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The New Westminster News Jan 21, 1913

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Street Improver     W
In 191,2 ther* wer*;    y <?*>
9.3S miles of street*   #,��.?
16.77 miles of BtreuM   i-.,<f ���*?���
S'S .mlzed.
��� ^-.^ "--
*m ���
13.26 miles ot itiw
Weathar Totfay.
New Westminster and lower mainland:   Light    to    moderate wiuds;
mostly cloudy, wltb sleet or
VOLUMf *&*,
,ER 26S.
Local Labor Men Appear Before Commissioners Appointed by Provincial Government to Investigate Labor
Conditions���Witnesses Condemn Private Employment
Bur-Mate and Introduction of Asiatic Labor.
i The royal commission appointed to
inquire Into labor conditions in the
-province began tbelr sittings yesterday forenoon, two hours after the
. ��dverttm3d time. The delay Was due
to the majority of the commissioners
being h*ld up on the Interurban cars
by the heavy snowfall ,of Sunday
The witnesses beard were chiefly
connected' with the labor party and
had *yj-ry pronounced political views
An eight hour day with Saturday
.afternoons off, cosh wage payments, a
minimum wage, amendments in the
War-kmen's Compensation for Injuries
Act, the appointment of more factory
inspectors and the more rigorous en-
.forcement of the Factory Acts, the
throwing open of government land
tto settlers, and the condemnation ol
Asiatic labor were the principal views
given vent to by the witnesses.
The llrst witness to express his
���opinion on affairs affecting labor and
ithe relations between the men and
their employers was C. S. Cassidy, of
tthe Stonecutters' Union cf Vancouver. He dwelt at length upon the dispute between the granite workers and
hi n stone wr-rkcirs In .the building
trade. The matter bad heen taken before the Industrial Peace Association
cf Vancouver, but without result
Employs Wrong Men. Labor Moot Important.
Mr. Cassidy complained of the ac-1 T. Turnbull. building inspector,
tion of a contractor, Mr, Macdonald, i read a lengthy statement in which he
in employing granite workers) on Jobs'contended that labor was of the firm
which the stonecutters were better' importance to tbe country. The gov-
qualined to do. He suggested that aa prnment would go any length, he
the strike bad been going on for a said, to induce capitalists to come
considerable time the commissioner-) .into the country anil would give
might make   a   preliminary   report. �������*-���   -privileges   antl     concessions.
rsssr   nnsif-' <
abolition ot the private employment
Bring Them Together.
Most of the cities ln B. C. were
spending a lot of public money inducing people from tbe older countries in Kuro-ie to emigrate. It was
therefore the duty of the government
to see that the employer and employee got Into touch with each
Mr. Cameron then gave a very
damaging account cf the private
agencies. He had been Informed on
good authority ��� that^ the dollar fee.
charged the prospective employee,
was often divided between the foreman on the Job and the employment
agent There had been men sent out
of this city to work on the railwa)
after paying their dollar. They might
not get work, or if they did it might
only last a few days. Men should not
be compelled to pay fnr getting work.
New Westminster had agreed to
establish a bureau. At present the-y
had no accommodation, but they
would have when their new buildi**,--
went up. They had adopted the system in the old country snd so far as
Mr. Cameron could Judge they worked
very satisfactory.
"Abolish the licensing of theue private agents and put the em.tgran.-i 'i
touch wTfl, the work at ttie earliest
possible moment," concluded the local
New Council Will Probably.
Make Changes in Present
Edmonds, Jan. 20.���The first meeting of the 1913 council was held in
the municipal hall this morning
Owing to the heavy, fall of snow
Reeve Weart and Councillors Mac
donald and Mayne did not arrive until after the session was over.
With Reeve McGregor ln the chair,
assisted by Councillors Coldicutt,
Stride, Macpherson and Fau Vel, the
by-laws passed by the electorate on
Saturday were given final readings.
Thirty- days are necessary, however,
before the council can act upon
No appointments were handed out
by the new reeve and these will not
be known until the next meeting on
January 27. ' ���
All the new councillors had something to say on tbe feeling.that existed between them and Reeve Mc-
Oregor, each professing himself ln
full harmony with the program
which Is to be carried ont.
Although no action was taken lt is
probable that a redistribution of tbe
six wards will be made ln tbe near
It is thought that several cf the
wards  are  too cumbersome  for one
%9aths Arc Administered tc
Mayor Gray and Aldermen,
Retiring Chief Executive thanks Old
Council snd Civic Employees fer
Co-operation In 1912.
"I, Arthur Wellesley Gray, mayor-
elect of the city of New Westminster,
do declare that I am a British subject,
possessing the qualifications by law
required, and that I am not In any
way disqualified trom holding the of-
flee"" of municipal mayor, and I have
not, nor will have while holding office, any Interest directly or Indirectly, ln any contract or services connected with the corporation, except
such as I may lawfully have under
the provisions of the Municipal Act In
that behalf. I have not hy myself
or any other person, knowingly employed any bribery, corruption, or Intimidation to gain election, and I
will faithfully perform the duties of
my office and will not allow any pri-
v'i��.e interests to influence my conduct in public matters."
With the above oath of office administered by retiring Mayor John A.
Lee at the close of the last meeting
councillor to represent and the great,0' ���� 1912 council yesterdajy morn
difference ln the population of several
of them makes lt imperative tbat the
present boundaries be altered,
Alderman  Bryscn   Given   Charge
Water and Health���Dodd Gets
Beard of Works and Bridge.
llsne* until tbey got tn* rulf val
'their toll and took their proper posl-
..^t-M*  Bf.t.mee.U-.a ot the,   181:
""r""s"s"s-s-|*"""- s-s-ssssjicr-ust-ff   m*mo**ey~USMtp*r JL.
fW. Oiay annouijscaA U>e slate ot   hla
TOm-r-ilUc.es.   No doubt ln view of tke
Ing, Mayor-elect A. W. Gray was made
fully qualified to preside over the administration of the 1913 council of
New Westminster.
The same oath, with slight variations and the title of mayor changed
to that of alderman, was administered to Blx of tbe councillors who will
co-operate with Mayor Gray In the ad-
i ministration of civic affairs during tbe
ensuing year. Alderman Kellington
was absent on account of ill-health.
After administering the oath Mayor
Lee In a few sincere words congratulated Mayor Gray on his election to
office and also congratulated the citizens in their choice of him as chief
executive. He hoped that at the end
of 1913 it could be said that Mayor
Gray had done well.
Mayor's Final Address.
Investigation   Into  Death  of    Gelsps
Clngh, Stabbed at Millslds on
(Saturday, Starts Today.
The Inquest over the body of Gelopa
Singh, who ls alleged to have been
murdered at Fraser Mills on Saturday
evening, will be held in tbe undertaking parlors of Mr. W. E. Fales at
10 o'clock thla morning. The accused,
Budda Singh,' who ls said to have
used tbe knife with such deadly effect
on bis fellow countryman, ts being
held by the provincial police and
will probably be brought before
Stipendiary Magistrate Clute following tbe verdict by the coroner's Jury.
Dr. A. L. McQuarrie called the Inquest.
As a means of preventing these
Saturday night carousals which' take
place among the foreign element
working out at Hillside, the Canadian
Western Lumber Company has appointed ex-Sergeant William Stanton
to be a special constable at Fraser
Mr. Stanton has been working as
deputy on the provincial polioe .for
some time past. '.''.
Insist    on    -sxl-.M
matter   referred   to  an   Hal
Men were being deprived, declared ; tion!   Capital was olwaya" asking for I fact thai he headed the poll Alderman I "gj, "council "and" the' speech*'ol tbe
the witness,   of   employment   hy an -exemption  of taxation.    He referred Walter Dodd was giveu the chairman- i ret1rInE CB*e. executive himself.
"   "   '"  silnrfihe board of works and bridge j   ^h|i ,��� -.���, laBt tlme that , ,.,���
toamUtees.      Alderman,   Kington |,,aTe ,���,, honor of preg*alng at a meet.
Ing of the  New    Westminster    city
Will Not Wait Mush Longer fer Tur
key to Answer Note of Powers���
Must Settle Inside Week.    \ ,
Ixmdon, Jan. 20.���The Balkan plenipotentiaries are making* no attempt to
conceal thetr impatience to receive
the reply of Turkey to the note of
the powers, and reiterate their Arm
determination to prevent Turkey trom
postponing longer than a week, the
settlement of tbe war. Meanwhile
the allies are occupying the time
with unofficial conversations regarding their inter-Balkan delimitations.
it is asserted that long cipher messages received today by Rechad
t-aBha, Instructed the Turj-Jah^pleni-
B. C. E. R. Has Difficult
Time Keeping Lines
Coming with a suddenness that
was little expected. New Westminster, Vancouver, and the surrounding
territory was enveloped In a heavy
blanket cf snow once again yesterday
morning which tied up street traffic,
especially on the B. C. E. R., and
made thlnga mighty uncomfortable
for pedestrians.
Tbe fall was of such a weight tbat
street car traffic was suspended on
many lines until late ln.tlie morning,
while for the first time this wlqter
the service on the ' Centra*- Park
branch cf the company was tied up
for over an hour and for the rest of
the day passengers took a chance of
getting into Vancouver anywhere
from one hour to three hours from
the time they started out.
On the Sixth street line conditions
were such that once glance was sufficient for tbe officials to close up the
line for. the day at least, and tur
tbelr attention to the old part line
which accommodated to some extent
tbe people living on the hill.
Twelfth street line between Columbia street and Edmonds went out of
commission early In the morning and
while one or two cf the cars made
the hill, the severe strain on
electrical equipment compelled
eral of them to wend their way bctc't
to the car barns for repairs.
Interurban Manager Purvis and
Superintendents Bison and Stirling
were out early and took charge of affairs. Snow plows and sweepers were
pressed  Into  service,  but  the  damp
Medical Health Officer and
Fire Chief Make
Dr.  McQuarrie  Asks That Bs-pyrj  est
Antitoxin Co. Mast on Hand tsy ���
Locat Ok-uggls-ts.
In his annual -report to tba city
council yesterday Dr. A. I.. MsHjiiniile.
medical health officer.
were briefly   that
made with local dra��tsta to have a.
sufficient supply of anti-toxin on tend
at all times and that the stair of tho
health department ho aatajsM alu-l by-
tic addition of a health expert
Dr. McQuarrie also draw attentiorr
fo the fact that New WesbBlt-rstn- had
uo resident Dominion analyst, coa-re-.
quently     t    waa'     Impossible      t*>  "
have a proper' analysis made of any
food material offered for sate ia the
City-    -'Jul
In referring to the diphtheria cases
that have occstred daring MIX the
health officer stated that It waa difficult to obtain diphtheria antitoxin in
the city and as 1st severe eases even
an hoar's delay In its administration
the! meant death for the patient, ho re- ���
sev-; commended   that   an-aogomeats   he
made with a local dug gist to have a
sufficient supply in stack at all ttmee.
"This anti-toxin," continued Dr. Mc-
quarrie, "Is very expensive, and as it
does  more to prevent the, spread of
diphrthria than any other measure at
our disposal,  I  think"   that   doctors
ness of the biiow clogged things up should be supplied firse by the city."
ln great shape so that the plows | In reference to the i*es��mine-��datlon
were found to be of little use. | thai a health expert be appointed Dr.
IJundreds cf men, temporarily nn-1 McQuarrie stated that the present.
employed, were given work and while' staff of the health department *ss
the cost to the company will run into j greatly handicapped Inrease of an epi-
the thousands many a home will be I domic. There were two inspectore in
thankful that the   breadwinner   waB .the department who were   also    in
given a chance lo earn a few dollars.
"The same applies to the city where
the street gangs were augmented nnd
a stream of carts' were used to clear
the Bnow from the croBs walks.
Hetiorta   from   I'hilllwack   state    a
,   .
alien organisation, the    International  to  the bonuslng CT the  C.  N.  K. tc
Granite Workers sf America.    Their -flu- -e-taeot of what wOuld turn out to
tie I.TOD'OOO.
wages were $5 a day.   Tacoma, Victoria  and  Sou   Francisco   were    paid
$",.60  for an eight hour day and    a
half day on Saturday.
Mr. Cassidy bad no objection per-
Mr. Turnbull -nondemned the protective tariff which waa supposed to
"be for the purpose of paying higher
���wales to working men.   They sbould
tsonally to men coming from the other "-have free competition. He inatanced
side provided they acted fairly. Mr^ltj-p fact that a "law years ago there
Macdonald bad broken the agree-j-,Ba been a f-carcity of labor and
ment he had entered Into with
: stonecutters.
The attorney general advised theaa
ito take legal proceedings, but It was I the resulting lower wngeo.
the iwages hod a temhency to go up. The
I capitalists  wanted to iinnt all    over
thought Inadvisable.   Ue strongly
woceted an Interim report on a apeclal commissioner to Inquire lata-the
i ma tier
.'Mr. Cassidy then turned to the
.question of Inspection of laundries
and the pavment of a minimum wage
to the girls employed there, and far
W hours work per week. He referred
to white laundrtea.
Ths Land Question.
Another subject wss that of the
lanU, the government bad large tracts
which should be sold at reasonable
prices: Some of the land he referred
to was sold at $4000 aa acre by the
government at Point Orey. It should
be made far more accessible to the
bona tide working men. Also U
should be sold In small areas and not
In large Mocks.
Another matter was that the *ov
eminent should exercise some control
over the floating of companies and
schemes, to protect the working man
from being swindled out of his savings There was such a law on the
,other side known aa the Kansss law.
Before a company eould do business
it had to submit Its books for exam-
:lnatlbn. It was also called the "sky
���blue law." .
Mr. D. 8. Cameron, of the Trades
���and Labor, coupcll, waa strong on the
-subject of establishing municipal env
���ployment  'bureaus   and   the   total
Europe to   induce   immigration aad
The speaker was Btrongly In favor
of proper Indutftflal Insurance, but at-
tactred the system in vogue where the
Jjrmpioyer insurett hh�� workman and
the insurance company, when a man
-was raj-ired offered him a beggarly
ptttTOce una torced th* workmen into
(Continued on Page S-our.)
��� ������������������������*������.���������������
***,' ~
Charlestoa, "Jan 20.���Cant
Fee, of the dlrth* D'��!*>.��� steamship Pheeda, reprted .today
*t*he -sinking eft a- 1 stf * Danish
tramp steamer, ah BO miles
off Ftymooth, "End, on Dec. 2��
in a lteavytltorm The entire
crew perishes! 'ihe name of
Of the vessel Is nit kt'own but
���onieeY* of fha 'Pb'seda believe
tt probtflfly was the Iva* of Co-
' The vessel was sigh <d by
the T-h-eetla -awl Captu.< Bee
signalled offering assistance
tmt reoeived a�� roply. The
Pheeda continneU ' > appiwol.
Use dMresscd s*teu er but before she reafted ��� he: .she
Two Coaches and Diner
���       i *
Turn Over in Wreck
'    Near Wynward Sash,
was .transferred  from  the chairman
ship or the board of works comtaluoe
to the ahead of the finance committee.
AMBrman   Lynch   continues   at the
tot the light committee aad in
is chairman   of   the   store-
���and publicity committees.
As  w-as  generally  expected  Alder
an firyson was given the chairaian-
d-p inr the water committee la addition to the health.   Alderman White
will (aonttnue   aa   chairman   of   the
police -and library committee and also
waa -Appointed the new head of the
and   transportation   co-asait-
Alttorman Jardine will preside a-nar
the destinies of the gas. parks aad
hundtng committees, while Alderman
Henley continues as chief ot Oie
Ira and market committees. The arrangement met with general satisfaction -among the aldermen.
Tbe list ot the committees with the
personnel of each and the day aad
hour of meeting follows:
Finance, legislation and railway--
Kellington (chairman), White and
Jardine; 10 a.m. Thursday.
Board of works  and   bridge���Dodd.
(efcssih-man). Kellington and Healey;
1 p.m. Friday. i
Oas, parks' and building���Jardine
(chairman), Henley and Lynch; io
a.m. Monday.
Electric light storehouse and publicity���Lynch (chairman), Kellington
and Henley; 11 a.m. Monday.
Fire and market���Henley (ehalT-
nan-i. Lynch and Bryson; 3 p.m. Fti-
\vwter and health���Bryson (chairman), Dodd and Henley; I p.m. Friday.
Harbor, transportation, police and
library���White (chairman), Jardine
and Dodd; ll a.m. Thursday.
Hospital building���Mayor, Jardine,
Lvnch. Dodd and Henley; meets the
Thin stay after the third Wednesday
of each month. .
Hospital board representative���Alderman Kellington.
Cotrnltlam dam���Whole council;
meet* at tha call of the mayor.
Wrnward, Sas'k.. Jan. 20.���The
CMrMt Weajem Bj-pcsea No. 62, eaat-
tat-rad, w*sf wrecked* a short distance
from here at 6 o'clocktoalght. Either
a broken or spread rail caused the accident The first and second claps
passenger cars and the dining car
turned over o* a six foot drop. ,
An auxiliary train from W*mwn-rd
waa quickly oa the scene. Several
passengers were painfully but not
seriously Injured. They were coavey-
ed to Wynward under the care ef Dr.
Ross. The lights ln the cars were extinguished by the impact but although
the dining car was set on fire the chef
put It out with snow and milk, hfter
crawling Into the oar. -
'   The following Is the list of Injured:
W. H. Moper, Yorkton, hood cut and
gbins bruised and out ��� ���   , ���
Mils May McArthur, Wlaalpeg, side
wrenched. ,
A. K. Coote, Brandon, shoalder hurt
iand ribs braised.
A. N. MlnchaUo, New York, ahoul-
der bruised.
Miss Stlna Benson. Leslie. Bask.,
right hand slightly bruised.
Samuel H. Collins, County Down,
Ireland, scalp wounds and hnilsed
W. C. Johnson, bruised back.
Mrs. M. E. Craven, Sooth Saskatoon,
slight scalp wound, cut* on elbow and
All the Injured are progressing favorably. Tbe track haa bean cleared
nnd traffic resumed.
It la moat miraculous that the die-
aster was not attended with fatal re-
cults and this can be accounted tor
only by the express and baggage cars
clearing themselves trom tha engine
and other ears.
Ixmdcn, Jan, id.���Aa a result ot a
wager and' to test the skepticism of
the British public, a man disguised
aa a pedlar appeared tn the West End
streets ot London on Saturday and
ottered ��6 notes for a penny each
Although he offered nil extraordinary
bargains tor an hour, flourishing the
notes tn his hands and .crying "five-
pound notes ter a penny each," and
even permlttiag people to examine
them, the pedlar sold only two.
council," Mayor Lee began, "and 1
want to express to you the aldermen
the -very great pleasure It has been to
me to work with you, for although it
has been a heavy and responsible year
and we have had differences on occasions, I have yet to 4earn that any of
the aldermen have gone away with any
1T1 feeling or that they considered they
were ill used. To some extent this is
-unique, for too often ln city and municipal councils bitter feeling exists
among the aldermen and the mayor.
1 Tiope. however, that the council of
1913 will co-operate with Mayor Gray
to the same extent and that the council will be one of the most successful
���Chat ever represented the city.
'I am now retiring from public affairs In New Westminster," continued
his worship, "and any time I can be
of any benefit to this eity or to the
council I am at their disposal.        /,
Further, I want to take thla opportunity ot stating," went on the mayor,
that not only haa the council cooperated with me during the past
year, but that all the officials from
the humblest to tbe highest have given
me hearty support and have1 demon
���strated that they are all Interested
In the welfare of the city."
Retiring Alderman Speaks.
In moving a vote rf thank* and appreciation to Mayor Lee, Alderman
Curtis regretted that he also was retiring from municipal life; but expressed the hope that Mayor Lee
would once more come forward at a
later day and asalst In the ad��tnl-p
ti-atlon ef the attain of the city.
During the past yetr Alderman Cur
till professed he had found a great
deal of pleasure In the foregatterlngs
of the council in addition to, the work.
Alderman Lynsf seconded the motion of thanks and tha councillors rose
to their feet and expressed thetr feel
lags ln a hearty meaner.   *
In accepting the vote of thanks, his
worship in' a few sincere wordl' ex-
peeaBed hi*; appreciation.
he taking ovet- the'reins of govera
meat Mayor a ray 'assured the Inconr-
Ing council that at ail times he would
endeavor to do- h-ie duty and expected
tha the aldermen would- d^lft-etrtit.
war* tiny, fs-rH-nb  vrmmmm'mmmm,���t<
wit* tti�� object ot obtamtna dMeet ttv i mon-
terventlon of Uie powers under tbe
form of mediation or aome other
means, ao that Turkey may be spared
Lhe humiliation of ceding Adrianople
at first band. Rechad Pasha called
today on Sir Edward Grey, but the
nature of their conference waa not
The meeting of the national asserm
bly at Constantinople has been postponed until Wednesday and the
porte'a reply to tha "note of the powers
will be presented after this meeting.
Tbe general impression is that tbe
Turkish government Is weakening
with respect to the demands of the
Coumbla, 8.0.,' Jan. 10.���After ali
arrangements had been made for a
battalion ot South Carolina troops to
attend tha Inauguration ot President
election Wilson, (lovernor Bleeie issued a statement today saying he
would not permit them to leave the
state. He assigned isveral reasons,
one-of them that he ai commander-in-
chief, had not received an Invitation
and that he would'not let troops go
unless an invitation wai extended.
Rochester,. N.Y., Jan. 20.���More
than 20 Oemployees of a clothing factory walked out today charging that
they were compelled <o finish garments for the New .York market
Three employers aald tonight that
a general strike seemed probable.
They dear that want la being sent
here from Maw York factories, but
union organisers claim they have In
their posseseioa aUfk taken from inch
garments. Organisers state that
more than 1M0 will walk out If a
strike is called.
Retiring  Chief .Executive  of
States Accepts Appointment ef
Kent Professor ef Law.
New Haven, Conn., Jan. 20.->-At the
regular meeting of the Yale corporation; President Taft formally accepted
the appointment as Kent professor of
law at Yale. The preildent announced hla Intention of withdrawing from
the corporation when he takes up the
regular duties of his professorship. He
plans to come to New Haven early In
April. He also will give some Instruction in tbe law. school, but hla exact
courses there have not been determined.
Tbe Kent professorship wai estab
Ushed ln 1801, being named in honor
of Chancellor James Kent ot the class
of 1781. There have been four Wen
ints of the chair���Chief JulM-W David
P. Daggott of Connecticut; oark Bli
sell and Henry Dutton, both govern
ors Of Connecticut and Edward J,
Phelps, once a mintiter to Engtand,
The Rev. Joseph M; 'TwiaiteH ot
Hartford of the claa�� ef 18S9, eenlor
fellow of the Yale Corporation, announced Ua resignation at the saaet-
ing today after 88 years ot service.
Treasurer Day' announced that gifti
impuuting to. more than $70,000 had
-een made to the university since the
November meeting. ,
Immediately after the. corporation
meeting. President Taft left tor New
came through with flying colors, and
although covered with drift Bnow, ex-1
perienced  little  difficulty in bucking
the worst places.
The two car trains were used on
the Central Park line about 10 o'clock
in the morning, after some nine cara |
had been stalled between here and
Vanoouver. The snow en Hnst'n-r'i
street and Commercial drive Interfer
ed with the Vancouver city service
and until late yesterday afternoon
only one track was ln uae for inter-
url"*1!! ears.
The long delaya on the Interurban
service yesterday due to the heavy
fall of snow was caused by tbe blockade between Cedar Cottage and Carral
street.   The rest of the line was open.
Five Million for sn Acre.
London, Jan. 20.���A strip of land
measuring 641 square feet abutting on
the new Mall Archway at Charing
Cross, has been sold by the London
county council for ��11,737. This
work! out at about 16,546,000 an acre,
or about $127 a square foot '
Chicago, Jan. 20���The phorua
of the Chicago Grand Company
after a strike last night re-
aturued to work tonight. The sing-
��� era revolted ln a body last night
��� and the opera was called off.
��      The management of Uie com-
��� pany took no steps to dlscip-
���>   line the chorus and the singers
��� reported today for rehearsal as
��� It nothing had happened. They
��� struck because they objected to
O   singing In the. extra perform-
��� ance tor $2 each, the price of-
4>. fered.   They demanded $2.60.
charge of the license and garbage departments and did not have sufficient
time to devote to matters cancernlBK
tbe health aectlon. The health expert
he stated, wonld be able to devote hla
time entirely to work inch aa fomlgat-
tlnlng and InapecUn--.   .
; :?*&-���
cni-vs-d. dr-crtn-r tail.' tl **^*mf^wfem-
diphtheria: Nine deatta '*mimT** -tar-
Ing the year.
The repnirt was brought up at the*
meeting of the new council aad wa��-
referred to the health committee at'
the new body toy emusderatiaw.
1 he report of Fire Chief Watson for
IP'2 was also brought np dstrtas the
Meeting*, ft showed that U Area had'
occurred during the year and �� telephone calls. 14 box calls and U res nil
calls had been answered IB the same
period. The largest Are daring the
year had keen the Royal City MIUs'
blase. The' tnsurance carried oa property affected by Ur* amomrted to
$860,460, the baa on tha same being,
Fire Chief Heard.  "
Chief Watson had also very ta-tppr- -
tant recommendations to make.    He
suggested   that   with the a-Mwth of "
Queensborough chiefly  salens"  ,1-nfcs-
trial Unci that a hafi he estahtlahed
there and s*-it*bte.*-*irai-istiJa p-roviM.
He recommended that a oc-mMeatls-sn
auto hose and chemical waa-oa ha'pstr-
chased for No. t   hall   oa   na*hth
street, and a horse wagoa far the proposed hall on Lola Island,   tt woakV
also be necessary to extend the fre
alarm system to tha based aad other
parts of the dty.
Referring to Sappe-r-lan. Out chief
stated that that district needed ��� new
hall and another home tor Use wa-eon
now tn ase. Mr. Watson ass* stated
that the auto apparatas fa naw tan tha *
city was giv-fag verr <
It* suggested that taw old Bus <
which la of ao more asa-aa flan I
Ing apparatus, te went hy Ope board
of works de-wrtmsat flsr ansagaaa; <aat
cellara and dltchsjsu
The Or* comadttea wf -teal wdh .
tbe report and n1* iniiinendiilhaia,
The -chairman of tha palish,Hi cosn-
��������'������'������*>������ ���������������������
mlttee was appelated a
tend the meeting af the
Detective Is Killed"
Automobile Bandits
Still Terrorize Cehicagp
Will Farm Cabinet
Paris,   Jan,   20.���Arlstlde   Brland
definitely accepted tonight the call Of
cabinet Ha has not decided yet In
selecting his ministers, but It Is probable that tba composition ot the.cgb-
Ex-Reeve of Burnaby Leaves Today en
. Business Trip.
Edmonds, Jan. 20.���Dropping the
reins of office wV 12 o'clock sMte day
aad leaving tor Toronto and- other
Eastern points the- following moraine ls ihe record of Reeve Weart
Mr. Weart had hla arrangement* so
completed that everything wag ready
tor Reeve McQregor to take up tlie
���nark ad chief magistrate with mo delay whatever.
Tha fact that, tha two gentlemen
have been associated together on tn*
council tor the past two years made
President Fallerlee to form   a   new things easy tor the newly elected one
lnet will ba announced tomorrow.      Bead.
U take full charge ot the -srork.
Mr. Wdkct will visit theeast during
the next two week* on private bus!
Chicago, Jan. 20.���A climax In the
search for members of the automoblU
bandit band which has been' operntin;
larlngly ln thi* city came todaj
vhen Detective' Peter Hart was ihot
tnd killed with nil own revolver, sup-
poaedty by one of the Band.
The detective waa ihot through the
heart when he went to ia flat, to ar-
reit Bob Webb, alleged to be an ac-
complice of James B. Perry, a con-
fa-wed bandit now udder arrest.
Hart'i slayer leaped through a window to. an adjoining room, ran the
length of tba block and escaped
through another building Into the
crowded itreet.
Two other detective* entered tb*
flat within �� few moments after tbe
shooting, but Hart, died before be
could, tolls them what bad happened.
flecordlog to the otary ef Michael
CaaSla, wbo Mid be aaw the shooting, Webb was not bt th* flat when
":      ..-���������'    ' -%iM -.-"'
Hart  arrived,  but  knocked -on ithe
door-a tew minutes later.    Tho de-
'w-tiv-e admitted Wet* 0e*t ehveredl
li!m w.lth^a  revolver,   Webb    "'
up h-r- hands, a-xoi-dlac -'-^r-���
but wben tha detective
volver on a
er, Webb clewed ����� tft*
in the struggle
revolver and
he was too trighteaad t*
until Webb ~ ���
Tb* flht
place is near tha
Madia, through w
tb* bandits get rid of
���<oed��; .Wabw
ilearne-T tonight.
Satuiday ntgat an t
ing. The psrilee
tbem at the time, bwt nsflbss of
wai* nrtmeuaed, aftbanaw Madia atgn-
*sT bib own; rrjco*3tb*��m to aapiai In
cuurt todav to answer th*.nttorja at
--taedlnsV- HaCd'ar-tonjaal
-..���   .- PAGE TWO
An independent morning paper devoted to the interests of Neie tre-itmtnst'-r und
the Fraser Valley. Published every sner-sia*- except Sundaii bu (lu National Printing
and Publishing Companp, Limited, at C3 tlcKentie Btreet, New JVoslrnimter, British
Columbia. ROBE SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
All communications should be addressed to The New Westminster Ncios, and not
to individual members ef the staff. Cheques, drafts and money orders should b-, made
payable to The National Printing ami, Publishing Company. Limited.
TELEPHONES���Basinet* Office and Manager, 999,- Editorial Rooms (nil departments). 1191.
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tke -rniisr-'n -rtpsmi��r-<*. The oditar reserves the right to refuse the publication of any
Ity of a nlckel-ln-the-slot-machlne.
A substantial portion of civilized
humanity believe that marriages are
heaven-born, not man-made; yet we
are confronted with the spectacle of
a clergyman seeking the marriage
fee, soliciting the business ot marrying, like a cab-driver outside a union depot.
