program
chairman While Mr Carscallen has ,f the Calgarv exhlb't'OIi held recent-
teen seeking tfi familiarize himself |v has been previously plaved at the
with the details of the'clty finances Nelson exhibition said Oeorge Mors-
��� since he assumed the chairmanship tead manager of'the local show, fine
he is laboring under the handicap ofiof ,-.���, future acts for this year's
lack of experience
Kamloops, July 14.���The mayor
presided at the city council meeting I
j when there were also present Alder- ���
men Dr. Wade, Barton, Crawford,)
Hrown, MoOlll and Hayntun, and the.
clerk, J. J. Cartm-nt.
Alderman  Crawford  presented    the
report  drawn  by  by  the  water    and
light committee, the power house su-1
perintendent and tbe   city   engineer
with   respect   to   the   tenders   for   the
construction of a concrete tunnel from ,
the new power house under the C, P.
K.  track  to  Thirteenth  avenue.  This
was to the effect that the price asked
by Messrs. Johnson and Co., wiib $8,-
740, and that by the Held, Todd Con-
Btructlon   Co.,   $3,026t   and   that   the
award  of  the  contract  to  the  latier
company was recommended,   A letter
from the consulting engineers, Messrs.:
Ducane, Dutcher & Co., was aleo read
approving of this recommendation that j
Ihe  contract   be   given   to   the   Reid, |
Todd  Construction  company.
The mayor thereupon declared that
Messrs. Johnson & Co., had not ten-1
dered  according  to  the  specification.!
Every Woman
Knows That
instead of sallov/ ckin and face
blemishes sho ought to possess
tho clear complexion and thc
beauty cf nature and good
health. Any woman afflicted
or 8ufrerin.'f at tkr.cs fron
headache, backache, nervousness, languor and depression
of   spirits���ought   to   try
the safest, surest, most convenient and most economical
remedy known, Beecham's
Pills remove impurities, insure
better digestion, refreshing
sleep, and have an excellent
general tonic effect upon the
whole bodily system. Theyhafo
a .wonderful power to improve
the general health, while by
purifying the blood. Beecham's
Pills   clear    tho    skin    and
a rat skin throughout the tryiug Bummer
months will do well ta  put in a supply uf our
which preserves the orlgfa-Bl whiteness -nnd
softness of the skin and aattatm it daintily as
Kor the good of your ousnplerion try It.
At Prices 25c. and 50c.
^^1 RYALL'S.
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optiriaa) Phone 57
The Complexion
Sold everywhere.    Ia boxen, If. cents.
No   woman   ahould   fail  (o read the vaioablt
direction* witb every box.
tality no fewer than 50 vesB"lB. Purine all that time, he answered Mr
Robertson, there had heen a fe-- "cut
tered complaints aboul Individual
thingB, but generally perfect satisfac-
tion had been given. ,son, *  ' �� , ___^__
had  endeavored  to  explain  this  "on-
tention.  but  he  had   heen   iinahle   in
formation that Mr.  Dutcher was suffering from a sprained ankle.
The motion was thereupon amended
so as to read that the matter he held
over pending information from Mr.
Dutober as whether any additional
work was necessary. This was carried.
feature  at   the
oliihlt'on  was also    ^^^^^^^^^^
Calgarv show.
in the poultry division J. II. War-
ir,: ten. of Cornwall. Out., who last
year exhibited Hm bird1* here, is expected to show again /is year, and
with him he will bring 'idn prize birds heart failure
wh'-h he had at the Calgary show. 	
The prize lists for the fair are ex-
pected to be ready within the next
two  vveeks.
Difficulty With Bankers Has Been Settled���Laborers' Protective Association Asks for Work.
Victoria, II. ('., July 14.���The city
officials have received the welcome
nows that the difficulties with the
Hank of British North America have
1 een aettled, and that the bank will
make advances against the security of
the current year'B taxes. ThiB Intelligence will relieve the cramped conditions under which officials have been
laboring In the effort to commence
contemplated  work authorized
Since They had learned "on the side" that
some further cement work would be
required, and llle lump sum they quoted without specifying any details, was
meant to include this work for which
tenders had not heen called. Their
tender was in reality, he said, the lower of the two.
J. J. Carment. the clerk, stated that
J. A. OUI of the firtn of Messrs John-
had  called  upon  him and
those years also  there had  , .   , _
~^^~~^^^~ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Damages  for   Late   Telegram.       (
support   of  his   statement  to   furnish I    Seattle, July 14.���Ruling that men-
figures that approximated to those o"'tal Buffering caused by the failure of
the tender;  there was a discrepancy, a  telegram   to   reach   Its  destination!
oi J447 'through negligence is fit grounds for;
Aid. Crawford declared that  it was  redress in a court of law Judge Dyke-
abusrd for the city council to pav tn!man   In   the   superior  court  awarded
'any  man  fo  large  a   salary  ns  they 1600 damages to Charles E. Corcoran
were paying to Mr. Dutcher, the con-  and   his  wife  In   a  case  against  the
suiting engineer, if he could not decide  Postal Telegraph Cable company that
which of two tenders ought to be ac-   has unusual phases.    Summoning her
icepted;   and   he  added   that    if    Mr.  husband to the bedside of their dying
'Dutcher was not nmpetent tn do this child  Mrs. Corcoran  filed a telegram
jthe council should discharge him. at the local telegraph office here Sep-
He meeed  thit the matter he held  temher 3,  1910, but  Mr. Corcoran  in
'over and th-' Mr. Dutcher he sent for  St. Paul, never received It. It waB not
|to explain if anything additional was  delivered   to   his   address   until   four
. nececsar" days after its receipt, and a day fol-
The   cltv engineer explained that a  lowing  Mr.  ��brcoran's  departure  for
20-foot extenrlon would be necessary, j Seattle.    When  he  arrived  his  child
and  Mr. Carment volunteered the In-1 was dead.
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
During ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
been over a hundred cases of Infectious diseases treated, includ'ng .4
et smallpox. Questioned ss t* the
number if people who hsd d'ed in
the fiuarantine stat'on durin-t Dr
Wad's tenure of office, the director
replied to the effect that nine had
passed away; three frnm Binallnox.
two frcm dysentry, two from beriberi
one   from   pneumonia  and   one   from
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
"6000. Bur SLOW"
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured ta B. C, Tls.: tha
the celebrated "VANCOU\ Kit" Brand, guaranteed to pen Standard
Specifications of American  and Canadian  smh*fa*s**M*t  *���oeistion
We would also call attention to our Vitrifted Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-in. in diameter. This ie also made in thia Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Rock. Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Commission Will Hold First Sitting In
Victoria Today���Sealers Waiting Patiently.
Three   Kinds  of  Customers���Spokane
Merchants to  Improve  Credit
Phones 15 and 16.
I Cetambta Street W.
Spokane.   July   14.���All   consumers
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ of groceries in Spokane are now dl-
  j vlded  into  three great  classes,   "dead
I beats," the  "poor but honest." and the
Victoria, B. C, July 14.���It iB a far1 "good, but slow." and the retail gro-
vry from  Victoria to the l'ribylof Isl- I cercrs have decided to improve credit
  under lands, but this famous northern group j conditions   hy   demanding     that     the
the estimates  but  not  yet  begun  tor will not seem so far away after Tues-  ''trfod. but slow," customers pay their
'day,  when   Mr.  Justice Audette Likes; bills in full Instead of in part.
di ciston  of the -grocers  came
lack of funds
I'or the specific purposes for which
the stork was recently issued in London, the city Is in possession of another EIOO.OOO just remitted. The city
haH now about ��390,000 of the totul
Issue of i;4XL��.H76. Allowing for the
discount and charges there is. therefore, about another $40,000 to come
There will thus be considerable -sums
available for sewer and waterworks
The linancial situation Ib thus slowly straightening Itself out and money
will  he available  for certain  important works soon.   The advances on this I
stock   issue nre particularly  welcome.'
aa a deputation from    the    Laborers' I
Protective  union,  which   is  composed i
mainly   of   civic   laborers,   Is   waiting
for a date to he set to meet the finance
oommlttee on the unemployment question.
With money In Bight It will he possible to give thn deputation assurance of the opening up of work. This
organization has just adopted the following resolution, similar to those
adopted hy labor organizations on the
mainland! "Whereas many men In
the city of Victoria are at present unemployed, owing to an overcrowded
labor market, nnd whereas owing to
difficulty on the part of the city council io sell Its bonds, be it resolved that
the Victoria Laborers' Protective union nsk the provincial government to
purchase some of the city's bonds
with Ihe view of enabling the city to
enrry out work during the coming winter, anil thereby relieving the pressure of unemployment." This has
been sent to Sir Richard  Mclirlde.
Ex^ur��lonl��t�� Took Editor, Press, Pen
and Ink With Them.
Suskatoon, July 14- Ninety-two
business men of Saskatoon embarked
last week upon a four dayB' excursion
throughout fhe provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta for the purpose of
vli wing crop prospects and business
conditions, and forming tlieir own
opinions by comparison. The excur-
slon more than Justified the expectations, and the excursionists returned
with the conviction that business in
Saskatoon compares very favorably
with that of any other city in the two
The route of thn tour waa hy C. N.
11   frnm Saskatoon to Kdmonton-  <'.
his seat us Dominion sealing comtnis-
fof !
; ing   accounts   and   failed   In   business J
becauae thoy failed  to get the proper
discussion     the
roniie   grocprs   are   divided   Into   thc
| three (-int-Bcs above named.
"It le the grt nt class known as the
'good, but slow,' that is sending manv
"f the grocers into bankruptcy." snid>
sioner.     During  the   past   month,   nol latter  P.   S.   Meeds,  a  credit  man
onl ytho owners who were deprived of  'be McClintock-Trunkpy company, had
their  legitimate  trade  when   the   1D11   outlined   a   plan   for   making   prompt
tour-nation  treaty    was    signed,  but I collection of bills.    He declared thnt i
everybody engaged In the sealing hus-   many grocers  were careless In open
Iness,   from   hunters   to   boat   pullers,
have been busily figuring out the time
they were engaged In sealing and for- ^^^^^^^^^^^
warding   their   claims,   wblch   will   be       After    a     general
brought   np   for   consideration   during | grocers decided that citizens who pit
the sessions of the approaching com     ~    '       " J1..U...1   tmfx   is.
Captain (Ieorge Kirkendnle, shipping master of thiB port, frankly admits   that   he   has   spent   the   busies:   ^^^^^^
four   weeks   since   he   took   over   the Edward   Hollefson.   secretory   of   the
reins   of   office   in   dealing   with   the ] association, in announcing the deciBion
seal     hunters     anxious   to   get   their]
claims   lodged   within   the   appointed
time.    Over 200 have filed their time
Loose Change Dav
he local shipping master, prlnci-
wi-h t... 	
ually hunters and boatmen, and there
's ftill a steady stream of callers -'
the marine and  fisheries building.
In many cas-.s the scaling schooners carried crews who worked on a
percentage hasiB. and this will In all
probability be one of the strongest
arguments put forward by the hunters nnd other to prove that they arc
entitled to a big share of the huge sum
���>f money held by the Dominion government to compensate the claims.
Paris. July 14. Legal complications mere Involved that the famous
hihvr'nlh of mythology, to decide
whether a woman must pay fnr a hobble ik'rt In which the sylph cannot
���ven hoi ble. have brought al'rislan
'usiiceB to the verge of nervous prostration and left Dame Justice gasp-
inr with indecision
A woman '      "*"*
,f the association.
"We have decided that hereafter"
the accounts must be paid in full at
'he red cf the month or at the end of
two  weeks.    Many  of  the  class
at I have  decided   to call .the  'good.
slow-.' have had accounts amounting
to $r,0 at the end of the month and
have paid *2D on the account, leaving a $20 balance. Many of these bnl-
stnoos often mean that the grocer holds
ii-niiid bil's amounting to thousands
of dollars."
p, It. from �����-OT""u���u2;���^--~flTc "and I whether a hobble thnt hobbles so thnt
ton) to Regina, via .Calgary,^ett.jnur ( v (|| Mnwnf pvpn nnp ,. ��� ,���,.,,.
lt. from Strathcona (South Kdmon
, via Calgary, ef-   *<*������
from itegina to Saskatoon by ( . ,,. ...
The train consisted of six new electrically lighted  Bleeping carB, dining
car, c-fflclal car, and baggage car.
A  dally  new-Bpaper   wiib   published
board   the   train,   with   condensed
service    of    the  world's
bought a hobble skirt. She
. lend ft to he lust ns hnhhlv ns the
most ttritlgent dictates of fashion de-
inniuli'i but when she s*l Into th"
klr' rhe fnund h"r onlv practical
method of locomotion hnd to be after
the manner of the kangaroo.
She refused tn pav the tailor, who
.���in' h** nnd the fiercest higgle over
the hobble rang In the court chambers
for months.
The original court ordered the
woman to pnv for the hobble skirt, and
��� i-.-o fhP en.-to of the leg-il proceedings.
1 tit the higher court has now said
that the woman shall pay for the hob-
' le. nnd the tailor nnv for the law
d"""ronslv di
Fishery   Expert  Appointed  by  Domln
icn  Government to  Invc6ti-
cate Possibilities
Ink and editor
A press, type, paper,
were taken along, the machinery, etc.
helng established in the baggage car
Telegraphic news was published sini-
ously In the Dally Saskatonlan
paper was named, with the oth-
tern dallies and a full service
alntalned on the Ilorne-Pnyne
of western Canadian
c-ciirltlea. which the Sas-
i.'ird of trade had taken vlg-
^^^^^^^^ combat and In which
nil Saskatonlana were vitally
.  .       in cn ^^^^^
inntcly remarkable piece of clothing. ;
^DMON--"!"1  P"<'.'NF<sr MFM
���"r ,T, It, McCarthy, of K'ng's
Windsor.     N.S..   one     of   llle
ted  biologists on  th" contin-
nt nntl a great flsh expert hai been
selected hv the Dominion government
to studv this summer the commercial
prsBibilitles cf the fishing ludustrv In
Ihe Hudson Hav. It Is Ihe bel'ef of the
minister of marine and fisheries that
there   Is   a   splendid   opportunity   for
the development of a big Industry nn
Hudson  Pav with the opening of the
new railroad.
Prof. McCarthy will go north on n
new steamer which has been charter-
Its deciding | "d In England by the naval service
department and will leave with n
party to carry on hydrographic sur-
v.-vs I" ihe bnv and straits to prepare channels for navigation ns soon
���is- the steel reached Port Nelson,
The Ponaventura nnd the Belleven-
mra, chartered hv ihe government
to take men snd supplies to l'ort Nei-
st". have sailed from Ha!fax, They
will have on board one hundred men
nntl before the summer is over it Is
expert! d to have 250 In camp. These
two boats  were loaded  with supnli
The success of The News' Dollar Bargain Day on June 5th was
so marked that many retail merchants, as well as the customers who secured bargains on that day, have asked us to, put. on
In order, however, to give a wider range to the bargain list,
the next big bargain day for New Westminster will be a
"Loose Change Day" when the merchants will give special
bargains running from 5 cents to 95c. This big special day will
be held
ns I     ^^^
er western
was  mail
kaloon bon
oriius steps to
Edmonton. Julv  14.���Arrangeme
i.ove ""-������ beef potnnleted  In nnnnpc I
"f. i with the l'1dt"""lon business men
trio.     The  tni'n   thnt   w"i   on""-'-   re-
'"-"S"iilnt'ves  from over ff I y Kdmon-
M I h-itini*��B honres \v' 11 lrnve the e.tv |i  	
shortly   nfler  mldnleht   on   August   41 which   include   lumber   for     building
land  return   August  11. |camps and general construction.
__Mmmmmmm^_^mmmmmmm.���m���. I1nr-
Ine the season aeveral million feet
will be taken north. There will a
construction plant taken to the bay
which   will   BUfflclent   to   erect   piers
During the seven days these business men are on the road thev wlll
v|-|i  over nlxtv towns in Alberta and
during tholr short stay ut each town  ^	
will make themselves acquainted with land  breakwater nnd  to  get  the  hnr-
wnicnilts residents.    The  trip   wlll   will   bo j bor work well started. The new $240,-
Inter-[carried out along similar lines to that 000 hydraulic Bteel bridge will folow
of laBt year. in August as soon us completed.
and Watch For the Announcements
/, II ��� ������ ��� ��� ������:
TUESDAY,  JULY  15,  Itli
Fresk Water and Salt��� ���
X Ottawa, July 14. -Hen. J. 1).
"; Haien,    minister    of    marine,
���8 left this evening for New WeBt-
4 minster and Vancouver, where
$ he  wll represent  the  govern-
5 ment at the w-elcomlng of   the
���-��� battleship New Zealand.
v       The    minister     will     subse-
:;:   quently visit the Queen Char-
:;������   Irtte islands and inquire into a
numlier of Pacilic coast lishlng
pn iiii'ins.    Afterwards he  will
��;   go to I'rincc Rupert and pnssi-
hlv to Dawson   'ity.    He is accompanied by Mrs. Hazen and
-".*.   cxni'-'s to   re away  until  the
*   end of August.
Weather too  Is Bad, But New Westminster Fleet More Than Holds
It- Own.
Officers of th" halibut, fleet of the
Columbia Cold Storage company bring
'In reports of a scarcity of halibut all
through  the  season, and,  In  addition
Visiting    Battleship's
Day for Nurses���Mir|
to Charges of
later  Replies
to  this,
Very Light Catches Recorded in Ft
Repcrt of B. C. Packers' Association Issued Yesterday.
Below is given the    first,
fishing repcrt of the present season,
issued late   yesterdav   by    the B, C.
Packers' association:
Mrnday, July 14. lullingham���Got
7000 a::ckeyes from all sources. Sein-
/ rs not doing much.
Imperial'���No boats in yet, all boats
routsWa Ull this afternoon,
Seonish Canadian - No boats in. Ue-
port comparatively ft *.v lish in the
Terra Nova���Only two boats in; one
with 10 and one with four sockeyes.
Mo further boati in  till 3 p.m. today.
Phi enix No boats In yel or reports
Trim the river.
Brunswick*   No b-:at& iiii tide out.
St. Mungo -No b a s :u and no reports from river.
Bwcns No boats in aud no report
from river.
Auac.ortes Had a few small lifts
last week. Oot about 4440 sockeyes
from all sources yesterday. Sein To
doing little.
they also state that bait is
scarce and, to cap all, bad weather
has been  prevalent.
"When we cm get fresh hotrlng for
halt," said Capt. Fredrickson oi the
Itoman, now- in port, "then there are
no halibut, and when bait cannot
be had then there are no fish. On
our li:t trip we utcd up mat! ol our
fuel hi four runs for '".it to China
Ile?.d and Swanson bay, but we're
Standing right up lo the vessels of
,ther companies In every way."
