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The New Westminster News May 29, 1913

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���li  their  wot
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or   small    wants
VOLUME  8,   NUMBER  6'-..>
Weather Today.
New  Westminster
mainland - Light to I
Unsettled with show/
change In tempi: rut;
Supporters of Both Parties in Ottawa House Interviewed
���Belief Voiced That Premier Will Not Allow Senate
to Block His Purpose���Government Bluff Called, Says
Prominent Liberal.
In view of the facl thut both parties I
In the Ottawa houae are laying claim
to the support of   the   country   at
large In their widely different attitudes adopted towards the naval bill,
Tlle New* yoBterday Bet out to Interview locally Bome prominent supporters of the government and also
a number ol Sir Wilfrid Laurler's followers.
The three members of the Conservative party chosen were Police Magistral,' ii. l. Bdmonda, third vice-
presiii. i t .,f the British Columbia
Conservative association und a past
president of the local association; W.
V. Hansford, barrister, secretary ol
the   New WeBtmlnster   Conservative
association, and John A I.ee, president of the board of trade an,I president t.f lhe HrlllBh Columbia Conservative association.
All  uf   these   expressed   their  views
without hesitation,
To secure opinions of supporters of
the opposition at Ottawa, the reporter
naw Oeorge Kennedy, ex-postmaster;
and Alderman J, B, Jardine.
Alderman Jardine did not care '. i
express himself publicly on lhe question, but Mr. Kennedy came out In
strong support of the action of the
Lib, ral majority in the senate, lis
forecasted it. sir George Boss' amendment presented in the upper chain
ber on Tuesday.
Following are the four statements
made lO The News
George  Kennedy.
"There is nd doubl In my mind that
the senate is doing exactly the right
thing in returning the naval bill to
the commons In an amended form."
sal,i Oeorge Kennedy yesterday when
interviewed by    The    News.   "They
realize by this action that tbo people
of Canada will probably have a
Chan.',' to decide on this mom, in tons
nqestlon of donating $85,000,000 for
battleships, which the electorate undoubtedly ln my mind have a right to
"The true policy In connection wld
any naval plan is that of 1909, when
the Liberals and Conservatives combined and passed a bill calling for a
speedy construction of a Canadian
navy The bill of lHI.'.i was moved by
Qeorge E. Foster and seconded by the
then premier, Sir Wilfrid Laurier,
and later amended in slight form by
Mr. Harden.
"The Conservatives have Blnce seen
fl' to change that policy, sn that it Is
only right. 1 believe, for the senate
to demand tlie approval of the people
before thl   bill becomes h,w."
"iiu you think Mr  Borden will take I
Issue  with  the  senate  over  the latest
action of ihat  body and seek to curb '
the senior house ?"  Mr.  Kennedy  was
asked Iv.   The  News.
"That in up to thetn. In my opinion
they are making a bluff niul that bluff
has been called, 1 have strong
doubts, however, as to wl.ether tho
Conservatives will attack the senate,
as heretofore that party has been the
wrongest    supporter   of   the   upper
H. L. Edmonds.
"Premier Borden will introduce
legislation as far aa Is In the power
of lhe bouse, of commons to curtail
the  power of the  senate.
"The country does not want another
general election at    this   time   and.
apart from a few disgruntled
politicians, there la no demand for an
"Mr.  Borden appreciates thru fact
and alBo that the country Is entirely
in sympathy with hlm in the naval
bill and therefore he will do whatever lies In the power of the house
of commotiB to bring the naval act
Into force without an appeal to tiie
ThlB, In a few words, Is the manner
In which H. L. KdmondB, third vice-
president of lhe B. C. Conservative
association and a past prealdent of
the New Westminster Conservative
association, expressed himself when
ask,*<l bis opinion.
On JiiBt whether It would be neces
sary to bring on an election and what j
the issue would be, Mr. Kdmonds
would not give an opinion, but In*
was Arm In the belief that Mr. Borden and his party would not rest until the navul bill became an actual
W.   F.   Hansford.
"Responsible governmeni means
government by the representatives of
the people elected to parliament and
not dictation by a few appointed to
tlle upper house und who In no wise
represent the opinions of the country
in matters of government,
"Premier llorden should not accept
the dictation of on senators In the
face ot the large majority he had in
the bouse of commons when the naval
hill  was passed,"
W. I'. Hansford, secretary cf the
New WeatmltiBter Conservative association, Bpoke in no unoertaln manner
when discussing the naval situation
at Ottawa and in no uncertain manner criticised the actions of Sir
(ieorge Robs, who moved the amendment that the bill should not be
pasBod without first going to the people on the Ibsuc.
"Sir George R-OSS has absolutely
stultified himself," Bald Mr. Hansford
"Kor 40 years ho waa one of the
greatest exponents of Imperialism in
Ontario and now when Canada wishes
to show her good faith by strengthening the British navy. Sir George Itoss
has   stamped   the  matter as   a  party
"On the other hand. Premier Bor
det, alv.**_.H haB contended that any
aid given to the mother country towards strengthening tlle navy should
not he a question of party politics."
John  A.  Lee.
"If  we  are  going  to  have  one.   flag
D'ld   one   empire   there   must neces
Barlly  be one fleet."    Thus.  It.    terse.
characteristic style John A, Lee, presi
.lent of the board of trade, deliver,,I
himself when asked his opinion upen
naval  matters.
"It seems unfortunate," went or
Mr. Lee, "that such an Important
measure as the present naval bill be
fore the senate--a measure of the
most vital Importance to the British
empire-should he considered a foot-
ball for partisan play. The people
ot Canada are sur, ly above partv
politics when it comes to Imp, rial defence.
'If they nre not prepared to take
their share of the burden of the em
pire, then they should look to sot",
other quarter, or to themselves, tot
the protection of the country anil foi
tlu* development of its trade relations
"I have, however, a greater faith In
the loyalty of the Canadian people
Ihan to think that hey would with
hold tha' assistance which is the jn-.i
and adequate share of so important
a member of the family ef the Bri-
tains as is Canada. The only ques
tion is as to the best means of render
ing that aid.
"I certainly favor the policy of Can
ada having representation in the ont,
great liritish fleet, rather than hav
inft a s-eparate unit at the disposal ol
our own  local government."
Warring Chlre** Tonp* In New York
Are Pinned Down to Peace
New York, May 28.--The Hip Slugs
On Leongh and tbe Three Brothers-   ,
wurrlng   tongs  of  Chinatown  -signed
a treaty of peace this afternoon. Hep-
reiirntatlveB  of  the  three  tongs   met
in  the  chambers  of Judge  Poster of'
the court of general sessions, With a]
small   paint   brush  they   signed   their
names  to the  treaty  printed  In  Chi-'
nese,  and   afterwards,  with   pen   and
Ink,   Blgned     a    typewritten   Kngiish
New In the history of Chinatown
are the provisions of the agreement.
The old dead line, with the Hip Binge
on one side and the On LeongB on the
Other, Is wiped out. The lung blue
guns of the leaders are to be cast
Into the river and each long Is to hear
toward the other a spirit of brotherly
love. All disputes and disagreements
shall be arbitrated by the Chinese1
Merchants' association, ur a commit-1
lee thereof. If this fails the police '���
oaptain in charge of the precinct is I
lo he sole arbiter.
Chinatown is placarded tonight with*
copies of the  treaty printed on  flar- '
Ing red paper an.l signed by the rep-
ii   entatives of tlie three tongs.
London  Standard   Practically   Accuses
Oriental*   of   Asking  for   More
Than They Give.
Declines to Sit in Star Chamber Session of School
"Alllea"  Doe*  Nct Appear to  Be the
Proper Term  to Apply to  Balkan States.
Publicity, But Majority Prefer to
Keep  Ratepayer* Gueadng.
London, May 2S.��� in an editorial on
tho California altualion, the Standard
advises Japan to deal with tbe ques
lion as a purely business matter
rather than to Inject its sentiments
on tho "offending of racial and national pride."
As the allies of Japan and the firm
friends of the United Btaies, the Brit
ish people would deem It a misfortune of the first magnitude If the
negotiations left behind feellngB of
exasperation on cither side, lt says.
The Standard proceeds to show
that the Occidental world Is Interest-,  , ,,, ,        ,  ,        -.__-.      iiv ,.       ���  ., ���
ed  in the larger aspects of the ques.'  l,a _�����>"�� and, as '   >ave said before  the  results  ot   the  war .
tion raised by the California land law.:! ��*����� t0 Bit "' a FCll��o1 board meet-1    An   MhPM   "iFp,Uc"    ��   the  Te,e-
In  British Columbia, no leas than In
California,  feeling  against   the  settle-
ment Of    Japanese    and   Chinese   Is
London, May 28.��� It Is believed generally thut the Servian and (ireek
delegates will sign the draft of a
n��pector Strong Favor* | peace treaty under compulsion. The
only hope of the development In the
quarrel between the allies Is an arrangement whereby the Servian and
Bulgarian premiers will meet Saturday on the frontier to confer over
the  Bituation.
Speaking before the Skupshtlna to-
the   Servian   premier   explained
"School   board   meeting  over?'
"No, but 1 refuse to sit at a board iday
session   where   business   Ib  done   be- i that Servia desired a modification of
hind  closed  doors.    The  business  of \ the   treaty   with   Bulgaria   regarding
These Are Some  Charges
Said to Be Floating About
in High School.
One Teacher Involved I* Said to Hava
Requested   Public  Inquiry,  But
This Was Not Done.
lng after the reporters have been ex- I graph    says    that    Instructions  have
eluded."    Those were School Trustee ' been Bent to the Creek delegates to
Stoney's   wurds   when   met    on     thej sign  the  peace draft  without altera-
... i     ,,  i street shortly alter the school board Hon but embodying a separate protocol
Strong,   Australian democracy nas Its, h_d cotmil(,ncecl  lo uiBCu8s the "high : respecting the right reserved by Greece
school  business." to discuss with the powers the points
i "I explain, .1 this to the board," stat- raised,
ilut.the paper jP(| Tn]8tee Stoney, "and asked to be The Servian council of state is con-
excused. As I left I heard Chairman stderlng the ultimatum as laid down
T. J. Trapp say, T am sorry Mr. I yesterday by Sir Edward Grey, Brlt-
Btoncy is leaving but we must get j ish secretary for foreign affairs, and
down to business,' and that was the [ probably will follow the lead of
last  1  heard. Greece.   I'eace may be signed by noon
"I might mention, however, that be- | Friday.
fore 1  left, when  the  matter of the i	
a .press  representatives wiib  being dls-
cUBBed. Miss Strong, municipal school
own very decided views on the sub
jeet, even II the danger of a Japanese
invasion is not great,
adds, the precedent of unrestricted
admission wuuld be dangerous should
awakening China demand the same
privileges, because a Chinese is a
most efficient machine, and has learned through a grim struggle for existence In his own over-peopled country  the  secret  of    subsisting    on
minimum. ^	
"These    considerations,"   continued I Inspector, intimated that so far bb she
tbe paper, "should  be borne in mind was   concerned   she  would   prefer  to
when   the  Japanese   talk  indignantly j have  the reporters  present."
of the California attitude as an insult | ��� ���	
So     Says     Mon.     Mr.    Cochran*���999
Year   Contract*   on   Entrance*
at Winnipeg.
Ottawa. May 2N. After luncheon
the commons committee took up tht
vole of $19,000,01)0 for tlle national
transcontinental and, at the request
Ot Hon. George Graham tho minister
made �� statement as to the progress
made on the railway.   The section of
the line on which track lias been laid
from Winlpeg to Moncton Is part of
district C-D, extending for about oo
miles. This Ib on the line between
Cochrane anil Quebec.
In reply to further questioning. Mr.
Cochrane explained Hint it had been
decided io have an Independent entrance Into Winnipeg. This would
cause some damage to the C.N.R. and
thai matter was now In the exchequer
curt. The 0, T. i'. comes In six
miles from the west over the C.N it.
and   the   NT 11   runs   In  on   the  east
end.    The contracts    regarding
ent ranee  are   being   drawn     for
years,   as   are  llle  agrei luentB   in
gar,! to the terminals.
Ill reply lo Sir Wilfrid Laurier,
Cochrane stilted that  It  was expected
that tl.e 0. T. iv would be completed
from Winnipeg to the Pacific In 10M
Object to Council's Grant of $1000 to
Progressive Association���T. and
L. Council.
Btrrng kicks agalmt the spending
.f public monies by the Progressive
". elation in the way of publicity
wore voiced at the regular me, ting ol
the Trades and Labor c nnctl lust
evening and a motion that the secretary be instructed tu write the city
c, ii'i'-ii. protesting pgalnst tbe grant
of $1000 being made to the association, waB curried almost unanimously,
The matter was brought up by Vice-1
president T>. S. Cameron, who state*]
ihat at the present time there were
people In lhe city who had been
brought from the east and the old
country by articles and advertisements which depleted New WeBtmlnster as a city flowing with milk an.l
honey, the bright pearl of the Pacific
I const an.l mecca of every mechanic
who d, sired a new climate.
Delegate Knudsen came through
with an amendment to the effect that
the Trades and Labor couneil approach the city council and ask for a
grant or $200 towards furthering their
own work. This received a seconder.
but before any debate had been taken
on it. there was an amendment to thej
amendment Both amendments, however, failed to carry and nil bands
pulled together and passed the orlg- j
liinl motion.
lie!,'gate Grant, 111 discussing lhe |
advertising problem brought out the
inrormation that Canadian banking
circles were controlled by 22 men and
those same men were working on an
elimination process which would
force out the snu,li fellows io leave
more for the big magnates to gol.bU
Another little breeze sprang up
when one of the carpenter delegates
questioned the right of any member
of one union butting Into another.
Several cases were cited where men
have twitched over from one union to
another, afterwards returning to th,*i
fen,ier when the special job was com-I
pleted. Two attempts wire made to
shove this Idra through, but Vice-
president Cameron, who occupied the
chair In the early session In the ab-
"-.ee of President Stoney, ruled the
llSCUSSlon out of order, lt still Uvob
I Continued on Page Fhe.)
to their nation. The Japanese, if
they bave undergone a self-examination, must be conscious that race
feeling plays no small part in their
attitude  towards the  foreigner.
"The desire to take it out of the
foreigner In matters of business is
confined to no one class In Japan. In
no country are the Judges cud magistrates less inclined to show partiality
and some limes even bare justice to
foreigner claims. Nu people aim mure
successfully   to   squeeze   out   foreign-
who are striving to muke a living
among them."
The Japanese therefore arc ad
vised to go slow In making an issue
of the race question, which, if allowed to develop, would oblige Japan
eventually to face thi! united western
world. _
".It Is unthinkable," saya the Standard in conclusion, "that Great Britain
"That  high  school  business,"    tlm
topic In    school   affairs    which    haa
_ aroused so much Interest,  was taken
the  school  board   Is  tbe  property  OfltBe division of "territories because 0! j *?P ��>'  the school  board last evening.
. . *.*-���*���      '��� ^^^^^^~ but whether a decision was reached 19
not yet known, as tho representative*
of the press were aaked to vacai��
and a llttlo preliminary discussion
was all that rewarded them for waiting a matter of two and a half hours
while the applications for the position
of Becretary were waded through.
"That high school business," as do-
scribed by interested parties, consist-*
of an investigation Into alleged
charges made by Principal E. U. McMillan, of the high school, against
Assistant Principal F. It. Anderson.
The charges, it Is said. Include thosn
of  Incompetency and  dishonesty.
Shortly after 10 o'clock at last
night's gathering the matter waa
mentioned and Trustee Peck spoke.
He said that he was not sure whether
the matter waB In shape for publication.
Trustee Ilennie���I cannot see that
any good purpose would be served if
the names and the eubject were published and, while no good can be accomplished, it may do some barm.
After we come to a decision there
Bhould be no reason why the matter
should not be made public. I move,
therefore, that we go Into a committee of the  whole.
The motion was seconded and carried with Trustee Stoney voting nay;
the reporters gathered up their paper.-*
and were gone.
It has been known around town for
the past few days thai there was un-
In    the high school
Defendant   in Suit for Damage*���
Logging Affairs Are Also in
Quartette    Arrested    During    Investigation of Murder of Vancouver
principal and his assistant.
It Is stated that Mr. Anderson,   at
ttie time ot thn lnveattgattoil. a*h*t*\
Vancouver,  May 28.���Frank Davidson. H. F. Clark. James Hamilton audi
JoFeph Seymour were taken into cua-!
1 tody by  the police this afternoon asl
, , suspects in the case of the murder of
i Police  Constable    James    Archibald,  rest' somewhere'
A civil case In which there figured   which  tuok  place early  this  morning \hne* it jd no secret that there bas not
as   a   defendant  Hubert  Smith,   pres-  on I'owell street, hiB body being dis-J Deen the ^^ ot feeling between the
ently an inmate iu the provincial Jail  covered   lying  in  a  clump  of  bushes
awaiting  trial on a charge  of arson!in the 13C0 block I'owell street at 9*301
at the aaahea, cam* up tor trial yes-\ o'clock a.m. 1    _ _,__  ^ ^ _.���_,____,_���, ___._
terday ln the. county court. On  Tuesday  evening  the office  olly,^  te  |alrttet-   to  Wm   the   -moS
..    , ...   .   .._       ���    _, , ... ,    The action was by M. Condon, reB- the   Hastings  Shingle  Company   was\matter be made public, but this bo tar
_��._1?.I16* *.-.  Ln_llnl? wa��i._?; l^rant  keeper,  against    Smith    and l^roken  Into  and  It  Is^thought-_t-*t\ha. not been done
tt Is also said that a stenographer-*
was engaged tor the investigation and
that, owing to the cost, the notea
were never transcribed.
It further ia alleged that it wonlil
take au hour and a half to read thu
minules and that the publication ���_��
the deta.ls and the names would work,
"While   U1I3   Is   being   kept   secret
position on  the  part of her preBent I-wWttater   "oonttMtdrs    ��Ne'w' West" I Archibald  discovered  the  robbers  lu
"'"""  '"        '"     '""      *"""    minster, for $1000 damans, in respect ]**** **c* &M *'h*w XP*-** t�� make an
allies  to   attack    America.    Between
the  people of  the great republic and j to i^Vf. usiness caused by the de
ourselves there are ties cf blood and. Btructiml of hla preml9e. bJ flrP_ ln
common  interests which could under
. no circumstances be disregarded."
Tokio Pessimistic.
Tokio,  May  I'S.  -The Japanese  for
eign office has given out a statement
that tlie efforts of tlle foreign office
iu the California question have not
been as successful as might be wished, but that the negotiations with the
l'nited States government are proceeding.
December f>  last,  and  the failure  of;
'the defendants, who were the proprie-
j tors,   to   reconstruct   them   within     a
reasonable  time.    Plaintiff  hi Id    the,
premises   under  a  three years'  lease. |
arrest was shot to death. Signs of a
deBperate Btruggle were apparent
where the murder was committed,
shots from the revolver Which killed
him having singed his clothing.
Just as soon  as  the police discovered   Archibald's   body   the   drag-net
,,     .,    ... ,    , .  ,   was  spread over the  entire city  and
Mr.   Smith   was   present     by     SpecIsJ  dIgt,,c^ with ,hc rt,K���lt ���,��� follr mgn ^^^^^
order of Judge  Howay,  who presided  haVP   been   takl,n   imc,   CUEtody  uftpr  some  of the  teachers    in    the    high
ov" ""' ���url having  told  conflicting  stories  as  to  school are restiag under a cloud." said
Mr.   J.   I     Hampton   Dole,   for     de    [(K,*r     whereabouts     on 'the   morning  cre  teacher, "and It Is our right and
fondants,  took    a preliminary    objec , tilnt   the   murder   took   place      They  ihs ri^ht of thc public that the ruat-
tion.     He  had   (lied    a    demand     for  w|]i   |jjte|,  B,,pear  in   police court  on
specific particulars of the damage and   Thursday   morning and   be  remanded
liis   demand   had   not   been   complied 1 for further hearing.
With, Archibald had been on the force a
Mr.   Cecil   Killam,   Vancouver,     re��� ] little over a year.    He came to Van-
spended  with the contention that  de-   couver from Winnipeg, where be also
served as a patrolman. The murdered
man leaves r widow and two children,
besides a brother and sitter, all re
siding ln Ilu- city.
U.  G.  Tariff  Leaders Willing to  Drop
Objectionable Features from the
Underwood   Bill.
IVndants Bhould have made their demand a few days after the summon*
and should not have delayed until live
weeks before the trial of the case
Defendants' remedy was by summons
The court said It was the essence
of the whole case to show how the
plaintiff had suffered the damage al
leged.    It was not  fair to put  a  man
Yesterday morning Chief Bradshaw
received word of the affair and a
sharp lookout was kept throughout
the  day   and   night   for   any   persons
was sustained.
Washington May 28.���Congress, Ini After some further argument the
til probability, will yield to the pro-jcourt sustained the objection and the
tests of foreign nations against the'case was adjourned until June 10 it.
���orovlslon ln the Underwood tariff bill order that plaintiff might complj
u'viM.i' a 5 per cent, tariff discount'with the demand. The costs of the
on Imports In Amerlcan-ownad or con-1day were awarded defendants.
trolled   vessels. ,    .
That   the  provision  call  be  eltmiii
on trial before be was suppli��l wltb Iwho might likely have been Implicated,
details setting  out  how   the  damage [The Burnaby police wcre also on the
qui  vive.
Oe at once thrashed out in full
view of the ratepayers who elect the
trustees and pay the teachers.*"
^^^^^^^ About Logs.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The trial of the action by James
atjd from the bill without harm, and I Marllngly, Kburne, against the Cana
lhat congress has no desire to ins' dlan Western Lumber company for
upon legislation that will be embai 1 $-f.O was alsu heard yesterday, and
rasslng 10 foreign nations cr iuteifeti after evidence had been advanced
with treaty obligations was admitted'was adjourned. Martingly
today by administration lenders ln
:harge of the bill
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     claimed I
tha the had an agreement with   the
Kraser Mills people that he was to
receive $1 for every log curtaining
500 feet of timber and DO cents for |
logs of lesser quantity.   In Novembei
Chance for Canadian  Municipalities���
Peculiar State of Affairs at
Naval  Bill  Discussion Focusses Inter-
n Quiet Halls of Canadian
By 3 to 2 Vote Coqultlam Council Decides to Purchase Property
The municipal council of Coqultlam
decided yesterday to purchase the
property of S. I.amoureux. Maillardville, Cor the sum of $2,100, and to
convert the building Into a muulolpal
The decision was arrived at in a
special session of the council on 11
vote of ll-!!.
