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The New Westminster News Mar 17, 1913

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..rt *
New Westminster.
What attractions does New Westminster offer industries? Trackage
and waterfront Kites, railways and
ocean  transportation.
cloudy    wit
I ower
t gift tom ode rate windaj
^libwi'|fs;' (i sta^tuni*^
VOLUME   8,   NUMBER   9
Dispatches State That the
Peace Terms of Allies
May Be Refused.
What ls believed by the local police
to be an Important capture was made
on Saturday  evening when  Detective
Burrows together with Sergt. P. Bruce
and  Constable  J.   Bruce    picked     up
three men outside one of the moving
picture theatres, and placed  them  ln
custody on a charge of vagrancy. One.
of the men is said to have been a detective on the Vancouver police force
Uindon,   March   16.���There   is    no  at one time,
prosiwet tor acceptance by Turkey of      While the police are reticent on the
t';e  peace  terms as  proposed  by  the j arrest it Is understood that one of the
alli-os.    Dispatches    from    ConsUmtia- :*men   was   identified   by   means   of
With Improvement in Weather Condi
tions Armies Again Became Active���Scutari Bombarded.
Three Men Picked up on Saturday by
Detective Eurrows���Will Appear
This Morning.
cm council Wlll    [WILD SCENES OE
onle toniiilii say tbe leading members j
���ol Uie  oommlttee of  union  and   pro '
gness have decided that the conditions
���cumuli   he  accepted and  it la  under-
Btood   that   the   council   of   ministers
has adopted the same view.
The grand vizier, Mahmoud Schtil-
Vet PaahB, visited the Ued Crescent
society toduy and begged thc members to continue their efforts, us the
government was resolved to cominue
the war.
At other capitals, and among thi
aaihussadors in l/ondon, tbe allies
demands are considered extravagant
especially with regard to tbe payment
of Indemnity and the cession of Scu
Utri and the Aegean  Islands.
ln the meantime tbe agitation
against Bulgaria continues tn Greece.
The Greeks in librae and Eastern
Macedonia have sent a petition t<
Athens against their Incorporation bv
Bulgaria. Premier Vent/.elos, In re
ply. boldly declared that he looiig agi
had notified the allies that Green
laid no claim to Thrace. This announcement which was made in tin
chamber of deputies, aroused vigorous protests.
Armies   Become   Active.
With tho Improvement tn weather
conditions, the armies in lhe Near
Kast have become more act ive. nl
though Ihns far no news of a pitched
buttle cr any Importance   bits   come
According tp official reports Issued
al Bofla, the Bulgarians and Turks at
Tchatalja have had rceoiinoltorin,-
partles in collision. In one case it
Hither sham engagement resulted.
Two Bulgarian parties sent out In
the direction of AKalon took a re-,
���double lo the cast of that village at
the point of the bayonet. The Turks
having been reinforced tried to reean
ture, bill in the attack lout 301) dead
and wounded, who were left on tin
Turks  Repulsed.
The s.'iiiie day the Turks advanced
toward   Kadlkoiii,   but   were  repulsed
According tn Constantinople re
ports conditions in the Gnllipoli peninsula   pre  quiet     The  Turkish   war
ships are reported to imve bombard'
eil the Bulgarian positions ut Sillvri,
bul   with what  result  Is not  known.
I.ale advices say the Montenegrin
siege guna have crrmtneiieed u fierce
bombardment of Scutari, u portion of
which   Is  In flames.
The Creeks enntlnne to gather In
stray bodies if Turks. TMeur Aniltsa
the Greek cavalry captured two
Turkish battalions comprising 1870
men and 30 officers.
photo ln the possession of the police.
Their case wlll he heard liefore
Mugistrate Edmonds in police court
this morning.
C. Packers'  Association Will  Oper-
14   Canneries���Americans
Make Further Restrictions.
Short Circuit Causes Blow-out of Main Switchboard at Local Office of the B. C. Telephone Company, Rendering Useless Central Switchboard���City Service Will Be Out
of Commission for One Week���Coincidence to Strike of Linemen���Cause of Accident a Mystery���Strike Situation Remains Unchanged.
New Westminster was practically
cut off from all communication with
the outside world, when, as a result
of the crossing of the wires of the
B. C, Telephone Company at some
point in the city about it o'clock on
Sunday morning, tho main switch
hoard in the basement of the telephone company was blown out, rendering the operating switchboard useless.
destroyed switch may have to be ob--toria and other places in the pro-
talned In the east, but this will not be | vlnce where the telephone company
known until today. [have lines operating, but the situation
At the  time of the accident there
I were  few  glrlB  In  the  central  office
; mid they were made aware of trouble
by the appeurance of smoke from the
i rear  of  the  board,    The  alarm   was
j turned in and the fire teams arrived.
_______________________^________________________________      The damage,  however,  was found  to
The telephone service was put out I be ln the basement, where the "trouble
of commission and damage cauBed that! switch" Is located and when the of-
wlll cost thousands of dollars  to re-  flclalB arrived  It did  not  take  them
pair    The exact extent of the damage ��� long to grasp the situation and realize	
difficult to estimate but owing to that telephone Bervlce for the present I doubtedly  take  a  much  longer time
'be considered
the strike of the linemen it is not expected that the service will be resum
ed  for at least a wt-k.
An effort wlll he made, however, to
repair the lines of the hospitals, police station, fire hall and newspaper
offices so that tbey may al least communicate witb Vancouver and outside
Unfortunate Coincidence.
It is a coincitJeiioe that the accident
^^^^^^^^^ thould   occur   immediately following
The preparations for the big salmon [the walk out of the linemen,  but of-
'ficials of tbe company ttate that they
are not of the opinion that the blow-
In this city appears all the more serious by reason of the breakdown of
the local plant yesterday morning.
While the officials of the company
are loth to admit it, they have been
unable up to the present time to secure competent help other than district superintendents from Vancouver
and elsewhere and with such a small
force, the job of tackling the work on
the burnt out switchboard will un-
Loss   by   Tire   in   Electrical   Supplies
Over $5030���Several
1 The city council will probably appoint a committee tonight to figure
out the Iosb caused to the city hall
electrical supplies, engineer's equipment and office furniture and thereafter adjust estimates with the insurance companies' assesorB. Thc loss
on the electrical supplies is estimated at over $6000, covered by a policy
of   $4000.
The total Insurance on the building
is   $20,000   divided   among  companies
Liberals and Conservatives
Come to Open Warfare
Second Week of Nival Bill Disc.'S6.<x��
Ends with no Progress Made���
Closure Expected.
Ottawa, March 16.���In all probability
v...uv-.   _..,.v...j_  vumpuuin  the house of commons has never wit-
of which" not  one holds a higher in-1 nessed   such   violent    or    prolonged
surance liability than $2000. The fire
apparatus and furniture is insured for
$2000 and engineer's equipment for
A temporary roof has becn huilt
over the damaged portion of the hall.
The loss to the electrical appliances
will cause considerable delay in the
Installation of new lights throughout
the city.
harvest   on   the  FraseT river   by   the
canneries  are  keeping  all  concerned
Jx gratifying restriction un tho I'u-
get Sound fishermen is Imposed this
year by a new fishing regulation promulgated by the Washington state legislature.
The law increases the close time for
traps by V2 ho-urs weekly, making the
total time 4S homes Instead of 36 as
formerly. This proviso is Intended to
permit a freer passage for spawning
salmon lip the Fraser river to their
breeding places and will no doubt
have an appreciable effect in this respect.
The additional restriction is said to
have been Imposed in di'Verenoo to thi
strenuous representations mmle by thi
liriiish Colinnliiu fishing Industry anil
their parliamentary representative!
on the O-ertTuctlve operations of the
American fistiermen on breeding ami
Immature  flsli.
The B. V. 1'aclseni' association will
work 14 canneries on the Fraser this
year as s.rraititt ftve last   year.
Clean   Up $230 000 Worth  of Jewelry
from Pawnbrokers In New York
���$100,000 Worth Securities.
New York. March 1(1. - An east sirti
burglary perpetrated by clever cracksmen some time today, netted thi
thieves the largest haul obtained In
New York City in many years. Mar
tin Billions & Sons, pawnbrokers In
Hester street, were the victims and
lhe property stolen Includes $850,000
v i.vlh of Jewelry, diamonds nnd other
precious stones, and $100,000 worth
of negotiable securities.
The thieves gained access to the
pawnbrokers' richly stored vaults hy
means of u tunnel from an abutting
building on a neighboring streot.
They made a clean getaway with their
valuable loot.
Tho police bellevo six cracksmen
were employed and that the tunnelling required all of last night and tin
���greater part of Sunday morning. It
is their belief that thc actual rob
bery took place this afternoon, while
hundreds of persons wore passing
along the slroct in front of the pawn
None of the tenantB In either the
building from which the tunnel Btart-
id or thnt In whloh the pawn shop If
located heard nny unusual noises. A
jiMiltress peering through the wlndov
of the shop lalo this afternoon DOt'ced
the litter near tho vault und gave tin
The police found that the tunnel
had been begun in the cellar of n
house In Kldrldge street, adjolnliu'
Simon's place. It was driven throng'
the wnll of the Kldrldge street house
aud into a wood bin in the cellar of
Ihe Sluun's store There, lending np
Ipio the pawnbroker's shop, Is a flight
cf stairs.
They wero wired for a burglar
alarm, however, and the thieves
avoided them and sawed awnv the
overhead flooring at a spot directly
In front of tho treasure vault. The
vault, which stands 12 feet high and
Is built into the wall, was entered by
chopping away the masonry.
Governor trl New York Postpones the
.:   Date Set for Electrocution of
John Wulrancy.
New York, March l(i.--"Wlf'.i hi.
electrocution set for nn eitriy hour
tomorrow for the murder of Patrice.
MiT.reen, known ao "Paddy tho
Priest," a saloonkeeper uf this city
John Miilrnney received the welcome
news at Sing Sing prison this ufternoon that Governor Bultetr had grain
ed him a reprieve of 60 flays Mul
rnne already had donned Che clothing
iviih il by the stale for .execution
when the word reached the prison.
Although he repeatedly had He-
clnnil he would not Interfere In    the
>e Governor Sulzer was moved to
act by ii personal appeal from tin
condemned man. Mulranay Rent him
a special delivery letter, saying he
was "the victim of the underworlds
code cf  honor."   which  condemns    n
lUPsler."    The convict asked fc-r an
opportunity  to produce new evidence
which  lie  doclared  would  prove
out wns the result of any attempt on
the part of tbe strikers to Injure the
All day yesterday the heads of the
departments of the company were
bin y in the local office, but the short-
���.ie of men makes difficult the work
if repairing the damage and in locating the cause of the 'M !< At mid-
'iay there was still so^l trouble apparent  from the Fhort circuit.
Wifli only tlie wire chier left on the
Job it was some little time before tii"
other officiuls of the company were
not!1 '��� il and there were unable to fa-
thorn the mystery i xci pt that a short
Circuit bad taken pluce at some
point hi the city, wbere, they knew
Mystery Surrounds Cause.
Later in the day the head officials;
of lite company enme over from Van-.
eonvor but lntd nothing to give cul for !
publication, stating nothing definite
as to When tho residents may expect
to have the use of the Instruments
Sct-ctuI of the wire chiefs from Vancouver, not affected by the btrike,
wi iv in the city, automobiles being
pressed into service, on a tour of the
lines In the city but nothing could
be found us to witters the damage was
first -Acne.
'I'h-e blow-out nlso btarted a Bmali
tire and the fire apparatus wa*
brought Into pluy. The loss from this
source is Binitll, however, compared to
the grrirtur damage to the switchboard ,
from Ihe short circuit.
Destroyed   Switch.
In addition to the delay that will be
caused by the lack of sufficient help,
It Is possible flint  sonic parts of the |
was not to he considered ! tlian would be the caBe lf the w|remen
Iteportii   from   Vancouver   Indicate jand \\nemen were not 0I1 Btrikc
that the service there Is also disrupted j
although   there  has  been  no  serious
accidents.    Subscribers find difficulty
in  getting  communication  with  "central"  and  tliere is  no ono to  handle
the "trouble" department.
General Effect,
Unless repalrB are made in a very-
short  time  the dislocation  will  have
a  general   detrimental   effect.     Business  will  be demoralized  to a great
extent while the hospitals, police, fire
department and other institutions and
parties dependent largely on the Uie
phone will undoubtedly suffer heavily
Even    wilS    yesterday's    suspension
great inconvenience  was experienced
hy the  police department and  hospitals.
SutiEcritiKTs of the company who
were unacquainted with the occurrence of the mcniing visited the head-
quarti rs of the company in a continu-
cus stream all day yesterday Becking
information as to the cause of the dis- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
continuance or their various phones! Vancouver. March 10 - Nothing new i
nnd when (he condition of attaint was ] has developd in the strike of !?. C
discovered grave tears wire xeeepml , Telephone employees today. The situ-!
discovered grave fears were express- ation has been discussed in groups of
ed us to the safety of public life and workmen at the Labor Temple and the I
prupi-rry..   , probability   is  that the question  will!
That the Situation is of the utmost be discussed at the meeting of the
gravity in Beyond 'question. The; Trades and Labor Council on Mon-
, greatest   danger   to   life   may   be   ex-1 day  night.
j peeted in cu-sca of serious slcloiet.8 or 1    Seen \:y  a press representative tone el dents, r.R the luck    of    telephone 1 day, one ot the leaders of the move-1
convmuhto'.rtion   eliminates  the   quick-< ment  Etated  that the  workmen  werej
tst  "menus   of
hospital or th
In    an    interview with one of the
union officials living in thla city The
| News was informed that this strike
had little to do with the question of
I wages but more of u mutter of prln-
! ciple.
I    "We are  sick of promises and are
\ tired of public sympathy The only
sympathy we know of now Is that
jotted down in Webster. We are
lighting for the principle of the thing.
i working for the betterment of everybody  connected  with  the  union  and
; the  telephone  employees  not  organ-
j | ized." he said.
The climax of the trouble is likely
'to come this week for with the 2000
subscribers in New Westminster alone
Large   Dredge   Leaves  for   Scene
Operations���Has Capacity of
1000 Yards a Cay.
The large dredge derrick v. hich has
been fitted up with machinery for the
dyking operations at  Nicomen  Island
not forgetting the thousands' in other 1 left the Brunette  Mills wharf yereter-;
parts  of  the  province,  the  situation j day for her destination in tow of the
will   be   a  serious  one   when   minor j iris,  completely   equipped  and   under
troubles     occur    which    cannot    be 1 charge  of   Mr.   W.   L.  Joynt.       The
remedied on account of the strike,     j boiler    inspection    was    successfully
In  Vancouver. passed on Saturday.
The dredging apparatus is composed
of a four bladed orange peel bucket
attached to a 55 foot boom and driven
by a Lambert hoisting engine and it
Is capable of scooping out 10C0 yards
a duy and dumping the material on the
dyking line
The  contractors  for  the  work  are
Messrs. Marshall, Plummet -ft Co.,
reaching   doctors/ the   firm in  their demand  for recognition \ 1 AD \Wf\f   (Tl N \T ll Rl 1
police.    The fire risk  of  their  union  and  that  unless  thut   Jrtl rtllLoL   \>\llwI nULl
also is Increased twofold as t�� the
case of 0 conflagration the alarm system will be the only source of commn-
nicuii'ju with the various fire halls.
To a very large extent the business
men  of  the  city   are  dependent   upon
the  telephone  and   any   lengthy   sus-
penKkm of the service will undoubtedly result in a heavy monetary lews to
commercial  nnd  oilier houses.
Strike Situation.
Tlie strike of the linemen employed
by   the   British   Columbia   Telephone
Company showed no apparent change
yesifrdiiy.    both     sides    standing  by
their  guns   confident   of  the  ultimate
owcounc of the dispute.
The  effects'Of the  strike will  not
be felt so seriously in Vancouver, V
was complied with they would not re-'
turn to work. He further hinted that
other lines of employees might be
affeeled but said that would not ma-
terallze until the question had receiv-
Al consideration at the bands of the
The tact that th'la recognition will
mean the reduction of wages of several of the workers Is not generally
known, but the statement has t'een
made by one of them that In the event
of The oompany agreeing to the demands that have been formulated, the
payroll of at least u dozen prominent
men In the employment of the com-
patry will be slightly affected. The1
general opinion is that a compromise |
lot some sort will be effected.
scenes of disorder as those which oc
curred on Saturday evening when the
second week of the deadlock over the
naval bill was drawing to its close.
As a result of a strict application
for the rules of the house from midnight on Friday night the tension had
been steadily growing. Appeal after
appeal had been taken by tbe oposi-
tlon from decisions ot the chair, the
house having been divided no less
than nine times.
Finally the point waa reached when
the disorder had become great.
Speaker Sproule took the chair and ���**
ruled that discussion must cease until
the member in charge of the committee should rule on a point of order
under discussion. Amidst tnmultoots
uproar verging on a riot. Dr. Clark insisted on putting a question to the
speaker, with the result that he was
"named." Subsequently on the suggestion of Premier Borden, the member fer Ued Deer made an explanation
and the censure was withdrawn. Hut
for the timely action of the prime minister, there would in all probability
have been a riot.
The Climax
The  botiee  had  been  more  cr less
disorderly ull evening on either sidti
of Lie chamber, but the climax drew
near at 9:30  when  Mr.   itobidoux of
Kent, N.B., who waa acting as chair-
' man of the committee, rose to his feet.
| apparently  tu  rule  on  a question e.f
order which had been raised upon his
assuming the chair at 5 o'clock.
This point was to the effect that Mr.
lioliidrux had no authority to preside,
having been called to the chair by Mr.
lilain of feel, who, at that hour waa
acting as temporary chairman of the-
"' |    When Mr. Kotildoux roae to cud Hxx:
Idiscussion there wove cries of protest
ifrom the opoettlon benches and  Mr.
1 PugBley   stepping   into   the   aisle   in
1 front of his desk. Insisted    that   TJr.
1 Necley,   member  for  Humboldt,  who
lhad  rieeu  at the  same  time  as  tho
\ chairman, be allowed to continue the
I .1..K.,... I,.     .!.��    _i-%b��n---    XX..t      I*    ll,.,v.    1
Had   Been   Connected   With   thc   Les
Angeles  Police  Fcrce fer Six
Dr.   Friedmann 'Leaves   Montreal  and
Once   More Will   Demonstrate
Cure to A'tncrlcanc.
Unveiled bv His Dauphter in Birthplace In Scotland.
Blantyre, Scotland, March 10.���The
centenary of the birth of David Llv
Ingstone, the African evplorer nnd
missionary, was celebrated by the
people of his birthplace yesterday.
Despite the falling snow, a crowd
t,athereil in the klrkynrd of the mem
orial church, where Mrs. Livingstone
Wilson, tho sole surviving child of the
explorer,  unveiled Ills stiittto.
Those  preaent Included  Pr.  Wilson
and Miss Wilson,   grandchildren   of
Livingstone, who are proceeding nt
an early dale to Central Africa as
medical missionaries.
... A   mysterious   explosion   oc- ���
��� furred yesterday  morning and 0
��� despite  the  continuous  efforts ���
��� on the part of The News to dis- ���
��� cover flte location or cause no- ���
��� thing whatever oould be glean- ������
��� ed    The pellce  hud absolutely ���
��� no    Information    whatever   on ���
��� the matter, while Chief Watson ���
��� of the fktio depart ment the nu- ���
������ thorlUt'S at   the  power station ���
��� on Tenth igtreet, the bridge tea- ���
��� ders on  both the  Fraser river ���
��� and Lulu bland bridges could ���
��� tell notliliif. other    than    that *
��� they bmi beard ths explosion. *
��� It is uhdarstood, though nu ���
��� confirmation .could be received ���
��� up to oil   *arlj* hour this morn- ���
��� ing that the motors on the Lulu ���
��� Island  bridge   had  blown  out ���
��� and  thus  caused  the  loud   re- ���
��� port that attracted so much at *
\* telltlcu. ���
I* ���
Fireman   Killed   and  Two   Others
jured In Wreck Near Calgary
on Saturday.
Los Angeles, March 10.- Tom Fushi
Yaina White, a half caste Japanese,
;who had been connected with the Los
, Angeles police force for a half dozen
years was found murdered early today
in an alley in" Little Tokio," the Japanese quarter of the city He had
been struck on the head with n black j
jack and there was a Lullet hole J
through  his  head.
The police belli vp he was murdered
because of his activity iii connection
with a campaign to clean out the
Japanese gambling bouses ami tbat
Japanese were his slayers.
White was one cf the best known
characters In the city, lie carried a
deputy shi riff's commission and was
on the rolls of the city detective bureau.
debate. In the uproar that followed
n'any members on both sides of tin---.
chamber rose to their feet and thero-
were many charges and countercharges. Such terms as "rebels,"
"Russian methods." "sliime," "howling mob." und "rattlesnakes," wero
hurled Lack and forth across tlie
Noise  Abates.
Speaker Sproule      wbo. a- tew min-
u'.i-t,  before had entered the chanilnj-r
in   his   robes  of office  ascended   Uie
la:s and commanded order. Hfs voice*-
U'liiiiiiniea on Page Four.l
Ileglna, Sask., March 18,���Dillard
t.nriint, an Iron worker on the new
Mct'allum-HlII block, was found dead
in tho Umpire rooming house Saturday night. When the proprietor went
to his room nt 9:30 he found Oorimt
face down on the bed and on turning
hlin over, found that life was extinct.
The deceased had been drinking
heavily and is believed to have smothered to death while In a drunken stupor. At the same time Clement Cleary
who had n room with tho deceased In
the rooming house not long before
thc dead body was discovered, is being held by thc pollen
New York. March 10. -Dr. Fried-
erich Franz Friedmanu returned here
today from Canada and made preparations for adminlstcri-ns his tuberculosis vaccine to 12 pui_.i.u in BeUevuo
hospital tomorrow.
Dr. Friedmann vislwvd Hellevue today and met llr. Jobs F. Anderson,
director of the hygenic laboratory of
the United StateB public health service who will watch on U-hulf of the
government the cases treoaed hy Dr.
Imit Dr   Friedmann visited Mcunt
Sinai hospital where he examined the
patients he treated a week ago. Concerning their condition he would say I
nothing.     He  expressed   pleasure  nt! EAST  CtlRN*BY
the  reception  given  hlin  In  Canada 	
and   said   he  would   return   noon   to I 	
observe the effects of his vaccine on      Kast Ilttrnaby, March 18���A petition
i Is being circulated among the real-
i dents of Fast Uurnaby which wlll ho
i presented to tho school board asking
jthat a school be built ou the Coldicutt
' property on Second street Instead of
I the board purchasing un additional
two acres which would probably mean
the building of a school In this district
' being deterred until next year.
The Fast Duriiaby school trouble
' lias been aired on several occasions
i but the residents are optimistic of
! gaining the support of the board ami
! thus having a school In their midst Instead ot thc children being compelled
either to Armstrong uvrnue BChool or
| the lOdtnoiids building.
I Colgary. Murch Iti. Because Of one |
of the engineers reading orders incorrectly, two freight trains, running at
full speiiid, crushed together head-on
yesterday morning at t) o'clock about
half way between Stavely and flares-
holm on the C. A K line of the t'tinu-
dlaii Pacific
Fireman Arthur I'lley of one of the
trains was Instantly killed nud two
other trnlnment were injured. Ulley
was '.'f, years of age und a resident of
t'ulgary. The trains were so badly
wrecked thai the line was blocked all
day yesterday and puBsenger trains
had to be run around over the Alder-
1 side branch rta Kip.
the patients he Inoculated there.
New York, March 18.���To the excitement of a cIobc game of shuffle-
bonrd played lost Friday on the deck
of the liner Daltlc. which arrived here
today, wub attributed the death of
Mrs. Minnie McNeil, Vancouver, B.C.
She died shortly afterward from an
attack  of apoplexy.
The body was brought to port for
burial In Canada, Her death cut short
a romance. Mrs. McNea was engaged
to lieorge F. Williams, n prosperous
Canadian, whom she expected to
marry shortly after landing.
United States Atlantic Fleet,
liunntannino, Cuba. March 111���The
United StateB Atlantic battleship fleet
left here this afternoon for Hampton
Hoads. It consists of the Connecticut,
Minnesota, Florida, North Dakota,
Utah, South Carolina, Idaho, Ohio and
Criticized for Ragtime.
BasttatpOll, Sask., March 16.���The
29th Light Horse band Is coming In
for some severe criticism for playing
ragtime music at lu Sunday concerts. The concerts are advertised as
sacred concerts, but usually several
popular lilts are given. The clergy
are taking the questlou up.
Kamloops, March
and Paul Splntlam,
accused of murdering Constable
Kindness near Clinton last Mny. were
committed for trial by Magistrate
Pearse Friday afternoon,
They wlll be tried at the next assizes. Thc only d'rect evidence given
during the hearing was that of James
Iloyd, who Identified Splntlam as the
man behind the log whence the shot
was llred thnt killed CctiBtablc Kind
:cuv��r   Prcperty   Owners   Pc!l
Heavy  Vote  Endorsing  False
Creek Proposal.
of   Troops   and   Citizens
President    Polncare���
Socialists Hold Mtetincs.
Paris. March Hi. The military
spirit dominated a i|iiurler of a million Frenchmen who today surround
ed the reviewing field ut Vlncennes.
where 80,000 troops saluted Prealdent
Polncare. Throughout the great as
lemblaus groups ol young men chant-
16.���Moses Paul' Ing for three years of army service
the two Indians | In songs that    sounded    not    unlike
Etibezrler Will Appear Wednesday.
Sun Francisco, March 16. Charles
F. Batter, who confessed to having rm-
battled $100,000 Ol the funds of the
Crocker National hank here, will appear for a preliminary hearing before
United stutos   Commissioner   Krul!
Another Aviator Killed.
Amberleu, France, March 16.���A
French aviator, Mercler, was killed
today while testing an aeroplane, lie
attempted too sharp a turn and the
machine capsized.
iVinerlcau college yells.
In other quarters of Paris large
antl-mililarlsl meetings were held by
Socialists. Several violent etu-ounters
occurred when militarists tried to prevent the display of the red flag. Several parsons were Injured and many
addresses were made.
Calgary's 1913 Estimates.
Calgary, March 18.���The estimate!'.
total of by-laws required to carry ou.
the work planned by the cltv eluriii-
11)13 ls approxiuutely $6,838,897, c
about $8,000,000 more than was e>-
pendeil last year. The largest Hem In
the list Is $1,005,000 for paving.
New Kind of Flower.
Chicago, Mnrch 16.���(Hunt red car
nations with blooms tlve to five and u
hulf Inches In diameter were exhibited
In this city by Ihelr grower, an Indiana horticulturist, who says he has
perfected the Bpecles. No name hus
becn given to Iho new flower except
giant carnations.
V.iiievdver, March 16. fly a vote of
praotloally five to one the Vancouver
ratepayers on Suturday ratified th��
False ireek agreement made tentatively between the city council and the
Canadian Northern railway. The poll
was one of the largest ever recorded
on a bylaw in the history of Vancou
ver, the number of voles cast greatly
exceeding those recorded when the
similar Oreat Northern railway agreement wus put before the public two
yeurs ago.
That the sentiment was high In favor of the C.N.R. taking possession of
a large portion of the waste flats of
False crte* for tho purpose of establishing terminals is evident from Um��
fact that In every ward throughout
the Terminal city the bylaw received
the  long side of the  vote.
The total poll In favor was 5032
and 1385 against, a majority of 3647
for tlie agreement A three-fifths majority was necessary, aud the vomit-.
i bowed that the measure was carried
by a percentage of 78.4 per cent of the
ballots cost.
The fact that a number of women
property owners took part in the voting was a notable feature cf the ballot.
Tho poll of the various wards show
that the chief opposition came front
Ward I, where somewhat below hiiir
of tlioee qualified to vote registered
against the bylaw. Tliere was also
considerable opposition In ward 6, tin.
Kltsilano portion of the city, but the
saltern wards, four and five particularly, came out overwhelmingly In
support. Kalrvlew alBo registered emphatically ln favor of the agreement.
Smallpox In Strathcona.
Saskatoon. Bask., March 18. The
annex of the city hospital has been
quarantined and no patients will be
admitted to the ward during the next
two weeks because of tile development of a case of smallpox The ���**-
tlent came from Colonsay, Sask. Par,!-:   TWO
MONDAY, MARCH 17, 1913.
individual  Germans  and  taking  from I tensely  disliked green
each of them a part of their property. | a most unlucky  color
How would you like it?    The poor���I
and  they are a  very  numerous class
in Germany-are to be exempt. Those
who will  pav���pay���pav  wm  ue com*
parativeiy  few;   and    the    individual
li v ,* will be heavy.
Now these Germans are going down )
| into their own pockets, or into their I
An tndeoe.idciit morning paper det'iited to tlie interests of Sew Wcstminitcr and
the leaser Valley. Published every morning except Sunday hy the Sational Printing
and Publishing Company, Limited, at 63 McKenzic Street, .Veil' ire.itminster, liritish
Columbia. ROBB SUTHEBLASn, Managing Director.