A substantial portion cf our civilization believe that marriage is a sacred rite, a binding and indlssolable
tie; that whom God hath joined together no man should put asunder;
yet any citizen, finding wife and chil
dren expensive, may for trivial cause.
procure a divorce at the nominal rat'*
of  $50.
There has In the past been some
respect evident for the majesty of
death, yet commercialism has Invad
"d even these precincts, and we have
noted the spectacle of rival undertakers quarreling over a dead body. II
l| charged that sundry Burgeons, the
whilom arbiters of life and death, are
not above paying commissions for
cases sent them by physicians.
The dollar, It appears, has become
so much sought that no barrier Is
too high or wide or deep for the man
to leap to lay his hands upon it. The
loglo of commercialism la to allow nothing to stand between the
man and the dollar. Like a steel
splinter and the magnet, the coin and
the human draw irresiatahly together,
sweeping all obstacles, of sentiment,
of Banet'tv or of morals aside.���Seattle Post Intelligencer.
The passing of the Burnaby-Westminster Sewer bylaw by Uie people of our neighboring municipality, with
a majority of almost six to one, is evidence in itself that
progressiveness is not confined to any one place. It is also
welcome news to us in Westminster, for it foreshadows
the placing of a bylaw before our own electorate with regard to the Sapperton sewerage scheme, and presages an
early start upon providing this most welcome adjunct to
those living on both sides of the city limits.
All Burnaby's bylaws passed by overwhelming majorities, thus showing that the municipality as a whole endorses the enlightened policy that has been pursued by
Reeve Weart and his confreres in the development of what
is now the largest municipality upon the lower mainland.
Burnaby, during the past two years, has made exceptional progress, and her position today she owes in
great measure to the man who has just relinquished office. Reeve Weart's record should be an inspiration to
any young man, for, starting life as a carpenter, he found
that he was handicapped by physical infirmities, and so
promptly devoted himself to the study of law. He practiced in Vancouver and two years ago entered a public
position for the first time when he became reeve of Burnaby. Unknown then, his capabilities as an administra-
��� tor have since been fully demonstrated.
To Mr. Peter Byrne, now Indian agent in this city,
the credit of acquiring water rights for Burnaby on the
north shore of the Inlet belongs. Reeve Weart has car- ,-annah. aa., Jan. 21. mis, and he
ried out with conspicuous success the work which his pre-, s-,,nt Ma >'outh ana received his ed-
decessor in.ofice made possible by his unselfish tlvmtUAYE,^^
to public duty. The Municipal Employees' association, to | '��mc for hs father was a French-
note only one other of the many institutions which have X^ BbrtS1M^t&
come into being during Reeve Weart's regime, is unique I-if- his native tongue.
on the continent and its worth is fully appreciated by ^L/^^Z^Z.T^^lZ
members. Virginia   family   connect'-'!   bv   mar-
In many other matters the interests of Burnaby are j ***;** & ���r d ",
identical with those of New Westminster, and we are I wife cf Major prior, of Virginia.
glad to note that provision has been made by the outgoing, Jg,*^*���� ^lat^
reeve and council for the paving of Kingsway, in addition in isis. and his widow, with three
to the sewerage scheme referred to above. Infa,lt chlldren- nettled in Charleston
The people of Burnaby have voted money for schools,
for -water-works development and for roads, and we feel
sure that the new reeve and council will strive to do their	
best, not merely to equal, but to outstrip the excellent ex-1 K* "���""��� snft mck p-''e', !n'<**'f<--'''<-<-
ample set by the administration under Reeve Weart.        t'Tr^^^^^^Z
      .   . from college.
He   became   a   pr'vte   teacher     of
"LABOR" MEANS MOST PEOPLE. j -gj-ffc �����**** *��
To many people the word "labor" sums up visions of | g^*��?J? yw�� 55* h^ZTt
Baltimore and passed an exsmlnatron
for the post of professor of mathematics in the navy. A little later he
quit the sea and took to railroading
as a surveyor on a line between
Charleston and Augusta. Co.. and on
other roads in South Carolina ana
Tennesee.    It was as a surveyor    in
****** mm* ******* 4
* *
* SCRAP   BOOK   FOR   TODAY.    *
* *
Tcday Is Centenary of Birth of Fremont,   the   Pathfinder.
One of the most important centenaries of the year 1913 is that of today commemorating the one hun-
dreth anniversary of the birth of John
Charles Fremont, explorer, soldier
and statesman. In that rich empire
that stretches along the Pacific from
Vancouver to San Diago, Fremont
will be honored as the great "pathfinder."
Californlans will revere the memory of the man whose bravery nnd
hardihood resulted in the acquisition
bf the Colden State by the union. In
the history cf the Republican party
Fremont holds an important place
aB its first presidential candidate.
Tho south shares in his glory, for
the famous explorer was born in Sa
manufacturers of paper ln Europe
were the French and Dutch. Paper-
making machinery was first suggested
by l.ouis Robert, who sold his model
to Diot, the great printer, who perfected the apparatus, with the assistance of Fourdrlnier. The latter obtained an English patent ln 1S01, and
gradually the paper industry was revolutionized.
The first number cf the London
Daily News was Issued 67 years ago to
day. The News was the first to draw
the attention of western Europe to
the Turkish ntrocitiea in Bulgaria,
and for this the firBt Bulgarian parliament, held in 1879, formally passed a
resolution of gratitude.
��*> *
��        OUR    POET'S   CORNER.        ���
��� ���
With  thee    conversing  I  forget    all
All  seasons, and  their   change;    all
please alike.
Sweet le the breath of Morn, her rising sweet,
With charm of earliest birds;  pleae-
nnt the Sun,
When first on this delightful land he
His orient beams, on herb, tree, fruit
and flower,
CliEtcning with dew ; fragrant the fertile Earth
After soft showers;   and   sweet   the
coming on
Of grateful  Evening  mild;   then  the
silent Night,
With her golemn bird, and this   fair
And these the gems of Heaven, her
starry train.
But   neither  breath  of  Morn,   when
she ascends
With charm of earliest birds; nor rising Sun
On  thiB delightful  land;    nor    herb,
fruit, flower,
Glistening   with  dew;   nor  fragrance
after showers;
Nor grateful Evening mild; nor walk
by moon,
Or glittering star-light,  without  thee
is sweet.
j Correspondence j
The New Westminster News does
not hold Itself responsible for the
opinions expressed in correspondence
For Primary Children in Great Britain
If New Bill  Passes.
London, Jan. 20.���The government's
colossal scheme for improvement in
elementary, secondary and higher education, scon to be taken up for discussion In the House of Commons, will
open the course to secondary education free to every primary child whose
capacity Justifies it.
It  will abo extend the universities
on the lines of Liverpool and Leeds, j
so as to
every   boy
quired Etandard
The salary of the president of the
board of education would be increased
from $10,000 to $25,000
Editor, Dally News:
Sir���Allow me to point out an
onilssicn and an error in tho liet published In this morning's issue ot the
News of "Men Who Have Shaped
Westminster's Destiny."
In the year 1866 Mr. .John Robeon
was erected President of the Municipal Council, and after serving a
short time he Was elected a member
cf the legislative council of the colony of British Columbia, Frederick
Seymour being then Governor of B. C,
the government residence being on
the site now occupied by the residence
of the Warden of the B. C. Penitentiary.
Upon Mr. Robson'B election to the
legislature he resigned the position of
President of the Municipal Council,
the writer being elected in his place to
serve the balance of his term.
The error I speak of Ib ln the spelling "Capt. William irwin." Should be
���'���Capt. William Irving."
Faithfully yours,
503 Blackford stroet.
Jan. 20, 1913.
Thc News Is Indebted to Mr. J. Stil-
well-Clute for his courtesy in- communicating the above information and
correction.���Editor, The News.
Right in the heart of building activity. Choice lot on the high
side of 8th Ave., elose to Moody Square. Price $1750.00, third cash,
balance six and twelve months.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C., Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
His Many Qualifications Described by
'    Speaker   in   Montreal.
Montreid,   Jan.   20.���"The   Personal
Qualifications of tbe Advertising Mnn'
was the  subject  contributed   by  Mr.
11. French at tlie weekly luncheon oi
ihe  Montreal    Publicity    association,
ueld at t- coper's restaurant under tne
pres.dency of Mr. L. It. Greene.   Mi. I
Ii.   J.   L'tisperauce   read   the   lecture j
and  managed  the  lantern.    Portraits I
of well-known advertising men  were i
Mr. French sa^d, inter alia: "Know-
ledge and acceptance of advertising,
truth, knowledge of psychology, and
the right personality are the basic lu |
gredienta that go to the making of
the advertising man.
He must have power to analyse propositions; trained Imagination, enabl-
ing him to see a proposition at work
from the start; knowledge cf econ-
cmics; knowledge <of business conditions; acquaintance with business
laws aud  legislation;   knowledge    of
cal work in navigation and watch-
The young prince has emerged from
tbe Dartmouth course with a very
happy experience of the famous naval college. Into the games and sports
he * has entered whole-heartedly, and
has proved himself a very useful oarsman, cricketer and runner.
There has been only one break ln
the routine. Karly In 1911, when he
was in bis first term, after leaving
Osbourne, and the Prince of Wales
waB in his last term, the college was
visited by measles. In February both
the young princes were down for a
short time with the disease, and when
they got better they Bpent a short
holiday at Newquay. Prince Albert
was Bevontern last month.
Twelve Italian Workmen Killed���
Four Others Injured.
Rome. Jan. 20.���Twelve persons,
some of them men working a quarry
beneath a house on the Via Del Trl-
tone, In the heart of the city, were
killed when one of the walls of a
House fell in. Four other persons
thought that a number of persons are
burled beneath the ruins.
The quarry belongs to a wealthy
Italian who bought property on the
Via Del Trltore a short block away
from the king'-* palace, Intending to
build a magnificent home for himself.
The quarrymen were at work many
feet below the street when one of the
side walls near the house weakened
SptcfflqsUons, asreemenjta of sale deeds.
Iruaincwi letters, etc.; circular- work spv-
olulist. All work strictly confldentlul H
Hurry, room els Westminster Trust Blk'
Phone TO'!.
,. O. O. M., NO. 8*4���MEBT8 ON rlrsL
�� curnl nnd third Wednesdays In each
inoii th In K. of P, Hall at 8 p.m. H J
Leumy, dictator; J. H. Prloe, ss-orebiry'
I, O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���The
I'i'Kiiliir in..mm of Amity lodge No.
27. I. O. O. "f��� Is beld every Monday
_ r.lKlu U 6 o'clock In Odd Fellows' Mull
���^ corner Carnarvon und Eighth streets'
Visiting brethern cordially Invited'
S- ?.- Bri-*;Hon,' H- a;: R- a. alerrlthew,
\. O.; W. V. C'outham. p. a., record-
JnK secretary; IL W. Sangster. fliuin-
cl.il w-eretary.
���^*s^^i*<*****r*o* v
CENTER �� HANNA, LTD.���Fuse r ttl
directors und stint-aimers. Parlors 40".
Columbia street. New Westminster.
Phone s'ji.
W. E. KALES���Pioneer Funeral Director
and Embuliner. Sli'-olS Asms street,
i,ptK)8lte Curnt'Kle LUirary.
(���-co   ui    sis��-,! *.��-./-,>���    inns    ���" ' ""i -     , . _��    em*;     ���*�� hup    urai     ill's    in Mint"     st t'.ini'in'u
open a university career to   lypOKraphy  and  several  processes_of, b   the excavatng .fell.   The shock was
���  or girl   reaching   the   re-    llnstrattve   reproduction;    knowledge >      gfeat tmu jJJ gelsmograpnB ln the
John Charles Fremont entered the
Charleston colteRr- at trie ace ot fifteen, and was a brilliant student until he became acnimlnted with a
young West  Indian girl, whose raven
working men, carpenters, bricklayers, barbers and members of the many other trades"who are banded together
into unions, and it may be for this reason that the majority of witnesses at yesterday's session of the Royal Commission on Labor, were drawn from the ranks "of those
p.,f   ,,,���_ ,,.������, j i . ,,      .     ,  .,     ,  ..      . wild sections cf the south that he had
BUt, We WOUld lay Stress On the fact that the interest [ his  first  experience   in   Indian   war-
of this commission is not confined to any one section of j fa& . tne 1]n,tcd Rta.��� .���
the people, 85 percent of whom, we are informed, belong I cond lieutenant m the "cc'rU "of tv-
to the working class. The worker at the desk at the c6un-|P0Kr'<"',l''al ���"Uneers Fremont made
fni.  iri tVin c+nisn   Unt. ;��� tu���������,   ..u.ia'        ' ���     ��� I an examination  of    the    Des moinesi
xer, in tne store, has in the presence of this commission an' river along the western frontier, m
opportunity for venting his grievances, if he has anv or 1841' nfter a ron"antl<: love ftrfa,r- ���"*
of suggesting reforms, and will be welcomed on an equal- Slar-oWia^a'LT^rr;
Jty with the reoresentative of organized labor. tor.
�����.    Y-9BWd5KB ViSlt ^ a PrelUdG t0 m0rC ^S^ Sit"  maFdrhTst'n^T^Zrrkta,Wtganh?n
lings m tne future, and we trust that on the return of the 1R4-<' when he projected a geograpm-
Commission to Westminster reDresentativp-? nf nil tv-o cal 8"rvey of lhQ en,iro WP��,CTn co"**
,���n.l,s,^ i AjsTZ^ir tWnwWWUVeB   OI   ail   tne  try  from   the   Missouri  river  to  tho
workers in our midst will come forward. Pao'tio,   his expedition b*>r*an  at a
It is of interest to note that the problem of land settle- Po1," Til- K'Tttfl 2"* I'T'^/ th,
���,���,,. ���_���v.^.��-l  .._ i_ i      i      s ���. ...   U '-*������:'    *irV  rf  the  elements and   bands    rf
ment cropped up in yesterday's evidence as did also the't-ost'ie redskina, he carried on hit,
subject of municipal labor bureaus I"01'-*Brd r,',|"n'''1 !n wytety,
Tr.   fV>/>   I-..;i;,.l,   t~i���~   ������__ ,, .       . .In  IMS, at  (he  head of two-scori
m tne British Isles the government has instituted, men. ha a��5n crowed the iiocuie*.
bureaus of this nature, but thc idea has been worked out' a"<l ro,l<'t"''1 ''rpnt 8aU ' altc' ��r
and put into practice for many years in our sister domin-! tSS Z^Z^^'V^Z
ion of New Zealand.   There, both private and trovern-; ,t,r "���)P"r tribut-"''8*- of ,h*' ��,ni��n"
mental labor agencies are in existence, and we do not think I ?ifc,9bie 'llSnlCV^T" '	
that, however helpful it might be, the abolition of the pri- i '<,r.1 0n l,'p saern-*-o.-to,  hii
Minister Fulfills Promise
I'rlnce Albert, Bapk., Jan. 20.���Announcement is made here today of the
formation of a new regiment with
headquarters In this city to be known
as the 52nd Regiment I'rlnce Albert
Hitherto this city has fostered the
left half battalion of the 105th Regiment, but following the visit of Hon.
Col. Sam Hughes, minister of militia,
last summer, promise was given that
Prince Albert Bhould have a complete
regiment of its own. The regiment
will consist of eight companies and the
officers will be recruited locally while
the militia department has agreed to
open here this summer a provisional
royal school of training for oficers.
The city band will be affiliated with
the 42nd volunteers band and council
being agreeable while an additional
drum and bugle band ls being organized. Major K. O. Hannon will be
lieutenant colonel and captains J. G.
Wayne and J. H. Lindsay majors.
The other officers, of whom eight
will he captains, are R. P. Laurie, O.
W. Manderson, O. E. Kills, A. Wilkinson, W. C. Marriott, W. B. Gunn, A. B.
Thompson, If. Manvllle, A. L. Hattea,
Dr. K. A. Ross, J. H. Frank, J. S. Nl-
choll and Thomas Law. Colonel H.
Steele, D. O. C. has recommended the
officers to Ottawa and they will be
gazetted about April 1.
cf mediums; knowledge of design and
iree-hand drawing, to enable him to
make "lay-outs" at the time of soil-
ting business; the capacity to use
-;ord English, In conversation, correspondence and copy-writing."
ne*-t  n,
Through the work of thc American
I'layground and Recreation Association forty cities have opened super-
vised [ilaygrounds during the past
year, forty-eight are uaing their
school houses ;ik recreation centres,
and the number of cities having recreation commissions increased from
24 to 37, California University has
more than one thousand students In
its playground course. 2i,7 cities are
maintaining playgrounds, ami four
thousand play leaders lire already cm
ployid. Wb*'t fun tho boys and girbi
are h-i-.'Ing! It Is wall fhat orr c'liis
an* ���;'��� a'<"-j|rr- lo . telr respective re
Bponslbillty  in   tiihi re-,nrd.        *
There has heen too rnoc"i 1ni1h 'n
the cyn'ca! oKaggerat'on thnt the city
Is no place ffr children���that tliey
they should rigidly bo excluded. The
reproach that stables, pastures, p-ms
nnd coops arc designed with care and
rigidly inspected, while children rtow
up with but little regard tor the necessities of their health and develop
ment has prompted a response.
Open air, sunshine and recreation
are essentials of thc physical and
menial health of children. In thc
general rejoicing over the filling ol
vacant lots, tbe covering of snl-r-ir-baii
and streams, and tlie private appropriation of waterfronts, this generation should compensate future citizens as far as possible by providing
places to play.
Crowding renders supervision necessary. Tho new playgrounds have
heen ridiculed as places cr artificial
respiration, but that Is far better than
none. Tho nnw movement needs
funds and workers, and there Is no
more worthy cause to assist.���Toronto Glebe.
vate agency will take place'h this coun^'for.jiotte'con- oTrCmro'" ^d"c���,:me porUon
Rlderable time. Hunger   nnd   privation.   Ind'an   nt-
"irlts nnd a clash with the Mexican
author'tlcr were Incidents ef tV��
tr'Tv \ lHtle later he hid t',e plea-
���nire of rereivinc tbe e'snlti'l-tt'ert o"
the Mexle-ins. v hieh left California
"er-nnnrntlv ln the eespess'on rf th"
United Blnte*. In lur.', Frpe.nr.--t set-
Med In New Yerlr,. and -Wi t,,r' following --far was Ihe M">a-iecGs*lfl"l pre-st
'lent'nl e-ind!-",,te ef ��h" r"<""> Republican   nartv.     I'e  d'ed  In   lfftft,
O-v'n^ 1o the eerditlon ef thp
-���r-et-t of town. P, B"-*n�� * Co have
"ind ������-> limit t*>e:r del'ver'ps to one
it S.K, am. nert one I.! 21", nm., ev-
oflPt en Sitnrdav, w'-pi rn extra delivery will be made at 5 p.m.      (633)
ft appears that ro mere matter of
s-eatlmenl is allowed to stand between
the man and the dollar that he Is
a'tcr; none ot the sacred things of
life Is to be free from commercialization. Tills is plain if we are to regard the signs of tho times all about
us. The dollar hunger, having sifted
every ordinary form of barter and
trade to a cutting of all corners nnd
the imposition of every charge the
traftlc will bear, has Invaded fields
heretofore   regarded   as  outside    th"
��� r.
��� *
First Paper Mills.
The first paper mill In New England, the beginning of an Important Industry, was establli-hed by Daniel
Henchman, horn in Boston 224 years
ago today. It waB not the first of Its
kind on the continent, Jtowever, the
pioneer mill for tho manufacture of
paper having been built ln 1G90 by
William   Hittinghuysen,    nt   a   point
pain   of   business   life     Commercialism haa been systcniatlscd all along within the city^imltsof Philadelphia,
tho  lino   until   nlmost  every   bumnn j The first paper mills In Knglnud were
fields, the fencing rff etf srocs��'id s-treia MM-itsslty may be met with thc coler-  erected bt Hartford ln 1680.   The firBt
B'g Railway Employees���Manufacturers Asoi-latlon Will Take Action.
Toronto, ,lnn. 20.���Prompted by
fears of the exictence ln a conspiracy
among railvny employs ns ln different
parlB of the country, where goods in
tram 11 In- <* hern pilfered, the Canadian Manufacturers association Is taking iteps t i prevent further losses.
I-ilfer-pn of 1 oxes are likely to be
generally used in the future by shippers of goods such as those which
have been r. centjy stolen. The Freight
Delays Association also Is taking up
lhe question of freight delays. Figuring that prompt and efficient service
Is aa important aa the question of
rates, the secretary has addressed
many letters to members asking for
With a view to adducing further evidence and placing the blame where It
belongs, the members of the Canadian
Mannfnctur* tb' Association are asked
to furnish records of delays and monetary lopscs they have suffered. When
the ev'donce Is all In the executive
council of the association will ank the
board of railway commissioners to exercise the pewer conferred upon thorn
by certain regulations designed to improve the railway freight service.
For Quebec Paper Makers If Embargo
Is Removed.
Montreal, Jan. 20���-Mr. Wm. Price
������f Price Bros., paper manufacturers,
believes that tho latest action of Sir
Lomer Gouln in removing the embargo
on paper cut from crown lands will,
mean an Increase ot $1,00,000 per year
to the manufacturers of this Province.
"In adopting this policy," Mr. Price
stated, "the Provincial Government
haB followed In the steps of tho Mc-
Brido Administration, and I am inclined to think that the removal of thc
duty on newa print paper by the United States, which Is the quid pro quo,
will mean an Increase of fl.000,000 a
year In paper manufacture In the
.    T��s��  OREA-r  UNWASHED.
Engl ;h Vicar's Disclosures���Man Who
Used   Cistern.
London, Jan, 20.���Rev. E. Stogdon,
vicar (f Holy Trinity church, Nottlng
Hill, who wrote to the London Times
st.-n'i :��� "there was not a bathroom in
his parish, and that In Ihe hot oum-
mer a mnn was observed bathing ln
a cistern." said today that the parish
had .*-. population ot 6000 working people, nnd the houses were probably
built bofore tho bathroom era.
"I know my parish pretty well," he
added, "but I have never seen or
heard of a bathroom, as In some cases five or six families live ln one
house. This ls a stat* of things that
should not exist.
The man who used the cistern caused a mild sensation in the district,
it was in tbe sweltering summer of
1910. and the e'stern was on the roof
of his house. I am afraid I cannot
say there waa any strong feeling of
revolt among tbe older generation.
Traditional Instincts do not warm to
tho bathroom theory.
Lateat Departure by London Authorities at Tilbury.
London, Jan. 20.���An Important step
has heen taken by the port of London
authority In connection with the provision of additional facilities for shipping In the TJhames.
The tender of Perry & Co., amounting to $527,330, has been accepted
for the construction at Tilbury of a
deepwater rlveralde Jetty for the use
of cargo ateamers. The Jetty is Intended mainly to meet the requirement of vessels which nrrlvo with
part cargoes, and which, nfter demanding deep water for their dla-
charge, desire to leave port qirTckly.
Tllburv has been choBen as being
i convenient Bite for this special riverside accommodation, and the plans
hove been drawn up after consultation with the shipowners concerned.
The Jeltv. will be 1000 feet long end
50 feet wide, and' will have railway
connection with thc shore.
Roman  observatory  registered  vibrations of 20 seconds.
Kaiser's Slaughtering Prowess Rouses
Comment  In Germany.
Berlin. Jan. 20.���The chief sporting
ina-CMlris, of Oerm-tny hae been examining tbe facta and figures that have
been allowed to reach the public concerning the thousand and one shoots
ln which the German Emperor haa
taken part in the 40 years that he haa
held a gun.
In tbe course of this time the Emperor has shot 2094 deer, 1872 tallow
deer, 3442 wild boar, $65 roebuck, 17,-
988 hares, 2686 rabbits, 121 chamois.
632 foxes, three bears, 12 elk, sIx^Ku-
ropean bison, three reindeer, two
moufflons, six l-adgers, an otter, 108
cock, 24 heathdock, three "bronze"
turkeys, two guinea-fowl, 38,578 pheasants. 867 partridges, 96 grouse, rive
snipe, two woodcock, 87 wild duck,
826 heron and cormorant, a whale, a
pike, and 628 under the head of various���a total of 70,846 head.
l.-iw. Solicitor, Hie. 552 Columbia
���.trw-t. New WestSliluter, B.C. Tele,
phene 107t.t Cable addre-w "John-
eton." Code, Western Union. Ortloes.
itooms II aad 7 Kills Block.
J. STII.WBLL CLUTE, Barrlstcr-ut-law.
Hullcitor, eto.; cumer Columbia and
McKenile streets. New Westminster.
11   C.   P. Q. Box 112.    Telephone   110.
solicitor and. notary, 610 Columbia
street.    Ovtr C. P. R. Telegraph.
T. m
King's    Second  Son  Is Taking
"Middy's" Course.
London, Jan. 20.���Prlpce Albert, the
second son of King Otorge, who left
on Saturday for the six month's
"raise which Is the final period o.'
'raining for a cadet, Is accompanied
hv the other cadets of his seniority
tt Dartmouth. When the cruise ts
ended the young cadet Is ready to be
^immlss'onpd ns a midshipman, and
has set his foot on the first rung ol
p'ie lander of h'-t navM enreer.
ln (he ense of the I'rlnce of tVn.!e3
-''io Blx mouths on a training crulBer
���ii omitted, nnd he became a mid-
ihlpmnn on IT.M.fl, Hindustan d'rect-
'y cr- leaving Dartmo"lh. The duties
ef his position and tho varied train*
Ing that was necessary did not permit him to adopt tHo sea aB a ooreer.
But Albert, aa the second son, will
be enabled to follow the profession
if n naval officer, as his father, prior
to the death of the Duke of Clarence,
did before him. Neither for tho .Roy-
il cadet nor his fellows will It be a
mere pleasure trip. During tha whole
of the six months they will be kept
hard at their studies by the staff of
Instructors who sail with tho cruiser,
and, In addition, there will be practl-
Toronto, Jan. 20.���Chairman Engle-
hart, of the Temlekamlng and Northern Ontario railroad commission
bas announced the following facta,
which will be embodied in the forthcoming report on the Ontario rail
During the entire period rf Its operation, the Temiskamtng and Northern
Ontario railway haa carried no less
than 3.672.49T passengers.
They have never killed a passenger
Gross earnings aggregate $9,066,-
16.81 ror tbe entire period.
Grose expenses amount to $6,362,-
The percentage, of operating expenses to gross earnings has heen
03.3.        , ���(...��.  '���'���
The percentage of net earnings to
gross has been 31.2.
$4(0,000 Worth Stamps Destroyed���
Had Wrong Description.
Washington, Jan. 20.���More than
23,000.000 two-cent Panama-Pacific International Exposition postage stamps
have been destroyed ln the bureau of
engraving and printing because some
official of the Third Assistant postmaster-general's office did not know
the difference between the Gatun and
San Pedro Miguel looks of the 'big
It was discovered two days ago that
the entire issue bearing an Impressive
picture of the Panama Canal look,
which follows clonely the recent etching by the artist, Joseph Pennell, was
labelled "The Gatun Locks." Some
veteran of the Panama excavation who
saw the stamps pointed out that the
picture was not of the Gatun locks but
of the Pedro Miguel locks,
An enquiry showed the postal authorities their blunder and rather than
subject themselves to criticism and
ridicule, they decided to destroy the
cntl-c 'beuc.
Wonders of wireless.
Communication With Balloon Five
Miles High Established.
New York, Jan. 20.���A cable from
Berlin Hays: Wireless communication
was established yesterday by engineers of the University of Halle between a land station and a balloon,
soaring to an altitude of four and one
half miles.
This Is said to be. the first time
on record that audible sgnals have
been transmitted to such a height.
The signals were flashed from the
station at Norddeloh, near the Norm
8ca. .,      ' . ,
lUrrim-TH and Solicitors. Roouis 7 and
%, Uulehon block. New Westminster.
<i. IS. Martin. W. O. MoQussriie and
Usorfs   I*.   C�� ���sly. 	
WIIIT-SSH-K �� EDMONDS ��� Barrtntrns
and Solicitors, Westminster Trust Blk.
Columbia street. New Weatmliurtt-r, B.C.
Cable address "Whiteside," Western
Union. P. O. Drawer 200. Tali-phone
(9.    W. J.  Whiteside.  H.    I,.   Edmonds.
UJ1 .
Accountant. Tele. R 128'. Room Trapp
stur Beard ot Trade sneeta In Uie hoard
room. City Hall, a* follows: Third Friday ef esu-li month; quarterly merlins
on the third Friday of February. May,
August and November at i p.n
nual  meetings on the  third  Friday of
on the third
Stuart   Wade.
Cltrk-Fraser Realty Co.
Formerly at C10 Columbia St., now at
607 Front SL   Phone R 1031.
New Westminster, B.C.
Reel Estate and Business Chances.
Acreage and  Choice  Fruit  Lands a
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables In the city. Fine
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined.
A. Q. BEATON. Proprietor.
&4 nr LADIES'
T ��� * " ~  SUITS
Ladles' and   Gents' Suits dyed
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New Velvet Collar  .71s
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
346 Columbia St.      Fhobe R$t��
i i
''. ' ' 	
For Rent
7-roomed house, fully modern
with furnace and kitchen range,
linoleum and blinds. Lease if
required, $25.00 per month.
8-ropm house, one block (rati
car, $18.00 per month.
5-room house, modern, with
basement, $20.00
Warner, Bangs & Co.
.    Phone 1024.
Coldleutt Blk.     last Burrraby.
p. ��
Democracy of  Scheme   Will  Kill  It,
Says   Admirsl���Doubts   British
Shipyard Capacity.
Detective Reveals Happenings at "Trl-
Wide Open and Increasing In Numbers.
Berlin, Jan. 20.���In a leading article ln the Vosslche Zeltung, entitled
"The Downfall of Chamberlalnlsm,"
Vice-Admiral Hoffman, retired, declares that neither the people af Britain nor the Dominions have been
persuaded of the advantages of lm-
perlalla-*n as understood by Che Conservative party.
