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The New Westminster News Feb 26, 1913

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New Westminster       �����,'
HaB the largest percentage iW ^.ipn-
lation employed In produ if   .industries Of any city In We       i'Canada.
Progressive Association Discuss method of  Dealing
With Municipal Roads.
Mr. H. T. Kirk and Mr. W. Anderson
Now Officers of the B. C Retail
Merchants' Association.
Lament  Deplorable Conditions���B.
Milk   Shipped   to   Seattle   and
Thence to Vancouver.
Mr. H. T. Kirk nnd Mr. W. Andor
son, members of tho IluslnesB Men's
| association of this city, were elected
membors of tho executive committee
of the British Columbia Retail Mer
chants' association at the annual convention of that body held In Vancou
ver yesterday.    The president of the
  | New Westminster body was also ere
|ated  a  member  of  tho  executive  by
The acquisition by the city of the tfrtue ���f his office,
government reserve on Eighth streot, j    A large delegation of New Westmin
the deplorable  Btate of the roads  In I***1 I'uaineSB men attended the meet
.. , .  ,    ���., ..      , .,     Ing following  which  Hi y   visited  the
the rural municipalities south of the p��^ ,,-.,���., *������ ,niluMrlll, fflxposltlon
Fraser river, the Industrial exhibition j *-_���.|ng held under the auspices of tin
and the entertainment of the city Vancouver Retail Merchants' assocla
council to 8 luncheon in the Fraser uon \��� the Imperial rink, Vancouver
Cafe, were the chief subjects discuss-1
Mexico    City,    Feb.    2D. -- Emilio
Madero, a brother ot the late ex-president Madero, has been shot and killml
north of Monterey, according to tillable Informal.on received here.
With Un escort of 86 men Madero, I,
in said, was attempting to join the
rebels holding Laredo when he wan
<vi I'liikeii  by  iruiips sent  by  Qoneral
The reports do not indicate  elements of the new revolution ceti
Last   night   was
and Kraser valley
and in addition to the liiislm hs men a
large number of people from thlB dis
trict were In attendance and inspected the variegated supply of pure foods
on exhibit.
Tho exposition is something of an innovation to Vancouver though pun
food shows are annual institutions in
some cities. The Idea la to give the
publlc au opportunity to thoroughly
examine food manufactured on strictly pure and hygienic lines.
In the industrial section of the shov
mechanical apparatus, automobiles,
etc., are on show. One of the features of the exposition  are the baby
ed at a meeting of the executive of
the Progressive association yesterday
Eighth Street Reserve.
Mr. I.. M. Richardson gave a verbal
report as to the respective poHitions
of the city and the provincial government lu tile matter of the Eighth
street   rem rve.
The reserve was really the government burying ground.
The cemetery in Sapperton was
originally taken up by the Free Ma-
ions, Oddfellows, and Roman Catholic
bodies and the city subsequently pur
chased four and a half acrce.
There was no other place  to  bury
paupers except in that reservation Oh Iobmpetltlona held every day
Eighth  street.	
The city was trying to get the gov
ernment to give them a right to build
stables nnd board of works buildings
and he thought the government would
accede  to  this   request.
Difficult   Question.
It   was   a   difficult   question.     The i
Chinese were allowed to fence a plot I
there and they have cleared tt at their
own expense.    Thc Japanese were al '
lowed  to  bury  their  dead  along  the
front of Eighth street, just at the edge
of  the road
Mr.  0.   Wilkie  suggested  the  erec-'
tion  of  a  high  boundary  wall  round
the burial  ground     lt  was  a perfect
disgrace    They would find the boms
Of  Hindus  exposed   there,  half  burnt.'
Ro fsr as regards the provincial gov- Surrounding the death
ernment having no place to bury pan-, bauin. a Chicago sab
pers   from   tho   lunatic,   asylum   thoy! ^hnt nnd klllert In
had    1000    acres at Coqultlam  from | today,   remains
which they could provide a cemetery
The  suggestion   met  with   the  con
slderation of the committee which was
aaked to report at a later meeting.
Bad Roads In Surrey.
The secretary, Mr. Kenneth Myers,
directed attention to a report made
to him 00 the bad condition of the
Townline road in Surrey. He had
heen Informed that there were SO fain
at the show
whether Madero  was killed
or was  executed.
The Bhoutlng of Madero took plac.
between Villauama and Itastamcuui.
As the rebel leader in the Laredo
district, (luronlino Villareal, is a par-
ilsan of Trevlno, tbe government expects that the trouble in that vicinity
soon  will  bo adjusted.
Kmtlu> Madero, in conjunction with
his bro:her Itaoul, began a counter
revolution at Sun Pedro, In the statu
jf Cuahuila a lew days ago, in the
expectation of uniting tlie rebel.;
about Sultillo with those in lbs
Laredo district.
Slight Hope for Peace.
Hope for Immediate peace iii Mexico
slight,    llebel activity in the north
Benjamin      Arguemedo,     Cheche
Campos and the two Orotcos, the
most valiant leaders it Ib announced
here, havo expiessed willingness to
cooperate. Ihelr held chiefly has |
heen lu the district ubout Terrcon anU
If tho expected arrangements aro
made It In not Improbable ihat thev
may  bo employed  lu combating    the |
out Cuahuila, according to advices received here. Federal officials at Pla-
draa  Nogras,  across  tlm Hlo Grande
from .-.agin   Pass,   abandoned   their
posts today and Bed ti the American side of the boundary, Their load
was followed by many cf the res!
don's of the town despite assurances
of the commander ot tbe < io volunteer
troops, which   compoae   the    1'iedras
, Nograa garrison, that they would nut
The ollicial  closing  of the pert gf I be molested.    Virtually all funds, both
Laredo waa the flrst public Intimation . public and private have becn brought
hero  that   thc   government  regarded j across tbe l'.!o Qrenda,
Legislation   Creating   Special   Assessment Districts Too Late for This
Session���Work to Cart.
in action , res iu Coahuila.
Husband Found Shot to Death in Hotel and  Wife Suspected���Mystery
Surrounds  Tragedy.
Atlanta, C.a.. Feb. i-ii.    The my-ti-Ty
f .1   A. Apple
��� snian,  who wa,
local hotel early
unsolved,     although
Mrs. Applebaum ls under arrest ponding a grand jury Inquiry.
has  increased   and   the
efforts to entir    inlo
with  the Zapatistas appear to
Whether the rebels, whose centre
in the state of Coahuila, have increased numerically, ia not generally
itnown, but they have so conducted
their operations already that communication with the frontier hns heen
slopped, that region between Laredo
and San Luis l'vtosi being virtually
In the south the Zapatistas continue'
burning and raiding and iu, attack on1
a military train between Ozumba and
dexico City leaves little doubt as to
iheir attitude toward the new administration. The atlack waa of Ihe
ordinary ambush type. Thc train was
Stopped by a burned out bridge, and
the lighting continued fur more than
two hours.
One cf the demands of the Zapalis
tas, made today by commissioner*,
representing that section of the rebels,
was that all Zapatiatas officers be admitted to tlie regular establishments
.\itli corresponding rank, sume having
issumed the title of general. To this
the*government strongly objected.
Work of Destruction.
The commissioners loft In order to
report to their chief, and soon word
came back that the Zapatistas considered   the   revolution   still   in   pro-
From  Information  received    yester
day In the city It la now unlikely that
legislation creating    assessment    districts for the Kraser river harbor de
result of the departure of the | velopment  wlll  be  Introduced  In  the
provincial legislature this session. The
reason given was thai the subject was
brought   before   the   attention  ef  t>-i
government too late to be Introduced
greatly dlmiiduhed and the cutting of Gonzalez, depoaed governor of Chihiia-|aa,'"'w ^***** 'his session,
lhe   National   railroad   between    San i Uua state,  Is  being  tried  bv a court I    Ihterviewed  by a representative ol
Luis I'otosl und Sultillo. and between   martial,   ile is charged with a revolu-    ,    News as to the government's pegs
San Luis and Tampico, indicates that itlonary plot and lt is alleged that an ,   Ve a,tll,lde on the subject, Mr. John
the government has much work to do | attempt  was to have been  made    to,       ''ep'  Wf-Mldtnt of  the    Hoard
b fore  It  can  Bubjug'.cate the rebels. ' dynamite lhe  barracks at Chihuahua iTrade-  Bai<l that  while  It wai
Repression of Enemies. I City, where hundreds of federal regn-'
President Huerta liifliBtB that his har Boldiera are quartered. lie wa~
will not be a government of retalia- , arrested shortly after the sudden turn
tion  or revenge,  but  will  devote    its |o( affairs at  Mexico City  which    rc-
England    and    Switzerland
Mourn Loss of Members of
Australian Expedition
the rebels to tho north of Monterey
as unfriendly to the new regime, lt
had been Btated officially that Venus
tlno Carranaa. governor of Coahuila,
had decided to abandon his antagonistic attitude,  but hope    of    tbia    has
government  officials  train  and    telegraph service through Plsdras Nogras I
has been discontinued,
Court Martial.
El Paso. Texas.  Feb. 25.  -Abraham
Lieut. B. E. 8. Nlnnis and Dr. Men:
Dead���Dr.   Mawson  and   Party
Stranded in Frozen Waste.
Sydney, Fob. 26.-Two members or
the    MawBon    Antarctic    expedition-
Lieut. Ninnis,   an    Englishman,   and
Dr.  Men, a Swiss,  have  died.    Dr.
r' j Mawson  and six of his companions
���unate.   ii   .Id   not   i ecessarlly ""ear. I^e been left for the winter on Adelle
arrangements)energies to placation of persons mild   suited In Madero's downfall,   ilia trial
bave lb-antagonistic and to stern repression wag begm,   today.   If  convicted   his
lot its active enemies. I execution Is expected. ,      ...   ,. .���,���,-   ,,*,.,   ,,..   ,���.���.
As ind eating the sincerity of    the E-   pal0   Demands   Protection.       !know of ar(' J,l8t waiting for absolute Quarle  Island.    The  party   left  Tas-
I that  the  harbor  work  would  hot  be
I proceeded with this summer.
"We have every hope" said Mr. Lee
"that  some  means  wKl  be  provided
ito  start  operations  as  several  large
' j industries    and    other   concerns    we
Land, a bairont tract in the Antarctic
because they were unable to reach
thn expedition's ship Aurora before
the   was- compelled   to   leave.
The   news   was   received   here   by
wireless  from  Adelie  Land  via  Mac-
president,   most   of   those   who
arrested Immediately after the
throw of Madero have been released
among them Juan    Sanchez   Azcona
Madero's private Bc-orcary.
were j    Washington, 'Feb. 25���A demand on
Over   the government for adequate troops to
protect  Bl  Paao  and    other    border
towns  will be made tomorrbw either
through the setute foreign affairs corn-
assurance that thia work will be done mania In 1911. accompanied by a largo
nof-Mi-o      .   . ��� -��� i i . i .v   . ...    i l.        l. .. ..l         i_a t>.        . _ .__ r ���*
An amnesty proclamation has beer, niittce or upon the floor of the senate
scut broadcast. The government bat j by senators from Texaa and New
hot torgot.en to extend rewards. At i Mexico. Many telegrams from city
a general, Huerta long resented thi ] and state officials received by sena-
fuilure of some of hiB companions In i tors Sheppard of Texas and Fall aud
arma to receive promotion, and since   Catron   of   New   Mexico,   resulted   ln
hia assumption of pbwer new strap
have been bestowed upon numerous;
officers. Among those thua honored
was Colonel Diaz Ordaz, Oeneral '
Felix Diaz' chief lieutenant at Ver
Crux, He waa removed from the
military prison there, promoted to
gi'iieral and named as commandant of
Vera Cruz.
General Angeles, whoso reluctance *
to join the movement against Madero
resulted In hiB arrest, has beeu released and will retire.
Redolfo Reyes, rotulster of jua'ice.
probnbly will retire from the cabinet
;so that he msy be free to conduct his
own campaign for the presidency, A
report Is current that he has had a
disagree',..��nt with President I'uerta
Reyes u- :,ies thia. however, and says
that  if he  re'lres  It  will be becaUBe
their determination to ask the senate
to demand an explanation from the
war department for the recent orders
withdrawing  border  tro->ps
The protests are directed at the
concentration of the border troops at
Galveston. It is ascertained this
leaves unprotectid a long stretch of
country where the Mexican forces an.
Strongest Senator Sheppard said tonight he would go before the foreign
relations  committee  tomorrow   mom
before locating on the harbor. I d:>n't
third; any person In New Westminster
quite reallrcs what It la going tn
mean to our city and to the whole
lower mainland from Coqultlam down
to have this work under way.
We are anticipating very large do
volo-pmentB at Ccqtiltlarn and we expect that the development there will
be equal  to any other placo on    the
body of scientific men to ei.plore thoroughly the regions around the. southern  magnetic pole.
Close Friend of Oates.
Once again the Itritleh army is affected by tho loss of a brilliant officer, LieuL B. R. S. .Ninnis of the
famous Royal Fusiliers regiment He
was a close friend of Capt. Lawrence
Oates   of   the   Inniskllling   Dragoons.
ast.   Une thing absolutely certain Is | who   perlthed   while   returning   from
that we must all work together and
to one end. namely, the making of
the Fraser river a grot harbor.
"In endeavoring to dn thla we are
not combating nature, but rather taking advantage of all that nature has
done for ub. We need not he afra'd
of any ether port on the Pacifle cms'
neither need any other port be Jealous of the Fraser river as every algr
points to the fact that all ov.r   har
Tbe    government    has    tent forces.ot private business,
aon*hward .towanl   Gucrnavtca   along) Oppose^ Givernmei-W.
Ing and ask that body to-take up theiborn will be taxed to their capacity
i matter with the war department. and it would not surprise me one par
I Senator Fall said if the foreign re- tide If some of the grain companies
' lations committee did not act at once;"I Canada will be establishing eleva
he would present a resolution In the i tors on  the Fraser river iu the near
Benate calling  upon the secretary of,future.
;war for a full  stateim nt of the pur-|    "Another  thing  is  certain  that ve
poses of the concentration of troops j etmnot.  dare not. lose any time    In
,at  Galveston. i making  rrovislon   for tho  trade  that
The  most  vigorous  protests   today' is bound to come here."
icama as the result ot the wiUnirawai i 	
the line of the Central railway, u por-      Eagle Pass, TexaB, Feb. 25.���Gover- lot artillery from El Paso.   A telegram I
tlon   of   which,   destroyed   by   rebels.' nor Venule', eno Carranza. of the state I received tonight by Senator Sheppard  I
of Coahuila, Mexico, wbo proclaimed I from C. N. Kelly, mayor of El Paso. \
Persona  In  the  hotel   found  Apple-'will be rebuilt.
baum'l bodv on the floor uf hla apart I    Reports from  the state cf Moreloe
mint.    Mrs' Applebaum, in a hyeteri- Indicate that the work of destruction
cal conditun, was found on the stairs during the last twenty-four hours bas
has been unable to givelbeen more complete than is ordlnarll;
��� outside
a  coherent  account  of  the  tragedy.
Whi n  questioned  at  the  Inquest to
���l:nt. uie told of ii quarrel with her
living iu the vicinity of that road .husband early tbla morning and s.im
ope  of   whom   hud   been   able   to   be  had   demanded   at   the   point of  a
: .
I'V! to town throughout the whole winter    A considerable quantity  of IiubI-j
ness had been  lost to the city owing j
to the allocking condition of that road
Mr. Wilkie said It had heen a good
road   once,   but   had   been   destroyed j
by the drawing of shingle bolts along
It.    Tho ahtnglo mills had destroyed n
large number of roads In the district.
Mr. 3. Horgan Bald the Surrey hoard
of trade were proposing to advertlBe
the municipality. He did not know
what they were to advertise nbout if
they had  not good roads.
Mr. Wilkie said even on the Yale
road they kept In corduroy and it cost
more than gravel.
Money for Municipalities.
Mr. Kerr Untight it had policy for
rural munlcipn'.itleB like Surrey. Langley and MatBi,,.'. to borrow their own;
money. He suggested that tho provincial government be asked to bor-;
row money for such rural municipalities at a low rate of interest and appoint a road commission and supervising engineer to pass on the kind of
rond   they   should  build   there.
Farmers would persist In building
mud roads which were a waste of
money. Rural municipalities wanted
to borrow Bums like $100,000 and the
financial agents did not want to be
bothered wllh sums like that and
charged exorbitant InterestB for their
Thc government guaranteed  bondB
iCnntlmiPd nh Pure Rl*ht.>
revolver,   that   she give   him   her diamond  necklace and   car-nugs.
Mrs Applebaum testified that her
husband sakl: "I'll give yen just five
minutes mere to live. That's all 1
remember," she declared. "I don't
think 1  ahot him."
Mrs. Applebaum declared that elu
had married Applebaum twice but slo
refused to give detaila. According to
dispatches from Kansas City. Apple
baum had a wife there who was granted a divorce from him only last week
Mrs. Applebaum said she had known
about this other wife for several
weeks and that she learned yesterday
that Applebaum w*;s to have been
married soon to a woman at Saginaw.
Sneed Not Guilty.
Vernon,, Texas, Feb. 26.���John Ilea!
Sneed waa today declared not guilty
of the murder of A. Boyce, Jr., at
Amarillo, Texas, last September. Tin
jury retired last night nnd returned
the verdict today. Sneed shot lloyee
to death on a street In Amarillo upon
what was said to have been Ihelr first
melting after Boyce had eloped with
Mrs.  Sncod  to  Winnipeg.
iiiderta!.cn by the rebels.
To offset the antagonism nf the
Zapatistas, however, the government
believes there will be no difficulty in
concluding arrangements for peace
with Juan Andrew Almnzan and JiUlo
Radlllo, the two most prominent lead
era In the state of Guerrero, Nor Is
there much doubt felt tii.it arrange-
ments can be made by the government agenta sent to El Paao with representatives of Orosco's army.
himself opposed to the Huerta eov-rr ieays: "It ls Impossible for us to con-|
mem yesterday and marched from IcelVe of any reason for what is being
Saitillo. the state capital, at the head 'done here and it is exposing our peo-
of rebellious state troops, is reported [pie to an unnecessary hazard. Can-
tonight to be in the vicinity of Mon- not something be done to prevent fur-
clova lr.u miles south of the border '.. ther movement of troops from here. A
A force of loval troops under Genera! , large part of the artillery was Eent
Trucy Auburt ia said to be en route i from here this morning. What relief
from  Monterey  to engage blm. ' may we expect.    Please communicate
Governor Carranza and his follow- | with war department and ascertain
era have seized all railroad equip-| its purposes, as we muit organize for
ment at Monelova, The passenger j protection and have 6tate troopa sent
train which left Eagle Paas laat night I here ls lt ls the purpose of the gov- |
was not allowed to proceed further j ernment not to place here lmmedi- I
south than that point. lately an  adequate number of federal*
Intense excitement prevails through- | soldiers."
New   Shingle   Mill   and  Jam   Factory
Being Erected���Pest Office to
Cost  $40,003.
Montreal  Authorities  Extend  Date
Accommodate Jewish Children���
Protestants  Protest.
Added to the 11st.
Cologne, Germany,  Feb.  ':r>.- Bruno
Werngcn, an    aviator,    fell    from    a
height  of 200 feet near Bonn    today
and was killed.
The British Columbia Fisheries Co., lands Is the moat complete of its kind
with a (500,009 plant at Skidegate,
���Queen Charlotte Islands, and extern
give fishing Interests In England, wlll
establish a salmon cannery In or
about New Westminster, Btated last
night Mr. Wilfred Doughty, son of
air George Donghty of England, who
ls the head of the firm, to a Newa representative visiting the Pure Food
and industrial exhibition at Vancou
ver, where the company has an exhibit
Mr. Doughty could not state definitely when the cannery would be ea
tahllBhed here but he Intimated that
as soon ns the plant at Queen Char
lotte Islanda which has only been re
cently built Is got into the required
working order, attention would be
given to the Fraaer river and the salmon flBhlng poBBlbllltlcB which are
fully realUed by Sir Oeorge and hla
associates. The cannery to be established here will probably have the
usnai cipadty of 26,000 to 30,000
cases per Beason.
At Queen Charlotte Islanda.
The plant wblch the B, C. Fisheries
havo erected at Queen Charlotte li
on tho conBt of British Columbia, ln
It Biilmon Ib canned, herring cured
and fish meal and fertilizer oil manu
factured. None but white labor is cm-
ployed and and the majority of th*
workmen are nritlsli. Three steam
trawlers brought out from lhe old
country   hiBt  ytht,  and   au   American
halibut boat are operated in connection with the plant.
In the old country the Doughty In
teroEts havo largo lish curing factor
lea at Crlmshy. They own over 100
ateani trawlers which Ball from that
port, ond employ GOOD men.
British Preference.
The cannery on the Fraaer river,
stated Mr. Doughty, would employ
only white labor. Brltishera would
he given preference over other nationalities.
It Is interesting to note that the
British Columbian Fisheries plant ln
the north waB equipped with special
oil burning apparntus, supplied and In-
Btalled by the Vulcan Iron Works of
this city and other equipment of the
factory was bIbo purchased In this
Montreal, Feb. K.���The Protestant
| population of Montreal iB excited over
Ithe change in the Easter holidays at
the high  school cn  Peel street.    The
'change   in   the  holidays   meana  thai
| the usual  KtiBlertide holidays will be
deferred until April IS to 30, In order
to accommodate the large number of
children  of  the  Jewish   faith  attending the schools.    It la known th.U Of
the  entire   Protestant   school   population Of Montreal 41 per cent la made-
up of Jewish children, while in some
schools  the  Jewish  attendance  Is  as ���
high as 76 per cent.
Since the change In the Peel Street
school holidays, Rev. J. A. Corde'.ut ���
.���f the First UnptM church, haa cent
his protest to the commissioners stating that the Protestants pay dearly
for the sustenance of their SOhOOlS
and that the Jews must not abuse their |
privileges. He protcsls against the
fact that the holidays in honor of the
resurrection of Christ must be Overlooked In order to satisfy the Jews.
Rev. Canon Almond haa also voiced ;
his proteBt  today and  Bays that the
Baeter holidays must not be altered at
any cost, and he has lodged an empha-
tic   nrole-rt   againd   tbe   chauge.     A
numbor  of  prominent   Protestants  of j
he    city   are    also taking
New York, Feb. 25. -The
1'nited States government took
official recognition of the claim
of Dr. Frederick F. Freidmati
to the discovery of a cure for
tuberculosis when by the order of the surgeon general, a
physician of the United States
marine hospital service. Dr.