Ail roiiiriiuiiiciilloii.i should lie addressed to The Seie Westminster Newt, and not
to intiiiidiiut members of the staff. Cheque*, drolls and moneu orders shoutd he made
payooit  I"   The  National Pri it Imp a**t  Publishing  Vompovu.  Limited.
Ifl.Kl'iHlSI'Jti���Business Office and Manager, 998; i'.ditonai Uooms (all departments I .  "H'.i-l
M-iim 7R1PTION KATRS--B,, carrier, ft per year, tl for ~ree months, 4de per j ,.lxIlt,t.I1   ,-.,..>.   ���,.,,   ,.,1,-eadv   bearing.
fMmAtti t ti     -'"   '"'II  ,    *�����   11' r    i/f'Ir,   taiiL   firr   nl'itllil. 1, , _      ,, _. , ,
.MfBIW.Vi;  RATES on application, because   Ihey   b;."i"ve  so  f.rr.ily    thai
in ��� ni'i'i-.xi'iisiii-'s is���.v,i letters istll lie published in The Newt except over waris immlnetn thai they think their
iter's signature. The editor reserves i/ie right to refuse, tlio publication of uny'..,.,   v.^ reaA. jiu. eacr'flce     Nntl if tlie
St. Patrick's Day was first celebrated long before his birth, or baton
the birth of Christianity, by Noah,
who entered the ark on the seventeenth of March, according to the eld
cslendars of the English nnd the
I Correspond.
lafety-deposit vaults, or into their
I bank accounts, or into their title
'deed, to get, this $250,000,000, in ad-
'd'ticn  to tiie    burdensome    military
MONDAY  MORNING,    MARCH   1?,   1913.
the Kaiser, the most patriotic German ;
'n  Germany.
France meets i' by proposing to Impose a "blood  tax"  cf a  whole new
��� ��� ar  upon   her  youth,    That   makes I
'.liree  year.,  in all.
Think of it. fellow Canadians we
wbo grudge a week in camp, and have !
been years geiting ready to Bpend
thirty-five millions out cf our abund-
ant 3:'.ril :s revenues, raised easily b;
���ndirect taxation.
We would direct the attention of our readers to a communication appearing in this issue from Mr. W. McDermott-of East Burnaby, who, realizing the present apathy
towards national defence throughout the Dominion, has
set forth his views thereon and puts forward a scheme
ihat needs only co-operation and the work of public men
and the most recently arrived private citizen to set upon
an efficient basis.
In brief Mr. McDermott would have all males in Canada over the age of sixteen trained in the art of rifle
shooting and we think that both for itself or as a contribution to a still more efficient scheme that the future action
of the militia department may nut forward in the future,
the idea should be encouraged both here, at Ottawa and
throughout the whole land.
We have a Civilian Rifle association here in Westmin-j   TUe young French bo-.-s are goin
.-'ter und if this body will set an example by offering its  �� give three years ot their uvea in
time and services to spreading the movement it Mill bring ! ���% ..,'u.h wonuTy
credit to itself and to the city.   But that example should I y***** *>' your llf(,?
be backed up by the general public. \ ,/y^'","" ^^.T^bS.
Volunteering  for   national   defence,   military    Spirit, | \ century  and  consider  the  parallel
service in the militia or by whatever name one form of
j'eal patriotism may be designated, appears to be in a
very peculiar condition in this Royal City
headquarters here of a regiment which is far from being1 these higii^civiiize'd" peop��fes"oi.
in that condition which one might wish and which in a city
of our size and importance is to'be looked for. We have
here also the first overseas branch of the National Reserve movement, the initiation of which has already
brought much credit to its members and to the city to
which they belong.
Now, an old man (For Mr. McDermott is 73 years of
age), with 21 years of service in one of the most famous
Scottish regiments in the British army, holds forth to
the city an opportunity to again lead the way in Canada.
He is scarcely able to walk and therefore relies uoon public sympathy to spread his ideas and to support them ar.:'
give them life.
Centenary cf Prussian King's De:
tion of War.
One hundred years a:o today Kins
Frederick William of Prussia Issued
his Immortal declaration if wat
against Napoleon, ia tvhich he said:
"Men of Brandenburg, of Prussia,
Silesia, Pomerania and Lithaunla!
You knew what you have Buttered
tor nearly seven years. You knov
what your sorry lot will be if you do
net wage this war with honor,
"Remember  your  forefathers;   Re-
mmmmmmmmmmm. f !
The New Westminster News does
uot hold itself responsible fir lhe
opinion., expressed in correspondence *
Germans feel that way about ii, cat.
wc afford to act aa if war were a.'
'ob .1 li �� barbarism" whloh could
'ever affllot us again?
"A year of sacrifice'." Thai Is what
ithe Kaiser proposes. He reminds his
j people -we are told���that "1813 was
a year of sacrifice . . . and this time
s scarcely less critical than 1813."
"1813"  was  the year of Napoleon's
-i treat frcm Moscow acros3 Germany.
it   was tlio year  of  Liitzeii, of Drcs-
I den, of l.eipzic.    It  was truly a year
' ot  "sacrifice."    Early   the  next   year
I "u   enemies of Napoleon entered I'aris; and, by May, he was in Elba.
That  is  the  parallel  which���If the ^
-ables are correct���is in lhe mind 0i]* ************** *
*    THE
Editor Daily News:���1 he**, apace In
our valuable paper f;r the Hollowing:
Is there a citizen in Canada today
who ia bo careless or so apathetic
that he world nol use all th'* meant
in his rower to protect his hi me anil
losti rlty from ihe grasp of thc ruth
less  Invader?    No  doubt  there   will
-.���.ho  will  fay  we are  In
e.r  the  protection  of  l'.:'.:.
member tlie great Elector, and Fred-'he 8ome
erick  the    Oreat!    Remember    your | t;-,ll���0I.
blessed privileges Cor fer which, our; ',
"���������I iters   paid   with   blood,   freedom!" sufficient  for  Canada.
of   conscience,  honor, Independence,     Let me point out that the p'-otec
sommerco,  art  and  science���   God j ton of a great name la rapidly van
and  our  strong   will  must   bring  vie
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
lory to our cause. Alter
shall havo glorious peace
turn  of  happy  times."
md the
hilling into thin air.    You  must take
measures   to   protect  yourself,  there-
(By   O.   Terence.)
war   Imminent
u jay for throi
cf 1813,Ve do  acl   know;   but they
in i J not look back a century to par-
llil the humiliation of 1814���the Gi r
Wn lieivp flip' nl:'"s '''lv<' been In  Paris since then,
vve iici\L Liiei    T1;(.  legBon tn  tll|a is sureiy  thai
fore it behrewes every citizen of fan
ada to pul himself in ord?r to assist
In the defence of Britain who gave
Canada to you as a heritage for you
and your posterity, and remember tin
defence of any part of the Dr.lis):
empire is the defence of ycur home
and you are in duty hound to repc'
any encroachment on tbe power a'"
I prestige of Britain; for wiih the i|c
cline of cither your hema is in fla..
... r.
1   will  c.;..o  remind  you   thai   you;
h I has 1*    n cist in a country high-
ly   favored   by   Providence,  and  aU
ho  liii'ii   privileges  yen   enjoy   under
the protectli ;; nf ihe flap of Britain.
j.   You get upright jus'ice in the courts
|cally EngliBh, with a decidedly Hlber- ��' '*w; you have liberty of conscience
tilan sense of humor, and mosl dome-P0 r''" making you afraid;  liberty ol
speech, and above all, th" liberty of
th" press;  nothing but treason being |
Princess Patricia Celebrates 27th
Birthday in Ottawa Today.
Princeca Patricia of Connaught, the
lovely daughter of the Canadian Co.- *
ernor-General, will pass her twenty-
seventh milestone today. Although
Princess ''-Pat's" mother was a Prussian princess, and her father the
son of a German prince, Bhe is typl-
u n
jrioulturai   experiment
cratic in manners.
The Irish claim her as their own
because of the fact thai she was born
on a St. Patrick's Day, and she was
named after Erin's patron saint. Patrick is a popular name witb the Con-
naughts, and is borne by both the
father and brother of the princeBs.
__.____.__.-.-.-_   H
ire under no delusions as to the
banishment of var and the early approach Of peace.     They are giving of
ii'i'r property, of their bleed and of
their   precious   years,   because    they
in    thoroughly   convinced   that   war
s pnt over -that, Indeed, war is very
probably  imminent.
They do  not  ask
ice domic   opinions-
beliefs with  bleed
Mi ntreail star.
us to take their
-they   hack   their
aud    treasure.���
* ****************
Cr-ccr  -if  Dr.  Conway.
first   distinguished    American
A distinguished bop i ; the ould sod
' wiio will celebrate Sainl Pat's Day in
America,   is   John    McCormack,   the
��� Irish tenor. Mr. McCormack, who recently began a nnr of the United
states and Canada, Is a native of
Athlone, and is in liis twenty-eighth
yea r.
lie   was   educated  at   Milan,    under j
Signer Sabatlnl, and made his debul
In "Cavallerla Rustlcana" al   Covenl
Gardi I, London,    tie is a member of
the Ancient Order of Hibernians.
Stephen Sai'iu. 1 Wise, the emlnenl
rtbbl who was the founder and first
| * eretary of the Federation of American Zionists, was born on St. Patrick's
Day forty-one years ago, in Budapest,
the Hungarian capital.
Rabbi Wise was the son of a rabbi
Cl ^mt~.maa------m*-----*-m
land forces are considered. There is no blind so effective
to men's sight as prosperity and wealth but tve trust that
our loaders and our people may have vision at least equally
as strong as that of their compeers in the sister dominions.
At the time of the Fenion Raid Westminster raised
and maintained a corps of "Home Guards"���men trained
to shoot.   Then invasion from over the line was threat-ISE'uSumbt! w^th^heex^ptiofSf
ened.   Today, looking at our country either as part of the a period spent ob s, w York world
British Empire, or as a possible separate nation, that is;""msi"""1"" ���*��� '"
from the viewpoints of truth or of the most advanced
speculation, the need of preparation throughout the Do-
press;    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
tuppressed; therefore you ore doubly
bound to defend empire and home.
Ci tupare these privileges with the
other  naUons of lhe  world  und you
���. Ill find in ne fo i dual the pleasure
and happiness you enjoy In your own
ioi utry.
X w I am 'i military man. but 1
���mi nn alarmist and I avoid war if
pi sslble, and the bi si way to avoid
war is to li ��� prepared for ii lest you
:��� ay bi forci d Into ii unprepared fol
lowed with disastrous results, I will
now draw your attention to the skill
and Bclence of var and tlie resulta
toll wing, ub.eh I have watched since
1851 In t'nat year-England, Prance am.
Turk *:������ ��� ngs ��� 6 Russia, they being
unpi pared, and the result was disastrous In loss cf life and treasure
wiih nothing gained.
Then followed the gigantic strun
gle of tho Indian Mutiny caused with
Dot I. ilng alert aud placing too much
Dfidence in Ui? turbulent natives,
-flk were caused in a
dniMar way. .Hl-jan 6u years aga, had
acilher army, navy, nor mercantile
marine,   and   they  began   to  prepare
hen; look at thetn now; thev are
something to be. reckoned with. A
few years ago they engaged Russia
���vlio was  unprepared and humiliated
'.urn into
Old farmers say that young Astor
'nis shown good judgment In the selection of the first neighborhood crop
'.'i be unproved.
Oats In Duchess County rarely grow
over three feel In height and the heads
���ire scanty and the kernels thin.
The Astor farm guarantees thai Ita
seed nits will Improve the crop in the
c untry, producing five-fool straw
[With long beads and thick, plump,
heavy kernels.
Specifications, agreements of sale deeds,
buafne-as letters, etc.: circular'work spo-
e'laiisi. aii work strictly confidential, H.
Barry, room 418 Westminster Trust ink.
Hhone lu2.
..   i).   O.   M.   NO.   Ut���MI-.KTS  ON   fust.
aeoond and tiiir.t Wednesdays in each
inniilli In li. of 1'. Hall nt I pin. II. J.
Leamy, dlotStor; J. II. Ptlce, secretary,
11'    lillg     Of     ..IllltV     lo
o   I',  is lii'W every
li. A. Merrlthew
V.  (1. ;  W. C.  Co
Ihk secretary; li
Clal   aie'lilnry.
____________^.^._-. ..,   Monday
s o'clock in Odd Fellows' Hall,
. streets*
r,   t'lnan-*
rnarvon  nml   Slghtli
bi'.ih.in     cordially
,1. lt.
N (I.
itliain,  P.  IS
W.     SilllKMll
rally and of Thomas Stone, n
signer of the Declaration of Indep
endencd.  . .       i ,.���i Correction
Graduating Irom Harvard Divinity ,,��� ,.,������ ���,���.
School in 1856, he became minister of
i Washington congregation, bul was
eon* polled to leave because of his attacks on Blavery, Halt a century ago
ii" was engaged ns minister of South
the bin
al  .lews on
if tin
ininion is equally as pressing as back in the sixties. Will
Westminster again show the way
a   period
In his latter years Dr. Conway
preached agnosticism to Inrge audi-
i docs, and  was  Ihe author   of   many
,, ,, Asked  to name tie' ablest   Kngiish
Franco-Prussian ^Mn
dy nun
socialist Journalist,
nui of ten Socialists
"Robert   match ford "
Sets Light to School So That She May
Go   Back   to   Skye���Sheriff's
London, March 1G -Remarkable
methods adopted by a 17-year-old girl
from the Island of Skye (Inner llebri-
Je_>) to obtain dismissal from the Scottish Hoard of Agriculture's domestic
truing school at Rutherglen, near oias-
grow, were described to the Glasgow
The girl, Mary Bain, admitted having on seven occasions during January set fire to articles in the school
Appealing for leniency, her solicitor
said she had heen In the school for
six weeks and had become very homesick. She set fire to the article with
the foolish idea cf making herself un-
ni,,ir, so tbut she would be sent
Tbe suspicions of tlie officials  having been aroused by the frequency of
the  fires, said the Crown  solicitor, a
policeman  in  plain  clothes spent  several  days  iu   the  college   without   result,   Throe days after be left another
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     fire occurred,
j world today, and which is still Incroas I     While one of tbe teachers was pass-1
ling  and   will  eventually   hurst   some Ing Hie girl's  bedroom  she observed
day with  lar reselling results, and ill smoke, and  going Inside saw  that   ul
proba-1 r") s<'cn t that some nations envy Uri-ifire  hud  been   mude.    The  girl   then'
would   ta'n  on  account of the  great  wealth j admitted her guilt.   '
Thelof lH'r   natural   resources.    Canada, |    Having received an assuranoe that]
r & H.iiniii
id embalmi
Ltd '   -Funeral  dire
i*��.    Parlors  if. Columbia
Westmltifte-r.    Phone  898
','. K. FA1.F.S Pioneer Fun.r;
nnd Kmlialini'r, 613-818 Agi
Opposite Curm-Kin Lit
i  street,
wm! to Portland, Ore., wb, re be wasiher  before the  world.
pastor of Hub Israel and founded the     Today  the Balkan allies are about.
Oregon state Conference of CharitiesU*n  *''Pe, 'm'kr>' ,mt,"r hl'r,,;,"\    ,!
former  being  properly   mobilized,   the
lie was also for n time the   state  !i""'r unprepared and relying on her
commissioner of child labor In Oregon   great name and her legions,, so you
.1,. returned to N.w York in 1007 and 8?e ,!;"'   ;s nothing In a name under
beea  the rabbi of the Free  Syna- th? science of war in these days.
ceuo     Ile  is one of the  leaders of!    ' w""1(1 ;lla" draw your attention to
ler-al-law, solicitor, etc. Telephone
ioi". ��� .'I*i" address "Johnston"
Code, "Wimem Union," Offices, Ellis
Block, ..:>_��� Columbia street, New Westminster, li  i'
solicitor,   etc
B.  C    1'.  li    I-
u-r    Columbia    und
New   Westminster,
i       Telephone   710.
.   P.   HAMPTON    '
solicitor    nnd    iw*
striK't.    Our l'   I
���        * 'olimibta
Barristers and Bolictti
S,   Gulcllon   block.     New
Mnrlln.   w
L. Cassady
��     '   ISSAIlV,
ItiMllUS  7   and
Wi Htmliuter,
and  Sftllcltors.  Wostmlnster
c'olomlil.l street. New  Wivln
Cable    iiililreKs    "Whltfslili
t'nlnn.    P, O.  Ilrnw.
li*'i-l    lllk.
'ell it.   111"*.
��� lophi
w. J. Whiteside,  ll.   I.   Edmonda.
tide   of the I
the armed state of all nations of the
'Nuncjuam," founder and for
I -ho-
The charm of White Rock is no longer to depend upon
word of mouth or the notices in outside publications of
its worth. Henceforward both its splendid stretch of
beach and its myriad other jovs, together with those of
Crescent and Ocean Park will have as their champion
the Semiahmoo Gazette whose initial number, hot from
the press, is now being circulated.
This first issue of a three column, eight nage paper
has as its editor and manager, Mr. Charles E. Sands, a
well known resident of Westminster
it is anticipated that from a monthly
will shortly be changed to a weekly.
,    ,        .,       ,-.,,,, - I twenty-two years editor of the
books on the subject, lac hiding amon- ,.,    j(      ,   gixtytwo years old'today.
umontal ife of I nomas Paine   Other Both ������ t, W(,re Bta     folk ,������
famous  clergymen   who  have  left   the1
hureh to make war on  their formur I
'aiih Include the late Samuel P. Putnam,  long president  of the American \
Freotiioiight Federation; Or. Mangas-
arlan of Chicago. Dr. Roberts  of the
Church Of This World In Kansas City,
and Joseph  McCabe, ftjrmer Catholic
priest and brother  of a distinguished
churchman, whole now a leader of Hi
Kngiish rationalist movement.
lates this latest
seaside resort, and
publication the paper
The News congratu-
addition to the newspancr family of the
���>       SCRAP  BOOK   FOR TODAY.       ���
���\r_i   Tins   is   i*1   f��reit   Diy   For   thc
lb* Is an Orangeman or n Sassenac1'
names thai  used always to be fol
lovvi -I  by n. objurgatory "Oi tl roi hie
li'.c i," when spoken by Hibernians���
^^^^^ . .    , ^^^ woo   rant   cr   won't   on   Ibis   dav   and
coast, commends its general spirit and appearance and|du
withes both White Hock and its paper a full measure of
progressive prosperity.
tlie      ^^^^^
l.iriii*     ci lilies,    (\	
Mi dioinc Hal  nnd  Macleod    Calgary
In ��� lib 'l  1800 additional   lines;  Loth-
bridge adding .*>n lines, and Medicine
Hal and Macleod each Increasing  by I
100 per ci ut,
Edmonton i xchange bolonga to the
^^^^^^^^    municipality, and  n  also owns   ami
mileage is 6698,  connecting operates nil the city's public utilities
i, there bavlng been as many  The governnu nl  is aikine the leglsl'i
Ki markal le pr gr< i ha been r.i ide
m the I rov Inco i ( \lbi rl i w II 'i i io
iIcm lopn ' ni of the Bl ue ovv u d telephone Byi '��� -ii during the fi ur yi ars
thai bave i lapi i d i Ince it waa taken
over from the Bell Company.
M thai dato the company operitt d
iw.ii une miles, connecting 70 offices.
Now  tin
234 niiii
ip-  ii
���ne. find i*i*   'ng on his f.i    I   tn
at  li asl one little green Bhamrock,
I    Hul : hamrockB di n'l  grow on tn es
al   all   in  nil,  ki d  certqlnly i"'1    * ���������
| famll)   in i   '    Tln-iic for vo, yi   *��� il
I' * ii'    0 il 'tla o eon of the i ultl bi A
ci nt, on the Invcstmi nt. ,   ,,.,. ��� ,   ,.    Klor,   |,ei    , ,.������  |f hi
i    lar tpaiiBlons wen  made In    ��� aa In   n In Rl   Jno, Mn    of Scotl    i
town systems, particularly  In the   English  pnrnnta   and he has a right
ci lines,   Calgary,   Lethbridge,  to hla bulls.
Ulhotigh I'll*!*- * - Moi ii iv i [ holy !
week lhal facl *.. ill have little effect
on the observance of SL Patrick's |
Day, in the oldesl and bosl Ufa of
ml i ilnL thn book i ( Armagh,
��� i cm dates from the eighth centurv,
there i i spi clfle authority for Hi" ad
, i: ���'��� celebrallon of  Patrick's  Day,
 h It falls on holy week or
on  a  Friday.
i hln  .' "ru  declares that  when  thn
lay  i f  the  patron  saint  of  [Ireland
:"  huh*  week,  there sliall  sill!
ii ���   "celebration   according  to  every
' I  i hi   r  e *c "i   ll"iii."
1 i ���   mln ��� i   ib,.   ci rid     I'"'     i-.ri "ii
fla * ' r In laud wlll he unfitrli d toda-Jr,
e.   ih ���    nidi ;   barn  on   i   green
baci *  oiinil in longa only to Loinslor,
���id   is  of  ci in, nr itlvi Iv   recenl   orl-
i    ��� ��������� ' *i   , ii ii loved as
hi   national ih ��� of thi   Rmerald Isle
' i   M*.*  battle i f  the   iloyne,  King
Willi in ' Ri'mj   foi ��� hi umli r a gn i n
'**     v- hil<�� the   ��� ! ' * i* ��� ' I K Ing .lnnn-
,   ���        !    Ill   ! i*    I'        W 111 to   i" I''    il"    of
���in     - i* rl i,     ! Irottan' i    pai 1 amenl
!        It.ti    * r  In d,  the harp on    n
blue *. ro md.   'II c '*��� ''i' waa chnngi tl
im " b    11 **  Pn   hyterlan li adera
rein lllon of 1798,   ity them the
which pro-
color    of
Robert, was apprenticed to a brush-
He did not like Hie trade and joined
the army, enlisting with the Dublin
Fusiliers, He was a sergeant when
lie abandoned a military eai r to become a journalist Although without
formal education, be early developed
a capacity fer clear and brilliant
writing, and   was  for several  years a
1 men bi r of tb" staff of tba  <llarlon.
jllis Socialist book, "Merrle England,"
has sold into the millions of copies,
and some of his oilier works have been
'���can ile less popular, It was Blatch-
fonl  who converted  the Countess of
I Warwick to Socialism, by  means   of
:*ui editorial ho wrote bitterly attacking the famous fancy dress ball she
gave ;il  Warwick Can!".
ll, nr.  Sii i   I, ' iindur of *���     ���  di
n i  I    . '    ' ���   In Ni ��  Vcrk   i n    ,
"    ton i    I nth'-r      *��� b, v ,.   born In
'       n    ��� ira   a idny,
He i* rn among ihe flrel to realize thn
���M'i . Rine of ni �� - nmier adveillslng,
ind to thli '��������� attrll uted tho success
i'i i crow m ti all bis gigantic mercban-
! . Ini   proji eta
alth   Is  Incalculable,  being IBain's  father would  look nfter   her,
y"0Juj'('m j part, and when we look nt the defence Sheriff Cragle said be would let Ier
lesa state  of  Canada and  especially  go back to .Skye.    She left the  court
the Pacific coast, there should be no | sobbing.
1 delay   in   preparing   for  eventualities.!  ���	
I will now propose the following to!
be  Inaugurated  and  be    called    the \* ***************
.Canadian   National and  Imperial    I)cj#        OUR    FOET'S   CORNER.        ���
i fence   Volunteers.
To  be  based  en        ^^^^^^^^^^
"uy system. |      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Canada of  0n Hils our fan1(,r!4 \oy,,\ \:lM
(iu  virgin  soli  with  pick and
inre iii Banctlon othi r $2,000 * 00 foi
telephone extensions during the cur
nni year
The  demand  ter service  h ia  i*1** n
���mil still la enoi .nous, says The Medicine Hal News, from which the statls
���age and   eBtal    tics quoted have been obtained,
rural Hues the, 	
miles constructed  in eaoh   of
four years, as  were altOgetbl r
(���ration under the 11�� il Byi ;��� m,
Laat year no l< es ihan 2494 ml ; of
long-distance lines were atrung, representing an Increase of 60 per cent,
���on Hi" prei li ua mill
Halting a ri cord On
win 'ii* i ���" ,..c in arly doubli d,
���174ti   milis   having   I e,*ti    ci.in tvirtcil
.im compared with 4926 In   operation 	
nt tin- !���:��� *,   ni  of the year. It Is Btited that Oermany wlll meol
This acllvllj bn   natti  illj In   d fol a part of the tremendous *ost   of her
lowed by lari Idltlom  to the DUttt- proposed additions i" her army by h
lier of e    ���         r  r.i I * i.  .**���������    |u    * *'������**: I   '��� \:   npo Ivate     prnporl
icreaslDi by 88 per  and excb     *   Tin   *   I Ib put al {261   "*   and
subscrlbi   * i"  36 pi t ��� ml !�� hliitpil th*"      .,.������,   ���
Tin 11-   pn pi in* nu   rhow  I  to     .   ' ������ rlantl  i i * void   It,
eel  i*il cn  by I.inner!, and   ���  .      ��� ,. I'r.an       i   lo  meel   thla  augmenta
iii;, in i ileptit ne comtuui li  *   *   md *'     i   * ���   ���   ���   ���*,
their realliatl* of Its value and ���    i .'',,���   in*   a   "blood   '> "   rl   om    "
venience,     Ai the close  of 191B the add't1 nal ycs.r on every mal   oapa'jlo ��� r t'i,
totals dI the Alberta system showed i   i    rli ���  arms                                  blend ol orange
1'itv.ih v.ire miles of lons-ilibitiiiee lines; Hosltanl Canadians   may   Just   ns  duceB greeen   bi
!ii;7l  nili s of rural  lines;   7120   sub- well taki  a good square look al these   united  Iruland.
Bcrlbers at  rural lUtlona, and  l*\fi'.i2 two ugly facts.                                         Tin decision of lhe United Irishmen
subscriber! al exchange stations. Do we   aulte   realize   whal   they   nimortallzed   In    tho    verse,    "Tbe
Tbe'total cupltal   expenditure  bus menu?*                                               I Wearln' of the Qreen," has since ro-1
During H'"  Burnt ier of    1815    Sol-
Irli'a unharpj   md   II usi d colonlBts
n   iho  Hi il   rl i * r  bad   boen   driven   ',.
i* ��� ,   ihelr  : i ! ' n* ,    only   to  be re- j ^
* '��� rei d    i   n i    *'   'o tbo  struggle
before w Inti r nei  In
VI  ' i'i" fork . ��� f the  Asslntbolno,"
ho slti     *' Wlnnine    atoi :l the Nor'-
Westi rs' I' ,n Glbr iltar, tl a polnl ��� f ���
rocepili n   "''l ii1 iti l- nil n i f supplies
from   Moi [real      Ph b   wa i   saptured
n October by the 11 ���'. ion's Bay Coin
i ndi i* I'ol'i  ti li't son  bul
i'u  pi ni wua i������.' icd upt n the Nor'
*,���*..,*  i ii ���    c to        > iii"  ; ��� i"
Tl i -     i ���* *' * ��� 'i ii* * i*'- the v !i
��� '    I i ���'.*:���:'. i*   1'.      bl 111 [   tl D.1    .in
I: ��� ���        a   "grand   gathering"
��� r tbelr i rcea In the spring to givi
nn  entirely  volun-
Ever)'   white   resilient
I 10 years  and  upwards  should  bo en-
I rolled, worthlesa characters excepted,
and  I think a little voluntary contribution i I  26 cents or more, just whal
",n ii  i n ml,i r would  feel  Inclini d  ti
., i   i ,n:h  month might  b" made to
, rn 11 'ii "-���*;. and if a  thorough Interest  i*i taken in the matter   thni
could  In   a  fund established  for  the
purpose ��� f assisting any member who
might gel iiiin difficulties through no
faull i f bin ow n, and as il   would be
i ii 'tn,nil affair, I iliink the gt vern-
��� * "i  v ��� ��� id Bimpori  ii  by supplying
rifles with  a limited supply of am-
*   in Mi h annuall). i o thai ev "*>  man
capable of boating arma  would have
,, ch uu '��� to b come a marksm ,u Ilka
the lii ' rs niiii ilu* Balkan AUh     a id
f pi   ��� 1.   thai i hoi 11 do    i would take
a  pn p r  ii,iiii  i  in  ib ���  matter,    I
b.i i    uo doubl  thai  In  a  ,-i*  rl  lime
l ��� ie v ������! Id b" 'i ei,ll en mi . *���' leasl
ral ii d  In  Canada uapable of bearing
arms,  thai   Is taking  the  ratio i r   l
In 7 ef iho population,
Also, consider the friendly feeling
n. i ach oilier, a fci ling thai could
iu i oxlstettnder nny other conditions;
*i �� ; i id also i -i: iiilisli a
tone throughout tba whoh
, comi li ta reform whal
ling e'ti/iii  dciiri s,    I
Accountant. Tel. It 128. Room 2
11 art  block.
ster Heard of Trade meets In the i.e.i-rd
rnnm. I'ltv  Hull, lis fullnwii :    Tl Ini   lll-
iluy of each month! quarterly  meeting
on the tidrii Friday of Februury, M.,y,
August mul  November st ��  i \n-
iiiial  meetings on  the third  Friday nf
S.   II.  .Stuart   VVinle.   Bis
modern pi
ent** ine
teed Hie
SH*'",! !|
1 this arosi
wall,  the  roof,
nty, pea
their rr'i
lilisid fertillzi il    soul
i' and  power.
