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The New Westminster News Oct 7, 1913

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News Classlflsd Ada
Have proven tbelr worth br tbe
results   tbey   produce.     They   nil
targe   or   small   wants   at   small
The Weather.
New Westminster and the Lower
Mainland: Light to moderate winds,
, generally fair and slightly cooler.
Great Gale Drives Water Against Sandy Shores and
Whole Street Disappears���Two Miles of Territory
Devastated���No Lives Lost���Most Wires Down and
City is in Darkness.
Nome, Alaska, Oct. 6. -Nome haa
���been almost destroyed by a atorm.
The south aide of Front street la
gone. The sand ��plt ls none. Two
miles of territory next to the sea wus
dciaslated.    No Uvea were lout.
went along a narrow Band spit. This
sand Kplt waa rich In gold dual and
the earlier settlers built their cabins
tht re, �����
Lota of Gold.
Of late years the    sand    haa    been
worked out and   little  except  dredge
The storm  that   laat    night    begun ,operations, which require large capital,
beating In from Ilehrlng sea was    the | la being done.    It has been estimated
worst ever known here. Men and
women worked all nighl In the icy
water to save their household affects,
The electric light planl wus wrecked
and telephone service cut off The
loss is estimated at u million and a
half dollars.
There will be much suffering as outside help will bo required. U Inter Is
at hand and It will be Impossible to
git In supplies needed.
The steamships Victoria and Cor-
win, which were lying    in    the   road
lhat the dredges have enough ground
j iu sight to operate 5(1 jears more.
| Nome has produced more   than   $35.-
000,000 in gold dust.    Some years the
I yield has been us high ��b $8,000,000.
II hls year the production will not be
j more ihan $4,000,000 owing to the lack
i of water.
Channs in Season.
I     The summer population of Nome Is
I about 4000 and in winter -U00 remain,
I the others coming   out   on steamers
that leave late in October. One steam
ilamuge.    All  the small  boats on  the
beach were destroyed.    Klve hundred
booses have    been    demolished    and
more, are fulling.
' Built on Sand.
T-Tomo, the famous gold camp on
Ilehrlng sea, the most northerly elty
in the world, was built on a sandy sea
llfach. In front of the town there Is
uu anchorage ror ships, but steamers
<lo not make a landing. Cargoes and
passengers ure landed at an aerial
tramway Station In deep water. The
principal part of the town which a
ib-,.imi years ago had a population of
10,009 is on tho nast side of Bnake
river, with a linger extending to the
Burnaby Council Plcassd with Success
of Kingsway Day���City Press
Praised by Members.
Most of Spencer's Crimes
Were Committed in His
Mind, Say Police.
{Chicago Detectives   Can   Trace    But
One cr Two of Nl^etssn Avowe'd
Appreciation of tho fine work performed by the It. A. & I. society In
entertaining Uie visitors at tho exhibition timing Kn.gsway day, was expressed ul a met ting ot the Uurnuby
council lust nigut. Special mention
was made of tne wont of Alderman
Med Lynch aud A. K, Kellingion for
their part of tne program, together
with voles of I hanks lor the work of
the Canadian Mineral ItutiOi r company, the contractors on the highway
won-, and the press of the lower mam
ia'l'S'in ,u .    . <    .     Imltted, the police, after Investigating
Witb the exception of a few minutes   h|s  HU������(,d  crltnhb  in   various  cases
discussion on waterworksi matters, the | wtre   tonltfjt ������,     ,���,_   fe   flx ^
session  was  entirely  taken   up  wltn  hlm onI   ono murder 0_ "���"���
the oi.ic.ui    opening    of    Kingsway.      c    ta|n    ���,, , tol    ' f fl t
Councilor Coldicutt mentioned Burna- |tive8> announceS bu conviction    that
bys share of the cost of the    cere- Spencer, in  giving his  long, clrcum-
CblcasO, Oct. 6.���Of the ID murders
] Henry Spencer, slayer of Mrs. Mildred
lAlllsuu   itexreat,  swore  be  had  com-
of the cost of the
monies, which COSt had been spread
over ull the municipalities concerned
and amounted to a small sum compared with the great event of last
Councillor Fau Yel gave his report
Evidence  in   Sulzer  Trial
Brings to Ligh\ Another
Cash Contribution.
Ryans  of  New  York  Sent Governor
$10,000��� Sulzer    Compared
to Apostle Paul.
���tend, ran to the open sea and escaped I ship is yet lo leave Seattle for Nome.
1 II will be possible to send revenue
cutters to Nome to deliver supplies
and take away needy persons who
wish to leave.
Wireless Destroyed.
Seattle. Oct. 6.���Communication
with Nome bas been Interrupted since
:he middle of the afternoon, It is believed that the storm which ate away
the sauds pit and demolished a large
part of the city, practically destroyed
the wireless station by cutting off
Two steamers are yet to sail from
Seattle for Nome. It Is thought that
fewer people will winter In tbe camp
l'iau ever beforo since Its founding.
as chairman of thc proceedings, men
tionlng tlie hearty cooperation which I ,,avc "no" ^"cords'. In one case describ-
he had received from the other dele-ifcd by Spellcer. police records show
gallon*- Interested in the open ng. ithat a ,Jody waa recovered, but     the
Iteeve Mcf.regor. in the chair, spoke  detectives have as yet established no
of the way in  which the 11. A. &    I. | connection between Spencer and   the
Albany, N. Y., Oct. 6.���Governor
William Sulzer attempted to obtain
the influence of United States Senator Elihu Root and ot William Barnes,
chairman of the Republican state committee, to prevent the trial of his impeachment, according to testimony
adduced at the trial today, although
subsequently strickenr out by vote of
the court.
.    .   ,        . _  ,    _   , Allan  A.  Ryan, son of Thomas  F.
stantlal confession of fiendish crime. Ryan> a New York nnancier, gave the
was a consummate falsifier j testimony,    lt was also brought out
rour of the murders he said he com- through the testimony of Ignatius V.
mltted were perpetuated while 3pen- |McGle becretary of the elder Ryan.
eer was In the Illinois state peniten-1 that Governor Sulzer was the re-
llary at Joliet. Of the 12 alleged mur- ;clplellt 0f a $lu,000 cash campaign
u-!'.8t_l.e_'ol_ce_m iniBandoth,;rcltl.!9!Contribution   from   the   Ryans  which
was not reported    in the   governor's
society had conducted its part of the
proceedings, stating that Burnaby had
been only too pleased to assist the
Royal City In connection with the animal provincial exhibition.
Alderman Lynch s work as marshal
of the giant parade was commended
ou all Hides.
Councillor Stride moved that a vote
of thanks be passed to the R. A. & I.
society for their splendid work.
Reevo McGregor then mentioned
the work of the press which had given
all the publicity possible towards mak
tug the aflalr
"I_xei-.pt fer, possibly, two murders,
Spencer'- weird story of killing people
by hammering    in    their skulls   and
sworn campaign statement.
Same   Old   Bill.
"Tell your father I am the same old
Bill," young Mr. Ryan said tbe governor said to him over the telephone, in
asking for the contribution.
Mr. Ryuu was called to the stand
today after tbe attorneys for the lm-
Dominion Secret SerVij
Watching Sympathizers
in Canada.
Toronto and Winnipeg Under Eye��� If
Help Is Sent to Ulster Leaders
Will Be Sent to Jail.
Ottawa, Oct. 6.���The Evening Free
Press saya:
"Under instructions from the government the secret service agents attached to tbe Dominion police are now
watching the development of the Ulster movement in several Canadian
cities, notably In Toronto and Winnipeg. Any attempt In Canada to aid
the proposed Carson rebellion will
likely land the Dominion conspirators
in the criminal cotfrt and possibly In
the penitentiary for long terms. -
Government Concerned.
"The government is much concerned
City Council Concludes Its
Business in Half an
Alderman White Advocate* Thorough
Discussion of Gaa Bylaw Before
Day of Voting..       ,
The city council held a phenomenally short session last nlgbt, their
deliberations lasting but little over
half an hour.
Reports were few and communications fewer.
Alderman Kellington reported on
behalf of the special committee, composed of the mayor. Alderman Jardine and himself, to inquire into the
cause of the flre at Mr. D. Wltte's
house on Ninth street, near Third
avenue, alleged to have been started
over reports that at several points In by fumigating proceedings
Canada money is being raised to aid After listening to the evidence under
the movement of the north of Ireland 10ath the committee declared they had
and that there is little likelihood of j been unable to ascertain the cause or
Canadians being quietly enlisted and the fire, but were of the opinion that
eent forward for the Ulst * fight.
There has even been talk of a Canadian volunteer contingent.
Stop Movement.
The government of Canada has determined to strlfle such a movement
at the beginning and for the purpose
of obtaining the earliest Information
that the Dominion secret service has
been put upon the watch. The laws
are very severe against participation
in or aiding such disorders as that pro-
sin'k.ng their bodies in lakes seems !peachmeilt managers had obtained
pure fabrication,   said Captain Halpin! lgglon t0 reopen their case, which
tonight. "Ills imagination, stimulated ; lhey ami0unced as complete when
by drugs, poured out one of the most L^.^ a<1journed last Thursday. The
fantastic tales of murder that has ever :wUnega g^ that just a week before
come from a man whose mind is given I lne trlal ol impeachment began he
to dreams ot crime." ha(J gM��� oovernor suUer in the lat-1 Criminal Code of Canada aa treason
Captain    Halpin    declared   tonight lle_.g oIrice ln Nevv Yo.k. ��Rh  liability  to  punishment  in
that he had complete proof that Spen- j went to Washington. (torm of imprisonment for life,
testified the flnan-
to go to Washing
the evidence proved concluslvly that
the health officers had carried out
their work ln a proper manner and
were in no way responsible for tbe
Tbe report was adopted.
Tbe mayor Btated that a copy of the
evidence had been filed with the clerk
and anyone interested could see it.
Employment Bureau.
Alderman Dodd said he also had a
small report to make.    In the matter
^dbn^ibt-V-"ter0bJfC*,��r'to.ho.,ee ��f tJ>e employment bureau they hsd
rale    T?^-a_f.t"__'rS.!et__down_-ln ��">! found It Impossible to establish what
they  had originally   intended  to do.
tt>elThey now asked permission to make
"He asked me,'
New Vork. Oct ��.���The only selsure
of an nlgarette since the new tariff
Iuw went Into ���ffect that has rome to
the attention of the local customs officials was from a woman steamship
passenger's trunk and not from her
hat. It was said at tbe customs house
today. Instructions from Washington
regarding the Interpretation -of this
and other features of the tariff set
are being awaited.
Windsor. N.S.. OcL 6.--Pumping two
miles on a railroad hand car lo save
tlnci drowning men. Chariot Kuller
ended the rare with death on the
Avon river Suturday evening, rescued
two, but failed to reach the third,
<"c<ik Thompson, before he sunk fro;n
exhaustion. The three men belonged
to the tug Chester, from Parrisboro.
which had anchored off Avon port
(Saturday afternoon. The deceased,
wIio halls from Hantsporl, leaves a ���
wife and three children.
eer kilted Mr;-. Rexroat and was    al-      ..
success.   The reeve | mol|t cuuaUy confident that he murder- -,-i, ___   -,_���..���
paid special appreciation to the New ij Mrs   Xnin.lx-1 Wlcht I. . _.      _      _>    .      j ...   ...
Westminster papers for ft. full ��d ^ W^S��.. robbed D- ��"f.S'wISS?bS&SSmETS
accurate reports ot the allalr stating j _emlwr 4'm;f and ,he wa, beaten ��i^.^3^f^bU^mem^
that  tho  Royal  City  press had    e* ^ jjg, tbl .he died in th. county ^0^thl.^^"voU Ta"^.
hospital July 13, 1913. Lourt had no  righl to  ^  Wm  ana
PARSON ROBS NEWSIES. j    Thlg testimony preceded the open
ing of tlte case for the defence late in
cecded even Vancouver ln th. work,
ilteve McGregor, In mentioning the
���-jon traders, stated that In ali prcb-
aoillty a banquet would be held in
Vain ouver In tiie near future when
the heads of tha camp**? and tha
engineers would bo the guests of fhe
evening.   Councillor Macpherson mo��-
40,000 SIGN
gibsoh rami
Grabs Pennies to Pay Laundry Bill at
at Seattle.
Seattle. Oct. 6.���Is a man. If dead
broke, Justified    In   stealing pennies
ed a vote of thanks to tbe press and . from newsboys, stands to get money
to Die contractors. | enough to get hia laundry back from
the afternoon by Harvey D. HUnman.
I who compared Governor Bulser to the j
Apostle  Paul,  wboae former friends.
tbe attorney said, "did not attempt to j
impeach him or bis epistles because
People in Toronto Strep-els to
__ -*���*'* .-   -m*.
Mamaa aa D**u***at ta Pre.
Man from Gallows.
I certain alterations in  the offices of
tthe city hall upstairs to tit them for
I employment bureau purposes, aad, the
lose of the building Inspector and other
1 officials now located downstairs.   Tor ,
j this -purpose and tor the purpose of
getting  printed  forma, he  requeeted
authority to expend a sum not ea-
ceeding $1M.
The     necessary     authority     waa
First Reading of Bylaw.
The Fourth street   local   improve-
meat debenture 1
reed a ~
l_5��    **V   Rd    U***    WUilUr.1     Udt'K    HUUI    "���   ... . ���,  -    .    _       ���u_|      ..*���..   ..1*1,
The work  of municipal , Engineer Uto tvash io that he may put up a ��* **���* ������ h.sd done whilei acting with
Macpherson came In for special praise. Ig-cod appearance to rent an office on ram. and while one of tnem.
In   connection   with   the   waterworks (credit and go Into tbe real estate bus!-J c	
department. It was mentioned that the nets'*
Prealdent Wanta Hie Seoond Measure
Made Lew ae Faet as Senators
Knew How.
��� es
...   .. .*"_   .     ..'    , ,    _ wn       An  amendment  to the  waterworks''.'ian. who came here aa a Congreaa-i    _- #����� ,   ..*    -,-*_. **.*...,_������.i *��..
Washngton. Oct. ��,-Presldent Wll-      ,       allowln(- partlcg    dolng    work,tlonal  supplv  preacher,  when? arrest-     Torontcf  0��t  ^���^t* thftunod tons
tf^'li"'"!"?.^!^,^ *">" b>" matsrlal <"��� labor ln maklnSied after having been detected in gath- ��.f Thf _e��e mlili ��ea/tll�� t^n
with  Democratic senators, looking to |���t<.nilk)ni) t0 bo reimbursed at a later erlng tbe pennies from a news stand. !of elght squ*re ""*'- Mtif   *   -- *B
flrst time
Mayor Gray intimated that he had
seen Hon. C. J. Doherty. minister of
justice and had talked over the toat-
Torooto   Ort. �����Th. r-ih__.r,  _.���__�� Iter ��' ***t***' the government property
Toronto, Oct 6-The Gibson caae|te fnmt of ae m^ttaatlatr w��thhli_i
waa discussed at the meeting of   the land Col. Taylor.   ~"
��� inlr'Arlnl     *, ~_._____.I_ *s       _____        _____   _. I  _______."  _.. '
aepartment. 11 was mentioneu mat tne * ness. a|X  THOuSANO TONS OP IZ** ��"��cussed at the meeting of   the land Col. Taylor.    There waa nothing
estimates   for  entensions  at   nresent      This was the excuse offered for hlsl��,A     "ww HAy TURNED IN EAST I Ministerial association today at    the definite to announce but the minister
on file amounted to about $46,000.      (act by N. S. Wolfendale, an English-j -______.. " T. Jf. C. A. and 0 general endorsement said he would look Into the matter
ft tk \h D��#9�� f 4* **###' ���
th�� acceleration of the administration
currency bill's progress through the
The president has been informed
that some members of the banking
and currency committee plan to continue the hearings two weeks longer
und consume a month thereafter tn
working over the bill. He will endeavor to ascertain from members of
tho committee and Democratic senators generally what are the causes of
idelay. At the White House today it
*��:ik said that the president would feel
I justified In using every legitimate
i means to forward the progress of the
bill toward the statute books before
ithe end of the present session.
Toronto, Oct. 6,���In reply to
u query from the Tcrcnto Vcle-
gram, J. BJ, Poole, editor of the
i.lve S'.ock World of , hicngo.
thus summaries tiie cattle
situation as infer',ud by the
new In:ifl reiiioi.ng the duty
on live stock,
"', he best information ob-
tainablo ut the stock yarda
here Is that little fat beer can
come over from Ontario and
lhat. the Cunadlaif west has no
surplus. The effect of the
tariff bill will be to raise Canadian prices to a parity with
the United Slates. The shortage of both fat and stuck cattle
is emphatic. Despite the short
corn crop a bundred thousand
thin Canadian cattle could be
absorbed by the corn belt without depressing prices, materially. Canadian packers and
meat consumers will be penalized by free trade. There are
only 70,006 cattle at the six
western markets today, whereaa 85,000 is the normal run.
Chicago bad only 4000 western
range cattle today against 7500
last year. Tho year 1914 wlll
witness an acute cattle shortage all over the continent."
C(iicaeo Buyers Out.
I/ondon, Ont., Oct. 6.���A despateh from Glencoe says as a
result of the new tariff which
admits Canadian cattle to the
United States markets free of
duty, buyers representing Chicago packers are In thla section
trying to buy first class stock.
Buying at Kingston.
Kingston, Ont., Oct. ���.���Dealers from the United Btates are
buying up great quantities of
the stock cattle and cream for
shipment across the border and
thus are depleting the already
scarce supplies here. Cattle
have gone up In price.
Building     Inspector    Issues    $20,300
Ticket for Nsw Occidental Hotel
��� ft ft ft* ft ft ft ft ft tt ft ft ft ft ��
Another four storey building Is
J I be erected on Columbia street In the
* ; Immediate future, tbls being the Occidental hotel, tho contract for raxing
the old building and, erecting a new
one having beea awarded to the firm
of Miller ft Jewhurst yesterday morn-
Ing. Immediately after the contract
was signed, Mr. Miller, of the Arm,
took out a building permit for -$20,000.
which, together with other buildings
contemplated this month, will swell
the aggregate cost or permits to a
tidy sum.
The hew Occidental hotel, located
opposite the Westminster block. Is thc
result of the new provincial liquor act
which calls for 30 bedrooms In a
hotel and which goes Into effect ln
January of 11)14.
The business waa taken over by
Messrs. Swanson ft Hansen a tew
weeks ago from Michael Gowan and.
according to the owners, a modern
hostel In every respect wlll replace
the present two storey building.
Work on the addition to the Liverpool Arms hotel, located further up
the streeL the contract for whloh was
recently awarded to Sloan ft Harrison,
wlll be started within the uext two
weeks. ' ,������
lit addition to these hotels, the
Lytton and Holbtook hotels are alio
ln line for additions and alterations, a
two storey addition being contemplated for the latter, while structural
alterations In the Interior of the Lytton are also being planned.
The work of making plana for the
whole four buildings 1s In ttie hands
cf Gardiner ft Mercer, architects
of Bradford, Slmcoe county, *ere de-
It was referred to the solicitor He Is in the city jail, booked upon a I g "^v fl�� S^dS afSfltoda l��
action could be taken. 'charge of disorderly conduct. S3H._5 Sfl^LT^t^A*
Statement by E. P. Davis
Causes Sir Charles Tup-
pet to Object.
Question of Prison Record ef Aceuaed
Causs of Trouble���Matter to Be
Decided Today.
It is quite possible tbat tha six days'
evidence already taken In the Dean
trial may go for naught, the present
Jury discharged, a new one empanelled
and the whole dreary details gone
over again. '
This may be the .outcome ot an Interjected statement by E. P. Davis,
K.C, who Is assisting Mr. MacNeil,
K.C, crown counsel, that Dean hsd
been sentenced to 20 yean in the
Minnesota penitentiary tur robbery.
The statement was made daring ��� debate between Mr. Davis aad Clr
Charles Hibbert Tupper for the do-
fence, as to the admissibility of cross-
examining the witness Greenwood on
his alleged affidavit In jthe extradition
proceedings against Dean and the
United States commissioner's report
upon these proceedings.
Mr. Davis objected warmly to the
commissioner's report bolus quoted
and hestedly came out with the objectionable statement
Sir Charles at once rejoined that
Mr. Davis' statement hefore the .tarr
would entitle him to claim a mistrial
should his client be convicted.
On the resumntion of the trial after
luncheon Sir Charles agate returned
to the statement.
Might Debate Privately.
.lii'tlce Clement suggested they
mlrht go ��n now and let the stenog-
ra-jnier mske a transcript of his notes
In regard to the Incident and ttavd It
debated privately.
S.l\.Ch,rtM pointed ont the great
oretadlce It created againat bta client
In the minds of the Jury.   If It suited
SL' M* 5 ���_ ��"�������"��"������ tm would
like It decided thero wttWt. deter aa
the longer it was delayed the greater
the prejudice.
The court again snmeted. glvlne
the stenographer time to deocftba bla
notes and that after tba adkmrhmeM
tho Jury need not ba ewnnumed td
appear until ID iii when they might b��
secluded until couHMl had discussed
the point before him. What waa In
his mind was whether it -Vas not bis
duty to discharge the pre*nt jury.
He would hear them both toiSbrrow,
Had Pardon.'
In thla connection and tn Justice to]
tbe accused it may be mentioned that
Adam S. Johnston, Junior counsel for
Dean, stated he had In his possession
a pardon for his client from the board
of state prisons, on the ground that
newly ('acrvered evidence had satisfied th'tn that Dean was not guilty
and th-1 this <-as concurred in by tbe
prosecutlrT e'torney and trial Judge.
The psrttci-iar part of the evidence
that started the commotion waa when
Sir Charles asked Qreenwood tt he
hsd described tbe motor In which he
hsd sworn in an affidavit sent In con-
paction with Dean'e extradition, tbat
he saw Dean In waa black wltb a tray
Mr. Darls objected that there waa
no such affidavit aad Vltnesa should
not be cross-examined te tela way.
Sir Charlea said It was an extraordinary thing tbat tbe crown had got
certain depositions trom this witness
and had omitted te earn him wltb thla
������ry one. He wanted to get It.l
Never Was Any.
Mr. Davie���The daly explanation ��t
that la that there never was any eaeb
a deaoattion. Kvenrtblng we bare
eoplee ot haa beea aerved on mr
learned friend. Pmaaally I never
say inch a deposition ami I know Instruction* were ��rr�� to aupply my
fri-nd with everytbte*'���
Sir Charles then blind permtseloa
to read the commlsefcmer's report
Might Wat ���ttaaatlen.
The court ruled H wae not evidence
in theeaee. bat Sir Charles ��Wbt pat
the aoMtlon ae to bla deeeriptloa ot
tbo motor.
Sir Charlea tba�� naked witness It
teg extradited.   Ubttr
ww*. rvnfmHr ��� ���wmmawWt
WKwC** I ***** remember.   I
cendiarlsm ts suspected and in fhe
district affected there is an outcry
for government Investigation at once.
The fire was checked finally by the
Holland river.
 This stretch-of marsh land ts the
source of S'.ipp'y for several Toronto
firms which manufacture mattresses.
The loss is estimated at $60,000 aa
barns, machinery and fences were all
Montreal'. Oat, 6���Sir Gilbert Par-
bar, Canadian novelist, aud F. R. Ben-
Ion. Shakespearian actor, were given
tee degree of Doctor Of Laws by Me-
iCl-ll university today. In giring Mr.
Benson his degree. Dr. Petereon. bead
'of the university, said ho actor ever
hsd been thus honOMd m North
PROFITS tratidfr
Spokane, Oet. 6.���The Northwest ���**>
tato deal, negotiated by the North
Pacific rruit Dietrtbutore. chiefly In
southern Idaho, will mean $700,000 extra te prices te the growera thla season, so W.< N. Yoet trustee from southern Idaho, believes. The addltkmal
prices are bated on a conservative pollinate of the season's crop, which will
be ooneMerably lett than a year ago.
"The toad growera et Idaho bad
practically deelded that 10 oenta waa
an tbe buyers woold pay ami' war*
Jest randy to let looee when tbo dto-
tribtttora stepped te." said Mr. Teat
of the petitions was given, and    thel with Col. Taylor, who understood th*
president and secretary were instruct- whole position and give them the need to send a telegram to the minister cestary reply ae soon ag possible,
of justice should clemency be exer- j   Alderman   Kellington   added   that-
cised. they had met the Inspector of penl-
Furty thousand persons have signed tentiarles,  who took the matter up
(Ooottaued m **m iw.)
a. 0.1 a. <
fectcrtly innlds the <
lest week, little'
vteo maintained
rat to" ~
by tal
a Utah.
the petitions scattered all through
Toronto asking that the death sentence imposed on Gibson following his
conviction of the murder ot Joaeph
noseothal be commuted to life imprisonment
Never before in the history of Ontario bave such vigorous efforts been
taken to eave a man from the gallows.