Milton F. Fester, tfas sent to
meet the young German physician on bis arrival here today
at the request of the government.
the  south  pole with Capt.  Scott.
Switzerland also suffers a great
Iceb by the death of Dr. Mcrz, a prominent scientist and sportsman. After winning the ski jumping ch impion-
Shlp in Switzerland in IMS, he offered his services to Dr. Wawaon.
Lieut. NinuiB was the expert of the
expedition on surveying and sledglng-
t!e was killed by fulling Into "a crev-
ae-EO  nearly  a year  age.    Ilia  death
was practically  Instantaneous,    lt is
not known hnvr Dr. Mora died.
|    Th': expedition Btarted out uot wllh
and idea of rushing to tile south pole
ibut  with   the  intention   of  exploring;
and naming the unknown lands of the
Antarctic, and  making nnmsrous observations around the south magnetic
pel-.    According  to  the  wireless  re-
P'.it received  from  Dr.  M.'.wson, the
principal objects ot    the    expedition
were attained. ...
li ntortunately Dr. Mawson end alx.
of hie companions after they bad been
, picked up by the Aurora, undertook,
(another  expedition and  were  unable
to  rejoin  the  ship  which  waa  compelled to leave them.
j    This fact was Indicated in the last
previous message received here frons
i the Aurora on Feb. 17. which said that
ail   the   members  cf  the   expedition
| were cn beard the vessel    It would ap-
pear, therefore, that Dr. Mawson with
iscnie   cf  his  companions   muat  have
{Ijrded again.
The expedition consisted of nearly
SO , irn. most of them gnuiu:;trs of
'?��� ,.... '��;.,s of Australia and New Zea-
landi It waa financed by popular sub-
Complete   Survey.
Dr.   Mawson  purposed     maKing    a
complete survey of the Antarctic re-
betwoen Cape Adare and Cinss-
The Idea Does Not Appeal to the Legislature, However, and the Subject  Is Dropped.
Victoria,  Feb.  25.���An attempt    on
the part of Mr. W. R. Macl.ean, mem
ber  for Nelson,  to make compulsory
the  photographing of all  persona  Interdicted under the provisions of the
Liquor  License  Act���the  scheme being, aa he admitted, In the intereat;--
ef    hotelkeepers���waa    negatived    In
the legislature    yesterday    afternoon
when the house waa in committee of
I the  whole  diacuaaing certain  clauaea
the bill amending tlie Liquor Act.
Phe member  for  Nelson also wished
to make It an  offence punishable by
  I tine or imprisonment for an interdict
to enter a bar room.
Was Short $135 and When Permitted ;    The Idea of "mugging" an interdict
i did not appeal to Hon. W. J. Bowser
There Ib great activity i-j the building trade in Mission City at present.
The snow is steadily d'sappearlng and
work is being resumed with as much
expedition as clrcumstancea will allow.
Tho erection ot another jam factory l-gt'
and a new shingle mill has been start j burg, a distance of over 200 miles. The
cd east cf Home avenue. |exped|tiop   landed  at  Adelie   Lund,  a
Excavations have been started tor [barren tract, which has also been call-
a new livery stable on Washington I'd Wilkes Land. aft. r the American
street and the construction of a large iexplorer. There tho men divided Into,
number of new bouses and additions J three parties.
to existing ones on that    and    other |    From time to time there have conn?
streets  have been  connurt:ctd. reports of the success of the expedi-
The Dominion government engineer tlon In the discovery cf hew iiVrodl?
has laid out tho ground for the new anr! cnly recently, after having been
post office at the corners of Washing   mlt   ��r  communication     for    several
montha what purported to be a wiha
ieau message was picked up from Hut
(Continued on Page Four.)
ton and Welton atreets. The pew edl
flee will coat in the neighborhood of
the mat
up nnd a merry time ia promised, the teller, li
in  lhe  near  future  over  the  holiday
and  the reasons advanced    for   the
to Reccunt Money Paid to Customer, Helped Himself.
Saskatoon, Saak., Feb. 25.���Oliver
Small, teller of the Northern Crown
bank at Viscount. Ib In Jail today
awaiting trial cn a peculiar charge.
Small, while teller in the hank, was
found bv the canager of the branch
to he $135 short In 1i!b cash. The
manager looked np the nrrvlous dayn
business and discovered that a large
amount had heen paid out to Louis
A. Trembley
attorney general, and he apoke at
consid'Table length In opposition to It.
Neither was he In favor of pun'shiUK
by fine or imprisonment any Interdict
who attempted to enter, or did enter
a bar room. Hon. Mr. Bowser de
clared the proposed amendments Of
the member for Nelson were designed
to be of aid to the hotelkooper, and tr
1:1m alone.
��� ���*���������������->-*������������������ *
$300,000  FIRE   IN   WINNIPEG
Winnipeg, Feb. 25.���Fire of
an unknown origin ln the re-
tall business section of tho city
destroyed enrly today an entiro
block, doing $30,000 damage.
The block was owned by Sir
Donald McMillan, former lieutenant governor.
Saskatoon Wilt Advertise.
Saskatoon.  Sask.. Feb. 25.���A Joint
. meeting of  the  reproaentatlvea  from
and thinking that  this  (he various public bodies of the city
might   hive  heen  over paid  by j ,m,t   yesterday  and  decide-d  to  ralae
instructed Mr. Small to , the sinn of fifty thousand dollars    to
spread the name and fame of Saskatoon throughout America and Europe
The money will be handled by a pub-
Ucltv committee representing the vari
ous organizations.
po and Fee him nntl nsk him If he had
not  received $125 too much.
Small, after a Search discovered the
man and apk'd him if he might count
over the money that he had given him
the previous day, Trembley eoneeut-
ed. handing over a lurge roll. Small
counted the money, and when he had
reached the amount of $135 he Immediately put lt In his pocket, according to the Btory told In court,
handing Trembley hack the balance,
at tho earne time telling him to go
and Bee the manager of tne bank, and
he would be told all about It.
Small'B action In tho prisoners' cell
are said to Indlctate that he ts Insane
and he will likely be sent to an asylum by the magistrate.
1-ondon, Feb. 25.���Horatio
Nelson, tho third Karl Nelaon.
a descendant of the celebrated
English admiral of that name,
died today. The earl was born
ln 1823.
O'.tawa, Feb. 26.���That the duty or. I preceding years we ahould hare,    m*
American apples be lncreasod from lUlcelved $210,000, he said,
to 25 cents a box and  that 'ho fruit '���    Ha   estimated   that   by   1.115   there
marks act be enforced against    them   would be 250-0 cars to ship and 10.000
rigorously and effectively aa enforced Tears by 1SS0.
against the Canadian apples was .'��� "Our market that wo counted on
recommendation made if, the oomml' has In cn sw&ntpc^d liy -Vui'jri. a__ con-
tee on agriculture to-aav by W, 3.Isigoid goods." ho saii.
Foggo, a director and meajber of the The Canadian marka act. said fn��.
executive committee of British Coltim was working a hardship to ltriliah Co-
bia Fruit Growers Association. "We lumbia fruit growera because tlio
have In our province all the elements American grower waa lot bound by It
of a crials \t the present time." said in any way. The American grower
Mr. Foggo, "and unless we get aaalst- packed In accordance with the regula-
������mee frut growing iu Britiah Colum- tlons of his own partlcula- as30ci��-
bla la In a perlloua Btate." tion.   Tho choice grade of the western
The planting of orchards, he aa^ states was really the second grade
:ook place largely from 1905 to 1910. fruit, and thia was what they were
the settlement reaulting from public- shipping into Canada���thetr surplus
ity given by the governments. On a and doing so often at prices that
conservative estimate there had been would barely pay duty and freight.
an Investment made of over $80,000,- Today they put Into the prairie
000, aid only now were the orchard* provinces at least half of the fnilt bo-
bcglm.lug to produce. Ing consumed there and boing their
First  Crop. second  grade Ihey   were   willing    to
Thua far the growers had been llv- take a low price for it. Being In the
ing on their capital and It bad been |same geographical zono there was -jo
a severe struggle for them. This was j chance of British Columbia baying a
the tlrat year when there waa a-oroplgood year while the western states
to diapoae of In the general markets had a poor year. Both were alike In
Mr. Foggo pointed out that prices; conditions, the Americans ruled tho-
were bad this year. Union shipments I market as to bulk and there waa no
from Okanagan valley In recent yeara fair competition aa a result ol tlm
were as follows: 'dumping of this huge American snr-
Year. Cara.       Value.   ; plus.
1909     76      $ 67,000 j    But there wu a further hardship
1910  176        118,000 in  that  the Canadian growera wero
1911  120 75,000 j obliged to meet the American Mcholo��r
1912  310        158,000 grade with hla No. 1  grade,  whicb
10,000 Cars by 1920. was really higher, but for which   he
Had the 310 cars already shipped, could get only the same price -aa that
returned us on the same basis as on' American goods.
s ��� ' ���*)'
�����*�����*. two
At **s*a*hd*at m.>.1,111,1 puper dee
'.he -Pro-eer P-otley. PMhlitihrd susr-ii �������
ar��'. Puhlitihittg Company, I.imitiiti, at  6t   'IcKcniic Street, N
'Columbia. KUliIt KOTIIKHl.ANU,
All ,-,i,.im���,,���-,if i,,,it should he .iddii s\i-d to   The Sen-   UY
t to the interests of New ITsatwhtster and
ig except  Niind.i*.   bj! ths National PriNtitlp
ic Westminster, llrltish I qqu'i I
Monagin.l  Director.
tmlNstor .Vi ii i, imW not
4o l-mlil-Hftttil HWmbei'i nf tht ttaff. Vkri4*tcs. drafts and inoneii orders should Ite made
tfegable to  The  ffaMSHal  Priettu./ and  .'Nbli.s-klKi; Company,  l.l'nilni
TSMJIFBQXWB   -BwlWHI l)(/i<-t* OWl Manager, SSil; Hilitanal llmnii)  tail depart
msttttl, ten.
BtnSCRIPTION RATHS    Ity nnrricr. II  |>cr gear, ��l  |.,r   Hirrc  i��imlh��. tOt **t
attcnih    Hy  mitil.  s:l  per year, lie per month.
AltVI'K! ISINtl  KATl:* on  ciiiphcitwin.
Tti ttiRKHt-rtistiHS is   So leiteri uii-l he pabKshed in The Htxet metjii ever
the niftier'S Kii/iintMrii.  The editor r, >,, ,i,\ tht right   to refiltt tht pu'ilication of lull/
suddenlj bi'i'iime Insane and waa
found wandering about the native
Quarter of Singapore, She was taken
buck   lo   France  and   treated   by   tho
most celebrated alienists or the country, Inn never recovered her reason.
After her father's death, his estate
became Adelo's property, bul all it
lo for her was in procure tho
lu si possible medical attendance and
ti luxurious home in n sanitarium for
lhe  mentally deranged.
Another daughter ef Victor Hugo,
the beautiful end charming Leopold-
Ine, was also the heroine of ;, romance
that  turned suddenly Into the dark-
i tragedy, she married Chsrles
Vaoquerrte, n brilliant nnd talented
young mnn, nnd the happy pair ft
oft i 'i a honeymoon trip.   They imd
known  hut  few days of wedded bliss
when  they  inei  death together in 1'
boating aocldent,
Clementine, the natural d.iugiitcr <>r
Victor  Hugo's nephew,  I fold  Hugo, i
also  had  an  ndventiirnm
, tlonal career,   As a "get
. ,. ,   ,        ,, .- �� ,i , ��� �� em nt, n blaokmaller and
As was predicted ut the mooting of the executive Ol ,;,���- ,mr(, ,h(. name or c
Q" Says Be Glad That
Literature Is An Art
TWO $30,000 STORIES.
the Progressive Association last week, provision has been
made in the estimates brought down before the provincial
house for the sum of $30,000 to be spent upon improvements to the land registry office in this eity. For the com-
ing relief, which the citizens have been assured will be'*
affected with all speed, we would here say much (hanks.
With an equal sum voted by the Dominion government for the extension of the post office the present year
will see two greatly needed public buildings added to her
outward appearance. This is, to say the least, encouraging. It means work for Westminster people and consequent benefit to all, and besides that means that the work
undertaken both by the land office and by the post office
will be more efficiently performed to the satisfaction of
the citizens and to the credit of New Westminster. And
thus again much thanks.
and sensa-
rich qulok"
untess Hug"
i  nu  aid In   victimising  credulous
people in Prance, German} and Italy.
When last heard if Bhe was serving s term in an Italian prison fol-
lov Ing her conviction of fraud,
* *
* THE    H'iMAN    PROCESSION.   *
* (Bv O. Terence.) ���
* ���
Qcioil Klrg, Famous Canadian Author
of "Thc Inner Shrine," la 54 Today.
With ihe veil of anonymity bul re
eetitly lifted, Basil King, the ('una
iliiin novelist, st.mils forth today, the
fifty-fourth anniversary of hia birth,
ns the author of three of the most suc-
Sir Arthur Qulller-Conch gave lihi In
augural  leoture  recently us  King  Bid'
ward vu. Professor ol English Liters
ture at Cambridge,
Beginning With  a reference   to tin
old quarrel between philosophy nnd
poetry, he cited u famous pnssngi
from the Laws of Plato, In whloh that
I philosopher would have nil new and
'serious poets submit their work to the
magistrates before they were allowed
to aet  up a stage In the city.
After pointing out that this could
hardly be done under the present con
iiitiotis of the Kngiish Bench, the leo-
tin'ir went ou tO point out the impossibility of eXClUdlBg the Muses from
|education, and contended that one of
the first alma of a university should
he io turn out graduates of an Intellectual ernce such as would mark the
university's true produce us unmistakably both a scholar and a gentleman,
in Illustration  of  tiiis  Intellectual
grace he proceeded to quote l.tielnn's
lesorlptlon or his friend Demonas, and
submitted   that   such   a   description
could  only  be  applied   to   a  man   of
whose eiiucution literature forms no
small part.
Pro 'ding  to  speak  of  hia   ofrice.
sir Arthur snld that the Chair waa a
new one. or almost new, and thnt
there was no legacy of guidance from
liig predeoessor (Dr, Verall), The
source was unchartered, und for sailing directions he had but the "j.rds ol
Hi  ir ordinance.
This snld:    "It shall
Fresh from the Gardens
of the   finest  Tea-producing country  in
the   world.
may not, you may or tuny not deplor
the forma tlmt literature is choosing, I
but  there la no gainsaying that  It  la i
still very  much  alive,     And  I   would j
say   to  you:     "Believe  nnd  he    glad
Hint literature Is nn art and English a
living tongue."
In hla concluding remarks Sir Arthur said that ooi'laiiil.i tiny were embarking on a mighty difficult business,
.nil that he hoped would lie half the
enjoyment Hut If they would be con-
lent to accept hlin less us a professor
ttiiiii aa an elder brother, With their
help they  might   build  something.
Ceylon Tea.     Scaled Lead Packets Only.
Try It���-U'h delicaouft.
UL.ACK, M1X151> or OREEN.
Mr. King was -Ci years old, ill. and al-
iii blind, when lie essayed his first
' story.
Despite the handicap   uf   defectlvi
. mu, ii" ii- now known   throughout
Vmi Pica und England ns tlie author of
"The Inner Shrine, lhe Wild Olive,"
imd  "The Street  Called Straight." All
uf these were published anonymously,
nd the Becret of their authorship lias
only I:,i* iy been revealed    when "Tin
Inner Shrine" was published na a ser
, ial in one of the leading New York
magazines  five  years  ago  there  was
I much  speculation   over   the   author-
fhlp, hut  critics one and ;,11 admitted
lit to he the work of a genius,
Its successors have been even more
successful, and Mr. King is now* en
gaged on another novel to be brought
out later in the year.
William Benjamin Basil King it
ithe full name of the author, and he
horn in Charlottetown. Prince lid
ward Island, Keb. 26, 1869. Ilia father
waa an Englishman, while liis mother
was n native of the United States, ami
Mr. King admits to being very much
divided in allegiance between the empire and tlie republic. While ll"
iiakes his home in Boston, he spends
much of his time in travel.
His first hook was "Grfselda," pub-
We are glad to note that the government of British lished in moo, and it was followed by
The shock of the loss of two more brave men in the
pursuit of scientific knowledge of the South Polar regions,
is somewhat dulled by the recent catastrophe of the Scott
expedition, but Canada mourns with her sister dominions
of New Zealand and Australia in that the Mawson expedition should have entailed the death of Lieutenant B. E.
S. Ninnis, of the Rpjjal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) and of Dr. Merz, a one time ski champion of Switzerland
Peace hath her victories as well as war, we are told.
Even so, the price of peace must be paid, oft times in
human lives. It is no strange chance that a friend of "No j w,��
Surrender" Oates should be called upon to lay down his
life almost at the same time and while following the same
pursuit as was the indomitable soldier.
but were
was com- J
i "The Inner !
anonymously I
his literary career  late  in   life,   Mr.   King   declares
that from hiB youth lie held the con-|
viotlon that lie waa a born author.
Lathrop Iirown of Long Island, who
will succeed Marti-, W. Littleton as
congressman from ihe Kir: i New York
district next  week, is "n    "ara old to- 'j
ind  will he the
���Columbia has seen fit tp vote the sum of $1,000 towardsIj��� ^""veis! ^es"
the erection of a memorial to General Wolfe which will be lished under his own nami
at once a fitting mark of the gratitude of the nation and a t j&Wg ���^nh
tribute to the hero who forged the initial link in the chain shrine" was published
of events that have carried us past confederation. ! '"Who'll h he be an
Wolfe's body rests not far from Greenwich���in the I
land of his fathers, and while his memory will never die
in Canada, it is fittinp; that there should be some outward
sign that such is indeed the case.
One may scarcely think of monuments and of Brit-
��i' ,'s dead without bringing to mind the majestic grave of
a nan who thought majestically and who sleeps in a rockIstxty-aird congress.
Ir svn bed in the Matoppo hills, encircled bv the myriad f���**; B. n?7ly:elef0t^ ""
.       ii,       . ,        ���   rr  1 ,       ��   i      i       ii      .        J. i Illinois. Is the next  young
w res of veldt, of kop.ie and scrub of the land he has given of the House
Ms name to���Cecil Rhodes. ���  ,.    , , ~��� , ,,   ��� ,
nr     ...   i        ..i    n ,        -n ,,     ,   ., , j   , Ferdinand  I., Tsar of  the  Bulbars
We think with Commanaer Evans that it would be!win receive the congratulations or
well to leave the bodies of Captain Scott and his gallant!o,hJVl..?rrhV..0<Ii�� ."' h," ZT'9,'
-.,.,,.��.,,        , ,f , ,,    . j     ri^_ ond birthday.    The Bulgarian King ia
friends in the icefields where they met their end.  The me- j as sprightly and active as a youth of
morial, for which funds appear to be coming in so slowlvi1"1" hls J������- which 5�� attrlbut����,J��
-,    ,,   .     ,, . , , .     -n      i      j       .ii , .i   part to his adoption of the sour milk
both in this country and in England, will serve to remind
those who stay at home of the story that no man from
henceforth shall forget when first he glimpses the Aurora
be the duty of
(lotion works of recent years. , lhe profeasor to deliver courses of lectures on Kngllsli literature from the
age of Chaucer onwards, and other
wise to promote, bo far as may bo lu
liis power, the study in the university
ot the subject of Kngllsli literature
The professor shall (rent this subject
on literary and critical rather than on
philological  and  linguistic  Unea."
ln spite or the activity of many
learned professors, some doubt did
lurk In the public mind, if. after all.
English literature could in any ordinary sense he taught.   But tlmt   tin
study ot Kngiish literature could In
promoted In young minds by an elder
ine; that their zeal might lie promoted
their taste directed, their vision qulck-
iied anil brightened, would not. he
thought, he denied by any man of experience.
Indeed, he would point out that all
this had been done of late years, and
eminently done liy a Cambridge man.
whom they had given to Oxford. This
ir something like thia, was to be his
1 task If he had the good fortune to win
their confidence.
Hints  for Students.
In  laying  down   the   principles   by
which he  proposed to be guided,   the
I lecturer said  that  the first   principle
lor all was that in studying any work
if genius they Bhould begin by taking
it   absolutely;   that     is  to  aay,   with
and sev    minds intent on discovering just what
were pub ] .ho author's mind  intended.      in  In-
listing  upon  this  he   used   no  disrespect    towards    those    learned    men
whose labors would help them to en- j
joy the great work afterwards in other
waya and from other reapecta.
At the same time it, might fairly be I
irg"d that euch helps to studying un I
'.uthor were secondary and subsidiary.
Again, Ihey ahould he watchful not to
confuae the pedagogic mind with the
scholarly, since it was from the
scholar that the pedagogue pretended
to derive hia sanction, ransacking the
it genuine commentators- were it
Krom tin- fund of e80,000 entrusted
to them tor allocation among Scot
tish charities by the late Edward Davis, or Cheltenham, Gloucester,   who
was associated with n Glasgow firm of
jewelers, Alfred Havls ntlu Mlsa Alive
Davis   have   given     ��15.000    to    Hie
Royal Infirmary, -eiB.Ojip to the Western Infirmary, .-.iu.mii> to the Victoria
Infirmary, all In Glasgow, und ��10,'
ill"! among the Scottish  charities.
��� *
> e
The first of th.' seviT.il terrlbli
earthquakes from whloh Lisbon has
| suffered occurred "n-1 years ami to
day. Feb. 88, 1518. Fifteen hundred
houses, comprising the greater pari
or tlie Portuguese city, roll into ridns.
and   30,000   persons    were  killed.       A
number of neighboring towns suffer
id tin* same fate.
I luring the following two centuriel
lhe city ��:is frequently shaken by
seismic disturbances, but another
great, calamity of this kind dld'nol
come until 1755, when the city was al
most Instantly reduced into a heap ot
rubbish, In less than eight minutes
���in-I i ,' the i,i,uses and over 50,onn inhabitants were swallowed up. while
whole Btreets were buried. The cltlei
of Oporto, Brnga nml others also stir-
[ered terribly.