Tho motion to purchase was made
by Councillor Atkins, seconded l.y
Councillor Mounce, and supported by
Councillor  Foster.
An amendment by Councillor Martin, seconded by Councillor Walker,
that the choice of a hall site between
the municipal groiindi, Aus.in road,
and the Maillardville proposition, be
referred to the vote of the ratepayers for their decision.
Iteeve Harth snld the question of a
hall had boon before them for about
(Continued on I'ago Four.)
Went   to   Minneapolis  to   Be   Married
and Commuted Suicide Instead.
6t Paul, Minn., May 28 ���Th'j woman who committed suicide yesterday
hy jumping Iroin a rowboat on lake
Como was identified absolutely late
today as Mrs. Florence llebhardt, divorced wife of l'rof. Ceurge Gehhardt
of the Armcur Institute of Chicago.
Mrs. Qebbardt wrote several book:,
under the name of "Helen Hale."
"Several days ago 1 was stipriBcd
by a call from Mrs. Qebbardt at my
heme," said the man who Identified
her. "She was In a slate of nervous
excitement. I advised her to go for
a week cr two to a sanitarium that her
nervous system might become normal.
She replied that her physician had
advised her to tuke the same course."
11. Hurnlinm, whose name was mentioned In a note left by MrB. (iebhardt
beforo she committed suicide, mado a
statement through a Minneapolis attorney today In which h? said Mrs.
Oebhardt and he were to have been
married in Minneapolis and that she
came   to   Minneapolis   for   that   pur-
President  Wilson  is said  to  have
Intimated that he would not object to
having the clause eliminated.
This action. It was reported, would
he recommended by the senate finance     ._      ...  	
sub-conimlttee which Is considering i cannery", and Becured It to the bank i watched with Interest by practically
'he administrative features of the|Ot the Fraser, phoning his action to'every municipality in liritish Colum-
also will jthe Fraser Mills. The compauy after��� bla and other provinces of Canada
wards sent a tug for the boom, took | with the ultimate hope of seeing the
Ottawa, May 28. The debute on Uie
motion for the Becond reading of lha
naval bill and Sir (ieorge Itoss' amendment calling for the suspension of
consideration of the measure until the
question has been referred to the
country, was continued this afternoon
and evening in the upper house.
Senator llostock, liritish Columbia,
who seconded Sir George Kosa'
amendment yesterday said he hesitated to speak on a subject which bad
been SO extensively dealt with by parliament and the press. However, her
felt he should express bis views of
the government's naval aid act Ito
thought  It could be shown  that  iu-
blll, The subcommittee
seek to modify unother cIuubo which
compels foreign merchants to submit
.heir books to an American agent in
case of disputed valuations and pro-
Vides as a penalty for refusal that the
goods be excluded from entry.
Oermany, Hance and Kngland havo
made sirung protests against this
One Taker,; the Other Left.
Calgary. May ti. Henry Hough today g.t oil' on suspended sentence on
a ch&fgd of cattle stealing, though his
associate In crime got 18 months before  Judge  Carpenter  in   February.
^^^^^^^^^        The expected collapse of    the  Ballast ho recovered a boom of 2H1 logs I kan   troubles   and   the   disappearance
adrift in the river, below Richmond |ottoeGerman ww ����/^_^J��^|rt^ rt ^1^��l m��^m M~oTuS
being n source of danger to the relations of Canada and the mother country,  the  bill  now  beforo  parliament
    _ .__ was far more likely to produce dis-
lt up to the mills, but repudiated his! present financial   stringency   broken tnrMng conditions, which would scri-
claim. lind Migllsh and roreign capital com |CUB,     interfere with the  relations of
Amos   Porter,   millwright,   Eburne ] mencing to flow freely once more,
and a colored woman, Alice Mitchell. I    That    the    situation    shows    more
gave corroborative testimony, j promise of Improvement than It did n
For the defence witnesses were I few weeks ago Is generally conceded
called wbo stated that the boom had | by many who are close In touch with
been made fast to the batiks of the financial houses and firms having a
river  and   was  about  the  same  spot ! large monetary outlay.
One peculiar riddle was put up to a
when the tug arrived, but with plain-
tilt's tackle attached to It.
Canada and Britain.     ^^^^^^^^^^
Senator Pope said he would like to
know how the Liberal opposition could
take thn position that the government
bad no mandate to bring down thi��
naval bill. It was one of tho [BTOW <>'
the Inst campaign.
If the government had to go to the
Irish  poet,   was  celebrated  here    todav when a bust of the poet was uu
All  Harmonious. | veiled  in  tho Corcoran  art    gallery,
Detroit, Mich., May 28. -A. B. 1 with addresses of eulogy by Ilepre
Uarrettsun tonight waB re-elected tentative Thomas U. Sisson, of Mis
president   of   the   Order   of   Railway  sissippl, and otherB.
Conductors.   The choice was made by | ��� ���	
acclamation and all the other officers , Extends Time
To Tommy Mocre.
Washington,    May  28.���The    114th   Hon Is just as acute. n.s it wns several
anniversary   cf   Tliomas   Moore,   tho  months ngo, tlle agents of the llnan
' clal firms nre traveling around the
country making ofterB for municipal
bonds and enquiring iuto tho BtfttUS
cf cities and municipalities.
"This,"  Bald the man  who queried
The News, "Bhould be a sign that the
News representative yesterday: While jpeople for approval of a temporary
the London and Eastern Canada I measure the country would be agitat-
llnnnclal houses claim that the aitua led with elections constantly.
New York, May 2S.���Judge Holt ln
the United States district court today handed down an order extending
of tho organization were re-elected in
tlie Bame manner. Two new vice-
presidents,  making a  total  of seven      _^	
Instead of five as in the past, will be jthe time ot claimants to file excep
chosen tomorrow, when the cotiveti' tlons to the limitation ot liability
(lon, which has been in session hero .petitions of the owners of tho sunken
since May 12, ls expected to close.      'steamer Titanic to June 30 Uext.
worst  has    passed,    for    meu    witb
means would be unlikely to lay out
their money if the horizon were no;
going to break Into clearer skies."
In  American   Marts.
It Is  probable  that  the  next  few
months will    see    a    movement    towards  floating  municipal  iBsuea    in
(Coutlnued on Page Light.)
Sir WIlMd Laurier bad not asked
the peoplo to approve of his permanent naval policy.
Missionary Celebration.
Detroit. Mich, May 88.���One or the
last matters which came before the
Northern Baptist convention, whicb
concluded Its annual meeting here today, was tho report of the American
Baptist Historical society. Thc report, which was adopted, provided for
a centennial celebration of the establishment of the Baptist foreign missionary work to be held in conjunction with the Northern Baptist convention at Boston next year.
THURSDAY, MAY 29, 1913.
r, 0'*\W$^o\\^***\- ���
"���J-**8*-.. >*
A. mif, |" "(b 'if morninj p��|irr devoted to the inter -.In of .Veil- UVstmOndrr nnd
tlie **f-aeer Vitthn. Published every mormno sxetat -Sunday lu/ the National Pi-inline
an.i i*ul,li..htng Company, IrfsriM, at r.3 MaKentfe Street, .Veie Westminster, liritish
Celttmbia. ROBB SVTBBRLit/D, Managing Director.
All enmwiKtlirntion-*! should fcc txdtti-esiost lo The New  Hc.slmlnst
Co inttividiiol members Sf the staff.    Ghee****, drafts, and ihofl
pavo'.l.   to   The National  Printing ami  Publishing GMiponil
lhat tiie banks would receive from Ihe
undulations   in   the  water  caused   by
iiie steam,"
But Colonel  Dy, the military  engineer, by whose skill and Indomitable
energy the wcrk was carried to a triumphant  conclusion, urged from the
first Willi lhe utmost earnestness that
he should  be  permitted  to construct
the canal on such a seals as to admit
irauit, and nolIthe passage of steamboats (though he
I orders should lis made i explained   that  he  had   no  Idea  that
Limited. I thepn boats, aa then constructed, could
B**itt*** Office txnd MuiKiger, I9S,'Aditorial ftonma fall depart-   work   their   paddles   in   the   Cuttings)
land, as the Bo-called    Kideau    canal
40c per ; consists of only about twenty miles of
I actual canals connecting "natural rivers and lakes with Btrong banks," he nt
tmentsl,  |tl,
HI'Htii-1'll-TION RATES���llg txirrier. ��< per j/enr, II  for three, months
month      Hv  mail, IH per pear, the. per month.
A.DVBRTIBINQ RATKB tm a*t*lieation.
Her  Namesake���A   Bleriot   Aeroplane
���is  Some   Return   for   Dominion's  Dreadnought Gift
i lart carried his point.
After  interminable   discussion   and   an   exhibition
An "appeal to the oppressed inhabitants of Canada" was adopted by the
second continental oongress, sitting al
I Philadelphia,  on  this date    In    1775.
i "i'lils was Ibe second document of this
kind, and was as fruitless as the llrst.
[whloh bail been adopted by the llrst
congress In  1774, antl  which  was eu-
! titled "An address to the inhabitants
of the province of Quebec, or Canada."
At the time these proclamations
were given out the representatives of
the colonies had not. decided on a
program of Independence, but. simply
calhd upon Canadians to join with
them iu making a stand against the
Bngllsh "oppression" and "tyranny."
These appeals, translated into French,
were  spread   broadcast  over  Quebec.
'but were received with indierence or
or derision by the "oppressed" French
Canadians, In asking for the support
of ihe latter the Kngiish colonists
were profoundly Inconsistent, for one
ilnst the liritish
;ts to place great national andimperial issues upon the |��uX,em-';' Vl" ",e p!lB?ilg" of ,lu'
which, to say the least of it, was calculated to lower the
dignity of the Canadian parliament in the eyes of the
world, thc Borden naval proposals passed the house of
commons, Today it appears certain that the senate will
take a course of action that can only result in the Canadian naval bill being made of no effect.
We are not here concerned with what action will be
taken by either one of the parties if the senate does as we
have outlined, but we do feel that every Canadian worthy
of the name is shamed and chagrined at the course of recent events. Party government is the best means that
lias yet been devised for the carrying on of the government of a country, but when either party forgets itself so lot their grievances
far as to place great national and imperial issues upon the fa���mH, bTwhici, i.,��� u, ,���.���.,���
Same plane aS parish pump polltlCS it IS hlgll time IOr that lies were granted a large measure of
party to get sense or that men of broader vision be found reXTth���oXentai congress was
to represent its electorate. placed in the position of seeking the
Comparisons with the attitude taken by our sister do- ^6%?flS5i*m(Sf wor^h? an
minions towards this common imperial question of naval appeal to the Kngiish people the Con
defence are more than odious.  The long, long.talkfest ap-
mi! then calmly asked the assistance
of tho followers of thai church,
Edinburgh, In 1866, and of den. Sir
w. .i. Qascolgne, former commander
of Canadian militia. In 1^44.
igress denounced the Catholic church
, , . i    i      e    i- .as having "dispersed Impiety, bigotry,
pears to have not yet run its course and the reelings ot persecution,   murder   ami   rebellion
men of the same race as ourselves in Wellington, Sydney,|rthrou?n ''v,1'>' ',;"'' of the world
Cape Town or Calcutta are better imagined  than  described when the latest development of the Canadian naval,  To(.        ,     n     r       t   t
policy becomes known. birth  of  Dr.   William   Peterson,  lone
Apart from what our own kith and kin think there ,h" principal of McGill university, at
appears to be room for a reminder that the eyes of the
wiitld arc upon us.   No German, no Italian, no Turk, can
fully appreciate the motives that prompt a body of men!  on tins date in i838 Lord Durham
to deliberately block a policy which is designed to wipe out, land,e? "! Quebeo '" begln hi-J ad;
...      .  ,     .,-' *   -  , , ,. ci ���    i   i  'ministration  as  governor-general   of
without further years of delay, a stigma ot long winded- British North America,
ness that has long affected Canada's credit in the practical po]NT QR     to take ~
loyalty account of the nations, a policy which is in line' over work of c. p. r,
with the advice of the British admiralty and which is ai   ��� , , _      ���     ���.   , .    ,
...        ...     0 ',   ,       ,.      -, Point   drey.   May   28.���Point   Grey
measure at once consistent with ( anadas dignity as a win buy the few. rs ami waterworks
nation within the empire and in line with the advice of':;' SbaHShn*8"y ���*"i*f,hls rri"'- "���" c.
,i      ,,   ...  ,       j     ���     i. i I- �����    Hit' bvlaw callinc.
the British admiralty. to be used for this purpoi
Canadian navies, built, manned and equipped in Can-1" 'cond reading last n
ada, will come later on, but even then there must be one
central and directing head. For the present it is enough
that the Borden policy should go through and Canada's
dreadnoughts float in line with that Zealandia which ere
long will be in these waters to remind us of our duty left
London.   May   28,    Amid   scenes  of
great   enthusiasm   Lady   Desborough
performed at Hendon Iho ceremony
of naming the new Hlorlot monoplane
"Britannia" whloh Uie imperial air
fleet has presented to the government, of New Zealand, Ail the close
of the formalities the maiden trip
was made by OuStav llamel, who look
Blr Joseph Wanl as Ids passenger.
Hon.   \V.     T.     McKenzie     returned
thanks on behalf of the New Zealand
government for tha gift It was, ho
declared, a present which the people
cf New Zealand would regard ns of
high order. In this country aeroplanes
weer largely associated with the subject of defence. In New Zealand they
j had more to do with peace than war.
I Meanwhile    they    would   regard    t'.\e
Britannia as the forerunner of larger
development  in   Lnt-er-lmperfal   com-
J municatlons.
Sir Joseph Ward described the occasion as liisicric. The men who
formed the Imperial air fleet commit-
\ tee were not acting for any sentimental reasons. They were under the
belief   that   the   future   of   this   greal
| rid country would depend In consider
alb-o measure on our aeroplane accessories to our land and sea forces.
Aerial machinery was. In ihe near fu-
: lure to be of the utmost Importance
to all the countries that flew the British  flag.
Lord Desborough. replying on behalf of Lady DCBborough, said that
to  those  associated  with  him  it  was
ia very  high- honor that New  Zealand
I should have accepted one of their
aeroi lanes. The t bject was to t n
courage the dominions in Btartlng a
fb i thai u ould i rotect Ihe overseas
end of our great trade rentes. He
hoped thai the oih r dominions would
follow the example Bet by New Zealand.
And   Hand   Out  Cold   Lead   to  Three
Others When Striking Employees Riot.
Agua Sielentes, Mex., May 28. John
Walker, a British mine owner and
his wife, fighting shoulder to shoulder recently, killed live and wounded
three men out of a band of eleven employees at the mine near Villa Garcia.
Zaoatecas, Mr. and Mrs. Walker arrived here today uirtlei- escort of a
BQUad of troops.
The employees attacked Mr. Walker In his oftloe of the mine because
of his inability to raise money to
pay the wages of the men. The attackers used knives anri clubs and
Mr. Walker hail been seriously out
and beat when he opened lire upon
them wllh nn automatic revolver.
Mrs. Walker reinforced her husband
with a rifle.
Afier the battle Mr. and Mrs. Walk-
Icr made tlieir escape from the bundling. They were hidden by a Spanish
| priest until Ile secured aid from the
'American consular agent  here.
When  the latter was  informed of
jthe trouble he secured the services of
a  Ftiuari  of  troopa  to  bring  Mr.  and
I .Mrs.  Walker here.
Calgary, May 28.���Folowlng a request from many residents for a nub-
way under the C P. it. crossing at
Twelfth street east, the police have
taken a census of the amount of traffic over the crossing. The number
of pedestrians passing over ths cross
ing daily is 1366, and tbe number of
vehicles  Is 660.    There  are 1*1  trains,
50 switching engines and 'is handcars
crossing  daily.
This works oul al about an avi r-
age of 100 pedestrians ;.i"l between
"ni and 60 vehicles each our tor 14
hours each day, and seven trains or
engines  per  24  bours,
The greatest amount of traffic,
however, is in drays, 'i'2'2 using the
crossing every day. This is as com
pared with 1", automobiles.
Windsor   Mail   Carriers   Threaten
Cuit  if Negro Gets Job.
Windsor. Ont,   May   28.���Because I
of a proposal to appoint a negro letter
carrier in Windsor, eleyen out of thir-
teen members of llie staff have drawn I
the   color   line  and   threaten   to   leave | Awarder at Assize Court Against the
i council meeting. The amount is payable to the Royal Trust company, trus-
'tres for the two systems. The bonds
wlll be issued at (lve per cent  inter-
j unlets the apnpinlmenl   is withdrawn.
The  trouble  began  several  days  ngo
when the letter carriers were told that
Doran Dixon, a young negro, had been
.   recommended fer the appointment by
for $324,606   0Mver j. wllc0X| M   ,. "
Wilcox has declared today thai eot-
orod citizens have equal rights and he
will  insist  that  Doran's  apopintment
Mr. fi. A, Stimson, financial broker,
of Toronto and London, discussed with
the council in camera the notation of
municipal bonds totalling $:'..i>on,ooo.
be started
whose ap-
irrlers staff
er  carriers,
their posi-
was    ii p-
Of Canada'B coal deposit's two of the richest are on its Fea coasts. On
the Atlantic are the coalfields of Cape Breton Island, and on the Pacific
are the vasl coalfields or the Island of Vanoouver. into the very heart of
the former the (Ine port of Sydney gives access, and into the latter the port
of Nanaimo. Through both thrwe ports a very large coal tonnage pal ses
evpry year.
But it is not only for trade and Industry that our maritime coalfi, Ids
are of enormous importance. The coal ports are strati gic points which
any enemy attacking us from the sea would make every effort fo get posses-
���slon of at the very beginning of the war.    One of the principal uses made , i,.ls ,,, ]������!< elsewhere for It   Arran
���of command of the sea by thn belligerent holding it is for destruction of th* | ments have now been made for Li'idv-
enemy'-H commerce.    The   eefznre Of Canada's greal coal ports would indeed Iamltb coal and a six or seven months
very  crippling to our commerce,  as not  only   would   il   stop  exportation   supnly bus  been  secured
Cumberland Black Diamonds to Make
Nanaimo   Gas.
Nanalmo, May 28 Lailyi-mith coal
is to come to Nanaimo. This is like
carrying coal to Newcastle, but necessity is the mother of invention.
The facts are that the Nanaimo
gas works musl have coal in order to
make gas and as lhere Is no coal be-
'ng mined  in  Nanalmo,  the  manager
inada   hy
from and importation to these ports, but also il would put out of
a large railway mileage and close down many industries in C
shutting off the fuel supply.
Flut the seizure of Nanalmo or Sydney by a hostile fleet would have still
more serious consequences than the suspension of the commerce originating
there. It would put the enemy ia oontrol of Inexhaustible coal supplies for
naval operations against our other leaports and against British -warships
tent to cur relief. In fnct, however formidable the British squadron that
might be despatched to Canada's assistance, it would be at a serious dis-
Advantage if the enemy has control of onr maritime coai resources. The
relieving squadron would have to depend on its floating store of fuel to
ikeep up steam until it had ousted the enemy.
Suppose lhat Japan were to force Its present quarrel wiih the l'nited
States and bring on war. First, the Far Eastern power would poutree niton
the Philippines and follow up its success there and in the Hawaii Islands
by the dispatch of a strong fleet to the Pacific coast of the United Slates.
There is no doubt that Japan is fully advised as to the disposition of the
American navy, the relative weakness of It on the Pacific coast, and the
time  It  would  take to strengthen  greatly  the  naval  defences  there,
It probably is assured that, in the race for the United States Pacific
ports n Japanese fleet would b-cat an American fleet. Were n Japanese
fleet to arrive first, as it almost undoubtedly would, i' might work great
havoc en our neighbors' western ports. Is it a certainty thai Canada's
neutral,ty would be respected, and that no attempt would lie made by
cither combatant to get the enormous advantage of possession of onr Van
couver Inland coal ports, there being nn productive coal fields on the Pacific
ron. t of the United states?
These purls ought not to be left in an exposed Btate,    Strung defensive
work:   ought  to be placed there. BO that  they  could  be  beld  against   strong
attack, and ibe strategic advantage ot ihem  bo kept  for warships
lint .sh empire     No matter thi.irgh  wo hail a strung squadron then
should in.- permanent defences as welt   Toronto Mail and Umpire.
This nil] ensure gas for rooking,
lighting and for motive power without
[wblch several smaller plants in fhe
eity would have been put out of business, not to mention the newspapers.
Many peoplo, of course, believe they
cuuld get along without the larrer.
while   others   look   upon   them   as   a
��� necessary  evil.
Whatever they may be, however,
they Ore apparently safe for vet a tittle while.
Out  In   Victoria  '
thmcan,  II. C, May
and o\ ners of siiinir,,*
Shawnlgan lake have
those at Cowicban lak'
28.    Resltfents
- residences at
combined with
uid oilier isl
and resorts in agitating for a special |t0 supply
"suburban   train"  in   addition   to  the  homes   and
he confirmed  and  that  _
to work.
���I.   D.  Nixon,  the negro
Dolntment   to  the  mall
was   opposed   by   the   oth
who threatened  to resign
linns  if the  appointment
proved  by  the department, has  been
ordered  to  report  for work tomorrow
WhUe the appointment wns made to
the carriers' staff, Dixon will become
���in iiipiile ctili'y man instead. It ts not
believed thai the remainedr of the
siaff will take iny objection to Dixon's
acceptance of 'his position.
Jorda-i Wafer Now Beinq Stored���
Preparing  for   Dry   Months
Victoria, May 28.���Work has been
���rn far advanced on the great dam on
Jordan river, which bas been ereetiel
bv the Vancouvi r Island Power Co.,
lhat a star! has been made in storing
water within the mighty Rtructum
A. T. Coward, local manager, stated
lhis morning that although the dam
was by no means completed as y**t.
enough was done to allow waler to be
intro riucod.
The storage capacity is fed from
'he large drainage area around the
head waters Of Jordan river, and the
dam itself is said to be far higher
ihan any other In Canada,
The purpose of the Btrueture is to
reserve waler during the rainy portions of the year to drive the machines at thn power house during the
dry season.    The power house Is used
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
Pernio, B, ('., May 2*. Four thousand dollars fur the loss of his hand
was the compensation awarded a',
he s islze court in the case of Bird
VB. the Crew's Nest Pass Coal Compan v.
This was a compensation case for"
damages sustained by Hird while in
lie employ of the defendant company. His hand had been so badly
mangled as to rentier it nearly use-
lens, and  the action  was  for Jinisn.
The court    allowed     the    plaintiff
$4000  and   costs.
Child's Barefoot Sandals, sizes 3 to 1% 45c
Kiddies' Barefoot Sandals, sizes 6 to V/2 60c
Little Gent's Barefoot Sandals, sizes 8 to lO'/o.. .70c.
