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The New Westminster News Jul 29, 1913

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 News Classi-fled Ads.
Have proven their worth by the
resultB   they    produce.     Thay   fli
large   or    Bmall    wants   at    sni
The '"eather.
New Westmins er and the lutmsr
Mainland: Llghl to moderate wi-nd*:
generally fair,    witli   stationary   or*
higher temperature.
VOLUME 8, NUMBf      .20.
���t* 1 fc������ ���	
price five cattrra
Chairman  Armstrong, of Pilot  Board,
Cays The News Misquoted Hlm,
Mexican Executive Reported Willing to Retire From Post
He Waded Through Blood to (Jain���American Ambassador Wilson Not in Sympathy With Washington
Views and Likely to Resign.
Washington, July 28.���Ambassador
Henry Lane Wilson, summoned from
Mexico City to inform the Washington administration of conditions in tlie
rebellion - torn republic, talked for an
hour with l'resident Wilson and Secretary Bryan today, submitting chiefly a recommendation that the United
States use its Influence to establish
the Huerta regime. No policy was
���evolved, at least none was announced,
but it became known that the president's ideas and those of the ambas-
aboul nn undendanding between the
warring forces, looking toward n
peaceful solution of political differences.
Provisional l'resident Huerta, It is
suggested, might be persuaded by his
friends that, with the desperate financial condition of Mexico, his resignation would be an act of patriotism
and self-denial. He would be asked
to name a minister of foreign relations, v. post now vacant that, through
tbe  constitutional   process   of  suecps-
KUdor as to tbe -course to be pursued sun, the' minister would succeed him
are so radically different that the ad- as nrovlslonal president
ministration officials interpreted the That ivvohitionists In the north, led
days' developments as forecasting tbe,by Oovernor Carranra, have been
acceptance ot Ambassador Wilson's, sounded Informally on the proposition
resignation, i became known i.s well ns the fact that
President Wilson and the ambassa- iwrtatn men already have been men-
dor looked on the future .Mexican sltn- Honed Tot tlie provisional presidency
alinn. it was learned, from opponlte who would be acceptable, net only to
view points. The president Is con- the Hoerta administration, let to the
eerned over the morality of any poliey .Conftltiith'nall��ts as well. She nam-
adopted by the l'nited States and tbe lng f a rablnet by the new provisional
effect on other Latin-American conn- president and the ci iivnklng cf a gentries nnd is disinclined to strength-en "irl election would follow und It i*
a government that came Into power boned bv those who already are work-
th High the questionable events tod- 1ne en the plan that the United States
dent to Madero's assassination. jwoulfl recognize the new government,
Eve  to  Business. )��othat Mexico's credit abroad would
Ambassador   Wilson,   on   the other it*** and  meke  possible the  negotl-i-
band, is disposed to look at tbe sTt-n- tteB or a new loan to rehabilitate tho
ntlon. not  Trom past events, but wtth | finances of the republic
the practical idea of the future.    He ] Huerta  la Wearv.
believes It Is tbe business ot govern- j Tn fhe meantime the Cotmt1tt!tl',n-
ments to look to the luture and Ws;a1lsl army would he used to -.insist tn
suggestions have been In tbe diree- I nnrlfylng the countrv where biuidltn
Uon of extending recognition to the iTifflfl sway -and ��� presidential campaign
Huerta government If it did certain i WOUlB he begun. S'"re Ambassador
things lo conserve American Inter- ' WH- -n has come to Washington a re-
egt" j "ort  Is current lhat President   Hnert'i
The Inaflvlsablllty, from a d'nlomn- ; had informed the ambassador recentU ��tructions
tir  standpoint,    of    maintaining    In 	
At tli" meeting of the city council
last night the mayor brought up correspondence between the city solicitors and J C, Armstrong, chairman oT
the pilot board, In reference to an interview between Mr. Armstrong and
The News.
Coliciton Write.
The city solicllors wrote Mr. Armstrong as folio ��s:
Dear Sir,���We are instructed by the
mayor of the city of New Westminster to write you In reference to a
report of an alleged Interview with
you, in the New Westminster Daily
News of the Hind inst. dealing with
the hurl.:r works In this city. In this
report vou have alleged to have made
the following statement:
"The pecple are paying all their Intention lo the harbor, building
wharves. Uut I will tell you what
that if. It Is because there Is boodle.
Yce. sir. boodle. There Is boodle In
building wharves, but there is no
boodle In building channels."
This statement we presume must
necessarily refer to the mayor and
aldermen or to some of the city
officials and we have no doubt constitutes slander.
Onr clients feel in duty to the public, as well as to themselves that thev
cannot allow a statement of th's kind
lo go unchallenged and they have instructed us to demand an immediate
T-'Traeilon    and    apology     trom  you,
 I Given Fair Day Tomorrow Merchants'
Kills Himself, Wife and Two     picnic win Be Record Break-
Children    On    Alh'Tta       | ln��� Event.
Domestic   Ctrlfe   Said   to   Havi  Been
Cause of Worst Crime in History
of Prairie Province.
Calgary, July 28.���A tragedy, unequalled In tbe criminal annuls of
A.berta, was discovered here shortly
b fore noon on Sunday when George
Robinson, a prosperonB farmer of the
Itumsey district, was found lying on
the floor of the sitttng room ol his
own home, bis clothing saturated wiih
blood und the top of his head blown
completely Off. Across his body on
the floor was the Winchester shotgun
with which the shooting was dune,
and  opposite  him   on   lhe   floor  was
the body of his wile, a big hole torn j���ut win' be given $
It Is understood that a committee
of merchants ls today waiting on the
weather mac to present a request for
sunbeams for the big grocers' and re-
tall merchants' picnic here tomorrow.
I While no announcement lias yet been
jmude from the weather office, lt is
unofficially stated that the honorable
gentleman has consented to supply an
j extra special fine brand, thus making
the great outing an absolute success.
i Anyway the merchants are taking
his consent for grunted and yesterday
afternoon held a final meeting.    At it
.the prizes to be apportioned  for  ex-
; hibits and displays In the street procession   were  fixed.    These   will   he:
Class A, Industrial, 115, $10, 15; class
II, wholesale. $15, $10. $5; class C, retail, motor, $15, $10. 5: clasB D, retail,
horse and rig. $15, $10, $5; special advertising exhibit. $10 and $5; comic,
$10 and $5.   The best all-round turn
-^-^*^*^*^H     *^*^^H
Mr. Weart Offers Burnaby Big Local Business Sokf Yea-
Half Million Dollars at
7'/2 Per Cent.
terday   for  Close cn
Municipal   Council   Gees  cn   Trail    cf
Cemetery���Pay* Wild Land Tar.
on Improvements.
McAllister  and   Son��  New  O-.-nerx���
Buyers Have Confidence im
Royal City.
Representing clients who have
1,600,000 pounds sterling avail*
able fur Western Canada securities. J.
W. Weart, ex-reeve of Hurnaby. appeared before the council of that
municipal.ty last evening with a proposition to loan Hurnaby one half mil
lion dollars Immediately and In   tbe
meantime  look   into  the   strength  oi   .. _     _ ���_	
lhe different bond issues now waiting i papers have not yet been si-grwd. Unto be Bold, with prospects of purchas   agreement     was   reached   yesUrday
'morning and the store will be closet?
A dial which, it la understood, will.
Involve close lo $;i00,000, was practM*
ally concluded yesterday, whereby H..
F, McAH.ster aud son3 will take over
the business, stock, ttxtures aad thx*.
budding and property of Leca Llmrted
on Columbia street.
Negotiations have been going on far-
some   time   und   although the   Banal:
In i.er right breaBt. where a charge
of heavy buckshot had entered, and
her face bruised and beaten almost
beyond recognition. In the kitchen of
the home the twelve year old sun ot
the couple was found, his neck almost
torn In two where he had been Btruclt
by  a charge  from  the gun,  while ou
All entries are asked to be lined up
on Columbia street opposite the old
Royal City mills, just below Gilley
Bros office at 10:30. Fire Chief
Watson will marshal the parade, which
will go up Columbia street to Queen's
l'ark by way of Leopold Place. ^^^_^
,    The arranging of the entries will be  "10m'>' l0 complete works which have
the bed in the rear bedroom was tlie decided today. I beeu started and also    to    keep    the
body of their three year old daughter,      ThlB year's picnic  It is said, will be , maintenance gangB at work, this prober head  blown completely off. 'the largest ever held on the mainland ! Position  did  not  appeal  to  the coun-
Three empty shells were found on ;ann  between  8000  and  10,000  people  '-'"ors,  who  practically   were  one  In
the floor of the  house and  a  fourth  will likely attend     Sports and games  uski��g  that  the  mutter  be  left over
ing them. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
In return for this proposed loan of
a cool half million, Mr. Weart said
his clients would require 5V4 per
cent. Interest and it was later
divulged lhat the Vancouver firm
agents for the English company,
would alBo require 2 per cent, broker
Despite the fact tbat Burnaby need;
we" must Take  proceedings  <" the gun, while furniture w
turned,      ���"  ���"���J  '-
over-!wiJi t����puce "during'the afternoon m��_U1 ,u.'L-e.lurS.,.?.f Jl.?e_ve. !vl?!fr??��I
ftgatnat you : turned,  blood  spattered  in  all  uirec-  and at tilght the retail clerks wlll give fr0In London.   This d-d not look good
TCe must therefore ask vou to kind-  tlona.  ���**>**  evidence of a  fierce  fight  a iarge public dance    The Vancouver  l"   Mr-   "���***���   who   Informed   them
ly advise ub when you are prepared to  Ioun<1^1i,,^eri ii00"--. ��..,._, (Highlanders' band and the local band 'that M would
make   his apology and retraction and "        " "   -*���-���.-'-
ln that  case we will  prepare a document for you to sign
^^^^^^^^^^     withdraw    the]
Mother Defended Children. IwilT provide music all day. | which he did.
I    It is a clea;   caBe of murder    and!    The Y   W   C. A   tent is to be well | Reeve on Hit Way.
^suicide, and, from the position of the |supplled with lunches and for several      Yesterday    a    cable    was   received
^_^_. To the Mayor ibod.es and the condltiou of tlie liouse, [hours   at  noon  a   full   course  dinner 'from IlePve McGregor ln London, Btat-
Letter from Messrs McQuarrie, lh<- mother had evidently fought hardiwni be served. The proceeds of the',1'"* l)ial hp ��'*���* sailing that day and
Man.n fl Cassady. city soliritors. to *u ****��� ller children, and. after being ly. w. c. A. tent are to be applied {������� he expected to be back in Burna-
the mayor- beaten,   probably    into   insensibility. Itonard the building fund *,by by August 8. when he will lay be- ^^^
ffloor Sir.    Mr. Armstrong railed uswfB ".���j01*0. u.eathJ "W   ?!er.   husband. |    The Victoria boat will come up the|5if.**i*^ott_^*~fi2I??0.l?tl���!  tlle.!ate.J   A.' ''.fce'���*"* *L*" w^m^*oa
up on the phone this niorotog. In reference to the letter we wrote to him
on   Krlday  last, pursuant to  your  in-
on Saturday for une week in order u��
make a complete inventory ot ttm*
stock and fixtures. Tbe store will to*
reopened on August 14.
This Is one of the biggest deals tkat
haa been consummated for aome time.
as Lees Limited is considered one ef
Ibe largest mercantile conceraa In tlie.
The property consists of 46 foe*,
frontage on Columbia street, with tfce
snme frontage on Front Btreel, the
depth being 132 feeL Then*, is a foar
storey brick structure facing Colombia street, with five storeya od front
ll Is understood that Mr. ���feAIUafes-
and his sons will take aa active part.
in  the  management ef the new  cou
cern.    Mr.  McAllister, senior, will txx
the financial head of the ooaeem and
his sons will act as heads of tba <
departments,   lt ls further t
that many changes win tn made aad
the store enlarged and improved.
C. G. Major, acting for the estate of
Mexico City a representative who
would net l'e in sympathy with fhe
nurr""�� . nt the Wilson administration
1n 'Washington Is said practically to
have convinced the president that tbe
that he hid no desire to Iw xi eandi
dnt" for re-election,
Washington   officials, however,  e.v-
 s"'*d m> opln'on is t'i tlie merits ���>!
Vi" nlei'Sfor bringing nbout peo",,  |n
Mexico thrniK'b tl>" m<Hjlst1-nn of M"xl-
embassy   In   Mexico" City  had   better  eans themselves lit H is known tl"it
lie r-nnrtiietod for the pre-sent by Nelson O'Bhanghnossy, lis first secretary.
reputeO here as efficient and experienced
Mav   Help   Themselves.
While   tbe   chief   officers    or     the
American government wpto debating
th" fa"l- . f the situation today, it became known that a movement wns on
fo-d which eventually might save the
United Slnti's ttie necessity of offering mediation or any other kind of Interference In Mexican affairs upon j
which fhe national pride of Mexico Is
sensitive. The plan conteranfitftos a
repetition of the process by which
iila�� iit'iO""ird in favor of a provisioned president, acceptable to both
factions in the revolt against him.
Prominent  .Mexicans nre  interested
In the idea nnd hnve informed Seere-
n-'* Brvan that, if the American gov-
���"eminent would refrain from any policy of mediation, al least tor tho present,   they   fell   confident   of   urfnging
thev  sre  Interested  vitaTK   in  the fl-
''���'���"���I'll  f'tiistion   in   Mexico, particularly i's it  relates tn the dcpr"C'atiei
*-r  foreign  investments, and any plan
...... ,���.,..,P,i ., reeonstmctlon of the
country's  finances would bn welcome
Becretary     Bryan's    announcement
that r ' nollcy lvd bpen agreed upon
ns  vet    t-iken   with   "ther Information
tonight,   was   regarded   ns   forecasting
n ei W* ;"'d careful policy on ttie part
of the administration  here before nnv
Steps   are   taken   which   would   reflec!
.....   ,.-*,���-..,t(nns   0r  fi1(,   president   or
Secretary Bryan.
Gunboat Blown Vn.
Sri->I's Ariz. July 28. The federal
run'boai Tatnplco wns destroyed t'*dav
by a bomb dropped from an aeroplane
over Guaymas harbor, declared nn
off rial insurgent message. lt was
sa'd that Aviator Dldler Masson made
three nights over lhe harbor before
he succeeded  in  hitting the boin.
The    report     wus
ftcutine   Business   Dealt   with
Evening���Applications for Roads
and Water Pipes.
maintenance men
A number of protests against the
imposition of taxes for storm sewers
were remitted to the board of works,
ln connection with these the citv
engineer, reporting On the eipiilnble
svnten) of taxation, stated they were -"'IE1"'
fa'r nnd just. The properties were
Last 'tribiiliii'V antl the Bewer would
eventually serve them.
He states that he was ralOTeported
in the article which appeared In The
News and that he did not say anything which might be eonetrued as
imputing any dishonesty or bcodling
to yourself or the city nemncfl or any
of the Olty Officials, and lie regret.-;
any such nieuning should have been
taken from his remarks. What be did
say was that lie tbougtit Tlmt if the
money which waa to be spent on the
linrln-i* works were spent on improving the Channel of the Fraser river.
better  resul s  would   be  obtained.
Mr. Armstrong also Informs us that
he had been very ill and that he was
leaving for Vancouver for the purpose
of be.i.g taken charge ol by a specialist tliere. und that he expect! d to be��
i bsanl frcm the city for about throe
we ks.
Under the circumstances we are not
t'H!"r snv proceedings unless wo re>-
nivi f urther Instructh ns from you.
Will Be Drc-.-ied.
Tin- mayor said in reference to
the correspondence that, aB far as he
nts personally concerned, he did not.
Bee there was any necessity to take,
any further proceedings. Mr. Armstrong suid he il'<l not make any such
remarks, lt was for the council U.
nu>. All tbey hud to do w.a* to protect tlieir character.
who then followed  his little **^\^*BS~I^^
into the kitchen and bedroom  where -win be run from Vancouver early  '��.,,,"''���,  financial stringencv vendor*
they had attempted to hide, and. after ft,  morning, continuing  most of  the,the presSrt flMttdal ^ing^ncy. ^e^h0e"inve8ttnent  by  Mr.  Mcjuttto-
killing them, returned to the sitting aay.   |    That Burnaby u0O> no't view    with of such a large aum in the ctty. after
room    and    deliberately    placed    the | \uitfU the proposal of  the Vancouver   he  has  spent  five  years  here. i��    a
city  council  io  establish  a cemetery   striking evidence of his faith in New
! in the viciui'.y  ot  Hurnaby  lake  was   Westminster,   particularly   when     ht;
i made more apparent last evening fol   makes the Investment at a time when
lowing  the  reading Of  a  letter  from   there is a financial depression alt over ���
the  eity  clerk  el   Vancouver,  stating  the world, which has made Itatilf felt
muzzle of the gun in his mouth, blowing off tbe top of his own head.
When found, the b idles of all thiw
Of the victims Mid tbe murderer were
badly decomposed, and although the
tragedy was not discovered until I
shortly before noon on Sunday, it is
thought to have occurred late on
Wednesday night or early on Thurs
day morning
An Unhappy  Home.
I'nhappy domestic relations are be- i
lieved to have been the cause of the :
quadruple tragedy, as it has been com
mon talk in the neighborhood thai
Mr. and Mrs. Itobiuson did not ge"
along well together. However, no re
cent quarrels had been noticed by the
friends aud neighbors of lhe deceased,
who are at a ltiss to account for the
violent action of liobinson, who was
usually considered to be quiet, and to
keep himself well under control.
The bodies of the three victims and
the perpetrator of the crime were
placed in one wagon, fonnd ni tie'
liouse. and were driven into Miinson.
where they will be held pending further action by the authorities. Al
though the police are investigating,
no trace of relatives Of either Mr. er
Mrs. Robinson have yet been found,
but It is thought that  Mra. Robinson
hat tliey had purchased land in D. L.
|Hz aud 14S covering an area of one-1
  I half mile by  three-quarterB.
ll  wus  slated  that  the close  prox-
Representatives of Four Posts Gather  imity of the  land to    Bumaby    lake
Here���Banrjct to Be Held on
Wednesday   Evening.
Twenty delegates ti
'  the
grand post
Of the    Native    Sons
It. C.    will
gat-iier  in  convention
today    in
the Odd Fellows' hall.
��� four posts
Alderman White agreed.   He moved  j*"" a brother and sister in this p
that the explanation be accepted and ,   ce
the matter allowed to drop.
The motion was agreed to unani-
m-ondly, Mr. Armstrong's ststementa
being treated mere in sorrow than in
A number of applications for thc
< * eiii'ig of roads and the laying of
wnler pipes were submltti d to llle
city council last night. Tliey wlll be'
deali wiih by the committees conci rued and reported to the couucil
next week.
The board of works through Alder
man Dndd submitted the following report, which v.us adopted:
That with reference to the communication from the lowa Lumber
company us to the bad condition of
the road leading to their property,
an estimate be obtained and lhat the
mayor and chairman of the commit) -
interview   the company  with  a
to making some arrangements tor the
fixing np of the roadway,
No Sewer There.
That   with   reference   lo   the   letter
from the b. C, Distillery company ask
lng for permission to connect their
s 'wi r wllh the present sewer on
Braid and Brunette streets, the snld
e - snv be notified that It Is not
w'ililn the power of the council to
t^.int nny permission to discharge
sewerage into the Brunette river ns
they   would   be   conflicting   with     the
provincial   health   department,   and
further,  that   the  city  has  no   sewer
ot the place mentioned.
Alderman Bryson, chairman of
water   oommlttee,   submitted   the
lowing report which wns approved of
nnd adopted:
Thnt the application of Messrs.
Kelly. Houghs I'or flat rate for wn'--
for   pump   lie  referred   bnck
superintendent to put
meter so that fiirth
he obtained,
That the  recommendation of tho
city  engineer  for monthly   Inspection
of  hvdrants.  nud  tlie  halt yenrly   Inspection or tlre-gntes be adopted  pnv Itt
vidlng tha same bo carried out by tiie !tt tt tt
Socialist Production Cannot Get Itself
Before Public In either Ccattle
or Taccma.
Tacoma, July 28.���Commissioner of ;
Publlc Safety A. ll. Mills stated today |
that he would not permit the presentation bere of the Socialist piny "The
Colonel and ills Friends," dealing
with n recent trial in courl ut Seattle.
The manager ol the Tncotna theatre
stilted llat he would refuse to rent
the house for the production, as   It
mlghl lend to disorder.
It   had   been   announced   in   Seattle
Hint the play, which failed of presc
(While recognizing the desire of the
city council to deal leniently with a
man nf Mr. Armstrong's yenrs. The
Xews,. in justice* to itself, is forced t.i
: state positively that the remarks attributed to Mr,  Armstrong relative to
harbor Improvement work and printed
n the issue of this paper on Tuesday
montlog, July  L'J last,  were made by
hun nol only once, but were repented
at a later dute. ut    both    of    which
times   Mr.   Armstrong's   words   were
jt-ikcn down  as  they   were  heard   by
itwo Witnesses and the notes preserved
| fur juei   suoh   an oooaslon   sb   has)
I arisen.   If may be further stated that
'Mr. Armstrong passed other remarks
reflecting  even Iobs favorably on  his
Judgment    and    self respect.      which
hitherto, haie not been published   but
tlle   noles   of  which   also   have   been
kept.    The Edltcr.l
Will GET 106 If
Colonel Gwatkin  Has Chance to Succeed General Mackenzie at Head
cf Militia.
of the province will be represented.
These are Nanaimo. New Westminster, Victoria and Vancouver. Each
post lias appointed five delegates and
New Westminster's representatives
are Mayor Gray, M. J. Phillips, W. F.
Edmonds, J. P. Hampton Hole and G.
L. Cassady.
The lirst session is called for this
morning at 10:;tli o'clock when committee work will be tuken up. On
Wednesday a visit will be made to
the Colony farm and later in the day
the reports of committees will be
read. Chief among these will be that
of the committee handling the re.
vision of the constitution and a number of debates are likely to take
On Wednesday a banquet will be
given to which all Native Sens are Invited.
Ills honor Judge Howay and Grand
Muster J. P. McGill, of Nanaimo. will
be among the speakers.
would mean that the water would
probably be contaminated, as tht
cemetery site is on hich ground and
the drainage runs Into the lake.
Other grounds  for    the    t   position
were that land In the vicinity of the
site  would   decrease  cons derably     1
value   as   people,   generally,   do   no
care to build homes close to a grave
yard.    Theses facts,     however,    ware- i
but a flea bit to    the    storm    which
arose wben it was made out tiiat I'an  '
couver   would   be   exempt   from   taxa
tlon on the land,    according    to    thej
municipal act.
The few thousand dollars lost Is
taxes each year just touched the
pocki UioiiU of ihe municipality. Councillors Macpherson and Coldicutt for
once were as one in the opposition.
They had the support of tlieir con
freres and the solicitor will t:- take:.
Into the case, which will be brough
later to the attention of the government.
Assessment  Notices.
The apathy of some people in disregarding     assessment      notices     was,
brought out last evening.
A Mr. Hlgglns, of Highland Park,
addressed the board, staling that he
arrived in Burnaby from Eastern Canada in January,  I'.iVi
in British Columbia.
Mr. McAIlis'er has hud an cpwir
tunity of Btudylng conditions In thrs-
clty and in neighboring districts. Iih'
eluding Vancouver, and is confid-c-m-t
that he has made a v.-'Be purchafln
and that the new businosM \>m~
Westminster's first departmental
store, will be a success.   .���"
Progressives Have Line of Thsir Otxt*
to  Hew and   Lafoltette  Lain
thc Bo'ters.
fill-  the
in a separate
er Information cuu
lation there, would be given here.
Girls  Darely  Tsca.-ie.
Tc ronto. July us. Damage to the
extent of $7000 was done by tire in
the factory of the Kllborn Medicine
company on Saunders avenue, thlr.
nu ruing. The top flat is occupied by
Campbell & Co., whitewear manufac
1 hirers, and 20 girls employed by them
WCIlld have perished had not a Quick
alarm been given. As it wns. they
j had t" come down n narrow stairway
through the thick smoke to safety.
London, July 88,���The Oh-
STver prints without reserve
n rumor that the $076,000 pearl
necklace, which was stolen
1 rem n package In the registered mall somewhere between
Paris and London, wna to hnve
been submitted to the Princess
lioyni for examination as a
wedding present to her daughter, the Duchess of Fife, when
she becomes the brl.le of
Prince Arthur of Conniuight.
