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The New Westminster News Aug 5, 1913

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News Classified Ada.     <SS
Have proven their worth ��^" the
resulta   they   produce.     T'^    All
targe   or   small   wants   \\-  smalt
cost j?
The Weather.
New Westminster and the ly&wer
Mainland:  l.lght to moderate Wtatbs,    :#
generally fair;    warm   today    ta*tt
Fifty-nine   American   Cen- Japanese   Incorporate   and Company Successfully Ten-
Independent Plants Compromise on Price and Many Japanese Resume Work on River���B. C. Canners' Association Refuses to Budge and Remainder of Orientals,
Together With Whites and Indians, Are Idle.
ters to Get Help from
Have the Laugh on California.
dering   on   Sapperton
Sewer Would Start
| Conference of Bankers to Be Held at   By  August  10,  Date  New  Lecislation   Leak of Water Main at Colony Fanr.
Washington to Discuss Methods
of Handling.
Becomes  Effective,  They  Will
Be  Cafe and  Sound.
Ahout half of the Japanese fishermen nt SievestoD, who on Sunday evening refused to cast their nets on account of the out in the price -of fish
from 2t> lo 15 cents, were on the river
last night, according to Information
Obtained by a staff representative ot
The News al Steveston.    These fi#h
.ind the fishermen wero foieid I acl;
to work, It uould not be their taint
If roofs of i��nnerloB fell In j'ld Ma-
clilnerj stopped working.
A meeting was then held nf whine
nun and Indiana and a committee of
five -vhlte men and two Indiana ws
appointed to wait on the .lups, ***** 'he
oriental leader was in Vancouver ami
Washington, Aug. 4. -Itepresenta-
iive bunkers of all large cities In the
agr.cultural regions of tbe south,
unddle west and Pacific coast were
invited by Becretary McAdoo today to
c<Aie to Washington to confer with
iie  treasury    department    regarding
Sacramento,  Aug.   4.    "If  Japanese
Gives City Council Some Anxious Moments.
An offer of the Northwest  Munici-
Cpnttnue to incorporate  their land  at i pay Construction company, which was
Men Who Killed Four of Their Fellows in California Ho|*
Fields Claimed They Were Members of Trouble-Making Organization Which Stood Sponsor for Their
Deeds���Troops Now Control Situation.
Wheatland,  Cal., Aug. 4.-With
companies  oi   militia  camped
Ihe rate they have gone the last two [awarded   the  contract   for  section   A) school  grounds  and  the  hop  pickers
trmtnt are  Is  th-e employ of the tn-   nothing coi��.d bejl-nn-e.
dependent canners,  who have offered
20 cents per fi+ih, with no limit.   Most
of the -while Bm are employed irs the
B. C. Canners' association and these,
together with the Japanese in the employ   of   tlie   association,   refused   to Uud do not appear in a hurry to nc-ro- | of tlie great crops soon to be harvest
���fish, tic- acKoctallon having refiiwil to tlale with other Bsh-oraen.
give way to llie demands ot the Jap- j    Another merttng -was held at <i
anese whore delegates waited on the[at which the committee already men
tinned  v.as appointed
Japs  Are  Four to  One.
Tiie   Japanese   fishermen   ar*1   f''u:
to one of ether nationalities, ln.-liul
lng white men, antl they -seen'  in re
nlbo  that  they  control  the  situation
the distribution of the $50,000,000 of Ulan, license secretary, today.
government funds about to be de-1 Ninety Japanese land companies,
posited in the national banks of these with a capitalization of $4,000,000,
sections to facilitate ihu marketing have In en organized since the alien
and movement of ihe crops. 'bill was tigneu by Governor Johnson.
Tbls unprecedented step, which wlll |Fourteen  companies  filed  articles of
' incorporation today and 16 on Satur-
dav.    In most Instances the Japanese
weeks, tvery acre they own in Call-! of the Sapperton sewerage scheme last
fornia will be incorporated by Aug. J fall, to finance the deal on the clty'n
10, the date the anti-alien land law be- it-ruing treasury notes to the company
comes effective," said Robert V. Jor-   bearing 6 per cent interest at 95, was
call iu Washington bankers from the '
:entrea that wiii finance the liaudlin,:
epresentatlves of the B. C. Canners
nr   Vancouver  yesterday   afternoon.
The B. C Cannery' association is offering 15 cents per flsh, with a limit
of "O'i fish to the ooal. Its canneries
are petting a supply of fish from the
trapB nnd from the upper river.
Several  Meetings.
Beveral meetings -were lield at Stev-
eston yeBterday and a committee of
white men. representatives of two In-
riiiin tribes, one Spaniard, one Creek
and two Swedes will meet the Japanese delegates thin morning; and much
-depends ii-pcm   this   conference.
lt licked for a time as If the back
of the strike were broken, but Indlca-
1ions last night pointed to a different
���d   was  appointed    to    ineifl the;
Japanese this morning.
Fish  in  Schools.
There  were  more fitb     *   fhe  riv:
lust  evei.lng than nn P ������ilny ���" (1 one'
ilrllt was sufflcli      to get      i-imf upd.'
The  boats nvernged  frum 1"'j to '. ���" j
firh  lo the drift.
Sockeye -Shtpments.
The Star oompany lai-rt evening was;
expecting a wow load of 5(100 fish, the)
English Bay cannery. 16.000. and al
Ncrth Arm cannery 15.1100 fish.
The Imperial cannery received 10,-
j-f'00 from up river and 20,000 from the
Sir Bpeclal constables are iiutro'.-
inu the river In anticipation of trouble
ed. is designed to iiive the secretary
llrst bund Information and advice as
to the specilic and n-lalive needs ol
eneh of the farming districts.
It has been decided tentatively to
place the deposits in tbe. 59 cities to
be represented at  the conferences.
Invitations were Bent by telegraph
to presidents of the clearing houses
asking them to send reprosentatlves
to the conference.
The conference w'th the representatives from the southern cities will
be held at the treasury    department
August  7,  with  these  from the west
August  S,  and  wllh those from    the
I'acific coast August 14.
Anions  59 cities  Invited to be rep-
resented are  l.os AnptVe-s. San Fran-
iisco, I'ortland. Seattle and Spokane
have subscribed  for the  entire  capitalization.
load of hop-pickers from the force the camp. Durst says: "I met tbem in
of over 2000, whieh yesterday occupied front of the barn. Half a dozen lead-
2, 1912. The fact'the huddle of tents and brush lean-tosjprs mounted the wagon and tbey wait-
as yet to sell the; which formed the harvesters' camp, j ed until the crowd got up. They ��!���-
Every hour saw the number dwindle, i neared to want everybody oa' band,
as the workers were paid off and de- [and one man, the leader, a shijrt tel-
That Is Why He Sends Personal Representative to  Mexico���Ambassador  Resigns.
���conclusion and the meetlnn today will land lo prevent m>t cutting. They wer'
be awaiteil with interest by fishermen ordered to the scene by Attorney Gen
and cann>TS alike. ier-'  Bowser
This,  In  short.  Is  the  situation  st |    Various    report*    are    going    the
read in the council chamber last eve
ning, the matter being referred to the
finance committee.
The company  was    the    successful
bidder   for section "A" of the scheme
and was awarded the contract conditionally,   on   Nov.
that  the  city has
bonds to cover the expense made It
Impossible for the contractors to proceed with the work and the deal had
lain dormant until last evening when
the company wrote stating it was
in a position to finance the scheme
should the city issue treasury notes
covering the outlay.
The letter explained that, in event
of the company still being the fuccobs-
ful tenderer, it was desirous of making a start before the rainy weather
seta in and it would nlso give the
money market a year to recuperate,
during which time the bonds would
probably te Bold.
Expenrive   Leak.
Tbe leak in the water main crossing
the colony farm, which waB reported
in Tbe News a tew days ago. Is likely to give the department no little
trouble  and  expense  unless  Immedl-
encamped on the Durst brothers rancii
reduced to a few hundred person-*,
there was little indication here tonls ll
of the rioting which brought Oeath
yesterday evening to four men, among
them District Attorney B. T.-Man-Veil,
of 1 uba county.
Every train today carried out a full
evening. Me suggested that they appoint a committee to confer with him
In the absence of John H. Durst, his.
brother, who usually cared for tbis department of ranch work. The pickers a"eepted the proposal and dispersed.
Sunday morning the committee approached the ranch office, followed
hy virtually the whole population of
parted bv  train, wagon or afoot
I. W. W.'s Reported.
But fifty pickers appeared for work
this afternoon, and the ranch owners
and Adjutant General Forbes, personal representative of Governor Hiram W. Johnson on the scene, were
not Inclined to anticipate further
The pickers claimed at the time of
the riot that they were I. W. W. mem-
low, seemed to have command of the-
crowd and obtained silence without
any trouble.
"The leader read from a paper a Hst
of seven or eight demand3 which I
noted down. 1 agreed to virtually
all the demands, but the leader of the
strike harp.nguel the people again and
told them that the company In effent
had refused their demands, and h��-
declared that they would give us two
hers end had the organization be-hind I hours to  meet  them and.urged that
them. nct a picker leave the premises and
Rumors today were rife that various i no work he done until their demands.
parties of Industrial Workers of the'were granted."
W:orld Eald to be marching to the , Dum save that he then drove mi-ay
scene. No foundation for these re-l'o find Constable AnderBOn and urged
ports could be discovered and Gen-j htm to communicate with Sheriff
eral Forbes said tonight the soldiers ��� Voss at Marysvllle to aak aid.
probably would be withdrawn tomor-1 "About 11:45 a.m.," tho statement
row. \c-ntlnucB, "the strikers' committee of"
The feature today was the total lack  about a rtoren came to the office and
Steveston Beveral meetings were
held vestenlay. including an opun air
j-iilnerln;;. at which mpn from the
1 W W. organization played a prominent n-ri and made their usual tiiat-
nn' threetf.
The white men seem to take little
PtocB In Ihe I. \V. Vf?t, however, and
little trouble ls expected from thai
Everything was unlet yesterdny and.
ro far as e in he learned, no nets wen-
cut tm threatened, the prime movers
*n th" strike apparently wailing tor
today's ������" ei'ii-c.
Klootchtnen   Drift   Back.
The  klootdhmen    can    fillers    who
The .l.-li
r  places
wenl on -.-trlii' on Sunday for so cent
nn hour nnd time nnd a half tor ov
time   have -drifted  back and
receiving 20 cents an hou,-.
workers  ptnyed  out,  but  thi
win-   filled   wtrh  Hindus.
The Independent canneries, Inolnd-
Inir the st-ir. Gulf of Georgia m.d in-
I.luhthousp plants offered 20 cents per
fish and the river Inst evening was
covered wiih boats fishing for these
li Is Bald, however, that the Japs
r.re so hnavllv lnflelited to these ean-
tii ri'���-��� thai the officials came to file
conclusion lhal this was the on1>
method by which they would get the
debts squared it!.
A meeting of the Japanese was held
yesterday and ;' spokesman appointed He went to Vancouver nnd Intel-
vlev.i'l   lhe   canners'   association,  but
retnrnod to Steveaton last evening and
reported  thnl  he had  gained  nottltt'.s
but n refusal I
thn frehermi n
rounds, one Whig to the effect tlm*
the women workers will strike again
thia morning tor 25 -cent.-; an hour.
T'i's is thought to be in sympathy
with the fishermen, however, more
tb-'u an attempt to eel an inoreaie.
Thi-= move win nti-o be postponed until nfter the meeting.
Gccd Hault up Fiver,
l'n   river   risierineii   were   making
'���' -'1    hSUlS   yi Kd ri'av.   most   of   the
boats taking more than 1000 rub dur-
?'    the day,
"It Is the leek of organisation or
attempt t*�� enlist tlie sympathy if Che
up river fishermen In (hi- strike thst
will prove 'he undoing of the strikers,"
Washington, Aug. 4   -President Wll-
Becretary   McAdoo    announced     it'is��n took the tlrst step today  In the
was not  practicable  to Increase    the ! P��lley through which he proposes to  ate action  is taken,
number of citleB and that he Relieved \&*ai with the Mexican situation.    He      Mayor Gray, In a verbal report, said I
those selected were tlroronglily rep.Iformally accepted the reElgnallon of that Alderman Bryson, City Engineer ot Ul-teelinR toward the guardsmen < demanded rn answer. 1 told the lead-
rerentative of the agricultural sec-iAmbassador Henry l.ane Wilson toiBlackman and the water Buperinton-1displayed by the pickers. The Gro- ers we did not desire their servtcew
tlcns. I take  effect  on  Oct.   14  and  aent  to I dent had visited the scene of the leak! ville    and    Chlco  companies arrived 1 further  and   wished  them  tn  va-eati-.
Will Go the Limit Mexico,  as  his   personal   representa- Iflurin-e the past week and since thenlsoon after daylight today and march-'the premises."
Treasury officials declared that thei"ve. but not accredited to the HuertalMr. Blackman had been over in Vic-led ut once to the centre of the pick- | The Clash.
entire fiftv million dollara which bas I government,   former  Governor    John  torai to take the matter up with En-1 ers'  camp.    Soon  afterwards General1     At   4   h'clock.  the  statement  Kays.
I.ind, of Minnesota, a lifelong friend , ^ineer Griffiths of the provincial I Forbes and the four Sacramento com-: Durst saw the strike leaders heading
of Secretary Bryan, with the under-jobard of works. Mr. Griffiths hat jpaules rolled in on their special train, hick from town toward the camp and
standitiK th:tt wllen a stahle govern-t taken   the  melter  seriously  and  hnd*|and the militiamen were at once with-1 Anderson in the car.    Anderson was
j says   Marlin   Ntmlt,   who   nlso   states
that by refusing to ���� mil on Sunday
till levenlng,   the  fishermen   lost   close  to
$2i'll III
"it l�� th'> first ni-chl <>r lhe bin run
thnt the fishermen make the big
money," continued Mr Monk. "The
canners take all tho fish lhey can Ret
Ihe first dny. Imt nrter thnt thev he
come overloaded, cannot bundle the
u,,.,.iv ������,] a limn is put on recli boat.
"Tlie canners estimate thai ench
ruse of 4u cue-pound runs of salmon
costs then 13 for the box, t;ns, labor,
commission and other expenses. ]' '
tnkee 12 fish to nil a rase whle'i :���
^5 cruts per flsh is J',!, or a total C"��1
to the canners M *(i per ctso. Al fhe
present time the market priee *, -
this class Is $fi per case, leaving tro
profit  fir the canners.
"On  the other hand, when the flsh
nr-- scarce, half nonnd Tints nnd oval*- \
���>re oacked. w-hlch tnke longer to pnf*k
meet the demands nfiiii't In which there is a larger margin j
\rr nrrfit.    When tiie canneries are
The i w. \V. representatives arrived nsckf-ng this class U ean offord to pay i
nt :' o'clock md held nn open air moot- ,25  -enn- ner fish."
lng    They addressed the whilea "i"1     *i"'-"  *-'���   Mungo cannerv yesterrtnv ,
Indians and said thnl lf the Japs wont  TPCelved  m.nno flsh, which.  It  plated,
back thev would cut Iheir nets. They la enough to keep il going until Thntr- ;
also <tnli"!   thnt  if the militia  rune  dn*.
lb-sen otfered will be d"mis:ted If the
sltuaUfJi depends It. It was explained that care would be taken to pre-
vi tr   any  undue  IfiTlattori  of  the  clr-
'"'lat'ng  volume  cf   money  and  that
; the government would deposit only
w''n: wns needed to asslot In moving
��� the crops, with the stipulation that
it must he returned to fhe trewnry
"". si mi as that need shall hav;>
/it the conference -'th the bank���--
Reeretarv  M"Adeo  v.-'ll    fflscusa    the
amot-nt   eeeded   and   the   elites   to      le-
named  t**r the Frntltial n'turn of    lhe
money  to  ihe  governmisnt.
T^e Ireasurv    <!epnrt"i��nt    errweia .
��o  l;"-'n   le.-ikiiu.-  ihe  tl-poslic  before
'he close of August  nnd -rradunliv li j
r,.r-i   fhn   money     Int.,     the    n'lerte,] j
e-ntres as the dem��"<K- urow through I
'he crop moving period.
in   Mexico,   Mr ' pent one of bis engineers to look over '.drawn to public ground to make camp, (to arrest the rtns-leadera lOflSIS^**
hr  anibassador i the   prminil   in  order  to  make  a  re-      Tlie   soldiers   were   called   on  only 1 rrdered   off   the   grounds    YeTurne-H
Tlie soldiers were called on only
onee today. That was just before 12
o'clock, when Chief of Police C. J
McCoy, of Marysvllle, in charge of the
peace officers of the camp, located
William Beck, a youthful Mexican,
-igainst whom McCoy had evidence
tending     to     connect   hlm   with   last
Sound  City  Pair  Said  to Be  Having
Cucer Kind of Holiday on the
Lower Fraser.
ment   ib   established
l.Ind   will  be   named   as  ardbassador. I the  ground  ln  order  to  make  a  re
Mr.  I.ind. who haB been In  Wash; port, which  was expected  within  the
Ington  for  the  last   'hree  days,  hud | next ten days.
talked with President Wilson and Sec-      The  only  danger,  explained   Mayoi
retary Bryan and obtained their views! Gray, wns that the leal; mlpht  affect
on the situation.    Mr I.ind ls a lawyer j the water coming into the high level
by  nrofosfton  and  was a member of: reservoir,
congress  from  Minnesota. The scene where the leak has ap-
  | neared is in front  of the buildings at'night's Bh-poting.
Playing Ransom Game. Ithe srovern-mnni 'nrm end hns broken I     McCoy  appealed  lo General  l-'orbes
Fl   Paso    Tex     Auk   4 ���O    Dntlie   out in the 14-Inch main, which at that 1 to  guard   the   camp  and   prevent  any
American inWplant engineer of thejnotat is covered by a fill 20 feet deep,  man  from leaving II:  until1 Bee* had
lumber mills of the Madera companv The -government was planning on do-  been arrested.    A oordon  waa .hrown
at  Pearson. Chihuahua,  Is a prisoner  lne  Permanent  work   in  front  of  the!Seoul   the   camp   m
of Maximo Castillo's gang or bandits, bundtegs and it is possible that some I Three     automobiles
who  are  holding  him  Tor  rannom  In (arrangement can  he  mnde to change
their mountain  camp, two miles from
the lown. according to a renort receiv-,-^--  - - ,t0 t]lp mirt��� nml oast |ph������Bi
The   water  committee   was   left   In1    Beck   was  hurried  to  the  city  jail|    "The  crowd   immediately  began  to*
charge     of     the     negotiations,   withi'n an  automobile.     Later he. and she .d'anerse   when  the strike leader cal/-
powi r lo net lu event of the leak be-lother prisoners were taken  to Marys*   ed   for  them  not  to do so.     Immedi-
coming   more   serious. Ville for saTe keeping. ��������� ly  I  saw  strikers rttack  the; slier-
Em  lo t Anen-v Stcry of Riot. jiff, one .lumping on hlm behind, strik-
pioym n   ��g ney. |    ]n   a   carefu]iv   prepared   statement i 'ng or forcing him to the ground when
Tho npnlicaticn of A. II. Mill 'r anl|igsuea tonight Hnlph H. Durst, one of the shooting began.    The fliets raini'
guardsmen      dashed
��� he  loe-ufen of the  main  to th��  rear/crooked   camp   etreet.
of the buildings, alsonside the 25-inch lilumped  out   to  form   a
tiered off the Rrounds
V hen the constable attempted to do
so. the strikers attacked him 'nirst
ravs. and sought to take thi officer's
revolver from  him.
"I n-?ed Andersen not to shoot."
?.ild Durst. "Finally he had a ehanev
to hinH) into the ce.r and w�� left, followed  by  recks and  brickbats."
TelHiie* i-e tlie return later wftfl tha
-i-urlffs   iiiisse.   the statement  rooite.-
���On "--'vini: nt lhe pickers' camp, ��e
|'e-,,nd fhe same strike leader ftarran-
few   minutes. |gu'ng rh" cr��wd near the dance pfait-
loaded      .wltli ' fo���>i.    The sheriff rnised his hand and
through      the ,'told tlie crowd that lie was the aher-
nnd   the   men jiff and ordered them to disperse. Ite
skirmish  line I fired his revch-er into the afr as em-
ed nt the local orflces Of the Pearson
Superintendent C. H, Cee-vr
Pearson mill, was held un '" hi
ters last Wednesday nlcht i
hun,liis of the  s. me hand   iml
of the
s qiiar-
iy    five
I-:-.-,-ofton, Aug. t. The freakish
r.iidi rtaklnga of men of meana in pur-
Eolt uf adventure and sport have form- i
ti open  the  company's  safe and  de
it-.-,".- !?00 pesos to them. Cooper wa* Herbert Hicks for authority to carry
-���"'-relv handled l.y the robbers. -\lon an employment agency, this to be
knife vas drawn across his throat.[signed hy the mayor and chief of po-
hnt  he  managed  to  escape  fremi  his  ������cc^ -received a little comment before
Captors, who were tailing him to the
mountains after they had rifled the
office and  vaults of the corporation.
d the theme of many an int-rrreting lee Winkler. M
v Se-   ligc,   Arden   a'u
Dockers Use Dynar-"ltc.
Edinburgh, Aug. -t. finking dock-
wortrera m l.eiili adonted revoltitrnn-
nrv taclica today. Fnormoua dPin-
agp tm (-"used bv an attempt to blow
un n dock, and a number of bulldinge
linn fired.
Montreal Employers Want School Established���Apprentice   System
Not Satisfactory.
Montreal, Aug. 4.���An Influential
delegation representing the employing
printers of the city, the Typographical
tale, but the story of two wealth
aitle   hotel  owners   now   engaged   as
salmon fishermen, Is mual to any yet
li. Pen ii Is the niiino of thp owner
f ih  ,r os entered In the books uf
Winnipeg, Aug. 4.   Harvesting bus
ready opened in Gretna, Plum Con-
Morden, Brandon. Port-
d  Stockton, according
to reports received by Ihe provincial I
departmi nt    of    immigration.    There
are a  number of other placi-s where]
harvesting   wlll   be   commenced   this
week-end and, in faot, In u large par-1
ho Imperial ean *s here, while OwlUon of southern Manitoba cutting will
dentlty of his companion In Tun does I be in operation b) the nnl of th   *,.  ek
ppi nr us he is working as n bunt
no share iu lhe bm-.i-
Ni-jht    L.amp    Explodes    and    ;
Membero  cf Onr  Family
union and the Montreal technical
echo iii called upon Sir l.'imer Couln,
premier cf the province, today to pre-
[or n request for lhe establishment of
n technical school where the nrt o!
printing nnd bookbinding would be
laught. The necessity for such an In-
t.'itut''n. It In stated, is caused by the
f experienced  men. this  In  th" cottage of .In. Paif.iet. pilot, who
Quel) c   Anv.  ���!.-  Seven  lives  v.ire
lo ;t  by  lire which totally destroyed
shortr g
turn being due lo the facl that the ap
prentice system Is not working successfully In modern times, lhe Journeyman printer of today hsvlng
reiti,er Hie tine no Inclination to ln-
���etruri apprentices.
Sir Dormer Oouln who rdcalveri the
suggestion favorably, stated thai hs
would live it every conslderctlon. He
thoroughly sympathised with the "rn-
nosai. but great demands are already
lielng made un llle provincial treasury in the cause of education and it
might not lie possible to finance thl
enterprise. He suggested that bis petitioners also seek the ofl-oportlt'nn
nf the city. The cost of establishing
the proposed school iimounlB to |10,
000 nnd the sum
puller and hu
The "iir are classed ns "Independent fishermen " nevertheless for rev-
iral weeks they havc ni-ide deliveries
rf various Blzes to the Imperial cannery. They are not lie ted for their
persistency In seeking the heretofore
elusive s'-ckeyes nnd thnlr companions l,ay that if wind does not serve
'or thev us�� a salii-ont the hotolmen
often do not go out. while again, on
'���her days when the humor li^kc
fhrm. they will put out In rough
The two nre said lo be owners nf
���hre.-.vrll known hotels 111 Seattle
I'l't h'.-une ef the pt like, tha pair nre
not to be found on the wator nnd cannot v,��� earnored while playing hooky
from business.
Jur'  Like  Britain.
Nev'.ert. n.i., Aug, t   .Eleven grea'
ere,-  hattlashtps, tli"  most powerful
fighting   machines    In    the   li'it".l
States navy, steamed  out of Narra
Urgent requests for farm lielp continue  to  be  rei-eived  by   tbe  depart-1
ment  and  :i   nurobi r  of  P.rithh  harvesters who left Qin bee Saturday are |
"vneetcd io arrive Tuesday night or I
Wednesday morning nnd will help to |
a considerable e>*ten'..   On the same
or the following day men are expected
whose railway fare Iihb been prepaid.
being referred to a special committee
consisting of Aldermen Dodd, Kellington and Jiirdtne.
Mayor Cray explained that Miller
nnd Hicks hnd been to see him in re-
irard to this and he had referred them
tn tho council. Under the new regulations passed by the Dominion government at the last aeiisinn of the
house, any agency of Uvs kind, unless
it had a license endorsed by the mayor
pud chief of police of the city, would
be unable to deal with persons who
had not been residents of Canada
more than three years Alderman
Bryson asked lf the council were keeping* the proposed municipal employment hureau In mind when it considered this application and, without fur-
Mi r discussion the matter wae referred  to  the  special  committee.
'n such rapid succession that  ft wr��-
hard to keep track of them.   .Mariwuf:
-uched  pan me towards the shoritT.
I The n'-vt  instant I  saw  the  sheriff.,
H's  Btory  heginn    with    SaturdayIlitanwell and two others writhing. jb->
night,,   wben. he  says,  first  signs'of i the ground.    I went to the offW-mid
discontent   were  manifested    In    the j cot rut the guns we had already rtw-
the owners of the ranch, who participated In everv scene of yesterday's
trouble, described the riot as he saw
pickers" camp. At that time over 2000
norsons were camped there, fully a
'mirth of the number being women
and children.
Durst  says  the workers had  gathered  to  discuss  grievances  Saturday
������'rieri and sft'ened a stc-ng guars
be'-eeti the buHd'nes and the rimp.
"The lenders In th's mo"-f>ment o-m
"im-med loudly thnt thev were Indue-
'-'"! Workers of the Wo-'d -^nd 'hal
"he organization was behind them."
Giorq"   Hltchc-vck   Dead.
London, kvg, 4.���Word was receiv-
id here trday of the death  last Sab
irday nt  Markni Island, a short dis
tance north of Amsterdam, or
HltchOOCk, lhe painter. Death r,
ed from heart failure.
Texan  Gets  Hallucination  and  Leaps
from Train  Into  Rlvcr���Was a
Jail for Law Makers.
Webster Springs, Va., Aug 4.���The
live members of the WeLi Virginia
legislature convicted of bribery i:i
connection with the election last
spring of a Pulled State ��� senator for
Kast Virginia were sentenced tcday.
Delegates S, U, (1. liboades, Ilalph
Dull and 11. F. Asbury were Sentenced
to six years each lu tlio penitentiary.
State Senator B. A. Smith was given
a sentence cf five years and si:.
months and Delegate David Hill Ave
years. The (lve men were disqualified
for life frcm holding uny public
Estimate cf Immigrant Tide
tc Canadj,
ly Jack John-con CajVt Cn.-na
live.-, al Sl, Jean, Island of Oil' aus.