Misses' and Boys' Barefoot Sandals, sizes 11, 12,
13,1,2 85c
Kiddies' Box Kip Boots, English make, sizes 5 to
10  95c
Kiddies' Box Calf Blucher Boots, sewn soles, sizes
8 to Id/o $1.50
Misses' box calf blucher Boots, sewn soles; sizes
11, 12, 13,1,2 $1.75
Boys' School Hoots, heavy tanned leather   soles
double, wood pegged, sewn; sizes 1 to 5 $1.85
Boys' Dress Boots, vici kid and box calf, sizes 1
to 5 $1.85
Ladies' white and colored Canvas Oxfords, every
size  fiOc
Ladies' Black and tan Oxfords and Pumps, broken
lines $1.45
Ladies' Hoots, Alexandra make, sizes to 6 $1.95
Ladies' Boots, Ames Holden $5.00 lines; every
size $3.95
Big Girls'Patent Gol. Boots,  low  heels,  sizes
to 6  $2.75
Men's litfht Work Boots, every size' $1.25
Men's box calf Boots, leather lined; every size. .$2.95
Men's gun metal blucher, Long Life make, all
sizes $3.95
Men's willow calf, tan button and lace $5.00 Boots,
every size $3.95
Popular Shoe Store
The Home of Imw Prices
641 Front St.
the  force
ordinary dally service between these
points nnd Vlctirla, The object is to
enable property owner: at this favorite Bnmmer resort to visit their sub
urban hemes every day. Wlnle it is
doubtrtl! win ther inch Bpeclal uon ice
will be extended ss far us Coivlclmn
ii Is confidently believed that tfteman-
n emi nl et the K * \ it. -*-***\ ���no.ue
of the ��ome Bitch arrangement ns far as
tin i- ���  Shawlngan lake.
which llghta the
Of   Victoria   and
disirici, and In this way H Is Irnpor-
;i- I that ever-"'*|if should h<- in
-��� -ni noes that the Bitpplv ef power
be not Intempted or curtailed nt any
time ' f lhe year.
Mr Tripp, the I ical superintendent,
makes frequent visits of Inspection to
tho power staticn and reports Sll well
, growinR need for the.
rrltlviilion of Rome elementary principles of honesty among the new generation. At a bit; public school in
ihe cily the pupils do not think it
uit all blamable to "swipe." each oth-
���cr's property should they happen tu
need it. Wearing apparel, tiooks,
���a-norlin,; accessories, it iB all the
On tho street cars very respectable people think nothing of "bea--
tnv. " their fares. A young fellow
j:ot on a car Uie other evening. He
had two transfers and he offered one
to 0 man who had hla ticket ready
Ui put in the hox. The man refUBOd
ttie. ti- .nsfer and said something abon-
J'a. Boiiaro deal." but the young man
evidently  theught lie was a fool,
Tbo department stores say that if
r t-arcel Is delivered at the. wrong
address tbey rarely hear of it axnin.
\V,. ]...,. .   nf -i  ��� iircel cf books which
was mlsdelivered a few days ago. The
add" -:.i was on the parcel, but the
l��>oplo who BO) It were not honest
enough either to return it to the
Btore or jend it to the right address.
Theae -ire very elementary initan
ees where honesty Bhould not bo a
iliffiiuU  thing  to  practise.    If people
what extent the tendency may develop
These actions are    nil    "stealing"
whatever slang term may be applied
lo Ihem, and those who blunt their
moral sens,, bv committing Ihem may-
find no moral strength lefl to withstand greater temptations when they
come  along.
Some people think the foreign e\e-
ment has been responsible for low-'
ering the code, but if this be so, there
is al the more necessity for the C'ana-
d'nn antl liritish born to maintain ,
lhat reputation for integrity and lion
esty associated with racial traditions.
- Toronto World.
���grow up w*h the idea that th��:y can  work was being planned,
-swipe"   or   "beal"  or  keep   what  is  boats could not be nged upon the
.nol  theirs,  there  is  no  knowing  to  nals, on account of the "serious Injury
The hide-in canal, betweon Ottawa
nnd Kingston, wis upon 'his daj
Mny "'..Tn, 1832 formally opened, and
nmldi' gn ni rej ilcing tha Inelegant!] named steamer "Pumper" plo-
neered the way through tho locks al
Ottawa. It was almosl Immediately
followed by another Bteamer, "The
The fact lhat the first vessels to go
through were Steamboats is interesting in connection with the oft-repeated assertion, in the days when the
thai steam-
A man who never advertises
i-    said    to   the writer the    other
day:   "The people of this town
know* my alore    well    enough,
:-   and    tliey    know    me.    If they
want   to  buy  anything  1  have.
they will come around and see
i   me."
It may be admitted that the
Itpeople who have lived here right
along know of the existence of
this   Store,   but   do   they   know
I    all   about   it ?    The   people  all
i   know about the cemetery, but
Ihey   don'l   go  there  much  except    when    some    friend    Is
'������    burled.     People don't   care    to
bother   much   nowadays   about
stores  unless   they   believe the
owners thereof are    enterpris-
i:    ing men.
They want lo deal with mer-
;-   chants who oeom wide awake
;���   enough   to  gel   good   bargains
���    and  �� ho havi   i ��� i ugh Bp r:t of
hUBlle lo ri ach oui for a largo
irad ���   and    ibus    rt dune    the
costs i f rent, clerk hii-ff!' taxes
and other   overhead   charges.
The man  who    never   solicits
public    patronage    inmpresses
people    as too slow    to    look
.-   nP> i-    thl ir    interests     attell-
Timer Gets Lots cf it Out
Fort George Pilgrims.
Salmon Hiver. II. I'., iUay 28. -
The road has been alive lately
I with settlers going to Fort Oeorge.
Thev enme In crowds, with huge
"prairie Bchooners" and bands of 20
and 30 horses. Frequently they will
stop and camp for a" -hilo. and occasionally some old campaigner will
be amongst Ihem. and then we have
I hrilling tales of the rush to the
Klondike that, would make the fortune  nf  a  novelist.
Talking of Klnndyk". a loeal old-
timer has a piece of gold-bearing
quartz, given to him bv one of Hie
miners on the return Journey. This
he will show to the prospector and
assure him that It came 'rom the
mountain  at   the   back of  the   ranch.
Are you or.e of those to vhom
every meal is another source of
suttering ?
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
will help your disordered stomach to
digest zny reasonable meals, and will
soon restore it to such perfect condition that you'll never feel that yeu
have a stomach. Take one after
each meal. 50c. a Box at your
Druggist's. Made by the National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited. .       t so
Re  Lota 3 and 4,  Block  5. of Section
36.  Block  5  North,   Raage 3  West.
Map   529,   in   the   District   of   New
Whereas proof of the loss of Cor-
titlcate of Title Number lHr,74l-\ is
sued in the name of Alexander Allan,
has  been   llled   in   this  office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall
at the expiration Of one month from
the date of the llrsl publication here
of, In a daily newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster, Issue
a duplicate Of the said Certificate, tin
less in the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
Histrict Itegistrar of Title*,
Land  tleglstry Office,  New  Westmin
ster,  B.C., April 30. 1913.      (1208)
NKW*    \VI-:.M'.,IINSTL0.'l    LODOHl    NO   i
H   tt  P. O. nf Klks Of the D, uf C, mee
ihe first ,-imi iiiini Thursday at 8 n. m.
K. of P. Hall, Eighth str,-,*i. A Well-
Ur.-iy. HBtalted Ruler; P. H. Smith. See
(i a M. NO. s;4. MKET8 ON
lirsl, mctmrt. lliird anil fnurlh Wednesday in each iiiiinili at 1 p. tn.
In ihe Moose Home, n J ueamy,
dictator; I E. Junes, secretary,
lh iiijiiniiii-r-i ,.f lodge In Boo House,
corner M F���urth and Carnarvon sir,*, is
II. O. O. F. AMITY LODOB NO. 17���Th
rt-ioilBj* meeting Of Amity helne fit
27. r. O. O. V.. Is held OVtry Mondir
nlKht st K o'clock In odd Follows' Ral
I    earner Carnarvon  snd  Btchth  street,
VlHltlnr hreth-rn canllallv Invlter
Ft. A. Merrlthew. N. O. I I Itoherlsoi
V. O.J W. C, Ooutliam, P It., reenro
Ini? secretary; ll. W. San-gster, flnai-
���/���Jul secretary,
ter A Hanna, Ltd >���Funeral dt-ect,,r
luul-.-intialniers     Parlors 408 Qolumbt
1     street.    New   Westminster.    Phene   1191
I J. STUAVKl.t. CLOTH H.-irrlater-nt-law,
anlirltor, etc.; comer Colmnhia an��
McKenzie streetn, New We.il minster,
8  C.   P, o. no�� 112.    Telephone  710.
Solicitor   and    "St-tary.    OCflcaa     Hart
hii-H-k.  2S  I,oni��   etreet.  New  Westmtn-
sli r. n. C.
Barristers antl Solicitors. %t\f, in Bit
Westminster Trust Miock. O, D Martin, W. ll. Me-Quarrle and Georgti L.
,v n FA LBS- Pioneer Funeral Dlrectn
niei* Bmhalmer, Gi2-r,iH ARnes str,",-*
OppMlte Carnegie I.lhrarv
S:.!<*. ii,-e,ie. Btislm-sfl Letters, etc.: eir
e-Udir work specialist All wurk strlellj
nonrtdcntlnl " Barry, room ttl West
min.tter Trust Hlk.    Phone 7a:
For a
and   Use
License to  Take
Notice  is hereby  Kiven  that  W.   A
I.amont.    of  New  Westminster,    will
apply  for a  license  to  take  and  use
two   miner's   Inches  of   water  out  of
Ile has had mcre fun out of lhat piece  unnamed creek,    which    flows    in    a
of quartz than the average man would   southerly direction through Coquitlam
and empties Into Fraaer river near
Kraser Mills. The water will b"
diverted at bridse on Austin road and
Will be used fir Industrial purposes
mi iiie land described as went half
Mew   of  II.  L.  368,  block   I.
This    notice    waa    posted    on    tlm
Kround on the 27lli day of May, 1913.
The  application   will   be   filed   in   the
classes   of   business   is   an   in-  offlee of the water  recorder nt    New
a   which   has   nt,w   r;one  into Wesiminster.
Accountant Tel. It lit. Iltxim 2:
Hart  block
p. it. Smilh. W. J. Qrovei
War's   undertaken     tn    city    und    OUtStd
points.    211-12'   Westminster   Trust    lilili
Phone  SB4.    P   o.  Box  r,07.
ster Board of Trade meets In the lunar,
roam. City Hall, ss follows: Third 1-r
day   of  each   uiynltl ;   quarterly   meellie
on ihe third Friday of February, Ma]
August and   NovemlnT at  K  p.m.     Ai
i    nual  mcotlnaa en the third Friday i
j    Fobruary.   Ci   ll.   Stuart   Wade,   merri
l     tary.
cot   from   ii  year's  subscription  to
comic paper,
Meters, Boileltnnt, etc. 40 Lam,* Sn*,,
New- Westminster. <��� K Corbould, 1
C    .1. It. flian-t.    A. B.  MeColl.
com, MLIlNtt rlKhts of 'he Dominion
In Manitoba^ Saskatchewan and Alhertm,
the Yukon Territory, Ihe Northwest Territories and ia a portion of the Province
of Ilrlltsh i ..Intnl.la. netv be leased for *
term of twesty-one years at an annual
rental of tl an acre. Not more than 26SS
acres will he leased to one applloant,
Ai elicil li.n   for   a   leaae   must    he   made
uy the nM'iifa.Mi in person to the Agant
or Sub-Age-gl of the district In which the
rlatlts applied for are situated.
ln surVff-yod territory the land must be
described hv s, cttons, or legal auiedlvl-
slniis of sections, and In UBSUrveVod ter-
rlinry llle tract applied for shall be
staked ai*.! hy the appiir.nii himself.
Each application musl he aieumpaiiled
hy a fre of tfi which wlll be refunded If
tlie rhdrrn applied for an, nol avali'uhlo,
but not oiherwlse. A royalty Hhall tie
pal't oo th<> m<-trhantnhle output of tho
mine ai ihe rate of rive cents per ion
Tha person operation the mine sltall
furnish   the   Agent   with   swum   returns
ai un'liiK  fur  tlie  full  uuunlllv   of  mer-
chnIt-table ooal mined and |mv ihe roy-
anv thereon, ft Ihe conl mining rights
ire tH>t being op, rated such returns should
o.    r-.irnlHhed   al   leosl   once  a   v.-ar.
The lease wlll Include the cal mining
rights   only,   hut   the   leasee   will    la-   |��T-
mttted to porohass whatever available
surface riirhis may he consldored necessary for lhe Working of tlle mine at Ihe
��� ate  of  $|fi (ln  aero.
Por full  Information application, .ih<��u!o-
i"- made to tls- Becretary of ths Dopart-
ni'i'l   of lhe Interior, Ottawa,  or  to any
U-enl or Suh-Agent of  Dominion   Lands.
^ W.  W.  OOTtY.
Deputy Minister nf the Interior..
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of this
advertisement will not (m paid for.
Bank of Montreal
j                 F.HTABIJSIIED 1817.
^CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ....$16,000,000.00
i RESERVE    *16,000.000.00
Handles  throughout  Canada    nnd
j Newfoundland, and  In  London,  Eng-
''.'*��� '".-���
0 *
Trades     People     Affectrd
Hospital Opens Shortly
Duncan,  B. C, May 28.���A  weekly
half-holiday   for  the summer months
for  a I
in vatl
effrct In Duncan.
September  will   see   the    hospital
opened  for  patlonte.    The    building
has  cosi.   $0f,no,  t,f   which   $2000   has
I been  raised  locally  by  private  sub-
Objections mav be filed with tho
aald water recorder or with the comptroller of water rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria,  B.C,
(1410) Applicant.
ter-at-law, wil lol tor, etc.. Telenbon
1070.      Cable      n/Idresa      'Mohnsb n.
Code.   "Western   Union "       Off'O'fl,   F'.lli
Pluck. 5ES Columbia stroet, New West
minster, R. 0,
WHrrnsiDB,   edmonds �����  whitsi
side ��� Barristers and Bolloltors, West
minster  Trust   itik.,   Columbia  street
New Westminster, 11 l'.. Cable adilresi
"Whlfcislde." Western Union. P. C
Drawer    20l).      Telephone    ��!>.     W.    .1
whtu'sldo, K. C; 17. U Kdmond.-, D
ban!-, ini
���f C ud1
land, :������'������������ York, Chicago and Spokane
"".SA., and Mexico City. A general
iness tranuacted. Letters
sued, available with cor-
ln all parts of the world.
Savings Hank Department���Deposits
I ri ei Ived In sums of $1 and upward
I und Interest allowed nt 3 per cent, per
i inn m (present rate).
Ti 1 il Assets over $186,000,000.00.
V: D. MIYMNER, Manager.
'*.'*- THURSDAY, MAY 29, 1913.
Unlike humanity, few communities have greatness thrust upon them, neither are they born great,
but greatness in the sense applied to countries or
cities is almost invariably achieved and the achievement can only be accomplished by the qualities and
actions of the people constituting the community.
Outside confidence is never extended where self-confidence is not obvious, and unless citizens have, and
express in no uncertain manner, faith in themselves
and their city, it is a hopeless task to inspire in those
interest lying on the outside, qualities lacking at
Patriotism, whether civic or national, is a sentiment that can only be shaped to beneficent ends by
practical demonstration and application, and while
we are prone to find fault with conditions as we find
them we often fail to realize that they are due largely
to our own quiesence and that the remedy lies largely in our own hands.
Energetic action has been taken by the Boards
of Trade and other public bodies to bring about an
improvement in the marketing of our Fraser Valley
products and it is anticipated that by proper organization and businesslike methods a great good will
be achieved shortly; but it takes two to make a bar-
On the other side of this vital question we
have the attitude of the consumer and while it is
expected that no one will sacrifice their personal
right to secure in the open market the best value for
their money, at the same time they should insist,
where other conditions are equal, that preference
should be given to home grown and home manufactured products and they should patronize the shops
and institutions that utilize the money expended by
the consumer for purposes which result directly in
stimulating the business, social and religious activities of the home city.
To the end that the public at large may better
appreciate the large and varied products originating
in and about the city of New Westminster, the merchants and business men have co-operated in having a
Window Display of Home Products on Friday and Saturday,
May 30 and 31, and Monday, June 2.
It is hoped that it will serve as an object lesson to our citizens that will furnish them with a more intelligent appreciation of what they have at home and also as an inspiration to the farmers and manufacturers to lend every effort toward the conservation of their home market which has been so deplorably exploited by the organized aggressiveness of foreign producers. ���
It is possible that a number of our merchants have not yet been interviewed on the subject of making this display on the dates mentioned. If they will communicate with
Mr. Rashleigh, chairman of the Business Men's Association, Phone 868, or Mr. Darling, Acting Secretary of the Progressive Association, Phone 736, they will be furnished
with all the necessary information and a copy of the rules of the competition governing the window display contest.
VSFtA/C   fiN   DilRl IfllY ���';r'"-l,if,*> asto whcre'tolocate in or-
VII Tl J  Ull   rUDLlV/Ill  *-M u> "l'*'-'n whatever conveniences
bo desired.
nnr advantages, with a request to apply to the municipal hall for further
,i. lulls    Any applicant could then be
urnlshed with thoroughly reliable in-
Large   Colored    Posters    of   Burnaby
Views,  Frequently  Changed���Satisfied Settlers' Worth as an Ad.
in ii-
Edmonds, May -K -Some v<.ry e\-
oellont notes regarding publicity mutters were given to the council laat
ovening l.y Comptroller W. Griffiths,
in response to a request from ihe financial committee, No immediate action in likely to he taken thereon, hm
i\- information contained is of general value .Mr. Griffiths states:
Must Be Sustained.
in my opinion the advertising wo
have previously carried out haB heen
dovold of any conlsderable h.-neiie-.l
effects.    Advertising,  In order to be*,
realy productive of results, musl !�����!..
of a somewhat continuous or sustained nature, and more or less dlversl
Red, and  this principle appllos just
as rorclblj to the advertising of
nloipallt) as i" tlut of an Ind
conci rn.
Publli Ily work in regard to Burnaby Ih naturally divided Into three iii-*
Unci clasBlfloatlons: Residential, financial and Industrial.
After citing 'he various advantages
the municipality has to onvr, the report Keen till:
These pointi-i are all well worth advertising, anil if il waa not Just at tlle
present tine a quesUon of funds, I
would HtronRiy recommend an aggressive advertising campaign to attract
settlers, on the following lines:
M.Tke  It   Local.
localize the campaign to Vancouver, Westminster and surrounding dis-
tricsts. It Is usetless to advertise our
residential advantages to anyone un-'
less they have made up their mlndB to
reside more or less permanently on
the lower mainland, and that Ib my
reason for deprecating advertising In
publicity issues of newspapers, guides
and periodicals which reach a class
who are. as a rule, not particularly In-
tefeeted In our residential advantages
ami we are also in ench case In competition with the write tips of other municipalities, sn that only a very small
proportion of benefit comes our way.
1 would sugegst that large colored
posters be obtained or the views iii
different portions of Burnaby with a
suitable text 111 simple anil appropriate
type uiifllrlently large to catch the
eye even if pasBing tlieni In a street
car. These could he got out In
and a different poster Issued nt intervals, so that every poster would be always fresh, The same porting stations  [,0 ft'thoroughly.
 ,.i    ,._     , . ,.,     .,,,.1     i.'iu.,. lulu     wmiM i
This would. In my opinion, save
the municipality thousands of dollars
for sidewalks, wv.tur mains, troads,
etc., as all settlers would be encouraged to locate where these 'con ven -
| ences could already be obtained and
j the time of the council and the money
Of the ratepayers could be otherwise
spent than In planning how to give
'conveniences to every person settling in Ihe bush on the promise of a
real estate agent, that a request to
the councll will bring all these conveniences to his door.
The  Right  Way.
Small   one  or   two   inch   advertise-;
ments  should  also be inserted in  the
right   location   In  the  daily    papers
TRese   would  also   be  altered   daily,
bul would always ask that cv, ry prospective settler apply al the municipal
hall tor Information  before building
| Such   un   advertising   scheme   would,
uu sure, receive the hearty co-op-w-
ation of all reliable real estate agents
and a greater percentage of our sei-
tlcra would receive what tiny anticipated.
A satisfied settler is the greatest
advertisement a district cm obtain,
and li:s advertising costs th" municipality nothing. Kaeh settler also
means a higher price for our bond Issues, a mailer or no small financial
One Step Forward.
Publicity work in this direction is
of extreme Importance, and our annual
reports for the year are a step in the
right direction. I h ive atFo occasionally h-'d articles printed as newa, matters rMatlve to our Ouanciai pnuition.
etc., in the financial papers free of
Whilst advertising in the papers It-,
as a rule expensive, I have no doubt
COUtraots could be entered into giving us a small space weekly for a modest sum. Ily this means 1 havo no
doubt that considerably mere apace
would be given us for "write upa"
Blm'lar to the os *s already Inserted.
Keep the name of llurnaby before
the financial peoplo ef both Europe
and America, relate our progress periodically, emphasize all our good
points, iinch as borrowing margin, as-
sets, etc., and I believe such advertising would Increase the demand for
our bonds nnd the price thereof.
Needs An Expert.
Upon Ihls question I would not care
lo offer any suggestion. It would be
advisable to obtain the rervices of an
Industrial advertising expert to draw-
up a campaign which could be directed from this olllce.
1 In conclusion 1  would suggest  that
no considerable sum of money be paid
for publicity until such time as we can
ec! to the bishopric in the Catholic
church here. Krom all sections of
the maritime provinces visitors came
to witness the consecration of one of
'.he youngest bishop m all Canada
Bishop O'Leary Is only 33 years old.
The papal delegate, .Monsigneur Stag-
ni, presided at the consecration and
was assisted by many clericals of the
helrarchy ln Canada. His lordship.
IPsliop -O'I.eary will now have charge
of the Charlottetown diocese.
Ill ..    ..    .    L..   J-.   I. . U���1	
the arore'8 newspaper, and other me. I
thods of advertising. No matter how
bright and effective the ad.. itB value
ls neutralized hy an appearance of
sloth  or  earcksness  in  the  window.
Here i-3 Appeal to Common Cen6e Peo
pic. Beauty  Lovers and Cargain
Do you know the Inestimable value
of your show  windows?