Democratic Imperialism, tie says,
haa gained the day, and "taks is one of
the "lost brilliant results achieved by
Liberalism in England."
Vsce-Admlral Hoffman conUids
that the official class of officers ot
the army and navy ia ffaajlaud have vt
lake succumbed to tike democratic
���spirit, which haa even -Spread to the
���dynasties ot Europe-. Ue shows also
tffcat the number of e-e-raons who ami-
���grated from Baglsafl has Increased
from 91,000 In ������� to'262,000 In 1911,
���and adds that oat* -sI.UO Germans
���emigrated la 111L
Another WOram naval officer Captain Von Kalwotter,'dealing with Bri
'tlsh lmpcrlallsa Un Der Tag, Is apparently iwUeviae by convictions thai
the DomMons twill have none of IL
He declarea Q*u -when the matter le
more clone)-- -sonoidered, very mach
water hae to��e added to the wine of
British etttbuslusm.
Concerning   the   colonies, Cag4aitn|!trlpdt -apens Its doors to Mth sexes
Von Kelwdtter arrives also at the con! and to 'all classes,
elusion tiiatWieOanadlan and Malayan!     Monde  and deml-mnnde -nib  shoul-
warships oewd not have an influenceF rters though hero and his valet,   thc
disturbing tsoiGermany,   as   KagjlanO, banker and his clerk, thousand franc
Paris, Jan. 20.���The quest'xm ot
gambling ln the casinos ot ' Fnunch
waterlng-elaces haa of late aertousiy
preoccupied the government. Now It
b suggested that the state would do
well to look nearer home.'
ln Paris, Itself, -during tha last decade, there has been a aeeady Increase in the number of/**arlpota" or
gambling bells, - '
An ex-offlclal of the , F-enfecture "at!
police haa furnished a Trench Joar-
nal with much Inte: esttng and Alt
quieting Infraawtlon on thla subjextt
Information which 'its late position
particularly sjnaliflet trim  to aftmrd
According "to htm, il*! gambling -es-
labllshments <rt Par/stall readily Bute
vhree classes. Fir it 'there is tke wc-
(-.edited "c-aKle" ',r club in wMrjta a
certain amount of decorous gairtllltii-;
goei- on,
Th.-n tlre-re Is -a -second claaa, in
which "Ore pis'"-, the thing." Will,
tbe lea.il form iiitK-s are oheerved
and, as a general rule, tbo ganibler
gets "a tair- run for his money.
"Shad*- Underworld.
"'"'th "the 'tattW category, tttiat n'
lhe "trlpOts.' uiiedriips into a strange
"u-d, very study underworld, 'Mr the
"CAs-tl-MN KILL!i.ifcV."    '
Gird.' V/eddlrg QaYinent-, Filchtt*. to
'Trhn Hals.     ',
The warfare on the part.of bumatie
societies against feather -nil'i-nory is
beinn carried-nn vipjorous'.y Ln I o. dun.
"Feather* used in millinery are tin-
wedding garments ol tlio birds," said
Mr. .lames Buckland in a lecture Ml
behalt oi the Plumage Hill recently.
Tn be ot any value, he added; the feathers roust he taken tn-fore the birds
attea.-jt to rear their youm*.
If the truth could he told nbnut the
Calctftta Custom Hcu-te in relation t��
certain people in London, the public
eoTrsrieiice would be shocked by tlie
e-CsMnt of the smuggling of feather.-.
Her Roy il Highness the Ilniice ot
StSl-uwsIc presided over the [ashiimahl-.-
���cdftipany  which' heard the  lecture.
*&t. J. Buckland said the habit.ol
Weartlig skins and plumage iu ladie-,'
-hats was rapidly leading to the ex-
���termination  of  many  birds,  l-ecaiise
lacks yardB'tir which to lay dowa more
ships, cannot find workmen to ibulla
them, aaoB i-wlll ihave difficulty tn Jj-ffl-
ting th-em-armed tn time.
One pohtt, he says, stands eat cb-s-r-
ly, nattsdlr.that those Germans have
been proved perfectly right who aatl-
clpateti tsaat'Bngland would take aid
vatage tto I the utmost of her pow-ers
under -present circumstances.
liermiejy has gone back t��nrptn-��rlly
to a p-**t*r:ram of two new warsblps a
To  Steer  Icebergs  Into Gall Strerntn
is Idea .of American Enghuer
-VCongress to Consider,
"otes nnd five franc ple-eca rest de
mtjcnltlcally on the same -green rectangle, and tbe worst ot tt all Is the
pit**  la not straight.
The croupier In a "tr'-rrof'tsss ligh*
���fln*?**red as Autolycu<i a-rrfl -a creature
of Hie proprietor of the esttabllahment
who' remains ln a shadowy back-
Toti"-d. One must rot -run awav with
Hre'Idea'that the trlpot'Itself la modest arid retiring.
It "flames Its blaring -chandeliers in
tho'boulevards nnd tbe vlo'nltv ot th,
"���"-���'le.-   Thst  Is    thc    eym'-rdlnarv
rnlrrg about It���the entire lack ot reticence a"d ordinary nrecaution.
Fla-rintlv nhjt-.il.
Tho "trl*">ts" are flagrantlv 'iio-r->l
and'fmm time to time are ra'ded hi
1 a perfuntor-v wav: but th** fno-r ani*
' sentences imposed str lucFcrou**'-' '*���-
'l-i-dtviuate   as   deterrents,   end   hardlv
��� !*--,,������> flit) r*ellr�� left  Or- ra-d<>d  TOrm
thfrn' the -ramhlin-t br**-ins afresh with
duplicate apparatus.
T"-�� s-^thor iir-Dle"'--aT-*- -ji--��--'*c1nn *"*-*'
nosea Itself that the "tripot" to en*
<nv stieh bra'en lr-nrnmllv. must pne
-'.-ii "jnje subterran-ean and powerful
a  prominent  part  ln  Australian    af-'
fairs, and hla   countrymen    consider
him the best known Dominion  rtalesman, next to Sir Wilfrid Laurie r.
Mr. Dtakin'ii successor as, the opposition leader will probably be Hon. J.
H. Cook, head cf the free trade wing.
of %
Red Dear C-ivlne Is SuSIcct
Unique Function.
It is a pretty K'-oil fi'-n when yai
see a representation nl tlio niurt pTllll-
inent men in the west iMenibliOli at
the banqbet tab'.e fur the xperiul purpose ol hoonriiii- a' worthy .lersey cuw
and its wortliy owner, sayn t'nrinaii
Lambert iu Ti/roi.tn Ulubo. One night
not long ago the Board i.| Trade ul
Red Deer, Alta.. csu-ied that very
thing to lie done, 'lhe cow's name
(and It is only fair that her name be
mentioned first, ss ��he wan tlie absent guest of honor) is Kosclind bl
'they   were   Wing   killed   faster   than ' Old Rasing, and that nl her owner is
'they were breeding. Some lypes had
already been lost to the world in thi-j
way. On an island in the North Pacific Ocean was found a heap of dead
albatrosses, waist high, their bodies
stripped of feathers, and many having have condemned to a lingering
The beautiful lyre bird of Australia
hod been reduced to a few si-ecimeiif,
and nut long ago some sordid wretches
surrounded and Arid a patch of scrul,
where these remaining birds lind
sought shelter, and shot them dowu
ss tliey rushed out. One hundred
and twenty tail quills ol these bird-i
had been sold in London as ti. id.
eac'.i, quills -which took militia-* erf
yesr-i to evolve, and whieh were now
lost to the world.
Every egret worn by a woman
meant not only the death -mf the "bird,
Mr. C. A. Julian Sharuian. Ko-aliud
has the di-dinction ul being cue ol
the most -remarkable Jersey cows in
the world, holding at the | re/vnt lime,
as far as the latest obtainable records
are able to show, the dairy champion-
ship fif the British Empire, and Mr.
Shun-aun has surely- distinguished
himself in having raised such an animal, which was born, fed, milked and
and tested in Alberta.
' Italian Shannon came to Alberta
from the eld country ten years ago,
and iin characteristic English lashiou
made himself acquainted with the res
sonTces and the advantages nf differ,
ent parts of this province. He spent
six weeks in walking through the
country trying to get an insight int i
conditions. He finally decided to settle tn the dairy district nf Central
Alberta, near Red Deer, and it is only
New ''York, Jan. 20.���A plan :fcr *-*(b-
olishis-gdce bergs ls to be lsifl before
congnBB-i     Tbe  New   York kiiard ���*>'
trade mud   transportation  announces  Nursery Legend A"or-t*t the  Pie Conceals a Real Tragedy,
lis endorsement of a bill which Hon-
sres-s-s-s-ss.il-. Colder, ot Urooldyn, .will
submit   at   W'aahlnston   -rrlYrrn rtm-   a
goverament commission to austty-the
feasibility Df constructing a-huge Jetty across.Uie grand banks -off "Mm-r-
foundtaad. j
The idea, which tbe members iff tlie
board ware-' at first inclined te Je-er,
but laser adopted, waa explained by
Us originator, C. L. Richer, a wraok-
lyn eossjlaeer. He said be wsossfl ���-"*-
struct Che Labrador current sty laying
a steel liable,: ten lncnes In
across tfhe gradd, banks���wtsere
ccean bwil iaalevel plat
which the cm-rent could deposit sand
and form a ridge extending for Ivo
milea te 'ta-v-eaeb of Cape Race.
He darita-rad'Ithat this would its?
aufHi-slaatUiosalrtftt'the current m tOxatj
warm Gillf -Stream and thf doH Labrador current would commingle.melt
the Ice In the latter, eliminating 'hw
bergs not only form the region ��*t th*��
grand banks but also from the entire
Arctic clrrJles. Greenland, he -Basra-]
tsned, wo-dW ->be ��� traneferred Into m
garden   an-n   Hngland   would  be wur-
- rounded br ���>. current aa warm aa the'
' Carrlbean Sea.
Mr. Richer "declared that how��*f*er
dff'ettlt  this -projeet might seeta, 1t
��� would  reeel-ve 'the -endorsement   eU
-many engli
who would rather give up her life giving credit where it is due t> say
than abandon tier little ones, but it thst Mr. Sharmau has helped more
also meant the watling cry -trl hunger;'than any other one man to identily
from hen offspring. central Alberta a* a natural dairying
Great Britain was the "receiver *df 'territory,
the stohn goods, ft little while aj-i. i He knew nothing about (arming,
at the feather sales in London, a j much lei" about raiding line dairy
sr.owy heron's feather was sold at i-cattle, wheti*>"he first started as a
$100 per ounce, which was at the rate I husbatidtiian. Previous to setting out
of tl.cno per pound. The -exposure I lor Canada ten years ago. Mr. 8har.
and imperillin*' of h-aman lile in thoI imar.'i training had been conftned to
fever swamp* to nhtain these '(father* la thorough education in architecture
should   not   he   -neceasary  !to   "glut   in   Englahd   and  on   the   continent.
women's carrion taste in millinery.
Of One First-Class Armored Ship    Ex-
preation of Gratitude for British
London, Jan. 20.���Further particulars as to the germination of the offer
by the Malay Statea to tbe home government ot�� first-class armored ship
are contained in a mail dispatch received- ln London from Sir Arthur
Henderson Young, governor of the
Straits Settlements and high commissioner of the Federated Malay States.
The high commissioner reports that
his highness tbe Sultan ot Perak
moved the resolution setting forth that
the gift was offered to show bis loyalty and gratitude for the protection
given by Great Britain to tbe Federated Malay States and the prosperity
that these states had attained owing
to that protection..
Hla bigness the sultan ot Selangor
seconded the resolution and his Highness the Yam Tuan of Negri Sembllan
and the Dato Imam Prang Setla, who
represented the state of Pahang, also
spoke on the question.
All agreed with what had been
stated by tbe mover. Tbe four unofficial members all supported the proposal. They dwelt upon the remarkable unanimity with which this resolution had been approved of by all
those to whom they had spoken.
In the course of his dispatch Sir
Arthur makes the following important statements:
"Although It was not definitely
stated by the mover or the seconder, I
ruth, resulted In the former being returned by fifteen votes to nine.
Peter Grant, a Crimean and Indian
Mutiny veteran, died in the Eastern
pcorhouse. Dundee. GTant enlisted In
the "1st Highland Light Infantry, and
had seen active service In the Crimea
having the Crimean medal with three
clasps. He waa present at the battles of Alma. Inkerman, and fall of
8eba3topol. He had an.Indian Mutiny
medal with one clasp and was present
at the taking of Jahnsl, the capture
nf Rahnle, and also at the battle of
Calpil. I'e had the North-West frontier medal with one claap, being present at the Kyber Pass engagement.
He bad the Turkish medal and also
the long service and good conduct
About ^laying "Cards.
Cuitc armrt from "their use in "inrTi-
ous s-timo , playing enrils are an  in-
icrestinc *-1u(ly from liis'nric and pictorial -vnints ot -view.   Take find theiT
arrangement.     1'ifty-two
I and, to use his own words, "a knowl
j edge of the Greek and Roman order!
���is hardly a grounding lor successful fer ia accepted, whether a first-claus
farming." But lie was only twenty, battleship or a first-class armored
seven yea's of age when he Brrived. cruiser shall be constructed."
in this country,  and he very wisely  ���
"hired   out"   to   s  good   former   'or'.
I twelve  months alter  havin,' flnislieil  ****************
Ex-Soldlor and Police-nan Saves Girl
From Deep Well.
London, Jan. 20.���A plucky action
on tbe part ot Constable Garrett was
described at Bearsted (Kent) when
a young woman, named Minnie Ma>
Smith, was charged with attempting
Garrett was on patrol at Broughton
Monchelsea, near Maidstone, at midnight, wben he heard a voice'Trom
the bottom of the village well, lOo
feet deep, crying: "O, Lord, help mo'
The officer obtained assistance and
was lowered into the well. At the
bottom he found Miss Smith standing
in four feet of water. She was seriously injured. Wltb great difficulty
the two were raised.
The charge of attempted suicide
a-rainst Miss Smith, who said "she
did not know how she got there" was
dismissed. The magistrates recom-
mmded Garrett, who served In South
Africa with the 1st Royal Dragoons,
for the Carnegie medal, describing
am aware that there Is a very strong!his act as the bravest they ever re-
feeling on the part of the unofficial membered.
members, and also tbe Sultan of Perak considers that the gift la to supplement the naval program laid down
by Great Britain, and I referred to
thla point when I spoke on the reaolu-
It will be noticed thnt   the words r
used are 'a first-class armored ship;'
that the word 'ship' was used advisedly bo that it might be felt to 'hla
majesty's advisers to say, If the of-
lior-don, Jan. 20.���Few p<-or>l<�� knov
M:it tho nursery lea-end of "l.ltlle Jack
"H-*,-*ns��s.-- rs-nr-s--ft.'�� ss TesVl. tr&sissdv. ���
I At the Herorsn-mon tbe. syhlet ot an
*������-**$�� In tbe Wert "df Kngland re-
���">|vM' to a*i*T*-nd<*T, and tn token
thereof to send the a-��ed�� of the religious house to Henry "VTll. at Whitehall.- Ft security** s*ke the abbot
placed the docume-afts In a pie dlsb
and covered them With crust. The
dlf-h. without saying % word about the
contents, he gave to a loot. Jack Horner, with Instructions to carry lt by
r. 'road' to the king In Isoiidon.
About half way Jar* 'Horner be-
t -came ravenoua and came' to the conclusion (hat lt was Tooliah of him to
starve while he was the custodian of
lansie. So he broke Tke-crust and put
In hla thumb and polled out���a roll cf
���wchments. Tbe ���fbsgusted Jack
Horner chucked the tot Into an adja
-oent brook.
Thenon arrival of t-lre'deeds caused
Bluff'King Hal to ss-BpeCt- the abbot
-Of ��� contumacy; so hla Majesty com
mended that tke poor esetie should be
���avenUen Baetwastvl /Austrian School
Children Csvnmlt Suicide.     .
Vienna, Jan. $0.-~4tatlstIcs printed
-today of the suMMes in the year lilt
,-fbow that they musftkered   1658, aa
.compart d with *M"6 tn the previous
-rear.-The Increaae -isaatnalnly among
r female*.    There wosralao a oowmast
l-UMfaaaa In the sanstker,of child suicides, the youngest of -whloh was a
���girt of nine.   Alienists ascribe this un-
It-raapy feature to ao-me "fault with the
.system ef modern einoatron and mode
.A-earies-a but not a tnow "fact In re-
iB-a-rd to these suldias II* again em-
���pte*liM,,atid there la *���* ���the bright
ARCHDOCr1��8   PWFEtfa
.-���    I....'
Vienna. Austria, Jan. ���*;���The "Archduchess Elonore, eldest daughter of
Archduke Karl Stephen, hy her recent
marriage to an Austrian -aaval officer.
Lieutenant Von Kletw, renounced all
the dignities and privileges connected
with her rank. ; ��� ��
���, the ceremony w��s performed   at
!*fayhtisch, hi the. Provlao-i of -^"C^fsi**
and was �� quiet affair, tt whle>\oniyif��'
the members of twp   (amities w^re
..present.       !.;��������
^"TUw ftN��*ltt��h��st la J��'lSjjf|*ia,''.
cards. TO      is or do'-s and 13 tricks, I his walking t��ur of inspection   ami
represenline t'i.- weeks   anil   dovs ������   having decided hla choice ot districts.
tlie vost and ihe lunar months, there   . Mr*  Sharman  at the present timo
sre ' foTiT   ��oit=.   vnTesenting    four  h��3 �� milking herd .numbering over
cla=��:s ul t,to,.i,, ,M thev were divid-' 8ixty ���"ea'1- ���""��� M e"cl1 feniale comes
ed at'it,e "'imn the pnek of csrds we   into "the herd" j-lie is entered for a
row us�� was a.'vised l>v the French.   ��'�� months' official teat.    If elio fail-*
The "*-wides" ��tood   tor  pikemen   or   to qualify she i.. not retained in the
fol.rir-rs. the'���'chilis'''Iot clover, typi-  group  ol  select  milkers.    Tlie  belle
fyi"e   laTmrr-'.   the   "diamonds"   for. "I   his   present   herd,   ol   course,   is
li'ii'.d'-ng tttltts, -iwrearntlng   artisan*'.! Rosalind   of  Old   Basing.    In   three
and   the   "h^arl-i1' 'for   choirmen   or  years Rosalind has returned her tna*-
ec;les'iB?tics.      The      "kings"      anditer $1,007 50 tor cream  and skimmed
"queen-i" tfl the lime   were   more or   milk, and hae given him three calves
leru eorr "t'likeneaaei'Of certain royal; for which lie lias refused $2,000.
and ntttile neraonafri's.    l'vn in    our1     Red   Deer a�� a town is almost aa
modern ;>acks ft is  said that one til   proud of its champion dairy cow and
the "rmeens"   H   a convcnti*A*iali7."d   Mr. Sharman, Us it is of Dr. Michael
portrait   rff 'KH-r.-Jbath   df York,   who   Clarke, the member of Dominion Par-
wa*   s-ngaif-'d   .to   the    Duuphin    ol   Usmeiit for that constituency, which       	
may Vsejiortrattn.   rVUlhe eourt'eards.   "u,u j, where the best dalTy cow i��\aow.
In tatt",-rrttiUn Iherr *t*tteentli -century 1 tne   Brju,-!   Ktnpl|s   livti.'    And   It
chsrafteri--tic*(.   'Oerrds 'sTe   amonL'-t; vou nave timf) and do not go t��> see
.i-e r-w thing- that hovemot chang.d  ^ famou�� "Rosalind of Old Basing."
with ihe aeiiturieu. you  are  lively  to be  discredited   for
some time afterward. When the Duke
of Connaught visited Red Deer a lew
weeks ago Mr. Rharmsu's little l> ,y
asked his fsther if the duke would be
coming out to see Rosalind, and when
informed in the negative by his. parent,   the   hoy   .'aid,   "Well,   wbnt   d,<i
��� ���',
��� SCOTTISH    NEW3. ���
��� �����'
��� ���������������������������������������������si
Detective Thomas Rothnie, of Edinburgh, fell from an express train
and was killed.
About 100 applications to the land
court have been lodged with-the sher-
itf clerk at Kirkwall.
, ' r��GtrJSP*mr ��V* *"
Extension of Time.
Notice Ib hereby given that the
time for reception of tenders for
Dredging at False Creek, Vancouver,
B. C, Ib extended to Monday, February 17, 1913.
By order
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, January 13, 1913. (534)
Sank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid-up) ....$16,000,000.00
RESERyE $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, England, New York. Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit issued, available with c6r-
respondents in all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
received In sums of $1 and upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
O. D. BRYMNBR, Manager.
B.C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria lis ra,
2 p. iu. and It :4s,
leaves Vaacssv-ver tor Seattle 10 a. m.
and 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver fsr Nanalmo 1p.m.
Leaves Vancouver tor Prince Rupert
anil ItorUwrs. l-ulau IS p. m. Wo-Jnes-
Leave* Vajscouver every Wednesday at
I* u. m
Ch9M. Service
Leaves Westminster t a. Bt Monday,
Wc-Inesrlay and Friday.
Leaves ChlU'wack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
1 liunsday and Saturday.      . '
EO. GOU1.KT. As-ent, New Westminster.
H. W. BROD1& O. P. A, Vancouver.
Btrii-sst "Spot -en "Esrrh.
The most crowded spot in taevworld
lor H-re and a half days of the week
is that simal: ttract of 'territory, cover-
ing une aere.  bouiulell .by  live I Roy si
Kxchomje. the-bank antl the 41 iii-i-.!!	
House in tthc 'City of ll.ondou. lit.is ��   he come to Red Deer lor snyway?
veritable Diumau gaglion. Ill youvwer-	
Ui stretch an invisible 'tliread  north Sir John's Wit.
snd -ts-airtl'SBross.tliis^pewi.yau'Wotllil g:r j���hn Boyd, the eminent Ontari,
tind that in the course of each day u<- judge, is noted lor the keetines- nl lite
fewer tsran MO.tlOO iwsona pa-ieed and  Jptellect.    The  Chancellor  amps   a
-Minister of Mllltls Points THot Value
"Cf Early Tralnletj.
H��m'don, Ont, Jan. 20.���At the an-
���nual banquet of the CamMlan Club,
he'd here recently, Hon. Sam" Hughes,
Mthhtter of Militia, made a strong
���plea fori.**6 development ottho cadet
movement ln Canada.
Tie pointed oat that not tadi-ser cent
���ef ithe -hoys In' the Dominion could
"handle-a rifle properly, nor-were they
-tfitneO f-fffteently to condaet 'them,
-astt-rae Rrltlsh soldiers. He
ceondltlons with tthoee 10
* particularly in the -earlier
when ithe sports of the'boys ai
fundamental the training ln
haodThsg .rtfle.
Th�� resiilta of this were shown ln
t*�� CH-MB-asfd In countlesa *battlee
The -attniater ef militia gave ammat
Intererttn-! account of the cadet -movement, 1* OanatU during the past two
many q*-n*Rter�� at first, but the esodl-,
lelmkltirSMt followed
(Smtstoer ataptbs seesK��*be more con-Wear*.    It^wss received Mversakj mi
du^oTe to aulcldet the*  the wtater  ���  "" * "*-
time. June, July antl August lead
���far Oat tor the number -eC cases of
-belf-dostructlan, while the leavaat num
t>er<oecurredkn Februanr astd Decem-
���*���**������ "'���,-' '
The favorite for*n of sett-murder
���Msemed to be hanging, of which there
were ��to cases, -as compared With 282
bjr alMwrlllng and J108 hy polseataf.   .
'Rss-tneat frequent motives aaalgned
for tke acu , *ttare Ill-health, dptap-
-potatment In love and privation. -Seventeen rt-MMren, Med tha*aaelv��a> to-
caused they failed In their wort in
'nr e-s-av onposltlon. and he pioahea-i
ted that la ai taw yeara it would pro*]
duce an orfcrly, well-drilled, a-oMfl-
lently equipped body of young maa
capable of deteodtng the empire fa
case of emt-Tgestor.
He deplored the spirit that was coav
sUntiy looking tor war of fomenting
trouble. Wars wea-e "never acauted by
soldiers', but were ��aused by lawyers
and ethers.
Storm Washes Up Rartns of Nero's
Submerged Villa.   .
Rome, Jan. 20.���At Ahslo, a fishing
town aad bathing -resort 30 ��� miles
from Rome, la a clear, ealm sea after
the recent storms, men discovered extensive remains of Nero's villa tab-
merged MO yards from shots,.
They saw a lot of broken columns of
���statuary, some of which they recovered and also a colossal female head,
Other anbrna-rged Roman buildings
and temptes ware discerned along tke
���lea ihore.'"      N
tha government's archaeloglcal department Intends fo make aiplora-
��*m^��f^)��ti��i:err*dtt.. .����.
repassed, together .with AO-jOOO veil
c'.es. Aad "the busiest acre >���> iiiuued-
iat -ly outside the Mansion H-su-f. lol
rather snare rtlian llntlf tthc 'Iriiilic
crossing the imaginary lioundarie-
passe* that way. the result ol a'traf
fie census taken .by the London ipolier
show that en an a-vcrane day i<oiiic
30.f00 yehicle-i pant this partledl*T'0,,r
ner, whiVe t8he ���pouV-stiitau trafficlUiwell
ov. r -iail.tJOO. and theae tigures are con-
stai.l'.y iurrea-uotg.    v
Ratert em Mr. l-tbot chete.
At a huM ia Cirnwa'.l a lew days,
aro, writes a ennre-ipnndeiit I ciiiii--
across an *M waiter who. in hi- palms
days, was in the -samrice of the Ute
1/ird ievtfe-.ot Herettwd. st the li'in*
when, st Sir Heary J*me*. he -sat ffur
On the neceoKOi *t ewe of Sir IL-u-
rv's HjliU Ihe late Mr. Henry l..il."ti-
"here, who had a gwoil aeason lor lUk
init tn intere-st in Tsainton, wa.. (Hi
i-ertalli that 8ir Henry wuiild be lk-
leatcd that he svetit a asedsagv to kini.
offering, it he gut in. in carry situ
.rom Taunton to Westaainster un ins.
To this 8ir Henry seat track a reply, through the man new serving *��
a waiter, that he quite gave up don
key r.ding when he was a bay.
Cholsra Bw-wplftf trsdla.
Cholera again U sweepUut l-ndla. lb
August in the nrovlnra si Mhdra*
htii-ne there were 81,30$ cane*, with IU*
'"0 deaths. Ih other parte svf the em-
���ire an.��"Usl!y ominous nn-rtality pre-
-nailed. White the scourge |< iiotm
-sssoreri! as iu previous yeara, it is ex
a<r*Hn�� a heavy toll.
Cho'.en is also said to be prevalent
in sUlatto .Turkey. With Turk al.
ttwoj-a lieintt hurried into luiartlierii Ku-
ivre sWcsuim- of the Btlksu war, tin'
oriria'l*i (ear the ptsgue may itpraad
tli-ruugh Europe.
Lake Victoria.
Tstke V>toria hat been in eststence
I.OOOJOO years, according.to th- compulations ef Dr. Felii Oswald, th.
���reologist. whom tbe Lritish Museum
authorities tent to Africa some time
agj to InveetigaW this question.
counsel's argument almost invariably
before the lawyer has finished his
speech, and it irritates him when Ihe
lawyer U at all verbose or has not
his cose well up. The Chancellor
also has a sharp wit.
The otlier day frt the somewhat informal court known as Judge * Cham
bers. a young lawyer commenced to
argue.a case with which he was ob-
viotuly nut Well acquainted. He
fussed and hummed apd hesitated. He
wandered all about tlie point in a.
vague manner. Sir John, however,
had seen through the case like a Hash,
ilt was really a very simple one.
"What have yon tn my, upon this
pointr" st last asked the ClttiiceUnr a
little sharply, referring to tlie key ot
tttie situstioti.
f>h. t was jn*t coming t-> that,"
-said the ynung Isw-ier hrii-liietitiif.
"No. jou werent.'ytelor ed 8 r John,
evidently fearing that the lawyer was
���going to moke a fresh start. "You
iiaswed it long ago.'���Turuiito Star
A Record Scow.
The largest scow aver built in tha
Maritime Provinces, antl probably in
SEALED   TENDERS,   addressed   to   the
undersigned, and endorsed 'Tendi'r for
Dredging   Fa.se  Creek,  Vancouver,"  will
_.     ���        _ _, ��� ^    . I he   nc.lved   until   4:00   p.m.   on   Friday,
The Rev. George Walker, pastor of i Juniuiry   tl,   1913.  for  dredging  rerjuired
the Bast ParlB'a church, Aberdeen, at- i at False Creek. Vancouver, B.C.
talned to hla Benii-inbllee 1     Tenders  will  not  be  considered  unless
laineu io ms semi-juouee. made on lhe fornl�� supplied, and signed
. _ ,.       .���      ' ,   .    ,1-j.ith the actual signatures ot tenderers.
James Calder has been appointed ; combined specification and form of ten-
assistant general mauager of the 1 der c-in be obtained on applUntlon to the
North British Railway company. | &^7aJ'TB^^wo^o^ bVaStt
_. ., i , ,  ,        trlct   Engineer,   New   Westminster,   H.C
The question of preserving higher | Tenders must Inslude tho towing of the
education in Scottish rural schools Plant to and rrom the work. Dredges and
Wflsa eias-nun-ssl al ss. me-suns, ,1., o.\��^ i .us**   uot   owned  and   registered   In   tin-
A biEhiy respected clt'.icn ot Wlc*-..\��ttJ-**> thirtv oay�� after u-a Saui ��wr'
lu the person ot David Druce, retired;^ ^a?el?,otl,le* ** Uw <uxc^**"1* A\
gas manager  and  engineer,  is  dead i    Bach  tender must be aco-impanled by
' an acoepted cheque on a ehartered bunk.