In Spain, a large part or Malaga became ruins, and in Morocco a half or
Pes was destroyed an 1 12,000 Arabs
perished Half of the island of Madeira was laid waste. Since that
catastrophe, one of the moat terrible
of Its kind in modern times, Lisbon
has Buffered  several  minor quakes,
111 1872 lhe cily was almost wiped
out by fire. A number ol buildings remain to testify forcibly of the great
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Bank of Montreal
* *
* OUR    FOET'S    CORNER. ���
* ���
th   my   heart   and   I
true love  h
have his.
juat exchange  one  for  the  other
I  hclu  his dear, and  mine he cannot
There   never   waa   a.   belter   bargain
driven. "
heart  in   me   keeps me  and  him
in   one
heart   in
loves   my
Brandies throughout Canada nnd
Newfoundland, and in London, Knit
and. New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A.,  nml   Mexico  City.     A   general
banking business transacted,   Letters
>r  Credit   Issued,   available   with   cor-
reapondents in all parts of the worllH
Savings Bank Department -Deposits
reoelved in sums of $i and upward
tnd interest allowed at it per canti pur
iiimini (preaent rate).
Total Aasets over $188,000,000.00,
C    I).   BRYMNER.  Manager
I- l'iri,-__tt,���IJl,   US'Wt'llll'llt"   Of   Sill"   ,|,,<|H,
r.i-mi   Wit*-!-*,   t-le. ;   eli.-iilni   work   Ip*.
I     All   work   Mil,llv  eniillili-lilliiJ.    IL
*v, i"i��n \lh  Wisiniliisii'i* Ti'iiM   BUt,
.. Oi Oi m.. NO.  ST,.    MKKT.-l on first,
Second   mul   llilrii    Wi'diM-Miluys   In   eiMili
month ia K. ���r I'. Hull at s p,ra.  1* J.
I.t'iutiy, ,1-fl >t,,i ,  J.  II   PrlCte, H��uivlary.
B.C. Coast Service
��� for Smttlo  10 u,
for Nutmlrnu 3  p.
"baby" of   thr
Clyde  II   Tnv
member from
at member
Ile was ",1 t li is month.
-��� ���
��� THIS   DAY   IN ���
������                    CANADIAN HISTORY.   ���
��� ���
Charles Michel lrumbirry de Kala
���lerry, the hero ol French Canada,
who, upon this date. HI years ago, died
nt Chambly, near Montreal, had only
iutt passed the half century mile-
ite war- tuini on Nov. 111. 177k, at
the, manor-house of Beauport, mar
QnebK'. lie was descended from a
noble family iu the I'ays de Basque!
lie enrolled as a volunteer In tlie -t'll'i
Regiment aa a very youni; lad, and
when he waa sixteen Iho Duke ot
Kent ol,talned a commission for him
ip thn 60th.
Wuh this regiment he naw olevi n
yean, of terrible service in the West
Indies but in- escaped tioth disease
and wounds. He waa extremely Finnic
���antl tall After very varied experience in the West Indieti, Ireland and
tht: Continent, of Kurc p��, he returned
to Canada, in 1M1, with the rank of
major, a* aide decamp lo Major Genera] de Hottenberg, Juat in time to
ti-kt- part in thc War of 1H12.
After tti>- American Declaration cif
War he was promoted to the rank nf
nJentenant-Colonet, and entrusted
with the organisation of the famous
""Voltigeiirs," who, with their gallant
trader, gave such Rood account of
thtimeelves at La Colle, OdeUtown and,
above all, uu the banks of the Cha-
fame both ns author and statesman
and led of apoplexy in 1S71 without
having brought discredit on the nami
of his rather. Charles lett two children. Jeanne and Georges, but ihe latter has not reflected credit on the
Illustrious  name of  Ins  grandfather
part to his adopt!
diet of hla adopted land���a diet made
famous by Prof, Kile Metchnlkofr.
Ferninnnd was the youngest son or
tbe late Prince Augustus ot Kase-Co-
vurn and fiotha, and was elected
prince of Bulgaria in 1887. Five
years ago Ferdinand declared Itul-
paria to be independent of Turkey,
and named himself as first Tsar. Just
now he ia one of the most popular of
rulers, owing to the succesa of his
army in Turkey.
Thomas William
\ Tew years ago Georges petitioned 17*'pcl Finance" tamo, is 66 today
i-   French   government   ror   permia- j spite   the  devilish   wrath   of   the
name   of   Victor |Ush   "system,"   Mr.   l.awson    la
w as
Mr.  and   Mrs   August   Ito'-mint
latter was Eleanor Robson, the
reaa-  will    celebrate    their
wedding"   today.
Co! William Frederick Cody, the
picturesque "Buffalo Hill,'' was born
tu Iowa. 67 years ago today.
Haydn   Wood   tin*   Manx  violinist
ia making great Btrides In hia i.rnf"s
slon. both as an compoier snd as ni
executant, Recently he had the honor
or being presented to II. II. Princes
Victor';, or Schleswlg-Holsteln nt ."
concert arranged bv her highness ai
St. Georges' hospital. This was th'
third time within reer weeks Ihat he
played  before royalty.
********** * *
SCRAP   COOK   i-O.-     ...
* * ���*
*  <
ft-QTT-.incr aid Tragedy in Lives cf Dej
cenr'ints of Victor Hu[jo.
In the Pantheon, amonR the Immor-
taUt of F: ii ', Victor Huro is at rest.
Thi. ���sublime gen'tis who was born 111
-yrara ago today, and whose birthday
ia annually observed by thousands of
his admirer---, throughout France, could
ncarcrly be i rc.id of some of his des-
Kls elites: son Charing, gainrd some
aion   to  assume  the   name  of  Victor. Illf''   "system,"   Mr.   l.awson
but   the  application   was  Indignantly  "comfortably   fixed,"  and   in   no
refused. mediate dangi r of the poor house
Even before Victor Hugo's death in
1886, ins grandson had become a
source of Borrow, He waa dismissed
from the Fren h navy ou account of
misconduct, ami then commenced a
iiner of ihe wildest extravagance
Me frequentl) appeared in various
law courts, ami attained international
notoriety by hiB curious defense in a
celebrated case Cleorgee had been
on terma of Intimacy with the wife
of a French noble, and hud indorsed
that lady a account with a Paris merchant-
The affair  was broken    err.    and!
Georges refused to pay Tor gooria sup-1
piled to his mlatreaa.   Tlie tradesman
brought suit, and Hugo's defense was!
that  he was no longer  Intimate  with
the woman, and Hie amount could not
lie collected by law because It was an
"Immoral obligation."    Later Georges
married   the   daughter   of   a   wealthy
merchant, by whom he hnd two ch 11-1
dren.  but the alliance  ended In    the
divorce courts.
Jeanne, the daughter of Charles and
granddaughter or Victor Hugo, married Leon Daudet, not, <*r tlie great
French novelist, hot later secured n
divorce arid became the wife of Dr
..lean Charcot, the Antarctic exploror.
Romance and tragedy also blended
j ���*��� lhe ' .-  of Adeln I lunto  V'etor's be
ii di     '   ���:���    --ih" marr'.i d n��� Ens-
' *h   ;ir*"v   officer,   ilhom   she  ,->   t   at
Hnutov'll    "i '"���" rtur'nc her falhpr'i
exile in the Island of Ouernsev, Her
i In sb'inil took  her lo  India, and  later
to Blngapore, whore he van stationed
The orricer waa given to drink, and
while urulrr ita Influence treated th"
delicately nurtured daughter of the
great poet with the grossest brutality
Eventually he developed delirium tro
mens and committed suicide. The
bride, already made desperate hv
brooding over tho death of her child
, Skeat or a Mnsaon. or (might he
add) an Aldis Wright���fetching home
bits of erudition, non sua poena and
proclaiming "This muat be the true
Temple, for we round it in a wood."
Hence an endlesa stream or little
school books, all upside down and
wrong rrom beginning to end; and
hence a worse evil amicted us, that
thp English child started with a raise
perspective of any given masterpiece,
hia schoolmaster urging, obtruding lesser things upon his vision until the
really Important thing, the poem or
the play itself, was seen in distorted
glimpses, if not quite blocked out of
This same temptation���to remove a
work of art from the category for
which the author designed It into another where it could be more conveniently studied���reached even above
the schoolmastr-ie to assail some very
eminent critics 'If the great authors
I never oppreaBcd ua with airB of con-
��� descenslon, but, like the great  lords
l.awson. of "Fren-  they are, make the meanest  of us at
!5 today.     De-   case In  their  presence,  there  was  no
hel-   reason why we should pay to any corn-
still  mentator a servility not demanded by
im-  hia mnrter.
In the next  place  the lecturer said
that he proposed that as their Investl-
the gattons would deal largely with style,
act-'he and  his pnpila   should   constantly
"leather I aim at the concrete, nt the  study  of
definite  beauties   they  could  see   pre-
,sent"d   ln   print   under   their    eyes;
i eschewing, for the present at any rat",
nil general   di tlnltlons  and   theories,
through   the  sieve  of  which   the   particular instance of genius wns so apt
to slip.
Living    Literature.
Tlie vi ry hope of that Chair, ns he j
"���ncei'.ed it. relied en the courage of
Ithe young     As literature was an art  j
j -mt thpreforp not t" be studied only
but   practiced, so  curs  waa   a   living
��� nmiage,  and  tl" - ' -���    in  he   loc'
alive, BUppte, actWc  in  all   honorable
use.    The actor could yet Bway men,
Ithe poet ravish them,   the   dramatist
I fill   their   lungs    with    the    salutary
"Wed   from
him   hia   thoughts   and
my  heart   lor once  i'   was
his own;
jl cherish his because in m
Ilia  heart   his   wound
my   sight;
ity heart waa wounded with his wound
ed heart.
For aa from me on him hla hurt did
���5o still mi-thought in me his hurt did
Iloth equal hurt, in thia changr Bought
our bliss:
My  true love  hath   my  heart,  and  I
have his.
���Sir  Phittp Sydney.
Leatfea Vancouver fur Victoria, to a.
- p. in. and 11:46.
Leavea Vanoouv
and 11 p. in.
Leavea Vancouvi
Leavea  Vanoouver   for   Prinee   -iuo*��i
and   Northern   1'olnU    10   P-   Oil    Wi-ilmw
l-eaves Vanoouver  ev,*ry Wmlmitwluy ��!
10 p. m
Chilliwack Service
Leavea Weatmlnater 8
Wednesday and  Friday.
Leavea Chllllwack   "
Thursday mid Saturday,
I BD. QOULKT,  Agent,  Ni
11. W. BROD1B, ii.  I'. A
iu   in.
i.   tn.
W   Wr
,   Vhji
Dam" Vancouver acarea her children
With aome nuraery tales of old.
Saying  that  the   "Ho-Man's"    '"iming
To relieve them of their gold;
That the Royal City "Goblins"
Will a railroad steal away
And will tatten on its traffic,
Growing bigger day by day,
Till at last a mighty city
On the Eraser's banks well see
And Vancouver,  in  Its shadow.
Hut a hamlet  small will  be.
"Give False Creek to the railways
You can hear the mayor shout,
"Or  the  Goblins  sure   will  get   you
If you don't watch oat!"
Imperial Limited leaves at 7:f,i p.ni
Toronto Express leavea at 1:55 a.m.
St. Paul Express leavea at....2 p.m.
Instead of sending mouwy tor your
friends passage from th* Old Country you will find it to your advantage
to purchase tickets from
Oi (X r. AMITY  LODQB nmi IT  -the
tvgalar rm-**liriK uf Amity Uolttr No.
::7, l (x o F. Is hi'lii every \Toiuliiy
nllilil ml 1 O'clock 111 Odd I'Vlluw-V Hull,
cnnii-r Otniiirvnii umt l-Jlgliili streets,
Visftiast brathern ooranuly Invited,
R A. Merrlthew, N.G.; .1. Ilolioitjtun.
V. (,��.; \V. C. Coiilbaiu, Pi li., tveori*-
ing eeeretary. II. W. Huni*..*,i-i* i'iiumi-
i-lnl iM-crrtary.
t,r & Hanna, Ltd.)��� Punerai dlneol&ra
.tri-t ,iiitiaini'ia. Parlors 4i,r, Cbltunbta
atfftei,   New Westminster,    fftiuna Beg.
W. Ill PALES���Vlonwr I-'um-riU t.iw, i.-tor
.u���i RmOaliner. t; r_ ii l *. Akhlh -hi*,*,-i.
��,lz!_*.-��ML* t '.un, Kic Library.
\t>A.M    .SMITH       JOIINS'l'ilN,     HAIirclS-
ti-rH>l-Uiw.     sollcllor,    ,-lu. r.lt-i��l������,_,
Itt.. Clll,!*' :,,|ill,l.H *'.!.,llllHhmi."
fn*-. "WMtern union."     tottlaaa, anna
BliK-k.  H-SJ  Columbia Mn-i-t,  .N,'v��   WVnt-
mlnsl.r.  II. <*.
a. KTii.wKi.i. auras, Baralaf a s�� law,
r..inn,,i et,- . secner I'Mmui.i., una
Mcit.nxt,- atresia, N��,w Wf-wLuii-niu-r.
li  i-.   v. O, Boa li:.    Ti-u-piio-M-  7io.
. 1' HAMl*
���olicltor a
Htrvt-i.    Ov.
ul notary, 6ju Columbia
r Ol "'.   H. Tell wnpli
tteQUAR&A mamtln 4 cassadv,
Barrlatera und Bo-Heltone, Ruo-tut, I and
8. QulehOU hluck, Nnw WVHioilnst-jT.
(',. K Martin. W. Q, M.iMui��rru* anil
ii-.org,   L. Criaaady.
KDMOttEiS��� Burrlm.,-���
W��ntiiiliiHt��-r  Trust   lllk.
and fvailclloKs,
Columbia sl����"l. Vow Wi-imaljKHtr, B.C
Cublo mldrwfw "WhltoaSSr,'' Wintiirn
Union. P. O. Drawer wt*. Trleprione
69.   W.  J.   Whiteside.   If.    L.   Kiltnumfa.
��� I.   3.   A.    UUKNKTT.    AVOITOR    AND
Acrmir.i.-im.  Trie.  It Yt��.   Room Trapp
Or H. W.  Bredle.
OOUluET, Agent
New  Wet,uniu��te
O.p.A. Vancouver
D. McAulay
Tel. 724.
Cor. Sixth and Columbia
There  is  no question  of the
necessity  of  usinp;  the  dally
newspaper ln an advertising
campaign, for by the use of the
dully newspaper yo,i t-jve and
gi i that co-operation which is
esesntial to bucccss livery
home Hikes a dally newspaper,
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in "s io (-very heitfi'w'' *. It
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nre live, up-to-date merchants, the onvs thnt. see and
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The dnl'- ', spaper Is essential to ti.i success or every
,'ulvi rtlsing   campaign.
��� laughter or purge their emotions   by
' 1 pity  or  terror.  th�� historian  superln-
��� j dure upon events the charm of order.
��� "-,. novelist���well, even   the   novelist
��� I bad his uses.
��� I    Ard | wan, fr-ild Sir Arthur) against
arc er.tircty different from
ethers both in their composition and their effect���complete
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609  Columbia  St.
:-'- i I'., ard nf Tnula i��-v,*"��, In the hoard
room, itfty Hall. a�� ���elh-'WS! Third-Friday or each month.*; ii-aarti-rly m��-*-tln-t
on the- third Krltlhor �� F-rta-imry, May,
Augnsf and Nov, uiImt iu K ii.ill. An-
mini i-tiiM-tlngs na* the thlrtii CrlSay ot
Februisry. 8. H. Stuart Waile, terre.
Oark-Frascr Realty Co.
Formerly at 610 Columbia St.. now at
��h7 Front St.    phone R 1031.
New   Wcstmtnetfr,   B.C.
Real Estate and Business Chances.
Aeveage  and   Choice  Fruit  Lands  a
!!-���;      '      ���... ���  _ j
I P.O. Box 34 Dally News BMg.
of all kinds.
Satisfaction guaranteed
McKenile 8t.
sing any form of art which is
illv* nnd pliant in the hands of man.
As for my part. I believe, bearing In
mind Mr, Bnrrte's "Peter I'nn" and
the eld bottles he renovated to hold
tint loyOUB wine, that even musical
cotn-fdy. In the hnnds of a master,
1,'i'iit become a thing of beauty.
f)f the novel, nt any rate, whether
ws like U cr net, we have to admit
that it dees hold a commanding position in the literature of our times,
and to consider how far Mr. I.ascelles
Aherrromhle was right the other day
when he claimed on the first page of
his brilliant study of ThomaR Hardy,
that far rleht to such a position is
nit to bo disputed; for here, as elsewhere, the right to a position is no
more than the power to maintain it.
You  may aeree  with  this   or  you
Second Hand Store
J. Q. 8MITH.
tuy and sell new and    second    ham*
;eods of all kinds.   Toole especially.
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Kin-'s Hotel Pod Ror.n
IP'lil    Pool    Tllhlr-s   i'l    (tin   Cltv        nil
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A. G.  BEATON.  Proprietor.
Only Three More Days of Low Prices
on Sulti to Order.
Get your order In early.
PHONE   R 1031.
Employment Agency
Prompt attention t'veo to orders.
107 Front St., New Westminster, B.C.
I rensf cr
���>*lflce  Phone   18��>.      Barn   Phone   187
Begble Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the eity.
light and Heavy Hauling
uto*ketl out Ixy the appll
Each apUKJUIon  hue
by a fee or $5 whirl, v
COAI. MINIMi rlKlils of Iho HumlnVin
in MiintKilia. Himkatclii-witn and Alln-rul,
tie- Viikpn Territory, the Nnriiiwrsi Tcr-
rtterfefl und in a portion of the Provlnoe
of llrlilMh ColiinibiH, nmy Ih, l��-am% tot *
term of twenty-mi--*, y.-ars nl an annual
n-ntal of ti un acre. Net rant* than ^560
acres will In- loam-d tn one uppilounl.
AppltcaStttn for a leaae hiuki Im, made
try the aiipm-nnt tn i��-i?ioii io the Agent
or Buk-Aini of the district In which the
rlalilH ap[,ll.>d for are siiauit'd.
tn surveyed tiTrltary tlie lanS must he
describe* by sections, or IfKal sub-dlvl.
tie,** at sections, and In unsdrveyed ter*
ritory   the   ira��t   applied    for    iiliiill    be
ll��llll    IlllllSllf.
est lie acootntuint-Ml
will be n liiud.il II
the rlKlits ,ipi>ll,.-d for an- not nviilluble,
but HOI otherwise. A roynlty hIiii.II lie
paid on the dirrc.liiiiitiLbli- output of tha
mine at tlio ru��" or tlve ciiim per ton.
The person operating the mini* hIiiiII
furnish thc A^i-nt with sworn returns
.iccoinitiiiK for tlie full quantity of uu r-
'���hiiniiilil.* ooul niiiii'il and pay tlie roynlty Iheseoo, If ihe ooal iniuinx rlarlits
urn not being operated sneh returns BmSuiq
be  f-imlRlieii  at  leiiwi  onee a vi-ur.
The Paso will iiiciinie n,e c-Wil iiiliilng
rlnlltp only, hut Ihe leasee will be per-
milteit tn -cuioliaso wliiitevi-r avultable
surface ilk-Mfc mny be ednslderrd eeo��i-��.
eary fnr the worliing of the mine at the
rale  nr  111,  an  ar.re.
For full Inf-srmntlrm nppllcalion sheutd
be  made  to  ���>>   Secretary   of  tie-  tleparl.
ment  of the  Interior,  Ottawa, er lo any
Agent or  Mul> Agviit  of  DninlnlAn   l^n-Sa.
Deputy Mlnlst��r of ttM Ulterior..
N.  II���t.'naullinrlMd  PiiblUmtUia of this
Mviniotiiiint wlll nut b* paid for.
1 ���-  .
Of Cotton, Underwear, White Goods, Lingerie and Waists
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300 Waists, extra quality of fine lawn, high or low necks, handsomely trimmed with                                  500 Waists made of fine India Linen, handsomely trimmed with lace and embroidery,
either lace or embroidery.    Sale Price, each $1.00 high or low neck, long or short sleeves.   Sale Price, each $125
Ladies' Long White Cotton Princess Slips, trimmed with lace and
embroidery, finished with wide embro flounce. Prices $1.50
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12 pieces Pretty Colored Madras Muslin in
five different colors at the ridiculous
price of 20c
Less than Manufacturer's price.
��� v
mm 10 mill     A ONE-MAN TiWN
Mr. J. J. Johns ten, Afier Extended Trip   Government Will Appoint Mayor Who
In Cjlltcrnla,-Spe.ik�� of Harbor.". Wlll Occupy  tvery Civic Position
���Eulogizes   Mr.  Crane. ���Will Even Toll Curfew.
Culture Simply Skill
t    In Using One9.
What iu I'lillurt'? mul low,    Any addle pitted fool oould
Kli'Ml,   whul   In   II   nol'     l!   In   mil do  ll;   and  iiuluuly   lint  u. tool   would
anything one may put un.   n is not do It,
rinn msnner*, fashionable clothes, oor. Tbere ean be no eultute without a
.icri n|mi'cii.   ii u nut "knowing how deliberate and bablCsal preference foi
Mu enter u room properly," nor nip- simplicity.   Many Iwusei   on   [fifth
ping i-'u-up Irinii tbe aide Ol lhe spoon, nvonuo,  Mitw   York, are Mi  vulgar aa
After ��� thoroughly enjoyed bollda]     Viotorla,   Feb,   25,   Bandon   ih  to nor uilni tbe rlgbl fork, nor having tho slum-* on 11am eud ilde,
in Callfi rnla Mr, and Mm. j. J. John- hun- a mayor who will be aome Pooh- tlm arl ef saying pretty nothing!, And throating el one's eeif in upon
.'     i ,��� m _,, w,ui,,,i,,. i, ,* nn lj;i'1*   "'' 1H BoTug in ho mayor   and    Nelttaerfs ii knowledge of books or the conversation ol otborsv strutting,
���ton returnoo to wew wesunweier ou oounoIli poUol ulj n,tnu   oommla- ] aoqarntanoe wltb tbe last oomlo opera affeoted  aire,  of affeoted   tone    01
Friday nlgbt                                    sinners and other tblngi thai urn offi- or play, aor having read the latest voice, flaihv olotbaa, having the tin
Mr, Johnston took his anto wltb blm J olal In ih" oonduot of olty life,   He novel.   It Ih not knowing Greek, Latin gorH covcri-d wltS rings oi display
throughI will be ohlef of police and  boss of or Bngllaft literature, nor any other lug large Jewell, nfflolousnsM and all
which ""���' ""' brigade, toller of the olty cur mind-stuff., one may iv perfect in ail such things ludicaiii a cnriais ooarsa
..   few aud keeper of the pound   also he these things ami in< a cad.   These noas.
