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The New Westminster News Jul 14, 1913

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proven  their  worth
or    small     wants
The  Weather.
New Westminster and the lower
mainland: Light to moderate winds,
generally    fn.r    with stationary or
higher temperature.
Prank of Youth on Los Angeles Electric Excursion Train
COSTS LIVES      Hls m m
Orangemen    From   Thlt   City   Spend Political   Dealer   and   Double   Dealer
Sat-irciay in Vancouver���Reeolu-        ThirU-f'lVe  Killed Oil C.P.R. Most  Sought After  Man  in
'ion  Adopted. p^^     r^^     ^^ W.ching.cn
New Westminster Orangemen play��
' od a prominent part in tbe gathering
Results in Death of Himself and Eleven Others and of Orangeman m Vancouver when on
Injury of Fifty More���Rear-end Collision as Trains
Wait on Siding in California town.
Lob Angelea, July 18. Twelve per-
sous were killed and 50 or more were
injured in a rear end collision on the
Pacific Klectric line today at Vineyard station, between Venice and l.os
The accident occurred at the junction of two lines near the I/ds Angeles city limits and on the horse play
rf a youth who was killed In the collision is placed the blame for the
Youth Pulled Whistle.
Three excursion trains of the elec-
1-* lc road were carrying passengers
from the seashore and were drawn up
on a Riding at a curve ut Vineyard
station nenr the outskirts of this city.
The las' train of the three, whicb
wire said to be travelling three mln
Hn- heavy cars were smashed to
splinters. Tbe front car of the third
train and the rear one of the train
ahead telescoped with terrible effect
and when rescuers from the other
coaches rushed to the scene to belt
the Injured and take the bodies ol
the dead from the wreck a gbastl}
Bight met their eyes.
Cut  to  Pi��ces.
Most of the killed were cut to
pieces ai d some bodies wer,* d's
figured almost beyond hope of identl
A hurry call was penl In fer dec
tors and nurses and these were rush
ed to the wreck with all dispatch from
Lob Angeles and Vineyard
Au emergency train was mad" up
and the Injured were brought to th'f
���utes apart, began to move forward and  city,  where ambulant*
nductor Bnrthulome, of the second
train, jumped to the ground at the
nar of his hind ear to flag It. Just
as he did so. a youth on the platform
of the car pulled the whistle cord and
inking this as a signal to rome ahead,
the motorman of the third train put
cm full speed, rounded the curve and
sent bis front car crashing into tbe
rl ar of the lust coach in the second
train The noise of the impact, the
splitting of wood and the serea-ms erf
the Injured and dying tilled the air as
��� s  v , r,   wai
dead  were
to cany  tbem to the
The   bodies  of   tin-
nu ved to the morgue.
According to one of those whe
escaped, the youth whose prank
caused the death of i'i persons and
tin- inujry nf at least 50 o'hers, w��'
btmself among the first killed. Hi
was standing on the rear platform of
the last car of the second train, into
which the following train plunged
and was crushed to death the moment
of the impacy.
Wlll NOI HAVE        !
Manitoba  Minister of Education Says
There  It  no  Possibility of
Such  a   Move.
nn, July 13 lu reply to s
nsked him at the annual celc
bration of lie Orange order, Manitoba
provincial section, held here yesterday, Hon ('.. lt. Coldwell, minister of
education, stated positively that, s.,
far ns tn* was concerned, tlw quegtAan
of separate schools in the province
was not nn issue. "There is not a
i-hadow of a chance of separate echo ils
being Introduced In Manitoba," said
the minister.
The discussion came up when Jus
Wllloughby, Manitoba grand master
and ex-alderman of Winnipeg, asked
what the government proposed to do
In regard to the separate schools and
whether   the   amendments   to   the
Schools act, passed at the last session of the legislature, were nol a
Btep in this direction.
Mr Coldwell took exception to what
he termed the questionable taste of
Introducing local political issues before BUCh a gathering, anil pointed
ent that the amendments passed hud
been received with equal favor by
1 iberal ami Conservative members ol
lhe house The votes for the amendments had been unanimous. He also
read to the gathering two communications to the school board which had
an Important bearing on the point tin
di r diBCUBSlon They were from the
Roman Catholic school manugt'inon'
nud   from   the   (Irand   lodge
Orange mder.  both  of tbem
that     the     Roman     Catholic    private
schools In  Winnipeg should li
,,ver by the city school hoard
i rati d us  publlc schools
ii.. suggested thai If Mr Wlllough
by wished to discuss school matters
us ii  political  issue It  should  be dene
iit iiie proper time and In the proper
nlsce.l Au attempt had been mnde to
have such a public discussion wtthoul
avail. He felt that It was contrary
io the besl principles nf the Orange
order lo Jump lo a conclusion wtthoul
properly   considering  the  question,
ln closing. Mr. Coldwell said that
j.pfpre separate schools could be Introduced In tbe province be would
resign and there were others of the
cabinet who were with him In that
London    Stock    Exchange    Eeglns
Show   Improvement.
l-ondon, July lii There was a fait
supply of money available yesterday
Discount rates were easy Dealers
en the stock exchange resardtd t>ii
Dulkau situation more optimistically
and they advanced prices moderately
In the liritish sections, while a general rise in continental specialties indicated a more confident feeling in
I'aris and llerlin. The closing was
it, adj
American securities opened steady
and later advanced under the lead
of Onion Pacific umi Canadian Paci-
fle. The latter wns taken l.v llerlin
ud nPris and advanced over two point1!
nid the closing wns steady with
prices from l 4 to 2 :i-4 higher thnn
Friday's closing,
Saturday they celebrated tie- great
ilctory of William, I'rlnce of Orange
'over the forces of King .lames on lie
linnks of the Boyne river in Ireland
in 1890, just 228 years ago.
The Westminster lodges. I.. (). '.,
1150. L.O.L. 159a and the Loyal Trip
Hlues gathered early Saturday morning and, after a few preliminaries
proceeded to the'B. C. K. It. depot
where  they  entrained   for  Vancouver.
The parade was an Impreslsve one
but would have been far from com
plite without the Sapperton fife ami
drum band. who. under Bandmas'er
Thomas Wallace made their first public appearance. The band is a new
organisation and the showing they
made on Saturday was a subject of
congratulation tu the players and tic
in Vancouver about 6000 Orangsmen
members of tlie different lodge!
throughout the province, gathered ai
the Powell street grounds and paraded to Brockton Polnl where the celebration was In 111. The stirring t met
of the various hands aad the flying
of numerous flags ond banners al
added to the gaiety   if the occasion.
At Brockton Point numerous ad-
dresses were listened to with interest and the resolution, moved by Rev
.1. A. Stanley Ard and seconded by 1)
Donaldson, past grand master, was
endorsed by a great cheer and tht
showing of hands.    It waB as follows
"Whereas, it has been tbe experience of all countries, where Romai
embolics form the major part of tli
population, that tlie religious' liberties of others have been restricted or
wholly taken away; and
"Whc-ea*. we have an excellent example in the province of Quebec ot
hew the hierarchy of th" Roman Ca-
lh .lie church Influences the govern-
���rieTit c' -he province, and sees that
the fei] ]pws are made to work out to
th" nih''titage of that  church:
Therefore, he It resolved lhat thl:'
!��wtc-tpbl��go nlaces itself on record
as being of the opinion that the lova,
iv 'e^tants of Inland are fully justi-
', fed in their opposition to Home Huh*
believing as they do that an Irish parliament will be under the Influence
of the church of Koine, and that their
re'tglous liberties wiii he curtailed,
and the connection with the empir i
endangered. We send them cur heartiest wishes for tiie welfare of their
cause, and pray thnt their struggle
to maintain their civil and religious
liberty and maintain Ireland as part
of the empire may  he successful.
First of Year.
Feur Babies in Two Weeks���Co it pany
lo Take   Drastic  Action  to Put
an End to it.
Moose Jaw, Sask., July 13. Since
Junuary 1 thirty-five people have been
il.lfcd while trespassing on the western lines of the Canadian Paciric railway. Inning the past two weeks,
'our babies havc been killed between
Winnipeg and Calgary. Drastic
methods will be adopted by the com-
lany to prevent this trespassing in
he future and many prosecutions are
expected tn follow, for it Is strictly
against the rub-s of the company for
any one not being an employee to
walk ou the tracks in the yard.
inly   13.-Marc.n M  Ottoman Troops Move by Forced Marches to Retake
ed lobbyist, alter sue-,
E astern Trainmen Say It Is
Now up to the Railroads.
They Go Out, Engineers and  Fire
men Would Refuse to Work with
Inexperienced Crew*.
Mulhall, conies
cessfully dodging subpoena servers of
the   bouse   of   representatives     since
Saturday afternoon, will be before the
senate lobby  investigating committee
again tomorrow and resume his revelations of alleged dealings and double
i dealings  with  men  of affairs  in  and
jout   of   congress.     Although   legislative alfairs. chiefly tariff revision and
currency reform, still are progressing,
| interest   in   them  just   now   is  overshadowed    by    the    Mulhall charges,
Ivttim-: at public men bight and luft as
th-. Overman  commitue digs deeper
, Into the huge pile of correspondence
.carried on between this man, officials
of the National Association or Manufacturers,  labor leaders, congressmen
, and others.
Both Want Him.
Enlivening the interest in the lobby
hunt is the game of bite and seek that
attends it. members of the senate commit',! e in the rjle of hiders and members of the house investigators acting ns seekers after the arch- witness
Mulhall and his ten-year pile of cor-
Chairman Garrett and his colleagues
directed by the house inquiry into
Mulhall's charges, were considerably
aroused yesterday over the trick
played by the senate committee, which
let Mulhall get out of town over Sunday before subpoena servers could
round up the witness for a Saturday
afternoon session with the house committee.
lt is not the intention of tbe senate
committee to release Mulhall from
,the subjoena which antedates that issued by the house committee. Members of the committee declared today
that they could not finish with Mulhall in less than a week and that they
irate and Adrianople���Servia and Greece Approve
Action of Porte���More Tales of Atrocities Committed
by Bulbars���Signs 0f peace Not Very Clear.
King   Reported   Murdered.
London. July 13.���A Vienna
dispatch to the Exchange Telegraph company says: "It is
rumond, but unconfirmed, that
a revolution hns Iin le n out in
Sofia and that King Ferdinand
of Bulgaria has been assassinated. The secretary cf the Bulgarian legation said late tonight that he had received no
���message from Solia indicating
a revolutionary outbreak or
that King l-'< rdlnand had been
London. July 13.���Turkey bas declared war on Bulgaria aud, by forced
marches, the troops of the Ottoman i
empire are moving with all possible
speed from the Tchatalja lines on
Adrianople aud Thrace. It is under
stood that the Turkish and Servian
agreement will be signed tomorrow
and that already there is an understanding between the sublime porte
and lireece.
Rumania is pouring her troops
* across the Bulgarian border and ls
making  strenuous efforts to    occupy
more Bulgarian territory  than she at
might require his presence longer oniflr8t attempted to take.
direct examination. I    Servia, almost a mere looker-on
In order to avoid any possibility of'jthe war against Turkey, ia now
the   witness   getting   away   frjm   the
senate   side,  the  committee   ^ou.em-
plates holding day and night sessions.
rible atrocities which lur subjects
have suffered at the hands of the ruth-
lesB Bulgarians, continues her successful operations afcuinst the armies that
have marked their paths hv a s'rlng
of burned villages and the mutilated-
bodies of their outraged victims.
Further reports of Bulgarian cruelty
are coming in over the wire and by
word of mouth. Unbelievable atrocities practiced against the living and
sickening indignities offered to the
dead, forming a list of charges the
like cf which has never before been
compiled against any nation, except
one in the remotest stages of heathenish barbarism are being added to every
day and the Bulgar is looked upon
from one end of the Balkan territory
to the other as a monster to be. not
enly killed, but to be entirely wiped,
Turkey Strong.
Turkey is said to be taking the
field with strength that she had not
shown in her combat against the
allleB and it almost looks as though
she deliberately playi d a losing gam?
in the perefecl knowledge that ber
chance would come when the victor*
fell out.
At any rate, the Turkish troops are
showing signs of activity that are surprising, considering their miserable!
work during the last weeks of the recent campaign and they are pushing:
for Thrace and Adrianople with all
ln  possible speed.    That they are  dolus;
New   York.   July   13.���Whether   a
.strike of upwards of 8U.U00 conductors The house investigators will continue
aud trainmen on 45 eastern railroads to watch for an opportunity to eaten
j shall be declared within the ne*t few Mulhall when he is not engaged bel'ui,
days, depends upon whether the rail- the  Overman  committee  and  In  the
roads recede from their present post- meantime  they  are  planning  to  ex-
tiou and withdraw rrom their refusal amine acquaintances and relatives .if
, to arbitrate the  wage and  other dlf- the   Baltimore  lobbyist.
ferences between the companies and      President Wilson returns to Wash-
so with the tacit consent of the Ser-
cloeest alley of that country and    is  vians and Greeks is quite apparent,
advancing  more  troops to the  front      Though probabilities for peace are
with every    passing   hour,   evidently  more remote than ever there Is still'
h-snt on still further turning the tide talk of Russian Intervention and it is
of battle against the Bulgar. understood  that    the    powers    have
Greece, burning to revenge the ter- | (Continued on Page Four.)
uf      the
Accomrr.ori.itino Jurv  Finds for Plaintiff and   Defendant.
Kansas City, July 13 ��� An accommodating lury in Judge Itoh'nson's
court hrought in a verdict both fer
the plnintiff nnd the defendant in a
-*e t f*ir damages, thereby bringing up
ali sorts of legal complications.
I'l'T'i"! " Minle was soiling .1 M
Smith fnr $800 damages to his motor
e i   r. suit    of    a  collision  with
Smith's car two years ago. Smith
ei.. i i i,in asking the same amount as
Apple for damages to bis car, Kach
tiRnprted the other was careless and
driving at a high rate of speed.
T'i,. lurv believed Apple's car was
damaged the worse and ordered Smith
I" riv him S3M1. while Ibey ordered
Apple In pnv Smith $86, The lnw
does not provide for such verdicts,
where both sides recover in one suit.
���,.,| ,|..|H���.
ent   of      il
tr al.
I     HfAD fOR SfATTtE
Pacific CoaBt Congress  to   Be Held in
Sound City  During  Potlatch
July 13.    The third   annual
eting of the employing printers oi
���he  Pac'lle    const    will    he held    in
Seattle July 14 to IT.   This session is
Btyled ihe Pacific   Coast    Employing
Printers' congress and Its member'Ma
will be made up   of    vnluntarv    d<���'���'���
gates  from  ten  western  states    and
��� lit i h    i oinn,liia.      i'he    *���*,*, .i-hu.gl   n
Robinson said the only way I State   Editorls!  BssoCatlon   will  bIsi
would be    to order a new   be niests of the congress. The master
prlnti rs of Bi attle * 11 acl  us h bis
 . The)  have an entertalnnienl  fund nf
���curl*. 11000 and expect to provide
nn] 1 ��� snitisetni nt as well ns pre tit���
ble educational features for nil who
come \ ladles' auxiliary will looli
after the lady visitors. Among the
speakers announced aro .lohn civile
i.v \e] ,,,���, ��!den| , f the National Edl
torlal association and publisher of tin
i in. i., ini l'i nter, Ni �� York, and
'���'������iii*1* '   Elliott, national cosi expert,
of Omaha. In addition President
' n to mr, l"d anam I s, Vice President Couts, Galveston; Vlce-Presl,
di ni Borden. Spokane, all ol the
i'u cd Tvpoihaiae of America, will
be iu attendance,
Gculd  Railroad Outlet on Pacific Goes
Under   New   Management���
Official Ch.inpcB.
S ���-   '���-������ nc'-s"'!. .Til
v  13     lhe West-
ern  I'acilic  railway,
the  Oould   outlet
, ^  .��. ,   !*-.,(,.(|p  r,,,,(;| _
is     to     lose     lis
' Identity ns a mannm
rial unit nnd pnsi
under control of th
��� Denver and Ifio
Grande, thus establishing, through the
Missouri Pacific, one manag��m��nt foi
fl-mild   roads   west   of  the   Mississippi
river,   according   to    announcement
made here today.
Correspondence given out    at  the
9achelors Prone to Sin.
New York, July 111.���The predominance of unmarried men In the criminal classes Is a striking point brought
out in the annual report of the chief
clerk of the district attorney's office,
which was made public yesterday. According to the report, there were 2008
convictions of unmarried men and 789
convictions of married    men    ln    the
Deposits Profile of Burrard Inlet Run
in Offices of Department at
Ottawa, July 13,- The Pacific Ureal
Eastern railway has deposited with
the department of public works de.
tailed plans of Its proposed railway
along lhe north shore of Burrard Inlet, between the Second narrows and
Point Atkinson, The plans show all
the points at wblch the roadbed   en-
crunches upon the foreslu re Of Ilur
run! inlet In regard to whVh there
has been considerable controversy  In
the past.   After the expiration of the
usual month's notice the company wlll
seek the approval of the minister foi   directors, gives
offices of the Western Pacific,
gether with nn official stn'eni
shows that E. T. Jeffery. president of
the road, retires, becoming Chairman
c ' the board of directors, and c. ll,
Srhlneks. vice-presidenl. who has
been In immediate control, resigns
from his position and also from the
directorate of tbe Denver and llin
Grande, B. F. Bush, president of the
latter road, Is to become president of
the Western Pacific, nnd It Is reported thnt he will have charge of all the
western Could lines. Probably B, I.
Brown, vice-president and general
manager of the Denver and Itio
Grande, will ho moved from Denver
to San Francisco to rnn the Western
Mr. Scblacks. in his leiter of resignation to the Klo    Grande    hoard   of
as his    reason
lev i pnst year. Of the wt men convicted,
ut. 60 were married und lnO unmarried.
The figures for the last nine years
are nt t so greatly In favor of the
nni'-r'od men. In that period there
were 707U convictions of married men
l!\4uA convictions of unmarried
the plans.
change In operative management.
Findr. Eody In Park.
Vancouver, July 18,- Another mystery was brought lo light here this
afternoon when William Stewart,
while walking through one of Unwinding paths of Stanley Park, came
upnn the dead body of a middle aged
mnn lying hidden in the bushes. The
body had evidently laid there fir two
or three months and suggested suicide by poison. The remains were
taken In charge by the police, who
the are making enquiries us to their identity. I
the men.
Strike Order Issued.
This declaration was made tonight
in statements by the men's representatives, after tbe grievance committees from tbe various roads gathered
bere* in conference had ratified the
strike vote of tbe men recently taken
and had authorized A. B. Garretson,
president of Ihe Brotherhood of Railway Conductors, and W. (!. Lee, president of ihe Brotherhood of Railway
Trainmen, to Issue the formal strike
order to lhelr respective organizations.
Peace prospects centred upon tlie
attitude of the roads, the men declared, with the possibility that a way
cut of the deadlock would be supplied
by tomorrow's conference in Washington, where amendments to the
Krilman law, under which previous
disputes between the roads and tbelr
men have been arbitrated, will be
considered with a view to pressing
their speedy passage upon congress
'i'he general committee ef tlie two
organizations ordered Messrs. Garret-
son and Lee to delay the strike order
h ng i nough to peTnilt them to at-
lend tb" Washington conference lc
tween President Wilson r*��nresent,>
lives eif the railroads und their employees and prominent public men.
Men's   Statement.
President Garretson and Lee left to-
���i.iii for Washington, Shortly before   their  departure   tbey   issued    a
signed statement   expla'n'ng lhi	
ti, 11 et ihe committee today and their
attitude wi n regard to the Washington  ci nfet'euce.
"The committees of the varlotn
nails acting  independently  of   each
i Hi, r," su*, - tie* statement, "umuii
minis1*, ratified the strike vole of tin
membership on iheir respective lines
and empowered the executive officers
of the organisations to fix the date
fur retirement rrom the s> rvlce
should the attitude of tin- manager'*-
committee remain unchanged and
after inking such action, returned tt
their homes. With tbe purpose It
view that no reasonable means for
affecting a friendlv settlement Wl! h
neglected by us. they authorized suffly
cient delay iu making the strike order
effective to permit Ihe undersigned to
attend   tbe   conference   arranged   fur
tomorrow in Washington with Preai
dent Wilson, called for the considers
tlon   of  the    li*,, nts  to   ihe  Erd
rem art ns embodied In the Newland*-
biil, in the hope tlmt if such amendments were made Immediately effective, ii might Induce the companies to
abandon the position heretofore main
talned bv the conference committee
of managers ami lead to withdrawn or
their f'i'ini'1* refusal if our proposition
to arbitrate under the provisions of
the federal law "
Mr. Lee ant'ounced thut tlle railroads would be notified tomorrow of
the aotloc of the committee In ratifying the strike order. A formal letter
will he sent to the roads and at the
same lime a copy will be made pub
he The labor leaders declared emphatically that no further overtures
would be mnde to the roads. "Our
position Is plain and clean," suid
President tlarretson.   "We offered ar-
ington tomorrow and he will tint the
senatet ready to begin the debate on
the long considered tariff bill, lie
also will find that lbe bill has bJe:i
made a party measure, as be desired
lt. and that when 11 becomes law lt
will have been placed on the ataru:e
books by the Democratic party.
The tariff debate will  really  begm
in the senate on Wednesday, although
the first  Republican gun will be fire,! j
at  the  measure tomorrow  when Sen- j
ator McComber. ef North Dakota, at-
tacks  the  agricultural   schedule.     He
will speak by unanimous consent be- |
cause he is obliged to leaei  Washing- |
ton for some time.   Republican leaders intend to fight each schedule vigorously  and  substitutes  for each will
be offered.
Currency will be taken up again
by the bouse committee on banking
and currency beginning tomorrow and
there is a slight prospect that the
committee may get together and complete consideration ot the bill by the
e-nd of the week.
meat musm
I  of C76.941   Animals  Slajghtered
1912 in  Inspected  Establishment.-  in  U.  S.
Widow  Marries Man
Bute. Mont., July  13     William Mor
rlaon,    brought  back  to  Butte    from
Tampa,  Fla., on a chares of having
stolen   {l.'iliu   and   a   number  of     din-
|"'otuls and   lewelrv  from  M-**   Louis
Tam, a  widow, yesterday  jolted    the
county officials by marrying the com
.plaining   witness     The  county   attor
I aev  and  hi"  "tat*'  were too  surprised
lo express themselves.
Mrs. Tam, who is 1*-: years eld *i
than Mornson. who is 31, was nnnhh
to  conceal  her  delight    Tin*   trouble
��� * siid was jusi over a mere matter
of money,
The marriage ends the prosecution.
, .-    ������ 1* ���    e       net    l���stifv   agaillSt   lier
husband in Montana.
Charities   and   Correction   Conference
to Take up Question.
Seattle,   July   lit���The   fortieth   na-
j tional conference of Charities and Cor-
rectlon  which  has been in session  in
, Seattle  for  the entire  week  came to'
i its   final   session   in   Plymouth   church
auditorium   this   evening,   after   what   Tot;
| is declared to have heen the most sue- '.
cessful   consideration   of  constructive in
work in the line of social betterment
and social justice iu the history of thi
Witli farewell addresses bv retiring!
President   Prank   Tucker   anil   Secre- '     Washington    Julv   IS.���Six   hundred'
tary Alexander .lohnson   .���md forecast   ,���,, Bevemv-six  thousand nine huml-
messages hy incoming President (,ra- , , -,,   ,
hun and Secretary W  T  Cross, came  ""   and ",r'-' """ animals were killed
conclusion    of    the    sessions     N',-v|    n  th,*  federally  inspected  establlsh-
year's conference will be held at Mem-1 nenU  of Washington under govern
phis,   Tenn..   where,   pursuant   to   the     ,,,���,   |,lspect|on  In  1912.    These con-
program  arranged  by  the  executive | jiEted   (jf  95,554   c;in*e,  J968  e-alves.
312,786 she, p. 1017 goats and 'iH'.'.ti'n
log '.
The  total  number  of  animals  in-
,  pected  In  the 7f0 slaughtering and
I processing  establishments under fed
I   ral inspection In 226 cities and towns
In 1912 was 67,628,491.   This Is an in-
irease   of   nearly   5,000,000  over  tho
figures for the fiscal year 1911. Since*-
1911,  the number of inspected  estab-
llshmentfl  increased  from 919  to 94(1
Of   the   animals   inspected     in     lili.
lattlo  numbered 7,2*45.585, calves  l!.-
277,964, Bheep 14,979,354, goats "2.S71.
and  hugs 33,062,727,
The total condemnations at the time1
I   slaughter   for   disease     or     other
���auses   nun,I,ered   232,687   whole   cur-
cassi s ami 4t'4.:i:;^ parts of other carcasses, or a total of 727.01", condemnations, ln addition nearly 18,000,000
pounds of prepared meats and meat
oroducts were condemned on relnapee-
Uon because they bad become unwholesome subsequent to the first inspection.
committee during the meetings in Se- j
attle "Child Labor" will firm the prin- '
clpal  matter for discussion.
Mexico  Says She  Fears American  Invasion and Rebels Are Asked to
Join   Government.
Portland   Man  and   His  Wife  Caught
in Blizzard Are Given up for
Woodland,   Wash.,   July   13.   Al
though a searching purty of 30, led
by Ole Peterson, an experienced guide
Searched all day long among tin
snows of Mount St. Helens today In
Ihe forlorn hope of locating Mr. and
Mrs. C. B. Smith, of Portland, win
wandered away in a blizzard last Sunday, the best they could find was 11
partly obliterated trull in the snow,
Which gave out again completely after being followed for a short distance.
Mr and Mrs. Smith have now beeu
missing for seven days, and hope of
finding them alive is abandoned. All
available camps and shelters contiguous to the placo where they disappeared   have   been   visited   and   It   Is
Mexico City. July 1:1 A curious
slat,- of unrest prevails here and a
general feeling that trouble wiih llie
United Slates is brewing to a certain
eruption  is  pervading all classes
In an editorial today er.e of the
daily papers calls on the rebels to
join tlie government in the defence
of their country should the American
troops invade Mexico atld it is stated
from the national palace that representatives of 30,000 workmen have
called on the president, asking for
military Instruction to prepare them
to take the Held against the invasion.
which they say tbey feel is sure t.i
The American note of protest
IgalnBt the proposed antl-American
lemonstration In the .'Ity t :day, while
not wholly eliminating the trouble,
I'll hnd some effect, as only about
4UU people joined In the movement
igalust  Ihe  foreigners.
It Is said that the government will
isle the president of the United StateB
(1 Investigate the conduct of the
American battleship lying at c.uay-
nas. which is accused of turning her
lasl.lights on the town ut night and
hus materially helping the aim of the
���ebel gunners dining the recent fighting  there.
There seems to he a  growing ten- I w.ur'
1 ���i,.rti.,t. (,-. .1.. e....^o    unit
What the Amerlian Weather Man Has
to Say���Wetness About  Middle
of Week.
nitration weeks ago, but our offer waa held Impossible that they could have
rejected." survived  this  long  In  the  mountain
In the formal report on the vote of snows.    Search for their bodies will
(Continued on Page Eight.) continue.
