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The New Westminster News Dec 22, 1913

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 News Classified Ads.
Havo proven their worth by tbe
results   they   produce.     Tbey   Oil
large   or   small   wants   at   small
Weather Today.
New Westminster and lower man-
laud���Light    to    moderate    winds;
generally   fair,    with   stationary  or
higher temperature.
Damage Estimated at $2,-
500,000���Famous Semaphore Tower Ruined.
rive Winners of
Prizes in The News
Essay Competition
MONROE DOCTRINE   Handsome Hampers
Not  Known  How Flre Started���Many
Valuable Models and Records
First prize Jecll B, Walker, aged 12 years, Et Fourth street. John
Hobson school, Miss Kowan, leacher. Subject "An Historical Sketch ol
New   Wt'Htiuinfite.'."
Second prize Constance Young, aged l'i years. 4M Third avmtie. F
W   Howay Ho.hool, MIbs Uellis, teacher.    Subject, "The Fraser Itlver.''
Third prize Arthur Koy, aged 11 years. St. Ixtiiis college. Subject
"An Historical Ski teh of New Westminster."
Special prize- Kathleen llrew. ageti 12 years, r,r. Sixth street. F.
W. Howay school, Miss (iray, teacher.    Subject, "The Fraser Hiver."
Special prize ���Gordon Lewis, agtd 10 years. John Hobson School,
Mlaa Derbyshire, teacher.    Subject "Ilrillsh Columbia.''
Roosevelt and Former Chilean Minister to United
States Clash.
Will Be Distributed
By Firemen Toda}
Chilian Said  it Is Now a Dead Issue
it  Challenged  for
tine goose.
One  large cake.
One pound of butter.
One pound of tea.
One sack rolled oats
One small bag of flour.
One box of oranges.
this  Isl
the I
The  above  are  the   winners  In  The   News  essay   competition   and
pi Izi s  may  be had  from  the  essay competition  manager  any  time  after li
o'clock this afternoon.
Three   prize*  were  originally   announced,   but  hiB  honor  Judge   Iloway
who acted as Judge of the essays, gave the additional two prizes as he con-
on   sidered  the two other compositioiiB merited  some recognition. Mt 	
For the past t/o weeks his honor Judge Iloway has been busy carefully ! in  a report   reaching  Washington   to-
one  hundred  and  eeventy-slx   manuscriptu
Portsmouth,    England,  Dec.  21.���A
fire.   Involving   damage   estimated   at
from   $1,860,000   to   $2,600.000   devaa- i
tated  the  famous dockyard  here
Saturday night and  resulted  In  the
loss of two lives and the destruction j reading  the  ...._         __. 	
of  the century old semaphore  tower, j brought the number down to about twelve, from which, after further exam
which  lu'pre telegraph davs.  wbb die  Illation, he -.elected  the winners.
**^^^^^^^^^^ -*--i        He  points out  that although  some of the compositions  may  appear  in
! print as g:;od us the ones selected as the winners, that there was so little
difference that It had to come down to a matter of writing and spelling.
There was aboul half a dozen  that  were almost  perfect,  tut which on
'dose examination were found to contain u number of small but careless errors.
Almost Perfec'i.
Jack Walker's composition was nearly perfect, said Judge Howay, while
I that by Constance Young was also of a very high order,   ~' '*"���- ���*"���-
great signalling station between the
flpet pnd the admiralty.
An examination of the ruins disclosed the fact that two of lhe three slg
nal men who had remained In the
tower to summon help were bornctl lo
It I'' tint known how the first orlg
inaled When It was first observed
rrom the deck of the new hatllrshlp
cruiser Queen Mary, It had already obtained a good hold on the Inflammable
material. The flumes were extinguish
ed  at 3 o'clock  Sunday  morning.
The huge wooden semaphore was all
ablar,- half an hour after the outbreak,
lire parties were sent lo the dockyard
from  all  the  warships  In  the harbor | divided at the end of a
nutl the Queen Mary, on which burning'"* "'""
brands were falling, was towed out of
the danger zone Many valuable mod
els of old Warships, recordH relating
lo Nelson snd earlier periods and old
it.t-.al relics wert' destroyed.
| has the scheme  become that
tendered  impossible. ^^^^^^^
j    In these 70 boxes there are things
for from three to ten children, so by a
j little figuring lt    can    be   seen    that
I those aided number several hundred
lAnd    there    will    be more    families
j looked  after  yet.    Yesterday  several
names  were sent in  to the Bremen's
One pair of shoes and two pair of (headquarters aud today there will no
stockings for each child. doubt be more.
All this besides in some cases muff-'    There Is nothing hit or miss about
lers  or   sweaters,  comprise   the   con-  jj�����* <h': b<"*e�� ar�� **��"���� out-
__ . BVery  case    is    investigated;    some
tent of each of the 60 or tO hampers  ,iave   fouIld   t0   bft   nol  _   need     ln
being   sent  out  today   and   tomorrow  other   instances  dire   want  has  been
by thc- firemen and their friends.    In ; discovered.
j addition   candies,   nuts,  oranges   and!    About $600  has been  spent on the
Washington.   Dec.  Jt���Members  Of I such Ihings are to be distributed    to : boxes alone.    Besides there are dona-
the diplomatic corps especially repre    children at the    five    fire    halls    on  tions   of   almost   everything   needful:
tentative! from  the Southern  Amerl- Christmas day. toys and  coal,  books and  bread are
This   morning  early  a    team     and  among them.    Seven tons of coal and
wagon,    loaned    by  W.  Rich, Fourth,a ton and a half of potatoes have al-
avenue, will start out with the Christ-! ready been s?nt out and there remain
mas boxes and tomorrow a city team j 20 or 30 bags of potatoes to follow,
will continue the work. An aid to the fund  waB the dance
In  lirst  arrangements moBt of    the ^n Friday night in the Barnet academy
can countries were greatly Interested
on Island of
"Ambprn^n New He-bides Group.
Volcano  Throws Out  Huge  Boulder*
���British Hospital Buildings
Wiped  Out
ntered, and finally , day tl)at form,,r President Roosevelt I
and Dr. Marclal Martinez, at one time
Chilian miniBter to the V. S., clashed
in Santiago de Chile on account of di- !
VI rgent views on the Monroe doctrine '
The Chilean  iB  reported  to have dis
sented   strongly   from   the   Roosevelt
view that the much discussed doctrine
Is still a vital  issue.   ,
The reported debate attracted unusual Interest here because both of the
Tbe composition by
Arthur Hoy was also excellent and as the Judge already stated  it was only
by the discovery of a few small and can less mistake* that he was able to: prepared speeches were reviewed  be
reuch n decision. fore delivery  by  the Chilean  foreign
On examination of the manuscripts the remarks of the judge are found loffice.    Dr   Martinez, ll  was said to
to be unite correct. There was a lack of care appartnt in most of the essays.! night at the Chilean legation, was el
     "' "---���" ���* -���"I-- "���.." ,.*.,���.,. "too" should | ected because of his strong friendship
for the  D. S. as the spokesman  for
the Chilean government at tbe  state
contents of these hampers were to jof dancing, which institution was
be distributed from the fire halls to; thrown open to the firemen for the
the children  who came, but so great |night.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       lack of care apparj
such ihings as leaving the "d" off "and" and writing "to" where
he used.   The use of the word "principle" where "principal" should have been
used was also another common error. H	
The  missing out of letters  and some  times  words  where  a  word  was' reception given the  American  visitor
 -  1 Hn�� was also common aud as ench a large number '��� recently at the University of Santiago
of compositions wero almosl  perfect these  mistakes had  to be counted. ' ^ Dead slsue
Where the same error  was repeated  sevtral  times  In   the composition j    ,n hlg addras8 at ,he Roo8eveit re-
It was only counted as one mistake. I ���_,_,,|���_.     -,��_     m_-,i.,,.,   _._._,, _���,���.,    j
in several compositions it was stated that  the Fraser river bridge was ! ^p,���"'   Mr', ������?*J   characterized
built, in  moi     The children  had  apparently obtained this  informatlou from:th<\ Monroe ^".T "" a_d..ad '"l"!
the same source as this mistake was in compositioiiB from the same school. *and arKul"S ��'���� ��>'e conditions that
Popular Subjects. >Bave  rUe   10   ll8    Promulgation     by
Judge Howay point; d out that it wss noticeable lhat the subject "New IP*"ef,*|j)t' Monroe In 1823 have almost
Westminster" was leaft ln demand, only a quarter of what the others got.' <��� ntlrely disappeared.
being turned in on this subject    "The Fraser River" and "British Columbia" j Teddy Ge % Mad
breaking about even with SO and To resp.ctlvely.                                                         This   statement   ls  said    to    have
In the Lord Kelvin and Ixird Ulster schools no one wrote on "New West-  aroused   the   ire  of    Col.    Roosevelt.
minster."  only  one each  being  received  from  Richard   McBride school,  St. , who     replied      with      some      heat.
I.ouis collegt  and St. Ann's academy.                                                                   ! holding that the Monroe doctrine still
Some amusing statements were made by some of the younger writers. I was a vital  principle of the foreign
one little girl saying that "the thrre chief Industries of British Columbia wer, 'policy   cf  the   V.   S.    He  is  said   to
-.-_,       i ___��_,,_... lhave suggested to the Chilean dlplo
Arsenal at Tokio Manufactures Ammunition for
Situation in Panama Critical
'.     An Open Letter to the
Famous Picture Handed Over to ths
French Ambassador���Several Arrests Made in Paris
*' A^r's^.d^t'-Xn'Z WfetUe'���^Se-they had. to chop down | ^Jsf Incidentally that It was ill-ad
conveying the idtu that tbe trees were' vised on such au occasion to Inaugur
'ate such a controversy.
Then Col.  Roosevelt, according
Is also to be thankfd for the two special prizes which have been awarded
lu addititlon to tbe three prizes offered by this paper.
Rome, Dec. 21- -With befitting cere
monies, the Moun Lisa brought here
under guard frcm Florence, was bsnd
ed over to the French ambassador,
M. llnrrere al the mlulBtry nf Instruction today In the presence of Marquis dl San Olulnno, minister of foreign affairs. Signer t'retlaro, minister
nf public Instruction, M. Besnard, di
rector of Ihe French school In Home,
nnd othi r prominent pecsopiiies who
���signed tlie document of the transfer
of the picture, which had previously
had been officially Identified by M. I.e-
prieur, direetnr of the painting sec
tion of th�� Louvre, by the aid rf documents and detailed photographs.
The "Mona Lisa" wna placed in a
rosewood box, and Dr. Con ado Illcci.
director general of fine arls In Home.
handed the key to the second secretary of the embassy, M. Olln Laprune.
with the remark: "There she Is!
Take good care of her!"
The painting v.as OOnveyei) to thc
Farnesse palace, where the Krench
�� mbnssv Is housed nnd Visited by the
queen-mother,   it will be placed on
exhibition  In the    Horgliti��e    gallery
Irom  Tuesday  until  Saturday.
Three Arrested.
Purls, lite. UL���At the moment the
"Mina   Lisa"   ��*a*>  officially   restored  	
to Frn- ce. Magistrate riiioiis, who hns  formal attack may be expected soon.
had the rUBe under his charge since  Thc  rt,port  recc|Ve<t  by  the  govern-
the   psl'itlng   disappeared   rrom J he hRd
Louvre, ordered the arrest of \ lucent I " ,       .        .
^^������-��� 'he-mn was not questioned aa It was
trees and eo were called Sappers,
BaPThel'wlnning essays will appear in tomorrow's Issue of The News.
t���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^������^   United States, tlw text of tho address
The News desires to thank Ills honor Judge Howay for tho Interest he U  he  proposed  to  deliver  in  Bra-.il.
has takerfit. the ��?y competition and for Ms time and_ trouble Jn_.o care-1 Avgenti,^_and CWIe^ha^beei^submlt
Constitutionalists   Issue  Warning
vessels���Will Flre on Foreign
Tokio, Dec. 21.-The arsenal at Tokio Is manufacturing arms ordered
by the Mexican government which it
Is expected will be shipped aoon. Japanese officials explain that tbls is
merely a matter of business and is
Panama, Dec. 21.���The anti-Colombian sentiment has grown to such an
extend that an open letter has been
addressed to President Porras, demanding the expulsion from tbe republic of the country's detractors and
the dismissal of all Colombians holding government positions in Panama.
A further demand Is made that the police corps shall be composed exclusively of Panamans.
At present about one-third of the
teaching staff ln the schools of the re-
Sydney, N.S.W.. Dec. 21.���Incoming
steamers bring details of the recent
volcanic eruptions on the Island of
Ambrlm, in the New Hebrides group.
In which 500 natives lost their lives.
Witnesses of the disturbance describe
it as having been so sudden and violent that they expected to Bee the
weatern Bide of the island disappear.
With a terrific roar, which waB followed by a rapid succession of artillery-like detonations, all the craters
of the valcano entered into full activity, spouting flamea and lava, and
throwing out huge boulders. Great
streams of lava began rushing down
the slopes cutting off the villagers
from escape, ln one instance two torrents of the molten mass joined creating an island of one section of a village. Fifty or sixty persons perished
at this point.
The scenes of the volcano at night
were awe-inapirlng. Flames shot into
the air to a height of a thousand feet,
illuminating the entire -scone of destruction. The ocean seemed to boil
,a3 huge superheated masses of stone
fell mto the Bea and streams of lava
poured Into the bay. Dust from tha
craters gradually formed a black cloud
which blotted out the light of tho
After the eruption the bay was filled witb dead fish and large numbers
of dead turtles. The water in the
river was hot.
The British hospital buildings were
wiped out of existence, but previous
to their destruction the physician removed tbe patients to a launch and
escaped  with  them.
report Stated thnt bi ���are leaving the not  indicative of any unfriendliness  publlc Is composed of Colombians and
HUH    l.lMll    ,,,    i...     mm���. w	
fully examining the manuscripts and deciding on the winners.   Judge Howay j tPtj ,��� tilc diplomatic representatives
..._.>.- .��� .^^.i.x ���,!��,. -.Mrh t,avc hee��� awarded!,,.   ���,���_���  aaiian*   in   Washington   to
Formal Attack May Be Expected Soon���Garrison
Commisssionsd   Officers  and Corporals cf Federals at Guaymas Executed���Planned to Desert.
Mexico City, Dec. 21���ltebol forces
are crowding close to Tamplco and a
Men Appointed by Saskatchewan Government to  Round  up Wild
Horses Are In Toils.
Louvre, ordered the arrest of Vincent j-"""��� ���
l.ancelottl,  Mlchele    LanoelOttl    and .begun
gli'iiud,    friends    and  assum
nis of Vlncenzn Peru-   iho re... ...... ______
tlon telegraphed  from |the officer who made the report had
.-. _ __ti_,_ ���.,i���i���i ibecome confused over a minor engage-
Moose Jaw, Dec. 21.���Sam and Walter Lockhart, two of the three men appointed by the provincial government
to round up a bunch of wild horses
iu the south country, sre now under
arrest at Ogema, charged with stealing four head of cattle. Lee Richards,
the third man appointed by the gov
ormncnt, baa apparently got across
the line. A warrant haa been Issued
for his arrest.
Settlers In the vicinity of the operations of the l-ockharts and Richards
have made many complaints of late
for several have lost all their provisions laid In for the winter and dozens
,    - .. .        ,       ,.   , ,,,. _,_,��! of shacks have boen    broken   op'?p
Madame  damaglrand.    friends    and | assuni.d at tho palace _��'��JJ^'�� "J I and clothing, guns, rlflee and ammunl
....  \      HUH     mm*...... _,      _
neighbors In Pails of Vlncenzn Peru-1the rebel plan, but It developed that
gla on Information telegraphed    " "'" ������������** **������*
Florence by the Krench police official,  become	
M. Vignol. | ment nt a point some miles from Tain
The   Lnncelottl   brothers   were  de- ,f*c"i .   .  ..
nounced several days ago by another I,.,1 ho Wvernment bU utilised the
Italian ua having been Implicated "m?fc,ln5?J?" lw,t, 8"aek.to ��,r��"K'h-
wilh Periigls and they are now being !��J*����S!S__1*J__<Sfts��fVS.
*.*.* j   . t.u   u...i..^   ..���..-,..a   .i,�� I fosses confidence In Its ability to re-
���charged   with  huvlng  concealed   the L||t the rei,e|K
masterpiece. Forces  under General   Panfllo Na-
\Vhen the two men were Interrnga tern are g,owly atlvanc|ng ���n Sweated bv tho police December lfi they toca8 cap|tai 0f the state of Zaca
���denied knowledge of the    theft,    al-|tecaS,
tlon stolen. Those crimes aro all laid
nt the doors of the three men and
the mounted police say thoy enn con-
noct them with many of tbese thefts.
though admitting tbut they had met
TeriiRln frequently.
According to tiie report from Vlg-
pol. Perugia, who Is under arrest In
Florence, hns mnde n full confession
In the presence cf en tilinn magls-
trslnl. He declared thnl Vincent
Lancelettl wna nwnre of the planning
and execution rf the theft and thnt
Execute Officers.
llermoslllo, Sonora, Doc. 21.���The
commissioned officers and many ser-
gennls and corporals of tho tenth battalion of tho federal garrison at Guaymas wcre executed nl smirlso yesterday In that city, nccordlng to word
brought here tonight.
Officers and men of thn tenth were
disarmed several days ngo by General
������"���-. .   .  ,.���  _,���,���,_ t���  hla 'aisarmea sevwai uny-n a*,-, ur -_.:.-��....,
h* hnd concenled tho Picture '"."'" lojcda, federal commandant, whon hr
room for six  weeks and had helneo . -  - .....��� __ ...
Columbian mm
lo construct tho woodon box In which
lt  wss carried awav.
Perugia said hn did not escape from
the Louvre by tho- aide door of tho
Inner  court,   as   was   supposed,   but
discovered they wero plotting to de
sort to thn Insurgent side.
Accompanied by throe of tbe federal
officers who surrrndored to the Insurgents at Maytorena, General Obregon, field confnandor of tbe Constltn-
walked down tho main staroaso: nnd tlonallstei In western Mexico, returned
through ono of the principle gates.     here 1(lM nlght to auint ln i00,t|ng
Mlchele Lnncelottl and Mme. Clnm- the scattered groups of federal sol-
Mrrand worn at first merely detained
but Ini or Magistrate Drloux ordered
them held.
Cannibals' Christmas Dinner.
Drlabnne, Australia. Dec. 21���Cannibals In Hfumecklenburg, an Island
In the Rlamnrcv arohlpolngo, havo mas-
sacrod Dr. Delnlger and another Ger-
mnn scientist, together with 14 no-
lives who accompanied tbem.
diers who had deserted from the Guay
mas garrison.
Oeneral OJeda and his remaining
troops are atlll In Guaymas as far as
could be loarnod but Insurgent sentries reported that one of the federal
gunboats bad disappeared. Tbls was
taken as an indication that at least a
part of the federal garrison had departed for Maaatlan or Manxanlllo,
further down tbe west coast
Seek to Amend Borrowing Powers-
Would Appoint Committee te Negotiate Leans.
To clear up a slight defect in the
present act which regulates the maintenance of Columbia college, a private
bill Is to be Introduced In the provincial house ot Its coming session whereby the borrowing powers ot the college
shall bo extended.
'Now the -loard can raise money on
mortgrgo but not on note. In thc bill
tho board of directors shall have power
to borrow such sums from time to time
as may be necessary to the college,
either without or with security. Also
tbe board shall be empowered to appoint a'-H-ftmmlttOe 01 tbree directors
who shall be able to negotiate' loans
up to 1500 and to execute promissory
notes as security for these loans.
