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The New Westminster News Feb 27, 1913

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Premier Lumber Port,
I'll I limited   export*   of   aliiiul.   BO,-
000,000  feel  of lumber ln  1818 wlll
make the Prater river tba premier
lumber port of P\tlsh Columbia,
The Weather.
New    Westminster     und     l,o��-er
Mainland Light to moderate ��Ih��N;
lln tiled and DOld with sleet tool; lu and Thursday.
jME  7, NUMBER 301.
At Ihe Trades and Labor coiflicll i wero the names of lhe contractors who
held last night, a letter was read from ' w��ln, Mt fulfilling llnlr agreement.
,,       ,, , , .,     'In all the eity conlraels there wus u
the   Progressive   association    lifting \pmitc ,nu  h.eal labor must he em-
for  statistics   regarding   the  number , ployed  when  aviillnhle.
of trades unions In (he city, the num       The president withdrew his motion
ber of numbers In each union und the ' In  fuvor of  Alderman   Dndd's uineiul
scale of wages In each trade.
Thn Information wus desired for the
purpose of embodying It In a booklet
tn be published shortly by the association.
After discussion the secretary was
Instructed to furnish the Information
but Inscimruhly coupled with tho high
cost of living and the uncertainty of
employment, In order not to mislead
working niun from the eastern provinces to whom Ihe wages might look
Local Labor on Local Jobs.
The president, Mr. I). S. Cameron,
referred   to   the   press   reports,   thai
the mayor imd  received assurances
from the Bithulithic Paving Company
that only local labor would be employ-
mi on their work on Sixth street which
Started laat Monday Ile had been
���poken to by several married men, living lu the cily, nut of work und who
would In clad of a Job of nay kind,
who upplled for work there, hul couhl
not get |i Ile was told (hut there \
Wero about 800 Italians employed there
with   no   wIveB  or  Familial  und  note
taxpayi ra
It wuh said Bomellmes that whld'
men would not lake work on the sew-'
ors. He believed they could gel ull
the local labor they wanted for work
In tho sewers, lt might have been
tbe case last summer when other work
was plentiful but not ut present when
there were several hundred local
men out of work.
Ile moved Ihat a letter be sent to
tbe Olty COUnoll directing attention to
thn state of affairs and asking them
to remedy it
Alderman Dodd said that was not
necessary In the contract signed hy
these OQntractOfB there was a clause
to the effect thut they must employ
local labor when It was available, if
they sent these men to blm, he would
guarantee them work on city jobs
���whire outsiders were employed.
ll wuh hard for the city council to
keep track on men out of jobs.    The  of work through
Latest Enactment Requires
Property Qualification
of $500.
Bulgarian snd Turkish Forces Clash-
lad Wsather  Holds Armies at
Preisnt    Members     Not
With Amendment When Passed
Will   Be  Ousted.
Victoria, Feb. 26 ���Judging by some
nf the sections In a hill to amend the  roads am In a deplorable state
ment to refer It to the grievance committee.
Member Would Lose Seat
The properly qualification required
fur school trustees by the bill Introduced to the provincial legislature by
Or. Young wus Vigorously denounced
and tha Iniquity of the retroactive
clause especially.
Alili-rman Dodd considered things
were coming to a pretty puss when
representatives of the people, elected
by the people of thla province were
to lose their seals on account of not
having    tills    property    qualification,
I their wonderful paternal government
I were putting In force
11  wus   insulting  the  electors   who
had elected Mr. I!. A. Stoney and who
I would  lope his ti at  by  this  hill  If  It
become law.
A motion was unanimously adopted
'protesting strongly againat the paas'
Ing of the bill.
8unday Shows.
A resolution iiilvocutlng lhe Opening
of picture shows on Sunday and ask
'Ing the city council to authorize their
d'-lug so brought Alderman  Dodd to
I'I"  feet. tees Is an essential as one for mayor,
Alderman Dodd -Am 1 supposed to, reeve,   aldermen   or   councillors   and
I endorse   that.     I   shall   certainly   not , on  the passing  of  lhe act amending
I support It. ;the    l'ubllc    Schools acl, all present
The  president-  The Trades council j trustees  who  have  not    a    property
have no strings upon you In the mat i "stake"  In   Ihe  community   In   which
ter at all.    Hut you will have lo give | they  hold  office  will   he  required  to
an aooount of your stewardship at the I vacate  forthwith  and  the  vacancies
inevl   election.     (Laughter.) I created shall he filled by another elec-
The  municipal oommlttee will  wall
on   the  council  In  thn  matter.
Up  in  Nelson.
The President   I notice In the preps
that  the Nelson Trades    and    Labor
council   have   been   successful   In   Inducing   their  city   council   to   pass   a
resolution  that all  workers employed
l:y the cily  muat be members of lln
local unions In the city.    We ahould
write     congratulating     the     Nelson
j Trades and Labor council up'm their
ucceaa In putting suoh a fine piece
Constantinople,  Keb.    28.--Fighting
was report nd today between the Hul
barlaft and Turkish  forces at  Hulair.
Complying . In tbe Gallipoll peninsula.   No detail*.
have been received.
Armies at  Standstill.
l-ondon, Fob. 2d. Iho operations of
the five armies engaged In the Hainan
war virtually have been brought to a
standstill by thn wintry weather,
rinows'.orms   are    frequent   and   the
Steam Whaler Karluck Will
Take Party of Ten to thc
Frozen North.
Today Is the anniversary uf a day I lying all day.   Closo to thn rlvor Uu��
that will long I.e remembered through"IITQUBd sloped ntoldly down.
Discoverer of    the   Blonde
Wlll   Visit  British  Columbia-
Leaves Early In June.
Public BcbOOll  uct  Introduced  In  the
legislature yesterday afternoon by the
lion. Dr. Young, provlnciul secretary
consternation will booh reign among
! same school trusties who are now
filling 00 the School boards of cllles
of the first, second and (bird class
without possessing tin- property qualifications which the bill calls for.
All sohool trustees now sitting who
have nol In their own names In thc
land registry office properly of the
assessed value of ut le'ist $500 will be
automatically ousted when the bill becomes law,
The government has decided that a
property qualification for school trus-
I ha dally official dispatches, upon
which tho world la now compelled to
icly fur news from the theatre of war.
repeat the stereotyped statement:
"Nothing of Importance has occurred."
A dispatch today from Constantinople records that there has been
skirmishing on the front of Tchatalja
New York, Feb. 28.���Vllbjmar Stef
funnsoii, the Manitoba discoverer of
the blonde ICskliuo, made publlc lo
day his plana fur the four yours (.'una
jdluu expedition which he plans lo
I leud to the Arctic next May. During
ithls time lie hopes to wipe off the map
[much uf the white space Indicating
the unexplored regions of the lur
j north,
lines b, Turkish volunteers which i Steffaunson and his compnnir,n:i -
claim souiu successes. These must (eight or ten picked men of science-
have been of a minor tinture, as , will sail out of Bsqulmalt, B.C., tbt
earlier In the week   the   Bulgarians latter part ot May or ln early June ou
were said to have withdrawn  further  lhe   247   ton   steam   whaler   Karluck.
to the westward. Roads In that neigh-1barkentlne rigged, purchased for tin
borhood are so bad that the transport (expedition by tlio Canadian govern
column found It difficult to keep the I ment
OUt the British empire, but perhaps
particularly In Canada, for li wus on
February  27,  1900,    Ihat    the    great
batiiu   of   Paardeburg,   the   turning
polnl  of the  Boer  war,  wus  won   by
lhe   followers  of  the   I'nhui  Jack  in
the surrender of General Cronje, one
Eaqulmo (,r i|lt, chief leaders of the lloor forces.
Canadians bave speclul reason to be
j proud of that great day for the success which met Uie British arms wus
'materially helped    by    the    valorem.
I work of the contingent from the Do-
I There lire hundreds of men In Canada who remember that blistering day   sloping uuturo of
;on  the open veldt nnd the nine days
'previous for the butlle started on
tho lNth day of tke month. The ma*
Joriiy of the participant! from this
country reside In the Blast, but a good
many reside ln New Westminster,
Vancouver and  Victoria, und    other
'places throughout the province.
In  many respects tbe battle meant
I a. greal deal for tbe Canadians,   in   11
they fought    alongside    the    veteran:.
from   -
I and  showed  that  they   were  built
I lhe stuff that has created the British
j empire of today.    Many of tbe Cana-
Line Breaks In Two.
"The trees, which bail mi iih-i! to us*,
to bn equally growing ou both aides or
the river, were all on tho other altte.
and so were tha lloora, mill Invisible.,
while the rlvor wua practically uu-
furdable. Tho charging line brok-a in
two; the right half, seeing some snail
bushes near the water which would
afford a Utile cover, made a dash foi
those, while thn left hair, seeing nodi-
lng except an absolutely ciivurtaex*.
slope between thorn aud the water.
threw themselves down and
opened fire. Hut their poaltion
not an enviable one aa owing tu Uie
the ground they
were more exposed than they had
been before.
Tho cover waa scanty and wo vert/
more or less at thu mercy of th*-*-
Doers, s ho know exactly where ww
were while they weru all Invisible to
Us. The small bushes which afforded
us Bume scant cover wero cut iu
pieces with the lead which the lluem
poured Into Ilium.    Wo were o!'�� Ita
Here Ik the Section of the bill which
requires  a  property  qualification  on
the part of school tniBtecs::
$500   Qualification.
"In school district!) of the first, second and third class, any person being
a British 1 ibject of the full age of 21
years, und having been for the six
month; preceding the date of nomination the regibtered owner, in Ihe land
ii glatry office, of land or rial propi rty
iu Un- city of tin- aaaesaed value, on
troops ut the front supplied wllh provisions and ammunition.
The news from the neighborhood of
(Continued ou Huge Four.)
Prom Esquimau the barkentlne wlll Ifti'X'aalit ^ *"* b!""i8m ��'
carry the pany a. tar north as   the     .,,���,, .,���.,      w
Ice will permit.   11 tbe weather s fine ,,.|,h,.,,, _,,���, ���.,,, . ���.,.
,,.,,,        .. .  ., without  cost aid   nanv  a lone  cross
and the winds from the east they ex ���,.,,   ,,,..  ,,���,.���.,    _,��� .._      ,  ,
_, . ,   1     j 'On   ine   nuked     ar irn ng     olam i
pect In September to reach land some, j ,���;irkH  tll(1 '
where  In   the  Beaufort  sea,  now un
explored.     There   tliey   will  establish |
a hii"
���ending  the  vessel  back I'lid
Mr. Peter Barth  and  Mr.  L. E.  Mar
mont May Contest for Civic
Mr. l'i ter Harlh of frailer Mills haa
been urged  by a delegation from lhe
I remaining during the winter.    But If
'western  winns prevail and the  Beau-
fort sea Is filled with Ice. the expedition probably  will laud at  Hernchel
I island, n main there a week to estah
[llBh a primary base, return to Prince
I Patrick   land  nnd  either  there  or at
HerBchi'l   island  spend  the   winter.
In the spring ihey will go north.
They will return to civilization in
September, 1919. Dr. Anderson, who
wns with Steffaunson on his last trip.
will be second In command; the
others have not been selected as yet.
gieat danger from our own artillery,
Kngland.   Scotland  and   Ireland  which was still enfilading that part UC
the riverbed from tho left.
"The liotrs drew In their wan-tern
end a little ua Din res.ill of our advance. All we could do waa to liajtr.
ou to the ground we had gained. 't'ln��
position remained unchanged until
darkness set In, when the liner*
vacated that part of the river altogether and wllhdrow some dlatanoit
round the bend.
"No one knuw where the field ttom-
plial was. It was not anywhere amain two mile-*���that waa eertaJn. Nu
Stretchers could bo obtained. Tin*
only thing to do waa to turn to and
render what assistance  was poamWi?..
of a son of Canuu
I', s  the  dimt I
died for the
Many are the accoun's of the famous Paardeburg, its hardships and its
hairbreadth  escapes  given  by   those
who returned,
Costly  But  Exciting
council was making B strong effort
in putting up a store house and es-
tahiishing an employment bureau so
that they could keep lab on the men
out of work A statement made to
him was that only eight English
speaking men had applied for work
on (he sewerB ami tliey Were put to
work at once.
He moved Ihat the matter he rr
ferred to the grievance committee to
Investigate and take such action as
they deemed necessary.
All   1I1,'   Coundl   wanted     to     know
It ls a h:ird job to gel the men oro
ployed   by   our  city   to  Joint  unions
The city employed r. large number of
[teamsters but unfortunately we cin'i
1 net them to join the Teamster1 union
?t   �������-.  tb* -ntt-tnt*  alary   with  other  in
[borers.    When   we  Ind   the   Federal
I union   they   said   we   gi t   -Hood   wages
and don't have to Joint unions, for
getting that It was through the unions
aqd ner representative on the council
that they get these good wages 1
Should like our c.ty council to order
all th"ir nn 11 lo join a trades union"
A powerful wireless apparatus, de-
the last municipal assessment roll of | east end of Coqultlam municipality tosigned to carry messages one thous
five hundred dollara or more, over I Put himself up ub a candidate for the|amj milc.i. w*|| ^..-.p it,,, explorers In
and above any registered judgment or reeveship. He had previously been (jaHy. touch With the Wprld. This ap-
iharge. aud being otherwise qualified ' asked by u number uf ratepayers, j n.ir;;,,,s wjj| ^ ert.cted at Herschtl
to vote at an election of tchool trus- i In MUlardvllle to du so. lt Is very | isian(j or ,-,,��� unnamed land where
tees in the buiU school district, shall i Pf*l*ble he will accede lo the request Lfc establish tbelr baB0 on the
be eligible to be elected or to serve tf^ush be haa aa y��* made no de.tI-1 sboreB r>, the n,.aufort te-     For fooa
\aa a school trustee lu such city school'nif ���"������ ������������   ��� -��� ��� '
Here Is the section which prov
the machinery for the oiiBting of the ' him  to  become  a  candidate   for  the:rjn.,.. .mlsl y. the    in-.der    fluen
'property-leas  school  trustee: reeveship  and   although   he,  too, haa Cftrlbon    gBal   ptarmingan.    musk-ox
j "Any pi rson who, on the date of deferred an explicit answer it is felt
the passing of this act, is a school that In view of his candidature for
trustee in and for any municipal the reeveahlp of the whole munlcl-
school district, but la not possessed of  Pallty    lust     January   and   the  large
Captain Hart Mcliarg, of Vancouver,,
In  his book "rrom Quebec    to    Pre- ,
torla," In writing of the famous charge
ot the combined Imperial forces says:
"It was costly work, but tt was ex-
citing to a degree. Poor young Todd
an American who had been out tn the
Philippine war. yelled out, "Come on
boys; this beats Manila hollow." He
never spoke again.   The fusil-ide that
The work donn by eomo of tho men
that night was uiu��nlBc��nL lt woni-3
be Invidious to mention namea. bun-
there was ono man who may b�� nx*a-
tloned without fear of anyone fi��s1iMF.
slighted. I refer to Itev. Father
O'Leary, lie tended and soothed tlif?
wcii'.ih A all through that bleak night
on the battlefield, and carried comfort
nnd  solace  to  the  dying.    HIh  wort*.
met ns from the repeating rifles was  was not finished until next mominis.
t"rrific. The whole air seem-d to he
filled with lead; we wero shot at from
the front and enfiladed from the
donga at the bend of the river on Ihe
left; It is a mystery that so many
reached the bank.    As we ay; rowshed
ehool  nit? an���^t.     * h^��i�������^��^^
Mr.  U  E.  Marmont hae also had  maU   " m���k   w,lUo aled7v~g OVPr thel^WLi*^^^^^.^?^!
rvides I strong pr. SSUre brought to bear upon  ,        ��wl    *L on ,*na\h(.,_. own  to know of from where we had been ;
a       _��� I    l<     11-1 ... I ...... 1 .1 . . II I ��� ��� . , 1 . I   I .1 ���. t   , , f/ir        t'i.,   I
when Canada's honored dead h_iviriK
been gathered toKSther and placed Ui
I heir sandy grave ln a little grove or
trees some distance from the tramfe**
of the fateful river, he, in tauahe-d a-e-
cenis which sent a thrill through
everyone within sound ot hla    voice.
tmderly   committed   them   "ta   U��
keeping of God'a anRels."
ARent   in   City   Yesterday
Looking for Site for Distributing Depot.
Slayer  cf  Jay  Sun  Waited   Until  Victim   Died���Bit  Man  Who  Tried
to Detain Him.
Yesterday New Westminster had an
lt developed during an autopsy performed on the body by Dr. l-'raser, thai
Jay Sun. the Chinaman who waa murdered  at   Mission   last  Thursday  hail j'
emlssary from the Doukbobor society been Bhot (hree times, and during Hi
prospecting for a suitable location   to
establish a distributing depot for the
disposal of thetr Jam factory products
agricultural  produce nnd fruits.
Mr. J. W. Bherblnnln, manager and
secretary of the society, called on
Messrs. I". .1. Hart & Co. with this
object In view and subsequently was
conducted over tho city by Mr. .1. It
Agur. of that firm, lie Inspected
various sites.
Mr. Sherblcnln expressed himself
greatly pleased with the localities
pointed out and the cimdltiniiB obtain
lug In  New   Westminster.
He was quite conversant with the
circumstances of the City and realized
the latent potentialities of tlie cons
and particularly the assured future of
the Iloyal City.
Are  Industrious.
Through the vagaries of some band >
of thc fraternity a Rood deal of bus
piclon and misconception exlsl In tin
minds of people to whom their Ideals
do not appeal and whose virtues the:
do not know. Their work, however,
���speaks for Itself.
Mr. Agar, who knows them thor
oughly and who has visited their
settlements, has a high opinion ot
them as most desirable settlers. They
nre a clean living, healthy, Industrloui
people and sirlct vegetarlanB.
They own 16,000 acres of land In the
tipper country of British Columbia anil
havo    colonies    at    Ilrllllant,    (Irani!
Korks, Glade and Crescent Valley.
Large Farms.
At the present time they nttmbei
4000. They have brought lnnte aron
Into cultivation and their well file'
farms and orchards, their various
manufactories and shops have only tr
Im seen lo be admired and nppreei
ated. lielng communal they bave tv
labor troubles to contend with and
can harvest the most bountiful crops
as well as clear land for cultivation
They develop their own nurseries
own saw mills, brick yards, lime kilns
havo blacksmith, cnrpenler and Other
shops. In fact they supply nearly all
their own needs besides having large
BurpliiBcs for export and shipping.
They possess a power plant With
which they generate electricity and
pump water for Irrigation purposes
Into large roservolrB of their own eon
structlon. At tho present time they
(Ca��U��ue�� ea Pane KUht .
inquert that his slayer, Jay Kan,
malned around for a time to I
out whether the wounds he had
flictid would prove fatal.
The wound which caused death, bow-1
ever, was from a bullet which entered  the left groin  and after penetrat- j
ing the Intestines, entered a main art
ery. causing a hemorrhage which produced death.
A hrother of Ihe dead man, who saw
the shooting, was bitten hy .lay Kan
while endeavoring to detain him, following the squabble,
The brother state:', that the wrangl*
ensued over the num of $���10 which
Jay Sun claimed and that Jay Kan
pulled a revolver and fired without
warning. After the shooting Jay Kan
remained (o discover whether tin
wounds were fatal or otherwise. When
he attempted to leave, after findiiu
the Jay 8un was dying, the murdered
Chinaman's brother Intervened. Other
Chinamen were preBent at the time,
but tt is said that none tried to hold
Jay Kan, and the alarm ".is ii"i i*-:--
ed until he had a good chance to gei
Though the district has been search
ed high nnd low and likely places of
hiding closely watched, Ibe provincial
police havo not been able to locate
the whereabouts of Jay Kan.
At tho conclusion of the Inquert the
coroner'B Jury brought In a verdict to
tho effect that Jay Sun had been num
dered hy Jay Kan.
the requisite qualifications as set out I
iu said section  MS us enacted  by this i
act,  shall   forthwith   vacate  his  seat
,iKi ii ase lt> bold office as aueh school .
trustee, and the vacancy shall be filled In manner providid by section 39.1
Property qualifications are also pro-i
viiii-ii   ii. r  those  wiio  would   becomel
school  trustees in district  municipal
school   districts.     Any   candidate -for
such   office   must   have   been   for  the ]
three months next preceding the datt !
of his nomination the registered owner In the land   registry office, of real [
property in the municipality of an assessed   value  Of  ut   least   f*-'50    It   Is
also provided   thai   school  trustees  In
district   municipalities   shull   be   male
nrltish   subjtcts.   women   only   being
ligihle   for   such   office   in   cities   of
the  first,  second  or  third  class.   Provision is also  made for qualification
for school trustees by homesteaders,
lessees from the crown and pre-enip
Municipalities, Too.
upper!  accorded  him  then, he must
answer in  the affirmative.
So  fur   no  other  names   have  had
currency  for the position.
Body   of   Woman   Found   In   Lodging
House,  Badly  Mutilated���Police
fox and other polar animals w
vide  food.
A million square miles of snow and
ice north of the North American continent  and  Siberia  will   be  explored,
as far as possible.    The party    is not
searching for the role:  if thev find it
[it will be by accident. Mr. Steffar.nson
I said.    What the-*  want   to do    is    tr
��� open the locked lands and si as of the
north. They do not conienmlate geinir
j with the Ice drifi as Amundssen plans
to  do   with   the  Pram;   but  they   will |
send   the   Karluck  back   each  autumn
Ito Esquimau and have her return to
the vase each spring. Interesting   Information     respecting
Moving Pictures. | t[-e  progress of co*   tructlon  on    the
StefTannson   will   visit   the   blonde i c-u!,adlan  Northern   Railway     Is  con-
Detailed   Report  of  Chief   Engineer���
Work  Progresses  Hast of
Port   Mann.
Huerta Will Try to Raise
5 *:6.a00,000���Appoints
Ti'.coma, Keb. 26- Although practic-
nliv the entire detective force was assigned to Investigate the shocking
murder of Marie l.zner, the lodging
h' sekeeper, whose mutilated body
was found in Ute woman's bed this
The same section which applies to , ������ r���|���Ri lt wa, ���aid tonight that the
city  municipalities  In  respect  to  thelidning Wll8 a complete mystery. John
Wally, a rcomer, told the officers that
he had purchased tickets to the
theatre for last evening and that r.Ms.
I'-skirno  aud    bring    them     back    to
America In moving pictures. To bring j
ibem   back    In    the    fiesb.    he says,
would be murder; they could not sur-1
vive "the germs of civilization." While j month.
In the neighborhood of their stamping!    Tll(,    percf,nta
ground he expects to explore the   In-1 pl(_t(,d between Por>
Mexico City, Feb. 26.   -Two hundreo'
lained In a report prepared for .Mr. T.j million  pesos is Uie amount tho viiu
H. White, the   chief   engineer.    Tin   Istfr of finance probably *il! ash configures cover the    period ending    last ;8re8s ,u authorlae the government tt.
of grading    com
'ami and    Kam
Not too Bad.
Winnipeg, Keb. 26.���Winnipeg's
building permits for 19111 have passed
the million dollar Murk. At the olOBl
of the day tho total had reached
ousting of property-less aehool trus-1
tees on the passing of the uct also affects) such trustees who may now be
holding office in district inunicipali-
t u s.
The l ill contains another very Important proi islon - that of providing
Ur no increase in lhe school rate
'rem five to seven mills on the dollar, it is stated that on the basis of
five mills it has heen found Impossible to provide adequate school accommodation In many municipalities
and hereafter seven mills of the taxa-
ratsr by meana of bonds for the
clficatlon and rehabilitation of MexUv*.
Al the time of the fall of the M*-
[dero regime ix bill for a bond fsnoe
tertor of Victoria load, and there   ex- J [';-,- and' between Kamloops and SHmSo *���� ier tie s^e"^
pecta to define the extent of what he
believes to be the largest and one of
the richest copper countries under the
Magnetic Stations.
In connection with ills other work,
the  explorer  expects to  churt  a  network  of  magnetic stations  over Vic-
Albreda  Summit, on  the  divide,    he , pose   wns   under   discussion   io   con-
tween the upper Fraser river and   the ,gre'*s.
North   Thompson   river,  the  dhowing |    Minister Obrejon discussed lira sub-
l.zner was to notify him If she desiredItorla land. Tills will be done for the
to go. This, he says, Bhe did not dol Carnegie Institute at Washington. To
and he made no further inquiry con-1 purchase the Instruments necessary
cemlng her. although he passed by for the expedition Steffaunson will
her deer subsequent to the time yes
is 37 p"r cent.; tunnels completed between New Weatmlnater and Kam
loops. 93    per cent,;    percentage   of
I grading completed on Vancouver    Isl
i and, 35 per cent.
Aniihi-r   paragraph    of   the   report
sho/s  that  the quantity  of  material
: bandied to date ou the main line be-
Ject today  with a committee of co-o--
gress and  the  measure  probably  will
be introduced tomorrow,   lt la expected some p;'.rt of thia sum will be MM0I
for the payment of Indemnities.
Bmllio Hobassa, a member of Umi
senate, and regarded perhaps as ttue
greatest authority in Meaico ou iatev-
linlay the officers say the woman
must  have  been  killed.
.Mrs. Mabel Davis told of the woman
having received what she had hailed
as very valuable papers from Poland
few  days  ago.    She  appeared anx
sail  for Kurope next Saturday. While
In England he will address the Royal !
Geographical Society.
Uiglit Hon. R, L, llorden. the Canadian   premier,  has   written   to   ll.   P.
Osborne,   president of the  American I
Museum  of Na'ural History, express-
tween the coast and Kamloops    has national law, has been appointed asa.-
reaohed a total of 15,260,000 yards.
Disbursements by the    company
contractor* for construction work in
January amounted to (960,000 This
shows a Blight falling off ov"r    other
bassador to the Dotted Statea.
Lien-iands of  Rebels.
SI   Paso,  Tex.,   Fev.  26.    Aa a  ���**���>-
lutlon of the demands of the nortHac-m
rebels  for  the  distribution  of  pattKc
��� ��� I SlilllS
��� DROWNED (N WEST INDIES    ���  ttmi
which funds an
municipalities to hoards of school
trustees. The ordinary expenses of
maintenance of schools ure mandatory
on the councils of municipalities, but
extraordinary expenditure, such as for
new schools, may be disapproved by
councils and machinery Is provided
for a reference In aueh cases of the
questioned expenditure to the electors for their approval or disapproval
The section of the bill dealing with
this matter is Important and the full
".cxt is hero given:
Each Year.
"(1) Thp board of school trustees
shall, on or before the fir.'t day of
February of each year, cause to he
prepared and laid before the Municipal counoil a detailed estimate of the
suniB required by tlie said board for
ilie current  year'B ordinary  expenses
f maintaining   the   schools,   whloh ���
Toronto, Feb. 2(1. --Information bus been received by Mr.
Marshall McGregor, general
Canadian agent for the Brie
railroad, that bis boh, Fred McGregor, travelling passenger
agent for the Allan Steamship
line, met death by drowning,
while on a pleasure trip at Nassau,  British  West Indies.
Shall be paid over from till),
quired,  upon  the  order
��� the Bald board, by the municipal trees-
��� urcr. to Ihe several persons; and like-
��� wine detailed  estimates of the  Bums
��� required to meet the.special or extra-
��� iordinary expenses of the board, which
��� sums,  if  approved   by  tho  municipal
��� council,   shull  be  paid  over  in   like
��� ] manner, either from tbe ordinary mu-
��� jillclpul revenue or from the proceeds
��� i of the sale of debentures, as the Mu-
��� jnlcipul council shall determine.
"(2) In   the  cbbo of special  or  ex-
IGootlnucd on Page Four.)