Washington. July 13.���Warm unel
gi in rally fair weather, except for
local thunder Bhowers, Ih promised by
he weather bureau for the coming
"A disturbance now over the north-
"rn Rocky mountain region," says tho-
weekly bulletin, "will develop eastward and will be attended by leieiil
der  storms  that  will  occur  Mon-
leiicv In official circles to do every- !
blng  possible  to  avoid  trouble  with!1"*1'  0VI r  ">���  northern   plains   states.
the United  states, but nevertheless Another dlsturbaned   should   appear
popular  feeling    in   running Btrong pv'r "���* jxtreme northwest about tbe
Igalnst   the   Americans. '"O  of  the   week,   bringing   with    It
A   plot   to  murder  General   Huerta, ���*���"'���������>'  showers In that section.
'ins  heen   discovered   by   the   federal I    "Warm  weather  will continue OTor
police and n arrests have been made.)"18 southwest und over the southern
It Is said  that  several of the con-   '' stricts   west  of  the   llocky     moun
spirators   have  confessed.     They   are ' tains, while over the plains states and
sahl  to have planned to blow  up Ihe jthe gre-nt central  valleys higher tern-
general with bombs when he was out jperatures may be expected during the
driving   and   to  this   end   have  been, early  part of the  week,  followed  by
practicing  with   miniature  bombtt   In, some moderation after the middle ot
a vacant stable on the outskirts of the * the week and by another rise over th��
city. ! northwest by tbe end of the week." PAGE TWO
MONDAY, JULY 14, 1913.
���-. ��v *.',:.j.j*f^..~~.^-^
Aa indt-pendent in.,min* potter -levelled to the interests of Sew Westminster and
ehe fritter Valley. Pn*Ua*t*i every morning except Sunday bu thc Sational Printing
mad Publishing Company, 11******\ *t -S3 UcKenzie Street, Sew Wettmintter, British
Cvlamhia. ROHU SUTllLR1.ASI), Managing Director.
AU commuit-ieafieMM thoald he addressed to The Sew Westminster Sews, and nnt
ta indicitluul member* of the *tt*lf. Ch��i;ues, drafts, and money orders should bc made
......fm   to  The A'alioMl Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TELKriltJSEB���Bt******* Office and Manager, 9S9,* Editorial Rooms (all department.), 991.
SUbSCRlPTION RATEH���By carrier, (4 per vear, $1 i'or three months, 40c per
manch.    Ily mail, $3 per *r**r, lie pee month.
AOVKKTISING  RATES on application.
New Westminster is tfoing to have a chance to spread
herself about the end of thia month when the merchants of
the coast section of liritish Columbia come here for the
big picnic. On July JiO this fresh water harbor will have
an opportunity to tell things to thousands of business men
of the lower mainland and island; to talk straight to them
right here on her own little hillside and the best lines of
impressive conversation will be a royal welcome for the
visitors to hear, a good time for them to enjoy and a well
cleaned city for them to see. Carry out that program and
this old town will get an advertisement worth thousands
of dollars in cold, hard, honest-to-goodnesa. coin of the
There isn't a city on the American Pacific coast that
wouldn't spend money by the barrel to have that picnic.
Seattle, hard-up and all as she is, would hang out solid
tjold bait if she thought she had any possible show of getting it; and the picnic's coming here. Who says Westminster isn't lucky?
Think what it means; anywhere from five to eight
thousand business men, the men who are keeping the
banks going on the B. C. coast, coming here in a body,
coming in the right spirit, to have a good time, not as a
commission of investigation to find fault, but prepared
to enjoy themselves and wide open to conviction.
if the man who runs the little postoffice comer grocery store in that young and growing Vancouver island
town leaves here on the evening of July 'SO after having
had the best outing in years, he'll never forget it, nor
stop talking about it His friends in the east will hear
tif it in his letters home and every stranger he meets for
weeks afterwards vvill be entertained with a recital of the
doings in New Westminster on July 30,1913.
And there'll be thousands of them here at the merchants' picnic; thousands of them ready and willing to
become press agents for the Koyal City.
It's thc chance of a life time.
nious theologian, educator, Methodist
minister and author, was born at
Qrand Pre, N. S., fifty-six years ago
today, and was educated at Aeadla
college, Drew Theological seminary,
In which he later became a professor,
and at the universities of Leipzig and
Daily Healtk Talks
Sir William Berkley, who was appointed commissioner of Canada in
iii"2, died at Twickenham, Kngland, on
this date jn lt',77. At tho time of
Berkeley's appointment, Port Royal
and Quebec were in the possession of
the English, bavin*? been captured by
David   Kirk,  a  Hugennt  refugee,  who
had received a royal commission from
King Charles I. ti seize the French
forts In Aeadla and on the St. Lawrence, When Kirk arrived at Quebec
tlie hundred or so Inhabitants were
reduced to living on roots, and they
gladly surrendered. Berkeley's career as "commissioner of Canada" was
of short duration. Ity the treaty of St.
i',erinain-en-Laye, in 1632, N'ew France
and Acad.i  were restored to FYance.
and tlie tlrst Kngiish Occupation of
Canada was at an ond. sir William
v.as only twenty-one when he was given llie Canadian office. Ten years
later he was made governor of the
colon} of Virginia, liis lirst administration was very successful, bul
when he returned in 1662 he Inaugurated harsh and oppressive measures
thai aroused the colonists to revolt.
The severity of the measures he used
to put down the rebellion led the king
In say. "The old fool has taken more
livs in that naked country than I
have taken for the murder of my father," Berkeley's reactionary and
bigoted character may he judged from
the following selection of a letter In*
wrote  to liis government:
"I thank God there are no free
schools nor printing presses in Virginia, and 1 hope we rlnll not have
them these hundred years: for learning has brought heresy and disobedience and sects into the worn, and
printing hath divulged them, i .tl libels against the government; God
keep us from both."
New Westminster is a payroll city; if ynu don't believe
isk the banks.
The rain may have punched a hole in the strawberry
larket, but it has done a lot to help the root crops.
Vernon, B. ('.. July 13, The okanagan United Growers' Limited and the
citizens' Committee held a public
meeting in the heard of irade rooms
at Vernon with Aid. Jas, Vallance in
the chair W. ii. Scotl, deputy minister of agriculture, was present. W.
Scott Allen, Baron Kerry, VV. Crawley
Ricardo, manager of the Coldstream
estate, and George Moggie, manager
of the Land and Agricultural company
were representatives of the Fruit
Growers'   I'nion.
Mr. Vail.an*" voiced the dissatisfaction of a number of merchants of
Vernon at the fact that the orchardlsts
and fnrmers had taken less stock in
the organlrati *: than had been sub-
ii ribi d tor by tho merchants and busi-
���H sa men of the city. The mei t ni
was n most harmonious nm*. and resulted In 50(1 shares, representing a
capitalization of !6 ,000 being subscribed. There le no di ubt hut that
this amount will be increased to $60,-
Perhaps the weather man would produce a week of
steady sunlight if the papers would leave him alone.
In the internationa] Turkey dinner down among the
Balkan hiils the Bulgar seems to have bitten off more
.than he can chew.
HE   death   rate   In
the   United   States ���,
from     tuberculosis    of I
all   forms    equals    the
combined    death    rate i
from     smallpox,     t y-
phoid,  diphtheria,  cancers,   diabetes,   appendicitis and   meningitis.
More   people  died   laat
year  from  tuberculosis
than   In   all  tlie   years  of   the   black
death in Kurope.
In San Francisco 10,000 died las!
vear of tuberculosis. Printers, machinist;!, and indoor mechanics have
tho higheFt percentage of deaths,
ivhllo ihe professional ami thOBe who
work outdoors have the lowest percentage of deaths from this source.
Ami  tuberculosis is a  preventable
di8l use.
Tuberculosis may be inherited or
It may ho acquired, seme people are
born with weak constitutions, Inherited trom parents who may themselves be tuberculous er act, Anyone
may acquire a disposition to tuberculosis by disease, bad habits, and tn
young men especially overstaln in
study, work or play, combined with
insufficient   Fieep.
A weak or deformed chest may be
inherited and is a most potent cause
of tuberculosis, but is mure often ac-
ijuirid in infancy from disease of the
spine. Boys who grow rapidly tall
and thin with flat, narrow or "pigeon
cherts" are prcne to tuberculosis in
early manhood.
Anyone, however stron_- and vigorous, may become affected with tuberculosis when the natural resistance is
temporarily lowered. No one can be
clasred as immune at all times.
The common children's diseases
"iny prepare Ihe way for tuberculosis,
��� lev, loping iti youth or young manhood Influenza, bronchitis and common colds, by weakening the body In
general, but especially the lymphatic
glands about the throat and lungs,
make it easier for the tubercle h'icill;
to set up the first stage of tubereulo-
Iniuries, overstrain, bad habits and
sii atlon  also  give    the  necessary
openings for these perms to work.
Exercise and suitable gymnastics if
begun early In Iif". together with proper food will do much to ovi rcome
the poorly develode chests.
Anyone who inherits a weak constitution or has an ill-formed chesl
light to obtain special medical advice with the hope nf remedying the
defects as far as possible. Regulating
Ihe diet, hours of sleep, attention to
the breathing and removal of obstructions in the nose and throat may accomplish a gradual cure of any defects of a serious nature. Plenty of
steep is essential and moderation In
ill things must he the rule for all delicate youths who wish to outgrow this
predisposition  to tuberculosis.
Spend as much time as possible In
the (���pen, and abundant fresh air In
the sleeping room should be arranged
for. Camp life during summer vaci-
itlons adds much to the capital nf life.
|li. is almost, superfluous to add that
the practice of good habits is the price
of good health for most of us and that
j virtue has more than iti own reward
i for everybody.
Sackatchswan   Is   Religious   Province,
According to  Recent Census���
Ever; bsdy Cct3 Religion.
Tn spite of the growing craze for flying macm
-ome folks still prefer to kill themselves by the cruder
;>nd older method of running an auto into a stone wall.
Shaking the bones for a dollar a throw isn't as popular
a pastime as it used to bc, hut it is reliably reported from
financial headquarters that the good days are coming
back soon.
Two    Dominion     Representatives    In
vestigate District  Between Winnipeg and Ablttlbl.
There have been about as many heads cracked in the
two hundred and twenty-three anniversary celebrations of
the Battle of the Boyne as there were fracturd in that famous affair itself.
Threats now are being made to blow up the American
embassy in Mexico City. There'll probably be peace in
���the banana and cactus republic when there's nothing left
tt> dynamite and no greasers alive to touch off a charge.
An Kngiish millionarie with money to shoot at the
.sparrows is planning the finest hotel in the world for London. It might help his trade if he remembers that it takes
more than a marble bar to make a good cocktail.
Among the papers belonging to the late J. P. Mor
���gaii were found a number of worthless stocks and bonds.
There are a lot of people who arc in the same fix, but,
unfortunately, they lack the assortment of gilt-edged securities that helped Morgan to forget his holding.- that
never paid dividends.
St.   Paul,   duly   13.    festered   by   a'
flock of petty creditors who made iff,
nlim m :i burden to him, VV, F  Seiber
turned   housebreaker  in  ord'T  to oh- i
tain money to pav his del)'..'-, accord
ing  to    remarkable    confessions    he
nud.*  to  Chief of  Police  Martinson.
This is the story Seiber told  behind
the bars at  the central Btatlon:
"Yes,   I   broke  open   the  safe,"   he
said.     "My   work   had   heen   irregular
for  weeks,  In   fact  f��r  months,  and
1  had  been  getting badly  behind  In
my   debts.     There     were   feur     little
children  at  home  to  care  for.  and   I
recently had to give a chattel mott-      ���,. , ,    ,���     ,,,,,,������ ,,,��� .,;,.
.,������. ���;, th0 furniture Winnipeg, July 13,    Malting the trip
"I went to Mr Smith at the sash fa"-   by "speeder" under conditions that at
tory several times last week and asked   lines were distinctly hazardous, two
him  for  work.  I  had  been  employed   representatives of  the  Dominion  de-
there two years ago    He Bald there        t      t of a8r,cuiture, Messrs. J   ll.
was none fer me now. Then I saw that   ' "
safe  and   made  up  my   mind  that   I  Grlsdale, II. Agr, director of experl-
wouhl rob it. I never broke open a mental farms, and Oeorge ll. Clark,
safe before, bul I knew | could open B S A, Beeds commissioner, arrived
this one by merely turning the hamil,* in Wlnipeg arter a Journey covering
"Well, l took the JTo. With it 1 ten dayB along the line of the Nation-
went downtown and paid ?t> on the al Transcontinental railway, between
chattel    mortgage    Interest.    Then    I   Ablttlbl  and   Winnipeg,  studying   the!
.hunted un seven men whom I owed to-   agricultural  possibilities  of  this  new
gether   $7.     Tiny   were   not   hard   to   territory that is being made available i
And, tor thej always had an open eye  <,,r Fettlement  by  'he Grand  Trunk
for me    I paid a saloon ke, per Jt, then   Pacific,
l bought groceries to tho amount of While their report will nol be mud,*
lie and hnd them senl hon.,* With puhllc in full until ll has pisaed
these debts paid I fell prettj good and through the proper olVclal channels,
wen home Bufllclenl  wm gathered   b;   n  repre
"1 gav,. ml wife }:.'" Thai was Sun    .,������������������ .*,. of  ���' ��� rn   Vs   elated
dm   morning. Prcn   b   .*. i.il I, h the fn :l thai n very
"With  in>   debts nud  I  fell   like  *,   li ���* ��� ���opertlon r.i Ihls new  tcrritorj
man  once  more and decided  lo give        ord sgrlcnll  - l
ihe family an outing In Glenw I park ��������� "cla)  belt" along the ro   n-aj
l   helped   wife   wash  and  dress    the  Him enmmrnens nVoul  150 miles easl
������hiidr<*n and we Bpenl the da's m the    f Cor,!  and *   tends westward as
nark    I paid nil ths bills and I - "   far  ta  English   river   near  Oram    a
Ice   cream   nnd   candi   thai   <  ���������   M   llvlnlonsl point on lh�� fl  T  I'   a el ���
Wlfo and kiddles went I in and I waa  tame   if over 400   nl,      Thi  ������    ������������il
happier than ever   ��������� l gol a taxicab  eh   'ncter * ' tho '**"i throughoul  th
and wm oul to Mpdlclni    il     Thai     bell   Is f*iirlv  uniform.    Tl i r
all.  I  guess     I  don'l   kn  ��    * h it  i.,; : Is drained hv do, pi .* cul it i r hi ds al
I wife and i ���
i s w ill do now
What would happen if: Knocking were made a penitentiary offence? It cost as much to smoke as it does to
fat? Col. Sam Hughes had Kmmeline Pankhurst for a
wife? The rivers ran beer and water were sold over the
bar? The B. C. Klectric opened a window in a city car?
A member of the I. W. W. were caught at work? Roses
were weetls and dandelions rare? The nations forgot how
to make war and politics were a lost art?
Minneapolis.     Minn.,    .In
iti reals ef from ' wenty to twenty
Iflvi   miles.
I :i the  :'  ers    H'hicli    flov,
,, ' i' '-nil the ���*..-' "a in gen ral Is
ij.ooo   ,-;j)|.|v ungating, the high.*,'  point
hlom  risi' :���  I* ������--(���  ���������nn  ten  feel
al eve    lhe    lev ,
woman's   losing  light   to  Bnatch   her  m0w-the leVelof the railway grade,
husband  from the grip of drink wa��hveRt ,,f thn c'-.v boll hetween Oranl
One  ol   i "    lathers  pf   the   l'i, .it
aalmt church In Canada, the lie,   Dr
William  I     Teulon, wan beiru  In   Lon
tlon.   England,   11"   yearn  ago  today
Oradnatlng In medicine, he nrttled In
llalita-.   to   practice  lbat   pro!    *
iin-d nli-ei became a Methodist   minis
ter. The liberal faith or the Cniver.nl
isih hml bei n Introduced Into liritish
America Bl early an 1810 by  Chrlsto
���phe.r anil  Thomas Hunting!**.*.!., school
t-MUThrrn and lay workor-s In Universal
tam. who raffle to the eastern town
*hip��i of Quebec from   Vermont, and
by a  Mnv  Allan  of Halifax,  em.    * is
crnm-rtod I" "ie liberal theoli/gy ��    li
IiiitiiiK    Boston.    Screral    modtsli
were organized In various parts ol
Canada and the maritime province;.,
nnd In 1837 Dr, Teulon renounced
Methodism and bi came tho lirst mln
Ister of the Unlversallsts In Halifax
Ills change of faith was the ubji ct ol
��� pres ' and bl ter comment . nd
trlticlsm, nnd tin* mlnlsti r and hi
Uttl    i ai d   of   adherents   wi ro
01 ', :!      10      tntlCil      per: i OUl ll ll       The
phj i iii.in ch rgyman remained In
charge ol the Halifax (loch until 1841,
when io* ii aa succei ded by the Rev
Robinson Dreare, who had e mv to
Ann rica from Scotland as a Wesle uti
missionary. According to th** lasl ci ���
bus the Unit ersallsts In tho 11
iiiim number 1,096 Dr Teulon tl I
al Ni *.*> pi.t*i. Mass , in 1884,
The Hev. .lohn Alfred rauiin. r.
described  In a complaint In district
'court   hen*
The    mother,    Mrs    Frederick    I*'.
ih urge, ac, uses Dai id .1   Wlnthelsor,
saloon keeper, ol causing her husband
���ii les**  hlfl  Bell respeel  and  manhood
I by giving hlm liquor,
George and Wlntholser were mem
hi r i of the same church and belong, d
��� i the men's eocii ty of the church
Mth.  ieorge asks %'," *  from    the
BalOOn     keeper.
Ten years age Frederick Oeorge was
and Superior Junction the countrv is
characterized  hv  rockv  and  grivelly
h'lls   Inter-eunted   with   ssndv   Int'T
vnls. o"���"-'' nal  rutcrons of *\n*t, and
nn   si> : .,,.���  n[  prmll    lakes    and
streams, a verv Bm��l1 "��� -"< ,'*i- ��� nf
th's country being suitable for agriculture.
Dynamiter  is   Released
i.i avenworth,  Kansas,    I ily    13.
I'd" *.iiis I*;  Phillips, convli ti d at In
If the religious census of Saskatoon
taken by Dominion officials in 1911
were republished In the provincial agricultural report just issued, is any criterion, this province Is one of the
greatest strongholds of the Christian
faiths, und especially of the Protestant Christian faiths, ou the North
American continent, if not In the
world, The wave of scepticism which
has swept over Europe, emptying the
churches, revolutionizing politics, and
leading to discussions Innumerable on
the decline ol religions Influences in
so far as they afl'eol the average
man which has had the counterpart In
America and wherever industrial civilization has become predominant, has
left the youngest of the Dominion
provinces almost untouched.
Of the total of 492,432 who formed
the population of Saskatchewan two
years ago. no fewer than 478,638 profess a definitely Christian faith, while
r theso 383,546 are members of Protestant see's, if every citizen who
declared allegiance to the faith of the
io s\i*,i poopii were nol only an adherent of a church, bul also in the
habit of attending its services, the religious edifices of the province would
not more than half accommodate the
members >f their congregations, The
Protestanl population alone Is given
by the census takers as 363,571, the
Presbyterians, Methodists. Anglicans
and Baptists numbering 208,602 There
are 90,092 Romon Catholics and 24,795
members of the Greek church.
Prcsbytriiano    Head    List.
Presbyterians head the list with an
aggregate membership of 95564, tho
Roman ' atholics coming a dose Becond, while t'i" Method'sts with 78.325
.������ul the Anglicans with 75.342 occupy
third and fourth places resnectlvely
Adherents if the Lutheran church are
fifth  with  56,147  members.
Theso five churches occupy a predominant place among the religious
bodies of Saskatchewan. The Cn-ok
church la sixth on the list. Numerically the Baptists, who have a strona
church, life, are among the weakest of
the more Imporuni sectn The*,- have
is,:i71 meiiih* rs. Below them In numbers are the Mennonites, who form a
compact 11 '.���>���< hod;.*, mainly gath
ered in the colonies In '.'l**.**h for many
yeara they have i n able to preserve
their religious Identity A somewhat
slmlllar theocratic oeonle, the Doukho-
hi urs, are retires,'nt,*d hy an aggregate
population of 8,470.
Below ih,**-*'* come an Infinite variety of creeds and of the neeatiton of
creeds. Tiu-re are 2.060 .Tews, and
:',,494 religionists who lay claim to the
ambitious cognomen "ProtestantB,"
.while "Christians" number 1,196
Congregationalists Increase.
The Congregationalists are among
th" newer so,.ts wh i have rapidly
gained strength since their churches
We^re flr't opened in the west, From
1ST, In ixni their membership increased to 2.:'11 in 1911. It is rather surprising to find that the Salvation
Army, which has been one of the most
progressive Of evangelical organizations, and which has played so prominent a role in the conduct of western
tharitles, has a membership no greater than 658. The Friends have a
membership of but iii'i. tiie Unitarians
'��� i, and tli" Unlversallsts 61.
Neve   Sects.
Chlrstlan sects of recent foundation
have ia very sparse representation.
Christian Science claims an allegiance
of 3.12 persons, and the followers of
the late Alexander Dowle, who siill
remain faithful to their founder num-
bet bul l
In the classlfllcatlon which has just
been issued Saskatchewan is represented a; possessing representatives
of 67 specified f inns of belief and
unbelief, while there aro 13 of these
which represent either pagans or persons who repudiate faith In Christianity or who claim to represent a wider i - cd, One solitary man In tni
province has set himself down us a
"Bible student." There' is also on!.*.*
me "Holy Roller."
Agnosticism lias gained little head
way, and is n weak in the numlier
of ltn adherents thai it may be said to
be almosl non-existent in Saskatchewan In all 132 persons have described themBolveB as agnostics on tho
ce ��� ms i Td ��� ������ hich thi v have heen
called upi ���: to Bl 'ii Pi rsi ns who
have mnde S iclallsm a religion are
ever    til conspicu ub,  totalling
30 per eons, al'li ugh ths sdhi rentu tn
nol Heal ' iclal -t*- are probably much
moro numeroui
"No Relig or.."
" li ���  nui il '*r of  p,i .i rs   ,. ho    dn
erll,. thi m�� 1* i s rnru illy   as  nf "no
��� : glon" :���- .M7>',  while tho number of
 :e '   Bifii tl ������ - lo rellgl ui i.e
r,,0' 5    An ���  ho of tbe e,:.|,-,., nth ci n
i'r*   i .  pn   e'oil  by  the person  who
li ���- rlbeB himself n is    l lei I "   Thn
follower* i f the is',* Joseph Smith can
tnusted i y 054 pen wis,
While Eastern religions have n considerable  following,  thev  are  In  the
i main the religions of men horn In the
���usi   and tho Theosophlsis. with their
membership of 6, represent thn only
���roup of men  of  western origin  who
i,*v  embraced  a  form  of  faith,  or
I Philosophy,  which  learn  the  race  of
1 Oriental Influence,
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
i; A p, o of Blkfl of ti..- i> ��>t C, mw
th��- first ami thlnl Thursday at 8 p. ni
K. of P. Hall, Eighth Btreet. A well
Gray, tixtilied Killer; P. fcL Smith, S��r
L. O. O. M.. NO. 864.���MEETS or.
first, second, third and fourth Wednoa ,
day in each month ai i p. m. .
in thn Mooee Home. H, J. Leamy !
dictator; F\ B. Jon-**. secretary
Headquarters of lodge In Bee Houst ;
comer ��>f Fourth and Carnarvon street!
1. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���Tr.
regular meeting of Aniitv lodge Nc
27. I. O. O. P., is hfM every Honda;
night at v o'clock In odd Fellows' Hal!
corner Carnarvon and Eighth street*
\ Ifiitnm brethern cordially inviw
n. A. Merrtthew, N. Q.; J. Robertaoi
V. (J.; W. C. Coatham. P. ')., record
Ir-jr secretary) H- W. Sangster, final
clal secri tary.
ter & Manna. Ltd.)���Funeral director
aud ombalraerH Parlors 406 Columbl
Btrei t.   New  Westminster.    Phono  a.*
W,  E.  FALE&���Pioneer Funeral Direct'
and   Em bal mer,   612-618   Agnes  stree
,    opposite Carnegie Library.
If    .1    A    BURXETT,   AUDITOR     am
.,."��� untant    Tt I    R.   128.   Room  -.   Har
p. II. Smith W. .1   drovei
Work   undertaken    In    city    an3    ouUld
points.   211-12   Weatmlnater  Trust   Qtdj
I'hone   3t>4.     P,   O.   Hnx   :.r>7.
COAL MINING right* of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan ami Alberta,
the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories nnd In a portion of tiie ProVnOfl
of Itrtttsh Columbia, may Ems leased for a
terra of twenty-one yeara at an annual
rented nt $i an acre, Not more than WM
teres will be leaaed to one applicant.
Application for a learn1 mual be made
i.y the applicant in peraon to tn" Agent
or SuVAgent or the dtntrlet tn which th��
rights applied for are situated
In surveyed territory the Land must iw*
described by sections, or l<-g:il sub-dM-
stone *>f aectlona, and In uaaurveyed ter-
rltory the tract applied for bhall be
Btakra out by th�� applicant hiuwolf.
Each application muat be accompanied
by a fee of $r> which will be refund��! if
the rights applied for are not available,
bnt mit otherwise, a royalty, shall be
pa! l on the merchantable outpul of th*
(Tii*." :.t the rate of five cents per ton
The person operating the mine "hall
furnish the Agi nt with swoi n returns
Lcoormtlng for the full fpiantiry of merchantable ooal mined and pav the roy*
airy    thereon.    If   the   coal    mining     right!
ire r*^, being operated such returnsahouM
be  fu mi shed at  least  once a year
The ieaao win Include the c*al mining
rtehta only, but the leasee will tw permitted to purchase whatever available
mrfuoe rights mai be ooaaldered necea-
sary for lne working of the mine at the
ra"1  of  |Iu  an  ner-
Fnr full Information application ahould
u*- made to tly Secretary of the Depart-
ment   of  the  Ulterior,  Ottawa,  or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion  Landa.
w. \v. CORY,
Deputy   MinlBter Ot  the  Interior..
N B.���Unauthorised publication of this
Advertisement win not ho paid foi
Sale, Deeds, Business Letters, etc ; dr
cular work specialist. All work strtctrj
confidential. H. Rarrv. room tis Westminster Truat Blk.    I'hone 703.
ster Board of Trad�� meets In tha beard I
room, ctty Hull, na followa: Third Frl '
day of each month. quarterly meetlni
on the third Friday of February, May
August and November at H p.in. An
mml meptlnga n() the third Friday o*
February- c- H. smart Wade, secre
Haters, -^jllcltora, etc 40 Lome Street
New Weatmlnster. <: E. Corbould, K
C.    J.   R.  Grant.    A.   EJ.   MeColl.
ter-at-law, solicitor, etc* Telephoa
1070, Cable address ".Tohnaton
Code. "Western Union." Offices, kip
Block, 662 Columbia street. New W��st
mlnater, n. c.
aide       Barristers and Solicitors, Weal
minuter Trust Hlk . Columbia street
New Weatmlnster, B. C. Cable addrea
"Whit.-Mlde." Western Union. I". C
Drawer 200. Telephone HH W. -:
Whiteside, K. c.; K, L. Edmonds, I
��� I. BTILWBLL CLUTK.  Barrlater-at-tasi
l     solicitor,   etc.;   corner    Columbia    an
McKenzie     streets,     New     Westmlnatttl
B. C.    P.  O.   Box   112.     Telephone    711
Solicitor    and    N"tary.    Offices     Har
; block, 2* Lome street. New Westmlr-
ator, n. C.