In the court of session, Lord Sker* ! payable to the order of the Honourable tli   .
rlne-tnn e-r-inted a dtvnrr* In Mrs   Pit.   Minister   of   Public  Works,   for  five   per
ringion granted a divorce to Mrs  til-        t (S       , of Ule ^^^^ pr.|Wi whlc.,
zabetb   Peace   Walker   or   Corrigall.   will be forfeited ir the peraon tenderinsj
Flnatowne, Firth, Orkney   against her  decline to enter Into a contract when call- |
houh-inri     Wm     Pneelsnsll        Flnolno.no      ��<"   upon   to  do SO,   or fall   to Complete   the
r husband.   Wm.   COXrlgall,     Flnstowne,   W8rk contracted for. If the tender be nol !
on ground of non-Support. f accepted  the  cheque  will   be   returned.
'    Tbe Department does not bind Itself le
A boy dressed aa Father Christmas  accept tbe lowest or any tender.
had his hands and neck badly burned r.  of'DESHACHKRS.
owing to his costume catching   fire secretory.
while tbe lanterna were being lighted      Depai-trnent of Public Works,
.. . .kn,���... r-h.i.sn.,,, ,... ., wi. Ottawa, December 27, l��ll.
at a children a Christmas tree at Wig-      Newspapers will not be paid rer this
15 850 Tona Register
34,000 Tons Displacement
16,850 Tons Register.
34030 Tons Displacement.
These new palatial liners will leave
3outbampton 'on April  1st and   May
27th respectively  far  Vancouver   via
the Suez Canal, calling at  Gibraltar,
Monaco or Ville Franche, Port  Said,
Colombo,    Singapore,    Hong     Kong,
Shanghai,  Majl Nagasaki, Kobe   and
Arcund the World Tickets From Vancouver, $639.10.
Choice of Atlantic ateamshlps from SL
John, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax, Portland. Boston or New York.
Passengers will have Uie opportunity of taking many side trips durins
the Bmpreaoes' stay at the principal'
porta. Time ot voyage from Southampton to Vancouver about two
months. Full particulars, rates, etc,
on application to
New Westminster
Or H   W. Brodle, O.P.A . Vaaeocver
9s>\a Rdfisnt 1rjt
Hire's Root Beer
.in.-ral Wsters,   Aerated1 Water!
Manofs-ctswsst by
i-sleahon* R  IIS   Office:   Princess Be
HON. J. H. COOK MAY BE   .  "
Meiborune. Jan. .*).������The reela-aa-
Uds-vof Hon. AlfredN Doakln, opposition, leader, through 111 health, has
heal rtcalved with regret on all sides.
fpr 3t yeara Mr. Dekkfn haa played
Canads. was laccetflullr launched
at Livernsiol, NoVa Scotia, leeenllj-.
It ia owned hy the Nova Scotia Con-
strurtiioii Co, anil will lie ustHl flrst
at tke new concrete piers now being
wtm at Hslifti. The pile driver il
an is-Bss-kv-nss- steel structure. The ham-
am ssted for drivlftg conoreW piling
weigbs ten torisv It hss' a *M-hors��
powersso.-j.ine and four steam capstan's;
also tm* thirty-top steel derricks on
each tide uf the 'how. and evrry device <st the latest machinery. The
���cow will carry a lull crew and has
berthing aoOotiimodatiorr lur tin men,
Including engineers. The curt was
 in ili ���ii    ������ ��� ���i ���-
Inventory .af Watir.
The first inventory ever taken ot the
water po>er�� otCpnada bit been cuut.
pleted by the C-J*mis��lon ol Coneer.
vstlon. whoaf ioi-eetigatioiis exteuded
oyer a periosj nl :twn years. It �����
estfmsted thst Ip 1010 1.0U.KU unit*
of horse power wera developed front
water power in Canada, 7-)JJ)00 for
electrical energy, and th* rest lor f*rit|
mill and pulp and paper mill use.
and the full resources nl the country
have scarcely; been tapped. The Hon,
Clifford Bitten. cKalriuan df the C.ii-.
sorvatioti' Coimnution, hta stated that)
Canada po4iets-ra heart*- ont^ill ol
the total avasjabto.waiw i,��aw Wi ftltbo
ulob*. ,. . ���
A snow storm ot considerable severity was experienced In the nortn of
Scotland the past few weeks, and the
weather conditions hsve continued of
a very boisterous character, practically without cessation.
A young Irishman named James Divers was sent to prison for thirty
days for extraordinary behavior at
Motherwell. He entered a butchers
shop, and without warning, dealt the
attendant a severe blow on the head,
knocking him down and rendering
him unconscious He then possessea
himself of a cleaver, with which he
slashed around, causing much damage and driving everybody from the
A tragic Incident la r-rported by the
Glasgow police. A bouse at Callow-
gate was suspected ot being conduct
ed as a sheeben. aad a watch�� was
aet A man Inside' ths-howe*. aa-Boo
John McCallerty. becoming aware he
was watched, fastened -a rope.to a
bedstead and lowered himself over a
window. The rope* broke, and McCal
lerty sustained a fractured skull, and
he died ln the infirmary.
-  - J*"1
advertisement If they Insert ft without
thorlty from the Department.���S3ZS**.
A laborer who waa apprehended on
a charge of theft made a daring es
cape trom Haddington Jail, cllmbln.-
a pipe -and-eventually reaching the
���treat without being observed. A
search waa Instituted and he "was dls
covered ln the Waverley station, Rd
tnburgh, and conveyed back to Had
A public "telephone call box al
Portobello railway station was tht.
scene ot 'a daring theft. A man en
tered the cabinet and smashed open
the automatic each box. He whs disturbed, however, while rifling it. and
was able to escape. He' hsd only
been able to extract a hendfull of
coppers from the box.
Mr. and Mrs; John Weir, of Moth
erwall, have Just celebrated the 00th
anniversary of their wedding. Mr.
W.alr Is a native ot Thankerson, and
waa toi* over fifty Mars a permanent-
way Inspector on the Caledonian railway. A married daughter came all
tha way from South Africa to Join
Ut th* rtrjoiolnga.
Considerable competition took plaeo
at a meeting of the paisley pariah
Counoil In connection with the ap-
pointing of a ahalrman. No fewer
than seven candidates were taqtninat-
ed. and the final vote, which,was between Mis* Jan* Bell and Jamea Car-
Re New Westminster District. Block
8 of Lot 42, Group 1, Map 1146.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 18620F. Issued In the name of Lily Rita McNeill,
has been filed tn this office.
Notice Is hereby given that I shall
at the expiration of one moiiUi from
the date of the firBt publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless In the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
��� C.S. KB1TH.
District Registrar of Titles.
'' Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B.C., December 22nd, 191J.
Transfer Co.
Barn Phons 137,
"Mftee Phone 188.
Baggage Dellveisd Promptly to>
any part of the city.
���light ami Heavy Hauling
COAL MINIMO rlgbto of the Dorolnlo-,
Irl Mantteba. Uaskatohr waa and Albert*.
the Yukon Territory, tile Northwest Ter-
rlto-iaa and In a portion at the Pravlnoe
of BrUloh Columofa, may be k*tm for a
term of twenty-one yeuis at aa annual
rental of 11 an acre. Nol mora than tstt
acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application tor a -ease must be musli-
by the applicant In person to the Agent
ar Bub-Ac-nt ot the district In whloh the
rights applied (or axe situated.
In surveyed territory tbe land must be
���i-secrlbed by sections, or legal sub-dlvl--
stuns ef sections, aad. In unsurvcyet* territory the tract applied toe ahall n*
staked.out by the spBltosm hlmaelf.
Bach uppllaatlon uuet be suxrjmpnnled
by a fee Ot It which wilt be reruaded tf
the rights applied for sre not available,
but not otherwise. A royatt-r ahall- be
paid on the -rMs-chs-jit*"-*�� output at the
mine at the rat* of five oenta per ton,
Tha person operaUns the mine ahall
furnish the Agent with sworn return*
acoountins for the full auantily at mer-
chantable coal taraed and pay the,royalty thereon. It tbe.ooal jtmhm rie-hlB
are not being operated such rs.turns shoultl ENBLI
be fun-lshed at least once a year. TWEED.
.j&ttsr. a'ft?fij?*a*-rts *5^
rrtltted to   purchase   whatever   av-sllabte   sMtgs sta
^lurtsce ritjrhta rnay be .ooostdered n^eesf
for the -srorkbii %t tbe mine at the
rate or lie an acre.
For full Infortnatloo applteattom sho-ipj
be made to the Becretojjr of the Import
ment of Ose.Utorlor. Oitawa. or to any
Agent or Bub-Agent ot nomtaMo tsondM
D. McAulay
Tel. 724.      Oar. Sixth and Colombia.
���      i h   nil' i
who da not -raeetvo The Naw* belore
I am should
aad asaka saaarkslat. Only In this way
may aa aCtetaat delivery be mala-
'at-ee* '
Second Hand Store
ehsy and. ssM ate sat   ascend   bans]
���roods ef all l-iae-a.   Toole eapeclallr.
4 Melt, .c* tsw-att.       ' rkittim
IwMH BKttaE, etc.. Just
Parfaet PH: and Workman-
TUE8DAY, JANi/AflV ti, fffS.
Labor Commission
Holds Sitting Here
. < ontioot-u mini | ate onei
st law sirit or an acceptance of tho
terms oilrnrrL Thc government should
also Si a miulmum wage. He deplored the fact that cheap labor in
thc term of the Asiatic had driven
tho white labor from the mills. An
��-*igh.L hour day was also necessary,
especially for female labor.    '"'
Jniac-i Logan llluBtratiid the former imtim  wage tf 54 a day for all men
t-penker/s assertion   about   insurance No one would employ a Chinaman ai
agents beating  workmen  out of ade-   '������rt wage; he would choose a wilt
,      ,   .    ,      u man and thus solve ths Question, Thf
quatr. damages for injuries by a   l*1dIfletMlca ln the wages of white n.er.
st-itul cr his own case. jailu Hindus in the mills wan from r>(
Denounces  Immigration. IcentB to "5 cents.per day.   One of tht
Archibald   Hogg,     carpenter,     de-j11111-8  in  the city  recently  abolished
nounced aosistod immigration of a!iy!Hindu Ial)0r-
ti Hid and expressed  his aversion    to
the Solvation Army    being   bohused.
man made $2000. He paid bis boatman a third of that.
The Chairman-: Are the Japs reliable ? Do they carry out their
duties ?
Mr. Monk As a JJshermau he is
not bad; but ho always wants to get
ahead of you.
D, S. Cainercn, recalled, protested
against assisted (-migration, and tlie
subsidizing of the railway companion
and the alcamshlp companies from
the old country. Tho immigrant!,
brought here in Ihat way were not
so desirable as men who paid theh
own fare. All the province.' in tht
Dominion, he believed, bonused the
shipping men. ��� |
As a remedy for the Asiatic ques-
t'on,  Mr.  Cameron  suggested a mini
Women  Myst Ge-^More.
_ _   With regard tii female labor it wa~
UA would tax lUumnroved    land"~amiI i impossible for a woman to keep her-
forcc the speculator to put the land
into use.
Tbe chairman said the present tax
was 4 per cent.
. llr. Hogg���1 would like to see it 75
per cent. If the land was free the
people would flock to it and (-ultivate
it, thus reducing the coBt of living.
The witnesa    then    said    that    aii ,mr. mum wage for women at $12
self respectable on the wages gener
ally paid in this province.1 Some of
them were only paid $4 or $5 a week.
Domestic servants were the best
paid, earning from $15 to $."ii a month
with board. Some of the laundry
workers get as much a3 512 a week
The  witness  said  he  would  fix    thi
young persons and girls should have I 'veek for an eiSllt hour Aal'    '^^
a. minimum wage of S12    per    week Iwas no reason the stores should not
Sanitary conveniences for women
should be provided and tho provisions
of the **actory Act more rigidly en-
jforced. There waa, he thought, an
insufficient number of factory ii.
spec tors.
Alderman   Dodd   also   spoke   about
tho necessity of reducing the working
be restricled to eight hours per day.
There should be seals provided foi
girls in stores. He believed that much
of tho restricted district residents
went there because they could not
make a living en their wages,
Tne chairman suggested  a visit to
one of the laundries on their return
Lours and the cruelty to store girls and Mr. Cameron said he would con-
in their long hours. Ho would also d"ct *hem to the Royal City where
-extend the age of the young person * t*-ev could see the condi ions of work.
ffrom 14 to 16, who went to work   in  There were 30 girls employed there.
James Whital, carpenter, laid stress
upon cash payments for wages.
W. E. Maiden, printer, Indorsed the
other witnesses' remarks ard added
the   demand   for  better  sanitary    ar-
any factory, in a general discussion
lie said that the 11 C II It. invariably
settled cases out of court, in the matter of compensation for injuries, provided Ihe claim did not exceed $2500.
Ma thought it a good Idea to have a, rangements.
commission to settle claims for    In-     A-    McLaren    and    J.     0heckle-.
Juries in preference to going to court.! -.lumbers, gave expert,    evidence    on
T. A.  Barnard spoke for the engi-j'1-e sanitary arrangements. ^
peers and was especially down on the |
Utes With Tribesman Wanted by the
���Authorities, Ocupy Strong Position���Feeling   la  Bitter.
��� I 	
Cortes-., Colo., Jan. 20.���Without
leaving any trace of their whereabouts the 50 Ute Indiana who left
lhe tile reservation Saturday rather
thati deliver one of their tribesmen,
Uig Kabbtt, to the civil authorities or
hsij Indian agent, abandoned their
Ftf-Highold in the Ute mountains early
this morning.
-I#te this afternoon Sheriff Gawith
was! Informed that thc Indians had retreated 'further Into the mountains and
Are now guarding Dig llubbtt in tlie
plt'of a canyon. Indian Agent Spears
an|l the Indian police departed at once
for| the scene. Sheriff Gawith de-
carts, he, as a civil officer, has no
rijlft to force a fight, and will cal)
fcr,.,troopa at once if Spears is not
stmjessful this time.
���fW threatening has the attitude of
thpJjUtes become that tho white citi-
ze||i of southwestern Colorado, In the
imtA-iliate vicinity of the reservation,
haya armed themselves and are mo-
metrt-irily locking for a desperate out
hrehS:. The Utes who have remained
on Ine reservatlon are becoming greatly ftcitcd and it is believed they are
arming themselves.
tlan Agent Spears received today
from the Interior department in
ington asking for detailed information concerning the uprising.
tt*is said that the trouble between
(he'Soidians and the whites is more
serious than the attack on the sheep
herders. The Indians have been complaining for some time concerning the
way their hunting grounds have been
invaded by the white men. Daily bick
erln**s\are said* to have led to a feeling of ideep resentment on the part
of the tjfes. which crystallized Saturday when the 50 warriors carried Big
llabbitinto the mountains.
system of the. mills where wages
were not paid until after six weeks'
work and some times' longer.
Ail thc witnesses were strongly in
favor of cash payment of wages.
Mr. II. G. Parson presided, and the
other commissioners present were A
M. Harper, J. A. McKelvIe, J. Jardine
R. A. Stoney and If. B- McNamara
���Preoident  cf   States   Building   Trades
Council  cf California   Declares
"Dynamiters'; Innocent.
Los Angeles,    Jan. 20.���Bitter    de
At the -'vi-iiiii-r s/issioii yesterday of
tbo labor commission the subject ot
tbe Japanese monopolizing the fishing in the Fraser was brought up by
Mr. Martin Monk aad seemed  to  in-1 nunclation p( court aad prosecutor in
terest      tbo    commissioners    vastly. '��� the  ii.diaimi.tlis dynamite conspirac-
Various suggestions were made as to |trial,  an  expression  cf confidence  in
remedying   this lamentable   state    of | the innooonuo tf  the men  convicted,
affairs, chief of whicb   tv��u  uiaL thc j and an assurance of industrial peace
-government should  witkhoJd the Jap- during   the  building  of  the   Panama
anese licenses until alter (be 15th of Paciflo exposition at  San    Francisco.
March   lo  give  tbe   \��Title,
the chance of fleci-ring  Hip
As "there aro onlv  to be    a
sram'tser  ssaoed Us*s��    --max    aaA    tlw-. '. Council   at  California,   which  opened \ *,','-',
London. Jan. 20.���"The dignity of
business" Is the battle cry of a new
crtif-ade here to found a central bureau under the joint direction of the
business men and the educational authorities' to guide the best scholastic
ability to serve the country In business.
II seems strange that ln a country
.vhlcli owes everything to business lt
���ho-ild be a tradition of her public
���cherh to despise business and ti
| ���;' nsiilcr It a waste of intellect to de
vote clever hoys to a commercial
Thai     is    the    complaint    rf    thr
irlginatori of this movement, who de
-t'ra to set apart the best intellect of
the 'younger generations for businesr
pursuits Instead of their being ntiliz-
���d for the civil service here and    In
India and  tbe  professions.
At th�� proposed central bureau the
! names  of employees  and    applicants
I will he registered -so that they can be
M-asure Wa3 Giver. Huge Majority In
House of Comr-iono���Will Be
Thrown Out by  Peers.
London, Jan. 20.���The Asqulth gov-
-rr.uicnt has get the Home Rule bill
hrOUgh its last stages of the House
f Commons hy an overwhelming mo-
��� The NeV Westminster News doe3
not hold list "f responsible for thc
opinions expri^ 'ed In correspondence
To the Editor th The New Westminster Newa.-I not. "e *n >0,lr lBB,le
of Jan. 20th, in em. lection with the
apology of Mr. T. W.. .v'ayne, you state
that the land in qucet <�� W<--B owned
by Murray Brothers, fi 1-li- ls a mia-
take, we had It listed in U e usual way
rrom the Messrs. Taylct Vothers of
Alta Vista. We were iMithcrized to
.sell the three acres at J1S00 p>r acre,
Jor.ty. a majority, it must be re-i0��� wi,|ch we were to receive 5 pe-cent
marked, that would still have reach-1 commission, which amounted to 1270.
Yours truly,
City Council
Receives Reports
(Continued from paga one)   *
Publicity Bureau In this city on Friday. The council also accepted an
Invitation from the Progressive association to attend the banquet to be
given the members of the bureau in
cd fifty or more had every Irish-Tory
and Nationalist member abstained
from voting and allowed Great Britain alone to decide the fato of the
With so clear a mandate on the
measure and In the present disorganized condition of the Unionist party,
there is no visible reason why it
should not become law during the life
of the present parliament. Of course,
the bill bo thrown out in the House
of Lords. E.-ually, of course, if the
present state of affairs continues, n
will be passed and repassed as many
limes as necessary by the House Of
Commons between now and the end
f the present parliament, something
more than a year hence.    There    U
time to spare for the working of the [the Premier hotel at 8 o'clock on tne
narliament  act   by   which   the   Heme   evening of Jan. 21.
Rule bill can be made into law,   de-      On inquiry as to the deed or tne
spite the objections of the Lords. City   Hall  site  Alderman   Lynch was
Three months ago this did not Informed that it had been secured and
seem possible, indeed, it hardly seem-;would be registered, after *Vblon a
���-I m-ssible-last October, that the ; valuation would be placed on the pro-
Home Rule bill would reach its final; perty.
stage in the House of Commons be- j Mayor Gray announced that one of
fore the country was thrown into a ithe first matters to be �����>����.*��?
general election by the government's would be the Nannlmo stree impro-e-
defeat, but in the last three months ment scheme. The city, he stated, as l
the Unionist party has contributed in- prepared to go ahead with the pur-
valuable support to the bill caused chas* of certain property whieh ���
by the needless dissensions to which ^ included In the "^tfhM.tite
it allowed itself to fall a prey. ! scheme Is 0 irrleil o it.     This con, lud-,
.,.*���* i ed thd meeting of the new council.
Are Asset to Liberals. B |aw ,, pa8ted.
At   present  Lord   l.ansdowne,    and:     A,  lne meetlng 0f t|ir. 0|d  council
particularly    Mr.    Honar    Law.    arc , ft( 10*a m  tnp Arena i,paBe Uvlaw was !
imong the greatest of the* coalitions | pass(,(l aml ordered signed, sealed and ]
Assets both through the fact of their ; approved.    In this connection a letter !
relinquishment  of    principles    which t rect,-v,,d by Mr. C. A.  Bourne of the I
hey so earnestly and vehemently de-; Arena -(���������< Company from  Sir Rich- i
���lared   would  never  be  dropped   anriiar(j   Silcltri-tle.   was   read.     It  assured;
iy tlie manner   of    their   relinquish-. h|m |llat ttu, Arena Lease bylaw will j
ment,   it  would   be  .-.ra   to  conceive | ^p confirmed   by  the  government  by,
mythlng better calculated to chill the j means Of early legislation.
arr"or of    the    political    protagonists j    ^he  [j   (-   '[.;    k.  gave  notification
than the    manner of acceptance    b> ; -hat jt was satisfied with the arrange-
tsOrd   l^insdowne  and   llonar  Law   of j nu,nt   made  by  the  council   with   re--!
the condition    laid    down    that they ' Ban-  t0 thp Arbutus street  spur and
should    drop fpod    taxes    from    the   the   tracks  on   Fourth   avenue,   Four-;
Unionist program and their frigid and   teenth and Fifteenth streets,
uiienthtislastic consent to continue in      Subject   to   the   Dominion   and   pro
the position as alles-ed leaders.    This [ vincial governments paying their pro-1
portion the Hassam Paving Company
was given the contract for the work |
required In carrying out Columbia
street Improvements from Leopold
Place to Cumberland street. The tender figure was 198,900, The contract
includes the provision of adequate
lighting on  the  street.
Three Hardiggl wbo present nn original pantomlne act and aro appearing
at  tin- Royal  theatre   with great success.
, " , ���        , , .     "   vv -j i     i i ���     . : r* i i - i i   ' i     o\j    iinii     in
fishermen were the features o the annual ad-1 bht ,nt0 touch H gr
I licenses, dress of President P. H. McCarthy | a#lnor ln tho grcal nbWa
a    limitod  before    On*    tjtalo    lluildine     I rades i tfttottn^ -ftfnl ot W. W. SrhM
-spTtna aaltitna op-en-a praeticatly on Viere today Hs twelfth annual conven
Mueli 1 It la kopnd tnat fifteen days'tion. President Mct'nrtliy also took
.clear will give the v.'iiti- m-in the a stand against any attempt to amend
-chance of resuming bis plscu on thc the constitution of tlie council hy in-
Kraser. Tbe plan is to Le put in'eluding the initiative and referendum
operation on the cortbexn rivers, like; in Its legislative procedure.
thc Skeena. j    The convention upset ali precedent.-
Mr. Monk, in answer to the chair- when by a resolution il unanimousl'
man's question of what was the Jap's j re-elected Olaf A. Tveitnite as socre
standard of living compared with the | tarj--treasurer, and A. Clancy as
-white man, said ho was a rice eater. general executive committeeman from
and he had   never   aeen    him in
butcher's shop.    Of course they  had
their own stores.
{'inrimisslont r Stoney��� What was
the average' price of Bpring sjslmon
laBt year ?
Mr. Moss:    Seven anfi a half cents;
San Francisco. The annual electioi.
usually is held on tho last day of the
convention. A telegram was sent tc
the two men at Fort leaven wort I
prison where they have been confined
since their conviction nt. Indianapolis
in ttfylng  them    of their
'Those whi have passed throngl
I the public schools ai'rt the universities
lerperge from .these Institutions more
|r less successfully educated, bu1
j nearlj- all. with a few brilliant ex-
'-eptlr'ria;- have thoroughly ltarned to
look down on business.
"Today business has as much
dignity as any of the taunted learned
orifesstons and calls for as manj
qualities of brain." '
Leprosy   Increasing.
Sydney, N.S.W., Jan. 20.���Doctor Le-
bouet, government medical officer in
j the French Island of New Caledonia,
re-election I reP<>rta '"*at leprosy is increasing with
Brckeyes  avtrapea   HI)  rents;   cohocs : nnd   expressing  the   belief   that   they i startling rapidity in the New t'aledo
���32"/b cents;  dog fiulmon from 8 to 10 j had   been   "victimized   by   the    steel
cents. trust."
Thc white fishcrrmen lived In scows J 1st before adjournment, Clarenci
on the river or in the city. Some own- 8, Harrow appeared and made a brie'
cd pie-re* uf land which they cuiti-1address during which he pleaded with
vated, near the banks of the river, the delegates to stand together. He
and grew produce tor the market, said that there would always he those
They were fisher-hem first and agri- who would crlUotze organized labor
vt'iilttirisls aftrrwsrds. and that It was    not    necessary    foi
As.lii for J.yggeDtiona. | union men to criticize each other. He
Tbe Chairman   Wbal
nla and Loyalty islands. Hoth the natives anil the whites are succumbing1
tb tho disease, nnd nearly two per cent
of thoHe suffering are living In the
native villages without restriction.
situation among the Unionists seems
to be a vital point of success foi
Home Rule.
Much Ib made in a spectacular way
of opposition to the bill. There ls
considerable talk of armed rebellio'-
In the North of Ireland, but for all
the flamboyant speeches now being
made this is not yet, at anv rate, a
problem to be taken serioUBly.
The great question   is  whether the
government will   be  able  to hold   together the many considerablv divert'
jwananar'di'a lent aectiqus of lu -nai*-iiiy '">*' .'���'"M
3mtth & Son.   tho great crisis has been successfully'
Hon. Walter Itunciman. president of
the   Hoard  of  Agriculture,  has   made
quite  a  stride  In   thlB  direction   this
week In the developments of the government's policy for the distribution of
land among the email holders.   One of
tbe   most   Important   features   of   the
work, one in fact without which sue-'
cess could not be hoped for, has been
! that of providing  small   farmers  and
1 other    small     holders   of   land   with
money with which  to carry on  their
'uisiiiPSB and  also  to   provide   means
by which the prospective purchaser or
tenants could get the necessary capital to take up their allotments.
How Banks Are Helping
This has now   been   accomplished
through a scheme by which a number
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Eveningg Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
Sole agents for Westminster for the famous K
Leckle's Boots and Ahren's School Shoes.
Depot for
A  $20,000 Stock to Select from
Men Who Made Arson a Business to
Face Judge and Jury-
New York. Jan. 20.���Describing
Henry ('. freemai , a wealth������ Inaur-
anep broker who. with four nth, r men
was indicted today for complicity/ In
the "arson trust." as n man wbo "has
got rich out of his ar." :: c-'ini'S," Assistant District Attorn,;. W.illnr &**
manded that Freeman's bail be fixed
at 130.000.
Freeman and Abraham Schllchtw
another of the men Indicted, were remanded to the TombB without ball until tomorrow. The natnee; of the other
three men indicted wen* not disclosed.
The true hills against all five charges
arson In the second degree.
The firp marshal reports tonight
that since the investigation has been
started there lias been a notioeable
falling off In fires.
of large banks, with branches In all
parts of the country, will virtually enter into partnership with co-operative
societies. Uy this scheme the farmer
Instead of going to the hank and un-
Two    Independent    Companies   Being
Formed In England.
... i       , London.   Jan.   20.   -Two   companies
"":  "'  "'rB,mde thirr��rf ,,pln�� ""������""" l** afltomoblUtU to
proper one.   f,Rnt   thc   ,,xtort,oni)    0,   the
Royal City Decorating Co.
Wall Paper, Burlaps and Paints.  Paper Hanging our
Specialty.   Work guaranteed..
Chas.  Mannering      34 Begble Street.       Phone 393.     Ed. Allcoclt.
T. H.
Phsne ��27. - Suit 1��. B. C. E. R.TJspot, Nsv�� Wostmls-ster B. C.
London, .Tan.  20.���KeportB received
would    -foil   wan given a grout ovation and at thf i here State that Ceneral lloyovlteh, the
���suggcwi   to remedy  the Btale oT    af-1 conclusion of his address   was mndi
fain* and get white fishermen on the Ion  honorary   member  of  the council
river In place of tho .laps ?  ���	
Mr.'Monk Up north on the Slieenn
there; are few white fishermen and
there the government is holding hack
the licnses. issuing only so many In
srach distrl-'l.    They are going to hold
the-   llcrnsen  back  until  after   March
15.    II they arc not nil taken up thou ,
the Japs can  come  in.    If  that plan I
we rks. in the northern  rivers I  don't j
we why tbe government .should    no! |
upply thai rome-dy here. White fisher
nun   ahould   be  encouraged   lo  oom< j
here and take up small pieces of land
aad bcttle down.    They are the llnest j
-cliu-s  of  settlers   there   is  and   their
�� l*r riitinns would reduce Ihe cost    of ,
livlnj-.    If the Japs could  not  get    a i
lirenso until after March    IS    a    lo) ]
mnre  white  fishermen  would   go  Int.
the business.
The ('hairman -"What class arc err.
,-ployt-d in the can**sr*rif��s t
Mr Monk CTvhMit-e. They are pail
at the,rate nl from t% ce;nts to 60
���WOttS a en*-;, taking the last twr
yejtrii. ; TI there Is a lot of flBh they
mrtkei -jt-eid money. If not they don't
At SO Cents a case* they can make $���"
and ttjk dav. Sometimes thev only
work aJTew lumrs n day and on other
days 15 or 16 hours. Ho 'I'd not
think srWhrle man could do Ihat clas--
of v[>t��. V'lai'vcr. lie would get h's
"hands ten.
A ���������n-i deal ol car-Tier's wcrk Is
���flom- bs Indian women.
,:       A Fin- Game.
Tf '���> ,----���-������ ��� <-n .��i-"d-"rs'^cd thai
stAv'-il J - ������������.! neso work on the same
Ilconw. When the launch comeB In
-wltb one crew another jumps In and deep snow
takes her out to UbIi again. Thus the
boat was c-onlinuously fishing. If
the fioherv officers come along they
eomparo the license with the number
on the boat and find it correct.   They
Servian hero of Monastlr. asserts that
within two flays Adrianople can now
tie captured.