U,  S.   WANTS  TARIFF ���
Washington. Feb, 26.���Pape.rfjff
mills In Washington and Call- ���
fornlu    have    applied    to    the ���
treasury department to rescind ���
Its   order   Of   seme   time   ago ���
admitting   paper   from   British ���
Columbia free of duty.   Th-is re ���
quest follows the treasury'b re- ���
cent refusal to abolish the duty ���
��� On paper from Quebec, on the ���
��� ground   that   Quebec   had   not ���
��� n moved the export restrictions ���
��� from wood and wood pulp but ���
��� only  from paper. ���
��� The   treasury   has   Informed ���
��� the western mills thnt if they ���
��� can    prove   conclusively   that ���
��� British  Columbia would refuse ���
��� lo   remove   export   restrictions ���
��� from the wood and wood pulp, ���
��� the  duty   ou   paper   would   be ���
��� restored.
tlon Of municipalities Will have to beh0U8 Ht)0ll't these papers, according to; ing his appreciation, and that of the | pr-ua.t-ss already made.
allotted   for  BChOOl  purposes. |Mr9    DavlB,   and   went   to  Seattle  to i Canadian  government,  fur the action
An alteration  Is  also  made  In  the  bave them translated.    The atrocious i of the museum for releasing Mr. Stef
'"':':     r ,:1  wlnh minis are paid over nature of the mutilations Inflicted Ohlfannaon  from his engagement to    go
the body have caused the officers to
I believe, however, that some degenerate motive or one of revenge Im-
pilled the Slayer rather than one totally sort of gain. C. M. Tyrell, a ledger reported the crime to the police
thiB  morning.
recent months, and further decreases  lands, It will be proposed to the gi��r-
may he expected owing to tho   great
Become Proselytes.
i ondon,    Feb.   2''. -A    i ss
wholesale   ronversiuli   to   Lhe
of Home is that of lhe- body i.
f Augl'-
north for the museum and the National Geographical Society.
A letter was Bent by Premier tlor-
den  to  Mr.  Henry Gannett, president
nf the National Geographic Society, I can moii!;a, who In 1895 founded what
which co-operated with the American l|g called lhe English Benedictine men
museum ln financing the last Stcffann-1 astery and In 1901 took up their quar
-.on expedition aud was prepared to Iters on an island olT the coast of Pom-
continue the work. jbrokcsblrc. For a year past the com
The  National Geographical  society muhity   has   been In correspondence
formally  released today  ltd claim to  with the Archbishop    of Canterbury
flrne.ee the Arctic expedition under
Steffenson. ln favor of the Canadian
snd the Bishop of Oxford regarding
certain points on which Its members
were unable to como to an agreement
eminent a" Mexico City to
first the estates of the Miul-aro fkmil]
Rebel agents hern said (.May tfeit (his
proposal will be made to -t.ewrj-l
Huerta br DavM de U Fueute, nw*-
sentlng Qeneni SaJmar. Ue tax
i' ueUte 1. ft here yesterday -on a ta**t-
cii'l tra,'i  for Mexico City.
The ii! M'ci-o estates although drniu-
ed by the revolution conducted by Ih*
deposed president and subsequent, nu-
settled condltiona are umon-g the ncb-
est properties in Mexico. They
slat of a smelter at Terreon, mer
ile houses,  banks  and   ranches
trolled by the sons of the elder fran-
isco I. Modern,
in  view-  of  tho   reported  death xft
two of tbe son?, and tbe probable cx.-
wi:h Close prelates.    At last the enm-  Wng of the remainder, the mbels ��r
mun'.ty has decided to seek admission
to the Itoman Catholic church and
that church's Benedictine order.
Fortland, Ore.. Feb. JO.*���Chemical
analysis of the powder distributed
over the foodstuff in the home of Mrs. *
Delia Karl, and which caused the .wi-!*
ous (llneis of her daughter and a;$
neighbor's child. Monday, developed j *
that It waa a powerful poison, accord *
Ing to iho medical department ot the |V
University ot Oregon. !���
J. V. Dare, u former roomer at the ���
Earl home, with whom Mrs. Earl said:*
she had  disagreed over money mat-
��� ������������������������������������������������ from home.
ters,  is  still detained at  the county \*
Jail.   He will be held until the authorl- !���
ties trace hla movements Friday, Sat-1 ���
��� lurday and Sunday last. It being   on*
���! these days that Mrs. Earl was abBeut ���
Berlin, Felj. 26.���The Prussian empire has decided on a
loan for the military aggregating $187,500,000, Of this sum
$100,000,000 will be of Prussian short term 4 per cent
treasury notes, payable In 1817
and $25,01)0,000 Prussian foura
and $12,500,000 of Imperial
fours not redeemable before
pect at unco to sccui-*    tile    Hadcfo
estates for distribution to the north
cm revolutionists.
Growing Quiet.
Mexico City, Fob. HC. Keen autis-
faotion was displayed tonight at the
palace over lute reports which IricH-
"���it'.d the eirly disappearance of revolutionary disturbances In tha north
and In portions of the south.
it Is not expected that the Za^aatiatm
problem   will  be  solved   lmmediatrjy
'ut  several  minor  chiefs    have    ��j>-
V.mced   their   willingness   to   aai n
��� l
��� 1
��� , the new   government.
��� I    Government officials reallis the piu-
��� I hablllty of a difficult camp-alga hs th��
"��� south, but General Huerta
manded  the  federals    Ia
which   most  nearly  resulted
ending of the Zapatista tr
(Co-etfaaM oa rase WXeexi
; J **%***t TWO
An (SdSseadsnl morning paper denoted to the tntercf.t ot Sen- West minuter and
��� the h'rattcr Villi.,,. I'utiliHhtd every mammy i nipt ,Sii,,,l������ h<t tin .\',ill,,mil I'nnltng
mad I'uhlinhing Pompon*, ..Imiltni. of 63 Melien-.te Street, New W-Mtindwler, .iriil��.i
Oolumhia. iimm fi I until.as a. Managing Director,
All c-Mnmiifiioilflorlli .'.lou,',! f,n addressed to The Sue llV.sliiioiKler Jfttet, ond not
4o -fndinwtiMiJ members of the ttaff. Cheque*, draft* mid money ordi  i should ba madt
tfmtfithle.  tti   The   .Null,null   Printing  and   I'uhllshmi   ('<i <ipa    l.l'iul'il
tWUttPUONliH -ituttneit Of Hot and Manager, mm. Kdltoiiol Rooms mil itcimrf-
mnnl'll.  Hill.
ni'iim i;ii'> ins I'.iihh nn carrier, %i par war, ti far Ihrti month*, 10c per
-ouinta   Hu .mi,I, s:i p��r vmir, lie par month,
4 p'i  ' l'-l-l\i;   HATKH mi  ri|,iifieiiliini.
ro OORRBSPONDBXTB So intern will lie published in Thr Newt except ��in
ee<! writer* tttgnature. The e-JUor rssnrvim thn right In rrlnae lhe publication nf mi';
lime in Toronto, and still later in Niu- baa Boml-inonthly nnd monthly regain, iu ihe booh we have referred [.views of religion, agriculture, eduoa-
lu Col. ponnlson speaks of him as an [tlon, medicine, pharmacy ami corn-
Intimate acquaintance, The ilral'i de:i-! mere,,, a buiimi-ntis weekly, und throe
patch demanding the return of the j excellent literary wooklles.
men wns toned down by ihe hand of | llulil hus only one small review.
Queen Viotorla, guided by Iho i'rlnce which boasts of a circulation of 8000,
Consort, who die
ill    di- i!in:*,iioli.'
I before
it   reached
M-i.l   ant
> ��� ��� ���
Dominion was a part of Unit! until
the revolution which began Feb. 27,
1844, Prom lkfll to 1868 Dominion wub
B Spanish possession, but the republic was restored In 1888, The semi-
centenary of the establishment of the
j'l'esent republic will be celebrated
"A Btrange world, my masters," says one of the heroes
���of the Elizabethan drama. Three hundred years do not
-appear to have altered the truth of his statement. Hack
in the days of Chaka, the famous Zulu emperor who is
known as the Napoleon of South Africa, it was customary
for the weaklings of the race to be killed at birth. Hence
the splendid physique of the present Bantu races, although
it must be said that modern civilization is already working havoc with the advanced system of eugenics employed
l��y Chaka,
the cable
f in our
il appears that
own times, for in
* *
Now, if we are to believe
history is likely to repeat iise
England one of the so-called gentler sex���or is she an advanced Suffragette of the prison badge and incendiarist|J;��*.
order?���when on a visit, from her
suggests that for the next five years at least all female
children Inn in England should be destroyed at birth.
This she advances as a remedy for the overflow of
���feminity she sees in the land, and which, she asserts, is
causing the downfall of Kngland. Her conclusion that the ���.tlaE
best of the men have left the British Isles for oversea may * *
���or may not be true, but we scarcely think that it is. Neither
do we think that the slaughter of infant girls will be adopted as;. means of lessening the apparent prevalence of marriages in London between colored men and white girls
which drew forth this tirade.
But down in those other Britains of the southern
Beas we have lately heard that a section of those opposed
to national service have gone on record as advocating outright, race suicide as a means of protesting against the
iniquity of the decision of the New Zealand people to have
their boys trained to arms, inculcated with discipline and
shaped towards having healthy bodies as well as propensities of mind that will stand them in good stead in after
This shocking decision comes from Christchurch, the
beautiful capital of thc province of Canterbury, from
whence was given to the world the news of the fate of the
Scott expedition.
It would appear that this "intelligent" minority will
���defeat its own ends and the supporters of national service
in our sister dominion are to be congratulated upon the1
gradual elimination by natural or unnatural causes of all
those who at present cannot see eye to eye with them. We
also think that the theory of the survival of the fittest will
be excellently demonstrated.
Historians of Novo Sootla ure prune
tn take sides In the long quarrel   ot
those two stirring adventurers, n Q>-\-
nny ('hiirnlsay nnd Charles d In Tour.
I'arkmnii favours the former, nnd nfler
reoordlng his death In 1650, says:
"There is un extraordinary doou-
incut, bearing date February 21, 1651,"
which cninpletely reverses n former
decree Againat l,a Tour. In this "the
lately pi'iisci'lhed traitor" suddenly
"appears aB a favorite of royalty" and
"la confirmed a governor and lieutenant-general in New Franco,"
"His senders to Qod and lhe King
nre rehenrsed "as of our certain
knowledge," and it is stated that La
Tour "would have converted the Indians  and  conquered  Acadia  for   the
Iking if ii'Aiiin.iy bad not   prevented
him,"    Some people suspect  this document to be a forgery, and, If genuine,
j It  "suggests   strange   reflections   on
the colonial administration during the
' minority of Louis XIV."
In any cobs, l.n Tour profitul by it,
I though  he wns soon disturbed In  Ills
rnmeni   hy  a  oredltor of  D'Anl-
, , , i nay's, nnd  then by an  Kngiish   con
home in the Colonies queBl of Aoadla,   I pon this, tho ver
Battle in Tour bethought himself of a
orniil i If, i-eil In him In Acadia by lhe
K i'| llEh during Ills falhi r's life time.
To this h" made good his claim,
Thui he spent his last years iu peace
and   proeperlty   under   the   Kngllsli
*Ti    '
Kaiser Wilhelm and Kalaerln  Aug
iiili'Vielorla will celebrate today lln
ihiriy-si'ciiiid anniversary of their wed-
dm, which  was celebrated  in   Berlin
Keb.  21.  lggt    The  Uiiiserlti  was  the
daughter of Duke Frledrloh of Sohlea-
* *
* *
..  1   ltKMI'.MllKlt, 1  KK.MI'.MUl'.K.   ..
1 remember, I remember,
The hoiiBe where I  was born,
The little window where the sun
Came creeping In nt morn;
lie never onnie a wink too soon,
Nor brought loo hum a day;
Hut  now,  !  often  wish  the Unlit
Had- borne my breath away.
i remember, I remember,
The roses    red  and  while;
The violets and the lily-cups,
These flowers made of light!
The lilacs where the robin built,
And where my brother set
The laburnum on his birthday
The tree is living yd!
Bwln *.
hi*   must
I remember, i rem
Win-re   I   used   In
Anil   thought   lhe   an
To swallows on tin
My spirits  flew*  in  fi
That Is so heavy now,
And summer pools oould hardly cool
The fever on my brow.
Uu n.
Red  Huts cf Cardinals,
The flrsi Investiture of the hiembera
of ilie oollege of cardinals with the red
hat. a- Die InBlgnla ef Ihelr dignity,
loi i   place 1107 years ago today,   The
I remember, 1 remember,
The flr-treeo dark ami high;
I used to think their slender lops
Wi re close against the sky.
II was a childish inn ranee;
Hut now 'tis little Joy
To know I'm farther off from heaven
Than when I was a hoy.
���   Thomas   Hood
rod I,al, as a symbol of ihe sacred col-
lego was adopti d by  Pope Innocent
IV.  al   ih" council  of  Lyons in   1246,   ****************
With tlie passing of the centuries ���
ii   has   become   the   chief .morlt   of!* THE   human   procession. ���
cardinal rank, so lha:  to "receive lhe
Ihat" is in common pari,nee synonymous with being mad" a cardinal, The
color was adopted as ii constant re-
| minil'-'r lo  lhe  wearer that   he should
[always  be   ready   to   sin il   his   blood
In martyrdom for the church, espeo-
I (ally  against   the  emperor   Frederick.
*' l'n  was  deposed   by   lhe  council   of
' Lyons.
Varennes also declares Mint red hnd
: from earliest limes been the color of
supreme dignity, and quotes the pro-
Iphei Naham, "the shield of his mlgh-
Ity men is made red, the valiant men
1 are in scarlet " ln Ibe course nt time
red hut   has become  a largo  snd
ull   but   nuwearahle
'��� and tassels.
creation  of silk
IF   A  BEAN   A   DAY   WOULD    DO!
office of Dominion statistician,
Near the end of October, ism, after
in the discussion concerning tho the war between the North and South
high cost of living, one of our corre- had been m progress some months,
apr ..dents, iu a recent issue, spoke of Mason and Slldell, bound for England
iht banana as a fruit which, win n all and France us commissioners of the
ivatar i�� extracted from it, yields a Confederate State-- succeeded In run-
ricur of high  nutritive value.      From   nlng the blockade at  Charleston and
* * * * *
* * *
��� ���*�������������������������������������������
tte letters of enquiry that havo come
in it would appear that if lt should
prove possible for a man to subsist
���on one banana per diem there are
many who would be glad to hear it.
Bnt, If the thing could be done,
-would it be a good thing to do?
tl. by some proc-oss of handling, a
banana could be made to serve as a
sufficient food for a worker for twenty-four hours, would not one or two
things speedily follow -would not tlie
cojt of a banana speedily rise to fifty
���or seventy-five cents, or, would not a
lalrrrt-rs wage speedily full lo ror-
tr^spond wiih the reduced scale of
bis actual necessities?
H il were found that a certain kind
erf bean that one could grow in his
f^rden In the greatest abundance possessed sueh merit ub a food that one'
bean would afford a man ample sustenance for twenty-four hours, it ia
floubtful whether the worker, who, in
liis little back-yard, grew all the food
that he ami liis family needed, would
be ai\y belli r off Ihan ut present
D\i<- whole organization of society
would adjust IflSelf to the change, and
tiW toiler would receive less wages;
tie V'iiE.i*i pay a fancy price lor the
isa't, peppi r. and mustard to put on
his dally Lean; the fork to lift it with,
rlie Iml With wblcb to cook it, the
Clothes be wears, and the roof that
-..hellers him.
Thc way things work cut, the la-
boner rem rally gets fir Ins laboi
--.bnnl what will sustain blm while he
Sosqpa to laboring. The ooet uf living
.generally corresponds with the rate
of wagon Where one is high, the
other js high; wbere one is low the
��� othir ,ts low. What the laborer is
paid for his work he expends for his
The hall-naked toller In the tropics,
like the skilled mechanic In Toronto,
tftrts paid for this week a num that.
���will support him while he works until
his next pay day. lie can Join with
his fellows, oan organize, can strike,
or threaten to do so, and gain a wage
increase, bul he curinot boost hiB
��i|;i'i a* easily aB others can boost
'   the cost ot his necessities.
Those who sell their labor are only
int. rc-.it in.r tin rnselves in half their
proMei" when they organize to Increase thi ir receipts. They need to
orcat .'*.������ '    ''���        rw.#��i| t>*
they need to fight against the bystu.n
by which their expenditures ar, In
���cr-eascd taster than they can Increase
their wages- -Toronto Star.
hlng Havana
they took passage on ihe Brit-
iu   ro'ii
Ish, mail  steamer Trent,
ber   S   thai   vessel   was  stormed   hv   s
shot across her bows  by  the United
States warship Ran Jacinto, under lhe
command    of Captain     Wilkes     The
two Southern commissioners were taken off the Trent, brought to the United   Slates,   and   imprisoned   at   Kort
Warren, in Massachusetts.   This out
igneous violation of the laws of neutrality  created   great   enthusiasm     In
���ie United Stales, and that, of course,
d -I not tend t" make it less offensive
to  (".real   Britain,
The house   or representatives   ai
Washington tendered a vote of thnnks
to Willies. Ilriialu took prompt steps
to prej,an- for ihe war,  to  which she
seemed to he thus challenged,   Ten
thousand troops were sent to Hal'fax
In Canada men came forward In large
numbers lo put themselves under
training for the national defence.
In his "Soldiering In Canada," Col
Oeorgo T. Dennlson tells us thai new
corps were being organized every
day In every town and village met
assembled Lu drill. Tha newspapers
iirm d them on, In December a general order was issued calling on mem-
h rs of our volunteei fori ������ to hole
themselves In readiness tor active
service. A commission w.i, appointed
to draw up a scheme for the better
organization of the militia.
The   mllltla   bill   prepared   by   this
commission was lhe cause of the Bllb
sequent defeat of the Macdonald-Car
ii"- government,    In another way iti:s ' t-,l��V
"Tron!  affair' direcily Influenced do-
v. lopments In liritish North America. |
At  the time  of  Captain   Wilkes'  high I
handed   act   the   following   delegates
were  In  London  on  behalf of tin-  in
tl rcoloniiil   railway   project!     Hon    1'
M     VanKoughnet,   representing   Can-i
iada;    Hon.     aftewrards Sirl  Leonard
Tilley,  representing  New   Brunswick,
and Hon. Joseph Howe, representing
Nova Scotia,
'liny succeeded in  persuading the
colonial secretary of that day to eon
-������nt to an arrangement under which
ihe British government would join in
"Threepenny    Day"    w*n    Be
brated at  Eton Today.
Many quaint anil   ami, nt   customs
obtain   at   Eton   College,   the  famous
Buckinghamshire   school   founded   in
Kin as a nursery to ('ami ridge, and
one  of  them,  the   celebrated   "threepenny day," will be celebrated today.
Novem- ll'be custom has been observed nearly
I four  centuries,  und   was   Inaugurated
I by Koger Lupton, who was provost of
| Kton  from  1502 to  1686,    In  his  will
I Lupton  arranged  for  an  annual  dlB-
trlbution  of   money  on   the   anniver-
I snry of hiB death, which fell on Feb.
By the terms of the bequest the
provost received '.'s. kd., the fellows,
headmaster and chaplain ls. 4d., the
assistant chaplains and ushers 8d.,
the clerks Oil anil the pupils and
choristers one penny each. Another
provost. Host, also contibuted a fund
for the same purpose, and the scholars
at Kton will each receive threepence
There is nn old tradition at Eton to
lhe effect that the bequest really provided  that   half   a  sheep   was   lo  be
given  lo  each  scholar,  and  that  half
a sheep is really  Whal each pupil is
entitled io.    The college. It is alleged,
Bldesteps this obligation by given each I
lad   the  worth ol  half a sheep nt   tie-1
prices prevailing  in the  Middle Ages.
There  seems  to  he  little   basis   of
fact  for such a tradition   hnt  it  persists, and it Is likely that today, as Mil
years   past,   some   brave   scholar   will
create   a   sensation   by   refusing    tie
tendered    "threepence"    and    ilelliallil
i*       (By O. Terence.)       ���
��� ���
Nsw British  Ambassador to  America.
54  Today   is "Baby"   of Corps.
Although he will celebrate his fifty
fourth birthday today, sir Cecil Arthur Spring-Kice. the new liritish Am
bassador to Waablngton, is an Infant
smong diplomats, being the youngest
among Croat Britain's corps to hold
ambassadorial grade.
Sir Cecil will need nil of his ue
knowledged ability to "f.n the shoen'
of thn Right Hon. James r-tryce ^ii
lias been relieved of the Washington
I post lo become n. member of ll," per
Imanenl court of arbitration at The
1 Hague, Mr, Ilryce will nol go to lhe
j lurch iiniil next August, when Sir
Edward Pry, president of the British
j ilelegai Ion, will retire
Sir Cecil was born feh. 'J7. ISnn,
land was educated at Kton and Orford,
lie entered the Bcrviee of Ills country
as a clerk in the war office, and later
'ii the foreign off.ee. He was next
employed as assistant private secre
tary of Karl (iranville, and in a similar capacity by the Karl of Rosebery.
As secretary nt Brussels, Washing
ton, Tokio, Berlin and Constantinople
he had a wide and varied training
for his diplomatic career, and he has
many friends In the American capital
to which he will now return as ambassador. He was charge d'affaires
at Teheran, Persia, In 1900, British
commissioner of public debt at Cairo
a year later, and first secretary of
"li bnssy at St. Petersburg from lHOH
to  1906.
Then for two years he was British
minister to Persia, and In lfiflS wen'
lo Stockholm as British minister to
As a linguist Sir Cecil will have few
equals at Washington, as he speaks
nearly all of the European languages
Is thoroughly conversant with the Per
sinn tongue, and haB a speaking ac-
quatntanoe with Japanese and Arabic
8lr Cecil married, nine vars ago
Florence daughter Of the Rt. Hon
Sir Frank Lascelles, il en the British
.,,, i.-m.-irpr,  |.,  c.-rivany.
The rirst visit to Washington it ihe
nf..,. -,,..1,.,,, _,fo.r .. n3 .,_, secretary of
i ������ ivi��*'.v during U" regime of Lord
p.-t- , rr.f. ���,-, v.*i"i represented (irca*
Pr'taln in the fern ilatlon of the now
��� -i  !'���'��� Fan-"" '��� ie treaty.
S - CVe'l's off ���* -I i-e.-i-l,,,,,.,, I,
Washlngt/m Is a plain, solid, almosi
ugly structure, ami no' very well suit
But  Likely  to   Get   Off���Correspondence  That   May   Have   Elucidated
Mystery   Carried   Away.
I'aris, Feb. I'll The mystery surrounding ihe death of the Abbe Chas-
ialng, who was found shot In lhe
house of lhe poetess, Mine. Crespy, al
Agon, is silll as Impenetrable as ever.
After the excitement of tlie first
few days Hie population, as is usual hi
such oases, split Into two parties for
nnd against Mine. Crespy, who has
In en arretted on (he charge of murder, inn  neither   cm   produce   oon-
vlnclng arguments in support of Ihelr
faith. There seeniH to he general
agreement,     however,    In     regretting
ihat the greusome ceremony of eon-
fronting the suspected woman wllb
lhe body of the dead abbe was nol
ordered before burial.
(Ii'i-al hopes are often built b} the
prosecution on Ibis formality, especially in tlie cane of women accused
of murder, as i; is frequently found
that they are unable lo stand the
sight of their victims when guilty,
Much   fault   was  also   found   with   lln*
diiaioriness of the Judicial authorities
in placing seals on lhe deceased man's
correspondence, ami thus allowing
friends time to spirit away whal is le
lleved might have thrown much llgbl
on the situation Itumedlatel) preced
lug death
Tlie eooletlastloal authorities are
"' ie Iden it i.i he r. ��� ponsll ie tor the
disappearance of Un* abbe'a p i, ��� ri
lie y lia\ Ing iu li -I v. iili a soineivhai
natural reluctance to bring dlscri dll
upi 'i tie ohurch bj the dlscloi un* ol
errors ooinmttti d hv one or her Bom
It is nol yet proved, however, who
made away with the compromising let
lei-s. nor, inii' i il. thai anyone, did, ami
Hie wish foi' furih.t light anil, il may
11* added, for more .-��� in mlon, si ems to
I e falin r Iii Hi,- thought that III" puli
lie has heen il,'fraud',1 In tins respect, Nevertheless, a certain number
rn' l' iii ts have bei n round in tbe possession of Mm,,  cr spy and   In   the
desk  and  pockets  of  Hie   dead   nhlie,
and the accused was brought before
the judge to give explanation as to
the :i;i empty envi lopes and 16 vi ry
lender letters in the  handwriting  of
The latter mostly began: "Ma
Ververmette," or "Mv Lii ile Sauvage."
Mme. Crespy pointed mil that the I, I
ters were all marked with a small
crosB which  was a token agreed  up-
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Ion to Indicate thai she might keep
itheiii, and on the envelopes was wrlt-
i ten   "L'Aulre."
ll may be remembered that In ber
poems, Mine. Crespy distinguished between the mystic love which she bore
to the priest  by addressing her more
extravagant efforts to "i.ui," whilst
to the simple mull she adored she
wrote as "L'Autre." The empty envelopes hud contained the ecstatic effusions w'ltifh under the seal of the
confessional she hud sworn to the
abbe to destroy, and therefore, bud
feared lo preserve.
The letlers found lu the abbe's desk
left uo doubt lis (o the sent iuielltal l'e
hillons between him and Moie. Crespy. but three others laki il 'nun his
pocket, (one of which was of recent
dale)   beginning "Mon Clros  LoUlou' I,
showed that the ardent young priest
hul noi proved insensible in ihe
charms of another lady of Agen
This did  nol  amount  to min ii,   ami
Mire. Crespy, who was  assisted   bj
lawyer, continued Wltb Lais Iii pro
lesi lur complete Innocence On
1* ���:���> Ing t'ae eiiiiri house she waa
I reeti d -a Ith a hostile demonstration
from the crowd assembled oiilside
Whatever popular sentiment maj i"*
however, unless further evidence is
forthcoming ihe opinion held in legal
circles is thai the prisoner will soon
lie   released   fn in   custod)   "II   Hi     de
inland already prepared by .Mr, Daui'.en,
her counsel,
Novel Departure.
London, Feb, 20 As a nsull of the
requests ihey received, ihe directors
of the Queens on -hest ra decided thai I
when M Alexander Sorlablne's ni w
work, "Prometheus: A Poem of Fire,"
was played lor thc firsl time in L'ng-
land at the Symphony conci rt, tho
composition should he given twice
'Ibis is quite a new departure in the
annals of Kngiish conci ris
.^I'l^ltlialloliH, HKI'wt'tiii nlH uf Hull- UeeUs,
WiimIii_hh  letters,  etc.;  circular  w ,,i k   m|.o-
I'lillml.    All   work   iMl'Iclly   ciifUl, mini      II.
hurry, ruara (II Westminster Triuil 111k.
l'llllllll Ifl.
L. O O. M . NO. HM MKlil'I'S OX first,
sicntsi ami third Wi-itm>mluyrt lu each
month In K. ct I'. Hull M * p.m. H, 3.
Leamy, dlotator; J  ii. Prloe, sraredtnr.
1   ll   O   F.  AMITY   l.lllull':  NO    17     The
regular  uiwvting  ot   Amuv   to-deii   Nu.
IJ,  l. o. o   I-',  is iieiil every   D lay
night in k o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hall,
corner Cam.uvea utul I'llgiiit. Rtreets.
VlMllluif    litillii'in     ,,.r<l..illy     Invited,
K  a. Merrlthew. N.O.i .1  Robertson,
V li , W C, I'ealluoii. I' 'i, n-curil-
lim Hi-en-iurv; ll. w. gangster, fiimu-
cl.il secretary,
li >>'. ELI.    IBlK.eKSBOR   10   CBN-
li i  ,v  llanmi    Ltd i    Fum nil  directors
ii  ������ , ,,i  i     Parlors 106 Columbia
mi,, i.    New    Westminster     Phone  sun.
W 13 I'M.us pieei.r inn,nd Director
und Embalraer, 813-818 Agnes sin-i-t.
opposite cii'iu gle Library
ADAM SMITH .nil INS l'i in. BAH1U8-
0'i-ni-luw, solicitor, i Ic. T lepbens
kith. Cable address "Johnston."
