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The New Westminster News Jun 11, 1913

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. The,-,W*��iu...
*^**rt\\if^e$js*mf    and     Lower
lo modorude winds,
generally  fair  with    stationary    or
higher temperature.
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VOLUME  8,  .   jMBER   80.
Trouble-Making      Measure
Passes Another Reading
in London.
Carton   and   Bereiford   Talk   Fight-
Nationalists Disappointed at Delay���Up to the Lords.
���Homestead Insanity" Said to Be the
Cause of Alberta flincher's
Umdon, June 10���Tho house of
commons passed tonight tbe second
reading of Iho home rule for Ireland
bill without division, au amendment
by Mr. llalfour for the rejection of the
measure having been defeaied previously by a vote of 368 to 270. The
announcement of the figures was received with cheering by LlberalB and
Fiery Declarations.
The debate was marked by fiery
declarations by the opposition speak-
irs, who predicted lhal the Imposition
of holm- rule would result in civil wur
iu Ireland.
Sir Edward Carson, the Irish Unionist leader, said: "Kor my part, I will
continue to Bupporl the UlBler men
and will take full reBpoiiBiblllty for
their resistance. You may seize their
arms or send troopB, but you will not
Bettle the Irish question."
Lord Charles Beresford declared:
"If the government sends troops to
Ireland I shall offer my services,
poor as they may be, and belp my fellow   countrymen."
John K Itidmond. the Irish Nationalist leader, said Sir Edward Carson
had takm upon himself a grave responsibility and did not represent
Ulster's opinion. The Nationalists
were willing to make any concessions. "But," added Mr. Redmond,
"twenty four counties will not allow
themselves to be intimidated by four "
Andrew Honar Law, opposition
leader, said that If there were a bargain between the government and the
Nationalists, the house ought to know.
Mr. Kedmund denied the existence
tf a bargain and Premier Asqulth Bup
ported the denial
The  Bill   Passes.
Mr. Dalfour'u amendment was defeated. 368 to 270. The bill then
passed the second reading without
The bill now enters the suggestive
stage tv-fore Its inevitable rejection
by the lords
Sir Edward Carson, after the pas
Biige of the bill, said the Irish Unionist members would refuse to take
part In any further discussion, because It was merely an elaborately
staged farce in which their Bugges
tlons would certainty be rejected
These members. In a body will tour
the principal cities In England and
Scotland, holding meetings to protest against the bill.
The Nationalists are downhearted
ai the possibility that the government
���will not last for the third passage of
the bill, necessary to make it  a law.
Coronation, Alta., June 10���H. 0.
Metealf, a farmer who .was killed noi -
here yesterday by Alfred Main, a
homesteader, sacrlfloed hiB ' life    In
Bavlng Mr. and MrB. Smilh, an elderly
j couple   In   whose   Bliack   the   murdei
waB perpetrated.
Metealf was at the Smith Iioubi
when Mala came over to tbe shack,
I leaving his team standing attached to
! the plow In the middle of the field.
Picking up the gun belonging to
Smith, a No. 10 shotgun, Main put a
shell into tt and looked at Mrs. Smilh.
Main has been subject to periodic
fits of Insanity and during these
BpellB he has often threatened M<-,-
calf. When he picked up thc gun
Smith remarked that It was foolish to
load it, as the children might get
hold of ll. Smith thought at first
that Main Would shoot at his wife and
he signalled to her to leave tbe house,
which Bhe did, going over to a neighbor's. Smith, an elderly man troubled
with rheumatism, was afraid of Mali.
and told Metealf that he waB afraid
to atay with him alone. He then left
the bhack. saying that he would look
after Mains team. When he waa
some distance from the -hut Smith
lu ard the sound of u shot and went
bark to meet Main dragging the lifeless body Of Metealf to the trail aboul
70 yards uway.
Main went away to McNeil's empty
shack about three quarters of a mile
off and shut himself In.
"Homestead   Insanity"   Is  the  uarat
[applied to Main's case.
Main Ib an unmarried man 47 yearB
���of age. who came from Ontario.
Murderer Caught.
Edmonton, June 10 ���At I o'clock
; thlB morning Major Cuthbert, of the
��� mounted police, said that Sfrgeaiit
I McBralne had notified the barracks
I that Main had been captured and
| taken to the headquarters at stettier.
J. D. Taylor, M.P., Back From Ottawa, Announces Smith and Davidson's Preference
for Fresh Water Site at Port Coquitlam���New Westminster Harbor Work and
River Channel Operations to Be Rushed to Completion Without Delay���Postofficc
to Be Enlarged���Pitt River Dredging���Everything Rosy for Royal City's Future
All Want to Bc Westminatsr'e Industrial Commissioner���Profreosive
Association   Executive.
.1   II. Taylor,  IIP.,    who    returned
from Ottawa at .'i o'clock thlB morning
on yesterday's delayed train from the
j east,   Included   In   his  statement   that
New Westminster had got practically
I everything from the government that
| she had asked for, several announce-
I mentB of paramount Importance to Che
citv and district and among otherB, the
actual operations on the New Westminster harbor work and thiB Bhould
be commenced at least within two
months. This fact, together with the
announced Intention of the department
of publlc workB to work double shifts
on the dredge Eruhllng and to complete tbe I.e Barron scheme of jetty
building at  the mouth of the  fraser
news that l'ort Coqultlam Is I and the prospects of a large grain ele-
! to bave the Smilh and Davidson ele-j vator In the Koyal City mako every -
i vator and  flour mllla. , thing look just as it should be for New-
Plans   Are   Filed. 1 WeBtmlnster."
"MessrB.   Smith   and   Davidson,    ofj Awaiting   Report.
��� Fort William," Bald  Mr. Taylor,   "who!     When   aBked   If   there   had   been   a
I recently announced  tlieir Intention of | definite  decision   arrived  at  to   place
government-built  grain  elevator at
building   a   grain   elevator   and   flour
\ mills nt  the mouth of the Pitt river,
i have filed the plans of their plant at
j Ottawa In  connection  with  their application  for the necessary foreshore
i rights.    These  plans   have  been   for-
I warded by the department to Resident
Engineer C, C. Worsfold at N'ew West-
; minster for a report.    Smith and Davidson  intimate  that  as  soon  as   the
I government approval of the plans has
'been passed  to them, they will begin
this point, Mr. Taylor pointed out that
a deciBion on this point would not be
forthcoming till after the grain com-
mlFsioners had made their report.
"It has been decided," continued
the member, " to build an elevator on
the i'acific coast this year. The question of the Bite is up to the grain commissioners. New Westminster, Vancouver and Port Moody have offered
sites, but until lhe grain commission
coriFtructlon on their new nlant up tbe : erB report to Ottawa nothing definite
Fraser river from  New  Westmin for. | Will be known."
Royal City Fares Well.
j    "New   Westminster   got   practically
I everything   Bhe  asked   for   from     tie
i government," said  the  local  piemher.
"Everything  now   Ib  ready  to begin
New   Westminster's     parliamentary
| quired  for dredging the  Fraser river
at  the  mouth  of tho I'ltt river have
been made,    so    that    the    Coqultlam
; Shipbuilding   company,   or  any  other
' shipyard at l'ort Coqultlam. need have
no feur of not being able to float any
: large craft for which they may Becure
i contracts."
Postofflce  Enlargement.
Qu-ftstloned aB to the enlargement of
i the local postofflce, consequent on itB
i being raised  to a service of the first
i class, Mr. Taylor said that tenders for
) this work probably would be called for
within  two weeks and  tbe additional
; construction begun as Boon thereafter
aB possible.
No definite Bite has been settled on
! as yet for the proposed post office at
| Port Coquitlam.    but  thiB    no doubt
will be decided in due course.
The Naval Bill.
The rival bill and lu defeat at the
: hands   of   the   senate,   together   with
Premier   Borden's   probable   move   in
the matter was the last subject touched upon.
In answer to questions from The
News, the member stated that it wae
hiB  belief  the   premier  would    again
With Presldi nt Allan Purvis io the
chair fur tbe first time, the new wtecu
i tlve   of   tbe   Progressive   aasochttton
held their first session yesterday afternoon and commenc, d operations on
1 the year'B  work.    There wxji a coed
| attendance  aud.    If    the  cuttraciium
displayed   is   kept   up  throughout  the
VI months, tbe work accomplished will
I be a credit to the city.
One of the first things lotxexagj the
attention of the executive of tbe as
! nidation will be the appointing -of an
industrial commissioner. There are
: 40 applications in for the position and
I these bave been referred to a special
< committee, which will report at tbe
! next meeting.
1 J. W. Cunningham waa appointed to
i represent the Progressive association
on the advisory publicity ommnittce.
which is composed of representatires
; of the board of trade and the city
��� council.
| The chairman of the different committees, aB elected at tbe annual meet
I ing. were Instructed to appoint tbe
members they dcBlred to act on their
committees and report to the meeting
next Tuesday.
Bourassa's Sum-up of Fate
of Premier Borden's
Naval Bill.
representative next dealt with upper- I present his measure at the next ses-
river dredging. | Bion. in the hope that by that time It
At the Mouth of the Pitt. would   meet  with   the  approval  of   a
"All  appropriations."  said  he. "re- j majority In the upper house.
Liquor License Regulation up in New
Light���His   Honor   Wishes  to
Hear More About It.
Daughter of Black  Feet Chief at Pert
land Has Narrow Escape���Celebration Going  Strong.
Mexico     Loee
Hard Terme Applied to German  Doctor Who Said  He Could Cure
Strikes Levy cf 15 3-16 Mills, One Mill
Larger Than Old  Figure���Hospital  Provided for.
Tort Coqultlam, June 10.���A tux rati
of 16 2- Hi nillls was struck by thc
Port CtKJUltlam council at a meeting
held thia evening. Thia IB a slight
Increase over that of last year, which
wan 14.87. Of thlB estimate, one mill
wlll he used for school purpoeoB, il 2 16
for the meeting of loans, while one
mill more Is required for general pur-
popes over that of last year These
figurea nre bused on an assessment
of 10448,881 us compared with $5,200,.
OOfl, the assessed value estimated of
tho old municipality In 1912.
A communication wus read from the
Coquitlam Terminal company offering to loan the city $80,000 at 7 per
cent interest for the purpose of Inaugurating the waterworks BVStem
pending the sale of tho city bonds.
The loan to be a first mortgage on
tlie bonds passed for that purpose,
For New Hospital.
An agreement was ratified with Dtb.
O. A. Sutherland and V. H. Doherty,
the councll to put np $2fi00 for the
new hospital. One thousand dollars
of this will be ueed for maintenance
for this yenr, while the remainder will
purchase equipment, which will be the
property of the city. The agreement
eallB for rhe hospital to receive Indigent patlenta at a charge of $1 per
day. Contagious cases wlll receive
fre�� attention in nn Isolation building
to bo provided by the council.
Mayor Mars. Alderman tialer and
Mrs. Thonins Johnson were appointed
to reoresaut the city on the hospital
Mayor Mars announced that the
oiientlon of paving the clty'B portion of
the Vaiicoiiver-Coiinltliiiii road would
Come up for dltieusBlon next Tuesday
( btcago, June lu.- Under th" head
The Lay Press Correctly Classifies
friedmann," the recent issue of the
, ii urnal of the American Medical association, published litre, has the following to say of the much-lauded
| 'li rman physician.
"A pill of the press on the Fried
maim commercialism is decidedly re-
Lssnrlng. There were not a ft w newspapers which after fried maun arrived.
rltlcired the physicians and the state
lawB for not freely granting hlm a
license to practice, hut the conservative course of conduct hus been fully
vindicated. Friedmann Is now classified almost with unanimity us bavlng
fallen from grace. The Topeka. Kan .
Capitol calls the Friedmann deal 'a
nirprlsing error in judgment.' 'While
he may be a benefactor of humanity,'
>ays the St. Paul Pioneer Press, 'he
"s primarily a benefactor of himself.'
'Friedmann has shown himself pos
sessed of high commercial ability.'
remark's the New York Sun. 'lie saw
his opportunity and took it. and It Is
probable that he got away with t'.ie
���Tioney. The real worth of his discovery Is important only to consumptives
nnd In mercantile affairs they di
���lot count for anything except as con
iimei-s. And in this case, nn In others
'"t the buyer beware.' Tho Peoria,
111.. Htnr save that 'the general opin
'on Is th-it Dr. Friedmann Ib a hum
hue.1 'Deplorable,' exclaims the
t'ltul'iir" I'riss. The Baltimore Sun
commonts on his 'cold-bloodedness'
md 'willingness to make humanity a
-ii -,. matter 'if truffle.'    while    the
Holland, Mich.. Sentinel Wonders If
Friedman 'Is to end up as a patent
���i dlelne mnn' nml declarcB Ih-it he
has vindicated the skepticism of the
etliirni profession and 'has perpetrated a ernel hoax on the American public' Dnklndesl cul of nil. the Scranton, Pa., Republic recommends the Issuance of a fraud order directing the
holdiiiK up nf mall devoted to his
business.' We think that the average
newspaper editor haB Blzed the matter up very cleurly."
Portland. Ore., June 10���An un-
carded event at the Rose Festival
tha! nearly cost the lives of two per
boiib, occurred at the Oaks park today wh< re the Press club had sent
iheir Hlack Feet Indian guests from
'Racier park to take in the sights
The band was allowed to swim in an
enclosed lank which failed to satisfy
and they insisted on sliding down a
chine into the Willamette river propi r All except the granddaughter of
Chief Three Hears could swim. As
socn as the girl struck the water she
began floundering about to the amuse*-
mtnl of the crowd uud it waB not
un t.i the girl had gone down twice
'ha; the life guards realized that she
was drowning. One of the guards
was Belied with a vicelike grip by the
girl aud it required the combined
efforts uf another guard and several
people on the shore to save both
lives. The girl was unconscious
nearly half an hour before she was
The festival will reach its zenith tomorrow. Two large parades are
scheduled, the automobile parade In
the afternoon and a pageant entitled
"A Night in Rosarla" in the evening
In b.i'li parades visitors from many
towns in tho Pacific northwest and
f-ein Pasadena, Oakland and San
Diego, Cal., will  participate.
J.   S.   LaWldakerS   Seem   to <    When Troop Train Is Blown Up���
Have  Slighted  Him  in War Machine'
Their Demands.
Decisions Delayed.
Washington, June 10. Absence
from todnv's sessions of Ihe supremo
court of Justice Hughes, who is understood to be prepnrlng decisions In
most of the Missouri, Arkansas, Oregon, Kentucky and West Virginia railway rate rases, caused final action In
these caseB to go over until the last
decision day, June 16.
Servia and  Bulgaria  Busy  Again and
Hospitals Are Being Reopened���
War Council to Be Held.
Belgrade, Servin, June 10.���Oeneral
P.idi-'in r Poliilk, chief of Ihe general
ptiift of lhe Servian army, arrived
ibere today lo attend the war council
whloh will bo held under the presidency of the king.
I The llulgnrlnn reply to the Servian
| note respecting a revision of tho
treaty of alliance, which, It Is be-
. Moved, wlll be In the negative, Is expected nt an early date. Preparations
| for war continue and the hospitals
I aro being reopened.
S.   Border  Patrol  Corral  His  Guns
and Ammunition and Land Him
in Jail.
KI Paw, Texas. June 10. A ship
ment of two machine guns and 10,000
rounds if nmuiiiiillloii, supposedly
destined for the Insurgents moving
west along tiie border toward Juarez,
led to the arrest by troops of the
l'nited StateB border putrol of Colonel
l.oribli. Ortega, commander of the
Constitutionalists forces In Northwestern Chihuahua state.
Ortega, who was arrested upon
crossing the line f'om his headquarters at OJinnga. will he tried tomorrow at Presidio, Texas, He l�� charged
wnn  violating  the  neutrality    laws.
The    shipment    was    made from    El
Paso, according to Investigating offi-
c nN. who succeeded In confiscating
nil bu; one rapid tire piece.
Drastic    Newspaper   Law    Upheld
Supreme  Court  in   Face of
Bitter Opposition.
Washington. June in.���The validity
of the newspaper publicity law, enacted in 1912 as a provision of the
postal appropriation act, was upheld
today by the unanimous decision of
the supreme court of the United
States. Chief Justice While announced the court's conclusions.
This law required every newspaper,
magazine or other publication to
file semi-annually with the postmaster
general and the local postmaster, a
sworn statement of the names of lhe
editors, managers, owners, stockholders and bondholders and in the
case of daily newspapers, daily circulation. Publication of these sta'e-
meiits is required and for failure to
comply with any of the provisions
the publication shall be denied the
privileges of lhe mail.
A second paragraph provides that
paid for editorial or reading matter
shall be marked "advertisement" under penalty of a fine or Imprisonment ���
About SS per cent, of the newspapers already have complied with
'he law, many under protest. The
Li wis Publishing company and the
Journal of Commerce and Commercial
Bulletin, of New York, led the attack
upon the Statute, bringing Biilts for
Injunction in the federal district court
of Southern New York, and when the
luw Mas upheld there, appealing to
the highest court. They claimed that
the law Bought to regulate journalism
and to enforce a censorship of the
A  clause  in  the New Westminster
-iquor bylaw raised an important, as
i-l! aB an interesting legal point ye-i-
| terday In the county court aiai Judge
j Howay   decided   to   have   Ids  validity-
argued before hlm on Tfnji-setey rami
Heavily i ing.
The clause in question reads as follows:" Tbe licensee shall Be responsible for all debts contracted for goods
    Bupplled or for materials furnistied in
  I connection   with   the  dlrrfng  room  or
| other part of the premises far which
Nogales. Ariz., June 10.���By the . the license is Issned."
dynamiting of a troop train above L?olber* Bros, became leasee, of the
.������ . . , Fraser hotel dining room -mder the
Guayamas yesterday, 200 federal l propr|etorB. T. Wethyman * P. Jor-
soldiers are estimated to have been ��� dan, and called It the Fraaer cafe.
killed and many  more wounded. The |They incurred a debt of f.TIS to Davis,
track had been mined by the InBur-
geants who were forced to abandon
tlieir base at Ortiz.
As General Obregon retreated with
his state troops north toward Hermo-
slllo, General OJeda's federals entrained here and begnn pursuit
Didier Masson. again is reported to
have repaired his war aeroplane and
will again attempt to drop bombs on
the heads of the federals. An aeroplane, made in Douglas, Arizona, by
an amateur inventor, is known to
have crossed last night Into Mexico,
and was taken to Nace. Sonora. under
an escort of DO soldiers. From Nace
it will be hurried by rail to tbe front.
Vancouver     Musicians     Wai it     New
Westminster Business, so Local
Note  Artists State.
Case Adjourned.
Porl Coquitlam. June 10 -A remand
was granted the C. P. lt. company's
Bolicitor in police court this evening
In the case of the three C. P. II. employees under arreBt for alleged looting of freight carB. Both the compnny and the accused were represent
ed. The hearing will take place next
Thursday morning.
The trouble between the Musicians'
union, of Vancouver, and the manage
ment of ihe local theatre has not
been settled and local musicians have
heen notified to keep away from the
opera house. Sonic ill feeling has
arisen between the union uud several
of thc New Westminster muBiclans.
Bi ate
Assembly Favors Union.
Toronto, June 10.���The lirst teat on
church union at this seasion of the
Presbyterian general assembly resulted In n vote of SCI for and 75 against,
This is a little more favorable for
union than wus expected,
Nothing Against Dun-pln7,
Washington,  Juno   10. -Humiliation
of the anti-dumping    clause    of    the , ���������
Underwood im-iir bill, which    would  ::���
exact additional dutloB on all Imports IO
sold in this country ut baa than the i)
foreign market price, was recom-, i's
mended today by the Benate finance 10
subcommittee In c-hnrge of the ad- O
mlnlstratlve features of the measure. U'.'f
This claliBo aB It passed the house!*
wnB not extended to articles on the|'i-
free list nnd wns objected to by the O
senate loaders on the ground that it Itt
was discriminatory. itt
to ::��� c v ���::��� # -:; -���:> ft ft ft ft ft ft
Ipswich. Mass., June 10. -
One woman wus shot ami killed, seven other persons were
wounded hy bullets and many
others, Including Beveral policemen, were hurl by flying mis-
silt's in ii strike riot outside
tho Ipawlch hoBlery mllla tonight. Seven persons, Including leaders of the Industrial
Workers of the World, were
tf ���*##*���** ���#,#*����������*# ��
who  state that   the   Vancouver
ia oppoaing the formation of a
Westminster summer concerts.
When the Vin Moore stock company
waB In the city,    Mr.   Tidy,   of   the
opera houBe,  engaged  a ludy  pianist
for a certain  salary.    The union,    iu
Vancouver,  however,  after  she    had
been engaged one    week,    demanded
* that  Mr.  Tidy   pay her union  Wages.
(Mr. Tidy  Bta'es that he  was willing
I to pay union wages, but that he paid
' the salary   demanded   by   the  woman
In  the  case and  that he carried out
IiIb agreement.
Foriunately for Mr. Tidy, n full
orchestra is carried with the play,
!"Over the Kiver.' which shows at the
\ opera house this evening and he
promises to have nn orchestra in at-
I tendance for Blanche Hates tomorrow
McComber & Co., Vancouver, for goods
supplied to them, which on tlieir vacating the premises they left unpaid.
Thereupon Davis, McComber �� Co..
entered suit against Wethyman &
Jordan for the amount of their claim
agalnBt the Solbergs. founded oa the
clause quoted as imposing liability an
the hotel licensees. It wjjs cf-aarty
shown that the defendants kiie"* octt
ing cf the dett cr of tbe QlalntltOL
Drawing It Fine-..
Mr. 0. L, Cassady, of McQnarrie
Martin & Cassady, New Westminster
contended that while the bekim wat
perfectly valid In bo far as tfte rego-
latlonB of hotel llcensr* were concerned. It could not creare a civil right
or, In other words, the Bylaw cantd net
make a person liable for aneOier
party's debts for which be would not
be liable according to common law.
In fact that the clause was a stlpula
tion made hy the license rommissian
ers as a condition upon which the license was granted and a violation of
which might or might not affect the
renewal of the hotel keeper's license.
but did not give any right to outside
parties. Mr. Cassady urged that the
bylaw did not profess to create a civil
right. No corporation had a ri-ght to
do so.
The Court- The point is -worthy of
consideration and of serious arg-amfnt
11 will take any evidence yoo wish to
| submit as to whether the city haa a
i right to pass, under the -gufsif of pass
yet | lng regulations for hotels and askione.
a bylaw whereby it Impn-rrs certain
civil responsibilities against sonvone
not otherwise liable. It is a serious
point and tn the meantime f will reserve all other points.
The argument wus fixed. The Ttiurs
REMfflffR IT
New Brunswickers Tell of Late Cold
Snap Away Back in the
Year 1813.
She Muat Pay.
Sail Krnnclsco, Juno 10.���If Miss S.
Itelln Stevens,  a  curio dealer of I.oa
i Angeles, would avoid proaccutlon by
the federal government, Bhe niUBt pay
the government $1804, and forfeit undeclared goodB, valued by the customs
authorities    at    $11011.    When    Miss
i Stevens landed here from the Orient
last December Bhe declared only $452
I worth of dutiable articles. Search of
her trunks showed tbe declaration to
1 be short, and the matter was referred
Ito Washington.
Kredericton. N. It., June 10. -Reai
dents of Little Lake, Sunbirv county
on the north branch of tin; Oramocto
river, report a heavy snow squall
there yesterday and a man who ar
rived on a late train last -light from
Bangor said that east of that city in
t|ie state of Maine there ����h a fairly
heavy snowfall yesterday afternoon.
It Is warmer hero today.
l; Is said that 100 yeara ago. in
llllil, there was a simlinr season to
that which Ib now beiii-g expericnot-d,
only the cold was more seven*, there
being frosts every month in the year.
Nationalist Member Puts In  Plea for
Better Feeling Between the
���East and the West.
Edmonton, June 10.���Henri Bonr-
the Montreal Nationalist, today
said that, apart from tbe question of
pledges, he did not blame Mr. llorden
for not declaring for a general election, for he did uot consider that
such a course was best calculated tu
ascertain the real opinion of thc people on the matter. He added that,
he had always favored a plebiscite.
In the case of the naval bill, there
wore three distinct views, some
favoring the Laurier policy, some supporting the Borden acheme of contribution, while otherB were opposed to
both schtmes. Under these circumstances Mr. liourasaa thought a
plebiscite offered the only satisfactory method of arriving at a solution.
"If Mr. llorden really baa faith io.
hia naval bill," said Mr. Bourassa,
why does he allow It to be destroyed by some 50 old gentlemen in the-
senate instead of appealing to the
seven million or more people of Canada?''
Shows Some Sense.
Asked as lo hia opinion of the west.
Mr. Bourassa Btated that bo thought
it ridiculous for any man to express
any view after he had only been in
the west for a couple of days. There
was one point lbat had struck him
since he 1-eft Montreal, however,
which seemed more important to the
general welfare of the Dcmtnion than
lha granting of $^5,000,000 to Kngland and that was the preventing of
the gradual cleavage between the
east and  the weBt.
"To  a   great   many   people   in    tha
older provinces,''  suld   Mr.   Bourassa.
'Canada    begins   at   the   groat   lakes,
aod  ends  at   the   mouth   of the    St.
Lawrence.    The  eas'ern   view of the*
west  in   too  many cases  is  like that
beld   by   a   certain   class   of   Englishmen  who    regard    Ibe    colonies    a-*
desert  places   wbere the standard of
civilization  is very much  lower than
iheir own."
Ou the other hand, according lo
Mr. Bourassa, many westerners were*
inclined to think that their country
was chronically neglected by the eaat
and by parliament and were always
ready to grumble. While he was in
perfect sympathy wltb the west when
she protested against exploitation for
the benefit of eastern capital, Mr.
Hourassa thought that sacrifice should
be made on both sides to insure the
stability of the Dominion.