Couldn't Cpend It.
Sm Francisco, Julv US--Alfred
Yager, n returned Alaska miner, was
arrested yesterday when lie went to
the office of the city c:ipt:ilii of de
teethes and asked change for a $fi00
bank note. Yager hnd made a weary
round of banks, saloons, stores and
enfes In an effort to eat, drink and be
merry on his wealth. He got into Jail
and could not get out because tho
bond nnd warrant clerk did not havo |before
Ottawa, July 2S. The Ottawa Evening Free Press n mains a report to
the effect that Col W. C, Cwatkin
has been appointed chief of stafr In
succession to Major Oeneral C. J
Mackenzie. Though Genernl Mackenzie is generally understood here to.
have  retired  rrom  the  position  some i
months ago, military orders state he
is on leave or absence for four months,
his term at orrice expiring In Ihe fall.
Questioned on the report of his succession,    Col.    Hughes,    minister    ol J
militia,  this  afternoon   merely  called i
attention to the mntter Hint he was |
granted a leave of absence.
"You  mny  sny, however."  snld  the:
minister,   "that     If    everything   goes
along satisfactorily, i.s It is nt present, j
Col. Gwatkin will be appointed t *> the
position which he Is now filling in an
active oapacity,    Col.  Gwatkin  is n
British officer and hns In addition had j
considerable training in the Canadian ���
work "
Col. Hughes stilted thnl he did not
consider It necessary to import a nnin
land, hud built a home, chicken bouse
Btables and all other necessary build
ings with which a man who has the
Collateral, can sit down and take life
eusy, while the cow* Is giving milk, the
chickens eggs, etc., etc. Mr. Hlgglns
hud discovered that, although his land
la all cleared, has be-en cleared for
over a year, he Ib still being assessed
Washington, July 2S.���A divisi<m h., "
tlie Republican ranks over lie rtrtis-
icn of the tariff became apparent today when nearly a dozen l,roKrcsr>*i*
Republican senators, headed *j' La
Follette, began a series of conrereners
to perfect substitute schedules Onl
will be offered to the tariff blTT-
The   Progressive-Republican   note
has  grown   cut  of  the   belief of til*-
He purchased  leading  senators  identified  witli  thnl
faction that they would be otiabte to
support Senator Smoot's substitute tor
the woollen tariff. The Smoot is*-
stitule w;is prepared some time arjsn
und Introduced at the time t��e lietao-
cratic tarifr bill enme back from Hie finance committee. Tho l'iu{hhire -
Republicans practically huve af*rr-**4 to
centre their fight about tlie iJi'-'oUrUi-
ai 4" mills, which is the rute for wild ;substitute In the hope they can carry
Michael    Downing   Seriously
on   Railway  Tracke  Yesterday
laud. Anothef discovery he lias made
during the paBt few dayB is that he
lis tresspassing on another man's
iground whenever he leaves his own
Injured heme owing to the fact that the owners of property surrounding him have
���i't ft # # tt 8
# ii
Buffering from a compound fracture
Of the right leg, With his left leg
shattered near the thigh, Beveral
small bones broken In the right wrist,
a broken collar bone and minor in-
hiries to his body ami face, Michael
Downing was tiikm to the Royal Columbian hospital yesterday
after having Lcen struck by an east
bound C. P. 11. t--i'lil nenr the plant of
ih" Dominion Match company.
According to the engineer and crew
of   the   train,   Downing  wns   walking
Ihe truck  from Westminster Junction
nnd,  although  Knglneer    Klllot    blew* I
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ihls whistle to warn  the mnn. he did
! not nppenr to realise his danger un-
Mlssed a Stroke. Ull the engine was within a lew reet.
Calgary.   July   28. - While   paddling! when  he   mnde  un   attempt  to  Jump
In a canoe on Chestermere lake, about: to one aide.    The train was Imniedt-
10 miles east of Calgary, Sunday after-lately stopped ami the crew notified
noon, J. H. White, t; clerk in tlle Cal- ithe city police, who sent out tho am-1
gnry branch of tie Bank of Montreal,, balance.
fell Into the water and was drowned . Downing wiib In no shape to give
his companions could get to anv account of himself last evening.
$Wil change bo Hint he oould put up ible assistance. White's two com-! and rears nre entertained Ior his re-
,$10 bail. Yager was not charged with pontons, who were rowing In another covorv. It Is understood that the
anv actual breach or the pence, blft boat, are at n loss to account for the man had been wandering around for
WBS held over night tor fear some one drowning. The only explanation Is ithe past rew davs and was seen at:
���nlcht hurt hlm while taking his that White missed B stroke or In some .Coqultlam vesterdny morning acting in
money away from him. 'other way capsized the canoe. a strange manner. '
the remainder of tlw Republicans ���ritti
Progress on the tariff bill in tbtr
senate was slow today. Prepared
speeches were made by Senators
Townsend and Warren and short an
not subdivided and therefore the snults occurred throughout Un- atter-
munlc;pulltv cannot get a road allow- noon upon specific Items which ttmm
ance    Mr Hlgglns asked for aid. Republicans held to be radical.
lu the matter of taxes, It was be- , The conrerences, which began today.
yond the rower ot the council to help ure expected to solidity the lYogrcs-
hiiu   fer he  missed  making his  kick   slve element and to brills about m new
alignment of tlle Republican fbree-s.
Senator LaFollettc's cotton ami wool
substitutes and Senator Cu-mmim*,*
metal substitute were tinder roas-Mler-
atlon in the conference today and rat>-
bably will be supported by the tttt-
to the court cf revision, but as far us
n road goes, a speda! Committee will
'.ry and lend him
Burned and Dies.
M til mil. (int.. July 18.    Miss Lillle
McKay, aged n:; years, an employee o.
morning the Midland whitewear factory, while
ns-dstlng two other women who were
visiting friends near Pcnetiing yesterday arternoon to extinguish a fire thut
had started in some brush bv the
roadside, was so badly burned t!:;U
she died six hours Inter.
to fill the position.
Gnlvi ston.  Texas.  Julv  28.���
Just   before  the   beginning    or
the Galveston bench automobile races this afternoon the
grandstand, containing about
5000 people, collapsed. No one
Is believed to have been killed
but several persons sustained
���IS* tt tt ��� tt tt tt
tt i> tt -'.i <l
VVachington  Merchant Paya fer fteat-
Inn Up  ludje.
Per.land, Ore., July 28.- Fbr tfka
privilege of "beating ��p" .?udm> B, L^
I)jv;s, of Vancouver, Waiifi, fte-mia*-**'-
cf n decision rendered' against him in
o $f.n account suit, R. A. Power* *-.
merchant of Slfton. Wash., paid a fln-p*
of 160 after pleading guilty in a INirt
land court.
Powers and Jud'-'o Davis clashed on
the Oregon Bide of the Columbia ttve.i
a few days ago. after which f^mwrt*
returned to the Washington aide". Today he came across on the tlrrgwn
side and was arrested as aoon an In
entered tlie jurisdiction. Judge (hreiu
emerged from the encounter only
���lightly bruised, having parried tfi��
blows effectively. ��*AO*t   TWO
TUESDAY, JULY 29,  1913.
Am in**pendent mern-Oi^ paper denoted to the interists of New Westminster anil
A*** ********* ��*u:ey. Published every morning except Sunday by ihe National Printing
auid P***ls*At*.m Company, limited, a( 63 UeKemie Street. New Westminster, liritish
������ '.'wmt/Ki. ROIIII  SUTHERLAND,  Manuying  Director.
AU .-'latmunu-titions should be addressed to The New Westminster Newt, and not
iit, *stm**im**m memaers of the stuff Cheques, drafts, and money orders should he made
*-****** 1st TAe National Printing aud Publishing Company, Limited.
rKLJCPUONKB���tlusmess Office and Manager, 911!) ,* Kditurial Rooms lull depart-
*m*t*l. ML
ttaBHCKIPTlON RATES���Ry carrier. 11 por year. Jl for three month*, hlc per
M-r.-k/i-h.    lit, mail, |3 per year, IbO per month.
snvnitTisisi: raths un application.
Central  Fru.t Marketing Organization
In Okanagan Meets With Success
���Cood Fruit Crc-i
Ni Ison, July US. -Prospects of tho
success of the Central Fruit Market-
lng organization which has established In the Okanagan district this year
under provincial government auspices,
are   excellent   slates   11.   M.   tVlnslnw,
provincial horticulturist
S.  D. Trethevnay Buys 100,000 Shares
in American Boy���Wlll Increase   Force.
Sales are to be mnde through w-liol
While it is almost a foregone conclusion that the fe-'B��'e houses at the const and on th.,
, j ,i       u , , , ... prairies and to Australia, a contract
���males of the old country who term themselves militant having already been made, said Mr.
suffragettes are, by their actions, adding fresh evidencefc��o\h��e a��u"d�� Jumo' Z
to the pile against their right to vote, it also is a certainty ^ The red varietJes.j.uch^as^ona.
that a good many latent cases of lunacy would be develop- thiB   order.    Australia   requires
ed among the men if they were placed in the same position
of having to engineer a campaign to secure the franchise.
Apart from the problem of whether or not woman
small red perfect apple, snld the provincial horticulturist, which makes It
somewhat difficult al present for Hrit-
i ish Columbia to meet Australian de-
mauds on account of the fact that so
i.i , i ���   ., -       i     i    M      i i     many huge varieties an* grown in the
should have the same privileges as man in the ballot booth, province.
it looks as though the imperial parliament had sufficient* Tlu' greatesi majority of the okan-
warrant in the prolonged series of acts of criminal foolishness chargeable to the suffragettes to extend the franchise to woman as a measure of protecting her from herself and preserving the good name which some of her kind
.arc in danger of wrecking.
If the women firmly believe that they should vote,*
then by all means clear the way for them to the ballot box.
ft is no argument against them to say that they are not
capable of properly exercising the franchise, simply be-!
cause the most of them are perfectly capable of so doing
and if there are some who wouldn't know a ballot from a
jsteamshovel, it may be remarked in passing that there are
miite a few male British subjects of the full age of twenty-
one years who haven't any more idea of the eternal fitness
:��f things than the law allows.
The agitation for equal suffrage now seems to have w'nTbe this year between 75 and so
travelled too far and to have gained too much momentum J" '^I'.Vf,,'.';:; ^!!"l UUper o��H
to be killed.   The women who are agitating for the fran- Lhis year's is considered excellent.
chise right will keep on agitating and they will secure
recruits. Many a woman today who thinks more of a batch
���of biscuits than she does of a vote will, five years from
now, consider herself cruelly wronged if she can't march
into a polling booth and mark an "X" opposite the name of
..-somebody she had never heard of till he was nominated
for office.   The greater the  opposition, the faster and
.stronger will the equal suffrage movement grow.   It is notice final preparations tor the sailing
a case for comparison, but a similar principle is exempli- "     '
fieri in Pharaoh's treatment of the Israelites, and "the
more he persecuted them, the more they multiplied and
Certainly, if woman wants the ballot, let her have it,
but she must remember that the franchise'will bring her,
not up to the level of man, but down to it. When she steps
into lbe ballot booth and on to the political platform, she
leaves behind her the protecting wall of modesty which
agon growers are standing by the centrnl organization nnd Its subsidiary
unions, suid Mr, Wlnslow, but a considerable quantity of fruit is likely
to be shipped through independent
Under the central organization plan
there is no packing by the ranchers,
the maintenance of correct grade being assured by packing at warehouses!
established nnd maintained by subsidiary organizations, .lohn ll. Cast-
in r. former horticultural inspector in
the Hood River, ore., district, has
heen appointed packing inspector by
the central exchange and nothing bin
uniformly graded fruii will be shipped
As nil expert pucker who gave de-
mons'rstlons through the province
last winter, Mr. Castnor is well known
in   British   Columbia.
Regarding the fruit crop Of the province.  Mr.  Wlnslow  estimates  Mint  it
Attempting the conquest of Canada
was one of III" principal diversions
of the New Bnglanders of the sev-
���nteenth and eighteenth centuries,
ind, on this date In 17U, all Boston
gathered nt the waterfront to witness
pedition which, lt was liopi
and believed, would wrest the north-
rn country from the "papists." The
'lei t presented a brave array, and the
Kngiish flag flaunted over fifteen
'hips of war and forty transports
''nder the command ef Sir Havenden
Walker were seven regiments of vet-
*r.tns from Marlborough's army and a
��� million of marines, besides the colonial troops. The embarkation of
troops was completed on July 29, 1711
mil on the follrtwiug morning the fleet
Neiv Hazelton, July 28. -S, D,
Treiheway, of Chilliwack, who has
been inspecting mining properties lu
the New Hazelton district for the past
(week closed with Duke Harris for a
block of 100,000 shares In the Harris
Mines, Ltd.
Mr. Tretheway states thai In his
opinion the Harris mines, With some
further depth, will be a big shipper and
dividend payer. The policy of the development work wlll remain entirely in
the hands of Puke and Al Harris.:    "1
Want to take this opportunity to state
that 1 hnve never in all my mining experience in Canada seen as much real
development work shown for a Bmall
expenditure of money as is shown on
the American  Roy and with  the    ll'i"
! ore  bodleB   exposed  and   blocked   out
land the real mining ability of tfie Harris boys I believe we will have a good
paying mine.
A drift will be run on No. li vein on
the ore from the bottom of tli" hill on
the north side to n poini underneath
the shaft whieh will give a depth of
approximately 700 vertical feet. The
shaft Is down L'On feet now and in One
ore. It is from this Ihe present shipments are being made.
The force at the mine will be Increased and further explorations and
development will be done on the olher
Mr. Tretheway lefl for Ills home In
the Fraser valley and will return the
llrst of August with his brother Jo
seph. who has a bond on the White
Heather group on Hudson Hay mountain, from Frank Martin. The advent
of these big operators marks another
epoch In the development of lhis district and means much for Nine Mile
Mountain and New Hazelton gencr-
, ally.
Surrey Municipal Councll A3ks Transportation Company's Assistance
���  Passed  Firearms Bylaw
Full concrete basement.   Hot air furnace; on
corner lot with $400 worth of new furniture.
ALL  FOR  $2,800.00  CASH
������ofi - di d out  to ?ea.    The middle of
in the past has proved her greatest hold on man and her, -vug-usi found the expedition in the
.,,.,.,, ii 11        ���  st. Lawrence, nnd success Beemei
greatest claim to the homage she has enoyed by reason
*yt it
ed certain when, on the J'.'iid of that month
1  Pt Tin wrecked eight of the Vl ssels.
t.        ii, , i       *       .* i-j. I The remalner returned to Boston, hav-
,qual rights means equal rights and, with the ballot|!ng accomplished nothing.
in her left hand, woman must be prepared to protect herself with the right, for it then ceases to be man's duty and
privilege to do it for her. The question is, has she the
strength to hold her own in the crowd?
Tracy's expedition against the Iro-
luols bore fruit on this date, July 21),
'i 11'17, when tho chiefs of the Mo-
hawks appeared  in Quebec tn sue for
' ice The other four nations of the
league had already taken similar action.    The Indians  left  rome of their
Everybody in the Stefansson Arctic exploration tour ',m",!,"r aa ��"*">��<"<��� ��"<> begged that
J, .-.'...   . rr,. .       , , , ,       ,       ,        i     'esnlt  prlci-ts. Furgeons    and    black-
i.s reported in high spirits,    lhey should be; they re head- smiths should be sent to live among
.-\'l for the top of the world.
hem, This was agreed to, and the
neeee won by force of arms and riv-
"ted by religion continued without se-
rlous rupture for twenty years. In the
A Seattle judge has stopped soap box oratorv on the '""': -11"1 bloody history of Canadian
-,     .,      ,,              , /*.               iT            ij    l                  i Indian   warefare, Tracy's    expedition
sound city thoroughfares.   He could do some business waa the most productive ot good re.
nerj? among the knock brokers along the Columbia street B"ltB' !vn'1 ���" !t|" resultant period of
H- nence     many       industries -including
���  "lirOS. If'nnnda's first brewery   -were    estab-
Evidently the American senate finance committee
doesn't think much of modern art. It wants to charge
duty on paintings and sculptures not more than fifty
.ears old.
The incubator departments of some of the Vancouver papers are kept busy hatching rumors with regard
to the Kitsilano Indian reserve for Attorney General Bowser to deny.   What is he going to do with it anyway?
If the result reported in the Bible of the building of
{he tower of Babel were to occur in this neighborhood
there'd be all of seventeen kinds of languages in captivity
at Fort Coquitlam before the station site row is settled.
No wonder Uncle Sam wants to reorganize his banking system. In fifty years five hundred national banks
nave gone to the wall, the heaviest break recorded being
���the niost recent, the First-Second National of Pittsburg,
Which failed for close on forty millions.
lr-*-crtant    Discovery    on    Vancouver"
Island���Feur Galons Per Cecond
Nanalmo,  Julv 28.    A  discovery  of
more than ordinary import to citizens
f Vancouver Island was announced
by C, II. Clapp, a member of the Do-
minion of the Geological Survey.
This was to the effect thnt hot
springs the first known to exist In
ihls territory have been located near
Refuge Harbor. Mr. clapp had the
'nformation thai hoi springs had been
discovered near this point, end while
making a long trip from Albernl to
Kyotiuot In a fifteen foot motor boat,
ti;ni"d aside nl Clayoquot Sound to,
inspect  the  district.
Here.�� after exploring the ground,
he found that hot spring actually exist d. and thnt they were running at
the ran- of three or four gallons per
:econd, As this is the only place of Its
k!nd on the Island the discovery is
likely to provo of great importance.
Two political picnics were held last Saturday. The
Conservatives went to Ganges Harbor and roasted the opposition in the Dominion house on the navy bill till you
could hear the fat sizzling. The Liberals oregathi rt tl at
Cei tral Park and grilled the provini ial government on the
land question. There were probabh twelvi ; dred ai
tlie imo sessions, which goes toshov. I tat nn
I ' i led to stav awav 'rom both.
Ccrcncr Will Inquire Into Secret Bury
ing of T'"in��
Quebec, July 19, The authorities
of St. Nome, Beauce county, havq
h mi notified of a mysterious affair
that may lead to sensational developments.
li was said that one Alfred Morln,
residing at Woburn, Beauce, In April
lis*. Interred twin babies, who died
wiih n a couple of hours of each other,
b hind Ills liouse. Tbe babies were
born in the inonth of March. Tho
church was not notified of Hi" srfair.
and Morln disappeared in a couple of
days after the burial, and has not
been heard of since.
Coroner Cantln will hold a strict
Inquiry Into the case.
One Thousand Six Hundred and ?;-'.y-
Seven   Square   Miles   Recently
Reserved   in   Railway   Belt
The amendment to the Dominion
forest reserves and pares act, which
became law on .lune fi, 1913, marks
another forward st< p in the forestry
policy if Canada by the addition of
a total of ten thousand, eight hundred
and thirty-two square miles of federal forest land, lo the existing reserves
in   western   Canada   which   are   being
made nertnonduuj productive by tlie
Dominion forefj service*.
In British Columbia, where, next to
Alberta, the largest reservations are
made, the only forest reserves existing at present are those created by
llle Dominion government on the forty mile wide strip of federal land, extending from the coast to the great,
divide, the axis of which is the C. 1'.
R��� and which is consequently called
the railway belt.
As the railroad follows the valleys
of the Thompson and the Praser rivers for a long distance there are some
rich bottom lands included in this
strip which ai*e df present or potential
value for agriculture. Unfortunately
a considerable portion of such land i
are located in the ilry belt and depend on irrigation for their development, the rainfall not being suffi-
cient to prod ice agricultural crops.
This dry be:t lies between the coast
and Selkirk mountain ranges, nnd
with the exception of the ri vi r valleys
consists of a iruken plateau or mountainous regio'i with nn elevation of
from two thousand to five thousand
feet, it is here lhat lhe thirteen Dominion reserves now existing in II. C.
are located, nnd although originally
small in size because of the limited
area then examined, subsequent forest surveys have Justified the enlargement of tbes. reserves to their present si/e, for not only is the rainfall
not sufficient for agriculture, being
less than twelve Inches a year, but
also the elevation makes the region
very susceptible' to frosts which occur every month in the year. Moreover, the broken nature of the ground
leaving out of consideration the river
valleys, precludes the possibility of
The soil, however, is most suitable
for tree growth, and as trees are not.
very Blisceptiblo to cold and drought,
the whole region is covered with
splendid forests of yellow pine. Douglas fir, lodgepole pine und alpine fir.
This Bummer the Dominion government has two forest survey parties
working in the railway belt, the Intention being to segregate the remaining ncn agricultural lands into forest,
reserves as rapidly as possible In order that the forests may he more efficiently protected from fire nnd that,
administered by technical foresters,
their greatest utility and productiveness  may  be  secured.
There is another reason for their
preservation and protection, quite a^
important in the dry belt. As mentioned before llie bottom lands Of the
rivers In this locality, while possessing all advantages of soil and climate,
are nevertheless but potential agricultural  lands. I mse of the lack of
sufficient rainfall, But Irrigation Is*
overcoming this difficulty and it is1
because lhe forests on the neighboring slopes play such an Important
part in maintaining such an even
maximum flow of water in the stream
arising in such slopes, that their preservation is not only justifiable but
essential to tho future development,
of this region.
The Surrey municipal council met
at the municipal hall at Cloverdale
on Saturday, July 19th, tho reeve and
all members of the council being present. After thc minutes of Ihe previous meeting had been rnud and confirmed, communications wore received hs follows:
From Allan Purvis, managor inter
ban Hues, ll. c. K. R, stating thai he
wus having the rond master and su
perintendent go over the lines and
lock into the matter of the poor can
dition   of  some  of  their   crossings   in
tlie municipality,   Received,
l'ii.in .1. ii. O'Neill, superintendent
o. x. it.. Evereit, Wash., re culverts
at tho Milton road crossing, statin?
thai he was Investigating this matt u
and expected to advise In a slim
time what action would be taken. Re
From 11. Neville-Smith, Iv Christ i
phcrsou, \V, N. Draper and Burnetl
n McOugan, each enclosing plana ol
subdivisions for approval, all of which
were returned to the respective per-
tits In oiilet that the provisions of
the bylaw regarding subdivisions
might  be complied  with.
The following Appropriations were
made: Ward 1. Johnston road, north
ol lljorlh road. $2000; Halls prairie
road, soulh ot lown line, $400; Ward
*.', lljorlh road at school site. $100;
ditching Gladstone rosd near school.
$50; Ward I. I.atiun r rond, $800; Ser
pontine nad. east of Latimer road
$100; i hi .Mci.ellan read, east of Halls
i-ia iie' road, $200; Hails Prairie road
$50; Gravelling Coasl Mcr.dlan, Bouth
of Campbell Hiver mad. $150.
The Surrey Trades License bylaw,
11)13, was reconsidered _ and finally
passed and the Beal of" the corpora
tion ordered affixed Under the pro
Visions cf this bylaw no person Is
permitted to carry on business in the
municipality without having first ta
ken out a license com ring the time
during which business Is being car
rli d on, under a penalty of nol more
ihan $250, All licenses expire on the
15th days of January and July and
niiint le* renewed before carrying on
business afier those dat is.
The Surrey firearms bylaw, 1913,
passed Its first, second and third
readings. This bylaw prohibits the
il Bcharge of firearms upon the pul lie
highways al anv time, nud throughout
ih ��� municipality on Sundays.
The clerk was Instructed to write
to the O. N. It to have the approach
es to the crossings over the mud road
put in proper shape.
Virions accounts were passed and
ordered paid, and council then adjourned to meet again Saturday. Angus!
2, at the municipal hall, Cloverdale
at  2 p.m.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
BUSINESS DIRECTORY    g^   of   M0���treaj
H. & le O, "t Klks "f the D. of C��� nine  i
ihe first and mini Thursday ut n p. in
K. of  P.   Hall.   Eighth  street.   A  Weill .
Oray. Exalted Itulur; p. H. smith. Her
1.    o.    O,    M..    NO.    864.���MEETS Ob
flrst, sei I. ililr.l nnd fourtli  Wednea
day     In    each    month    nt    8    1'   in
In   lh.*    Moose   H -     H   J     Leamy
dictator; I-'. E. Jones, secretary
Headquarters of I">Ik>' In Si ������ House
corner nf l-'"iirth und Carnarvon street!