Altlroiigh  the  mobilization    of    th
Russian and Italian armies is denied
then* Ib no doubt that Austria-Hungary
| still   maintains   her   armaments   with
enerai   ,h(1 f,hjpf.t ^ ,.nf(irt.lll(. hf,r cMma |���
'"   u':   the Bftlkans cspsclaHy In  Albania.
usplcesof]    Th��� pi^rfpotJrntalrlJi of the alllei
���-'���Uiarli that the iittltiirlc of Austria
Hungary is do! ho much against them
a:i against Italy and that for this reason, owing to the rivalry of these twol
mfaa&TSr    ''���'i^H5''*-
fhvltatloni aro to be  sent  out   to     ,   m i    '  ',  ,U,V;'i'''">'  '8 ,,,)r'v'
the nreeldent and leading officers of. l"^"Z . 7'.V .f J? "":!ri ""'-^ J*
,.       ,,. ���      ..I   (  .i n�� tiiiFi'   m  <',���������(���   ii ai   c i v   aopfl   not   Le
the   MomctiH   ChriBtlnn   Temperance Lnmk   thn   nnnual   nf   mi      i      V  t
Union and of the Daughter, ot th* Km-! ^1 T��X? L^ZiX?���
plre to assist in the conference, and nail wiii ,,., ,.(,���.,.,, "wc-
to discuss branches of the mllltla work I      -       '
in which they are Interested
. Can Control His Mu��clc��.
A mnn  recently   exhibited   bimsell
I hi   London   who  it   is  ssul   -raw "nn
"���kins   Worth  $S0O0  Taken     by    Two > Pxtm"r,|i,l"r'''<l��""1"i*'tr.il;"ii ot i.Iiimio.
Trappers  Near  Koclenay  Lake.       i ���*"'"*' muscle msnipulstinh ttrtrj ��tnp
Nelson.    .Ian.    10.���Three    iiundred i Pingfrlhe  beating ul tho  hen't  helrrv
and  ten  martens, averaging In value j "'embers ol tlie medical pniNi*ilnn in
Ottawa,  Jan,   20.   ai   the   ;
militia conference to be held
< twa next month under the
the MlnlBter of Mllltla and tho Mlll-,1
tia  Council,  to tllBOUse  questions  af
fec.tlng the nerds of all branches of'
the service, a unique feature may be
the Inauguration of a sort  of ladle*'
that a certain loan Is
getB the money from a co-opcratlvo
society, the bank making only one
loan to the society In a sum large
��� enough to cover the small needs of
| the members thereof. The whole community thus becomes responsible for
ithe debts of .-ach of Its members, while-
the bank tit ren nu active part In the
I management cf the affaire of the so
I cle-ty and have a most Important place
ion  the advimry council of each.
trust. One Is the Motor Owners' Petrol Company, Limited, with Karl Oar-
rick, Lord Arthur f.-cil and other
prominent men among the directors,
it will have a eapllal of 17,600,000.
The Petrol Users' and Traders' Society, which Ib being financed by Admiral Sir William Kennedy, chairman
of the oMtor club, Sir Neville Ounter
and others, haB made a contract to
supply   10,(100,000  gallons at
New Tram Regulations
On and after Jon. 1, 1913 certain alterations will be soadsja '.b�� resru-
latlons of tills Company coverlna the transportation of ����� ���"inters ovsr its
trumUne-e , W .
A MUH ���*CARyKULIJ."VvllS!^bL^JK-^^^-TS 5^?ri^S:
h\.lht AND THE CAR WIIX NOT ��TOI* 10 TAKJ) m**V2\flo$'\}i
III.-.1KI1. .,
.he. Company Hf dblne a. that "men aru* rnoniry'' caa ** J��#provla<- an
srlenuale tram norVlon which WIII -ruurantee crjrtveinlenoa ��ay aatV�� for Its
piissmm-rs Hiid tills policy will wi oontlnued lit the line et IBs proviston or
uddltlonal cars. ���    ���
After New Year's Day Vldlne" on the steps, bumpers or tenders ot cars
will bo a violation t>i the , rovtaclsl i^milaUaif and sueu ���BWjatnwstB*
permitted by t. e Comnanv. >s speeosv m |)OS4��lftU,i with do* iw-mrt to MflMM
convenience, the platforms of a.   ears will be sequipped wUa sates or osx-sris.
If) CIVEN. '
lurid campaign has again been abandoned the ii' rcrnment has taken an-1
other step  f rward    ln    Ita    general
1,000,000 gallons next
fisted. .
$20, or a total of over $6000, have
been trapped by .lack Muiholland and
William Cunningham iu the mountains near Kootenay lake. This Is
the largest catch ever made in a
similar time In this district. No dlfTI-
Lontfi '.'    fly  jrpojri  ol  hard work.
cnrei-il itudy, ami initnen.-w coiieen-
(ration of mind, tlie athlete ill queV
tie-ri can miuiipuliit,- his nlusolet tn
an eltent never lief',re deemed pott
lilile   in   medical   history,"   lays  the
parts cf the furs at from  Jio to $86
'���acli.    About half of  the  catch  was:
lift   by   the   trappers   in   a   cache   In j
culty was experienced In disposing of   r.eP0'f    Many Wen hftVe liv cxerci'i--
devellped euormmis ftluscles, hut tlio
have peen invisible and i-emnim-il li*iif
tu the touch even wlicn relttftee), Bill
tlii-i Htliie'te call relax his liiu*t'le-i I
such an exte-iit that "by nlmklu** In.
arm Ire can make tlie tricep- quiver
like teeils shaken liy the wind." Mur<-
tlian "this, lie con stop the beating
nf his heart -for m,.rc than 31 fecoildx
Carson City, NeV,, Jan. 20.���Cover-j "n(1 r?J"K-,or accelerate  hi-i pulse al
nor Tagker L. .Oddla today presented | W'J|
0 ense nl
tlio mountains   as   they    could
pack the full load on account of
w'">  ",I,'?S^''  defying the laws e,l  uu
don't   know   thc   difference   betweenIhlS tneeeage to the Nevada legislature   *ufe. j-TaeVe  Is  110  authentic case Ul
the Java.    They all  seem  alike,  ex- in which he makes a number of radl-
plained the- witness. cal  recommendations.     He advises  a
Whenlie, Mr. Monk, came to    the ilaw requiring a year'a residence ln the
Fraser ftrst to fish -there were    over state to secure a divorce, Instead Ot J**   ,ro'"   >'X   to eight   minute*,   mid
**HM>a lieensen taken nut and ut-ttrly all 1 six   iimjnhs   and   a  law   limiting   the I >hat lie can live for a protracted lime
*sj  white men.    Lsast yv-ax his ���wn ��� number of rounds ln a prize fight.      "'hen "'buried.
this f-jat-- ever having been arcuin
plislicrj WOfe. lt i< also claimed lli.it
this performer enn remain under ws-
' '    --ith ugh    the    lAoji Oeorge \Ei.'yw7wi M,"' "  " '"'"'"
The capitalists  are  negotiating  for
, BiteB for storage and  distributing  In-
iSSffliM ���ri'��cta*-*tM' ?}���';������� ot-letallatloM at  Hull,  Brl.to    card
small holder'   and non-capitalists. .Belfait,    Liverpool.   Manchester    and
 ~ ' j London.    The  company's  proposal  Is
IOW  DJ3Y  ".'"LPOTIN3 A operate and own tank steamships.
JURY IN DAHROW CA'E   Thc -K'tr"' '" *** '"' "'auufactured from
uahhusV la   ���" ' cruU��, oM m Kngland.   At Kelhotn, Not-
Jan.  20.---Five    tales
I Unghamshlre, a thin bund of sand-
er-d Q'testlons ��t!.f.c-j h^u^��^ JjUh crude petroleum
defence, ana two  had;    **>, mit()cab  ��*, |(  micha,lgfd
thc employers, the old companlcB, all
remaining firm.
i.ob Angel
111011 had ant
":.ly  to, tin
been   e.-'cv.jj <!   -r.   il . 'lenses    at  the
���'oncluaion of lhe first day of tho sec-
nil trial of Clarence 3. Harrow for
alleged  Jury  bribery    In    connection
"llh the y.-.'. ttnara case, which began today.' rieae.by several t.f tht
prospective Jurors resulted In Judge
W. M. Conley vacating the crder for
the locking up for the night of the
!lve men temporarily passed by the
defence and six drawn but not
The special venire.of 121 talesmen
summoned to appear when the trial
was called was reduced to th>rty-six
before the end of the day.
Long Beach, Cal., Jan. 20.���Scott
Dlbert, the mentally deranged youth
who Bhot bla brother, Armon Dlbert,
last nigh I and then fired a btillet into
his own head, died today. Arhion will
recover. Mrs. Anna Dlbert, the mother,
who brought the boy home from To-
peka, Kas., Is ill from nervous proe-
tratlon nnd docB not know of the
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street, New  Wcstmlncter.
GAENirADRoDM.r:.EorZMAN Pianos and Organs
Singer Sewing  Machines.    Small  Muslcsl Goods of all Kinds. PHONE C94.
Good Buys in
With Easy Jerim
Six roomed house on Alberta Street, Sapperton, oloee to Columbia
Street.   Price (2800; $600 cash, balance, $25 per month.
�� ,    ���  ��     . .i
.'-'.., '      ��� . '"'-*���'.''
Six roomed house, new, on Eighth Avenue, close to Sixth Street
car line. Full sized basement, furnace, fireplace, and laundry tube.
Price' $3700; $800 each, balance arranged. ,,
.  i
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Three roomed house on Dublin Street, close to Twelfth Street ear
1 ne. i .urge lot In fruit. Chicken houae and runs." Price $1800; 6Sb-
quarhT cash, balance 6, 12 and IS months.
l'ive roomed bungalow on Hamilton Street, modern, furnace, Are-
place, laundry tubs, electric light . fixtures, cement walk*. Price
$3800; $800 cash, balance arranged over two years.
451 Columbia Street       Phone 669
. I ���
'���.   fel TUESDAY, JANUARY 21, 1913.
Local   Arena   Should   be   Ready  Tbl*
Week for Skaters���Vancouver-
Victoria  Match Tonight
lt Is said, is to Insure golf to thc members of the organization at all times
without waiting. The membership ls
to be limited to 150*
Thc course will be laid out over a
140-acre tract. The club la tbe aecond
to be formed within a few weeks, tbe
other being the VVlnnetita' Country
' Thla makes s total of 60 . golf
courses in Chicago nnd vicinity.
Thc see-saw struggle which has
been going on during the past few-
weeks between the Vancouver and
Victoria hockey teams for the championship of the Pacific court will probably be repeated this evening when
-the Senators hitch up with the Vancouvers on the Georgia street rluk. At
K. O. Brown's Easy Win.,
New  Orleans,  La., Jan. 20.���K.  O.
Brown,   of     New     York,     defeated
frankle Russell, of this city, In a te.n J
round lightweight hoot here tonight.'
It was a decisive victory for Browu
Russell left the ring badly battered.
Chicago, Jan. 20.���Thc International |
game for a dozen years, and has taken
part in nearly a hundred battles. Between 1900 snd 1907 he met some of
the best men of his weight in England,
and waa almost always victorious, although on three different occaslono
the clever Young Joseph held him to
a draw. He crossed the Atlantic in
1907' and met disaster at Chelsea,
Mass., where he was outpointed by
Matty Baldwin.
Ho knocked out Soldier BurjiB and
Kid Sullivan at Baltimore in 1908, and
took part in a number of no-deciBlon
bouts In New York and Philadelphia.
Returning to England in 190S, Sumner was challenged by Jimmy Britt,
of California, and lost the decision in
ten rounds, Early in 1909 he again
met Btltt, and the clever Callfornlan
was again  the victor.    On   July   31,
wife ' of a Paddington   painter,   who
gave birtn to a girl one tuiuuie pat>i
midnight on the day the bill came Into
force. She waa christened Georglna
as a compliment to Cnancellor Lloyd
Another  insurance  baby has  been
christened Lloyd George Churchill.
PAGB '->V9
MEN OF 1662.
Land-inert Held a Celebration of thc
Qre-it "Ti iclment,
Charles II. must have turned in his
grave when tlie London pels! ration of
the Great Ejectment was held at the
Memorial Hall. It was not tnv be expected on such ad biCurVm that the
spiritual   descendanto   of  the   ejected
.COO  would  let bygones, be bygones.
., 80 p-ior "Charles Stuart,''��� the speak-
1909, they met a third time, and Sum-',rs all referred tn him with the right
ners won by a knockout in the ninth FCromwelUan hluntness ��� was dealt
round. Next' ' he tackled Freddie | wjU, very faithfully. But a better use
Welsh, who "Won the decision after i than tliat wus made of'the celebration.
20 fast rounds. Sumner then went to j its really memorable feature was th?
Australia, where he knocked out Hugh; heartsearching note in the speeches,
Me<began. the manifest resolve to dig lessons for
' Back In,England, Johnny was knock-1 the s-resent and tlie future out ol ttie
ed out by Harry 'Lew* ln the fourth! memories'of the past. There was nc-
round and by Dixie "iid ln the second , th;ng dramatic or "effective'' about
fining. His last important battle was i the meetings, but their bracing effect
fought last month In London, with' Syd i WM manifest and immediate.
Burns as his opponent. Johnny pray- Principal W. B. Selbie set the exam-
ed for victory before the gong sound-! ple 0- p',jn-dealin|- in his sermon in
ed, and at thc beginning of each round j ,na afternoon. Based on the passage,
made the sign of thc otobb. After, V'WK��t went ye out into the wilder-
winning on points in twenty rounds he ���<,������ ^ Jg,_., eto��� it was, in effect, a
dropped on his knees and returned , -ecture to tr,e Free Churches and their
thanks for his triumph. ��� ministers on their too-frequent surren.
A though  Sumner is unique In   his I der t0 the innuenceg 0I "an emascu-
���      , , ,.,,. .pubic manifestationa of the   religious ; i���,���,i .������ >��� Su. ,.>-,-,,-���-ie�� worn hetter
thc  present  time  Victoria ls in  the' ��ka,"ng   rf^A\^^Lifi?,1SEff!l. JlS1 IfP??'* klas'lrtUl -Is'tAuild^V -(HrMtl-pttily I*****'1 **���*     lne cnurcnea were Deller-
, ..st,   ,...���,...   S....S,   ,.^,is   .-,  ���,   '��*>:r ,.-7,-   W'~ii C\, L"~   ,J'U"  ���>������""���> "'�� *"*������������ ����� "uareu uy practically i i ��� g���jj    (or si.- disabilitiea and suf
lead through winning their game with, hold to^-"-^.!^^ ^am.pl��-"laH boxer8* Thc ��reat majority of ito\^^n^l^a\T^^'^'^a\
Vancouver    last    Friday, but if  the
bunch under Frank Patrick play up
to their standard, it is altogether probable that* Brothej Isester .will find
himself'On an equal footing when the
struggle ends tonight. , '*���,��.
Thu machinery at tbe Westminster i I
arena waB Bet in motion and while a   -
certain percentage of leaks were found '
In the pipes the workmen of thc com
ship races in Montreal on Feb. 1, in- TO,,' fighters ^*re"and~Tiave' always
-...-.,     ...    1..     /,,*-.        ��.       .rt 0*****.**^ a. SSSSSSSSB
Btead of in Ottawa on Feb. 17.
*********** *���* * * *
* .  . '   *
| ****************
pany were working double shifts last
evening mending things ship shape,
so that It is possible that the freezing
process will commence In real earnest sometime today.
1885���Johnny Summer.;, welterweight
Champion of Great Britain, born
'    ��� In England. ���$,'
1900���Johnny Coulon. defeated Jack
Francis In two rounds In Chicago.
been Irish and Catholics
. So fas as known to the writer, there
has never been an avowed unbeliever
ln the pugilistic ranks, although the
late Marquis of Queensberry, author
of the famous "rules" for tie elevation of the ring, was an agnostic, and
ferings of the men ol 1662, and they
were suffering to-day because some of
them were wearing purple and fine
linen, and because the disabilities had
been removed. It was almost as
though they hod no testimony ts
make.- They were very anxious to
shew their power and their prestige.
ww" ",   sue   i in*,   ����*�����  an   fsKuuDLl*-,   ami i ���., . -     .   , _.,-U   ��� ..  it.  _._-
the author of Beveral books attacking The-' df.Pe' 'ie l lo," SP"fP *eJ*. ',"
ChriBtianlty. Not long ago it was , Phernajia o a church and W'erelor-
alleged that Battling Nelson, lm. | petting, what really makes a church-
pressed by the preaching of Billy Sun- i *���> Presence an 1 power of Christ,
day, the, baseball evangelist, enter-1 AnotherJesson ot 1662 was ll.at mm
talned 1 a notion of becoming a
AL. W. GILLIR  manager
Three Big Features
Marvellous   Hatters     Sensational   Clublsts   in   a   Panto-
mine Novelty.
Vaudeville's Clever Juvenile'.
Singer of Classics.
"Aurora Floyd"
Omaha, Neb., Jan. 20.���The ten
*ro|nd fight In South Omaha between
Knockout Brown and Billy Uvick was
stopped tonight before tbe end of the
first round, after Brown had all but
knocked out his opponent.
Before the men had sparred half a
minute Brown shot a hard right   to
IWlek's  Jaw.  sending  him  down  for
the count of nine.    Uvick staggered
to his feet and  Brown sent half    a
dozen hard smaahea to the face. Chief i
of Police Ilrlggs,  who sat near    the |
ringside, Jumped  into the  ring    and
slopped the fight before Brown could : 1910���Battling
deliver a  knockout  blow.    The men
1908���Billy Pupke defeated Walter
Stanton in four rounds in Boston.
1908���Jack (Twin) Sullivan and Joe
Thomaa fought 10-round draw
at  Los Angelea.
l.each Cross knocked out Young
Otto lu fifth round In New York.
1910���Leo Houck and Joe HIrat
fought six round draw at Lancaster,  Pa.
fought loaf than two minutes.
Nelson   knocked' out
Kddle  Langc In  the eighth  at
Thar* Are 3.500,000 of Them Prints*
Each Working Day,
Few iK-fauus realize linn I lie (lulled
Slales  government   annually   sells  ill-
I urn-it l.uoo.iMin.t-uo piMt'il cut-da, weigh
j lug   u|-|ii''txlmiilt*ly   4.iKKi.(nm   i*iuiid-*,
; unr Ih It generally  known that lliere
| are foiir different kinds of rards In Bias.
Tbey  are  the  "McKlnley   curd"-the
one beat ltti<iwii-|irlnti-d In  red; the I
George nnd Martini Washington reply
ilirds. wltb the head uf Martini Wash
Ingtini on Ibe reply section: (be iwu
Isters urns' oe men of the Word. They
must have a "thus saith the Lord"
for their own times. "Wh.it*lhe ministry needs more than anything else.
perhaps is a voice, an articulate message, a feeling that there is something
to be told to |>eople ��� not argued or
speculated about, but hammered home
with the hammer of a passionate
conviction." Again, they wanted to
have the old spirit that believed that
this world is indeed Anti-christ. Instead ol that, they had compromised,
hushing up awkward things.
After the service there was a pro-
cession, led by Rev.' F. B. Meyer,
through Fleet lane to SmithHeld���the
old route, doubtless, from old Fleet
Prison to lhe martyrs' place el burning. There by the Martyrs' Memorial.
Rev. George Kayrs, F.B. HisL 8., gave
Store  on  Clarkson  Street, between  McKenzle and 6th Street, hot
water heating.    Rent $20 per month.
Store in the Westminster Trust  Block on  Clarkson  Street,  every
convenience.   Rent $50 per month.
Office in the T. H. Smith Blcck, Columbia Street, hot water heating.   Rent $15 per month. ���-.
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Office: 28 Lome Street,      New Westminster.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters uf credit
sold payable in all parts of the world.   Savings bank department at
all branches. (^awessYi
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Street*
, D. D. WILSON, Manager.
i-etit "International card," which bears j a   short   address   on   the   Protestant
1911���Young Isous-hery outpointed Ted
Nelson. Australian In six rounds
at Philadelphia.
New York, Jan. ZO.-MDavld Janow-
���skl, the French champion chess mas- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ter, and Frank J. Marshall, who holds , 1911��� Monte Attell  knocked out Jed
the premier  honors of this country, | McFadden  iu  second  round  at
met today ln the grand national cbess
aaaaters'   tournament  and  played   36
Grant a bead, and the "Lincoln." which
is made slightly smaller than the McKlnley card so aa to Ot auy standard
curd Index.
To Ull ibe country's ennrmnns demand   for   these   various   cards   tbe
IHiHlal card prlnliiig plant In Washington   turns  out  nu   average  of H..VK).-
| 000   cards   each   winking   day.    Tbe
LlsWJIJ !L'i", ��Jg��_l!A'?g^l��i^��ryI^ H^^C-^i^,^ tbl torn'-
contestants played, the second round
having been postponed until tomorrow.
Daly  Ib W rounds at New Orleans.
martyrs, in whose succession, he said,
the men of 1863 undoubtedly stood.
This interesting episode was followed
by reception at the Memorial Hall,
when a large number oi representatives ol "1062 churches'' told tho stories of their local heroes. It was a
thrilling procession of great memories.
A crowded audience listened to four
fin* sViesMtn-,' at. the gt-esl -s-tf.--it.nj
meeting.   Sir Albert Bplci-r, M.P., pre-
Roller  la Defeated.
Chicago,  Jan.  20.���Oeorge    t.urlch,   s>����.s>s>��.e��
the German wrestler, defeated tonight- *
Dr.  ti.  F.  Roller    In    straight    falls.
Both   falls   resulted    from    chancery
holda, the first coming after 22:25 and
the aecond In 11:55.
FOR     MEN     ONLY.
Fiftieth of Chicago's Golf Clubs Bar*
Out   Women.
Chicago, Jan. 20.���Another new golf
course, .one which will admit no women to membership, is to be added to
the many already along the north
It haa been announced that the club
will be known as the Old Blm, and will
-occupy grounds on tbe old green bay
road at Fort Sheridan. "The reason
for making the club one for men only.
��� (By "Oravy.") ���
��� *+
��� ������������������������������������>-�����<>
Johnny Sumner*, Praying Pugilist, Is
Thirty Today.
Piiglllrts have never been noted /or
pl*ty, and lt Is not the custom to open
boxing shows with prayers. Johnny
Sumner, the Hnf-li*h .'welterweight
champion, Is an exception to the role,
for he la not only deeply and fervently
religious, but he believes in offering'
up a brief petition to" heaven before going after his man.
Stunners Is 30 years old today, hav-
! Ine been born in England on Jan. 21,
1883.   He has heen   at the   fighting
America Is Proud or tier
Rhodes Scholar's ProiVess
New  York,- Job. ��� 30.���'Norman   H. made good
e   of the Americans
'Tab-r of Jirown University, the crack
mlleri who ran a dead heat with Jones
of Cornell, In .the last Intercollegiate*,
and sAiOTlnlsbed ahead of him In the
1600 inetres at the Olympic games,
will head the next American athletic
invasion of England.
Taber Ib athletically the most promising; of the next flight ot Khodee
KcholajR. and. asv most good judges of
distance) running believe that he has
���till to show hie test work,-he may, aa
an Oxford student and team-mate, give
Arnold Jackson, the Dark Blue star,
all he ean handle et his favorite distance. Both maa,are oxeell-mt runners and tlrst-olat* sportsmen, and
their work together on the ' English
tracks.- should briog an* ��*e v beet
there I* in both of them.
Rhodee Scholars Athlete*.
It must be remembered that the
Rhode* scholars are picked principally
became of scholarship and general,
all-around .fitness; bat most of them 1
have gone In for eport of one kind or
another,. generally track work,- and
tbelr records In England are enviable,
���especially with the weights.
���-" ��< Of the 280 or so men who have been
vent from thi* country to Oxford,.!
-eight have done extremely well as varsity material, wi-ile dearly all ot them1
have participated In' aonle form' of
English Fport, If net for. tame, dt
least' for pleasure. Your average
Khudei- icholar Is unially well set-up
and athletically Inclined, even It not
up to the topmost mark , in achievement In actual competition, and he
can be depended'upon to run a* loyally or play football or row oa loyalty
for his adopted college or university
against the Cantahs, aa against Harvard and Yale* but tt Ir doubted If
these .men wU|. aver b* ibarred from
English university-muh*
* 8!r.ca the American students are not
chosen primarily because of athletic
proficiency, they should have thef
right of free competition that belongs
to any English university man, and,
not a few of them have - made them-'
reives popular with their fellow, students that should any movement be
started to bfcr 'them from the games
there would be aa Instant protest,
both loud and long;
Taber** appearance at OxfOrd will
he welcomed by the Ungllshmen, for
with him and Jackson pp tto same
team the Cantab* will have to hustle
to keep paee -ta the distance event**
with the wearere of the Dark Blue.
American* Aid Oxford. 1
Oxford in toe .past has not latre-
quently gained tha upper hand over'
Cambridge through the work ,of tha
American Rhode* men. Every follower of athletic* oa both sides of the]
ocean will remember bitch rare performer* ae Oeorg-e m Putnam aad W.
O. Zelgler, the Weight thrower*; P.
M. Young,,the South Dakota hardier
and Jumper; Warm B. Bcutt, the old
Cornell dietaaoe runner, who waa,*
however, hot ��r eiweessful in England as he vraj'at hOfrte; B. B. Blake...
R. U Lange, D. R. Porter, the oMJ
uowtlen- crack, and V* W. Bueholx,
the Florida udlvarsity #��ar.
Outside of til* track . there have
been fewer prosolnsnt names, bat
Donald, .Grant Herring, the crack
tackle prthe *51**��r/ football   eleven
-a*1 foi* his American alma uate*^_   ��� | dl*Urtctloh
In fact, In tb��   laat   rjr*tord*am.
kridge YaleHai^ard--am** it was the.)   Theri hay*
point shored (or Oxfotfl by aa Amerl
can Rhode*, echelar Ihat turned the
table* against the Americans..
The principal objection to the use of
Rhode* echolhre en Oxford team*
come* naturally enough from Cambridge, which aae ho ���uc*h sonrce of
a.theittc nupply.   "Out flaaitaa* hare
some yeara
the Oxford
achieved the unique
lag a full Blue with
,., ,���ode* eohol
��r*. Among them wen* John Corbln,
���printer; ttie two MHbhrns, ��,eorge
and, Devereux, Who earned seats la
Tereltles who
ivarnllvely small force in this oRlce bas 1 sided. He reminded them that the
to turn out 0,000,000 cards In one day. ejected clergymen fought their mental
This, however, does mil happen often, '.fight individually and in solitude, and
If the total yearly output of govern- j without organization, a thins hard to
ment postal ent-d*. were lo lie alon-d In I ff*;1" nowaday.--. He also cmphasii.-d
one huge building ���SfO.OOU cubic feet '*?��".'ov��,or ihe Nations Chufch.
1ZT.M TZ -��-..i_5 .... ,s S.M L.* ,��� Sir Alberts concluding sentence. ��o-
���votild l-e requM aud If laid end to j {ortu       . j       ���        d.n,tured
end In a line the l-llllon cards would j ,BUghteri for bjr 8,ip 0, th��e ^^ hc
etretrli amtind tbe earth more than -.ferred to.the battle for Free Trade
three times.   . ,v        Instead  of Free Church  Drinciples.
In  aplte of (be  bilge  output onl)* }-��� Rev. Thomas Phillips, B.A.. gave a
twenty   persona   nre   needed   In   tbe
Program Monday and Tuesuay.
By M. B.'Havey.        ,   ,
A man reaps   what   his   wife
makes him sow.   He plants   a
garden that the hens may de-,
stroy It; he dreams dreams and
wakes up In   the  fury of    his
9elig _��.
A Dramatic Mexican Romance.,
Egm 'PHONE890
Lumber Lath and Shingles
CANAP1AN HI��TOn*ifwi>.
prliillnir ottlep. So small * force would
���sit lie immillile if Ibe machines were
not two highly ilevehiped automatic
mechanism*. They print the carda. cut
them, count them out in bundles of
Hfty end' deposit them near expert*
whji bind the luindte* and make them
ready fur shipment. If tbe carda are
tp be shipped by water they are boxed
In lot* nf 10,000. but when the shipment Is to travel by rail ordinary
strnwboard carlo ns are used. Hnal*
neaa iioatal eanla an> printed In large
ahiM-ts tor the i-onvenlenee rf flrma.
wlilch. after piinhiislng Ibeui. iteud the
csrda tn printers and have addresses,
form* or circular letters printed upon
thrm.-New York Ren.   ���
 ��� -Ti
A fluem Without Werrlee.
Queen Huimraluiiii of Mudagascar b
like tbe little girl who. asked what abe
would do if she wee* a queen, replied.
"I Would alt ou my gold throne." Tbla
absolute aud duaky filler nf nearly
4.NHUJO iM-ople takes ber wiverelimty
vary | lailly. Khe baa no children to
aire for. nothing to worry-her and
sjtend* her I line wearing Parts irowus.
������iii-hlug lietel la Madagaacar iiuifm-
���en i. goaalplng w;llh tbe ladkw of ker
iimrt and playing card* Khe IsHald tu
lie an iufelllgent wOiiiirh. hut seem* to
'���* stadly In need uf a ml-ialon.
Member ef Beta ten Chamber Had Re
', ���' pelted ��� ���poech ae .������New." ,
BrtWMl*. Jala'. JO.-r-sf. D. Andrlt-
moat, a member of the- Belgian
ihamber. celebrated.tor bis epeeohee
on qinetion* of the ooOMlar service,
was appealing- eloquently for a re-
-rganltatlon of������ tls* eervloe recently
when the foreign, mWlater *ald.
"That la* the same *p*ech, yeu made
laat jrear."   , ' ",',*''   .'
"Just eo." replied the deputy, calmly.   "I have' mad* �� uinnally word
���rVsgrs.   Nobody
l.for word (of Ihlrl
- noticed It before,"
��� ���' ��� ,.   ��� J. jB
' Ixmdon. Jan.' 20.-��Tor
many balilee born M
bring jaeir parenu. aU
able girt* In addlUoV
nlty beneftts of the *w*
,*uranc* A��t whlCtftoW
J day, The ide*^^****p mwH the public that ���aaay-waattW awople are giving *Hv*r cups, -wrliger*. spoons aad
ana, uevereux, wno -WB-n  mu  mi
th* Oxford shell, and Mateolfn V. Me-1
Donald, who won the bardie race In
the game* with ChmbrUg* ln 1110.