Code, "Western Onion," oflie,*. Kills
Block, til Columbia street, N.w West-
mlaater, n   C,
,1    SI II.WKl.l.   Cl.rilO.   Harris!,,  ul luw,
solicitor, etc . eerner Columbia und
McKensle sin-ris. New Westminster,
n   c    P   o   Boi  ll-'.    Telephone   710.
lulloltor und notary, Bin cniuiuhu
���treet    Over C  P. It  Telegraph.
The Fascination of Journalism
I Ing his  riKhtful  I
| last   hoy   to   make
aroused   lhe   ire    of
thorltles, and   was
If i     'nip.      Tin- "tl to the "-oclal affairs which are no
ii  i)    a    demand anal! part of the duties of a 1111110*1111'
tin    college   un n Hi" capiial of irankeedom. although
soundly   flogged, the edifice is the largest of Its kind
Ibis precedent is hardly likely to act ,
1 ih ti ri'eiit. for what lad would nol '
flogging if he gained thereby
thc rcspci t
lows ?
11 Washington,
and :��� .miration of his fel-
Prof. Irvinj; Fisher i* thr, Theodore
oosevelt ef American coileses. The
eilnent prntossnr of nalltlcal econ-
mv   ut  V-i,.   'i 1,,,   -,, ill   celebrate  his
The Dominican Republic's national forty-sixth birthday today, does not
holiday, commemorating the begin-i routine hlmsel' to political economlz-
nlnK of the struggle for independence 1 Inc. One day b" remarks Ihat all Colin IML will Pi' celebrated today.   Al "er- i-<en drink too much, and lhe next
a bond guarantee f"r the build,nr oflthelr press, and In this r,
Hie road, The need or the road for lnlca is far ahead of Ham
mtlltcry purposes was stronijly am- nation of Dominica ls -onl]
;������'������'' I  by  Hie situation  the Trent  than a third of that
Of the collections of the Nova tti 0
fla Historical Society thc 16th volume
has jusi been Issued. One of thc In-
t*re*linK papers bound up In it la
thnt on Ihe Trent affair. The papor
-n-aa prepared b)' tho late Dr. Oeorge
Jobnik.il,   who   for   many  years
1 .  had bn ughl about.
Hut tor thai ,1 el ' ml 1'" ,1* leuatoi
��� [hi '*:���'** 1 l"i"! I in lain with t'ne
Duke "i .'*.' .M'asiie.
On  December ^-'1   Lord  Lynns,  liritish minister nt Washington, presented
to Mr. Beward, Lincoln's secretary of
mate, the demand  for reparation and1 (wo  datly   pnpirs
the  return  ol   Mason  and  Slldell  and ICirculation  nf  less
ihoimh It ban had lis than- of political troubles and civil sirlfe during Hie
last   few    years,    lioiniuiea    is    much
more civilized and prosperous ihan IL
neighboring   black    ropubllc,    Haiti
Nothing so accurately reflects tin
education, Intelligence and culture of
a people  than  the support   given   ^
I" ct  Horn
'Ho*  p-   .
i-r.lv   little  '     n
f it" *,.-.- hi
yel Dominica had thirty mi, : ��� .���.. p
pen- and periodicals, six of wll h ai-
11 Blind dally, while Haiti 'na:- only i;v
publications, two of thltn daily newspapers.
Port  an   I'rlnce,  the    Haiti  capital.
has a  population  of 80,000,   and   its
have   a  combined
Ihan  7"''ii     Santo
1 , >s as the national niwoclritlon which
, N*-*1 ses to save all of us from ftoinp
 *e piratic asyl'uns.
He was a member of Roosevelt's
national conservation commission, nnd
'< "der in tVie n nvprnpnt ff r a rover-
'���   "i   department   of   health,     He   ad
vecatPB "pedigreed marriages,"    und
'��� ; 11 scheme for BOlvIng lhe high
��� 'f llvinic problf'in. which he al-
'- * *,���-.: |r, Ho. "t"r-,n���v of !jnld." Al
' lor, l'rof. Fisher is a very busy
Domingo, only n third us lurKe as the
metropolis of Haiti, has two evening
papers * Ith a combined circulation of
their two assistants lo liritish prolec 1
tlon.    A  few  days  later  'he  United!
Stat', mu mi:'.' *nt compiled and tbe
men  were Riven  up. 12,000,    In addition to the daily, Run-I Hot    of    those    prcs-er.
Maaon afterwards lived fnr tome Iday and weekly press, Santo Domingo hunting pnrt.iaa,
'f- <*���' ���,,���'���-! Hust, That sounds like
���1 nlrnplo declarative in simplified
Tc'.HnK. hul It Is the name of an IHiik-
llsh baronet and former naval officer
who Is now ennerrv to the Prince of
WhIoh Blr Charlos will b" fnrtv-
p'ne t"flnv, hnvinp beep horn In
Ub--' I'shlrc- on Feb. 27, 1K(|4. He Is an
ni thhslaallR sportsman, nnd bis name
inrars v*iih cre-it fre'iupnry In the
rt   English
The journalistic profession baa al I
most an much fascination for young
men as has tlie sia^e for young wo
men. As a mailer of facl ihe tradi
i.i newspaper wrlor, whilst Interest
Ing, is anions. There are fine pri/.e-
to ho obtained; but lhe journalist win
has the ability to secure one of them
would, with equal ability, make from
five 10 ten limes the money in any
oilier  profession.
The young fellow who wants to be
come a Journalist may, of course, be
a KcniiiB, and, within a year or two
lie able 10 f'y 10 the topmost branches.
For there I. no hiding one's light un
'ier a bushel; a preasman Boon shows
the stuff of which he is made.
A knowledge of shorthand is useful, though I for one have never been
enihusiasiic over stenography.    The
more skillful  reporter is he  who can
listen to a speech for an hour's duration  and  write an accurate  summary
of it  within  the space of half a column.   If a man with ambition desires
to put himself to th" test, let him read
a  4-col.   speech   delivered   by   11  political   leader,  and   then  alt  down  and
reduce  it to one-eighth, and not miss
a   single   point   of   Importance.     The
Journalist who can  summarize is,  in
these days of newspaper compression,
] more valuable than ihe man who can
take a verbatim shorthand note.
Read More Books.
It.   is,   of   course,   advantageous   for
1 an  aspirant to  be  more or less fam
lllar  wllh   the   politics  of  the  world.
, and   particularly   with   those   of   his
J own  country     A  daily  acquaintance
' with our lending newspapers of various typoR is essential,    1 do not ad
vocate, however,  a  too close  reading
of  newspapers;   Indeed,   a   legitimate
I criticism   to   be   pased   among   many
journalists is that  ihey confine Ihelr
nailing too much  to newspapers, and
acquire a style without distinction.
The reading of books, novels,  wha'
'���mi like, but well  written and with
distinctiveness of dlclion, is valuable
There should he no Imitation There
should be no attempt at flowery writ
Ing. The journalist should endeavor
to i.e natural, to tell his Blory so that
It Is easily read and niilrkly understood. With his personality, arid onl
of bis reading, lie will unconsciously
develop a Btylo of hla own.
All this can be practiced bv lhe
amateur. The man In the striae with
the Journalistic instinct is constantly
seeing things which newspapers are
glad to publish. A new and original
point of view Invariably finds favor.
The man who says, "Oh, but I never
ver- things suitable for the press," Is
j simply admitting that he Is not a real
The Point ct View.
Everything has  been   written  about
I before;   but  lhe  successful   writer  Is
he  who can  see  things  with  a  fresh
1 eye, and  write about  them  In  an  at-
I tractive  mnnner.     I   remember   Mark
'Twain once saying to me, "Everything
depends on   Ihe  point  of  view.    Qel
an original  point of view, keep thai
'o  mln'' ond  ihen  yen can  write aa
li mating  artli le   ftboui   door    ban-
lii ���
The man who feels that he has the
makings of a great Journalist In him
naturally ras'B his eyes to the staffs
of one of the great dally papers. My
firm opinion Is thai nothing Is worno
than starting one's Journalistic career
on a big dally newspaper. It may he
all right, hut as a rule It Is not on
such journals that the best newspaper correspondents are trained. There
Is nothing like th" all round experience to be obtained on a weekly pro*
vinelal paper.   The reporter un -mull
1 Journal is often maid-of all-work. He
writes no'es on local alfalrs. He describes flower ih, .* s. in- reports the
���layings of local magnates; he makes
the oorrespondeuea of eoumry contributors Intelligible; he reaiU proofs.
and, indeed, picks un a variety of
knowledge which will stand him In
excellent stead all his life, no matter
:o what post he may attain,
Should   Soecialize.
II is a good Hung for a jouiiallst
to specialize on one siibjo";. Whatever this may lie it will be decided
by natural Inclination, and therefore
likely lo be done well. As a journalist progresses in his profession, and
he reaches the staff ou an Important
paper, lie will find that the tendency
Is for him to specialize on particular
lines. Whether It be l|je navy, army,
labor questions or foreign affairs, it
is always a "pull" for a man lo know
more about a certain subject than anyone  else  In   lhe  office.
The one thing to be avoided is dullness. One of the principal aris la
to know what to leave out. To crowd
a descriptive article, say a naval review, with details, produces only a
blur uiKin Ihe mind of the reader.
The good writer notes the essentials
in the picture, and then, with It vis-
ualized before his mind, he can describe It In such a way that (he reader
Is conscious of also beholding the
scene. To he able to do that Ib first
class  journalism.
When 1 sav that dullness Is to he
avoided I Indicate at the same time
thai It ia a duty to be Interesting. ;
There are some Journalists who are
able to writ" a bright and entertaining column about a debate on Scotch
estimates in the house of commons
when other men have been conscious
of noihlng but long-drawn dreariness.
Needs   Many   Qualities.
Undoubtedly the qualities required
to succeed as a journalist are many.
There must he knowledge of human
nature, a quickness to apreclate the
dramatic points of the situation, and
nil ability to tell In good terse English whal has been happening. It is
one of the hesl professions In III"
world for a man lo "find himself."
If  success  does  not   come  his  way, j
It  Ib because be has not   In  h'm  the
Ingredients  which    mak%�� particular
success.   Every man rr'-Mvs chance.
As usual,  round  the io ver rungs of
the ladder, there is some Jostling;  but I
higher up there is plenty of room and
plenty of opportunity; and though the
work  Is  hard   the  remuneration  now I
Is better than ever It was. I
Take The  Trail.
I advise every young writer who
has managed to save between i'i00
and ��200 to be bold. Let him pull
up stakes, do not bother about promotion, and go off for a year of wandering. Let him roam about Europe
learning things not wanting to write
about everything he Bees, but meeting all sorts of folks, roughing It,
keeping a merry heart and doing plenty of rending. Thnt Ir the best school
of experience, and if the pen is laid
a&ido f',r a time, it Is surprising the
grip and power in writing which wlll
be shown  when he lakes it Up again.
dr let him go over to the United
States end lake pot-luck na a free
lance journalist. It is a toeeh life,
bul It smartens a man up. If I conld
afford It I would send every young
liritish Journalist over to America tn
learn what enterprlsn and hustle Ib,
and I would bring every young American journalist over to this country
111 the hope that he would get a glimmer of what accuracy and restraint,
of InnguaEU mean.
Mc-qtlARMM,    MARTIN     1    cassahv,
ll.irili.li is und BoUdtorS, Keen,. 7 unit
>\ QulChon liliM-k. New Westminster.
II l: Martin, W. Q, UoQuUtla and
tteorgl  1.   Cussady.
WIIITHSII'K A Kl 1 Ml IN I is - Hurrlmm
and BelloUors, wsatintiuiter Truet Hlk.
Columbia Ktr*-.l, New W-HUtiliister. B.Q,
1'libit' address "Whiteside," w.-m-rn
Cnlon. iv o Drawer 100 TeWphone
6'J.    \V   J.   VVI,li,-,il,J,-,   II.    I.    Kdmiinrte.
II    I    A     lU'KNin'T.   AUDITOR    AND
A,T.,iil:t.u,l.   T.-l,*.   It   HI     It,,,,1,,   Trui-j*.
liiiAiin uk TRADE���NHW wkktmin-
*t*r li"aril ef Trade meets In lie- huurd
riiom. Cllv Hull, us follows Tlilnl- I-'rl-
itay uf meii mmiiti. quarterly nun-ting
mi the third Criituy uf Krliruurv, May,
August and NovembeT i.t X pin Annual meettDgS un tin- tlitr.1 Friday ot
February. B. H. Htnart Wtule, secretary.
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
Formerly at 610 Columbia St.. now at
607  Front 8t.    Phone K 10.TL
New   Westminster,   B.C.
Real Estate and Business Chances.
Acreage  and   ('holer   Fruit   1 .anils  a
COAL MINING rights of lhe Dominion
In Manitoba.. Htiekutclu-W'au iinH AllurtA,
the Vnkon Territory. Uu- NurlJiwest Ttlf-
rienrp.-s und In a pprtlon of lhe Province
nf Hrllliili COllimblu. limy lie leased fur ft
term of twenty-,uie years at 1111 tyuiiiial
rental of 11  itn acre. Net  more IhaiizMO
ucpch will tu- laasaA iu nu,- applteant.
Application f..r a lease iuum be made
by ihe umucan't In Penan te Hi- Atcnt
nr BUb-AjpBt of tin- district lu which the
rights applied  for are sltsuteil.
In surveyed territory the land muni be
deaorlhsd by sections, or Ic^aJ unb-dlvi.
nlnne uf HiK'tUrfis. usil in uhsurvued ter-
rtlnry lhe tract applied fur hHRii Im
staked out by the applicant  blrnsolt,
Kuril apjilk-iLllun must l-f. :i,"eoi]i|iunli'ii
I'V u fie of %l, which will It* refunded if
Hi" rlglilN uptjllcd for are not uvuflnhlu,
hul   not   Otherwise,     A   royalty   Mhull    ti*
luiid on the merchantable output of ihe
in  ut tin- ru!--�� uf tin* oente per tun
The person e|��� lulli.i; the mine Hl,;ill
furnish    tie-    Agent   with    sworn    relume
eotjounllng for tin* full quantity "f mor.
charitable rii.il mined and pay the ruy.
nity thereon. If the ooal iuIuIur rlidite
ure net being operated SUCh returns sl-Rliil-i
lie   lumiehei!   at   If-uxl   utic>-   11   year.
The tenee will luelude tin- oaal mining
rlghlB  only,   iml   the   leasee   will   Im-   per.
mined 10 pur-chose whatever available
siirfeoe rights may he considered neceii-
nary for lhe working of Hie mine ut tlie
rule   nf   lid   un   lU'.te.
Kor full Information appltoaUoti should
be made tn the Secretary of the beparu
ment  of tlie  Interior,  Ottawa,  or  lo any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion l.a>ida
W. W. nony,
Deputy Minister of u_c interior.,
N. n��� Unauthorised publication of tide
advertisement wlll not h* \atlil ter.
For Rent
7-reomed house, fully modern
with furnace and kitchen range,
linoleum und blinds. Lease if
required, $25.00 per month.
8-room house, one block from
car, $16.04 per month.
���5-room house, modern, with
basement, $20.00
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Phone 1024.
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'���"������MM   -
��� mis mm**m**ma*a*i**y*-- ���     * itiiiasiiiinimssai
Dainty patterns of fine Lingerie, substantial wearinng Cotton Underwear and a wide assortment of lovely Waists in
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Thrifty Housekeepers will profit by the great offerings in our
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More Fisheries9 Lore In
Provincial Parliament
Victoria. Feb. 88. That consider-1
able advances have been made first ln
outlining 'ho life history of the Pa-
clfle Coast salmon, and. seoond, In bo j
encouraging the entrance by white
fishermen into the fishing Industry of
UiIb Coast  that  ultimately   prosperous
settlements of British stock may dot
the Western CoaBt of Canada, are the
two outstanding nnd salient features *
of the report of Hon W. J. Bowser.
Commissioner of fisheries for llrltiBh
Columbia, which he rendered to the
legislature yesterday.
Tho report with its appendices Ib
more voluminous than In former
years In lis course It detalla the
fact that for tho flBcal year ending
March 31 last, llrltiBh Columbia head
ed nil the provinces of the Dominion
In ita fishery products and briefly
points out that the strategic advantage which Itfl geographical position
lendB it, in exploiting the great banks
of food fishes which lie to the westward and north of this country. The
entry of varlouB strong cotiipntilea Into the deep sea fisheries is welcomed
because already exploitation of these
water areas has begun on the part of
Japan although the ports of liritish
Columbia are nearer and more accessible.
More Food Fish.
Hon   Mr.  llow'Ber urges greater   ef-
fort*  to  introduce   to   Pacific   ( o_iBt
watera   various  food   flBh��8   not   al-
ready wound here, animadverting   to
tho history of the acclimatization   of
tho   shad   through   efforts    made    in \
California.    A step lu thiB direction Ib
already being taken through the con-1
rerted  efforts  of province and  lloni-
lnlon and the resultant fry from two i
shipments   of   whlteflsh   totalling   8,-,
M0.000 will he planted In lakes trlbu-,
tary lo the Fraser,
Incidentally the com:.il..Bioner nrgoe I
an effort to establish the lobster   on
this coast and affirms hla belief tbat ,
thla can best be done by the orection |
of a hatchery where milllona   of Try
might    be    propagated    from    egga
brought to this coast.
Tho paragraphs dealing wfth the |
research work of Dr. C II. Gilbert of
Stanford University, who waa ou-1
gaged by the department to continue i
hla research Into the life history of ]
the salmon aa revealed hy tho exam ,
Ination beneath the microscope of its |
scales, are amongst the moat Interesting In the report.
Re��ult of Research.
The result to dato of theso ro-
searches nre summed aa follows:
Tho Bockeye apawn normally either
In the fourth or fifth year, the spring
nalinon In itfl fourth, rifth. slxto or
SBVenth   year,    the   female    of    each
si>ocies being preponderating); 'our-
year flab.
Thn young of both aockeye and
Bering salmon may migrate seaward
shortly after hatching or may reside
In fresh water until their second
spring.   ThoBo on tho first type grow
more rapidly Ihan the Beoond but are
subject to greater dangers and develop proportionately fewer adults.
Cobo salmon spawn normally only
In their third year. The young migrate cither ns fry oras yearlings but
adults are developed almost exclusively from those that migrate as
Dog salmon mature normally either
In their third, fourth or fifth years,
the humpback always In their second
year Tlie young of both epeclea pass
to sea aa soon aa they are free swimming.
What Grilse Are.
The  term  grilse  aa   used    for   Pa-1
clfii- Coast  salmon signifies conspictl-l
onsly undersized fish which sparingly
accompany the spawning run.     They ,
are precociously developed 111 advance |
of the normal spawning period of the i
species.    Ho far aa  k;w>��'n   the grilse ;
of  the  spring  salmon,  cobo  and  dog
salmon are exclusively males, of   the
sockeye almost exclusively  malcB   except in their aecoiul or third year, of
the cobo or dog Balmon In their Beoond
Dr. Gilbert, with Mr. J. P. Hae-
cock, whose return to the department
na assistant to the commissioner is
noted, also conducted an ttivestlga
tlon of the salmon fishing on Swift
sure Hanks and the Cape Flattery
region where salmon of all varieties
are taken by purse Beine and trolling.'
Their most important discovery was ,
of feeding sockeye with  the   consequent deduction thnt the sockeye does
not set  off  for aome   distant   region
where he spends his deep sea   exist-'
ence fattening  on  some   mysterious
food.     They   formulate    thn    opinion
tbat the young sockeye on passing out j
the straits wander far nnd wido prob-
ably   making   fan-like   dispersal   from j
the  mouths  of their  native   streams
nnd a reverse movement as spawning
time approaches.    The  food   detected
by Messrs  Gilbert and Ilabcock was a
form of ahrlmp. i
The acnulBltlon. by arrangement
with the Dominion, of tho sole right
to hare for oyster culture conaunimat-
ed during lhe year was accompanied
by an investigation of the clam nnd
oyster arena conducted for the de-
partment bv Wlll P. Thompson, an
expert In tbla branch of research.
The scrvlcoB of Dr. Gilbert and Mr. i
Thompson have iieain been retained ,
and also those nf Dr. Joseph Stafford
"f MeOlll University, whose recenl
investigations Into the embryology of
'Im oyster have aroused much comment.
Important as have been the researches conducted by thn department, equally important changes In
regulations bnve been effected by
consultation between tho Dominion
and provincial departments.
Following a conference in Otta, a
laat Bprlng W, A. Found, superintendent of fisheries for tho Dominion, and
D.    N.    Mclntyre,    deputy     commis
sioner of fisheries for the province,
visited and reported upon conditions
In the fishing districts of Northern
liritish Columbia. They recommended
that in each area certain salmon fishing licenses be reserved for white men
with n view to encouraging white settlement In the north.
Hon. Mr. Howser, conferring wltb
Hon. Mr. Hazen, minister of marine
nnd fisheries, the two departments accepted the suggestion and it ls expected that many white settlers of a
desirable class will ultimately connect themselves with the exploitation
of tbis source of wealth.
The result of the recent conferences
between a committee of state senators
appointed by Hon M. B. Hay. governor of Washington and the officials of *
the provincial fisheries department,
are also detailed by Mr.   Howser.
The committee agrees to recommend
a longer weekly close season on Puget
Sound giving forty-eight hours a week
protection, adequate patrolB and
methods of closing traps, provided the ���
Canadian authorities will give an
equally long closed season, commencing twenty-four hours later than the
Washington season.
The report contains the usual Bum-!
ming  up of the salmon  pack of the I
province.    This was exceptionally en-
oouraglng in the case of  the Fraser. ���
where the sockeye pack was the best
of   many   off-years.     The    spawning
beds,  too,  of  the  upper  Fraser  were
more adequately needed than in other |
off years.
The   Skeena   run   of   aockeye    was |
somewhat   disappointing,   Showing   a j
falling   off   while   lhe   spawning   beds |
also were not stocked as fully as desirable.
Rivers  Inlet  phows  an  Increase   In
Ita   pack   and   large  number  of  sock-,
eve    reached    the    spawning    areas I
The Naaa catch waa quite satlsfac-
tory.    Reference Ib made to the fact |
Ihat   the offlcera   of the   department
..ere  liiiccessful  ill   locating   a  lake,
larger than any previous reported In
the catchment of this river, which the
raltnon reach.     The construction   by I
Ihe provincial department   of a fish-
way to accelerate the progress of the :
B.iltncn  In  Mezlnden lake Is also   re-
ferred to.
An Investigation of tho source of
supply of fish for the fresh fish markets of the chief coast cltlea was also
conduoted the department discovered that theBc were mostly in the
bauds of Japanese and that their supremacy hnd been attained through
the fact that by co-operation they
could assure the dealers of a constant
supply and at the same time prevented the markets being glutted
The appendices to tho report Include a report on the offshore salmon
fiihlng of Swlftsure Banks by Dr.
Gilber and C. P. Ilabcock; a piuier bv
Dr. Gilbert on the life history of the
salmon aa disclosed by the examination of the acales; the paper on the
oyster by Dr. Stafford, reprinted by
cotirteny of tho Commission on Conservation; reports on the spawning
grounds of the Fraaer by Mr. J. P.
naheock and on the spawning beds of
tho Keena, Rivera inlet and the Nairn
by tho fishery overseers of these districts.
Antarctic���Has  Wireless  Plant
with   Him.
about h.s proposed expedition that he
had little difficulty of raising a fund
of  $200,000.
Was With  Shackelton.
He  had   been   with  the  Shackelton
I South Pole expedition, and Sir Ernest
  i Shackelton Interested  himself iu his
Valuable Seal and Whale Fisheries of ' project  and  made  an  appeal  to  the
. columns of the London Daily Mail for
; )60,000 to purchase a suitable ship for
I the expedition.   The appeal In London
i brought immediate response, and about
! ��10,000 was subscribed in three days.,
|     Iu  addition   to   this  several   British '
firms contributed supplies and equip-;
men:,   tuialling   in    vain,
��8000,     The   Australian   Association
Money Lender's Widow  Builds Mode!   On  Anything  Like the  Scale cf Car-
Home���Women   Live   There   at
Nominal   Celt.
ada  or  Australia���Warning
to   Government.
New   York.   Feb.   26.��� The   Mawson
expedition into the Antarctic embark-
u on  tlie ship  Aurora ou  December
2, 1911. The expedition consisted of for the Advancement cf Science show-
fifty men, thirty-two sledges, and a ed Its luterest In the expedition by
pack of well trained Greenland dogs,   contributing  ��'10,000.
under  the  leadership  of   Dr.   Douglas
Iu the course of tho period In which
the expedition   had   been   in  the  Ant-
Nearly all the members of the party   arctic   lhe   outside   world   had   heard
were university men, and were well
equipped for thu work ihey had in '
view. A complete wireless apparatus
was taken, and stations were erected
at McQuarrie island and Adelie l>and.
su lbat the expedition could have regular communication with ilobart, Tas- *
The principle object of the expedition was to explore the two thousand ,
miles of coast land facing Australia, j
Nu attempt wns made io reach the
South Pole. In discussing the objec's
of tho expedition before sail'lnx. Dr.
Mawson said;
Why They Went.
"Australia   and   New   Zealand   get''
their weather from the south.    In or- ���
der  to  predict  it    successfully    they
must know wha; the climate Ib doing
in the Antarctic continent    Secondly.
there are enormous numbers of seals
and  whalea  down  there, from   which
Australians might  make great gains
Thirdly,   we   ahall   take   very   careful
magnetic observations by which we
shall help to make the compaas more
useful to sailors, and possibly clear up !
what ia still a mystery regarding the
earth's magnetism.
"Primarily, onr work  la to be geo- j
graphical, that ia, mapping. But It has
from Captain Davis, ot the Aurora.
but two or three times. Juat after
Captain Amundsen made his announcement of tbe discovery of the South
Pole, Captain Davis reported that he
landed llr, Mawson and a party on
Adelie I-and, aud another party on
Termination Ijind. This announcement was made in March, 19111,
Deep Sea Explorations.
London, Feb. 86.���The career of the' Capetown. Feb. 20.���In connecUon
more than much-discussed Ada Lewis Home for, with the evidence recently token by
Working Women will be watched with the Dominions royal oommfastasi oo
keen Interest by all thoBe Interested Immigration within the empire, "Soutbr
In the housing of England's working Africa" discusses the failure of ths
women. union to attract immigrants and ��� arus.
Ada Lewis, now deceased, was tbe the government and the country that
widow of a famous money lender who ! the Impression ls gaining ground that
'lent a helpful hand to those really i tho newest dominion does uot wi.U��
distressed. He made an Immense for-; to increase lu white popuOtdblB.
tune out of the "young, r sons." hut There Is, it says, no Increase, bet
did a lot of good with the money. [rather   tho  reverse.      "ThU  is an   iut_t-
Bullt a! a cost ef $160,000, the home | ceedlngly serious matter In view, at"
Ib by the most ambitious scheme yet South Africa's overwhelming! and:
tried for dealing with the problem. growing colored population, and of"l��*i
The whole aspect of the place Is relatively weak position among Uk-*
bright, cheerful and spacious, with nations of tlie world.
such prettlnsss as may be attained by "There is some excus" for Mr. Win.
white  paint,  dark  stained   wood  ami, Super, who gave evidence before tho
In July of that year Captain Davis   living room walls tiled In warm shades I commission,  venturing  to  thfn*.  tluai
again reported ihat all  the members  of red and green.   Every effort will be  the trend of the present gov-v-xnima-nt.
policy  waa to keep South  Afnui est-
cliisivo instead of i noil raging inimi-
I gration.'    It  la  true,  oa  Sir  Hi-chard
j Solomon said,  that there  Ih Uttl* ��Ji.-
; mand   in  South   Africa  for   unskilled
fanners.'    The   farmer  settler   ntre-ta
all these' practical, material sides to of land now submerged
It  as  well. I Hails  From  Yorkshire.
