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The New Westminster News Jun 28, 1913

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News Classified Ads.
Have  proven their worth by the
result*    Ihey    produce.     They    fill
i&rg-e    or   small   wants   ���      small
VOLUME  8,      f  iBER  95.
Names of Successful Pupils
Who Are Promoted to
Higher Grades.
Closing Exercise* Held Yesterday and
Classes Break  Up for  Summer
Succeeds to  Presidency  of Board    of
Trade Vacated by the Death cf
John A. Lee.
By-Eleetion  Results  in  England  Show
���Government to Be Losing
London. June 27.- The  flow  of the
election tide In the direction of   the
With the rules of order and de
coram to some extent wmovcd, and
many ef the parents present, the lasl
half day of work In the local public
schools, for two months at least, was
brought to a close yesterday afier
noon.    The results of the recent  pro
motion  examinations were read out
and  ar:*  printed  below.
Although endeavoring to make
these  promotion  lists absolutely    ac
I,    m.    Richardson, who for some
time has been one of the must ardent
workers  1
who was
last annual meeting, will for the bal- j candidate defeated his Liberal oppon-
ance of this year oecupy the chair at j ent  in a  by-election  by  a    large    Inine meetings of that body. |ereas<d majority, again was evidenced
Ai  a meeting of the council of the   today  In  a  by-election  at    Leicester,
Summer Heat Carries in It
Train a Grim Toll cf
Weather Today.
New    Westminster    anil    Lower
Mainland:  Llglu (o moderate winds.
generally ra.r.   Not much change in
]W. C.  Sexton, cf Caljary,  Loses   His
Life at Fort Saskatchewan While
Wife  Looks on  Helpless.
ira & GUILTY;
in  lhe  f>ard  of  trade,  and   Unionists,  which   was  shown   at  Alt-1
elected Bee-president at the! rlngham,  May  29,  when  the   Unionist ;They Drop in the Streets in Toronto
board yesterday ufternoon he was
unanimously elected to take the position made vacant by the death of the
president for 1919, the late John A.
W (I. McQuarrie was elected vice-
president and J. D. Kennedy was
chosen to take Mr. McQuarrie's position as chairman cf the legislation
A committee composed of Messrs
W. (I. McQuarrie and W, J. Kerr, with
President Richardson, was appointed
to act  in  conjunction  with  the  com
made neci'Bsary by  the retirement of
the holder of lhe seat in the house of
commons.    Eliot    Crawsl.-iy-Willianu,
who had become Involved    as
spondent in a divorce suit
Kdmonton, June 27. S'.anding on a
beiom, trying to gel a log out of the
water at Fort Saskatchewan by
means of a grappling iron, William C
Sexton, of Calgary, today lost his balance and fell Into the water in full
view of his young wife. Before assistance   could   be   obtained   he   was
  ; swept away by the current and war
Tcronto, June 27.���Reports from all i    Sexton was visiting M. Goodron, of
co-re-lover the east and near middle west, ,Fort   Saskatchewan,   along   with   his'ternoon   Paul  Splntlum
particularly south of Ihe international' Wlfe' pricr t0 his df'Par"-"-e for Mon- | guilty  of  the  murder    ��� :
Die. Go Insane   and Commit
Sulfide in Other Cities.
Indian Murderer of Constable Kindness Will Go to tire
Scaffold in Thia City on September 12���Case Closed
Late Yesterday Afternoon���Judge Charges Against
Prisoner���Condemned Man Smiles and Says Nothing.
In   the  asslie   court  yesterday   af-
s    found
The  Liberals retained the seat, bu' 'l       ,        '. ,,    , j    .1 .    .,       ,tana' where he was taking Mrs. Sexton j Kindness at. Clinton in May, l'J12 and
by a greatly reducedI majority,   the iboullllary' tell.of death9' i)r08trations on account of ill-health.   They were|sentenced to death
ve.te being:    1-lewart,  Liberal.  10.86:1;
curate,  difficulty  has  been   met   with
in  sei-nring ull the  names of  pupllB jmittee of the Progressive association
The teachers have given valuable as j in arranging the ceremony -which wi""
sistance, but owing to the lack of
set form, very few of the lists havc
been made out in the same way. In
some tin- names are set down in ordei
of merit and In others alphabetically
and in several cases the honor suud
ings have been omitted. The whole
pass list of one of the senior grade*,
at Lord Ke-hiu school could not bc
Division X.
Oriental Class, M. II. Clarke
teacher, promoted from First Primer
lo Second Primer���Suey Pang, Wong
Sum Yen, Cheung Joe Him, Takec
Uaruki and  Law Soon.
Promoted from Second Primer to
Kirst Header ��� Hyodo Mlyataro, Lum
Young. Law Mon Kai and Oswald
Promoted from First Reader to
Second Reader -Abe Yasuichiro. Him
Wong. CharleB Wong, Sha Kin Woo.
I*o Tuck Wong, Pong Yung Wong and
Yee   lino.
Promoted from Second Reader Class
to VI.���Yung Law. Tom You, Tom
Sun and  Robert  Lawrence Shlng.
Promoted from Kindergarten to
Division IX., Miss M. Winter, teacher
Clarence Anderson, Letter Ackerman. Raymond Howell, Herbert Butler, Mer! Hriggs. Ashley Holton. Elmer
Askill. Katv McAskill. Doroihy Mc
Geachte. Helen Mcintosh. Edith Reid
Margaret Henahaw, Kathleen Robertson, Norma Ross. Isabel Sutherland
and Annie Stiles.
Division IX.
Promoted from 1. Primer to 11.
Primer. Miss M. L. Aboroiomb'e
teacher Yirglal KUngmnn, lola
Feeney. Edward Welsh, Lawrence
Miller Walter Ctismnu. lrvln Robinson. Dorothy Gregory, Ethel Stoney.
Charles Douglas. Agnes Sinclair,
.lames Cameron, William Alleubaugh.
ilrace Hamilton, Eleanor Heltum,
Promoted from Junior II. Primer to
Division VIII. Eva Jackson. Clifford
Stokes   Emma Wit:, Beatrice Douglas
take place next Thursday on the occasion of the driving of the first pile in
tli"  hart "t improvement Boheme.
A meeting of the Joint committee
will he In id this morning at 10 o'clock
;*} formulate plans.
Wilshore, Unionist, 92J9, and Hanley,
Socialist, 25S0.
and cases of insanity caused by    the 'amusing themselves on the river bank I    The last scene of the two and a half
present  heal   wave.    While  lhis  city  [n the manner described when the bus-  days trial was    was short and sharp.
has suffered considerably, it has been
much  worse across the border.
While walking ou Charles street on
band came to his death.
his way to his office, Sheriff F. T.
Davllle, of York, was overcome by i
the heat today. Au ambulance was !
called and he was taUen to Grace hos- !
\yi.;i.l where he died shortly after-1
wai da.
Evidently   prostrated  by   the   heat, |
W.  H.  Field, a  well  known druggist, |
After counsel had addrensed the
jury for and against prisoner, Mr. Justice Morrison summed up and carefully analyzed the whole evldenca in
a 40 minute address.
Jury Retires at 4:30.
The  jury   retired   at  4:30  and   returned an hour and a half afterwards
! with  the simple verdict "guilty."
the Identification of tho outlaws ky
Truron, when they grabbed tbeir
guns and held them at the ready as
be approached. The Indians who bad
nothing to fear were a quiet, peaceable people. Referring to Boyd's -eei-
dence at the Inquest he pointed out
that the written statement did oot
show that he was asked to identify
Spintlum. He only confirmed the
others. Of his own personal knowledge hc was absolutely silent. Tlieu
they must consider the tracks to
James' stable, the theft or the saddle
and the field glasses, the recoirery
of the saddle at the end of tfa�� 43G
miles tracking and the glasses In the
these men lie-
Lord   Brooke',   Opln'on���Believes
Education   to  Prevent  Soldiers
from  Drinking.
i   There  Are   no   Fire   Rangers  Com
pany Itself Must Maintain Staff
of Wardens.
collapsed on the street near his home  Cripple Creek Man Dies in Jail, by His
on  Tuesday  afternoon.    A  paralytic ���
stroke  followed and he  rvinained un- j
conscious until he passed away today.
Hot weather bathing took a toll of
jone  life  this morning  when  William
Franklyn. 19 years old, was drowned.
The    Dominion!in the Don swimming pool.
Own Hand Say Police, But He
Denies It.
forest   within  a forest  reserve  is be- night  full>.  .  8core    of    pr0strations
ing  constructed   cr   operated     by
*    Cripple  Creek,  Colo..    June    27.--
Death late this afternoon stopped the
Five Die In Chicago. prosecution of aJiues L. Bacon, resi-
Chicago, June 27,-Up to late   to- [f^^.ot tola^t^_and_tOTm��^C^owu0fi
Ottawa,   June
forest   reserves   and   parks   acl   provides that "when  a  railway  within a
legislator,  charged   with  the  murder
, ,    ....,of    his    wife and  six-year-old  step-
a  were  reported,  several  more    deaths   d      Mer on Ma    ���_ when ,he Bacon
company not under the jurisdiction Indirectly caused by the heat occur- hom(? wa8 de8troved by an expiOB|on
cf the board of railway commission-*rca and several people, crazed by the of dynamlte Karly yesterday mora-
ers  for  Canada   the  minister  of  the  heat'  attempted  sucide     bo  far  five  ,       Ba ,    hla      ���    t th t
rs  for  Canada,  the .minister  cr  the  Ueatn9  Me  attrlbuled   ln   chlcago  t0 ���    <���_   disembowe|W   him81.lf|   accord\
interior may require such company'i he heat wave, which shows no signs ing t0 the iall officials and died this
to establish and maintain an efficient  or soon diminishing.   At 4 o'clock the  afternoon.
and competent starr of fire rangers, temperature was a fraction over 96. j *jp until the moment of his death
equipped with such appliances for The weather report said the wannest Bacon was conscious and stoutly
fighting fire or preventing fire from place in the country' w'as Pierre, S.D., maintained his innocence of the mur-
spreading as the said minister deems where the maximum temperature was der charge and declared also that he
proper, and to provide such rangers 104. Free distribution of ice In some did not Inflict the wounds upon him-
with proper and suitable equipment sections of Chicago's crowded tene- self from which he. died. He reiterat-
to enable them io move from place ment district helped reduce the suffer- ed Mb statement that two masked men
to place along the line of railway.     iug which was intensified by humidity. ;entered his cell at daybreak Thurs-
"The said  minister    may    require j   , day morning and attacked him.
Five More In Milwaukee. ��� "��� 	
The    Court  ���  The    sentence    of
oner: "Paul Spintlum, have you any- Jposscssicn of cae
thing to say why the sentence ot the'fore their surrende
court should not be passed up in ynu?" I    On   the   whole  surrey of the  evf-
Prisoner remained silent and, thcldeoce let them not look for exactly
question being repeated, he smiled |the same story in the identically aame
Bhook his head  and  answered  "No."  words, as In Hindu cases.    l.et then
The The Court���The sentence of
the court is that you be sent to prison
whence you came and therein on Friday, Sept. 12th, you be hanged by the
neck until you are dead.
The prisoner was  then  removed.
There was no black cap or any fril-
lings about the court.
Proceedings   Yesterday.
The proceedings yesterday eonstst-
d of the evidence of W. J. Kelly, called by the defence to prove that as
foreman of the Jury at the inquest
on Constable Kindness, he had asked
James Boyd whether hc could Identify
Ottawa, June 27.��� "You have splen-
d d material In Canada, much better,
1 Bhould say, than In Britain, but you
are In more need of training and I
think you should have a 16 days
period of military camp Instead of
but  eight."
In these words. Lord Brooke, the
British territorial ofllcer, wbo wub
One  of those  who    exchanged    with
Canadian    officers    through    Colonel  8Uch company to maintain an efficient |
Sam  Hughes' plans tor inter-dirfusion |Pa,ro1 <���>�� the  line    of    ra lway    and ���    Milwaukee,    Wis.,    June    27,-Five
lh,.    .>1li,.-r<    Ifiiifl.i     in     ilu.     i'i-niiiiti       t lir,ri-i.      h .^k-L *. t\m*.M Si, T\**f\*a\ T"-J11 \t'l tl ft wpfft
���Dressed his view of Cana- I01 lo wn,cn ""������ Iuuy ��preau, mm, gen-;caused   toaay   oy   the  exce-astve  heat
dian mllltla training gathered during  "ally, may define the duties or such whlch prevailed in Milwaukee
the  command  of the  second  cavalry I company, and  of the said fire rang-1    The official figures showed the mer-
Stanley    Chiyslee     Uon^d ffS^SSS^Si^STTlSS ��. other lands In the vicinity  there- deaths    and'   40
3��fi*i��&S     ', JiTh!"'   u��"  countries, expressed his view of Cana-  of to which fire may spread, and  (ten- ;cauaed  today   by
brigade al   Petewawa  military    camp
during the last two weeks.
Brooke     "Your  men
and appear to pay more attention  to
ord.rs Uian ours;  they display an unusual amount of zeal.   Under the ens
toins   1   should   think   it  a   great   pity
that the period of training  - not    lii
days, lor the men are just beginning
to   learn  When  they    go  bark    from |
camp." . I
The Canteen.        9*****^eJ.
"What do 1  think of the    canted ?
Well, we have it In England, but    for
Clarenoe Tali. Selma Witt,   Howard "�� that 60 pei-cent, of our regu'nr
Meyers. Margaret   Vandervoorl    and [�������� are Aet,'0,aller8-   u ls *on,'"r'
erB, in respect thereof.
cury at 95 at 2 o'clock In the after-
Kalhrvn   Kennedy.
Rolls of Honor -Proficiency, lola
Feeney; punctuality and regularity,
Grace   Hamilton;    deportment,   Eva
Division VIII.
Promoted from First Reader Class
to Division  V'II��� Second  Reader Class
Helen      ('.rant.     ('.rant    Kilpalrick.
Rachel   Eddy,
Hazel    Oilier
Tucker, Katharine   Grant,   Cameron ur
MacKenzie, William    Riddle.    Harold,one. ,,,,,, .   ,. ,       ,
Cameron. Dorothy  llurney. |     "It's   a    spli-ndid    idea    of    Colonel
Rolls of Honor-Proficiency, Helen Hughes, ihls interchange of officers,
cnint:    nunctuallty   and   regularity, It Is going to   do   us good and   no
Francis  Davles;   deportment,     Li Roy  doubt   it   will   benefit   your  Canadian
"For llie purpose ol fighting and noon, but street thereraometers regis-
tour"matorWV^��" **t\ Lord IwtlnguUWng Are. tow said fire ran* jwed from 100 to 115 in the shade.
ike     "Your  men  are  more acute iers   ,na>'   fo,,ow   flrea   which   BPreart  The excessive heat still  prevails    to-
Trom  the  railway  to.  over  and  upon  night.
any lands to which ihey may spread i    Mrs.  Albertine Rupp. 72  years old.
"The  said  minister    may    requirement suddenly insane from the heat
such company to make returns of the  ami committed suicide) by swallowing
names of fire  rangers In  Us  employ  poison.
in   performance   of   the   said     duties       Scores    of    factories    and    offices
and of the  places or areas in  which dosed and work ou the streets    was
they are engaged." halted
The  above   amendment   is   similar'
to  the provision  in  the railway  act.
applying to lines subjeet to the juris
diction of the    railway    commission.
Too  much  care  cannot  he   taken   io
prevent   forest   fires,   and   the  acticn
voluntarily taken  by railway compan-
!es   in   the   past   has   been   far   from
be suspicious of such evidence. No
two or three men would describe sn
event In exactly the same way.
Judge's Charge.
JuBtice Morrison reviewed the evidence, after giving a full and plain
definition of the crime of murder and!
its distinction from manslaughter. As
to doubt, it must be a reasonable doubt
and not a fanciful doubt, or note -created by sympathy, Ill-feeling or revenge. If they applied the same rulee
to the question which they wimM to
their own grave concerns and ani��-
ed at a doubt then prisoner
the man who fired the shot that killed; titled to it. If in the same way they
Kindness. It was upon this fact that came to a reasonable certainty tlmt
the whole case of tbe defence rested. I was what the law required ot Oem
After a brief wrangle between thej In giving a verdict. It need not be
crown counsel and counsel lor the de- ���en absolute certainty. Tbey most take
fence as to the admissibility of the the evidence as a whole, and act aftaa
it as reasonable men. Tbe facta nisst
not be inconsistent with the erina As
to motive, It would not do if tfce-
crown had to prove motive in erery
It was obvieasiy impos ������Us to
do it Some of the gravest crlm-td in
the calendar were committ��4 without
apparent motive.
"One ot the outstanding teaturea of
ful how liritish people have ceased t'i
drink during lhe last two deoadis and
I do not think It ls temperance pleaching so much as education th"i is doing it.
"Personally. I think it is better    to
convince a man that it Is harmful for
hlin to drink than to prevent him from
doing  il  In camp, when  the bars are
Rowland     MacDonald.   Open In near-by places.   We are dolus
Lewis    Moss.    Willie  the   former   In   England   because   we
inking the soldiers life a  heller
'   Washington. Jun
personal recollection of a witness
against a written statement of thc
evidence taken at the time, the testimony was  admitted.
W.  J.  Kelly,  tailed,  safd  he had
asked the question ot Boyd whether
he could Identify the man behind tbe
log or who did the BbootTng.   Hc remembered  mentioning  the log.
___._   __.,   .,-..��!/,      Mr. Henderson���Did you see a pla-1 this case," aald the court, "la thwttf-
&FTFD   TfN   YrAlfX car'1 posted up offering a n ward for  neulty -with which the crown ta ���emi-
nl I III   ILm   lLHlV) the capture of Paul    Spintlum    andIcerned, the difficulty of tdentiHeaUo"-
Moses Paul���$3000 for both or $1500 j You    must    apply    your    ream-mMe-
for either, dead or alive? jcommon sense to the question heforc
Witness���Yes. I coming to a conclusion.    Begin witb
Mr. MacNeill produced a written I the evidence of Truron, who cMetinci-
statement of the evidence of Loring >)v rt-ted he rccgnired the iwiR��i
and Ritchie who bad testified that i Then as to Royd. can you, consistent
they could not Identify the man who; with your duty, disbelieve Boyd? Can
! fired the shot, and that Boyd had i von say Boyd has perjured hirapself?
(merely confirmed their statements and Arc yeu tr-'.L'led as ro Vis atarement
had not been examined. ,a.' tlie coroner's ii:qne--t from tlie en-
Witness   acknowledged   the   Btate-    v-"" .of an  ordinary,  plain   rancher
ment was correct and signed by him   "���-'   he  was  terrorized   by  the  min-
American     Waterways     Commission
Recommends   Damming  of
After    mor1.'
than ten years investigation the con
Division VII.
Promoted from First Reader' Class
to Second Reader, Miss M. Ciilbli-k
teacher Roberta Dl an. Murlal Hanna.
Frederic Hunter. Merrill Agar, l.eona
Miller. Mary Wale. Norma Dougherty.
Barbars Walker. John Riddle. Charles
Hoed. Florence lleod, Clyde Smlib,
Firth Shiles. Ethel Trewartha. Douglas  Kelly,  Kenneth    Smilh,    (iuilruii
Olaen, Lily Knudson, Blanche Corbin,
Primrose   Eagles,   Jack    Whiteside,
Helen Gregg. Jessie Sutherland. Allen
Fulton Laurier Corbin and George
Promoted from II. Reader Class to
Division VI., Third Render Class
John Abbott, John Douglas, Douglas
Fraser. Marv Chrlstotldis, Eunice
Archibald, Colena AdamB, Francis
Butler,    William    Kennedy,    Velds
llulcher. Rather Johnson, May Jones.
Innes Adams, George Knudson, Win
nlfre.d Salt, Cedrlc Butler. David
Boyle, Melvin EichkofT, Albert Witt.
William Donald. Irene Finnic and
Kate  Douglas.
Rolls of Honor -Proficiency. John
Abholt; punctuality and regularity.
Melvin ElckholT; deportment, Muriel
Division VI.
Promoted from Junior III. Class H
Senior III. Class. Division V.. Miss M
I, Derbyshire, teai-hor-Isabel McAs
kill Marshall Benson, Gordon Lind
��ay, Frederic Edmonds, John Ollphanl
Grace Biddy, George Wentz, Hemming
Insley. Harry Eastman. Lillian Fur
ness, Mungo Duncan, Douglas Turn
bull, Alice Robinson and Iva Damaske
and' 12 others at Easter.
Rolls of Honor Proficiency, Isabel
McAskill; punctuality and regularity.
Alvln Stirling! deportmei I. Lee Chew.
Division V,
Officers when they go to Britain."
JALn    JvllnuUil   alone In  increased  oro
Horses Die: Harvesting Stops.
Kansas City, June 21 This was the
hottest day of the year throughout
Kansas and In this part of Missouri.
At ilreat Bend, .where the mercury i
reached 101.' ill the shade, harvesting
was suspended.
In Bartoii county, Kansas, the bauds
lift their work
fer    Ontario  reported    horses    overcome    in
I    Joplin,   Mo.,   reported   100   degrees.
Jthe  highest  recorded  mark  for June
lln Southwest Missouri.
  The mercury reached HS in Kansas
City with six prostrations.
Quelpb,    June "T.   Traction    ditch  ���
ers  placed  on   the  free  list,  and  the Divorces   Lead.
consequent estimated saving uf $100, '   Ottawa, June 27.- Divorce bl liipre-
dominate   In   the   records   of   legisla-
rs  oi    Ontario t)M m,w b,,Bg lliult, llp ln re8pe0| ,���
ps, is primarily the last session,   There were r.u ap-
due to Prof. Win. H, Day. Of the On    pllcants. and 38 Secured dlverce.   Tularin   Agricultural     eolline.     (inelnh    ronto. the "goi
Saves  Hundred   Million
Farmers by Farsighted  Dominion
d"- of certain  people there aotf hi:
l-een living there for years, that
erfain  oon-f-e
Iiantcter ed"
may Hart*
would x**esp*p*e*j-
lie estimated and that It would resull   taken. imow.     It  may   be   that  he   waa  too
BXttnslve Improvements to harbors      Shoemakers   were   called   after  an, frightened  or  too  nervous  to  Hte-
,,,te*.!.*.. adjournment  In which  they had  wit-   tarily state thai he saw this man. that
���inn uocas^ jnessod the fitting on of the shoes tu bo did  not  say  so  having  rvsai-d  t<��
! prisoner's   feet.     Thev   differed   like  what had recently that ha tfKm��fit if
What N. B. Gets. idoctors as lo whether the shoes were}Uie belter part til valor to tie canrfnl
Ottawa,    June    27.���An    Order-In-  capable of  being  put  on     It  nil  de-,and adopt some other means,    i-fctyd's;
council has passed ratifying an agree- |nended  upon  the  willingness  or  the I evidence was clear and explicit-    He
ment   with   the   government   of   New  -ngU-jr*,    Thev   might  or  they   might .has already sworn to it twice. If there
A  number of points I Brunswick,  In  respect to agricultural Lot fit lis any P'necn 10 ('""M hlm there is a
the-aid.    The  amount  of  the  subsidy   I; i    chief Constable Fernie was feeall- ''������ L.eAy  tor perl'iirv.
; $64,117. |e,j ant|    Wil9    interrogated  regarding] Stress i*l Soya?-
cartridges  by  a juryman. j    "If   yotl   believe   flnyd,"   urocee-fied
On Behalf of Prisoner. [his lordship, "where docs ft land tiie
Mr   Henderson then addressed rhejxeeused?  Do you suppose iloyd -asssl
jury on behalf or the prisoner.   lie dia-jdo such a thing as would lead to ttie-
seoted   the   testimony   of   the  crown |execution  or  a  human   belns?    Bnt
IP   nfiElal-TTCfi!witnesses   earefuly   and endeavored!Boyd does not stand alone -take Va**
f\    rKrllll  III)  to show they were unreliable    If they ;,.v|drnce    of    Truron.     Is  U'-ere  the?
id," eclipsed all records,
having more than any other four Ca-
Negro Pugilist Foxy Enough to  Place ' Prior to lhe last session ol parliament ��� u.ulu^ oUle, combined.    Rallwaj bills
I when tiie duty was removed, farmers numbered  B2  and  51!  went   through
I Importing   ditchers   had   to   pay   from   Tliere were 8-4 private bills, of whieh |
Forecast of Strawberry   Market   Was
Corr-ct���Weekly   Trading   Day
Prices at Lytton S -uare.
threw nut Boyd's evidence th" whole slightest doubt or hesitation as to the
fabric i>r the prosecution fell to the truth of bis evidence? That to get
ground. Boyd might have been abso- this man hanged he concocts evi-
luli'ly mistaken In Identifying Spint- |dence against blm? He says lie uw
lum.    The  trackers' evidence showed I accused   and   tbe  other   Indian,   with
Himself Beyond the Canadian
r.'l  passed  ami   11   patent  extensions,
Montreal, June 27.���Jack Jonson.
the negro pugilist, iicciimpinled by h's
wife. Lucille Cameron Johnson. Is
hooked to sail for Havre on Ihe Allan
lino steamer Corinthian Sunday
morning. Cnnadlan Immigration officials located Johnson late today with
a view of taking summary de.-orta-
tion action should he fall to comply
with ihe restrictions or the Immigration laws. The negro pugilist in response to a demand of the officials
produced a through ticket to Havre.
purchased In Chicago. By Ihi.i anion
he tied the hinds ot the Canadian immigration authorities.   They are pow
J4-a to $7f>o as duty on each machine
and this notwithstanding tlie fact lh.it | 5 of  which were put through
such   machines   wero  not     made    iu
As early as December 14, 1910, Prof,
Day wrote to the commission on conservation asking its assistance in the
matter. The commission at once made
representations    to    Ihe    government.
ind received favorable assurances.