This change, the authorities of Columbian college think, wilt give them
powera whloh should have been thelr's
from the flrat
of  those   nations   in
lived the inclusion cf anything that
might prove offensive to his honts.
To thia Dr. Martinet ia said to have
replied that his own address had been
Eiibmitted to the Chilean foreign office three days before Col. Roosevelt's
arrival and that as no objection had
been raised in that quarter he could
Bee no reason why the discussion of
the Monroe doctrine should be avoided as a dangerous issue.
Nothing efficial has    reached    thc
Chilean legation here concerning any
phase of what diplomatists are Inclined to consider a delicate situation.
Had Speeches Approved
"It is true that tthe legation passed upon Col. ltoosevelt's Santiago
speech." aald Chilean Minister Saur-
ez tonight. "After reading It 1 had
the speech translated Into Spanish
and forwarded It to the foreign minister. 1 understood that Col. Roosevelt's speeches in Rio Janerlo and
Duenoa Ayres likewise were submitted to the llraxilian and Argentine
foreign offices as tbose adddresses
and the one delivered In Santiago
were to be bis principal utterances
during his South American tour.. I
ciiiiir ���' understand how an Insue could
be ro'Bed between Col. Roosevelt and
Hr. Mnrttmx since the latter wss
selcrted to speak ln behalf of Chile
on account of his well known sympathy with tbe ideals of the V  8."
It Is said that at the conclusion of
the Roosevelt reception a demonstration agalnet the American visitor was
made by a small clique of Central
American students. The story goes
thst as the Col. left the university
the students shouted "Viva Columb'a"
This Incident, however,, is understood
to have In no wny represented the
general feeling of the populace.
Indicate Attitude ef Unlonst Party Towards Free trade.
London, Doc. 21.���The position of
tarirr reform in the Unionist party Is
Indicated clear!* In the course of ar
tides In this week's Spectator and in
today's Observer.
The Spectator, which ts Unionist,
hut tree trade, Interprets Mr. Austin
Chamberlain's statement at Manchester that he Is a Unionist before, a ter
iff reformer, as meaning that tariff
reform should be dropped at the next
general election.
The Observer which 1s edited by J.
L. Garvin, the ehlef exponent of thp
tariff reform movement, complains
that even the "crowning feature" of
dropping the tood taxee has not placated the Unionist tree traders. The
Observer soys: "After the Irish ane*'
tlnn shall have been settled, the Issue
of whether tariff reform shall he altogether dropped will arise." but meantime It appeals to the Spectator to
advise Its friends to abide quietly by
the Edinburgh compromise, however
unsatisfactory It may he to til sections
of the oountry. It vtMhwe the Unionist cause.
Row  in  Hotel  Room  Ends  Fatally���
Youth is Killed���Murderer
attacks in the last day or two.
lo the V. 8. i there Is a large sprinkling of them in |
Warn  Steamers jthe police department.
Washington, Dec. 21��� Roberto Pes- ,    The leaders of the anti-Colombian I
quiera, confidential agent here cf the ; movement  express  the  opinion   that
Mexican constitutionalists has instrtic  If there  are  not    enough    Panaman |
ted the agent of the party in London j teachers to supply the schools teach-
Miguel  Corrvarubias,  formerly  Mexi-jers from Chile or Spain should be en-
can   minister   to   RusBla.   to   ad l'e  gaged.
Lloyd's agency that steamers of any ]    It is reported that another anti-Col-
nationality carrying munitions of war ombian demonstration   is     being ar-
contracled for by tbe Mexican govern- 'ranged for Thursday, but the govern- ��� .,,
mem will be fired upon by the Mexl-|mel>t ��'"' probably take steps to pre-:    Tacoma, Dec. 21���S. R. Jackson, a
can constitutionalists. ivlnt a repetition of the scenes of last! business man of Centralia, Wash., shot
The agency here declined  to    say j T,bu.r?daX_.,wh?.n several houses ��**��� ��nd killed Arthur Anslar, 22, a bar-
whether the  constitutionalists expec- P'^.^.^"""^?^, were stormed. tender, in an hotel room in this city
ted io mirchase any ships for the pur-1 The e**ltOT of La pa'ria. a local anti- at an early hour this morning. After
Li-_!��_.?U_[f?"Jfi_f_?>^___ ,.miA Z P,ilfl Administration organ, with Colombian I the shooting Jackson fled in a taxi-
cab to South Tacoma where he bad
planned to take a train for home, but
on arriving at the station the chauffeur persuaded the fugitive to return
to the city and surrender himself to
the police.
According to the story told to tbe
police, Jackson waa a guest of Floyd
Henton and wife in their rooms at
tbe hotel. They had been drinking
and Jackson wss preparing to leave
when Henton and his wife became
engaged ln an altercation. The - woman's screams brought Analer, who
was occupied nearby, to tbe door. Ho
ls alleged to have declared be could
whip any man who would mistrest a
woman and started for Jackson. The
letter drew a revolver and warned
htm away, but, unheeding, Analer
grappled with him and threw him.-to
the floor. Jackson tben fired, shooting his assailant through the'heart.
pose of blocading ports held if '���*-**\ta*mA**1i*?*I^ _"?"?' *Z'~ V,'	
federals but It was made plain that ,eanlllg8' h��8  been    -**e   obJect    of
the artillery and land  forces  would
not hesitate hereafter to fire on foreign ahlps If they carried arms tor
the Huerta government.
This course, according to constitutionals here, would be justified under
international law. Tbey say they Intended their caution chiefly for shipments that might come to the Pacific coast where they are better able
to prevent landing of arms.
ters, according to detectives, aa Solly to arise if constitutionalists open
with tbelr artillery upon foreign ships
but as there aeems no immediate possibility of such a contingency, officials displayed little interest in tbe
Other Provinces  Have  Decrease    In
Number of Homestead Entries
For Ten Months
Emigration Mania Ir. Perplexing Problem In England���Insurance Aet
London. Dec. 21.���England feces a
rather perplexing problem which the
board calls tbe emigration mania.
Correspondents In Oxfordshire,
Berkshire, Devonshire, Cornwall Dor
setshlre, Sjmersftshlre, Wiltshire and
Hampshire blame the Insurance act
Eleven out ot every 21 men in every
troop of yeomanry In Yorkshire are
now In Canada.
A Truro correspondent writes ot
260 eases ln Cornwall In six weeks.
and some hundreds trom North Devon
are going In thee spring time, from
Polle, Dorset, over 200 have gone to
Canada In a yeer rrom the Canterbury district In Kent, nlmost tM peoplo have gone.
Ruler of Abyeelela Wed en Dee. 1t Ae-
Rome, Dee. UL���That Emperor
Menelik ot Abyssinia, died oa Dee. U,
la ooaftraed ta thaiatost dlapetohes
received hare from Addle Abode, tho
Abyssinian capital. Although mt fMal
announcement of tha emperort death
la leaking, tbls Is dM probably to* the Wtaalpeg
, necessity ol praeaatlons being tahea1 ^i~~r^a-
Ito Insure the saeu���Ha to the thread.
Ottawa, Dec 21���Homestead entries
for the flret ten months of 1913 show
a falling off of 4,415. The decrease
[is evident In all of the three weatern
provinces. Saskatchewan had this year
ll.��39 againat U.MS tor the same period laat year; Alberta had 10.142 ao
against 11.880; Manitoba 2,311 agataat
British Columbia, nu tbe other hand
supplied more free farms this year
than last, the number Jumping from
254 to 1,740.
The homesteaders for October ta-
eluded 280 from Ontario, TS from Quo-
bee, 1 from Newfoundland, MI American. KS English, M Scotch, 45 French
Tl Germane, 19S Hungarians, TO from
Sweden, T4 Norwegians and 1ST Bus-
Had Cloee CaH.
Fresno, Dec. 21.���Lincoln Beaehy,
the aviator, had the closest call of hla
career at the fairgrounds today. Ha
looped the loop wtth his hands jtt
iM* steering wheel and soon after h��
passed the loop of the circle his mo-tat
stopped. The biplane turned stn>
ways aad dropped 2M teet befo*e ha
regained control. _.,
Charged With
Lethbridge, Altar.-Dn.~4f ���Preatoar
I-ockhardt. a rancher living near NejB
Dayton, waa brought into the cite jF
nlght charged with subbing with latent to murder a man named Jen-
No One Injured When
C. N, R. Train Is Wrecked
aad Baggage i a broken tall waa strath, tha eagtaa
*. aad jBTdata leaving the teaek.. la
aad Lea*       someway tha gaa oiglsdsd h. the ������
aad ther warn aaaa ��� maas at flam*.
Winnipeg, Dee. Sl.���Five pans
er eoaehes aad oae baggaga ��at ware
deetroyed hf H*e wt* a laas af UM"
^-���WflT___i___I.,"S____*__^___;"" '" "
���_, jV7SmS: -
, The trala jwte
Leu holeee I
��� [�����
., TM
.*.>'��� ���-.',
-*-1'" ��������� '  'Ml*
- ''���"���'..- \   ;   '���*���"= i-,^1'^
tude, freer social and political eondl-
"���^srtJ r- '���   '"  -��� '    >   1,r;i  ���-'''if''*        L t Itlons.  Remember throe out of every
C-g] P*r mr-\\-i ��� '*^ Ji-"-.,1  i���T^fR. four British electora are working men.
>    ll ir   v.   .ivV..     ���"'������  ��� ������"-' '�������� fyjU-CilM '^'l '������������'i  Bmmott, who Bpeaka with the
��_J"��^*'    12S-i*c! ���-������������*-���    -   ^   '-���   '*" triple authority of a aucoesBtul north
country buslnesa man, �� former deputy chairman of the houBe of oommona
and today a member of the govern-
Briii����i ment, sahl: "In future the Idea of empire In Canada, Australia and the oth-
i :��� dominions cannot permanently rest
upon affection nnd good will tor the
mother country. Thry will think of
the empire as a commonwealth of na-
! lions In which their Influence will be
constantly growing and as a partnership in which they will, in course of
time, acquire greater power and have
a larger measure of    reaponalhlllty;
and it is essential that tlieir idea of
the empire should always be Kept in
view. For good or ill, the future of the
self-governing portions of the empire
must rest up ui a democratic basis, lf
we rare greatly aboul the emnlre we
Put the clock back; let's get up a little earlier and go must take rare that the working man
- ... .   -. ..... -.,._(;l||ij,v.  (cheers),
working  man  can
in the empire if he
treated  car, fully,   nud   know   that
empire   stands   for   great     moral
As iTKlrj.ii-riit morn inn v*V*r devoted to thc inter sts ol Kew l-rcufiuinster ��ml
Ike frater Vslleu.   I'ublisHed everv mornir.D except Sunday !>!/ the National Printing
am* P-.bllthiiig Company, Limited, at 03  UrKrmie Street, New Westminster,
Oolumbi*. ROV.tt SUTIIKRl.ASn. Manns/inn Director.
All coinmunlrctlons should be addressed lo The Une Westminster Stirs, and nol
lo <Bdii-i<iu��l members ot the staff. Chenuet, drafts, ond moiif.n orders should lie m��d��
payable to The National rrintino ����il PuHtoMne Oomponi/, Limited.
TBLBI'IIOSHS���Butinett Ofjlce and Uanugcr, D.9; Bdttorlal Rooms (all d.p.rt-
tmsatti. 111.
BVBSCBll'TlOy BATEB���By carritr, II per near, 11 lor thret months, 40c per
mumth.    Hn mail, t'i per year. 25c per month.
Woman's World
First   Lawyer   of   Fair
Sex In Criminal Court.
to bed a little earlier," says the loeal board of trade In fb^vTthat the
chorus with thirty or more similar bodies throughout th-e'he made to believe
province, and it sounds like good music.
What is more logical than to suppose that the daylight
hours were intended to be used by man for doing his work
and night for picking up in sleep the strength he had lost
while performing his labors? That's the way it appeals
to most of the birds and beasts and in those matters the
lowei critters seem to have considerably more sense than
Word From Chamberlain.
This declaration quite accords with
a conversation a British p-arrliatnent-
ary man had List week with Joseph
Chamberlain at Highbury. Sp;akin,
with that deliberation of utterance
I which now marks and also ernphaslr.es
���what he says, ihe veteran statesman
Feur   Fires  and   Burglary   All   Polled
Off  in   it  in  Space  cf
Ono Month.
ristmas Drew
their masters
back during the winter months as well, as the local board i
How it would work out to shove the hands of theclock|g. ,
jspi..' of the twiii  causes of empire
nnl   labor.     Rightly   understood     he
they  were only  one  cause,  and '
were the- one cans:*'  that  under
, . ,      i       ��� _������    i      .   i    . -.   i strong  leadership would  at this mo-
of trade suggested, would take time to find out, but it cloes ment Sl,lvp ,h_ grBfttest of the aitti-
seem foolish to waste those splendid early morning hours ������ ���n��\J^JS^un��
of the spring and summer pounding your ear in bed ana ft,11(.,,, finance, Ireland, the English
then getting up to work during the heat of the day. Even; Jftn^ean|n th8eh ^oo'w'condition'y rMr
the lazy Mexican has a better system than that. He crawls ���',',;,���,four wnag ln London for a day last
out about four a.m works for a while and then lies down: %?_��*�� ^^^"SwS
for a siesta at midday, finishing off his toil when the sun ���,.-y ���,:.-, ��� ,;s inin<i.  it was not in>-
o-pt�� nnQt thp lintt-P'..' hours i,:ii' " was **��* ",p navy- It was the
gets past tne nottest IlOUlt,. ....        signs of upheaval In the  English la-
There is a whole lot to be said in favor of earlier rising i r wc,rid, the irresistible demand for
in the summer and very little against it the principal ar-; ^Tsfnmcaiis��"%. M?
gument advanced in opposition being that old iossil to,;s <...;-. ,i an immovable "Tory"���anal
the effect that it means a change from the established or-':;; matt^oMhe ctaws^ha i^but.
der of things.   Rut then, everything nowadays is done dif- .... cts of the labor movemem he is
ferently and so it looks as though we might as well switch w p���������*;�� ^^"gj ha08U88ev^rf
our arrangements in this sensible direction too.  If wfe got commons,   his toryism in that mat-
up earlier we'd be through our work earlier and the sum- j^J* ^J0^1"?^ ^^f^ *"}
mei evenings would be all ours to enjoy as a kind Provi- wages and sucii nice measures were
dence intended we should enjoy them.  Also we would have: _*_**_> %��__**_%'_?ll$l
those bracing morning hours for work and wed teel so being of tue community ai large,
strong that we'd be able to do twice as much as later on |
in the dav.
Sure, by all means, let's put the clock back and get up
and go to bed when we should.
Miss Amy Wn-n. lawyer ami suITra-
pist. of New York city has tbe distinction of being the Brat womnu lawyer
who ever appeared in the criminal
bllincll Of the l'nited States district
court of (lie district of New   York.
She went liefore United Slates Commissioner Shields recently as counsel
for a Chinese who was charged Witb
nmnufiietiiriug upturn
Sell bonds in haste and repent at leisure certainly is
not the motto of the Hurnaby municipal council.
The immigration authorities have found a Hindu who
sometimes tells the truth. He admitted he committed perjury in making a previous statement.
The currency bill has passed the United States senate.
It isn't often that anything that looks anything like money
gets past that body.
King George and Premier Asquith have been conferring on the subject of Ulster and home rule. "King" Carson wasn't invited to the tete-a-tete.
There was enough white frost on the sidewalks yester
day morning   to   decorate all the Christmas   cakes   ir,
The weather man says we are not going to havc
Christmas weather this year. Well, we don't need the kind
he means; let us have the regulation B. C. brand and we'll
be satisfied.
It is officially stated that the C. P. R. will not-purchase tho C. N. R., which announcement is just about as
much called for as one to the effect that R. L. Borden is
not coinrr ro lead the Mexican revolutionists in place of
Pancfto v ilia.
Canada Looms Large
In Eyes ��f Britain
Home-Payne    Says    Gradual
provement  Will  Commence
Early in  1915.
liottdon, Dec lil What ll now i n-
gaglng Lbo attention of British parliamentarians is the feasibility of a
fully representative delegation ot British M. P.'s and poi rs i<i Canada, Tha
delegation of this autumn was arranged in too great a hurry to be adequate
In number and representative capacity
and it was arranged In responaa io
nn invitation from the parliament of
the Australian commonwealth, tho
visit to Canada could only be a bur
ried and Incidental one. As Mr. Car
rick. M. P., of !'ori Arthur, Bald In
his much appreolated tpeed, "Canada
la envious lo have you come to bo
ub. Our only trouble Is thai you do
not pome often enough <-r slay long
cnr.uirh." This Is u defect which Is
in the way of botng remedied bo far
an Canada is concern. Whether 1911
wlll aeo a representative n.-'tish parliamentary party in Canada or a ilm
ilar Canadian parliamentary party In
Bngland remains to be seen. Tl ere is
a feeling that the notable British "I
ilors who nr cpected to be In Can
ada presumably In Auguut or t'���
London, Dec. 21.���In view of the
criticism oi Canadian finance four
months ago by Mr. Horne-Payne, a
director ol tbe Canadian Northern
railway, bis remarks to the shareholders of the liriiish Columbia Electric railway today will he followed
.villi Interest. Mr. Horne-Payne, owing to illness, did not attend personally, and his Bpeech was read tor him
Regretting thai the rei,on was not
more Balisfai tory, be proceeded aa
"Unfortunately, 1 can nui tell you
that tho period of hard times is over
and 1 do not expect to see any im
provement until the end of the Canadian winter, bul i do think we shal.
then see a gradual, general improve
ment in commercial conditions with ;
tomplete return to prosperity and
progress lu 1015, 1 believe this halt
will, In the end, prove good tor thi
country and tho company, as it will
resull in cheaper conditions of living
and a very sound economic position
in British Columbia.
Have Had Too Much.
"We have, perhaps, heen a little
spoiled with too much prosperity and
uieliw I to be" unduly alarmed by a
comparatively unimportant decrease.
��� in i < in notnlng to be gained by sell-
Ing i'u those stockholders whose
rears have been aroused by a general
fall In Canadian and all other securities, hy a decrease In earnings, and
especially by the newspaper reports
ol an agitation in llritisih Columbia to
Induce parllsmenl to enai i c nan
measures restricting our rights to fi\*
fares nnd charges, I believe I can
safely say thai these fears are need
less. We resi a nfldent In the responsible British   i olumbla   govern
ment, ,ii ro m i In the least likely
to lend tin ii:.*- Ives to s icli a proc i d
no;, whicb would destroy tin- good
hninii of  tin-  provi:,tv  throughout   lie
financial woi id Bnd Bti p the raisins
of capital, ti i- an; -, urpi e, In lirinsl,
Inply Illustrated It In relating his owfl [Columbia tor years to como, There li
experience when Bhowlng Lord Em- no ��9��i ��' responsible public opinion
molt and his party of p ers and M behind tliis agitation, which Is thl
P.'s aronnd Port Arthur He sa>.-- "1 work ol certain noisy, Ill-informed In
drew their attention to the Canadian dlvlduols."
Northern  railway grain  elevators,  re-1 Confidrnce in B. C.
marking, 'Do you Bee Oat. large gtruc '     "I  have received  l"llirs from share
ture over there, it. has a capacity of holders urging thai  we Bhould not In
Ennui;  That's Punishment.
