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The New Westminster News Oct 11, 1913

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Newe Classified Ada
Have proven their worth by the
reaulta   they   produce.     They   till
large   or   email   wanta   at   amall
The WeatlAr.
New  Westminster and the lower
mainland: Light to moderate winds,
unsettled  with rain.    Stationary to
higher temperature.
Case for Crown Completed���Defence
Wlll   Be   Short���Discharge   Refused by Court.
At ll a.m. yesterday counsel for thc
crown declared the case for the prosecution closed ln Ihe Deun trial. Sir
Charlei Tupper, for the defence, urged
thut there was no case that would
justify submission to the Jury and ask-1 suppos*
���ed that the accused he discharged.      Rooming
Court-In      company     with
Sir Charles��� In company with
Powell, because hero there la not a
particle of evidence that be was connected wllh thc robbery, except that
prisoner at the bar was residing in
the city of Vancouver before and after
the robbery, extended twice after pressure (rom hlm, until October 5. He
was hi en round the bank as dozens of
others must have been seen, and for
the purpose of my argument, even
he was seen going Into and
out  of  the   bank  before   the
The Court, however, decided to go
on. In the debate that ensued between counsel, Sir Charles Intimated
bis side of the case would be llnlshed
on Monday evening. The case ts ex
pentad to be in the hands of the Jury
by Tuesday evening.
The   recalling   by   the crown   of  T.
robbery a year afterwards the man
with whom he was driving has stolen
money lu his possession, possibly Innocently. It Is eaeily conceivable how
an Innocent man might lind himself
In possession of the notes circulated
hy thieves.
The  Court���That   might   be strong
argument except for the identification
Burton, the proprietor of tbe house In of this man within a few miles from
Broadway,   Vancouver,    occupied     by i bere.
Dean from July ii to October 4, 1911, Only Cuggesta Cusoiclon.
raised.a discussion as to admlBsiblly. Sir Charles-1 am assuming that
The witness wub called to prove a yonr lordship takes that extraordinary
similarity In the burglarious Inslru- I evidence Is correct. Then It comes
ments found In the hank on Septeui-! down lo nothing more than mere sus-
ber 16, 1911, und the drill alleged to piclon. There la no proof before your
have   becn   discovered   In   the   Hroad- i li.rd.dilp to send to the Jury.    My con-
way house vacated hy Dean.
hir Charles objected as the crown
tr.nl ull tbe Information regarding
these trx Is in their possession before
witness had been examined und cross-
fxaniined.    The    recalling    suggested
communication    between    witnesses
who. lo prevent thai, had been ordered out of court.
Tools Pound In Bank.
tentlon Is that lhe evidence, even admitting its gospel truth, only suggests
lhe mom slender suspicion.
The Court said that assuming, un
Sir Charles had assumed for the purpose of the argument, ull the evidence
to be facts there were possible Infer
encea to be drawn which might link
up these facts. He would therefore
leave It  to the Jury   to find whether
The comparison of the tools might these facts were proved and if they
have been made long since. I el iti  link up and draw their own-   In-
The Court allowed the evidence aa   ferences.    Ile must let the case go to
it   was really    a  mailer    which    had   the Jury.
Cropped  up later, but It  was subject | Defence Short,
to his comment Sir  Charles- Our   defence   In     any
Bniton was then shown the tools | event will not be long. Although my
found in the bank and nsked by Mr.'friend told me yesterday that he ex-
Macneil If they should any similarity | pected to close the case for the crown
to the drill fouud lu the house. this morning, he was not certain and
Mir ( harles There must be thous-
iiuiio of them.
Witness .aid there were almllurt-
lii m between three of tho tools shown
hlm and a drill aud piece ot a drill he
found in the house vacated by Dean
Sir Charles-What has become of
thoae found In >nur house
Witneea I gave them away to Mr.
Riley. 1 supposed he was one of the
Sir'Charlea���You are a carpenter
and ihese are nmd by carpenters
Wit new Carpenters mm some
tbem. Some ol thwn are used
drilling throuth Iron.
The   Court   suggefted   that
American Buyere Take Advantage of
Democratic Tariff leisure���May
Increase Prloe of Beef.
/ **7
Winnipeg. Oct. la.-^-That <h^already
Inadequate herds of western Canada
cattle are sufferiifo ��*ry grave,^W'lntrodue,d Moder��� M,thod of Bett(
.Multimillionaire   St.   Louis
Brewer Is Dead at Age
of 76.
tlon and ln many cases wUVjaoOfr'be .
totally wiped out Ihrojjgh the operations of the American buyere who have
come here to secure Blockers and butchers' cattle since the passing of the
Democratic tariff measure is a state-1
meat   made  by  prominent local  ship- j
Beer���Annual Income Over
St. I-ouls, Oct. 10.���A telegram was
It Is further affirmed most emphatically that this drain on the local raw
materials of heef, much of wblch must
even at the present time be Imported
from sucn distant places as Toronto
and Australlasla to supply local demands, can have no other effect than
greatly to enhance the price of beef
to western Canadian consumers. i dropsy for seven years, but when his
No less than 70 carloads of west- j son, August A., left here a few weeks
ern Canadian cattle have been ship- ago to Join him at his castle on the
ped across the International boundary   Rhine he    did    not    know    that    his
received here tonight announcing the
death at l-angenschwalbach, Germany,
of Adoiphus ilusch, the multi-millionaire brewer. The telegram was to
Adoiphus liuBch HI, a grandson, from
his father, August A. Busch. and said,
"Father passed away peacefully at
8:15 o'clock."
Mr. Ilusch had been a sufferer from I
Boats Will Soon Pass from
the   Atlantic  to  the
Gamboa  Dike  Destroyed���Extraordinary Feats of Telegraphy���Final
Dredging of Great Ditch.
Washington, Oct. 10.���The momentary touch of a key by the President of
the United States today sent a flash
of electricity through a continuous
telegraph and cable connection of
4000 mlleB, setting off a gigantic blast
of dynamite which exploded the Gamboa dike, the last of the great physical
from western Canada since the coming into effect or the tariff last Monday  morning.
Lonn Chaee Ended.
New York. Oct. 10.-After elud'ng
detectives for several years, leading
them from St. I.ouis io Chicago. Montreal, New York. Vancouver. Seattle
and back to Nev York. Harrv W. Ho-
dapp was arrested in City Hall park
today under the aliaB of Arthur
Charles Rogers and was committed to
the Tombs to await extradition paoera
from St. IxjuiB. He Is wanted there
on a charge of embezzlement and
diversion or funds amounting to $10,-
(Continued o:�� Page Four.)
father wag dangerously
76 >'t:arB of age.
At the time of the San Francisco
���.���arthquake and fire, Mr. Busch contributed $100,000 to the relief fund.
He also contributed heavily to the
Galveston flood sufferers and J25.000
to the relief of the Ohio valley flood
sufferers last spring.
His wealth .vas estimated at 160,-
000,000. lu addition to tbe St. Louis
financial and brewery interests with
which he was identified he was a
heavy stockholder in the St. l_ouis and
San Krancisco and the Chicago, Rock
island and Pacific railroads, and owned coal mines in West Virginia. His
annual Income was 12.000,000.
J*r. Busch HrBt became connected
with tbe Industry with which hia name
barriere  lo  water communication  in
tbe Panama canal.
It was an extraordinary feat of telegraphy, especially  planned    for    the
He was .occasion.    At precisely 2 o'clock thiB
i afternoon    President   Wilson   simply
i by closing a telegraph   key   at   the
I White House sent the   current   over-
I land and  under sea and just a few-
seconds  later came  the  message  informing  him   that the explosion had
been successful. While celebrations on
the Pacific coast were numerous, there
was no ceremony   in Washington,   It
being the wish ot   Colonel   Goethals
that the government await the actus1
opening of  the canal.    Besides    the
wreckage of the Gamboa dike, there
are   two   earth   slideB  to   be cleared
away before  boats
ocean to ocean.
Unable to Be Preaent.
Emmeiine Pankhurst to Sail Under an
Assumed Name���Teet Male
New York, Oct. 10.���Mrs. Emmeiine
Pankburst, the British militant auffragette leader, will not leave for tbe
United Statea on the steamer La Province as originally Intended, a cablegram being received from her today
stating that she had heard that the
American immigration authorities
were taking steps to detain her and
prevent her from lecturing through
the country.
lt Is understood from the cable that
she will take another steamer under
an assumed name "to test the
efficiency of the male government."
At the Women's Political Equality
league headquarters it was given out
thiB evening that Mrs. E. H. P. Belmont, a prominent leader in the cause,
had made arrangements to file a bond
of $100,000 with the Immigration authorities in order that Mrs. Pankhurst
might be able to land unmolested.
Brilliant  Scenes  at  Ceremony of Inauguration
Chief of  Pekln   Mounted   Pollce Arreated���Confeasea He Waa Bribed
to Murder.
W. C. T. U. Convention Today.
1-ondon, Oct. 10.���The 18th annual
convention of the W. C. T. U. opens
ln this city tomorrow. The morning
will be occupied with registration of
tbe visitors and in the afternoon there
will be a meeting of the executive,
after which the World's W. C. T. U.
convention will convene. On Sunday
a great Sunday school rally will be
led by Mrs. W. C. Bullock, W.C.T.U.
B. C. Man Fined.
Blaine, Wash., Oct. 10.���W .J. Ham-
can    pass   from|nni   ot   British   Columbia,   waa sentenced to work out a $425.75 fine by
Pekin, Oct. 10���Yuan Shi Kai was
today inducted into the office of president of the Chinese republic and the
ceremony of inauguration was surrounded with eastern brilliance. It was
attended by throngs of distinguished
Chinese and foreign officials, diplomats and militant officers and took
place in the interior of the Tal Ho
palace, in which many of the Ming
and Ching emperors had been
The choice of the place of inauguration waa a further encroachment on
the aacred precincts of the emperor
within the forbidden city. The southern half of this extensive enclosure
was opened to the guests who traversed hall after hall and court after
court toward the present residence of
the little dethroned emperor.
The ceremony was enacted in the
l.ini.i.*-���������.   of   comparison   itu-   tools I
��� ���   ��� been 'operation of tbe
San  Francisco. Oct. 10.--Chinatown
suspended business today and several
tonn  of  fire  crackers   were  exploded,
celebrating the second anniversary of
the new Chinese republic.    Ity special
permit of  Mavor  Rolph  the  gun   fire
of the celebration was made possible.
of i Besides marking the overthrow of the
fnrj Manchu dynasty, today's    observance
wan doubly significant  in that it aaw
for  the I lhe Inauguration of the new prealdent
nnd vlCe-prealdcnt and the putting into
new constitution.
Throughout Chinatown tonight  banquets were held and toasts were drunk
to   Ihe   success   of   tho   new   republic
and Its leaders.
lound  In the house should have
Blr Charlea   When   d'.d   you
th.m to Mr. Klley?
Witneea   On July I. WIS.
sir Charlea���Whan did you first see I
those things you are looking i'i todayl
Witness���1 never saw thiiu before 1
, v. >.-d the box. I did not know whal
1 wai to be asked or any suggestion
mad-  as   lo   whut   I   was  to  bo called
on to say.
Sir Charles - From a mlnute'l study
in the box you can identity a similar
Ity between these thing* and those
you saw, lasl. over a year ago?
Witness   -Yes.
Sir Charles -You did not mention
anything about these drills tn your
long deposition on January 27. 1911
mid you nevfr referred to them last
aummer  in  Macnamara's  trial.
Tbe court Are you uble to nay
whether these tools wore ln th" house
when you  let It to Dean?
Witness    Not to mv knowledge, nnd
1 was living there rlgb<  along.
House Was Vac?it
Sir ("harles���The hour* w��r vacant
a long 'line after you loft tho house
before  Deans occupation.
Witness���lt was vacant from the
end of June till J ily 85, 1 never had
occasion to use drills like those for
the last B.I or seven years.
Sir Charlei -You don't know who
might have been ln the house during
Its vacancy? *roqultTam dam agreement between the
Witness   No.  I  dont    know    who !���0^lnlon government, the Vancouver
might have been there. _ I MT��_toW , Power company and the city of New
Minister of the Interior Approves Tentative Arrangements.
Two Bylaws Will Be Submitted Oct.
18���Purchase of Weetmlneter
Gar Company.
Besides voting on whether the city
of New Westminster shall purchase
the Now Westminster Oas company for
ithe sum of J1B0.O00, the electorate of
Ithe city will be called upon, on the
ame date. Oct. I*. to vote upon tnt
Well  Known Cltlaen  Mentioned with
Alderman White to Rsoreeent
.Judge  Hardin, of the superior court, we\t.HnUd_nS c*1,ed **,* Tal H?,T'en-
While the scene at the White House Wa,t Saturday following his conviction or HaU ��' Supreme Peace, which is
.-jriu a happy  one, at Johns Hopkins I oI i^ing tbe ringleader ot a mob thatlh,-*h u" on terraces ot marble and Is
a associated by obtaining a clerkship  nltai   40 mUe, Bway   u,er<5 Uy at attemptedU. release David Reed trom decorated  everywhere  with  dragons
In a malt and hop storage houae^ He U ��poll   of death the raan who would a.XtaeWltb^ did n_ot have ��4 ��>��D��rial gold.   It wutaj that
TT **^ttl *a^*aa^lJS* UST"**n W"��� �����'��*   ���* ����� *����� -****������* tie n������ taBXTandirillftave to l��-J^SSL J^m^rSSSL^
Interest in a small brewery. - A    oestruction ot Gamboa dike.    It I work n-,* the' Mntei_ce. lye-^pe^n-^trom the Maaclm and
The brewing Industry then was   Inloolllerd.   the   engineer   who directed P��" "' "*e *muvem'*  iBwrnte princes formerly.
was   Lieutenant Colonel  David  DuB. 0. ���. B. Earnings) Incroaae. \ J^__.CJ^S-!2_^*_J^^j��___ Jl
tbe eseavatlon of Culebra cut, one end 8t. Paul. Oct. 10���The gross oper-l'*"** ~^SS___^^ J_E2?_2_.
ot which waa blocked by the Gamboa atint revenue ot the Great Northern\!lP^/^,v3?^_2_S__2!_rt ttl
dike. Colonel Galliard le auBering rartftid tor the fiscal year ending\���kT^ B^V^toe mwheraolUae
trom a general breakdown as n merit ljuo 30 last, were ��T��.m.W.n. Mlggg^JfJ*'-"** JS^JSTSS
of hi. long labor, in the, c��al gaaUhm by the anauri repori��� ��^��Mhiv? iSopted ei thetr official ^oZ
Engineers now are looklng-towe*  ite  tonight.    This  is an  tacreese ot  , ��� f a t        f Turt���.
I to the final dredging ol th* greet ditch j tl2.6S4.882.12 over the earnings of the
with the hope that lighter draft ves-1 preceding year
it* infancy ln America. Mr. Bosch
introduced tho modern method ofl
bottling beer tor export. He thus!
revolutionised the industry and laid]
lne foundation for its present great!
Vuinor Is still busy with names of
prcfulnent citizens ln connection with
tlio harbor commission. The latest to
bo persistently mentioned ls tbat of
I), ri. CnrtiS, who for yeara has been
���x tiard worker in tho Interests of New
It in stated thai Mr. Curtis will be
one of the two government appointee*,
and that It Is practically settled-that
lie  tonight.    Thla  ls an  Increase ot
Sues C. P. R. for W0.000.
Hegins.   Oct   10,-Edward   Macdon ,_,,.��� .���.. .,,,���_  ,.,���,	
aM Is starting suit against tiiti"C.P.R. ;,���,��� ,lge<i by the diggers wlll be able i
for  $30,000    as    damages  for  injury i, g throllgh the entire canal in a Waves -fame Regulation.
tn hls small daughter. AMce, who was i tmmfZjLaka Ottawa.   Oct   10.���The  minister of
run down   while playing on  a C.TP.R. | ._'.____  jthe interior has deoidtdMo wslve the
track  near  Eighth  avenue,  last June
and her le.Jt arm amputated, also the GIVE UP SEARCH
fingers on her right hsnd.
regulations  forbidding  the' killing of
game in the Rocky mountain ptrk and
POR  MISSING MANjha. authorised the .upertntendeu,Stoj^yS' la Chair, oo men's should-
tan. Tibet and Mongolia and also some
of the Chineee and Manchns appeared
to fewl 111 at ease in their sombre garb
which they have so recently choaen-
instead of their former flowing robes.
Carried In Chairs.
The chiefs of the foreign legations
were carried to the ceremony like "i��
he will be cne of the three members I being: Meat. 1464 sounds; vegetables,
Two Tooa of Pood  Destroyed. port Coquitlam. Oct 10
Regina. Oet. 10.���Two tons of food country high and low has been search-
were destroyed by the health depart- e(j, a]| possible places wbere he might
ment   during  September,   the   figures, have gone, visited and enquiries sent
procure ��� pair of mountain goats snd I . j���_i���_, ,*��� i��,�����_-,,..��_������  ._._.
Though the [on. male mountain sheep tor the CefrJCr,.,'^ fS��K_J*i'____SE��2-.- S?
gary natural  history society.
uf this important body
The report that Alderman A. E.
While would also sit on the comrals
sion as the representative of the city
seems to have been slightly twisted
during circulation, later reports saying that, while Alderman White will
hp one of the members of the board,
he will not represent thc city, hut bc
the second nominee of the government. If this is correct, the government side of the work Is done and it
remains only tor the city to appoint a
man to make up the three composing
thc harbor commission.
lt is confidently anticipated that at
the council meeting on Monday evening Mayor Cray will announce the
civic choice, who, it la expected, will
be a progressive citizen of New Westminster, whose interests will be sufficiently distinct from Fraaer river
waterfront affairs to render his Judgment absolutely unbiased and place
him above any possible Implication of
bi'Inf, Influenced In the decisions
which he wlll assist In making on the
bodv In whose bands will He the
destiny of New Westminster's freBh
water port
[1300   pounds:   fruits.     1275     pounds;
candy, 20 pounds and cream 42 quarts.
Final Arguments for and Against Delivered���Adjournment Taken
Until Monday.
Dean that the house had beon broken
Asked  for   Discharge
Sir Charles then asked tor the discharge of accused on the ground that
it was not merely for burglary of the
Bank of Montreal but for breaking
and entering Into the counting house
of tlie bank and stealing ��2.1.000. The
notes were not proved to have been
Issued and were not money at all.
The court���There ie evidence of
gold having been stolen and some of
the bills taken have been brought to
"sir Charles���Assuming for the sake
or argument that nil this evidence is
correct, that these notas ln Powell's
case were stolen In 1911. tbere ls no
evidence before your lordship that he
was guilty of receiving stolen money
knowing it to be stolen. The fact of
his being In possession of money stolen a year after thc then raises no
nresumptlnn against him.
The Court���That ls going Into n
very nice queation. Tho bank Is very
careful In regard to putting bank
notes Into circulation.
Even If -Evidence True.
Sir Charles-Then wc come down to
circumstances substantially amounting
to this. If all the evidence be true,
admitting lt for the sake of argument;
there was a rohberv of the bank undoubtedly on the night between September 14 and IB, 1911. nnd accepting
tlreonwood's evidence as genuine, that
he Is seen hours after the robbery,
travelling In a motor car towards hla
place of resldenoe.
This was decided upon yeBterday
following tho receipt of a wire by City
Clerk Duncan from J. B. Challls, engineer of the public works department
at Ottawa and superintendent of water
righta in the railway belt, to the effect that Hon. Dr. Roche, minister of
the Interior, had approved of the tentative agreement entered Into by the
triple parties, with the exception of
one clause.
This Is to the effect that the claim
of the Dominion government to hold
the land as reserve will be upheld.
the government to hsve supreme control in the administration to preserve
and cinserve the water rights of b"th
the city and the power comwnv. The
reserve rovers an area of 56,000 acres
morn or Ins*.
Mavor Oray, when interviewed by
The Newa yegterdav stated that the
wire did not materially affect the
streement and that the c'ty solicitors.
McQuarrie, Martin A. Cassady. had
heen Instructed to redraft the clause
���vb.lecteit to so that the plebiscite can
be voted upon next Saturday.
By voting on the gas plant bylaw
and alpo the Coquitlam dam agreement on the aame day the city will
he paved considerable expense by thus
converging the two questions and
eliminating the payment of poll clerks
on 'wo separate occasions.
The dam agreement will he explained tn the electorate at the public
meetings to be held next week at
which the condltiona hlnglna on the
purchase of the gas plant will alao ba
expounded trom the platform.
City In Throes of an Incipient loom���
Reported Find Meana Much
to Dlstriet
Calgary, Oct 10.���Calgary la In the
ihroes of an Incipient otl boom to-
right. Following the rumore ot a
strike in the Dlngman wall In the
Okotoks dietrlct several daya ago, and
which those associated wtth Mr. Ding.
man refused to discuss, Mr. Dlngman
gave out a statement today in which
he says that oil of a very high apeciflc
gravity has been struck In well No. 1
of the Calgary Petroleum Products
company, of which be tat the managing director. He also saya that the
quality equals, tt lt does not cxcell, the
finest grades of oil found In any oil
The Dominion land offtce waa be-
eelge'l this morning by a large number
ot men, who atood In line on the steps
ot th' building, ln the anow storm all
Unit right In the hope ot tiling tm a
leoeehold. The same condition haa
cV.v ed, to a less degree for tha paat
ten days, On�� ~^r' f*\o, **** waited
on tho atepa of the land dfflea (or tha
past two weeks, sleeping and taking
hi" neals there, waa rewarded by
rerurina a leasehold In the neighbor-
htod ot tka Dlngmaa holdlnga.
Albany, N. Y.. Oct. 10.-<Sovernor
Suiter's fate tonight rests with his
The final argument of counsel for
aud against him were delivered today
before the high court of impeachment,
lmmcdistely thereafter the court ad-
joarned uutil next Monday afternoon
at 2:30 o'clock. Upon reconvening
ihe covrt will decide upon IU plan of
ba'.iotliu, whether It shall be done ln
open c.r ixeciiive session .and then
take up Cue constitutional abjections
to lho Impeachment chargeslthat have
uecn raised by counsel for <he governor.
If the judges hold wholly or tn part
to tlie contentions of Suiter's counsel,
a vote on his guilt or innocence wtll
follow. The next queation to be decided will be whether he should be
removed from office. Should this be
decided affirmatively the Judgea then
will tote on whether the additional
punishment, of dladaallneatlon ffom
ever holding publlo office In thin state
again, ahall be mated ont to hlm.
Popular demand ia for an oaenaeaalon
of court ���_..___    _h.
No record haa been kept ot tha
proceedings ot the few execotlre JK*
���ions which hate been heln\,nnd thla
hat aroused much criticism.
out to every police department in the
Fraser valley no clqe bss yet been
found as to the whereabouts of Joe
Mercler. the shoemaker, who disappeared from his home ln Port Moody
over three weeks ago, and the question whether he ls dead or alive still
remains open.
Some of his friends are led to believe that he has met with foul play,
but general credence iB not given this
reason for hls disappearance, the majority holding the opinion that he ls
suffering from loss of memory and has
wandered away unwittingly. It was
thought that the myBtery had been
cleared up when laat week the badly
decomposed body of a man was found
floating In the waters ot English Bay.
A O. P. R. ticket from Port Moody to
Barnet was found ln the clothing on
the body, but the remains were later
identified as those of a South Vancouver man.
The search for Mercler has now been
pract'cally given uo. The various police departments have been notified
that he ls missing, and If any clue ts
found by these aa to hts whereabouts
the police at Port Moody will he communicated with.
Rt.  Hon.  Herbert  Samuel
Speaks on Naturalization Law.
Addresses Canadian Club In Montreal
���Saya Greater Measure of Uniformity Required.
Montreal. Oct. 10.���The Rt Hon.
Herbert Samuel. Britiah poetmaater
general, delivered hla list and tlnal
speech In Canada to the members of
the Canadian club of Montreal thla afternoon, when over 400 members were
present at a luncheon gtvan at tto
Windaor hotel. Tho prealdent Mr.
Dobls introducing Mr. Samuel, aald
the Britiah postofflce combined In IU
vast organisation not only postal business but the telephone and telegraph
services and therefore had tha advan-
Clean Contest Expected In ���y-electlon
In bhateaugnay Today���Thraa
Thouaand Voters.
Prwteee Soma Ravalatlana.
Regina, Oet ��.���Dr. D. 8. Tamh-.
lyn oT the Dominion health of anUaata
branch, la makto* a complete tuber-
cnltn teat ot tha dairy horde In Regina
and *UU tt le understood, make mom
atutHBS ravelaUoaa ��ha�� hit teat ta
completed. It la understood every
cowMiTone dairy hard teeted. waa
found to ba effected by attmary ta-
berculoale, bat Dr. Ta^lyn ratn��aa to
make a atatemoat at the praaent Una.
otu^To^T^&Mniite aggregating ����4��0,��M) hava Inm made tn
tha Canadian Northwft wMjw ��f��*
Brilliant uniforms of tba military offlcera attached to tba legations ma-
trasted strongly with the Mack of thw
Chinese deputies.
Yuan Bhl Kai wore a bin-.- mill'jry
uniform.     He   read hfs  declarations
which war*, tantamount to taking the
oath of office, from the dragon d-��'s
of the emperor, ov.er which the republicans had been draped.   After the delivery of tbe inaugural address,  the
president, surrounded by the members
of the foreign legations, reviewed 10.-
000  troops  equipped  ifl .modern   uniforms from the front of a pagoda of the
forbidden city, and it was remarked
by all present how well the soldiers
went through their exercises.
Extensive precautions, both police
and military, had been taken for several days as it was feared that some
Chinese rebels who had cut oft their
queques might obtain admittance disguised as Japanese. It waa not possible for the authorities to limit the
number of invitations sent to the Japaneae legation and tor thla reas"n it
waa decided to reduce the number nil
Prevent work of Assassin.