Ard trcm records taken tiiis would [
appear io bc the case.    On her last;
trip tiie Triumph, owned and operated by thc Doughty Fishing Co., had 12 I ear(,
.dories out and took hul 32,000 pounds
of halibut, while the .Manhattan, said
...    to be  the  largest  vessel of  its  class
'���' '   on the coaFt. only came In with 80,000
pounds as the result of a 15-day run,
During the whole season, almost.
t,he weather has been poor, and a
southeast,   wind   prevailed.
Th" fleet of the local firm has done
��� as well. If not better than any boats
in  the  business, while, if results are
what   count,   the   Roman   is   heating
them all.    Since the middle of March
her   catches   have   totalled     1,350,000
pounds, including the 100,000 pounds
broughl   in  a  few    d:iys    ago.    The
Kingsway, which has made but three
trips, lias come In with loo.ooo in all,
.while the III"'.P., a much smaller craft,
���has taken a similar amount.
Whal pleased Captain Fredrickson
more than anything on his last trip
was that he overhauled the Mnnhat-
i.in on his way home, although the
latter vessel claims to have a speed
Of 13 miles per hour, and ti be thc
jbest boat In the halibut business.
The Roman leaves for the fishing
grounds  this  morning at 9 o'clock.
Vancouver,   July 11
tlio  stay   in   Vancpuvc
New Zealand, waB rtutlll
telegram  received  fron|
Sir  Richard  McBride
ior.    The man-of-war
from July 27 put-il' Augl
August  2    as    original!
The telegram from S r
lalnlng  this Informatioi
lows:   i
that  admiralty
revised   program  to   Ne
Hon. J..I),
Extension   of
of  H.   M.  S.
cd today in a
the premier.
Mayor r.ax
ill    he    here |
s' 4, and nol |
announced, j
Richard, con :
>ocial and Persona
C. A. Steele, of Victoria, is registered at the Russell.
J. D. Custer, of Fernririge, is in
town for a few days.
P. II. Welsh, of Abbotsford, is registered at tbe Windsor.
R. D. Marshall, of Langley Kort, is
registered at tho Windsor.
Wm. Atkinson, of Tynehcari. was in
New  Westminster yesterday,
' T. E. Crowell nnd wife, of Vernon,
were  visitors   in   the  city   yesterday
A. J. Burrows and wife, with their
son, were In the city yesterday from
Mrs. Lucy Purdy, Queen's avenue,
has left on a three months' visit to
Petrolla, Ont.
D. Murchic  ia now  toprlng
read  as  fol | Canada
Ha'/ffti informs me
tfed   following
Zealand   at
he  will
July    25,
7, return-
Honolulu: Call at   Vict
proceed to Vancouver J
ing to Victoria August
Rose Day
Following the    lead    of ihe    lar^e
eastern cities, Vancouver will have If?
Rose Day on July 22. when for    the
laid cf the Victorh-ifi Order of Nurses.
iro;cs will bc b:W at tli? street cor
. ners,   The nurses 'i> the or.ier all r.v^r
jthe countrv are doing much to benefit
J poor families   supplying bedding and
drug- In needy cisra.    In Vancouver,
seven nurses paid 5216 visits and at
I tended 640 cases during the last year
The   average   amount   received   from
case is about   $5,   although   a3
many as 15 visits are usually paid.
Minister Replies.
Replying to statements,  which,    he
lays, have ben mad-' bv laymen    t"
the effect  that he is heretical  In    his
v'ows    Itev.  II.   F.   Waring,  paster  of
the    Kilsilano    Baptist    church,    announced that he    nroposed    to   start
next   Sunday  evening on  a  series of
Sunday  night  talks on    the    general
theme;    "The Miss'on and Message of
a  Heresy  Suspect."    Nr*t  Sunday he
w ii sneak on "Christianity and    Its
] llible."
In'erest i-i  Forestry.
Discussing the recent forestrv convention    held    in    Winnipeg.    W.    A.
Charlton. M.P. for Norfolk, Ont.. prrsl-
jflcnt of the Cnnad'an Forestrv ns.-ioeia-
,Hon.   who   arrived   In   the   citv   from
Winnipeg vesterdnv. remarked that in
I terest  in the s"bicct  rf forest co"ser
vatlon   is   growin-t  r-anidlv  throughout
th�� uiidd'e west, particularly In Manl-
and  during his  trip
visit  friends  In  Halifax,  N.S.
Dauiel MacDonald, late of Montreal,
Ib In the city and has taken up Ills
residence at 23H First streot.
Secretary K. S. Withers, if the
Royal Columbian hospital, will return
this morning after a short holiday lu
Misses Mabel and Ruby Fletcher
have returned to tlic ir home after
spending a few weeks in I'ortland.
They are now at Boundary Bay.
('. A. Sutherland, of Nanaimo, who
j was In the city for the past two days,
jleft yesterday for his h.ime on the
:island. Mr. Sutherland, who was for-
���jmerly of this city, is editor of the
Nanalmo Herald.
Hen. J. D. Hazen, minister of marine and fisheries, will p-iy a visit to
New Westminster some time between
July 27 and Aug. 4. While here he
Will look Into marine and fisheries
matters connpctcd with the Fraser.
At Nanaimo lart week Kev. A. K.
;Macl.ennan united In wedlock Miss
[Katberlne Wlnnlfred, daughter of the
late A. R. Johnson, I'or many years a
prominent merchant if the island city,
and Robert Smith, second son of Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph Smith, of Vancouver
The bridegroom is well known l:i
New Westminster. The ceremonj
.took place at the residence of the
bride's mother in the presence of a
large gathering of relatives and
A new spud was put In Gilley
dredge yesterday.
About '201)1) sockeyes altogether
'.vile Drought In to the St. Mungo can
laery and M. Monk &��� Co. yesterday.
The Terra Nova went down river
yesterday afternoon with a scow load
or slabs anil nn empty lish scow v.r
���lie canneries.
Tho   following   vessel   movements
wore record) d here yesierday: Beaver
lip; Terra No\a, up and down; S.-n i
tor Janson, up and down, Flyer, down.
The Norwegian vessel Herkules,
bouud for Port .viann %���. ilh rails, was
iaiil up last night al Steveston by the
pilot Captain ( nr er, uho wll bring
.hla charge up rhrer this afternoon.
A-fos' of the heavy ton timbers on
>.he piles in the Eighth stre: slip
bave boon placed in posltic.1 .'tut'
after this worn is completed ihe p'ie
���driver will begin operations again
farther out in the stream.
A halibut, black on both sides, |.
being kept as a curiositiy at the Columbia Cold Storage planl here. \l
though the bead was removed befnr->
the singular markings were noticed,
the fish has been put in cold BtOI'agi
nnd will be kept as an exhibit.
The wreck of the Ophir Is no* being marked by the crew of lh"
sung boat Samann, which yesterday morning went down the airth
arm. This hull of the Ophir has
caused fishermen much trouble and a
number of nets have been damaged
Ii>  it.
Crinculo Clears.
The tanker Trinculo, which arrived
an Vancouver on Friday from Port
Hartford with oil for the C. P it.
sailed at 4 o'clock yesterday morning
for the Callfornlan porl The tanker
AsuBciaa, Jnnn San Francisco, ni*
river jcater-flaj.
Lord Lonsdale rioken.
The British Bteamer Lord l-onidal*
is reported   os passing Tenerltfe   on
July 8. bound to Vancouver.    She li
from Copenhagen and is under char
* ter to the Danish  Basi   Asiatic i ini
pany.    She  is  lo  be  followed  by  Hie
, motor Ships S'.aiu and Ann.mi.
Steamer Jeannie Aground    on     Same
Rock as Was Santa Ana Last \7��e'<.
Bellingham, July  14.   The   steim
ship Jeannie    ran    aground here this
morning on star Rock while steaming
to a lumber mill pier to tak- on a
cargo of lumber which the Santa Ana
was to hav,* taken lasl week when
she ran onto the same rork and was
damaged bo badly thai sh" had to put
hack to Send" for repairs. The
Jeannie v.as running slowly aud no
damage wns done to her prow   whieh
rested on the rock until high tide,
when she was floated.
Victoria. July 14-  Much of the delicious  red  spring salmon  caught   In
[British Columbia waters this year will
find its way across the continent and
Atlantic to Oermany where it v.-j'ii he
[served in the most famora beer gardens, hotels and cafes In tint countrv
In that empire the fish will bring 56,
cents   a   pound,   which     i-;     mirkei'ty I
higher   than   the  nrices  paid   for  the
same salmon in Victoria.
Several hundred thousand poonds of:
springs huve been shipped r.i tbe
Fatherland since the season oie-" -l
The two trans ill the strn't. owned hv
Mo'ii-n. Todd "'���" fur"ishinT the fish
-"hich is packed bv the Ran Juan
Fishing Comnanv. The OormnnB refuse to buy the white sprfn'ts and most
of these are sent across the sound to
As a skilled musical organization
versatile with band music In its every
phase, the Wihte City band, which
played here yesterday afternoon and
evening al the Now Westminster
Chatauqua is about as near perfect
as can bc found anywhere. Although
every member is an artist with his
(own instrument, the combined result
is not sacrificed to feature the work
of nny one bandsman and it Is nit
in the merits of some few players th-*
|the organization has won the contm-
entwlde distinction it now holds.
.There ir no ostentatious display of one
' kind of music, to the neglect of the
"Ihfrs. tnt all are woven so togohter
that one hears only the concentrated
j effort of all, and Ihe result is most
I pleasing. National musl". th" lighter.
j more r-vtchv airs, as well as selections
irenulring the utmost efforts of ex-
Inerts, all 1 -re nothing at the hands
, of "���" W'-itn citv hand.
The entirp afternoon's program was
axil music and Ihe necessary variation
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I Continued from page onol
n'-fw Jurors act there was no jury empanelled to^inswer.
A jury, however, was sworn after
nearly a dozen challenges, all of whom
it was noticed were either residents
of N'ew Westminster or the vicinity
Afrer Mr. MaePfeill had informed
,the court thnt tho crown was unprepared to proceed that day the court
interrogated ComiseT as to the probable  length of the  trial. H	
i Sir (Tinrica Tupper pointed out that re,a8 provided in several vocal selec-
it was largely a case of circumstantial(tions given by Miss Hop" Orey, con-
evidence   and   the   cntss-examfnarfon ' trait"
might   take soma time- in an   import-       t,, the evening the White Citv hand   A
ant   case  of this  kind. Iicnin   nlnved   with   success    rivalling  jj
TK-ree Day Trial. j thnt   of   th"   afrernnon   performance-
It   transpired   that   tliere     were    a'    Today's orPSram promises to he orte
jgreat   numlier  of  witnesses   on   bnthlot the mostBtfrsotfve of the wek and
sides  and  Arr.   MacNeill  hazarded1 an (includes   a   I'ctere   bv   Mr.   Stanton,
estimate  of  three  days   ror  the   trfaf. JMIss  I.aDell  in  humor.  Dr. J.   II. Aiw j
The court was then adjourned urrrff  dress and Pr. D. P. Fox.
today at 11 a.m. | . .
The   furors  not  empanelled   in   tlr-*?'
Macnamara  crree  were  relieved   from: RAILROAD  Wl'tt   MAf
duty  until  Thursday  at  IT a.m. LANTJ"APT   OF  CITY
The   grand   jury   was   tnld   by   liis'
lordship that tliry had only one care     Spokane, July Tl.    fn addition to b-
to consider, that of a eharire of thefTjfng disfigured   by   the  steel   raUroid |.
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Cantlida'c at Can Pedro.
The Harrison liner Candidate nr-
rlred at Ban Pedro yesterdaj fr m
Mverpool on her way to Vancouver.
She is due there on August 2 with
general cargo from l ondon and Liverpool. Bhe sailed from th" Mersey
l��rt on May 17. The Comedian, which
v.-ns at Vancouver lasl week, got away
Saturday evening for Victoria,
Burned to Water's Edge in Early
Morning Fire.
The big gasoline passi nger vessi I.
Chrlstella, owned l.y the Inland
Transportation company, caughl lit"
ut r, o'olock on Sunday morning in
VanoOUVer harbor, and burned to the
waters edi.- iif- ming a total Ins.-.
The wreck is covered al high tide imd
vfinlv n few timbers are now visible.
Th" Chrlstella *. i buill ;-.' the
yards id' the National Engineering
works. Ccal lint'" r, about 1''. months
ngo. lit a 11 sl of JIT.'Ht ' and sii" made
tier maiden trip nn June 10, 1912 She
was employed on tin- Howe sound run
���Hid was n vessel of 86 feel in length,
18 feet beam and tl that draft, Sh"
was a boat of 7S tons register and
���vus onulpped with an 100 horse power
KaBcllne engine.
Arrivals at Quebec.
Quebec, July i-i    MTlved; Ansonla,
if"���*,   I ondon, i���itour.-|ine.
Jrom Havre.
Toronto, .Inly it Forcing an entrance through n window a burglar
robbi d Hi" safe nnl ransaekf'il the
dnsk In the office of James PTee, lum-
berman, al Mimic*- Tin* maraurfnr
is described as a foreigner, evfdetrttv
a French-Canadian and v.as onl-, a-:
amateur, lie removed mv. valunbft
papers, but failed to brgak open the
It in r cash bo*x
\n ������   ;.**'*    b- *   i If" *   at   "i "li'.
i������' lng ��.ih h'm t'i" day a reoel'pts
������ '!i ih.* ofoeption i i i'h >������! $200 In a
large envelope and Bome charree. j to
S' ������"������ :���" ���!��� midnight Mr Rl'cli'n
nf the l''t hi.' House nn S'-t'on -'-'d
Oh rvi d a man in tlle lii'in*f> of the
plan Ins mill al H nl place snd took
pai tic lar notice of him on H-ccount tif
lr-- ','*r*iili:ir anj "iiram*".
Ths s-i-,ii. foreigner stopped a ma-*
nn the I ake Shorn rood and ast ��� '
him for a match and al the Bsmn tint"
scrutinized the pedestrian for evidence of Jewelry, A slight wind wna
blowing which opened the ffinuirnei's
coal and disclosed a steel "jimmy."
On" hand was in a coat pocket, prob-
against a man named Tapley.   Tapley  b
is accused of stealing two coats from
a f   P.   R. car nt Coquitlam.
The jury will present their rentn-r
after declaring their finding in Tap-
ley's   case,   anrt   be   discharged
The charge against John Macnamara is that on Sept. 1a. lllll in the*
citv of New Westminster he unlawfully broke into and entered a garage*
owned hv Thomas John Trapp and'
did steal an automobile valued at"
:,1, ,,  crossing  over it   t1"
ably holding  a revolver.
ll" obtained the match and passed
on. hm imt  no Jewelry.
Whon Mr Fr"" opened his office
in tin- morning he found it had been
completely rifled. Coats nnd shirts
had been taken frnm the wall, papers
scattered over the floor, The insidn
of tlm Mil" um badly defaced and th"
plates bent, as a result of the burglar's , lumsy efforts,
\ bundle of gold '������ aled papers had
hi-nn taken, other documents r latin-
in M't-ilcn pri i arty, ni' ���������* I ���*'' on-'
������ r inn dislolutlon and valuable ere
det ''nis
Ml   Mi ������ ��� r    wore  nfft r *i   for
siie al th ��� tool of BaHiurst stt-m-i to
l*'d .* ard Stocks, S railway man "nil
��� I a frh nd of Mr Pree As thoy
".���ri* n -nl ��� out iii iii" name of Mrs
/.in Free, Stocks 'lid not recognize
them and allowed the thief to escape.
Mr, Stock i played a rather poor jo!"
on Mr. ir,- the nexl tpornlng when
he asked him if In* knew anyone In
Mitiilco hv iin* name of Mrs Hoe Free,
nol having heard ol iin* robbery,
Toronto Julv H 'I''-" nromni and
heroc action of well *-t--*i*i' ���������-��' ���-���'
by Garnet Arnold, sav<il Mrs ,'.V*m"
dnnald. n widow, fr- m drowplne ���''
K**w Ileach. when she. sllpned whil ���
changing seats in n boat anil plhnge-d ���
Into  Hie   waler     i'he  r"scii"  w:i*  nn"
ef    t'n-     t""HI     hr'llinnl     *m-t T'"'"l     "1'
th" lak" Ihls season and adds "inifh -
the laurels of vonng Hmith. wh**1
is ji captain nt endets end holds rnr
tilira'is she--!"���; i-rcrftOloncy in nd
ministering first  a'd.
Mn. MnodOP"ld -'-'s '���* nil-fit w't*
a companion, Mr. Mitchell and wfsh
Ing to handle the o-ts, nttom-,t"'f tn
change Bests with Itim. In 'i-'ir- ���;
she trlnped and f-lf overh-'-'--l. Sev
eral nu shore sr"" tlu. in "'dent end
Smith and Arnold' star'eil oil) in "
'���anii * without. pad-Mies snd* e-ndfln"or-
etl to reach the stmt. After tl-mv hnd
gone ir short dismnce Smi'h Jumped
overboard fully dressed, anft s-c-nm t"
lhe pfitoe where Mrs. IMsCdOnald had
adreurfy gone down twice.
I'   was necessary  for f\;
anil   It   was  only  after  hi*
tenrpr   that   h"  succeeded
Mm   MacdonaW  to  thn
'street bridge, th" distinctive fea'ure
rt tin. c'ty's landscape and structural beauty, erected at a cost cf oyer
l$f>nnooo, is in be used as a retaining
wall -ind rear entrance Into tb" pr"-
posed new frelirhl vards of the f) W
R & N. railroad, nn the west sii!" of
'the street and soi-th rf id.- avenue
This too hv the coftsent ff 'h" citv
commissioners, who have told \* i-i
it"i-v'ews lhat thev have done nil in
thetr power, without Bucoess, in Induce tb" railro:.il to , "lil tin- high
bridge of concrete Instead of steel,
Under the terms of an agreement
entered into Ily rhe city council 'villi
the i). W li. n N, September, loll.
Ihe railroad i * au'horln d to mskn
an i"""i'ise flTT anil's! tin- north
side rf the west "nd of 'h.- Muiirne
sir"'1! lirid:;" using 'he bridge as a
rets -i nit wll: **o remeve a fortv-fooi
bi '������' n of th" handrail Bide�� all. and
i-o hn- tw. Hrfdge and in Its place
lav a rnail"*ir.* I������* ������* i' ��� hr'd ��������� level
Inui th" proposed freight yards.
Bn odlng
was li-. lng
'   ll
to dive
Bpeond at-
i Jying'.ng
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ rface In
thi-* meantime anoth��r bent reached
th��- spot and rhe woimg ninn and the
Unconscious woman were assisted on
board. Smirh Immediately administered first aid and resitit*>r\ Mfs M1"
dntiald to partial cot HclouiUi"Ss he
fori- reaching the beach.        '
The life saving crew a"d -ctjlt- ���"���!
motor arrived later, but IhritslervV" ���
were net needed . MTs. VBicdona'd
was later removed to her home and
Buffered   no   III   effects   exrcjit    from
the shock. In th" accident, however,
she loRt her purse, rings and  money.