If   not,   il   is   lime   that   yen   were
full,, aware of their potentialities.
cheapest, readli st and
advertising   un aus   at
Lord  Avebury  Dies���Friend   of  Labor
���Member of  Hou6e of  Lords
London,   May    28.���Lord    Avebury
died  here of heart  disease.     He  waa
79 years old.
Lord Avebury wlll be best remembered as Sir John Lubbock. He was
a great banker and man of science.
Ho it was who won bank holidays
for the people and for many years
he has worked for shorter hours of
labor, especially in  ahop.i.
His book. "The Pleasures of Life," I
has  gone   through   1""   editioiiB,   aad
with   "The   Use   of   Life"   has   been
translated  into nearly    twenty    languages.
Hamilton Old Boys Meet
Calgary, May 28���At a meting of
the Hamilton Old Boys' Association
Lieut. Toye in the chair, It waB decided to charter a special train to carry the members of the local ���association to the Hamilton Old Boys' reun-
on to be held at the ambltiouB city
from August 11 to 15, when lt Is expected that about 2ou old Hamilton
boys in Calgary will take the trip to
their old homo town.
Municipal School District
of Burnaby
Including  Dlstriet   l,ot   IT-'.  Group One.
Publlc   Notice   Is   hereby   (then   10   tho
electors ot the School District of Burnab)
thai   1   require   tlie   present f   the  said
���li etors at the Municipal Hall on
WEDNESDAY.  JUNE 4th.  1913
uk  neon,  for the  purpose of
I Westminster
Transfer Co.
Office  Phone   185.      Gam  Phon*
Stable Street.
<;'�� *)
Baggage Dcliveis4 Promptly to **-, \*j ��'
any p��rt of the city. ^ fe ,7,'
8   5
*   ^
L'ght and heavy Han/u.^
are '.be
could be kept and passeisby would
gradually get Into tho habit of looking for a  new  view.
Should Fetch Them.
Rome  such  headings  as  "Beautiful
Burnaby,"   "See   Burnaby,"   "Hurnaby
for   Settlers,"   and   eo   forth;   under-
Now Youngest Bishop.
Chatham, N. B��� May 88,���The presence  of  a  congregation   which   tilled
the Chatham  Roman Catholic cathedral to overflowing, greeted  Kev.  Dr.
ueatrimcripllotiB In smaller'types of O'Leary of Chatham, who was clevat-
lie Bt
Tiny are the most tried and tracer
able medium.   Tlie goods are actually
shown   at   the   place   where   sold.
No distance bei wen (he tlesiie and
tiie artichi except to step through
Ihe tloor.
Show flndOWS reuroHotit n fixed
space and the question is how to ben'
utlllte the full amount a change
should be made In the win low diet'������>���
at least once a week, prefei bly every
Ihree   days.
Whn a novelty Is shown It ia ad
visable to have a small card describing the principal features; the
card should carry out the color
scheme of the window, small, artistic
but descriptive.
There are several kinds of windows
i as follows:    The bargain display, the
appeal  to common  sense, the beauti-
! ful window, tho display showing pur-
j pose.
I The bargain window is usually sen-
'sational and Is an appeal to economy
' hased on price, either to get rid of
slow moving stock or certain styles
! that have b.'en overbought This
j typo cf display often influences pew
i customers.
The "appeal to common sense" dls-
play   will  show   the  ordinary   staples
and   efforts  n-ust   be  made   to   show
i that Ihe articles are good articles for
\ the   price,   aud   quality   talk   usually
accompany these  types of window.
Dl autlful windows appeal to the
aesthetic sense; quality Is the basis
I of the appeal, and this window stig-
'gesls the character of tho business
and does much to prove that the very
best ls on display. The "window
with a purpose" Is, and may be some
times called, tho specialty  window.
The window plays a moBt Important
part ln backing up and driving home
the purpose
electing persons to < rve on ile* Board i*r
Sei I Trustees ol Burnaby to till tin- vacancies caused by tbo resignations of Mr.
P. T t*nrr and Mr. T. Sanderson, anj to
s,*r\,* the remainder of the respective onus
ni office for which Lha members were elected vis . one tor tbs term expiring :ust
December, Hit, and one for the balance
nl   this   year's   term.
-rhe mode ei   iiiiinlmiii.ni of canal-dates
shall be in follows:   The eondl latce sliall;
I,., nominated In writing, the writing shall
In- subscribed by two voters of the Bel 1
District   a*   rrojKiser   ami   See Ier.   ant*
shall in- delivered to tiie Returning Officer
.ii anj lime botween the data or ihls notice
and : o'clock i> iu on the day of nomination, nml I" the evenl nf a poll being
necessary such i>"ll will be opened on Sat- *
urday, June 7th. una. sl �� a m . and close
at  7 P. III. at
Municipal  Hall,  Bdmonda
Knmllton Boad H,-hn,,i. Durqultlatn.
Me  Topping's store. Ilth Avenue Bast
Burnaby, .    ,   ,
nurnabv Uih- Store. Burnaby Like.
Dundonald Bchool, rraaer Arm
WiHt  Burnnby   Bchool,  West   Burnaby.]
I Alt!���mere   Srhool.    Ulkrmere.
Pt. Nicholas Parish Hall, North Bur-
naby. ,    ,     ,
Of which every person Is hereby re-
tulrcd to taki nbUos and govern himself
iccordlngly, . |
Any  ivrsiin   belna  a  mule   British  RUb-
liei. and having been fnr the Hire,* months
next pr, ceding the day nf his nomination
ihe registered owner, in ttie Land R**k1h-
:r\ Office, nf land or real property Ritual., wlihln th- municipality nf the nsses*-
,���,i vnluo, nn iin* lasi municipal er provln-
I ilnl is:.-Msnient roll, nf two hundred ami
i fiftv dollars or more, over mul above any
I -i glstered judgment nr oharge; or being
a homesteader, less,*,, from the Crown, or
pre-emptor who has resided will In the
municipality for the spae-' nf one year o-
tnopi Immediately preceding tlie dav uf
nomination, nm' is ass>ssed for live hun-
���Irid diilluts or mere nn tie- la U inunlcl-
i"il or provincial assessment rnll over and
above uto* registered Judgment or charge;
nr being n homesteader, lessee from the
Crown, or pre-emptor who has resided
within Hi" num "I'lalUy for a period of
one vear Immedlatelv pre.dlnit the nom-
Inail "i. and durinK tiie remainder or said
v..n* has h*** n the owner of said land, of
whieh he formerly wuh a homesteader
lessee from the Crown, or pre-emptor, and
la assessed for flve hundred dollars or
more on iiie lust municipal or provincial
-uwssment roll over and above nny registered ludKinmt or charge, und being
otherwise qualified bv this Act to vote at
an election of school trustees in the said
school dlstriet, shall I Ilglhle to l��' elect-
serve ns a sell,wit trustee 111 such
. municipality sohool district,
gennt Drue";  Saturday matinee, "The |    Olvtn under bv hand at Edmonds this
Toy Maker"; Saturday ovening, "Tho|"H' ��** �� ""/rtiii'r o. Moonw.
Mikado." (1395) Returning   Ofttcer.
0. H.   BUCKUN, N.  MCARDSLE&,        W. F. H. BOCKUW,
Free  and Genl. Mgr. Vlce-Pr-aald-aot. B-ao. a>d Treas.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured in B. C��� viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOl'VKH" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American and Cmu-Ulan Engineers'  Association.
We would alBo call attention to our Vitrlfled Sewer Pipe from
4 In to 84-ln, in diameter. This is aleo made in tills Province and we
consider superior to any Imported srticlp.
We alao carry u stock of Crushed Itock. Washed Gravel, Sand,
Ume, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16. 902 Columbia Street W.
Attention, Mr. Traveller
We will bave on tale, daily. May 28lli to Sept. 30th, low rate round
trip excursion tickets to destinations in Kaslern Canada, the United
States and to Kurope.
We can give you n choice of lines on both the going and the return
trip, ln fact can make up your tickets su that you may ko ouu way
and return another.
Wltll the Pollard  Australiau opera
company nt tho opera Iioubo tonight >c'n>oldl��
In "Un Uelle Butterfly"; Friday, "Ber-ISlsttiot  i
Hound trip tickets to Kuropn are interchangeable on
It ls a good idea to let us make yonr reservations as far ahead as
possible -only a small deposit ia required to hold choicest accommodation uutil you decide definite departure.
II. C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Urauvllle Street, Vancouver.
W.  K.  DUPKHOW, 0. A.   P. D.
I bone Private Kxchango 8134 PA-oe I our
THUR8DAY, MAY 2��j  1911
up the agreement. Indications, however, point to a large majority of the
Btrlkers being in a favorable mood to
return to worli and the trouble will
likely be ended before the week is out
with al] mines in operation again by
the  first   of June.
ROSSIAND PffllR    i Co
Applicants  for   S:hool   Board    Secretaryship Are Legion���What the
Job Will Be.
"Whether lhe new secretary to be
(engaged by the school board will be
isecretary io tlie school board or secretary to the municipal inspector..or
whether the secretary will bo secretary lo the sclioul board under the
Bupervlsion uf Ihe Inspector wns thu
question discussed by the board last
-tvening when considering 27 applies
tlons for Hie position.
Tho applications were all read and
Bifled down to five who are qualified
for the position, accordlnK to tbeit
Implications. These live will bo inter
viewed -personally by the board and a
nclection  made.
Miss Strong stated thai any nr-
rangeinent the board might make
would be perfectly satisfactory to hei
aa long as lier position was made
Trustee Rennle moved that the sec
retary be the secretary or the board
and not of the municipal inspector.
Trustee Green opposed the motion
and stated tbat, while Miss Strong
Bhould not be given any responsibility
for tan office work, she should be llle
first in office, as il was clear that no
���secretary would override any wlBhes
of the board, even at the command
of any oilier official. Thc motion was
Ins    on a  vote.
Financial   Dealing  with  China  Should
Hav;  Support   of    the
Niw York, May 88.- The need fnr
government support In financial deal-
lafeB wiih a nation like China wan argued for today by William j. Cal-
iioun. recently retired as American
minister to China, In an address ui a
luncheon given in his honor by friends,
most of them members of the American Asiatic society. Owing to lack
of courts iu China to which a foreigner ruin resort to protect himself, be
declared, lenders must be protected
by "diplomatic support" from their
own   gOVC niment.
"I think you men who have had experience will admit that if all support
is to lie withdrawn from you because
of an objection to dollar diplomacy,"
-said Mr. Calhoun, "you will not feel
that you dare go far in business ventures in that country."
The retiring minister said he was
not criticizing the present policy at
Washington, but was discussing observations as an American citizen.
As It Was Spoken by the Englishman
and the American.
An Aineiie.-in in Loudon, living In n
private hotel, inipilred of un ICugllah
acquaintance Imw It was that everyone in I lie liouse : in mediately recognized his nationality, hi "Vagabond
Journeys" Mr, ivnivul Pollard records
the conversation.
The Englishman looked nt our American friend for a moment and then
ventured tills definite explanation:
"Ob, of course, don't you see, they
would know jou, you see, like a shot.
1 menn to say, you seo. Hint It's <|tllte
odds on. don't ynu see. that you are,
that you inc. you seel  Eh7"
The American chewed on tbis a little
nnd then remarked, apropos of uoth-
"Say, nln't It a fine tiling we speak
lhe same language'-1 Yes, sir! That's
j what keeps the two countries so close
together-the language. Still, ns I was
saying. I can't make up my mind
-whether It's my feet or my language.
I'd like to have a real heart to heart
tnlli "itli jou about some of these little details of tlie language that binds
ns together, tongues across tlie sea. as
it were (nine and have lunch wllb me
at the Cecil."
"Quile sorry! I just went and bad a
i bone nn hour ago."
"Leg pardon':"
-till, I mean to sny, of course, don't
ynu see, I had a grilled bono at the
"Well, there's another thing I'd like
to talk to you about when you have
lime some day That's the exact deliui-
lion of the week end. I've noticed
that when yuur lawyer or stockbroker,
nnd so forth, says he's going nwny fur
tbe week end it moans Unit lie's leaving Thursday evening nntl not showing up again until Tuesday morning.
There goes a buy from IC-ton; 1 can tell
him by his clothes."
"from whole'.'"
"K ion." repealed the Yankee. "Accents on the -lon,' doesn't It?"
"No; don'l ynu see, it's lust Eton"
"(ih. rimes wiib 'moetln',' eh, dropping ihe -g' carefully at tlie same time
as the voice and otherwise cou-ealing
the alphabet ns much as possible?
Well, well!" and Ihe American pulled
up Ids horse "Ain't it great *we speak
the same language?"
Outlook   is  Very   Promising���fJecreas
ed  Costs  All   Round   Point to
Greater Develonmcnt
Rossiand, May 28.-- A feature of the
Uossland camp is the steadiness of
the production which goes on year
by year, running into tlie millions.
The following lrjtere.-it.ing figure;.
In this connection are. given by the
The  grand   total   Is   $,">
',452   for
Tiie  New   WeBtmlnster  News does
not  hold  Itself responsible    for    Un
opinions expressed in correspondence
Editor Tiie News:
Dear  Sir.    In   your  valuable  piper
this  morning  l  notice  you  mention
that the hotel men (?l did not like
'the new law, compelling Uiem to have
!;i() rooms before they would be a'low-
ed to run the bar. their excuse being
they have nol lime to comply.
i This law was passed IS months ago
to come into effect on Jan. 14 and I
consider they have had ample time to
make the mange. We wnnt mole dining rooms and sleeping acconiinrda-
tion and less whiskey. If they were
sincere, they would not hesitate to
'comply with llie new law, but we know
there is more money in the bar business than In the dining room and
sleeping parts, but why should they
be allowed to do as they please.
I These hotels should be made to have
the required 30 rooms and run a dining room in connection. I am pleased
to note that some do, but we have a
'few lhat should be condemned as the
buildings ami mode in which they are
run are a disgrace lo a progressive
Sapperton, B.C., May 2S, 1913.
the nineteen years beginning 1894.
Another feature of note is that a
very large proportion ef 'be values
In lhe ore is gold. Up to the end of
191- lhe ramp has produced 2,018,152
ounces of gold. Valuing this at $20
per ounce. It makes the gold oul put
of tlie camp, beginning with 1904 and
tip to the commencement of the pres-
ent year. $40,368,040, the balance of
the lotal of $55,477,452 being In silver
nad copper.
This makes Kossland the premier
gold lode camp of the Dominion of
During lhe period lhat has elapsed
since ism till 1912. inclusive, the
tonnage produced has been 4.104.228,
and, dividing this by lhe gross value,
resulting cf $55,577,452, it given an
average value to the ore per ton of:
Judging from Ihe finds made in the j
properties cf the Consolidated com- i
pany,    including    those    in    the War
Eagle,  Centre  Star and   Lo  Roi,  the	
promising outlook in the Le Roi Two, two months. Tiny had this proposal
and the large areas of valuable [rem *,],. Lamoureux to buy his pro-
grouiid to be shortly exploited in Ihe perty and a proposal thrown out at
Soiuh licit, the outlook Is promising last meeting to purchase some place
for the remaining months of 1913 antl iin another locality, sucb as al ing the
for years lo come. Austin  road.    He  Invited  a  full and
It is thought  that there will be   a free discussion,
very considerable increase in the pro Full Discucsion.
duction for several years to come.1 Councillor Mnnncs Aa regards tht
There are large areas in the vicinity Austin road, that might be all right In
of Rossiand that are worth :he atten-  the future but it is hardly appropri-
(Continued from page one)
Ms I TVf I TEE*   I
Rousing Climax to Last Week of Special
Selling of Women's Suits���See Window
A FITTING final to this
<* most remarkable special
selling of Suits, for in nearly
every instance the price does
not represent the cost of
materials.   Come early.
At 10.50 a collection of
beautiful Suits will be a fea-
ture of today's clearance.
Colors are brown, tan, gray,
navy, tweeds, etc., in a variety
of splendid styles. Regular
values up to $25.00.
Today, $10.50
tlpn of capital, and which, it is believed, could be profitably exploited.
The jowered cost of Height and
treatment, the decreased cost of electrical power, the lessened cost of mining .have brought many properties
within the pay zone which in the
early days could not be operated because of the higher cost of mining.
transportation and treatment.
Sizing  Up Navigation Proposition    in
Frozen North.
Sealile,   Mny   28.    The Ice. on  Laku
********** below   While Horse at    the
liead of navigation on the Yukon river
will  go  out between June  10 and  15,
according to private cable advices received  here  tonight.    Dog teams aro
still used in transporting freight and
passengers across 'ho ice to the foot
of   llie   lake,   where   steamboats   are
now   in   operation     te     Dawson     and
Alaska    points.    Tho   message    from
While   Horse  says  that  those   bound
for lhe lower Yukon who wish lo go
t).y  boat across  Lake  Lallan-,'  should
slot leave  here before June ti if tliey
<Jo not  want  to be delayed at  White
���/lorse     By  leaving here June t>  it  ia
belli-vi-d  passengers will  make direct
connections with the first boat out of
While  IIoxkj.
The steamboat Prospector, the first
��cs*< I to leave the lower end of la-
Ilarj,'e, is expected to arrive at Daw
.won tomt rrow and to leave late in lhe
date for lhe lower Yukon.
Indiana Ajtto Speed Race Wlll Be
Hun Off Friday.
'vudi:inapilis. Ind.. May 28.���Joe
Dawson, winner of las: years 500
���lile Memorial day automobile ceiilest
hi iv, will not drive in lhe race Friday. The specially constructed car
lie vim io pilot showed a defect yes
ten la) .eel lhe driver announced late
today ihe car would be unable to
f.iaj-l in tin- contest. This lean, j,
intrn i In  lhe  race.
-Nim ue ; i cars qualified in the pre
ttmlnary speed tests today ami ihe
v-pm.lining ears will be rushed through
fhe elimination tests early lomorn n
(Want  Open  Grazing,
l.t thin ,di;i.   May   2K.    Urging     Hi.it'
��� he  blood    Indian    reserve    grazing
fc'i-u-v at present beld In tin* nam,  of
IfcKeown &  Co. and sublet lo Gordon, Ironsides ei Fares, tlle big cattlemen  and   meal  packers,  whicb  lease
-expires  nexl   July, be not renewed  to
them, but thai the reserve be thrown .
���open to all farmers tinder a lease sys-!
tciu at a specified rental |s'r acre per
year, memorials have been  drawn   up
iuid  forwarded to tlie department  if
���Indian  affairs and the department  of
Ihe  Interior  by  farmers  in  the Card-
���slon.    Magi,uh,     Raymond,     spring
Coulee aud Lethbridge districts.
Masting    to   Retire.
Montreal,   Muy   lis.    rhe   fin
-ii.��:  bureau States that Oeo  v   'I is
tint** of  Winnipeg, general   manager
��f the Lake of the Woods Milling       n
pany,   is  abOUi   to   r lire   frum   ..  i \.
���service   in   the  company,   with   wlll  h
Ir.   bas  been  connected  since ii.i. mi
No  Action Taken.
Nan.iirni). May -'8.    Ono tho;.. it: ol
Un  stiiking coal miners crowded the
opera house hero this evening to I i
fi n to the new proposals of the Wes:
em Fbel Company leading to a eeltle-
liient of the dispute.    The company,
through its manager, offered the men
a 10 per cenl   increase, hut no action
wan taken ' r will he taken unless the
mm  Ihetnselveii are allowed  to dr-w
It Simply Had to Be Put on the Cross
on the Church Spire.
Emperor William Is tlie busiest mnn
in Oermany. lie revises or approves all
decisions lu public matters, .supervises
all art nnd architecture and lectures
everybody. In Illustration of the deference paid to his wishes in even tlie
smallest details, tbey tell In Berlin,
writes Mr. Samuel O. Blythe in Kvery-
body's Magazine, the story of tlie star
above the cross on tbe spire of the Emperor William Memorial church
Of course the kaiser Insisted on revising the plans of the church. The
architect brought the plans to blm, and
tlie kniser scratched out what be did
not like and iiuule such additions nn he
fancied before be gave tlieiu the imperial O. K. The ehui-eh was built
There was to be a big gill cross on the
spire, and It appeared In Its proper
place. But, much to the general astnn
Ishinent. wben tlie cross was put Up II
large, many pointed star was raised
above It on a henry rod. The Berliner*
could not understand tlie star. Tliey
inquired The architect said tlie kaiser
tiad added tlie star to the plans.
Tlle plans were examined. Then It
was found thnl In revising Ihem the
kaiser hnd let fall n drop of ink from
bis pen. whieh bit Ibe paper Just above
the cross The architect studied n long '
time ever lhis I,lot of ink. Tbere conld
be no appeal, no Inquiries, lie finally
decided ihai the blot of Ink signified a
star abovo the cross, ami he put the
star tliere, making it (o correspond ns
nearly as possible with, the outline of
tlie biot.  The star is still there.
Sails for Mexico.
Seattle, May US.-The cruiser Pittsburg, flagship of the Pacific reserve
fleet, will sail tomorrow night for
Quayamas, Mexico, to relieve the
cruiser California. The cruiser Colorado has been placed In ri serve and
her officers nnd men transferred i
the Pittsburg.
'Fo do Wah T.'en.
Chattanooga, Tenn., May 28.���After
re-electing today General Bennett II.
Voting, of Louisville, Ky., as commander-in-chief and re-electing his
three departmental commanders, the
l'nited    Confederate    Veterans chose | property  Into cash.
ate at the pn cent i mo
The Reevi Although I do not want
to direct you in any way, I would certainly recommend the buying of thi
place In Maillardville. The build
Ings are there with two acres. Maillardville, if not mere central, is certainly more accessible and we would
not have to build at a cost of at leaBl
$1600. Tie- buildings in Maillardville
will require only trom $200 to $.'!00 to
put them in ehape for municipal purposes and wi can rent the lower portion, thereby getting enough interest
to pay for the investment. Another
point is that we want a hall that will
advertise the municipality. A good hall
In a good locality throws an excelli ni
I light upon the character of a locality.
Maillardville is more eastern than
Austin road. If we purchase there
{and gel some acreage between Austin
[and Como road, we build a central school if necessary, and use the
land for municipal purposes. If W(
wish to build on the Austin road or
any other place in two or three years
we can easily convert the Maillardville
New Shades in
Lustre for
Rush Clearance
of Bordered
Awning Canvas
for Veranda
Bathing  Suits     Curtain Scrim        Curtains, Etc.