In spite of theee precautions It waa
found that the rebels had succeeded '
In tainting the loyalty ot the chief ot
tho Pekln mounted police. This waa
discovered In time and he waa arrested and confessed tbat he had bean
bribed to asaaaalnato tho preeldec'.
Prealdent Yuan Shi Kai. In ht* Inaugural address, avowed hla intention of maintaining a Ann aad steady
noltcv. He expressed the opinion that
the flrat principle ot government waa
a clear definition and proaalaatlnn of
tage ot being able to ��ake ��lll��a co��- lti j^ ^^ M- tt, Mtabttah-nmit
plaints to one head, tha davotod Mr. ���g mamtanapea at public ord*r.
Samuel, while tha Canadian gru-Mera ^XtterthlTha aaM la oo��np��ww
conld distribute their tarora orer ear-     ~      *"""-
eral different companion.
Ottawa. Oct W.���Toaorrow'a by
election In Chateauguay excltaa a
groat InlarJtt In political clrolea hora.
From git reports tha remit la very uncertain, and which ever aide wlna ��
large malor|tt la not looked tor.
The riding la oreMtin with ontaWe
the Kauowrtlet ������^����J��ffi*,*��?
Lanrler naval policy la largely pfob-
N haa beea a eubjeot of dlgwaoton
The trade and Weal qaeeUoae have
been much mote ^ooapknona ta ��he
Mr. Samuel, who waa received with
great anthnalaam. aald:
���The department over whieh I have
the honor to preelde Is one of tha
main llnka that oonnaot tko vwioM
portions of tho empire and I hava
coma to Canada not only.to make
aaeechee but to aee and Whrn Canadian condition and alao to coaler
with the Canadian poetmaater general
to devise with what meana are in enr
power tn order to draw atlll etaoer to-
gether theee Haka and bonds. A year
ego I coeperatod wtth him In mm*
atlng with the ***** ***** eemsnnk*.
whtfh roan-tad in very considerable
nd#tto��a nt* the cable ratea: acran
atdy tar the transcontinental Um,
money la paid ont an reoetpt of <
fiestas of the ootatfetloa of the
and ta oampHanoo with the ren-alre-
meets of the apodal sot
wtth the requirements of lime an* etr-
enmataneee eftorta should he rnafa to
unite the eeonte ta their march slon*
tho path nf progreee. The nrealde��t admitted hla preference tar Conrervn-
tlve rnther than extreme ndlonl
aethoda. tint heoanae ho did not cam
ta rMfc the welfare of the paoele and.
aotion tip beonnne he thowht the �����el-
ent teiihtafi ***** tmdMtoan of Chinn
dhoald net he ntart^ewept awa�� Via
referred to the reetriettoae *hl-��> *****
nt- aftm*'�� tm hand lor ti- ���*���*���
vane ef thn tatareeta ot the ���***���***
ttt Infndne-
the preee rata tram fh����to tn ***
halt ��enta Mr vard. The wntatenee
that I haven* wtth htta tatn Mat
taw dare will, I hen, raefit ta jg#
'*-**   *aw**t\9l*\   ������^nMaA    ___M
��� ttrt *s**mti*Mstm**mfr
,. ni"u.jiiiai i_-__>i><ji:^--^.t���.u 1I-��*.1'.m.-.ti-,. ���-j,'u,i"ii , n'.^n.'vXi"'wj' L_Jria.<>:.>r'."".
*���*. ��*M-_��vtHanmv��w
im '
��� -;Wi-V.:
A* independent miming paper denoted la tke -inter'sts of .Veto Westminster and
��� ������ Prater Valley.    _'uWi��k<*d every morning exeept Bunday by the National Printing
t*d PsbUeMng Company, Limited, at S3 UcBentie Street, New Weetmlneter, British
��� <I>mMo. BOBB SUTHERLAND. Managing Director.
All communications thould ts addressed to Ths Next Westminster News, and not
... Individual members ot th* et.iff. Che.nuet, draft*, and money orders ahould be made
������'liable to The National Printing and 1'utlishing Company, Limited.
TELEPHONES���Biuinttt office and Manager, ��8��; Editorial Roome (all depart-
Mats), mi.
BVBBCBIPTION BATBB���By carrier, 14 per year, tl for three months, 40c per
a.inth.    Bv mail, t'i per year, 26c per month.
" "KG BA	
tTEB on application.
Letter Admitted aa Evidence Against
Chinese    Opium
Seattle, Oct. 10.���Guy M. Watklus.
���peclal agent for the treasury department, with headquarters al i'ortland.
Child Travela 7000 Miles Alone to Her
Mother���The   Placard   She
New York, Oct. 10.���The cblld who
at t raci ed the iuoki attention on board
the "Kronprlnaeasin Cedilla," arriv-
tlie    We.er.  was
tificd a small note which ho claimed
he had discovered in the wardrolie
adjoining bis office two months after
Louie had heen searched In the room.
The letter was admitted as evidence
by Judge E. E. Cushman on motion
of Attorney .1. J. Sullivan for the government, and was found lo he written
on stationery of the Shasta Limited
It was on this train that Louie was
arrested early this year when trunks j curly haired
and suitcases filled with opium were j mother sent
seized.   W, L' Sischo, customs lnspsc- old  country
This is the day the forces of the government and those
of the opposition go to the mat in Chateauguay in what is
perhaps the most important by-election since Premier
Borden assumed office.
The party press on both sides in the east is taking
p keen interest in the contest and strenuous efforts are being made by the Liberal and Conservative campaign men
to capture the seat.
Viewed from an independent standpoint, there can
hardly be said to be any particular issue at stake in Chateauguay which has not been before the people for some
time, but interest is greater in the contest because of the
1'act that Hon. Sydney Fisher, a member of the Laurier
cabinet, is seeking re-entry to the house of commons by
the French-Canadian route.
Should the government forces win at the polls today
it: will mean nothing more than that the party in power is
.till possessed of an efficient political organization,
.strong enough to hold its own in such skirmishes, while
a victory for the Liberals could not be construed into anything like a popular condemnation of the Borden policies, Ispegtor, appeared as
ior the simple reason that Quebec has too much predilec-1"' :"- ',"1,:i h !;
1 ion for Liberal ideas to permit its verdict being taken as
t'.ie voice of the Dominion as a whole. In its widest scope
an adverle result for the government today in Chateauguay could not be interpreted other than as an expression
ot provincial dissatisfaction with the administration ac
However, there is a feature of the Chateauguay contest which does command attention and that is the coming
hack of Hon. Sydney Fisher. The former minister of agriculture has proved himself an able man in the house and
,'ust.such a personality as his is needed on the benches to
t he left of Mr. Speaker. The hard going of the last session,
with the protracted fight on the naval bill told on Sir Wilfrid Laurier, leader of the opposition, and on him fell a
burden of responsibility which undoubtedly would havej^,^fwft r��B^in $* M'""'1
been lighter had he had a right hand to help like the Hon.
Mr. Fisher. Hence Mr. Fisher's appearance in the political lists of Chateauguay. Knowing him and his abilities
as they do, it may be also inferred that the government activity in this campaign is actuated by a desire to keep such
a keen critic and stiff opponent out of the house and at the
same time show the people that Conservatism is just as
strong as when it swept the country in the last general
election on the crest of the anti-reciprocity wave.
Ore., sprang a sensation In the fed-, Ins yesterday from
eral court today, during the trial of four-year-old Margarellia Hitschen.
Charlie Louie, wealthy Chinese mer, with a placard stitched to the skirt of
chant, on charges Involving the opium j her dress on which is written in sev-
traffle. when he Introduced and Iden-jeal  different languages:
Please lake care of me.
I am going tu my mamma.
i���lease do nol kiss ine.
lt seems that Margaretha's father
died In a town not far from Vienna.
and her mother married again. The
moth'er emigrated with her new husband to Kenwood, Sonoro county, Cal..
leaving the child behind in the care
of a relative.
When   she   was   re^dy   to   rejolve
little    Margaretha    thc
si nt  passage  money  to    the
and   directed   that    her
tor,  testified  that he hud  Been    the I daughter he shipped.   When she reach-
porter bringing Louie sonic stationery ies California the child wlll have tra-
on the train. [ veled about 7000 miles.
The letter, which was found nnd ; The steamship doctor was thought-
which the government contends has; ful ennught to protect the child from
an important hearing on the case, was; terms likely to be transmitted through
not   Introduced  at  the former    trial ] kisses,
against Louie, when tbe merchant was The immigration boarding officers
acquitted. At that time, Watklna found that Margaretha has only $5,
claims, he was In Ignorance of its ! which was forwarded here in the care
existence. It was addressed to one [of an immigrant society. There ia a
Louis Keong at P.olse. Idaho, and set
forth that possibly the writer could
obtain "ten pieces for you."
Nell MacArthur, former customs in-
a witness, but
the m.'rning
session. Clay Allen, w'id took office
yesterday as l'nited States attorney,
is prosecuting the case with Sullivan.
Thirteen other Chinese letters were
introduced by the government dealing
with a widespread trade in "black
goods" from Utah to British Columbia.
Rev. A. W. MeLeod of Summerland
for Fraser Valley.
Summerland, Oct. 111.���Hev. A. Vt.
MeLeod, who for several Sundays
las', month occupied the pulpit of the
Chilliwack Haptist church, has received and accented a call from that
congregation. Mr. Mcl.eod left on
Thursday morning and will enter his
family traveling to San Francisco in
ahout eight days, In, whose care Margaretha will probably be sent. Meanwhile she will be held on Ellis Island.
The stewardess took Margaretha
ashore yesterday afternoon to buv her
an apron in Washington street. Hobo-
Oregon has a suffragette one hundred and three years
of age.   Certainly she's old enough to vote.
Nebraskans' idea of the millenium is the time when
tornados will cease to blow and blizzards stop blizzing.
Now it is denied that there is to be an influx of Mormons to British Columbia from Mexico. Well, Mexico
has our sympathy.
Fifty thousand words of legal argument in the Sulze-
r.ppeal case in New York and it didn't need ten to tell the
people that there was wholesale graft on the job.
The new Duke of Connaught high school may not be
ready for occupation by teachers and pupils, but it appears
to be all set for a healthy lawsuit between the contractors
and the school board.
J. B. Babcock, provincial fish expert, certainly had
his nerve when he wired Ottawa to have fishing on the
Fraser stopped till October 20. This is about the steenth
lime Mr. B. has stuck his finger into a hot pie.
until the
latter part of October. Their removal from here will mean a break in the
family. Harry is employed wiih the
Okanagan Telephone company, while
.lolm will this winter teach the gymnasium   class  at     Okatiagati     college.
Miss Edna is an Instructor in the
business department of (he same Institution, while Miss Jean i.s local
agent fnr the Okanagan Telephone
sompany, All four of these are likely
'c remain here, leaving only the three
youngest to accompany Mrs. MeLeod
to Chilliwack.
Lost Launch Located.
Chilliwack. Ocl 10 The px-igen-
ger launch belongtnp t., Mr-.*.*.*- mil
and Ryder, which I al I down the
river about two ������ u o during the
high water ol June has been found
ahout a mile down the river torn Mc-
firath's landing. Tin ; ������. .. sei has
been buried in the Band and this
year's water has taken awaj considerable of the sedimi :,��� I. ,*., ��� . ,t to
the view of man. Th' * nglne and the
fixtures seem to be none thi ivorse for
its misfortune,
Seattle, Oct. 10.���Seattle's apartment house burglars are again on the
Job after a period of inactivity covering about one week. Jewelry and
ether property valued at more than
���1000 -were reported missing as a re-
suit ot their operations during the past
24 hour*.
Dr. H. Wheeler's rooms In the Col-
'"rt anartments were entered some
time yesterday afternoon and a diamond scarf pin, worth $250, and con-1 ""eh
slderable clothing, was stolen. A pass
key was used to effect entrance.
At the Zlndort apartment*. Seventh
avenue and Columbia street, Mrs
Mary E. Fleece was robbed of a diamond cluster valued at $250. a $150
diamond ring, a check for $lo and i'H)
in cash.   A pass key was used.
Henry Johnson, 694 Elliott avenue
north, reported this morning thai
prowlers had looted his residence
some time yesterday, obtaining two
rings valued at.1300. A screen had
hern cut on a rear window and entrance effected while members of the
family were absent.
Mrs. C. H. Meagher, Bronze apartments, 2004 Franklin avenue, heard a
burglar at work in her apartments
last night, and awakened her husband. When the latter started an
Investigation the prowler fled. The
would-be thief had entered with a pass
|.urpnsc of Improving the city parks, lielng
km.wn as "Parka Improvement Debenture Bylaw, ini:."
ANU WHKKKAS the corporation ofthe
Olty of New Wesiminster authorized the
Issue of debentures to the um unt nf
tu-enlv-flve thousand dollars i I'JS.tloo > to
lie payable on Uie first day of July, lyi;*'
and in i��-iii- Interest at the rule of four
and one-hair (4 I-i) per centum per annum, payable halt-yearly en ihe first dnv
"f January and the rirst day of July In
each vear.
ANI) WHBRBAS tin- debentures uu-
thorlsod hv the said bylaws, Nos. ir��i fifi
anil ISI hnve nol heen sold, and owing to
an advance In llie rule of Interest far
i "V since the passing of the snld bylaws, Hie said debentures thereby authorised cannot he sold nnd disposed of except
nt a discount Involving a substantial re-
auction In the amount required to In. provided fnr. nnd ii Is neoessary to pass Oils
inlaw authorising the debentures to the
ssld amounts ta bear Interest at the rate
nf flvo (..i per oentum per annum.
ANH WHEREAS It will he neceaaary
under the said bylaw No, lil to raise
annually by special rate the sum nr six
hundred and ilxtV-one nnd nr.-ton,
dollars (I6I1.0B) v> form n linking fund
for the Payment of the principal and the
sum of Ihree thousand seven hundred unit
nftv dollurn <twin fnr Interesl, making
together n total amount annually ,,f four
thousand fnur hundred and eleven nnd r,r,-
100 dollars tl4411.(ll) for the term of
f'.rtv-nloi.  (IHI  years fnr Ihe repayment
"f   the   s*lld   loan   nml   hll.Test   thereon      us
hereinafter mentioned, the amount   of six
luindred nnd slxtv-fnur nnd HH-tnn dul-
l-'rs (MM..S1 having been raised for the
first venr'n sinking fund.
ANI. WIIKUKAS It will be necessary
under the wild bvlaw No. IM to rnlse an-
nunlly by Bpeclal rate the mini of eight
hundred and alxty-alght and so-100
dollars ($111,101 to form n slnklni; fund
for the payment of the principal, niul tlie
sum of five thousnnd dollars ($5000) for
Interest, making together n total ammint
nnnunllv of five thousand eluht hundred
nnd sixty-eight nnd SO-lno dollars
(ir.S6s.so) for the term of forty-nine ttt)
years fnr the repayment of ths said toon
nnd Interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned, the amount of eight hundred nod
eighty-six and 58-100 dollars itssr..sr.)
bavin* heen raised for the first year's
sinking fund.
AND WHERKAS It wlll be necessary
und-r suld bylaw Nn. 168 to nils" nnnunllv by special rut" the sum nf two
hundnd and seventeen and ���_<i-li)n dollars U*_l7._(l) to fnrin a sinking fund fnr
th.. payment "f ths principal and th" sum
of twelve hundred and fifty ilnllnrs
(11-50) for Interest, making together a
tntal amount annually nf une thouaand
fnur hundred an.l sixty-seven and -"-100
dollars ($1467.10) fnr the term of forty-
nl.:-- if'i years for the repayment nf the
snld loan and interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned, the amount <��r two hun-
rtn-d nnd twentv-ono and 64-100 dullars
1X221.64) bavlng heen raised fnr the first
year's sinking fund.
AND WHBREAS the n"t value nf the
whole rateable land In tli" municipality,
acoordlng t.i the lasl assessment rnll
amounts In seventeen millions, nue hun-
dred and flftv-seven thousand! nine hun-
dred and fortv dollars ($1?,16T.I40).
corporation nf th" city of New Westminster  em ct I  as  follows
1     Tlmt the said debentures authorised
by  iald   bylaws   161,   163   and   166   shall
hear  interesl  at  the  ral.   of  five   I T. J   per
centum per annum computed    from    the
first day nf Julv.   1918.  an.l  sueh  Intereal
sliall In   iiavai.le half-yearly on th- first
dnv of Januarv nntl the fii-ii day of July
in  . ..h  yenr .'..rine  the cirr.-nev  thereof
n.l the sai.l debentures   shall    have   attached thereto coupons  fnr the payment
he -..i.t Interesl  which shall bear th*
lirnnliire   uf   the   mivnr   .led   clerk,   and
nati.-e   mffv   he     either     written.
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
when you can get ai good, or better, manufactured iu B. ('., vis.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUYBK" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Speciflcatlona ot Americas and Canadian Engineer!' Association.
We would alao call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24 in. in diameter. Thla la also made lu thli Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Band.
I.inie, Plaster, etc.
See ua before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and H.
S02 Columbia Btreet W.
pianoforte, harmony and singing Pupils lucoeasfuly prepared for examination In It A. M anil 11. f. M. Kor terms
apply SOI Third avenue.
Pianoforte; 14) Keary Bt., Sew West-
Hi.- i.it.- Professor Allan Macbeth.
Principal nr the Glasgow College nf
Musi,-, and Professor Grassland Hirst, nf
th.- Qlaagow Athenaeum, begs to intimate  that   ehe  will  aeci-pt   a   few   pupils
tn singing an.l voles production. Ex-
tenslve repertoire of hlKh qUum iihikh
Kor terms, call nr writs tn ll"fi Hamil
ton street,
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ��10,000.000 00
RESERVE   t18,000.000.0��
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., anil Mexico City. A genera*
tin nk I nit liimini'ss transacted. Letters'
of ('relit Issued, available) with cor
respondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Hank Department���Deposit*
received lu sums of tl ami upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per ceut. per
annum (present rale).
Total Assets over $1H6,000,OI>Q.OO.
(i.   D.   BRYMNKH.   Manager.
\ ll'li'iinvrr.
HEARS, -as.
Automobile     Man    Carries    Out     H
Promise to Take Remains of His
Friend East.
Pnrt Coqultlam. Oct. 10.���Enthupi-
riitic In expression urid lavish with
nralsa of what iB being done In Port
Coqultlam along Industrial lines, worn
the mo members of the Vancouver
Proeregg club who yesterday visited
Bnd insopcted the city. In response to
the invitation of the hoard of trade.
Arriving from Vancouver shortly after noon, the party left the special
���' I' It. ear that conveyed them from
.'.i;n om.T and were Informally
llm Commercial hotel.
amis Mars welcomed the
������" mbera of tlm club with a two-mln-
ite speech, after which 'he party,
which   iimliidnil   many   leadbfe   busl-
 s  citizens  of  Vancouver and  dls-
trlct, continued  tlieir Journey to the
Nix on the feather dusters for janitors, says the Westminster school board. If that sort of thing goes on what
are folks to do with the caudal decorations of defunct
It is now claimed that the opposing factions in the
Irish home rule fight are a step nearer peace since Churchill's speech. How many steps will it take to cover the distance between where they are and the door of Andy Carnegie's temple at The Hague?
After the escape of that pet bear cub in the residential
section of the city the other evening, keep your eyes open
for a weird tale in the eastern papers about the towns of
1h wild and wooly west. It'll be there all right?all you've
cat to do is watch for it.
Identified    Him    As a  Relative and
Mado Mistake.
Montreal,   Oct.   10.���A    man   was
v ilkliiR in front of 493 St. Dominique
.'  yesterday afternoon,  when he
:'i! r> ihe sidewalk unconscious.   He
taken to the General hospital and
i.'il this  morning without rcsalnlng
���Woman called at the hospital to look
at the unconscious man, nnd Identified liim as their missing brother-in-
law. At 11 o'clock the same couple
rushed up to tlm Oeneral hospital in
tm agitated condition,
breathlessly that ihey had made
mistake in the Identification and that
on their return homo lhey had found
their brother-in-law at. home,
The identity of ilm patient was established hy I'alrick I.oalmv of 554
Cadlcux  stmet.  win,  said  the  man's
v 10 o'clock last night a man and'name waa James Clarke.
Chicago, Oct.    1��.   When    M
Moran of New York city went to Cal
Ifornla seeking health lm  met  W   A
i'eck, representative of an Ohio auto
mobile concern.  They became frlendi
One day when Moran felt lm was
KoiiiK to die, i'eck tried to cheer I n
"What do you care if you do pass
out?" he utiked as a Joke. "I'll ial..
you buck to New York In an automo.
bile hearse. Think of that a funeral
from coapt to coast."
Moran gave his friend a sour look
and went back to the tuberculosis
hospital. Soon after I'eck drifted
somewhere alons; the coast and forgot
about the promise he bad made.
Moran died on August 14. When
he knew he could not live more than
a few hours he called the nurse to his
"I want you to find W. A. I'eck,"
he said, "and give hlm this $M)()0 to
remind him of u promise he made to
mc, and tell him to spend It on the
The nurse called the superintend
ent, who agreed to carry out Moran's
last wishes. I'eck was found In Seattle. Then it took several days more
to make arrangements fnr   the hearse.
The coast to coast funeral began on
August 2X. II. II. Ilamblev, an undertaker in San Diego. Cal., where
Moran died, agreed to accompany the
bodv to Its grave on the Atlantic
The strange funeral came to Chicago last night, and the undertaker, Peck
and the chauffeur spent the night here,
exclaiming j They will continue the Journey tomor
"Moran has only one relative, a
cousin who lives In New York city."
Mr. Ilamblev said Inst night. "lie
wanted to be buried there. Ile was
horn and reared In New York city
and he considered himself an involuntary exile in California."
City of New Westminster
"New Westminster Debenture Interest
Conversion Eylaw 1913."
inpi'd ur lithographed.
j. There shall I..* raised anil levied an-
nually during the currency "f tie- --..ti'l
debentures authorised l.v sai.l bylaw No.
i'.i I.*.* Bpeclal rat'- sufficient therefor upon
;.il ih.- rateable laud within th- limits "f
thi Bald municipality in addition to tti"
annual sumfl required hv ths Bald bylaw
No K.i in ih.- sum uf iiu.��� hundred und
s'*. ��� titv-flv.' dollars ($376) to pay the ud-
dltlonal Int't*.*-.! nuthortsed l.v this bylaw,
tin- same to be In addition t" nil rat"n to
h. levied an.l created In th.- said municipality.
3. Tier.- sliall be ralsi-.l an.l levied annually during tl'*- currency nt the said
debentures authorised l.v said inlaw No.
159 hv special rat" sufficient therefor
iinim all th.. rateable land within tie* limits uf the said municipality in addition tn
the ti mual sums required by the said hv-
lnw- No. 159 th*- sum of two liundr.*.1 and
fifty dollars (S2r.il) to pay the additional
Interest authorised by this bylaw; tha nam.-
tn In* In :nl���mini! to nil rat.-s 1.. bs levied
and created In the sai.l municipality.
-I. There shall Iif ral.-.I and levied nnnunllv during th.* currency uf tin- said
a-'.... - : ��� nuthortsed l.v said bylaw Nn.
ir,:: i>\ apeclal !*:.'������ sufficient th.*r.*r..r
iu.-.n ..*! lhi rstenble bind within the llm*
'ts ..r ih- Mild munldntillty in addition tn
it:- ���*��� a.' Bums reoulred in* tl.- said by*
law"" Nu 153, the sum "f on- hundred an.l
Hv-n'-.-fi... dollara tf,".:.) in pnv the additional Interest auth -��� iz-.l l.y this bylaw,
,1,,. .-,.,,. i . i.��� p, ;,,!>!,i,,n .,, all "lies to
hi. levied and created la th- said munl-
... Thin h'.-iniv nhnll como Int.. effect on
its receiving the assent "f th- lieutenant,
governor hi council.
6. This bylaw may be oil.il for all
..i.n*..s. '. as "NKW W128TMINSTRR
lintioinK nnd Calisthenics, will visit Hew
Westminster once n week Classes for
adults.    Write or apply for particulars
ut   Ouw-r   House,   EtoTnby   str-.-t.   Vnn-
oouver 12047i
II.   J
Accountant, t-i   r. m. 11..nm 2
Hart 1
P. Jl. Bmlth. W   J. llroves
Work   undertaken    In    city    and    nuiit.l-
polnte.   211-13   WeBtmlnster   Trust   Bids
Phone 144.    P.  O.  Bos  607.
nttnif Engineers, Local 54:1. meets in
i.ahor Tempts every first and third
Thursday nf tin* month. H. Mcl.iim-rhlin.
president * W. C. Saunders, secretary,
P. n   llox MS.
B 4 P, O. of Elks of the D. of C, mar
the first and third Thursday at 8 p. m.
K. of p. Mall. Eighth street A w,-ili
���flrny. Eialted Ruler; P. H. Hmlth. 8w
A BVI���
���������'   i'i AMEND HVI.AWS NUM.
BKKS 151,  ;   . AND 151,
WHEREAa   .,     , M   ,,���������,,      f
'      atlon of I   ,1  Ni *   West.
��� tit Uie electors
'���'1-.   Una,l.v
DONE AND  PASSED  In  open  council
the (6th. sixth day of October, 111:1
P.ECKIVEIi th- njisenl   Df t! lectors
th- dny -r Oct iber, 191S.
RECONSIDERED   ami   finally   passed
the day of October,  1913.
Cltv Clerk.
RECEIVED the assent of the lleuten-
ant-ffovernor In council thi. day
of October. 1913.
Take nolle- that tli- above Is* n true
copy of the proposed hylnw upon which
the vote of the muiili-ipallty wlll be taken
on the Uth day of October, l��H, bc-
tw-en the hoiirB of ft 0 Clock n in. and 7
O'OlOOlC Pi m. lit the following plim-M, vlu. :
The council -chamber, city bull.
No. 4 flre bull, Kappert'.n.
No.   5 flre bull. Thirteenth street,  and
at   '.'I. -lish. in nntl.