"'""''""     ""   ���'"���'������*��� I will bo hUlbaUd Of the lady mayoress,  arts and awompllsbmerrts have their Vulgarity  ot the  Rich.
but  li   Ih not culture value. Tha   bUlltUM    Of iidv.irtislli*    has
Ami radiated far and wld
California from Los Angelas,
he qade bis h
or, staioa Mr. Johnston, was delight-1 He will be some mayor if he lasts uu- vai
hero   Mr. 'der this load.
fill,  und  hh  to  Iho  roads
Jnhmitoii   went
tho recollection of Ilium*   nono better
-could bo desired.
American Harbors.
Aakril about tho harhon; and the
"I'anuniu canal, Mr. .lohnston explain-
nd that the port of !/<)�� Angeles was
Han Pedro, a city smaller than New
Westminster, and tho clti/.ons of
which were making elaborate preparations tor the Panama   canal   trade.
Thi y     wire
$3,000,000  confirm ling a breakwater,
for San Pedro ls a salt water port, and   u
aro fubrntttlBg a bylaw  for  another]
million  to finish  tho work.
What is culture!
grown to vast, proportions tiiomi days
nio rhapsodies overl   Tha reason why thli mayor li to be     it in the? imrmoi.ii.uH, ftenltby do- and there is danger in itaieHea  up
all   theso   thlngH  Is  buo.uuho   Bandon  velopmotit et one's personality, on  tho popular inlisl.    Kor tin*  end
appears to bo to Iho had    llimnrlnlly.      It monns n brain dnvelopcd until It Bought, Hint  IS for mlllng gowls  and
At iho evening sitting <>r tba legis- thinks alearly, the win until it nctn making raonefc it may be neeeet arj
lature  last night  lion. W, .1.  Howser,   properly   nrrrf   atiindc   firm,   nnd   the to  Plow one's 'own  1 urn   lalitlltlly   oil
attorney general, Introduced a bill lo feelings until they minister to life, not billboards  and' In   iuiwspafSN;     the
tho eilec.t that:    "it appears to be In  destroy  It, principle canmit be fillhwi-J lu or. i'i
iho Interest of the ratepayers of ihe I   Culture Is simply sktTT In using one's individual life without;oue'li'ttaaomlns
cily of Bandon, and of tho holders of; tsclf.     It   In  opposed   to    awItarflneiS, vulgar.
debentures and of tbe otber oreditori stumbling, ami tho ilk*. |   There Is mo-w to I tb itucm gettl i*
ot tbe olty, that the management and     lt is not good against  had. right- on In business',.. It  is ueodfW to j ���
* ii, ndini'   or hoi   spent i''""""'  "r    ""'    i",|:l'1',,    "f    '���"' ''������>   eofisness as agalnil  sin, nor morality on  lu  character.    Ann' as  Us gettl I
,. .7 ���  i _,...,,,...   Should be wholly vested In n rocelvoi   as  against   Immorality,  ll   Is  high   ns on  In  rhnracter and  celture  She hu :���
i '*-,.ifw /\m *
:ippoinli'd    hy
vomer lu council."
Power la i'h refore given
When completed it will be seoond tol)
rnmeni   lo  appoint   a   receiver
���none on Ihe I'aolflC count.
Tho enterprise and sanguine temperament of the people improseed Ur,
Johnston    There were no caviling at
the expend lure nor Ihe Slightest  (llf
rflculty apparent in getting the mone)
for the harbor Improvement Develop'
ment,   nobll vi ment,   was   their   goal,
.'xpeiin'   a   means   to   that   i nd
present ll Is a busy seaport and doci
all the shipping for Lob Angeli a.
tian Uii i'o was also visited al n
lime a Milieu of the  Dnlted  Btatcs
���fleet wan anchored there previous I"
���..teaming to Mexico.. But al whatever port Mr. .lohnston sojourned New
Wi'ituiint hi
landon who aho.Il have In his own per
olty hoses.   Colncldentally wlih   ilu
appointment of the    receiver-mayor, I
etO��� etc. all tllOSB lie supersedes lose I
their JobB.
When tho Whole Thing sits down in
his office chair he ��ill have power to
At Pass bylaws and do a variety of plain WaiWn���on rrv,ng
and fancy civic stunts. \\ hen he ge
tlrod of passing bylaws be may con-
itltute hlmsolf an assessor and collector and whon ho Is through assosB
ing ;i: ��� clii ' ns of il ar old Bandon
he may, bb a court of revision, hear
the Bomplolnta of those  he  has de-
lleutenanl   against low, fine as against ronrne.
The  Marks of It.
llavliii;  delincil   culture,   let   ns   nee.
whin are the marks of ft, whereby we
,   , .      . i may teal ourselves to set where we
n all   he powers of a nm  mule   of ,,,,���;,  ���,,.,,, ,   ,   .   ,
��� |lack, ami furnish our Ideals to know
whereat  lo nlm.
The cultured mind Is the one that.
known nnd loves the masters of literature, There Is no doubt whose these
are: lime has settli d thai for us, In
our own country lake Hawthorne,
RniJ-Tflon,     John
ike, ti clean and Hofntes, for In-
:��� ance, Some of these may nol ap-
in al to you 'bul if you nre not acquainted wlih any of them, you havo
no rlghi to think yourself cultured.
mil     the    Kraser  river' elded   must  pay   luxes  and   when   he
-vnuid rise in vivid comparison to hia dissolves as n court of   revision   be
mind.    It:   manifold and manifest  ad-\m*y   fm'm     himself     into   a   hollow
outages  loomed  largely  In  contrast,  'duare  and   go  mil   and   collect,
Mr. Crane an Advertiser. Incidentally all the property and ns-
ln tbla matter Mr. Johnston express' s,'ls "r Bandon shall be vested In the
<���(! regret that Mr. John Crane, an Old Whole Thing and if he feels like It.
realdenl of New Westminster, should i ��'inc nlghl or some day- lie mny
have been made the subject of adverse -*1'11 'he goods and pay the city's
comment In the local press regarding debts,
his criticism of the tardiness of the     The governmenl has a string on the
Royal City in recognizing its great op   lob,  however, and can  call  it  off at
portunltles,   Mr. (Vane was the best any time.   In any event   ii is felt that
advert ner New WcHtmlnstcr hid out   V  August  1    of 1914    tlie    receiver-
nidi- the city,   New West min: u- was mayor wlll have completed his work.
his constant  theme  in  conversation]
and nothing gave him greater delight
than in listening to and speaking of |'
its beauty df situation for Industrial
enterprise to all and sundry as well
as   of   the   aesthetic   grandeur   of   it:
est way not to miccci vt, the way 'ti
grosniiess, coininrmess Mod lbWJSSS, Is
tn he ulwuj'B pushing one' self reward.
in nothing i.i culture more njrparon
Ihan iu our attitude I iwarrilv work.
Overwork In making money Ih ti sign
of a deficient character;  so It ifleii"ss
in this it appnars how ihe Hfe ot
the so-called upper classcB in modern
life seems arranged I i destroy all
genuine refinement, The first gem ra
tion make millions; to db this thev
sacrifice the hem elements itt their
life to the one poor virtue of amassing wealth,
Scurrr in Uool.
it is curious lu bow many novel:.
magazines and newspapers; these two
iple are x-ssuim d i
ff.    T'
The lal New' Westminster Troop
II. I'. Hoy BoOUtM will meet ou Wed-
nenlay nlgbl  nl  'lie  l>ill  Hall.
The Juniors win meat at 7iM ami
the Benlors at s:'Jit p.m.
Dress    Drill  llrncr
(BlgoedJ  It. P,  DAV,
Seoul muter,
I Correspondence |
Tfw M^w WeHtmliiHtPr Newa db����
not hold Itaelf reHpoiimtile for tils
opinions expreiwed iu eorreHpoinleneiR !
WHi*T TWO  DOLI.*fl�� WILL  DOi   !
To the Editor of The I.Mly Newel
Sir���Would you ho iu> kind as ItA
fusert this In your iiapnr:
To tto eltlsens and mtepayers of.
Nnw Westminster: Db Hon think thai.
II Ih right or justifiable ����� gee Italians
gjwou work by these Vtacouver eon*
tractors in preference tti Drltlsh sub
,i its   i*,.n<i   Canadians wben In Hm*
ei-ft, alOlflB there are over 'Jfiil men, all
Ulitlah s'lhjects, out of  Aiivk.
'lln' rtianon why is Heeause tbey
v. ill nol give the frreruin (2 every
;���  ���   ii. y   tfta same as  tbe  Kalians  di.i
iml have been doing sisice the yeari|
190��   I:  is nothing bul graft nnd  Itl
i* ae. ���:'��� if n British BUOJeet does notu
Ihe Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front Street
Several Strong Lines  $1.95
10-inch Hi-Cut   845
Leckie's Oil Tan Hi-Cut   4.15
Men's Sample* at Bargain Prices.
Bole Sfl-snts tor Weitmlniter for thi  f��mom  K  Boots.    Depot tur
Leckie's Boots snd  Ahren'i School 6hoc��.
A   $20,000  Stock to  Select  From
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street
1 -1 v.��� 11 *. ffri-m.-in $���_
1.. .* i.iiiiu tni iho Jull
I,- 1 II  al  soon  "S
along nml offers th
1 fiy tuiy day lo
In- is not waaili'i* I
an   Italian  ei.na si
Iim-ciimui  $*J  Hit
(in the contrary, a love for and   a
famlllnrlty with, the Berlals running sots of Ill-bred I
In the magasfnes ami the present day '"' the only  people    worth    talking
"besi sellers" is nol fnconslstent with about,   As rt rnattw of fa'c.t, tbo mul
linti-.i.ci' At discharged
'll.li   is    rhe   gospel    *t'U'.!t       1    si I it,'
n in..**,:!, yaern to oblli *.
MU    WM    HAV1S,
New   Wi villiiv-stcr..   It*'.'
���natural BUrroundtngB. In fact there
was only cue New Westminster and
John  Crane was its prophet.
Mr. Johnston spoke sympathetically
of the terrible ravages the severe
fi-of 1 tills winter bud made on thi
orange and lemon groves and otbi :'
fruits of California, exeept In some
flavored spots, which had strangely
escaped the general devastation, He
had Been hundreds upon hundreds of
ooal oil stoves InirninK In the fields
maUnis smudges to protect the crops
.".id  it:iv,   away   ruin.
ldcr.l for Auto3.
n common and trifling mind. I do not
mean thnt one should read tin modern
literature, I ut do mean thai if thai
Is nil he reads ho hus nn title to culture For a cultured mind means a
mind that has developed ri^ht tasies.
Is Teachable.
The cultured mind Is teachable, It
Is open to conviction, gentle, not stub-
born and opinionated, Any Intolerance is a si'rn nf narrowness and a
symptom  that  we  are afraid  to havo
our positions examined, People who
are fanatical In religion or politics
may he right, hut they rIvo us the Im-
prostrion of being cheap anl little-
minded; tor they miuht be Just aa
right and a little more courteous, IM
"it be one of those Of whom ever*
one says, "Oh. you can't ten him any
  Necessity   of   Refined   Tastes.
The cultured person has trained his
Authority StatCB that Foreign Cabinet  will lo act decisively,    lie is not va-
tl-mlllloualres and  tile Idle world ol
"society" are  tha  scum  tha-i   aria iwd
from the ureal hoalthy poof ef mod
1. n life.   We hat ������ no onvj ol ihom
no anarchistic deal-he to amtrafi Ihom OhMttgoi    Peb    25.'   Thin
and are perfectly willing rn hi  th m ments-umJer the Sherman t.iw mgalnst
fellow their own bent; but fur all thai Cbicaso pothers were tfirarlMi  I I en
we are convinced tit ������> are a symptom today In thi  federal cairet b> a .!��������� -a.
of Boolal and ecoiiomlo disease, tbat Attorney  Oeneral  WWHerslao       tti
their inriii. nee is steadily vulgarising othbr ihdietmenl ohtahud tn i 106 alto
and that public opinion ought to be was dismissed thua ettarftig  thi   ail
educated to despise and not to honoi enddrrot all charges mgdlaat the t'��(*
them. >������><
Thev  are  not   bo much  to  blame Th** Ba*hera were usturtCfc d abeut a
however, for they are but  the result war ,tv.n In the federal <*-ju* I heas on
of a low standard' among tn�� all: they  oi I  tour      .**������"        il     *:*.,
would nol flaunt th' ir extravai am e a
month  after the  great   mesa of  ihi
NIIIDfK art" PHONE 890
C0NT!!AQ0BS , o�� prices on >.
Luraber Lath and Shingles
..elections Have Been   Made by
Incoming Administration.
superiority.     Dawdling,  even  over little things,  spells  mediocrity.    Putter-
ling ahout what you shall eat or wear,
I where you shall po. and how you shall
W'-alMngton, Feb, 25.    Late tonight   spend yuur time, nil this means the
la siaieineni was made by a liinh con-'untutored will, cluttered and common
greaslonal authority  that the foreign habits of thought
common  people Had  ceased ei loyinp
them,    They act  js tliey iio becai
we would act thai way if we had tie
This Our  Aim.
In   fine,   culture,   as   has  been   said
Hating,   The firm and prompt power  Is the full, wall1 coundfed rfevolopmenl
if choice is one of the best  signs of of body,  brain and  BprriC*.    It meana
strong, clean, healthy hi dies, mind
clear, trained ard. unaflaM. and splr
Its that have tastes ahora eensuality,
luxury and display, This kind of cul
ture we shall have to K*'t. i r In the
language of the professor of constitutional lavs-    In    the    university  ol
"or av.tiaiiiililiEtH the country wasi-sablne! selections positively had been
( and thanks to the efforts ot ill
i Association of California, the
Ib wire can fully Indicated by sign
ards so that not oven a Btrangei
vl ilnn for the first time could g'*
v r mt; if be kept his eyea opi n.
made as follows:
Heen tary    of    Sla
Bryan, Nebraska.
Secretary of the Treasury
O. McAdOO, New York.
Secretary   of   the   Navy-
Daniels, North Carolina
William    .1.
The  net   result   of culture  may   be Berne
tested by ascertaining the degree to "There mar stau-d 6-efbre us a time
which yon have transferred your tast- such as humanity  has already  more
is and'pleasures from the body over than once experienced, when the must
to  the  mind  and  spirit.    Thla does civilized people havi�� been overpower
-William  not mean that you are Indifferent to cd by barbarians, simply by virtue of
tlie jovs nf seiise.    You  may  like a greater physical strength and greater
Josephus  rood meal, a good bed. a comfortable mental freeftness and originality. The
chair nnd a  bath.    Thc  point   is you queRtlon  therefore  'What  is culture?"
counts on which the* wi-rv trlo<S.cov-
ered/tfte  entire  govern-ski t   case,  It
... nd. and II waaamtMM iced archc
time that the proBa-outdom would be
lircpu. ��t.
The Armour. MotTrS :��n.-.l Swlf": park
na companies are to** |( volvad! The
gQ-Y-omunent ciair.-.-ai. a victory in the
dlsi ilntlon  of  the   NBdto ml   IhoftJng
���o-npiiny. asFeririi-i-. iliia t  i tha.0 it had
achieved i':1 objeceun Idua prosnsutttsna,
Mr. Jus: ice Hoyd) It ther Dublin
l-Ttnkrr.tcy     eou:!.      ��,h   n     l-Jllzabi th
-���iiednian, a bankrupt! of Q-arey, co.
Wexford, said .-.Ik- ^.ii it no regular
hooks of her d<*pery . islnews: observed that as a nil'- the boo^i brought
ilmi the court with n-/. wortll Ibeklng
���it. in England) i"T i ms mure ohlig-
mil ro keep | roper b< oka, ute.,. Why
it wns not mi-in :*r--J .md Ihi did not
know, .
Royal City Decorating Co.
Wall Paper. Burlaps and Paints.   Paper Hanging our
Specialty.  Work guaranteed.
Chas. Mannering     34 De(Jb(e street.      i>h��ne 393.    Ed. Allcock.
man's World.
Marquis of Sligo  Dies.
Postmaster General    Albert Sidney  know how to have these things, and   is a question of the life of our win 1
Burleson, Texas. '   also how  to  do  without  there     The  present race, as wii as. in a spedtl'
Information    from     other    sources   Apostle   Paul   said   he   knew   how   to   degree, of onr native land and the mv
| gave assurances that Colonel George abound and how to be In want. tore of its government."   From   W.j-
chlef engineer and chair-     Excessive fondness for eating, irri-
I'annnia    canal    comniis-  lability  when   one  is  deprived  of his
i ilon, is under consideration for secre- usual comforts,  petulance whtn one
 ���- .    tary  of  war.    Bome  close  friends of  is forced to rough it. and had temper
he incoming administration have felt  when you have to wait, are signs of
Wine   Merchant   Finds   His   MlBoing.  hat  a  lawyer should   he  chosen    as  pettiness.
(Vend of the war department  in view1 Signs  of  Lowness.
| >f thc legal questions Involved relai-      Wn shall not discuss whether drink-
i  tig  'o ttftiJ'ajiiiiiia canal,  the Philip-  Ing and  smoking  are  sinful;   but   no
pines  aim  ,;l,,i     Important     matters,  one   will   deny   'hat   drunkenness and
land ihey point lo the line of lawyers over-use of tobacco are slgnB of a low
who have headed the department such  person.
' aa Hoot. Taft, Dickinson and Stimson.      The cultivated  person    is    always
merch.yit. and he rises early.     When   Colonel  Goethals' famillartv  with  the  above   bis   pleasures,     lie   may   like
be came into his little place the other  Panama canal, it. Is  declared   how- them, bm he "will not follow or he
En{ry Woman
ts k>*i i ������<tiri\ j .ml ��huaid know
.Ware wt jwjtrfol
rvfil Wrtllag Spray
rvel Douche
Aak fnur (tr*f list Ita 'ft
It.  If tie r-jle-not t^tpt.h
tho   HARY fcU anwtiu no
Shekels When Domestic la Scrubbing   Floor.
'.-��    w-i     oioer, oat (i��nfl ��T*c��y f.ir tu-
Rligo was  found   dead   in  bed   y*M*ht*   Irotei boot.���i-imtpd Ii ten,* r.\\-
dav      lie   tvoti   JC.   vi-iirK  old       ll����   w.*i.n    Partlnulare vid iCr,r|-t-r, rnv* lr/^U>
Biteceaied by his eon, the Karl o.T Alta* i OnMim /vpi,_�� ..���<'o_Jd��.
iiiont. '  	
For Vancouver, via Central) Park
- At r���:ao au.d 5.4fi a.m., aniL evHry
15 miuute'i until H p.m. Jfroui 'J
p.m. uui.il Dkidnlght lialf hourly tmr-
Sundays- M 6:00, 7:jCHt 7:30,
fi:00 and 1:30 am., week Jay Bor-
vlc.n* prevailing thereafter.
Far Vancouver via Bumaby- At
f.:4tf, 0:45 and S:U0 a.m. with hourly. SBtvi-ee thereafter until, iQ OOi
p.m., aud lute car at 11:30 p.m.
Sundays���Flrat car at H-:00 a.ni_
with.  we��!k  day   service   ilntruaflvr.
for.   Vancouver   via   Etutrne    At
'. "ii  a.!,,   und  bouily  uimi   n uu
Sunday���Klrst   uar at *:9* a.m.,
m i: ila.r   week   lUy   servu>   thereat-
(<:unnectloii wltb cars to SleveB-
toia ��inl other imnits uu l.nlu 1b-
liii.i*!. Is Iliudw it. I:'.liurn��.
For ChilliMuck and Points In
Sowth Fraser Valley���At 9:3U a.m.,
Ititt p.m. an-i. fi.lli p,ivi.
For Huntijigdon and Way Points
���At 4:06  sua.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
I'aris, Feb.
M. Cuillo, is a wltn
morning he found his servant busy
In plain English, s,hc was washing the
M. Oulllo looked at her. She wai
17, and the light wns falling on her
hujr. M Uulllo was struck bj it He
'ioI.-oE at her as she worked, h r h( ad
occasionally swaying from side to
And then a Btrange thine happened, fhii ol Marie's hair began t" ii mi
a rain of gold. Now, if M. Oulllo b.:*!
been an artist Instead of a "marchaud
<ie vln8, he wi uld have underi I
that in wai looking upon a beautiful
tii mi;
itnt :.i heart M. Oulllo was only a
wine merchant The only thing hi
thou hi ol was that they were his
"li ula" thai wi re fallini: out of Marh .
hair, and that It was a care for thi
So hi* aid to Marie, in bis moil ap
probriouB French, that Bhe was a bag
fnPl   ;r',','"'.  ^'   WO,','W   BtaI  l*T\<  "  house leaders.
���11  h.   fetched  the  police.      Ami   I, .       ,        h       h
l-m-kiu th   dl or nnd put. thc key in his*
pock.it     But Marie, beitiR yonnn and'
aottve, had no particular   need   of a
��� Jooi lo leave a house by.
Before   M,   Oulllo  and    the   police'
���ami. in hy the door Marie had gone
out by tne window.   There was a wall
behind, l.-ut  Marie did not. mind that. |
With a llKht loot, and perhaps a hulls
or two Btill In the colls of her opulent
chlsnon,   Marie   scaled   the   wall      So
���far M. Cuillo has not Been   anything
re ol his "glimmering girl."
lever,  have given him  prominence in led by tbem."    Hence It Is an indic-v
consideration for this portfolio. tion of vulgarity to eat greedily, or to
It also  was Indicated  later on    ex- be  Inordinately   fond  of any   form  of
cellent authority that  Representative self-indulgence,
Tallin r   would   not   enter   the  ���r.qj��� ii...��� t        It is a mark nf vulgarity lo he afraid
It   was  said   he  would   Income   .-li.nr isliami d  not   to  follow  the crowd
map of the Democratic caucus In the Vulgar  comes   from   the   Latin   "vul
next  house of  representatives.    This  rus,"   which   means   the   crowd,   thn
report followed Representative Burle- mob.    Eagerness   to  show   thai   you
s.n's announcement that    he   would hav read the latest novel, thai you
noi bi  a candidate for re-election   as dress in the newest  st;.l, s. that  you
caucus i.i i'm   hi are familiar wllh the most  up-to-date
It  was reported tonight  that  Pro-si- shine, is cheap and reveals the com
dent-elect Wilson   had    expressed   a monness of your mind
��   i,   i ii  Mi   Palmer ahould serve as     Fear to express your own  opinion
hs   man of the '-.ecus In the   buss   courteously,   io  live  in   ihe  kind  of
,     ons . i  tii" next congress and it home you like, to eal what suits you,
Is known thai Representative ruder- to follow your own conscience In mat-
!   riemocratlc leader In the liouse,  ters of religion, and to mar the sort
favors Mr, Palmer's selection, of clothes thai please your own taste
I    Mr   Palmer will be put In nomlna- and  are comfortable, is a Blgn  cf a
tion   ror  permanent  prealdlng officer vulgar personality.
i    the   Democratic   caucus   March   6. Stintilne-js   is Vulgar.
| -nd will hue the backing ot the pres-      As to money, culture laiics the mid-
Two More Herces
Lest in Antarctic
(Continued from pa;;* mul
reported "all well" on bonad.