"Here's another possibility ��� health | Dr. Mawson was born In Yorkshire
resorts and winter sports on this In 1SR2. He graduated from the un!-
coast for Australians. No. 1 am not'. veralty at Sydney before he was 20
joking. 1 do not Bee why they should j years old. and early showed hla pre-
not grow up in ttint Bunny, germ-free ferenco for scientific research. He
atmosphere." j acted  aa a Junior  demonstrator    li
Plan of Route. , chemistry at various universities, but
Dr. Mawson's plan  waa to proceed   he was especially Interested In geolo
f the expedition were well, and on ! made to keep the place respectable
December IC be made the first an- j since Its whole usi fulness depends on
noiiiicenient giving a result of the ex- j that.
pedition. He then reported the discov | The very moderate charges for ac-
ery ridge on the bed of the ocean, jcomniodation, ranging from 12 cents I
two  hundred miles  south of  Hobart.   to 20 cents a night, or 60 cents to il i
Captain Davis took ten soundings, a week, for cubicle, special bedroom I capital as well aa experience,
showing depths varying from F>43 to or double bedroom, Include the use of "Hut mon of thla stamp aro ixv.xif-
9S0 fathoms. The main direction of reading room, dining room, a terrace able, tliey are leaving the mother-
the shallowest water was northwest'garden, bniFhlng room, laundries sup-1 country by thousands every yetxr, and
and southeast. piled   with   hot   chambers   where   the  the other dominions are getting them.
Fifty-six deep   sea  soundlnga  were,clothes may be dried In five minutes.  What  has  South   Africa,    done,    and
taken   during  the   cruise     Deep  sea i private lockers, a large service room, what Is she doing?
dredging  work  waa  also  carried  out  Where lodgers may at all hours o! thai    "The. truth  is that  Smith  ATrfca fj��
by   Captain   Davis,   and   he   regarded  day  buy  cooked  food  at   lowest  pos-, being left behind  in  the race for et-
the   results  aa   strongly   confirming slble prices, and beyond that  a room |feetfre nationality.    We are not
Dr.   Mawson's   belief   that   Australia j supplied   with   cooking   utensils   aad I prised Ihat the need for Immlgratia
was formerly connected with the Ant | hot  plates,  where,  If they   prefer It,  was a frequent text    at  tho    recent
arctic continent by means of a ridge j they may cook for themselves. | meetings of the Unionist party Ib Hm
The whole place Ib steam heated.; tal and the Transvaal, but we do mar
the washing accommodation and bath- i vol that the urgency of this need ham
rooms are excellent, and the solitary not seized on every thinking South
extra charge la 2 cents for hot baths I African, quite Irrespective of party.
"Kor It Is no party question,    and
Paris, Feb. 26--France   appears tol
be facing with a spirit of d.ieniiln.i-
south   from   Australia and  land throe, gy and was apointed geologist to tfle  t|on  the Immense efforts  both  flti.ui-
Rliore parties, one at Knox Land, one , expedition  under  lhe command of E.'. clal  and  personal  which  the   govern-1
at Adelie   Land,  and  another  at  Sa-Ui. Itaaon, which made a Btudy of the I rnenl's military measures now ln pre-
brtna  land.    These places are about  new   Hebrides  group.    The  result  of i paratlon are likely to demand.
1200 miles apart.    By means'of sledg-  this study he published In book form |    That  la the essential note ot Inter-'.
Ing parties, he proposed to accomplish j under the title, "Geology of the New  views  with  prominent men,  of press
the complete geographical and magnet j Hebrides."     Soon   after   tho   publlca-1 comment nnd of talk among senators , .
ie  survey of the coaBt between Cape ' tlon of this he waa appointed lecturer \ nnd depullcB of all parties except the tearing that thla Infl
Adare and  C.nussberg,  n distance of I at tho university of Adelaide, but he  extreme socialists. I5HLJ.   .n,af��v d��    .   ��
2000 milea.    Except for a few French- '��� left this position to loin the Shackel-
men In 1840, no human being had ever
set foot on this coaBt. It has not oven
been flighted from a ship Rlnce 1854.
It was BiipuoBcd to be mountainous.
and the parties planned to keep in
touch with each other, and with Australia, if possible, by means of the
wireless equipment
Dr.   Mawson   was   ao   enthusiastic
ton expedition In 1S07, wblch came
within 111 milcB of reaching the South
Besides the book on tho geology of
tho New HebrldeB, Maw-Bon collaborated ln geology work with R. C. Taylor, who was tho chief geologist with
Captain Scott tn the tatter's expedition.
certainly not a racial one. Let the
population como from Britain, ftisce,
Holland, Germany, Italy, Russia or
anywhere provided it consists of ���*>-
cent white folk who will work for
their living, and the men of whom
may bo trusted, in case t f need, to
shoulder a rifle on behalf of Utetr-
adonted  country.
"South   Africa  should   tako    ev-ery
week   a  thousand   white   Immigrant-*
of either Krltish or mixed race* -vIO)
nx  would dey
meter cr tha
It  la  unoffleTaTly   estimated   today icountry"B Inhabitants." 	
that  France will  be called  upon   to]
provide about 140.000,000 annually fori      """oronto Chorus Going on Tour.
the additlonB to her army besides the      Toronto, Keb. 26.���In ititticlpattou of
Initial expenditures of somewhat leTtB',tho National ChortiB. of Toronto, up-
than 1120,000,000.   Tho young men of dor the conductorship of Dr. Albert
the nation wlll be obliged, If the plane
are carried through, to give another
six months and perhaps a full year to
service with the colore,
Hall, next summer, th.i board of control has decided to ret 'uiiend to tli��
eity council a grant ol .2600 toward*
the expenses of the tour. WrXtiH. FtWR
I  In   The Courts
i>d a blank cheque nnd given Jensep
absolute authority,
Judge I lew ay said there were   Im-
portanl points ef law involved and lie
would  Aike a l'i v.   days lo consider It
and consult authorities.
,    Mr. .1. ll. Grant of Corbould, Grant
appeared    for    plaintiff
j. D. IAYL0R ON       IfRASER VALLEY        FIGHTING RESUMES      , j.     p      ,     r.      c.
An on , joyeo having alb red his em-la    MeColl
-plojiei-'.s cht'11,1,* from $7 to $700, cash O'Byrne,
ed it at the hunk where tbe omidoyer Sir  Churl:::   fllbborl   Tupper,   K.C.,
bad hla account, ls the banl   bound to represented the Royal Hank of Can-
eosspensate tto employer for the Iosj ado,
nf iiii.;. the difference b tr.��ecn  the 	
���taenia, at does the oarel             ci Real Estate Case.
���noirligciici   of lhe employer ill making James itoiistei'.ii i'anin r. New West-
out  lln- (.".-i,.line choline which lent  ll minster,   sued   James   Calhraitli,   lutn-
.���Rcil to a forgery which eouH nol wii'n her manufacturer, New Westminster, |
ordinary care .-.nd vigilance   be   de- for reaolaslon of an agreement Of mile
��� ecteil.    absolve      the      bank      from Ooiieenilug     lol     IS,     siih-ilivii ion   of
liability? northerly part of lot r>. block 16, New
These are ths Important i�� nts,   In Westminster   olty   suburban   blocks,!
brief.    <-n   which     his    honor    Judge AeiIon   was dismissed  With   costs
Howay has reserved ins Jud    i ni   in The grounds on which the reduction '
the case id O'Vtyrrio    vs.    the  Iloyal Ot  tho   agreement   wire   asked,   wen
Ill-ink  of Camilla.
1 kin ifl II. O'Byme, n tanner of Se.r-
rey, was the employer ol one Peter
Jen-win, and paid Ihe latter his wages
by a cheque for $7, dated  December tween
10. 1512 '"'
Asks for All    Papers    in    Connection ' Important Session Held In Vancouver
wllh Recent DeclBicn of the
Cupreme Court.
Yesterday,   Followed   by  a
^^^^^    Cleared $693.
The cheque was written bv Jensen
*nd signed by o'llyrue.. Subsequently
Jensen altered the words on the body
of the Cheque by adding "hundred'' to
the "aeven" and two "OO'a" to the
nom-wal at  tlie bottom.
Mr. O'llyrue is now Hiiing the bank
in thi- -county court to make good his
Mr. O'Byrne gave evidence to tlie
���fnlTect ITiat Jensen was a trusted em
plovee and  he  invariably  got him
���write out cheqnM.
Not Mud) Experience.
Plaintiff had only   drawn   oul    ;,
C&GQU6 ii'ii -t If once and had made ;L
blandtr In I tie examined the cliegu
after he had signed ii and ii was
earreot Ehon, lie did nol remeu I i
run.ci,.-, the blank between the
���'��>���.'n an I "dollars" i.i the clu iue
fit- realized, now tiiai It was pointed
un to him, LhaJ the Qgur-ea In lhe
-cheque was eaaliy erased and easily
i ie  ,ilv..,;..   made hi;*  chi ques  ; iy
���ablt  oi bearer because he was gi
Ally a way a distance fi * iu  ih    h ink
He did not    know    whether
thai Mr, S, Coon of Fader, Coon -ft Lever, real estate agents, had represented to him that the lot he bad
agreed lo purchase was situated be-
First and Second streets,
whereaa It turned out to be a block
east of First Btreet. Also that the
price agreed on waa ���ffloo instead of
JGI'.O as In the agreement. Plaintiff
paid the first installment but refused
to  pay  any  more.
The defence was n denial of plaintiffs allegations and that the proper
lot hnd been shown to him by .Mr.
Coon on the ground and on the map.
A counter claim for $lfifi, the second payment was made, but not proceeded with.
Counsel  for  plaintiff,     Mr.    J.     I>
''    ll.iin|iton   Hole
Counsel  for defendant,
Whiteside, K.C.
Mr.   J.   S.
(Continued from page one)
knew the amount of his balance al
tJir. hank, but Jensen knew llial plaintiff bad sulil his ranch. .Itiiseu knew
plaintiffs business pretty well and
would have an idea of w!;:;, balance
lie i,ad in the bank.
He did nol remember havln -. a c n
versa-hun with the two g* ;i - tt no.
in court, Mr. Thomson. ;i ill il
coiiiilnm In the bank, and Mr. IVedd r
burn, ledger clerk, on December 19
Neither did he recollect  .   r   i :
their presence, after explana Ions had
bfvn given, and the mnnio i   ...  >!,.>.
th-e cheque had been drawn  thai  he
hart   been  caiiiess   in   the   matter  or
that the blank space after thi "sevi a"
���was easily filled In and the numerals
at the bollom erased.
Jrnaen had no authori;.   to alti i* 01
f-m.se any cheque by h'
traordinary expenses, the estimates to
be prepared by the board and snb-:
mltted to ������ municipal council sliall
be cIosbIII ., In such manner as to
Bhow lln total estimated cost of (in
new school sit- IB, Ihl now Bchool
]' nseii buildings, (c) furniture and eouipmonl
tor new school buildings, (d) alterations and ntiiiiiioiis to old school
buildings, and tol oilier special or extraordinary requirements! and the
municipal council shall consider and
deal wiih eaoh class separately, and1
i-hall either approve or disapprove of
the total estimated ooel in respect of
i in ii  class as submitted,
"(III If   the  council   -diould   disap-
provi   i f   the  estlmut d   expenditure
in respect ot any diss, ii shall, with-1
in one week after the estimates bavi
hi ��� i  di llvered  to  the  mayor, reeve.
clerk or oili, r propi r municipal officer
by the board, notify ihe board of its
disapproval;   and   thereafter  ii   shall
be the duty of the council, nol lati r
than 30 days afier the receipt by tin
mayor, reeve, clerk or othi r inunii
pal officer as aforesaid, of the wril '���
tin   request  of the  secretary of  Ih
Ottawa, Feb. 20.���When tlio house
nut Mr. ,1. I). Taylor, of New West-
in.imli r, asked that lhe minister of
marine bring down any papers In connection  wiih the  reoenl  decision of
lhe supreme court In the dispute between lhe federal government and the
government of liritish Columbia over
the fisheries,
Hon. Mr. lla/.cn promised this and
explained briefly that the Judgment
was an answer to cerialn questions
respecting the provincial and federal
jurisdiction of the fisheries. He said
that the other provinces of tho Dominion had joined with British Columbia In having representation before the court, as judgment waa of
Interest to all of ihom. Ile aald that
the judgment was given in favor of
the contention of the federal government.
Naval Debate.
Dr, Edwards, of Frontenac, rose to
a question of privilege, objection to
the statements made by Dr, Clark, of
Red Deer, that ho hnd said that a
Canadian navy would be a separative
navy. Dr, Kdwards said thai be had
said no such thing and thnt no aueh
words would eb found in the speech
In* had made In the liouse.
Hon, Charles Murphy in resuming
the naval debate, said that the government by its naval proposals had
i nly aroused the Blumberlng spirit of
Cauadlan nationality. Thai hail nol
bi en tin Ir Intention, bul the result
was all the mord grateful to himself
and his fellow Liberals, who believed
ihat Canada's strength lo Great Britain In tini ��� of nt ed was not measures, Inn muddled declamations about
i ne oi the language, one fleet, one
throne, not by tree gifts of temporary
loans, bul by Canada's growth iinini-
p. d. d In all the attributes of Belf-gov-
ernment as an autonomous nation
with tho British empire.
lie said that as the result ef the
jingoistic campaign it had seemed to
have become unooi ulnr for b man ���-.
ihe house to call himself a Canadian,
but the opposition which had been
aroused to the government's proposal j-a'jj. treatment
had set ih, people thinking and a'
greater change In public opinion had
taken place in the last two months
ihan ever look place in the country
At a meeting of the Fraser Valley
Publicity Bureau In the Progress Club
quarters, Vanoouver, yesterday arrangements as to the establishment
of an exhibit in the Vancouver organ!
nation's exhibit, hall were made and
plana were laid for a summer publicity campaign. .Mr. K. 11. Heaps,
the  president,   presided.
Shortly niter noon the members of
the bureau were entertained ni luncheon by the Progress club, following
which many Important speeches dealing with the need for co-operation of
the municipalities' and cities were delivered by prominent Vancouver citizens and members of the Fraser Valley l'ubllclty  bureau.
One Central Board.
One central board of aldermen consisting of eighteen members, to be
elected by thn people generally and
not by wards, to govern the city of
Vancouver and the municipalities of
Burnaby, South Vanoouver and Point
Grey, was the suggestion contained In
an address hy Mr. J. \V. Weart. The
mayor. Mr. Weart continued, would
be chosen not by vote, but by the
aldermen  elected   by  the people.
"The general manager of a large
business concern is not chosen by the
shareholders, but by tho board of
directors, They pay for brains, nnd It
should be lhe same v.ay in civic gov
ernment. The mayor Bhould be paid
a salary and should devote all his time
to his work. It is mi necessary that
he should be one of the alii inien, but
a business man should be chosen for
the position," said Mr. Weart.
He went on to Btate thai pn 91 1 '
methods were nol business-like and
that 110 elector, were he running a
big business would think of allowing
it to be run by four separate bodies when oim could do thi
work as well. Some of the savings
in having one centra] board would be
that there would, for instance, be
only one engineer, who would lay OIll
all work and thai the aldermen would
not have any axe to grind, not being
elected by any ward, bin the whol '
city, and so each would get equally
and   one  not   lavished
with Improvements at the expense ol
the others.
before,    lie hoped  to  sec the  Liberal
opposition keep up the li-'ln until   th
priu.e  iniiii.-ier   was   forced   to   keep
one  if  his pledges  and  submit  the
*.,.   : on to ' li    people.
Mrs. (('Byrne corroborated hi r hus board in thai behalf, to submit fur (hi
b-i'i-d's testimony in hi tar as Bhe assenl of the municipal elector., a bj
saw the cheque in Question was drawn law or. if the 1 xpenditure disnpprovi d
.i_r.��t signed for $7. ��r relates to more ihan one clase, by
Mr. James Thomson, assistant ac- laws authorizing the proposed expen
councin 1. Royal Bank, call d 1 r tin dlture and. if necessary the raising oi
defence, -said there was nothing In the moneys upon tlie credit of the muni-
body of (he cheque to call his atlen- clpallty
tion to (be face that there had been |law ,ll,15'
an erasure, lie, bad a conversation
with Mr. O'Byrne on December 19
r^jo-tit thi" transaction.
Erasure   Was   Easy.
TW-. -choline  was brought   out    ami
TRY 10 Ri fi
<" ���
"���d in front rf hint and witness
��_ oul that be. bail il. 1 11 the
xe. In seen a way thai there could
, be an erasure made.
1MB examined, he sad li" did no
���*> that the two "Oil's" afti r the
wrre over the line or thin lie
rl ���"hundred" was written In
���tier copying pencil after the word
"m aiua." It appeared to him to be so
ni * that he looked at it through a
rr.��Kiiifying glass.
He had no doubt that the writing
in tlie bodv of Ihe cheque was In the
same hand.
Mr. Wetlderbiirn, the l��dgerkeeper.
tiivurd part of the conversation he
tween Mr. Thomson and Mr. O'Byrne
about the cheque.
Mr. L. M. Kichardson, manager of
th�� Royal Hank, shown the alt' n d
���chwine, said he would have had no
TiesiM-linn in cashing it, as far as ihe
loo-fiy ol it was concerned,
IBs remembered having a conversation with Mr. Corbould. who was net
iux on behalf of Mr. O'Byrne.
Admissible  Evidence.
An argument took place between op
posiri' 1 otmsel as to the admissibility
of until evidence,  nam el v  an  ni	
���toe ivy Mr. Corbould on behalf of hia
JwJiKe  Howay   said   bis   doubt   was
\nd in lhe event of Buch by
law duly receiving the asBenl of tin i
electors, tho municipal treasurer shall 1
pay oul ot the proene-ds of the debentures Issued thereunder all expenses|
connected  with  the  Issuance of Unman, ami  the balance  sliall  be paid
over from time to time, as required
by    tlie    trustees,  by  the municipal
treasurer  lo  the  several   iiersons   tc
whom Buch moneys are payable.
Do  Not  Need   Petition.
"I Th" procedure    for   submitting
the bylaw or bylaws for the assent of
the  electors  and  obtaining  such  as
si nt shall be the same as tbe procedure In submitting municipal bylaw:*
j for contracting  debts   for other than
{ordinary expenditure or  for the raising of money by way of debentures,
'except that It shall not be necessary
to present to the council any petition
requesting it. to introduce such bylaw BTUylaws.
"(n) The council shall be deemed
to have approved of the board's estimates for any class of expenditure if
it docs not notify the board of its disapproval thereof within the lime prescribed for il in subsection (8) of this
section, and in such case such estimates shall be binding on the council
and it shall be the duty of the council
to take the necessary steps to procure
and pay over such moneys as are from
time to time required by the hoard to
mei 1 obligations under such class of
expi ndlture."
Citizens,   Aldermen    and    Legislature
Try to Make a Cleanup���Newspapers  in  the Graft.
Providence, III., Feb. 26.- I'resi-
di ;n v.. 3. Chamberlln of the Grand
i runk. appeared before the general
assembly today and asked thai the
Btate place i;�� guarantee after that of
111" Central Vermont railway hoods
ot (66,000,000 so that the South New
England branch of the Canadian road
may be oompleted.
"1 believe." said Mr. Chamberlln, '
"th.'t Hie siate |n granting this guarantee will take no risk whatever. It
has been estimated by my predecessor i'*i the Central Vermont railway,
that the Southern New England will
be much more than self-suets nlng.
(Continued li-.nn page one)
Adrlanople Is conflicting, The Bul
gaiian war department says onlj
desultory lighting has been In progress,  bul  a despatch  In in  a  French
corresponded inside the city says
that since February 11 the Bulgarians
have been delivering desperate as
saulii upon the fortress and bombard
Ing it cnn.'ly and fruitlessly. The correspondent conllruia the report B( 111
io the Turkish war office by Shukrl
I'.tshn, iho military commander ol
Adrlanople, thai he has succeeded in
getting a l.esli supply of provisions.
At llulalr the Bulgarian and Turkish armies are entrenched, patleutlj
awaiting a break 111 the weather.
The only heavy lighting, except at
Adrianople, since tlie war was resumed, has taken place around Scutari, where thc Montenegrin army,
now assisted hy Servian troops, has
failed to lake the fortress.
Thn Montenegrins are most anxious
to capture the fortress, as Russia has
agreed to the Austrian demand that
it should be Included In the future Albanian state. With the town once in
his possession King Nicholas believes
ihat his brother Slavs would insist on
Its retention by Montenegro.
The (Ireek army seems to be Idle a'
���lanina. An occasion report comes
through of a mov, mini by Turkish
troops in Macedonia, while the fall
ure of the OreeliB to take Jonlna,
which is their objective, is regarded
as another Indication that there Is s
lot of liKiit b tt in th" Ottomans In
thai part of the country.
The Creek fleet now has extended
its blockade of the Albanian coast as
far as Dura/./.o ill 1 -i'der to Stop lhe
revictualllng of the Turks In Scutari
and  Macedonia.
This action may give rise to objections by Italy and Austria on hi
ground that the blockade is Ineffective.
Join   Forces.
St, Petersburg, Fi b. 26 -Demobilization of the Austrian and Russian
forces has been decided upon, according to Information trom mo.-* reliable
sources, as the result of recsnt exchange of letters between Emperor
Francis Joseph and the lliissian 1 111
peror. The extra units concentrated
un the respective frontiers, ii is s(-tt
ed. will be simultaneously withdrawn
in the near future and the reservists
This action coincides with 1!"' pro
parations tor the tercentenary cell bra
tion of the Roumanotf dynasty, which
It is deBired to mark by peace In in
ternatlonal relations and good will in
internal politics. An amnesty decree
on  a larg" sc:i" Is being  pr' pared.
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
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Leckie's Oil Tan Hi-Cut   4.15
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Leckie's Boots and  Ahrcn's School Shoes.
A  $20,000  Stock to  Select From
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
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Lumber Lath and Shingles
Royal City Decorating Co.
Wall Paper, Burlaps and Paints.  Paper Hanging our
Specialty.  Work guaranteed.
Chas. Mannering     34 Begble street.      Phone 3W.    Ed. Allcock.
Net  Loss to    Depocitors    $1.803.-117���
Mann-jemcM of the Bank  Entirely to Blame.
whether counsel Tor Uie defence hnd Qljon, Spain, Feb, 26.    Upwards of
SthBWh   ib'il    'Ir-  Corbnnld   v.;is   Ihei: 200 peopli   ware killed or wounded bl
sxtrtstf tm Che ptaJntlff.    In lhe ordln tbe Ill-timed explosion cf n charge ol
���ai} tiour-hi  ;Ui admission made b;  an 7000 pounds it black powder   which
Ni w York, Feb  26,   Threi> commit- ._^._^._������_.
.le.s one appointed I - the late legis- ItoacburR, Ore., Feb. 26.���After be
lature, one by the board ol aldermen ���* '"'l 20 nours, a jury today convict-
and one by an organization ol oltlzens ed Mayor Joseph Nlcelll of violating
Joined today In an effori to reform the local option law, in that ho allow
the New  York police fore     The re-    d   bis   bookkeeper  to  sell   standard
I   n't of (heir labors probably will be  beers to    Robert    Connor,    a former
I legislative bills  providing for sweep- '< saloonkeeper.
i inn changes.
Mayor Gaynor wns    the    principal |
j witness before the legislative cominit-
[ tee,   while   two   of   his   pn ilecessors,;
| 'urmer  Mayors   McClelland  and  Setli .
Low gave their Views to the committee
of aldermen,    At  the same time the
'citizens' committee, appointed Immediately afier the murder of Herman
Rosenthal,   the   Kamliler,   laid   before I
ithe legislative committee detailed re- i
! commendations.
The  most   riidicil   reforms  suggest- I
| ed was Ihe appointflfciit of a new com-
i mission to lie called "the board of social welfare," which Bhould take from I
the  present   police   force  the  dm;,   ol \
regulating gambling, social vice and
the lienor traffic. This plan was presented by the citizens' committee,
Mayor Gaynor BUggeBted an Infu
Blon of new blood Into the force by
permitting the appointment (>l Inrpoc
'tors from outside By th.s means h'
hoped to bring Into the force arm;  ol
i fleers and other trained  men nol  un
Judge Hamilton, of the circuit court
was called twice durlni�� the night to
ri instruct the jury. Mayor Micr-lll Is
manager of Roseburg Brewing Com-
en*-*..- which for several years past has
bf-"" barred from a loral market by
the "dry" blanket that covers western
Oregon from California to Salem.
Answers Last Call.
Toronto Sergeant George Pearce,
"the last survivor" of the Royal Artillery battery, which was in advance
of the cavalry at the "Charge of the
Light Brigade" at Balaclava, died
here yesterday. Ile was In his eighty-
second  year.
agent is binding rnxin
Be iiioiigiu iimi here
*-\'r had '��� "it roads on
bnuld   wa"  aiithori/ed
the pr nclpal
a prlmi fa   '���
thai Mr Cor
to    n presi nl
l��t'>i'ntitf in the ordinary course of
bur,'nesu and the evidence   was   ad
lie-' lil ��� \s to what mi lii ','���'*. ;1 ti
br adduced v,as another matter.
'}'���] 1 jnrl In an obj'-c.t'-ori bv counsel
��ot the plaintiff the evidence v as n!
Mr   Richardson pToceedli     Bald h
aho-Ai-d Mr. Corbould the cl ue   al
ten . '.. j< nsi n from J7 to $; 10, V/it-
���_v���� Baid in Mr. Corbould that il Wis
'-TaMtd in such an excellent manner
thnt be y,uuld cash it himBelf, Mr
���Ctirbn'ild    re|ill��T   "I     would    do the
had   belli   bid
menl engli eers
Ing an ' nori'io,
An  Immense
yesterday   by  rovern
.. ith the "i i of ra?-
a i,loch of n '';.
concourse   of towns
It wa3 no cane of fofgery at all, lt
wm a question of an erasure ami I',
������.-a?! an erasure executed so that any
bank would cash II. If there had been
jwtTO hundred dollars in the body of
tbe cheque and $7 in the numeral
porti-nn   ho   WOUld   makn   Inquiry
If Ui-Wf: were seven
in   the  written
;m_r'- and |?00 Iii the numeral pari
\\*r -would pay the $7. It was no'
costo-mary lo examine cl���<���(��� ni Ith ;
nsAitn if; * *, glass,
"l - ,.,     r rr\    ci'*.
cnunwl for both parties addn
court, quoting authorities  in   BUppor
of ihei-- respective contentions.
people had gathered to witness!   the
ii. ii olltlon   of   tin-    hills separatln
1 '������ "ii  fn mi  ih" coaling    harbor    ol
Muzla, a mile and n half distant The
��� ii.* i \ if Uu- opi ration was to cm o
���'���"���"1 and thus avoid the prosem
long il ;   r,
Ai  the hour fixed  t*e   fuse   wa
lighted iii'il  Hi" explosion    occurred
Hut Instl 'ul of lhe rock h*'inrr iili *'
hundreds of inns of clay and Bmtfl1
stones were hurled, like artillery pn
ijectiles, among the assembled specie
.tors. Whole families were mownr1
down. Many of the engineers an-'
municipal officers were killed.
Twenty-four bodies had been recovered this afternoon, but it is consld
ered that the toial fatalities will far
exceed  that  number.
..   .,!
V.'iniili" v.   Feb.    26    Sin    ioi'ulr'i!
ml  i'i*  '������!"..   i *  * .  i -  fr**"i   Go
i    * * ��� - .1 Britain ai rived !*i 9 Inn'
IH g    \Vi llm !'"*"     |0'*lll. 'I ll    -.    i|     lei
only hy f ir the I.**..---* I parti . hi' '
!"���" mi ' *' .- , untry i i"'*" ��� he
dawn of 1018, i ui  It also i.i inuml.r r��
Cornsel for the. defence contended Ian j ���  pnrtj thai bas found lis way
that it was the duty of the customer  into Canada SO early in the year, since
to draw his cheque in such a way the Immigration movement  Into   the
an noi to   facilitate   any    alt ration, [country fir-i commenced,
eraain-i- or forgery of  the amount  In |    In fact, It Is a record.    These new
any  way. ' arrivals   Include   a   number   of  firsi
In this cue O'ilyrne practically nl class farm hands, who have como out
lount Jensen in do his banking busl- here prepared to start working on the
jifm. He had placed himself prac- .land, directly the season opens. Nine-
tic-ally in this case aa if he hud sign-, ty-fivc per cent, are Britishers
I di r the domination of tii" "systi m
At    the    conclusion of his op ���
Mayor Oaynor t-aiil   "i h po there wll1
bo no delusion  at   Albany     l do nol
believe the police of Now  York city
are falling In their dutj cr corruplli i
' ii is not so.    And don't -i i the notln
that  the ie wspnpora arc  net  In  i hi
j graft; they'-.,  been In up to th ir arm-
: pits for 2'3 years."