[.mousy to the' flret babies bom In varl
ou* diitfteta,��ader th* new. aot
-   : tltm. mother to beoom* etv
to the maternity benefit ot SO
waa Mra Amy aouhUng, the
sssssssss_^ssss_- '"'P' sssss-^
stirring' oration on behalf of the Bap
list*. "I do not think," he said, "1
can find a stronger argument to prove
th* moral and spiritual dimag-- of the
state establishment of religion than
thst these men should have been
ejected." TheyMearned In the wilder-
nea*. however, that they could'do with-
out bishops', endowments and everything accidental, so long aa they had
God j that was their great message to
the Free Churches ol to-day.
Rev. Richard Roberts ah y represented the Presbyterian*. The most
notable passage nf * thoughtful speech
was his warning against tlie abuse of
the freedom so nardly won. "Liberty
to worship also mean*' liberty not'to
worship. The danger Is indifference.
The only wsy to preserve our religious liberty ii by using if."   '
At thc elose of the meeting a'resolution we* psssed expressing profound
admiration tor the ejected il.GOO, coin,
bined with an expression of Free
Churc'i li.yilty to the Kioe. This
Will, '1 i�� hoed, t* presenteij to Ills
Vaje tv in person by the Protestant
Die-tenting He, utjes, usin;,'', tlfeir am
i.-iei.t privile.*v of eecess'Ho the tlirone:
  'is**, '       '   " '   ' .   .
Oichtler Lord Mayer. .
A London bnsines* nun, is t��.be the
v.*:.l Mayor ol Norwich,' ..ug. , l.p two
vays he is a m table case. Mr.. Arthur
Michael Samuel is only. ,T!) vein >>(
age, and .as ��� bachelor, with no molli
,��r tr sister  '    ,l -'-'---���-
���f. mil
il*y tbe' fctt.ee*;     ^_____
llontagursqiiare. and tie lis* Inr ��ev ]
���intcen year* lived ih JLondon'. In Nat-1
���vjy.. the family lie* been-am-wii alne*
tl*,e middle eillle thirteenth century.
Mr. Sam-Mi lMW-4hi��e-iwuchautert*iu.
iraj ia -tendon wHho>4 the **��l��taijc*
.iVh0*-*"' endVTt��Wi��t ���oWW
with interert it, ntMng'-twi of*** m
sinxle ihsteed of,*��hfc I^ikis*.
He rtdei in tha park bfiWe break', j
last ever-Z-foroirV M�� wHI'slMowh
when he^eonie* in. tMbted-���*.:'**ptjKi
rett. to plsy -Choe-i* *t ���ehilioH.; M*
he* writtah"* twi* on Italian svolw-
teoture end anotker on th* Uxethm,.
n| land vahM-s.        ^^T^~_^^^~
���'.���   ������;   >W*\t.    ���
The tfHk-ts^r^;*^^
l*i the Jim* ot Dr. J-shiison, se-fefel
engilah ladle*   �� "      Lt"-
Mie*lo��. m*��tlnf literary,
member oi tba circle* wor-
~    i be J��a* *l)��ent they
�� e��n do nothing witao
,*^'"'%*4f L
id rj a bachelor, -wun un mniii-
sister, be is faced With thi talk
Ing the "fhoe with nn one to
tbe'.fcSit^M.'   fll* home 1* ill'
��kly **��ejp.
men.   t&
: h\m.*lom*
l*a Clnh*3
called ''bloe^klnga
In   Korea  Minister* cf stole who
gemble i^klessj^ w HaMe to be ca*>
mm.    -**(y     f*w^*wm   *ss*^pWsj*s"*sf.m^paw ^.
* .    3dm
*V   THIS   tJAY   IN
��� ���������������������������*>������������
January Twenty-flr��t.
Tbl* day Is algnallrcd in tho pro7
ince of British Columbia as being the
birthday of representative government, though in, its infant state'' it
waa but a feeble suggestion of that
great Institution. j
l�� those day8 the elder colo,p# 'of
Vancouver Island and the yoijiger���
originally New Caledonia, but named
British Columbia In 1868���were under
separate governments, hut owned' One
bead In Sir James Douglas, for long
chief factor of the Hudson.'* Bay
Cpmjpaiiy In-Vancouver ^Igland. Since
1856 Vancouver had had ah" UsefhMy
wblch, though of small authority,'was
sonld  recognition  of  popular  rights.
On file mainland laws had.;.been
made and administered (whh.: the
help of some officials from England)
by the governor alone, but the, **"*��.��-
al tiny centres Of population. )h*fi
agitated *o otrefiooutly for' reform
that In 1863 Governor*"-- Douglas was
inatructed to call to hf* assistance -a
legislative council composed of executive officers, of magistrate**, andv,o<
several representative* of the' people.
Thi* counoil met on -January ih
1864, at New Westminster, "the ��He"
of which had been proclaimed capltai
In 1869, but wa* destined, - shorilK
���tfter the union of Britleh^ Columbia [
3,500 ton*, 7,000 horie-power ���
Sailing Every Monday (12 Midnight)
 I for Prince Rupert.
Connecting with Grand Trunk Paci&c Railway for points east   of
Prince Rupert.'
Connecting with S.S. "PRINCE!   JOHN"   on   certain   dates   tor
Stewart. Granby Bay, Massett and other Queen Charlotte Island points
SATURDAYS   (12  Midnight)   for VICTORIA and SEATTLE.      *'���'���;
���    H   ��� -"-
S.S. "PRINOE ALBERT" for Prince Rupert and way ports, 3rd, 13th
and 23rd of each month. '*  ���~.'i
Tann<h UcMts to *Xk Basaera
cboice ot raU and ocean line*.
ana *�� *-}��>-����>.��� Tewr
v -ii  :i  >
H. G. SMITH. C. P. A T. A. W. E. DDPEROW, O. A. P. -D.
Phone Seymour 7100.     VANCOUVER. *,C,     587 QrpnvW* Street,
with Vancouver Island' ln^lSse. ���,:i*>|
give way to Victoria *J��"tni
^'iilJ  li'i
���'��� ���-���'.'���
Brigandage In Manchuria.
SL Petersburg, Jan. 20.���The Dnl
State* consul at Harbin, Manchiii
and  th* German consul have made.)
representations to their ntlnlstors i��
Pekln, calling attention to the neee*v
sl'.y of protecting tr"'o In MeMhiurta
igalnst Increasing Lrlgandage.    .*"'
���"'���;" ���  '���'    ..     --"'Jill'"
��j> n*<A
���^Wntm Cedar
-���  .   * - ��^	
^*\Y��aAY��ONO . ,. .
8-nty -nrattf I. "A ^oxtera Eva* at'
the Daara Ho����* 'flfitfjr, \eyeiiini,
M^'W.'    \'''"'
MrVR. OILLEY, Phene 1ft. . O. K. OILLEY, Phene 2*1.
Phonee, OITkv IB and la,
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
W�� have a limited stock of COMOX CO.AL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
I I     I" ���' , ' '   ' **pa*}*a*m*>
BO 01
Praa. aad' fleal Mgr,       Vlce-PreeM
B. tt. BOOKLIN, N. BEARDBUta  .      W. r. H. BOOKUN,
-     ^ -'-- -   '   0dm*.      ���     Bee. *M Treaa.
SM/Ui-BU���KLm LUAffiBl C0.y Ltd.
Phenee Ne. 7 and *fr.
'.' *���-'
AnMlica's foremost producer prsaents for your ap*- u
proval the great ^ai^an.flucceijs k     ."."���'""
th <aa   aW W       ',A;.,-'������.<-���'   stss-*j '
A Modern Eve
w ,|^* celebrated cast andjf{j^ waging c)torua^^
i'- "IrstSV!
Seats on sak at Tidy, the JloSsUt's,i.TJ^ Colnndik'St.
> ������    '���#
��+-.-JKf ���  *
 '' ->' ���
��� ':?    .
\\wtm�� ���tsttMsSsMM,
��� RATES. ���
����������������� ���������������**>��������������>
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used as rein ired wittin one year trom date of
contract, $26.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 50c.
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral No-
���<ce $1.80. Card of Thanks 50c per
for couple ln private family near
8th street and 5th avenue. Please
state price in first letter. Box 625,
New*   Office. (625)
maid, 815 Agnes Street. (500)
ner in Sapperton, 100x100 feet.
Streeta opened and paved. Practically cleared. Good opportunity
for builders. Price $1660; one-third
cash. F. A. Rose, 202 Westminster
Trust Building.    Phone 159.    (636)
Three rooms, pantry, closet, bath,
etc. Close to Central school. Enquire at 224 Seventh street.    (535)
rooms. ' Apply at Coldicutt block,
Sixth street and Thirteenth avenue,
East Burnaby.   * ' (632)
keeping rooms.   1020 Third Avenue.
Apply 607 6th avenue.       -������    (527)
out board.   607 5tL avenue.     (527)
roomed house at 428 ...*ilt" street.
Please call for all particulars. (516)
TO     KENT���A     LARGE     DOUBLE
suitable for two, alio single room
with  board,  also ..table    boarders
wanted.    Apply  703 Third avenue,
corner 7th street.     ', (613)
sacrifice my lot, 66^122 on carline,
5c fare, worth $1000; will aell for
$550 all cash, or $700 on "terms. Apply H. C. Brackman, Windsor Hotel, Vancouver. (612)
the best loying strains of White
Leghorns snd White Wyandottes,
also White Pekin Ducks and White
Indian Runners, write now for catalogue to L. F. Solly, lAkeview
Poultry Farm, Westholme, Vanoouver Island, B. C. (501)
"Stove,    Canada's   Pride    Malleable
RangeB $1.00 down, $1.00 per week.
Canada Range Co., Market square.
Block "B," south half ef District Lot
1352, containing ii acres, more or
less. Municipality of North Vancouver.
Whereas, proof of loss of Certificate
of Title No. 11696 C, covering the
above mentioned property, iBsued In
ihe name of Corporation of District of
North Vancouver, has been filed ln
this offiee, notice Is hereby given thai
1 shall al the expiration of one month
from date of first publication hereof
Issue a duplicute of said Certificate
of Title, unless in the meantime valid
objection be node to me in writing.
Dated at thj Land Registry Office,
tbis 19th day of December A.D.. 1912.
r.1Mi District Registrar.
houaekeeptng    rooms,    815    Agnes
Street. .   (500)
unfurnished; modern conveniences
at 1316 Cariboo street (425)
Canada  Must  Prepare   to  Play  Part
in World Politics���Lessons From
keeping rooms,- hot and cold water
Apply room 9, Knights "of Pythia.-
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes
street. (398"
small rooms over the News office.
Suitable for club or light manufac
turing purposes. Will lease for two
er three year term, singly or en bloc.
Apply to Manager the News.
Sale of Groceries
Assigned  Estate of W. H. Smith,
East Burnaby.
Tenders will be   received   by   the
undersigned up to 12 o'clock noon on
Wednesday,   the   Twenty-ninth
January,  1913,
for the purchase of    the    stock    of
groceries, etc., herein.
Inventory  can  he  seen on application to <
T. J. ARMSTRONG, Assignee.
Sheriff's  Office,  Court   House,
New Westminster, B.C.
Re Lots 1, ii. " I except the southwesterly 32 tfit ti> M "4 .feet of said
lot 7) of portion of lots 1, 1 and C
And a portion of 20 feet by 1*C feet
marked "Lane," of Lot 5. Block 34,
Map 904, in the City ot New Weet-
whereas r.roof of the loss of Certificate c.t Title Number 12S6"t F, Usued
in the name of Robert Lennie, has
been (lied In this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
ht the expiration cf one month from
the date of the first publication hereof,
in a daily newspaper publish d In the
���City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said Certificate, unless In the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
C. S��� KEITH.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
New   Westminster,  Il.C,  January
S, ino-s. (ii7i
Trade License'Bylaw, No. 185.
Notice is hereby given that all licenses for tbe half-year ending July
ltthf 1913. are now due and payable
at the office of tho We-aneo lnspcc
tor, City Hall. Applicatloh tor same
should be made Immediately.
(511) License Inspector.
Montreal, Jan. 20���Rev. Principal
Gordon of the Queen's University,
speaking before the Montreal Canadian Club recently said that the Pacific Ocean was destined to become
the scene of a gigantic struggle between Orient and Occident, and Canada, as a "tftctfie Coast nation, must
be prepared to take part 'n that struggle.
In an address on Australia Dr. Gordon dwelt at considerable length on
the growing importance of China and
Japan ae factors in world politics.
Australia was being kept as a white
man's country, and every bar that
could possibly be provided was being
raised against alien Immigration, he
declared. The Labor party, which
ruled the country, waa as one man ln
excluding Asiatics from the country,
and consequently from the labor
Indeed, the speaker said, the policy
of exclusion of the Labor government
was holding back the development of
the. country, for there was no labor to
be had for the building of railroads, or
the cultivation of the vast farms,
which were Australia's chief,source
of wealth.
Comparing Australia with Canada,
Dr. Gordon said that in the Antipodes
the people were more pr less all for
pleasure. Compared with Canada in
other ways, Australia had not yet the
broad hopes that this country cherished, nor had Australia come to the
same degree of self-realization of responsibility or manhood, though this
might be partly due to the fact that
Australia's Government was much
newer than our own.
In many ways, however, Australia
should give Canada a lesson, particularly in its number of botanical and
zoological gardens, public museum-r
and art galleries. Parks and playgrounds, too, abundant; their bookstores could not be approached in this
or any other country; and the public
press of the country was far and away
ahead of the Canadian or American
It  Persistent   They   Msy  Carry  With
Them a Grave Warning.
Hiccup Is tbe spasmodic contraction
ot tbe diaphragm. It may be a symptom of tbe most trivial Importance that
yields to tbe simplest kind of treatment or of .a serious and Intractable
affection that persists for a long time
aud even produces deutb by exhaustion.
.Nu one uiay Dope to be entirely free
from hiccup; In Its simple form It Is
extremely frequent, but upon tbe
whole It is more common wltb children
than wltb adults
Sometimes the attack comes on without any apparent cause, but It ma/
follow a sudden cblll. inch as that
caused by stepping from a* warm beef-
to a cold room; It may acromptiay s
violent dt of crying, or It may be due
to tbe distension of Ibe stomach by
food er gas Severe fright or nervous
shock has also beea known to lead
to Intractable attacks of bit-cups.*
A feeble lafaot wltb whom hiccup
comes to be of dally occurence often
falls Into a state of extreme exbatia
tlon. In sneb a case great core should
be taken to ward off or put un early
atop to tbe attack.
Where there la any serious disorder
of tbe abdominal organs, persistent
hiccup Is s disquieting symptom, and
when It occur* as sn accompaniment
of kidney disease tt is almost always
of grave sign I Ilea nee.
In simple cases very slight measures
are sufficient. to put an end to tbe
attack. Anything tbat onuses a feel
Ing of suffocation will generally effect
a cure, because that reeling naturally
results In a forced contraction of tbe
dlapuragm. Une old fashioned remedy
1* tbe slow sipping of s glass of water;
another Is tbe drawing and holding of
deep breaths at regular Intervals.
In the case of small tmtiles, n mere
change of position will sometimes stop
aa attack When tbe blccup'iloes mil
yield promptly to simple measures,
careful -search should a* uinde for lhe
cause la lhe, case ot Infanta or small
children, this \n usually iiinuected with
tbe dirt.-Youth's t'oiiipiinioii.
But Mrs. Bowser Doesn't Like
Him That Way After All.
The Sudden and Untiring Kindness of
Har Worthy Husbsnd Pslls Upon ths
Queen of the Household���The Hired
Girl Is Soared.
By   M.  QUAD.
ICopyrlghl, IH*.', by Associated Literary
MRS. UOW8RR was looking out
of the window lo catch sight
of Ur. Bowser as he came
borne from tbe office wbeu a
gentleman with a smile on hla face
stopped at tbe gate to put a little girl
mi the head. He alau waved bis baud
at a neighbor -across tbe street. He
also caught her eye aud lifted hla bat
and lafwe-d. ��� ' *
Not until he had opened the gale
end was advancing to the step did abe
recognize tbe man. lt waa Mr. Bowser   Mr. Samuel Kutvaer.
lie hadn't kicked tbe gale open.
He hadn't looked umiiiiil fur stray
clothespins (hat be might charge ber
Willi reckless waste.
���Hello, dear!"
He hadn't banged tbe door open.
He dldu't demand to know if dinner
wns ready, and If not. why not.
'Hii-ii. a line day," be remarked na
he laid n baud ou ber shoulder lu an
ufTectioiiate way.
"nope you haven't worked too hard
"Xo��� no."
"Well, we'll go down to dinner. I
know you've got some! hing good. Been
sweeping and dusting a Iktle?"
"Things look clean as a pin. I tell
you. Mrs. Bowser, it's mighty nice to
$14,000,000 FOR   STAMPS.
Pursuant to Section 7, of the Brit
ish Columbia Railway Act, 1911, no
tice is hereby given that there has
been deposited with tbe Registrar in
New Westminster, plan, profile and
book of Reference of the location of
the Canadian Northern Pacific Railway, mileage ,5 to 16, Lulu Island, approved by the Minister of Hallways of
British Columbia. t46��i
Chief Engineer.
Last Year Saw Remarkable   Increase
In Letter-Writing, Figures Show.
Ottawa, Jan. 20.���Receipts for the
sale of stamps during the month of
December, totalled the record mark
of $1,628,000.
This Is the first, time in the history
of the Postoffice Department that thr
receipts for one month for the sale o'
stamps passed the million and a half
mark, showing the remarkable in
crease In the postal business ot the.
Country, and continued prosperity.
It ls anticipated, ati this rate, that
at thc end of the', flocal year, on March
31st next, the total receipts from the
sale of stamps alone will reach the
���14,000,000 mark.
Curtis  Block, New Westminster,  B.C
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 717.
Do You Want To
Trade ?
1. A Quarter Section in Saskatchewan
in exchange for Burnaby property.
2. A fine Three Storey Illock in a
thriving Manitoba agricultural sec.
tlon. Portion of block leaned for
fin per "uiiuith. Il.il*:iir*e in use. Till.;
Is  a  going  concern   oleariug    ten
thousand per annum, Will exchange
fur revenue producing II. C. Property.
J. Two full bearing orchards In- Ihe
Okanakan Valley In each case own.
its vv"1il trade for coast property.
The properties are handy lo thu best
educational facilities.
4. A Matnqtii ranch In exchange for
Alberta acreage.
6. A choice Chilliwack 50-acro ranch
with Oholco buildings, for revenue
producing city property.
I Write or cull on us if you want to
trade as we have a number ot bargains worthy of your consideration.
investors* investment; CO.
Fire. Accident. Plate Glass, Automobile, Burglary,  Employer's
Liability Insurance.
Eighty Rooms, Neva, and  Modern.
Tho most comfortable rooms in th��
city. Hot ami cold water and atean
rniliator In each. Har and first claa.
cafe run in connection.
Cor. Front and Begble St.    Phone 18'.
Of Land in Antarctic By German Explorer.
ncrlln. Jan. 20��� Lieut. Wllhelm FII-
���lioner*. the German antarctic explorer,
has returned with bis expedition to
Buenos Ayres after an absence of 15
months in the southern sens.
Ueut. Filchener cables form Buenos
Ayres that the expedition haa been
u-ont Buceaaful. He discovered new
land, which Ue named Prince Regent
l.uitpold Land, and also an Ice barrier, which he named Kaiser Wllhelm II,
Lieut. Oilchener purposes continuing his explorations.
l'"or  Bsoalonoa   la    Bb&vlhe,   IlnlrcuttliiK
iui.1 -Ui.tiiiijooina Kivi- tin*
35   Eighth   St.    [Vivid  Boyle,   Prop.
trl-\l.    l-'our skilled workman,   our sys-
,. scalp for   dandruff
not Is- Impi-iiveil upon
mill fnlllii*- hair oa
Try  It.
POOS MnsHuKlii,;
���ns ���
Well-Built Mqdern.
5-Roomed Bungalow
Just oH 1'lxlh Street car line, with
hot water best. $:;1SO.UO; $1000.00
rash, balance to arrange.
Coldir.utt Block, Fourth Avenue
Phone ".13. Cast Burnaby, B.C.
P.O. Box 34
Christiana, Jan. 20.���The next Norwegian Storthing will contain no woman member or alternate, it became
apparent today; and opponents of
equal suffrage are gloating over the
unexpectedly poor showing made by
tlie suffragettes ln the recent parila-
nientary tlectlona.
Three years ago three women ran
tor seats tn thc Storthing and six for
alternates. This time there were ho
women candidates for seats; and tht
seven women who ran for alternates
were overwhlemlngly defeated. The
oilly News Biila   '""'* '���ssliUstUl'e contained ono woman
���    \
Its Prsvslence at Ont Tims Ustd te
Puziit Foreign Visitors.
Kissing, wblcb Baa lieen uhVlully
prohibited at tbe rullwuy station of
Siiriiieti, In Switzerland, nourished In
l-lngtutiil III the seventeenth century tn
sucb an exleal that tbe foreign visitor
was bewildered by Its prevalence.
Nicoluus de Itelhlen. who traveled In
l-'tiglnnd In lot"."!, writes that "my
hrother nnd I behaved very rudely ou
oue occasion, being unaware Unit It
was customary In that country tu Kiss
the corner of the mouth of ladles. Instead of shaking bands, as we do In
Hungary. IVe were Invited in dine st
the house of n gentleman of high rank
nnd found bis wife ami three dailgh
(ers (one of them married, rend- (o re
reive us We kissed the girls, hut not |
tbe married ladies, and thereby greatly
onViiftrd the inner. Isttvni nnnUmi-u-aj
fur nnr blunder snd told us thin wiien
saluting we must always Kiss the
seuinr huly llrst aud leave the girls to
ibe last."
The learned and sedate Erasmus In
I4!l!i wrote a Latin letter fnim Kng-
In ud to his friend f'austo Anrrnilnl
advising him to ,-mie here at iim-e,
for. he remark*: "Here are girls with
angels' faces who- will receive you
with kisses. Tbey come to visit you.
kisses again. Should they meet you
anywhere, kisses In aliiiiidaiiee in
Hna. wherever ynu mure there is until
Ing bit kisses.*'
In Hh��> a Bohemian nnhlemnn named
Len von Ilozmltni visited Kiigliiiid and
In the "Journal of ills Travel." pub
llshed lo I.-iTT. be noted. "It Is Ihe
custom there that nn the arrival of a
distinguished stranger from foreign
parts lhe hostess with all her family
goes mil li> meet blm and the guests
are required tn kiss them nil, and this
among the Rngllsh was the same as
shaking hands among other nations "���
Chicago News. >
n speclallt-r,
of all kinds.
Prices right.    Satisfaction guarantee
59  McKenzle St.
It's the Work.
Ute Your Phone
528 Clarkson Street. Phone 490
Phone R624
619 Hamilton SI
d. Mcelroy
Chimney  Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Ceaspools, Septic Tanks,
for Ladies and Men
lUpilrrn   and   Hit   Tutor.
Nnpu.i-uii was s .^re��t soldier, but II'
cis-ili! not spell, tin haiidwritin-t wa,
also so hail a. ti itivn i. .<��� |.. the ru
nmr ihst he used iiiiikx-ipheTnlile elmr
acters t>> riitieeiil l.ie luct Unit he, tlie
master nl I'lurope, cuuhl i/t uisstci
French t>rtliug-;a|>|-f, In iin- early
days nl lhe empire a man ol umilesi
a��|ici-' pre.-i'iiKd himself Mutt tItt-
euiuen r.
'Who ure your" inked Napoleon.
"Sue. I hau tin, honor at llrlentii
lor II.teen month, to give writing les-
tons to your ninjaittyl
"You turned out u nice pupil." sail
the emperor, witii vivacity, "I ooti-
iTStuliite ynu nn yi ur .uCcess." Never-
Oleics* lie conferred a iientioii upon
hu old master. -..' ,
Pythons Llks Milk.
"The fondness of pillions fnr milk
la notorious." said uu odlclal nl lhe
urn "A python will follow s timvl nl
milk for miles end, then he perfectly
satisfied with fiie milk ns a reward
for Its Journey In India jinii-flliie��
the natives lu traveling Ilirnii-jli Ihe
forests curr.v s torch aheiid fur lesr ut
wild niilmula, end i-tie man will nrinu
up the rear carrying a Ihiwi nt milk.
lu this way they -Miun-tiiiies, enter a
town, followed hy half a duxeii pi
tbntw as Ihey say In ludiu. ���'wuggma
tbelr talis Is-hlnd tlieiti "-.New York
1*1 Ine*
Net Werryma.
Young Wife--1 want yen la promise
me mie tiling. If ws would avoid iron
tile we must live within nnr mesas,
auil in help me lu dotim Uu- I wuul
vimii I'niliilse that ynu will never run
In debt. Young liiisluind-l will prntu
iise. my lava It I ever get In deht I'll
���et the other fellow* tit) Ihe running.
46   Unit   Street,
The Cardinals'  fled  Hats.
To the Countess of Flanders,*su Ira
ililion list it, the ciinliiioU nwu their
reil hats.  .She complained to Pope III-
| noccnt IV. Hint in an assemblage the
j could nut distinguish cardinals Iroin
ahbots and other great personage* ol
| tlie church, so the council iifXyont
j in l'J15 prescribed the red Bat to replace the miter, und red hat it hat
I been ever since.    In the constitution
nl I'oiiilaci; \ 111. it was enacted that
cardinals should wear robes ol Toyal
| purple, hut since 1464 red Vohes 1inve
| heen worn, nnd the purple usually up-
| pear* only -.1 Lent and Advent, when
cm limils. can   be . dialiiiguislu-il   Iriitil
lii'hnps I��v the red skull tuv, biretta
turn  Westminster. I "" ' B,ock!'*��i; L.......
Will end Wan't.
"Is yer awiiie ter tel dat mewel do
as he pleasesV*' 'asked I'ld-ie- Kptirliun s
wife.   "Wha'e }*��' will pns-m-rr
"My -will power's alt right-" be an
swered "You jest went ter entue nut
hyar an' measure dl* nere mewel s
won't pntrer.**-<.'hrlallaa Iteglster.
i    bankrupt
r-he ifomplnlninglyi-Yon  don't  pat
me compliments  as  foil   used   tu dalle - No;   I've  suspended  payinentl-
Itondon Telegraph
iVIsdom la knowing what to dn neit;
skill la knowing how to do it and virtue Is doing It-Jordan.
come home lo a  house nnd wife and
Hud p very thine In-luht nnd cheery."
Ami only thh-v evenings before en
be entered the house nnd looked
around be lintl cxi-lulim-d:
���II v John, lint we ought to get about
e hundred yards of red calico und
bung ou the wulls lo make It look aa
II some one lived here."
Al Ihe dinner table Mr. Bowser was
He waa liiiiiiormis.
He Imd n gnnd word for every!hlng. .
lie said I lull be wouldn't trade \tn.
Bowser oo* for the ipieen of Rliglund.
He wild lu-'d Is- gosh darned If he'd
lijare such a home for the presidency.
He aald thai If he had lived as did
some   men   that   he  could  name He'd
bung himself within a week.
it waa ii nil record dinner.
No Mistake.
When Mrs. Itu-vser left the table abe
went   to   the   kitchen   to   Instruct   tbe
rook alsuit breakfast, and the girl was
ell ready In ask:
"Is there any mistake ns to It being
ilr. Bowser-*"
���Why do ynu nsl; such a silly question >"
"Bill he hasn't found a word of fault.
Thut was a touch ,'teult. hut be never
noili-ed It."
"It lsu'1 a part of your work io ��rltr
tine" '
"Kilt I worked In a family once
where the man had heen siinstriiek.
and I ev|iei-ted l'i lie murdered every
minute. This mill not lie the cuse now
owing tu (lie lateness nf Hie seusmi
burin Ihe silting morn upstairs Mr. Bow-
set wns walking to and fro as he
sninl-ed hla cigar
As he walked he rubbed hla. pnlma
tin-ether and whispered. "By George"
"How's Hie gas bill fnr last iimtnhV
he itski|l with a -.-Tin.
"it's a dollar inme than lord." replied
Mrs, ito-vscr "I cull II rntila'rv, and I
hope you'll gu down lo th*" iitlli-e and
tell 'em ymi'll stand tl lnws*llt liefore
you n pnyll "
"Tush. lush, irlrly: That'gas bill If
all right You know the days shortened
up all the itiniilli."
"Hut n dollar mare*?"
"Never miiMl If It's in more. The
people who kick about tbelr gas lillls
never think of bow Ibey hurl Hie feel
lugs ol the i nnipiiny. Men who lire tig
din and -'|��l*t l�� sriileh'llie gas pipe*.
pud ��ee Hull tliey doti'l bust Ap desem
our , oiiHlilerHlioii Instead of nnr kicks.
1 guilty bought a ion of .range ci-nr���
"And It'll moat,gone. I have been es
econhmli-nl aa I could, but"���
"YVbn aald you, must worry over the
evnir* fs'n nliencf and born all ynu want
to. I ruesH wv cun pay our coul bills
all ligbt*"'
And he cackled and laughed and
rubbed his pnlma some mure.
"Did you hear uny apeelul good newa
lodny;'"  nsked Mra,  Bowser lu touea j
she tried to make careless.
"Why.   I'm   hearing  (tpeclnlly   good
news  every  day.     I'm  bearing  Hint |
I've got the nicest little wife and the'
brlghiest home lu all Aiiiei'lcu-bu, ha,
And he put his arm around Mrs,
Bowser's waist and wnllred her around
the room. When she cautioned him
tbat the conk would tvnnder wbnt was
going on be la nulled ami replie-l:
"We are nut afraid of a dnzen cooka
rolled Into one!"
A Helping Hand.
The clock on ihe mantel ticked away
the minutes that would never return/
The cricket mi the hearth turned a
bandK-irliii- and liegiiii singing.
The enok aaiig "Yankee Doodle" aa
she finished up her Inst dish.