.es tho roots
of our time.
thai   fell   I i  ruin.
Win r"
Flolda win
i led
Tin v
high mi mi i
I) imlniiin    wh
every law- i
think tha
i Ioi Ii ���
tilled tbi
ii nquer
died,   where   fled   ilu-
corruption  bit tho dust,
re our fathers fought  nnd
from  their    roots    fir-
the foroot, hewed ih"
el* eat   Iho I'niil.
ill our
iiiiiiI    I
ean' unfurled
u    unclothed
ira s'.inii Hi" hall, the
proper Interest  is taken  In  tbo
| matter,  tho  government   would    noi
have much expensi   and  the Individ
ml   l-iti"   ineonvonlence.
i iibiii beg to Invoke thc aid r thi
iiress. licnu'iiiber the deft noe of llie
"iiiniie   la   In   lhe    defeiH f     your
home, and I am confident thai In tho
'day of danger wblcb  might   show in*
��� n  li a il  expectod,    Cartadlans    in
lhal  day  ��ill  nol  bo f lund  wanting
i.nie    K'l.val    Hlghlandi ra    i Black
A ,i*i b l
Tbey   li
'll     till!
Tho pence ni il joy and love wa know
As s.id.i were scattered long ago,
md   blue
iiine   lln
1    ��� I  bl  iv" ti   ,'
I'ini ion';   li i-   i , ���
*    (emi.'le, delcn       tl
lh H
: *   1    ��� ,    Iho
��� ���  ".:,   i '.   i  '     I,.*
in' n    i nd r   l i in ;   ' n'a
in Btit'i rli " Fori  Gibraltar,
n i ipi   ,* na i.ee leBsfiil,    lis
ei; ,i *.
i' ,
Thus hath il been since lime begun
The  father  toiling  for  the son.
Thus ll   shall  be    while    time
The   future  breeding  III   the  P
ll. D, ('.. In the Asbcrnfi .1
coal MINING rights nf the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alb-arta,
the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories nml In a portion of tho Prflvlnon
of liritish Columbia, mny !"��� leased for a
term of twenty-one years al an animal
rental nf li an acre. Not more than 2iHt
acres will be I, used to one n|>|>lliMlil.
Application   fnr  il   loose  must   In-  ininlo
by tin applloant In pqrsan to the Agent
in Bub-Agent nf tl"' dlsirlei iii which ilia
right* applied for are altsated
In sniveled territory ihe land niuiu l����
(l,.��crlbed hv lections, nr legal ��ub-dlvl-
���lona  n( neellnlis.  nnd  111  liliilieveyeil  ter-
rltory tha unci applied for ahall im
-.inked em by ihe applicant hlmselL
I'i.li ll    :i|,|il|eill|.i|l    I11I1KI    lie   ;ie, l|,lltlle<|
I by ii tee of }.'��� which wlll be refunded if
the ilghis applied fnr nre mu avallbbls,
but  nm otherwise,    A  royalty shall   im
' piild mi He- merchantable outpul nf 'hi-
nn ie ni ti,.. nil* nf five centa per ton
I       The     person    npellllltlg    tie      mine    Hilllll
fiitnisii tin* Atfeht u-iin awoni returns
accounting fm- Uie full    nniiiliy of mer-
eliiiiiinbl nl   mined   io,,i   pay   llie   my.
ally thereon, ir the ooal mining right*
nre nui being operated Much returnssnoula
be   furnished   n*   h'lisl   nnce   n    > < ill*.
The lease wlll Include the real mining
Hunts only, hm th" leasee wlll be pcr-
miiii'i  tn   purohoso   whatever   iivnih.blo
Kiirluc"   rights   nmy   he   cmiHlilered   ll H-
miry fnr lhe winking of lhe mine nl llie
rule  nf   tin  nn   i_et*e.
i*'nr run Information application should
be mads to the Secretary nr the DeptirL
ment nf tho Interior, Ottawa, or to nny
Agent ur Sub-Agont uf iiuiniineii Ijunlti.
VV w cnltY,
Deputy Minister of ibe Inlerlnr..
���Unauthorised publication nf this
N.  II
paid fn
to be bi ' ire
evening    i r
,     ..���,,!*   ���*
leadei. hip,
The   at-
Inmiiie. ,
been (5,728,288, umi tbo surplus ofl The government of Oermany if
reoolpta over expenditures lasi year ibis statement Ik nue Ih to raise
"-;vna C"):',2S:i, equal to a profit   of 12.1 jLTiO.bllfl.OOO by Bending an official to
in.'i'i" |*nson"rs, i     ^^^^^^^^^^^
tho in  i" ib ���' rmlm d en i iy In the
coll ny    i a. ai *it  by wav of  11ml toi
Lav, for trial In Kngland,
 ^^^^^^^^^ S'cui   i'fierw'iiil i  ,*i   fn*,.  of  thlrtV
iiialin d Buprome Studonta or Irish nun utterly demol'shed the oapturod
liisti ry havo advocated n return to fort, working in the greater haste for
bide, ij.it  kIHiuui offoct,   Parnell In |feaj of Intorrupticn frcm the west.
Ycui-i-. Artcr Tackle:- Agricultural
dempllnn of Neiv Yc.rk State,
I'oui'liUei p. ie. N. V��� Mnrcb 10 Thi
recent decision nf Vinci nl Asl ,r to devote I'line of hla wealth, youth and
energy to the agricultural regent ration Of New York StillI-, look llle form
i ul Duncan Cameron jof action today In the offer to provide
farmers of Duohcss County, the seal of
hla ancestral estate, with While Tur
lar need oate nl $l.;ifi ii liusliel
i Although young Astor himself is
on the way to Panama in bis yacht,
the announcement in made from Pern I
|fJllffo Farm, which  hu haa decided to]
Notice Is hereby given lhal tho
Court of KevlRlon of the Assessment
Hull of Ihls Municipality  will lie held
lu ibe Munlolpal Hull, Edmonds, lie.
on Tuesday, March 26, 1018, at 10
o'elock iu the forenoon,
Notice of nny complaints musl hn
given to Ibe assessor In writing rtt.
least ten (10) days previous to Iho
silling of the Courl.
G.  II. STKI'T'TiNS.  AssciiHor.
Dated al EMmonds, ibla 2Glh day   of
i-ci,i-ii'irv, mm, i-;tli
PHONE   R 1031.
Employment Agency
Prompt attention given to orders.
607 Front St., New Weatmlnster, B.C. MONDAY, MARCH 17, 1B13.
lug by turns a hymn to ChrlBt as a
The Plain Chant.
The earliest music of the church
waa no doubt of Pagan origin. Many
fondly think It waB of Jewish origin
and bus come; down to u�� from the
services of the Hebrew Temple.
Some think It was derived from tho
GreekH, but. ita pagan origin did not
prevent the church from making il
her own and developing it as the mus
ical knowledge of the people grew.
We can eatilly trace the milestones
ef ita progress.    St. Ambrolse, whose
name is associated with the Te Deum
Laudaraus,   Improved   the   quality   ol
sacred music In form and technique.
Pope Gregory carried on to greater
perfection,   the   work   of    tlie    plain
| ,'hant and founded u Bchool of musl
j c'ana In Rome, whose members wen
sent to all countries under the swa\
: of the church to teach the true wa;
Indians |Of singing  the plain  chant.
Todav. the great Roman church cot
'^***\\\^**s**s^a**m***sa*m itlnues the work of the pant and use
ttle,��� for aome time and got to know the chant ���. lu cornlllimiori. n,it thi:
all about their wohdorful powers a plain chant haa not satisfied fully tin
Bcouta and  hupterB on the plains. mystic   passion   of   the  soul   of  ma-
"ln their wild state the tied Indiana  nur �����t<'--Prf:t<'d W*�� as every art mu
Chief   Scout   Tells  cf   Evils
Breathing  With Mouth Open.
"Shut  your  mouth  and  save  your
life," that Is the name of a book that
1   bave   lust  been   reading.    It  Is  by
George   Catlin,   who   wrote   many   a
good   book   about   lhe   lied
in  America;   in  fact,  he lived umon;
are so particularly healthy and full
of endurance aa compared with people who live In towns and civilized
countries H,at Catlin endeavored to
find out the cause, and after careful
enquiry among 160 tribes of Indians
he came lo the conclusion that it was
because he breathed through the nose
and not as many civilized people do.
through the  mouth.
llables aie generaly kept very much
wrapped up and in warm rooms and
want of air makes them breathi
through the mouth; this becomes a
liablt with them, and the hack of the
nostrils not being used, gradually
cloae up, and as they grow older tin
���children continue to breathe through
the  mouth.
Uut with  the Red Indians the bab-
put  to  Bleep ln the open  alt
relate   the   human
do io  vitally
the divine.
The church felt a need of Bonn
means by which the unknown depth.
of the human heart of the masaet
musl be stirred. Gradually the Inter
'���'���nvinc of melodies, so to form o
harmonious design was developed by
tlie Polyphonic, or many vo'ced
��cbool, the founder r,f which was Wll
liam du Kay, a singer in a choir a1
But the master of this school ir
the nest, century was Palpitrlnls whi
was called tlie Saviour of Sacred Mu?
ic. Later Paleutrlnia Introduced a
'new principle that Of dramatic mus
Ic, which has a-limited all churc'
composers down to our day. liis fam
oub "Pope MarcelluB Ma38" won :���
great triumph for the cause of rel'.g
loUS art.    He wrote over nlne'y mass
Scene of Oriental Splendor Puts All
Previous Efforts In Shade.
Tlie Arabian Nii'lits Ball, belli net
long ago at tlie li.iyal Opera House,
in London, proved u magnificent spec*
tacu'.sr entertainment, East meeting
West in the barbaric splendor ol rich
Oriental robes, ami in llie overwhelming mad Carnival of tlie Faranilo.'.',
danced for tlie first time in London.
Kvery   iiuarter  of  Asia   was   represented   in   the   kaleidosct i>.c  scent*
Ladies   oi   the   harem. ____
ir-nn   Kashmir,  contemporary   lie*
ol   Bagdad,   mingled   with
warriors of the Samurai, M
Caliphs,   Grand   Vizier*.,   numerous
Mikados,   Siamese   merchants,   and
princes of old Japan.
lt was established beyond n doubt
Unit l.Li'li.-ihwomen lo"k well in any
guise, Ior althougb well-known Lon*
tion beauties baffled identification in
many esses, it was generally admitted
that   tii"_v   wore   Turkish   dress  with
especial charm un-I elegance.
fascinations of the yashmak never op
peared so tanta.izing.
Mwiisli dresi wa.-. the most ropular
and   a   clouts   from   the   high   buses
| sbowed the fine effects of the judicious
mingling of   gold   and   black   among
bizarre colorings.
Some of   the London-manufactured
Eastern   Princes  were   not
shWS***a*mma*aWaWSmae*t*ShmmmshWm ���"���*���*���***���~tr*M*xrmnima3xnxamaxms**m***^*JL\
more and the villainy of the plotters
Is exposed. The girls are happily reunited with their Bwecthearts and
Klnchela and his accomplices are
brought to justice.
The 101  Bison  film, entitled   "The
  Coward's   Atonement,"  Ib  a   massive
:''1.1;te. J_,ou,r _has production with a colossal cast. Replete with thrilling situations and
war scenes. Countless number of soldiers In deeds of daring and deadly
combat. Bridges and houses blown
Up! the terrors of war with all its
r yeurs Klnchela determines [horror  enacted   with   wonderful   real-
Today being St. Patrick's   Day   thc
KdiBon  Theatre  lias  taken   steps   to
provide suitable fare for the occasion
let in v   see in-, -.and with special Irish music by Miss
lair beauties (Frances Hamilton and by the pictures
'of "The  BhaUghran,"  its  patrons are
ancient 1 assured  of  more  than   usual  enjoy-
harajahi, ' ment.
Dion   BoUOicault'S   delightful   Irish
drama is described below
I'folliott findin.,        ^^^^^^
come, summons his old friend, fatl
Dolan,  the  parish  priest of Suilabeg,
und  his  land  ugent,  Corry  Klnchela.
into their hands he commends his two
children, Itcbert and Claire
-.d   tv,,.,.    in later yeurs Klnchela ..��� _
and the , to secure possession of the lauds and
rinds that he mutt eliminate Robert
Pfolliott, who has now reached his
majority. To this end be schemer,
with an unscrupulous police agent
Harvey Duff, to swear thai Robert is
Fenian and an enemy to the crown.
When Robert Is arrested Klnchela Vis-
] its him in prison and induces him to
altogether | transfer the estate by declarin
funny fellows and a Etrong coterie of, each  time  ta   prevent   the   audience
ism. Produced through an enormous
expenditure of money and the assistance of men and horses
fellow-fuhmakers will visit the Opera
House on Tuesday evening.
Newspaper   readers   iu   every   city i
and town In the land have seen and
laughed over Fisher's unique comedy
conceptions.    When Gus  Hill secured!
the play rights of "Mutt and Jeff," few
people   foresaw    the   success    to   be |
achieved.   Four companies of fifty people each are now playing the piece In |
the four corners of the United States, |
and all of them are playing to eager ''
and    enthusiastic   audiences   limited
only by the capacity of   the   theatres j
in Which the comedy is presented.
Naturally, there is good reason for
this Immense business and it lies in
the fact that "Mutt and Jeff" 13 the
heartiest laugh-producer shown on the
stage in many BeaEonB. Shrieks
merriment  begin   with   the  first
from choking with laughter.
Everything is new this trip, and a
real dollar-and-a-half attraction
throughout will be presented. Theatregoers will profit by the stereotyped,
advice: "Get tickets early, for there
is certain to be a great demand.
That moving pictures may be high-
,   ..,  ly Instructive as well as  entertaining
  ...   _- _ .     __     thatiWin t,e well illustrated by the exeel-
put m the shade by tha real Mahara- the lands wlll revert to the crown in ��� . ���, ,.,���, -.,���,���-,,������ n,.���vnn'a *.���
fah of Jhalawiir, win; wore his finest i the event that he is convicted. The ^P ", f' '". Wj��* PMerlm's P���
state robes encruited with gem* worth good priest, Father Dolan, believing '"��/Q*\\'"��I> �� Jh* *$**? ?��� S��
a king's ransom, the very brocaded ; that Klnchela is acting in good faith ^o7tt��e da�� starting todav at
Utderdress being identical with that .recommends lhe transaction. Rob- ?'tJ '��'1,-ri,! ��tr It*IlL ?he f'irs
which he wore at tha Imperial Dur- ert's sister, Claire, and his sweet- tle K?>a FJltatre. n wlfi,lithe���n��!
bar a year ago.   Turbans covered the ' heart, Arte   come to cheer him jtlme,lha,1 '' haB *>een ��hown   on the
beads "of  ai!  but a  few  of  the men.:     Robert is convicted on Duff's test.- H* Wlth the 8X0epU��n ��f ^nC��*
and,   with   tiie   long   robes,   gave   an ; meny  and  sentenced  to penal  settle- jve��.'.     _.,_...��� . �� 40fJ0 f    ,  .
appearance ol increased height to the  ment in  Australia.    As be Is   taken re^Vi  "earl, an    hour    to    run
llam'er!'- !(rom thl' court room be turns to Duff !^?",,rJ?gfh" m��eMnU   T���  ���
Shortly   after   midnight   the   even-land exclaims:  "If there is justice   in;tnrou,B machine      It  was  made
'tag's    entertainment    culminated    in ! Heaven, you aad I wiU ����� '^      th     IV'HXTl. v    tr    ix  con
the   mueh.talked.of   "Farandole.".. a | side of. thejrave; thenManlyour so^,* LChs'lhis  ptotof oral
...  . ���,��� ���i   \,n;
Writing  For Posterity.
A prominent Kreueb critic the story
runs, once suld to tieorge Bernard
"Vou are putting on a new comedy
Monday night. Let ine attend oue of
Ibe dress rehearsals, won't youV
"Impossible." said Mr. Shaw. "My
dress rehearsals are always private. I
hove  to refuse even  the moat  ilistio-
    -._._,._          up-   gulshed critic* access to them."
pearance of these funny fellows be- "But," said the other. "1 wmit to
fore the footlights, and it continues | wr|te a critical criticism. If I hnve to
unabated through the two and a half
write and telegraph It In n few minutes on Monday night It will lie very
hurriedly done, uud I fear It will give a
wrong ini|,rcselmi of your comedy to-
l'uris the next dny."
"Have nn anxiety on that score." Mr.
Shaw replied. "My comedies are not
written for the next day."*-Exchange*.
hours of hilarious fun. ^^^^^^^^^
A splendid company will be seen in j
the piece when it comes here, and j
playgoers who enjoy real hearty i
laughs���and who does not--will rellbh |
"Mutt and Jeff" aa they have not rei-1
ished a play before. There Is a hand-'
somely-gowned   chorus,   mostly   girls, I
who   have   been   trained    to   execute j _ ���
some pretty dances that will prove a!
surprise and delight to those who see |    The   Manchester Tivoli  Theatre  of
them. ! Varieties, the oldest music hall iu the-
There are no fewer than fourteen! town, was put up for sale, but, the
song numbers altogether that are in- j bidding stopping at ��13,600, no sale
troduced  at  just   the   right    moment | was effected.
les are   ,_.   __    .
or even   bind   up  the  mouth  so  that I J|Jg"��h'"n,ia'and'magnificats.    Develop
they  breathe  through  the  nose  Very | ___;__,  w(|_, i..,���a.dily going on.
through the nose
few Red Indian children die. while
in Kngland over 100 In every 1000 die
before they are a year old. Breath
ing through the nose the air Is mea
lured and slightly warmed before it
gets lo the lungB. and the moisture
In the nostrils catches up dirt and .
nee-da of disease which may try to
come in  wllh  the air.
No animal sleeps with Its mouth
open; when it man does so he gets
bad rest at night, and he chokes and
Snores and the natural moisture In
the mouth dries up and so he gels
indtgestldn, and his teeth also gel
diseased from being too dry. The
picture which Catlin has drawn ln
his book gives a vivid impression of
the; evils of sleeping with your mouth
He himself was not a strong man.
and found himself getting more and
more ill as he took to scouting nntl
sleeping out in the open. It then oc
cured to him that tills might be the
cause, and like the Indians round
him he slept with his mouth shut;
so be made up hiB mind to keep it
The lasl Drug before going U
sleep Mils lo lone bis mouih to kee;i
llghtlj closed. In this way he goi
the babi! and al onoe his health be
pan to improve, till he became as
Btrong and as enduring as the Indiana
Ibl'lllSI lie I.
First  Paris.  Ont..  Troop  Haa Largest
Percentage  of  King'*  Scouta.
Tho King's Standard, presented hv
King   Cecii.e   Fifth   for   the   troop   cf
Scouts in Canada having the largest
percentage of King's Scouts, has been
won by the first Paris Troop, Ont
The decision was made ai the Dominion Council meeting held on Friday, February L'S, ln Ottawa. His
Royal Highness, the Duke ot Con*
naught presented the standard to the
provincial secretary for Ontario, nud
arrangements are now being mnde for
the official presenting or the stand
nrd to the First  Paris Troop.
Tbls troon with a total strength
tif SO, hnd 2'.' qualified King's Scouts
These King's ScoiitB were re-tested
by Commissioner Olbson, of Ingersoll,
t'i mmlssioni ���' Sykes, of Woodstock
nm| the provincial secretary, and
were found to he right up to the
Standard with their work. Paris may
well be proud of her sons.
Reacuec From Drowning.
Tb"  li-i  i f  rescues from  drowning
Ib  very   lung.    The  chief  scout   Ilere
gives  merely a  few examples:
Scout  Driver, of the training ship
Mercurv,   received   Ihe   bronze   medal
for gallantry. A gale was blowing
n strong lib was running, nnd the
���hip was driving through the darkness of nu early morning in Deoember, 1910, when one of the crew fell
Driver, clad though he wuh In heavy
oilskins, dived Ui the rescue. The
boat lhal put out from the ship fail
I'd lo find hlin, although It picked up
another aooul who hud done jiwt the
H'ltne thing. Driver got lo the drown-1
Ing boy mid held him up, bul both
were curried far uway by the tide.
Weighed down by his olothes anil
by the heavy load of IiIb senselijsa
comrade, be began to drown, but was
caught In the nick of lime by a boal
which had pul OUI from the shore.
Patrol Leader iilchaird Anderson,
14 yeara old, of the 1st l_ong l'.tor
Troopa, was walking with another hoy
nlong the canal bunk near l-ong Eton
when he saw a small hoy fall Into the
deep twirling water at thu lock, a
dangerous   place,
Diving In, Anderson awuin to the
bov. and succeeded In bringing him
safely to the bnnk. Por this uct he
wub awarded the bronze medal foi
ment   ..���._ n...v~..,  ���   .
Orlando de I.asso, of tlie school of
the Netherlands, at his death, lef*
about two thousand compositions. He
was the glory of the school of th'
Netherlands, as Palostrinia was c:
tlie Roman  school.
The next movement In church mus
ic was the use of se.lo singing or mon
oily by which a direct appeal wa-
mnde to the human heart. To anothei
saint of the church Ib due the. grea1
movement which has so enriched mi
dem music for St. Phillip de Ner*
! si wi d the titu' seed from grew thi
mighty tree for the healing of tin
nations and so by gradual stages wi
reach the wonderful oratorios tlmsi
movements Of human genius which e'
nreas tbe beauty, the Ideas, the as
plrntioris and the passion Of the sou* i
' in   its  effort  to  reacli  and  to  under- j
��� stand   the   nature   ef   the   Divine.
Thc   Oritcrios.
The origin of the word is found iv j
oratory,  the  i lace of  prayer,  w*hen
this sacred music was flrse perform
ed,   lt was the result of ths reV
��� zeal of San Pillppd Nerl, who wa
bcrn at Floronci 1516, Borne fcur bnn
dred vars ago.
He  became tin   leadi r ��� ' the ci"-
, ..egatton ct tho Fathi rs of the Ora
���cry   and   in   order  to   I id I       youi *
������'���'���  in attend church  services, hi
ihad hymns   psalms and such musical
forms of |ir:'.>er sung by one or mort
'  '     Df tl r   tiie   sermon   and   othei
I devotions.
j     Tlie  custom   had   its  root    In     the.
[morality, mystery and miracle plays I childhood
of  the  1:1th  und  14   centuries, which | education in
were Inteilcd to teach  Biblical stories
lu  symbolic  form,  to  the  early    converts.
A revival of Interest In thlB mediaeval form of the drama i'i bein.<
luiwn In Kngland and Germany today, by tiie mystery and morality
Ifiinvs which nre bslng wrltl u and
played. Tbe old morality play "Ever.
man" as it was played years ago, la
revised aud received with ii on-* "Claud reverential Interest. All the-ie
dramas bud hymns, choruses and instrumental playing between nets.
The sacred musical dramas were
-tiled oratorios. The work was con
tinned sml the firs' real oratorio waa
produced   by  Casallere  In   Pehruan
lt;"'i in e, ohurch In Rome, and v.*au
culled "The Soul and The Boilv." II
had a recitative and n ballet, enliven
ed With capers, alternating with Btfl-
/as nnd dancers who danced sedately
and reverentially.
Many oilier Italian composers fol
low, as Carlsslmte, Btradello, s-t'-
lati, Colflara and lie tlie 17th and IXth
centnrv, Colonnn. This brings US
dow ntn the time of Handel.
roiitokiJS old Spanish danoe. To the , ready." "Robert bids farewell to IJ-"^ hou6es in London and had
tunc ol a thirteenth century air of | Claire and Arte und embarks for Aus- ] A, approval of the clergy 7 MCA
Province a' procession of eight gor- tralia. workers and many others engaged In
geoUBly   attired    Eastern    maids   and;    Several years later Robert   escapes        ,, and rellgl0UB work
men led tin* way round the ball room   and sails for Ireland.    In the   mean-;    Thp fllm |B excepti0nal
headed   by    ICspinosa,    the  sprightly   time the estate haB teen going to ruin
I Spa.ui.sli  dancer,  who encouraged bis land  Claire aud  Arte are largely   de-
I followers   by   waving   a   ribbon-bung Ipendent on Conn, the Shaughraun, who
baton. : supplies them with food by his poacb-
Arrivtng ut a second group of dan- ; ing.      Klnchela   threatens    to    dis-
cers tliey   invited   them   tr,   join the   possess the girls but Father Dolan declares that they shall never want for
a home while he lives
cliiiin and so on. tii! everyone on the
dancing floor became ���*�� Infected with '�� .,"..... - .._ .......
tie spirit "f jollity inspired by the j Word comes that a Fenian hero has
any tune that, willy-nilly, they joined ! escaped and Is en route for Ireland.
in the romp. i The police prepare to capture the fu-
Por romp" indeed it was���around the ; gitive.    Nevertheless, Robert   arrives
promenior*., among the box s, up and | safely  and   ls  brought   to his   loved
down the perilous staircases, the dan- , ones by the faithful Conn,
eer-  wound   their  way���the   pace  in- \    When   Duff   Informs   Kinchela   of
creasing as the tunes changed���now I Robert's  return,  the  land   agent   ���-
IUI1     111,,,     t,;,.--._,_._.      ..-,.._.
The film Ib exceptionally clear and
every gesture of the actors and actresses can be observed. The scenery In the theme is made real and the
characters fit Into their surroundings
admirably, emphasizing customs of
long ago.
Manager Gillls has also engaged a
more leisurely to the siniolc measured
beat, of the familiar old nursery
rhyme, "Sur le Point d'Avlgnon,'1
ami furiously fast as tlie endless pro-
cession returned to the ballroom t<i
the singing of "Everybody's doing
.t." the -rag-time melody of the uio-
Exhausted and breathless, t'.ie chain
broken in many places, the Farandole
terminated In a graceful tableau, ull
the men dancers prostrating" themselves * n the "reiiinl at tlie leet o[ tlieir
fair partners.
big feature act for this program
The Giant Quartette is the name and
they are four talented darkies who
deal in mirth and melody. Zalfrcdo.
the man who flirts with the violin,
; will also be an enjoyable attraction.
Westminster theatre-goere had the
pleasure of hearing him a year ago
when he appeared at the Royal and
i was the most popular act on the bill
One reel of comedy pictures of the
Keystone brand will also be shown.
"MUTT    AND    JEFF."
Special Irish Program for Monday
and Tuesday
greatly disturbed and plans to capture the fugitive. Robert, however,
surrenders voluntarily. Kinchela,
knowing that the queen has announced
that all Fenian prisouers will he pardoned, sees Robert cannot be detained In prison legally. He therefore,, ^^^^^^^
pretends to be friendly with the young : Those familiar with the tremendous
man and Induces blm to escape, hav- success of the famous musical comedy
ing previously arranged with the sol-' based on the eccentric cartoon char-
dlers to be in readintEs, In ordi r that ncters of Bud Fisher's "Mutt and Jeff,"
��� Robert may he shot when he attempts will be pleased to learn that these
Ito git away.    But Kinchela o'*erlooks
Wandering  Indian Acrobats.
the crafty   Conn   who   communicates
i with  Robert  and  assists   him  in   removing a portion of the prison  wall,
���through   which   he  escapes.      In   the
The   wandering   acrobats  of   India  meantime Robert's sister. Claire,   de-
i* ��� recruited from a  low   caste   of coys Captain Moltneaux from his duty
l>-opl" called  Dombaranos,  who live I in order that Conn's plans (nay not be
by this profession alone.   The child-  thwarted.
rea   i.r-   trained   i-utii   their   mr'.i st       A  schooner rests at  anchor   nnd  a
and   do^ not   receive     any   boat is to be sent out for Robert when
���chuols. | a signal light appears.   The light ls to
be flashed when two   shots are heard
but Robe rt. finds thai ho has lost his
'I'll y travel from vttnAge to town and
��:a*.'   their  performances,   which   sre l
r ul'.y wondertvl, ln the open nir be-
b r ���    crowds    ol    onlookers,    Their
tricks     are    quaint     and     Miii'tini's
ni-t ���nis'u'ingly clever,
Sin.!" it ���! by one another, these
men will balance themselvea in a
or'i7v Vim! if pyratnid riciog 15 or 2ii
f,'"t fr nu the ground, and on" "l
their number will ih"ii climb lh
living -pyramid wltb a heavy weigh! i,.; pt,tratlnR one of hlB Jokcs ���_.��� h, ���
TtabiM  not  vet  able  lo  walk    are ��L*ttonUra ""u'm'r to a" thBt ,akeB
often seen belnj mnde use of in th. |    Ane ...l(I Mo}.a
pistol. Conn, however, creeps within sight of the pursuing peasants direct! d by Duff and when two rifle
shot are directed at him lie fails sup-
posely dead, while Robert makeB his
ll   is commonly believed  that Conn
.   | has been killed and wake is held.    But
.  , ,'.r i the ernfty Shaughraun is merely per-
ugni in jpetrattng one of his jokes and
   duntferuiis manner during tli-ge
performances,    Kajnhs   uinl   rich    Indians nr.' very fond <-f tits ocruhatlc
dl��p ays, .'md engage Hi ������ l" si of tb
men to perform before tli ir guests at
Hairdresser Finds Time   to   Inctltutoi
Library for   Doys  of   Her  Own
Wimton's   Joke.