Shows  No  Desire  ta Run   Up  to  Lon
don, As  His Grandfather  Did.
London, Feb. "ti. From 'ill p.ccounl -
the Prince ol Wales is greatl) enjoy
Ing his life at oxford, where he has
i greater freedom I,>'.in wiih allowed
his grandfather during the hitler's re
;.i!'nee at the university.
The Prince has not. however, taken advantage of this to run np to. ior
as o-forii undergraduate-* snv, down
to) London, ns his grandfa'ber onm
did. The story of the lute 'v'i- Ed
'.anrs I'liBiioocNRful attempl to com'
to London frun Oxford wlthoul his
Wile or his tutors being nny tl'." V iser
haa tho merit it being true, besides
iN'v.irg that he could be wi ty on
\vi-,-. i,,, rtr'ved ni Pnddlngton and
1 io Mi anno' nnce found hli inelf ���* n
; te- ���].<��� foval carrlairi I o n-ilr, ">���
I |,,,j | - * , r, ,"; " ���',, I- ".,,-r ,-f i i,.. <v!>,
���ll   '   |!      *,,"j    |><   l-,|.    US,   ,    ' *   *   I ,      * , *. h
cl ������ h" d";v"n grave.lv answered
"in  l.xoior   Hull."
Carbolic Acid as Beverann.
Toronto,  Feb.  26,    Mrs.  Marion    C
Boyle, '-'H yearn Of age. died nt  noon
today  in  the  general  hospital   from
Ithe effects of drinking carbolic acid
She  look  the  acid  in  inltiti'ke for    a
', Ionic,
Dr. Wesbrook Accepts.
Minneapolis, Minn., Feb, nt;. Dr. K
i* Wesbrook, dean of the medical
Bchool of the University of Minnesota.
yesterday received official notification
i    . . i "i  ���   ��� '; , .i   i.i ildcni of th,*
in v,   University  i '  British  Col imbl i
at Vnnc mvi r,  H C
Dr, Wesbroi i; ������ ild he ** ould accept
���In ��� * ������ ��� ion. i ii* **, lil lake up bin new
dut ea immediately after the end ol
the universi y \".ir ni Minnesota.
Another   Victim.
Everett,    v,;, h.,   Fi b,   28. - Esther
Move's,  ihe  live VI III* ��� id diiiiglilir    of
ind Mrs  Charles Meyers, was Instantly killed late yea i rday aftern	
blii   i In;, ii'- In tl"* Bin el by an an
lomob'le   driven    by    Mrs.    Stephet
'I h*'  driv-i   . ���   the i tai l\ i
van taking lessens rrom o chauffen
v. ho sa: by her
Ths 0-indc, o( Time.
Toronto, Fob. 26. .-���;< rgeant Oeorge
Pearce, "the In a survivor'' of thi
Royal Artillery battery, which v..is i>
advance of the cavalry at the "Charge
of the Light Brigade" at Balaclava
died hero yesterday. He was in hi
82nd yc-ir.
Will Erect $100 000 Plant.
Medicine Ha',   Alia..    Fob.   28.    I.
Can'.,*. Sunk Centre. Minn., repre   ��� il
Ing ii"   radiator inn* nfncl irlnig c nn
pany of thai  place    I    *.        *    !
agr i n i rn, with tho i'.iv in bull i
: In' i  I'l't**- v Mel.    v  'I  *  i��,l    SP
' and  ' iii'i'loy   bI) Ly    to om     hundred
Roumania  Falls In  Line.
Bucharest, Feb. 26.   Roumanla   today accepted  the offer of mediation
made by the powers In the boundary
dispute between Roiliniililn anil Bulgaria, Tin* government's acceptance
is subject In conditions which Include
the acquisition by Roumanla of thu
i Hulgarian (own of Slllstrla,
Ottawa, Feb. 26.    Sir William Mere-
* dilh's report as royal commissioner
appointed to Investigate the affairs of
the Farmers hank and relations of
the ex-minister of finance, Hon. W. S.
Fielding, and the treasury hoard there
; to was tabled in the commons this
afternoon by Hon. \V. T. White. The
conclusions reached in tlie report may
be briefly summarized as follows:
Tiie blame for the failure of the
bank involving a net loss to the depositors of 91,806,437, is ascribed to
recklessness and fraud of those entrusted wi;h tin- management   or the
j bani: and not to granting of certificate
by the treasury board.
ln so far as the treasury hoard is
concerned the commission finds that
there is no ground  imputing any  Im-
! proper motives to the ex-finance minister and his colleagues and the most
that can properly be charged against
I them is "an error of Judgment"; this
error of judgment laying In accepting
ihe repeated assurances of Travera as
to the correctness of the sworn statement   nf   Ihe   hank's   affair?   without
making a sufficiently searching inquiry us to the truth of the allegation
made by Sir Edmund Osier. Mr. David
Henderson,  M P . and  others.
The chief justice further finds that
Sir Edmund Osier and Mr. Henderson
did not think 11 worth while to bring
before ths house of commons lhe action of the treasury board in granting
the certificate and thai this "may be
>bssrved as probably indicative of
their view ns to tlie gravity of the
��� reg tlnrltli s of �� hlcli they had been
Sir William saj i Ihat if th<�� bnnk
had been prudently and honestly innn-
���t������ori. there is no reason why it should
nol have succeeded despite the Irregu
larltles on the pari of Travera and his
misconduct In connection with the application of the certificate,
This would seem lo indicate thai
the shareholders and depositors will
���lot have much to go on in their de
niand for reimbursement from thr
flolh Mr. I'eter ltynn nnd lhe |at(
Colonel Matheson, provincial treasurer, are exonerated of nny cut
nubility in the matter, In regard Ic
the  latter  the  report   linds  Ihat     the
provincial treasurer, In making de
nosiiH lu the bank neted with nothlns
;n view hut the public Interest, and
���van nol aware of any agreement he
tween the Toronto World and Travera
-   -.,v,rr-   re   *
For Vancouver, via Central  Park i
-At 5:00 and .VIS a.m, and every i
j   15   minutes  until  9  p.m.     From  H
p.m. until uiulii.|..lit half hourly service.
Sundays���At COO. 7:00. 7:30.
8:00 and S.30 a.m., week day service prevailing thereafter.
For Vancouver via Burnaby -At
5:45, 6:45 and 8:00 a.m. with hourly service thereafter until 10:00
p.m., and late cur ut 11:110 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8:00 am.,
|   with   we-k  duy  service  thereafter
For Vancouver via Eburne - At
7:08 a m. and hourly until 11 00
p in.
Sunday���Flint car ut 8:00 am,
regular week duy service thereafter.
(Connection with cars to Steveston and otber points ou Lulu Island le mi'-Jv at Kburue.
For Chilliwack and Points In
South Fraser Valley���At 9:.lu a ia.,
1  -0 p.m. aud 6:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Points
At  4.05 p.m.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot,
New Westminster B   C.
J. H. Todd's Music House
41C  f.olumbia   Street.   Nevw   Westminster.
Singer   Sewing   M*ichinrs.     Small   Muulcal   Goods of all   Kinds.  PHONE  694.
Ccme to tho Barkupt Sale Today at
The PeopSe's Friend
708 Columbia St.
Opp. Westminster Trust Blk.
'���',   I.
r   -.,*,,-    i- ii   I    ������,,!,.
, Tilt,,; to th * cnMnnl  n bill e-1. iii'i-
the rervlcfl of SOldlcrfl of nil  urn'-   in
the  i* i-e-nii army to three ye-irs In-
I Stead of two veiiry. ns nt  prevent.
Thla '���"���!' ure wlll Incrdaia lhe iiren- j
ent army 60 per cent A tneasure of
ihiH kind wuh expected and unpen rn to
be 111 nerord with the wtive of patriotic feeiinK passing over the country.
The rnbinet him not dlHi'.UHKed nny specific projeot, hut in committed to a
I large Increase In the army, |
Genuine Sale, as we must have the room.
Complete Hetlroom Suite, consisting of Bed, Spring
and Mattress, nice G. O. Dresser, 3 drawers, liritish
Bevel-plate Mirror ami   six-piece Toilet Set   for
only $17.90
Princess Dresser, large oval glass $12.75
Other Dressers equally low.
Chiffoniers from $6.00 up
Sideboards for $15.00
C luchos $3.75 and up
Hetl Lounges, Parlor Tables, Easy Chairs, Kitchen   '*
Cabinets, Tables, etc., etc., all going regardless of   ��
This sale is cash only.
*3*m*mmmmm*��i0: i mmmm m
THUB8DAY,  FEBRUARY  27,  1913.
Longford   defeated   Jeanette   in   Boston,     Langford    defeated   Jeanette
tlwco  in   I'.Ul,  fought  a  twenty-round
affair in Sidney, Australia,
Last year MeVey and Langford
fought four bouts in Australia, bang-
ford winning all of them.
(Continued irom page onei
Quebec    Down    Toronto
Defeat   Canadiens���Tecumsehs
Nose Out Otta vas.
Prom  this recital of the battleB of I .	
Wanderers the big four blacks, it Ih difficult  to
[ pii'li the best lii.'in.   Many believe that  who  wai  chucked   only
MeVey would  have   hen   Johnson's I benevolent Interference
mailer  11  they  had  fought about the, known   the  situation     ^^^^^^^
time of the   Jeffries-Johnson   battle, to end the trouble.
and others would have backed Lang- ���    The Zapatistas have added  to the
by Madero's
ice,  believes,  he
Buficlently well
N.  H. A. Standing-
Good    Crowd    Watch    Beavers    Make
Clean up, 10-2���Strong Contenders for Cup.
Standing  of  Amateur  League.
y  m. c, a	
I'-'i'Vel'H          1
Kraser MIIIh
Moose     n     '.'     4    13
Next game, Tuesday, March 4, Fraser  Mills vh.  V.  M. ('. A.. 8 u'eii.i I;
The  Heavers got down  to btlBineSB
in  the race for the  McHoe trophy at
Arena   last   evening   when   they
Hockey    Championship
Montreal,   Keb.  mi.   Following   the
resignation    of   (iraham  Drinkwater
from the board of trustees of the Allan OUP, a mw hoard Iiiih been organ
zieil.     The     new     board     comprise!
Messrs.    ll.    it    Maodiugall, \v. E.
iNorthcy and Ur. II. 11. Yates, At the
preaent time the only challenge tot
the Allan cup In the hands of the trustees   is   that   of   VarBlty,   winners   of
'the Interdbleglato championship,
It is anticipated that the winners
In the final of the Oil.A. will put up
a challenge for the cup, end in that
event, Varsity Will be ordered to play
off with the O.ll.A. champions. There
dues nut appear tnuoij possibility of
the Interprovinclal corks finishing
up lu time iiiis season to put in a
challenge for the trophy.
.i i
!���'.     .
the     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Bwamped lhe Moose outfit to tin* tune
nf ti u goals to two, The Bcorlng was
the heaviest seen in a league game
this winter ami while lb" Contest was
interesting throughout, the Be'avert
ovi rtoppi ii tbelr opponents
play at i",i ry stage both ou
ward and di feni e poaltlonB.
Only in lhe second lialf iliil the
herd show any class, coming thi m '..
���wiih iwo goals while tin ir combliia
lion work was far superior to that of
lhe Beavers vim kepi inure to th
dividual i nl" of play.
Look  Might/ Fast. ^H
Clash with  Royals in Important Came
��� Reccrd   Crowd   Looked   for���
iVandl rers ....
Canadians ..  .
Toronto-.   ....
Tecumsehs ....
Quebec continued its winning streak
in the N. II. A. last evening, defeating
the Torontos in a close game six goals
to four. With only two more games
to play the Stanley cup repeaters have
a clear lend In the championship race
and Bhould break even at least 111 the
last two games, one at home against
Ottawa, while the other at Montreal
against the Wanderers.
The two Montreal clubs clashed
last evening In a great battle, George
Kennedy's Canadians biting the dust
to tho Wanderers, although tlie score
was only live to four. This gives tin
Wanderers second place with a twi
game had and should just about hi'
enough for them to scramble through
Hilly .Nicholson's Tecumsehs cam,
io life again in time to trounce the
Ottawas on ihe Queen City Ice. The
score was four to three, demonstrat
ing that the Senators must have given
the Indians a hurd battle for honors
Th,- Tecumsehs play their remaining
games on their own if" so that two
victories would bring 'hem onl of tin
cellar position providing the
teams break even.
I.list   night's games:
Wanderers 5, Canadiens 4.
Quebec li, Torontos 4.
Tecumsehs 4. Ottawas 3.
3rd and Jeanette against Johnson at
; the same time.
McVi y's  fighting   career   is apparently over, and he bas ceased   to be
useful even as a meal ticket for Sam
! Langford.     Johnson   is   the  oldest   of
I lhe bunch, having been born in 1S7U,
71 I while Jeanette was born in 1881, Mc-
89lVLy In 1SS5 and Langford in 1880.
New Act to "Regulate Theatres���Children Under 15 Years Must Have
With V'ancouvi
To lb
^^^^^^       still holding on by
in   a Bint I,* . ��� h to   a   chance   for   the
Pacific   Coasl   hockey   championship
tie, tin   game on Friday night al the
present knowing anything ��� Queens park arena promises to eclipse
about ile ra  ihe Beavers  lool   a  anything ihat has been dished out
mighty fast aggregation. Their stick-
handling waa good to watcb ami now
that the playi rs know each other, their
fight tor :i: ��� championship win be
wi H ������' *n*i!i watching Their defeat
by the V. M C, A. will undoiil i.iHy
���can,-, them heaps of trouble fur the
"i 's bai ��� :������ i in feel tho imiiks of de
fiat Inn some team Is going to put ta ���
kiti.li m ile* present leaders before
long,   whieh   will   give  Ihe   Beavers   a
chanci   to regain  whal  ground  thi :���
lest in their initial game.
Ilewever, coming back to tin- gun".
the Moose were easily outplayed al-
thoui li Mi. j stayed tin- limit. Their
���  ������ v. fi  the exception of I >.��� �����
Mil.end, were slow to the extremi
compared with th,- Beavers nml but
for 1'ie work of Loss on the defence
the Mure would have been higher
lie*, played a mighty good game at
cover, his Infringement of the Ernie
Johnson Bweep being pulled off wtth
good results time and again, while
lhe gnal he scored was one of th"
feats of the evening.
Lake, as per usual, showed plenty
���nf speed and was good on Hi" passi I
llaslie was good on the wing, accounting for three tallies himself, while glv-
iin' Sutherland no end of chances,
f. ur ef these being accepted. Sutherland played a far belter game than In
tie prevli us contest ami war. crowding
the goal ai all tiiaes whenever a pnss
seemed  Imminent.
Two major fouls were banded out,
MeLeod ami Kenny showing a tendency  tn mi-,  matters until  1-aldie Mc-
���earthy  swooped   duwn    ami
them off fi,r five minutes ea< ii
The   Line-up.
Heavers        Goal.    Swanson;
Swan;    cover,    Williamson!
Lake;   centre,   Kenny;     right
Sutherland ; li ft wing, Hastle.
Moose- Goal. Graham; point, Parson;;; cover. Iters; rover, 1) MeLeod;
centre, McDougal; left wing, Darkle;
right   wing.   Mc Lend MeColl.
Referee, Eddie .McCarthy; Judge of
play, Teiinaiii;  goal umpires. Art  Si i>
���c.lair, "Doc" Wells;  game timer. Fred
Lynch;  penally timer, ('.  II    Bourne.
Goal  Summary
fii'i-l period Sutherland (11,1
HaiMie (B.) 1 -0; Hastle (II.1
Sutherland 111.) 4:15; Hastle
Second   period   Lake    (ll)    1:52;
Kenny (H i 8:33; McDougal (M ) ���������������
j-tosfl     i M I     I 40;     Wiu'i, rl -id   II! I
6:06;   Kenny   ill.)   2:65;   Eutherland
(it i il ' 6
I'eiialii s   Parsons, MeLeod, 5; Mc
local fans ibis winter.
Vancouvi r mrst win all
malnlng games to slay in the running
quite a tall problem to tackle, but the
high pric:d stars that Frank Patrick
ha gathered together are nol tin
claaa of players to quit the game cold.
whenever there is still a li pholi
and promise to make "King" Card
:*"'s pets travel ut a faster speed
than ever before.
This being the flrst winter that tbe
Canadian winter game has been
played iu the iloyal City and the fact
ihat several unavoidable delays occurred in opening of the rink, kind
of placed the game to the bad for a
time, bul that lias now passed and a
bumper crowd is sure to be on deck
to Witness tlie battle.
Although they received a severe
check in tin- game at Victoria last
Friday, the Royals are prepared to
show Vancouver   lust   how   hockey
should be played and a similar contest
to that which featured the rluk here
on Tuesday week when Victoria was
trounced live goals to one, should be
The si at sale went on at the Hill
pharmacy yesterday morning and a
steady demand for the pasteboards
wus noticed throughout the day with
I rospi clt i f an even largi r c ill today
nnd Friday.
Vancouver has already lost one
gam,- to the Hoyals and were forced
t*i step overtime to win the opening
game here, but the Terminal city fans
ara nol satisfied with watching their
borne games and have chartered spe-
clal cara to bring over the crowd so
thai ":> old fashioned contest patterned afier n thrilling lacrosse gnme Is
mire   to   be  displayed.
Vernon and  Los Angeles  Begin Their
Spring Training.
Los  Angeles.    Keb.    28.���The  Los
Angeles and Vernon Coast league ball
teams began their spring training season today on grounds that wen:
from the recent heavy rains.
Twenty-one men including Pitcher
Crabb, outfielder Maggert ami In-
fielder Fahey, formerly of the Philadelphia Americans, showed up in Los
Vngeles uniforms at Washington
Park, win re Captain Dillon directed
the preliminary loosening up work.
Other new* men present were Itube
Kills, the former St. Louis outfielder,
ami Rogers, a six foot fou
who was secured *from lii
League; George Metzger, lart season's
Victoria. Keb. UU.���An act to regulate moving picture theatres and to
provide for the appointment of a censer of all films used in British Columbia has been introduced by Hon.
W.  J.   Howser,  attorney  general.
Tv," bill provides that the government shall bave power to make regu-
lations governing the construction,
erection, operation, ventilation, lighting and safety of theatreB, halls and
ether buildings erected or uBed tor
places of public resort, entertainment
or amusement in which a cinematograph of moving picture machine is
The government is also given the
power to regulate the operation of
moving picture machines and to prohibit or regulate films or slides to be
exhibited and to prescribe the conditions under which films shall be stor-
ed, and providing also for thc conditions under whicb such films shall be
exhibited for protection by the censor
and fixing the fees to be paid for such
soggy | inspection.
The appointment of a censor and
one or two assistants under the act
lie., with the government The censor
shall bave power to permit or prohibit
or reject all films or slides which it
is proposed to exhibit.
All films and slides shall he inspected by the censor before being shown
in public with a view to the prevention of the depiction of scenes of an
pitcher * Immoral or obscene nature, the rep-
Texa: ��� resentation of crime or pictures representing  any  brutalizing  spectacle  or
list of towns they already occupied
Amecatiieca on the Interoceanlc railway, lid miles southeast of Mesloje*f'ity
and three others of minor importance.
Raiding continues with the usual
atrocities, but troops am in pursuit
of the murderous bunts for whom
little mercy is prom:::; il
The revolution lu the state of Guerrero appears likely of early settlement, since Jesus N. Salgailo, the eldest and nioHt persistent rebel leader
under Andrew Aliuazan mid Julie Ita-
dllln, promises allegiance.
According  to  government advices,
Former   Governor   ('arrange   of   Coahuila, is making little headway in the I
new   revolution   inaugurated   by   him
with Sallillo as his base.
Raoul  May Be Dead.
To the report that fimilio Madero
was killed Is added a rumor tbat his
brother, Raoul. has met the same fate
at Forreon. Both these young men
were actively allied with Carranza,
and, If true, their taking off doubtless
will have a deterrent effect on thc
I rebel activity In that district.
Carranza still holds the region about
Monterey   but   General   Grevino,   the
federal commander, who is at Monte-
I rey, is said to have dispatched troops
in the direction of R^itiilo.
The government believes there will
be   little   difficulty   in   regaining   the
rebel   territory.    That  region  to  the
north of Monterey,  including Laredo,
I now held  by the rebels, the government asserts, soon will be added.
American  Boys.
Golvestnn. Tex., Keb.  28.���Approximately    2000    soldiers of the Unltod
States army are encamped tonight in
; Galveston   and   another   lOM   occupy
trains in the local railroad yards ami
| will  be detrained  tomorrow morning.
The Till  regiment  of Infantry;   the
I and   the   3rd   battalion   of  the   head-|J
quarters staff of the 19th infantry nr-
! rived  today.    The  29th  infantry  and
Ith Infantry wlll arrive tomorrow.
All these troops are of the 5th brigade. The 4th field artillery will
I arrive tomorrow.
Brigadier General  Taskrr  II.  Bliss
arrived today at San Antonio and assumed command of the southern dl-
I vision with headquarters ut Kort Sam
To Our Friends and Clients
IK you wish to havo a place te meet a friend.
IK you  want to write a letter (paper, pens and ink at jcur disposal
IK you  want  to  use a telephone.
IK there Is any way we can  be of service to you we shall be very
pleased if you will make use of this office any  time during office hours and cordially In vile you to do so.
Office hours:    9 a.m. to 5    p.m.    Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Saturday evenings, 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Vancouver vs. Westminster.
Admission $1.00 and 50c.
Seat sale at Hill's Drug Store.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold pi,y.able iu all parts of tbe world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Street*
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
third  baseman  nnd  Hobert  Hewitt, a I any   pictures   which   the  censor   may i
pitcher obtained frcm the Northwest consider   injurious  or  against  public!
league, wire the only members of the  welfare or which may offer evil auger    d who had not reported, ! geBtlona to the minds of children or
, (which   may  be  likely  to  offend   the
Children under IH years of age Will
not be permitt- d to attend any picture show unless accompanied by an
Any breach cf the act will render
,the person committing It liable, on
summary conviction, to a fine of nol
less than to and not more than $300
and a further fine of $25 for each day
during the time after conviction which
I the (iffenre continues. The act will
j not come Into effect until proclaimed
I by  the  lieutenant-governor.
Seattle Lightweight Likely to Surprise
Canadian  Star at  Boxing
Baltimore, Md . Feb. 26.���After two
lays' stay here the suffragette "army
"f the Hudson" resumed today its "on
to Washington" march, and arrived tonight at Laurel, HO miles from here,
Four recruits from Baltimore start
ed with the hikers but turned back
when the city limits were reached
At Blkrldge, five negro women, with
banner inscribed "votes for colored
women." fell into line, but dropped
out after walking several hundred II
yards. y
Mayor Walters ot  Laurel  made an I
address    of    w.lcnme  tonight.    The |
hikers will start tomorrow of Hyatts
ville,  IS   miles  from  Laurel.
Pres. tnd Genl. tier. Vict-President Bee. aid Tree*.
Per, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
:: l ..
I.:,   er,     ll i. .-ae     i Moose
WI  laniBon, (1 (Beavers.)
Meets  Jnck   McHenry  in   First  Battle
of Professional Career at Coquitlam  Tonight.
Quito a few of the followers of the
fistic game are preparing to invade
Coqultlam this evenlny where Frank
Barrleau, the former pit of the Van-
luh. will make his
n profesi loual, Barrleau
the squared ring against
nry, of  Lima.  Ohio.
Seattle,    Feb.    -ti    The an.iacur.ee
ment that Clarence RothauS, tha clever Lightweight who has been winning
all  kimls of  medals while boxing  I'm
the   Seattle   Athletic   club,   will   clash
with   Ernie   Barrleau,   the   Vancouver
hey who claims to he the contender for
lee  liayley's title of champion of the
Dominion, has caused fifty-seven  va
rietles   of   comment     among     Beattli
fans who will nook to Dreamland rini,
next  Friday nlghl  lo witness the con
test, which will be the main event nl
Uu*   Washington   Athletic   club's   box-
Ing  show.
Word comes from Vancouver that
Barrleau is getting into great eondi-
lion nnd the Canadian seems to real
*'e thai he Is (mini; against one of
ttie best boys of his career when hi
tackles RothaUB, Iliiring the time thai
Rotbaus has been boxing lie has never
'i en stowed away and he has a long
string of victories lo his credit, many
of them  with  tough boyB.
Systematic    Incendiary     Attacks     on
Sporting   Grounds���Mrt.   Pankhurst the  Martyr.
Commonwealth's Capital.
Sydney, NSW . Feb. 2C- -On March
13 next, tie- commencement of the
1 work of constructing the capital city
of the Commonwealth at Yaas-Camber-
ra, will be a great event in Aus'-ral
an life. The first column to be laid
will conslsl ef grauite slabs, brought
from every portion of the British
empire, and the laying of the founda
tion will be the occasion fe�� H grent
political   gathering.
Phone 473 Beach St., Lulu Island.
Situation   In   Local   Circles   None   too
Qood���First Round of Tisdal
Trophy Contect.
''l'i'1 appears to be some doubl in
local i l| I.:- i riles as to whether Now
V.'i: tmlni iii' will field n team in the
fir; i rcuud ol the Tlsdall trophy con-
test, which is scheduled to Hike place
<ui lii" Qlleon'i I'ark oval on Sattir-
day afternoon, During the recent cold
nnap little interest has been shown by
tic players, especially the executive antl according to the secretary,
tin* l'n,   man manager game is not
What   it   is   puffed   un  to  lie.
Several of the players have been
keeping In training since the snow
disappeared nml no doubi there lo
pleniy of good material tp be pitted
against the Vancouver Firemen,
Taking Into ronsldcrntl * ���' ��� f* nl
th *��� ''ii- n .*"' I- im:', been tho i ������ '.,
ni- .' * i; ������". "������ '. Hu. Royal i"--. - -
lu ,��i> represented on the rugger field,
th������ ; i has not performed so badly,
although ihey lost a majority or the
go v b, Practically all lhe Vancouver
teams went through the same experience when limy wero formed nnd It
Ih surely no disgrace lo be defeated
if the team keeps Improving in form.
A meeting of the executive wlll pro-
hnhiy be held sometime this afternoon
when ii wlll he decided whether to default the game against thc Firemen or
livid a team.
couver Aiblet
debut    as
.will enter
i.lnek   Mell  	
Uurlng his career as a wearer of
the wine, d "V" colors Barrleau has
never last a decision lull now that he
his lumped from the slinon pures he
is liable to fun up against a few ban!
As ii preliminary "Kid" Lee of the
Hastings A. ('., Vancouver, will battle
six rounds with Monty I.allelic, th"
Coqultlam art int. Leo won the bout
nt Hie last tourney when Rellly walloped Kr'iie Barrleau, but Labelle is
not yet satisfied and feels confident
of tunning the tables.
��� ���
��� Illy "Oravy.") ���
��� ���
Fir6t of Series of  Bonn  Between  the
Big   Blacks  Fought  10  Years  Ago.
Johnson,    Jeanette,    MoVey    and
' ntif:ftird Jack, Joe ami the tv.n
Sums comprise n quartette of big
black fighting men, any of whom, in
London, Feb. 26.���Mrs. Pankhurst
las sent a me .-age to the Women's
Social and Political I'nion. In which
she says thnt the refusal of bail pond
ing her trial renders It impossible
for her lo prepare au adequate de
f- nee.    She adds:
"In these circumstances 1 repud'at--
the i,gbt of the local authorities over
whose appointment, because I am a
woman, 1 have no control, to try me.