When  the  present  government caine
nto power there representations were
���enewnl  by  both  Prof.  Day and  the
lommlaslon, with the result that the
lutv was removed.
Wet lands when tindci-ilrained pro-
lure increased crops annually to the
Hlue of tun to $40 per acre, und or-
llnary farm lands when underdralned
ive an annual Increase of J'n to Jill)
Berry prices ut the cily market
took the drop predicted hy The News
yesterday morning and were in the
neighborhood of 40 per    cent,    lower
than at the market of the week previ-	
mis.     Strawberries   from   Washington I lni,m  anything  of  the  kind
slate were sold ut $2,115 per crate re-  anticipate it.
I that   tlle   man   crawl, d   away    turned
I round  and  ran  without  Showing hlin
face.    Boyd  and  Others  said  he rose
from the ing.   Cultus Jack's credibility
was impugned and the police reflected   upon   for   employing   hir.i   anil   a
durk hint us to Jack  faking it case.
The whole ease for Ihe crown fell, repeated counsel, without  Boyd, as bis
lordship would no doubt dlrct them.
The Court���I am not going to tell
De not
two horres which he iIcstrrbeH. >'����������
might doubt mv powers of olis-wi-vtM'
ir 1 were to describe the horses bat
to a man whose business and octa-
pation ls to deal with liorsen. tint bei
was looking for hori-s at the lime,
and he haB lo be careful ef th*; acril
of taking another man's horse. It ms
not a case or his meeting frien-*-* and)
swapping stories. He might not tlieu
take particular notice ot these smuts.
but he waB looking for hones and
enme up and  saw   those hones and
iyi\   Ell/p   lalF'tall  and  $-  wholesale  and.  to  meet j    Mr.'Henderson,    continuing,    said [hnd particular reasons for remesabsi--
ANU   I IYL   UIL these   figures,   locally   gronn     berries,that at any rate, the only direct evi    ing them
went at similar priceB.    Single boxes  deuce was that of Boyd and he snb-|    "Take the evidene\> of Frank Jiflnwy
  I BOld at la cents each, or two fur   n I mltted they could not convict Spfnt- at Canoe creek, two or three days aT-
quarter. lum   on   his   evidence.     None   of  the ter  Truron  says  he  saw   them.    He*
Tank Steamer Blows Up in New York Potato   Demand. IbOOt   tracks  had  been   found on   the says  he  Baw   accused  over  XW  *m***x
1    T)     n..ict i,nt  steady  demand    for [other side of Jnmea' ranch. jfrora  where  Truron  saw hfnr.    Tbeu
!.���... ,���,, tn-avri In thla nrovlnce    nre '    Counsel Ihen dwelt upon the pmc-.the   evidence   of   the   Indian   woman
potatoes grown in  this r.rmlne.t ^11ftmaUon   putUna   .   prloe_,,���������  _tlie|who tells contradictory sturfeo.    I-de/
Bay���Carelessness Caused  the
* vailed, but they were
| eagerly enough to bring   prices   up
from last week's quotations of from
hands  of   Bplntllim   and   Moses   Paul I not ask you to believe her.   You fasve-
;aml tlie effect It hml upon Vie t-ae-ktris
Vi rk, June 27.    Two huniln d
erless to aet further than to see that   .,pr a,.,.���  |n  crops,    In  "old"  Ontario
he leaves the country on  the thlp on I ,���,���,, 4 q-jq n(m ���r|.,,s ���f ordinary lands | tons of fuel oil on board the steel tank
Which he Is booked to sail. | irP ���,  urgent  need of uiiderilraliri
>nd   It   contains,   also,   no   less   thanldard  Oil  company,  exploded  this  af
iS.0n0.000 acres of slash swamp, marsh | ternoon In New York bay,    Five |���-
nnl   waste  luiiil
$1" to $1- per ton
were offered.
Trunkr by Freight.
Ottawa, June 27. In future one
way bo able to send trunks at a
freight rate Instead of paying for
them to tho express companies. At
the next meeting of the railway commission tn be held In Ottawa on July
now   comparatively
tipplers, but most or which may be reclaimed by underdralnage.
A verv conservative estimate allows
that 8,000,000 ncreB ol these lands may
he so reclaimed, adding $80,000,000
to 'he earnings or the rarmers. Tii'h
5, railway companies wlll he required
lo show cause why trunks containing j added  to  the" value ol  the  Increased
wearing apparel and personal effects, [crops  duo  to  the  drainage  of  lands
Promoted from Junior III. Class to I when securely  corded, should  not belnow under Ullage, would mean a total
Senior  HI   t'lasa   Mlsa  M.  Oladwcll. | accepted for carriage by freight ser- increase exceeding    $100,000,000    per
(Continued on Taae Four.) .vice. 'yea?.
Fe.v new potatoes iPartles, Imbuing them wtt�� th* pre
v I conceived Idea tint the men they were
,,,  ,  ���,���,,   . tracking  were  Bptntlum  and   ^roscs
, ,     ,.     ,. Bprlng   onions   brought   B  cents    a   .,    .
steam.-r Mohawk, owned by the Stan   | bun^h (u|() ,.,,���,,.���.,, wa| cheaper at 10   ' '' '
pounds for 25 cents. Other fruits,
vegetables and flowers held steady at
laBt week's figures.
For the llrst lime in several weeks
herring appeared and sold for 3 lbs.
for 25 centp. Ducks were cheaper by
about 10 cents a pound than last week
sons  were  killed  and   six  others  In- |
iitrid.     A  dosen   or   more  are  unac-
Counted for but are believed to have]
henn rescued.    Two bodies were seen
floating   in   the   hold   while  the  fire
boats   still   were   pouring  streams  ofl- .,.	
water Into the wrecked steamer late when1 they sold for from JO to 32 cents
tonight. The other victims were pro-, retail. This drop was expected and
bably blown to pieces. OarelesBness! will probably continue for several
of a machinist's helper was reported I weeks. Other poultry pricr-i cxperl-
to h ave been thc cause of the explo- enced no quotable change,
sion.  . . (Continued on Page Five.)
Mr. Henderson also empttaslked MM
faet that the guns Which wen- taken
With the prisoners were .44 and not
.32 special. He concluded with the
usual request for acquittal on doubt.
Crown's Cate.
Mr. MacNeill opened with the reminder that the Jury mnst go upon
the evidence before them. These Indians had been In constant commonl-
catlon with their friends and the
guns could easily be changed. The
case did not altogether depend upon
lloyil's    testimony.    He    pointed oat
o deal wllh her evidence wheu It is
supnorted by other tacts. She de
"cribes one of the horses with a wtiit-t-
'aco, but ehe does not look at -toe
riee ut the mnn. Do you believe (ier?
'Icing a woman, ir Is probable al��e
looked more at the man's face ttvtu at
thf horse.
"Take Lorlng's and Ritchie's ���**������
script lon or tlie man they saw. IT"
one man said he saw u red haired aam
of extraordinarily e'olored cloth-ua aud
the other that It was a small Shirt
man. these would be different descriptions and their evidence would Tha tat"
no value. But here there Is buOAdk
Inconsistent or contradictory
Boyd's description. Why dM thjes 1
(Continued on Page Ki-ftt* PAGt TWO
SATURDAY,  JUNE  28,   1913.
Sa independent moming paper devoted tn the inter-sts of .Yew \i'e.stmin.slcr and
ttl* Vmser Valley. I'ubilxhed evert morning except Burutay !>���/ the National Printing
mast l**hli*king Company, Limited, at tt licKcncie Street. New lYestintnstcr, liritish
���Otxhsmbia. ROBB  HVTIIF.Rl.ASI>.  Managing  Director.
All ease* um iea I iu ns should be addressed to The Sew Weatmlnster Sews, and not
tet rstiividutil members of the staff. Cheque*, drafts, and mtnieit orders should bS made
tmumble ta  The  Sational Printing and  Publishing Company,  Limited.
rm.r:flll)Sh*S���llu*ine** Office sett klanagcr, 993; Bdltortol Rooms (all depart
wvents).  191.
SUBSCRIPTION HATK8 II-, carrier, (4 prr year, 11 for three months, 40c per
month-    Uu mail. !3 per year, tie p��- moitik.
ADVKKTIKISO  RATKB on a-ttitinxtit.*.
Department of  Labor Issues  Interesting Statement of Conditions
Curing 1912.
SATURDAY  MORNING, ..'UNE 28,  1913.
The second annual report on labor
organisation in Canada, covering 1912,
I has been issued by Ihe department of
! labor.    Kroni  the  Introductory  pages
j t is lulled lhat trade union memher-
jhlp, in common with other activities
r Industrial life in Canada during the
^^^^_^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^_^^^^^^_^^^^^^_^^^^___     pust year, increased considerably dur-
. ,      ,   . . .    ,  , , . 'ng the year 1612,    At the end of 1911
It is not to be taken for granted because there is a the membership was reported at ra.-
Progressive association in town and because that body has ;J^:,���f ,l,p oloae of 1912 " Ptood "'
appointed an industrial commissioner that everybody else | This membership, it may he noted.
is supposed to sit back in a critical attitude and watch the }^M0n^f^^8MT12ea\0(^1adb8J^
association   progress  and   the  commissioner  wax   induS- are offlltated to lagrer central organl-
Irious.   That's not quite the idea. Uattons, save in twenty-eight instances
,, ,, . n   .T~ iii, , whi re the unions are local  and tnde-
If things were as they should be every man and worn- pendent. The central bodies are ohief-
an in the city, who takes an interest in'the present and!l>' international m character, and five-
_ .,   ���"      ... ,,r     ... iii1 i Slvths of  the  Canadian   members are
future welfare of New Westminster, would be a member affiliated with   international  central
of the Progressive association and each one would be an unA���emberBhlp ot mMe ��� ������,,���������
assistant industrial Commissioner. Ito 1,638 local branches of Intematlon-
The members of the association are not getting any ���'central, ,'",iP?-,a" 'n':r,,aff "f ""
���.,,,, , . . ���       c>. ��  .    "i  774   members  and   107   locals  on  the
money out of it: they re amply working tor the good of (figures of mn.   Canadian organiza-
the town as its needs and opportunities for develoment
appear to them.
It's easy to sit on thc fence and criticize, particularly
if it's a nice stone fence which has been made possible by
jour unearned increment, the latter being the product of
New Westminster's development work done by the kind of
men who have formed and are carrying cn the Progressive
association. To repeat, it's easy to sit on the fence and
criticize. If Blucher had perched on the top of a hill at
Waterloo and picked flaws in Wellington's generalship,
instead of throwing his fresh troops into the battle to help
the tired British, the fray around Mont St. Jean would
have had a different ending. But he didn't and the main
point is that Blucher got credit for his timely assistance.
If he hadn't arrived and gone to work shooting holes in
Napoleon's battalions his name would have been handed! '
down in history as a military failure, a general who had L^iT"
had his great opportunity and had let it slip. I."""""
New Westminster is a great opportunity to every man
and woman living in it. Take a look at the bank clearings
for the week ending Thursday, June 26. Their town leads
such highly rated centres as Brantford, Medicine Hat,
Brandon and Lethbridge. The Royal City's bank clearings for the period mentioned were 5645,168 and there are
The Choicest Product
of the finest Tea-Producing- Country In the
Its flavour and strength
aro preserved unimpaired in the sealed
lead  packet.
tions report  211  local   branches.
a total membership of in.atfi tor 1912;
in 1911 there were 191 local branches
and a membership somewhat under
the total for 1912. Besides there are
the twenty-eight independent
mentioned above.
An Interesting statement shows the.
relative standing in trade unionism of
the chief industrial nations, with figures Indicating the percentapo of trade
union memhership to population in the
of each coutnry as follow
���i, Britain.
Prance ....
".. Mi'.'e .
v. ibcrla vl-
li* n-'irk .
Kw l"n   ...
v.'ivi-    ...
Finland ...
iiiati-l.i    . . .
nil   Hen
"���.-Inn    ....
Crntln - Slai o-
.,,...,'��� .��� ���
:'. i in." :",
.1,03'   '   1
i n.m '-*
i".: 'fit
3 '*:i 002
Ifi *'.r,-..-,'i'i
- -.',: van
; 111.156
2 757,07R
5 :, " 941
.   191.785
3.1'20.2 m
"21,i ���
Cl.9n:l. I'."!
cover the  Dominion  with  a network
of steel, was built, in four and 11 half
vearB, an average of 2.ii miles per dav.
Enormous engineering difficulties hadltion department
to   be  overcome   in   constructing   the
road      through    the    rocky    barriers
thrown up by nature along the shoers
of Lake Superior and over the snow-
clad peaks of the Rockies,    More Ihan
Hon   miles  of   line   were   cut   through
solid rock.    An army of workmen, at
one time as many as 25,000, were cn- ila'<
Raged in this gigantic battle of civil-I
IZation against the wild forces of nature,    llut if the engineering di4cul-
ties were preat, the task of financing
the  preal   project   was  even   preat-. r.'
The   Canadian   Pacific   scheme,  born;
in scandal, was still viewed with dis- j
trust by  Unglisb  capitalists.   Canada
had In build her own road���and Can-
bodies i ad-i -did.    By  the latter part of 1SS5 !
the  last  mountain  had   been  crossed.!
the last tunnel bond, the last bridge;
huilt, the last rail   laid, the last spike
driven, and on June L'S of tbe following  year  a  train  eond.ictor  in  Montreal cried, "All aboard  for Vancouver!"
cal, 17; maternity, ��; babe,', Hi stillborn, 4; isolation, 8, Of the. c deaths
ten patients were in fhe hosp. tui less
than six hours-.
Administration   staff    consist,     as
formerly of a superintendent and sec- j
Board of Directors.
At Ihe annual meeting in .lune, i'lfl,I
the following directors retired from
the hospital board: Mr. l'eter Peebles
and Mrs. S. J. Pearco. Tliere were
two vacancies unfilled from the previous year. Miss Scharlcy 1'. Wright,
Alderman A. W. (iray. Messrs. T. 11.
Smith and Robert Lane were elected
to nil  the vacancies.
Medical   Staff.
The visiting medical staff was augmented during the year by the addition of Drs. Ella .Scarlett Singe, Chris-1
tensen,    Hill,    S.    C.    McEweb    and!
Nursing  Department.
The officers taking duty are: As- :
slBtant superintendent, night super- |
visor, graduate in charge of maternity j
department, graduate in charge of
operating room, graduate In charge I
of Isolation.
The position of supervisor of Isola-
Is  an  addition  this!
yea;1. j
Resignations were received and new
appointments made as follows: T.
K. O'Connor, night supervisor, resign- !
ed July 1st: Grace Ferguson, graduate Calgary general hospital, '11, appointed   to   fill   vacancy:   resigned   to
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
charge of isolation February 1st,
1913*. Lily McCallum, graduate Royal
13, appointed night
Bt. T'I
'*, ��� llfi
2 025
4.0 nt
1 Oil
*' 022
A terrible conflagration, the second
within a month, raged in Quebec
sixty-eight years ago today, destroying 1,366 houses.
Columbia hospital
The pupil nurses number twenty-
flve and probationers live. The following nurses passed their final examinations, finished three years' training and were presented wltll diplomas
and badges: Kna Potter, Ruth Blvln,
Nora Alcock, Lily McCallum, Katharine Orant, Lillian McAllister,
A full course In dietetics and house;
hold science was added to the curriculum of the training school this
Applications to tbe training school
numbered 90.
Probationers admitted to the training srhool numbered  13.
Probation! rs    accepted
nui-.-i a numbered 10.
Number of dayB    Bpeclal
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Speculations of American and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would nl ie call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-in. lu diameter This Is also made In this Province and we
consider superior fo any Imported article.
We also tarry a stock if Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime. Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsrwhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented^
t. m. Mccormick
Phone 9C7.      Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot. New Westminster B. C.
1.S9S.041      .002
June 28th Is the birthday of William I    Number of  days  lost    b
! i.ouis   Courtleigh,   actor,   ut   Ouclph,  through Illness, 148
4.04-1 Onl., 1889;   Herbert p. Gunnison, the
American journalist, at Halifax, 1868,
70:1 '1.1*1
 ���.*:.*:���������' ���
Canada     160.120
Germany, it will h<
In   the   leed
Great.   Britain
2,41 MOI
'., 11'*' R7S
���'.11 1  7"l
r, 'oil tint)
���1.711 '1-1
71 ,-. - ri nn
1 *,-. V . ,*v,
01.1-1 ���''ll
7 ���',, 1 r,27    - n-��
seen. In slightly
membershin,    with
second,   hut   tlie   per-
��� 111
nt.-ige of trade unionism  to popula-
n is highest in (Ireat llritain. which
nd   Henry
at Toronto,
a whole lot who aren't helping.   If we'd all get our shoul-|,s
�� LA'-J CL i. xv. *" u    1      Ul 1     hlshlv nnlrni7cd cuntrv in lhe world
ders behind the cart those figures would double a couple -,���*,.. United st.ieB -e thtrd in meniber-
of times in a year.
lie a Blucher: appoint yourself an assistant industrial
commissioner and quit criticizing.
shown  to hc easily the most 1 Reports  from   Royal   Columbian   Hoa
pital   Make   Splendid   Sho'-ving
Europe's hot water pot has gone off the boil: the Balkan states are reported to be willing to arbitrate theii
Being cheerful and optimistic is
ia an abnormal condition.   Thai's why
booster than a knocker.
natural: a
it's easier
to be a
ship, but Its much eren'-r population brings ils pmnnrtinn of organized
labo rdown considerably. The per-
���ciitare of Canada is somewhat under
tint of the United Slates.
Much Iniei-estini? Information is Riven as 10 the classes of labor chiefly
affected or unaffected by organization, The compilers of the reiiort es-
t'.mate the pronoriion of organized labor in Canada at aboul 8 per cent, of
the whole number of wage earners,
tl '��� ; til of which is pis :ed at 1,300,-
000. Not much organization, the re-
por* Btates, is found among women
wi rki rf.
A chapter cf the report Is devoted
11 ,1 discussion of the ben iflclarv systems of trades unionism. Ni 1 1 11 the
unions have reported on tlila subject
hut tbo Information collected ho-.v-
the twlde and Importani Influence
which organized labor of North Amcr-
'ca plays In thiB department of Industrial life. The beneficiary expend!-
���in-' s of sixty-eight of the internaiinn-
il central trade organizations operating iu the l'nited States and Canada
are shown to he of print magnitude.
            The   iTi-and     Inl'l   of   Ihe   disburse-
I ments of these organizations for the
_  About the only eatable on the market that hasn't ^^V^rKVSK!!";
���-aviated in price during the past lew years is the peanut:lnum halt of this am..nnt bring on ac
a nickel .still buys a sack.    This isn't a suggestion
-the peanut trust; it's only an observation.
for  Twelve   Months.
Better wait a few days to make sure, but it's the
weather man's private opinion publicly expressed in the
back kitchen, that summer has an iv.
The fjllowing reports presrnied by
Ihe secretary and superintendent of
ihe Hoyal Columbian hospital to the
hoard of directors at the annual session will prove of Interest 10 'he public and those who follow closely tht
affairs of the hospital:
Secretary's  Report.
Gross  receipts  year  1912-13,
Including grants, etc ... .ff'.',*.i,2~I'���"���',
Maintenance   and   operating
expenses account   37,429.00
ivor  orili-
.$    1,8*15..'
Capital iii-it. expenditure as
explained   below    5
Deficit, .March 1, 1913  	
A Tacoma lumberman developed blood poisoning after running a toothpick into his hand. The question naturally arises, What had he been eating with his fingers?
Bal.   In  hand  over ordinary
If many more expeditions set out to explore the upper
���end of Canada where the principal crops are ice and Es-
kimos, that section of this great Dominion soon should
km well enough known to make it a profitable proposition
.as a summer resort.
count, of death claims. The largest
expenditures reported for an Individual organization is that recorded for
death  benefits in the case   of   the
I Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers,
where the disbursements reached $1,-
|869,934,     While  returns   wer.'  not   re
1 xpensi:-     	
Deficit  March 1, 1913  .
Ordinary and capital acct
pendltures as above  .
Gross n cetpts as above
1,741.40 i
.$ 1,085.74
..  39,274.33
.  $ 1,085.74
New Furnace.
A furnace with radiators was fitted
in the nurses' residence, the entire
'niililiiif; painted and ka Isomlned and
the parlor and hall p anelled. The
flrset annual graduation exercises
were held on March 19th, 1913,
An  ideal  heater  was  Otted  In  the
maternity building.    The annex  was
removed from beside the hospital to
the rear In line with tbe nurses' residence.    Tlie erection of the new hospital was begun in August, 1912. The
! corner stone of the new hospital was
]ia:d by the Hon. H. E, Young, M. D.,
provincial  secretary  and  minister of
! education.
Tbe increase in the number of patients admitted to the hospital is quite
; marked this year compared with last
i vea.\
Giftr to  Hocpltal.
Magazines, Mrs.  A. J.  Hill
l'n serves. Mrs. \V. T. Reid.
.Preserves and under clothing, Mrs.
T.  I..  Brlggs.
Complete suit of clothes. Mavor A.
\V. r.rav.
Wheel chair, Mr. Hutton.
Magazines from unknown donors.
Poast, :���  fri' nil.
1 hrli tmas presents to ev "y patient
in the hospital under' tie* auspices 01
the Women's Auxiliary.
Hampers of every kind of fruit.
Boy Sccuts, presented i,y captain and
squad pi rsonally.
Shei ts,  plllov   cases,  toweh.    etc.,
from th" Women's Needlework Guild,
Potatoi s,  Mr.  John OHvi r.
Turkey. .1.  A.   Montgomery.
Turkey, o. g  Curtis,
1 hicken, Rev. M. <i. Melvin.
Hook*.  X.   I..   Ward.
Fruit and vegetables, Mr, Burrell.
Gift-   to   Nurses.
.1. D. Kennedy, $25 and hox of choco-
latec each. 1
J. J, Johnson, box of chocolates.
1-i. S. WltherB, gramophone records.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Sailing Every Tuesday From
New S.S. Laurentic   15,000 tons  New S.S. Megantic
First Class, $92.50; Second. $53,75; Third, $32,50.
S. S. Teutonic Twin Screw S. S. Canada
.... 582 feet long        Steamers        514 feet long..
Only  ONE (LASS CABIN  (II.)  $50,00, and
Third Class, $31.25 and up carried.
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets., etc., apply to
H. M. Stevenson, Agent CM. & St. Paul Ry., 622 Columbia St.,
E.  A. Goulet. C.  P. R. Depot, New Westminster.
Westrr,ir.s:er Trust, Ltd., Branch Af;;nts. D. E. Brown -& Macaulay. Ltd.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle.
Total deficit  to dai
W'liil,  i spcndlture ban hem greater
than rivi'iiui  i -, above deficit, hy deducting   the  deficit   from   capital   expenditure   lhe   hospital   Will   sh iw   n
i credit  balance    of  $1846.33,    whieh
  shows that  the  hospital  for the  past
celved  from all cVntra] organizations  -vp;ir **������* ��� �� operated at a profit.
uncrating in tho Dominion and ihe " ,WM ""' the board* wish to
United States, th" leading unions re- ������i'Pn'] ;-*��>' ���"'"'��� "l*1*- '--�� absolutely
ported, and their statements repre- i necessary, and capital expenditures
sen: th" great hulk of expenditure. *"�� not made on present hospital
Tl,..*.'* dl burs nts are for Canada  '"-Hdlng,  but   were on  nurses   home
R. B, Walker, chocolates.
li. .1. Rothwell, chocolates,
T. H. (ireen,    gramophone rec-
II. E, McEwen, gramophone rec-
J. H. Todd's Music House
���419  Columbia   Street.  New   Westminster.
Singer   Sewing   Machines.     Small   Musical  Goods  ot all  Kinds.  PHONE  694
A prospective bridegroom in Toronto, too bashful to
tell liis fiancee that he had changed his mind and no
Umget wanted to say "yes" to the love and cherish query,
drank a quart of picture developing fluid as a last resort.
Evidently he wanted to bring out the negative.
ind thc United Stst.es taken together,
:'i" returns for Canada aloie* nol bo
Ing available.
The n porl  gli ��� a  lorne attention ie
Isolation I ulldlni .- and
buildings  w  * ;
-if!' r co'  pli ���
1 he ninpnnl
��� r thi
inncx. Tliosr
irmani nl ui i
n* ���.* building
ernment i
It's rumored that Princess Pat of Connaughl is to become the bride of the heir of the duke,lorn of Meck-
lenburg-Strelitz. It mav be a desirable match, but our
governor-general's daughter would b
mighty pretty name for a succession of s
s  exchanging
Port Coquitlam now has a suffragette association
bat it's a safe wager thai ihe ladies of that young city
will show themselves possessed of more diplomacy and
sense that the be-skirted freaks who, back in England,
have beer, making life unbearable for themselves and.
���everybody else.