Fred White stood jn frpnt of tbe
city hall- this morning between the
now of 10:30 and 11:30 and obtained
400 signatures. People almoat foufcht
to get to blm. -
with the warden, Mr. Brown. There
w uld be a report to the minister ot
justice from the inspector.
Gas Bylaw. -
Alderman White referred to the ��?.s
bylaw and aald it had been their intention to hold a public meeting on
Friday, the 17th. when the voting oa
tt had been tentatively fixed for the.
��th, Thankagivipg day. It leemM {��
him advitable to hold that meeting
earlier to explain the proposition thoroughly aa from various tpienkstlva
discussions It teemed    there
(Continued oa Pago aflgbtj
West Holds Key To
International Peace
Dr. W. Eraas Darby Shows
Power of B. C. In Clock-
im Mad Race.
Saya War
Maltose Addieee
In hit loetara at St Psafe
m\**\\\\% ���IfV^ Imi   Wa
_.*___. v^i ?tR__! ' ^^^^___-*B-B'jL^^'   t^-^I, ������^^W'f
thon*, tor oe bond battleeblm.-
** ***** aagttskman than brief*
sketched the ohleet teem tbo United
Hoe ami caaoda hod beta to tk��
S^*.!^*^''**����� ��-*^
���Me bp oUe wtth torn aa ��� irratf
border irast, al not essoa bt   taa,
i WM
ftfft. !*��>'
SL. ,, p��oe two
As independent mornina paper devoted to ths Inter ���tt* ol New West minuter and
'����� l*r***r V*lleu Publlthed ever*/ mortiinj except Sunday by the national Printing
fit Publithing Company, Limited, at OS HcKentie Btreet, New Westminster, British
��� ���"i.mHo. ROBB BUTUBRLAND, Managing Director.
All communications should be addressed lo The New Wettmintter Sews, and not
it individual members of the staff. Cheuuct, draftt, and money order* should be made
...nable to The national Printing snd Pullishitig Company, Limited.
TBLEPHONEH���Buttin*** Office and -fanaper, ������; Editorial Rooms (all depart-
���mentt),   Dtl.
SUBSCRIPTION RATBB���By carrier. 14 per year, 11 for thrco montha, 40c per
month.   By mail, 13 prr year, ito per month.
ADVERTISING RATBB on application.
Centennial Festival Waa An Uproarious Affair.
It is a singular fact that every Ham
iltonian is nn enthusiastic champion
of his native city. Even those who
hnve been away aud know better affirm
with amazing earnestness that Hamilton is not only the greatest city in thc
world, but that it boasts the handsomest women and tho biggest supply of
electric light, so that this great wealth
of beauty can bo seen by night as well
as by day. We iust all admit thut
Hamilton is a well-lighted city and that
thu beauty of her fair citizens is
worthy of so much effulgence. But why
have bo many insisted that Hamilton is
a plaee for rest and the full enjoyment
of the quiet lifel Why have we, with
disdain, gono through on the train never
even condescending to look out from
tho window! That has been because we
have not known that Hamilton is the
great manufacturing city of Canada;
that her white conl is famous for power
us well as for light; that her manufactures are shipped to tho ends of tho
In tho train going over n man stood
in the aisle of tho dining car and
told with patriotic fevor about
the biggest steel cable in the world
being made in Hamilton! It is as thick
ns your two wrists! Not so very thick
as some substances go, but "for a
steel cable ��� well, as the small boy
would say, "that's Bomo cable." It
was exhibited at the Armories, where
there as a magnificent display of
things made in Hamilton, aud' not
only visitors, but ardent citizen- as
well, never would huve dreamed that
this city that wus supposed to be
sleeping under tho mountain could
display as extensive ond so varied a
collection of manufactured goods.
It was like a huge midway nt a
fair, with a plentiful ond heterogenous
assemblage of side shows, and one
had not paid full homage to Hamilton's greatness until oue had seen the
biggest man on earth, drunk a King
Oeorge soda and eaten an Old Boys'
sundae. The fully equipped c* e-
brants wore gay costumes of various
descriptions, ac' nt a carnival, nnd
carried  ticklers,  bunches   of   confetti.
They Muat Go Lightly to Prevent Citizens From Losing Their Beauty
Toronto. Oct. ('.. -Milkmen will soon
Arrangement Made For    Rangers
Have   Dangerous   Condition!
One of the most peculiar features of the Home Rule
situation in the old country is the general ignorance of
what the whole trouble is about and the general willingness to express an opinion on the matter in spite of ignorance.
Right in the heart of the country where the Home
Rule agitation lives and moves and has its being, not one
i in one hundred could sit down on the curbstone and
give you anything like an intelligent idea of what one
side is fighting for and the other party is working against.
One man will tell you that Carson is a bluffer and
thc next individual you meet will intimate that Redmond
has sinister designs on the freedom of Ireland. A third
will curse the government and a fourth will consign the
entire Unionist party to perdition. Home Rule is an invention of the devil and it is a product of the minds of
anrels, but nobody can tell you in plain English what it
really is. .
It's like the sea serpent, or the dragon of ancient
fable; it is much talked about and little known.
The man with the glint of orange in his buttonhole
will swear that Home Rule never will pass and he with the
sheen of green in his eye will just as steadfastly declare
that it will go into effect. There will be war over it and
tbere will not be any fighting at all. It will be the making
of Ireland and it will result in the complete ruin of the
fi lire-country. It will be the greatest achievement of the
-Asquith government and it will cause the wreck of the
Liberal party in Great Britain. The king will interfere;
and lie will. not.  There is to be a compromise and there ��E^.rf^_J$!^J$��
of "Auld Lang Syne" by scratch mala
choruses in front of a bar or in the middle of the market place.
The famous Hamilton market place
witnessed a sight it will never see
again. In one corner there was a
wild animal show. Hard by there
was a dipthe-dips, ttie dips, that was
not proof against seasickness. Still hard
by screeched a great merry-go-round of
the natural motion variety. These attractions were somewhnt different from
the smallest pony on earth, the diving
muidena, the huge boa constrictor, the
crystal maze and the "only performing
duck in captivity."
Hut  the   market   plsce   was  still   a
market j lace.    Backed up close agail st
the curbstone stood the wagon loads of
garden products   es    they    have stood
eery  Wednesday  nig' t   for  a  genera
tion.   The sight of them in the midst of
all the confusion and noise was an cam
est of Hamilton 's stability, n proof thnt
on the morrow   the   steady   commerce
of the city would be resumed. Let them
shout in the streets.   Let them turn tbt'
market place into a fair ground.    Let
skyrockets  and   mn���'ic   baUoopa   ascend
from Dundurn  Park.    Let  the  electric
ligh.s from a thousand generators blaze
forth  the triumph  of a hundred years.
Hamilton   is  still   Hamilton.    She   was
not built in a day.    And she must go
on.���Adolphus Caryle, in Toronto (-lobe.
Victoria, Oct. 6.���With tx view to
be required to wear rubber heels on I aiding In the perfection of the system
their boots when delivering milk In of tiro prevention among tha forests
the small hours of the morning. Dr. of BrltlBh Columbia, un arrangement
Hastings, 11.0 ll., Is seriously cimsid- { has been entered Into by the forestry
ering the drafting of regulations to do department of the provincial govern-
away with all unnecessary noises in j ment and the weather bureau by
the streets during tbe hours when the! means of wlilch the rangers und other
majority of the citizens are enjoying | officials of the former will be kept ln
tlieir beauty sleep. The milkman, constant touch with changes In the
r?ceiil>X/,^ -�������.  and    thereliy
all. | enabled to double their Vlgllanoe when
"Why could not the city take over'danger is Indicated,
the business of supplying milk to the     The weather ls the determining fac
citizens?" a citizen asked.   "Thev sup- ,���,  i���   .,. _  ,,        ,,    ,- ,   ,.
ply ua with water, why not with milk?   ,    '" ,1,L flro Bi,UIltio"' a**** ���*   >8
The overlapping In delivery and thelclaimed thilt b-v thl' 'MUanoa of cor-
dupllcatlon of plant could be done i reet forecasts the forestry department
away with. The city would reap hand-, will be able to cut down the list of
some profits.    The  public would  pos-!-,       ... throuehonl  thn nrov-
slbly  get  their  milk  cheaper on    ac- , throughout  the prin-
count of tlle unification of the dlstrlb- "lce b>'  a considerable number,  and,
utlng  agfncles,  and   the    consequent  In that way, not only save the timber,
decrease In the cost of delivery. Thel but also the expense of putting    the
milk  would  be  bandied  and    bottled1.:.-    ...
under the eyes of civic Inspectors, en-:
surlng absolute cleanliness." During the past year    tbere    were
Dr. Hastings agreed with the of ti-' many outbrenks of flre in various parts
zen thnt there was a lot of unneces- of the province, but owing to the con-
sary noise In connection with the de-i slant vigilance that la maintained by
llv.-rv of milk in the mornings. the rangers, with the assistance of the
"The men are thoughtless.    It is no telephone stations and trails, the vast
longer night with them.   They do not majority  of them were extinguished
realize that their whistlinc anil  sine-, without nny material expense,
ine and  the clatter of bottles  Is dis-' Isolated Areas,
turbing to the rest of other*, it has Considerable danger still exlsis,
onlv to be pointed on! to them that however, In the forest sections that
perh-mis the tide mnv be lurned Into I are cut off from any communication,
���i critical illness bv dlaturblng the rest'and il is with regard to the protection
of the patient.    Street  noises are    a of those  sequestered  areas  that    the]
.:_  I,,,-,,.    , ,     ,    ���  VPr>' serious problem In a Inrge citv. department-expects to secure the most
cow i.n,' ,^T[.l^:,rTZi    '      '\ThP **"-���uo���s character of present- advantage from the arrangement that
' h   t,    lh t/       S/!i"   dav life is nervp r:'"ki"��- '""I �� l�� -���>  ***** >>""��  "'"'I" wit" fe weather l,��� '
���i th  ,;"���,', ,.��.,,l,,.l.     The din of the   .r,,���t,,h. eMenUa, ,,,aI ,.eBf s-,0���w ,,���,   -,,���,,.     ,mm,.(lilltf.ly   ,.���,,������������   ,lr(,     r���. I
be disturbed." corded that appear lo threaten tho for-1
jest  regions,  the department   will    lie
communicated   with,   and   then,   by
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
when you can get aa good, or better, manufactured In H. C, via.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American aud Canadian Ktiglneers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Hewer I'lpe from
4-ln. to 24-in. In diameter. This la also made In tbla Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We alao carry a stock of Crushed Hock, Waahed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 1��.
902 Columbia Street W.
pianoforte, harmony and singing, Pu-
Mis successfuly prepared inr examlna-
Hon In R. a M. 'ind h i* M. For terms
apply 003 Third a> -.nue.
242  Keary Bt, New  West-
amazing noises produced by these
grotesque means was, to say the least,
bizarre. Even tbe shouting of the
"rooters" for the side shows scarcely
could be heard.    All these sounds were
Bank of Montreal
B8TABU8BBD 1817.
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  116,000.000.00
RESERVE    ��16,000,000.00
llrauchcs throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, Kng
land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
bun Mm: business transacted, l.ettera
of Credit lusiied, available with cor
respondents In ull parts of tbe world.
Savings Hunk Department���Deposlta
received  In  sums  ol  tl   und  upward
will be no give and take.
And in spite of this, papers in Canada and other points
far_ removed from the seat of the argument still persist in
���airing their opinions on the question of whether or not
Ireland should have Home Rule.
The fruit season is about over, but there are alwavs a
few lemons left to pick.
That woman down in Spokane who has been fasting
forty-eight days seems to have hit upon the only real
scheme to cut down the high cost of living.
His wife pulled his hair and now he wants a divorce,
is the plight of a man in Washington state. He appears
to have made a mistake.  What he wants is a wig.
��� .���HIM IT-*| *,.,_���
Back in windy Chicago four victims of a gas explosion are looking for a fifth who hunted a gas leak by
candlelight. What goes up must come down, so if they
v-.it long enough they may find him.
Of course it rained yesterday, but look at the noble
vork the weather man did last week when the exhibition
yas on. He certainly is a gentleman of elegant discrimination.
The United States consumes annually about one-third
o? the world's production of lead, which is easy to believe
-af ter- considering the plugged dimes we meet every day.
. Westminster Abbey now is lighted by electricity and
i%e sticklers for old customs are bemoaning the desecration of the old pile.
Cables Exchanred.
Ot'awn.    Oct.    6.-���The   srrlval    In
home wnters of the battleship Austni-
itn -..id the cruiser Bvdnev nf the Australian navy was the occasion ef cor-
t'n1   -^r'^fincq   be'
means of the system now in vogue,
this Information will be spread broadcast.
It is also of Interest to note In this
connection  that the arrangement  In-
sxchanred    h��- augurated this year, whereby tbe mail
MARGARET    A.    Q ROVES,     I'l.'I'H,    OF
iiie    Ini"    ProfMsor    Allan    Macbeth.
Principal   o(   the   Qlaagow   College   of
Music, and Professor Grassland Hirst, of ��� alu\ interest allowed at 3 per cent oar
the Qlaagow   Athenaeum,   I" k*  to   nt -   _������        ,.������.   ,      .  , "^
mate th i she wl ��pl o  few pupils I���n"Um (present rate)
In linglng and voice production, nix
tensive repertoire ��� ���! liluh ��'Iuki songs
l*''-r terms, call or wri:<- to ll'-'ti Uiiiotl
ton siret i.
Total Assets over $186,000,000 09.
ii. D. ..rtYMNI-.il. Manager.
tween   Premier    Borden    and     Hi n,  carriers  anil  other Dominion  meaaen*
Joseph    Cook, prime  minister of  the  Bers traversing areas of the province!
Australian Commonwealth. inot covered by the rangers of the for-1
  estry department, acl us fire patrols.
:will   be   continued   throughout   next
Sets New Record for Height. year..  It  Is stated that these messen-l
Johannisthiil, Oct   6.���A new record   bits were the means of bringing flre- j
for high  flying  with  five  passengers  fiuhters to the scene In numerous In-
was made toduy ut the aerodrome by, stances wben. bad word been delayed.
Aviator  Sablamiok.  wbo  reached  an j considerable damage would have been
altitude of 8281 feet. .done.
Dancing and Calisthenics, will vl-it New
Westminster ones ;i week Classes for
adult*. Write nr apply for partteulSLra
at Qower It-use, Murnby street, Vim-
couver, c_i>4.>
I.   J.   A.   BURNKTT.    AUDITOR     ANH i
Accountant t-i. it. ms. Room -. Hart
P. H. Bmlth W. J. Drove*
Work   uutlertuk -ii    in    city   ana   outaldi
points.   Zll-I.   Weattnliuiti.r   Trust   Bide
Phono  364.     I'.  O.   Box   607.
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men'!- Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
atinK engineers, Local 543, meets in
l*il>or Temple every tir.-ai and thlnl
Thursday of tbe month, ft. McLaughlin,
president* \v. ii. Saunders, secretary,
P. o. Box 638.
Stroilins through the fisheries ftx-iln the perfect minnow. The bars of
hihit at the park last week, one was'the wire basket are sufficiently far
struck by the enormous number of apart to allow the minnow to squeeze
salmon that mus*. be yearly brought between them, when It is taken out
into existence by this department, and j and transported to the same or a slm-
in fact the numlier is uncountable, ilar stream from which it came.
running Into millions.    It might be of j Turned Loose,
general interest to the public to know ;    Hero  it  continues  its development,
how  this work is carried on by    the until  about  a  year  from   its  original
Dominion   government,   since   Its   re-j displacement from  its  mother to the i *,,   o.    O.    Bt,    NO.    tti.���MEETS ON
suit,   the  salmon   fishing  industry,   is  hatcheries. It sets nut for the open sea. j    Umt, seoond.'third and fourth Wednea
B. ft P. O. ot Elks of the D.of C, mee
the flr��t and third Thursday nt 8 p. m.
K.  uf  P.   tlnlL   Blgtath jitrwt.  A  WHIi
Oray. Exalted Ruler; P. H. Smith, Sec   land travel bv our line,
������������--���������������������_��������� jit to your advantas
Coal at Nanaimo. Iso important to the commercial pros-lThe flsh  In the egg stage
Probably very few of the miners who |pertty of British Columbia In general  transported  great distances
The man who is always giving somebody a piece of
liis mind didn't have very much to start with.
Eiys Private  Detectives Would  Steal
Her  Child,  or  Trump  Up  Evidence  Against   Her.
I havi- ben followed by these detectives across the continent and they
are awaiting an opportunity to either
take my child over the line or try to
trump up fictitious evidence against
me, to be used later in divorce proceedings."
have lately been kicking up such a rue
tion at Nanalmo, B.C., knew how coal
was tirst discovered on Vancouver
Island. It was in December, 1840, when
an old Nanaimo Indian chief [talked
into the fort liluekftnith shop, and after
gazing in silence over his drawn-np
Blanket at the glowing forge, where the
smithy was forging u horseshoe, said
mysteriously in his own language:
"I knot? where on this island there
is thc same kind of stuff that you are
putting into that fire.''
"You do, chT" said the blacksmith.
' Well where is it T''
The chief would not tell. The blacksmith told the F-ctor about it. The
-b'u f was called. x
"Look here. Thundercloud.'' said the
Factor, "you fetch in some of thnt coal
and you tan have your old gun fixed up
at the blacksmith shop without costing
you a skin���uud a bottle of rum thrown
8pokane, Oct. 6. The ease of Mrs
Natalie Schioler, wife of I'aul Schioler,
brtdge engineer of-Wlnnipeg- Manitoba, Who claims that'afre has fled froirt
Canada to avoid the possible kidnaping of her little girl, again came to the
attention of the city free employment
bureau yesterday afternoon.,.
Police Have  Many Missing Articles-
Man Touched for $240, All His
Cash Savings.
The city police department is in
can     be
on    per-
land thlr city in particular. Iforated   trays,   with   layers  of     moss
j Salmon always find fresh water to I covering them, this being kept In a
spawn in, and this fact is taken ad- damp condition, ln this manner flsh
vantage o' to s< t traps In various can be transported right across the
streams which feed the Kraser, BUCh continent and have actually been
as the Mo-ris and NlctCOtnekyl rivers, carried as f:\r as New Zealand with-
It is only m this time of the year that out any hurt,
males antl females are distinguishable Threr Varieties,
from eael other, the males hav, is;; Th" three varieties of salmon
more hooked noses and larger teeth, hatched are the Sockeye, which ls
The femalas are kept until they are In especially used In canning; the Spring
perfect spawning condition, when, by or King salmon, called the former
a simple process, the eggs are forced, name because it Is the first one to
out, this being a very gentle opera- appear In the spring, and is the lies!
tlon, as ihey almost run out of their for eating purposes, and tbe Cohoe,
own accord. The fish are then re- mostly used for canning, but not so
turned to their native element, not a good as tbo Sockeye, although Ils
bit the worse, and the eggB are taken   r|r"-ii   Is   very  red.    Thc   markings   of
to the hatcheries and placed in tbelr I salmon have peculiar changes, for In-
various classes, in wire baskets,
through which fresh water continually runH, completely covering up the
eg!_s to a depth of about two or three
The  Eyes Appear.
After thirty days the eggs reach the
flay    in    each    month    at    8    p. m. i
tn    the    Mooss    Home.    II. J.    l/umy  |
dictator;     l*'.     K.    Jones,     secretary
Headquarters  of  iodj<^  tn  nee  flouee
corner of fourth and Carnarvon streets
t. O. O. F. AMITT LODOB NO. 17���Tb
r.-Kular meeting of Amity loilire Nc
27, 1- O. O V.. Is held every Mood*'
nl��ht et 8 o'clock In Odd Fellows' Ha)!
cornei Carnarvon and Ktahth stre^tr
VlsltlnK lirelhern cordially Invited
R. A. Merrlthew, No.; n. \v. gangster,
V, o.; W C. 'lomhiiin. P, ll, recoi-r
Ink seoretarv; J. W. MacDonald, financial secretary.
When travelling for business or pleasure, you may bb well have comfort
You will find
o coii'ult us for
and reservations
E. OOUI.ET, Agent.
New Westminster
II.  W. RROIllE, Q.  P,  A.. Vancouver.
rtiinee, the Cohoe has broad dark
hiirs vertically along Its sides until
nbout one and a half years old, when
it   practically   disappears,   and   the
Whole   flsh   takes on  a   peculiarly   silvery appearance, which again leaves
it about the Rga of three, the dark
" tJghl "  grunted   the  chief
stalked out.
In  April. 1850, when the rivers were leyed   Btage, that   Is,  two  hlack     spots   tars returning 111 a  more or less ills
.tiuniig high, the chief enme down  to   close together appear on  the  surface  tlncllve degree.    The hatcheries were I
Vistoria with   his   eanoe   loadod with |of the egga, wblch spots will eventual* In the first place only used for salmon-1
W, K. FAI.ES���Floneer Funeral Dlrecto
and KfUinlui'T. S12-S1H Agnes etreet
ojiitowl.- Carnegie Library.
g, kowki.i. tSUCCt-SBOR TO CKN
ter & Ibinna. Ltd.) ��� Funeral director
end enib-ilmirs. I'Brlorti 40", Columbii
etreet.    New  Weatmlnster,    Phone  est
Boal. A prospecting party uus sent out
and located the coal mines of Nanaimo
on the spot where tho city of Nanalmo
now stands.
MrB. Schioler first appeared at the quandary as to whether to start an,
office 10 days ago, fashionably clad auction sule In the Immediate future
and having an air of refinement, and(|n  on],,r t0 dispose of articles  found
ssf��^iar stt^ ""���fair ron the 8trepts rtur",K
efforts of Miss Edith Colby, assistant  'ho past week.
city labor agent, Mrs. Schioler was! Chief among the articles is a gold
furnished employment. In a store,; Waltham watch, Initialed, which was
where her services were abruptly ter-:   |(.k(.(J t th
minatod    Saturday   noon    when    tlie i * , B
management learned that she was be- Columbia streets. A small purse coning shadowed by a detective from a taining tickets to Vancouver and a
locnl agency having offices ln Winni- small sum of money was local"d at
pe;-. | the fair anil still awaits an owner.
Again without a place Mrs. Schioler; The last item picked up is s black
1','!.'* applied to the city labor office for'leather wallet containing papers, in
further employment, hut because of eluding a Masonic lodge receipt,
the peculiar phases of the case the. marked "Still Winning Lodge."
employment agency Is al a loss as to A sail case was related to the police
��int line of wiirlt to give her. by John  Mercer,  living at 'i'i'.', Tenth
"Just as 1 was hoping to be left street, who reported that during the
alone to work out my own salvation I time he was seeing his wife ami
found that I wus being shadowed In daughter off to Helllngham. his roll of
the store when' I worked," suid Mrs M40, wrapped up in n little bundle.
Schioler yesterday. "I udd the head hail been either stolen from Ills pock-
saleslady aboirt it. and she Instantly et, or that in some way got dislodged
got excited and said lhat sii" did not from his clothing. This was Mercer's
���want any scenes enacted in thi' st
Notable TLaber Growths.
At Ci nudum Forestry Convention, re-
-ently held at Winnipeg, some notable
Bxhibltsof the economic woods of Manitoba were on view. In addition to finished products of the province's tim
her there were shown specimens of red
pino 18 inches diameter, -white pine __
inches, white spruce 86 inches, tamarao
19 inches, balsam fir 21 inches, oak .'10
inches, hiisflwood 20 inches, black poplar
III inches, black ush 15 inches, maple 17
inches, paper birch 18 inches, black willow Hi inches, white poplur 23 inches
tnd cotton wood .'18 inches.
Iv become the eyes of the fish itself, hut nnw trout ara also hntehed here-
Then the spinal part of the flsh begins the same travs and conditions being
to develop, until in two months th" used. This Is possible because the
centra of the elongated portion still >almon spawn between September and
resembles the egg. the extremities be- December nnd th" trout in the spring.
Ins' now recognizable as a head and!therefore when tlie salmon eggg are
tail. The remainder nf the egg even-, hutched nnd have heen returned tn
��� o-llv ''<"" -!ii'�� the s'omnch of the the streams, the time Tor trout Is Just
flsh. which is apparent In three months due.
Violation of Seed Control Act Causes
Conviction of Victoria Company.
A case of general Interest to farmers and others throughout British
Columbia was recently brought under
this net when the Sylvester Feed company of Victoria was convicted of
selling cabbage seeil of low vitality
without   indicating  the  percentage of
Oold Near Saskatoon.