Chief Is Peeved.
[,ethbrldge, Alta . Julv 14.���Chief of
Police William Davis has announced
h's Intention of resigning, his reason
being shabby treatment by lhe city
i uincll nf ills requests for Improve-
iiiciil.-i In the force. ^^|
Spokane    '"iv   M
ih" I ni thai his wlfl
from him !oV> t-l, f'.ar-in. ������������.
a mechanic; tn a fit i I' meloi
ended Ills I'I'" '" 's''llH no'sci. I'"
had been i-ht'ciI f'r IT. years nnd
each dny of the three months since
h's wife wert swav seemed \o be
come more depressed.
Garvin was alone In th�� h""s�� "''tti
Mrs; F. Ci'rson, o" route to N'1 '��* York
to rls't her fbt'if'-'-r. riir*j** ".d'h
out* giving c"v varnint ns to h's In
tetttin-s walked in'o llv. --->rl-.- nt"1
stretched out on the conch. Short
Iv I'ftir -\rrs. Cn-s'-n heartf some'hlni
"Trlke the floor, a-d   a"rac--l b" lr" '
breathing, Investigated, Mr. Osrv'r
was Iving on lh" couch, h*t the bot
tl", wl't"h had dronp'd.-^old th" st'-rv
|i". Scalier-' was called hn; the man
was drad when he arrfvod.
Mctl3 Hcrrlb'e Death
'���lat-'r-iii-. Ore. Julv 1 1. WW', un
Blrkenfeld nut a horrible death yesterday, ll" was running a donkey engine when II tlpoed, pinning him un
derneath, where he was scalded by lhp
escaping steam. II������ vis able In tell
those who wire working with lum how
lo shut  off tlu- Bteam  and  exti :i"
hlm, tui he was sn badly burned ihtit
the fl'-ili dropped off In many places,
Hi wag wrapped In cctton and cur-
rii tl ovi *,- llm mountal to 'his place.
. I -.-. '.'i minutes after arrival,
(Continued trom pace one)
meeting was the adoption of a motion
reducing the speed of vehicles from*
"5 ro 20 miles an hour within the
limit.:! of the municipality. Tin mill's
an hour will be the limit at dangerous
points, which will be marked by sign
It I). MacEenzle, of Cloverdale,
superintendent of roads, asked thu
loan of lluniaJiy's oiling machine. Thli
w;lh granted op. condition that liunnit
hy workmen run the machine.
Opposition in the Vancouver bus-
piuil sein nn- waa mad" by Councillor
MacDonald on account of the money
stringency. Councillor Macphen in
supported ii ami moved tli" roporl be
adopted. The duestion "was passed
up by llie suggestion "i thc acting
reeve thai Bumaby bo divldod into
two dlstrJctu, ono of which will be
considered tie- territory covered by
tin* Iloyal Columbian hospital at New
SVostuiinsti r and iin- other hy th"
Vancouver hospital, The acting reeve
and Councillor Stride were appointed
,i ci uinitttec tu no into ihu question.
it C, Patterson will be   asked   to |
give a further report mi the proposed
municipal lighting Bcheme,
The  New Westminster
Morning���Seton Indian War Dance; Indian War
Stories; Lecture, "The Socialized Citizen," Mr.
Afternoon���A half hour with the Canadian Girl
Humorist;  Popular  Lecture,  "Bargains,"   Dr.
John li. Andrew.
Kvenintf���Miss La Dell
ture, "The Neglected
in humorous prelude; Lec-
Cavalier," Dr. 1). F. Fox.
EC. 11.
���nd Oent
vt- ��I'tesldect.
w. r. H. BUCKUN,
Bee. a~��d Tr������
Rr, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. 7 snd 877.
Mon., Wed., Fri.
ASS Seats 10c
Children 5c.
Matinse, 2 to 5 p :n.
Night, 6.30 toll p.m
The Bank of Vancouver
Br;ini.iieG Throughout t'te  Province
British  Columbia.
s.ivlngo Department ot
upwards received nnd int.
credited halt yearly.
nil Dranchei
I'BSt  at  tho
11- poalts nf One Molliir and
liltsl ,'Bt  ourrenl  rate paid or
Drafts  and  Trav
Icrti' Cheques sold,  payable  In  all  parti of thn
CHAS.. G. PENNOCK, General  Manaoer.
V/er.tmintter   Branch: A   W
A   W   HLACK,  Manager.
B^KssnuamRMnm �������������������������� TUESDAY, JULY 13, 1D',3.
News'Sport Page That Everybody i?���aife!PORlcoiEAJ
(Continued from Page One i
Another  lacrosse Joke  floated  over ['drifting   around   Vancouver     at     the
from Vancouver early this morning to I present  time.
Anyone in Westminster can figure
out juat what a drawing card the former amateurs will make against the
present Vancouver professional team.
A fine crowd there will be at Hastings Park when t:ie two teams meet
iif they  do.) Lacrosse Association Meets
One   wonders  how   the   citizens  of
...  Vanoouver will take the news of their
after wild scenes of disorder, so  pet simon pures making thn big Jump
���arn  runs,  the vote    taken    was :    The  whole erux of the Bituation  Is
the effect that the V. A. C, the ama-
leupr champions of the world, and
holden of the Mann cup, had decided
to make the jump to the professional
ranks antl wlll play a series of games
against Con. Jones' aggregation for
the city Championship. A meeting of
the cluh was held early last evening
strong eleven  in the Vancouver amateur league.
President Wattelet, of the Victoria
Baseball club, has received two good
offers for his share in the organization and a change may take place in
the next few days.
~ Mars,   vice-president;   P.  J.  Mclntyre
out Inside of ten rounds or lose the ,cit>' solicitor), secretary-treasurer,
decision. Erne, owing to rich living Committee chairmen: Agricultural^
had become a lltfle heavy, even for j�����I,?ICl'Can: Mo"****l'��**. - ��* Mc
a lightweight, and must have realized  by;
transportation,  \V.  A. Tburs-
education, Dr. K. J. Doherty;  lm-
that  he  would  have a  hard   time  to  Per'a' honte reunion, Charles Davles;
train down to 12S, but he continued to  en,er,ai'mient, S. Mcwmarch;  naviga
against  the team  turning pro. at  the'the  proposed   big  sttrk    which    Con
preeent time,   aome time afterward 1 Jones win shake at the Westminster
the players engaged In a pool game club when he arrives here, perhaps
and the discussion again arose, so' today or tomorrow,
that another meeting was held in the Perhaps Joe Lally will still have
V. A C. roonia, when It was decided his little say as to who shall defend
to drop the amateur game and take a, and who slial Ichallenge for the Mann
[Chance   at   the   few   floating   shekels * cup..
:rosse Association Meet*    in    This
City on July 17 to Try and Settle
All Trouble.
One of the best  and most exciting
aces In  the  history  of the    North-
estern league is now on, with honors
ivlded   between   Seattle and   Vancou-
v> r.    Only a few  points separate the
tfc'o    club.)    at    lhe present    Ume, although  ttie chances favor Vancouver
Increasing ther lead during this week,
on    account    of    the    weakness    o.
Beanie's pitching staff.
Kaymond, the manager of the
limits, admits that !h- has worked
iis preeent stall" lo a finish and unless
ionic of his new material Bhows up
vil hi ii the next tew days liis aggre-
��tlon is likely to take a slump, l'ort-
ind tire not likely to give very much
rimiil'- and are nearly BO points be-
ind Seattle.
Look Out fer Tacoma.
Tacoma Is the cluh which is being
atched by the managers these days
nd Bhould McGinnity obtain tbe
t-avy hitters he is after, tba i'ity ol
iMtlny is liable to break into the
���inning for the penant, Tho Iron
lati is after Harry Meek, the Victoria
rst baseman, but Wattelet Is not
kely to let the heavy slugger go.
Since lh" Spokane team was snld
' tin strict railway people and Mike
Iftich assumed control aa manager
le Inland City has shown consul, r
���e Improvement, although they are
��t likely to get very far np the
" le before the curtain falls. The
il race is between  Vancouver and
4attle   with   the  betting  even   at   the
sent time.
Giants vs. Pirates.
ti  ihe  e-jst   tlu-  i.iants    held    the.
litre of  the   baseball  sta-^e  luring
��� past week, continuing the winning
eak  thai   has   put   them   far  out   In
nt in the National league race, but
another week opens they face the
bslbUlty of Bcrious rivalry from an
t I'm" toe, th ��� Plttsburgs.
Before the s' ison opened t'i" Pir
on form looked to be a team
ki* i ennani thui"" i were ' right,
largely tli rough Ineffective bo*
k they taggi a tar behind until
* 4 found Ihem In fifth position
several games short of the .r>rt"
k. The last Hire" days have si en
icldeii change. Clarke's men nre
carrying everything before them
.ay marked their eighth straight
ri- Thev did nol les ��� a game
week and are playing hall of liig'
Thursday. July 17, will probably go
down In history in coast lacrosse, for
on that day the magnates of the British Columbia association, together
with the Victoria delegates, will meet
In lhe Hussell hotel tn attempt to
I patch up the present trouble that ex-
jlsts between Westminster and Vancouver.
| The changes are that the two teams
j will again be seen in action on Satur-
idav afternoon at Hastings park. Prom
! information received, The News Is
|abU' to Inform its readers that Vancouver has tired of the present out-
.., , , look. Con Jones realizes his mistake
particular!}   when he announced through the Van-
I couver press that  never again  would
wean  ,,i, ,,��� ���
eat heartily and drink much wine until a week of the date set for the bout
"e then weighed about 135, and at
last alarmed, hc serlotiBly Bet to work
getting r'd of the seven
pounds. It was a hereelean task. During that week Erne ate only enough
to keop sovl and bodv together, and
was given cnlv enough water to keep
hlm from gplng crazy. A couple of
days or th's and Erne was too weak
to do road word.,  and  a  day
Uon, L. D. Shafner; roads and bridges,
T. J. llantley; advertising and finance,
W. D. P. Godwin; membership, O.
Phillips;    legislation,    Mayor    James
surni,i�� -s'    D8l8kates  to   Vancouver  Pro-
""��.._ \V**s club, Alderman
Langan,  F.  H.
delegate  to  Kraser  Valley
Development  league.  It.  W.  Hulbert;
markets committee. New Westminster
and district, E. J. 1'. King.
Alderman Langan suggested the formation of an industrial committee and
or two  the  suggestion    was    enthusiastically
an  Langan was    up-
showed    tbe
by   Earl   Hamilton,  being
Detroit has been notoriously
on the mound all season and Jennings L, ,
Is having  poor luck  so tar  in  recruit- I"*" ����">*����� ��"; <***f* settlement sat-
Dausa, Wlllett and  Lake   how- ,'act��Jy u' ,]''nh ,Blde8 Probably will
���he made at Thursdays meeting.
later he had to stop hexing"with his Copied* Aden,
sparring partners.' He was urged to'pointed chairman
ca    off the bout,'bnt he doggedly r- ^The  uud��^report
lit yet FrnoTne iTh T **??*']? 'organization in an excellent financial
not, yet Erne spent the days lying In position. A. Anderson and ��� I eleh
'he sun, almost naked, permitting Old   wcre re-elected auditors '
ooLeleS^,^'" m",M"r" m' of n|a      Tht! invi""' f^sts included Colonel
emanciated frame.    In that Inferno of ,T, D. Taylor   M P ���   Wm
heat,  every  fibre of his  bodv  crving  L. A.; Dr. C   E  Doherty
out for water. Frank spent the three, son;     L.  I)   Shafner-
days before  the  battle.    The day of Mars, Port Coqultlam   .
and the Oar-  Coquitlam municipality, and others.
Irjng   fans,   wis I  * ������
Such ss Welsh Rabbit, Scotch Woodcock and Mock Crab.
When oue comes to think of it. It tl
Manson, M.
E. J. Mathe-
Mayor    James
Keeve P. Barth.
the fight was a scorch
den, filled with perspl
like a bake oven. At the ringside thc
tottering ghostlike Erne tipDed the
scales at exactly 128. Erne used every
b't rr strength he had in an attempt
to knock out McGovern in the first
round, and  he succeeded in dropping
.his team cross slicks with a Westmin-
Of Erne had shot his bolt, and in the
third he was in such misery that Referee White stopped the slaughter.
wi r<
able among  them  to lake
loader   from   the   Athletics
a  doubl
Highlanders Showing Class.
A staff that has Improved of late is
that of the chance men, of whom
F't'd. Keating. Fisher and McConnell
all are showing effectiveness. The
Ni w Vork team as a whole, with Jack
Knight In a successful "comeback"
role hitting the ball hard where his
predecessor. Horton, had failed to do
anything of consequence, is playing a
far better game than at any time this
C. League Sensation too Much for
Combination  Team   at   Quc;n's
Th" combined forces of Westminster and Fraser Mills, coupled with a
player from the Hastings A. C. could
not defeat the Mighty Ruyle. of Port
Coquitlam at Queen's l'ark last evening, when the sensation of the B. C.
league held the Mcose to three hits
and three runs two of which were
gained on errors. The ranchers in the
eighth garnered six runs, enough and
to spare.
Wild Hill Sayce lived up to his
name In the two Innings he performed
for Hill had the whole team walking
on forced runs at one period and w,. -
yanked none too early in favor of
Jack  Horne.
Sco.-e R.    H.    E.
Moose    i S     2    f>
Coquitlam    N 6     B     l
llatteries: Sayce, Horne and Oen-
trv; Uuvle and limning; umpires, Hall
and McCabe.
Acting Secretarv Gilchrist, of the R.
C. I.. A., yesterday wired Vancouver
and Vlc'oria of the intention to hold a
meeting this wc"k and replies have
h (mi rece'ved f--om both cities that '
they would h" onl in full tome, Van-1
couver nrohably accompanied by their
legal adviBer.
Just what wav    the    tames of   the
past two Saturdav will be counted in I
the sel'odul" rema'ns to be seen,    al- {
'hough an even     break    mav    be the
compromise.      Since    the    fa'lure    of l
Jones to post the ti"--"ssary t'id with
his  pretest   of  the   Victoria  irnm"    ofj
June 2K. that  Issu" will  he dronned.
althonvh 'i is T*o-"t'hip nnd ov*.rem"1v [
nrnbable that no liitle d'Bctiss'en will
take   pltcn  a*   th"   c""-"'ng   gather'n-* j
ps to Westminster rights In holding'
the  now  famens  meeting,  nnd  as t**>
the   wav  In   which   John   Virtue   -'-us j
prevented  from  attending  it.    Virtue I
will   he   over   himself   and   mav   nos-
sibly three.- mors Hjht c:i tir.n subject. I
ml "bough his slennt  r* to a Utter   re
jceiv'-'d h'- Seoretarv I.vneh test abo"t
Ic'nches the arjur-ert thnl Jones pull-
led  off a   deal   w'th   tfie  Victoria   man
that   savors   nol   of   the   best   sportsmanship.
The moetT,p-I w'll convene at 2
o'clock nt the Hussell hotel Thursday
1 Still
-."'���" Corbett defeated Joe Ch"v.
nski In 4 rounds at San Francis
cn. i ater In the seme vear
thev fought again, and this t'me
Corbett knocked out Joe in the
27th round. Choynski was a
clever hard fighter, and took
pari In several notable battles.
In 1897 he held Jim Jeffries to
a draw in 20 rounds, end in
1W4 fought a draw with Bet
Fitzsimmons. He was the onlv
man who ever knocked cut Jack
Johnson, turning that trick al
Galveston in 1901, when the hlc
smoke was just beginning his
pugilistic career.
Frank Erne knocked out Joe
Craig in 3rd round at Jersev
come regularly to the dinner table oi
supper table.
Among them, of course, tbo most
fa miliar Is the Welsh rabbit, wblch In
Its original form was merely toasted
cheese. Some folks declare that the
name Is a corruption of "rarebit." but
this tins never been proved.
Tben there Is the golden buck, which
Is a Welsh rabbit wltb a poached egg
on top. Chinese rabbit ls n Welsb rabbit with rice In it, and a Mexican rabbit (otherwise known as a Spanish
rabbiti contains tomatoes and onions.
So much for rabbits. But bow many
people are familiar with tbe Cape
Cod turkey? Plenty ln New England,
where codfish goes under thrft name.
Scotch woodcock Is two slices of hot
buttered toast, with an anchovy on
each slice nnd n sauce made of half a
pint or milk und the yolks of three eggs
poured over tbem.
Less familiar perhaps ls English
monkey, wblch Ls made by soaking a
Paid on the daily balances of Savings accounts, sub-
; jeet to cheque withdrawals. Handsome Metal Home
Banks for children supplied to depositors.   ..
i tn -
for the safekeeping of Deeds, Insurance Papers and
other documents, which you cannot afford to risk
losing. You carry the keys and no one can gain entrance to.your box without your authority. Our vaults
are fire and burglar proof. Rentals $2.50 per annum
and upwards.
Head Office:
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Columbia and Begbie Streets, New Westminster.
. fl i
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX 442
>\ DEI
Johnny Kilbane defeated Patsv jr,,"fl" of breadcrumbs ���"> * ��'U|��ful <�������
Kline in
2H rounds at  l.os An-
milk and adding u tablespoouful ol
melted butter, a beaten egg nnd bait a
cupful of grated cheese, the wliole.
witb suit au.d pepper added, being
poured over toasted crackers.
The mock turtle ls one of the -most
Many Entries From Here at the B
Over 20(1 riflemen wll lbe In atten
dance al the annual prize meetim? o!
t'-e British Columbia Kifle association, which onns on the Uichmoiu!
rauges. l.ulu Island, earlv Wednesdaj
morning   contlnulnu until Friday.
New Westminster ia sendins nlonR
the largest quoin in ito hlBtorv no
I. ss thnn 18 members of the Civilian
association having entered the contest Pnrt Moody will nlso be rep-
' Maps   as   Banknotes.
I knew ol a curious instance oi Hit 1
ferlilitv   oi   tli"   Kast   Indian   native ...
bran,    A boy had attended school and tttmlltar of fabulous table animal., tw
been   instructed   to   some   extent    in] Inn  served  In  the form  of soup.
_.io-;rapliy. Struck evidently by the
similarity of a colored nia|>�� to tiie
banknotes widely circulated in Klu>
desia, he cut out a portion "f the tor-
mer and obtained 'rom a less Sophia-
t rated neighbor the sum oi ��1 in gold,
explaining that he required the mon?)