A Montreal dope fiend, who has been more or les.
trouble to the police, says if he is set free on the charge
which is now pending against him, he'll relieve society of
bis presence by cutting his own throat.    If he does
off and if he does let his wind out through the front of his
known respectively as Industrial unionism and    Byndlcallstn.    The   flrsl
iiiiiiieii, wiiir'.i  has been endorsed by
;'ii"  Trail' s   1'ini   Labor   CongresB  of
lanada, looks to the closer federation
or actual consolidation of all craf! un-
lona.   Syndicalism, represented by lbe
Industrial    Workers   of   the   World,
and which haa already figured in ex-
tenslve  Industrial   Btmggles  In  Can-
I '   If; rppored to old-linn tr ide nn-
���n/.-ii!. and  la dnscrlbed as "frankly
'evolutionary' 'In  character, a state-
men I  which teems to bo fully borne
ul i ���  thc prearal le of the I. W. vv.
*   'iiii'ii.
i h ��� renorl   wlll  thus  be found  lo
1 n iv   light on  manv aspects nf those
'.���I i o-i.-'l  problems to whieh the so-
-i;il students nnd Investigator Is now
ii ',   nnd more turning bis attention
II   tcrves  al   tho same  time to inncl
Uie requirements of a wider constituency, vli wi I as :i directory or trade
mini's fi r the Dominion for the vear
1013;   ill"  directory   features   include
nartlculars of every known trade un-
" '  in i'in-1 la,   togi thi -    with   tin
inmcs    and addresses of Hi" execti-
*.*<��� ollir, rs of each Rppar^te body an
,   '";"���::*���   n   l'i;r:'*.io   l--iilr*s   lllllflnlsill,
lhe lota' ii on l'er of i.r ��� iti:/.-i* io-is eon
^^^_  ...   . .  , ,    , ,.,.,. .    ,        .       ������"���lib*: which these detail* nre elvcn
neck, will the magistrate oe accused ot aiding and abetting n m* , werabiy over two thou
-   - sand
i'i n'i ���- ��� F th's ir'iort   it  is under-
* ' id, will he ci ul to applicants,
I'lew'movementi. In labor organi/ation" i Tu',''.'!.?rn."t,"r.'.'. l'ra'in received from
lhe cltv and i Hot sou
to *16.916.00: ni " oi''' ���
sundry  rec dpi .   $427 .
274 38.
Ths hospital boi i d *
���lea v irs   to   '    '   i   BU lelldlllllri
minimum and  trusl  that  thi
will   be   gi     i  na   In   tlinlr
rn*:     tor thi   furnishing of
ii".*..* tl, w lii' li ii is hoped will i.e In
opi ration by Si pt. 1, 1013,
���s ami ni' d
��� s, .*-.��� 9,10.40;
;   total    $39,
using all on
���ii./i m
libs   rn
o pre
a Huicide?
Western Canada owes a large debt to his grace, the
Duke of Sutherland, who died Thursday night in London.
With the imperial eye, he saw an opportunity to tie another knot in the bands of empire and his colonization
schemes on the prairies and in B, C. did much towards
\ thn ugh P9B8I:..:. r ��� * rvlce on tha
Onnldian    I'    Iflc    ra Iway    botween
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Montreal i       Vancouver was Inang-
turning the attention of other titled capitalists of the li:':*il,*''r:1: "'v,'',HearB ��s�� taikVi
i i i       i . a    a.    tn i:_- i ;TuYio 2V, ISSfi     rhta   Ine, flr t or ibe
.-(Id land towards the Canadian west.
N a:   contlnei lal   Bj' ti ins   that  n;.
Su?crin*c   Hrnt's   Revert.
l.:i''ii s and 01 nl li nu u:
Herewith I li ** * l'i honor :
-���nt tho annual r* t rl of tii"
.'���r luril-f-i hospital for the year
March 31st, 1913:
The total number of pat fit h re-
nalnlng in the hospital on Is! April,
1912, -v u 61 ���::'.'��� I!. female 10, Children, s,
tIk- i tni nu'iii' :���    ���    patient    ad
nifted during the year was 1,412.
The total nu*nbrr of outdoor parents treated during the year was
Tin' total number of patients In the
ne 1'cal di i' uni'' nt  was 221.
1 lie I* i 'i niinii i r of patients in the
urcical di pari ment waa ons.
'r!io I, iii number ol patients in the
maternity department was 17fi
'I.i* li ta] ,-iiiinbir of babog born was
IC ���
Tho total number of patient In isolation department was 76, made up as,
follows: Rcarlel fever.."!; diphtheria,|e
5;   measles,  13;   muniph.  1;   mening
iiii*   3.
The total  number
ws *  80,1 *
The grcat.esl number of patients in
Iuil, ;!:il on anj one day was 105 on
Fl ', ��� .,; .  ICth, 1913.
The i- tni hi'������ ' i r i ' deaths during
I-   .*   ir v.'.f, 04   cn 'i:'.*.'i, 26; BUrgi-
T, \V'ilson, gramophone records.
A. U McQuarrie, chocolates.
New   Hospital.
This has been a very arduous  year
for everyone connected with thc bos   *
oil ii.     The   tremendous   additional
work entailed by the new hospltnl baa
lii.n   felt  by  the  board  of directors
and the hospital staff alike This year'i
hospital  worli has proved  m ira ihan
.���vi :��� the desperate need of the ni ������������
building.   Thai loss ihan three montha
win Bee iii" consummation of all our
hopes and i ii'leavors, I. e., occupation
of  the  in w  hospital,  leenis  too  u in
derful lo he true; but tlrii la whal we
are   looking   forward   to.     We   have
done Hi" very beEl we dould at lhi i x-
! nrnsn of every person-'l consideration
\\'e can i cw only abide by the results
and trui-l lhe people will approve.
We wish to expres our grateful
thanks to the board of directors of
the hospital for their unfailing support ami conslderat'jfn during a very
, try inn year; the Woman's Hospital
Aid Society for their kindness and
generous service to the hospital: to
tin. doctors for their courtesy and Intereal in Hi" hospital nnd the nurses'
welfare;   nnd   flnallv  to  the nursing
, .11nff   for  their   ready   help,   co-opera-
| tlon and elllcicnt service.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes       TANKS
 BURN OIL     	
P    O    BOX   14*>
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting wltb the greatest fnvor wherever laid.
St. Catherines, Onh, Juno 27,   'Some I
ears   ago  a   considerable   sensation
ui   created   by   Hi"   sudden   dicati-
jearance of  ICgerton   R,   l.uiulv.  v-hn I
hospital dayt
waa manapor of the Niagara Rnelnc
Works, at Nlagara-on-the-l>ake. The
newppapers gave a "real deal of ipace
i llv- myrti rv of Mr. I undy's l ap
���le'irnnee. and the conclusion was flnallv arrived El that work connecie.-l
"ith i'-n f-iilni-e nf the biislm pi had
iiiibinr'd hla mind nnd he bad thrown
hm'ielf ever ihe Niagara Palls,
Now, Mr. l.uiulv has suddenly turn-
il up again al Niagara Falls, looking
up oredltora of his company  with  a
.view  io making a  full settlement of
' all claims against It.
Ii develops that when he left in ;-(.
lie wenl wesi and located In Calgary.
There he prospered .-uni now lhal he
lia.i tiiade eontlgh  to do a >. hn lnne:-.
ably i'1'i'n's back iii iiii" his namo,
| and meet obligations a * tin il  h .
BHulitlilc on Second Street, Ne   tn Westminster with Boulevard Dowr
the Centre.
Rltulithlc Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustiess. easy on
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly iliiiahle. For ibese reasons
Bltulithic is commended highly by owners of aiiiomnlillefl and horses,
householders, ami olty officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
In Canada, and over two hundred In thc United Slates.
Columbia Bitolifthlc, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       (14-717 Dominion Tpuat Building, Vancouver.
���������BXSSM fi ""���*''
'��� 1
*,- tm**am*m
���SATURDAY, JUNE 28, 1913.
Wa call attention tn all
accounts and desire to statu
tbat wa bave Insiructions to
collect all bills ai  one".
Up Uj September 1st our
slon- is open for fcusln���
from H a.in to 5.30 p.in. anil
Saturday until 1" p.  ni.
That admit no competition.   Save at least ONE-THIRD.   Spend your money here and make every cent do extra
duty.   No doubting Thomas leaves our store, for after a took around, they always remain to buy.
Straw Hats at Great Reductions
25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50, $3.00.
Save at leant one-half:  all our Soft and  Hard  Hats marked down.    Shirts,
Ties. Underwear and Socks, nol one. but all at greatly reduced prices-.
Don't Neglect
Your Home
in this great sale.. Divans, Couches, Waist
Boxes, Shoo Hexes all at tremendous reductions.
Ladies, Buy Your
Suit, Silk Dress or
House Gown Now
and Save One-Half
|60.00 downs down to $25.00
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House Dresses in cotton at..$1,50. $2.00. S3
Ladles' Aprons   ���   35c.  50< and 75<t
Little Boya' Wash Suits   SOt. 75C.S1.00
vests  10e, 15-C, 20C. 25<S
See These Splendid Bargains in
Diess Silks
Xtessaline Ottoman cords at half their real worth  39C
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lurge stock of wash fabrics at marked down prices.
Save on Your Hosiery, Gloves
and Notions
It's the small things that count in this tusy  world, especially  In  tin: every
day needfuls.
Ladies' Hosiery, marked down to  1S^. 20c. 25c. SOt
Children's Hose at |ce. *.st. 20��. 23*
All our firs assortment of Gloves at marked down prices.   I.e. us help you
on your savings.
St p and Think of the Great Savings You  Can  Htve  in
Your Home Purchoses by Making Your Selections Now
Begin with a SL Clair Range; prices have
been reduced od each from $10.00 to $15.00.
Surely yen caa make yonr money go ni?e-
ttlrd furth��r here than anywhere on the
Coatt. And your Carpents--see the tremendous reductioa* we arc giving in tliia
liquidation sale. And your House KuraisU-
ings. Lac-n -Curtains, Draperies, Beds, Bed-
dln-JE, Dressers, Dining Room OutfIL Box
Couches, Wairf R-jics and the multitude <>���
new tbins3 a bctprncr needs.
We r-^alty hefiuve $50.00 spent here will
go as far aa $18* 0* elsewhere. People are
telling us so. Don't let anything stand In
ycirr way - get our prices.
674-678 Columbia Street
We Funiiah Your Hone Complete
Vancouver Man  Goes to  Winnipeg to
Meet Lady of Hia
Winnipeg. June 87.���"What time
will tint llnrd section of No. 1 get In."
anxiously i nqulred nn evidently excited young man of a constable at the
c. p, it depot. The question had
been put lo every official who hove
in Bight, or even every one that bore
resemblance to an official.
"Please tell exactly what time," he
reitera'ed. pleadingly. "I'm very an
xious about it. I came all the way
from Vancouver to meet this train."
And from llie scarce suppressed excitement under which be was laboring H was evident thai it was something very  Important to hlm.
The requested Information was given and the voting man sighed.
���'Another hour and n half to wait,"
lie  aaid.  with  a  troubled   expression;
������This   Biipeiise   is   terrible  -terrible," ;
lie moan' tl.
Kven the longest day has ils end,
and ai last lbe aforesaid young man
heard the familiar tinkle of a locomotive bell for which he had been impatiently waiting. With a rush he
bounded oui on to lhe platform, racing madly along beside the coaches
until ibey came to a standstill.
lllght  then  and  tbere  did the now
Interested bystanders see  the reason
for the young  man's  excitement.    It*
waB. of course, a girl.    The reporter
who was on the scene, thinking this
something  more than    the    ordinary
meeting between BweetbearlB long separated, and Bcentlng u Btory, tackled
the reunited couple, with his customary  heartlessnesB  almoBt    ere    they
had embraced each other.
A Trifle Bashful
The  couple   were   a   trifle   baBhful.
and for the purposes of the Btory con
seated to be named Mary Bruce and
George  White.    Oeorge is a resldenl
of   Vancouver   nnd   some   weeks   ago
it was decided that Mary Bhould leave
her native town and come out to Canada  lo  wed  the sweetheart who had
preceded  her hut  a  couple of  years
but who In lhe meanwhile had mining
ed  to  gather a  little  home  together.
"I came," Bald Oeorge, "all the way
from Vancouver lo meet thiB train."
Then Indicating the pretty sample of
English girlhood, now clinched in his
arm.    "Is  there  any   wonder  thnt  1
wns u little excited.   We wlll be> married us soon as ever it  is possible al
daylight,  and   we  will  leave   for our
fiture home on the Pacific coaat by
the first train."
At th's Juncture Mary found time
to speak lo other thnn her future
lord and master, and to Oeorge's coii-
fualou begun to tell a few family so-
"It was arranged," ahe said, In thai
rich miiBiral voice ot the cultured
Kngiish girl, "that I should travel to
the coaal nloTte., as 1 did to Winnipeg,
but (ieorge could wait no longer. He
li I graphed me on the train Iwo days
ago to expect hlin Kl Winnipeg. But
until this moment, I wua not aware
that our wedding would take place
ll was unnecessary to ask whether
or not Mary had objec'ions to becoming a Wianlppg June bride instead  Of a  Vancouver  line.
Tbat the bridegroom was no; the
onlv excited one was evidenced by an
Incident which occurred just as the
couple were standing in the depot
rotunda. An old lady, of comfortable
build, and motherly features come
rushing wildly through tbe doorway
cf >he train shed, loudly proclaiming:
"Where is the young lady who owns
tins wutch?" This query, uttered to
the world at large many times, finally reached lhe ear of the "blushing
bride." She ran across lo the motherly one and clnlmed the watch, while
Oeorge  looked  on  BOme-whot   puzzled.
"I gave it to this lady yesterday
morning to keep for me," she explain
id  noiH'liaiialantly.
"And 1 didn l know the young lady's
name." chimed In the old lady. "I
would nut bave liked lo have wen her
go away without the watch, as 1 did
not  know where to send It."
Ol course when the girlie saw her
Bweetheart such mundane things wero
forgotten and II was just possible that
she would never have thought of It
until h ng after the ceremony which
look place aa booh as ever a parson
couiild lie routed out of bed.
Increase of Measles In   Old  Province
to Be Made Object of New
Peterboro   Prielt  Raised to a Bishop
���Cuccessful  Career
Pterboro, June 87.���Venerable Architect Casay, administrator of the
diocese of I'eterboro, wns notif'ed to
day by the. Apostolic, delegation at
(Ittawa lhal the vancancv created by
the death of the late ltlBhop II. A.
O'Connor had been filled by the appointment of the Michael Joseph O'-
llrien D.D., parish priest of the church
of the Sacred Heart of this city, to
the  vacant  see. *
The new blahop-elert. Is a child
of tbe Peterboro dioceae nnd was ordained a priest by lhe late llishop
O'Connor. He wna born In Peterboro
38 years ago, and Is a son of the late-
James O'Hrlen, Aylmer street. He
attended the Separate school and Collegiate institute of this elf,, ntlrsitlng
his classical studies wllb the lu'e Professor Lynch, nfterwards graduating
from Sl. Michaels college, Toronto,
Ile made IiIb philosophical and theological studies in lhe (Jrand seminary
Montreal. He wub ordained n priest
July 6 1897. and iu the fall of the
snme yenr went to Home for a postgraduate course of two yenrs. He
took IiIb degree of Doctor or Divinity
In June, 1899.
I On his return he wbb appointed cur
ate of St. Peters Cathedral, where he
remained len yenrfl. On November 21,
1909, he was appointed flrsl parish
priest for the new church of the Sn
ered Heart and has remained ln that
capacity Blnce.
Toronto, June 27.���lu view of the
Increased prevalence of measles In
the province, as shown In the monthly
health records, the provincial board
of health is taking active measures to ������
det"r  it.    The fiurt that  this  malady
���has carried off more Children in On-j
tarlo In 1913 than Lir a large space
of years, and that the .uimibe-r of cases
Is iiot abating, hail shown that an epi-
domic of unusual}' virultsit nature le
In progress.
Dr. J. W. S. McCullough. chief
health officer, In -speaking of the situation, declared that meausles was a
disease more easily preventable than
curable. Much of the fault of its
spread lay with parents who refused
to take precautions.
Notwithstanding the fact that It was
Ithe most communicable eruptive ills-
eaae of childhood, the taking of ordinary quarantine measures in affected
homes was nearly always a matter cf
enforcement by the local otlicers
Moreover, although primarily a disease which attacked children, It was
une to whieh all people were Bii'K'epti-
ble. Those escaping it in early life.
usualy experlecned it later in a more-
severe form.
j    The   warnings   of   the department
are   being   circulated     broa 'east     Inj
every section of the country, nnd an I
appeal ls made to all who know ot,
isuch cases to see that they are. prop- |
jerly guarded. I
]    Already  50,000 circulars have been
I puhliBhed, and more are nt  the dls- i
posal of any who wish them.
j    Some of the statements made there- !
lln are ns follows:    "Measles, ln ad-J
dttlon to causing many deaths. Is the
j forerunner of other serious diseases;
lit Is contagious from the beginning
iof the symptoms, and mild eases �����
much lis Ihe severer; It carries off
more children under Iwo yeara tli3ii
any other nialadi."
Complete isolation, the absence from
school of children or teachirs In th"
same house, and the most thorough
disinfection measures ure advised tin-
de*.' penalty,
Mentioned for Judgeship.
Woodstock,  Ont.,  June  27.*   Among I
| the names mentioned for the appoint- ,
imint to the vacant judgeship In BlSflX ,
icountry, W, A. Smith, the well known!
iKingsvllle  barrister,  is  very    promt-*
Inent.    It Is generally conceded In the
i western peninsula thut Mr. Smith h:is|
stronger claims on the position than i
nny of the other men mentioned.    He
Is a lawyer of known ability and possesses the necessary    judgment    for I
isuch a position while his integrity 1st
N       Opening
.** Day
$1,000 Opening Handicap at 1 Mile
Will  Bring Together Best Gallopers in Training in Western America
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Elechic from Granville St. Station
550-Thoroughbreds in Action-550 PAG% -KJUH
SATURDAY, JUNE 28, 1913.
(Continued from page ono)
Jenkins, Arthur O'Connor, Krt.est
Peters. Doris Tliomas, Beatrice While-
law, x
Hulls of Honor���Proflclenoy, Irene
Fallow; regularity and punctuality,
Dorothy  Quissy;   conduct,   Doris Tap-
Promoted  from   Second  Primer    to /IVhit taker.
Theodore Goodwin, Hazel Ingrld Our* i Sarah  .Matheson,  Florio  Hest.  Victor
anson, Grace Arietta Hutchison, Alma j Crispin, Grace l'\ f hcriton. May Camp
Frances Johnston,    Queenie    Victoria Itell, Lewis Olson,  Muriel
Knowdell;   Ilarr-v   Angus   l.inn>  Jean . nie   Mcl.eod,   Jennie
Catherine   McAskill,   Clara   Margaret I While,  Oeorge  Ellis,
Mercer, Eva Marian Robertson. Lance. jm:ln'
lot Robson, Shirley Agnes Smilh, John   Ruckle
First Reader. .Miss J, Qswald. teacher
��� Margaret Robert soft Violet LooTcle-
Hrown, Fraser Rowan. Viola Reid.
Phyllis Cox, Wlnnlfred Thomas,
Lonise Fry. Juanlta Jagger, Stanley
Rarnard. John Harfjii, Isabel Garrick,
Francis     Petrle,     Eveline     Brooks,
tuacher WUliam Norman Kelly,
ctio'i ��� ning Vou. Mago NiBhignchl,
Han Id Willi mure, Sidney Wriggles
���worth, Ormsby Lee. Ij-e-e -Vin Yuen,
James Curtis Tinileck, Walter Santo
Hrou-a. .i.n  pli  Robert  Rennle. Ellen ^^^^^^^
lVr-glun*, Margaret Currie and Robert JoW-^W-lbwe, Helen Adams, Raimiiiiir
1* Gatbr-aith- Smith,    Harley    Gilchrist,    Margaret
l-rorm.iiMl trnm Senior III. Class to Ryan, Graflon Snmbrooku, Everett
Division IV.. IV. Reader Class My the j Oakley
Airrrd Bagkr. Annie May Burkitt,
MiKiso Nwhignclii. Frank Hugh Oau-
. -iiin Btlcabeth Mary Fenton, Arthur
ifaUuuraj fosman. Albert Morgan
MfnIU',    Harold     I.ee    Gilley,    James
.To����ph Mlepbaugh, Raymond   Lloyd
f<rwls. Tom Ki'iv, Lyle .Munn, Grace
N th. rh. .lames Clifford Todd,
T-boroU Henry Hansen, Georgia Gertrude Nobles, Allan Douglas Smilh.
ilealrue Adrtrnn Gilley, Archie Trod
���den Brown. Margaret Olive Riddle.
Thnm���� Brown, Dorothy Jackson.
fj.-i.vitf   Won*; and Lena May Witt.
RdH* t��T Honor Proficiency, lllythe
MaKies. limit'iinii;;��� and regularity,
tin.raid Gilley, -deportment, May Bus
Division   IV.
PronKVuiJ from Junior IV. Class to
Senlbr IV Class, Miss J. K. McMur-
ray. teachirr. - -l.tila GFlanvllle, Hector
<-iuit. Jessie Bain, Melvyn Abbott,
IU.5 rninri I>aley, Thomas Sing Ker,
I'm* ihi   Stoddart,   Francis     McKenzie.
Karl Trii.iievii. l'n d Hutchison, Dthel
ilrr-uR. Hasil Ronald, George Ross,
Tt Willi Will. William Gracey. Colonel
Kenrlev Willie l.vnn, Frederic Albert
. and Willie Mar-kie..
Koiw   or ih-imir   Proficiency,   l.ulu
"danville;  punctuality and regularity,
Mins Slag Kee;  deportment, Melvin
���Division   111.
Ihromolrd fri in Sinior IV to Junior
V. lias*, Mrs  M. B. Audi rson, teacher
Jack Walker. AHn d Vrchbould, Al
���tier! Imliih, .M'in Hacking, Vernon
Insley, Doris \\i lib. Edward Phillips.
Mavj-trri l)-'ii".i- Archlo Innes, Karl
Craj and William lUddle,
Ht.4l3 ol HoTiot proficiency, Jack
Walker;  punctuality ami    regularity,
Gilbert Adams; deportment, Doris
Division II.
Promoted from Junior V. to Kn
trance Class. .Miss J, Rowan, teacher
-Everilda Wilson. Cecil A. Lamb,
.Tiuii.s A. I In yd, Patricia S. Rennie,
���lack 11. IVniliiud. George K. Gilebrist
Krir 1?, '..nsb.v, Alvera Swanson, ()!ti>
EK OtBiai, Finn nee Iv Mercer. Mazle
C EbcKenzle, Arthur Q. Shaw, Joseph
*,. WUtaOB, LAwrence c Hacking.
���RiiynuBvt Turnbull,    Duncan   0. Mr
t.i-an. William .1 Fales, Douglas G.
���Slrrrntiion, I eslic Kearly. Floyd North,
.lames It Reid. I.ee I.ung. George I)
Fairs. liifWil It Edmonds, Wilfred
'A. Stead, Reginald C. Hudson, John
B-ammty. Oiflord Tinileck. Angus
SMathcxon, Melville K. DJddy, Reva May
Damasks. Uargarel Hayes Ferguson
ami Cnrdnn Currie,
Roll**!   of   Honor    Proflcll nev,   Ever
lMla. Wilson;   punctuality    and    regu
' Larity. . Georfie    E,    Gllcblst;    d"port
vnaol. Worr.nre Mercer,
Promoted from First Premier to
.Second Primer ��� Misa J. Oswald
teacher Theodore Butterfleld, Kred
Hale. Wilson Batman, HTbabetb
Thrift, Robert Deans. Harry Waller,
Sandy Antone, Tedi Magnone.
Rolls nf Honor���Proficiency, Margaret Rnberison; punctuality and
regularity. Juanlta Jagger; deport
ment,  Joseph   Howe.
Division XI.
Promoted from Senior First Primer
to Second  Primer.  B,  Kvans, teacher
Alice Adams, Ituther Becks trom.
Kvcyln Cameron, Karl Corbett, Alvin
Darrah, Stanley Deans. John Donald.
Jacky Flowers, Harry Folka. Robert
Gibson. James Graci y. Mary Hamilton. Ethel Hamilton. Helen Halliday.
Philip Jameson, Thomas .leal, Kenneth Leash, I.aura Lindsay, John
Matthew, Marjorie Menten, Norman
McDonald. John McGregor, James Mel'herson. Winnie O'Donovan, Ce|en-i
Peters, Adeline Robinson, Hubert.
Samhrooks. Violet Savage. Irving
Bharpc, Helene Smith, Maggie Taylor.
Rolls    of  Honor    Proficiency,    Marjorie Menten;  regularity, Robert Gib
son; conduct. Mnry Hamilton,
Division  VII.
Promoted from Division VII.. Miss
.1. Davidson, t- acher Joseph Antone
Asbbronk Blackman, Charlie Brook-
land, Willie Curnew, Henry Dodd,
ci:i"-" Estah-" ' Willie Ellison, nil
ma Draiiey. Kathleen Fitzgerald, Ad ���
line Qoise, Theresa Qoss, Aileen
i'iviii* ii s Hyslop, Catherine Kennedy. Wesley  Mel.end, Margaret  Mc
Murphj   Mai ���  Mclnto")t   M *l Oddi
Ernest Pearn, Thom Hob rtson, Nor
inn lleielii nbacll, I-'*'it'nnl Im"h, Rolf
Si'baiigh. Norman Saunders, Florence
While Ham \Valsh, Eileen Thrift,
Qeorglna Matheson
Bolls if Hoi  I'r li ill nev. Adeline Closse; di-"ii t :���" ni Margarel Mc-
Murphy; regular attendance, Thomas
it' i', rtson
Promoted limn Division VIII, to
Division vil. M ,\ Lord, teacher-
Jean Adams, w. sl | Buth rfleld Mand
Dawe, l.in-ill" Duvall Edward Dod-
well, Benjamin French, George 01b-
Bon. Glrvin Qlanvllle, Florence Gilchrist, iron,' Garrick, Edith Halden-
gi r. Hah* Jenkins, Joseph Jag-rers
isora Kennedy, Kathleen KHby. Neil
Leash, Elliabi Hi Lnckle Bro�� "
Robert Mattbeu \ii" ri Mi roi r, Fill
ton McLean. Ilaiel Petr ��� Wlnnlfn d
tjuissy, Mark Smilh, \\ llfred Sharp,
William Trenliolni. Marlon Taplln,
Rolls of Honor Proficiency, Katli
lean Kllby: deportment, Maud Dvye;
regularity     ami     ; in.il ty,     Albert
Merc r.
| Division VI.