No greater punishment than ennui?
That   is   what    Until    Helen    DnvlS,
translator of -The Daughter of Heaven," says She hns done some very
clever work In Krench translation and
has enjoyed every  minute of it     Her
theory  Is as follows:
"Dullness is the burden of the rich.
Lock   of   contrast   Is   their   BtUlllbllng
block to enjoyment I know no greater punishment that ennui.
"Restlessness and the constant search
for novelty is a cruel master. There is
nothing enviable In tills world hut
pelf development, self knowledge, Its
beginning and ending is ooneeutrntlon
"No une ever need be dull in tbis
world. No one need to be lastingly
downcast, .lust think uf all the things
lu the world that are to lie done and
the dlffereut  ways  there are  to do
"The simplest task can be made the
beginning of a study. Tbe most ordinary talent. If focused nnd concentrated, can be mode a means to real
achievement, which Is only another
name for Joy an,I contentment
"It Is odd how blind many wealthy
perilous nre ta the fart that work Is
the greatest antfofler In the world.
"Happiness Is i heap. Any one can
have it who will concentrate. Self
development, built on concentration, Is
the very finest game on earth.
"If these who nre ou the verge of
Something desperate would only step
otl a railroad train, for instance, nnd
gn in some utrapge place, no matter
where, and follow up some work sult-
eil to their ability, however bumble,
t'n-re would be fewer suicides "
Montreal, Dec. 21. -Four fires within u mouth, a flood Hint did as much
damage aa the fires, and finally the
smashing ol a window and the sn al
lng of two valuable pahs ol field glass
es and a telescope such is the tale
of uii'l'ortutii that is told by tho man
neer of the Hughes Owens company,
237 Notre Dame sir el west, dealers
in optical Instruments and surveyors'
and civil engineering gooda,
Veaterday   when   the  door o!  the
store was opened a  g-ood si/eit    rock.
ihat certainly did  not belong to the
stock, was found ill the window.    Thai
tt did not belong there was shown
bj the splintirid glass lhat lay all
around, and it was Ihen found tiiat the
field glasses and the telescopes wer.
missing. The burglary musl have occurred ai about nine o'clock lasi night,
when tin- constable on duty at th ' corner cf Notre Dam and McOill streets
heard a crash, and ran to tlie Bpoi
In time to fee the coat tails of tba
fugitive disappear round the conn r
of St. l'eter street.
Failing to locate his quarry, ha reported the matter to headquarters. The
instruments stolen will not be difficult to locate If the thief tries to dispose of them in Montreal, as Oe nam ���
of the firm Ib stamped on them in
white letters, and detectives are today keeping an ey ��� on the secondhand stores with a view to capturing the thief.
Within a month covering the end
of last year and the beginning of this
the Hughes Owens company had no
1 BS than four firca on their premises. They were all attributed lo Colin
Kilner. b youth now serving a term
of seven years In Kingston pen!ten
tlary for an attempt lo wreck a freight
train, but who. when submitted to a
grilling examination by the fire com
missloners. failed to throw any light
on the origin of the outbursts. It was
said at the time that several fires
which burst out In the north end of
the city wer>' attributable t.i young
Kilner. who showed a suspiciously
strong taste for watching the firemen
at   their  work.
With the end of the year 1918 It is
to be hoped that tlu- spell of the hoodoo that lies on the Hughes Owens
company will be broken.
This is a special, creamy, amber brew, prepared for the Christmas trade. We have made special efforts to get Something which
shuulil please the puhllc. Send your order early aa this particular
stock is limited.    Price same as "Premier."
For sale at till dealers.
Westminster Brewery
Phone 75 L
(Subject to change without notice)
.Sunday schedule    Trains leave N'ew WeBtmlnster at IJ, 7, 7:30, X,
SliO and II a in., and every 20 minutes    thereafter    until    8:30    p.m
After 8:30 service every 30 minutes  with  last car leaving at  midnight.
Week day schedule���Trains leave New Weatmlnster at 5. 6:45, lj.
6:15, 6:30, 6:45, 7, 7:15. 7:30, 7 45 and 8 o m , and every 20 mlnutea
until 4 p.m.. From 4 pm. to 8.30 p.m. a 15 minute. Bervlce will be
given, After 8:30 p.m. a 30 minute service with last car at midnight.
Saturday Bervlce Karly morning schedule the same as un weekdays, but after 8 a.m., a 15 minute Bervlce will be given until midnight.
Through IraltiB for Chllllwack leave New Wesiminster dally al
9:30 a.m. and 1:10, 3:35 aud 5:46 p.m , Tralna leave Chllllwaoh dally
for return trip at 6:10 am. and 9:30 a.m. and 1:10 and 5:45 p.m.
Dally EipreBS service lo Chllllwack from New WeBtmlnster at 9:50
a.m. and 3:35 p.m.
Our Interior Finish Is manufactured from timber specially selected for Flat drain.
We are also specializing In Kir Doors with Veneered Panels,
���which are better In construction, mora beautiful and no more expensive than  tho old  solid  raised panel doors.
Get our prices liefore placing your orders
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Waiters' Strike Over.
Cleveland. ()., Deo. 19.���The Btrike of
walterB. which has pr: vailed in three
hotels here since last Monday, catue
to an end tonight, aa far its two of the
hotels were concerned. Managers of
these hotels conferred with representatives of the strikers and effected a
compromise agreement They strikers
are granted h tier working conditions.
a working week of six days and a
raise of $2..">u a month. They had
asked a raise of $5. Hi cognition of the
union was waived.
nesa if everything Canadian, Hamar
Greenwood touches upon this In his
newlj published little book on "Canada as an Imperial Factor," when he
* .* B thai her riv rs and lakes are generally tin- features of Canada which
l ring Hi * gn at- sl surprise to the Hrii*
ir,    Mr. Carriek. M. P., amuV
di visit
Would Wcrr.an Be Lccs Quarrelsome?
If men Indulged In the unsportsmnn
like tactics employed by women in lhe
| social anl organization game they
would not only lose all chance nt the
coveted , tll.e, hut they Would prolm
lily be well l.eateti lip for lhelr nc
tlons. The woman Is cruel, ili.oonr
toons nnd unfair to her sisters because
she knows n nol her womnn will nol
Btrike lier It would lie so nufemltiilie!
Have   vou   ever   listened   while   Ibe
I tinmen mil girls of a household repented tlie tale of their experiences at
lh- Ladies' Alii society, the Whist
club, the Altar guild, the Lunch cluliV
lln iou hem* how ninny ll props were
made for llie nest sale, whal finesse
���was displayed In playing a certain
bun I ill bridge, how the guild has decided In redecorate the rhnnecl or the
hiti'M dlsenveriPH In domestic science
m.i le lij tie- young cooks? says the
I'leliirbil Ilevlew
Not nt nil The immlng question In
Sluiimt every case la the Inefficiency of
some nfdi-erii or the unwarranted pow
or wielded by others    Consider Imw
I many    g I    movements    have    heen
launched in your town, only to die nn
iintlinnl} denili liecnnse the nraniilwrs
fell to quarreling among themselves
Y    )Shoes
Rubbers and
All in One.
Baay to put on nml
take ofl.    Hit  well���
Look Well    V.ritrurM.
AU sizes for women
nml children.^
Buy iiirm tnd protect
yourself and family
from winter ills.
Ctnadl "i
KiiM.m Co.
Mi. i.t rt ai.
For the Christmas Holidays
Will veil tickets to polntB 111  Washington,  Oregon,  Idaho and   British
Columbia at one fare nnd one-third for the round trip.
ON SALE DEC. 18th to 24th
Low Round Trip Fares to Florida
Tickets on salo Dec. 9, IG, 23, 30; and Jan. 6, 13,
20 and 27.   Return limit, April 30th, 1914.
We hook through via Oreat Northern and popular steamship
linen from New York, Boston or Portland, Secure tickets and
hertho   of
F.   C.   MEYERS,   Agent.
New Westminster. BC. Phones  283,  341,  129*8.
All Wfe
BOILERS   Riveted Steel _____*
       BURN OIL     ���
P    O    BOX   44?
bor. 1914, attending th   Imperial p ��� ���.,
ten mHlleti bushels, and Ih the largest
elevator 'n the world.' Whereupon I
noticed thai everyone -smiled, and up
, n Inquiry I elicited the fact that In
i"-h e'ty they bad vit*it,*d to that time
.cmethlng had been shown to them
as being thi 'blggi :;t In t'ne world.' [lul
I sin nulla wltbln bounds when I say
���-in Canada is a large country, a very
i ;��������� country, A.( an Instance, th
c* 'ot'tui -I'", thai I hive the h mor to
���'���ni i* hli h. by the way, rejolci a
con fer i ni *-. mil bl nol appn * i to the
deflection i li ��� whi re of any i f the 11.
nadian limellpht �� h h w< uld i Lher*
���wise fall undivided upon them as po
tent Journalistic lead . of 3 Itlsh
opinion, However i lifi may i . '���'���������
:-i.���..!���'a i't a mt *���' h al thi - irlli il ;,
Bible i ito to make Canad i Itniwn i *
persona] conta il wltb m-tny u. nh ters
ex-mlnlaters and hading politician:
who have still to pi * tlio qt.?.llfy!:i-,'
I  In  tho  demlM
lhe euphonh n   na ne of Thunder
Pm i Pal iy llm r. has an an a or
r- I- jftfl non -on ire :������ les, while England, lr ���'���.���tui and Scotland ha e an
*'*' ' nf nnly 121,000 rquara mil. b. ii
-'* ���" irl .*���: larg * as Ureal Britain, but
i * ' '" ���' * 'dentally s iy that II bnan't
> ' lm ������" i popul itlon " al ��������� hi h
< ( *  i"     lhi ro was I lughter.
Am-thi ��� ii ipn sal in wi i i ucl tl
noon by i.,-d Rmmotl In bis spi sh
The piote Ens-llsh public mi n sei of
vest any further monej al all in liritish Columbia, This, of oourse, is
neither desirable In the interests of
the compnny, nor possible. I look to j
the luture of this company with eon-
fldencc and would urge you, In your I
own Interests, nol to allow your confidence in tbo future of liritish Columhla or Canada or In Canadian Investments to he Iii the least degree
Bhaken bj the presenl discouraging
circumstances which are almost ex-
illusively due to dlfturbed financial
ooudltlona. Canada haa this year
tiK.iiu amply justified every claim
made for i * r The production of
wcilih from field crnpa, farm pro
duce, mineral i and other n itural re
eourci : has h en greaier then ever
b fore. Tho only trouble bas boen of
a monetary i ture, a recurrence of
which i> la hoped will be prevented
in future."
Tha Coming Maude.
��� Muller ene day, ruling tiitl*.,
I up mul iuw lho county Judge
Mauds w.i. n prnlty ctrt. all right
llin hnnoi fell In love at sight
/nil \. lien nl,eut ti month hnil (led
Unuiln pHiinl-,.,] that Ihe indue Iho'd wert
Then o'er thc Judge's pnthway cams
A wealthy, proud und nlntely dntn_,
The Inline th��n for nmtililnn'a "nko
I'onr litllo Mnude reaolved to simile.
An iinlfiit
iffrasetto w-as Mauds,
"f tiio county hourd.
ii.'ire,"   Mauds  s-tiil.   "
"I'll  get   em
B , told her purly hor suit tale,
Judge had el
In spring th-
,teil been In fall;
voted his recall
Tl,,- i,riiiL-M\ fiuiiii- refused t" ��*-d
"You are no l-'niier Itidge," she sul-1
This losson '*nl ho learned, you net:
"Tion'i monkey u-ltti n FiiffragetteV
-Tara VV. Jackson In Juda
examination of troy 1 in tha dc-uin   rap-idn -e.i Au trails the more th
Ions before ihey e:n I*,*- accepted no re-ill*.<��� thai '���' England is to play h
fully-pledged  Imperialist*.                        |P��rt as llie urn    Centre of tho omp'i I       Lirac   Company   Incorporated,
The Plgnees of Cn-ztis.            if'te rr-r-hl   'etidltloni if the worl  Ol awa, I    ���   IB,    ^Corporation has
Gathering the lmpresa!ona of    Ut-9 i-'arrra cf l-'nyi.���?!���]   must   be brought been granted   to the   on  Processes
Ilrillsh peeri and M. P.'l who iverr i:i  rt)t*r�� In lh? level of thai Of Cue work- Co., Ltd., with a eap'tril itm-u of imt,
Canada (hls year, ft la found tint nn lng classra of tiiost two Dominion-- bundred iV r  ind pounds, with h��ad-
<OUUt&ndlng  Impression wjis the tilg- Idler pay,  loss gomblance of sir.-i- iiuartprs a: Ottawa.
t.'ov/ T. C. P.rt.
Ottawa, Dec, IB, An order In eouncll luiR been paised establishing Ath-
almar, D.C, as an outpost of customs
and warehousing port, under the survey of th.' port of Cranbrook.
Christmas Time is
Candy Time
Whether to give the finishing touch to the Christmas
Dinner, or to be in the Gift List
Surpass all others. Made in Canada for the Canadians
and conceded to be
The Most Unusual Chocolateson the Market
Phone W 628 Columbia Street
>\ MONDAY,  DECEMBER  22, 1013.
for your
New Welliaglon
Ofli...   -54   Front  btreet,
Foot of  Sixth  btreet.
P. O. Bc< 345. Phone 105.
441   Columbia   St.
Four doors Eaat of Bank of Montreal.
Royal Intelligence Bureau
415 Westminster Trust Building.
J. M. GAWA,  Myr.
Exclusive  agent for   II.   Ohashl  ft
H'o.,    New    York,    mil nif.ieturera    of
Typewriter Backing Bhaeta, Carbon
I'apors, Ribbon*, etc. Mail addraaa,
Drawer no New  Weatmlnster.
I ��� 11 .\..r\.  fj
Glrla' classes, Tuesday 7:30 p.m ;
Adu" classes, 'l'liursday, 10:30 a.m.;
Bewlng   Classes,  Thursday,  7:3��   p.m.
Boarding and room rates reasonable
Meala served to ladies and gentlemen.
Bpeclal dinner Fridays, 11:30 to 1:30
l-'or  particulars call phone  1324,
The enjoyment of your Christmas
Dinner vvill be doubled if you buy
your Christmas Turkey and meats at
Columbia  Street
Phone 1315.
large shipment ol
'e .Monday.    Leave
numher one Tu: i:  ys
your order today.
Oeesi and Dui lu '-'-'ill
Montreal, Dec, 21. Up to yesterday
iii.* i ui'!,. i shop of Martin Bow. 2416
St. Hubert street north, was rosplen-l
dent with various Bides of beef, bams,
slabs of bacon, and othi r mementoes
ot the high coat of living. Like all
butchers recently, Bow has been having bis nt rvoua momenta.
He has been between the devil and
the deep sea, the former in the shape
of high prices from tba packers, and I
the latter In the form of numerous I
customers kicking about the price of;
men*.    At  times, it is said, he almo-st
wis,ieii h" bad no stock at all.   yeaterday morning be hadn't.
Bome p rson or peraona, determined
to have plenty io eat over Christmas, I
despite 'io- huh coat of necessities,
broke Into l'n" shop and carried away
everything trom th   aide of beel on
th" wall to the calves' liver in the- ice
They were, no doubt, additionally
pieai'd nt finding, when they ransacked the Bow premlaee, that Joseph'
Begulo, 2484 St. Andrew's street, had
put hi:* borse and rii? for the night
In Mr. Bow's stable. They stole the
horse and rli; to carry away the sup-
When Bow entered bla shop yesterday morning be found the place ru i-
sacked. Tliere was not even one fat
Christmas pig slarinn blm in the face.
The hums '.i.id flown, and th*. sides of
In" f bad somehow discovered the elixir of lire again.    All were gone
"Well," said How. "looking over th"
i  cn y   store.  "1   won't  have  to  worry
al out i xplalnlng the hi*_ii cost of living
to my OUl tomi -������* today, anyway."
l.at"r he discovered that Begutn'e
rlK wa,. gone. Tho pollce have been
notified and ur." looking for tbe I iur-
.uk kai mm
Dignity   lo   RctBurrccUd   and   Shining
Top Piece Is Entering Its
Own Again
Irrigation   Increaes  Worth  of   British
Columbia Land, According to
���iR KOMUKD O. OCLER   M P . PnrSiOrU
r. Vf   D   MATTHtwS, VlCl-PRlSlDENT,
General Manager.
If You Live At A Distance
from thl* branch of The Dominion Bank, take advantage ol cur
-���/���stem ol Banking By Mail, ll Will save you many tii-ps to town
and, at the same time, give you all of the advantages cl a
Savings Account.
Qepotlte -nay be made and oash withdrawn In (act, .ny
banking butfnssj Iransacted    by  rr.a.l w ihout trouble cr  delay.
The manager will glv, you lull particulara ol -h'.s OOavenltnl
way ol Banking by Mall.
NEW W_8TMINSTEfl HflANCH :    a   M.   MITHEWGON.  Hl-iJfiT.
I blladelpbla,  Dec   11.   The    winds
that blow  in  northern  Alaska are to
be harnessed to light up the long polar night In the cause ,,[ religion.   To
thh: end announcement was made that
ih- itinht Hev. P. T. Howe, blahop Of
I the diocese of Alaska, bad authorized
Dr. W. B. S, Temple, head of the I
jtricul    ngineerlng department of the
University ol Pennsylvania, to design
land build an electric light plant, operated   by  a  wind  mill,  for  use of  the
special mtsaton at Point Hope. Alas-
; ki   Point Hope is more than 100 milea
inort:i of the Arctic circle, wbere the
: polar  night  Continues several mouths
jcach yea.'.
iUr'.iop Howe, cn a recent visit to
Philadelphia, said that the wind ve-
I loclty at Point Hope is rarely below
120 mil's an hour and that it aver-
���.������:���. .i approximately 26 miles. The temperature daring the winter months
ranges from _5 to 68 degrees below
The Idea of installing such a plant
al lhi nil: sion. where there are 400
I Inhabitants, original i it is said with
the Hev. a is. Hoare, who i*. In charge
1 of the mission.
Tbe silk hat Is proudly coming into
Its own again. The fact is undeniable,
aays th" Pall Mall Gazette,
Kor several years lt has suffered
an ecllpe*, bnt the shadow is passing and famous London makers point
to figures that unmistakably prove a
return or the silk hat. ta its original
prestige Is Imminent.
The managers of several of these
firms discussed the situation with a
repr sentatlve of the I'all Mall (ia
Z'te recently. Various causes were
assigned for t'ie distressing indiffer-
ince of recent years to the stat |y
and dignified headgear.
The coming of the motor car.
Craze for negligee.
Abuse of the silk hat.
'���But the motor ear Is. still here, and
likely to remain.
"Of course, but. when the motor ear
flrat made Ita app arance it was-al-
most always open and certainly not
conduct ���" to the well-being of a silk
hat apart altogether from the Incongruity of Its surroundings. Now the
motor oar Is clos d readily, and the
silk hat  �� ies not sufier.
"Still the best-dressed men were not
influced by the eraze. and although
I saw a noble lord pass down St.
James street recently In a soft hat, he
is exceptional Try and Imagine Lord
Roberts in any other than a silk bat in
Lon.ion.    li is impossible.
"The si,k hat was a badge of distinction; but when everybody wore
them It certainly ceased to lie that.
When the clerk at one pound a week
considers it tbe correct thing to wear
a silk hal the peer may not take the
Bame view, It cannot, of course, be
limited to a class. There are certain
trades and professions where it is
,lhe only possible headwear.