���Vestminster, Delta and Dewdney All
Make Increases In Spite of
The voters' lists for the city of'-.-JJ-w"'
Westminster, and thc Delia and Uewil-
uey ridings, just completed, ull *..'�� ��
an increase In the numbers of loose
entitled to vote at parliamentary contests. The figures, as contrasted with
tbe old  register, are as follows:
Old     New
Westminster city    3200   33SS
t)eita    ��� ��� 2000    20ES
Dewdney     18SG    2084
The city thus shows an increase of
158, Delta 58, and  Dewdney, 199.
The iurrense of 415 all told by no
means represents the total nmattxer
qualified to huve their names- regis
tered on the list. Allowing tur a numerous body of newcomers careless
or negligent of their privileges aa <,**:-
nadlan citizens, uo fewer than 500
citizens who were on the old register
when It was cancelled, did not take
thc trouble to see that their names
were enrolled. The shortness of time
allowed for registration, about otafr
noiilb also militated against a man*
complete list, as procrastination, as
well as apathy, are always factors ia
ibu situation.
The High Cost, Etc.
Winnipeg. June 10.���The recommendation of the fire, water, light and
power company last Friday thst sn
Increase of 15 per cent, be made on
the flat water rates, meter rates and
business service, together with the
proposal thnt the charge nn the sinking fund of the $1,000,000 loan be paid
out ot general taxation and thc Interest of same be paid by thn water
consumers was carried by the councif
with unanimity. The increuse- will
come Into force on July 1 next.
Which Mrs. Murphy T
Edmonton.  Juno  10.
Murphy   was   elected
afternoon of the Womenfe
C. N. R. Growing.
Winnipeg.   June  10.���The  construction department of the C. N. ll     wilr
hand  over  to   the  operation   department another 200 miles of new Use.
which wlll be  put    under   operation
this month.   It ls also stated thst 409
I miles of grade Is ready for the steel
'snd that track-laying Is being rsakt-d
with all   possible   expedition.     Under
the increased train service annoaseed
-Mrs.    Arthur la the summer time cards, the B���
pmndent this pany now has a total of 4691 miles of
" dub. line in operation in Western V A Ot
V/EDNESDAY,  JUNE  11,  1913.
Q fiSP,e'Mik<
An tvitiijitHtii'it morning paper dtfVOttfd fi> //ifl itttffrwtl of New Westminster and
(m**. fnuir Vnlicu. 1'ullinhrd every morning cxrtpt Hundtiy bit thr X-rt(inmii Printing
e*mm*t f*\ftt< 1K i. ��� u Company, Limited, at 63 UcKenttv Street, New West mln* ter, liritish
C��.'��m'-ili itoitn 8VTBBHLAND, Managing Direotor,
Ail fi'imiti-uniriitUnin should he addrensed to The Sew Westminster New*, nnd tmj
���fr* tritttt �����.,.��� v ���. M4mbor�� 0/ fftr sfa/f. OJtfff/UM, drafts, mul mniir;/ Ord0f< tflOt-Ud br made
mmyahi-t' to  ltn   National Printing umt Publishing OompaHJf, Limited.
���TWttRPUUNKB*-*Huttiness office aud Manager, 900; Editorial Room! (n/( depart
wmmta,t Hi.
8' Km ttffrios RATES���Hy carrier, ti per gear, $1 for three month*. 40c per
-mmcfi     ftv -nt-riiJ, tS ptr j'f-ar, -5c prr -month.
advertising rates on application,
Court of Appeal cn Case of B.
Orchards  Against Kilmour���
Extreme Law.
Wo are tflad to note that the city council means to
take every advantage of the powers vested in it by recent
legislation with respect to the milk supply. The provincial
milk act became effective on June 1 and the city's bylaw
���respecting the regulation of all milk sold in Westminster,
whether produced here or outside the limits, was read
for the first time on Monday last.
The regulations to be imposed, will, it is only natural
to expert, entail some extra attention upon the part of milk
producers and some extra outlay on the part of the city
through the expenses of the department, but neither of
these things counts for much when the benefit to the community as a whole is considered.
Impure milk has caused the deaths of very many little
ones who might have been today contributing to the progress of British Columbia and while conservation of natural resources finds a very natural and proper part in
our economic system the measures hitherto adopted for to
thc conservation of human life are not above criticism.
The passage of a milk bylaw will not arouse as great
;tn interest as the outbreak of an epidemic caused through
impure milk, Imt, if its provisions are properly and sternly
enforced, then it will be of far greater, if less spectacular,
interest, for it will assure to the people of New Westminster a pure milk supply and security from a repetition of
those epidemics which have marred our history in the past.
Many years ago when universal education was a weed of recent and
tank growth, Hearst in America and
Inter Hiinusworth in England, conceived Hint the public would take a
r-hildlr-h pleasure in frowning black
iheadliiies, red type und tales dripping with sensationalism. Tliey were
���right, and tlieir business acumen
Winsod them lo amass great fortunes.
The old and honorable traditions of
the profession were swept away and
in iis place reigned commercialism,
naked and unashamed,
Today there appears to be hope
that the increased intelligence and
-Cnttnre of the public will before long
make yellow- journalism unprofitable;
ad-ranee- mould be fur more ra;iid on
th-o Noi-Ui American ciitiueut |
���hordes eif Illiterates from Kurope thu
not periodically submerge llle belter
tHtueu'r-d and lnore iiitelli,: i , c|
There: are undoubtedly signs ef better  time's,   however,     Take    cue     ill-
titancc of Increased int. lllgence, the
people everywhere, both in Canada
and the V'niled States are heartily
.���jred of senseless ami violent abuse
of political opponents in the partisan
press. Tliey know there is no conviction behind it; Unit the man who pens
'hu article can be hired for a few
' aoSlsrs more to Issue an equally vl-
tredte counterblast from the opposite
point ol view, and thoy apprise lhe
������effort, accordingly. There are everyday growing in number the men who
take two papers and when they see
io these two diametrically different
versions of the same event they an*
moved to laughter���and contempt.
Nothing can cure the appetite of
the. public fnr salacious scandal, but
education; anil as long as scandal
pays to print it will be printed. Dy
���idut-ation is not hero meant the ntiii-
fty to earn a living but. the word In
its proper sense. ���'the systematic
trainjQg of the moral nnd Intellectual
fac-attlq-s." When a nation is really
seflncaled yellow journalism will be
���dead.  -Cobalt Nugget.
ing ���garlly to the notion thnt lhe money collected by the central authorities bears less heavily on the public.
We may find it necessary to resort
to  trunk  lines  specially  constructed |last
Victoria, .lune 1", Tiie i cope of the
Judgment of the law- lords In the case
"f the II. ('. Orchards against Ktlmour,
which   revolutionized   Iho   procedure
in closing out tin- purchaser who
lapses on payments on agreements tr.r
���ale, is being considered by the court
���f appeals for Hritish Columbia following upon tlm hearing of uu appeal
from ihe decision "f Judge Grant in
the action broughl by Mr. C, I.. Verma
tgalnst Messrs Donohus, BJugcne Pelletler, .lohn in plesse for the cancellation of nn agreement  tor sale.
Th,' appeal wub heard here last
week niul OCCaBloni d some comment
"rem the bench.
Mr Verms sold a parcel of property
to Mr. Demon ue, who assigned to Mr
Eugene Pelletler, The latter eeld
again in Mr. John Dlplesse. Mr. Don-
nhiii' paid to Mr. Vcrnia one-third cash
ui ihe purchase price. Before Hn*
leoond payment  became due he as-
*.:���" i in Mi- Pelletler. Nolthi r Mr.
Donohuo or Mr. Pelletler paid the sec-
"inl payment whet) ii became due. uiul
"������ Vc a isiind a thirty days' notice to lhe former. Tiie payment wai
nut made, and he proceeded to secure
���he cancellation of tb&registration of
ihe agreement. The registrar inslc-t-
(! en nil parties being served with a
nntlci of his intentions, Mr. Pelletler
whrn he was notified ai one., offered
pay tlie money, but- Mr. V' run
Stated that he couid not accept it.
Then Mr. Vorma brought an action
igalnsl all the defendants,
A counterclaim for relief wis entered,
Appeal  Against  Decision.
Judge Grant held that the plaintiff
must succeed and accordingly m ill
in order for the cancellation of the
agreement nf sale The defendants
appeal on the ground that this ih 11
-in a v.* :s contrary to the Judgment of
ihe privy council in ihe KUmour case,
which provides that a purchaser has
ihe right to redeem on an agreement
for Kale, even if he docs net comply
with the thirty days' notice.
M iiie eitting of thc court of appeal
week   in   Victoria   the  care   was
Tea Is absolutely pure,
Is oleanly prepared,
and It oosts no more
than   ordinary Teas.
I* sealed piukote i.nly.      MO
Mayjr   cf   Calgary   Thinks   Idea   Not
Practical���Dominion   to   Take
Cvcr   Bonking   System.
for motor vehicle I raffle if some better dust palliative than those al. present In use Is not discovered. --Tor
onio Globe.
Calgary, June 10.   Alderman Crichton and Al'ienii'in Freeze nre In favor
of  the   Dominion  government  Inking
rlvi :���   the   entire   hanking   system   of
Canada,   In u resolution passed nt the
finance committee of the city council
yesterday  they  expressed  full  sym-
pathy with the Vancouver branch of
| tlie  Business  Men's  Reform association of Canada, which in Instituting a
national campaign to Induce the gov-
' ernmi ut to take over ths banking Bys
teiii ot 11 < ry other city in thc Domin-
S, rt. Beverldge, secretary of thi
I Vancouver branch, is communicating
with various civic bodies ami commercial nnd trade organizations with
.1 view to circulating a gigantic peti-
Mayor Slnnott dors not consider
iiie idea ve-fy Berlously, "1:. Is one of
those- things that we ran sympathize
with, but can't do anything ahout."
said the mayor. "I don't ne that it
would make matters any better for
the government to do th? banking. Financial stringencies are bound to occur whenever people begin to spend
more  than   they  can    afford.    Those
made that the majority of womi i
want tlie voting franchise, the resulta
e f a poll of New York women recently
taken by the New Vork Evening Sun
are  instructive.
The Sun, it should he remarked, Is
favorable to women suffrage. Its ag
ents conducted a house-to-house can
vas in every section of New Vork city
and put the question to 20no women
whether they wcre, in favor of woman
suffrage or opposed to it.
Of these 2000 women. B71 declared
themselves io be favorable, 651 were
emphatically unfavorable, and ?"S
were Indifferent. Many of those included among thOBe who favored woman suffrage were so classed because
they said If they had the right to vote
they would vote.���Hamilton Herald,
irgued, Mr. II. I'. Bray apeparing for
the defendants-appellants, and Mr. C,
B i-'iiiuiore for the plaintiff-respondent Mr. Fillmore argued that tin
case did not come within tin- scope of, people who cannot get money through
the hanks are usually people who do
not pay their debts."
The secretary of the Vancouver association will be assured, however, of
the sympathy of the finance commit -
tee in the preliminary movement.
Ithe decision of the privy council.
In  commenting on  the  features of
j the apepal case their lordships of the
view of the assertion frequently 'court ol appeal expressed the opinion
that the decision of the law lords was
I extreme law, Mr. Justice Martin, who
was not on the bench with his brother
ludges when the B.C. Orchards against
Kllmour case came up on the firs t ap-
i peal, said that the decision of the privy
counci! was embarrassing to the courts
j of this province.
Decision  on  the  appe-al    was    reserved.
Inner  Dealings  With  Germany  Made
Publlo by Spy Who Worked
Fer Britain Alto.
New Vorte, June 10.���The American today publishes a startling Interview with u man who Buys he Ib Dr.
Aringanrd Carl Craves, a confidential
a: ent of the German government and
later   of   the   British government,
According to the story, this man Is
tha Dr. Graves who waa arresti d In
Edinburgh last June nml convicted of
having In his possession plans ol the
tig guiiB in Edinburgh, and memoranda containing a British diplomatic
code, lie wm; sentenced to 18 months
In  Jail   on   July   22   by   Chief  Justice
ciark of Edinburgh.
Alter serving three and n half ]
months In Berlinnle prison, be says,
In* was approach! d hy a man whose
"H'.'e lie refines to ri veil, nvl Invited to Join the secret lerviee pf
'ireat llritain. lie accepted till Offi r, according to bio account, und wai
trusted with the duty of securing n
memoranda of the agr nenl between
Germany and Japan with regard  to
thn "ar i ast.
He embarked on the steamer K iin r
Wilhelm II, on February 4 of thla yen-,
i On the steamship was a German emissary giving the name of Schmidt, wh i
was coming tqgtfie United states to
meet a.Japanese emissary. Graves
to try and get the document before
the steamship reached Southampton
but falling ln this, he ohms on to New
York and on the way managed to get
nto Schmidt's stateroom and between
Sand} I'l'o'i: and tho Statue of Liberty
In Ni ������������ Vork harbor, he t"uk an lm
pri slon of the dacumt nt he whi nfti r
' >- m lng :������ sin'ciai:-.- pri pared lotion
papi r which lefl no fftii o
He immediately sent the copy ������'
the document to the address "Buzzing
I.i ndon." whir:-., li* envs, is the ad-
fir-- :   of an ofHci r i :  the tor I :n of
As the British g ���' rnmeni I illi d to
��� r. him t'.r* promised reward he Bays
he mak 'S the dpcunv nl public It
reads as follows, ln the translation
Eupplh 'i hy Graves:
Interesting Document.
"Germany sanctions and will not
obstruct Japan In any colon! '.atl :.
intention Japan entertains as regards
the far 'list, and would not obstruct
the acquiring of coaling stations iii
the south sens other Ihan New Guinea
and the Bismarck Archipelago. Ger
manv would not. prevent the acquisition
of German vessels by Japan, providing such vessels were not auxiliary
cruiBcrs    of   the    Imperial    German
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
consider superior to any Imported artlols,
We also carry a Htock of Crushed  Itock, Washed Gravel, Hand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See ub before ordering elsewhere,
Phones 15 and 10. 902 Columbia Street W.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
���ss���������sa���b ���a���s���s���s������
r- *- ������*-���" '-T-n-ft"ir t* -r-���rv- -n-rn- .:
The first. Methodist sermon preach
ed   in   Nova  Scotia   was  delivered   b\
William   Black,   a   missionary   after
ward   famous  us  "bishop"    of    Novc
Scotia, in a private house at Halifax
131  years ago today.
At that time Halifax had Anglican
Dutch, Presbyterian, Iloman Catholic
Swedenborgtan, Quaker and Sande-
manlan congregations, ami, wrot<
Wack, "a great swarm of infidels."
The Methodist exhorter was Riven r
cool reception, and only a handful of
people   listened   to   his   first   sermon
Those who came to scoff retrained ti
pray, and within a short time tlu
evangelist gained ;*'-ore= of convpr��e
Soon afterward a store was converted into n temporary church, and
was used until a permanent, structure
was erected A local magnate th
built a church for the Methodists, but
retained ihe title, and tunu-d th< in
out of ii when he wns disciplined fo-
some laxity of conduct. The "rs-
church In Halir-u owned hy -i Metho
din coujirecatioii was Zoar chapel
built  in  1702.
This wns practlcilly the beirlnn'-iq
ni VeCie.-'sm in what is now Un Hi
minion. Since \\\.n ihe denomlnatio-e
his trrown nnii] ii now li"* ���* ,,,.- i it
I'BO.OOO members and probablj a mil
i'eii odhi rei"" mora than any "ii" ������
church in Canada ami aboul 3,701
i hurcbea and as ninny mlnlsti ra
Report Just   Issued  Tells  Public
actly  How Money  Is Spent.
Victoria, Juno 10.���The report of the
Victoria school hoard, .lust issued,  iB
a very valuable document,.    It showe
that the hoard Is really achieving ufc-
��� ful work for the schools, and spend-
: inK the funds provided hy the ratepayers In a careful antl economical man-
11" '
Every cent's expenditure is < xplaln-
ed, and the public is teld Jurt what
results    were  ol tallied    thereby.    The
progress of a city school system ap-
! pears sjpw in detail, I ut talei n in the
aggregate  it  is proved  that  the  Vic
'torla department is doing    an    i nor-
j mous amount of work and that the results are demonstrated In examination
1 returns  and  the advancement of the
I pupils.
The expenditure per pupil in 1912.
deducting permanent Improvements, in
the high school was J7S.S4. in the
graded schools. S.'!2.4fi: manual traln-
Ing schools, S'J.riii, and in the household Bclence schools fl2i'ii The bnoip
' of distribution is 424 pupils in lh" high
I school, 3,012 in the graded schr>ols, 3fin
j In the manual training schools, and
1150 in the domestic science schools.
The hoard controls land worth half
Urge     Women's    Council    ta    Renew
Action Aimed at Scouring Better
funicipal Er.franehioe-rer.t.
Paris is agitated over the destruction of tri i s arul foliage on the Bois
BontoKno l > tar dust scattered from
the wheels ol passing vehicles, This
is one tif many problems arising from
Vhe. Introduction of motor vehicle tral
fie. .Wo have se n In the vicinity of
Te*-f-uio how i Vi built vehlcleB pass-
i��V, swiftly over ordiliur> roads cause
nil cm-rents and swirls which i it-
Ier -dust in clouds, covering all adjo
-tent vegetation. A Iiriiiili coi
���sii-an liw, published some startling tig
���uriis e.a to -In* destruction of fruit,
pas tu ii ii and vegetables bj dusi fr in
���m-n'or e ihlde I.
Tar dressing hai been Irli d i a ���
.{laliii-.Uve on the famous I'.i ���
-Btcrnaglifare, nnd the results i ow
'���wero oven more deplosabl * Tli chlel
forester bas ii cl'.ncd to npend n c
j-fsioo-O voted I*- n itore the injured
-trees and shrubbery, on the ground
thai Uie money would be wasted,
Tjft'K. ornamental plants und flowera
���an- being destroyed, and it is report
��� eel thiit noil is bo poisoned hy th tai
tbut restoration is virtually Imposal
bl��- without a change of material and
a. restoration of natural conditions.
The road problem in Ontario hm-.
-rece-ive different treatment ov.inq (o
thp abundance and lower price ol po-
trolpum products. Oil hss been trie I
frr-ely on macadam roads as n dual
palliative, and It gives Rood Immed
tots remits, Some of the mere hope-
ful orediclloiia as  in  its permanent
���results   have   not    le'di   fulfilled,   hm
fre-qiirnt  applications   minimise    ihe
elu-st liiiieunoi', without any of tin- in-
jurimu,  resiilis  now  known   lo  follow   president   is  W.  Godfrey,
the use or inr. ,h,, |1;i.,i,. ;, Rrltlpli North Am i
Kven here lln   cosi  is n serious cm-       Tlll.   plon    hopG   ,���   1 ,-;���,.   .,,,  ,..
���Maratlon, hm  it is said to be less BOO people to Nanalmo. About 200 will
���expensive ihan the adoption of u per-  f,,,.,i ������ the Patricia, having made ar
maiu-nt surface of asphalt. This, while   rangements lor llle i*orvini$ of a cold
within the reach of urban municipal-  lunch aboard the hunt while the re
itieis, has been regarded us too expen- malnder will cat around the- cltj ho
���uivp for the construction of country  tels and restaurants.
roads,  where  the   dust  nuisance    la      The league will request the Native
now most seriously felt. Sons of Nanaimo in take an into;- ; i
Tin? country road problem has en-1 ln the excursionists, and il is : n--c ��� i
cotira-ceii a tendency to    depend    on'ed that tbe visitors bo ahown thi  h
Dominion or provincial taxation, ow- tion arid other courtesies extended
Calgary, June io.���The secretary of
'he trades and 1 ihor council has been
Instructed to communicate wiih tin
j Calgary Woman's Suffrago society t
urge a campaign for a fuller municipal franchise, on the part of all woman's organizations in co-operation.
Tin- local trades and labor council
'ins fiono on record as oprpoying of
woman's suffrage and have supported
Ihls at several meetings of the le-^is- ;
latlve committee of the city council, to
recommend amendments to the city
Recently the local Council of Women made an effort to Increase the
representation of women on the voters' lists under the present charter,
in the advice of Alderman William
lioes, hut the interpretation of tne
charter hy the city solicitor iB such
as to practically preclude the posslbll-
i ity of any material Increase without
i an amendment lo the charter.
At tlii- meeting of tho local council
""'I a million dollars upon which buildings executive it was suggested that a del-
k���� I exist worth $625,000    Together with egatlon of women wait upon the lcgis-
rrniture   and   apparatus   the   school latlve committee regarding the amend?
property is valued at $1,069,415. Much   ments proposed, but tills ha9 not yet
���if ihe historical matter of the lint re-
nort has become unnecessary, hut  in
many ways thr- new report Is a more
. aluable document.
David w. Brunti n, dlstlni ul hed
mining engineer, was turn nt .\\*-
Ont., sIMy four yi ts ago todaj i in
this date In l-" 1 l'n n*.* Flavian Tur
iien wis consecrated Roman Catholic
archl Ishop of Qui bcc.
Baron Stenlev i f Pri ston, afterwar-'
ihe sixteenth Earl of Derby, as-urne-*-1
office as governor-general of finadi
twenty-flve years n^o today, l'e re.
malned in Otlawa until 1893, in which
year he succeeded liis brother ;;s i-url
"Oermany wishes it understood that
in   the   event   of  a  conflict   between
Japan  and  another nation  Oermany
I "-���'1 remain neutral in any event not
,afTecting  Cermany    Itself.    Germany
expresses hltih regard for the Japan-
��� e nation and desires closer connec-
I Urp with Japan."
i According to Dr. Graves, this docu-
|->-<-nt wns signed in a perman foreign
office cipher oonsistlne; of a "W" and
"R" Intertwined, and followed by
numer-ils "24"  whieh  represented  the
��� lal number of the despatches,
Dr. Graves explains that Germany is
���ioi unfriendly to the United Btates,
but feared that if she not into tronhli
with .Lilian's ally, Great Britain, thi
United Statpa would Show al hast
moral support to Great. Ilrit-iin and
ihe Germans were willing to allow
fnoai a free 1i"i\i! in the f',r oast to
purchase ih" friendship of Japan, To
���id: up ih- startling tale, Dr c,n -. e
hows a certificate of registration from
Ni w Vork to "llnz'/ini;, London." of a
letter, He added that If he were not
Craves it would be easy for ihe British
roverninent tn produce Ihe man condemned to prison in Edinburgh last
Inly ss the records and newspapers
if all Kurope will show.
Tiie American adds that Its correspondent in LiOndon met with denials at first from Reginald McKenna.
tho British home secretary, ami Mc-
Konnon Wood, the secretary for Scot-
land in the British government, when
they were asked aboul the release of
It was admitted, however. Inti"-. says
lie newspsoer, that Craves had heen
released, lt. is understood that the
government will he* nsk-d In the
Iritis h commons io explalh the reasons for the release of Graves and his
-,iri sent whereabouts.
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Ini n adopi
'lhe trades and labor (ouncil llrfee?
'li i the women's organizations of the
;-*--.    n,   *. liter up 'it once.
:*:* '*:';' ������ nommlttee his al-
���*��� ���������'.     ���<������'  i *.t'ii   ,i   recommnsiU.llon
' r  iduli   null * re  whloh   wns  snp-
v rh I ' v i'ii   Ira mj and hihor to,): ���
������ I i nt the eiti  council rei irni 'I lhe
re* ��� -- *  ��� *  '��������� ��� n  for (nvlslon.
"Further rcpn sentatlnn on the nart
'* n  Thomaa V.   Dawson   of the women might have the effect
md WilUi'* M   Shea, nep-irate eehool    f Inducing the local council to granl
representative!      appointed    to    the the franchise," urges the trades and
���! lail   l.iniri-'*. ilbor  council,  "and  we  suggest   that
The two rrprerentatlves refused ' lhi qui I n bc taken up by all or
i enl -���-."* in the board becau ���* lhi * inlzatloi Interested In ndiili suf
board refuped to place a lii "<��� ������* Oil      ' ipe,  wl'h  a  view to obtaining the
SI   Catherines, (Int., June in
lublic library board Inst nie-tit pm
i resolution formally declaring vai
rh- |
-ed j
NKW '.i'Em ..iINSTKlt LODOB NO !
a & P. O. of Klks of the I), of C, mw
lhe first and iliinl Thursday ut * p m
K. of 1'. Hull. KIkIiIIi street. A Well'
Orny, Exalted lluler, I'. II. Smith. Sex-
rlHtern. Bouoltora. etc. eo Lome Strwt,
New wratminater. f) K Corbould, K.
c.   J. n. Qrant   A. ED, Meou.
ter-ftt-liiw. nollcltor. etc. 1'elnphon*
1071. f'uble uildrrHfl "J.ihnfltnn."
Code, "Western Union" Offices, Ellis
IlliK-k. (62 Columbia street, New Westminster. B. C.
L, O. ii M.. NO. 8(4.���MBBTS ON
flri>i, Beoond, tliird nml fourth Wednesday in 'neii month nt 8 p, in.,
In tlir Moose Home, II. J. lA-amy.
dictator; I-'- IS. Jones, secretary.
ll, nil'ni.'il'ti rs of lodge in Sen House
corner of Fourth nn.l Carnarvon StreelH
Ile ��� icyclopedla  In the
'i luir ��eai:i being vaci
cons cutlve regular
���li v 11���������������ine vacant permanently
j far as  the  two  representatives
concerned,    nnd   the  board   bst
passed a resolution declaring the
II    fram ...
cant   for  thr, i
etini:?  1 v law
o ,
nichi i
se.it r
Nanaimo, June 10. Publicity Commissioner Coleman returned from
Vancouver   yesterday   whi re   he   ine
Ctor'n   C( ������-n'-K   ris-il  Agtn->.  As  to
Their   Standirq  in   ^-hcine
V eti :   i    Jet���������   10     ilefore   issuinR
ih" hoin] i to the ciih'.en.i of Victoria
ii $100 loti  ;,; proposed b" the fin-
anCO   '��� '".nii-tee,    the   c   ine'l     \   eill nl
lo fl- ���:      ni,  il,    -e;f(,   |�����  r'oe'il   n -i ntS
Found by Little Toronto Maid���Three  " "  '  BeeurlUes Com, nnv
I.eavec. Unon Feur.