��� jFrotu Senior Second lo Junior
Third, Margaret M. Wilson, teacher-
Roy Currie. Cecil Gilehrls', Margaret
Hamilton, Linneth Lynch. Anna Monteith, Robert Mackie. Lindsay Mann,
Marshai'f'Waddcll, Percy Wincott. ,,.
*���**��� tfom Junior Second tq Senior 'Second. .Margaret M, Wilson, leacher���
Andrew Abrahamson, Marion Grim-
ston,' Constance Gifford. Eva Gray
Muriel Harrison, l<awrence Harrison.
Janet Mclnto'Bh, Charlie Mark. Mary
Reid, Kdna Stoddart, George Thor-
bfrg, Howard  Webb.
From Senior First to Junior Second
'earn, An-
Kennedy, Hugh
^^^^^^ Mar.garet Solo-
Dorotliy Saunders. Mabel
Louise McLean. Arthur Walmsley, Frank Cotton, Hugh Mathewson,
Frederick Thom, Clifford Crispin,
Theodore McKIroy, TrilbJ McElroy.
Garth Calblck, Arthur Tetley, Robert
Mark. 5
Roll of Honoj���Proficiency, Agnes
Mathewaon; deportment, Dorothy
Saunders; regularity and punctuality,
Division IV.
From Junlorf'-III to Senior III.*-
Henry Jewer, Harold Hudson, Tom
Wilson, Annie Briggs, Owen Stiffing.
Agnes Hunter, Edith Parsens, Margaret Seymour, Mona Adams, Vii-flor
Burnett, Ellzalicth Seymour, James
Bremner, Cecil  Ruckle,  Irene  MoQee,
_^^^_^ Joe Oddy.  Roy  Kelly,  Charlie C.illiV-
Marga,ret M. Wilson, teacher���Chester ;p|e> Ronald Hatch. Stanley GicscheiiJ
I3eall�� Ni?Uie Bradshaw, Margaret Charles Beadle, Walter Day, Tom,
Coulthard.  Edward  Chapman,  Marlon 'Beadle, John  McCormick. j
Codsftn, Melville Hutchison, Laura Im- |    From Junior III to Junior IV   -Cecil
lah, Sinclair Lane, Kayo  Lamb. Allt-jMawhlnney, Murray Hillieson, Matslel
son Maxwell, Beatrice Matheson, Amy   Banks,   Evelyn   Kellle,     Elsie     Lane,
McKenzie.    Donna      Mackay,   Joseph j Dorothy Robinson.
Roll of Honor���Proficiency,  Henry!
.fewer;   regularity    and     punctuality,;
Hlllieson;  deportment, Margaret Seymour.
Division V.
Promoted   from   Second   Reader   to
Third   Header- Enid   Hadfleld,   Mary
Mayers,    Gertrude    Norris,    Margarc.' I
Nelson. Helen  Olsen. Florence  Pope,
Grace Ross. Constance Shaw. Clarence j
Stead, Clara  Wale,  Helen  Whiteside;
recommended. Ethel Woods. Raymond ;
Rolls of Honor���Proficiency,    Lind
Bay, Senior II.;  Mary Reid. Junior II.;
Laura    lmlah.    First    Reader.    RogU*
larlty and Punctuality, Constance Gif- I
ford.    Deportment,  Helen Olsen.
Promoted from Junior I. to Senior
I.���Vivian Brown, Marjorie Bennett,
Waller Bergliind, Mabel Dovvd. Roy
Dunbrack. Karl Dunbrack. Eileen
Feeney, Walter Hunter, Odd Hansen. ;
Edmund Lynch, Esther Larson. Jean
MacKehzie, Margaret MacKenzie
Earl MacKenzie, Janet McDell, Aud
rey McMurphy. John Robson. Harry
Smith, Maxwell Smilh. Emma Sing ,
Kee,   Dorothy  Shan,  Georgie  Walker.
Rolls  of  Honor -Proficiency,    Jean
MacKenzie;  deportment, Walter B:rg |
lund;  regularity, Walter Hunter.
Promoted from Second Primer to
First Reader, Miss II. II. Bradley.
teacher���Marguerite Anderson, Clar*
ence Burns. Willie Ccle. Allan Chalk !
Willie Diiprl. Clarence Furness. Verna ;
Gilley, Eunice Halladay, Edith Hamil
ton, Isabel Ross. Madge Smith, Harry
Roll ��� Proficiency,    Harry
Bryer,   Elsie   Smith,     Jessie     Priest.!
Jessie Lane, Francis  McLean. Evelyn j
Garrick, Violet Barran. John Pope, Al-
fre  dBryer,   Albert   Marshall,     Edgar;
Parsons,    Aika    Oxenbury,    Rlancliej
Innes.   Herbert  Beatty,   Lillian   Cies-
chen, Nellie Schofleld. Helen Hender- j
son. Alvin Boss. Elsie Plummer, Emily
Higham,  Pearl  Best, William  McCormick.   Katberlne  Seggie.   i.orne   Best.
Junior  Second     to     Senior  Second
Reader,    L.    Leamy,    teacher���Man.' f
Whitelaw,     Lucille     Hililreth.     Kssie
Purkiss, Klsie Gibbs, Alexander Irvln.l
Thomas   Young,   Elra   Walmsley.   Kd- i
round Hudson, Mabel Plummer, Annie
From     First     Render     lo     Second;
Reader Katharine PhippB, Olive Stirling, l!arrv Hodson, Georglna Camp-
hell.    Vera    McLean,    Walter    Odd;;.,
Roll  of  Honor���Proficiency,    Enid
Hadfleld;   punctuality a-d  regularity.1
Alfred    Bryer;    deportment,  Francis i
Division VI.
Promoted from Junion First Header
to Senior First Header-   Marjorie .Ma- 1
Our   Great Midsurnmer  Clearance Sale
Going With a Big Rush v
Buying inducements have been carried out with a lavish
hand.    In addition to these listed bargains the storV is
full of many more marked with special Mid-Summe*.
Sale Tickets.
White Wash Skirts.  Today. $1.48
This lot is composed of pretty styles.
$2.50.    Sale Price, Saturday  	
white duck a, drills and repps;  all sizes;  regular
values up tn
To fit ages up to li years;   pretty  Sttle styles,  and
made of good  washing fabrics;   i-i zephyrs, ginghams,  ducks and  linens;   regular' valtres to f?.2S.
Sale   price    O&t
Summer Net Corsets:  of a good quality;   with  four
hose   supporters;    all    sizes.   To iM-mi out. loday.
per pair  .   68c
Made of fine cambric musl ins: gowns, corset covers,
drawers and petticoats; daintily trimmed with lace
und    embroidery.    Sale  Price Today    S8-C
Made of prints and ginghams; in wbiit* and colored';
large all over style; fast colors; r*solar values to
S5c.    Sale Price, each  .. ��� ���   58>C
To Insure a Clean Sweep Display of Dress  Goods
of This Line, of Silks, at 24c Per Yard
79c  Yard
Vim, Ivhinney, Muriel Scott, Jeanne I'nrdy.
Proficiency,   John  Roy Eden, Leonard I.ihhy. Anna Jobn-
Deen; regularity ^on,   Nellie  Campbell,   Alfred   Miller.
punctuality.  Douglas James  Nei- ;"Mellin  Strople,   Agnes   Seggie,   Angus
Edward    Mercer;    deportment
Mary  Davison
if   Honor
Nellie I.i
Division IV.
Proaoted trom Intermediate ill. to
Seator III.,   Miss  I.     Ross,    teacher   ��� i
"���Hiti:;vret  Howe,  Una  Canfield, Thel-
-i-na TfHtHiim.    Ki nneth    Estabrooks,
���*;i-ririnle     marmlti r,     Carrie     McCul
liiuph. Frank  Beater,    Peroy    Smith,
ttterfftrt. Tiunfai*,. Thomas Wnltelaw,
���VrCi.'t    Conncm,    Matilda    Kennedy.
A��t~vu.-t    MsTs'baU.    olive    Sinclair.
W-ftl'.er r-iliuii-s. James Malci lm, James
viaasv'i   Warier, Richardson,
IVomJin! from Junior III. to Inter
��� i-nwlinte EBB.    WTflla   Hampton,  Leon
ard   TotmK,  \ii.la  Hi lyea,   Addle  lias
sett,  Arthur  Roe,   Irene  Abrains,   Her
twice   Weidi'ninnn.     llessie     Flnwers.
'-UnriJthy Straw. BJ-BrJorls  Malcolm.
Honor Hulls ���
F*rohcH'ney   -Margi'ret   Howe.
Iti cularily   ami,, Punctuality- Thel
���ana Itiagh.-nn.
Dteforlmi'-nt- Carrie  McCullough.
Oivisi&n V.
' ffea**tt*ms** Irom    11     Header    to III
'���Rriuli r, lum. M.   Mark, teacher    Nora
Barnard,    Jack    Blackman;    William
ISaTl. Ali'iaiidtT lkidli y. IMwiird Dawe.
i fn\-r.  Dunn.    Helen    Eriekson,    Orval
���Giifion. Tlwimas Onicey.  .leiin  Hamil
To��..  Philip  Hardeinn'r,  May Jeal, An
i  ���rem   Murray,   Doris   1'asinore     Marlon
i Rowan, I.'nnra Reid   Eiii'en  Bohang.I-J?*0
Vi-rni'c shniT".-. Walter Speck, Jack
Smyth Rrlo Turnbull, Henry Thrift.
Wertej Tin ni. Marlon Wilkie and Nat
PmiDQ^Cd from Division x. to
IHviBkon ,!X . Senior First Header.
Hi-.��   c Uoblnson,   leacher   Dorothy
KcConangh, isalnlhi Itoss. Oliv-
��t"h7i-,*no>T8, Anna Wl Her Cora Pass
irn-oi,. Irene V.'htv. Lily I'arrish, Ed
win   'Xiiraiison,   Robert   Adams.   Linda
i'or. ihsgii Morrison, Lewis Beater,
''Kami Hansen, Amy Qlanvllle, Eliza
t> th Beta, Fnmiy Daw". Alexander
(Sltaoa, Edmund Hudson, Kdward
Hntlcin. lloheri Draney. Hobart Cross,
. I,u*v  Krowu
iiiiii   tit   i'i "or Proflclenoy,
jaVwclhi McCullough*. deportment,
l��pni WW to; Punctuality and rcgu
���aritj. Itab-crt Adams.
Division IX.
rromntod  from    Elrst    Header    to
'Second    Hiadei,    Miss      C.      Smith.
��aachcr    Annie      Macl.ean.      EranclB
:3��y��li.   ni)li��'t   Smith,   AHred   Dawe,
Krwv.  MatthiiT.-. Cameron I.elloy, An
���dren Cadenhnid, Erederlck Robinson,
'KreJilie    Smith.      Waller     Marshall,
"Thomirr,   Kennedy.   Marion   MatheHon
-Ob-pal-iT Hultetfield,  Florence Morgan,
���<l<^>rKe  Held.
Hull* of Honor Regularity, Cheater
llntti rtirld. prnflrlency, Ethel Walsh;
���tJetK'rtm-i-ni, Andrew Cadenhead,
tr**a*V*BUfi 'mm Division VI. to
[)i*t��:ivi, K. Miss Hull, teai'her Alt
ti'~t IfKCkslniin, Oottnef Ileckstmm,
Kitpeu Mtinnn, Dorothy llutcher,
t-'.dna Ct .'tmb rs, I mra Earle, Alfred
���Kt'icVs' "   Deorge Ford, (ieorge Folka.
i.iH f ��� Olive Qn enway, Thnma
-tirr-Kcry. .ohn Jeal, Cloley Ullloo,
Mar.'tui'.-il" Marshall, Gordon Mac
fleMtd, Jfack Shortreed. Frances
���edtt, Inmr Pellen, Doris Taplin,
IVruthy Quinsy. Walter Wllkio,
.Irseph   W'.ili'niiile.
Division VI.
ProaoUtl  from    Flrsl    Primer   to
'.Wii-!    Primer    loua Adams.    Eliza
brth    Copeland,    Segnal    EJrlcksson
im-.-x t,ri"*:ir;,, n.n.ioj Hsrdanger, Nib
Division  II.
10.   Myers (Iray,   teacher.
Hells   of   Honor    Deportment,   Ollle
Mei-*s; punctuality and regularity,
Mrytie Brown; proflolency, Oertrude
Promoted to Qntranpe ''lass   Helen
l..  Au.ir.  Alice  M,  Bradshaw, Mrytla
U Iirown   i-'.il. ��� n  II   i'; llnnnn   .1**-- .
Chalk, olive V. Cotsworth, iMi'h   V
d'F.asi m.   Barah   Lee Deen, Oertrude
Dixon, Edythe D  Fader Ollvi  M   Fen
ton, Greta I'  Gam it, Bti lis M   ill.,"
ville.     Ivy     K      Hlldsi n      MaudO     t
Hughis,  Beatrice  I.   Jackson,   Li in i
K. Jai kson,  Margaret  I*'   I ihnstti n<
Ethel  M   Loughoedi    l<oulse    Moore
Catherine    C     .Neiln rh.*.     Ellen      I.
Palchi ll.  Vera F, Pentl ind   Isobp) G
Phillips,  KI anor  M   Wi Iteslde,  Lilly
ll. Wilson.
Division III.
Miss  Davidson, teacher,
Rolls of iionor -Proflclenoy,   Miry
Matins:   deportment.  Wallace   Forres
|ter:   regularity  In attendance, Grace
i Turnbull.
Promt ted '0 Senior IV Mftrqui r '
: Abbott, Hi rtle Blackburn, Nellie Cal
lander, Willie Cameron, Winnie Cam
I orosn I'is'e Currie, Leonard Di ane
1 Annie  Duncan,  Hunter Pehner,  Wai
[IaCe Forrester, Claudia Illness, [i, 1!',
I Gamon, Grace Gilley, Percj  Hacking,
Hilda Hunter. Dora Kirk, Clars Knud
Mary   Malins.  Margaret   Mayers
lorle  Mines   Jean   McPhail   Isabel
McQaarrle, James Mclxllan, Katleen
i'iimii . Geoffrey Pi arson, Helen Rold
Btanli)   Reid,  Leola  Roberl ion   G  r
don Liidi'' rs, Margaret Smith Hole r*u
Smith. Tom spi peer. Grace Turnbull
Ireii"  Vi'ilsi ii   l'i re.,   Smith.
Division  IV.
Vt, S   Homi r  teacher,
Hulls ol Honor   Deportment,  Milli*
Elsie      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
From Division VIII to Division VII
M.   Godson)   teacher.���Henry    Atlee,
Hussell   Bell,  Albert  Bolton.  Blanche
Hell,   Mervln   Beagle,  Stanley   lloyle.
lone Campbell, Kdward Chllson, Florence Cambridge,  Flsie Mary Davlt'-m,
John  II. d'Easum,  Wilfred  Doyle.  Allan   Davles.   William   Fulton.   William
Fraser.   Lily   Fraser,  Janette   Gamon,
Marjorie  Gifford,  Thelma    Kundsen,
Nellie   Deen    Lee,     .Mai.'jrie     Mackie,
Jessie  MacGeachie, Neil  MacQuarrie,
Alexandra MacGeachie, Edward Mercer,  Douglas  Nelson, (Henna,  Nobles,
Lilly I'rouse. James Paul. Collna Held,
Amy  Sheppard.  Annie    Shlng,    Lenie
Qtiny, Helen Thornberg.
Division IX.
From Division  IX  to Division VIII..
Miss     Aberi-romble.     teacher���Boys.
Clarnce  Anderson.  Raymond  Bowell.
Hi rligrt. Butler.   Merl   Hicgs,     Ashley
HoiioTi, Elmer Bryson, Stanley Chrys-1
Ier   Leoniii-d Gray, Donald Galbraith;  t��9
Cirl-:   Rachel   MacAsWII, Katy   Mae-1
Askill. Dorothy MeGeachle, Helen Ms-
!in 'sb. fOifith Iteiil. Margaret Renshaw,
Kathleen Robertson, Norma Robs, Isa-
i,i i Sutherland, Annie stiles.
To Mies Godson, Division vin
Clinlis Futon. Irene Evans, Dorothy
Pities. Irene Ferguson, Kathleen
Grlmston, Muriel Ingersoll, Wlnnlfred
I ":it. Fv.-i Mill. r. Finnil're-t Marshall,
Rllaaheth Mercer. Wtniam Gifford,
Edgar Hamni, Willie Deen Lee. Wil-
Mam Morrll in, Warren Nobles, ('lias-
I'lnvell, Herlnrt Prouae. ('bone Wong.
Donald  Walki r,  I.vie Straight.
RolTs of Honer   Proficiency. Wlnnlfred  l.o.il:  deportment, Donald Walker,  punctuality and regularity, ciar- j
ence   \-oiiT-on
From Division X to Division IX.
(Trade   \     M in*  Abbott.  Edith  Ah- !
rams  !.''->��� Abrams, Richard Douglas,
-'���''.   Diimbrnck,    AHeen    Godson, |
1       ort  On i n    Edwin   Larson.   Hilda
Miinrelwhalt", Kathleen  V'nis. Frank
Wooiion.    Mnry    Whiteside,  Maurice
McDonald. Olen Thom.  Emily Dauph-
inee. Joe Jameson,  William  Eden,
Hells of honor���Proficiency, Marjorie Mawhinney; attendance, Milton
Olson;   deportment.   .Mabel   Soloman.
Promoted from Second Primer to
Junior First Header -Robert Bremner, Fred Waters, Annie Jewer, Alice
Wilson. Christina Boughen, Greta
Williamson, James Magee. Harry Fraser. Janet Lewis. Milton Olson, Lilian
Division VII.
Promoted from Senior First Primer
to Junior Second Primer. A. Smith,
teacher. -Agnes Bakke, Ernest Best.
Ernest Ilnniett. Eleanor Calhirk. Ellen Dunderdale, Tom McDonald, Cordon Eden, James If'ghani. Richard
Kenyon, George McComb, Fraser McDonald, Dor's McGregor, Hrma Murray. Sheila I'lilpps. Ernest Hlcki y.
; Amy Salter, David Simpson, Allan
I Stewanlson, Crete Swansiin, Harold
Fowler,   Harold   Walton,- Freida   Wa-
t ouni
Cndi li Mi i
las, Calhi mi'* mill
Elsie Olfford, He
Hamlll m, D llerl
Mackenzie Stanle
Mitch. II i llan R
dn] !>*������ Ihv Sl"*n
(Ti >: s v  lies,       *
Biggs, Isabel Done
. Funiess Raymond
en Grimmer. Mav
Halladay, Duncnr
, Mahoney, BBrnlci
irtley, Walter Rid-
""���,1. Marion Smith
i-nlan  Walmsley.
l'rom ited from .fnnion Secdnd V'-Im- '
er to Senior Second T'rimer--Fdna
Boughen, Milieu Bryer, Robert Dingle.
; Lawrence Calvin, John : ii Bohen,
"Dorothy Gibbs, Rohert Gourlay Etta
'Cray, llon-zlas Henderson. Ilus.'l
Lane, Cray Levey, Lilian Moses, [dell
Montgomery, Llewellyn Percy, Douglas Philips, Hazel Plummer, Charlie
Bayer, Harvey Sayer, Helen Scott.
Thomas Seggie.
Rolls of Honor Proficiency, Brma
I Murray; punctuality and regularity,
j 1011 en Dunderdale; deportment, Kdna
! Boughen,
Division   VIII.
Promoted rrom Division vm to
Division VII., Miss J. M. Peebles.
teacher Evelyn Olson, Gladys Oddy.
Emily Phrrons, Lome Innes, May Hod-
|pon, Margaret Hartness, Adele Oram,
St'tnley floss, Stewart Campbell, Evelyn Crlsnin, Godfrey Humphries,
Geoffrey Dingle, Howard Hartness,
Bruce Hadfleld, Walter Jewer, Dong-
las Sllerrtff, Laverns Mathewson, Mary
Lane. GTen Stewart, Dorothy I'earce,
Ah thea Stewart, Tom Kenyon, Margaret  Eden, James  Wilson.
Hulls of Honor Proficiency, Evelyn
Olson; regularity and punctuality,
Stanley Ross; deportment, Geoffrey
I'v �����>������    i-,.r r , ���,i     ne'ilnet-s.
Line   -iTele' rh '-''      '��� - dhy I
We have allottul this line a lower price than evei
before; in widths Jo to 12 Inches; In self sin.,I,���-,,
fancy  shots;   also sin,;  ar.i'  figured  effects;   aleo
Today    Mid Summer Sale Price, per yard	
pin stripes;   regular values up  to $2.26 yer  y-Urii.
Silk Gloves for Today.
38c Pair
To effect another clearance, Women's Silk lliovos;
in black, navy, fawn, gray; regular values to title
Sale Price, per pair   38c
Saturday Bargains in
Neckwear 58c
A large and splendid asuortment of styles;  i
and  stock  collars;   embroidered  and  lace
yol-LEs*,  ute-..;: values   up Co $1.50.   Today
mer Sale Price, each, 	
We have fm pared this lot for a rush Friday. They
Include lustres, blank and white checks, fancy costume cloths, short lengths of the better grade nur"
wool fabrics; values up to $l.uu per yardi Today,
Mid-Summer Sale I'rice.  per yard      24C
Scotch   Ginghams
Tweaty pieces of Anderson's Scotch Ginghams;
Checks, tlnpcs and fancy plaids; our regular
U��   nual, lis.    -Sale I'rice today    SIX    YAfiOa
for      53e
Mid Sum-
Save  Money on  Curtain
Goods.   Today 27c   Yard
Dollars can be saved by attending to your curtain nei ds Friday. Fancy nets, scrims, madras,
muslins,   easement   Cloths,   etc ;   42   to   fit   inohee
widh.    Todtay, liiif Summer Sale  I'rice,
yard     27C
Here Is a Useful List of Items From the Staple Section
filling;    Today, Sale
Turkey  n d  chintz  covered  Comforters
Til    I'pghMc good
taoh    M	
Sixty-inch Sheeting, bleachad and   unbleach
tra heavy iji-aili s. Sp
par  yard   	
Sl/e   ','1   liy
gray   Turkish   Towels:    large
,-giilar Sff-Q  pnlr.
price, each
acta) Mid-Summer Hale Prlc
N'o'v floral designs; in art Bateens and   cretonnes;
regular  values  to ;i-i��*  yard.    Sale   Price,  per
sard 16c
cent ('linn; punctuality and regi larlty
Mnri-in Isabel m> rcer; proficiency
lime Manu rile McCauley
Promoted to Junior Fourth   Charftts
line' n,  Oeor fe   Alfn >l   Brine,  Car
Joyce Bryson,    Frank    Victor    B id
land.     Marion     Buckland,       Mllllcenl
Chan, Lorn Orlmston, Martha Klaiber
Gwendolyns  Maude Kelllngten, Mei
Lewis,  Marlon  Isabel    Mercer,    John
Hugh MeKi nzie, llene McCauley, Hei
tie   Pottlnger,   Mas well   Bhlli s,  I ll ���������
Jean   Walker.   Rachel   Alice   Wnlsh
Constance Young.
Division  V.
Mins Chrlstopherson, teacher.
Rolls of Honor Proflclenoy, r, hei
Agnes Peck; regularity and panctual
ity, Joseph  Richard  Wise.
Promoted to senior 111 Vlolei
Alexandra  Abrahamson,  Floyd Solan
Atlee, (ieorge Thomas Corder, Fvelyn
Kmlly   Mary   Dawe.   Lama   May   Irenf
(iray, Kathleen Carrie Halladay, Mnry
Bllsabi tb Hughes, Alice Margarel
Knudson, George Alberl McAllister,
Christina Barr Orr, Btliel Agnes Peck
sii n i May Robinson, Dorothy Darling
Blm lair, IJIy Spi near, lion rl w sds
worth, Roberl Murray Watson, Joseph
Richard wise
Divmion  V.
noils of Honor Deportment, Vivian
Qvelyn Brown; punctualll) and ragu
tarlly, Grace Arietta Hutchison, Clara
Margarel Moercei Catherine Jean Me
Promoti d froi, B lo 1 I I Eve
lyn Vivian Brown, Ronald Brydgns
Mary Isobel Chapn in I lyion Ch .-*
ter Chalk, Orace Colo, Rnbi rl Bdwal'd
d'Easum,   Helen   Mnry   Douglfli     In i
tne ��� Owi ndolyne  Bdnrond     11 ward
From   D i 'i lon   II   to   Division   I
reside   Bulb   .   ���'���{ rfys   Mi rcer    Mari
Sparke,  Kdlth   i ii il,  Edwin  Sldbai ������
Shlgen Nisbilanvi, Gelshs  Nl��hljama
11     Car
k:Er'5    'i wnr      \
.-:il  pi-iflclency, ''h'lys
* Crnnl
From  Junior  I'  t" Senior
i -;ir': on.   1 ������',*;  i !,* iders in,
From Si nli r ll to Junior 111 Arm
Olson. Mary Mosdell, Vera (rune
Katie Glbb,
From Jui,ii r III to Pen'nr III. Allan
D nikersley, Willie Oodetto,
From Senior HI to Junior IV Alice
Brown, Oi rds  r-'nlk.