"The tailor's cutter must, and always does wear a silk hat. because
tradition compels him, and there are
others. Whether cheap silk hats will
ever be really popular again remains
to be se:n."
Ties and Socks.
"The man who wears a silk hat
doesn't have to descend to get socks
and ties to match his headgear. 1 am
hopeful that the signs of returning
sanity are not deefpthe. and that before Ions the best-dressed men everywhere will .nsist. by example, that the
silk hat, with the f'oek coat or well-
cot morning coat. Is the only possible
in that Sewing Room, Library and Den?
steps it will save during 1914.
And it Costs a Little Over 3c a Day
One-Fifth the Cost of a good Cigar
Call Commercial Manager
town wear
"Walk down 1'iecadilly or along
i'all Ma'.l, and you will have no hesitation in liecidinK which are the best
dressed and most distinguished look-
inj:  men."
For the moment, the Increased demand for silk hat it less notireable
among the cheaper grides than among
those of higher priee and quality. That
Is the opinion of the expert, is what
Assistant Postmasters Exempt.
Washington, Dec 19. All assistant
postmasters will be exempted from
the civil service nnder the postoffice
appropriation bill completed today by
the bouse committee on poatofflcee,
and tO be reported immediately after
lit.- holiday recces. Tho Democrat
committee voted to put into the tneas
lure a provision substantially similar
to the one in the sundry civil bill un
der whieh deputy collectors and depu- iOeorg.ism and radicalism are about
ty marshals were exempted from civil played out. and we are one more mov-
service. The bill carries approxl- ta8 toward better things. The reap-
mately J308.000.000, a eut rf about pearanoo of the silk hat -will Indicate a
13 000,01)0 from the estimate! aubmlt- return tn. .rt!5nU-v' "If-respect and
ted by the |io.i(ff:er, department. Proper pride.
Victoria,  Dec.    21.��� Something    of
what irrigation has already done for
the province of British -Columbia waa
told last night by E. i!. Knight, superintendent of the White Valley Irrigation and I'ower company of Vernon,
who Is in the eity in connection with
a matter of business concerning the
provincial government Mr. Knight
bell: vis from his vast experience In
irrigation matters that the application
of th-' system more generally will reader h ghly productive great areas of
land at present capable of secondary
While he did not attend the executive meeting of tlie weatern Irrigation
' sperta in Vancouver at the beginning
of the week. Mr. Knight is naturally
keenly interested in all that pertains
to the system and he evinced a
hearty Intereat in the reports of the
proceedings of that body, lt was In
relation to the district affected by the
op'rations of th? White Valley company, however, that Mr. Knight v.as
able to state his case for irrigation in
British Columbia. "Our Irrigation
project," he said, "covers about 21.-
600 acres of land in the district cf
Vernon. At the present time there is
only on small portion of that amount
of land under cultivation, and 1 presume that lt will take several years
to bring the total area affected und?r
the hand of the settler, but the great
thing that matters is that wlhout exception the land under cultivation is
mor.- than justifying the system of irrigation.
'Wth the application of water, the
land in the district has been transformed from second class agricultural
land Into first class fruit land, perhaps the most productive- of its kind
in the country. I might go so far as to
say that without irrigation the land in
question would never have been more
than range or pasture land. It. will
be understood, therefore, that irrigation has accomplished wonders isi this
section of the province. What it may
do in other sections of the dry-belt,'
is a matter of speculation.
"We may fairly claim," he said, "to |
bave increased lhe value of this land
four and five fold. It has been proved t
lhat the moment you get water on to
this land it develops wonderfully rich
growing capacity, and I have very rea- -
son to suppose that other sections of
the country are similiarly conditioned.
Veinon.   to  a  large  extent,  owes  its
prosperity  to  the  development of irrigation.    The town has enjoyed    a
steady growth, especially In the last
twn  years,  and  in  spite of lhe quiet
times this year it has advanced appreciably."
it should be.
"Ah," was the comment of a gonial
.Tory, "they are swinging back. Lloyd
Most Bloodthirsty Tribe in All Africa
Declares a  Returned
When through old
age the bodily
f unct ions become sluggislfj
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
give gentle, timely and
effective aid, without
.discomfort or distress.
box  at  your
R. Kdward Trumble of the same  down unchanged from the time
secretary and their home town
Coming to Wenatchee.
Walla   Walla,   Wash..   Dec.   19.--SI
Moran of Wenatchee was elected presi
chosen as the next meetinc  place of
the Washington State Horticultural association which is closing its tenth annual meeting
lie reception
London, Dec.   21.���Customs aud ceremonies which appear to have come
of the
Pharaohs were described in an interview by P. Amaury Talbot, a district
oemmissioner, who has just returned from southern Nigeria, after com-
cre tonight With a pub-!plcting a journey of over 4,300 miles
ia the Conimercal  club , to the Eket district.
Made to  measure,  guaranteed  out
year.   I'hone 678 for appointment.
MRS. TWISS, City Manager.
CISSl        237 Sixth Slreet.
What with the harbor Improvements, tbe further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailor ing Branch
surely Westminster Is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Teaching the  Farmer the Moat Efficient and Economical  Methods
of  Fruit  Shipping.
Vlcterla, Dec, 21.���That the packing
school . which proved so successful last
year and which did so much towards
"-ach ug tbe fruit farmer the most ef-
rlcip't and economical method of
packing h'.s fruit, wll lbe continued
this year, was the decision reached at
the annual convention of provincial
hortloultnr'.ats. Thc total number of
schools til a J will be conducted ls ap-
proximately  thirty-six.  of  which  six
will be ,:n the lower mainland, twelve Ired bone which, she asserted
He found also traces of bird wor
ship and witnessed a bird dance never
before se;n by Europeans. Most cf
the towns bave their sacred pool inhabited by good or evil spirits, tOi��
whicb, Ui the past, countless human I
victims were sacrificed. Upon two of
these holy waters���the I_ake of Life
and the neighboring Pool of Hatred
and Death���Mr. Talbot and Mr. Bckin,
of the Kwa lho mission, are the first
and only existing white men to have
set eyes.
"a.ater,' 'says Mr. Talbot, "1 was fortunate enough to discover a score or
more sacred waters."
Mr. Talbot, referring to tbe hard
tark of the administration in dealing
with secret societies, which at certain
times of the year still seek to offer
human sacrifices, said: "Towards the
end of September aueh an attempt
waB made by a group ot towns in a distant part of the district, never before
visited by Europeans. My attention
was first drawn to this particular
society which bears the dreaded
name ot 'l-.kkpo NJawhaw' (Ghosts���
the Destroyers), by a poor woman,
who brought some fragments of char-
was all
We alao wish to tell our customers that wc have a good aupply of the  necessities  ot a Merry
Christmas at each of our four stores.
laical Turkey    40c.      Kastern Geese   25c.     Duck 26c.
Eastern Turkey  35c.     Fowl 25c.     Mincemeat, quart  40c.
Local Oecse  25c.     Chicken   30c.   ^Mincemeat, pint   25c
Palace Market, Columbia Street, Phone 1200,        Sapperton Market, Sapperton, phont 1204.
Eighth St. Market, 515 Eighth Street, phon* 1205. Edmonds Market, Edmonds, phona (SSL.
in tho Okanagan, three In the Kootenay division and others at Duncan,
Sardis, nnd Pender Island. The Canadian box for apples will be retained tor
this season, except ln the Okanagan.
where the American box wlll be employed.
The horticultural division will also
send Instructors Intothe field during
the months of February and March
to give personal lne tract Ion to the
ranchers In their orchards with regard
to pruning. The dangers of over and
under pruning wlll be shown by practical experiment, and It Ib generally
believed that these demonstrations
wlll bo cf tho greatest value to tbe
fruit growers,
The short course work undertaken
l&rt year hy the department will be
held thla year In conjunction with
the livestock branch, and wherever
sn application Is aent In to the mln-
'���ster of agriculture a horticultural expert will accompany the Instructor
from thc livestock division to give
*��ny eselstanc? and Instruction required ef him. Although the location ot
ill these courses Is not entirely settled, there la every Indication that at
least forty-five courses will be given
lasting one or two daya eaoh;
A new departure will be ma-da thla
year In experimental work In tha hor
ticultural branch, eeprclal attention
being paid to tha Mtion ot different
fertilizers on vegetables and to apray-
tng. The experiment* will ba conducted by experts ot tha department, tha
neceaaary aoll and aome of the labor
being; supplied bytha farmer.
eft to her of an only brother, who
had fallen a victim to the vengeance
ot one ot the chiefs of the society.
In Sacrificial Dress.
A little .later, complaints began to
come Ih from missionaries as to cruel
maltreatment of school children and
other convert* peacefully proceeding
cn their way to church. Later 1 discovered that a little gilrl T yeara old
waa only rescued wtth great difficulty
from being offered up, after the sacrificial dress had been placed upon
her, while the great drum was beaten,
and th; head priest announced 'Ekkpo
NJawhaw  wlll eat today.'
"It speaks volumes for the courage of the Christiana���many ot them
mere boya���that they dared to wreat
her from tho clutches ot thla dreaded
society, at the eost, tn aeveral oaaea,
of revere wounds."
The people, aa a whole are, perhaps,
the most bloodthirsty of all Africa. For
montha no day passed without man
or woman running In. covered wtth
blood and often horribly mutilated,
to claim tha protection ot the-commls-
Mra. Talbot, who, with her sister,
haa been traveling through the region,
haa been making a apeclal Btudy ot tho
primitive women of tlw tribes.
"Many chief*" nnya, Mr. Talbot,
"openly teatlfled that they war* kept
from belUvtag th* etatemente of agitators aa to my Intention ot
war' upon th* principal Oron cat
that no whlto mw would hav*
oh -wae p*lavw�� with hi. wit* oa I
right hud tad to hlater on tht M
The common, every day kind; you'll need it this year when you
think of Christmas gifts. We have been fortunate in getting a line
of goods for the times. This is a wet climate, with a lot of moisture
in the air. Vou want to be warm inside and dry outside. But listen
How are your poor feet?. What do you think of a pair of cosy slippers or a pair of our wet resisting boots?
For the kiddles. Felt 1 Strap Slippers, composition soles 304
For misses' and youths, the eame, sizes to 2s  45 C
Kor ladies, sizes to 7s, the same   50C.
Kor the man,  warm  felt slippers,, leather soles   75C.
Other lines at proportionately low priceB.
To every customer, not a picture, but a 25c. carton of Combination Shoe Polish, a tin, a bottle, a box.
Vou get it if you buy 10 cents worth of laces, but shop early so
that you may have tbe best service.
-: THE :-
Popular Shoe Store
(Just below the Northern Crown Bank)
$30,000 Stock to Select From.
Queen Anne Reading Lamps  $7.50
El Tostos 5-00
Christmas Tree Lights, eight in set  3.75
Hair Dryers, special 3.00
Flash Lights 95c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50
Auto Cigar Lighters  75c.
620 Columbia St.
Are Making Christmas Suits at Reducad Prieta.   Ordtr Now.
Collister Week, Corner Clarkaen and McKenzie Streeta.
i .
3 More Genuine Bargain
Days at the
403 Columbia Street
What gift la appreciated more by mother than "wwftlt for tk*
honae."  We carry J��tt the right kind flt Mock for route tMk�� Wt
eetectlone tram.   Whether It be one dollar or efcty dollara. yott Mm
to apend.   tei mm ��**���*+',
A pnlr ��t dainty Laee Curtalne tor ............-S1.W *��
A new Comforter It alwaya a welcome tUt ... v.. -H.lt ����,
A renl Linen Table Cloth and 1 doaen oMfopklna to
A new Table Owrer far tf�� Uvtns tmm*--..............,w-l
. A email frnt ��w tha efM, ***��� ****** *t tHtmmm
Keep y-enr. *��e -o^ W*He*>w for'
r Ji) '��� ���'���;���$���'��*i.*
����_i     .   ,���   mxr,;.
oB .e  am
rut: miw .vestmlnsieb news.
--zv ���T-_-C'var^-��gac-Kaagirafc:��^a va__.*::TU?X"-^__-r--:'r_'^_xiZj^--^:
Classified Advert.si.r_j
���LASSIKT*':!!    AUS    WILL    UK    Kl_-
Hiii! f.n   Tne News at the follow-
ins places;    i'. T. a Us -'rug Btore,
y*~.-^K3&.\i:!'iiii'nii ' street; A. .Spri'**.
g^sseBsbwough, Lata lalai i ;��� Mrs.
B. Ijj-d.'ti. Highland l'urk. lira. V.
Lewis, Ai'.a Vista.
Xtaealflcd���One cent por word per
day tc per word per week; 16c per
snenlh; P iiki vords, to b* nw��l n�� re-
ta-irt-d ��iU.l!i one year from date of
����:il!-��ct.  l.fi.'iO.
...-.- ���.������, ���-....-~i��� -.-*��� ,_..-.-_���-��_.
j ;i!;   SALE    Mn K   1 nntl   PR1V . . E
"LuMf'V fife. ���  5 UGwL *XiWl
ins shop; very good locality; renl
Ss ;t month. Apply Box -t>:HJ Nows
office. (2636)
Pr"^jl>W'StycT|-<E?d7an6S Gl.ctn
lo a Gtcry That Has a Very
Familiar  King.
Much    Tis3ue    Pap*;r    Simplifies    the
Work Immensely,
Trunk pucklng is uu nl K'J.ilflKfew
Women nml IViv.f --',ll.n ums(er. 1-, i'-
_��_* tiiriaf*-AraHLotit Important reason why
It Is il perennially tlillicult tusk for ii
vroitlUll Is Unit clothes nru constantly
! cbunglug In shape nud style. Ity tho
time n woman hnd learned to fold u
plaited Skirt scant -.klrls were In style.
| anil hy the time she had lenrued tt>
pack Ihoso without wrinkles panniers
; nntl  masses  nf drapery  presented a
FOI;    BALE    BELL     YOUR     PltOI'iun
erty Umitinii an ad. In tbls column,
KOIt BALB���11.00 DOWN, $1.00 I'BIt
ireek,   Canada's   I'ridc   Malleable
Ilanges; every one guaranteed. Market square (2619)
New York, Hoc 21.   Tho usual and
proloiiR   1 dullness that lias Prevailed. dlffefeu( ,���.���,,,,������.
elas���, i the eer . ,i attention of ex-1 Mueli tissue paper
change authorltlea. some ol these are problem or packing teufold. Old pnpei
i ptlmlsttc and believe that It will soon, Is Just in useful ns new tur this pur-
be succeeded by mure active and prof- pose, snail the tissue paper that comes
liable conditions for tbe broker.. VV, wrapped about lints, frocks nr shoes
C,   Van  Antwerp,  of ihe    governing  si10iild be saved against pat-king dny.
who tak
In  an  in-
Allen, goner
I delivery.
Sea 11 ti
'fcrlbcd "T
'Avenue," al*
.mom   Avenue," addressed to the undersigned, ��;ll be received up to the
hour cf
MRS.    K.  1913.
(2661)      Plans ai.d    Specilications    can    be |
    si.en al tlle    office    of the Architect,
oommlttee, is one of thost
this view of tile situation,
tei'view lie said:
"There nre  many  people    in    I
countr)   whose  horlson  is  limit tl
Make lung twisted rolls nf it tu put In
the folds of waists ami skirls, stuff
loose little wails of It  in  Imillres nntl
,,���in,u   uni'S" tioririm       '',;n   i   o  alcoves nud cover enally soiled clothes
nders for School  SperlingIth- lenSth of tbeir noses.    Thej  Bee   generously   with  It  to  protect   them
"Tenders for Tent   UU- !a 'on8 Period of dullness on the stock t from contact with other clothes or thu
Bsed to the u'i_. exchanpo antl with oracular firmness  side of the truuk.
; declare  thut   speculation   has  dlsap-      Bhoo cnacs of some kind nre n neces-
p.m. Tuesday, December 23 lE?arti?,e!e.,t��iretu?-Jil! w^il88, I**-J ���<��� *h*' ~*---t*r, but they can lie
' tb7���mB' '"��� ":,f, M",'n "���\|H'S  ��;'>s < formed of folds of tissue .er if notb-
land It Is new on the down track. The   , ,.,,,,,      ���    ,.
|old animation will never return. I '"�� more substantial Is nt baud.   Can-
"These predictions have a familiar   '"" flannel squares bound with tape
WANTED    MODERN HOUSE IN EX.|U6 Crown Building,    Pender    Street,, ,-,������*:     |  |���,;,r,|  then, j��� isn4, again in i nntl with a long strip of tape fastened
change for a farm   In   tti   Friser v-.'., Vancouver,    or   at   the   School  1903, and I have heard thsn in London  In tho middle of the square prove very
Valley In good location.   Apply A. Board Ouice, Kingsway, West Burna- and   I'aris  whenever similar periods | convenient for shoe covers.   The shoes
.;.    Marshall,    South
Phone   1246 H 1.
TO   BtiNT
Kingsway, Wist Burna-
Weslanlnster, by. of dulfnes havo aettled on those mar-]nro wrapped In tho squares and tied
(2609)      Each tender must bc acenmpa   ed keti   I have also h ard the same thing   securely   with  the  tape     Shoe  bags
-_����������'by a duly certified cheque f .  a    tm said  of  tho  real   Estate  market,  and
""'equal lo 5 per cent,   of iho    lend the h rse market.   None of these pro-
[which  will  be forfeited  If tho party  phecles ever came true, and that af-
tcnderlng  flooUnes  to enter intu  cou    I"-'!* "  tolerab:.'  grouml  for sr,.-peel-
���FOR RENT���IP YOU HAVE ROOMS'tl.a,.t ir culled 11;..11 to d.  so. ">K   tkat   llie   direful   forebodings   of
tia rout Iry au ad. in tbls column.
CUem-OB  cf unsuccessful  tenderers  ''"'-'V may prove slmillarly unsound."
Iwill be returned to ihem on signing      ���>-'���  Ni"-  Antwerp dwelt  at  length
���Ft-RNISHED    COMPLETE,    HOUSE- ,ot contra I
���v.-epinB rooniB. $10    and    |15    per
month at 224 Seventh street. (2522)
upon the future ami took the follow-
months old; two black ears and
black spot ou back. Notify Phone
739. (2639)
Tlie 1; ard do nol bind themselves  ;
to accept the lowesl 1*1 anj tender,
A. .1. BARHAM,
Box 207, McKay.    (2648)     Secretary.
In  Probate.
farm Bales conducted. Furniture
ibovrl't (or cash. P. It. Iirown. li
Bet;bn- street, New Westminster.
^  -T.: .-.iti
srbero. No collection, 00 charge.
American -Vancouver Mercantile At;
���etcy. 3.tii Hastings street west, Van
couver. (2618)
Plan-SBC Hooks on B.C. antl California by
a. tAssssst. Canadian Cunp l>ir,i. 2nd '''li-
lw; Amotife- tin- Peoples or II. C: En tlio
I'ttiliL-es West; Nan, or Ptooeer Women
..mi t-Saa. 1 he sets nt rive for !.; "���' or
r.ic. iK-r oopy uu j-in. nilt. Address I'.