What nicer material for the
bathing suit; ii ink, s the salt
water beautifully; ii is obtain
id in very pretty shades of
navy, red. gray, brown and
black.     I'rices   range   at
Navy, yd..35c, 50c, 65c, 75c
Red, yard    35c  and  50c
Gray,   yard.   ..35c,   50c,  75c
Brown,   yard...35c   and   65c
quick clearance
chosen a range nf beautiful Curtain Scrims, with plain centre
and wide floral and Oriental
border: the colors are rich and
handsome; BUttable for any
window; regular price to Mc
yard.   Special,   per   yard.  43c
l'n pare for the hot weather;
shade your window and verandahs with this heavy quailtj
Btriped   awning   canvas.     They
provide privacy without shutting out llie air. in red and
white, navy and white; also
brown fancy Btrlpe; 30 Inches
v.ide.     Per   yard 35c
Rush Clearance of
Jacksonville,   Fla.,  as  their  next   reunion city.
Y. M. C. A. Officers.
Culver. Ind., May 28. -Eugene C.
Foster, of Detroit, was elected today
president of the Association of Boys'
V.'erks Secretaries of the V. M. C. A.
and Tracy Strong, Seattle, waa elected vice-president.
Serious for Rebels.
New York, May 28.- The following
telegram was received today by the
Mexican consul-general from Francisco de la Barra, Mexican secretary
of state: "The Kebel governor, Pas-
queira, of Sonora, and staff have taken
refuge in Cananea. The federals arc
advancing on llermosillo in considerable numbers, ami with sufficient artillery."
The First Hinge.
The flr-t binge was probably thai "f
the oyyter. The Iborny oyster nf (tie
Pacific coast lias ils two shells joined
together by a hluge as good ns anv
found In any hardware simp of the
country. There are oilier hinge* found
ui nature, bm lhat "f ibe nywtpr reai h
is Uie highest perfection We have
made little ndvauce upon Ibis device
in nil of inn- years nf patenting and In
tenting. ���St. Nicholas.
Detective Discharged.
Indianapolis,  Ind.,   May  28.    Hubert
J. Foster, a detective employed by the
National  Erectors' association at the
lime of tlie investigation of ihe dynamite conspiracy, was found not guilty
of assaulting  Frank  M.   Ryan,  presi- ! c'.j,)a|jt\
dent  of the   International   Bridge  and [ \B  ]���.,.]
Structural   Iron   Workers'   association
in tlie criminal courl  here today.
Windfall  of  $250,003.
Kingston,  (int.,   May  2H.    'lhe  fam
ily et Mr. John McQuire, who died In r.
i few years ago, where he was employed   as  a   h tter  carrier,  havo  become   heirs   in   aa   estate   valued   at
1250,000, as ihe n mlt ef ih,  death ol
Mr. .lames Maguire, a relative, in Eliz
alieih,  X   .1     'lhe  propi rty  Involved
is located  at   Ellzabi th.
Councillor    Mounce    That    accords
with   my  view.    This place is  unsuit
able  except   for one or two and  It is
only a short dtBtance from the North
road to  Maillardville.
Councillor Atkins -We have to look
at it from a broader point of view than
I that --  from  the public point.    Supposing  we  were  to  purchase,  will   it
handicap us financially.
The   Itie-.-i     1   calculate  (lie   rental
I would   cover  the  investment;   $2iiue
| would  lie ample.    If we bought a lot
on Austin road we would have to build.
Councillor   Atkins   then   moved   for
1 Uie purchase.
Favors Austin Road.
Councillor Martin 1 am a little disappointed in the first, place at Coun-
cilli r Atkins suggesting tile purchase.
I believe ii is entirely against the
wishes of three-fourths of the residents of Coquitlam. As to tlie expense, I a; sure you that a Bite on Uie
AuBtin road will lie Hie cheapest proposition for lhe municipality altogether. It will take twice as much to construct a ball out of the building in
Maillardville Joining New Westmlll-
it is at the extreme end of tiie iniiiii-
Another point 1* that lie re
'h every likelihood nf the citizens of
.Maillardville joining ..ow Westminster, if my information is correct aim
we would be In the same position then
1 in we an- with For: Coquitlam. Wi
have our own grounds here, purchased fi r the sole purpose of erecting a
municipal halt, we are committed to
-pi ndii i ' IV' "i* there grounds, It
will te 'ui t *"* < *i nb nl er more so
* *. n thi tram l m **��� uni s up the
North n id a it m ��� goii g to l"* t mch
���if hi idvant * *��� * M II tr In llle to
���i.e. i the ii un lei pal lia.ll there, 1 would
el ' ate a pul l'e ball for It, fer then
dan * E aud public ��� .**��� m-.i-'s. if lhi
the municipality tl nks proper, but
'i ui ��� i '��� rcmembi n il a municipal h ill
Is fur municipal pui poses and thi ae
only.    Tiny are mistaken If they be
Women's  House Dresses   Undervests
in Many Pretty Styles
For quick clearance we have had them greatly reduced. Included is a large range of materials such
as prints, ginghams, pi rcales, etc.; in a vast array of
pretty styles; absolutely fast colors; all sizes.
Special       Sl   69
Good Quality Knit Undei-vests No sit eves; beading
and ribbons at the neck and arms; drawers to match.
Special    3SC
Plain  Knit Vests    No lieeves;   drawers  to  match
Special  at     25��
Plain Kit Vests���All sizes; fumy hue and ribbon at
neck and sleeves; drawers to match. Special..  50���
For Child Beating.
Seatle, May 2*1. -Carl Bernard, a
shipyard employee, was sentenced to
six months' Imprisonment today foi
brutally beating liis two year old
child. In passing sentence Police
Judge Fred. C. Blown told Bernard
thai hy regretted he was unable to
iraopse a longer sentence and said
that Bernard never should have been
permitted to marry. The court said
lie had learned that Bernard al the
age of 11 had been pronounced a de
Ilnquenl  by Judge Ben    Llndsey,    ol
An  Expert.
"I never bare any trouble with mj
"flow is Hint':"
��� Vou see. mv husband belongs to the
fire department.''
"And he can book me up In forty-five
seconds."���Washington Herald.
ami   the
*   London
She Had.
���tlave yen any unmarried daughters
Mrs De W'lllollgllbyV" asked the vlsi
"Oil.    yes,    Mr     Vanib.-rbloom.      Mi
daughter Minnie wus unmarried lasl
week by .lodge Cmlein," replied ihe
lady.-- Harper's.
A Query.
Fair I'lltt'i n-Tin- papers sny ynu bin
<1 mil hei-e by ihe tun,   Postmaster
V*��, Indeed Fair Pnti'on Well, mt
tiatne is gitlltu ann\ fur a entiple id
days What kind of n speclul rate will
vmi fivi' ine |kt lull'.'-Woman's Home
Good For an Occasional Bouquet.
"Ho offers ine (i platotllc friendship'
"Tnke  It.*-   advised   her  girl   chum
"until something better comes along.'
-Loulaviile Courier-Journal,
Vote to Strike.
Boston,   May   28.     Worker.*.   in    two
Hyde l'ark manufacturing planta con
trolled by Governor Eugene N.  Fobs,
voted tonight in Btrike tomorrow, The
vote  followed   iin*  governor's  refusal I iiev'e It "cm be UBed'-forpubilcl^'th .
ni demands fnr a 20 per nnt. Increast iIntra
In wages and betterment   of   certain     (:������iiciik.r  Fester   l   think  it   is  a
���forking coMttlona.  cheap   property   from   any   point     if
vi, w anil could easily he convert.'.!
Into a municipal hall. I don't think
it would take $300 to fix it.
The Ileeve Tlie New Westminster
proposition lias hei n Bpoken of lor
the last year and a half. It is far
Councillor Marlin Not so very far
Tliey are going tit II as hard as tin ,
ean. With (heir harbor works thev
want all the waterfront they C!U1 gi I
Councillor Foster At any rate it Ib
a most justifiable Investment, 1 am
Batlsfled we '-an gel our money hack
at any time and wiih good intereet
The vote was taken after rome fu"
(lo-r discussion and Maillardville will
now lie the seal nf civic administration
Exit   White   Fly.
Sacramento,   Cal.,   May   28. -State
Horticulturist   Cook    in   a   statnn	
today,  nsiarls  lhal   Iiie  Florldl   win
fly, probably mi"   of   the    mos'    de
vastating  citrus  pests,  has probably
been exterminated in California.
To Cut It Down.
Washington,    May    28.���Democrats
of the house will caucus next Monday
ers. About 150 weavers employed by to consider a resolution to limit legis-
tlie llolzman Silk company voted to lation ut the extra session to tariff,
resume work Monday. Weavers of currency nnd possibly emergency ap-
ahout eight oilier mills will decide to-jpropriations and lo paea upon cornmlt-
morrow whether to return. I tee assignments.
JLv B.C.tei! Service
l,.:i*-f-R Vanoouver for Victoria lo a., m
i *, m, and 11  *'���>
Leavea Vnm**��uvt>r for Beattto 1ft u. m
nnd ii p   m.
Leavea Vancouver fur Nanaimo a r  m
!-��� avoa Vaisopuvi r fur Prince Rnjwri
mri Northern Polnta 10 p m. Wednci*
Chilliwack Servico
Clubmen's   Tips.
When   Christmas   is  ove
N'ew   Y"nr   is   dawning,   tl
West Kiel clubs collect donations from
then*  members for the servants'  annual   tip.    At  the   leading  club   thou
Bands of pounds are given. Tli" Carlton Club, it not ibe richest institution j
oi its kind, is usually the most gener '
oiio.  and  averages  a couple  of  thou  ;
sand pounds for its staff,   Tho Nation, i
al Liberal collects almost as much l r
its   numerous    employes,    while   lh
more   select   Reform   toflchea   $8.01)0.
Perhaps no prominenl personage *.*i\i-
si much to cluli servants a-^ does Mi
Balfour.   He belongs tn ni  least hall-
a-lezen "reeogni/.ed" ilillis most ol
whieh he never sees bul he never
forgets llie servants' fund at any nl
tliem. This bestowal nl lariessu i-
Clui.lii'.'l s annual compensation t" Its
servants for the abolition ol iip-
Tlieed annual iiilts are estimated t.
reach   S100.000.
Leaves  Chllllwack    I    a.   m    Tuesday
I n.o mlity umi .-tiiturilHy.
I .'*s   WeBtmlnster   i   tx.   m.   .Moiehti
\v . .iiii -s.iny and Friday.
BD. QOULBT,  Agent.  Now  Westmlnslat
-1   W,  mini UB, 0   i��   a.. Vancouver.
Special Sale  of Summer
Leave 12:55a.m.,  10:00a.m.,  12:17p.m.,  4:28p.m.
Through Trains for Portland, Ore.
Leave at 12:55 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 4:28 p.m.
Close connection made at Portland with trains
for California.
to all Eastern points in effect daily May 28th to September 30th.
Pinal Return Limit, October 31st.
Choice of direct line returning.
For rates, reservation, and all
information apply to P. C. Meyers, Ant. at Bridge. Passenger
station I'hone 263.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Hid*.
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 9V/       Suit 19. B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C,
Strike   Falling  Through.
Patorson, N.J., May IIS There were
tresii Indications today < r a break In
the  ranks nf  thn  BtrlkiiiK  mill  work
Splendid arrangements    mnde    this
year  for  cheap  round   trip  tickets  to
all   points  cast,  commencing   May  28.
Week End tiekeia rm mile tn local
I points ut Single Fare fm- Hound Trl|
mi   Fridays,  Saturdays  and  Sundayt
Knr rules aud reservation apply   t<
ISD   UiHI.K'l, As, ii,
Nt".".  WeHttnluiM-*
Or li   w. Brodte, Q.P.A . Vancouvei
King's Hotel Pcol Room
Best Pool Tables In tlie city.   Fin. i
line of t'lusrs and Tobacco.   Bportiuj
events bulletined.
A. G. BEATON. Proprietor.
C. N. EdmOiidson & Co.
Are Bhawlng some very pretty designs In times Beds, 4 fl and 1 ft, r, in.
Kstci pt hm ii i bargains at from  $29.50 to $53.75
White Enamel Iron Ued; from $3.95 to $18.50
O. inline Oak DreBaer      $18.25 to $27.50
Otber DresBers in (inhlon (ink, Royal Oi l< e*d Mahocnny llnlnh.
liinini; room Hnite, consisting of Pedestal '.able, extend to 8 feet
r, Hide nml 1 .-inn chair, and buffet with i'.. B. phtte mirror. Thia miito
in an exceptional bargain nt J4S.no complete,
Our liry Goods Bectlon If attracting urenl attention.
Cor. 6th Avenue and 12th Street���take 12th St. Car
��� ���11WBWWC .rciSTxar.: THURSDAY, MAY 29, 1913.
For Sport Readers
Only  One   Left   in    Scottish     Meet-
England vs.  U. 3. Battle Today���
Surprises General.
Secretaries and manusers of
clubs will oblige by forwarding
all results of thatches and
news in connection with current sporting events, A line-up
the evening previous to ii name
Bhould be sent in early to ensure publication.
J'he Newa Ib mom desirous
of publishing the moat complete results, but manifestly
cannot send a reporter to all
gameB, especially between
school and Junior league teams.
Telephone  number Is 991.
Hall was a puzzle to the locu'8 Md
| although be gave seven hitB, be ''t'i1'
I them scattered. Ht. I.ouis pinch hit--
iters were powerless before him.
Score: H.    H,    K
At St I.ouis: It,    11.   K.
Detroit  ������  ��   ll     2
1st. Louis   :i    7    2
' Batteries: Hall and McKee, "Stan-
���age; Baumgartner, Hamilton und Agnew'.
Boston-New York p-ames postponed;
track  exercised  a hypnotic  influence
' on the driver.
I "When you ask a man to whirl round
ltl4 rund for hundreds of miles, eee-
InJ nothing but a white hand on either
side," explained Wagner, "you are ask-
lng too inur.li of his nerves and self-
"Under BUCh a strain any man is apt
to lose control of bil machine. In road
racing the Strain is not so severe, for
u constant change of scene is afforded
the driver's eyes.
cd;  rain.
what Mccarty left
vt/tet Shipping.
Lethbridge, AIu., May 2S -Shipping
[facilities In the shape of a track*
from the terminus of the Lothbrldge-
Weyburn line, 25 miles east of Stirling, is what the wool growers of
Southern Alberta want by the end of
June, so that ihe 600,000 iiouuds ot
11113 wool can be shipped direct from
the shearing pens, without the long
hauls formerly confronting the
Baseball Results.
St. Andrews, Scotland, May 28,���W
Ileinrleh     Schmidt,     the    Worcester  #
player, l-a tlie solo survivor among tb8|#
American entrants In the contest for 17?
���the amateur goir championship of the
world. Ile won In both the fourth and j
Uflh roundB today, and will meet In "~
the sixth round tomorrow H. II. Hilton, of lhe Royal Liverpool Coif club,
who has held the world's champion-
���ship title three times and has been
liritish amateur champion and amateur champion of the United siates. \v
Playing with machine-like accuracy 'Vancouver 24
nud   showing   00  signs  of   fatigue  de-   Seattle   24
spile tlie gruelling fight with    A.    V.   I'ortland     20
Hatnbro, of  the  Royal  St.  Oeorge's I Victoria   21
club, when he defeated one up earlier  Tacoma    17
in lhe day, Schmidt In the flfili round  Spokane    15
fairly smothered Willis Greg, of New
club, St, Andrews, who yesterday
downed Munn, the famous Irish
player and a hot favorite fur the
The American was out iu    38    and
stood Blx up at the turn.   Coming in, two" se'nBtttlonal  runn
he holed tint in four, three and   four,      Score:
never giving his opponent a chance,  Vancouver
and won s up an.l fi to play. ISpokane
Amount  Simmers  Down  to  $20,000 to
Go to  His Wife.
ThlnEs Look Bright for Good Season   ,  9?lgU7; /?'ay   2X-~The   "**v***e    ��<
0f Ball. Luther   McCarty,   according   to   close
Haseball is on the up grade in this  c'alKar>'  friends,   will  not amount to
city,   following  the    return    of  good   mnre lha" MO.OOO,
���* # ft tt tt * * ft
Standing ot the Club*.
Vancouver Wins Again.
Spokane, May 28.���Concannon pitched air-tight ball against Spokane today in the pinches, and Vancouver
won 5-3. Melter did not get good support at the proper time. Million made
R.   ll.
Harold Wi ber, of Toledo, Ohio, was
< llmlnated by Worthlngton, ef the
Mid Surrey Golf club, who won by l
Wi bi r'8 defeat leavea Schmidt Ip
represent America among the regimen! who ri main to compete for the
6     2
Batteries:    Concannon  and
Melter and Ostdlek.
Scire Class to  Portland.
Seattle, Mny 28. I'm:land held Se-
attle scoreless again today and won
the Eecond name of the series 3-0.
The locals were unable to hit Callahan whll * Portland repeated yester-
day's performance and gol il hits off
Glp .
Score: It.    II.    I*'
Seattle  0     4      1
I'ortland      .",    11      3
Datterli s: Gipe and Cad man; Callahan and Williams.
weather and from now on the fans
will be treated to some well contested
games on the Queens park oval.
Yesterday waB a buBy day for the
Ilaltnorals and after an excellent practice last evening Herb Ryall came
through with Ihe statement that the
MooBe outtlt will lind It hard sledding
before they can hope to gain the lead
In Friday's battle.
Silver and Jack Smith will probably
he the battery of the Hals against
Home and Gentry for the Moose and
with good support to each due, lhe
free nnd independent voters who take
it upon themselves to adorn pews
will have their Till and plenty.
Leu Chaput, the clever shortstop oi
the Moi .--���-. has been promised his re
lease by die Moose team and will
probably look after the Inner garden
for the  Bals.
Manager Corbett, cf the Ellectrlcs,
is by no means satisfied with his defeat of Tuesday ufternoon and, with a
little more practice of his aggrega
tion In fielding, he slates he will be
brought there when it comes to heading the league. Corbett pitched
mighty good hall on Tuesday nigh:
and had the baiters guessing forty
ways at his offerings, but poor support behind the plate and also In the
field shadowed what work he did himself.
The managers of the Hals and
Moose might n member thai all
league gameB an scheduled to com
mence at 6:30 o'clock and the sup
porters except this rule to be followed out.
The estate comprises about 110.000
in cash In   a    San    Kiancisn   bank.
ItiOOO   worth    of    Los   Angeles   real!
estate and his $4000 worth of personal'
American Capitalists Form  Syndicate;
to Build Cup Defender.
Bristol, May 28.-���"Nat" Herreshoff.
designer of many successful defenders i
of the America's cup, probably will j
build a candidate for the defence of!
the cup next year against Sir Thomas I
l.ipton. A syndicate made up ofl
former Commodore Cornelius Vander- j
bilt, C, Oliver Iselin and other older:
members of the New York Yacht club
will furnish the funds.
That Mr. Herreshoff has expressed
a willingness to accept a commission
from iiie syndicate waB learned tonight on his return from New York i
after a long conference requested by
members of the New York Yacht club.
Who have been prominent in financing
other cup races.
Ten days ago the Bristol designer I
Informed a committee of young New
York yachtsmen that be did nol care
to cater competition tor designing a
defender to meet Sir Thomas' chal
lenger next year, but his attitude Is
new  said  to have changed.
A  commission   fur a   io  fool   yacht
is expected lure soon.
Tacoma   Whitewashed.
Tacoma,   May   28.���Victoria  turned
the lal Ii s nn the locals today and de-
foated Tacoma 7-0, the same score by
which  they  lost yesterday's game.
S.-.ppcrUn and West End on  Lacrosse
Oval  Tonight.
It. should be some encounter on the
Queen's Park oval this evening when
Sappi nun and Wesl End Intermediate
lacrosse teams clash for tho first
tin e this s ason.
Tin follow en of ihe yi ungsters Ier.*.
come i" ile conclusion (hat unless
Manager George Salt unearths Bome
new material or imports playi rs from
���distant points, the chances of Knit
llurnahy being in the running for the
cup are mighty slim.
Bapperton will present practically
their -'in lii "iip as won tlie championship last Beason, although the
players have ahown wonderful lm-
provemi nt i Ince then
l*e::ig or sum
Manager Turnbull of the senior ama-  ,
teiirs. Including them In the latter or- o\  louIb 18
^'!;z,,,i'm' .,.,,, ��� ,   [New York'V.'.'.'..".'.'.'.'.'.16
I lie   West     I.nil    hunch     certainly   pittaburft 16
Hoston       ���    13
Cincinnati  ll
Victoria   .
Hitt  ries:   Smith  and
McGinnity ami  Harris.
10 u
5     5
> ce then, si *, eral ef them  phoadeli bla
lcient calibre to warrant  Brooklyn  ...'.'.'.
St.-..-,d.r.g of tne Clubs.
Two   Rcy.il   City   Beys   Display   Good
Lacrosse  Against  Enderby.
According to the following article
which appeared in Monday's issue of
tiie Inland Sentinel, Kamloops, two
Westminster hi ys, Tut.by Coutis and
Will Patchell, played good lacrosse
v.iili ihe Kamloops team In tlieir
opening game against  Enderby.
The story tells  the tale:
As an outing tha trip of Ihe Kam
loops lacrosse team to Enderby to
meet the Armstrong men was a huge
success. Both the outward and homeward journeys were full of lively incident. 'Ihe game, too. was interest
ing. and though
d.nfi ss   faillure tl
Polish Wrestler Feels Effect of Montreal Bout and Has to Quit.
New York, May 28.���Stanilaus
Zbyszko, the Polish wrestler, collapsed from weakness iu his bout
with George Lurich, of Russia, afier
Hi minutes and 21 seconds of wrestling a, Madison Square Garden to-
night, 'llie Pole entered tin- ring
with his head swathed in bandages
as the result of an injury received In
his match with Constant l.eMarin at
Montreal last Saturday nigh:. After
a minute's wrestling the bandages
came off, showing a wound over the
left temple.
Zbyszko remained on the defensive
throughout    until   his   collapse.   The
referee,   Charley   White,   refused    to
let   the  men continue.    After several
.    -iiloops  had    to  minutes rest  ZLyszko    was    able    to
e score of   8 to 2   walk to his dressing room.
Thursday, Friday,  Saturday
The 3 Darlines
In a Military Musical
A Magician from Australia,
who will make you sit up and
taks notice.
Louise Byrd
Singer   of   Illustrated   Songs.