Tli" Firal Lord ot thc Admiralty
wi.s apprised that n very dear frieii 1
wns down with nppendicltU. Mr.
Churchill was nl" nt to write ii note
of .lynioiitby for d apatoh by messenger tralghtsway, when word came
that tbe allack bud proved to be ono
of a 'ite Indig stiou only,
tli-'at'v relieved, the "ruler of tho
King's Navee" worded hit latter thus:
"Dear ���  . 1 am very sorry t" learn
lhal   yell   are  iii;  that   the  trouble   is
w Hi the tab1.* of contents rather than
wilii the appendix."
Mr, Churchill's friend, who dabbled
in literature, limply rour d on reading
this, mul having been properly do����il
! up by Ills doctor was quickly all rlghl
��� attain.
  ���  ... the sweethearts of
Robert   and   Conn,   lire  the   only   w.'t-
nesses of the shooting of the Bhangh-
rami and they are kidnapped  by  Kinchela.
Robert learns that the Fenian prisoners are to be pardoiu il and lie returns home, only to find that his
sweetheart has disappeared. Meanwhile Klnchela removes the girls thai
that they may he placed on board a
lugger and spirited out or the country.
When the ceremony of the wake ia ,
���'oneluded the pexiple determine to locale lhe missing girls and a thorough
search   Is   made      Conn,    through    S
subterfuge, conns to llii   rescue once
vf$omL house
HARRY  TIDY.  Manager.
\ Brand New Shew Thla Year,
The Big Laughing Musical
The Children Want to See    the
Funny Fellow.
Seals   00   sale   now   al   Tidy,
the florist's. 7HH  Columbia    St.
Phone i. im.
Complete in three parts, as played by the author.
Dion Bouclcault
With the beautiful scenery' cf tlv. Emerald Isle as a backgroo.!S
giving the correci  atmosphere to  Boucicault's masterpiece,
lt is with very great pleasure we present this delightful Irish
drama with Its picturesque set ings, rovel and quaint situations and
faithfulness of de-ail. The gr n; Popularity of Boucicault plays is
well known to all eld theatre: oers. In our Interpretation of the
Uoucicuult masterpiece the stoiy is told so well by the actcrs that
one enters  thoroughly  into the spirit of the play.
A  Genuine  Irlih  Drama  Produced  Amid Genuine  Irish  Surroundings.
Great Au'k'i Errs Dewn.
price of egps if the (Ireiit Auk  [|
Sacred Music.
All down the ages niiin haR voiced
In music, the feeling too subtle anil
too Intense for mere words. To real
Izo the antiquity of sacred music, we
may recall lhe words of St. Pflttl In
hla Bplstla to the Kplieslans direct
Ing them In "Speaking to themselves
In psiilniH, hymns and spiritual cantl-
lies, singing and making melody In
your heartB to the Lord "
-   ���.   -  ...   nil,,,,   A
In a letter to Pliny A.D. UO to nn
,��� pern we l"""i Of ��'> cslut.llahed
e Btom of "Christians aa meeting on
f x��l dayB before daybreak nnd ling-
St Augustine, Kin., March 10.--A
young colored woman, Mary Carter
l.angstou, has established for herself
a successful halrd reusing business
Ilere,  but  she  finds  time  also   to  do
philanthropic work among people  of
her own race.
Her luteBt enterprise is a library
for Iho colon d boyw of the town. She
spends three night a week at the 11*
bury, In n room In Temperance Hall.
She conceived thn plan latt year,
and on Christmas the little library wur
formally opened. Al the start 60 hoys
were enrolled ub members. She hns n
double interest' In the work, because
aside from her desire to do good she
Is herself a student and has written
poetry, Some of Iter forefathers were
Seminole Indians,
lier efforts to encourage her people to Improve their minds are due
to the fact that Blie reallr.es that as
education is not compulsory In Flor-
Ldt many colored boys nre growing up
In Ignorance.
During the summer, which she spent
at her trade In a fashionable resort
she enlisted her Customers In her enterprise, and accumulated hooks and
magazine subscriptions. These formed the foundation for the library.
The women of St. Augustine who
have charge of the Free Publlo library for white people are heplng bor.
Mnny,of the boys who use the library
are cnddleB, flower podlers or messengers.
despite   tlieir  senrcitj ��� there  arc  but
73 in exUtenoc, and th* Greal Auk I*
extinct���tb going down along wub thut
ol lb' biirnyiinl product. Two tirun
Auk'.- eggs were reotfltly so d ill l.oii
don.    Otic   went   Inr   nl'xiut   (800   nnd
th" other bn id guineas   1 -ss.  The
first one wns Bn'.el in "SIM Ior considerably .ver $000.
T'.ie best price record ever made bj
an Ank egg appeari to hsve been In
lPfti by one belonging to Sir J. H.
Qrevllfe Smyth, uud now In the
Hri-tnl Museum. Sonic fanatic paid
tl.12*"' for it.
Longest S.rnight Railroad.
Thc louj; st stretch oi i.i. ...iv in
tho world without n curve is In New
Zealand, where there ll a line ol railway, a nurt ot which stretches for a
[('.stance of ISO miles In a perfectly
���straight line, This fact is remarkable
when it is taken into consideration
Hint New /.calami is one of the most
dilllcult countries in the world for
railw construction, ua it is very
mountainous, necessitating sharp
curves and very heavy grades.
= Y. W. C. A. =
Approve the World's Greatest Motion Picture
.-.  BY .-. *
Miss Frances Haeniftcir       j
"Killarney"        "My Home O'er the Sea"
The Edison Orchestra will play special music for thc
Kalem Feature
A fortnight's adjournment was decided up on at the resumed Inquest at
Southhourni', Sussex, on Mrs. Dorothea Aslbury, wife of a solicitor, who
died suddenly,    With two of hor chll-
idren Bhe became suddenly ill, all three
developing n rush on the body which
I could not bo accounted for.
The story of the most wonderful book ever written,
with the exception of the Bible
50 Scenes ��� Over 100 Actors
  In 4 Parts 	
To be exhibited in Westminster for Three Days Only
��� *
A  101   Bison Feature  Film   In Two  Reels.
"The Cabby and the Demon"
Majestic Comedy
"A Guilty Conscience"
Thanhouser   Drama
"The Poor Boob and the
I Punch Comady .,        :-**   ���***>
MONDAY, MARCH 17, 1911
Sisters' Noble Work
At The Orphanage
Providence and  Self  Sacrifice Guard
Lives   of   Little   Helpless
...,   __       .       of ihe institution.
The sisters have a  finely
laundry, for they do all their own work
in that line, aided by the elder girlH.
|   Plre-quenchlng apparatus on   each I
of tho four landings in the   building,
I are evcry-rendy in case   of outbreak,
and the children are drilled to act ini
'  " calamity, with ���
Dormitories, scrupulously clean
with lavatories, equipped with lockers for each individual's toilet acces
sories, also form  part
^^^ ,     ..,,. _,���,_.,...    _ furnished
No nobler work than that conducted
by the eight Sisters of Charity in the
Providence Orphanage could surely
appeal to the generosity of the charitable.
Kor thirteen years these self-sacrl-
ricinR ladies have devoted their lives 1 ^ p0B8lblUty Ot BUCh
to the feeding, clothlne and educating i a view to u...ir Bafe ..Rre88
ot   orphans,   deserted    or    neglected, Are   Very Grateful
children, throughout the province, ir- i u is _.0, oft;,n ���..,. ,lle much-abused
respective of the petty distinctions of B c Klcctric company are praised
cr.-��d or ritual There are 30 I'rotest-, ror ,)nUanUlropy, but Sister Dolores,
ant children within ita walls. |   ll0 ,a ht>ad ���. thc orplmnaBO, ls very
No endowment or revenue save that: gra,cfu, to lht. company for kindness
���collected by the undefatlgable sisters, [ Bhown in m w in aS3isUnK their
���n their itlneranee over British Col-; work The com,)allJ. delivers all their
umbia from the kindly disposed, sup- ��� freight> (ree, wUhin lhe KaU,B of the
port the orphanage.   The Bisters built,h an[, BUppileg passes to the sis-
the present fine   building  on Twelfth | terg ovcr thoir system
street in 1900. and have since  main-l    Thfi r lh t operatM the
tamed it and its helpless littlei inmates  d     pn(.incB lB pr00Ured from the B.C
without fee or reward, or indeed any UieCtrlc Company and the    ' '	
desire of any. except the consciou-:
ness of the performance of God's
103 Boys and Girls.
At. present the institution contains
10" boys und girlB, in nearly equal
���proportions, the ages of the children
ranging from two and a half to thirteen in the case of boys, and fifteen in
thc case of girls.
A visitor to the orphanage,
In school hours or   in play
chair. llr. Neely, of Humboldt, was |
on his feet, whereas there was a
loud chorus of "Order" from the government benches, and Dr. Neeley'B remarks were drowned In the noise.
Then Dr. l\\tley stepped out from
^^^^^^^^^m^*m^^^mmm^mm^mmmmmmm  his  seat  and  uuite  angrily   appealed
 i to the chairman to give Dr. Neely a
hearing.    The  member  for  St.  John
Man Alleged to 3s Implicated in Rob- Was  plainly  ruifled.    Practically     all
tlie  the. Liberals rose   to  their
Dr. Clark then proceeded:    "There to say tbat what 1 did was done with
Ib only one place where the authority extreme regret, but under the5 clrcuin-
of the chair is being delicti nml that stance it wub the only    course    lett ,
is on the other side   of the    house,  open to me.    ThiB rule ls clear nnd |
Willi all  respect,  Mr. Speaker, 1  ask  plain that when n speaker nets up
under what rule you lake the chair
bery cf Dank cf Montreal  Will
Arrive This Morning.
struck by the happy, well-fed, well-
��;iad appearance of the children. At
their games they seem little concern-
id With their bereaved condition, the
11 j. engaging with gusto In football or
iacrcrse, Ihe girls ln swings, Bklpplng
ropes and the many little feminine
pastimes familiar to childhood
The building accommodation Is quite
inadequate to meet the demands of
applicants tor admission; an additional
wing i- urgently required, but lack
���of funds, alas! negatives its immediate cooU tnplatlon. All of the chil-
<!rin are not fatherless und motherless both, fer sometimes the father
dies and the mother, unable lo maintain her children, seeks the kindly
���rare of the Bisters fer her little ernes,
in her distress, or it may be that the
DiOther pusses away and the father,
unable to work and look after the
-chiklriin, applies for their admission,
promising to contribute towards their
support a promise sometimes forgotten.
Willing   But  Unable.
Only last week a father, with seven
-Children of tender years, made such an
application, but the sisters, despite
lluir willingness, were unable lo take
in more than two.
The education of the children is
similar to that in an ordinary school
from the kindergarten to the uppef
elementary classes, with the addition
of tuition In domestic work for thc
Kirls, while the bigger boya help in
wood cutiing, gardening etc., according to their capabilities. Both sexes
have their recreation room for indoor
games In Inch ment weather, and a
nicely furnished library suitable to
thiir youth Is provided.
e B.C.
Bisters re-
grit that they are compelled hy the
city's ordinances to use the latter's
power for their electric ironing, an ex-
pense which could be avoided if they
were permitted to use the company's
peva r.
if the building were cn the llurna-
ly side of Ibe boundary   it would  be
otherwise.   Once a year the company
| provides free transit tor the children's
whether j_.jp ,,, Vancouver.   Mr. Clover's num."
'"no, lf31 is mentioned with an everthankful ap
.lames J, Macnamara, alias "Australian Mac," will probably arrive in
tlie city this morning on the tlrst
train in from West minster Junction,
in ohnr-te cf two Pinkerton detectives epithets,
and will appear before Magistrate Ed-
mends on Tuesday morning charged
with stealing an automobile belonging
to Mr. T. J. Trapp.
it is alleged that the prisoner was
implicated   in    the   robbery   of   the
Hank of Montreal In tills city on the
evening of September 14, lull, when
over $870,000 was stolen.    Whether it
will be possible to connect him with
this charge, however, is not known.
i     Macnamara was    arrested    ln New-
York at the same time as was Charles
Dean in l.os Angeles, 15 months ago,
taking his case from the lower courts
to  the   United   States  supreme
in an effort, to defeat the ord
tradition sought by the Canadian authorities.
Willi thc arrival of the much wanted man in this city will ond one of
thu most stubborn fights for freedom
ever gone through in extradition proceedings. Since the time of hla ar-
t be has been held in the famous
..���   feet I
ami ��� joirtcd in tha concerted yell
"Free speech," "Free speech." Dr.
Pugsley still remained gesticulating In
front of the chairman r.nd trying to
force the recognition of his appeal to
Mr. Robldau-t. Prom the Conservative
side can.e cries "Order," "Hebels."
"Sit    down,"    "Shameful,"    "Rattle**-
\ howling mob" and   other
Mr. Speaker:    "If 1 understand the
honorable member correctly, he asm
under what rule 1 have taken 'tin
chair, it is under llie. rule which
says thai whenever any unusual dls
tiii'bance occurs In the house or ir
oommlttee of the whole the speaker
I may take the chair at any time in
; order to get the house under control.
I have dune sn."
"What  is the rule ?"
Ir. Borden got a hear-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ it
is the duty ef honorable members to
sit down. Although I repeated the
call for order over und over again the
honorable gentleman refusi d to Bit
down and I was obliged to do what 1
did. But 1 frankly sny tl-.ut 1 acoepi
with great pleasure IJe withdrawal
nnd apology."
Mr. Bureau:
At this point	
"I am very sorry," said he, 'thai
ths honorable members on the other
\ U Knowles of Moose Jaw, rosejslde of the house have seen fit to give
and'addressed a question to Mr. Uor-la very painful exhibition indeed."
it to be greeted with cat calls I "i trust that my honorable friend
and' cries of "Sit down," etc., from > frcm Hod Deer," ii ��� continued, "who
the right hand side of the speaker.! is not only a very
Dr   Neely again made an effort to get i man cf this house
a question answered by tho speaker,     [man, will "
"Order,   order,   order!"    emphasized |    Mr.    I.emicux:
the  speaker    who    went    ou  to  say I spected."
when he could be heard, "1 requested |    Mr. Borden:
the chairman to rule on this point and  an amendment
 -'���* "   Ing due apologies
n and  setiHilile
also a gentle-
ry    highly    re
of ex-
In the summer time, the children,
who have no home vacation  to look
fully   forward    to,   disport    tliem-
selves  in  tlie grove  adjacent   to
orchard,    Improvising    little    picnics
amongst  the trees, and  emulating  in
their play the "Swiss Family
In miniature pioneer work.
Lr.bor of Love.
Ar, an  Illustration   of the   untiring
and  heroic efforts cf the sisters   in
gathering  funds  for  the   upkeep   of
ilhis  noblo  Institution,  the  fact   that
| they were able lust year to spend $20,-
340on  llicir little charces Is eloquent
iof their labor.
Taxation, however, is a heavy drain
upon their resources. They were
i called upon to pay $2^00 to the city's
treasury last year, mainly due to the
local Improvement taxes. Light and
'water are other two items which loom
largely on the expenditure ride of the
orphanage acccunts.
Tliere is a mortgage of $16,000 upon
the buildings and ground, and the interest is to he raisid this year from
5 to ti per cent.
Still, the sisters are cheerful, looking forward to the labors of the year
with that devout faith in Cod's providence which no rebuff can shake and
which is so nptly embodied In the
name of the Providence Orphanage.
To turn out those entrusted to their
mntlii rly care, good men und women
and good citizens is the only reward
on this earth ihe brave sisters seek.
To aid In that, in hotusver small a
way. is surely worthy of the thoughts
of the people of British Columbia nnd
New Westmlnrter in particular for
their work is visible in their midst
re       _ 	
Toombs prison in New York.
The arrest of Macnamara at the
same time as Charles Dean, althougb
separated by the wide expanse of thc
American continent was regarded in
aollce circles rs a coup d'etat, bnth
men having been trailed for weeks
until sufficient evidence had been
prepared against the men when the ,
ran was bprung.
Should Macnamara be committed
for trial by Magistrate Edmonds both
iie and Dean will probably be tried
at the coming assize court.
Two other men are being held in
custody in lhe United States, these
being Martin Powell and John Montague,
Powell was arrested in Detroit last
iimnur and is taking his case to the
highest court against being extradited, Montague was arrested in St.
Louis only a few weeks ago, and
while nothing definite has been heard
of his connection with the robbery,
Bertlllon proofi showing that he was
cue of tile men who beat up Pedice
Lieutenant Burns in a Chicago saloon
last year while Hums was attempting
to arrest two men suspected of having Bunk of Montreal hilU in their
possession are In the possession of
Ihe authorities.
Wi!d Scenes of
Disorder in
(Continued from page onei
Im   fun-Jay   Observed   Ycstercliy-
Triunph, Good  Friday Suffering
and Easter Victory.
; I    ,i
Iii lhe churches of Ibis city and
Utnouglioul Christendom the observ-
ance of Palm Sunday   ushers   In   a ;
iniS   'I   solemn   ceremonials,   to     bo
kepi wiih fasting und prayer, excepl
thnt Hibernians will be glvon a little
leeway today for the proper cil.'bra-
tinn if SL Patrick's Day. Tbo prln
clpal events of the week will oi iupj
the lasl three days, Maundy Thura
��� in. Oi i d Friday und Holy S itui da; .
- i llowi *i by tho fi.. .,..: i .
.'*. I   ier.
Palm   Sui *i,!.i   ci mini ro rati i   thi
entry ol Ji bi b n  i Ji ru
i ides    of   Uu     i   . ,*:���
n*e to the I i asl i i    ihi
t'm, u     r lock   In inches i .  i lie  paini
I     . I    : .li    lu    nil i t
origin  ol   the  n  in
i        ,,.,      i Jerusalem   .        u
"the    roadwaj
with 1      ���   *     ei i ry mi uth 11
.*. Il i .ie i unalh ii i iii.il    i    .
nd | i    . * . . ���  .i i      ii   -
,  d very | ��������� pie I ;
i liiiii.* d  i        clamor foi      ��� ���  i'   .
i    usult  I Im,  :i   i   i
, lis d ��� ��� ading    ib i.ii    i. Ill)    Bund.i
i i ��� , , ui ph."
I      H   laugh!   I ���   '
from lhe   triumph   i f Palm
ind  tin   pas   on of
linen   \,i 11   i ,| r.'.u.i d ^^^^^^^^^^
Inn] lagi
��� Bi i u   thus  pass  away   tho  ; '
, i ii"* *   ' Id, Its Joys, ita i ���
ovi n llfn Itsi If,    Ti'diii  ni  i ,'
Ol  greatness,  tomorrow  in its ��� !���  *,
iiliiu.iiii' ni.  bul yesterday the Id I ol
a nation, today the object pf II i hati
now surrounded with prosperity, and,
yei ii little while, borne down by mis
fortune, one day
and the
Tin IS
���curly n
sis now
both >
Offloll nr Hi* I
tin ies l iniiilr'
in  lhe
���-.-....   ,, I, n relies   uinuuuw
The social gathering under the auspices of the WeBl Coqultlam Conser
vatlve club held In the Burqultlam Ag
ricultural hall lasl Wednesday evening proved Buch an unqualified success that it was unanimously resolved
to bold tin in mnn frequently than at
first intended.
'I here were 50 persons present and
with muBlc, dancing and card playing,
with a pleasanl interlude for refreshments, passed an exceedingly happy
cvi ning.
the committee to rule at om
question   before   him   wtthou
Ing  with '
district   in
vi,:. I.,,    Lai I  iveek
I held   iiii i tings and
for lhe time was lost in the whirlwind of noise and cat calls. Ile per-1
sisted, however, to call for order de-i
mandlng that the members take their
seats and directing the chairman of
once on the
ut further
tion. in time nearly all the mem-
le is resumed tbelr seats, although
tbe noise was but slightly abated
Standing in his place, his voice audible above the uproar, although his
svords* were almost lost in the confusion, was Dr. Michael Clark of Hi d
Di' r. ln his place of authority, with a
voice piercing and strident Mr. Speaker Sproule commanded silence.
"I will name yon," Dr. Clark," he
shouted, "for open defiance of Ihe
rules of the house."
Painful  Scene.
"Name us all," came a chorus from
lh"   Liberal   benches.
Ii looked for the moment as though
an appeal might be made to physical
violence, ai thai moment Premier
Borden rose nnd the uproar subsided.
lie opened   Willi   ll  eel,!   nee   in   which
ic oxpri si id  ri cn i  nt  what  he described as the painful bci ne caused by
nd I iinsi rvatlvi s are vie j
u ii other in Mllliardvllle I
reglsti ring   p irliamentarj
���"*������' ' !::,:l '��� ���"""���   opposition members
placed large num-|    immediately tin re were signs of an
having done so, tke debate is closed.
"Will vou hear no discussion ?" ntrtt- !
ed Dr. Pugsley, who, by this time had
returned to his seat. Before the next
remarks of the speaker could be heard
there were cries of "No," "No" from
the Conservatives and "Yes," "Yes,"
from  the Liberals.
"Free Bpeech. (live us free speech,"
shouted lion. Mr. Lemlpux and Hon.
Dr. Belaud in unison.
"1 say the question is closed and
has been discussed far beyond the
usual limits," said the speaker.
Tlie harangue promised to become
even more interesling for the ministerial members who repeated their
cries of "Order."
"Sit  down,"    "It  is closed."   yelled
the Conservatives, while the Liberals,
I'd by   Dr.   Pugsley,   loudly
on the rij-ht to free speech.
Crowded Gallery.
The crowds of people in the gallery
were intensely    Interested    and    pre-
pnn d lo sec almost, anything happen
"1 want lo ask a question nnd that1
is. can there be any discussion after
yi u bave ruled on the point of order?"
asked Mr. Vervllle.
Mr. Speaker;    "No, yeu cannot discuss It."
"i will not submit lo that," declared
Mr. Vervllle.
The noise again rose to a deafening
"Order, order," repeated tho speaker, but little attempt was made by
members to respect the chair.
"You have misunderstood the ques-
tion of Ibe honorable member for
Maissoneauve," shouted lion. Dr.
Speaker Sproule, however, declared
to the contrary, fer he said he had
'asked Mr. Ilobideanx to give a ruling
and therefore the debate1 was closed
"1 want the ruling of the chair and
' then you r::n appeal to the house,"
lie said.
i At Ibis point Dr, Clark jumped lo
his test, to I," greeted with loud applause by the Liberals and a volley
ef loud requests from tho Conservatives  to "sit  down."
"Order, order,    order,"    urged
"I rise to ask       " began Dr
"Order," Baid   the  speaker."
Dr. Clark proceeded to sddrofli n
question tn the speaker. "So sur�� ns
iniv member of this hens" openly defies the ruling of the cha'r, 1 Bhall
name him." said the speaker.
Undaunted, Dr, Clark attempi
Bubmlt liis question to the sp
and the nn!��" that followed
i quailed In volume onlv by that which
one hears In a boiler factory. The
chairman ochoed and re-echoed while
all kinds of parliamentary epithets
e::changed by the members of both
sides  of   the   house.     Meanwhile   the
speaker   was   appealing   for   order,
Finding his appeals ignored, he turn
id in the member for lied D"'>r and
snld:    "Dr. (Turk. I name you."
Dr, Clark Btill persisted In
sire to nsk tlie sneaker i
Remained on His Feet,
r Sproule nt'ler be succeeded
some semblance of order
Clark. 1 name you as nctin '
iiml  flagrant  violation of
"W '.I see tit to make
to his conduct by mak
  tiie chair which
under the circumstances,    would    be
the best, way."
At this point Di. Pugsley moved
the adjournment, of lhe bouse, but Mr
Borden was not through with his
"I hope,"  said    Mr,    Borden,    "my
honorable friend  finm  Hed  Deer wll
hn good enough to lak" into   his ser'
mis   consideration   the   suggestion 1
have made to him, and which I maki
in   very   good   purl,   indeed,   knowing
that he acted  under temporary    r"
cilement, and I think tbat lie himself
will be the first ta regret having participated   In   an   unusual  way   in   anj
disorder in the liouse."
Dr. Clark.
After a moment's pause Dr. Clark ;
Insisted  replied: "Mr. Speaker, I have not the j
slightest conception--and   1   am   glad
that silence enables me to speak ii ;
my ordinary  tone.    I    had    nol     thi ,
slightest  conception by the llr Bl   see:
dices that he uttered that the prlmi
minister was n ti mm.: to me.
"if 1 raised my voice to double its I
ordinary pitch ii was because it wa
absolutely m cessary.   I do nol knov
what  uiy  offi nco  was  v. ben  I  aslti i
for directions of the -'i i aki r as to t!:
rule under which he was prcc  ��� 1 :
That rule has not yel  been  red    i
me.    If I  have said n  word  that  cai
be calculated to be of offence to a;i>
one I shall be the lirst to withdraw :'
���| wius seeking for Information am
I was looking to you. sir. as a prlvati
member of the liouse tor your guld
ance and  your  protection.    If then
be something I bine to withdraw, II
I bave io do anything to re-establ -'
myself in tln>   good opinion   of   Ihi
prime  minister,  or  if,  for any   otlu I
reason 1 have the greal pleasure   it
making anv  acknowledgement   whlcl
lie desires me to make In order to In
regarded as a gentleman by him."
Aa sion as Dr. Clark sat down Mr
Borden took the floor.
*    "1 would  like," he said, "to brln
tbis matter to a frank understandlni
with my friend from Hed Deer.    Thi
reason   that   be   was  named   ''
Bpeaker was, I think,   that
standing when the spoakei
Ing and calling for order.
Clark.  n1(, honorable gentleman
rules of the  house, would
Liken   his  seat  and  that
Automobile Accidents In Pirie
Accidents due to automobiles are I
becoming more frequent in Paris, ow-
ing lo the development of the "taxi-
auto" cab and autobus. The official
figures for last July show a total of
170 accidents during the month, of
which the taxlcabs are responsible
for 5!l accidents,  with 2 deaths.
For the autobus there are 13 accidents with but one death. The tram-
��� waj'B figure for 20 (G deaths) and private automobiles make up the remaln-
Ider. It will thus appe.ar that the autobus Is not responsible for as. many
acoldenta aa might bo thought
the complaints made by the public ap
pear to be unfounded.
Mr. Martin Monk's fish collecting
boat Salmon Queen, arrived in New
Westminster from up river polntB on
Saturday evening with about half a
ton of fish. The fish were collected
from Silverdale, eight miles below
Mission bridge and other points down
There has been very little fishing
during the past week at the mouth
of the Fraser ub the great majority
of fishermen wait until alter March
15   to  begin   operations.
Mr. Monk'B boat made a trip down
river last week and returned with a
solitary Bteel head\, weighing eight
This   week   the   fishing   for  spring
!salmon  Is expeoted  to commence ia
and ! earnest.
Seals are reported plentiful at the
mouth of the river.
?    ?    ?   HAVE YUU SEEN    ?    ?
Our assortment of Hoyal Victoria China consisting of
Cocoa and Tea Sets, on display in our window.
We are in a position to furnish your home from cellar lo attic,
simply you with Stains and Varnish, ull kinds Garden Tools, etc., etc.,
and our prices defy com petition.
Let ns show you our Linoleum and Floor Oila, our patterns are
Beleoted with care, and we hurdle only the latest styles appropriate
for thc different rooni3 of the liouse.
.   C. N. Edmonson & Co., Cor 6th Ave. and 12th Street
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656
���>3 Sixth Street
I'res  and Oenl.
.  I.I.AltDSLEB,
Sec. aid Trees.
1 to
in getting
Bald: "Dr.
in absolute
by    thi
he   wai
was stand
rhe duty oi
under the
be to havi
^^^^^^^^ this is ilu
ease to which I direct lii:
However, l understand hi
makes amendment and 1 trust you
sir. under the circumstances may sei
fit to withdraw whal has been dbni
in naming the honorable gentleman
and we may regard the Incident n
"I was asked," staled the sneaker
in following up the suggestion maib
by Mr. Borden, "by the member foi
lted Deer, if I would read a clause I
ls as follows: ln case of grave iiii
order in the house, the speaker may
if Iie thinks it necessary lo do so. ad
journ the house without question pu
i-v suspend anv sitting fer a time t<
bo named bv him."
Extreme   Rrqret.
"I am  limiting  English  rule No,  18
but ours is exactly the same.    I  y.isl
Tir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. 7 snd 877.
bars mi tin   regUti r.
f'artii-'j cf the V.'aye.