R llenlnt;. 1117 I l.tlni/ioti St., N-aW
-Wcstnitntfter, Il.C. or nny of On: l.ouU
��ttir.i-rt.    Discount to the trade,
Ing liijilily optlmlBtlc vit'w cf the out
"ISpeculation means looking for*
wanl. Applied to securities it means
anticipating the results of enterprise
and endeavor, lhere mny be some
credulous people vho believe ihat enterprise and creative activity have
suddenly come to an end in America
bul I am n it t ne of them. This coun- j
try has onlv begun to develop, v hen
we have scratched the Burface of on; i
I In tin latter of the Rstate nf Thoma.) I mln.ral resources; when he have bar-
Johnson, lat   of the City ot New West-   nesscd   our   water   power;   whrn   we
!   *: I >��� r  .*.-   il , .       , , ' .   ,
Nivrii-;:  is  HEREBY OIVEN  Hint till  h:v" revised our economics 10 rejoice
credlti rs and other persons Itnvl   ^ nny   1 *,�� :* tbe successful man ami to cease
of Hi*   city of New Westminster, in tht when he have agreed upon Hi- Innate
i- 11 ��� ������: ���������'  New Westmlnstel'. in tho Pro- dignity of 1'ltir on the farm, and have
vim I   British Columbia   deceased, who mastered   the   Intensive  enltivntlnn   nf
tiled oi  1      leeondday of September, 1913, .,    '"     '    '���'���������-'   cuiuvauon 01
Bnd whose will was proved In the Rupremt -''���''���   '���  '':|   ������''  have  Buppreesed  the
Courl nl  Bi tlsh Columbia on the thirtieth activity  of  snme  of our lawyers   and
:���*.,,":" '���':���:���'���:,:���':��� \ * ��� ��� %m�������� -^^:*-���>*-��� <���>���?<��� in
1   11 with il��- will annex it wen  granted tr the conti htlon  that this Is a develop-
.! o': *- 1 *; nson of i1"* ctty of New West- ed country.    But  while theso things
mtnslei    ���������-.-.-sii-l. are hereby reoulred tc ,-,,-    eoinir on there will In manv Hum
Bend narilei   irs In writing ot their claim* ."   .           '  will DO many tnou-
Dr il         ���    -. the  i:*ii ,   gti  I, ���:.*��� ad- "ands of wise men who will speculate
.     *   ���      ��� ti   tho will ami vi. "ii 01 In  ihe securities represented  by our
h'-fon tin 11th day ot January, 1914, at th, pnlAr_-1ne pnrtpnvnrn "
lenn-nl   moil address,   01* - ��; c    itati ������������-�����*���    ���  ��� ''���''*
tie*  it'!   td    I ilstrator with  the  wil] * ���
1 ��� v .1 *,\ 111 pro I oi dlstrlbut    i'. ���   ass ts
��� ���'   tht       iid   Thomas   Johnson,   deceased CHRISTMAS  CARDS  ARE
Mni '*    '  ' "��� parties entitled thereto, hav- ;                    .....  _-,,--.*_   _,_-, ���^  r-, ..
I             rd only 10 the claims nnd demand! OVER  FIFTY YEARS OLD ;
of wiilelt hi  shall then have had notlc   and 	
tie- said  administrator with  the will   annexed '.'ill not be liable r.n* tli" assets of      Tlie   origin   of  the  Christmas   card
Ithe snld Thomas Johnson, deceased, or any ,  ,      ,     ,   .              ,   ,,
pan  (hereof bo distributed to an*,- |,.-rsi,n \ 'fates, back to over half a century ago.
ll ���i'n;r,,;;o,r';;;^.,'.,'iii,s,::^; na" "��� '1;!i>i ���� rirst printed m i.c���,!o-_
Dated this  ltih day of H,c.-tuber. A.D    about  I.n-I.-i. I,i:t did  not  become popu
too, arc useful, a ennton Annuel or Ilu-
en lulf; for each shoe.
Many wrinkles disappear lifter a fotv
hours hanging. Voile and almost all
woolen materials lose their wrinkles
If lhey are hung on bnugein as soou as
they are unpacked.
Net  Pctticcnts Arc tl-e  L.-ite*;t  Novelties In Uoderwtcsr.
11 Is well iii Ihese duys of shiftins
fashion not to buy ton niany of any one
gnrmeul nl one time Ii Is alwnys easy
to replenish the wardrobe, and then one
Ib sure of the latest model, for under
Hear CUUUOt lie mule over, ami to lltnl
oneself wltll a half do-, en of nny thing J
quite new and yet quite out of date i*
Auinm; the more recent novelties are
lbe nil net. iiuliiieil, shaped pet I Icon Is
with umlerbodlces matching. . Some
clever person has devised shouldei
straps contrived from strings of pearl!
or of liiiliinnts. The musl striking nov
elty In tinting Is fount! in tl.e daffodil
V. 1.. Mucl'hei'son, Salesbtiry \\r.
."C*l::..iids, will be open In rec lve
xj-iu  ct food.   clothiiiR   and   toys   lo
lbe np lor Christmas hampers for
���hi needy.
Administrator with tlu> Wlll Annexed, _'1J
i*:n.-!it!i street, New Westminster,  Iiii.
I25S1 1
lar until .",11 years ago.
The first Christmas card was only
a visiting card anil carried the ere- 1
ing, "A Merry Christmas." or a "Happy
New Vear." Later, snow scenes, holly
branches and robins appeared on embossed cards, probably picturing Eng-
  laiul Christmas scenery, as the robin
lis known in Bngland as the Christmas
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tha     Val    blrd, Bnd :,ls��� ���,,,,. Savio.,s ,,;_,,.. j��
cause of the legend 1 f its red bn ast
, 8, 9. 10 snd  Vi   Of
U, Section 1-, 'l'ow.*a-
*Va Blocks 4, 5,
pan of s. W
ship 8.
A. tkirlifi-.'.-ito of Indefeasible Title to
the above property will be issued to
_>..i!iei Louisa I'layfair ou tU-tf ��l_l day
��f December 'Ol-, unlc��3 in the tin an
iimti a val; .ojection be made to 1110
���__! writing by a person or persons
claim ins mis eitate or Infcrest IliereTii,
cr in any pait thenof.
}. C. CWYN.I,
D1str*'ci Ucgistrar of Titles.
Laud Registry ( nice,
-\e��- \v'etitini,iBtcr, Il.C, November
-.���jib. 1'M'i.
1    Ier Alexander Oilley, nf the City ot New
v" '���      ���'"��� -  '���'     Pt��--<*<��   o-  Drltl��h TVe'robinTs^ometlmesseenonChrisi
,( "'","*1"-'- l;*"' '  ���""' ''""������"--������ '������    " nas  ranis   now,   bul   nol   so  often   as
;'! ,'' ,': '"'   '      ', a!   'f  '"'��� ",b"r' formerly,   Christmas cards hav.* been
," , . ,        ~  :.  ''   :��� 1!, ..";;:"��� adopted l.y many countries since tbeir
! ",.'.; ':;J:^'\!'^;}.-\Z^r; origination and millions of them pass
Umki . in 11   -i for tin 1.... ru 01   .11 his through  tho  mails over    the    world
������   iiito-H,   .11 his rem nnd personal  pro through  the Christmas holiday
perty,   credits
Bt   e
m.i  - rfi et -  which
[zed  or   nold  or  attached  under
Hon 01    hi   Exi otiilon Ai 1 or att ichment.
1     Ami   l'iirtln-1* Taki   Notice that  all j>- r-
siins having claims against lho said Wal-
i* 1   Alexandi r Qllh y,  are requin d  to di
liver tla* same duly vt rifled lo m ��� nl  my
oi'lii*.*. ll*,;'  Block, City of New Westmin- 	
ster,   '���*.   ti    before   lit,   2!Uh  i.iy  of   De-       Montreal,   Dec.   -1     Sev.-ral   nitirul
'.'.."'a   a!'.::   * ^eS'h!ohdtV��ibtu,?c   j *- B ��' RP����ty came  1, light  in
I tht   proc-ei     ol   thi      dd   ���  late,   hnvInK the Juvenile  court  yesterday.     In   all
regard on 1       such claims 0    havi   bero   bul one of the casee the cause for the
fill,1 wllh hi
in-' tiny  of  th
creditors of tl
l(]  offi mi s was poverty.
The perse., or persona ha-.iitR In
H-ieir custodj or possession the tollow-
ing Title li.'itls relating to lhe aaid
property ere requested to deliver tbe
*,H.mo to tin   undersigned.
Kth ianuvry, IS79.   Crowe Kraut to
(Bonton Parmer   Dafoe   of   8. W. %,\
Section iv Township 8.
17lh January, lh79.   Oordon Parmer
lAafoe to Qeorge Mar-shall, conveyance J
in fee of the s.W. 10 seres of S.W,'4 '
.Section 18, Township S.
list liitt-' mber, inns. Gordon Parmer;
f'.itoe to Jack Miller, conveyance 111
fee ef S. part nf I5.W.V4. Section 18,
Township S.
Mtb September, 1904.   Oordon Par
���nnr Dafoe lo Jack Miller, conveyance
in tti- pari  of S.  W.  Vt,    Seeliou    1 ���.. *
Township V
ilth February, lios.   Jnck Miller to1
ruviti Wright, conveyance In foe or
<he Bouth portion of s. W. '.i of Section is  Township 8, except lft acres.
.1. C. OWYNN,
���.-476)        Tii.-triel  Registrar of Tilles '
Waller Alexnntl 1 Gilley will be held nil On. bey, aged 14, was tr;.*d for forg-
u-v-','.���!!;'"', ',''"i' o1""'1' vt'r"', ""'',' mat* '���'���' telegrams, and remanded. The
",;M,,,V,',;':.!,;���1:: 'AT. i'--"'���"���, -. rV.r ���! ry tvas thai tha family was very
of 1 o'clock In i* ufternoon for lht K v- poor, and that he had often heard bis
.','���'.'.���,'', 1''': '.';"' 'state1 "f"'""''' ''' lhe mother wish for money. He thought
""'"'    thomasC8. annanoale '"''   ' !"    P,aB ��' forging telegrams
Assignee, and collecting the money supposed to
,: ��� *       de d n them. Several persons were
taken   in  on  practically  unbelievable
stori s.   One man received a telegram
It 13.
.1    *:  .      6th   il l.v   Ol    Dn
A  I 1
Auction Sale
Household Furniture
Uatlng he had been left a fortune
and ii was di sired that he comunni-
eaii* ��Ith t ertaln parties at once, ll"
did eo, only to find that tbe parties
mentioned In the tt legram never en
imd. Another favorite [1 ry In the
tt legrsms wis 1.-1 the effect th il a
frit nd or relative had 1 udednly been
tak n IH, i.r Injured, a id ��as at the
1 ' ! The case *. .. i .��� further
Invcstlgati I
1 **���  n ' .*    nd    , an ti lo, who had
li ��� n    ., uring  in ,.  nu nber ' f Benaa
tlonal   iiii'iiv.,.*,     exploits,   was   doali
The I iys, .**..:. d ten, ��� '1 fen and
rutet ;i.   had   bi en   operating   in   the
Undi r I    '���.'���.' 1 - ���     1 Mi     .lam
Bnki r, ������        II sell bj  pul lie au
the  contenl    ol    her    well-appoint d neighborhood of St. Henri. The   peel
homo al   ,1   Columbia    street,    Nev flc charge agalnsl  them  was thai  of
Westmlnstor, on iinakuo; Into a store n ar St. Henri,
MONDAY,  DEC. 22nd, and robbing the 1 11    The two young-
al  1:30 p   in    li irp. ,r ��"i -' were li 1 go on n promise to be
Tliis sui,. v.jli  he of greal   Imporl Bood,  bul   t'ie elder one,  the "hero,"
ance to Christmas Bhoppers, the  lur* ''"'  r l!i:'"dnl
nlture  being  practically new  and  in A   ' "!''  flerman  hoy.  who is  both
eludes many  hnndsomo pieces     Oak '''''', :i'"' Uumb' ttnd  "���''" llllH ftn  '"
dressers and chiffonier, parlor !->:��������� curable manlsifor running away, came
lounges, secretaire, marbl,  eli   '-.. Iron "'i'' '  "" ' ' "     "" ha�� >"n arresl
beds,      prlDgs,    mal rt  1   .    I   , ." ��* ,����e����n 'h^ same charge ond
tl 1 . ask the Oerman con-
From Vancouver (or Victoria.
ii.:60 it tn I'Slly
_':�������   pin I'aily
'.lib   poi Dally
From Vancouver for S��.ittle.
.-_(l:00 a.m Daily
11:00 a m    Daily
f~rc*Ti   Vancouver  for   Nanaimo.
'  tO   p.ui I) lily
."���.a.i.-inrio,  Union  Day and Comox.
S:0fl am Wednesday and Friday
Vancouver,   Union  Bay.  Powell   River
II *}5 am..     .    Kvery oilier Baturdt) |
For Prince  Rupeit and Alaska.
III 00 pm Kvery other Baturday
m*rinco Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena
River Points.
11:60 pm W��dnesd��yi
For Gulf Island Points.
T:*�� an . Tuesdays for Victoria.   <*all
la* at points in the wulf Islands.
mail rt  ��
range, cooking utensils and
m Iry 1 ir tcts.
Thi   whole wlll be bi hi without  re
'   i  ���, na   Mrs.
Terips cash,
P.  B.  OROWN.
IT Uegble St.
Uaker is   going East.
I'hone 384.
Transfer Co.
SZXJ.  l-OI'I.WT.   Asnnl.   Nm
m. tv. milium u >���. t*.
t  flfealinlniittr
Office   Phona   1IS.      Barn   Phons   11
Betfble Straat.
Many  American  Settlers.
Ottawa,  Dec.  19.���W. J.  While.  In-
specter of government   Immigration
agencies, says there is a large Increase
In the settlement of United States
lock antl dairy farmers In the Canadian northwest and this la helping to
better a situation which '.tas been ren-
 . tdered bod by the lack of mixed fane
CITY OF NEW WE8TMIN��TER. ��C    l����
Baggai-e Hellvere-1 Promptly te
any r;rt of the eltv.
Light and Heavy Hauling
s.ll   to  look   i ilu  his  case.
L. C. QHtTiar   Is Nev; Pre-ident.
: ��� ' lc Di -. in    1.  ('. Oilman, as-
Istint to tho pr   Ident of the 'ireat
Northern   railway,  returned  from  at,
Paul tnnlg'it and ct nflrmed the reporl
lhal hi   '������" ol     *   "*d Job, h. Voung
P Idem ol Spokane, i'ortland
���' 1 -' attle all mil atifliated lllll
': .' ��� In "1-' ���- n The change will be
���nfcdo on Jan. I No announcement
* ������ 'oon* p 1 , who would succeed
Mr. Oilman in lhi S-iattla general of-
Ici 9 ol   lht   '-i     1   Nt.-rliiern.
yellow lingerie. This is generally "I
chiffon rattier than of crepe tie chine,
and in combination wltli it Is used
1'reneh valent iennes Ince. pure white
in colur. Even ulgbtrobes may lie had
of It. Some nightgowns mude of 1 In-
batiste or tbe nainsook havo biiIIii ro
.setlos ami hands of this color, und ns
many ns I woke knots with lilies of ll
connecting give a decidedly sunshiny,
nut to say jaunty, touch to its general
a [i| iou ra in f. [lailleiilarly when oui' lllll
heen iisetl to plllk and blue or. nt Ihe
aslreme. tlle soflesi luiilze tone, Xidll
in*, like 11 Utile a;,1.in III add lhe lod
loitt'li ..f pel I*. li..n lo the eii-tnnie ot
lhe l.ii-.i iiilslti'sti of llie new lioiue. nnd
th" llliistriiiluii -nows .1 dainty model
thai   nil-li!   ..'ine   under   'he   llPlld   ol
Victor's Dsard of T.-aclc GiCs on Re*;-
crd In  Fnvcr of Appointment
of Commissioner.
Victoria, Dee. 21. Whether it is
wise to reinii'si the provincial government to appoint a commissioner or a
board to administer Its powers In eon
iit-iimi with the munlclphlltlea ot British Columbia was .1 polnl argued al
the lasl nn- Und of the board of trade
Such a recommendatlnon was propos
ed by tbs legislative committee in Us
1  pori   on  sugegtted  changes  In  tha
Miinieipal  Clauses  net.     While   it   re*
t* Ived the endorsatlon of a large ma
jirlty of 1 hose present, Herrlck Mc-
Or gi r maintained that It was Injudicious,   iio was supported by others.
in giving bis reasons for opposing
a permanent commissioner or control
of tlie character suggested in any form
Mr. McQregor expressed the splnlon
that municipalities could obtain tetter attention irom the government's
nxecutlve than from any other source.
He was convinced that if the govern-
tn 10 appoint d an oxperl In ih" man- *
agement and the laying oul of munlci-
;. Iltli 1, no m ttt d how broad minded
,"i official he mlj : bt his IncMnation
.. uld bo to lavo all su '1 dl 1 rl its o
vel p alt 1     similar llm ������
Ho 'ivor I the la a *' cf cer
tain > .ul tlons wlihln ���*���:,; 1 lht
:.in 0 1 pallty : liou'.d i e fori ed to mi *
Bul i. did o 1 1 pproi ������ ol hai Ing lh i .
emthi ds 1*1 1. '- ki ��� ping arb trarllj
set, or 1:' io*. authority ve ited In
an Individual 1 r a board to draw a llne
tor all districts and say that It, and it
al .so mui ' I 0 followi d. it was quite
pi pi r th    repi rts s ould be i in ind
��� i   i ,*  the  ;*< n rnmeni   and   thai    ������
full chi''-- 1    kepi  ou  ao lunts;  bul
tho    ���''-' 111     prop sod.   he   drought, I
would 1* ad to ��������� uniformity In the de
pment thai would take from Brit-
';h Columbia's communities  the dls-
��� n    .' neEs which e ich iu*v.   poi 1 ei *
cd and which, In his opinion, waa their
pt cull.. * harm.
Central Control Pc&irable.
J. P, Bhallcroes took the position
thai some central control of tha char
acter recommended was desirable. He
did not think that It n-is necessary
to ban* a "permaneni commission r,"
as the n porl specifl id, bul a move
of lhe kind Indicated ought to be tak.
��� a li. perl aps, was no appri elated
thai the -ay in which the municipalities had 1 en managed or mlsmanag
��� I. bad all but. brought Ilril'.s'i Co
lumbia Into i erioua trouble. II I a
iad   bi on   run   during   the   last   five
in more dangnrt us than ���'��� 11 gen
en illy realized. It was astonishing
0 hlm to find some districts taking
acl I m bo al soltuely conl 'ary to the 11
tabllahed rub s of flnam ��� and prudence.    The provlnc    vas obliged to
��� thai the munlclpalitli were nol
mlsli I   by   their  own  Ignorant!  Into
��� * . r. thai would he haul to ":n- Cl
Therefore he was In favor of I ie Bug
gestlon Liverpool, Birmingham, and
othi r such eltios if Oreat Uritaln were
under governmental control to a limited extent and he did not understand
why  British  Columbia municipalities
1 oould find reasonable restraint of the j
kind proposed Irksome.
M. E. Jackson also spoke in support',
of the recommendation. It ��*:n apparent that party politics had I en
Invading municipal affairs. There
was nothing so disastrous to salli fs *
n ry progress,   A commission *. Inde-j
ndent of party and thoroughly com- :
pi tent, wi u'.1 it* a greal b< neflt In ev-
M Ising proper and    limited    control
1 .:r provincial communities.
1 . II Lugrin explali ed fial ' np n
lon as to tho wisdom of th ��� propotal
h ol 1'.;'.,:" d : Ince h arlng Mr " lOre
zi r's views He th nghl that careful
Diielderatlon should be given ������"��� ' 1
ter'a arguments and wru'd . .��� ������
imt ndn ��� al that  th'   r*    -    :������'.":
bo  ��� Ithd 'awn.