\M;r\KKi��.   MARTIN    *   CA88AD1
Burrlatera   and   Sollcltora.    606   to   Sit
Westmlnater Truat  Hlock     'J.  E,  Mar
i     Hn,   W    ti.  McQuarrie   and  Oeorge  L
f laaaady,
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
CurtlB Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westmlniter, B.C.
,'iirnliu' $24 n ��,*,*l< an nn expo I ma diliapolla ol conaplracj  In tho alleged
chlnlEt.    He wn   .1 church going man dyna  lite plot,   h the first of the 33
ind 1 vett hla family -p>i to I nve. lhi   lln ti d Stall 1   ppnl
Mr-*  Oi iTtxe alleges th     \\ r.i  Hurr '  ntlary ft frro man    Phillip    -vaa ra
**'  her hu .<.'    -..     '.������!���:   ur I   1 rd  on   parole  yostertlaj   and   left
mid 8ui lays until he bi   , ne    n m nl once for hiti old home In Syracuse,
blttml r'.runkard N   \.
I'iriir. >��� iii r,.i\*. serving a 60-day sen-      He made application 1*1 the parole
tonce In tho work hnn*,,* for drunken board al 'in sitting parly in Juno, 1 ik-
!     wife says, lng advantage of lh-9 ruli   which al-
sh,   has been compelled to   o|] her lows prlonners lo apply    when    Iw'o
11        *   to pay Interest on thi> ni ���* thirds of tholr sentence Is coi pi I
������  on their home,   Through the fa While Phillips had a year and n dij
1.1-year-old son hi  .im,* ,1*1 to sorvo, f   ������ 1 1 ��� ���  allowance cut this
dloti 1  to drink, according    to    M to t:l:;a months, and be liccaino eligible
,; ���, who Is mi ther ol       * .   * :       r p *��� >' ���   ifti r ct-rvlni   1   1 mouth
i . .  limo,
Toronto, July 13, Donl on Bttmma,y
"Iddance f the foul odor nuslancos,
four hundred cltlzcnn met here In St,
lohn J *.-. r i -r 1 > House, Norway, and \i-i-mi-
��� il i, resolution authorizing the offi-
*,-r�� c,r the ::, eches Ruslness Men'i
\*  oclatlon, Rlvi rdale Business Mon's
\ ���   n and the Bai 1  End Rate-
nayi r<    \. nelallon   to  take  oul   i 1-
luncl   ���.   .** * 1 ������ 1  the city In conni ���*
tlon wllh the noweracn planl and tho
iiarru nlue  factory,  Danforth  road
The stench frnm the glue factory
w is snld to in- Intolerable, An In-
lunctlon agalnsl Lhe factory was so
1 nr, ii by certain    real    pstato   men
ni" months ,*'U'o and the Hnrrln man-
Bgnmonl h"! in. 1 ill. 'i n duvlco �� hich
fi r .1 time 1 llmlnatod tli" ������������:* ���*"l of
���mil 1,1 irs nm lately the dlsti lei has
i*.,*:i be iome lhe victim of tho un
I; 1   Cl v!:t" ns
Bank of Montreal
:APITAL  (Pald-Up)   $16,000,000.00
1 tESEMVE    $16,000,000.00
Brunoties  throughout Canada    and
Newfoundland, nml in London, Dng
and, New York, Chloago and Spokane
' S A ,  and   Mexico  City.    A  general
milking business trammeled.   Letters
>f Crodlt issued, available with cor-
I-eflliomli'tita In nil partn of thn world.
I    BavingB Hank Department���DepoBltB
I 'acalved  In Bums of $1  and upward
I ind Intert'Rt allowed at 2 per cent, per
I iiinnrn (present rate).
Total Assets over JlH6.000,00n.00.
O. D. BRYMNBR, Manager
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of ml kinds,
I'rlcea right.   Ratlsfactlon guaranteed
d"  Mr.Kenzle  St.
li hereby given thai i!i" second
Iinii yearly paymenl on trade licenses
for  1913  is now dn" umi  payahie al
11 fflco of   tin* i.k "iis"   Inspector,
City  Hall.
(17ii0) S, J. VluA'i,   I
Ti nd. rs will be received by the tin-
derslgned for the construction of portions of tbe Canadian Northern Pacific
Railway on Vancouver Island. Province of liritish Columbia, as follows:
1 rrom the City of Victoria to a
polnl near Headman's Hiver In lhe
l) strict of Esquimau!!, a distance of
approximately live miles.
:'. A line leaving the above at Regina Avenue. Victoria, and extending
to I'nion Hay. Saanlch Penlnisula a
distance of approximately l-V, milea.
Ti nders to include clearing, grabbing, grading, bridges, treaties, culverts, masonry and fencing.
Contractors will be required to submit two tenders tor that portion ot
tli,- work Included In the grading, one
le'iiiK on the baais of the following
S'llid rock,
Loose rock,
Hard pan,
and Ihe other on the basis of a class!-
Bcatlon for "solid rock" anil "all other
Plana, profiles, specifications and
ror:ns of contract mny lie seen, and
f' nns of tendir obtained at the on*ie"s
of Mackenzie. Mann &��� Co., Ltd.,
Metropolitan building. s:!T Hastings
street weHt, Vancouver. B.C., or at the
"fiics of Mackenzie, Mann a Co,
Ltd., Pemberton block, Victoria, B.C.
Tenders to Include clearing, grub-
"fficea of Mackenzie, Mann & Co.,
Ltd., Metropolitan building, H27 Has'-
in^s slreet west, Vancouver, B.C., not
later Ihan noon on Saturday. July 19,
1913, and to be enclosed in a sealed
nvelope marked "T,���nders for Con-
Itructlon."    The lowest or any lender
noi necessarily accepted.
July 5tb, 1913. (170il)
To  Port   Mann  and   Port  Coqultlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily  Except  Sunday.
As Per Following Schedule:
Loaves New Westminster (or Port
Mann  SOD am.
Leaves Port Mann for New Westminster ii.nn a.m.
I-<;iv-.-H   New   Westminster  for   Port
Mann and Port Coqultlam 10:00 a m,
Leavea   Porl   Coqultlam   for   Port
Mann and New Wostmlnstor 1  Ofl pm.
Leaves New Westminster 'or Port
viann 6:30 p.m.
Leavea Porl Mann for New Westminster 7 00 p.m.
Leaves New Westminster for Port
Mann and Port Coqultlam I'M p.m.
Leaves Port Coqultlam for Port
Mann and New Westminster 6:30 p.m.
Schedule subject to change without
For further Information inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 164 L.    Office 903 Columbia St
New Spring and Hummer Suiting*
now on display. See them, Perfect
lit and workmanship guaranteed. 701
front Street.
Transfer Co.
Office  Phone  185.      Barn  Phone 137
Bsgble Btreet.
Haggacn Dellvere-l  Promptly to
any p��rt of the city.
Light and Heavy Hading
of a bi vet" battle,   According to her
.-tor:   foyle came to ihe kitchen while
.he   was  iiii'nting  a  lire  lo  .-ook  the
evening meal and struck her a blow
on  the head  which  rendered  her Utt-
conaclous.    She  waB  able,  however,
to (live i! cry of alarm, and some of
".he other roomers in the huuse came
to In r assistance.    According to tho
slory obtained by the pollce from oth-
jtr people in the house, Coyle, who was
Intoxicated,  was standing    over tho
woman witli a poker in his hand when
I.e consatl dolt  presenter les plans ' '���"'���'���'   MTlved   in   the  kitchen.     From
d"    I'aqueduo    au    departemont    de the  looks of Coyle when he arrived
Kante a iin    d'etre   appiouves.     Aprea  at   lhe  hospital   liis  actions  did   not
I' approuvement de la by-lol I'ouvrage
\ la lieinlere assemblde du oonsetl
Coqultlam $20111) a etc adopt,* afln
executor differehts   travaux    d
For the Children
A  Young  New  Yorker at
Play    In    Central    Park.
elu mins et fosses a Maillnrdvtll
travaux commenceront de suite.
meet   with  ill" approval ol  ihe other
hoarders.     His  head   was  ent  lu   so
lany different placer, that lhe doctor!
hardly  knew where to start llrst.
Gq'od Holiday. Anyway.
In order lo enter upon a thorough
study  "l  advanced  methods of rfew-
in- disposal,  and  of reducing  infant
���mortality,   Iir.  .1.  W.  s,   McCullough
\eh'et i Incer ef health for Ontario, hm
h " Ti ronto for a seven weeks' vlrlt t( j
ih.. BrltlBh I; li.-. and  Europe,    Me I
l.'Efcl.s ��� "utholhiuc est sltuee sur la accompanied by Hr. Charles W. Hodg
plus   bill.*   location  de  Maillardville,r1*'   "f ""' conservation commlssloi
mais   11   i.i    rant  pas ouhlier oi'elle  a  rtsR'  v'1"1   **���*���  "::,!il' a   vi!*'->!ir  ���~";,|v
eertalne.eent.  besoln    de    ditterentes ,or  "'"  commlss'on-    'ni"  ������*���>  "!!1-
ehiis  will ai'i-nd    tti"    International
tedlcal   convention   In   London,   bul
���  ' hh f part of iheir time  will be
... In visiting various cities and
cltoyens de Maillardville. '' kvam,nlnK """�� <UsP��saI i""1 Bew"
  ! tl*
commencera Iramodtatement.
La Banque de Vanoouver n'a pas
rendu n icnne reponse pour ce qui re
garde I'etabllssemem d'une   de   leur
branches a  Maillardville. Iteeve Barth
ira prochalnement a  Vancouver
sujet it sii n'obtlenl auoune satisfaction, il vena oe qua d'autree pourront|
fa ire.
repar t i ns, telle que pelnture, el le
terrain dcmande a 6tre mis en ordre.
Plusleurs amis out propose a ce suje::,
one souscrlptlon volontalre parml les ��*!?,",�� J^ !it,ng
treatment plant
I.e club le LacroBBe regrette beau-
coop la pcrte tie M. Oscar flraville
qui doit nous quitter cos jours-ci, car
il est d'B i lus fort du cluh.
M.  Willi id  Booth  nous est  jusl  nr
rive   pour   i asser   ses   vacances  ch,*/
Ini,  Oecl   ajoute  un   Joueur  de   plus;
au club de Lacrosse de Maillardville
SELL fftil $30,000
Le cluh (le .Maillardville jonera eon-
Ire le club d" Burqultlam a Maillnrd
���ville le 18 couranl a li:4", du soir.
M. .1.
A. Brunei est a pelnturd   ss
Total cf Two Hundred  and  Nlneteer
Live   Fcxes  Shipped  from   Edmonton���Value $32'J,0C0
gency hospital without taking an an-
aesthetic and watched Tolice Burgeon
Oeorge A. Downs cut the hone hi tin
middle linger of ble right hand at tlm
-""ond joint, slit the tender skin and
sew  it   up,    "(lee,  hut mamma    will
'scold me for being bo careless when
I get home," was the only remark of
the gritty little fellow when he jumped from the table, called his dog and
] was off for home. The boy was
caught between a light wagon and a
telephone pole at Monroe street ami
Maxwell when "Tom," the family
horse, ran away with him, part of his
linger being ripepd ofl'. The bone pro-
, traded almost one Inch when lie was
picked up by llle police patrol and
taken to llle hospital.
Canadian  Delegates to C. E. Convc
tion Disappointed���International
Meeting   May  Result
M. Hector ('harland, i)ni a�� recem*
ment oobi ','* ta residence de M. A
Viau rut le Titt Kiver road i st a lui
falre de grapdes reparations, 11 doit
cccuper st, demeuie sous pou.
M.    Ti leapbore   Gauthler   nous   a
iintlK- le 10 au soir pour Itegina.
V. PrsTontOlne, de Vancouver. vl< nl
ici Dlmanche pour donner une lecture
sur l'Ordre dt-s Korostiers Catbolltpm
M. I ouis Boucher est a eriger um
���IVUV-efle ,rmt��oii sur le Hlue MtTOTi
tain nml. l,e central a 616 douue i
M. -Char] and.
Edmonton,   July   1".    Two   hur.drei
and nineteen live foxes, running Iron
black   .BiTver to  red   crosses,   valued
Bt   (320,000, have been  shipped  Iron
Edmonton to points in the province'
of Nova Scotia. Prince Edward Island
Alberta and New  Y irk and Pennsyl
vanla Since the opening of the Beasoi
Tli" mosl valuable consignment, tha'
went forward Saturday, consisted '" i
ten    pure   black   puppies,   for   which !
Kane   Tiros,   of   Hrooklyn,  7J.V.,   paid,
$30 i'"(i,    Tiie animals  were sent  u
Ogden, I'etin., for propagation purp-os*
M t'. B.
tr(-s malad
pen a pea.
Renaud    uuohiue    encore
semble reueiiir a lii same
1'redcrie M, I.ee. president of the
Western Haw Fur Co., who recently
shiped '.'A foxes, valued at 130,000, to
breeders in Prince Kdward Inland, announces thnt he wiii not dispose o'
any mor" animals to eastern ranch-
it-., having decld' d to establish r
ley. farm at Tees, Alta., where it fox- !
lea "re now domiciled,    lie said:
���"AdviceB irom  eaBtern  Canada  :ir,
I'hat prices of live foxes have decr'-im-
���<! from 'id to 50 per cent. OTTrtng the
*  SO days.    This slump is account
for   by   large   shipments   Chrongh
Fdmonton from all over th" northern
 1 country   between   the   Yukon   and   th'
nrovluee et Saskatchewan.   There wll'
Wilt  Be  InfUleld  for  Judging he �� reaction next  fall,    wh'm price
Kill he liiplier than  they  have    been
Purposes���School Estimates during lln* last  few  months.
"Kur trappers in tlie north at-r reap-
-"   .**.   \ erltahli   harvest  now.  aa  ' .
  *   ���>, s   ������:*,   pasllv   ii*t'''"d   hv   d'c'or
��� *,,,. |-���:,   ,"T nf the. hnlea before th""
Toronto.  Julv  13,    Tiie     Macdonald   hiw left tbe nests     After this month
llellevue have   "'     " n"i' 'o��ea will leave thetr dams
, !r-<1 ccn only tie caught s'nglv in traps
"!-rsip i-'eans fewer animals and higher
le-'-eey "
mt 1913, by American Freas Assoeltttioii.
The ovenouteil. sailor hatted young
-gentleman shown iu the atmve plctute
Is Rodger V. N I'owelson. son ut
Lieutenant W. V. .\. I'owelson, United
States navy, retired. Tliere have lieen
little Ice aud snow In New Vork this
winter, aud Master I'owelson. who Is
disporting himself in Central park, is
equipped with roller skates. Nodnulit
he would mucb prefer to be able to
use ice skates, but the weather man
hus decreed otherwise. The asphalt
walks of Central park are admirably
adapted to roller skates, but what boy
or tfrl would uot prefer real Ice niul
the skates that go with it? Muster
I'owelson looks to lie u sturdy lad and,
���with his playmates, may tie seeti ua
���every pleasant day eujoylng his out-
I.OB Angeles, .Inly \?,. Because of
the disappointment  of the Canadian
delegates to tlie Christian Endeavor
convention in not obtaining Ihe next
biennial convention and their statements that the growth of the Christian
Endeavor in Canada deserved recognition through tlie holding or a convention in Ihe Dominion, the trustee?
of the union announced last night that
they will hold a meeting later in tli"
prespnt Besston to discuss tlie advisability of calling a special international meeting for some Canadian city
in 1H14.
Sueh a convention, it is said, would
no', affect the next biennial ses.-ion
at Chicago in any way.
This was a day of conferences
among tlie thousands of delegates to
the twenty-sixth international Christian Endeavor convention now beins
held  in Los Angeles.
mm sims
Rossiand Company Purchase Additional   Machinery���Cost  $130,000.
Rossiand. B. ('.. July 13. The West
Kootenay Power company has awarded a contract for an 8,000-horaepower
water wheel to the Allis-Chalmers
company of Milwaukee, and an 8,000-
horsepower generator to the Canadian
General Electric company to provide
additional power at the company's
power plant at Honnington. This will
give 25,000 horsepower at the upper
plant, 3,OhU horsepower at the lower
plant and 3,000 horsepower at the Cascade additions.
It involves an expenditure of $130,-'
000, made necesasry by the constantly
increasing load of Rossiand mines and
the Trail Consolidated smelter.
I Canadian I'acific engineers are now
on the way from the eaBt to take
charge of construction work in the
electrifying of the Columbia Western
railway from Hosslantl to Castlegar.
will  be the  first heavy  traction
Which was received by the FRASER
agents for the FORD MOTOR COMPANY, of Canada, Limited.
Dear Sir
Walkerville, Ont., July 3, 1913
Chopped Down.
colli ge al Ste Anne th
decided to luKijill a tlnn class Hoik
iheew tor eMwrmii'llliil purposes and
for the uae ��jT students in judging A
noted judge and breeder ln England
has beeu asked to make a selection
of twenty fcrar head of Southdowns
and to ship them out here to form the
faucl't us of a flock f ir the Quebec Agricultural college. Tlle very lies! BtOCk
procurable is being obtained with a
liberal price paid. A selection of four
rams has been made from the noted
llnck of Sir .! Coli-iniin at Ji cost of
J600. In addition tw, nty shearling
twos have been bought iit an average
price of $:iii each. This Importation
should have taken plaoe last ys
v.as delayed hy ih
and mouth dlseas'
A <***d GMgraphy Gam*.
Mo*-l girls and buys like games that
txerclse tbe wits Here Is a good oue
for a rainy day -or a long evenlog.
A leader is chosen, aud every player
bas a pencil and paper, Tbe leader
then selects a word���"republic," fur to-
���staui-e���tsht each player writes all the   J^j
peographieol nanieB be can think of be- eU,rlrU. railwav in Canada, and will
ginning witb U, tbe first letter of the i,��� sir,,*iar .��� the Butte, Anaconda &
word. Three minutes is usually allow- Pacific branch work, lt will cost $600,-
ed for each letter. Wheu the leader and Trail will be headquarters of the
i calls "Time" every one should stop operations,
The k-nder tbeu reads bis column uf Aut0  Po|0
natiies. aud as he calls a word all tba      Tj,e definite announcement is mad.
othcnTw-tio hnve It-say "Yes" and draw   tbat     the      characteristic
We have been deluged at this office with inquiries from Ford prospects regarding rumors to the effect that the Ford Company are selling
cars, or propose to sell cars at special prices, these prices varying anywhere from $200 per car to three cars for $1000.00.
We quote you herewith advertisement No. 1-12 from our July newspaper copy, reading as follows:
"You can't buy gold dollars at a discount���nor Ford cars at special prices
���any time���anywehre. We've never
made enough cars to satisfy the demand at regular price. Don't be deceived. Ford prices are wonderfully
low���but absolutely net."
We firmly believe that the rumors which have been spread throughout the Dominion of Canada have been started by persons outside the Ford
organization with malicious intent, and we take this opportunity of stating
definitely and finally that we have not considered nor are we going to consider the sale of Ford cars at anything other than full advertised list prices,
neither is there any foundation in the rumor that the Ford company is going to eliminate its organization of dealers and sell direct to the consumer..
Yours very truly,
A. L. Lawrence,
Manager of Sales
ment offers the latest sensation. Auto
Polo. This marvelous act iB the sen
salion of the day. This startling act
does not, however, interfere in any
way with the picturesque novelty ot
the Wild West exhibition.
What is declared to be one of the
greatest company of cowboys, cow-
girls. Mexicans and real Indians ever
brought together in a single congress,
headed by the famous Colonel Zack
Oklahoma   Mulhall, and his two clever daughters
LITTLE   BO'"0   r-ct-rH   r��USFD
Ti r:- Id, Alta., July IS. Ulack diphtheria has broken out In the famllj
of A. R. Moody, east of Beaver lake,
some twelve niiles north if Hyley. and
one llltie boy of four years lias fallen a victim of the dread dlseaBe. Oul
'era family of 10 six are down. When
thi disease first made its appearand
In the family the parents thought ii
W83 mumps As the symptoms lie-
outbreak of foot crime more aggravated a doctor w;i-*
lt is understood culled In who pronounced it black
lhis Bhipment will be made Jointly, d phtherla, and Immediately pine
with an order for some show rams be- j the fun,ily in quarantine.
inn filied for the Drummond Bros, at The little four year old hoy wai
Beaconsfield, Que. i'he worst victim, the donor admlnls
Cut Down Some. ten d  antltoxlne,  but  the little chap
Three-quarters ot �� million aval Idled within two hours. The best o'
knocked off tho hoard of education medical i-kill nnd help of neighbors
estimates of three millions for buBd- "nrter evlstlnp conditions is hoint;
Inga and sites at a conference between done. Several of the patients ari
the bonrd of control and the board of,   , r>   low
education.     The   reductions   were   nt 	
follOWB: ; Author! *na   Novel   fUaclipg.
Kor a central high school site. $100,   ;     (-|ta ,,|,|,-, iit.n professed by noun <v,,
men   novelists   nuaiiist   readme   Hi-lliil
late ms.'tun and Norm Toronto ind '���"" "" '"'^ "" ,";;,";,";,��� *"''"'��',""
I, lo tw for advanced work Kor aH-""" r"'-" ">' ������**��� '�����'������ '"'> "' '"" ""'
cite f.r an administration building, mirt) who refused to ent |mo *'e.,-
$100,000. and for a building,   $100,    hithei makes lu"   Some dlstlnniNheo
Tins will lengthen the time the hoard   writer*  In  other   Melds have  I ii   vi,
of education offices wlll have to re- Iriicloiin novel renders. Coneeruluu lln
main Inthe city hall. For the replac-1 author ul llie standard ��"ik imi situ
Ins of I'ur.M school ..with a modern Brtt),n (.(institution OrutH mm
building, {176,000 and for the repine-1
Jesse Ketchnm solum! with a '
a Hae through It If all have the word Ranch Wild West show, which has Lucille and tieorgia. will give a ser
thnt Is tlie end of it. but In case some created so much enthusiasm else- jes of exhibitions of the most exhiliar-
lime failed to irrile it then those ivlia where, is to exhibit in New Westmin- ating kind. There will be ropinR ol
ha tea It write after the word tbe num- ster on Thursday, July M. extraordinary    merit    by    the    gn"
lier of those wbo bave it uot.    Tlieso      This   will   be   Kood   news,   not   only  champions  of Oklahoma
. , ���  to  those   who   view   with  regret
"C ;r!eXrh~  read  all   the $-[������-   the   old   romance   if
uames on his list tbe player at his left   w|u"ml   Uu
reads the words remaining on his list.
news,   not
also to the thousands to
Btrenuoslty of a typical
_t show especially appeals,
marking numbers nfter tbem as befure. T,1Ht th|J Oklahoma Itanch exhibition
lf the nest player hus any words left is a typical Wild West Bhow and
he rends thetn. uud so ou through the (ben some���seems to he admitted Ue
compnny. Tben ench one adds his jug recruited In Oklahoma the greal
numbers nnd nets dosra the total und is cattle ranch slate   and having for it
Wild   Wi
COO.   This  projected school  is to he
located midway between Jarvis Colic
ing of
modern building, $175,000. Hoth build-1
inj.'S are uiir.iuillary
For rites and enlargement of Bites.
$100*00 was taken oft   tbe   $800, I
No Stringency   Here.
The Ven, Archdeacon Cody staled
last Sunday In St. l'aul's church,
llloor street curt, that the treasurer
f the building fuiul Of Iiie new church
authorized him to announce that sub-
Fcrlptlons to the amount of $102.fH'i(i
had been reported towards the amount
of $1 (Ui.(i'��ti which the committee
Started out to raise less than a month
ago. He a)��� Intimated thai tlm active ciinvfiis would he discontinued
during tin1 summer months, but
would he renewed after the holiday
season, when lie had no doubt tlle de-
sired amciini would be realized, as a principal ol the normal school al .dm
uite��* "Hunch,it. like Sir Henry  Maine
Sir   Jlllnei   Stephen   nnd   Sir   ii ip
\ eii.itucs.  imd a  perfect pnwhm  i<"
novels uud would rend lllul leieiio
lheui ivllli the creitlest delight He
nnd Im-cu rending 'l!ob Hoy' hull nn
hour before hi-* death."   Tennyson, ton
according to William Alllugbiiin, ���*�����
'a constant novel render 'Wlllll I di-
-!Ue,' be uftec Mild, 'Is beglnnlUK a Hew
revel I should like tn tune il novel le
read In �� million Volumes, lo lasl lne
my life ' "���lyOtldon Standard
Dominion  Government  Purchases Col-
Irc'.ion   from   Abbe   Dubois
Ottawa, ,iui>   13,   The government
'ms .ins' purchased from Abbe Dubois.
ready ror the nent letter. I". The lender calls "Begin" and nt tbe eud uf three
minutes "Tlllle." and they proceed us
Whenever a unnie Is challenged the
writer must tell something about It and
Wbere (lie place tuny be found.
Pass around slips of impor to encii
player, Kadi one writes nis or her
own name at Ihe top of the paper nutl
folds It over to conceal the name.
These slips are collected and then redistributed, with Instructions lu '-"in-
pose and write u rluie or Verse illsillt
the person whose mime is ou tlle pnper,
of course without looking ui knowing
whose It is Tbe apropos, or llllll.ip.
ro|Kis, hit> make lots of fun
Then distill.ute slips to the ynlllHt
men   only,   eneh   hhrlUg   llie   mime  of
some niii present written at the mp
und folded over to keep It secret The
young men nre to describe the girl Irom
memory. Not knowing whom they are
io portruy, they naturally produce most
glaring inisllts, which lire very laugh-
incentive  ini
life upon  the
n,n Btrange that it
as the "l'i :-.l thing1
th- 1 ie of ll
As  a   spec
the   Pendl
ion Hound-up and the Calgary Stampede. There v.Ill he reckless ridinp
of bucking cow ponies and outlaw
horses. Tliere will be horseback
quadrilles, and extraordinary shout
lng contests by experts with rifle and
shotgun. In fact every phase of lit'.
on the ranges and in the mountains
will  be Illustrated.
There  will also be a street  parade
Uut the street display with the Okla
plains and ranges, it is  hoina Hauch show is described us si
ihould b.- accepted   unusual,   so  picturesquely   massive  in
by these to whom   its features as to constitute a distinct
ithlal    d, n cnoii
Wild   West  is familiar,   departure in street pageantry.    It will
fi nture.  the  manage    De   given   regardless  uf  the   weather
We have one large rpom above The News office
in the Hai'dman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
1. ier uv.mii iwo exceedingly val
usb'.e collections ot documents, Neil
rn*, and liest'laie i ry papers.
lieu. .1 ,1m Nei Ison was publisher
if ihe Quebec Gazette, ami a member
f the legislature of Lower Canada,
a,I his papers include 11,lum  letters,
rreut manv ot ihe congregation i-iill
had to lie called upon wehn Ihey returned   in  Hm  tail     The  new  finite ll.
when c impleted, will cost $^nn,iiini, so
that lhere only remains aboul $5S,-
000 lo he covered.