1   refuse  to consent  to a  legal  farce
being  enacted,  ami   I  thnll  begin   b, I
ref'isiiiK to conform to 'he pr'son dls- I
clpllne while on remand.   1 shall take i
no food from the moment I enter tin ]
"if i nn allvs when the time for the
so call '1 trial arrives, the judge, num
Bel  nnd   Jury  of  men  wlll  have    the|
slianii i'.il task of pretending to g'lve a
f:��lr  trh'l   to  h sick  ami  undi i' odea i
woman "
The hostile feeling aroused bv the
tactics of the militant suffragettes is |
��� ���
���ill  probability, could  like  the  be
ih" present crop of "white hopes."
The struggle for supremacy he
tween Ihe big lilnrks began In Los
Angeles Just ten years ago today,
when   Jack   Johnson   outnointctl   Sam
MoVey, the California ruilud man, in
a twenty-round bout. Later In tin
same year Johnson agnln defeated
McVey over the sume route. In 1904
MeVey was knocked out by Johnson
if | Increasing,   At Lelgh-on-Sea, in Kssex,
a mob broke np a suffragette sandwich board parade today. Injuring two
women. At Walsall a mnb wrecked
lhe Women's Social and Political
I'nion  Shop which  Is devoted to    the
sale of suffragette literature.
At n suffragette meeting at Southampton  Miss Kenny and other millt-1
ant speakers were howled down.
At Nottingham    today    suffragettes
The Third
By James Oppenheitn,
'. itagr.ii'h
W. R. GILLEY, Phene 122. a E. GII.LEY, Phone ��1.
Phone*. Offlcw 16 tnd IS.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
SS. "Prince Rupert"
3,500 tons, 7,000 Horse-power.
Sailing Every Monday (12 midnight)
  For Prince Rupert.
Connecting with Urand Truuk Pacific Hallway for points cast of
Prince itupert.
Connecting With S   S. "PRINCB JOHN" on certain dates for Ste-
wurt, llranby  Bu), Uassett and other Queen Charlotte island points.
,1      SATURDAYS   (12   Mldniflht)   for VICTORIA AND SEATTLE.
Jnck Johnson defeated Sam
McVey, colored heavyweight,
In 2-0 rounds nt, Los Angeles.
1004 Mike Schreck and Tommy
Hums lUgnt a six-round draw
at Milwaukee.
[1011     Matt    Wells    defeated    Freddie
Welsh   for   I'lnclMi   lightweight
till,   m .in   ->'" ' *   ni  London
luh bis since regained  the
mil   Johnny Kllbane defeated Tom
Bresnahan   in   10   rounds   at
Voungslown. (1.
101S    Young Jack O'Brien knocked out
Motile llrltt In three rounds nt
Mahanoy, Pa.
1912 -Joe     Jeanntto    defeated    Andy
Morris in flvo rounds [stopped),
at  New Haven.
1912- -Packey     MoFarland     stopped
Tommy   Devlin    In   Iho    fourth
round at Cleveland.
The year 1905 wns a busy one fnr thc! dropped Into many pillar boxes tubes
big   blacks.     Johnson   and   Jeanette | containing phosphorus    which    burst
fought three times, Joe winning once i Into flames, destroying much mall.
"ii n foul, while Jack had the shade      A meeting of the    militant   stiffra-
Jeanette also gettes at Worthlngton also was howi-
elght rounds. I ml down tonight, Mrs, Israel Zang-
.leiinetl" In a will, wife of the author, and "General"
Ilalllinore, and Mrs. Tlora Ilruminnnd were unable to
Langford. ! get. n hearing, despite the order    of
in  Ihe other battles,
defeated   Langford   In
tn   1906  Johnson   heat
flfteen-rpund affair In
a little Inter won over
S.S. "PRINCB ALHKKT" for Prince Itupert and way ports, 3rd, 13th
aud  23rd  of each  month.
Through tickets to all Eastern destinations and to Kurope. Your'
boles of rail and ocean  lines.
H. O. SMITH, C. P. & T. A. W. E. DUPEROW, Q. A. P. D.
Phone Seymour 8134. VANCOUVER. B.C.     52? Granville Street
In lhe fall Jeanette twice held Jack the mayor,
to n draw. Langford had the best of The banners were torn from their
Jeanette in fifteen rounds, JeanotU stands and trampled under foot ami
and Langford and Jeanette and Mc- the promoters of the meeting wen
Vey fought darws in 1907.   Jeanette obliged tn take refugn In a police sta
 \   Langford  fought  two drawn bnt-'tlon to escape tlie mob.
11 n 1908, and In that year Johnson I    The suffragettes   appear   to nave
won the title from Tommy Burns, and planned systematic Incendiary nttacKs
has since left  the black  men strictly, on  London's  sporting  ground?-     iwo
Biiffragelles were arrested lonlgut n
the All-England tennis grounds al
Wlmbleton, with bags containing Inflammable materials.
Two others were surprised nmler
similar circumstances at Itochamnton
cricket grounds, but escaped. They
left behind a unto reading: "This
was done because ball was refuted
Mrs. Paukhurst."
��� hi   Mu*'  W n :l���!.' ������
. *:, i.   ���      Luilier
.Vef-l!   ':' .
alone and confined bin attentions to
Caucasians, which was a manifestation of wisdom on Jack's part.
Uurlng 1909 Jeanette nnd McVey
fOUghl three battles for thn delectation of the French fans The first was
In victory for MeVey, and Sam repeat-
led In Ihe second, which went fifty
[rounds. The third bout of thirty
I rounds ended   in  a draw.      In 1910
Do You Want To  Build?
We specialize in steel and reinforced fire- ���
proof construction, but we can build you a
cottage cheaper than any one else.
Room 3, Dupont Blk., 650 Columbia Street
Phones: Office, G24; Res., 7 55 PAGE   SIX
Classified Advertising
* m * m m * * m m * * * * * m * *
. wa ."ta. *
s, ***** 1/ a********
Classified���One cent per word per
nay; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5,000 words, to be used as re-
.mired witl.in one year trom   date of
contract, s^u.oo.
ltirlh or MtUTlagS Notices 6tlc.
l>ealh Notice 500 or with Funeral Notion $1.00. Card of Thanks 50c per
ern cottage in Last Burnaby. Oan
pay $150 spot cash. Balance f25 per
month. Will buy at once. Apply
P, O. llox o4S. Iw
gage; private party preferred; will
liay 8 per cent. Federal Investments, Ltd.. 305-6 Westminster
Trust block. (719'
housemaid ia employed. Apply .29
Second Btreet or telephone 303.
ers; ono large front room downstairs; terms reasonable. 233 Sixlh
street. W
dressmaker work by Uie day. Box
BSD News office. (69*)
Langley and Matsqni acreage. We
also wish to have the exclusive
handling of a subdirlsion ot 5 and
10 acre blocks, ln the neighborhood
of Silverdale. None but owners
need apply. Scandla Investment
Company, 11514 Cordova street west,
Vancouver, B.C. (704)
white body, black head, four months
old. Notify Mrs. G. Wolfenden. 502
Fifth avenue.   Phone 248. (740)
monthly turnover. Cray & Gilchrist,
G75 Columbii! atreet. i730)
ed house, furnished; $.10 per month.
Corner Fifth avenue and Twelfth
street. Cray & Gilchrist, 075 Coluiu
bia street. (735)
day or week, 054 Columbia street,
over Royal Hank of Canada.      i'Uo)
Suffriijettcs   Who    Passively   Demon
strated Spiritualism Militancy Rejoice in  Name of "Wasps."
Woman Correspondent
Depicts Misery of War
ed rooms, fumaco healed, use of
telephone, on car line. Apply 433
Twelfth Btreet.   Terms moderate.
$16 per month. Apply after 5 p.m.
P. J. O'Connor, 317 Princess street.
Ing rooms, $15 per month, at 224
Seventh street. (690)
keeplag rooms, hot and cold water
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth Btreet and
Agnes street. (603)
small rooms over the News office
Suitable fer club or light mainline
turtng purposes. Will lease for two
er three year term, singly or en bloc
Apply to Manager the News.
seller an-J buyer together.
Three Roomed Suite with bat, hot
or cold water, heated, $25 per month.
Phone 750. 1218 Fifth Avenue.
Bradley Apartments,
1218 Fifth Avenue. Phone 750.
a   flash,  und
the  pavillion
J. S. B. Benzie, 638 Clarkson street.
Live Btock and General Auctioneer.
House Furniture, Real Estate, Marine.
Fruit or Farm Sales conducted anywhere. Consult me; ray experience at
your disposal. (677)
��� flue forty acre farm,    three    miles
from transportation; rich deep soil;
. one-half of this land is cleared; only
$50 cash and $15 por month. Call
.for   our    free    booklot.     National
Fjnanco   Co.,    Ltd. , 521   Columbia
street. (7'2D)
ors, one $'.1.00 and one $4.00. Apply
2'M Eleventh street. 1718)
Stove,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable
Ranges $l.m) down. $1.00 per week.
Canada Range Co.,  Market Bquare.
Notice is hereby given that the
Court of Revision of the Assessment
Roll of this Municipality will bo held
in the Municipal Hall, Edmonds, B.C..
1918,   at    10
on Tuesday,    March 25
o'clock In the forenoon.
Notice of any complaints must be
given to the assessor in writing at
least ten (10) days previous to the
sitting of the Court.
G, H. STEFPENS, Assessor
Dated at Edmonds, this 25th day   of
February. 1913. 1731)
London, Feb- 28. -"General" Mrs.
Drummond, on being Invited to state
her views on tlm Buffragette outrage at
Row Garden, when the tea pavilion
was burned, said that both the arrested women bad been voluntary
workers at the offices of Women's
Social and Political I'nion, adding:
"We ure proud of such women. We
have not an ample reserve of militant
women to carry on our campaign Indefinitely. We shall go as far us the
government cares to let us go. People will soon realize who is to blame,
and then the government will be compelled to grant our demands."
The   tea   pavilion    was    a   wooden
building of the Swiss chalet pattern.
Like other building on the grounds it
had  tiro extinguishing appartas.   Th
fire started  In  the box
hose pipes  were stored
swept  up  the  walls  in
within  twenty   minutes
was a blazing ruin.
It is said that the arrested women
wore men's clothing under their
skirts, apparently with a view of escaping in that disguise.
Gentle  Creatures.
In the neighborhood of the burning
building cards were found, hysterically worded, demanding votes for
women. One of them read: "Peace
on earth, good will to men���when
women get the vote- Two voteless women."
The suffragette incendiaries, how-
ver, again blundered in their main
(jbject, which appears to be to
cause irritation to members of the
government. The tea pavillion is
leased by the Board of Works to a
I inn of caterers and the property is
Insured, so Ihe direct loss will fall on
the insurance company, unless, as Is
possible, the financial provisions of
the Riot Act may be invoked.
"Tho Wasps" Is the name of the
latest band of recruits to the suffragette legions. Their sole mission Is to
get to church attired In black, relieved with brilliant orange scarves,
and sit passively in order to '"demonstrate spiritualism militancy" against
the injustice to Kngiish womankind.
The    name    "The   Wasps,"    is,   of
course, taken  from their startling at-1 with it.
tire nnd  their sting is to be   applied ��� sore.    It
illy Miss M. F. Durham, the only Wo
man Correspondent in the Balkans,
in the London Nation, i
"It isn't an illness," said a llttli
Croatian sister, whose business li li
to count tho shirts und sheets, and
MiCihat the Montenegrin maidens do
not steal Ibem from the Montenegrin
sick and wounded - tor your Montenegrin woman Is a rare thief, and Will
plunder anything.
"It is not illness -It is only mis-
A human wreck a fragment left by
the wave of war���lay gaBplng and
"Miserla!" Only miser la I It Is what
we are suffering from here now. "Red
Crosses," English, Austrian, French,
Italian, Russian.Bohemian, swarm.
They struggle Indeed for patients,
Tbey are fitted up with wondrous
surgical appliances -but���they will
take no infectious cases. And the
aftermath of every war Is illness���
not wounds. So the beautiful nnd
costly foreign hospitals, which abut which the I sorb all the beBt buildings, remain
The flames [half empty, and we-who are attached
to tho Montenegrin Red Cross-
wrestle with typhus, enteritis, gastritis, dysentery and smallpox���all
mixed together in one seething mass.
All With "Miserla"
In spite of the fact that a marked
typical case of smallpox was in the
ward, the Montenegrin authorities persisted It was Chickenpox, and poured
in other patients till too late And
these wretched "other patients'." Patient is Indeed the word that fits
them. Suffering intolerable and Incredible!    Miserla)
One lay in a corner on a filthy
straw mattress, and stank almost sick-
eningly. There he lay moaning ceaselessly.
"Dysentery���very typical," said the
"Don't go near him," said a Montenegrin maiden;  "he stinks."
In truth "miserla" summed him up.
An elderly man, stricken for a fortnight with acute dysentery���emaciated, hardly human In his filfth. His
extreme forlornness was appealing.
He muttered feebly. "I've worn
these clothes for a month and a half.
1 cannot live any longer. 1 can't sleep
for the vermin. My foot is dead. They
tied it up ten days ago." such words
feeble and  disjointed���told his tale.
We  loosened  the filthy  bandage, and
the little toe, bone and all, came off
Lice rushed from the oozing
was a frost-bite.    "Ten days
Turks with never a guarantee of any
sort. She supported the Turk, who
burnt, mutilated and assaulted. This
has taught us a lesson. Europe likes
Horrors. Very well Bhe shall hue
them. This war that is Just going to
begin will surpass all others. We will
lake eye for eye head for head, i'lu.i
perhaps Kurope will be satisfied I"
This program has In truth been car
ried out, All thai the Turk has done
for five centuries has been repaid him
in one supreme blooil bath.
The vengeance is colossal and com
plete. But the price paid is Mis
"There will be no Moslem problem,"
says many a Balkan man. "because
WB have  killed  them  nearly   all   off
Those that survive will   have   been
taught a lesson they will not forget."
To us on the spot, with "Pence" now
almost in sight, the question Is. what
will be the result of the struggle that
must Inevitably follow? The struggle against no human foe, but the
struggle against horror that will fall
alike upon victor and vanquished as
Ihey reel exhausted from the fight
the struggle with Miserla.
neighborhood,"   This Is hOW the Paisley Fiscal spoke of a young man. John I
Flaniguu  who  was charged  with   us-1
(.uniting a  youth  In   Orchard   Street.
The Fiscal said It was a cruel, iinpro- ���
voked,  and   troacherouB   assault,  and
gave him lour months In Jail.
During the past few weeks over a
Mme of burglaries have been perpetrated In Di il hill, Uddlngstoii, Both-
well, and Motherwell, For the most
part of tho booty has consisted of
small sums of money und trifling ar-.
tides of jewelry, bul now and again
a haul ol from ��18 to ��80 has been,
Up io d Ue 71 cormorants have been '
shi'i  in  the   Tweed   und   tributaries
Snu  Oii.'Kr.  and  in  each  case  the
reward ot -'�� per head offered for tbe
Killing of tills voracious flsb-eaterhas
been  paid   by   the   Tweed Commls- ���
sinners. One cormorant shot a few
days ago had a six-ounce yellow trout
in Its mav.jjj
Some time ago a pair of pled black-,
birds  were seen In the  neighborhood I
ot Cotnrie. Perthshire, and now a pure
white robin has been secured on Dun-
Ira estate, in tbe same district.   Local i
opinion  differing as to what species I
the birds  belonged, it was sent to a
meeting of the British Ornithologist's
Union, held  recently In   London, and |
after  examination  tho  bird   was  pronounced to he a robin.
Cramming down lll-ch����n
(sod, and rushing back to
w��rk. letdl jtralcht lo dys-
peptta. wllh ill II means In
Prc-jiT habits ol tallnj,
with a Ni Dru-Co Dy��-
pep-ila Tablet alter **e\
meal, rulers -pod dlges-
ti-an. hialth and happinaaa.
A **x *l Na-Dru-C* Dyj-
��rp.i��   'labials   east*   but
Sto. at yaur Dru|flaV*.
Nattana! Drug tne Cham-
leal Ca. .1 Canada, Limited.
to  the  souls  of men.
>!' this new band is the
militancy   league."    Mrs.   Lillian   Sau-
The real i and nights," he moaned.    "1
"spiritual j through  snow, sometimes up
Ier. Bister of the novelist and drainat
lot, John Galsworthy, is the temporary  honorary  secretary.
to my
r leg
ber business.
Notice Is hereby Bivon that the
Semi-Annual General Meeting of the
.Shareholders of tho Okanagan Telephone Company will be hold In the
.iuurd Room of the Westminster
Trust, Ltd.. Columbia Stre��t, Now
Westminster, B.C., on February 28.
1918, at 8 p.m.
Business,  to  receive  Directors'  Report and'any other^business that may
regularly come before iho maeting.
By order of the Board".
. . Secretary Treasurer.
New Westminster,  1). C,
February 13, 1913. (678)
Phone R524
619 Hamilton 9t.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney  Sweeping,
EaveVough   Cleaning,
Sower Connecting,
Cesspool*.  8rptlc Tank*,   Etc.
Twelve    Men    Buried,    Three
Killed   at   Paddington.
London,   Feb.   26.���Paddington   station London, was the scene ot a serious accident one morning recently, a
dozen  men being buried  in ii fall   of
DAVID BOYLE OF THE lfaU��   **.    c'arUl    ******    "cavatton
._.-_. work. Ihreo nun lost their lives.
EXCELSIOR BARBER SHOP I For some time in-< operations have
Highest authority (26 years ex- lh,'"�� !J"*"K ��" for -**e extension of the
perience. on the treatment of the ��' Platforms 12 and 13, within a tew
scalp for the prevention of Dandruff Gr<?fl* Western Railway. New founda-
and stimiilatli.il of the hair by VIllRO ��� ,"M,�� h'ul l" I'"1 ���"��� iini' >* ��������� "f *
MASSAGE. My assistants are ex- \<*��-*? ��len we).e operating at the end
nerlenced ln every branch of tho bar "" I'1''1'*1 rma 12 ������������" l3' wi,h ����� "��� ****
EIGHTH STREET. [>':irilH of ,lu' "18 postal Borting office,
' ' The toilers struck :i patch of sand and
sturtcd to shore It up, but before Ibis
tai-k could be completed the whole
collapsed, nnd the men were ovi r-
Whelmed in an avalanche of soil.
wood, iron and bricks
The scene that followed was eloquent of the camaraderie of workmen.
No one gave the order, but men dashed
from all parts, seized spades and anything available, and begun to tear I
away the mould to get at their un
fortunate comrades.
As the result of their desperate efforts the dozen were out in an incerd-1
Ibly short space of time.      One man *
was,   however,  dead,  and    two    were
IN   THE   MATTER   of  the   Estate   of
JAMES    HENDERSON,  deceased
TAKU   NOTICE  thai   I'V  Oril.'i
Honourable   Mr.  Juntloe   Morrlso
the 1st  -rlay of   February,  A.   li
wa..   ,'ippotnti-il   AilmltilHlrntnr    of
��� if The
i,   dated
I li 1.1. I
all  ami
singular the Batata nf Hi" said ���! ised,
and Hint notice of such order was iiier---
by ordered to In- published in a dally
newspaper    In    New   Westminster    three
nil persons Indebted tn the above Batata I1
an'  required  ti pay   mo ths amount   nf
thetr Indebtedness forthwith, ami all persons having claims against  the satd  Bs-
latn an* required in present thorn  in mo
ilulv Verified hv afrl.lavlt nn or li-foro III-
SJnd ,i.iv of March, a. D, 1118, aro-r
which date I wlll proceed to distribute
il."   Bald   I'.stnti'   lia-iln-?    ri-Kar-l    only
i crippled  in  a shocking  way.
Litters   were  Improvl
sufferers,  and  thev  wi
t" St. Mar
breast.    Then I was ill.    My utile
hurts too!"    His  other  leg  was
and suppurating.
Another frost-hite.
Nothing But Water.
lie had hi en ordered  milk   by the
doctor.    But no one had been there to
see that he had it, and  for two  days
little but dirty  water had  passed his
llips.    Then a Bosnian doctor and his
wife, a Riisian doctor and a few other
[foreign assistants came   as volunteer
helpers,   "If It weren't for thestrang-
I ers  wo would all  be dead!"  said   an
I unhappy man
Bu:  even with "the strangers," mis-
|eria  triumphs.     A   man    all   Ihat   remained of one    wis brought in, moaning horrlbily,   Thr e days and nlghis
jhe had  lain  in a ditch  of snow. nnd.
though   marble-cold,  was  still   alive,
Const ions, alas! ami in agony.   But In*
survived only a day In spite of all er-
I forts.
Oeneral    Vukotlch's   army   plunged
'through snow for ten days, nnd slept
in it for ten nights, In order to come
from "Old Servia" to Scutari.    Bronchitis, pneumonia and rheumatism are
lhe price paid.    And, alas! from Turkish territory they carried smallpox.
Cold As Stone,
Here, in the hospital, lie men, whose
legs lo the knee and above are   cold
ins stone.    They cannot  sleep for the
aching.    And not more than one blnii-
|ket Is available fur each.    Almost, all
when Hey nr-ivt'd, were stnckingless
and not a pair Tf porks   or stockings
can Prodgorltza produce.
i n|     (i|,       "It  isn't the  righting  I  mind:   It is
rthe lying awake all night as cold   as
i   r..,   it,-....] ice.    If  WO could  only  bave a lit   nf
]       llll 111 CD 6      ... ��������� ,i r. .     ��� ��� <
carried  off Hi"    """ wood lfi "'*"* to
��� *
��� ���
The body ol a woman was round at
Kllmuir in the Inverness Firth, which
was identified as that of Mrs. Rose
the wife of a cabinet-maker.
Many congratulations rrom home
and abroad have reached Mr. and Mrs.
W. R. Strachan, Arbroath, on the occasion ol their golden wedding.
Mrs. Macpherson a widow of Aberdeen, was knocked down by a taxi-cab
opposite her own home, and so severely injured that she died.
Over 1500 applications have been
lodged with the Sheriff Clerk, gick,
hy persons desirious or being eOTiipt-
ed trom the payment of dog licenses.
At ClydebankB Dean of c-uild Court
plans were passed for the erection of
two temporary bridges across tlie
Forth and Clyde Canal at Dalmur and
At a meeting of the Highways,
streets, and Pavements Committee or
Wick it was resolved to recommend
Mm purchase ul road menders at a
cost of  ��600.
Edward Currie, who was arrested
at Dunfermline, was sentenced, by the
Sheriff at Glasgow to three months'
Imprisonment for deserting his wife
and children.
Persona in France Compelled to Support Them by Court Order.
i'aris, Feb. 26.���A legal decision last
week declared thnt persons nre responsible for support of their grandchildren, even If the parents of the
latter are alive. A son of the famous
artist, Albert Besnard, Robert Bes-
nard, himself an artist, married Miss
Nelly l.ita de la Monlagnle (described
as daughter of an American Consul I,
who also is an artist, In 1803.
Six years later he deserted his wife
and three children and went to live In
Milan.    Evidence was given that M.
and Mme.  Besnard allowed their son
$50 a month and his wife IM a month.
but the daughter-in-law, nol being satisfied   with  being dependent   on   the
goodwill  of her  parents-in-law,  asked
'the courts to award her {100 a month,
'pleading that  the great  Income made
by M. Besnard would easily allow such
On behalf of M. and Mine, Besnard
��� It was argued that the amount of
their Income was tar from being as
'great as reports mado It, and that
they were, prepared to continue the
two allowances which they already
made. The court allowed Mme Hubert Besnard's demand for $lni) a
Bank of Montreal
| CAPITAL (Paid Up) ....$16,000,000.00
'RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, England. Now York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A.,   and   Mexico  City.     A   general
! banking business transacted, Lettert
I of Credit Issued, available with eor-
I respondents in all parts of the world.
! Sa*ftng9 Bank Department Deposits
j received  in  sums  of  fi  and  upward
nnd Interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over 1186,000,000.06.
G.  D.  BRYMNER,  Manager.
. I
latum  as a, ���*���  tli'-n  proporl
,lny nf  r.-l.ru.i
I Hi.. I 11,1s 2ii,
A    1'
Curtis  Block,   New  Westmlmiter,  B.C.
Telephone 21."). P. O. Box 777.
S.'-iHOO cafh bu>'8 tw0 full ��i��d lots,
i ul: iiiJxL',2, two house; one four
inui'is, one eight rooms; semi-mnd-
��� in $4(100 on terms. This Is one
of tlm biggest snaps in the city.
S2ROO buys six roomed house In
, i-st Hi.I , ot 60x160; all de-arcn.
Oil'- *;ii:ntor osih.    Terms     No,  7fi.
SI..'.">( I buys small, all plastered
i, ��� so, large cleared let ia Kast
Burnaby, on Bleventti avnmi��. $J59
cash.   $:n per month.   Homing $10
per month.    No. 117.
MOOO buys good eight roomed
house aeai Sixth street car line
an I Pourth avenue; excellent oon-
dli ' i,      ' .-tins to hm t.    No. 7!.
$10,000 Jn,| ��0000 respectively
will bu)  r ih.. choicest modern bousos on Third avenue. Vine
lots and generous terms. No. ��6
and No. 7II.
rmsTORV inves ^r co.
Fira. Acudent, Pi,v ,-*    .*...
"���vbile.  Burqlai - - .
Uahllll)  if.
<>    MAJOR
Ailmit (strata
ft'B  "iC  Work
In th<* Matter nf tha DiUta of Mnry Mai-
ffitrrt   K'irinan, si*rt*��N'M
pfotla* Is h'T"i>y k\*.>ii Ohi ,i.t 0 rod I torn
flivt oUierfl httvinu clal ma against iho Kh-
tatfl 'if th<�� Bald \.wy M:iTt;,int Porman,
wtin diod on <t nbout th.- Mth day ��>r N<>-
tviiih-r, a. l). 1912, arc roqulrod  tt ���"���
fur��' thc iMt day nf April, A IH'JM. Lo
Band, .iv pnMt prepaid, nr deliver to tlie
undersigned, K.T-awi'nrH of \h>* hint will
and teatament (i^v,!h�� naid dacaaaod, ibeir
Christian nr\.nen, ^ddri-mo-H ami deacrtp-
thms. th*�� full particulars of all their
claims, th'' statement of thHr aocounts,
nnd tl'.�� iiatun' of tin- Hemrlthf-*. If any
held hy tloni.
And further tnkn notice that after mirh
last mentlonod dat'', the satd axecutors
will j)rrK'<-od to dUtrlhuln tin- flHH��-iH of
th** deoeased among the parties entitled
thereto, having regard only tn \\u> claims
nf whirh they Mhail th��n have notice, and
thst th" eald Kxe<Mitnrn will tint !><��� liable
for thn said assets or any pan thereof to
any parson or parsons of whose claims notice shall not hav bo-n received by them
at the Urns of such distribution.
Dated tb** iith day of February, a i>
101    Fifth    Ave..    N.*w     \Y.'..in.   .it'T,    B.C.
mas m j, smith,
HM Oranvilla Ht.,  Vancouver,  HO.
Bhteautors of tho Last Will and Testa*
moot <��f the deceased Mary Margaret
l-'ornmn. ) 7'JH )
hospital, within a stone's !/" : 'V,"1 ""' J1 7" "'";?""      ,
throw of the station, bul  their case     fc,"dle,8B r",,,"1.:, *i��l*��*mphor nnd
wn,   hopeless, and tbey died shortly  m"8t"d "p'rl   ralls ,0 M,r m,ore, ""'1!l
afti,r a feeble and temporary circulation.
An  Icy  wind  blown  -shrieks    tears
the water cans from the hands of the
women,   who   Btruggle   up   from   the
river with them.    Bang -crash  goon
Blehop  of   London   Objects  to   Charg-   "   Wlndow-pano,   shivering   b.'ini;s    nu
Ing  Entrance  Keea. their   filthy   mattresses,       \   rum I1"'
London,   Feb,  20    Three   perform' ;m,i ;i ||M">' paper from England nerve
ances ol a mystery play which   were as a temporary ropalr,
to bav been  given  In the church   of Wee to Conquered.