In exchange fer his "note.'' His obliging victim, thinking perhaps that the
"note" seemed hardly up to .-amid'.
end lavored to re-exchange it with Bu
lopean. The result was, ol course
disastrous to the perpetrator of the
fraud.���Emplie Bevfew,,
a   pitchers  are  apparently   hack
mi and the team  is hal llm; and
uk well.    Ab tlle rice stands   to-
the   Pirates  are   but   two  games
d the Cubs and  tlve and a half
rear of the Quakers.    Par out
distance, it  is true, stand the
to  whom    many    have    bet n
to concede the flag.
York   worked   their   striiiR   e!
Ive   victories   up   to   1*1   during
���it and then fell before Chicago,
���lub otherwise fared poorly unking easier going  In  Brooklyn.
Poor Philsdilph a.
week's figures make n >rry read-
i friends of il" Philadelphia
ils, for the club dr ipped all but
ii b In Boven.
���use Is far worse for Rrooklyn
Ioi:   its   tent I   sir.iiniil   came
ami   Is   now   hack   in     the
vl lon.    Poor pitching    has
main trouble Boston la
- ii .lind Brooklyn no.v. the
i Inning Ave oul of eight
i   week.    Si    LoulS
��� slon's hands
Reds Improving.
'I fought  an even
(By the Potter.)
Jack Gay, of Fraser Mills, had the
distinction on Sunday of playing for
Bellingham Klks In an exhibition
game against the   Spokane    Indians.
The big leaguers won 11 to ������ a u
treated the 1600 fans to a great exhibition. Baseball Is paying in Bellingham this summer, the Klks having
spent  $le"ii on a new diamond.
Rasehall Results.
ly by
in previo
Standing of the Clubs.
Ct'r*'. ed  Mi'jn'  CooW.        .-
noiai-i* Uin    a.-, ent    ����'
at Sydney, New Zealand, recent-
Miss Uu' Kaur, of Sydney, who
has In previous seasons made ascents
worthy ol note, including the highest
oca); Oi Mt.  Cook, New Zealand.    He-
i,ently she made a traverse of ^*
Cook irom west to cast. Including all
the three peaks, beginning with the
-Alice's   Adventure.   In   Wouderlund'
will lie found n striking picture of this
remarkable reptile, represented with
Ihe tsidy of a lurtle uud lbe bend of a
| Mock duck Is a roll of chopped meal
and breadcrumbs baked. .Mock crab
lis made tiy mixing equal purls of erut-
ed cheese and butter, seasoning with
Unit, pepper and vinegar und adding a
' few drops of anchor j snuce Tlie
|paste thus prepared Is spread ou slices
������''di-y ' (oust or sometimes served lo j
crab shells. I
r..ist.  but  Dot   least  reinnrkaMe.  ol
these    mythological    animals,    known
only  lo the kitchen   naturalist. Is Ihe
corn oyster, which Is a small frlrier of I
green eoru  fried  like a  real  oyster.- |
New York A merle
Amidst Island, Mountain, Forest and Glacial Scenery to
;  Including Meals and Berth tor Round Trip.
Permitting side trip over scenic route  ot  Grand Trunk Pacific Ball-
ay at small additional cost.
���.���,  i|..,.j...i    ���'
H. C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.  DUPEROW, Q.  A. P. D.
1-hone Private Exchange 8134
709 Colombia St.
Westminster Trust Bldg*
J. H. Todd's Music House
-419  Columbia  Street,  New  Westminster.
Singer Sewing  Machines,    Small  Mmifgl eopgg of all Kinds. PHONE 691
The  local  cricket club will hold    ll :
meeting al  Moody park this evening |
at   which   every  member  Is  requested j
to be present.    The election ot a new j
captain and also a dlBCUss'on on   the
proposed Victoria trip will be on tap.
Enough   players   have   slKtoli'd   their,
Intention ot making the trip the   last
week of August lo ensure Westni1"-
sin- being represented at" the annual
cricket week In the Capital City.
.diitis an
Olfford  was  In   a  eominunl-
Bufferod cattve frame of mind yesterday morning when he penned a challenge from
ii". We ttmlnsier Laorossi
break on the British
Columbian baseball learn
i, llnilini; Brooklyn In    tlio  to a game at Queens park at an earlv
taking four straight. date.   The communication   which   i-
l(   in   111"   American   league   written   on   tha   best   of   henvv   h-"(l
tamo  -ompared with the stirring pap. r. adds a romiest thai BUI M�� d-u
nlngi  In the older organliatlon, lav In   a plentiful   eunolv   m'^ b'lls
���laii'l    ot   some   satisfaction   by   which would  Indicate lhat   Bm * Sm-
kifng r**-     with the Athletics, each  -flair's shoes have n very short life.
wliini; lino out "f six names. Wash * 	
ingn ami ' hicngo both fell off and ! Hastings A. C. will probably he the
llOfn broke only a little better than.attraction at Queens park next Situr-
��� ve St. I.' ils was the only team dny afternoon against the all-West-
lo .Id Itso.'n with the lenders In minster nine. No counter attractions
KiTit won ��J I lost, Ihe New Yorks are on for that date, except a la-
spiling their, \ins nud losses even- crosse game In Vancouver, sn that n
Iv, hlle Dettvt it(.pt up Its weak K">od crowd will probably grace the
wor i,v loshiA*   e of seven games.      hlenchers.
Mack Plt*-ra Weakenlnn. 	
S->|0 little dm .Dili; from form on The small amount of money ex-
the-iri of ll'c\'leiics' twlrler i has nculed at Queens park by the buse-
heet noticed. l\ l'e Plank had one h'll clubs erecting a wire netting he-
of li poorest ���*% ks this year. He hind the plate Is appreciated hy the
\..ts ',-iveti froifhe box once and fans. Thev ran now watch the game
"iK'-il up falrtfard on his other without any fear of being beaned hy
IWlr has heen doing  foul tlpB.
mlk or the pitch- 	
the youngsters,     N'ew York vs. Philadelphia Athletics
he able to hold  look to he a prettv sure think for the
11 with lhe hat-  v.'cvld's   series.    Prank   Chance  came
Mackmen  slug-  through  with    the remark    yesterday
Yesterday's Games.
Vancouver 3,  Victoria  1.
Spokane 2. Tacoma 1.
Seattle 1, I'ortland ".
Standing of the Clubs.
New   York
Chicago   . ,
Pittsburg .
Hrooklyn   .
St.   I.ouis  .
Yesterdiy's Games.
Cincinnati   3,   New   York  5,
Chicago 2, Hrooklyn B,
PIU��burg  1.   Hoston 2.
St.  I.ouis  1.  Philadelphia  2,
Standing  of  the  Clubs.
W.    f..
 52    24
 41!    SO
 42    118
 119    3D
...16    US
 34    43
 42    47
"UsitiJ Cubic centimeters ss units,'
says Sir i4��y Lancaster, "we find thai
a good average Ku-f-ivcaii human
brain is oi the' hulk of 1.400 units.
The ((orilla has tf slightly larger brain
than the chimpHnWs or the orang.
One of good medium hulk measure;
511(1 units, or a third ol that of the
well developed European."
little .vork and '
in ir 1 s ih v-lvcil
v. liO. nwovor. s''1
ip C lr end fair
"ii"? length o( 1
,* ���'���*�� , hack them
'������fi ilnglcn also
lr Ul i the staff h
man basis so
iH concerned.
sho*^ g  may  lie  tl '
Philadelphia    58
Cleveland    50
Washington   48
Chicago    45
Boston   39
New  York   28
Yesterday's Ga-ies.
Philadelphia 8,  Detroit  9
Washington  4.  Cleveland
Boston 0, Chicago 8.
New York  1,  St.  Louis  11.
Too Free  With  His Gun.
Oregon City, Ore., July 14. William
Mumpower, a deputy sheriff, was
held " the grand Jury today [or having  slit  Earl   McNsmghtqn,  an  18-
yar-'.l mui-'.i. >etter.ilr.. The hoy.
vhos* w* 'in''s are iteelared likely to
resull fatally, was riding a motor
cycle and I id struck a dog. which
jumped at him as he passed, whereupon Mumpower arrested hlm. Later
McNaughton broke away, and, as he
fled Mumpower sent two shots after
him. one bullet taking offset In his
groin und the other in the leg.
Three Bullets in His Head.
Athabasca. Alta., July 14.���A man
named VV, E, (Ieorge, who registered
at an hotel here on l'riday night last
from Winnipeg, Is lying in the hospital with three .82 calibre bullets In
his head and two severe knife slashes
In one of his wrists, self-inflicted, lie
Is said to be mentally weak. Letters
In his possession seem to Indicate
'that he came from Vancouver and not
(By "Grsvy.")
Terrible Tortures
The  tortures  of   tbe  damned  can't |
nii'ch worse than those undergone |
some boxers in training for a but-
Amateur Killed.
Mueihausen, Oermany, July 11 - A
ynng (ierman aviator named DUt-
rikha. was killed here today. While
landing he brought his aeroplane too
abruptly to earth, It overturned nnd
he was crushed beneath the motor.
There  Is a  Curious   Resemblance  ��������
tvypen Them and Meteorites.
now" 6o niiKfiets of goal originate!
Sometimes n mass or lhe precious metal worth a thousand dollars or more Is
found. Ity what process was so much
gold comparted Into u ininpl
An attempt was made not long ago
to answer this question.    Ao Investigator   In   Australia   cut  and  sliced  and
polished   gold   nuggets   with   lhe  sole
purpose  of  Hndlhg  out  Ju��t   what   l��
their Structure.   The tirst tiling Be dK
covered was lhal there Is one rrtrkm-i
point   ut   resemblance   between   ��olU
nuggets and  meteorite*     Ruth,  wiien
polishisl and etched with -Mllurllie ��'��>
tor. exhibit a crystalline structure     In
��� Hie i-use uf  meteorites  the  lines  thus
j exhibited  on   the  etched   surfiire  are
called   Wldmannstiittbin   tlgnres.   ana
' their presence Is said to tie one of I Iiv
| mosl Invariable characterlstti-s of Ihose
, metallic bodies (hat full from lbe ek)
j to ttie enrth,
Itul ll Is not meant lo lie Implied that
| gold nuggets have fallen from (he -ky
ms-nuse Ihey exhibit A crystalline struc
ture recalling lhal or meteorites The
I ivnulilauoe Is apparently only super
Belli I, and lhe crystals of Hie nuggets
dltTer III forin rrom thu-iie of Ihe me
leu rites
Another curious rnct Is that when u
nugget Is heated in tl lluti.-en Ibime ex
plosions take place on Its surface. Hlls
ters are Tormed which i-obtluiie tu
swell until tliey burs! wllh a sharp re
port and lilts of gold are Violently will
tered almut. It Is evident that the ling
gets contain either gnses or some II,i
ulds or solids which lire enslly convert
ed Into tlie gaseous loriu. lhe ejpiin
slon of Which produces the explosions
���Harper's Weekly.
Oiif Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
that Connie Mack would win tho
. mil pitching American league pennant in a wnlk
dropped to this year -simply through all round
as  winning playing.
last    week's
bill''.    One of the crudest self-Imposed
martynloniu    any     miui    ever    lived
through Was the course of "treatment"
Crank Bma forced himself to undergo In preparation for his battle with
"Terrible Terry" McC.ovem, which
was pulled off in Madison Square
Garden, New York. Juat thirteen yenrs
Lumbermen to Join.
' Kdmonton, July 14. Plans nre In
course of preparation for the Organization In Alberta of a retail lumber-
i men's association, similar to those In
the l'nited States and eastern Canada.
Indicating A soccer gnme at Moody park ls*nKn tomorrow. Krne was then light*
i-enili onB Of th" (���tnrs' thro? being arranged to take place In the weight champion, while MrC.ovorn
veto ,.,.- "inhnson olTitmii i>, one near future. Soocer will be better than waa leader of '.ho Eouthorwelghl dl-
eiid j ehllng In two. %nu:ls twirl ever Ihls coining winter ln Westmin-1 vision, lu making the match with
In-     ntlngeol   Inst   W*   showing jKtfr. t'evcrnl   mnv    starH    having    ar- Terry  Prank  agreed    to    weigh    128
Conservative Leads.
Owen Hound, Ont,,    July  14.���With
two places to hear    from.    Cameron.
Conservative, hits n majority of    300
In the North (irey by-election.
bi ttl
. * *i
form than thos
��� ���*,. them, their 1*
teams jrived  In  the  citv  which   should  give 'pounds ringside
iid rs, Jod ^e mogula no difficulty in Holding a he  uould have
Fatal   Mine  Explosion.
Auhln,    France,    July    14.    Eleven
and alao agreed that'workmen were killed and nine Injured
to  knock   McGovern  by a mine explosion here today.
Fake Curios.
Or Wflkellllg, tiie ligyplologlsl, lell��
us (hal It Is useless lo warn the lour
ist against the fake curio lie niiys
I'lid Is sold wllh nn unfailing regular!
ty. and hardly any Imitation Is Irti
gross to deceive lilm. I'r. Wiikeliim
lells us of a lady Who hougbl �� scurul; j
from a hoy who assured lier thnt Ilt
hnd  himself stolen  It  trom tlie eica
rations  In  the rfempie ut  Aknaton
Mni she displayed tier treasure trl
umphanlly and always wllh Ihe wi rds.
"And I Hill sure It must he true, for
lie nad  such uu honest little lace."-
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throaghbreds in Action-55fl
r nrr"1"'" -
i.- jzztszmz zl jKi.- -.**������
TUESDAY, JULY 15,  1913.
celved for The News at the following places: K. T. Hill's drug store,
628 Columbia street; A. Sprice,
yueensborough, Lulu Island.
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 5,000 words, to be used ae required within one year trom date of
contract, $26.00.
ior'9 office. Apply Dr. McQuarrie
Colllster block, between 3 and 4
house work. Apply Box 1746 News
cffice. a~ld)
eight roomed modern house, nearly-
new. $30 a month. Lease. Phone
::i2. {1122)
bungalow, 317 Fifth avenue.    11734)
pleasant front rooms. Apply Mrs.
Cooksley, 422 Eighth street.  (1731)
keeplng rooms at 224 Seventh
atreet. ("22)
rooms to rent; every convenience.
Apply 619 Hamilton street.      (1692)
week; also housekeeping rooms, at
208 Eleventh street. (1744)
j i
Forty cords, more or less, fir slabs
leuuired for city schools. For particulars apply at office of Board ol School
Trustees, New Westminster.      (1742)
ments 1 will for a short time deal
lots or acreage at a very low figure.
Walter Neal, 23 Sixth avenue
Phone at meal times to R1347.
One four room bungalow, two three
room houses, and one four room
house at Edmonds with basement
full size, plastered, electric light,
pantry, china cupboard, clothes
closet, veranda front and back
neatly finished, new. Will take
small cash payment or deeded lot
for first payment, balance as rent.
George R. Love, Cumberland road,
East Burnaby. (1737)
boat.    Apply 1321 Third avenue.
$1000. with 300 records. '$600 buys
the lot. Also other furniture for
sale. Neukerchin, Sixth street. Kast
Burnaby. HT14)
goods iu good condition. Apply
549 Columbia street east.       (1713)
Shoot  at   Him     Several    Times  and  Eelgium Prince Places His Name on  Disappearance of Presents of German
Apologize for Mistake���Thought
He Was  Drunk.
Seattle, July 14- To have two "officers of the law" pursue him a number
of blocks, shoot at him at least four
Matrimonial  Market In
Denver, Colo., July  14.���A prize ln
the   matrimonial   market  has  arrived
Em-iercr to Baroness Caused
Serious Alarm
Japanese  Gains    Cheers at    Act    of ,
Bravery at Spokane Fire���
Loss Small.
Spokane, July 14.-���The spectacular
(fcting Shoes
HEALED   TENDERS   addressed   to
clare the affair a "mistake" -such was
tie  startling  experience    of    Anton
New York, July 14���Those two dags
belonging to the Baroness Ursula von rescue ut a small white cat by a Ja-
bere In the person of Prince Henri De , Kulenowiskl of Wiesbnilen, which ,..������.��� r���*i,.,m,1 laborer was the dram
, , , Croy, closely allied to the ruling house have becn maklng neWB a, tht, Wal PW'��8e rallioad laborer was thi. dram
times and then, when they found that | of Belgium, Prince De Croy ls a (iorf ever slnC(! ,iu,lr owner brought :tttlc feat"��� Oi a fire in the heart OI
he was on his way to his own homo i bachelor.   He is willing to change hla | them over, simply  won't  remain Just j lllllyard's business district.   The fire.
from a hospital where he had been as-!condition, however, and the girl he se- . ordjuaryi   commonplace   canines.     Ot   which  destroyed    the    Oriole    hotel, |,hp u���dcrsigned, and endorsed "Ten-
slating in the nursing of his son, de-   !��UtJ5,rBa W,,*'' ,.tinm court2?��!"!. everybody knows hy this time Ureatened   sevcrnl   business   blocks der for Wharf tit Vancouver, li   C."
Tht urince's full nan���e   ��s    Prince """ th,ey "T n m'SV'U '" ,h��   """,   ���*'"-> residences.    While the hotel WH  will be received at this office until *'Q0
Henr? Kriiunl C  islaIn Louis Marie   ��m'8S f'?'." the���Q![maJL,"WTl ,l,Ul  burning the cat crawled tc, a cornice   p.  m. on  Thursday.  August 21.   1918,
,,      e   ��   he oblest sm   o    Prince Juste  many   wl"  rCCal1  U",', fr,Khl   ""V*   "Dove the flames and sat In full view! for   the   construction   of   a   Wharf   at
Peler, according to the story he told (Ho Is theoldest sot. otJMmb Juste   , ���,���,��� Kave M     Hoeper  to whom 0, th(, crowd ���, MarkPl ,treet,   ,���,,,<; Vancouver, B. C.
Malellne oountea ol Br sse"s and had be��� ttwll"i"(i ."."' I���--'*-' "��� , Mukari, of the Great Northern colony Plans, specifications and form Ol
Mail, line, count, s of in us. ils. .mu aooompanyIng tlu, Kaiserlllchen Don- L, japaneBe help gol a ladder and'contract can he seen and forms ol tenner and Blitzeu on their daily prom-1 Qllmbed to the cornice, roscplug thej der obtained at this Department and
eiiades. by swooming in front of the' t an(1 regaining the Btreel with onlv'at the offices of C, C. Worsfold. Esq.,
Hotel Netherland. Hooper's anxiety Lj-jghf burns on his face and hands. District Engineer. New Westminster,
on that occasion Was as naught com- j-rll(, crmvl| cheered as he returned . H. ('.; J. S. MacLachlan, Esq., District
pared with the scare not only he. hut (h(, pet U) Mrs Zo]a Woodruff, mana- Engineer, Victoria. B. <'., The District
a considerable part of the staff of the;gpr ()f lne hotel. Every other occu-1 Engineer's Olllce, Confederation Life
JJIhotal experienced later. \ ant (lf ������. building was able to go*.   Building, Toronto, Ont; J. h. Michaud,
To state it brleflv, Donner and Blit- 011t |,e(ore ,\H. flames spread. Esq.,   District   Engineer,   Post   Otnco
field-*   in   northwestern  Colorado -.sen���these  are  not   the  real  names;    TllP  firp  starU,d  |n  a  rear    room Building, Montreal, que., and on ap-
I Ilka American Ma very much," of the **0**-' but merely the "i��c��K��   of the hotel  which is on the second plication to the Postmaster at Vancou-
that  arc  used  to  conceal  their  arts-   floor of  a brlck    Moc^    on    Market', ver. 11. C.