Attacker Attacked.
With  a  numlier of bad cuts on liis   fully 1000 of which nre of great  hla-
head nnd posglby much mure serious torlcal Importance,
injury,  Michael i'oye was taken  from      Tlm Desalaherry collection is of 100
n rooming house to St. Michael's hns-  pieces, Including S26 patents of com-
pita!.    Ills injuries lire such Hint the! missions conferred  upon  members ��r
biRpital auiiioriiies cannot determine the family between HifiS and isr>i.
their exact extent, but it Is thought]   One letter ln the collection ls a nota
lhat he will recover. Coyle was not written hy the light of a camp rire
the only one Injured, and the landlady. | the night before the battle, of Chat-
;Wrs.  Rose Marlin, bears the murks I teauguay.
About tht Sneeze.
In ancient tlreece tbe people sainted
each other whenever nny one present
chanced to sneeze, As Xenoption win
addressing the tireek army In n moment of defeat on a historical occasion n soldier sneexed. Tlle lines of
battle were formed at ouce, for the
snee/* was deemed a good omen, and
the Creeks were successful.
Among the Hebrews when a person
sneezed the bystanders would suy,
"Toliinz charlni" ("A long life to you"l.
Ill India criminals on tbe nick of torture have saved tholr own lives by
sneezing accidentally.
Centle Jans.
QentlS June Is Rond as gold.
A prrfprt child Is lihe
(She tnnkf* tho t'< <!���> and icwefps ths floorf
And lays the plnti-a for tea.
Merry Little Boy.
Spokane, July 18.���While ills scrag-
gly  little black and    white    terrier,
"Tipple."   sat   pntlng   in   a  chulr  at
lhe side of Kenneth Selover, aged 13,
at the emergency hospital, all the time
trying to reach  his aide, the lud lay
on the operating table at the emer-
chiet AtraId-of-Hor��e��, with the
Okla homa
July  'U.
Hanch Wild West,   Thursday.
You Can Talk
Over Our Long
Distance Lines
Three Minutes
From New Westminster
To Port Moody for 10 cents.
To Cloverdale, Coquitlam and Ladner for 15 cents.
To Eburne and North Vancouver for 20 cents.
To Hammond, Miinor and Steveston for 2,"> cents.
To Abbotsford and Mission for 35 cents.
To Chilliwack for 45 cents.
To Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs for 50 cents.
(Above  rates are subject to change without notice) paoe t-oun
MONDAY, JULY 14, 1913.
FL WT j, JC  1J Social md P
resh W ater and Oalt T^rtdrrr:
Between   Forty  and   Fifty   Boats   Ojt
After   Sockeye  Last  Night���Na
Large  Catches  Rncrted.
Chinaman also are In a serious con- :
Upon 'he arrival of the    vessel    in
this porl   yesterday  the Chinese  were i
placed  under arrest by action of the
Immigration    authorities    They   are
being  held  under $7iM.O bonds  for  de
porta tlon,
Shipping Movements,
Tacoma.  July     IS,     Departed      The
schooner B  T  Alexander, Tahiti
Los   Angeles,   Jul)    18    Arrived
Bteamer Candidate 'Hritsin   tntwtrp
Within   ten   mlnutea   after Hi" i
o'clock gun yeK'irdnv evening :I7 i-ul
mon boatl could be lighted from 'I"
font of Eighth sire,*; and In a ver)
.short lime mm*" flshermon had pul
out from the city   waterfront    until
rtlion between 40 and r,n were drifting
with their nets down Btream
From   the   shore   up   until   darknOBI
dlosed down few sockeye could i>
seen caught, and no catches of evel
moderate size were taken, although
most of the boats, after drifting be
low the head of Lulu Island, can p
stream ns far a* Hi" Praser rlvei
bridge for a second drin. The mosl
made only one haul.
No great number of BOGKeye at*" �����*
libeled to li" broughl In today, and
lishermen ashore snv thai If eacl
hoat average 20 or -'"> they will be >i"
Nei   "mil  nexl  Sundav  week, Jul)
27. Is Hi" run "M ted In large nutp
t.ers and from then until the week of
the August 1" the catches will llkelj
lie largest. However, al the present
co.h"nerywien Bay thai 111��� -t-����� are mon
soekeyes nt the canneries than during
the corresponding week   four   yean
Every department of th" industry
Ib nov in readiness for ih" run. A
number of Indians coming Into New
Wesiminster this week end hav
joined those now here to be ready for
the v.. rk in the cannerleB,
The lug Maagan passed up stream
Lkle 1a*t nlttht with a dredge in tow
The Westham, of New Westminster.
was lied up alongside the H. S. it
freight depot yesterday.
C. E, Haffard is in the city from
Emerson OUlJy spent Sunday at
White Rock
C. 0, Cline, of Kamloops, is registered in the Russell.
M, I''. Lillumlers, of Chllllwack, is a
guest at tiie Windsor.
J, A. Castle, of llurllngton, was a
visitor  In  tbe  olty   yesterday.
William Hutchison, of Pitt Kiver, is
registered al  the Windsor.
Mrs llulIer and daughter, of Koyal
avenue, returned on Saturday from a
visit to friends m Bellingham
Mrs A M tlray and Miss Hope
(iray, of Toronto, are visitors In   the
oil)  nnd are registered at the Russell.
Mrs II Sh���wnrilson and her Iwo
sons, Allan and Kenneth, lune left
for a % Un 10 Kuplnml Mrs Slewnrd-
�� ,ii ,ii|| visit her old bone In Liver
p, ,,1
In Greater
Legal Intelligence.
Montgomery Beatty, J,P��� police
magistrate of Hurnaby, has been admitted by the benchers a solicitor of
the Biipreme court of Ilrillsh Columbia. Mr. Beatty was sworn in before
Mr. Justice (iregory on the Kth Inst.
School Additions.
The contract  for the additions to
thn Hlue Mountain school has been
awarded by the Coqultlam school
board io Robinson Bros., New West
minster, at $700, The contract wis
originally let to II. H. Haker, but that
gentleman withdrew on account nf
some mistake in the estimate, Robin-
ion  BrOI,  were tlle nOXl  lowesl  tend
Overdue Norwegian VniH  W i
up River Today Win* f*** I
of *������'
Thn Va **. elan n    el llerskli
arrive   al   Ne��   W.   Iniin��iei   i
it 7 o   oi       i * ii ii.*���   ul  |i Ini  I apl
i  .r i.-i.   aiel   * ,11   i* i  dlreci   ��Ith   li'-r
i* no, of ralla to Porl  Manu
The Hcrakl. - lefl V Ictorl I al 8 p m
i'r Ida) and passing up tho sound stood
off He*  uili ol ill" Fraser until Bal
unlay morning Being heavll) laden
ii h i: thoughl besl to wall until the
besi tide served bo tbe was anchored
In English n i) This afterno in Capi
Carter   wlll   m   from   lure  ami   bring
III T    ill.
Tliere are 7000 tons of steel rails
aboard and the vessel now draws 23
feel. Pilot Carter wlll dock his charge
in  Porl  Mnnn late tonight
The rails will be us",l In C.N.R
construction work and afier discharging the Uerakles will drop down
stream for n cargo of lumber al eraser Mills consigned to the Argentine
The Clansman was last night at the
drain drawers wharf. 1'ront slreet,
with a deck load of drain til" and
The Heaver and llie tue N-,-i ��� ���
.locked yesterday at the C, P R
freight wharf, and the tug Vancou
ver. of Vancouver, was at the city
markel  wharf all day.
Heavy   top  tinibirs  nr"  now*  being
laid over ihe capping on ihe piles In
the   Eigliili   Btreel   slip.     Thia  work
���was commenced Saturday and will be |
.continued  today.
11. Schaake. of tli" Schaake Mach'no
���wprko stated ir.si nighl that the
Rockford gold dredge, buill by ihat
firm recently, will be taken up the
Kras, r as in as ill" freshi l sub*
The i'v* tiling and Sar si n were In
at thi d"' arn M-ni of public werk ���
���doei on Saturday mul yesterday and
b th will go down river toda) Thi
Fori Carry, Hi" steam tender to lhe
iitvd:'" King Edward, was also In
bringing up snme of the officers and
crow I, r iii" week end, and taking
���supplies aboard The Kine Kdward is
now   working off Steveston.
The Roman arrived at iii" Colnm-
la Cold  Storage wharf on  Saturday
night, with 90, I pounds of halibul
This boat was not expected In until
lust night, Iml a Series of mlsfor
lanes brought her In early,    Although
the QBhing  was  g i. bail   waa   *.*,���*.
scarce, and a number of unsuccessful
trips for this used up so much fm*!
thai He* captain v.as f ireed to pul In
i daj earlier than he otherwise w mid
I ave.
How a Five Dollar Glass Cup Was
Sold for $4600.
Paris, July 13. A quaint slory of
an Arabian glass cup was told in the
I'aris law courts recently, An antiquary quarreled with one of his agenti
over a commission of $2000, In the
course of llie trial the antiquary confessed that ibis {June commission re.
ferred to Hi" sale of an Arabian glass
cun worth  only $"��.
He had found it In a simp, had I'
photographed, and by paying $40 ������
lhe mullah of a Tartar mosque at
Shemarke obtained a certificate which
stated that the glass was made in the
fourteenth century. The mullah, of
course, had never seen the glass,
Ii was offered to the Louvre, the
Hritish museum, and waa eventually
sold for $4'il"l to Herr Glenk. a German collector, after it had heen certified as genuine by three experts.
Bolt Down Mine Shaft.
13' llefnnte, Pa., July 13 During b
terrific thunder storm a holt of lightning struck one of the st>���, I rails on
the track of a coal mine near Clarence, Following Hi" rail Into the mine *
the  boll   killed  one man  and   injured
'    *  >..ij       l.v-fnlnu     Spent     by
i <i i ,��� Into consideration tbs pain
ml circumstances of a sad case, tin
.i'i. il  mi His. old  ami young, ol
this rllj   ��h" make up things to i��
printed iu Hi" newspapers, assembled
mi Sitind.i. pvenlng al tbe residence
i   i   W   Cunningham, managing edl-
I   i   ol   Uo*  Ilrillsh  Columbian, to shed
a few i * i c *'iii" teal b ovi* tlte romaln
ei   Hugh  Savage,   nil  ro. Uy  editor
ni iti, Sews, ami nun q member of
the Hii sii Columbian staff
from   far   and   near    al   least   from
as far awa)  aa Nanalmo   sorrowing
friend- gathered aboul the i r nnd
during Un* solemn hours spent In Back
suiis nml tobacco ashes, many were
Hi,* expressions ,.f grief uttered al th *
passing "ii" .-.'i young, fan* nml promls
Alleged music failed to stir the
gathorlng from the depths of despair
Into whloh the) were plunged hv the
thoughl oi ii*,* loss the) were about
tn sustain nnd, afier Innumerable
abortive  mt, mpta   i"   break  ihe  fun
eral-llke Blleni :' the surroundings,
thev dispersed wholl)  disheartened.
in ' rder tlmt their r. tr, ai might in
���i measure h" covered and to prevent
if possible, any attempt ai retaliation
o-i the nart of their victim, they pre
Bented Mr Savage with an arm chair
and a double leaded column of appreciative verbal tokens nf tlieir
esteem, to every one of which he was
fully entitled.
ir sheriff Armstrong can he per
Biiaded to pari with a license, tho
wedding ceremony will he performed
in Holy Trinity cathedral on Wednes
day morning at Ifl o'clork.
Staking Out Site.
The Qoqultlam   school board   will
visit  the site of Ihe new  school  lo be
erected  on   the   Port   Moody   road   to-
Local   i|ny.   ami   slake   oul   lhe   ground   for
iiu* contractor, Mr. Nicholson.
Coquitlam Road Work.
The Conultlatn rond workmen unde-
Oeorge  Alderson,  foreman, are    expected to commence work at one,, on
the roads and ditch, s al  Maillardville
Todaj   another gang  begin  work   in
tlie centre of iiie Smith road grading
and making  nils.
f.'r.  Rogers  III.
w   s   Rogers, general superintendent of iiie Canadian Western Lumber!
companv. Fraser Mills, has undereone
an   operation    in    Victoria   hospital
where he now lies.
Wrec'K   Which   Wai   Destroying   Nets
Will Bc Rcrr.cved.
Very few  salmon have entered thi
mouth of tin* Eraser se tai  this ���   i
h *n, ai* ordlng "i  Mr   W   1>   Burdls
Becretar)  ol the H   C, ( annera' a
clatii "      I -is Is ��� il  unusual, ae thi
last  b ���   bi   son  d d  nol    "!** n
luly 19    Mr  Buid a has I" en nol ti* d
I ni  i ,,. Mvi*l, of iii" sti ami *  ���'; I  i
will be marked l>:*   buoya  until    the
bulk is ri moved     Mr   Fred  D   Mai '.
land, il"*   n. .'���    i vers er   ol    Frasoi
fisheries,    ha i   opened   an ofl li e    al
SteTeston.    and    has     acquired    tii"
launch Kahuna as patrol boat
Grain   Bcslr.  Moving.
For'  William, Jul)   12    Th
.-rs  in idling  grain  out  of  this  p rl
SatArdnj     ��  re      N* "��� nna,   Monti
116.&I 0 bui leat: i Tl
fin, fi." "  * hi..'    -'    'iish lier** '   id
��� riih. 33,  I usi * - ivheat and li ���
hufshi '.   oal   .   Winona,  Montre i
oi M i u hels whi it.  Seguln, Mi nti   il,
74,000 I u In ! ��� ".i'
three others Aaron Etters, a
of County Superintendent David O,
Filers, was killed outright, Tliomas
Chambers was knocked unconscious
and Francis McGowan and Ralph Etters wre badly Btunned. The injured
will recover.
Today's Canoe Race.
Hrooklyn, July !'���'��� 1!' wind an .
weather permit, the Becond race for
the International sailing canoe cap
will be decided on Monday afternoon
on Fravesend Bay. Thai was the announcement made by the special cup
committee of the New York canoe
club Ibis evening. Afor waiting for
four hours lo see if a 30-mile south -
west blow would moderate, a rain
Bquall final!) killed the breeze, but
ai that hour it was ti i late to consider
the possibility of a race
Many Attend Yesterday���White City
Band   Tcday.
Since on Friday the first audience
gathered al the opening of the -N'ew
Westminster Chataqua, each program
has been better patronized until lasl
night, when every s"at in the big tent
was taken by people who came to
hear the concert by the Georgia Jubilee Singers and a lecture, "The Crescent and the Cross," by Julius Caesar
N.iyphe. of Athens.
Of Iho first pan of 'he program ii
need only be said that the audience
was satisfied, except in one particular that it ended too Boon. The
Jubilee Singers are a company of six
negro Vocalists who present, as only
nephew   people of lhat race can, the darky rnu-
Lacrosse is on.
The new lacrosse organisation at
Maillardville wlll plav their first
match on Thursday evening on the
home grounds against tlte Burqultlam
club.    The game heuins at 6: lii.
Painful   Injuries.
\n engineer named  P.  Drd !-*   ee;
ployed  ni   th"   Pltl   river  Coqultlam :
dam   was  Beverely  Injured  on  Sn'ur j
day liy a quantity of molten lead  fl
ing in  his face,    lie wns nourln?  thi
lead  into  a   hole  at   lh"  lime.     Some j
apprehension   that   he  would   lose   lh"
sight of an eye has heen allayed    by
Pr.  Sutherland,  who is of opinion  he
will  preserve   its  sight      Hodds   is    n
prominent member nf ih" Coqultlam
baseball team
fliohtly   Injured.
II.   Wlndebank, of Mission, had  his
Bhoulder dislocated  in    a motor    car j
unset   near  the   Dewdney  Btatlon     on
the Trunk road.   Mr. Wlndebank was ;
dr'vlng ro"nd the turn at th" ra'l-av
crossing  when,  through  Boms  defect
In tbe steering gear, he was preclnl
tn."d into the dilch sustaining th" in
jury mentioned.
i^ ir*** i nr&siZm**
Our Entire Stock
of Women's Suits
To Clear Out at
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unlike anv otlvr. and because of
that and for iis wild beauty merging!
sometimes almosl into welrdneBB, so.
much appreciated by audiences everywhere. The sonus given were all Illustrative Of lii" simple religious faith
of the plantation negroes and none
Inst anything of its beauty in the rendering.
Mr Nayphe'a lecture was well nigh
a model of its kind. Of a religious
and iilso an historical nature, it was
a thins tn i ������ ri membered. The mat- *
i"r. besides being excellent and well
chosen, was presented in a strlklnglv
clear manner, which contributed much
io iis worth,
A feature of today's program is to
he the White City hand, which will
play In the afternoon and evening,
llerlin, July 13 On the eve of thc
forthcoming marriage to Princess
AuguBtine Victoria of Hohenzollern,
firmer King Manuel of Portugal will
' * P 0' "��� I "i perform a feal i f skill
thnl a 111 tell ' i ������*. hal timber he is
made, li is difficult lo understand
��hal '*��� lath n 11 hears to desirable
requisites in a husband, \��*i In tlm
li iii *. �� here ih. performance is con
sid, p ,1 in older the prospective bride-
��� "in who gets through it gracefullt
is supposed to mnke a good iif" part
The former king, on his wedding
ei ��� al Sigmaringi n, n ill be com
pelled, by ;i custom which 1ms heen in
vogue ior    many    hundreds   of years
I ii ;   i" Bt'btnll to a qi i* little corn.
monj   i i  the town    of   Sign arlngi n
I  ���: i     .ill    ,,lh. ���     bl'lilegn mis , hit,      li,,
matter whether prince or peasant, he
, III be re |uln A to bestride a pi le
I, i ��� *.   ih   il Ier high, and will Ihua be
San   Pranclsco, July   13    With  the
approach of the time    sei    for    the  iooi
launching  of  the   new   Matson   liner
Maisonia  ni   the  eastern    shipyards
considerable Interesl Is being evinced
in this handsome vessel  winch is to
be  mil, ��1   to  the  fleel   opi rating  be
tween ii"* Golden i late nnd Hon ilulu,
Th" Mntsonia is to taki   to the waler
within a few wei ks, and later In  Ihe
year   will   make   I" r   appearance   ai
this 'porl   to  go  ll * ���   Immedl ite  bi r
vice im the Ha *��� i  an li land run.
-.-,,������ * ��� ���.*,.������. i ii" i : Pour-
,,,,,,. rh'nnmi ���;. stokers and ' i onu n
ou the British * ti an ��� i N' i man Mon 1905
arch, b nind from N iw Orleans to
liamli"'*'. iinii*'' ' d Thui sdaj abi ul
IM miles olT this poii and attacked 1873
tup Bh *  ci ; i with knlvi     crow
bars, hatch  bars nnd other wi apona
���Pe. . * el ,n ilm er. third cngii
un,l   b0ai       ���   an   lying   ni ar death
u  ih.   ������ ���      of the  Ugh!  thai    t* '
lowi ii and *        *   nd male and   one
Bill) Papke, the Illinois Thun-
di rbolt, ititpolnti d Jim Flynn,
iio- Pueblo fireman, In ten
rounds :i! Los Angles. So decision w.is handed down by the
r. i, ri e   bul   Billy   was  ch u I;
i.. ���   in.in.  although   HTynn
bad iio advantage In helghl and
��� -i ��� Ighi *l   P ipke  by  a  dozen
pi unds      I *.      ' i    the  Becond
ni"*    * the    i* i :      Some
moi lha i fori ll fou il len
i . undi :, , ie same cltj In thai
i ��� :.: Papl e'a - upi i ��� rl *��� wai
nol io ci : 'nt, and, al .
hii fi li i'i ��� i . Inn d he wa I tie
Ictor, tin     , pporters in
: Isti -'.   -   *       * draw.
Hi *. * ' .     .    i'i*   Bicf mid
* .ri ', *..ho now cl e:n- thi
i lh In thai dl\ Islon, was bi .*:
in   Norwich. Coun
Willie      Fitzgerald       rtopped carried   Beveral   times   arsund   th-
Tommy M iran In the Uth n und :"""''"' f "H"alti In the centre of th"
'Con'inueit irom ea'_-e onei
agreed not to permit the Turk to pa is
the Enos-Mldia line laid down at thr
conference of London.
i' *s alio understood tliat the concerted action of the powers, whatever
it may be, will lie taken by Russia,
all the ethers being in agreement, but
so far no Indications of the course t,
li ��� followed have been allowed to
show themselves
Seattle Cr-eks Helo.
Seattle. July 1:1.��� Twelve hundred
dollars for the (ireek war relief fund
was raised ;it a mass mi etfng of local
Greeks held In the labor temple today.
A committee was appointed to raise
additional funds among the business
nun. The money will be cabled t
Alliens tomorrow.
Turkc Advance.
Constantinople, duly 13   The Turkish   troops  ni   Tchatalja   nnd   Bulalr
have received orders to march for the |
reoccupation   of   the  Ottoman   tern
tor*.* now held by the Bulgarians. Preparations an* lielng hastily   made tor
an advance toward the F.rgeni line.
T',e Bulgarian delegate, M. llatcho-
vltch, tonhiht expressed regret at the
failure of his mission, which he had
hoped would result In a Turco-Bul-
garlan alliance The miss-ion of the
Servian delegate, M Pavlovltch hat
proved BucceBsfui, li is said lhal an i
agreemenl between Turkey and ;-���' r
via will h" Blgned tomorrow.
According to the Turkish ��������� lunti
lhe iii*i*   menl    * cur  ��� lo Turkej  the
i*. cot ��� r.     if i a   la ���*���   1* *:'   nl   Thrace i
Negcl  **    **    for an   inderFt  nding hi
tween Turkey bi *i On i * ���* h it **  I n
proceedlnc al th'     in    time   II  Is he
Moved w,ih poi i] prospei tf of a  ��� il
factory < ��� nc
li   is  nnnounced   In   ni   i   ���'   clr lei
thai Rum nlan p npn       *    annei ih
quadrll iteral foi    ed bj     tlsl    i. Ilu
ii huk,  i lumla   ind  '���'    n
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fliurs, July 24
2 and S p. m.. Rain or Shine
PARADE  U)M a.m.
Otto Kline,
at Brooklyn,
lown. scattering cakes and bonbons to
the people on either side,
it la nol easy to keep one's balance
while engaged in this manner, and
Manuel, who 1ms obviously not been
anj too well balanced on terra flnna,
will in* watched on this occasion with
Inti rest,
F.ddio Hanlon, defeated Frankle
Neil In four rounds al San Francisco, Eddie ��:is one of the
en sl wonderful boxers that ever
entered a rine, hm was pushed
forward too rapldlj when still
In iiis 'ti '*ns. and began to ue
back :���: nn age v in n he should
lm*." been al his besl 'I I ������
Callfornlan was only slxti nn
w ie 'i Ii" foughi i a enty rounds
with Young Corbett and held
ih i ���������-. ni liri". r to s draw, He
foughi long, h int battles ��Ith
!!������' Nelson Herri ra, Kid II r
man b id others, an I the ��� tra n
v nt l ** much i* : :. . ui de\
opi : ph*j ilque.
Jack .1 ihnson knocked oul
Morris Harris In the llrsl round
nt Philadelphia,
Matty Matthews, one i Ime wel-
terw elglil i itnplon, was born
iu New lurk After n I ring
from the ring In which he won
Irai    enl   glory,   hi    bei ni in    n
scene   Bhlfti r    In   a Ni ..   York  k md wlll   loin  the
theatre, ai   ���    ��� om ���*
Bluehlcods  Sentenced.
si Petersburg, Julj 13. Alexander
Dclmutoff and Baron Hclsmnr, Iwo
young nun of well known aristocratic
families, havn heou sentenced for k'll-
Ing a woman mimed Thli me Tho
motlvi i ii Un* crime was robbery,
'I Lie;, . I Ing know n io poshes i
tn no It valuable Jewi Iry. Dolmatoff
I, is bi en .-.'nil ie * d '. ��� l: yi an   pen il
rvitnd     . .   ir   io 15   yeara'
penal ��������� r\ Undo
He   Sounds   All   Right.
San   Francisco,   July   13    "Shuffling" Phil Douglass, the Bpltball arl * I
i rom   ' lie   WeBtei n   league,  w ho  w .is
tiiriu d    "������' i*    lo  tin    - ui  Francli co
*   lb   esti plus  bj  ie* ' hh i 11 lerl
..'.:���* ran fi rn d  tn
North   *    tni
Aristocratic Eorrcverc Will  Be Aikc
to  Return.
London  ,Iulj I     Qui in Mar ���
Ib a mosl axcclh nl hi iibcw Ife ��� Ith ai
Innate hatn d of use!, bb watte and
pronounced love , f anl ique furniture
Iris  be, n     conducting     a     system.it.
search of all  the  bi v  ro ims  In  Im
tnense Windsor Castle, comparing tin
contents  with  the official  Inventorj
As a result she has not only  un
earthed a ureal many forgotten treat
ures,  carelessly  thrown  aside  undei
the  reign  of  her late  father In-law
who cared nothing for antiquities  bu'
she lias ali-.i discovered that  a greal
many   valuable   articles  ol   furnltnr
were lent   to |" rsonal friends of  K.n
Edward  who have never seen  fit  i*
return them
All these aristocratic horrowerp
havo p '. Ived notes from lhe courl
asking thom to return    thi     I i
wtthoul  '!��� lay,  which  Bome nf  tl	
will find rather difficult, h i- ng   o *
or given away ihese thlnl
550 lndians,Cowboys
Girls,  Cossacks,
and the sensationa
Lucille .Mulhall
The  New Westminster
Morning���Seton Indian Doer Hunt; Habits of Animals; Stories. Lecture���"The Call of the
Times."   Mr. Stanton.
���White City Band,   of
Afternoon���Mand Concert
Evening���Band Concert���White City Band
Opera���Thaviu (irand Opera Compan;
Band Accompaniment.
,   with
Montreal  Club  Trimmed.
PhUadelnhla,    July    lil    The    two
days' mal   i i"i -veen i'*** I'hlladelnhii
* *    ei club and the Montreal team
i "i" rl   vi    ��� rd it    ih    i"" ih	
by an inning and i.i runs     Philadel-
mr i bi *'i"d '"'*-   n thi   I '  I    lining
���   rn*.   i  ���* i 257 In ''*.������ flrsl lum and
on!*.   107 In their second
VI on., Wed., Fi-
ASK Seais 10c
Children 5c.
M;Uine(?, 2 to 5 p.m.
Night G/SO to 11 p.m
i:   II   hiil'KLIN,
t'r��B  and ()��nl   Mir.
Use. aid Trsas.
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phonet No. 7 and 877.
lie Bank of Vancouver
Branches  1 hroughaut  the   Province  of   British  Columbia.
Oavinys Department i.i nil Branches Di pnsltfl or One Hollar and
wards received nnd Interest at the highest current rate nuld or
idlted bait yearly.
Drafts and Traveller' Cheques sold,  payable In all parts of the
CHAS. G.  PENNOCK, General   Manapor.