W. A. DUNCAN, ''llv Clerk,
city hall, New Wsstmlnstsr, Ootober 7.
IBIS. 'Sill)
���    third  .1...
"-'" I:    '      ���'     il       In    11 bylaw ... ..
' ,'   *:    ���'* ��� 11   .1 iu- cornoru
, *������...*   u. ���,���������������',   i0
,���   ',1   ",   ,         ."���"'   "'   ������venty-flvs
inoumind  dolUirs   i��,r,, ,   ...  tl
enu.rglr.he'' ,<l    *  "*"''""'      d
trglng  ibe  existing   reservoir and  ox-
ie wati rworks systi m In the olty
"minster, the said bylaw being
.uri i!,,i,u:i;;;_:t:,i:i.^""��""' <**��*
-iMN|!'l\v.":',V'AS  'o>|...nill������ by the
said I'vlau authorised the Issue uf deben-
��� n ...hi of sevenly-flvs tbou-
'4......an 1  t,, be payable on
of July.   Vjiyi, and  to  hear
','"���'.'    ���',*      '* f  four and on-hiilf
hli.!;.'-., ','���"" ""r annum payable
, Y "" ""* t rsl  dn * .,,* January
iml the in** day .,1 July Ineaoti
of the corporation of
Westmlnstel   did   with
I- mnn
of New Wi
known  an  *
Band .lull.*,
first  da
on   [be  third
- municipal councll
tin- city  of    New
th- assent of the
filially pass bylaw
tO -I..,I.I,.  I!
of   Nl w   W.
day  of July,   mi
1-^. h-hiK 11 bylaw
municipal uounoll of the city
|"i "i-i   in  rulBO by loan il���.
,    ,. "undred    thousand    dollars
1100,000) forthepurposa of (fruiting 	
Royal Columbian hospital In
ti'"   Bum   ..!   nil,ty   thousand
grunted under "Hospl-
tw,  i:ni:i,������ th,. snld by.
"* "Hospital Debenture
"Here is the Answer;'in
I New International
I The KmrcftM Webster
e V.vrry dnjr tn your tnlk urd rcnrilnir, *t
H hotUSfOll tlio htnvtciir. In Utenf.H'u, Miop
g niul hi iiti'il jou likely MutMiuri tl.e tin in-
���1  jik' of t. u uric word.   A friend tnUni
l'A ' Wliiit m.iltt-n mortar Iturdrii?"   Ynu tm lc
H tllflloctttlouof Lock Katrine<>t V\p vram\n*
���:i cl'iUun o( jujutu.    Wtmt ia mt-hit* cootf
5..- Tli ii Now Crtiitinn an*wrrti all k int in of
g qumtluriH in Ltirinunirr.MiHtory.lliottmptty.
y Kli tlon, Forclirn WonlH, Trnilufl, ArU uud
i- Sclent-en, u ith final authority.   '
I 400,000 W��rd��.
| COCO Illustrations.
B Cost $400,000.
r 2700 Pag**.
I The only dirHmmry wllh
a ih>*r** to dividedpaa-*.--clmr-
*."���     ��i.-t..ri MM   u*    " A   *_�����._.!
L O O M.. NO. K54.���MTCKTH ON
flint, second, third and fourth Wsdnt*
��Uiy In mod month at 8 p. m
In thf MOflM Home. || j, Uafttny
dictator;     V      B.    Jom>n.     tocrfttary
M"jiiJqtuirt.rn   of   lortR**    In    S*"*1    Houmc
corner ot Fourth and Carnarvon Btretta
Call and inspect our fall'
lines and new rail styles and
place your order now.'
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401    Columbia    St.
When travelling f��r bustneii or pleasure, you may as well have comfort
anil travel liy our line. You will I.iiU
ii to your advantage 'o oontult u_ tur
lute:; anil  reservation**.
B. OOUI.ET. Agent.
New Wesiuilniler
II. W. HltoniE. O. P, A., Vancouver.
I. O. O. F. AM1TT 1.0r>OK NO 17���Th
regular meeting of Amity IoiIk'' nv
27. I. O. <i K. la helil eyerjf Morula-
nluli' nt 1 o'olook In .)dit Fellows' Mni'
oorner Carnarvon end Right h streeti
Visiting brethem coriiinliy invitpi"
"   A. Mrrrlthsw, NO.; II. \v. Bangstsr,
V. o.;   IV   C  fir.thnm,  P.
ln�� secretary    J. vv. MncOnnulil. flnnn-
'���liil  tmrrelHry.
w. B. kai.i.h���Pioneer Funeral Plrocto
anil   BriLbalroer,   Sfl-tlH   Agnus  strewi
olipiiBl.j '���|iiri.-Kl'* l.llirury.
ter A llftnna.vl.til.)���Funeral -ilr'rtnr
sml i-iTilinlrniTS. rsrlors 405 Columbii
street.    New   W-. ntmlnstiT.    I'll' ns   .11
ster Bonrd of Trade mii'lii In tils tior.ri*
r,H*n, City flail, ae follows Thlnl I'rl
day of ejioh month; tfUartdrly msi^tni
on tlio third Friday of February, Mnj
August and Novemtxir ��t s n m. An
nual meetings on the thlnl l-'rHnv o
February. C. H. Btuart Waite.
Sain, needs, Huslneas Letters, itc.; eir
oular wort spcclallat. All work strletlj
confldantlal. It. Barry, room 111 vvm
mtnsmr Truat Blk.
hone 70!
ASUoku ot
addition   in
dollars   (130,0001
tni Uobonturo iu*
iuw in ink known
Hvlnw. 1312.*-
hum i,\iuw authorised h
lllll H  to   til'1 Jtllliiiltil   of   '
-ni"! dollars i $100,0	
Hi" first .1.1 V of Julv.  I interest  iii  ih"  nui. ,,i   r
(4   l-'i i   por centum  pei
'mlf-v urlv un  the  riiHt
and lh" flrsl il.iy nl* Jul)
or ih" oorporatlon of iin- eiw of    N"w
Weatmlnater with ii"* iissi-nt of th" eleo-
tors illil  mi   the  third  iluv  of Julv.   lllll
finally puss bylaw No. 151, heirm ii bylaw
to   enable   lh"   nuinli-ljuil   ggunoil   of   lln- |
oorporatlon or the citv of New Westmin- >
ster to ratio hy loun the sum ���r twenty- I
five   thousand  dollars   (t26.U0��)   for   thn'
orporatlon by tho
'* Issus of deben-
II"   llllll'lreil   lllipn-
to lm payable mi   %
'.. anii to bear In-1 ��
mi* and  on'-lmir
niimiin.  nnvtihi"
dny of January
in eaoh year.
lunlolpal euiinell
���s actorlted
I OimiIiis."
H lr*.._P.-pwtilitl<m:
f] (hi tliin, opnquo. strrme,
i": li.ill-i p:i|ier. Wliat a sutii*-
p   f.u-I luownt   etlerrlnm
^ Wobstor In n form so limit
��� nml so convenient to le-el
1| One liilf i'u-IM. kne-e nml
p w.-it.itiil ll'-iculur Wltlou.
���:-. RceulsrEiliilon:
1 OnslrniiKlmiikpnper. *WL
��� 1 l'i Ilu.  bite, ltittl>)it
* Oiinliiis,
Wrlifl fnr ipehnn ftttt,
IIIU.IIM Cl._, ft...
te ��� thn roll
iH. IKlill
I ten
rlsters. Sollcttors, eta 40 l.nriie Rtreef
Nsw Weetmlneter. O, B. Corbould, K
C.    1. R. OranL    A. E. MeColl.
tewit-law, solicitor, eto. Telephoni
llt-r). Cable addrees "Johnston.'
Code, "Weatern Union." Offices, Rill
Block, BSD Coluihbla street. New Wost
minster, B. C.
COAI. MININU rlKlits or lhe Dominie*
in Manitoba, Mnskntehewnn ami Allmrta,
Uie ViAuin Territory, the Northwttt\V*t-
rltnrli-s nml In a portion of tin* I'ro/lnea
ur ilrillsh (.'nluinhfa, may be leased for ���
term or twenty-one years at an annual
rental or II an acre Not more than flit
m-ri-s wlll be leased to ons applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
hy the applicant In person to the \**a*
nr Hub AKent of the district In wblcb tk*
rlsiils applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land muat be
deaorlbsd by sections. ��r b��al sub-dirt.
suns ut seotlona, and In unsurveyed ter-
ilinry th. tract applied ror shall be
sinked out by Uis sppUcant himself.
1-.ii��� J. application must be n���-rninsntet
by a Tee ol tli tThlch wlll be refunded tf
the righta applied lor are not ..vullAla,
tint hut olberwlao. A royalty shall h*
Paid on tba merchantable output of tk*
mine nt the rain of tire oetits per ton.
The i-erson operating the mine oheJI
furnish tbe Agejit with swern relume
noooujilbig for the full quantity of mer-
clam raids coal mined and puy the
alty thsreon. If the ooal mining rb
ars nol being operated such returns i
lie furnished at  l.n.l once a yeer.
I'he lease wlll Include tbs ceal mint)
rlahls only,  but tha leasee wlll be
mined   to    purchase   whatever   avallafi
surtnos rights mar be considered
sary for ihs working of the mine
rale of 110 an acre.
For fill infm.urtlon application t-hx-t**
<��������� made to the Secretary of tha Mp3E
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or t*~-
Agnit or Hub-A��ent of Dominion
n,   ���   R^Puty Minister of' the fnte.
N. B��� Unauthorised publication of
advertisement will aot fie paid for,
elds ��� Barristers and Hnllcllnrs, West
minster Trust Hlk., Cnltimhla streel
Nitw Westminster, B. C. Cable addroa
"Wllltealll��.������ Westorn Union. P. O
Drawer 200. Telephone Rl) w. J
Whllealdo, K. C.; H. L. Rdmonds, t
J. BTlt.WEI.I, Cl.tlTB. Barrlster-nt-laa
solicitor, etc.; corner Columbia an-
McKsnitls   slreets.    New    Weslmlnste
B. c. p. o. Bos iis.   Telephone 7ii
Bolicitor nnd Notary. Offices Har
block, 2t Isirno street, New Westmin
ster, B, C
Barristers and Hnllcflnrs. (05 to (11
Westminster Trust Block. O. E. Mar
tin, Vf. O. McQuarrie and Ueorge I
Transfer Co.
Office Phong Itt.     Barn Phong 1tT
Begble ttraat.
Baggage Dellveret Promptly u
sny part of tho elty.
Light and Heaty Hauling:
P.O. Box 34 Dally Newa Bldg.
of sll kinds.
Prloet right.   Satlafaetlon guarantee*,
N McKenile tt *t**tltl ****tt*.H*mi*��i .0.m*.m...
  SHI III iew
iW.Sn��i.t a
F.   C.  Campbell,   Succeaaor  to  S.  A.
Fletcher, Likes Weatmlnater���Waa
Farthest North.
'How do you llko the cllniuti'?"
Tbftl Miiery, which Ib quite, popular
unuiiig ('a)l.ornluiiH speuklng to Strang-
em just arriving In thai state, was |
put to K. ('. Campbell, tho new government agent who han taken the
pout vueuted by H. A. Fletcher. After
21 .vears In British Columbia, spent in
the Interior and Hie 1'i'iice river country. Mr. Campbell should In' un expert
aa to climatic conditions- and In un
Interview with The News yesterday
lie spoke In the highest terms of thi
Coasl climate so far lis he has expo-*-
Icneed  it during the paBt two weeks.
.Mr. t'uinpbell has the record of
having held the position of govern*
ii "iit agent In the most northern portion of the province, lie was sent to
lhe Peace rlvor country In 190!) to
opi :i an Office and make a survey of
-Conditions as to thn question of s'.t-
tllng that wonderful country, which,
when tapped by u eteitm road, gives
promise of being the richest section
<if the whole of the Dominion. Mr
Campbell spent a year In the north
nnd nfter making extensive reports to
the provincial authorities the office
was closed until more koUIitb dime
in. and he was given the position of
government agent In Ilarkervllle.
Hack In the Interior the work or a
government agent Is much moro varied than thnt on the coaBt, the official being called to handle everything
In  the  line of provincial  government
work. Including registrar, mining ro-
corder, government lands, etc,
Mr. Campbell speaks highly of lhe
ii'iner country, where be slates the
financial stringency has net affected
tin- farmers one iota, owing t.i there
being little land speculation going on.
Just al tbe present tiie new agent
Is hunting for a suitable house and
���uiiee located he wlll move his family
ami "ffec's from Clinton, where he
wat* last stallnnedi
Seattle, Oct. in. MIbs Susan Fnu-
|i *.. (or 1!' years Ihe tlancte of the late
���Charles B. Kastnian, wealthy Seattle
tlmberman who died In a Rattle Creek
sanitarium in February. Ull, will re-
Ceive one fourth of an estate valued
ut n.nn.nnn. under a decision rendered
yesterday nfternoon by Judge Everett
itn^th In Hie superior court
The testimony showed that Kast-
tnan and MWs Faulev became aequaint-
ed li Haglnnw. Mich., in the early
nineties, lust  after Eastman had  lost
i fortune. Thai acoualntanca ripened
Into love, end In 1M4. nfter a formal
���engagement had been announced.
Boatmen came to 0Sgttlfl and soon regained his wealth In the timber tmsl
ness In July. 1910. hc was tsken 111
and itisi before an operation In the
Seattle (.encrel hospital wrote a letter to Miss Pauley, which he stamped
ami iilaccd In his grip. In which he
���s'lted that If anything happened to
blm lie desired her to h-'ve "tie fourth
Of hi* ept'ito. After his depth Ihe
sob!' d |ett-.r wns found nnd forward-
eil l.y KasticiinV sister to Mini Faille'- Judge Smith yesterday held this
letter lo be S deed In equity. The
other heirs nre Mrs. I.lllle Trace Mrs.
Bmtrttl V Abbott nnd Mrs. F.lectra
Wood, all of Michigan.
Dce't Like Mrs. PanHiurst.
Niihvllle,    Tenn.,      Oct.    10.    The
Nashville     Equal     Suffrage   league-
throggh  Its president, mailed a letter |
yesterday to the agent of Mrs. Fmme-
iliv   Pankhurst,  the  English   mllltat't j
suffragette,   who  Is  hilled   to    sneak
here next month, stating the loca' or-
ganlaation   would   not   stand   sponsor
for her in any sense.
After  Many Operations She  le Well
and Marries the Msn of Her
imltlnmrc. Oct. 10.���After being
pronounced Incurable by a Bcore of
phvslcians and operated on nine times,
each time with tower chances of recovery- MIbb Sophie M. Koerth was
married to Jeremiah J. Ilallsbach ln
    .,    ...t.i.,1.   _hit   four   vegrs
rrlell   IO   jrniliniu   �������   �����.���	
tto very droBS which ahe four years
ago wade wl'h her own hands for
her shroud. Miss Koerth kept the
tlrcBR wrapped up, ready all the lime
for her funeral.
Miss Koerth's caso Is well-known
nmong abdominal experts of the Johns
Hopkins hosplUl. the Woman s hospital. St. Agnes' and other totdlbal ta-
ntltutlone. She never ha��| ��W�������� ����
an opentlon, ����en when told that the
chances of recovery were slight At
ono hospital she begged to be^operated on, but they rttused to put her
���n the table, because, they explained
tn her. It would mean death.
She Imalorad Dr. Joseph 0. Blood-
Kood u> ta*a n��f �������ln M*5t���1J!!;
The first opetotton parformed ��J M���
waa even more serious then he-ex
pected. A tew months ����<f " ! ?,v
ierlous operation *��J��;,or���edalBl*
hlm, and last. May a third one. Maea
then she h-d heen gaining strenglb
no rapidly that she decided that there
was no obstaele to ��$��>��"* tM_
"1 am willing to tell all about this.
hccauBe so oftea P���?1" ,a��* * ,��oT":
nae to hove1 operations performed,
rte aid today.''snd putting off having thom until ntore serious compll-
Mtlons follow. l.��wer have asked
to have an opartlton put off when It
vwas needed.  If 1 had not been willing
dead years -UO. I 0��� my recovery
to the fact that Ssw discoveries have
Men made. 1*>***1 ��hyiitcUn�� h��v*
declared that so on* could survive the
operations I haft been through.^
W. E. FALES, Opposite Carnegie Library, NEW WESTMINSTER
Think of saving % to % on Every Piece of Carpet, Rug, and High Quality Furniture.
This is a genuine sale. Mr. Fales is going out of business; store is for rent and fixtures are for sale. We
don't quote prices to mislead you, but every article in our store is marked in plain figures. The RED TAG
tells you what you save. Courteous treatment���you need not ask the price���help yourself. Whether you
are little or big, rich or poor, W. E. FALES' is the store in which to do your Furniture buying.
For miles around the crowd came to share in this GRAND BARGAIN FEAST
They were here last week and all this week ��� they will be   back  next week.
But it can't go on forever; like all good things it must have an end. This end is not far off. A few weeks
more, and this sale will have passed into history. Before the closing days roll round, we urge you to share
in these incomparable values. Much that's good and desirable remains. Perhaps it's just the article you
want. Prices have been given another reduction that brings them far below manufacturer's cost. Special
displays and extra salespeople have been arranged for, to assure quick service. When this sale started there was
Come down; look around; we'll not urge you to buy. Wepack and ship everything to out-of-tewn customers free.
W. E. FALES, New Westminster^^    Carnegie Library
for .miosis
Thl�� Tlmt tha Dltcavinr H��ll�� From
Sardinia���I* It tald to fla
Rome, Oct 10.���That tuberculoid
le an UImm of the paat la affirmed
ln the moat emphatic manner by a
yonug Sardinian analytical chemlat.
whoa* frlenda declare that not a tingle eaae treated by hla ayttem haa
failed to be thoroughly cured.
"It la a wonder and It will bt the
imi iiit-ss-ss-sssass-aa-ssamamaaaaaa
greateat scientific discovery Of the
twentieth century,"- Dr. Carbon!, who
has taken the treatment, aald.
The dlacoverer la Or; Mario Nurchti
of Iglealas, a picturesque Sardinian
town. In which It the ehemltt't thop.
which haa exlated there for setenl
generation*, belonging alwaya to the
aame Nurchls family and the centre
of the life and politics of the whole
dlatrlct, aa, tn Italian -country placea,
the pharmacy ukea the plaoe ot tht
Anglo-Saxon club. ,
Hit Slttera Died.
About ten yeara ago the Nurohla
family were effected 1iy tuberculoate,-
nnd, one after another, all tht daugh
ten auccuinbed, nut-ntf an Ineffaceable Impreaalon on the mind ot Mam;
the only ion. AltoowA Alt
tlons and the tradltlofti ot hit tol
led hint to devctf* ttinoU toJ
Istry rtth,^^
medicine, ht
termlned to dedicate all hit powers
and energy to a ttury of tha terrible
Ue worked todetatlgably tor tea
yean, making experiments on mtee,
plgt tad. sheep, tnd finally on himself, at he ***** alto threatened with
the scourge. When questioned ta U
the sucoett he had" at laat attained
ht modttUy declared It waa due te
science, or to patience, or to a chance
like that, through the movamaato ol
a dead frog, ImmortoUsed Qalvaal't
name, or brought Volta to dleeotar tht
electric battery.
Manykinjectlent Mtmtnd.
, chemical eoapoetttat -1
accordta. t   th��
aWeOot  tniTio to it), t
to ikt aavtrity at the Utoett.
The munltlpal and mUltary doctors
who have tested tht treatment *****
that tha afttot to "aaaohrtate t*Xt**a*
toot." Alter flto tin* tojeaOoatoe
aplttlng ar MoS* abeoiately 'aatotoj.
and after tlte or ale. taleadoaa. a%\
thoogh the tempentan at toa aatiaat
temporiuniy rleee. ha tag
petite ami f tela atraagar
chtartui: \-*a* attor aao��v*a*a*r toe
JatttoM att' tiaoe at f#rer naishea.
nlgfet per^tntloe. dtoaWn* aad toe
a*t**m  _______*' h_h ^_______tf___��___MA  T_______ttB__l________L
T*t\****w Xi*w*m9,'^*Mi ^>*9}****^*i**t^**^*^* ��� *toWI^^^^^^^^*"
Ntechislaa," to tUty aajwa amrt
jHtotfKMH,Oak -t^rAltar,
jjltottoa ��� hatwtta toe
at^i utd toa
.  **&_,-."
tkat s________m
ijaatlaaa MaaatoM-     *    ******* **> ***f*i��****   **mr''****n.
���? X_!_^_i!'L_jrK_?: "*�������� ************** ��**
.#_^-^l-ih   htoto   at*.   -HiaMBKB-fltfHL.    ^*s****9~*e**r* *^ *W*^^     9***^^*    ***t^*     \^*x*ms^****-***m     aaa
rala af tito tHh it-ttolialiatr that
M��a at the aidd wttor wrtot-let at
flak *** to to^ataaaad m game flak
I      aoaa atrajr ��t(b to4 Mataaaty .at ab-
m> ******** *"_to_l_a ___fc 1
W -��W�� *9**s* ******
'' ^-%4^-p - )r**\fir*>'*,
^^*s^^*J****W ^ ***m , w-^toV   ^^m
'-c-hl >i*-'iy���
"...   * *"�����:'��' "..-*��� ��� ;������:>'���'���'***
���' \ PAGE POUR
Fresh Water and Salt
Further Increase Expected Next Week
���Butter Prices Remain Staple
���Yesterday's Market.
Local    Men    Confident    that    Salmon
Fishing Will Not Be Ttopped
in   River.
Krbs strove hard to break all altl-
Several   Skippers  Tell  of   High   Seas , tude records at yesterday's city mcr-
1 ket and   were hlgtfer  In  price  If not
and   Gales   From   Southeast-
Roman  Had Rough Trip.
The deep concern   which   prompted
the department ol fisheries at Ottawa
lm-testing agalnsl tha request from
A'ictorla that salmon fishing in the
Kraser be prohibited until tlle 20th of
the month, has lapsed into half-heart-
rd interest, lt now seems apparent
that no such request Will be <*�����
flavor thnn at any time this season.
They bumped the ceiling at 55 cents
a dozen and will likely climb to the
dizzy pinnacle of an even 60 cents per
mere dozen next week. Good old reliable butter still sits tlnn at 40 can's
, ne ueep r, -..     *-.*.*������    ,     -      Reports  of   rough   weather  up  thi
the sending ol several telegram,   ta Lut WPJu^are ��* g��UJj�� to ��� Pe^pound^ ^   ^ ^ ^ ^
in dispatches from other ports, includ- man mumbled as the cause of the
imt Vancouver and Seattle, similar in- smaller attendance, The offerlnRB of
telligence comes. I ft"11" were ��ot l*rga, aPPle* only being
The  power  schooner  A.   P.   AlTler. |on sale  In quantity.
whicb arrived in Seattle two days ago \    Pish, fowl and meats were steady at
hrought word of high winds and cold i last week's quotations, and wild ducks
weather with every sign of a pretna-1 were offend for the first tlm >,    The
ture and severe winter.    This vessel, prices were:
whicli was far north, sighted new Ice. I Fruits.
io.du. I    The Camosun of the Union Steam-j Apples, per box  11.25 to $1.50
U least this is the opinion of local ;ship Co    which docked in Vancouver, Blackberries,  per box    10c.
men  interested     Thev  sav  it  is too harbor  yesterday  at   8  a.m.   brought i Vegetables.
nun in   r.sted.    inej'say , ,)ol8,er(nls   weather   to   the Potatoes, per ton  $12 to $14
l-Ve In the season lor an    ' �� '        ''   :north.   she brought 4000 cases of sal-; Beets, per bunch 5c
made, and even it possible the oppos^-.^^  ^  r_0-eP(led later in  the day | Onions,  per  lb 5c.
t    i  taken  by  Colonel   layior.   r-  n-|to  victoria   after  which  she returns: Carrots, per bunch Bfc
Cunningham,   and   otber   authorities  ^   Vancouver  and   will   sail   for   the, Cabbage, per lb 4c.
north again soon. j Turnips, each  5c
Capt.    Frederleknsen,  who brought Egos and Butter.
his vessel into this port early yester-  Kggs, wholesale, dozen   51c.
day  morning, said weather was poor  Kggs. retail; dozen   55c.
for fishing, the vessel having to take Butter, retr.ll. per Ih 40c.
up her dories and cut gear Incessantly j Fish, Retail.
because   of   rough   weather.     For   12  Kloundfrs, per lh 10t-
davs  the  captain  said  a  strong  gale  Sturgeon, per lb 15c
.... ..  ., . rr.  1:,,..,      	
ston, junior couusel for Oean.
Mr. Johnston devoted a great part
of hla address to a merciless dissection of the witness Greenwood and his
evidence, upon which he contended
the whole crown case hinged, and
which ho Bald required an extraordinary stretch of the imagination to conceive to be true.
Thoir case was that there never
was a motor seen between 7 and 8
o'clock on the morning of September
15, lllll, by Qreenwood or any other
witness on the Westminster-Vancouver rond.
Witnesses whose character were
above reproach would be called to
contradict that extraordinary testimony, The crown had labored for
nearly two weeks to get a verdict on
Efficient   Medical   Inspection   In  City
Schools���What the Doctor Found
Last Month.
Under the system of medical Inspection of schools now employed in New
Weatmlnater,  pupils physically  defective  Btand  a   much  better chance  of
Dean  bad  taken   Burton's I having their ailments, which iu many
house in July, 1911, not In any obscure Ioases escape the eye of parents, de-
pcrtion   of   Vancouver,   but   within a | tet,t(1(,  llu(, treatetl  before  too late.