City  bacteriologist   Howard,  of  Saskatoon,   is   uulhority   for   a   statement I
thst ii gold area hulf a mile square has germination of the same. Under sec*
been found on the north bank of the tlon 10 of tllp r)ominlon Seed Control
river  here.    A  sample   when  tested  ut   ��� ,      ,,   . , ,  ,,
the city laboratory, gave evidence of iuct' l" filrm uml ve��Ptah)o seeds
heing the genuine article. Samples of j wlllch germinate lower than two-tlilrds
inu-u have uIbo beea fouud uud claiois jthe standard vitality of gooil seed for
st��r Hoard of Trade meets In the hoar-'
room. City Hall, na follows: Third Frl
day of ench month; quarterly me'Htni
on (tie third Friday of February, tiny
Autriat am! November ot ft n.in. An
nuul meetlnse on the third .'rlday o
February, C. ll. Htuart Wade, secre
COAL MININO rights of the I.omlnloe
In Manitoba^ Saskatchewan and AiUerta,
ths ViAom Territory, ihe Northwest Ter-
rttorles and In u portion of tho I'roYlnos
ot British Colum!.In. may be leased tor a
term or twemy-ooe years at un annual
rentul of 11 an acre. Not more than nil
acres wlll be leased to one n|>|>ili<aM.
Application for a leaeu must be mads
Uy the applloant In person to the Ageol
or Sun An.'in of the dlHtrlnt In which UM
rlKhta applliiil for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must bt
described by sectlQiia, or I.-kiiI sui.-dlvl-
nlon�� of suctions, and In unaiirvcyed lof-
yed i
Uury   the   tract   applied    r���r
liy a feu of ti .Which will be refunded" If
slaked out by tbe applicant hlmaHlf.
I'-iieh  application   muat  be ai!compaple4
Aale, Dssds, Business letters, etc.; circular work specialist. Ail work atrlctly
Oonfldantial. M. Barry, room 418 Woat-
mlnater Trust Blk.    Phone 702.
Bf Na-Dra-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
_ru to be staked.
' Cradle
ni  a Battleship,
that particular variety, musl.    be    labeled with the percentage of germination,
it is the Intention of the Dominion
headline.   The oceun, of course, did the   government department of agricultun
lo  Btrir-tly   enforce  all  the   provisions;
Fourteen  Kiilled.
Dvlnsk, Russia,    Oct.
We are continually hearing frenn
fjratcfiU people wbo have had experiences lifcc tbat ot Miss Alice E. Cooper,
of Niagara Falls, Out., who writes:
"I wish to express my gratitude to
you fer thc benefit I received from your
most wonderful Dyspepsia Tablets.
Having taken other medicines without
having received thc slightest relief, I
beard of your Na-Drn-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets nml thought I would (five them
s trial. I have been completely cured
of dyspepsia, I will be only tao pleased'.,
to nth ise any one troubled with dyspepsia
to give them a fair trial."
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets not only
I'ivc the immediate relief from heartburn, flatulence, acidity of the stomach
of the Seed Control act of 1011, and
anyone handling seeds should see to
it that their seed compiles with this I ami biliousness, whichissomuch needed,
6.���Fourteen act. The Dominion seed laboratory at j but if taken regularly for a few days or
passengers were killed and 28 In- Calgary Is at. tho service of anyone i weeks tbey completely cure the molt
jured  today  when  tho eynmss  fmm  desirous of having seed tested either | aggravated  cases of stomach trouble.
rlnteia, Solicitors, etc 40 Lorne Street
Ne* Westminster. O. B. Corbould, K
C.    J. fl. Grant    A. R. McCoU.
te ���it-law, solicitor, etc. Telephoni
llt.%1. Cable addri'HS *"John_ton.'
Code. "Western Union." Offices, nil)
Block. 662 Columbia street, New Weat
mtnster, B. C. ���
side ��� Barristers and Solicitors. West
mlnete.r Trust Blk., Oelumbla street
Ni*w Weatmlnater, B. C. Cable nddre*
"Whiteside." Western Union. P. O
Drawer 200. Telephone 09. W. .1
Whiteside, K. C.; H. L. Edmonds, I
J. BTILWBI.L CLUTE. Darrlater-nt-lnw
solicitor, eto.; comer Columhln am
McKensle streets, New Westminster
B. O,   P. O. Box 112.    Telephone   711
Solicitor and Notary. Offices liar
block, 28 Lorne streeL New Westmin
ster, B. C.
Canada, Limited, Montreal.
Barristers and Sollcftors. SOD to (11
Westminster Trust Block. O. B. Mar
tin. W. a. McQuarrie and Qeorge I
ihe rlulila applied  for ara nut available.
I hut not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on  ths  merehantahlL' output of ths
I mine i.t the rate of five cents per ton.
!     The   person   operating   the   mine   nhall
: furnish tbe A-nnt with awern return*
u.-ountlna for the (ull quantity of merchantable osal wined and pay the royalty thereon. If the coui mining tights
aro net twins operated such returns should
bo furnished at least once a year.
The lease wtll Include tbe cenl mlnlne
righta only, but tbe leasee wlll be per"
mltted to purchase whatever available
���urface rights may be considered necee-
���ury for the working of the mine at tb*
rate of 110 an acre.
Fnr full Inrormation application ahoulA
bn made to the Secretary or the Depart.
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Landa
..   _.   D��Pt'ty Minister of the Interior..
N. ll ��� Unauthorised publication of thlr
advertisement wlll not be paid for.
Transfer Co.
Office Phona  185.      Barn  Phons 117
Begble tlra��t.
Baggage Delivered Promptly te
any part of tho city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
P.O. Box 34 Dally Newa Bldg.
of all kinds.
Prlcea right.   Satisfaction guaranteed!
St McKensle BL TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1913.
Woman   Follows  Unfaithful  Husband
9030 Miles and Lands Him In
Montreal, Oct. ��.- After n chase of
morn than ilium miles, IctdliiK from
Manchester, England, to Winnipeg,
Manitoba, anil from thence back tu
Montreal, In search of her husband,
Percy Lowe, who left hor last March
to come to Canada, Mrs, l.owe has located her milting spouse In Montreal- In the company, she says, of
"lho other" woman. Lowe ami the
woman. Mrs. Sunn,', were taken In
Charts, on Mrs. Lowe's complaint, by
thn Immigration authorities, and   de-
mined lasl nlgbt at tho Immigration
hospital, (luy und Ht. Antolne slreets.
This morning Lowe appeared In the
Unquote court on a charge of non-support, and wub remanded until Thursday next.
During her search of more than a
quarter of the way around the globe.
Mrs Lowe has encountered some stiff
knocks, lias several times been without enough to buy a meal, and for six
weeks worked as a chamlermalil in
the Royal Alexandra hotel, Winnipeg
Ahout three weeks afeo she learned
that Lowe was not In Winnipeg, but
had been seen In Montreal. She landed hart a week ago last Wednesday
night, and slnm then- until the past
few days, hns heen searching for the
wandering couple.
When Lowe left Manchester last
March, Mrs. l.owe says that he promised to send for her to come to Cansda within two months at the latest
Instead of that. Mrs. Lowe charges
that he sent for another woman. Mrs.
Sonne, whom he had known In Manchester also. The I-owes had owned
two cnndy stores In the .Midland counties town, and hnd been happily married for more than ten years. Mrs.
Lowe claims that Mrs. Sunne exercises a strange and baneful Influence
over her husband When she didn't
get any news from him for weeks and
weeks after his departure, she grew
weary ot waiting and went to the other woman's home. She found that she
had flown, and so decided to come to
Canada herself. She made the fruitless trip to Winnipeg, and then as
soon as she could scrape up the money she returned here, where she says
she found ihem living In Victoria
"I have got down on my knees to
beg my husband to come back to me.
but he seems to he under a superior
Influence Ho Is a designer by trade
anil a steadier man 1 could not have
wished for until recently. Kor ten
years we were never separated from
each other a day" said Mrs. Lowe this
Lowe appeared before Judge Lafontalne this morning, snd was remanded for two days He claims that he
left his wife with 11(10 when he quit
Manchester, but Mrs. l,own Indignant-
lv denies this, and savs that sll uho
has hod from him Is 150.
A CANNY TRAVELLER   HIS ������_��������"��������
British Lsbor Parliamentarian Whi
Toured Canada Wltb Party of Lsgls
lators Carries a Chart Which Telh
Him Just Wbsrs Everything ls ls
Ills Luggage���He Also Has a Btock
of Beal Preserves.
Will Crooks, thn British Labor M.P,;
who has been touring Canada, is essentially a home man. There is no pluci
dearer to his rugged heart than his mod<
est little house in London. \fn putteri
in ond around duy in and day nut, and
in the evening takes his ease at hit
hearthstone beside his wife.
When he left for bis tour to Can
ads, Australia, and Bouth Africa with
the British Parliamentary party,
which paused through the Dominion r��
��� Wall
r,-JJ     '
|l-illte\ *J
It Waa a Qrand  Social   8uccass snd
Cost ths Major Nothing.
A veteran ultteer in the United Ststea
army recently told of tbe shrewdness
displayed by a major In the old days.
He hud been appointed to the com-!
mand of un army post on un Island not
a great wuy from Hun l-'raii'lwo
Soon nfter his arrival there ii Preach
fleet dropped anchor In the harbor.
The coniiiinaJer Invited the major
aboard the Hugshlp aud entertained
hlm royally.
Tbe Idea struck tbe worthy major the
next day tbat be was tn honor bound
to return the compliment, but be was
staggered by the expense Involved.
To give n banquet befitting his dignity ss a United States officer entertaining a distinguished representative
of a foreign nation would mean hank-
ruptey, us tbe government hsd not au-
Ihorlzeil blm to draw on its treasury
for such a purpose, and the cost of tlie
uffalr would bnve to come out of hls1
own poi-ket.   A bright Idea struck blm.
He Invited the mivnl visitors to be
bis guests the third day thereafter Ht
uu "American picnic." Then he sent
Invitations to the best people of the
neighborhood to Join htm In n basket
picnic ut a grove nenr nt hand nn the
same day, "to meet our I'reuch naval
friends now on our shores."
The people came with grent baskets'
and   hampers  of provisions.    A   royal
feast whs spread In tbe grove, and tlle
picnic was long remembered as one of ���
the most  notable social  successes of
Its time.���Chicago Record-Herald
For the Children
A  Gay  Young   Bather
Playing on ths  Btaeh.
Lads Claim Man Picked Out Joba for
Them   and   They   Did   the
Montreal, Oct fi -Charged with receiving goods and valuables Btolen by
two bovs arresied In Outremont, Mat i
tio dl Palmer of 2508 St. Lawrence*
boulevard, whom thu boyB accuse of
having toted as their "manager" was
arrested yesterday afternoon nnd
brought befcre the magistrate. He
pleaded not guilty.
The boys appeared beforo Judge
Choquet In the Juvenile court and confessed to several robberies which
had puzzled the police for some time.
They admitted having broken In'o the
houses of J. W. Lamhly. 260.. Waver-
ley street; Oeorge B. Howard. -570
Hutchison street; Oeorgn Olney, 20B0
l'ark avenue, and several others.
The boys, one 13 snd the other 15
years of age. owe their arreBt to a
woman living on Querbes street, who
aaw them breaking Into the hall door
of a vacant house at 391 Durocher
street. She called un I'm Outremont
police, and then notlf'"d t* couple of
passers-by, who went Into the yard of
the hou'-e and caught t'.ie children at
their vork.
The bov, admlttP'' to the oollce that
they hsd surcecC'il In getting awav
with r uumtltv of valuables, which
they clal'-iied had ben taken by Dl
I'almn. who-" thev also alleged had
picketed out "lobs" for them.
The biggest haul the bovs are known
to have mnde was on Sonternber 2,
when the house of Oeorge Olney. Park
avenue, wis entered, the boys getting
away with tx ring set with diamonds
and nearls, two other rings, two gold
watches, one neck chain, two savings
hanks, each conUlnlne money, tour
gold pins and two brscelets.
Sliet Taklig eiN PILLS
Lyons Brook, N.8., Peb. *6lh.
������Yon are perfectly free to use mr
name in any way to bene&t GIM PILLS!
for they deserve the highest praise.
My back haa never troubled tne since
taking OIN PILLS, and my wife feels
tSSch better after taking GIN PILLS
for her hack. She thinks GIN PILLS
will make a complete cure."
GIN PILLS will always relieve Lame
Back, Sciatica la Back and Up,
Rheumatism, Burning and Scalding
Urine, Painful Urinstlon, Weak or
Strained Kidneys, and always prevent
taking cold in ths kidneys and bladder.
Every boa Is sold with a positive
guarantee to give pwpt relief or
money refunded. Joe. a box, 6 for
tj.50. Sample free If yon write
National Drug tnd Chtmlenl Co. of
Canada, Limited, Toronto. ��77
Will. CIlllOBli.   M P.
Sentry, hr earned witn him a heavy con-;
signmi'nt of liiiggiigc. It was observed
by one "f tho newspaper men in!
lht party that OrooltS waa able to tell
just in what pari of his luggage to*
look for any given object. There ap*'
pearsd to be snme trick about it, and
tt last Crooks explained.
"Her this little enrd here," he said,1
drawing     out    a    diagram     from     his,
porkct, "well, that is a list of everything I have, together with murks
showing in just which bug and which
part    of    which    bag    the    thing    is.;
Cough   drops!    Yellow    portmanteau,
pocket No. 2, lower side. Slippers,,
bug No, ,*., bottom. Clean hankies, black :
satchel, and so on."
Then ha pointed to one very heavy-!
looking grip.
"(luesi wot's in itt" he said.
"Can't, y't Well, it's preserve*���
'ome made���by m' wife."
"Preserves! "
"Ave���r-^tl preserves, none o' your
factory made jam."
And it whs so. But when the ball
bov eame to remove the luggage he
did not carry the preserves. Will
Crooks had it, and walked etreum-
spect ly, too.
Tbs Fear of Drake.
A   writer   in   the   I-ondon    Chronicle
says:    "No public monument is needed
In keep alive among Mexleana the memory of Kir Francis Drake's exploits in
Central and Mouth  America.      Travelling  in  Mexico  in   1P"4,    Mr.   Edward
Kinith   records  thnt   be  "heard  a  woman   calming   a   tempestuous  child   by
saying,    'Ahi    viene    Drake!'     (Here
���muni    Drake!)     I    made    minute   in- I
quirics,   and   found   that   it   is  a com- !
mon   threat   to  children   on   the   Mexi- I
cun   coast,   like    unto   'Bony   will  get I
you!' or "The Black  Douglas shall get j
you!'     Funcy   people   still   livjng   in
terror of   seeing Drake's   topsails   on!
the horizon."
As W  Mr. ilChurehill's reference   to
Sir   Frsncis  Drake as the   first    "introducer of the potato," it may be recalled   thnt,   on   thc   market   place   of
(lifinbiirg, n little town in the Grand]
Duchy of Baden, standing in the centre )
of a great potato growing district, there j
wua erected in  1H53 a very handsome
Status to Drake as "the introducer of]
the potato into Europe, A.D. 16B6." But
it is just possible that this statue was
not up to the wrong man, seeing that,
according  tn  Chambers,  the  Spaniards
hnd introduced   ths   tuber   from near
Quito nt the beginning of the sixteenth
.entury, and that Sir John Hawkins also
brought   it   to  England  from  Virginia
in   15IW ��� 2.) years beforo the importation ascribed to Drake.
Not  Injurious When Used  Moderately
by Parsons In Hss Ith.
In Ihe light of tbe data that have
been accumulated In respect to the
physiological action of coffee It muy
safely be affirmed tbnt It Is not injurious when used moderately by reu- j
sonalily healthy people. With tbe
neurasthenic niul the dyspeptic It Is a
somewhat different matter. While
alarming symptoms have followed the
Ingestion of enormous quantities, there
Is no evidence that fatally toxic effects
bare ever ensued.
Coffee is 11 mild stimulant, nnd the
effects ure rnther transient. The moderate use of coffee will not make 11
well man sick Such moderate use
wlll not occasion disagreeable symp
toms In the healthy, such us Insomnia, j
lieadui be. iierrniiMies*. drowsiness,
pnlpttntlon. dyspepsia, vertigo, ele. On
the otber hand. It will obviate or re-
Her,- fatigue.
We do not consider coffee n neces- i
sary    oonoomltnnt    nf   civilized    life.
which some extremists claim It to lie.
To nur minds tt Is rather a luxury
Which It is not neceaaary tu dispense
with unless oue ts compelled to do so
ns a part of the attempt to combat
the Increasing cost of living. As tn
the moderate use of any of tbe tblnga
which we Ingest tbe name principles
ripply. Eveij, such a valuable sub-
-tiince sieinftl! hss to bo Imbibed within
reason ns to quantity, lest uutuiiiiosl-
catloo ensue. -Medical Tlmee.
Photo by American Press Association.
This happy young gentleman wae
tripping along the beach nt Asbury
Park. N J. when the rnmeni man
happened nlong und snapped blm. During tbe bathing.-hours at tbls famous
summer resort hundreds of kiddles mny
be seen enjoying themselves on the
edge uf tbe surf. Of course they are
always accompanied by some older
person to keep them from venturing
too fsr out. bnt us a rule the youngsters do not venture Into the water by
themselves, t'lnylng on tbe sand, gathering shells and pebbles and Just wetting their feet In the water ts usually
the extent of their bathing. Wben fa.
ther or mother plunge tbem under a
breaker they ordinarily- aet up a great
sbout of protest
The First Political Cabinet.
Oeorge I. is snid to have been, re-
iponsible for thc word "cabinet" ns it
has long npplicd to politics in English
���ficnsing lands. When he was King he
could not take part in the deliberations
of his own privy council because he
knew no English. British statesmen
did not speak Oerman. 80 the ministers who served this flrat of the linn
overisn sovereigns of the United Kingdom used to meet in the King's private
room, or cabinet ��� deriverT from the
French cabinet, or little room ��� while
he wna absent. Afterward they in
formed him of tho result of their discussions. It followed, naturally, that
tho part of the privy council which
wns supposed to be in particular favor
with the King, and especially elose to
him, cams to be spoken of as his cabinet
Morris Wm Explotlva.
On one occasion when William Morris wss painting an Italian model, in
Bed Lion Street, London, aome one
sailed at ths door. Morris left bis
painting, and presently his model heard
him furiously anathematising. When
hs returned he was in a tremendous
rage, rushing sbout the room like t
madman. In a moment he took a
lirl-- kick at the doer aad smashed in
a panel. Tho model, in fright, stsrted
tt flse, but Morris turned toward him.
the rags suddenly evaporating, and
laid genially: "It's ell right���it's all
right! Something had to give way I"
The painting was then resumed.���
" William Morris���A Study in Person-
Thty MendBasUy.
There are more broken hearts ln literature than in life.
Facing a Waterspout.
What It meana to encounter a water-
��ls,ot In tb* south seaa la descrllied
by 11 writer: "First of all. 11 liM.-k
trunk, like nn elephant's, heiaiti to feel
liiin, 11 v nbout lu midair*.4hanging frum
11 cloud. It came merer and ut-nrcr
with uncanny speed, drawing up lo
Itself us It came n colossal cone of
turbulent sea until tbe two joined together in un enormous black pillar
some quarter of a mile broad nt Ibe
1 ni.ie nml probably a good thousand
fivt high, uniting ns tt did the clouds
nnd lbe aon below. Across tbe darken
Ing sen. against the tbreiitenlng copper crimson sunset, came ibis gigantic
horror, wnltslng over troughs nf lorn
up water tn s veritable dance of death
like aometblng blind, but mad nud
cruel, trying to ttnd and shatter our
fragile little ship."
Wis* Insects.
In hi* experiments to determine
whether It Is tlie color or the odor of
flowers thnt attracts been nnd other Insects M. I'lnteiiti. the Belgian /.nolo-
cist, bethought blm of trying a mirror,
lie selected a flower of striking color
und strong odor and placed It before an
excellent glass tn Wblch tbe reflection
wns perfect All the Insects went
straight to tbe reel flower, and not 11
single one approached tbe reflection In
the mirror.
Past and Slew.
Redd-Dld you hare e nhw automobile trip? (Jreeno��� Part of tbe wsy.
The chauffeur went too ftst going uut
"I suppose be reduced speed coming
"<Mi. yes: we were towed back!"-
Vlinkers Statesman.
Angry Adjeetlvoe.
It wss nui a young women novelist,
imt I'lmrles Sumner, of whom the 1st*
K. I-. Uodkln. Hie New York editor,
"Be works hit adjectives eo hard that
If lhey ever catch him alone tbey will
murder him."
American Chssa Player Wine.
New York, Oct. 6.���Prank Marshall.
United States chess champion, beat
the Bohemian champion, O. Duras. In
the third game of the series of five at
the Manhattan Chess club today. The
standing Is Marshall i, Durat 0.
Hew It Hsppswsd,
The Chronic Meddler���Von are et-
tremelv bald fnr oue of your ege. The
Hare I'nted l'��rty-Vve: got this way
ny hutting Into other people'e etelna���
I'hliadelpble Ledger. ,
Bleep end Longevity.
Weep is ts necessary ee eir er (ond.
Tims* who shirk the sleep at life ate
only hastening nncooarlomdy to the
��ie<q> uf death.- Hruteeie l*Wpoodtoce
Contentment given  ��� erown Where
fortune nta denied It���Pont  -
Tbe leader tn tbla game proTtdea two
pocks ot carda. one of wblcb la dealt
one by one to tbe company till all tbe
pack ta dealt Tbe otber pack be keepe
In hla band, drawing one card from lt
at random, wblcb be conceals ln his
Tbe players, being each further provided  wltb a saucer containing:flfty
benna.  tbe leader rings a smalr-fiMl
j and calla out. "Speculate!"
Theft for a time there ia confusion,
[the players circulating around tbe
room, offering beans In etching* for
certain cards which tbe neighbors dls-
play. Bach wishes to hold tbe duplicate of ttie card concealed by tbe leader, tbough no one knows wblch It Is.
At a second ringing of the bell the
players are again seated, while tbe
leader, turning up one card from the
pack In his hand, calls out Ita name.
Whoever holds tbe duplicate must go
forward nnd lay It upon a table provided for tbe purpose. After half a
dozeu or more of tbe cards bave been
thus collected tbe stgnsl to speculate it
again given. Of course the Intereet
Increases at the number of cards held
by the players diminishes, and some-
times s plsyer wlll give bis Inst heen
for n card which mty be called tn at
the next ringing of tbe bell.
After repeated speculations and ceilings tn only oue card remslns-the
lupllcate of the one concealed In the
nocket of tbe lender. Tlie fortimnie
bolder of tbis wins s prise, ts nlso
Ines Ihe possessor of tbe greatest number of beans.
Hopping Circle.
Form the bor�� snd girls in sepnrnt*
-Ircles Theclii!dren face tpwsrd aud
to nl-���ut t A steps Apart. ' For each
���Irclo B��u*t||ie iilKintTwelve feet long
wltll n lieab bug tied th.th* end of It
'lne of tlw children stands In tbe ren-
'er snd ��wliur�� the rope around In a
i-t-rcle. keeping the bag elose tn the
smunil. As the rope tppoechea each
pupil he hope upward and over the
���winging bag Whoever la struck by
ibe bag or rope step* out of lbe circle,
Insist thst tbe hag be swung chute ta
the ground and. with timid children,
hnt It Is not swung too rapidly.
The Mop Teed.
Two puffy hep leads, hlpty-bop.
(tnt te hopping sn then eooM net step
Till they found e pool end wtdsd tt
Into the -water up te tattr able.
Tb* plac* wa* to delightfully eeel.
This pleasant. HmpM. sparkling poet
Th*y winked and they bllnkad end est
them dawn
in bathing ault ttghtt et natty brown.
Twaa tbelr resort oe a rammer dap.
And thoy Intended twhlhj to *tay.
When tang came a pig and drank N ap-
All the water. wMfeeut howl or cop.
Hie hep toede ware MR ault* high ee*
And hopped away wtth a Uttl* sigh.
Ret they toand mother, yea, tadatd,
that answered at wail for every ate*.
Wh*a put-sues* if* ttken "way frosn W
It't Utter ��lte*e> without ajhrn.
AedaseUMtMltweealehtda' __
What's r*Mftr Mode it right tar ��tjM
Lorend Wlnt Boston Merethon.
Brockton. Oct 1.--Joseph M. Lornnd
of Somervllle, Meat., won the rt-mlle
Marathon from Boston thlt elty today.
Hit Ume wat I:J��:J0. Tom Ulley of
Dorchester wtt aecond-, Then won
41 starters.
Utter Names Delegate
Olymple. Oet. Ic-Oovoruer Ueter
today appointed tomer Oongreeenun
Duddley O, Wooten of Seattle teiep-
reeeat Wtthlngtoa  nt  thr   	
conservation eoncreet nt
Not, Uto 16. .    *
Is the Best
RETAILERS no longer consider
*^   it a question as to whether
or not advertising pays. The ques-
is how to advertise so that the
greatest number of people may be
constantly informed of the ever
changin/and  interesting store
news. )
Retailers agree that   the best
medium through which their advertising may   be circulated   is
newspapers   like THE NEWS���
newspapers  with   an   influential
home circulation.
Advertising in newspapers has
come to be such a recognized factor
in all shopping transactions in this
vicinity that many of our readers
would actually resent it, and the
paper would lose a great part of
its value, if we should suddenly
stop printing advertisements.