IW   Westminster   Branch: A.   VV    BLACK,  Mnnai-er.
���nm %*i*mmi!*t*s**a*t*nm***T***ctaavcmm MONDAY, JULY 14, 1913.
PAtit wvn
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
Electrics, being handed over from the
other clubs. A fair sized crowd witnessed  the contest.
Victoria Gets Away    with    Game
Capital City by  Five Goals
to Four.
Taking the lead in tlie second quar-
('���r, and holding il throughout the
rest of the game, the Victoria ama-
leurs nosed out a victory over the
locals at the Capital City Saturday af-
ternoon by a margin of 5-4. The score
Indicatl s the closeness of the play and,
with the Victoria defence backing up
intu their own net In the last stages
Of the fourth quarter, the crowd was
treated to some fine lacrosse.
Brynjolfson opened lhe scoring for
the homesters, tint this was followed
by counters by liert .lohnston and
.Murray for the Hoyals. Pettlcrew
was in the limelight for the Capitals
in the second quarter and placed his
team In the lead with two well-direct, d  sh its.
In the third Johnson of Victoria,
and Johnston, of Westminster, broke
even in the scoring.
linkers placed his team further
ahead ill the fourth, but Hal Ison re-
tallated and, with only one goal Bep-
aratlng the two teams, the Westminster home players were buzzing
around their opponents' goal trying to
get  in  the equalizer.
The    Westminster      defence      never
played better lacrosse, Patchell, Greg-
I'*. and Coutts especially being brll-
I ant
First quarter Brynjolfson, Victoria,
i mlns.; Johnston, Westminster, 6
mins .  Murray, WeBtmlnster, 8 mins.
Second quarter Pettlcrew, Victoria,
3   min.- ;   Pettlcrew,   Victoria.  2   mins.
Third quarter John Johnson. Victoria, 4 mlns.: Battson, Westminster.
ter, '������ mins.
Fourth  quarter   Joe  Dakers.    Vic-
���   rla,   I  mins ;   alltlson.   Westminster.
The Teams.
Westminster        Coutts,    Patchell,
nr. L.ry,   Atkinson,  Cooper.   Battson,
Sclater,  Nelson. Johnston,  Storme, J.
.l'i ii.ey. Murray.
S'lrtorla    Allen   Clark.   K.   Sweeney,
.1 ie linkers, Stanley tikell, John John-
on. C   McCarter. Cyril  Haker'.  Mac-
i* *. l*i',!,  Pettlcrew, Brynjolfson.
lef, rees:   Uinsmore   and   Gorman
P.  C.  A.  L.  A.  Standing.
W     I.    V    K
\   c  ">     0   52   id
��� t< rla   2     4   29   66
���minster       1      4    21    ?d
\'. vt game. July id, Victoria at New
Wt si minster
made which allowed  him  to score 88
before being  retired.
Andrew and Curtis carried off the
honors for Westminster, the former
taking four wickets for 12 runs and
also top score with 22, while dims
played an uphill game with 11 not out.
hollowing ure the scores:
New Westminster.
Itev. Bartlett. b. Cullen       4
Cave, c. Seymour, b. Heed      7
Spooner,   st.   (loddard.   b.   Heed   . .     il
Miller, c. Seymour, b, Cullen   19
d'Kasum, c. Heed. b. Flowerdew   . .   d'i
Yeadon, c. (loddard, b. Jones    11
Wells, b.  Heed   11
Dunford, not out   25
Montreal, July Ki.    Irish Canadians   what,
returned to form In the D. L. U. race  altogether explain the result for
(By  "Gravy."j
One of the  most  promising  of  the
-  various   contenders   for   the   middle-
I weight  crown   left  ownerless   by   the
tragic   death   of   Stanley   Ketchel    Is
Jimmy  Clabby.    The boy who made
Hammond,  lnd..  famous  was born  In
Norwich,   Conn.,   twenty-three   yearB
-iago today, of Irish-American  parent-
jage.   Clabby is as game as they make
This alone, however, does not ^^t Un  WhWc\3& 4����n��>ttB^ated
a month ago when he defeated Eddie
the '
nnd se,,,,.,!   an   easy   victory   over looal twelve won JjecauBa.they played I *Ir^,00rUe. "Butte, Metot In the vt.
Tecumsehs yesterday. The final score  better lacrosse  throughout,
was seven    to   on
makes  Kennedy's
t round  Mcfioorty landed a punch
to the jaw that sent Clabby down for I
the count of seven, and again for the i
aggregation    once   in   the   second   the   locals   went     In  count of nine  but Hoosier came riLh. '
more   the   odds-on   favorite   for    the  front scoring two goals to the visitors' ; back in the s'e-cond inning and mixed
Championship of the big four nil     Three  were  added  in   the  third   things with  ^Badger bojso effee
Tecumsehs were suffering from the   and two In    the    fourth.   Tecumsehs I lively that he soon n*l McGoorty In!
and two in
Hebron, nit out".!!!!!!!!!'!!!'.!!  29  absence of    Yeanian.    whose    rough   did not score until less than five min-  distress. At the end of the scheduled
Money, did not bat       ���] w"rk KOt llim *****�� trouble In the last   utes before the end of the game, when  twelve rounds Jimmv was away ah-ad I
Hose, did not bat    ���   Same    which    the      Indians     playert   McGregor dashed in alone and broke lon   points,   winning'the  decision  aud
Kxtras     7  against Toronto.   Charlie Querrie also   the shutout. .the   "middle   weight    championship"
_ was  not at  his best  and  his injured, - .although  it isn't exactly clear where
Total, seven wickets  	
Cedar Cottage.
Kayston. c. d'Kasum, b. Dunford    .
T. Reed, e. Yeadon, h. Hose	
Cullen,   b.   Hebron    	
(loddard, c. Yeadon, b. Dunford    .
Seymour,   nol   out   	
C.  Jones,  b.   Hose   	
Bnudden, c. d'Easum, b. Dmiford
Flowerdew, e. Yeadon, b, Hose ..
Brooks, C. Dunford, b. Spooner ..
Whltaker, not out 	
VV.  Heed, did  not.  bat   	
j7u   knee  seemed  to  handicap him  some
Baseball Results.
Total, eight wickets  	
Point.   Grey.
Craig, li   Hirks  	
Black, c. d'Basum, b   Annandale
Saunders, b.  Dirks   	
Vickerstaff,  b.  Annandale   	
Tail.   h.   Andrew   	
Kent, li. Oraham  	
Cochrane, b.  Andrew   	
Plercy,   b.   Oraham   	
T-i it. not out    	
Neil. b.
i Buxton,
Andrew    in |
Standing of the Clubs.
; l'i r,land	
; Victoria 	
Yesterday's Games.
A Shut Out for Tacoma.
Tacoma, July  13.    (iirot  held  Portland to two hits and issued but    two
j bases on balls, the localB winning the
.last game of the series by a score ol
7 to 0,    Hynes was found at opportune
I moments,   the  locals  bunching     their
| l'i hits off his delivery.
H.    II.    E,
I Tacoma      7    12      1
Westminster  "A."
Annandale, b,  Saunders  	
d'Easum,   b.   Saunders   	
Andrew,   c.   Vickerstaff,   b.   Black.
Hirks.  e  and   b,   Ulack	
Graham,   h.   Tait   	
Jones  h.  Hlack   	
Blakeley, c   Kent,  b,  Saunders...
Curt's,  not  out   	
Sweetland, b. Hlack 	
I.ittlewood,   b.   Hlack   	
,e. .6
(Ily the Potter.)
Portland   0     2     2
Batteries:   Glrot and Harris;  Hynes
���0  and Murray.
" | Giants Take a Couple.
Seattle, July 13.���Seattle won two
games from Victoria today, wiiinin:
the lirst ti to 2 and the second 17 to
Hi. The first game was a pitchers
battle between Kantlehner and Mi ikl s,
Gipe having retired early in the game
because of a sole arm. Meikle out
pitched his opponent and bunched hits
in the eighth gave Seattle the game.
The second game was a slugging
match In which both teams were
forced to use all their available
pitchers. Victoria got a lead of nitre
runs off Peterson, bin Seattle overcame this in the fifth and the game
Torontos Defeat Nationals. McGoorty got the title to lose.   In his
Toronlo, Ju'y 13. -The Nationals of other bouts this year Clabby has made
Montreal gave last year's champions a an excellent showing, outclassing
great battle on Saturday afternoon. George "Knockout" Brown, the Ch'.ca-
the Torontos winning out 11 to 8 in go Greek, in a ten-round affair in Mil-
the last ten minutes of play. w-aukee and outpointing Freddie Hicks,
The score halfway through the hut by a narrow margin, at Hammond,
fourth quarter was 8 to 8, but thejlna. Clabby is very papular la Ham-
Frenchmen had shot their bolt and ! mond, where he owns a buffet and a
tired considerably in the last stages physical torture school, giving instruc-
allowing the blue shirts to run in ,i<,n6 i" the "manly art" to the young
three goals. j bloods of the place.   When Jimmy re
turned home from Butte, after defeating McGoorty. the citizens turned out
I en masse and welcomed the conquer-
jing hero with a brass band anl a
torchlight parade. Jimmy waa so
puffed up by this demonstration that
he is now contemplating running for
The middleweight situation has been
in a muddle ever since Ketchel died
in   October,   1911.     Klaus,   McGoorty,
Gentry   and   Chaput   Masquerade   as   Dillon,   Hicks,   and   the   old   veteran,
i Billy   I'apke,   are   among   those   who
dispute   (Tabby's   right   to  the    title, I
ard  that   by  no  means  exhausts  lhe j
list.    Clabby or one of the other contenders may develop into a real champion, hut just now none of the bunch
A batting rallv. coupled with an epi- [ lo��k good enough to wear the belt that
demic of errors  gave  victory  to the  has belonged to such finished lighters
���.,, ���   . ,,      ..,       as  Boti  Fitzsimmons,  Nonpareil  Jack
Fraser Mills nine over Port Coquitlam Dempsey, Charley Mitchell, Kid Mc-
yesterday afternoon at the lumber city,  Coy, Tommy Hyan and Ketchel.
this being  the  first  victory  of the1    Clabby is the youngest ot the lead-
Circle F aggregation over the ranch-  '"J? MnteatanU for the middleweight
title.    I'apke is around twentv-seven,
ers this season. Klaus Is twenty-six. Gibbons is netr-
The contest was supposed to be a ing twenty-five, and McGoorty will
B. c. League fixture, but the fact that be twentyfour this month. Clabby
Gentry and Chaput were out in unt-|��a5 55!nJ!.8At,?i.B!lSl!* ?ev!"._:'ea,ls'
Lumber Shovers���Port Has Error  Epidemic.
Paid on the daily balances of Savings accounts, subject to cheque withdrawals. Handsome Metal Home
Banks for children supplied to depositors.   .,
for the safe-keeping of Deeds, Insurance Papers and
other documents, which you cannot afford to risk
losing. You carry the keys and no one can gain entrance to your box without your authority. Our vaults
are fire and burglar proof. Rentals $2.50 per annum
and upwards.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
locals one run ahi
It.   ii
endi d witli the
First game.
The fashion plate win wars n five j Victoria   ii     0
Inch cuff mi his pants and the latest Seattle  6 9     "
In  silk  hosiery  was  a  prev  to  the      Haiti res.    Kantlehner   and Shea,
skeeters at  Millside yesterday.           protten; Gipe. Meikle and Cadman,
 .                             I    Second game:                     it li     V.
and has made two trips to Australia,
for   the   lumber   shovers   gives one .���  England,  and  numerous  trips
credence  to   the   statement   that  the: over North  America  from  Boston  to
came will not hold water should the. rrisco   and   from   Winnipeg   to   New
Coqultlam manager make a protest to ' Orleans.
developed  into a B6e-saw affair which   the head officials. 	
A rain storm at Coquitlam and the! Matty's Loud Clothes,
fact that the auto truck, the usual' From street gamin to pugilistic
means of convevance. was out of com- Champion and from champion lo
mission, found "the teams starting the scene shifter in a theatre���this epi-
battle a little after 4 o'clock, which tomises the career of William "Mat-t
left them onlv seven innings to go ty" Matthews, who was welterweight
hefore the locals had to quit in time', title  holder   for  a  brief  period.   Mat
s dog catcher for ��� lloatman,
the city pL.Kamloops at one beanlet 1 son, Mclvor, Fullenon and Wally,
and a half per    Jock scored the win- 	
ning goal for Kamloops against Hev-j AMERICAN   LEAGUE,
elstoke on  Dominion day. Standing of tne Clubs.
i thews was also a sartorial champ, for. \
i although  many   professional    fighters I
.leek   Bruce,  centre  half    for    the!    Batteries:      Fitzgerald.    Narveson.  for work
. over soccer team. Is dog catcher for , lloatman, Alberts and Qrotten, Peter- ;    The injury toDgfttaud Hmhiw ^ aadlcted ^ ^ ^ ..^
Queen's l'ark this evening, found De- ','>'" easily  outclassed the hunch.    He|
pew in the box and, although this was! was  born   on   the  Kast  Side  of  New
his  first   game,   he   pitched   a  heady pork. July  13, 1ST3, jusl forty  years
' seven  Innings 'ag0 Sunday, and his youth was spent
Nellson  started  the  run-getting in i in that section of the metropolis.    It
the first when he was walked, sent to : *'���� his lilting for loud clothes that de-
thir.l on Chaput's  single    and came veloped Matthews Into a fighter.   Asa
hit bv Huhnke     Horne and , -v01l,h '"' hp'd a�� ambition to shine as
held the teams safe until  ihe  a   baseball  player, and  was  really  a
when   Depew   eaae   home   0n.P:,cher of considerable ability. When
"ingle   foil' ������'������ i by punsmulr|he appeared on a ball Held, adorned li
Amidst Island, Mountain, Forest and Glacial Scenery to
Including Meals and Berth for Rouud Trip.
Permitting side trip over scenic route of Grand Trunk Pacific Rail-
ay at small additional cost.
H. C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.  DUPEROW.  Q.  A.  P. D.
Phone Private Exchange 8134
The in"-' ball placed Hill Sayce at  Philadelphia
a disadvantage on Saturda} afternoon, Icieveland
although he would have won liis game [Washington
had he been given decent  support.     Chicago ....
  I Boston   	
A   rumor   got   urn; 1   the   city   on|St Louis ...
Jores  and   His   Men   Fail   to   Show   up
Saturday���League   Meeting
Be Held Soon.
Saturdaj morning thai Black, the star Detroit
centre forward of tin- Coquitlam team.   \,<w York
had   Inherited   a   windfall  of  $186,000.
Bome class to thnt bunch if the report
le official.
. .67
. 14
. ,38
. .37
.. 83
���v;,;   heme on a
493  depew
^406 third,
With both clubs holding the tcrt
and neither wishing to budge from
the breastworks, a we k has passed
without any Betnblance of an agreement being reached in the coast pro
lacrosse league, although prominent
inns predict thai al the next meeting
of ih" association to be held this wee]
tin* ir.iulde will li" pal ihi d up satisfactorily to both tennis nnd t'.e
schedule Btarted on its course again.
Mr Jones and his band of hired help
failed to arrive at Queen's l'ark Saturday afternoon, with the resull that,
after scoring a lone goal In an empty
ni t, the Salmon Bellies left He* th Id,
claiming the gam,- antl also the $500
I irfeil posted 1 j the Vancouver club
lu tii iii" officials, Bob l> war nnd
Stanley Peele, wcre "'1 deck uud be-
li re a crowd of sevi r 'I hu 1 Ired 1 pe>
t ,1, rs 1 iced-i if the h 11. Thai end-
, ,1 tl ��� lacr ssu '. ir the daj and the
,:.��� in have to bi foughi oul In the
1   n 1* in *   ri * te
Am ugh in' ��� haB gone forth
from Van-ouvi r sine" .limes' declare
Hon earl) last week that bla team
would nevi r again cross sticks with
���*... Westminsters, 11 appears difficult to fii-ui ui Jusl where ho will
recuperate Ills rln inclal low es unless
1 ,���  finlshi b "ut  Hi" schedule
II,,. fixing "f Hastings l'ark as a
lai rorse oval 1 osl hlm Beveral thou
��� mi dollar lie lias contracted obll
gatlons amounting to several more
i'u us mils in bringing his players
nl to the coasi and also the $6000
,..,.,,;.. i,, the Royals for three games
in victoria, so thai It he units at th"
present time the signs are not any
ton rosy for th imlng winter.
Today  will  probabl)   tell  the tale
;is to when the meeting "f the league
|B to lie held.
A Moral Victory and a Close Shave
With an even break "I luck, New
Wi stmlnster cricket elevens would
h ;.,. addi il two more victories to their
credll on Saturday afternoon, the flrsl
. li ven gaining a moral victory over
i edar Cottage on the asylum grounds,
while the "A" tool to Point Orey by
16 runs
lloavy scoring h.i the locals featured
tho gnme at tho asylum grounds, Canon d'Easum batting up a hair century
while five ��� r liis team mates assisted
In double figures. A rain slorin delayed in,, ,,iav in a certain extent,
which lefl very little time lo dispose ol
iiie Cottagers, who, however, were able
to accumulate only 98 runs for eight
*. ul;, I s This leaves the local club
villi u league record of five wins, three
. raws mul lost none.
m I'mil Qrey the home side batted
firs! and compiled 82, although Craig
���vus miss, il after three nnw hud been
Billy Ritchie says he can gel along
very well without a manager, which
makeB somei :i" rise to remark thai
Billy won his last match without the
services Of Nolan, He lias probably
taken a tip irom the result of the McCarney-McCarty fiasco, which lefl ***"'���
in the treasury following the Calgary
Jim Flynn, the Pueblo fireman, will
. ndeavor to come back on Aug. '.< when
he meets Gunboat Smith in a ten
Tiuvl bout at Madisi n Square Garden,
New York.    The   "bis nre on Smith.
Cleveland bad one great chance to
steal a march on Philadelphia yesterday, the Athletics losing two games.
I 11' t!*> Nans were held safe by Welti r Johnson
International   League.
tealing home before the last out,
In the last 1 f th - fifth the Mlllaldi
w i 1 ll
Highlanders Are Climbing.
SL   '."ilis. July   13.     N'ew-   Yorl
afternoon   evened   up   the  series
SI. I.ouis. score 2-2.    The winning run
was tallied on Wolter's single. Cree's
,u riflce nnd a single by Pecklnpaugh
1 rhe latest and flashiest  raiment to
found In New York, the opposing play. I
; boys found the Pitcher, when Neolson j *r*  immediately  began  to shcut  and
again  walk. I,  a  wild  throw allowing [<**'.    Thf'r  Invidous    remarks    an-;
,, 1,  him to make third     nav was passed,  gered Willie, and he took up the study,
'stealing  second,  ami   lliihnke's single  ?( boxing In order to "get even" with 1
brought   them   both   in.      Mlsservey Us tormentors. He developed a punch
singled bringing in Huhnke and Tenny   that speedily silenced his persecutors.
getting  on   first   on   an   error   it   was   and henceforth could indulge his sartorial   fancies   to   the   fullest   without
709 Columbia St.
Westminster Trust Bldg-.
J. H, Todd's Music House
sierilie" anil a single n>  reuiuupnusu. =--    '** ,,                  .   ���       .,         ,    0    a   tonal   fancies   to   tlle   fullest   without
In the first inning St. Louis got two eft to Gentr   to bring them It  on a ,              critit.ism  Dr|ven ,D |earn box.
passes, and two doubles, but one run UrnM*-That ended the rnMgmugM ,���,, jn Be���                                acquired
was all the locals could tally.   Agnew both  sides  tightening  up  ratu^tne 1    ^^^                         ^ ^
hit lhe hall over the left field  fence ������'���;  '���" "<> ^_entn  wl1"'  Ue "mp'rl , became  a  professional.   His  first   lm-
419  Columbia   Street,   Mew   Westminster.
Singer Sewing   Machines.    Small  Musical Goods of all  Kinds.  PHONE 694.
Pursel!  Ford nosed *
Frank  ''i, ..,,*    vnsterd ������
pi use of St   Louis.
Tl   re  -.11 re manv  in  Wi ftmlnster
n   -'a"*"day  who   'ust  kicked  them-
selves that they failed to placo a few
bones on Frieze,   li cum,, through al
Minoru. carrying with a 4.", to 1 stake.
Tommy Miller, the Scottish Inter
national, who has played for FalktrV
���md later with Chelsea, Is now a r"-*i
dent of the Hoyal City The locals
will have som." team this fall when
thej enter tbe Vancouver league.
'or a home run In the seventh
Score: H
Vew Vork   '���
St. Louis 	
llatteries:    Ford
Chelt  and  Agnew.
II.    E.
and   Smith:   Mlt-
Renl Easeball in Cleveland.
Clevi land. July 13 Washington
defeated Cleveland today 5-4 in a
thrilling contest. Cleveland used four
pitchers in the desperate effort to
win and tied the score twice. Wash-
ngl  n scored In the second. Cleveland
ailed the game.
North Vancouver will be the visitors in a league match next Sunday.
Score: R.    H.    B.
P.irt Coqultlam   -'     "     ���*
"rnser Mills      ti      *      4
Batteries:    Depe\y    and    Immlng;
'/,���:>..   and Huhnke.
tied it up In the fourth on Johnston's   ^
portant bout was with Stanton Abbott
then   lightweight  champion  of   England, whom he easily defeated. In lv.'7
he defeated several good men. Including   Mike  Lenorad,  wha  had  won  a
reputation as a "Beau Brummel," and lj
was a rival of "Matty" in the clothes
line.    In 1898 Mysterious Billy Smith
gave Matthews .1 chance at the welter- |
weight title, but defeated him.   Matty
defeated   George     Kirwin.    Canadian
Moose  and   Port  Coquitlam   to  Go  at 1 welterweight   champion,   at   Toronto, j
It Again. and several other good men, ami then ;
Coming   over   this   evening  with   a ! challenged Smith again.    They met in |
Factory   Town   Lacrosse.
Cornwall.   Jul'.    1",.     I'lu*   local   la
crosse team  had  no difficulty   In  dis
posing of Sherbrooka in a scheduled
N.L.r. match here yesterday. The
final score was Cornwall 14, Sherbrooke ">, The visiting team was fair-
ly Strong but their defence was quite
unable to cope wltll the vigorous, aggressive   tactics   of   the   locals.
Fighter Breaks His Arm.
Taft.   Cal.,  July  18.- Fritz   Holland
who wns matched for n 20-round bout
Willi Antone Lalirnve here next
Thursday   night,   broke  his   left   arm
while   training;   this   afternoon   al
Wood's camp, Holland was sparring
wllh Hilly McKiien before a liig crowd
when he received the Injury. All effort Is being hi uie i" sign Johnny
McCarthy to lake Holland's place In
the  bout.
Winged Wheelers Win Out.
Montreal, July 13. Yesterday afternoon Hie MA A.A. lacrosse team met
and defeated their old rivals, the
Shamrocks In a N.L.r. fixture by n
score of il-'J. The heady team work of
111" WVstniiiiinlors fairly dazzled the
Irishmen and ufler the MA.A.A. once
got a small lend, the Shamrocks teemed   to  gel   discouraged    und     missed
many good opportunities to score.
infle and Jackson's home run. Wash-
ngton went ahead with two more in
lie fifth and Cleveland caught up In
'he eighth.    Washington  scored   the
winning run in the ninth.
Score: R.    H.    E
Cleveland     j    "'     *
/ashington    5   11
Batteries:  Cullop, Mitchell. Kahler
Falkenberg nnd Carlsch; Johnson and
arrelful   >f 0
mfidence, the l'ort Co-  1900 in New Vork. and Matty won the
Tigers Beat  League  Leaders.
Detroit,  July   13     By  scores  of  T  1
iml 6-4 Detroit took both games of
���"day's double header from Philadelphia. Ilnuss was in fine form In 'lie
first, allow ing hut  five hits.
The second game was hard fought.
The Athletics established an earlv
lead. Ilelrnlt doing little with Hush
until Ihe sixth when a single hy Crawford, a triple by Cohh and singles by
Vouch and High tied the score. Hush
retiring In favor of Bender, who yielded what proved lo he the winning run.
the result of a triple by Vitl and
Crawford's   fly
Klr.it game: H.    II     E
Philadelphia     1     B     2
Detroit       1 10      1
llatteries.  Houck  and  Lapp: Ilnuss 1
and  McKee.
Second game; It. II      V.
ultlam team of the II  C, league will  title by knocking out Mysterious Billy I
attterapt    to    down    the    Moose   at , in  the  seventeenth     He didn't  hold j
Queen's Park and thus revenge them-  the title very long, losing it to "Rube"
s"'\,*s ior tho de:*,' handed them a  Ferns, who knocked him out In  the'
VVl .a,     go tenth round of a bout staged ill Toron- \
T01   [ht's crntest will allow the fans  to.     Matthews   was   "stage     struck"
to get 1 peek ?.t Ruyle, one of the most early   In   Mb   pugilistic career, and |
1 ilk, 11 n: am iteur twlrlers on the low- while he was champion headed a melo- 1
er mainland  who, according to critics, drama  company,  bul  he lacked  the
Is destined to make the jump to the! ability to make good on the stage aft- j
pr, s before another season hns pass- er he lost the title,   When he retired
ed  by     Hmle  has  been  kept out  of [from  the ring  he got a job as scene
the game for nearly a week by Man- shifter In a New York theatre, that
ager Goings simply to enable the Port being the nearest he could come to;
City  twlrler to l" al  Ins best  when the realization of liis dramatic ambl-j
he meets ihe Moose and the game will tion,
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
be u  test  of  iii" hitting  powers
lln-  local   team   when   they   face  him j
at the plate.
Manager Oraham    has    decided  to j
send   Hill  Save  to  the  mound  as  a
starter,   holding   Jack   Horne   as   re- |
serve.    Several  new   players nre  said
Hawaiian   Swimmer  Breaks  Own   Record���Speedy   Girl.
Ocean  Park, Cal.,    July    13.���Two
rough water records were broken to-
to have been signed on bv the Moose I day,  Duke  Kahanamoku  winning  the
manager, although that individual will I three-quarters of a mile swim,  do-
not divulge Ills llnp-up until a few
minutes before tlie game, which will
commence at 6:2D sharp.
Philadelphia    4
Detroit      d
llatteries:    J    Hush,     Hender
Bchang;  Lake and Stallage.
ing the distance In 13 minutes and il'-' J
seconds.    This  was  two  and   a   half
minutes  better  than the former record held by Ludy  Langer.  who finished   In   today's   race   only   six   feet
behind the  Hawaiian.    Until the last;
100 yards the two were head to head.
Dolly Mings clipped 2n seconds from
her own  record  when  she swam  S001
vards   In   9   minutes   nnd   7   seconds
(leorgla Carmany was second, 44 sec-
ondS  behind.
Australian? Still  Wlnninq.
Pittsburg,     July     13.--The   touring
Australian team of cricketers continued   to   overcome   a   team     from     the
Westminster   Ball   Tossers  Strong  on
I       Having llie game well In hand until
0  the   sixtli   inning,   errors   spoiled   the
ind Westminster ball  team on Saturday
afternoon al Queen's l'ark, with the
I result    that    North  Vancouver enme
White Sox Beat Champs. I through with n pailful of runs, which
Chicago,   Julv   13,    Hay   Collins   of more Ihan won:  final score 11-9.
