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The New Westminster News Mar 24, 1913

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 New Westminster.
What attractions doeB New Westminster offer industries?   Trackage
and waterfront Bites, railways and
ocean transportation.
��� Nig *gggi
Weather Today.
Wet-tminster and lower mainland:
Light to moderate winds; generally fair and warmer.
Halifax, R. S��� March 23.���Brilliant
military uniforniB mingled with the
more sombre tints of civilian attire at
the Bhip's side tonight at 8:30 o'clock
when the royul train of the C. P. H.
pulled into the terminal pier with
the Duke and  DucheBB of Connaught
Escorting the party    from    Ottawa
waa W. II. Baker,    assistant    to    the
president of the C.  P.  R.,  who with |
Colonel Lowther, military secretary to ';
the Duke, returned to Ottawa tonight, i
The  Empress of Britain  waa later
and the Princess Patricia aboard. than expected in arriving at  Halifax
the building was gay  with bunting ' and the royal train was therefore de-
and a carpeted gangway led from the   layed at Windsor Junction so that the
train   to   the   salon   deck     of   the .arrival at_ Ilallta nJfllt^tynohronUe I
steamer.   The grade of this was made
aa easy as possible, bo as to not tax
the strength-of the Duchesa, who has
stood the Journey well, but had nevertheless a slightly worried look.
Among   those   in   the   company   to
greet the  royal party  were Governor
MacGregor, Colonel   Rutherford,    the
new commanding officer of the marl-o'clock    with    W. It.   Baker.
time  provinces, and  D.  Pottlnger, of ��� Lowther and Colonel Buckley
the government railway's management j    The steamship Bailed at 3 o clock in
better with that of the steamship. On
entering her state rcoin tbe Duchess
found a handsome basket of flowers
���lent by the wives of members of the
Borden cabinet at Ottawa and there
was also a bouquet from Governor
and Mrs. MacGregor. The royal party
dined together on the Empresa at 9
H. R. H. Duke cf Connaught.
H.  R.  H.  Duchess of Connaught.
Princess Patricia of Connaught.
the morning.
drain Commission Inspects
Port of Westminster-
Special    Music   and   Sermons   Please
Large Congregations Who Observe
Easter Sunday.
Prominent Followers of Former President Arrested
and Executed.
Other   Th'ngs   Are   Necessary,
ever, It Is Pointed Out, to Bring
Trade This Way.
Dr. Maglll. chairman of thc Grain
Commission, summed up the rjpult uf
Saturday's visit of lnspectloSFof the
Fraser river In reference to the establishment of a Dominion government
elevator as  follows:
"We  are  greatly   interested  ln  the  (1.(,
EaEter, the anniversary of the resurrection of Jesus ChrlEt, was celebrated yesterday by beautiful musical services in all the city churches both
morning and evening.
The hoiiBCB of worship were most
elaborately decorated with Easter
llllies and leaves for the occasion and
the Eastertide theme was carried out
In all  the programs.
Abundant choral productions, many
soloists and the choiceBt services
were used In connection with the
celebration which forms the climax of
the church's year. The attendance of
citizens at the churchea wub very good,
early     break   in   the   somewhat
Rebels   Make   Effort   to   Retake   City
cf Saltillo from   Huerta  Forces���
Reports Conflicting.
iitllement  with Telephone Company
Is Confirmed���All   Phones in
Westminster Repaired.
various sites wc have beon ahown, but tliri-alutitnt; weather giving thetn full
will you allow mo to Buy that while gc0pa to obBerve the day. One no-
the commlBBlonors would tike to do | uceable feature of the day wae the
their bent to develop the Pacific as a!al)8ence of KaBtor hatB and dresses--
Brain route, tho placing of a govern-; B somewhat unusual occurrence, no
ment elevator here will not do that: ,joubt due lo the uncertainty of the
We could place a dozen elevators here  weather.
El Paeo, Tex., March 23.---Three
more adherents of the late President
Madero were execuLd recently at
limine!, according to military advices
received here today. All were prominent political followers of the former
president and are Juan Hosales. ex-
state senator; Jose Mena, former municipal office holder at Parrel and
luan Ruca, capitalist. Each was ar
reFted on political charges at his home
in Parrel and taken to Jiminez where
the executions were made by the mill-
According to advices from Vancouver the telephone Btrike which waB
declared on Friday evening. March 14,
came to an end on Saturday morning
when the officials of the company
and those of the International Union
of Electrical Workers agreed to terms.