The dead are: Mrs. Pa-yuet, 4i
'���'in- 'M; Ale in (lr�� Paquet, RSCd
so yottrsi i-cc Cadi a Peijuel mod 23;
Mario Louise Paquet, ng, il 20; Emmalgansel bay In n long line today bent |
Paq ti. aged is: Blanch Paquet, aged]on the theoretical destruction of the
13;   Infant, aged  1.
The injured are: Jo?. Paquet,
severe bums;  Mrs. .1. Lapolnt, Que-
b��e. s 'vcre hut'ii'-,.
II Is thought that In the case of
Mr. P:u;uot the Injuries miiy prove
Mi", l.npolnt was on n vis't (o the
Paquet's and with Loonle Paquot, a
crippled   Kili   13  yearB  cf  age,    was
rescued by tiie father of the family,
fortifications guarding   Long   Island
sound.    The purpose wna to open the
way  to the  ultimata  occupation    of
New York City.
Headed   for   Fort   L.iwton.
Scuttle, Aug. 4. Secretary of
Wnr Garrison, Oeneral Leonard Wood I
nnd party arrived from Tacoma Intel
tonliiht and were met at the railway
Station by a reception committee of!
estimated ns neces- A lamp, left burning as a nighl light prnmln-Wlt Democrats.    The secretary
| MOO.
for Its maintenance annually I" | exploded nt   4   o'clock
nnd s'nrted thc Are,
morning will spend tomorrow nt Port Lawtonis;::
'and other army posts on I'uget Sound, 'ft ttl :";
Ducharest, Aug. 4. -M. Ma-
jorosco, the Rumanian premier"
and pi nninent president of
the peace conference, lu proposing n throe day extension
��� | the armistice, said that no
further prolongation would be
asked and that therefore the
labors of the conference must
be completed Krlday. It ls
Understood Hunuuiln Is determined the peace preliminaries
shnll bc signed Friday and
that the unsettled polnta, bucIi
as the ownership of lstlp,
Kolschnna, H.iduvishtali nnd
Strumitis, shall be submitted
to llle decision of the powers.
It Is believed Qreece will retain Knviila.
Sodnlla,  Mo���  Aug.  4.    A
lleved to bs Oscar Hedrlck
from   Waco, Texas,    leaped
Missouri I'acilic    railway
man   be-
from    ll
Ponies   H?.d   Taken   Her   Zr.i
Years so Sho Started Mal*.
a Ecok.
near lure today nnd was drowned in
the Saline river. Letters and papers
In   the   man's   possession   practically l-\Vright.
established his Identity,   He wore an
emblem of the Masonic lodge at
Mnrillo, Texas.
New     York,    Aug.    4.���Margarel
I Wright, i!3 years old, wa3 convicted
today ot    making    a book    on hers'
I races.    She was pluced on probation
!|    It ls believed by the man's fellow;with n  warning from tlle Court thnt
paBsengers  that  he  wub under  some a repetition of the offence would re
1 hallucination.   He suddenly turned to suit. In a penitentiary sentence,   This
: a mun sharing his seat,    and    with;is the first Instance of a woman be-
whom  he had  chatted  aeveral hours ing convicted for book-making in New
nnd said: lYork City.
;]    "You're a detective, nreti't you ?" In    pleading    for    leniency.    Miss
i      His companion  denied  it,    but  the |\Vright, who said she was a waitress,
i man arose, took   ofl   hla   coat   and tearfully    declared    thnt she herBclf
i leaped through the window. The train iwas a victim of book-makere
Montreal, Aug. 4.���This reason win
probably show halt a miliim Immigrants, according to .lohn  Hcolnuan.
f t'.:e Dominion immigration d'sourr-
".-..��� l.t.
"Tlie stream bus been, a sfca.il/ mnv
hla year." said Mr. Hoolahan; "and
ar,- well i-tiisfled with the clnrj:
we ere gettltg. The number nf d��-
portationn Is kept at a ,low fl?,*irr<*'
because ti,������ examination now trtittltut-
. l upi a the other side, In addition Id
this tide, i:  :: rigid one."
Mr, Hoolahan rldi"uleil the Mea u,yt.
there ls any scarcity In thn demand
for labor, He declared that all abi-��
li died peop'e who arrive riml wjus*.*
without imTlriilty, with,the possihi*-
exceptlon Of tliote who are r��pv <*ki-
According to the reported .ifnrifK
irivcn out by Jack Johnson ter pi:o��W��
in France, Mr. Hoolahan said Canada
would not receive the black purftfet
if lie attempted to come here ug.-(iu
Millionaire  Killed.
Kdmonton, Pa.. Aug. 4.-Edward 41.
Crawford, a millionaire oil    opr-irator
here,  was  instantly  killed  aud  Mni.
Crawford   nnd   "
:l!i il!i t![< ���'.'' ���,,
.". .". .".
three  women  frinids
Nearly were Injured today when tho autemio-
��� was crossing the saline river at the all of her wages for yours past, she bile In which they were rldline w����t
% jtlme und he fell into tho water and said, had been lost ln betting on the over a HO-foot embankment  in'    ��ki��
�� >�� *  disappeared. races. clly.
TUESDAY,   AUGUST   5,   1913.
in itrnttfiTtmlemit .ijrTti-tff paper devilled to flic intcr-sts nf Hew Westminster and
tUx* Prtittn Visl.ei/. l*tdbH**iett ever-/ murnini; creep! Sitiiclutj liy the Katni'uil rrintinij
��itj PiiMmiWii C^Minuiy, Limited, at 63 Afc-Kcttcir Streel. Ken) Westminster, liritish
c-iitf-iie.i. Bonn BVTRBRLAND, ilanaglna Director.
Alt tyimmtivmi-istiotxt tthomld bs addressed to The fcew Westminster Sties, ami tint
ta intiivtdmU imi*ii-*wt�� af the ttu*. Chuiues, drafts, and money orders ahould In mads
mxxyable tn I'-V Nuiw-nel Printing and l*ublishina Company, Limited.
I! I.:. I "in.��� a business Offioe and liatiauer, 109 , l-.'iMorial Roams lall de-iurt-
<nim)it), SSI.
HVFSCKII'rrOt: RATIO*���By carrier, 51 per year, $1 fnr Uine month*, lOo per
rrie-if.V    Bv *9*m%\ t'i iter yetir, 2fic pur -monlli.
ADVKIZTIBIXG P.ATKg tm application.
.".ir rikhard McBride Wlll Confer With
Turner on the
riant Happenings
In Our Own Province
Victoria, Aug. 4. The appointment
mcnl oi ������ commercial agent for Brlt-
..-',i Ci lumbia, with nn office in Lon-
ii ii, England, was the subject dls-
i,. bi -i 1 y tho provincial government
,i oxeoutive session Friday. While
��� i definite decision was arrived ut in
ihe matter, sir Richard McBrlde
promised to confer with ilu* Hon. .1. II.
Turin r out he BUbject win D in the
mi i ropolls this yenr. �� itli a i lew lo
asci i * lining the real ni eds nf tho
case, and ftUo the measure of efficacy thai such a'position might develop i:i  iiie Interests of the    prov-
ii 'i
i hiB importani question �� ai I roughl
; ��� ire lh - attention ol the government
b; ���*���. II deputation from Hi" Van-
���: i.'i ,* i oard rn' trade. The line of
:;. .i: ,* ii ; imp:, i in presenting Un'
-..: ��� ii the exocutlvo council was
that, *. 1th a commercial agent in the
city cf ' ondon, operating undi .* Hi
wii of ti '* ;:*:' ri gem ral, the li -i'i
mal ��� in* Iness Interests of the province would h" In-net- protected, while
;**���'  ii'.:.,*  interests   would   he  perm::*
The inevitable has happened and Henry Lan
United States ambassador to Mexico, critic of Presidem
Wilson's attitude towards the southern republic and open
supporter of .Huerta, who profited by the assassination of
Madero, has resigned.
With a man nt the helm in Washington who has the
preposterous belief that a nation has moral obligations
as well as business responsibilities, a diplomat of the
Henry I^ane Wilson stamp hard!*: could lie expected to
continue long in office, more especially after he had declared hisTiself openly as opposed to the policy of the government he represented towards the country in which iie
,i as stationed. '   M    .     -
lhe late representative of uncle Sam in Mexico is a    ono of the function! oi the commer-
type of ambassador, unfortunately, too often found look- ,;i;1;'"';,'', w���i;|lll";i:il*;;:;!":,i:*   ,' '
ing after the interests of different nations in the South-  ho various phases or activitj 'in the
ern and Central American capitals.   Of little importance  .    ;  ���*����"J^*���"Z'Vnl
at home thev secure the appointments to posts in coun- ,,*,,;.* entii iy with the presem indi
- idual  and   often  pn ludlclal   system
Such :��� ' uni'!* rtty v ��� iid, of ct urso,
have th" backing of I i - government
��� ! the p "' in**', ���'-11 all the Information : upplli d in the people of the old
land would be guarantei d and reliable, thai there would be an end of
the ever-recurrthg Etory to the cfl'ecl
thai someone or other wns Induced to
lei \i> home on false representations
made by Bomcone cr other, generally
uni nown, nnd with no permanent address The Investing public would
ilso l'" accorded a greater measure or
security than heretofore, although in
Elaborate preparations nre being
made ror the flower and li-uii show,
which win be held on -August 30, under the auspices of the Oyster dis
trlct Women's institute. Ai flrsl ii
waa roared that the present Inactivity of the financial market might hava
a bad affect on the undertaking, but
the generous contributions of the citi-
sens have dispel!' d any misgivings
that mni* have existed on Hi it account. The prize lmi I** ;i lo"'" on i,
und the prizes ure of ;, character llm'
should promote keen competition.
Unless the wagon road tunnel underneath the i'. l'. li. btidgi ::i ile
north end ul' Greenwood i.; changed
then* ni*,* liable to bc i few col
when Hi" auto rund to Grand Forks
is in operation.    Mr.  Iv it, i ii ,i"' er
I.   *"1,
tries where their duties are, as a rule, anything but oner*
cub, and when an emergency arises, their smaliness .
orally overtops their belter judgment.
Forgetting that they are there to look after their
country's interests, they cannot refrain from taking sides
in a local controversy and, as a result, their actions of-
times give outsiders a wrong impression of their home
government's attitude.
J Thc case of Henry Lane Wilson in Mexico is one
in; point. This representative of the United States has
become an open champion of President Huerta, on whose
,-      ,, ��� r i    - ii ii''-* respect ii  Is generally conceded
name lies the .stigma of hems, in some way or another, ..,��� this province is less or a sinner
connected with the cold blooded murder of his pretleces-. *���>'"> moBI "f :i"' "t;",-''   ,
.... r- ��� �������    i t-i      i        i ���       ���      1 i     'Ihi' appointment nl such an oltuiul
sor in office, V raneisco Madero.   Such a bias is dangerous ... ,-.,. government oi  this  province
for the official mouthpiece of any countrv and doubly so     ��� " be, acci rding to many minds, n
in this instance, when Uncle Sam, in a measure, is held   '
responsible by the European powers for the preservation
tif the rights of foreigners in the rebellion-torn republic.
Which is the livelier, the man with
.'let, or the individual with a flea in his
in his bon*
Female patients in a California hospital have set up
a roar
because the doctors ki
the nurses.   Jealousy
Justifiable homicide: Slaying the
Wind you ��.t the theatre and beats time
his feet.
man who sits be-
to thc music with
Relief for the weather man: Lonkr Islan
���Stave ceased tormenting him and now blame the wireless
���station there for the lack of rain.
Newport society now is dancing the horse trot and
the dream tango. Wben they get the centipede wriggle
and the- inrib worm hump they'll have reached about the
A cynic might be pardoned the observation that, judging from tbe reports of jewel thefts at fashionable Ameri-
���can watering places, the society ladies must have their
press agents along with them.
n th * iii hi din ' lien, nml tha
*.i,union ol it yesterday liy tli- Van-
���( *:'*i*r delegation brought the matter
to a head, The membi rs of -lie execu-
lve appeared to take kindly to the
II  is u  mutter ot common    knowl-
"dce ihat the office or the agent-general in London is beselged by people
:; miring  for    particulars    regarding
his province.    TheEo  people    represent all classes, men with money and
*,,*n without   and  ii  Is believed that
I it some system was devised  whereby
they could be placed In possession ol
the exact Information they desired and
���*,* uld be guaranteed Hs accuracy, this
i* *. ince would I enefll > i ry materially as a i- . ull    The ofllce oi the agenl
���i tu ,*al  cannot, ot course,  be p il  ' *
'. he     althi null  11  musl  he    '      I
th ii the Hon. .1   II  'l umt r, In lii
li lal capacity, has    accompllshi A    a
��ri al ih nl along this line. With Buch
'. i in*, au of Information as is now suggested, however, ami the arranging of
I i systematized  alone:  the  inns;    up-
ni,.ed lines, it is regarded as reasonable Io suppose that much greater re-
ults  would accrue than are possible
; under the casual system in vogue,
As Sir Kliiiard McBrides leaves tur
Kngland about the middle of th" pres-
���111 month, this matter will he dis-
ussed with the agent-general before
very long, and upon the return nf the
premier he will he in a position to i
recommend some course of action,
i'he premier proposes to remain in
lh" old country as brief a period as
possible, as he is confining his vlelt lo
purely business interests.
A New Yorker by the name of Bibby has dropped
the handle for a consideration of one million to perpetu
ate the Van Cortlandt label.     Most  people
ashamed to tell what they'd be willin
for a million frigid thalers.
to call themselves
Bryan has a substitute to take his place at Washing- At work in eburne
'ton.   I>ast week, during the absence of the secretary of
.   ,      ., .i          i     l i .i vi     i       Eburne,  Auk. 1    Charged  with  at
state, the weather man sent along a cyclone that did al- tompting to secure g.,r,ds under rais��
most ns much blowing US the peeiit'SS one. pretenst b, a > uini; man, ahout twenty
six yars of age, giving his name variously as Robert Wilson, Craig and
Wilfrid Harry Harris, was arrested by
Chief of Police Simpson, lie wis
iricd  before  VV.  l .  Germalne, .1-  P.,
Who derided lhat llie evidence pre-
sented warranted tlie prisoner being
comrniud for trial at the assizes.
It   is   aliened  (imt   Harris attempted
to    pass    bogus cheeks    ai   Hopper's,
iuek's and "ther st"res In Eburne  He
finally came io grief in endeavoring
i'i pass a check ottenslbly drawn b)
| i ncillor   John     McCallan,   of   Ilirh-
I-1101111 for wb if tin*  man claimed he
worked    a Q  Halstead of the Kburne
���ni, l.  brought  the  matti r to    Chlel
������������ ion's attention,  and    the    latter
found on communicating with Mr, Mc-
lallan thai he did nnl  employ ll-irris
md knew* nothing about hlm. mni further, Hint h" hid not written a iiiei|*ie
ii a week    Chief Simpson confronted
Harris with this information nnd then
sir Hmnphrq Gilbert, "tit.* father
��� at western cotMsUatlon," landed on
ihe bleak shares uf Newfoundland
330 years ;i��ii today, und m Ilu- nam ���
of Queen KliKity ih. claimed ior Eng
land the ownership of tin* country
ior GOO miles in every direction from
Si. John's u. territory Inclusive of
.'he modern provinces Af Nova Scotia,
-.Prince Kdward Island and Now llruns
wick, sad paria ot Quebec and Labrador, lip-in haBvlng Newfoundland,
.the admiral ��*,ul<-d wmt.bwi'.rd with
,ins thn��' iwmiiliihin ire-Mela intend
��� np to establiab Bnglisb authority m
i.vhat a-re now the maritime provinces,
llut he last the lirgist nf his ships
near Cape Kreton. He Ihen determined to r-tiura braa- ��i1h his two
remaininp nail, tlw Golden Hind and
-tfie Squirrel, bu.' devHBy b*d prepar
��d iuiolbur f-iVf fur Mm. nnd his eyes
.never gaied on ih>* beloved soil ol
.his rialive trntrv The tragedy tint
M-ngulfert the hra>..- arid gallant Ddmil
nl and his crew i' embalmed In man)
a ti.-mu r.'jd 8<m,; nnd Btory, The
td/v.my win'.'T season sent its blasts
down upon IH- Uttl* ships, nnd the
Qagshlp, thi' tiquirri-1, foundered in
ihe kaI��. "fHi Monday, the frigate
vna near rant away," wrote Captain
Baynes ol the Qolden Hind, "yol at
thai time reeo����rofl Giving fortlt
Hiuns of Joy, tas psneral, sitting abaft
with a book in bis hands, ered oui
tu  lis  in   tin-  I',."':. "''��� ������   are  as  near
to heaven by see na by  laid.'    'I
siaii-ie Mcmda.] nl hi the friguui llghln
M*,r,    sml': nlj B  ll was di
���viii'i' i.   :��������� ' lhe Bea."
So*  ,;* i, on  ii**
rnothi * i 11  ;: r j*
Walter  Rait ��� u mhli d h       >i
in many points of charcter aid whose
early Ufa was largely Influenced hy
his example. Before undertaking ih"
American expedition, sir Humphrey
had written a "Discourse of a Ois-
enverie for a New Passage to Ca-
i tia." and ilrs remarkable treatlBe
Influenced Frobisher in set ou: on
liis  first   voyage  in  lln*  frozen   north.
City  Clerk  Resigns
Nurih   Vancouver,   Aug.   4     At    a
special meeting  of  the  city  councll
laat week the resignation    of    City
rierk W. Austin Hrown was accept
���fid, and in hia pluce temporarily. Assessor C. T. llaslani was appointed.
The question of a new appointment
gave rise to the remuneration part
of the position and Alderman Vance
stated that he believed in paying for
what the position was worth. lie
thought lir.ti was a fair aalary fur the
placed   him  under arrest.
protested his Innocence.
city ell
for  a
rk.   Th" matter
was lefl over
C. P. R.
Found Dead  Up a Pole
BlotW   Kails.   S.   D.,   Aug.   4. ('has.
i Ballum,   24,   wan   electrocuted whin
'repairing  the  lines  of tlie   ii"w state
telephone company,    lie was  found
dead f-enled on top of Ihe r*ros;i arm
"ii the pole with his bund outstretched and holding to the wire Tin* e|
ectrlc light wire had crossed the telephone wire nnd ileuO volts of electricity were sent through his body.
H's lionie was in Redwood Falls,
Roi \ : *   i    iii" Canadl in l'a
eifie r.iii.'. ' i"ami r Bonnlngton, ira-
vi Hint north the other day trom Hoii
prin on her regular schedule, met with
a mishap above tlroadwati r Island and
lost all her rudders, and was thereby
rendered hora di  i ombat,
Tho accldenl was apparently due to
the : wampli ������ ol a di i '���   bark which
��� he �� "i picking up al thu pi       i   -
cd, and word of the oci urrcn
ed Ihe I* cal     earn
ieh !  :       nod  lo N
and tin ; the usual nu n
Ship First Car of Wool
Chnrli iholm,   Alta.,   Aug.     I    The
firs:  cnrload of wool  that    has ever
heen shipped trom this town, so tar
���is   ean   be   teamed,   is   luititr   shipped
by Sti wart ti Hunter, sheep ranchers
in tho foothills, iirs Is the I r il
i roducl i f the first, clip i I IBfl I hi p
:    rchasi  I lr   thlB firm lasl tall,
for the railway c m     sslon,
ed n bul hla i iporl i ai  nol  ft
made public,
Wi rk  is being rushed on  Hi*
pairs in tho South Forks pipe li
relaying  the pinna  washed  av;,
:*i as in of the collapse of tli ��� i u -
sion  bridge over Nanalmo river during iiie heavy snow fall of 1.* il   ��� inti i
In repa r n     ;i * in* all to iie* 1 nc, th
old route ovi r tho a spi i. i   .  bi   1
has been abandoned, the ni iv seel on
branching  i tf tlie  n ain  line  on  tho
city side ot Gould r i ri ek,   ilso cul
ting  off the  trestle  wi rk  over  lhal
ci rei.   iinii   tui ther   u    fuln In
the new work 3500 fe ���; i ���' pip ��� will
in- laid out of which t tal ., > fool
will 1"* the old pipe reli Id, ont; - I *
teet i t i" .*. pipe l��������� i ig ubi d In tht
Negotiations are clo ��� i by '.' Mai
tin, ���* * Hi" Id nl cal li * I for tho pur
i base of the Tempi r ince hoti I, Baa
tlon Btreet, so successfully condm ed
fi r years by Aid. Chas. Stevens, The
newly acquired building will bo re-
christened by the purchaser, the Lotus hotel, wiih the popular marksman
and sportsman. ('. Martin, as pr pr
mr and "mine host." Application
will be made for the transfer ot tho
Identical license to the Lotus hotel.
The teachers tor the coming year
ai the Ashcroft Bchool will be:
Hugh McDonald, principal: Miss IM
na P. Fullerton, first assistant; MIbs
Mildred li. Stein, second assistant
Hugh McDonald is well known In
Ashcroft, having been ten her Inr
Bome years ago.
Construction of a much-needed te
lephone line from Lytton t i Lillooet.
will lie started next week tr, tin Ii
minion government. S. a. McFarlane
f rmerly telegraph operator al Lillooet, is in charge of construct on.
The line will be forty-seven miles in
Government  Road    Superintend ml
E.  Trimble has returned  front a two
v..-* ks'  Inspection  trip  up    the    Big
Bend.    He says there is considerable
mining development being carried on
in   tli"    district    and    that    owners
ari   wi   ���   .     .- ��� 1   forci s  r;*  t.i. n  oi
tlieir  var iue  cl lima.    Mr.    Trimble
left .in an offii * I visit to Nelson.
Preparal oi        t  the  annual   regatta   in   Kel iw 1.1      i  A'igust   13  and   14
ai" now wi II        er    ay, and the af
fair proiii!.- s ��� .   ,e I
ing of ila  kind  i ve:
chard   city.     Two  *
shells ordered somi
Rowing   club   hav
of tlle   leading  feal
gramme wlll be the
two   boats  on   the   Bei
popular  war canoe  i
eluded  as   usual,  and
fifteen  will  battle wit
crew for the nips.
Capt, Eatabrook, of the Str okanagan. received a telegram the other
day wiih instructions that his boat
be pul on a Beven day service, as last
year, until further notice, iiu- reason (f the change is because of the
Increasing shipments of fruit by express. Express shipments from lake
points have been much heavier this
year than previously. The Increa r i
service began August 2.
iiu- first shipments of tomatoes
were made this week from ilu- packing house. At tli" h :.-:",nii- '.:' nexl
Week    ;*n       1 *',l '    '** | ,   ���:..    to    1"*    kepi
busy handling the f'.rsl if the peaches
aad apricots,    ii.* requests the  nn*
ers  i*i  pick  the  fruit  quite  firm, as
some over-ripe fruit has already heen
broughl   in  for  Bill mient,
I ,acklnc, i ,'elve v i. *i nf th" nee
essarv three fiihs of the total vott
polled, the bylaw io guarantee -i bond
is -ii.- of $40,000 bj Hi,, Nelson *,','r* e!
Hallway Company, Limited, was de
teated at th" pill; hy tli" assessed
property owners of the city, The bylaw in give to Win. Ebbs deed In a
certracl uf land shrdulrdlu vCgl ::fi
certain trait ef land near llle isola
tion hospital, which lie had pnrchas
ed some lime ago. and lh" bylaw ti
permit .1. B, Annahle to construct a
Stairway frnm the alley at lhe rear
of the Madden block to the basemenl
of tlie Annahle block, received the as
sent of iin- ratepayers.
Queen   Charlotte
The   first   marriage   In   the   history j
of Lawn hill was celebrated on Tuesday, July 'J-. when  Mrs.  I.uev  Bruce
i nee  Rose)  ot Skldgate, and Nicholas shafer, of Southeast Harbor, were ;
joined   in   matrimony.     Th'*   wedding1
party, comprising Mrs. Norman  Fra-1
ser,   Mrs,   Scharffo,   Harry   Bruce and I
itev   I.. A. Bygrave, accompanied by
the principals, boarded    the    power
boal Swan tliat conveyed ihem t" tie
buoy off Lawn hill, where tin  heautl
f".i   and   *.-";.teisive   ceremony   that .
made the happy couple man and wife |
was pi I'fiirnieil.
The shipping of apricots, which has '
i*i t   commi need at   the plant of tin* *,
local   trtlll   union,   is   keeping  a   staff ;
of  more  ihan   two  dozen   employed.
lr, quite as large a., air iti-1
A daring rescue waa effected thc
other day, when Milton Currie safely
brought to shore a swimmer who was
in difficulties off the park wharf at
Kamloops. A visitor from Walachh;
spending the day in tlie c'ty was,
tempted by ihe boat cf the day to
���:��� i k lhe rool comfort of the r.v ;.
imt being unacquainted with t'.ie eur-
t-'iH, exhausted himself in struggling
against their force only to find thai
he was being carrlqd further from
iiie bank. Flndtng himself In ex-
i;** mi lies, he uttered loud cries for
help  nnd   Mr.   Currie  who   was   ready
frr bathing,  hastened  to  bis asslsl
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
nadian Securities, Ud.
nr.-uv-CMimuLT! arasnt
Twenty  Pui.-,:.-!*--,s  Cpcnt Thrc*;  '
ir.  Canada  and  Coulj  [Jo
Cntcr  U.  S.
N eeks
IV.W     WT5S I'MINSTHn    LODGE   NO   t
11.  ft   I',  ll.  ef   I'.llls ef  III"   D.  "I   C���   11' ���'
lhi flrsl end tlilnj Thursday at s n. m
K. nf I'. Hall, eighth sir.*, I. A Well
tit-ay. Kxalted Ruler; 1'. ll. Bmlth, Sec
I. O. " >!.. NO. 864.���-MEffiTS Oh
llrst. Becond, thud and fourth Wednes
day In i .nn i n, ,ii i H m s p. in.
In tli,- Mouse Hem,- ll. J. Leamy
dictator; I*'. )'.. Jones, sin* I iry
II, i,i.,n:-n,'i*s ef lodge In Sei lleini-
corner ef Fourth and Carnarvon streets
ii ii I'. A.'.tii'Y LODOB NO. 17���Mi,
regular   meeting   of   Aniliy   Indue   Nc
jt,  )   o. o,  ;--., is Inld every  M la
night m i o'ctoelc In Odd Fellows' Hall
corner Carnarvon and Btgluh strfieti
Visiting ln thern cr'tliiUv Invite,
R.   \   M:;i   -���. n .; . ll   w  Sangster
V.   I,. ;   Vi     C.   '"   "lilt"'.   I'.   (!.,   I* '
lng - cn tan .1 \V. MacDonnld, flium-
��� nil secretary.
ter .v.- H num. Ltd.)���Puneral dlrectoi
ittel emhalmern     Parlors -nil' Columbl
Street.      New    W.-St iill||-l| IT,       l'l|H!|e    Sii
Pantlci m, An ;, -i    .^ very p  mllar
phase  wh    i   the   :'.;:'   1   States   iiu-
mlgral * .,  i** *. a  I ike on    ar,* isloualy
..i    ��� * . i i    j  .-' '* .,*:!>*,   when
.    ':*.     lilt    .   \*.':i i   li. ,1     [ei   n ' ly
','. ."I i .. idi nl of the United E ***i s
for lit:*'*;' y- ..;*: ����� e mu allowi d to
ei-e . th I.; i. i'i i after a twi nty days'
im C *.*:���!... fei* Hie reason i i il
\.'i'' In the states lhi ��� nu n had m **
'������'���'���        ou *'* illzi Hon  pa-
i" * -'
11 aded Into f ur automohlles a full
s ire ���*' the i * r's ro id and faithl'iil
subjects lefl I'entlcton on Saturday,
driven by i u l.v Thompson, Charlie
Curlei--*-'. and others, (hi arriving ill
Oroville tin" wre met by the United
States Immigration authorities win
refused Ihem admittance to the coun
The Russians, win, name here Iopi
than "��� month nun tn work nn the ICel     H.   J.   .v   BURNETT,   AUDITOR
tie Valley railway, are quite Indlgnanl    -locountant.    T, I.   K.   i:s.  Room  ^.
over iii'* affair and Intend applying to     l''i'"'"*	
the Canadian Immigration officers fnr
me restitution of ihei,- American citl- R Auditors and a.-co^tan'-T"
zensblp. Work  undcrtakni   in   city   nnl   outsldi
Ladysmith. noi.its. J!U-12_ Wi'stmlnm_i'r_ Trum   Bldg
r'lierate preparations   ar"    being
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)   $10,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16.C00.CU0.OO
lliaiiclu a   throughout  Canada     and
Xewtoundlsnd, and  in  London,  Kn��
.land. New York, Chicago umi Bpokan*
U.S.A., and  Mexico City.    A  general
banking business transacted,   Letter*
of credit Issued, available with oor
respondents In all puna or ihe world.