4    FEATURE    4
Including one Keystone
Friday Night
Is Amateur
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase  and   Sale   of   Real   Estate
We are offering extra value in a Quarter Section of
good land, close to Great
Northern Railway. Price
$50.00 Per Acre, terms to
suit purchaser
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begbie Streets, New Westminster.
i hewed  their scoring    ability    wben
i.i  y  romped  home al  tlie  head  of a
tall   score   from   Hurnaby   two  weeks.
ago   and   (very   player   on   lhe   team. Real   Baseball   Here.
appears  confident  of taking   the  long      Chicago,  May  28.���In    the    longest
���end   or   the   count    when     the     final'major league game of tlle season to-
���whistle Idows this evening. jday,  a  base on  balls in  the  17th  in-
Tonlght's game starts at  6:30 with  ning with the hares full and two out,
every Indication of there being one of  cost St. Louis the game 8-7.    The lo-
the largest crowds of the statou ln,c:'.'s had the lead until tin- ninth,
attendance. Pi< ree started for Chicago, Imt was
 _  [Jilt hard  aud  gave  way  lo  Lavender.
Lavender    fIIU d    the    bases   in  the
Says He's Fast. seventh    nnd    he    was    relieved    by
Anj  man who ean cover ihe bases Cheney.
(fa baseball diamond in  16 Beconds i    Score: ft    II    B
Is worthy of a medal and a trip to tha St. Louis   7   iii     \
rev Olympic games   to be   held   in  Chicago   ,.'.'.'...'.'.   ....... R   if,     ::
Berlin, Qermany.    Mr   Gentry, win, in      nut,,;,.     Geyer,  Harmon and lie
hardly  represi nts tlie merits
As with the ball team at Kelowna
tin- Kamloops men were weary before
the commencement.   Rising ai about
of the,
Who Is This Guy ?
Aurora. 111.. May 28���Charles White I
of Chlpago, knocked out (Ieorge
Meyers, an eastern lightweight, to
I a i they had s'artid their journey night In the second round ot a sched
by aulo at 5 o'clock in the morning, uled six round contest. Meyers was
and when at 2 30 p.m. the game was I floored three times lu the llrst round
opened thev were all feeling the need I ���	
,,( rest And the Crowd Jeered.
Patchell ard McKenna each played' St. I.ouis, May 28���Harry Trendall
a sterling game ai defence, and the received the referee's decision over
Kamloops scores were made by Purdy   l.eo Kelly in an eight round bout to
IWO night The min were lightweights
e.\ 'and both live in fit Louis. The de-
the:cision was unpopular.
Home    of    the    Cinematograph.
Entire Change of Program
"The Cheyenne
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of British  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches DepositB of One Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W.  BLACK, Manager.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
starring with ihe Moose outfit as
������atelier, comes through with llie nne
position io make the distance in that
time His bei was promptly coin red
and before the game between ths Balmorals nud (lie Moose teams is starl-
���cil on  Friday evening,    Mr.    Gentry
will lie called upon to do the Tyrus
Cobb stunt,
Back to Life.
Tiie hail team of ihe lmth regiment
came l/nek Into life last evening when
tiny defeated ihe aggregation travel
ing under the name of "Nifty Nine."
Tlie linal score was 11 to l'i. Bal
terles were McKay and Mortison fur
llie regiment aad Slmriy Clapp and
Smiih  for tin- "Nifty Nine."
no intere:t
Lean; Pierce, Cheney and Archer.
Wagner   Canished   From   Field.
Pittsburg, May 2.. Pittsburg could
noi hit Suggs and Cincinnati won Its
second straight game from Pittsburg,
"1. Long hits off Hendrix at tlle
right time by Clarke, Suggs and (!roh
tutted Cincinnati two earned runs.
'lhe oilier run was scored in Ihe sec
ind. Tli" Reds played a brilliant game
In tiie field. Devore made a sensa-
i cnil running catch of Boee's difficult long drive iu the si.Mli. Hans
Wagner protested tlie umpire's decision on Oroh at second base so violently in the ninth that he was put
out  of lh" game.
Scon : It.    II    E
Cincinnati       .. :i     9     (i
Pittsburg   7    7    2
Batteries:  Suggs and Clark:  Hendrix and Simon.
New   York Iloston game postponed;
Philadelphia-Brooklyn   game
interest   poind,   r.iin.
and Com is. Kor Armstrong the
MurrayB, \v. and Fred, showed
cellent torm, and to their skill
i,**i.,\ success of llie team was
Mili* Indebted.
1900--K;d   McCoy   i-firt   Tommy
fought 6-roUnd draw at Chicago
1907���Billy Papke di UfM-ei Tony Capon! in 16 re uiuis af f)avenport
190S���Ad. Wolgast defeated Farnkie
Connolly In eight rounds at Racine.
UI09 Battling Nelson knocked oul
Hick Hyland in 23rd round at
Packey McFarland defeated
Bronson in 10 rounds at Indianapolis.
Lea:li Cr?is H'ard frcm.
New Yer'*-,. May 28. -Leach Crcfs
of New   York,   bad   little   trouble    in
outpointing  Lddy  Maloney, cf  Philadelphia, in u ten rt % :1 ^'**- luro lo
inidiii.   Maloney feuihl hard, but   the
j octl  lightweight  had  the  better  ol
Ryan  (,,(,[���)' fitimtl.
on   Its
Standing  of  the  C. ub��
Philadelphia 23
Cleveland    20
Washington   IB
Chicago   :'i
Hot ion    Hi
St. Louis IS
.   9
eld   Co-petition
Last  Legs.
Judging  from  Iho  lack  of
being taken  in  tonight's Boccer game
in   Vancouver,     when     thS     Nanaimo
United met tho Vancouver Thistles
meet in the llrst contest for possession ol Uie People's Sleld. the annua]
i mpetltlon tec the trophy, which rs
said tn represent the soccer chum
plon of Canada, is just about tin lis
last   legs.
Regrettable  as  It   may  seem   that
I liis  series   should   he allowed  lo  col- Detroit   .
lapse in  this way. lhe trouble can ba New York
laid at the feet ef llle promoters who Napr. Win Out
have  conduoted    affairs    during    Iho Cleveland,   (',   May   28.
past three years in a slipshod manner took ,mUl  ^amv\ ot a double-header
so   that   few   teams    111     the    country ,|(,n, wi|n Chicago today, the first 2-1
care   to   pay   traveling   expenses  and am| the p,.Cond r>-rt.
enier for 'he trophy. |    The first  game was decided  in the
Two  years ago the  shield  was    in f|r-t two Minings, ns neither team got
possession   of  the Calgary   HlllhurstS, n.  man   past  second  lifler  that.    Chi
won liy all accounts in a fair manner, cage's  run  was scon d  by  Hath, who
'llie  scene  was changed 10  Winnipeg walked,   stole  second   nnd   scored   on
last spring aud lhe finals buw the Fort Collins' single. Cleveland scored their
William   aggregation   emerge  on  top, first run on two singles nnd the sec-
luit where was the shield? loud run on a base en halls, and Col-
Tho i.al'.e Superior boys, following iins' muff cf O'Neill's long fly.
tlieir  victory,  had   visions  of making Driving Walsh from the hox in the
Hie  trip   bOClt   te   the    lake     city     in second   game.   Cleveland   secured   un
���splendor,   having   tlieir   pho'os   taken early lead cf three runs.    Score:
wllh tlie (held in the foreground and First  game:                        lt.    II.
perhaps Hm mayor ami olty council Chicago   o    6
���with all the accoutrements meet thorn Cleveland  	
ei the denoi and give Ihem ihe free- Batteries:    Clcotto
dom of the City.    It wns not  ho. for Kohler and O Neil.
;,   hitch   occirred   in   Calgary    over Second game:
mailers which have not been brought Chicago
to light and it was only iwo weeks|Cleveland
ago that  Billy    Hilton,    assisted    by
iContinued from page onei
"Sunshine Sue"
Big  Three Reel
Lights up the countenance of the
aian  who tries a bottle ot    "WINE-
1WE1SER" Beer. It chaseB away all
1 fatigue both ot body and mind. It
nuenches the thirst, pleases the palate
and tones up the system. You'll
never know- what a delicious drink
hops and malt can be made Into until
you try "WINEWEISER" Beer. Try
it today.
and    Schalk;
li.   II
    2      8      0
  r,   io    o
Hatteries:  Walsh. White and Kuhn;
Cied  Parker, was able lo secure"   th'ejQwgg and Carisqh.
trophy   from   the   prairie   people   and j Tigers Are Climbing.
send It along to the coast. !    St. Louis, May 28,    Detroit by win-
Tonight's struggle will be staged on  ning today, G-.1, took four out of six!
AHilellc   park  nt  6:30  o'clock,  while  games from the Wt. Louis Americans, j
Ihe other  two  gameB  will  he  staged,Two St. Louis pitchers were hit when
on the snme grounds on Friday    and^hlts  meant  runs,    llaunigartner,  who
Saturday evenings. started for the home team, was wild.
with some membi rs, howevi r. and wlll
prt bably be broughl up again at some
future meeting.
Two women members of the iIntel
and Restaurant Workers' association
were admitted as di legati b, this being
their firBt  meeting
Deli cat, b fron the Retail Cli rks
were also admitted, which brings the
total nui 'er of unions affiliated with j
the council .up i ' 20. The Bhlngli
w,.r. er. will he the nev' addition, this
hot y li ivlng b nl for ;, charter, which
*,i ;n arriv ti �� irds the i nd ol ths
Mr a. Cl holm, a membnr of thi
Vancouvi r council, addressed the lo
cal d< le | ate a on "Unionism, Social
Democracy und Industrial Unionism."
(By  "Gravy.")
To make a Hoosier holiday, the annual Decoration Day 500-mile automobile sweepstake race will be held tomorrow at Indianapolis, with the fast-
-t machines uud the most experlenc
ed drivers of America and Europe entered in the race against time and
Racing cars thai to the speotator
will seem bnt streaks of flame and
dutt and vapor, will be flung around
:)i" course by Iron-nerved nun, in an
effort tn cover the distance���the long
distance at a faster rate of speed
than ever before. An instant's delay,
���i momentary loss of nerve, on the part
of any of the frail humans who guide
the throbbing masses of steel in thai?
swift flight, nud the holiday will develop Into a tragedy.
Kvery driver entered In such a race
knows that he is  flirting with death
that some day he will "get his." Hut
he only shrugs his shoulders. Ile is
i fatalist, else he would not lie an
automobile driver, Death Is a part of
the game that Ile plays.
The coming race at Indianapolis will
he the third cf Its kind staged In the
Indiana metropolis. In 1011 the BOO
mile contest wns won by Uny Har
roun, time o hours, -'l minutes and s
seconds -an average cf 7*1.77 miles an
Last year J. Davison was the victor,
his time In ing 5:2] :0. or an average of
78.72 miles an* hour.    Tomorrow, It Is
ni-eilieted thai Ihe winner will do even   ti-allan opera company  in tlie famous
better, perhaps even travel ut nn average speed of .so miles an hour.
In the opinion of many experts, automobile track racing Is much more
dangerous than road racing, although
the physical condition of the track is
usually much le ���** ������ r-.-d T. Wagner, the famous automobile race starter, explained this some years ago, de- Hrue," Saturday afternoon "The
daring that the monotony of continued j Maker."  nnd  Saturday   evening
contemplating  of  stretches  of  white  Mikado"
Sober ? Well Rather.
Marquette, Midi.. May -js Men
.vim have been associated with Col I
Roosevelt lu publlo and private life. |
who met him on the Nile when Ile re-
turned from his Afrirnn hunting trip j
and newspapermen who accompanied :
him on his various political cam- i
paigus teBtitlcd today in Col. Theo- i
doie Roosevelt's libel suit against |
Oeorge A. Newett, a newspaper j
owner of Ishpeming, Mich., that the j
former president, not only was not a '
drunkard, hut that he was notably [
and extremely temperate in Hie use j
of Intoxicants,
At tke Theatres
The attraction nt tlie opera house
this evening will lie the Pollard  Aus-
u com
musloal comedy "La Belie Butterfly,
This comedy Is one nf the few Hut
have made a big run In New York the
lust year. The company of 50 people
have just closed an engagement of
threi  days in Vancouver and will lin-
ish out the week lure.    Tomorrow
evening  they   will   put   on   "Serjeant
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
pre made RIGHT-
Mad? in New W��*iT.ins'��fr,
Schaake  Machine Works.
HARRY  TIDY, Manager.
Three   Nights,   Starting  Thurs.
day,  May  20.     Matinee:   Saturday  Afternoon at 2:30.
(50 People)
"La Belle Butterfly"
"Sergeant Brue"
"Toy Maker"
"The Mikado"
Evenings, 25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00;
Matinee,   25c   and   50c.     Seats
now on sale at Tidy, the    Florist's.    Phone L 184.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
i���  meeting wli h the greatest favor wherever laid.
Bltulithic on Second Street, New We.tminster with Bt  "Jlevard Down
the Centra.
Rltullthlc ls noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustles, '' easy 0-��
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For thea B r'a8<>ns
Hitnlithic is commended highly by owners of automobiles anv horses,
householders, ana city officials, lt has been adopted by fMeex ' clties
In Canada, and over two hundred in the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd..
Phono Seymour 7130.      714-717 Dominion Trurt Building, Vancouver.   I
THURSDAY, MAY 28, 191$.
Classified Advertising
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 16c per
���uonth; 5.000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
ivintract. $25.00.
'��������' -','- " .. " -i      .       . '
yNi'2Hl1ML'-AS��L> 4
abouts of William Cafferata, late of
North Vancouver Leaded Glass
company. Apply Box 1416 Dally
News. (1416)
sioner for the city of New Westminster. Competent to produce results. Applications should state experience and salary expected. Address Secretary New Westminster
, Progressive Association, Box 401
New Westminster, B.C. (1418)
ing three acres of Church of England cemetery. For particulars apply Diamond & Corbould, 507 Westminster TruBt building. (1400)
wants work by the day. Apply Box
1390 Daily News. (1390)
poles. 30 feet to 00 feet in length,
-7 inch to 9 inch tops. Can take in
water or ou cars. Nestos Timber
Co., Ltd., i/ellitigham, Wash. (1208)
beds aud pillows. Address Box
1136 News office. (1383)
I), R. & M. AGENCY, LIMITED, 520
Colombia streeL New Westminster,
will collect your slow and bad accounts for a mere trifle. No membership fee required and commission charged only on the amount
collected. Statements rendered
monthly. Collections made everywhere. (1365)
where. No collection, no eltarge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver, B.C. 1199)
modern, one block from car, 517
Eleventh street, between Fifth and
Sixth avenues. Apply 509 Eleventh
atreet. (1415)
pen of highly bred utility Rhode
Island  Reds,    in  prime    condition.
Hens *2.U0, rooster, $3.50. Apply 309
Pine street. (1413)
new, stoves, Singer sewing machine; leaving city. 417 Second
street.     I'hone  1129. (1394)
newly repaired and painted; harness for same; $50 for the lot. W.
T. Askew, 611 Summer street. Telephone 366. (1398)
with crop, or exchange for city
property. Inquire 328 Eighth street.
New Westminster. (13*14)
for sain by owner; price $2050; $200
cosh. It has bath, pantry and basement. Apply 443 Wilson street, just
oil Major street (1373)
FOR SALE��� $1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar-
ket  square. (1200)
np small  dog on  Sixth streeL  Burnaby, kindly return   same;    if   not
Will bo prosecuted.   T. D. Coldicutt.
either a Sixth street   or   Twelfth j
street car about  5:30 o'clock  Mon-
day evening.   Parcel contains fancy i
work and a thimble which Ib prized
by owner.    Finder please return to
News office. (1404)
tween Eighth street and Columbian
college, a small black change purBe
containing a number ef bills and
receipts. Finder leave at New-B
office and receive reward.       (1388)
rent, $13.00. Apply J. J. Barker,
Edmonds, B.C. U406)
housekeeping room. Apply 420 St.
George, streel.    Phone L 526.  (1407)
rooms with board. Apply Turney.
703 Third avenue, corner Seventh
Btreet. (140S)
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
We have two of the finest policies
ever written, and can insure oither
men or women from 16 to 70 against
accident, sickness or death.
$10.00 for $1000. $25 per week for
five weeks; this also covers 49 diseases.
$5.00 for $2000.    $15 per week  for;
five weeks; this also covers 49 diseases.
i    Identification wallet with each policy.
for summer.    714 Fourth street.
with hoard, suitable for two gentlemen; references. Apply 610 Third
avenue. (1411)
in the Storme block on Eighth
street, between Fifth nnd Sixth
avenue. Rent reasonable. Apply
512 ,,Ash street, directly behind
building. 11401)
fiiniisheii     housekeeping      rooms,
clime to car line.    410 Ash street.
Policy increases in value each year
Call and see our Prospectus.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary   Publlc.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.!
New Westminster, B.C.
iahed seven roomed house in choice
residential part of tbe olty. One-
half acre ol lawn, Bhade and fruit
tries. Available June l. Apply
Motherwell a. Darling. (1380)
Furnished  three   room  suite,
bath.    Hot.  and  cold  water.
Bradley Apartment?
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
fniiisheil houBeki" ping rooms, 37
Agues striM-t.    Telephone 638li.
TO RBNT- rooms FOR MEN, 1-TR-
nlshed, modern, convenient, central.     Y.M.C.A.,   Hoyal   A\e     113711
or vacant lots for renL sale nr nx-
change; splendid position on beach
from.    Winch. White Roc!:.    (13231
Notice Is hereby given that the un
derslgned will apply to the Hoard of
License Commissioners at lis next
regular sitting for an Hotel License
for tbe premises known as the "Hotel
Dominion," situate upon Lot ii  Block I
corner   of   Sixth    and   Columbia
f    New Westminster,
Hated this 9th day cf May, A.D
(1284)    EDWARD JONES.
AT 10 a.m.
The doors will be thrown wide open for the first day's selling of that Great Bankrupt Sale of the Vancouver stock, which is to
be sold at 605 Columbia St., near Sixth Street. Come, join the crowds.. Fine Clothing, Furnishings, Hats, Shoes, Dry Goods,
Ladies' and CJhildrens' Apparel and Groceri es to be almost given away.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please do not confound this sale in any way with a similar so-called  bankrupt Clohting Sale, as they
merely copy our ads.
Men's Suits, positively worth to
$12.50 or your money refunded. Any time during the sale..
Suits worth to $15.00   or   your
money refunded; at any time r QQ
during this sale
Blue Serge, Black Thibet and unfinished Worsted Suits,  also
Richfield Brown  and  Brown
Stripes.   Suits that sell up to 0 QO
$22.50; price   ����J0
Men's fine hand-tailored suits in
ill the wanted styles, worth up n QO
o $20.00: now          ' -J��
to $20.00; now
Finest Suits for best dress wear,
and those fashionable diagonal
grey effects; finest hand-tailoring,   worth   up   to   $35.00.I'I OO
Big line Soft Hats, worth up to -j ��r
$3.50.   Price    I .*)
Men's Boots worth to $3.50; now  \ #49
The  best  Boots,  equal  Vo   any J QQ
$5.50 and $6.00 make; now ..  ��."0
Men's Fine Raincoats, worth to A no
$15.00; now   4-30
Men's Soft and Stiff Hats, all -CQ
shapes: worth $3.   Price  OjC.
Men's Fine Boots, worth up to 1 OQ
$4.00; now    1.0J
Men's Suits in high grade dark
silk, mixed Cheviots, splendidly tailored, regular   price   to C QQ
$18.00.    Price    v.JO
Suits, perfectly tailored; it seems
a pity to sell them so low; reg- Q QO
ular price up to $25.00. Price..  ���J-J-J
Hats, soft and stiff, worth to $2. Aft
Sale price now  4jC.
Straw Hats, worth to $1.50; now 49c.
The J. B. Stetson $5.00 Hats, and 1 nr
other good makes; now    lea J
Ladies' Shoes,  worth  to $3.50;
605 Columbia St., Near Sixth St.
Welsh's Old Stand in the Building Formerly Occupied by Reid & McDonald Clothing Store.
Wanted���Extra Salespeople for Clothing, Furnishings, Hats, Shoes, Dry Goods and Grocer
,-������ A  .,..!,.   .. e ....  1 ..."    Tl\   ..  A1_-/1__l-      I- -  ... Oi / . -rn      '        ��� �� 	
ies.  Apply at once or befort
Be stiro you fl'ui the right!
plaoe.    Do not confound this j
pain   with   other   so-called,
Bankrupt     Clothing    Sales.
Vou must look for tho num-
ber  ahovo  the  door  before
entering  (605 Columbia St)
llicn  you  will  know  you  ar��-
In  tlu'  right  place.    Wo aro
warning you against an unscrupulous    merchant    thai
^^^^^ ^^^^^_    ^_^_       --, - -v  ...,w~.   i m-i ii|Miioua     mercnant     mal
���i.m.   Also Cash bovs.    Store Open Evenings for Working w,n,lrX tolu,rey.ou ln,throu8h
J | a similar .-tain Blnce this sale
**ta*e*t2iamm��-x**B*tpi**iiii**i'"'" *Wy^y,
... JtVvtr**h.t**rtt*Mi r.Mevt*i*nt*-a**axmmma..	
ed complete, electric light, linth.
phone, etc., $14 and flS per month;
also one partly furnished roum *i
per monUi, with other accommodations, at 224 Seventh street.    |12!>6)
428 Eleventh street. Il'22'i)
HOARD     AND     BOOM     $600     PER
week.    Apply 213 Seventh ���treet
BOARD     AND     ROOM,    APPLY    47
Morrivale street. (U����)
Tenders will  be  received    by    the
under-signed until ���> p.m. on June 3rd
next for the erect ion of an Anglican
I'hurcli (frame building) at Burqultlam, B.C. Drawings and specifications may lie obtained at my office,
<i-">7 Columbia Street (over Curtis'
Drug Store), or from Mr, B. C, Ootch-
ing, Burqui-tlam. The lowest or any
tender not necessarily accepted.
(1402) Architect.
Conflicting Evidence Adduced���3ndgc
Meeting  Fails to  Materialize���
Brave Policeman Rewarded.
Notice iH hereby given that at the
next sitting of the Hoard of License
Commissioners for the City of New
WeBtmlnster application will be made
tor a transfer of tlie license l�� hell
liquor hy retail iu the Central Hotel
premises situate on Lot One (1),
Illock "(',," Merchants' Square, Cily of
New Westminster, from Jos. I. Free-
man to Henry Freeman.
I)at.*,|    at    New  Westminster, B.C..
this 6th day of May, A.D. 1913.
Holder of License.
(13:'.ll Applicant for Transfer.
Wanted teachers for the city
schools, Including high school
teachers, commercial teachers (wltli
academic teacher's certificate), publlo
school principals, vice-principals and
assistants, manual training aud
domestic science Instructors. Application forms may bo obtained at the
offices of the Westminster News.
British Columbian, Vanoouver Province aud Victoria Colonist.
(1376)     New Westminster, B.C.