The :"-"��� ���** s'tli n was trken by H
'*��� I'. Moo *,.. wh 1 ol,". ������*. ed that, as
th ��� control  was  in  the handa of the
i' 1 rnment, ivhlch v.as placed in
office by the voters of the province,
ihat was where it Bhould continue to
Th ' recommendation that a commls
i ioner lie appointed was, however, carried.
����� *���*����� a* -jaa ��rri3'._r._^.T_:-_rTaa*rii____'.vnsi. TtBrajaoais
���Ti-'.*- , *
V'i'-'A vi
i-'**-.* a*--** H ic   'i'c-i, is A.t.v --1
I'1?*-**. Z. *��� I f   iJ ** W       i*\ V_
We are (Jiving the Best Values in (he City in Xmas
Slippers.   A few instances are:
Ladies' Cosy Slippers, ribbon trimmed, in several
colors  85c
1,allies' Scotch Plaid, with collar  85t'
Ladies' Juliets, with fur trimming, ribbon binding  $1.50
Ladies' .Juliets, without fur, In several colors. .$1.50
Misses' Plaid Slippers   75c
Child's Juliets, fur trimmed 85c
Our Slock of Men's Slippers is Complete,
Men's Tan Everett, wool lined . .   $1.50
Men's Tan Kid Everett, best quality $1.75
Men's Hlack Kid, opera cut  $1.75
Men's Black Elastic Front  $1.75
Men's High Cut, Jager stylo $1.50
Men's Fancy Carpet Slipper, wool lined 90c
Men's Fancy Velvet Everett Slipper 85c
Best Values in City in All  Knds of Footwear.
Barclay & Adams
Columbia Street.
Opp. Tram Office.
ank of Vancouver
Btan.h.a  Throughout  the   Province  of   Brltlth  Columbia.
b-vlngs Department nt all DranchcH Ilepoallg of Ono Dollar nntl
upwards received ami Interest at tho lii��hrnt current rate -paid or
credited half yearly.
DrjfU and Traveller!' Cheques (old, payable In all parte of the
CHAS. G. PF.NNOCK, General Manager.
New   Wo-.tmln-.tir   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Gr,ntt! Trur.li Pacific Steamships
Prince  Rupert .ind  Prince
Mond .v.   nnd 'rh iradaya .it  mid-
nig! t   for   I'iiih ���   [-tuporL
Tu. adaya   .tin,   Katun! i y*   ,1   12
mtdiilfht   for  Victoria  nn.l  Seattle
T'���ii!--,i iv��   at   I:   midnight   f*ir
Oranbj   Bay.
t'n.In'*,   li .���    12th,   ni   12   mid.
t.l-ti i ;* ir (ju-. i, Charlotte Ulanda
I ilnl
Monday,   Dec.   Uth,    il
nlglil  t"i- Stewart an t ..:.i.
train*, connect nt Prince Rupert
with Monday and Thuraday steam,
are ftntii Vancouver t<tr *r. ri��r*.
Hazelton, Smithers; mixed ir.tinn
to Rosa  Lake   (mile 3(10.)
trii!iii connect al Chit ng a a Ith all
liin*s from th,- Wi nt.
kel     i.i   and   from
nny atenmahip line you wiih. Wa
hu.- Up in all.
Itinerary fnr yuur approvaL
W. E.  Dupercw, G A.P.D.     H. G. Smith, C.P. A T.A.
527  Granville  St.,  Vancouver. Phone  Sey. 8134.
���HliUiM'l!''     I il
in i' mul hm 'i
lililii'li   *'lur_s
nun i ilKlliy,
- t!i>II_tlltflll '���
Willi  lm" kn
which  tun
if l.i
Sugar T.-.fly For the Children.
Tu ki'two I'Miuil-tnf muiiiihitfil stii'iir |
.���in- hulf i ii|.i'il nf i iiifunr. une riii'i'ui ;
uf tvnti-r. mtitill |.h'i*f uf itiiit'i- I'm
iii,.-i. mi in milt without stirring until '
thil iihimiiv. wli-i.il tried in <'nld wn !
ii r. l.i" i luird.
Itt'iiiuvi' i'i.mi tin. Move ii ud i ��� I .> i �������� in
ii (treim il |i.in nn.l >''hl wlmti'i it I.iml
nf ll p. min.' tm wish. U'hi'ii I'ool
I'liiirli in IiiiiiiHi', pull.
Vmi i-.ui mil," i's tiiii'li mm forty-four !
Ktlrk.i ot i iffy, uhii It you enn --i'li fur
n    (i'lil    :i|i|iii'      'I'llu   sil-L-.il-   i-'i-t-i    II
otiiK nnd Hit' t'���-1 of tlle ltt-.'iftlii'1't*.
< t    I'lirlirnlh    liutlllllW.   su   Ihu   -.'inn
n Mull ntu to it li ii t. Mini.
For tho DiahwasHer.
I'.i.viiius   titivliu! n    pot   flittln   niul
w rui'i'i II Ih ii truoil Ibllld lo llitfe llllck
ciitiviiM ilollis fur the linn nml  IKllis
nml si'pnrnle lluht cloths for the liner
I i hliiiiwiii'o.   riiltu tins. |iiitt,v|inns nnl
| till Htiuill tlnwiiit. liollt'tl iii ii (tlspnit In
the wnter of which n hlllldflil of sfnln
. Iiiih lii't'it thrown will lii'ootnu trusU und
ci.'.'in umi ns brtKlIt as unw.
Collecting Its Debts.
Topncnlsh,   Wash.,   Doc      19.-��� Tlie
���r"<uTi-"ii pssBcd an ordinance aut.ibrl_
Ini; the City tr-amircr to l8lUB/6erllft-
���">tes tf dcllnquoncy v.*h��n dshcrb-
meuis asalnsl property become tlcllii-
(juent.   Su-.ii oettuloates may be sold, j
Spokane, Deo 21. His fntlinns
deeply wounded by a verdict of thp
kangaroo court al Uie prison honor
rtiich Monday that hit should bathe in
lhe horse trough and disinfect hlk
clothes before uuiiiK to bed, A. South-
nayde, a vagrant, disappear d mrr
the Idaho line Tuesday while pursued
*.* r s Redding, superintendent of
:ountj  charities.
:-' i"! Hi. >'!., an I ".' W.. was nen-
tonced to 90 days on the honor ranch
lasl .'.* ek by Justice Oeorge W, Stocker, lln was removed there Tuesday,
where the kangaroo courl Immediately wenl Into session.
Tii- prisoners said they were confident Southmnyde was noi In a fit
physical condition it, occupy a bunk
among them ami H v.-is ordered and de
creed by the courl thai hn should "lm
mediately take a bath In the bore
trough and boll his clothes" or dls
Infect tht m,
Redding said tho prisoner reluctanl
ly took a bath Sunday, bul objected
to disinfecting hla clothes thoroughly. The nexl day h waa b N al t'*i
ranch house to clpan his clothi s whli
the other members of the "honor col
oiiy" n tnt lo the woods to v   ri.
"Jerry Verbeek, tho superintendent
of ihn place, became Busplolous "ui
soon returned " said Mr Redding. "Ho
found the prisoner was already mak
Ing tracks foi tha Id iho lino, ll i ien
told the commissioners the sorrow
ful tidings, n was then thai I wa,.
sent In pursuit.
"Tin- ii-ail of Soulhmayde led ms
Into the cniiip of the Consolidated
Lumber oompany. I went, on und on,
milt' after mile, when I found a tanner
had given the prisoner n ride, \ worn-
an ilir-n gave me the wrung directions
und I   became loM on a rough n.ad.
Id-fore   I   could   return   and   rake   up
the rltltl. trail again tin- prl��r>ner had
already  reached    freedom  by  crossing the lllll'."
Pros, aid (leal  Mgr. Vie* I '������Idant Sac. ud Trees.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phunea No. I and 1/7.
Phonea 15 and IS 902 Columbia Street W.
Wholesale and  retail dealers  in the famous Comox steam and
furnace coal,   a tun of this enal win, without doubt, boll mora water
than  any other eoal on  the market.
Wo also have ,t limited supply of old Wellington (Ladysmlth)
coal fur stove and unit..-.
Wi- carry a good stuck of building material, including Vancouver
brand ol Portland Cement. This cement is being used by the Dominion and Provincial Governments ami all the large corporations
and contractors In the province, It Is ground very fine and la very
uniform, Hard wall plaster, lima, sand, gravel, crushed rock, vitrified
pewer pipe, drain tile, common and pressed brick, flre clay and flre
Read ��� ihe - News
ratephonea:   Office 53,  Realdence 4Z9
John .ibid, Proprietor,
Agenta     Palmer     Bros.'   (insulin,
Siicim-H,  Marine  Dnglnes  and   Auto
mobile  Itepalra.
Office anil  WorkH:   Tenlh   St.
o.O. Bon ��74     New Waatmlneter. B.C
Ilesldence Y. W. C. A.
Phone l.'.t
When you take your
Eastern Trip
you mny sa well Irnvel In comfort
and  nt minimum  cost.
Tickets will bu on sale Deoember 20
10 .Innunry 1 at single fart- and one-
third [or Ihe round trip, flood to ro-
turn January 6.
B. OOUI.KT, Aaent
Ufa W-��riin1natar
11. W, lmoDIH, a, V. A., vauoouw. 1
9     MONDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1013.
*****   SEVEN
Mils.  i:i.i.
I'I,On,lul I
Hi  Keary BL,  N.w   Weat
Seasick   Remedies   That   One
Would Not Expect to Cure.
H.   J.    A,
All  im.
I. 1.   11.
IIS,    I!....li,   2,
P. II   Koiilh W. J. Orovei
Work   undiiitakea    In    elty    anl    ..ui.-i'l
,��,ti*.u-     211-1-    W.nltnln.ter    'llust    Iti li
Sill.    I'. O.  Uus   .07.
Nl KIINA 1 ItiNAl, KTKAM ANh Ill-Kit
uiiiik l.nuiii <-i*h, 1.1,1'ul Ui':,, ui-. is li
Labor 'i'embla i-vi-iy first niul thlrt
Thuraday "f tin- inonth. II Mcl_aughlln
prealdenl w. G. Hamuli is. aacretarj
I-  ti   BoS Bil.
II ��� I' -I uf I'.'IkH of Uu- 11. of C, mw
tin- flral and ihli<l Thurmlnv ut % p. i���
K. of P. Hull. Kiithih atraat A Wall
Cray, Butted Ituh-r: I'. II. Hmlth. H><r
1.    II
.54 ���UBS
��� ml
fourth  W.-iiii.-n
��� at
n     ni
ul     n
In    II
XII      II
II   J
die tni
,r .
ives     as
in Uirj
ti Is
ut   1
In   Bea
i th nt
d Carnarvon
Ottawa, Dec, 21. The complete list
of divorce aplplcatloni to date is as
Gertrude 0, Birks from Ji >���'���'___
Birks, Montreal; Oeorglna Boyd "  _a
Qeorge    Boyd,    Montreal;   Henry  E, 	
Becknell from ��adle Beckn 11, Toron.
i���;  i.-,-,,i c. Campbell from Kathleen   RAW HAM AND BLACK BREAD
Campbell, Windsor Mills, Que.: John
'i  'i   Der from Olive Cooper, Hibbert, 	
!Ont.; Elizabeth ChausBe from Oi irgi
Chausi , Toronto; Kred i> Chealey
frcm M-Jxle Chi Bley, Coatlci okn, Que ;
Rose IU. I'l'ii'dman rrnm Isidore Preed
man. Montri al; <'������ Orge I-'. Pontyh
Iron i Mar Po stj be, Pinch, Onl .
Beatrice i-'n.ih rlngham from Fred
i''i-i.i!ieriii,"'iaiii, Montreal; ('has. I.,
[lutcheon fr im Ethel Hutcheon, f ir i
marly i : Toronto; Alice Hill from
Qeo. HlU. Toronto; Andrew Lorne]
Hamilton, from M nnl Chun b, Quebi c
nml I' irtaga i.t Prairie; Berths ll tu
ir-im Henry Hetu, Gdmonton; William
Kerr from  Mlneota K'-rr, Blairmore*, i
lustavi    Undquest   from   May   Lind-   or,   ratber.   are.   eiperlenclng
1)11    1.    Budbury;     William  K     Laurli ( lunhleu    trip,    and    they    were
from Busag Laurie, Montreal; Walter   doubtful before sailing whether tbey
luust   rt-
Vorlte   place   fur   l_.mi.ii
main mysteries.
it Is reasonable thai the t ���������' h tail-
should  occupy  the  little  streel I
���idiiiy, and thai the gov-
i-niiiii m   Offloes   nu.uld   be   near   the
In ns s of parliament; bul why should
ecu cl ii   ' makers and
Sp.a.er  In   Lc"dcn  Deccr'bcs   Expiri
ment:  In  Hypnotism and
Visit to Lcurdct.
When You Spill a Chocolate Sum! .
on Your Beit Frock Here'e a Way to
Gat the Stain Out���The Late-it Fashion Fad.
Dec,   21.     At
llenr l-.Isn-My thoughts this week
have ull been vending their way via
the big steamship:, tu "ftiiriu lands,"
(oi really so many of my friends have
dest-fled tlieir native shores tlmt very
lew nro left on tills side of tlle pond
Poor  tblnga!    Several  of them   were.
I   O   O   K
27. I I
nlglil  al
V.   (I..
imt at' *
rial  S' .*
AMITT   I.OIK1K  NO   17���Tli
on'tins   of   Aiuliy   1-hIki-   Ni
i   ti   P., la held every Honda
��� u'clocU In tlil.l  !���'. Mown- Hul
Oarnarvon  ami   KlKhth  streeti
lifthern     oordbuly    Itivitu
��� rruhrw. NO ; II. W   Bangatai
\V.   .-   CoMhnm,   I'.   tl..   tiMun-
etary   J   w. UaoOonald. finan
r, larv.
W. F. PAI.KH Ptonear P'uiu-ral lllrc-ctc
ami K-^hslmi-r. ��� !'_ #1 . Aki"�� aire*
oppoaUe Caraagla Library.
I.j.i .iiiilc   frum   i'loi* noe     l.iscninhe,
i'i ronto; Eliza Marrls from Prank
Morris, Calgary; Eliza McLaughlin
from Frederick McLaughlin, l'rinee ai
'';:': I enorfl Power from tteginald
I** ; (i mourg; Harry Pugh t om
Criui' Pugh, Winnipeg; Blorenci Relf
'i*,-' i Herbi n If If, Toron! ���: Ethel
, ob in i n fnun Deforest Roblnsnn
' , ii i'i ii . John Roblnaon fm tnMable
Hobinson. Brooketownahlp. Lambton;
"hi'i'ta Ring tun Albert Ring, Burks-
f.*i!i-: Rachel Beasenweln Marks from
Abraham Beasenweln Marks. Ottawa;
to   i:-i'  (!.   Smith  from   Murl '.  Bmlth,
Prince Albert; William Thorp from
Maude   Thorpe, Winnipeg;  Margarel
v'aciiii ..-ii I-um Ill-win Vandoaen, si
Catherines: Jessie Parkhurst from
Archie Parkhurst. Toronto; Eva Bate
man from John Bateman, it averton
would  be persona  grata ut the court
of Neptune.
Vou  know. dear,   bow ones friends
urge their own pet remedy for seasick-  >'���"'�� ago.
llona   upon   Ihu   tourist,   but  for wnim
London,   Kn
periiiu inter In    psy Ch lal research Mun
slgnor It. ll. Benson has related some
curlouB personal experiences i" netn
lit rn ut the city Temple Llterar) socl ty. In tlr- coun' tf his address
lr in u|i* a remarkable i liiim in n*.trd
iu the "Lourdes miracles."
in a matter-of-fact way Monalgn ir
Bern "ii ui.i-i'i'M il ii. ii '.r had |i ml
three nights In tie worst baunl .1
lhelr houses |��� Bngland Without any result,
very ami could claim lu pcssiis a gbi si in
He* house he iiD�� Inhabited, hut be
had never seen it.
Brought up in th" atmosphere   of
th" .Society for I'syciucal Research, lie
nnii   to  practice    bynotlsm    twenty
Cinder the direction of his
*  society's  first   pi- .- i ent,
Professor Henry Bldgwlck, he hypnotised  two lads of 17 nnd  li--. and  put
another In an-
and H* tlinal '
cabim ��� a aki r.*.
It Is natur.ii tbat motor cars sihohld
monopollzt Long Acre They simply
turned out the traps ami cai iagea.
iiu: there ae ms tu be no reason ������������':���.���
chairs ihould I*" mail'- ia Holton
tba rather mean Hatton Garden be the rather tban in Hondsditch, or why
home or precious stones, and why ou ,.;,*.,*,., |,, sbould i:<- made in Bhore-
��� :.ii should music hall artists insist <ii^-1, rather than iii Clerkenwell iteatl
on living at Brixton, t ase an' ques- tbe great centre of ic- cream mer-
tlotiH none can answer. Ichants, makers of street organs and
Holborn     Viaduct     has   practically   mosaic workers.    The book-lover can
:  en   moponolli d   hy   bicycle  firms, ,I(J  longer  stroll  dawa  "Bookseller*!
though fin ii*.    no; .a- in to be any-  Row"   swept  away  by  the  Aldwych   ���  ,   , ,
thing In the alror that strenuous thor- Imprcvoments���but hi- is certain of be able to determine what peiiai..
oughfare to stimulate a man to huy a rinding whal he ivanti In Charlnft should be imposed. The law provld***-
machine. Moat of the build   s an- in  Cross   Road    where    the     scattered  * JaiI  sentence or  fine,   ths  offence
boot-makers and cab-  firm I t*-< in* u misdemeanor    Attorney Hoys
rattercea for Railway Works. Wlcka  represented   the   prisoner.
Butteries is the borough >r r.iU- "Cianiberlain came to the city two
', r. Works, Bomera Town the cltv of J!" bro from Nebraska, where t*
i'r,- railway worker. Knlghtabridge Is had been admitted to the bar. saw!
the place to huy a horse, ami Damp- Wicks. "It Is a case where an attor-
stead, Campden lllll and St. John's nei failed to comply with tue inr
Wi    ! a:e ilu* homes Ol artlsU, which  requires him  to ask  fo be -_.1-
If you  want  to si- a  watch   made  mltted to practice when he r;*moves to
Spokane, Dec. 21 -Charles M. Cliani
b rlain. uu attorney occjpylnK office*
v. Uh Moys Wicfcn, in l'-f Hy4e buiM-
ir,R bas been mrrcsted on a wariant
���-wora out in tbe court of Justice l-'r.-d
II. Witt, char-frlng that be waa pr��e-
CeinK ns an attorney without harinp.
been admitted to the bar in this stale
When arraigned before Justice ttitl
last night Chamberlain pleaded gnil
ty He was releaeed under ��I01�� casli
bond. Justice Witt askttl that evl-
d' nee be submitUd later that he might
Wai ���'.: worth, thi
Inet makers in Bethnal Oreen, ihe tanners in Bennondaey, the patters in
Lambeth ami ihe brewera ami print
ters In Bouthwark. In must cases it
.r difficult tu find an,* reason for tbelr
having settled in a particular spot.
iu ilu- can. oi tanners, how \. r,
thin- Is a good reason for their being
,ti Bermondsey.   In tin* old days, when
yuu  must go tu Clerkenwell;   If you
Is exactly the one you would not expect hlm to suggest,
I'or example, there Is n social tradition Rlliollg a certain smart set III New
I.    HOW Ml.I
t,t a linn
H'.'l    Pttlli'lll
etti��t.     Ni"
i, l.td.i���Ktmi-ral dlrsotot
���is     farlore  I(|F�� Culttmlil
Wastmlnatar,   Pbons III
f<t. i Board ut Trade miHtta In thtt boar*
ma,,, cily Hall, aa folltma: Third Frl
tlay uf aaeb moathi quarterly tm-i-^lni
tm tba thlnl KrMay of February, May
Autfuat ami November et h tint. Ac
tiii.ii maettnas on tho third 1'riday o
February. (T II. Stuart Wade, aecrt
Bala, Deads, Huelneee l<-it��r��. etc.: clr
culur nnrk . |i'i.illel. All work altlctl)
oonfldantlaj, 11 Uarry. room 41�� Weet
minuter Trtinl Hlk.    Phone TM.