"That would be a fine 'mistake' if | tracos his ancestry back to Bela II
I was in the morgue today instead of
telling you this story," said Mr. Peler.
"1 have lived in this city for thirteen
years -aud 1 have never been arrested
nor In any court In my life.    That is
who was king of Hungary in 1141. The
house took its name in 1207 from
D'Aeglde De Croy.
Prince Henri is here in connection
with a project being financed by Belgian and English capitalists to put a
fine protection that taxpayers are   re-   railroad through from Hayden, Col
eelving when    policemen  shoot  at a
Caspar,  Wyo���   tapping  the  rich  coui!
FOR SALE��� $1.00 DOWN. *tM PER
week. Canada's . Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guarantee*. Market square. <1*677)
cleared for house in city. Curtis &
Dorgan. (1732)
gold brooch pin, pearl setting. Reward. 508 Third street. Telephono
1194 L. (1760)
monogram E. G. S. on back. Finder
please call phone 1331 L, Miss E. O.
Stevenson, (1741)
where.    No  collection,   no charge.
man because he is on the streets after
an hour which they consider is too
"These policemen never attempted
to lind out what 1 was doing or where
I was going. They started to follow
about a block behind me and when I
noticed them I thought they were robbers. Consequently when they quickened their steps I quickened mine and
kept them ahout a block behind all the
way up Kilhourne avenue. When I
turned Into Densmore avenue the policemen were hidden from my view
by a clump of small bushes. I heard
them start to run and I ran. too. being
at the time about 300 or 400 feet from
my house.
"As I neared hy home they turned
the corner and began shooting at me.
1 got to the front of the house and
cried to my older son: 'Anton, get
the pistol! Two robbers are after me!'
He didn't hear me, hut my wife took
the revolver and fired out of the back
window  into the  yard  and  cried  for
help.    Bv this time the officers were. , ,   ,
near the house and said to me: -Why. L,���.   Hi���   0ne p,e���   olthina   SuiJ ������'*������) is beseeching  for  news  of  her
you   wouldn't  shoot  at  an  officer  ot'0ir{*   Hlre   ��nePi��e   Eathln9   8ult�� I vanished  favorites,  who  try  to  reas
I hope while I am in the city to meet  "nd   im   has   been   Intimated,   stayed  drug gtore and the Oriole restaurant
many of your voung ladies. lost all day. ,on  t]1P ground  floor.    The  fire  was
"Am 1 willing to change my condi- One must cause to let the full, sig- ;spread|nK t0 business blocks on both
tlon? Oh, yes, indeed. And where niflcant, horrid import of that lntelli- B des and (u!ross the street when the
could I find a better place to do so j Rence sink in. To appreciate what Iarrival of a hose cart and steamer
than in vour beautiful city and by ! it means, one must picture first a bea fr0|n Spokane brought the blaze un-
means of oue of your beautiful andjutiful foreigu woman who has come dpr (.0ntrol. The Hillyard volunteers
charming young ladies?" 'over to wed the  man of her choice.  were  ablt,   lo   atop   several   Incipient
land simply cannot let herself be lorn f.|re8 0n roofs of adjoining buildings. .
rrom her pets for that length of tln.e. | Damage to the hotel was estimated
suddenly and myterlously deprived of Iat jjoou, mostly covered by insur-
these same pels hv eome unknown anc(1 Damage to the drug store and
agency, and left alone here in New restaurant was ahout $2100. also cov-
York. unable all duy to learn whether   ..pd iarg,.lv by insurance.   The cause
WFAR MfN'S SMTS',u''<im-!':,ri*;ili"   '"' *'"���'���������'���"' <�� !!>.��� '���>��������� '�������� ����� '!>������"*������'���
i be  thrown  upon   the   screen   the   assistant   managers   of   various   degree I
firms, the actual signature, the nature of the occupation, and place of
residence of each member of the firm
must, he given.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to the order of the Honourable the Minister of Public Works,
equal to five per cent. (5 p.c.) of the
amount of the tender, which  will  he
[forfeited If the person tendering decline to enter into a contract when
called upon to do so. or fail to complete the work contracted for. If the
tender be not accepted the cheque will
he returned.
| The Department does not hind it-
self to accept the lowest or any ten-
the law
"When I saw they were policemen.
I went down to them and asked why
they had chased me and shot at me.
Thev then told me that it was a 'mistake' and that they thought I was
drunk.    They  also said  they  thiueht
and Men Have to Wear Fem-
enine Garments.
at the Waldorf   whom the voung wo-  JUDGE   REJECT   APPEAL
  By order.
Pendleton, Ore., July 14���Six I'ma- ��  ('- DE8ROCHER8,
tilla cnuntv  widows have alreadv pro- Secretary
flted by the widows' pension bill en-' Department of Public Works
.sure her. but are themselves consnm-
jed with a vast dread.
"Woe  is  Me"
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag-  ,  wa8 actlnp 'BUsplolou9,y..  If wa,k.
encv. 336 Hastings street west. Van-  mg tQ yol,r nwn nomp |a af.UnR ,gug
ency, 336 Hastings street west. Van
couver, B.C. (1678)
Houses to Trade
No. 708 8eventh avenue, eity, five
room, fully modern, new bouse.
Owner will lake lot as cash payment." A good deal tor few dayB
plctiouslv' and policemen can shoot
at vou when they like, that Is fine protection."
Furnished three room suite, with
balh. Hot and cold water. $27.50 per
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fl-rth Ave. Phono 750
 *    i ������      ��� 	
���_.���.- ��.- .~*.m...*.m,.,m, I    ance easy payments, will take a lot
NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT. |    fore(luUv.    See us about  It. '
In the matter of the "Creditors' Trust I six room modern house at the corner
Deeds Act." of  Tenth  and     Belleville    streets
NOTICE  IS  HEREBY  GIVEN that |    ]0t   66x120.    Owner's  equity  fidOQ
Saskatchewan University at
Edward W. Seabold and Edward
JoneB. carrying on business at the
Koyal Cafe In the City of New Westminster, Province of British Columbia,
as Restaurateurs and Hotel Proprietors, have by a deed dated the 12th day
of July. 1913, assigned all their real
* nd personal property, credits and effects which may he seized, sold or attached under execution to Thomas Joseph Armstrong, of the City and Prov-
nce aforesaid, for the purpose of sat-.
Isfylng rateably and proportionately,
md without preference or priority, all
their  creditors.
AND NOTICE Is hereby given that
" meeting of the creditors of the said
'"dward W. Seabold and Edward Jones
"ill he held al my olllce. situate F,r.2
'"olnmbia Street, New WeBtmlnster,
T-, C. on Friday, lhe 2fith day of July.
'013. at the hour of 11 o'clock in the
AND NOTICE Is hereby further glv-
in that all persona having claims
.-'gainst the said Edward W. Seabold
���nil Edward .Innes are required to forward particulars Oi the same duly-
verified hy statutory declaration to the
said Thomas Joseph Armstrong, addressed to him at the Court House
Building, !������ 'he City of New Westminster aforesaid on or before the 23rd
day of July, 1913, nnd thai all persons
Indebted to the said Edward W Sea-
l iid and Edward Jones are reqqulred
to pay the uinount due by tbem to the
said assignee forthwith.
and notice is hereby further
given that after the said 26th day ot
Julv, A. D. 1*913, the said assignee
wlll proceed to distribute the assets
of tlle estate among those parties who
are entitled thereto, having regard
only to Ihn claims duly verified, of
which he shall then have reoelved notice and will nt)t he responsible for th
Alameda, Cal., July 14. -Kamlnism���
if that is what is meant by masculine
tricks played by feminine tricksters-
was tn the ascendancy at Surf beach.
Alameda, the Kourth of July, when
two score women asserted their independence of the clumsy suits that convention has decreed for their sex and
appeared in the trim, trig hahilia-
ments of the male.
The Alameda bathing beach waa invaded yesterday by hundreds of swimming folk���men, women and children.
No.  1030  Fifth  avenue,    city,    seven I   It happened that the women were ear-
room, fully modern house, large lot | .llest on the scene, and many of them
to lane. Owner's equity -$1360, bal- j Another Professional to Be Added to | asked for men's suits. They were supplied with the scant garment of the
more undraped sex, plunged merrily
into the hay and disported themselves
like mermaids and sea nymphs.
Then the men came.   Soon the supply   of   mens'   Buits   was   exhausted;
Saskatoon.  July   14.���An  important I they were all in the water. There were
step  towards  realizing  the  aim  of a I a number of women's suits left around
provincial   university   giving   instruc land  the  men had  to content    them-
tion  in   many   professions  was  taken!selves  with  crawling  Into  the  form-
when   the   delegates   to   the    annual j less skirted, ungainly garments.
, .   meeting of the Saskatchewan pharma-1    Short men were given suits cut for
prlc-od propertyfor equity.   Invosti- ;<.,,���,,,..,,  association  unanimously  vol   fat women  and  thin  men  were clad
gato at once.   These aro good buys.,^  t[) e3tabIish a pharmaceutical col Mn  "perfect  thirty-sixes."    The  beach
lege in connection with the provincial |and   ,mv   for  a  time  looked   like  the
university in Saskatoon. |"Horribles" were holding their annual
The third scene reveals Chief He I acted by the last legislature. Three
.'ective Joseph Sm'th and Watson and [other applications have been rejected
Ous Luwlor and the others who run by County Judge Maloney and sever-
down rnvsterlous disappearances at ' al other cases are being investigated.
the Waldorf, gumshoeing and follow-! 'edge Malonev declares that no pe-
tng the clues that lead from basement I tltlon presented by an attorney will
Ottawa. July S. 1913.
Newspapers will not he paid for this
advertisement If they Insert It without
authoritv    from    tho    Department ���
44661. (174D)
to roof ard bnck again. The fourth
and last film shows the front offices
of the hotel, with Stllwell, the chief
clerk, and Parsons, the room clerk.
with worried and sympathising looks.
i , ,	
Re Lot "B" of the South 39 Acres of
Lot 377, Group 1, Except Onr Acre
Theretofore Conveyed. In the  District of New Westminster.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title to
the above property wlll be issued   to
be given consideration. He insists
that no part of the money shall be
spent for attorney's fees and that all
women must mage their application
In person. If for any reason there
contorting Hooper, who is tearing his I is a case where the woman is unable
locks and repeating the (lerman equiv.lt" call in person, a representative if
al'iit of "Woe Is me!" for he is the j the county will be sent to investigate
onlv one of the whole lot who speaks .her case. Willi,m.   M.l'n,',   ....  t'*.-  Uth .l.v    . '
the one language Ihe dogs understand      The amount of money paid to each   ���m Sjf"0.6,��� S the meMUme
nnd ihs -nie member of the staff with   woman   depends  upon   -he  number of  AU��J>"f " *��� "'     Se "to be made^oj
special   license   lo   enjoy   tl.e   socletv   dependent children.    The amount,.of  m, ",  V    1 ,g by a per    -, or nerso ,s
-V   Dnnner   and   Blltien,   so   that   he I the six pensions granted to date ra, ge .X.m.n,^  ,^^^1,   .^'it   he^ n*
feels he will be blamed from *17.B0 to J40 per month. I      |n .^ pa��� Ul���r���()f
Ever since Iho mercury' began doing  __ -^, j j  q  i,wYNN
District   Registrar of Titlep
|Land Registry Office.
New   Westminster,   B.C.,   12th  Jul]
Balance payments small and easy,
being only $250 every Bix- months.
Nos. 207 and 209 Seventh avenue,
olty, two fine new houses for ox-
change, Owner will take reasonably
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Buiilding.
the polo vault hereabouts, both Don
ner and niit'en have heen giving evi
dence that thev felt the temperature
and their owner has been verv much
concerned. The trunk room of a ho-
ifil ''s net usuallv refrigerated, and
hnth the Spits, which Is Donner and
'he black and tan otherwise Blit*/.en
have been used all their lives to at
leist rarefied atmosphere. Some
where about midnight the harones<-
Came io the conclusion that If her pets
rpmalnpd in the trunk'1 room during
the night It might prove fatal, and
stie asked the night wat'i"nnn to "���'���
The -course will be inaugurated this.-  ,
fall according to the intention of those      Ab for ll��' Pretty girls in the men's  l0 ���' a0.  ,������,.,.     . ,���  ���.     ���.U(11, I .      ,, , - -
interested.     Eor  the  present   it   will  Buits-  ���*������  "'"��� handsome  maiden  ex-1.   r,,�� rr.   ' morning when she asked, heart-burn, gas on lh-? stomach or occa-
The  person   or   persons  bavin���    1
their custody or possession the follow
  ��� ing Title Deeds relating tn the    BS'il
So Bobbv Burns tersely <le��cribe-i the   Property are reouOBled to deliver thf
rich, but still poor, dyspeptics. Uut their   snme to the undersigned.
��� - 30th January.  l^D.  erant frnm lht
crown to Charlotte Adele Hovguo
19th July. 1RSH, conveyance trim
Charlotte Adele Rougue to Robert
Scott Moncrleff.
.1. C, OWYNN.
District  Registrar of Titles.
ease is not now m> desperate m when
Burns wrote. For the man who has th*
food now can cat without suUering for
It, if be just follows llie meal with *
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia TablvL
These rem irkabta tablets banish the
hem  In  a cold  place.    He  promised s troubles of tbe chronic dyspeptic-the    (1743
'  maa who ii btlknu���the suEe-rer from
Separate tenders -supercrlbed,
"Tt nder for Residence of Head Oar-1 four year term of appro]
"Tender   for   Residence   for
"Tender for Residence of the Bur-1 lowed to register
"  Trnder  for  Residence  for  Assis
Hint   Medical   Superintendent,"
. i        , ... nresaed it   "this is the tirsl r,.at inrf,.   ito    see her    dogs,    tho baroness WS!
last  one  term,  but  later  will he  ex- JJJMja��� ��.   ��>>�� <��� the ��rM realLindo- w
tended to two terms as in the case ^���a da> C0B,um"   '    have ever be fr,,md,   she was jest on the veree
C   Ontario and Manitoba.   At the com-  *��">���  nf ta���,          nHv��� ���,;���  ������.         ^ ���,
plctlon of the course of lectures, the |   .      ,n(1 .        ���,��� uim| ,,, ���,,.,,     ,n���v
student   will   be   given   a   degree   pro- Unevm    ���>.���.��.��..���. I ?....,��� ..�����,i  <n n,  i,���~,,.
habiy   that  of licentiate  of  phanficv   mCTIV    DJ I RflAH ""   Ttt�� of  No  Result
and this will empower him to register W-JILI   II^ILUUHU The hours passed     Ren 1    in-
and practice in the province as a full*' I   ���irv ,,���,,���,,��� m, ros������     Nothl"g hap.
fledged drugglr llCknilir   rAlllll CTIAMUened to allay the anxiety of the bar-
oneSS or the fears if lloeper. An un
svn'efi'het'c colleaene suggested an
nccident In a grinding machine, bul
lleeper.  thoueh  fearing  the  "wnrst
At present a candidate for the right
to practise as a druggist In Saskotch*
ewan  is  required  to pass through  a
Jhlp. Leg
lslatlon   mav   later   he
>   Intrcduced   so   Northwestern Pacific Will Open Early   p f'sed   tn  entertain   s
lhat   he   will   have  to  attend   ihe  lee
tures at  the college  before  being al
It is estimated that there Is nt present 24tl druggists in active huBines-i
in   the   pfovlnce so   that   the  number
in   1914���Forty seven  Tunnels
respectively,  wlll   be   received   by   the  of students tor the course is expected S-tn Pranclsco, Julv 14     The North
Honorable  the     Minister    of    Public,  to   be   quite   large   when   the   college western  Pacific railroad  will  he open
Works up to noon of Monday, the 2Sth  opens next  fall and  to  show  a  rapid for through tratflc'between Sun Iran    was'still the cold Storage department
���'    '  '      ���������'���'    -       -'  each  year.
h n solut!on | ukto�� Na-Dru-Ca ��>y
f th" disappearance of th
"i-rMnP wa'"h missed and the after
peon "-as almost aoenl when Assistant Manager Stewart apnea red, per
sonallv took cnuiinand of ihe case
and renewed the scare1' with v'"or
The roof had been searched and ever"
floor d'<wn   to   the  bssamenL     Tht
day   of   July,   1913.   for   the   erection , Increas
and completion of the following real- .
deuces at the Mental Hospital, ESSOU-I SAVED FROM CRIME.
dale, II. C : ���	
clseo and  Eureka earlv  in the spring of the engine roon
or   !'.H4  at  the  very  latest "Ynu   will   find   'hem   there."   said
This   fuel   is  revealed   upon   the   re Mr  Stewart, adjos'li'ir the Napoleonic
,    , , .turn of Oeneral  Manager  W.   S   Pil lock  under his fn-ehead.    And  there
"Residence for thn Head Hardener." .Operation on Toys Bra.n Prov-n Sue-   nnr   and   Oeneral   Freight   and   Pna they were    The tIght watchman had
"Residence for Ihe  Engineer." eessful ���Removed   Blood   Clot. -ganger   Agent   ,1.  .1.  (Jenrv,  wllh  have taken  literally   th -   Injunction   of  the
"l*'"*"*"'"" '"'��� "'" i'"'"-ar. |#Vi ,M7/;||,..���.'!!:.,," L.. ���.'.l.'"..,   .'*'!!: !1'"" ""mnl��'ed a tboronah Inspection haroness to put  Donner and  Blltien
Of   the   road   between   San   Prime'a en |n  a "cold"  place.
���ioaai IntVgesUon,   You eau eat hearty
mi-.ils oi wholrfome  foo4���and 4igest
Ihein,  tot��� ff y��u take N��-Dr��-Co    Por a License to Take and Use Water.
Dyspepsia tablets. Notice is hereby given that Dawson
Compounded hf expert chemists, sftrr and draco, of South Westminster
probaMy tbe best (Wmula kaown to will apply for 8 license to take anil
-Baikal scianc-e, tbey ar* quick *ne\ use one hundred inches of water ou
certaiu ia their ac.u��n, giving prompt of an unnamed creek, which flows ir
relie/ trow all forms of stomach trouble, a northerly direction through will
loiiing up aud stnagthe-alag tb�� digest- land, owner unknown, and entitle
ireorgaass*��<lbriagBigal��utpwtnu>eat   Into a ditch on Subdivision near 3cot
road. The water will he diverted a
a point south of Ladner road and wllj
he used for stock and domestic pm
poses on the land described ns a sui
division ef fractional section 2f, IJ
N., R. 3 W.