* *
Good letaUing develops advertising ���Advertising develops good
' ���     . *���      ���   -   "* 1     ' 1. V
- ii
. ���';K'M-
 Ii.___n_.niv1    -, .In.!
11 iiii.iiiiiisSi��iwaWpi'
..... -iiimwr.*'**������*��� ���: *f��������������m-Mw, ���. *;,
��� .'
* 1.
i PAdl tOUft
Fresh Water and Salt
Ceep Sea Travel    Not    Heavy���Awa
Maru Coming With Much Silk
Shipping activity will not be very
much iu evidence this week at the
<]e< p-sea wharves. The only arrival
of note will be llie Japanese steamer
Awa Maru of the N. V. K. line, which,
according to wireless messages, reported thai she would take up her
berth at Victoria on Wednesday after-
noon, one day earlier than her schedule calls for. The Awa Maru is
briiiRinn a full cargo which includes
a shipment of raw silk valued at con-
rlderabty over $1,1100,000.
Hamburg Liner Due.
Although nothing had been heard
rf her at a late hour last night, the
Hamburg-Amerlka steamship Ucker-
murk is fully due to pass in from En-
rone via the Orient The Uckermark
ler' Yokohama September 19.
The Blue funnel liner Antilochus
w'H return about Thursday to Vic-
t  ������!'.!.  to  load  some  3000  barrels    of
Victoria, Oct. 0.���Failure to negotiate the turn off the l'in Itock dolphin
in a dense fog this morning resulted
in the steamer Iroquois, Captain Harry
Carter, of tan International Steamship compang, Tunning aground and
remaining fast for several hours, lt
required considerable tugging on the
part of the C. P. It. steamer Princess
Royal, combined with the power of
the stranded Bhips own engines, before she was released snd ready to
resume her trip up to the inner harbor docks.
IContlnueo irom page onei
a word.    He never would discuss it
with me.
Sir Charles���Both of you told the
Bamo story?
Witness���The first time 1 discussed
it waB In October, 1911.
Words to That Effect.
Si/    Charles���Tho   boy,   I   suppose.
Bald to you: "Father I decline to dlB-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^cubs the subject with you, or words to
���whale oil before -shifting to the sound j that  effect?"
to "omplcte her Kuropean freight.       I    Witness���Words to that effect.
'"uklng out a full cargo the N. Y. K. Oeorge Greenwood was the first I New York, Oct. 6--Pronounced pres
r'���-unship Jamba Maru will sail on witness called yeBterday and occupied !sure wa8 Ile(, t(, the B(ock ket
Tuesday afternoon for ports ln Japan the witness stand all day and at thej ������
I China, anil on the following dav  close   Ills   cross-examination   had   not > lod-*->', and  ror a time prices declined
y the Canadian! been concluded. I IT.i?-_^I��.l"!.0���na K *'aa ��"
Tackled again and again about the
different times he had Btated about
leaving the house, witness explained
that the references to between 7 and
8 o'clock must have been made to the
time he met the auto. He haW left his
house exactly at 7 a.m.
Another matter of confusion *j*j.
when witness saw the motor fl;trt, Sir
Charles quuting his answer differing
so much as from 500 fee.', to 504 yards
and the points Varying from tie Vancouver lilde of Royal Oak to the New
Westminster aide.
Witness could not roa.omber. On
being pressed he said If it were down
in the Tecords It niusrt be true.
Sir Charles-Then the evidence you
are giving today is absolutely false?
Witness���Oh, no; I might have said
feet Instead (if yards.
The matter of Powell's photo and
his payment by the bank were a'|o
dwelt upon. He had been shown
Powell's photo going along the road
by a Mr. Rellly. He had IobI money
by going to Detroit to identify Poweli,
said witness.
I,   ��. following poem taken from To-
ron,��-T8��tuidny Night, is said to be tho
'_.st  written   by   tho  late   E.   Pauline
I Johnson, the Indian {.oetcss, wbo died
ia Vancouver a little over a year ago.]
There are Arcs on Lulu Island, and tun
sky is opalescent
With the pearl and purple tinting from
the smouldering of peat.
And the Dream Hills lift their summits
in a sweeping, hazy crescent,
With the Capilano canyon at their feet.
World*s Markets
at end oe day
New York Stocks Hammered Down at
Opening Eut Recovered Toward
la large neale among the favorite slocks
! I/Ondon unloaded here in considerable
I volume and Boston and IPttsburg sent
'In aellii g orders.   Trailing was active
during the foren	
as well as large numbers of tnactlvi
i Powell. That was on the morning of ;ssu"s .wfp hammered down one and
[Sept. 15, 1911, between 7 and S o'clock. |&?J0.1?.?'_.?_���,B_ir-. *?,L?_�� _taJ__!
i He had risen at (1 a.m. and left the
; house precisely at 7 to go to the Royal
Oak hotel. He looked at his watch
| When leaving.    Dean was standing up
There ire fires on Lulu Island, and the
smoke, unlifting lingers
In a faded scarf of fragrance as it
creeps across the day,
And the Inlet nnd the Narrows blur
beneath its silent fingers,
And tho canyon is enfolded in its grey.
But the sun  its face is veiling lik.   a
cloistered nun at vespers;
As  towards   tho  altar  candles  of  the
night n censer swings,
And thc echo of tradition  'wakes from
slumbering and whispers,
Where   the   Capilano   River sobs und
It was Yaada, lovely Ynnda, who flrst
taught the stream its sighing,
For 'twus silent till her coming, and
'twas voiceless as thc shore,
But throughout the grout forever it will
sing thc song undying
That thc lijis of lovers sing for evermore.
He was chief of all the Squamish, and
he ruled the coustal w ters���
And hc warred upou her people in the
distant  Chnrlottle  Isles,
She, a winsome .basket weaver, daintiest of Hiiida daughters,
Made him captive to her sinking and
her smiles.
Till his bunds forgot io hnvoc.
Worst He Ever Saw, Says Thos. Richardson, M.P.���"Vile" Is ths
Word He Used.
weapons lust tlieir lusting,
Till   his stormy   eyes  allured   her  from
the bind' of Totem Poles,
Till she followed  .vlicru he culled  her,
followed  with  a
Montreal, Oct. 6.���"I never In all
my life saw slums as terrible, as absolutely filthy, as these you have shown
mo here ln Montreal. Why, ln parts
of Kngland wo tear down, by order of
the health board, places that are palaces beside these," sulil Thomas Richardson, labor member of parliament
for Whitehaven, Kngland, as he examined some of the sections of Crlf-
flntown yesterday afternoon under the
guidance of Mrs. Rose Henderson, social worker and juvenile court probation orficer.
Mr. Richardson, who Is one of the
39 labor members sitting In the present British parliament, spent a few-
days recently in Montreal, on Ills way
across the continent to Vancouver, on
liis first Canadian trip. While in the
Dominion he Is desirouB of seeing
where the poorer classes of workmen
live, and Monday afternoon, accompanied by Mrs. Henderson and a photographer and reporter from a local
staff, spent nearly two hours In the
neighborhood of (luy street, a short
distance soulh of the (Irand Trunk
I racks.
Narrow Allev-Way.
Entering  narrow   alley-ways,   under
which he had to bend Ills head In order  to  pass;   climbing  stairways   littered   with   reruse-   and   peering   into
.rooms   which   nover   seemed   to     be
und hlj | pierced by tlle light of day, the Inves-
voninn s   trust-
i-'-!- will  be followed  by the ^	
P-oItic liner Empress or Russia, also' Repeated Story.
Iv -nd for the Orient. In answer to Mr. MacNeil he repeat-
"'lii-' O. S. K. steamer Canada Maru, led the story of meeting the black mo-
-M'ch   is  only  being  allowed     Beven  tor  on   the   Westminster   road,   with,
.-"-���.*. in which to discharge and reload  five men in it, three of whom he Iden-1??r-?8,ta.e."Tf???0-1..??-.0-__!a?.n!L!���_?f?
r - "iis const, will sail for the far east  tified as Macnamara. Dean and Martin
or. Friday.     J ~~~^
'latter part of the dav and losses were
'reduced during the latter part of the
I dav.
Steel bore the brunt of the pressure
Fer the Week Ending Sunday, Oct. 12. l^t^'Te^'WtTeiweTn Tw^others isoi��K ��<���> 'wo points to 68.
Westminster, band Heads. , who w��.re B���t|      (iown    ���e wa_ abou(, 	
t"in   Tl         u   iflve  paees  from  the  a,,t0  when  they  MARKET   HEAVY   AT   MONTREAL.,        ^^^^^
Time. Ht. Time. Ht. Ip-.sse(1 j,|m    Dean made a movement j   . i
:40    l.b  Wit|,  i,)s  ilan,i  toward   his hip  when I    Montreal.  Oct.  6.���Further declines | But thc men were swift to battle, swift
:30 10.2 ���he saw Wjlness looking at him.   It ap- j jn the New York market was a disturb '
11 gators could vividly grasp the conditions under which thousands of children and their elders -live In Montreal.
in some shacks and tenements, Mrs.
I Henderson pointed out where a whole
To the canyon where tlie Capilano rolls,  futnllv, or perhaps two families, lived
In one or two rooms    If in two rooms
Baking Made Easy
Wouldn't yon like an absolutely dependable uniform flour
that makes good bread a positive Certainty every day In
the week?    Use
���the tested for you flour. Hoyal standanl has actually
baked golden, delicious bread In our own bakery beforo
It reaches your kitchen. We do all the experimenting -
you simply do thi: baking and get the same splendid results everv time. Try this flour today and bake belter
bread   with   less  effort.
New Westminster.     Telephone 1435.
And thc women of tin' FI:tii]:is plied in
vain their magic power.
Wailed for many moons lier absence,
wailed for many moons their
frequently  because one larger  room
had been partitioned or curtained off.
The fact that ths people paid from
'"..in to 114 or $'"i for these quarters
whs stated by  Mrs.  Henderson, and
High. Low.
12:45   6:5;,
21:20 1S::)II
14:00    7:40
"Bring her back, 01 Squamish focmnn, i Mr.   Richardson   mentioned  the  vastly
bring to us nnr Yaiiiln dower,"   ! superior quarters  the average BHttlh
But   the   silence   only   answered   their  workman can get for a much smaller
sum. ^________________________________________________!
14:55 8:25
0:25 0:30
15:35 2.1:00
2:25 10:10
16:10 23:35
3:35 11:10
4:30 0:25
17:00 11:45
11.45 12.7
20:20 10.5 1      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
13:00 12.7   4:35    2.5 | peareii to him that the auto was out' ins influence for Montreal stocks to
9.7 9.7 '0f order or that the driver was a nov-!day and the tone vvas heavy praotic
Like Constantinople.
"What   kind   of  a  drainage  system
to cross the eoastnl water, |h<T'n you?" he asked.
Swift to war and tfwift of weapon, swift      "The  drainage  system  of ConBtan-
to-paddle trackless miles, i'lnnnle. In  parts."  was Mrs.  Header*
13:56 12.7    5:36    3.3  |ce.    The auto passed him about half I a,1-v   al1     through     the   list.    Selling < Crept  with  stealth   along  the  canyon, I ion's replv,
23:24    8.8 21:18    8.7|a mile  from his house.    He  went to Pressure   was   In   evidence  chiefly  tn j ��,ole   ll(,r    from   her    love   and j     "What is your death  rate  for chll-
14:37 12.6   6:42    S.Olthe hotel  but onlv  saw  a Chinaman  Brazilian  whose recent, reaction from j brought her Idren?"
1:31    7.7  cleaning      up    and he then returned |?? was continued  to  a  low  today ofj ��nce **-n��'n uu'�� tho distant Charlottls |     'Tiftv-four in the hundred, for those
i under flvo years"
1:24    8.8   7:44 4.4   home..    He'met his  son, Oeorge. on^l 1-8, on fairlv large offerings of the
15:0�� 12.4 21:40 6.8 the way.    His  son  died  about  nine stock.   Later the stock was quiet and
2:36    9.2   8:40 4.9.months ago.    His deceased  son  gave steady and recovered to 91 1-2 In the
15:35 12.1 22:11 5.9  evidence  at  the  preliminary  trial  or iafternoon.
3:32    9.8    9:30 5.3   Dean. 	
15:35 11.9 22:33 5.11    Sir Charles began  his cross-exami-
  . i nation at 11:30 and It was ot the most
Vessel Movements. I harrowing type.
Montreal, Oct. 6.���Arrived:   l.etitia, I    Witness, in answer to counsel, said
lilasgow; Turcoman, Bristol; Clenarm- he rirst reported the matter to Chief
Lead, Dublin.   No departures. .Bradshaw either on Jan. 25 or 26,1912.
 | The motor was  going at the rate of
WOMAN HALTS BIG WORK        I'our or  five  miles  an  hour  when  it
  I passed  him.    Witness gave the  most
I men, but did not remark any partial
Los Angeles Aqueduct Construction Isi minute particulars of the dress of the
A woman has
i lar noise by the motor.
Apart  from   Rally   in   Brazilian  Raile
Stock   Market  In   London   was
London, Oct. 8.���Money and discount
Los Angeles, Oct �����--""'"-" ��- | Th(. B. C. Marine company, his nm-
halted temporarily the>pn��Hiofone L,6 k an addreJ hooli or all
cf Uie main lines of the Los Angees ,      ��. -f      (he
uaueduct.    After being    ins ailed     or  ()f g(?n(] fl  messages  lo  them.
more than iuu miles the UiMOOMi) ghown th(l a(idre98 book which rm.
l reject ran upon a snag on the Ranclio . tajned M_ a(]{)res9 as Central Park
Ex-Mission de San Fernando. ,p0  aml j_eaf-B 8tore for phone pur- rat'98 W8re a shade easier today. Apart
Mrs. Henrietta Buckler, owner of j p_,ses he saj(1 he nilli givPn lh.lt .���,.: from a rally in Brazilian rails the
Ihe ranch, asked in the superior court drpgg' bllt sai(] hp had also told thel!,,ock Market was again depressed,
lhat the city be restrained from con-! forman of the shop. Mr. Miller to *chipfl>' on the continental selling, pre-
iiuuing the construction on her pro-, phcme jl(m t0 the Royai oak. Mr. ��������W�� '�� preparation of Balkan fl-
perty. The counsel for the city ad- Miller was the onlv one to whom he nan<-'i��J*r* ���N'<'��- issues affected consols
mltted that work already done on the had mentioned the Hoyal Oak hotel, jnd dealers generally realized in other
liuckler ranch had beeu done without (He   was   not  sur.      f  the   date.     He direction*
lhe proper permit.    The case will bo ] would not take his oath that the motor      American   securities  opened  steady
was not going at the rate of 10 to 15!aml il 'ractlon higher. Bealizing de-
miles an hour * | pressed most of the lis--! during tin-
Denied Statement, forenoon and later there was a general
He denied stating at a previous ov-! decline in sympathy with the down-
animation that he did-not get un until ;w.anl.'m"' " ",h,'r scions anil in
between 7 and 8 o'clock or thai he had ���ew 'orli at'lllnK The close was weak
.        ' This appeared to astonish and shock
But she faded, ever faded, and her eyes   Mr.   Richardson   exceedingly-  perhaps
were ever turninr I not surprisingly.
Southward toward  th.v Capilano,  while!     "Well."  he  remarked ns he walked
,*er voice had hushed its song,       on.  "I   have  been   In   all   the   larger
And   tier   riven   henr'.   rcpente,'   words , n|tios   of   England   and   Scotland,   and
ix-ti . .   i ��n i '', w,'r'' ln,rnlnC,        have      traveled       fairlv    extensively
r.ot to friend���but unto foeman I be- .throuph  Oermany,   Prance.     Belgium,
l0I,B- I Austria  and  Switzerland, but   never
,,_. novr���h-ve   I   seen   such   vile   slumB
luve me   back   my   Squamish  lover,' as these"
though you hate, I still must love |	
him, ^^^^
Give rac hjick thc rugged rnnyon where
���Jiy heart must over bc���
Where his lodge awaits n     coming, nnd
the Dream Hills lift above him
And the Capilano learned its song from
^^^^1641 FRONT ST.    ^^^^
This Week's Temptations
Ladles' regular lines of Aims Hidden High Boots; short fronts; Cuban
heel; J4.��0 value for S1.95
Cents' Dress Boots; stub toes: sewn: every size; Weston's M.00 boois
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from. The finest variety of low anil high cut hoots and rubber footwear ln the city.
cutUed later.     	
Minneapolis. Oct. 6.���Friends of Kd-
v;ard Massolt, 102;! Aldricli avenue,
are wondering whether he is absent-
��� unded, Bhort-sighted or merely deep
with guile. __________________________________
I>ast Saturday he told hia friends he hurry or concealment about tlieni^
\.as going to the court liouse to get u Forgot It.
A number of witness' previous ans
stated that Iiean had apparently risen
from the left corner of the motor and
stood   up     There were  no    signs    of
iinting license.   He went to the court;
and near the lowest point.
wers   at   different   examinations   was
Toronto, Oct. 8.- Foreign Influences
dominated the local market today and
[the effect on  prici'B  w*as  the reverse}
ace���Lockjaw  One  of   Evil
But    through    long-forgotten    BeftlOQfl, j ���������
moons too ma.i" to bf? numbered ���
He yet   v;tit��'d by the canyon���she vet   Eminent   Physician   Points  Out   Men-
c:.!li'i! ucrosH the years, ^^^^
And   the   soul    wi'.hin    the   river   thnt
through centuries bad ilambered
'Woke to gob a song cf woman 'a love
and 'ears. 	
For her little, lonely spirit, nought the       London, Oct. 6.- In hifi presidential
Capilano canyon, {address to tbe Sanitary    Inspectors
A'hen "he died among the Haidos in the
land of Totem Poles,
And you \e^  ir*iy  hear her singing to
her lover-Ukfl companion,
If you list-'ii to the river us it rolls.
But  'ti�� only wli^n the peari ami purple
mnn'ie \g idi- swinging
From   th'1   fires  oi    l.ulu   Island   to  the
haz;   Mountain crest,
That the undertone of nobbing echoes
through  the rivor's singing
In the Capilano canyon of the West.
bouse all right, but in some way got d tf) h,m ,n dj_p_t contradlctlon of bulllah.    Both Barcelona and lira
mixed up In the license departments, ���, ,)is nt lrKtjmonv wllich ,,H met i /Uian declined. Barcelona 1 point and
He   emerged   with    a   bit of paper * wjth  _    M|,_  ,hat hfi m  mt  r,.mem., Brazilian   1   1-8.    The  latter  wan  ao-
that authorized him  to  marry  rather ' ^  say|nR's0 | tlvely -sold, 1700 shares being handled
than hunt. Miss Helen Johnson. -712 | ,Ip gtated 'that the affair paas0(] out at pr,ges running from 92 to 91 1-8.
I'leaisaiit avenue, was the contracting I of hj9 m*ml aftI,r he Kot homP on Scpt j Barcelona was much less active. Pure-
"arts*  and  they  were  married  yester- h,*^  1911      u,. had   never  seen   Dean "v_local   lssnRa   ��'ere   also   heavy   in
day afternoon.
I afterwards   until   1912   when   he   saw-
Mr. and Mrs. Massolt went east for!).,,,, |n the police court.    He was not
a wedding trip and  will be at home | sure what month
nfter    October
15    at    1017    Logan
1-ake Mllsl, Wis., Oct. 2.���While
standing in a boat trying to land a
large flsh, Herman Berlin, 4- of Milwaukee, fell Into the water of I^ake
flock, and drowned.
Berlin was a banker. He eame here
from Milwaukee several weeks ago.
A widow and several children survive
Bright fresh stock. pe>- lb 15C
/ ocal cranberries, 'i lbs 25c
I'yslop crab apples. 4 lbs 2SC
< iiolce cooking apples,. 5 His 256
Choice eating apples. 3 lbs 25C
flweet potatoes, 6 lbs 25C
Quaker    Brand    canned    peas,
corn and tomatoes, 2 cans.256
Hive you tried our fine quality teas
: nd  coffees?    Our  special  blends  of
i  tea and coffee at 35c  per lb., 3 lbs.
' fr $1.00, are the finest to bc had. We
n?k you to try them.
Tiolce table butter, 3 lbs Sl.OO
-lustero fresh cgss, per doz.      406
Two dozen 75<1
r""illty and service are our aim.   We
j "licit a trial order.
Dean's Grocery
Phont SM. ���
Burr Block. Columbia Strait.
Marvellous  Memory.
Witness was continually twitted by
Sir Charles Tupper about having such
a marvellous memory about thi' motor
Incident and the dress of the men and
about nothing else. The reward of
15000 for the arrest and conviction of
the robbers did not influence hlm. He
nnly saw Ihe advertisement asking for
information that would lead to their
arrest and afterwards saw Chief
Brndshaw  and  then   Mr.  Ahearn.
In   the   afternoon   the   examination
was  ro-umed.     Witness   said   he  had
no difficulty  in  identifying  I'owell.
Both  Correct.
Quoting two statements of witness,
one thrt. Dean waB standing In thc
middle of the rear seat and another
that he apparently roBe from the, left
hand corner. Sir Charles asked If both
were correct and witness answered
both were correct.
His first Btatement of the motor
meeting was to his wife a month after the lapse of a month.
He went, to the Royal Oak hotel
thai morning to see if he was required
at the works. He saw the Chinaman
who said "no savee" and returned
without'making further Inquiry. He
did not go to Royal Oak on Saturday
to enquire. He had never got a phone
message from the Royal flak hotel. He
illd not remember Baying he was In
the habit of getting messages from
the  Royal  Oak  hotel.
Witness had said previously that
hls eons were nt home with hlm all
day on Krlday. Sept. ir. that there was
no school that day, and thnt Qeorge
hud returned from delivering papers
ahout 9 a.m. or shortly afterwards,
Prom the boys' deposition as quoted
ny Sir Charles It appeared'he had returned honi" at 8:30. h(-d breakfast
iuil went to school at 9 o'clock. Askeil
���tn "vrilnin the discrepancy witness
Wild the boy might have gone to scliool
and come right home.
Under Pressure of 2,707,000 Bushels In
Two Dayt Price Was Easier on
Winnipeg, Oct. 0.--Under the pressure of 2-707,000 bushels of wheat in
two days and 1660 cars ln sight, Winnipeg opened 1-8 to 1-4 lower and developed weakness. Liverpool was dull
and lower with heavy Russian offerings. Reports from Argentine were
With all these factors at work It
was not surprising that the market
was weak. With only a fair cash demand and importing countries hacking
away from us, the only surprise was
that the markets held as firm as they
Declines for the day were: Winnipeg 3-8  to 1-2 cent;   IMnneapolls 3-1.
They're Comlrig West.
Toronto, Oct. ti. ���Four hundred Immigrants off the liners Megantlc and
l-ctltla, passed through Toronto today
for Western Canada on the Orami
Trunk special.
Looking  Ahead.
"I nuppo.ie you take a deep per-
���sona! i' t rest in the education of your
lauifliti r?"
"(lli yi'-i I nm doing mv best to
have i er litt��d to be the wife of a
mtn with a tit!" You moi>, my hu��-
band lias patented nn invention that
is Bi "ft sure to make us immensely
wealt ...'"
lea I e\
QOast 1:
Mines 1,
���100 Ibs.
inches in !
congress at Llandudno, Sir James
Crichton Browne, the famous physician, drew attention to the alarming
increase of disease caused by the dissemination of germ-laden dust by motor cars. Dust in tba right place, in
the right quantity and of the right
quality, be said, was not a bad thing.
Tbey owed ll to the liluenesB of the
sky. But the dust produced by human agency was productive of disease. The mortality In the principal
i dust producing Industries was still excessive to a startling degree.
Describing tlie difference between
Industrial and domestic dust, he said:
("I had the dust collected some time
i .go from the top of a wardrobe in the
west end of London anil examined,
! There were recognized In lt vegetable and animal fibres derived from
j limn, cotton and wool; a few feather
'barbs, fniirinentfl of wood; scales
! from the skin: starch granules anil a
; few pollen Bpores." II was as a car-
jrler of disease germs, he said, that
municipal dust Is moat to be feared,
and there could be no doubt that
pathogenic spores anil baclli of many
kinds may be wafted about In It Ca
tarrh. hay fever- Influenza were prob
A Hug.  Seal.
is  ri'por'1,1   to  be  thc   largest
nuight  on   thc  Cape  Brotdn
us  jiut   been   taken   nt   Mabou
y n fi'llier nnd son.   ft weighed   ._ __ _
The skin measured 7 feet. 10 'uTi'ly'thuB  dlssem'lnat'edr^Tlmt, ""too,
Let us make your reservations early and secure
best accommodation at the minimum rate.
Wo are agents for all ocean lines and can give you
your choice of rail linos to the seaboard.
H. 0. SMITH, C P. & T. A.
5117 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  K.  DUPHSROW, O.  A.  I'
l-hone Private Kxcbange 8134
.jth by 4 feet 4 Inchei
Veterans All.