1. O. O. !���'. AMITY LODOB NO. 17���Th
regular meeting of Amliy lodge N(
117. I 0. O. P., In held every Mini.In
nlglit ul 8 o'clock in Odd Fellows' ll��l
corner Carnarvon and Etahth Ht re.-ti
Visiting iii-eiiierii cordially invitee
It. A. Merrlthew. N. O.i J. Bobertsoi
v. Q.j iv. c. Coatbam, P. <i��� record
Ins Becretary; II. W. Sangster, final
clal secretary.
ot * Hanna, Ltd.) ��� l-'unernl dlrectoi
nnd "iiihiiinieis. Parlors 4or. Columbl
streel.    New   West minster.     I'llnne   SH.
w   E. FALBB���Pioneer funeral Dlreotc
an.l    lO'-'iulmer.   013-J18    Agnus   Blrw
opposl.,* Carnegie Library
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ....$16,000.000 00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Uiuuehos throughout Canada und
Newfoundland, und In London, Hug
laud. New York, Chicago an.l Spokane
U.S.A., nnd Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letter!
of Credit Issued, available with cor-
respondents In all parts of the world
savings Hank Department���Deposits
received  In  sums  of  $1   und  upward
md interest allowed at 3 per cent, yer
iiiniini (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,01111.00
O. D. BRYMNER, Manager,
II   .1
A N1
Room  -
A'd-'ii, Del., July US.���"Well, good
night folks, I'm  going to roost."
Thai may be a commonly used sentence before Innv; in the Alden c ilony
made famous by Upton Sinclair and
his associates. Sleeping in the trei
tops, as monkeys and certain tribes
ef Bavages do, is the latest develop
ment of the back to nature Idea a:
practiced in the colony.
It started when two of the c lonlsts
using a lot of lumber bequeathed by
Mr. Sinclair when he left, construct
ed an aerial bungalow with four pop
'ar trees as corner posts and a thirty
ioot rustic staircase as an approach.
Now, one by one. lhe colonists are f.r
s��king their cottages on the ground
and are building homes In the tree
tops In order that they may Bleep iu
pure, cool air. The tree top houses
am usi d only as sleeping places at
Several reasons for the system have
h< "ii i' Ivanced by leh free thinking
colonists. One is thnt mosqultos are
less active in tlie higher nir levels
Another is that there is more oxygen
in the air above the earth, llut the
principal advantage, as far as an oul
s der can observe, is thai the colonist
living in the tree tops can dispense
with the greater pari of his clothing
and yet be sale from  prying eyes.
High Collar Caused Death cf Pittsburr
I'i tsburg, l'a., July 27. Hurry I).
Wlngert, a graduate cf Western It"
serve university, was choki d to death
lure  by  his  collar.
Wingerl called on a friend to con
suit him aboul the purchase of an au
tomoblle. Not finding himself in the
office, Wingerl went into a private
room and sal down to wait.
While there, overcome by the heat
he fell in a faint. He 'euro an BX
tremely high and stiff coils', which
strangled him. An autopsy jhewod
that he had died of strangulation.
P. II  Smith. w. J. Qrovei
Work undertaken in cltv and outild*
'points. 211-1:: WeBtmlnster Trust Bldl
, Phone  3S4.     p,  o.   Hex  507.
Sale, i i��, Business Letters, <-tc.: clr
culur work specialist All work strli-ip
confidential. It Barry, room 118 West
minster Trust ink.    t'liene 703.
bit Board ol Trade meats In thebeari
ro'un. City Hall, as follows: Third Frl
day of each month : quarterly meettlU
on tie* third Friday of February, Mai
August nrnl November nt s p.m. An
mini meetings nn the third Friday p
February, el. H. Stuart Wade, secrf
I    rimers   Solicitor!, etc.    I" I^irne Sm-c
Now Westnilniier.    li   K. Corbould, E
!    C,   .1. It. Grant,    A. B, MoColl.
ter-ut-luw. solicitor, etc, TelophOO
IU70. cnhie address "Johnston
Code, "Western Union." Offices, Ell'
Block, 658 Coiutfabla street. New Wes*
minster, B. C.
side ��� Barristers und Solicitors, We*
minuter Trust Blk., Columbia stree-
New Westminster, n. c.   Cabla addre*
"Whiteside."     Western     l'nlon.     P. (
Drawer    200.      Telephone    ����,     W. .'
Whiteside.   K.   C.;   H.   L.   Edmonds. I
COAL MININC, rights of the Domlnlo*
In Miujllolu**., Saskatchewan and AIt��-rtm,
* iin- tfukon Territory, the Northwest Ter-
rliorlea and In a portion of ttie I'rovinoe
"f ijrlttsh Columbia, may he leased for a
term of twenty-one years ut i.n annual
rentul or 11 an acre. Nut more than 'ititt
.ici.H will he leased to onu applicant.
Application for a lease must he miul*
hy in., applicant in person to the Anient
er Sub-Agent of the dlstrlot In which iJm
rlsiits applied for are situated.
ln surveyed territory the" liiiul must b��.
described tiy seotlons, or legal Hub-dlvt-
Blons of seotlons, and In unsiirveyed ler-
rllory   the'   tract   applied     for     shall     b��
staked out by the applicant himself.   '
Bach application must  he ui-cotiitHinlud
by  n   fee of  |fi  which  wlll   he  refunded  It
-��'-'i(m   srinltnd   for   are   net   available,
hut   not   otherwise      A   royalty   shall    tie
I paid  on  the  merchantable  output   of   the
.,..���.- ui  the rule ol   live cents per too.
The  person  operating  the  mine  shall
fumtsh tli" Ajfent with sworn return*
aooounttng for the full quantity of mer-
elmntnble coal mined niul pny the royalty thereon. If ttie conl iiiIiiIiik rlKhU
are not being operated nuch returns ahouM
hc   Furnished  at  leant  once a  year
The leaae wll) Include the- emu) mining
i rlahts only, hut tbe leasee will 1h> per-
1 n*eted to purchase whatever available
j surface rights mas be considered n��t*e��-
1 sary for ttie working of the mite* ut tb*
rate of  $10 nn  acre.
Kor full Inforruutlon application sliouli
hi'   mnde  to  tl*'  Secretin/  of  the   Depart
ment  of the  Interior,  illlnwn,  or  to aay
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion   I .unit*.
w. \v. cony.
Deputy   Minister of  th..  lnterloSL
N.  B���Unauthentic! publication of this
irivertlsement will nut he paid for
J. 8TILWBLL CLUTK. Barrlster-at-la-i
solicitor, etc.: corner Columbia sn
McKenzie streets. New WestnUnsts
B.  eH.    P.  O   Boi   112.     Telephone   71'
Solicitor ami Notary. Offices Hai
block. -K Ixirne street. M-w Westmtr
ster. B. C.
Barristers nnrl Solicitors. 106 to 11
Westminster trust mock u. K. Mai
tin. W. O. Mc-Quurrle und (ieorge 1
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldp
of all  kinds.
I Prices right    Satisfaction gnarantaeit
S9   McKenzie   St
To Port  Mann  and  Port Coqultlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Dally Except Sunday.
As Per Following Schedule:
Leaves  New Westminster  for  Port
Mnnn 8:00 a.m.
Leaves  Port  Mann  for  New  Westminster 9:00 a.m.
Leaves  New   Westminster for  Port
Mann and  Port Coquitlam  10:00 a.m.
Leaves   Port   Coquitlam    for   Port
Mann nnd New Westminster 1:80 p.m.
Leaves  New  Westminster  for  Port
Mann 5:30 p.m.
Leaves  Port  Man.n  for  New  West-
���nluster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves  New  Westminster  for  Port
Mann and l'ort Coqultlam 4:30 p.m.
LeaveB    Port   Coqultlam    for   Port
Mnnn and New WeBtmlnster 6:30 pm.
Schedule BUbject to change without
For further information Inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 164 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
Transfer Co.
Office   Phone   185.      Barn   Phon.   IS'
Begbl* Strait.
Rskksmb Hellrer��-�� Promptly to
snv pert nf the city.
Man Sentenced to Be Hung It
Nanaimo, B. ('., July 28.- Harry
Wagner, commonly known as "The
Plying Dutchman, has but one month
to live before he will meet his maker for the murder of the Cumberland
constable last spring.
Wagner has been confined In the
provincial jail since sentence wns pro.
nounced upon hlm. Ile iats nud sleep?
well and Is ordinarily cheerful as nny
man could he expected to bo under the
circumstances, At times he becomes
very reticent and somewhat sulky, ne-
cordlng to his mood. Like all prisoners, he still retains hope of a reprieve
of his sentence,
Wagner hns been sentenced to hc
hanged on August -* and '".'er sin"o
the sentence hns been in chargt i 1 tae
dentil watch.
Light and Heavy Hauling
-.ITV  nr  New WFSTMINdTER. St
B. C. Coast Service
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary Public.
j Surtls Block, 657 Columbia StreeL
New WeBtmlnster. B.C.
I __���
|Telephone��:  Office 53, Residence 429.
JOHN  REID, Proprietor.
ARcnts     Palmer     Hros,'   (Issollne*
Binglnes,   Marine   Engines   and   Aiff>
mobile Repairs.
Office and  Works: Tenth  St.
I P.O. Box 474.    New 'Westminster. B.C.
"The Playground of B. C."
JSk White, Shiles & Co., 2S
l.ttitVHH VHtiwmvttr for VlrinriH  lu a. m
m p. m. nml 11  i'.i
Lftnvea Vancouver for Seattle io a. m
mm��] ii p. m.
i,<;iv's Vnncouvot for Nanalmo in a.m.
anil ti :80 p.m.
Ur-^xOH Vancouver for Prince Rupert
end Northern Pointe in n m. Wudnei
days  and  Saturdays ut   u  p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves  Chilliwack    I   a.  in.   Tuesday,
'i Iiu    ' nd Saturday.
I.  "  *,  \v. itmlnster  s  a.  m.  Monday,
i \\'iin'  Uny mul Friday.
HT)   '*.'.ri,111'. Agent, New Westminster.   II.  \V, [JKODli:   (1.  P. A,  Vanoouver.
II. VV.  mini'II*:, O. 1'. A., Vancouver.      '
We now have four trains dally and
will glv.. you the cheapest rate golni;
not only to Eastern points,   but   to
Kootenay ami oilier points, 'We nre
nlBO agents for nil steamship linos,
I'or reservation .nnl other particulars
npplj  in
K. OOULET, Agent
Now  Westminster TUESDAY, JULY 29,  1913.
During Qur Liquidation Sale
We Furnish Your Home Complete
Remnants of
Hero is a chance to cover
amall spaces very cheap.
All inlaid linoleums and
some un much as ten BQuare
yards. Former values Lo
$1.60 ii yard.
Odd Lengths of
Axminster and
Another big* special. Take
advantage of it; suitable for
halls and stirs up to twenty
yard lengths. Kormcr values
J11.75 a yard.
Are undoubtedly the best for almost all purposes. Thev look better.
last longer anil are more generally admired than any other kind. Among
lhe in w arrivals are some beautiful two-tone effects, also light and
dark shades of tans, greens, browns and reds. Thete prices will compare with any In the whole Dominion.
6 feet ll Inches by 9 feet:  former I'iii.tii) vaiueB. for S17.2S
H fi et by 9 feet J former 1H7.5U values, for S27.75
'.i teet by 10 feet C inches; former $40,000 values for   . $29.50
9 feet by 12 feel; former $-45.Wl values, for S33.7S
Thoroughly serviceable, medium priced Hugs that can be absolutely
relied upon to give entire satisfaction, Elegant in appearance in whatever room they are. Medallion effects and all-over patterns are perhaps the best, but they will be found in all the mott propular colors
and dtsigns.
6 feet 9 Inches by 9 feet; former $15.1)0 values, for. .
f f< et by 9 feet; former $18.75 values, for	
'��� fi el by 10 feet 6 inches; former $110.00 values for
9 feet by IH feet;  former I2S.G0 values, for  	
Nairn's Famous Scotch Linoleums
Without  hesitation  we  say "Nalrns are the best."    Colors are inlaid right through to the back and cannot possibly wear off or become faded.    In parquetry, tile, moEaic, and block designs.    All two yardB wid��.
Former  values $1.10  per yard;  now   806
former  values  $1.25  per  yard;  now fXStt
Former  values  $150  per yard; now   Sl-15
600 Yds. Tapestry
This Is an extra cheap
lino Id greens, tans
and reds; former 90c
yard  value    65-6
Brussels Finish Rugs
Especiuly  suitable  where  a  cheaper  grade  of
V.ug  is  deeired.
9 teet by 3 feet; former $8.75 values, for. -SG.75
9 feet by 10 feet 6 luches; former $10.00 values,
for   57.90
9 feet by 12 feet; former $12.50 values, for.SSl.it..
In    plain   colore,   both '
fringed      and      plain;
very   pleasing    effect*;
size     24x48,       former
$4.25 values. ���
Vudor Porch Shades
Keep the porch cool and refreshing with Vudor Shades
We ar.' filling Ihem without extra charge till the end
of the month.
Hot Weather Comforts
"Suster."  Rrefrlgertors*.  asbestos lined, enamelled tood
liana Peerless Ice Cream Freezers���Ice CTeam in three
Important Happenings
In Our Own Province
To compli ic tin- sine smelting Investigation, which is being carried on
by the Dominion government in the
��� ait. nt Nelson, is tlie plan of Hr.
Eugene llaanel. director of lhe feder
in o ipann.ent of mines, who also
��� ia-' s in a letter to the minister, Hi n,
i.ouis Coderre, which bus been for.
*,. ir.i-ii in im- secretary of tli" board
of trade, that he slrongly favors the
estabiianmi m of a metallurgical plant
in ci nui-.-'1' 'i with the ore dressing
plan) ai Ottawa and that he has In-
s ructed In -A*. 0. Wilson, a mem
ber of his staff, to miLkiC an investigation regarding lhe need for the pin
posed royal commission tu enquire
into the nerds of the zinc and lead
mining  Industries.
Queen  Charlotte
This week there arrived in Queen
Charlotte. A. Jones and parly of Tour
miners, who under the supervision of
Mr. .lonis have left to develop the
properly of the Tnssn Copper syndicate mi the west coast. Equipment
nnd supplies weighing about ten ton
paslor of ibis church for many yearn.
Until a few years ago. lie handled
both Armstrong and Knderby, with
his .residence at the former place.
When the work In the field increas
id. Mr. Campbell severed his con nee
i,i ii with Armstrong and has since
made Enderby his heme.
One decided Improvement of the exhibition of llle agricultural socloiy
lhis year will be seen in the better
accomodation provided for lbe hous
lng if live st"ck. The cattle shen.
have never been large enough to ������' I)
le the exhibits, and the directors havi
at present a gang of men employed
in rebuilding them on a larger and
more commodious scale. The result
will be thai nut only will the livestock
be more comfortably housed but they
will be seen to better advantage 1 y
visitors to the show. Other improve-
nn nts  will  be  made  to  the Standing
buildings, and these together with the
VVtrk   inat   has  already  been  done   m
tiie  laying out  or ihe grounds  wtll
greatly add io the success of tli" ex
"were taken to tlle property, of which   liih.tii n
lt.  It    Hedley, a   Vancouver operator
and   mining  engineer   Is  the  head.
Kevin ami Wm. Hurton bnve re
turned from a fishing trip to the hcaii
waters of Ooal river. They went by
nuto lo Kitchener and took pack horse
from tliere to the rishing grounds
'I bey brought buck 5159 mountain trout
tho result of 12 hours fishing.
Krom one-fifth of an acre of strawberries A. D. Clyde has this sea-sou
picked   1700   pounds of  fruit.    Other-*.
'���i the valley have picked similarly
large yields. The strawberry crop
bas been an unnsunlly large one tbis
year and will help considerably an
an Income producer.
Bos'land's first flower show will be
held   In   the  skating  rink  on   August
i'i pn i 81     tf'we hundred dollars will
IT lh
like 1
Nev* Hazelton
Highland  Hoy  group on  Ke.cli-
Houle mountain is opening up
big mine.    P, .1. Jennings, who
nlrol ol lhe property, came
. be given In prices, the entries to close and Clement
2* .. . .... ,     ,���    ..'���, ,. All,.,-    n    nn
ou Wednesday and he wan all smiles.
Kor several days he 1ms had two
shifts working on the drift which Is
opening up the vein. They went
through twelve or fourteen feet of
capping which showed copper gossan
und then broke iuto good clean ore
which bus been improving with every
round of holeB. Teh vein is bIx feet
wide. The Chalcopyrlte is three feet
wide, and strong with two feet of
high grade carbonlte.
A short but Bonii'what stormy meeting of the city council was held last
week whin there, were present: His
Worship, Mayor Mutrle in Uie chair.
Alderman Simmons, Remnant,  Swift
on Monday. August 18, at ti o'clock
The chairmen of the committees nre:
Executive committee, .1. T>. Henni ion
President, .lohn Schm'dtU; flneno-f
committee, .1. A. Laffertyi exhibit cun
m'ttee. C. Corbet: pri.'.e list commit
tee, I), it. Stevens,
Ti.,, T'ri-o Hst ard entry fortni tn*
Hie fall fair to be held In ArmstrnnT
, .. i-u't.-le r B aii'l 10   arc In the lr" d i
rf the secretary, F. c. Wolfenden. The
After a number of other Important
matters had been disposed Of the following scale of taxes waa adopted:
Taxes on land at 20 mills. Taxes on
Improvements, 20 mills on ihi per cent
Rxtra one mill for publicity department
Calmon  Arm
In   accordance   with   iin
that If none of the deals
lng  for sale of the city's
wcre consuniated    by    Monday,    the
council have agreed to give a three
then pend
di benture**
.    1   over   ITilO.   exclusive
the' I'st  of speolal  prices which  will  weeks option  to  Hugh A. Massey. of
be printed Tor distribution In alK-t a.  Vancouver, provincial manager of thi
month.   Seme very special atlract'on
re being arranged  for
London   and   Lancashire   Klre   Assur
. ,,.   ,���,,,    bv  the  m:"i-   ence   companv.     The   mayor   stated
kiement of the fair for ibe entertain- that he thought it to the best Interest
inVnt of visitors   and. altogether, th- of the city that the Interest to all the
biggest  and  debentures land especially those now
hypothecated   to   the   Hank   of   11am-
jilton)   should  be  made  six   per  cent
also   be
fair  promises  to  he  the
b"st ever beld in Armstrong
Uev   11   Campbe" has tendered hla'and   that   sufficient   should
resignation  as  pastor of  the  Presby- deposited  to  satisfy   thai  Institution,
torlm church  Mr. Campbell has been bo that none would bu sold during the
three   weeks   Option   about   to   be   glv
in    a motion was accordingly made
to this effect, and the option for tin*,
weeks trom the L'.'nd given.
Cllrnon  River
Tin.   trustees   appointed   for   Kalk
land school ar" MessrB.  W. A.  Warea
Darker and  McCluny;   for illeiieiiiuia
Messrs.  Hal aud Sweet, two  retiring;
Iir   Salmon   valley,   i lie   retiring,   Mc
.\i inn y, re-elected,
A petition is now being circulate.".
in the district to the effect thut a
bridge over the Kagle river at a poin*
two miles east of .Mala'.cwa is essen
tial in view of the fact that a large
number of squatters and homesteaders have now located in Ilils vicinity.
At present tbe only means of com-
munlcalion available to Malukwa tin
distributing centra of the Kagle river
valley��� is by means of tbe C. P. R
bridge, which can hardly be proclaim
ed as a safe method of travel, and
f.iili to supply desirable facilities Tor
the handling <*1 produce nnd supplies.
North Vancouver
Cloaf'ng on ibe line of the Pacific
Ureal Eastern railway is completed
between the cily and Capilano lnd an
reserve. The -work will b�� practical
ly all filling through tibs section and
tlle work will be In full swing nexl
week all the way from Tell avenue
to the reserve. It is understood tha'.
arrangements have been finally com
plated allowing the railway a rlghl
of way through Capilano Indian reserve and the superintendent of construction, k. Keiiett, has everything
in r. ad'nets to start clearing on that
portion Immediately upon being in-
s ructo 1 to proceed.
John Sowerby arriv-ed In Duncan a
few days ago to take over the management of the It. CV Telephone Coin
pany's branch at this point In the
stead of ll. L. Pickering. Mr. Sowerby has acted as manager of the company In Qrand Porks f: r eighteen
months before coming to Duncan.
Port Alberni
Last week marktd a distinct step
forward in the progress of the cltv
when the streel electric lights were
turned on for the first time. Argyle
street and Kingsway presented a vast
ly more citified appearance than thev
have ever clone previously at night.
and while Kingsway does not yet resemble Broadway, a feeling was in
fie air that as time gees on, the New-
York thoroughfere will nct be the onlv "great while way" on the contln-
ra-'d   Pwart,  chief  architect
the Dominion government, will be In
Qroenwood next week on bus'iiesi ln
connectit,n wltll the building of a posl.
office bere.
.    St. Paul's chureh was the scene of
!p very pretty double wedding on Julv
'22,  when  Miss   Ida Mnrv   Kvans  and
Mr.   Forest   Loring,   and   Miss   Florence   Isobel   Lcney   and   Mr.  Francis
Vereker  were  joined   In   holy   matrl-
��� moiiy.     Kach  bride  looked  charming
In a dress of cream liberty satin and
sill',  laee, and each  carried a beautiful bouquet of pink roses, white car-
' nations, llllea of the valley, and maiden hair fern.
Demands Police to Get Her $10,000���
Has Been Asking for Fifteen
Ottawa, July 'is.- "Did yeu get my
litter chief.' asked an old lady of
Chief Uoss in the police station the
other day, 'ihe question waa obvious
enough, but behind it there ia a story
uf mental delusion that hardly seem;,
Ft r the past fifteen years this lady
has been asking the police officials
to obtain ten thousand dollars for her
Kor years she haunted tlle post office,
������nd after being tcld that there was
no money for hir tliere, she turned
lo teh Dominion police. Now she is
convinced that Chief Rcsb himself has
the money In tlie bank and she haa
been bombarding him with letters requesting him to give it up.
"We haven't any money for you."
she was told. Net satisfied with this
answer, she told Deputy Chief Vizard
her tale of woe.
Charity Offlc-t r John Kane was requested to look into the matter
���What about the money my brother
lefl and which you have in your nuiw
in the Hank ot Ottawa," ia an extract  from  her  letter.
Another eaae of meutal delusion of
somewhat the -tame nature is that of
another women who claims that she
is nut living With hi i husband Several
years ago she became ill. When she
recovered she came to the police and i
Letter   Mailed   in   England   Addressed
by Lonritude and Latitude Goes
To American  Address
New York. July 2S. lf you were
an employee of the post office depart
ment and received a letter addressed
lo Captain Charles A. Furlong, the
Crow's Nest, ill latitude 40.118 north,
LongtltUde 74.i>6 wist, which way
would you start to deliver if lf you
were a conscientious employee you
would probably jump off the Battery
wall with the leiter clinched in your
teeth, and then valiently drown in
the discharge of your duties. Hut
that would be a mistake The delivery of tlie letter was a simple matter,
as was proved when Captain Furlong
received it from the hands of one ol
I'ncle Sam's servants in gray, who
reached him high and dry and with
little delay.
ii was the first time in lbe history uf
the local department that tehy were
obliged to consult a nautlcul Chart
lo locate an address, bat locate it they
did and they were surprised to find
that It was in Tonipklnsville. Staten
Island. Al Haven Esplanade they
found Captain Furlung in his comfortable home, which he calls thi
Crow's Nest. He was as much sur
prised to receive the letter as tht
city carrier was to find Captain Fur
The letter was mailed in Soutbamp
No Come-backs?
"YALE" Engines al^
ways   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   in   New   Westminster.
Schaake  Machine Works*
709 Columbia St. Westmfnster Trust
complained that the man sho was llv-1 ton. England. July 2, by Captain J. W
ing with was not her husband.    She
bas constantly told this atory. and
recently she appeared for the first
time In several months with her oft
told tale.
"He is another man who came to
live with me after I waa sick." is her
usual Btory, Winn investigated the
first time it was fouud to be Incorrect.