This notice wns po���teil on th
ground on the 8th day nf July, lllll
The application Will be filed in th
oftiee cf the Water Recorder at Nei
Objections may be tiled wi'h th
snld Water Recorder nr with th
Comptroller  of  Water Right-,    |'arli.
A man i��soitr��np-i thnn his stomach.
Pit   yourse-U   fer   y-aur   bast   work by
"   ~ 'l>ft**tm*a\ Tablets.
.._ 's. Naticnsl drug
an4 CUeinieal Ca. ai Caaada, LinaitnT
tUalsasl. ,���
Province of British Columbia. County  m"nt Buildings, Victoria. Ill
Residence for the Assistant  Medl-' the Minneapolis boy operated on Inst
cal superintendent." summer to cure hlm of criminal tend-
Plans,  specifications,  contract  and' <'ncles,  given  a  suspended   reforma-
sssets or any part thereof so dlstrlbut- torml 0f tender for each building may tory sentence and taken to the s>
ed In any person or persons of whos
debt or claim he shall not then have
received notice, and which has been
duly verified,
Dated  the 12th  day  of  July.  A.  D.
Solicitor for tho Apslgnee,
Lfi-J Columbia Slreet,  New  Westminster, B. C
be seen on and after the 5th day of
July, 1313, nt the oflces of J. Mahony, i
Government Agent, Vancouver;
Fletcher,    Government     Agent.
Cloud   reformatory  January  31   by  J.
1,.  Varncard, state parole agent, be-
'H"A'|0ame he had  violated  his  parole hy
New .getting married, Iuib been given a
Westminster; nnd the Department of
Public Works. Victoria. 11. C.
Intending tenderers can. by applying to the undersigned, obtain qua
copy of drawings and specifications
of each building for the sum of fifteen dollars ($15) for each set required, which will bo refunded on
their return  In  good order.
Each   propoanl  must  be  accompan
dltional   pardon  hy  the  state  pardon
board  at   a  special  meeting.
Members of the hoard announced
that the parole was granted chleflv nn
the statement of Drs. Archa E Wilcox and A. H. Parks, of Minneapolis,
who performed the operation removing a clot of blood that was pressing
nn Howard's brain. They told the
hoard that It would be necessary to
have Howard  more nr Icsk oonst-uiHv
of Westminster,
Ily virtue of a distress warrant
Issnetl in an actios by Daniel V.. McDonald and to tne directed against t'.u-
goods and chattels of Thomas U-nihen
1 have seized and taken the following;
All of the furniture, bedding, car
pels, blinds, linoleums, kitchen furnl
lure, etc.. In the "Sterling Hotel,"
situate corner Hoyal avenue and
Tenth street, New Westminster, con
slating of the contents of Wi bed
rooms,  7  kitchens and  cafe    and    a
11718) Al.
i cant
���ic 10 aa
imo IS uv
We now have four trains daily and
led  by   an   accepted, bank   cheque  '"'under their observation in order to ef-
certificate  of deposit on a chartered L   , ��� ,������, T)l���   ����� ���'  ��
hank of!    anada. made payable to the  ,,       ()f  ���,���        ,,,
Honorable  the     Minister    of    Public rt regularly to the phvs.elans
Works, for the sum of r, per cent, of |    Howard VV;IH .,���.,,���,,���, la��� AU|fup| m,
S charge of burglary   lie offend as a
that  he had  headaches  and
the tender price, which shall he forfeited if the pnrty tendering decline detent-
to enter into rontract when called upon to do so, or if he fall to complete
will givo you the cheapest rate going the work contracted for. The cheques
_ , ,   . or certificates of deposit nf unsucoess-
not only to Eastern points,   but   to m tenderers will bo returned to them
Kootenay and oilier points.    We are | upon   the  execution  of  the  contract.
Tenders will  not he considered un-
Leaves Vancouvnr lor H
nd 11 p. m.
leaves Vancouver for Nt
quantity or other goods and chattels i*""1 c i" i"11*
Leaves Vancouver for rinM llu;r��
m Wedia
p. in.
d p.., iiios, the Northern construe
ton    terminal   and   between    Eureka SAYS  ANCIFNT  BEAUTIES
and   Port   Seward   the   southern   con- USED  HER TREATMENT
Btructlon terminal.	
At present the rnlls have been laid !    Denver.   July   14   -Reading   to   tin
f->r - distance nf ir,ii miles north of Jury of Marwirie Hamilton lltersturo
S'n Francisco, the present t'mprrary designed to bring customers took up
northern terminus help? nt Dos Hlos most of the time in the case of the
which  is twenty-seven nnles north of government   against     the     "calendar
Wlll'ts and the distributing centre for girl" nnd her husband, Walter C. Cun "''"""-",             ,,   ,
the Cnveto and Rouhd Vallev districts nlngham, charged with fraud In sail-'*?" J?0V8 wl" bo BOld a* " l?,>l"x
With the northern operating system   ing  hy   mall   nn   alleged   fat-reducing i    ,!.c      '    ,     , ,
ev.endng ns far south ns Port Seward  treatment. ! ���.n".H ��'B"lnI ���H'];
and   the   southern   operating   system      "Having   perfected   this   plan"   ���1P!    A    of which I shall expose for sale
extending as far ".-h as Dos  Ulos   literature set forth In one nlao��. "In |?L���*  Sto.rlLnf? .!lol.c1'  corner Jloyal
there   Is  a  gap of  fiftv  niMos  to  fill  my search for the simple method tha'
in before the road Is complete. JI  offer  vou,  I   read  of  Cleopatra,  of
Railroad men declare that there is the Empress Josephine, of Helen nf
no road In existence tha' has heen so Troy nnd of all the queens of beaut'-
COStlv to construct per 1 on miles as of ancient times, and 1 feel aure thai
the line of the Northwestern Pacific mv method, which has beep perfect
from Wlllits to the sooth of Shlvelv. ed. must hnve been the same used b'*
88 miles south of Flurekn, When'those beauties of hlstorv."
the road Is completed, ils Officials d'<��� In various parts of the literature
clare, the maximum grade will be on- read occurred these lines:
ly 7 per cent. Three years ago the ; "Upon tb" sltar of women's beautv
gap.  which is the space between the man worships."
two  divisions of the  road  yet   to  be      "I  have connuered   the  fut  world"
built, was 100 miles, "l,el  mo elorlfv  your life by bnn-
Tho Island mountain tunnel delayed  ishittg  the fut  and  your  double chin
!..'ii��e�� Vancouver for Vic
'.' p. m. and II :4&.
10 i
was Impelled to crime. Alter
operation, which was permitted bv the
court, he was given a suspended re-
formatorv sentence. He had to report to .1 7, Hirnrard. probation olll-
eer for the reformatory. Mr ltn-n-
card says that  Howard asked htm  in1""' f'rst "fty miles of work, nnd with  forever."
day, the 17th dny of July. A.D.  1913.
at the hour of 10 o'clock In tho forenoon.
New Westminster. Julv 11, 11113.
T. J. ARMSTRONO, Sheriff,
(1739) lluiliff for the Landlord
and Northern Polnta
days nnd  Balurdays at
Leaves   Chllllwack    ;  ���. m.    Tiienr.
Ihurailiiy mid Saturday.
nlso.agents    or all   s ip        >. jeg, ma(|(1 mlt on th(, (ormB supplied, I December for permlsslnj to msrry hls!,hlR obstruction  out Of the way  the.    "Pat Is the cause of more divorces
Por reservation and other particulars  signed  with  the  actual  signature of old sweet heart, Miss Ethel Wllks but remaining fifty  milea Is expected to than  any  other  single  thing  In   the
the tenderer, and enclosed in thn en-  Mr. Ilarncnhrd refused. Nntwtthstnnd- \*,e   completed   In   double   quick   time   world."
Velopei furnished.       _      ^ ling this, on  January 23  Howard  and "ThO  tunnel  has  already  been  turned      The  court   ruled   that   the  efficacy
J.   B,  GRIFFITH, IMIss  Wllks  were  married      Learning over to I'1" Northwestern  Pacific ron-'of the  treatment  should  not  be con-
Public Works Engineer. I of   the  marriage   a   week   later,   Mr. dy for train service.   Forty-seven tun- sldered, and whether the money was
[Department of Public Works, Uarnrard   arrested   Howard  mid   took  nels weru found necessary to shorten  returned when demanded was also not
apply to
E. GOULET, Agent.
Now Westminster
H. W. DRODIE, 0. P. A., Vancouver.      Victoria, 13. C, July 4th, 1913. (1713) ihlm to tho reformatory
Telephones:  Office 53. Residence 429
JOHN RKID, Proprietor.
Chilliwack Service
"h Chllllwack   ; ,i. m.   Tu.
ny and Saturday,
Leaves Westminster I * m.  Monet
Wednesday und Prldaj
KD. OOULRT, ak,.���,, -40, W,Htinln��,r
H   W.   HltnniK.  ii   p  ,, *!nno������v���,
TUESDAY,  JULY  15,  1913.
Montreal   Controller    Will     Advocate   Toronto Police  Department Will Aleo | Hamilton Mayor Spits Fire and Ignites   So   Says    Advertisement   Advertlsi
Radical Changes���Cause of High
Death   Rate.
Bs Improved���Growing Needs
of the Clt/.
Gas Plant Trouble���Company
Backe Down.
Montreal,   July   14.    That   the
should  undertake  the    removal
Slums l.y buying up congested streets, |
marketing    property  not needed   and
erecting model tenements and dwellings   OD   such   land,   Is   a   suggestion '
made hy Controller Ainey. ell  hopes
lo present a proposition to the board
ty | Toronto, July 14.���Ways and means! Hamilton, July 14.���"After all this
of! of improving the city's Are and police I discussion, and special meetings to
protection are occupying the minds of consider the gas question, we are
the civic legislators these days. The ! practicaly back to where we were in
adjournment of the council for tht: the first place, .and 1 certainly will
summer holidays, coupled with the not stand for a settlement as outlined
u^ual decline in municipal activity,; In the latest proposition submitted by
has lefl time for proper consideration Mr, Miller," said Mayor Allan when
of general matters of importance. Of asked what was doing In thc gasques-
Ihese  In   the  opinion  of  the   mayor tlon.
Vacant   Positions���In   Addition
'   the Work Is Hard.
WANTED- -Smart young man and girl
for refreshment stand in waiting
room, hard work, long hours and
small pay. Apply ii p. m., Mr. Fox,
Kingston  road  waiting room.
of control on this matter soon. |and other members of the admlnlstra
"1 know that this problem or doing tlon, the flrsl quest-fan is reorganise-
BW8J with slums is beset with many tion of the protective services.
difficulties," suld Mr. Ainey. "In Lon- Recently the mayor announced his
d m and other cities large stretches of determination of readjusting the Eer-
Blums have been abolished and model'vices on a motor truck basis. His de-*
tenements erected In their place, by Eire Is to do away altogether with
private people investing their funds In horse power for the lire brlgai> nnd
the venture.   These pt ople have been ; foot   power   for  the    police.     Motor
content with an Interest of tlve pet-
cent. I know of no place where this
Interest has not been realized In
Montreal st the present time there is
an i rgantzatlon composed >r many
wpalthy men which has taken up this
very question of getting rd of the
slums This certainly la a move ln
tho right direction.
To Buy Up Slums.
"It should not he Impossible for this
body to buy up one of the slum districts and make a centure by building
tricts and muke a venture by building
eost of purchasing the land will be
heavy. This may be true, but it Is
well known that as years go by the
value Of land both In and near Montreal will Increase. If slums aru to be
gi t   ri.l  of  there  should   he  no  ih lay
In taking action it v.as r mnd In
other cities that the Initial cost of
purchasing land was heavy, hut five
per cent interest has been realized on
such vinlureg just the same,    I think
At the last meeting of the board of
control it was arranged that City Solicitor Waddell, would meet Mr.  Millers attorney, ,1.  ('.  Murphy, for the
purpose of framing  up an agreement
agreeable  to  both   parties,    tl    now
transpires  that  at  this  meeting they
were unt'ble tn do this, and both Mr.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  Waddell  and  Mr.  Murphy  have since
trucks   for   the   tire   department,   he   prepared   propositions   whieh   conflict
believes, would result in the saving of, with each  other.
hundreds of thousand dollars to the Mayor Allan received both proposi-
priv.ite citizens and would permit, a tlons and after looking them over said
more economical basis from the re- | the muddle was even worse than ue-
the number of
s-tltant diducti ^^^^^^^^^^^
stations, the smaller size of the halls
and the fewer brigades required to
cover the city,
"We would only reuulre two halls
where there are now three." he Bald,
"and Ihe same wonld apply to the
brigades. With the ranid service permitted by motor appliances the outlying districts would be reached in a
traction of time employed under the
present system. The cost nf fodder for
the horse alone Would eotfal the expenditure upon gasoline There would,
nol be :������' heavy charges for upkeep,
and no extra stabling accommodation
would be required. Of course, however, tiie greatest saving would result
'run the rapid service to the fires and
fore, md Mr. Miller's refusal to accept
the ti'tins demanded by the city hnd
practically created  B deadlock, which
could  only  be  broken,  so far as  the
mayor is concerned, hy Mr. Miller ac-
ceptlng   the  conditions  contained   in'
the agreement submitted by Mr. Wad- '
.'���ll.    The  e.lty  demands a  minimum]
of two  million  cubic feet of gas  per
day.    It  also demands that sievenly-!
Ave per cent of the highest average of
any day during the months of February,  March  and  April  of any  y.'arj
become   the  minimum   future  supply,
but at no time must the minimum go !
bei iw the two million feet.
And just here is where the differ-
ence creeps in In the latest agreement   offered   by   Mr.   Miller,   he   of-
the  opportunity  afforded   of  stopping . ters
that ence a  row   of model tenements' conflagrations   before  they  had  done
j S'-rlous damage.
"Arguments of much the same nature apply to the pollce service. The
advent of the telephone and of the
motor  truck   has  changpd   the   whole
to accept  the clause stipulating
that seventy-five pi r cent, of the highest dally average during February,
March and April of any year become
the minimum, but he refuses to accept
Ihe clause which nates that at no
time must he the minimum be lower
protection situation and Toronto must than two million feet per dav. Accord- I
provide a service that will give rapid Ing ti the new proposition of Mr. Mil- i
assistance where trouble Is report- j Ier. should the highest average of any!
cd." I day during the months mentioned he, 1
 . i say   only   one   million   feet,   then   he]
i would only he obliged to supply sev-'
erected it would not be long bs
tore other bodies would commence
building; In a few years lhis would
mean the total abolition of the congested tenement district In Montreal.
City Should Move,
"lt may be urged that the city itself
should take action in regard to putting np better dwellings fir the poor,
it  Is this very phase of th" question
lhat I Intend to bring before the hoard ^	
of control snd the cltv council. This Is  Till'T    HEDADT   CAM lenty-flve per cent, of that amount in
a move which has been tried by mu-  I QIl   I     ||| r llff I    jllll futon. ,
nicipallties In Kurope and which has  vr* '   *    v" v    "    *-'"" *e\T   MlUcr positively refueeR to be
turned   out   satisfactorily.   If   the   city j ,..ii/\   inrsi-r    lh n i sir C,'V-   lhc   tw0   million   feet    per    dav
i-in realize d per cent Interest In put-! Will I  WlNI    INxANl    ' -m,lm clause, and should tli	
ting  op  model   tenements  and   doing IT IIU   ft LII I    llsJnllL accept   the agreement  now  presented
sway with slums 1 sop nn good reason : by him and the highest average for the
why such action ought not to be tak- , | months mentioned not prove sufficient
en.    The citv  Is  now buying land  In , to supply  all  the demands he would
many sections for various purposes. Mother Claims Authorities Took High- ! onlv he obliged in future to supp'r
Bnd   I   can  see   nothing  wrong  in   ns * 'seventy-five  per  cent,  of  even    that
nvestlng   In     land     so    model    cot-,       handed  Action When  Daughter        amount.
lages could  be  put  up In  the newer 1 Was Deported. ""  >8 a *���������* nx "P* bllt w111 never
wards, he  accepted   with   mv  consent,"   said
Need for Co-Operation.   Mayor  Allan.    "There will be no use
The   question   of   the  abolition   ofl in ending It on to the council In Its
Ihe slums, however. Is such a hlg one. Montreal, July 14. "They may have present state and the matter Wll
that in the very nature of things, lt|8Pnt my girl away without notifying come before tlie board of control In
,,-,.���.,   I.e   solved   by  the  COWration hut th .,. df) ft wRh   the  meantime, after which it wlll be
alone     II Is absolutely necessary that , , I Mtpbmltted to the council at the nexl
private capital should he invested In ��> Bon* ' don * b<"llevc there ����� ��W regular meeting, should Mr. Miller of-
nrdt r to remodel conditions. There j law in the country by which he may fPr tn m���ko any changes in the tifo-j
;,re congested districts in Montreal to- I be de plotted." time, and meet our demands, I  would
day that are truly appalling  The poor |    Tt)|s  wag ,hp answer 0.  j|rg   Han [th-cn r">" B special meeting, but 1 don't
��� anticipate him doing this.'
Louis L. Fox, the man who inserted
the above advertisement in a Toronto
paper did not wish to waste time talk-
lng io people wno wcre looking for
easy v..irk, short hours and a fat
weekly envelope as a reward for tlieir
endeavors. What he wanted was two
Iiersons willing to put in a good day's
work for an unpretentious salary- As
u good sum of money is taken In every
day some proof of honesty must also
bo given.
ICvening found the refreshment
booth in charge of a young married
couple who stated tlle vacant positions
were the result of a request on their
part for a raise in pay. They had
worked for Mr. Fox a year, seven days
every week and with mt a holiday.
T��?y opened the waiting room at 7
a. m. and kept It open until 11 at
night: on Saturday till midnight. Their
work included scrubbing out the room
nnd In winter keping a big heater going. For this the man received $8
i week and his wife $6. The money
taken over the counter often aver-
ag<d more than $100 a day.
Offered a weekly salary of }12 each
t i take charge of a refreshment stand
Where 'he hours were much shorter,
and receiving no'hopes of an increase
in pav from thetr employer, the couple left and started In at the other
position at once.
Being the proprietor of a number
of refreshment stands throughout the
city Mr. Fox had left the Kingston
road waiting room in charge of the
married couple, but as no one had
come forward to accept tlie positions
he ran the stand himself Sunday. Seen
by a reporter who asked him what he
had to ofier he stated that the hours
would he long and short on alternate
days. On the long day it would be
necessary to open up at 7 o'clock In
'he morning and work until neon.