Thc " A " Core pany Cojinaugbt'i Own
Rifles, nf Vanoouver, cluim^ tho proud
Jlstlnetion of bcintf the only compnny
;n thi' Ilrithh Kiopiri.' composed entire*
'y of men weariDJ medals bestowed for
LCtive service.
Subscribe for
The Daily News
.'.till the Veterans Apply.
Tin-re Is nn let-up tj the application*
'or Fenian Said veteran bounty grunts
it Ottawa. Up-to-date 1U.800 have been
laid the grunt if (IW) and fifteen thouiand are under considerntion.
)f eeenc
seen!.'  shift
Well   Used  ts   It.
What ynu need la a change
Patient���(Jet awny!    I'm a
More to Come.
"The fools are not all dead." "That
isn't tlle wor.-t of it.   Tbey aren't all
Horn yet."
Women and Flowers.
A beautiful woman without brains is
ike a (liivMT without perfume.
Lister Names Delegate.
Olympla, Oct. C.'-Governor Litter
today appointed former Congressman
Duddley (1. Wooten of Seattle to rep-
reaent Washington at tho national
conservation congress at Washington
Nov. 18 to 20, ,
was the most common mode of the
spread of tuberculosis in adults. Further, It was already evident that It
was responsible for cases of aural
sepsis, of sore throat and tonsilitls.
of bronchitis and pneumonia.
Danger From Lockjaw.
"The chief danger attending It," he
proceeded, "Is tetanus or lockjaw -a
rare disease, no doubt, but one the
death rate from wlllch shows a decided incroase. To the sources of tetanus there must now be added road
"So long as tbe same roads are
used by horse-drawn traffic and automobile vehicles, force Is given to tbe
suggestion that thn houses and cottages sbould he built with a broad
belt of garden ground Intervening between them and thc highway. Motorists and dwellers on the highway." he
continued, "should be warned that
tliey should keep covered and free
from road dust, nil wounds, cuts or
abrasions on the hanilH or face. One
of these days, he sunposed. the arinii-
mentarllltn of a well-appointed motor
ar might Include a tube of tetantts
antitoxin for Immediate application to
a dust-Impregnated wound."
Toronto, Oct. 6.--Allen Brady, an
elderly man. was given BO days In jail
by Magistrate Detmlson toduy for
theft of money from the All Saints
church. Ilrady robbed the collection
$1000.00 worth of stock on 1!0 year loan hugis will be given approved settlers.
C. P.  It.  FARMS Ready-made or unimproved, may be purchased
In nearly every district In the following provinces: Alberta, 9a��-
katcliewiin, Manitoba und tbe Interior of liritish Columbia.
I'or detailed Information, descriptive literature, etc., cnll on or
write I). EC. Hrown, Hope & McCauley, Ltd., the Canadian I'acilic
Railway Company's Official Land Selling Agents.
D. E, Brown, Hope & Macaulay
Real Estate, Mortgage Loan*,  Insurance,  Rentals, Collection!.
B��� C. Farm Landa. Alberta Farm Lands.
Phone Sey. 1887.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layer* of Haitam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout tha Province of Britiah Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Intereat at the higbeat current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafta and Travellers' Chaquaa acid, payabl* In all parts of tha
CHAS. O. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New  Weatmlnater  Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager. TUISDAV, OCTOBER 7, 1913.
��*.***. *******
News9 Sport Page That Everybody Reads
Mathewson  cr  Marquard  vs.  Bender
Is Inside Dope���Weather
New Vork. Oct. 0. The Hinge is get
and tomorrow the curtain will flsc on
thu linal uct 01 the Hlg baseball
drama. Ilehlnd the scenes the Philadelphia Athletics aud the New York
tilaiits are at their stations ready for
tbe cue thut will scud ihem into tbe
limelight i.i the world's series.
Spectator- from ull parts of the
United States are ready for the rush
un the I'olo grounds and only the
menace cf tlie weather man stands
between thousands of funs and the
���fulfillment of their expectations.
It Might Rain.
"Unsettled conditions,1' was bis
dublolM prediction for tomorrow,
Tho Giants' baitory for tbe Initial
Contest, uccnrdlng to the dopesters,
will be Mathewaon or Marquard and
Meyers. The Athletics ure expected
lo retaliate with Bander and either
Thomas or Schang behind tho bat.
Connie Muck's Indian twirler Is said
to be in splendid shape und the Atb
letice' best card for tlle buttle on hostile soli.
Little Information regarding the
plan i-f campaign was forthcoming uud
appun utly bul ti Connie Mack und
John McO,raW were playing a waiting
game so Mr us final plana und line-
up- wi re concerned.
Supporters cf Mathewson and Marquard advanced a secre of reasons to
night why Manager McOraw should
start their favorite against the Athletics! und the fans from Philadelphia
smiled and gently inserted into the
argument h mention of J. Franklin
ilaker und ��hut bis trusty home run
bat did In tlle series of 1911.
Mack Is Confident.
Philadelphia, Oct. ti. -"We're right
That's all," was the laconic comment
with which Connie Mack, manager ot
thn Philadelphia American league
baseball team, dismissed those who
nought to Interview hlm tonight as he
prepared lo leave with the members
Of his team for New York. The Athletics' manager declined to tell wblch
battery he has selected tn start the
series against the New York team.
Earlier In the day Mack suld:
"I am confident that the Athletics
will be world's championir before the
week Is out. I expect the series to be
close und bard fought, with the Athletics on the winning end. I expect
to work Bender, Plank und Sbawkey.
but may switch at any moment. Everything dcpeuils upon tho pitchers tlu -in
selves,    I  have no fenrs for the rest
ol thc team."
Next Monday Evening Season Wlll Be
Bowlers of the cily ure called to a
meeting   ln   the   Club   alleys   reading
j room    for    Monday evening of next
week  when the House league will be
reorganized   for   the  season,  officers
j elected  and  a general  discussion  on
j local   howling  take  place.
All members and supporters of the
[gome are invited to attend the session
I ns It iu possible that an entry In the
Vancouver Inter-clty leugue might be
| carried   through.
Rurnctt and O'Con' >r came through
i with the winning score in the ten pin
tournament last week, the following
being the three highest scorer, for the
I week:
Burnett 5!)4, O'Connor 656. total
1280! MicOIll B91, Cornish 635, total
TW; Walsh 6-5, Burnett 505, total
Opening of Y. M. C. A. Season This
Evening Promises to Be Some
Eilliarde Tonight.
Two teams from the American Can
j company. East Burnaby, will settle
! their disputes on the billiard tables
jof the Cluh alleys this evening. Start-
J ing ut 8 o'clock. All three tables will
: be reserved  for tbelr use.
Members and friends of the Y.M.C.A.
wlll congregate in the association
building at 8 o'clock this evening when
the formal opening of the fall aelivl-jibe latter not having been represented
Cocccr Meetlno.
The City Soccer league will held a
:-:. ssion In tbe ofllce of II. Ityall this
evening ut 8 o'clock in ortfer to ud
just the schedule so that the Iroquois
cup games will not conflict with local
contests. 'A full attendance is re-
quest, d,  especially   from   BurqnltJ
Jnlvertltv of Wafhinqton Faculty
Members Issue Edict.
Seattle, Oct. 6. Bifurcated and diaphanous skirts. X-ray gowns, slashed
skirts and all other similar extremes
of modern styles will he tabooed from
'he cainnits or the University of Washington if the determined stand taken
al hi Bgsemblv of all women ol the
Institution hy Dean of Women Isabella
Austin Is hacked up bv stringent faculty action. Dean Austin condemned
the tendency of fashion toward thc
flit _kirt.
Chicaco   Big   Leaguers  to   Start  City
ties will take place. The officials
have been working hard ou tbe project'
for some little time and believe that i
a program in the nature of Bport, will |
be staged such us will back off the I
boards anything of Its kind ever at- {
tempted before.
The events wlll be varied and held i
in various rooms and quarters of the |
big building. Basketball between the
Whlto Rock A. A. and the Crescent
Beach quintette will be one of the big
features; volley ball will also have
Its innings In the gym, together with
wrestling and boxing.
Downstairs the big swimming tank
has been prepared for the occasion and
all kinds of stunts in the nature of
water polo ai.'J diving exhibitions will
! i -Tarried cut.
In tii*. h.'iseinent the alleys have been
olaned and oiled and are reported to
lie in better shape than ever hefore for
the five and  ten nln  games.
Pool nnd billiard games can be Indulged In on the ground floor, while,
for lhe mor" staid persons the checker
and chers boards will be available.
Tho invltatlrn is an open one and
_an bo takon advantage of by every
young boy, youth and man In 'he city.
At Intervals the high school orchestra   will  discourse  music.
Tha basketball teams v.lll line-up as
Crescent Beach five���Storme. can-
IteriRogers, Pentland and Fletcher,
forwards: McDonald, Doherty and
Decker- guards.
Wh'ie Rock A. A, wlll be chpsen
from Wattam Hoult. C. Smith. Swan-
sen and the Whittaker brothys.
at tiie labt two gatherings.
Washington, Oct. 6.���President Wilson expects to send to the senate this
week the nomination of H. M. Pindell,
a newspaper editor of Peoria, III., to
be ambassador to Russia, and that of
Mayor Brand Whitlock, of Toledo, to
be minister to Belgium. There Is
still a possibility that William F. Mc-
I Combs, Democratic national chairman,
will be nominated for ambassador to
(Continu<M from race onei
more armaments as a re
Sarah Bernhardt'
Greatest Success
Presented by the
Chas. I Royal
With Edythe Elliott in the
Title Role.
A Play for Deep Thinkers,
Pictures, 7:30 to 8:30.
Royal Co. from 8:30 to 10:45.
'PHONE 1068
seats.   We
until show
Prices! 10c, 20c, 30c.
We Are Organized
���^���_______________-__���**tm*ta*ss*amt^^^*^mttaa*am*************msmt%)m*-itm. *,ma-**-wmm*-t*-m****a**m
Especially for the purpose of acting as executor and
trustee under wills. We can manage your affairs
after your death to the best possible advantage of
your heirs. We bring to the management of estates:
All matters pertaining to realizations and investments are passed upon by our Board of Directors,
composed of the leading business and professional
men of this city.
Our charges are no more than those allowed a private executor for the same work, and we offer a
service that no individual can possibly give.
Full particulars freely given on application.
1. J. JONE3, Managing Director.
Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.
Agents for D.   I*:   Brown, Hop* a Macaulay. Ltd., tinner
Steam hip Agents,  of Vancouver,   It. C.
Championship  Series  Today���
Ed. Walsh In Shape.
���ng (-i*rr.iiMiy
Name  Mere Label.
The name "Christian  nations" vijtH
l nitre label, and the incessant sehem-
nga   and   politics,   international   poti-
Uca especially, made these self satis
led nation*-  a  poor example to  what
���vas   ttrmed   the   less  civilized   coun-   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
tries. 'Absolutely without reserve (under in-
Ur. Darby hof,ed for the time when Istructiona from H. J. RueseU), at the
-iiieli would be no more, and when'Occidental Hotel, Columbia Ctreet, cn
"peace  on   earth"   would   be  realized.
Chicago, Oct. G -Thi!
dOClde the baseball championship of
the city of Chicago, will be played tomorrow starting at 2 o'clock between
tlie Chicago teums of the American
anil National leagues.
l'n aidant Comlskey. of the American league rlub, Indicated that "Big
' Bd" Wnlch, who has been the main-
, Btuv uf the American lenguers In the
: previous series between the two rival
'clubs, would be In condition to participate.
The advance sale of tickets for the
j first game has becn large.    The pro-
|bsble  batteries in Ihe opening game
(will   be   Cheney   and   Archer   for  the
Viti* nal" ami Kussell and Schalk for
the Americans.
Rugby Tcday
At the meeting of the
held  Inst evening in  the Y.  M. C. A.
C.   BlggK   was  elected     captain    and
C     Smith     vlce-cantaln.    A   practice
first game to j w)y tjp ht,]rt thiB afternoon at Queen's
i Park, at which all players arc expect-
| ed to bc present.
His closing sentences were    a    final
��� . iPba to the ptople of thc Pacific coa3t
,   I to stand firm   against   the   curse   ot
Rufby club, militarism.
Rev.   Mr.   Wincott   introduced   Dr.
Darby to tbe audience, numbering   a
���scant score, and at the conclusion of
tlie address Itev. YV. \V. Abbott moved
vote of thanks.
Giants Defeat Phillies as Final Work
-Pittsburg   Loat   to  Cleveland.
Convicted of Soliciting a Bribe
Senatorial Election.
Santa Fe N.M.. Oct. 6.-Following
the overruling of a motion for a new-
trial. Judge E. C. Abbott of the district
court, sentenced Jose P. Lucero, a
member of the state assembly from
Rio Arriba county, to serve one year
to 18 month-kin the slate penitentiary.
Lucero was convicted of having solicited a bribe In return for his\ote
in the senatorial election of 1912. An
appeal to the supreme court was granted and Lucero given his llbertv on
*25ftn bond. Three colleagues Indicted
Jointly with Lucero for the same offense, remain to be tried.
Tuesday, October 7 at
2 p.m. sharp
All the bedroom and dining
room furniture, carpets, linoleum, etc.,
also all the crockery and glassware.
large kitchen range and utensils, etc.,
��� etc. Everything must be sold and be
'removed before noon the following
day. For further particulars of this
sale see Russell
Auction House
Entire Change of Program Daily
"A Proposal from the Sculptor"
Being the third story of "Who Will Marry Mary."
laboratlon with the l-adies' World."
produced   in   eoL
Selig���Two Reels.
Spokane. Sept. 6.���Tha 50th day will
1*0 doubt bring an end   to   the   long
period cf   fasting   of   Mrs. F. W. Mc-
New York, Oct. 6���In an exhibition !,���_������, according to Dr. A. T. Dodson,
At the Theatres
gnme here this afternoon, the champion Olants und the Philadelphia Nationals Bet a new record for speed for
a full game between major league
teams, the game being ,11 minutes,
with McGraw hustling his new players
in rapiil MicccsBlon, the contest resembled rapid flre target practice ou
a battleship.    The Olants won 4-1.
Preceding the game there were several field events.   In a 100 yard dash
who Is In attendance. Indications
when aha w��h examined by Dr. Dod-
BOli, that her system would be ready
to stand a little nourishment either
today or tomorrow. Mrs. McCann's
hui-.band will arrive In Spokane Sunday from Coulee City, and will remain
wllb his wife until sbe Is permitted by
the doctor lo return to her hotne.-
Mrs.   McCann   continues   to   grow
t too jraru  ua-11 i
1-obert beat Thorpe In 13 seconds. The; stionger each day, In spite of her lack
fungo hitting contest went to Thorpe of nourishment.   She came downtown
th a rap of 414 feet and Lobert won
the run arming the bases ln 15 seconds.    Score: R.    H.    E.
Philadelphia  1     3     0
New   York     4     8     2
Batteries: Chalmers and Killlfer;
Schupp, Wlltse, Hearne and Hartley,
Napa Defeat Plratea.
Cleveland. Oct. 6.���Falkenberg held
Plttsbun; National leaguers to two
hits In the opening game of their post
season series today nnd Cleveland took
the first game 3-0. Dolan, Chapman,
Wagner and Johnston contributed the
fielding stunts.
Bcore: R.   H.   E.
Pittsburg  0     2     3
Cleveland .....3   11     2
Hatterles: Adama. HendrU and Olh-
aon; Falkenberg and Carlach.
yesterday to take her dally electrical
In "The Fifth String" at the Edison
today, Angelo Dlotti, a violinist, although encouraged by tbe eulogy of
the musical profession, (alls to Impress Mildred Wallace, with whom he
is In love, by his efforts on the violin.
At a reception, given at the Wallace
home, be is the cynosure of the eyea
of the ladles, but Mildred characterizes the young violinist's protestations of musical -effort as asininity,
rather than artistry. He leavea the
house in a very much dejected and despondent mood and sails for a desolate
island,   where   he   begins   practising.
treatment. After that she made n tour {The more he tries tho more he think-
cf the stores   and   completed    some
shopping before returning home.
According to Dr. Dcdson It wlll take
from 10 to 12 days after she begins
to take nourishment before be can
tell if her system haa been benefited
by tiie fast.
Father Confeaaea 13-Year-Old Acted
for Him.
Loa Angeles, Cal., Oct. 6���"My little
girl wrote and passed the checks, but
at my dictation."
Thla was the confession of "Dr."
Rrnce D. Klmmts, according to the
pollen who havn held him incident to
the arrest a few daya ago of hla 13-
year-old daughter, Prlscllla. The child
had been discovered passing crude forgeries tn department stores here.
"She la entirely Innocent of wrong'
he precelves that hia ability ls waning, and in a flt of melancholy he
dashes bis violin to the floor and
crushes it with his feet. At this Juncture u, phanton figure appears In the
doorway of his leafy shacn. He hands
Diotti a card bearing the inscription.
"Satan, Prince of Darkness." Following closely behind hla Satanic Majesty
is u decrepit sort of being who hold-
In his palsied handa a violin. The
old man plays with aueh exquisite harmony that Diotti Is entranced, but no
sooner haa the bent old figure touched
the llfth atrlng of the violin when he
falla dead. Satan then telle Diotti that
the llrst atrlng meana pity, the aecond,
hate; the third, love; tbe fourth, joy;
but Uie llfth meana���death.
Diotti, bla ability restored by tke
magic violin, aoon leavea hla secluded
abode and la soon in tba manager'a
olllce. The execrations of the latter
the   ex-
Another Batch of 8. A. Workera���New
Post Offices���North Arm Harber
Vancouver, Oct. 6.���A cable from
head office of the Salvation Army in
London to the local Immigration department, announces that another
party of 56 immigrants baa just sailed
from Glasgow and Liverpool. They
will arrive at Quebec and come direct
to Vancouver in one of the���Army's
special cars over the C. P. R. Ensign
and Mrs. Halliday, of Glasgow, who
are conducting the party from Scotland, will be in charge of the combined party.
Not including tbe party now en
route, there have been brought into
British Columbia 237 domestics, 19��
children and 306 other immigrants.
The party now on tbe way Includes
12 domestics. The remainder are
wives with children going to husbands
in various parta of the province.
There have been two parties each
month beginning with April.
New Post Offi cts.
The following psfct offlcea In Britiah
Columbia have been authorised to issue postal notea: Decker Lake, Millers' Crossing, Lower Northfleld and
Tow Hill. They are all in the Comox-
Atlin district . '
Mr. Rand Improves.
C. D. Rrand ia rapidly recovering
tm aa operation he recently under
The Fifth String"
John Philip Sousa. the March King, wrote thla powerful story of a
musician's supernatural ability gained at the coat of his lite. Tho
Devil gave young Diotti a magic instnuaent. epon which he oould
play even well enough t�� wla bla ralaataat lair, hot wben he touched
the fifth string, the charm was brokea   aad   he   paid   the   forfwt.
Copyright, Tbe Bobbs Merrill Ca.
doing, and I alwaya aaaured her that �����*    ����� �����"!"���������� "*
It was proper ln banking bualnaaa to ��������������������������� ��re   stopped   by
do the thing In the way 1 told her." 2"ulif��tr*,n��. ��',   ^e '
************* .    - tmwn  th- i-niiatn!_li'a vtnlln    A
Champion Scrapper Arreated In Clave*
land for Assaulting Boy���Trouble
Over Bicycle.
Cleveland, 0��� Oct. 6.���Johnny Kllbane. featherweight champion, waa arrested today on a warrant charging
him with assaulting 11-year-old Chaa.
Chambers. The warrant, VhJch waa
aworn out by the boy's moDRr, Mrs.
Clara Chambers, charged Kllbane attacked the boy because of I dispute
over a bicycle given the lad's elder
brother for services In keeping a record o fpress clippings concerning the
"I dldnH gtve Charlie Chambers'
brother the blcjcle." Kllbane aald. "I
juat loaned It to him a year ago. I
wanted It back and ho didn't send It.
When I saw Charlie with it the other
day 1 took it away from him. I did
not hit him or hurt him. t wouldn't
hit a little boy like that," ssld Johnny.
He gave $50 bond for his appearance
and requested a jury trial. He wlll
leave tonight-tor New York where he
will appear la the ring tomorrow,,
runs the confession aa given out by
the police. Since thn father's arrest
when he called to aee hla daughter tha
mother has been sought by the police.
She was found today ln San Francisco.
Klmmls, who said he was a dentist,
tnld the pollce, they asserted, of chack
operations In San Franolaco, San
Dlepo nnd Hollywood. A warrant hia
been Issued charging tilm ""w'ttn a
At  Least Thafe Haw Judge  Rated
St. Paul, Minto*., Oet 6.���A woman's
froB   .^^^
went at the general hospital, and he
expects to be back Ib hla offW within a short time.
North Arm Commission.
The North Arm harbor ccmmlaalon-
ers   will   meet   on Wedneaday n**t
when it ia expected the chairmen will
be selected.    Tbe harbor board consists of Commissioners R. C. Hodgson,
F. Tritea and Abernethy.
Coal Called.
A car loaded w|th ooal tamed turtle
through missing   the points   at   the
weatern and  of tha  B.-' C.  Keotric
company'a bridge over False creek on
Saturday afternoon.   Traffic waa lr-
terfered with for an hour or ao and
__..*__.        . . _ ���"���'"���''"tlpaaaanfera bound to and tram KH_d-
from the musician's violin. At tha club uno terminus had to transfer,
a friend of the Wallace family takes I Ig oattln* Better,
advantage of Dlottl'a absence from the William McKay, who waa taken to
room, ln which he haa left tha magic tha hospital auffartof prom coneaaattm
violin, and plays upon It. His musical 0f **,t brain following a row In tha
effusion la not ot long duration/for ha Traveller* hotel bar on Krldiy ��l��h��
aoon touchea the lltth atrlng and lut j with Harrv Duaanberrv. who ta held
falla dead. Diotti, althougb stunned |tov the police, la raported at th*
by the death, of the young amateur ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
violinist, harkens to the call ot tha
manager and he accepts an offer to
Promoted    Government    Agent
cipient cf Tokena of Local
Stars Esteem.
A pleasant function took place ii:
the county court room yesterday when
S. A. Fletcher, lately provincial government agent, and now inspector of
government agencies, was met by a
number of his former colleagues in
the civil service and their staffs and
presented with a beautiful arm chair
and handsome travelling bag cn the
occaalon of his departure.
John Mahony, government agent,
Vance'iver, presided. He said he had
been aaked by Mr. Fletcher's fellow
officials to make the presentation on
hla leaving New Westminster on promotion. Ho understood Mr. Fletcher
Vould take up hla realdence in Victoria, but he hoped he would never
forgot tbe old bunch In New Weatmlnater. He wished him all success In
hla new sphere.
Mr. Mahony then formally made the
presentation and J. J. Cambridge,
registrar, and 8heriff Armstrong conducted Mr. Fletcher to the arm chair
aad aeated him.In it amMst applause.
Mr. Fletcher acknowledged the gifta
in auitable terms. He thanked them
all vary much and tho chairman tor
hla kind sentiments. Ho know that
where var he want hp wonld nevor
meet a nicer lot of ladles and gentleman than lt had baaa hla goad fortune
to havo mat with In hla fellow officiate
and atalf In New WooUntnater. He
had enjoyed hla terns* ot office hero
and ho aaaured theaa he had alwaya
found thorn all doing thohr duty. It,
wonld Indeed be hard ..to Bnd a mora
officiant and obliging lot of offlalala
than thos* ho had donHnga with tn
Now Waotmtaster. Ho again thanked
then tor their ktadnoaa.   (Cheora.)
I. 1; Cambridge arid tlwt to hla
thor* wn* a r*__r*Uabi* as well aa a
709 Columbia St.
WcrtMinster Trot
carrying out the civil service act aa
they originally intended. Mr. Fletcher
had been in the service for a very long
time and they had recognized hla
value tn Victoria. He waa sure they
could not have appointed a more competent man tor the position which he
waa about to occupy, aad ho knew he
would be aa great a aucoeaa then as
ln the post he had Just vacated.
Personally hei did not think there
waa any one there who weald mist
Mr. Fletcher aa he would. Thoy hnd
been very old tlm* friend*, camping
out, ashing, and going homo tp
luncheon together nearly *very day.
No oue could feel more keenly hia
leaving than the speaker. He truotad
sincerely he would   moot   with   tk*
same cordial appreciation to " "
���pbere aa ha had don* her*.