Tbe bouse of Bowser waa a happy
A ring nt Hie Ml.
"I'll attend to il. my dear." aald Mr.
Bowser as be cantered dowu tbe hall
and opened the door.
. It was a tramp who stood there. He
wanted to ask fnr e dime, but la-fore
he could get Ihe words out he was
drawn Into the ball and .saluted with:
"Come right In, fellow dl lien. Yon
are after half a dollar to help you
along. That's all right-all right
Here's 100 cents to help you climb tbe
ladder of amlillioii."
"Gee!" gasped Willie as the greenback touched his palm.
"No. thnnks-not u durned one! I was
a tramp myself once und know how tt
Is. Can't you play the piano nnd alng
ua a song':"
Tbe trump caught slgbt of Mra. Bowser coining down the hall, and he got
out with his dollar, while she cblded
Mr. Bowser.        ���   ��� ""
"Tush. Kitty, tush!" he laughed In
reply. "Can a tramp climb the bidder
of amtiltlon^a-lth less than St in bis
hind pocket?*
"But 10 cents would have done for
him. and I could bave bad the rest for
Good Night
"Hosiery, my love? Why. I'm going
In telephone ill tlie morning tn the big
gesl mill in the world to put In a whole
week making hosiery for JOU. Say,
don't you wuiit to go to tbe theater tonight V
"It's loo Inte."
"Then let's buy nn auto and ride
around town."
"Then send Ihe rook out for a barrel
of Ice ireum-iiotlilng less than a bur
"We'll see alsuil Hint Inter on."
"Or we might piny poker,   Kitty, dear.
If you cun lient me three bund* out of
Ave  I'll give you $10 nn  top of your!
"I triihl to think now."
"All right I'll think ton. I'll think
just ns you dn I'm no mnn tn let my
dear little wife do all the thinking
while I du nothing Are ynu going tn
think uf the wickedness of ttie worldV
"I guess so."
"Tlls-o   I   will   ���<����.'   A   r-.lt   Wrtmnn   isnl
down iii mr inp In the street cur (tie
Oilier day. She hadn't Orter. It waf
wleki-d M'-.vlif sin- didn't menu-meun
to���In   iiictn,"-
And the issstl Mr. Bowser mslded
and i'im-ciI and slept mid sunivil
And lhe good Mrs Bowser removed
Ills shoes nnd i-ollnr. Inacreil hltii carefully to Ihe tliulr and stmlchteni-d his
legs ont mid made him comfortable fnr
Ibe night.
[le hull loses real Bond he Imd Is-en
like other Inen but she felt ml Joy
over It She lm| cil that when he woke
up lie would be lhe Bowser of other
days and nights.
LII lie May Phillip, the five year old
daughter df n commercial traveller,
was playing In l-Jeymour street, Dundee with some companions, when it
boy, whom they did not know, flrml
a toy pistol, and the missile Btnick
her on the right eye, Injuring It severely.
The Duchess of Sutherland, president of the Sutherland Celtic Association occupied the chair at a meeting In Golspie. The Duchess advocoted
thn starting of more Industries in Sutherland, heller organization nmnt-g
small holdors, and tho sinking of political feeling:*. In tho community.
Apt Pupil.
"Tliese kids I tench nren'l n till slow."
otiservrd a schisillenclier. "Ill fact.
I'm iifruld tbey read the papers The
other day I propos.sl the fullowlli'i
problem to my arithmetic chiss:
" \Y rlell Hum dies'nnd leaves "Rl.iMgl.
null One lirtb Is In go to tils wife, one
-dTlh to his sun. niie-sevenlli. to Ills
Olingllter, nneelnhth tn his hrother Slid
Ihe lesl lo foreign missions. YY'lmt does
each get?'
"'A lawyer.' said the littlest liny In
the etnas |iruuiplly."-l'nsc and Com
me ti I.
One at a Tims.
A *i<c-fnrer Was annoyed liy n man In
tlie audience who Insisted on rising ami
nsking questions i "Hit down, you ussl"
snld tl second mall. Jumping up -Sit
down. yon. Iimi!" rrled a third mini
"Von are l����lh asses."
"There aeem In lie pleuty of esse"
about tonight." put In the lecliirer
calmly, "but fur heaven's sake let us
bear une at a tlna-."
"Well, ynu en on. then,'' aald tlie llrst
mnn. resuming his seat.-Huston Trail
"Ho you wunl to marry my dniigb
"Yea. sir."
--Hot any money saved upl"
"Yen. sir,"
"Could .vmi let me here $.1,000 on my
unsecured note**"
"I ennld. lull I wouldn't"
"I guess you run take en re of her all
right She's yours, my boy. nntl here's
a rive cent cigar."- YVushliigtoti Herald.
Ths Standard,
Mrs..Willie-1.am ho ashamed:   Our
house was hardly cleaned at all this
Mrs. nilll��*-Th��t so? *
Mrs. "tVlllln-Yfe. I don't know t\atr
It happened, but there were nt least
Are days left between Ihe time I finished the last room of Hit spring reran-
Ing and the time I began ihe flrat room
of Ihe fall cleaning.-Puck.
The Miles ef Books on the Shelves ol
the Empire's Reading Roam Have
Many Strange and Interesting Hit-
torlss Attached to Them���Museum
Is the Youngest of the Great Libraries of Europe.
Of the joys of book-reading dozens
of famous authors have told m all ���
tha} there ia to tell. Of the moan i.(
the preacher, that of the making of'
many books there i- no end, little or
nothing Is heard although there never
was a time wl. a bjo'ks i|suefl from
the press in greater ..uniM-v!
"Vanity of vanities," c-t��d tl a same
great doctrinaire, "all is vanity."
Walk through the miles���yes, miles
ami miles! ��� of books and pamphlet*
and publications at tho British Museum, and you will fancy, and maybe
rightly so, that the greatest of vanities is authorship. How many tales
there are here waiting to be read t
How many lives mutely craving one's
confidence; How many tragedies ol
penmanship, never to be listened to!
Singularly poignantly did George
Gissing tell of these men and women
t��riters in the "New Grub Bt." All
that the average man can, and need,
r.al of tne world's wit and wisdom
may be placed on a few shelves in
anyone's room. Yet here is a whole
city���a world���made up of many neVr
and old Grub Streets, with here and
there a lane of Arcody. Not inappropriately is'the color scheme ol this
mellow world of books thst have fallen
from the press and been swept aside���
a color scheme made up of browns,
snd greys, and laded reds, like the
leaves in  Vailombroaa!
Yet the story of jt all. and of its
aggregation, ii singularly arresting,
and no out., knows more about it than
���Dr. G. K. I'ortc-K-iie, the Keeper of
Printed Books, who retired at tlie end
of October nfter forty-two years' service.
"Let us commence," said Dr. Fortescue to our representative recently,
"by recalling that the British Museum
is the youngest uf tho great libraries
of Europe. Tlie history nf ��ucli JiU
rsries ss the Bililiotlieiiuc Natiomila
of Paris, the Vatican Library, or lhe
libraries of Vienna or Munich goe|
back for many centuries. NevertllO- .
less, we can I'lniin to-day to be nut
enly the largest in the world, hut one
of the most valuable, and this in spitsi
ot somo early  drawbacks.
For u long time we had no regular
income. If any special books were
wanted, there was no way ol getting
them except hy means ol a special
grant from the Treasury. Moreover,
tin staff ol the 'museum was largely
recruited Iroin the ranks of men wh >
were elderly���distinguished men ,,f
letters, snd others not so distinguished. Perhaps the most eminent cus-
t's-linn of tlii-i clnss was Cary, tho
translator of Dante.
"It was not until an obscure Italian
refugee, Antonio I'ani/./.i, afterwards
to become Hie famous Sir Antony
Paniul, was nppointed Keeper ol
Printed llis.ks in IM37 thai thu lihr.iry
began tn take rni-k n. ��>����� *t lli-s
(���reiitesl libraries of Kurnpe. It is t ���
I'aiii'.ri we owe the regular grants do
sll purposes, such as puraliasiiig,
printing and  binding.
Not only did he obtain lhe regular
assistance ol the Treasury, hut lie se-
cured tn the library its full rights
under the Copyright Act id 1843, her
gsn the grunt catalogue ol printed
Ixsiks, designed the great circular
reading room surrounded with live
galleries, and was lhe author >'. many
technical improvements lor the caryatid i systematizing of the work *.f
lilirarioiisliip. When Paninr.i took
charge nf the lihr.iry he found u collection of SU1.R00 books, some, if
them very valuable, but all of tlietn
ill-cared lor, ill-arranged, and ill-
When he relinquished his task, after thirty year..' unremitting ami
strenuous toil, ho bequeathed to Intern generations a great and ordered
library of l.fiOO.OCU books, cn.ilHitiin.-
in itself the material for future-
growth, and second in importance only
te the !!ibli< t leque Nationale.
"I entered the museum in H7(l, fiv-t
yesrs alter I'linir.-i retired. On the
las', occasion I had the honor of meeting Gladstone he a*-j<). 'I hope you
men of the museum never 'cease t��
give thai ks tn the great man wh.i
made you what you are.'   .
"Since   Panir.xi's   time   tbe   growth
has been  nn less rapid, until at the
l^esent mnment the library contain! .
at least ,1,5O0,(ltX), and possibly 4.100,-
000 books.     ��
"I cannot give thc precise figures
because nf the variation ol methods
nf commutation. We receive every
year .120,000 'pieces.* A 'plsce'JaJJjs".-:
t.������clinical description of anything-*
printed from a single sheet lo an al-
dltiort of Voltaire in eighty-seven volumes. It it difficult tn state hoe*
many volumes are Included in the
number uf 'pieces,' but it is an under-
stateme-it to say that 5(1,000 volumes
would repretent our increase any ye.ir.
This is not a matter nl congratulation.
1 agree. Indeed. It ia sun'what,
alarming thut nn (ewer than il 000,000
books have been ridded since I came
"As to tho future, it ls--woll, terrific
to think what the increase will be In
the course of tha century that lies
before us. Truly, nf the making or*
many liooks there is no end. Librarians will no longer be able to cout.t-
thit number of hooks. PresumabliL ,
the/ will speak uf having so ninnf
miles nf them. There are at least
lorty-eix miles of bookshclv. s at the*
Cresent tinn. enough to stretch from
ondon to Brighton,
' "WPe 'can say that a book is.deed"' ',
How many authors whose books are-
entombed  here  may  yet prove  mora
alive than thoso whose books are now
enjoying transient 'life'���
Filing Steel
If a little chalk he rubbed on a file
before filing steel il will prevent ohipe
sticking to the file to scratch thu w.k.
__sy , 1_ ������
To Preserve Old Fort.
Ottawa, Jan. 20.���A deputation from
Amherstburg, Ont, will wait on the
government on the 21st and ask that
It toko qver arid preserve the old-Port
Molden, one' Of tho historic spoils of
Canadian history; It played a prominent pert In the -war ot 1812.
Germans to Cultivate Ootton,
Buenos Ayres, Jah.   20.���it  le   reported that prominent German cap)- , '
tnllsts have purchased 122,00!) acres
of land tn the Chaeo to cultivate cotton.   These capitalists are reputed to
be among the wealthiest   and   most.'
powerful In Germany. TUE8DAY, JANUARY 21, 1913.
5 It Resulted DIfferentlyEromWhal
��   Might Have Been Expected.
|      By HAROLD WINSTON      |
���wit-wwit-wwa a. a eh*************
I am the son of a fisbermao end was
brought, up ou salt water. I loved it
but was iimliltlous to breuk away from
eo simple a lire and muke something of
myself, If nut better, at leaat more
prominent. I was twenty-one when,
with 1100 In oil pocket thai I bad
sated, I weftt to New fork for the
|iur|Kise of finding u -inalt'on.
I'nalliona are not to be bad In a mo-
ment lu the metropolis, and.tbe best I
��Mild do waa to enter my name el the
tiottoiu of a'list nivnliliig vacancies
fly money was being used up. though
! husbanded my resuurcea, snd I been me discouraged Every morning I
bought a newspaper and looked over
lhe advertisements to see If s young
In..ii ft my description wua wanted. I
lliiully aaw cue tbat met my case, hut
Dot for business. It wus au advertisement for a skipper for a yacht.
1 had seen enough of the crowds of
a tilg city. The continual whin sickened me. The display uf wenltb side by
side w'th abjtyi misery made me long
ugaln 'ur Ibe water, upon which there
are no streets, nn alleys, no dirt True,
the vehicles on the ocean differ in decree as those on the hind. I hud heen
used to nothing better than a Ashing
bout sod was fascinated nl Ibe Idea uf
sailing a yacht
I   answered  the advertisement, but
The contract  was  no  sooner   made
! than Miss Hurlliert gave me a mil of"
bills and directed me to go ashore and
| buy arms und ammunition.   I  l-ought
! a cutlass, a re|H*ntliig rifle and a  re
| volver for eaeb of the crew. Including
��� myself, and was fortunate enough to
j pick up a couple of little two -Kiuudor
barkers, wltb ammunition for all    Mis��
Hurlliert was well  pleased when  she
,,-iw the bark era.
Wbeu all was completed Mlsa Hurl
liert directed me tu weigh anchor and
lose ourselves among tbe many
Islands that line tbe const of Maine.
Since there are. several hifndred uf.
these In Ciweo tiny alone, embracing
lint a small fraction of tbe const. It
seemed to me a very good hiding place.
1 now sow tbe principal reason why
I had been engaged. It had been Miss
Huriliert's Intention from the first to
disappear wltb the valuables among
these Islands ao effectually that,
through ber attorney, .she might make
filch terms ts she desired with the
plaintiff In the suit Stie hurt * hut
counted on la>lng followed, but when
sbe found Iriilt she would be, lielng a
woman of greet rteteniilniitliiti, ' sbe
had the nerre In prepare fur defense.
She flu tiered, me nnd every member
of the crew, treating us all as her
ennuis and constantly sending tu the
forecastle delicacies from the i*aliiu
mess. As for me. she Insisted Ihat I
should eat nt her table, since she would
otherwise be obliged to eat alone.
We spent the tlrst two weeks sailing
nu further east than Itith thut Miss
Hurlliert might occasionally run Into
1'ortluud for letters, but ut the end of
Hint time she told me sbe bud been
advised that tlie plaintiff bud left Bus-
ton, hound east, and she directed me to
more on. I asked Her If our pursuers
bud made preparations to tight, and
she snld she didn't know; sbe hoped
that we should uvuid them till tbe Otb
uf .Nuremlier hud passed. But why sbe
placed stress upon this date sbe did not
Chepkers Excites the Sympathy
of Two Maiden Ladies.
His Rteital Melts Their Hearts and
Procures Him an Invitation to Breakfast, but the Envious Hired Man
Drives Him Away.
[Copyright.  1312,   by  Associated  Literary
���� *T** HKCKEUS." suys I to myself,
aays I, "what wins cases before a JudgeY*
"What   makes  a  successful  drummer '!" ,,
"What sells a merchant's goods""
���Talk." /
"What helps a holm to fried chicken
and a hair mattress?"
Oue afternoon, up In e New England
state, I turned aside to aak for a bite
to eat and 'a lodging at a comfortable
farmhouse, | found tbat the place was
owned and occupied by two old maid1
sisters and run by a hired man. Both
i females were over forty years old and'
typical spinsters. To look st tbem you
wouldn't think tbey had any more ro-
vrllh no more hope of getting the posl*   te|| me
���Ion than I had of securing any of the j     ,Ve ���'���,���. of ���      .���, ca||wJ ,���e s
clerkships   fur   which   I   had   applied
But  I  hud an adranlnge In knowing
liuw to sail a hunt, while I waa entire
IV Ignuraut of business. A few days
after I mailed my letter I received sn
Invitation .to call at a dwelling In tbe
upper part ot the city.
I was received by a woman about
thirty-live yeara old. She reiielled me
from the moment I met her, looking at
me critically, as If sizing me up for
���ometblng besides my marine nunlitlcn.
tlons. She asked me to stale them,
limvever, and I did so. Wbea I told
ber I had been burn and brought up
rear Bath. Me.. I noticed that she
pricked up her esrs, and when I milled
thut I knew Ihe const thereabout from
I 'orr In nd tn Mount IVesert I saw tbat I
linrt affected her favorably.
Stie tnld me that ber uncle, with
whom she lived aud of whom she
had the enre. was a very old man and
I whicb we suspected to be tbe one look.
i lug fnr us. Ours wus tbe Uu-vn,
Nearly all yachts but the twu had gune
uut of commission, fur by tbls time It
was tbe '.'Mth of October. On tbat date
we were concealed In a cove In I'euob
scot buy under trees banging from a
cliff. Hud we remained there we
wuuld have avoided n meeting wltb our
antagonists. Tliey bud tracked us and
had sailed past our biding pluce wbeu
we were pulling uut As soon ns we
did so she turned about und came for
ua tiefore tbe wind.
Tbia was In tbe morning, nnd two
hours after uoun she bad outsailed uo
and was within half a mile of us lo
ii|M>n water.   Miss Hurlliert came up to I ninnce In tbelr sou la thau a roll fence.
me aud wltb as devilish a look as I | x ������������, know whether 1 was tbe first
ever saw un uny wuman'a face asked
me if I was ready to keep my contract
wltb her.   I wished I was out of It. for
nn Invalid.   He hnd been felling lately, | 1 bad never felt much faith In tbe Jus-
<���** 4
nnd his physician bsd advised hit
getting out Into Ihe open. A yacbt
torwl been piircliused with S view to
tnklnK tilm ou a milut alona* the Naw
Ilugliuid const It was rather Isle In
the season for yachting and sba asked
me how long It would ,be safe and
comfortable to remain on tbe water.
1 replied that If Ihe vessel waa not too
email and was capable of lielng heated
It might remain In conn
Ural nf Noremln-r. After en Interview
lasting nearly an hour, during which
������he aurprlsed me by the large salary
abe would pay-l-SiO a month-she
dismissed me. saying that when abe
bad decided among those who bad ap
piled she would let me bnow.
One morning when I had about
given the matter up I received a noli
from tbe lady advising my of my ap
-���ointment end directing me le get tn
gether a crew. I gut busy at once,
visited tbs yacht saw that sbe needed
-���Ii men and engaged tbem. Mlsa
Hurlhert���the lady wbo engaged uie-
(iriH-ored the aervanto.
We sailed on tbe day when tnurlsts
vrere returning from their outings-
ibe flret of September���nnd I was dl
reeled to coast eaatwerd. Tbe only
tier-suiis aboard were Mlaa Hurlliert.
Mr. Towuaend. Ibe Invalid, and Ihe
���srrew and servants. After mundlng
Kantuckei I wns directed lo steer for
I'nrtlniul. where, on arrival, we put
Into the linrlsir nml I was directed in
-go ashorH fnr mull. I m-ougbt one
letter uddressesl in Miss Hurlliert.
whl'li she lure ii|smi st mice, aud lis
foments affected tier peroeptlhty. She
asked me In im down Into tbe calilu
with her where there waa no one but
���ourselves Mi. Town-lend . kept Ms
���luierooni nnd when* we we're ekiue
���he snld:
"I'aptiiln, are run a l,g|��terr
Surprised I replied hy inquiring why
������he asked such a question. Where-
tilHin she tnld me that ber uncle wes
���engaged In a lawsuit In which e
fortune was Involved. All bis prop
srny. except tils real estate, had been
���turned Into Jewels, which were aboard
the ydrht. The more had been ed
vised by hla attorney a on the ground
a hat pnaaeaslon le nine points In Ibe
jllaw. She bad received a warning from
��� tin* In ber Intereat tbat the plalatltf
" 1n thf, snit, ��� greet raecai and a ��m
���determined mop. liee>Mat wie�� of Mr.
, Tnwiu-*iid'.*^KretheV--iikie Beriberi**
-method of pitrsrijdiire and bad ntted
-nut a yacht to follow end tak" th*
tii-npertv by force,   t'ould eke depend
> ��imn me In the matter"1
���'   The aft-air wrv not to my ilkltui
I and I gave net nu Immediate reply.
} Mh* followed up the oiie-tllon by offer-
log   me   liVOtm   (or   myseil   end   e
. thmn-end dollars Mr each one of ��he
��� ei-aw In case her eipedltlon were nic-
���Jesafnl, to be pahl whether inert- was
fighting to he done or If the achenie
-roiiid he handled peeeefnlly. I eon
���emied the rrew end they eirreed, thai
df I thongt-t tbe matter Involved no
st-aeesltty tlfty wnaM go In onder ra*f
���B-otnmaBd^ Ths deal was
<tkm provlso
tlce uf ber cause, and  I   feared  IO be
mixed and mix my crew tn u violation
of tbe laws    However. I told Iter tnnt   imru..
I would stana by ber.
"IVell. Ibea." she aald. "go abotil and
While doing so give ber a broadside
from the barkers"
I raised s glass to examine onr en
bobo thut bad come ulong for e month.
or wbether they bad thought I bad seen
better days. At any rate I was given e
good, hearty supper by ibe hired girl
and told thnt I could make myself com.
form hie ou the new uiuwn bay io ths
A amUim-st*! Msss-si.
1 helped tbe hired man to uillk end
do up the choc.es. nnd when I went to
riHist 1 did a bit of singing te myself.
It  was ont  of  tbe  finest   moonlight
emy and was astonished to see un lhe I nlE,lU roll ever MW*( ,,-sj, iut wb*p.
of l-elng bested | after deck a woman, who appeared lol |MM>rvr|-|M whooping It up for nil tliey
mission till ibe , ���*, giving orders like the eiipiain of a   wer, worth, and |ierbu|>a r-lieesme a
battleship. The peculiarity uf ihe situ
atlon amaxed me. Here were I and ray
crew serving under a woman while
another waa In command of uur enemy,
and we ot least about to engage In au
Illegal altercation. Nevertheless 1
obeyed orders, sent a couple, of men
below tu work lhe guns, snd while
turning tbe yacht's nose before the
Spray tbe port gun was fired, and as
we swung round the starboard gun fol
towed suit   Neither abut took effect
Our enemy paid no attention lo onr
messengers, standing right for us
"To your rifles, men!** abouted Mlaa
flnrlbert      . -,*'���*
Tbe men obeyed, though reluctantly,
while I stand' by. wondering what
would happed next Six rifles were
resting un the gunwale of the Dawn,
while tbe Spray wee advancing bead
on. A man stood on the letter yacht's
bow holding a paper la one hand, a
atVgapbnua lii Ihe other, liaising Ihe
megaphone, he bellowed: *
, "You. on ttml yei-bt! You're wanted
I'm the sheriff of ��� county. Malms.*-
'And holding op the pa|ier he reed
through the megaphone a warrant far
the arrest of Matilda BarllWrt
That ended th* ma tier for me. I did
not t-rortoae l*,reaMt**ih*rrest. .IhsUigO
not knowing jbether lbs warrant and
tbe sheriff were genuine'   ���     * '
"Klesr cried Mlaa llbrik-Ni to Ike'
They looked et me for tntdnttlltma
snd I told I beta to lower tbelr rin.**
The tank oar* employer gave Use was
something frightful.   .
"There seem tu lie tint e few r��ras*sns,
aboard ef ber." I said, "and ,w* are
seven uiea. wall armed   Let ua bave a
Well, the npehM of the mailer was
Ihat Mine llMHhert wee ho t-t-tattnu te
Mr. Towuaend. bnt a nurse who had
got t-ootrol of hint, and was trying te
bit seiitlmeutal. I bad sung "Annie
Ijiurie" and two or three other old
songs when tbs hired man came out to
Ute Imrii and notified me that Tlllle
and Mary wanted to see turn on the
veranda. Thou* were tbe names of the
two old maids. When I appeared before tbem. bat In baud. Tlllle. who wee
the elder, aald: *
Moonlight and tana.
"We beard you singing and didn't
kuow but what you would favor us
with aotnethiug."
1 replied that I wee always happy te
oblige and piped up with "Nellie Gray"
and followed It wltb "Old Black Joe.*
Wbeu I had Bulsued my piping Mary
"Sister end I are agreed that yon ar*
uot what you tsj-e-e. We believe you
have been a. gentleman Ik your time
Would yeu mind telling us bow you
The directors of the Aberdeen and
North of Scotland aad Orkney and
Shetland Steam Navigation company
have placed an order for the oonutruo
lion of a cargo steamer of about 400
tone with Messrs Hawthorne, shlp-
ibullders, L-elth.
get him ewey where she r*nld iimi**-*"   ���_���. m   ...���.*,
.tJ'ol Stek^SB^ wVMm\\fR
sbA? sa w^iirsi*'- +******.
liert had been det-rlving me nn to fce>
lilayleg a legal mime. She was aimirtj
trying lo get her charge Into a |m��l11o�� ���
svhere she could, tie him np In wed:
lock Kb* stare riot go ashore for the
purpoee, for the police In every lane
had beeu given ordere by Mlaa Towns-end lo ertv-si ber If slvea*,|-s��a**d r"*t*
d ue not bring a minister almere). fnr
this would give her rtivlgu away tome
aud Pel crew.
I proved that I end her crew wet*
not aware nf her reel scheme, nnd we
earaped. nw*��MU*��,., Mlf��, Bartliert
was oent to prlsea far ebductioti. I|g|ak
rownsend was o*> heppy at ber Mreeee
Ihet she paid us
Stirling lost a. centenarian In BlUa-
beth Ferguson, a widow, wk6 recaat-
belonged to h\
most of her life tn Stirling. She had
five ot a family, thraet still katajf
alive, the oideat
eauit to be a-a wstyjeverr
"It Is e pelnful eubject ladlee, but
ynu have been eo kind to me end tbe
evening ie -en full of sentiment that I
will relate my atory. Wben I waa
eighteen years old I met the beentlfnl
daughter of the Countess de Charny at
Newport I wae there at my father*a
���villa'! end the rannteaa dad bor dabgb
ter" were in America on a visit"
���Tlllle. dldb't I ��ey that be bad Iwea
in hive some timer queried Mary
"Yea. and I said I retber-nboug.it ao
myself.   Let blm go on."
The Countess Merle.
"Merle wee the name of the count
ess' daughter, end 4 shall'not slteuipi
to detK-rllie her greees.   Ws foil In love
with each other at once, eud btsr nmlh
��r and uty father aptsiired to elo-niir
ago tbo Idee.   Stie whs hot aerenleeii
snd nf eon roe we did not think oi
marriage at that ago. We could nledire
nur troth, however. e**��^*|r'#tdld.  A'ler
iwn months abe aaljed ror li��inw> aud
wttk bee.   ��t* tkr
hegaa sendlag love
and,she mual have
fmtod el least fiim-teen or the-��i wrter
��fie landed."
"Had I ueer been hived thn
���rtglted the fair Mere.
"fbere is time fnr both of an yet"
repllert THIte.
"rNie two yenm we ��*s-��TTs����ra>��d>d by
everv stesirser end bent lhe Krs-aek re
hlea' knt with Osr-ssasjea. My rather
���ladklnteti thst | eonld marre wltstn, I
-r-iciu-d the age nf twenty, end I waa.
etutnllnc lr�� days when he'Volted oie
intn lhe lllirnry rtnif.eTealiig a>d, an
nnmieed Ihnt f aWie* i^n^'iei-rb M*
fmm a fehm'a e*v.. Ufc/M tWtM-rke
ndme hf an ieemanvea a ettoefcf** ���**�����.-
nrtf) and lost the .money In Well atreaf.
It wae but a trifle lo tbe leemaa, but
be hnd e daughter whom he wished
to marry Into a swagger family. Ue
therefore gave my father his choice of
either compelling me to marry the girl
or going lo state prison himself." '
"IVhy, It's like a uuvel!" gasjied
"I told you be was a hero us soou as
lie asked fur the cold victuals," answered Tlllle.
Between Lev* anal Duty.
"Think uf tbe aituatlon. ladles! My
love was sworn to Marie, and yet uu-
less I miirriud a girl with pale blue
eyes, a turned up pose and chin with
a mole on It our family Was to be dragged down fmm Its high position and
disgraced forever! Father and I talked fur hours aud hours, but we could
see only tbe utie way uut uf It l-ute
us wua tbe hour wben we gut through.
I,went off to tbe buuse of tbe Iceman
to see If I could uoMnelt bis cold heart
I found It of different material from
bis Ice. It grew colder sll the time Instead of melting. Be utterly refused
to recede from bis position. When 1
said tbat tbe blow would kill Marie and
me be offered to mAe tbe price of our
toe 'in centa a hundred tbe uext season.,
but that waa tbe best he would du."
"Base villain:'' hissed Mary.
"Sordid wretch!" hissed Tlllle.
"It was a terrific struggle between
love and .duty, but duty, finally prevailed. After being in betrfor^i month
wltb bruin fever I sent for the Iceman
nnd ugreed to bis terms. He brought
his daughter right aver In bla Ice wagon, and we were married, and tbe forged check was given to father to tear
"What a noble son!" whispered Mary.
"What a heroic sacrifice!'' wblapered
Tlllle.  ���
Letter sf Renunciation.
"A week later, when I was a little
stronger. I wrote to Marie. There were
luti pages of foolscap, but I can recall
every line and word. 1 hid nothing
from her. but told ber the solemn
truth. I told her bow It wrenched my
heart but tbnt*lbere was no hope
abend, lo fbe course of a year 1 wuuld
nut rusty nails around where my wife
must step on them nnd meet ber death
by lockjaw, and tben I would fly to
France and make fc��y love my own. I
received no reply to my letter-not
from Marie. Her mother wrote tbat
upon receiving my epistle tbe dear girl
had started for America on a (ramp
steamer with the object of killing herself on my doorstep and that I should
look out for her comlug."
"Tlllle. did we ever read anything
like It In a novelt" asked Mary.
"No. dear, we never did," replied
"For three long years I looked for
tbe coming of sweet Marie, but sbe
enme not. I hnd an alarm bell attached
to tbe front atepa so that If she came'
In the night I would be awakened. But
tbe bell never rang. 1 bated tbe woman
I had married, and she bated me. I
kept bouse In the ball and sbe In tbe
parlor, and we never met when we
couie h-sir- it. I rss-rtlsed father was s
broken and pennllsMs ma*. Xttleem to
desperation at last, l-*-r*���     *-.