Fatal Moosaqp.
Prof.   David,   who   K3J   a   member
of Sir Ernest Shackleta*'* nouth pole
expedition, received the following message from  Adelie  Island:
"Dr. Douglas Maw;**ju and several
of his men mleaed the Aurora which
had  gone to  fi tch   t&ein  under  tl'
For Rent
7-reomed h>-,i.-iy._ fully modern
-vitb furnaea aj.t kitchen range,
linoleum at.fl EtHnds. Lease if.
no-qulred, $?,.���� per month.
K-rooin hCUt*, one block froiai
uar, S16 00  \*n. month.
R-room   tfGjase,
basement, ���S^n.OO
modern,   wi-t's
lommand of Captain. J. K. Davis This I   iu D^~��.��  0  t*.
happened   owing   to   unfortunate   civ   \    \t^\\f;\     J)CntS  U  LO
cumstances. t o *
"Lieut, n. E, S, Ninnis of the I'lt:*
of London regiment ot iloyal FusllUts
and Dr. Merz, wbo was Bkl-champloi'
of Switzerland Lu 100F.. are both (Vxtd
All  the others are  w. 11.
"Dr. Mawsoa aud six other members of bis party probably will vala.tai
on   Adelie   Liud
"Some very successful tleilirfjjg ��*���>:���
pedltlons were made during the sojourn  of   Dr.   Mawson  and   his  com
Phone   1024.
Coldlcit}  Blk.       Fast   Biwmab'
t. li. Mccormick
Phone 9:?.     Suit 19. B. C. E. R. Depot. New Westminster B. C.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street.  New   Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines,    Small   Musical  Goods ot all  Kinds.  PHONE  694.
You can rent that room through the medium of
a classified advertisement in the Westminster
���.���Daily News at the small cost of one cent a vvcrd.
"'.AT r.�� STERN
Tho PaclDc Groat  Eastern  Railway
Company are   energetically    pushl
COIISU ui'.tiou  '-"i'i.���tm���l4*o���tuad    be*
tween Oheakmus river and Stoney
crw.li, so far au weather conditions
will permit.
Supplies are being taken up as far
an Bear mountain and over the moun
t��ln by pack horses, l-nrgo ttaiir an
working from I.IIlooet to Psmbuion
Meadows nnd despite the anow are
jnakinj; good progrcaa.
die of ihe road,    li does not. despise
of the metal nor over-value It.   Either extravagance
ichedulo In the framing of new tariff or stinginess is vulgar,   To live he.
legislation  by the ways    and    moans  vend  one's   means,   to  be   always   In panions  in  the  Antarctic'
���ommtttee.                                             debt, and to l ��� careless of financial | Obtain Important D.ira,
__ _                 nbllgatlcns,   is  choap;   any   silly  asa j Melbourne, Feb. 25.    I.or-i O-enman
,       ,    .,   can do It. governor general    of    the    Common
Aft.r spending 40 years in chant-     ()I) ,,n, ot)��� r hri.u| ,,.���,,,  lon ml,r.h weaUh et AnBtraUa> received a wire
���.lie work  in Kirkwall  and  the  isles   ,.,,,���,���,,,,.   ���,.,,,  a���  ri0nvunlsbnes'i. arc less message from Dr.  M.iwsun todaj
Mrs. Webster, wife of the Rev  David ,.,, ,������..  M( :m  .,,,,, )iA;    cmture va] ln wblch he giiyg:
Webster, died while on a visit to i.din-. ..,���. .....,,(.v Ra ., r ,n, _, ���f 1;r���    TlH, .,()i,r sl(>(lg|ng reason 'us been von
burg,     She had retired  xuth  her hus-   ... i(ij.., } R]], |)H h| . |)fe by  wn..ln   An_, Buccl.(.Bfu,      Wo   h:.v,.      .., ,-,m1   up   ,
band siome few  years ago, ana   tnej   .���  ,.,,.,   .,,,...  ro(jl|ns  moncy   beyond large area of mw laud both rant nnr
had : Ince been residing al Went Kil- -
.:    : il
.is power to use it. ro v ry rich man I west   of   Commoiiwealth   Bay.    We
;  -in  Itopo t.. be cultured.    Excssslv. ��� have obtained  Import ant.    new    data
���iit   -m ex-Argyll and Su-| wnaltli l| as  -.nil- to make the Bplrlt  from numbers of stallcna tn clo i pro*
i 'ii.,. lander   who  was  bora    ''    '���" '  r:!;,;  small, as Is great  pov-  Imlty to the magnetic pnle
���In 25 years   ago, hus  accotn-    ���'���'��� Thu dinpatoh coirolUdeB: "It i   prrh
,  ,,,   '       , . . ;, ,       v... ;. Vulgar "T.-rirt tm" able that  lAs ol Uie stalf of He ex*
:  \\   JCpeuTh Mrica. tin    ourney      ><""  "'���P'��* ;'  '*'*' ""   ''" "'    '"  '*"';��� ** -���' ��" ' '"''* m"  b<
'   .'   '.. ti   00 milee having occupied    "*���"   ''���"'"   "'"'"   parade   tbei-   new  unavoidably    di talned    for    anotho;
gowns at the horse show, wear cost-|year In tbe Antarctic."
The now  land
*.'   W/atf
A J ��
Show at
jib    \jtAC��cfe.L
Melbourne.   Kch.  25.
.in  i'..:1. days, or an  average journey
��� f ��.��.  f fteon milea ner OS? 'V Jpw' ���*��� llv0 in houses Btutfed with!
1   ' " .expensive furniture, drink wines coat- discovered by    Mr.    Mawson    In the
The, unusual sinht wns witnessed of  ini; ninny dollars a bottle, ride In prl- South   I'elar   regions   xvill   be   named
gome   nei   crews   shooting   tlxir   nets  vate  vachts and  private cars, and al- Kins fleorpe    Fifth    Land.    The    ex-
within Campbelltown   Harbor, where together surround themselves with ex- plorcr sent a'message to the Kins to-
herrlng were found   to be   plentiful, travaganc'a that roes beyond comfort, d��y through lord Denman, asking Hla
The herring were evidently driven In- in-' vnli'tir.   The millionaire who gives Majesty's permission to bo name the
to  the  loch  by   the    recent,   stormy . a dinner at  $200 a plate, may not be land.   The territory lies between \"-t  |
weather,  In all 360 boxes were landed, I a sinner, but ho certainly is common toria land and Adelie lr.hd.
See tt Tonight
Genuine Sale, as wc must have the room.
Complete Hedroom Suite, consisting of Bed, Spring
and Mattress, nice G. 0. Dresser, 3 drawers, British
Hovel-plate Mirror and   six-piece Toilet Set   for
"nly $i7.j)a
Princess Dresser, large oval glass $12.75
Other Dressers equally low.
Chiffoniers from $6.00 up
Sideboards for $!5.00
Couches $3.75 and up
Bed Lounges, Parlor Tables, Easy Chairs, Kitchen
Cabinets, Tables, etc., etc., all going regardless of
This sale is cash only.
C. N. Edmonson & Son
��� WEDNESDAY,  FEBRUARY  28,   1913.
Amateur   Hockey   Game   Exciting
Lltlle   Interest- Championship
at Stake
"1:1 allzlng tiii't onr ohanoei of wln-
nlng    Hie   chaiiipliiioihlp   of   lhe   city
Iamateur loogua are mirhiy slim unless
ever, will remove from w, wl��� aM our Ptroftinlng games tbe
.im who Jumped  Into l.i'omin I |,,.,1V, ,.H w|1| ,..-���, ,-,��� -,.,, ,-,,��� tm|ng
nt Ihe Arena ready to hit such a pace
thai ihe Mooia aggregation win wish
Victorias   have   Yet   to   Cinch   Coast
Championship���Termlnali   Win
Nina to Blx.
enen un the most highly pair amateur
who ever broke Into the game, lien-
frew paid hlin |}000 In 1910, I It Ih he
Ing IiIh 11 rut entry Into the professional
* Y.  M. C.  A. ���
We Sell Skates and Skating Shoes |
McCulloch and Automobile Tube Skatea. Alao larga aieortment of
other makers such as Starr Manufacturing Company and Linkers
3po( :l Boys' Hockey Skatea at 75c per pair. McPherson's Lightning
HIIlI, Hockey Boots, HOO per pair. Skates screwed on boats dec
of charge.
PHONE  237.
clinch, iM'iilii a year."    TbSBO urn lhe
two new entries upon tbe hooks ni
Vain university, "Professor" Taft,
who makes bin exit an president of the
North American republic ou Tuesday
they hail Stayed among lhe pines and I next has a 30 year record buck of him
P. C. H. A. Standing.
Victoria   ii
Vanoouver   o
Westminster  :i
Next game, Friday, Feb. LIS, Vancou
nr ut  Westminster,
Taking Uu* h*ail  in the fli'Hl   p irlo'di
the Vancouver hockey septette put a
crimp into Viotorla on the Tormlnal
City  rink lam evening to the tune ot
'a ii. 'ihe 1,1 rn Ing mule waa aboul the
heaviest men in Lhe coaal league dur
ing the in i two seasons, both for
w. ii divisions being in their element
umi  rn.* nai'i ii  io evade the defence
long i mm; ll to not! ll  15 gOalS In tweell
till 1,1
II   waii   an   in   aad   nut   struggle  nil
the w  -. rn ii h, both teams showing
tbe beat hookey at  times  while the
next  in nute : erne of the punki 11 ol
nn  kind   �� u. exhibited,
I.iml.   ��� ,  the Victoria iu I  guardian,
was in ii: m as in nal au i to him bo-
I ngi the 'i' :ii "f ki eplng down the
Vanoouver score for tin Terminals
were I ii. ing around the nets like
norm la ready to sting,
Fraul.   Patrick   and   SI   Criffls   were
umi at iii> ii- best when it -somes to
Individualism, the former scoring two
of   the   uli ���    gOOlS,   while   11 Id   Ke
nora star accounted for a trio
Last night's win for Vancouver stiil
I, avi b the eh unplonsblp in doubl although Victoria lias two more games
nn their own lee ami one iif these In
Bufflolenl  t" place ihe Paterson cup
(III    ice
Thi game wan r. cleato one consld-
iTlng the play. 11 nun gracing the
penalty bench, six of theee being Vlctorlu men,
Line up and Summary.
The  following events In connection
wllh tho IndOO? truck  n t  at  the  Y
M. ('. A. were run off htm evening:
Senior events:
,       Pence vault   i, J, i.  Home, r, feci
;(JUI"   0 Inchon;  2, C, I'I. Wntliim.
��,;   ,,;i    2211    yard    potato    nice    1,    (
*i  1* storme 1 1, C, Multon.
li.t    Fi.l |
:i5   56
yard    swim.  1,     Hunford;
I* OVER  THE   FOUL  LINE.        ��
Wallace's gang if pin aplllsrs met
their defi at in a houae league aerloi
on ihe club alleys last evening, los
'Ing   tWO   OUl   Of   three   In   W'hil I im'i-
I outfit.
Neither team showed much olass I"
Urn which hate made Hriiiili t'olutu
bill famous," Manager of thu ll.iu
"Although defeated hy the Y.M.C.A,
il few ilnyn llgo, Wt have high hopes
of turning the tables ou the Heaven
UilH evening and from now ou I firm
ly believe thut no team III the circuit
can head iih off from the Colonel Me-
line trophy " Manager of the Moose
After listening to (ho remarks of
the respective moguls connected with
the competing Icuiiih, lhe faun may hi
eonfldeiit that there wlll be something
iiloliig at  Qusen'l  park thin p.m.
Moth teams have yet lo win n gnme
! while the V'n have cleuneil up on three
pooaslons, ho that  a defeat  for either
(titin mixing matters this evening win
1 nut about I brow them off the chain
plonshlp trail.
Thin will probably he lhe laut baltli
to he niageii after a regular skating
���esston an arrangements bave Juki
about been completed with the arena
official!! to allow double headers to
be played on une ovenlng each week
which wlll give the boys a ohanca ti
n connection with legalology.   Coaoh
Jonea four year.-i a gridiron hero    and
live yours out. of collage,   BUCh In life.
AmiiiiiurH and professionals are hav
etc., 189,000; In Ita district, ruadn.
etc., 5H4,111)0;   Dewdney district, roads.
etc, |198,000; Richmond district,
roads,   etc.,   1960,0001   roadi.   Point
llt'cy,  $75,UU0;   bridge  across  Second
Narrows   re-vote),   1400,000;   Franer
river bridge, New Westminster, maintenance, )!!K,ft00; Adis',1/ ferry, It,no,
llarilHon-Chllllwiiek ferry, $800; Hope
ferry, |8800] Ladner ferry, $4NU; Mission ferry, flo.OllO;  Woodwards l.alid
ing a (Inn net lo lu  Alberta.    Two of  ing ferry, natalillnhineiit, $il!i,000; Yale
the pet amateur I?) teams of the
province urn laving clinrgen against
each other.   Sic ��m Tlge.
��� ���
��� ANNALS. ���
��� ���
tall scoring, although Wi jloy did bit ahow ihelr npi i d on hard ice.
ths 186 mark.   The
Batti on
Held    ...
I'onight's game will commence In)
Ttl I mediately following the close Of the
646   012   728 luxi
Next  game   Smith  vh
Thursday night.
Hlnohcllff ..
A. N, Other
A. N, Other
2 8
ii'J4   579
41111' club
Ttl rade
skating session nt 10 o'clock, two 2f
in nut"   halves   In ing   played.
Tin- officials will probably he is
li' nil tr  tbe pro   team.
Leaving ftr the South.
Philadelphia,   Feb. 26.�� Nearly   al
he players ol the   Philadelphia   Na
tlonal League baseball team left fo'
Southern Pine. N. ('.. where the tiprin,
I raining will be done, Several play
ern were unable to leave with lb'
todav und will Juln their com
in the South later.
19U3 Young Corbett, featherweght
champion, and Eddie llanlon,
fought llO-rouud druw ut San
1903    Ahn Attell won on a foul  from
pave Johnson In tha sixth
round nt San FrauclsCO,
l!in7 Ad Wolbast knocked out Young
Kllraln In second round al Fond
du Lao, Win.
1810 Sam MeVey, negro heavyweight, knocked put ai Kublak
in tbe tenth round al Paris,
inn Johnny Coulon bantamweight
champion, defeated Frankle
Cnntey   in   ^u   muniln   in   Ni w
1912 Jean Poesy, French, defeated
Iiigger Stanley, Kngllnh bantamweight, in 15 pounds at Loudon.
1111-    Halt ling     Nelson     and     Young
Togo, Japanese, fought ii round
draw   at   Fort   Smllb,  Ark.
1912    Young  Oashman  defeated   Hilly
l.ewin iii liven rounds at  New
K. O. Not Satisfied.
Los Aiigelen, Cal,, Feb. 25.���Knock
out Drown, the New* York lightweight
who was. defeated Saturday I v Joi
HI vers, anil Hud Anderson, of Vancou
ver, Wash., wlll light twenty round
at Vernon arena on the afternoon ol
March 15. The articles signed todaj
i call for 183 pounds at noon.
F   Patrick
.  I.lndi'iiy
Leaves  fer  the  Cariboo   District  This
Spring and Intends to  Drop
Lacrocsc for a Time.
Beninning of the End.
Boston, Feb 25, "Cy" Seymour
outfielder Of the New York and ('in
clnnati NaUonal League teams foi
many yearn, has been signed hv tin
local National League club. Tbis an
1 noiincemeiii was made today.
* *
* i Hy "Gravy.") *
* <������
ferry, $1000; Pill Itlver ferry, 11010;
grant to Canadian llaudhiraft*' (liilltl.
Vancouver, 1500; grant to (ilrln' Protective Home   (conditional),   110,000;
grant to Vancouver Itcnciie Million,
16000; University, completion of plans
and organization, $30.000i grant lu aid
of Central  Park Improvement!, |8000,
. Will  Give   Residents of  Edmonds  Direct Road to Cut-off Line.
Edmonds, Feb. 2U. -The clearing
ami grading of  Eighteenth avenue, or
Arthur road lis It wan formerly known,
from Kingsway through to the cut-off
'was Btarted yesterday,   The Improvements are  being  made according to
ICouncillor Stride of Ward One, lu order ihat the residents of Edmonds may
have easier aocess to the cut off line
of the B, C. F. K. ihan they have at
At    preaent    tbe residents of Ed-
inonils and the people residing III the |
-Vicinity Of Eighteenth avenue are com-]
polled to take the olty car line to;
Highland I'ark to connect with a Van-!
comer car.
This has proved unsatisfactory to
many as a fairly long wait Is 100)6'
times necessary al the Edmonds or
Highland   Park  station  before  a  car
connection can be made,  By the opening   of   Eighteenth   avenue   residents
[will have a direct road leading to the
j cut-off  which  Is  only  a tew   niinutcn
'walk from  Edmonds,
After the completion of the Improvement! the H. C, E. It  Will be askid to'
erect   a   station at the Junction of
Eighteenth  avenue with the cut-off.
The grading and clearing will cost
between  32000 and $.".(ti)i).
To Our Friends and Clients
IF you wlali to havo a placo te meet a friend.
II' you  want to write a letter (paper, pens und Ink ut your dlspotutl
fi ii��.
IF you  want to iiho a telephone.
II' Hure Ik nny way wo can be of service to you we shall be very
phased Ir you  will muke use of this officii any time during of-
lne  hours and  cordially  Invite you to do ho.
Office hour 11    li a.m. to 5    p.m.    Suturdaya, 9 a.m.  to 1 j.m.
Saturday evenings, 7:30 p.m. to t p.m.
J. J, JONES, Managing Director.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable ln ull parts of tbe world. Savings bank department ul
all brunches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streeta
D. D. WILSON, Manager.'
under new management.   Quick Service, Good Meals,
Reasonable Prices.
1..   l'alrickl
or       l'oiilln
Kight   wing
Harris       ll*."*<-
Kendall      Dunderdale
Loft wing
.1.  Motinniiiii         Qenge
Referee, Jimmy Gardner; Judge of
play, Bddlo (hitman; goal umpires, E
Ion, Ran McDonald; game timer. .1
It    Clarke,     penalty     tinier,     Charlie
Young. -
C ml Summary.
First peril il Kendall. (Van.) 1:26;
Prodgen Vic.) 4:L'(i; (iriffis (Van I
11:64-1   V    I'at rick   (Van.)   1:05.
Second period Kendall iVnt.,
13 :ifi; I. Patrick tVlc.) 1:111; F IV
rick   (Van I  8:10;  (iriffis  (Van.I  2:26.
Third period J. McDonald (Van.I i
2:10; Dunderdale (Vic.) r.:44: i.. Patrick (Vie.> 3:36; Crlffis (Van.) 3*.lli:i
Dunderdale (Vic.) V.20; 3. .M.cDonald
(Van.) 1:88; Dunderdale (Vic.) 1:30. j
Fin t period, Poulin, Dunderdale
Xe'-o'id period Harris. Taylor, Harris (Van.) Poulin, Dunderdtile (Ylc) |
Third   period-     Kendall,   1!   (Van.'
POUlin',   Howe   (Vic.)
He Should Come Here.
New York. Feb, 26     Alfred De Oro
of   Cuba,   World's   professional   i   il;*
billiards champion, took the lead    to
When lhe world's champion lacrosse
team tinea up for practice on the
Queens park oval  a few   weeks  from
now one familiar figure wlll be mlBS- night In the llrst night a play or a 601
Ing Thla la William (BUI) Turnbull. I point match for the title, defeating
the lull lanky home player who has' Thomas Hueslon, of St. Louis. 200 t(
applied for six montha' leave of   ab 198.   De Oro made a high run of 56 t<
setico   from   the   customs   department   Hueston'S  15,     The   champion     mail*
and will hike Into the wlldi of the seven acratcbes to Ova oy the challe
Cariboo  for  tho summer  months    at  ger.    Play will be
Iggjl jam] Thursday evenings,
"Straight goods," stated Hill when
Queried by the News yesterday, "I am
going in for a little change In Ufa this
ontlnued tomorro'
��� *
��� ���
(By the Potter.)
Two denizens of   .(he    forest,    tin
Moose and the Hea-reTs. will mix mal
lers in the amateur   league   nt    th.
the  fans of   arena thla evening.    The Moose outti
who   have   seen   him   aro all right when at bay, but it take,
coming summer and if I like tb
try l guess I will stay up there."
Although  not  ono if  the  Fitzgerald
or i-al- nde kind of players, Bill Turn-
bull has been a material  factor   In
winning and retaining the Mlnto cup
in this city and if be carries out
Intended trip there will b
one   regret   passed up  by
the   Fraser  city
\ n
w up from a junior stickliandler to
inber of a team which has madl
w Westminster famous.
Varcouver  Manager  Announcei That
He Will Ngt Play Next Season
���Bench  Manager.
Thai Old saying, "So nnd BO, the lacrosse player, has bung up liis stlcki
for keeps," is beginning to crawl line
hockey circles around these parts. The
Aral players to announce their retire
mi nt from the Ice game were Tommy
Phillips -'ind nubble Kerr, both members of the Victoria hockey team of
Now conns tlie announcement from
Prank Patrick, one of the const mo-
gule, who states "thin is my last uea-
boo iu hockey." .,
The Vancouver captain gives his
reason Ihat his OUBineBB interests
���will not permit, him entering the
game next season as It takes up too
much time to keep in training.
World's Scoring Record.
Holding the world's -scoring record
for a di fence plafor In a senior game.
Patrick, like his I n titer Lester, la n
finished hookey Etar. Though hut- a
young man, he has decided to retire at
the heigh! of his athletic career, following   ill   the   footsteps   Of   RtlSBcl
Howie of Montreal, wb.. dropped out
of the name when regarded th" prent-
est r- ������ ���' il ���   " '��� n '���" '���'"''. "
Bluitt-i mil Pntrlcj   Usi J'cnr play
���_*.,;   ., ,,.   i.h'ickcy for Vancouver.
lii.-' otlcu Handling and puok-carrylng
held the Terminals up in the race tor
the Patt raon cup, he himself being one
���r the leading scorers In the league.