Just what these termB are ha3 not
yet been given out, but the men are
understood to be prepared to return
to work this morning at all the
offices of tlie company located on tbe
mainland and Vancouver island.
lt was generally conceded on all
<!des that the strike of the linemen
would be of short duration as their
demands were not considered ex-
horbitant and the delay caused to
patrons of the company caused by the
instruments 'getting out of order
would likely cause no little trouble to
all cuncerned.
In New Weatmlnater the residents
��om>raUy aladlyii��-jveloome    the news ilnBtantly.
Austro-Hungarian Government Addresses Ultimatum to Montenegro.
Powers Also Outline Their Views in
Note to  Bulgarian Premier���
Terms of Pea:e.
Vienna, March 23.���The Aua'.ro-Hun
garian government yesterday addres.i
ed a strongly worded note to Montenegro which is in the nature of an ultimatum. The note reiterates sharply
the demands made by the Austrian
minister to Cettinje on March 20 as
First���Free exit from Scutari of
Second���Explanation of tbo alleged
murder cf the Catholic priest, Palie.
North Bay, Ont., March 23.���North Ing tin, making it dangerous for ven-
Bay was visited by the worst storm luresome pedestrians,
in Its history yesterday afternoon and ���. <J,hurch 8Pire B,0,,M ��0WB-
evening. A gale of cyclonic fury b, ^Wa^fcJSt.'VSS
gan at half past three In the after- j storm yesterday, caused much damage
noon and continued steadily with ]ln st- Catherines aud surrounding dis-
scarcely a let up until after midnight 'trlct The troeB were uprooted, scores
As the weather was warm a ^tSfSSJ^JtS^^
many persons were out on the Btreets | was blown oft the Garden City paper
and were caught distances from home' mill and the damage will be severe.
n the wind which gradually became I    The 8Plre of   tbo   8t   Catherines
loldcr until women and children
middled in -doorways and alleywayB
out cf the wind, suffered from the
;old and were marooned from one to
(our hours.
Many ladies who were cared for col-
.apsc-d from fear and exhaustiun. As
it waa a holiday the stores ' were
closed and very few places were
available aiong the business streets
cr refuse but the doorways and the
'1 he Bcene along the main business
:treets of North Bay were terrifying,
itoofs were ripped and blown off in
lections /nd in some instances entire
roofs were lifted from the buildings
and tl-4^h to ***** gruund many yards
Plate glass windows were shattered
everywhere with plslol like cracks
punctuating the rear of the storm as
the wind swept the street ot every-
'.hmg moveab.cl
The people   ceased     to     struggle j
against the wind and sought the near-1
est and best shelters.    The fire   department w as called out 12 times, but'
fortunately tbe fires were not serious.
Flr�� In Crystal Palace.
About 11 o'clock Friday an electric
wire becoming Bhort circuited caused
a fire in several stores on Main street,
including the Crystal Palace, which
���was damaged. Four stores in adjoining buildings were on fire.
Fireman Fimiigan waB injured
while fighting the flames in the
theatre. The roof of the planing mill
ind box factory of James Cole St. Co. j
was blown completely off ar.d the en-
I gine room v. all was blown down. The
Roman Catholic church was blown to
the ground.
In the States Also.
Falls City, Neb.. March 23.���Half of
the city ot Omaha was swept by a
tornado early tonight, according to
information gained here by long distance telephone. All railroad and
commercial telegraph lines into
Omaha are out of commission. Berlin, a small town near Omaha, damaged by the storm, la said to be on
Scores Injured.
Terre Haute. IniL. March 2?..���
Scores were injured, several dangerously, in a wind storm that wrecked
dozens of houses In the south part ot
Terre Haute at 10 o'clock tonight. All
wires were torn down and several
fires were caused by crossed wires.
The Root Glass factory, a large manufacturing concern, was burned.
All the available physicians were
rushed to the scene and worked with
lanterns searching for injured in the
ruined buildings. The most seriously
injured were taken to hospitals.
Death List ef 15.