"Don't say yon murdered you? wife!"
pleaded Mary.
"If be did and did It gently I for one
will forgive him." answered Tlllle.
"No. I did not murder her. Sbe was
lying III with the miimns when light
olng struck Ihe bouse and brought her
end. What waa left of It waa seined
next day by tbe aberiff for debt my
father waa seut to mark well's Island
for alx months for' breaking a ahow
window, and In my loneliness and desperation I took to the road." V
"And have yon never found yopr Ma
i-lsT Didn't ebe come to Auierlcer
His Loot Lava. ' I
"That Is why I grieve and grieve end
refuse to be comforted I 'earned that
tbs did reach these shores'Ind atarted
for my homo aud tbsn suddenly turned
op missing. No ooe ran tell me tonight
where she U. Kb* may be e waitress
lo a summer bntel, or ahe may be wandering tbe highways and byways In tbe
moonlight end celling my name. Some
day I msy meet ber. Sume night when
Ih* moon rides high snd-aud tbe whip
poorwlll slags I may clasp her to my
breast again. It is aa I'rovldeuce wilts
I can only wait"
The two old maids sighed and wiped
the tsars from llielr rye* end Instated
thai 1 occupy Ibe iwrlnr is-drnuin, thai
night und alt with Ibetn at breakfast
I thuouht I was In tot u good thing for
ulMW'e'weelt LuVwaeo I wrn> out*to
Hie bum lhe hired man, whose le��1onsy
bed i-een aroused, gave me a' thumping and kicked me ornbe farm, end I
bevo never seen those godl ladles slnca
highly amusing incident at a restaurant ln Lisbon.
For some time a naval officer had
been the accepted suitor, of the actress, but she bad borkeii off the engagement. The naval officer/with a
bautlful girl, entered the restaurant in
the evening and ordered dinner for
The couple sat at a small table and
were observed talking together affectionately. Soon afterwards the
actress entered. As her eyes fell on
the officer and tbe girl she stopped
short, but, regaining her self-possession, proceeded to a table and ordered
dinner. She viewed with irritation
and Jealousy tbe twq opposite, wbo,
apparently oblivious 6f her presence
were engrossed in each other.
At last unable to restrain herself
at the sight of her rival's triumph,'tbe
actress rushed at the girl aa she rose
to leave the restaurant and seized her
by her beautiful golden hair. To her
intense astonishment the hair came
away ln her hands, with hat and veil
attached to it, and the face of a middy
from the officer's ship was revealed,
dmtd roars of laughter from all nree-
The discomfited actress burst Into
tears, and, covering her face with her
hands, fell back on a chair. Friends
tried to reconcile the actress and the
officer as the masquerade had proved
successfully that she still cared for
her former suitor.
formed by Earl Gray In Interests of
British   People.
London, Jen. 20.���Earl 'Grey, ex-
governor-general of Canada, and foun
der, of the Home Counties Public
House Trust, Limited, spoke af-'tho
opening of the Roebeck hotel, the recently acquired licensed premises of
the trust at puckhurat Hill.
He- referred to the initiation of the
movement twelve years ago on th<>
basis of a license which he secured
himself from tbe licensing courts. At
that time the licensing authorities
came to the decision that a new license was required in the rural part
of Northumberland, where he had a
little property.
He did not want a public house,
which in England is a name given to
non-residential hotels, but thinking he
sent ln his claim, and he waa given
the license. They could imagine his
surprise when, about a month afterwards, he receded an offer from a
solicitor that if he was prepared to
come to terms he thought he would
be able-to* obtain $50,000 by passing
on the license to someone else.
That opened hla eyes-Ho what was
happening. It waa then that he decided to form a public house trust
company in Northumberland, to be
administered, not ln the Interests ot
the publcan, but In the Interests of
tbe public.
The object of the trust was to convert licensed hcuses into real places
of refreahment and comfort, and promote the cause ot temperance. Only
the very best food and. drink were
supplied. One of tbelr principles was
that the man behind tbe bar had no
Inducement whatever to press the
sale of acholic liquor.
On the contrary, the/ managers
were all co-partners, and they received, in addition to their fixed salary,
a comnfisslon on the non-achollc
drink which they sold.
London, Jan. 20.���That there exists
a company for the making of gold by
alchemy was disclosed ln a cose heard
in the London Sessions, when two men
were charged with stealing 31 hundred
weight of alchemic gold of the value of
12250 from the prosecutors, tl.e AI
chemy Gold Company, Limited.
The men were convicted, and Ben
fenced to terms of imprisonment.
Prowl of Srea! Value to th*
There is only one explanation for the
numbers of enthusiastic letters that wc-
receive praising Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets, and that is tbat these, tablets
certainly do cure any kind of stomach
trouble. ' *������
Here is a typical letter from Hiss.,
Eliza Armswortby, Conso, N.S.:
, "It ia with pleasure I write to Inform
you that your., Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets have proved of great value to
nk. I tried remedy after remedy but
* without any lasting good. Having beard
of your tablets curing aueh cases as
mine I decided to give them a fair trial.
They proved tatislastory in my case.'*
. The remarkable-raccesi of Na-Dru-Co
Dytpepsia Tablets is such a success as
can only come to an honest remedy,
com pounded according to an exceptionally good formula, from -pare mgre-
dieats, by eats-erf ekemiats. If -yen ore
troubled with your tttrmach Inst oak
your Druggist about Na-Dru-Co
Blew-sola Tablets, eoswouBded by tha
National Drag aad Cheatieal Co. of
Canada, Limited, and sold throughout
the Dominion at -*oc. a box. 14a
' PHONE R1031."*-
. Employment Agency
Prompt attention given to orders.
607 Front St., New Westminater, B.C.
Billiards and Pool
Biggest and best line of Pipes,
Cigars and Smeking requisites.
Wholesale and retail. - \
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609 Columbia  St.
We Wm Show You How!
t> ,!f y?u have -dcas���lf ?ou "M* think���we will show yeu the secrets of this fascinating new profession.
I osltively no experience or literary  excellence  necessary.    No  flowery language" la wanted. x
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ferrlng $106 and more, for single scenarios, or written Ideas.
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photoplays  to them.    We waot moree writers and well gladly teacbh you the secrets of suecesa.
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write it out as directed by us, and It sells lor only $25, a low figure, *
Doat hesitate,
and your future.
OU.V ���L.tUaTRATKO BOOK "MOVINO e.fcTU*n>Pl-lkV'--��*.TlM<.��
Don't argue. "Write now and team tost wast tula now  protea-rtou may
tar tern
1543 Broadway
Master John  l.oughran, a twelve-
year-ola  Dumbarton  boy  has  saved
ly died on hor"io;Ut Jkirtl*a*f,   She- seven lives.   For distinctive bravery
���.Inlftagow, bat had lWed the hoy has been presented with
Royal Humane Society certificate and
�� cheque and silver watch from the
Cai-egle Hero Fond traateee.
"What have you done toward punishing lawhreekerer    ��
-Well.*' milled i��e. Asdy -mile* of-
deer, "I here done a |reel deal toward
hurting their reelings ty taking thetr
ma-ley away from ttteW-Waehing-
toa Hue.* ���
...", \$>i<f\v "
i e^w*W^^tm\Z  \
I   ti*** ttttilmm by a past aad  .
��� ikon* wfco are m�� t��Jk#r, iiecks  ���
��� is p-��sw*rtduncuitlaes-Jd*iKkt�� J
*' .(er Uataa. ,-'.''       ���
it���'���ssiwiiHi isai-nod       *
the compeuy m Itevrpli
The s-tattol-^-tTilef I'm ell rl*r��t,��r
I've been keeping whtpeny "vfith yonr
daughter for Over two yfa���.--*��os*tiih
Trenairlpt    . -        *.'   \     r
������i Wj    v  ,,
Let the Buyer Beware
���.' r -
For centuries the principle of "Let the Buyer Beware"���
"Caveat Emptor"���ruled the world of business. In fact, it was
hot a principle���but rather a lack of principle���yet it held sway
everywhere until a decade or two ago.        v.
When a merchant quoted a price, he made It high enough to
stand almost unlimited whittling, and yet be profitable���to him.
When hj spoke ot quality, his fingers were crossed, and you were
not expected to believe him���unless you wanted to very badly.
Buyiac was ' a haggle���unless yon
���were, a k-ptened haggler you came
out seeoad beat In every det-L "Cav-
eat sSmptor"���it was np to you. There
was no eoafldence between buyer and
Virtu* Is It* ote^ Htwaae, w* aiw.tolA
twit most peopl* It** ��>sr*��l�� *���*
greater l*dwce��aaat*.-P*let.
\     ��� ���'   ������ ' ��''- .
,/   JEAJLOUiV  rtEWAIIBio.      *
Naval Offlear'-I Way of. irii*��l��aj A*��
. .tyee* tie Tlrwa.'     ���        ( 1
Lisbon, Jan.^.Ms���The Jealottw of a
young aotreae was   the cause .of a
Business���once Ita aggregation of
deals���bos become the living embodiment of ideal*.
Adverttaiag haa helped, because Advertising create* confidence ' in the
tmy. r aad proved the seller's confidence Hi his wares. Confidence haa
ellmiaated the haggle.
Voa aee buslnees eonfldenoe le a
-rood steal like capital, in that It ac- <
cumulate* like saving*.   Th* grocery- -
O-afi-a-mee In a town will
be on deposits chiefly with a few capable square grocers; and dry-goods
eoafldence, Jewelry confidence, aad
so forth, are massed in the same way.
The retail 'merchant, doesn't lock
this confidence In his safe. He deposits it Intum wid�� 1 the wholesaler,
who paaaee It en to the manufacturer. ���
And the manufacturer, to make the
circle complete, mutt give eoafldence
tothe consumer.
The manufacturer with goods to
eell muat draw upon all thee* reserves
df confidence. 1 He ainat demonstrate
hla *wn fairness In dealing, bis Integrity la maintaining quality, ate
willingness to. put prtaciple before
���wflt. ;-;'""' lift
Advertising is the means through which the. manufacturtr ,
makes this demonstration to you.
Advertising has given personality to ctjpiniodities, so that *
you.npw; recognise your "friends" among soap; tea, or collani, ats f
raadilyas you recognias your human acquaintances.
Advertiaihg fathered the "money back*' principle, and haft
made buyftig a pleasure instead of a duel of witf.
Advertising has sjlreiid the one-price nolicy^-erased "Cav-
eat Emptor"-frtim the language of business, and made btiying
ijaft to entrust to B^child, ,       , ..   -, s^
r advertlolng- eatiwy, or tb* mtsmmty et th* Can-
-     ' trSTuwaden ���alldlno, fororrte.   tee
part���eo write, tflntereeted.
* 1
���te '
Bab White Soop made by  tho
11 Ivory   Soap  people,   cannot  be
beaten; > saves you time labor.
Today   ���for 25c
'P; and G. Naptha Soap, also
I v manufactured by the same poo-
���' -'e. begts any Naptbft Soap;
. _gy # for *26c, today 4 tor Too
' "It "ytni have not tried Dye ift
, . Martin's Blue do so now at 21
It for    .....5c
Mack's No   Rub,   the greatest
1 laundry help yet invented;  ter,
calte  - .,'l.%a.
San Juan Cleanser beats them
all and oold very cheaply. Three
tine for ..,,�����""
If Glass -Wash ���* Boards;,  rOgiitar
BOc; today   .-,..40a
Ammonia for household use;
something newer   and   better;
per bottle ..'..' 25c
Smaller bottles, extra refined,
perfumed   for   tbe   bath;
Use "Bubbln" to keep that
dampness out of your shoes-,
beats any grease or blacking;
per can   25c
Catsup, ln sanitary tine; good
values 2 for 25c
the-, matter, but the heavy fall of this
morning renders walking almost tm-
pasaabii-, hence the orders to have the
wai1** cleared.
'*rjilB|iW,Hl. give employment to many
irien who are now temporary unetn-
���ployed and will no doubt be well re-
celMsV hj*,the working class besides
tho u4bplu who have occasion to use
the jpireets and walks of the munlcl-
Cauliflower, per head .20c
Head Lettuce, per head., .,10c
Celery, very nice ..2 buoc 2Se
Sweet Potatoes, per lb 5c
Rhubarb   2 lbs. for 25c '
Grapes,  per lb I.'... ,25c
Apples from $1.25 to $1.65
Oranges from   ...20c to 40c
Lemons, per dozen'. ...80c
THE (   ,
Public Supply Stores
V 1*. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS   .
PHONE 2. U,���'���'
i The Y.M.C.A. will go outttonun-Ion-
S old on Friday night and will give a
1 concert et the Methodist church. They
J will go on the 7:30 tram.
Skates sharpened   and set at Geo
1 a. Speck's, 626 Columbia St.      (395)
, An account for $267.20, the cost of
��� the recent municipal elections wae
1 passed by the old council yesterday
I morning.   .
I A. Haruman, the cake man. Get
good.bread. . Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 281. (294),
The totAl pay roll of the city workmen and Officials for the half month 1
ending   yesterday   totalled    $12,060. |
Thla much waa paid out yesterday by
City Treasurer McKay and bis assistants to over 300 persons.  * ��
A branch of the Union Bank of Canada was opened for business on
Saturday, January 4, ln the premises
recently vacated by W. B. Sinclair
SU Columbia street. (387),
The official announcement of tbe
appointment of John Crowther Gwynn1
as district registrar of titles and examiner of titles for the New Weetmlnstei
land registration district, is contained
In the latest Issue of the B. C. Gazette.
For an hotel thoroughly up to date
and equipped with all modern im
provements, patronize tbe Hotel
Dominion, corner of Columbia and
Sixth streets. Rates moderate by
day or week. A    >    (538)
���"Messrs. Motherwell & Darling beg
to announce tbat Mr. Ernest E.
Cairns, who tor the past year haa
beon canvassing insurance for them,
Is no longer connected with the firm.
They will be no longer responsible
for any negotiations entered into by
the said Mr. Cairns." (528)
; jfl      , $10,000 WAREHOUSE
Tftie largest permit Issued yesterday
wag.J^ken out by Law Ah Song, a
Chinaman, for the construction of a
$10,000 building containing stores and
a warehouse on Carnarvon and Tenth
streets. W
'A"-permit was also Issued yesterday
for a $3000.residence to be built on
the'corner of Sherbrooke street and
Eighth avenue by George L. Saunders.
The only other permit issued yesterday Was tor a $600 frame house to be
erected on Wood street by James Hutchinson.
Medical  Man  Honcred  by  King Has
Dread Disease Hlmeelf���Ctarted
During Boer War.
/ii.i.i  i 	
Business  Men Show Interest in Din
ner to Fraaer Valley Men.
���Considerable Interest is being evinced by the business men ln general in
the banquet to be given the Fraser
Valley Publicity Bureau on the evening'rot Jan. 24 In the Premier hotel
aad a satisfactory number ot ticket*
have been sold. The function will be
the means of bringing the business
men of New Westminster and the
Fraser valley together which will probably result ultimately ln closer communion along business lines,     ft
Secretary Kenneth Myers of the
Progressive Association, (sent out the
invitations to attend the banquet yeB-
terday. (The members of the council,
which donated $100 towards the cost
of .the. banquet have officially accepted
an Invitation to attend. All those who
havo. not already secured tickets are
requested to get in touch with Mr.
Myers or any member of the entertainment committee of the Progressive association,      f   -
. Deputy Grand Chancellor Bro. T.
Turnbull, P.C, Installed the following
officers, assisted by Bro. L. IWtt, 0,
M. of A, Bro. J. Bone, G, prelate, and
Bro. S. G. Tidy, G.V.C for the ensuing
term of Royal Lodge, I^nlghts ot
C.C., C. M. Green; V.C., W. Robson;
Prelate, C. S. Dftvie; >M. of W., A.
Hogg; K. of R. and S., F. M.. Eddy;
M. of'P., C, A. Stein; M. of E��� A. A.
Matthison; M. at A., W. O. Mountain;
I.O., J.'Wilson; O.O., S. C. Fletcher.
Ask Chief of Police Bradshaw to Locate  Teddy   Rogers.        *
Chief  of   Police   Bradshaw
<_���    '   '
Court Room Crowded at   Hearing
,- Hold-up Case,
The district court room in the provincial .bunding was crowded all
yesterday by defendants, plaintiffs,
witnesses and other parties Interested In the alleged hold-up case which
tool*'place at Fraser Mills on Saturday evening, January 11.
��� 'The four Greeks and one Englishman' who are accused of holding up
t*o"'rfftsslans and robbing them of
$1<(I are being defended by Mr. E. J.
lJ**au"en, of the law firm of Mr. J. P.
htthipton Bole! Senior .Constable
DtlhVvoTjdy Is ' prosecuting the case
which is being tried before Stipend-,
iary Magistrate Clute.
The aflalr has created no little excitement among the Greek and Russian colonies in this neighborhood
and nil the evidence taken yesterday
was followed with interest by tho
.'Fee tutors.
London, Jan. 20.���What had been
regarded as a nwstery In connection
with the New Year's honors Ib now
explained. The career of Dr. George
Turner, who received; a knighthood
reveals another Father Damien.
During twelve years in Capo Colony
as medical ofticei; he rendered services to the cause of humanity which I
had never been'idequately recognized '
exeept by a very few. He completed
the system of lnocculatlon against
the t-lnderpest beg-m by Dr. Kock and
produced a curative preventive Berum.
Within a year after hla appointment
to succeed Drf Kock, rinderpest in
the Cape Colony was absolutely
stamped out. He saved the country
millions ot pounds.
During the uoei war, v nen the ravages of typhoid were i.ppalllngly severe, Dr. Turner, at Ui-d Robert's request, undertook thc tupfcrviBlotr of
the military hospitals a.iJ concentration camps and carried out valuable
work at the constant lilk ot his life.
Among the I e; 'rs.
It was in the midst of these activities that Dr. Turner iicvoled himself
first to the noblest work of his life.
There were then, at to-i leper asylum
at Pretoria, about d'ty Dutch and
forty native patients, i'e gave up all
his spare time lo work among the
lepers, doing alt he cou'd to alleviate
their lot and making researches Into
the nature of the dlaen.'C, For three
years he labored without extra pay
of any sort. He saw the lepera early
ln the morning and a.^im when he
came home In the evemug, Saturday
and Sunday he gave to them.
In addition he mad.! si many postmortem examinations us possible. He
was ia his laboratory al dawn in
order to have time for I I.e work. The
visitors, who watch:;J Dr. Turner
moving among the patients in the
asylum bear witness to the passionate
devotion with whicli he wa3 regarded
by all the Inmates.
The saddest feature of this Institution wag, afforded by the leper children born of leper parents, for In many
cases several members of a leper family were ("fclttiltted to live together.
As the medical superintendent moved
about .the asylum which was In the
nature ot a village he was usually
followed by a crowd of these children
by whom he was adored.
A Leper Himself.
On reaching the age limit, Dr. Turner retired to pursue his studies Into
the bacteriological side of leprosy In
the laboratory. It had always been
the ambition cf his life to find some
" Suddenly af.
J.-iil-iU!JJJir_JMai, ,..        '       ���u 1
^^^^^^^^   FURNITURE
lust Before Our
^r You Most
r' Mnusual Values
i^'-'^sllss^SsVSssSBsVi ^Tv"*;
^\mm\W in Cloaks and
"��� irs
^^^^     **^**^**^*""""""*********-pj
$40.00 Jap Mink Bet   We will close' at $20.00
$60.00 Rlfer Mink Set.   We wlU close at   $25.00
$40.00 Black Persian Lamb at ..'        -.��������������� $20.00
$80.00 Sable Set at -..        $40.00
$26.00 Neck Scarfs at $12.50
' $36.00 Neck Sable Scarfs at  $17.50
$20.00 River Mink Scarfs at $10.00
$15.00 Marmot Scarfs at     $7.50
��� -v.it.     . ���
$40.00 Coat.    We will close at $20.00
i   $36.00 Coat at    :...  $17-50
$25.00 Coat at ,.  $12.50
$20.00 Coat at  , " $10.00
 ; I
.Out Clear ance, Sale on Furniture offers some bargoins
that are'worth your investigation, as we are willing
to stand a profit loss in order to clear the floors.
Chief  of   Police   Bradshaw   has   F��"  spajWtOl*. ' JiLTi^'tor <*��� (llaVa...    Suddenly ar-
celvcd a communication from the par-     !,wlth utile* prospect of ����*���"������?��  ^r"ie��fel ��*�����. work In Knglaud hla
l-r'^lf..  L.'..^  .. mmm  wtt  his-\ oa-ae     -Bsilore     mWnlKtot,    Maglati-mte 'ter "YXattracted  by   certain   marks
itSm*^VmVLwsm^Sm .7*5*, u> so mVg&h adlourned the- case at 5 o'clock   ����  J^f.,* ��J�� -e\hXv\it*.    He recog-
\.C;.   ������������.,,.i������,   Aam   where   the  Van- W.n.n Wednesday mornlna. on nis n mu "������  ..
Of all your friends
which would you choose
to act as executors of
your Will and conservators of your estate?
The young and vigorous ones? Each has a
business of his own that
demands his best atten-
tion and thought.
The older ones, ripe
in experience? Beware
of laying your burdens
on one who will soon lay
his own burdens aside.
Ask us for our booklet about corporate execute ns.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
Home ttl, -VanooWVSiT nil.ssn. v..  ....  ��� isjiu-.--  s-.-sa.nsi,..-..
.the  Coqultlam  dam where  tbe  Van-1 unl-| Wednesday
couver Power Company are construct-1 _ J__
in*; extensive works.
Rogers, whose home is at 1744 Main
street, Vancouver, is 35 yearB of age,
five feet six or seven inches tall, clean
shaven, has prominent front teeth,
.weighs 160 pounds and has a broad
but low forehead.
The letter to the chief of police
states that having heard there woe a
man found dead near this city Bome-
Sati Francisco, Jan. 20.���George
Hollamby Druce, whose claim as an
alleged heir of the estate of the fifth
Duke of Portland, an EngllBh peer,
wis declared void after a long and
BeUsatlbnal trial in the English courts,
ls In'San Francisco In search of evidence with which he intends to reopen
the case.
tor. l>ruce ateerted that hi* civil
ime ago, they were worrying as to
whether It is their own son. 1
,���7, p^t^SH aa ,te,dsn th6 '11' *���$& ��Wag5Mt Lprdf Hmlxi Wai
Ing of Rogers should he addressed to ������.���**/, ���-_.���_,,���" _�� a uiLin* nf n,. n,,-,-,
Chief of  Police  Bradshaw  or  Mr. B.   aefi-' Srandson of ft ehitW Of the Duke
Rogers, care  F.   Morris,    1744    Main,
street, Vancouver.
Moose  Club  to   Hold   Smoker  at  K.;
of  P.  Hall.
No stcne Ib being left unturned by
the inemberB of thr  Moose    Athlotlo |
of Portland, tb brbvts that the London
property of Law Walden belonged to
DrtiCe, Wab dropped by his attorneys
aa the .rVHiilt of pressure brought tc
Nn hy King Edward.
llrmie, Jan. 20.- The Italian authorl
club to furnish amusement at thn itins **e investigating the dlaappear-
���mioker which will be held in the K. \*^e ��"'" Sa'?' ��" 'ake rAaraa* of
of P. hall tomorrow (Wedneaday) \Mn- W"Uni Mansfield, an American
evening j woman, but all  iiKiulriea have  failed
The newly formed hockey club con-1 ����� 'I""��� '" an,y ,way, a Ie��ort that
needed with tho organisation Is espe.''Bhe is held by br gands It Is sari
dally keeping tab on the artists lM���- MaU8"el<' ,left fo[ Sal,�� ,n"?ed "
which'have been known to please\*SlaT^^ffflhlTl*^?^
New Westminster Crowds and when , '��r *60- S^�� *}* a no,tel khe"',er tl!a
the curtain raises at 8 o'clock \Ved-'fhe ��*"ne Jg ^erma t0 $�� "*�����
nesday evening the anniBement lovers  ^"8 ?T��'��� 1E��\ .���� h�� ��� I all��l nJn
or   the   city   can   look   for  one   good   *-* "Tinl nr M^   vl/l,. I ,w *
,, of'time at any of the Verona hotels
on htB hind while shaving, lie recog
nls-ed them as the stamp of tlie dis
His diagnosis waa Independently
confirmed by two specialists, and from
that time on he worked unswervingly
emld pain and beneath the shadow of
the leper's lot. :
rcr the laat two yeftrB ��������� *mg been'
living in aeclUEion and it Ib curlout'
that his heroic story <-Bcaped the notice cr the public,.fof Sir George Tur-
, ner "was a man cf tirominetlce ln his
' profession and one ot the greatest
living authorltlfee on leprosy. Recently,
however, his caSe came to the knowledge of. His Majesty on whose own
Initiative. \}r. Turner's name waB fn-
pinned ft \he New Year's honors.
T'lie ftbuth African government, too.
it is. understood, is considering the
poVf-iiiillty of increaslns; the slender
pension which is now His only auo-1
port There were, few individuals
whose work can be appraised like els
In actual millions of pounds, and yet
that part of lt ls, ln a sense, the least
that cun be appraised. The material '
results of his career and its splendid
heroism,' one -con only salute and admire. .   !
Are You
For what amount should a man insure in order that his family and estate
may not suffer loss in case of fire damaging his property, accidental injury to
himself or premature death? "
You should answer this question, but we can help you do so as we write
���   Fire, Life and Accident Insurance. ... ^ ^
312-315 Westminster Trust Block, and 74f Columbia St, New Westminster, B.C.
When You're Sick
Is FIRST  thc Doctor,
Then the Druggist to
put up your Prescription.
and  in the  Prescription,  "Just
what the Doctor Ordors."
Thnt's what you get when you
(iJccessor to F. J. Ma:Kentl0^)'
Chemist and Drugo'st. Phone 66,
Dfmlnlon  Trust  Building.
New Westminster, B.C.
i: ts
The I'niBer Hiver Pile Driving Com-
.,, puny, of this city, has once again in-
n vaded Vancouver after contracts' anil
���"Has been rewarded with success.
-One of I Ih otitllU was sent to Vancouver yesterday from Eburne where
*oinu few hundred piles will he driven,
fur a wharf for the Vancouver
Machinery Depot located on Balls
ThlB make* the Becond contract
aecured by thlB linn in Vancouver
luring the past few months', the Ural
H'ing the wrecking of the old (Iran-
/llle street bridse acrosa Falsa creek
Tho foundations for u new sliingk
nill on Mitchell Island, near Eburne
���vcre completed hy the same company
'aat week.
Although Resident Engineer c. C.
.Vorsfold fears no Immediate freeze-
ip on the Fraser river he believet
here Ib nothing like being pn-parcil
or emergencies, lie is therefore Btlll
���ndenvoring to have the Dominion uu
horities ot Ottawa provide for a steel
ug to keep-the -stream open Bhould
t actually freeze up. Yesterday foi
he firBt time in two days the Ice on
he river moved with thc current. On
laturday and a good part of Sunday
l remained stationary and appeared
o be of fairly substantial nature.
Edmonds,   .Ian.   20.���Prompt   nctlor,
as taken by the Burnaby council al
,i llrst meeting hold thla morning le
'eaj with the heavy, snowfall,   The-
rdered all sidewalk! Uj tlie munlcl
allty to be cleared of snow at once
The snow plows up to the preBeni
'me  have been capable of handllnj
I ��� The remalna  of  Uuhy  Olllroy,  tht
I four and a half year old girl who wat
(hilled  when  a tree waB blown  down
j.over the Glllmy home on Heaver River on Sunday afternoon, were brought
to the city yesterday and removed to
Center ir   Henna's  parlerB.    .Mr.  und
Mrs. AV. M, Qillroy ur" the parents o'
the  unfortunate  child.    The  funeral
arrangements Will be made later.
Forty years in use, 2fi years the
Standard, prescribed and recommended by physicians. For Women's Ailments, Dr. Martel's Female Pills, at
your druggist.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc I
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street
ot all kindB In great variety. Try our
typewriter ribbons, our Carbon Paper
in all grades and for every use.
Stephen's and Stafford's Inks and
Blank Hooks of every kind.
feci the need of Classes today when
EYESTRAIN is the rule and not the
Workmen who would Have reliable
help for their eyes should call dn
Druggist and Optician
701  Columbia Street Phone 57
If you want Reliability, Silence,
Economy, Satisfaction and Freedom from Trouble
The "YALE" will meet
your requirements. '
Adapted  for the Kl*lh-
tng Trade. i
These are all in good locations and are good
they can be bought for now.
Investments   at   the   price-,
1S5B���FIFTH STREET near Eighth
avenue; 60x132 to lane; a good buy
at ��1,00��* one-third ca��h.
11S5-SEVENTH AVENUE near 4th
atreetr twt, lots; upper aide; 50x130
all cleared ana graded; prloe *1JT5
1397���66 roOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $4000
on easy terms
r now.
66 foot lot in good location; just off
Columbia street; price $1200 on
easy terms.
near Sixth street car line; BOxlol)
each; some are cleared; street Is
graded; prloe 13000 on good terms
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
,4i, Columbia Street
Phone 453
We write Fire,' Life,
Accident, E mployere'  Liability,  Automobile
Marine Insurance.
 ��� Made In New Weef-mlnster-
The Schaake Machine Work*
Engineering  Co., Ltd.. New Westminster,
BOILERS  R-vere-d Steel Pipes
* i.'
.*>-*.< o
BOX  442
u. I U-
Sir Edmund B. Osier, M.P., President. \V. D. Matthews, Vice-President.   H
ti. A. Ilogert, Oeneral Manager.
Head Office     Toronto, Ont
CAPITAIs 1?AIJM!P $5,000,000
RB8BRVBWJND    6flOJ9,000
TOTAL ASSETl* ....    75,000,000
A branch ot this Bank has been established ln New Westminster
at Ute corner of Columbia and Sixth Streets, opposite the Post Office.
., A General Banking Business Transacted;
G. H. MATHEWSON, Manager.


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