The municipality of Coqultlam
como i.i tin   parting of the v tya
1 a,. ii .      ; in h   26,   ��In*"   tlio   final
ii.   ting of tin  present council will bi
n. Id ai i I ��� nc iiTiii thi  dlvitlco
e palltj      II!   : ���*   govi rni d   bj   ui ban
and  rue* I ccuil
The  hlttorlc even!   ivlll  be ma -
by  i 'ni.'i*:* : ii. ilu  . .  nl .**   * ��� n al
foi m ii    ��� ���.  .  .'I   ��� i .* II  i       * well
tlil.lpal   O'.tl i.e.*   in*. Hi
��� pi :, .it  coun   I
I   lu
Port C-jquiH ll
No op       lion haB, i     ���  i*   i        '   '
iii -    pi    ..i     Coijultlum     inutile p il
council li      fro    I ���   i   * qti cl
ly Hi   '  ���   ��� ndminli tral. in ol lie* l'It;
i  i    rt Coqultli        vitb tin   i-xi   plion
nf Con Vl  In ��� ��������� ������������ i
date    for    llin  dl   i cl   i   u *
���   ���
".cod   i i ���'   ���
In the f .1
Iti     -   .
pri i. I
i' li     oaii'lltlati
f ��� vacanl  :   a!
lull of life and -. Igor,
next consigned to tho tomb "
is evidence Unit  Ilu   feast  of
nis observed  In  lhe   Eai'   ai
Ilu*   liftli   century,   but     lhe
nn utiiin of u procession Buck
takes place on Palm s indny
i    the    Ureal:    and    Iti in
i is in be found In an <li i
nth cenliiry,     Foi   ci ll
..a  in   Palm! i, ne   Palm
hl'.s  been oharactorl'-ii I   e
ceremony whloh takes place
church nt the beginning uf tha
iiiBM of the day.
in noinc churches branohes of pnim
antl iillve, held  lo symbollll
of death" and  "com
unction," are blesH
the clergy
Opirltcd   Conte.:t.
i:    i -.    idltatlon polnta to a i pic
did ci nti  i in,* im  i   .*��� i 'nei 11
irici   council  board     Then     * ���   two
"H i*!i:i ii     111 the tl   Id li r lh ��� r i    I
ship, Mi. sn   I.. 1:   Man lonl and l'i ii ,
The aspirants for counclll i ��� -.<��� p ������ i
i ni   nre Councillor  ll. J   C    v
a   ineiiili' :��� of  ii- *   present   i    llviiled
board,    12     \     Atk i   .  Wcsl nlni tei
Junction, :i  tormi ���   novo nl   ilie mu
nlclpallty, It, Mi unci    ��� fornu r coun
<illcir.  i:   Martin,  Not th road   *i   I * *
yaar'i    * Chi i i   trui ti e   of   i nou ll:i:n
i. I'.  Pari Ingtoh, '������'��� ��� i i 'ci ��� '' * i. '���'���
Whltli      liin      ;���:        'i  . *   I-  rqu i
lam  In rtlcuLtmil    fai .**.
i     , i l       i routl
Oilier nami     ' ���  *   I   tn  '    r.tlant ti
but    ii"    di  inlti    tnni uni i
In > :: inn I
over th''  prince
��� nr Ot B  spiritual
,-t and  distributed among
���d iiity    TWi i�� followed by s, J>��
,��� slon, after which mass Is Haiti.
Knockout Brown Cclo Cr.iw.
I  Angoloa  March 10,   In one   i (
tin* Berci si lightweight Bglits 11 ir
Been In lhe Vernon menu, lind Ambr
son, of Vancouver, Wash,, and Knockout Urown. ol New York, battled l'i
a draw this afternoon, Both hoys
look groat punishment,
uproar bul  the prime    minister
ceedi d io mollify bis opponents
upon   liis  suggestion   Dr.  Clark  rose
, and Btated that he had mi rely ai ked
*'   by whal rule or authority the speaker
had nib' a |i : bi bi li :. ��� I the chair and
that li" iiit' i.i'i-ii im dlsn Bpecl to tb-s
Upon ibis  Mr   Bi rd n    asked    tho
pedker  to    vil  '*;      cbni uri .
hich waa rt' ne m * rd nely,
"Put HI ��� Oul "
A hour Inter am ther i  ��� ne i ���   'imd
ii *    -,   *,i|*   |1     ������   *.*   *   n,   i if el, Ur ; nil
William  Martin  w-i ���   I ���
1 '   i* ei:. r ��� ii  lii ;   ��� i did  form i I
���ln��in    ���   il been i   rd Tbli    vai   i
|i i I   in    b)    Mr    111  li .    v Im   il
-1                   * t be wl ti
nlin i he would noi
laki   I   ck ii . i itenu tit which wn    pi
l    ��� I   'in, Bl   l*V  i"*'l   ,'"!'    ������      He  Ddil
i'd   '' i'e   i:   ml ��� *    ��� * *       i      o h id
i " i "   'i ley n mark hi  i il r
�� :i dn w, l m di flantlj ������ i llm tl l i
ivli * ���* hla r ��� ce to closure u *.
b - nithorll y for i uch n ruling ��� ��� i '
i ������ 11 duci d Ci u i rvatlvoa c tiled
"Pul htm oui " ihe l.1 tn rd ; rotortln ���.
I J   : 111 iili'r.i, "Tl i   " "
Am i' ��� r : c, ue of confusion followed
ie*1 .'; i i' ���    pi aker look the ohilr,
i   ��� *iie  I  Mr, iii:''" and cun m nl
i I Martin to withdraw,   Mr   Vl n
Hn ri i������. .. i* * i d in .'������ * ������    .'��������� tin for.
lie-   ���   i III i" , i I   '  and   i "��� I* *     ::u* i|
i *���   Mr   Mortln.  it h!le al si lul
tlecltnl|i��   to  withdraw.  said   thf-l   '"
b n'l   n 'i   ii* i d   in    word  ol   n
nud the matti r w , ���    tli v   d to drop
Thi n i n the : ill ;���   ' li 'i "* tb" i iu*
��� .*������    ign cd th '��� "i * cn nuiit
'     *     '   1     I I    '* '��� I'      ���  ' i
i ���    r .'"l        nt t'i I cf fret tint fi,.
'    mi   ���   rub   ' i'i *    ���-*.(.'*
��� ���   ��� i .. 11 I   '
Mr Ci hn -.       ** e * ' i'
i rnmi nl h id rti idi ���*��� I taki In I i'j In
In  ei i n ���  the  oppoi II Ion
lie did nui iie-'i'i 11 uny compromli ������
Inn eiu.-. tl v.Ith the hope lh ii on Mnn
day ib" member" would be In bptti r
humor and In Jusl as good fighting
Started at 9 o'clock.
'Ibe uproar Started after ',i o'clock
when Mr, llobldnux rose to give his
ruling on the motion Ihat he leave lhe
the rules of ibis house." Rven thla
did not seem to worry Dr, Clark, f r
he remained <"i  hla feet.
Members on both sides of the liouse,
expected to see the sergeanl al arma
receive Instructions from tha speaker
io remove Dr. Clark from the cham
lier. The Bergeanl evldi ntly expected
to be called on to perform ibis un-
I*: ini duty i u he n ie fn m bis
ever imd s'i'i'j.cii on 'o the floor of
the luiiise. Ther ��� was n tense moment
:n d then  Dr,  ( l irk  pr icded:   "Mr,
s ��� i' ��� r, v ben i * ��� u t was far frcm
in purpi ��������� i :* ��� ��� ih in ci ntravei ���
ihe r-hfl i f tho 1   ���* ie. ] -i  but   rose
tl    :,        B   qill    '      I
��� i'i, .     n "d    I  m,"
��� ill il   gn        ni   '    ma   *   rs,    while
I Ib'irals ba      tl tb Ir u* ,ehe-
, , iip
I up in   I lo thc i hair," Bhouti d ' r
Something That You
Never Seen Nor
Even  Heard  cf
Phono 473 Beach St., Lulu Island.
h. Mccormick
Phone 927.      Suit 19. B. C. E. Ft.  Depot, New Westminster
B   C.
Ladies and gentlemen's tailoring,
which to select your Easter Suit.
Kighth St.
A fine .-tuck frum
Dunsmuir Block.
ii *i
Parisian N
thin yoar
l nt Hu   mu nal wot lost  In the
���    . ���   ' -i* ���   ��� ,.i|   Bhoul *    i  *
nl ���   fn e ��������� ei eh. eto,
lb    Dr     ii    ,   wag    able    to
ii |( hi '  I   and  coi   Intietl
**    .:  ���  i'i i **,   I    .i '���,!,   ii'nii ly   lo   :i   '
* * *��� ni    nla    ��� ou    i'i"    in
"Vi i* "
'   ilu the l hn h *  ti rtb
���i    iker    .  ���   i' ily    aalb ���!
"I   'i nnl   vi nr   I"       "   i"   ii���;:*.*, ��� '*
i; II Btll :���."   rt*��� ' i!   i "    I il ir'n.
Tho speaker In * niwer Bald
he ac iiln il hi*-*, authorltv from
ml. a i r Ihe htn-.i.*. i'i
in iho i ftool that v.lune'.er men bi .*
��� bi thi i nl iu- i [ 'ii
by wilfully obstructlim lhe html
'��� *'��� hoin * i'"' ii' r er ii.i-i uu
thi i Ity in name n ������ ��������� iber and al * ��� i
eltod limnlttol
��� ha *
in Iv.ri ; ������ il  I
n    little      .
present nr rather a mart ur courtoo
to friends and n IntlvoB.   Its valuo a
;i ti ken 1 i ; nu . ui ilu* in.vi ' Idi
than in il e i i ��� * .ii' artloli, II I
ai ranged bo luii can bo bi nt, i*.
liin* a posti ird, tor a c ml cr tv . |
nn*; i lire in i :'ii ida or tin I
itatee l lie ond irli Idea ;'i'
Ib Hi" embeddi d h nl]   ub cn
ii    hll ���* nil  i . In  I'uii',  i ��� '���  "i
: .;. hi.iu i in iii*   ������ us, inj a In    :
l ; hi,  after  you   had  It expi     i
duyllghl  for    .i    i***v    mlnuloB.    Tli
irlci   la  mi  low  tin i  anyone  I i    i
. i  i in !; * e ii,' ni  *i i i Its n ii :i
, ture.    It   : i  Indei il  an  artlcln   *���.*. hlf
i.i In hi In high i ��� '���'��� ni by mo-
iii  l':im ly oi   :       a,    Tho Bli n
*. 'n made i I  a  alt ne,  whloh
uiul  onlj   near  ,li r i lab n,  ;*  tl
i which   aln ndy   tin   Hlblo   si   : ' ���
the lumlnou   stone tn plcturln ��� I
��� mo'B temple.
Prloea are     15 ronl   each, 2 [or
���eiiiH, :, for fifl ** : i   and 12 for Rl
���   Ni il ow, 832 Y      n Street,
- it., in |p a cul  im Canada
nil   I ,*.  Lti .
i   ;
SS. "Prince Georg
3.5C0 tonB, 7,000 Horsepower.
Sailing Every Monday (12 midnight)
For Prince Rupert.
I'r. li
ctlng wiili
pi rt,
(iriiiui Trunk Paolflo Railway fur points ea
i  uf
wart, i
nnerttng with B  B. ' l'UiNi Ei JOHN" on oertaln dates for Sto-
by liny, MiiH.iii umi other Queen Ch&rlotto IhIiiihI points,
8ATURDAY8   (12   Midi- g iti
ss   "PIUNl l*; Al.HKi, , '
mul i::nl of each  month
i'rlnce Rupert mul way ports, 3rd, Uth
'I liroui b tickets to
i iiuiee 11 r iii and HIT
nil [eastern destination! and to i*iuru|><'. Vour
n linos.
A. VV   l'i.  IMU'l'iUOW, ti.
VANCOUVER. B.C.      627 Granvlli*
\   I'   U.
i nl. r.
"I i' nve lln
iiie iii u ' to
i r ihn i' air,"
Dr   C'l.irli
iilia r al anj llini  to pr     * .
,i i.
matli r In the hand
vindicate the authorllj
i" mi  -!��� d  llie Bpeaki r,
"Wt '     il  due  i*'
to your inn i nnd  ""h ( wn  t  - *  I
;    ��� '   (erms   nf nm llami ntarj
;  ; ..���:��� tn     I! il  joti ll il noi
u " tiuostli n.   1 in   qui .-in. i    i
ii   li"*l  v .i.i
"Suspend blm," "8u i| aud blm," "Sll
down," called the ConBirfBtlvou.
Free r.peerh.
"i'-i e    npi ei b"   rei n luul    lliu   Lib-
��� ��� !   and shouting and tumuli soari il
till ii once mure.
in- Pugsley Hu n Interjected! "1
appeal to you. Mr, Speaker, to keep
order on tho other nidi- of tlm house,"
Fresh Garden Seeds
TORONTO PARKS LAWN j'    w. r. gilley,
now in.
Curtis Drug Store
Hassani Paving Co., of B. C,  Limited
Loy^i'.. of Hnsnaiii Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Phone 12Z.
O. E. GILLEY, Phon* 291.
Otticu 16 and II,
unci   I'.l i.US.
Phone 13;  L. D. 71;
New Westmlniter,
Res. 72.
II   C.
Wo have a
which we
limited stock of COMOX COAL
can  recommend  for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only MONDAY, MARCH 17, 1613.
mat ��v��
Despite   Adverse   Weather  Conditicna
Creditable Scores are Made���Mr.
Mr, Jewhurst wins STpoon.
M.  C.
Play  I
Replay  Between  Bankers and City  Is
Postponed���Draw on Tuesday.
Owing to tbe dismal rainy weather
the game    scheduled    between    tbe j
Hankers and the City   at   Sapperton | partakers in the competition.
he  scores  compiled  wero certaii
Despite the wretched Btnte of tin
weather fur shooting purposes, the
mniibtTs nf the New Westminster
Civilian Rifle club turned out, bravely, on Saturday afternoon, to thuii
firm meeting of tho season.
A feature of good omen was
Iho goodly proportion of new mini
bers who were BpectatorB as will as
Tomorrow evening the basketball
championship of liritish Columbia will
be deolded In this city when the
V M. C. A. septette moot the Vancouver    Y's,    champions  of the  Pacific
I luring the paet two years tii" two
teams have mot on different occasions,
the decision ulwayB going to the Terminals, Just how tho local boys will
figure out Tuesday evening remains t
in- seen but anyone who attended ih
games in the olty league during the
past winter cannot help but imagine
that tlm gniue will not be altogether
too one-sided.
The aggregation from Vancouver
likens unto the V. A. ('. lacrosse n-am
they have kopt together for sevi .
seasons and ouch knows his partner
in tbe game bo that a victory snatched
frum Oeorge Tuck's nui fit would be
'i distinct credit to the Westminster
A pn llmlnary between tho Becond
teams ot Vanoouver and Now Westminster will be Btarted at s o'clock.
On Saturday was called off. The
financial students appeared on the
ground and afterwards indulged ln a
practice game.
As the iia0.ie championship binges
on the result of the ton minutes replay between the two teams it is
prt'Uablo that thu game will be siaged
next Saturday afternoon.
Kvery delegate ot tlie city leaftUe
Is expected to bo on dock at hyall's
store nu Tuesday evening at S o'clock'
whin a drawing for the cup tie gaine*-
aiII be made.
Sbo.iid ihe Bankers and City draw
ogether the extra ten mlnuteB in thi
league game will lirst be played fol
lowed by 90 mlnuteB cf cun tie football.
ly more creditable than their numerical value represents, for at the 600
yards tho target was veiled by liu
mist and  rain.
Another adverse condition was tha'
several of the members were trying
now rifles and marksmen know how
that  militates  against   big  scoring
Tho tlrst shot fired at tho targr-
was by II. l.lndahl and registered S
The winner of the special silver
"Peon donated by Mr. Burr proved to
be Mr. Jewhurst, with SO, an excellent
total undor the circumstances.
Tlie following wore the principal
200 530 GOO Ttl
Walk up Sixth street and see our display of tools.
It will pay you.
IVt.J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
PHONE  237.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
****************  morous speech proponed the health of
* BRITISH   FOOTBALL. ���  the fair debutante.    This waB second-
****************   i'i  by  Mr.  Fred Johnston  ln  a witty
manner and carried by the singing of
Flril   Divition. "yor  she's  a  Jolly,  Good   Fellow."
ABton Villa 1, NottB County 0. The  dining  hall   was  then   cleared
llolton    Wanderers    2,    Tottenham  for (iancing and with Mrs. MacKenzie
HotBpur 0. land   MIbb  Gaudin  again  presiding-at
Bradford City li, Manchester City 1.   the piano and Mr. Mackenzie acting as i
Chelsea 1, Kverton 3. ,a   smiling   floor   manager,    country'
Liverpool  4,  MiddleBborough  2. dances,   quadrille,  and   two   step   fol-
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase  and  Sale  of  Real  Estate.
Agreements of Sale purchased at reasonable
rates and terms.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
Manchester United 0. Sunderland 3
New castle United 0, Blackburn Hovers 1.
Oldham  Athletic  2,  Sheffield  Wed
nesday n
lowed  In quick succession  until at 2
a.m.  the  home  waltz  was  played  by
Mrs.   MacKenzie
MrB.    F.    l.eeson and  Mrs. George
Wade asBisted the hostess in receiving
Sheffield United 4, Derby County 1.' and little Ella Barge and Isabella Mac-
Woolwich   Arsenal   1,   West    Brom- j henzie opened the door.
ill    27
71     1
rTliils Whitewash  Suburbanites
.   Game   for   McRae   Trophy���
One-sided  Game.
:. \v. Jowhurat .
v I-'. Men-glee ..
li. Llndahl 	
George  Burr  ...
il. Vidal  	
IC. A. Dadds ....
H.  Perkins  ...,,;
Next  Saturday  the    regular    spoon |
I competition will take place.   The i'r
; imsnl to hold a competition on Good j
; Friday afternoon  was abandoned  ow-
:ing to the Gun club meeting on t'.'.at
1 date.
81 1
wich Albion 0,
Second   Division.
Burnley 3, Bury 1.
Clapton Orient 1, iluddersfield Town
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters uf credit
sold payable In all parte of the world. Savings bank department at
all branehee. .     ���������out:-... ��� -%_���,.-.-. * VciMift  * c. \t\*a* .
, vV, Mh.itn   Island   Shut   Out   in   West
minster Cup Tie Game at Moody
Shi wing bettor football through.mt
the entire oo minutes of play the
Westminster Itovors defeated West-
ham Island at Moody l'ark on Saturday afternoon to the tune of two goals
in nil in the Bemi-flnale for the Westminster cup.
The Thistles of Vancouvi r hnve won
their series so that a play-off in the
final will be staged in this city BOtne-
time i li ih spring between the Rovers
and the Thistles.
The   feature   of   Saturday's   game
was the playing of Harrop of Abbots-
ford  who made hia  first appearance
with the  Rovers and not only did he
score the two goals tut showed that'
<lius,h  in  the forward  lino that fills a
long felt want among tho local play-
era,    Harrop    Is    known  by  several
Westminster amateur players ns hai
Ing  figured  in a game between   Ah-
botatord and  Westminster iw.i years]
ago when he was the pick Of the \:i!-'
ley  team,
Since then, however, h" bas Improv- j
��<i in form and his two goals secured
on  Saturday  wore  reall)   the  bright
spots of the contest.
Tomllnson was missing from lln- fi i*
ward division for the reason that he
had played with the Hibernians In
tba early stages of the cup ties bin
Harrop   nnd   Siiggio,   also   of   Abl��ils-
fiini.  made up the deficit   in  greal
style mul never gave Westhara Island
a semblance of a show, the goal I ���-.
Ing "f Mat Palmer keeping down the
: i .    * i,'  the Hovers.
'I:    dismal weather kopi many trom
tii u '���' and bul a handful ol sp ci -
tor   " itcht il the two teams battle.
Managi r Grant Is otu'i avorlna to secure the island; rs fir a i-uiu* ben i n
G ���'! i rlday In the sen I finals f ir the
N itli " il i uo,
Willi i uch players r Touil n
l.:i.... Harrop, Ber' e and Hi roe
the ���' in " of New Westminster fig
urli in io finals for the People'*
SI eld, * i'.ieh gin* is are to be played
in \'.*i ouvir i-.iiiotlnio in May, '
tspet .ally brljhl al the pn Benl time.
The representatives of Fraser Mills
in the amateur hockey league came
I through Willi a big score on Saturday
I night, and put the burnaby aggregation out of the running In the McRae I
'trophy   competition.     The   final   score tils it 4
i was, according to bystanders, s-o. and
just   about   represents   the   play
Althougb  the Frenchmen  won  the
game   their   two   defeats   gives   them!
little chance In the league race as the
Beavers and Y. M. c. A. teams havel
i lost bul ono game each and with little
likelihood  ot either    losing    another!
game until they meet ill the finals.
Dunbar, tho custodian for the lum-'
lierjneks, wus the sl,ir acl or as per
usual stopping shots at all angles,
while bis teammates on the defenci
worked a combination that was nigh
perfi et
��� ANNALS. ���
Despite the downpour on Saturday
afternoon .teams of seven i. side rep
resenting New Westminster and Burnaby ladies and gentlemen met at
Queen's Park on Saturday afternoon
The Royals won out by the comfort-
able margin of seven goals to one
Luther    McCarty,   heavyweight I
Claimant, born in Lincoln, Neb
Young Griffu stopped Iko Weir
in three rounds at Chicago.
Robert    Fil/siinmoiis    knocked
out Jim Corbett in 14 rounds at |
Carson city, Nov.
-Tommy Burns knocked out Jem i
Roche,  lirish  champion, in  the
first round at Dublin.
191(1���Kddie  McGeorty    knocked    out |
Joe   White   in   sixth   round   al |
, 191)8-
Glossop 1, Leeds City 1.
Hull City 5, Grimsby Town 0.
Leicester Fosse 3, Bradford 0.
Nats Forest 4, Bristol City 1
Preston North  End 1, Fulham 0.
Stockport County ii, Barnsley i.
Wolverhampton Wanderers 4, Blackpool 0.
Lincoln city 0. Birmingham 1,
Southern    League.
Exeter City 3, Queen's  Bark  Rang-
. rs 1.
Portsmouth 1, Brenfoni 0.
Brighton and Hove 1; Dillingham 0,
Westham United 0, Northampton 0,
Watford 3, Heading 3.
Merthyr Town 0, Southampton 0.
Bristol Rovers 4. Stoke 0.
Coventry City 3, Norwich City 0.
Crystal  Palace  1,  Plymouth  Argyle
The list of invited guests waB as
Mr. and Mrs. F. Johnston, Mr. and
Mrs. Moffatt and MrB. F. Leeson, F.
J MacKenzie, M.P.P., and wife, Mr.
and  Mrs. Goo. Wade, Mr.    and    Mrs.. ^ ���-����_���.
Barge and family. Mr. and Mrs. C. A!' BOILERS
Conkey, the Misses Thrift, aud
Messrs. Cliff Adams, S. Davis, T.
Thrift. J. Best, J. Hetherington, C. E
Sands, It. Watson and others all of
White Itock.
Fire  Chief  and   Mrs.   Watson,  the
Misses Baker, Lilly Barr, Rose Hem-
brough   and   Helen   Gnudii'i   Messrs. ���
F. Rauman, R. Barr, Doc. Watson, A. j
Allot, Allan Marwood and Harold Gau- |
din. all from New Westminster.
The Misses Ruth and Grace Miller,
Miss Mabel Kerr, Harry Kerr and
Bert  Francis  from  Vancouver.
Mrs Wm. Hancock and daughter,
Mrs. Geo. Bell, Mr. and Mrs. F. L.
Wille, Miss Rita Marwood and Mr.
Aubury  Grayell  from  Victoria.
New Wettmintter Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Street*
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
Riveted Steel Pipes
���      BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
Swindon Town
Miliwall  Athletic
Rugby   Union.
Newport 23, Cardiff 10.
Swansea 9. Devon 0
Scottish   League.
Glasgow, March 16.���In the Scottish
���J-'PHONE 890
191(l_~sani     Langford     knocked-  OUt|cupl replayed  game today Clyde and'
"Pueblo   Jim"   Flynn   in   sixth i Dundee again  drew, the score   being
round at Vernon. Cal. lone all.   .Scottish league games rcsult-
1911���Al   Delmont   outpointed   Young jed aB follows:
Britt in IE rounds at Baltimore, i     Hearts  1.   Rangers  1.
1912���Ad.    Wolgaa    Stopped    George I     Alrdrieonians 5. Falkirk 1.
Memslc iii ninth round at Ver-1
Motherwell 1, Celtic 0.
St. Mirren a. Queen's Park 0.
l'irtick  Thistle  6,  Morton  3.
Kilmarnock 4. Raitli Rovers 3.
Third  Lanark  8,  Hibernians  0
Hamilton     Academicals     3,
Lcuis   College   Continue
Streak.  .
St Lruis college BQCCer eleven c-vv
tinned their winning streak In the
eehool league Saturday morning by
defeating the Herbert Spencer school
in   the   oilier   game,   Lord   Kelvin
made a  killing against  the boys o
Richard McBrlde school to the tune of
A meeting will be hold some after
noon this week to arrange a scludule
for tho  remainder of the  season.
��� illy "Gravv."! ���
lion, Cal.
Yesterday's Anniversaries.
-Clyde W,  Qoodhead, known  to
the    ring    as    "Young Griffo."     	
horn al  Shenandoah, Pa. Hamilton     Academicals     3,    Aber-
Hugo  Kelly  nnd    Billy    Papke ,jeen o.
fought eight round rim wat  Mil- ' , .
waukee. *****************
Freddie     Welsh,     Kngiish,   and *          WHITE   ROCK   NOTES.          ���
Young     Donchuo     fought     Ion *****************
round draw at New Orleans.
-Joe     Jeanette     defeated     Jim J    White Rock, March 15-Last Thurs-
Barry    in    10    rounds at  Now day evening a largo and happy party
SL Patrick's!
^ t^s*. iWA^lAA^W^^IViA/V*>^^AA^ViA/w"   I
���^^N^*,,-^^��^-^N^N.^_^^N^-*-*''*'^^^N^*^^^^^-^^^^*_^>^\^Nrf-��^X^^^N.    j
Lumber Lath and Shingles
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street, New  Westminster.
Sinner  Sewing  Machines.    Small   Musical Goods of all Kinds. PHONE 694.
Leach Cross knocked out ,1-e
Bedell In 10th round at Brook-
1912-Joe Rivers knocked mil Jack
White In ICtti round at Los
Winnipeg  All-Stars  Lose to  Bcs'on.
Boston,   March   15.���The Wlnnipei
All Stars wore again defeated nt     the
ii na tonight, tbe Boston Athletic.
Association bockey seven shutting
'hem out 4 to 0. Captain Harry Gardner, of llie championship Harvard ool
le| r seven, wns in the locals goal and
played a remarkable game.
gathered hero to celebrate the debut
of MIfs Sdna Grayell. only daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Grayell proprietors of
the White Lock hotel.
The early part of the evening was
most enjoyably snont by the guests in
an amusing parlor contest. A short
program i f musical and other talent
then followed. Mrs. P. J. MacKenzie
and Miss Helena Qaudlu, the latter
from New Westminster, presiding at
the piano, w liilse Mr. C. K. Sands
looked  after the elocution  end.
When midnight came a most tempting and tastefully arranged supper
was partaken of, during which Mr. I*
J.   MacKenzie,   M.P.P.  ill  u    " ~"  *"
A good program will be rendered |
(under the auspices of the Knights of
Columbus) on the evening of iu
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
Monday, March 17, in
St. Patrick's Hall
Admission  fer Adults   50c.  Children
25c. (Si',9) |
P. C. 11'. 8   Drop Game tc St. Andrew's
in Vancouver,
An dher oog lu the wheel li v. ar li
the 11 implonshlp of ihe Junior   \>
���' el ;>;ii d I'll Saturday afternoon,
when the ii. c. ll. s. dropped two
I' ii ii. in Bt, Andrew's of Vancouvi .*
the game being played on tho Powell
; in' i ei iiHiii, that oiiy.
Tii i o re wns ono to nil and v. tti
<' ��� i. ii ii late In the first halt.
Thc  I it'll hoys were always 111 the
mnnlni  bul an aooldonl to <
in   i ������  gama  prevent
���    ll *:..ing.
Luther     McCarthy,     heavywelghl
��� li.i.i,���iiiii, of Venice, Cal., is a man
,.,ni  i.   .  iir this giiui  St   Patrick's
day, this 'ring the 21st    ���^���^���L- >
m Ir.s, birth on u ranch ���
,\'i II Mb ti r McCarthy
i'i.- presi i '''ii. hns had an adventurous if brli f career having in en a mes-
i. . v boy, farmer, cowboy, sailor,
lumberman, bill-poster, roustabout,
Etage hand nnd a numboi
���i ���",.'