���l%ls season be has not been BO effective, though he defeated Victoria
Blngle handed at thc start of the sea-
A Highly Paid Artist.
Patrick wlll continue as bench manager and should prove just as great
-a coach as he was a hockey star.   His
the   Heavers  to  gnaw
nt  the base o
,11m Thorpe says tils Indian name i.
Dat Nelson, we are Informed, has I
valet. Probably needs him to pii
back his ears when the wind is blow
"Set fire to rack-track" was a head
liner In a newspaper yesterday.    May
be sonic horse burned up the track.
N. Y. Telegraph.
Good name for a runner. Cbloagc
university has 11 half-miler name.:
Bombardier Wells and Luther Mc
earthy are to box In New York. 1
Wells'Isn't careful Luke ls llahla ll
turn nut lo be the man who put Ho
"bomb" in Bombardier.
The St. Louis Nationals have sign
ed a catcher named llriof, but Btrange
ly enough be is 6 feet 3 Inches tall.
Bin Graham says bis team will be
'he ones who put the "lice" In Heaver.
while Hen Rpbb rlseB to remark that
vmi cant band out that "Hull." lt
keeps the fans guessing anyway.
Bome of the old timers around
town yesterday morning rubbed their
"ves and Rasped for breath when they
heard of the action of thu B. ('. A. A.
V. In tho Scott and MeLeod matters
There Is sure to be some kicks, bul
uielblnks it was the best move of the
present year.
President Han Johnson of tbe
American League has placed the ban
on ball players allowing their names
to be used at the head of baseball
articles. About time at Ihat. The big
fellows were accustomed to buy n
oaper, al the same time remarking to
Ihelr friends "I wonder whether th"
reporter Quoted me rightly." it's all
,, name.
Many young boxers of championship
calibre have been ruined by being
forced at too rupid,.a gait, and Eddie
llanlon was a notable example of thla
ort of had management   it w*as 10
years ago today that llanlon fought
20 rounds lo a draw with Young Corbett, then the featherweight champion of the world, In San Francisco
The t'allfornlan was a mere schoolboy, Hi years of age. when ho met the
leader of the featherweight division, a
fighter of long experience, who had
won premier honors by whipping the
'Terrible Terry" McOnvern. Tbat a
mere lad, a novice at the game, could
bold his own ln a grillln
battle with such a fighter as Young
Corbett  was  considered,  and  rightly,
a remarkable allowing,
Had some good man taken bold of
I [anion nt that time he would almost
i 'crtaluly    have  become  the   world's
I Ightwelght  champion.    Ile    Was    re-
.'arded as a wonder, and the man to
heat   Joe   Cans,   who   then   wore   the
lightweight   crown   upon    his     kinky
'ean.     llanlon   was   durable   n3   the
Dane, clever as Cans, game, and  the
possessor of a powerful punch. He had
a   defence   that   was   all   hut   Impregnable,     ln   the   ring   hc   assumed   a
crouching  position, and  the beet   boxers could hanlly gel In a lick without
exposing  his  own  body  to  Hanloh's
terrific   punches.
All that was needed ��a�� a little pa-
Icncc,   a   slow   nnd   gradual   develop-
nent   of  the  powers  nnd   stamina  of |
-he 16-year-old phenom,   Hut those in
���h.irce   of   llanlon   lacked   foresight,
mil   proceeded  to kill  the gcore  that
might   have   laid   a   whole   nestful   of,
golden eggs.    Kddle was sent against  I
Young  Corbett   a  Fecund   time:   they,
put him ln the ring with Hattllng Nei-!
son,   who   defeated   him   in   18   hard
rounds; he wns matched with Aiirclia j
lierrera, the Mexican, and the famoiiF
Kid Herman.
There could be only one result of
such mismanagement In pitting a Hi-
year-old lad against such veterans
The terrific strain of long slashing1
bouts weakened llanlon and left him]
a wrc *t, pugillsUcally speaking, be-
'ore i '" ace when he should have
just been beginning taking, on the
good ones.
Hres. and Genl. Mgr.
Bee. and Treaa.
London. Keb. 26. -The Peking cor
respondent of the Dally Mall telegraphs:
"Empress Dowager i.un Tn   made
a tragic statement before she died on
Saturday.    Her last words were:
"'I and tho boy (meaning the young
Emperor) are alone III the world. Wc
have  scarcely  a friend.    Nnw  I   inns'
leave blm alone.    How shall my spirit
find  rest   In  the  next  world ?    What
face sliall I possess when I rejo'n my I
ancestors In the ancestral temple, the |
last Bhnproas of a ruined rtynaatv ?'
"When she no longer was able   to
(i rmmrt   "beak    the    F.mprcss pointed    In    thc
direction of the   boy   Kmperor   and
signed to Sbib Hsu. his guardian, who
knelt at the bedside.    Apnarently ah-
in'cnded to add a last anpeal to Sh'li
Hsu to guard  the hoy."
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
It takes only a certain order of foxlike cunning to become rich, it doe.*,
not at all Imply real greatness. The
second generation, not being compelled to work, are Idle and fill their days
with golf, polo, yachting, hunting and
feasting. And their vulgarity is as
great as tbat of their fathers.
Phone 473 Beach St., Lulu Island.
W. R. GILLEY, Phono 122. a E. OILLEY, Phone 2*1
Phons*. Officii 15 and 1��.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
r D   C. Runs to Over Twelve
and a  Half  Millions.
Victoria.   Fib.    "!>     The   provincial
eslimntes presented to the legislator!
today include the following appropriations of special Interest to the Lower
Menial hospital, New Westminster,
salaries, $73S'i; mental hospital. Es-
aondale, salaries, Jalfi; land registry.
New Westminster. ��2,1.27ti; land registry, Vancouver, $46,416; supreme and
county court. New Westminster, salaries, $5868; supreme and county court.
Vancouver, salaries, $21,216: supreme
nnd country court, Vancouver, attend
ants, $12.SOU; electrical energy Inspoc
tlon. Vancouver, $2900; factor'es' tn
���Mvectlon, $216": tramway InsoeCtlon
Vancouver, $2100; gnme warden's nf
Ice. Vancouver. $30,460; Vancouver
New Westminster police district. $17.
160; Industrial school salaries. Vancouver $S!i02; New Westminster gov
emjnent agency, $U,SS8; Vancouver
itoverament ajtencv. SlB.7RSj Ne*"
Weatmlnater Jail, $D640: prison farm
$13,510;   menial h "-octal colony  far"-
roalntenanco,   $68,700;   court   honee
Vancouver, wist wing. (860.000; cour-
bouse, Vancouver, east wlnK, *1n"
000; land rcglstrv, New Westminster
Improvements, $30,00(1; mental hospital,  Kssondale, completion,  $6
Change of
SS. "Prince Rupert"
3,500 tons, 7,000 Horse-power.
Sailing Every Monday (12 midnight)
For Prince Rupert.
Connecting with Grand Trunk Pacific Railway for points eaat of
Priuco Rupert.
Connecting with S. S. "PRINCE .lOMN" on certain dates for Stewart. Qranby Hay, Uaaaett and other Queen Charlotte Island points.
PRINCB AUIEUT" for Prince Rupert and way ports, 3rd, 13th
;ird of each mouth.
Through tickets to all Baatern destinations ami to Europe. Your
choice of rail and ocean lines.
11. G. SMITH, C P, �� T.
Phone  Seymour 7100.
A. W. K. DUPEROW, O. A. P. U
VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Strait.
Although the best of reeling does
not exist between the Royals and the
Victorias, Ihe former promise the
fans that they will put a crimp In the
ambitions of Frank Patrick's outfit at
the Queens park rink Friday evening _
and tiniB givo victoria thc absolute mental hospital, Kaaondale, realdenc
.right  lo  the  Pacific coast champion-  grading,  etc.,   $150,000;   prison   farm
i ship. including new wing, $irA'in0;  provin-
Blll Turnbull, who announces hla re--   | clal    unlversltv    (re-vote),    $.-00.000;
tlremcnt from  the  gamo for thla     "William H. Tnrt, professor of law, j Normal school, Vancouver,   npnlnten
ceason at leaat. 1*5900 a year;  Howard Jones, football ance, $5000; Chllllwack district, roads
Do You Want To Build?
If so, see SLOAN & H4RRIS0N
We specialize in steel and reinforced fireproof construction, but we can build you a
cottage cheaper than any one else.
Room 3, Dupont Blk., 650 Columbia Street
Phones: Office, 624; Res., 755 atap*
WE0NE8DAY,  FEBRUARY  26,  1913.
Classified Advertising
* HAILS. ���
Claealfled���One emit per word per
(lay: 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 6,000 words, to bl USSd as ro
,.,,1-hiI will In one ynar Irom date 01
eontraot, 126,00.
iilrtb or Man-Inge Notices fiOc.
Death Notice 60o or with Funeral No
Has 11.60, (-'ard of Thanks 5uc por
ed houae, furnished; J.'iU per miinlh.
Corner Fifth avenue und Twelfth
street,   Oray & Qllohrlit, 1175 Colum
b'.'.t atreet. (7!!!i)
house work for Hinall fiunlly. QOOd
home tO right pally- Apply Mra. A.
D, Easlon, HuK Ninth itrStt.     17371
WANTED    $20011 ON  FIRST    MORI
gnge;  prlvnle party preferred;   will
X  per    cent.     Federal     Invest-
Ltd.,    306-6    Westminster
Trust block.
housemaid Is employed.    Apply 3'."J
Second street or telephone ;iu3.
ors; ono large front room down-
Blalrs; terms reasonable. 2:::'. Su'li
dressmaker work by the day.   Box
(19'J  News office. ("��)
day or week, or,! Columbia itreel
over Hoyal Bank ot Canada,    i72.ii
From Opening of Panama Banal��� Professor  Hutchinson Addresses  Royal
Statistical   Society.
l.oniioii, Feb, 26,   At
Will   Be  Known  Henceforth   as Lady   France's Action  Shows Her Approval
Scott���Husband   Would   Havo
Been    Knighted.
���aparate entrance, all oonvenlenos;
modern  rent.    Apply 230    Eleventh
strei'l. 1716)
ed  rooms,  furniic"  heated,  use    nl
telephone,  on car  line.     Apply  618
Twelfth street.    Terms moderate,
cling Of
tha Royal statistical Society yesterday,  Prof,  Lincoln  Hutchinson read a
paper on the Panama Canal ami com
petition for trade,
lie  aald   t li il t    lu    countries    which
would be served by the canal  trade
bus   been    more    and    more   ccnceii
iriiied in tlm hands of cirsal Britain,
ihe United states ami Germany,
Tho  widespread   knowledge   of tbe
London, Feb, 26.    It waa
announced yesterday  that
had been pleased Iii gran'
F, Boott, tlio name
the   Ling
to Mrs, U
rank, style  nnd
of  Russian  Attitude Toward Aus
trla   and   Balkans.
Paris. Feb. 2,ri.    Theophlle Delcimse,
formerly Franc Inlster of foreign     Do  Westminster  motorists  follow
affaire and   minister  of marine, has tbs estimates brought down by tha
been appointed French ambassador to | different  municipalities of the lower
Ill the present dellealo phase of tbo
International   situation,   the  appointment of M  Delcasse as ambassador ;'.'
Bt, Petersburg IB highly significant. It
its the highest  compliment  to  Hussla,
$18 per month,    Apply after 5 p.m.
|>   J   O'Connor, iil7  Princess street.
Ing rooms, $10 per month, at 224
Seventh street. (6901
furnished, $211 and up. K45 Roysl
avenue. (6911
house partly furnished, 205 Carnar
-nn (695)
experience wishes for post. Ill office.
Apply Box 692 News office.        (692)
with housework. Apply 3�� Agnes
streeL ,688,
roomed modern house on lot 33il��0
feet ou Main street. Chllllwack, for
house and lot In New Westminster
or vicinity; value $3000. Federal la-
vestments, Ltd., 306-6 Westminster
Trust block. (69'!��
Langley and Matsqui acreage. Wn
also wish to havo tlie exclusive
handling of a subdivision of 5 and
10 nc.ro blocks, in the neighborhood
of Sllverdale, None but owners
need apply. Scandia Investment
Company. M.'i'-s Cordova street west,
Vancouver, B.C, <704)
keeping rooms, hot and cold water
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythlai
hull, comer Eighth Btreot and
Agnes stroet. (803)
small  rooms over  tho  Nows office
Suitable for club or light manufai
tilling purposes.   Wlll lease for tw
or three year term, singly or en bloc
Apply to Manager the News.
selbM- and buyer together.
Three Roomed Suite with bat, hot
or cold water, heated, $25 per month.
! Phone 750. 1218 Fifth Avenue.
Bradley Apartments,
1218 Fifth Avenue. Phone 750
monthly turnover. Gray & Gilchrist,
675 Columbia street. (736)
J, S B, Benzie*, 63S Clarkson street.
Live Stock and General Auctioneer
House Furniture. Real Estate, Marine
Fruit or Farm Sales conducted anywhere, consult me; my experience at
your disposal. (677i
lino forty acre farm,    three    miles
from transportation; rich deep soil*, I
.   ono-half ot the land is cleared', only
SRO cash and $15 per month.    Call
for    out ' free,    booklet.      National
Finance   Co.,    Ltd. , 521    Columbia
���Street !���"�����>)
e-rs, one f.i.hh ami one $4.00. Apply
2'ft Eleventh atreet. (71X)
precedence   she   would   have   had
her husband had t n nominated   u
Knight Commander of the Bath, as hi
would have been, had be survived.
Thn  honor  thus   don
excellence Of British goods, the reputa-   Scott's nuiliiory received the warm
tlon  of   IlrltUth   traders    for   iqUSTe! provul   of   the   newspapers,   some
dealing, the supremacy of the British jUict, bad give., support ... the jug- confideno ,      >���       '.it 'gJSwlthS
mercantile  mar  and  other faOtOM,  gallon   that   the    explorer's    widow11- '��., ""'��� ih.iii.Mi
ho   said,   had   operated    strongly    In  Should receive a title.    As a knight's   mission win.-.. ... vie���.,,,.-^,,. ..���...���, llnlllmlm,
......   -    'bears  n  peculiar  significance. lo ihe country where the business men
lo Captain ' fnr the ex foreign minister, who nl any
;i|,. tliiio within the past few yearB might
Of  have aspired to the premiership with
mainland in aonneotlon with road-
making? Thai can be answered with
an emphatic "Yes."   During the pasl
few years this cily and district has
been coming to thn foi'o as lhe home
of good roads and the year 1018 pro
inlsea even better renulls for those
who enjoy  the automobile  life
The chief cog in the automobile
Salesmen's Ship wheel during the past
few years bun been the lack of good
Isnlon which in view of recent events t llml improved roads stretching    ul In
favor of Great HrKiiln.   This strength,   widow, Mrs. Scott will hence forth be
however, had led to certain woak-
i.esses, to u conservatism of method
and to over confidence In the Inevitability of conllimed success.
On the whole, the German
American attack on the markets which
would be served hy the canal had met
with some success. The fact dial the
United States, 111 spite of Berlous handicaps had more than held Its own in
competition  pointed   to  an   Important
When the canal Is In full operation, It was self-evident that America
will unquestionably derive greater
benefits there from the Increased accessibility of the markets than any
European country.
The first salmon caught In the reserved wilier of Loch Tay has been
sent by the Marquis of Hrcnttalhanc
to ills Majesty the King ut York Cottage, Bandrlngham,
Stove,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down. $1.00 per weok.
Canada Range  Co.,  Market square.
as   tsssst*	
Notice is hereby given that the
Court of Revision of the Assessment
Roll of this Municipality will be held
in the Municipal Hall, Edmonds, B.C.,
'on Tuesday, March 25, 1913, at 10
o'clock in the forenoon.
Notice of any complaints must be
civen to the assessor In writing at
least ten (10) days previous to the
titling Of lhe Court.
O. H. STBFFBN3, Assessor.
Dated at  Edmonds, this 25th day    of
February. 1013. (731)
Soalod Tendera will bo received up
to noon of March '.\ for the erection
and completion of tx two storey frame
store and apartment building, to be
erected on tbe oorner of Thirteenth
street anil Fourth avenue, for Messrs
Chung Nyo and Tom Him, Now West
minster. A copy of the plans and
i specitleations can be obtained from
ithe undersigned.    The owners do not
bind  themselves to accept the lowest
or any tender.
(701) Westminster Trust Block.
Sittings of    the    Provincial
Commission  will be held  as follows.
Nanaimo  -Monday,    February  17th,
at 8 p.m., Court liouse.
Cumberland���Wednesday,   February
19th, at 8 p.m.
Albernl- Monday, February 24th, at
3 p.m.
I.adysmith ��� Tuesday,       February
3"��th, at 3:36 p.m.
Steveston���Monday,  March 3rd,    at
2:30 p.m.
Chilliwack���Tuesday, March 4th. a
3:30 p.m.
New       Westminster ��� Thursday,
March 6th, at 11 a.m., City Hall.
Vancouver-   Friday.    March    7th, al
10 a.m., Court House.
The (Commission Is empowered to
Inquire Into all matters affecting th ���
condltlonoa of labor In British tWilum-
b'.a. All persons Interested are in
vltod to attend and give evidence.
11. O. PARSON.
Secretary.      1611) Ja"'
known ns Lady Scott.
Although the king rarely exercises
his prerogative to bestow a title upon
In woman, Mrs. Scott Is not the first
and i thus honored. The most celebrated instance of a woman receiving u title,
was In 1601, when Sir Ralph Aber-
crumble died from wounds after (he
battle of Alexandria. A few months
inter, his widow was created a Har-
oness of the United Kingdom ln her
own right. The widows of some officers killed In the Crimean War and
the widows of one or two officers who
lost their lives In the Boer War, received knights' widows' rank.
There are two peeresses In their
own right who received their titles on
the death of their husbands In consideration of the laitor's eminent publlc service Viscountess flambb'den,
widow of the lit Hon. W. II. Smith,
loader of the House of Commons, nml
Haroness Macdonald of Barnacllffe,
widow of sir John �����. Macdonald,
prime minister of c��rvida. Roth
thee titles were conferred in 1891,
Numerous Instances are also found
of the bestowal of titles on the wives
of eminent men who remained commoners. The chief cases are those of
the wlfo of the elder Pitt, Haroness
Chatham, and of Mrs. Disraeli, who
was    created     Viscountess     Dlsraelll
! eight  years  before  her  husband   became Earl of BeaconBfield,
Labor I     Relatives of the dead soldiers have!
|on many occasions received Victoria Latect Mysterious
Crosses which would have been
awarded to the heroes had they sur-
'ived. The best known example is
that of Lord Roberts, who received
the cross won by his son. Lieut Roberts, who was killed in the battle of
If any doubt existed, and (hern hav
been questionings Ot the strength and   reaf|j.  enjoy
permanence of tbe Franco-Russian al- rr|(MI(|H
llanco, they are now dispelled by this
official act.
The ijual d'Orsay as much as announces that the battalions Of France
wlll he found In aupport ot the Russian policy as against Austria and the
Drelhund. should the pending negotiations regarding the Halkans, and
In particular the new slate or Albania,
take a critical I urn.
Much water has flowed down the
Seine since thai day In 1906 when, on
the demand of Germany, M. Delcasse,
who, first of the foreign ministers of|jam| w||| i)(,
the third republic, hud hud the cour-   finest  muds
age to think for himself und  to   attempt   to  escape   (he  Teu'onlc  thral
dom, was forced to roslgn.
Germany gained a brief nnd sensational victory, but the sacrifice of M.
Delcasse resulted iu the triumph of
his policy and humiliation for Berlin
In Morocco. The policy laid down by
M. Delcasse of a close offensive and
defensive alliance with Russia, supplemented hy a friendly entente with
Great Hrltaln. Is now au accepted I |n~
fact, and the proof of It Is that M.
Delcasse at st Petersburg Is to be
given a free hand In the reconstruction of the Halkans.
could forget  the worries nt home and
life  with  IiIh  family  or
And Their Ailments���Is Well    Known
London   Nurae���Now   in   New
Notice Is   hereby    given    that   the
Semi-Annual General  Meeting of    the
, Shareholders of  tho  Okanagan  Tolo-
1 phono Company will  be held in    the
illoard    Room    of    (ho    Westminster
i Trust,  Ltd..    Columbia    Street.    New
j Westminster,  B.C., on    February    28,
1013, at 8 p.m.
Business,  to  receive  Directors'  Re-
' port and any other business that may
regularly como before the maeting.
lly order of the Hoard.
New Westminster. B. C,
February 13, 15)13. (67S)
Curtis Block.  New  Westminster,  B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777
$3800 c3sh hu>8 tv"�� ,u" elted lots,
each 86x131, two house; one four
rooms, one eight moms; semi-modern. ' $401)0 on terms. This is one
cf the biggest snaps in tbe city.
$2800 huys six f-)<5med house In
West End. Lot 50xl.ri(); all cleared.
'<-"',K'i'te,- cash.    Terms.     No.  76.
$1250 buys small, ail plastered
house, largo cleared lot In East
Uurnaby. on Eleventh avcnu<\ $350
cash. $20 per month. Renting $16
per month.    No. 37.
$4000 buys good eight roomed
hoiuc near Sixth stroet car line
and Fourth avenue; excellent con
dP'on.    Terms to suit.    No. 72.
MO OOO ��"d $9000 respectively
win buy two of the choicest mod-
..... i,.���,.���(,�� on Third avenue. Fine
I    -  Ud   generous  terms.    No.  66
and No. 73.
Fire, Accldert. Plate Olase, Automobile, Burglary,  Employer's
Liability Insurance.
Highest authority (26 year*. -x
patience) ou the treatment ol Uie
scalp for the prevention of Dandruff
mul stimulation of Iho hair by VIBRO
MASSAGE). My assistants ure experienced in every branch of the bar
her  business.    SS  EIGHTH   STREET,
',N   THE   MATTE*   cf the   Estate   of
JAMES   HENDERSON,  deceased
IN    THE    MATTER    OF   THE    "AD
TAKE NOTICE Unit by Order of The
Honourable Mr. Justice Morrison, dated
the 1st day ��f February, A. n. 1913, I
wus appointed Administrator ef ull nml
singular th" Estate of the said deceased,
and that nolle" of such order wns thereby nrili-r.'.l to be published In n ilnlly
newspaper In New Westminster three
ill perilous Ireli'hli'd tn th" above Kstate
nre regulrod to pay me the amounl of
ihi-lr Indebtedness forthwith, and all periods having claims against the said K.i-
tal" are ri-qulreil to present them to mo
-Inly verified hv affidavit on ,-r before the
tttti day of March, A. I' toil, nfter
which date I wlll proceed to distribute
the   selil   b.slnlc   having    r-K'-'l    onlv   tn
h claims as are  then  properly before
of   Fi-liruiory.   V   1).