From then until 5:30 p. m. the employee would he off. coming hack to
work then until midnight. On alternate days the hours would be from 11
i. m. until 7 p. m. The work was 'o
he seven days a week and for the
young man a weekly salary of JS and
for the young woman $6 a week.
He explained that if unable to obtain a young woman he would place
���he stand in charge of two young men.
He expected that a young man formerly in his employ would be willing
to t'ke one of the positions and be on
hand to open the shop at 7 o'clock In
the morning.-Toronto World.
There are many imitations of this best of all
fly killers.
Ask for Wilson's, be sure
you get them, and avoid
disappointment. *
if  something  Is  not  wrong  with  my !
harness   or   teet.
"Uon't draw the straps too tight;
give tne freedom to move my head. If
you Insist on my wearing blinkers to
keep me from looking round, at least
see to it tha; they do not press against
my eyes.
"Don't make my load too heavy, and
don't leave me tied in the rain. Have
me  well  shod.
"Examine my teeth when 1 do not
eat. I may have an ulcerated tooth,
ind that, you know, is very painful.
Do not tie my head In an unnatural
position, or take away my best defence
against flies and mosquitoes by cut- I
ting off my tail.
"I cannot tell you when I am thirsty,
m give me pure cold water frequently.
Do  all  you  can  to  protect  me  from
the sun: and 'brow a cover over me��� ���
not when I am working, but  when I !
am  standing out  ln  the  cold.    Don't
force an  ice-cold bit Into my mouth,!
but warm it first ln some warm water
or ln your hand.
"I   always  trv  to  do  cheerfuly  the:
worV you require of me; and day and
flight I stand for hours patiently wait-
lng for you.
"And   finally,  oh   My  Master,  when !
my useful strength is gone, do not turn I
me out to starve or freeze; or pell me
to some cruel owner to be slowly tortured  and  starved  to death:   but do
thou. My Master, take mv life In thej
kindest  wav,  and  your  God   will  re-I
iward   you   here  and   hereafter.     You |
! mav  not  consider me irreverent  lf I .
; ask this in the name of Him who waB !
i born in a stable."
This  praver.  printed on  card, has j
; heen posted up bv order in municipal |
i stables   bo'h  in   New   York  city  and
'. Boston and mav he obtained from the
I Api-cmis' Friend Society, York House,
i Portugal street, London, W. C.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings I
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Bitulithic on Second Street, New Westminster with Boulevard Dowr
the Centre.
Bltulithic Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustleas, easy oa
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. Far these reasons
Bitulithic Is commended highly by owners of automobiles and borses,
householders, ana city officials. It bas beeu adopted by fifteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred in the United StateB.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
From Those Who Advertise
They want your trade. That's the reason why they
advertise. They will treat you courteously and supply
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
News.  It helps us.
   hourcd   far   worse  than   cattle   in
Bome tenements    1 know of ni mor��
p-epfllp ,   muntctnal  subject   than   thu
���doing awsy of the shons    it  is be
' the -
.]. I   a   d
to  the  suggestion   made    by     Albert
IChevalier,  chief of the municipal as-]
sistance department, that the deports
|n" *���������*��� Montreal h��� I tion of h<-r daughter, Louise, might be
ith  rite    axiom    the*
'  . �� �� hich  is
Vhe whole world
���ne of the highest In |
-I  Writer Still  Languishes  In  Atlanta   Prison���Friends
Seek Pardon.
followed shortly by similar action in
the case of her son. Thomas, now an
inmate of Verdun Protestant hospital
for the insane.
The law, hi far as I know it, says
I that if anybody becomes a puhllc
! charge I efore living In this country
three years deportation proceedings
I may lie taken." remarked Mrs  Hall.
"My  son.  Thomas.  Is  24   years  of
age, and came to Canada eleven years
; ago      He   worked   well   and
:and was ths best of sons to me until
j two years ago last May, when he was
taken  with  pneumonia.    ThlB  was so
severe th.it It affected his nerve centres snd his mind, and he was removed
to Verdun
Montreal,  July     14. - Korty    coffins
ranged  side by side made a sombre
spectacle   when   they   were   unloaded
00  the wharf from one of the vessels
; which   nrrlved   In   port.     The  unemotional longshoremen did not mind the
Spectacle Of the ooffins, but when they
j were  ordered   to  rip  the lids off  and
| unload the contents even their phelg-
! matlc   temperaments   were  disturbed.
i I'or done up in neat bales and bundles
steadily ��� 'n tnc h'ack mahogany boxes was an
���'i assortment of rag dolls and other bespangled toys,  which bad been tship-
j ped this way as being more economi-
. cal.   For   the   main   part   the   dollies
j kept with their bundles, but once in a
I while a wooden head would peep from
I a torn paper wrapipng, or a daintily
tBhington, July  11 -In ihe fed
oi      pi f..ii   at   Atlanta,  from   which
('iio!.-   VV, Morse was pardoned, Jul-
i        r.i thorne, tho writer, awaits In
pat the expiratlt n of nine months
ot        hi ntence, when h.s application
tor pan le will t e acted up< n.
i : ���: is of Hawthorni.    mlsunder-
the status ol al" case, have
rerun  ;.,l h ., pardon ,n numerous letter   ��� . lha pn sldent and the depart-
. ���   uBt'.ce  Believing that he has
; lid   . .,*  pi nalty   for  misuse  of    the
���   le   In   uoouing   mining  stock   for
thers,  ..1   v hich     he    was convicted.
��� ���  have sought Hawthorne's free-
mi,   ii, l   i n   the   ground   of   alleged
.... IS as In the Morn' case, but he-
��� * lu thl ir opinion the end of Jus-
��� had been served In the bumllla-
a and punishment already suffered
He   is  engaged  as  publisher  of  lhe
r i  newspaper and Is described as
mod I primmer and has marie friends
all   who  have  been associated Willi
ii    His application for parole was
.nl  by  s  hoard consisting of  Hob-
��� ' v. i.aDow, superintendent ol pris-
'    in the department of Justice, and
"������ warden  and  physician of  Atlanta
"���n,  hut  It  cannot   he  acted   upon
July   21.    Hawthorne's   term  ol
���ear and one day begun by order
���   court  when his trlul began, so
Iho usual deduction for good bo
r,  It would  expire next  Novem-
"But  -ven  ttffbTmay  not be|befllPP��ed foot would be found pro
quite  right   In  his  mind  they  cannot;     ,'lu   , ,        . .
nd him awav.    Hefore he was taken     ���A }***"����� longshoreman began    o
'whistle  the  once  popular  song,    Oh.
I *
oi ���
Many  Requests Received,
application     for     Hawthorne's
can  he  considered  until  after
tlon of ins application for pa-
iiil Janus A Finch, pardon Bt-
ol   the   department   or  justice.
Itted that a hatch of letters
ig  his  pardon had  been  ra-
���til spi
Ile at:
|| Slipei
rolo wc
I horne, I it
learned Hint
be grant* *l
permitted t0
this moid!
to be intpi
also IntllOH
ror Hawtlii.
r -r no outsb
��� ri, can bo i
���clslon of tli
ttendenl   l.allow  would    not
what action the board of paid   take  In  regard   to   llaw-
l, un other sources II was
a  parole WOllld  probably
and   Hawthorne   may  be
i leave the Atlanta prison
.mder certain restrictions
* tl hy the warden
^^^^^^^^ cannot I
^^^^^^^^^     Hefore he was taken I
to Verdun h" had been a gcod cith/en
of this country for nine years.    Now
he has lived here for eleven years. HI
Isn't Just that Ihey Fhoiild be nble to
deport him now.*
Mrs. Hall declared her son had left
Liverpool   when   18   yenrs   of  age   toj
come to thla country.   He hid worked j
on farms near Lachute. and hid final- I
ly come to Montreal, where he became |
���i builder's laborer.    He had  slways
heen   a   good   boy.   sharing   half   his
wages with  her.    Klve years ago she
came  out   to live with  him,  and  two
years   later.   In   September.   11110,   she
broughl   her   deaf   mute   daughter   to
thb country.
"Mr. Hoolahan doesn't tell the truth
when he says that he didn't know-
that I was living," added Mrs. Hall,
referring to an Interview given out by
the  Dominion   Immigration   Inspector.
tn which he excused the department's
failure lo pot If v Ihe mother when the
daughter, Louisa Hall, was deported
to England,   .,  ,
May Have Forgotten.
"Mr. Hoolahan knew very well the
ulrl had a mother. He It was who
helped me bring her nut three years
ago. 1 had to write to him and call
upon him. There was some difficulty
hrcuse Louise was a deaf mute.
"He may have forgotten me. hut
thst Is no rci>��on whv he Bhould sav
that h" didn't know I lived He should
have found out before sending my
daughter hP"k to Liverpool."
1 culpa Hall, who was subject to hallucinations, was deported on June 1
on the grnund that she had become a
nuhllc charge. If her brother at Verdun Is h'so rVnorted. It will he by the
.... in .,�����( or the city on the same
Johnron In London.
London, July 13. lack Johnson. Ihe
American negro pugilist, arrived In
London today from Purls to rill a music hall engagement. It is not known
whether the Hrltish government null wtisj thorltles  will  take any notice or the
i You Beautiful noil." and the rest took
up the tune, as unconscious of the
grewsome aspect of their mirth as the
grave digger In Hrimlet. Modern shipping evidently has nn place for sentiment, and the toys, which come from
Austria, were consigned, of course, to
different  firms than the cofllns.
Already department stores and toyshops must begin laying In Chthttmu
supplies, and Kuropean buyers have
heejl busy since May In maklpg a selection. The coffins, which also come
from Austria, are made from fine cmlar
and cost from ninety to three hundred dollars apiece Thev are eon-
slcncd to a local undertaking establishment.
Peg'nn, Julv 14 -The Inquest was
held over the deceased John T. Scott
ind the coroner's Jury agree thnt the
cause of death wns primarily due to
narcotic poisoning and the Immediate
cause resplrntory failure, both due to
an overdose of morphine and coeslne.
The witnesses MeOonnld and Daw-
"on, who were reported as missing,
were present, and testified that they
had been on a three-day orgy, In
which Mr. Scott participated. The
three men were Interested In a real
"state transaction Jolntlv. nnd hnu
heen quite Intlmnte for thc last two
Dr McCutcheon held the post mortem and his findings were that nil
the organs were In a normal condition and thnt the body showed no
signs of violence. The left arm and
.right limb was punctured with hvpo-
domic needle openings which had been
made with skill and the wounds wnBh-
Pil with a disinfectant, elthor of which
proved that Scott was a practiced
hand at using morphine.
Considering the evidence and the
26 innrkB on his arms nnd leg, and
finding 4.1 grains of morphine, a small
Toronto. July 14.���With a deep |
knife wound across her forehead. Maria
Ceccaocl, an Italian woman, ls lying in
the Western hospital, while two fellow countrymen, r.iovanni Rjherto
���<nd Vincenjo Dl TomaBO, are ln custody, charged with the assault.
'���"-r  some time there  has been  Ill-
feeling   among   the   lodgers     at     the
'"���"���rding   house     on     Heaver  avenue.
owing. It is said, tn me of their num-
*"'-  bolne  convicted   recentlv   in   Ihe
police cour. on a charge of disorderly
I conduct,   mainly   thoniEh   Information
given   to   the   police   by   the   woman i
vtrs. Ceccaccl  wns walking along tbe
street   with   her   tw ,   young  children.
one In her arms and the o'her tralllnei
along behind her. In answer to a hall
from Roberto, who, with a companion,
name  nn  suddenly  from  behind,  she
turned  half    around,   to  he  instantly t
cr-iT-hocl over th" face with a weapon
'n the hands of the Italian, wh > Imme-
llstely  after committing    the    deed
took 'n his heels.
In repponse tn n phone call to the
���vdlro station. Mounted Patrol Sergt.
Tinr'ey and Patrolman Praser arrived
tin t^e scene, and while Constsblp
FTieer attended 11 the woman's in-
iurles. P. S. Tlnsley. from description
Furnished, went nfter her nsss'lnn*
whom he captured some time later
''tri'ng In the bosh at th" head of
Dufferin street. Dl Tomnsn was later
---esled as the Bccnmnllee of Ito-
Roberto, who Is charged with wounri-
Wlll C-uv Whcle Street.
Montreal. July 14 -The board of
control will p(-opept u report at thc
next meeting of the city council rec-
ommcnfllng ths appropriation of J5H,-
2G7 fer the expropriation of Sherbrooke street In N-ltre Dame de Crace
wanl. also a sum of -$5.11011 to cover expropriation expenses. The roadway
concerned lies between the WcbI-
mount boundary and the point of the
old Lachlne road. The original width
of 66 feet has been extended to 80
feet. During the quarter ending June
30, tho municipal assistance department was called upon to render aid In
2dd more cases than during the preceding quarter.
Making a Flat World
Round ^^
l that II would be best
m friends to be patient,
Influence, it was assert-
initted lo affect thn do-
1 - artl of parole.
mnn who Is out en ball bonds In the: bottle of othi d a ryr.nge for In-
United States under the white slave' Jeotlng the morphine, It Ib pretty cer-
law   but  if anything will he done the | tain   that   narcotic   poisoning  Belt-ad-
authorities are not maklpg any state- ministered was the cause of Scott's
incut as yet. 1 death.
Five Hundred Put-puts.
Hutchinson, Kas., July IS.���Five
hundred motorcycle riders will start
from here tomorrow morning on a
tour to the Rocky mountains. The
riders embrace members of the Short
Crass Motor club, of Kansas, and
divisions of cyclists from New England. Indiana, Nebraska and the south.
The tour Is for pleasure.
"To Thee, My Master, 1 Orfer My
"Peed me, water and care for me,
and, when the day's work is done, provide mo with a shelter, a clean, dry
hed, and a stall wide enough for mc
to He down in comf.irt.
"He always gentle with me and talk
to me. Your voice often means as
much to me an the reins. Pet me
sometimes, lhat I may Berve yon the
moro gladly and learn to love yop.
"Do nol Jerk the reins, nnd do not
whip nie when going up hill. Never
strike, beat or kick me when 1 do not
understand what you moun, but give
me a chance to understand you. Watch
me, nnd lf I fall to do your bidding, see
When  Columbus  set out to reach India
by sailing westward, he met with opposition and ridicule.
He believed the earth to be round.
"Wise men held that it was flat���that Columbus was mad
������and that he'd fall off somewhere if he departed from
established beliefs.
But Columbus' belief found him a continent and made
him blessed of memory.
The Business World is flat to some men
Their profit-bearing shores of Opportunity stretch only so
far as their grandfathers trod. Custom,- superstition and
apathy have set them confines which they may not pass.
For instance, they believe the business year is a flat one���
not an all-year round of trade, with East joining West,
with Spring merging into Autumn���but just two distinct
seasons, with sawed-off edges gaping into space.
They confine their activities to a Spring trade and to a
Tall trade. To them there is no intervening continent
with stores of waiting wealth. Their world is flat. They
have not explored the mid-year months of Summer trade.
June, July and August are never-never land.
Surely this conception of Summer as a "dull" season is
ns fallacious as the delusion that the earth was flat.
People have just as much money in thc hot weather and spend quite
ns freely ns in Spring aud Fall. Granted that they are not buying
skates and snow shovels in August, yet they are buying staple articles.
Furthermore, they havc an eye on luxuries and comforts they are j
counting upon purchasing in the Fall.
modern  Columbus has discovered this
Summer trade���this golden West lying between the known
continents of old beliefs. Departing from established
habit, many have made their energies and their Advertising an all-year-round proposition.
Keeping up Advertising during the Summer months not
only links your Spring and Fall, but produces rich hat-
vests from the Summer months themselves.
Ail-rice regarding your advertising problems is available through any recognised Canadian
advertising agency, or the Secretary of the Canadian Press Association. Uoom Mill I.uinsden
Building, Toronto.    Euquiry involves no obligation on your part���so write, ii interested. , MMHMl ��������� ��������� "
t^Afifi. Eir.fit
TUES&AV, JULY   15,  1913.
���   iitfirni
"PAY   CA8H    IT   WILL   PAY
Remember the Place ���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
Carnations, new shipment,
per dozen 20c.
"Glass Jar" 'brand Asparagus,
large cans, regular 35c. Today
each 25c.
Sutton's Worcester Sauce and
Bracknell's Club Pauce, new
Roods and regular 36c. articles,
on sale today 20c. bottle.
I. X. U',.brand Enchilades,
Chili Con Carne and Tamales,
2 cant 25c.
French Beans, largo canB, 2
for 35c.
French Peas, large cans, 2 for
' 25c.
French Mushrooms, large cans
2 for 35c
We will sell Jacobs No. 1 extra fancy Sweet Biscuits, regular 2 for 35c. at 2 pkgs for 25c.
Other lines of Sweet BIscuitB,
very excellent goods, 2 lbs. 25c.
Charlotte Russe and Raspberry Trifle, regular 2 for 25c,
today 3 for 25c.
Snider's Pork and Beans, excellent goods at bargain price,
per can 10c.
Get a Soap Baby with a box
of Mother's Favorite Soap, for
Get a crate of Raspberries for
$2.65, 2 boxes 25c.
Watermelons from 55c. to 90c
Gooseberries, extra large,
12i/2c. lb., 9 for $1.00.
Canteloupes, large, each 15c.
I Peaches, Pears and Plums, 2
lbs, 25c. and 50c. per basket.
Apples,   No.   1   Eating,   3   lbs.
for 25c.
Bananas, Oranges and Cherries.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS
City News In Brief
I   The  llassani  Paving    company    ir,
imaking  repairs  to    Columbia    street
���west, iu the neighborhood of the C. P.
H. depot,
ask members of the staff to break this^.. v , .     .,
rule, as their Instructions are positive.!     Building permits *ere issued by the
I city  yesterday  to   Vlrs.  McKerracher.
Get  your ad.    In    early    for  loose , Fader street, Sapperton, for a cottage
change bargain day. lat $1000, and to Mrs. James Russell,
_li       ,       ,, ,,, ���,     .iWinthrop street,    for ��� a    cottage    at
The signalling corps of the ' i04tl< J|1000
regiment    received    Instruction    last i
night. This evening the regular regi- \n Chief Constable Pare, Coqultlam,
mental drill will take place in the j.plcked up an overcoat last week on
armories. Ithe Pitt  River road,  in  Maillardville.
Ut is supposed to huve dropped  from
Get it at the  Royal   Pharmacy,   47 ' 	
Sixth street.    Tel. 1253. (1673)
�� passing automobile from New Westminster. Tbe owner may recover bis
outer garment on application at the
Maillardville police office.
H.  O.  Lamb,    formerly    with  F. J.
.Hart ti Co.. has been appointed guide
n   the  daily  excursions  running out
by Steamer Transfer to Sleveston.