His father, it is alb ged
���in ui Ohio and neigh! irlng stales,
posing us White Eagle, the Indian
medicine man, nnd selling snake nil
nnii otber dope. This hm- led to thi
report thai Luther Is pari redskin,
| which may or may nut be true. Since
i McCarty hiked oul ror himself soma
nines *"iirs ago he has lived, iir short
i i'   nr   liiigi r   |n rn ds     in     "  ' '
Sprtngi. i algary, Omaha, Li
SI i ouli. B iston, Mobile,
Ipr igfh bl. Mo��� Wlnnlpi g
i.-iir Lincoln,
according to
ol  i ithi i*
tr" vi Hod
Hoy lato
them   trom
, *.  *
tlio i
"  MoLeai.  who Ontij  Flguri
���"'ui-Ttel;  Te*i~  -rnd  I ntrr on
Pei?lnoa. May "Come Cn-i<.
i i i in . ��� ��� 'r*;.i*. i layer
n i  '��� M niii.'i Sbai Tiii'io In
I'll*   !' \'t*   ill   I      v Iv.     :���;��������� , *,��� ������ -.1.1
nut   V H'l   tho   K""!Huh   to   N"\v
Wi  titili   Ier In nue *.i i r   lhe   Mluto
���    i lu  I'M '. la sliivini: lu thi1* oily.
[Itfl  i '.""���  in  "Corlv"   '���nol ' ''I  ii
illboURii i ' H i ii iii ye'ivi. be still hn-
I    , . lhal ho ts oapahlo i f making a
i' " i* i,n i ne i f tho i" asl teams this
;���  mlns  iuiiiiiii' r.
He i i one of several who bava play>
vi! with or against Newsy l-aloudo
nnii McLean still hoars marks he n'-
oi veil in nnoountera wllh
Jusl where he will locati
mor remains to be booh.
former  shamrock  pl��yor hopes    to |ers
land  :i   placn nn  the Victoria    linmi
under Lionel Yorke.
the     Wll}
UllS sum
although hi
.  Alll.'.t'li'K.
N.isln llle,
  ami  uin. I
    nd has made a tour ol the
Wi -i'i i ���< ini  A.  II.
1; ��� has fought In all over a score
nr battles, mul has knocked out suoh
.    n   . -   ii.le   Grim,   Cai'l   Morris,   Al.
Kaufman, .tlm Flynn and   \i Palm r
11*'i iniil-.is him look pretty good ns
i i.biie hope, but his dodglne of B ira-
liiiiiili r Wells lum pul liim ill bud Willi
:i ini of rnuii. Tho only way tn find
oul whether MeCnrly really has the
goods  wi uld bo to pit   him agalnsl
I ',. ,   fi nl   or  Joe  .leiinetli     nnd   1 .lit<
haen'i   been  falling over
un 11 iiie big blacks,
MoCartj  iii'.s in- n i ikl ������.('
h ivlng discovered u i pick nnd t pan
���* ho ii iv 11 w, mul thai  Inds me th u
today Is the niiii anniversary of the
lunn iu Carson city in whloh Dal Hawkins  knocked  out   Martin   "   '
��� nu niy   tour second
��� i'u iinii be (uni'd th
.ii b kind of punch
ni.ii. imi  to tho speotatt
Jul i u hard left to the chin thnt senl
I'l.iln rly   down   iind��iii:l   und   pul   hll
nun,ml workB oul of oommlsilon for
nearly an hour.
Lnlir lliiwkliis tried llie same Irlek
on J.io Guns, and soul him down lor
ilu. count of nine, although ih1
master    was tlm victor in the
Hawkins  now  ruiiB  a  resort
Bronx,  Now   York,  for  training  box-
und hus hud  Packey   McFarland
and iiinuy nthor stars among his pat-
iirri'lr   to
Burns in
Hawkins al
trick with i'
>f his own invon
il   soeiiii il
You Can Talk
Over Our Long
Distance Lines
Three Minutes
From New Westminster
To Port Moody for 10 cents.    .
To Cloverdale, Coquitlam and Ladner for 15 cents.
To Eburne and North Vancouver for 20 cents.
To Hammond, Milner and Steveston for 25 cents.
To Abbotsford and Mission for 35 cents.
To Chilliwack for 45 cents.
To Agaesiz and Harrison Hot Springs for 50 cents.
(Above rate3 arc subject to change without notice)
V   M   C   A   B.sketball Tea It), Champions of the Pacific Coast, WhO'lJIM
Y. M. C. A. B.sKeioai    .  .   >, r M||umi   TuC!,Uay Evening.
meet tbe Royal City  Boys In ths |
Comfortable  Family  Hotel
Forty minutes run from Now Westminster on c. n. uy. All trains
s'i ji at White Kock.
Fifty rooms, large Dining Hall, magnificent view of Hay and (lulf;
only live nilnules from Itiillwny Depot; Hot and Cold Water. Room..
can be engaged on suite, Rullable for children and families. Kurupo'iii
and American plan; gymnnsium hall In connection, also a store containing full lino of groceries.    For terms and rates apply
White Rock, B.C. P. GREYELL, Proprietor ^^P;lii'
MONDAY, MARCH 17, 1913.
��� HATE8. ���
Classified���One ceut per word per
��..>', 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5,000 worda, to be used aa re-
i ured wlttln one year trom date of
contract, *i!5.oo.
ttlrth or Marriage Notices 50c.
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice H.60. Card of Thanks 60c per
, nee, Bohemian cafe, opposite B.G
li. It. depot.
per day or week. 654 Columbia
street, over Royal bank. (S7GI
furnished housekeeping rooms, furnace heated. Apply 37 Agnes Btreet.
or phone 1.638. (852)
iahed bedrooms. Terms moderate.
Cliff block.    Apply 32 Sixth street.
Apply 624 Thirteenth stroet.   Phone
I 8011
clearing. Property located at city
limits, close to car. National
finance Co., Ltd.. 521 Columbia
street. IS51)
ferably in insurance office, by ex-
i ericneed man. 11. W. Tasker,
Tynehead, B.C.     (86*)
  ������ SMALL
to    Box
houae. Send particulars
117, City.
338 Twelfth atreet, corner Fourth
avenue; bath and toilet separate;
done up to suite tenant. Rent $30.
Dadda & Blane, 714 Columbia street.
or two gentlemen. Albert Crescent.
Apply Box 835, News.
room, modern conveniences, suitable for two gentlemen or two
ladies.    220 Seventh street.      (812)
day.    Aply Box 843, Daily Newa.
rourth class papers. Apply Westminster Woodworking Co.., Lulu
island. (����)
wanted. Liberal commission. Apply box 833, News office
eggs at  $1.50  por
1119 Eighth avenue
Betting.    Apply
good lota close In on front block.
Soli cheap. Reply Box 860 News
office.   I860)
ing town.   90S St. Andrew's St. (830)
Stove,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week.
Canada  Range  Co., Market square.
LOST ��� A HUNCH    OF    KEYS    BE-
tween post office and Westminster
Trust building. Finder please return to this office. 18711
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes street. (763)
small rooms over the News offic-��.
Suitable for club or light manufac
turlng purposea. Will leaae for two
or three year term, singly or en bloc.
Apply to Manager the News.
room.      Recently,   however,    several
members Informed the police that they !
had suffered unusually heavy  losses
within Us walls, and the   authorities
decided to act.
As the police entered there was   a
general stampede, and packs of cards
and handfuls of counters were thrown
Arch-Humorltt Tried to Deceive Con- j through the windows, only to bo gath-
I ered  by  tho  watchlul   constables   be-
euI   at   Zurl;h���Author    Arrested      low,    In despair at finding  tho secret
I exit hold by tho police, half a doien
ao Accomplice. ' members took refuge in the cellar, but
I were discovered half an    hour Inter
and compelled to give the police their
Berlin, March 16.-Wolters, the man  namea nnd addresses.
who hoaxed the authorities at Stras-1   Altogether th rty names were taken.
burg and induced them to call out the j T>o   police   Intend   prosecuting    the
entire garrison on tho strength   of tx\?���-*T of. !!". buildlngfor complicity in
bogus    telegram    signed    "Wilhelm
t ll IntoreBlcd and pluiuld know
t Uie wimiltirlul
which announced that the kaiser was
about to pay a visit to the town, haa j
given  further proof of the acutoness |
of his alleged "weak" mind by writ-1
ing an open letter to a' Strasburg news- j
paper, In which he makes some amus-1
ing  comments  concerning  the   examinations to  which he was   submitted
by mental experts.
"To prove whether I was weak-
minded or not the expertB submitted
me to tho Summer method of examination, giving me adjectives for which
I was to supply nounB having the
character that the word expressed.
1 was said to have given very unsatisfactory answers, and as an ox-
ample the doctors cited by use of the
word 'Zentrum' (the name of the German Roman Catholic party I when they
supplied nie with the adjective decadent.' They Bald that this was absurd. I replied that only a few days
before I had read a newspaper article
in which the Zentrum party earned
for itself the qualification of 'decadent' in the consequence of its attitude
during the debates on the reform of
the Imperial finance.
"And as I waa told to give the first
word that came to my head I said
'Zentrum.' My explanation, however,
did not satisfy the experts."
Wolter also playfully contrasts the
decisions of one expert and another as
to his sanity and his alleged "incurability."
Suspected    Nothing
the establishment of an illicit gam
bbling saloon. The members of the
club are mainly bankers and artists.
like to own a business paying $175
a mouth profit ? Been established < make it appear the more extraordin
over a year; small cash will handle; :ary lllat a honx was not suspected
present owner suddenly called from I*ncn the disguised 'telegram mes-
clty. Look this up quick. Room **e**^* delivered it at the military
319 Westminster Trust block.    (863)   governors gate.    The military govor-
Wbitney'i Scheme Revolutionized
tho. Manufacturing Business.
The system of the standardization of
parts, now so universal, originated with
Ell Whittioy, the Inventor of the cotton gin. wbeu be undertook to make
muskets. The government gnve him a
contract lu 17U3 for 10,000 stands of
arms, although be had nu "plant" for
their manufacture. Ho built a small
factory In New Haven, Conn., and began work, but found a groat obstacle
lu the difficulty of getting good workmen, ospeclully tbose capable of acting
as foremen uuder his novel methods.
His plan, as Is pointed out by Oeorge
lies In a recent original study of Whitney's achievements, wns to make of
bis factory a single huge machine, lo
an armory before Whitney's day each
man, highly skilled, produced by himself a distinct part of a musket Tbis
division of labor Whitney supplanted
by so apportioning work that little or
nu skill was demanded. He separated
the various tusks and nt each of these
operations kept a group busy. For
their assistance be simplified eucb op-
Sealed Tenders will be received up
t . noon of Thursday, March 26, for
the erection and completion <>V No. 2,
ii siorey cabin buildings to be
i rected on the corner ot Tenth nnd
Agnes streets, Ni �� Westminster, lor
., iiiur .loues. Esq., Victoria, B.C
The successful contractor will be
required to furnish a guarantee com-
l iny'B bond to tlie amount of 25 por
cent of contract amount
I'liins and specifications can be ob
talned rrom Lie undersigned. The
f wner does not biud himself to accept
the lowest or nny tender,
Westminster Trust  Block.  Architects.
$50 to $75 cash, balance $15 per month,
will buy a fine lot, right at the city
limits and only two blocks to car.
Every lot has a splendid view and
faces on a full GO foot street and extends to lane. City water and light
adjoins property. We can recommend these lols to the man looking
for a homeslte or a good investment
eration nnd Introduced three aids since
Further investigations by The police j indispensable In manufacture-drilling
by templets or patterns, filing by Jigs
or guides and milling Irregular forms.
From  first to  Inst a  model  musket
wns copied with precision so that er-
norshlp had already had a very similar, though far less audacious, trick
played on It a few days before, also
by Wolter.
ery look, for example, wus exactly like
every other uniting thousands. When
all tbe parts needed to form a weapon
were assembled thoy united much su-
strangely  enough, on  this  occasion | porlor to n musket formed on any oth-
the falsity of the telegram was discov- j er plan,    lu ease of repair u now part
ered, and Its author only escaped   by] exactly fitted the place of au old part
fleeing  the  country  and    making   a | nIKj ,,t a trifling eost
short stay at Zurich.   A telegram was j     ]n  OI..|er t(> neeomplish  his pnr|>ose
'] and carry out his contract, whose execution wns mucb prolonged, Whitney
Eight-room house at
I.ot 50x130. cleared.
Terms to arrange.    1
House  and
Price $2250.
on   Eleventh
cash,  $25     a
House and corner lot, Sapperton.
$1900; one-third cash. Lot 05x120,
No. 84,
Comfortable cottage, Sapperton, near
ear.    $1(100;   easy terms.  No.  Fr.
Six rooms, fully modern; rear West
End school; $8800, one third cash,
tonus.    I'-K4.
Six   roomed
mid.    l'rlc
lot   50x150,
NO, H2.
T.rand    new    bungalow,   Wise    Road,
near ear;   $2800, $500 cash, $25 por
Cottage to  Rent.
Curtis Block, New  Westminster,  B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
handed In, initialled "S.S." (state service, as all the messages of the Em
peror are prefixed), and reading as
"Ills Majesty has ordered color-sergeant first battalion holiday six weeks
norderney, $75 granted for clothing,
$105 for holiday cost, papers, follow.��� (Signed), etc.
Knew Too Much.
The day after handing in the   tele-1
grain Woltors appeared in the uniform ,
of a color-sergeant and asked If a message had been received of the Imperial command tor u holiday leave with ;
He  was answered  in  tbe  affirma-
I tlve, Inn the official In charge being
suspicious ihni the man should  know
Price   for   each    Ioi    onlylso much about the Imperial decision,
The owner has instructed us j and   should   even   know   the    exact
amount that ho was to receive, scru-i
tlnlzed  him'closely, and,  being  Btlll]
full particulars today.   A pleas-1doubtful, asked him to come again the!
next day, as, owing to formalities, th
i money   could   nut   be  paid   out   fortli-
| with.
Two detectives were asked to bo In
waiting, but somehow Wolter gut wind
|Of lhe discovery, as slated, and fled
to Zurich. Here the arch-humorist
tried to decelvo the GermuA consul
In a similar way, and finally bad to
leave th
night in
Ion of being a spy
The author of a book on the garrison life of the Alsatian town or Ilu-
nun, whose work was confiscated by
tlio police a few weeks ago, has been
arrested  us an  aocomplloe Of  Wolter
In thu Strasburg parade coup.
Meanwhile, at the special command
or the Emperor, u through investigation Is being made Into the matter hy
the military authorities,
, was obliged to Invent  new  tools nud
I machines nt every stop, none of whieh
j wus patented.   By doing so he not only
1 greatly Improved tbe finish nnd necura-
! cy of his guns nud tbe speed of their
i manufacture, but so Impressed tbe ra|.
! ue of tbe Idea uf standardization upon
the minds of manufacturers tbat it was
presently npplied  In otber trades nud
I bus long since become tbe rule in manufacturing.���Harper's.
lo sell ofl' the few tbut are loft
lire to show   tin* property as it will !
stand Inspection.
521  Columbia  Street
whore. No collection, no charge,
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 33(i Hastings struct, west,
Vancouver, B. c. (7tiG)
Throe roomed furnished suite with
bath, hot and cold Water; heated
Vacant March it
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth  Avenue. Phone 750.
Horace Greeley Waa  n  Wonder When
Only Six  Years of Age.
No clinuipinii nf tbe old time spelling
matches, perhaps, over excelled Horace
Greeley,    lie was. In fact a spelling
prodigy     what  would the boys and
girls of today, wbo grumble over tbelr
dally  stint uf twenty  wurds. think ut
a child not yet six years old wbo could
actually spell every word In tbe language: That ls what the youug Horace
is said to bnve lieon ulile to do.
Ills  gchooliug  begun   In   his  fourth
town after having spent a J year, and the art of spelling at once
tbe police station on suspic-1 became u passion wllh blm.   lu school
land uut bo kept Incessantly  ut its
I study.    Hour after hour he weuld lie
I en tbe flour, spelling over nil Hie tlilll-
Ctllt  words he could  .'iuil  In  the few
books that the family owned.
Ibe fume of his prowess spread.
Naturally Horace was the first one
i In-seii ut spoiling mutcUos. He Uud a
lisping, whining voice und Spelled bin
words with the utmost confidence.
Sometimes In winter, when the huow-
drifts were so deep tbnt oue of the
big boys had to take him to the school-
bouse un bis buck, the little wblte
haired fellow would drop aaleep between turns. When Ills word i-niiie
round bis uelgbbor would nudge him
iiiniinisiy    lie would wake, spell bis
miln nt otiie.
8o great was the boy s reputation ns
a student or unusual powers tbnt the
selectmen ��f u neighboring town. In
passing a rule forbidding lhe attend-
nnoe at the loeiil SCUonl of any  pupil
rrom outside the township, bonurwl
tilin by Sliding tbe clause, "Kxeepllug
only Horace lireeloy."���Yoiilh's Com
pa ii Ion,
Billiards and Pool
Biggest and best line of Pipes.
�� ignrs and Smoking requisites.
Wholesale and  retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
60S  Columbia   St.
Piano   Reduced   $10   Each
day until Sold.  Today
Frank Major Music and
Piano House.
61 Sixth St.     jh,
Uo Lot 4, of Block 111, of part of Section 3,    Block 3 North,    Range   7
West, District of New Westminster,
A oertlfloatS of Indefeasible title to
above property wlll bo Issued to Frank
N. Trltes,  on  thn   12th  duy  of  April.
mili, uuioss in tlm meantime u valid
objection thereto be made to mo   in
writing by a person or persons claiming an  eslato or Interest  therein, or
in uny pan thereof,
District ItegiBlrar of Titles.
Land  Registry  Office,
New Westminster, B.C., February
HHtli, 1913.
The person or persons having In
their custody or possession tlio following Title Deeds relating to tbe said
property are requeitod to deliver the
same lo tho undersigned.
(ill Deed dated III" iiHth day of
November, lSHii, from Frank N. Trlles
lo Thomas Bennett of Uni above described  property.
lln    Deed da led tho    12th    day    or
November, i*mt, from Thomas Bennotl
to Arnold lletinott    of lhe    above    do-
si'rlbed property.
Irl    Deed   dated   tho   12th   day of
October, 1900, from Arnold Bennett to
I Oeorge   W,   Shay   of   the   above described property,
��� (760 .JJlHtrlct Registrar of Titles.
Planned   Double   Murder   and    Accom
pllce  Kills  Her Also.
Paris, March 16, Another doubli
murder was committed In the Uu
Niiiii i a row iiignts since, the victim
being an octogenarian named Peldor, I word and drop asleei
formerly a high plnued official at tin
Ministry of Justice, and his fen.al.
servant, Madame Kaupled,
The discovery nr the orlme was
iiiiuii' by the concierge, who, entering
ibe servant's room on the ground floor
In tho morning, round everything In I'.
In ll stale nr coi'iii et,' disorder and tho
vnnt lying on the bod   dead,   app.ir*
ently, by suf'ooa Ion with o  handful
of nigs stuffed UllO her moiilli
The house porter run up to the .i"xt
floor in tell Poltior or the murder nf
his  servant,  only  to  rind   hlin   bound
and   gagged   In   the  same  fashion   ns
his servant and dead in nis chair, His
rooms bad iiluo been ransacked,
Madame Faupiud, it si enn,, h.,,i .���
violent dispute with a mnn .-.he ilslt-
ed her lu bur room 'ho evening before
and the police luvesllipillims I cun to
the llieiiry that lliln man Is iiie murderer, it is beii'ive.i ihni. tho servant,
whose reputation was rm* trom good,
planned  the crime, and  that  Bl e   ViSS
killed by ber afloonipl] >e lu llie c.ri.te
or a dispute an in nie shoring of i*e
money   stolon,    whieh    a unted    lo
This incident u related of �� frotcb
doctor, new to the gun. wlm nil von
tun-il upi,ii ii ilny's rabbit shouting.
chni-M'd by the ferrets, bunny was a
rather quick moving target nnd the
mod I ei i WSS uut mooting wltb tbo success tu> anticipated,
"Hung it ull. mnn." be oxoliilmed Im
patiently tn tbe keeper who nrouui
plillled him; "those boasts urv too ipilck
for ine I"
"Aye. doctor," tho nnwky keeper re-
pllwl. "but ye surely did 111! expi-el tbem
tae Ile still like yer patients till y�� kill
Berlin   Police    Usually    trnvo   Alone
Gambling  Clubs of  Bankers.
Berlin,  March  lfi.    A  sensation  bus
been caused by a raid by the police on
n smart gambling olub In  the  Belle-
Alliai.ce piatz and the lelrure   of   a
large sum round on the tables.
The police in Merlin seldom Interfere   wiih   gambling   establishments,
except   when   Ibey   iiiispeet    clubs    or
becoming the bunting ground of curd-
The olub mentioned, which had boon
established Tor two years, possessed
luxuriously appointed rooms, wllh lhe, ,_    ,,, ,   ,
advantage of a triple exit    Althougb i""'"'"���   n"'" '" bMWlfi 'Mary, wbnt
Yet He Liked Fresh Air.
"My husbiinil was at a smoker Hut-
unlay night nnd never gol home until
about I o'clock."
"WaB Unit why hu wasn't nt church
Sunday innrnliig'/"
"No; he saya the vontllutliin Is so
poor In church and tbo atmosphere nl
ways gels sn heavy Hint he cun t keep
A Surprise Coming.
Pastor's    Wife ��� You    understand.
Mary, that I  inn only "nt home" on
Wednesday from !i to ft.    Mary-Yes.
membership was relatively small   n  baavenly situation yon have
the club maintained on excellent "kit-!The mistress only st home for
ebon, and nlso u library and waiting-1 hours every week!"���Kxclinngo.
got I
Bradford City Council has decided
to build 200 workmen's houses to hi
lot at 4s. Oil. per week clear of rates.
The King sent ten guineas to the
(governesses' Benevolent institution,
Walter House, Strand, of which hc is
Inhabitants of Sleetburn, Durham,
attribute the Bpread of scarlet lever
1 lo n plague of rats at the local schools.
Mr. Mucks, the airman, flow from
joosforth with a consignment  of to-
i baCCO   tor   customers   al   Ashington,
j Northumberland.
In accordance with the decision of
I the Royal Geographical Society to
admit women as fellows a number of
| women were elected.
R H-fflnies, of havendon, Bucks, 73
years old, has sang bass In the local
chapel for 55 years. He has also
i worked lor over 40 years on ono farm.
Sentenced to death for murder   In
London  in   1838,  James   Harris,  who
had  his Bentence commuted to penal
servitude for life, has boon released
i from Parkhurst Prison,
Richard Northcott, of Bri.xhatn, has
; just   been   married    for  the    second
time since he_ attained the age of sev-
'. enty, and on' each occasion hiB bride
I was a septuagenarian
At one time a well-known athlete,
! Leonard R. Wilkinson, J. P., of l.ynd-
hurst, Hampshire, was found shot
.dead in a shed adjoining ills liouse,
| with a gun by his side.
I    For  an  Elizabeth  seal   top   spoon
, ��21 was paid at Christie's;   ��14 14s.
i was realized for a Charles I. spoon,
and ��12 10s. for an apostle spoon
with figure of St, Matthew, and lated
In certain parts of Devon queen
bees are already beginning to luy their
eggs and the worker bees are to be
seen on a bright day gathering pollen
from tho corcuscs and snowdrops.
Admiral Frederick Vander-.Moulen,
i It N., who died at his residence at
BlshopB Stortford. was born in 1839,
entered the navy in 1S53. He saw
service In Crimea and In China, and
retired in 1904.
Qeore West. (25), a painter, was
sentenced at the Hampslre Assizes to
seven years' penal servitude for causing bodily barm to Mnry Miiton. the
siibpijstinistross ui Bournemouth.
A motor-car smash ai Beckenham,
when six iiersons were injured, hud
a Beqjiel in Bromley Police Court,
wben the owner of the cur wan fined
i:i, with ��2 17s. costs, for driving to
I the ,'Ublic danger.
According to Et John (Reading)
"Parish Magazine." oul or lunn Inhabitants, 2iin only are regular and
sun occasional churchgoers, 209 attend other churches, nnd 449 are Nonconformist adults.
George Wilkinson, n drover near
Peterborough, came Into nn Inheritance of ��20,000, and another drover
named Rawlins became so excited at
the event tbat he died utter congratulating Wilkinson
Tli" company owning the Dover
Promenade Pier and Pavilion, whicb
��� jtiis mu Into the naval harbor, received an offer to purchase it irom
Hi" Admiralty, ll is proposed io use
i' as n naval landing stage.
When George Ituvenhill, who won
fhe Victoria CroBs at Colenso, was
charged with begging nt Caniherlev,
an officer from his old regiment suld
that winning tho Cross had absolutely
spoiled itaveiibiii, who had already
forfeited the annunlty or 610 which
accompanied tiie Cross.
At the licensing sessions al Sour-
borough B. North Smith, the chair
man. said the magistrates had decided that all new cinematograph ii
ei uses would be granted on condition that no child under twelve be admitted alone nor unless accompanied
by someone ovi r sixteen.
Money packets worth over ��87
wern FtOlen rrom Bishops SI nil ford
Post. Offlos by robbers, who effected
un entrance through un open window
shortly before midnight A number
it registered letters containing money
from district posl offlos and old agi
pension forms were stolen
Damages to the amount   of ��2200
wire  awarded   ul   Hampshire   Assizes
in u libel suit brought by ���' W, Smith.
a solicitor, of Andover, against  II.  \V
Prosser, Giving evidence, Mr Smith
denied nil the Imputations, und Mr
Prossor did not deny the publication
nt iwo or the libels complained or.
Gambling ami hiiti ig losses amount
Ing since Doc. 20, 1909, to ��13,080,
were shown lu the statement submitted in ihn London Bankruptoy Court
by li. T. Carllo-Worsley, formerly a
lieutenant in ths Royal Navy. The
total liabilities aro returned at ��37,-
,ii20, uud there is un estimated surplus
Of  ��3095
it has been decided io Increase ths
capital of tlio British and the Colonial   Aeroplane   Company,   malum   ul'
the Bristol aeroplane, rrom ��100,000,
j which bus already been rally pnid up,
i in   1250,11(10, iii order to  enp..   with
developments ul homo uud abroad
I which tho demand ror "Itrlstols," par
tlcularly by foreign governments, necessitates,
Fire broke ont In the lloublir liner
Beacon  Grange,  4200  lunn,   which   In
, is undergoing repairs in Southampton
Docks In consequence of damags  ro
celved In n recent gale 111 the Channel
j The flames spread from No. 2 buhl to
No. i hold befors they   wore   extln
gulshtd by Ihn Southampton Fire
; llrlgudc, with Iho uld or smoke b"l
i mots.
Wliil Is liolleveil In bo a iniingooiic
.was killed by n party ot sporlsmeii
| who were rubtilllng with three   dogs
ul llrookhinds Farm, llnlnoy, Sussex.
Tin' animal was round by llie dogs In
a small  wood,  and  wben  ull licked   It
defended iisoir vigorously.  Ths three
1 dugs    a fox terrier, a sheepdog, und u
[retriever   were badly bitten, but tho
terrier  finally   got  a  grip,   and
animal was killed.
The Post office have entered Into
a new contract with the Soutli-Kiist-
ern and Chatham Railway Company
(or tho conveyance of India mails, In
both directions between Dover and
Calais and other malls from Dover
and Folkestone to Calais and Boulogne respectively, The payment will
bo ��40,000 a year, compared with
��25,000 formerly, but it is pointed out
that   the   volume   of    malls    has    increased considerably.
How Fleet Street Obtains the News ot
the New Knights.
Tho dawn of a new year mentis a
rise in social status for many men
who have "made gixni" in tlieir profession or in service to-the state. January the lirst marks an epoch in tlieir
livos. For the "mnn in Iho street"
tlie newspapers ol that date oontain
one of tlieir most popular "features���
the list of honors bestowed by tiie
King. Everyone is keen to rond the
names of new poors, Privy Councillors, baronets, and knights.
The list is issued to the press overnight. Strictly, there are three lists,
issued respectively frnm the Prime
Minister's official residence, frum the
Colonial Office and from the 1 mlia
Ofl'ice. Typewritten on foolscap .-hoots,
and enclosed in official envelopes
bearing on the flap the Hoyal Arms,
they are conveyed by Government
messengers to the oHiees of Uie London morning papers ojkI to the headquarters of the news agencies, the
latter telegraphing the li.-ls to paperi
in thc provinces. Kvening-Wjournals,
as is the case with regard to molt
official announcements, are not include-:! in tlie distrlbutioi , nml every
precaution is adopted against premature disclosure.
The lists being received early, editorial staffs enjoy ample time in whieli
to prepare Uie notes winch explain
tiie personalities and record the public
services of the gentleman honored,
I-iitcir in the evening arrive copies ol
the special issue of The London Gazette, in which the lists sre repeated
for official purposes. The Gazette is
useful us a check in Case of mishap
to tlie typewritten copy, Alterations
at tlio lust moment In official quarters
ure extremely rare. Titles have been
definitely acoepted or declined befors
the list is issued. If for any reason
it should become necessary in delete
a nam.', it would bo cut out oi tlio
sheet, not run through with a pen.