Magistrate MoArthur of Polnl drey
yesterday decided to tend Robert
Swanson, driver of the automobile in
Ithe fatal accident in Kerrlsdale last
Thursday, before the grand Jury on u
oharge of  manslaughter.    Mr.  S. S.
'Taylor.   K.C.,   appeared   for   tlie   de-
: fence, and   Mr.  W.  II.  IV  Ladner, for
the crown There was a conflict of
evidence in the testimony brought
forward respectively hy the prosecution and the defence, said the bench,
Bridge Tangle On.
What was to have been tho llrst annual meeting of the Burrard lul't
Bridge and Tunnel company, scheduled
to bo held at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, failed to materialize, an adjournment being made by those present until the courts have tdeclded On
the merits of an Interim injunction
granted yesterday morning by Mr.
Justice Clement on the application of
Mr   K. A.  Lucas,
The latter as property owner and
ratepayer In North Vancouver, held
[that the proposed work of the company would Injure his properly, and
aBked  thut a permaneni order should
|be issued preventing the transfer of
shares    from      the    municipality    to
I Messrs. B,  II. Ilridgnian, Jack LoUtet,
I David MacLurg ami j. h. Farmer, who
Were delegated to represent North
j Vancouver's  holdings  of  $41)0,000  on
the directorate of the compan;    and
who    ere to be ow nsrs of thi Btoi k In
order io qualify as directors,
Reinstate Medicon.
A sequel to the recent  medical Inquiry is the recommendation for the
reinstatement of Ur W C. Whltteker,
Dr. II. H. Ford and Dr. 8, Btumberger,
which will be male at a special meel
Ing of tha medical council on June l!
The announcemi nl  was made before
Mr. .hnlice Gregory in chambers \en-
nrday afternoon, when it   was stated
by Mr  i'. W, Craig, counsel for the
three physicians, whose names were
recently stricken off the rolls, that,
as the result oi i consultation between
Mr. J, K. Kennedy, counsel for tlie
medical council, Dr, ���'. Proctor, Dr.
R, IC. McKeclinie and himself had decided to withdraw tlie appeals which
Were being made against the finding
of the medical council on the promise
that, reinstatement would be naked
Soldier and Clergyman.
II Ins Just been learned that Dr.
Chown, Iiie general superintendent of
the Methodist church, was in his teens
a graduate of tli- R. M. ('.. a volunteer , r ihe Fenlnn raid and in charge
of Fori Henry The medal for some
of these experienced be sti'l retains;
the $lun grant, d only tho other day by
Hon. Sam Hughes, he naively e,\
plained to the Kltsllano Bpworth
League Inst night, had been Invested
In family plate. Stories of the doctor's  long  and often  perilous canoe
trips delighted his her.rers.
Medals for Police.
In  the presence of Mayor  Baxter,
iChief Constable Miilhern and n representative group of civic officials antl
citizens the annual Inspection of the
Vancouver police force lock  place nt
(1 o'clock last night In Ihn drill hall on
Cainble street,  where all  Ihe o.i'lecrs
"3 duty, numbering 122, were assom-
bled,    A presentation of medals earn-
'od by various officers In the discharge
nt their duly was made by the mayor,
v ho complimented the torce In gen
,: ii and the ri cl plants 1 ( tbe honors
in particular on their conduct and appearance.    Following  Hi"  Inspection
the  men  were pul  through  a iiuiubi.
0; manoeuvres,
Pliii-cr   Diets.
After sixty years' experience of life!
In   iiritiiii  Ccjumbla, having arrived
here  in   tin,  famous  old  sailing  Ship
Princess  Royal  which  was amongst
the  Bret vessels to ever come round
the Horn to this coast, Mr. Matthew
Miiler died yesterday at 714 Seymour
Street    Ho was a  miner In  Kngland, !
and waa associated with the earllost
developments of  mining  In  the  coal ;
fields of Vancouver Island.    Deceased !
leavea a widow, one son and a daughter in Vancouver, and two sons and 11 I
Btepdaugbter In the United tSates, Hi��
burial   will   take  place  tomorrow.
Specially���Treatment of tho hchIj I
by   Vtbro-Mnssago  and Clover's   Kam
oils Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE. 3ft Elql-ith Bt.
o.O. Bo�� Ht
O'l'.y Neva Rldy |
'5   PRINT   3MOP     !
of all kinds,
'���rices rigid.    Satisfaction guaranle
r.9  MrKfn-flu <tt.
New  Spring  and  Hummer  Suitings
now on  display.    Sue thorn.    Perfect
It nnd workmanship guaranteed.   701
Front Street.
Notloe is hereby given that the Cor
poratlon of the Olty 1 f New Westmin
ster proposes to IIII In and build certain works on the foreshore along
portions of llie main waterfront of
the  City  of New Westminster, and
has deposited thn plana thcre-nf and
a description of iho proposed siu-h
wiih the MinlBter ot Publlc Works
and a duplicate 1 hereof In the office
of llie Registrar of Titles for Ihe Dis
trict of New Westminster in the
Province Of British Columbia, being
the district In which such work Is
propoaed to bo constructed, and will
0110 inonth uflor the date hereof apply to the Oovcrnor-in-Couiu-il foi up-
proval thereof.
Haled thlB 3rd day of May, 1913.
By W. A. Duncan, City Clerk.
Ue lot thirty-four (34), Southwest
quarter of District Lot eight hun
dred und sixty-seven (HliTl, Municipality of North Vancouver, Map
When as proof of los 1 of Certifl
cate Of Title No. 59942 E��� covering
the above rh en tloned properly, issued
iu llle name of Sham Singh, bus been
llled In tills office. No! ice Is hereby
given lbat I shall at the expiration
of one month from date of llrst publication hereof, Issue a duplicate of
said Certificate of Title, unless in the
meantime valid objection be made to
me in writing.
Dated nt the Land Registry Office.
Vancouver, B.C., this 12th day of
May, A.D.  1013.
(1310) District Registrar.
To  Porl   Mann  and   Port  Coquitlam
Daily   Except  Sunday.
Will  Leave
B. C. Electric Ky. Wharf
As l'er Following Schedule:
[oaves New Westminster for Port
Mann B 00 am.
Leaves Port  Mann for New Westminster 9:00 a in.
Leavea  New   Westminster for   l'ort
Mann  and  l'ort Coipiitlam  10:011 a.m.
Leaves   Port   Coqultlam   for   Port
Munn nnd New Westminster 1:00 p.m.
Leaves New  Westminster for Port
Mann D.31 p.m.
,     Leaves   Port  Mann   for  New  Westminster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves  New  Westminster  for  Port
Mann nnd Port Coqultlam 4:30 p.m.
Leave.i Port Coqultlam for Port
i Mann and New Weatmlnster 6:80 p.m.
I Schedule subject lo change without
! notice.
For further information  inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Cu., Ltd.
Ploi-ie 1G1L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
Telephones:  Office 53, Residence 429.
.InilN  REID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Ilrou.'    Casolinn
Engines,   Marine   EnglftOS   and   Automobile  Repairs.
Office and Works:  Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Weetmlneter, B.C. THURSDAY, MAY 29, 1913.
[ How to Get,  Make and  Keep  Handy
Kit���Notebook   Will   Be
Invaluable Aid.
Cannas .Coelui and Castor Oil Beans
Will Look Well on Cottage
Open up in our New Place a Large Shipment of
Garden Tools.
F. & M. Lawn Mowers, spocial machine, ball
bearing, three to five cutting blades; Garden Rakes
and Hoes.
701 Columbia Street Phone 57
Sailing Every Tuesday From
New S.S. Laurcntic   15,000 tons   New S.S. Megantic
First Class, $92.50; Second, $53,75; Third, $32,50.
S. S. Teutonic Twin Screw S. S. Canada
.... 582 feet long        Steamers        514 feet long..
Only ONE CLASS CABIN   (II.)  $50,00, and
Third (lass, $31.25 and up carried.
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets., etc., apply to
H. M. Stevenson. Agent CM. 4 St. Paul Ry., 622 Columbia St.,
E. A. Goulet. C. P. R. Depot, New Westminster.
Westminster Trust.   Ltd.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Just because you cannot spend a
fortune ou garden IHtlngB le no rea
son you should not have as convenient and Interesting a garden kit as
you please. The woman who makes
her gardeu with an old Iron spoon
may be successful, but the woman
who has a generous array of Implements at command Ib more likely to
have a garden that is worth while.
A big packing box at the entrance
to the cellar or smaller one, painted
to match thc house and provided with
a padlock, standing Just outside the
door, makeB a convenient receptacle
for the smaller garden tools.
The long rakes and hoes and spades
can he luiiig on the inside of the cellar wall, but the smaller rakis and
spades and hces, the weeder and watering can, the trowel, ball of twine, j
knife, pencil and notebook ean all bo
kept conveniently in the box, So can
dozens of other things which every
gardener accumulates and wants to
have close at hand ai the season advances.
A garden notebook of some sort is
of inti rest and help: Enter in it
carefully everything planted this year,
with dates ot plaining, of llr.st appearance above Ihe ground, of blossoming and of number ef flowers or I
vegetables picked.    Give location ofj
each crop and description of fertilizer
and  method of cultivation employed."
Next year such a book carefully kept
will   prove    Invaluable  In   the  planning and planting of the* garden.
If you cannot  afford one    of    the
lovely  garden     baskets  sold   to  hold
freshly   gathered   llowers  and   vege- j
tables, buy a small clothes basket or '
a strong market basket and stain  it.
it Will prove quite as useful for hold- .
ing the crops as one that costs three
times as much.
A kneeling board for the garden is
a boon to the knees. It can he used
when you are weeding, planting and
cultivating the flowers. Make it from
I Bquare piece of wool, perhaps 12 by
12 inches. Under one long edge nail
four supports three or four inches
hiiii to keep the board at a comfortable angle.
Pad the upper surface of the board
-.villi several layers of carpet. A cotton unified cushion can be used instead of a carpet if a very soft rest for
the knees is wanted.
Dominion   Power   Company   About   to
Link  Hamilton and Gait.
Halt, May 28 -Former Mayor Thomas Patterson haB announced that he
had authority from Mnnslgnor W. J.
Coleman, of the Dominion Power and
Transmission company, or Hamilton,
fur Ihe statement that construction
would Hart in the near future on a
radial electric line from Hamilton to
Mr. Coleman had given the information that the charier was granted,
and work would commence as soon
as preliminaries have been completed.
It is understood that the route will
ue that already survived by the com-
pany, vir. l.ynden and Troy, to a point
west of Sheffield, and then parallel to
tbe Stone road, entering Oalt by way
or Fast Main street, with the Idea of
making a union station at the terminal
.if the Lake Erie and Northern rail
Construction on Hie Gait etui of
tne l.ake Krie and Northern railway
will be In full awing In n week, the
lirst task being that of tilling in what
il, known aB the Main street nond, to
i.i.ike room for terminal facilities.
'iwo enil a half miles south of lhe
town a large cutting has to be made,
and Ihe grading contractors will put
a SO-ton steam shovel on the work.
Kverv effort is being made to have
the Oalt-Brantford section of the road
running by October 1.
Of late years beds of tropical planta
or subtropical planta have become
quite popular, especially on large estates, llut smaller beda on the cottage lawn anj alao very pretty and
lf the bed is fairly large, plant the
rapid growing castor oil bean In the
centre; around thia plant a row of
cannas; then one or more rowa of
coleus of separate colors; then a row
o fsome low growing plant, sueh as
Cineraria Maritime, or any of the
"duty millers."
The coleuB alone may be used for
bordering,and the outer row kept
sheared  fairly  low.
Many people deplore this regularity
of planting and shearing, but there
are quite as many who protest against
the irregular hit and miss, or, as
some call it, the "imitation of nature" way of planting. Either way
is very pretty and effective; the chief
point being that the plants grow well.
A bed of coleus Is a very pretty
sight. Have the bed slightly higher
in the centre than at the outer edge.
The soil for this should be a well enriched loam. Set the plants twelve
���io fifteen inches apart each way, setting each separate color in rows to
make any design desired.
When the plants begin to make
growth, free pinch out the centre
shoot to make them branch, and as
the branches grow out they may be
pinched back at the proper height
to give the bed an even rounded effect. Or the plants may be sheared
into any  shape  desired.
These sub-trcpical plants are all
lovers of heat and should not be
planted out until the weather becomes warm.
C. P. R. Having High Old Time With
Russians Who Line Free Rides
to   Destination
Calgary, May 28.���Unless steps are
taken by the different railroad companies to prevent laborers from break
ing Iheir contracts, a serious shortage of men in construction camps
throughout the wcBt wlll take place
and a corresponding stoppage of con-
si ruction operations on the new roads
will necessarily follow.
It has long been the custom of tbe
immigrants and others who desire to
come west to sign contracts with the
railway companies in order to get
free fare. Just as soon as they arrive they break their contract almost
wllh impunity.
According to railway officials in
thc city at present, the practice thia
season has so far been more prevalent, than in former years, and as a
result many gangs have been greatly
Three hundred and fifty Russians
some weeks ago signed contracts for
a season's work with the C. P. R. on
the western lines. They were shipped out to Alberta free of charge by
the company and a large gang was
put to work a few miles west of Cal-
No less than fifty of these Russians
jumped their jobs and came to Calgary. The local C. P. R. detectives
were put on the case with the result
lhat about a dozen of the contract
breakers were arrested and charged
before Magistrate Sanders with the
offence. All were ordered to go back
to work.
Imperial Nurseries
and Floral Co.
Horticultural and Floral Design
Special   attention
paid to mail orders
The   Novelist   and  the   Lavyer.
Sir- Gilbert   Parker   is   a   brilliant
novelist.      lie   is  also���next  tu  Sir
Ueorj-fe Doughty���tlie beat platform asset  oi the  Unionist  ; arty.    Last, hut
not least, lie is a "jolly good fellow,'
and has won trdbps ot friend- among
liis opponents.   He does not, however,
know much about Ireland, am! a few
��� lays  ago  a  8] .-, .ii oi  Ilia  provoked
Irom   Mr.   I.ardner,   the   young   ami
brilliant M.P   inr Mogaghau, a verv
effective r -ply  winch left nothing nl
Sir Gilbert'.s structure standing.   Ml
I.ardner  persisted, however, in  refer
ring   to  Sir   Gilbert  Parker  as   "thi
ri^rlit   honorable   gentleman"-���a   titli
reserved  for  Privy Councillors���until
the gallant knighl interjected: "1 am
not   right   honorable."     O  e   of   tin
irishmen   promptly   rejoined:   "Well
you ought lo be: many a worse man
is."    Hearty   laughter  betokened  general approval  oi the compliment, lo
which     the    recipient     bowed    his
acknowledgments,   Mr.   I.ardner pro-
cl ,1 to correct himself by explain
ins tliat hs :r ���: :. !������ 9Pr.!t *:* Sir Gil
herl   as   ' the   1. ... r-oie   1 el.
Again the member fur Gravesend had
to J.-.-ci l "1 i:;:i not a baronet,
either"; wheren-pon   lhat same small
>n tii    -zoic*   Ir :n   the   back   Irish
bench siH'ke encouragingly to the
member tor Monaghan; "try "nob!,
lord' mi him, and see how lie take?
it." The speaker, Sir Gilbert, and
everybody else had to join in Ihe
;��� ������.'I'Km-.Tt that ensued, fur the re
.-*  ected novel.st "took it" well.
Calgary Gets Site for Elevator, Wires
Ottawa in Six Hours.
Calgary, May as.���Rapid results
were attained by the special committee of the council named to secure a
suitable site for an internal government elevator in Calgary.
Alderman Garden, chairman of the
committee, Aid. Costello and .1. W.
Davidson, weer appointed ou the, committee in the morning and by the afternoon of the same day had completed arrangements to secure a fivi-
acre tract as a gift to the city for thi
site of the  proposed  elevator.
The site is accessible to three railways tracks, is in a district already
subdivided and largely Eold, and is
valued at approximately $15,000.
The  terms  of the agreement  have
���been  wired  to  Ottawa.    The  Epecial
committee of the council is now investigating the possibility  ot baaing
i a large flour mill locate by the Internal elevator on the same tract of land,
If  the  Dominion  government decides
to give Calgary one of the live Internal   1.000,000-bushel   elevators   to   be
Original Designs
Bamboo Baskets
Cut Flowers Fresh Daily
Salesroom: 1056 Granville Street
Peter's Road and 5th St., Eburne, B.C.
Phone orders attended to. Seymour 6058
To these who love a beniitiful flower garden, without which a
home cannot be truly homelike, we would be pleased lo tell Ihem
all about enr choice bedding stock of great variety, everything wanted to make flower gardens beautiful and attractive, such as:
Make a viElt to our prcenhouses and nursery nnd sec for yourself.    In  Ihe  meantime  ask  for a catalogue,  which  will  be  mailed
froe on application.
We fill window boxes;  a choice selection of flowers.
Don't forget lhis fact; we can supply you with everything for
yonr vegetable garden also.
Our stock of Cabbage, Canllflnwer nnd Tomato Plants Is the best
wo ever had. We havo them In large quantities. Get your orders
In early.
Head Office, Suite 710 Dominion Building.
Phone Seymour 5556. Vancouver, B. C.
Greenhouses and Nursery at Royal, on Ft. C. Electric Railway, Eburns
Branch, 2 "Miles from City Limits.    Phone, Eburne 43.
Double Instrument a Great Help In
Long Distance Talking.
Parle, May 2S. Grent things are
claimed for a remarkable double telephone which Is being exhibited at the
Academy of science   by    Professor
���V Arson val. lt wai invented I y Pr
lull s Glover, the physician at the
While Investigating the question
why i.minds nf lhe voice were Imperfectly transmitted   over   long   dis-
tnnce telephone wires, Dr. Glover was
struck hy the fnct that vocal Bounds
coming from the larynx, on arriving at
the palate were split up Into two
Streams, one of which emerged at the
mouth, the other at the nose. An Ideal
transmitter  would    take    up    both
streams of sound equally, but It was
found that this was hy no means the
case with ordinary liiBtruments.
Dr. Glover, thcorfore, deviBed a
queer-looking receiver with an extra
microphone, placed at an obtuse angle
to the usual one In such a way as to
be Immediately under the noso when
Two or three forms of these receivers were made, lt was found that the
distinctness of the voice was greatly
enhanced and lhe general sonority was
also much Increased, It is thought
that the new double microphone receiver will prove Indispensable in long
distance telephoning.
Toronto. May 88,���To live to the
age of eighty-eight years and then
cut  hrr wisdom  teeth  Is the unusual
experience of Mrs. Holmes Crawford.
of 'J45 1'ape nvenue, who within tho
past Tew weeks haa cut no less than
eight inolors.
Despite her advanced years Mrs.
Crawford feels little the worse for
her experience, though she states her
eyesight has been a lKtle affected.
A  Peiord Shipment.
Cobalt, tlu- vv -ili's greatest silver
nulling camp, added anoth.-r remark
aide achievement Ui it3 long list ol
ii 'resting records in productioi
when a few days ago the 1-rgest ship
menl ever sent nut ol the Doniinioi
was made. 'I hero were . ��� burs ol
bullion loaded on the Montreal T. &
N. i) express, which is was necessarv
to hold up (or eighteen minutes. Eael
of the bars weighed about "0 pound
an 1 the value of them v, as betvvec
$5imi and $000, and the totul value ������
tbe shipment -amounted lo Jl-*7,68',
it requ; ed tbe united efforts of on i '
i in|iii ye of th*- e.x| 'ess company I
move i lie oi tlie trucka on whicl
the ele cn ami u quarter ions nf hul
lion a* ere pile I and t" load tlie ban
with a- li ie delay as possible to thi
train. The consignment left r-t. Johi
: ir London nn the Corsican nn tin
!'r:,l.r*.    lii-iiranee was at the rate n
7 \.'i eel t- on every two. and il cam.
tn about  $1,(30 on the entire sbtj
Costs   $40   To   Save   a   Cent.
According to the Canadian postoiBci
officials the practice of enclosing letters ami so iortli in newspapers is
Tliis scnis to he carried on parti-
cul arly by the foreign population win*
have recently come to this country.
most of the papers and periodical-
being addressed to the old country.
The sender, according to the officials, is liable to a fine oi from $10
to $40 for each offence. An enclosure
in a newspaper is sent immediately
to the dead letter oflico. There ia also
a practice of mailing newspapers witli
���mt sullicient postage, tlie rate being
one cent per lour ounces.
Toronto's Italian Cops.
Six Hnliaiis are to be added to the
Toronto police force. In view of the
rapid growth of the Italian colony.
Chief of Police Grasett has found it
necessary to engage foreign officers
When these men have served sulli
eienl time on the force one or two ol
them will be made decteetives and bl
attached to the stations near the see
tions of the eity where the Italians
live. Interpreter Michael linsso is gel
ting the recruits.
Jamaica's  FlreF.i.:.
So  Strong   is  the  light  emitted  b*
Jamaica flrofllei that the presence n
six will enable a person lo icad.
Nanaimo Beautif ulldea Welcomed
by Pupils in Schools
Nanaimo. May 28.���That "In line
to beautify the city is something more
than a slogan Ib shown by the wide
interest the pupils attending the different schools, are taking in the seed
and floral competition being carried
on by the Nanaimo Industrial Development  League.
At a meeting of the teactierJ of thi*
different grades held yesterday the
unanimous opinion was that the great
majority of the packets of seed which
had been distributed had been planted and were carefully looked after,
ihe scholars interviewed with very
few exceptions having reported progress.
It i sunderstood that Borne bt (he
teachers have added considerably to
the local Interest from a class standpoint hy offering special prizes to
the boy or girl who makes the be3t
showing  in   their  particular  grade.
While school competitions for the
beautitlcation of home surroundings
'avp been carried on in the cities of
the easl with most satisfactory remits for yenrs past. It Is evident that
Nanalmo through the younger generation will ln the very near future
rank ns one of the most picturesque
u-.d well kept cities cf the Dominion
Daiiodilsl    t\* Fn*
77    ~c ^    | andFreslwst
DallOdilSl        in Town
Carnations and Roses
Finest Quality and Best Value
Coveftt Garden   Florists
Vancouver Block
Phone Sey. 1213    Granville Street
Two British Columbians Follow Lure
of   Gold   In   Mackenzie
Edmonton, May 28.- llriice White,
if Nelson. 1). C��� a mine operator of
wide experience In the northwest and
lrlglnal locator of th" Sloean mlae
u Bandon, B.C., and John C, Devlin,
i galena expert from the Kootenay
llstrict. are In Edmonton outfitting
for a trip to Kort RcBolutlcn, on the
south shore of Great Slave Lake,
where they will explore for silver
and lead during the summer. Kort
Resolution Is 800 miles north of Edmonton and well within the Arctic
Reports of enormous deposits of
silver-lead In the vicinity of Kort Resolution, a post for the Hudson's Ray
Company and other fur traders, have
drifted into Edmonton at various
tlmei) during the last few years, but
until this time the new field did not
attt-aet the attention of experienced
Samples of ore brought to Edmonton and assayed at Beveral laboratar-
ies. Including Ihe testing department
of the University of Alberta, show a
high percentage of lead with silver
In commercial qualities.