St. Silas  thi-  Martyr,  KentlBb   town,      Fresh  glass canot I bt&lned, nn
London, have 1 n prohibited by tbe &" workmen aro out as soldiers,   Ser-
Bishop    of    l.nnilnii.      Tha    bishop, v'os In  the hospital  la   largely   pi r-
through hiH chaplain, Bent the follow-1formed by Turkish prisoners
During th<�� excavations following  a
��� recent fire in a shop in Uridtie street,
Glrvan, tenanted by James Millar, tho
workmen  unearthed  a tombstone   In
I an  excellent condition.
Mr.   and   Mrs.    William    Boyd,    Of
I Monnetth,   Wigtownshire,    have   Just
celebrated their golden wedding.    Al-
j though now well beyond the allotted
I span, both are hale and hearty.
Considerable    sensation    has   been
caused in Brechin by the mysterious
disappearance of W. M. Archibald,  a
1 well-known solicitor.   He left the town
I ostensibly to go to Aberdeen.
One of the most daring burglaries
' ever known in tbe Vale of Leven has
i taken place, win n the statiotiinastei's
office at Alexandria was entered by
thieves and the safe carried off.
At Wlshaw Thomas Taylor, a tram-
I way conductor, waa fined two guineas
��� for assaulting a passenger with his
I ticket-punching   machine   and   infliit-
i:in*��i wound, which had to be dressed
1 by i.lwi doctor.
Michael   Murphy,   a    pupil    of    St.
Bride's Itoman Catholic school, madi
la record attendance of ten years
! without ,1 break, and   In   recognition
thereof   Cambuslang   School    Hoard
I presented him  with  a medal.
The tntal rainfall in Sandbank district, ArKyllshin-, In 1912, from rcc-
!ori|B   taken   at    llrenvor,    was    9:'..*>5
inches. September was the driest
I month.    Tho total number of days In
the year on  which rain  fell  was 1137.
A painful sensation  was created In
Forfar when  it became known   1i1.it
j John Strachan, watchmaker und Jeweller, a well knovMi business man, had
died with startling  suddenness   In a
railway train between Forfar and Hla
! mis,
James Johnstone was detected hy 11
woman attempting to pick tbs pockets
of oilier  woiin-n   who  were  round   th I
barrows in Kast Clyde street, Glasgow, As 11 result he appeared in coun
ami was sentenced to 40  days' hard
I       THREE   BOYS   AND    A   GIRL.
Weighing  Six  Pounds   Each   Born   to :
Nova  Scotia   Woman.
Halifax.   Feb.    36.     Mrs.    B.    Kisen���
bailor, of Scarsdale, has given birth
'to quadruplets   three boys and a girl, i
i The   mother   and   babies   are    dolus;
, well.
Three   of   Ihe    Infants    welch    six
\ pounds each, while the fourth weighs
Bllghtly    less.      Mrs.    Kiseiihauer    is,
about US years of iiko, aud before this 1
latest   addition   had    given    birth    to
elKht children.
* *
* IRISH  NEWS. ���
* *
Robert M'Creight,    Hillman street.
i Belfast,   though  only  twelve years  of
! age, voted  in  the  Belfast municipal
The Interment took place at Abbey-
fealo of Margaret Buohley, a resident
of Lynecrotnpane, who died a tew
days ago at the age of 103,
Arthur Ilurks Kelly, eldest son of
Wm. P, K' Uy, solicitor, Athlone, who
was called to the bar., has the dls
Unction of being tho youngest member of the Irish bar, having only co-
lebrati d   his  L'lst  birthday.
The Inhabitants in thn flooded area
surrounding Athlone can only reach
'hat town by sailini? or rowing boats
over tho fields, and tbey have to
swim the'r live Block when moving
them from the place.
B.C.tat Service
Lewes Vancouver for Victoria io a. rn,
1 p. m. antl 11   +.1.
Loavrs Vancouver fur Seattle 10 a. m..
and  11  p.  ui
Leaves Vanoouver for Nanalmo n p  rn
Ij*avrti Vancouver for Prince Rupert
and Northern i'oinu iu i- ra, w. line*"
leaves Vancouver every Wednesday al
10 p. ni
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster * a m Monday,
Wednesday and  Frldaj
Leaves ChUllwack   7   a,  m,   Tuesday.
Thursday and .Saturday.
KU. OOULBT.  Agent,  New  Woetmlnater.
a  W   BRODIEl, 0. P. A . Vancouvi r
Imperial  Limited  leaves at  7: f,.r,  p.m
Toronto Bhcpress leaves at 7:56 a.m.
St. Paul express leaves at... - p.m.
Instead of sending money for your
friend's passage trom tha Old Country you will ilud it to yuur advantage
to purchase tlokets trom
Ne** Westminster
Or M   W   Brodls, O.P.A, Vancouver
jlni; biter, dated Janiiarj '_'?, lo the
Rev, (! Napier SVhlttlngham, the
vie ir of 01   s;ias the Martyr:
"The  Illsho|i of London  doslres mc
to acknowledge the receipt of your let-
Miserla! if this be the price paid
by th" connuerors, the v/oe of the
ci nquered must be untold und incredible.
Kciiiiirl    Scutari, tho joy of all lov-
ti r  with  reference   to   ihe   mystery \er* ��* ���*** picturesque and beautiful-
play which  yuu have announced   to Hos starving and suffering but a day's
take place In your church.   Tin ttahop |journey distant,   Ami around It, freez-
lble im!.
ffl MtTiiOD (Mm
b.*S Clarkson Streot. Phons UK.
SUITS for Ladies and men
receive best attention NOW.
��l   Lorns  Street,  New  Westminster.
considers >t to bo undesirable ifttf. the I1"*! ''"'i1 H,!'" l'*". and suffering, Is the
plays should be acted In church, and beselglng army,
ho fears, therefore, thai he cannol see Why Is It that ac much sympathy Is
his way olear to sanation the perform- expended on the wounded? The
nnccs in question, lie regrets that wound from n modern rifle if it does
you did nol consult him In the mat-1 not touch a vital part- Is Comparator, If you had done so the Incon- tlvely Inalpnlficant.
venlonce which his decision may | The speed of thi' Imllel partly clc.i-
cans" you would have been avoided." trtses the wound, nnd If It bn Kepi
in a letter dated January 23, to the oven moderately clean, it heals in a
bishop, the Rev, ii. Napier Wblttlng- fortnight And the wounded has nl-
ham s.ir.i ho gatherod that the "main ! ways a certain slory thnt buoys  him
objieiii ii  is to the charge   f
grams admitting people to ti*
lie pointed out that this charge was
nominal, being sixpence fur everyone,
and was made "merely to keep oul objectionable pools," ilii, people of the
church being admitted fr< f charge,
London,  l-'eh.
���Ier   i
"''!.   was
found   phot   outside  a  hotel    at  Wood
Qreen, London,
It was shown lit tho Inquest Ihat In
iho Gorman hospital iM- stated: "I
shot myself twice, hut only for practice. I intended to commit suicide
afterward!, The coroner remarked
that it was a queer sorl of revolver
The Price of Wnr.
ii is. the victims of miserla that is
truly pitiable Those thnt drop In the
track and rot.
And miserla Is the price of warl
"The Ilalkan land fur tin* Balkan
people." Hut tha Hnlknn bind*, were
but  sparsely  populated,  and  the  vie
tiniH are Innumerable.
At   the   beginning   of   September
when all waB being prepared for war,
and lhe Herb Inhabitants Of Kosovo
vilayet being dally supplied wllb rifles,
a Herb of l'lava said, "Laut year   the
Maltsorl of Maltsla-e-madhe revolted.
They fuiiKht fair; they never assaulted a woman, nor burnt n mosque, nor
mutilated a body. They hoped Kurope
would Intervene nnd protect. Ibem, and
recognize that they had fought as civ-
Hired people. What did Kurope do?
She hurled IhoBo people back to the
David Houston, Ironmaster, Port
j Glasgow, who died at tbe residence of
his son in Greenock, In his 7i;nil year,
was fnr many years a marine engineer, and was engaged In blockade
running during the American Civil
A postcard pleblclto taken by the
Glasgow Corporation on thu question
of liquor HeenHing showed the following result: Kor reduction of licenses,
69,436 for Increase, 15,324; for no
chanpe, 3fi,li45. Only 55 per cent, of
the electorate voted.
The    Swedish    schooner    Magnus,
from Sundsvaal, is discharging a cargo of deals, battens, etc., at Kirkwall
Lieut. Barber, n. N��� chief officer
in charge or wick Wireless Station
and Coastguard, ban been transferred
to Guernsey, channel Islands,
Some shepherds on Axe IDdge, mid
way from Macclesfield lo Huston, discovered a man losl In the deep snow
He was numbed and almost senselest
After being conveyed In a carl lo llux
ton, he was literally thawed before a
fire nt the police Station,
Hubert M'Clure (38), of Kalcoats,
employed In the promises of tbe
Union Cold Stern n Co., Ltd., (lias
gow, at his hoine was found lylnn on
the floor of the second binding with
his legl hanging over tlm side of Iho
well of tho hoist,   lie died later of his
"lie Is a bully and a terror to the
The <;onth bas just taken place at
the age of im of Thoflp-a O'Donnetl
l,ower Tlnnakelly, Pllltbwn, co I. I
keiiiiy. who look a prominent part In
the '48, '67, and Land League move
ments, and vwis for many years n popular member of Carrlck-on-SuIr Guar-
j dlans,
Tin- high price of land and the dlf
If lenity In providing cheap cottages for
I laborers formed a subject of discus-
I ilon at Athy rural dlslrici council
| John Conlan said   emplnvmenl    was
scarce during winter, atul It was al
'most Impossible for some of the poor
tenants to pay is. lid. a week and
i maintain  families,
On a schoolmaster lu a case at
Boyle quarter sessions stating ho had
a .salary of   i:M a year. Judge Wakely
remarked that schoolmasters In Ira
land were wretchedly paid,    lie knew
plenty of tradesmen who were getting
.-'"���  than   'Ills  man    who  had   told
,hls honor thai he taught an average
of twenty children all the year round,
'and that hii" hnd to pass five examinations and upend two years In train-
In the Dublin probate court Judge
Madden fixed ��3 per week as the nil
inony payable, pendente lllo, by Aid
.1. ,1. Kelly, high sheriff of Dublin, who
Is seeking a divorce from his wife on
grounds Of misconduct nnd cruelly.
The wife crosifpetitions fnr divorce
un   Similar   grounds.     Tho   nppliciii"
;n an affidavit, Btated that the hoi
band's Income was over I'Mnn �� year,
bul tho latter denied that Ile had even
.I'.'iiiD ii yea;*.
Judge Johnston reserved Judgment
al Monaghan quarter sosalons In n
���' i" of 'in unusual character wherein
Klenor (Iwyime, boarding house keep*
er, llosti'i'vor, sued Thomnai Clarke
Monaghan, merchant, executor of the
late Benjamin Clarke, a consumptive,
for ��26 damages for Injuries to plain
nff's properly by the deceased when
residing as a lodger In thn house of a
plaintiff III June, 1912, In Hint he Infected the house and furniture with
nn Infectious disease, with the result
that the house and furniture had to
be disinfected, and tho furniture in
part destroyed.
D. McAulay
Tel. 724.      cor. sivth and Columbia,
.-i  ....   ,..        i. ua- m
Sole agent for
Hire's Root   ?*eer
Mineral Waters,    Aerated Watei*
Manufacture  hy
Tilaofton*  R   til.  Otnci:   Prlnraai  at
Billiards and  Cool
Biggest  and   best  linn     if     Plpca,
I'lgar*.    ami     Smoking     requisites.
j WIhiTpsbIm  and   retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
609  Columbia   St.
Second Hand Store
! Huy and ml]  new and    second    liiini*
; gooilt of all kind*,    Tnnli ,, ,|���-e|���i|v
<w MofniMN sin-H. Phone net
P.O. Box 34 DiMv  Nrws Bhlu
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
r.9  McKemle  S'.
King's Hotel Pool Room
Beit Pool Tallies |n the cltv Pin,.
line nf Cigars and Tobacco. Sportlna
events bulletined.
A. 0.  BEATON,  Proprietor. THURSDAY,  FEBRUARY  27,  1913.
Genu�� Statttesic
COPYRIGHT, 19(1!   BV DOtmt EDA.
forces,  'fen no epose,
"It's Ibe angel, sir." he snld
Instinctively  McLean s grlf
"I tried hard the oilier day,
Freckles, "ami i eouldn t ��e
make  you   see      It's  only   that
en   Hlin
sa ill
i Here
^^^^ txtttazn 	
James    Q,   Lindsay,   engineer
Ni-nstso  a   ItKAIrl Al HE.
I.KAN rode down to ths T.lm-
herloet snd. stopping In tin-
shade, sat waiting for
Aiong tbe north line came Freckles,
fairly staggering When he turned east
and reached Sleepy Snake creek, slid
lug through the swale like tbe long
black snake for wblcb it was uatueU.
waterworks man iger tor the city of
Belleville since April, 1H0S, has re-
The central!  t.ir the fishway at St.
be sat down on tbe bridge and closed
his burning eyes, but tbey would not
stay shut. As if pulled by wires, the
heavy lids flew open nnd the outraged
nerves and muscles of his body
danced, twitched and tingled.
Ile lient forward nnd Idly watched
the limpid little stream Bowing beneath Ills feet Stretching back into
the swale. It came creeping between
���an Impenetrable wall of magnificent
wild flowers, vines nnd ferns. Milkweed, goldcnrod, lrouwort. fringed
gentians, cardinal flowers and turtle
bead stood on thc very edge ot the
creek, and every flower of them grew
a double In (he water. Wild clematis
crowned with snow tbe heads of trees
scattered here and there along tbe
Freckles sat so still that presently
lhe brim of his bat was covered with
snake feeders, rasping their crisp
wings und singing as tbey rested.
Some of them settled on the club and
one on his shoulder. lie was so quiet
aud f cut hers, fur nnd gauze were so
accustomed to him tbst all about the
swale tbey went on with their daily '
life and, forgot be was tbere.
The bcron family waded about the
month "f the creek. Freckles idly
wondered whether the nerve racking
rasps they occasionally emitted Indicated domestic felicity or a raging
quarrel. A abeltpoke. with during
Crest, went stalking across a bare
space uear the creek's mouth. A
stately brown bittern waded out into
the clear f.owlug water, lifting bis feel
high at every step and setting tbem
down gingerly, as If be dreaded wei
ting tbem. and. wltb slightly parted
beak, stood eagerly watching abont
blm for worms. Behind blm were
some mighty trees of tbe swamp
BbOTS, and below the bank glowed a
solid wail of goldenrod.
No wonder the undents hnd chosen ���
yellow  hh  the  color  to  represent   vie- j
tory. for the fierce, conquering hoe of
the sun was lu It.   They bud done well.
too, In choosing purple as the color of j
royalty.    It was a dignified, compelling |
color, nnd In Its warm tone there was
a hint of blood
it was the Llmberlost's hour to pro- I
���eluim ber sovereignty ami triumph
Everywhere she flannteil tier yellow
banner aud trailed the purple of her
mantle, that nu. paler lu the thistle
beads, took on strength In the first
���-opening a��ter��, and glowed und burned j
tn tbe ironwort.
Compelllngly beautiful was the 1.1m   j
berlost, but cruel withal: far back lu
there biesChed the uocefllned lames of j
her victims, nnd she had missed era  I
dllng him, oh, so narrowly:
Helow tbe turtle log. s dripping silver
���pray head, with shining eyes, was eau
nisly lifted, snd Freckles' bond slid
liusu't been an hour, waliltig or sleep
Ing. since the day she purled Itw
bushes and looked Into ine room, thnt
the face of her hasn't been before tne
in all the Undernens, beauty ami mis
chief of It. She talked i" me friendly
like She trusted ine entirely to tilBe
right euro of her. She helped me Willi
things about me books She trailed
me like I was burn a gliillemiin. ami
shared with me like I was of her
mvii lilooil She walked the streets of
Ihe town with me belore her friends
with all the pride of a queen Shf
forgot herself ami didn't mind the
Bird Woman, anil run big risks to help
me out that first day, sir This last
time sbe walked Into that gang of
murderers, took their leader and
twisted him to the will of her. Bhe
outdone blm and raced tbe life almost
out of ber trying to save me.
"Since 1 can remlmber, whatever the
thing was tbat happened lo tne lu Ihe
beginning has been me curse. I've
becn bluer, hard and smarting under
It hopelessly. She came by und found
me voice and put hope of life and success like other men Into mc In spite of
Freckles held up his maimed arm.
"Look at It, sir!" he said.    "A thousand   times   I've   corned   It,'banging   	
there   helpless.     She   took   It   on   ihei ,_,,-_,-re r_T.    ^kitao,^
. '   .       ' ,, .. .        ,. i WESTERN     ONTARIO,
street, belore all the people, Just as if
She didn't see tbat it wns a thing to |     fire in St. Thomas did $60,000 daru-
hlde  nnd   shrink   frnm.    Again   and  aBB '"�� the business district,
again I've had the feeling with  ber. I    christian   Kloepher,   ex-.M.  I'.,    of
If I  didn't entirely  forget II. that she   Quelph, well known iu manufacturing
didn't see It was gone nnd I must pull   affairs, is dead,
her sleeve nnd   bu   pointing It  out  to
slve silence, but it Is common property that a loss bas been Incurred of
of over ��400, In addition of a debit
balance brought forward of  ��163.
in the bouse of commons Tyson
Wilson asked ibe socretav of state
for the homo department win titer he
had yet come to a decision upon the
reccoinineiidations of the depart menial committee on the constitution of
the Isle of Man, and, if bo, when ho
would state his decision.    MoKenna
Transfer Co.
Office  Phone  185.      Barn  Phone  137
Begbls Street.
Baggage Delivers* Promptly to
any part of the city.
PHONE   R 1031.
Employment Agency
Prompt attention given to orders.
607 Front St., New Westminster, B.C.
Tin;   contract   for   the  chamber  of
commerce   building   al   Fort   William  replied that the Important rerommon
was let,    It will cosi $276,000, and is
to be completed by September I.
Coroner  Chapman  left  for  White
' Dog to investigate the burning to death
dations  of   the  committee  were
, under consideration.
dam   has  been   awarded   to! of   two   Indians   Wednesday   night  al
Ltd. ' l'1'1'' Beverson'l half-way  house.
Port Arthur went suddenly dry Feb.
In. by three breaks in the system of
water mains, which put duplicate and
auxiliary  systems out of commission.
The largest shipment of silver ever
made from Cobalt or in the Dominion
at one time wus sent this week, to be
taken by the Corciean to London. It
Ib valued at $187,665.
Messrs Oldfield, Oirby and Gardner
of Winnipeg, bought 250 acres In Neeb
Ing township, Fort William, the property which borders on that owned
by the J. I. Case company, fonSStiTi),-
Report of a strike of considerable
Importance at the 650-foot level of the
Temlskamlng mine was confirmed last
night, although no details of it were
to hand. Rumors of lt were current
during the day, and caused an upward movement in the stock, which ex
tended to four points.
tho William Newman Company
tor $4tr.��''.
John K. (low, of Kingston, district
Inspector of inland revenue, has been
appointed inspector of bonded manufactories for the Dominion.
The statement of revenue and expenditure for the month of January,
1918, just issued by the Department
Of Finance, shows a considerable increase In receipts and a large decrease ln expenditure, both ou consolidated fund and capital account.
The Duke of Connaught expressed
hiinsilf strongly against the docking
of horses' tails at a meeting at Ottawa. He also deplored the practices
of fast driving and overloading which
he understood were the most prevalent forms of Inhumanity to horses ill
Rev. Principal Candler,
nlli i.'o.  Toronto,  preached
her.     Her  touch  on  It  was so  sacred I
like, at times since I've caught meself j
looking at  the awful  thing  near  like
I was proud of It. sir.    If 1 was born
your sou she couldn't be treating me
The Ontario Corn Growers' associa-
ims rifth annual exhibition opened
i Windsor.
, en
the  f.rst winter
serious  shortage
there  has
n   natural
more ns her equal, and she can't help jgas in Welland town.
knowing  you   ain't   truly   me  father. I     .,  ... .,.    .       , ,   ,,   ,
Nobody can know the ugliness or the:. IU ' ''"'''f.,' V", ''"'��?' ";.D" ��as'
i.., -,.,., �� ��� i .. . .7 ,i . tor of Knox Church, Quelph, died after
Ignorance of me better than  I do and L  feAr,. m__egg
all  me lack of birth,  home,  relatives
and money and what's it ull to her?"
Freckles stepped back from McLean,
squared   his   shoulders   ond   with   a
royal lift of his  bead looked straight
Into the boss' eyes.
"Vou saw her ln the beautiful little
room of her nnd you can't be forgetting bow she begged and pleaded with
you  for  me.    She touched  me  body.
snd 'twas sanctified.    She laid Her lips
on me brow, nnd 'I wns sacrament.   No
body  knows  ihe  height  of  her  better
than me.   Nobody's studied my depths
closer    There's no bridge for tin- grent
distance between us. sir. and. clearest
of all.   I'm   for   realizing  IL     Hut   she
ri-ked terrible things when she came to
me among that gang of thieves.    She
wore herself past  bearing to save nie
from   su.'h   nn   easy   thing  us  death
Now, here's me. a  man, a  big. strong
man. aud  letting  ber live under  tbnt I
fearful oath, so worse than any deutb
'twould be for her. and lifting not a
' finger to save ber I cannot benr It
] sir.    It's killing me by Inches:    It any
evil comes tn her through Black Jnck
| It comes from her nngel like goodness
I to    me      Borne wbere    lie's    biding
| Somewhere he Is waiting his chance
��� Somewhere he Is reaching "lit for ber:
, I tell you 1 cannot. I dare nut be bear
] Ing It lunger:"
"Freqldes,   lie quiet!" said   McLean
his eyes humid. "Believe me, I did nol
i understand, I know the angel's faihei
I well.    I will go to him at ence     I have
transacted business with blm  for the
lust three years     I wlll make him see
I   urn  only  Just   beginning  to realise
cii'lon sermon  at  tho  new  St.
church,  Montreal.
6IN PILLS Brought Relief
Larder Lake, Ont., March 26th.
"I bad been suffering for tome time
with my Kidneys and Urine. I was
constantly passing water, which was
very scanty, sometimes as many ta
thirty times a day. Each time the pain
was something awful, and no rest at
I heard of your GIN PILLS snd
decided to give them a trial at once.
I sent my chum 60 miles to get them
and I am pleased to inform you that in
less than six hours, I felt relief.
In  two days, the  pain  had left me
entirely.   I took about half a box and
today I feel  as well  as ever and oiy
kidneys are acting quite natural again."
GIN PILLS soothe the irritated
bladder ��� heal the sick, weak, painful
kidneys���aud st re ugthc 11 both these vital
orgAus.    Money back if they fail.
50c. a box, 6 for %2.*,o. Sample free
if you write National Drueand Chemical
Co., ef Canada, I.uuited, Toronto.     139
Light and Heavy Hauling
Only Three More Days of Low Prices
on Suits to Order.
Get your order In early.
Corner of McKenzie and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house. Will give two years' lease. Apply
to Manager The New Westminster News.
Smallpox was discovered among
the workera of the Canadian Bridge
Works, Walkervllle.
II',bt. Ilcaloy is disqualified from
holding the Reeveship of Kinsville,
and a new elect'on is ordered.
Commissioner Starr of the Toronto
juvi nile court stated that he ititenih il
to ask for a ney industrial school.
Many people lost money through
failure of the National Land, Fruit &
Packing Company, limited, Toronto.
The branch store and contents of
the Sussex Mercantile Company at Kl-
gin v.us totally destroyed by fire With
loss of $20,000".
Over $800,000 damage was done in
a fire at Toronto in which two factories, eight bouses and four stores
were destroyed.
E. ti. Porter, K. C, M. P., will on
Feb. 21, be signally honored by the
Conservatives of West HastingB.
which constituency  be represents.
Leo (lignar, a young switchman.
was fatally Brushed between a ear and
,1 shed door at Windsor, making the
fifth Windsor man killed tbis year.
Dr. ('. (I. Fairbanks of Petrolea wai
unanimously nominated for the Federal Parliament by the Liberal.- ol
Kan l.ambton in convention at Wat
I The three-masted schooner Rebecca J. Moulton. of New Loudon, Conn.,
j which went ashore on Two Hush
1 ledge, on Bastern Penobscot Hay was
I floated by a tug.
The main building of the St. Cor-
main hotel, the rendezvous of commercial travellers at Bimouski, wai
completely gutted by fire.
Prof. Alex. Johnson, RA.. M. A.
ll. i'i.. a distinguished educationist
of Montreal, died suddenly on thi
plaza in front of the Cr. T. it. station
rami property ai Verdun reached
a new high price level when J. A
Davis and Co., Montreal, real estate
dealers, paid $360,000 for the Sheldon.
Stephens farm.
The Surburban Land Co.. of Mon
trial, has sold to a syndicate, of
which .1. L. Frlgnn is president. R6ft
vacant lots, with an area of 2,51-12,199
square feet, for (507,999,
Judge Beaiidin, In a Montreal court
said no member of parliament can be
forced to attend a court as a witness
while the house is in session.
President Taft has accepted an in
vltation to deliver an address befon-
the American liar Association, and
the Association of American Schools
whieh meet jointly in Montreal on
September 1.
Write Ideas For Moving Picture Plays!
We Will Show You Hew!
your agony and the real dangerthere j .^^ ^^
Is  for tbe angel-     I   will see  that  >     L,.,,..,.. 0�� ���,.-. vl���Un. ��� young woman
Is  fully   protected  every   Hour  or  "���"'._.., Mar|e  Umbat,  a  lady's  com
dav und night until Jack is located ana |       |on )n u  prominent Toronto  fain-
disposed of.   Aud I promise you further
Jack Is caught.'*
Hi-I/cmi slid from Nellie's back, nud
went to examine the otier.
"What do you want to do with IL
Freckles?" asked McLean. "Do you
known lbat H is very valuable?"
"1 was for almost praying so, sir."
said Kreckles. "As I saw It ruining up
ths hank I thought this* (line some
where lo s book there was a picture of
s young girl, and she was Just a breath
like the beiiutlfultiess of the angel Her
bands were In s muff ns big ns her
body, snd I thought It was so pretty
I think she was some queen, or the
like. Do you suppose I could have thin
untie Into such a muff
tloiisly lifted, sna rf-ecKien   u->uU ...... .
iiriiiind to  his revolver.    Higher  unci j tbat  If  I  fall  to  move  her father or
higher came the bend; a lev*-, heavy   1 i��nke blm  understand the danger   I
fur coated body rose, now half, now | will maintain a guard over ber until
three fourths     out     of    tbe     wilier  I
freckles looked at his shaking baud
und   doubted,   but   he   gathered    his
tees, ibe shot rang out. and Ibe ottel I
still. He hurried down and trieii
to lift It. Ile could scarcely must,"
Strength to carry It to the bridge. Tb*
consciousness tbat he really iould not
X'n farther wllh It mnde I recklea re
nllze the fart thai he was well up tu
the limit of human endiiraii, ��� Ile
could bent* it little, if any, lougrt
Every h ur the fine of the nngel wnv
���eted before blm. nnd liehlnii lt the
iiwful dl*-lorli-d Image of lllnck Jack
ns be swore to the punishment tie
would mete out to ber. j skin tanned and in
Kreckles stepped  when  ke came  to I as that-an enormous big one. air?'
the Hist guard, anil telling him of bis I    "Of course you can," said  McLean
lack, asked him to go for tbe otter and '"Thai's  n   line   ides   ami   it's   .-nsv
" ""     enough,     it   would  lie a  mighty   tit*-
thing  for you to give to the angel ax
llitle reminder of the Ltmberlost he
Prank N. Mtirary. mayor of Camp-
bellton. N.P., died of pneumonia, aged
One nf the J2n.nno pair of foxes
stolen from Barbour. Gonard & Car-
ruthers' ranch at Bloomf'uld. P.E.I.,
has been recovered. Both were re
Mrno,] to the ranch Saturday night.