Sheriff Armstrong, alao  ���
quota ot admiration tor Mr. flatthat'a
ane Qualities and cdngmtntoHsno upaa
hla promotion.  He alao added a *ff��
ot welcome   to hi*   aueoaa_nr,  fit,
V. C. Campbell, tk* aaw ajopaa
agent, thanked the oompaay tor
ktod Invlaa-lia to a* aaeasnt
a atraagar to th***, 'Ito* k��
venr eieariy that l�� hi* aew
ban U eaay la on* way aad hard lai
other, mgr hscauas to   " ~ *'*'---���**
flatcher be had fouad
And tow tay* the Bmeil of Food
HtoTampt Hsr te
tttk day of abstinence from tort. Man.
iMCjUtftaB  of  Coulee  CKr.tfca
pr ���nreato, Mr. aai Mat. X
play at a grand concert.   The concert Lfci,hon Caaer haa.r*la��d the
la a huge aucceaa and the prestige of
the violinist is restored. Mildred sue
cumbs to the beautiful music and
shows her love tor him. He la Invited to many functions, but the lure
bounty la held tb he worth at least 11,'t'th-.'**lutui '*nn7n~n? ,hl'mlliiln'n.
��7000by the Minnesota supreme court <of the p*UtU1 home of *������: WMUo**
In an opinion handed down affirming
the judgment of the Bt. Louis county
district court, which   awarded   Mlaa
Clara Bartnes damages ln tbat amount
agf'irt the Pittsburg Iron company.
Mias Bartnes was injured by a blaat
from .the mine whtln paaalng along
the public highway.  Her face waa dla-
flgurad by flying rooks.  Chief Justice
Brown commented on the fact that he-
reuse the Injury seriously marred the
girl's beauty the verdidt waa hot ei-
and ot his Inamorata, Mildred, proves
top strong for htm. and he daicldea to
play for them. Mildred'* father, vho
la alao a skilled musician, calla hla
daughter's attention to the llfth atrlng.
Although Diotti haa always i managed
to avoid playing on the fatal string,
he decides to satiety the eurioalty ot
Mildred by running th* gamut ot tho
strings. No sooner ha* he touched
the fifth when be pay* th* penalty of
pital to be recovering.
"   Raleed to rre-Cpthedral.
Hla  Grace   Moat  Reverend
md Arch- labt on* *to�� tor to advance cf tti'
church of ea* h* ha* ML  h,m* i Mwa*t
tl* gownnwit Wd the heMa of t*-\t
\:.    .,.--.-"**L --_--_-- j, *,*__---,-__.__,. -_____-*f_^.
hi* tolly with hla life and he di-opalM mora'ng   glto
Our 1-adT ot *h* Hot* Rosary
dlgnltv of hla PrwCat'iedral.
Mayor Bagtor **M*leg��t��d oa-M||3iSj&]gi^^JP||i|f
urday night by the Investigation com- they had atvJl torrent* tal^***
mlttee   looking   Into   the    ehanap mlaotor *qa�� toJtt aavJtotUoa.A*
sjrrw asrvsr s r-rt s ���ss&g
mitte* aadoartata r*commaa*tl**�� a**** iwatod a dm dees altatol
an m*d* da to to* panageatoat
th* waterworka department the
tor will b* tfaoaOttototh* M-t
ell. 1h*n_ay��ri��a��tobo��yMa
port p*rtk��* af th* *Tld*oe*
baton th* ooaMBltte*.   H*
Ititlltt* Wi''"*f''' ***:
aaoagk to do that ha
itowtu. :^^*^________i
f_____________M  -Vtav^^^toll e* '��� ^kMa*^^M
fwZ5i wMto ngtotttog tha I
dead at her teet.
!***%*'W*'*to* i
���****>,if/ *
'��?: ti
-'-'*���&: �����.-,'
pau�� am
Classified Advertising
celved for Tne News at the following placea: V. T. Hill's drug store,
���28 Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Queet-sborough, l.ulu Island.
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
���day; 4c per word per week; 16c per
aionth; 6,000 words, to be used as required wittln oue year from date ol
���contract, $26.00.
ercnces required, qualifications,
good plain cooking and tidy housekeeping.   Mrs. .lumes Cunningham,
727 Third avenue. 12197)
able store, the California Fruit
House. 714 Columbia slreet. One of
the best stands In the city for fruit,
tobacco, confectionery and iiKht ra-
fn shiiK'iits. Bargain price fnr cash.
Apply to manager cn premises.
Marriage Ceremony Used by Socialist
Pastor Causes Much
Old  Sol's Raya Responsible for Conflagrations in the State of
AND   28   A
the corner of Colborn
Sl.v'li avenue, across from exhibition
grounds.   Price $1000 each.   Terms.
I   M. Lindsay, Nelson, B.C., owmr.
  Kansas City, Oct. 6.   It   dues   not
seem possible that the rays of the sun,
Boston, Oct. 6.���Clergymen, all over I even on the hottest day, could set fire
the land, are discussing with    much '���to anything, but condition* have been
, ,.,,.,.  such  In  Kansas and  in other middle
interest the marriage of Maude Adel' wegtern 8tatP8 durlng   th(.   last    few
e  street  ami   "path and ',ohn    Theodora    Mcnden-1 months Jhat this has been possible.
Last  winter the  Kansas legislature
sale at right price, 334 Eleventh
slreet,    C,  Q. (8109)
finished, and large cleared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Apply owner, George Warne,
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds. 12140)
���housework. Apply Japanese mission.
Sapperton. (2190)
any  kind.    II.  Fisher, Edmonds.
ball of Heverly. 1
The wedding, conducted by Hev. .created anew position, that of Stats
Paul Harris Drake, the "Socialist pas- flre marshul. He was asked for by tin-
tor" of Wollaslon, was devoid of all'fire Insurance companies, "and they
conventionalities. pay the bills,    ills work Is to lnvestl-
In a word It wsr a marriage of two ] gate every fire that does any damage
Socialists, anil was in many respects' In the state. Every city official and
similar to the recent wedding of Ed- every township trustee must make a
mund Trowbridge Dana to MIsb Jessie! report to him of every flre within
Holiday. ! their jurisdiction within'-4 hours nfter
The     Heath-Mendenhall     wedding, I the fire had started.
though, diil not take place in the open I    The fire marshal is supposed lo In-
al-"- Ivestlgate all these fires and ascertain
An original ceremony by the young Ithe causes and then conduct u cam-
pastor was used. Miss Mcndenhall; paign among the people of the state
barred all the traditional features of! to show them how they can avoid the
a wedding, with the exception that thai great flre waste and the danger to
relatives of tlle couple were present, i themselves and  lhelr property.  Care-
Ami   Miss  Mondonbnll  didn't   prom-1 Irsstiess was supposed to be the prln
upland as desired;    tram    frontage
$150  an  acre and  remainder    just |
back uf frontage lots $101) and $125.
or truck; do own repairs, had 3
years' shop experience. Take any
position same line, small wages required.   Coombs, 1412 Edinburgh,
school boy. Apply Japanese mission,
Sapperton. (2175)
cohoe net, second hand; must be
cheap. Apply Captain D. MeLeod,
Oakalla P.O., B.C. (8179)
work, Miss Pennington, Y. W, C. A.
miles out, less than 311 niinutts' rid-
on II. C. Electric from New Westminster; Boil excellent,   bottom   < r, ise to love, honor and obey. The for-jclpal cause.   Hut carelessness has not
mal prayer, too, was omitted. I caused verv manv fires in  Kansas in
Standing before the Socialist min-Ithe last three months. The burning
ister, the couple nbout to assume the j raya of the sun, directly or indirectly,
Terms quarter cash, two years for I responsibilities of married life listened 'caused more fires than carelessness,
balance. This is a sacrifice; estate j to the following preliminary state- There have been over 100 fires re-
to  be    cleaned    up at once.    Sole  ment by the Rev. Mr. Drake: i ported to the flre marshal as caused
agents, Curtis & Dorgan, New West-1    "This man and Ihis woman, having by the sun's ravs during tlie   present
minster.    Phone 466.   No trades.       found in each other what they believe '' summer.    A large number    of    these
(21G1I   to be their ideal of virtue and good-  really did no appreciable damage, the
_ | ness, come tn witness the fact of their ! fires catching in the dry grass along
FOR   SAT E��� FIRST   GROWTH   FIR 'Willingness  ,0  'lvp  together  as   hus-' the roads or in the stubble fields and
wood;' c'ord wood $5 per cord, stove >?n'l.am1 wifp- ani1..'.h.p|r acceptance burning off the prairie or the    field
Prominent Figure at Hamilton Centennial Celsbration Moved to the Ambitious Olty in 1850 and Bines That
Time He Has Held Many Posts of
Honor in the Plac* of His Adoption.
Adam Hrown, "Hamilton's Grand
Old Man," is nearly ninety, but bin
face is fresh and ruddy with health, his
step llrm und elastic, uiul form erect
snd full of vigor. The city of which
hs bus been so much B part was only
11 yenrs old when Aduin Hrown wan
born, in Edinburgh, Scotland, in April
of 18*2(5. When Seven years old lie i-tinic
with his parents to Canada, und for
17 years resided in Montreal. His llrst
position was with Oillespio, Moffat ��
Company, then the largest commercial j
bouse in Canada, dealing in all kinds
of tho country's products.
In 1*511 lie went to Hamilton by wny j
of  Toronto.    To  resch  the  latter   Inquired six days and seven nights from'
Montreal, lirst by sleigh and then by
conch.      At     Toronto     he     took     thu!
Bteamer Magnet, now the Montreal, tlm j
lirst   iron   boat   on   Luke  Ontario.     He
took the boat, but it did not take him
to  Hamilton.    A  storm  drove it  buck,:
entrance  to  the  bay   being  found   im-1
possible.    He then  went by coach.
He bad come to take a position with
D. MaiTiinis, afterward Senator.     Next
em toMUNoe. osLSe. m r. miiidint.
C. A. BOGERT, General Mansger.
Capital paid up
Ratarva Fund
ToUl ****!*  -
"In The Old Country"
s'id tn the new, Dominion Bank Letters of Credit and Travellers'
Cheques, are good ss gold and safer lo carry.
They msy be cashed in any Banking Town In the world, and
are sell-Identifying.
Only Ihe owner can cssh them���and If lost or stolen, they ara
of no value to Under or thief.
Riveted Steel Pipes
���      BURN OIL    ���
P. O. BOX 447
$2.5 0
hand  and  wife
tier 'rick' "TeTenhone I��,( a" the responsibilities and bbllga- j without doing any damage to property.
(2026)       na  ITSllUinK  from  thPir Joint part-IThore are only a dozen or so reports
'nershlp in marriage before me. an of-iof actual property loss bv fire caused
_.,-.. n.tts   ., ���.   �����������   ts nn tjxtt, iflcial of the 9!!lte- by the  burning sun  that has  shone
FOR 9ALE-I1.00 DOWN, fl 00 PER j    "And by their voluntary act. in pre- most unmercifully    in    Kansas    ever
week,    Canada s    Pride    Malleable aenting their mutual desire for    the since May 2S and for a week without
Ranges; every one guaranteed.^Mar-1 ratification  of the state, do    hereby a  Tingle  clcud  to  break  Its  terrllle
ket square. (2160) . contract, each with Ihe other, to per- heat.    Everything was literally dry as
 1 form faithfully all the duties resulting  tinder and  in just  the sort o'f condl-
as stenographer, seven years old
���country experience, quick and 'accurate; moderate salary, llox 2152
Daily News. (2152)
ers' supplies. Oriental Contracting
Compauy, 413 Westminster Trust
building. (2120)
tnre in large or small quantities for
spot cash. Will give full value or
-will sell your household gooda and
���effects by auction. Will guarantee
���to realize value or no commission
��� charged. H. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction House. King's hotel block.
Columbia street. (2184)
PAPER MILL FOR SALE���THE ON- from  their free nct and  deed  In    as-, tlon  when  th" sun  might be able to j
dcrsigned on behalf of the receiver sinning ihis social marriage contract.'set things on flre.
appointed by the trustee of the d?-l    "True marriage, to be real   and en-1    Ed McKlbben of Horton bought two
benture    holders    cf   the    Western I during, must he founded on intelligent  small houses and joined them to make
Paper Mills, Limited, hereby    givel-Jove, and ronst be a union of spiritual one  cottage.    In  doing  this  it    was
notice that tenders will be received | forces for the  happiness and  welfare  found by  tie carpenters    that    lhere
up to and including the 15th day of I of thl; r;iCP*    " involves both time and  was a small open space In the point of
October. 1913, for the purchase    of eternity, and is more than the selfish  the roof where the two houses  were;
the said company's premises, plant :"nlnn of but two Individuals.   In order' flttrn together.    In order to prevent;
and   undertaking!   consisting   of    ��ito M Micceeslul there must be conse-  this being a place to tiring cold Into*
 '    -   ' carpenters  filled    thel
nary    cotton    batting
such  spirit  anil  and  the joint of the  roof  was  made'
of tin flashing.    The heat of the sun
shining on the tin flashing set flre to
After hrido    and    bridegroom    had  the cotton batting and nearlv burned
made  Iheir  vows   and   given   each   a  down the house.
fullv equipped paper mill In running ! ?r'"J",n "[ e!?oh  <�� the ��ther- ���-* of the  house  the  ca
order, operating an 84    inch    four \-*��}l   �� the h_i[hesi enrta of life* space with ordlna
cylinder machine, situated on    thel   ���?elle!1kng that  ln  s,lch  RPirlt  an<1  " '  "     : '" '    '
line of the Oreat Northern Railway, j"11'   *        *  P"r!,opp  >'��"  ha"'<'  ��nw
near Vancouver. B.C.   The mill has I001??' y0" ma-v ���10m yo"r rlsht han,ls:
been in operation fourteen months
Tendera nre called for purchase of
���>ool room business, stock and fixtures
it Chllllwack. There aro three pool
tables, and one English billiard table
ill in llrst class condition. Stuck consists of pipes and tobneco. tlood looa-
Uon. Apply II. L. Whittaker, care
Kelly, Douglas Co., Ltd., New West-
nin-tiT, B.C. 12167!
B.C. Coast Service
rooms, private family, to couple
without children; bath toilet and
.electric light; one minute to car.
Apply Box 2191 News office.   12191) I
furnished bedrooms.   Apply 420 St. '
Ueorge street. (2192) j
making board, shea'hinij and wrapping papers. The highest or anv
tender not necessarily accepted.
For further particulars and conditions of fialo apply to .lames F.
C.arvin. care British American Trust
Co., Ltd.. 19S Hastings street v.ist.
Vancouver. B.C. (2001)
electric light.-!, electric horn, speedo
meter, clock, etc.. extra tires. $775
tion. good lcoker. Trade for deeded
property; value $1000.
keeping rooms, $8 per month; 828
Koyal avenue. (2174)
ONE 1912 FORD. TWO 11(11 FOKDS,
Ford delivery, Everitt deliver}'. E.
M. F. touring car. Hup runabout
ranging in prices frcm 5250 to $500.
rine the Rev, Mr. Drake, placing his The heaviest single loss from the:
Innd on the clasped hands of the sun fires was the cattle barns at the
newly  married  couple, said: state   fair   grounds,     at     Hutchinson.
"Since John and Maude have sol- Fine new big barns had recently been
etnnlv promised in inv presence to' erected on the new grounds given to
accent all the responsibilities of the, the state. The barns cost upward of
marriage bond. I. therefore, by vlrtufcj$20,000. The rays of the sun shining
of the authority vested In me by the through the skylight set fire to the
state, iio declare them henceforth straw piled In some of the stalls, and
husband and wife, in the.name of God before the flre was discovered it had
and of the common-wealth of Massa-, gained such headway that practically
chusettr." the entire barns were destroved.   It is
Roth Mr. and Mrs. Mendenhall are I supposed lhat a part of the glass ln the
graduates of Beverly high school, snd , skylight happened to be In such posl-
thelr romance began at the beginning' tlon thst It picked uo the rays of the
of their high school careers some sun and concentrated them on a spot
eight years aeo. Mrs. Mendenhall Is iin the straw and soon had the straw
an accomplished pianist. blazlni;.
alram heated two   room   suites   in
(Burr block, 411 Columbia street. En-'
��� quire on premises. (21721
keeping rooms. $10 and $15 per,
month at 224 Seventh street. 12163) j
. commodated at 625 Sixth street. Hot
water heat; home comforts.   121471
cars every day. Bring your used
autos to use for quieic sale or en
delivery bodies and fare doors huilt.
1262 Granville. Phone Sev. 847
wbere. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver. B.C. (21621
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought for cash. P. B. Brown, 17
Begble streot, New Westminster.
_��       12171)
Samples of Number One  Hard    from
Point BOO Miles North of Edmonton���Polar Gardens.
Victoria, Oct 6. Number 1 hard
wheat grown 800 miles north or Edmonton, prize vegetables raised on
the Arctic circle and spruce trees six
LOST--DEED OF AGREEMENT IN 'feet in diameter are some of the won-
New Westminster, probably on
street car, on Sunday, October 5.
Kinder please leave at this office
and receive reward. (2188)
bi tween Third street and horse
show building, or at horse show, old
fashioned gold filigree ring. Reward
at 326 Third street. 12173)
1 i r and by virtue of a Distress
Warrant ind a Warrant under a Chattel Mortgage, to tne directed ond delivered. 1 have seized and will offer
for sale by public auction, on Tuesday, the 7th day of October, 1913, at
tl o'clock in the forenoon at the
premises of the King's Hotel, Columbia Street. New Westminster.
All bedroom and dining room furni-
tnre. linen, crockery, glassware, office
and bar fixtures of the King's Hotel
���Runted on Columbia Street, New
Westminster, B.C..
The ubove will he sold us a going
Terms of Rale, cash. For further
���particulars apply to
<8154) Sheriff.
HERE*., ��vidal acCO.
graved on lace of case. Finder return to 1420 Seventh avenue. Reward. 121651
official liquidators of tho nbovo company
will, nfter twenty-ons days from tho date
hereof, proceed to open certain deposit
boxes In the vnnlis of ilif suld company,
nnt. en iii the meantime ni>- persons rent-
Inn sucii boxes name s date and time on
which they propose to attend und tuk<*
nm nny documents or securities deposited
tn such boxes-
After the sulci boxes have been opened,
the owners of nnv securities deposited In
saw deposit boxes mav receive such securities at ib" office of the official liquidators, Hi" Westminster Trust, Limited,
Knout" at Westminster Trust building,
N.w Westminster,  B. C.
DATED ihls _th dnv of October, A. D,
(21*55) New Westminster, li C.
Solicitor for Official Liquidator,
Corporation of itie City of New Wostmlnster bun deposited with tti *��� Minister
"f Public WorUn und In tbe offloe "f the
Registrar nf Deeds for the District of
New Westminster, Hiiiiwii Columbia, plans
uud d.seni.lions nf centre line of proposed Bapperton sMver outfall crossing Brunette   River  In   suld  dl��lrlct.
Mint the Corporation of the ciiv of New
WeMimliiHier wlll -trier one month from
the first publication of this notice apply
to the Oovernor Oeneral In Counoil for
approval ..f such works.
DATED ut New Westminster, II. C, this
27lh day of September. 191"
tiers of the northern territories which
Henry A. Conroy, Inspector of Indian
agenoles, will doubtless record in thn
department blue book ln his report
of the inspection tour from which he
has jnst returned.
Known  officially  as  "Treaty  Number 8," the  territory over which   Mr.
Conroy exercises supervision is Inhabited  by  about  Konri Indians.     Besides
these.   lhere   are   ahout,    3500    "non-
treaty" Indians In the very far north.
J a ii rl a few In the west along the foot.
I hills of tha Rockies.    Once a year Inspector f'onrov visits    the    eighteen
j agencies located   In Treaty No. 8 and
distributes lo  Ihe Indians aboul  $35.-
1000   in   monev   and   several   thousand
ilollars'   worth   of   grub,   ammunition.
fiFhltii.' nets -md other necessarleH   of
aboriginal life.
Rtur'ine from Edmonton In May
Inst, Mr. Conroy Proceeded north down
the Athabasca river to Fort McMur-
rav, thence t'i Fort Chippewavan on
Athabasca lake, and down lhe Slave
river to Fort Smith: one portage there,
ind tho-n 1400 miles of uninterrupted
navlntlon to Fort Macpherson. sll-
iini'd a short tourney from the mouth
of Ihe Mackenzie river, and well within the Arctic circle. From Fort Smith
the route lies to Fort Resolution, on
���hn south shore of Great Slave lake.
Elchtv miles across thn lak" Is the
fort at Hay river, which Is the northern boundary line of Treatv No. S.
North of this are the non-treaty Indians. At Fort Providence nu the
Mackenzie, in miles n^rth of Hav riv-
ier, there Is a largo Roman Catholic
t mission, where farming is carr'ed on
successfully, good orons of wheat, oats.
1'isrlev. notatoes, "and as fine vegetn-
| hie rarden)i as they have In the Edmonton district, five or six hundred
tnl'es tn the south."
Ven-i. Providence the Insnector pro-
-nrded ���north down tb" Mackenzie for
'50 ���miles to Fort Slmnfon nt the
lunctlen of the Lhrd river. Mr. Conroy thinks 'hnt the Llard. whicli
flows e.apt from the Rockies, has ns
great a volume as the Pence. Very little In known of the country which It
drains, Mr. Conroy has heen np the
Llard to the junction of the Nelson.
"Thorn Is a fringe nf good Umber.
mostly spruce, in view nil the way, a
Solicitors   t.n   the1A^���raUoCnAofIIth!i &***�����"> <���' shout 200 miles.   Tl,,.
City of New Wcstmlnste
I llm Nel'on, nn which we went for
(2141) j miles, there Is also good timber.
when you get into the foothills you
see the finest kind of spruce. Bome of
It will go five or six feet across the
stumps, the biggest spruce I have ever
seen. This Is on the British Columbia
side of thi   boundary."
Far Northern Wheat.
Mr. Conroy ls evidently proud ofthe
I achievement   of   the   agency   at.   Fort
���Simpson.    This is 800 miles north of
Edmonton       "Our  agent  thero    last
i year,  Mr.  Card,    experimented    with
j three   varieties   of   wheat,   the   yields
f from which were taken down to Edmonton and graded 'No.  1 hard.'    He
I grew also 300 h-asliels of oats, a sain-
, pie bag of which I took out with mc.
They weighed 38 pounds to the bushel,
j Rye and barley were also successfully
grown.    This year when I was there.
|ln July-  thn grain  crops and  vegeta-
; hies looked well   although the weather
had been dry.   Th" n'.ough'tiv Is done
] by two-ox teams, and tba Indlltns are
paid  for t'i"!r wrk on  the farm.      A
small r-"villi which the Inspector had
taken   in  th"re last yetr was used  "o
cut th" lumber for hoitsos.    A similar
sawmill wiih set up at lhe Fort Smith
i "One hundred and sixty miles north
;of Vorl Simpson Is Fort Wriglev,
[where there "re trading posts of -h"
Hudson's Bay company and the
Northern Transportation company, ns
well as ;i Catholic mission. All tholr
ostniiiishpti'iitR  have  good   vegetable
gardens, while there Is an abundance
of kvlld hn\ cs hpavv as is to he seen
In any pan of Alberta. Another journey of 160 miles north and Fort Nor-
I mnn Is reached, and os vood gardens
are to be fornd with '"-iillng posts and
th" Anglic,m and Roman Catholic
mlsolons as then, are further
Ncrtherly Gardening.
"Fort C,r.od  Hope." suid the Inspector. ">s 'till 166 mi'cB further north,
jit Is within the Arctic alrcle: yet Ihe
verv N't i-unlons I saw on the whole
rotHe ur" lhere."    Another  160 miles
to the northward Is the Arctic Red River popt. also with a  I'onnn Catholic
mission;  and 80 miles beyond Is Fort
I Mnonhersi u.    It Is on the Peel river,
tributary to the    Mackenzie.     There
| ar" Hudson's Bay nnd Mounted Police
: poKts ut  Macpherson and an Anglican
[mission     Eskimo    from    the    Arctic
"'���art visit  ther" every vear for trnd-
Inn: purporps,    Even In this fur northern    renin rv   llmre   Is   e    luxuriant
growth  of wild  hay.    At  Fort Smith,
or what  is known as the Salt river
country, huy Is nhunilant and  horses
thrive on It all winter without shelter.
"In   lhe  upper  Mackenilo    valley."
Isnltl  Mr   Conroy, "there is a country
j everv  hit   as  large  as   Mjanitohn  am!
every hii as fit for settlement"
lu  Inspector Conroy's opinion, the
Indian population of the north north-
wnsl is about holdltiK Its own, the
jblrlli nnd death rateR balancing.
Mlt.   AtMM   HUoWV.
with the late \V. 1\ Murlnron. wholesale grocer, and in two years becanii!
a partner in the firm, Inter to becoms
Brown, Gillespie & Company, uiul finally Balfour k Company.
He wus a member of the Federal
Hoots nt Ottawa from Issi'. to 1*1)1.
when he was appointed postmnster of
Hamilton, a position he hns held con
tinuou-ly to the present. Mr. Brown
represented Cunada at tbe World's Ex-
L .sit ion in Jure lien, WX, and there
frequently met the present King
Oeorge, whose father, the late King
Edward, he hnd helped entertain when
in Hamilton during his visit to Canada
in  1860.