From Junior IV to Senior IV. Llllil
Lal val.
Division   I.
Roils   of   Honor   For proficiency,
Mary Malhesnn; for attendance, Margarel slater: fnr deportment, Wlnnlfred   lloss,.
Promoted from Junior Entrance t"
Full Kntr.inee Vers Hason, Roberl
S.iver, Andrew Hunter, Helen Itos.---
Ivy   Ciiibs,
Division  II.
From Sriiier I\' i i  lun'or Kntranci
Olivia Adaiuson. Hazel Hed. Kill,
(lunn, Thomas Gunn, JameB Gunn
Gladys Gosse, Laurlt'/. Lindahl, Rob
erl Murray, Roslo PasBmore, Rhod
Seiio *   Airr. d Boss. H ii' iy Sch ifle'rl
From Junion 1\ I" Senior l\' Ruby
Archibald. Mnv Beadle, Myrtle Hicks
George K, ily. l.iiy Maflterson, Mervyn
Mawhinney, Thomas Purkiss, Gordon
Ity an
Roils of Honor   Proflolency, I.nur
iiz Lindahl; regularity and punctuality,    Robert     Murray;     deportmi nt,
Olivia AdaAn on
Division   III,
From gi ni'.i* lil to Junior IV., Mn
ri.iii 11. H"'"l. '.*ni her    \ tni a  Mat! ������
son. James Daupjilneo,  Hayden  Con-
ii r    Mi In  oddy,    John    Roi ��� rl
Divirion I.���Entran-.e Clase.
RniTB  of   lloner -Proficiency,   Lyle
'���*:. is"n;  regularity Bnd puaotualltv,
��� arl       Mel' ugSU;       deport ment
Myitli   Wllklnpon.
Division   II,
fr* ntotrd from Divil Ion 11 to Divis-
nn l    Conrtanco Davy. Cell McRory,
I*"1!!   Mitchell,  Annie  Chambers,  Lyle
. Hurry,   Jack   Rennle,   ''lira   RoBert8,
Beatrice  Bawden,    Alfred    Siepti ms
i Mel-in MoOuffln   Frank Doyle. Maud
��� F-iIlis, Lynn ('��� mnhell, Gregory  Davy.
I I'ose   Hunt,    Violet     Nelson,    Emma
;    Frnm Junior to Senior class   Division 11     Kathleen Welsh. Pearl Barry.
'Eva Atkinson, Christina Hanson, William Mackenzie, Hutt r Duncan, Klsie
McEwen, I il'le A'luii'i. l.ylrt Skelly.
Rolls of Honor    Deporlment,   Annll
Chamhers;     proficiency,     Constance
Davy;   regularity    antl     punctuality,
i Maud I   Ills', Christina  Hanson.
Dlv!<,ion ID
Senior ill to Junlot ill. M. B. McLean, teacher���Ila Heltman, Marjorie
ib borne. Dessle Henderson Fern Wll
kin: >n, Esther Brogren, Vera McRory, Roj Cambridge Russell Seed.
Gwendoline Bunting, Myrtlp Mundiy
fnmi s Oliver, Verlle McOuftln, '* hn
Penrce, Fdwnrd 'I'f iiii:ii"ii. O-ihi
Finery .1 I le Altchl nn Alex I.i !
sard, Edna Johnston, '"ii-mer Eriekson, Lewla Wintrip.
Rolls of lienor General proficiency,
Ha Heltman; deportment, Arnold
Peterson; regularity and pun'-tualny,
Frank   Ml !    inild, John   I'earce.
From Jut nr ill to Si nlor in    Am
old I ��� t' i    ,   * lexandi i Leg-sard, Rd
win Hii ,, Sylvia Dlgby, Harold
V)ui I**.;. Ilorold Wrl| ' tn :i*i, Frank
Mi Llonald     Ini I    Wli ������ I" use,   Arthur
Innli    '     Id Ducith ill    David Dard-
nor. Gniir.ge Anliers, Edith  Holt
Junior Third, to Senior Third, in order of mnr.: Sybil Shaw, Lorn;.
Fftivoatt, liiil.il Robinson, Laura Wliite-
houao, Wilgnnt. Eriekson, Lena Tffcuut-
inan, linlan Oliver. Mabel lliiinu. Margaret Munday, Ethel McGIUl Haorvey
Little, Edward Pearce, Louis St Jean,
Stewart Aishuiy .
Senior Seiamd to Junior Third, in
oi-rlnr of merit Pearl TerHllllB, Djlilh
Urogram RVflyn MaeCalliim, Alma
MacKay; Macjorte Roberts, Jidm Hur
ton, Freda Nelson, Alma Johnston, Ada
Ail.iiiiH. William Ritchie, Lillian Pol
l.inl. Slitit.on Piekell, Edmund Sr. Jean
Honor     Rolls    Proficiency,     Sybil
Shaw;    regularity     and     j.uiiernalltv,
Edward PttiK-ce; Deportment  Iv> Mc
From Junior Second to S.-iiini- See
ond. -Hazel Corrlgan, lln.-zel Monday,
Florence Cnmmings, Margarel Miller,
I'Tdiili Whiting, Mary RlttJlUe, Cicely
Roberts, Mary Fawcett, Paul Brown
.Ml;e Cickle. George Cmrigan. Beryl
Alvin, Pearl McEwen, WltUam Ad
min, O-ii-.i- Brodwtck, MUhel Eaves,
Thomas Alsbury, Ha/el Wootever.
I'riim First Reader to Junior See
ond. Thelma Munday, ITarry Watson.
Tressie Brown, Jainea. Mackie. Mettle
Garrett, Harold Harvey, Keith Busbell,
HiMred Powers, Clinton:Scott, Thomas
Roberts, James Grant, Harold Wright
Rolls of Honor Proficiency, Hazel
Corrlgan; punctuality, Pearl McEwen;
deportmi nl,  Mary   Fawcett
(Continued on Page Eight!
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Are showing mime very pretty i<t."sigus in Brass Beds, 4 ft and 4 ft. G In.
Exceptlonal lia-nguliiH an Crum, $29,50 to $53.75
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Dining room Suite, coiinialing of Pedestal Table, extend to 8 feot,
B side and 1 arm chain, ami. buffet with II. B, plate mirror. This suit*
Is an exceptional hnngu.ui ����� $48.0*0 complete.
Our Dry Soods secUoni ��a attracting great attention.
Cor. Gtlr Avtiiue and 12th Street���take 12th St. Car
Sunday, June 29th
Tuesday, July 1st
Will Leave
B. C. Klectric Ry Wharf
AT  0   O'CLOCK   A.   M.,   RETUBNINC.
6  P.  M.
$1.00 for Round Trip
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phon: 16<; L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
Big Money-Saving Sale
Of Clothing, Furnishings, Hats,
Caps and Suit-
A Saving of One-
Third to One-Half
Next to Edison Theatre
648 Columbia St.
������BB SATURDAY, JUNE 28,  19ll
the New WM stminster news.
fm* nvs
News'Sport Page thai Everybody Reads
New Westminster and Vancouver Pro.
Lacrosse  Teams   Perform   In
Victoria Today.
For the firBt time In seven years,
the  Westminster  lacrosse team    will
meet Vancouver on neutral grounds
tills afternoon, the race for the Minto
cup being switched over to Victoria
tor the day. This Is oue of West-
miiiBtir's home games and, Incidentally, Ihe brut Ume a Victoria crowd
lave hml u chance to get a glimpse
of the two teams In action for seven
long years without having to make
ibe trip across the gulf to either tho
Terminal or Hoyal Cities.
No change will be made In the
Westminster line-up. The sume twelve
ns made their appearance In the
opening game will take tlie field und
listen io u few words from Kir Richard McBrlde, who has consented to
face off the ball on this occasion.
Itiinnlng to custom, tliere will be several shifts on the green shirt line-up,
the most important being the inclusion of Doss Johnson between the
nils In place of Cory Hess.
I.ester I'alrick and Hob Dewar will
officiate at  today's game.
Arrangements have been made for
a report of today's professional lacrosse game at Victoria between New
Westminster and Vancouver to be
posted at The News Columbia street
agency, Hill's pharmacy.
tt �� tt
ft tt ft ft ft 3
Baseball Results.
Standing of the Clubs.
W.    I.. Pet
Seattle   45    26 .634
Vancouver  39    29 .673
I'ortland 34    30 .631
Victoria   33    38 .465
Tacoma   13   41 .446
Spokane    25    45 .357
B. C. U A.���Vancouver-Westminster at Victoria.
Dig Kour���Torontos vs. Tecumsehs at Toronto; Irish-
CanadianB vs. Nationals at
NewB Westminster vs. Fraser
MillB at Queens park, 3 o'clock.
New Westminster at Port
Coqultlam; Lynn Valley vs.
Central Park at Central Park.
Rifle shoot at Brownsville.
; Police CommlBBloner Wa 'do of New
| York, the Kev. Dr. Per >' Grant,
Oeorge J. Gould, Gen. \*f, ��>d, Gen.
Miles, James K. Sullivan o.' the A.
A. U., and A. J. Drexcl Bid. He, the
millionaire, author and explot er. of
Philadelphia, are just a few prun. inerii
Americans who are "there" with the!
gloves. Among the actors who arc
boxing enthusiasts are Robert Billiard,
George M. Cohan, Nat Goodwin and I
many others.
M   M   M   Jt
ft   ft
Ponies Leave the Barrier at Minoru
This is the day of days among the
horsemen of Ilrillsh Columbia when
the track :it Minoru purk ls opened
ror :i six weeks' curd. Last year waa
Hie beat in the history of the B. C.
Thoroughbred association, but, from
the efforts expended on ihls season's
events, 1913 will surpass all previous
When it is considered that over
600 horses will be seen In action during the summer meet, with thousands
of dollars expended for prizes, it can
be readily seen that the association
in charge is striving to cater to the
.best  In its line.
Yesterday's Games.
McGinnity   Relieved   Kurfess
Seattle, June 27. -McGinnity,
pitched a full game yesterday, relieved Kurfess today in the firBt In
ning when errorB put the young
pitcher In the hole. After the first
inning Seattle made only one run off
McQInnlty and no run made by t'i*
home team during the whole game
was earned. After the llrst two Innings Meikle held Titconia safe. Seat
tie won five to two.
It.    II.    E.
Seattle     5     I)      2
Tacoma   2      S     4
Batteries:     Meikle  and   Cadman;
Kuifess, .McGinnity and Harris.
Two Straight for Colts.
Portland,   June 27.   The   Portland
Cults made it two Straight from Vancouver today, winning 2 lo 0. Stanley had llle better of a pitching battle
with Sehniutz and Wilson, who re
llevtd Bchmutz. Konnick was ejected
from the game for kicking and as
Lewis had already been used ss a
pinch hllter. Hob Iirown. Vancouver's
manager, was forced to catch. He
stopped the Colts' efforts to run wild
on bases. Portland scored by bunch
ing three bits in tlle sixth and by a
walk and Bancroft's second hit in
1 the seventh. Stanley struck out
R.    II.
Portland    2      5     2
Vancouver   0      5      2
Batteries:     Stanley    and    Murray;
Srhinutz, Wilson and Konnick, Drown.
Herd Trimmed for    the    First    Time
This Season at Queens Park
Last Night.
The B. C.
In the city
park   last   i
Electrics turned the trick
league tixlure at Queens
veiling when they nosed
ou; the Moose by one run, the score
being four to three.
Silver, for the victors, pitched splendid ball, striking out 12 men. Horne,
for the Moose, also was operating in
line Btyle, striking oul five.
U. C. Electrics   4
Moose     3
Spokane, June
game postponed;
Standing of tbe Clubs.
���Royal  Baseball   Nine   Looks  Like
Healthier   Aggregation���Good
Games on the Card.
* New York   . .
the   Hrooklyn ...
Chicago   .. .
| Pittsburg
: Sl. Louts   26
! Boston    26    36
.Cincinnati   24    3S
. 550
Bloomer Ball Teim Beats Mere
The Golden Wesl girls baseball
team made their Initial appearance in
a practice match last night at Moody
park, and ln an exciting game, defeat
ed a picked team composed of "mere
men." The score at the end of the
fifth Inning was 14 lo 18 In favor of
the bloomer girls
After the game the girls held a
meeting and elected the following officers: Captuin. T. Insley; secretary-
treasurer, E. Magee, while "Doc"
Wells was chosen manager and coach.
The Golden West girls will meet
the NKty Nine thla ufternoon at 2:30
at MoOdy park, in an exhibition
-;:ime. the battery for the girls being
Miss Insley catcher and Miss Wells
pitcher, while, for the Nifty Nine. J.
Mosdell will caich and Pinkey Neil-
son  will  pitch.
With-Hilly Welngartner and several
of the other baseball stars back in
the fold, the chunces of New Westminster In the next two games appear
bright at the present time.
(Saturday afttrnoon ihe Circle P
bunch from Millside will make their
flrsl appearance at Queens park,
while en Tuesday afternoon, Dominion
Iiiii, ihe Coquitlam nine also mako
tin ir  lirst  show-up.
Tlie real game wlll be between the
Porl Coqultlam nine Tuesday after-
noon, commencing at 4 o'clock.
The Point Gray Red Sox will oppose tlie Moose nine lu the morning
session  of  Dominion  Day.
Through an arrangement reached
between tlie league officials nnd ihe
p-.rks committee yesterday, the
former huve been allowed to place a
Wire serei ii In front of the bleachers
Immediately to the rear of the homo
H.    E
Yesterday's Games.
Al  New  York: It.
Boston    1     6     3
New York     3     6     0
Batteries:     James    and     Whaling,
Rarideu;  Tesreau and Meyers.
Grabs Off Kerr Shield with 830 Points
���Wadham Was Second
with 827.
Thure Storme last  evening cinched
the alround championship at the final!
session of    the Y.  M. 0. A. harriers'
track meet, which was beld at Queens
Storme gathered 830 points, while
C. E. Wadham was second with 827.
Storms wins the W. J. Kerr shield,
which was last year held by J. Horne.
The events throughout have been
keenly contested, particularly betveen
Sonne. Wadham and (lordon, and a
special medal has been offered to the
winner of a quarter mile race for
theBe  three  athletes.
Here are last night's tallies:
100 yards, Gordon first, time 11 4-r>'|
seconds;     E.  Hawkins    second,    and j
Storme and Wadham ran a dead heat, i
Pole  vault,  Storme  first,  8  feet    li;
inches;  Wadham second.   This breaks
las;  year's record    held    by  Stanley
Trapp of 8 feet 2 Inches.
,    Shot put,  12  pounds, Roy  MacDonald broke his own record of last year
by making 39 feet 3 inches;  Wadham
second and Storme third.
Running bread jump. Hawkins, 16
feet 4 inches; Wadham second and
Storme third.
Half mile, Gordon first, lime. 2 minutes 6 4-5 seconds; this breads Hoult's
record of last year of 2 minutes 8
You will see one
of ttie funniest
Swede Comedies
ever written.
Other Interesting Features
and a
MATINEE  2:30.
NIGHT 7:15-9:15.
On good terms, splendid
apartment site. Close tOs
Albert Crescent. Convenient to down town district. Size 132x132 ft.
J. J, JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
He Har. Earned It.
Ottawa. June 27. -David Pottinger
will complete next month his 50th year
of service with the Intercolonial railway. Mr. Pottinger will retire on full
At Philadelphia: ff.   H.   K.
Hrooklyn      fi      8      0
Philadelphia  1     2     1
Batteries:       Slack    and     Fischer;
llreiinan,  Mayer and Killlfer,
At  Cincinnati:
Batteries:    Smith
llenton  nnd Clark.
    1      4      1
    5      7      1
and   liresnahan;
Al   St.  I.ouis: R.    H.    E
Pittsburg  4   12     i
St. Louis     8      7      1
llatteries: Adams. -Cooper, Camnltz,
RoblUBon and Coleman; burk, Perrltt,
Harmon and Wingo.    (12 innings.)
S: 15
They  All  Say  He  Should  Be  Roasted
so Here Goes.
l.oud noise of telephone bell
ing al office of Tbe News,
O'clock, evening of Friday, June 27.
Business of taking down receiver
and aayinw "Hello."
Voice al other end ef wire answers:
"Th's Is Kenney, manager of the
Canadian   Mineral   Rubber   baseball
team speaking, At t'.e Wesi Hurnuby
grounds this even'ng our team de
tested lhe West llurnaby team six
runs lo om
"The star v.urk of Kenney���"
"Who did you say  was speaking?'
"I say this Is Kenney speaking."
"Alright, go on."
"The star work of Kenney, the brll
liant fielding and a home run by
Booth, together with the line work
of the battery, with Nurse on the
mound and Hinds behind, were the
features of the game.
"Anil by lhe way you might give
Hansen  u  little  roast."
"Who's Hansen 7"
"Hansen is our second baseman."
Same preliminaries 15 minutes
"This is Kellar, of the Canadian
Mineral Rubber company ball team.
Did ynu get an account of the ball
name this evening 7"
"Yes. hi;' say. whnt kind of .a
���game did  Kenney  play ?"
"1 dou't like to tell you; if I did
iie might have me arrested."
"Pretty punk, th ?"
"Well, be did catch the ball once,
but you might give Hansen a little
Go  lo  'em   Hansen.
Standing of tne Clubs.
Philadelphia 45
(lev, land 40
Hoston    .12
Washington   SB
Chicago   36
Detroit    27
St.  I.ouis   2(1
New York  17
.73 7
Rifle Meet.
The New Westminster Civilian Rifle
BBBOclatlOtl have a double schedule for
this afternoon. Arrangements have
been completed for two seven-man
team rifle matches, Port Moody C, R.
A. vs N. W. C. li. A., and Port Hiiney
vs. N. W. C. ll. A. After the matches
llie two visit lng tennis will be outer-
talned lit  the Clarendon hotel  by the
home teams ami n short program Is
being   arranged   by   tbe   committee,
���imiprisrd    of    Captain    Vidal, W. J.
ilium and 10. W. Jcwhursl.
Yesterday's Games.
At Boston  (llrst  game):   R.    H.    E.
New   York      3     4      2
Boston   10   15     4
Hatteries: Keating, Caldwell and
Sweeney, Cossett; Leonard and Cnrrl
Second game: R.    II.   K.
New York     4     7      2
Iloston       6      8      2
Batteries: I'lsher, McConnell and
Sweeney;  Bedient and Nunamaker,
Al  Washington   tllrst game):
It.    11.    E.
Philadelphia   o    8    2
Washington   2     3     0
Hatteries: Brown and Lapp; John
son and Alnsmith.
Second gume: B.    H.   IS.
Philadelphia  11   10     1
Washington   5     8     7
Batteries: Houck, Hush and Shang;
Hughes, Gallia, Harper and Henry,
At   Detroit: R.    H.    E.
St. Louis   8     7     6
Detroit  8   10    4
Hatteries: Wellman and Agnew;
Hall. Dauss and Siunagc.
ai Chicago: R.   II.   E.
Cleveland    2      7      I)
Chicago     3     6     0
I Batteries: Palkeubirg, islanding
and  Carisch, O'Neil;   Clcoite,  Russell
I und Schalk.
International League. ,
Toropio 5, Baltimore 1.
I     Monlreal 3, Jersey City 1.
|     Buffalo R, Providence 14.
Bob KitysimmoiiB fought hi
third battle in America, knocking out Arthur Upham ln the
third round at New Orleans.
Fits had previously defeated
Crank Allen and Australian Billy McCarty at San Princlsco.
The Crescent City bout was in
the nature of a trial for Hobs
fitness to fight Dempsey for the
mldldewelght       crown. The
freckled fellow played with l'p-
hani, displaying his ability as a
lexer for four rounds, and then
went In to finish the fight. The
New Orleans fans were satisfied,
and matched Bob with Demp-
-Johnny Griff, n outclassed Tommy Warren in four rounds at
San Kranclsco.
-Ad Wolgast knocked out Pan
Goodman in fourth round at
Trains Meet Head-on.
Toledo, June 27. ���Oue man was killed and 15 were injured, many of them
fatally, this afternoon when a Pennsylvania train crashed head-on into a
work train at Woodville, 12 tulles east
of Toledo.
M VSar-Old Murdress.
Saskatoon, June 27��� Katberlne Si-'
mons, the 12-year-Old girl who has
confessed to the murder of Julia Go-
nick, aged nine years, was committed
to the Industrial school yesterday to
await trial. The prisoner in her confession states that she cuarrelled
with the little Gonick girl and had
beaten her with a shovel.
(Continued from page one)
The  tabulated  price  list  Is as  follows:
Apples, per box  $1.00 to 51.25
Vegetables, Wholesale.
Beets, per sack   75c.
Carrots, per sack         65c.
Turnips, per sack 60c
Potatoes, per sack    75c I
New  potatoes per sack    $4.00
'! Potatoes, per ton $8 to $10
Onions, per sack    $1.25 to $1.50
Vegetables, Retail.
Ripe Tomatoes, per doz 30c
Beets, per bunch 5c
Onions, per lb 5c.
(iarrois, per bunch  5c
\ Cabbage, per lb 4c.
; Turnips, each  5r
Rhubarb, per bunch  10c
; Strawberries  per  crate    $3.50
Eggs and Butter.
Eggs, wholesale, per doz... .27c to 29c
Eggs, retail, per doz 30c. to 35c.
Hatching Eggs, per doz. ..50c to $1.00
Hatching duck eggs, doz . .50c, to 75c.
gggs, duck, per do?. 80c. to iOfi.
Huu'r retail per 11)  35c.
Butter, wbeUgale, per Ib 30'
Flsh, Retail.
Pink Spring Salmon, per lb.
White Spring Salmon, per lb
Klounders, per lb	
Sturgeon, per lb	
Halibut, per lb	
Steelhead. per lb	
I R-fheltS. per lb	
Pras. and Qeml. Mgr.
Bee. and Treat
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
The Popular Shoe Store
(By  "Gravy.'
Cricket at Coquitlam.
The New Wesiminster cricket team
will pay lhelr lirst visit to l'ort Co-
uni lum this afternoon where they
meet the ranchers In a return match.
The game begins ut 2:45 o'clock, the
players leaving on lhe 2 o'clock 0. P.
II. train.
F.in'Uir Boxing Enthusiasts.
While the professional boxing game
has faults and evils that need correction being in this respect very much
ikin to nil human institutions���it does
not follow that boxing Is to be condemned in its entirety. Those who
Indulge In such wholesale critlcUm
of the sport will find themselves nt
variance with a host of noted men. lf
boxing I' so brutal as some would
have us believe, why does it command
lhe enthusiasm and admiration of such
as Maurice Maeterlinck, the "dainty-
souled" Belgian dramatic uutlior, a
mnn of retlnienient and inspired genius? And he is but one nmong many
great French ami Belgian authors, artists and dramatists who are now devotees of boxing.
King George V In the role of a ref-
ereee of a "horrid" boxing contest,
may seem Improbable to some people,
and yet while In the navy he often
hung up small purses and umpired
llstic contests between members of
the crew. He Is himself no poor hoxer
and still Indulges in an occasional
bout. I.Ike the late King Edward,
who was an enthusiastic patron of the
sport, King George is opposed to all
movements for the abolition of the
game. The Prince of Wales is nn accomplished boxer, and on at least one
occasion attended a show at the National Sporting club.
Everybody knows that ex-President
Roosevelt ls fond of witnessing a boxing bout and of putting on the gloves
himself. Kven while In the White
House he found time to" take part in
an occasional In ut, one of his hardest
scraps being with Prof. Mike Donovan, the former middleweight champion.
Senator "Bob" l.a Kollette has lately taken un boxing The famous Wis
c.onsln rolon found himself getting too
plump, to put it mildly, nnd a daily
round with the gloves took off twenty
pounds of tin' surplus In ���* er> short
period. According to ^ ib Instructor,
the Badger statesman .ib developed a
number of good punches, and Is ln a
fair way lo prove bis light to the title
of "Fighting Bob." Senator I.n Kollette passed bis fifty-eighth birthday
thin month.
Charles Hanii Gibson, creator of the
"Gibson girls." Isn't exactly a lowbrow, bul he Is very rond of boxing,
both    U    spectator    and participant.
Becin to  S;e Liqht
Toronto,  June .27.���A  Utter receiv-
'od by Rev. Dr. MacKay from  Miss A.
I.   Dickson,   a   Presbyterian   missionary in Kong Moon, South China, con-
| firms the optimistic reports that have
been made at the various conferences
recently held here.    The letter states
that in Hong Kong the churches have
I united   in   setting   apart   a   day     for
| prayer and  nearly  2000 attended  the
last service,  which was conducted by
| Anglicans  and   "pnconformlsts.    She
���also writes that thA T*w" RtL"1" campaign conducted by Dr. Molt and Mr.
Eddy   has  proved     a   greal    success,
7057 students being now enrolled.    In
Canton all the wayside altars are being  destroyed,  the  work being  done ,
by  Criminals   under   the   direction   of
guards,    The Images have also been
removed   from  all  the  smaVer
pits.    The   Iconoclasts,   however
i Cod, per lb	
Retail Meats.