Toronto,   .Line   10.    Little   Miss   M.
Rolph, of 31 Chlppawa avenue, Centre
eeeiled  iii  liiilni,'  up ii hij: ciciir: ion Island, on June " wound n peven leaf
from the Terminal City to Nanalmo, clover    ('an anvone heat ih;it? It was
This is the Pioneers of Vancou er brouphl to the Star otllce nnd there Is
who will  run  an excursion  bere nn no doubt  of the genuineness of the
June  14     The Pioneers  is n  node! find.
of old timers In the city of Vancou- ���       Ml     Rolph in n great clover hunti r
organized aboul two years ago.   The nnd  h-s  found Blx-leavcd  clover '������
tore  nov ;   but  nevi r    a sev n ;��� ���
M'   i   i lo  think   thev  h->-*e   r u il
��� ii elhlng wonderful when ihey gel n
"four." The one jusl found has four
leaves plus three others superimposed
on thetn jusl  like some of the lrii-h
lliee   i <Teel:\
clover is common In north temperate regions; abi nl three hundred sne-
clcs having  been  found.    The  four
iiii.d. or so called "lucky" clover, i:*. 'per cent, to i    ihflsh as
i"   '   '':���������*'.! ������".;.���  found,    Tho  I   *   oi .lderman Prrter ia'd
cavi n leaved   var
: meb :* in i'
to  ''*..*     stus  ' f llie  ngr lemc :    Iv
'��� -it  e -mijiv v an Kivon  Hu
'-* iislvn handling of Victoria's bond,
is Hie,
The comptroller pointed out tha'
|h agn ap - i ��� >rirei) on December
21 in"' bul ���"' noe-* er termination
'������'I hi * filed so that It was still In
fffp.ct. That the company bad no
��� i In the present where the
* i nl a little over $30,000 lie
" d, b .i iin* matter ".ill be
lo  *  il up.
The councillors wire generally in
fiver ot i he scheme, although Muvor
Morley pointed out lhat the sale and
resale of the city's bonds on the local .<! !,>������,*,. might hm bo a Rood ad-
vorl    t Aldermnn      Cmliliort
��� ��� it. was rather a hiRh
t was ne
c-it- irv Jure 10.- -During lhe past
mi n'h. 23 Immature calves, slaughtered for tl" Cntgary market wero
condemned nnd seized by the meat
Inspector Ths charges made during
the rei-' nl discussion cf the proposi d
meai Inspection, that vn**i* peoplj
an* making a>buslnese nf buying immature calves for Bale I ������ illv, Is evidently not  without  foundation,
That diai ased meal * ��� not :*' nil
rare in Calgary is evldcnl from ths
repi rl of the Medlcnl llejallh Officer
on meal Inspection for the month,
��� h eh ;!".��������� thai 133 cond.-mil ilions
^rre mad" by the Inspector
In a Box.
Olympla, June ii.   The    state    su- !
preme  court   has  decided   wit'.i,**.i   s i
dissenting voice that the lasi legislature did not have constitutional power
to provide that   the  principal  and  In
terest of the $4,000,000 bond issue au- j
thorized for capitol building purposes j
Bhould he guaranteed by the state gen- ;
eral fund.    This means Hint  tli- state j
cannot carry out l"s plan to Invest Its
own permanent funds In theBe securi-
ties   and   that   further    construction j
work will be blocked uuiil the bonds
can he sold in the open market.
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODOH NO. 17���Th
regular meeting of Amity lodiee N,
11, I. O. O. I-'.. is he'<! every Menda
nlt-lil nt 1 o'clock In Odd I'ellows' l'e,
corner Curinrvon and Bt-Rhth streeti
Visiting breibern cordially Invite!
R. A. Merrlthew. N. fl. ; J. nobert.ic;
V. (S.; VV. c. Cnatham, P O., recm
In* secretary;  H. iv. gangster, flnsj
clal  secrelnry.
whttbsidb, kmmoniis * wnr(n-
slde ��� Barristers and Solicitors, Went-
mlnster Trust Hlk., Columbia ntrefct.
New Westminster, H. c. Cable addrnse
"Whiteside," Western l'nlon. P. O.
Drawer :oo. Telephone C9 W. J.
Whiteside, K. C.; H. L. BdmondS, Tx.
J.   8TILWBLL CLUTE,   nnrrlKter-at-law,
��� Mclloi*.   etp. ;   corner    Colombia    *xji*
n. C.   P.
streets.    New    Westinlnfller
O.   Hox  112.     THleiilinne   71ft.
ier * Hanna, Ltd.l���Puneral dlroetm
nnd cm bal mors. Parlors !"*��� Column!
slreet,    New  Westminster,    Phone Hit
Solicitor and Notary. Offices Hart
block.  :s  Lorne-   slreet.  New  Westmin-
Barristers and Solicitors. COS to (IS
Westminster Trust Hlock. il. K. Miir-
im, W. (J. McQuarrie and Ooorw U
W, )���:. PALES���Pioneer Puneral Direct,
and Bmbalmer, 8ia-8l8 Akio-s str��s
opposite Carnegie Ubrmv
Sale, Deeds, lluslui��ss Letters, oto.; eir
eniiir work specialist. Alt work strlenb
eoitndnntlal.   ll   li.nrv. room 4is West
iniiiHier I'rii'it Hlk.    Phone 702.
i lien, iiTvcy.;,   *;.* ,������*,*���   **, u,   pregem tlhanclal strin-
II.   J.   :���.     m'KMOTT,     AUDITOR    AN'
Accountant,   Tel, It 128.   lloum 2
I Tn rt block.
r. II  Smilh. w  J  Oi'OVM
Work   iinilerliik n    In    eity    niul    nnl.ad
Dolnts.   211-12   Wnstmlnater   Trust   Bld(
I'll.inn   3��4.     P.   O.   Box   (07.
i:n\Kli OF TRADE���NEW wi-:s-thin
sot* H".:ni ol Tradi meets In Hie boar
ro'Uu, L'lty Hull, us follows: n.i-il Pr'
diy of eje h menu, quarterly mecMni
i.i,  the   tl.ii '1   l*i*i.i.*i'   i.i   ���'-Inn,,ry,   M.'J
v i.i :si i.ni Nnvember -i' t- p.m. An
nutl moutiiigs mi Hi" iiiif". r-i'i'..- o
February, C. II. Sluait Wade, B��eri
'.O. Bex 3-4 Daily New* Bide
ot all kinds.
'rlct.'H ri;;lit.   Satisfaction guaranteed,
59 McKeriile Sl.
COAI. MINING rlKhts of Ihn Dominion
, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and au..nn,
i ibu Yukon Territory, the North-west Tnr-
��� iiinrlcn nnd In a portion of the Province
nt British Columbia, mny be leassd for a
* term   Of   twenty-ono  yearn  nl   nn    annual
, rental nf tl an acre. Nnt more than 2(6*
aores wlll be leneeel to one uni iienni.
Application  for a lease must  be made
by  ihe applicant tn person  to llie  Agent
i or Rub-Agent of the district In which the
'-llllils applied for are ultimo-.I
In surveyed territory the land must lie
. described  iv sections,  or legal  sub-dlvl-
��� Inns  of  sections,   anil   In   un-nil-vi-yed   tor-
I ritory   ths   tract   applied    for    shall    tie
, staked out by the applloant IHtusSlf,
i ��� DIach application miuu be aexiompanlod
i by a  fee or  $5  which will  be  refunded  If
| Ihn   rlRlils applied  for are  not  available,
imt  not otherwise,    A  royalty  sliall   be
I pain on tbe  merchantable output of ti,*
'nine at 111" rate of five oenln per tun
I    To  person  operating  the  mine  shell
furnlsn   the   Asem   vvu.li   sworn   returns
iccnill ting   for   l|���.   f-ill   ,,,||,nt|iy   oj   m,.r.
ei.nil,.:,:,   coat   nilind  nnd   n,y  tbo roy-
'1"   ih'," pn    If  thr c.ii   mining   right*
IIO    'I'U   beln.I opei.led jucli   returns Bbuuld
ue  furnlsbf-d  sl   tenet  onoe n   year
���     'I'he In.- will  Include tbe c��al mining
t it-in, onlv,   but   ,1,.  ,.K.m  wll|  ,,���
1 mitten  io   ptirchas--
sui-focn i*   "
I sary for
rati  .ii jin an sore.
For full Information application ehr.,14
,i"* i-.iiuli   to lis* Secretar/ of the Depart.
;-u ol    I. ��� im.-i���r,  Ottawa, or to any
, Hi'tit. er hiib-Ageul of  Dominion  Ijiwls.
W.  W. COItY,
,.   ,.,  H'.U'ty Minister of tha Interior-
���   ii -  ' ui.mi- uized publication nf tide
I adtcHlsouitmt Will not bo paid for.
lights may lis considered neces-
the wiukbiB of the iiiiuii
Hi neces-
iiiiini at the
* .   * '*������  .   '"*'���������'��"
WEDNESDAY,  JUNE   11,  1913.
"Made    In    Canada"    Train    Excites
Greatest   Intcrett In  Calvary���
Ontario Fruit Display.
Hearing a cargo of exhibits of
"inadivln-l'anada" goods, the Bpeclal
train ran Into Calgary early yesterday afternoon, making tbe forty-Be-
cond stop of the trip In re. Tlle train
left Montreal On May 14, bo thul In Ita
lengthy tour It has been less tliun a
month In reaching Calgary; In fuel
It baa only been out !!:i dayB In all.
Thi' train was immediately Welcomed In Calgary hy 11 deputation of the
board of Irade, and during the afi<-r-
noon and evening il waa visited by
large crowd* of Calgary people, who
showed greal Interest In the various
exhibits of the things which can b
made In  the Dominion,
There  mre exhibits of every  kind
from   piano-i  und  household  furniture I
to stiap and  biscuit  boxes, from  rub
bar tires for autos, and canned meats
to collars and clothing, frum priming
to bedding, so iliat such a varigated
exhibition 1 f manufactures could hard !
ly bo Imagined in one compass of the
mind.    In fact, from the point nt view j
of ae'eln/;  the thingB evi n which  the'
human bra 11 can think out and human
band i  contrive,   the  inhibition   Is  of
Intereet alone.
Tbere are nine can  In  the  train
which lying   on    iho   southernmost
tracks  of  tin-  C.   P.   II,,  just  beyond
the  depot,    Tbe  public enter  by  the'
usual  route through  the depot, cross 1
the 'neks at the, westernmost end
and then pass through thi*--train, arriving after lha Journey at the east end
of tiie tracks,   Ths view of the' ex
hlblU i.i such that one Is moving con i
Bluntly  from one froali wonder to an- ;
other  to another all   the  way,  nnd
there ia not a moment's rest for mind
or  eye.
Dre����   Ninety  Miles to  See
The train will be out altogether for
r.2 days, ami it will make in all 121
foils   ami     will     travel     Wll     miles
through Canada it Is calculated that
nn to date It has been viewed hy Mo.-
(nm people, and the neiw fact about
this Is that the largest proportion Of
these  have  been  farmers.
At Cu'l Lake there were nine pi u
pie who drove the lon:*; distance of
ninety n'les in order to lisli tho
train, and this drive took them over
���a couple of days, ro thai ihey left
homo the day before the train wnn
SCbOduIi d U) arrive und got there jus'
In time lo see tho wonder.
At   Bon   Island  was  b   similar experience of a family of bix who drove
the  lon -  distance  of ti"  miles  fron-.
Mili;   leivr  ror  iin   H'io  purpose  1
Viewing   the   "Made in Cauda"   train.
Pictures of Canadian  Work
Willi the train is n s rles of inning pictures Illustrative of life nnd
work in Canada, which ls shown In
the evenings, am! much enjoyed !>:���
those' visiting tin- train lasl evening.
These pictures show views of the sal
1:1011 Industry from the lime that tho
r sh is caughl In lhe river till the day
when it is canned In the great factories. There nre also logging scenes
shipping from 'lie great ports in east
and wesl. mining, water falls, with
the  development   of water power urn!
harvesting, which will come nearer
home 10 mosl of the people in this
1   entry
The outcry which was raised 1:,
some parts about tbe train being a
simylo boosting of eastern products
ni I'gK'nst Uie west ie not believed in
Calgary, and yesterday among the
f rs<. visitor:): was a delegation from
thc local board of trade, which consisted if Messrs Hutchings, Campbell
Moi; II. 11. Hornlbrooke, Wilson, and
Bruce Cameron. Th-rre nn- bIbo numerous Western exhibits on the train,
and these include tlie following; Alaska Bedding Co., Robin Hood Flour
Mills, Royal Crown Hoap, Bulam Brothers, Carbon oil Works and tbe Broj
don  Hoard of Trade,
Maklna Fruit Cheaper
An   exhibit   of   peculiar   lit' n I     I
Hint, of  tiie  fr tit  Khuwn   bv   li'"   "
t.irio department of agriculture und >i
the supervision of Mr. Duncan, lit.
Duncan is anxious to get in touch
with local fruit dealers, bo that It*
muy place them ln direet cowniiinlca
tion with the co-operative fruit growers' associations of Ontario, and tha'
thoy may get apples and other fruit
direct from the oountry where they
aro grown In the east This will Bf-rvo
to a groat extent, lf It Is carried out
properly, to cut down the profits of
tho Beveral middlemen who sup In
between Ihe grower and tho seller
There are 42 exhibits in nil on the
truin, and all were scanned by Interested crowdB all last evening.
Cpckane Father Has Wayward Younr
Daughter��� Girl  Admits Shu
Does  Wrong.
Spokane,  June  P.���Chained   to    t 1
block of wood  weighing 100 pound s, I
the dog chain being padlocked in her ;
ankle   and   stalled   to   ibe  chunk   rf
wood In 'l'e yard to prevent lur run
ning sway from home, Avn Barbam
Rgi il  ii, daughter of A. 1..  Barbam
2327  Klernan avenue,  was tlie caiiBO
of a pcllcs Investigation of the all. gi d
cruelty 10 ihe child las; Baturday.
"I deserved ihe punishment that,
������ as given to me." said the girl te
���he officers las* nlgbt, "I have ahall
It cf running away from home and
staying away ull night nnd I do not
know what makes me do It. My taller und stepmother .-'re kind to m"
n;, 1! I bnve a pleasanl bone, bul 1
run away without a motive,"
Reports to tl.e police yesterday stal
��� d that the vour.g girl run away from
her home Wednesday night nnd ln>
down to sleep on a neighbor's lnwn
imr midnight. She waj found b'
the lady of lhe house and taken lull  ors,   given   n   comfortable   place   ti
t  aid was then returned to her
���ii-eii1" in ihe morning    When  sin
reached home, she was chained to tho
chunk Of wood  by her father, t'.ie po
lice sa*--.
Tlie father ��;,*��� 1 he lias tried all
manner "f schemes t.i keep the girl
: ��� h .in' bu! l'-'s failed. He iald that
; if friends or neighbors could si ggesl
: 1 ���. other plan lo euro the g'rl of the
hal It of running away ami staying
out nil night he would he glud '<���
!..��� nsj. of tlie plan The girl nnd
*;* entire circumstance surrounding
tbe ''.m* ni'- a mystery.
cot five years.
Burglar Brought Buck rrom Scotland
to Toronto Cfjrti.
Toronto, June 10. James aabley
who was bropght back trom Scotland
by 11 *n ''tlre 1 ii'iiin, came up in tie
police court this morning before Magistral Denlson and pleaded guilty tt
two < inn .i of 1 urglary Me �� is
sentenced to Bvi years in the penitentiary.
Ashley, it will be remembered, attacked Miis Hla Kill-sou at the infor-
matlou hun ,:u at lhe I'nion station
nnd Btole ��iis from '11 r desk on the
night of December 16th.
On March 2nd he broke into the
Crand Trunk railway office nt th"
depot nnd stole $2,006, getting out of
Ihe country before he was suspected,
lie wis arrested in Edinburgh snd
Detcetive Cronln was sent f. r him.
(inly $300 was found upon hlm nt the
time of hiB arrest.
l.-rprcved  Telephone   Connection    De-
tween Mainland and Island Will
Soon  Be Accomplished.
Victoria, .lune 10. -Tho laying of
the i.e cable across the gulf ot
Georgia, between Point 'ire;, and Nan
liiiio. by the British Columbia Telephone Company, v.ill probably tak'
place i ii Saturday next The actual
work will I.e done by the pacific
Crasl  Cable Company, and  it  is ex-
.i  ,i.  with   favorable cond.tions.  to
complete tlie- contract within the d iy.
While il will take eight cmsecii
live hours to lay the cal,!'- much more
���iher work is necessary,   if the lay-
ng  is started a!   eight  i'i leck  111  the
morning, for four hours previously
���he plant department cf the HBttsb
Columbia Tel "hone Company will he
busy fixing the shore end ul Point
3rey. After the cable is under thn
water, another four hours' vork will
ho required to fix tlie land end on
Newcastle  Island.
Captain a. B. Rlohardsi n, of tba
Pacific Coast Cable Company, does
ni ;  anticipate ony untoward feature
He has seen extensive service on  til's
coast. He superintended the unloading of Cue big wire from tlie Crswn if
Oallcia, which was accomplished with-
nut a hitch.
Mr. Henry Bavage, M.I.E.E., of London, has arrived In watch this event
fill linking up of lhe mainland and
Vancouver Island. He is lhe gpi oin',
representative e,f thc manufacturers
tfessrs tV.T. Henley ���>���'��� Co.,Woolwich
iii.ee this cable was made to special
specifications, they naturally are in-
erestad very mucb, and Mr. Savage
vlll n main on fee scone until coin
nid" connection is made, JO that 11
-nay be noted how effective the cable
Ii !s noteworthy Hint the poles ai
he Brechin mine. Nanalmo, carving
iiie Island nui tf the liir.ii load from
Newcastle Island, nie I lie tallest in
tl.e province, They are particularly
Cue st'eks. lis feet in length, and
being i reeled in u slight eminence,
; v ���  the Uiic  100  fee'  clear over the
navigable channel ut blgb tide.
Thi re lire two of these poles on the
Island, and two 7", foot pedes on Now-
CORtls Island, the four having cent
nearly $1(100 to put In place.
a general tour of observation.
A slurt, quiet man, with twinkling
eyes, lie possesses a keen vein of humor wblcb he doubtless owes to hia
Scotch parentage. Mr. Fraser is Buffering from a fractured arm, whlcli
he sustained in Prinee Kdward Island
almost a year ugu, and which is healing very  slowly.
lt is hardly necessary to sate ihat
the- position of auditor-general la of
great Importance, and is oue of ihe
moBt independent In the government
serv.ee>. Mr. Fraser bus a large. Btaff
under his charge. He is appointed
by act of parliament, and ii needs a
large majority vote of both houses
to remove him from office.
Those who know him Btale that Mr.
Kraser always discharges bis most responsible dulies fearUsSly, Hia work
in the finance depar.ment, with which
he was fi ii many years connected bo-
fore bla prcsi'ii; appointment gave
him a iii ep Insight Into tlie iiitricies
tf Canadian finance', which has stood
him in good stead. Ile has heen In
bis present .high position since Aus.
1, 1905.
HElPfUl TO All
Community In Hancock County !s One
Bi��* Happy Family���Social Centre
���Si-iellin]  Bees.
In scene from "Over the ItlVer" ai the Opera Houbo tonight.
Victoria, June 10.-���John Kra��er, the
auditor-general of Canada. Is staying
In Victoria with a Binall party of hla
friends from Ottawa. lie Is hero in-
iBpectlng the government offices
[throughout tho province and making
Welland, Ont.. June 10.   ir an offer
nf  $1,000   for a   white cocker   sfi.i'liil
or collie dog which was made about a
year ngo by Lady Somerset, of Eug-
lan !. Is i till  good, S. M. Clemo, of
Welland, thinks he has the il ig.
So ;..r as is known tiie offer has
never been taken up us this color of
cocker spaniel is as scarce us a while
blackbird, Mr. Clemo is, therefore,
going t" open up correspondence with
her lud��hlp with a view to satisfying
her wish for the i'ara avis. II is not
unlikely that the humble Welland
dog nay yet find its way to the celebrated white farm owned by the titled
- In a little of four cocker spaniels
owned by Mr. Clemo, three are black
,ub the raven's wing, and the fourth is
pure white, not a speck of 'color"
I about him anywhere. Tlio mother Ib
| a beautiful black and the tire is a pedigreed tun.
I Melting      Snow      S .dlr.      Mountain
Streams Running Into Colombia.
Invermere, B, <'., June 10. The
backward Bprlng having passu! summer is urging its way forward und hot
day is tololwlng imt day in quick succession. The mountain streams are
swelling very rapidly nnd raising the
level of Windermere lake.
There has been a rise of some throe
feet in the las' ten days and should a
warm nighl supplement a warm
day tlm Increase In th,1 melt ing of lhe
snow of the watersheds in the ninini-
tiiins would have a tendency to bring
on a repetition of very high water In
the Columbia river.
As the river bankB are very wide
and all settlements cn the benches
thlB would not do any damage ln theBe
parts, but might have ils influence on
the partn farther away.
Findlay, June 10,���Hancock county-
has one locality where the social centre idea has been worked out in Its
fullness. The centre of activity is
the. Ferndale school in Cans Township,
presided over by Miss Rhea Myers.
of Arcadia. She is one of the leading
Bpiri.u in the movement.
Early in the school year an organization was affscted with a full list of
officers, and, as a main feature' of the
entertainments, the old fashioned
spelling bee. '.villi an additional Impromptu program, was featured, Both
old and young participated in tlu- spell
ing bees. Sengs, popular long ago.
wcre revived. Little folks were inter
ested in the work, and. as a result,
cases of truancy were few and far
llut the spelling I.es were of chief
Interest, The bees irrew so famous
that people form any milea around
���it elided.
Once every two weeks tin? pupils.
mot at the scheel house and at other
Mm' s at the home of someons, whore
various games wero bid .lsc-d in and
refreshments served. iiox socials
wen also In hi to raise money with
Which to give special entet-t..innieiits.
Socials wire hilil for ills purpose of
adding new books to the school library. Tbey were productive of
neighborly inn rest and made.' the
oommunlty a big happy family.
Miss Myers, the teacher who has
successfully wrought this social centre work, has thia to Bay:
"We have mingled with our brothers with    brotherly  love,    eW    have
learned  to  kr.ow all tbe good quail-
] ties of our neighbors, and to realize-
tbelr   Bterllng   worth,   also   to  judg.
Hi. n   more  charitably   in   their lit It
faults,  which otherwise    we    might
have observed differently.    Wo   an
��� bcttu- mentally und morally mid oui
minds are broadened, our manners Improved ami  "; have made wonderful
strides in tho direction of the divine
. lovo of  one  amtiier,   and   Of  a  kind
Provldenc whom we recognize lo b.
I very  good."
Shipper oi "The Company" Gets Gov-
err.mont Job.
Winnipeg, June 10.���Captain Frock-
ley, wbo baa been navigating the Hud-
sou's Huy coniapny'B principal Bhlp
Into Hudson Bay for the past few
yearn, has been appointed by the mln-
Istor ot marine to take charge of all
the federal dredges, tugs, etc.. ihat
are io be stationed at Port Nelson in
connection with harbor construction
works ihat are to be carried on there
hi the sea terminus cf the Hudson
Hay  railway.
Captain Freckley, who has been
here since he returned from the bay-
last fall, leaves today for Ottawa to
formerly assume his duties. He will
likely take command of thc dredg is
and boats that are to be taken ;o Port
Nelson from the Bt. Lawrence thia
He has been navigating the Hudson
Bay and straits for a number cf
years und knows every league of them
thoroughly. He Is an Englishman ami
was trained In the modern scientific
school of navigation*
Big Decrcare in Calgary Homestead
Entries���Boom in Cancellations.
Calgary, June 10. The rapid settlement of the land In the district ad-
miniBtered by the Calgary office of
Dominion  lands in the past year has
Lreusht about a falling off in the entries 11 It fl on hornet teads. h'ur Uie
month of May, 1913, there wire iu
the aggregate 150 entries ltta than
the same month last year. Iloi-v:
steads fell oh :6 per cent., pre-emp-
tions no p r rent., und purchased
.   : i.\ teadJ 100 per cent.
:.;:;re of the business these
il the lands office Beenia lo be
....uiill J homesteads, of which a
lunge Bumter have been thrown opt-u
si:.ce April 1, and have been filed ou
St the earliest moment by -Baser opportunity-seekers, who anchored todays in advance on the st/imj alcpe
leading up tu the office'.
At iiie present moment there' ane
three or four sturdy Alhertans wait -
ing for a chance io sign their names
ln tlle record hook and grab the Pipe.-s
���j .; coveted choice quarter.
The actual number of iiiutrt'-r see-
tlons tiki-ii no during the past moniu
Is aa follows:
Homesteads, 189; May 18, IBU, 2GJ:
pre-emptions, 69: May, 191", 127; pu,--
iiics edhoiin ticiii., 8, as against 17
: r tbe sa-.-.. perlc 1 1". i >-. ;u.-..
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia  Strset.  New Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Musical Goods cf all  Kinds.   PHONE t
A Modern ar.d
Handsome Office
estl be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid of our
millwork. We have all ready
In stock panels, mouldings and
all necessary fittings to expedite the rush jobs. We shall be
glad to submit drawings and
ectimatcB as we are specially
fitted up for this clacs of work.
Phore   473,   Queensbcrough.
Comfortable Family Hotel
Forty minutes run trom Nuw WeBtmliiBter ou Q, N. Ry. All tra'.-as
slop at While Itock.
Fifty rooniB, lurge Dining Hal], magnificent view of Hay and (lull;
only five minutes from Railway Depot; Hot and Cold Water. Rooks
can be engaged en suite, suitable for children and families. Europenas
and American plan; gymnasium hall ln connection, also a store terxa-
talnlng full line of groceries.   For terms and rates apply
White Reck, B.C. P. QREYELL, Proprietor.
* ********
PAG*. rOU**
WEDNE8DAY, JUNE  It, 1913.