Kansas Cily. Mo, March 23.���At tho
Union Pacific offices here it was reported firm the Beatrice office of the
road that the town of Yutan, Neb.,
hda been partly destroyed by a
tornado tonight and the town was
burning. Five persons were dead and
many injured, It was said.
Another rumor reaching here
through Chicago, Burlington and
Quincy railroad offioes say that Ashland, Neb., had been destroyed by a
tcrnado. Details were larking. Yutan
and Ashland are 20 milea apart and
but   Btill  the   grain   wquIiI   not   come
this way.   Don't be under any misapprehension   the building of an elevator will not Bend grain this way
Light Grain Tax.
"You must have this route established on a thoroughly business basis. You
must have the tax on grain the light
eat possible, and you will have to take
tlle grain: It won't be .presented to
you. You must take your share of
the grain from the eastern interests
and bring It this way, competing not
only with the eastern interests, but
also with your neighbors to the south,
who will be able to take the grain for
export from Alberta free or duty and
down to Seattle and Portland.
"You people Iii New Westminster,
Vancouvi r and all the ports here must
UOt   imagine  for a  moment   that  the!
grain will come
Sweet ami impresBive was the music
In Holy Trinity cathedral. Several
selected hyuinB by the congregation
at large and mi anthem by the choir
were given both morning and evening,
the    Hallelujah    CbOTUS  being rende
ered at evensong.
An anthem entitled "God bo Loved
the Worid" by the choir was tlie feature musical selection at St. Andrew's
Presbyterian church at the morning
service, while "Comfort ye," "How
Lovely are the Messengers," and "1
Am He That Llvetli" wire rendered
by the massed choir in a distinctive
manner in the evening. Mr. J. Graham and Mr. Alderdyce, both accomplished singers, took the solo parts in
the evening anthems.
"The significance or Christ's Resurrection" waa Uev. A. S. Lewis' Easter
here by gravitation or.lmessage at the Olivet llaptlst church,
tary authorities.
Ex-rebel troops tinder Jose tne? Ba-1 - -----���   ��� ------ ���   , ,    ,       ,    ���
la-znr today occupied the Basa Grande S that the Btrike has been declared off
district.    Federal forces will be with -ia* the recent fire which crippled the
drawn.    Salazar will become military I'cal exchange lefl    things   in
governor  with   headquarters  ut  Casal langerdUfl Shape as to    make
Grande,  the centre  of the  American | "V.tabln that a settlement should soon
lumbering  and   mormon  colonial   dip-! be reached.
When   seen
\ roof of the North Bay Provision Com- \ about 40 mtles weal of Omaha.
Third���Violent conversions to ceaaelwany,s buUding wag MoYfn completely
I violence cf  Montenegro
satlBfaeflo��f*-J���� "the \ ��"
Young   &   Co.,    -wholesale
against    the;Luuaing, waB stripped of all the large
such  crew cf the AuBtrlan merchant vessel \ eieclric and other glgnB,
-  i ou
-S   V
Later reports at the Union Pac'iflo
it    in
net of Providence or the coiifjtriictla*1 on Sunday morning.    Mr. Lewis spoke
of one or two elevators.    The^r have In a masterly manner and IiIb address
been organized In the grain trade In waa  of   the  nature   that  appealed
the ports to the south of you for two, everybody  In  his congregation
Kaster music of rare quality was
also given at the Olivet Baptist church
both morning and evening. In the
evening the pulpit was taken over
by Dr. Spencer of Vancouver who
iu Which he is engaged Tor the Bap-
touched upon the special social work
tlst   church   In   British   Columbia.
Good Friday was also observed in
many pf the churches with special Ber-
vices and seasonable messages by the
ministers. The congregation of the
crlhidral in the evening of that day
Oathedral gathered In the evening
of that day and were enraptured by
the brilliant rendition by the choir of
Sir John Btalnor's beautiful cantata
"The Cruclxlflon."
generations: they can bring the grain
for export from Macleod, and they already have their connections with the
Orleiil and Great Britain, hacked by
large capital
"In addition they have the grain
growing on their own Pacific slope.
Tiny are uhi ad of this port, and Vancouver by two generations now and
If they ure going to get tlie grain down
from Machod when the Panama canal
opens, It is going to give you trouble
to bring It thiB wuy. You will also
have to consider whether you can
make II easy for the milling Interests
to establish themselves here."