SavingB Hank Department���Deposits
received  iu  sums of  $1   and  upward
md Interest allowed at li per cent. >er
| m n ii in (present rate).
Total Assets over tlgO.OOO.onn.OO
C.  Ii.  BUYMNHR,   Manager,
K. FAI.F.S���Plonper Filnrral
and Bnbalmer, 61"J-61s akih>
opposImj Ciirnegli.- I.llirnry.
i   el r.-^i
IFioya! Bank
Incorporated 1869.
Capital   Paid-Up    $11,560,000
Reserve   Funds   . .. .- $13,000,000
A Oeneral Banking
Business Transacted
Nr.w  Westminster,  B/Z.,   Branch.
nox r,07.
fnr the flower and  fruit show,]
"Ur.cle Tom's Cabin."
It  is  estimated  that  more  millions
of   people   h.r.e    witnessed     "Oncle
Tmi's Cabin Ihan have sppii any olher!
play that ever was written.    Tills ret- I
markable truth is explainable iy the
faot   that  ihe attack  of  the  pjay  onl
tin- sensibilities is Irresistible   It ko"s
home  tn thp heart, and  more  surely '
and  truly ihan any other    drama,    it,
min ins tthe spot.   An exceptional pre.
sentalton  of  this  Breai   play  will  be
given  at the opera houae next Satur-,
day afternoon and evening.
Bale, Deeds, Business Letters, ctai clr
enliir work specialist. All work Rtrlctly
confidential ll Unrrv. room 4 18 Westminster Trust Tllk.    Pheno 702.
e most Interest-
held  in the Or-
the   four-oared
time ago by ihe
rived,   and   one
res  of    the  prone between the
���������ond   day.    The
���..   will   b-   in-
���lie Poachland
the Kelowna
Good P'ace for Cannery
Grand ForkB, B. C . Aug. 4 -  it. M
Wlnslow,     provincial     horticulturist,
has made a personal examination nf
nil   the  orchards  in   iii"   valh* .     He
attended a meeting of Hn*  board otl
trade al v. hich he expressed the opinion   that   Grand   Forks  offered   Ideal :
conditions for the operation nf :i fruit
and   ves*':nhle  cannery  and  a  cream- !
cry,  us  well   as  the  present  flourish  ���
lng Industries.
Building  on  the   Increase
North   Vancouver,   Auk.   4.���BuUdr I
lng  permits  fi r  the  month  nf July ���
just closed bave exceeded  those fori
June   by  about  $4000.    The  tolal for !
July  is about   the  $l.",.noo  mark,  and
a  feature  in the    number    of    Rood
houses that   are  being  put  un hy  tin-
owners for their own use.    The spec- i
illative element has disappeared to a ',
lar*<e  degree   in   tli"   construction   of ;
residenc's Ihia season, and  haa  l.'er !
replaced   with   owners'  homes  rather ;
than  with houses to rent.
ster Board "I Trad" meets In the hoan
room, City Hall, as follows: Third Fr!
day i.f ench month: quarterly mee^lni
on Ibe third Friday of February, Mal
August and November ut H p... An
nual meetings nn th*- third I'rldny o
February- *--'��� H�� Stuart Wade, secre
ta i v.
COUIlori.I'. ORANT * Mi-COl.L. HAP,
rist, rs, Solicitors, etc. ��n I.nine Slice
New Westminster, o F. Corbould, h
C.    .1.   R.  Cnint.     A.   K.   MeColl.
ter-at-law. solicitor, etc. Telophon-
Ki7(i. Cable adaress "Johnston.
Code, "Western Union." Offices. Bail
Blnck. 663 Columbia HtretH. Nvw West
minster, B. C.
shfi* ��� Banisters and Soltoltors, Wesi
minster Trust Blk.. Columbia street
New- Westminster, B. c. Cable nddres*
"Whiteside- Western l'nlon. P. C
Drawer 200. Telephone BS, W. .'
Whiteside, K. C: H. L. Kdmonds, I
I. STII.WF.LI. CLUTE. Harrlster-at-lav
Mniiclttir etc.: corner Colombia an
McKenzic striH-ts, New W'-HtmWistei
B, C,    I'. O,  Box  112.    Telephone   71(
COAL MINING rluhts of the Domlnloa
In Manitoba, Saskatchswan ami mi-tis,
the YiSion Trrrltory, lhe Northwest Ter-
iliorl.'s and In a portion of tba Wuvlnc��
nf British Columbia, may be leiuied for *
I lei in uf twenty-one years at an umiiuii
rental of $1 an acre. Nol mor* than i'..r,l.
1 acn-rt wlll Im- iinse-i to one applicant.
Application  for a  h-aac   must  be mads
hy  tin- applicant In person to Um  AKtinl
, or Sub-Agent of tbe district hi v-rhlch the
j rlKlils applied for are sltuaied.
In surveyed territory the i.nvl must Is,
described by sections, or legal sub-dlvl-
slons of sections, and In uimurv��-yed territory the tract applied for shall Im
staked out by the applicant biuvudf.
Filch  application  must   lie  a inumleO
1 by a fee of JB which will be refunded If
' the rlKhls applied for are sat  *-��v'llAt,l��,
but   not   otherwise.     A   royalty   snail    ue.
I liojd   on   the   merchantable   output   of   the
. mini' r.t the rate of five cents i���-r ton.
The   person   op-araUns   the   mine   shall
furnish   the   AKttit   wltli   swiurn    returns
accounting  for the full uiiantUy of mer-
; chantable   coal   mined   and   pay   the   royalty   Ihcreon.   If   thf.   coal   mining    rlgtits
nre not being operated such returns should
1 be  furnished at  least once a year.
The base will Include the coal mlnias
rlKlits only, hut the leasee will Iw permitted to purchase whatever avallaUH
surface rights may be consdrlereo* nece*
sary for the working of tlie mine al ths
rule of $10 an acre.
For full Information application should
h.- made to the Secretar/ of the  Department  of the Interior, Ottawa,  or  to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion  l^nda
Deputy  Minister  of  the  Interior..
N. B.���Unauthorized publication of thla
advertisement wlll not be paid for
Almost Established   R-(.rrd
Victoria, Auk. 4.���Passcn-Ror t
nil   lh"   l"r;,i  liiieR  nf  the   11    ('    Electric
company during Julv al-mpt established a record, th" total tailing imt a iri
Ue short nf thnl  for  May, which was
t'i-* hlRhnpt t  t:i! of any month in lh
history of the company'a local under
tpi i"-L��.    The .Inly aggregato was 1.
117,fl02,    ail'1    t'.ie    tOtal    f'r    111"    seven
jnonths In date was 7,600,845, rnmpar-
. d with 6.047.041 fnr th" corresponding period of last year, an Increase of
1.51)2.004. or '.'ti per c"iit. As com
pared with .luly of last year, thc pas!
month's figures showed an inr' asa of
'.'ni."lit, er ^ii  pi r cenl.
Proved ol Great Valse to Me"
J.   P.   HAMPTON    BOLE),
Solicitor and Notary.
block, ''���< Lorne street,
ster, B. C.
Offices Har
hi'W   Westmin
tx '
Barristers nnd Smicftors. ficr, to Sl'
Westminster Trust Illock. O. K Mat
tin.   W,  ci.  McQuarrie   ami Oeorge I
I 'nssinly.
BEALED TENDERS  superscrlh
��� I. r for All,IIU.,ii t., Land Reglsti
New- Westminster," will be r-.
tie. Honourable, the Minister >
Works  up to  noon  nf Tuesday,
��� 1   "T.*n-
v Office,
��� ived   hv
r    IMbUr.
Hu-  19th
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of Hll kinds.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Mc.Ken-tle  St.
''rlceH right.
TJhtr-e Is only one explanation for the
numbers of enthusiastic letters thst we
receive praising Na-Dru-C-n Dyspepsia
Tablets, and that is tbat these tsbh ts
certainly do cure ouy kind of utotuach
Here is a typical letter from Hiss
Mliza Anpswtirtliy, Canto, N.K.:
"It Ls with pleasure I write to Inform
you thnl your Na-Dru-Co Dj'Spepsia
Tablets bave proved ot preat value to
mc. I tried remedy after rrmnly but
without r.ny lasting ro, ,1. Having heard
of -ignir tablets curing such cases as
mine I decided to five tucm n fair trial
Thev proved sa'i.ifaclory in my cuse."
Th- renin: It able success r.f Na-Urti-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets i.s tu-li a success xs
can only enme to .-n honest remedy,
compounded according to an exception-
iilly -.'/sui fennulo, trom pure Ingredients, by expert i hctnlfits, If you are
troubled witli your stomarh just nsk
ymir Druggist about Na-Dru-Co
byapepsla Tablets, compounded by the
National Drug nnd Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited, and sold throughout
the Dotniniou it ,��.,<:. a bov. m
Transfer Co.
ilfics  Phons   185.      Barn   Phons  137
Begblt Strgst.
HagMaite Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
f August, ISIS, foi erection ami
I completion "f addition to Land Registry
Office,  N.w  WcstrsJnator.
Plans, specifications, contracl .md forms
j "f   t>-inter   111,IV   be   Been   "11    and    lifter   the
S8th dn* "f July. rii:'. at m,* ,,rrie>- of
i *-i A. Fletcher, Oovernmenl Agent, New
Westminster: J Mithany, Oovornment
Agent, Vancouver; .nnt the Department
of  Public  Works.  Victoria,   ll   C
Intending tenderers enn, le. applying tn
tl���- undersigned, obtain ono copy of Hm
drawings und one enpv "t* tii- specifications for tl," sum of twenty flv (tit)
1 dollars
Each proposal must be accompanied hv
i ni accepted bnnS cheque or certificate of
deposit nn a chartered bank* "I Canada,
made pavnhle to Hi.* Honourable Hie Minister  "f   Puhllc Works,   fei*   tl,.*  sum of   ID
ner , nt. ef rt,,. amount ,,f t',,* contract,
which shall u, forfeited If the pnrtv t<m-
'l.-iltr: decline to enter Into contract when
enlled upon ti, ,!,, ������. or IT be f;,l] t,, eom-
ph-te the work contracted for -in- cheques
,,- certificates ef drnoslts of im-nr-
|'-s-,rui tenderers will be returned to them
i ap,,,]  th,* execution of tin- onntrnct
Tenders  wlll  not   be  considered  unless
nri'le   net   on   tlie   forma   siipnllcl,   signed
with He- actual signature ,,r ti���. tenderer,
���ind  enclosed   In   lhe  envelopes   furnished.
In-west er any tender not necessarily
B.C.ta! Service
nr tor Victoria 10 a. m
1.1'H.ves Van coir
i p. m. onrl 11 :4i��.
Leavea ^'Hlu���onv^.���r
un-t   II   Yi.  n*
Lrav s Viinrviiivr
>\pit\ fi :30 p.m.
l.ttiiVf-4 Vnnrrnivrr f'jr
ur.') Nor*hPrn f'.ilntv 10
daya  unti  Saturdays  nt   n   p.m.
for  Hfiitt1��   10  A.   tn
fiir Nanalmo 10 a in.
Wed nei
imt  of V
>rl:t.  H.C.,
J    RJ.   i;rui*'-iT'T,
Pltbllo WdtKh  Kriglnwir.
Ibllc Works,
8fith July. 1618,     (IH03>
iie Playground
V    *-'
White, Shiles & Co.,
Clillliwack biirvicc
Wo imw havo four trnlns dally and
will give ;,,u Hie cheapest rale Rolng
iml nnly to Enstt i n points, but tu
Kootenay  nnd  ti her points.    We nre
1.enves   CblHhv-e'l-.      1
'��� urn .il.tv and Sattirdsy.
*���   '*       it iiii '. r   li
...uy   .-,: ,1   i i ;     ..*.
Monday, 1
nr.i ills   l'i r   *ill
iWVHtil , !
ihlp  lines.
I n'.li'.'urn
::n   (���.'**
II   W,  Ii
*    10, ���:. l'.
N-w Wastmlnster   II.
a.. Vancouver,     '
Vi'. nito'iii:. i
f IOI 11 ET
New   \\
. ���iiiiiiititsr
1.   1'.   A..
/ancouver. TUESDAY,   AUGUST   5,   1913.
All Southern Lake Fruit Will Be Col-   Plans Being Laid    to    Have One Big ! Fort George  Gives  Promise of  Being :Came GOOO Miles But He Was Living
lected   There  and   Carload
Orders Filled.
Week   In   Nelson   Next
Bustling  City  In   the  Very
Near  Future
with Another���Issues a
Summerland,  li.  <'.,  Aug.  4.���Sum-      Kelson, Aug. 4.-That a limited lta- !    Fort Oeorge. Aug. 1!
merland   last   week   received   a  sliiirt. i bility  company  Bhould   be  formed   to | town  of   Kort  Oeorg
visit, fron. a number of ('.  P.  H. ofll*
���dials, accompanied hy Manager Robertson, of the Okanagan H'rult Growers, Limited, the probable result of
which wlll be of much importance to
this community. TheBe officers were
Assistant Oeneral Superintendent 0,
K. Oraham, Vancouver; Superintendent J. M. McKay, Revelstoke; P, W,
Sterling, traveling freight agent, and
Captain (lore, Nelson, superintendent
of  lake and  river service.
The new, old
almost at the
undertake the financial arrangements I geographical centre of I). ('., and mid-
In connection with the proposed car- j way   between   Edmonton   und   Prince
nival week to he held here nent year,
wan the (lechiion arrived at at a meet-
lug of tbe publicity bureau, and step"
will he taken Immediately to properly
org.'iilie the company. This decision
was arrived at after Ihe committee
had heard the favorable report of a
special committee which had been appointed to enquire Into the feasibility
of the project,
ll. v. Rust, on behalf of the special
The fact that the provincial govern- i committee, outlined  the  general    ob-
menl is hulldlng a pre-cooling planl
here no doubt has some relation to
the plan under consideration. It wan
the practice of the Okanagan Fruit
union to assemble the fruit from the
differvnt lake points at Vernon, and
muke up carload orders there. The
new organization proposes to Bhlp directly fron: southern Okanagan polnt3
and It was to arrange for Ihls thai
the officials accompanied Mr. Robertson here.
It is proposed lhat a dally barge
Bervlce be given from this point, and
that one of the c. i>. r, steamers,
probably tho Kaleden, be commissioned to serve the lower end of the lake,
gathering the fruit from Qellatly,
Peachland, Naramata and Penctiton
as quickly al it is packed, bringing It
to Summerland, where, no doubt, ll
will be pre.cooled before loading.
As far as can be learned the C. P
It. officials seem disposed to asBlst in
every possible way, and will in all
probability give the service requested.
To do this it will be nectraary to hive
addition.*.l trackage for storing of re-
nerve ears, as a number of cars must
be held here, where they may be had
oa short notice. Instead of being ordered from the landing as at present
At present carB are brought ln loaded
nnd taken away empty, anil other can-
are brought here empty to be loaded
with fruit With track Btorage boiiic
of this conld he saved.
The couneil and a number of Tit 1-
tenS met at Ihe ('. P. 11. offices and
looked over the proposed location of
Ihe storage truckB, and after careful
consideration the council agreed to
make no objection to the placing of
the   track   as     proposed,     Councillor
Lewes only dissenting, -stating that he
did this "unon general principles." A
few residents of Peach Orchard strongly objected to having the track across
the slreet
IcctR of holding the carnival week and
'he favorable manner in which the
project wna looked upon through
the city. The majority of the sports
clubs of the city, he Bald, were entirely in favor ef the proposal, Every
assistance possible had been prom-
bed  by the railway companies, and
an annual gala week thnt will give a
great deal cf publicity to Nelsonshould
'" arranged, illuminated water attractions, sports of all kinds, a floral
'ete and many other attractions are
propoped for the gala week nnd It is
proposed to have a grand climax in
th" evening to each daVa festivities
w. iv Cochrane was appointed to fill
" vacancy en the carnival committee
���o tnite the place of I 11. I) Benson.
'���ho has found that he will he unable
to act.
Anything  Went  Wrong  With  That
Water  Situation  Would  Be
Kupert, is now thu payroll city for
Bome Su'ju railway workers. Foley,
Welsh & Stewart have made It their
construction headquarters, and supples are being brought down the Praser river from the rail head at Tete
.Inane Cache, which is 53 miles west
of the Alberta boundury. The railway-
there connects with seven river
Bteamers operating from Kort Oeorge
on the Fraser and Nechaco livers.
in addition to the freight curried by
the steamers, nearly 1000 barges have
been brought down this year since
Ut | navigation opened, loaded with supplies.
Thos urroundtng country, rich In
agricultural, timber, coal and mineral
resourceB, Is rapidly developing.
Fort   George's   population,   which   is
���now about 2600, exclusive of railway
construction men. is increasing as
fast in transportation facilities enable
i people to get In. Three sawmills are
at work almost night and dav. and
still fail to meet the demand for
building and construction work. It
is ni Fori Ueorge that the Pae'fic
and (ireat Eastern railway will connect with the (irand Trunk Pacific
main line, and Foley, Welsh -S.- Stow-
en Intend to net ahout BOflO additional men to work cn the P. O. & E
frci'i Port Oeorge south. This will
Increase the number having payroll
headquarters here to 13,000 men. Port
('"���irge has  Lein extensively  odver-
. lined  and   discussed   in   tbe  press, yt
���'f^nnudn and (he l'nited States durln-?
;lhe last, three and a half years, and
there have ben manv conflicting
Statements regarding the intentions
ef the railway company and  the site
' of the future city.
Need    cf    City  Surveyor Apparent
Otta-a���Action  Will   Be
Winnipeg, Aug. 4. The brai-fl of
control Is seriously considering the advisability of installing air lift instead
���f deep well pumps in nny new wells
Added I" the present artesian well system The deep well pumps purchased
for the extra wells wunV. tit's yenr
have not been giving satisfaction and
It is being found very dim-cult to ln-
stal them. The pumps ar" made to
wcrk at Ihe rate of 1,800 revoiutic-es
per minute and have lo be Installed
about lfih fett below Iho surface,
The principal trouble comes rrom
jthe pedlminl in the wells oh'king the
machinery of the pumps. Roth Mayor
Deacon and Controller Midwinter hav
enme io the conclusion thai the ni-
lift tiiunns. reinforced by boosters,
would i-ive better satisfaction. Thr��>e
rt ihe deen well numps hive been delivered '" tin1 city and the manufacturers are tinder contracl to see tvn
i*,v n.-.i-.. good     it is expected th-it
Commence  Work  of  Assessing  Every
Acre  of  Farm  Land  in
I-aehlnc, Aug. t.���Travelling Cimi.i
miles to Hnd her husband who lefl
her wltb three children lu 1906, Mrs.
Elon BlssUCk came all the way from
a little village outside (.!' Vienna. Austria, to l.acliine, only to find h;m lh"
father of a two-year-old boy and keep
lng houBe with his second wife near
Central   Park,   l.acliine.
Kvon Blssuek, the husband, left his
house and came to New Vork where
he lived for four yeara. His home In
Austria was mortgaged, nml during
ihose four years lie sent remittances
to his wife Just BUfflclent to pay the
mortgage, with no money for the support of herself and the three children.
Iiiiring all this time the wife and
mother had to work for her living as
beat Bhe could taking in washing being the work she performed most of
the time. She waa not allowed to till
the ground while the mortgage was
en the property. The holder, theroi,
being, by the law of the land, entitled
to its usage. When ihe property waa
finally cleared fur her family, though
sore presBod at limes. The poor woman saw one a."l then another of her
family of three, die from want, the
third, a boy, pulling through the terrible years of struggle. The mother
suffered while her husband remained silent thousands of miles away.
For three years sh" questioned all
Ihe home coming natives for information of her husband whose whereabout she knew nought until one day
two months ago, she heard from ii
former neighbor that he had run
across him in Lachine, Mortgaging
tbe property, she made ber way over
the ocean, and finally landed at La-
chitif, where she met the man. For
three weeks the couple lived together
and one day taking her to an empty
house near 13th avenue he told her
to wait there for his return, lie never came back to her, and when she
met hlm two weeks luter he had sold
all the furniture from the house
where he and lhe supposed second
wife had been living for two years.
The money was turned over to this
woman who has one son, cf which
liisauck ia  the  father.
N.  Urombach, a  real  eBtate  dealer
I of   Lachine  was  appealed  to  by  the
���wife from Austria
There are many imitations of this best of all
fly killers.
Ask for Wilson's, be sure
you get them, and avoid
disappointment. *
Special Excursions
Five     Days     including
Meals  and   Berth.
Sails Mondays (Midnight), Aug.
4lh, Ilth, mh, 25th and Sept. 1.
Glacial,   UlaixsX.   **���**>
tain  stmt  Fat-cat
Sails Thursdays (MUteight) Aus
7th,  lttb,  21st and   2SBi.
Boats remain at PRINCB RUPERT one day, atOnr-ding an opportunity or seeing the new (irand Trunk l^ciflc eity. I'artor rooms,
separately or in cul to. v.ith or without private bath. etc, an au additional cost.    Staterooms en suite without extra cost.
Urarivllle Street,
T. A.
was a local concern to bid.
"What is your recommendation?"
Inquired Acting Mayor Tregillus of
Commlsstonert Samis.
"Well. I don't know," replied Mr.
Samis. "It may be Just possible that
under present conditions the local firm
may need the business, hut nt the
same time their hydrant is not nearly
aa good as the Drummond-McCall, and
the difference in price is considerable.
It is difficult to know just what to do
but. it dees not aeem right to cnll for
bids and not give the Lest bidder a
Cominirsloner Graves suggested
that if the local firm would be willing to build the hydrants on specifications to he furnished which would Insure the better hydrant, it might be
well to let the Iron worKa have the
The matter was finally laid over to
be decided later.
W.   K.   DUKKROW,  ��. A. V.   D.
llione Private Ei change &13-1
No Come-backs*.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof tkat they
are mack? RIGHT.
Made   In  New  Westminster^
Schaake  Machine Works.
Riveted Steel Pipes
���      BURN OIL     ���
Pastor for New Church
Regina, Aug. 4. -Word has been re
ceived  in the city  from  the Rev.  R
J. McDonald, of Cobalt, Ont., that he
bas decided to accept the call extend
ed  to him recently  by  ihe  congregation    of     Carmicbael     Presbyterian
church.    The call must pass through
and after she bad ; the hands  of  the   Presbytery  of  the
P.  O.  BOX 442
Hegiiia, Aug 4 Kirst steps towards
lhe accomplishment of a revolution in
the system of taxation in vogue
ihr ughout the rural municipalities of
Saskatchewan have been undertaken
by the provincial government.
in accordance wuh the act of last
Besslon, which provides for the assessment of all agricultural lands at their
actual value, apart from impro
ments, assessors of the departm
of municipal affairs have commenced
tlie vork  of  valuation  and   hefore the
told the above story. A warrant waB Cobalt district before Mr. McDonald's
taken out for IiIb arrest. Chief Rob-' acceptance may be considered bb fin
���art serving It on him this morning al; for the power lies with body to
( while tlu- man was at work on a coal I either to favor the proposal or reject
dump on the C. P. R. tracks. He was it. Few Presbyteries, if any, oblige
arraigned this morning and pleaded the pastor to remain, after hiB having
nit guilty to non-support and was made known his intention to leave
hold on finii bail for his appearance ithe Presbytery, and it Ib considered
on Tuesday.
The   little   eleven   year  old   eon   of \
bis first wife would not go near him
al'bough   he   remembered   him   verv
Ottawa, Aug. 4. Investigation conducted as a result or the discovery ol
the fact lhal the Ilea Co.. Ltd., budding
was encroaching on Rideau street sev.
eral feet, showed that similar conditions prevail on most business streets
throughout ilu' cliy.
lt is almost certain thai a provincial j
land surveyor will he added lo the j
���KtnfT of lhe city engineer shortly, nnd j
the firs' work he will undertake will;
be a general survey of lhe city.
ii would noi he surprising if the
city realized many thousands of del
lars in selling property encroached
upon (o the owners of the buildings,
although the municipality would he
uble to ordei tlie tearing down Of He
portions ef (he buildings encroaching. *
lf it so decided. However, it la unlikely lhat *-i;il. drastic action will be
On thr other hand, there are many (
trainlness buildings set   In   from the
ftreet  line     Of course,    many    resi- ;
dences an   limit in from till' street.
Manv plans of city Btreets were ex- 1
a'-mined at the city hall and numerous i
Irregularities found In the streeti
Some Examples.
Kor   example,   large   section   of   the
n'Mrh side of Rideau strict appears lo
have bulldlngsa butting   out on the
street allowances,   KaBt of Dalhoiisle
streel. there ure two buildings which
are pet In four feet fiom lhe sidewalk,
nnd from an Inspection of Qoad'fl plan.
which Is the Standard minute map of
the city used by lhe assessment office.
It I'liepurs thai those structures are j
built on the real street line, while;
rnorl of the other buildings    arr
will   accomplish   this   after   the   sn.uv
bave been cleared or the -ped'-
ment, bul li  Is evld'-it that they  wll
hnve considerable difficulty.
v- "��ith-iandl-ii: all the erpente
that the city has gone to In extending
the artesian well system, the fact rtx.
ni;*ins that nn mere water Is avallaTile
i-day th��n w-as the cose u year nim.
The mechanical trouble with the
nnmi'i. and other troubles with lh'
wooden pipe line nre Hie chief cans'"
of ihls stale of affairs. Controlle*
M'dwlnter staled that onlv thr. e oer
crnt. more water was being pumped
ir - Hum in 1911.
"We an. absolutely dependent *,)���,���"**
lh" yield of water from well Nn r, "
the controller declared. "If anything
went wrong with that well tli" o"v
would I"' up against It. Kiirt'"i<" 1-
the pumps were recently Pverbnnled
neri nii-Mit to go for ii ve:ir without anj
Saved   by   Lifeboat   After   Drifting   in
Launch for  Fivo   Miles���
Rough  Weather.
St,  Catherines, Ont,
party of wt. Catherines
Brlggs, Captain S.  B,  S
Patterson, and .
an exciting time
.   S.
Mr.  Anderson,  had
ut on Uike Ontario
a   week   ago.    They   went  out   in   Mr
crunching various distances up to four Brlggs'  gasoline  laiimh,  intending
feet. Th" buildings In question which
are hack from the street are the Sirdar hotel, the oldest building In lower
town, und Dr. Ballantyne's residence,
thev being adjacent to each olher.
The appointment o fa eity surveyor
Is strongly advocated by Controller
NclBon and City Knglneer Currie. and
Ihe matter will be taken up this week
by tlie board of control.