Beef, best rib roasts 15c to ISc
Beef, loin    18c. to 27c.
Deef, round steaks   ������ 23c.  to 25c.
Boiling beef 14c
Veal 15c to 25c.
Perk       15c  to  2JJs
Mutton : .���I*'* to 20c
Spring lamb. fore-Quart*rs 23c. to 25c.
Spring lamb, hind auarters 30c. to 35c.
Wholesale Meats.
Veal, large -, 14c. to 16<*
Veai, small 14e. to 17c.
Beef, front quarter 9-^c. to 10c
Beef, hind quarter lie. to 12c. j
Spring  lamb    18c. j
Mutton 12^c. to 13c j
Pork   i 13c. to 14c.
Hens, small, per dozen  ....$6 to $81
Hens, large, per dozen  ... .$12 to $13
tem-! Chickens, per dozen  $���* to $6 i
are |Broilers, per dozen $4-50 to $5 50 j
Holiday Snaps
Barefoot Sandals; sizes 3, 4, and  5    50c.
Barefoot Sandals;  sizes 7, 8, 9, 10 snd 11; see these   80c
Fleet-Koot  Running  Shoes;   rubber  soles,  from    40c
.Ladies' White Canvas Shoes; leather soles;  all sizes   50c.
Men's  Fleet-Foot  rubber  soled Oxfords    75c.
Boys'  heavy  leather soled  Canvas Shoes; sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,-... 95c.
Men's heavy leather soled Brown Canvas shoes; all sizes  $1.25
Ladles' snappy Tan Oxfords; every   size.    For  week-end    only,
per pair    1-95
Ladles' Tan Willow Calf Blucher boots;  snappy shapes  ...  2.95
Ladies' $5.00 Boots; any pair tn the store; week-end'only .   ... 3.95
Ladies' Dress Boots, broken lines',  every size;  value to $5  1.98
Gents' Box Kip Blucher Boots; every slse    1.98
Gents' Tan  Chocolate Blucher Boots;   every  size    2-*5
Gents' Dress Boots, stub toe;  glove leather;  every size    2.95
Gents' Tan Willow Caulk Button and Blucher Boots: $5 up town.
Per pair at         3--}*j
Gents' Gun Metal Bluchers;  stub toe;  Long-Life make   3.95
Slater Boots. F. W., K. Boots, Leckie Boots, etc.
Ml.      I...,
not Christians, and  Miss Dickson  ur-; Hetts,  live,  per  lh. **t*.
ges  all   tlie   churches   to   unite   in   a .Chickens, live, per Ib J3c. to 24c
concentrated   campaign   before   some- ��� Ducks, per dozen   $l2 to $16
thing else is erected  In  (he  plac*? of  Ducks, live, per lb 20c to 23c
the destroyed  images. Ducklings, per lb 28c to 30c
Dominion Day
Special Offerings for Saturday and
B. G. Market Co., Ltd.
677 Columbia St.   Phone 1315.
We will offer the following Specials for Saturday,
June 28th:
Shoulder Lamb  ��� -17c
Loin and Rib Lamb  22c
Leg Lamb 25c
Spring Salmon, in piece 12'/2C"
Spring Salmon, sliced  15c
Chicken Halibut, half or whole 7c
We make our own Lard, Pork Sausage and Head
Cheese at this market, therefore we know it to be
clean and pure.
If you want something good try our Corned Beeg.
You will be sure to come back after more.
Our Market is kept in the most sanitary manner
possible, every part is open for inspection to the
scrupulous housewife.
Kindly give us a trial and be convinced.
Your chaice of any Kit-Rite Suit   in   the
values to $37.50.
One lot of Suits; values to $17 50.
Auto Coats;   regular value  $li 00.
store  for    $25.00;    regular    '
Dominion Day special   $9.25
Lrtmtfulon Day special    7.50
Panama Hat
Regular $12 Hats.
Regular $15 Hats.
Straw Hat
Regular $1.25 Hats. Special
Regular $1.50 Hats. Special
Regular $3.50  Hats. Special
We have tlle latest New York novelties
50c. the tie.
In  Neckwear     The   price   is
/ /
709  Columbia  St.
Westminster Truat B!
***m . - --"���.
SATURDAY, JUNE 28, 1913.
Classified Advertising
celved for The News at the following places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
tj2N Columbia streel; A. Spricc,
Queensborough; l.ulu island.
�� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
dav; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6,000 words, to be UBed as rehired within one year from date of
contract, $25.00.
girl to help with three children during July and August in a summer
cottage at White Rock. Apply this
morning at 422 Sixth street, city.
wants work, by day. Apply Miss
McLean, 324 Seventh street.  (1639)
to purchase, small liouse with from
two to five acres, near tra:,i or
Irain  for citv.    llox  1632  News.
bungalow; five rooms and large attic; cement basement, with laundry
tubs; panelled dining room, beam
ceilings, built-in buffet, book cupboards, fireplace, electrical fixtures;
on Ninth street, with Btreet In rear,
between Third and Fourth avenues;
walking distance; a bargain. Inquire of Owner, 908 St, Andrew's
slreet. (1622)
Hamilton Worrying About Shortage of
Green   Goods   in   the   Very
Near Future.
month, price $576; also new house,
three rooms and pantry, on 66 foot
lot wllh 12 fruit trees on, $1550,
$100 cash, balance to suit. Apply
G. Paterson, Stride avenue and
Twelfth street. 11619)
Hamilton, June 27. Observing citizens and buslnes men are becoming
anxleus concerning the probable future shortage In Bupply of farm products on the local market For soiiip
time it has been noticed that the supply of farm products Is becoming rap-
Idly less, while tlie demand bus been
increasing  to a  surprising extern.
Market Clerk  Hill made the state-
i ment that the supply of all     market
products wan becoming scarcer every
j year,  and  that  bo  anticipated  a  big
I shortage lhis season.
"There are reasons for this other
'than Increased demand by Increasing
j population," said Mr. Hill. "There
litre at least 1,000 acres of productive
soil close to  Hamilton  which a year
The meeting, which win be attended by the chief festival and exposition
booster of the west, frnm the Mexican border to British Columbia, will
consider further plans for making the
coasl the "Playground of the World,"
uiul tor advancing the "See America
Flrsl" propaganda. The association
already has the unqualified endorsement of many of the great railroads
and lhe principal hotels of the sunset
slope. '   *
Steps also will be taken to send out
lecturers through tho east and middle
w&af   to   help  arouse  interest  among
tOurlBtS ami pleasure seekers. Various
other forms of coiling the world's attention to the marvelous natural beauties of the  unrivaled  Berles of high-
I class amusement, entertainment   and
l educational  attractions  embraced    In
the different festivals and expositions
I of the association will be planned.
Deborah"  Case
Trouble Therc-
To Clean
Stirs   Up  a   Lot    of
-Effort Being Made
Up  Theatres
cy from lhe Isolation hospital; on additional inspector urgently requested
by Dr. Holllngsworth for bis excellent
oi guarding the milk supply;
and two or three temporary Inspee-
crs, who have now been dispensed
with, for Ihe special and systematic
clean  up of  the cily   In  the  spring."
Justice Lennox Drops on Barris.
ters N
Toronto, June 27.���Mr. Justice Lennox has again found occasion to roast i ^rm,of_tw��iity-one' years at
the Toronto Lawyers. It will be re-
membercd (hat upon his elevation to
the bench he delivered a very caustic  speech   to  the  barristers   present
COAL MINING rlKlits or tlm Dominion!
In   Manitoba,  Siuikulchewun  ami  Albertu,.
the Yi>��>n Territory, the Northwest Territories und In a portion of llie P'ovticr
of British Columbia, may be leased for ai
rental of (1 tin acre. Not more than 2&����
acre* will he leaned to one uppllcutU.
Application for a leiuw mum bn made
by the applicant In person to tlle AKi-nt
or Bub-Agent of tlie district In which Ilia
rlfliie applied for are sltuutcd.
In surveyed territory Uie lnml must he-
described uy sections, or li'K'il suli-dlvl-
slone of HiTlloiiM. and In unsurveyed territory   tli"   tract   applied    for    sliall    In
horses weighing about 3200 pounds,
seven and eight years with harness
and wagon;    also one   team    3000,
seven and eight, with harness and or so ugo were producing large quan-
wagon; also one extra wagon, iW titles of market products, which to-
inch skein, will sell altogether or (day are lying idle because of having
separate, cheap for cash,    or might] been divided up into building lots, and
Toronto, June 27. The fight waged
by Rev. John Coburn In the "Deborah"  case   before  Judge   Morson   was
i strongly   endorsed  by  the  committee'during his initial sittings In the blgl
I of  forty  ut  g   inciting held  recently,  court.    Recently  IiIb lordship deliver-
while the judgment of the Judge wasied   another  speech   admonishing   tho
1 severely   criticised.    The  position  of ' members of the, Bar,  In thc non-Jury I "liked out by'tSs liVlSraint'hlmsiir.
the committee   was  set forth   in  the  (size court at the city ball L Kuc{? application must be aooompanltd
following statement to the press: "1 have always been annoyed    by i t����"nEt., ap-JuSM 'n,n'avi'i'i'ialuJ.!
���    "The committee of forty appointed  the  hablta of Toronto  lawyers," said Ibut  not  otherwlee.    A  royally  ��i,.iii   tx>
at a inasa meeting of between three  his lordship, "and I have resolved to ' WA ?? A1**" merchantable output of
! and four  thousand  citizens of Toron- j put  an end  to  tbem  as  far as  1  am
i lo, convened in Massey hall in Novem   concerned.    What   I   am   speaking  of
| her last to consider some of tlie mor-  is  the  habit of one  counsel  walking
j al   conditions   of   our   city,   deem   lt 1 around   while   tbe   witness   is   being
wise,  in  view  of  lhe  recent   "Dehor-'cross examined by the other counsel.
trade.    Apply    1406  Fifth
New Westminster.      (1550)
Attendant at Hospital Accused of Relieving Dead Parent's Wife of
the Jewel.
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every oue guaranteed. Market square. (1451)
sold ofl' to Hamilton citizens, who ure
letting tbem stand idle, while walling Toronto, June 27. A diamond rin
for greater profits through the modi-j was a storm centre in the county po
um of increasing values ol' land. A lice court yesterday. Miss Miii-g.in
great many of these lots, formerly Ryan, a nurse In the Toronto free hoe
productive portions of good farms, arejpital for consumptives at
' '   charged
would like work three or four days
a week, or few hours daily. House
or children,    llox 1621 News. (1621)
house  work  by
day.    Apply    Box
near  Central school),  711 Queens
avenue. Il6'.lfil
low, Durham Btreet; live rooms.
Phone R 331.
kitchen, toilet, bath,
house;   $11  monthly
coal and  wood
23U   Eleventh
ished rooms, close to car. Board
optional. Mrs. Slanbridge. Thirteenth avenue, between fourth and
second   streets,   East   llurnaby.
ing rooms upstairs, phone and bath,
cloBe in.    Box  162S News.      (162SI
but financially unable to cultivate
write post Office box 1405, Vancouver. (1631)
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings Btreet west. Van
couver, B.C. 1144111
Coquitlam Municipality School Board.
Tenders will be received by the
undersigned up to 4 p.m. June 30,
1M13. for the erection of an addition,
22x36, to tbo Blue Mountain School.
Plans and specifications may be seen
at Ihe residence of Mr. Ewen Marlin.
chairman of the Hoard, North road,
Burqultlam. The lowest or any lender
not  necessarily accepted.
P, HART 11.  Secretary.
USDS) Fraser Mills P, 0.
now covered with crops of weeds. :uui
thus the supply of market products
from at least 1.000 acres of land has
been cut off, all of which means an
enormous reduction of supply and
consequent raising of prices to the
consumer for market products. These
lands lie almost within tho city, or
at Ihe very edge, and when they wer J
being farmed it was an easy matter
for tlle producers to get their products quickly to the market with little expense. An Increasing population
now demands greater quantities of
market products, and they are not to
be had. As th" city extends sell
further out, nnd more farm lands
are taken in the supply will become
less, and unless those who, at greater
distances from the city, doubli their
output, the matter of farm products
on the local market will soon oecoin?
a problem of no small importance ti
the residents of Hamilton. 1 know
of several rich properties in lbe
Crown Point, Bartonville, Dundee
road and Mountain districts, which
a year or so ago were producing largo
quantities of vegetables, which are
today lying idle in building lots,
while acres anil acres of strawberries
are going to waste because the owners of the lots, many of whom are oui
of town people, are not gathering the
crops. People are tramping them
down as they would so much chaff."
Weston w as
with the theft of a diamond
ring from Mrs. Ada Murphy, of 10
Rond street.
When Mr. Murphy died in t'.ie institution at Weston on the 14th of
May he gave his wife three rings und
his personal properly. This was on
liis death bed two hours before he
MIbs Ryan, who nursed Mr. Murphy,
saw the ring on Mrs. Murphy's linger
and sai dlt belonged to her. Miss Ryan
asked Mrs. Murphy to le! her see the
ring. Mrs. Murphy did. Miss Ryan
kept the ring and refused to give it
up. She claimed that it belonged to
her, that she gave it to Mr. Murphy to
clean. Because of the contradictory
evidence and the fact that tiie name
Burke was engraved on the inside of
the   ring.   Magistrate  T.   II.   Hrimton
ah" case, to issue Ibe following statement:
"The committee is composed as follows:    Seven clergymen, representing
the  Anglican.   Roman  Catholic,  Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist and Congregational  denominations, four lawyers, three Investment brokers, two
| journalists, two physicians, two members of parliament und one controller.
iThe  remainder  of  the  forty  is  com-
I posed in large measure of representatives  of  some  of our  largest com-
i mercial and  manufacturing firms, all
| chosen, not only because of lhelr sympathy   with   the  movement,   but  also
because of the respect and confidence
which they  enjoy in our community.
"Tho   object   of   our   committee   ls
net  to  close  our Theatres und  other
places of amusement, or to foist  the
austerity of extremists upon the con-
rcience   of   the   general  public.     We
are making war upon undisputed evils
I which threaten the homes of all class
- es   of  society   and   the  lives  of  men
of all shades of religious opinion. We
speak   In   the   interest   of  every   true
j father and mother, and claim to hold
a brief for the girls and boys of the
entire city.    So  far us public  places
of amusement  are concerned,  our object   is  to  sr-e   that  their  proprietors
It always annoys mc more than I
can  tell  you.
"They also break In und Interrupt.
Sometimes the witness does not speak
loud enough and in this case, I suppose, they can bs excused, but nearly always It Is absolutely unneeces-
sary. lf they want to say something
while the witness Is being examined
let them stand up from the lawyer's
table, say it, and sit down again,
there is no need to rush up and
"I notice that the examining counsel nearly always stands up cloBe lo
the witness and leans on the witnoss
box. They should stand quite a little
way off where they can be beard. 1
find that these habits cannot be
found in any city or town of Ontario
that I know of, and, us I said before,
1 shall not allow   It.
paid on the merchantable output of tbe
mine al the rate of five cents per ton.
The person "|-tbIIiik the mine sliall
furnish the Agent wltli sworn returns-
accounting for the (ull quantity uf merchantable coal rained and puv the royalty tbcreon. If tho ooal mining rights,
are not being operated ��uch returns eliuuli>
be  furnished at  leiuit oboe u  ynr.
Th* lnaRO wlll Include the coal mining
rights oifly, but the leasee will he permitted to pureluuM whatever avulluble
surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of the mine at the
rate of 110 an acre.
Kor full Information application should
be  made  to th*  Becrotai/  of  llie   Depart,
menl   of  the  Interior,  Ottnvvii,  or   lo  any
Agent or Sub-Agent of  Dominion   Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.*
N. B,���Unauthorised publtoatlon of this
advertisement wlll  not  be paid fnr
dismissed the case
"Is It a practice or habit for nurses'and performers therlh, shall learn
to leave their rings with patients?" I that whatever oilier cities may toler-
asked W. A. Henderson, counsel for|ate, Toronto will not stand for filth
Mrs,  Murphy. iand  obscenity.    We did  not   even  In-
"No, it is a very uncommon thing," isist that they be uplifting, desirable
answered Miss (lortley, another nurse, i as that would he, but simply that no
"My husband gave me the ring," amusement shall be brought to our
testified Mrs. Murphy, who wore a | people that will not have them as
heavy veil.   "He never told me where .clean as they  found them."
he got the ring.    I didn't think it waa  .	
peculiar to have the ring in his posse- |-ru|g -s not A
sion without my knowing It. H    '
bright und airy, hot and cold wuter,
J2.00  a    week    and     up.     Special
monthly  rales.    S45   Royal   avenue.
tage, newly decorated, conveniences,
Princess street. Phone 43X, evenings, about 7   o'clock. (16341
housekeeping    rooms,    pantry    and
bath.    Apply  SIS)    Queens    avenue.
Toronto, June 27. Hundreds of applications for farm and other helpers, with no prospect of being able
to fill tbem, is the problem which is
confronting the Ontario immigration
department, according to a recent
statement. With a demand of fifteen
hundred and only one hundred of an
Immediate supply, it may readily be
seen bow pressing the need is.
Informal lon   from   the   department
states  that  some  of  the  experienced
For   Rent���Furnished,  Mr.   Wamsley's   farm   hands   are   gettinK   as   much   as
house, corner   Tenth    avenue   and (thirty   dollars  a   month,   with   every-
Twelfth street.    To careful tennant i thing found, and men of less experi-
glve loin; lease and cheap rent. |ence get. from JLr. to $25   while inex-
For Sale���In  Sapperton,  close to Columbia streel, car line, five roomed
modern  house, new  and  well  built.
$50 cash, balance $25 a month. The ,
price is right for quick sale.
For Rent���No. 609   Bent   street,   this
city, eight roomed modern house in |
first  class condition, house all    ew-
ly overhauled.    Leuse %'M) a month, \"
fnnished housekeeping rooms, first
floor, at 224 Seventh street.    (1503)
. with "Hilda" engraved on case.
Lost either at Queens park or corner Columbia and Begble streets.
Finder leave at Grant's bakery and
receive reward. (1642)
For full particulars, see us.
Phone 312. Room
Westminster Trust Buiilding.
LICE AND POULTRY QO Together. But lice and profit never:
The time -to light lice is all the
time���but especially In hot weather.
Dou't let the lice get Iho start of
you. Now is the time for the
charge of the Lice Brigade, The
war cry is Conkey. Conkey's Lice
Powder 25c. Conkey's Lice Liquid
35c to $1.iiii (it mixes with water),
and Conkey's Head Lice Ointment
26c, settle tiie lice problem which
melius sine youi* profits, Brackman-
K'-r Milling Co, Liberal sample if
you clip this advertisement.    (1618)
Province of British Columbia, County
of Westminster.
Under nnd by virtue of a writ of
il fa to rae directed and delivered
against tho guilds and chattels of
Ralph Asser and Sydney Asser, at
the suit of Columbia Trust Company.
Limited, I have seized and wlll sell
ai Heaps Engineering Company's
premises, From Street, New Westmin
i-.tcr, on Tuesday, the 24th day of
.lune, 1913, at 2 o'clock In the afternoon, the following, or sufficient
thereof to satisfy llie judgment debt
snd costs herein:
The cabin cruiser "Cecilia," powered
with a four cylinder cycle 20 lip.
Human engine, 1912 model. Length
over all 35 feet, beam S foot, uphol-
Btered  In  green plush, finished Inside
with hardwood, sleeping accommodation for bIx  persons and  fitted  with
toilet, coo kstove, and electric lights.
Terms of Bale cash.
New Westminster, June 7, 1913. (1562)
The above sale is hereby poitponed
nr.iil  Tuesday  lbe Slh    day    of July,
1513, at the Bame time and place.
41C12) Sheriff.
.Telephones: Office 53, Reeidence 429
JOHN REID, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Gasoline
Engines,   Marine   Engines   and   Auto
mobile Repairs,
Office and Works: Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
I perienced men are being paid any-
1 thing from $10 to $20 per month, all
found, the rate, in lhe lust Instance,
depending, of course, on the ability
i of the men. Many bave cone to New
i Ontario, where they have found conditions such as to permit of making
good money.
said nnytbing about buying one. He
handed me over the ring shortly he-
fore he died."
MIbs Ryan, who was extremely nervous, said that she came from St.
John's, N. B.. and entered the hospital
as nurse on October IS, four days after
Mr. Murphy was admitted. I attended
Mr. Murphy the first day I went on
duty and continued to do so till he
died. Al Christmas time I gave Mr.
Murphy two diamond rings to clean
for me; nlso my signet ring. Two
weeks later I got them hack, hut eight
days before het died I gave him one
of the diamond rings to clean. I took
the ring off when I was giving him
back treatment and he piek"d it up
and put It on his finger."
Miss Ryan said that n young man
by the name ei Leonard Burke of St.
John's cave her the ring before she
left her home. Her sister. Susie, also a
nurse in the hospital, testified that she
saw Leonard give her sister the ring.
The ring, which was a man's size hsd
the name Burke crudely engraved on
the inside.
Paris. June 27. The possibility of
the discovery In the near ful lire of
a cure for whooping cough was held
out. at the Academy of Sciences by
Dr. Emile Roux, director of the Pasteur Institute and a member of the
ucademy  of  medicine.
Dr. Roux was merely transmitting
the report of Dr. Alfred Connor, bacteriologist of the Belvedere Military,
hospital. Tunis, wbere, with the collaboration of Dr. Nicalle, he had prepared a solution containing living
cough b-icellli which he Injected into
122 children suffering fr m the disease, r, peating it every two days.
Thirty-seven per eent. of tbe children recovered in Iobb than three
weeks, whereas under the ordinary
treatment the mildest attacks lasted
Iwo anil sometimes five nr six months
Of the rest, forty per cent, improved
greatly, while the remaining twenty-
three per cent, were not affected for
either good  or bad.
The Onus on Plaintiffs.
Toronto, J une    27.    Chief    Justice
jFalconbridge In a Judgment delivered
.at  Osgoode   Hall,  dismissed   the  action broughl by A. E. and Isabel Wilson against the Suburban Estates Co.,
to ercover $5110    damages for al'egeu
misrepresentation made in connection
with the sale of lots nt Port MeN'leoll
jllls lordship found that no fraud had
jbeen   proven   and   the  onus  of  proof
| waB  on   the  plaintiffs.     Further  thai
they did not ask for a   recision of lhe
'sale, but merely for damages    No satisfactory   evidence   had   been   offered
| to show there was any difference be-I
'tween   tlle  present   value  of  the   lots
jiind  the  piree  paid    for    them.    The
plaintiff's allegations were that they
; understood they weer purchasing   lots
! in the business section of the town.'
whereas the lots were on  the corner
;of Boland and First    streets,    which
[were streets in name only, and covered
with rocks and slumps.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) $16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada anil
Newfoundland, and lu London, Kngland, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit IsBiied, available with correspondents In all p'arts of the world.
Havings Ilanh Department���Deposits
received In Bums of Jl and upward
ind Interest allowed at 3 per cent -per
iimiim (present rate).
Total Assets over $lSC.0O0.niio.0O.
G.  I).  BRYMNER.  Manager.
Specialty���Treatment of the ncaip
hy Vlbro-Massage and (Hover's Famous Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE. 35 Eighth St.
B, & P. O. nt Elks of the II. of C. we*
the first and third Thursday nt 8 p m
K. of 1'. Hull. Eighth 8tr,-et. A Weill
Oruy. Exalted Ruler: 1'. H. Smith, Ser
L. O. O. It., NO. 864.���-MEET8 ON
flrat, second, third nnd fourth Wedae*
day In ench month in S p. m.
in Uu. Moos,. Home, ll. J. Leamy
dictator:      !���'.     K.    Jones.     Becretary
dquarters   of   Iodic   In
ier "f Fourth uiul I'aru
Box 34 Dally Newe Bldg
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
59  McKenzie  St.
The forest fire situation has been
[unusually serious In the province of
i Quebec during tlie last.half of April
Jand the first half of May, on account
of Ihe spell of hot dry weather follow ing the disappearance of the snow,
and preceding the growth of the summer   foliage.
The   Bituation   has,   however,   been
efficiently   handled   through  the  system of patrols established liy the forest protection branch of the provln-
���clal department of lands and forests.'
The fire protective measures taken
by lbe railway companies. In accordance with the requirements of the
railway commission, have also aided
verv materially in preventing Sirls
(damage along railway  lines.
LIVINo   Rumors an(j  street  Talk  About
Board  of  Trade
Ottawa civil -servants are   cutting (   Prince Albert, June 27.���One of the
down the cost of living. For the year lending topics of discussion in the
ending March 31. last, they paid twoiCity yesterday was on tlle opinions
per cent, less for their groceries than expressed at the board of trade meet
other household! rs     They   were   en-  ;ng on Thursday hy Andrew  Holmes
in   regard   to   the   manner   in   which
the  work  Is  being  carried on  at   La
. O. O. F. AMITY LODOB NO 17���Th
regular meeting of Amity Indite Ni
27. I. O O. P., In held every Monda
nltfht Bt �� o'clock In Odd I'bIIows' Hal
corner Carnarvon and Et-ghtti street*1
Vlsltins hrethem cordially Invite'
R. A. Merrlthew, N. O.; J. Robcrtsot
V. O.; W. C. Coalham, P. ��.. recort
lng le-eretary; It W. Sohuster, flnai
clal secretary.
Furnished three room    suite,   wltb
bath,    Hot and cold water.    $117.SO
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary Public
Curtle Block,        657 Columbia Street.
New Weetmlneter, B.C.