Medical  Men  and   People  Alike  Appreciate Miss Downturn's Pres- .
ence In City.
r" That the utility of the recently appointee! district niirHe is now tielttR
rvali��etl alikxi by medical men and thc
veopir of New Westminster generally,
in shown by lhe steady Increase io
-cases npon which the nurse is nskrd
tn attend, Kor May. lh- first month
Chat the nurse was stationed hore,
���there were hut three ciihch. which ne-
wsaltatcel in all IS culls, hut alreaely
for June four more persons have
'���called  in  Ihe  nurse:   Ihree  lust   week
and the other yesterday morning,
Mins DJwnhara, the Victorian iiurso,
nay* thnt. niiin ugh at first there was
Home Indifference, this is being mi-
pwseded by nn active Interssl in the
-work and in Beveral Instances Ji ctors
are- ashing thc  nurse  to take  chargu
���of cate*.
When thc attendance of n regular
trained nurse in nol required the district nurse in called in lo giv-i what
al.te-ntlon Is needed, and while It is
���not the intention to pavper /e, ntill
���when H is found patients cannot pay
mo fee is asked.
II is realized thai to establish a
'nurse in any cily takes time neil the
lirojrrcm made this inonth ls most en-
crairanin.K- ln Bumaby, where two
nnrws have ht-e'n working To:- several
���rmmlhs, there is plenty to be done,
while in Klmrnt-�� another nurse is actively engaged.
Thirteen of the Former and Fifty-One
of Litter Named for Forthcoming Assizes.
The labors ,,f sheriff Armstrong, H��S
istrar Cambridge! and Government
Agent Fletcher resulted yesterday in
the drdWlng eip of the following lint
of grand Jurors and petit jurors who
will do duly at the forthcoming ar
Grand Jurors.
ltobort Grant, Clayton; Carl Grossman, M. K. (inlanders, James F\ Gor-
flon, Chilliwack; William Gifford. A.
������Unodwin. K. A Greame, D. S. Galbraith, New Westminster; H. s. Hans-
���forri, \v. llolnus, Ladner; J. Gilchrist.
'Delta; T. \V. Hardy. Elgin; K. G. Har-
,prr, Johnston road, Surrey.
Petit Jurors.
n. K. Graham. G. ft, Godfrey, W.
���CJtKKlwin. .1. n. Gray, Allwrt Gremer,
Hugh Gregg. T. Gilchrist, T. R, dra-
harn. Ii. tf. Griffiths, Albert M. Gilley,
G. Gilchrist, l.eo. Gregory. .1. QeddeS,
H. N. Gille-), ,T. S. Gifford. W. H. Graham, W. W, Oardhouse, J. B. Gregory,
H. Gernay, Arthur Olbbs, A. 1!. Gray,
.tohn Clriffiilm, I' M. Green. George
��� r,riffittis, New Westminster; Joseph
���Oibscn Willlani Crieg, Thomas Grant,
James Grieve. William Qlenvllle, W.
���||. Gaitrmon, J. F. Qoodell, J II. Gor-
.ilnn. CklHIwack; Thomas Gibson, II. L,
Gould, Ralph Olbbs, Port Moody;
'Richard Graham, Pitt Meadows; John
'fionlnn, Mud Bay; Thomas Gordon.
���Milhia-: Frank: Qlbbard, Thomas Gib
hard, Joseph Granger, .1. II. Qlbbard,
W. A. Colvllle, Mission; Lafayette
Olfford, l.adner: J. Ooddard, Daniel
��:rirfilhi', Langley; William Gilley,
Bumaby; Walter Gowan. Sardis; Jas.
A. Olcci-htll, Aldergrove; II. II. Gaunt,
Sperling; A. c GuBtafson, Matsqui.
City CDuncil's Opinion cn Lulu Island
Mud Wall.
The city council met a committee
���of the Queensborough ratepayers ye��-
te-irdny morning and inspected the por
tioui ol lie 1-ulu Island dyke which
the. residents are apprehensive mlghl
fteo * e dang ions in tha event of a
ifloo I   " Hi    I ra.ser.
Superintendent Thomas FurneaB, of
the board ul works, reassured tho
srktepaj rn 115 to tbe Bttfety of tlie
���dyke, it had been minutely sur-
-��f>(*.' 'ii the beginning of this year,
levels taken and the dyke raised four
llnchei stove the liighe.it water ex
jperlenced during the memorable flood
of 1SS4. Tbe Impression of several
Kflgidiuts that the receni lilling on top
tif the old dyke to tho lefl of the
Jibuti ��� i.i of Hi" bridge, had been
mad, on a coating ol sawdust waa
corrected, 'lie sawdust had been
���craped oB sod n �� earlb substituted.
���I'lu \. ;i\ point i'i llle dike. In the
oinn an 11 ' lie 1 I paj 1 . lay between
��� tie bi 'ir. ud ': ��� shipyards. 11 wau
oxplalin d thai be 0] oral ona ot the
Heai 1 1: .1 ��� 1 ��� nipany thcru
���erould Bin iv ii n and Improve that
jpi rin 11 The coin] any inti ud d to
All 1.   ihe whi thi ii    property
-which * ...ii 1 lid '!*��� 1." ba
K.wei n thi 1 in 1 b uk 1 id iii" loud Instead "f u '.���"���'��� teel nl. na :il pres
���eot 'I 11* companj Intended lo dredge
���oul tl river 111 fronl "I Iinii* works
und use ihe- material excavated for
���the hli
Altogethi r the dyke was considered
.������perfectly nale ui present, nnd every
���prea-.m on v.iili! be lak n to main
tain t so, without lushing Into lavish
-expenditure which tbe financial ��itua
xion ni old not juatify.
Mote 'it. C-oeek, Two Chinamen ant!
Drunk in Police Court.
Aneifin-r molcrist, II. A bruins, paid
*$20 and eios.s yesterday in the polios
court for colliding wlili molor regular
tions passing u tra::: car while taking on passengers.
Two Sunday tinders, a Gr 1 li and a
Chinaman, ���me mulcted in Jin and
am::, for Infringing lhe Lord's Day
Judge  Hsrtety't  Interesting Judgment
tn Fiahcrnun'a Case Against
In the artkia r.iun il hy Jamen F.
MurtinKlv, Kburne, against the Canadian Weotrrn I-omber company for;
$317, tor the iweovery of a drifting
boom of 297 Iorh imd diftralHB-nd li>*
Judge Howay 111 the county court, the
judgment e-emlains souio Important legal dicta.
Hla honor said:   "ThlH Is an action
to recover f*Xo eiithiir by  virtue of a
contract or by mason of the performance of some salvage services, or services in thr nature of -sal ing"     As (0
the formrr branch there Is  produced
a letter from Uki J-roitiir Itlver Lumber
company  whereby ihat   company   offered to pay certain umiia fur any of
ita loga n&Vrrd, If 1 mny  use the ox- '
pre-snion. hy the ��luitlliff.    The defendants art" now operating tbe business
formerly earr'tni] tm "flj fhul oompany.
There   ie.  no  evidence  before   me   tO|
rhow that Ihe defendant compan) took
ever   or   juwnmed  "Che   "Fraser   Hiver'
Lumber company's offer as set out in
that irttor.    indeed the evidence of;
Mr. lllltem is to file ellert    that    the
Kraser  l-iivvr 'Lumber  company   can- j
celled the eiffer while they were slill I
in btteinesa.
"On th-e altnirnniive branch, services
In the natur-e or salvage. 1 thought, all
thn trial, lhat this mig'nt come under
thc Hav inv. t<t Bomofiiing In Ihe nature
of cargo, that the tug which had this ;
boom in tow mltflit have heen regard- 1
ed an having her cargo in the water :
instead of in her hold.    Further con- j
sideiratiein,  however,    convinces     me
that this view is untenable and I am
re't"ett\ntlv compelled to so hold.
"I am, therefore-, obliged to dismiss
the  plaintiff's  atftlon   with   costs,   If,
the defendant company ask for them." I
In Camp Style.
Arroyo Grande. Cal.. June 10.    The
annual    conveniiein    of    the    Paciflc
Coast  Methodist    ussoe-lalion    is now !
in  session here  with  a large  attendance.     Many   flisttni-iiislied   speakers
are   scheduled   Hi   lulk   on   moral   and
religious    subjects.    'Hie   convention. 1
which   is   being   lo Id  In  camp   style, j
will  close Jmrn 2'i.
Vancouver Banquets Offlcera of Mam! Huntley of Vancouver Tied for First
moth Liners���Financial Opinion
on  Unrest.
Train, Auto, Smash; Four Dead.
Springfield. 111., .lune 1ft. Four men
lost their lixen today when q passenger train on the Wabash road 'truck
an automobile in winch they were
riding 18 miles east of here. The
dead are It 3. Carroll. K. Iverson and
J. II. Cantor, mtrre-hanls of Chicago,
and George Baftell, of Springfield.
who  was driving  Ihe cur.
Sanford Evans Reelected.
Winnipeg. Juno 1ft. YV. Sanford
Kvans was revrloctid chairman of
the Winnipeg stock exchange at the
annual meeting today. VV. T. Klrby
was elected vice-president, nnd T. R.
Hilh tt secretary -treasurer. The transactions of the exchange for the past
veur showed a b'g increase over those
of the prexnnxti -year.
Hamlftvn*s Grov/ts.
Hamilton this year will cdJebrste
its cente-nie-sK, .nml, naturally, great
interest is being taken in the event of
next .\u.*/ii.'1. ff oiaparison ia tin only
method l,y Khieli progress may be
juiIl.-'-iI. -nei *.i little comparison wil 1
������oiiilitiii.-ui a ilci-aiie opo will !���"< serve
tn show boa ilaii i'.'.ii lias itrown. In
1903 a BBsmner carnival was held, lt
nu ofiris^i-i by thousands nf Hamil-I
toniai.s ��.ao hail Tone- lo other places
to see!; fHihitiiiiis. Many ������' these,
doubtless, wit' rrrSmrn tin- -uiiiiiier, j
and if the.t have not visited Hamilton
in the iilltrvii', tiiey will see ::re,tt :
changes, especiaUy 111 the outlying
districts *vt llun tine the cHy's population vtxx iJiigliiilv less limn 55,000,
ami it.��. arietflh v.*u> comparatively slow
'litrniT tbe icillowi.-iiir Beven years, the
lllll) oeri-utr sbowing it Ui I" 70,000.
In the la*: thr'j- {fears it has jumped
to BB*t8, and tt is confidently believed it i��fl*/ in 100,000 when the us-
scsBors ai^-iirxiiiioe their (igtiri-ri in
Vancouver, June 10.- "I somellines
see much class distinction and Bhow
of superiority among certain kinds of
Catholics. This should not be. We
should be united and by our unity
give an example to the rest of the
world. To propugale unity and fellowship are the end of Catholic bocIo-
tles such aa ours," said Rev. Father
l.ardon, O.M.I., D.D., In Ills sermon at
the Church of Our Lady of the Holy
Kosiiry ibis morning. uddroHBod to the
di legates who will lake part In the
Catholio Order of Fori sters' eon\en-
t'oil, opened tills morning In O'Drlen's
Banquet to Ships
The officers of the Niagara and Ihe
Kiiiprcss of Russia were entertained
by lhe cily at a banquet last night
In add tion, the distinguished guests
included Sir Walter Buchanan, K.C.I).,
member of the upper house, New Zealand, and Ihe Hon. W. J, Howser, at-
torney-grneral of the province. Sir
Richard McBrlde was unable to bo
present, but wired Mayor Baxter his
Captain Heel ham said lhe Kinpress
of Russia was the hirgi st. vessel to
enter any Canadian port, and thiB
spoke wonders for the growth of the
Captain Glbb said Hint for some
lime lhe Union Steamship Company
lost considerable money, for when he
ran hrre ten years ago on the Moima
aboul $4ftlift or $r,ftnii a I rip, but being Scotchmen In the, south of New
Zealand, this did not deter his eom-
p.iiiv If his company finds oil fuel
a success, they will lay down the keel
for another vessel mi feet longer than
the Niagara, as Canada has shown its
loyally to tiie l'nlon Steamship Company.
Looks for Let-Up
Mr. II. II. Humbling, general manager of the London & Southwestern
bank in London, which does considerable financing tor Mackenzie & Mann,
paid a flying visit Io the coast He
slated that the stringency In the monev market would interfere temporar-
ily with the flow of British capital
this way. but he looks for a decld d
Improvement before the end of the
vear. The general unrest '11 Kurope
had conspired to make London, I'aria
and llerlin financiers reduce their
Damage  at Funeral
The Masonic and I.O.O.F, crders in
the city have put In a claim a��a!ns'
the eliy ror $.">0 for damage alleged
to hav done those portions of Mountain View cemetery under the juris-
d clou of ihe two order3, on the dav
of the funeral of the late Polled Con-
sinhie Archibald. Aldermen Cleland
and Cameron, of thc health oommlttee
have heen appointed to Investigate.
Oppose   Shop   Licenses
Rev. E Leslie Pldgeon was at a
meeting of the Ministerial Association in the Y. M. c, A. building yesterday morning appointed president of
the association, Rev. W. J, Slpprell,
vice-president, and Rev. II. B. Day
treasurer for the coming year. A re-
B0lutl��n wus passed opposing the
granting 1 f any more shop liquor li*
'���en-res In Vancouver During the meet
ing Hr. S. I). Gordon gave :m address
in which he outlined the requisites
for a proper carrying out of the Chris
lian work.
Primate  of  Australia
Rt. Hev iir. Wright, archbishop of
Sydney, and primate of Australia and
Tasmania, arrived in the city on Sunday evening. He Is returning from
a trip from the motherland and will
sail for home on the, Niagara. He
was asked to address the Canadian
Club, but, owing lo his short stay-
in the city, declinid  the invitation.
Place  In  Opening   Session-
Deadly  Shooting.
Spokane, Jua* 10,���R. Ilayburn, of
La Grande, Ore., and F. Huntley, of
Vancouver, H.C., tied for first placo In
the amateur division, while Lester
Reed, off Seattle,, was hiBfi man In the
professional class, at the dose of the
flrat day's events fn the ISth annual
shoot of the Sportsmen's association
of tho Northwest begun here today.
Huntley and Ilayburn each broke 144
targets out of 150. while Rood's sooro
was 145. Gf, W. Egb-fTF, of Pasco, was
second In the amateur division, with a
score of 141, and Hugh PosteB, of Seattle, wub Becond among tho professionals,  with   140  targets.
V. Huntley, the British Columbia
trap expert, won the Onpont Anaconda
trophy, tin- Waiin Walla Brownies cup
and the Dayton me-dal this afternoon
when he made rhree connmiti've perfect scores of ih) targets at unknown
angles. Including ten pairs of doubles
The Bhoot wilT cpntinne tomorrow
and  Thursday.
***'   r is 1 j**i 1 t
A glimpse at this large assortment
of Summer Dresses will convince
you of their real value. They are
admirably suited for this warm
Remember, do your shopping early. We close at
5 o'clock during June, July and August. We want
you to help us.
Ontario"** Fish-eries.
The total mfiae of .��.l lish taken in
Ontario fnr xh'. la-l fiscal year was
S*i.41!).lT-**:a against $2,346,-260.57 tor
the prrvWi-ae jeur. says the game
warden's ccpwC For the last fiscal
year the VKjii entail from nil the li-li-
oriea of sll kinds oi li*-h ��a< 3&,154,2S.i
nouitt-. H.M. 1:-.I J2.7.!n.7Si'I pounds ior
the vear previeuu or ��o increase ������!
0.12S.AM piuriilx.
Employed iu the ttsheries industries thrrc are ihii tuts with 086 nn n,
lj>7H b.mts will 2,740 men, 6,270.267
eill nets, B7.W0 yarda nl ��eini - nets,
584 pound Beta, 7*8 hoop 1..L-. 320
dip nets. -ti^.-Oi hooka on - 1 lines,
l-flfl >i��.'ur-. 130 ffticr.era and ice houses
.-ind'.ir> (iir-. and wharves. Total value
of fi.-hi/v.! apparatus, {1.258.050
Tourists a."* uorc disposed Lo pom-
ply with tiie regulations regarding
fishing lie-pnsf*.', tlmn ever before on
account of tka expensive ]' .-sun- -..in ���
have beee teughi by way ol paying
iienalUei. savs tii;' report.
Youngsters     Nabbed     While     Rifling
B. C. E. R. Car.
Tho Jair sentences which were meted
out by Magistrate Edmonds on May
lfi agalnsl men found guilty of loot-
on; H C. K. It. ears in the Sixteenth
btreel yards has evidently not deterred
several juveniles from carrying on the
work, for last evening Detective Harrows caught two boys ahout the ane
of 1", nd handed Bteallng eggs from
a   way  fr, Ighi   cur.
The youngsters were armed with a
crow bar and with bh'.e had evidently
pro d opi n the iloor of the car and
later km ckod off the top of n large
case of Fraser valley egg
One  boy  wis  caughl   and   brought
to the  Btatlon,  while  the  parents of
the olher gave tluir promise to hive
hli 1 appi *ii- in ci url 1 efore tho ms tli
trate today
1 he Water Front
a large Increase In the number of
fishermen seeking salmon licenses
thin year over the corresponding lime
in 1912 Is reported af the fisheries de-
nartment offices here. I>nst yenr from
Jan. 1 to .lune Iff, HOD permits were
taken out in this district while already SO'.' permits have been granted
for the present season. The largo run
expected this summer is hold responsible for the increase. Licenses for 1"
crab traps and 21 hen-ins Rill nets ���
have also been sold.
The Methodist mission steamer
Thomas Crosby is still In port, and
yesterday afternoon with a number of
friends aboard, she rook n short trip
down the river. A service was held ',
early in the evening, after which another excursion was made. The boat
leaves today for Vancouver.
A large dredge hull to be used for
'enrrvine the machinery of the clam
shell dredge, recently purchased for
harbor Improvement purposes, Is now
nearlng completion at the Mercer
shlpway.  The hull is ion feet long, 40
feet wide and 7 feet 8 Inchc3 deep.
The steamer Westham arrived In
1 New Westminster yesterday morning
with a cargo of powder and during the
afternoon the Trailer brought In a
lond of Chinese goods which had heen
unloaded from the Empress of Russia
at Victoria.
New roofliiR Is being tsiid on the
Canadian Pacific warehouse on Front
street The work Is heing done by
the company1* own roofers
No change in the level of the witer ,
In the FraBer was noticeable yester- !
The tug Eirl docked yesterday al
the city market wharf.
The  government  snag boat  arrived I
from down river yfisterdar afternoon
where for several  days  she hns been
employed lmpro'ing the channel.
Tin- Engine of the pile-driver Hust-
Ier is being taken out, and chipped bv
rail to Siir.ias to he used in work
Vidal & Co, customs broker", report
B i-teadv importation of Seattle conl
for local consumption. On Friday two
scow loads were delivered here for
McDonald ft Mowatt. Vancouver, and
shipments hy rail nre coming in at
the rate of three or four carloads each
The freshet In the Fraser ban had
the effect of releasing n large nntnb-r
nf logs In lhe river and boatmen are
busy annexing nr salving the choicest
of llre-m. The Indian convicts nf the
pi-nilenllarv have been afforded the
opportunity of exercising tUeir aquatic proclivities and have landed some
beauties  al   the  Sapperton   dock.
We are showing a very pretty style inuile of Bedford  Cord:   fancy  from and  Dutch  lace Collar;
wide seams and pearl button trimmings;  short
sleeves.     I'rice     S5.50
Very pretty emproidery Dressed; square neck;
daintily trimmed with fine tucks and lace, short
sleeves.     Prico    $8.50
A   shewing   of   White   Ratine   Dresses;   wiih   low
neck, fancy  motif and lace trimmed front; piped
with Sky blue silk; wide seams and lace covered
buttons.    Price   $12.00
Silk Gloves Today
75c Pair
.lust placed in stock, a rangn of white, cream and
black Silk Gloves; heavy quality, wiih two dome
fasteners nnd double fasteners; si/.CB 8, li 1-2,
7, 7  1-2;  Price, each   75c.
Smart Tailored Bow
Ties 35c Each
Pretty little Irish crochet Bows; with velvet ribbon; also pretty design with bright Hulgarian
ribbon  and  velvet.    Price, each..     3SC
Smart Tailored Wash
Skirts, Prices $2.00
to $5.00
Wo have provided a selection so varied that there
will  be  no difficully  In  K��T>in.i;  just  the  stylo
and material desired; developed in while duck,
pique, drill, whipcord, etc : in plain tailored and
fancy styles,   Come today.   Prices range
$2-00 to $5.00
Silk Sale Continued
Read Over This List
Pongee Natural color Pongee Silks; 20. to i!2
inches wide     Per yard at    25c.  48C.  75*:
Pongee Colored���Colored Pongee Silks; 26 In.
wide; new shades; regular tide per yard..48C
Pongee Silks, Colored .'12 inches wide; cream,
tan, brown, navy and black; heavy quality; regular  $1.25.     Per  yard 98c
Black Silko Peau de-Sole, Countess, Loulsenno,
etc.; 20 to 23 inches wide; regular to $1.7.r> yard.
Per   yard   ai       88C
Hypitae Silks���.'i'i incheB wide; all Ihia season's
new   Shades;    regular   $1.60   to   $1.76.     Special,
per yard     $1.33
Shot Taffeta Silks :'S, Inches wide; regular $1 60.
Per  yard    88C
MeEsalinn and Fancy Foulard Silks���This season's new shades, ?,H to 44 Inches wide; regular
to $2.26.    Special this week $1.15
Bulgarian Silks New arrivals; bright colors for
trimmings.     Per   yard        $1.75
Heavy Mummy Silk While and cream, heavy
quality, Jap  mummy silk.     Per yard
��' 75C. $1.00. $1.25
Corded Coating���.ttl-inch fawn corded ('outing;
heavy quality;   regular $2.25. Special. $1.98
Gkinner's Satin���I'S inches wide; every yard guaranteed best coat lining; in navy. Ian. Iirown,
on am. gray  aud lawn.     Per yard $1.75
Under Heavy Bail.
Juneau. Alaska. June 10 Joseph
Mac Donald, a wealihy mining operator ot riuaTiajuat.il, Mexico, Who was
arrested lasi. December and brought
to Juneau \<j stand trial on a charge
of murde-T in (be tirsl degne for hav
ing killed N. C. Joih-h. a mission
worker, whr-n MacDonald was Buper
Intendent ol On* Treadwell mine in
1902, was admitted to $B0,0i I ball bv
(Iniie-et States Dlstrlcl J idge Peter ii.
On rln'.ti  today.
^rvectiralien Is On.
( hn: lesion. W, Vs., .lull" 10, ! ���
pernor mid authority i f llie govern
men! cl the United Stales came to
Au Interdicted inebriate was flood Wis- Virginia today to decide who is
ff'in mul costs with the alternative $f i responsible for the conditions which
two months' hard labor for brcaklpg .have kept th< state In virtual civil
his totei-dlcl and getting intoxicated. | war tui more thnn a yen:* The sen
A Chinaman charged with a In-each ;at-e MM&'nui is openlna thn Inveatl-
or tbe .Sunday ordinance by Belling Ration of tto* coal minea strike which
���roods on Si.-liv pldaded nol guilty has -dealt Ae-ath and deatrui lon In
and his trial was adjourned until to-' the Paint Creek and Cabin Cn ;.
morn ,v raining 8f i-llna*.
lc    Get    ll   for   c'i-'.--ts���Thcst
Roads Alrend/ Tre.i'ed.
li  is iiie inn niion of ihe board o
works  to oil all  main  thoroughfares
and  Streets   which  were   nrieid:i :n:z'-
lasl year, The board Is having greal
difficulty, ni present, in getting delivery of oil, Tlie following streets
have been oiled:
Siith street from Fourth avenue n
Columbla Btreet; Eighth street from
Edinburgh to Royal avenue; Third
avenue from Fourth in Tenth slreets;
Royal avenue from Dufferin street to
Columbia, via Leopold place; Columbia street from asylum hill to Colum
bin ii  hospital;   Brunette  Btreel   from
Columbia street In Allon  rr.nrl    [tear
slreet from Columbia to Rlchmon i
sineis; Columbia Btreel from Colum
hinn hospital to Braid sire I; Leopold
place from Columbia street lo Royal
avi nm.
Belongs to Public.
' S ,v:i:* I, Alaska, June in Tin r! II
in.: b ��� 'I*, and Ir ic . ������'��� r -':'
Mask.i Northern railroad v ' re turn
ed over io n committee of local bitnl
ness men today, to bo operttti d for
the in nelll of tie* community This
action was taken by Chief Blngineei
Swanltz, of the railroad, because of a
demand by the United Btates lor pay-
mi ii of $67,000 mlleag ta:. whl< b
lax tho railroad company Bays o n
grese i xpressly relli ved the comi
ifrom paying until 1916,
At tlie Theatres
Kddif. Foy, Ihe. Irresistible funny fet-
li w, who has appeared in more Broadway musical comedy successes than
any other of our Ami riean stars, will
liring h �� one hundred classy collab-
ri-i: r ���-. "o. i n. i- *. h-iuBe this evening and preBent Ins latest Jovial 	
m i| in .'.���!. |ui ph "Over the River"
w ��� thl ��� * I*"* di t lil nf life nnd color
thai * h * "*n r;*/i tl Its six months' run
i: :. i) mi -i , New York. The
prlncl] Is are not i niy mighty in
���u*.i:i' i r bul o-*< eptli ��� nl i-i n putatli n
and abllitj and In I ide many names
��� ��� m,11��� ���:-l. i ni wn, i ueh as Ele inm
Kent. Nellie Duly. William Bell :������
i'. Ii! \ndrnd i, Harry Meyi r, J 9
Kinslow, Char'.ea Rwlckard, Mai ������
Morgan, the Dancing Pages, the Kit-lit
Berlin Madcaps, Davis and Mathews,
and n host of others Including tho
handsome chorus, an aggregation who
are touring fi r the flrsl time In y* -.i-s
:.-ul who consld r thc tour merely ���������
pleni ure trip
Au Important  feature will   be   the
appearance of Eddie Foy's seven child
ren, in the same famous specialty thai
created such    a    furore among New
York theatregoers laid summer
The   mllBleil   nn-nl ers     hive     I.en
rn*. .*:���:��� pr il i tl r*,.r their rhythmic
sparkle nnd h elude i uch '.vh'stllug fa
vorltes n^ "New v -"k Isn't Snell n
Bsd Old T' wn"; "Mexico"; "Whi *
There's No I Ighi Bl All"; "The Ch' -
Stick Rag"; "The Broadway Cabaret"
"King Tlng-n Linn": "The llaggot*.