Last   month   iu  the  schools of  the
stonethrow of the main thoroughfare
and paid the first months rent in
gold. Gold was a great circulating
medium In America. He pointed out
that the crown had laid uo stress upon
the fact that it required special local
knowledge to   execute   this   robbery,
city, the medical Inspector examined
97 pupils; of these six were expelled
from School until their condition was
improved; 21 cases of uneleanllncss
were discovered; there were 14 with
defective  hearing;   l'i   with  defective
and that part of the stolen money nagal breathing; 14 with enlarged ton*
freely circulating In Chinatown waslB||9 ami 69 wlth defective teeth, only
reported to Chief liradshuw. hg of which, however, because or being
The      Pinkerton     detectives     had  disvorored and treated In time will be
searched the highways    and    byways  permanent.
within a few duys of the robbery, be-;    During September 11 droBBings were
made    and    the    school  nurse,  Miss
would be bound to offset the Victoria
request, of which .1. B. Babcock is said
W have been the author. Mr. Ilabcock
i^ (ishery expert for B.C.
'nlone'l Tavlor had received no reply to his telegram lata last night, and
K". Cunningham, chief inspector of
r.~v'eries for the province, was in Victoria yesterday.
tween .New Westminster und Vancouver and beyond the Greenwoods they
could lind no one wbo had seen thla
motor ThiB too on a market day
when the road was busy with traffic
for the New Westminster market. He
would not trespass on  their lutein-
Wright, made 1727 inspections.   Dr. E.
H. MoBwen Is the medical inspector ot
'prevailed from  the southeast
Steam on New Dredge.
Steam was made on the city dredge
John A. Lee yesterday, but it will require a few days more work si ill before the latest addition
harbor fleet is ready for work.
\nother addition to the British Col-
i -ihia dredging fleet will be a 260
cubic  vard  dump  scow,  for the con-
���' -uction   of  which   tenders  are  now - 	
being called.    All bids must be in by
Specifications may be seen and ten- SILK CARGO EAST
,'*-r forms  produced  at   the  office of 	
c C. Worsfold. resident engineer at Seattle. Oct. 10.���A solid freight
New Westminster, at tbe office of the'train of eight fast mail cars met the
ruperlntendent of dredges. Vancou- Nippon Ytisen Kalsha liner Awa Maru
i-T. or from W. Henderson, resident Wednesday night upon her arrival at
-���zineer. Victoria. The usual* marked the Great Northern dock at 8:30, and
eques and similar formalities are re-  the task of discharging and loading a
silk  shipment  of  2331  packages,  val-
Halibut, por '.b 10c
Smelts, per Ib 10c
Herring    3 lbs. 25c
Sockeye, per Ib 12VaC
Retail  Meats.
Beef, best rib roasts, per lb. 20c to 22c
Beef, loin, per lb 20c to 27e
sh.*  r.i;  BfrBeef, round steaks, prr lb..  20c to 25c
Roiling beef, per lb 14.
Famous flags.
Tbere are only a few Old Glories
gence by dwelling on the character of I In tbe Annapolis collection of 173 his-
that evidence. j toric flags, but eaeb la connected witb
It wns a simple thing for Armitage ! ����uie incident that gives it the honor
to persuade himself after a long lapBO sf its present position. There Is the
of time and he took plenty of time to Ihirty-one starred dug thnt flew be-
conslder It, that lie had seen Dean in side tbe sunrise flag of Japan when
Weatmlnater.   The crown    could    not   the  close  shut  doors  of  that  islund
While of course it is not known
v Mere this big dump scow is to be
s'Ptloned. rumor has it that it will be
used In the Fraser river in connects n with the improvement scheme now
apparently about to be acted upon.
Veal, per lb ISVic to 17c
Pork, per lb 12Hc to 13c
Mutton, per lb 8c to 20c
Hens, small, per doz $6.50 to $7
Hens, large, per doz   $8 to $10 I
Chickens, per doz $5 to $7!
Hroilers, per dozen  $4.00 to $5.00 i
Hens, live, per lb 17c to 18c |
Chickens, live, per lb 19c to 20c
, ;u. Ducks, per dozen $8 to $10
ued at $1,166,600, was commenced as,Dl,cks- live- Per lb 16c to 19c
soon as the vessel was made fast to. ...-_
the dock. The shipment is one of the
; most valuable hrought from the orient
recently, and a record time will be
I tried for in hurrying it across the con-
I tinent.
Capt.   H.   Shimidzu   beat  his   sche-
  .-.-.. 'dole time bv more than 24 hours, and
AT M ASSET ISLAND * despite  the   fact  tbat  a  severe   gale
  | was encountered in the vicinity of the
F. T. Saunders, sub-agent at Prince IgOth meridian, which held on for
lupert Tor the department of fisheries. I two days, he brought, the Awa Maru
. - a recent visit to this district re-1 into Victoria, 11. C. Wednesday morn-
p*-rted the l.angara island light as glv-ling in time to clock at 8
l-.ii: excellent service. |    All
filled    and     freight
World's Markets
30 o'clock
.   passenger  accommodations    of General
It   is   a   signal   of   the   first   order.! the  vessel  were
f-"*-tling everv five seconds, with a
r dlus c.f (0 miles. T vo rpmre liehts
,"re also being erected at Masset inlet, Graham Island.
The Paystr.ak, now on the run to
Chilliwack    formerly    made    by    tlie
Heaver, did not go up river yesterday
��� "rning at 8 o'clock, according to
i -hedule.
One of tho planks in her bottom was
' ��� poor condition and after lying nt
''; 11 ey  Hros.'   wharf   for   part   of   the
fternoon she went down to Lulu
'���-���land, there to be drawn up on the
-nys of the Westminster Marine rail-
��� ay. She will be in the water again
1 day. and will make the up-river run
on Monday as usual.
Although a vessel was expected to
- me to Fraser Mills to take a cargo
' f lumber to Australia, it is now
'ated by officials of the company that,
the agreement between the mill and
the concern In Australia has been dis- i
solved by mutual consent.
amounted   to   3300   tons,  of   which
little   more   than   300   tons   was  discharged at Victoria.
Steerage travel showed a slight Increase over the past several voyages,
and a total of 101 orientals were carried in the third class. Among these
travelers were 22 Japanese sailors,
who were sent from Yokohama to Seattle, where they will ship on the
steamsliin Rupert City and take that
vessel out when she sails shortly to
the Japanese coast.
Revival   of   Confidence
ported from Leading Trade
Close of Navigation for Points North
of   Dawson   Almost   at
For the Week Ending Sunday. Oct. 12.
High. Low.
12:45    6:55
���il  it) 18:30
14  00    7:40
Sand Beads,
Time. Ht.
3:40    lfi
17:30 10.2
4; 35    2.5
8    14
0:25 9:30
15:3.. 23:00
2:25 10:10
Hi: 10 23:85
3:35 11:10
4:30 0:25
17:00 11:45
Time. Ht
11:45 12.7
20:20 10.6
13:00 12.7
13:56 12.7
28:2. S.8 21 18
12.6 6:42
1:24    S.8    7:44
16:09 12.4 21:49
2:36    9.2    8:40
15:35 12.1 22:11
3:32    9.8    9 : 30
15:35 11.9 22:33
6 8
rf Koster Clarke's Boupa and custards
-hich we got from their display at
the exhibition.
t'.oups in all flavors, small tins, 2 for
25c.;  large tins, each 25c.
Custard Powders In 10c. and _5c. tins.
4  lbs   25c,
New York, Oct. lu. - -Despatches to
Dun's Review from branch offices of
It. Q. Dun & Co. In leading irade centres of the Dominion of Canada report
a general revival of confidence and
fall Hading making steady progress.
I At Montreal mild weather has retard-
en sorting up orders in fall dry goods
and business with fur houses is rather
slow, but wholesale grocers are doing
a very satisfactory trade and there ia
a fair movement of hardware. Shoes
and leather are a little dull, but hides
are linn ami tending to higher prices.
Generally favorable conditions prevail
at Quebec, wholesalers and retailers
being nuite busy and manufacturing
plants well employed in most lines,
Toronlo reports au active wholesale
trade and manufacturers   as   a   rule
busy.    Winter dry  goods    are    being
shipped  out freely    and    sorting    up
j orders are numerous,   The hardware
! trade   is   good   and   'here   is  a   brisk
Oct. 10 --The close cf navi- movement ot groceries.   Leather is in
.,      ..  ,        _      ,.     ,     ,     fair demand al  high prices and hides
the   Yukon   for   I- airbanka  ,lr(, _(,,a(jv
Hamilton has been experiencing
favorable weather and trade in most
lines i.s Bhcvwing Improvement
In the far wesl and northwesl con
dltioiiB are very satisfactory and In*
creased business al mos: centres
if the  spli M.i.;
Winnipeg reports that there is a
better tone to tlie general buelneSB
and that fall trade is well under way
with distribution at wholesale nnd re-
tall unite active.
Wholesalers al Moose Jaw note an
linprovi neiii  iu  collections  and    ri
tallers report an increase In the de
mand for merchandise.
Wholesale trade In staple lines �����
Regina shows a  steady Increase and
much    lm
produce bla early statements.
Ile swore absolutely on one point
which they would prove wrong and in
all probability he was equally wrung ���
on the others. Counsel then diverted
to Qreenwood again dwelling upon the
discrepancies in his statements.
In one he bad gone to He- Uoyal Oak
for a drink. In another he swore he
went to get a telephone mi I sage from
his employers.   He ridiculed the idea
that  a bank robber  would  lake such ;
pains on so many occasions to make
i.iruself   conspicuous,   standing   in     a
slow going wobbling motof car driven
by a novice, standing under the li [hi
opposite  the burgled  bank  the  night
before, and  exhibiting  gold  in  large
quantities    for    the    edification    of
strange men in a public bar,
Made a  Mistake.
Greenwood bad given minute details months after of the appearance
of dress of meu derived from a passing glance. He had bo difficulty iu
identifying Bob Burman as Martin
Powell from a newspaper cutting Sir
Charles bad shown him.
Witnesses would be i ailed who
travelled the Westminster road from
Central Park between 0 and 9 a.m. on
ihe morning of September 15, 1911,
who had never seen this motor, and
who would have been certain to see
such a car if it had been on the road
I between these hours.
Mr Johnston's address occupied 50
Convicted for Assault.
Hir Charles produced certified copies
of Greenwood's conviction for assault
and the record of the divorce proceed
inga and Mr. Macneil contested their
admissibility. They might bring evidence from their own courts, but not
from those of a foreign country,
kingdom were pried opeu for American
commerce. The old (lug that Lieutenant Charles Haywood defended so gallantly in 1847 at Sun Jose, Lower California. Is there tu recall the story of
bow he und his tiny garrison held nu
old mission house for over three
months against an overwhelming Mexican force. Here, too, are a few reminders of our history's saddest wnr.
Side liy side In the one case are draped
thc ensign of the L'nlon man-of war
Rear-sage and the stars nnd bars of
the ensign of the Confederate cruiser
Albemarle. Another treasure la the
ensign of the battleship Maine, which
wus recovered fourteen years nfter
tbe catastrophe In Havana harbor.���
Christian Herald.
Diamonds and Wealth,
A famous French scientist estimates
that ail tbo diamonds recovered In th*
history of tho world could be packed
In a box three feet wide, six feet high
and eight feet long nud would weigh
less than thirty tous.
lt Seems almost beyond the power of
mind to grasp the fact that a treasure
worth mora than a billion dollars lu
gold could be contained In so small a
space. Tbe high value of the gems is
still more strikingly Illustrated by the
fact that gold to tbe value of a billion
d'ditirs would weigh more than 4,000,.
OOO ponuds. Diamonds ns u measure
of money occupy a large place In civilisation, llut when one takes Into consideration how far diamonds are from
constituting the real wealth of nations
or a measure of brains, of true social
standing or worth while success In
life the enormous expenditure of human energy represented by tlle pile
! of gems  valued at n  billion dollars is
Sir Charles reminded the court that i a!|-ns waste.-Chicago Herald.
Greenwood had stated be bad no recol |
gation on  the  Yukon  for  Fairbanks .'
and points on the river north of Haw-
son Is almost at hand. Ice is now
forming In the river and tha mails
will lie sent in launches until the
j freeze up   Is  complete.     All   ,l,e   lower  _,..,  ,���   ,      ;,
river boats to connect with steamera Meeting   the  results  o
for the outside world will be In Haw   '
son this week unless unannounced Independent steamboats come from Qlb
pons or Fairbanks.
The upper Yukon boats Will make
one more sailing each, giving about
eight more houts oul of Dawson unless other sailings are specially arranged The last departure now advised Is the Norcott, sailing on thc
1 Ttl
lectior. of the sentence of 00 days
would not givi him a straight answe
'on any of these questions.
Tho court  decided   there   was
[particular hurry just now. but  would
| note the matter.
Weather Records.
H. A. Wilson gave evidence from
the meteorological recorda on the
weather conditions from September 1
to 16, 1911. Krom 8 o'clock p.m. on
September 14 to 8 a.m. September 16
one-quarter Inch rain fell. That was
an ordinary rain, nothing like.what
they were having today. Cloudy and
rainy was the record. These conditions would prevail on Uoyal avenue,
but lie could not speak of Royal Oak
in the same way.
The   court   then    adjourned    until
11:15 a.m. on Monday.
I The Poison In Poison Ivy.
Poison Ivy has long been u mystery
no ! liotb to scientists and laymeif.    Why
and In what manner it causes the peculiar rush and Irritating Inflammation
have puzzled both  botanists and phy-
aidant. But Dr. Minande of Purls
says bis study of tbe plant shows that
poison Ivy contains prusslc add. Tbis
Is found principally in the young leaves
and buds. In older leaves there ls very
little of IL
In three nnd one-half ounces of young
leaves there is about a quarter of a
grain of the ncl-d.
As with other plants In which pros
sic ncid Is found, thc poisonous sub
stance does uot exist In Its perfect
form, but develops ss soon as the
leaves nre bruised, a chemical action
lielng set up through tho union of un
oniyine wltb a glucosid.
All boats now leaving are carrying
full loads of passengers, and about 5001tbQ situation as a who]
persons  bave  left for  the outside  In  proved,
the  laBt  ten  davs.   with   probably  an      Kdmonton    reports    a   satisfactory
equal number still to go. volume of trade in most, lines ami the
What was expected  would be a big! outlook Is regarded as extremely good
Two  Fatalities In    Electric    Gtorm���
Barn Fires   and   Bodies
a, 4 lbs	
i:tc Means, 4 lbB	
��� nl Is  3 lbs	
* Cranberries, 8 lbs.  .,.
rn   Ci,,' Cranberries, per lb
'     king ���ijiples, 5 lbs	
'' ������. * ��� ������   I   'aloes,  6  Ibs	
���    tea of  Preserving
��� II  al   p> i  trate $1.00.
h ib ��� Et iti rn Rutter, 8 lbs.
istern Prei h  Eggs, 3 doz,
"r.e. store for Quality and  Service.
Dean's Grocery
Phone 385.
Burr Block. Columbia  Street.
legal fight, the claim of Henry Dubois
and Hugh Brady for a grubstake intereat in 15 claims in the Shushanna,
discovered by William .lames and
others, has been settled out of court.
The claimants announced that they
will get a substantial Interest In some
of the ground. The .lames party left
Wednesday   for  Seattle.
II. E, Morgan, the first recorder in
Sushanna,' and Mrs. Morgan arrived
here Wednesday and will leave in a
few days for the outside. Morgan
says he Is still the recorder and filing
agenl acting. He says he plans to
resign, however.
Great Latinist  Dead.
London, Oct   in.   Professor
son Kllis. corpus professor of I
Oxford university and consld
have Been one of th
lish l.itini 	
ford, following ��� recent operation
was 79 years old
atin at
red   to
greatest of Eng-
died last  night at.    Ox-
(Iross earnings of all Canadian railroads reporting for September show a
gain of 5 per cent, as compared with
the earnings ot a year ago.
Commercial failures in the Dominion of Canada this week numbered 31
against 5,1 laBt week and 30 the same
week last year.
(Continued from page ono)
Eight Miles More.
Ottawa, Oct. 10.���Only eight miles
of rails remain to be laid before the
transcontinental railway is connected
up from Moncton right through to the
Rockies. The gap is at a point 200
mlleB east of Cochrane.
we are nol quite prepared to open
the defence. We can close In a day
and would like to have un opportunity
not only to arrange our defence, but
consider Whether we sliall call witnesses at all.
Mr. Davis bad no objection provided
the case was finished on Tuesday
The court decided to adjourn the
trial until _ p.m.
Dissects Witness.
In   the  afternoon   the case  for  the
I defence waa opened by Adam 3. John-
Minot, K. I)., Oct. 10,���Two men
were killed und a third injured and
nine horses were killed and their
bodies cremated when lightning lilt a
barn on John Kngebretson's farm,
near lierthold, laBt night,
JameB Kngebrutson. 10 years old,
und 1'iiter Nelson, farm laborer, were
instantly killed. The farm owner was
stunned, being rescued by his wife
whose attention waa attracted to the
barn by the flames which almost Immediately swept out of tiie hay loft.
She says ail of tin- horses were lying
ou tni! floor when she entered, and
*is soon us she revived her husband,
lhey both wenl into the barn to get
the bodies of their son and the
At N'orthwood, a house was hll by
the lightning, while Jumis Kdward-;'
Iiiiuii   near  tlmt  citv   was  praotlcally
destroyed by lightning.
Thty Oon't Want Strsngei-s.
In tlie northwestern part of Switzerland, fnr from the tourist's path. Is a
llttlo town, Belziicti. where for more
than 2fi0 yenrs Watchmaking bus been
the chief Industry "There are no ma
chine* In the place for the production
of watch parts���the men work ns did
their fathers und groiidtiitlieis," ��u.\s
tb�� Berlin l'ost. "A feature of the
place in the Passion pluy. produced
every numiuer by the watchmakers ami
tbe member* of their families, These
tlmple people have succeeded In maintaining for their piny a modest dignity
and hove not allowed ll to become
rotnmetvlal. The few notices of the
Suturday performances which one sees
ln the neighboring places contain tbe
Information that the town 'cannot ac-
couituodut* many strausers.' "
Dolling Beef, per lb 11C.
Pot Roasts, per lb  15C.
Hamburger Steak, 2 lbB 25c!
Legs I'ork, per Ib ' 20c.
Shoulder Ro. Veal, per Ib  ..    20c
Fresh   Rabbits,  each        25c
Best  Butter. 3 lbs $1,00
Threo Deliveries each day. Call and arrange for an account.
Phone 300 632 Columbia St.
Wet! Wet!
���   ���   ���    1 \J a   * a
Careful John.
A rural storekeeper wns greatly bothered by rats which Infested Ids building, snys thc St. Louis I'ost-Dlspiitcb
Also ho (wssessed n valuable watchdog which guarded the premises nt
nlgbt. One nlgbt. Jnst before he locked
up. he scattered poison around the
pl.ici; and loft n note on the counter
for tint clerk wbo opened the Btore In
the morning.
The clerk found the note as wus In
tended.  But be nearly dropped through
j the floor when bo read:
'Merry���Yoll take tho poison ln the
j morning so the dog won't get It. Ther..
j Ik some III the cellar too.    Join."
Hassam Paving Co., of B. Z*$ Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
WHAT DO YOU THINK? Don't you Deed tho.o W.-tpronf
Shoes? Listen, we've got the oboe stock of M. B. I'rice fi fo., 11S0
C.ranvllle Ht. all ready for the slaughter at Ml Kront street Saturday morning 8 a.m. the boys are on the floor ready to show you everv
thing In the store.    WE NEED HARD  CASH.     Money   Is   Lbe   k*,1.*
grease of business,  We're out after thu grooso.
Ladles 7c.   rubber footholds, all sizes   for       J5;.
Men's $1.25 Bulldofe Rubbers, all   slxos    50c.
Hen's knee gumboots, all sites $2.95
Child's,  kiddles', misses, and   boys'  rubbers.  Cheapest   In    the   City.
Men's storm rubbers, to fit high or low  toed  boots    83c.
Kiddles' city  gum  boots 4  to  10  l-'_,  Saturday  only    $195
Misses' and youths' sizes,   these are wetproof  $���_ 45
Ladles' gum boots, sizes 2 1-2 to 8     %2 9*
Ladies 4K0 pairs of tZ, 14 and 15 boots from the stork of ,M    1:
Price Co., your pick    ,
Men, 150 pairs of hoots for dress wear, from the M. l-.\ Price Co
stock . value to Jti.OO; think ,.     jt 5,
Hi-Cuts for men. the famous McKeller        I    1 .*  Inch  top,  sewn
soles,  oil  chrome  top   	
Kor  boys  and  girls,  strong   fall and win* **.,,.,
youths and misses, (1.45; kiddies 7 to        (1 25.
For  the  wee uns,  strong  boots, with  mi *
Slater boots (K. W.i, mention the ad.    Anj
Lockie  boots  for men,  for  hurd  wear  . .
K.  Hoots for mnn.    Sole agents in  lhe citj     All tl
at   money   saving   prices;   $.'10,000 stock to   11   1
Don't Mistake the Store! Just
Below Northern Crown Bank,
on 641 Front Street. A Bunch
of extra Help for Saturday.
Let us make your reservations early nnd Becure
best accommodation at the minimum rate.
We are agents for all ocean lines and can give youi
your choice of rail lines to the seaboard.
H. Q. SMITH, C. P. & T. A. W.  K.  DUPEROW, O.  A.  P.  D.
627 Granville Btreet, Vancouver. I'hone Private Exchange 8134
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout tho Provlnoe of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Intereat at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheque* sold, payable In all parts of tha
CHAS. Q. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New Weatmlnster Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
_  .   PACE FIVE
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
| every opportunity of co-operating with
| the autonomous governments of the
|dominions in carrying out every ineas-
lure which will conduce to the greater
j unity of our empire.
Toronto Stock Market.
*    Toronto,     Oct.    10.   The   Toronto
��� -stock  market  v.iin about  as  Interest-j
lng  as   usual   today,   which   means   it;
i was about as active as Brazilian.    It
| was    in better    demand    than    usual,
(.pining at 17 64 and closing at    SS, I
| which was   lower   than   last    night. \
Athletics Escaped Being Defeated by Heavy Hitting in
Opening Frames���Indian Bender in Form���Winners
to Get $3244 Each���Merkle a Real Star.
[Nine Clubs  Will   Be  Representee  at
Seattle' Links   Today���Vancouver Team.
Philadelphia. Oct. 10. Uut oue victory stands between tlle Philadelphia
Athletics and the world's championship  Ui  buseball   tonight.     The   local
drove Demaree from the box at the
i nu ct the fourth lulling after four
runs had been scored from his deliver) it marked tbt pussage of every
New .ork pitcher except the veteran,
men defeated the New Vork tllanta j Christy Mathewson.
at Bhlbe purk today �� to r,. lu the1 *���"> ���"""'' WDtk Maniuard. Crandall.
nt ._,. .ij. i ��� i I Tesreau and Damanee have all fallen
of the worlds champion-1. , ,, , _.��� T...., _ . ,, ,k ,,.,
r I before the terrific hitting of the Ath-
The gajof effort of tb�� jlettOM. Only Mathewaon, In hls won-
Natluual   league   players   to  overtuke | derful exhibition of Wednesday when
fourth game
ship series.
tlieir rivals lu tho closing  innings or
today's game chauged the entire com-1
plexlon of the battle, lifting what ap-
IKiand lo be a one-sided  mutch Into
a   contest   that   linn*-   In   the   balance
until the lust iii-.ii  was put'oui.
Welcome Unn-sceasary.
Demaree received a warm  welcome
at lhe start, but it was not until the
second  inulug  thut   the  tlrst  Athletic
crossed the plate.
Mclnnls   opened    wuh   a   Texas
leaguer thai Snodgrass could not quite
reach Smuik's single and Harry's
double scorod Mclnnls. The blow
came In the eighth, with one out
Strunk knocked Ilerzog with a
smashing single, uiul Harry put hlm
over wltli another, taking second on
Sliafi r's throw to third. Schang followed with a vlrdous liner past lloyle,'
scoring Strunk and Harry lie went
to second on the throw to the plate,
and to third a moment later on Mc
Lean's passed hall. Schang scored
When Merkle fumbled Mender's '
Rube Again Wild.
Whon the Athletics next came to
bal tbey faced Maniuard and after
two outs bud been recorded, Strunk
walked on four successive wide ones
Barry's second double to left put
Strunk on third and Schang's single
to centre Bcored both Strunk and
Here They Showed Fioht.
Tlie desperate but futile rally came
Itks �� bott from  a clear sky     Chief'
Mender, the Chippewa  Indian,  master !
of  mysterious  curve   and   break,   had
held the (limits ruuli-Hii for six innings
While his team mates  by   pile-driving ;
tilts bad scored as many runs at thn '
expense of   T)emaree   and    Marquard.
Already the fans that tilled every seat
in tbe stands nud bleachers, were exalting   In    th,.   downfall   of   the   New
Virk club      B��t0ar,  confident in thn
big lend of his team, was pitching cou
alstaad ball and there was not a single
danger liirrml  tn sight.    Suddenly the
Glanta  became  iriiiisfiirttied  from  hit-
less   weaklings   lo   real   Giants,   who
hammered   the   speed   and   slants    of
the Indian twlrler to all parts   of the
Fred Merkle  Started  It.
Il was In the lucky seventh that
thn storm trf hits burst upon tho
astonished .Miotics, and before the
Indian  and  fell'
in- shut them out, has been abla to
lu.Id the Philadelphia club in check.
Great to Play Ball, Eh ?
Today's game was the last in which
the players participate in tlie receipts. According to the unofficial
figures ther-*! will be distributed among
tin* pla\ers H36.141H. The winners
will receive Uu per cent, of tills to'al
and the losers 40 per cent. The
national conimlsrlon announced that
2! players on each team were eligible
io play in the series, therefore each
on tin* winning leutn will receive
13244, and each member of the losing
t.am Will
'I lo*  attendance  w-as |6,fS0 and th"
receipts MD.S46.   or this the national
commission's Share was 14(60.60. The
players' share 128,808.30 and each
club 38926.10.
The total flgun s for each day are
as follows:     Attendance 114.KIM;     re.
ci ipt-.. 1260,303SO; national coramls
sir.n's share 326,030.85, players $186,-
163,89 each cluh 846.064.83.