"1 want Ihe police to turn him out,"
she told Chief Koss.
Although ent ri ly rat'onal in every
other reaped, she refuses to believe
that her husband is really her husband. Bbe hits never made "iv ntlemn
to put him out. believing that ll ls a
i mutter for the pollce. Unts de of th's
little inconsistency  sbe lives in  per-
,      fece harmony with him.
for ,
Huberts of the Steamship New York
of the American line. The postal uu
thorities at Southampton were obliged
to make nautical observations thc
same as the local authorities befori
they could start the letter on Its way
',    "Will  see you  soon after you  get
this if the post office can navigate,"
Captain   Roberts  wrote in  the  letter
Captain Furlong has had many ex
j citing adventures at sea and was lu
Command of the steamship Catania
which was reported lost In ISPS. Ht
received a gold watch and chain from
the  board  of underwriters  for  bring
i Ing the vessel safely to port.
when you can get as good or better, manufactured In B. C. rta.: tit*
fhe celebrated "VANCODA BR" Brand, guarnateed to pass Stan-dart
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consider superior to any Imported article
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Singer Sewln-j   Machines.    SmaH  Musical Goods of all  Kinds   PHONE U
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Riveted Steel Pipes
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Britiah Columb'a ^lectri: Co,
dind for $250.
Viotorla, July th- -Reeve Saunder.7 ,
was called upon to give a deciding
vote when the Esquimau councillor.*,
Victoria, Julv 87.���The addition of divided evenly on tba question of sub
certain equipment at the ofifce end |Sidizlng the liritish Columbia Klectric j
of the cable communication between : company to the extent of $850, From
Victoria and the mainland on the new | the nature of the discussion it was
lines which were recently laid acrosn ievident that the railway company had
the Oulf are nrir complete, so that asked that the council recognize thu
the entire equipment Is now In per-'public benefit which (Ieorge l'urk was
manent working order. The last work iand exempt it from taxation. Thin
has been finished and from from now ithe council held that It could not le-
te connections between the Terminal ��� galy do, but Councillor ' McAdatn
City and Victoria nre expected to be.moved that a grant of $2,*>0 be given
as good us between ordinary local iand after a heated dlscusBlou the
points. money  was voted.
.   rt. BUCKUN,
Pres. and U��nt.
N.   Itl-.AHIiSLEB.
w. r. a HiH'Ki.tis
Bae  s-xt* Traaa
Hr, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877. ���>*\*M  fOUR
TUESDAY, JULY 29, 1913.
Fresk Water and Saltmm m?
.H'tpcrls that Herakles Grounding Was
Caaaed by Construction cf Vcsccl
and Silt Deposits.
Unconfirmed  Rumor Say's Five Overturned Salmon Boats Were Picked
up in Gulf.
rhe  Bitot  board  has  submitted   ils
-,-pi.j-i   iip-tii   the   grounding    of    th��
-:      -l;  Kiev   Mid    ill    it    plai'l'S   110    blame
-rbalrrnr    upon     llie    pilot,    Captain
i 'sxrt t*r.
Tba  report it jjven  below:
-We, the undersigned    pilot   com-
. ni.-Mioners,   having   carefully   consid-
��� red the foregoing evidi nee are of tho
..-jpuiioti lhal no fault can he attached i
to the p��i�� Sur tlie grounding of the '
tstasXSBX  Herald es, as  it   will  be  seen
ttotm   OS* I'vidnnre that  lbe ship was
stxirOj in the. chann��'l.    We consider
tthe j: round ins of the ship was caused
tu fAirt by the shoaling of the channel
-ilue to silt carried  by the freshet be-
: o-nniiaae IK, IMS. l-he day on which
film  inner last took  soundings, and
/uiy 14. on whicb day the ship ground-
. ti    jud  in   part   by   the  port  list of
i-h" ikljl irf about two degrees,  whicli
i rt'*.*)  he* j��ie.uliiLr construction  being
flat   ns  a box  on  lier  bottom   would
��:iuise    the   pirn    side to draw more
water than had the  ship been on an
���art-en kaeL    li  would  have been    ad-
m Isabte for Pilot Carter to have taken
aoaadBags between June ls and    the
\late   at   whieh   tbe   Herakles  arrived, I
tint, hii was not in a position to do so. |
Tbi.'-. boajil  ie noi  in  possession  of a
vileamt-r for suoh services, or of funds
vor the hiring of one, and has to be |
content with the opportunities afforded onr pilot through the courtesy of
she public works   department   to go
down the rlviT on tlie steamer Sam-.
���son  Riid secure  soundings when  she ;
tin*, been engaged in such work.
"It is the opinion of the board that
trouble will always exist at the local-
l.y  of the grounding until  the system
���of JettiOB is completed, anil lhey wish
.draw attention tn ihe fact thai the
inmeville bsr -which gave so much
riontle a few y��ars ago has been entirely remedied by the wingdams
which liave beeii construe'i'd en either
���Me "f lhe river opposite thai Ob-
lt is unofficially reported that five
overturned salmon fishing boast have
been picked up in the gulf aud lhat the
ten fishermen, supposed to have been
aboard, are missing. Three of the
boats are said to have been working
for lhe Imperial cannery, while the
connection of the other Iwo
be ascertained.
Flag3   Train   in   Time   to   Prevent   it
Frcm   Crossing   Dangerous
Ashland, (Ire., .Inly 28    ah unknown
* tramp  saved   the   soutl oound   Shasta
* Limited from probable disaster today
l.y flagging it just before it reached a
burning bridge near Oakland, Ore.
'lhe train was late and was running
[at high speed when the engineer saw a
j fire on the track some distance ahead
! Alongside the track stood a man waving a firebrand.
The train stopped and the man by
the   track   told   the   trainmen   that   aINanalmo
Jos. Hillings is in the city from Hei
I Ingham,
John Tiplsh Is a visitor In the clt;
.rom  Burqultlam.
T.   I).   Henderson,   of   Montreal
registered at the Windsor.
John   Symouds.   of   Ipswich,
guest at the  Hussell.
Fred  J.  ("heal,  of Seattle, it
iter In  the city  from  Seattle.
Mr. ar.d Mrs. (1.  Dallas are visitors
In  the  city  from  Chilliwack.
John   Blaney   Is   registered  at  the I
Windsor  from   Pltl   Meadows.
0.   I.   Sovereign  has  returned  from
the V. M. C, A. camp at Howe Sound.
B, M. Farley, of Nanaimo, w'as a vis- j
.tor in  New  Westminster yesterday,
H    C,   l.owry.  of  New  Westminster, |
registered   al    the    Windsor   hotel,!
From several sources rumor comes
telling of the accident. At the Sand
Heads yesterday fishermen told Cap
tain Menten and Mate Boyd of the
Samson that five empty bonis had
been picked up. but could give no further Information. The Scottish cannery at Steveston told of the drowning
of a Japanese fisherman off the Sand
Heads, and also of a rumor of other
accidents mentioned above, but could
not substantiate the report. The
Steveston police had no official notification, of the ten fishermen being
missing, but ihey too had heard rumors.
The boats were supposed In have
been upset during Saturday night's
storm, and word of the missing men
is anxiously  awaited.
bridge some distance ahead was on
fire. Proceeding slowly, the train approached the bridge, which was at the
end of a long curve. It was badly
could not I damaged by the fire. Had the train
'struck the hridge al the usual rate of
speed thc structure must have collapsed.
The train proceeded on its wa)  alter tomo hours' delay.
Maintained Innocence.
Leavenworth, Kan.. July 28.���James
ilt. Todd, who was serving a life sent-
! ence   for  a   stage  coach   robbery     in
Oregon 30 years ago, died in the federal    prison    here    Saturday.    Until
d a h Todd Btoutly maintained his innocence. His conviction resulted from
the testimony of a passenger In   the
coach, who identilied a  $."��� gold piece
found   in  the arrested  man's  possession.
It's Needed  Here.
Colllngwood    Ont,    Julv    28���The
first of two steel single screw- bucket
dredgers  [or the    Dominion    government was    launched    this   afternoon.
The dredge  Is 215 feet  long,  14 feet
The tug Fearless la bringing downIdeep, 37% feet broad.    II  v. li dr  l *
a boom of logs from Pltl lake to the. a depth of 52 feel and is constructed
Small & Hucklin mills.    She will 'hen   of steel.    The  vessel   is  for  the    St.
I.awn-nee  ri vi r Bervlce.
The tug Annacis was at  Pike's coal
wharf yesterday.
\V   ,1   Keats of Langley Prairie, was I
in lhe city for the week-end, and was
registered at the Windsor.
Mrs.  A.  0.   Moore and  son, of Sap- |
perton, leave for Whlto Itock on Frl
day to spend a month's vacation.
Hev.   ir   Plaskett    of    St.    Mary's
chureh. New  Westminster, is visiting
his mother, Mrs. 11. J.  Fraser, Pontic- I
Rev,  W.  S,  A   Crux and family are I
spending a few holidays with Mr. and
Mrs.  Oeorge  Adams at   their summer ���
home al Orescent.
Mr. and Mrs, J. H. I'rice, Sixth
streel, have as Iheir guest A. O. Mc-
Hae. IIA. I'll. H. principal of the
Western Canada college, Calgary.
Miss S. Fraser, of Vancouver, ls visiting Mrs. T. McCulloch, Hamilton
street. Last Sunday evening Miss
Fraser rendered a solo at the Sapperton  Presbyterian church.
Mrs.   Thomas   Stoddart,     Liverpool
street, has, as her guests at  present,
Mrs. W   11. Petty and Miss Pearl Fra
rer.  of Toronto, and   Mrs.  .1.  A.  Mitchell, cf Calgary.
**^    I  i~, I J**t I T
A  Partial List of Specials
For  Quick Selling Tuesday
Throughout the store great Sale Specials are offered to clear all odds and ends, small lots and remnants���many are too small to advertise, so an early
visit to the store will reveal many offers at great sav-
Here'a a partial list of some of the
Don't Miss These���Come Today.
to   Howe
to bring logs for
While coming down river from Pitt
lake yesterday with a scow, the li. C.
Transport company's tug Evergreen
broke her high pressure piston and,
thus disabled, was forced to drop
anchor and call for assistance, Pike
and company's tug Annacis responded
and brought the Evergreen to her
wharf above the Fraser river bridge.
The accident was in no way serious
and the damage will he repaired at
' Resident Engineer C c. Worsfold, I
Vol. J l>. Taylor, and Superintendent
. -f Dredges Nelson went down to the
tv*nii'noads aboard thc Samson yester-
day. An inspection of th" channi I wa i
-nailt  i1*.'*:*'     Col  TaylOT and Mr   N'el
*>n I, fi the boat nl Stevi ston, whllo
,t\e engmier arrived here aboard the
Samson lak In the afternoon
The large 'ivililut   Bteamer
������umi' into pun i:is- nlgW w th
an even
tQO.OM pounds "I halibut.   Th'* catch *
win be unloaded al the Columbia Cold :
Storage company s    wharf    today     A i
Vancouver  vesri 1   will  also  bring  in <
tO.Qn-0 pinm.lf, ..1' halibut   to the  same
���omyKv.iv   inila>.
T.   P.   Steamer  Libelled���Women's
Exchange   in   Vancouver���Chief
Mulhern   Is  Better.
July    28
u: t
��� me
*   nighl
11'*;iiii, i
Mbi : 1   *���
ll   Sldd
ill, a n
arsbal of
��� ai
in l r:
of   till
3at Cjlxiics Lower Down Fraser Were
Mot Up fo Standard���Other Fishing Reports.
t'ri.imt. tndlcate that during the 36
vau irs et iV.I'Ltig on  Sunday  and  Sat-
��� ���mts'ni: ji good sized run of Bockeyes
*��Tii!-k into i>j.- .-iver. but that they
ns3ile sueh good progress up Stream
aa to elude the nets of fishermen down
-iver    Thi*-- u -shown by reports tell-
t*e    if   -small    catches    below    and
i atcnes as high  aa  480  in  iwo drifts I
tip *treatn.    M    Monk  and   company's
tttrb tar _�� 'sterday  :;:m 14,000, and an
��� *t3.*x '.-��-irw hail in be bi nt out to talie
'  In neb to tbe tjlen Uus'* cannery
The ':'.'   rep ri   i>f the  B, C.  Can
xicrs' .-k.:-*x:laf'i"n   fur  yesterday   is  as
���     >l I.   V, 1-
If-cllm-.-.tmrn got 90,000 sockeyes frot I
'  mima yesterday,    Seiners doing
v . ITJ   little
it was in 11 ii gol    0 Bockeyes from
.ill sources, lie-port rough wi ithei
"* tht*f allium IttK-ks and seiner:, doing
F.rjtr-r river: Up r *��� *i* bi nts did bi I
cr. bm raged  about  Gtl  bi ckeji     pi *
��� noat; main rlvor boats ivei ;ed I".
Nor-.h Arm bonis averaged 10 The
v-M-r.'.bi-r* vns 1*1 ui*h ontsldi many
toat -i cann In. One riphermtin i I I
mg i��.r Canadla . Pai rii i inni ry was
I !rf*w r.i ii  la*>t   lr.-m
Conditions -,ni the Nan- and Skeena
riv-v-i-H an- reported very bad, nol a
rjuarter id llie usual catch is being Be-
o-UTe-d. Ob Rivers Inlet "iil> ahout ii
thlnl eif a pack has been pul up BO
fmT. and other northern canneries have
1 "-ml ptx.>r i nei i as.
Bocth'c Vlinhtly Damaned.
Ncrth Sydney, N. S. July 28. The
-.-iit.'iin'T 'id'erhie. which went ashore
���at Point Hire on her way lo Hudson
tbt*f. arrived bere'lhis afternoon un-
��Jer hev own steam She is now await
Ins  orders     The  greater  part   of  her
����������!���>,:���> ia still  on  board,    sin- is .In
iTairly p.mv.I condition, though  sum'* of
tier boltoni plates are gone
-���'<   Hnd'
Wi sttn ttstci
I��*t<-    Tin *
High, lxiw
li :H   9:54
16*. i.n 19:35
0.4> 11   i:.
11 1'  'l  t"
:Z* I    ��� >
fV    I   ���
. I
I" I
i   "jndav
E   Hit
���     I-   I'U
i: i
11 I
���   '
Auoust 3.
Hi ,vl-
Time, Ilgt.
7:07   3.4
IS 36 l" ������
S:02    2.4
2(1   10   I" 8
! Canada. It Is said that the reason
that Hi*- steamer was libelled was because some monej for salvage wns
due. The officials of tbe i; T I'
would say nothing about the details
of the case and no further Information
was given by them this morning Hefore sailing time the marshal received
instructions from Victoria to release
the heat as bonds, i! is said, had been
supplied to cover all possible salvage
and costs.
Women'-: Exchange.
A women's exchange is to be opi nerl
In a central location In the city within a short time, probably about Sept l.
it Is announced. The exchange is to
be a place where needy women may :
bring any kind ol cooking and handiwork for sale, such as bread, cakes,
preserves, fancy work and plain sewing.
Chief   Recovering.
Latest reports from the general hospital state that Chief of Police Chas
Mul in tii. who was Btrli ken with an a' -
tack ot congestion "t the brain while
al work In h.s office on Hallway streel
Saturda)   night, is much  better,    He
regained  consciousness and  II   Is  be
llleved   that   his   Illness   will   confine
him to the hospital nol  more than a
few davs.    While the chief  was sitting at his il, .-k le* BUddenlj fell to 111��� ���
H ior of his "fin "     I li tei ��� *.'   ,|, *.'. ii,
��im ii a ��� In Hi" adjoining roi m, r ish
��� il  I i  his  chief's ,ii  Istanee  and  applied i.i*;-' aid methods    The * h el re
gained consciousness and  was hurried
to ll " ambulance ��hich  was wait ing
outside the door.    Aa he wns on the
hi   i" tin*  hospital    he    was  again
.* tn* l,en   ami   was   uni "iis. : *ns   �� hen
he was ' arrled 13 a room
$30,003 Garage.
A   building   permit    was   taken   out
this  morning  for a   two  store)   rein
forced concrete garage al 940 Hlchards
street  for   the  Northwest   Trust   company, ciisiiiig $30,000,    The architect
is W   F  Oardlnor and the contractor
the  Dominion  Construction  company.
Brothers   Identify   Body.
Brothers of Prodi rick Slbald, who
was drowned while attempting to gel
his sailboat off the sands al Eburne on
July Hh Identlfhd the body found "ii
tlle shores of Kngiish Hay as that nf
their brother late yesterday. The
body had been carried OUl by the river
current and broughl Into the hay hy
the Incoming time, The deceased was
25 yenrs of age and formerly resided
at 966 Burrard Btrei l He had been
a resldenl of ties city for tie* p u t
i iri '��� monthi The body wlll he * I
to \\ Innlpes ��in n burial will 11 made
in tho family l urlal pli I
Prominent  Visiter.
Prominent  among  mini '* rs of the'
Baptist   denomination   Is   Rev    A,   A
MeLeod, ��h ' is nt present in Vancou
VI r Otl     Urlougll   from   India    ill   whieh
Thi   next  two weeks will probably
tell the tale us far as the leadership
of the Northwestern Baseball ftasue
is concerned, with prospects of a stiff
battle between the Vancouver and
Seattle clubs lor the pennant.
At the present time Seattle Is hard
pressed in its twirling staff, injuries
having prevented Gipe, Dell and
Meikle from performing witb theil
usual regularity, but from the lates;
r.'P' t s President Dugdale is sparing
no money to secure relief until his
regulars are again in  shape.
Spokane is still Bhowlng Improvement since Mike Lynch took the helm,
bnt the long lead obtained by Tacoma
leaves him far behind in the cellar
p  Bltil n.
Portland is only 4'i points behind
Seattle and a few breaks would give
ih.it team a chance with Inst year's
champs, but the showing made by the
Colts does not tend to Increase faith
in their ability to crawl any further
up the ladder than  third  place.
This week Vancouver plays Vic
ii ! i h le Seattle entertains .1""
McQiniilty's outfit from Tacoma,
,vhh ii should si 11 further Increas ���
\ incouver's li ad, as the "In n Man"
Is altogether likelv to Jump Into three
games out of the seven at least.
The runn r tbat Portland will drop
oul cf tli" N'orthweatern league next
season will create no little talk, as
this would mean a break in the pres-
i nl formation of the upper coast body.
Continuous ball has not paid very
handsomely to the McCredie interesls.
so just whet" the Portland franchise
will be located is a doubtful one at
present. Who knows but what Vancouver and Seattle will be In the
Const circuit within two years time?
Such a deal would mean three southern clubs and three northern clubs,
thus keeping down the travelling ex-
pen -i*s to a minimum,
In the Majors.
The approach of August tlnds interest in the major league baseball races
down to the vanishing point, so far as
the premier  berths  are concerned.
Wtth Pittsburg's upward rush rude
ly cheeked by the Giants there seems
in be nothing to prevent New* York
from taking another National league
In the younger organization, the
situation is much the same, with the
Athletics iii the commanding position.
Among other points of interest la
the showing ol Washington whieti
lust Iiiii two games In the Inst iwr>
weeks, Washington's Buccess is attributable In n vi ry great pari In rft'-
sterling work ol Its groat pitchers.
Johnson and Boehllng The phenomenal young lefl bander registered! hi* ':' :
eleventh consecutive victory laBt
week. Chicago was going well until
the last few days when it slnnit ii
streak of poor batting and worse
fielding. Hal Chase got Into nnm of
his spasms of error-making. Chappelle. the new high priced ouMtelder,
hns in en of little service For some
reason he has been Bitting on the
bench for the last few days.
The Bostons affr a pour road trip
played leiter ball at home Some
promise has been recently made by
lie mils werk, the club apparently
finding it especially easy to heat
���'side    from      the      lliant Pittsburg
clash.  Ihe    recovered    form    of    the
I'hiladelphias    and    Brooklyn's    brace
were   the   notable     features     in     the
tlonal league week.
She'd Lock Cute in The:e.
Spokane. July 28, Miss Graci
Theobold, of Traverse City, Mich., ar
rived here Thursday to be married and
when the trunk sent her by the railroad company was opened she found,
instead of her wedding trousseau, ;'
quantity of Socialist literature, a hot
water bottle and a workmen's outfit of
clothing. The check held by the bride
lo he corresponds with the one on the
trunk, and she declares the agent at
Traverse City is to blame for the mistake
Happy Once More.
Baltimore, July 28.���After a separation of five years. Lady Baeot wli
was Miss Lily May. of a Baltimore
family, has become reconciled to Lord
I!ai;<it. aide de camp to the Marquis of
Lorne when he was Canadian gover
nor general, according to a cable re
celved today from London. The iis
agreement which brought about thi
couple's separation was whether tbelr
daughter Barbara should be ra'sed 'i
the Catholic faith. Brother* niul
Bisters of : ady In got in this c'ty :���-������
jubilant at il*t new* Lord and Lar'-*
Hngol are at wesent wi'b their daughter. Barbara, at Hlithfliid Hedgeley.
Staffordshire The reconciliation was
bn ught ibout by Mrs. Bernard Shaw
wife of the Etnglish dramat'Bl and
writer, at   !   .  slst'-r of  Lord  Bagct.
Boys Break Camp.
Prince  <1     rt, July  28,    The cadel
cadet  camp   vhlch   has  been  ii  pre
gress for a   .' "U  with  some 200 boys
in attendance closed today.
Heavy Bail fer Frank.
Toronlo, July 28. Frank Fletcher,
alias Jackson, who is alb get! to have
fired at P. C, Peacock In Queen's Park
and was arrested after a fierce fight
two weeks ago, appeared before Magistrates Cohen and Clay this morning
and w-as committed for trial at the
nest assizes, Bal was allowed in his
own surety at ffe 00.
They Live  It.
Ottawa, July 28 - Canadians are bo
coming more appr ic atlve it the vita,
nf government in urance as provided
in the old age am ui'ies act    Applications are being r celved bv the    annuities  branch of the  government  at
a rery steady rate   li  is expected that
the  number of ai pl;"iinis this    year
will largely exceed  that of 1012.
hurst ever the bai dstand fn the foreign settlement and i. Portuguese boy
rece'ved mortal ii juries and Mher
foreigners had narrov escapes, it Is
suspected  that   tl ���   rebels are dellb-
ings m price,
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for      25.
Barefoot   Sandals;   dbuttfa   sn-iles;   anv
pair  in  store 75;
Fleet-Foot  Running Shoe-*; x clearing
line;   7  to  2    40;
Ladles' While Canvas STiw-s; leather
soles;   all   sizes 50;
Men's Fleet-Fool  Rubber    Soled   in
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Shoes;   sizes 1. 2, 3, 4.. r,    95;
Men's  Heavy    l.ea.cher    Soled    Ili*i)wii
Canvas Shoes;  nil BlZM $1.25
Lnd,es' Snappy Taa Bolton Oxf rds
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of  British Columbia.
Savingi Department at ull BrancheB Deposits of One Hollar and
iipwnrilH received and Interest at the hlgbeBt current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafu and Traveller!' Cheques sold, payuble lu all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
Westminster   Branch; A.  W.   BLACK,  Manager.
���ly training theli
foreign settlement    n
Bhanghal  volunteer
soo soldiers and 1u ol
we(!l,   rnr,   [lr
Ottawa, July 28    T
c dents occurred  hen
end  iu  which Claud"
year old  son nf  Mr
Walsh, and Thotnai
clerk   in   the  fori-it
for the
a ring ds*
'irers al C
Vo drowning nc-
p ever the week
Walsh, the nine
���nil Mrs. Oeorge
?'. Kllmartln. a
branch depart
every size.    Per pa-Jo-
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Hoots, etc.
$1 93
Hotton   and
town.    (Inr
Hoots, Leeklo
stub  'in
nt of the inlerlnr, lost their lives.
mission  t.'id  in* ims
years        Mi      Ml '���'������:
1 :*,   une    "I    Hi* " t
10,9  Canada on m
i * .,i C
*, .;
i ; ��� 'I    fer
regardi I
autlinri   *
II go "Myrter'ous :: Ily" Smith deft itcd "Young Corbett" (Oeor ������
Ore :; I in 25 rounds nl >.'���"'
\t rk This v ns calli d the "|ce
,.,.] i ��� ������'. " ; -,""���-.,
i-i ,!,. lh il A* ���'���:���' in di ' ' ���*
ihe principal part of h i dlel
while tr.'.lnlr.F f< r the pi - lon
with Smith, it is alleged thai
"Young fort itt" gol away with
Ihree or four n art**, of Ice cr am
er-.'h night, He put up a roi d
light, nnd stayed the limit, but
Smith ������* ���<������ awarded the tl
; ' ., ,       i  , nni ;���     ilefi ill, d      '.'.' 'ini
Icff in 27 n und;   '.;
tfrlca,  tur a stal-.i   i I       ' *   '
Inrgi     ever foil   it foi    *��� *
*| ' ���
Dies on I'reet Car.