Man'  and ' My Tango Maid."
.-i Ith ���    '.;      ii  n' ������   I ecu offen I  '
*  ..... .     ���*. ���   ', : tli -ii* ti *   i
:    ��� ,i ., .; ., ������       (ob tj   lo th'   di
.. ���' ii   Ul mchi   Bates' Inter.!   '
math  ai hievei lent, '"I"' ������ VVItm ib fo
iio* ii. fen,-,." bas evoked. A brlel forecast ol  the : tory of the    plaj    han
dm   lleri   cn ated    among    pi lygi i  ���
in * ii inti resl  si d  Mil - Batei
will   usi iireiLy   flic-    an    oVi rflovii."
 ,i   I*. ���   ,. appearance  here
-ii.- : .*. -   oi nnlng
\ bi dutiful y< in * *������ on, in living In
nd ���   who kills !v-r hui band In self-
del ".   i   i 'i he i harac
ter of Stella li.illaniyne demands the J
expression of tense and profound emo- ,
tlon,   and   only   a   great   actress   like
MiSS Bates could give a satisfying in
li rprptutinn of the part.    She  is sun-
to justify to the fullest extent   lln en-
tlvisiasm expressed In advance of her
apeparance here.    Seats are now on
sale at Tidy, the florist's.
"l,ove and War In Mexico' James
.Hudson, a young civil engineer, is
mgaged in surveying land io Soutn-
orn Callfornlan when he m-its and
: tails in love with Pequlta, mil- dnugh
ter of Don Jose Alviirado, a. Mexican
| farmer Pequlta learns lo love lind*
' son and tbey are eventual-Sty married*.
Two years puss and Hudson Im.-i become addicted to the use of liquor,
and has grown tired cf Vequita. On.:
day. while in a drunken rug<;. he
strikes hi I', and as she falls iino-nri
scions, and he, being unvelile to n-v-.re
bor. believes lier dead. I!u runs fr-.Hii
the house, and, after n. long jouri-iey,
.falls exhausted at lhe door of a ires
sion. The padre finds him and tnke.,
linn inside, where he is nursed bark
in health and eventually becomes a
monk In the meantime, Paqutta has
been found by her 'either and taken
io ins iii me, where rt'r tittle son is
lueniy yenrs elapse and the son,
grown to manhood, haa joined the
insurgent Mexican army and is Belect
ed lo do duty in n sny. He enlls b In
the f'd'*:*al loir, s nnd ;n the < xocu
mni of liis duih-j as a spy. he Is discovered and iiiul by mourl martial
He is condemned to death, bul when
the commanding officer visits him In
'his cell, lhe b-oy overpowers htm and
escapes by donning the officer's clous
and hat, A detachment of soldiers
give chase und overtake hlin nt indoor of the mission. The padre promises in deliver the prieoner to th*ni.
The officer consents and tho hoy Is
li d inside. He r quests thin his
mother be sent for and a monk goes
*    bring  her     Wlion   she  arrives  she
mined lately recognizes thi monk ns
her husband, and tells him that ihe*
boy is. his son Al the expiration ot
the hour Ihe officer demands bis
prisoner, and the men an vii'iiiR out
s ���'. iii i: ii on tati in corn out thi
oxi c.itli ii.     \.->  the  hoi   und   mothei
ri ; i*. ��� I ng In prayt r. the rath i
ii ie i li ill : ��� 'I i"i|> In whloh ih*
ho;, i a aped and g< ������ *. oul Ao hi
. in i . :..��� gate and si ���*.;. fur h. li li
in I by a ' 'Hoy ol bullets from lhe
guns ��� i tlm soldiers, who march .nviy
bi li'". Ing tin j havo done their duty.
Tbo ��� ' :'.*��� i ii.nl sen ru ih from thi
mission and fall weeping serosa tin
bod) ��� i tli : iiln-r vim. with his I i
atoned fi r hi suit' ; Ing I had co is d ,
Am tin ** ii'*,, today n   tho Edit on !
"John Uauly'a \v���''*������ ning."
799 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
The Hom<�� of the Ctijematograoh.
Entire  Change  of  Program  Daily.
Edison Photo Play
A drnmo of latenne henn Interest. Refused by tbe girl h<- loud
s man shin s feminine society until the death of an old friend forces
him to become tbe guardian of a delightful young jtrl, Then be
r allies that a new happiness is bis and that the old love Is forger.: on.
Lubin   Special   Feature   in  Two   Parts
"Love and War in Mexico"
A Strong Two Keel Feature.
Sellg   Presents
"His Father's Deputy"
A Tal�� of Wiatcrn  Experience.
Urban Eclipse Pho-.o-Play.
"The Indelible Stain"
A  S'rong  Drar
Mr.  Vac.  Dyke  Brocko and  Mr   HughlS Mack in     a
"O'Hara Helps Cupid"
Aim hla darl nnd lind two hearts together thai might have boen
separated. The picture Mis a wimi lot mon than we can describe
S< mo comedy ter one day only.
N��^tr.Ti-,--^-��--Traii-3;TntaBB��Bsw-ra��iBsaBnB��5 mattmwat**** .
WEDNE8DAY,  JUNE  11,  1913
PAGE wvt
For Sport Readers
Eulmorals Hit In the Snme Place They
Misted   Last Time���Herd   Win
6 to 3.
it look nm Qraham'i squad of athletes Just one stanza lo Bhove over a
win at the hullyurd yesterday p.m. and
at lhat Ken Mallen's outfit should
huve evened up the Bcore but for bone-
iiead plays. Ves, horseshoes were
1111 ul limed by the crowd of funs and
f.iiiOBt-ioB In the expensive pews more
tlmn once lust evening and tliere wub
no denying lhe faot thut the four Juicy
errors made by the Ii.iIb In ibe rirsi
Inntfig, which lei in four eusy runs,
had a lot to do with the victory of
llie Muose,
Each huiler held tiie opposing teni'i
duwn to six switts, but Mr, Borne was
(here In the pinches and hud the Hals
closely resembling a flock of peace
ill-legates ut the miiitunt suffragette
cunuress when hits meant runs.
Ttie encounter was of the billed
I,reiitli  variety  at  several  Biagcs of
the  seven   IningB, although, ns  stated
lefnre. the firBt stanza took the hearl
out of tbe supporters of the Balmorals
inn! incidentally gnve uruat Joy to the
followers of Mr. Orabam,
l-'i ur runs wi re slipped over In the
first with only one safe hit The Bals
rested until the end of the second,
when Blnclalr singled, stole second
and third followed by another simile
from  Mel'hnil. who aim stole second.
Mrs Pock, who made his first appearance since lie won Uie Speck but,
enme through with a double, which
., .'ed iwo runs.
Nut to be outdone, ihe Kills came
1 uk in tin- third when Wlndblao's
. rror allowed Riley to soore; 4-;t
Holding    Hie    M111.Hi'    hltless    ill    tlie
fourttt, tlie BalS hint un excellent
.*    lice-   lo   1 veil    Up   when    PeCK,   tlle
: -.her. came through with a bone-
head steal to the plate.    He died.
'I lie Moose added another in the
firth, when Bill Welngartner was pass-
ed und came home on passed bulls,
'llie  final   11 miter  wns  put  over  In
seventh   when  llruy  singled  and
brought   Inline  by   Welngartner'S
The weather and light were perfe-ct
bul   fgr  some  reiiBon  the contest did
- i|  commence  until 7:15.
Senre lt     H
Mine e       ��i       <"'
Balmorals       2     fi
llatteries:    Home   nnd   llentry;
Peck and I'   Peek;  umpire Muckny
backstop, und early In the season the
Quakers were a formidable factor In
the race The suspension of Magee
wus u hard blow, and waB followed by
a worse calamity when Dooln broke
��� Ills leg In a July gume In St. Ijoui*.
Last year Dooln'B team finished fifth.
missing a first dlvlBlon berth by a
narrow margin!
Philadelphia  bus  never  had  a  Na-
tionui league pennant,   Mr. Dooln ami
his gang of aluggers evidently have
an Idea that the time Is ripe to correct
that omission. The tatlletalc, time,
will tell. Meantime "lied" Iiiib boen
doing a fancy Job or upBettlng dope
j and  flouting the preconceived  opln-
, Ions of the baseball BharpB.
Baseball Results.
Standing of the Clubs.
W.    I,.
Seattle   34   20
Vanoouver 32   22
Portland    L'i;
I Victoria    27
Tacoma  .25
Spokane    20
Look Like Repeating.
Seattle,   June   10.-The   Ulnnts   retained their lend  In the pennant  race
1 by dofeating Victoria this afternoon,
Score: ll.    11.    1;
Seattle    ,..11   12    n
Victoria       ii   12    i\
Batteries;     Meikle    and    Cadman;
, Narveson, Fitzgerald ami shea.
Junky Joe a Wonder.
Spokane, June 10.   McQInnlty out-
generalled tbe Spokane team today and
defeated  th"  Indians 4-;',  in  a  12-in-
t Ding name     MoOtnnity came through
villi the hit thnt scored the tying run
of  tbe  game  In  the  ninth  with  two I wllh
after a rest and contributed several
feat urn   plnya.
Score:                                R. II,   E.
Cleveland       3 14     2
lioBton    7 11      0
Batteries:   Mlanding,  Stcen,  Qregg
and   Carrisch,   Land,  O'Neill; Collins
and Carrlgan.
Fifteen   Straight for  Alhletlct.
Philadelphia, Jan. 10,   Philadelphia
experienced little difficulty In winning
da I5l.li consecutive! victory today by
defeating St. Louis 10-4. Mitchell,
who Btarted tor St. Louis, waa hit hard
lie was ordered  out of the game by
Umpire Ferguson in the fifth ror protesting a decision on a ball and was
succeeded by Wellman.
Score: R.    H.    E.
St.  Louis   '....4     5     3
Philadelphia   10    13     2
Batteries:  Mitchell. Wellman   and
McAllister,   Brown,  Plank  and   Lapp,
Walter Johnson Again.
Washington, Jui s 10.���Washington
wllh one hit, defeated Detroit today
3-0 In the quickest game of the Beason on the local grounds. Both Johnson nnd House, who relieved Clause
in the box were in great torm. When
Clause passed Moeller and Milan In
the third, House relieved him and
Qandill greeted the newcomer wllh a
triple, scoring both runners and scored hlmsejf 11 moment later on an error. Detroit got thn e men on bases
on two hits und n pass, but all were
retired on double playB.
Score: It.    II.    E,
Detroit    ���   0      2      B
Washington   2    2    0
Batteries:  Clause,  House and McKee; Johnson and Ainmnlth.
White  Sox Climbing.
New   Vork,  June  in    Chicago won
the  third   game  ot  their  series  with
New   York  today  6-1.  Scott  held  lhe
locals to rive scattered hits and was
effective In every Inning but. the fifi!:
when   he   forced   In   New   York's  onlv
run.    A  great catch  by Collins saved
him in the eighth.    The Sox pounded
McConnell hard.   Scott hit a home run
chalk on base in the tilth.
j tlonal polo iiiolch yesterday resulted
In a win for the Yankees. Exciting!
Eh what? Well raw ther I
It la cheering to lenrn that ex-King
Manuel and his bride will huve un annual Income or 180,000, That Ib not
at ull bad for a king out of a Job. Hut
Just think of the injustice or the
thing. As ex-king, with nothing to do
hut play, draws more money than a!
lacrosse player who hus to work hard
several  uours or the week.
Here's a new one handed out by tho
C, A. A. U. or special Interest to West- I
minster and Vancouver athletic clubs. |
The union hiiB ruled that physical directors cannot act aa officials at ama-
tettr meets.    Neither are they entitled I
to a vote at a union meeting.
John McGraw knew what he Ib do
Ing when he kept Jim Thorpe on hiB i
payroll The Indian made his first appearance in a league game on Monday and poled out a hit. Next year
we'll hear more of the ramoua redskin.
Inter-City Rifling.
The  first  Inter-city  shoot  between!
members  of  the    New    Westminster)
civilian Rifle association and the Port,
Moody  association  will take place in
the latter city on Saturday afternoon,  I
Yesterday   arrangements   were   com- IJ
pleted   hy  Mr   Jewhurst, representing  J
the   local   association,     and     (!.     L.  1
Churchard,    of    Port    Moedy, Tor the I]
holding of a seven-man team shoot In
the llurrard port city.   The new Btock
of   ammunition   haB   arrived   for   the
New   Westminster  sharpshooters  and
Is being used on the Brownsville range
Frede West
and  her staff of electricians
offers his own Inimitable violin Imitations.
Singer   of   Illustrated   Songs.
A full Reel Keystone, featuring Ford Sterling, the world's
funniest    photo-play    comedian.
10c. and 20c.
down.    The '
bui    refused
Iron  Man" was hit hard
liberality   In   the   tight
places. Toner was In good form, but
111 ( rrur by Yohe In lhe 12th turned
the  tide against  hlm.
Score: H.   H.   n
Tacoma     4   10     1
Spokane      3    13     2
Batteries: McC.lnnity and Jundell;
Toner and  Hannah.
Vancouver Just Wino.
Vancouver. June 10.���Hall tor the
Heavers won a close tought game over
Portland this arternoon, final score
3-2. Callahan pitched good ball but
had poor support.
Score- It
Vancouver      3
Portland      2
Hatleries: Hall and Lewis; Calla
han  and   Murray.
New   York   	
Batteries: Scott, unel Schalki
well,   McConnell  and   Sweeney
International  League.
Buffalo, 2. 4; Rochester, 0, 2.
Montreal 2, Toronto 1.
Providence 7. Jersey City 0.
New   York   6,  Baltimore  2.
n 2
8 1
II. Ki
7 3',
6      4
City  League Standing.
W,   I
-.1 ose 	
H   C. E. II	
Next game,    Friday
: i   rals vs   II. C.  E. It
Standing of tne Clubs.
Philadelphia 29
New   York       24
Brooklyn   23
Chicago  26
Pittsburg    23
Pel.   St   Louis 21
1000   Boston    1"    26
.ono   Cincinnati       17    31
,000 Yesterday's (Inmes
Bal       St. IxiuIb, June 10.    It took 32 players three hours this afternoon to play
II   innings of  baseball, St.  Louis  fin-
l ally   winning   over   Iloston   8-7.
Lenin i'hiiI  live pitchers and the
ilors   three.     The   winning   run
English Lightweight Pug Was in City   Bcored   on   Wlngo's   single   after
(By the Potter.)
Manager Con Jones is Baid to be a
little peeved at the result of Saturday'!', game. Tiie riot act was rend to
hiB bunch of male help yeBterday,
with the reBiiIt that several must
either Bhow a better class of lacroese
or else receive the blue envelope.
Question cf Big Fight Settled Yester
day���Twenty  Round Co at San
4      "
0      2
(I      2
Iloth the professionals and amateurs
had a fine workout lust evening at
Queen's Park. Manager Olfford la
confident of repeating Saturday's
trick at Vancouver, while Manager
Turnbull is optimistic that his boys
will   do   their   part   in  registering    a
���JM  double   victory.
Billy Weingartner's wild peg over
first last evening kept the crowd on
edge ror a few minutes. No use talking. Bill is the most polished player In
the city league, bar none.
Charlton  Delays Game,  But  He Must
Stand  Trial.
Washington, June 10.���Three yearB
to a day after the discovery of   the
body  of  hia   wife   in  the   waters    of
Lake Como, Italy, Porter Charlton IobI j
his  light  against   being   turned  over!
by his native land lo the Italian gov-1
ernment for trial on a charge of mur-1
der.   The supreme eourt sustained to-1
day   the   Btate  department's   decision |
to   deliver  Charlton     in     compliance
with  Italy'a  demand.
  Charlton was a bank clerk in New
] York, and his father, Paul Charlton.!
Sun Francisco, June 10.���Willie j classmate of ex-President Taft, and j
Ritchie, lightweight champion of the until recently federal Judge in Porto!
world, and Joe Rivers, of Los Angeles,: Rico. The young man has been held '
lhallenger, late this afternoon signed i In jail ln New Jersey since bis arrest
articles   to   fight   20   roundB   for   the; nearly three years uco.
championship in this city on the af- j 	
ternoon of July 4.
The   men   agreed   to   fight   at   134
pounds  ringside.    The articles stipu- I pacing Civil  Suit on Top cf Criminal
I late that th" men must be in lhe ring | Charge
and ready to fight within 26 minutes j Robert Smith, at present an Inmate
after weighing In, failure to do SO ���, lhe provincial jail awaiting trial on
carrying a forfeit of $1260.    rhe for- \    chn        f ar9(lll    rpparcd   ln   the
f,'    ?V.��A!?aWng   the  We'ght   iB  county  court yesterday  as defendant
; placed at l.ftuo. ! in an action    for    damages.    Condin.
It Is further agreed that the referee  r(,8taurant ke formerly a tenant
must be selected within ten days be-| of    Smilh,g    p^erty    J   Mclmu,,
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase   and   Sale   of   Real   Estate
Corner Edmonds Road and Twelfth Street. Consisting of a seven roomed house, modern in every
way, including a greenhouse. Heated with hot water. Three roomed gardener's cottage. Chicken
house, Lawn, nicely graded and set in shrubs. All
in splendid shape. Would make a good family hotel
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begbie Streets, New Westminster.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ln all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
fore th.- contest.
Perhaps few people knew of it. bul
-.. u Westminster wus visited yester
n   by  Freddie  Welsh, the  Kngiish
������iii lit    champion.    Along    with
Blngli s  nnd   u   sacrifice   fly
men on second nnd third
Konetchy's batting was the feature,
Hi- drove iii two runs and scored four.
He was credited with a home run. a
Welsh came Hurry Pollock, wbo h��'ks   triple nnd two singles in sin attempts.
ufter the managerial details for ths
I.i nn in r und Hilly Haddock, tli<- flghl
pri meter of Vancouver, who is staging ibe IB-round battle at Steveston
. ���! Thursday evening between Welsh
and Ray Campbell,
The  pooular���-Hghtw-Mght  wis    tbe
giieBl of Berl Smedley nf the King's
hotel,  who  rirst   met the scrapptr  in
: ' ind sevi ral yenrs ngo.
When seen by The News yesterday
Welsb   suid   he   never   felt   In   better
* h me than he decs now and althougb
��� ��� is not under-estimating his mun.
feels confident of winning the de-
ion on Thursday evening.
Since he arrived in this oountry he
a bier mixed up iii several bt ul -
���ii.lv thai In Edmonton on Victoria
v where he won n decision over Kid
.1, ���.
Hilly   Haddock   Bay:i   Campbell    Is
��� iking hurd  for the bent  and,  ni-
St.   Lends   .
'"d whaling
i:    II.   E
.711     '������
  S   1 ii     i
James,   Hess.    Dickson
Rarlden; Harmon, Willis
Feur Straight wins for the Moose is
going pome, Tliey visit West Burnaby
Thursday evening and should easily
dispose ct the suburbanites. Silver
uni probably hurl for  West Burnaby
Oeyer,   l'erritt,   Burke  und    Mcl.enn.
Wingc.    .
Phillier Not Satisfied.
Cincinnati, June io Wltb two
runs necessary to win, Philadelphia
came to bat In the ninth and with
ihree hits, mixed With three stolen
bases, brought enough tallies acrosn
the plate to defeat Clncinnuti by 0
score of 3-2.
Snore: "    '������   E
Phlladelphla  ������������ a     8     -l
Cincinnati    "     "     '
Batteries, Beaton, Alexander and
Killifer:   Brown and Kling,
Real  Enseball  in Chicago.
Chicago, .lune HI- Chicago defeated Nov.* York 2-2 today, winning tha
he realizes thc facl thai Welsh   t[,ir,| gnme of the scries nfler ten In
nn i Id time ring r tier- 1. his vl-e-
ri ever Dick Hyland has given blm
nfidi nee
(By "Gravy.")
call    th"   municipality thai
F, Dooln graces by his pris
u "the City of Brotherly Lov
to in  polnti il oul  howi *' r, thai Mr.
H    n la in.i s native ol Philadelphia,
���   ,. ib born in Cincinnati 33 ye j '
. ii   come   i imorrow, Juno 12, 1880
Ki d"  dees  i" i  lul.eve iii  brother!
i  ...    ,ion ii F.lstnncB  to Injuries
��� ihcr Quaki i- doctrines.
.ii 11*.
if anybody offers "Hed" his
' Hi il"  will  lake his doak
"Inn oc*. er In; :n Hi tlie ollie
Mr   Dooln will get u biff on the law
trange to sny. the creed of the
i uinager is exceedingly    popular
Philadelphia. ..
In   vain  the  managers  of  the  olhei
National league clubs have appealei
io Mr. iniiin. pointing out tint he is
upsetting all the dope, In vain Ihey
haie ci'cil "I'ave ;, heart. Mister,
hive ,.  hear'.    Little recks  Mr. Dooln
, * such pathetic nppealB, bui goes uu
cruel nnd heartless way,
md nnk
ngs,    The came wns won by bunch
ing   hits.     Archer    dr< ve    a     Texaf
'eaguer   to   centre     Humphries   laid
lown a hunt and Meyers tried lo force
Vrcher al Becond, bul his throw was
loo   I ile.     Archer   went   lo   third   on
Leach's out  and  "cored on  Phelan'i
In New York's ninth, lhe bases im re
jfilltd   bill   Shafer   fanned   and   Baler
mnde a beautiful catcb of Fl itoaera
I nop fly and doubled  Burns
Hums'  fielding prevented  thi
,,   froi i Bcorlng on three occa
handed jumping calche*
li.    II     E
 2    11
.'.'  3    12     '.
Marquard  and   Meiers.
Cheney uiul Aiv'n I", BreS
Nol   ii.d.
ahn.  and
r cheek In
Did Turnbull 13 i itpcctlng the Westminster fans to Eupport the airateure
.>n Saturday afternoon when Victoria
make thi ;r fin-i appearance at Queen's
l'ark. At the pace Ihey nre new trav
elllng the Hoyals should take thl
Capitals Into camp.
The Senior amdtrur home is ihe
lightest nnd youngest playing in the
league, lut thev hive made both tbe
V. A. C. end Victoria i.tep some In the
two gameB played.
Walsh's catch In the out field las'
evening wub one of the besl made nn
Ihe local diamond this vear. The little
substitute deserved the applause handout
B isi ball is said to be the lir�� of
i." 'nap rs. Strange to relate, they
still go to press in tbe winter time.
The local cricket club unearthed a
''nil yesterday In the person of Mr
Cave, of Winnipeg. He is Bald to have
heen selected to play against the Australians nnd should be of some aa-
slstance  to  the  Hoyals.
The present wins of the New West-
mlnster club will count ip the newly
oriiiiil Vancouver und district cricket league. Th it giveB them a chance
to cop the pennant.
1810 - Young Joseph, former Kngiish
welterweight champion, defeated Arthur Evarnden in a six
round bout in London. The Hebrew boxer fought Evernden
again the following year, and
loBt on a foul. Evarden was de-
fented hy Johnny Summers, the
present English welter champion, Inst June. It was Evarden
who figured In tiie fatal boxing
bout ln I'aris last year, when
Pell!, n French boxer, collapsed
in the ring and died soon afterwards.
1909���Ad Wolgast knocked out Teddy-
la ppers In the tenth round at
Kansas City,
! street, had    the    misfortune    to    be [
i burned  out  last   December.    He  held I
lhis cafe under lease from Smith for a I
couple of years, of which only about i
five   months   had   run.    He rests his
J claim on  the loss of    business    occasioned   by   the  cupable   negligence of
di fendant  in not repairing the prem
ises  su as  to  enable  hi:n  to  resume-
liis occupation.
fi men cans Spring Surprise With Substitute Team and Win Out
5 1-2 to 3.
Meadow-brook Club. L.I., June 10.
Out-riding  nnd  out-playing the  Eag-
Ever since circuses were invented
the press agents of the various
organizations have been coming along
to tell all aboul how many clowns
their attraction carries. because
when you come to think of it a circus
is mainly composed of sawdust, and
slephants, pretty women riders and
beautiful gymnasts and last but not
least clowns--the more clowns tbe
Hut really, when you come to sum
up, the Sells-Floto people hnve, for
the past two years, carried off the
championship In lhe matter of Joy
dispensers. By actual count, they
huve brought more funny men than
any other attraction, so it is only
Just that people should give some
credence to their promoter of pub
iici:y when he breezes in and says
without baiting an eye that they have
-io many this year "he couldn't count
'��� m  before he left."
"I didn't have time to," said he,
"that's a fact. Took a day oft eouple
of limes and tried to. but gave It up
us a bad Job. Did you ever try to
figure up how many sheep could race
ibrougb a gap in half an hortr ? Well, j
that's   Just    like   our    clowns -there i
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Are showing some very pretty designs In Brass Beds, 4 ft and 4 ft. 6 in.
Exceptional bargains at from  $29.50 to $53.75
White Enamel Iron Beds from  $3.95 to $18.60
Genuine Oak Dresser ��� ��� $18.25 to $27.50
Other Dressers in Golden Oak, Royal Oak and Mahogany finish.
Dining room Suite, consisting of Pedestal Table, extend to 8 feet,
5 side and 1 arm chair, and buffet with B. B. plate mirror. This suite
is an exceptional bargain at $48.00 complete.
Our Dry Goods section Is attracting great attention.
Cor. 6th Avenue and 12th Street���take 12th St. Car
jh polo Challengers, tbe American i were so many of them they got ull
cup defenders won today the opening | tumbled up. As 1 suid before, I had
game of the sixth International mutch
inns when
he mnd
New   York
lliiiii"liri< B
Fred   Clarko   to   Rescue.