Two Hundred of the Rabids.
N<w .ork, Oct. lo. The New York
Giants arrived here tonight from
Philadelphia, A friendly crowd of
about _0n spouted words of hope and
encouragement The players went to
th'-'.r hopies to rest for tomorrow's
contest here
Tlm     Northwest    Golf     association
i team championship Will be played on
.the  Seattle  links  today    when    nine
|clubs im  expected to have teams coin-
pet'tig,    Seattle,     Spokane,    T*i 'ina.
] Kverei'. Portland, Victoria, Aberdeen,
; .li rn* .ii Vancouver, and the Vanoouver
Seattle have won tbe trophy and are
,goir club.    For the  last  two reasons
I 'igain  fancied  for this year owing to
being able to  play  their own course
I So  Well,
The following team wlll represent
the V. <!. & ('. club In the contest:
| A. McAllister, cupt'iln, J. A. Yellowlees. II. K. Gardner. A. C. Stewart, C.
| A. I.. Payne, W, Hone, A I-'. Hamilton.
0. 8. Norman; A Stewart, first re-
I serve.
If each man plays the game that
he Is capable of the team should be
well ln the running.
Ladier' Finals*
The final for the ladleft champion-
ihip between  Mrs   K.  Pane and   MrB
Andrew Stewurt resulted in a decisive
i win ror the former.    Playing good golf I ���
she  gave her opponent   few  chances, i
'Mrs. Stewart's goir was poor and n*_t   .'.
no to the standard that Fhe has shown L
t In  her earlier  matches of the compe- I "
I ntlon.   Capturing the first and second |':
! hob's and hairing thc third, Mrs. Page j
Flirted well.   She lost the fourth hole I*
where Mrs. Stewart had a good 4. Mr.s I';:
Page again went shtad, eaptuHiw th�� I *
6th. 6th. "th and 8th holes.    The 9th  *
vvas     halved     leaving     hei     with     a j
load   Of   ri'e  hole".     The  tenth   went | ���
tn   Mrs.   Page   and   the  Ilth   to   Mrs. I
St��w*art.    At the 12th which she won,H
Mrs   Page became dormy.    Mrs. Ste-'*-
wart  failed   at   the   13th   to  keep   the .-'
match going by taking three strokes !���(
on thc green, and the hole was halved. 1.
leaving   Mrs    Page   the  winner   bv   G;::
I rled out by the various Instructors.
\    Following a postcard  display    and
j color scenes, the boys adjourned    to
'the gymnasium where different drills
and  exercises   were carried  out.  Sec-   ,       , ,   ���,       ,     __       ,   ,,  .   ,    .    , -
retary   I).   A.   Barnes     presented     the ' ������*:"��.Ish Hiver Imp-roved sllgnily   o 16
.medals won by Westminster hoys at MacDonald was dull and showed   no
the   field   mid   track   events   held   ut   <"**���*���   Pcw,'r  c'loH(!,)   a<   U.    4'     7,
Howe sound  last summer during the  bank |,har"s *����� sU'ad>' ��'lth tru,llnS
; v. m. c. a. encampment confined to small lots.	
Iii the seniors. Rumble secured two'
and H. McDonald one prize. Walter
Pbelan wus even better with three in
the intermediate class, while Olfford
Kdmonds, a junior, must have stretch-
led himself to the limit In pulling down
00 less than four trophies.
Towards the close ct the proceedings the huge swimming tank was
thrown open to the youngs'ers.
Join-   the  Benedicts.
Another athlete has Joined the bene
diets In the person or  William  Welu-
gartner.   the   heavy   swatter    of    the
Moose    baseball    team.     Ml��3   Helen
Shay Is the bride and according tu the
| Illaln   PreBs,   the   nuptial   event   waB
;one  or   the   popular   weddings  o!   lhe
;season.    Welngartner, although a n-sl-
dent of this city, ls just as well known
in  the  Washington state town  wiiere
Ihe has played ball during Lhe past two
summers.    On    Wednesday    evening
! Miss Cora Gllday entertained the mem-
tbers of the Mysterious club in  honor
jof the bride.
and ii.. On the road to thn final Mra.
I'nee has lieaten Mrs. Rlklns. Mrs.
MacKenzie and Mrs. Jenkins, while
Mrs. Stewart has accounted for Miss
Corbould. Miss O. Bunco and Miss
Peele. Mrs Page is the present captain of the ladies club.
The ladles' monthly medal was
played for on Thursdav when a large
number took part Miss Peele won
the senior prize and Miss lie Wolf
Smith the Junior showing the popular-
11 v of the club. The ladles Mst was
; closed some -weeks ago so that all
! ladles applying now have to go on the
Four Games Wilt Bs Staged at Moody , waiting   lis'   and   the   few   remaining
shares  applicable   for  male  members
���Tf % ���:.'* ���','��� i'r- 0 8 if �� �� * tt * # *
Owing to the absence of sev- ���.':
eral or the ngular members of
the  Moose soccer team  lt has tt
been fouud Impossible for that **:;������
organization to raise an eleven tt
to meet Burquitlam on the lat- ���"���
ttr's    ground    this    afternoon.
Manager    l.eamy   of   the herd tt
tried hard yesterday to get Into ���,:
communication with   the   Burqultlam players with little sue- tt
cess and for  this  reason  they
have asked The News lo notify tt
the  BurquiUam  team,   through "
the medium of the sport page, tt
of    the    Impossibility    of    the
locals making the trip.              ^H
A Tricky Chap Is Ireland's Little Old
Man, the Lspreehsun.
The story of the boy wbo was ez- j
blbited    throughout    Scotland    as    a !
genuine Irish lepn-ehuiiu leads one to
ask wbat ezactly a leprechaun is, for,
of course,  each  variety of fairy  baa
Its  special  characteristics.
Tbe  leprecbaiiu  Is  peculiar to  Ire- i
land aod Is in the form of a little old
man, by profession a maker of brogues.
Ile ls only discovered by the sound
of the hammering of bis brogues, and
any one capturing blm can Induce blm !
by threats to reveal wbere bis wealth !
Is bidden.
But uo one yet bas laid hands on
that wealth, for If yon take your eye
off tbe leprecbuini for as much us a |
second be bas tbe power of vanishing.
bowerer tight yon may hold him. And
bis Ingenuity tn making you glance
awny ls always successful.
Only  once  did   tbut  Ingenuity   fall. I
Und even then the treasure escaped un-
pillaged.     A   careful   peasant,   proof
against all temptations, kept bis eye on
the little brogue maker until tbe money :
was revealed in a Held of ragwort. But
be bad no bag.    So be tied bis garter i
round tbe particular plant under which |
tbe money was hid and went to fetch
oue.  only  to  tind on  bis  return  that
every ragwort In the field was adorned
With a red garter.���London Chronicle.    !
Declaration of
Dividend No. 19
NOTICE is hereby given that a dividend st Uie rnte of 10 per
cent per annum upon the paid up Capital Stock of thia company-
has been declared for tbe six months ending the J��th of September,
1913. and that the same will be payable at the Head Office of the
Company on Columbia Street, la this city, on aad nfter the 15th October, 1913, to shareholders of record at the close of business on the
30th September, 1913.    Hy order cf the Board,
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
Head Office:  Columbia and Begbie Streeta.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.
* tt * tttftttttt**** * li; tt # fl
Philadelphia  .
and Quesn's  Park���One
Game Postponed.
Moody and Queen's parks will he the
scene of interesting soccer matches
this afternoon when six teams of the
city kuuine aud nlso the Hoyal -City
high school eleven try their prowess al
the K-ngliih game.
At Moody park thn chief encounter
will be the Rovers vs. B.C.K.R. On
paper this should be an easy victory
for the Hovers but to all accounts the
l-.lectrics    have
bn'nir rapidly  bought u8
,     Tb" ladles' team plav ugalnst that of
���the Jericho country club on Tuesday
Probable   that Work on    New   Great
Northern Depot Wlll Commence
The six teamB In the schools soccer ]company
league will get  Into action this morn-'
Ing and from now until the end of the
season some interesting games should
be fought out between    the    coming j Westminster,
stars     Last   year  Ban*   the  first   venture or the schools into organized soccer snd  tbe closely contested  games
brought out much favorable comment
.     .       ...   i as to the way lu wblch the youngsters
been  scouring their | ari, -atcl)|n!- on ,��� th(, *,.������.��� Bport.
Carlsbad's   Famous   Sprudel   and
White Robed Priestesses.
Tbe Sprudel is tbe most ancient of
all Carlsbad's fountains, tbe father nf
all  hot springs, and still pours forth ,
tbe greatest tlood of all.
It rises like a geyser in its basic, a
steaming, spouting column an Inch and !
a half tbirk and from slz to thirteen
feet high. Around It stand priestesses.
the spring girls, dressed In lovely
wblte waterproof uniforms. They fix
the drinking etipn st the endo of poles
aud catch the water as It comes fresh
from the earth's heart.
The geologists call Carlsbad's fountains virgin or volcanic water.   Tbey
bnve their sources lo no rnlnfall sink
I lng to Ilil subterranean reservoirs   Cre-
I ated In tbose glowing Inoer laborato
i rles of mother earth, tbe water here
1 leaps to light and nlr for the flrst time
Pagan memories seem to stir in one
    It becomes easy to be-
to erect a strut-1 "eve tbat tbe springs bring from re-
the traffic which I e*9**M where It bas lurked hidden since
creation some magic, unspoiled, primeval energy and that tbe cheerful, smll
'    After a long  wait and  many    and
i various complaints it now  seems cer-
j tain that the Oreat Northern Railway j at tbe thought
are about
ture more befiltiug      ^^^^^^^^^^
is being transacted  to and from New j
players cnuld    r<'||urBp employee lists for available ma-j     Moody Park at 9:30 o'clock will see
cover   three  Giant;-   had   crossed  the , . ..... -i **
terlal whlrh might hand a surprise to
the bunch under Scotty flrant Ralph
Forrester of Burnaby will handle the
game, which is scheduled to start at
The lineup of the Rovers will be:
plate, and the fusillade continued Into
the next when two more scored, and
the irc-m which was but a few minutes before, apparently outclassed,
was battering down the last defences
of the  ['hlladi.-lphlans.     Fred   Merkle,
whose Injured ankle still caused him	
to limp,  perceptibly, was  the  player  Samphor,      McNaughton      McMillan,
who was directly responsible for the  Kev.   Shawrross,   Carlnduff.   McAllis-
breaking through ofthe coat of white- Lw> m^,^ h,,^,, cadyzien, Prest;
wash that Bender    was applying   so iHparea Coldicutt and Patterson,
artistically. At 4 o'clock the hlgb school  boys
With  Burns and Murray on second ;wm  lm,el ,he McLean Park team of
end third as the result of two singles j Vancouver  ln  a  Junior  Alliance  fix-
double   steal   and   two   out. j ture.    This Is the first elaBh of the
I Word has been received from
1 Everett by Station Agent Myers, of
the G. N. K.. to the effect tbat the
plans for the building bave been approved and are now io tbe bands of
the master carpenter.
The structure which will bc a tern
porary uffalr, the stipulation being
that at the end of flre years the com
Ing <iermao peasant girls wbo toll so I
tlrHeesly are captive woodland crea- j
tores serving force* more ancient than |
the gods.���Harper's Magazine.
and a double steal anu two oui.
Merkle caught one of Menders low
balls on the outside corner of the
plate and lifted it far out Into left
���cl�� where neither Olddng nor
Strunk could reach It. Th" ��*" ���V>\
ped the fence Into the bleachers and
Merkle trotted home after his two
team-mates with the third home run
of the series, thus Joining BafcOT ��nd
Schang lu the roll of baseball immortals.
Glanta Fought Cams.
Spurred on by Merkles ����P*
Ilerzog, who bad nolI made ���*��'"">��
series to date, opened the eighth with
a single, only to be forced by_ Itoyto
��ho wae similarly ellm >'��*<* ��>
Fletcher. Burns came through with a
double. ��oorlng Fletcher, and^Shafer
shot a screaming triple paat Mclnnto
Tost, taUyln, Burns. Murray .mashed
a scorching drive at C-olltne. but the
Column., allmus man��ed to.hold the
ball until he oould steady Wmseif ana
threw the runner out *X llrst for tne
thfttS��b McOraw sent two pinch
hitters to hat in thei ninth, the, Otann
my "wire^of^rdinger that bewt
h"m pltohed a hall that fairly whletW
st it flashed nnd broke noma, the
A Narrow lacape.
It was th" narrowest kind of   an
the rear.   T*e������'r^d   th8
however, In that   " "^"^t   they
McOraw men to   beuev*   w��
might yet overt*** ����������   n*<**-'
l��Uc��' __.    misa*
sr,dS."sJS,ss*s_r **
im *M**'**i*L\a**mw.*>
thn Lord Kelvin and Herbert Spencer
schools clash while at 10:45 St. 1-oufs
college,    last    year's champions  will f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^__
meet  the high  school  second  eleven.   pany   will   either  erect   a  permanent
John Hobson and Richard McBride ! building or else join with another road
have Sapperton park
Institutions w
all   to  themselves
at  10 o'clock  this
season for these elevens although by
their showing the previous Saturday,
the locals should manage to get away
with both points.
At Sapperton park the results
should be an even bet although on
past'Yorm the Bankers am called to
take the City Into camp. Tlie first
game, Burnaby vs. Sapperton, will
commence at t;30, with Harry Tidy
making his debut ss a local official.
Burnabv will field the following
team: Newaome, Hothan. Hunter,
Klrkham. Stewart, Hart, Donald. Rose-
warne, T. Klrkham. Sterling and
If the Bankers get away with this
afternoon's game the city championship will be looking at them ln the offing ror the City, like the great Northwest Is the one last bet as far aa obstruction'to the financial students Is
concerned. For this occasion the City
will field one of their strongest teams,
the Bankers retaining their old lineup. This game will commence at 4
o'clock. -
Tbe Mooae-Burqultlam game at the
latter place hap heen postponed.
Schools league���Lord Kelvin
va, Herbert Spencer, Moody
park, 9:30 o'clock;,High school
vs. St. Louis college, Moodv
psrk, 10:45 o'clock; Richard
McBride vs. John Robson, Sapperton park, 10 o'clock.
City league���Rovers vs, B. C.
B.R., Moody park; 2:30 o'clock;
Sapperton vs. Burnaby, Sapperton park, 2:30 o'clock; Bankers
vs. Ctty, Sapperton pork, 4
Junior Alliance���R. C. H. S. vs.
Mcl-ean Park, Moody park, 4
Westminster va Highlanders,
Queens park, 3:30 o'clock; Crusaders vs. Y. M. C. A., Brockton Point, 2:30 o'olock; Welsh
vs. McOill, Brockton I'oint, 4
New Wettminster Ruggers te Battle
With   Highlanders st Queen's
Park Todsy.
New Westminster wlll take the
field once more at Queen's park this
afternoon tn the hopes of burying the
hoodoo which appeara to be hanging
on since the season started. The
Highlanders of Vancouver will be the
visitors on thia occaalon nnd If last
season's line-up Is any criterion, the
Koyals will have to uae their weight on
every opportunity.
It might be Interesting, however, to
turn back to laat season when after
the Royals had been shot out on four
successive occasions, the Highlanders
were the flrat to be scored upon at
Queen's park and with such a turn of
mind, the locals mlgbt. with their reorganised line-up turn the trick on
thn Kilties today.
On paper, the selection made by the
committee appears to he the strongest yet although the forwards pace wlll
likely mias the services of Savage who
la still on the Injured list Davis will
be seen on the back division and hla
speed and tackling should be more
than capable ot holding the opposition
ln check near the touchllne.
the construction of a union depot
will be 30 feet by 56 feet in dimensions with a 16 foot covered pavilion
at either end of the building. The
plans include two waiting rooms.
ticket office and baggage room and a
not water heating plant.
On Thursday W. D. l-cach. general
superintendent, and J. 11. O'Neill, assistant general superintendent of tbe
western lines of the (Ireat Northern
railway, stationed at Everett, were In
he city and informed Agent Myers
that the plana for the building had
been approved and that work would
start on the new structure Immediately,
i Continued from rage One i
Dispensed With Ashes.
Growing  so   weak   towards   the  end
tbat   tbe   rigorous   Trappist   rule   that
every member of the order shall die on
the Hour amid sackcloth nnd ashes WSI
for  onto  dispensed    with,   Kight   itev.
Dom Antoioe Agar, O.C.B., famous head
of Cunada's   most   picturesque  brunch
jf the Truppist Order died at Oka recently.     His death for weeks was re
;u.-J-d   as   being   only   a   matter   of
lours, but   the   mighty   spirit    within
he frail body fought off for days the
null  passing.    Two weeks ugo be wus
arried on his bed into the monastery
impel,   to   witness the religious   exer-
Ues  attendant  upon   the   celebration
if the feast of our Lady of Mount Car-
ml.    He was named the first mitred
ibbot of the monastery in 1902.
Drunk sa Oed Idver OIL
When Henry Weaver, of Chatham
Towuship, Ont., appeared In the County
Police Court recently to answer to a
.'barge of being drunk while on the in-
: erdicted list, he stated tkat while ke
may have been intoxicated on that particular day he became so by using a
certain preparation of cod liver oil. He
lonfesscd to hsviog taken, in all eifk-
een bottles of the remedy daring tke
>ast few months. A bottle of tke mix-
'ure shown in court aad printed ea
he label, "24 per seat slesVA"
#*0��**-*#*�� *���*��#��
greater uniformity In our naturalization lawa.   And surely It Is unreasonable and Indeed an Improper thing,
that a man may be naturalized and
be regarded aa a British subject In
one portion ot the empire only to find
If he travels to some other part and
settles there, be Is regarded as an
alien without the rights of imperial
citizenship.   It haa long been my tie
sire, and haa been advocated at Imperial conferencea after Imperial conferences that there should be some
greater measure ot uniformity aad (hat
. we ahould throughout the empire lay
cnecK near me toucuune. 'down the principle that a man wbo .s
Of the three-quarters, the lack oft" British cltlien anywhere in the em-
 -      *     -    -  -   -pire ahould be a British clttsen everywhere In the empire.
~ eill le Drafted.
There have been long negotiations
between the various governments concerned on this subject and I am happy
to be In a position to announce to yon
today, after communicating wtth the
Imperial   government at home, that
thoae negotiations are now ended and
that a bill has been dratted and ls now
In a form generally agreed between
the governments in all portions of the
empire for the establishment ot a uniform Imperial naturalisation, and that
the Imperial government hope* to be
able to Introduce that bill la the next
session ot the Imperial parliament and
to find an early opportunity M pUeiag
tt upon Uia statute books at the eca-
plre.  Por our government U anxidna
-Mead to take every opportunity not.!
Indeed at Interference ln the domestic
oonoerns ot the various states that |
_                                                     haha an our empire, fnr tka day at*
the youngsters entered   themselves I Downing street tnterftrenoe Is laic
with sports and entertainments okr-'ago p��st Imt lt la detfroa* ot tokSffl
practice might hold them ln check for
the first half although every man has
shown his worth In being selected.
Campbell, the new man, la quick to
grnsp the opportunity ot getting away
with the ball together with Wilcox,
while Smith and Decker have both
speed and ability to hold their own.
Dunford and Dart wtll look after thp
half-back division. Of tbe forwards
little need be said tf they show their
worth as In other games.
A. B. T. Lloyd, last year's skipper,
will handle today's game which will
start at 3:30 at Queen's park.
An Interesting session waa hold at
the Y. M. C. A. building Thursday afternoon when the doors ot the aaaoclation were swung open to the boya
ot the city and for fully two hours
Au-"nt�� for D. E. Brown. Hope tt Miicniilay.  I-ld, Oner
Steam hip AKt-ntH,  of Vancouver. H. C.
Railway and
Buy Your Farm Direct From
Company's generous offer to bona fide settlers re Belling farms at
prices ranging from J11.00 to I30.CU per acre, unimproved or ready-
made; making a loan of $2000.00 for farm improvements and a loan
of $1000.00 worth of stock to approved settlers, all on 20 year colonization payment plan at 6 per cent interest.
Detailed information, literature, settlers transportation rates, etc.
furnished by D. E. Brown, Hope & Macaulay, Limited. Canadian Pacific  Railway    Company's  Official Laud Selling Agents.
D. t Brown; Hope & Macaulay
Financial, Insurance and Real Estate Agents.
Rental* and Collections.
General Railway and Steamship Apent*.
Come and See Your QJ
Prescription Z)is-
pensed at Our Open
A buy-word ior Flour
Royal Staitod Rour
The flour yon had wceew wtth **mim*mm iarlt*
-that makes baktu ��n uneemlrtr M*ai ��*����*���
talnty-rttat ��ot ��ou tired and inn ���mil **..��*.
flour tetted tor 7** t*m t��attffT��TII�� till i tUt *****
-floMsa Voove* la <**v om;|tt**tt��tfMte��lMM*���>�������
-flomr that never nrtas i�� .Vealfe' tmt* mrntt turn***
finest, plumpest ira-aa^YAL ��TAa___MW. D**t prt
Otf this iiUaimi   H
,  -4MV4HMM*'
,��#:**). ujpMHip
���*] ��� .  i I ,K
mi .*..,..-**��-,,V*v-��-
���     .��� r-:-y ���-::-
**>*** un
Classified Advertising
CLASSIFIED ADS WILL H'.C Mice ived for Tue News at the following places: I". T, Hill's Ume store,
���i'i* Columbia street; A. Splice,
���Queeusborough, l.ulu Island.
���   r HATES. ���
********* *********
Claeslflsd���Ona cent per word por
-day, 4c per woid per week; lie per
���ir-nth; 6,000 worda, to Ik- used an required within one year from date of
contract, $25.00.
!)*'i;it.\iTi:iiK OK
for salo cheap
Dufferin strict.
^,ION!&At��UtL.* 4
-^ as*1*
erances required, quallfloaUons,
good plain cooking and tidy house-
 ���* "*-^ain,
good plain cooking and tidy bouse
keeping. Mrs. James Cunningham
727 Third u\ i nue    t-ll'i)
Wanted Japanese hoy wants
housework. Apply Japanese mission,
Sappi rton. <-1J!l)
any kind.   H. Plsher, Edmonds.
.cohoe net, second hand; must be
cheap. Apply Captain D. MoLeod,
Oakalla P.O., H-C. i_i___.I.
work, .Miss Pennington, Y. \V. C. v
house for rent; 35
I'hone 12981.. (2200)
able   store,   thc   California   Fruit
House, 714 Columbia street. One of
the best stands ill the city for fruit
tobaccO, confectionery und light refreshments. Bargain price for cash.
Apply to manager on premises.
Farmer From' Land of  Heather Says
Potatoes Will Enter U. S. Under
New    Tariff.
How  a  Kind  Friend  Helped  Out
Elopement and  Delayed  Angry
finished, end largo cleared lot, Kd-
monds. Clear deed. Cheap for
ciihIi. Apply owner. (lecrgc Warue.
Eighteenth avenue, Kdmonds. (_140l
milea out. less thnn 30 minutes' r.Ju
on 11. C. Klectric from New Westminster; soil excellent, bottom or
upland as desired; tram frontage
$150 an acre and remainder just
buck of frontage lots $lu0 and $125.
Terms quarter cash., two years for
balance. This is a sacrifice; estate
lo be cleaned up at once. Sole
aeentF, Curtis & Dorgan, New West
minster.    Phono 4oG.    No trades.
Scuttle. Oct. 10.���"With the removal of the duty on potatoes by the new
tariff net. Scotch "apuds" will be seen
In thc Seattle market frequently," asserts Owen Clarke, a fanner und
dairyman of QUvan, Bcotland, who Is
In the city cn a tour of Canada and
the United States.
"Two years ago we shipped Inrge
quantities of potatoes Into the Pacific
northwest nnd sold them at n good
profit, despite the duty of 510 n ton,"
snid Mr. Clark. "Our fancy potatoes
find  a  ready   market  here and  lt  Is
simply a question of whether we canIfor a young Hungarian
meet the locul producers' prires. The I Was  also  staying  in   th
MABEL'S CHITCHATs Where Yuan Shi Kai ���
Now Rules Supreme
Scraggy Necks Avoided if Little
Trouble Is Taken.
Vienna, Austria, Oct. 10.���An elopement comedy was unfolded nt Abbn..la,
Austria, not many days ago. A manufacturer from Berlin, Oermany, Aliens   llarstein-   went   to   Abba/la.   an
Austrian watering place, for his holidays with his wife and daughter
Irene, nged 10. Ills daughter wus already betrothed In her native land,
and   as   engagements  are  nlmost    as
binding ns marriage in Oermany and
Austria,   the  parents  paid   no  attention  to  the girl's growing  friendship
rchitect who
place.    The
Lovs of the Picturesqus Make* Medici
Collars Both Popular and Scarce In
ths Shops���They Are Easy to Fashion at Home.
Interest   Centres   cn     China���Great
Floating Villages In Oriental
Dour Klsn���Kver sluce every woman
lias been displaying her throat SWttn
like nnd otherwise. 1 huve been swath
ill In high collars unfashionable nud
uncomfortable, particularly during the1
j *   The present unrest ill China und the
I changes which have been effected recently in political and commercial
cireleH have awakened public Interest
In the far cast. A llrltlaher tells of
,his experiences In the new republic
i while mi  a trip of 700 miles up    tbe
removal of the tariff will help us to
do Ihls.
"Potato raising Is a great Industry
in Scotland and the world's record
yields are held by our farmers. Dairying nnd potato farming are usually
Combined there. On my farm we have
planted potatoes on the same ground ! low. They
[or -"' years hand running wtth   good I Junction  of
handsome young Hungarian soon
made the girl dissatisfied with her
middle-aged lover.   She. knowing that
an appeal to hor parents would be
useless, decided to run away with the
Hungarian,    thinking    that    paternal
consent   to   their  marriage   might   Fol-
traveled   to  the   railway
Matuggllo   111   a   friend's
FOR BALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (2100)
ers' supplies. Oriental Contracting
413 Westminster   Trust
lure in large or small quunt'ties for
spot cash. Will give full value or
���will sell your household goods and
vf.ee: s by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission,
charged. II. J. RusBell, Westminster
Auction House, Kings hotel block.