In'l85"-58 he took a leading port in
securing a by-law for waterworks for
Hamilton, and was one of the coin-mis
sinners, snd later chairman of tho
bonrd. The work was done by Thos.
C. Keefer, now C.M.tJ. The Prince of
Wales was to visit the city nnd was
to open the gate to let the waters of
the  lake flow through  the streets.
Mr. Brown, having charge of the
koys to the two fine-it homes in Hamilton, thc owners both hi'in���' in Kng
laud at thc time, threw open "Oak
Bunk," W, P. Maelarsn's, nn.l "Arkle-
dun," Richard Juton's, and the Prince
and his suite occupied them while in
lae city.
Mr. Brown has been most prominently active in many wnys. Hc was presi
dent of the railway that runs through
tho counties of Wellington, Orey, uud
Bruce, from Quelpb to South Hamilton
und from Pnlmcrston to Kincardine,
When it was completed it was bunded
over to the (Irc.'.t Western, and later
absorbod by the Urnnd Trunk Railway;
ho wns president of what was at llrst
known us the Ontario and Pacific
Junction, running from Qravenhurst to
North Buy, whore it connected with
the Canadian Pacific, then building.
With tho late Wm. llendrie he Bnod
watching the last spike driven that
united , ie two ronds. This is now also
a part of the (1. T. K. system. He wni
also n director of tho rond between To
ronto nnd Ottawa, then cnlled "The
Toronto and Ottawa Kailwuy." At
lirst this was a "piecemeal" road, be
ing built "in spots.''
I'he policy of the Federal Govern
ment wns to give but $.'1,000 per mile
toward railways���the previous Mac
knnric Government having given 1,12,
000. Mr. Brown was Instrumental in
avmg deputations from all the towns
and cities, from Windsor to Ottawa, to
m��ot in thc latter lo urge the change
from $8,000 bark to the former 112,000
���ier mile, and the change wus mads,
In 1880 he wns secretary, and Inter
president, of tho Hamilton Board of
I'mde, snd in 1S77 he was president of
lhe Dominion Board of Trade, which
met. in Ottawn, one.o a yenr, nnd whieh
wns instrumental In bringing sbout
protection of Canadian industries, ile
nus bean nml still is president of the
Uoyal lliiuiiiiie Association, founded on
the principle of the British Association.
For sixteen years he wns president of
i,.c  ihildren's   Aid   Society,   of   which
"ro arc seventy branches in Ontario,
nil working under the statute prepared
and carried through the House by the
Hon. John M. Gibson. Few realize the
enormous gnt*} that this society accom-
plishus. Sinco its organir.stion fully
7,000 neglected children have heen provided with homes. He has taken s
great Interest in the Bt. Andrew's Bo-
i:iety, of which he it now honorary
president. Ile ie a trustee of the Aged
Women's Home, is president of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals. Ho is one of the honorary
presidents of tho Hamilton Centennial
Celebration���-lBlMOl-���whieh hns just
been held li ytho Ambitious City, which
he hns welched grow from lli.OOl) tu
i population of 110,000.
, Telephones: Office 53, Residence 429
JOHN  REID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer     Bros.'    Gasoline
���engines,   Marine   Engines   and   Automobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth St.
, o.O. Box 474.    Now Wettmintter. B.C.
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. m., 2 p. m. and
Leaves Vancouver for Se-
' attle 10 a. m. and 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Na-
| nalmo 10 a. m. and 6:30 p. m.
i    Leaves   Vancouver   for
Prince Rupert and Northern
Points 10 p. m. Wednesdays
i and Saturdays at 11 p. m.
i ED. OOULET, Aa��nl.  Now  WeatmlnatM.
H. W. BUDDIE. U. P. A.. Vmnoouvsr.
ri'itst'ANT tti Beetlon r,o. Bub station
I. nt the British Columbia Railway Art.
itiii. nn!!.*.' is hereby Kiv��*n thnt tin!-*-
has !��������� n deposited with tli*- K.-KtHirnr nt
New Westminster, a plim shewlni pro-
poaed extension of Book spur from iiesA
N... 19 lo Canal eir.-,-!, MII'-iiKi* :i 9 A to
MIletiKe 4.S A, l.ulu Island Bmnoh. and
iitidtr ihs powers given to It t> matui*.
.'���.- Canadian Northern Paelflo ItaJneay
company wlll take, nod if neoessary �����**-
Made Enough Money to Live at      Ipjoortote tin* lands required for it�� right-
i or-wtiv.
T   11   WMITK.
(���1110) Chlet Engineer.
Spain's   Most Famous Toreador    Has
Hit Ease.
Madrid. Oct. 8.���Bombita, the most
famous toreador In Spain, hae announced his retirement from the b.iii-
rlng, He will kill hiB last bull Octoli.T
19 for the benefit of the Bull Fighters'
Pawn Shop, an Institution of which he
Is the fimnder. Uombita made bis own
fortune, estimated at $600,100. entirely
from the ring and has besides given
nwny great sums ln  benevolences.
Bomhlta's real name Is Itlcardo Torres,   lie wub a typesetter aa a youth,
liut soon left, this calling to follow Ills
elder brothers Into the arena.      Few
toreadors have acquired such a reputation a�� Bombita,   His popularity   in
Spain iB universal, He Is chiefly famous for the grace of his thrust and
for a reckleas courage in giving the
bull a chance. He has been gored
38 times, always of courBe slightly,
and It Iuib been possible for him to
save himself by his acrobatic skill,
even when on the horns of the bull.
His Binlle Ib known from the boulevards of Paris to the 1'uerta del Sol,
nnd is one of the ihings nbout hlm
most often talked of. During Mb most
reckless feats Bombita BtnlleB.
The reasons for Bomblta's retirement are not known. Some of his
friends liver that he Ib giving up hls
career for the Bake of a young girl of
Barcelona whom he Is abi ut to marry.
Bomblta's departure from the ring
coincides with the return to It of another famous toreador, Mazzantlnl,
who Rave up the calling for politics
eight years ago. During these eight
years Ma^znntitii has been a municipal councilor of Madrid, assistant deputy mayor of Madrid and a general
councilor. He recently ran for parliament and jupt failed of election
He has suddenly fall the call of IiIb
former nrofcsBlon and Intends to return to It.
In  Hi"  Siipri-nii' Court  of  British  Colutn-
Between iMuh  M. Ktimi-y.  Plaintiff, nod
Albert K Ktnn.'.v. Defendant
t'urjumtil Vo un order of Mr. _iu.t!i"fl
Murphy, I wilt off.'r for sale, at mv offlc. Court House, New Westminster, on
w,.dnrnduy th��' Mh rliiy of October, let3.
nf ���Mi'Ven o'clock In  (he  ferei-ioon.
One cut off saw url.or. (wo td-ln. cut off
jviwh. thr��*��* Letson * Burpee whinHl*- ma-
ohtnes, on*' No, |, Munch.!t automatic iuw
ffoniioi-r. nue hand glimmer, one MxlS.
stanwood Oamble engine,    three   steam
pumps. on<- 4S��H hollir. one   .Mid holler.
thn-,. (thinicie paoklna frames, shafting,
pulleys, belUng, ru-. one saw* mill oarruSM
wiih plAnid tritrk. one 3-ln. saw arnor, '
with !\"_-ln. c;iw. and also all Other go'di**,
chattels, hulldiiiK!., plant, and inaonlnery
now In end upon thf! pre-mlaes of iho S*-r-
p.-ntln--' Lumber (Vuopnny. TownKhlp line
r��n.|. in ih.. Municipality of Surrey Sonio
of in,- above articles have been through a
Arc. and nnv purchaser tuiu��t tak** the
sanio in the oondltlon In which tney are
now in. The artt.-i.*-. mav he Inspected befors sale hv any proposed purchaser, on
tti" above described prnmtsea.
Tt,.- above will i���- -...id subject lo tha
lnti.r<'��t of Kiidni'v Sutherland Malcolm-
rnn.   ...inure   of   Ihr   S'-rpciillrii*   Lumber
Term-, of sale     Cash,
N'.-w Weatmlnster, Oct 1st, 1918.
, Ho Lois :'�� nnd '-3.  Hlock   1. Bub-dlvtslon
of Lot ���Jss. Group 1. Pon Haney, to tin
i     Dlstrlcl of New Westminster.
,    Whereas, proof of the p.hh of Certificate
i of Title Number li'JJs i-'. Issued In the nnmo
���of   Alice  Muy   Dorman   lias  t n  filed  In
I this office.
j     Notloe  Ik herehy  given   that   t  nhall.   Bt
'lhe expiration of one month from ttie da!.*'
of ihe rirst publication hereof. In a dnllv
newspaper published   In   lhe Cltv of New
j Westminster, Issue a duplicate of the sahl
certificate, unless in the meantime valid
'objection he made lo  me in  writing
J.   <'.   CiWYNN.
District Registrar ..r Titles.
Land Registry orrtce. New Westminster,
I R<���-���-. l.iih September,  iou. c:��7s>
For Royal Commission.
NelBOii. Oct. 6.���D. A. W. O. WllBon,
of the federal geological survey, Is
here from Ottawa, to enquire Into the
need for the appointment of a royal
commission to investigate the requirements of the lead antl zinc mining Industries.
FIRE DU" ru-av IN
Ottawa, Oct. 0. Unchecked by Ihe
nnbllcltv and suspicion which bin previous efforts evoked, the flre fiend
continues IiIb way unchecked
During the enrly part of last week
there were three fires of mysterious
nnd posslblv Incendiary origin. Com*
ing as the climax of a busy seven days,
thn brigade was called out no lees
than three times on Saturday night
and Sunday.
These three fires were of a decidedly suspicious nature. All wero extinguished beforo thev had gained sufficient headway, but hnd they not been
notk'od the results might have becn
Tho fir"' flee was In a shed at thp
rear of 280 Brewster street. This
wbb put out hy directing a Btream
from the chemical. The same method
of treatment was applied- In the ense
of another flre In a Bhed adjoining
36fi Cumberland street.
Another flre In tbo rear of Mar-
tlneau's Honor store called the brigade
ont last n'ght to the corner of Nicholas and Bespercr Btreets Three h"t-
dred dollars damni-o was ejuscd 'i
Saturday's flrno. That sii'tn.lne'' 'n
last night's blaze was Inconsequential.
Chief Oraham Is more than over
convinced lh"t the fires were nf Incendiary origin. The pollen wr-i notified nnd Detective Oulmnt will ��('d
these to tho list he is already nroh-
Ing, so far without, result. There have
been 15 mysterious fires In the ^ept
five weeks, and mostly starting about
j HEALED TENDERS addressad to tha
undersigned, and endorsed '"Imi.I.r for
i Winn I'mn No. :t at Praser Rlvei (Lower), H. ('.." will he rec, Ived ul Hits offlc,.
until 1:00 p in. on Tuesday, Ootober 31,
Imn, for the construeiion of Wins Dam
i No. a ai the Mouth of Woodward's Slough,
Praser Itlver (Lower), B. C.
I Plans, specification and form of eon
'tract can he si-en, and forms of tender
: obtained at  this  Deportment and at   th"
oiiicc of c, f. Worsfold. Esq., Districi Engineer, New Weatmlnster, B. (3, i J. s, m.io-
iLaohlan, Esq., District Knglneer. Viotorla,
IB. C. and on application to the Postmaster at Lsdner, B. C.
Persons tendering are notified that ten-
I iters wlll not be considered unless mado
'on the printed forma -supplied, and slgoeil
with their actual signatures, suiting their
I occupations and placea of residence. In
I the case of nrms, Die actual signature, tho
nature of the occupation, and place of residence of each member of the firm must Ihi
Iluch tender must be accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a oharterod bank,
payable to the order of the Hnuniirnhlo
the Minister of Public Works, equal to
ten per cent. 110 p.c.) of the amount of
thc tender, which wlll be forfeited If lho
person tendering declines to enter Into n
contract when called upon to do so. or fn't
to complete tlm wnrk contracted for. If
th-s tender be not accepted, the cheque wlll
b" returned.
Tho Department does not hind Itself tn
accept the lowest or any tender.
By order.
Department nf Puhllc Works,
Ottawa, September IS. 1913.
N"wepnpcrs wlll not hc paid for thla nd-
vnri'senu'nt lr they Insert It  without authority from thc Department.��� 40671.
If you read THE NEWS
you get all the news.' TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1913.
Notwithstanding a good season's business, stock is still too heavy. Tc reduce stock and make this sale the greatest ever attempted by a
merchant tailor in this city,  1 have reduced prices on my stock of woolens below the present wholesale value, AND THE QUALITY NEEDS NO COMMENT.
50 yards dark grey serge, 20 oz. fine twill.   Regular
value $3.25.   Calvin's Clearing Sale Price $2.25.
30 yards only 20 oz. blue Cheviot Serge.  Regular value
$3.75.  Calvin's Clearing Sale Price $2.75.
30 yards only fine blue serge, clear cut, excellent value
$2.75.  Calvin's Clearing Sale Price $2.00.
20 yards only good black serge, good weight, clear cut.
Regular $2.50.  Calvin's Clearing Sale Price $1.75.
15 yards only black Cheviot serge, regular man's suiting, weight.   Special value $3.00.   Calvin's Clearing Sale Price $2.25.
20 yards only our "Best" blue serge.  Large experience
has proven this serge the best to be had on good
old standard.   Always  sells  at $3.75.   Calvin's
Clearing Sale Price $3.00.
Serges and Cheviots cut any length.
Mothers! Your Attention
Just One Minute
You experience difficulty  in  securing suits  in
misses' sizes that are really well cut and have the shape
retaining qualities of a high class tailor made suit.   I
want you to see our misses' suits ready to finish to
your order and at a price which only pays for making
and trimming.
Galvin's Clearing (hi C AA
Sale Price - - <P * O.UU
15 only 4 to 5 yard suit lengths, suitable for suit or one
piece dress.   Come in blue, grey, brown, two tone         j
and self color, narrow stripes and Donegal weaves.
Worth up to $2 per yard.   Galvin's Clearing Sale
Price, 4 to 5 yards, the length $5.00.
13 only beafutiful worsted suitings.   These come from
one of the best mills in the British Isles and were
bought to sell at $15 to $20 the suit length. I could
not duplicate these values today.   Galvin's Clearing Sale Price the suit length, $10.00.
10 onlv 5 yard lengths, intended for lady's suit and
extra skirt or gentleman's suit and extra trousers,
and well worth $3.00 per yard.  Galvin's Clearing
Sale Price, the 5 yard length $12.00.
Suit length, not classified in above. Regular price $3.00
to $4.50 per vard.   Galvin's Clearing Sale Price,
$2.00 to $3.50 per yard.
Brand New Raincoats made Expressly to My
Order this Fall.
Good, heavy weight   mannish  cut
and weight, well worth $18.00.
Galvin's Clearing Sale Price - $13.00
Fine Ceylon weave, beautifully lined,
superior workmanship.  Sells anywhere at $25.00.
Calvin's Clearing Sale Price only - $17.00
Special Making and
Trimming Offer
I will make and trim special to your
order any piece of goods bought
while on sale at the exceptionally
low figure of: .
Suit        Extra Skirt or Trousers
$17.50             $4.50
Brand New Raincoats Made Expressly to My
Order this Fall
Light weight raincoats, just the thing
for early fall.
Galvin's Clearing Sale Price - $13.00
Men's extra heavy raincoats, suitable     1
for all kinds of severe weather     1
(extra special value).                         1
|     Galvin's Clearing Sale Price - $15.00     1
and Men's Tailor
401 Columbia Streeet
Calls Graham Island
Big Business Deal
Prairie Settler Siys It It Muikeg and
Settlers There Have  Beerr Victimized by Dealer*.
which last year boasted a population
of 'M)ti souls, now has -S, anil although
Itegina. Ort. ti Claiming that aome
hundreds of Saskatchewan farmers
have been Inveigled by unscrupulous
mal eMate agent* into the purchase
of worthless lands on Oraham Island
of the Queen Charlotte group off the
coast of British Columbia, Ralph
l.nngenburg and Joseph Murphy, both
of whom hgve spent several montha
on tho Island, returned to Itegina on
Saturday, determined to use their Influence to expose what they describe
as a serious caBe for many hundred*
of Investors. They state that great
distress and "near starvation" haro
been the lot of many victims of the
Graham Island scheme.
"Vor months past," said Mr. l.an-
genbnrg, "certain real estate man have
been advertising Oraham Island a*
the paradise of the fruit farmer* and
selling worthies* stuff in 40-acre tract*
nt from ��lfi to |25 an acre.
As a matter of fact practically the
whole of the Island Is muekeg. There
are not 100 acre* of land under cultivation all told nnd the ��ettlers who
have been Induced to go In are living
today a hand to mouth existence on
Imported bean* and the beef of the few
wild cattle with which they are able
to replenish their larder*. Yet this Is
not known by many Saskatchewan
people who put their good money Into
the proposition, either with the Intention of *ettllng on the land or of reaping large profit* from ���peculation
These people are continuing to me��t
their payments, although they might
an well throw their money down a
Callr Coal Valueless.
"Masset, for Instance, where lot* are
now being sold, although the townslte
Is oure mu��keg and primeval fpreit���
* and the government I* permitting the
���ale of *hare�� In the right* conferred
b�� coal licenses on the Island. (���>'���
theiwh no coal haa been discovered.
"Thl* I* the way the coal license
works ont. Any man may take out a
coal Ucenao In respect to any tract or
land. One or two realty gr��ups have
taken out license* in resoeet to l*rre
Oraham Island area*, and P-wwedUJ
sell share* In these lleens* **$**���
in Seattle and Othor-Pwl��0 MM* *
though thev know that the propertle*
hnvn no vain��. n
The fare from Prince Rupert to Ors,
ham Uland by O.T.P. boat Is ��8. ��'���
Murohystated. Once on the lihnd
Mtttari discover that to reach their
nronertle* they h��ve to pack their ef-
feet, on their own **f*��*M tram"
over almost Imrw'Mo road* or ent
their way through the forest Such
wor*. ss hss been carried on on tne
rosd. ha* been wo*ted. Not even by
pack nony can ��nr prpgrw* ba made
linon them, and vehicular traffic 1* out
of tbe queation.   Skldgate, a   town
more than 10y�� settlers have made
thetr w-ay into tbe interior In the belief that they were destined to become prosperous fruit fanners, or that
at lenst they would be provided with
an opportunity to make a fair living
on the land- more than this number
have lert. Mr. Murphy himself spent
six months on the island. He consll-
ers himself lucky that he had not su:.
combed to the blandishments of "H.a
tow-wit* men or fruit farm pedlars before Investigating -conditions on his
own account. Tie made enough money by packing for Incoming settlers
to pay his own way back to civilization.
A Hatay '���pot.
"One of the smoothest pieces of
business 'pulled off by the realty outfit ls to line np the settlers for the
fair weather season On Graham island lt rain* all the year round except
for a very abort period h_ the summer
and winter. H Is drrring the summer
period that all the new people sre
brought In. A great many of them are
working men from Vancouver who
hive been canvassed by the company's -agents and afterwards hrought
In by tbe hsloload. lt rained from
February tr> July IS this year, with
acarcely a break, lt 1* Impossible to
keep food tinder ordinary conditions.
lt goes mouldy very quickly."
To further aggravate the serious-
n����* of the situation for new victims
of the Graham island settlement
��eheme. Mr. Murnhy avers that runny
of the settler* who have been bitten
are seekl-nit to suppress the troth in
the hope that thev will be able to unload on en-no guileless denlxen of the
prairies. Pettier* are being brought
out from Winnipeg and from Saskatchewan town* every week.
Referring to the colonisation literature of the British Columbia government, Mr. Murphv said thnt ln the
official bulletin* the resources of the
Islands were described with accuracy
by survevors who had passed through
tbem. The real estate firms, however, had picked out one or two paragraphs from the report* which were
of a somewhat favorable nature, taken them from their contevt, printed
them In advertisement* and pamphlet*, and so conveyed an entirely misleading Impression.
Save Time!
Time lostbecauseof headaches,
lassitude and depressions of biliousness, ie worse than wasted.
Biliousness yields quickly to the
safe, certain home remedy���
Left Home to Visit Friend* and Haa
Not Becn  Seen  Since.
Victoria, Oct 6���Mystery surrounds the whereabouts of Sarah Mar-
garet Hogan, the 18-yenr-old daughter of Mr. W. F. Hogan, 112 Bean
street, Victoria West. She left her
home last Monday night ostensibly to
spend the night with friends or lhe
family. She did not Tetttrn home on
Tuesday morning, and when Mr. Hogan that day made hxjutrleB It developed that the girl had not gone to
her friends as the girl stated. The police were notified or the fact- and after
a three-day search It was discovered
thnt the girl, on the morning following
her departure from home, had called
at the Red Cross Employment agency
seeking work. The agency had no
position open at that time and Miss
Hogan. after saying she would Teturn
later, departed. That ls the last
trace of the girl'* whereabout* the-police or her father have heen able to
secure. Where she haB gone to ls
unknown, and, as the days pas* and no
trace of her can be got her -father's
anv,ety Increases. Every day be calls
at the police headquarters ln hope that
some trace of his missing daughter
t'sv hnve been '-ecured, but the answer ls always the same.
All known friends of the girt bave
been interviewed and everv person
with whom she Ib known to have been
in intimate terms ha* been *een. bnt
without result. The girl had never
'eft home on any previous occaalon
tnd had never expressed her desire
to ������ecur" a posltirn or to leave home.
Miss Hogan, when she left home.
v���� s"lred In a blue or purple coat
"��"-' skirt nnd black hat. She Is of
llirbt complexion, with light hair and
of slim figure.
���no-aim 13 Aooptea.
Interesting,   indeed,    was    the
Itlon  for a new  trial  yesterday,  Mr*. J Fork of the Fraser, the Nechaeo and I
Murray says:  "1 am the same Lydia 1 Stuart rivers,  to Btuart  lake,  where I
I.Murray upon whom Drs. Hoxsey and he. bunt a rude post, afterwards tke! Interesting, indeed, was the eere-
lYarnell testified they operated and famous Txyrt St. James, for many j ?on.v which took place recently-near
I did not remove my appendix." (years the capital of New  Caledonia. I Brantford   when  Miss Aguusts Gilkin-
She further alleges that she had-Then the Intrepid explorer founded *��? was adopted by the chiefs of the
'but the one operation performed up to j Fort FraBer on Fraaer lake, so named , Six Nations Indians snd was given an
ithe time of the trial. Thl* was by jhy John Stuart Id honor of hi* chief. J,��dl?.n ?��m% afte���r presenting to the
Dr. Hoxsev and assistants. She de- -Fraser named Stnart lake andl8'* Ration Council an enlarged photo-
clares that she wished to know It her Stuart river after his able lieutenant, (graph of her father, who was for many
iapnendix had been removed and said | Hence the name, which we *ee on I >'.e**"> *_.superintendent at the 8.x Na
1 that she desired to have the physi-; the map today, ln 1807, the energetic
1 clanB remove the appendix on the sec- j partner of the   Northwest    oompany
tions.   Miss Oilkinson's Indian name is
Goin-wih-sns,      meaning    "one     who
ond operation In case It had not bee. ft* Von l^^^^^l^^^^*^ &Wti��-
aaken out. the Nechaeo and Fraser rivers. Tt was (.iikinnon  with Mr.  Brown
The affidavit further declares   re- from  this port that   Simon   Fraser ^^SS^^ftmr.   Ladv    ^^
; garding the second operation: < started In 1808 on his historic explora- �����   *
""   ' ""    "    tion of the FraBer Tl ver.   New Cale- lu.���
donla soon  ��^��...c ��.. ..�����,  -- |    After the pre,enta,ion of  the por
^^rtrait the ek-UI aud* JUs*
Woman Submlm to Second Operation
to Win Rrtrlla���Doctor's BUI
Is at Stake.
Spokane, Oct. 6.���Convinced .that
her appendix was removod during an
operation a year ago 1-y Dr. T. E. Hox-
Bey and other physicians, Mrs. Lydia
Murray, wbo was ordered to pay the
physician for services by a Jury in the
superior court laat month, hu under
gone a second operation to prove that
she lost her appendix at th* former
operation, performed lut week, she
hu filed a motion for a nsw trial,
declaring that the operation showed
the appendix had been temoved.
Mra. Murray ta the wits ot F. J.
Murray, formerly ln th* employ of tbe
Oreat Northern at HlUyard. Recently
he was transferred to Devils Lake, N.
D��� where he Is yardmuter for UM
tlon to* a n��w trial Saturday, Mrs.
1 employed Dr. J. D. Wlndell to
perform the operation and he wa* assisted by Dr. A.-B. McDowell,-Br^-H.-
P. Marshall and Dr. Oscar Stenberg.
The operation wa* performed on September 25 at the Spokane general hospital in the city of Spokane."
It's Surely Gone.
"Not only Mrs. Murray, but her attorney. N. E. Nuzum, and four physicians, have submitted affidavit* to
prove that the appendix wa* removed
at a nrevious operation. The original
operation, as shown at the trial was
n��rformed by Dr*. J. H. and T. H.