Tnke Up Problem.
When   the     conditions     discovered
were drawn to the attention of Controller N.hiui he said that one of
the first Ih'i"!'. the city surveyor would
be given li do would he to make a
cot-refit p'i"i  of  the city.
"livery dl v we have linmi r.'.is In-
ItanceS Of the necessity of a cltj* surveyor." said Controller Nelson, "i
Intend to lil.e the question up Bl
go to Lewiston, Old t.i.ke Ontario wae
"kicking UP regardloBs" aud they had
a pretty rough voyage.
To make things worse, a mile from
the mouth of the Niagara river their
engine broke down and the cralt was
at the mercy of the waves,
lu an Incredibly t'lmrt time the boat
was swept live miles out Into tho lnke.
i'li'-i-iiii'lily alarmed, the little crew,
who had neither cts nor srUls, raised
elgnals of distress. Flnallv their signals were seen by the lit-' sivinp crew
lies in tiie fall it is anticipated
I that the tatk will he completed, it la
cue of .he biggest undertakings ol Its
'kind launched by the department during recent years, ami Involves the em
; ployment of u very large staff of men.
From the international boundary north
j almost to the fifty-fourth parallel, the
assessment operations will extend, and
iliere is not a farm in any section of
the province situated in nn organized
municipality, which will not be subject to revaluation by ihe assessors.
Dp lo the present time all lands in
rural areas have been assessed on an
acreage baBis, and good lands and had.
Improved farms and unimproved.
farms  situated   in   close   proximity   to
! the main highways of commerce, and
farms sltutatid many miles from lhe
provincial railways, have heen    taxed
alike for the purposes of municipal
gov< rnment
At tli" last session of the legislature au amendment to the rural municipalities act was carried, abolishing
the old system in its entirety, and pro-
jvidlng for what is regarded as In
every way a more equitalle one.    The
'land win be assessed ai its actual
J value apart from Improvements, and
the owners' a well cultivated farmstead Will not he called upon to con-
I tribute any more heavily to the municipal revenue than his neighbor who
has left his land unbroken.   Distance
from railroad facilities, quality of the
Boll, general lie of the lnml. and "the:
factors will be taken Into consideration by  the assessors In  arriving  al
their valuation. The new act will come
hit" f"rce rn January 1, li'14.
The   change   Which   is   Involved    is
mere a further application of the sin-
gle t*:\. whieh tiie government adopted when taxation of the farmers'
property in Implements and gee ral
farm equipment, and in buildings was
as more than probable that Mr. McDonald will be the first pastor of the
new   Carmichael  congregation.
when you can get as goo-4. or better, maantactsreA ta B. C- --rt*.: tha
the celebrated "VANCOmTSJT Braad. gaanuatee* to Baaa Sun-oard
Specifications ot America* and Cana-dta-aa *am-Xmsm*rta- s,aa*t*r\t**tia*-^
We would alBo call attentloa to ova Vitrified t3-*m-r_ Ftpa areas
4-ln. to 2-t-ln. In diameter. This ia also made to thla Ttawtatm aad wa
consider superior to any lmborte-d article.
We also carry a stock cf Crashed Hook. Vfaeaad Gravel. Sand,
Lime. Plaster, etc.
See ub before ordering elB1 where.
Phones 15 and 16.
OU CataM��Ma Birae* *��.
Two Men Claim Nellie's Hand and One
Gees  Down for Six
Police Co-irt
���For the sooond
Magistrate   Man
police court  had
of Un
civil Casus In
Winnipeg, Aug. 4.
time   In   two   davs.
donald   "t   the   city
to protest against the praet'er
brinKitiK of civil oases Into the police
court fur trial.   ni�� honor's remarks
were   made    when   he   dismissed   lhe
charge of theft against John W. Fox,
by W. M. Melllw. hit erstwhile b��sl
neBB partner.   The eaae, commented
MnKlftr.ite Macdnnald, should never
have been hrought. It wiih unite evident thut no ofrence of a criminal
nature could be proven
dtneo nrcdneed.
et Ti'i-i Ningara, opposite Niagara-on-ledi'catlon.
tlte-l.nl.-",   and   the   life   saiiiig   crow
imt oul after them.
r..v, ��� ������ th" helpless launch hack,
the engine of the llfi boat suddenly
broke down nnd refused to budge alt-
"the- inch, while ih" boat awung per-
iinusly In t'i" trough of tho reus.
Finally the sails wero raised and thay
managed to got to -lu"" The Brigge
launch had to he loft :���' Fort Niagara
while the St. Kitts' men came Ii 'ine
b) strut ear.
Toronto. Aug.���4. The Ontario education department haB sent out orders
superseding the high school French
gratvtnar lately In use by a revlsct'
French grammar, which must be exclusively used' hy .lulv, 1916, Until
that  date  tha old  grammar mny  hi
cd tinder authority of the hoards of
Montreal. Aug. 4.���It is not an unusual sight to see tw-o women fighting for
one "husband" In the local police
courts. The case was reversed the
other morning, however, and two men
dppeared before Judge  ..i.fontaine to
! swear that they each had :. legal claim
i on the one woman.
One of the men, Joe Doyle, received
a sentence of six months In juil for his
part in coming to the front and claim-
iiiK the girl. When women are going
In the police courts in future Joe will
not bo there to make a bid.
The ense being heard  was that of
Joe Doyle and Nellie Doyle, who had
been arrested together on a charge of j
vagrancy.   When  the  police  took  the-1
, pair In charge Doyle had a quantity of j
��� what  is alleged  to he cocaine  In  his
possession.    As soon us the drug has
l been reported on by specialists who i
ere examining it lie will appear before
, the recorder if it is cocaine.
When Doyle was taken to headquar-
1 ters he claimed the woman us his wife 1
ni'd this t'ne did not contradict. Even]
when rhe appeared ln court she lest:- I
did he w-as her husband, Later. ho>v- I
ever sh" denied this, but Doyle Btiil
maintained that they were man and
wife, not know ing thai a Becond man. |
who  gave  his  name  as  .Smilh.    had
;",�����.. forward  and Claimed  the hand
of Nellie.
Judge l.nfontaine in passing judgment  on   Doyle  said  Hint  il   was  he-
I caui'o he had committed perjury tha!
| he was sentencing him to si\ months
ii Jail, and he made this all Ihe more
'upresslve hy allowing the woman to
go on suspended sentence.
The new hook costH sixty cents,
ivh'ch is fortv centB Ibbb thnn the old,
���"d the r<-"-der In connection costs
"If-r" cents.
Netlca is 'iisn given that n revised
'il'fnii  of  tho  public  school  snelllnc
'���I* k '-emewiiit  similar to the   one
' .��� ." lire, will come into use in July
nf ""-1 yenr.
A new high Bchool history of (':."-
"I- which wiib to havn been ready
I-i September, will probably be some-
whit  delayed.
The department will Insist upon its
regulations belni
hv   tlle  evi-
Not   Even  to   Newspapers.
Ottawa, Aug. 4.*  J, 0. Kilt, bend ofi
the Morrlsburg nnd Ottawa   Klectric sary wlll withhold grants from schools
railway, stntes that contractors would using unauthorized b��ks.
begin turning the sod ror the proposed |
rond tills week. "Tlle work will he
Commenced at this end of the line,"
Mr, Kill h.<Id. "Vi-u an- really golny
to Btart thla week?" Inquired the reporter, but Mr. Kilt did not cure to h"
emphatic. "1 nm not In the habit if
making any affidavits, even to news*
yapi-rs," he -said, und departed,
Calgary. Aug. 3.-  The question as tr
I whether the    city    should    patronize
.home Industry and pav  moro for Are
hydrants tlrm tliey nan be bought for
I if the contract Is 1st outside the city.
which v"'s dlBPursed Bt the last meet-
, lng  of  the city  council  and   referred
hack to the commissioners, came up
i for consideration al  the  meeting  of
Ithe commissioners yesterday.
Commissioner flraves submitted the
figures of tenders showing   that   the
!' iwert bidder had been if. D, Wood or
[Philadelphia, whose bid wna on exactly the Fame kind of i hydrant made by
!"���"  I'alearv  Iron  Works, and  It  was
!f1.S^9 lower thnn the bid or the Cal-
I gary  Nrm,   while  the   bid   which   the
carried and il neces- j commissioners had re commended waa
that of the Dru.nmnnd-McCail    company for a  much superior hydrant at
n bid about Sl.HO., lower than that of
the Calgary Iron works.
During a lengthy discussion, Commissioner Samis suld thai If the city
were to cnll for bids and then give the
sontraot to tho highest bidder simply
beoause that bidder was n local concern It would not he long before there
would bo no outside bidders If there
Malor Edward  Leigh  Dead
Toronto,  auk.  4. -The  descendant
|of an ancestor who was secretary to
'K'ng Charles I., or Bngland,  Malor
Kdward  Leigh, pasoed  away nt  his
home, t',1', Albany r.venue, alter n protracted UlneuB, nt lhe advanced age
iof 87.
Keep Out the Weeds
Weeds unchecked will nu'a Cic crop.
It isn't sufficient to plough and sow well in
Spring aud Fall and leave the rest to nature.
There arc weeds to fight.
There are weeds in Business, too���weeds of
competition and opposition���of public indifference from without, and of lack of enterprise
from within���weeds that unchecked seriously
retard business growth.
Cultivation is the only effective weed-killer.- *
Keep cultivating and the weeds never get a
chance to thrive.
There is a combination plough and harrow,,
fertilizer and spray, for every business���an
effective weed-killer that will keep out the
, weeds.
// is Advertising
It is not enough to plough and sow well witlr
j advertisements in Spring and Fall and leave
I the rest to human nature.
I Human nature and the respect your customers
bear you are not proof against thc Summer
( weeds that can thrive on rest and apathy.
| You must keep busy in the hot weather���you
must keep cultivating.
Turn Summer dullness into activity by Summer Advertising. Plan Summer attractions
and plant for a crop of Summer profits, anil
the Advertising cultivation will keep out the
Keep Cultivating   ������������-
Keep Advertising
Advice regarding your tdvertUag probVms in available through nny rmvniml CWmffiMli
advertising agency, or the Secretary uf the Canadian Press AnoctoUcn, Boon ��03 Umsdn
Building, Toronto.     Enquiry Involves uu obligation on yuur part    -so whir, if iutcn-il-wi. I*m.lit   lOUd
TUESDAY,   AUGUST   5,   1913.
Fresh \Vater and Salt
Krportec!  From Steveston That Many
Have   Lost Their Lives  During
This Season.
���:i, Aug '��� 'I l'e rumor co
in New Westminster laat
to iho effect thai 10 .1 ipanesi
liahi nm .i were missing from here, ap-
\hw* tu have some foundation in fact,
.-or    dspplte    official    contradiction,
fishermen here atlll say that a week
;igi> Sunday nighl ten Japanese dls-
tppeared and hnve never come bade,
Many Fishermen Get Over Thousand
Fich���Get Load in One
Those fiihernicn who were out nt
the mouth of the river yesterday report even larger hauls than on Sunday, one drift being sufficient to make
a luad.. ln the river opposite New
Westminster and above the Kraser
river bridge fishermen are also get-
tinf larger catches, several boats obtaining over 1000 flsh or about ITS to
i nun here seem satisfied that they 1260 to one haul.    The refusal of the
vi,-.* drowned in llie choppy sea run- * fishermen at Steveston lo go out Sun
lias: that night. day nlcht played right Into the hands
Some of the boats, it ls said, were of the up river men, who are getting
picked up empty or overturned whlle|more  fish Ihan they cun handle and
others with nets and other gear have
never been seen since.
One  man  also  said  that  this  year
17 flebi ,-inen had met death while following their calling, but he could not
Advance   definite  information  as  nis
,;,i',, i*:> n1  was founded principally on
��� lie word cr ethers.
would  repeat  itself    and    depressing
times come.
When the niet-il schedule was taken
Mi. with Senator Stone In charge.
Senator Cummins, of Iowa, submitted
a substitute which transferred to duty
many free listed articles in the Un-
derwood-Slmmons bill, notably pig
.run and blast furnace products.
Not   Agreeable.
Senator Oliver, of Pennsylvania,
opened discussion of the metal scheil
uie. questioning the wisdom of the
��� finite llnaiice committee In putting
pi.; iron on the free list.
The senator said he did not have
much hope of amending the bill, because the Democrats seemed to have
determined te pass it as It stands,
althovgh small manufacturers were
dependent upnn a protective tariff to
manufacture pig iron.
Social and Personal
a large number were yesterday sent
tp the canneries at the mouth of the
Following  is  the  official  report of
the  II. ('. Canners' association:
Bellingham  got  150,000    from    all
sources; seiners doing better.
Anacortes   gut   60,000   yeaterday;
No description of the beats or their large quantities of fish reported in the
numbers was given but some of the vicinity,
fisher mob   here   maintain   tliat   they 	
. . r.- drowned, $100 Reward for Body.
Ttu- report of the R. c. Packers' ns- The Steveston Fishermen's Benevo-
soclatlon never made mention of the lent Boclety has potted notices in the
incident until after it hud appeared streets there offering a reward of $100
���a -.: minor in the press, when it was for Information which will lend to the
officially denied, ! finding of the body of a Japanese
 ���  fisherman drowned on July 28 between Bteventon and the North Arm
'or the sea. The man lost is described as wearing a pink colored under-
j shirt and *. 1 lack shirt over It. lie
vas about Iff yean*, of age.    Thf no
In Pennsylvania, he added, there |
were 170 blast furnaces, only 47 of i
which wor-e conl rolled by the United |
States Steel corporation.
A lien- competitor of the United
States In the steel trade more to be
reared than all others, the senator \
assorted, was China, which already
was supplying much el the pig iron
now used  on  tlie  Pacific coast.
Senator Cummins said (here should
be reasonable protection tor Amerl- j
can producers or pig Iron and advo
cated n duty or about $1 a ton, He
thoueht the house rate of 8 per cent,
a little too high.
Senator Smith, of Michigan depro
cntrd putting iron on the free Ugl
just nt n time when the mines of
Cnbn were being opened up, thus depriving the government of revenue
"Ireh he said naturally nnd oas'ly
���vonld flow into lhe coffers Of tlie
Senator Thomas, of the finance
committee, declared that pig iron produced lu this country last year was
valued at *1m."i..mo.oon and that the
I im -ier t s were negllrble, less than
Kill.inn t-irs. As to Chinese p'g iron.
Sonator Thomas said there was no
prospect of serious competition,
Uoss, of DefTolt, is registered at
tlle Russell.
Harry Thompson was In the city
yesterday  from   Victoria.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. It. Oar van are
registered at the Russell from Sialt'.e. j
B,  L. Buck and wife were visitors
in  the city on   Monday  from Coqult- |
Dr. Barok, of St. i.ouis, was the
guest last week ul .Mr. and Mrs. J.
Travers,  Fourth street.
S, Bowell returned las! evening
from White Rock where he hus been
enjoying n short holiday.
K. Stades, of New Westminster, Is
visiting friends in Kamloops and Is
registered  at the  Lolmid  hotel  there.
W. Norman Hole returned to the
cily on Sunday after spending the
past six weeks at his aummer home
on the north arm of Burrard inlet,
Miss M. Turnbull. of the Royal Columbian hospital stall. Mr. and Mrs.
Q. Mcllill and Miss McLean spent the
week end with Mr. and Mrs, Welsh
at their summer home. Crescent.
Mrs. p, Butohart, of Edmonton, Ic
visiting Mrs. W. M. Halght, of Burna
by Lake. Mr. Ilutchari will Join his
wire shortly and they will then
journey to California where they will
make  Iheir   future  home.
Itev. and Mrs. W. A Crux, or this
city, Mr, and Mrs. George Crux, i I
Vancouver, and Dr. and Mrs. Slpprell,
formerly of this city but nnw or Van
couver. were the guests at dinner on
Saturday evening nl Mr. and Mrs. W
E. Ptnchen, Alberta slreet, Vancouver.
jl*, m i**sr i nrJEJmQ l
- signed by v. May. de.
Dritisli   Bark  Holt   Kill   Ctorm
fer Seven Weeks���Ad.ir
Winds All the Way.
The  city  pile  driver,  taken   to  the
j Sixth  street slip, last  week, has been
���hrought   back  again  to  assist   in  op-
Bound erationa al tlie fool of Eighth streel
Tlie  Westham  came  up  river  yes-
; terday morning.
Victoria, Aug. 4.���When the !irit;.-'.i
bark Holt Hill, reached  port  Friday,'
Bbe completed one of the longest pass
ages that ever fell to the lot of this
famous  windjammer  during her long
career on the high seas.
She was exactly eight} two days out
rrom Iquique, which can hardly be
compared with her former voyage tc
this port from the wesl ccast, when
she inade the run In about forty-five
By the time she reached latitude 3.
N , she was held ill the grip Of tie
doldrun s i ir many days, and when sh.
eventual] taught tho trades, everything was against her In making fast
time du: Ing ilu* n malndi r . I the p i:.
Mcrr-bcrc of Gcrr.-.-in Cranch of Church
Say  Feminist  Movement  Presages  Paganism.
Members cf Parliament Crccslng Canada on  Way  to  Australia���E.-.ttlc-
ship Now Zealand  Departs.
izatiou of
N. v., Aug. i The organ-
u Catholic woim u's league
uiat proposes to counteract the radical tendencies of tlle women's movement, Including then- demand ror the
j use of the ballot, marked today's session or the Herman Roman Catholic
Central Vereln, which i.i holding its
cd party ot British parliamentarians convention here.
who are nov crossing Canada on Branches of the league will h*
their way to Australia on tha Invlta- formed in all pans of th. country, ..
tion if��� the Cemmc.i'.c ulth govern was said today by .His. Jos, brey, ti*
I..' m are expected In  Vancouver to- honorary president.
"The feminist movement," said Mrs
Vancouver, Aug. 4���The distinguish-
price and below cost
just now, in the store,
is not small. we must
clear out all odds
and ends at just what
they will bring. don't
allow the opportunity to slip by unchallenged, it's the one
great event of the
come today.
Final  Clearance  of W9���en's Neat Voille and
fir     .    f*,       |                    Muslin Dresses for After-
Wash   iiOOds \7m7TZ
noon or btreet wear $5. So
These are practical dresses made from dainty embroidered voilles, marquisette and muslin in a wide
range id beautiful and exclusive models, plain white
while others are daintily trimmed with a touch of
color, all  sizes  in  stuck,  but  not  lu any  one style.
miliar llie Qinghams
iiniiinatioiis. Per :
inches wide
ill cul
Regular 15c best English Prints. Per yard..
40-inch  Percales;   fast  colors;   stripes and
regular  "lie     Special,  per  yard	
Kcgular 25
While Vesting-   Per y:
12 -*C
i   19c
. se  dresses
aring  price,
worth   more   than   ilnuhl
���  window  today
in* : i- 'i Afternoon at 1 o'clock. Thc
li urists are all members ol the Em
pire  Parliamentary  association.   Sev
Catches Are  Small  in Comparison to  nal dcbgaUs on  Hi"  Australian trip
making the Journey via other
routes. I.. S. Amery, Ml'., and wife
are    travelling    by    way    of    Cape
Last   Year���Sad   Weather
i....   :. ch irlotte, B, C, Aug. t    Bad
weather in northern waters continues
\i  Interfer.   with   the  operations  of
whaling steamers working in conjunc-
-"����� tion with lhe Nadtn harbor and Rose
litres north winds wen dead against harbor stations. Very tow whales
tier, and throughout ,; ** past month .,-,,,. |., n taken .- t these stations In
the llili Hill scaroelj made the speed comparison with hut year's catches.
of tht proverbial tori Ise. Captain II.* At Rose harbor the whalers are run- month's of ' '
.). Bray, who returns as master of the Ling down as tar as Triangle island In
������������(���:! * ��� :i llmejuicer, statea thai the pursult ,( the whales. Naden harboi
Holt Hill, then bound from Port Al- has piled up a Bmall catch and tho
lng about 300 miles, during the latter prospects are tli it this will be the
.-tape:, ot tho passage. (poorest season  since its  inception.
>. r arrival at rqulque, the      |, the weather would keep clear, as
���   present, and give the  whalers    a
eli.nice to follow the big game the totals mlghl  be Increased considerably.
\s long as southeast rs continue    to
Seven Weeks in Gele. I howlt he catches wlll grow  very slowly.
r .*\en weeks she battled against   Whales In l'a* IBe coasl waters are not
rthwest gale, which    al     tlmei   nearly eo plentiful al tho present tlnn
Colony along with Sir Joseph Walton
Han., M.P.,  Mr.  Norton Griffiths, M.
P., end  Mrs. (.;rift ihs are touring via
l' ..ffiti Mrs. (.;
the-Su-'/. -canal.
The distinguished visitors will be
entertained by th ��� Canad an club al
a banqu. i at Pender hall t imorrow
night at '1 o'clock
City  5r.nir,eer's Record.
During   the   . -mi aratively
l-'rey, "is being promoted by women
whose views are decidedly pagan. Il
their demands were to be realized
the Christian family would ci ,i.le tl
exist, aud women's condition would
lapse Into paganism.
"While the Catholic (hurch h is
made no pronouncement on the mal
ier oi woman suffrage, the Catb l'i
philosophy of life Is oppos id to It
However, we are not centering our
iiiit *. [ties on oppi sltti * to women' *
suffrage, but rath"! i'i i well formed
plan for iin* future, 'i e pn sent un
real haa resulted In l i enfr n li ise
Bhorl  in- nt of the women -    several states
Holl MM', tlimen hound from Port Albert. Wales, to the former port, with
:i "i:rr. ��� of patent fuel, experienced an
idvi   *   rous  passage
th >* were a few yearB ago. Big
hauls made by the whalers in the past
have thinned them out considerably,
reached hurricane fore-', off Cape
Horn,   .* Ithout  making  any  npp.:  nl
leadi ��� She was carried away out
Qf 1'.'" regular cour.-e us far south al
31.1*  i-i'ith.    Tremendous seas swept
* '* i '.. ot the vi Bsel, and It was by
the greatest good fortune that none ofl
the crew were swept overboard, as the Montreal, Aug. 4 Captain Rostron,
huge combats Hopped over the for'ard who rescued all of the TItanlc's pas-
e, ,'.-ks. Top-sallB were carried sengers who escaped death in the ley
mt}*, and two members or the crew waters of the Atlantic when that great
wer.   Bung headlong into the BCuppers,  'll;h w ���''������������ down in April, 1912, is likely
period of twelve months, six working These Women  wou!
and  1912, City  Engl- tluence by  in. ;* . - *
neer  Fellowes   has  established   whal conservative bed) nl *.
la claimed to he a record in develop- the Held to counteract
nienl and Improvement work In Vac ��� *	
couver. His record includes over ::.'
miles of I,lock pavement, over 56
miles of sewers, aboul 95 !���".!������* of
c   l"elit   sidewalks.     some     i'i     to     '���-������'
miles of Btreets cleared and rough
graded, 30 i i 10 n il. 9 i f reeking
and about 90 miles of water mains
iie* aggregate c< st of this gigantic
achievement bi Ing in the neighbor
hood Of  $8,000,000.
-���ri an '*. l .
.- ball. ' <t -
mi n i -i not In
Bargains  This
Every Suit in ths store at
A;tual   Half   Price.
Children's    Summer    Dresses
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Children's Hats at Half Price.
Women's Summer Coats of
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Summer Sunshade:, at Half
Tailored Wais'.3 at Half Price.
Suits  all  Greatly   Reduced.
Children's Coats at Half Price.
Women's Fine Summer        Half Price
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Underwear Marked
Crdci'vcsta and Combinations,
Etc.,  Etc.
Broki n lines of some of our finest makes if pure silk and
lisle thread, usually Bold as
high as $1.76.   Today's   price,
p. i gaiiin nt   63c
Under Vests.
Another splendid value. Women's knit cotton nnd lisie
thread vests; lace at neck; In
short and long Bleeves; values
to l'i 76. 'l'i,day's prices, pi i*
garment    47c
A guild assortment of cotton
vests: all Blzes; ln Bhorl and
lung sleeves; lace at neck;
reg ;:fic and -too. Today's
price,   per   carment      .  29c
Clearance of
'ihese are
cot I
u     ducks,
divided   Into
lots to make it convenient for
quick selling; a good slectlou
for ear'y buyers; regular $1.50
values; Blzes to five years. To
clear  at    75'"
Regular $2.28 values; sizes to 10
years. To clear at. .    xj,*"
Regular $3,50 values; sixes to 16
years. To char at...   $1.?3
It   Is
Still   Missing   ana   British
French   Detectives  Become
Tangled   in   Dispute.
���u:.* lajulng   serious
acxlj    ini hands.
Ton? nl water were shipped while
iiie windjammer was being battered
by ti:** ���:: le, and for Beveral weeks the
���n-v. of the vessel had forgotten what
Injuries    to    the
to '-e the commander of the new Cunard liner Aluanla, tor the St Lawrence river route, .
No aim mncement has yet been
mad'- by the Cunard company, but in
the beBt  Informed marine circles II  is
In addition to this successful endeavor, through bringing down recom
mendations for greater yardages ol
lavements than had hitherto been attempted, and thereby Inducing keener
competition, he Baved the city some
thing like $130,000, as con.pared with
the cost, of the pavements which had
previously been put down.
Warship Departs.
After  being  visited  by over 50,00 I
people during her week's stay In pirt
the battle cruiser New  Zealand pulled
u" her two ten-ton  mud hooks   and put '"' !,v " v,*'lr'i""' ' ' ��� '"*'''
Blowly  steamed ont  of the  Narrows      In the meantime a dispute over the
shortly   hefore   7   o'clock   this   morn-   ' "   '   '     *    ' "'     ,vl  h'v"""   ���^"",-
liig. ending one of the most memcr   ll!:i1 '' !"'' ' "' '      French detectivoii
Paris, A hit.
thousand dollai
the hands of a
recovi ry of tli"
4. Three hundred
s has been placed in
I'aris advocate for the
missing $750, I pearl
necklace,   which   was  stolen   between
Paris and Lopdon.   Thc amrunt was
. m dry deck looked like.   While at [quf.|said thai Captain Bostron Is to be the
���  me, Captain Bray  lost one   of    his I commander of the liig ship which Is
:,..*.,, due here early in August on her maid-
,^__ < n voyage.
Th- Samson was yeBterday al  her Officers  of  .1."   Andante,  Hie  new
wharf at thefD.P.W. docks being made Cunarder now  In  port  here   a sister
rtjipshape attor sev.oral weeks' strenu- Rh|P '" ''"��� Aulania   havo heard thai
��us work both up and down river. ''"" '" "*'    officer who drove his ship
  through   an   Ice covered  sea   to  res-
The I'.ini'.Hilwiird r turned yoster
iilay to the D.l'AV. dock where the ro-
��� pairs now Peine made to Inr d:    Ig
machinery, will he completed
i hie
Dink Cashtc" Drcwned.