Columbia street. (2104)
on Third street, cheap, close in. Apply 310 Third avenue. (2211)
rooms, private family, to couple
without children; bath toilet und
electric light; one minute, to car
Apply Box 2191 News office.   (21*91)
Jlvlslon ;
. In th. I
Re  Lots  28  nml  28,  Block  1.  Kill
nr Lot 808, Group l. Pert Hani
District nf New Westminster.
Whereas, pronf of tho loss of Certlflcott
of Title Number 8288 P. Issued In the nami
nf Alice  May  Dorman  lias been  riled  In
this office.
Notice la hi reby given that I shall, at
the expiration nt nnr month frnm the date
of tho ftr-i publication hereof. In a dally
newspaper published In  tbe City of New
Westminster, issue a duplicate >>r the Bald
certificate,   unless  in  the  meantime valid
objection  bo made to me  In writing.
restrict Registrar nf Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster
B.C..  18th  September,  loiu. C2078J
results. To be sure, we fertilize heav- ] motor c-ir nnd joined the Vienna e.x-
lly, placing more tliau 20 tons of' Press. Ins- lit the train was leaving.
barnyard refuse on the ground annual- the girl's father arrived at the stale In my Immediate serllon we pro- i tlon In another motor car. lie ascer-
duce early potatoes and the crop is talned that the runaways were In the
always harvested by July IK. Then train and Hun instructed the rhnui'-"
we planl rye or barley, which is used feur ti cut across country and inter-
tor pasturage. jcept  the train.   The friend of    the
"Our early potatoes come on early j'overs, grasping the situation, jumped
ln June. They are planted In Febru-1 Intn his own motor ear and- keening
ary, the seed tubers having inch und, a little ahead of the Impatient father,
barred   his   way at   every   point.      He
Vent un his harassing 'actios until the
father's car was overturned at a
sh-.rp corner, ns the resull of the
manoeuvres carried out by the other
car. and badly damaged. The enthus- i
luetic friend then took th��- manufacturer, who did noi know him. back to
a tiflf sprouts on them to hasten their
growth. Our seed is carefully selected. Wc never cut the feed as is done
In this country with direful results to
tbe quality and yield. Cutting the
seed also invites diseases that are
often destructive. Our seed potato Is
about the size of an rgg.
"The methods of must  farmers  In
America are crude, unbusinesslike and' 	
non-SCientlfic.     The    average    farmer   _..,.,..   _��.,.,    ,_,-,,,-.,.-'.
'skins' his land for all he can get out PANAMA Zt"*[��� '*f'   '.F;Nn��� ,���
of  it.     However,   some  of   the   most BRITISH  NAVAL  POLICY
'scientific aril  profitable farms in thc i    ,      ,        _ .  ~"    ~   ,
world are to be found in this country.!  , London.  Oct.  10- U  |s  stated    no-
Tour  fruit  orchards undoubtedly  arP!"ier'tntivolv  tha'  on  account  of    the
the finest in the world" ' Pening ot the new Panama canal the
!     Mr. Clark has Inspected  farms mid ''!'r"""!"   naval  s':lt!���   will   he  kept
orchards in several different districts.
Last week he was in Wcnat"!we. Today he  is  looking over dairies  here,
j Tomorrow  he  will  go  to  the   Fraser
 ,.,.,.      ...      -,   .. ,      ������ valley, B, C, and will return east bv
PURSUANT to Section  50, Sub-section  th    ra���.,,v,.���, r>.,-ir;���
1, of the   British Columbia  Railway  Act,!"18 Lanaman I JCIfic.
1911,  notloe  Is  hereby   given  that   there
furnished bedrooms. Apply 420 St.
���George Btreet. (2102)
has been deposited with the Registrar nt
New Westminster, n plan shewing proposed extension nf Dock spur fmm Road
No. IS m Canal Btreet, Mileage 2.9 A. t"
Mileage  m A.  Lulu  Island  Branch,  and
under   tlle   viewers   l-lv.-n   tO   ll   li      S1 i'lil,
the Canadian Northern Pacific Railway
company will take, and lf necessary expropriate the lands required fnr lis right-
T. 11. wnfTB.
i    c_K.ni chief Engineer.
Following are the fire drill reports
In the public schools of the city for
the month of September
No.Ol     Nn.nl   *i
keeping rooms, $10 and SH*. per
month at 224 Seventh street. (21031
where. No collection, no charge
Americun-Var.conver Mercantile Ag
encv, S3-S Hastings street west. Van-
couver, D.C, (21821
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought for cash. P. B. Brown, 17
Ucgbie street, New Westminster.
Between the Bank of Vancouver.
Plaintiff; and Catherine C. Voung,
Creditors' Trust Deeds Act.
UMITE-J, of Sllverton, Weal Kootenay
ami ihe city nf New Westminster in the
province of British Columbia, merchants,
have In* deed dated the 30th day of September, A. n. 1913, assigned to me, Christopher ll. Reeves of ilm city of New Westminster, province of British Columbia,
merchant. In trust for the benefit nf all
ft-s creditors ali Us renl and personal propertv, credit.-: and effects which mav Ue
seized nr sold or attached under execution or the execution act or attachment.
-all persons having claims against tie* sa'd
-company are required to deliver th.* sine
dutv verified to mo at my office, cltv -��r
_*-*. w Westminster, on or before tp." 13th
<p,v ���r October, a. D, 1913,alter whloh date
the said asslgi  will prnnwd to distribute the proceeds of the said i-siate. having
i*. e*,-,i only tn such claims as have beon
dnlv file." witli him.
A   meeting   "I   the  creditors  or   III"   sni-t
in, William IHmt'-r companv. Limited,
v iu be hi iu nl the office of Corbould,
'*. on A MeColl, Id Ixinir street, New
Weatmlnster, B, <"., nn Monrt.iv, tlm tilth
iV,.* ,,f October. A. D. WIS. it ih" hour
,i* 1 o'clock in Ilu' afternoon for th" irivlui*
,. directions with reference to the disposal of the i state,
Dated  tl.is   Isl dav of Qptober,   A   1).
t ������ ��� .-.
ciinisiiil'HKIt It. RKHVBS,
���188) New Westminster, 11   C,
pursuant to the order of Ills Honour
Judge Barker, dated the 7th day of
October, 1913, service of a summons in
this action ls to be effected on the
Defendant���Catherine K. Young, by
publishing notice of the snid sum-!
mons in a newspaper circulating ini
Edmonds, B.C., for a period of three I
(3) days, and by sending a cony of the j
Plaint to the last known address of]
the Defendant. The time for riling'
Dispute Note to tlle summons is fifteen (16) days from the first publication of this advertisement. Thej
summons in this action Is dated the'
23rd day of September. A.D. 1013.
The plaintiff's claim is for $WR.50. j
being J406.00 principal and interest |
due on a Promissory Note, dated the
4th day of June. 1913. payahie on thej
4th day of August. 1913, made by the
Defendant, $101.25 due on a Bill of Exchange dated the 10th day of June.!
1918, payable in days after sight, of*
which the Defendant is Ihe drawer.'
and $101.26 due on a second Bill of
Evchanpe dated the 10th day of June
1913. payable 3 days after sight, of
wlllch  the Defendant  is maker.
The summons was issued by Adam
Smith Johnston, whose place of business and address for service is 652
Columbia stroet, New Westminster,
Dated this Stli day of October, A D
A. I,  IliilNE.
'2207) Deputy  Registrar.
Dat               1-
Pupil Ou1  Usi
Lord Kelvin
��ept.     tl	
99h conds
S.pt. ir,	
���jr. ii
���!_ seco ids
Sept, 82	
43 seconds
Sepi.   80	
41 Beconds
'.' W. Howay
Bept. i:	
~\ seconds
Bept 32	
r," ��* conds
Sept. ;io	
rs seconds
John  f-Cobson
Sept.   12	
r, i seconds
Sept. 23	
r.n seconds
S-pt.  30	
4'- seconds
Rich.  McBrir:
Sept.     1	
46 sec nels
Sept in	
4.1 seconds
Sept.  22	
46 -,"i- mils
Bept ::o	
40 sl conds
t.nr,l    Ltstei
Sept.     ."	
61 s' conds
S"Pt.  11	
4" s. conds
Sepi.   17	
r, - seconds
Sept.  LTI	
','. si eumls
no fnr the future as a first "'nun station, end ia addition it is quite possi-
ble thai the ftritlsh war office will
rend another rsglmsnl there,
Tha  dockyard  has  already   a  staff
capable  of  carrying out  any  kind  of
repair  work.    The floatinfl  daclt  was
when  It  wsa built the l-arg^si  In the
world and Is now the second largest
In I'no with th�� policy of restoring
ti-..  Wer*   AtWntle  Bonadron  to  the
efficiency  which  it  enjoyed  prior  t"
Hie reductions made by Admiral l-ord
Ime Last Exits lohn Arhnihent Fisher, retired in 'nil,
'.���'nrlto- his administration at the British admiralty, tour cruirere. the Snf-
*<l^���'.   flri"c*hlp-. Berwick. Lancaster and
j *lor"i*-cpitt*i. are to he s��nt  to ltermu-
da. to replace the Tour shtr.*-* of ;��n rO>.
I solete class nriw at the' station, which
ll-vo   entailed   grent   pvvtnn?"   for   ov.
i,-,-;..-o   ren-ilrs.    TP"   n��-w   \V"Rt   -\t-
'���"ii'-   snim'rnii   will   arrive   in   Ber-
-mid * ���'in   waters  ench   ypar  after  thn
mnnr"uvrpt jp home waters and  will
remain   there  nine  or    ten     months.
Manoeitvrep   In   home     waters     were
cnm-n'e'nd   this year  In   August,  nnd
the  11r.,-rpi,-npt a lleht  cruiser, i*-"com-
p-ttu-ini-f   the   squadron,  Ins   already
reached   Bermuda     Th"     other     wur-
ships are expected shortly.
but weather. 1 couldn't tempt the
funny mini who loves to discaiit pic-
fortuity upon feminine "salt cellars" to
have one moro lusune Joke at my expense���bence my martyrdom in tht
Just and good cause of appearances.
��� Well, my dear. I'm happy now and
thront free. Now don't misinterpret
tbls remark ns Itlck did, nnd look for
luy head on the couch, but be sensible
nnd listen to what I've got to say ou
the subject
To start out In real, advertising
fashion. "Nobody need have u scraggy
neck If they will take the trouble."
Whal I say Is, thnt I leave subdued
my salt cellars and my scraggy neck
Ih a thing of the near past. Vou know
that 1 am nothing, but "a rug nnd a
bone und a bunk of hair." and never
could wear a decollete frock with uny
degree of becotntngneaa
Xow nil my friends iu sight envy my
full, llrm throat; I've uo loose skin
under my chin and not n single sign
of a salt cellar.
And the remedies I used were so
An acquaintance who has studied
physical culture In Sweden taught me
three head and neck exercises which
have had such good results that I feel
It would be the height of selllsbues..
not to share wltb you wbo nre of the
Iviiii kind too.
When doing  the exorcises the neck','
should be quite bare.    The best place
is to du tbem in one's kimono, night
and morning, and to Undo one's blouse
ut the throat during the duy.
Now for the exercises;
First,  stand   civet,  look  straight  li
front of you.  then,  keeping the   body
���liillc still, let the chin sink slowly lii' ���
it   reaches the  chest.     It ilse the  chir \
and move the head backward as fat \
ns It will go without strain.   Bepeat
these   movements   from   tlve   to   ten
times.    The great thing to reineiuliei i
Vangtse river.
Tlle Chinese who live along the
riverside devote the greater part of
their time to fishing. On his trip, the
writer noticed the Chinese fishing
more or less till llie way up the river
from the hanks and also from the sa..
Use the Scoop Net.
Bank fishing is done with a net suspended by S triangle of curved bamboos or sticks being fastened to the
end of iiii upright pole, and the pole
held secure by ropes from the top end
and by lashings to a horizontal bar ut
'lie heel:  the horizontal is secured to
to the hills; others, not uulck enough,
are drowned outright.
When lt Is remembered Hint lhe
river at Hankow rises fifty feet during the freshets, Inundations are to
I e expeoted. The Chinese have one
of llie most difficult problems to face
In this part of the country, divided
between swamp and mountain. Kvery
year the floods break new ground and
Wipe out village after village.
What constitutes the greatest dangers to navigation on the Vanglse
river ure the timber rafts, some of
wlilch nre of Immense size. They
come from fur unriver und the time
from their start till they reach tlieir
destination often extends over a period of three years. Once safely nt
the end of lhelr Journey, they bring
p. small fortune to th'dr owner. They
Inrk like tt floating village moving
down midstream, without motive
power, and trusting eolely to the cur-
They travel In this way for over n
thousnnd miles. If they run aground
wllh the full of the river, which starts
In September, there they must stop
until uJnuary or February and even
later, until the river rises sufficiently
to flout   them.    There Is but one rise
ruft own-
two small standards driven into tba land one fall in tlie Vangtsi
bank. Tho fisherman lodges in a bam-1 The risk, or course, is the
hun and mat hut. al the shore-end of ,.r'(,.
the ropes holding the upright    To gel Great  Floating  Villages,
the  net  out  of   the   water   the   fm'ier- :     Some  of the  rafts  are  twenty
man hauls on the ropes, walks out on
a flimsy laddering and scoops the
fish from the net with something resembling u butterfly catcher.
A   mere  ingenious  method,  perhaps.
'*-! tint of tin* sampan-man, who uses
the bird railed a cormorant, which
Hyps from the sampan and brings up
Its prey, and Its master Ihen captures
the flsh. The cormorant has a ring
iround Its neck to prevent it swallowing. Probably aggravated the
ii rmornni not in the best of tempers
does all the damage be can below
tines and floats and fishing stakes
are pin,, used,
Fishing appears to form the staple
il'hood nf the natives. At least It
is Ihe safest, being most to be de-
bended on. The Vaturtse can hardly
be expected to be prolific In anything
"Ise but flsh. which are tortlftolally
propagated. Quails, snipe and nlgeons
ire 'o be had very cheap; while once
���r twice we saw a white "loud on
'he hanks that turned out to lie a
fleck of ducks or ci .si*
Eullocks at the Plough.
It Is a ram thing to see a horse, at
least from the river, -he animal used
in agriculture or In bearing burdens
being '.lie bullock, which looks more
ike a  water-buffalo,    This animal   is
deep in tlie water, and twice the length
of and wider than an ordinary ocean
steamer Karh rufl carries a large
sampan, and when it is desired to get
Hie raft Into position for navigating
river-bonds, avoiding shallows or regaining midstream to get the full
strength of the current, the sampan
pulls out with a half-dozen men and
on getting far enough ahead throws
overboard a huge, weighted raft of
bamboo which she carries. This Is
connectod to the lumber raft by n
stout rope and hove upon nt a wooden
Capstan. The big sampan Is then
I rough! broadside, and the capstan
heaves the boat as well as the bamboo
rat*  or sea anchor.
Thus one end of the raft Is pulled
round. All the time a "jors 1111111"
bests a drum mn-iotimously If the
rsfl I' not got Into position at the first
attempt, away goes tlm sampan again
nn *' like errand, ami again and again
un'" tlie filiating village can be navl-
gati ii
Is that nil head and neck exercise! also used in the plough: but agricul
must be done slowly and evenly i 'ure mi ttu* Yangtse affords only 11
Quick.   Jerky   movements   ure   useless : precarious   living.     In   June   nnd   Jnlj
Itch! Itch! Itch!
I    Constant    itch.    Intolerable   agony,
A few drops cf a milk, sinrile, wash
--instant relief -all skin distress
D.D.D. Prescription for Eczema.
Sounrs  too good  to  be  true '.'    We
Quarantce it.
The  llrst  full size bottle free if  D.
D.D,  cannot    reach    your case.    For
your comfort's sake, it is worth a trial.
Come in and let 11s tell  vou
Also about D.D.D. Soap - it helps.
Frederic   T.   Hill.   Druggist,   N
100 MUCH SPORT      j
���NOTICE 18 HE-tBBI OIVKS the lhe
Corporation nf the Ctty of New \Wst-
jiiie-t, r hns deposited with the Minlslm*
of 1'iilili" Works nnd in the office nf the
���Betrtstr.ir of Heeds fnr the District nf
*N"w Wostmlnster, Itrlilsh Columbia, plans
nm) descriptions nf centre line nr proposed Sapperton Sewer outfall crossing llni-
nette   Rivet   In  said  district
ihni   ih- Corporation of the citv nf New
Wmt-mlnster   Will   lifter   nue   mnnlh    fr'mi
th"  first  publication nf Uiln nolle,, apply
to  iho  Governor  General   in  Council   for
���app-rival   nf  such wniiis.
DATED nt NOW Wesiminster. H. C, this
ITtli dav nf September, mn.
Solicitors   fnr   the   Corporation   of   the
���City of New Westminster.
Telephones:  Office 53. Residence 42S
JOHN  HK1D.  Proprietor.
AKents      Palmer      Bros.'   Gnaollni
Engines,   Marine   Engines   and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and  Works: Tenth  St.
OO. Box 474.    Now Weatmlnster. B.C
B.C. Coast Service
Province cf British Columbia, County
cf Westminster.
Under and by virtue of warrants of
[execution, cf.-., etc,   to   mn   directed
and delivered agalnsl  the gooda an,!
I chattels of a. Gabriel at Um s--it or
McMenenj  a   -Indersou, Kelly   Doug
ilas it Co.. and others, I  have Belzed
.and will Bell at the Melbourne Int'I
I Twelfth  street, Nov.  Westminster,  is
IC, cn Thursday,   tip*    16th    day   <;f
October, llil'i. at  I'i   o'cli <v.    in    the
Iforeftoon, the foil "������'.tit;   or sufficient
thereof to satisfy the Judgment  deb
and costs ben in:
Thre" tihow cases,   soda    fountain,!
two cash registers; two pair srnii  . In
of groceries, ofTice deck and chair, l"t
"f tabli s and chairs in ice cream parlor, one    cooking   ranee,    lot    dishes,
Cooking  utensils,  dining   room   furnl-j
ture. crockery, glassware, cutlery, etc, [cltU-S
bedsteads, bedding and furniture, etc.,
in 'ifi rooms.
The  above will be sold in  lots    to
suit purchasers,
Ti nur. of sale cash.
T. ,1. ARMSTRONO   sheriff.
New Westminster. Oct. Id, IMP,.
Leaves Vancouver for Vic
toria 10 a. m., 2 p. m. and
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m. and 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo 10 a. m. and 6:30 p. rn.
Leaves Vancouver for
Prince Rupert and Northern
Points 10 p. m. Wednesdays
and Saturdays at 11 p. m.
BD. OOULET, Agent, Nnw Weatmlnater
ti. W. BUDDIE, O. P. A.. Vancouver.
Such   Is Opinion  of  Hamilton   Magistrate���Case irr Point Comes Before Him.
Hami'ton,    Ont.    10.���Kor    several
,1,. ,.t j, Inlghts Daniel Youngheart of Montreal
'  slept In a downy bed In a H.Sn room
j at the Koyal hotel.    Last night he did
his  slurnbnring on  a pine cot  in  the
police station.    Quite a contrast,  but
thp  distance between  the twn  points
,ls easily negotiable    when    traveled
over the wine, women and song route.
It   was   the  old,   moss-covered   story
that   Younghrsrl   unburdened  to    the
matrtstrite    lie intended to nay bis
hotel hill, but a coed friend whom he
met dlvnrcpd -y'm r-nn, h!n "Cobalt,"
Via  Co   p'"i -Mr process.
R.   R    FUmpSPn,   nro*��i*!etnr  of     the
Royal hotel, notified Dete��tlve Good-
i,���.- p.-t ..������,.,;,,., tv,, Youngheart
had I.e n Hvlnc Iti rtyln ,-,t the hotel
Since S.iinvrpiy bill -'itnrdny when
lm was *iskei| to Settle Up h�� nd-n|f-
te,| tii.it 'in had no monev. While Detective Goodman questlonod Young-
heart, he snld that his troubles were
all caused by Ms love for the white
lllghts, He was taken to the police|
itntioti charged with vagrancy, but
ibis morning the charge was changed
to one of obtaining board and lodging
by falsa pretenses.
"During the last  six  months, hotel
proprietors   in   this   citv nave ben
caused   mere  Inoonvenlence  by   this
of met!  than   they  have  In  the
umi dangerous.
Second, raise the chin, hold your head j
rather le tho position of a hen drink
ini;  "nd  tlieu   turn  the  bend,   flrst  tc j
the right us far as tt will no, then ic
tbe left.    Do tbls live or ten times.
Third, hold the bend quite stralgbl I
nnd take a series of short, quick
breaths, putting out the base of tin
throat with each breath. In addition
to these exercises you can If yuu liki
massage the nock thoroughly with
bensonsted lard every night; It tnnkei
the sklu smooth and white. 1 havi
While I'm prating of myself I know
Klsn. honey, that you are Just dying
to learn why I hnve not sent via pup
eel post tbe Medici collars ynu wauled
Well, here's the reason: they're tremendously hard to find, for you musl
know tbat tbese picturesque ueck ad
dendn ure huvinu u wonderful popu
larlty this season and It's almost lm
possible to get ll Medici nt a reasonable
price ut this lute duy. Tlie dressmuk
ers nre therefore reaping a harvest
for a well shaped Medici collar nf lint
luce or embroidered batiste has be
come tbe stamp of an exclusive cos
tlline turned out by a private dress
Yet they are so easy to make that
you. Klait, could turn one nut in nr
hour or so All they require is skilful
wiring, for the effect must be soft umi
the Hare Just right
Plaited frills and shaped lingerie um
terinls enn be bought us cheaply ns 28
cents :i yard They are to be busied
Inside a emit collar or n dreesy blouse
waist. Such ii llnish Is dainty and be
routing particularly ou u conk as ll
beeps Ibe unbecoming Collar from
close contnvt with lhe skin.
Dnttl you hear from your very uegll
gent friend use one of tbese frilly ux
[H-dtetits end bless yours devotedly.
MA 11 EL.
he banks am often flooded,
Inhabitants  of  the  one-stor
���jet on llie roof    and   wait!
and the
v   bouses
Bome fly
Indians Not Exempt.
Bellingham, Oct in The attorney-
general baling advised the flsh commissioner tiiat Indians commercially
fishing Iii the waters of Puget sound
must have a state license for the kind
nr near which they operate, prosecutions were started in the superior
court of Whatcom county this morn*
lng against two Indians residing on
the l.nuiiul reservation.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURIN OIL     ���
o   o   nnx 44-?
TFLtPHONt    1?4
For Thoss Who Entertain.
What has been served nt company
lum Peons nnd dinners Is so soon for
gotten by the hostess that she may un
consciously ro|M'ut her bill of fare for
some of the snme guests. To avoid doing this a young matron in n fast growing suburb, where tiie young married
folk eiiiertiiln one another n good deal.
kwps ii book wblcb Is proving of great
value to her
In It she.records the nnmes of thp
guests Invited to it luncheon, ten or
dinner, and on the same page the bill
of fare for the menl, with a meiiioraii
dll'ltl nbotlt the deeorutlons for the
table Her Issilt not only prevents ber
from repenting the snme hill of fare
for the snuie persons, but nlso offers
her many suggestions of seasonable
1 I
Nsw Recipes,
cooling  dessert Is  Liilln   Hoolik.
nt'rieii!  liquidators of tli" above cinq
will, nfter twenty-one days frnm tin* d
lier. nf.
rfnxen in the vaults nf the said companv,
���nips i-i tlu- meantime IP-* persons renting such line's uiiine ;i Ante nnd time nn
whleil    til'"    prnpnse    tn    ntp'l't    illl'l    1: 11. ��� ���
nut anv documents or securities deposited
In sueh boxes.
After tin* i*:ilil Imxes hnve liven opened,
the nwieis nf nnv securities deposited in
"lipl deposit boxes mav receive sueh securities   lit   tin*  ufflce nf  111"  nffleliil   llqul
rtntnrs, llv    Westminster   Trust, Limited,
situate  :,���   Westminster    Trust    building,
Ni w Wi stmlnstcr, p.. c.
nvrKU tills r.th day of October, A. l>.
C318G) New Westminster, ll. r.
Bolicitor fur Official Liquidator,
llast  six   years.    When   p.   man   enters
|your hotel ami asks f,,r a room, if he
RDpeara prosperous, you have got to
trust h'm. hut  In a  grftttl   luanv ra.e
his outward ahow < r prosperity is all
bluff," explained Mr. Simpson.
' I   nm   otolnn   to   tell   von   what   I
I think is tlm reason,   it is ihat alto
I'.'��������� bi r Inr, much "'itunnrmncf. Is given
rr-.MD_.Mv ''" E',"'b,|nK I" "'in city.    Sport In It*
company, piaoe is aii ,.,.*,*, _���,, , _m |n ,.,..,,,_
Iof it, but It Is not being kept  In  iti
iven tha, u.|JS^^iWa"ffi\Sri��h,''h ,;i""""- -,h""" H,,-"w
the young men of today nre growing I
* I in be gutnblerB,    That Is the t.rou-'
ble,  ier whrn they  have no  money i
to gamble and secure liquor ihey live
by defrauding,' said tha magistrate.
"How much money did you huve I
When vou came to Hamilton?" asked I
the  magistrate.
"I  had $2U," said Youngheart, "and i
I  intended to puy my hotel bill, but
a friend of mine  gut   me to  play  pi-
noodle, and I lost all my monev."