The Trip.
Accompanied by representatives of
the city council, tho board of trade,
Progressive association and thc Publicity bureau, the Grain Commissioners
held their New Westminster session
on board the TnuiBfer, which Steamed
down the Fraser nearly as far as Ladner, studying maps and having the
sites pointed out to them ub tlie chip
Mr. A. 0. Powell, harbor engineer,
opened the case for the Fraaer valley
with an explanation of the New West-
minster harbor Bcheme demonstrated
,by maps.
Ho took It that the elements required for the establishment of the Dontln'-I 	
Ion   government   elevator  resolved   It-1    Calgary.   March   23.    George   Bury,
self Into four points, to which he would ' vice-president of the Canadian Pacific
Vice-President  cf   Railway  Says   His
Company    Will    Have    Uovvect
Grade on  Continent.
add a fifth.
The first was access to deep water,
the second railway accessibility, tbe
third an area for Btorage tracks and
the fourth the foundations of the ele
valor The firth was the driving id
these piles.
"Now," Bald Mr. Powell, "we can
rind all these essentials to a very sat-
Iffactory degree. We have deep water. BhlpB can be accommodated
drawing 25 feet of water."
The foundations could be sunk from
20 feet to 40 foot easily.
The chairman,  Dr.  Maglll naked a
queBtlon us to salt water.
No Tersdoes.
Mr. Powell���Tho water Rets brack-
iBh but never gets salt.   There are no
teredott.   Ono of the advantages of
locating on tho river Is that wn have
rallwuy, who just returned from the
Orient, whb the gUBSt of the Calgary
board of trade at  a largely attended
banquet (Saturday evening, In an address he announced that the big railroad win drive miles of tunnelling
through the Selkirk mountains until
the road possesses the lowoBt grade
o'n the continent.
One tunnel wlll be five miles long.
He also stated that with *Uie completion of the company's new hotel all
tourists will be ticketed to Calgary
and predicted that ultimately the locnl
railroad shops wlll be the largest In
the world.
trlct south of Juarez.
The arrangements were made by a
telegraphic conference between Sala-
r.ar und Huerta. The rebel general
some days ago, in a written proclamation denounced Huerta. insisting on
the presidential claims of Kmilio Vas-
iiue*/. Gomez.
lt Is not made clear what the pres ;
ent  petition of Gomez und his parte
will be.
Cuiet   in   North.
Nogales,   Ariz.,     March     23.���Quiet
continues In northern Sonora and Ihei
slate of Slnaloa and the territory of |
Tepic, arserts a message received to- i
day  from  Admiral  Soutlierland.  com-
mandlng the Pacific fleet now at Cm-
ayamas.    The admiral assured Consul,
T. II. Bowmaii here that federal troops
recently  arriving at Mazatlan nre on
the   way   to   Cuayamas   In   sufficient
numbers to dominate Uie Bituation.
to      The poBtorfice here Is flooded with :
mail which since March 1 was not permitted to be delivered to the Sonoro
state authorities.    The postal department, however, has ordered mall delivered  to  the  Huerta de  facto government, which ts impossible here as
the Insurgent state troops control all
Try to Retake City.
Laredo, Texas. March 23.--While It
Is known that Saltillo, Mexico, was attacked by adherents of Governor Car-
ran'za, of Coahuila, last night In   an
effort to retake the city from tho
Huerta forces, telegraphic communication between Nuevo Laredo and Saltlllo are severed and details are lack-'
Irg here, Unconfirmed reports that
the nltae kwns unsuccessful, however,
are current here.
Only one   telegraph   wire   between j
NtiSVO Laredo and Lampazos Is open
' south of Laredo. Rebels huve demanded the surrender of   Campasos,   ac-
' cording tn Information renchlnn; here.
Fall to  Force Surrender.