Montreal, ,lulv 28,���Lieut.-Colonel
.Ins p. Cnir... i; r registrar for
Montreal West, ex crown prosecuto**
and for a nimbi r of vears Liberal
member for Drummond In the pre
vincial house, died suddenly en a
street car while mi his wav home te
lunch todnv. Den'h was dun to hearl
failure, The deceased was prominent
Iv n-so'-lntrd v i'i ihr. local mllltla
having ga'ned tho rank of Heutr"iant
", 1' pel   cf   the   Vi "it n    Itlfles.      II"   1 I
 ���' d   iv   v     i, r,,,   a   married
'1 liter el   I" 0  '"���.���>
by ���::. PiiiNrri"; royal
Wednrr.ilay,  Aug. 6th,  1913
people  an
Reid and  Mlllai's Cherry Qencna nad.
Sultana,  per lb      2oi*
Hoyt's Doughnuts, per doz.  ... 2UC
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Choice Plums, I'i ars and Perch s
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I'lpriects, pir crate    SI'25
llnrpbi rr'u s, fresh from the gardens,
per crate       $ \.7Ti
Choice  Eastern Township  Butter, 3
l.   r*i give Ni .  '.'
pounds for
Dairy Butter,
Select   Egg   .
mini ti i-
��� *   *   iv tu
��� l P. 1    v. harf al
.' ��� i
I ,*1 50, Til 1
'       * ih i i onin   i *���
1 well,    .1
��� .ii*   *.    '
s i .oo
local, pi r  |n und    3.'��^
line for cooking, 3 doit,
��� Sl.CO
Ycur   Patronage
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
n-TmW Sfllii
m in Atiion-550
.-      ���   I    .-.*.-. :.r        ��� ...,** ���: i: TUESDAY, JULY 29,  1913.
fA-je -nv-si
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
National Commission
For Next Seasons Hockey
���Rush  for   Players   Has   Started   and
East and West Likely to Get
Together for Winter.
Ice hockey talk In July. A little out
of season perhaps, but the rumor ihat
['rank Patriok, the Vancouver mag-
nate, was preparing for liin usual trip
to the camping grounds of the Na-
tlonal Hockey association, threw a
.scare into the magnates ef the east
late   last   week,   witb   tlle  result   that
they  are already  beginning to sign
up playi rs for next winter.
Sammy Llchtenheln, taking Into
consideration the damage performed
I'V lhe Patricks In the past two seasons, was the first to grab players.
Ollie snd Sprague ('leghorn, the i-xn
.Mars of ihe Wanderers, who were out
ihere last spring wllh the all-star aggregation, have affixed their signatures to a 1918 contract.
President Emmett Quinn.   of   tlie
N.H.A., haH been notified by the aVn-
i couver sport promoter that  he  would
|be in Montreal in the near future ami
would   talk   business   with   him.     No
Intimation was given ns to what turn
the   conversation   would   take,   but   It
I can be BUrmleed that a national nom-
; mission  wlll be agreed  upon  by  both
! the easl  and  wesl   moguls.
Last year practically every team,
I With III" exception of Die Irish-Canadians, lost money In the N.H.A. solely
Ion acccunt of lhe war with the Pacific Coast league, which hoisted the
salaries of players to an exorbitant
height, This year wlll probably see
a difference, although the Patricks
have Indicated tlmt there will he no
regular slash In the* nay list, lr thev
'can Becure lhe men they are afier.
well   Into  the limelight.    Score:
It.    II.    E,
Tacoma      4      6     2
I'ortland      5      il     0
Haiterlee: Olrot and Harris; Martlnoni and Williams.
Wow!     Wow!
Spokane, July 2H. - Spokane defeated
Seattle today by a score of '0. The
Indians hit Mclvbr hard while Douglass tightened up in pinches. Raymond was chased by Umpire Tonman
for disputing a decision.    Score:
H.    It.    Iv
Seattle     0     X     4
Spokane    7   18     l
Hatteries: Mclvor and Wally; Douglass and  Hannah.
Standing of the Clubs.
W.    L,
Fresh  Arrangement  in  East  Promises
Well   for  Canadian   Game   in
Coming   Season.
51 Michael's hockey cluh, Ottawa
college, Hamilton Alerts and the
Montreal Shamrocks make the new
rugby league in the east which will
be watched with Interest by all followers of the Canadian game, following the split ln the ranks of the Inter-provincial and the inter-collegtate
organizations, This Ib the first year
thai the St. Mikes will enter the
ranks of rugbyists and If ihey follow
up their name In hockey they are like-
1. i" give the other aggregations a
ban] battle fur honors. The other new
club will be the shamrocks, of Montreal This aggregation will undoubted!', be a drawing card In the Quebec
clt) Just as it was in the old National
I ���"���ri,!,se union.
The Hamilton Alerts and Ottawa
college under Kather Stanton are too
well known to require much mention
nttawa college dropped out of the
intt r-eollogiatc last season on nc-
count of.tho tactics pulled off by To-
ronl ' Varsity and Mcllill The Alerts
wora fired from the inter-provincial
ihi account of trouble and suggestion
of professionalism.
Apllcatlon is now being made f i the
Canadian Itugby union for recognition
ind   when  once  this  is  granted   the
elegales from the various clubs will
ither In Ottawa early next month to
tlrav  up a schedule.
(Ity the Poller I
It must have bi m galling t'i Doehl-
ing the star twirler of the Washington Senators, to lose his first game in
twelve v .n ni iv against Si I
simply through errors on the part of
Iu'b team mates; which jusl g i a n
dhow ihai baseball has enough ef uncertainty to make It appeal to th*
average fan.
Lasl  wick tlie Big Four were    con-
fron ed with a problem in geometry
if a square is suddenly changed into a
triangle, whnt effeel would it have on
ihe attendance at lacrosse matches ?
I'liicliil snvs nothing on the DOlnt. but
knotty for lacrosse magnates to dicker
with, so they dragged Hob Fleming
from behind the woodshed and talked
In hun as a stern but kindly vet does
to ii sick dog.
These winning streaks which base
ball te mm in ast about l- ok 1 ke
scratches when compared with the
Australian cricket team which has
toured the co-tlnent f- in Victoria to
M- mr nl, f I'hil'del' hla, io the Bermuda Island, and are now back In
Montreal again without even the paint
rubbed off.
ball for the fans this week. This
ovening the Balmorals and the Moose
h'tch up again in a eity league game.
Wednesday two of the leading teams
( r the Vancouver Commercial league
'���lash at Queens park iu the afternoon
during the merchants' picnic celebration, while the Moose and Coqultlam
bittle In the evening. The latter
game should be the best of the series,
fi r Manager Oraham is searching high
and low for material to down the
bunch from the Porl City who have
loosened out Beveral notches In tbelr
belts since they returned from the
barnstorming tour. Friday evening
the Electrics and Balmorals meet ln
a league game, while it iB possible
that an Inter-clty league game will be
arrangi d for Saturday afternoon.
Thirteen dollars in cold cash must
have looked mighty small to the V. A.
C. players who made the jump to the
professional ranks after listening to
the tales of a regular bonanza in
ItcroBse. And Ihe worst part of it Is
'hat .Ioi' I.ally's stunt of nmateurizlng
''" Y I., f. will not work oul bere
on  lhe coasl.
Tie News predicted ihn' Beveral
if'st.rn teams would fall over them-
' "elves In order to git a crack at the
Mann cup since the V .V (' made
the jump It's an even bet rielit now
ns to whether the trophy donated hv
���li" C N. It. i- -l'Tnate will reallv
wea'her out another season on the
New  Vork    fill    27
Philadelphia 52   34
Chicago    48    44
Pittsburg   45   45
Hrooklyn    42   44
Iloston     38    51
St. Louts 3G    55
Cincinnati    36   69
Yesterday's Games.
At   Pittsburg ft.    II.
Philadelphia     6   li     i
Pittsburg   2     fi     ('
Batteries: Seaton and Killif<-r
Camnltz, Adams, Cooper and Simon
At  Cincinnati: It.    H.    K
Hrooklyn   .     5      8     J
Cincinnati     7   in
Batteries: Ylngllng, Allen, stack
and  I-'isher;   Packard and Clarke.
At Chicago: It.    ll.    i;
Boston      4      H     ;*
Chicago    in   u     j
Batteries: Tyler. Noyes and Brown:
Humphries and  Bresnahan.
At St. I.ouis: It.    H.    1*1
New York    4     fi     :
St.  Louis     o     4      1'
Batteries: Mathewson antl Myers;
Harmon,  Uoak  and   Wingo,  Itoberts.
After Eleven Straight.
Washington, Uiy 28. -A base on balls
a Blngle and a home run, all in the
first inning proved Joe lioehllng's un- ,
doing In his attempt today to establish
a season's record for straight victories In the major league. After the !
first St. Louis got only two hits but!
Ihe three run lead was too much for j
Washington and the final score was ���
Score: K.    II.    K. I
St.  Ixiuls      4      4      31
Washington    1     6     2
Batteries:   Mitchell and  Alexander;
Boehltng and Henry
All   other   American   league   games
postponed  on account of rain.
International League.
Providence 2, Buffalo 5,
Jersey City 7, llochester 2.
Newark  1, Toronto 7.
Haiti more-.Mont real;   rain.
has been arrested. A strict censorship ia being put on all messages.
Revolutionary activities are reported
from many centres.
Standing  of  the  Clubs
W.    L.
Philadelphia  65   28
Cleveland    56 38
Washington   54 40
Washington 54 UU
t'l'icago   Bl 47
Boston    44 4fi
Detroit    4ii 68
St.   Louis    39 61
New York   29 60
r.ut Will Stick With Tecumsehs This
Season   at   Least���Players
Hold  Meeting.
Toronto,  July  lis     It  is  now  prac-
, tlcally certain that Charlie Querrie
will not drop out of lacrosse because
jof the decision regarding the game
defaulted   to   the   Tecumsehs   hy   To-
Ironto. He resigned and it was announced   that   the  game  in   Montreal
I would lie his last.    The pfeyers held
la meeting and decided they would not
play unless Querrie remained with
the team. Fred Graydon who has
been  with the Tecumsehs almost as
,long as Querrie, refused to accept the
management and ii looked as though
| the team  would cease to exist.
Although Querrie asked until tomorrow to reconsider. It is understood
that he will probably guide the destinies of the learn for tlle present season at least.
Retail Merchants' Day
Extra Special Attraction
Moose, City Champions
vs. Coquitlam
Two of the fastest teams on
the Mainland.
Featuring Ruell, with his'
dazzling  speed  and   Horn,
with his tricky and cool de-:
Queen's  Park,  Wednesday,
July 30.
Game Starts at 6:15 p.m.
Good Seats for Ladies.
Rooms and Bowling Alleys.
Three English Billiard
Tables, seven Pool Tables,
six Standard Continuous
Regulation Alleys. First-
class reading and'committee
Finest equipment and
best lighting and ventilation
of any Pool room on Pacific
R. H. CORBETT, Manager.
Cor. Church and Columbia.
Our Business
We invest money for clients on first mortgage
security, careful valuations are made, and in this
way we protect the interests of our clients.
Every branch of a trust business carried on by
competent and experienced men.
Deposits accepted and interest at 4 per cent, allowed on daily balance.
DEPOSIT BOXES for rent from $2.50 up.
INSURANCE in all its branches.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streeti, New Wettmintter.
a soft skin throughout the trying summer
months will do well to put In a supply of our
which preserves the original whiteness and
softness of the skin and scents it daintily as
For the good of your complexion try it.
At Prices 25c. and 50c.
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
Busy Once More.
Lisbon. July 28.���A delayed report
altered out of here today, showing
that an attempt to assassinate Premier Iir. Alfonso Costa was made on
Saturday. A man named t'unha Neves
White Rock
Baseball Results.
Standing   of  tiie   Clubs.
\V.    I-
Vancouver  . 'll   39
Seattle    82    43
Portland    63    44
Victoria  *ttt   68
Tacoma     46   60
The Playground of B.C."
WHITE, SHILES & Co.. Official Agents
Spokane   lis   65
Biavers Still Winning.
Vancouver, July us Vancouvi r
took the opening game of the Series
from Victoria this afternoon to tin
tune of 6-1, Schmtuz twirled n heady
game for the locals and wns given
errorless support, Poi'tinan, the Victoria recruit, was In difficulties from
the start and was replaped by Narveson.    Score:
Vancouver   6
Victoria    !
llatteries:     Schmutz    and
Boatman,  Narveson and  Shea
H.    E
ii    n
2      2
going  tn be rlfnt'-' "f ^txatr
A Wlrning Steal.
Portland, Julv 28.- Pohland defeated Tacoma today lu the last Inning.
fi-4 when, with the score tied, two out
In Uie last half of the ninth, t'eltrln
Btole home with the winning run.
Celtrln was the star of the day e��en
before he won the game. Sensational
cliches In the left Infield, with on"
hand and both hands and a long
double In the firth which also netted
a   score,   brought   tbe   little   shortstop
Four   Professional   Teams   Will   Meet
Here Tomorrow to  Powwow
Over Coast Situation.
As prcdlctod In The News yesterday, n: re lacrosse history will probably be manufactured this week and
the time set Is Wednesday afternoon
Bl   the   Westminster   olub.     Secretary
'Gilchrist, of the association, yesterday
morning wired Victoria of the Intention to hold ii meeting on Wednesday
afternoon and it Is likely that, delegates from the capital City will be
on deck, together with representatives
from    tbe    Vancouver  anil   V.   A.   ( .
rteanw. ,,
Practically nil the clubs   on    the
vonst   realize  thai  something hits  to
lbe done and thai right quloki if the national game is to lie saved.   Last Sat-
urday the Vancouver and V. A. C. Players singed a contest at Athletic Park,
after which each member of the two
clubs receive $18 for his divvy.   Buch
n ,,������ ;,��� thai will not even buy chewing nun for some of the boys and already rumors of discord are floating
r.'ras*rward�� from the Terminal t itj
Poor  Feature.
.n,,,   ,,,,1,110  cannot   bo  blatm tl   tor
ih. |r ii - supporl of Vancouver cltj
championship 1 ��� ��*'"! ���,"' l;1,''1
j��� , , , 11   Itloratlon  thai   tho
\   \ r v *is only an amateur aggi
nnl : three weeks ago,   The jump
-  ,. Simon pun' clans to tho pro
league Is on a par with a Northwest I
ern league baseball player being I
drafted   to  the   major  leagues.    Home
'of them make good from the outset,
but a large majority of tbem are farm-
led out for one or more seasons until
they are In shape and have the experience to hold their own In the grentest
sporting aggregation In the world, not
(even barring lacrosse. Hence the desire of the players to form some kind
of B league that will mean enough for
them to eke out nn existence. Harry
llyland is through with coast lacrosse
and left for his home In Montreal on
Sunday, while Lalonde has heen dickering with the Nationals to finish out
Ithe season with the French-Canadian
.hunch In the Hlg Kour. This Is the
flrsl time In reveral years that Newsy
I baa not made more than nn evnn
I break In the sporting line. Last year
. he touched .Innes for a sum over $41100,
[ while he worked the cards between
Oeorge Kennedy, of the Irish-Canadians, and Prank Patrick to draw down
; a hi:- sum in hockey last winter
1 Ci iinlcd with the high cost of living
'on the ennnt. tli" facl of Lalonde's
| lump to the benedict class makes the
| Ituatlnn a peculiar one for the hlgh-
sl   priced  player on  the oontlnent,
ll.arroise teems to have fallen on evil
However, Wednesday will perhaps
i riii" i *:i ,i iii".' more ni ws for the i
i* j.**- fo is Tli" Vancouver players
���ir.' moro than willing to forgel their
rr ri ';- . i' Itli tii** Salmon Bellies
ml '���< i in ' po slbl ��� thai the two
J ti .ii ns "iii in. playing again bofof-c
i       in :��� wi olt has i' u sed.
Reg. $18.00 suits for $13.00
Reg. $20.00 suits for $15.00
Reg. $22.00 suits for $19.00
Reg. $25.00 suits for $18.0.0
Reg. $30.00 suits for $22.00
Reg. $35.00 suits for $26.00
��� REDUCED ���
Select yours now, replace that old, soiled
one you are wearing
at V3 less than usual
jrnrirhj Sraith (Ehitljru
and Sixth
*K>1 *J
���'*    :��� ���'  1 '.-���, '','H 13, *',|' "���iV f V ����������� ���*' ,!!, /*' * "/I 'A T ft '  >'l'. rr
:.::;:i.y'<: '%:&'iM*^
and Sixth
i bssbub PAUB   SIX
TUESDAY,  JULY 29,  1913.
Classified Advertising
ciivi'd for The News at the following places: K. T. Hill's drug store,
6118 Columbia atreet; A. Sprice,
tjueensboroUgh, Lulu Island.
.,���������� + ���������������������������������
, RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
nm ; -tc per word per week; 15c per
oionth; 6.000 words, to be used as re-
nuired within one year from date of
rentract, $25.00.
lielp in small family;
I Hi  Fourth  avenue.
good  wages.
Christmas cards. Ladles or gents.
Sample book free. Large profits,
('hipcliase, "Cardex," Darlington,
England.          (lsiui
\pplv to Dawson & Grace, Scott
road,'South Westminster.        (18011)
Choo leaves for Alalia in: Row-Row-
Row; 100 other popular songs, with
music; postpaid, 10 cents, Address
Bond Music Co., I^ock llox 82, Station A., Hoston, Mass. Your money
back 4f you're not satisfied,     (18061
Will Offset Work of Temperance Men
���News   From  the
Ottawa, July 28.���Although then' is
Wife of Man Accused of Mail Robbery   Gocd  Breeding  More  Important Than
Serious   Mental
Proper Feeding���Eoth Are
Itegina. July
terius over  the
What virtue   is  there    In     heridity
I when it cornea to abundant milk pro-
roomed cottage, Edmonds, large garden in vegetables, cheap. Leaving
city.    Apply  liox  1800 News.
catlve campaign in the tal Ito offset
the fight of the temperance bodies for
a reduction of licenses.
It Is probable,  if the    temperance
 ��� 'people put np a very strong tight, the
FOR SALE���11.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER (license association Will hold public
week. Canada's Pride Malleable i meetings whieh will be addressed by
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar-1 offlcera  of  the  organization.    All  the
good condition, everything complete.
Apply 812 Fourth avenue.        117110)
28.    A tragedy is llut-
Wreforil   trial  in   the
no activity along these lines at pres- I precarious condition of Estevan Tboin-
ent   an official of  the  hotel  proprie- i es' Wife.    When Inspector WunderUng |auction  per cow.    Many  a  dairyman
em, uu uuiuuh *"��� | Detective Hobson appeared In her
tor's association in Ottawa announced. "'"'J   ^  ^  WM   ��� ,���,,,  ()n   ,ht.
that that body  would  adopt an edu- |morn|nB 0f the arrests. Mrs. Thomas
hysterically screamed out,   "I'll
notices a cow Ih good, her heifers may
turn out to be good milkers, sometimes they do not,    Wha! is the troll-
niy children und end my own life it ble? Apart from such considerations
you touch Heu." Since the opening of teefl OT ������,, health, look for one
the cane Mrs. Thomaa has been in a
very   critical    condition,    she    takes
ket square.
practically no nourishment whatsoever and falls into frequent tainting
around Colonial pool room, a black
pocket book, Ten dollars reward.
Joe Pippo. P. O. box 907 city. (1813)
i ii *****
wishes to work  in a good  family.
Speaks    good    English and    understands cooking. P, O. Box 998, city.
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street weBt, Van
couver, B.C. (167S)
branch store on Sixth street will
require about August 15 a first class
fitter and alteration hand on
women's suits. Apply by letter stat-
ing experience aud salary wanted.
Application confidential. Address
Dept. W., Ladyware Co., Hastings
street west,  Vancouver. (17941
ware branch store on Sixth street
will require about August IB two
bright, smart saleswomen, thoroughly experienced in the Bult trade
Apply by letter only. Application
confidential. Address Dept. W���
Ladyware Co., Hustings street west,
Vancouver. (1796)
Cunningham streets. Apply J. N.
MacDonald, 201 Agnes street. ilTiuli
For a License to Take and Use Water.
Notice is hereby given that Dawson
and Grace, of South Westminster,
will apply for a license to take and
ubo one hundred inches of water out
of an unnamed creek, which flows in
a northerly direction through wild
land, owned by Mr. Patterson, and
empties Into a ditch on subdivision
near Scott road. Thc water will be
diverted at a point south of I.adner
road and will be used for stock and
domestic purposes on the land described as a subdivision of fractional
section 25. B. 5 N.. R. 3 W.
This notice was poBted on the
ground on tho 8th day of July. 1913.
The application will be filed in the
office of tho Water Recorder at New
Objections may be filed with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
(1718) Applicants.
the  wall    then  dragged  herself back
Into the  room���and  the door dosed
upon the unfortunate woman.
It appears that her Bertous physical
(1677) Iarguments of tbe temperance workers!    she has fainted twice In court and
_ I will  he answered and  reasons offered | shown every sign of weary exhaustion
ito the public why there Bhould be no and menial suffering. When a witness
j reduction of licenses or rilling hours jon tho stand she stated she had  rec-
"Wo contend that cutting down ognlsed her gold ring on Mrs. Thorn-
hours or the number of licenses Is not Us' finger, Mrs. Thomas was called
temperance work," snld J. K. Paisley, trom the witness room to be iniienti-
presldent of the Ottawa association, fled. She still had the ring. Her face
this morning. "Ther" have been li- was white und pinched She tottered
censes cut off and the selling hours to the door nnd feebly leaned against
reduced, but it has not had the desired effect. The amount of liquor consumed has not been reduced, and 1
assure yon it is not being dumped into
the streets. They are not get ling at
the root of the matter."
Want   the   Job.
Several gentlemen interested In the
movement for better highways, pro-
propose lo start a campaign to have an
Ottawa   man   appointed   to   llie   good
roads commission, which the Ontario dences considerable alarm tor his
government is to establish. The wife's condition, and the marks of
names of ex-Mayor W. IV Morris and j long nights of meditation are mould-
eX-Mayor ('has. Hopewell have heen , ing his features into a face of sorrow,
mentioned ns candidates for the office
both having had much municipal experience.
LoBe   No   Time.
The Royal Hank of Ottawa is going
to  lose  no  time  in  getting  into   the
I moment at the  possible value of the
It has been noted many a time that
; the COWS bred to a particular bull have
;dropped  good  milking  progeny;   that
|tmll came  from  good  milking ances-
Iry,    There  is  the  virtue of heredity
worth  thousands  of  dollars    to    our
dairying Industry. The melancholy reflection Ib that  scores of these good
1 milkers  can   he  traced  to  sires  that
have  been   sold   for  beef  long   before
their real value had become known.
Kvery dairyman who Is doing any
thing "t testing his Individual cows
and all progressive dairymen appreciate the far reaching benefits of such
ttidy. knrwsjhat It would  be  worth
Holy   Scriptures   Provided   for   Publlc
Schools���Text Book Regulations
and   Separate   Schools.
Ottawa, July 28. Notwithstanding
anything iu tlle new text book regulations of the education depart ment, the
school regulations provide for the
teaching of catechism, according to
Chairman S, M. GeneBt of the Ottawa
separate school bonrd.
Tho text book regulations of the department IsBued for June, 11113, giving
the list of the hooks which can be
used 111 the public and separate schools
does not mention the catechism used
'n all separate schools. Kor a time
It was thought that tliere was a move
to cut out the teaching of this subject.
but tbe trustees do not think so.
Chairman GeneBt states that the
act establishing separate schools provided for the teaching of catechism
I -id declares that section 17 reads In |
part that "the provisions for religious
instruction and exercises in the public schools shall not apply in separate
schools." The regulation was Issued Tenders are required for alterations
last year. Kor the public schools the and additions to the Merchants hotel.