I'llltnot'l.tl. URANT A lleCOI.U BAR
rlett-ra. Bolldtora, etc. 40 lx,me Street
New Weetmlneter. O, K Corbould. E
C.    J. It. OranL    A. K   MoColl.
at-luw    -Suiit*llur.  ,-lc.     SullcUnr  fur  lht
Hunk uf Vanoouver. omen: Mer.
ohaata Hunk Huiiitina. New Wt sttnins
nr Hi'. Tel.-i>tion�� Nu I0T0. Cablt
ml.lr. s�� "Juliiiatun." Cods Wtiatttn
W     1-'
11 A
-r   Hh.
unit. .1
������ etre
r     lie.
O.    11
uld,. ��� n.irrlslere and Pulleltoni. Weal
lulnetrr Trut.1 tllk., Onlnmbla elree-
N,"w Weatmlnater, II. C, CsaIs tuldrna
"Whltealde," Waatarn ttfilon. p c
Drawer sei Telapoona ss. W. J
Whlteelde K (*.; H. 1. Kdmonda. t
J BTII.WRl.I. Cl.lITB. Barrlater-at-la-a
eollciiur. t'te.: corner Columbia an,
McK.-iiFli- stroata. New Weelnilnelei
II   C.   V. O   llox 111.    Teleiihone   ill
Sollcimr nnl Notary. Offloea liar
block. _H i.min- etreet. New Weatrolr.
ater, B 0
Harrlsl'-re arid tSollcltora. 101 to IH
Weatmlnater Truat Blnck. II. K. Mar
lln. V tl. Mrtjuarrte and Qeorse 1
Ni v.   Vork.   Dec.     'Jl.    Mrs.     Hetty
Oreen, Araerlaa's famous woman financier, ami reputed to hi- the wealth-1
leal rn man in Uu- c mntry, celebral il
her  "Mb   birthday   recently   hv   rlslPK
slightly earlier than usual and receiving a large assortment of newspaper
representatives and photographers in
her cily office, Where she daily transacts   business   with   hnnka   and   othe!
Mrs. Oreen seemed to he in imolt"!
health, and was evidently in splendid
spirits She thanked the Interviewers
for their congratulations and sahl sh-
tricl to feel ydhnger as sh" uruw older. She r fulled to discuss tin- Mexi-
>an situation, the money market, or
llie taHff; hut rep-ated her annual advice to her Inquisitors to had the
simple life and eat onions.
"I    am    never   with Hit    my   (,nlo:i."
Mrs Qreen confided, 'i'he strength tif
the onions kills the germs one gather! ubout the streets I have eaten
unions constantly for years, and th y
kept me healthy."
Asked If she would pive other rules
for attaining lu-r age, Mrs. Oreen re
plied!   "Have a  good  conscience, no
worrl I, and trust In (lod. Most pen
pie eat too muc'.i and work too little.'
Mr-    Oreen   expressed lur dlian
proval of the lan-Ko and the new stylo
for women. Sh- declared that she
was still a Quaker, nnd Quakers did
ti* I in i" \ u in dancing.
"Do yn'.i do your own Ehopplnp?"
U ... one asked. "Yes." was Ihe re
ply,   -anil   I  cet   IHO  cents'  worth   foe
'ir.  dollar,   if nr.tre people did thai
there >v* uld he Iss lalk of hard times
and  lie  high  cub',  of living,"
Asked what she proposed to do with
her mill! ipse of dollars, the venerahl
lady said she had no announcement
to make, but her fri mis predict that
one tlay  "she'll startle the world."
���trange   reason   each   onu  ls
tilsiut the vnlue of Ids offered cure as  one i'i ons room and
in- is abont his  way of dnnclug the (th* ���
la ngo.    And strange, too. his method     Tin- professor suggested thet one of
tlu ::i should h bidden to see a circus
In a j.'af-B of water (there was a clr-
cus at- Cambridge at the time), and
after the boy bad exclaimed at the gal-
loping   horses    the    other    lad     was
Vork  Umt one uf their members was brought in.   He, toa. instantly moved
cured of seasickness by living on raw   his fiiiRfr in the same way and  said
tm id. blnck bread and beer.    As a re-  he could  see the horses going round
-.nit  loth of would  be smart women and round
have followed 111 the footsteps of this
it-lull of American aristocracy nnd. In
the vernacular of the tlay. have been
Bitdly "left."
Another of the topay tuny cures precipitin! should see a cow climbing
I've heard recently was for the vie a church steeple. Without a change
tints of innl de mer to tie n tlglrt band nf countenance Hi" youth announced
nn.nml (heir waists to steady their that be observed this.phenomenon and
Stnnim-ha     Now.  this Is a  real  hard    th�� Other boy. on being called in and
given tlu- glass declined he   could not
understand  it at all:   he saw  a  big
thin thing, and he ultl-
bear climb
lhe first   tanner put  up his works  lu   w.nit   to  see  an   American   you   ni'ist.
London, in- was promptly told that ba
could not he allowed to cans; so ob-
(actionable a small on the north side
of ihe river. He was told that If he
must tan leather he could only be allowed lo do In the Isolation of Berlin.nils y    then  nothing  Lut  meadows
.���mil marshes,
Hut why most of the Jam slmuM be
made in Bennondaey admits of no explanation    unless    the    hantliii'is    of
the railway  lines from lhe fruit centres of the south hus anything to do  ton flarden to tli'- brilliance af Plcca-
witli   it.     Tha   liking  of   brew rs   for  diliy,   motor ears  will    abandon    the
Southward may possibly he accounted I lheannrss cf Ixjug Acre fur some less-
for hy  ils nearness to the line from   hidden  street,  the bicycle   firms   will
Kent, where hops are the chief crops,   follow the cars to the weet. and tlic-
liut  no one knows  whv  Wandsworth   lors will flee from the noises of Har-
should  be the home of th?  builders, le)  stri   i.
another state."
The warrant was secured by Deputy
Prosecator t. M. (loodwln. Chamber
liin has recently acted as leltal adviser fur focal banks.
go to BlOOffiSbury, and it you mint u
..sign put outside your shop you must
got to (Iray's Inn Itoad.    Uut perhaps
the  great-ail   mystery of all   Is  whv, ���	
Victoria   slreet  sbould  be  bo   popular      All beys in t'ae troop, over 11 year*
among civil  engineers. ;,r  ���''��".   w),o wish  to   take  advanlaR.-
it Is unlikely ihat th" present dls^ of Hte ottirof UieT. M. C. A. to *****
trtbutlon of inul-s wv.l hist m,iuv"-wiiiiiiiing to any hoy of that ane and
more yean. Probably ther:- will be upwanla, dtttteg Chrtstmaa weefc, ***>
a giri'.Rl migration furth r west In meilCUlg next Monday morning, must
anv case, il seems that precious sttu:<s report to Corporal Kraser . Hen. 3I��
will move from the obscurity of Hat- Becond  street,  phone  420, or Scoot
master -Chapman at once.
Thla will be a gocd opportunity for
leys to pass for their swimming badce-
antl (I I. Sovereign of the Y. M. C. A-
has kindly ottered to issue certificate*
to any boy qualifying for same. It
will cost you nothing.
Tin*  professor    declared  they  must
remove  their  ttst   from  a  region   in
whieh youthful imagination naturally
worked with the aid of a street posters,  and   it was next willed  that  the
ship lo deiiitiiid of n  woman when lu
mnde   is   enconrngiug   a   mure   than cjj',nijmg"u'p
Venus de Milo expansion of waist pro-   mat,.*v  resolved  it was
portion,  so this Is probably  the most   ing a pole
Itniumnl   thing  that   particular  recom
mender conld Iblnk of.
Ore of the moat abstemious men I
ever knew told mc bc overcame the
terrors of seasickness by walking the
deck with n bottle of champagne under each nrm nnd wna cured by this
ungodly remedy    On the other hnnd. a
Monslgnor Benson proceeded to relate how. at a country house wheri
be waa staying, a newly wedded wife,
who was of the party, was found to be
an extraordinarily good preelplent of
thought lt was decided that she
should be willed to come into the centre of the company and take off her
shoe, but she had an overmastering
sporting man will often suggest such modestry, and her practical faculties
mild   remedies us  lemons and ginger compromised the matter wilh her sub-
The thinnest girl I hnve ever encountered lived for five dsys on hard crackers nnd Insists that they are the ouly
things that saved her. Some people
say yon must drink no water, others
that rou uiust take no soup, snd mnny
old travelers advocate nothing but
toust So. dear, you see thc most popular  rule  this season   for (he  almost
cort::c!cusni ss by taking off h:*r husband's s'.ioes.
On the subject of faith healing, the
lecturer declared that miracles still
happened���he himself saw no fewer
than seven one afiernoon at   Lourdes.
"At one of the grottoes of l_ourdes,"
he said, "we have healed a broken leg
instantaneously. I hold that greater
powers are involved that btlong to
hmnan   personality.     I   hold   that  the
Inevltnble |>ond affliction seems to be to   Hipernaturai   power  of  (Sod   produces
these  cures  and   that  that   power   is
drawn out  by the touch of faith."
do the opposite of whnt you would on
laud, but tbe old nml tried salts'cure Is
tbnt  "there ain't  no _l_h  thing as a j
I>|. k has Just come In nnd says he's   K|,|j)\   (}f   ff A I fll II
bean] lbe latest remedy a "sure Up.", *J*-^*t   VI    I Ln I Hill
It's lime Juice cordial. Put enough
ln coltl water to make II taste plens-
nnlly of lhe cordial nml sip the Uev-
erase slowly tbe first thing upon awnU
eulng. '
lie.nre   commencing   this   leiter   to , Trade Seflregation    in    London More
you   I   wns In  the depths of despair |
Marked Than in Any Other
Cut During Scrap.
Kandp.dnl. Idaho, Dec. 19. Tills
���morning aboul 'i o'clock Cyorll Wilcox was severely slashed In a fight at
the Wisconsin house. Ills alleged assailant wa.4 John I.assila. a Kfnland-
er.  now   in  lhe county  jail.    He  will
I bate Judge Wood. A cut seven Indus
long, requiring fourteen stitches,
.across Wilcox's chest  was Inflicted,
Big City.
1-cndon. D:c.  21.���More  than    any
CIOAI. MININfl rlahts of the Dominic.
In Manltnba. Bankalchewan and Albarte
the Ti*nn Territory, the Northwest Ter
��� linrtea nnd In a -portion of the provtne
of llrltleh Columhla. may tw leaaed for I
lerm of twenty-one yeara at an annua
rental ���t li an acre. Not more than III
���,...,. win he ii-m.-i lo one applicant.
Application fur a leaae muat be mad
hr the applicant In peraon to the Men
nr Rtih-Aitcnt of the dlstrlot In which la
rlKhle applied for ara situated.
In etirveyett territory the land mual B
deaerlhcd by e-i-llona, or lacal BUb-WI
alone nf eiriliina. and tn uneorve��ed ter
rllorv Ihe tinrt applied fo�� ahall b
etnk.-d out hv the applicant hlmaelf.
Eneh npiillcaiion muat be aceompanla'
l-v a fee nf |l which wlll be refunded I
the rlulite applied fnr -are nol available
but nnt otherwlee A royalty ahall h
paid on the merchantable output of th
mine ut the rate of five centa par ton.
The person operating the mine ahat
furnish the Aaent with sworn return
-accountIiik fur the full quantity of mei
chaniMhle ooal mined and pay tha roi
ally thereon. II the ooal mining right
an nol vine operated aueh returns ahoul
be  ftirnlahrd al lenal  onoe a year.
The lease wlll Include tbe easl tnlotni
rigltte unlv, hut tha Inaaee will ba par
milled tn purohaee whatever avallabl
enrftii-e Hstila may ba conaldered necea
eary for the working Of the mine at tb'
rate nf III an acre
for full Information application riMUli
be mnde to the Hecretary ot the Depart
ment ��f the Interior. Ottawa, or to am
Agent or Bub-Agent of Dominion Landa
Deputy Minister of tba Interior
N   B -.Unauthorised publication of tbb
 -be paid (or.
concerning my best dnmnsk tnbleeloth
upon which n guest hnd spilled chocolate Vou l.��iow what a wretched
stain this beverage makes, and most
remedies tbnt are tried inertly make
Imd  worse.    But where there's a will
there's a wny. nud I've got hold of the'other   place,   perhaps   in   the   world,
chocotnte way     Wash lt out-1 mean   London gathers professions and trades
lhe clitK'Obite��� Immediately In cool wa-   together in streets or districts where
app.-ar tomorrow morning before Pro-1,,.,_ ������, |,ot water, and never use soap    pr���ctically every shop or house Is oc-
'" "'" "      Wben. however, tbe Injured article  cupied by people In the same line of
is silk or wool nothing 1 bnve learned business. The topic arises at present
Is so efficacious as the following, through a suggestion that Harley
wblch Is a genuine discovery arrived Btreet, where London doctors cangre-
at nfter mucb experimenting upon a;K��te.   is  about  to  be  abandoned   by
advertisement will not
P.O. Sex 14 Dally News Bldg
ol all kinds.
Prince right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
sa McKensle tt.
Sir Francis Drake 811" a Terror.
No public inmiuilient is needed to
kwp nllve nillOllg Mexicans the uiem
cry or Sir I'mmls Drake's eiplolts
In Centrnl und South America. Traveling In  Mexico a few years ngo Mr
KdWnrd Smith record* that ne "I ni
e woman running it tempestuous child
by anylUU. Abl <lene llmkef (Here
rumen Imikeli I made minute Inn"'
Hm and fouiid lbat It I* �� common
lluviit to children on I"* Mexican
cunat like nolo 'Bunj wlll get yon:' oi
Th-e Ithuk l��OUglll* shall get you:
Know people ��llll living In terror ul
seeing I nuke* top-Mlla on Ihe Hon
sou "- l-oiidiin Chronicle.
"Kvervthlna lluil I* lovely remind-
nie >if .��"U." he fervently dw-larest.
������It Is nice of }��ii I" sn.v Hint," she
replied. "I hope you aee a great many
lovely tblnga"
������I wish I did. but lhl* I* aueh a
dreiny. dismal |rtili*. don't you know."
���Chicago lltsord Herald.
chiffon  blouse  tbnt  hnd  heen   rudely I medical  men  on  account  of  the  in*
iiiuuu  -na* .,���,���__..   ��ii  creasingly no sy traffic through It. For
treated   to  a   chocolate   si nine.   All   many   ^ -�� _t_eet��   ,
you've got to do la to rub the spot known aB the -valley of the Shadow
wilh pure glycerin, taking care to rub icf Death." has becn famous all over
It the way of tbe grain of tbe goods | the  world as the street of doctors.
Just as Flett street is known everywhere as the street of newspapers,
and Lombard street as the street of
But with the coming of taxis, wltb
their hooting at all hours of the day
and night, and the gen.ral Increase In
traffic ot all kinds, a good many doc-
ii nil not round and round, ns tbls
makes a larger apot, which is a mis
tnke often mnde.
When the glycerin haa been well ap
piled tben wash wltb lukewarm water
tbe pnrt that baa been stained, rinsing
several tlmea until all grensc bas been   ^      	
effaced.    Sow Iron on the wrong aide I J0��g"ire beginning "toL   find    Harley
and hang In the snn for n little while,   street   rather  trying   tothelr  nerves.
and Mist
L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M
Lessons lu Pianoforte, Violin, Singing, Voice Production, Theory (In
clasa or privately), Harmony, Counter
point, Muaical Form and History.
Pupils prepared tor the examinations of the Associated Board ot tba
Royal Academy ot Muale and Royal
College of Music. Alio Professional
Diplomas; Teacher or Tarformer.
For terms, etc.. apply 61 DuKerin
���treat.  Phon* 411R.
Medical Advice.
"Poctor, bow can I prevent my bus
band from Miking In bl* slwpr
"Well, ynu mlgbt Iry giving him a
few opiHirtuiilllee In tb* daytlm*"-
I'itbdiurgh Post.
Only ��* Be Bapeetad.
Thc riptimlst- I he-ar Brownsmltb It
gol in. I<> l* married.   Tbe PeHslmlst-
Herve*  hint right.    I  never dl_>  lih*
thnl fellow.-l.lpidn<-��--',_.
A Chang*. ���
������Poe* h* like politic*?   H* fairly
eats "em."
������Tbnt'*   better.     Most  men  drink
A Caret*** R*m*rk.
������Well, aad to any, I'll hav* to teal
myaelf away."
���That'll be rlp-'n' wont Itr
���topping and Starting.
Tls money makea th* ��uto go.
A dollar yeu can drop
Andtilrdly knew thai tt I* *p*a��-
A lack witt mak* on* atop,
Al this season of aodu It N well to
mnke n mental note of this expedient,
for It will save tbe cleaner's bill
Now. before this chut dimes to ti
weekly imuse let'* get In a little fash
Iou gossip. Here In New Vork nnd al
lhe resorts the mustard colored paru
*ul la In evidence. Indeed. It'* the
whim of Hie hour among the exclit
slve*. nlthouuh It's the ugliest thine
Ibe mind of mnn could have conceived.
One ennnot^ny. either, thnt the inn*-
turd colored pnrnsol Is cool looking.
Imt ll I* especially smart with Its long
handle of rnrved black wood. Car
rled with n black continue, aueh n snn
��hnde ta very effective, though It hn��
Ita pronounced limitations ns fnr aa
pink, blue and lavender are concerned
The green pnrnsol has beer, too much
exploited by th* masse*, su unfurl your
mustard sunshade and be In the nwtm.
Imt don't go over yoor depth, for the
���un "do" fade thla particular color
"woeful bad." bellev* your* devotedly.
Ribben Fleeter* *n Parasol*,
ftmati luinchea of black and wblt*
suit tti rim-hud* appear on the edge Of
one of the rib* and upon th* bnndl* of
smart parasol*. Medium large pink
rlbl-ein uise* and foliage are arranged
In wreath form around aome paranoia.
Heavyweight Turkey Dead.
Bucyrua, O., Deo. 21.���Buster, the
ohamplon heavyweight turkey ot
Crawford county, died yesterday. Bu*--
ter bad attained the dignified weight
ot 60 pounds, and had taken frit** at
many poultry shows.
It ia not unlikely that they wlll all
flit from Harley street, just as some
yeara ago, they all left the neighborhood of Finsbury square when It was
Invaded by noise and commerce. And
when they leave Harley atreet they
will not scatter, but will all settle In
some other street and make that famous in Its turn. From Wimpole
street, that great city of the sick. It
is Baid the nursing homes may gradually rereat.