The n< U �� setting out the records
nf (lie recipients <if honors nre ���>( the
first importance. Without them the
list would in -.-in - cases convey little
meaning to the readers, Rewnrda nre
given s.i i.i'.on to men whose public
s'Tvico Im- been done quietlj Ihat
their names nre unfamiliar. Hence
the lu-k ol the |ournallsl is not ni-
ways oasy. Works of reference d i
noi Invariably help. Doing valuable
work in his own line, the now knight
may shrinl; Irom publicity. Important service to ths state, like the most
lucrative practices In Uie professions,
does nol always lend ii-','.f to wide-
ipread advertisement. Very often it
In iu tb" public interest Unit it should
not. But tlii- tin i does nol help the
journalist called u;h.ii t . --i t out in-
i.T"-i.n.'  details
Time was when help was refused by
the authorities. On one occasion,
however, tho paper knighted the
wrong man. Two gentlemen, both of
whom im ��� rendi red o ospicuous Ber-
vice t" tin' public, aim bearing idontl-
| rn! Christian nml surnames, were j��is-
sible candidates fnr the honor, sua n*.
lhe actual recipient was not precisely
Indicated error ensued,
I Ask jour drnRirtst L.
It   If he ciimiul supply    ���
the  MA11V1.U accept no
tiilnir   bat send Dtnta�� far llias.  c
tmtrcl book���ifttmlnd.  It gives fall
pnrttcnliirs unit dirrsitlirns In vilur,l)lo
li. u.thI Aatmu for luuuilu.
Tenders for Furnishinrc.
Sealed tenders marked "Tenders for
Furnishings" for furnishings and
equipment tor ths new hospital building will be received by the undersigned. Detailed lists may be obtained at hospital. Tenders oil ber in
whole or in part must be lu the bands
or the  secretary not  later than  i-
o'clock,  noon,  Wednesday,  March  19,
E. s. WITHERS, Secretary,
Hoyal Columbian Hospital.
.New Westminster, B.C. I84H)
Once  a   P.ijin  Temple?
St. Pau.'s   Cathedral,  according to
some authorities, waa In pagan times
a temp!-' of D.un.'i. Tlii** theory ��u<
rejed -I by S r Chri��topher Wren, who
designed the present elructure, He behoved lli'ir,' had been a building on
Uie si-it. erected by Christians in tlm
time of th- li.'iian occupation, whieh
wns demolished bj the pasnn Saxons,
It was restored by Kinj Kthelberl In
810 ami l��uiT.'',l down in 801. Ths
structure was r bul t In lhe -nine year
and a.'.-n;n destroye I In 1087, \ new
��� i:ii.'lu?*. ivni Immediately begun, hut
i ��� t oomp'.ob 'I lot "in yoiii - li wa*
known u- Old St, Psul�� ond hnd nn
x lenco : ��� 1501 I' wan partially
-euI. fl ni I (1 .i   v di  ii iy? I I'.*, lhe
ires' r,n* . [ I0C0. Th.. i.i.'-i'iii church
uu. Btarted In 1075 and completed In
I'M.> li ..- BOO le, i In li n i i an I Hi
ll .a  I iuil   in   lln*   1'iiin   til   a   Latin
roe* The d m * Is 384 fael ahow ��� ths
,t .un 1 iu 'I  Hi ('il ii. diiiiiielor.
i Tenders will be received Iv tbe
I undersigned, marked "Tenders for
Supplies," up to 12 o'clock noon. Wednesday, March 19th, 1818, for supplying this Hospital from April 1st. 1918.
to March 31st, 11114, with the following:
Bread . (while  and   browni.
i    Moats.
Milk    Iper gallon)    and cream iper
pint),  In   8��alea  bottles.    Samples  to
be  submitted.
Wood,   slabs  (per cord).
|    Coal   (lump and  washed  null,    an-
i Ihrncite   (lump   and   nuL   lu   carload
lots), at per ton.
'    Fish.
|     Funerals.
Detailed   lists  of   drugs,   groceries,
moats  and  lish may  be obtained    nt
| lhe   Hospital.    The    lowest    or    any
Mender  not  necessarily accepted.
E. S. WITHER.-!.
Itoynl Columbian  Hospital,
New   Westminster,   B.C. IS08)
Phone 1277
Westminster Trust Block,
Why don't you own a pool
' room.   Clear profit $200 per
month. Located centter Columbia street.
The Oriental Contract Co.
Sank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid Up)    $16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and ,n l.oiulo i. F,ng
'land, New Yoik, Chicago und Spokane
U.S.A., uud Mexico City, a general
banklsg business transacted, Letters
nl Credit issued, available with cur-
!���   i ���ndenis in ull purls of tin.' world.
Savings Dunk Department    Deposits
resolved  in  sums or $1  uud  upward
and Interest nllowed at 3 per cent, per
,annum ipresent rate).
Total Assets over 1188,000,000.00,
(i. D. liitYMNicu. Manager.
D. McAulay
Tel. 724,      ('or. sixtii ond Columbia.
P.O. Box 34 Dully Newt Bldg.
or all  kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
69  McKenne   St.
Transfer Co.
Ottlce   Phons  1B5.      Barn  Phone  13?
Begble Street
baggage heiivei-a I'lomptly to
any psrt or the city
Hill .it Tnble.
It "ii- the i "i'1'i t thing iu lh ��� tot-
onto..nib century for men t" wss'
their Iuil. ut tni.:.'. "Tlio Hule- ..I
Civility, or Certain Way-, oi Deport
in..nl." pi 'ill-lied iu 1073, gives mi.
nuts directions, Supposing "a person
nt quality detains you to dins with
him," il Is prescribed thai "whon ths
person invib'il is sit he iiiu.-i keep
himself covered Iiii tho rest sit down
and tha person ol quality bus put on
li..-, bat    li tho person ol honor drinks
a health to ynu you must lie sure Ic
I*, uncovered. II hs sisniks to you,
you must likewise l*> uncovered till
you bnve answered blm. if ono rises
Irom Ihs tuba' befors Aha rest ho must
pull   nf!   Ills   hut."
Light and Heavy Hauling
Now Spring nml Bummer SultlngB
now   on   display,     Hoo  theni      I'erfecl
iii umi workmanship guaranteed,   7UI
Front Btreet,
Winding "Big Ben."
"'lis Hi'ii," is the name ol the groat
li II In the l'aiiiumi'iit clock lower, In
London, ll was east In 1848 and i> nl
Immense sir.". Thc winding "( Hig
lien is n i"diotis performance, Tbe
hour weight nml the quarter weight
llaVO   l'i   be   WoUnd   twice   a   week,   III'
operation taking about live hours In
. neb ease, The weight Im the quarto?
is just one ton and a half, nnd tlio
hour WOight is over u Ion. The pen,
ilvliiin. thirteen umi a hull tret long,
vibratos once In  iw.i seconds    und
weigliB neiuiy 700 pounds.
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell nnw anil    SSOond    hum)
KKiide ot all kinds.   Tools SSpsalalljr,
no Mi'iiiioH street. Phone loot
It's the Work.
Use Your Phone.
���A   Dry  April.
But two-liuti<lreili,lis ol nn Inch ol
rain wan measured at (iroonwiob nli
scrvutory m BnglsJtd in April, milk,
lug it the driest iii mth rocnidml in s
i?(l Clarkson Street. Phone 4��0.
Clark- Frnser Realty Co.
Formerly at fill) Columbia St., now nt
607  Front St.    Phono 111081,
Now  Weetmtnster,  B.C.
Real  listate and Business Chances.
Acreage   and   Choice   I'Vull   Lands   it.
Hpoclalty. **-^uh*amm
MONDAY, MARCH 17, 1913.
t*Aae seven
And After the Storm Came
��� ����������������� n ��� ******* t*t*���m*n**tn\ I
Q. itilliiiiill
! Barbara wandered about tlio grent
pleasuut room restlessly, She liked the
huge llroplace Willi whips und rllles
���nbovo Uie mantel, The couches, with
tba fur robes tossed across them, and
thc long study table In the middle ot
tbo room, heaped with magazines and
ii varied collection of plpet, niude her   ably got mixed up.
nnd wbo during her visit had riddel
the dfteen miles r.gulurly three timet
a week, bad Inspired her with u profound faith lu nis capabilities, As ue
owned hiiusell lost, she iiniuuselousiy
mured a little closer to his stalwart
figure. Thu man pulled oft his lur cunt
und In spite of her protestations wrapped lt niioiit ber shivering Ligure.
"First,'' he said, "you wlll put tbat
"No    I wou't!" she cried.
"Ob. yes. you win:" be shouted, buttoning it (irmly under bor chin. 1. ir-
iinrn changed the subject.
"its lucky I didn't let Tunica carry
me on to the diteb." sbe culled, "she
nlmost refused lu luru. 1 really got
mixed up with ber backlog nud turu-
Tho Englishman pondered for n moment.   "Oh. I bh.v." be-shouted, "that's
too bad.    Vou are the one that prob-
Those Indian po-
For the Children
Baby       Arabian       Camel
Born at the London Zoo.
Just  the  Birthday  Gift  For a  Dainty
Young Girl.
There nre few small gifts wblch will
give so milch pleasure to dainty  wo-
forget thut tho nearest btimun hubllu
li'.n wns til teen miles ucross the plains.
She paused ut one or the windows,
snubbing her nose against the pane
like a child, und looked onl over the
brown, dusty plains toward the muun-
to ins.  This visit lo her bachelor broth-
tiles always bead for home, they say,
as noon ns n blizzard strikes them.
My horse didn't know enough. Hut
wait, (live Tonka her bead and see
wbnt she dues. I'm afraid we'll bave
to walk or freeze.''
With  the  horses  on  either  side  of
tbem they started out, Tonka, without
cr wus suddenly proving lonely, since   " moment's hesitation, taking tlio load.
be bad forbidden her her dully ride
because of threatening snow. Until today everything on the runeh hnd been
so now and Strange to thin eastern girl
that she hnd forgotten tu be homesick.
"The sun Is shining!" she exclaimed
aloud to the empty room. "It is only
tbat funny huzy ring around It Unit
keeps it from being really bright
Richard Is so silly and funny mer me,
like a lion with one chick! What ls a
sn.iw storm, anyhow, but fun V I m going tu take Tonka uut for Just a iiuie
Ab   I   peering  from  Ibe  kitchen
Window u Utile Inter, sliuiiU hi., bead
dubiously nl Ibe sight uf a slender lig
ure in u heavy riding habit making its
way toward Ibe stables.
"Me no like missy glo," lie said.
"Weather velly bud."   Then, wltb uu
iinies.'i'il'iible    gesture    not    uuiiiiU'd
It wns :i terrible journey. In spite ot
Ingrabam's assistance Hnrbara constantly stumbled nml fell, without
Ihe pruteetlon of his fnr coat he could
only light hopelessly against the numbing cold Unit assailed hlin. hi-i heart
aching over lhe misery ul the girl who
depended on 1,1m sn pathetically, but
Tonka, wltb drooping bond, plodded
slowly on,
As Barbara, assisted to her feet for
the hundredth time, dimly cun,'lulled
thai it would lie better tu lie still Hum
in struggle agalnsl tbo fearful ruld,
T'Hiku gave a glad whinny and stood
still. Tbey were standing before tbe
stable dnor!
'fbul evening niter the two hail re-
e.iveie.i s.,meu imr rrom ice baths and
Imt blankets and Itli-llard bad loft
them aluue fur a rew inuuioiits Ingra-
11u 111 looked aoruss llie lire to the girl's
sweet, pule face    All the luve that bo
No   Wonder   Lincoln   Always   Had   a
Fund ef Sloriee on Hand.
Lieutenant David B. Darker, author
ot "A Chautauqua Boy of '01," sheds
���   ,       ,,,,,,,            ,                 ,   . some light on  the question of where
men us the little boxes of gown suehets i .��� .���,.       .,,      .    ?    .   .    ,        . ,
"              ""��� Lincoln got his stock of stories.   I.leu-
wlilcb are now so attractive und whieh ,en-U)t ,.urk(,r WM ln the oflice of the
may be bought at many of tbe shops ; provost  marshal  ut  City   Point  wben
and  also made at  very  little cost of   an  Irishman  presented  himself  for a
the inuker's time.    A grout ninny wo-   pass through the Union lines.
men who do not cure to go in for uiak-      Tlle Irishman wan dressed In oordu-
lug elaborate birthday gifts enjoy de-   *��*ye* wltb hobnailed shoes,   lie had a
voting n little time to turning out the   h"TIT'  r"'i<iy  ^^ and   '"8  "''''
,..,���_..,,  ��� ,���,, .   ,    _ui i sparkled wllh fun.    He handed out a
charming little sachets  which are so   car(]   b|J( ^ n[) tQ one con)er       .��
useful and so attractive. ; The card rcad. ..,1(|ss the bearer  _
The sachets ure usuully about two:���', to General Meagher's brigade In
nml u half Inches square, the material   the Army of the I'otomac and return
being sutln, brocade or silk and tbo | to Washington,  with free transportation. A. LINCOLN."
"Salada" Tea is "Hill-6i-own"
"Hill-grown" tea has the small, tender leaves -
with full, rich, delicious fragrance, redolent
of the spicy tropics.
Tea is grown high up on the mountains of Ceylon���with its native
delicacy and fragrance held captive in the sealed lead packages.
eolor that which tho person to whom
tbey are to be presented most affects.
Should there be uny doubt us to wblcb
color  Is  preferred,  white Wltb a  little
color in the embroidery is always de-
| slrnble, especially If a ilolicute Ivory is
| chosen Instead of a clear white.
The sachets are made quite Hat, and
; three sides of them may perfectly well
queer,   lung  logged,  awkward  be stltcbed up on tbe machine, tbe pad-
bore   pictured   is   aiding  being tben   put  In.  after  wblcb
"All right" said Major Beckwltb. "t I
will give you n pass, but I want yon
to tell me how you got the card."
The Irishman said: "I had three sons I
In this eounthry who were In the nr- I
tny.   One was killed.   The others Rent ]
nie   money   to   come   over   and   visit |
them.   They told me to come t' Washington and I could git a psss.    I csme
f Wasbiugton. but I could git no pnss. j ACROSS   THE  CONTINENT   WITH
I wlnl! Iverywhenv    I pushed tne way |       0UT  THE  ANN0YANCE   OF
In to that old Turk In tb   wnr department, and I thought for a  minute be I CHANGING CARS.
ivould put me In prison for gittln' Into j               EASTER   HOLIDAYS
his   room.    Then   I   bung around   .be |    single far(, and one..hlrd ^ round
t ip,  on  sale  March  20 to  24
Photo by Am
in Press Asfiocintlun.
looking  creature
baby camel.   He wns burn nt the l.ou-j the fourth side Is sewed by band
,       "    hud so hrnvolv suppressed during their
with   disdain,   be  culmly   washed    is    , ,..-,*   ,        ��� ,._,.,,       ,
 ,       ,1'11' - Journey welled In his voice. .
���.Miss  Barbara,  Barbara,"  be said
hesiiiitingi}*. "rm gimi it happened.'1
bands of tbe matter und weut on wiiu
bis pie inuking.
Barbara found the stables deserted,
but Tonka nosed bsr softly wltb wet
come lu ber grout eyes, and puny nud
girl .swung eagerly ont beyond ibe oor- '
mi to tho 11pen plain,   iiurbiirii shivered  a   good  deal  nt   llrst.     i he air:
lacked lbat clear, Invigorating quality
(but  bud  bltberto  inude  riding a  delight.    There was a raw wind rising
that penetrated her heavy habit.
. "We wou't go fur today, Tonka," she
safd, with chattering teeth���"Jnst ibe
Jive inlios out to tiie Irrigating gats and
back again."
The murky ring about the sun grew
(In. Lei und thicker until tbe sun wns a
mere pule yellow dinner plate resting
.on ii gray blanket The wind began to
.silng Barbara's face unpleasantly.
"Ob, denr." she suld. "tbls Isn't nny
fun! It's su busy I cunt see Iho ditch,
nnd"���she turned lu llle saddle und
looked u bout in a puzzled way���"I cunt
see ibe ranch house either. Why-why,
Tonka, whore ttre we."
She looked up Into the iky. but during ber Ktiurt moment of uncertainty
the sun bad become totally obscured,
nnd ns she looked Hue. driving particles of snuw pelted her face. Tonka
sli.,uk ber bend stubbornly nnd sturtid
off ni'iiipily. but llurliiirii pulled bor lu.
"Silly Ibliig." she snld. "I dout want
to gn tn the Irrigating dllcU.   We musl
get home ns soon us ever we run "
Bill Tonka had Ideas nt ber own on
(be subject,   As Barbara pulled ou too
r.lii   she   si k   her   bond  ngaln   mul
star led tu buck.
"Tonka,"  scolded   Barbara,   raising
bet  voice above the roar of the wind
"I want tu go home!   Hunt uet like a,
Willi lhe aid of the whip she Dually
persuaded lutilia to turn, and Ibej
btarted off In lhe teeth nr the wind.
'Ibe dihe of Ibe snow was su lleiiv)
thai Burburn could nut son n linos'*
length In tiont or bor. The iiild was
... Intense thai she felt us il b"r Im o
were being soured, and she begun lu
be frlghlciied
II   iiin-l  lie il lill/.znnl." she III.night
���111, li ini �� ill bo triiiillc "
I i,r  ii ni  nn  l    I unk i  struggled
ugh uie blinding *���<���" I". w I  ""'
III. ��� ell   gill   nn    llci    bill U   . "l"-   I"
i.i.   n ub   nun ning   ii mils  mul
i  i,,,,  , ||     ,\. ine I'tiltl grew mi
,. ,i .. it,. burn puiletl Hiu i"">>  '"
id    ,.sln* .,ii	
ive   -I lu unil-i." sbs thought, "ni
In ". Iho sinlilie "
win,   i ciii'i  mi  imr arm,  she
. ,|  ,���,,   her gcari  sinking  more
in,i  ie   "\\o lira lust, Tonka," slis
I     i,,.i  In une ..I lli.i-e lorn  hll'.
si���.  pupped  Iii  luciilhc nnd
in pound lur aching bunds sgulnsi Ills
. - - nie
s Ion I.i   lniil.ii lined her bend wllh
n  -lum   uhiun.v,. which was answered
in.ni ..ni ni,. storm by another whluuj
I:.ii burn milked ubmit eagerly.   "Is H
Hll)  n hi 111)  puny," "ho Ihuughl, "or Is
sum looking lor nu'V"
ii t ibe whirlwind of snow came
ihe uliiiduwy furin of uinun, like Har
burn, lauding Ills horse. Hiiihuius
Iii-ili i gnve u great Ihrub
Ml   lugrnbllllll" she gasped.
"Ureal uciivuhh, Miss Barbara, what
il ���.. Mil* in i'r" exclaimed lhe uiiiii.
(liming bis buck 10 Hie gal" null Sbullt-
in lie lien id tilmvM it
l in html!' called llai'luirn.
"This i- nwiui," answered llie man,
Ills l'n n��u.  "Vou poor chilli!  w uy
���, earth did vour brother lal >"'' "l;t
..ii s,��� I, ,i iu,-': i-'I shall call him to
n email inr Ihls. And I IIIII Ol nn uss!
i bis Is my llrst exiH'l'loiico Wltbllll
Ainprli'iiii hilxziird. I. lu". am lost!"
Biiibiiru's heart sank. Her innnlh'S
���,,ii,n,i���i���i. wltn iho young l'.mril��m
...nn, hiiu wus tucir usarast ualgkbur
Burburn looked up
"I hniln'l much hope before," he went
on, "but nnw somehow you seem lo
boiling to me a Utile."
Barbara's pallor disappeared, "it
wasn't such a bud Sturm lu some
Ways," she said.
And llie llie erurkled appreciatively
at tbe pretty tableau.
don zoo not lung ugo. nnd his photo
wns liiken shortly nfter bis birth, liis
mother Is seen beside blm. '1 be young-
ster Is u member et the dromedary species of camel, wblcb differs from tbo
Bactrlan in having but one hump uu its
back. The dromedary Is larger tlinu
Its two humped couslu nnd Is supposed
to have originated In tbe desert of Su-
hum. At the New York zuu there Is a
baby camel of Ibe Bactrlan species. It
Is now about n year old and Is very
t.'itne. lis mother Is used to curry children a limit the park, and the youngster
Is always with bor. parading solemnly
nt the mother's side us she wulks niuug
with a luud of children lu the suddie.
Sp.iin't Ancient Lighthouse.
At I.a Curuiia, In northern Spain,
may be seen n lire toner which Is,
wllh the exception of the ruins of tbe
Roimin lighthouse at Dover, Ihe oldest
of ;ill existing structures of tbis kind.
The exact date of the erection ut this
tower is unknown. According to mi
inn lent liiiiliilr.ii. It Is accredited to
Hercules, whence Its nunie. Torro do
Hercules. Others sny thut riinenl-
clniiB. who hnd established several colonies In Spain, bud elected i|,|s light
tower fnr tbelr iiurthlnnd cruises.
However, Judging Iroin Ihe Inscription. It Is mure probable tbut the Unman Emperor Tnfjuii erected this
structure. The Inscription also mentions tbo name uf Servlus Supns ut
I.iisltiinln ns Ibe architect lhe tower
l�� built nf ashlars and Is '.'7 fool square
ami I'.'n f.i'l In height ll has six s,.p.
unite stories, which liin only lie readied by circular staircase around thu
exterior of Ibe lower, Tbe ilciittio.i-e
wns restored In IHW, bill nl tlio ond ut
ibe eighteenth century was again In
ruins In 17P7 ll wa�� rebuilt li) tli"
Spanish government nml still sends
forth Us lieanis-Algnliailt
iiie matter of fragrauce it Is most lui-
portaut to consult the tuste of the recipient of the gift, ns untiling eau lie
in,ire distressing than to receive so
charming a present which Is un wearable boeiiu.se the sceut is uut one's favorite.
A favorite fashion of decorating tho
sachets is to embroider tbe flower rep.
White House and went Into tho garden and talked with the gardener, who
wus a kind fellah, and told him me
story. Ile Bald: 'Come tomorrow morning early, and I will put you at work
here. When Mr. Lincoln comes to
wnlk In tlie garden you can speak to
"So in the mornln' I wint there and
fussed will some plants along the
walk. I'retty soon I saw the master
comin'. As he saw me he stopped and
spoke.   He said:
" 'Now mnn here?"
"I said, i am hclpln' the gardener a
llttls.'   And he said:
" 'Arc yuu a gardener?"
" 'I'm Just come from Ireland.' ��ald I.
" 'But arc you a gardener'-1' said be.
"'I am.' snld 1, but tbat was a Pe,
fr I'm a groom.
"Then he stopped there and talked
to me, and I told him my Btory. 'Come
Into the office,' he says, 'and I will (it
B.C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. m_
2 p. in. and 11 l4i.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m.
and 11 p. rn.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanalmo 3 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Prince Rupert
and Northern Points 10 p. m. Wedne-*-
to  return  up  to  March  26.
Week End tickets on sale to local
points at Single Fare for Bound Trip
on   Fridays,   Saturdays  and   Sundays.
New Westminstei
Or H.  W.  Brodle. Q.P.A,  Vancouver
,1     ijouvea Vancouver  every Wednesday at
Good I io p. m
Chilliwack Service
m.  Monday,
m.   Tuesday.
Loaves Westminster 8
Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Chllllwack   7    t
Thursday and Saturday.
BO. GOULET. Agent, New Westminster.
It. W. BRODIE. O. P. A��� Vancouver.
King's Hotel Pool Room
Ilest Pool Tables in the city.   Fine
line of Cigars and Tobacco.    Sporting |by  Vibro-.Massage "and Glover's Fa
events bulletined. j 0U3 stimulating Tonics.
A. G. BEATON. Proprietor. |        DAV|D BOYLE, 35 Eighth St.
Specially���Treatment  of  the   scalp
resented by the fragrance In tbe eon-1 yon  out'    So the gardener told  me
Ier of one side. The embroidery should
be very .-.light and small. A flowered
silk or satin may be chosen for the
its and tben no embroidery Is nee-
what door to go in and what to tell
Tm, and I walked past thorn fellahs ss
If I owned the place.
"When I come ln. Mr. Lincoln said,
essury. A tiny chllfon flower appllqued 'Have a seat sir. and warm your feet
to llie center of each sachet ls also at- i by the Are.' lie sat wrltin' nnd a man
tractive, But It Is not necessary to | was shovln' papers before blm. and he
decorate tbe sachets nt all, ns tbey are1 would sign them.   lie said. 'You must
Tha Breadfruit Tree.
The breadfruit tree Is u native of
the South Sou islands, where Its fruit
Is of us luueii vuliie as cereals nre In
more temporute reglous: it Is uow to
be found cultivated In ull tropical
countries. The tree, which has largo,
glossy leaves and while flowers, attains to a moderate height: tlie fruit,
Wblcb Is globular iu shape, being about
Ibe size nt a melon.
There are uiany vurlctles of this nso-
ful tree iu cultivation, aud ns ttiolr different fruits do nut ripen nt the sume
time n nearly constant supply is afforded lo people who depend upon It
as their chief source of subsistence.
Tlie fruit Is gat bored Just before It
ripens, when It Is found to lie full Of
ii starchy matter, whieh is lis principal
value ns uu article of diet, lt limy be
cooked In various ways,
A \ory common practice is tu bake It
whole lu Imt ashes uud snoop out tbo
Interior, whieh is of n soft consistency)
lusting like potatoes boiled und mixed
sufficiently  daloty
nicely made.
of   themselves   tf   kuow lots of Irish stories," and 1 snld:
" 'I know some,' and be said:
" 'All right; talk to me, talk to mer
"Well, I could always talk If I hadn't
much to say, but 1 kep' talkin' end talk-
_lu', and a r.an came in to see Mm on
Time. When These Useful Little Art.- f lmaluesa> BDd he gnldf .Never Ton mlnd.
cles Como In Handy.
sit  where you are.'  and  be kep'  me
There are few small articles (hut help thcre. wllcn dlDner ame c.me he told
In so many wnys us push pins. When tlle man t0 tal-e me dowD and 8ee ,hat
windows are wide opened, curtains nre i had gome dlnner. Then I came back
prone to sail far into the room, but eau a?nin. i stayed with him day afther
lie securely hold In place by these plus j day. ; waa given a dinner of turkey
and tho fnbrio Is not torn. 1 nnd Iverythlng. bat there was no wbls-!
Should one wish to write near a win-1 ky    Finally be said. 'It ts time for yon
dow where too much breeze scatters
tbe pnper, those pins hold the paper
In pluce. says the Itostuu Cooking
School Magazine.
If  sketching In  a stiff breeze thoy
dn iheir duty ngnln.
In tbo children's room pictures aro
fastened by tbem to tbe wall without
Injuring It. whieh Is n Mossing, as children love fo change pictures so
On  tlle ile-t  Ibey  bold In poslih
to go to tbe boys, and 1 wlll let yoo go.'
But be hnd pumped Ivery story out ot
me that 1 had lver heard."
Corner of McKenzie and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house.  Will give two years' lease.   Apply
to Manager The New Westminster News.
HS I llll- U
often, ft
on the|,
Instlng like potatoes IsiIIikI umi iniscii   " ��� "'"��  "".'    - ���" i~���.���- -
with milk.   It Is also cut in thin slices, needful blotting imd.                             I
dr u Iho sun. und then ground Into " reading In the wind, especially on M
, kind of flour.   Tho (roe yields other d<"'k ��* ***��� ���*""*���' ll,,le ''ins "rc "f'l
See America First.
In  a   country  mi  Inrge  ns ours nno
mny travel extensively without going
outside   nnr   own   borders,     I'rlde   III
one's  limne  Is  a  g I  quality,  bul   it
hinder* development If une Is su well
snll-lioil Willi bis nivn oily or Mule lis
I,, ,-ai,, in s r know IHI ulker,    Kven
a hurried Inuriiev throughout the i nit-
eil   Sillies   Wnllld   give  II   Cl option   uf
Us   viistni'HS,  the  variety  of  it"   ro-
��� -, ,.s    I   the  dl vend tied   lnlere��is
pie snell ni I'Ulllll   lie gi'l   IU
nt   llie
i lln
|ii-l   in
ed.'i'     I
null    11
,. America Mi -1!   I'.ut
���tlllids  Ills own   Inii-
I,, 11,-1'    1,1    111. \ ll>a   s.i.iie   l.niiwl-
f  unnlber,  s   i ih   thu
,,|   |,ls  nirll  ii i   '""-I   I' "lv
i he is i ��� i" c pare ii wiih
uthi-r liin.I-     Inn.mulch   Irtivel  i- nu
 -ei*  ii   lire  privilege,   t nl'.icl
I milv  III   llie Iviw    I'iVI'll  lb ' I   U'"'l-
|,.r,i' -   i P'll*   "'"'   I"  "ll|"*v
   hclll'lltl Ihlll coin" M  seeing fur
 s  s,.ir  Ibu nimugH  purl"  ni   lha
,,,,,i, mul i uiilnu i I "' wlin ml
i.i, ,.s  i niiiliiiiniltles In Ihelr
i bullies     Leslies,
in 'ii .'
Wh��t Ther Sing For.