Hel.hune Kusk., Aug 1 1 (1. Willi,
-cashier of the Iloyal bank here, vas
-drowned -.it Itegina ileach yesterday
WVernoon. Ife was -1 years old, a native of l.ockgort, N.S.. and came h"re
four months ago. He formerly worked
���for lhe Royal bank at Winnipeg. Tii"
bud? was re-jovored at 8 o'clock this
���moTiiint: and.: probably will he si nl
��eost  for  interment. ���&
cut  tho passong. rs ��� t tb omed Tl
tanlc, ��ill command the Bhlp    S'u on.
wlll deny th i report, and it is mon
most,  nieini r   .,
veek's stav  in  port nf anv  war    ' ""  f' '"" ''  r,;l*,M    '*,:!'     *"'    '���    ���'
ship that has ever dropped anchor in  "'"'"  '*'''  i;i   ���'���'"'���'  territory, whl
Burrard In'et.    Over   6     is    thi   "'���"   )""','   '''''"""';   iay   the
official   estimate   which     Commander  -00** ���'���'���"" ln   England.
ll. 10  Hri-r    placod oil the number ol      ';'""'   :;' '���"���'n-**   "'"   Paris   ,.
visitors ��� i th"    gr'ni,   grey    warship f?r   Max   Mayer was   ahl]
during iier stay In th s pi rt,
Pa-ai  Brici  Exolalred,
in   all th-   cl arches   In the arch- s:         : ''   ''    ' ' '
diocese of Vancou-������:��� vesterdav,    Ihe
pai al  brief a*")  Archbishop    Cast y's
regulations   to   gain   the  Constantlne
hid.dueec ���   -.- i p*   i'*  d   and   explain! (I
hun  llkelj   thai   when  the    Aulanta y\|  ^(   Patrick's
teams Into i , ��� Latin r In ro, Captain
for    Max    Mayer
ill"   ii'*cl:l;i'*     In,i"   Pari     to
was indignant  today    whon
by   Lloyds to
clalmB against    the    necklace
offer vas Immediately rejected
Ll * ..'���:
The Popular Shoe Store
The   Home   of   Low  Prices.
641   Front Street.
Specials for this Week
7r,c worth of Packard's   Shoe   Polish
lor   2*V.
Barefoot   Kandals;   double  soles;   any
pair in store    75c
Pleet-Foot Running Shoes;  a clearing
line;   7  to  2    40;
Ladles'  White Canvas  Slides;   leather
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Hoys'   Heavy   Leather   Soled     Canvas
Shoes; sizes 1, 2, 8, 4, 6   95o
Men's Heavy    Leather    Soled    Hrown
Canvas Shoes; all sizes   $1.25
Ladies' Snappy Tan Botton Oxfords;
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of  British  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Hollar and
upwards received and interest at the hlgheBt current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ln all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
lines; ]
Ri   tron v im .*   ii the bridge
Thin \wll make two officers Involved
in that tragedy of the north Atlantic
running on Montreal ships. Last week
Lieut. Lowe, who was fifth officer on j
thn Titanic Minn the accident  occur- I
red. was in port here as second officer]
on the Cornishm'an,
church, h's gl ici
made a full si iii ment. 'n which he
- !��������� tcheil the history i r tho Peacn of
Milan and its ri suits to tli" church,
Chip Move-nen'.s.
1^08 Angeles, Aug. 1. Arrived:
���Steamers Rouniikj'. Portland; .1 ll.
���Stetson, WlUnpa harbor. Sailed:
-Steamers KlluiaHi, Portland; J. H
Stetson, ciihiiiibia river; Falcon, Co
lumbia river.';
and   Republicans   Hammer
on  Tariff  Problem���
May   Bt  "ume   Link.
Canadian   Immigration  Agent   Malcolm it   i   Reid is under tho Impression   thai  the  Japanese junk,  found
en Prldav   on the   beach north   or
Eureka, Cal., is the��one that landed
tin"   Japanese   nt   Hi Pa   Bella   some
time ago.    It   has  had  tin e    to    get
that   fur  south   since   then,   h"   sa's
Th"  Eureka   Immigration   suthorltle-i
Iarrested a Japanese who said ihat he
I had been  brought  across the Pacific
In   a Junk and   told where the junk
| was to be lound.    Mr.  Reid does not
I credit the story of some of thc cap*
everv sive.    Per pair  	
Ladies' %", Hoots;  only   	
Ladies'  Dress  Hoots;    broken
every size; value to $5  	
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stub loe;     glove
Calf   Hotton  and
up    town.    Our :
K. Hoots, Leckle
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C,  Limited
Layers of Har.sam Compressed Concrete (Patented!
eSTIMATITS un.l  !>l SH.iNS f'URNISHI ll
Cents' Dress Boots;
leather; every size
Cents' Tan Willow
Blucher Hoots; $l
s, P. \V
Move  cn   Foot  to  Form   Unions   Indc
p=n'jcnt cf Western Federation���
" sldiers Ojt A-ain.
.nl,.met. Mich., Aug, I. -Attempt)
'-.ere made to spilt interests of ntrlk
ing coppi i* mini rs bj organizing looa
Dean's Grocery for
Special Values
tore I Japanese tint two other Junki unions    Independent   of ihe Waster
Clothes  l'lns       5 doz.
; Old Dutch Cleanser, 3 tins for
Liquid Ammonia, per bottlo  .
Powdered Ammonia, 2 pkta.  .
Liquid   Hlue.  per bottle   	
I Washing Soda,  2  Ihs.  for
Naptha Soap, per bar  	
for 10c
.. 25c
... 15s
.. . 23:
. .15;
.... 5c '
6 Nights and Saturday Matinee
Ter We-v. Ktiii ig
"Dilte.    Time.
Iliirh. i-ow.
4       6:43    1:57
���20:4-i ir,:r,r,
7:f>0 ILiia
21:Vi lfi:S2
���9:011 4:36
21:4n l'i Ml
|0:10   ������""���
21; ir. 17:00
11:113 C:S0
Mtr.o 17 Hi
13:16    ' " ���
r>,"'. i
lR-.m   ������
24:00 li) 1"
Sunday, Au-'ust 3
Sand  I lends.
High. Low.
Time. Uet. Time   IL't
1    5:44 11.8    0:52    R.U
i 19:41 1*1.11 12 33
I    6:60 11.6    1:37
| 20:12 13.5 13:17
;    7..V1 11 2   2:22
20:42 13.4  14 '  '-
���    9:12 10.8    3:09
���     ���   l'i   11   19
:*. 35  10.6    !  '���!
18  12.8  If   13
.!'*���:     ;
*  i    ' 1 *  ' ���
1 ; * *
Wi * '������������������ "< n,    Aug,    4    Democrats
and Republicans of the senate fenced
today nv ir prosperity and the   business  outlook,  discussed  tin*   woollen
���schedule  of  tha  tarlfl   bill  al  length
and made Bome progress t n the metal
���i.7 schedul'-.   Senator Stow   of Ml      irl
3:,  nnd into the I'-m rd quotations from
4.7 manufacturers and mi rchants Btal ng
:, *; thai Hi*   Industrial outlool ��� ���   .*
3,9  finer:.'       ���;      It pi   ��� d   *
7.2  raductii
���; nator  ' *���*   ���      r expi       tl
mice that
*   '.' : .
about   to  attempi  the  pi rli. u��
nt the s:iine Cn'" :i" He v d'd, b it
'he    Japanese    capturpd    al   Rnrp1 *i
g'i j |es cap! tin's ei'"" "" 0' M'(i
The cnnlnln - ; he Bi la B. 1'. junk
was Vashlda.
I Arc now almost over. We expect
/ a b'g ���Ehic.T.ent cf choice heritor
! on Tuesday.   SPECIAL PRICE, p-
Prominent   Priest   Hurt.
The   Ih'lles.   Ore..     Aug,     4.    Rev
Pathi i* ATphonse Brouque it, pastor ol
:-':   Peter's Catholic church hern and
on     if the tuost jiromlnenl  priests of
Ori i*"ii. was serioin ;    ,  *  red
whi n hi;-* ���: ' i il" wenl . *. * * n      id
ie  r  i iu   ������  .' lay  nl thl     He  ** ai
t, lien  :"���' not   II.
h .i broken 1*
end     ; ���'   '
:     * ���        1
I', d -rutlon of Miners loday.   A mcel
thai   cro ������ di d    tha    : i d    Ja
town hull bri ',,   up in disord. r --. u*
James   Tornelch,  of  th ���   fed. ration
executive  board,  order, d    all    uni .1
men to   have    A    inlsundorstandlng
causi d a  battalion  of troops to    be
si ni  to thn place, bul ihe crowd had-|*p|umg   per  basket
ii . ;���     cd  .vli.n   the   militiamen    :.r   Penches, 2 11.s. in-
'  : New  Apples. 2   Ihn.
Ilefoi     ������       ll  1.1  *'   ' .  Mig   of     the   R|pe  Tomato s,   pi
Bl M       e:   *  Ml      IC   *     ���       Cl   lee.M"  '
I * ���* 'i.     hlch   :    : ,  continue
''' ,: ' Bv--��m��ri     rniA/irfitf'
*������  BBg (tw \  BilfSii I n I
higher wasti      I !!/LrillU'       XjBSVVLSI B
Monday and  <<
���  Ih,
Wednesday    *���>
and Tb.ursday
���   n   "
��� i   f    '
Friday and Ci ���
Weddirg Bells'
The Cabaret Girl"
*������ It n I
,    1
i *   * ��� a   .    *      *     .
B.irr Clock.
..     t,
I*' t
lSm> and 9.15
'   *v :.r;^HKr,'j TUESDAY,   AUGUST   5,   1013.
PAtiB *iVa*
News9 Sport Page That Everybody Reads
Yeaman, of the Tecumsehs, Pltre, of
the Nationals, or Jack MacKenzie.
ulso of tlm Tecumsehs, are by no
means worse than those committed
by lon or Griffith at the flrst Victoria
game on June 28. Yeuin.in was suspended by    President    Quinn,    which
every other scrapper cf note, with |
the exception of Welsh, and the terms
offered the American are likely to be
accepted this week, diet Mclntyre
is in charge of the affaiir so far as
the Hrighouse people are concerned
and expects to announce the signing
of articles between the two before
this week has passed.
Blue   Shirts  Win   Fir3t    Game
the  Scrap���Mag   McGregor a
Toronto, Aug. 4.���In one of the to go the whole distance. When he
besl games of the season llle Toron- slowed down tlle rest of the team
toe defealed the Teciimsehu today by followed Bolt. Fitzgerald had Querrie
a scire (if six to four, but It took eh, cited to a standstill and the Te
i.'ii minutes of overtime to decide the cuinseh manager was never in lhe
victor.    There     v.iih    a  large    crowd   lenst dangerous,
present   and  lhey   Haw  a   flint   game.*    lit.der   the   circuiiistances   il     wns
and   after   half   time   the   excitement, easy   for   lhe  defence     lo     keep    the
wns ul   fever beat [TecumsollB  attack   from   becoming ef.
Four in  First Stanza. | fcctlve.     It   may   he   Haid   that   Harry,
ll looked Tor :i while in   ihe   IlrHt -.ho recently came to   the Torontos
quarter an though Tecumsehs would from the Shamrocks more than made
run   away  from     their    rivulH.    They good ou  the    defence,     lie    hud    the
scored four times In quick succession necessary  speed and  proved  liiniiilf
and the TorontOB then put  Holmes In at: excellent  ball getter.    He nnd Hur-
Ihe     mis    to     replace     Mulr.     Willi sliaw always secured llle ball when a
Holmes playing in his best form, the ralx-up resulted in front of Ihe Toron-
Torontos Bettlod down and the Tecum-1 to goal.    The Toronto home got   ta
sel.s  did   not  score  during  the    last working   very   Blowly,   bin   after    the
sn minutes of the match, counting the third quarter it was going at top
extra period.                                         j speed.    Dandeno   put    up   the   best
Mag McGregor Showed  Up. game he has shown thlH season   and
Tin*  chief reason   for  the   way    In Kails was in Hue form.
Qregor could not keep the tremendous
puce which was set in the llrst quarter.    The  man  had  taken    QuetTle'S-^^ dld ,,������ ,���e  ���   (,   u A
as the pivot of tlie reoumsehs      wl inK l() do (ll)0ut
attack  and   he  did   not  Have,  himself  u , '
I.asl Saturday's game In Vancouver
jetted just one penalty and that for
only five minutes. The public appreciated this clean  work.
This subject haH been preached
throughout tho Dominion time and
again, but apparently without success,
terlng, That will be about all we
will have to remind us that there
was a game called lacrosse played In
Barbers   Must  Close
Toronto,   July   4.���Assistance   City
Solicitor Kalrty.  who hag been  hand-.
_.       . _ _ .ling the  Darhers' bylaw case for the,
Matches   Played  on   Opening   Day   of (,ity   ,��� p,eMe(,  al  ,b<1 j,.(;Kim,,u    of
Tourney-Program for Today        j Magistrate    Cohen    that    the    eight
I o clock closing rule must  be enforced!
at the Courts. ivigorously.    He was must dissatisfied,
with the action of  Magistrate  Kings-
ford   in   dismissing   with   a   warning
all such cases brought before liiin.
Baseball Results.
I which the Indians failed wa3 tbnt Mc-  hrought aboul a split In the Hlg Kour
Since,, ,.,..���., ,... . j    that   nearly   ended   the   league   right
there.     Ion   and   firllffith   were     sus
pended, either legally or illegally, and
plac   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Tlio roiUltB Of yesterday's games in
the local tennis tournament were as
follows ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Ladles handicap singles Miss
Payne beat Mies Corbould, 10-S, !)-'
Mish Rickman beat Misn 1). Wilson.
01.     6-2;     Mrs.     Hussell   beat   Miss
Ladies open Kingles���Miss Corbould   Wednesday,   Aug.  6th,   1913
day  we might happen  to stroll  beat  Mrs.  Sutherland.  7-5,  (11:   Mrs.  To give New  Westminster people an
through  a   museum  and  lake  a  peek  RUggell  heat Mrs, Klson, 5-7, 6-3, 7-6. opportunity to
at a laerosse stick, we might even he Men's handicap singles���K. Dunford! VISIT THE FLOWER CARNIVAL,
able to linger a shoulder padding, beat L. K. Haines, 6-4, 4-0, 83; Sou-1 Steamer leavea C P II Wharf at
torn  and  frayed  from ceaseless bat-1tar beat Carmlchael by default; K. N. j 7 a.m. sharp.
Sutherland beat J. Scott, 0-4, 3-6, 01: Tickets for round trip $1.30. Tickets
Canon d'Easum heat D. Wright, 8-6, can he obtained from the committee,
6-0. Oeorge Blakeley,    P. Maxwell,   J.   J.
Games defaulted  yesterday  will  he: Randolph,   Capt,   F.   C.  Carter,  A.  J.
put on  for play again.    Players nmst.chriBp and E. Goulet. (1779)
be   ready  l>  play   within   lii   minutes
of the time given in The News for the . ***^"**"~^"*^gg!"**" ***********
match. Players not appearing within j
16 minutes of lhe time called will de-;
fault the match.
Today's Games.
The gameB arranged  for today  anas follows:
11 a.m.���Court No. 1, Miss Psele vs.
Miss Martin; court No. 2, Miss Annandale vs. Miss Homer: court
No. 3. Eddy vs. Chestnut. The
above events are In the handicap
|    2:30  p.m. -Court  No. 1,  Mrs.  Bison
vs.  Mrs. Sutherland;   court  No.  2,  E.
,N.   Sutherland   vs.  Canon     d'Kasum;]
1 court  No   11,  K.  C.   Macgowan  vs.   V. i
Qardiner,    The  above  event3  are   ini
-^he handicap tournament.
3:30 p.m.- Court No. 2, Mifs H imer |
vs Miss Wilson: court No. 3, Canon1
d'Easum and Teale vs. Sou'.ar and D. I
4:30    p.m.���Court  No.  1.  handicap.
Miss Payne and Mrs. El son vs.  Mins
Peele and Miss Corbould; court No. 2, i
open event, Qoldsmlth vs. Macogwan; |
court No. 2, handicap, Polly vs. Tuck-1
6:30 p.m --Court No. 1, handicap, i
iTeale  vs.  I).  Shildrick:   ent:r'   No.   2 '
       - ���.  ..,�������  scares,     lie has  maintained  alQddy vs. Draper;  court No. 3, l'hipp.-
Westmlnster, Cowlch-  to how the trick was turned, but In I percentage of 1000 Blnce he joined the
Cricket  Tournament  at  Victoria   Promises Some  Fire Playing of tug-
land's Gan-.e,
Arrangements    are    progressing in
connection  with  the annual  tournament of the Pacific Coast Cricket as-1
soclation to be held In Victoria from,
Aug.  L5 to IIP.
, The   draw   In   the   schedule   means
that   N'-w   Westminster   will   have   to
! taking the herd Into camp.
���lack    Horne   and    Huhnke   will   be
on  the  mound  for the  Moose,  while
either Fisher or silver wlll start for
tho  cil Mars   wiih   .Munn   on   the   re- ���   lom
ceivlng end. ��ac?m��
Tonight's  game    is    scheduled   t0'��*lt'K'*'''f
open al 6:30, so lhat there should be
plenty  of  time  lo  finish  at   least siv !    Seattl
bland.ity  ol tne  Clubs.
VV.   1..
Vancouver  .68   4i
. asS
.432 ���
 ou    40
 5S    4 i
 60    02
 Ill    1,4
 40    70
Hard  and  Often.
������Vug.  I.    Fcncr held Siattle
to three hits while Victoria hit G.pe
hard and defeated Seattle 5 to 0.
K.    H.    E
Seattle   o     3
Victoria   ���  5   10
Haileries:      Gipe    and      Cadman;
[Tuner and  Shea.
  Todd  Is Come Pitcher.
That Saturday's crushing defeat ofj Portland, Aug. 4.���-Portland emerg
be in the best of shape if Ihe team Westminster by the former Mann ed ou the long end of a live to four
hopes to win any of lis games, as il cupholdera will do a lot to improve score in its opening game of the
. ir meet five of the best teams in lacroaee conditions on the coaBt was series With Spokane today. The
the province In Division A. during the general Opinion heard on the game was hotly contested and evenly
.* ii, -i Ume five other clubs are hai- street yesterday. Those who did at played all the way. Todd for Port
tling for the championship of Division tend the game and. especially the land was ln danger a few times, but
It players    themselves,    were    besieged tightened  up at   the crisis, and    pre
The ten teams entered in the tour-1throughout the day with questions as |vented
lire      **   	
nn, N milium. Burrard, Vancouver, Oak  almost every cane the answer follow-1 Northwestern   league  team.    Cadreau
H  .     Victoria,   Albion,  Garrison   and ,,i to the effect that the Hoyals were  ror Spokane kept hils well ^scattered
I **. ��� , rslty   Incogs licked   good   and   plenty   and   unless   except   in   the     fourth     frame     when
ll.iry   game  will  he an all day  af    ,)u. locale  gel   in  better  shape the  V.   four  were allowed.
play starting at  11 o'clock each  .\   c.  ;;ri.  liable  lo  spring  still    an ,
ning.    The  schedule Ib: other surprise. Spokane   	
Division A. _ Once   tin    Vancouver   Athletics   h"*   Portland   	
, lay    New Westminster vs   Na-   KUl   u,  K|1I)W  ,|,.  lacrosse   fan:i thoy      Batteries:    Cadreau
, .,i Becon Hill; oak Hay vs. Mnr   have the Btamlna and ability to hold  Todd and King.
cl  Jubilee  hospital. tbelr own  with such  a  team as    New Bob Brown a Pitcher.
,1:,*.*   New Weatmlnater vb. Oak  Westminster,   the   nde.    wblch   has     Tacoma, Aug. 4.���Tacoma tcok ad-
t Garrison; Albion vs. Hurrard. been cul, far out  In fact, during the  ran'age of Hall's wildness in the sec-
pant  few   weeks,  will  begin  to come  ond   and   third   Innings,   scoring   five
back sirniig. runs in only cne    bit,   a triple    by
The Vancouver  boya have  been    a  Million.    After that  the game (legem
If so, you have no doubt made provision for a proper division of
your estate and provided as far as possible for the future welfare of
your beneticlarleB.
But have you done everything to Insure your wife and children
getting the provision you have made ln the way you intend? Is your
executor competent to invest your estate in proper securities? Wlll
he give your affairs IiIb Constant attention and live to complete the
division of your estate? Is he llnanclaly responsible for his actions?
Will be he impartial and free from prejudice?
The Westminster Truat, Limited, will give your estate all
of these necessary requirements and a great many other advantages.
Our Toon are the same aB those awarded to a private executor.
Consultations and advice given freely.
Wills drawn free of charge.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid*.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia   Street,  New  Westminster.
Singer  Sewing  Machines.    Small   Musical Goods of all Kinds. PHONE 694.
R.    H.    E
and    Altman;
popular  bunch  with    Terminal    City erated into a farce,   Third    Baseman
lacrosse tans for s"\.rai years. They ��� ,.,���,;or  and   Manager   Hrown   tak;t";
an* practical!!   a homebrew aggrega- terra In tin- box.    Kaufman was hitlsentors,  then  the    local
lion nnd  In  all class ..  cf  stunt  ihe i,,r|   i,-,, waa given brilliant support,  must  be some  tr-am.
homebrews    .inn-,    .-md    enjoy    the n,n,, sw!fl double plays pulling him 	
greaier    popularity    than    these   im oll- 0* dangerous places. The present  Mann  cupholdera look
^^     "ii Hill      ^^^^^^^^^^
Wednesday    Burrard vs. New West-
��� *f.  at   Jubilee  hospital;   Albion
,.-   Nanalmo, at  Becon  Hill.
u. ���'ay Nanalmo vs. Oak Hav.
u Garrison; New Westminster va Al
i     !. : l Beacon Hill.
Friday Albion vk. oai* Bay, al
��� ���������ni on; Burrard vs. Nanalmo, at
l nlvt rsity  Bchool
Diwirion   B.
M iiiiiy -Garrison vs. Vancouver,
;���' Garrispn; University Incogs, vs.
I'imirlinii. iit  University sch lol
Tuesday   Vancouver  vs   Cowichan, . ,      ,       ,
-,.t Jubilee hospital;  Victoria  vs   Uni   Brfl B0 Btrlcl  '������'"  "*
veralty Incogs, at University school.
Wednesday Harrison vs. Victoria,
nl Farrlson;  Vancouver vs. UnlversltJ ,      ,      ,       __  ,
I ga, in  University school. i,:*':" every day In   he week, simply  New Yorls .
Thurrday victoria vs   Cowichan   al  D9cauSB of <���"' organisation known as  Philadelphia
Jubilee hospital Garrison va   nUtver- the,   national    baseball    commission,  pitishurg ,.
ss^^stss*^       which rules practically all  profession-   Chicago
vs. P.loi: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
6:80 p.m.���Court No. 1. Floyd vs.
Fnrd: court No. 2. Ruddock vb. Chestnut: court No li, I.. A. Lewis vs. Hamilton.
I By the Poller.)
Alex. Turnbull felt well pleased With
himself at tli" performance of the
V. A. I'.in Saturday afternoon. According lo the rule of three, if the
Westminster amateurs can hold the
V. ,\ i . to a Oloso score and the latter, aided by two well known vet-
( * -lis. George Matheson and Dave
Gibbons, can defeat the Westminster
White Rock
"The Playground of &C."
WHITE, SHILES & Co.. Official Agents
Money   Not  A'l.
Thin running of   a    laeroBse   team
with  only a  linancial    idea    lu    view
di es  not  alwaya go  unless tlie  rules
^^^^^^^^^^^^ publlc can  al-
ways expect their money's worth.
Thousands of people nre attending
baseball games throughout    the   con
Tac una   ������
Ball  rles:
Hall,  Helati
E | easy  pie for  Westminster at  Queen's
2 : l'ark  next  Saturday  afternoon.
   i   i ���;
Kaufman    and    Ilarr;:
,   Brown   and   Lewis.
xitv  nlcogs, al   University  school
Friday Vancouver vs. Victoria, at
Jubilee hospital; Garrison vs. Cowichan, al Harrison.
Standing of tne Clubs.
W.    L.
 cs   il:)
 oS    35
 49    47
 51    48
The   Salmon   Bellies   will   leave   for
Victoria   tills   afternoon    on     the    2
I o'clock boat    from    Vancouver.    Last
il leagues  with an  iron  hand.    Any Brooklyn
rough stuff exhibited at one game la Boston
cut oul of the next and those respon- Cincinnati
Bible  fur  the  trouble are  not lei  off St.   Louis
.43 60
.41 55
.40 6'J
.38 62
Winners of Division A  vs.  winners  'vi"1  a caution. Yesterday's Games.
of Division H. at the Jubilee hospital      Tll-S ls how !���  ahould be in pro la- At Pittsburg:                      ll.
,���.,,].,                                                            crosse. hul  whether the magnates and *\,.w   York       2
 . ,                 the players will lake a tumble before Pittsburg     1
national  pastime   dies
H.    B
between the present
_.���__,-- me  uuuuuui  imMiime  uu*.    out    en-      Hatteries:    Demaree, Marquard and
���FIRST OF POfT,^-"1"  FUEN|NG  tlrelv  Is  a  question. I.Meyers,   Wilson;   Camnitz.   McQuillan
GAMES THIS EVENING      ^ ^ ^ ^^ ,n ,Vpatminst���r   H|)()  glmon,
,.,..,������,.,���.. and   Vancouver  pointing  to  the  east. ���     At Cincinnati: It.    H.    E
The tint of the p. ��� t bc I. s ol1 games ^ ^ ^  Domlnlon UorOBga assoola- Boston    *     ���     '
' (ion  appears  to   be  on   lis   last   legs  Cincinnati    13    19      1
. wt    ,-i,.,, wlll  and can see them patting themselves I    Hatterles:       Rudolph,    Noyes    and
Balmorals am   ����>��������� will        ^ ^^ be0BUBe ,,������,������,, Uka this Rarlden;  Ames, Johnson and Kllng,
' lout   te  ever   happens   on   the   coast.    These |    At Chicago: "���    H.    E
.,,,1  thi, same  fans  apparently   do   not  appre-  Brooklyn       <    "      -
elate  the   fact  that   coast   lacrosse   Is'Chicago    1      ���>
nlnvlng  either on the decline or is just hang-       Hatteries:   Allen and Miller;   Moore,
��� ,  , .',������.,���    j���,.   mer   a   precipice   waiting   for    a   pierce and  Needham, llrenahnn.
M008e landing ���'&? tUt   to make   It plunge   into     At St. Louis: n    H.   B
leweieill   DbllVlon. Philiidelphia o    10
position    in    weatminswr ^bafebalbjooiivion.    Thoge  Ag���uIU_ St.  Louis    3     7     0
The assaults committed    by    Buck |     Batteries;       Mayer    and    Killifer;
Doak, Harmon and Wingo.
from I      ^^^^^^^
l��  st-   ed n: Qimen's
ing. whloh promise'' to I���������
besl  seen on the local hall  y
Both  ai-*;ri rations  will   1
:it full I'rcn**'h. I
������d to retail, their present coin
sitiou    in    Westminster
while   tlm   outfit   Belecled   from   the
nthi r   teams   Is   just   aB   confident   Of'
ning they engaged  in a strenuous
workout. lasting two hours.
Vr*  i' ���
���.il I     Tonight's   ball   game   between   the
.883 J Moose and ihe All-Stars should give
!520  the fana a chance  to get a real  linej
,515 Ion   the   merits    of    the    respective
[tf-i   players.
A'i:, I 	
,392      You've   got   to   hand   il   to   Connie 1
[33Q Mack and John McGraw for unearthing   new   stars.     Yesterday   we   heard I
' from   Demaree   who    has    won     ten j
games and lost two for the New- York
Giants    this     season.     Yesterday   we j
also heard of a  fellow named  Shaw- |
key. who held the Cleveland Naps to;
two measly hits.    Both of these were ;
never known until this spring. When
do they come from?
This Is Real Record.
Minakl, Ont., Aug. 4.���B. A. Kirklcy
has established a swimming record |
here net likely to be equalled by very-
many. He swam from Odre island to
Dynamite island and return, a distance of L2 miles. When he left the
water he was as fresh as when hc
Northwestern Ball.