Plttsl urg, June 10. \ two-bagger
by .Manager Fred Clarke, who wen! |
i as a pinch hitter and a single by
Byrne, scored tbe winning run In the
ninth for Pittsburg from Brooklyn to-
lay The final BCOre was f>-4. Ruc-
tor was hit hard hy the locals In Ihe
������arly Innings and gave way to lllll
Wagner, a recruit pitcher, who was
���affective up to the ninth.
Score: "���   ���'���   '''
Brooklyn  ������������ *    *    }
Pittsburg   r'   -*"   ,,��
Batteries: Wagner, Bucker and Mllei*    Cooper.  Hondrlx and Simon.
nil lam   will
yluni  pitch
the   visitors   at
Saturday  after
word, old top!   The bully Interna-
Standing of tiie Chilis
\V.    1
 87    1
 24    1
annexing pas
i nu s at evi rv npporluhlty
Ing opportunities.
A bad nnd wicked nan is Mr. Dooln.
us unfeeling os a renl collector, and
Hm City i.f Brotherly Love should
bum its collective head In Bhame, at
���     eBSIng puoh a person.
Charles the Hard of Henri, broke
Into baseball wllh a wml-profcsslonal
I, ,,��� fti Norwood, 0��� in isiiii. an;i '��
imo played with st. .Tosoph. rheuni-
cago Americans drafted hlm In 1901.
bill he returned lo SI. Joe. Ilius show
lng thai there wnn ll screw louse in the
White Sox managerial management.
In 1908 Dooln received a call from
th,* Quaker city, nnd caught B1 games
lur the l'hlllles lhal W.J0"" gi I hll hv tbe visitors,
���mis  made  manager of team ou, )n ^ ^
which he had so long been the  star     i.uj
cievi land
Chicago  . ���
Detroit         **"
St. Louis  *0
New York   H
yesterdays Qatnes,
Laiole Back But Maps Lost.
Boston, Juno 10-   A lend nf five runs
wblcb Hoston secured In the first In
ning   todny*  proved   enough
Cleveland, although  Boston
io defeat
was out-
to quit in disgust. 1 guess we must
hnve n million. What's that ? That's
a little strong ? O, well make it a
thousand then. What's the use of
quarreling about an edd cipher or
two ? Just tell the folks thai we are*
coming here June IS for a single day's
engagement. Tell 'em to come down
and see the parade, it's free; tell 'em
ihe price is 26 cents as usual, and it
carries with it a license to get happy
Seats for io.0i)0."
in "Hleotrapose" at the iloyal theatre
by a score of 5 1-2 goals to 8. A bet
ter Idea of the actual difference In the
playing ability of the two teams is
shown by the gross score which was
7 lo 2 In fuvor of the defending four.
Much to the surprise of Ihe spect.i-
'���rs     a-  I     pole   experts   the   Kngiish
(layers did not how tli" v muted team
al*.\- wl ch had been credited to them
before   the   gni-ie.     Neither  did   tlieir
ponies outclass the American mounts. IEverybody welcome
'n fuel the reverse was quite the case !
-id   t'i   : 'inrst   every   run   down   field '. -
the American players either held their, jmamstmmss-stasaam
own  or outrode Iheir competitors ln
the race for the hall.
Great Combination Work.
The combination work of the Amerl-
���in four with Larry Wsterburv nt No.
l: .1, m. Waterbury. Jr., and L. K.
Stoddard at No. 2: Capt. II. P. Whit-
nay at No. 3, and Devereaux Millburn
il back, was superb. The challenging
team consisted of Capt. L. St. George
Cheape at No. 1; Capt A. Noel Rd-
wards, nt No. 2; Capt R. Q. Hltsoti. at
No. 2, and Capt. Vivian l.ockett at
hack and apne-"ared unable to work together consistently, due In all probability to the close covering of the
Started With Rush.
Hardly had the enme begun before
it ivs seen that the odds of 8 to 6 on
the Kngllsli team was noi warranted,
:'or Ihe "big four" carried the play in-
to the Kngiish end of the field nnd
kent the cavalry officers so busy de-
'endiiig their goal that offensive Inc-
tlcn on the purt of the challengers
were temporarily out nf the question.
The drives of the Americans were
made wllh excellent direction nnd
li-nelli. nnd they never nppeared to |
havo difficulty In hooking the ball out
of a scrimmage. The Kngllsli apparently were stunned hy the fierceness
of tiie sup defender's attack nnd failed
to hold together In team work..
One Man Hurt.
in the sixth period "Monte" Water-
bury was lilt on the band by nn op- I
ponent'S  mallet  and  a  finger broken
In two places.    He will he unable to
play In Sunday's game.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made  In  New  Westminster.
Schaake   Machine Works.
Next Thursday
Charles  Frohman  Presents
In Her New Play the Great St.
James Theatre, London, Success
"The Witness
for the Defence"
(By A. E. W. Mason, M.P.)
Mall  orders now.    Seats on
sale Monday.
Prices $2.00 to 50c.
Next Wednesday Evening
NliW VORK    CbMPAiWV   OF   IOO    I Ht,L.\l O \ H G ���M
Mall order* now.   Seals on .--ale Baturday morning at Tidy,
Plortafs, Phone L 184. prices: $2.00 ti Me. PALiC   SIX
WEDNESDAY,  JUNE   11,  1913.
Classified Advertising
�� RATES. ���
��� ���������������������������������������������
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 16o per
euonth; 6,000 words, to be used as re-
-i Hired wittln one year Irom date ol
contract,  t"b.00.
lust be plain cook. Apply 48 Hoyal
avenue. (1510)
rooms with board.    Apply 715 Kn h
avenue. ��
roomed house below Sixth avenue,
und between Klrst and Sixth
Btreets, Must be a bargain on easy
terms,   Send full particulars to Box
1507 The News. (1507)
g.rl wants position hy the duy In
family, hotel and office, Apply J.
Kinchida, P. O. Dox 437. (1497)
housework 612 Carnarvon street or
phone 484. 1*500)
male.   Answer liox 1506 The News.
beds    and    pillows.    Address  llox
1136 Newa office. (1383)
house on Agnes street. Enquire 129
Agues slreet. 11498)
keeping rooms. Apply 828 Royal
avenue. (1505)
tunlshed housekeeping rooms, first
lloor, at 224 Seventh street.   05ii3i
delivery, either all* 500, or a Blngla
cord.    How  many  for you ?    Very
reasonable,    llox  141)9  News office.
household goods: kitchen cabinet,
lounge, iron bed, dishes, etc., camp
cook's outfit of eight hole gas stove,
two gas plates, gasoline tanks and
burners, knives and forkB, dishes,
etc.; also one strength testing
machine. All in good order and on
sale ut Vldal's warehouse; Market
square, Friday, June 13. Herbert
P. Vidal & Co., Ltd. (1504)
Blind   Italian   Hangs   Hhlmself   From
Beam In Woodshed���Despondent
at   Loss   of   Sight.
Kamloop3 Man Makes Gruesome Find
On Hunting Trip Along Adams
River Near Chase.
Chase, June 10.���H. Stapleton of
Kamloops went up tho Adanm river
recently on a bear hunt. Ho got the
hears, five ct them, two of them trap
Will   Have  New  Agricultural   Hail  to
Hcuso Exhibits���Poultry and
Pet Stock to Show.
Goes Up Three Quarters of a  Million
Higher Than Last Year���Railroad Progress.
Rossiand, B. C, June 10. -O. Nlgro,
an Italian, 50 years of age, was found
hanging by a rope from a beam In a
woodshed on Thursday afternoon at
4:30 o'clock, mar the family residence
on the Enterprise mineral claim.
F. Nlgro, his nephew, found him
when he returned from work. He had
been dead for a few hours.    The de- |
ceaaed's  brother, C,  Nlgro,  left hlm'brought out of the wilderness was that the fair in hand can assist In making I lion and three quarters
in the morning to go to work on the | he hud found part of a human Bkele-   "'
Grand  Forks,  B,  C, June 10.���The
fourth   annual   full   fair  nnd   poultry
show of the Grand Forks Agricultural!
association,  which   will   be  hold   this \
per and three of them the trophies of! year on the 25th and 26th of Septctn-  over   the   preceding  year.     For   1912
his marksmanship. The aklnn brought I her, promises to fnr outclass any pre-  the total assessment was slightly over
hlm tho neat little Bum of seventy dol-   vious  exhibition  held   In   this  cily   if1.,,,. ������        , ��� ,,,,    ,,,    .  ,.,
lars, which helped to pay expenses.      | hunt work on the purt of the various \thrve rnillU)"  <lollilrs'  *""''  ,,u   t0tal
But the nioet sensational news he I committees bavlng the management o�� 1'or l''** 's something over three mil
Penticton, B. 0��� June 10.���The revised assessment roll for Penticton
once  more   shows  a  heavy   Increase
lage. modern, newly decorated, near
Fourth street and Sixth avenue;
bargain at $2500. Small payment
down and balance as rent. Apply
evenings nbout 7 o'clock, 331 Pine
street. (14951
FOR    S A L %
blocks 13 and
Apply  D.  D.  Bourko
section of the Great Northern, and I ton lying where it had been washed
the nephew went to work in the mine up by the river. Tho bones had been
at the sanie time.. The police and chewed and many of them curried
coroner, Dr. Cbai(Jler, were notified, away by wild animals. The hunter
und they, after an examination, de- had his camera along and photo-
clded that,an inquest was unnecessary graphed the remalnB, bringing the
aB the cause of df-nth was bo obvious, j picture with him to Chase to show to
Tlie sulotde had been in Canada for [ tho proper authorities.
eight years, and worked for a time in i     Mr Stapleton  returned    to    Adams
THE    WOOD   ON|"le "Belter of the Consolidated com- S river accompanied by Mr. Spencer and
14. 1). L. 172, cheap. rpan-v ""*���  ''ra>'. end laterly on the sec-j brought tho bones to the police sta-
V'ariboo  t'on for the Gre-at  Northern.    Within j tion at Chase, where an Inquest waa
(1430) I''"' pa8' ft>w nl0"th8 he became totally i held on Wednesday.
 11 blind.    This occasioned  fits    of    de-1    The jury brought in a verdict that
the bones were those of nn unknown
man who met his death from an unknown cause. Coroner Se.ratehard gave
orders that the remains should be given proper- burial.
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (1461)
Columbia street, New Westminster,
will collect your slow and bad ac
counts for a mere trifle. No membership fins required and commission charged only on the amount
collected. Statements rendered
monthly. Collections made everywhere. (13G5)
spondency. during which he often expressed the wish that he was dead, as
he hated to depend upon his brother
and nephew for support.
On Thursday he put hiB ideas Into
effect  by  hanging  himself.
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings Btreet west. Van
couver, B.C. (1449)
Apply 703 Agues street.
ed rooms for young married couples.
Apply 703 Agnes street. (1489)
housekeeping rooms. Apply 3?
Agnes street.   Telephone LU3S.
or vacant lots for rent, Hule or exchange; splendid position on beach
front.    Winch, White Rock.    (1323)
Seventh avenue, Irish terrier. Anyone harboring after this notice will
be prosecuted. (1511)
wants work, by the duy. Box 1491
News  office. (1491)
Notice is hereby given that nt the
next sitting of thc Board of I.ioenne
Commissioners for the City of New
Westminster application will he made
for a transfer of the license to soli
liquor by retail in the Central Hotel
premises situate on Lot One (1),
Block "G," Merchants' Square, City of
New Westminster, from Jos. I. Freeman to Henry Freeman.
Dated    at    New Wesiminster, B.C..
this 6!h day of May. A.D. 1913.
Holder of License.
(1331) Applicant for Transfer.
Must Obey Dominion Order-lnCouncll
And  Get   Reglttered.
Victoria. June 10.--As few applications for licenses under the Dominion
order-in-council restricting employment agencies and Intelligence bureaus to those which nre duly licensed
to tuke fi-cB from Immigrants hud
been made from this locality, the Dominion Immigration agent received a
wire from Superintendent of Immigration W. D, Scott, yesterday.
This wire referred to the slow registration, and as Dr. Milne took steps
some time ago to huve the offices
transacting this class of business investigated prior to registration, he
will have the matter pushed so th-ii
the registration muy be effective and
the business properly brought within
the law. The penalties which are
imposed under the order, which is as
thoroughly operative us the general
act, are strict, nnd the doctor states
he will, after due warning, Initiate
prosecutions against uny .agencies disobeying the law
The Chinese bureaus show a slack-
nets In complying with tlie luw, nnd
therefore it is to them especially that
ii warning will he sent at once, to
prevent the abuse's which huve crept
Into the system, and the fleecing of ignorant Immigrants, who want work,
and have no means of securing it
Without reference to the agencies ca-
fe'rlng lot his class of newcomer.
t ao. *    This Increase Is all tho more grut
The prize list, which will he Issued | ifying   when   it  Ib  noted  thai   oul   ofl
In the course of a few weeks, will con-1 this increase only Bome $40,000 Is an ,
tuiii increases In prize money in many' Increase on land 'assessment, uud that
classes, namely fruit und vegetables. Ithe balance la all increase caused bj
There  will  not  be  se)  many  specials Ithe building thnl bus taken place dur I
put up this year by the association. It I lng the past yenr.
being  decided   by   the  directors  lhat I     Real estate is quiet, bu:  the prices
the  money  so  expended  if  added  to at  which   business  property  on   Main
the already liberal prizes awarded in'street  Ib held,  being onlv  ubout half
the  different  lections,  would  hnve a the figures nsked for business proper-
tendency  to bring out hotter quality 1y ln othL.r ,0WI111 ()f ,ll(. v.,���(,v with |
In each class, ��� similar commercial possibilities, su��* ;
The new agricultural hall   Is as- gests ,���,,, thi8 wm not ront!m,(, loDg, !
sured for this years exhibition, winch |
Prom tlie captain of industry to the
hod ourrior���from iuiliuly In the auto to
the woman with Uie scrubbing brush���
the accomplishments of every one of us
depend absolutely on the accomplishments of our stomachs. Backed by a
good digestion, a mail cun (jive the best
llut ia iu ln:u. When his stomach fails,
be become* a weakling.
To this loss of power no one need
submit. Right habits of eating,
drinking, sleeping and exercise, aided
by N��-l)ru-C�� Dyspepsia Tablets, will
rittore and maintain the full efficiency
ui the hamuli mind aud body.
Na-Dru-Oo Dyspepsia Tablets contain
the active principles needed for the
digestion of every kind of food. Tliey
go to the assistance of the weakened
stomach, and enable the sufferer, right
from tlle Blurt, lo assimilate aud get the
benefit of t'.ie fixnl eaten.    With this
assistance, the digestive organs se^ain
Uieirtoue. anilsoou the useof the tablets
is no longer ue-ewsary.
If your stomach is not working properly, try Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets,
joe. at yonr dm ({gist's. National Drag
ami Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited,
Montreal. 145
,,     .        , A   number   of  good   residences   are
win give tiie association ample room | UUa(,r
in  much  better
been displayed
Site   Offered    Free   of  All  Conditions
���Militia   Department  Promptly
Accepts���Cost   $8,000.
to house all exhibit
shape than they hav
In tho past.
With the fall fair this season will
be amalgamated the annual show of
the Grand Forks Poultry nnd Pet
Stock arsoclatlon. which will add
greatly to the attractiveness of the
fair, and will have a tendency to draw
a lurge number of visitors to the city-
fair week, the birds of this section
having recelvi'd the highest honors
wherever shown.
In the amusement line, the association is negotiating fur eever.il special
attractions, while a baseball tournament will be one of tlle chief drawing curds in the way of sporis.
Merrill,  June   10.  -A   few  dayB egi I
:i  conference   was  held   between   llr.
Tuitill,  president    of    the   board  of
I board of trade;   I.  It.  Liiyrer,    vice-j
president of the board;    Lieutenant-
Colonel Flick and Mayor Matthews in
ri terence to the selection of a sit" for;
the armory here, and the final choice;
rested cn  lots 1, 2, 3 and 4, in block;
i 4, of the Merritt Town Addition. trrlg; '
Those   lots   were   given   absolutely  will f urn isl*
free  on  condition   that  work on   the'
armory be started Immediately on acceptance of the offer; confirmation of
I tho  acceptance   wus   received   11   few
days ago.
The armory will measure 11'' 1 x7r>
; feet and will be erected nt n cost of
1 about JS.OOn without any extras. It Is
! to  be  a  handsome  structure  and   a
and e.ostumcr. 411
Phone 1,793.
Eighth   street.
FurnlBhed  three   room  suite,
bath.     Dot  and   cold   waler.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
ne, on
For    Sale���Only    $800:     a
cleared,  lot 60x132  feet   to
Edinburgh     slreet,     near
For Rent���No. 314 Eighth street, nine
room, fully modern house, new and
extra clean. Cheap rent und iouse
to right party.
For Sale���$1800. four room new bungalow, large lot. in good location
and close to city cur. $100 cash,
balance $25 a mouth.
For Exchange���Close in apartment
Site, corner lo' fiGxl32. Price $4600,
Owner has deed and will trade for
revenue producing property and assume.
Phone 312. Room 201
License  to  Take  and   Use
Notice is hereby given that W. A.
l.amonL of New Westminster, will
apply for a license to take nnd use
1 nei miner's inches of wuter out of
unnamed creek,   which   flows   In   a I
southerly direction through Coqultlam |	
nnd empties Into Eraser   river   near|E
Kraser    Mills.    The    water    will    be   INVESTORS'
diverted at bridge on Austin road and _
will   he  used   for   industrial   purposes ' a
on  the  laud   described  as   west  half
of D. L. 868, block 4. !   .
ThiB    notice    was    posted    on    tlw   six rc��med  house
ground on the 2Tlh day of Mny. 1913.1    f'."'  sl_;!7r'
The application  will  Imi filed  in th-5;    Na c~*
office of the inner recorder al   New
Weatmlnster. , Lot 66x113 slashed, one
55 5S
1 Has   Worked   Out   Well   in   American
Cities���Calgary   Experiments.
| Calgary, .lune 10.��� If arrangements
can he completed with the Eastern
Canada company which is building 24
' fcm. It is probable that two of the new
-ir. will be built on the "stepless' sys-
tfenj the latest idea evolved in street
railway-transportation. The "step-
laim, nn 1 le-ps' cars have mel with Immense
success   in   New   Vork  and   Phlladel-
I phla.
The only  question   involved   i��  that
'ihe patents ure held by companies on
the other side.    The  Canadian  com-,
pany building the Calgary cars is ne-!
gotlatlng to Becure the rights and if
the arrangements can be made in time
I two of the new cars for Calgary will'
be built on the "stepless" plan.
The "stepless"  cars  which  muy  b(
! tried nut here ure long ears enclos d
at either end  with  the entrance and!
exits   in   the   centre   of  the  cara   on
'ually from each end toward the centre
doors so that the passenger steps directly from the street onto tli" ear
platform a few Inches ubove tbe rails.
Tbey  are especially  convenient    fori
I women -and  children,  nnd  also assist
Westminster  frost   Bui.Hm,,.     ~     �� ot XSLm**^^ "'  "*
credit to the city. We may e-xpect the
completion of this building In a short
time. * It is the Intention of the officers of the B. C Horse to lay out thi
grounds as well as possible and to do
all in their power to make ii worthy of
tho regiment.
Every provision Is made in the plans
for the comfort and convenience of
the men and officers. Including a rlllc
range in the basement. Credit is due
to L, 11. l.eyrer and Mr. Derry for
their liberal donation of n site so valuable as comparad io Bome of the
others offered.
Largo     Artificial     Lakes    Will    Form
Easir, of the  Project.
Milan. Juno 10. -The Italian gov- ���
ernment is promoting a colossal un- :
dertaklng, Three huge artificial lakes'
aro to be constructed In the granite
mountain range of Sila, better known
as Aspromonte, which lakes, besides
vast stretch of tableland,
150,000 hoi sepower electricity for industrial purposes in Cala- -
brla and Apulia, practically the whole
of the heel of Italy.
Another rather similar reservoir is'
being created In Sardinia in a inula
���ions region bordering the 'llrso river,!
Which is destined to drain ubout 60.000 i
acres of marshland and time up 380,-
0(100,000 cubic metres nf water.    It  i.e
construction and the work of
building the round houses at the Ket
tie Valley 'i^ being pushed. Huge
quantities of Bteel and ties are lying
ln the railway yards, uwnltlng the
completion of the Trout Creek bridge
when irncklaying from that point
westward  will  be proceeded  with,
Every, Woman
k U LniOTWiea and phould know
st'O'jtlho wonderful
Aak your drapjrlat
It. If h�� cannot Boprihr
the  MAKVKL, accept no
other, hot send Btamp fur U1q*v-
trttoa tiook-BeAlM.  It piviM> fn .
p&rMr.ulara und dinvtlnrn Invaluable
wladl��s.\VTNDS<msiri'l*IA<'0., Windsor. On'
(teucroi Atf'i'iitn for Canada.
Bank of Montreal
B8TABU8HED 1817.
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ....$16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, England, New York, Chicago and Hpokaue
'.S.A., nnd Mexico City. A general
bankln-g business transacted. Letters
nf Credit Issued, available with correspondents In all parts of the world.
Savings bunk Department-1lepoBlts
received in sums of $1 und upward
ind Interest allowed at 3 per cent, eer
uiniini (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
O. I). BRYMNER, Manager,
Eatate, Fire Insurance.
Body  of   Mulatto   Packer     Found     by
Mining   Experts
Ki mle, June lu.���The lifeless body
of bob Mclnaney, a packer for the
Northern Coal & Coke Co., was found
by n pnrty of ruining experts seme
Iwo miles ubove Weury Creek, in the
Klk valley, some 50 north of Michel,
on Sunday laat. Walter Gardner
came down to Michel with the tidings
and a coroner and policeman 'eft at
once for the north.
Mclnaney was a mulatto. He had
been packing up the river for some
time and was well known. It is
thought that death wus accidental aa
his body was found on one side ot
11 l"g and his rifle on tho other side,
lie had been out hunting bul his ab
Bonce caus.-d no concern and It
the nu resi accldenl that the corpse
was discovered.
xpected there will  be sufficient  snr-
i plus  power to  provide  electric  light
land traction for nil the zinc. lead, cup- 1
j per aud  silver mines throughout   the
Private companies engaged In the
lank will enjoy Bpeclal grunts and privilege;: frcm the Btate, into the.hands |
of which the entire plant will pass
gratuitously after 60 years' concession
in the meantime the government haB
the right to be supplied with all re-
<ii;iH;t'- power for public services al
e-ust prio*. The estimated outlay on
the proji cl Is aboul $20,000,000,
Coninii ndatore Rulnl, din ctor   ��� n
1 Section 4S)
Section 348)
Notice is hereby given that on tin
22nd day of July. A.D. 1913, application will be made to ths Ileum of
License Commissioners for the Municipality ' f Langley, f< r the gram of
a license fer the sale of liquor by re-
tall, in und upon the premises known
as the "Langley Hotel," situate al
Port Langley, In the M inlclpallty of
Langley, In the Province "i liritish
Columbia, upon ths hinds descrlb id
more particularly us follows:
A portion, containing by estimation
thirty oiie-b'indredths (30 100) Of an
acre,   of   lot   seientynine   (79),   group
two i-i. New Westminster District,
Iin the Province of British Columbia,
and a portion containing one hundred
and nineteen thi UBan ll bs 1119-1000)
of an acre in ths said lot neventy-nlni
179), group two i-i. New Westminster
I Dlstrlci, Provlm e afon iald
Dated   this  Tib  dav  of  June,   A.D.
1 1913
Transfer Co.
Dfflcs  Phons   185.      Barn   Phone   137
Bitgbl* Btratt
b&si,age Uen��ere�� Promptly to
sny pari of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
���~:itv of nf>-'- wiiTMiNSTr-i  r, r.
Telephones:  Of'ice 53.  Residence -429.
JOHN  ItK'Il,  Proprietor.
Agents      rainier     Bros.'    -finsolinp
Engines,   Marine   Engines   and   Auto
mobile Repairs,
Office  and  Works:   Tenth   St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster. R.C
eral of public works for South Itily,   11509)
has actually on  hand  Improvements   ___
the   expenditure upon    which    totalf
$82 500,000,
���������--.        _,-���_���;        EERRY SERVICE
To  Port  Mann  and  Port  Coquitlam
lie  Let   thirty-four     (34),     Southwest , win Leave
quarter of District  Lot eight hun*1 n   r*   *..,    .   ���    D       ....       ..
Famous    Engineer   Coming    to    Lcok '      'lr''li   a:'d   SlXty'-BOven   (SC7),   Muni **���  v��t   MfClnC   IvV.   \V harl
Over Western Canadian Openings.            cipality  tf -North   Vancouver,   Map Daily Except Sunday.
London, June lu.   -Arthur .1.  Marry 3024. As Per Following Schedule-
the well-known engineer and the head     Whereaa   proof   of loss of Certifi ] Leaves New Westminster for Port
eif the  firm of Hurry &   Leslie, qf i   ,-'1''- of Title  No. 69942 E.,    covering  Mann 8:00 n m.
Queen   Anne's  fiaie,   London,  has  left   'he above  mentioned  property, issued: Leaves   Port   Mann   for   N'ew   West-
London, ior a lengthy visit to Canada   '��� the name of Sham Singh, "has been minster 9:00 a.m.
He is traveling by way of New Vork,  -Bled  In th's office.    Notice is hereby!     Leaves  New  Westminster for  Port
1 i"    '.ends  to  go direct   to Canada given   Urn   I  sl'all  at  the expiration  Mann and Pert Coqultlam li):0n a.m.
I of one month from dale cf flrat pub!    Leaves   Porl   Coqultlam   for   Port
in a close relative of sir llcatloij, hereof, Issue u duplicate of Mann and New Westminster 1:
ry, the world-famed |said Certificate of Title, unless in the     Leaves New  Westminster
meantime valid objection be made tofMann 6:36 p.m.
me In  writing. Leaves   Port   Mann   for   Ne
Dated at the Land Registry OfTice 'minster 7:00 p.m.