"That Is enough for me. You ure
fined Slim and ir it's not paid you'll
go to Jail fr,r three months," replied
the magistrate.
glass lllled wllh any kind of wnler Ice
thill bus n large spoonful scooped from
tlle center, which Is tilled Just before
Serving with crciflc de nieltfltv eurilbil.
brandy or ruin Pineapple or orange
Ice is especially good with this com
Sentenced as White Slaver,
Beattle, Oot 10, *Convlcted on one
count, of violating the Mann nct, Robert Armstrong today waa sentenced by
Federal Judge Jeremiah Neterer In the
federal court to two years' Imprisonment In tho McNcH'b iHland penitentiary.
Tlie Instructive Idea
of Advertising
"Where shall I go?"
"What shall I do?"
"What shall I wear?"
"What shall I eat?"
"Where shall I live?"
And so on down the long list of
human every-clay questions. You
will find them all answered in the
pages of the modern progressive
People read advertising now for
instruction and information as well
as for its "bargain" possibilities.
i\ w ideas, new thoughts, inspirations and suggestions constantly
come to you if you take advantage
of the advertising columns of this
newspaper. Don't neglect your
ad. reading. litemsinn, in, <
Death -cf Samuel Clarkson In London
Brings Back  Romantic
Montreal, Dot IU. Samuel Clark-
imu Is deud in Loudon, according to
an uimoiuicement In the Evening
Six years ago Montreal was the
scene of a romantic elopement that
stirred two continents for many
months. Samuel Clarkson was the man
and lleli n Maloney the woman In tin-
Helen Maloney was tb�� daughter of
Martin Maloney, a pupal marquis,
proud and many times a millionaire,
whone home was tn Philadelphia. The
young couple, wbo were great friends,
went one fine day to New York to do
some shopping, being accompanied by
Miss Maloney's muld.
Leaving the maid at a hotel, they
���went for a wnlk and never returned
to the waiting girl. She notified the
mother In Philadelphia, and hi turn
her father, who was In St. Louis, wns
telegraphed the facts. In a special
train he hastened to New York, but
could get no trace of the missing couple. They were far from New Yorl;
by that time. They were hi Mont
Remarkable Secrecy.
.Tuvt !p*".v their presence here was
discovered hns never been learned,
but they were soon iu tduch with
Alex. J, rionln, Jr.. the lawyer, and
from that time on there was a series
of occurrences of the most remark
able secrecy. They were married
here. II was said that the ceremony
wns performed by a Protestant minister, hul en army of reporters nnd
detectives failed to find the record.
ln t'te midst of Ihe excitement the
two disappeared and railed from
Quebec for Kurope. Kor some time
all trace wns lost, but the girl was
eventually found In a convent nt Pe-
rui-'a Italv, nnd brought buck to
Philadelphia by her mother.
Meanwhile, during her absence. Arthur Herbert Osborne, a young New
Yorker announced that he bad been
marrl"d to Miss Maloney for twn
yesrs. The ceremony, he said, hnd
bei -i performed by a Justice of the
pence under assumed names. The
���m'arr'T-e was eventually annulled by
the Vat'cin, and the couple were remarried  in a Poman Catholic church.
The de-'h of Clarkson Is the first
mention of his name In the newsBS-
pern slnm the story of thn elonement
wis retold at the time the girl was
found In Italy
l'ort   Coqultlam, Oet 1*8.���On   the
Initiative ot Aid.  A.  It.  Millard.chair-,
man  of the flre committee, and  Cap-:
tain  Thomas, chief of the pulice and
flre  department, a   volunteer flre  brl- ,
gaile bas been formed In tbe city.  A !
meeting   of   oltlceaa   last   night   fur-1
nlsln-d   fifteen   flre-flghters  who   will
he   attached  to  the  centrnl  and  sub-
Stations  In  the various parts of tbe
city, and  who will be on cnll should
necessity  arise. ,    j
These, with the officers already np-
���pointed   In   the   charge   of  the    four
districts,   will  each   elect captains oil
the units and at a meeting to he held
ln  the city  hall next Sundny further1
arrangements win be   made.   Prac-1
tleen will far the present he held
���mnnthlv Am, Millard, Aid Oalerami
Klre Chief Thomas outlined the probable duties  and  routine of the    new
-  I
Growing of Tobacco a Steadily Expanding Industry,
1' havo just had the pleasure (writes
"Boms Counties" In the World'i
Work)j of paying a visit to the hug
est tODMCO grower in Kngliinu thn
year Mr. A. J. Brandon, of UuUiivlds,
in Hampshire, the Chairman of tlm
TobuiM-o Growers' Society, uud tk��
landowner on whose premises is being
built the reliuuilliiig station to whicli
the  Kngiish crops will bn going.     Mr.
Brandon grow fifteen aires of tobacco'
Inst yenr nnd thirty this yenr.
When I wns nt  itedfields the tobacco
hns just  been   planted   out  in   one   of
the llelds, nnd  if it  Imd  not  u velvety
leaf, was imt unlike c&bbags.    It  look
ed ss if it were gniag to die, but that-
n  a  wny  it  hus.     A   close   inspection!
showed    thnt the    hearts     were     fresh'
and    strung.       At     certain     distance!
iiernss   the   Held   (he   rows   of   tobncci j
were  Interrupted  fur u strip uf  hemp
The hemp will grow high and make S
s-elter for the tobaSSO.     Hut most ot
the crop was still in frames.    The seed
wus  rutsed   on   these   frames   in    sui'
which  hsd  been sterilised,   and   lying
upon  ubout   a  foot of  immure   boughi
cheuply     at     Aldershot     camp.       Mr
Hiaiulun hud   ubuut   800,000   plaits   t<
set uut in all, but he is sending 80,00(1
tu Norfolk und other counties.
The seed was sown in Murcb. Th*
next iip.mtiou is to set out the Beed
lings. Later on these are planted oul
iu the lipids. It is quite possible that
tue ordinary farmer who lakes up to
bni-cu growing   muy-   be   glud    to   buy
his seedlings, si without ezperieaet
he could hardly rnise them properly
i'he tobacco plant is, ii�����,*ii*i. by iif
menus su delicate as is popularly sup
pused. The slightest touch of froi
makes un end uf Krench beans; to
bni-.eo will stand live degrees of frost
if properly hardened. Tbe harvest i-
in August mid September, Thc leave.-
in..* .; ���.fully taken into sheds. TUer.
tney undergo mr curing, though us ��
mutter of fact llres are lighted below
the leaves.    At first the lire hu-nranct
I pie .lid  nut   like   thc   risk,   but   at
liigth they (nund thut the drying
Operation looked mure risky than it
re ily wns. Kven with tbe help ni
lues, nil the iani:*!ur* is not got out
nf tin' stallis aud midribs of the leine.-
Therefnre hot air drying in ii specif i
siied has to be resorted to hs a linui
process, This shed is well piped fu.
hot water ami the leaves ate in lil
decrees of r.ent for four duys. Tie
lime spent in tho field sheds" is nbnu
two months.
When the tohnceo cumes out nf tin
hot drying house it is brittle, und I.e.
to have about three minutes iu u knu.
of Turkish buth, un experience whit*,
makes it more amenable tu handling
The leaves are laid into hogi<hends b\
men weuring slippers, and in dip
euurse the hogMhcHds ure placed undei
tt heavy pre*s, which quickly squeeze.
Ottl nf sight the fuur nr livefeet pile
of leaves .showing above the   top   ol
i in- hngsheud.
The duty on tobacco is R5 cents pei
pound if their is more than 10 pe:
eeut. of mnistuee, and SiO cunts if there
is less, nnd lm* Ut be paid before tb��
tobaece lent is sent away   unless   it   it
going lato bond. Mr. Brandon has i
llttlo bill of jis.unn to pay tl.e Basis*
>1r. Hriiiiilor'_, tobacco is following
oatS aad other crops. He hit* used
twenty tnads ��,f dung for the sere, tun
two hundredweight of potash, three ef
super, two iuid n ludf uf guiinu, nnii
fuur cf bone ment; niunuring bus eust
in m |H por -awe.
The men at Uedtields si-nuke u good
deal of the tobaeeu they have helped
m grots for Mr. Brandon, but it
tbs topaeeo nut nf the hogsheads upon
e. 1-ii'li duty has been puid, and of course
by arrangement with the tl*-ms with
which Mr. Hrnndon is dealing. The
Kr,l fields men like tbe 1<miu1 tnbaero,
though, perhaps, thej mny be predisposed in its favor to some degree not
only local patriotism but by the cheap
ness ( f the supply.
Curiosities ef Korean Justice.
The Korean Judge dispenses justlc*
III the upeu. and by etiquette ouly tin
judgu can sit Kvery one* else must
Stand, excepting tlle prisoner mid bis
friends, who ure forced lo remain In
a humble kneeling posltlou with bowed lii.id�� Until quite recently these
trials were always very une sided nud
shockingly unjust. When a man wus
brought to a Judge It was taken for
grunted he wns guilty, nud if be did
uot confess tie wus tortured and made I llardwick l-'ur company,
to do so.    Witnesses, too. were openly j lust   week  on  a charge
brllied.     In   fact giving evidence tor!$1086  given  hirn hy  J.  K. Thome   to
or ugalnst un accused person inennt n  Invest   ln  the company, stealing  J1I<9
living to a portion of the community,   belonging to the company, appropriat*
nnd these witnesses naturally favored
those   wbo   paid   best     Punishments
vurled.    If the prisons were too full
News of Happenings
In Other Provinces
Theodore llardwick of Toronto, formerly president and treasurer of    the
was arn-sted
Halifax, N. S., Dennis Kane, aged 54
years, collapsed from heart failure.
The incident wan noticed by the crew
of a pausing tug, and when they
reached the drifting boat life was
stealing  found to be extinct.
A fire, which might have bad serious
result occurred in the McClearn build-1 used by unltg from KIn(vston 0nt
* -   Liverpool, N. a., causing damage | Halifax- N. S
aud tbe condemned could not pay a
fine they were often given a ehu nee
to escape or disappeared by sume
iiieuiis. Though these are things uf
tbe pnst. Korean Judges, like tbose of
China, isissess a poor Idea of tbe
seuse of justice.���Wide World Mugu
Spetds ef -Hte Stars.
Tears of arduous research bave re
vealed tbat tbe stars nearly all move
wllh specific speeds uf from teu to
thirty miles per second, onr star, the
sua. moving about thirteen miles per
second. But the rapid stars, those
having large proper motions, say. nf
eight or nine seconds of arc per year,
sre flying at such terrific velocities
that they form u class by themselves.
Tbelr speed* are between 100 and MO
miles per second, the bitter being that
of the huge sun Arctiirus The attraction of the quantity of miles in all
suns-thai Is. bodies tbat nre risible
to the eye or to photogr:i|Thlr plntes���
ls totally unable to cause tbese tin
Ulcnse velocities This shows that the
quantity of invisible mutter Is fur
greater than thut in tbe loo.ftio.oou
visible bodies. Tbe qUnntlty of mstter
nble to impart a speed of 100 to .inn
miles per second Is fnr beyond all lm
agination - Bdgur l.ucleu I_urklu lo
New York American,
to the extent of about $10,000. The
fire spread with alarming rapidity and
Tor a time threatened adjoining property.
The ueath has occurred    at    Charlottetown.  P.E.I.. of    Mrit.    Elizabeth
Meikle. at the advanced age of 79. De- j organized
ceased was a native of that city, and
had lived there for 60 years.
The season of 1913 will probably
rank as the driest for many yearB In
thc province of Nova Scotia. Experts
state that the season has been the
driest  since  the  weather  bureau  be
ing for his own use a number of mink
>kii:s, the property of the company,
land with perjury in Coau<ictlon v-,ih
statements au to the company's capital.
Dr. H. Bell, acting chief officer of
health, has drawn the attention of the
health authorities at Berlin to the fact
that the slaughter houses of the city-
do not comply with the health regulations, being located within 200 yards
from the nearest residence and 70
yards from the street.
Hundreds of children have been unable to go to Bchool at Toronto owing!gan operations In 1872
to a congestion that has never been; The big game season for the prov-
equalled in the history of the board of j ince of New Brunswick has opened,
education. Thi Increase of school and license vendors report a steady
population has far exceeded the an-[demand. Many of the hunters pur-
tlclpatlon of the buildings department. I pose going up the Transcontinental
Practically every school is filled to Its this year, moose being reported very
capacity, and many have been forced!plentiful along the new line,
to send prospective scholars home on I A flre which broke out last week at
account of lack of accommodation.        Thrcr Brocks, N.B., destroyed the saw
Henry' Mansard, a resident of Ber- mills of the J. D. McLaughlin com-
lin. aged 83 years, while traveling to pany. causing a loss estimated at
Phlllen,  Mich., to visit his daughter, about $10,000.
was not allowed to cross the line atj The county institution for the poor
^arnia tunnel by the Immigration of-land harmless Insane at Shelburnc,
ficials on account of his being unac-; N. S., wns destroyed hy the fire last
companied. He offered to telegraph j week
his daughter to meet h'm at the bor-1 (7000
Ier, but this privilege was denied him
reception tendered to the officers and | elude an Increase In the working <-spl-
crew of the Krench CJ-ttlaer Descartes | tal of the elty from $5,000,000 to a
during ita visit to the city last July,     i sum which will probably be equal to
Good progress haa been made with ! double that amount, and the placing of
the construction of the new high level aldermen on the same basis as other
wharves at the eaatern end of the Vic- clteena with regard to expropriations-.
toria pier   Montreal. : an(J *h��- *���&** *�� Bue the city.
The militia department of Canada,! According to a report submitted to
with the approval of the minister of |t,lft Montreal board of control, more
militia, Hon. Colonel Earn Hughes, I s-'dewalks than for which money has
has registered and deposited plans at i alrea<1y bren voted can be construet-
the Quebec court house in connection I''**��� A "8t of the streets on whicli
with a proposed military camp for theithf,E<> w"*1 ���** *-i**ti ha8 been drawn np.
Canadian artillery service which will I���" city council Is to be asked to ap-
bo located in the Paris of Valcartier. Prfivp ��t the amount required. $-10,984-
The camp wlll be ten miles In length Thp Increased rates for the storage
and  four miles in  width  and  will be!0' CTain  at Montreal came Into opr��-
to ��� ration on October 1. both at the harbor
j board and Grand Trunk elevators.
A fatal shooting accident took place���     ''af!t   weelt  ���nre  almost  completely-
last week, the victim being a young
man named Adelard Doisvert, a reel-
dent of St. Etlenne de I.auzon. Deceased had gone out hunting, and as
he did not return a search party was
They  found   the  body of
Squared Accounts.
A dispute once srose between an
English la mil.ud und bis tenn at. The
latter had given notice to quit, but
would not put a bill tn bis window to
sny this house was "Tojte Let"
To mnke matters worse, tItev went to
law about It Tbe Judge, having heard
the cuse. made an order for tbe de
fendnnt to put a bill up wltliln fuur
teen days.
The landlord was so overjoyed at his
victory that on tbe fourteenth day be
took a friend with hlm around to the
bouse >* vlistt bis leuant Tbe bill wns
np in the window plain enough, but
under It wnn another bill, wblcb ran
as follows:
"Cuuse of leaving���bod drains."
destroyed the pulp and lumber mills
at Lake Edward. The loss, estimated
at $17,000, la covered by Insurance.
the unfortunate young man lying dead
on the road, the contents of a rifle
being discharged. At the Inquest a
verdict of accidental death was recorded.
Alfred Halle, aged 32 years, belone-
ng to Levis, met. with a violent death
on the deck of the steamer Manches- j today en
ter Inventor in the Louise basin, One-
bee. The foremast, to which the hoisting apparatus was attached suddenly snapped, and a load of timber
'truck Hale, crushing him sgainst the
side of a staunch iron, completely cut-
Slavs ae Politicians.
Seattle, Oct 10.���S. A. Grossl. a
Slavish newspaper man from Dalma-
tla, Austria, who haa been on the Pacific coast for some time organising
Slavonian political and social organizations, spent a few hours in Seattle
route to San Francisco to
attend a general convention of the
Slav societies of the Pacific coast. Mr.
Grcssi will return to Seattle later ta
organize a branch -of the Roland Fal-
The loss will amount to about
-nd he was obliged to return to Berlin.     ,.
John St'-.vnrt. one of Ontario's best
known business men. died at Toronto
last week, aged 83 ye.ars. Deceased
was a director of several Important
public companies. He was a founder
of the Bank of Hamilton and later
At Cobalt last week an engine was
derailed through striking a large bull
moose which crossed the railway
tracks!    The pony   trucks  were    de
During thp summer from the beginning of June until last week, sixty-one
bodies were taken from the rivers,
canals, lakes and quarries In the vicinity of Montreal. It was the heaviest
toll that the waters In the neighborhood have ever exacted in the same
space of time. While there have been
more bodies than usual take from the
rivers and canals,    the    old    ur-u.ci
railed, while the train was brought to Quarries in the north end of the city-
ting off one of his legs and smashing
his head.    Death  was almost lnstan-1 Is of a mixed political nature, having
taneouf. | to do not only with American politics.
The legislative committee amend- j but with the politics of the various
ments which wlll be submitted to thej European countries from which tbe
Montreal city council for approval. In-' members came.
Could Not Remove Stone From The Bladder.
Gin PiUs Enabled Him To Pass It.
a quick stop. The carcass passed under the engine and tender and became
wedged under the express car. The
moose weighed between 1700 and 1800
It is stated that Toronto and Montreal capitalists will build a new electric line from St. Thomas to Windsor,
following closely the new hydro-transmission system for which a survey is
Eeok in Possession of Court Stenep-
rapher Is Two Inches Long and
Very   Old.
Montrcil, Oct 10���"Is there anyone here before whom an affidavit can
he made," Inquired Walter Mitchell,
K. C. of Court Stenographer John 3.
I.-omax, while the lattw was pacing
up and down the court house corridor.
Mr. l_omnx stopped to listen to the
rnquest and at once removed his hand
from a pocket of hla coat.
"Put your hand on that and swear
whether this deposition Is correct,"
he said to the man with Mr. Mitchell.
The man did as he was told, and was
taken to the clerk's office, for his signature, made In the presence of Mr.
l-omax. A few mlnutea later the
stenographer waa again adcosted.
"Say," said the man. "Is that all I
have to do about that license matter?
1 though the oath waa made on a Bible
In court." _,
"Well, vou look the oath on a Bible all right What makes yon think
otherwlser said Mr. Lomax.
Tbe young fellow heeltated a moment, and finally aald, "To tell you
the truth, I don't know what to make
of it. When you put out your hand
1 saw no Bible." .       ,   . ���
Mr. Lomax laughed.   "Here It la.
he said, producing a complete Bible
two Inches long, one and a quarter
Inches   wide,   covered   with   black
leather. ,   . _,___��*_._.
The little testament ln question haa
taken some big oaths In the fifteen
yeara it hw been In the possession.of
th court house stenographer, and has
a history Interesting lh many ways. It
la a rare book on account of lta Illustrations, such a amall sample of
the prlntera' handiwork seldom being
illustrated. There Is no court In
Montreal but wltneasea have testified,
���fter placing their right hand on It
and 'taking the oath to tell the truth.
Many men have gone'to tbo scaffold a few momenta after having
grasped the little black covered Bible.
Down In Bt Vincent de Paul Penitentiary there are men who must labor
lor yeara, and at Bordeaux others, who
-will come out In a little while, who
have seen this book while Mir. Lomax
held lt aad asked questkns.
Developing Australia.
The northern fiortion of Australia it
being developed as u result .if tlie pre
gressivs pvdiey of the AuntriUian tiov
ernment, Tbe Goverauient hus iimdc
arrangements for lcnsing large areas of
hind there for pastoral purposes. It it
Hir.ioiiiH'ed that SSjOOO square iuilc�� ef
Crown lands nre available, uud nmy bc
taken up in the oear future under grazing licenses. Three i-fwixil arms ure
mentioned in this coanwtion���the first
in the vicinity of the Hoper Kiver,
where 30,000 square mile* of territory
is open for lease; the second lies- between the overland telegraph line, the
Victoria Kiver Downs, ned Wave Hill
Btntion, extending over 10.000 square
miles, i.nd (he third is situated between
the overland telegraph Hue and the
���yuoonliind border, embracing the Bnrk
ly Tableland, in the aggregate making
up 10,000 squnre miles. The policy of
making available free farms ie the
Northern Territory and of granting ad
ranee* to settlers, both financially and
iu the wry of plant, kaa directed atten
tiea to the empty spaces ia the North
Tbe farms offered in the Daily Bivei
eed Htapleton districts hsd beeu ap
plied for over aad over again, aad those
lucky em.ugh to secure blocks are aon
oa tueir way to take possession.
Forge Bank of England Notes.
Iyoadon bsnks have received aa offi
clal warning that a counterfeit of Beak
of England Botes is being circulated.
It is se well mads thst slready several
bsak officials hsve been deceived. The
paper is of exactly the same texture aa
tbat ased by the Bsak of England, and
tbe engraving is perfect, but the watermark Ts defective. Detectives believe
that the forgers ate working oa a big
scale, aad that their factory is oa the
The discover/ ef the fraud was made
at the Bank of England itself. A fifty
pound note was detected as a fofgery
after it had passed unquestioned
through several hands.
Mads Paul Machine.
A pioneer ia eabiaet fsetories, Mr.
John Pollock, Is dead at Beith (Ayr.)
He was the iaveator of seversl mschines
used in cabinet and chair construction
to-day. Amongst then are the llrst ms-
chinos to carve wood panels from sa
iron easting. This machine carved as
many as ten panels at a time, and is
.till in use in several factories. Mr.
i'ullock was one of tha best known maa
,u the West of Scotlaad.
"Please, air," aald the maid to tka
head ot the house, "there's �� gentleman here to see you on business."
"Toil him to take a chair."
"Oh, he'a already taken them all
[and now he's alter thn tnhle. He's
.from tbe instalment housa."
Musical Plagiarist.
Victor  Hei belt.   Ihe i-o*ui|M>��er. one*
snld or a musician whose work he dls
"The prophecy that was made about
this ih.'ip in bii* boyhood ba* come
true, lu bis boyhood bis mother said
of hlm:
" 'Ob. he'* such a remarkable child-
s perfect prodigy. In fact He renirm-
toem every tune he hears.'
" 'Well, well." said a pianist who
was preaeut
" 'bnt tbat a very rare nnd valuable faculty?' bis mother nsked
"'It Isn't rare,' said the pianist 'but
It's certainly valuable. It will prob
ablv enable blm to become lu after
yeurs a successful composer.' "
have claimed fewer victims than usual, a fact which may be attributed to
the erection of public baths throughout thc city.
Progress is reported in the erection
of the large steel works at I-ongueull.
Five large buildings are now    under
wav. and over 200* men are employed
in the construction work at present
The building of the dam across the
now  being made.    Extensive develop- St. Charles river at Quebec has been
ment planned by large English    and entered   upon  and  a  fully  equipped
American  svndlcateg  In  the   wonder- Plant Installed for the purpose,
fully rich fruit and tobacco districts     The expropriation case between the
Is behind the move for the line. .federal   government   and   the  Quebec
A report inst Issued showa that ln (seminary in regard to property situ*
the year 1912 there were 25 persons ated at Sillery. owned by the seminary
killed and 537 Injured ln accidents on authorities, has been decided. The
the. atreet cars and radial railways of exchequer court has awarded the own
fintarir-.. There were four passengers ers of the property the statu of $101,
killed and 306 Injured; two emnloves 000. with Interest and costs. The land |
were killed nnd 31 injured.    Of    the in question wes required for purposes
"During August last, I went to Montreal to constftt a specialist as I had
been suOering terribly with Stone In Tlie Bladder.   He decided on an operation
and was assisted by another doctor.   They said the calculus was larger than a.
bean and too hard to crush, and tbat they could not take it out
I returned home suffering greatly, and did not know what to do, but was
recommended by a friend to try GIN PILLS. I bought a box and found relief
from the pain at once. I took a second and third box of GIN PIU.S after which
1 went back to the specialist
He told me the calculus was reduced in
size, still he could not relieve me of it,
although be tried for two and a half hours,
I returned bome and continued to Ukw
GIN PILLS aa tbey-reduced the pain very
much, but I did not expect tbey would relieve
me of the stone, hot to say great joy, I passed
the stone on October 3rd, and am now a well
travelers on highways, 19 were killed
and 199 injured.
Disaster befell one pf the mammoth
ore unloaders of the Lake Superior
oc mora I ion at Sault Ste. M.irie last
..�����.ei;. in-H-t-ine a loss of $100,000.    It
of the Transcontinental railway, and
the government offered the seminary
authorities $60,000 for -.he land, but
the latter asked $190000.
The French consul at Montreal has
received instructions from the minis-
man and very hstftat.
nding tne
1 am sending
can see for
A Question ef Degree.
On a writ nf error to tbe supr-emt.
court of one of the states counsel for
plaintiff In error shsrply criticized the
rulings of tbe trial Judge. Wheu the
counsel for tbe defendant begau hi*-
reply the following took place:
"May It please your boners, before 1
finish my argument. I think I .*����
sbow you tbat tbe trial Judge was uot
ss em/.y as counsel on the otber side
would make hlin out to be."
Ily a member of tbe court: "I<et me
understand you���you admit the fact
of Insanity of tbs trial Judge. Imi
deny its degree?"���Case awl Com
Dead Authors.
Accepted handbooks nod hlstorlesoi
American literature pny too mucb ut
tent nm to doubly dead worthies.
whose Unit* are not Interesting and
miss ur tiut timidly acknowledge con
temporary excellence. Tbere Is a wny
of accounting fur It Every genera
tlon. except tbe mure Independent splr
Its lu It. looks with too Chinese lever
em e iiimiii Its ancestors.���John Allien
Mucy lu Spirit uf Aiuerlcuu Literature
Perilous Mining.
Quicksilver miners follow the most
iiiihciillbful trade In the world. Tbe
lumen of tbe mercury produce cun
stunt hh II vat Ion and the system lie
cniiies iNrmeated with tbe metal: rhe
teeth uf tbe unfortunate meu drop uut,
they lose their appetite, become emaciated eud as a rule seldom live luugrr
Ifaau two yeara.