A Fire May Happen Any Time
An Insurance Company   with   $4,000,000   Capital
Phone 1299 322 Westminster Trust Bldg.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia  Street,  New Westminster.
Singer Sewing  Machines.    Small  Muaical Goods of all Kinds. PHONE W4.
-M. U.
Llghts for Kootenay Lake
Nelson. May 28.���Fixed beacon
lights will be placed at conspicuous
points along the west arm of Kootenay Lake between the narrows at
Prootor and Nelson as the result of
the visit to Nelson or A. do R. Tre-
maine, superintendent of the department of marine and fisheries, during
the  past few days.
Simmer's Seeds
Wo keep our stock fresh by burning doubtful seeds. Can we d-tf-
Uiorn to protect you? TORONTO PARKS LAWN GRASS SEED tu
what wn handle and what we use on our own lawns���Try It.
Now Ib tho time to KODAK. We are agenls for Eastman's Kodaks
and supplies.    Big and fresh stock always on hand.
Curtis Drug Store
Phone 43;  L. D. 71; Res. 72. New Westminster. C C. . ... mm-m. ���  ���
THURSDAY, MAY 29, 1913.
"PAY   CA8H    IT   WILL   PAY
i      YOU".
Rc member the Place-
33 Eighth Street,
ard the telephone No. 2
Just received from Hamilton,
Ont., a new lot of "Tartan"
, Rrand canned goods. These
goods are backed by the manufacturers and our guarantee.
Corn ..........  2 cans for 25c.
Peas  can ^c'
,  Tomatoes ....- 2 cans S5c
Matchless Sliver Polish���We
are the only firm with it in
stock, bottle 25c.
French canned Reans "Haricots Verts." awfully good, 2
cans 25c.
German Lentels, per lb 12'/2c.
Tartan Carolina Rice, 1 lb.
bags, 2 bags 25c.
Cherry Stoi,�� Oysters, delicious, per can 25c.
P. S. S. Jelly Powder. New-
shipment, all flavors, 3 pks. 25c.
"Money back goods."
EmpresB Raking Powder, 16
OS. cans, 25c.
Try a can and if you don't like
it get your money back.
Pineapples, each    35c.
Strawberries,  basket    20c.
Rhubarb,  10 lbs 25c.
Oranges 30c, 40c, 45c, 50c doz.
Bananas per dozen   30c
Spend your money where
values demand.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BR1GGS
City News In Brief
of mm
is a business in itself,
and not one easily acquired or simple of pei'-
This company divides
the work among many,
specialists, all of-them
know jusl what to do
when called upon, and
therefore do not waste
time and the funds of
estates in learning how.
That is or^c reason
why this company does
its work so much less
expensively than an individual executor can.
The subject of executorships is a big one.
Call in and let us talk
it over as it concerns
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
Paid  up Capital and Surplus
Trusts und.T Administration
Trusteeships for landholders
Open  Saturday  Evening 7 to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary. Regina, Winnipeg.
Montreal, London, Eng., and
Antwerp, lielglum.
A Vancouver firm will be represent-
���ed ln police court this morning to
moo: a charge of using city water
without permission.
Floridora for the Hair, fragrant
and effective. Price 35c and 50c.
Prank leal, Tel. 339, City.        (1372)
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1204)
The local companies of the 104th
regiment will hold a skirmishing drill
on Thursday at Moody park instead
of the regular company drill.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
Insurance man. All kindB written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Try the 15c and 35c summer
lunches at the Nutshell, Room 3, Dominion Trust building. (1246)
Disregarding the warning Issued by
Magistrate Kdmonds as to the driving
ot autos past standing cars, a local
member ot the honk honk brigade is
scheduled to appear in police court
this morning to answer to the why
and wherefore.
Money to loan on flrst mortgages,
Improved city and farm property.
Terms easonable.    Alfred W. MeLeod.
A Ilardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 231. (12051
.lodge Howay has decided the action of the Westminster Marine Ways
against J. W. Doane, logger, Comox,
in favor of plaintiffs with costs. The
suit was for $255.77 for work done to
the tug Shuswap for which defendant
denied liability.
Raymond sewing machine for sale,
in llrst class order, only $15.00. C.
Nf. Edmondson tic Co.. corner Sixth
avonue and Twelfth street.        (1276)
C, H. Leash, photographer, und C.
H. Stuart Wade are engaged In taking pictures of a number of the handsome residences in the city. These
pictures will be sent to the olTice of
the British Columbia agent general in
London, where they will be placed on
view with a number of other pictures
of the city and district.
Building material, cement, lime,
hard plaster, gravel, sand, crushed
rock, fuel oil and all kinds of towing.
Apply the I!. C, Transport Co., Ltd.
Phono 82ti.    Wharf phone SS0.  (1202)
Build up HritiHh Columbia by placing your Are Insurance with B, C.
companies. Our companies are among
the strongest operating In the Dominion. National Finance Company. 521
Columbia street.    Phono 515.      (1356)
F. M. Pratt, of Vancouver, will be
Ithe chief speaker at ihe annual boys'
banquet which will bo held in the
local Y. M. C. A. on Friday evening
next at 6:30 o'clock. In the evening
a musical program will bo a feature
and F. .1. McKellar, also of Vancouver, will give an illustrated address
on Y. M. C, A. camp life,
The Canadian Western Lumber
Company have purchased a five ton
motor truck for the purpose of catering more to New Westminster and
district trade. (1375)
Indications point to a large attendance at Friday's Progressive association luncheon at the Royal cafe, when
Professor Hill-Tout, of Abbostford,
will deliver an address on "Marketing
of Home Products." The luncheon
will be held between 1 and 2 o'clock.
Tickets are for sale by the members
of the executive and secretary of the
The Progressive association are
now open to receive applications foi
the position of industrial commls
sioner and Kenneth Myers, secretary
of the asitociation. who ls at present
on a holiday in England, will bo ad
vised thai his services as secretary
will noi be required after July 1. Ho
will, however, be given an opportunity
to apply for the new position.
P II. Smith and W. J. Groves,
auditors anil accountants. We will
keep your hooks, make out and col
lect your accounts, and prepare your
financial statements. For terms, address '-U  Westminster Trust build
lng.    Phone 364. C1368)
Tenders for lhe completion of tin
first unit of the Steveston Jetty work
which was discontinued some tlm-a
ago by thu contractors, are ti*iin
culled by the department of publli
works to I e In by .lum- 17. I; is estl
mated that $100,000 will he required
to complete tlie v.ork. halt nf this
amount having been provided for by a
revoto at Ottawa. Thy remainder will
be taken from the recent approprla
tion made by the Ottawa house, which
will leave $200,000 to commence tho
work on the Becond unit, tenders for
which will probably he called late in
the aummer.
been discovered floating down the
I river near Annacis Island and that it
| had been tied up to the bank.
The body was in a badly deudm-
! posed state ami unrecognisable, showing evidence of having been
ranged, to the scene ef   operations. I water tor a considerable period
Another pile driver has been put    tolConstable  D*m>*. !>
work on the Lulu island Un
C .N. It. for several small bridges
Liberal   Representatives   Co   to
ventlon at Revelstoke.
The New Westminster quota lo the
annual Liberal convention which will
get together tn Revelstoke this afternoon left yesterday noon. Ten delegates are allowed from this city, together with Messrs. Oeorge Kennedy
and Robert Jardine, thus making
twelve votes In all. Only six of the
appointed delegates could make the
trip, but theBe carried proxies of the
other four.
Mr. Kennedy, owing to business
matters, was unable to leave with the
rest of the delegates, but will make
an attempt to be present either this
evening or Friday.
Those who left yesterday were
Messrs. John Reid. C. B. Sword. J. P.
Hampton Bole, MoBes B. Cotsworth,
Alex. Menzles and J. C. I,oree.
k charge of
,,f the i'he case end brought the remains to
I Bowell's   undertaking   parlors   where
an inquest will probably be held some
time today.
An elgln watch secured to a strap,
and a few dollars were found ln the
man's clothlni;. He was wearing 0
good pair of tow shoes.
The body is believed to he that of a
Greek fisherman named Qregario, who
last autumn fell into the river a short
distance from the place where hc was
Every Suit in Our Store
Marked Down
P. G. Padmore is a visiter from Calgary.
T. R. Scott, of Calgary, is a guest at
the Russell.
P. Jackson, of Surrey, is registered
at the Windsor.
P. M. India, of Toronto, is registered at the Russell.
S. U. Fenwlck. of Pitt lake, is a
guest at the Windsor.
George Burgess, of Murrayville, was
in the city yesterday.
B, S Shannon was In the city yesterday from Cloverdale.
Mrs. L, N. McKen, of Seattle, ia
registered at the Russell.
Charles A. Brown, of Como, Italy,
was in the city yesterday.
F. C. Cook, of Victoria, was in
city yesterday on business.
Chink With Classy Calling Card Will
Be  Examined.
When any person brings tidings as
to where considerable loot stolen
from the Bank of Montreal In this
city on the morning of Sept. 5, 1911,
is hidden it Ib only natural that po- I
lice officials, immigration officers and
Pinkerton detectives should alt up and
take notice. Canadian Immigration
Agent Malcolm R, J. Reid, of Vancouver, did sit up and take note of one
Tom Soon Hlug, a Chinaman, whoBe
calling card looks like this: "General
Minister, King, N.W., Attorney of Pekln,, China and Emperor of Kngland
and Ottawa, a Canadian residing at
New Westminster, B.C."
Tom first told a plausible story of
where the loot is located, but on being questioned showered a whole
string nf Invectives on Mr. Reid, when
the latter gentleman decided the oriental was loony. He was told to vamoose, but, persisting in returning on
several occasions, he is now held
pending the examination of a lunacy
commission. Meanwhile Ihe stolen
bills are still as elusive as ever.
SailNS BONDS IN      !
(Continued trom page onei
the,the American markets.    This method
I was recently tried out by the Western
,, .,,       [Canada Power company,    which    had
Frank J.    Rowland,   of   ( oqultlam,  ���ule dlfflcuUv  ln  floatlnl<  a  |oan  0,
was in  the  city  yesterday. 0V(jr    ,hree    mU,ion  (loUarg  ,���   N(,w
S. C. Roblins and daughter were in j York,    so    that  municipalities  whose
the city yesterday from Revelstoke.    |assets can stand    the   test   will    or
' should have little difficulty  in dolus
(',. Johnson and E. Erichsen, of Pltl
lake, are registered at the Windsor.
Mrs. W. Wolfenden has returned
from a protracted slay In California.
Dougal .MacKeii7.ii. mad superintendent of Delia, was in the city yesterday.
very Spring Coat Marked Down
Each Day Shows Vital Price Cutting
If you count savings worth while
yeu will do all your buying here.
$10.00 Suits, cut to $30.00
(87.50 Suits, cut to S27.25
$35.00 Suits, cut to $26.25
$80.00 Suits, cut to $24.00
$24.00 Suits, cut to  S20.00
Extraordinary Values in House Wash Dresses.
(5.00 House Dresses, cut to $3.75
$4.50 llouso Dresses, cut to $3.25
$4.00 House Dresses, cut to    ....  $3.00
13.00 House Dresses, cul to $2.25
Read yesterday's ad. again. Its perusal will show conclusively to you that it pays to trade here. Let
us remind you again of the great reduction we make to you on cash purchases of Furniture. On
sales of $50.00 and over we offer during tlle balance of the week a Fifteen Pi r rent. Discount wheu
accompanied by_tho cash.
Mrs. V. II. Elckhoff and her daugh
ter  Freda  left on  Tuesday    for    St
John, N.B., New York   and    Boston
They    will    be    absent    ahout
674-678 Columbia Street
Initial Children's Picnic to Vancouver
The pupilB of St. I.ouis college, St,
Ann's convent, children from the
Providence orphanage and those eon
nected with St. Peter's chureh Sun
day school had a delightful picnic a-*
Kilsilano bench yesterday. Canoeing
bathing and other spuria were en-
gagi d in throughout the day and the
youngsters enjoyed themselves mos:
thoroughly. Luncheon at noon and tea
at six were done hearty jusl ice to by
���Rome 200 hungry, happy juveniles. A
welcome visitor to thc sands wan
Father O'lloyle, who received an ova
tion from his former pupils. Other
visitors were Father I.ardon, Mission
Cily, and Father Tavornier, Kilsilano.
The party left at 9 9a.m. by special
cars Irom the 11. C. E. H. depot, and
returned at S o'clock. No untoward
nishap  marred the happy day.
Accompanying the children were
Father Maillard, Hrother Joseph, and
the teachers of Sl. Louis college ami
four sisters of St. Ann's convent.
One peculiar feature of the scheme. I
however, is that a large majority of .
the money in New York is really own. ���
ed by European capitalists, who loan I
lt to New York for a small rate of
interest and the Americans make!
tlieir Bhare by again lending il out |
al greater rates.
Press reports of recent  date gave
out lhat Eastern American cues, sum, |
four i as New York lind Philadelphia, mado:
I bond   issues   which   were   more   thnn
oversubscribed  by  the citizens them-j
These bonds are to a large extent
issued with a face value of $100,
which gives the ordinary citizen a
chance io purchase on the same principal as a savings hank. An Issue of
this nature is shortly lo be made In
Seattle, the number of bonds sold to
ono person being limited. i  ~ -
Just why the municipalities of Can-1 ��� : '
ada do not attempt to do this is a'tween Port Coquitlam city unci the
quandary to many. Instead of the Imunicipality was discussed. Accord-
honds being issued at $1000 each, lhe ing to the secretary's calculations. Co-
Btatutes, it has been suggested, might I quitlam would he apportioned $717.50
be amended so that,$100 bonds could land Port Coquitlam $858. Coquitlam
be pr.nted, which would give the Citi- would also be entitled to three acres
zens a chance to purchase. I Of the real property
We Furnish Your Home Complete
New Westminster
BOBLERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURIN OIL     ���
Burnaby   Ratepayers.
The   regular  meeting  of  the   Ward
! One Ratepayers'  association  ln  Bur-
! uaby will be held in Johnston's hall,
Huller avenue,  on  Friday evening at
8 o'clock.
Charged   $100  for   Fa'Ung   to   Clear-
Back  to  Strathtay.
Captain W J. Watt, who brought the
steamer Strathtay to I'orl Mann .-
few weeks ap, and lefl thai vessel to
lake command of the Stratbfillan.
will probably again assume command
or the Strathtay before the latter ves
Bel leaves for Australia loaded i..'1
Another captain is coming oul from
England   to  tak minand    of    the
StraUiflllan, whose Bk ppi r co      ill
ed suicide while ofl Victoria by Jumping overboard
Yesterday Captain Wati was fined
Jloo by the Astoria customs auth irl
ties for falling to obtain a clearance
from Victoria, .vinos report thai
he win contest tin- rine, bI iting that
he was Informed al Tacoma thai a
clearance wan not necessary.
PURDY Alice Purdy. daughter of
Captain and the late Mrs. It. Purdy,
passed away Tuesday morning at St.
Mary's hospital.
Deceased was well known In this
city, having been a resident for about
20' yearn. She leaves a father, two
sisters. Mrs. Ilea'.h and Mrs. Calbirk.
and two brothers, Hussell and  Van.
About a week ago Miss Purdy was
taken ill at White ltcck and she was
removed to the hospital where sin*
later died.
'llie funeral arrangements will be
announced later,
The   chairman   thought   they   were
entitled to a larger share, hut  it was I
finally agreed to accept the situation ;
as set forth by the secretary, and Mr.
garth   was   Instructed   to   notify   the
Port Coquitlam board accordingly.
P.   O.   BOX  442
KING!    SOLOMON    LODGE,    NO.    17
COOKSLEY���The  funeral    ol
ai.-  William  T. Cooksley     will
ilace from  the family  residenc
Friday   afternoon   at   2   o'clock.
funeral    will    lie   conducted    by
Solomon lodge A. F. & A. M.
Members are requested to meet at
the Masonic Hall on Friday. Mav 30,
a! 2 p.m., for lhe purpose of attend-
ing tlie funeral or their late brother,
VV, T. Cooksley. Members of Union
and Lewis Lodges and any visiting
brethren in lie- town are invited to
i Hi7i F. BROAD, Secretary,
Fresh Eggs   3 dozen for $1.00
Good Cooking Ilutter  3 lbs. $1.00 ;
, Bananas, per dozen  30c
I Now  Potatoes    4 lbs. 25c I
I Fresh Spinach    3 lbs. 25c ;
.Spring Salmon   2 lbs. 36c1
] Cod   2 lbs. 25c :
I Halibut    2 lbs,  25c '
(Successor to Ayling & Swain.)
447 Columbia  Ct. Plioic 93.
Do you want lo exchange a lot as a
cash payment on a home ? Halance
of payments arranged monthly.
Do you -want to exchange ycur house
for  building lots ?
have  for
Oraphophoncs ami Qratonolas are -wltli-
Diit a peer in ih,- musical world. They are
capable nr reproducing not merely ono
class of Instrumental muslo, but .every
cin.-ia or Instrumental music with a twenty
tli.-.t Is no less than fluwleiw -the violin.
tbe 'cello, tho harp, tha fluto, the olarlaet,
thu comet���all tin- wind instruments, all
the Instruments of bands ana oronMrtrnJ!
 ��it ttm instrumental  music or all tne
world. ,
Not   only   this,   hut   tlio   human   voice
Ih -now bo perfectly r irdod nnd no Haw-
1-vinly reproduced that tli" home without
a COLUMBIA baa become as Inoornpletn
in n pinno without o keyboard. "HBAR-
il.Tii!.*..:,   Machine!   rrom   SIS.00   ouch   to i
ISF.O.DS  each.
M-8 Columbia  Street
Phone 46i
Night Operator at Work.
An operator will be kept on duty
all night ul the Steveston telephone
exchange and subscribers on Lulu
Island an- delighted over the change.
Heretofore there has been no one to
receive or transcribe messages aftei
10 o'clock.
Ranks First.
Douglas Wright, son of Uev and
Mrs. T. H, Wright, of Cloverdale,
ranks llrst in the order of merit in
rhe results published fur the lirst
year's work In applied science, McOlll
university. Mr Wright is a graduate
of King Edward h'gh school. Vancouver, and took llrst year arts in Columbian college, New Westminster,
Big Tie Order.
The C. N, It. have ordered 20,000
ties io be used in the construction of
tvh Lulu Island line of the company.
The ties will be turned out at the
Fraser Mills and taken by flat cars,
tuoUud of by scows, as previously ar-
Successor to Father O'Royle a Native
of Antwerp.
Rev. Felix Beck, O.M.I., 111" Hiieces
sur of Father O'Boyle In St. Peter's
parish, is a native of Antwerp. Bel-
glum. He was educated at St
Nicholas seminary in Flanders and
then went to Liege to study  for    the
priesthood.   Ordained In iiior,, he was
engaged in mlSBlon work In Antwerp
for two years before he came out te
New Westminster for the Mrs- time ii
1907, lie remained several months It
the Royal City on thai occasion finish
lng his English studies, lie was thel
transferred to the Kootenay district
where lie was placed in charge if -S'
Eugene's mission industrial school nml
of the East Kootenay Indian mission
lie remained there fur five years, his
disirict embracing aboul 200 mile.,
trom Wlndomero to Bonner Ferry.   In
November lasl he was appointed to
the charge Of Sl. Filer's dining tin
Illness and absence of father O'Boylo
on the latter gentleman's transfer
ence to Vancouver Archbishop case;,
di'Hignated him as lhe most suitable
successor to that popular priest.
This     Will     Not     Affect
A meeting of the CoQUltlam school
board waa held In the Burqultlam agricultural hall yi-bierday afternoon.
A communication w-us read from tho
superintendent of education, Victoria
Intimating thai tbe department hud
no objection to the school board continuing to perform its duties with
four members instead of five, bo as to
avoid the expense of an election on
account of the resignation ot W.
A  letter  from  the  Burnaby school
trustees   was  read   in   unswer lo  the  Call and see us
request of the Coquitlam board to de- I     w(, can odor you
cline accepting pupils from the latter
municipality,    The  reply  s'uted  that
the teachers of the  llurnaby schools! EASTMAN & WAMSLEY
would  so  Instruct   tlieir  pupils. Phone 312. Room 201
The division of the school funds be-1        Westminster Trust Bulildlng.
From 46 Lo nc St. P.BilfflS &C0.,Lt(L
to 401 Columbia St
Watch for announcement.
High   Class   Ladies   and   Gentlemen's
Ladies   and
Palo'.e  Market,  Columbia    Street
 1200 1201-1202
Sapperton   Market,  Columbia and
Keary  Street, Sapperton 1204
Eighth Street Market, 515 Eighth
Street   1205
Edmonds  Market, Edmonds  ...833 L
Do    you    want    to
property you now
properly ?
We have a large list |
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Home For Sale
Remains   Thought   to   Be   Those   of
Greek  rliherman.
Yesterday afternoon  the provincial
pollce were notified that a body had
No.  1    Here   Is   a  splendid home for sale cheap.    In a good locality near Queen') Park und new school.
It  has  seven   lan'e comlor table  rooms  with  every  modern convenience;   full  basement;   on a  large lot, M)xl32 fret.
This place In below viiluu anil  the  terms aro nuch  that almost
anyone can handle It.
PRICE,  $4400,  $750 CASH,   balance monthly.   If you want to buy
a home lei ui  show you this p iMe.
Argents tor  Pacific  Coasl  Steamship Co.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1801.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployer-V   Liability!   Automobile   and
Marine  Insurance.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
car  at
WEEKDAYS r, and 0.45 a.m.
und every 15 minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with lato ear at. midnight.
SATURDAYS 15 minute ner
vice is continued until il p.m.
BDNDAYS���8, 7, 7.80 �� and
X.30 and every 15 mlnutcH until
11 p.m. wltli late car ut midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. mid hourly until 10 p.
m.,  with  late  car  at 11,80,
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS -8 a.m.  and
until   10   p.m. with   lute
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS- 7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS    X  a.m.    and    every
huro until 11 p ni.
Connection   Is   made  at    Eh-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS- 9.15 a.m., 1,10 ami
6.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.06 p.m.


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