Huston,   held   Chicago   to   three   seal - ]    The locals caine back ill the seventh
tered hits today and still Chicago won; end Shoved over an additional two ini Pittsburg Field club, getting 'i'l'i runs
3-D, Only one of lhe locals' runs was lhe eighlh. but the damage had al-'in the second Innings for n total of
earned, thai lielng the one Chase! ready been done and Manager Jones j 419. The visitors had scored 127
scored on a homer I.i deep lefl. 1 went  home chuckling. Irons on Friday.    In Ihe second inning
Score: H.    II.    E.      BUI   Sayce   ami   Gentry   formed   a I Pittsburg scored si runs and with 44 j
Hoston   2    fi    21good battery, bul pitching and catch- yesterday mnde a total of 125. Collins
Chicago    3      3      1 j ing Will never win a game so Ling us; was high batsman for the Australians,!
Ilalteries    i     '.:,.    ..nil    Ciirrignn;  the  fielders   are   miking   muff  plays,  scoring 81 runs in tlie second  inning:
Sen and Schalk. which Is just whal happened, 'today.   The Pittsburg team Increased
  The   locals   were   practically   com-   Iheir game today  almost   double,   but
International League. |posed of  Balmoral  players, onl)   lien-  v.as  no  malcht  for their foreign  op-
TorontO 4-2, Montreal 3-3. try froui th    Moose '.md Silver, oi lhe  poiuiilu. i
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Throyghbreds in Adion-550 PAGE   SIX
Classified Advertising
-..ived for The News at the follow-   IN   ORDER  TO  MEET   BOME   PAY-
ing places: F. T. Hill's drug store.
tiliS Columbia streel; A. Sprice.
Queensborough, Lulu Island.
* RATES. ���
�� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ���
Classlfled���One cent  per word  per
my; 4c per word per week; 15c per
^>r,nth; 6,000 words, to be used as rehired wlttln one year from  date of
. -iirnct,  (25.00.
Btanding crop, and clover and
i.mothy, about i'v acres. It. Wright,
Brunette road, Burqultlam,      H74.rn
house work. Apply box 1746 News
office. <1746*
ments I will for a'short time clear
lots or acreage at a very low figure.
Walter Neal, 2;! Sixth avenue
I'hone at meal times to R 1347.
Ono four room bungalow, two three
room houses, and one four room
house at Edmonds with basement
full size, plastered, electric light,
pantry, china cupboard, clothes
closet, Veranda front anil back,
neatly finished, new. Will take
small cash payment or deeded lot
for first payment, balance as rent,
(ieorge.* R. Love, Cumberland road,
East Hurnaby. (17117)
Entire Program    of    Civic    Improvements at Regina  Under Way���
' * New   Subway.
boat.   Apply 1321 Third avenue.
$1000, with 300 records, $500 buys
the lot. Also other furniture for
sale. Neukerchin, Sixth street, EaBt
Burnaby. 11714)
Regina, July 13.*���Tlje entire program of civic improvements lor this
year will soon be under way, the last
two contractors on the jobs here now-
being engaged in unloading machinery
prepartory to starting worn us soon as
possible. At the present time the
���fork has been delayed to some extent
hy the heavy and continuous rains,
Which have made the gronil soft nnd
muddy. The rains have hnd a particularly bad effect upon the work in
Broad street subway, where, in spite
of the big pumps kept continuously
working, it has been practically impossible to get  the storm sewer    iii,
Ths Highest Standard
of Quality and Value,
together with Absolute
Purity are the Characteristics of this Famous
Iii Sealed Load Packets Only.
Black, Mixed and Green.
Rose diverted a ear which  wns nbout ' ,
to roach New* York. New requirements
iii size, minimum weight, stamping,
etc., are now in effect for nearly all
kinds or fruit.   The circumstances ln : 	
New York city will doubtless have the
e"*u-vwhere herein!?lct   compUanoe Everything In the Universe
Say the Scientists.
MONDAY, JULY 14, 1913.
$2,600 hotwoMi Union Bay and Cumberland. Since the Buspects have been
1 railed it has been found that they
have paid as high as $S fur Ihree plea.
'lhis lo a Chinese cook, too. No ques-
tlons were asked Lut three pies were
demanded from one of the construction camps and the holdup men without asking the price, passed the Chinese cook $ti.
���orb   Particle*   of   the   Other���Solid
Matter a Man of Whirling Atomi.
every part of tlie province.   The pro-
lessional academic courses are arranged ou ti most extensive scale and will
,, ��� be continued throughout the month of
Every time it rains the  Broad BtraSe AuguEt    TlK. (,^,,f  pUrp0se    of    the
subway becomes a sea of mud and will
courses of learning will be to familiar-
G1RL       WANTED.
Seventh avenue.
I'hone 7"i5 I.
��� 11 RENT    NO. 609 RENT STREET,
, ight  roomed  modem house, nearly
new, $:ui a month.   Lease.   Phone
bungalow. :U7 Fifth avenue.    (17341
". i     KENT     FURNISHED,
lleasant  front  rooms     Apply
Cookaley, ill Eighth stre,
keeping rooms ut 124
rooma, all conveniences Apply on
premises, 4:i4 Seventh streel   1170*1
r r RN I s ii E n    HOUSEKEEPING
rooms to rem, "very   convenlenci
Apply 6l�� Hamilton street     11682)
week, nlso housekeeping rooma  at
���JOS  Eleventh   street. 11744 i
goods in good condition. Apply
549 Columbia street east.        1171")
no delay in  paving after the
OREGON, CALIFORNIA RAILROAD j rlallwa5' ,racks "e constructed,   and
be a bad place In which to work until-���, Uu, { bu,k of j,rovlnclal teaoh-
the storm sewer S Completed, when era ^ ^.^ liram.!l(.s ���, Bclenoe
City Engineer McArthur stated today, ^ Wch ^ 8hQuld bfl acquatDt.
the trouble should be ended and thel d am, wWch ���u,v can torward in
work rushed, rhe storm sewer will preparatory stages among their pupils.
I then keep the subway drained in spite ��hys,cal eulture. manual training, vo-
of heavy rams und tne work of laying Lal mu8lc, ari of different kinds, pre-
the streel railway track and the pav- Um, agriculture and like studle
ing can be carried on  rapidly
will be
timber land, lf you want to learn]"1"'1 -a every hope that the enUre
particulars of this I can tell you, fubway will be ready for use this fall
and help you file application to buy J" t'me ,0 e'v" ,,h,�� ?ilway an 0pp0'r:
at $2.601 per acre. Box 1707 News ! tu,ll'>- t0 complete the Improvement
office. 11707)
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges', every one guaranteed. Market square. 11677)
it   Is   waiting   to   do    before    snow
Calls It "Poppycock."
J. W. Smith declares that unless his
assessment is lowered he would take
his case to the judge in court for decision, for he contends that the assessment is neither fair nor equitable. The
property of l'eter McAra. Jr.. on un
opposite corner from the residence of
Mr. Smith, is assessed considerably
WITH j lower than  Mr.   Smith's,    while    the
please call phone 1331 L. Miss E, O.
Stevenson. (1741)
cleared for house in eity. funis A
Horgan. 11784)
monogram E. ('������ S. on hack. FIndei [property of the Asslniboia club is assessed considerably lower. The contention made by the city assessor that
Mr. Smith's property is more valuable
than the property across the street
because it is flanged by business property while the other is not, is "poppycock." said Mr. Smith, for anyone
knows that the street in front of a
property gauges the value of a property and not the lane at the rear.
No Black List.
RAD  DEBTS  COLLECTED  EVERY-      "I am aware of no black list In ex-
wbere.     No   collection,   no  charge. 1 istence that exempts a man from get-
will be Indulged in, The department
is looking for strong support, especially in the lne of agricultural work.
Trouble Brewing.
TrouLle is brewing In ward four for
the board of education. Parents of the
SOU school children who were on the
llorden street school register are up
in arms over their children being cast
adrift. Tlieir school building, just
vacated, is now being torn down to
clear the site for a portion of the new
two million dollar central techlncal institute. The parents want a new school
erected In the vicinity. A special committee has discovered that it is im-
nossible to secure a site in the locality owing to the phenomenal rise in
land values. Even by expropriation
the price would I," prohibitive. The
committee   has  decided  on  scattering
It le Located In "the Saddest Spot In
A contributor to the Manchester
Guardian has been visiting tbe Clin-
pelle Kxplatoire, lu tbe Rue des Ma- j
thtirlns, which he describes as "the ,
saddest spot lu Purls." Ile bad got It |
Into his bead that the remains of Louis | What Is soluble? Sugar in wuter?
Seize and Marie Antoinette hud entire- I That's easy, although jou have to be
ly disappeared, but he wns undeceived:   \X)ra \a Kentucky to perforin the trick
"Thia little chapel  wus  builL after \ |n (he uiint Julep trade.
the restoration, on tbe site of the old      is glass soluble lu water?    Offhand
burial ground of the Madeleine us an   we say no.   We are wrong   It Is.   ��ou
act of expiation for thc horrors of the   can try It yourself,
revolution and especially for the mur- !    Tuke un ordinary eight ounce water
der of the king and queen.    In that ' glass, n glass that holds eight ounces,
graveyard It was that tbey were has-   grind it up to a powder niul pour the
tlly buried In open cofllus filled with   powder into another glass full of water
quicklime.    But loving eyes nud bunds ;u���j s(|r |[ up.   Then analyze it. or. lf
watched   nnd   marked   the  spot,   and , (h|s |H above you. take it around tlie
the day came when the poor remains   corner to a man who can, and lie will
were brought to light   Even quicklime |le|| yon. and with truth, tliat tbe wu-
Is not all powerful, and there remain   nt,t |u (hut glass hud actually dissolved
ed the skulls, n Ume or two nnd���pa- I 3 per rent of the glass powder.
luetic detail���tbe elastic metal guri"-   '    isiqss Ls soluble, nearly us soluble as
which the unhappy 'AUtrli���hlenne' ������        oiililoriile of mercury.
wearing when Sanson's tireless as fell i    Everything    Is   soluble    In    water,
upon her beautiful neck. '-. Furthermore, everything  In  the  uul-
"Nor  was  that  all.    The  lime  hnd j verse is soluble in everything else In
formed a hard crust upon tlie open cof     ,*���, uuiverse.   Thut  Is  what  lliey  are
1    Portland.  July   13.  -Vergil   l'errlne,
And if a Bar of Gold Be Placed Upon ���   the youth who hold up and robbed the
Bar cf Lead Each In Time Will Ab-    i'ii'Bl   Stal
Hank of Milwaukee, near
this city, was Identified by Detective
Ackerman as Thomas Reid, a member
of the "H. O. Wliitey" gang of yegg-
men who were arrested here last winter on suspicion of blowing the sain
in the Alisky restaurant on Morrison
street, oilier members of the gang
are now In jull at Tbe dalles, Ore.,
awaiting trial on a charge!of robbing
a safe al Mosier. Perrlnej previously
had denied the former criminal exploits, but his Identification la complete, lie served thirty dayB in Tacoma last December,
tins and around lhe bodies, and tbere
embedded lay all lhe rest"
Tbe visitor descended a (light of steps
to a subterranean chapel, dim aud
chilly, nnd he continues:
"There before me, In a tiny circular
space Just beneath a little stained window, stood a white marble altar. En
shrined In that altar, minus tbe relics
ut   SL   Henls,  lie  nil  that cruelty  and
telling us now, ami the men who tell
us can perform un astonishing experiment right before your eyes to make
you mure tlmn linlf believe them.
They take u bur of gold und n bar of
lend. Tbey lay one bar on top of the
olher. Then Ihey sit around and smoke
cigars and wait, sny a year. Then they
take the two liars and analyze thetn
chemically,   In the gold bar they Hnd
hatred, lime anil nature, have left of | lead.    In the lend liar they  lind gold.
i.ouis Seize umi Marie Antoinette,   ah
wns silent. The stray vlsliors above
had gone. The traffic penetrated not
to this barren nnd uluiost secret celL
1   was  alone   with   the   injured  deud,
.. 1 1 .ilk nnd white. Reward. Address F. Ruy, S15 Tenth street.
the ex-Rorden street    school    pupils   with the Irresolute king who wns Ills
among the Clinton. King Kdward and ; own worst enemy, with the frivolous.
fascinating, suffering, martyred queen.
lansdowne classes. The decision bas
given great dissatisfaction. The parents savs the distances are lonir and
the danger great to younger children
through having to cress car tracks.
Amerlcnn-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 3i!G Hastings street west, Van
couver,  B.C. 11678)
Forty cords, mure or less, llr slabs
��� quired tot city schools. For purlieu
its apply at ofTice of Hoard of Bchool
���11st,*es, New Weatmlnater     ii74i;i
Furnished three room sulle. with
Path. Hot nnd cold waler. $87.60 pet
Bradley Apartments.
T218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
ting work with us because he waE
affiliated with the strikers who refused to work on account of the R, J.
Lecky contracts employing non-union
men to lay tile floors, ahout three j
weeks ago," is the statement made by
one of the members of Wilson &. Wll- Two Sons of
son, contractors on the McCallum Hill
No. 708 Seventh    avenue,    city.    Ave j building.
room,    fully    modem,    new    house. Off to  Hamilton.
owner will take   lot   as cash   pay-      Two I'ulman cars  will take nearly,
one  hundred   residents  to     Hamilton, '
Ont., for the Old Boy's'reunion. Aug.; Bw> Diego., Cal., July 13.- It ha*
11-ir,. A great manv people look for- ' iual become known that Mr. Shaffoe
ward to the manufacturing centre of Grant and Mr. O. S. Grant, both sons
Canada as a home, and it is expected'01' Mr. U. S. Grant, Jr., of this city,
that the number will increase before I barely escaped perishing on the de-
Ihey start. An endeavor will be made
to secure special rates or. the railways
and for this purpose a committee has
Uuiil and lead are soluble In em bother.
lf you haven I lime to wait a year to
find out, the trick can lie performed In
much shorter time   All that bus to be
done is to raise tlie temperature of lbe
two burs to u very ordinary heut-sny
300 or 400 degrees F.   Wltb this added
heat the sutne results nre reached over
In whose behalf the lb.ooii swords for night. Traces or gold are found all the
which Burke cried out In his ngouy i w;,y through the lend bar and vice
never   leuped   from   tbelr  Bcabbards���    versa.
alone with the poor remnants of per  i    .j-|le   theory   Is  that  nil   substances.
baps the most historic woman In his- 'whether gold or butter or leather, are   their custody or possession the follow
tory." really  composed of the smallest  kind   ing Title  Deed a  relating  to the    Bait*
Tills spot Is seldom visited.    "You * 0f small particles���about tbe size of the j property are reoues'ed to deliver the
wonder." says llie writer, "how much   particles making up the tall of the late
Re Lot "B'' cf the South 33 Acres of
Lot 377. Group 1. Except One Acre
Theretofore Conveyed, in the District of New West ���������iin ster.
A Certificate 1 f Indefi asible Title to
tli" above property will be Issued 1
William McBrlde on the istii day of
August, 1913, unless in the meantime
a valid objection thi reto be made to
me in writing liy a person or persons
claiming an estate or Interest therein,
or In anv part then of,
.1  C, OWYNN
Dlatrlol Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office.
New   Westminster.   B.C.,   12th   July,
The   person   or  persons  having
(lie   people   on   the   boulevard   a   few
yards away know or cure nliout it all."
He uses to Trade
ment.     A   good  deal   for   few   days
No. 1030 Fifth avenue, city, seven
room, fully modern house, large lot
to lane. Owner's equity $1300, bal-
iinc.e easy payments, will lake a lot
for equity.    Bi e us about  it.
U.   S.  Grant,  jr.,   Saved
Ey   Indian���Drank   Water from
Six room modern house at the corner j been appointed to take tlie matter up
of Tenth and Belleville streets;
lc 88x120, Owner's equity $-."00.
Balance payments small and easy,
being only i'idn every sis months.
Nei.   20/   and   209     Seventh     avenue.
Olty,  two  hue  new   houses  for    ox-I
cliun*-e   Owner will tnke reasonably!
priced property for equity,    Investi- j
gate at once.   These are good buys, j
Phone 312. Room  201
Westminster Trust Buiitding.
With  the  railroad  officials.
sort  several days ago.
The brothers were on their way in
an automobile to Imperial valley
When near the Salton sea and '17
'nili'R from Mecca their machine broke
down and they were unable to repair
if, Tlieir supply of water was soon
exhausted, and for two days and a
nigh* they hnd nothing except some
which they drank from the automobile radiator, and which caused Chau-
e Grant to become ill.
At Hr\t time the brothers had tram-
tied mige than 2" miles across the
Chaufee Grant c uld
frovince  of  British  Columbia. County
of   Westminster.
. .1 WIT:
By    virtue   ol a   distress warrant
��� sued in an action bl  Daniel E   Mi
anald and to me directed agalnsl the
i oods and chattels of Thomas Lcnlhen
1 have seized and taken tho following
All uf tbe  furniture,  beddlnn   cai
pots, blinds, linoleums, kitchen furnl
��� ire, etc .    in  the "Sti rllng    Hotel"
i-ittiaie    corner    Iloyal    avenue    nnd
���11I1   street,  New   Westminster, con
1 sting of the    contents    of    ',2    bed
1*1 nir.s, 7  kitchens and cafe    and    a
uantlly of other  goods and chattels
i'he   ubove   will   be   sold   as   a   going
Terms of snle rush.
All of which I shnll expose for sale
ai tiie sterling Hotel, corner K">.il
avenue and Tenth slreet. on Thurs
day, Hie 17th day of July, A l> 1913,
at the hour of 1" o'clock in the forenoon
New  Westminster. Julv  11,  1913
T. J.  ARMSTRONO,  SherlfT,
(17"!n Itnilifi (or Hi" Landlord
New  Viaduct  Plans  Take  Precedence
Over   Dock   Scheme���Alleged
Graft in City Hail.
1,eii  mace than
hoi saiffls.    Mr
1   no fin-tin-.
His brother then pressed on alone
making for un Indian cabin three
miles distant When he reached ll
some time was required to make F|g
'ire,. John, the Indian occupant of
the place, understand what was wanted.
Finally he comprehended, and hitching up a mule team to a wagon, accompanied Mr. (irant to the place
where he had left his brother.   They
Separate tenders Bupercribed,
"Ti ndi i foi Residence ol Head Gar- lation of thi
dener," ' It. & 0. Iin
tor  Residence  for    Engi-
for Hi Bldence of the Hur
I', nil, 1
"  Ti ml' i' tor  Residence  for Assis
tan I   Medical  Superintendent."
Theatre  Building  Columbia   Street.
Sealed tenders, superscribed Tender
respectively,  will  be received by the|delav of about three years before the
II rable the    Minister    ol    Public badly needed  modern docking faclll-
Works up I" noon of Monday, the iiXth ties are ready for use. The business
day of July, 1913, for the erection lot the line is now going alien,: at ;���
nnd completion of the following real- tremendous rute, said tbe mannger
denres n; the Mental Hospital, Bason- and he stated that If the business be
Toronto, July 13. -The new viaduct
plans for Toronto mean the abandonment of the million dollar project of
the   Richelieu   &   Ontario   Navlgatlou
company. Tbis was to have been 1 found Mr. Chaufee Grant lying on the
built out as far as the pn sent wind- -rround apparently '.;: a state of coin-
mill  line,  but  the  five  million  dollar   ppt.   collapse.
publicly  owned  dock  plans    for    tlie      'ii,,, Indian took the Grants to Mec-
harbor board will mean the exproprl-  ca,  where  they  took a  train  to  i.��
property now held liy the   \ngclts.
1. II. II. Glldersleeve, man- !	
tiger of the H. & O. western lines, de- 'T0R0N.T0 RIDDING ITSELF
eland   that   they   did   not   mind   the
board expropriating their property in
view of the modern dock system wblch
will he provided, hut thc company de
plored the fact that this will menu a
The Time When  6chley  Wss Almost
Scared to Death.
"Tbe  late Admiral  Schley   admitted
In conversation with tnu one nftemoou,
Sitting on the veranda of an  Atluntlc
I City hotel, that tlie llrst time he was
under tire he wus frightened almost to
dentil."  remarked   Victor   Uunlock  of
i Kansas.
"'When Admiral I'armgiit at Mobile
buy  boarded  my ship  1  was a young
i oitieer.' suid Admiral Schley, '01111 tn
llie height uf tlie buttle tlle enptnin nl
iny vessel wus killed 1 suddenly
found myself fnce to luce with u sit
nation which for ihe moment seemed
te Hike away nil of my nerve.
"'1 wus In a moment elevated to the
ciuiinanil of a battleship lu iii'tnnl en
* gn genie nt If I had been unnert'ed bj
ll��� shot and shell before, I was ui
musl terrified sl Hint Instant lu lie
midst of my predicament��� for thnt i>
whnt. It amounted to���Admiral Kami
gut boarded Hie ship. I dn imt know
what thought came to hlm when le-
snw me. for my luce must huve lie
trnyed my fear.
"'.lust nt thnt moment n shell whir.
red tieross lhe dei k. culling n line n*-
clennly ns if lt Md been done bv n
chisel Fnrriigut turned around to ine
niul snld: "Lieutenant let's tnke out
stnnd   on   this   line.     Tbey   suy   thnt
, lightning never strikes twice lu tbe
sume place "
"'I was mighty elnd to follow.' ��n1d
Admiral Schley 'I'nrrngut sti��,,l there
with the shells bursting all around nnd
I shnll never forget bow big and grand
tie appeared ' "-- Washington I'ost
same to the undersigned.
30th January, 1889, grant from tbe
crown to Charlotte Adele Rougue.
loth July, lsso, conveyance fro"i
Charlot'e Adele Rouguo to Roberl
Scotl Moncrieff
.1  c  GWYNN,
U74;;i        District Registrar of Titles.
dale  Ii c
"Residence for ihe Head Gardener,"
"Residence lor tin*  Engineer."
"ReBldi nee tm- tlie Bursar,"
"Residence for the Assistant  Medl-
, .il superintendent."
Plana,   specifications,   contract   and
tween Toronlo and Niagara Falls kepi
up Hi" acquirement of an addition:'.!
new steamer for the-Niagara routt
could be expected.       ,
Crooked Wort�� Alleged.
"It  is believed tlmt there hus been
crooked  work,"  Aid.  May ch irged  ii
Iformsof tender for each building may the city council, in asking that th
be seen on and after the 5th day of tender for a sewer on Park p.ao
Julv. 1913   ut th.- oficesof J. Mahonv, I R��'<''"  i"""'1  ,n  ln(lliln  *r0'
for general work, plumbing, healing Government Ag.nt. Vancouver; S. A.
'i'letcher,   Government    Agent.    New
Westminster: and the Department of .ni-d the petition with the city cle,
and electric light us lhe case may !>
and addressed to the undi rslgned will
be received up lo noon of Wednesday, Public  Works   Victoria, H. ('
16th July, for the erection and com- Intending  tenderers can, bv
pletion    of Theatre    Building    to    le- |ng   u,   ,|1(,   undersigned,   obtain   one
erected   on    Columbia   street,    New Copj   of drawings und  specifications
Westminster, n.C |���t Dach building ror the sum of fif-
t'lans and  specifications can  he oh- teen   dollars   ($l"i   for   each   set   re
he nol
accepted. '"I'h" sewer i-; unnecessary
Pronerty owners petliionid against it
the   proper  lime,   and   were   Informed
apply. Ithat  tii,. petition  was received    tm
"11 is a serious charge against the
city clerk's department, and 1 don'l
believe H " Aid. McBrlde declared
Toronto. July lil. The bane of the
travellers' existence, tho pickpocket
musl indeed keep up his reputation
,f "iliekenss" to evade tlie clutches
,f tiie local police. Alth ugh no spe-
-ial men are detailed off lo watch for
���Irs kind nf offender it i�� very neldom
���ih id thnt one of the nimble fingered gentry eludes lhe far reaching
nrma of the lav.* lor any length ol
linn .
As a consequence this class of <������-
fender i.% becoming comparatively
���are in Toronto. Vv*a the very !���������-
���us.ei -��� ntion whi' ii this violator comes
���*.i in iiie i.* lice courl it transpires
thai Uie offence occurred either on a
���ruin nr rt the denot. n C "id Mon "'.
��� l'fuirs which his led !h" polk*" de-
inrtment to complain of ihe Inade-
���n ���(,* protection given tn travellers
-igninpt tii" maraudings of the pick-
vdncd by responsible contractors   on
application to the architects.
The company do noi bind themselves to accept ihe lowest (ir any
<i70") Architects,
Telephones:  Office 53. Residence 429.
JOHN REID, Proprietor
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Gasoline
KngineB,  Marine  Engines  and   Automobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.   New Westminster, B.C.
jiiired,   whieh   will   he   refunded   on
their return in good order
Kiich   proposal   must  be   accompa
certificate of deposit on a chartered
bunk of Canada, made payable to the
Honorable ih" Minister of Public
Works, for lhe sum of 6 per cent, of
He*  tender   price,   which shall  lie   for-1
r"*''- " '������" i':"*> tendering decline |tin,.,, ������. BChool ,,���.���.,* ., K, ,.,< .,,,��� ,,
to em,, into contracl when called up- ,,,���.,, oertaln documents ready ihe pa-
on to do so, or il he Iuil tn complete , p,,,.s ���.,,,.��� ������, forthcoming, and the
the work contracted for. The cheques judKa ,,.���, ,.,,������. v,.rv emphatic re-
or certificates ol deposit of unsuccess ',���.iri1��� ,��� ���,..,*;,. about ihe laxity of the
ful tenderers     11 bo returned to 'hem s,,,���)(l) ,���,.,,.,, ,��� ,,���, ���,,,,,���,���, |n which
Rubber Tips For Hatpins.
Under a new law  which went Into
effect  recently  street enr  conductors
The property owners suy tliat one| throughout Sweden arc provided with
rubber tips by the government which
they shall furnish to women passengers not complying witli the new law
againat unprotected hatpins.
To wear hatpins with exposed points
Is now a misdemeanor In Sweden, and
women without the tips will be compelled to obtain them from the street
car men at a cost of 1 cent each.
of Ihe clerks receive! lhe petition nml
[held it up in tlm interests of contrac
'"���tors." Aid. Muy said  The tender was
referred  hack,  pending  nn   investigation.
Emphatic   Remarks.
Tin. school nontracl Investigation is
Lion For Dinner.
on Christinas. i^7t. a curious dlniii"
took place lu 1'urls Some score n* ��� nil
tni,utors und druftKineu nf the I'Iuihs,
llluslree dined ill Mngn.v'- reinmi'tHP
under the presidency nf M I'lrinn
I dibit, the publisher, tu tnste the linn
null I rt ���l lln- lllnl Iti in killed  lu   A
germ by Constance Clleret I'he rte��h
wns found to be imrtleulurij llriu uie
close grained, like Hint nt n horse. Inn
nevertheless quite imlutuble lie* nun.
was preferred In lhe lleill't which ill
Hi,,ugh skillfully prepared wllh mil
iie-i, wu*- pronounced suinevvhat tough
und liiiinuit ui digestion.
Mighty Tesae.