Cananea,  Mexico,  March 23.--After*
I fiiilinj:   to   free   a     surrender     from [
I General OJeda at Naco. on the Arizona1
j border, state  troopa    under   General
Obregon    tonight    again    threaten
Cananea.    The (roups under Obregon,
;nnd  Colonel   Cabral   returned   to  Deli
, Rio, between Cnnanei and Naco. and
sent another demand for surrender to
, Colonel     Moreno    here.      The    copi-
1 mauds  of Colonels  Rracanionte    snd
Callfll are re-ported to    remain    surrounding the border town.
hv   one   cf  The   News
representatives last evening,   a  local
iTicial cf the company confirmed the
report thnt the strike had    been    do-
i-rVn-Hnnpri  nn   l-.tro  icielit.i
clared off and thnt all Ihe   men would
Vicar  General   of   Pope   Plus   Passed
Away   After   Serious   Illness���
Concealed  From Pontiff.
Home, March 28���Cardinal ReBplgsi,
the vicar-general or his holinesB died
today. He was born at Bologna, Sept.
22, 1843. The death ot Cardinal He-
spigBi, although expected as he has
been gravely ill with influenza for
some time, Ib causing distress throughout the world.
So far the fatal termination of the
cardinal's tllneBB haa been concealed
from Pope Pius, the Vatican authorities not wishing him to have any j
cause for grief on Blaster day. but it
fact long bb the
With a view to hastening the solution of the Albanian question Austria
agrees that the town of Jakova should
be given to Servia on Condition that
the northern front ier of Albania be
given in conformity with Austria's
Prospects for Peace.
Thc developments of last week ap
pear to make the conclusion of the |
Ualgan war a matter of only a few
days. Turkey, having no hopes tf ob
taluing more money has entrusted her
interests to the good offices of the
powers and the allies hnve accepted
the powers   offer of mediation.
Representativles of the powers nlso
handed the Hulgarian premier their
schemes embodying the basis for
mediation. Their plans Include two
petitions to which the allies likely
will object. The deman* for in
deinnity is vetoed and thc powers
stipulate that hostilities must cease
when their proposals are accepted. It
appears Improbable, however, that the
allies will refuse to settle on the
terms now Offered,
Powers Present Views.
The representatives of the powers
1 called on Premier Guechoff separately
and handed hllm the following    communication:  "Tlie governments of the
! great powers take  notice with  satis-
| faction of the    acceptance    of    their
mediation  by  the  allied  states    and
point out to them that before discussion of  the terms of peace is begun
The large coal chutes of the T. N.
& O. railway were levelled to the
.-round. Roofs and skylights all over
the town were swept off the buildings
and the streets were a mass of sweep-
Qtttcea here, said ta have come from
grocers'Valley, a town within IO miles ot
Yutan, placed the death list st 15 at
Yutan, with 50 injured. It was said
the destruction of the town was complete from the torando and the fire
that afterward swept it. SurKeonn
were sent in motor cars to the relief
of the injured from Wahoo.
mm qktion
Organize and Clect Officer:���Will Ap
ply to American Federation of
Labor for Charter.
\ lews aB to the basis of the negotla-
cT the Ottoman
iSontitt inquired as to the' condition of | it .IS fur the powers to formulate their
the   vlcar-general,   whom   be   held   In
great affection.    The hope Ib held by .tions to be adopted.
the   membere   of   the   sacred   college      "One lhe frontier
ihat they mav be able to ke>ep the empire in Kurope Bhall start at Enos
cardinal's death from his hollneBB Un- and following the course, of the Marl
til Monday. tez river and tl"'u ***al of ,he Ngen,
.   '  shall end at    Midla.    All    territories
*****************: given to the west of the line shall be
Dr. Roche to Go South.
Ottawa,  March  23.���lt Ib said that
Hon.  Or.  Roche who recently  underwent a seriotiB operation and who ex-
sufflclent fresh water which helps to pects to be out of the hospital In ten
clean tho ships' bottom of murine ac- days, will In all probability go south
cumulation. for n couple of monthB.   lt Ib not ex-
On the points Mr. Powell pointed out pected that ho wlll be In parliament
(Continued on Page Four.) again thla session.