,\   character  In   *'   ���>���   l*s-n��Is��r 's
-I he s..ni i.r ii I eii..r" breaks a rib IU
l'i, 11, j 111 - o ns filllllWMI
"l.ei me loii .mu snniHlhlnu, nij denr
girl, II iliiesn'l nuiku IIII UIIIICB ol iinii i'-
 e  iv Iml   lln'so  so called  ci'Hi.s  s.iy
I ul   nil  opeiu      'I'bo.v   Wl I   ul
pruleillh'iii   iwnddle.     Musl   of   tn.-in
liarcii'l Ibt' Palnlesl Idea "l whal ll is
ilia,  nukes i pern il micco-s.    II  Hie
leiu.r uud sopl'llliu Inivo pieiily ul guild
I iiiellllly lii -'ng and "lie nr IWO IIVHJ
I luve scenes with n curlilng ellnnn and
i ,||,.|',. Is ii lull nuinUlil ul linings Ini  lbs
| njH.yi  mul c*iirniln.'|ileiily ol luiiu
muiilr Inr lhe clliiriis and n g����il ballel
!,���. pi,,,,.-  II Is ll lulollllily sale lul
nml ibe opera wlll I'lib'b <"> Ami lhal
' < whal we me mi In the business inr,
I \\'r me mil Ihero tilt psychnliigy ur Ini-
! munitions ur wllu'tlos.   Wo nrs ibers
!,,, |���ik,. Hie public shunt ami chip lt��
! mini* und hasten to put mors duiinn
u 1110 but ullhe."
'Ilfinn. Ol  la ��"!l
eoleliraliiig   tllB
valunble products besides food.    A native cloth   is  muds from  tbe  ttbi s
' Inner hark of the ulem. and n useful
kind of glue Is also obtained, wtnlo
ths wood Is serviceable.
A  Lucky F'nd.
Iii  lSii" n  Boer runners child look
Inline   to   her   mother  a   pretty   while
pebble   she   bad   found   un   u   river's
I,mil;      It   wus   seen   by   n   traveling
trader! who sold Itefnr (2,000.   Hear-
; lug about I bis. n unlive shepherd mine
forwnrd  with another pretty  pebb'e,
; the "Siur .if South Africa." f��r whicU
I tho i'ni'i "f Dudley paid $125,000, Thus
wns discovered the wonderful diamond
Held  to  which  South Africa owes Its
A Useful Thimbls.
All  Ingenious  Inventor  bus   mnde  n
small horseshoe nnignel lu the side of
u tailor's thimble.   The tbluible picas
up noodles liy nnignetlsui.
Jungle New*.
The tlKir nml tho SlSPtlSnt,
The lion nml Hie bird,
They mtulo Hie in nn urn awful nates
That you hu VS nnr hoard.
Thev rurnd nrlnm Iho dSSSrt,
Ami liny kicked lip iill Hie saint,
for thsy wen. feeling mighty Hue.
ThSSS liruale of Junslo l.und
They'd lust rscsivtd a mtsssgs
Prom Iho c.iin.l nl Iho nui
'Twin, tho llrsl  ciinimiinh'iilliin
Thut  hud evni* gnllon lllrough.
'Twin hint n' wi'i'lily p-ipor
in upper} by BOtUS liumiin hnnd.
iml dearly cherished by lhe bsastl
Wlin fnrnioil Hint iunglc band
BgCSUSS It hold Iho pli'turoe
nr ths frlsnds they'd Inst, murk.
Who'd miiii'ii sway "no summer day
Ami nsvsr would mine buck1.
Anil nn, denr lllllo olillllron.
Cul iiie pictures oul by iisnd
And rend llioni tn the animals
lu rur nfr .iniigio Land.
Perhsps they'll nml smongsl Ihem
A ih-iil-  fiiuillliil' fiu'o
Tlint's gnno liie.'.ind the nruiin
Tu |oln a dlffsrsnt rnco.
Por thOSS who Irnvel ntiwnrd
Will oft hour nBWS fnun limne.
Hut thopip who sll hoslilo tlio liourth
JHnir nuuglit front ilioso wh.i ilium.
��� I'lilliulolphlu Uncord.
mod to hold Hie loaves from llin
continued Happing that Is nerve rack*
Ing to the render and others nearby.
For Young Housewives.
When B glass Is broken, Instead of
trying to pick up the little pieces wet .
a woolen cloth, lay this on the fl'��>r or
wherever Ihe fragments are and put
it The liny particles wlll pdhers to
Ihe rag,
An asbestos pud or mat Is nn excellent  HutlroD  rest.    Willi this nl  baud I
there la UO ilnnger of llie Ironing biuird ]
cover being scorched.
The French people are far nl d ofl
the Americans lu their observance ol
"the penny suved penny earned" the-
"' i
ory. They use for tlii-lr salads lln
parts of vegetables which tiie.Ainorl-
enn housekeeper throws awny und
innsl pieces uf bread willed wa let
'I  ,. American housewlfs has yet to
I ,1 i ..rs is a profession III which she
mny euro money by Having I)    Tn liny
meats, vegetables and groceries with
cure   nnd   foresight   I*  tunnel bin."  Hint
no w.iiiiuii sbotVd consider beueulb her
Sliver  ClOthS   now   come Hint   polish
the Miiver without the housekeeper hav.
Ing lo use nny of the old fiishlouod unil
dusty silver powders.
Automobile Runs.
noriin chauffeurs are forbidden to
smoke while un Uuty.
St. "I'etersbni'is will have nn Intorna-
iloiiiil unto show In April.
Auto wireless telephones hnve proved suocessful lur n distance of thirty-
live  miles
A novel msler f"r electric automobiles registers the amount 'T electricity
ihni Is put into nud taken from the
storage luittorloH.
W^est minster
Mr   nnd   MM,  0.  <
ui, Eastbourne, on
iiieih anniversary
celved a telegram of onngrut.il.ii.io"
uu tho King.    Mr-
The   find
proSSOUtlon   undor    Sec-'    Tbo   llalh   medical   committee    ml
ecured dressed
loiter to  the  mayor
'ah!!' Irneiil, point"
Train and Track.
A locttmntlva Hint originally wns
built In 1M7 Ihih Heen leciiiislrucloil
iml given light work lo do by an ICng-
i|sh riillniiiil.
lu (be Intent stvle of Prussian sleeping cars two small stnleroums can lie
"(inverted Into one large rnnm wllb
four beds hy removing n partition.
An aerial railway forty miles long,
with dfteen nr sixteen towers tn every
nicrly   (inventor
I'i'illuliil I'rlsous.
linn lul of the Insurance Acl
r ii, ir wedding,  ���i  Wovmuiilh. when Tor olilulnlng un- upon ths bathing
lien!     benefit    bj    raise    pro-  lug ont Iho neoeSHlly of ddlng Home-; nil,, ���r cnhle. hns heen hogiin to eon
i   i   Arthur Augustus Muyno, plus- thing  :il   once  towards   its  Improve-1 ������.t MhiiIsuIss snd Vlsrlijiilta. l.olou��
' '"'"" W"H nnii  torer. of Weyuioutli, was soul to ptli.- ment in view of tho success of other
Will be out of business for a few days
News Classified Ads.
Are  still on tke jot.
and bringing good results to all who use them. You may
not be able to telephone your ads in for a day or two, but
.send them in anyway. Some one may be looking for the
position you have to offer or the property you want to sell
and an ad. in tomorrow's paper may bring you together.
63 McKenzie Street.       i>��
of   Dartmoor
Ion for a month.
"J?***�� I '*���
MONDAY, MARCH 17, 1911
Remember the Place
33 Eighth St.     Phone 2
You are no doubt thinking
about preparing your Sunday
necessary meals.
The new cereal "I'ost Tavern
Special," something new and delicious     Try  a  10c.  package.
Our Ham and Bacon is the
best quality and we have all our
own ham. Try a pound of either
at 35c. per Ib.
Davles Eggs are ihe only egg
backed by a $5.00 guarantee and
you are sure they are new laid,
3 dozen for $1.00.
Our Itcyal City Coffee is excellent, 3 lbs. for $1.00.
Our Special Coffee Is better at
40c. per Ib.
A pound of our Sliced Tongue
is only 60c, and ls Just splendid
for luncheon, or try a Pork Pie
or some Sausage Rolls..
For a dessert, Hunt's Canned
Fruits cannot be beaten, per tin,
Reid and Miller's Cakes are of
first quality and sold very
cheaply, per Ib. 25c.
Chateau Brand Soups. They
are very tasty and the assortment ls very generoUB, 2 cans
for 25c
Fresh Lettuce, Cabbage, Celery, Cauliflower, Green Onions,
Radish and Parsley at lowest
In order to make your salad
more delicious add a few Salad
OnionB. They are expensive,
but nevertheless add very much
to make the satisfactory, dinner,
per bottle 30c.
Crab Apple Jelly Is just delicious and adds very much to
the flavor of your roast.
Olives, both ripe and green.
Ripe at 35c, 50c, and 60c
per jar    Croon por pt.,35c.
C. & B.  Pickles, 3 bottles $1.
For dessert our fruit is of No.
1 quality.
Apples, No. 1 Table, 3 lbs.
25c, per box $1.75.
Oranges, 18 for 25c, 35c and
40c dozen.
Bananas, In No. 1 shape, 30c
We guarantee our goods.
Satisfaction or Money Back.
seen yesterday. On four occasions
recently motormen of Interurban cars
have been forced to use the emergency brakes to prevent the youngsters
being run over and it is understood
that the officials of the company have
notified the local police about the
A meeting of the civic league was
held on Friday evening of lust week
when the question of opening the
moving picture shows in this city on
Sundays was discussed. Several mem-
Mr. (1. P. Napier, assistant engineer j hers    expressed    admiration    on  the
stand taken by Alderman Dodd
isnlnst the prcnosal ond intimated
that a strong fight would bo waged if
an attempt   was  made to open    the
sold.    Today $820.    See ad. of-Frank!theatres in Now Westminster on Sun
Major Music and Piano House.   (8741  days.
The arts committee of the R. A. ft'lChilliwack Authciities
I. Society have in hand a scheme for
the'extension of the scope cf the art
exhibition of tho annual fair whereby
famed pictures not only bv Canadian
The branch  of  the Bank of  Mont-  artists, but by    those of Kngland and
of the provincial public works depart
I ment, visited Suinas on Saturday
$4J0  piano  reduced  $10  each  until
A newsboys association is to be
formed ln this city according to the
plans of a special committee of members of  the  civic  league.
Mr. William W. Kraser and Miss
Charlotte Geddes, both of this city
wire married at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Hardie, 212 Ninth streot on Wednesday lust. Rev. J. S. Henderson officiated
real at Sapperton  will  be closed  for
business on and after March 29. (845)
Tiie storm sewers were overworked
yesterday by reason of the continual
downpour of rain which commenced
early Saturday morning.
W. Day, electrician, agent for Hot
Point irons; fixtures and wiring of
all kinds. Phone 1269, 28 Sixth street,
opposite Postofflce. (760)
Mr. and Mrs. W. Tyler, Brunette
house, Sapperton, entertained a large
company of friends to a supper and
Cinderella dance on Saturday evening.
We sell, rent and exchange Bewlng
machines. All our machines warranted. C. N. Kdmondson ft Co., corner
Sixth avenue and Twelfth street. (752)
Park Ranger Robinson had a gang
of men at work In Queens park during the line weather of last week preparing the flower beds for seeding
and planting.
Send yonr spare table, chair, refrigerator, sewing machine or anything else you wish to dispose of to
Benzie's Auction Mart, 638 Clarkson
street.    Prompt returns. (786)
Mrs. (Dr.) McSween will receive
for the llrst time in her nev,* home.
���Hit Eighth avenue, on Tuesday afternoon, March IS, and thereafter every
third Tuesday in each month.
Hurrah for Ireland ! The Young
People's Guild of Knox Presbyterian
church will hold a St. Patrick's con
cert In Johnston's ball, Sapperton, on
March 18, at 8 o'clock. Admission 50
cents. (875)
The members of the New Westminster and District Overseas club
will tender Mr. II. O, Walker, their
president, who leaves for Victoria
Hiis week, a farewell reception in the
Conservative club rooms tills evening,
Prance could be displayed here. Noth
ing definite has been done yet, but
Mr. S. J. Ritchie, chairman of the
committee, lias talked the matter over
with Rev, J. S. Henderson, and they
both have decided that tho idea if
carried out would be of great value tc
the exhibition.
Religion and Superstition In the
Time cf Christ" was the subject of
Mr. George Henry Little, the chief
speaker at the Sunday afternoon
nieetln" held under tlie auspices of
the Y. M. C. A.. In the Edison theatre
Mr. Little's address was well worth
hearing, special Interest being at
tached to his statements as he wai
dressed in the attire of the Oriental
scribo and carried the scroll of the
ancients to complete his mako-up
There was a fairly good attendanci
at the meeting.
i Public Supply Stores
L. ADAMS        S. K. 11UIGCS
You Are
Daily Work- J
I ing Hard to
Now Is tlie time to build your fence.
We have a few more of those fancy
topped pickets which we ure closing
out ut one-half price. Walsh Sash &.
Door Factory. (838)
Mr.   Charles   I'lttendrigh,   jailer  at
Ithe olty lock-up was    taken    to    St.
.Mary's   hospital   Saturday  afternoon,
Ithreatened with uu attack   of   pneu-
I moniii.
I Money to loan from $50 to $5000 at
j 12 per cent. No delay. Loans granted
I in rotation. Strictest privacy. Repay
i ment arranged to suit your own convenience. James Ward, P. O. Box
G30, Vancouver. (847)
The trial of the four men charged
with robbing two Itussian laborers
Brgen Karoff and liubu Kellf, of $14
on the nighi of January Ll, near the
Fraser Mills, will be resumed today
before Judge Howay In tbe county
A thoroughly good program has
been prepared for the entertainment
-if these who will attend the concert
to be held in St. Patrick's hall to
night under the auspices of the local
souncll of the Knights of Columbus,
Following are the principal num-
Vrs on Hie program: Piano duet,
Misses M. and G. Schwenk; song,
Fclected, Mr. llennessy. song, "Rory
O'Moore," Mrs. Wilkes; recitation,
Mr. Ellis; vocal quartette. Misses M.
and G. Scliwenk. Mr. Eastman. It. Jor-
den; song, selected, Mr. Pete Murphy;
Irish dance. Miss A. Soulier; bass
solo. Mr. .1. Haule; Shamrock minstrels, interlockcter. Mr. Quint);
soloists, J. Hinds. F. Arnold. W. Jordan, ('. Cummings, W. Foley, C,
Haule, J. Morris, Vin. Fognn und C. J.
Doors will open at 7 :!!(���, concert
sharp at 8:16.
Have Novel
Idea���Construct Raised Crossings
Electric timers, mounted police constables and other contrivances have
heen tried with vi^ried success
throughout British Columbia to stop
auto speeders, but tho latest from
Chilliwack is us novel ati idea as has
yet been heard of.
This consists of raised concrete
street crossings, constructed sufficiently high above the roadbed to give
the occupants of a fast driven automobile a severe chock.
The. approach of those crossings Ib
such that a vehicle can crosB at a
moderate rate of speed without discomfort to the pasEongers.
The few that were constructed in
the first instance have proved such
a success that more will bo laid this
spring  and summer.
In addition to their use in checking speed artists, tho crossings ure
much appreciated by the residents as
a protection from muddy streets.
A real good time is promised at the
Edmonds public hall this evening
when that well known Irish farce
"Biddy. From Cork," will he presented
by local talent in celebration of St.
Patrick's day.
A first class show Is expected as
the amateurB of the stage have boon
hard at work practising their various
pieces for the past few weeks and
hove now got everything down to perfection.
In addition to the presentation of
the play a company of well known
musical celebrities from Vancouver
will bo in attendance and it is expected that thoy will do much to make tlie
event one to bo long remembered.
The wearers of tho green throughout Burnaby have been looking forward to the entertainment for some
time back and nothing short of a
bumper house can be expected tonight.
Police Prevent Selling Foreign Papers
��� Indignant Ne^sboyB.
The    police    authorities    vesterdav ,,.,,���,   wm   ,,.,  rece|ve(]
morning ordered the    street    sale of  g(mera]   8tor���    Qu
American papers to cease.
This Is 111 accordance with a clause
in thc Lord's Duy Act which makes ll
an offence  to sell  foreign  papers on
the street on Sundays anywhere   ii
Canada Bxbepl   tbe province of Que
li is understood Hint an Indlgns
I tlon meeting of the newsboys ant",
i tlieir friends  was held In  the    Labor
Temple later In the day where n col (
1 lection was taken to tuke the mattei
io the courts if found necessary,
Subscriptions nnd classified advertisements for The News for Lulu Is-
d by A. Sprice,
��� The News Is on Sale at
Hotel Russell, Corner Carnarvon
und Begble,
II,  Morey & Co.. Columbia stroi t.
Oaskell Hook nud Stationery Co.,
Columbia streit.
W.  Brown, B. C.  !���'.   it.  Depot
Ira A. Reid, 7f,: Columbia street
Pictorial Review Patterns for April���Now on Sale
��������� -*���*.
.>u matter -what patterns you havo been using, try cue, just one, Pictorial Review Pattern and you will realize as millions of women have
learned, that Pictorial Review Patterns alone, give to your drosses that
elegance of line and  French chic which characterize nil Purls-made gowns.
The  Patented  Culling  and  Construction Guides furnished  with      each
pattern make mistakes absolutely  impossible  and   you  save    oue-ha!f    to
one yard of material on each dress.
A Copy of the April  Fashion Sheet Free at the Counter.
Don't forget to buy a . - .        Only in cents vvheti
couv of the Spring Quarterly    purchased with a i��
copy oi uie �����    -** ��     cen| pamrni
Our Dress Goods Department Invites your attention to the very spocii I qualities of new dress silks as noted
below.    We are constantly adding new lines socking to cater to every demand of our Increasing trade.
liG-incli  Messallne  Silk3;   with  hairline stripes; a beautiful lustrous silk  that you  will  find  Impossible  to
crush and constantly retaining that "sheen" so desirable in wearable silks;     leading    shades    are    navy.
Havana, brown, Copenhagen, blue and tho new grey;  full 36 Inches wide    Priced at   $1.25
One particular quality excites general interest, measuring 36 inches wide; extra heavy quality, and yet
one that a dress will almost pass through a linger ring; washes as well as a piece of cotton cloth. Priced
at, per yard   $1.50
Another beautiful silk this season that will delight autolBts is a beautiful new washable pongee, measuring
about 26 Indies wide and remarkable for its woanibleness; loading shades are cntawta beaver, brown,
mauve, Alice blue,  reseda,  sky and navy.    Priced at   75c
We are catering for thnt trade by providing the. newest novelties in dross lengths only;    rich    In quulity
and beautiful in finish and wearableiiess;  lengths at   $12.50, $13.75, $15.00 and to $25.00
We particularly desire to call your attention to our black goods und black silk departments. We carry
Priestley's famous dress goods, Ihan svhirh tliere is none b"tter and Bonnet et Ciis; black silks of which
we need say no words of praise,  as they are so well known. ,
"Try New
Life," Just
the Thing for
That "Sprinrj
Our New
Hats for
Men are
-S78 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Boundary Bay
Vou should how, while In
health, make definite arrangements regarding the disposition
of yuur estate at your deulh.
H   Is  neither   kind   nor   good
judgment to make a relative or
friend of executor
Both, just like yourself, arc
nnw concerned In building up uu
estate   for   themselves,    Thoy
have nut the time to give   your
estate, ami n is doubtful if they
have  ths  necessary   experience
There Is a greal deal of difference between the knowledge
necessary to build up an estate
ami thut noi sssary to conssrve
it, and you require an ezsoutor
with the fullest knowledge ol
the latter.
Anyway you wuuld not go to
a lawyer for advice If you wero
III You go lo a doctor whoso
whole life Is given up lo the
cure of a disease. For the
same reason you should come to
tho Dominion Trust Company
for help regarding thn administration of your estate. Thai Is
our business, and li Is lo that
phase "f finance that  We   give
our undivided attention,
Call In anil dlSOUSS the mutter, II wlll coat you nothing and
our help wlll be valuable to you.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
A collection of paintings by Vieknrs
| Diibson. Bell, Smith, Stevens, St.
Thomas, Smith, etc., will be on ex
liibitlon Monday afternoon and evening. March 17, at the Kltchlu s!ud!o
657 Columbia street. (S67)
The cily health COmmlttM have In
spectod the Eighth sirool cemetery
and   v. ill   report   tonight   lo   tho   city
council recommending Improvements.
Among tbess Will be a prohibition of
cremation, the clearance of broom,
fencing and  general clean  up,
j ls there a lack of Interest iu Iho
annual provincial exhibition belnt
shown by  local  merchants and bus!
I ness mon ?    This i|iiestiou  was aski i
bv one of the old timers, a Columbia
street retail  man, yesterday,
BJarlv last  week the business mei
wore asked to boost tile 1813 cxlilb'-
tlon along by having speclul envelopei
printed, showing the date or the pro
vlnclul f:i!r and also llie name of t'.i
nrr underneath,
Of these but 12.1)1)1) hnve boon order
ed us yet.
Although It is early to talk about i
fall exhibition, iho benefits accrued
by advertising tha date of tho fair and
lolling ibe outside world tluil tbe pro-
vlnclul exhibition is held annually In
New Westminster cannot be started
Inn   Sl.'llll.
Maple   Beacb   Park,   being a sub-
division of the   historic   old Whalen |
estate at Polnl Roberts, Wash.. Is at
lasi on the market In 50x100 feet lots [
fronting broad streets and  with  por- I
petual   beach   privilege.1    Thi*.   has
been the camp ground for scores ofl
lecul people for years.   The lots in
selling  fast,  mnn.'.   people   procuring I
the   locations   they   hud   occupied     us.
tenants for years.   Prices $:',;!D and ur
wards, easy term..;.    .Sole neeiits,
703 Columbia Street. City.
To  Contractors  and   Builders.    We
am now prepared to furnish you with I ~"     _,rWpmi, r
.and.   gravel,   crushed    rock,    cement | NtW B   <     '     "    'UIMl,!l '
and lime,    Office phono 828,    Wharf
phone 880,    B. C. Transport Co., Ltd.
No, 1. dii'i,' except Friday, will
leavo Huntingdon al 7 a,m., arrlvhu
111 New Westminster 8:66,
On Friday train No 1 win leavi
Huntingdon al 0:30 a m��� arriving ai
,\'c�� Westminster s: r>r, a.m.
Nu ii, dully, wlll leave N'*w V.'cil
minuter ui 4:80 p.m., Instead of 4:05
ns formerly, arriving in Huntingdon
at 6:80 us al present
Dr A, 1. McQuarrie, medical health
officer, mul Mrs. s .1. I'laicc. health
nspeotor, ure oonduotlng a,tour ol
mpeotion of ths various lodging
houses throughoul the city, pending
ths renewal of licenses to those
places for 1018,
Hun A. W. Friitor, who has Charge
j of  tbs  Juvenile  court   lu   Seattle,  nil!
likely bo hoard In Ihls city In Hie near
future, The civic league is endeavor
I ing lu secure   Judge    Fruter   as   the
spsakor In one of the theatres on tbs
tiny question,
Mr.   S.   (1    Itobblns,    who    has    for
soma time pust been representing ths
Hudson Bay Insurance Company   of
Vancouver, In Ihls eity, has been appointed Inspector for B, c. und Al-
bona   for   the   saniii   company,   und
leaves today for ciiigury where ids
headquarters will bo in future.
Tlio president nf the Hoard of
I'rado, Mr. John A. Leo, has appointed
Messrs.  II,  S. Curlls, J.  W   Cuuniug
ham and  otway wilkie the special
market  and  general  produce commit-
lee 10 report on the question of the
establishing of New Westminster ns
thn storing and distributing centre for
the Fraser valley agricultural pra
ducts. Mr. I) H. Curlls is obiiliniiin
nl  Hie cominltlee.
As  11   result  of a  verbal  report   by
Councillor Atkins 10   ibe   Coqultlam
municipal  council  Hint  the  (1.  N    It.
ciilnpllliv    bad    ollCI'OIU'hcd    three    feet
iipnne ons corner of thn North mud,
tile municipal engineer vlslled tlle lu-
cullty mid  verified Ibe Statement Thc
oounoll bus Instruotsd Mr. Mclntyre,
solicitor to Hi" council lo lake pro
feedings   tO   rectify   tbs  nllcgod   Ires-
I pass.
Some of tlio newsboys who use Ibe
vlrlnltv of iho 11. 0, BJ, It. depot onl ths grout resi 1 with which tbs da-
Columbia street as their camping |parlejj. was bold. After the ServltHH
Iground for selling papers are likely lo, tli remains wore removed to the depot
got hurl by lhe cars, according lo one unit placed on llie train for Montreal
nf tho DlNclals of tho II. Ol K- It. when I whore   Interment  will  bl   inudo.
Ladies' Handbags
To Clear at
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
revised and complete to date, show
Ing  public  buildings,  principal   Indus
trios,  rallwuy  tracks  and  number  ol
. Iota.    Kvery street  plainly marked.
Kvery  business mnn  needs one.
Large   size,  9.t3   feet;   alao   pocke<
140  Columbia   Street
Phone  45j
I iiknci-:   John iieni'e.   1   native   ol
Clilhli luiriii,   Kngland, and   a  member
of the staff ot the oily board of works,
dspartmsni passed nwny al bin rssl*
deuce MoBrldo boulevard and Cluts
streot, yesterday ufior a brief Illness
Ths I'lrcuinslaiiciB of ths death arc
rather snd nn Ibe father of deceased
who also resides In this city, hut Ih at
present away in ths old country, ex
peeled to sail for Canada .on March
38 in addition in Hie father the lati
Mr. iiengo is survived bv two brothers,
William and  Henry.
'I'bi. funeral arrangements whlob nre
in the bands of Murohlo & Son win
he    unounccd later
LOCK IK-IIIKIWN    The    funeral    ill
llie late Mrs. I.oelilelli'nwn look placi
mi Saturday afternoon, The servlooi
wore held ut ths family residence on
ths  Vale road, Burrsy ni " o'clock
Uev   Mr   (Illicit of Surrey Contra ol
([elating, after which the remains wen
removed lo Vunenuvcr where tbey
Were cremated.
BOWLER    I'nder  mosl   Impressive
nml w'loinii circumstances the funeral
riles  mi   tiie   body   uf  iho   lute   Mrs
Howler,  wife of  Mr   Patrick   Mowlcr,
olty oloclrlelnfi,  wire ntmcrved  In Si
Peter's church on Saturday
In the largo OOngfSgBtion of mourn
era thai filled 11 iirice representatives of every walk of life in the oily
won- observed, hearing testimony to
��8   Lome   Street.   Ni��w   Westminster,
Uralla Potatoes?
Undoubtedly Beet In the Market.      L
85c. per sick 100 lbs.k>
TURNIPS, per oack    50<_
���Hatt Cook
For Vancouver, via Central Park
���At 6.011 and 6:45 a.m., und every
15 minutes until 8 p.m. Prom il
p.m. until midnight bulf hourly service.
Sundays���At 6:00, 7:00. 7:30,
8:00 ai 1 N:;',() c,m��� week day service prevailing thereafter.
For Vancouver via Burnaby���At
5:45, 8:46 and s Di) a.m. with hourly service thereafter until 10:00
pin., uud lute car at 11:30 p.m.
Sundays���I-'Irat cur nt S:00 a.m.,
with  week  day  service  thereafter,
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7:00 a.m. and hourly until 11:00
Sunday���Klrnt car at 8:00 a.m.,
regular  week day  service  tbereaf-
(Connection with curs to Steveston und oilier points on l.ulu la
land Is made at Kburno.
For Chllllwack and Points In
South Fraser Valley���At 9;!!0 am.,
1:20 p in. uud 6:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Points
At 4.:;u p in.
527 Front 8t.
New Westminster.
Ciuti'itntocil new  laid eggs from our
own ranch, per ilo/.cu BSO,
Oranges 20 for 26c
lted Spring Salmon,  Fresh  llullhut,
Oollthuns,  Crescent Oysters.
Groceries, Fish and Produce.
Phone 98. 447 Columbia  Street.
Room  25  Hart   Building.
Home For Sale
No.   1    Hero  is  n  splendid homo for sale cheap.    In a good  In
cullty nenr Queen's Part and now school.
It  has   seven   Inn: tnfirrtnbln  minus  wllh   every   modern  convenience; full basement; oa a largo lot, ooxina fiet.
This plum Is below value uud  Iho  terms are  iiucli   that  alumni
nnyiino cun handle It.
PRICE,  14400,  (750  CASH, balance monthly    If you want to buy
n homo let ub show you this place.
Agents for Pacific Coast  Steamship Ce.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Estsbllshsd 1891.
Ws writs Fire, Life, Accident, E mploysns'   Liability,   Automobile  and
Marine Insursnoe, .
mn������iilHI)ul.l��l'.  l��i��l. y,   D  M.TiillWTi, v.ll   wiluiurNt.
C. A. BOGERT, General Mnnacor.
Capital p.id up
II.MrvS Fund
Total ��ii-l.  .
Whenever You Travel
- at home or abroad- carry funds In Travellers' Cheques or Lettera
ol Credit, Issued by The Dominion Bank, They air. current all
over ths world, and cashed at their lace value.
They prevent loss- and save  all  the  annoyances ol being
Identified, and Ihe worries ol lotelgn exchange.
Have you never heard
about the "YALE"1
Gasoline Kngines?
Tiet ua send you a
circular describing
Made In New  Weatmlnster.
The Schaake Machine Work��
Heapa  Engineering Co, Ltd., New Weatmlnster.


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