(The tlrst trip was made on Sunday,
the B. C. E. It. and steamer company
acting in conjunction.
of three storey    frame    construction
the ground floor to be used for stores
9 9 9 wealthy self-
made men out ofl 0 0 0
got their start by regular savings.
Nearly all men who
save do succeed.
Is this hot sufficient
reason for you to start
a savings account today
when it requires only
��1 to make the start
If you come here you
will be allowed 4 per
cent, interest added
quarterly and every possible courtesy will be
extended to you.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships under Administration, over $6,000,000,
Trustee for Bondholders over
In the neighborhood of 100 Indians
came Into New Westminster, /ester
day, some by water, but most ov-or the
different lines of the B. C. E. II. A
number   of  these   have  already  left
tbe  city,  going  down    river    ao^ard J���f Vancouver to this city and thence
different boats to the canneries..*., U-.
Ice cream grotto, Eighth Street
bakery, telephone 2S1. A. Hardman.
proprietor. (1670)
National Finance Company, Ltd., for
fire, life and accident insurance. 521
Columbia street.    Phone 515.      (1675)
A breach of the trades license bylaw, a charge against a bartender for
supplying liquor to Indians, a vagrancy case and the sentencing of the
Indian who was found guilty yesterday of having liquor iu his possession,
will occupy the attention of Police
Magistrate Edmonds in the police
court this morning.
Loose change bargain day Thursday, July 17.
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. 1672)
There will be no meeting of the
board of management of the Royal
Columbian hospital tomorrow, although that is the regular day. Instead, the meeting will be held on
Wednesday, July 23, when it Is expret-
ed that a number of the members of
the board will have returned to the
Money to loan on drat mortgages,
improved city and farm property
9 per cent.   Alfred W. MeLeod. (1671)
Save your loose change and secure
some of the  bargains Thursday.
Amid a babel of voices nnd much
feverish excitement and ill-directed
energy a party of 35 Chinese packed
themselves into two dorys and. principally by the aid of Father Fraser.
were carried downstream for their
summer's work In the canneries. The
gang left from the slip at the, foot of
McNeeley street, yesterday afternoon,
their craft loaded down to the gun
wale with themselves and their.bag
The Big Furniture Store, corner
Sixth and Carnarvon streets, is running a genuine clearance sale. Sub
stan I ial reductions on all lines for
cash. Denny & Roes^ the people
wno treat you right all the time.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance    man.    All kinds    written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
The executive of the Progressive
issooiation will meet this afternoon to
take up the question of entertaining
the officers and crew of the battleship New Zealand, which will arrivu
in Vancouver ou July 27 and remain
until August 4. A date for,the vfeit
to  this  city has  yet to  befarranged.
mltted to go in the spring and summer of lllll. The work count not bo !
completed then owing to the B.C K.B.
company. By the city bylaw the Hassam company was obliged to pay all
laborers on city contracts not less
than 37 1-2 Cents per hour, but when
tbe contract was entered into for tho
work the prevailing rate was 30 centa
per hour. There was thus an Increase
of 25 per cent for wageB for which
the cohipany was not responsible, and
could not foresee when the contract
was entered into.
Alderman Dodd considered the city
was not responsible for the bill and
on his motion lt was referred to the
finance committee and the board of
works to Bee the matter straightened
Acting Mayor Kellington suggested
that a copy of the account bc sent
to the B. C. E. R., which was agreed
Market Report. .'
The market clerk's report tot) June
showed receipts of $232.18, for which
he enclosed  a cheque. -i
An application from the Cartier cen-
tenarv committee, Montreal, for a subscription  to teh  funds was  remitted
to the'finance committee for report.
A  petition by  11. Johnston and  J,.
Walker for a sidewalk and water, on I
the north side of Seventh avenue, be- j
FROM  8  O'CLOCK   TILL  5:30.
671-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
And BIG  VAX-UE8 are the rule   ull over our big store during our LIQUIDATION   SALE. _ Watch   tor^ our
A  new business    block    is    to    between   First   and   C pttonme
erected by I). C. Patterson, of Burna-! was  referred  to  the  hoard  of works
by   at the corner of    Fourth    avenue  and wuter committee for report
anil Sixth street.    The block will be
That G. N. R. Depot.
A letter WaB read  from L. C. Oilman of the G. N. R., Seattle. In ans-
whtle the upper storeys will be apart-j wer to one from the olwk ���� ��$��
ments. The building will cover an |enoeto; the'jsompany iistaUonat New
nrea of 24x132 feet Westminster    and    conveniences.    "
area or ��>u. ieet. |was.as follows:  "We    have    already
The head of one of the city depart- worked out plans for Improving the
ments will likely be $20 shy In a'passenger facilities at New \\ estniiiiR-
police court case. If the Btatement of ter and the Bapie went to bt. 1 am ioi
one of the constables is borne out. approval several days ago. I am en-
Yesterday the civic official, driving deavorlng to hurry approval In every
an auto, passed a stationary street car way. 1 appreciate the conditions ami
on Columbia street while passengers lh. ,e in retnedv the same to your sat-
were   alighting,   whi-A,   like   the   ap-  isfaction shortly." 	
pturance uf Mary's historical lamb at The letter was received antl flieo,
school, was against the rule. |    The board of works report  was as |
. .   .follows:
J. W. Blackman. A. Rawlins, of this Tnat the application of the govern-
c'ty.   Fred   L.   Macpherson.  John   Mc-jment  f0r the  use of the  road  oiling
hlg advertisement tomorrow and  In the meantime take advantage of these
froui our
You are burning money by using any other Range than a
Because all other makes burn
too much fuel. LOOK AT
Ranges. All fitted with water
connections and finished in polished steel with nickel trimmings; six hole size.
St. Clair Kmpress;  regular }.1.1.
Now    S46.75
St.  Clair  Comfort;   reg.   JtiO.OO.
Now   SS1.00
St. Clair Malleable;  reg. $ii7.50.
Now   S57.00
St. Clair Malleable;  reg. $72.50.
remarkably    special     bargain*
St. Clair Malleable
reg. $77.50.
Every article   in   our    busy
Electrical Dept.
Very sharply reduced. Mist-ion Table Lump, 22-iuch.
with 12-Inch span shude,
with green or amber art
glass; reg. $7.50.
Now  $4.75
Vacuum Cleaners.
Vou never will get another
opportunity like this to buy
high-clans electrical vacuum
cleaners at anything like
these prices:
Hcg.  176, reduced  to.
Reg. $60, reduced to.
Three minutes churning gives you ice Cream ready to serve by    using  the
Cream Freezer.
One   quart,  now
Two quart, now   .
Three quart, now
Four quart, now
Five quart, now
Six   quart,   now
Intyre and D. C, Patterson, of Burna- j  jjjJJ in",he Delta district he granted,
"the city's  men  go  with  the
bv, were members of a party visiting I nrovidecl
Stave  lake  and  the  power  plant "'j machine
the Western Canada Power company Tha, t)K, nnplication of lhe I'acific
on Sunday. The trip was made under ]j0ck Joint ���>������<. companv for the re-
the auspices of the Vancouver Society 1^��� of ,lu. cheque for $2260 re 8nn-
of  Engineers.    The  next  trip  will be ���   �����
to Steveston on Saturday, July 26.
All to Band Tor-ether.
A central executive of all the ratepayers' associations in Burnaby ia
now in process of organisation. Sec-
retry Wight, of Alta Vista, has the
matter in hand and expects that delegates from Capitol Hill. Broadview,
Vancouver Heights, Burnaby Lake,
Edmonds. Central Park. East llurnaby,
Burqultlam, Fraser Arm and Alta
Vista will unite in forming one central association, meetings to be held
Quarterly, or whenever the necessity
Pat Drunk and Pat Sober Are Not the
Seven firewater victims were presented to Magistrate Edmonds at the
pollce court levee yesterday.
The danger of herding Indian drunks
and half-breed procureurs was exemplified.
George Purcell, one of the latter
fraternity, was charged with supplying Pat Alexander, Pemberton Meadows Indian, with whiskey on Saturday night. Pat had been arrested hy
Constable Bass at 9:45 p.m. on Saturday and Informer that officer that
Purcell was the canteen man. Constable Bass found Purcell tn the Lyt-
to��  hotel   with   whiskey   In   his   po.i-
    session.    Purcell  was also    run    In.
\ number of other Important mutters ! From   Pat   drunk,   the  constable   ap-
wlll be taken up at the m|etlng this | pealed to Pat sober and again he was
perton sewer tender. In exchange for ,
a bidder's bond, be granted, subject i
to the approval of the citv solicitors. ���
That profile No. 76C. submitted by j
the ci'y engineer of proposed gratle |
ef Hamilton street, between 12th and i
13th  street.
The renort  was adopted.
The city engineer  wrote regarding !
the   nlan   af   proposed   subdivision   of1
subdivision 9 and 10 of Lot 1  that It
compiled    with    the  requirements  nf
the  council  and   with   the  provisions |
of the Land Registry act.
Alderman Henley was allowed  fur- j
ther time to bring in his bylaw rein- |
tlve to explostvoB, as he had not yet
had   a   communication   from  the  Do- !
minion government in regard to it.     !
Boundary Bay I
Maple Beach Park, being a subdivision of the historic old Whalen
estate on Boundary Bav. is at
last on the market ln jiOxlOO feet lots
fronting broad Btreets and with per-
netual beach privileges. This has
been the camp ground for scores of
local people for year" The lots are
lelling fast, many people procuring
the locations they had occupied as
'enants for years. Prices $330 and
upwards, easv terms. Sole agents,
700 Columbia Street, City.
of    our
frigerators. The
��� Ice
boxes made
for the honn
White enamel
,   with
and     top
bers, 31
to 75 lbs.
Caloric Cook Stoves.
Are lined with Porcelain Knam-
el (just like a bathtub I. They
are distinctly n woman's article. They roast, hake, sleam,
stew and boll fcod and do it
more efficiently and with lesB
labor and expense than Is possible by any other process of
cooking. "CALORIC" cooking is
no experiment, lt bakes bread
to perfection, and will supply
a "piping hot" meal at any time.
Single,    regular    price    , $15.uo.
Now   $12.75
Double,   regular     price     $29.00.
Now  $23.25
Triple,    regular    price,    186.50,
Now   $31.00
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
sure that Purcell was the source oi
firewater supply. Examined before
Magistrate Edmonds by Chief Brad-
shay and also by the court, a change
had come over his vision and Pat discovered that it was Purcell's partner, who had administered to his depraved thirst, ln vain did the chief
endeavor to elicit from Pat the rub-
stance  of  conversations  In   the   place
of detention between him and Purcell.
Barefoot Sandals;   double  soles;   any
pair  in store   75:
Fleet-Foot Running Shoes;  a clearing
line;  7 to 2    40-.
8ole8;   al! sizes   50:
Pat brazened it out.   lt was the part-1 !,adl,rs' "'""j; t'j"'va,3, Bho"''. 'ea"Ler
'         I Men's  Fleet-Foot  Rubber    Soled    Oxfords  75j
afternoon   which   will  convene, at- ��� Is
hoped, at 5 o'clock sharp.
For pressed brick, fire clay, cqm-
mon brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock nnd fuel oil, apply-
to the B. C. Transport Co.. Ltd. Office
phone S26, "wharf phone 8S0.      11674)
ln the Fanners' Advocate and Farm
Journal, Winnipeg, of recent issue, almost two columns are devoted tu   an
article  on   the  ll.   A.   ���*.-   I.   exhibition.
"Away    out    on    the    Pacific    coas',"
starts  the  Item,  "at least three good
shows   are   held   each   fall,   Victoria.
Vancouver and New Westminster. The
jlntter   has   gained   the   reputation     of
being   the   best   from  an    agricultural
| standpoint, but the other two are Improving In  this respect.    'Best  In tho
West'   is   the  slogan  made   use  of* by
the    management    at    New Westminister."   it  continues,  going  on   lo    ex
plain the excellence of the exhibition
and relating In    detail    the methods
* which have made it successful.
We make awnings, tents and sails,
renovate carpets and draperies, remake and repollsb furniture, manu
facture cedar dress and waist boxes
window seats and do nil kinds of
tpbolstOry work In leather or tapestry. We are the largest makers of
window shades, draperies and interior hangings. Estimates given.
Lees  Limited. (1U6H)
All Held crops this summer iu the
lii-trict surrounding the city will be
good and will be very little damaged
by the heavy rains. Hay is now-
ready for cutting and all that is needed  is   about  a   week  of  warmth   and
sunshine to allow  its being taken In,,    ,,        ....       ,. ,  ,    .,
whieh  other grain  crops  will   be  har���   *"'  I,rol)a,,1>'  lj<' charged  in   the  pro-
vested   in   three   weeks   or   a   ,���������(!, : vlncial pollce court with having cans
from   now.    The  hay  crop   thia  year I "d th<' Pollution of a stream by leav-
i will   be  above   the  average   and,     ex    in* a dead horse in the river.    Special
cept that growing on new land drin ConstableMcOlbbon    wen     to    St
���places where the growth Is exception-1QW last wepk' ****** "'���'>'  ��>���<'"������<'*���
The Popular Shoe Store
The  Home of  Low  Prices.
641   Front Street.
Specials for this Week
iter.    Although the court did not con
ceal  IiIh opinion   that  there  was  "no
sich   person"   be   had   no   alternative
but   to  dismiss  accused.
I'at got a month's hard labor fnr be.
ing  drunk,  coupled    with    misguided
Francis   Dan,   a   Chilliwack   Indian.
got his whiskey from an unknown
white fellow, and also got a inonth
for the same combination,
Johnny from MuBqueam, another
Indian, blurted out that he got his
whiskey from a local hotel anil ths
court was adjourned until today for
Hob, another full blood, conducted
the case in Chinook with hiH worship
and the result  was $5 or ten days.
An   aged   aborigine,   cantured   ves-
terday   morning  at   4   o'clock   with   a
I moderate "Jag" touched the chords of
I compassion in the magistrate's breast
|nnd  was allowed  lo gojipon  expressing contrition.
A couple uf erring whites were alSi
discharged with warnings.
Boys'   Heavy   Leather   Soled     Canvas
Shoes;  sizeB 1, 2. 3, 4, 5   95;
Men's Heavy    Leather    Soled    Brown
Canvas Shoes:  all sizes  $1.23
Ladies' Snappy Tan Botton Oxfords;
every size.    Per pair   $1.93
Ladies'  $5  Boots;   only    $3.95
Ladies'  Dress  Boots;    broken    lines;
every size; value to $5   $1.93
Gents' Box Kid Blucher Boots;    every
size   $1.93
Gents'  Dress Boots;  stub loe;    glove
leather;   every   size    $2.95
Gents'   Tan   Willow   Calf   Botton  and
Blucher    Boots;    $5    up    town.    Our
price $3 93
Slati r Boots.  F. W.,  K.  Hoots.  I.eckie
Boots, etc.
The Ideal   Holiday Resort
Good bathing, magnificent sandy beach, boating, fishing, driving, etc.
Transportation facilities unexcelled, five trains daily each wav, stop at Whilo
White Rock combines all the pleasures cf seaside and country with the conveniences of town. It has daily mail, stores, hotel, restaurant, daily milk delivery, bakery, butcher shop, telephone communication, etc., and water piped to
most parts of the townsite.
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street, and White Rock.
Dead   Morse   in   Stream.
Winnipeg. July  14. -A  homestead
er  named   lloutellier  was  brought   I-
from   St.  George's  tbis  morning  am1
Residence Y. W, C. A.       Phone 1324
ally heavy.  It has "not beenbeaton j J",',1" ���""'''' a,,.rip of *4, "',!?*, a!��5f5 ',''
down hy the heavy rains. The field
! roots, unless In very low land with
put underdralnage, will also be good
as to Quality anil quantity. Kxcept on
now land crops of barley, oats, whe.r
and other grains will he good, il
favored with warm weather and will
j be harvested by the middle of Angus;
Winnipeg  river,
IX   portages.
it   trip  that   included
^^^^^^^^^^^ STEWART    The death occurred at
i'resh I'lums 2 lbs. f"r ?Bc |Coqultlam  on   Sunday  of .lames  Ste-
t'resh Peaches 2 lbs. for Sue*  wart, aged 27 years.   The funeral ar-
Jllpo Tomatoes, per lb 26c'rangements,  which  are  In  the  hands
C.ipe Bananas, per dozen  30c |of S. Bowell, wlll be announced later.
Fresh Strawberries 2 boxes for 2fic I 	
DAME The funeral of the late Dr.
Augustus Dame, who died on Sunday,
for 86c w"l take place this morning from
Howell's parlors to St. Peter's cathedral, where the services will be
conducted by Kev Father Beck. Interment will tuke place In the Koman
Catholic cemetery.
Fresh Cod and Halibut..2 lbs. for 2f,i
led Spring Salmon, per Ib lfu
Smoked   Halibut    2  lbs.  for 3.V
(Successor to Ayling A Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
, Denmark  Comes   In.
���Washington,    July    14    Denmark
thorough Minister Constantlne Brun
today became the 21st nation to so-
cept the principle of Secretary Bryan's
pence plan. Details of the plan already have been forwarded to Den-
(Continued from pace onei
pletlng the contract for paving Columbia street between Fourth slreet
and Leopold Place. Mr. l.owey pointed out that the contract was entered
into on Hue tl, 1910 and was curried
out bo far as the company was per-
Suits to your
order and satisfaction.
High   Class   Ladles   and   Gentlemen's
401   Columbia   St.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia St., Phones
1200,  1201,  1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone  1204.
Eighth  St.  Market,  Phone   1205.
Edmonds  Market,  Phone  L883.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from tlie start.
It is proof that thev
are made RIGHT."
Mads   In   New   Westmlnstrr.
Schaake  Machine Works.
Take advantage of the Business Man's Train and make yonr
home at Crescent Ileach (Illnckle Spit)  for Ihe summer months.
Train leaves at 5:30 p.m. dully, on and after June 1,1, returning In
thc  morning  In time  for business.    CrcBCent    llench    affords    Ideal
conditions  for  summer homes, combining Ihn  best  of  bathing,   boat
Ing at all stages of tho tide together with fine beach.    Artesian t,ell
water to all residents.    Let us show you thla property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 18��1.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employer*'   Liability.  Automobile   and
Marine Insurance.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
and   every  IB   minutes   until   9
p.m.    Half hourly  Bervlce  until
11   n.m. v.'lth lato car ut midnight.
SATURDAYS--15    minute   ser
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���5 and 5.45 am.
vice is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���0, 7, 7.80 8 and
SHO and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. With late car at midnight.
Foi Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. and hourly until IU p.
m���  with   lato oar at   11.30.
am. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 am. and
until  10  p.m.  with  lalo
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS -7 a.m. and   very
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS -8 a.m.    and   -tvery
hum until 11 p.m.
Connection   Is   made  a:    Bb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Eraser Valley I,ine
STATIONS���9.15 a.m . l.�� and
0.15  p.m.


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