I reason to    hope   that    through
Ncrinwcsicrn ����n. ,    - .
Interest in ihe race for tlie pennant regeneration New  York's lead might j Detroit
1 ���   .1...���.      li,,,   Iho  C.iiinta hava is.     , ���
Standing of the Clubs.
W.    L,
Philadelphia   89   ao
Cleveland    G3    39
Washington   56 43
Chicago   53 61
loslon    45 51
-^H.  61
,���  the Northwestern league shOWS no   be Worn do^ 1 ^"^JnnZ
���drop during the pasl ��cek. all hough  np    g le* ^
Vancouver   ncreated^t. Had by    a Utopendmgr-tii^ ^ ^ mma
" r^ TUlleunij. are up gainst Kale phht's one hope. ; ^ fnrnIrt
,n m *a^^CrinK|hg?me|ed*��..   baseball   aen.atlon   of   the
'      work   in  tne
nnd Olpe ���^���* %% o^VeTn" week In the Une Bhowlng of the
last week, MeiRle �� aiso "�� J*��� d, youthful Birmingham's team from
i,,r"':, ,ia,'-, 25S Jt In *S thej "veland. Through a seven game
"""*,", .", to h f Pi' - wl <���" will siring of victories, Cleveland made a
���pre  liable  (o  hit  a  pace wu'oi toward the pennant,
airing them to even terms with van B,T����J,n*u��1*g 0, tllP Washlngtonians
C��l',V'Ti i i. nllmblna the table last week put a damper on tlle hopes
JSSTJfc^ -e    games -^-^g^ cnntr0,   on   the
^stk'--^inbs.,, the s^v.njaarnjffl
tkr^ffMgefore,.S Of 11 victories, unbroken since
'",���,,,  them-'the start of the season. waB Interrupt-
liar isi ion ed by  the "Lowly  Browns."    The St.
ellar position. i      ^ (^m   ^ mu.ht,u ,��� ,���,, box>
gave   Hrifflth'B  youngster  a  four    to
remaining ' pennant one defeat at Washington.   Later   in
  �� Iron     MC  the week   Hoehling Bhowed  the effect
audriag roanagora aside   from   tu     < b    ,oglng iBfil
?��  "m'icI0     .7    1 i Sdelphia  Ihls time to  Hall, of Detroit, and by
-:'o-.'ii'"  Mack,    "i    ""     '"        ���,r,,.i  tti,. same score
Athletics, '"-li a measure of.comfort th.      ����   .^' ���'       ,��� ������      ,������ vvily
fr ii" week's play oo^^/del  lo 3'    record, although he   pro-
1 ' 'W. !il h" s;u;^' Viru i, he esses not in be trying for one. Sun-
' ; ;' "'"t ''""���'' ' -,ii n he das ho won his ninth stralghl and
'*   lonal organlraUor. while in   tne,nay ���� Thursday   he
American  Clevelan   made a   ....... ���    ��W ogcapcd ^^ ,Q 0
9 '  '"' , '" 'r ,I    '���! 11 del* the technical rules of the game credit-
^XilndSlts^returnto'lty.lnfl   hi.   team's   defeat   to another
��� ; i-i... and gave Ub followers,pitcher.
fether    clubs
of Wnem  ever'
tlbirr light  Is
Helves from tl.e ce
In the Big Ones.
Willi  two  full    months
Beagne baseball
f    major
===== AUGUST 16 ==
OUR PRICES will always stand comparison with any in British Columbia
JUST NOW during our Clearance Sale all lines are substantially reduced
NO NEED to go further and fare worse. We are our own landlords; buy direct
from the factory and can sell as cheap as any other in the business.
MOREOVER, did you ever stop to think of the fact that the dollar you spend
on a distant shore says "Good-bye Bill" for evermore; But the dollar you
spend with a home-town sound, keeps a'comin' and   a'comin'   and   a'comin'
Los Angeles, Aug.  4.--Leach  Cross I
and Joe Rivers were matched lata to \
day for a L'O round bout on Labor Dav :
at  the  Vernon arena.    This  will  further  the  plan  to have the   winner of
the   GrOBS-Rlvers   match   meet   Willie
Ritchie nn Thanksgiving Day. provld
ed  the Champion retains Ills title    Oll
Labor Day.
St.   Ixiuls    41    1,4
New York  32    63
Yesterday's Games.
At New York: 11.    II.    E.
Detroit    4    16      1
New  York      6    14      0
Batteries:     Wlllett. Dubnc and  Mc
Kee. Stallage;  1'lBlier and Sweeney.
At  Philadelphia: R,    II.    E
Cleveland      1      2      1
Philadelphia      7    11      1
Batteries:    Falkenberg, Kahler and
Carlsch, Kmeger; Shawkey and Lapn.
At Washington: n.   n.   E.
Chicago  r>    4     1
Washington    3   10    4
Batteries:      Hussell,   Clcotte   and
Schalk;  Engel, Hughes nnd Aln.-iniltb.
At Boston���St. Louis-Boston   game
postponed; rain.
International League.
Jersey City, 2-7; Toronto, 1-2.
Baltimore, 8; Buffalo, 1,
Providence, 6;  Montreal, 7.
The above wire gives much en-
-onra-jement to the efforts of the
nftlolals In charge ef the Drighouae
in na on Lulu island, who have been
''���vims: lo arrnnge a mntch between
Freddie Welsh, the British light
weight rhnmnlon. nnd Wlllv Bltehln
ihn American chnmn. on Labor Day.
Wth Cress nnd River**, matched for
' nhn- Dav. tills practically eliminates
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and six drawers, plate glass and
plain tops, well finished in latest
designs, regular $33.50 for. .$26.50
Regular $24.00 for $18.25
Regular $17.85 for $13.6i>
SOLO FO^ $3000.
Kantlehner. of Victoria. Will Wear
Pirate Uniform in 1913.
Seattle, Aug. I. Brwln Kantlehner,
the left-handed pitcher of the Victoria Northwestern league team, wav
sold to the Pittsburg club, ef the
National league, for $8000 today.
Kantlehner will report to Pittsbura
nexl spring.
Rooms and Bowling Alleys.
Cor. Church and Columbia.
six Standard Continuous
Regulation Alleys. First-
class reading and committee
rooms. i
Three English Billiard
Tables, seven Pool Tallies, [
best lighting and ventilation j
of any Pooi room on Pacific \
Coast. \
R. II. CORBETT, Manager.IImmmwmb������ia��ai m
Dressers in White Enamel to match
Chiffoniers, regular $40.00,   Sale
price $29.75
Regular $30.00, Sale Price .. $21.65
Regular $20.00, Sale Price .. $14.85
Big reductions in Kitchen and Bedroom Furniture, including Cabinets, Cupboards, and Gate-leg Tables, Dressers, Wardrobes, Wash-
stands, Chiffoniers and Chairs and
Rockers of every description.
All room-size Rugs in Wiltons, Axminsters, Brussels and Tapestry   at   a
Remnants of Linoleums and Oil Cloth at less than Cost Price.
Cor. Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
Phone 5C3.
r-n-r<-Tr.r-i-r---**:*xrav--T--5-ra.-**g-^^ . ........vi' k.
TUESDAY,   AUGUST   5,   1013.
Classified Advertising
ccived for The News at the following places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
C28 Columbia street; A. Sprlce,
Queensborough, Lulu Island.   .
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
dav; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used as required within one year trom date of
contract,  $26.00.
,ure and effects in large or small
quantities for cash, or will sell by
auction or private sale on commission. I am the only man in Canada who will guarantee your goods
mil fetch their value or no commission charged. P. B. Brown,
Merchants bank building, or P, O.
box 5fi6 New  Westminster.    11844)
housework; must be good rook.
Apply evenings, la2 First street.
wishes  to  work  in  a  good   family.
Speaks    good    English und    under
���stands cooking. P. O. Box 9CG. city.
roomed bungalow, furnished or unfurnished, close to Sixth avenue
car line; good location. Apply Mr.
Taylor, Nineteenth avenue, Burnaby. t!8��l
keeping rooms suitable for man
and wife. 820 Milton Btreet, between W��hth and  Ninth  street.
FOR SALE���J1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER I
week, Canada's Pride Malleable j
Ranges; every oae guaranteed. Mar- j
ket square. (1826) !
'Over   Five  Thouiand   Men   Liberated   So It Was With the  Hopes of Moose
By This Method in Fourteen
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver,  B.C. (1826)
getting on car nt corner of Sixth
street and Fourth avenue, a
satchell containing money, a pair
of gold rimmed glasses, small package of dry goods. Finder please
leave same at George Cunningham's
blacksmith shop, Eighth street.
Lots 602, (hilt. (IOI. 606, 006, 6''i. 633,
624,   (i^.i.   (12.1.   627,   S;S,   -82',',   630,   631,
ol*   l.ot   278,   Group   1.   Man   114.   In   ill"
District   of   New   Westminster,    Porl
Hammond Junction.
Whereas prool nl tha less ef certificate
et   title   Number   12546   I*'.   Issued   in   the
nniue  uf   I'.iHvin   n.   Stmmonds  has  been
lil..-  in  this  office.
Notice Is tier-In- Klven thai I shall. Ill
tiie expiration of one month from th-*
date nf ihe flrsl publication hereof In
a dally newspaper published in (tie City
uf New Westminster, issue a dupllcnt.
nf tin* snld Certificate, unless in Hi" meantime valid objection lie made lu me in
District  Registrar ef Tl:'* s.
Land   Registry   office.   New   Westminster,  H.C.   2nd  August,  1918. US45)
SALE���A BARGAIN���6-room mod-
house, newly built, Ian;" lei, sltu-
just a step from Tw"lfth street;
0. $iini easti, balance $2:, a month
few   days   only.
Winnipeg, Aug. 4.���W. P. Archibald
Is iu the city, having just completed
his annual Inspection of federal penitentiaries. He Is enthusiastic about
the way in which good work is being
done by the parole system, ll haa
been in force fourteen years, having
been Inaugurated by Hon. David Mills
und ils work of regeneration has succeeded beyond the wildest expectations.
The idea of the system, said Mr.
Archibald, la to give ln the main, first
offenders a chance to make good.
Men whose cases are thought worthy of consideration are allowed their
freedom, after serving but part of
their sentence and are expected tc
report monthly -sit tho nearest policu
Since the establishment of the sys-
in !i4'.if> men have been paroled, and
of this number but 167 have return-
ed to the. prison to complete thei;
term for further wrongdoing. Ths
system is a financial benefit to the
country as well, added Mr. Archibald,
in that purolled prisoners maintain
themselves, whereas the cost of maintenance In a federal penitentiary
means  heavy  expenditure.
The long sought for solution of the
difficulty whereby the wife and children of a criminal first offender or
otherwise, will be in some measure
supported by the husband and father
while he is In jail, has at Inst been
discovered. Mr. Archibald states that
a scheme whereby the wives and families of lhe imprisoned men shall be
given a per centage of tbe earnings
of the prisoners while they are in the
penitentiary, is under consideration.
In order to do this it will be necessary to establish industrial plants at
the prisons.
Jaw Officials Sad, Sad Dis-
Tenders for Saskatoon Structure Ran
All the Way from $398,000
to $837,000
Four   Persons   Have   Narrow   Escape 1 Alberta Conservatives Hold Caucus in
From Death In Rideau
Moooe Jaw, Aug 4.-After waiting
months In anticipation of tbe establishment of what would have been, if
arrangements hae been faithfully carried out. Moose Jaw's largest industry, the city is now bewailing the
fact that the Phoenix Gas Tractor
company, ot Eau Claire, Wis,, have
decided to gn to Kansas City,
Much local rivalry was shown In
getting this company to promise to
come to Moose Jaw. between the
council and the board of trade, the
former contending that they hud got
the industry without the assistance
of Industrial Commissioner Brown,
and the council had no hesitation In
offering the company ten lois In one
block and two whole blocks adjoining
conditionally on the company erecting a fire proof building 80 x 160 feet
by  July,  lt.14.
Two aldermen were deputed to visit
the plant and they came back with
glowing accounts of the fine Industry Moose Jaw was about to get.
Now it Is alleged lhat ihe city bad
a practical demonstration with the
tractor which was to be manufactured here and that the demonstration
proved a dismal failure. Not only
could it only move four cf the fourteen plows that were set. but when
hitched to 11 sit cf disc harrows it
reared high into the air. The aldermen have now nothing to say on the
Saskatoon, Aug. 4. -That It will be ]
necessary   lo   submit   to   the   people
the  appropriation  bylaw  for an addl- 1
tional $311,000 for the erection  of the
25th   streot   bridge   ia   the   assertion
made by City Clerk Leslie.    The orl-;
ginal  bylaw  carried  an  appropriation
of btlt (100,000 und the letting of iho
contract to tlle R. J. Leckle company
for  $31)8,000  will necessitate an additional appropriation of nearly $33,000
in  order  to  defray  the  city's  share
of   the  expense.    Two   thirds  of  the
eost of the Btrueture will be paid by
the  government.
During the conference held in Regina several matters pertaining to the
proposed Btrueture were discussed
and settled. Three tenders were received as follows: It. J. I.ecky company, $398,000; T. J. Robertson, $0m.-
000;  und  Parson  Bros.. $837,000.
No reason was given for the wide
difference In Ihe prices submitted by
tiie different contractor, and as tbe
R. J. I.ecky company is considered
one of the most reliable and their
price waa the lowest they were awarded the contract.
Following the awarding of the contracl, representatives of the I.ecky
compauy declared that work would
be started this week. For the first
few weeks a small crew of men will
be employed on preliminary work,
but after the hridge is well under
way 11 erew of one Ilundred and fifty
men will be employed.
The new structure will be erected
on the unit system, a fixed price being paid per cubic yard for excavation and concrete work. This system
is in general use with most of tlle
railroad companies.
Ottawn, Aug. 4- Four persons had
narrow escapes from death or at leas'
Berlo.iB jury on the Rldi uu cunal about 1
nine o'clock one night 11 week ago,'
when the engine of "Boh" Cameron's
motor boat backfired and went up In
Cameron plueklly stuck to his post.,
running the burning launch to tin 1
Driveway shore, where spectators res- j
cued the imperilled party an.l dually
extinguished tho Haines after more j
than M..0 damage had been dune tithe boat and engine,
Mi Cameron, Bert Hall and tv
youns ladles left Patterson's boat
liouse shortly before nine o'clock in
the big launch, which was apparently
in perfect running order. Cameron is
���an ixpert mound launches and engines, and when he left the float was
satisfied that everything was all
right. Ahout opposite Pattersons
Creek, the engine backfired and th*
flames were shooting high into the air.
The young ladles screamed, and wou'l
undoubtedly have jumped Into Un
water bad not their companions kept
icoel ana prevented them from doing
j so.
1 Other craft on the canal kept [heir
distance, fearing an explosion, which
would possibly have meant death to
the occupants of the boat. This did not
occur, however, and Cameron stuck
with the engine and ran the boat at
;top speed to tlle shore, receiving serious burns to his hands and anus.
Preparation for Meeting of
Calgary,  Aug. 4- Discussing    what
notion would be taken by the conservative   purly   In   regard   lo   tl.e   protested elections of the last campaign,
nnd also making plans for the carrying
on of the work of the oposltiou during
the  session   of  the   legislature,  which
they are expecting to In- held  in  tlle
, near future, conservative inemberB of
'the Alberta legislature held a caucus
in Calgary last week.
I    The. caUOUs was held In  llle offices
ior  Dr.  Blow,  M.  I-  A., and  althougb
Mr.   Michener   Stated   that   tliere   was
j nothing to give out regarding the re-
jsult of the meeting, the members who
'were present were in close session for
almosl  three  hours.
"We just met Informally," said Mr.
Michener, "and discussed matters In
connection with lhe party."
"Were tlle protested elections
cussed, and any decision arrived
to your action In regard to the.
was asked, but Mr.  Michener re!
to give out any information,
"Oh. we just talked things over Informally," he said. "You'll have tn
Imagine the  n-Bt "
Mr. Michener did Indicate, however,
that the conservative members expected an early session this fall.
"There will lie a session early this
fall. Judging from what Premier Sifton said In the house Just hefore we
adjourned," he said. "hut. of course.
we know nothing of the exact date yet.
However, we believe lhat an early session will he held."
111 an
"" Infused
rent    Ho
ill      1
in the Royal apartments, close to
Columbia Btreel; everything la new
and clean; furnished $14.00 per
month; unfurnished, including coal
Btove, $10.00 per month. Light and
water free. This is probably the
best value in town. White, Shiles
& Co, agents, 74b Columbia Btreet.
IFOR    SAI.K    nil
ll.,."..ielllv moi
polished   flours.
.   ,.-.!ii, M'""l.
mortgage I2".(n
��� ��� *. 1-2 yea!
EXCHANGE    7-rooi
sen   house.     Hardwoo
Large  lot.   Huh   stre,
l'ark.     1 ncumbranci
bearing s per cent,  t
'.     Will   Irade   fur   pri
WANTED���Any   legitimate   business
trad.-  fer  prairie   farm  and  Si.nth   Vl
e* ever property wurtli $0600.    Will
keeping rooms, $16 and ?1K per
month at '224 Seventh strict. ilS'21)
to rent, 434 Seventh street. Apply
manager Union  hank. lis;:)
housekeeping rooms, Si Agnes
street.    Phone 638 L, ilNSiil
ilit RENT
Will has.'
-10-room thoroitghlv
i--  8th  Ave, and  1.1th
$40.00  a  mnnth.
��� ���nt .-1   for
sale      No
Yuf   WANT  ie exchange  your Pro-
rtv or sell ii  mum"    We have clients
-iilltn; sain..    List your property with
l'i ill RBNT -6-room fidlv modern
el.is" In :   $30 a month,    will lei
sell.   $ I rei  cash,  balance  $30  u
IneimiiiiK interest.
Bradley Apartments.
Most up-to-date In the city.   Private
bats, electric stoves.
Furnished and Unfurnished Suites.
$20 pur month a:id upwards.
1218 Fifth Ave. Office Phone 750.
In the'Matter uf the Estate of William
Sharp and Henry E. Sliar... both ot
the City of New* Westminster, Province
of ItrltlRh Columhta, carrying "11 busl
ihss under the firm, name and siyli-
ef the Westminster Oarage, in lhi said
And In ttu- Mattel of ne- "Creditors' Trust
Deeds Acl "
NOTICE Is hereby given thnt Hi.* above-
1 imed Willi im .1 Sharp and Henry I*',
stuirp formerly carrying en business under He- firm, nil  and style of the Westminster Garage on Carnarvon str-i-et, In
the Cltv of >���'��������* Westminster and Pro
vince ef llrltiBh Columbia, did by Inslru
.iivnt In wrltint;. dated th-- 22nd las ol
Jul* A le 1913. assign ',. Oeorgi It Mlln-
of Hi- Cily of N. -.-,  'A ������"��� Instei   B.C., fo
the gi iii-ral  I" ni fll  of  thi ii   ��� 1* ���',	
Hi. lr   palate,   credit!    ai 1   effi cts    win ii
mav he n>\/.-���<! 01 soi.l under ��� -..''tion.
And nolle- 11 fn*".*. ��� given 'hat 11
meeting of creditors of Ihe said William
.1. sharp and H'-nrj  E  Sharp can    * * *
I,.-'* ^ under  tie- fl'Mi.  name nnd   -.tv!"
of  the  Wi .iiii,.. stir  1: ������ ���*,'.*   - ill  t'*- held
at  tin* ..fl.-   of  O' orgi    I'.    Mil'" .   Brok- 1.
K o ::���'",   \v. ."n ti-t. ���- Tru-'t Block, f   -v
Wrstmlnsti r   B.C    on Tt ������������- I iv, Uu     Ith
<l.*,"   or   ,.,i"-e-l.   A I '    1913   Hi   "������'   1   1
:* *     1 'clock In He* aftern 	
An,! ���. .1 1 furitwi >*. *.' n that .ill '���* 1
Hens   l-a- '111;  Clfth tl llO   \*-
lia-ii .1  Sharp and Henry 1-:  Shnrp ore required mi 01   before  '!"    10th  .I.i   nf  AlIB
Its!    1913    t"  -" nd   1'" ���   nam- *-   and   nd-
- dressi ��   nartlet lm      ,1   thi lr ��� 1 .1 ns,  dutv
verified bv ���-    il< 1 I irnilnn, and the
Tuitili-   aiel   *.,!*���   nl   lhe  seciirll - '
l-elil  t.- 1.ii-ni. to tie- under* -m-rt    e*a I
entitle anv rredito-  to v-te ;o anv m<-1 -
l-i~ 1 "I ct.'i'ni mo-"  i." filed on or hefon
the   ''ate   of   tti--   in.*' ten
.-    And   netii".   li   further   given   tlmt   tn-
Iajisttjiei- will, mi  snd n'ler t'--  Mth dav
nf A-iigii-t,  1913, ni -I t" iMsli-lhute tl."
: assets i.e it"- said  William .1   Sh.rn and
lien"-.-  V,.  Bham nm-mg  tl*..  pdrsons  en-
. tut.-.i   thereto,  hav.ns  regnrd  onlj   to  tli-
elatrns whi"ti he ahull have then had notice,   and   ll-   wlll   not   hi-   held   "nn mslhle
for   tl"-   RSSets.   or   anv   pari   thereof,   so
��� dis'*-*i*''t"d t" nnv i"-rn,,,| ,,r ��e,,,.,. claim
the s'-i.i n<*-t then I*--.-* been notified
1     lint-fl   el   N--   Wnstmlnslor   this   31st
dav uf July,   A !'   ''"*>.
OEOftOB 1'..  Mil,M-'.
n*2,ii) Assignee
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust  Bull Iding.
i 'Successors to Eastman & Walmsley)
I Re  Lot "B" of ��he South 39 Acres of
Lot 377, Group 1. Except One Acrt
Theretofore  Conveyed,  in  the   Dis
trict of New Westminster.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title tt
the above property will be issued    t-
William  McBride on the 18th day    of
Alt,  1st, 191H, unless  in the mean tlm I 1
a  valid  objection  thereto be made ti
tne in wilting liy a person or person- ;
Claiming an estate or interest therein I
or in anv part thereof.
Dlstriet   Registrar of Titles
Land Registry ofllce.
New   Westminster.   B.C.,  12th  Julv I
Tin- person or person? having lr
their custody nr possession the Colli tt
ing Title Deeds rotating to the said
property an- requested to deliver the
Bame to the undersigned,
30th January, 1S89, grant Lorn thi
crown io Charlotte Adele Rougue.
19th July, 1889, conveyance fron
Clin lotte Adele Rougue to Robert
Scott Moncrieff.
(1748)      Dlstriet Registrar of Titles
Ottawa. Aug. 4.--Hundreds of Am-
erlcan tourists intending to visit Ottawa in the course of their itinery
turn back at Ogdensbtirg and other
points along the border in their motor cars every week on account of the
reports they receive about the bad
roads leading to the capital
ThiB   was   the   statement   made   by
an Ottawa gentleman who frequently
tours   through   the   surrounding  di /
trlct in his car, and who is an ardent
'advocate of good  roads.
"If there were a gocd highway from
Ottawa to Prescott. Ottawa would  be
full of tourists from the Culled States
������every day." he said.    "These tourlBts
spend their money liberally, and pro-
ibably   this   City   loses   In   one   season
.enough money to pay the cost of con
structlng a good road to the border
Many  farmers  have  an   antipathy   to
motor  cars,  but  if  they   would  unite
with    automobile    associations,    the
1 movement for good roads in eastern
'. Ontario would be greatly facilitated
If we get an Ottawa man appoint'-1
to   the   good   roads   commission    we
Attorney-General Speaks on Land Office Investigation���Report
Next Week.
should  be  able   to   have
provement   made   to    the
leading to the capital."
Edmonton. Aug 4 "Any report to
that eliect is absurd We are not contemplating any such wholesale dismissals in the land titles offices, and there
Ib no foundation fur sueh a report. We
may make a few reductions in the staff
when the work Is caught up If present
conditions continue, but any employees who are laid off will be given
the lirst vacancies that occur again
when real estate operations di mand
that increases he made to handle the
This was tlle Btatement of Hon. C.
W Cross, attorney-general, when told
that a despatch had been sent out from
this city slating that the Btaff of the
two land titles offices in Alberta v.as
Ito he cut almost in half, and tha'
about sixty vacancies would soon occur
Mr. Cross pointed cut that '.lie cessation of real estate activities all over
th<-   province   had   affected   the   work
Trade   in   Live   Animals  Is Growing-
751  Shipped This Season���
Value   $600,000.
For a License to Take and Use Water.
N-M'oe Ib hereby given that Dawson
and Grace, of South Westminster,
will apply for a license to take and
rse one hundred Inches of water out
of an unnamed creek, which flows In
a northerly direction through wild
land, owned hy Mr. Patterson, and
empties Into a ditch mi sttbd \ i lon
���-ear Scott road. The waler mil be
d verted at a point smilh of I.adner
r-ad and wlll he used for Stock nnd
domestic purposi ��� on lhe lard de
������crib-ad as a suhdiv, *n of fractional
m-i'.'rn 26, B, ���*"' N��� It. 3 W
This notice was posted "ti the
rround en the 8th day of .lul* 1913,
The application wlll be filed In tie-
office of th- Water Recorder at New
Objections may I.e llle,! wllh thi.
said Water Recorder or wltll the
comptroller nf Water Rights, I'aria
ment Buildings, Victoria, it C,
(171s) Applicants.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary   Public.
Curtis Blcck, 657 Columbia Street
New Westminster, B.C.
Telephones:  Office 53, Residence 429
JOHN  UKID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      ilros.'    Oasollni
Engines,   Marine   Engines   and   Auto
mobile  Repairs.
Office and  Works:  Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster. B.C
Superintendent  L. .1. Covington, of
the Washington Children's Home, has
appealed to the citizens of Ihe state ol
Washington,   those   who   are   able   to
,e\tend the privileges of a good home
to children to enme forward and-'ildopt
'a  child, help  10  rellevi   the  tension
'and give *-��� ���;*" child an opportunity
 al;e  a   place   fi.r   Itself     in    tin
1 world.
There are now approximately life.
children In the Washington Chlldren'i
home, in rt'. of Ravenna nark, a num-
her l.t'''- : 'i'''e'. iit t-. fit it t., renin.
Hon Of these, th" verj great majority
ire a' and ��� ��� *l  ' hlldri n     There is a
jlnrge propertlrn  of boya,  running In
age from R to 11 years.
Among tin- number an* pfversl win
'ate crippled, Imt who mav bc hplpw1
l.v timely operations Superintendent
Covington is applying to the Russell
Bage Foundation of New York to ear-.
Iit th- Mir-leal operations that ar"
necessary   one little girl his a epllt
palate,   tn.se   and   lip.   which   '"a*,    l.
1.. '.p. d. ir nei cun d. by an operation
Pour "f the children were taken
fr ni 1 t'*nt at North Yakima, ranging
In age trom 1^ months in 8 years, the
parents  being  unable  to    car"    fur
th, 111.
great  im* Iof the --fficts considerably, .'nd that 11
highways might be necesrary to lay off some of
I th" pmployees for a little while.