New Spring and Summer Sultlngi-
now on display. See them. Perfect
fit and workmanship guaranteed. 701
Front Street,
Montreal, June 21. With the
arms closely manacled to tie
arms of two New York deteetiv
mand Fauchon and Emile Le liny,
were taken from police headquarters
lo lb" Windsor Btreet station ami left
for New  Vork.
Fauchon and Le Roy are the two
I'aris bandits arrested here a week
ago while endeavoring to dispose of
jewelry  thought  to  have  been   stolen
I from a Staten Island residence. Both
Devil's Island, where they  were ser*.
j are known to have escaped from
ing  life  termB,  and  as   their  records
I are  well   known,  no  opportunity  was
alven Ihem to make a break for free
dom  on  the  way  to the train.    With
-the two detectives went a third one
I from N'ew York, while two from the
local staff accompanied tbem as far as
the train.
allied to enjoy this reduction b''ca:.30
they have joined together io form
the civil service co-operative supply
association which runs a first class
grocery store. Members of tbe association received a dividend of two
per cent, on all their groc ry purchases for the past year. The association
is not yet two years old and every in
dieation pointB to the fact that linger
dividends will be forthcoming In the
Some noteworthy facts lire presented ln the annual report. One is that
the Btore did a business of practical
ly $11)00 a week on a capital of S'.TiTo.
Another is thai the cosi of delivering
goods amounted to slightly over $3.80
on each $100 worth of goods sold.
In llie average grocery Btore ahout
two thirds of the goods sold have lo
he delivered. According to tbis, about
'������-be is paid for delivery charges on
every $1.00 worth of groceries delivered. This (emlnds one of the statement of JameB J. Hill, that the cost
of high living and the high cost of
living are often confused.
ter 4 Itiuina. Ltd.)���Punfira! rilre-etor
and ombalmera, PhrlorH 40j Columbl
Btreet.   Nfw   Westminster.    Hiono 991
To Port Mann  and  Port Coquitlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily Except Sunday.
Aa Per Following Schedule:
Leaves  New  Westminster  for  Port
Mann 8:00 a.m.
Leaves  Port  Mann  for  New  Westminster 9:00 a.m.
Leaves   New   Weatmlnster  for   Port
I Mann and  Port Coquitlam  10:00 a.m.
Leaves   Port    Coquitlam    for    i'ort
Mann and New WeBtmlnster 1:00 p.m.
Leaves New  WeBtmlnster  for  Port
I Mann r>: 30 p.m.
Leaves  Port  Mann   for  New  Wcat-
i minster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves New  Westminster  for  Port
j Mnnn and l'ort Coqultlam 4:S0 p.m.
j     Leaves    Port   Coqultlam    lor    Port
Mann and New Westminster 6:110 p.m.
Schedule subject to change without
For further information inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 184 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
Portland, Ore., .lune l>7. To stop
Uie extravagant waste of linancial re-
I sources on the part of American lour-
l ista wbo are spending nearly $600.-
000,000 abroad each year for travel
iand luxuries, the Festivals Association
|of the I'aeinc^Coast will appeal to the
national Congress and the president
to create a national board for the
j purpose of studying this situation and
to devise ways and means for keep-
ling a large part or thla enormous Bum
of money at home. The mailer wlll
come up at the annual meeting of
the Festival  Association of the  Pa-
Nothing New in Sherbrooke Explosives Tragedy
Sherbrooke, One.. .lune 27.���Although 'hlef McCasklll has to return
'i Montreal for a day or two mattetf
aro by no means being unguarded
in connection with the Sherbrooke
explosives tragedy which resulted In
the death of Mrs. Alphonse O. llllo-
Hue of the Thiol detertivea arrived
In town yesterday In connection with
'li" ense, nnd several other private
'd'l  elive  agencies   Iir"   represented,
"Watch   Mini   wait"  tactics  are  the
ones being adopted just now. it is
believed several dayB must elapse bi-
I'nie inallira come to a head. If tbey
do at all. nml in any event If any
arrest is made there will lie no very
strung cnBe against the party.
The plot of Bending lu explosives
parcels through the mail was apparently ao cleverly thought out aa to
leave lillle room for positive evidence
behind it. Report^ to the effect thnt
ft e rtaln parly In Sherbrooke iniiile
|enquiries to find out exactly how to
pack   explosives   to   be   sent   through
Culle  Falls.     Mr.  Holmes slated tint
be bad the best authority for saying
the undertaking was   to cost   from
$500,000 to $70ii.iiii0 mcre than the orl
ginal estimate and It was such a pros
pect   that   he  deplored.     It   was   Mr. :
Holmes who opened lhe discussion on i
the subject,  but aeveral of Ihe other i
members expressed  opinions of dls-!
satisfaction  of certain  phases of the |
work,   particularly   in   regard   to   the
simply   and  delivery  or  freight,    tlie
failure lo utilize the city boa: to tat-i
the   material   to   lhe   Falls,   and   the
time being spent  nt  the falls hy Ibe
.superintending engineer. Frequent references   were   made  at   the   meeting
lo rumors and street talk bul accept
that  it   was  alligid   that   the  people
were not unite satisfied with the way
in Which Ihe work wus being conducted, there  was nothing definite said
us to what the rumors were.
Ottawa, June 27. Referring to the
statement thnt City Auditor Cluff had
expressed the opinion "thai the cltv
health department Ib over manned."
and that the board of health ia "spend
ing |monr/y recklessly,V u meiiilier
of  the  board   Bald:
"Mr. Cluff la < nlitled to his opinion, but as he has not gol llie remotest Idea of the work that Is being
donn by the health department, 1
don't think his o; inlon la worth very
"The board of health bus guarded
Its expenditures very carefully. Tie
fact lhal Mayor Ellis and Controller
Parent are two of the five members
of the board Is assurance nf this.
"Mr. Cluff Is talking through his
lint whon he Buys Hint the hoard was
authorized to engage seven inspci"invalid has engaged eighteen, 'i'o make
up the latter number he muat be Including almosl every official in the
department. Further the bonrd of
health does not require authority
from   anybody  to  engage  Hie    neces-
Bury Inspectors,   it la Invested with
full powers In Its own rlghl.
"The only addition to lhe staff
mado   by   this   year'B   bonrd   are:     a
W. E. FALES���Pioneer Funeral Direct!
and Kmliiiliner. 612-61H Agues Blriife
opposite Carnegie Library.
11.   .1.   A.   BURNETT,   AUDITOR     ANI
Accountant    Tel,  It.  I'm.  Room :'.  Har
T. H. Smith, W. J. drover
Work   undertaken    in    city    and    nutsld'
ints.   211-11   Westminster  Trust   biu��
ine   364.      P    O.   Ro*   B07,
Sule, Deeds, Business Letters, eir.; oil
culur wirk sperlallHt. All wnrk strli-ll
Confidential, ll Hurry, room IID Wi-sl
minster Trust Hlk.   Phone 702.
Dominion Day
Tickets on sale June 21 to July for
one fare and one.third for round trip;
good to Mum until July 4.
New Westminster
>)r H    W,   Brodle. O.P.A .  Vancouver
Hter Board of Trade meets In tlie b*ar
room, i'ity Hull, hh follows: Third Frl
day nf each month; quarterly meetloj
on iiie tiiird Friday of February, Ua:
Aiiitiist und November at . e.xi. Ai
nual ineetlnKH on the third Friday o
I'Vlirtiury, C. H. Stuart Wade, neer*
risiers, Sollsltors, etc. -to Lorne stree-
New Westminster, o. D. Corbould, r
C.    J. H. Grant.    A. ED. MeColl.
ter-iit-lnw, solicitor, etc Tetephnr.
1070. Cable address "Johnston.1
Code. "Western Union." Offices, HIP
Block. Bti Columbia etreet. New Wee'
nihiHter, H. C.
B.C. Coast Service
Lewes Vancouver for Victoria IS a. m,
1 p. in. und 11 :4ft.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m.
und  I I  P. in.
Loavis Vancouver for Nanalmo io mu
nml f. III! p.m.
Leavea Vancouver for Prince Rupert
and Northern Points in n n* Wednea
days  nnd  Saturdays  at   11   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves  Chllllwack   7
Thursday and Saturday.
Westminster   I
iHduy nud  Friday.
WltrnoslDH.     KDMONDS    A    WHHT
Ml'tn -     Barristers nnd  Solicitors,  Wets,
iniiiiiier Trust Blk., Columbia etreoi
New Westminster, II. C. Cable nrtdrce*
"Wliliisldn." Western Union. P. t
Drawer 200. Telephone (IK W. .'
Whiteside, K. C.; II. L. I'ldiuonds, I
BD, i
il. w
OULBT, Agent,
BRODlfl, fl. p.
m.    Tuemla-f.
in.   Monday.
New  Westminster.
A.. Vancouver.
J. HTILWELL CLlTTB. Bnrrlster-at-la**
Boltoltor. eta: corner Colnmblu an*
McKenzie streeta. New Westnllnsto
11. 0,   P. O.  Box  112.     Telephone   71'
clflo Coast al Tacoma July 4.   Already ; Hi'' malls hnve been Investigated mid  Becretary  of the department, nn  offi-
this   muller   has   been   presented     to [ f<>viml   to  bo    groundless.      Anybody  eer  who  haa done  splendid   work   In
President   Wilson, and  Secretary Tu
Imtilty has agreed to call the attention
|of Mr. Wilson to It ait early date.
who was clever enough lo send theJ bringing sytem out Of chaos: a super-
panel In question would not have to Intendent of contagious diseases who
ask uny questions conoernlng lt. .is removing the stigma of Inefflclnn-
Solicitor nnd Notary. Offices Ifur
block. 2N I,.,mn street. New Westnitn
ster, II. C.
Barristers   and   Solicitors.    ��05   to   Sir
Weetmlnsler Trust   Ittoek.    O,  B.  Mar
tin,  W.  a.  McQuarrie   and Oeor-fe I
Transfer Co.
Phone  185.      Barn  Phon*
Begble Street.
Baggage DellveiiX Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and heavy Hauling
#AGE   8EV6N
Delegates   to   Pacific   Highway   Association at Vancouver to Be Entertained   Here.
ter  with  a  view  to bave  lt  put  into'tbem off the park roads.    Mothers, It
Shape for winter use. | waa said,  would  not bring their chll-
'I he club will also ask the govern- j dren Into the park if the roadB wcre
ment to ararnge for the    Pitt   river Used by cars on Sunday afternoon.
rry to run till 11 p. m. on week days |     However, It was felt by the major-
nil   to  put  on   a  free  Sunday    ser-jpy   that   drivers   would   observe   the
V'V'.-     .,  ,       ,,,      ,. speed   laws   and   no
the McLaughlin   Carriage   Co. are r?sult
making arrangements to put up Blgns I	
on   the   roads  from   the  boundary  to
New Westminster will assist in entertaining the two hundred or so delegates expected to gather at Vancouver for the convention of the Pacific
Highway association on August 11, 12
&nd Ll. and already it has heen asked that t'le visitors come to this city
mi the B90ond day of the meeting to
inspect the colony farm, after which
a luncheon will be given here in
their honor.
Mayor Oray ami W. j. Kerr, president of Ihe Westminster Auto association, h.ive taken charge of the detalln
nf arrangement, and us further plans
are made they wlll be made publlc.
Many who will attend the convention will he residents of Vancouver,
I ul the majority of persons from outside points will come from Ran fran-
Cisco, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Bel-
llngbam and Victoria, and II Is expect-
< d that about fid persons wlll be guests
of the city at that time. With the
party will he Judge Ronald of Seattle,
president of the Pacific Highway association and II. M. Boultbee, of Portland, lhe executive officer of the organization
Vancouver   marking  dangerous
netr and the idnctlon and   mileage to
I Vancouver.
Twenty parking sites have been le-
esrved for the Vancouver Automobile
association at thc Tacoma motor raceE
from July 2-li at $10 a site. Applications for reservations should be made
to the Becretary of the club.
Watertown,   N.   Y.,   Automobile   club
looks good.    It was suggested at a recent meeting that the club hold a ban-1
ipiet to which  would be invited each
0. V. Taylor of Kdmonds, a member :0ne of the 1,100 owners of cars in Jef-1
of the Westminster Auto association,Iferson county irrespective of whether;
accidents  would  has JuBt returned from a trip to llel-jor not they are members.    This plan
ilngham by motor. Mr. Taylor  reports . seems to offer a quick and  pleasant j
  the   roads  south   of  the   line   in  fine: solution of the problem of getting into j
jshspe,  but   could   not   Bay   the  same ! touch with non-members and impress- ]
USE  STEAM  VULCANIZER. ,for the highways ill this province.   In'ing them with the necessity ol joining j
  'fact he several times required assista-   the   local   club   and   giving   at   least j
MacLcan  &   Burr  Company  Installed  ance to escape tbe bail places in the | their  moral   support  to  the  work  oft
New Apparatus Yesterday. road. road building and law  making.
MacLenn   ai   Iiurr  (Inrogc  company
Ford   Agency   Has   Splendid  Quarters
In City.
At Carnarvon    and    Lorne    streets
tlle  Ford automobile agency  has    re
cently opened new BaleBroonis, and lu at one time. The machine is operated
addition has provided accommodation by an Apple dynamo and carries a
for a  large  number of cars,  besides  Oray & Davies switchboard.   Recently
yesterday installed B  new  steam  vnl-      The |Pa(]jng article in this month's      The Automobile club of New Haven, I
canlzlng apparatus by. means of which  issue of the American  Motorty is by Conn., inaugurated a chauffeurs'    bu-1
they ore able to do all kinds of rub ' p. \v.  Luce of this city, Becrefery of; reau for the benefit of its car owners,
ber repairing.   The appliance Is made  the   Canadian   Highway     association,   Its object Is to keep a record of all
by the  Schaler people and  Ib especi   and   deals   with   Cauada'B     highways  New ilai en drivers .'or the purpose of
ally, adapted  for  work on  tires  both  from ocean to ocean.    The article Ib aiding members in securing chauffeurs
well worth reading. j of ability and of good character. The |
  plan provides for Bending blank rec-
In T. J. Trapp and company's auto- i ord 'cards  to call  car owners and to |
mobile    repair    department    a  most i K*-''P   th"   information   thus   obtained |
modern Btorage battery    charging ar-   ��P t0 A��te.    Chauffeurs have viewed
rangement lias hi en installed.   A 1 k
inslilo and outside. Steam being UBed
it is Impossible to burn the rubber.
This company has also opened a new
storage battery charging plant which
Will  charge as many as six  batteries
Dayton generator has been put In
and conencted with a 221)   volt motor,
the formation of thlt bureau with some
apprehension but the officers of the
rlub declare  that the institution  will
doing general garage work. The entrance ls on Lorne Btreet and the
manager's offices situated in the oor-
in r of ibe building, front on both
Btreets. The di tails of equipment
about the offices are Just now being
completed. When the remaining
toucbts are added the Kord agency
iiere wlll be one of the best equipped ]
in the province.
an automatic electrically driven pump iand adjusted to charge from one to De ��' as much value to good chauffeurs in securing good positions as it
will be to club members in securing
good drivers. Only law breaking and
dishonest drivers have anything to
fear from  the    operation  of  the bu-
was  set   up  In  the  MacLean  &  Iiurr! bIx  batteries at  the aame  time.    An
garage and free air ls supplied at all; automauc switch is connected so that
times. | In case of necessity the charging pro-
  icess  may  continue  all   night.    R.   J.
By   the   action   of   lhe   Vancouver *
object of (IiIb association Is to  park  board   the  prohibition  of  motor
secure the construction of a first class  CarB in Stanley park on Sunday after-
trunk   road   along   the   Pacific   ilope  noon waa removed and from now on
.i:   t.i   north  as  possible  lo  as  the   drives   through   that   choice   bit I
of public property wil be open to au-
Anxious, to foster the neweBt sport,
motorcycle racing, Con Jones, the
well known lacrosse magnate, and all
round sportsman, bas offered to donate four fob medals for the winners
of the amateur events in the meet
scheduled for Hastings Park on the
morning  of  Dominion    Day.    Entries
university,   a
The organization of a party of local
autolsts to make the run to the Potlatch in Seattle in August iris been
suggested and W. J. Kerr, Q, V. Taylor and other members of the West-
mlnster Auto association have taken
the matter up and will  try and have
far smith as possible
Except for two short breaks in Brit-
ii-li Columbia thla road now stretches
continuously from n point a few miles
north of Nazi lion in northern ll. ('..
to Yuma, In Arizona. During tho winter months mucb of this road Is Impassable; a condition which with intelligent co-operation between every
community and government along the
Pacific coast the Pacific Highway as-
: Delation hopes to soon make past
It bus been decided by the Vancou-
ver Automobile association to take up
Hie mailer of the state of the New
Wesiminster to lllaine road wuh A. E.
Todd, vice-president of tlle Pacific
highway commission, and W. W. Vol-
tomoblles at all times.
To bring this into iffect the former prohibitive bylaw bad to be re-1Pettiplece and W. Olsen are the Van-
moved, and Commissioner Endaeott' couver riders who will enter, whilst
made a motion to this effect which those from Seattle wlll be Mark Crow-
was seconded by Commissioner Lea der, Zwlck Bergstadt, Cogburn Uer-
nnd eppoaed by Commissioners Rog- reth and Godfrey, factory riders and
ers and Knowllou, chairman Owen; Harry Brandt of Portland, champion
listing the deciding vote in favor of Oregon state.
of th    resolution
j Henderson   of   Mcliiil
RACERS ', competent   electrical     engineer,    has  reau.
I has taken charge of this department.
Among recent incidents In the
search for new fuels la the announce-
; ment of a discovery of a new fuel call-
', ed parol���by two men in Juhaniies-
! burg, Scuth Arifca. Parol is said to
be made from kerosene by a chemical
process and without the uae of heat.
! Tanks, pumps and mixers are tne
for these events will he received at the'the  local club  represented. | only accessories required for its prep-
Excelsior Motorcycle store on Pender      Some Westminster  people attended : aartion.    Parol will cost about 50 per
street  west  up  till  Saturday    morn-, the  big  annual  event   last  year,  but
jng. jthis season a more comprehensive rep-
Allan Robb. "Wild Bill," Pelhan. i resentatlon is hoped for. The Pro-
"Happy" Holllngum, H. Des Rosier, gresslve Association will likely send
Stellen  Watts,  Alex    Bennett,    Clark  an official car.
Any persons wishing to join such a
party should see Mr. Taylor   or    Mr.
Opposition to the new regulation
was based on the argument that Sunday afternoon was the only time when
the majority of people could use the
park and wllh other better runs
through the country It was entailing
uo hardship on auto owners  to keep
South Westminster
Attention paid to special dinners. We serVe
meals at all hours. Private dining rooms for afternoon teas. We have our own gardens. Fresh vegetables and eggs.
On direct line across bridge on Pacific Highway.
R. M. BURNS, Proprietor. x
Detroit.  June  27. That  a  $10,000.-
000 dividend has been declared by the
Ford Motor company is the well
founded report received by several
of the bankers nn Qrlswold street today. Henry Kord. owning a majority
interest in the slock, gets $5.80i|.l)00.
Figuring on the ten million dollar bis
is. the dividend is at the rate of five
hundred  pir  cent.
Kerr for all information.
A communication has just been re-
celved  by  T.  J. Trapp and  company.
'agents for the McLaughlin-Butch :iu-
' tomobile. of the success of their car in
recent    European    races.    The    Mc-
Laughlin-Buick took flrst and second
place  in  the  Oronais  circuit  race  at
Oronan, Algeria, against  five cars of
.Krench   make,   two   Belgian  and  two
American makes.    The average speed
made  by  the   McLaughlin-Buick  was
61  kilometers,  or 3b  miles per hour.
cent, more than kerosene and 25 per
cent, less than gasoline. In a test
with a Kord car carrying five pessen-
gera, 36 miles over exceptionally hilly
roada were covered in one hour and
forty minutes. Seventy-two miles
were completed on two and two-thirds
gallons, or about 27 miles to the gallon.
A formal invitation has been extended by the Tacoma Carnival association
to thr Vancouver Automobile club for
presentation at a meeting of the club
to plan an annual run into the States,
.irging Vancouver autoists to arrange
their Itinerary so that they may witness the Stadium Stampede on July 4 j
during the Mantamara Kesto and the i
Mentamira free-for-all 250-mile grind!
and automobile road races Juiy 6.
One of the many special features in
garage service by which the Aiitomo-
bile club of Philadelphia aims to de-1
More Sparks.
following  are   some
with proposed daus, which will enter- i
veil," *t'i- ��� M.estsyst.m forthe care of i Mt l,ncaLmoiorls,t8i, ,.   ,      , I
SBtomoWlei In the world is announced J��W -0-Track-Seattle, Wash 12.
as now being ih"C?��"t. TlUs Is the!A* **"n."> July -> ' -m-k :,,.���.*::>*���:.
coaling of all tires free of
charge te Taylor, Tex., Auto club. July 4���Track-
-- ., ��� >.,. in I" :-������:,>���.:    1U0   storage,  with  a I Washington. T.I. C.. National    Capital
���  Westminster   Garage   Company  Carr> ' tt.,,ifti     nibberized     compound.     Tlie   5I��
I Large Assortment. garage committee declares that whik Ja
A most complete assortment of
pair tools umi automobile accessories
is carried by the Westminster garage.
Including a full slock of all sizes of
motor tires made' by the Kelly Spring
fi Id and Mirhfliil companies, two of
the foremost American nnd Krench
manufacturers.    The   stoc    includes
this is rather expensive, it gives th
cars  a  chic  and   finished   appearance \
every time they leave the garage.
E. A.
Sioux i
AT 9. A. II.
otorcycle club. July 5-6��� Road races
,coma, Wa'sh. Tacoma Carnival as-'
he!soclation, Mwntamara'Kesto aim com-
mlttee.   Ju'ffA 25-28���Non Motor-Stop
Run. Chicago to Boston. Chicago Automobile cluh. .*i!'> 4���200 mile track
A full stock of tire liners bave re-l'Mf*-   Ceiiimluifi Auto cluh. June it-2;
cently been taken over by T. J", frapp!' TrftO    '���"���"���������'i'i   <>���''*
and company's auto department. Vl'ben I "'ly
a tread is worn through in places xheM-'.-'il*' *OlO ����b and bpeedway assoc.i-
the    Stewart e.*s saver,    which, it is  jnaide tire protectors will afford from)t!''n- 	
cUln-.ed.  will 6avs  from  25 to 30 per  i.ooo to 3,000 more miles of use.        [ , ���**
cent, of the gas afiA at the same ti��� j   j .  The  Reply Unexpected
provide just  that much  more powSV, |    Various plans to aid the Westmin-      TlH' oilier day an auto driver, not
Sevefll  new    types    of  auto    horns,  ster Atlto association  In  getting new  ed among  hi* friends  for doing, and
spark plugs, etc., arc also supplied by   members have been suggested, among I saying  things  Ivlthqut  a  regard    for
thiB oottfpany, others named a plan proponed by the ! consequences,  #tilrtled  a   member   of
 i ; the police force by a reply quite un-
- -- - -  -*=  ��� t expected.
The man  was coming down one cf
I the main thoroughfares" at a rate al-
; mosl   sufficient  to  shatter' the  speed
limit, when he was hailed* by a polic-
man   just   wbeu   approachli.'   ga   cor-
; ner.
"I've a   notion to arrest you" warn
|jed  the  representative  of  the  law  as
j the car  rounded  the curve.
"What   you."   bellowed   the     driver
���over  h's   shoulder,   "you   couldn't   arrest my attention, you Couldn't." And
the patrolman didn't either.
SiuttM   Coy   Has   Big   Car   In   Fine j
Seattle,   .lune 27.- Karl Cooper, thej
former Seattle hoy who made such at
brilliant  showing as relief driver for
Oil Andcrsor. In the 500-mile interna- |
tionaT sweepstakes race at  Indianapolis on May 30. is in Seattle with bis
high   powered   Stutz   machine,   which
be will pilot in the Tacoma road races
.Inly 6 and li.   The car is In fine shape
md ia looked upon as one of the contenders   for   first  honors   in   berth   the
200-mile Golden  Potlatch  troph? race
an   dthe     250-mlIo     Moniamarafhon.
Cooper   won   the  medium-weight   car
class  at  Tacoma  last   year  and   was
me  of  the  moBt  popular speed  boys
on tlu track.
McLaughlin Service Covers
the Country.
VITALLY important in buying a car is service���a feature sought by many but obtained by few.    Consider then that which
goes with every McLaughlin car. Through its depots located
all over the country over S100,00Q worth of parts are carried
for the purpose of giving quick, adequate and economical service to the McLaughlin motorist. You may never need this
���service, it is tiuc. All the -same it's mighty comforting ta know that it
is ready when and where you want it. .
No other company in Canada has anvthing like thc same amount invested
for th s purpose. This is what -ive mean by McLaughlin service. It is
oil embracing, 8peedy, convenient.    It coven thc country
Call and see these new models at
our showrooms or phone 691 and
allow us to demonstrate.
We have the largest stock of tires
and accessories in the city:
Gasoline and Free Air Station
Storage Batteries of All Kinds Recharged and Repaired.
T. J. Trapp & Co.
Mclaughlin vehicles for
Over Ten Years
1 WdminsterGarage
Men's Suits, worth     d��^ ACA   Men's Suits, worth      <fctC QC
to $10.00
Men's Suits, w; rth      <|��Q OC
to $25.00  *pU.O*J
Agents for:
Cole Car
U.S. Motor Trucks
Goodyear Tires
Michelin Tires
Stewart Gas Saver
Tif es and Tubes
i fejilomobiles   Re-1
paired i
Accessories J
Cars for Rent      I
Corner of Carnarvon and
Sixth Streets
Phone 354
50 c
Open evening" till
9:30. Saturdays till
11 p. m.
j 605 Columbia St. Near Sixth St.