The natural law that birds ot a
feather flock together could not be better Illustrated anywhere than In London. The latest Industry is the aeroplane Industry; and one flnda that
it haa already almost monopolized one
building tn Plcadllly. There ia the
Aero club, there ta the office of the
Aeroplane and there the headquarters
of the best known people tn aviation.
Another new development Is the cinema Industry. Thi* Is monopolizing
Charing Cross road and the immediate
Tottenham Court Road la etill the
great furniture thorcughfare. No one
knewa now whnt I1 waa that f!r3t(
made that great thoroughfare the haven of the about-to-marry,' tbe newly
married, the removing and the just
Trade Segregation Curious.
There are many other mysteries of
the same ��nrt In London. Why ahould
the -Blackfrlars Road district be tbe
e'tlef centre ln London ot the making
nt top huts, and why should moat of
the laundries Insist on living either at
Acton or Wlllesden? Th* liking ot
the typewriter firm* for Queen Victoria atreet la natural. Th* street I* In
the heart ot offlwland. Bat why all
Blackfrlars Road Ihould be especially tollable tor tb* manalacture et top
bate, and why WIIMnden. by no mean*
s aalubrloui ipot, ahould b�� th* ts*
And invite you to call and inspect our stock
of Fancy Christmas Poultry, which is the
best that money will buy.
Phone 303.
Fraser   Valley   Market
Phone 936, Tenth Street  Uprket.
New Stock of Pennants
Come and select your Pennants. The News
has a large and varied stock to chor se from.
"British Empire," "Canada," "British Columbia," "Ontario," "Alberta," "Manitoba,"
"Quebec," "McGill," "U.S.A." and "Prince
Edward Island.
Hurry up and get some of these tastefully-
designed Pennants.   They are going fast.
Pennant Coupon
Bring three of these coupons and twenty cents to Tbe News office
and receive one of the beautiful Westminster Pennants* In case you are not
a subscriberNbring 40 cents for one month's subscription and 20 cents for pennant Address all mail orders to The News, New Westminster, B.C. Endooe
5c. extra for mailing.
���   -l
! ��� *ata***Wfll
Fresh Water an J Salt
1 with iis terminus at Boaton by way
of the Panama. Tbe steamers will
' call ai New Orleans aad New York.
Omt Fog Responsible for All Ground-
ings���No Lives Lost and Damage
Reported Small.
For the Week Ending Sunday, Dec. 29. |
���Westminster. Siiml Heads.
Time. High.             Low.
High, Low. Tliiie. III. Time. lit.
g;00    7:20 1:00    H.H    5:49    7.6
K1:15 22:26 12:14 13.4 111:42    H.S
23    3:35    8:10 '. _:3�� 10.S    7:02    9.1
I       13:50 23:30 12:48 18.8 20:28    2.0
'24     5:05    9:20 4:04  12.0    8:21  10.3
14:20              ! 13:22 13.2 21:13    0.9
6:06    0:40 ! 5:06  13.1    9:34  11.0
16:00 10:35 13:57  13.0 21:57    0.1
7:00    1:22 ' 5:58  13.8 10:41   11.4
15:35 11:40 14:35 12.8 22:39    0.2
7:45    2:15 6:43 14.3 11:44 11.3
16:20 12:45 15:18 12.3 23:19    0.2
8:20    2:55 ' 7:21 14,8 12:45 11.0
17:05 13:45 ' 16:07 11.8 28:68    0.2
Vanoouver,    Dec,   81.   The   white 2_
lights shewn  by  Ute steamer  Marine
Kxprrsa No.  I. aahoro    near    Siwash  -6
���mc*. having evidently been mistaken n*
���.- ���.ho   Brockton    Pelal    HgM.   the
<_rand    Trunk     Paciric    liner    I'rlnce  2S
"Omumm ran aground alongside her at
About k o'olook    laut   evening,   The |
pt-ah of the boat ran up on the rneky
-.Imr.-.  bill  the   Btern   was  kepi   Bfloftl
-md  the liner  proceeded  under  her
umi Kle.-ini al  10.05 o'clock.    The paa
���eaxera and mails had been trans
ferred and those bound for Victoria
cr U-aiii.' sent to their des inationi
cn thr c. P. it. steamers. No ene waa
i ojwreti.
This accident niakrs Ihe third oc-
i-nrrinR al the mouth or the harbor
daring the fog yesterday. The S.S.
SBta-a, Captain Mortimer, went. imhuiv
inst at the entrance to the first narrows, under the   llroklon   Point light- ' 	
hiiosi', in the afternoon.    The Marine \
Baps tree grounded later in thn day and j    Ottawa,    Dec. 21.���Everyone    these
���he. Prince Qeorge followed. (]ay8 |Uis a brand new reason    on the
Minister   cf    Agriculture    Tells  Why
tlie Cost of Living Is Going Up
���Supply and Demand.
fa  nn  Instance  was  there   serious
damage doue to the grounded vessels.
cost of  living.    Sir  Wilfrid   Laurier
says  it  is  the  tariff.  Hon. (ieorge  E.
Both Badly Damaned. Foster    suggests    extravagance,    too
Astoria, Ore.,  Dec. 21. - The Ilrillsh  much    prosperity    says    Hon.  T.  W,
harks Thisllehank and lllnsmoa, huth   Crothert.   Professor  Leacock  remarks
wheat  laden for  Kurope, were badly  that it  is    over-production    of    gold, |
Umagcd    early     loday      ���whin      the  while Anna  Shaw  says    il    is    over-
Thtatlebank  dragged  her anchor  he-  oress.   There are about as many dlf- j
/ore a 20 mile wind and a strong ebb   fetent views as there are economists
.��nd crashed into the llinemca, which and politicians.
was alao at anchor in the harbor, The     However, lion. Martin Burrell, mln-
KBnemoa was damaged ahout. the hul- ister of agriculture, seems to be  the
���warks and the  rigging of both  ships   only    one    who    has    hit upon    the
������* torn.   Thp barks were locked to- simplest   and   most   natural   explana-
-geUier alofl and tugs worked aeveral  tion of all, and that  is that the pro- :
���hours to clear    them.   A    survey   ol  ductiou  of  food  products  In   Canada
b,rh  vessels  will  be made  tomorrow,   has not  kept   pace  with  the  demand.
. Supply and  demand  is a well  known
Abandon  Steamer Jeanie. law of economies whieh no one seem-:
Seattle. Dec. 21.���The Alaska Coast to have thought about applying to the
company's Bteamer Jeanie which present case. The facts are that the
-.truck a rock on t'alvert island. Il.C.. farmers of Canada have not kept step
Thursday night was abandoned to the with the development of the countrj
onsdenrriters today. All the mail was and the result is that today in Can-
saved from the wreck, hut tlie cargo ada there are more consumers with
of general merchandise valued a! practically fewer producers. The
$.5,000 will lie a total lo__. natural    outcome    lias    heen    h'g.itr
  prices.    There  are    doubtless    many
New  Japanese  Line. contributofy causes, but the main one
Toklo, Dec. 21.--Japan has decided after all seems to be an application of
to  inaugurate    a    steamship    service  the law ol  supply and demand.
TIDY, Hie florist
706 Columbia Street
Stock. Colors. Prices.
Roses- White, lted anil pink  Sl.OO to S3.00
Carnal Ions  -White, ited and  Pink    75^   to $1,50
Chrysanthemums   White, Red, Pink, Yellow Bronze   SOt to $3.50
Violets, per bunch   25e and 35C
Uiy of the Valley, per dozen   Sl.OO
.Narcissus. Daffodils, Tulips, etc. etc., per dozen 50c and 75e
Totted Plants���Cyclamen, Azalea, Hyacinths, Kerns, Palms,    Kern
Pans. Smllax, Asparagus and Stcvia 25* to $2.00
English Mistletoe and Holly, per lh $1.00
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Chocolate Sels, Perry Pels, Plate:-, etc
CUT GLASS���Celery Trays, Wal< r Sets, Berry  Howls, Vases, etc.
New   Wesiminster.        I'hone  69.
^/Vinie^     Califwrna
Agents for Pacific Coast Steamship Co.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established IMI.
We write Flre. Life. Accident, f/nployera'   Liability.  Automobile   and
���Merino  Insurance.
Santa ciaus has come j T he New Westminster
To McAllisters' store. He says that
hard times are over for us all and he
has good news for young and old alike.
Meet him here Monday night.
Department   Store
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talk to all the children
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1 Clean Cut Jelly Cake Tin
l Egg Turner.
1 Can Opener
1 4-lnch  Howl strainer
1   lG-intli   Maple Spoon
] 12-Inch Enamel Spoon
1 Steel Fry Pan
1 Tin  Dipper
1  1-quart Enamel  Upper Saucepan
1 Wire Soup Dish
1 lars*' Vegetable gratt r
1  Potato Mather
1  Spiral Egg Heater
1   Dish   Mop
l Japaned Mutch Safe
]  chopping Knife
1 Paring Knife
1 9-inch Bread or Cake Tin.
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Ladies'  Helglan  l.ynx Muff, pillow style;  reg. $5.00 for  ...    S3.85
Ladies'   Sets   of   Hlack   French   Coney,   extra   large   stole,   lined   with
fancy colored  satin.  Large rug muff to match. Oyr regular $36.00.
Special S17.50
Mink Marmot Scarves; some are long straight stoles, others in shaped
fancy neck pieces. In Ihis assortment you will find plecea sold reg
ularly from $S.O Olo $12.00,    (lur speeial. each    $5.95
Hest quality Mink .Marmot Stole; larg.* square sailor effect in hack,
long tab ends and In fronl finished with tails; regular $15.nil special    Sll.50
I arge fancy Hug Muir to match stole;   reg,  $14 50.  Special S11.00
Beautiful  Natural  Raccoon  Set;   large  plain  shawl  stole,  finished   in
front   with  tails.     Large  semi-bolster  mufr,   with   shlrrul   satin   at
opening;   regular   $08.00   for $29.50
Large fancy Natural Mink Stole, best qaaiity of dark fine skins.
nicely  finished  with  natural head  and  tails;  regular $176.00.    Bpe
cial for $129.00
Natural  Mink Muff, to match stole;   large pillow style, finished  with
tails on foot; rr gular $150.00,   Special  S118.00
Natural   Mink   Stole,  plain   shawl   style,   finished   in   front   wtth "silk
tassels;  regular $160.00.    Special   $118.00
Hudson  Seal  Stole, hroad. and  about eighty Inches  long;  good, "rich
quality;   regular   $1'5.00.     Speeial $16.85
Large Sable Pitch Stoie. nicely trimmed  with tails, long lab ends  In
front;   regular  $46.00.  Special]   $37.00
Sable Pitch  Muff to match, in 1 arge rug stvlc;  regular $30r00     ",v
clal   for        S24.50
Smaller  Pilch  Stoles and  Plain   Pillow  Murfs  to  match.    All  reduced accordingly.
Ladies' and Misses' Sets, in gray Siberian squirrel, long, straight
scarf, lined and finished at foot with tails; regular $17.50. Special   for    $12.?*
Large  Pancy Hug Muff to match;  regular $17.50.    Special. $tJj)7';
Oray Squirrel-Stole; regular $12.60.   Special  S8.7K
Muff to match;   regular $12.50.    Special      $8.75
Children's  Pur Sels.    A  good  assortment to select  front,
Imitation   Ermine  Sets:   regular $5 50.     Sale price        $4,Fft
White Hure S.ts; regular $4.50.    Sale price   $3*85
Misses'  Thibet Sets;   regular  $8.76.    Sale  price        ��CBK
Oray Hare Sets;  regular $4.60.    Sale priee        ��S:3.__~
Angora   am'   Lambs   Wool   Sets;   large   collar  and   fancy   muff' with
purse on  top;  regular $7.50 for   S5.2S
Misses- Thibet Sets; large stole and pillow muff; regulur $26.00. Special    $17.51
Persian Lamb Set; one only, fancy neck piece and shaped pillow muff;
regular $40.00 for  $32.OO
Ladies' Pancy Imitation  Ermine;  long throw, finished with deep'sllk
fringe.   Flat pillow muff to match; regular $17.50. Special.  $13.75
Pancy Near Seal Set. trimmed  with  imitation chinchilla;  long throw
and  pillow  muff.    Special,  per set    $14.50
We ask  you again  lo  visit our main  floor and carefully  Inspecl
our large and choice stock of fancy goods     You  wlll find that yonr
mono) win have a far-reaching effect if you purchase your Christ maa
(lift "Wants55 at McAllisters'  Ltd.
In Scarves for motoring and cold weather wear we havo a line of all
wool; two yards long, lu white and red. These are exceptionally
good   nt,   each Sl.OO
We are also showing the correct thing In Motor Hoods; In all wool
lu colors of white and crimson. A nice soft hood and Is good value
for,   each    S1.7S
A nice line of Infants' Wool Cuats. with cuffs und collars neatly
trimmed with silk braids: In colors white and cardinal. Specially
priced in. each  $1.75
Ladies' Aviation Caps In red, navy and while; heavy Honeycomb knit
weave.    Only   moderately  priced  at    75c
A  good  .election of Styles and  shapes to choose from In  goal, s al.
calf and other sklu leathers.    See this grand assortment, which  has
just an ived for our Christmas trade.   The prlct-a are the beat, ranging from, each   Sl.OO '" Sl*'
We are also showing a grand collection of Oerman and Sterling Silver
Mesh Hags and Pursis. Any shapes or style you desire we have
In stock. Please your relative or friend with one this coming
Christmas      All  are   moderately   priced  to suit all   classes.     Prices
fr nn Sl.OO aa high as  S21.00
We are now showing all the newest style* In Ladles' Novelty
N ckwear, direct from all tha European fashion centres All tbe
latest coloring effects in Dresden, Persian and Hulgarian novelty.
..sk to see the choice fancy boxed Neckwear which has just arrived.
The celebrated Perrin's make of Kid Cloves Is very prominent In
our ladies' glove section Kvery pal: Is made from the finest selected
French skins. Is very pliable and of a perfect out and finish We
carry a full range, In all colore���tan cape glovi-s and long kid evening goves. The pries are the lowest possible, ensuring good value.
Prom, per pair  $1.00 '" S3.S0
Men's  Lawn   Handkerchiefs;   values at  Mr: 3 ,or *H*t
Values at   16c 2 for 25*
Men's   Initial   Handkerchiefs,   packed   in   half  do7.cn    In     fanev hox.
M'-n's nlltial Handkerchiefs; pure Irish Linen, each .'15c; 3 for %\,
Also   boxed   In  half dozens   at    $1-7?
Pancy  Mercerized Bilklne Handkerchiefs;  per dozen   SOC
Initial Bin. Handkerohlefa at    35 C and 30-1)
Boya' Worsted Jerseys in navj and ca iiinai only; In si-Ms .4. li; and
ft; priced at *2.75' $2.35' *<���<* $2.50
Hoys' Cash ml re Jerseys.   * :';   I ��� "    i i... i e. In ( ardlnal. navy, red and
.own.    A  rery sultath Sizes 24 to _s. Priced ut $1.75
M  ti-
ti ri
Mi v.'r
Mi n
Men s
hi.-'-! eltm  Neckwear:   fi'l pure silk.  In  a choice range  of  pat-
el;  boxed  75*  $1.00 ��"d $1.50
!" '.'renders, sullal Iv boxed $0�� <�� Sl.OO
l  Mufflers, from     $1.00 to ��4.50
ii itlon Seis 50c io $1.2$
Has            $1.00  to  $7.50
Hats    $2.50  to  $5.00
Watch  Pobs   2**  to $2.00
Pyjamas   $1.50 ��o $3.50
Pelt and Corduroy Velvet Hats   1.00 to $1.50
I,races    Xmt   to  50C
Ties    25C  ��o 7*C
Shir's    7SC
One of these s ts would make
an ideal present.
97-plece   Mnn   While   Porcelain
Iiinuer Set, with wide gold band
and 'i gilt lines. A set that
would appeal to anyone; reg.
$23.00. Special ... $*QOO
26 piece While nnd Oold Tin
Set in fine semi-pocelaln; reg.
$7.60 Special, set . . $4.50
Genuine Limoges China Choco
late Set, consisting of tall urn
shaped pot and six cups and
laueers; regular $10.00. Speeial   $6.50
Vou ban n't much time left to
make up a fancy cushion, but we
have ibem all ready made aud
covered with fancy silk or satin,
in all colors, or In red onr gold
velveL Thi se are the kind for
every ilai use, tilled up good and
light and well stitched,
Vour choice of any we have in
stock for the lust three days
before Christmas; regular $4.5')
i nd $5.00.   Special   S3.4*
Cotton filled and covered
With fancy Bal en; reg. 86c. to
$1.00   Special, each   SOC.
Art Needlework Section
We   have  some  nice   lines   in   Tta   Aprons.   Plain   and   Pancy  Work
Aprons, Travelling Aprons and Clothes Pin Aprons.    These are all
made up and stamped ready for work; some being in lace trimmed.
These aprons  would  make a dainty    little    Christmas    girt.    Prices
are 25*. $6*, ���'"������ ��"<'  75C
The "Minaret" Lady Doll
Wc will gtve a pattern of this
beautiful doll's ciresa to every
shild that calls at our Fot tern
Department,accompanied hyan
adult, during the coming week.
Get ono for your little girl
ttwlay.   It's FREE.
In addition to this free pattern, wc have an c'-L-naivc
rsaortment of
in all styles one) sixes at mir
Pattern Counter.     ___^
Combination  Toaster  and    Stove;     regular    l-t.liO.    Spe-
elal   S3.75
Klectric Healing Pad, lakes the place oT a hoi waler bottle;  regular price $8.60.    Special   S4.00
Bronze Klectric Candlestick;   reg.  $12,    Special.. S3.00
Klectric Statuette, com plate with polslngs; regular $35.00,
Bptolal    S9.7S
\ good assortment of Pancy Tea Aprons, daintily made,
some of lawn, others dolled Swiss, trimmed with Inci :_\
reg.  '.'Sic.    for 25C  and  reg. f>0c. Specials   33C
Bpueclal on Misses' and Ladles' Sweaters. A tahle full cf
well assort: il gbadeg and sizes; values In $_._0 Monday   nighl    S1.6S
Nickel Plated Shaving Stands; adjustahle mirror; porcelain  si ap dish  and  plated  handle  hrush;   worth  $1.26.
Buy Your
Toys at
**:.   V,-     \Zmt-**-****    - Limbec
Another one wllh double sided adjustahle mirror.
Special    S1.2S
1 only Doll's House; nicely painted and furnished complet! ; reg. $io.(Ki.   Special   S7.S0
ii only Doll's houses; opens out and shows Interior, with
parlor, bedroom and kitchen furniture; regular $6.00.
Special      S3.S0
2 only Model (Iftici ry Sions, lilted with drawers, shelves,
counter, etc., reg. $2.50.   Special   S-l.C?
Rosewood finish Cabinet grand Pianos up-to-date stv]osr
reg.   }.ri.(Hi.     Special    S3.S0
110 dozen Hoys' Wlndosr Ties; regular 2,1c.. anil 3c5.. (In
sale Monday night at  _\ lor 2St
These are a clearing of a well known wholesaler's stock
and we purchased them al. a price, hence the big reduction*. These come in plain colors, checks Bnd other
fancy  patterns,  good  values at  26c. and 2fic..    Monday
night  2 for 25*
A large assortment of Men's H&spendern, put up In fancy
boxes; regular 50c. values.    Monday night, pair ,.35<S


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