Holy Scriptures are provided. U'eliimblu    Street.    New Wesiminster
Will kill every fly in your
house or store. Allyouhaveto
do is togetthcfliestothePads.
��� Directions in each  packet
show how to do this.
condition and unstrung nerves are thej at least 1,200 pounds of milk extra per
nnly  reasons that  have    saved    her cow to secure the right bull. All mem-
froin arrest.    But It seems evident she  bers of cow testing associations should I
is unable to take tbe witness stand co-operate in the purchase   of   good.!
as  her  st-mgth   would   not   hold   her  pure-bred sires, changing them round1
up even through the oath. | nfter   two   years   In   one   section,   audi
Estevan Thomas, lur husband, evi- prove  thereby  the  immense  value of
nlity   in   their  own   herds.    C.   P.
in   a   department   of  agricultural
, Mrs. Thomas seems to be unable to
| stand the sight when her husband
lis being led from the court room lo
his cell. As the door clangs, hiding
him from view, sihe falls to the floor
I In a dead swoon.   Smelling salts seem
"This text book regulation does
not mean that catechisms are forbidden," said Mr. (lenest. ' "lf It did
we wouldn't stand for lt a minute."
\\'hlle discussing this subject Trustee Genest went on to say that lie
could not understand why any person
could argue that public schools are
undenominational whin ihey have religions Instruction or when It is provided for at least. Ile wanted to
know where the Hebrews came in.
under such conditions.
Plans and specifications can be obtained from the undersigned ami
tenders   received     up     In     noon     ol
August 6th.   The proprietors do not
hind  thetnsi'lv
or any tender.
S   to   accept   the  lowest
Archil.'i'i s.
It   Is
premises recently purchased from the; to  revive her and  when  she  regains
A. E. Rea company, limited, on the
southwest corner of Sparks and Metcalfe streets. It is leiirntd that the
bank will take possession of the corner where the C. Ross store now is
about the middle of August. Tho corner will he turned into banking premises though it was not learned what
will he done with the rest of the
Won't   Even   Pay   Him.
Should the city council hold up the
board  of control's report on  the dis
'missal of City  Solicitor  McVeity, an
| Injunction  may  be  taken  out to restrain  the city  from  paying him  the
her senses, throbs of anguish  shake
the little woman.
i Have 1,500 Names Out of 2.200 Required on Petition.
Ottawa. July 28.���Out of 2,200 signatures   required on a petition  to re
'duce tbe number of liquor licenses ln
i Ottawa, more than 1,600 have already
' been obtained by canvassers who are
I working in the city in connection with
the   license   reduction   campaign     ol
the  Ottawa Temperance Alliance.
The obtaining of these 1,600 signa-
two furnished rooms. Bleeping
porches, separate dressing rooms,
with hot and cold water in each;
suitable fnr two gentlemen. Apply
41S St George street, city.      (171<1)
, losi  In
rooms, south exposnr
bath and telephoni
home, one blnck tr
Gentleman prefern d.
I, witb use of
. in modern
i in ear line.
Phone 111I4L.
HAVE CLIENT wllh new (I ro
block house, large lot.    I nth i
Kingsway.     Equity     $2000.
change lm* small chicken rai
to exchange for i
perty.    wui aaau
111   ClOSl    ill   <
���evenue prodi
11 ,l.il    lot
clng pro-
housekeeping rooms, 3i Agnes
street.    Phone 638 L. (17Si_'i
keeping rooms; convenient. Apply
K   P, block, 11765)
keeping rooms at 2114 Seventh
street. (1722)
rooms to rent; every convenience,
Apply 619 Hamilton street.      (1692)
'���-L...I ISS-    ���   -'��� ���
;n    STREET
iii'i-hlv    ini'ileri
equity  $1800.
lose In lot nnd as
i"iiis ihn* Jin",  per
HOUSE,     6    ni
,   large   lot,     Own-
Will   exchange   fot
unt".      IliilillU'e   pa;
'I. II'
N'T   With   (1,
ed  h
fin.*   In
. high side Eighth a\
near l'i
200.     Will   .
ge us p
ill   ll
-eight   room
v    modi
���  in      *.",n  i
sr  un
mill      v\
S"    '
f  Be
1,  HBO  cosi
.  bid
lliee   fi"
proposed retiring allowance of $2,una, I tures is the result of but a few week's
Controllers and aldermen congregated work, and not Intensive work, either,
loday at the city hall, and tiie chlel II H. Pitts, president of the license
topic of discussion was the McVeity reduction campaign committee, says
case. The prediction was freely made that the real work of the campaign has
that an injunction would be taken out not yet commenced! He says that at,
Bhould the council nol adopt the con- 'oat*! .1000 signatures are expected
trailers'  report. I before the close of the campaign.
Clerk Euyr, Hotel. Before the petition can be present- I
The (irand Central hotel, Sussex ed at the city hall one-tenth of the
Btreet, has been bought by Tom Walsh, electors of Ottawa must have signed
who Is well known In Ottawa as a it. There are about 22,000 electors
prominent man In the hotel business. ;n Ottawa, The petition has not to be
I Walsh for four years has been wine presented until November 1st, so the;
clerk at the (Irand Union. His hrother. canvasserB have plenty of time In
"Merly" Walsh, is well known in Ot-I which to gel the required number of
tawa as agenl for Corby for this dls-1 signatures.
irict.   The price is not announced. The  best  response  as  yet  In   this
Goes Beneath. i   '������ nent  has come from  Wellington
The city municipal electric   depart- iand central wards,
ment is advertising for    17     feet	
Of cable conduits, These will he laid
chiefly on Elgin and Slater streets,
and will result in a few poles being
displaced, the wires going underground. Arrangement was made for
this  work  l>>   tlie  city  council    last
Fruit Growers'  Association  Sugegsted
For Vancouver Island.
Nanalmo, July -**���>.   A fruit growers'
association   on   Vancouver   Island     s"
Phone 312.
Room  201 '
year. that   farmerB  can   market  their  crops
Build New Bank. profitably Is whnt Frank Shepherd, M
ManaRer  Cambie  of  the   Canadian   I'  for .Nanaimo. Bugegsts.
Westminster Trust
ir*"*.i<-n.i to  Eastman
nol  ���fPaiuuIe
Bradley Apartments.
Bank of Commerce state? that in all I
probability    his    hank   would    begin
��� I building on its sparks street property
Moat up-to-date In tl
hats, electric stoves.
Furnished and Unfurnished Suites.
: 20 por month and upwards,
'.2'iB Fifth Ave. Office Phone 750
"Creditors' Trust Deeds Act."
Notice Ib hereby given thai George
11. Leaf, carrying on business be ' The
tic ii.* I! Leaf Stippl) Stor al East
Burnaby, in the Municipality of Burnaby,  Province  of  British  Columbia
Mr.   Shepherd  has    jus'    returned
[rom  an  extensive  tour  through  the
until.*i*.i "iid of his constituency and
of next year. This is the in    has   viewed   with   regri t    the    large
Itentlon of the bank officials at pres-   amount of fruit going to waste all over
ent, and it will be carried out, unless  the constituency for want ol market-
Bomethlng   intervenes     to    cause   a tog.   This Ib particularly true of email
change In plans.   The asBtirance was  berries, largo quantities ol which mav
SEALED TKNI'KU.s. superscribed "Tender i,,i Addition i" i.'ii't Roglstn Offli *.
V'*�� w, ..iiniieii, i, win be-received by
ii"*   Honourable    thi    M   ilstei   nl    1*
Works   up   i"  ii    *     ���   : In    lath
day ol August, it'll. :,.:* erection and
ootnpli tlon   "f   iddltlun  lo   I.uni   Ri .-.
(Ifl.i ��� .    ,\, H     Wl Still null :*
PlanB,   HIM ,-:l'|i*:il*',lis    r.llltr.ll'l     II,'1   I   'I'l.
of ti nnt r may I*. *ui n on and ifter I;.*���
iSih dav "f July, 1913 at the ,ei, i
9, A. KI,���teher. -government Agent, New
Westminster: .1. Mnhnny, flnvernnient
Agent, Vancouver; and tie* Department
of Public   Worloi,  Victoria,   li   d
Intending tenderers can, by applying to
tb<- iiiiil'-rslirii.-'l, obtain ono copy "f tbe
drawlmra and "ie* cony nt in-- specifications for ih" sum nf twenty ri*... i.t_r, i
Kncli proposi-il must I"' accompanied by
nn accepted bank cheque nr certificate <>r
dcp'isii on a chartered bank nf Canada,
mint" payable l" lit" Honourable the Milliliter ,,r public Works, ror thi aum "f i"
ne- i-.-iit of tin amounl nr the canti id
whirl, shnll I"- forfeited if the party tei
''"���tii'; 'b-eliii" tn i nter Into contracl when
.-'it' ,t iinnii tu it, r If In* fall i" com-
��� '��� tn ('���" work contracted fer *i in* cheques
- ��� c 'tinciies nf deposits uf i.iisu,-
,- ,--.-',,1 i,,nil. r, is will t," returned to tbem
ir ���".  I'm , -.-. iuil.,,, ,,'* t|,n ������ mtrnct,
T- nd��� s   will   nut   bc   C'ltlHldered   unless
I    out   "'i   i'i-*  foi    -i'*"t.|i.*,t.   siinii ,1
"���tli lb" i al s"--i ihu r tin   tenderer,
,,-,,!   ,iir),i:���.l   In   th"   envelones   furnished.
Tin- Inwest ��i* any tender ii"' ie-��� ssuilv
.i   t*i   onit-'FiTif,
" '���'     Works Knglneer
f>Tlirl'ii"ill  "f  I'el*''     Work*,
Victoria. 11.i'. asih luly, 1113.    I IS(l3)
and as the "Keeler Supply Store al
Kei f. i. in the Municipality of Burna
by, Province of British Columbia li is
bj di ��� d dati d 'li. 17th daj i I July
A.D, 1913, asBlgni d all hli real and
:������ : --"..il estate, credits nnd elfectSj
which nmy be seized or snld under
* .���>.. eiiiinn to WaHi r 8 Hoae, i f the
i lit) ' I New SVeslmiuBti r In thi Prov
i Ince of liriiish i olun bla v i oui * I *
i for ih" purpose "i san ��� ��� me i ateablj
nnd   propol  lonatl I)   and   wllhoul   pre
ference ur priority, all hia ered t rs.
And notb ������ Is also hi n bs Iven that
a meeting of the creditors i t the hind
('.'���urge ii i eal ��111 I*'* held at tin
ABBignee'a orm*.. Room 508 '������������ ��� tmlti
ster Trust Building, New Westmin
sti r, H C . un Munday. ihe Ith laj ui
August. A D, 1913, nt ������ o'eldcl In the
| And notice la also li'-n-tiv given thnt
all persons having claims against the
said Oeorge II Leaf are required to
forward part culars of ihe Bame, duly
j verified   nnd   accompanied   by   sworn '
affidavit, in the Baid Walter S. Rose
New Westminster, B.C., on or befon
the 31st daj of July, 1913, after which
'date the assets of the said Oeorge il
Leaf will be distributed by the suid
Assignee among the creditors of
whose claims    he   shall   then    have
Hated    at    New Westminster, H (' .
this lllsl dav Ol July, A n   1913.
(1817) Assignee.
given by Mr Cambie thai th" Bank
ur Commerce would be a cn dlt to tin
capital, it hns been the custom of
the hank to build well In advance of
the times, and this custom will not be
departed from in Ottawa.
The di.-*
ber   of   lur.u
eel.Ily    li.a ,
,n   1 I tie   ri
digging  ie-.ir
Ci   K.p/rus
vi ry  in  K v
r��� ��� 11 -  ol   I'.i; i ri
by   Robert    le
Is   Mere   lllle.lltln i|   w.nl
til"   J. Ill   I     "I   III *   rt.
ii  niiin
w.i-  re
I. . tm
ii'Mf :n I';*)- r K yj i biuI nr ��� aaid
1*1* 'ti (iraoco-Lgyptittti period
'1 hi re ui. seventeen of Ihem, all
ab i.i twelve inches ����� ide 'I he larg
- -' will proi ably be found to be ab iut
fifty li it Jong, and. il tin- e.-t.i.i.i'..
is      ,-r.-' 1.  u  will  i.,* Uie le url, length
fot ii i ill ul papynes.
Buch portions s..- huve been read
ah ,'���* lhat the manuscripts deal with
historical events. Little can I,- sniu
J tn",i contents until all have been
translated, but when this is dune tin
manuscripts nmy prove to bu of leal
archaeological value m adding, nt
lir-t hand, to the present knowledge
"i I*...". ;it and, possibly, Syria.
Tin- tolls nr.- probably the finest
ever lound Mr. de Uustufjuel! thiuk.-
llial lie is justified In expecting startling revelations Irom the maun-
�� ni'i-
b.** seen In various part; al tbe cinin
try going ti. ruin on thi bushes.
A ill:   n   well  organized  association
Mr.   Shepherd   believes    t   possible   to
mi*" a large amount of 'iii: crop having it sold with a reasonable profit. II"
argues such an association would not
pul the fruit men at tin mercy of tin
wbolesalere and would lend ti* fostei
I home grown   produce and dlscouragi
i importation.
Always   Well   Represented
the   Dominion   House.
Take a poll of the directory In almost any Canadian town ur city, and
the Smiths,  the  Browns, the  Robinsons, ur the Joneses will have it by
��� generous majority,    Take a peep at
* Uie delicately-scented aocial columns
nf   almost   any   Canadian   periodical,
; and the Smilhson-Brownlees, the Rob-
: insoii-.luyiies, ot suuic utlier liyphenat-
i ed combination is an odds-on favorite.
i But in Parliament from time itnmum-
' uriaj the Macleans have had it. There
j is said to have been no I'-s* than seven
of them in tbe House of Commons at
one time.    Fur many years tliere were
live.     And   in   th"   year   i f  cur   Lord
1913 there  are  four.    Two    ol   thetn
write it Maclean, the other two .-tick
to   McLean,   that   is.   at   uny   ral",  iu
subscribing their signature- ur un tin
record nf the carefully compiled Parliamentary   (ju:d- .    It  doesn't   make
much difference fur the links ol creed,
which   unaccountably   ami   unfortunately   seem  to  stand  lur  so  much  in
politicB,   weld   them  together.    They
all declare themselves lo be adherents
of the Auld Kirk,   lf thi  reader doesn't   believe   it   and   "ii"   isn't  to  be
altogether  blamed  fur his doubt   liis  hereby   referred  once  mure  to  the
red-bound official documents of which
Major   Ernest  Chambers is  the conscientious    ami   thoroughly    reliable
editor.     It   labels  each   of   the   four
"Presbyterian,"  and  it  has  it  un  the
word   nf  honorable  gentlemen themselves.
Two of   tlli-IN   sit   nil  nil"  snle  u(  the
House, and two "[ them "n the "ther
To the right of Mr. Speaker maj bo
(mind Angus A McLean, tlie silent
man from the little maritime Isle of
Prince lid ward, and William findlay
.Mm lean, tin' never-silent exponent ol
all and sundry trom the big province
of Ontario. To the left are located
Alexander K. Maclean, tie* cautious
mi' 1 canny financial critic of the Opposition, who huil- In in Nova Scotia,
and Hugh Havclock McLenn, the lire-
eating militarist and Imperialist,
from the neighboring province "f New
Brunswick. Any one ol llie fuiir ia
capable of focusing tii" attention of
Parliament "ii a Maclean, and two ol
tie in hai" recently been doing it to
their hearts content and incidentally to the discomfiture and disconcertion "f  their  party  colleagues.
Athabasca Landing, Alta.. July :"-'
A visitor in town, wbo regis ���, . ��
tell hotel as K. W. Oeorge. ul W I il
pen, attempted suicide by cutting his
wrist with a knife and shooting himself twice in tlle head with a 32 re
volver. As be had acted strangely
in town, the H N. W. M. Police watch
ed him and followed him south of tin-
town where he was found headed
south in Lincoln park.
Upon the policeman approaching
him he drew his revolver and threatened to shoot, but the policeman,
knowing that ho was uientaly weak,
on a chance said. "Don't shoot mo,
Bhoot  yourself."  Oeorge  Immediately
turned   the   revolver   on   himself   and
Bhot a bullet Into his head.    The  pi
liceman   then   closed
Tenders are invited for the purchase of two pool aud two l, Itlard
tables with stock and fixtures of tho
Peoples   Pool   Room,    Kast     Bumaby.
Tenders    to    be    addressed    to W   K.
H( -".   Westminster   Trust    building,
am' delivered not later than Saturday,
August 2.  1913.    The lowest or    any
'   ide;  *ini  necessarily accepted.
(ISIti) Assignee.
brought him  to town  where he  is In
i critical condition at  present.
Prom letters on his person it would
indicate ihat Oeorge is from Vancouver, not Winnipeg, lie had quite a
little money In his possession and af
ter shooting himself offered the policeman $200 to allow him to finish
himself, from his talk and actions it
is belli veil thai he is afflicted with
a  religious mania.
Re Lot "B" of tbe  South 39 Acres cf
Lot 377, Group 1, Except One Acre
Theretofore  Conveyed,   in  the   District of New Westminster.
A Certificate Of Indefeasible Title t"
the above property will be issued    l"
William McBride on the lHth day    of
August, 1918, unless In the meantime
a valid objection thereto be made to
ine in writing by a serBOH or persona
him     and   claiming an estate or interest therein.
Forty  Feet   ol
.nan with the -i
says   a   i*"* ent
Cipons $2.40 the  Mouthlul.
\   costly   dish   of  the   royal  table   i.i
"Capons '!������ lluiiilans a '.a Edward i
Vi J I li. vl i* ti i- a method of pr.'
paring i ap ms invented by the present
oliiul i I** i ��� predecessor in ofllce, M
Meanger, who wus pensioned on the
accession of lying Qeorgo, It is famed
among lOuropean royalties, by most of
whom it lm- been tasted when visiting
the I'in.'lish court. It costs $8,40 a
1 *
A silting of tli" Provincial I
I Ci iiiinission will h" held at i.n
i Tlun-siLiy,   Hist   July.   Ill a m.
The Commission is empowered to
Inquire lino all matters afTecting the
i" ndii ons of labor In liritish Colum
bla. All persons Interostod are in
vlltd to attend and give evidence.
F. It. McK ' M \RA,
Becretary, (1776)
First    Pneumatic   Tire
even year-  ago a Scotchman
the lirst pneumatic tire.
ompson,   He pn-
Sixty -
ll.* w ,s i: W. Thompson, ll
tented his invention in 1M0. It was
not a practical success, but it marked
the beginning of une "t tho greatest
industries in the country und mads
the automobile n success, lt waa
made of leather anil bolted upon a
wooden rim.
A   Chaucer   Portrait.
Tbe oldest known Kngiish picture if
one ol Chaucer, jiainteil In the yeal
Regina, July -v BenJ imln Thomni
the man und' r charge rd r>'"' It Ing
mail mailer stolen from Ills ma "try
Hi" king, has made Iltl will     Thuuni
��III was  le by M   Mi' auclan I, his
atlorni:. and i igni d In lha preaenci
of the court Btenograjher, Jflst before
the proceedings started, Thomas bai
taken tbls precaution to protect his
wife, iu the evenl of the i train of trial
and possible Imprisonment being too
much lor his frail constitution. Tin-
will Is as follows:
This is the last will and testament
of mo, Benjamin Thomas, of the city or
Regina, ill the province nf .Saskatchewan.
I   hereby  revoke  all  former  wills,
codicils and  othi r testamentary dispositions by in" at any time hereto-
I ii rr- made,
I give, devise llllil I e'luealh to my
dear wire, Gether Tliomas, of the city
ur lit glnn aforesaid, all my real and
personal citate of any nature, kind or
description whatever and wheresoever
situated tor hi r sole use and benefit
I  appoint   my  snld    wife,    Esther
Tliomas, to be the snle executrix of
this will. In witness whoreof I have
hereunto subscribed by hand this
25th dav of Julv In tli" year or our
Lord 1913,
Signed, published and (Iceland I'lil.. above named tcBtator ��������� ��� and for
his last will nnd testament in the presence of us both present at the name
time who nt Ills request and In Ills
presence have hereunto subscribed our
names as witnosm B
M. McCausland.
Perclval Shelton.
Thomas Is fairly well to do, particularly since the death id his rather ill
Wales recently. Hy the wiii of Ills
father, Thomas Is left lu possession or
ii farm In the old country, and at the
lnne of his arrest he wua making
plans for visiting the place,
ow shovel lui-
i ::.   says   a   recent   visit"r   t"   the
��� ut. the busiest little person ln 11 C
this winter. Citizens of Revelstoki
in ��� kept busy the.-c days shovelling
mu �� i.If tli" runfs of their houses and
other buildings, while the city Bnow-
plow is kepi going almost continuallj
,n an effort tu keep the snlcmlk- pas ���
aid ���. Already ever dfteen [eel ul
snow has fallen tin- winter and it i-
���i.ll coming down, Tins is u record
- mon lull l"t  this city.
While fifteen feet ol snow may seem
a lot to s'liiie people, it is not to be
corn-pared with forty feet which is
approximately the amount "t snu*
which has fall"ii at Glacier since November last, and which in all there
yet us there has heen neither rain
nur sunshine enough to melt any of it.
The C.P.R. is having the lime ol
its life attempting to keep ils main
hue, switches und side tracks open
lur business. An old-timer In the
mountain railway service claim- that
from Clanwilllain to FtcKI lie has
never sect) an equal uinnuut of snow
on   the  ground.
Between Glacier and linger- Puss
nothing is visible of the trains at
many points but the smoke from the
locomotive, and should the weather
change suddenly, as i- quite possible,
imtny nml large simw slide- un- looked
(Ill UlC east slope of the Selkirkl
the snowfall hai not been sn heavy,
out the wall" i i- much colder,
nun nny accidents ou this mad
lately'.'" asked lhe traveler. "Ye|i." ro-
plleil tbe mnn who bangs urouud the
Station. "Three trnliis came lu ou tune
Inst week."���Washington Star.
Si aleil ii'tuh r.i addressed to the
undersigned and endorsed "Tender
for Addition ttnd Alteration to Publlc
Building, New Wes'mlnBter, B.C.,"
will be received al ibis office until
I 00 p.m., on 'I uesilay. August 12,
1913, for the work mentioned,
Plans, specifications and form d
��� ntiact "nn he seen and forma of
""ih r nl tall ' d Bl the office of Mr
Wm, Henderson, Resident Architect,
v'ic oria, B.C., at the Post Office, New
iVostm'nster, B.C., and ;*.t this De-
i'i in ,ns tendering are notified thai
enders will not be c'liisidi red mile*,'.
made on the printed I' tins supplied,
.ind HH ned with their actual Blgnn
'urea. Killing their occupations and
places it residence, in the case of
Inns, the actual signature, the nature
r the occupation,  and   place  of  P'si-
len co of each  member of the firm
mint be given.
Bach tender must be a ceo in pan lnd
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
hank, payable to the order of llie
Honorable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent. (Ul p.c.I
If the amount of the tenner, which
wll be forfeited If the person tender
ing decline to enter Into u contract
whin called upon to du so, or fall to
oomplete the work contracted for. If
'he tender be not accepted the cheque
w II be returned.
The  Department  does  not   bind  It-
aiiir to accept   the   lowest   or   any
Hy order,
Department  of  Public  Works,
Ottawa, July 15, 1913,
Newspapers will not be paid for tills
���idvertl'ieni"::!   ir thev  Insert   ll   without authority from the Department
13092, (177S)
The cyclone roared hll hOUIS ar-r/und.
Ik- lii-iil hm ground
The    enrtf'n|UuKe     ciune     with     mini ling
'.lul  (hut   ere clulp fmijlrl  nnt he Uiiwimil ���
He held tits ground.
And that'll tlio wny lo do today.
Fmm Winter to lhe llnwcrn uf Mny,
No mutter whnt tlio World mny suy.
Just hull! yer -ground
If you read THE NEWS
you got all the news.
or lu anv part thereof.
J  c. OWYNN,
District   Registrar of Titles.
|Land Registry Office,
New   Westminster,   111'.,   12th   Julv.