Hovsey and Dr. 8. Garnell.
The -second operation *as performed
after Wr*. Murray wa* ordered to pay
Dr. Hoxaey $285 for performing the
first, operation.
The affidavit filed by Attornev N.
E, NuTtm asserts that he called np
R. 3. IHnsnh. attorney for Dr. Hoxsey,
'he dav before tbe operation wa* performed and uked him to invite Dr.
Ho-��-sev or any repre��ent*tlve he desired t"�� wltne** the operation. He alleges tbst Attorney Danson said they
did not care to have a physician pres-
Dr. A. E. McDowell In an affidavit
savs that he assisted In the operation
with orders to remove ths apnendlx
tt It were found. He declsres thst it
had been removed during a prevtms
oneraf��n. Dr. Osnar Stenborr and Dr.
H. P. Marshall make similar affidavits
as to the findings.
ef the
compiling  a
of "The
are  engaged in
��       _- !-,,.���-��_,-..   An. ihUtorv of the Cayuga Indians.
t      .   v  *ZCWZe *n. 'T*1 jiS I    After  the  presentation  of  the
mate-of-the Northwest company, and ^..j, h,. .M��Ya wails Ml*. Oilkinson
Fort St. James on Stuart lake achieved some distinction as the capital of ,B       c, T
the pew district.   New Diledonia w-as, |                 ���       ^
and had long been, a nourishing dis
tritt -When
1843. So you wlfl see that the central
Interior of the province must always
have a great attraction for the historian. Hence my visit to that quarter."
They Wars Hospitable.
Mr. Scholefleld wm very hospitably
entertained by Mr. Marray and Mr.
Bunting, the officers ta charge of
Fort 8t. lames and Fort Fraser respectively. The settlers and ranchers
wherever he stopped also gave him a
very cordial welcome. The trip itself
wu not all "beer ud Skittles," however, u exceptional rains bad made
the roads Tory heavy, aad u the atop-
olng places In that district are few and
far between, lt wa* often necessary
tl bivouae by the roadside, sometimes
ln torrents ot rain.
'1 am not a farmer or an agriculturist," Mr. Scholefleld declared, "but
I venture to prophesy that la ths
course of a Very tew years there will
bo an enormous development in tkat
section of the province. I" ww great
stretches nt rich poplar bottom, all ot
which wOl bo cultivated la a vary
short soace ot time. The country
seems to bo well watered wttk gtreems
of rt Is dot-
I a member of the Cayuga tribe of the
few  remarks   Miss
the chiefs for  the
ag oeen, a irourumrag oi��- ��� hmm whuh hRd bMn cn-xtemd upon
Victoria was founded    in ,ger  .aying th(lt  ,he felt        d  t��t
she was one of the celebrated Six
Nation Indians, who helped the British to win Canada from the enemy
in the wars of 1760 to 1790, 1812 aad
1813, and 1837. Her forefathers had
fought with Chiefs Brant aad Tecum-
���oh, and they were personal friends
' those great chief*.
Miss Oilkinson is of the fonrth
geaeration of a family which ha*
been interested ia the welfare ef th*
Six Nations. It was a eoineidenee
that she ihould pretest a portrait of
har father to the Indians daring the
50th anniversary year ot th* laying
by hiai of the cornerstone of tke Cou*-
eil Hoaae ia whieh the protestation wa*
���ade. Col. Jasper T. Oilkiasoa wu
superiatMdeat of the Six Natioa la-
diaaa fram ls��* to ISM. Th* praua-
taties ef his portrait wu mash appr*d
tttd hgr tha chief*, aad it will occupy a
place of honor oa ths wall* of th* 0��u-
til Hows nt Ohswekea.
Eating Crew.
Although tbe use of tbe expression*
"to eat crow" In ii metapborici. I senx-ft,
meaning to eat line's words, may well
hare dated   from   tbe  time nt   Smth.
wben tbe bird  m-iw tirst  looKi-rt iipon
as unclean and nut dt to serve ax food,
for nun. It seems to hure nrlxen from
the old tale of the officer anil Ibe private     A soldier,  baring shot a tame
crow belonging to one of bin ntbrenn,
was discovered by the owner with ttn��
bird iu bis baud.    Seizing llie private's
gun. the officer com mn ruled him lo eat
the liin] hs a punishment.    With the
firearm pointed at bis bend, the soldier
fell to. but uo sonuer had tlle officer
laid  aside the gun  than  tbe culprit
grasped It and compelled his superior
to loin In tbe distasteful banquet. The
private was court mart la led tbe next i
day. and when be waa asked by tk* .
examiners what bad occurred be replied. ".Nothing, except tbat Captain ,
Bauk and I dined together-."'
and cruks, and th* whole
ted with buntltul   lake*
Judge that lu��t u sooa i
Trunk Pacific railway is
saada of settlers win take up   	
stead* |a the oentral tatertor, where,
tt. I*, interesting to ruaH, tho tint
gardens aad Holds won over e-ultt-
vatwton what Is now tho maintaad of
Brlttak Columbia."
Provincial Librarian Camps on Trsll
Taku by Simon Proue   Sou'   -
Oreat Interior of B. C
Victoria, Oet ��.���WKk reference to
his recent tear ot tbo control Interior,
K. 0. S. SOhoflold, provincial llbtoriM
and archivist stated that ho bad bow
very saeestaful la gathsring information respecting tkat historic sectioa of
tho province.
"Ono la MM* to totget," .aid Mr.
Schofleld. "that NOW Caledonia, M
tbo oontrol lattrior wu called Is *$Hy
days, Is the oldest part pt tbo provtooo
ta point of a*"*--*���*    __.._��� _
uMtahod Fort
lako, la 18(5,
ed tk* tol
Paruip rtvsr,.
hr way  *
rtrsr. tko
Thru Kttls kiowa m*a with tk* stiff
hair aad th* black
frarely tkrOogh their (oH-riauaed sbss-
taetet at tho tpeakert es tko platform
at th* rssut Ooologkol faagrna ia To-
Brink and Juloody.
London. Ont. Oct *.���The second
shooting tragedy  ta.London  ta tow
than two days nismril  yootorday
when Loon Oordon CfclswoO, aged IS,
attor attsmpttag to *��rdsr km ��V*
committed saMd*.   DHak aad m*
ousy were at th* bottom of the
whkh was the eotmtaatton of a _  .
of ooswh eptead onr tow yean <t
"Do yu sadetstand tafttih wsllf"
IMM ft flMftW*
'<Pr*tty%s��," isolM ono at. tko
t******* ulejbtsa, ''Bat I rood aad
tfiah It bettor thu I kstu to It Toa
*W oar touhsrs of Eag-tah in Japaa
IktMWl   Aad whto *Utr* oy-mk, ��
>h^hove a nnMwHI, it is rsry
hwtto wZhM-CCTB nXtt
U*fc vrtto tto Bnii-an isisst  lirTi
,'. Mfl*B___ih>* a***t*a*at tka ************
-i-u.  -t---_--^... -_:-_.T-T. .***. J"
S-ff^T  '���~m>' ^*�� ;.'���"���*.**
Th* Sauaog*.
Tbe saimag^ dales back to the yesr
SOT. It has been asserted that lho
Uteeka In th* days of Homer raauufac
tured sausage*, but this preMMorir
mixture Ud nothing In commu�� wMk
our modern prodm-t TU amlent so
railed sausage was Com|s��wd of tho
same malertaia wbkh enter Into tho
makeup of tb* boodln ofthe Kiwis
market nod th* blood pudding of tho
Krvurh Caoodlan. TU aocleot tm-smna.
waa envekiped la tko stomacha ****
goats. It wo* not until tbo tedth
lury thu Utostgr made of bosh
keromo known, M wu In or our tho
year V*�� that, thaafen to, the IntriSm
Mw Into tleraway; ot rtnunmn nn��
���wffnm, Ihe omm of fmnkhwt ***��.
Ktroasbutg avoalred ��� onHemol
,.-��n ytttliwt aw to IW brot hetol'
in IMA towar^ydwd tkosttwtou ***.,
after ao#y wntrkwg tke wnln *******%,.
'Ud _U'nii'____���____! _____�� !___.__________-
: "j ;*e��"'topC*v�� Jko mu wins" onu.
wdrrta.l.ISiiliBs'inS?'1** "^*"r
'���' ^E2y^2^_B^^P^^^,'^^^^^*l:^^',;
^^^W^RR^ Kai
.  *   f     ���^-���'������ummi'
'���-mi'   & ��. ������ri,   .-������*H$$,M''MWi ��� ��� THE NEW WESTMINSTER NEWS
you should lay aside
some of your wages or
If you are not now a
regular savings depositor you must have frequent regrets. You
know you can not always have health and
You know your earning power must sometime decrease.
You know that a
man's best friend in adversity is a saving account.
Call in today and
make the start. It requires only $1. You will
be allowed 4 per cent interest which will be
added quarterly and
every courtesy will be
extended to you.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Paid Up Capital and
Surplus $ 2,800,000
T r u a tecships Under
Administration over   ��,000,009
Tranter tor Bondholders over-  25,000,009
C. S. KEITH, Mansger.
New Westminster
606 Columbia Street.
Open   Saturday   Evenings from
7 to 9.
Greater YVestmlnster
All notices of meetings,' entertainments, sale* of work, etc., in this
column are charged for at th* rate
of 14 centa per line. Please do not
ask member* of the staff to break thl*
ml*, as their instruction* are positive.
Improving Store Front.
The Johnston shoe store Is getting
dressed up anew and workmen are
b-psy altering the store front. The
cjmnisvs when completed, will give this
larg^ establishment one of the finest
entrances in the city and will permit
of display space in the windows which
will tc Tin: nrpassed in the business
cd before Thursday, the Jurymen not
empanelled were relieved from duty
until Monday,
Social and Personal
Pot" all ���building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the 11. C. Transport On..
MS., 505 Westminster Trt,st Building.
Office phone 826, wharf phone 880.
Was Despondent.
A verdict of "death caused by taking of carbolic acid during a fit of
despondency" was brought in by the
corotrer,s jury at the inquest over the
body of Mrs. Sarah Kilby, who committed suicide at East Uurnaby on
Saturday evening. In the evidence.it
developed that deceased tried to do
away with herself about eight years
I'or plumbing, heating and sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew & Ramsay, Eighth and Carnarvon streets.
rhoim 586. " (2148)
Liquor Charne.
Committed for trial on a liquor
charge, an Italian named Marrlon was
brought down from Mission City yesterday and will come up for election
in cfltinty court this morning.
J. B. Kennedy who for some time
past has been very 111, is Improving
and Is on a fair way toward health.
KOGEItS���The death occurred yes
terday in the olty of Emma Rogers,
at tho age of 65. Deceased formerly
resided in Hazelton, where her husband Is said to be still employed. The i
funeral arrangements will bo announced later from the Bowell under
taking parlors.
(Continued trom rage One I
ideas abroad  connected
Coal.   Coal.   Coal.
Westminster Coal Co., Ltd.
Phone 880. Box 758. Cheapest and best.
Something New in Spuds.
It remained for Alex Mogee, of Colllngwood Has*, to supply one of the
most interesting displays ln the potato exhibit at the provincial exhibition just closed in this city. Mr.
Mogee, after taking a handsome crop
of potatoes off his land this season,
planted some more and on the 25th of
September he dug some nf them. The
spuds, an exhibit of which he showed
in the agricultural building at the fair.
are fine looking tubers and demonstrate the possibility of second crops
in the neighborhood cf East C'olling-
School Board to Meet,
The school bo;<r'l will hold Its regu
Inr meeting on Thursday evening In
the school bo-ird offices. The new
high school will be one of the principal matters under discussion.
Coal.    Coal.    Coal.
Westminster Coal Co.. Ltd
Phone..880. Box "58. Cheapest and best
rather   hazy
with it.
Tho mayor said they had arranged
with Mr. Pabst, the engineer, to come
to the city and as soon as he came
they could have a meeting any time.
Alderman White said they should
give the public time to digest the proposition.
The mayor thought Tuesday or Wednesday of that week, the 13th ojr 14th,
might bo arranged.
Loan of $70,000.
A resolution to hypothecate the hospital bylaw debentures for a temporary loan of $70,000 from the Bank of
Montreal, was carried.
Alderman Kellington read a report
from  the city solicitors in  reference
to the property S. B. 12, lot 11. sub 27,
belonging rrally to Mrs. J. E. Sulley, IJ
Vancouver, but standing in the city's r;
name the solicitnors reported that af- :;
ter  careful   Investigation   they   found [���<
that it was as Mrs. Sulley stated and
that there wcre no arrears of taxes.   A
mistake had  been  made  in  the  proceedings   under   the   Quieting   Titles I
act, and  Mrs.  Sullev  was  entitled  to i
a conveyance from the city. ' The mat-1
ter was referred to the finance committee with power to act.
A communication from S. Wierter-
mann. drawing attention to the dangerous condition of a busy station on
the Central Park line used by residents of Fifth avenue, owing to the
lack of light and other circumstances,
I was referred to the lighting commit-
| tee for renort.
Thc matter of lending 'he city Bteatn
roller for a couple of days to the Cn-
jnartbn  Western  Lumber  company  to
I roll their road to the Pitt river rond.
I was  referred  to  the  board   of  works
with power to act.
Demand for Home*  I* on  Increase���
Realty Man Report* Buiir.es*
"A month ago we had 35 houses for
rent; loday we have-one." That's thc
way n realty man sized up the situation lo The New* yesterday when ask-
cd for nn opinion as to whether busl-.
ness wus picking up, doing the opposite, or just standing still.
The renl estate dealer went on to
snv that he and bis partners were
kept busy nil the time and. while no
! b'g sales were being recorded, still
there was something doing every day
and all Indications pointed to a
healthy increase ln the very near future.
A few months ago, he snld, people
were evidently leaving the city, to
Judge from the number of vacant
houses left on their hands to rent, but
now tilings have changed; many
strangers are coining in and prospects
are much brigther.
One exceedingly healthy Indication
Is that nobody is cutting prices on
holdings. They are standing firm and
even advancing, which show* that
public confidence la as strong as ever.
Also, while It Is not expected that
heavy speculative buying wlll be going
well ngaln till the Bprlng. still It is
safe to predict that a gradual Increase
in the volume of trade may be expected from now on.
* <. O i. tt *
The New Westminster debenture Interest conversion bylaw
and the gas bylaw were finally
passed by the city council last
night and will b-^srh-nlttcd to
the vote of the ratepayers upon
Saturday, October 18.
A public meeting or meetings
to explain the situation fully
will be held during that week,
probably on the Tuesday or
Wednesday preceding the poll,
provided Mr. Pabst. the consulting gas engineer, who ls
reporting on the gas proposition, arrives in New Westmin-
31 er In time.
0   1
Board Executive.
A meeting of the executive of the
bonrd of trade will be held in the city
ball af 4 o'clock this afternoon to take
up several important questions thnt
will come up at the next general meet
*tx recognize and seize the opportusi-j    Money to loan on  first  mortgages.
eita when thev cqme to you? j Imp-roved city    and    farm    property,
OPPORTUNITY   PRESENTS IT-   �� IW Cent,Alfred W. MeLeod.    (2159)
om Of HIS M
B. C. Fruit Growers Out for Suggestions to Better Shipping Condi-
to tit yourself to take advantage of
many future opportunities��� it is the
opportunity to gain a practical knowl-
Phone 853.
L. BOUCK, Principal.
610 Columbia 8L
Fancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Block-
Found Infant's Body.
Word was brought to this city yesterday oT the finding of the body of
an infant, about two and a half years
old, near Itosedalc. It appears lhat
the bidy lay on Ihe opposite side of
the stTeam for over a week until an
Indian rowed across the strrarn and
discovered the body. The police are
woikin-g on the case.
Chimney sweeping.
telephone STI il.
Mus. Bac.
Singing,  Piano,  Theory.
Kor Terms and Hours Apply at
Studio, 1011   Hamilton Street.    Phone
1319 R. (197V)
Musicians Cmoke.
Tho musicians union in the city ha"j
���planned a smoker to be held in the
Moose ledge rooms on Thursday evening, ing. A large delegation is ex-
p��!Cted over from Vancouver in order
to e-emunt the good feeling which has
lately appeared following the scrap
of a few weeks ago. Refreshments
ivtll he served and a  full program of
IUU-.it TUB llfl.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance msn. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
His Loss of Memory Spoiled His Case
���Locomotor Ataxia il a Serious
It. M. Wlnslow, secretary of the B.C
Fruit Growers association, has sent
out the following circular asking for
suggestions In the matter of the shipment of fruits and vegetables:
The shipping season being about
concluded.I am Instructed by Mr. W.
C, Ricardo, president of this association and chnlrman of the transportation committee, to request all members of the association to lay before
the transportation committee any
grievance or comments they have on
transportation matters relating to
shipment of fruits and vegetables.
It is expected that a meeting of the
transportation committee will bc held
early In November to consider the
cases  presented  by  you.      Au  imme-
McAllisters Limited
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McAllisters Limited
If you've made of yourself a sort of
perambulating examining warehouse
for whiskey and you lose your money
under circumstances which lead you
to suppose that somebody has touched
you, then remember the date; otherwise. If you forget the particular spot
on   the   calendar   whicli   Is   decorated
wllh memories of a wad lifted, you Id late reply is, therefore, advisable In
might as well kiss the roll goodbye order that, if necessary, the secretary
and go to work agatr.. (may get further information from you
This, in  brief, is the lesson  taught lor  from  others  In  substantiation    ofj
by the case of Jimmy McCone. Jimmy.! your case.    It is the aim of the cim-
be it known, on or about the first dayi mlttee to presi nt nothing to the rail-1
of   the   exhibition   accumulated   unto (way company but what will stand th"
himself such a jag that  when he ap-  test of criticism and examination.    It
peared  in  tho police court  yesterday  is by observing this rule and  Invest!-!
as  informant, in  a charge    of    theft I gating carefullj all the cases present- |
against   a   certain     Mr.     Mullen     he  cd to it, that this association has been
Large  Ripe I'ears, ?. Ibs 254
Choice Snow Apples, per hox.JJJ.50
Three   lbs 25t
Fancy Creamery Butter, 3 Ibs.51.00
Fresh I'.ggs, per doz. 40c *o 50t
Bteelhead and  Red  Spring Salmon,
per lb X5<
Smoked Halibut and Salmon, Kippers,
Flnan Haddie, etc.
(Successor to Ayling t% Swain.)
��47 Columbia St. Phone M.
aai Miss
I..R.A.M.,  AILCM.
(.canons in Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
���ing. Voice Production, Theory (in
clasa or privately). Harmony, Oountcr-
point. Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for the examinations of the Associated Hoard of the
Hoyal Academy of Music and Rojral
Colleger of Music. Also Professional
DipioroaB, Teacher or   Performer.
For tennB, etc., apply 51 DuBerin
Street.   Phone 411 It. (2157'
Coal.   Coal.    Coal.
Westminster Coal Co., Ltd.
Phone Msn. Box 758, Cheapest and bei
Vh-it wtth the harbor Improvements, the further
the fisherlea and       *
ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster la comiag 10
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Weitminster Truat Block.    ,
Mrs. Ralph Smith, of Vancouver,
will give an address on Equal Suffrage
:n Thursday ut 8 o'clock at the Dainty
Tea   Rooms.  Columbia   sireot.   under
he auspices ol the Political Equality
l.'.'.igue.. I21!IG>
Round trip (arc $:!!UiO. New West
minster to San Francisco, Cal.. ac
neunt Pa.rola Celebration October '__
to. on sale October 18 and 20, Re
'urn  limit good November 111.  I21K7)
Women's Society.
The Women's Missionary society of
the Queens Avenue Methodist church
a ill hold its regular meeting on Wednesday afternoon in the church parlors. All thoise interested in the
work aro invited to attend,
couldn't remember whether it was on
the first or second of October he believed tbe Mullen person had relieved
him of a wad of twenties and fives.
Jimmy couldn't for the life of him re
call the exact day and, needless to
say, there w;is no assistance in that
line proffered by Mr. Mullen, so tin-
case was dismissed, .fames looked sml
Mullen glad and Magistrate Edmonds
locked around for the next case.
When Locomotor attaxla, the chances
are you're pretty sick
able to secure for you the recent re- .
ductions in   both   freight and express!
tariffs,   which   tills   yea'    saved    the
growers an amount estimated at over |
(20,000, I
In nrosonting cases claiming rough j
handling, over-charge, etc., you will
nid the committed very considerably !
bv quoting definite ins'ances in which I
the abuse nccHrTeff. The absence of,
direr! t-.i't.nee or this kind ls a great j
liuii'lif"'" to vour case.
The R. C. Fruit Crnwers association I
Residence Y. W. C. A.       Phone 1324.
-J.  H.  BUCKUN,
Pree  and (lenl. Mgr.
W. f. H. BUCKUN,
Sec. and Trees
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and 877.
One Wilson, who is accused of being  Iji'n alwAV"  labored  to  nrcserve    the
the proprietor of a common gaming
liouse, which he is said to have been
operating on the fair grounds without
the consent of either the it, A and I
society or anybody else, couldn't show
Up, He also is accused of trying to
bribe a police officer, but even with
that hanging over hlm, he couldn't
show up.
"Locomotor ataxia,"  announced  his
counsel, It. R. Maltland, of Vruioonv
waving  ti  doctor's  certificate  for  his well please*
most friendly spirit between growers
and the riilwiy comnanv. believing
thai a snlrlt of co-operation between
'be two Is bv far the moat likely method of ro-vhing epulis of benefit to vou
nnd, at the same time, satisfactory to
ihe transportation companies. It is
this policy which has made poaslhle
the many reductions In rates and Im-
DrovnmentR In service' In whicli our
members  hive  expressed   themselves
For Stealing Tools.
A somevfiat lengthy case will be
completed in the llurnaby police court
this morning, a charge of I heft of
municipally owned tools having boen
preferred ugainst Walter Schank. Accused wus arraigned hefore Magistrate
Ueatty yesterday morning. One more
witness is necessary to complete the
Sfw Imported Fall Suitings now on
fiisptay      See  them.     Perfect,  fit and
wort:nanaliij> guaranteed. Prices from
JIH.oo up.    7ul Front Street.
Conviction Quashed.
*The conviction'of 11. Oulseppl, sentenced nt Mission liy Justice of the
.Peace Verchere to six montha Imprisonment for breach of the liquor
not, waa quaahed yesterday by thc
Honorable Justice Clement, with the
consent of the crown, represented by
the Hon. W. Norman Bole, K.C.
Jurymen Relieved.
In    consequence    of   Mr, Macneil,
crown  counsel,  Intimating that    the
Dean cnac could not possibly be flnlsh-
cllent,  who  is  out on  ball  of  fifte
hundred real, honest bones.
While the court perused the medical
statement. .1. P. If. Hole, who Is acting
for tbe private prosecution, and W,
!���' Hansford, appearing for a couple
of "material witnesses." wore what
might be termed masks of Incredulity.
It, was a nice blue paper, opined Mr.
Hole and. for a doctor, tho handwriting was fairly legible, but the subject
matter was vague, ln fact thee
wasn't anything there that smelt like
the railway engine Btnrr Mr. Maltland
bad unloaded. This latter gentleman,
however, vouched for thn locomotor
ataxia feature and the Wilson case
was adjourned until this morning,
when something more definite In the
shape of a medical certificate will
have to be produced to secure a stay
of proceedings.
.Ine Telfley was the name to which
he answers In court, hnt "Penitence
on a .Monument" would havc been
more fitting. Joe waa simply oozing
wllh contrition at every pore, he
recked with It. breathed it, spoke It.
He spoke it so well the magistrate
gave hlm another chance to show how
cloBe he could come to booze without
touching It. In the sumo boat wcre
two other memhers of the Free snd
Independent Order Of Neveragalns,
who wero ulso allowed to amble.
Voit wlll rr-llze. however. Hint
changes can alwavs be made, and must
be made, In tho interests of our In-
creaslng trad".
An earlv and care'ul reply will
creatly aid the committee ln Its efforts
to build up the ���"T'-st. sntipf-'otnrv transportation conditions possible for our
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace Market, Columbia SL, Phones
1200,  1201, 1202.
Sapperton   Market,  Phone 1204.
Eighth  St.  Market, Phone 1205.
Edmonds Market, Phone L883.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1S��1.
We write Flre, Ufa, Accident, Employers'   Liability,  Automobile and
Marine Insurance.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia Street, New Wsstmlnstsr,
Singer Sewing Msehlnss.    Small Musical Gooda of all Kinds. PHONE 694.
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Enquire about our speclsl steekss, they are money savsrs.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
New Westminster Fair
SEPT. 30-OCT 4.
During the week of the New Westminster Annual Fair a special round trip rate of single fare and
a third will be offered from all points on the Fraser
Valley line to New Westminster. Tickets good for
return passage until October 6.


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