��� "llut    we    an-    tut    contemplsf'ng
wholesale dismissals." he said.  "The ���
��� l<. .;    n-e being run on a business
basis, and  if buslm - :���* demands  It wv j
I will lay olT pome of the members ofl
the staff, but all tli. se members will j
be  given   their   places     lack    iit-iIi* |
''lenevi r a resumption of real estate
T-ti- 'th ���-��� demands It. Tin- conducting
ef the land titles office Ir like t1". eon- I
If work
:. ns up :i few employees might In
Seattle. Aug. 4 Following the giv
Ing up of (heir children to public Institutions on account of th-- failure of
many mothers to secure pensions under the state law, every Institution fur
the can- of children  ill Seattle is fill- idncting of anv other busine
ed to capacity with little ones. I slackens up a few employee
Kdmonton, Aug. 4. Seven hundred
and fifty-one live foxes, valued at
more than $60,000, have been trapped
or dug out of their nests ln the fur districts north of Kdmonton since the beginning of the season.
The highest price paid for a pair ol
hlack foxes is (20,000. The animals
were bought by C, J. Fleming of St.
John, N. It., from a half breed Indian
trapper at I-ac la Dice T. .1 Mc.Mann
of Kdmonton recently sold fifty- ine
fox whelps, all color:-, for $26,000 to
Mr. James A. Kane of Hrooklyn. N
V.. who has fox farms in New York
and Pennsylvania.
The   exportation   of   live   foxes   has
become so active in northern Alberta
that Hi-njamln Law-ton, chief game
guardian, has been requested by the
provincial government to recommend
a closed seaaon. the same as there is
for other fur-bearing animals. This
new law would prohibit the capture n'
foxes and whelps during the breed-
lng season.
Toronto, Aug. 4. Alexander O.
Crulcksbank la one of the best educated men in Canada, and was once
a well-known professor In Canadian
universities. Wine proved liis downfall and this once highly honored gentleman l�� now depndent on local Institutions for Ills up keep.
"You were expelled from the House
of Providence, it that correct?" be was
asked by the pollce magistrate lln-
other morning.
"Yes,   but   1   refused   to   stay   there I
after I  had  seen  two people slain  in
cold blood with my own eyes    1 could
not stay there when  I  was cognizant
of sueh things."
"Are you willing to go back''"
"No.  1  want to gn to the House of
Industry." j
"Well. 1 will remand you you to see
what  we ean do for you."
Chrluckshank not long ago com-
plained to the board of control that he
knew of two eases of manslaughter in
the House of Providence. He once
also gave evidence of a similar effect '���
before a coroner'R jury.
He  Had Some Credit
New   York.  Aug.   4.    Mrs.   Margaret
McKeer  Is   trying   to  collect   $16.*',vi
[ room   rent   covering  a   period  of bIx-
i"i'ii years, from the estate of Ueorge
Brown,   a   former   roomer.
Plngle  Had  Dreams.
Hraiiilim. Aug. 4.--A    warrant    has
been Issued lure for lhe arrest of Fn-d
'S.   fMngle.   who  Is  now   held   by  be
police at Itegina. and who during his
recent  stay  In   Hrandon   Is  alleged Id
'have obtained  money  by    false  prepenses.    While  In  this city  Plngle  is
'said to have perambulated as a man
|of wealth.    He paid a visit to a local
Jeweler's     store,     and.   tendering     a
.cheque  for  $30.  mnde  a   trifling  purchase and received $% In change The
i cheque proved lo he w irthless   Plngle
also gave It out that he was secretary
Of the Wlnnlpig Stampede.    It Is snld
that friends at Regina are making an
attempt to have hlm out on ball
Always Reliable
Relief from thc ailments caused
by disordered stomach, torpid
liver, irregular bowels is griven
���quickly, safely, and assuredly���by the tried and reliable
Sold r-#��rywl,��re.    U bos-M. ZS cMU.
I'aid  off nnd given  their places back
���'gain later nn, btlt at the prevent time
ive an- net 'hlnk of making any sweep
* ing changes, and are certainly nol to
ilng to make any  while: ale dismissal
,'  i'li ;.'���' - "
Pep^rt Next Wc-I'.
Mr   Crnp-a also staled that he lr--'
t   vel   r<   eivi-d   'lie   renert   of P    I
"Vl ra   Inspector "f land titles i.f
Hops, reenrdlng tin. disennearsnee 0?
the cash hooks in tie Calgarv office
hut  tliat   in*  oxpectpil  to  receive    il
SO-c-n   tj ��� e   "TV*     week.
"Mr.  IMe'.'aiear*'   iv '"*.'���   at  work  on
his  renort  nui   It   *������ ill  he  submitted
mi.in.,   time   next   W..I-."   h"  paid.   "As
1 soon  as  this  report   is  bunded   In   to
ni" I wil! male- ii  1 ibllc     Mr   McNamara was instruct! -I to mt ke the full
eft  poRs'blc lind ' f ,'n  Investigate n
nil li*   1. - i: tli" .*-, ;:,:i,i  nf .*��� . r*. .*,.
vim '**:r* d  to ate.'   r  I ������*��� ro him  and
������' ,��� u    .. unit ihi   i'i:. * ligation \- as
trlnaenl as .* m'.i 1.  handed "i" t"
the   pri .      :*'id   pul lie   *ls  earlv   np   I'"
-,i le. probably bi me 1 me next ��-ei k "
How     Tam
Regina, Aug
Th-. c'ty of lie- '
New Spring and Bummer Sultlngi
now  nn  display.     See  them.     Perleel
nt and workmanship guaranteed,   701
Front Street.
glnu revised estimates of the current
expenditure ror this year have been
completed and while Finance Coin
misshner Held will not slat" the ex- 1
act figure, be says that the figure Is
$610,000 slightly In excess of Hie ae
tual estimates for ihe year 'i'he emphasis .wis on the slightly.
Last year's estimates wen- approximately $520,000 and In view or the
Increased bond issues of this year
and oilier extraordinary expenditures
which have lo he met, this year's estimates are considered proof of excellent financing, (if course the pi-e-
seiit money tightness has something
to do with il too. fur it Is the aim of
tlte met,  behind  the civic  policy !������'
make   IIvli -   lu   Ueglna   as   easy     as |
possible   tlii'i   vear      Tlle   lax      rate.
when money ;; scarce, thoy believe
should In- a low one and a general
whittling of expenditures  which aro
not pressing has been the resull of
this policy, The rate should he verv
Considerably   below   that   of   last   year
Charu.es   Wcrk
Minneapolis,   Aug.   i    it's  cheaper
1,1   pav   a   rine   than   a   taxi cab   bill
Bometlmi s,
Eugene Duchane hind a taxi at 9
a. 111. and went for a ride. For a
while he was alone. Then In- met a
friend and later two young women,
All   font'  journeyed  out   to  Pass  lake
At (i.llu p.m., afier Un- party had
returned to Minneapolis, the drlvei
of the machine wanted his    money.
The 1,11! was $21. less 90 cents Du
Chane   had  already   paid.
Duchane didn't have ihe money nnd
when h" went to the Western t'n . 11
telegraph to get some cash, patrolman Peter Aarens arested him     lie
was found guilty today in police court
on charges of refusing to pay tax:
hire and lined $16 by Judge C, 1.
Th.* taxi company is "'it the $37.10 |
unless some settlement Is made later. ,
New  Naniimo  Industry
Natialmn,  Aug.  4.    Another  new  in   |
dtistry   will   Hlart   in   Nanalmo  In   the
nexl   two  or  three   weeks  al   the   lal
est.    This   is   another  brlck-maklng j
Industry, an Industry, ihat. judging by
Heavy  Death   List cf  YoungsterB  Under  Five  Years  of
Montreal, Aug. 4,���One hundred nnd
fifty children under the age of twelve
months died In Montreal last week
and lilt under the age of (lve years
Terrible as they an-,   tin-   figure? 1
I'low ati Improvement   as   compared I
wllh th" two    weeks    preceding.    I'>r 1
ta.. week ending July nc, there wen
I tow the hni weather has taken lis I
ti 11 Is seen bj a comparison with the
1 "in*".1 rnr a little over a month  igo. !
During the week ending June 21, there l
mi i" r.t' deaths of children under (iie
years of age.
The total mortality last week wns
-'.''.  ir  ill)  more  than  Hi"  240  tiirths .
registered.    Tliere   were   H7    dealhn
frnm contagious disease, one of these 1
Icing a can- of smallpox.    If was that *
o*' a child :   few days old whole moth
er   is   in.v   In   tlie   isolation  hospital 1
suffering from smallpox.   This m ilcau
the  third  death  rrom  smallpox  sine ���
. th" teglnn'ng or the outbreak In tho
(���arly  winter.    In  each  case  the   vie (
liin was a newly-horn child.
New eases of diphtheria were la.
with one death; scarlet fever. 20, wlin
three deaths; measule?, 7 cases; tuberculosis, 11, wltn 21 deaths.
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Hlock, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy- Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
Will Use 76 000 Bricks
Nanalmo, Aug. I Work was com
menced last week by C. D. .lone..,, nf
the Nanalmo Building Co., on tin*
technical school near the Quenell ]
school, where excavation hns heen !
put In hand. The building is expect-
be finished In one month, and
bricks will be us"d
id tr
7(1,01)0 Oabrlola
on a concrete f
and Bs one man "In the know" pul It
"it will he u surprise "
The (ill Will he due to
cent increase In the esse
large Increased area umi.
all signs, Is to play an important part
111   the   history   Of   Nanaimo   an I di
tin* :tu perItrlcl within the nexl few years, Tin
ism ent   the latest company   Is the  Mountain Dls-
r lull  laxa*  trlcl   Hrlck  and  Tile  Company, The
tlon   this   year,   the   increased   tax   on]Company   have   valuable   nhall-   depos-
tlie  annexes  and   lhe  city's  own  pro-| Its   at   Mast   Wellington,   just   n   few
perty   which   will   bear  tin-  general yards distant rrom lhe Mountain Dis
.rate I'or the first time this year. I trlct  Lumber  company's  mill,
Outing Shoes
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric-
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throughbreds in Action-550 TUESDAY,   AUGUST   5,   1913.
pant sevtur
"The Flirty Thousand Dollar Folly of Severing of Contract Between Railway Marriage   Was    Therefore    Arran3��il
'������>".  c    I'   It."  To  Be Torn and  Delivery Company  Rcvolu-    ' With Contraction Parties cn Dlf-      j
Do vn
Montreal, Aug. 4.���The highest
chimney In Canada whloh stands In
the rear of Windsor streel station.
and is sometimes called the "forty
thi iisind dollar tolly of the Canadian
Pacific railway," has to be removed
iu mder to facilitate the lines or
track running Into the new extensions ot the terminals,
'i lu chimney stands on an Immense
con enl bass on tie* wesi side cf the
C, P, K.'s Bl Ai.ii'ii!'. etreet power
liouse. ami it Is said thai the original
Intention  was  to i* ilie]  the  ma  ;Ive
Iti 'line BOtne iii it*, feel nearer Sl
Antolne sii*e"i. in ii-< presenl posl
tion it Btands directly in lhe way ol
preventing at least tour llm s of t. e*.
entering th" station.
This chimney i.< recognlzi d as . :.*
. i  ihe   most   bea itli ii   i -. u  plo      "*
'*  irclal  archltecl ire  oa  the con-
tlm nt. In s' mmi U*y i ( line it ta] i ra
gracefuly from the bast to the top,
where ii ia ornamenti d hy a i Ioi b'.c
in removing Uu* ba ������ the contrac
i' rs will ie* confronted wiih solid
v all- of e. ���: enl trom tour in - :ln
l    t iu ih [ith.
Hf wi coke
Real   Ertatc   Dealer     Agalntt    Whom
Charge   Was  Pending   Skips  to
United States
1 Ottawa, Aug. I, Alex Bannerman,
film Ottawa real i stale dealer against
BVhom a serious churge of Indeoenl
^Ssaull has been made, has skipped
ni of Ottawa and is at present ly-
ing across the line in Ogdensburg,
i.aiin, imaa got wind oi the charge
feeing laid againat him und not out
'jusi  before  the  police arrived.
The tact that llannennau had large
holdliiKH here In property - at least
BO il is supposed led people to think
that he would stay and face the
charge. However, when he saw tha!
the matter could not be fixed in anyway, and that the oharge was to b<-
pressed by the police in spite, it is
said, ol the greatest possible Influence brought to hear on people In office to bush ihe matter up- he left
The offence Bannerrdan is charged
with is one for which he can be extradited, but it is said that it Is un-
lik'ly such steps will he taken. As
one put It, "If he Is Innocent he will
return and race ihe charge, and lf he
is guilty, we nre well rid of him.
Bhould     he   at   any   time     return   lo
Ottawa, the warrant will of course,
at once 1" ���- rved ami In- will be ar-
Bannerman, it is thought, will not
return to Ottawa al least for seme
i ::���      What.vei   property    he    bas
liin. it is said, will tie sold, and I Iio
proceeds will be awarded to him. It
is not thought that there would he
any objection to such proceedings,
provided the proper authorities from
Bannerman ure obtained.
tionizets   Methods
Montreal. Aug. 4. "The action c��
the railway companies in severing
Iheir contracts with the cartage com
panics alter a term or thirty year.*:
will undoubtedly mean higher rales
ror cartage, as Ihe latter have been
losing money," slates l.'ol. (i. A. Stark
managing director or the Dominion
"Hul l'e re is ahother very imp'ir-
laiit polnl that must mil h- I .si Blghl
or. Under (he present arrangemt nts
ilu- oartage companli ���> take    froighi
from Uie shed t Just as BOOU as It ar
rives al tie local terminals and do
liver it to ilu* nn :chants.
"Then our colli eti rn i o around a' ii
cpllecl mu only tin* ct rla ���'��� but tl*.'
fi * Ighi charges for railways, nnd at
t.*i* tal mn om- share, we turn tho b il
ance over,
"This Bystem was brought Into
torce all. r a great il nl . I ev;,<.|*.
nu iitinc, and w ith the i ��� .* irance of
iie   contracts some new arrangement
,,iil-l   le* devised,  w llieh   may   not   v,t,r.
so well inr Un- merchant.
"Have you he. n advts< d thai youi
contract with the C. P. H. is finished
all. r in ti bt i*  1.?"
"i.tiy   :ln*i.i* ji  the  clrct lar   whlcl
. had heen sent out In ��� ial i tfect, and
which has also been  genl   to the mer-
Must Part Company
"Which means thai the railway
:���* a* antes . *ei the cartagi companli    narl  -   mi anj ?"
"ii -, I ,i ive cannol tell yel ia ���
whal arrangements will be made. Oni
thing is sure; the cartage companies
are not going out ol business. We
will ki ep going, and the probability
Is thai the merchants will have to
make some arrangi ment with us in
order not only to get iheir goods on
time as In the past. Ir.tt because it
will be compulsory tor them to look
out for their own delivery of the
"The merchants fear. Colonel
Starke, that this change will add to
their operating  expenses?"
"Of course It will add to their expenses, hut it will also add to the expenses ol the cartage companies."
"In what way?"
"Oh.   in   many   ways,  that   wl!
pend on the arrangements that
he made In the future."
fertnt Gideti of thc Ocean.
Montreal, Aug. 4. Although Miss
Lena Von Btryker had not seen her
lover, Hans Nybecker, lor two yea:
until she stepped rrom the gangplank
ni the l.aurentie lhe other night, she ;
hai been his lawful wife Ior the part
ihree wi eks.
llun - came io Canada   Home   three
years ago, nnd hy dlllt of industry was
aide  to  save  enough   money  for  his J
l.nii'���en   passage  On   the ocean   liner.,
i'he had promised lo marry him before
ie   ���-'���:  : ail from Amsterdam, I ul i"
i' lum ii   Hoi Ian . in claim his lnd
would hai.   entailed too    much    t x
i�� use tor the thrift:   Dutchman. IMss
Van sii-ke.-  .*.as   ner:.,. to receiving
In i  pa sage money from any but her
1   : .'I '.   *-'.:."d   Sli" did ll"l have run,In
' t her ' v n to bring her to Canada, A
compromlsi  '.va.- Accordingly struck, In!
which I'*..* good-natured brother ol th
neon. :.ii* al   -Main  agn cd  to tako  a
i'* tdlng p *.*i for 'in- noi ce
The ci ;i moi y  - as perr irni"ii with
'   t the bride (tilling in love with the
nounger bn tbir. and tin* happy couple'
di '    red �� hen thi v i let that tin y fell
as i.i ' bi und * * any otl er pair. Han
had prep an d :, iii ht  flat on Hoehr'vi
'.''i.  and   Mrs.    Nybecker    start-il
'..on-' kP( plug rii.*  morning,   Bolh - -.-
thai thoj   'ill nn! be parted again, ::-
ihey havc had i nough or proxii i. ci ..
rcnient aa tli tj nay be.
from "30 lo 1 Sh: '."
n sented by Prank
nesday and
Rich musical comedy company Friday and Saturday.
Thursday "The Cabaret Girl," at the Hoyal theatre.
Today is presented   "Wedding    Bella"
Recruiting   Will   Commence    at  Once
For  Squadron  of  Horse���Room
Fer Twenty-Seven
1 de-
Human   Match   Stick   Recover*     N
Dollar Deposit from Tailor���
Fat   Man't   Complaint
Calgary, Aug. 4 -Formerly manager
*ln this city. Kdmonton and Vancouver
for tin- Uradstreet mercantile agency.
-Mid new located in (Tilt-ago, Pn d 11.
1/jjie, mil knew��� iu llie commercial
i busiiutl lire id lhe west, is a vis-
Ip Calgary.
tylt. l.yne opened the lirst ofTice f r
tlle Br:nl*-'r -I (-.impany in Albert i
a>d ter a long time was supcrltitndenl
���Of'that agency for Albert" and earlera
HUtlnb i'..l.in:liia lie lias not been
JBCalea: :��� for about three years past,
atti Is now in ,.'i*.' ,:' sl hs l.in:; e'er in
vjjfetin :���'
���Vulgar' has grown i - "ti In three
������poll   v.*  rs." * .lil  Mr   ' > n-. "and lhe
.���(fowl1;   .if   ll-.e   bll.slne*  '   sei'l'oil   of  the
t*S\- i pei ;a|y was a great surprise to
'|be. altl igh I w 's always a booster
frr nn* -'iin" th;--  had to do with this
mlty and ''.ways had a great faith in
9ts future
Mr   lyne is making a special study
anf stock conditions and thd financial
pltuatlon  here  and  while    believing
f that the money stringency will shortly he n thing of the past, he Is also or
the iplnii'ii thai tha check that outside
real est i-e operations have received
during the past tew months will In tbo
end prove very beneficial to lhe west
He firmly believes llle central por-
t nn of the province, together with
the whole or central Alberta shrdid-l
e c whole of southern Alberta, Is due
ror a real deal of upbuilding, according to P. U Lyne, who has Just returned to this cily alter a tour oT the
surrounding country.
"All these new lines ol railroad
now bending townrd Calgary mean
lhe springing up of hundred) of new
towns throughout the west." said Mr.
I,vn". "and also menn lhe creation
���of a number nf new ra'lruad centres.
Personally, i '.'��� dleva that Empress
Cltv, tho m t'.ltS at the fork of the
Hed Deer, .-iti he one of the best
���cities in tl-" vol In a few short
years. I ltnvo looked it over for a
number of Chicago people who hava
heard abont It and wen' anxious fo'
first lum! Information, and 1 bellevn
Hint Win r'-ii-t  will  he a  Second  Cal
i-garj ih time n has every natural
nflnailage, and In addition, is to he
i. railroad centre or Importance, and
from What I can iriitlier It will bn a
���town of several thousand people In
a very hIioiT space nf time, Already
a numlier or people have gone In
there niul hundreds of others are mak
lng preparations to take up their ro-
BldOnCO  there  111  tlle  near  future,  BO
it looks as ir Empress wlll be one of
thn best cities In Alheila ill a very
short  time."
oilier towns will also spring up all
over central and southern Alberta,
nnd in taol nil over the province within   the   next   vear   or   two,   according
to Mr, i-yiii'. but he plus bis faith on
Bmpross aa being the best or them
nil tor some years to come,
Kburne. Aug. 4. -Lieut. W. D. B.
Rorlson, or the Bib Regiment DC.OR.
has been transferred to the 151st B.C.
lt has been Lieut, llorison's idea
for some little time to form a squadron of horse al or near Eburne. and
with his transfer came the authority
to organize a troop. There will only
be room for 27 men in the first troop,
so that the Hat, he expects, will be
filled   rapidly.
Captain p. C. Turner. D.S.O., will
be in charge of D. sipiadron, as it
will be called, of which the Eburne
troop will  be a  unit.
.lust as soon as a lull troop Is secured, a drill instructor will be sent
to Kburne to instruct the new troop
In cavalry work. Saddlery, arms and
uniforms will be supplied by the department as soon as the full compliment have signed up.
Recruiting wlll commence at once
and those who are desirous of joining
may do so by sending in their nanus
to Lieut W. H. S. Itorison. 710 Dominion   building.   Vancouver.
Members of regiments at the present time are requested not to ask
to be taken on the strength of this
new unit as It is not the intention
to draw from any of (he present regiments or accept recruits therefrom
This year men collected from all
over the province and In addition to
drill the sports engaged in at the
camps were tent pegging, lemon cutting, wrestling on horseback, tug-of-
war, push ball and many other sports
Col. Pleck and Major Mathews n*-e
the superior officers of the 31st B.C,
Horse whieh has been raised practically altogether in the upper country. The three pther troopa ol D
squadron coming Irom Salmon Arm,
Kamloops  and  Nicola.
Prairie    Fatmer   Cists     Loving     Eye
Over  Dumper  Crcps���Railways
S'.r;r.~thenmg Up.
No Extra Charge for Building Into the |nR t0 the reason of his extended trin.
Air  at  Calgary. and   it   is  doubtful   whether  the   ultl-
Calgary. Aug. 4.���The suggestion of mate end or the journcv wns i'-- ���-���
the 1olnt finance and legislative com- penditure or a portion ot that $15,000,-
New York. Aug. 4. Isaac Jacobs,
men's tailor, gave way to his reelings
in the Coney Island court when he
responded to a summons secured by
Kdward Masher, wbo i.s known as
tho skeleton man at one or the side
shows at   the  seashore  resort,
".lodge look at that match stick."
Isaac went on. "and tell how any self
respecting tailor could til hlm with
a mil of clothes. 1 did my best, and
now be wants $'.) back, which he gave
me as a deposit"
Magistrate Qeismar ventured no
comment, bul he was surprised when
bo glanced at Masher. That gentleman Is five feet seven inches tall and
weighs about sixty pounds.
Wants   Money   Back
"I want my $9 hack," responded
Masher in a deep bass voice. "This
tailor agreed to make a suit for me.
When 1 tried on the trousers they
were so wide that 1 looked like a
Turkish Pasha."
"Believe me, he starved himself."
Interrupted Isaac. "That's why the
pnnts are too big."
"I have a witness to prove that tbe
'suit was a misfit," responded tha
'i "icUui man." Masher motioned
lo John Wilson, who is a fat man
at another side show*. Wilson's 450
pounds were deep down in an armchair. As he tried to rise, the arm-,
chair rose with hlm.
"I'm a prisoner in thia chair." cried
Wilson,    "Please  release  me."
Court attendants ami cops went to
the rescue. While some with broom
handles as levers released the vicelike arms of the chair, others tugged
at the fat man bv the arms, and af
ter a strenuoiia bit of exercise thev
released him. Wilson gave bis l-sti
mony standing and confirmed Masher's story  aboul  the mlsrit  auit.
"I too, have a complaint against
the tailor." declared Wilson In wine
ing up his story. "I took a suit down
to have it altered and It ha�� not been
"How can 1 alter a suit to fit that,"
cried  Isaacs In deaperallon.	
"lf your  honor  please,  let  me cla-1      Escaped in Their Ni-jht Clothes
borate  on  the  Btorles  or  thoBc   two'    Hrandon,   Man.,   Aug.   4.���Qwenmarl
men." Interrupted Homer Sibley, who  farm, the residence of J,  D. MoOre-
gave  his occupation  ns  a lecturer.      KOr and   family,  ten  miles  northwes  1
"Thnt   will   do  you."     replied    the  ���(  ]lpro   waa  (|ie  BCt.ne  of  ft  apeeta*
I magistrate.    "If   anybody    In to give  oillar blaze.    About nine  persons, \*h. \
a Picture In thla courtroom 111 do the  eluding "  servants and some friends
lecturing  myself." I visiting   were  asleep   In   the    house
Magistrate Gelstnar flnallv decided [when one of the girls was awakened
to  submit   tbe  dispute  to  a  commit-  pv the fire.    She quickly arouaed the
I Regina, Aug. 4.���Everything is In
readiness to handle one ot the bumper
crops ot the west, and providing nothing occurs detrimental to the ripening
of the grains a river of money is going to How into the hanks after the
reaping, and western Canada wll:
again jingle change in the pocket.
I Ot course It is an understood tact
that the C. P. It. is as much interested
in the crops���from tho plouphlng, harvesting, sowing and reaping aa anyone else. Abundant crops mean the
remedy lor financial stringency, and
had crops are followed by a tightness
In the money market which is felt in
all businesses.
The supply of labor in the cities is
greaier than the ri-niand. and in eon-
sequence it Is to be hoped a greater
number of harvest hands will be taken trom this source. The C. P. R. of-
rern harvest excursions to and Trom
all points, and this alone is a great
factor In getting tii" grains ln.
Or course, it goes without saying
that the crop Is the whole thing on
the prairie, and If It 's a poor one. not
one, but all businesses, suffer in proportion. C.rent interest and much
worry is manifested in thn condition
ot the rields by the highest railroad
officials aud trips or Inspection are
made at this time of the year to ascertain what the financial condition
of the country Is "going to be."
Yesterday Sir Donald Mann,   -f the *
C. N. U., went through Regina in h's
prlcate car "Athabasca."    Sir Donald
went   north,   and   came   in   fro---i   the
west.    No mention waa made pertain
has a hobby for collecting the tops
of milk bottles, horse Bhoes, empty
powder boxes and other strange treasure trove as his room was filled
with junk of this description.
Removed  Her  Whistle
A peculiar operation, which resulted in a small tin whistle being extruded from the threat or little Ethel
(Ircgory. daughter of Edward Gregory
of St. Clair avenue square, was performed at the General hospital. The
operation was an exceptionally delicate one. as the little girl had almost
succumbed in starvation, owing to
the fact that the whlatle prevented
l'er [rom eating anything Inr four
Los-   Fire   Veteran
In the death of Captain James Por-
svth. of hose No. 6, Queen street f.re
station, the tire department of Toronto sustained a severe loss. Captain
Porayth had been ill with pneumonia
for the past aix weeks. The late
Captain Porayth was 54 years of age.
and resided at 171 University avenue.
He entered the service of the fire department H6 years ago. and was s'-i-
liuned at the Hay street hall. After
e-eht vi an of service he wa3 trans
ferred to Berkeley street, and a year
later he was sent to Queen street,
where he has remained ever since.
New Garbage Plant
Aa a result of the decision of (Inboard of control Toronto will have a
new garbage and refuse disposal plant
nexl spring. A special meeting of
the board was called to consider the
proposal of Street Commissioner G.
Wilson tn regard lo a new system for
lhe disposal ot the city's refuse and
garbage. The aystem calls for the
construction of an incineration and reduction plant together with four loading stations. The cost of operating'Investigation will
this plant  for the first  year will be be demanded and
of   meeting   the   necessary   improvements to theae new districts.
Demand   Investigation
Severe  criticism  of   the     type    of
working men's houses being constructed  in  the   Danforth  avenue  section
by   Messrs.   W.     N.     McKrcheran  &
Sons is being made at the city hall,
and in other circles, and threats are
made  by  controllere    and    ald-Srmen
that If the houses are faulty connc'.l
will cut off the water privileges that
were granted in accordance with tho
council's action at laat  meeting.    An
in   all   probability
. number of alder-
reduction   the  men are in favor or denying city water  if  the  buildings are not reason-
Annc.ation ably  satisfactory.