(Til l
*i| this
Official   Ail
m Krfm.
Phone R524
619 Hamilton St
d. Mcelroy
Chimney   Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
8ewir Connecting,
Cesspools. Septic Tanks,   Etc.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root  Beer
Mineral Walen,    Aerated Water
Msnufacturad by
.alephene R ns Office: PrincMi a
In   Ms f Hi" Estate of Mary Margaret Forman, deceased;
-Notice li hereby given thai all creditors
and others having ('latins against 'lie 10s-
tai" ,,f tii,* said  Miry   Margaret   Form-in,
who ill-*.I on or about Hi" Mth day ol No-
Ivember, A. li. 1912, ar" required on or before tii"   1st  day of  April.  A.   D.19U,   to
send,  by posl  prepaid,  or deliver   to  the
undersigned,   Executors   "f   the   last   will
land i' m.ine in "f ih" said deceased, their
Christian   names,   addresses  and  depcrlp
ttona,   tin*   fall   particulars   of   nil   their
claims,   th"   statement   ot  tholr  accounts,
ami  th,-  nature of  tii" securities,   If any
held by them.
An,t further tak" notice that after such
last mentioned date, tho said executors
wlll proceed t" dUti-ltaiic the assets of
tho deceased among the parties iiitiHc-d
tle-r' to, having regard on!-.* to the claims
of which  ll," v Khali  thill  hav   notice, nm.
thnt the sahl Ex torn wlll not be liable
for the Hiil't linnets or nny part thereof in
any porson ur persons of whose claims i">-
tici, shall not nave been received hy tlvm
nt the time of such illHIrllnitton.
Dated the itth day of February, A.D.
aol   Firth   Ave.,  .'���;.��-   Wi-stmlnstor,  B.C,
MISS M. J   SMI I'll,
nu Granville St.,  Vancouver,  B.C.
Mx, i-illors   of   the   Lost    Will    lm*l   Testa
ment  of the deceased   Mary   Margaret
Kornmn. I 7.;', i
It's the Work.
Use Your Phone.
*2& Clarkaen StreeL Phone 490.
SUITS for Ladies and men
receive best attention NOW.
46  Lorne Street,  New Wegtmlnster.
*-.i*:.\l.!*.l> TENDERS, nddresscd to tho
Postmaster General, win i���- received at
Ottawa  until   Noon,   on    Friday,   the   4th
April.   1918,   for  ih nveyntice   of   Ills
Majesty's Malls, on a proposed contract
for four years, six Unas pel- w,*i k each
way, between New Westmlnsti r an I Itural
Route No. 1. from the Postmaster General's pleasure.
Printed notices containing furihar Information as io conditions of proposed
contract mav le* seen ami blank forms of
tender may i��� obtained nl He- Posl (iffh-es
of N-i-w Westminster anil South Westminster ami at th" office of tho PobI Office
Post  cirri",- Inspector,
Post Office Inspector's Office,
Vancouver,   B.C.,   February   21,   191.1
New York, Feb. 25.    While .Sir Krn-
I eat Bhaekleton, the Antarctic explorer
ils heliiR entertained un every side i"
New York, receiving * large amount of
] public  attention,   his   favorite  sister,
l Miss Eleanor Hope Shackleton, born,
lllke  himself,   In   Ireland,   at    Kllkei,
where their father is Mill in practice
las a physician, la i|ii|rtly fulfilling the
duties of a trained nursn at the Babies'
I hospital nf the city of New  York, on
Lexington avenue at Fifty-fifth strept.
.where  she  has   now   been   living  fnr
; the last two monthR.
j     Miss Shackletos. who, received her
| medical training at Cluy's hospital, In
London, from which she wns graduat-
[ oil wllh hi��h honors, has made a spe
clalty of tho care and ailments of Infants.
At   the   Instance    of   the    Canadian
town of Winnipeg she organized there
what has  now   become,  perhaps, the [
principal baby and children's h(Wp!tal
in Canada, and  remained  thorn   until
her health broke down as the result of'
hard work and the rigor of the Canadian winter.    1'nlike her brother, the I
explorer, she does not relish  intense j
After regaining her health, she de-|
termini il    to    take    a    post-graduate i
course at the Babies' hospital in New j
York on artificial feeding of infants. It
Is  a  branch     of   science in     which, |
through much study n.d experiment
this  institution  has  acquired  a  repu-l
tatlnn  nol  only  here in  America, but
also abroad.
Miss Khackleton  is one of the certified nuraefl from other countries who|
have been attracted by the fame of'
the hospital  to seek by means   of a
puBt-graouate course the opportunity
of becoming acquainted with its discoveries and methods.    She plans   to
Introduce them at Guy's hospital when
she resumes  her  place  there   at  the
head of the nursing stuff of the babies' '
Miss Shackleton   is a tall, athletic i
Inciting girl, with thc r.atne   straightforward, yet somewhat   shy, manner
as her hrother, and  with  his peculiar
gray Celtic eyes.    Perhaps   the most
attractive  thing, however, about  this
thoroughly   wholesome   and   pleasing
Ispecimen of Irish  womanhood  Is her
devotion to the children thnt are plac
ted under her direction, nnd In whom.
despite their number, she develops an
i Individual  as  well  as  personal  Inter
| est over and  above that  which  they
Inspire as mere scientific c.ibcp.
.lhe has become a great favorite ai ���
the Babies' hospital, the hoard of|
niutagsmeht of which Includes John
Sherman Hoyt. Mr und Mrs. Oliver
(iotild Jennings, Mrs. John Home and
11. Ogden Chrisholm, while the super
inlenilent fnr years haa heen Miss
Mary Agnes Smith.
The reglBtrar'R returns for the par
Ish of Nairn for 191- show that titer i
is little diminution in Ihe longevity nf |
the Nairn Inhabitants referred to by
Slinw. tho historian, Muring the year
lit deaths were registered, an Increase
of two over the previous   year.      Of
Craft  Excites
terest  in   England.
London,    Feb.     25,    The      Kngllsli
newspapers are giving much space to | way   of   Boundary   Hay,   Lmln
the remarkable reports In regard to a thence along the River road
mysterious airship, supposed to be a     to the east of this city, tbe muni-
German,  which   is  alleged   to   have lolpallty of Ooqultlam  Is keeping  up
been seen by many persons at Belby, | the good  work and are preparing  to
Scarborough, and other places In the  extend the fine highway which passes
east of Kngland in the last nights of  thn handsome buildings and  grounds
last week. of the Colony Farm.
It Is believed the airship Is the new      'p-.,,. ,|ist,-ict to the North has until
Zoppelln,  especially  as   it  was  stated   n()w been overlooked  hut  with  the in
in Berlin yesterday that the craft had  corporation of the city of Port  Moodv
made a  flight  of  thirteen   hours   on
Saturday  night,  a  flight  Ihat   in   its
duration by a vessel able to   average
fifty or sixty   miles   an  hour,  -would
take   the   Zeppelin   over  a   good   deal
of the North Sen and England.
Taken In connection with the action or tbe government a few (lays ago
In hastily rushing a bill through parliament authorizing the firing on any
dirigible omitting to descend when
[signalled to do so, It certainly seems
that visitors of this kind are not en-
' tirely imaginary.
Remember that common laundry
soap wlll temporarily stop gasoline or
kerosene leaks.
In case a valve spring loses ita tension, il Is nwcessary to get & new
spring, to have the right valve ac.^on.
Always remember that a four-cylinder engine Is madu to run on four
A hot bearing may bu due either to
lack of oil. poor oil. dirt in tho bearing or too tight a  hearing.
Guessing at Speeds.
er, "he moans 'in tnke tt ou the loop,'
which Is, of eoiirsu, 'to give lier lhe
Juice,' or In olhcr words, to iniiko tlio
ear   hound   over   lhe   ruiid.
"Occasionally he varies tbeee by tell
lug ihat he 'gave her a kick,1 tlie general   Idea   helllg   Hull   he  lllllili*   use of
ihe accelerator in order to hurry the
car along, if he says he 'llokled lhe
motor' he doon not necessarily mean
Hint Ile went round -villi u feather
.trying lu excite the risibilities of any
part of the machinery, bUI simply Hint
he 'Jiggled' a pail of Hie enrliiiretler
in order to gel a llille flow of gnsluto
tho cylinders preparatory to 'spinning
j her.'
"By  'spinning   of course ho meant
. the operation  of cranking  the motor.
The chauffeur never 'cranks' a motor.
I Hu  either  'turns  her over'   or  'splnn
'her'   or   'twists   bur   tall.'     With   lhe
growing use of the self starter or self
cranking devices lie    wlll    probably
have  to adopt a  new  system  of del'
ortblng this operation.
"An automobile, by the way, is mm
ly a car or a machine, but usually a
'boat.'    'Boat,' however,  Is not as recent or as good form as 'holler,' 'Boiler' Is no heritage necessarily from the
days of steam cars, but ll applies very
1 well to a few of them which get overheated.    A   chauffeur  does   not   speak
'of the fuel he uses us gasoline or    as
i some   autoiniiblllsts     say    'oil.'     The
stuff he uses Is always 'gits,' so that
I he linn no distinctive phrase for acety-
1 lene, which Is used In some headlight-
j lug systems     When a chauffeur says
I'oil,' tie means lubricating oil.
I    "Tho chauffeur has his own set  of
dislikes,  which generally  begins with
his employer and Includes bis car and
all the appointments on It.    However,
lu the presence of other chauffeurs he
Is more than likely to defend his particular  'boat'   he  Is  handling,  and  of
course.   If  It   happens to   be  a  fairly
' large sized machine he describes anything smaller than it as n 'road louse,'
That Is particularly the phrase for a
taxlcab,    There are some  small Inuring cars which SCUttle about the roads
to which this name always Is applied.
" 'A  hunch of Junk'  Is  undoubtedly
originnlly a chauffeur's phrase fur describing  a  cur  which  he  did  not   like
perhaps because he could  not get bin-
ciinnnlsslon from the dealer for Inducing his employer to hoy one,    li  Is
lo he understood that 'bunch of Junk-
is not an entirely seven- condemnation,   lii-cause  that  phrase   is  applied
to any car of Which he does nol even
In th" lea-it particular approve
"When a battery  Is  weak, lhe proper procedure is to 'put her on ihe
mag,' which Is a more or less logical
abbreviation of magneto,   if the drlv-
er of a four cylinder ear  falls to get
his motor to fire on the normal com-
ptetemenl of cylinders, In- describes
it Is more than probable thai  strong I'I  ���� 'hitting on  three,'  or 'two,'  ns
efrorts    will    bo    made    to    Improve j the rase may be.    Sometimes be may
the  North   road  and  the  Clark   road. I he only 'hitting on one.' but that con-
lending   into   Port   Moody   and   from  dltlon cannot keep up for long.    The
thence to Vancouver,   coming   back ' car, which is bit normally equipped
by one of (be Burnaby highways Al^with but one cylinder of which there
together the prospects for road Im- i are so few nowadays, was long ago
pi'iiveinentH this coming summer look I christened the due lunger.' When a
bright which wlll undoubtedly be alcar fulls to yield its full powar or
strong factor towards Ihe extension I stops, It 'dies.' Similarly to Btall a.
of automobile traffic, goth for plans- motor Is to 'kill It.'
ure and business. "But   lu tin- main,  the slang nf the
chauffeur  Is the  slang  of the utree'.
I He  has  not  the  Inventive  genius  t'.i
, THE LANGUAGE I Uulld up new sets of phrases for des
cribing things and In the few respects
OF THE CHAUFFEUR where operations we peculiarly those
of self-propelled  motor vehicles he is
 ��� !apt to borrow from semi-technical language and let It go at that."
Kvery   trade  or  profession   has   Its:	
' d'alect or vocabulary of terms, which j
' may or may not be called "slang," and MY  DREAM.
of course the automobile business has  , linf] ��� -lrl.nln  ,hp ,nh.r nlshli
developed a young dictionary of words *     ,t  waB a ,,������,,  RWfl|  dr^am;
and   phrases   which   are   In   some   re !, drfam,  ] ha(1 ��� mot()r car>
spects a  language all  by  themselves.       xj* ���ain,���,] white and green;
Probably every  motorist  is  familiar |j d,eamt I drov^upon a road,
The municipality of Burnaby is tak-:
Ing Hie most forward step of all
among the suburban districts by rea-j
son of its decision to go ahead wllh !
the puvliig of Kingsway, one of tho J
main trunk roads connecting Now |
Westminster wllh Vancouver.
Paved roads in country districts
were unheard Ol in this province until Burnaby took up the cudgel and
already tho contractors are preparing
to make a start so thut In the Indian
summer motorists on the lower main-
able to use one of the
ever built  In  this   prov
I Ince, In  fact  tho finest  In  Western
j Canada.
Following Burnnby's footsteps South
J Vancouver Is preparing to go ahead
with their share Of the work and word
| wns received from Victoria only yesterday Ihat the government was ready
to assist Smith Vancouver in the way
of finances, Jimt as It  promised  BUT-
1 naby.
Another road that wlll bear watch-
this summer Is the Yale road,
part of the Pacific Highway. Tho
provincial government spent a large
amount of money on this section last
summer, but unavoidable delays occurred which held over Its completion as a first   class   macadamised
road. This road will give tin- autolsts
a Chance to make the triangular trip
from this city to White Kock, Bel-
llngbam  or  Seattle,  coming  hack   by
r   nnd
with the nio��t general of the so-called
I "slang"   words, but there  arc  doubt
lesH various provincialisms which
j would be little understood outside the
j localities  where they  have grown up.
Perhaps, too. Home of the more gen
Demonstrat'.ngthe deceptive natureltecl of the throttle-twisting profession
of speed judging by sight alone, the
renulls of a test recently held hy a
British automobile club are Interesting, Several motorists were lined up
on nn unfrequented road and required
to estimate the speed of a car driven
at *i predetermined rate with tho aid I thread
of a speedometer. Out ef four trial | traffic
runs at various speeds only two were
guessed by one person correctlv. The
Others varied from the correct speeds
Ito such an extent as to emphasize
very forcibly Ihat il is practically im
possible, without extensive practice,
'n Judge of the spe��d of a our merely
by watching it pass.
am unfamiliar with the street chauffeur's dialect because of their unwillingness to descend lo the slangy level
which seems to bo an altitude which
is more or less automatically reached
bv many of those "gas" pilots whfc
their   ways   through   a   city's
One writer connected with a dnllv
newspaper has undertaken to address
l'*s readers with a dissertation on
chauffeur talk, and while some of the
sayings may be provincialisms, most
of them really are in more or leas
common use. "When the chauffeur
says, 'step on her tall,' " said the wrlt-
theie three wore 90 years of age, oik
89, onu 88, and two H'i
gave an average of 67
16 were over Nn and 11
scoro years and tern.
.   Of the 94,
years, of whle
i over tho thn
lis I
"Ono of the greatest Mechanical
peniuses of all times"���a world-
famed maker of a high-priced car
so refers to Henry Ford���whose
great accomplishment is the Ford
car. You'll want the mechanically
perfect Ford this season���and to
avoid disappointment you should
get it now.
"Kveryhody ls driving a Ford" moro than
201),000 In service. New prices -runitbout
tC7r> touring car $750 (own car $1000, with
all equipment, f. o. b, Walkerville, Onl. (let
particulars from The Fraser Valley Motor Co.,
Agents Ford Motor Car Co. of Canada, 843
Front Street, New WculiiiliiBtcr.
Whose paveni��ht was the heal:
And where no one had ever beard
Of a motorist's arrest;
I  dreamt that  Into a  town,
I went speeding with  no jar;
And never had to stop and wait
For people or a car;
Itjlreumt I  called a "copper" duwn
For being on the street:
And that I drove so awful fast,
All others  I  could  heat;
I dreamt that I could stand my car
In   front of any  store;
And leave it there just when I pleased.
For half a day or more;
I  dreamt that all  the teamsters
Had to turn aside for inc.
And   how   politely   as   I   passed,
With gallant cotirt-o >y;
1 dreann  Ihat all the children
Were  kepi   Indoors out   of  Bight,
And  dared   not   venture   out  of yard.
To cause me any fright,
i dreamt that legislation
For  all   motorist!   was  Just.
And laws were mnde to suit them.
And there was no such thing as dust
I dreamt there were no punctures,
And  so cheap  was gasoline
Thnt ten cents would buy a bnrr��l Ml
It   I)   Ahlrlch.
To any lnyinnn or novice Int"---��.-,|, )
In a Binall way In tho automobile business, the feat of selling inn car.. In
this city and district appears at the
present time to be a Stupendous Lisk.
However, this idea has not phased the
Fraser Valley Motor Company, who
have the agency of the Ford Motor
Car Company or Canada nud an order
wan placed govern! weeks ago for IB0
of these well known yel low priced
Two car loads have already arrived
in New Westminster, while others aro
how on their way.
The local firm is at present handicapped through lack of space, but on
March 10 they expect to move Into
ihelr modern fireproof garage located
at the corner of Lorne and Carnarvon streets.    Situated as It  Is within
���i stone's throw of Columbia street it
will no doubt be the Mecca not only
of local enthusiasts, but also of out
of town  visitors. .*���***��
WEDNESDAY,   FEBRUARY  28,   1813.
Motorists are Invited to contribute
Items of Interest to this page, which it
Is intended shall be a weekly feature
of The Newa In future. Address
"Molcr Editor," The Now Westminster News.
Thai Vaneiiuvi i* iiiiioiiiiii in,- paying
special attention lo tbe roads leading
trom the olty on Burrard Inlel through
Burnaby to the Royal City is di mon
Htiuied iii articles Jo he published In
the Western Motorist." Road maps
are being prepared which will ussist j
nil motorists In lui-iiliiig Hu- best
I. ad i over  Whloh  they  may  travel.
The following is a description ol
tin Douglas road to New Westminster
us prepared for the new map
Leaving the B. c Electric tr  sia
tlon on Ciirrnll street,, 00.0 miles, go
up Hustings street as far as Campbell
avenue, nn 8 miles: turn to ihe Isfl '
down Campbell avenuo lo Powell
Street as far us Renfrew street al Un-
gate of the exhibition grounds, 2.8
mill ii Turn io the riRht up Renfrew
street as far us Hastings street, Turn
io the left up I lasting! street bs far
as Ciisslur street, Turn to your right
Up I'lisslar Street ns far as Union
Street Turn to your left up Union
street ns fur as Boundary avenue
Vancouver city limits. Turn lo your
right down Boundary avenue to the
Douglas road,  Biirniiby district. Speed
26 miles See the Puciiic highway
sign. Ill mill's. Follow the Douglas
road to the Westminster city bound
my; Pacific highway signs all along
the  road.   10.9   miles.     After    passing
into Westminster city limits, name of
Douglas    t'unii    changes   to    Eighth
Unit, Co down Eighth Street lo Columbia street; very steep grade down
before coming to Columbia street for
about I mile Gasoline pumping ste
tlon one block before coming to Co
liimbla   street   on   Eighth   slreet.   11.8
This Is the best route to New West
minster. Road ns a whole Is pretty
good, but Is rather bump) In parts,
hul not muddy.
whefher it is an expensive et a low
priced one.
Taking into oonslderatli n lhe faol
ihat tin* automobile i.i oi orati d undi,
ihe hardest uf conditions, i- drivi
over  Hie  best   and  uIho  tin*   WI rail   i
roads, lubrication is u greal deal more
Impoilam than many motorli * ��� il
i"'. To this end lln* will known llrm
of Merrlthew A Ramsey have ob
i.lined the exclusive agency of Valvo
line motor oils ami greases, 'i he Val
vollne Company hoi obh Im d io much
IU006SS  In   Ibis  line  of ilillu  OCOOSSor
les thut   it now operates   three   ro
fineries, looated in Hie oil   Heidi   ol
The concern has been in operation
lines Hi" early lin's, new theories being put Into practice year by your nn-
i i th,- present  time when Valvollne
Oan el 11 in the eredl' of being about
Hi" la.a word In liihilcii'lon M rrl
then Ar Ramsey hav niim Installed
one of tin* latest gasoline numn�� located on Eighth street, which win no
dotlbl he used not only by local motor-
Isls,   hul   illso   those   driving   through
this city either to m* from Vancouver.
No' i,i oe outdone bj th ��� preperi
tlons made i,y other au'tomoblli
agents in this city, Mi nn, T. .1
Trapp A.* Co., who recently took otfei
tin- agency of tin- McLaughlln-Bulcli
curs, ure lilting np the fourth floor of
their   new   Bkyieruper   Into  a   modern
show room where everything from A
iii '/, connected with ihe automobile
business   will   be   displayed.
Although  Ihey   have only  just   com
pleted arrangements with the McLaughlin Buiik people as regards
agency the linn's automobile salesman
Is getting everything ready fur a
busy season und will be in a position
during tho next few dais to muke un
announcement regarding the formal
opei.ing of their new show rooms,
S vt ml sales have already been
min!". the wide range Of prices In lln
different makes of thla well known
Canadian built car lilting the needs
of all classes,
Although lirst cost is naturally that
of the car Itself, motorists are beginning lo learn Hint the use of proper
( IN mid greases go n long way towards extending the life of any ear
Might Have Been Worse.
A motor ear came pelting down the
High street of a little country town
lhe oilier day, und in turning a corner
at the bottom lt collided with und
knocked down a pedestrian who was
earning a box of potatoes on his
When he had
a spectator s,��...
was a lucky get-off."
"Yes. so 'twas," replied tlie victim,
groping for his potatoes. "S'pose I'd
been carrying eggs'."
���ild   to
VI n-
McLaughlin "ill" Roomy fore door touring
type, five passenger; mohair top-with dust
hood; clear vision glass front: large size
magnetic speedometer with gradometer; demountable Min:*,. special dynamo and full
electric lights throughout; side and tall
lamps in combinations oil und electric;
Disco self-starter; regular equipment on all
Five Passenger Touring
New Westminster
Type; price, f.o.b.