Vancouver, B.C., this   Uth   day   of ��� Saturdays:
cleared  lot 50x150.
Terms.    East  Burnaby,
Objection's may bo filed ��ith the
wiid wuter recorder or wtth the comptroller of wuier rights, Parliament
liuildiugs,  Victoria.  B.C,
\V   A. I'.AMONT,
(l4loi                                Applicant I
Applications will be received by the
undersigned up to 5 p.m. on Mniiday.
.ne i..rn inst., for the position of
Waterworks Superintendent.
Applicants to slat- experience and
qualifications.   Salary SUr, per month,
All envelopes to be marked "Waterworks Superintendent Application."
Aei ing city Clerk.
City  Hall, June 10,  1913, (1616)
:ur at Edmonds, ?n
No, ii
Six roomed
No. 21.
Can  trade
60x130,    on     Prairie
12300,    No. 80.
I Former Cowbcy Sold Saskatoon Store
for $50,000.
Saskatoon, June 10. -Gordon, Iron-'
nidis k Faro bave purchased the business of K. I-'. Preston fur $60,000 -,m,\
on  .lum   lfith  the Blx Btores  will bei
I under the management ol the Imperial
.Meat company, who ur.-. bo Mr. Pros-l
ton  stated, a subsidiary company  of 'A""    ",.
tb" Cordon,  Ironsides  &   Raree.    At*'
tb*' end of lasl year II was currenl re-
porl  that an abattoir nnd stockyards
would in- buill here by the company
who have ,1 large local business and
It Is considered  probable    thai    the
house on Columbia street.   '���'���l"h ���'���  ,!"' company  in  this Conncc
"' 'l tt ill be en; rii rl out now,
Prom cowboy to man ot leisure Ie   '"'I' round th
Mr   Preston's record     He  was  born  B's mrnlhs, r
from (In
Mr. Barr
John   Wolfe    Rn
engineer nnd the two firms have tb *i
office  In  the same  building  and  are
~~a Inowadays accustomed   to   tnterwork
I very extensively.
-Mr. Harry is one of the best type of
nngli rs of the younger school.  He
has carried  out   work  in .ill
mi p.m.
for  l'ort
Wlll trade swell building lot on Third
avenue, tiiixi.'i:: on an up-to-date
residence. What have yen to offer
No. 68,
50x182,    l'e
seven  roomed  house,  lo:
farm.    Price
Notice la  hereby    given    that    the
I "eiliug of the Licensing Board which
v.aa  to   be  held   ou   Wednesday,  the
II li Inst., has been postponed to Wi d-
rc.sdny, the LSth Inst., ai x pm,
Acting City Clerk,
City Hall, June Ifl, 1918. 1 1614)
Two  houses    rent $25    and
month   respectively,     Lol
facing on two good streets.
Easy terms.   No. 116.
$15    per
In eastern Canada, came to Man.'* ba pletc
M years agn. and for 11 years l�� fori
coming to Saskatoon ho conducted ;
butcher business at Blrtle, Man li
the lasl Beven years he built up a lim
business and practically controlled re-
tall ment business of the city.
Spokane, Wash., June 10.���With
money he earned currying papers In
Spokane, Bertram Ptickeit. aged 17.
haa started ( a a trip round the world.
He Bails from San Francisco for Honolulu and the Phllllplnes this week,
md  in  Milli.1  will meet  his brother.
PllCkl tt,    I'clioiil    sll'i I'vvic:-
en Hi** Islands.
The br. thi ra will conipli Ic the journey togothi r, i* ilng 'o India and
through thc Suez canal to Europe
Bertrand Pucki tl l> gan ��� nrrylng a
,; . ipi i- n u'** live yeara ago, and
bad  $7i* '  sum 1!  when  h    Btai li d the
world.   He   will   !,.     *   :i.
turning li   time to ci m
hi ��� high nchool course In Juni
8well  suburban     home,     six
well built house, l.ot 68x242.
to car.    $311011.
Hand} 1
No. 47. '
Fleal Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Dlock. 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
Construction  of  Waterworks.
Tenders will  be  received    at    ibe
Municipal Clerk's ofTice up to 4 p.m.,
aune 80,  for construction  of water-
- - rk�� in District Lot 46, Coqultlam,
Plans and specifications may be seen
tho Engineer's offioe, Port Coqultlam. A deposit of 6 per cant, to ac-
<��� mpany lender.
The lowest or any tender not neces
iirily accepted.
(1512) Municipal Engiueor,
Kamloops, Il ('., June 10 Mr
:.I. Carment. city clerk, has announced
I that negotiations with Mr Long
j whose name has in en mentioned In
j connection with the purchase of th'
city bonds, did not prove effective, and
that it has therefore been decided to
accept tlm offer of the Dominion Se
curittcs corporation who are prepared
io take the whole Issue ot $-1 al
96 per cent, und to make Immediate
payments for $100,000 worth of thc
Mayor's D.-ilighter Hi! By Fullet When
P'.lying With Cirl Guides.
Mm  .. Jaw, June 10.   Tn csle Pas
ei ", tho :', y. ar old daughter of Mayor
jl'.i.ei.e. waa thoi while playing Boiltb
' of lhe city 1 n Saturday aftornoi rf.
Sho and other girl guld is, In charge
I I of Hie Rev.  Di   Suiii'ii, were playing
at baseball,  when standing on  third
'"!���*" the girl 1 rled out, "1 am Bhot,"
and ran to Hr  Salton.   She was hur
1 rled lo ih.* olty In a motor ear und
photographed    under    X-rayB.     Tho
wound Ib in the abdomen/and tho bullet is 1:11 iv, t , xtracted,
Tin- girl |s ri sting easily afti r pass-
nga bed night. No one heard a i*ihi;iiI
v lien she fell, unel ii le Hi Might to 1"
a stray I ullol crossing thi  m 'I 0,
parts of
world, und was, for Instani e, the
contractor ol the Shanghai Nankin
j railway, which, by general consent. Is
the finest bit of construction of
kind In China.
Another of the lines he buill Ib tin* I
one  which  traverses  the slate of Johore  in   lhe   Malay   peninsula.     Much
ver,-    heavy dock construction  work
was carried oul  by him In He* mid
east, notably al   Bombay,    while    bi
came very near securing the concession roi* iiie construction of a line from
Home In Syria to Bagdad, hia idea 1.
Ing to link up llie Medit, nan, an und I
Mesopotan lo
German opposition was too much
for blm single-handi di the Touti n
reared the competition to Ihe Bagdad
lne and Turkey was frlghti ned Into
doing nothing. He Is an expi rt on
ilu- Caucasus; he knows all about oil
and he Bhlnes on irrigation, He is go-
iu-i nil out western Canada, prosum
ably to look for possible openings
May,  All.  1913,
Arthur a. smith,
(1316) Histrict Registrar.
Land  C'earino.
To clear and grade Sub llvlslons 64
11 1! .'���'���. I'. L. 30, near Edmi nds, from
Ing Wi atmlrister lload, containing
' ���' i ' ores; all o to *. 1 ir and grade
Lots 11. 12, 13 and H, Subdivision I*:
li I.. L'V. '.Vise Head, Edmonds, c
la ning tour acres
Tendi rs 1; se Isl July, 1913.
.1. J. Mil.1.1.,:-.-.
418 Al boll  Sir.   '
1 Vancouvi.. p.c
Leaves Nen Wcutmlnster for Port
Mann and Port Coquitlam 4:30 p.m.
I.eaves Port Coquitlam for Port
J Mann and New Westminster 0::!D p.m.
Schedule subject to change without
I notice.
For further  information  inquire:
Fraser River Kerry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone  154 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
Grand Korku. I!. ('., June )0. lielng the last ten days of May the
Qranby company at Ks smeller In (his
cily. established a new record in the
production of blister copper, Bhlpplng
"Hil.OOO pounds, or an average of 78,
200 pounds every twenty-four hours.
During the Bame period there wns
treatee! 86,264 tons of ore, all of which
IWith  the exception  of  12S  toiiB,  was
j from   iho  company's
1 Phoenix.
Rcunh Handling for I. W. W.
Seattle, June 9.���In oomplete dlsre-
Hil   of   Iheir   fee-lings   cr     thai     the
shock  of  coming  Into  contact   with
water   might   prove   fatal   to   tlirm.   a
pair 1 f industrial Workers of thc
World who had been making a nuisance of themselves .".round the plant
of the I'uget Sound Timber & Lumber  compnny   lit   Port   AngeleB,  Wert
Invermere  Doesn't  Care  About  Water
Transi' for Summer Mail.
Invermere,   D.   C.,  June    10,   The
Windermere  district  board   of  tradi
held a general meeting recently ami
imortgfit other m.iltii-.-.  liken  up, and
ifter   full   diSCUCElon   <Ii all   with   v.i"
the present Btate of the mall servlci
between here nnd the north country.
During the whole of the winter :���
mosl excellent service bas been kepi
up by moans of the horse stage, which
mado Ita regular semi-weekly trips
bul " Ith ih" adveni of summer a
change has been made to the boats.
Up io the present thla change haa nol
1 proved to im beneficial and every ef
orl Is being made to have Uie old
order Introduced and made permaneni
until e-iich times ns ths Kootenay Central railway reaches the town
Other resolutions passed dealt with
a request for the appointment of an
m'dilional game warden and of the
addition of three policemen temporarily to tlio provincial police.   Messrs.
Notice in in I'liy given that the un
li ��� . en- I   Wlll  apply  to  'lie   Hoard  of
i icense Commissioners at Its nexl
regular Bitting for an Hotel License
I fer the premises known as the "Hotel
I Dominion," Bltuhte upon Lot 11, Hlock
5, coiner of Sixth i-iid Columbls
Streets, City   of   New Westminster !
I'inteil this 9th    duy    of Mnv,    A D ',
11284)    EDWARD JONES,
Splendid arrangements made this
���/ear for cheap round tr,p tlckcta to
all   points  east,  commencing   May 23.
Week Iinii tickets on stile to local
polntB at Single Pare for Round Trip
"ii   Fridays. Saturdnys and  Sundays.
Km- raiea and reservation apply   tc-
KD. OOl'LET, Agent
New Westminster
Heodle, OP.A .  Vancouver
B.C. ta! Service
11A lit QUTTINO      lil-;AI(ii CUTTING
Specialty���Treatment  nf  the sculi
by Vibro-Massage aud Glover's Kum
inns Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID  BOYLE. 3S Elohth St.
- p
i.|i.i-eH VstlOOUVrir fur Victoria  1(1
in. liin}   1 t  41..
a. m..
naves Vanomiver fur Seattle in
1 1 p. in.
n. m.
1 aves Vancouver for Nanali
10   1 V
11. I*,
. and 6:30 pju.
oaves Vandpuver   for   Prince   t
Nnrl|i..r,i   p.,l,if��    10   n    m     W
:i und Saturdays nt 11 p.m.
subjected yesterday to the unexpected ID, J. itrady and Basil (J. Hamilton
and bitter humiliation of a bath. They [were appointed delegates to the an-
were grabbed in a Ioobo placo In their : mini convention of Iho associated
clothing, rudely tossed off the end of ibourds of trade of eastern liritish Co-
own mines at, the company's dock and lunded wrong I luinl.la. which Bits ut Kaslo in Sep-
leide up In the bay. itembrr.
New  Spring and  Summer Suitings
now on dlnplay.    See them.    Perfect
lit and workmanship guarauteed.   701
Krout Street
Chilliwack Service
Leaves  Chllllwack   7   a.   1
Thursday ami Saturday.
Leaves Westminster s a.
Wrelni'Hiiny  ond  Krlday.
KD. UOI'I.ICT, Auont. New WestmlniiUT.
H. W. BHODIM. O. P. A.. Vaoeouver.
e       ,*���
- MMMM-tot"?-..',,   ,
***m wm.
**,"*"**������ e	
WEDNESDAY, JUNE   11, 1913.
the handling of our forest resources
In a rational way which will permit
Iheir hi it use not only for the pres-
1111, but for nil time to come.
Forestry Experts Gather In Winnipeg
Early   Next  Month���Prairie's
Special   Needs. ���
Winnipeg, June lO.-Tho fifteenth
convention of the. Canadian Korestry
association for tho presentation of of
addresses and papers, and thc discussion of~fore8try questions will be held
In Winnipeg July 7, 8 and U. While
special attention will he given to
prulrie conditions, the programme will
henr testimony to the national character of the work ln that the problems
now pressing for solution In both east
und went will he carefully considered.
Assurances have been received from
lh" Dominion und nearly all the province, that they will he Officially represented. Many Canadian authorities
on forestry and related problems will
be present, and B number of men from
tha United States, beBt qualified to
give assistance In regard to our conditions havo already signified their
Intention of attending,
ll is expected that the proceedings
will be opened by his honor the lieutenant   governor, on  Monday evening,
July 7. al an official reception In which
the delegates will be welcomed by the
representatives of the government of
Manitoba, city of Winnipeg, etc. The
following two days will be devoted to
lhe work of the convention, along with
iinii entertainment features ns shull
be ni'ranged.
The public sessions  will  be held  in
one of the hulls of the Winnipeg Industrial biirenur"ivliii li is well adapted
10 handling conventions of nil kinds.
11 is centrally located at the corner of
Main nnd Water streets, and hns the
necessary bffices, committee rooms,
. 1.
Owing lo ihe fact that the Canadian
Forestry association bus never met
Inlore in Winnipeg, there will be
brought up for the first time, a num-
|i r of problems which relate to the
: real central put of Canada.
These will Include that of the pro-
tectlon mul perpetuation of the for
,;-iii of wi stern Ontario, and of norllt-
ern Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta; the best methods of handling
prairie foront reserves, and th" possl
liilitles ef iiie Rume i'i supplying I'm
ber, fence posts, poles and cordwood
for the settlers; tlie need of getting
under timber the sand lands which
wll never produce any other profit-
able ��� rop but trees, nnd tin- rate of
growth in Ilu- Central parts of Canada
as a basis for deciding the possibility
nf . Ciinomlcal forestry under these
Along with all there will go the discussion of tbe value of forests as
windbreaks, sources of stream Bupply, and an 6over for Insectivorous
bird* I'lii-m forestry, shelter belts to
protect buildings and orchards, and
lhe use of hedges will be discusF'-d
as will also lhe dangers from insects
and how tbey may be combatted.
Throughout the whole convention
ihe aim will be to have all papers nnd
discussions as practical an possible.
Representative lumbermen, agriculturists, railway officials, business men
and foresters wlll Bhow how vitally
interested the whole community is in
Nakusp, 11. ('., June 10.���The store- I
keepers of Nukuap have been meeting J
during the last two weeka considering
the existing system of credit and its j
(fleet  on   them   und   their  customers.
The result U the formation of a Retail
Merchants' association,  wherein  thev I
are banded together for their mutual
protection   and   with  a decision   thai!
from  July  1  uo  more  credit  will  lu
possible  with  tho  residents    In  their
purchase from  tho retail stores.
Among the merchants on Hay street
It is claimed that tliere are outstand- 1
Ing accountB due them to the extent of!
136,000,  money  which  the  merchants
cnulil  use to pny cash for their mer- :
chandlse with rcBiiltunt benefit to the
consumer.   There is talk of other merchants al Ilrouse, Arrow Park, Burton
City,   Needles  and   Kdgewood  Joining
the local assoolatlon ami adopting lis
considerable time, grabbing his valuable vuline full of old newspapers; of
real currency, he thought.
After a weary  wait, during  Which
U/AUU-v IN TfiftfiNTfi      "'"���>��� ���" ****** n*-***>*���'"��<���>" hack
TlUnflJ   111    lUilUll IU <toor, he finally overcame his scruples
! sufficiently  to open  up the  bag.  The
  I moment marks the lime when more of
Btefano's young Ideals were shattered.
The detective department have the
valise and tlie collection of old papers;
aa yet they have not. found the two
slick gentlemen with the charitable
This is not the first time the trick
haB been worked in Toronto. At least
on eight occasions newly arrived
'.embers of the foreign colony have
been caught with this bait, once for
$900 am] another timo for $650. Thc
men who work It have an international experience.
Swindlers     Dress     Up    as    Catholic
Priests���Greek and His $703
Soon Parted.
Toronto, Juno 10.���Two pretende*!
Catholic priests inicceeded in robbing
Stefano Stasi i.ff, a Greek, of $700 yesterday ul ternoon by means of the old
valise trick. Only $100 of the amount
tak"ii was Stassoff's own money, the
balance of JU00 he had borrowed from
a friend, Christo Clrozgier, to give to
tho two crookB.
Tliere was a line fat share coming
the old trick and the same old properties and line of talk were used by
tho crooks who relieel on Stefano's
gn 1 uness to gather him in.    It did.
One of them, respectably dressed,
accosted their victim in front    of the j
labor   bureau  %n   Front   street     audi 	
after   telling   him   in   moving   words!.   ,     _,.,
how the sound of the Italian that he j Lake �� Hara Chosen aB Central  Spot
waa speaking had affected the hearer
Grand  Forkr. and C. P. R. Join  Hands
In  Inctalilng   High Voltage
Wireo���Take Five Weeks.
Crand Forks, II. <;., June 10.���Con-
structlon work on the ni w high voltage power line which will be built be-
i-.viin the Eooteney Power company's
ub-statlon at the Granby smelter and
llie Canadian 1'acllle Bhdps wan commenced on Thursday.
The line will lie constructed jointly
by the rallwuy company and the mu-
llclpallty. The former will build the
hm rr.in: the sub-Etatlon to the Inti r-
si 1 lion of Winnipeg and Riverside avenues, where tiny will he joined by
the city, who will lieur au equal share
of ihe cost of construction up Winni-
peg avenue to the Pacific hotel In the
west end, from whence the C, P. IL
will run the line lo the company's
plant at their own expense.
The agreement between tbe Olty
and tho rallwuy compnny cal! for
forty-foot poles with n six-pin crots-
arm, one side of which will be used
tor the carrying of thrie wires direct
from the rub-i tation to the company's
works, while the other side will carry
the city's three high voltage wires. In
addition to those, the city will utilize
the new pole line for the distribution
of electric energy throughout the city,
the new line replacing the present system on  Winnipeg avenue.
Soul" twel-'e miles of wire will be
used on the high voltage circuit, which
will be Ftruiig jointly by the City and
the railway company. A Marchanton
and a ernw of electricians arrived
from Vanoouver on Wednesday 10 undertake tha work for the railway company, all of the material for the Job
being on the ground. Ii is anticipated
that some four or five weeks will be
required to finish the work with a
rr-ew of Rome fifteen to twenty men
being employed.
be proceeded, ns u murk of biB gratitude, to explain to Stassoff what the
ontentB of the valise were that he
wa�� carrying. Arm in arm with his
victim he walked ulong Front street
and in accents low and mysterious,
told him of the $14,000 In real money
that he had with him In the valise;
money thut bad been entrusted to
him by pious souls to distribute among
the Catholic Immigrants in Toronto.
Promised   Him   Big   Share.
There wus a line gat share coming
to Stassoft' out. of this money if low-anted It. and when the second of
tiie pretended priests joined the
party and confirmed his partner's
Btatements, poor Ktefano was Booked,
He was to be given a gixM job as well
us n share of the $14,000.
Taking him to the grounds of the
Metropolitan church the valise waa
opened and big fat bundles of money
done up In packages of $1,000. displayed. Each bundle wub one $100 bill
on top of It; well made, good looglng
stage money
inglish Alpine Club  Sends
Twenty-five Members.
Drops   Dead   When   She   Learns
Her Father Intends Purchasing
a Joy Wagon.
Kdmonton,  June    10,���The    Alpin��
Club  of  Canada   will   this   year  hold
two  summer camps  in  the  mountain
n gious, and as  usual,  some splendid
fun.  combined   with  real   bard   work, |
I will be experienced by all  ihose who
jattend the cumps.    These annual out-
I Ings, while to a more or Iobb degree
I aro   for   pleasure,  yet   they   entail   a
vast amount of hard labor in  mountain   climbing,   which   is   known   by
* those who huve done any of it to be
pna of the most rigorous cf exercises
;tha; can be indulged in.
The main object cf the Alpine Chub
j is to acquaint Canadians    wiih    the
! mountain sections of iheir own coun-
try, and to teach them to appreciate
the naiural beauties of the land nnd
j to be able to tell ubout the-m to Others
by having had actual fxpericr.ee. The
Alii,tu* Club of Kngland, un invitation
Spokane. June 10- That Dora Koenig of Medical Lake died May 23 as
the result of heart failure? due to excitement over the news that her father was about to purchase an automobile, Ib the belief of county officials
who have conducted a quiet Investigation of the death
The death of Dora Koonlg, aged 17,
followed the death of her sister, Lena
Koenig, who succumbed under similar
circumstances a year ago.
Dr. Seaberg visited Medical Lake
yesterday, meeting all citizens who
held information in the eaae, and was
in conference with Dr, A. A. Allen,
who is convinced that the death of
the girWwas due to acute dilation of
ihe heart.
"In am convinced that there Is
nothing to warrant further inquiry
into the death," Baid Dr. Seaberg last
night. "We were obliged to go into
the case thoroughly on account of the
rumors which have reached us, but
fall to find any suspicious aspects in
the case. The family Is apparently
! subject to heart trouble, which ac-
j counts for the death of a Bister a year
Sailing Every Tuesday From
New S.S. Laurentic  15,000 tons New S.S. Megantic
First Class, $92.50; Second, $53,75; Third, $32,50.
S. S. Teutonic Twin Screw S. S. Canada
.. .582 feet long       Steamers       514 feet long..
Only ONE CLASS CABIN (IL) $50,00, and
Third Class, $31.25 and up carried.
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets., etc., apply to
H. M. Stevenson, Agent CM. A St. Paul Ry., 622 Columbia St.,
E. A. Goulet, C. P. R. Depot, New Westminster.
Westminster Trust,  Ltd.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle.
t iiiieng Its members many of the most
Of course-stefano had to show tbat | Influential men and women of Canada
he wanted a share and was willing and "ot a '���* cf the members of the
to accept the fine position that was Alpine Club of nEgland, an Invitation
���living to him. Stefano was willing lo twenty-flve of which hns been ex-
* vi ���' to the extent, of depositing $700 tended to be present at the camps
in the valise which was to be sealed '��� In the Rocky Mountains this year,
up after he had put his money in aud j Who-Mav Become Members
pul in his keeping BO lhal there could i    The essentials for qualification  for
R. N. W. M. P. Have Body cf Girl Exhumed���Many   Prominent   Prairie
People Implicated.
From Those Who Advertise
They want your trade. That's the reason why they
advertise. They will treat you courteously and supply
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
News.  It helps us.
be no deception.
The fact that Stefano hud only $100
did not hinder the little transaction
iie hud friends und could borrow the
money from them. They would be
glad of the big return that was assur-
d them.    Grozgler was the goat who
Moose Jaw, June 10.���Sensations
are promised in connection with the
death of Kdna Alvord, which occurred
in a buggy ou the Driercrest trail
some five weeks ago. Immediately
after her death her dead body was
membership in this club are many, !shipped south without an inquest.
but the principal one is lo be able to i She, was buriul at her parents' home
Climb mountains.    A graduation clasa  at  Necedah,  Wis.,  but  Investigations
in di ld every summer at the annual
camp, and lhe lesson set for thla year
is a climb Of any glacier hung p-;ak.
rutin dral  Mountain   110,454  feet)   be
fell for Stefano when he tnld him of; in gseleCted us the most suitable held
Ihe wonderful luck he had In meeting  in the Lake O'llara valley.
two   ni'-ii   who  held   out  such   hopes. |    The   dales  of   the   camp   at   Lake
Hastening back to the Metropolitan
* with the f7i)H, Sii tano saw it deposited
' in the valise and the hug sealed up.
Disappeared at City  Hall.
A   little   more   conversation   and
iben the party proceeded to find the
mun who was to give out the good
lob. During the conversation, how -
ever, lhe valise was switched for another one. its replica outside, but in-
Blde containing nothing but old newspapers. In front of the city hall. Stefano was told to wait while IiIb friend.-,
went inside to see the. man who hurl
the jobs and waited patiently for a
Tie Last Magic
I Sing the Song of the Ad.���the Honest Ad. I am,
Myself, an Honest Ad. I pay my way wherever I go. I am
courted by Men whose frown sets their Fellows a-tremble.
Without,me they could not Frown.
I am thc Engine which turns their Presses'
wheels. I am thc High Chamberlain of Cleanliness; the
Arch Enemy of Disease. I am the Destroyer of Hovels;
thc Light of Dark Places. I Kiss the Hue of Health into
the Cheeks of Babes. I smooth thc Path of Old Age. I
fire the Homing Instinct into the Breasts of Men. I turn
their Thoughts to Love. I make Women desire Homes. I
am the Builder of Homes���the Carber of their Inhabitants. I make Gutter Gazers look up at the Stars. I am
thc Torch of Emulation. I am the Reporter of All Progress. I am thc Spur of GcniuSK the Bread of its Dreams.
I am thc Sign of Success. I am Succors. I speak in the
Tongues of all Christendom. I am Universal. I move
Mountains. I make Deserts burgeon in Vines and Golden
Wheat, in Towns, in Great Cities. I plume Sea Skies. I
fret Rivers���I harry Deep Waters with Traffic. I am thc
Spirit of Commerce���the Touchstone of Industry. I shall
pass with man's Final Thought.   I am the World's Last
Magic. ������        - ������"
made by the II. N. W. M. P. resulted
in the body being exhumed and an autopsy showed that Bhe had died
through a large dose of 6tyrchnlne: In
fact, an empty strychnine bottle was
; found beside the trail where she was
; found dying by a farmer. No arrests
1 have been made, but some are ex-
l pected.
She had been working for a farmer
'near Uriercrest. and It Ib stated  that
;in February last some doctor perform-
i ed an illegal operation.    A nurse, resident in the district, was culled in, but
refused to take lhe case, and the minister of the church which the girl at - i
tended   was  refused  entrance  to  her
room.    She recovered, after being Be- ;
verely ill and then, it is alleged, fresh
trouble started.