"Texas Is n tug state.' remarked the
unlive. "A man from the eastern purl
ef lhe slate Is n southerner: n limn
Irom Ihe oilier side of thu suite hi n
"How ubout a man from lhe north
ern part of the RlllleV"
"He s a Yankee.'''*- l-ouisviiie Courier
lamented comet, which were described
us the elemental essence of nothingness. These particles, which are as
much bigger than un utoin as n muuu-
taiu compared to n mouse, are In motion, revolving round each other fuster
than  thought,  nui' li  the same as the
: planets revolve round the sun.
If our microscopes were liig enough a
1 chunk of gold would appear to our
eyes much the sume as u  Hy hopper
I full of Hies tthc kind of hoppers tbey
'��� kiep  Iii  the cheese department of a
| country grocery store lu August!. Tbe
particles   nre   buzzing   und   jumping
��� tuueli tlie same ns these Hies.
When u bar nf gold comes In contact
with a bar "f lend their respective revolving  bllZZlllg  panicles  get together
���nnii get acquainted,   'ihey go exploring und nre Inst, and  before long, In-
i stend of having a bur of pure lend nnd
n bar uf pure gold we have two burs
I of alloyed meluls.
This discovery has upset nil sorts of
i scientific cnleiilntlnus.   If everything Is
suiulile  in everything  elso-nnd sclen-
tlsts enn gn on duplicating tlie gold-
, lend  example   without  end-bow  cun
iiiii thing exist In a pure sluteV It can't
Chemists   dispense   chemicals   under
the label "C. P." or "chemically pure."
bnt if a Hr. Wiley got nfter them mi
|the strict leiter nf tbe new theory lie
i would send Ihem all tn jnll, lieoailse the
chances ure Hint ull alleged pure eheni
;lenls have absorbed u liitle nf every
! tiling   tliey   enme   in   font net   with   In
i the process of tbelr manufacture.
j    Analytical chemists of this day lune
to   lake  Into  account   the  nuiniint  nf
; gluss   uny   given    solution    contains.
! when thev are lasting Hint solution in      ,,. ,        ,
', . ,, We now  have four trains dnilv m.d
test  u  lube.    Otherwise  Ihelr  results
j wouldn't enunt for anything. will give you ihe cheapest rate going
This dis,*,,very  sucgesis un pxplnna- ' ,,,���  ������iv   ,���   Eastern   points,    Imt    In
I tlnn of Ihni mysterious element in out
|,!,,.������   life    scent     Uow   call   n   htmild    Kootenay  und  olher  points.     We are
trace ids qmirryV   Everything n mnn   also  agents  i'r all  steamship  lines.
��� he" lies dissolves II IitiIt- "I hlm.   When
lhis foul fulls nu ihe ground he leaves
In  Iniee of himself     In  warm wenlher
or  hi  wet   wenlher Iie  len vs n  bigger
true  I till II  III   (nid  nr dry   Weullie:'.     A
I Iii������ni,l fullnwH :i dump nnii     Usually
j ins sense nf smell is ilut acute enough
tn fullon ii dry trail.
'lie suggestion lhat a fugitive pursued hy u bloodhound actually dis
sohes ii few panicles of himself every
lime his lent touches llie ground. Just
lis Ihoilgll he were n lump of sugar In
wnier, Bounds fnucifiil, imt n is appearing mure and more reasonable in
tlie  light  nf recent researches.- !���'.  I
For a License to Take and Use Water.
Notice is hereby given thut Dawson
and Grace, of South Westminster,
wil] apply for a license to take and
use one hundred inches of wnter out
of an unnamed creek, which flows in
a northerly direction through wild
land, owner unknown, and empties
into a ditch on subdivision near Scott
road. The water wlll he diverted at
a point south of Ladner road and will
be used for stock and domestic pin-
poses on tlie land described as a sub
division of fractional section Iin, il. ",
N.,  It. 2 W.
This notice was posted nn the
ground on ihe 8th day of July, lull.
Tie application will he died in the
office of tlie Wnn r Recorder at New
Objections may be tiled with th"
said Water Recorder nr witli the
Comptroller of Water ltigliis. Parliament Buildings, Victoria. B.C,
(171S) Applicants.
For reservation am
ippl)   to
i: i;
other particulars
OL'LET, Agent.
New Westminster
'1. W. BROD1E, ii.  I'   A
, nncouvcr.
B.C.Coast Service
Anderson lu Chicago Record���lleruld.
adjourned until some time in September,   Although Judge Winchester no-
upon   il xocutlon  nf  the contract.
Tenders will nol be considered unless mnde nm  on  the forms supplied.
signed wuh the actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed  in  tlie lie
velopes furnished,
Public Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works
he wns sunii"rTe'' bv (i R, Genrv, K
c. in order rn Pv tlm blame for ti"
occurrence Superintendent Blshon wus
culled to the stnnd lie declared thai
ihey conld tint lie obtained,
Summer Trainlno.
All things nre now ready for tlie
summer training nf teachers and the
department   of   education   has   spread
Victoria, B. C, July 1111, 191::. (1712) .forth their programs of instruction for
Wen., - -s.iis,,,s . oeircd.
Wenatchee, Wash.. July 13. Thi
larload of cherries sei/ed in New Vork
the other day was snipped from h p
iv Uie Wenatchee Produce company
I 'resident   t'onrad   Rose said   lhat tin*
matter  had   heen  adjusted   at   a  lots
,f less than $60 by transferring fruit,
from disqualified cups Into those    of
legally required sl/e and shape.    New
Another Mystery  Esplainea.
A woman frequently changes tic
uiiiiil That's why she Is able lo give
n peisnn h piece nf It und still ttlwuys
nnve enough lefl lot the next unc.-
Miiuuukee Sentinel
"Thnt   tramp   talks   funny,   mn am
ll,.  -u>s  ne  castigated   his Itinerary
I r < ��� Ml    I'.nslull "
*lle inly means lie beat tils wuy."-
Ilultnuure AnuThuu.'
Hi* Mittake.
"On my wuy t,, church I picked up
S button nnd put 11 III my change puck
et. where I bud a quarter."
"UructoUB, my denr! And you drop
ped It Into the collection basket by
"No. confound ltl I put In tlie quarter."���Judge.
Calm Before Storm.
"Why this hush In tlie house. Ihls
elaborate tiptoeing about'/"
"Ssh: Mother is getting ready to nsk
father fm' ll little extra money."-
Pittsburgh Post.
If thou takest time Into thy affnlrs ll
win niiiiy nud arrange all thlugs.-Apol
Leaves Vanoouver for Victoria 10 a. m,
'. l>. in. und 11 :lb.
Leaves Vanoouver for Boattle io a. m.
mil 11 p. m.
Leave* Vancouver fnr Nanalmo 10 a.m.
���nnl o :liii p.m.
Leavea Vancouver r��r Prince Rupert
nnl Northern Points Id " tv Wednes
days und Saturdays at  ii   p.m
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Chllllwack 7 ��. in Tuesday,
Thursday and Baturday.
Leaves Westminster 8 a. m. Monday,
Wednesday nml Friday.
BD. OOULET, Agent, New  Westminster.
il. \v   Hliuniio. ii. 1-   a.. Vancouver.
Record Price for Pies.
" Nanaimo,   July   18.    An   estimation
Inherited. 0f u,,, price of pies that would delight
Pa-Son. you talk too much.    Son-   thn manufacturer of pies like mother
enacted  last  winter are causing I Well. pn. am I to blame for your mnr  I made has at  last been discovered  nn
trouble nt certain points. The same
law is In effect in Chicago, but uo
complaints   bave   been   made    thore. *
rylng Into a talkative fumllyV-BostoD   Vancouver Island.   The honor belongs
I'ranacrtpt. - t0 ,h,! h"1'1"!1 m<'n wl1" relieved    tlle
i Hoyal bank clerks of Cumberland of
^ b       jtnrLx
AS                 H
t\\7     Cl
v!^IW i
m\*�� <.
1/3 ?
: story of Legurrier who said that the
j men  slept iu  his barn  is  thought to|
be a mylh  as official:*) could  find  nol
trace OI a fire  in    the    man's    yard!
1 where he said the COnVletS had burn- i
ed the clothes and his wife absolutely
denied any of the statements made by
James BaultQr, Toronto, died sud-
Wi rk on the new Welland ship ca-
nal will be started.
(ieorge Skelly was drowned while
swimming ut London.
Joseph lirlmley of Slmcoe died of
heart failure caused by the lieut while
at dinner In u Port Dover hotel.
The cornerstone wns laid for a
new st Ann's Roman Catholic church,
Ralph Croade of Hum'
rov ued while swlmimng
tnd '��� ma!.
erslnne  was
in llie Wel-
Bi ven babies which bad been drugged havo been found In Toronto bo far
i **;��� '.i ar,
Al the Flrsl Methodist church,
Lon h ii, Rov. Richard Whiting bade
his congregation farewell.
Pr nclpal King of Indore College,
India, deplored the luck of religion.*,
I raining in Toronto BChools.
Mrs. Hanna. Toronto, '*���'���', years old,
had her sigh: restored by an operation
after live years' blindness,
J,dm Olbbs, Toronlo, aged 23, was
drowned nl l'ort Credit. Evelyn Anns,
aged 6, was fatally burned.
I.n*. Boatbee, aged 20, son of Mr
and Mrs. William Goatbee, .Sault Ste,
Marie, was drowned ut Kspanolu.
Toronto will seek legislative authority to conduct u savings hunk, paying
Interest al th" rnte of I per cent.
A jury ui Saull Ste. Marie returned
., verdlcl pointing strongly tn tiie Implication "f .In. epii Larue iu tlie death
i :   hi.*  wife.
Irving Washington Johnston, winner of a gold medal ns ull round sport
champion nt the Centennial exhibition, died iii Hamilton
Tne populace of Saull Ste. Marie
��� imed OUl in masse to witness the
opening "f Bellevue l'urk, the Soo's
in a  recreation grounds.
Louise Phillips, of Thorold, look
, arbollc acid following a quarrel wiih
her sister, and the latter is believed
i i have dmw ned herself
'T'rribly crushed by a Qrand Trunk
train in the railroad yards at Mimi-
co, David Stewart, a fireman, died
from Bhock and inss of blond
Chief Williams, or London, Ont . is
the mw president of the Chief Constables' association of Canada Winnipeg Is lln-  n.*>:t  place of meeting
A .new record for the Catholic
church :n Ontario was made at Lon-
don   when  two  churches  in  the  one
1   I:     Were    d'dic.'lleil    Oil       tile       BUHIO
'lii" Dominion construction Co.
vus declared by the coroner's jury
in no way responsible for the fatal
explosion at Echo Lake. c. P. it construction camp.
Fully 26,000 people enjoyed tlie eec-
.nil's days program in connection with
Barrio's diamond Jubilee celebration
and old boys' reunion, a record crowd
fOl   tho town
While landing from a (light at
Chatham, Arthur Smilh, an aviator,
who was giving exhibitions during
carnival week, waa thrown from his
machine and badly hun
lion Adam Beck of London Ins
scored again, und uguinst the whole
world, iiliu liis "Frontenac" won the
first prize al lhe Olympic horse slinw
over ih    full course of jumps.
Th,* oxecutlve of the greal waterways union a' Toronto, paased a resolution urging the government that a
royal commission be appointed to Investigate requirements of developments nn the St. Lawrence river am'
tlie waterways between tlie Welland
canal and the upper lakes.
The rusloniB revenue for June n
$9,682,621, as against $8,978,324 ln
June, 1912.
Edward Mlkel, an employee of a
cheere box factory ut Phllipsvllle, accidentally tumbled into a val of boiling water.   Ho may die.
linn. W. T. White, minister of finance, with Mrs. Wlhte, sailed on tie
Iloyal George for a fi w weeks holiday in the old country.
Mis*; Mn:ri Dunn, the juvenile horse
woman from Canada, won the Ottawa
cup at the international horse show al
il:" Olympia, Li ndon, Kngland.
Alderman F. M. Clarke iris reseign-
ed from Belleville council owing to tlie
amendmenl in Uie municipal act which
disqualifies a division court clerk from
holding a seal.
lle'h  Patterson
stand  trial  on  a  ehu,--"    ci*    man
slaughter at Cobourg,   He is held responsible f'l' lb" l'i il sheeting of 12-
��� ��� :* old   Harold   Webb  on   June  22.
Mrs. Luna Shaw of Pohtt Ann, is in
ihe ccunty jail at Belleville on a war-
lames Russell Lowell Cleverly Hid
One In a Review.
E. d. Chamberlin's Secretary Is Retir-!
ing at the Age ol Thirty Years.
When   lv.  J.   Chamberlln  took  the]
vice-presidency ol the Grand Trunk
I'acific be  found n  boy  in  tiie office i
who hail been  secretary tn his prede- >
cessnr,   Mr.   Morse.    He   was  a  shy,1
retiring, almost bashful boy.    Hut, foi-1
lowing  hi.s  usual  custom,  Mr. Cham-
berlin tried him nut.    The boy cleared
the lirst low  lumps  very  nicely.    As
I they grew higher lie continued to clear!
| Ihem.
He did liis work well, although all ;
tlie while even in liis beardless youth ,
be was Looking fnr ii place to light up-j
nn, ii anything should happen.
When   lie  bail   saved   the   first  one I
hundred simoleons fmm Ins salary li�� j
bet it on  a  Int.    He  wnn, doubled,
was committed to.ulllj ���,���, ,���.,���,���.
He did bis work so well  that wbeu !
Mr. Chamberlln went tn Montreal as
president ol tie* Grand Trunk System
he took  "Old Nick" with him.
observing persons, watching the
president '���*. secretary, marking his
thoughtful  pose, marvelled  nt the ra-
r nl charging her with an attemut on
iie iif" of her huEband, Nelson Shaw,I pidity with which lie was aging. Ami
by putting poison���namely, ail of ced-*j nnw ut the age ol thirty, niter seven-
ar   in his food.
Hon. Hr. Roche, minister of the Interior, nfter a iwo month ���' trip to Kngland said: "Th* m '- no doubt that
there is a profound feeling of rcgreat nnly
which is not confined t*, either party
over Hie defeat of the Borden naval
pn posalB l.y tlie senate."
Winnipeg contemplates the establishment i f a municipal bank.
Hon. v.'. A. Charlton win open
Wlnn'neg's great industrial exhibition
July 8.
Latest reports nf err ps throughout
the wesl Bhow a Bplendld condition
of progress.
W A. Taylor, tiie 111 rarlan of the
law society. Winnipeg, complete!} hla
30th y-ar of office,
An  old time emploj if tlie c,  p.
I!, died at Winnipeg, in the person
of 0 II Baton, assistant master car
V. w. Jackson, H A . Parkdale (Toronto) collegiate institnte will become
profesror of botany at Manitoba agricultural college
l'eter I.ya]] & Sons . Ltd . millionaire contractors, of Montreal, will
ereei i!i,. largest olllce building in
Canada at lhe corner of Notre Dame
avenue east  and Main street,  Wlnnl-
ben years oi service, "Old Nick" lal
going away. Even at this moment In.*
has packed his trinkets and traps umi
said gund-bye b. the "liig Chief,
lew nf the other "Indians"
know tliut he going back, llut nl,
wlio know liiin regret lii- going. Ya
'entli In.-- coming and liis going will
leave a lesson behind, it has been
fashionable in recent yenr- tn record
in** accomplishments nf mature men
who have arrived. Magazines have
been established for the sule purpose
ol telling tales ni success, Hut here
is a man, a mere boy,- save inr tin-
gray hair���who i.n- air:.* I men in
his youth V* u .* m n will 'in well,
when .* i .���min j ui ii are learning the
railroad business, tn l illow his i sain*
ph.*.     Kiii.-illii  hn-   a   line  conception
01   lie*  Millie nl  WOr IB-    il"  , ���r.ivl-  tie ....
Kinsella has imd a town num.* i niter him nn ti,,. i.innd 'trunk Pacilic
winch .-hail stuiei as a monument tu
lib memory, but he has builded Ioi
lumsell a greatei in munient, IU foun- I
nut,mi 1,- ire i.n .:..i, Us en; .-tu:. i I-
.-peel. And now i. * go ���*-. bai ���; l" tne i
\vest. He has lasted tne intoxicant
i | sui cess. l'*e;' down in subcon
sciousness In.* lm- been singing soltly
tn himself:
wind  tinit whim]
il--  of  * . I,
llie   Wl
God -  gilt  "i  lie*  wild  thing
peopled tli" plain,
d   til"
The new proprietors of the Queen's1 ls sighing at.d *?.i
hotel, Winnipeg, W. II. Matthew and
l'i trie Bros., took possession, buying
tlie hns- for 1100,000 from the owners. Montgomery tiros., who for thirty
years have been in the hotel business
in that city
Thi' "Made-In-Canada" exhibition
train completed ai Portage iis second
annual t ur of Man.'* ba, Saskatchewan and Alberta and immediately left
for Toronto and Montreal. At the latter city, it will have covered sixty-six
Ilundred miles in fifty-two days.
W Sanford Kvans, first president
iof Hamilton Canadian club, with Dr.
Daniel Mclntyre, principal of the normal school, Wlnnlprg, nml A I. Cros-
s)n, financial broker, are Winnipeg
delegates to the conference nf Cani-
dlan clubs In  Hamilton,  August   26th
Calgary's assessment this year is
over {133.000,000; last vear it wa!
bly the
i.i  any
It. trai
mnn decapitated by the c. I'
*i at Calgary, was identified at
Blxby,  of  Smith  Falls,  Ontu-
(ieorge Lane, noted cattle man, who
hough' a 10,000 acre farm at Natnaka
I installed an outfit which includes i!l
Of the Jlfifl.oouiioo which the Cana- I hinders, IS drills, discs and harrows,
dian I'acific has appropriated for bet- 'tw" separators, 12 plows. 75 sets har-
termenls this year, $4,600,000 will be ness, Jl wagons, 'jnn working horses
poenl In new hotels according tol Guarded as so much gold. A. T.
Mayor Graham of Port William, Just Munroe, arrived In Calgary this week
returned from Montreal. j with   five  small   female  pure    black
Through lake passenger service he- foxes, which he captured In the Atha-
tween Chicago and ihe Canadian bend basca country and are valued at $1,600
nf  the  lakes    was    Inaugurated    al
Fori William this week, when Ihe big
new   strin-
liiere with
��� ���I first
rlca  docked
eaeli. lie has been offered a lump
sum of }7.?."i> for lhe five hy an eastern syndicate who will breed ihe animals for Iheir skins.
ll !' reported tliat Lleutenant-Col-
nncl laudrt, superintendent of tlie
Dominion arsenal at Quebec, has forwarded nis resignation tn the ininls-
ter of militia.
Fonm r   President of  the    OnllsJ
Slates William H. Tuft ;:rrlve,l In
si, Lambert's, jusl across the river
from Mon'real, July 1, where he
changed cars, en route for Murray
J. II. Lumpkin, of Montreal and Hal
Ifax, formerly of ih,- International
railway, has been appointed by the
Dominion government a commissioner
to suppress the white slave traffic in
Dr. F P, Walton, K. C , dean of
the faculty of law, Mciiiii university,
is leaving ill a few days for Cairo,
Egypt, where he will give a course of
lectures on Unman law, lasting a
yi ar.
Two hundred persons were rendered homeless, L'I horses burned to
tit nth, and a property property loss of
shout $75,000 resulted from a fire in
ihn block bounded by St. Genevieve,
Sl Antolne, nnl Labor streets and
Busby lnne, Montreal.
'lhe new bank  let. passed at the last
' Session of parliament, came into force
July I, but II will he over a monlli
before the returns under It nre submitted.    Slops will be taken nt  once
lo establish  n central  gold  reserve,
probably al Montreal.
Tlie I'r. ��� nr ii-,,, aectlons of ihe Bar-
num und liilley olrcUS train, 1S curs,
Ottwa to Montreal, run into a rnll-
r e,(| freight train lit V&lOlS, plowed
through llm caboose und another car,
ttopning only when llle engine hit
lhe Ihlrd car, which was loaded wllh
Tlmt no appeal can he taken against
Hie decision of a provincial board of
i inving picture censors. Is Hie decision of Mr. Justice Charboneau in tlie
i   'inn   brought   by   lhe  owner  of   Ihe
Rim Cleopatra, fnr whieh Mary Gar-
di i, ihe ppera Blnger, posed.
il, defeated
a, iu llanly.
MacBeth  Malcolm, Liber
T. J. Bjordahl, Conservatlv
by 4nn majority,
Wheal growing on Fred Pausl m'a
(arm, mar Rouleau, is two feel high,
while llie tallest Btalk measured was
two feel nighl nnd one-half inches,
and u beautiful, rich color
Reports from Meadow Ink", slate
Hint a pnrty of four land surveyors
working 3." miles north of Battleford
on n government survey, were held al
bay for throe days, and laler two nf
the party were drowned iu u muskeg.
They hud hnd fired all their nininimt-
tlon and were unable lo repulse lh"
wolves until relieved hy a half-breed
who brought In the bodies of lhe vie-
er oceans c!
gold -, and
I, too, am sighing lo see tbem again
To westward tin   m lUUtatlls, and eastward tlie  wn ��� IS,
Ami wonderful Winnipeg there witli
the goods."
Halda Indians.
' The Haida Indians are prob.
most advanced in civilization
baud in the far Canadian West, livery
stranger visiting the Queen C'uarloUo
Islands is aatouislied at tlie ni'arKcl
difference between tne Haidas ami
other times. Ihey arc met by men
and women who dress vli, win, speak
t 1   I....lish.   and   who   can   >i.~ u-u
many ul tue leading t ipics ol tne duj
it wa.- a common practice sixtj year.-
UgU   ini    tile    llaelll-   t"   1,11 1   toe   Mil  ill
, ast ami to return Vim their deau
warn 1- and captured s.avc.-. A lev*
me aduicted tn tin* use uf intoxicants,
aud lne mora) standard also of a
small inii.niity i-i nut as high as the
niiss onaries desire, but, in tins enn
nection, it must bu remembered thai
lne Indian marriage law is still gov-
' erned uy custom and is not subject
lu the restrictions introduced lor tm
g l of the whites.   Following anciein
custom  tin*  parent  select wives  aim
husbands tur their children,   lf oitnei
��� party becomes dissatisfied, in attei
years, when the  inllueuce nl tne pai
��� cut.- is no longer ml'., some Indians
du nnt consider it immoral to leave
liusoand ur Wlie und associate Willi
..tiiers. llie best men ol the Hatda
Nation, however, are endeavoring t-
abolish these customs and are trying
to lead their people on and on to a
realization oi tm uanelits of home life
un.lei Christian conditions. The ordinary   Indian   ol   many   lands  tak.'=
: littl i heed oi the progress going on
l around him.    it is  not sn witn the
Halda,-. They rend and study oondl-
1 lions,   and   ure   quite  as  conversant
with the affairs ol the world as any
community uf whites.
��� uiuseli  Mumnuciii
Kdmonton, July 13. The active pur.
suit of lhe four escaped convicts has
peen abandoned, according to Deputy
Warden Cnmtnlngs of the Kdmcnlon i
penitentiary, although tho mounted
police will still continue to keep a|
lookout for the fugitives
All the  penitentiary    guards
To    Honor
The Chatham Ti
Association has decided to stnrt uut
nn an active campaign fnr subscriptions for a monument tO be erected in
that city to the memory ol the Indian
chief, who figured in the war of IMS.
The citizens nre being canvassed Inr
donations und both Governments will
be asked to assist ni the movement,
lhi- project ba.- been on foot for some
lt is proposed tn erect tiie monument
on Tecumseh l'ark. in the centre ol
the city. Wallaceburg nnd Thames-
villi-  both bav,* schemes on toot to
erect   lnnniiineiits,   but   it is expected
that when the Chatham organization
gets under way, these two towns will
join witli Chatham and lend their in-
iiuence towards erecting the monument
iu the latter city.
Ate   Without   Arms.
The remarkable sight of an armless
heen recalled, the last two In the field   old woman named I'earce eating with
returning from Calgary tills morning,
While the Chase was nt Ils height it
was engaged in by ns many guards
ns could be spared from the penitentiary, moat of the convicts brine ken'
In the menntlc'c umlcr lock and key
Now thai n'l the guards have p-turn-
id th" ordinary routine will be resumed.
"Wn could noi keep the convicts
locked un any longer." said Mr. Cum-
m'n'is. "it would not he human "
"It looks lis If the rour men have
got   clean  invnv " he added.
The nn iinled police found llm
ciniiics  belonging  to  McKlllop,  one
of the escaped convlctu. Tliey were
hidden In a Clump of bushes In the
highlands and this to n certain extent discredits the other stories thai
the  men   wero   In   the  ll.ll.lt.    Tlio
in r feet was witnessed the other day
at the annual dinner given by the
Royal Antediluvian Order ol Buffaloes
at Kastboume  (Eng.) Town  Hall  to
lhe   i r   people   nf   the   town.     She
Wore her wedding-ring nu one of lier
tiles, and piled h"r knife and fork
witn great dexterity.
Stimulus To Study.
The system of dismissing pupil a
who ure proficient in their work half
an hour earlier than the more backward students, bus been adopted ill a
numlier of eastern schools in Canada,
Th.- spoctaclu , I,,.,r .������umt schoolmates playing ball while they arc
plodding   ill   their   desks   is   said   tn
stimulate the application ol the laggards.- Vancouver Province,
The Story That la Told of the Witty
Cleric, Sydney Smith, and the Wager
He Won While In the Pulpit���A
Buried Pun by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Horace B. Scudder In some reminiscences of James Hussell Lowell pointed out that the poet critic even iu his
soberest essays would sometimes hide
away n jest for llie delectation of spe
Clally discerning readers. Thus iu a '
review of Itlehurd Grant White's edl '
tl-iti uf sbukespoiire, Luweii remarked
"Tu every commentator who bus
wantonly tampered with the text or
obscured It with his inky cloud nf paraphrase we feel Inclined to apply tbe
quadrisyllable name of the brother of'
Agis. king of Spuria."
Professor l-'elton of Harvard, we are i
told, wns the tlrst to remember or dis-1
cover thnt the name of Ajjis' brother!
w.is Kndauildns.
A  mure opaque mystification Is con
tallied lu n passage in the first chapter
ol   Sulhnniel   Uuwthome's   "Our  Old |
Home"���opaque ouly  because  lie pur-
pusely seeks to conceal every clew to !
lb,- fact Hint a pun is buried beneath
the surface.
Ti.,- chapter is headed "Consular Ex- j
perleiices "   Speaking of the lights and i
shadows of tlie consul's office at Liver
pool,  where be wns stationed during
the   presidency, of   Franklin   Fierce.
Ilnwlhniiie dwells  with special pleas  j
ure mi  the visits of ti young Kngiish i
fi ���ml. "n scholar uud literary amuteur,
hei,i ecu whom und myself tliere sprung
up  nn  affectionate  uud,  I  trust,  not
transitory regard."