They were left in a bag outside the
ranch house, but during the night om
ate a hole in the bag and escaped.
The other was about to get away
when discovered. Bloodhounds are on
the  trail  of  the  thieves.
If you have Ideas���if you can think���we will show you the secrets of this fascinating new profession.
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(erring M^fi and more, for single scenarios, or written ideas.
We have received many letters from the film manufacturers, such as VITAGRAPH, EDISON, ESSA-
photoplays  to  tbenj.    We   want moree writers and we'll gladiy teachh you the secrets of success.
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and your future.
carry It up to the enbln. as be wu-
iin\lous to meet McLean. freckles
passed ihe second guard without seeing
lilm. and hurried up to the boss.
 _  _. lie
���stood silent under tbe eyes of McLean
The boss was dumfounded. Mrs
1 Hi tun 11 had led hlin to expect tbat he
Would find Kreckles In a bod way, but
this wns almost deathly. The fact
was apparent that the boy scarcely
knew what he wus doing. Ills eyes
lind n glazed, fnrslghted look In them
that wrung tbe heart nf the mnn thM
loved him Without a (bought of pre
lluiliiarles McLean leaned In the suit
���die and drew Freckles up lo hltn.
"My poor lad!" he suld "My poor
���dear Ind; tell nie. unit we wlll try to
"right III"
Freckles bad iwlsted his lingers In
Nellie's mane. At the kluil words his
ace dropped on   McLean's thigh  and
he shook with a nervous eblll, McLean
.������un rod him closer nnd walled.
"Freckles."   snld   McLean   at   ln��l.
���I will  you  tell  me, or  must  I  set  to
work In the dark snd try to Und the
"Ota, 1 want to
fore It ��i despoiled, and as n souvenir
of her trip for you."
Freckles lifted n face with a glow or
happy color creeping Into It nml eyes
lighting    wltb    it    former    brightness
Throwing bis arms about Mel.ea
cried    "Oh.   how   I   love  youl    Oh.
wish 1  could make ynu know how
Irn'e  rnn1"
(To Be Continued,)
suddenly lost her reason
Premier Scott, of Saskatchewan, and
Senator Watson, of Portage La
Prairie, were In London to Bee Senator J II. Boss, who continues to make
favorable progress nt Victoria hoe-
Sir James Whitney entertained the
Conservative members of the legislature nt luncheon, There was a largi
attendance, and Ihe toast of the premier's health was received with enthusiasm,
A deputation from Toronto and
surrounding municipalities asked Premier Borden and the Minister of Railways for a subsidy of J-SBUO a mile for
the Toronto,   I'xbrulge *   Port   Perry
The cur ferry International of the
Pore   Marquette   railway   line,   which
| ferries  the    Michigan   freight    across
'the river at Sarnia on Its trip to New
York stale through Canada, is tied up
with a broken propeller.
John Martin, an Amherstburg
youth, began a three mouths' sentence ln Sandwich Jail for a general
use of firearms. Martin gave a
parly, and when some young men refused he forced them to dance at piB-
tol point.
1 The nppointment of Ontario's new
I I government representative in (Ireat
Britain has gone to Illchitrd Beld, of
Berlin, Ont. The vacancy occurred
owing to the resignation of N. 13. Col-
cock, about two months ago.
German People Incensed Over Speech
of Emperor.
Gibing, Peb. 26.���I_and owners,
whoso property adjoins that of the
emperor near Cadenne, hold a meeting today and sharply protested against the statement of his majesty's
speech before the agricultural meeting, that he dismissed the lessee of
a  tract  of   laud   because   be   was   in
The meeting assumed that the emperor bad been misinformed and
roundly applauded a speaker who pro
tested against "the shameless mannei
In which the emperor had been deceived."
1543 Broadway
All Telephones
Lead to
Scientists Find Common Kitchen Ccc'<
roaches  Cause  Cancer.
Berlin,  Feb.  M.    The results of e>*.
Martin  A.  Stevens,   63   years   old, j
'who recently went tu Buffalo from St.
I Catharines, Ont., to reside with his
son, was stricken with a fatal attack
,    .,   , .,      _.,  ,      ��� ���_,���-_��-. of heart  failure this week at the   en-
perlmen,s to r nd    >��� origin ofouotr L ,       ���    ,   ,   ff
are published today hv Prof. Jehnntii"*-
Flblgor,  director Of  Lhe  pathological      A  ,..,....,  ni,,,,,,,!  pt,tit|on  from  ,-,ng-
i' ie -ii Copenhagen, in the Cllnl- jiori WM g0 to the Ontario government
onl  Weekly, t|||H week requesting a regulation pro-
These show show cancerous growl * hlh'.'lng the setting of nets by fisher-
in the esophagus ami stomachs of ro ������.��� B|  n,,. outlets of creeks on   the
dents due to the presence of worms gouth shore of Lake Ontario,   nearer
��� ���
��� *
A ei'tieral Mouse of Keys election
Is dm* this year, and the sitting members, iu anticipation of probable op
position, are beginning to appear with
their records befare their constituents
Two of the adult swans In the Moo
ragh purk, llamaey, along wllh ons
of tho last of the cygnets, were fly
ing near Pooldhoole, when the young
bird banged Into a telegraph pole, fell
to the ground, and was killed almost
At the chancery court Frederick
Cralg Harris was granted a Judicial
separation from his wife, Amy Mar
garel Harris, on account of her ndiil
I tory with John Taylor, of Manchester Lj
The Harris' lived at Knnisey, where,"
Taylor visited them.
The interment took place In the
Peel cemetery of Mrs. Kermode, wife [
of T. C. Kermode, II. K., of Creggan
View, Tynwald road, Peel. The de
ceased lady was a daughter of the*
late Caesar Crellln. of the Sandhouse,
and a Bister of John Crellln.
That's the number of the phone in the business office of
iln   the  alimentary   tract,   an   Indcter
minute number Of which arc from the
"   '    ���     Prof. Fib
^_-^_-._______________1^.^_ ���������'
residence of W. A. Stevenson, J.P. At
Iho same place snowdrops, primroses
etc., are In full flower, and plenty of
The fortunes of the Tele of Man
Meat, and Produce Company, which
held Its annual meeting at Ramsey,
have reached a stago  Ihat is  rather
,.,..     ���   ini i. ,...��� .-. -- ,    ,,.,  ,.,.        Interesting.   Oil the subject of the fin
mi-ross thc swale, with bis Jaws set   firHt experimental  product Ion  of the  ment  providing thnt tha stock bu of- Uncial  results of the  year's working
...._,.._.  _.,_,  ., ,��� [fcrcd for Bale at public auction. j thu company Is maintaining a defou-
.-n vmil I must tell common kitchen cockroach. Pi of- t lb-
tell ynu     I must w gU00e0d8d In producing cancer bv
,������. sir," shuddered Frecklos.     icnn    fMd,       |ho  pnraBitC9 oggs of cook-
not be bearing It the day out alone. , nmr)u,H t0 rf.tfl
I  wus coming to you when I remim       T,[(, oxperlmentS are considered n��
feared yon would lie here." 'being of grent Impnrlnnce to seekers
He   lifted   bis   faco   nnd   gsTsed   off   f���r a euro of enncer. as they form the
acroai the swale,  with bis jsws set   firBt ��t|
Lrd a ..minute. If If gathering  bla  disease.
than one-quarter of a mile from shore
W. F. Unclean, South York, gave
notice that upon the third reading of
the bill now before the House, authorizing the RlobellU and Ontario Navigation Company lo Increase Its capitalisation fnr.ii 10 millions lo 15 million dollars, he will offer an   amend
The Cllanllius Pnniclus, commonly
called "tbo glory pen." or "the lob
stcr's claw," nn Australian plant, bear
ing n brilliant red flower  Is bloom'nn
in  Manxland,   it  has grown in
open  air,  West   Hill,  Castletown,
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33 F'Rhlh St.     Phone 2
Butter, No. 1 Cooking, fresh
from   the  ranch,  sold  for  80c,
Today > 25;
Springbank Creamery, Ulbs. for
Maple Creamery, fit for a kings
household, I'. lbs.   ��� *1-10
Shortbread'. Peok-Freans Scotch
shortbread, regular 50c per lb,
Today, per lb 35=
Have you tried the new Golden
Puffs, plain and unaweatened.
but so delicious, large tins 50i
Huntley and PaJmer'a Watpr
Biscuits, Juat fine, per tin 50c
Tamales, Libby'B, something
new and tasty, per tin 20c, or
2 for 35c.
Apples, Rome Beauty, Ben Davis, Rtmbo. etc., per box ..$1.65
No.   1  Oranges,   sizes   216  and
250   18 for 25;
Absolutely guaranteed.
Califlower, head 20=
Lettuce, 3 heads for   25c
Green Onions, bunch     5c
Radish, bunch     5s
Parsley, bunch   5o
Cabbage,  lb    3'/2
Celery, head .... 15c, 2 for 25c
Davies Eggs, guaranteed new
laid, per dozen 50;
Public Supply Stores
L   L. ADAMS       S. K. BR1GGS
Mr. John Oliver, Delta, was a visitor to tlie city yesterday.
Mr Thomas Smith, late of London.
OnL. lias been appointed a constable
in the police force of Coiiuitlani at a
s-.'.i'y  of $75 per month.
Lipwt skate sharpening and rivot-
ing   Oscar SwanBou, Hi Ilusbio strtHit.
Tho Beaver will resume her New
Westminster-Chilliwuck run on Friday morning, calling at intervening
Sewing Machines cleaned and repaired. See C. N. Edmondson & Co.,
corner Sixth avenuo aud Twelfth
street. (lii)
Serious complaints have becn made
to  the  police  of  the  prevalence
* *
* ���
I stone throwing by school boys no
An Interesting address was deliver-1 their way to school and nFter school
cd by Mr. .1. D. Hobden before theUourg homeward bound.
members of the Y. M, C. A. at the ]t ja a dangerous form of the
college yesterday afternoon, Mr. llob-( (.-hullitlon of youthful spirits and one
den taking as his subject "A Woman's |i(tll? _-|r| |ul's |m(| |1L,r face severely
Sphere." cut by a stone, while other pedestrians
A  simiUir  succeasful addree,^aa >���- been struck.^ ^^    ^
made u,   he ^mbers of the Y.M.C.A. undignified dodging
who he d a meeting        wuna iitt r ng avoidln   flvi|il, nick!1
noon, Mr. ll. Swan being the speaker.I ^g irriuMy (m ���._. nomi alboU   ���
A sigh of relief was breathed by the; source  of  Infinite   merrimenl   to   the
Students   yesterday   when   it   became .careless youngsters,
known that Dr. A. L. Mcnarrie. modi-)    The police have notified thai unless'
cal health officer, hail lifted the quar-  teachers  and   parents   exercise   their
amine   ban   on   the  college   building, I control    over    their    charges    more
More About Wills
The trust company came
into existence to render
the community certain
services which the corporation was far better
fitted than was the individual to perform.
The    primary   functions    of    trust    companies were to act as executors, trustee, administrator  and  guardian.
These still continue  to
be among its important
functions because of its
peculiar fitness  to discharge them.
When    appointing   a
private executor, :i testator usually chooses a
friend of nearly his own
age; yet his trust may
continue so long as his
children    and    grandchildren   live.   On   the
death  of  the   trustee,
which   may occur soon
after that of the testator, the trust must pass
to  othern  unknown  to
the  testator.   Thus  he
leaves his  property  to
the   eventual   management of he  knows  not
The trust company
has a continuous life,
ll takes no holidays, has
ne Illness. It is the per-
fti ;ed modern device
fin' executing the will of
Before making a will,
or altering one already
made, read our booklet
on the subject.
lt is free for thc asking.
Dominion irust Co.
Paid Up Capital and^Sur-
plus $2,500,000 00
Mr. Pave Gilchrist left yesterday
on a business trip to Alberni. He is
expected homo again sometime today
Councillor It." S. Inglis. Tynehead.
lef; yesterday for Grand Forks on a
fortnights visit to his daughter, Mrs.
Dr.  Truax.
The tug Diaries Gilley, destroyed by
Are In Mud bay last week, has been
dismantled of her machinery and
Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Holmes have returned from Southern California
where they have spent an enjoyable
winter vacation.
A. Hardmaa, tho cake man. G��
good bread. Eighth Street Baker)
Telephone 281. IGIM)
Mr. and Mrs. C. Richardson am
family leave today for Bowden, AJ
berta, where they will make thei.
future -home.
Mr. J. B. Foster, formerly superintendent of the British Canadian l.um
ber Company, l.ulu Island, has been
appointed general superintendent of
the C. 1'- L>. Compauy, Port Moody.
A chance for tho workinginau
Three roomed house near Edmonds
$75 cash and $15 per month. Appl>
Patterson & Fisher, Edmonds.    (.7H4)
Mr. John Walsh, of the staff of Mr.
.1. P. Galvin, tailor, left yesterday
afternoon on an extended visit to his.
brother residing in California.
"Sunset" Sowing Machines havo all
iho very latest Improvements and nr
warranted to contain nothing but thi
very best material put up in handsome
luarler cut oak cases; vibrating shinies, rotary and cabinets.   Kor sale bj
I. N. Kdmondson & Co., corner Sixth
���>.une nnd Twelfth street. (733)
Mrs.   Mathers,  111  Columbia street.
���ill   uot  receive  today, but  will    re
live  on   Friday  of  this   week,  and
ereatter on  the    third    and    fourth
Tliursilay  ot  each  month.
"Sunset" flowing Machines warrant-
���il for ten years." Cash or terms. See
ibem at C. N. Kilmondson fr Co., cor
ner Sixth avenue and Twelfth street
\ runaway team owned by the   Co
Operative   grocery   atore   cre-itid
rule  excitement  jw-sierday   morning
I'll" steeds were corralled before any
damage was done.
W.   Day,  electrician,  agent   for   Ho!
Point   Irsnn;   fixtures   and   wiring   ol
11    kinds.    Phone    1269.     2'i   Sixth
street,  oppoBiti*   I'oatofficc. (652)
The quarantine will be lifted from
Columbian college this morning by an
order from Medical Health Officer Dr
McQuarrie. This takes effect in time
allow the day students to attend
their regular classes today.
Thoroughly modern in every way Is
���n Dominion hotel.   Elevator service
first class,    llafn in connection.    Con
Teniniit  location.    KatiM.  "5c  per day
in. op. Corner of Sixth and Columbia
itreets. 1O701
The ri*'.'"'j.r meeting of the Women's
Educational plub will In- held In thi
honfe Of Mrs, T. H. Pearson, 715 Iloyal
r.n'tin, this evening. During the
evening Mrs. ('. ('. Fisher will speak
on "Tho Gospel in the Major Scale."
a branch *i the Union Bank of Oan
ada   w-as   opened   for   business   oo
tetiirday, January 4,  In  the  premise
-nrontl-/   fl-le.nted   by    W.    M     SilU'l*'*'
ill Columbia street (8061
Owing to the iliii"*-"*- of her mother
Miss M. Annie MiSH.eoil. who has
I n   staying   with   h"r   brother,   Mr
\v. h. MacLeod, of ibis olty, for the
past five yenrs, has returned to her
home in St. Stephen. Sll A UUmbei
if MIbs Mactjood's lady friends gather
��� I   lit   tlie  C,   1'.   It.   depot   lo   Wish   her
Building permits were issued lo Ibe
following applicants from the building
Inspector's office, yesterday Ur. It.
;:. Walker, additions to garage on
Carnarvon street, $500; M. J. P'r''!ips.
repairs to existing hulldlngiP on
I'nlrkson street, $300; B. F. Syinms,
temporary bouso on Salter street,
the sume to lake effect this morning
In timo to allow day students to attend their usual classes.
The institution had been cut off
from the outside world for the past
two weeks on account of an outbreak
of scarlet fever among  the  students.
Members of the track team are
holding daily workouts on the college
campus preparing for the annual
track meet with McGill college, Vancouver.
efficaciously they will have to take
hand and make a salutary example of i
some of the offenders.
��� ���
��� BURNABY   NOTES. ���
��� ���
A party of surveyors are at work
on Kingsway making ready for the
paving of that road.
Messrs. J. Topping & Co., are planning enlargements to their cafe here
in order to accommodate the ever
increasing  number of  patrons.
The members of the choir of the
Kast Burnaby Methodist church are
making plans for an entertainment
which will be given by them towards
the latter part of March.
East Burnaby, Feb. 2d.���Tlie young
people of the Sapperton MethodlBt
church gave a thoroughly enjoyable
entertainment in the East Bumaby
Methodist church this evening. A program of vocal and Instrumental music
with a number of recitations was
gone through to the delight of the
large audience present. The enter
tainment was given under the nus
pices of the Ladies' Aid of the Las'
Burnaby church.
Rev. Owen  Bull-Icy Gives Interesting
Continuing his series of lectures on
"Church History," Itev. Owen Bulk-
ley Bpoke before a large audience in j
St. George's hall last evening on
"Papal Aggression and the Kefornin-
The lecturer dealt at length on the ,
struggle of the church against the
political aims ot those who sought
the establishment of an imperial
Church corresponding to an imperial
Btate, He mentioned the various acts |
passed by the English parliament
which were antagonistic to these aims. ,
Rev. Mr. Bulkley enlarged to the ef-
feot that the Reformation of England
was political and thut It extended
over a period of 125 years. It was
finally completed with the overthrow
of the Puritan commonwealth. Some ,
results of the Reformation were the
prayer hook of the Church of Kngland
In the Kngiish language and what is
known as the authorised version of
the Bible.
The gathering was presided Over
by Canon d'Easum of Holy Trinity
All this week by the manufacturer's representative
If you are in pain a treatment gives you instant
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Doukhobors May
Establish Here
(Continued from page ene)
Representative QathTrlnfl  in the Con-, operate  three ferries   one across  the
servatlve   Club   Rooms I Columbia river  and   two  across    the
Market   Shows   General   Improvement
Throughout Municipality.
East llurnuby, Feb. 26.���After being
in a dormant state for practically
three months real estate in this dis
'.rict is again on lhe move, according
lo several land brokers with offices
in tha vicinity. The reason for the
improved state of the realty markt"
is attributed to u Blackening In local
Dining   (he   past  three   months    a
good many of the residents depending
on  development  work  in  the munlcl- I
pallty  for  their livelihood  have    had j
little  work to  do on  account  of  tin    mlnB,er .Coqultlam
condition of the weather.    Since thi 1
Kootenay river.
Since their advent to the province
they have built thirty miles of first
class public roads with only a few
hundred dollars of assistance from
the government.
Mr. Sherbinnin Is Ihe right hand
man of the president of the society,
Mr   Peter  Verlgin.     lie lef I   for Van
snow has cleared away, however, Im
provi ment work throughout the
municipality lias reaumed apace and
consequently workingmen are looking
.iround for Investments for ihelr spare
The members of New Westminster
lodge No. li, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks held forth al u
most successful smoker and entertain'
ment in the Conservative club rooms
I last evening.
There wns a moat representative
gathering of New Westminster cltl
'zeiiB  in  attendance  to  bear  the  pro
gram of speeches and music arranged   couver  late  yesterday   afternoon
for  the  occasion.    Mayor  Oray  pre-  further prosecute his prospecting ex-
sided.    The committee  in  charge of pedltlon. 	
arrangements to whom a great  deal
of credit is due for the success oi the Youth Found  Guiltv.
evening, were J, Stilwell Clute, Jnines Calgary, Alia.. Feb. 26.���Nelson
P. McMurphy, Fred T. 11111 and W. F, Skinner, a you'll of 19, was found
Hansford. guilty of forgery In the supreme cour!
 , today.    He will bo sentenced at   the
Coquitlam Grows Bold. end of Ihe present term.
The  following  challenge   has  been   	
handed   lo   the   sporting   editor,   who
passes it on  to any amateur hockej       Forty   years   in   use.   20  years  the
players of this city.
Sporting  Editor  Newa,  New   West-
has   six   hockey
players who can  defeat   nny  six ainn
To Rent
ll-room house, close to 3rd and Queen's Avenue.
Modern throughout.   Rent, $40.
Furnished   7-room   house,   modern,   just   off
Qut.f n's Avenue, near the High School.   Rent $40.
White, Shiles & Co.
312-315 Westminster Trust Blk., or 706 Columbia S\.
Standard, prescribed  and  recommend
cd   by   physician**     For  Women's  Ail j
merits,   Dr.   Martel's   Female   Pltlt,   at
_>.; varieties of
neil: ons ch.co-
Have just baen opened. For
si vie nnd quality "The Party
liny" and "Chocolates Des An:*-
tocrates" will appeal to thn
most exacting candy lorer. Free
sat i les for tho ladlea every
(Successor to F. J. MacKenzie.)
628 Columbia Street.
The store with the green light*.
Statements that laborers resident In
the city, householders and ratepayers
hnd been refused employment by the
Uithulio raving Company In the work
I on Sixth street, under contract with
tho city, having been brough to the
���Mention Of the mayor, l)is wort-hip
mated that If workmen so treated
would call upon hlin, he would Bet
that local residents am given the
pr 'ferenoe,
In  Honor of Dr. Young.
The hospital for the Insane at Mount
Coqultlam will be named In future as
Essondalo in  honor of Dr,
' ng,  prnvlnolal secretary  for llrit
ish Columbia,
Townllne    Road    to   be    Completed���
Have   Competent   Engineer.
A   siirn-d   resident   interviewed   in
regard  to the neglected state of the
roads    within    liis    municipality, up j
proved generally of the criticisms lev |
oiled  at   rural   municipalities  by  thi
Progressive association and reported
in The News yesterday.
He pointed out, bow, ver, ihat Surrey council had now appointed a thoroughly competent engineer, specially
recommended for his knowledge of
roud construction and ability to su
perintend the work, to undertake the
duties pertaining to road making this
He explained thai the execrable
state of the Townllne road was dm
to the steep grade In the valley towards    I'-j-r*    Kills   nnd    the   lii-v^   of
funds        --Altl-i , ;.     people    ll.'il    hoi'-��    ill-j
formed thai tl is year the government
intended to grade the road over thi
ridge, overlooking the ri*., r and avoid
Un* Bteep declivity, thus providing a
good graded road to Porl Kells and !
Councillor E s Morgan ban beet
appi Inlod bj the Coqultl im council tn
communicate !>ith tha cltj of New
Wi s'.mlnster on  lhe Bubji ct of    thi
re|i!*"BI ll'-llioll    01     Porl     I 'oi|ii!   |**ll|    III
the selection of tha New Westminster
hi'i'b'.f. E'oinuiission t-i be appointed
outside the Dominion govi rnmeni
Should tin re be a Join mooting of
all the municipalities Interested In
the   harbor   V*'-41it-11   will   extend   froir,
Coriitltlam to the mouth of the Kraser
rlvi r Councillor Morgan will repre-
soul Coquitlam as its d> legate,
teur players of  New  Westminster In lc
tho six-man game.    Any enquiries will your druggist.
be attended to by    I..  B,  Dunsmoro, _________.^_��_�����__��.
llox 94 Coquitlam,
 , ��� . Dr.   Ernest  H.-ll   will   give  an   illus-
Want  Age   Li-nlt   Rai^r1. trated  lecture upon "Sorre Unpiihlish
Toronto.   Keb.   26.    Requesting  that ed    reasons    Why    Women    Shou'd
the   government   raise   the   ago   limit Vote," Friday, Tebrunry 23. at 8 p.m..
for children  entering    schools    frnm in the Conserva'ive Club Rooms. 631
five   to six years, a deputation of the Columbia street, under auspicei of thc
local   school   trustees   interviewed   Sir Political   Equality   League.     No   chll-
lames   P.   Whitney  today.     They  told dren admitted.    All aro" invited.  (727)
him that there were 1913 chtldren un _____________________________________________________________
UraHa Potatoes? EGGS and EGGS
Urrtcubtedly Best in the Market.
85c. per s?.ck 100 lbs.
der seven years intending the Toronto
Schools and that the raising of the,
limit would save 40 rooms of badly
needed accommodation without injuring the educational growth of the
children. Sir .lames told them to prepare a stated ciiBe on their roqui st.
527 Front   5t
New Westminster.
There  aro  different   kinds  of  eggs
Now   we   know  the eggs we sell    ,,n
guaranteed new laid, and why '.'    lie
cause we get them from our own hen-
every day for thi  store.
Groceries,  Fish and Produce.
Phone  98. 447 Columbia  Street.
Acquitted of Charge Revised and complete to date, ahow-
Calgary,    Alta.,    lob.    26.���Alfred
Henry  Irvine was  today  acquitted of  inK  Public  buildings,  principal  Indus-
the  charge  of  manslaughter  in  con-  tries,  railway tracks and number of
nectlon  with  the death of his wife.  lots.   Every street plainly marked,
who fasted until she died In the hope ]
that she might bring back lo life her,    Every  business  man  needs one.
baby.    Irvine and his wife were ineiii- I .       . ,
hers ot tbe Apoatollc    faith,    a sect      ���'"*���*  Bl*'>'  9s'!   f,,"t:   also  P����ket
which  believes In  divine healing.
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes
 BURN OIL     ���
BOX   442
Annual Meeting
���r nu
Room  25   Hurt   Buildinc.
New   Westminster
Conservative    fife' IMag
Association     j     To Clear at
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
Will  lie  Held   in  the
Actual work in clearing of rlght-of
���way and grading on the Lulu Island
brunch of the Canadian Northern
Railway, has been commenced, sccord
Iiik to Mr. ' v Mercer, general man
'iver of "���'���''��� i.orthern Conslructlor
Company, who have the contract for
the work.
Th" lirst camp is located at Mlli
:-v*> below New Westminster, and a
largn number of mon have becn taken
on, who win make an Imoresslon on
tbe shrubs and timber along the pro
���lot*- purchased by Ihe rnllwnv com
pany. A socnnd camp will he located
next  wi k  ni  a polnl  n  mile ni arei
I. EsBon ISteveston,    This will  b ������* il  by    a
larce gang of bridge carpenters whl
will work on the two mile I: stli
which is necessary to earn the track-"
over the muskeg
Two million feet of Umber will    he
FERGUSON -The body of the late used on this trestle, part of which Is
.'ohii   I ������: ���.iisiui   was   laid   to   rest   in already on the ground,  while a    pile
the Odd Fellows' cemetery yesterday driver, now in course of construction
afternoon.   Previous to Interment, ser- at  Port Mnnn, will be brought down
vices wern beld In Ht. Stephens 1'res- river  neit  week.    Mr   Mercer states
byterlan church.    Itov. M. V,. Molvln that construction  work  will be com
pletod this summer,
Tuesday, March 4
ut 8 p.m.
All Conservatives of the city are In
viu-d to attend,
President Secretary.
Are you one of thc many,
whose livelihood depends
upon lhe fishing industry?
If so consult us before
you buy a Gasoline
Our "YALE" Engines cannot be beat-
m. Economy and reliability.
The SchaakeMachine Works
Heaps   Engineering   Co.,   Ltd.,  New Westminster.
700 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid*.
646 Columbia   Street
Phona  4-)'
Home For Sale
����� *
No.   1    Hit"  Is  n   splendid home fnr sale cheap,    in a Rood  lu
callty near Queen's Park ami i ow school. i
it.  has  seven   larnn  eoinfmtable rooms  wllh  every  modern  eon-
Tonlenco;  fnll basement] on a lar��o lot, 86x132 feet.
This place Is ho|ow value nnd   thu  terms  aro   such   that   almost
aayono cun h.indlo It
PRICE,  $4400, $750  CASH, balance monthly.    II' jo-.i want to buy
a home let im ahow you this place,
Agents  for   Paclflo  Coast  8tean-ishlp Co.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Establlihed 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mploycrs'   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marine  Insurance. |
under new management.   Quick Service, Good Meals,
Reasonable Prices.
Oval Antiseptic Tablets
For Throat Troubles���Just in at
701 Columbia Street Phone 57


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