Jealous Ooe-So you screamed when
lack tried to kiss yon? Other Ow-I
did nothing of tbe kind! Jealous Owe
-Hut I beard yoa Other One-Ob.
tbut wns uut until after be bad kbaietl
The Charm ef 11 _
Helen-Chsrlle. dear. I dun't see why
yuu sbould like me so much better because I'm changeable. Charlie-Wby.
darling, every tlmt I kiss yuu It'a
like kissing smither glrl.-l^udon Tele-
trap*- V    *
The manly part Is to dn with might
and main what you ean do -Emerson.
Tacoma, Oct. 10.���In the presence
ot several Invited guests at her home,
41S Eaat Twenty-fifth atreet, Eva Bt
Clare, a negro girl at yeara old, laat
nlgbt placed a gun against her cheat
and aent a bullet Into her body. Til*
bullet entered abont two Inchea above
the heart and may mom deatt.
Is surmised that the unloader ran off ter of foreign affairs of France to ex-
the tr.eK. The dock was also dam- preas on behalf of the French repub-
aged by the mass of steel falling on He, and especially of the minister of
it and a large -quantity of ore slid Into marine, his sense of gratitude to the
���j,,   rive- (Canadian authorities, to the city and
Morris Saklo. a Pole, was almost in- Inhabitants   of   Montreal,   also   the
-������>T>t!v killed in Toronto last week
when a rope which he was using with
���> pulliy to holse a heavy piece of timber broke, allowing the beam to fall.
The load ���struck him on the head,
breaking hla neck.
�� rire it Trent"" destroyed a skating
rink valued at $7000, and damaged the
new C. N. R. passenger station and
freight sheds. Several box cars and
coaches on a side track were also
The first pulp mill to be erected in
western Ontario will be In operation
at Port Prances before the end of the
vear. The mill wl'l manufacture print
paper only and will havc a capacity of
100 tons a day.
Mias Itechet Bell, a native of Ireland, aged 108 years, died list week.
��t t'i�� House of Providence. Peterboro.
Shu had not been 111. and her hearing
p���d p'ebt were keen. Relatives reside at Fort Hope.
Bevnle J. Campbell, t years of age,
-mn nf Mr. John Campbell, who resides
nbout one and a half miles . from
Mrnkland- was killed bv the accidental discharge of a gun at his home last
The Women's Foreign and Home
Missionary society concluded the ser
lea ot meetings held at Charlottetown.
P E.I., last week.. The secretary s report showed that J01 auxiliaries and
78Misslon bands had contributed this
year to home missions. Thla la an In-
creassTover last year of "auxiliaries
and 12 Mission hands. The Increase
ln money for home missions wm
about $1000. and notlceahte f mong
theae waa Prinee Edward laiand. with
e, 70 per cent'lncrease.
In ^wineetlon with drillln* opera-
tlons at Unasex. N. B,. for natural gag.
It la reported that ��e operaMng com-
Winy has reached a depth ot 800 fert,
Md'art at present drilling ttm*
blue elate. After reaching a depth Jt
140 teet a samH pocket ot J���� ������
dhcoverea. 0�� wn��i*M
4S0 teet fnfl It Is expected that whan
a depth of 1B00 teet Is reached a good
flow will be discovered.     .     ��� ,..
The total attendance at tba Halifax
exhibition thla year amounted toJWj
748. the largaat stoee lM-Tand JT��
ahead ot laat year's ahow. rtoe weather greeted the fair In lu opening days,
adn had It continued tha Byuras ot
1908 might have hoen naaaad. The
deficit M estimated to be ahawt 111,-
000. .
A scheme Is on foot tor tha erection
of a lane hockey arena at �����**������;
N. a. and the proposed tgMv.����!
tor an eaowmr* built of otm��*e(��a��d
���������"���ci, The eo��t l�� eetimattid'JMtweea
��io ono and HBOoo, Thla *m pr**
decided Ihrnatus to hookey tn -tto-t-t-
Met. knd Ilia toBMrttan jt ���*J2$***'
atonal fcorttev teata k ��* witttelv
It la eathBsted th��t;thsi IWJ^Wt
prtceeJW tMkme Will ot -**1 tatk*
Ii at -11.11,
We nu.
acreaa the harbor at
French colony, for the warmth of the
to you to that yoa
xasetf whet a great work GIN
PILLS did far me. GIN FILLS are
the best -medkiae ia the world anil
because they did so much tor me, I will
-recommend tbeaa all the rest ot mv life".
Isn't it wonderful f lust think ol theae
simple pills, that even children can take.
being able to perform what the greatest
specialists in Canada conld not do. Surely,
the days of the miracle have not passed awav.
as long as we bave Gin Pills. These wonderful
pills dissolve stone in the Madder or kidneys
because thev are a natural solvent for uric acid, which censes calculus. If C IN
PILLS sre not sold in your neighborhood, send aa 50c. for a box or /-.so for tt
boxes. Sample free if you write us mentionine thisprper. National Drug aad
Chemical Co. of Canada Limited, Toioatoi.
women and girls to make them well and strong aad rosy.   50c has. 196
ws <*ita tSLkgr. we aa��t in* esssUw ast assy I 4s *iag ks Utimss. im|4e
sl il W a vihilmai sad asgpy seat ****** ea 4swUI%*e sen assf_M|te
sA da es ***** gssd tssst a_ tk ***** as. k *t**U I e*_B ia aaas aiat -aap.
HTHIS advice of England's great critic
'       * ��nd tntmykta. tpptics mth partrcukr' fore* to 4�� ���,
Irind of clothe* we well. t ^j.i!J'^'
''.''' ,���        '.   ' ���     ,-   . "���' :    .'���_'''���������'' ''*"'     ���     rf'-WV-A ''W/"
���    We up erctitMti oi ttyl��->m��nufaetMr>CT|itea^4
reluct���b4Ulkerto(ck)thin^�����ti��l��ctiott.,   ,,
I! ������.'/������' ���'" ::-- rvT-^*|v:l'
Wo tot* t**Ay to ihoer yoa &H U*Am **A
���BOMMShed ia tbis *)&* '      ��  :'���:.,*���,
m i
1 r   *AOE EIGHT.
-: FOR :-*
GravenBtein apples, box .. .$1.50
5 lbs. for 26
Fine Cauliflower, earn   ...    .10
Hipe Tomatoes, 4 lbs     2%
Peaches,   baaket        .25
Teaches, crate  1.00
Onions, 10 Ibs 25
l.arii, 3b, per tin   50
l.ard, 5s. per tin       .80
Lard, 10s, per tin     1.55
Criseo, tin  65c. and 35c
Cambridge Sausage, Ib 20c
Homemado doughnuts, den..20c
308 Sixth St.
Phonea 1001-2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
Greater WestminsterjC_iH��}_J^tJ����
Alt notices of meetings,
ments, sales of work, etc.. In this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 centa per line. Please do not
ask membert of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
.nt.rt.ln.,he ever    increasing   bualne..^1^   ^    STU ��
and  7:30  p.m.;   Sabbath school    and
Bible class 2:30 p.m.
Car  Derailed.
Tho derailing of a sixth street car
ob the hill yesterday evening caused
I a break in ihe service running to Ed-
monds ami nlso on the Belt line.   The  w,n |)(, ,.a||eu- for t
irouble   was   remedied   after  u  delay j,-,,,, t<,imllK week
nf about  II. minutes
transacted In this cily. K. G
ol lhe ttrm of tiardiuer & Mercer, has.
returned from Victoria with the infor- j
malum  thut  wllh  the exception of a
few minor Changes In the Interior, the'
���ketch plans as submitted by the |LHURCH���Services 11 a.m. and 7:30
local llrm have been practically rati-jP���- Adult Bible class and
tied. Il is expected thai a meeting ot i8cl,��o1 2'3<> p.m. Evening
tin cabinet, to he held this week, will j "Tho Life of General Booth.'
decide the matter und that tenders imeeting Wednesday ut 8 p.m.
owarda the end of|don Melvin, B.A., minister.
M. Cor.
McAllisters Limited
is allowed on all deposits
of $1 and upwards and
interest is added each
three months.
You know the
culties of saving
you try to keep
your pocket or trunk.
Open an account here
today or at least next
pay day, and have the
satisfaction of knowing
that you have started
right towards comfort
hf old age.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Kor  all building  supplies  and   fuel
oil apply to the it. C, Transport Co.,
Ud., bob Westminster Trust building,
Office phone Hi'li.  wharf phone SSO.
Duck on Columbia Street.
The unusual sinht ot a duck swimming aloiiR Columbia street was noticed yesterday morning during the
heavy rain when one of the storm
sewers became elopRed. Some jokers
eame along and made a duck pond of
tho affair.
Dominion hotel rooms now open
under new management All rooms
furnished completely, steam heated.
also hot and cold water in each room,
ipecial rales In weekly or monthly
tenants.    Miss Unas, manageress,
Gas Engineer Meets Council.
Whether  the  city's  option on  the
Westminster (las company's property
is  a   favorable  one   will   probably   be
; decided  tills morning    nt    Ii    o cIock
| when Engineer Pabat, of Portland
I gaged by the city ^^^^^^^^^^^
I-worth of the plant, will make his re-
1 port to the city couneil.   A wire waa
received hy Mayor   druv    yesterday
trom  Mr.   Pabsl Btatlng  he  would bc
in the cily this morning.
See Miss Davey's millinery before
making your selection of a winter hat.
Correct styles at moderate prices. Our
motto, "8. P. <j. R."- small profits,
quick returns. Note the address: Car-
narvon block, nearly opposite Hotel
tiusarl!. (2210)
A. S. Lewis, pastor. Public worship 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., with sermons by the pastor. Morning subject.
"Ambassadors of Christ." Evening
subject, "The First Missionary Trio in
India."   Second sermon in the monthly
Ji Investigate tiie sclcs on William Carey.   Welcome.
Four Storey Hotel.
Work will probably be started on
the addition to the Liverpool Arms
hotel towards the end of next week.
Mr. Campbell- the new owner has the
plans all completed for the four
storey building.
Starts in Business.
H. Jennings has opened an office
at B07 Westminster Trust building as |
a public stenographer. Mr. Jennings,
whose phone number is 361, makes a
specialty of business letters and circulars in single copies, by tbe score
or hundred. (1314
Get Your Score Card.
Parents who entered their children
in the recent better babieB' contest
will confer a favor on Mrs. D. Walker.
226 Sixth street by calling for the
score cards at the earliest possible
moment. Many of the curds have been
given out but the remainder are still
in the hands of the chairman of the
Round trip fare $39.6(1 New Westminster to San  Francisco,    Cal..    via
reat Northern railway account I'at
rola celebration. October 22-26th, on
sale October ISth to 20th, return limit
good November 10th. (21S7I
Cease Work and Celebrate.
The   government  gang   which     has
been   engaged   on   improving   the  ap-J
proaches  to both  sides of the  New
Westminster bridge ceased work fori
the season on Thursday evening.   The j
workmen celebrated the occasion by a
smoking concert  In  the King's hotel, j
Harry   Todd,   foreman,   presided   and;
unexpected  vocal    and    instrumental.
talent   wan   discovered     among     thel
workmen.    Mr. Lewis presided at the1
pi,*"io    and     an   exceedingly   pleasant
evening   was  passed   with  song  and'
Insure with Alfred W, MeLeod. the
Insuranoe man All kinds written.'
Hundreds of millfoiiB to pay Iossoh.
Will be held next Lord's Day afternoon
at 3 o'clock ln the Cunningham hall,
139  Sixth  street,   one-hnlf  block   from
'post office.    This service will be co-;
I ducted by the Rev. T. A. Schoenberg.
(Held secretary of the Lutheran denomination   for   British   Columbia,   whose
object is to start an English Lutheran
church in this city.   The servico next
Lord's Day will be conducted in    the I
English language and all the members !
of the Lutheran Faith, no matter what j
the mother tongue may be, ar_  most
cordially Invited to be present.
1 and Personal
Ratepayers'  Meeting.
The artnlial meeting of Ihe Edmonds
District  Ratepu. er_"   associaiion   will    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
be held next Friday evening in More- \    D. S. Itashleigh. secretary of the
Uon hall, Edmonds, at S o'clock. Presi- \ mil   Business   Men's   association,
Mrs. David Walker will be at home
Tuesday, Dot. 14 for the first time this,
season nnd hereafter on the first Mon-.nnd tl,Prp a,|d then they
day in the month.
Miss Mary Ard MacKenzie. genera!
secretary of the Royal Victorian Order of Nurses, has left Ottawa and is
at present in the Cariboo country on
her annual tour of inspection. She
will likely speak nt meetings of the
order here and ln Vancouver.
F. H. Cunningham, chief Inspector
of fisheries for the province, was in
Victoria  yesterday.
A romance which started in Milwaukee. Wis., several years ago culminated on Friday of last week when
Miss Anna (labrielsen. of Chicago, was
married to E. VV. Jewhurst, of the
firm of Miller & Jewhurst. New West,
minster. News of the event was re-
celved yesterday morning when the
couple arrived in the city on the lo
o'clock C, P. It. train to take up their
residence nt 410 Sherbrooke street.
Mr. Jewhurst left New Westminster
aboul tWO weeks ago osentensibly for
Ihe purpose of visiting friends In Milwaukee, bul  decided to step Off ilt  the
windy City where he mei his Sancoe
[decided that
New  Westminster was the one beat
bei for a eity to live In.
The ceremony waB a quiet one, at- j
tended by   a few friends of the bride
and  was held at the residence of the I
bride's aunt,   Mrs.   M.   Petersen.   After:
spending a few days in Milwaukee the
bridal  couple left  for  the   Hoyal  Cily
over the Soo and C, P. lt. lines.
Men'. Fleece Lined Underwear���I'nion make; heavy
fleece; strong, durable quality; nil Blzes. Per
garment 65C.
Natural Wool Underwear��� Penangle superior quality
garments, of Standard repute lor both wear and
satisfaction;  every size.    Per garment $1.25
Heavy  Ribbed  Wool  Underwear���A  Btrong  wearing
garment;   for out-of-doors  wear;   made  In ample
sizes.    Per garment S1.25.
8cotch Wool Underwear���A heavy weight; very warm
and comfortable;  all sizes.    Special value at. per
.garment S1.25.
Extra Heavy Ribbed Underwear��� Elastic knit:  thick
and  warm;  all  sizes.    Per garment $1.50.
All the finer makes of Stanfield's popular underwear
for particular men; both In two-piece and combination garments; all sizes. Priced, per garment
from S1.2S to S3.7S.
Wolsey Underwear for men; higher In price, but
the acme of value. This Is one of the hest medium
weight underwear mnde today. Ask to see It In
our department; stocked in all Biles, single garment style, per gar-mont $3.00. Combination
Suits, per garment S6.00.
Boys'   fleece   lined
for hard wear;
45e. to 506. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Boys' wool cashmere and knit Jerseys; a full stock
of sizes and different colors to Bclect from: some
very special values.    Priced from *JSt* 1�� $1.25
Hoys' sweater coatB; all sizes; every color. Priced
from si.00 to 54.50.
Children's wool knit suits in the smaller sizes;
suits  complete,  priced  $2.50  and  $2.75.
Children's llygeninn fleece lined sleeping combinations for 1 year to 8 years al 75e.. $1.00 a"d
Ladles' white and natural colored heavy fleece lined
vest;   open   ami   closed   drawers,   35<.>   SOt.'
65*. 78*.
Ladles' fine while union wool underwear; vests and
open   aud   closed   drawers;   all   sizes  85*.   tt"'l
Ladles' superfine natural wool Penangle two-piece
underwear;   all  sizes.    Per garment Sl.SO.
1-adles' superfine natural wool Penangle combination suits.    Price S3.00.
Ladles   fine  all   wool   two-piece   underwear.     Price
Ladies' white  und  natural  colored  combinations  at
85*.. 81.00 and S1.28.
Ladles' white and  natural  union  wool combinations
at Sl.SO. '��"i 81.75.
Ladles' superfine while wool combinations; all
sizes ut 82.00- 52.50. and 82.78.
Children's natural colored fleece lined two-piece
underwear;  sizes 1 to 14 years at 18*. ���" 45*.
Children's superfine natural wool Penman's veBts
and drawers; sizes 4 vears to 1.1 yeara. Price
Sl.OO  51.15 and S1.2S.
Misses'   fine   natural   wool   combination     Buits     at
Sl.OO and S1.1S.
underwear;   union   suits;   made
sizes.    Priced, per garment at
Coat buying time is right on us now nnd Ihls
store has a very large assortment ready for you to
choose from; hundreds of conta for women und
children; smart and useful coatB In new tweeds
and coalings; leatherette and corded velour motor
coats: rich coats In silk, velvet and plush und
dainty coats for evening and semi-evening wear,
and for the misses and children We give you a
broad assortment, In every size and many pretty
styles to select from; popular cash Store prices
on every carment. II will well repay you to visit
this selection before purchasing.
Special Prices on Warm Bedding, Blankets, Pillows
and Comforters
six pounds to tl:
pair;   either  blue  or  pink   border,
different colorings.    These aro well  filled.    Spe
All wool blankets;  In full double bed size,  .4x54
This is a grand value at. per pair $5.50.
A special sale of Comforters, In  varioiiB new  chintz
clal for Ihis week, each at 75C.
A full double bed size comforter;  in new ileHlgn chintz
81.25. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Feather Pillows;  full size, iu  art ticks;  guaranteed  purified feathers.     Special   values  nt
and S1.25.
White  Grecian   Bedspreads, in a good  heavy  weight;  full bed
well mad" and filled
A  great   value  at  each
^^^^^    78*.  85*.
Very special vulue ut 81.25
Extra Values in Folding Go-Carts and Buggies
Paid   Up Capital
Surplus $ 2,800,000
Trus tecships Under
Administration over 6,000,000
Trustee     for     Ilond-
holders over  25,000,000
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
New Westminster
606 Columbia Street.
Open   Saturday   Evenings  from
7 to 9.
dent W. S. Rose has  issued the cull
and desires a full attendance.
For plumbing, heating and sheet
metal work consult Merrithew & Ramsay, Eighlh and Carnarvon streets.
Phone 586. (2148.)
Chinese Fly Flans.
For several  days  now  two Chinese
flags  have   been   flying   Irom  one  of
tho buildings on  Mclnnes street.
Meet  Monday.
The regular meeting of Ihe directors
of the Central Park Agricultural society will be held at Central Park on
Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Renister Complaint.
Some protest is bi ing beard along
the waterfront near the department of
public works dock becausi of refuse
being thrown into the slip Immediately below the C. P. ft. wharf. People aboard vessels anchored In the
Blip are the complainants,
Money  lo  loan  on  first
improved  city    and    farm
H per cent. Alfred \V. Mcl.c
Half Holiday Question.
Un Tuesday night next the Retail
Business Men's association will meet
and hear reports from committees appointed some time a'-io lo canvass all
merchants of New Westminster to
ascertain the sentiment on the half
holiday question in  all  its phases.
Addition tc Court House,
liy the iml of next  week it  Is    ex-
nected that something definite will be
known as regards the addition to the
present court house as planned by the |
provincial   government  to  cope   with
ceived a cablegram yesterday morning '
bringing news of the death of hls fn- \
ther in Devonshire England. "The1
late Mr. Itashleigh -Tinted his son ln I
New Westminster about a year ago.
Mrs. .lack Pease of New Westmins-
ter, Is visiting her parents, Mr. and ]
Mrs.  Ceorge  Shaw, of Hlajne,  Wash.
The names of T. J. Trapp and party
of New Westminster are among those
registered nt the office of the Canadian high commissioner in London.
School Trustee 1). S. Patterson has
been appointed to represent the Burnaby board at the annual convention
of school trustees to be held in Victoria next week.
Mrs. It. F. Walker received for the
first time Thursday afternoon. Mrs.
J. P. Bowell, her mother, and Mrs. C.
B. Bryson were receiving witli her.
Ill the tea room Mrs. .1. Keichenbach
and Mrs. C. S. Keith presided At
the ice cream tables Mrs. 11. Douglas,
of Vancouver was In charge. The
young ladies who were serving were
Misses B, ami Q, Butters, F. and ('.
mortgages Beria1' Latham, Marshall and Fisher.
'���'Little Miss Dorothy Ethorlngton opened the door. The decorations were
smllax and yellow chrysanthemums.
Mrs. Walker will be at home every
second Thursday.
Ilesldence Y. W. C. A.        Phone 1324.
Fine cooking apples. K lbs
Choice eating apples, 3 lbs. ..
Fancy Tokay drapes, basket .
flood Creamery flutter, 3 lbs..
Our Own Ranch Kggs, dozen .
Fresh  Eastern eggs, doz..40c.
Steelhead  salmon, per lb	
Fresh  cod and  halibut -  lbs  .
Just  received,  a  splendid   assortment  of  Folding  Go-Carts  and   Prams    In   many   different  styles,   both
with   upright,  sitting  and   lay-down   carriages;   some with hoods.    Bpeclal prlcen for this nhiun
53.00 53.50 55.75 and $5.95.
Also a number of better grade carts, with very superior fittings and  well upholstered;
choose from.    Prices ��9.75 ,0 520.00.
English  Prams, for particular  parents;  wllh  easy riding springs and  carriage upholstering;  absolutely
the best quality and flnl_h     TUoee are priced at $29.00 '" 835.00.
���jinent at
good variety  to
McAllisters Limited
Also   smoked
an huddle, etc.
salmon,  kippers,  fin-
(Successor to Ayling dl Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 98.
propertv, I
id.   (2169) ]
���ii  riiognlze and  setXC the.-opportuni-
cli ��� when they come to you?
Ui fit youraalf to lake advantage of
many future oppo-tunltlan it. is the
Opportunlt) to gain a prtu-lical knowledge.
and Miss ^^^^^^^^^^^^
L.U.A.M.,  A.It.CM.
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
lng, .Voice Production. Theory (in
class or privately). Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical  Form  and  History.
Pupils prepared for the examine.
tions of the Associated Hoard of the
Iloyal Academy of Music and Hoyal
College of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
For terms, etc., apply 51 Dufferin
Street.   Phone 411 R. (2157)
Chink   Charged   With   Using   Threat's
to Rob���Three Liquor Receptacles
In Police Court.
Offers the following Specials for Friday and Saturday, Oct. 10th and Ilth.
Choice rib roast beef, per lb 20c.
Choice roll roast beef, per lb ! 20c.
2 lbs. Hamburger steak 2.1c.
Fresh dressed Spring Chicks, per lb 28c.
Fresh dressed Spring Ducks, per lb 28c.
Wild ducks at lowest possible prices. Do not forget we are still making that good Corned Beef and
Sausage.  Do not fail to get some.
I'hone your orders early and get the best selection.
Pres. and deal.
Bee. and Trees.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonee No. 7 and 877.
Phone 853.
BOUCK, Principal.
���10 Columbia St.
Fancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
I'.-om 11. Smith Block.
What with the harbor Improvements, lho further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Mus. Bac.
Singing,   Piano,  Theory.
For Terms and Moors Apply at
Studio.  1011   Hamilton Street.    Phone
1319 R.
New Imported Fall Suiting now on
display.    Sec  them.    Perfect lit  nnd
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
.1-77. J-J1S.00 up.   701 Front Street.
Wong Ilouni, may Se Cornell!,
labelled in oriental parlance, bul the
last half of hla handle doesn't sound
appropriate to the western '-ar. in
fuel Wong doesn't look energetic
enough to hop. let alone hound.
yesterday morning thit* Chinese Individual with the athletic appellation
hove into night In the police court
while Magistrate BdmondB rend to him
from a serious looking bins paper
which piiid that he wns charged with
having, i>.v menn*. of sundry menaces
nnd threats, attempted to extract from
Dora Jim a quantity of jewelry, bracelets, riiiKs and also coin of the realm,
The rlinrge dldn'l sav "extract." il
used the word "extort "
Wong didn't show nny more Inter-
| est In the recital Ihan If he were being Informed thai the death had occurred of the half-sister hv marriage
I of the chief nf a Smith African Zulu
tribe.   Certainly Wong   didn't   look
ithe part, but then you can't generally
I most always sometimes tell hy look
inn nt a frog he*.'* far im will jump, ���* ���***
I hy glancing at Wong how far he will
Kor the prlvalr- prosecution anpear
, ed  A. S. Johnston, who nuked  for an
Iadjournment, which at the suggestion
I of tho court, was agreed to by W k
Hansford  for thr- defence
|    Wong Hound ambled oul on *i>|1 hall
to turn un again next Wednesday when
���Dom wlll he on the lob to detail the
harrowing facts of tha case
Two first degree members of the
Have Another Hrothorhooil admitted
that they had heen doing lhelr hen) to
pul down Honor nnd wer" allowed tu
Kn forth In freedom. A third, who Is
n past mastet In the order, was asked
for SL'.r.o In dues, lacking which, lm
will enhance the beauty of the tail-
yard landscape for Ihe next ton days. I
f)77 Columbia St.
Phone 1315
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia  Street, New  Westmlnstsr.
Singer Sewing  Machines.    Small  Muaical Goods of all Kinds. PHONE 694.
In thc Wost Knd.  Corner 7th Ave. and 20th St. Half
hlock from Vancouver car.
FROM $800 UP.
Terms $100 down and $100 every four months.
746 Columbia St.      312-315 Westminster Trust Bldg.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
(Jet our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Enquire about our speclsl stockss, they ars monsy savsrs.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Estsbllshed 1891.
**���'* writs Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,  Automobile   and
Marine Insurance.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���5 and 6.45 a.m.
and every 16 minutes until 9
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
8ATURDAYB���16 minute ser
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7, 7.30 8 and
8..10 and every 16 mlnutea until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.46 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
m.,  with  late car at 11.30.
car at
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and
untH 10 p.m. with late
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour im'11 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m.   and   every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection la made at   Eb-
hour imt'1 11 p.m.
aad otber polnta on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.16 a.iu., 1.10 and
6.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.06 p.m.


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