The day before her death she went
to a former lover of her and implored
him to marry her, but he would not do
this. The next day a farmer found
her dying beside the trail le>ading to
Brlercrest He helped her Into his
buggy, but she died before reaching
Apparently her body was hurriedly i
shipped to Necedah without an In- I
quest, it being given out that the girl
Sleeping tents will had died of heart failure. She Is said I
to have made several incriminating I
statements regarding prominent peo
pie in the district.
O'llara valley are from July 15 to 25,
jusl when the weather is likely to be
most favorable for the purposes of
teh camp, and just when the flora
in the districts visited will b? at their]
very best and most verdant growth.
Features of Camp
The main camp will be pitched at j
! an altitude of 57eH feet ubove the |
sea level, three and a half miles from
! Hector station, at the head of the
lareg, park-iike meadow in which lie
the Narao lakes. At lhis point a huge
gravel wash descends in two channels
from between Mt. Victoria and Pope's
Peak, isolating a great obelisk of rock
known aB the "Watch Tower." Immediately to the west arise the rock
ledges and cliff glaciers of Cathedral
The Dominion government hus leased to the Alpine Club of Canada a
two-acre lot on the south shore of the
lake (6664 feet)
be placed here to serve as a base
from which to make climbs and expeditions  in  the  immediate  vicinity.
The following peaks may be climbed:
Mt. Hungabee (11.447 ft.); Mt. Victoria 111,1156 fl. ); Mt. Lefroy 111,220
ft.) ;Mt. Huber (11,041 ft. i; Mt. Ring
rose; Glacier Dome; Mt. Yukeness
(9,842 ft.i iWiwaxy Peaks (SS63 ft)
und Mt. Shaffer (SS24 ft.)
Expeditions ma) be made as follows :
West, the series of hunglng valleys,
enclosing glacial lukeleis. rising above
Luke O'Hara; step by Btep, and cul
minatlng In Lake Oeesa (Ice lake,
7893 ft.) to the left is Abbot" Pass
(95SS ft.I, leading to the Deuth Trap
and Lake Louise; to the right lies
Yukness Puss, leading to Opabin glacier.
Soul Is the serifs if bunging valleys dotted by .small Jakes, leading
to Opabin Puss (8460 ft.) and, a mile
beyond the pass, to the Eagle's Eyrie
\ an isoiited rock lower rising from
|thp glactatod bed of Prospectors' valley.
��� il' r foat'Tes of Interest are the
Lr'd.i! Ve 1 Falls at the head of Lake
O'linia and the Crystal cave In the
precIplUous terminal wall of Opabin
Ths site ef this year's camp places
within reach a greater number of
climbs and a greater variety Of Al
pine Bosntc splendors than uny other
Ispot In this section of the Heckles.
From Mi. Hungabee, the chieftain
radiate five magnificent glacial valleys, like the spokes of n great wheel
md all five lire traversed at their
heads bv the two-day expedition described above. II will he found to portray an enchanted realm where magtr
'aspires the brush, tlie camera and
the pen.
The olher camp will be known n*
"linhso'i Pass" camp, and wlll be
from July 2S to Aug. 9. The work
from It will be on both sides of the
main Divide of the Canadian Rockies
In the province cf Alberta and in British Columbia.
Low Rate Excursion Tickets Now
on Sale to the East and to Europe
S.S. "Prince Rupert."       S.S. "Prince George."
(Leave Vancouver at 12 midnight.) '
Mondays for Prince Rupert, Stewart, Massett
Tuesdays for Victoria,  Seattle.  *
Thursdays for Prince  Rupert, Granb# Bay,    Skidegate,    Lockeport,
Jedway, Ikeoa, etc.
Satursdays for Victoria, Seattle.
Close  connictiona at  Prince Rupert with Grand Trunk Pacific trainB
for Tyee,  Terrace,  Hazelton.
H. C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street,  Vancouver.
YV.   K.   DUPEROW,  G.  A.   P.   D.
Phone Private Exchange 8134
Pres. and Gen). Mgr.
Bee. aad Treat.
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
M ri-itt, June 10.--The large tn
which bus stood since the first white
mnn first came to the province"near
the lot and house owned by Joe Collet!, on Granite avenue was cut down
this morning. The occupants of the
house were warned that there was
a chance that the tree might fall on
the building and they accordingly gol
out while the operation was being per
It fell,.however, just where it was
wanted and cleared the house by sov-
i nil feet. The one on Nicola avenue
| opposite the blacksmith shop and near
the Herald office will also be removed b.fjrc long.
Columbia Gardens, fl. C. June 10.���
Reggie Paull, the two-year-old son of
Mr. and MrB. E. Paull of Columbia
Gardens, came nenr drowning ln Beaver bay, where the Beaver creek empties Into the Columbia river.
Fred McKay, a boarder of Mr. Paull,
ihad taken tlie child, with his little
brother and sister, out on the bav for
'a boat ride. Little Reggie became
frightened   of  the  water  and   McKay
\ put him ashore with his little brother
to care for him. while he gave the lit-
; tie girl a ride.    He had got out only
[ten or twelve rods when Reggie, wishing to go  to  his sister,  broke  awny
i from   his   brother  and   ran     Etraig'it
iInto the water.
McKay   saw   him   fall  and   jumnel
'into  the  wuter.  thinking  to  swim  tc
ihim. His heavy boots drugged him
down and he climbed buck Into thc
boat to take them off.   The little gol
[who thought the water was only wal��l
'deep, Jumped into the water to save
; her brother. The water was about
twelve feet deep and she went under
' McKay then hnd to jump In after nei
get buck Irlo the boat, and then rowed to the little boy.    lie hud gone un
ider twice unit was floating on the top
when reached. McKay got him en
land nnd the little girl run for help
Reggies inns were lc ked, but after
having his month priid open and being rolled over nn nur fur u long tim*
the water came off his lungs and le
begun to show signs of life.
He was taken home Immediately,
but many hours elapsed before hc became fully conscious. Hot baths and
hot wraps were used. Today he is all
right, excepting that his whooping
cough seems a little woree.
Fernle   Man   Found   In   Coal   Creek-
May Be Foul Play.
Fernle. B. C, June 10.���A member
of the Italian colony named Ferner
Dominica, who hud been employed al
the coke ovens and who resided on r
bill behind the ovens, disappeared
about a week uco nnd no trace of
him rouUI he found until last Sunday,
when his body was discovered in the
waters Of Coal creek, a mile above the
cltv and opposite the high-line switch
of the Crow's Nest Coal company';'
He was supposed to huve conslder-
nhle mono) and seemed for some time
past to be one the verge ot Instanlty.
When the body was drawn from the
creek It was seen that his pocketl
were pulled out and several cuts were
noticeable On his head nnd face. These
suggested foul play hut might have
been caused by drlftwoeid In the creek.
A jury empanelled by Coroner H. A.
Wilkes will hold un iiie.tient.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever^lald.
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Westminster with Boulevard Dowr
the Centre.
nitullthlc ls nolseleas, non-slippery, practically dustleas, easy oa
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For these reasons
I'.itnllthlo Is commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, ana city officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred ln the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver. PAOR  EIGHT
WEDNESDAY, JUNE  11,  1913.
Remember the  Place-
33 Eighth Street,
and thc telephone No. 2
Just arrived from Cherry
River, Que., a large shipment of
Maple Syrup, put up by a pri-
rate gentleman and guaranteed
absolulelv pure. This syrup ia
recommended by Or. Manchester
and also several other prominent persons who will gladly answer any inquiries Half gallons
$1.25;  gallom, $2.00.
Dou't forget to turn In your
cards for Chili Con Came, En-
chiladefl and Chicken TamaleB,
the delicious Mexican dainties.
On Bale ut 2 cans for 25c.
Try a jar of Totem brand Piccalilli, deliciouB and tasty, per
bottle 25c.
New shipment of llldgway s
Coffee Just arrived, This Ib undoubtedly the finest coffe'e pro-
duceei.     Per pound  50c.
Kootenay Cocoa -All this
week Miss Fox will demonstrate
this delightful beverage. Come
In and try It; '/2 Ib. 25c. U lb.
Strawberries, 2 boxes  45c.
Pineapples,  each    35c.
Tomatoes, hothouse, lb 35c.
Cherries,   lb     35c.
Cucumbers, 2 for   35c.
New Potatoes, 4 lbs 25c.
Local  Asparagus, bundle  ..20c.
Maple Creamery Butter Ib now
3 lbs. for $1.15.
Spend    your    money    where
values demand.
1   i
Public Supply Stores
L. U ADAM3       3. K. BUIGGS
Therefore, do it now;
while both body and
mind are healthly and
We can furnish the
experience, p r u d e n ce
and business judgment
your estate will need.
Discuss your plans
with us���we can help
you in many ways, because acting as executor and trustees is our
business and it is not a
business that can be
learned in a day or a
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
Paid  up Capital and
A use In     	
Trusts under Administration
  16,217,983 ;ir,
Trusteeships for Bondholders
Open  Saturday  Evening 7 to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanalmo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, London, Eng., ami
Antwerp, Belgium.
Developing and  printing
done on the premises.
Agents for the
List prices.
Curtis Drug Store
and  SEEDS,
His honor .indue Howay, of ihia city,
huB been elected vice-president of llle
Jrltlsb Columbian Library association.
(let ii sl the Royal Pharmacy,   41
Sixth street.   Tel. 1268, (14631
The city clerk Is calling the postponed meeting of the licensing board
for  Wednesday, Juno 15.
Floridora for the Hair, fragrant
and effective. Price 35c and 50c.
Frank Jeal, Tel. 339. City. (1442)
The B, C. Telephone company has
at present a gang of linemen workliiK
on Koyal avenue and Third street,
where a new cable is being atrung.
Jusl 'the thing after the lacrosse
match on Thursday evening; Ice
cream at the college grounds,    (1502)
Six large shade treeB on Sixth Btreet,
all within a short distance of each
other, are dead. The trees are all on
the same sido of the roadway between
Agnes and Carnarvon BtreetB.
If on Thursday yo.u are looking for
something dandy  cull  and  Bee  M.  C.
The Benevolent society, which dispenses the city charities, will meet tomorrow In lhe board of trade room nt j
2:30  p.m.
For everything electrical see W.
Day. IIoubo wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1443)
"What Ib Life?" was the subject of
an address by Uev. A. S. Lewis to a
number of the B. C. E. R. employees
at the carBhops yesterday at the noon
Special offer up to June 10. Screen
door at $1.50 to $3.00, and hung free.
Lees Limited. (1481)
The laat day for citizens to secure
tho rebate of 10 per cent on the provincial taxes this year Is June 80. The
tuxes are payable al the assessor's office in tho court house.
Delicious hot and cold lunches
served at the Nui shell during tlie
summer. Hoom 3 Dominion Trust
building. (1434)
The plans for the addition to the
local land registry office are now in
tho hands of the provincial authorities at Victoria and tenders for the
work are likely to be called in the
near  future.
InBiire with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Following the resignation of Waterworks .Superintendent Wootton, re
celved at'Monday's city council meet
ing, applications for a man to fill the
bill ure being culled by Acting City-
Clerk Tbomae.
A   Ilardman,   the  cake  man.    Oet
Rood   bread.     Eighth   Street   Bakery.
j Telephone 231. (1446)
Come along and bring the baby. This
is the Invitation extended by the Women's Auxiliary of St. Mary's church,
Sapperton, to tho mothers' picnic to
be beld at the Sapperton park Thursday afternoon.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
Improved city and farm property.
Terms eaBonable.    Alfred W, Mcl.eod.
Petit jurors will he indemnified at
the rnte of.$3 per day at the coming
ussizeB und allowed reasonable travelling expenses. Formerly the allowance was $2 per day. The grand jurors'
remuneration remains ut $2 per day,
as heretofore.
Building material, cement, lime,
hard plaster, gravel, Band, crushed
rock, fuel oil and all kinds of towing.
Apply the B. C. Transport Co., Ltd.
I'hone 826.   Wharf phone 880.    (1445)
The  pipes  of  the  submerged  main
I to l.ulu island are now  In place, but
iinnot   be  connected   up  at   present.
| This  worK  ''ill   he  done  as   soon  bb
the current In the Fraaer river moderates sufficiently to ullow of operations proceeding. ���
('.rent Northern Itailroad will put on
business man's train serving Crescent
Ocean Turk und White Rock, on June
16, Truin leaves 5:80 p.m., returning
in the morning  in  time  for business.
Members of the B fl, Puckers' sb-
si.eii'.iiiiii hnve about completed ar-
rangeinents for the recepUon of this
summer's Catch of salmon and are now
waiting  for  the  run  to  begin.    Tliey
��� ��� i i io handle ln the neighborhood
of 800,0(10 cases.
ihiring the past few dayB services
have been held by the Salvation army
n iiie Burnaby prfcon farm and also
m ths Westminster provincial Jail.
The iirmy bund from Vancouver was
present on both occasions nnd gnve n
uiii'ii  tor the prisoners.
Children whose homos are In the
neighborhood of the puhllc library are
putting the grounds at the rear of that
Institution in good use lately. Every
evening sees u number of youthful
lacroBBO players working into shape
on tho grass plot there.
A   local   r nl   in   building   clrclci:
will have been made this morning
when tha lower portion of the MeLeod
block at the corner of Carnarvon and
Sixth streets will be accepted by the
architects    Mr  Mcl.eod Ib due to puy
I .i  bonus of $25 a day  for every  day
II lie building Ib completed before
I July  1
The annual v  M. C  A. field Bportn
j for the YV. .1 Kerr shield will be held
on the evenings of June 23. 26 nnd 27
at Queen's l'urk If the use Of the purk
can be secured for thOSO nights, Tills
was the flnul dei islon at u meeting of
the Harriers' club al the v. m. <��� a
lust evening. It Is probable that there
will be one or two open events, it
was nlso decided to hold a paper chase
at 7:30 p.m. next Friday.
Although  it   Is  stilled  around  town
Tiie students who are not Liking
part In the annual examinations are
beginning  to  leave one  by  one, ul-
lliul the C, N. lt. will electrify its Lulu   though (he main body will not depart
island line, \V. Q, Swan, divisional engineer, denies that any steps have us
yet been Liken towards Ibis end. Ile
Buys, however, that a gasoline or electric engine may be used for local service on that line.
Hon. J. E. Caron, minister of agriculture for Quebec,    Is    expected    to
visit the French-Canadian colony   at
FraBer Mills within the next tew dayB.
He arrived in Vancouver on Monday
and, after visiting the provincial ministers nt Victoria, will come to New
Westminster and .Maillardville be>-
fore returning east. This is his llrst
visit to the Canadian WcbL
We make awnings, te-,it8 and Balls,
renovate carpets and draperies, remake nnd repollsh furniture, manu
factiire cedar dress nnd waist boxes,
window senia aud do all kinds of
upholstery work In leather or tapeB-
try. We are the largest makers of
window shades, draperleB and Interior hangings. Estimates given.
Lees Limited. (1481)
At a meeting of the Junior Women's
auxiliary held yesterday afternoon In
St. George's hall, reports wero submitted showing that during the winter the members had raised $40 In
various ways. This money was realized from the sale of fancy work, a tea,
and by several other means. Yesterday's meeting concludes the work of
the past season, and preparations for
renewed effort in the fall ure under
There will be no Chautauqua in New
Westminster this summer, ut least
not under the auspices of the Ministerial association, who hnve heen making urrnngenients with the Ellison
white Chautauqua people. At a meeting In the V. M. c. A. yesterday It was
decided by the ministers present to
drop  all  negotiations,  us   they  elnlm
mil il ths hitter part of the week and
the beginning of next.
The domestic Bcience clafB is the
only one which ban got through with
the annual grind, und the academic
class will finish  Bomeliine today.
No definite word Iiub yet been received as to when the music exams
will be held, but the date is likely to be
announced the hitter part of the week.
The university class will finish
work on Monday next, while the commercial clafiB will be the last one to
get through, the date set tor them being Tuesday, June 25.
Man Who U Said to Have Assaulted
Eagles Goes to Aiaizes.
LouIb Cebar, alias Albert Barr.
charged wllh assaulting Charles
Eagles, provincial police constable,
while In performance of hla duty on
Westminster bridge, elected yesterday
to be tried nt the forthcoming assises, j
Cobar had broken away from the
provincial prison farm at Burnaby and
was crossing the bridge on the night
of Sunday, May 4, nbout 10:30, In an
nltenipt lo reach the United States,
on the border of which he was subsequently arrested.
Eagles nllegea the prisoner picked
him up, threw him to one Bide nnd
disappeared  In  the darkness.
Miss Marlon Watson Thorburn, who
arrived in the city last Sunday from
Edinburgh. Scotland, was quietly married yesterday aflernoon at St. Andrew's manse lo W. B, Brown, of this
city. The ceremony was performed
by Itev, E. S. Ixigle, who is preaching
in   St.   Andrew's  during   Mr.   I lender-
.         ,     ,        ,      .        ,,           ,    . .i son's absence.    The bride wns attend
a breach of contract on the part ot the -   ,     ���.      rrkjl���_������   ,r  ,,__�����,,,���.-
,    ,, ,. .  ��� . ,. .   ., _ ed  by  Miss  Thomson,  of  Vancouver,
people they were relying on to hold a
Chautauqua  in   New  Weatmlnsler.
We Opened a Carload of
New Perambulators and
Baby Cabs
This week. See them
in our window. Classy
styles at popular prices
and Mr. Thomson acted as best man
A  splendid  musical    program    has j OBITUARY,
been arranged for the first evening of] ROBBER���The death of John L.
the W. C. T. U. convention which Will Roeser, nged 40 years, occurred yes-
open in this city on TueBday morning.; terday nt the homo of his son. O. II.
The Mnckness orchestra will be in at- ; Roeser, on the  Yale road, nenr Tail's
tendance and Mrs. Byron Renshaw nnd
Mrs. Wm. Creggson. musical director
of tlie W. C. T. U. of Victoria, will render solos. The 9. J. Spencer quartette
will be present and will add their
share to the program. Hev. Dr. I'ld-
geon, of Vancouver, will deliver an
mill.    Deceased    was    born    in    the
United  States and for the past three
years had been traveling for u  11. C.
firm,    lie  is survived by a wife and
one  son.     The   body   was removed  to
the undertaking parlors of 3. Bowell.
The funeral arrangements are yet to
'be completed, but the interment will
Next Monday the regular quarterly j Probably    take    place    on    Thursday
rally of the Christian Endeavor union  afternoon.
New  Westminster district will
of the
be held in the Sapperton Presbyterian
church. Arrangements for the rally
were dlpcussed at a mee-tlng of the
executive last evening. Three papers
will he read, one on the mission work
of the Presbyterian church throughout Canada: one on the work by the
Baptists) and one dealing with the
Methodists. A special musical program also will be arranged.
Toiilght'a meeting of the Tradep and
abor council wlll be Important in bi
far as the nomination of officers for
the coming year will be receiver!
President Stoney, on account of Ills
duties ae a member of the provincial
labor commission, will not allow his
name to be mentioned again for the
office, so that a new hearer will have
to be chosen to fill the position. Nominations win he made this evening
und left open until Wednesday evening, June 25, when the election takes-
Arrangements are proceeding anace
for the convention of the W. C. T. I"
which will be opened at the Queen'i
Avenue Methodist church next Tuesday. A meeting of the W. C. T. V
was held last evening and various
matters discussed, The blllettlng committee are anxioiiB to receive offer:-
of assistance to place the 100 delegates who will be in the city. A
luncheon will he provided on the different days of the convention. On
Wednesday a union prayer meeting
will be held at which all the different
ministers of the city churches will be
Perambulators, $20.00, $25.00
and $35.00
Cabs, $12.50, $15.00, $20.00
Folding Go-Carts, $3.50, $4.50
$6.00, $7.50, $10.00
Fultonette Carts, $2.50, $3.50
and $5.00
Maple  Beach   Park,    being    a  bud-
dlvlslon   of   the  historic   old   Whalon
estate at  Point Roberts. Wash.. Is at I
last on the market In 50x100 feet lots
fronting  broad  streets and  wiih  perpetual   beach     privileges.     This   haa
been the camp ground for scores    ofl**-"
local  people for year*,    The lots aro | ae
selling   fast,   many   people   procuring I
the  locations   ihey   had  occupied    aB j
tenants   for   years.     Prices  $330   and
upwardB, easy terms.    Sole agents,
700 Columbia Street, City.
Take n Calloric Kirele-ss
Cooker to camp with you and
your eating troubles are more
than half solved.
We sell  :
kindB of e
trie  Klxlur,
lng devices
Tostos, etc.
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Residence V. W. C. A.        Phone 1324.
P. ?urns & Co.,Ltd.
was   ln
hone your order in early   ' <*t
ut not before 6 a.m, or   ****
will   not find  us  there.     fi
We ��
always    glad    to    hear
from  you  and
ever sorry to aeo you.
o   phone   us   up   whenever  yeu  aro  hungry
we    will   e ndeavor    to
satiofy you and your
Buy a Home on Easy Terms
4-room bungalow, facing south, good view of river and gulf. Price $1700,
$200 cash, balance as rent.
3-room bungalow, 7 minutes walk from carline, good view. Price $1500,
$200 cash, balance as rent.
If you have good vacant property, will arrange an exchange for part payment.   Come in and see ua about this.
We have several rooming house propositions, also houses to rent in all parts
of the city.
List your property with us, we can act as agents for absent owners, collect
rents, etc.
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street        New Westminster, B.C.
1 JJ..JUU1!.  a
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
l-\   Itamsaur,  of  Coquitlam
the city yesterday.
S. J. Carman, of Calgary, is registered at the Hussell.
.1.  II.  Williams, of Chilliwack.  is a
guest at the HiiSHell.
J.   I).   Millar  and   wife  nre  visitors
In the city  from Clayhtirn.
,.,,,,,     ,, .   .,, Palace  Market, Columbia St.,  Phones
Phillip Ross, of Aldergrove, was a
visitor in the city yesterday. 1,;00' 1Z01' lzo*;
L. A. Brothers, of Marysville, Wash. S��PP��rt0"  Market, Phone 1204.
Is registered at the Windsor <*-'Bhth  st-  Market,  Phone  1205.
Mr  and Mrs. Hughes, of Cloverdale    Edmonds  Market,  Phone  L883.
were iii N' iv Westminster yesterda] ..,    ........ l__
Mrs   John   A.  1  fiir. Third ave
nue. will not receive again  until  tall '
Mrs.   I.   Hudson,  417  Third  avenue
Wlll not receive today  nor again  tlie '
"Back East" Excursions,
l/ow round trip fares to eniitern
points on Bale dally to September
30th. 16 days going limit, final return
limit October 31, (lood on Oriental
Limited. Liberal Btop-OYerB allowed
beiih going and returning. Phone 2&'i
or call at Hridge Station itt:    ratea,
routes and particulars,
BoBton Tea Party.
On the Bteamer  Polerlc Just arriving nt   Boston   lhere  is a  Shipment ol
274,r,nii pounds of tea, consigned l
the "Salada" Tea Co., Toronto. This
is believed to be the lanrest consignment of tea evi r mgde to one llrm on
the American continent.
Lecture on Chickens.
The quarterly meeting of the Cen
iral l'ark Poultry nnd Co-operalivi
aBBoclatlon will be held on Thursday-
evening In Ihei Central l'ark agricul
Mii'nl ball, The meeting wlll be open
in the public, An address will be
given by io. li. Cale, of Kant Burnaby
mi "Incubation and Brooding of
chicks."   Light n fresh m on ts will   be
loved !
New Laid Kggs, per dozen   Hoe
New   Laid   Kggs,  peir dozen    35c,    or
| three dozen for $1.00
C-^ ~~     AC*    T  ^,,v-.^  CH-    Fresh Iluiier   2 lbs. for $1.15
brom 4(> Lorne ot.l cooking Butter im. tor w.<x>
Kresh Strawberries, per dox  26c
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up $5,000,000
Reici-v. Fund       .... $6,000,000
Total Aii.t�� $76,000,000
Phone 43:  L. D. 71;   Res. 72.
New Westminster. B. C.
��� The n. C. Transport Company take*
lover tiie agency for the Kllsard
pressed brick for New Westminster,
This Ib the best brick on the market.
Samples can he si-e'ii at the company's
office. This company ifl also handling
the Pender Island eiunmon brick:
large shipment! are now being madni-S
to the company's wharf here. Call #
and see ua for prices. (1426)  ##.#���*#�����#���*#<*���* #
A real estate ma-i udd me
yesterday thst a small ad,
brought in im less Ihan 30 enquiries lu three days.
Moral ir you have lhe right
properties ut Hie right prices.
News' uds. will bring yuu purchasers.
to 401 Columbia St.
Watch for announcement.
High   Class
Savings Accounts
may bs opened in the name of two individuals so that either one
can withdraw and deposit money therein.
This form of account Is mpecl-ally convenient for a man and will
or two members ot a family.
Itiinanas, per dozen   30c
Bed Spring Salmon ....2 lbs. for 35c  Jj
Smoked Halibut 2 lbs. for 35c
Ladles   and
Gentlemen s
(Successor to Ayllng A Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
# ��
Modern Bungalow, Cheap
We have a five room, fully modern bungalow listed below vnlue
for immediate sale. This place haa a Rood view, on a lot 33x132 to
a 33 foot lane. In a Rood location below Kourth avenue, and is practically new. The price is only JiiM), $600 caBh, balance to null
monthly lf desired.
Let us Bhow you this place   If you want to buy a home.
F. J. HART  &  CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployeraT   Liability,
Marin*  iMuranc*.
Automobile   and
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and    hourly
WEEKDAYS���6 and 6.-15 a.m.
and every 15 mlnuteB until 9
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
SATURDAYS���15 minute ser
vice Ib continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7, 7.30 8 aud
8.30 and every 15 mlnuteB until
11 p.m. with late car at mld-
For Vancouver via
ItKGULAR SERVICE���5.46  and
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
in.  with  late  car at 11.30.
until 10  p.m.
with late i-.ni-  at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8  a.m.    and    every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection  Ib  made  at    Eb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
6.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.06 p.m.


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