This friend used to come nnd sit or |
Btand by Hie Hawthorne fireside, "wltb
sin h   kind   euduruuee   of   the   ninny '.
rough republicanisms wherewith 1 us- I
stilled hiiu und sueh frank and amiable ,
assertion of all sorts uf English preju
dices and mistakes, that 1 understood
bis countrymen infinitely the better for !
hlm and was almost prepared to love j
the intensest Englishman of them all !
for his sake.  It would gratify my cher- J
ished remembrance of this denr friend j
if I could remind him without offeud- j
lug him. or letting the public know lt,
to introduce bis nume upon my page. |
Bright   was   the  illumination   of   my
dusky little apartment as often us be
made bis appearance there."
The casual reader never suspects
thut Hawthorne has deftly accomplished his purpose. It does not occur to
him that Bright, the apparent adjective
thut so cunningly begins n sentence
and therefore achieves the right to a
capital Initial, may be alternatively
read us a proper noun.
Henry A. Bright was. ln fnct. Haw-
i tborne's only intimate friend In Liverpool He wns u man of wealth and position in thnt town, a dilettante who
hnd published fur his own amusement
a botanical manual. "The English
Flower Garden." With Hawthorne he
���wuuld frequently call upon the local
bookseller, Henry Young, milking use
of li little nouk in the rear of the shop
to examine .ind discuss the recent pub
lienlinns. This came lo bc knowu as
n ii wt home's corner.
There Is a story told nbout Sydney
Smith that represents him us carrying
n concealed pun into the pulpit with
him The most familiar version is that
which Lord Hougbton used to tell.
When settled nt his small living ln
Yorkshire, Sydney willingly assisted
his brethren in tbut neighborhood in
their clerical duties. On one occasion
he dined with tiie incumbent on the
preceding Saturday. The evening
passed in great hilarity, the squire.
Kershaw by name, being conspicuous
by Ills loud enjoyment of the visitor's
"I am very glad thnt 1 have amused
you." said Sydney Smith nt parting,
"but you must uot laugh at my sermon
"1 should hope 1 know the difference
between here nnd u church." remarked
the squire n little tartly perhaps.
"I'm not so sure of thnt."
"I'll bet ynu a guinea on It."
"Take yon," suid tbe divine.
Nexi day the preacher ascended the
n,'i>s ,,r tbe pulpit apparently Buffering
frnm ll severe cold, wltll his hundker-
Chief to Ids fnce, und nt once sneezed
mu ihe name "Kershnwl" several times
in nirlnns Intonations,   This Ingenious
assumption nf tbe readiness with which
n mnn would recognize ids own name
In sounds unintelligible to the ears of
ol hers proved accurate. The poor
squire burst Into guffaw, to Ihe scan-
dul of the congregation. The minister
after looking at hlm with stern reproach proceeded with bis discourse
and won the bet
Another version makes the victim
of Sydney's jest n certain Sir Archibald Macdonald, equerry to the Duke
of Sussex. Sir Archibald snld to the
prelate, who was then a canon at St
I'll ill's cathedral:
"I will come some Sunday to hear
you preach,"
"If you do I shall name you from thc
pulpit." wns the reply.
Undaunted by ihls threat, Sir Archibald went to St Paul's.
Sydney entered the pulpit, looked
hurd ��t the baronet nnd was seized
Wltll u wonderful tit of sneezing.
"Ar-chle. Archie, Ar-chlei" was how
It sounded In Sir Archibald's cars, and
he could not help a sudden laugh of
recogultluU.-Wllliam S. Watah lu Bos
tuu Post
J. Hanna was interviewed by the attorney who has been retained by the
uncle in Chicago, and, along with a
broatber of Brand, who arrived from
Chicago, talked ;ver the matter with
Hi" provincial secretary, with the resull thai the matter was reported to
the Immigration department, und it Is
likely lhat a special license will be issued by ihe department so that the
couple can be married. The immigration officials on the American side
cannot then refuse to allow the couple to proceed to Brand's home in Chicago.
Tlie young man and the girl appear
arudous to he married. It Is expected
that the license to wed will arrive
soon and that the wedding will take
place shortly afterwards.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Injunction   Granted   Against   Erection
of Casket  Factory  On  These
Spokane. July 111. -Holding that an j
empty casket causes the same sensa- |
tion to one who beholds it as a casket!
with a body, Judge E. H. Sullivan allowed an injunction against the Inland
casket factory, which specifies that i
ihe factory may be constructed, but'
provides that it shall never be used!
tor manufacturing coffins.
The legal battle waged by property i
owners against the company, which is I
-re-ling a three-storey modern casket1
factory at Atlantic street and Car- j
lisle avenue, was begun several weeks
igo, when the property owners near
the improvement asked for an injunc-1
���ion to prevent the company from I
building and operating a casket fac- I
tory  In ihe residence district.
The witnesses testified tliat valuable i
residences were near the site of the!
factory and declared that they not
only opposed it because it was a fac- |
tory, but because of the nature of the i
product to be manufactured.
Attorney  Lester P.  Edge, who rep- '
rented  the properly  owners, and  At-1
toney A.  W.  Witherspion    for    the'
���ompany, argued the case    yesterday
afternoon.      Wltherspoon    contended
that the factory would be modem and
would   not   depreciate   the  value    ofl
property.    Attorney    Edge     declared
that great loss    would be suffered by
the property owners.
"Mere is a case where a company
has bought property in a district to'
out up a factory in which they plan
to manufacture coffins." said Judge j
I Sullivan in deciding the case. "The ;
1 testimony shows that they have;
: bought near residences worth $10,000.;
j "While 1 do not believe that the!
i noise or the dust will injure the prop- !
erty owners. I hold that the caskets
should not be manufactured in the
'plant, as 1 see no difference between
I an empty casket and a filled one."
Attorney Witherspoon will ask for a
: bond that the factory may be operated
j until the supreme court has given a
decision. He announced that the for-
I mer factory burned and that delay
��� meant a great loss.
w Westminster with Boulevard Dowr Bitulithic on Second Street, Ne
the Centre.
Bltulithic Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy oa
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For these reasons
Bitulithic Is commended highly by owners of automobiles anil horses,
householders, ana city officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
In Canada, and over two hundred lu the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
A Modern and
Handsome Office
can be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid of our
millwork. We have all ready
In stock panels, mouldings and
all necessary fittings to expedite the rush jobs. We shall be
glad to submit drawings and
estimates as we are specially
fitted up for this class of work.
Phone 473,  Queensborough.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
If you read THE NEWS
you get all the news, i
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, Tls.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Americai and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4 In. to 24-in. in diameter. Tbis is also made in this Province and we
consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Ume, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
Love Laughs at Locks.
Sarnia. July 18. -it Is expected thai
the   Brand   case,   whieh   hus   t*is��'d
such a sensation here, will be Battled
lln a manner Batlsfatcory to tbe young
Chicago brewer, who is ut  present  In i
Ithe juil here along with his betrothed
'who was arrested with him,   Hon. W runs EIGHT
MONDAY, JULY 14, 1913.
Remember the Place ���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
Carnations, new shipment,
per doten 20c.
"Glass Jar" brand Asparagus,
large cans, regular 85c. Today
each 25c.
Sutton's Worcester Sauce and
Urackj>ell's Club Sauce, new
goods and regular 35c. articles,
on sale today 20c. bottle.
I. X. ll brand Enchllades,
Chill Con Carne and Tamales,
2 cans 25c.
Krench Beans, large cans. 2
for 35c.
French Peas, large cans, 2 for
Krench Mushrooms, large cans
2 for 35c.
We will sell Jacobs No. 1 extra fancy Sweet Biscuits, regular 2 for 35c. at 2 pkgs for 25c.
Other lines of Sweet Biscuits,
very excellent goods, 2 lbs. 25c.
Charlotte Kusse   and   Raspberry Trifle, regular 2. for 25c.
I today 3 for 25c.
"     Snlder's Pork and Beans,   excellent goods at bargain price,
per can 10c.
Get a Soap Baby with a box
of Mother's Favorite  Soap,  for
��� 35c.
Get a crate of Raspberries for
$2,65, 2 boxes 25c.
Watermelons from 55c. to 9uc.
Gooseberries. extra large,
12'/2c. lb., 9 for $1.00.
Canteloupes,  large,  each   15c.
Peaches. Pears and Piums. 2
lbs. 25c. and 50c. per basket.
Apples,  No.   1   Eating,  3   lbs.
for 25c.
Bananas, Oranges and Cherries.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS
City News In Brief
All   notices  of  meetings,  entertain- \ OBITUARY.
ments. sales of work,    etc.,    in    this ' ���'-	
column  are   charged  for at the  rate j     DAME  -The    death      occurred    in
of 10 cents per line.    Please do notjNdw Westminster on Saturday of llr
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
Loose change day coining.
The city council will hold tbelr
regular weekly si ssion iu the council
chamber tonight. Acting Mayor Kt-II
ington will preside.
Augustus Haute, who has resided ln
the olty for the past five years, hut
who was previously one of tlle foremost physicians in Winnipeg.
Dr. Hume was horn in St. Gabriel,
Hrandon, Quebec. He practised In
Louisville for several years and then
removed to Winnipeg where he he
camo well known during the
Get it at the Koyal Pharmacy, 47 lhe spent there.
Sixth Btreet.    Tel. 1253. |167it) I     Deceased was 67 years of age    and
j death took place at his home on Sec
Watch    for   the   announcement   of   01ld sln.,,t.    He leaves to mourn  hi.-
loose change day In tomorrow's News, |loB8     Madame C,  l.oury,' his mother*
���  The V. M. C. A. held a short songl'""'aw'     . ,������, , , ,��� , . .    ....
... ...  ,, ,      ,,       , Funeral serv ees wi    lie held m the
Service ai the Royal Columbian bus *
pital  yesterday  evening.    Music  was
given by a trio from the B. C. E. It.
money under false pretences in the
Soulh I'acilic islnnd. Bernard arrived on the steamer Marama a little
over a fortnight ago. The Vancouver
police had been warned io watch out
for the man. and by means of his baggage Detectives Crew and Sttnstromc
traced him to 8 downtown hon 1.
Gcing to Use Oil.
The C. P, R. is nnw starting to convert locomotives iu the Vancouver-
North Bend service into oil burners,
and it is expected that all the engines
will be transformed by the end of the
Construct Creche.
A   permit   for the Creche, to   cost
$43,S00, was the largest issued during
0 years the past week in Vancouver. The total
of $SK,n(ir, la less than that of the
week before, but greater than the
aggregate of two weeks ago. There
were 42 pcrpiitB demanded.
May Come Again.
car shops.
Ice cream grotlo, Eighth Slreet
bakery, telephone 281. A. Hardman,
proprietor. (1670)
National Finance Company, Ltd., for
lire, life and accident insurance. 521
Columbia Btreet.    Phone 515.      11675)
Six New Westminster boys nre now
at the Y. M. C. A. boys' camp at
Howe sound. Others will go on Wed
iieBday and Friday.
Kor everything electrical see W.
D^y.'' House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. 1672)
Tomorrow night the tie polo game
between local teams will be played ofl
in the Y. M. C. A. swimming pool. He
sides this, other swimming events will
take  place.
St. Peter's cathedral on Tuesday
morning at 9 o'clock. Father Heck
will conduct the Bervlces and inter
ment wlll take place In the Roman
Catholic cemetery.
Messrs.  James  Kent,  general  niiiiv
'ager of the C. P. It. telegraphs, and .1.
McMillan, of Winnipeg, western superintendent of the system, returned yesterday  from    the island    where they
i visited Victoria, Alberni and Nanaimo.
1 Mr, Kent  stated that    no    extension
plans for the Island system were con-
Picnic a Success. itemple.ted at present, but said he wns
Port  Coquitlam,  July  13.���The  pic-  pleased with the big increase In husi-
nlc of the employees of the American   ness on  this coast  and  on the cable
Can factory at East .Burnaby. held at  lines.     This Ib  his  sixteenth   annual
Port Coqultlum on Saturday, proved n  inspection tour to the coast.
great  success,  ahout  75  people  com- '	
posing the party  that made Ihe trip  THOUSANDS AWAIT"
Money to loan on
improved  city    and
H per cent.   Alfred W
first mortgages.
farm property
MeLeod. (16711
to "The Gateway Cily." Tlie day was
put in with field sporting competitions
in which everybody participated and
dancing In the Coquitlam agricultural
hall. The distribution of prizes won
In the sporting events In tti-e ball In
the evening proved a fitting climax to
the outing.
It is-a great satisfaction to have one's earning power supplemented by the earning power
of his savings.
Money deposited here
earns four per cent, per
annum and the interest
is   added   each    three
5 months.
J     There are many other l
advantages extended to |
depositors with this institution     which     you
stitution    which    you
Call in and allow ua
to explain,
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships under Administration, over $8,000,000,
Trustee for Bondholders over
Three drunks arrested on Friday
and allowed out on ball after sobering
up forfeited their sureties on Satur
day In the police court, There were
no other cases,
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Tomorrow afternoon at 6 o'clock
the executive of the Progressive association will assemble in the association headquarters to discuss a number of important matters.
Poor Lo. to the number of three
and one half breed, will Ik- amongst
the motley crew who will face Magls
trate Edmonds this morning. The trio
are charged with being intoxicated.
while the half hreek is accused of supplying the Indians. Evidently the
, latter has heard very little ahout
Magistrate Kdmonds and the penalties
[handed out for such oftenders.
Against the Skeeters.
Port Coquitlam, July 13.���By scattering oil on stugnant pools, Port Coqultlam is taking precautions against
a mosquito plague. The mosquitoes
are reported to he giving considerable
trouble in the i astern portion of the
Fraser valley, particularly about Albion and Ituskin. where they are proving a pest to horses und cuttle.
Loves Her and Shoots Her.
Seattle, July Lh���Mrs. Mary Deiro,
20 years old, was shot and killed today by Bartholomew Chapelli, aged 32,
a lodger In her rooming house, whom
she had rejected as a suitor. After
killing Mrs. Deiro, who had been divorced, Chapelli attempted suicide by
shooting himself.    He will recover.
Wreck, But No One Hurt.
Swift Current, July 13.���Six cars on
the C. P. R. fast freight eastbound
were derailed three miles west of
here yesterday morning on account of
a broken journal on a 1 iiuled car.The
track was blocked for six hours. The
crew was badly shaken up, hut no one
was injured.
For pressed brick, fire clay, com
mon brick, cement, lime, plaster
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil. apply
to the B. C. Transport Co.. Ltd. Office
phone 826, wharf phone S80.      (1674)
The assizes court resumes today
when counsel for the crown will intimate the intention of the authorities
In regard to further procedure. It
Ib confidently assumed in legal circles
that, in view of Chief JuBtice Mac
donald's advice, all untried cases will
be- traversed to the fall aBsizes, and
that an effort will be made to bring
these assizes on as soon after the I
termination of the long vaoation as !
possible, ln that event the prisoners
convicted   will   be   arrayed   and
(Continued from pate ono)
the men on each railroad it ts si t
forth that tho conference committee
authorized to acl for such road, "declined to make any concession or
grant any portion of the increase in
"wages asked for or changed working
conditions requested, and in addition
have refused to submit the controversy to arbitration under the federal
law in effect governing such matters."
Up to the  Roads.
The  IsBtie  being   thus  drawn   and
the  men  having  voted   to  strike,    if
their   demands   were   refused,   it     remained for tlle general committee of ,
the  men    to  ratify    the  strike  vote
This  was done  loday  and,  according
to the leaders, the railroads will    he
given    probably    until    Tuesday    to
change their altitude,  when,  if they
still  refuse,  the  strike  order  will  go
into force, calling M.i.OUO or more men i
from work, with a possibility that this |
number  will be augmented  hy  thous j
anda of engineers and firemen.
Ao to whether the engineers and
firemen would join in a sympalh' tic ,
strike. Mr. Garretson said: "Thej
engineers and firemen are not bound ���
to go out on strike with us. On the
contrary, they are bound to remain ;
at their positions until sueh time as j
they think their lives and the lives of |
their passengers are endangered bv j
having inexperienced men on the .
* train crews."
Have You Paid
Your Bills?
Store Open
From 8 to 5.30
Highly Satisfactory has been the response to our advertisements during
the past two weeks by our patrons.
Liquidation of This
Immense Stock
Is progressing splendidly���many numbers have been sold cut, but
yet our ^reat stock has been scarcely touched. This week we
draw from reserve warehouses, bringing forward all stocks as
rapidly as we can make room for them.
Watch for our regular July Clearance Sale of strictly Summer
���Coeds. We promise you some startlingly low prices in Ladies'
Ready-to-Wear, Dress Goods, Silks, Cotton Fabrics and Men's
Wear. Every dollar's worth of Summer Goods will go, if not at
our price, a lower will push it along.
We have cur orders to sell the goods.   Watch our prices.
Don't spend a cent until you have a thorough look around here.
Boundary Bay |
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Maple  Reach  Turk,    being    a sub-
  j division   of  the   historic   old   Whalen
��� estate    on     Boundary     Hay.    is     at
Hold-up Man  Lays Dangerous  Course  last on ,he market in ",0x100 feet lots
: fronting broad  streetB and  with  per*
ipetual   beach     privileges.     This   has
: heen the camp ground  for scores    of
local  people for year".    The lots are
.selling   fast,   many   people   procuring
]the  locations  Ihey   had  occupied    as
tenants   for  years.     Prices  $330   and
upwards, easv terms.   Sole agents,
700 Columbia Street, City.
���Miniature   Riot���Honolulu
Thief Caught.
Vancouver.    July 13.���Held    up    bv
ihree   thugs   al   Heatley   and   Harris
streets earlv    Sunday    morning,    two
laborers,  Thomas  Duff  and   Ole  Oan
gus, were shot at, and Duff was badly
Ji!" I wounded in the knee    beforo    monev
the ' ,.,   ...   ...,,���_   ,	
Honorable Justice  Morrison will pro-
nounce sentence today.
could   he  taken   trom  them.    One  of
the robbers In trying to escape rushe
into the hands of a detective a  ha
We make awnings, tents and sails, [ block  down   Heatley  avenue,    Strug
renovate  carpets  and  draperies,    re- 81!,>i an'd cursing, he was hand-cuffed
make  and   repollsh   furniture,  manu- and brought to the police Btatlon. Dnfl
facture cedar dress and  waist boxes, ,a nmv in ���������'' i;","'r'11 hospital, whlb
window    seats   and    do all kinds of I detectives are searching the east end
ipholstery work
try.    We are the
window   shades,
terior    hangings.
I.ees Limited,
! The Popular Shoe Ste re
The  Home  of  Low  Prices.
641  Front Etreet.
Specials for this Week
Residence Y. W, C, A.       Phone 1324.
in leather or tapes
largest makers of
draperies    and     in
Estimates   given.
for traces of the other holdup men
Returning homeward from an evening
[spent downtown. Duff and Oangus
were suddenly confronted by three
t short masked men. GangUB gave ui
, his watch  and  all  llie money  In  his
i pockets.
"I   haven't   any   money,''   ci iof   Duff
to iheir rough demands. Enraged, one
of the thugs started shooting  and th
others quickly followed suit  Six sh* t
. .75;
i clearing
were fired,    Dull received n glancing  Canvas Shoe
in   the  knee  and   !'��� II   v. ith
New    Hospital    Cosy���C.    P.    R.    Oil
Tank's Large Capacity.
Port  Coqultlam, July   13,   The  private  hospital  jusl  opened  hy Drs,  F
,1    Doherty   and tl   Sutherland ������!  Port
Coqultlam   to  which  the  council    ofl    The   robbers   Blnrted  nl
that city donated    $2000   for   equip- different directions. A detectlvi  heard
uu nt.   Is   a   home-like   little   place the shots and the crleB. rushed up and
< mated on n commanding position nn   grappled one man as he was daBhlng
Barefoot  Sandals;   double   Bol
pair In Btore  	
Fleet-Foot Running Shoes;
line;   T  to 2   	
Boles;   all sizes   	
Ladies' White Canvas  Shoes;   leather'.
Men's  Fleet-Foot  Rubber    Soled    Ox* |
fords  75; i
Hoys'   Heavy   Leather  Soled    Canvas |
Shoes; Blzes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  93;
Men's Heavy   Leather   Soled    Iirown
1 bullet
,     The
all  sizes
the smith side of the town. It is nice-
n Inrnli hed and admirably lills the
hospital requirements of the Port
This space is too small lo Specify
< ur complete lines for your use and
comfort, Bathing raps. Themos
Dottles, drape, Linn . Lemon, Hasp-
berry Juice, Fac Cream, Mosquito
Powder, Talcum, are in part what we
cave. Safe lo say we have the beBt
stock in the city.
Curtis Drug Store
and  SEEDS,
Through the non appearance of tin
Hastings A, C . Porl Coqultlam base
| wll team won Saturday's B. C, leagui
, lixiure by default. While the Coqult
lam players were Sperling around h
the sunshine al   Port  Coqultlam  pro
! paring for the gat i phone messagi
was received from tha H.A.C olfir
In   Vancouver   stating   it   was   raining
��� here and  for thai   reason their team
could not make the trip.
P J Mclntyre and Arthur Mars re
Mimed io iheir homes In Port Coqult*
' lam on Saturday after a week's pleas-
ur,- cruise up the II. C. coaBt.
A large number of Orangemen from
Port Coqultlam, Port Moody and din.
trict attended the Orange celebration
m Vancouver on Saturday.
The C, P. It. oil tank which is being
erected nt Port Coqultlam will be 100
feel in diameter with a capacity of
1.000,000 gallons. The foundations
are at present being built The oil,
which wlll be used on locomotives on
the Cascade division of the C, P. It.
main line between Vancouver and
North Bend and possibly New Wesiminster, will he pumped from Port
Moody where tanks to receive It from
steamers will be erected,
Phone 431   L. D. 71;   Res. 72.
New Westminster, B. C.
Horticultural Show.
Porl   Coquitlam,  July   IS     The   first
annual  horticultural exhibition  under
ihe auspices ol the Coqultlam Agricul.
niral  Bocletj   will  bo  held on  Thurs-
iday, July 24, In  the Coqultlam agricultural hall here,    VV, ll   !���'  Oodwln,
II. C   llaiinam  and  (',  Davles are  the
committee  In   charge of  the  arrange-
mentS.     A   lengthy   and   varied     pro-
cram, which will include baseball and
: mi til games, is being arranged. Besides prizes for fruit exhibits, $r, will
be given for the host from  garden In
j the city,    Director John  Mars, of the
society, has been appointed judge.
Small Sized Irish Riot.
A small sized rlol ten*,*. plac�� during
the Orangemen's parade   on llastlneq
Btreet,   opposite   the   Rmpresa hotel
last evening, when a   ble    Irl hn *���
John O'Brien, made n h up ai Ilu  bo
ner of    the    Innlsklllen    lodge,    and
clutching one of the cords susnei ,| .,
from    it. nulled    it  downwards     Mr
Mercer, holding the standard, '
tls   back,   and   over  a   score   cf h'l    ���    ���
radea Jumped to his assistant ���     Thi
crowd rushed In, and In n tew m''<"tn
a hig    light    was   Immlni nt,    Polh ������
Conatable    Darker, polntman al    the
corner of  Main anil  Huntings streets,
ran up and  Belzed the  IrlBhmnn anri
managed to hold him  while he sum
moneil  tiie    police    patrol     O'Brien,
���Alio is a fireman and wns Intoxicated
is now Incarcerated In the cltj Jail
Geologists  Gather.
A, I.eroy  Is the  latest   member of
the  Dominion   geological   department
to come to the coast ie prenare plain?
for the visit of about 50 delegates to
the International Oeotogical congress
tO   this   province,     The   oilier   gentle
it"*n connected with the depnnmen'
who have been here for some time ar,
It. a McConnell und V li Clapp, Tin
party of famous Bcientlats from al'
narti nf f'e wor'd will arrive in Van
couver aboul the end of August
among them bPlng Dr Alfred Market
of Oxford universic. Dr H W. Brock
director of the geological survey, will
he in charge of the party, The itinerary as already mapped oui includes
a visit to several of the coal areas of
the province and a trip to the Yukon.
A number of local geologists will accompany the paiiy through the prov
Came Lrng Way.
Here to relieve the Vancouver
police of B charge, W, B, Jarrett, of
the Honolulu detective service, reached the olty yesterday Irom San Francisco. When he leaves tomorrow Mr.
Jarrett will be accompanied by William   Dernurd.  arrested  for  obtaining
Ladies' Snappy Tan Hotton Oxfords;
every size.    Per pair   $1.93
Ladies' $f, Hoots;  only   	
Ladies' Dress Boots;    broken
every  size;   value to $5  	
Gents' Ilex Kid Hlueher Hoots;
Cents' Dress Boots;
leather; every size
Gents' Tan Willow
Blucher    Hoots;     t'
Slater Hoots, F, VV.,
Hoots, etc.
Hotton  and
town.    Our
 $3 93
Hoots, Leckie
stub toe;
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia   St.,  Phones
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   St.   Market,  Phone   1205.
Edmonds   Market,  Phone   L883.
��� l. t	
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   In   New   Westminster.
Schaake  Machine Works.
Suits to   your
Fresh Plums 2 ihs. ror 'ini -. -. .
Fresh Peaches - lbs. for 26c * niTi C*V   Vt Ti(\     CQT-
Rlpe Tomatoes, per lb 20r j\JJL VACL     CU1V.4     iJCK \j
lm idmunoo ostrq, m p , presidimt.
C. A.  BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up
Re.erve Fund
Total Altrtt  -
$S, 000.000
ltipe Bananas, per dozen  a
Presh Strawberries. .. .2 boxes for 2
Fresh Cod nnd Halibut..2 lbs. for 2
Red  Spring Salmon,  per Ib 1
Smoked  Halibut    'i  lbs.  for 8
"In The Old Country"
; nd in the new, Dominion Bank Letters of Credit and Travellers'
Cheques, are good ai gold and safer to ca:ry.
They may be cashed In any Banking Town in the world, and
are sKf-identlfying.
Only the owner can cash them ���and if tost cr stolen, they ara
of nu value to Under or thief.
I Successor to Ayling & Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.  4U1
High   Class
Ladles   and   Gentlemen's
Take advantage Of the Business Man's Train nnd make your
homo at Crescent Beach (Blackie Spit) for the summer months.
Train leaves al 6:30 p.m. dally, on nnd after .lune 16, returning In
the morning in time for business,   Crescent   Beach   affords   ideal
conditions for aunimer homes, combining  the  best  of  bathing,  boat
ing Bt nil stages of the tide together with  fine beach,    Artesian v/t'll
water to all residents.    Let ub Bhow you this property.
F. J. HART  &  CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,
Marino Insurance.
Automobile  and
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
and   every   IS   minutes   until   9
p.m,    Half hourly servlre until
11   p.m.  with  lots  car at  midnight.
SATURDAYS���15    minute   ser
For Vancouver via Central l'ark.
WEEKDAYS 6 nnd 5.46 am.
vice is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���fl, 7, 7 80 8 und
S.30 und every 16 mlnuteB until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
fi.45 n.m. and hourly until 10 p.
tn.,  with   late  cur  at  11,80,
n.m. nnd 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 um. and    hourly
until  10  p.m.  with  late car ut
For Vancouver via
und every
hour until 11
huro until 11
hour until 11
7 a.m.
a.m.    and
Ib  mado at
and other polntB on l.ulu Island.
Eraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.16 u.m., 1.10 and
6,15 p.m.
POINTS���4.06 p.m.


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