The person or persons bavin'.' In
tlieir custody or possession the following Title Deeds relating tn lh" Bald
property are requested to deliver the
same to tbe undersigned.
30th January. 1SS9, grant from the
CrOWn   to   Charlotte  Allele   Rou*,lle.
19th July, 1S89. conveyance fron
Charlotte Allele Rougue to Robert
Scott  Moncrleff.
(17411) District  Registrar of Title".
*-!... e*
SEALED  TENDERS  addressed   to
the  undersigned, and  endorsed   "Ten
der  for   Wharf at  Vancouver,   It   C."
will be received at this office until 4'00
p.   in    on   Thursday.   August  111,   1913,
Inr   ih,.   construction   of   a   Wharf   at
Vancouver, B, C.
Plans, specifications and form of
contract ean he seen and forms of ten
der obtained at this Department anil
at the offices of C. C, Worsfold, Esq.,
District Engineer, New Westminster,
II (' ; .1 S. MacLiichlan. Esq., District
Engineer, Yieturia, B, C . The District
Engineer's Office, Confederation Life
Building. Toronto, Ont.; J l. Michaud,
Esq , Dii trict Engineer, Posl Office
Building, Montreal, Que., and mi application t.i the Postmaster at Vancouver it. c.
Persona tendering are notified that
tondi rs will not ho considered unless
made un the printed forms supplied,
and signed with lhelr actual signalmen, stating Iheir occupations and
places nf residence. In lhe CSB6 of
linns, ihe actual signature, th" tu
lure   of  the  occupation,   and   place   nf
resldi ini- of each member of the firm
must he given,
Until lender musl be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
hank, payahie io th 'der of the Honourable lhe Minister ol Public Works,
equal to five per cent, tf, p.c.) of lhe
amount of the tender, which will hi*
.forfeited if the person tendering decline to enter Into a conl rail when
called upon tn do so, or fall lo com
plele the work contracted for. If thn
tender lie not accepted tbe cheque will
be returned.
1 The Department does not bind it
pelf to ai cept the lowest or any ten
Ily order.
Department  of Public Works.
Ottawa, July S, 11)111
Newspapers wlll not be paid for this
advertisement If thev lns"rt il without
authority    from    the    Department
44681. (1749)
New  Spring  and  Summer  Suitings
now  on  display.    See  Ihem.    Perfect
fit and workmanship guaranteed.    701
Front Street.
-Ailimtn '..'"ni'iii'it'iin.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
N:x'. Dominion  Election  Already Pro-   New Shingle  is  Fle-ible and  Li-'hte,-
niBCB to Be  Warm One in Than  Wood*���Product Tested���
The  Process
Montreal,   July   28,���Although   the
nexl general election in the Dominion of Canada is about two years
away, there aro sIgiis that It will be
an unusualy hot one ln soine of tho
local constituencies. Already plans
are being mane wnich tQ\V guarantee tlnn there will be sonic pretty
lively doings In some of the city and
s'hull.ui ndliiis, Announcements, ot
course, are not to be expected yet,
but there are lnuny rumors afloat lhat
suggest   what the  tlnal arrangements
Will   he.
Tlie ihree laic harbor comniissloii-
eri are likely lo appear under the
Liberal I.inner In lhe coming contest. In fact, In well Informed circles
it Is said lhal Hi" Ihree gentlemen
who were driven from otl'ice when the
change in government occurred. Major (i. W, Stevens, c. c. Ballantyne,
and I. Iv Geottrlon, wlll each contest
a local riding In the Liberal Interests, That would undoubtedly mean
lhe telling nf lh,, lale of lhe last year
in office before the place hunters suc-
ceeded in taking their scalps and llm
llorden ministry accepted lhelr resignations.
Major Stephens, il is said. Is like.
ly to he th" Liberal candidate in St.
Antolne, Mr, Ballantyne would like
i" thing better Hum a contest with
th" Honorable Mr, Coderre in Hochelaga, while Mr. (leolfrion is likely to
attack either the Hon. F, D. Monk
iu JacqueB Cartier, or .1. II. Ralnvllle
in Chainhly Yercheres.
The Hon. Mr. Coderre, the llun. Mr.
Monk nnd Mr. Ralnvllle were credited
on the street with being very desirous for the passing of the eld board
of harbor commissioners, so such a
ccntesl would he pratty likely result
in wnn" lively fireworks 'I l"* tale
of the last year in office "f tin* former
commissioners has never bei n t< Id. nl
though inklings of what it was like
have leaked out. Ilu' the lei! story
would probably make soma Interesting n ailing.
The three former commissioners j
will say nothing ahout their plans for
the futnro, hm tbere is i v< ry prospect
that the next general elect inn will
find them lined up carrying the ban-
in i- ' I Die I ,ih"ial party under th',
leadership  if  Sir  Wilfrid   Ikurler.
Pittsburg, Julv 28, An industrial
process makes It possible to convert
a disreputable and wholly unlovely
lln can Into a roof shingle. Every
dump In the Pittsburg district Is being raked over Tor old tin cans. The
shingles have been tested and pronounced gocd.
A machine for cult uk off the ends
of the cans and rolling il into a
Straight form is now operating. After
being rolled straight lt Is being put
through a corrugating machine, lt. is
then put through a weather proofing
process ami through a vai containing
id in- ife 111-" tar. Th" can, while
still wet from the paste-like process,
is dlp(!i.d Into an asbestos bin and
c yen d witli asbestOB, which readily
sHcks lo lh" tarred coating. It Is then
roiled through a heavy machine and
made very stiff, making a perfect,
The   shingle  Is  flexible and   lighter
ihan wood or corrugated Iron cr sti "I
shingle, it is also architecturally
handsome and is made in various colors No nails are used and the corrugating machine rolls Into such
shape  that each shingle fits over tho
other in a perfect weatherproof manlier.
Asks   Magistrate  fer  Long  Term  and
Disappointed   at   Short
Need Montreal Doctor Disamrovcs of
ice Cream, Ice Water,  Milk and
Alcoholic  Drinks
'i' ntreal, Quebec, July -- ���01mme
n   :  n   ricliey."
Scene, any old bar room, any old
time   iins hot weather.
Y iu cr Bome other poor deluded
wretch gaily quaffed tli" concoction,
possibly asked for another, little realizing lbat instead ot cooling yourself
you were pouring In a kind of cross
between liquid fire and deadly poison
into your wins You should have
asked for boiled water���cold boiled
water -or if you wanted something
really exciting, you might have asked for weak tea.
This in any rate Is the opinion of
a part or the medical profession.
llr. l.aberge. of the hoard of contagious diseases In tlle city hall here,
B'.atta that even water drinking may
email serious consequences, and the
ice cream, beloved by boy and maid,
is more dangerous still.
"Alcoholic liquors," said the doctor,
"ar" absolutely usi less. Not only do
they set up an unnatural heat In the
body, but they entail a corresponding
���depression, to which, as to any ail-
nuiii. th.* human bod; is particularly
susceptible in the Bummer months.
Pec-ile Are Tireless
"Water i>*. unsafe I acause people do
nn storll.-e it. 1* ..rther, people who
live In Hie town are particularly careless when they get out to the country, drinking waler from wells that
are pi lluted hy human and animal sewage, nr dipping out their supply from
the rivr's edge, where all the filth
and Impurity from the stream collects.
"All water, be it from spring, well
or Olstem, should be boiled before
use the risk of cholera, typhoid and
minor, hut at the same time unpleasant ailments, Is so great." Kven the
"patent" waters come under thu doctor's indictment
The next point waa that of milk
drinking. A great portion of the In-
lanl mortality Is due to Impure milk.
Milk above all things, is liable to con.
lamination during the summer time,
and should be boiled strictly before
being used either for Infant or adult
Condemns Ice Cream
Dr. I.aherge Is particularly Inimical lo the Ice cream parlors.
"Tliere ls no doubt," he said, "lhat
ithe ntuff sold In a great many of theso
placea Is not kept in a cleanly manner and Is very often impure as well.
Wben ever 1 see a small child toddling along the street witb one of
those ice cream runes in Its bunds, I
Ibegin to reckon up the odds for nnd
���against a case of typhoid, and the Inevitable little procession following
the wblte hearse up the mountain
"Speaking of Ice reminds me of Ire
water," concluded the doctor. "It In
not a wholesome thirst quencher, as
il is liable to derange the digestive
Loses Life While Swimming.
Montreal, July 28.- Robert P. Ued-
(l.v, a ch rk in Hi" passi nger i Ipts
offlco of ihe ('. r. i'... loal hi:' ni" while
swimming near ( arliervllle.   The   niy
people it; ""��� vicinity ni Hi" time ? ere
i wu voung ladii s who imd   iccomp i
nled him tn tin* Island on a mil" pic-
,,,,��� and Hull' Offi fis to sue him were
Kingston, Ont., July ;8.���Joseph Le
Blanc, who says he comes frum Montreal, hut has no home, was quite disappointed because the magistrate gave
him only three months for the theft
of a rain coat from the front of Samuel Tezroff's store. He says that as
soon as be gets out he will commit
another theft, and will keep on stealing until he is suit to Central prison,
1." Blanc was arre8ted by 1'. C. Mill-
linger, on Brock street. Following the
man were two children of Jos. Handler, the >econd-hand Btore merchant,
and as people passu! the youngsters
they wire asked to arrest the man.
!'. C. Mullinger was just coming out
uf his door as the two were passing,
and the two children asked him to arrest that man.
They tcld him that be had stolen
a coat and Bold It. at their father's
Store, 1' C, Mullinger asked the man
about It. and Le Hlanc freely admitted
lhe theft On the way down to the
police station, he told lhe constable
that hc hoped In- wi nid get six months
or a year fur the theft He wanted
tu  gu  to  Central   prison.
Wh, n arraigned In police court Le
Blanc promptly pleaded guilty.
"Where's your home?" asked the
"1 haven't any," replied the prisnn-
The prisoner informed the magistral" that he came from Montreal and
Ottawa and several other points. Ile
had   no regular occupation.
"Three months," ruled the magistrate.
"Hut, your honor, 1 wanted to he
sent "Th" prisoner was sent out of.
the court room protesting that he
wanted a longer sentence. He said
thai he Intended to steal again as soon
as he got out
The prisoner was an Intelligent
looking man who speaks Kngiish
quite well. He has no home, however,
and wanted a permanent boarding
house that will not cost hlm anything.
Important  Facta  Fruit Grower Should
Know If He Would Cucceed
With Crc-8.
The man wllh only a few trees t..
look after on hla country place cai
Often.get good results from Hum with
only a general knowledge of their I
care and requirements. Hut the manl
who wishes to become a thorough- ]
going orclmrdist, with many trees un- '
der his supervision needs very much
more than ix superficial knowledge of
the business if be would achieve the
fulest measure of SUCCeBB, Some people have declared that anybody can
be an orchardist, but the truth of th"
matter is that it requires aome spe-
Clal training and education to gel the
Utmost possible out of the game on
a large scale.
The I.ir cesssiiegslidrlhrdlrdlhrdiilll
The large successful prohardlsl
Bhould have a general training In the
sciences of chemistry, botany and entomology, because Huy are Intimately connected wiib ihe every day af-
fairs of business. A knowledge of
chemistry will aid him in preparing
soils, in the choice and application ol
fertilizers, and in making spraying I
mixtures. A knowledge of botany, es
speeially thai dealing with planl path
elegy and plant physiology, is esseu
Hal. An undemanding of economli
entomology should form tne of tin
foundation blocks In th" orchardiBt's
equipment, for lie should be able to
recognise every insect that infests a ;
Anothi r Important thing Is the Intimate acquaintance  with  the dllfer
<nt varieties of fruit   The orclmrdist
who  is   strictly   up  to  date  must   be
able to recognize the value of a new
variety   by   comparing   its   merits   or
defects  with   those  of  older  sorts.
Business Methods
The business asp ct of fruit growing is such  thai  it is also necessary j
f ir mn   to  b'*  well  informed  regard
ing  business  systems and  prlncipli 8
tnat he may be afclo to buy his bup- j
piles to the best advantage and reap '
the greatest  i'-turns from his crops.'
This imhit can hardly be over-emphasized, for expi rii'iite has shown that
a good business man coming from another   profession   usually   becomes   a
successful orcliardist, bis success of-'
ten being due In the fact that he un- i
derstands  and  applies   business  me- ,
thods lo his orchard work.
The lull truth of the mattrr is that
the man  who would  tie successful  as ,
an    orcliardist    must   to   all   int'iit- :
and   purposes  hav  the  qualifications
Of tlle good farmer, in addition to spe-
clal training along the lines ind.catecl 1
above,    II" mint understand the management of teams and tools, the pro-
per manner of preparing the soil, and
( I    s edlng   and   cultivating.     These
may n- t se im to be necessary for th"
man who proposes to grow apples, but
a  knowledge of them  will  be found
rn 1 " vi ry useful as they have much
In do  villi   Ihe  ul! male  result.
Ti    the   unsophisticated   this seme
wha: il* tailed account i f the | or
Ites il  i Bucccsiful fruit grower ma>
seem discouraging, but he  must  no'
! lose sight of the tact that success will
lbe In  proportion m the extent  with
which t'.ey are mastered.   Sometimes
people bucci ed it. fruit growing with
: surprising  ease and  facility,  but tin
majl rily of   the   people    who go inti
' lhe gam" do not  succeed unless they
an- qualified  fnr the  wcrk along  the
lines Indicated nine.    There Is money in fruit, but the best opportunities
are   reserved   for   those   most   competent  to  develop  them   to  the  utmost
Complexion Ills.
Don't blame Increasing years lf it Is
becoming painful for you to pass a
mirror, Many n woman attributes ber
impaired complexion to growing old
when the speeding years have llttlo or
nothing to do with It.
What causes the loss of the perfect
complexion of extreme youth? Many
things are to blame, and much of It can
be avoided.
It Is surprising how few women understand  the col ctlon  of soup and
skin, when It should or should not be
used If Ihe skill Ihi naturally dry.
avoid snap. Most uf it contains alkalis
which absorb the natural oils from the
skin. Kor an oily skin daily washing
of tiie face with soup ls beneficial, us it
tends to get rid of the grease.
A trying climate and hurd water
have far Inure to do witli bad complexions than added years. If yuu live
where winds are drying and roughening to the skin a southing lotion and
BOfUnlng grease tire essential. Nut to
use ihem menus living withered hefore
your time.
How few women over thirty can look
In tlie glass without a pang for growing Wrinkles! Yet they are 1101 a mysterious til that must lie endured, What
Is a wrinkle'/ Nothing imt a little fold
In Hie sklu caused hy loose tension In
the sklu Itself and luck of tissue be-
iit-uth It,
What's to he done? Strengthen the
skin by massage und tigbtetiing lotions
until it regains its old elasticity and
dullness nnd build the tissues with
skin foods.
As there are special treatments for
every defect it is better fur any wnmnn
who inn afford it to have her skin
treated professionally. There are ways
to conquer every defect, from redness
uf the nose and roughened, reddened,
blotched cuticle, to crow's feet, puffy
eyelids and sagged muscles.
Take complexion ills iu time and
treat them rightly.
The beauty skin Is most often lost
through the stress nnd strain of wrong
living. Late hours, overwrought nerves,
rich foods, lack of exercise and fresh
air exhaust a woman beyond the pow
er of recuperation, nnd the complexion
grows daily dulled and more sallow,
eyes and skin lose tbelr brightness, and
the lines of the face sag from fatigue.
If you wuuld keep a good complexion
you must work for It as you must work
to keep anything else worth having in
a world where nothing can be taken
for granted
some of the impressions received by!
M. Duncan McKachran, Armsby, who I
was in Calgary recently.
ile found that the provincial government has been buying good milch
COWl in Quebec and other provinces
and selling them to Alberta farmerB |
on easy terms of payment. Near Cal-
gary, the milching cows gave a value
of about $12 per month and If dairying became more general on this
basis, il would be considerably more
remunerative than the growing of
The death of the Duke cf Sutherland wns a great misfortune for Alberta as be was undertaking a big
scheme In the way of mixed farming.
The (1. p, R, will still continue to encourage, such a policy, but whether
the Duke of Sutherland's plans will bn
carried out by his heirs is uncertain.
Mr. McKachran was disappointed to
find that some farmers were discing
their stubble land instead of ploughing il. In the latter case it hold*
more moisture and yields n better
crop. The difficulty was, he found
that a good many of the new farni-
era out there had no intention of remaining for good. They would farm
for a while and then sell their farms'
ii' a profit and go to live on the coast
or back east.
North, South, East, West
men and women are subject to the numerous ailments caused
by defective or irregular action of the organs of digestion and
elimination, Headaches, lazy feelings, depression of spirits
are first consequences, and then worse sickness followsif the
trouble is not removed. But thousands have discovered that
lieeofiam'd WUfd
(The Unjeit Sale of Any Medicine ta the World)
are the most reliable corrective, end the best preventive of these common ailments. Better digestion, more restful sleep, greater strength,
brighterspirits, clearer complexions are given to those who use occasionally thia time-tested home remedy. Beecham's Pills will no doubt help
you���it is to your interest to try them���for all over the world they
Are Pronounced Best
Prepared only br Thomei Heeeham. Sl. Helen, Lenceehire. F.ngLnd
Sold everywhere in Ceotde aod U. 3. Amcrice.   lp boici. 2S oeott.
Babe With Three Hands.
Maggie eiueatnn, an Acadian woman
living  near Amherst, N.S., has given
birtii   to   a   child  with  three   hands, !
une of them being developed from thf I
wrist ol the other.   A thumb was at- :
inched to the ear of the child.
The infant ia (juitc healthy and an]
operation will be performed to ml  it
ol its superfluous hand ami thumb.
Emergency   Bridges.
Part ol the Cossack soldier's drib
consists in building bridges (run
lances, with cooking kettles aa HobU
Not   That   Kind.
"The real poet is always a seer '
"Maybe,   hut    he's   veiy    -". I  n
Now Finds il a Pleasure to Enjoy Heals
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
English   Woman   Travelling   Through
Canada  Wants to Take  Pet in
Steamship Cabin.
Toronto, July 27. "There's no uso
helliiK nie tickets without lhe don,"
sahl an fin-dish lady with a toy spaniel on a leaah to a transatlantic ticket
agent  bere.
"We'll try to arange It," said tbe
clerk  doubtfully.
"I have a law case coming on," aald
the lady. "I'vn been trying to get
home for seven weeks. 1 had the aame
trouble coming from New Zealand.
Hut once I get over I'll be able to get
the dog Into Kngland all right."
The trouble la that Kngland won't
accept dogs of all nations without.
question, The Becretary of the board
of agriculture grunts a permit If the
dog Is reported satisfactorily. Other
dogs are barred. Consequently thero
has been no rabies In Kngland for
many years. A ticket for the dog
would cost tlle Kngllsli woman $1(1,
but the uncertainty remained whether
the authorities would allow the dog
to land. Only one dog in the world
Is exempt, "Caesar," the pet of the
late King Kdward, and now the darl
lng of Queen Alexandra, He may
pass in and out of England without
question,  let or hindrance.
"Try the express compnny," advised the booking clerk. "They may be
able to send hlm In bond."
"She's not used to a crate, or anything like that you know," said tbe
lady doubtfully, "IT she goes she wlll
have lo go with ine, (if course."
"Dogs lire not allowed In the cabins
in any event," explained the booking
clerk   kindly.     "If   be   goes,   he   goes
in charge of life butcher on bonrd."
The lady turned awny disconsolate'
i\. i, ndlng lur spaniel, it seems uncertain whether Bho can go to Bngland ��iiii her dog, and she simply
, wi B'l iv w Ithotil it.
Truthful Tale About Making lc* Cream
In Nova Scotia,
Not all the tish prevaricators live ln
the   1'nited   States,   accordlnc  to   tbe
Mariner's Advocate.   An editor recent- i
ly received tbe following letter:
"1  bave rend nn Interesting account
of singing tish lo your paper.    It re- I
called to me tbe memory of a rather
remarkable   fish   we   bave   in   Nova
Scotia,   lt Is known as tbe 'frost flsh.' j
because It may be frozen like a lump
Of ice, but if placed In water lu thut
condition lt soon thaws out and swims
around as vigorously na ever.   Tbe na  .
tives   make  use  of  Ibis  property   to
make Ice cream.    Tlie flsh Is caught,
frosen and  placed  In tbe cream.    In |
thawing out It freezes the cream, and
Its movements at the same time beat
the mixture, making It smooth."
Taking   tbem   hy   anil   large,   from
Mnosehead lake to Puget sound nml
from the upper Mississippi to the gulf.
we have snme very capable and Industrious flsh liars In this country
I Hut ne bnnd tbe reel nnd rod over to
Nova Scotia. We have latent In thla
country, but Nova Scotia ia tbe abode
of genius.
Moose Jaw, July 28. -The   provln-
- l.v i stookmen'i banquet waa held ben
��� ul   week  in the Hoyal (Ieorge hotel
���nd for the first time the ranchers ot
Ihe  province  sat  together  ln   fellow
; -blp as n I  dy.    Many speeches wen
! mado   and , outstanding   among   thesi
; was the address cf W. Oglo of Wool
' Mountain.
"I  am  heartily  In  favor of send'tn
a delegation to Ottawa to ask whither they will adopt the resolutions mad'
] by the ranching commissioners,   Wi
.want to know positively and the an-
i swi r has to be yes or no. The pound
I keepers of tbis province are men of
little or no education.    Some of them
can  neither rend  nor write and  few
can read a brand.   We have been robbed, gentlemen, In thla fashion.
"Again,  too  much  power has  been
placed in the h -i's i'. tin rural municipalities, These billies composed of
Swedes, Qermans, Frcnoh, Italian'.'.
Norwoglans, none of them raised i".
thin western country have been ael in
power over us who first pioneered iiii.*
west, We musl unite now for beneficial legislation. True we are 'JU
yenrs behind In Ibis section, but better nnv tlmn not ut all, better a 11 a I f
iii jif than nothing."
Beauty Hints For Thin Women.
Milk nnd eggs are the grand stand
bys in diet for Ihe woman Hint wants
tn gnlu tlesb. Unw eggs nre especially
recommended.    There   nre   cases   in
which seven  nr eight  nre tilkeu in n
dny with good etTeet.   Tbere nre. hew
ever, people who ure not nhle tu swal
low ii raw egg In Its natural condition
l-'ur such. I'Kgnopg.  With  mill;  nnd n
dash nf nutmeg, will prove helpful.
|    The woman who Is inking il  gro:,]
| deal of milk uni] live or six eggs n ilni
1 does not. of course, need il great dem
��� of other kind nf food.   Wbnt she doe?
eat should  lie  nourishing nnd  whole
some.  Of fruils. n|i|i!es nnd snipes are
especially   licneflel.il.    Ten   nnd   coffee
should be avoided, imt much cool,
fresh wuter should be drunk.
Sometimes the III nourishment frnm
which the liiin wnmnn suffers is due tn
too  rapid  eating.    She  must   learn  to
chew her food thoroughly if she wants
to gain tlesli
The thin woman is usually n bundle
of nervous energy, who does every
ihlng she does too rapidly und too In
tensely. Ttie nerves lire In n state of
constant tension, which keeps lbe food
from digesting und assimilating prop
Tbe woman afflicted In tbis vray mils'
tench herself the arts of relaxation, self
colli ml nnd repose. She must prnetlc-
slowing up and diking ihings ensil.v
No tbl" woman will even become ul
irnclh-ly nnd healthfully plump \vttt
does ti it know Unw to Iiiiif nt tlie proper time, mr iliere Is a time to loaf,
just ��s there i.s a time to \*irk.
To Cure Double Chin.
Kor curing n double chin one simple
movement Is Invaluable, but Hie rem
edy should be resorted t�� early, as in
intu life tbe sklu loses its elasticity mul
fulls tu respond <|iilckly t" tbe luuch
Hub Ruder ihe chin wltll your lingers.
Inigluiiing ut one side uud drnwiug the
lingers nut at tlm oilier. This dune
wiib first one band and then the other
makes RMny strokes n minute possible,
mil the flesh under such treiitmeni
���bulilil bv sml by begin to grow less
flabby and tbe double chin to be les-
conspire,ills firm, sternly strokes
wltli Hie lingers should Ix- given, mil
to quicken tlie cure uu llut rill gen I lu
llun Klnuilil uow and then be used.
Cure For Headache.