I Goods can be exchanged or money refunded.
Fire Bug Caught
Wnlkrrtoii. June 87.���J. Si If
wiis brought to lln1 Jail here iiibi i
week from Southampton, charged
with theft and arson, wai brougbl before JihIki' iinrrpti and sentenced to
one year,   lie pleaded guilty to the
irigln of the many fires that have
occurred In Southampton during the
last   eight   eight  months.
All Alone-With "Jessie."
Winnipeg, June -7. After travelling
unaccompanied all the way from her
native "Landon," 'as she calls lt, little
!l-vear-olil Helen Jessie Ward has arrived in the eity via the ('. I'. K. The
tiny traveler was met at Ihe station
by a Salvation Army captain, tvhn
look charge of her, and will see that
she Is put right on the hiHt lap of her
long journey, the termination of which
Is her fnther'B ranch, a few miles out
of Winnipeg,
Tightly  clutching her dolly, Jessie
(as  die  says  she  Is  called),  walked
down the station    platform and was
quite ready to h" Interviewed, when
i reporter accosted her.
"Did you have a good voyage across
| thi water?" he asked.
,    "II   was  very nice."  rhe replied  Ir
i !ier rivet baby tones.    "But once Jt I
I was rough anil I  was sick.  But not
| much,"  the  added  ns  though  Io  1m-
IpreiS upon the scribe the fact thai being Kngllsli sho was naturally a good
"Are you glad to be across in Canada to see daddyT"
"Ob. yes. 1 want to see dailily, but I
do wish mamma could have come,
, too."
The  little girl's  mother was  about
to accompany her, but was prevented
ion account of sickness, ami It wus, It
is   understood,  nt  Jessie's  own   sug-
gestton that she wan allowed lo under- j
i ike t'ie long   journey alone. i
who i if you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
las: *
Over the hills to the poor-house he
goes In s heavy money-burning monster. But can you afford to spend
ridiculous sums for automobile travel
when a Ford will carry you In comfort, style, safety and record time at
a minimum cost?
More than 275,000 Fords now In service- convincing evidence of their
wonderful merit Runabout, $1175;
Touring ("Hr, $750; Town far, $1000 -
f.o.b. Walkerville with all equipment.
Oet Interesting ������;��� -i-J Times"--from
iiepi. 0,., Walkerville factory. Ford
Motor Company of Canad/t, Limited,
1129-31  ilowe street,  Vancouver. - ���, _-
l-***t*m**f***ica ���" m**��**��t*-e.i**m
SATURDAY, JUNE 28, 1��11
City News In Brief
Remember the  Place
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No.
Head LettuM, 3 heada
New Potatoes, 5 lbs.
New Carrots, bunch  ���������������������  5c'
Sreen Oniony per bunch ...���**
Gooseberries, per lb 11c-
10 lbs. for     *1
Bermuda Onions, 3 lbs 25��-
New Beets, per imnch . &<*
Hhuliarb, 10 lbs	
Cucumbers, 2 for .. ��� ���
Radishes, 3 bunches   10c.
Kresh    hothouse    Tomatoes,
per lb	
Cabbage, tier lb *! *�����
Strawlierries are scarce. The
rainv weather accounts for this
anil" thi- crop is wry limited.
We have a few crates of local
berries to sell at J��er crate $2.60.
Or 2 boxes for 25c
Cherries,  per lb 2Sc.
Hums, 2 lbs. ���c-
Peaches, 2 lbs.  *5c.
Watermelons from 75c. to 51.25
MiEakmelons ra  Cantaloujww
each   - *15c
Oranges, 1I07. 35c, 45c, 6Bt., 65c.
Apples, in awfully fine scanpe
3  lbs. for 25c
Bananas, per dozen  30c
We-specialize in Sumsner camp
Spend    your    money    where
values demand.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. URIGOS
cannot give to your estate the
care and time necessary without
neglecting hia own business.
Is It fair to expect
that    of
This company, being o-rganired
and maintained for t>-at very
purpose, does give to each estate all the time and care necessary.
Then the company is made up
of Individuals who have devoted
years of time and study to this
very work.
They are experienced.
Call in and talk over the sub
ject*M it applies to your particular estate.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
All   notices  of   meetings,  entertain-   ated near the Brunette shingle
ments   sales of work,    etc.,    In    this : Some of the Hindus were uf tlu
column  are  charged  for at the  rate , ion that the fire was the work of In
of  10 cents per line.    Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
���   StaCp) HANG j
(Continued from Page One > ||j
rule, as their Instructions are positive.
TWO more auto eases are scheduled
for hearing In pully.e oolirt this morning; the usual ���eCmplain. that of pass:.
ins BtatieAejry atreet cars,
Oet it ai tho Royal Pharmacy, 41
Sixth atNWt   T6l, 1253. t\463)
Holy Trl-Mi-v cathedral -choir go to
Crescent Ile'iich on a picftlt) today, as
the guests of Mrs. A. Stanley Bennett
Outing, tailored and trimmed hats
worth $3.50 to $8.0�� Tor >1.��5. Mrs.
Agret, 59 Sixth etXeeX. (16S3)
Secure your <-anip site, at White
Rock before hW tVie choice locations
are taken up. U��0*1
Several clas-s-ns of the public schools,
after di8miss'i��-g yeBterday afternoon,
had their pliotos taken. N-ewlles* le
���say, "teatchor" was the centre of tlie
We haw money for discounting
good agreements of sale. G. B. Milne.
307 W-osnrnlnster Trust block.   11623)
bakery, telephone 281.    A.- Hardman.
pro-prietor. (1534)
loo.   cream    grotto,   Eighth   Street
Monday is the last day on which
tlie rebate of 10 per cent will be al-
lnWf-il on provincial taxes. The tax
I collector's   office   Is   e-xpected   to   be
re.al busy.
Delicious fruit, iws and sherbets
served daily at the Nutshell Booms.
Room 3 I>ominkm Trust building.
Money to loan on flrst mortgages.
Improved citv and farm property
g per cent-   Alfred W. MeLeod. (1444)
The appointment of Thomas II.
Cambridge as bursar of the mental
hospital in lhis cfry, to replace (lowan
S. Maepowan, transferred to the colony farm, roirnit'lam, is announced In
the last issue ol 'the B. C. Gazette.
National Kinsuce Company, Ltd., for
Ore. life and accident insurance. 521
Columbia street.   I'hone 515.      (1537)
cendrlaries as there had been no one I Bee lhe ma'i's  fact as well as Boyd.
In   the   shacks   since   early   morning. | ..^^ jnen lH(]   110t expect anyo' e t0
shoot at the time,(,r at any ate might
No. 4 fire hall answered the call but,
the shacks were so far gone that. It
was  considered  useless  to   i;o*9  any not be looking  lor. ���__, tt,0t  from
water on them.
l.adieB,    the    Madame   May   hair
di-fssing P'.rlo'rB are strictly sanitary about
aud up-tO date.   No need of going to',tUi
Vancouver tor your work.   Tho manu
facture of wigs, toupeea and switches i merest
a specialty.    Bring in your conibUigs.
Also agent tor the Manlon's Ttnmnal
pads and blankets.    You can't afford
Rooms    501-502
Phone  In   your
lo he without one.
Westminster Trust.
appointments, 1318.
The expenditures made hy the
���school board under lhe 11)13 bylaw
"were considered at a Joint meeting of
Vhal body anil the cltv counoil yesterday' morning, when it was explained lhat the bonds for this year have
not yet been sold and, while no conclusion was reached, it was apparent
that the trustees understood the situation and were prepared to assist the
council in finding a s.ilutlon of the
present financial difficulty.
v were
all mounted
J. R. Payne is
from  Albion.
a visitor in the city
Paid  up Capital
TriistB under
ami   Surplus
.  $2,800,000.00
..   4.973,1111.115
Trusteeships for Bondholders
Open Saturday   Evening 7 to 9.
offices:���Vancouver, victoria
New Westminster, Nanalmo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, London, Blng., and
Antwerp,  Belgium.
An action for $1000 by William Wilkie. 62li Second street, New Westminster, against the Pacific Chocolate
Company, was tried in the county
court yesterday before his honor
Judge Iloway, anil dismissed with
Yesterday afternoon E, J. Fader lost
an a-trt*omol)i")c tire on First street between Royal and Fourth avenues. The
finder -will kindly notify him at the
WesfmiTister  Trust   company   .(1646)
For -everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a si��-ect8Jty. (1443)
Farm implements, horses, cows and
harness were auctioned off yesterday 1
morning at Lytton square. One auc- I
tloueeT disposed of 14 horses anil I
half a 0o7/nn cows, ranginB from $225 I
for a nice harness horBe, down to |
$'.n.Ti0 for a lone scrub cow. A fairly
go:nl pony  went, for Just $34.
lnsu-re wtth Alfred W. MeLeod, tho
insurance man All kinds written.
: Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
The ease of  the  New  Westminster
Gas company against W. R. Rich,
teamster, New Westminster, pending
In the county court, was settled yesterday. Plaintiffs sued for $214.40,
for coke supplied. Defendant offered
$161.11 apil the offer was accepted.
For pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
lo the 11 C. Transport Co., Ltd. OfTice
phono 826, wharf phone S8U.      (15641
A special 'rain will be run on the
(ireat Northern lo White Rock on
Dominion Day, leaving New Westmin
ster iit 9:50, stopping at Crescent anil
Ocean Park Returning train leaves
White Rock al 8 p in. Single fare for
round trip. Children over live and
under twelve half fare (16451
J. Graham is a visitor in the city
from Toronto.
A. S. Wheeler, of Seattle, is in the
city on business.
F. Watson, of Bremerton, is registered at the Russell.
A. K. Kehl, of Toronto, is In the
city for a few days.
Thos. Rilby, of Harrison Mills, was
in the city yesterday.
L, R. Arthur, of Abbotsford, is registered at the Windsor.
A. W. Wlllison is a visitor in the
city from Hed Reer, Alta.
J. W. Woodward, of Hamilton, Ont,
Is registered at  the Windsor.
Mrs. A. L Mercer anil family, of
thla city, have left for Victoria where
they will visit for a couple of months.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. I). Brymner, of this
city, drove from Salmon Arm to Armstrong lasl Tuesday in their automobile.
J. H. Pease and wife and J. A. Pease
and wife, oi Seattle, are guests at the
Mrs. J. W. Macdonald and family
will move today to their new summer
residence an Crescent, where they will
spend the .summer.
Mrs. M W: Grant and the Misses
Cora and Hilda Grant have returned
to the city after spending a week's
holidays in Portland.
W. Norman Bole, K.C, and Mrs.
Bole have Rone 1�� their summer residence at tlelcarra, llurrard inlet,
[where they wlfl spend the summer.
I It. .1. Fletcher, of New Westminster,
took a carload of effects into Armstrong lasl Monday and was followed
on Tuesday liy his family. Mr. Fletcher has bought out the Armstrong
livery   slahles.
Mayor Gray and ThomaB Gifford.
M. L A . lefl for Victoria yesterday.
They will meet the premier; Sir Richard   McBride,  this  morning  anil  dis-
eame place.   T*
and  their 'V.orses   might  be  Jumping |
ud themselves more or less oc- i
and this man apparently hap- i
pr..,ed to look ih.-re.   It mlght.be tho'
accident that he was actually
looking  at  Just  where  the  shot   was
fired  from."
Referring to Mr. Fernie's evidence,
his lordship asked:  "Do you suppose
that Mr. Fernle and those under him
would attempt to concoct evidence of
a kind to in.plicate somebody?    lt Is
only  my  r ,vn  opinion  anil  may   not j
have the slightest influence with you, j
but mv opinion is that Mr. Henderson,
do'.-s not believe anything of the kind i
aad that he is the last man to charge |
Mr. Fernle with anything of the kind,
lint if he did he Is the only man, ln
my   opinion,   who  knows   Mr.   Pernio
who would  do  it, except in  the heat
ot his nrdor in defending his client.
;    "lt Is of the utmost gravity to sug-
.gest  that   a  man  is  not  telling  the
i truth.    If  he  does  it  is his  bounden
idutv to do something else.
"Take Mr. Fernie's evidence of the
tracking and the results. Can you
get awav from these horses from point
I to polnl"? Is there anything inconsistent with the theory that some one
| was ahead escaping from them? Why
do these men behind the log shoot
and run away? Where was accused
all this time? Do you doubt Mm-
Millan's evidence and what reason
have you for doubting Cultus Jack?
It is all very well to say of the latter
that hc has not a good name He
said he was convicted and served his j
time; a very good answer, I thought.
It is hardly fair to confront him with \
an event of that kind. We are all led j
to believe an Indian will do anything
under the influence of whiskey. But
'.hat has nothing to do with his veracity or his willingness to perjure
himself or to lay traps.
"Depend upon it. Mr. Fernle and Mr.
Iiurr take the statements of these
men with the greatest care for their
own protection. Rut they must have
recourse to them, otherwise crime I
would go unpunished and we would be
Without the protection from the po- |
lice which we pay them for. j
"Don't discredit their evidence because some people suggest that they
concoct evidence and their point is to
secure conviction.
See Our Ad. on Page 3
The Ideal  Holiday Resort
Good bathing, magnificent sandy beach, boating, fishing, driving, etc.
Transportation facilities unexcelled, five trains daily each way, stop at White
White Rock combines all the pleasures of seaside and country with the conveniences of town. It has daily mail, stores, hotel, restaurant, daily milk delivery, bakery, butcher shop, telephone communication, etc., and water piped to
most parts of the townsite.
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street, and White Rock.
(Continued from Page Four.)
(Richard   McBride   School.)
Division  VI.
I    From Second Primer to First Headier���Daisy   Shaw,   Mabel   Wrlghtman,
j Nellie   Haden,   Alma   Ilrtulvik,   Kathleen McBntee, Edward Smith, Cathie
l: they started to|MacKensle, Cleo Woolever, Catherine
Carney,    Eddie   Tompkins,   Johnnie
would he an effective one. there would I Mitchell.JSdltll  Ward.   Viola  Harvey,
not  he  much  room  for doubt     They | *>���� ��  McQIU, Victor  Roharts,  Jack
wonld take good care that the etoellB I WoodB, Krnest llm..
fitted these men's guns aud that these .
men would not he behind logs or sof-��arry Speedle   Helen  Martin. A
manv  loopholes  of  escape. ��,��' Hunt. Maudle Iionoas cr. Lunhil.l
"These two men were fugitives from   Peterson, Barbara Kemp. Murray Mc-
' Dougall,    Kdna    I- lickenger.    Cordon |
From First Header lo Second Ilend-
justloe,   accustomed   to   this   roaming I
life and it -would be very extraordinary j
IT they did not know thev were followed.    You must not look for abso- |
lute certainty.    Take the'many small |
facts, most of them of small value If |
isolated, and say do they not all point |
in  the one direction, very  largely  fit
Into  one  another  and  nil  tending  to
the one Tesult     You have nothing to
do  with  the  consequences    of    your
[verdict.     Yi.ur responsibility is to de
| termine upon th
Nc Accusations.
Mr.   Henderson  repudiated  the  idea
nf charging Mr
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout tho Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the hlgheBt current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Wettmlnater  Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Cummings,     Huth     MeSween.
Saint,  Gaden   l.egge,    Clinton
Kenzie,  Jim   Pearce,     Davey
Vera  Chambers.
Rolls of Honor -Proficiency, Darry
Speedie;  regularity, Jim   I'earce;   deportment,  Alex Skelly.
Division VII.
From Division VII to Division VI
Allison Archibald, Evelyn Itoddy, John
Hess, Mary Lessard, Jessie MeSween,
facts as you heard j Freda Loainan. Jessie Huberts. Mabel
Whltaker, Margaret Henderson, .las
Patterson.   Lawrence   Powers.   Ksther
,  ..   Roberta, Walter (Irani.    Cora    Sent!
Fernle and the police IThiorna Campbell, Lewis White. Eunice
concocting evidence. j BScton, Ooldle Bailey
of  ileliilierate .
What he intended to convey was that j     Hulls  of   Honor.    Proficiency.   Alii
lowing to the proclamation thev hod son Archibald; regularity and punctu-
cuss   several   mailers  ol   Importance,  nreconcelved ideas of the iiletititv of  nifty. John Hess; deportment,    Jessie
Payne controversy. | accUBea, < MeSween.
The Court to the jury    "I don'l think j Division  VII.
Mr. Henderson made any reflection i From Division VIII to Division Vli
upon Mr. Fernie He knows him too Thelma McC.uffin, Olive Peed. Kdna
well Tor that. We know Mr. Hender Erfckson, Lillian Campbell, Cynthia
son leaves no stono unturned doing bis I Wood, Muriel Taylor, Lillian Car-
duty for his client. At the same time ruthers, Wlllard .lines, John Whiting.
I always fee) inclined lo dissipate -James Hriggs, Charles Qruber, Alma
anything reflecting upnn our clilef Adams, Alice Martin. Plorrle Holt,
constables. We would be In a sad Archibald MacKenzie. Ceraldlne Pol-
condltlon  without them." lard,   Elven  Bailey,  Clifford  Saund-
The jury then relired and  returned   prB.  William  Miller,   William  Alsbury.
bringing In the verdict of guilty, upon  William   Murray,  Charles    McKenzie,
receipt of which sentence was passed. | Marjorie Kemp, Alice Woollever.
_____-__________-���_____      '*"llfi ot Honor   Thelma  MeCIuffln.
��� ��� ssf  regularity and punctuality, Alice Mar
tin;  deportment, Charles limber
notably the Horne
A surprise party was precipitated
upon Mr. and Mrs. W. c. Bournes,
Cumberland street. Sapperton. on the
26th, In recognition of the 25th anniversary of their marriage Mr. and
Mrs. llonrnes were made recipients
of a pretty silver tea service In token
of the esteem in which they are held
by their many friends. A very pleasant social evening was spent and
many cordial wishes expressed to the
bos Is.
As a token of tl
ihey held ihelr teacher, the Becond
year high school pupils yeaterda) pre.
sented F H. Anderson, assistant principal of Iiie high BChool, who has re-
Signed, with a splendid club bug   Mr
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that  they
are made RICHT.
Mado   In   New   Weatmlnster.
Schaake   Machine Works.
steem In which I TRINITY   Hev. Canon O. C. d'Kasum,
Boundary Bay
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid?.
Anderson  wlll  take
In  Vancouvi
up  the  study  of
Evangelist   Mi    11.   \    Ironside, of
Oakland, California, whose name Is
familial   to  many  In  this city,  is to
sp'iid  Sunday.  June  29,  here      Al 2
p.m. in Cunningham's hall he will
i!>Vi lecture from Prophetic Scripture, and In the evening at 7 30 will
deliver a gospel address in the City
Iheatre.   Seat-- are free. (1638)
Por the purp me of extending their
retail  trade  throughout   the  prairies,
Ithe Columbia Western Lumber company, a subsidiary  of the Canadian
Western    Lumber    company,  Praser
Mills, is Inviting applications lor an
additional  $2,500,000  0  1-2  per  cent
M .v.. rector; Itev. Oeorge a Ray, M
A., assistant curate, s a m . Holy Com
munlon; il a.m.. Matins, Litany,
choral and sermon; 2 30 p.m., Sunday
sohool; 7 pm. Evensong and sermon.
CHURCH, Corner Fourth avenue   and
Seventh street.    Hev.  M. Cordon Melvin pastor.   Services 11 a in   and 7:30
p in.
CHURCH,   Corner     Carnarvon     and
Blackwood,  Uev. .las.  S   Henderson
2:80 p.n
Maple  Ileach  Park,    being    a -subdivision   of  the   historic   old   Whalen
estate     on     Boundary     Hav.     is     al ���
last on the market In 60x100 feet lots \
fronting  broad  streetB and  wi:h  perpetual   beach     privileges.     This   has]
been the camp ground fur BCores   of
PRESBYTERIAN I10?*1 pe��pl! ,or ���v,,ar��    Th" '"'* f" :
-lelllng   faHt,   many   people   procuring
the  locations   tbey  had  occupied    asl
i tenants   for   years.     Prices  $3:10  and'
upwards, easy terms.    Sole agents,
700 Columbia Street. City.
P. Burns & Co.,Ltd.
hone your order In early
ut not before 6 a.m. or
will  not find  us  there.
Residence Y. W, C. A.       Phone 13114.
ihares.   The Columbia company, It Is|Hon, tl
understood, handles most ol the out-
'put of the Kraser Mills thai goes east
We make awnings, tents and sails,
renovate  carpets  and  draperies,     re
make   and   ropollsh   furniture,   manu
facture ciMlar dress and  waist  boxes
window    seats    and    do all kinds ofl
upholstery  work    In leather or tapes I
try.     We  are the  largimt   makers    Of j
draperies    and     In
Estimates   riven
ister.   Services 11 a.m   and 7:1!" ( QJ,, ' -i-r*      4-^        ���\7^\^^^������,
;   Sabbath  school  and  Hiblo claai  OUlvD        LU VUU.1
order and satisfaction, j
Rev, A. S. Lewis. IID, pastor, Ber
vices 11 and 7. Morning subject,
"obedience to (lod In Witnessing tor
Hlin." Evening subject, "Preoccupa
��� Religious Hindrance of To
day." Primary department of the
Sunday school 11 o'clock. All other
departments 2:3U.    Welcome to all.
High   Class
Ladles  and
window shades,
terlor    hangings.
Lees Limited.
New Laid Kggs 8 dure
flood Cooking Butter  3 lbs. $1.00
Fresh strawberries  2 Iioxcb 25c
Bananas, per dozen  30c
lted Spring Salmon, per lb 15c
Knoked Halibut    3 lbs. 35c
(Successor to Ayling *\ 8waln.)
���Ul Columbia 8t. Phone 98.
Owing to pressure of dulles In
ether spheres, Mrs VV, T, Held bas
resigned from the board of directors of
the Royal Columbian hospital, Mrs
Held has been eie. ted president of
the Y. w. C. a. and wlll devote much
of her time to this work. Miss Strong,
n 11.00 i*ecretary of the i. C  v*.   states thai
notices will  be sent   I i all  the socle-
lies   affiliated   with   the   local  couneil
Fearlessly Faced Death.
Winnipeg, lune 27, With most apparent deliberation aud premeditation, an unknown man stood on the
tan-ks of tbe Canadian Northern rallwuy in the Port Rouge yardl last Saturday night and allowed himself to he
struck by a switch engine. Engineer
Uoss, wlin wns in charge of the switch
engine, slated to the police thai h"
saw tin* man waiting quietly al  Hie
crossing nnd Whistled for hlin lo gel
OUl of the way. The stranger was facing the engine and lllnelied nol an
Inch aB it bore down upon him, The
engineer, seeing thai the unknown was
obdurate, and evidently wishing !���>
commit suicide, applied Ibe emergency
brake, but  before the loCOmotlVC COUld
401   Columbia   St.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
| Palace Market, Columbia St., Phonea
1200,  1201,  1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
| Eighth  St.  Market,  Phone  1205.
Edmonds Market.  Phone  L883.
always   glad    to
from you snd
ever sorry to see you,
o   phone   us   up   whenever  you  are   hungry
we   will   e ndeavor    to
satisfy  you  and  your
asking  them   t.i  send   In  nominations I Bl"1'' ""' 1'""1 '""' s'ruck lhe unfnrlu
.... . .... . >    ,,!,,.. \.-l,..        ,         U.K.... ,1	
for   a
on   lie
candidate to fill
hospital  hoard.
the vacancy
A fire about 11:15 yesterday morn-
[Ing completely demolished Ihree innall
'shacks, the property of tbe Hrunelte
sawmills, and whieh hud been occupied by Hindus.   The uhacks are sltu-
niile,   wlin  was  thrown   a  distance  ol I
aboul  211 feel.
Take ad vantage of lhe  Dullness  Man's Train    nnd    make    your
homo al Crescent H'-ucli (Blaokle Spit)  for the summer months.
Train leaves al 6:30 p.m. dally, on and after .lune 16, returning In
tlie  morning  In  time  for  business.    Crescent    Ileach    affords    ideal
conditions  tor summer homes, combining Ithe  best  of  bathing,  boat
lug at all singes of the tide togetiier with line bench.    Artesian well
water to all residents.    Lot UB show you this property.
four roomed furnished cottage. Pull
particulars    In  llrst    letter.    P   0,
Uox 1K8. (1G47)
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1191.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,  Automobile  and
Marlnn  Insurance.
Amidst  Island,   Mountain. Poresl and (ilacial Scenery to
OlISI'IltVATORY  1NLKT   (ORANDV  BAY)    $44.00
Including Meals and Hi rtb for Round Trip.
Permitting side trip over sei nlc route  of  Qrand  Trunk   Pacific   Rail
ay at small additional cost.
H. C, SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Oranvllle Street,  Vancouver.
W   E,  DOTBROW, O. A.  I"   D.
Phone Private Exchange 3134
Round Trip Fare $2.45
Special round trip rates are also offered to all
points on the .Praser, Valley line. Tickets may be secured from Saturday until Tuesday, pood to return
on Wednesday.
The round trip may be made in a day with a stopover of six hours at Chilliwack.
Trains leave Columbia St. terminal daily for Chilliwack at 9:15 a. m., 1:10 and 6:15 p. m. For Huntingdon at 3:15 p. m.


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