McLaughlin "L'4" (roadster); price $1350,
f.o.b. New Westminster. "26" (touring type,
five passenger); price $1550, f.o.b. New
Westminster, "30" (roadster); price $1800,
fob. New Wesl minster. "40" (touring
type, five passenger); price $2500, f.o.b.
New Westminster. No distinction ls made
in  the quality of  material  used  ln nny of
Motorists in New Westminster and vicinity will be interested in
the announcement respecting the arrival of the new McLaughlin
models. Our stock at present comprises the complete line of 1913
design automobiles of various sizes and colors, including three
types of touring cars and two roadsters. It is especially interesting to note that the McLaughlin principles of construction, which
have proved so successful under the most rigorous Canadian road
conditions, are retained; and while, of course, substantial improvements have been effected, no radical experimental ideas
have been adopted.
McLaughlin Carriage Co. Limited
Head   Office   and    Factory,   Oshawa.      Western    Branch
Houses:    Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary
Efficiency and durability (always such a large and important
part of McLaughlin service) characterize this year's models, and
every effort has been made to add to the already high esteem in
which McLaughlin cars and McLaughlin service are held by the
intelligent motoring public of Canada generally.
Your critical inspection is invited on these models at our show
rooms on the fourth floor of our new block on Columbia and
Front streets.
and Vancouver.
T. J. Trapp & Co., Ltd.
Agents for McLaughlin Vehicle* for Over Ten Years.
Sole Agents for Buck's Leader
Peck-Wiliiamson Underfeed Hot Water and
Steam Boilers and Hot-Air Furniture and Hot
Air Furnaces
The Famous Pease Economy Furnace.
Our Bowser Self-Filling Gasoline Station is
still at your disposal to supply you with filtered Gasoline at market prices. It is the
only convenient gasoline station in the city.
Just drive your auto alongside and you can
be supplied without waste and with no trouble.
Use Valvoline Motor Oils for your auto. It
is made specially for the automobile. We
are sole agents in the city for this popular
Cor. 8th and Carnarvon Street
Phone 586
New Westminster, B.C.
_.   KJ |5T    TAOB BIGHT
CA8H    IT
RfmemberMe Place
33 Eighth S��.     Phone 2
Butter,   No. l Cooking,   fresh
from Iho rand), snld fnr 80c���
Today   25s
Bprinfbonli Creamery, nibs, fnr
Maple Creamery, fit for a kiiiRs
household, ;i Ihs $1.10
shorthmiui! Peek-Freons Bootoh
shortbread, regular 50c per Ih.,
Today, per ih 3&c
Have yon tried the now Golden
ruffs, plain and unswoatenod,
hul so delicious, large tins 50:
Huntley   and   Paimer1!  Wat|-r
Ills-nulls, Just   flno, per  tin  50c
Tamales, Llbby's, sometblng
new and tasty, her tin 20e, or
2 tor 35c.
Apples, Homo Beauty, Hon Davis, Ha in In 1, etc., per box ..$1.65
No. 1 Oranges, shea 1.16 and
250   18 for 25s
Absolutely guaranteed.
Caltflower, bead 20c
Lettuce, 3 heads for  25c
Omen  Onions, bunch      5c
Itadlsh, bunch     5c
Parsley, bunch   5c
Cabbage, lb  zy.
Celery, head    15c, 2 for 25;
DaVles   Kkrs,   guaranteed, new-
laid, per dozen 50c
Mr. Qeorgi
v'aiior to lln
cily y
11 terday,
Public Supply Stores
L. L.
We Have
to purchase
of Sale
If you wish to
Discount an
Call  at
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,560,000.00
j-tatn <n' shine, (he loe for skating
nt ihe Queens park arena is perfect
Free Instruction 10 beginners,    (728)
The regular meeting "f Hie. Ladles
of the Maccabees of lhe world will be
held this afternoon at n o'clock in the
Oddfellows' hall
Hiport skate sharpening nnd rivet
lag. Oscar Swauson. 111 llogbln street.
Mr. John sprott, road superintendent, haB now recovered from his attack of Illness and Is hack oil official
Sewing Machines denned and repaired. See C. N. Hdinondson & Co.,
corner Sixth avenue and Twelfth
Btreet. (733)
Call In and see Jack lnslny, Jr., 13
Bauble street, about that marine gasoline engine. Haglo and Lnperlal. (697)
The dormitory hoys at the Y.M.C.A.
will hold another "Ret together" banquet this evening nt (i:30 o'clock. The
Young People's Hoclety connected with
lhe ll-iptlst church will look after the
A. Hardraan, the cake man. (let
I good bread. Eighth Street llaknry.
| Telepheao 281. (604)
A man named Job Clements waa
killed at Hrndner Monday morning b:
die snapping of a heavy steel cable.
Coroner A. L. McQuarrie was notified
Of the affair and after visiting the
.scene decided that no imiuest Waa
"Sunset" Hewing Machines warrant
ed for ten years. Cash or terms. Bee
them at C, N. Kdmondson & Co., coiner Sixth avenue and Twelfth street.
W. Day, electrician, agent for Hot
Point Ir-ans; fixtures and wiring of
all kind*. Phone 1261* .18 Sixth
street, opposite Postofflce. (60^)
Tho J. W. Pike Company will resume construction work on the Wesl-
bam Island dyke within the next few
days. The work baa been hampered
by the bad weather of the past month,
while severe damage was done durliiL;
the gale which swepl the lower mainland  ill  the  latter  part of  December.
A chance for the worklngman.
Three roomed house near Kdmomhi,
$7f> cash aud $15 per month. Apply
Patterson & Fisher, Edmonds.    (734)
"Sunset" Sewing Machines have all
lhe very latest Improvements and are
warranted to contain nothing but the
very beat material put up In handsome
quarter cut oak cases; vibrating shuttles, rotary and cabinets, l-'or sale by
O. N. KUmomtson & Co.. corner Sixth
avenue and Twelfth street. (?33)
ThoroiiRhly modern in every way 1-?
, the Dominion hotel.   Kl'-vator service
I first class.    C.Rfo In connection.    Convenient location.    Rates 75c per day
and up. Corner of Sixth and Columbia
streets. (G70I
The Colon Steamship Company, of
Vancouver, has placed a large order
with the linn of l.awson a; Co., iif
Sheffield, tCng., which has a branch in
this cily. The firm will supply tin
'juilery tn tho s.s. Cheslakee, which
i'��t Willi a serious mishap a few
weeks ago and which is now undcr-
olng  extensive  repairs  al   Bsqulmklt,
Don't arrange anything  for Friday
night other than  to lake In  the  Van- j
���ouver-Wi'stniin.    ,   hockoy  game ai I
he Arena.    Ticket    sale    starts    on |
Wednesday. (729) 1
Call In at Oscar Swanson's, 13 Peg-
bie  streot.  and   sr'    something  up-to- :
dite  in   the  line  ���>(   marine  gasoline
;!nes.    Kagl'S and Imperial.      (697) |
Total  Yesterday Was $86,200���Columbian to Erect New Building.
The following building permits were
Issued yesterday trom the building in-
ipsctor's office:
Columbian Printing Company,   tor
block of mores und printing ol'l'ice on
ciarkHoil nml Sixth itreets, $60,000,
Samuel Ling, bungalow on Fifth
avenue, $-noo.
Oulohon estate, additions to rear of
Oulohon block, $1900
Young Kill, Chinese stores on Bwen
avenue, Queensborough, ?iioii.
Joseph Courtenay, stable to aooom-
modate ten horses   on Elgin   street
by    the
Commence Campaign for  Funds
on March I.
ai a meeting of the v. W, 0, a.
committee of the Looal   council   of
Women held yesterday morning at the
home of Mra. Lamb It was decided to
go ahead with the project of renting
and furnishing a home iu this city
and to this end a bouse to house canvas will oommence on March 1, when
It la hoped that every woman ln the
city will contribute at least one dollar
towards the scheme.
Although no maximum or minimum
limit was placed It was hoped by thi
members of the council that every
lady In Ihe city would at least eon-
tribute one dollar and make thla an
annual contribution for the next five
Details connected with *!
wero thoroughly discussed
members present a n'. a strong canvassing committee . ���... named which
will start operations on Saturday next
Every house In lhe city will he vls't
ed and the committee 'rust that the
citizens will respond to lhe call mak
Ing their work a leas arduous one.
HOLT- The funeral of the hie Mrs
Caroline  Holt,    wife    of Mr.  Samuel
I Holt, 1412 Fifth avenue, took plaoi
yesterday afternoon.
a most Impressive service was con
ducted In the Salvation Army oltade
' previous to the procession to Sapper
ton cemetery, A large number of
friends and relations of the deceased
gathered  to pay their last    respects
1many of the oldest and most promln
ent citizens being present.
The service was conducted by lirigi
dier and Mra. Green and Staff Captain
Crlchton, of Vancouver, assisted by
Captain  l.lddard  of  the  local  corps
I The Salvation Army band was also
In attendance and rendered appropri
ate hymns.
Several comrades Intimately associ
ated in the past  with Mrs.  Holt nave
sympathetic testimony of the love,
honor and respect her many friends
held towards the kindly and pious old
Among Ihose who spoke in loving
appreciation, besides the officers, were
Mrs. Dunlop, Mrs. Innes. Sergeant
Major  French and Comrade Norman.
After the service  the cortege,  nr
ceded   by   the   standard   bearer,   and
the band playing requiem music wended its way to the cemetery where the
burial  service   waa  conducted.
Numerous wreaths anil floral enil*.
.ems were sent by friends. The pall
bearerR were 11. BUttflrAeld, T. Butter
', field, i. Bmlther, N. U. Smlthcr. A.
tSmlttier and .1. Smlthcr, six grandson-!
of the late Mrs. Holt.
In  The Courts
Nine Months Hard.
James  lllnck and   William  MlU'bell '
were each sentenced 10 nine months ���
bind labor yesterday In tha county I
court fur the theft of a coil of copper
wire frnm tin- 11. c. Electi'lo Company
The Iwo men wire hulking along
Hie iiiirnaby-N'i'w Westminster car
1 rack on February 7 when tbey saw
the wire lying outside the mil ties,
Being Impecunious tliey   conflsoatsd
the wire, transferred il lu 11 couple oi
sacks and proceeded on thetr way.
Unfortunately for them they ran in
to Mounted Constable T, Thomas, of
the llurnaby police force, ul Uayslih
'station, near lliiriinhy lake, whose sua
plclons were aroused by their appear
ance und Impedimenta. Questioning
them ami receiving unsatisfactory implies the constable examined the contents of thn bags and llnnlly arrested
lie then traced their "spoor" back to
where he had previously noticed Iwo
colls of heavy copper wire and found
one missing, from thence he followed
the'r tracks to the edge of Ihe lake
where the ashes of a lire showed tin*
men had heen there, and where, from
signs and the presence of a chisel am!
other Impllnients he Inferred that Th"
wire had been cut up conveniently to
(evidence of  the,, wire havjng bean
laid down by linemen of the II. C, K
U. after repair work nt the spot where
the constable had observed 11, ami
other corroborative t> ..in-Tumv con
vlnced Judge Howay of the prisoner1!
guilt and they were sentenced to nine
months hard.
Mr. J. It. Grant prosecuted fer Ih"
crown and prisoner's Conducted their
own case.
All this week by the manufacturer's representative
If you are in pain a treatment gives you instant
674 678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Commission and
6ov'ment. Engineer
(Continued from pat-* nn")
Dr. Ernest Hall wlll give an Illustrated lecturs upon "Some Unpublished Reasons Why Women Should
Vote," Friday, February 28, at 8 p.m.,
In the Conservative Club Rooms, 634
Columbia street, under auspices of the
Political Equality League No children admitted.    All am invited. (727)
A brunch nf the Union Hank of iVin-
^d.'l was opened for business 01;
Saturday, January 4, In the premises
recently vacated by W. 10. Sinclair,
111 Columbia street (COji
BLODGBTT���Mr. George   Blodgetl
ef S'liiamish, who bad been about ii*::
years in the district, lias passed away
Mr. Hlodgett was an exceedingly bus
I pltablo and kindly g' ntleman and very
io ���
����� BURNABY   NOTES. *
\* ��
Edmonds, Keb. 26.���The Edmonds'
Young Men's club will give a social
entertainment on Wednesday evening.!
The Bast Burnaby Young People's j
Auxiliary ef lhe Victorian Order ef
Nurses held an organization meeting'
iu the home of MrB. F. Cliff yesterday. A constitution was drawn up and
plans were discussed for Hie holding
cf a social evening on St. I'atrick's
A   large   part   of   the   time   at   the
meeting was given to sewing articles
for use by the nurses. The next
meeting will he held at ihe home of
Mrs. M. 11. Mansfield, Mth avenue.
Scotchmen of the City and District to
Within the next few weeks a Scot
lish society patterned along the same
lines as the St. Andrew's and Caledonian societies of Vancouver will he
formed In this city, if lhe enlhiisia: in
shown nt a gathering held in SI
Qeorge'B hall last evening is any criterion,
The occasion was one of the old
time Scottish danceH or soctalH and
Highland reels, flings, hongs and musical Items mixed with modern waltz
or two-steps kept nearly 200 guests
busy until an early hour this morning.
The proceedings were in charge of
Mr A. S. Beaton, David Boyle and
David Boland who gut 0 over) saiistac
tlon In staging the affair.
mils. Feb. >."). ���Ronald MeLeod
Will in hi 11 Gaelic Bervlce in ihe Oor
don Presbyterian church next Sunday |
afternoon. He will also speak in the
Kngiish language ai tlie evening service. Ten new members were ad
mlttod to the church last Sunday.
for railways and other corporations,
why should they not guarantee the
bonds of their own municipalities. Hy
the -appointment dl a commission ami
supervising engineer property owners
would have a guarantee that the
money would be properly spent not
on one particular road, for which the
whole municipality had to pay,
70 Acres of Cabbages.
Mr. Wilkie stated that he knew of
70 acres where cabbages were rotting
on the ground, through link "f transportation, and y,-t cabbages Imported
from the other side were selling at
three cents per pound,
Deplorable   Conditions.
Mr.  Kerr said  that owing to these
deplorable   side   roads   fanners   could
not get their produce to II c. market1" '
;lle  instanced   farmers  shipping  milk
j to  Seattle  from  which  city    it     was
shipped  hack tn  Vuncouvcr for sale..
: Farmers with the finest    land    that j
'could   be   had   anywhere,   outside   of
I those on the main trunk roads, were
prevented  bringing  in  their  produce
ito town.    New Westminster ne rchants I
1 did net seem to care.   At any rate tliey j
did  not  come  to their asBoclatlon  or 1
Mr.   Wilkie    Tlwy   have   the   finest'
the   hoard   of   trail".
gravel  at   Port   Kells  ami  bert   rock
for crushing obtainable    at    Vedder
mountain for their roads ail out the
Less Farming Now.
Mr. Kerr said he was told there was
less farming now than I!" years ago
The secretary referred In Mr. Price
Kllisou's speech In which he stated
'tint there were three million gallons
Of m"k less produced in B. C. In 1012 '
than ,,1 the previous year.
After further discussion In the same
vein of lamentation, It was remitted
to a committee to draw up a resolu
tlon on tho basis of Mr. Kerr's ntig-I
gestton and report to a subsequent
it wns received that the city council
should he Invited to a luncheon, arrangements for which were left in
the hands nf a committee.
A   report   on   the   It.   C.   E,   It.   coin-
pany's rates by    (he    transportation I
[committee .was  held  over  until   next
Mr. .1. W. Cunningham reported on
I publicity arrangements and the issue
,,f L'ficn booklets describing the advan-1
tages of the Kraser valley.
The secretary reported that Mr. li ,
S. Curtis had cordially welcomed 1
the suggestion of an Industrial exhi-l
hltion   and. promised   bis   hearty   co-
It Will Pay You
to bring your proscription to ub; does
not matter what doctor writes It WB
cun fill and you may be sure
of gutting exactly what your doctor
Orders at prices based on services
rendered. Thirty years in business.
Uiggest and best drug store Id city.
Curtis Drug Store
and   -cEEDS,
Phone 43:   L.  D. 71;   Res. 72.
New Westminster. B. C.
=To Rent=
ll-room house, close to .r5rd and Queen's Avenue.
Modern throughout.   Kent, $40.
Furnished   7-room   house,   modern,   just   off
Queen's Avenue, near the High School.   Rent $40.
White, Shiles & Co.
312-315 Westminster Trust B!k., or 706 Columbia St.
Uralia Potatoes? I Workmen in Every EGGS and EGGS
PHONE 550 T     d
Undoubtedly Best In the Market. * * mama*
85c. per sack 100 !bs.
W.Hatt Cook
527 Front St.
feel the need of Gla-.se*. today when
-.YESTRAIN la the rule and not the
Workmen  who  would   have   reliable
iclp for their e>cs should call on
New Westminster.
Druggist and Optician
Columoin   Street Phone 57
There   are  different   kinds   nf  eggu
NojlV   we   know   lhe   eggs   we   Bell      -lie
guaranteed new laid, and why ? De-
cause we gel them from our own hens
every day for the Htore.
Phone 98.
Fish and Produce.
447 Columbia  Street.
EdraondB,   Feb. 36.   The   property
owned hy the  13,  C   K.  It. adjoining
the car and  fri mln   Btatlon  al    Hi *
1 cirner uf Edmonds streel nml Kings-
I way, is being  macadamized  hv    the
! municipality at tlie expense of   tlie
Beautify Hall Grounds.
I Edmonds, Feb. 26, Councillor
Stride of Ward One has been authorized by Un* municipal council te expend
$;:nn |n the beautifying or the municipal hall grounds here. Tin*
1 eiiunclUnr proposes to purchase tin*
following varieties nf -shrubs and have
then laid in an artistic manner mi
the ground j : Copper beach, silver
l"'i'i*h, var egati :. at. '. green hollies,
bed  i..:'"i   mil  i, * ll ietles.    The
the gathering and a vote bplng taken,; work nf planting the shrubs and  lay-
radically    a    unanimous  sentiment ��� Ing out the grounds will probably be
operation. Negotiations wire in
erci n ��nil the ll A. .4 I. society
would  be earnestly  followed  up,
the '
Uushton's oroh-Sstra discourse
dance music while Iho reels and
flings  were  danced   to  the  pipes.
During the refreshment hour Chalf-I
man   Boyle  explained  the  ohjerts  of!
Mr.    J.    Krnncls     Burslll,     "'���"* llr I
Penne," nf Colllngwood Cast, will give
an Illustrated lee.ure on "Tb-" l.u-" of
the Pole" In St. Aldan's Presbyterian I
church, corner of Seventh avenue and
Fourteenth sti-eet, on Thursday even
in?. February 27. Admission freo
Collection. (72R1
Revised and complete to date, showing public buildings, principal industries, railway tracks and number of
lots.    Every street plainly marked.
Every  business man  needs one.
Large Blze, 9x3 feet; also pocket
Room  25   Hart  Buildlne.
Riveted Steel Pipes
BURN OIL     ���
P.   O.   BOX  442
Have just boen opened. For
style and Quality "The Party
Hot" and "Chocolate's Dee Arls-
tocrates" will appeal to the
most exacting candy lover. Free
samples for the ladles every
(Successor to F. J. MacKenzie.)
628 Columbia Street.
The store with the green lights.
showed itself in favor of nrKar.'v.ing
such nn institution, whlffl *'-.nl-imld
various meetings, socials J,ud dances
iluring the winter months.
Btarted in a tew da;
sen, a native of Klrkcudbright-shiro.
S'otland. and formerly of Sea Isl-
and, Richmond, passed away at his
hi me, 4611 Ash street, Monday,
The funeral will take place frnm St.
Stephen's ChUrch thlH afternoon at    2
i !"ck.      liy    special     request,     no
flowers. (7,10)
To Clear at
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
���H* CDMUND B. OS-.EM    V.I
C. A. EOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up
Rcscc-va Fund
Total Ai-.rU
Savings Accounts
may be opened In the name ot Iwo individuals so that either one
can withdraw and depoi.it mcney therein,
This form of account Is especially convenient for a man and wife
or two members of a family.
Mr. and Mr6. C. G. Walker Make Trip
to  Victoria.
Imonds,   Feb.   26.    Mr.   and   Mrs.
it. a. Walker and Mr. und Mrs, J. V
P.itchell.  Prcoident of thc  Local j .liul.ini.i'   ami   Heir   daughter   Gladys
left  for Victoria today on a combined
pleasure   nud   business   trip
Mr. and Mrs. Walker are making arrangements fnr their removal to the
Capital City shortly. The entire party
expects in riiurn on Friday,
Mrs.    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Council of Women. Gives Interesting Address.
The regular moeUni? of the \V. ('
T. II. wns held In the Queens Avenue
Methodist  church   Monday  afternoon.
The. devotional exercises were conducted by Mrs. William While,   after
which the. president,   Mrs,   Barnard,
look the chnir and the business of Ihe
j meeting was dealt with.
I    Two new members were added    to
i the union.
! Mrs. l'atchell, president of the Local
Council of Women, then gave an In-
(erestinR summary of the speeches at
the bannuet of the Local Council of
Women held recently In Vancouver.
L.  O.  O.  M. 854.
A meeting of the Women's
Circle will he held  111 the club
over the Union Hank, Columbia street,
nn     Wednesday     evening,    at     7:30
(Signed)    MKS. J. 11. PRICE,
227 Sixth Street. (728)
646 Columbia  Street
Home For Sale
No.   1���Here  Is  n  splendid home fer sale cheap.    In a good
c?llty near Queen's Park and new school.
It  has  Seven   large  comfortable  rooms  with  every  modern  <
vonlnncn;   full  basement;   cm  u large lot, 6fixl.'!2  feet.
Tbls place Is below value and   the  terms   are  such   that  almost
anyone oan handle It.
PRICE,  $4400, $780  CASH, balance monthly.   If jou want to buy
n home let us show yuu this place.
Agents  for  Pacific  Coast  Steamship Co.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
MATHEWSON, Mana-jer.
Are you one of the many,
whose livelihood depends
upon the fishing industry?
If so consult us before'
you buy a Gasoline
Our "YALE" Engines cannot be beat-
in. Economy and reliability.
The Schaake Machine Works
Heaps   Englneeiing   Co.,   Ltd.,  New Westminster.
Established 1391.
Ws write Fire, Life, Accident, E mployers'
Marine  Insurance.
Liability,   Automobile   and
Come to the Bankrupt Sale Today at
Thc People's Friend
703 Co'umbia St.
Opp. Westminster Trust Blk.


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