When Hie first symptoms nf n bend
ache  npiieiir  tuke  out'  teaspoon ful  ol
clem'  lemon  Juice  fifteen   iiuniites  lie
fure eseli men I und at bedtime and con
iliine until symptoms are pnst.   i'or
nili'.nsint-s plain lemon juice nnd wn
(or In very good It ullnys fever und
promotes sleep nnd appetite.
If lhe cuticle about your tintls seems
t��ucli nnd there is a tendency to "bang
nails" rub In a little vaseline or cold
cream every nlgbt before retiring
Soon you win see n marked Improve
uieul iu Hie cunditlou of the nails.
Here is a case whichtfeemetl as bad
snd as hopeless us yours can possibly bc,
Tlii'i is tbe experience of Mr. II. J.Brown,
3S4 Bathurst St., Toronto, is bis own
"Gentlemen-���I have much pleasure in
mentioning lo you tbe benefits received
from year Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
and can cheerfully recommend tbem. I
simply had confirmed dyspepsia with all
its wretched symptoms, end tried about
ail the advertised cures wiih no success.
You have iu Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets the best curative agent I could
find. It is now such a pleasure to e-njoy
meals with their com-e-ijuent nourishment that I want to mention tbis for tbe
beneBt of others."
The fact that a lot of -jirescriptions or
so-called "cures'' have failed to help you
is no sign that you have got to go on
siiffcrijig. Try Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets and see how quickly this iterling
remedy will give von relief and start your
stomach worki-eg properly. If it doesn't
help you, you get your money hack. 50c
* box al your druggist's. Compounded
by the National Drug and Chemical Co.
of Canadt, Limited, Montreal. 141
Back East
Five  Days
SS. "Prince George" Sailing
every   Monday   (Midnight)
(Granby Bay)
(Five Days)
SS. "Prince Rupert" sailing
every Thursday  (Midnight)
Including Meals and Berts.
H. O. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527  Granville Street, Vancouver.
On Sale Dally to Sept. 30th.
Return Limit Oct. 31st.
Variable Routes.
CiO One Way���Return Another.
Hoston and return $110.00
Detroit and return     83.00
Halifax and return  129.35
Montreal and return .... 105.00
New York and return ... 108.50
Niagara Falls and return   92.00
Ottawa and return   103.00
Toronto and return       92.00
Other points at -same reductions
Illustrated  literature  on    re-
tiuest, showing views and equip-
ment of trains,	
W.   E.   DUPEROW, Q.  tx.  P.  D.
Phone  Pri rate Exchange 8134
Why They Use
"~       <w p- *��� *��*-
mfZ***i>:-���-��*. **-���
A leading retail merchant in his line says that he
uses The News almost exclusively because results from
News ads. are in the ratio of four to one from other
A real estate firm doing a large business states that
The News brought the best results in a recent campaign,
in which a number of other papers were used.
Another real estate dealer sold three properties within
ten days from three small classified ads. in The News.
Calgary, .inly ;s. Tlie manner in
which Hie A)berta governmenl is 011-
couraglng dairying nml tbe  wisdom
of this policy  ns well nsTlint cf'encouraging general mixed funning were
A prominent business man in New Westminster stated that he gave The News a contract because he saw more
people that he knew reading The News than other papers.
they don't all tell us about the good results obtained at
These are but a few of the good words spoken of The
News by satisfied patrons of its advertising columns, and
And we don't hear any complaints from advertisers
that they are not getting results.
Join the list of satisfied advertiser? i:i The News and
secure your share of the immense volume of business sure
to be done in New Westminster this year.
' ".alM^CTJHWBIMSlinMiS^
;.-*-*t-g*3*^gE*'-c,--a-~rm^ PAOB  EIGHT
TUESDAY, JULY 2��,  1��1S.
Remember the  Place���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
Largest, juiciest
fruit in town. Buy
now since the crop
is short.
Public Supply Stores
City News In Brief
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., in this
column are charged for at tbe rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their Instructions are positive.
The 0. N. It. Is repairing Its tracks
over tho Kraser river bridge. New
timbers are being put in and old ones
taken out in several places.
Mosquito insurance,
Hill's drug store.
L. L.
post office in sorting the matter coming in smaller quantities. There is
a heavy parcel post from the liritish
Isles and three small son Ings Instead
of one largo one suit Postmaster
MacDonald  much better.
In Greater
Anti-Buzz, 23c.
July "0, being Ihe mer-
day all our stores will
Hums H Co. (lslli
chants' picnic
be closed.    1'.
Part of the steep hank running
along the roadway between Columbia
slreet and the approach to the Fraser
river bridge ls at preseut being excavated and several feet along the
road have been removed already.
Get it at the Hoyal Pharmacy, 47
Sixth street.    Tel. 1253. (1673)
New  Plant  Life.
Beveral hundred specimens of bot-
anlcal   life  have  been   brought   from
the  dry  belt  to  tho  colony   farm   byi
Falling rash or ignorant   motorists, ! Provincial  fiotanist    John    Davidson,
passing stationary tram cars walt!n>{, where  they  will  be  nurtured  .it   tile
for or dropping passengers, the specu- j special botanical  garden    which    has
latlve Chink Is affording a revenue to i been started at Kssondale,    A port on |
the   cltv      Five   fan-tail   devotees   for-;of tlle collection wlll later be planted |
felted jr,(l��ach rather than taiie II. I.,  in the Point Croy unlvers-.iy g-.ninl*.
Kdmonds  In  his   magisterial   capacity
Henry    Anderson
u    rifle    at    Alta I
is open from 9 a.m. to 5
p.m. every week day except Saturday, when the
hours are 9 a.m. to 1
p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m.
4 per cent interest is
allowed on all deposits
from $1 upwards and
such interest is added
Every assistance is
ffiven depositors in selecting safe investments
whenever deposits are
sufficiently large to
purchase securities.
There are other ways
in which we are of service to depositors.
The continuous ringing of the Westminster Trust building's burglar alurm
provoked much curiosity among pass- | r.
ersby yesterday about ti o'clock. However, it proved a. false alarm and was
soon  Stopped.
Seven year old
who was shot with
Vis:a on Sunday afternoon, is reported resting easily at the Uoyal Columbian hospital. The boy wns out wltb
several companions berry picking and
one of them took along a No. 22 rifle.
In aome maimer thc gun went on"
while pointed at Anderson and his removal  to the hospital  followed,
At a congregational meeting of Sl.
Andrew's church last night Marshall
Sinclair. John  Sprott   nnd   Win.   Mur
An important
ecutlve of the
society will b
the office of A. Scott, Kdnionils. when
final plans will be made for the holding of the first annual flower show
early  next  month,
Hurry Road Work.
A large gang of employees of tlm
Canadian Mineral Rubber company,
which has the contract for the paving
of Kingsway in Hurnaby. were put
to werk yesterday In front of the mii-
Flower   Show,
meeting  of  the  ex- I
Bumaby   Horticultural
held   this   evening   in j
10 O'Clock  Saturday
i674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
See Our Ad. on Page 3
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
White Rock
"The Playground   of B.C."
WHITf, SHILES&Co.,OfRcial Agfnls
Slaughter sale at the West Knd
hardware, Eighth street; all goods at
cost. ,      (lt)70>
The smashing of a pane of glass in
one of the upper windows of Lees,
Limited yesterday afternoon caused
no little excitement to pedestrians on
Columbia street, several of whom hnd
narrow escapes from being struck by
flying pieces.
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. 1672)
The following priests of the O.M.I,
have been In retreat during the week
in St. IaiuIs college, but will disperse
and resume their ordinary duties this
morning: Uev. Fathers Thomas, Cariboo; Meissener and O'Nell. Fernle;
Plamondon, Cranbrook; Tavernler,
Kitsllano; O'Boyle, Salles, Connolly,
and Thayer. Vancouver; Chlrouae and
I.ardon, Mission; Madden, Kamloops;
and Oonan, Greenwood.
Money to loan on first mortgages.
Improved city and farm property.
9 per cent.   Alfred W. Mcl.eod. (1671)
Preparations for handling the expected heavy traffic on the B. C, K. R.
on Wednesday for the merchants' picnic, will be made by the officials of
the company this morning. Interurban cars will be brought In from Lulu
island and placed on the Central
Park and Burnnby lines throughout
the morning and also in the evening
Additional city cars are expected over
from Vancouver thlB evening to be
placed on  the belt line.
!    Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod. the I Immediately  following
>��� were appointed representatives to niclpal hull,
the Presbytery meeting tn Vancouver
today to give their consent to the appointment of their minister, Itev. .1
S. Henderson, to his new office. At
this same meeting a moderator will
be selected to have charge of the
church here until a new pastor Ib
called by the congregation. The sending of delegates to the Presbytery Is
a matter of form, adhered to in church
courts, although they have no power
to change the appointment or refuse
the resignation, this having been disposed of by the general assembly.
The annual picnic of St. Peter's
n-irisli will be held nl llowcn island
today. Special cars will leave the B.
|C, K. It. depot, Columbia street, con-
jnocting at Vancouver will tb" Bteamer
Baramba. Between two and three
hundred are expected to make the
trip from New Westminster, while
lhe Invitation to Vancouver Catholics
will   also  be  taken   advantage  of   by
Although     the    paving
work is well under way from the Ceil
trnl Park end of the scheme, success
Hll efforts are being mnde lo have [
the piece of roadway finished in front
of the municipal hull grounds before
the flower show opens. Cement laying for the base will be started on
Wednesday and the top dressing pinned on  Immediately the cement  is Bet.
Port Mann Building.
Evidence that development work Is
afoot at Port Mann was brought out
yeaterday morning when Building Inspector John .Montgomery, of the Canadian Northern Pacific railway, left
for the western freight terminals of
the line where he will supervise Unbuilding of a permanent camp to
house Hid employees. The lumber for
the buildings will be towed across the
river In scows from the Fraser Mills.
It Is understood that this Is the preliminary step towards the erection of
the  round   house  and   shops  at   Port
White Rock Hotel
Under new management; $2.00 per
day. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. W. MORRIS,
those of the Terminal City. The party ! \|���nni  viilcl.  will  be  started  just  n
will he In charge of Father Beck,
parish priest. Father O'Boyle. late
priest of the parish and now of Vancouver, will accompany the expedition
and. if time allows, will probably
make un address.
MooBe Jaw,  July  28.���Jovuu    Milo-
vitch,  aged  115,  is  dead  and   Michael
lluriiiee is lying dangerously wounded
:is  llie  result  of    a  shooting    affray
! which   occurred   at   Handel,   on     tb"
| Outlook  brancn.  on   i inirsduy    afternoon  of  last   week.    Tlle  official   re-
| port   was   only   received   In   the   city
Burnlce had just brought a gang to
work on the section around Handel.
lie was not popular with them for
some reason or another, so they drew
lots who should kill hlin. Milov.tch
drew the fatal ballot and, with an
automatic revolver, he approached
Burnlce and. when at close range,
tired three shots. Burnlce dropped to
the ground wiih a bullet In lhe small
Italian, Struck by H. A. Belyea's Auto,
In  Dead.
An Inquest has been ordered Into
the cause of the death of C. Mazzo-
dletti, an Italian workman who died
at the Uoyal Columbian hospital yesterday morning from the effects of
Injuries received nn llie evening of
April 17 when he was knocked down
by an automobile driven by H. A. Bel-
yea, of this city.
Deceased was taken to the hospital   cords
soon ns accommodation cun be found
for the workmen.
Fred as a Flitter.
I'red Filgino, now of Sapperton, for-j 0f hlc< back and another in his left
morly of Coiiuitlam, bas flitted trom i arIn below the elbow. Seeing what
the gee-gee to the motor and from the||���. |la(1 dene, Milovitch turned the re-
motor to the yacht Ills boat is ex- }voiver on himself and blew the top
pected to be launched in a couple of ;()f |,jH |,���a(j 0n*.
weeks on the Frnser and  Mr   Morrow
Is expected to
"douche" and christen
Takes In Races.
Councillor F.wen Marlin, of Coqult-
lam, attended the Minoru Park race
meeting on Saturday In order to witness the attempt of Bob Human! to
murder  his  previous  automobile  re-
Call in and
matter over.
insurance    man.    All  kinds    written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Mrs. W. v. Davles, of Chilliwack,
preBtdenl of the Women's Institutes of
British Columbia, wlll visit New
WeBtmlnster tomorrow in the interests of the Institute. She Will discuss
with Manager I> E. MacKenzie of the
provincial exhibition, plans for exhibits of work by Women's Institute
members. This Is the first year that
these exhibits have been entered in
the exhibition and prizes totalling $l?.i
have been offered for them The entries will consist of needlework, cooking nnd   canned   fruits.
Consumers of water nol using
meters nre reminded thai the date for
���laving the rebate on rates for three
months ending September 30 expires
at 5 p.m. on Thursday, the 31sl inst.
A paper und address on "Flower
MIbbIoub and Their Objects," were
given by Mrs. Finns ai yesterday afternoon's meet lng of the local W.C,
T.I'., held In QueenB' Avenue Methodist church. The subject was an in-
,'":���". ting MC and was enjoyed ly the
members, Reports telling of the appreciation expressed bj patlentB In the
hospital for flowers sent them were
received. It wus suggested that the
next dny of meeting, In August, be
made a mother's meeting, and this
suggestion  will  likely  be carried  out.
and   has   been   lingering   there   since,
suffering from Internal injuries.
Mazzodtetti was crossing at the ror-
ner   of   Seventh   avenue   and   Twelfth
Prepare for Show.
The committee  which  wns appoint-
���il by the Burqultlam Agricultural sole; v to arrange for the poultry and
���ertised Inr shortly.
street on  April 17  and  became  con- stock sheds at the forthcoming cvhi
fused ut the approaching auto driven bltion  en  Sept.  27. have decided  oi
by Mr  Belyea and. despite the effortsjone 60x12 feet.    Tenders will be ad
of the latter, the Italian was knocked
down und fatally Injured
Yesterday Coroner A. I. McQuarrie
decided an inquest wns necessary uud
this will be held ut 2 o'clock this afternoon.
To Revise Chi ���**-"-> I nr) Act.
Ottawa, July 2H. The Canada shipping act is to be thoroughly revised
and consolidated and will probably b-n
amended. W. A. Henry, barrister of
Halifax, has been appointed by th"
government  to attend  to the  work.
The act dates back many years and
the numerous amendments made
meanwhile render it confusing It 1/
mended to overcome this difficulty
by consolidation. The new provisions
proposed will prove to do with more
effective methods of steam bunt In
The Home of Low Prices.        641 Front Street
But Open Tuesday Till 10 p.m.
The   Popular   Shoe   Store,   461   Front Street, will  Sell Today:
7Bc  worth of  Packard's  famous Shoe  Polish  for      23;
$1.60  White Canvas Shoes for ladies,   puir      50:
$1.0(1  Fleet-Foot   Running  Shoes for men, per pair      50:
Boys' and Qll'ls' Chocolate and Tan Oxfords;  t'i value, pair   95:
ladies' Tan and  Black Oxfords and   Pumps,   pair    $1.4j
Ladles'  No, 3 to No.  5  High  Hoots,   broken lines,  pair   $1.93
dents' Chocolate and Tan Blucher Boots; $4 values, pair   $1.93
tleiits' Box Kip Dress Boots; all alzes    $1.93
I.eekie Boots, Slater Boots IF. VV ), K. BootB, thc Harry Shoe made
in If, S. A��� etc., etc., at the home of LOW PRICKS Out of the High
Rent District.
Tries Vancouver as Well,
W,   Whiting,  who  was  chiefly   Instrumental In winning fourth place for
Burqultlam In the district exhibits nt
ithe last  two provincial exhibitions In j
New   Westminster,   is   having  a   pre-,
llmlnary shut at Vancouver,    He en-j
tered yesterday.
Pack in your bathing suits and a
well lllled hamper uud spend a day at
, Maple Beach, Boundary Bay. Plent)
Iof free picnic places on the aund
i beach or under tbe wonderful Bpread
jing maples. Lovely Bprlng wuter.
I Take the Hiver rond to I.adner nn.l
It is proposed to hold a flowi r Bhow |tbe (loudy road south
Flov.er  Show  There   too.
Quarantine Superintendent at William
Head   Committed   Tuiciri?   Sun-
day Morning.
j In South Westminster, whicb ul-
' though In Surrey, claims to bo the
coming residential quarter of the
; Royal City. Mr. Burns, of the "Blue
, Mouse." a. O. Marshall, chairman of
'the school board-, (J. B, Ferguson, contractor, are organizing a meeting
when details will be discussed,
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
They're  Ambitious.
South   Westminster   has   heen   very
quiet  lately  as  n  community,  but  a
lew   if the more public spirited real-
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
60(5 Columbia St.
Paldt.'p capita]  and Surplus
Trusteeships  under Administration, over $ti,O0l).000.
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
For pressed brick, fire clay,
mon brick, cement, lime, plasl
gravel, Band, rock nnd fuel oil, apply
| 'n the H c. Transport Co., Ltd, Offlci
; phone 826, wharf phone SSO,     1167-1
A  new  syBtem  of pay-as you enter
| cars will be placed In operation on the
Sapperton-KdmondB  run   In   the   *
future    A complicated mei h ml   il   :<
i Ice for registering rnres ol a differ
ent nature from thai nnw  in use on
the Interurban lines will be tried out
! Yesterdaj  one i.r the new   Brill cars
��������� :i ��� sent oul with the new device In
tal ��� il.  although   li   will  not   be  pul
Into use until tiie arrival of three more
oars of Hi" aame type    Thla will en
able the companj  in use the pren
Interurban curs on the outside sn-t
Victoria, July 28, While suffering
from temporary melancholia, Dr. A.
T. Wuti. superintendent of the ijuur-
antine station at William Head, jump
ed from a third storey window of St. dents have resolved to bring its at
Joseph's hospital al an eany hour tractions us a residential quarter
yesterday morning and v.as instantly . more to public notice. The lack of
k lied. Dr. li. L, Graser, who with convenient access IB the objection
Dr. Hermann Robertson, hud becn at The tram from New Westminster de-
tending him, was snu.nn n.d at once, Pot of the B C K li docs not run
com i |)U| |,e feu,,,! niat n,-. Watt had sua-loften enough, traffic don  nol justify
tained a fractured  skull nnd  several  it.   "Give usthe tram saj the popula
oth :* injuries,    any    one    of    which  Hon:   "Give  us  the  population,"  says
would have been fatal. jthe B. C. E, li
In*. Watt entered the hospital '-������';���
last week on the advice of hi-
physicians for treatment for neuraa
thenla, the beginning of which date ,
back for many months. Severn.! In accordance with a resolution o
.,ri ib combined lo unsettle bla 'he City Councll 1 hereby declare w ed
nerves and In the rase of a man of nesday, July 30th o Pul Holidaj
hiB sensitive nature ihey hnd a cumu '������*���<* reBpectfi vlte
latlvo effect, His only brother, Her
in ti. 10 whom be was greatl) attach
ed, died within the past six montha
und nn top of this came the Bi rloua
lllni ss ef ins eldest buy In the i ar*:,
i ��� ��� ��� . Hating Ills journeying back
there to look after blm.
the   cltizem
generally to observo the same,
A   W   GRAY,
Mayor's Office, Nev, Westminster
July 26, 1913. (1806)
Kesldence Y. W, C, A.       I'hone 1324.
150 I
Ulautik Cufrants, per lb	
Pears. Plums and Peuches, 2 lbs, 25c
Watermelons from, each  ,.4uc to 8t'c
Ifuskmclon, each   1 ���""'
Tomatoes, per lb -""'-
Ripe Bananas, per dozen  30c
Aprioots $1.20 per crate, 3 lbs for 2C
(���accessor to Ayling A 8wsln.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
Wo make awnings, tenia nnd sails.
renovate carpets and draperies, re-
'Make and repollah furniture, manu
facture cedar dress and waist boxes
window seais and do all kinds of
ipholstery work in leather or tapes
try. We are the largest makers of
window shades, draperies nnd Interior    hangings.      Estimates    given
i.ees Limited, (I6c:u
The BergeantB' mess 0f the 104th
regiment have reci ved an Invitation
from the 72nd Highlanders of Vancou
ver I" join with ihem and other regiments at a sinnk. i* next Saturday evening,   When   lh,*  guests  of  the   evening
will  be  the  petty  officers "I   II M s
New /.ui.nnl. now in Vancouver bar- j
bor.    A  meeting  will  be held  In  the
drill  ball '���!   tin    II 4th this eveiiini*. at I
8 o'clock  win ii  plans will be laid  for
attending the celebration.    All  stafl
sergeants and bi rgi ants are ri questi d
to attend.
New Westmlnstel* is benefitted by a
recent arrangement  between thi   Ca
���i ii rli ii ii government und the Canadian
Northern,   which   provides  for  a   trl
weekly  mall  service  betwi i n   Mom
n al   and    England.   Where for riy
���here wus but one English mall de-1
Five Creeks Hurt.
Spokane, July 2k. Five (ireek
I b ie*, were injured, two of tbem
seriously, Minn the three rear cars
of a Chicago, Milwaukee li. St. Paul
work I rain, of i
structural     Bteel
switch late today at the city's east
limits nnd win. iti to the ditch. The
lain nis. who were part of an extra
construct ion gang, were riding on tin
wrei ki I c n b and were caught by the
failing si, el. Traffic on the Oregon
Washington Railroad and Navigation
line was blocked tor Beveral hours because the Milwaukee work trains use
tlie (i W, 11 ,v N. tracks from Dish
in.ni. a small station live miles i usi
ini" .Spokane.
a   large   delegation   if Vancouver
Moose   will   pay   a   visit   to   the   local
lodge   this  evening,  coming  over b)
special car.
Every  membi r of the Westminster !
cars  loaded  with I lodge is urged to attend as many mat >
jumped    a    faulty |tors of Importance are to be l,rough' ,
up for discussion
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace   Market,  Columbia   St.,  Phones
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   12')4.
Eighth   St.   Market,   Phone   1205.
Edmonds   Market.  Phone   L883.
Suits to your'
order and satisfaction. !
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting wllb tbe greatest favor wherever laid.
Bltulithic on Second Street,  Ne tv Wcslmlnatei   with  Boulevard  Dowr
the Centre.
Bltulithic Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy on
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. Kor these reasons
Ilitiililhlc Is commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, nnu city officials, lt has been adopted by Dfteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred in the  United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone  Seymour 7130.        V14 717  Dominion Trubt Building, Vancouver.
Cet our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job. 	
Enquire about our special itockei. they are money savers.	
Local Sales Department. Phone 890:
High   Class
Fire Helps Crops.
Moose Jaw, July 28. A apodal cor
i ���** pondent iravi lling through thi
south country over that part which
was devastated by (Ire In the spring
reports that In the Buttress and
Archive districts tbose lands so bad
ly charred are already covered with
luxuriant foliage, As a result, farm-
era have suddenly adopted much mix
ed farming, tha pasture tempting
lllvered here each week, there are now [them Into the use of ibis splendid
thrift This comes as good newa to land that was thought useless for
English people here and insures a ra mixed farming: The crops are re
pid mall service.    It also benefits the  ported to lie record ones,
Iie in allendain
Ladies   and
401    Columbia   St
Take advantage of tbe HiisincsH Man's Train and mnke your
home at Crescent Beach (Blackie Spit) for the summer months,
Train leaves at 6:80 p.m. daily, on nnd after .lune 15, returning in
the  morning In time for business.    Crescent    Bench    affords    Ideal
conditions lor summer homes, combining iho best  of bathing, boat
lng at all singes Of the tide together with fine beach.    Artesian f/ell
waler to all  residents.    Let un show you this property.
F. J. HART  &  CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marine  Insurance.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
and   every   IB   minutes   until   9
p.m.    Hair hourly service until
11   pm   wllh  late  car at  midnight.
SA'It'ltliAYK    IB    minute   ser
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS 6 and 5.45 am.
vice Ib continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS (1, 7, 7.30 8 and
8.30 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with lute car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
Burn airy
6.45 u.m. und hourly until  10 p.
in .  with   lute  car  at  11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SI'.tUAYS ���8 n.m. and    hourly
until  10  p.m.  with late car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m.   and    every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection  Is  mado at    Kb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on I-ulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS -9.15 a.m., 1.10 aud
CIS p.m.
I'OINTS���4.05 p.m.


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