112,500,  with  a   slight
secend year.
Two of the proposed annexation I
schemea sent to the city council by 1
the board of control���those governing the porest Hill diatrict and the
Yaughan road section���wcre struck
out cf the board of control report entirely, and the recommendation to annex a large territory to the north east
of the city waa referred back to tnt,
board. The annexation propoaala involved the council ln discussion that
consumed several hours, and the
Will Resell Mines
The Royal Trust compauy haa been
granted an order by the maater-ln-or-
dlnary for the re-sale of the Sterling
mines which had recently been sold
to John T. Aldrich, ot Boston, for
$300.01)0. in a judicial sale at Osgoode
hall. The order was upheld on the
grounda that the purchaaer had not
fulfilled the agreement, as he had
neglected to pay tlie 10 per cent on
the purchase price which waa neces-
tire   matter   hinged   on   the   question;sary ��b a condition ot the Bale.
mittens of the city council who con
sldered the report ot Special Auditors
Mcintosh and Hyde, that a surcharge
he placed upon high buildings for extra water pressure for fire protection.
will not be acted upon. To help out
the earning powers of the water system. It was thought as the high buildings of the city would require thnt
greater water pressure be maintained
to protect them against fire than other Iplon, TV
buildings     required,    such    buildings -pies a r
should  pay  an  extra  charge.
The idea was exploded at the com- I
missloners' meeting when It came no
for discussion.    Commissioner Graves,
explained lhat  It Is necesHary to put i
the water on..top of the hills and thai |
the hills were higher than the tallest
buildings and as the pressure had to
he   maintained   nnyway,   It   wonld  be
distinctly unfair to put a tturohnrge on
the   high   buildings.     The   suggestion
went Into the discard.
000 packet.    It  Is certain     Sir    D"'
nid was casting a knowing tve over thn
growing, ripening wheat which turns
Into gol-' as under the magician's wand
after It ia '"ar"' sti d.
If th cr-ipv ire much h��avlrr thin
�����ay. ���-,' the nr-"'"'ilipg years, th" freight
fi"-llit'cf- 'f ,-,, railroads will he taxed, ami there i". a possibility of more
frelcht car? Veins put Into c--mml9-
ilnne. lr accomplished, ear-
ace of p'.entv to Canadians
In  whose
country rests
e the condition   of   thc
Man Who Has Been Alarming Toronto   Parents  Arreited���Peculiar
Operation Successful
Toronto, Aug. 4 -When Albert Wai
son was arrested lure laat week, thc
police b-Miove lhey secured the man
who seriously alarmed the mothers
tee consiallng of A. Sidney Gnlltzka r08t nf the Inmates and all eBOaned ;of Toronto a few weeks ago by ab
and Dr, Alfred Jaules, to felirpsent only, however, In their nlghtoloth.es. ducting several small, children and
the court, and Sibley, who will look There being practically no water Sup- keeping them cut all night,
nflor the Interests of the fat man and i piv ror an emergency of thla kind. I Watson was rocognlied bv 1---
the skeleton  man. ithe house waa burned down, and the :Rubcnstein, Slmcoe street.   The child
"I will accept their decision na mv ,ioes% which la covered by Insurance, i had been abducted by a man ahout
decision," said the court. "H the l|B between eight and ten thousand I two weelca ngo and kept all night m
suit of clothes does not fit Mnsher. | dollars. The origin cf the fire ls un-> stable. He was playing out In Iron'
the tailor must  return  lhe  $fl  dopes-  known.
It to him. And If Wilson's clothes are
on the tailor's promises, they must
be returned to hlin."
Arsenic for Headache
St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 4 Mra. 'Mathilda c. Johnson, 4to7 Wentworth
avenue, was stricken with a severe
1-iadaeh" Sunday. She look what
she supposed  was a headache powder
hul mad.' a mistake in bottles. "Ar-
ne.* poisoning" was given as the
catiBa of death on a death certificate
filed today,   The woman
of hla home when he caught sight Of
Watson and ran in screaming with
tear to his mother. Mra. Ruhi-nsteln
phoned lo the police antl an officer
was sent round to the hcuse. With
the aid cf the little cbap hp found
Watson nnd arrested him. Watson
is also thoughl to be the man who !
i ek two s-nall children Into Itlver !
dale park aboul ihree weeks ago and 1
one dny six weeks kept  them out all night.
S went to the place      He  Ib  believed   to  hc
He  Likes It.
Minneapolis, Minn.. Aug. 4,���Por the
third lime In six weeks, the police am-
i uinncc- Tucii'.'" nlfht was called to
929 Hennepin avenue, to take Charles
Brown, a roomer, 11 the city hospital,
lie imd taken carbolic ncld, physicians
said, but his condition Is not serloua
today.    Twice  in
ago the ambulant
arter iirown had
en   poison,    No
leaves  two whin he was examined at Iho hospital'a curious and ini.t'ej   c Hectic-, of all
.nml he was h:l ' il up I'or ilrunkennes. .kinds  of  rubbish.     Wai    ::   evident!
Why They Use
A leading retail merchant in his line says that he
uses The News almost exclusively because results from
News ads. are in the ratio of four to one from other
A real estate firm doing a large business states that
The News brought the best results in a recent campaign,
in whieh a number of other papers were used.-
Another real estate dealer sold three properties within
ten days from three small classified ads. in The News.
A prominent business man in New Westminster stated that he gave The News a contract because he saw more
people that he knew reading The News than other papers,
thev don't all tell us about the good results obtained at
These are but a few of the good words spoken of The
News by satisfied patrons of its advertising columns, and
And we don't hear any complaints from advertisers
that they are not getting results.
Join the list of satisfied advertisers in Tne News and
secure your share of the immense volume of business sure
to bc done in New Westminster this year.
Insane and
leclarcil he had tak- when the police visi'ei! tha pl i hi
poison     was     r uiiKt  lived on St. I'at lie"; Btreet tbey l'i .'id
*Z~J!ZrZZ**BEZX**!X.'X?!. -..;: * PA3* BTOHr
TUfcSDAY,   AUGU8T   5,   1813.
Remember the Place���
33 Eighth Street
and the telephone No. 2
it's hot!
All right, try some of our
Summer Beverages and keep
cool. "
Cllquot Club Ginger Ale, Root
Beer and Sarsaparllla, bottle
20e., 3 for 50c.
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impress, bottle   50e.
Yacht Club,  bottle    35c.
Lemonade, per tin, 15c. and
Persian Kale, thc most cooling
drink made, tin 25c.
Smith'p,   bottle    25c.
Welshe's,   bottle    35c.
Welshe's, bottle  65c.
Cooked    Tongue,    delicious,
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C-opked Ham, lb 40c.
Armour's Chipped Beef, lb. ,45c.
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Vienna   SauBage,   tin   .....15c.
A    few    preserving    apricots
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Public Supply Stores
L. L.
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towards providing for
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balances and add the interest every three
You will be extended
every courtesy consistent with sound business
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
bOG Columbia St.
���   Paid-l'p Capital and  Surplus
Trusteeships   under   Administration, over $6,000,000,
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
Bwfience Y. w. c. A.      Phone 1324.
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., In this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their Instructions are positive.
Alderman Kellington was given two
weeks' leave of absence by the city
council at Its session last evening.
Restaurant for rent; good location,
Apply box 1842 News office.
Get it at the Royal Pharmacy, 47
Sixth street.    Tel. 1253. (1832)
The executive of the Progressive
association will meet this afternoon
at 5 o'clock In the association headquarters. There wlll be aome Important discussions on matters which
the executive have in hand.
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1830)
John Le Plant, night watchman of
the Cosmopolitan hotel, who sustained a broken leg on Saturday evening. Is resting quietly at St. Mary's
Slaughter sale at the WeBt End
hardware, Eighth street; all gooda at
cost. (1831)
There now are 920 patients receiving treatment at the provincial mental hospite.l. Of these, 550 are In New
WeBtmlnster and the balance at the
Colony farm. This ia an increaae of
75 over the number receiving treatment on July 1.
Money to loan on first mortgages.
Improved, city and farm property
9 per cent. Alfred W. MeLeod. (1828)
As stated in The News yesterday
morning, about 600 Knights Templar
who are at present holding a convention in Vancouver, will visit New
WeBtmliiBter today. A trip to the
Colony farm and Kraaer Mllla and a
banquet ln thc Maaonlc Temple are
Included  in the program.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
The matter of the B, C. distillery
at Sapperton tapping a drain on Hraid
street in order to carry off a quantity
of plain water was taken up at the
council meeting last evening. The
previous application made out that
It was for aewer work, but this was
corrected last night. The board of
works will consider the matter.
For pressed brick, fire clay, com
mon brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel. Band, rock and fuel oil, apply
to the B. C. Transport Co., Ltd. Office
phone 826, wharf phone 880.      (1829)
The death of occurred on Sunday
at the Chinese hospital of Wong Si
Wee, a Chinaman aged 53 years, who
has been In the city for about 14
years. Deceased had been engaged
as a cook. No arrangements have
been made for the funeral, but it is
expected that the body will be shipped to China.
Application lias been made by the
aehool board to the city council for
the installation of a four-inch water
main to the n'ew Duke of Connaught
high school on Tipperary park for
general use and lire protection, :TWe
letter lias been referred to the water
One lone drunk was marked oil the
police blotter for yesterday morning'-*-"!
court,   but.  having  lhe  collateral    fo
j bail   himself   out,   the   necessity     of
Police   Magistrate   Edmonds     to   lee-
I ture  on   the  morning-after  stuff  was
laid over for the day.    The bail  was
forfeited.    This   was  about  a   record
in local court sessions for a Monday.
Ileal sockeye salmon fresh from
the river and sold for 26 cents each
waa the order of tilings along the
waterfront yeaterday afternoon and
evening. The offer at such a price
appealed to many a man, with the
result that no few salmon steaks were
being cooked for tlie evening meal
Several property owners living on
Third avenue between Eleventh and
Twelfth streets, bave laid a complaint
before the city on the condition of
the street, slating that it is difficult
for them  to haul  fuel  and  other aup-
1 piles to their doors. They alao com
plain of the sidewalk on tbe smith
side of tb-    strei't.    The    board    or
I works will report,
Wostmltister lost its prize window
jdi-i'sser last evening when T K, Caine
lert for Calgary where he will spend
tlie next few months, Sickness wltb
one of his children was the cause of
him being Irani ti rred to the hi ad
market of P Hums \ Co., Calgary
if tin' buys health is benefitted during the ni'xt six months, ii is possible
Mr. Caine will mako his permaneni
residence  in  the  prairie city.
After exhibiting a mixture of
Parisian, Indian and tango   dancing
ion    Columbia     Btreet     last     evening
which  finally  wound up with htm  us
lng a window In the Fraaer hotel as
| a  punching   bag.   Earl   l.eenilx.   aged
120 Bummers, found himself lodged in
the city bastiii- under the care of Dr.
Rothwell     and   Turnkey     I'ltti-ndrigli
Lecrulx is a real mixture, having
French-Canadian and Indian blood in
bis  veins,  bul   thai   did  not   excuse
I him.    Six stitches in one of liis bands
besides being arrested  were the    re
| stilts of bis capers.    Ho will tell his
j story to Magistrate Edmonds in coin-'.
this morning.
which brought forth the proprietor.
What cared he for any bead guy of a
Westminster hostel he was out for a
good time and forthwith kicked ln
the slats of one of the doors.
Work for the patrol. Armstrong
was hustled Inside with the Bcore
standing, one parti-colored lamp, a
flattened noso, dusty clothes and a
ruffled proprietor.
Clifford has until tbis morning to
(111 up
Magistrate Edmonds takeB bis seat at
9:30 o'clock.
White Rock
"The Playground   of B.C."
WHITE, SHIIES& Co., Official Agents
If Province Takes Over North Vancouver  Bridge  Scheme,   Structure
Wlll   Be  Reduced.
TAXES 1913.
Municipality of Burnaby.
Tax demands for the current year
having all been laBiied and aa the rebate period will expire on Auguat 25.
owners who have not received their
notices will oblige by communicating
with the undersigned immediately,
giving full description of their property.
W.  H. GRIFFIN, Collector.
(1S40) Edmonds.
Getting away from the cares of busi-
nesa, New Westminster on Wednesday
morning will be depopulated to the
extent of BOO or 700 people, when the
PrlncesB May sllpa her moorings at
the C. P. H. wharf and steams away
to  Victoria.
The Citizens' picnic is a time honored event In the Royal City and thia
year's will, by no means, take a back
There Is likely to be a dearth of
state rooms when the boat leaves here
for enough applications have been
made to fill tbem all. Some of these,
however, have not been actually sold
and there ure about 100 tickets still
The Princess May is expected to
dock at the wharf before darkness
sets in this evening and everything
has been arranged to get away sharp
at 7 o'clock.
Neve Turns Up.
Building Inspector William Neve, of
Point Grey, whose disappearance was
such a mystery a week ago, has returned to the coast from Calgary anil
is at present In Victoria witb his family. Mr. Neve states that he was spIz-
ed with a sudden lapse of memory
and that he can remember nothing
if ter he left the Oak street car. He
had with him about $5 anil with this
lie bought a ticket for the prairie city,
since when lie has been under the doctor's care. Ho will return to Point
Grey shortly.
White Rock Hotel
Under new management; $2.00 per
day. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. W. MORRIS,
M], r     ...      Victoria,    Aug.    4.-Uepresentativea
the^planation"barreT'b9lore|ot the Burrard inlet Tunnel ft Bridge
company laid before the premier, attorney general and finance minister
this morning the formal proposal of
lhe board that the provincial government assume control of the Second
Narrows bridge project and build the
proposed structure. Although, of
course, nu definite answer to Buch an
important question was forthcoming
at the conference, the trend of Sir
Richard Mcllride's remarks Intimated
that the province might take over the
inter-municipal enterprise, but would i
probably construct a less expensive
bridge than the one planned by Sir
John  Wolfe  Harry  and  associates.
The financial status of the com-1
pany at the present time was explained by K. Carter-Cotton, president, and both the premier and the
attorney general evinced keen interest in the project. The latter stated
that the government recognized the
importance of the bridge, but referred to the fact that a
which  would  serve the  needs of the
I    Tlie Frank Rich company last evening  lived   up  to  the  reputation   that
preceded tbem.   "Wedding Hells" rang
;out Biire and true, and the big uudl-
j ence  that   packed   the   Royal   theatre
|aiiawered the summons valiantly. Manager lilllla has made good IiIb protniBe
that the show  would be a good  one,
"Wedding Hells" was all that lta name
< Implies and a little bit more. Number j
latter number followed  each  other ini
j such a kalldloacope  fashion  that  the I
. eye was dazzled with the rife of col-1
lors.     Beulah   Benton   came   Into   her 1
own last night.    Her delineation of a:
| shrewish wife was perfect, but In the !
j same breath must be mentioned Ruby I
Lang,   who   played    a    halr-bralned,',
jharem-scarum   actress   to   perfection.
I Porter  Warfield's  recent  engagement I
mi in-line |Jn Vancouvel. Bt0Od him In good stead, |
for   he  certainly     impersonated     the
north and south of Burrard inlet.tor j wftll.known remittance man In excel-
niany years to come could be built at
considerably less cost than the |
$2,500,000 bridge designed by the i
Kngiish engineers.
Sir Richard McBride compared the
bridge over the Kraser at New Westminster with the one proposed for
the Second Narrows, pointing out that
a large amount of traffic was being
handled on the Fraser river bridge
and more would probably be cared
for when the other railways, among
them the North I'acilic. probably
completed negotiations for the use of
the Fraser river structure
lent fashion. J. Roy Claire outdid
himself. Added to all this Mari'/a
Rochester aa Daisy Maitlend, Albert
Freeland, as the typical old home servant, and Mat Wentworth, that nifty
chap, rounded out the performance.
The chorus work was a marvel of accuracy.
Tbe attention of patrons of the company travelling over the Sap-
perton-HklniondB line is culled to the adoption of the PAY-AS-YOU-
ENTER system of collecting fares on this branch of the New Westminster Bystem.
Tlie payasyou-enter system is now accepted by all electric railways aa the most satisfactory method of collecting fares, lt bus
been giving perfect satisfaction In Vancouver for Beveral years and
is now being Introduced by the 11. C. Electric in Victoria and New
Victoria's   Week   of   Pleasure
Victoria,  Aug.  4.--With  the arrival
premier Intimated at the close j here thla morning of the 0. S. cruiBer
of  tbe  conference  that   the   question   West   Virginia  from     Bremerton,    In
it   taking  over  the   Second   Narrows'time to greet  Hia Majesty's  Imperial
bridge   project  would   be   laid   before   ship New Zealand, on ber return from
the executive at an early date. , the  mainland,  the first  annual  cami-
Those  in  the delegation comprised , val of the provincial capital can    be
the    committee      president.      Mayor  said   to  buve   been   opened,  altliinisb
i Hanes,  and  Alderman   Vance.    North Ithe function that opened the door to
! Vancouver city;   Alderman Woodslde, ja week of pleasure took place at Bea
city of Vancouver;  Reeve May, Coun-'can IIIH at 2:110 p.m., where Lieuten-
cillors   Bridgman   and   Loutet,   North |ant Governor 1'ateison. attended by
Vancouver illst-Mct,  and  Reeve    Law
son,  West  Vancouver.
a soft skin throughout the trying Bummer
months will do well ta put la a Bupply of our
which preserves the original whiteness and
Boftnesa of the Bkln and scents It daintily as
For the good of your complexion try it.
At Prices 25c. and 50c.
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
Smith    Tlie funeral will take place
this   morning   from   Bowell's   parlors
of James W. Smith, of East Burnaby,
who passed away in the Iloyal Colum
blan hospital on Sunday evening
age of t>7 years.
peceased was born in Ontario and
came to British Columbia about seven
years ago. lie Ib survived by three
sons. Dr. F. P. Smith, of New Westminster: W 11. of Seattle, and C. 8.,
Of Chllllwack. A sister. Mrs. Wm
Woodworth,   lives   in   Vancouver.
guard of honor from the Imperial
cruiser, said the works that officially
set  the ball  rolling.
At the same time motorboat races
commenced at the new yacht club
headquarters.  Cadboro    bay.    and    a
'  ] water  polo  match,  diving,  swimming
New York, Aug. 4.���That the ex-iall(j nfe-savlng competitions were
press companies would be unable to commenced at the (iorge. Other tea-
comply with the order of the Inter- tureB today wen: Cowichan vs. Vic-
state commerce commission for a I toria polo teams match, the inter-
general  reduction   in   rates  by   Octo-1 national motorboat races from Seattl-'
and Vancouver to Victoria, balloon
ascensions,   cricket   and   tennis.   This
for    a I
by   Octo- |
ber  15. the time  specified, and  prob
ably  would   ask  for  an   extension  of j
time,  was the opinion  expressed    tonight   by   Duncan   L.   Roberta,   presl-
Unlted    States    Express!
E. H. BUCKUN,                 N.  BKARD9LKE.           W. T. H. BUCKUN,       I
Pres. and O-enl. Mgr.          Vtc��PrMldttt              Bee  a*d Trial           |
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Will Turn on Water.
Port Coquitlam, Aug. 4.���Many of
the.,residents of Port Coqultlam will
llj,Vq tjie. pleasure tomorrow evening
iif drinking water brought direct from
Cpiiuitlain dam. With the first unit
of city waterworks installed and connection, made with tlie pipe line leading to New WeBtmlnster. everything
ia now In readiness for the turning
on of the water and at a ceremony to
be beld tomorrow evening at 6 o'clock
Mayor Mars will unscrew a valve that
will Bet tlle water coursing through
the new mains. Following the cere
ntony the mayor, council and civic
officials will be git en a banquet by
Alderman S. E, Morgan, adjournment
being made in time for the regular
council meeting at 7 o'clock,
It the i dent  of  the
i company.
"I don't ln-lieve any other express
company haa sufficient clerical help
to make theae changes In rates by
October l'i." Mr. Roberts declared
"While, of course, we will make an
earnest effort to comply with the
order the task seems  impossible."
Officials of other express companies coincided with Mr. Roberts'
evening band concerts were held 111
the streets and visitors were enter
talned at a public reception.   Perfect
weather  prevails.
C. P. R. After Thieves.
Moose .law. Aug. 4.��� Alleging that
extensive thefts have been going on
from Canadian l'aeifie railway freight
cars In the Swift Current yards, secret service men were aent down there.
Last week two men were arrested and
later committed for trial. Today I-ln-
igneer Baker. Fireman Meckllng and
.Switchman Cunningham were alio
committed, having been arrested late
Sunday night. It is probable that other
arrests will he made at Swift Current in the immediate future.
Case   Is  Closed.
New Orleans.  La.. Aug.  4���The release from prison  without  bail  today
of  J.   L.   Mott.   secret  agent   of    the
department   of  justice,   aud     Ernesto
Fernandez, representative of tho eon-1	
stitutionallst  party of  Mexico.  i��    In  I
,terpreteil  to mean  that  there  wlll  be Snaniards on Strike
no prosecution In connection with the Madrid, Spain. Aug. 4. -A general
payment last week of {r.Ofl by Em- | strike of the miners went Into effect
nianuel Castillo Tlrito. former nro-1 throughout Catelonla-today. The gov-
visional governor of Cnmpeehel ernment ia placing heavy bodies of
Mexico, on an alleged promise of im-1 troops throughout the mining district
lnunity from arrest on criminal in contemplation of trouble,
charges preferred    hy    the    Mevlenn j =mtmmmg
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Enquire about our special stockes, they are money savers.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
mm���   ��� ������******11���st������������mat-m������
Ifyou read THE NEWS;
you get all the new?.
Station Site Petition.
Pert Coquitlam, Aug. 4. I' is expected that the petition of a number
of the ratepayers, asking tliat the
���station site question be submitted to
a vote of the people, will come up tit
the councll tomorrow evening and
consequently a large turnout of
citizens is expected in anticipation of
a repetition or ihe lively proceedings
of tin- recent  session  when the report
of Mayor Mars was presented,
Business Satisfactorv.
Victoria, Aug. 4.    Various local stn
tist'e-a. showing Victoria's business ae I
tivity during July are of a satisfactory |
character,    while in pome cases, par- |
ticularly  In  thst  of  customs  figures I
no improvement  Is shown, the falling
off is comparatively email, indicating .
that lhe  ctty  Is  holding  its  own   In t
BPlte of the general financial depres- (
sion.    In   postal   returns  the  Indications nn- that, not  only is the community maintaining its position, but i:
advancing steadily.
A, F. &
A. M.
, Then  Vacillates;
it'.ack Currants, per lb IGo
P ars, Platts ami Peaches, - lifti 2&c H'"'
Watermelons from, eaoh ..4uc to ktic
Mtiskmelnn, each    15c
Yrmatoea, per Hi {pc,
I ipe Bananas, per dozen   30:
A pride ts $1.20 per crate, 1) lbs for 2nv.
(Successor to Ayling
447 Columbia Ct.
4 Swain.)
Phone 98.
He Oscillates
Now He Can
Possessed  of an  appetite   liquor
ol a carabao and the wherewithal to
sale It. Clifford    Armstrong,    balling
fr     South    Vancouver,    yesterday
morning decided  to  board  lhe  souse
lal and show tho natives a little
i'li io s iertaln point tho details of
Mr. Armstrong's randan are Inconsequential.
i'i tacking hack and forth on Columbia street, Incidentally visiting
numerous   thirst   parlors,    th
[Vancouverlte  hoisted  trouble signals
I fore nml aft.   The Cosmopolitan hotel
! looki ii a likely
'about  noun  be    started    a    rampage
Por'. Moody Will Vote,
l'i rl Moodv, Aug. i. Tin* ratopnv
prs of Port Moody will vote on Thurs
day on the monev bylaw I'm *:!",.im i
to provide the cltv with a hull iii
keeping with the dignity and require
ments of the new town. Of tie- moni v
the couneil proposes to raise. $16,000
will be for a site and th" balance for
tho erection of a building it is not
anticipated that there will he tni:-"1'
opposition to tin. measure as si nti-
menl generally favors the Idea,
l'anama, Aug. 4 Admiral Jorge
.\lontt and Admiral Lule Tribe, of the
Chilean navy, Bailed for home today
after having made a Btudy of th-
Panama canal from th" standpoint of
Ita commercial possibilities for Chile,
Upon their report rests th" declslor
whether the Chilean government will
Increase Its subsidy to th" Chilean
Steamship company to permit tin- on
oration of a line of steamers with
through sailings from ValpariBO to
Tlie visitors spoke optimistically nf
the outlook. They said that Valparlso
already had begun port Improvement!"
In anticipation of the opening ot ihe
canal. Those Improvements, tin*., declared, would cosi  $35,000,000,
Manlce Exonerated.
New York, Aug. 4. 1-1, A ManlCO of
tin- stock exchange. was exonerated today hy the exchange commll
toe of husincHB conduct of all blame In
connection with the sale on July 20
of $25,000 worth of government 2 per
euin hyrfils at 95 1-2, a low record. Mr.
South-| tfanicft -told the committee tlmt the
transaction was for his own account
and   not  a  short  sale,  as al   first   r6-
berth to anil Into Bnd|*|iuriuil.  'l'Be committee found that the
sale  was  regular.
All Plav. No Work.
Calgary, Aug. I. At the meeting o
the cltj commissioners yesterday a
request was made by tho committee
in charge of the Caledonian Bports on
August  7 that n civic half holiday br
declared for that day, but no decision
was reached, as tbe acting mayor considered it Inadvisable to net In such ������
matter in view of the fact that thi
mayor will be h ime the first of thi
.week. Commissioner Graves wns op
'posed to the Idoa, as he did oot think
lit good pollrv to grant civic holidays
The members of Union lodge,
9, A. F. & A. ,M.. are requested
meet at Freemason's place, AgneB
street, on Wednesday, Auguat 6, at 2
p.m., for the purpose of attending
the funeral of their late bn ther, .1 ihn
McOarva, of Coqultlam, Members of
slater lodges and sojourning brethren
pleas ��� attend.
' ' W, J.  >!A( KING,  W M.
(1840) Secretary.
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   *��t.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia St., Phones
1200,  1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth  St.  Market,   Phone   1205.
Edmonds  Market,  Phone  L8B3.
Goen After His Money.
Panama, Aug 10 ��� Augtistln Edward s
Chilean minister to Great Uritaln. arrived liere today on his way to England to claim a large legacy left hlm
by a relative. He is of Kngiish descent,
Park In your bathing suits and a
well Oiled hamper and spend a day at
Maple Beach, Boundary Hay. Plenty
of free picnic places on tin- Band
beach or under the wonderful spread
lng maples.    Lovely   spring    water.
Take the Hiver road    to    Ladner   and
the C.oudv road sou h.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
Nf.w  Weatmlnster.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
la meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Take advantage of the fliisiness Man's Train and make your
home at Crescent Ileach  (Hlackle Spit)  for the Bummer months.
Train leaves at 5:110 p.m. dally, on and after June 16, returning In
the  morning in  time  for  business.    Crescent    Beach    affordn    ideal
conditions  for aummer homes, combining  the  beat  of  bathing,   boat
Ing at all stages of the tide together witb line beach.    Artesian  v.-ell
water to all residents.    Let us ahow you thlB property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,
Marine  Insurance.
Automobile  and
Bltulithic on Second Street. New We.tmlnstei  with Soulevard  Dowr
the Centre.
Ilitiillthic Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustlcss, easy on
horses' feet, and. above all, particularly durable. For these reanons
Hitiilllhic Is commended highly by owners of automobiles nnd horses,
householders, ana city officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred in the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.


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