Owen     Sound     March     22-Three
hours1  deliberation  sufficed  the Jury
entmrted  with  the hearing    of    the
charge   against   Henry   Love   of   imir
daring Mb wife Hannah nt their homely
nt Ceylon on the evening of Dec. il of ���
last   year,   lo   bring   In   a   verdict   et*
guilty   nt   the  court   house  here   last *
evening.    I��ve displayed no emotion.  *
The defence called but three wit- *
u.esBeB and contrary to general expec- ���
tut Ion, Love waa not one of these. Ills *
daughter, Mrs. William Illndle, was a ���
Witness and In many reBpects contra- *
dieted the evidence given by her 14 *
year old brother, Arnel. The prisoner ���
loudly declured against the hardship \*
of bin trial, saying that neighbors had \*
��� Ottawa, March 24.���An order
��� in council has beeir-passed re-
��� schilling the fishery regulations
��� fer    liritish    Columbia pasBed
��� March 21. 1909, and subBtitut-
��� lag:
��� "No one shall riBh for, catch,
��� or kill trout of any kind,  in-
��� eluding    Bteel    head    of    two
��� poundB In weight undressed or
��� under from thu 15th day of No-
��� -veniber In each year to the 25th
��� of  Marcil following, both dayB
��� Inclusive, except In the waters
��� east  of the    12iHb    meridian.
��� where no one shall   flnh   for,
��� catch or kill trout ef any kind
��� from the 15th day of November
��� In each year to the 4th day of
��� April  following, both  days In-
��� elusive,    provided    that closed
��� rhall not apply to Seton and
AndeiBon lakes, and waters trl-
1 Hilary thereto; nor to Dolly
Vardeii trout nor to Bteel head
caught In tidal watars by rod
and line, or In Okanagan, Kamloops. SluiBwap, Arrow and
Kootenay lako nor land-looked
salmon weighing five pounds
undressed or over. Provided
further that during the present year trout fishing west of
the IKth merldlau may begin
on the 16th of March.
��� ceded by Turkey to the allied states,
��� with the exception of Albania, the dc-
��� Unilnaliou of which shall be fixed by
��� 1 the powers.
��� 1    "Second    The     question     of     the
��� j Aegean Islands shall be Bottled by the
��� powers.
��� "Third���Turkey  Bhall abandon    all
��� I clnlm  to Crete.
���|    "Fourth���The powers cannot favor-
*!ably entertain the   demand    for   In-
��� deinnity. but will admit the allies   to
��� I participate  In  discussion  of commis-
I'.iveu false testimony against him.
slon for equal settlement of their
[participation In the Ottoman debt and
I In the financial charge 1 f the district
I fo be handed over to them. Turkey
! is to be asked to take part ln the
labor of this commission.
"The great powers declare at the
same time that as soon in these basis
I are accepted hostilities Bhall cease."'
Premier GuecholT thanked the ministers and liifirmed them that Bulgaria would have to communicate
with the allies before replying.
Fighting lias heen Indecisive. Constantinople which tbe RulgurlniiB proposed to reduce to submission In a
few diivs. Beenui to bo holding out as
strongly ns ever arter a five months
siege and a wireless message from
there yesterday declard that the
Turkish commander had no thought of
Ambassadors in Ixiudnu who had
scattered for the Easter holidays have
been recalled and arc In constant consultation over the situation. Their
view of the outcome Is optimistic.
1.0 Candidates Nominated
for Reeveship of Coquitlam. 1
Port of Coquitlam Elects by Acclamation���James Mars First Mayor
of  New City.
A Newsboys' Union, the first of its
kind iu New Westminster, was organized yesterday afternoon iu the Labor
Temple at an enthusiastic and largely
attended meeting of the city's young-1
est workers.
The organization wub assisted by I
Mr. It. A. Stoney, organizi r for liritish
Columbia of the American Federation
Of Labor, Mr. 1). S. Cameron, Mr. J. |
15. Chockley, Archie Hogg, A. KhodeB
and two otherB from the electrical
workers union and to say thut they
had "some" job on their hands Is putting  it  mildly.
Always  looking   for  u novelty,  the
boys  revelled  In  the  prospect  of  becoming union men and    they showed i1"};        ,���
uo little lack of restraint in their en-k CounOlUorfr   BtgM   candidates    for
thiiHiasm over the matter. S?*^?*?'   Kwe�� ^fn\W' \\Tm*kaZ
When the boys were finally got UB- W. WWttag, J. K. Partington. H. J   C.
der control the organization proceed-1 Atkins, J. rotttr, R. K Mounce and K.
Ings were gone ahead  with.    One or. A������ * "9;., . ...
the first steps taken was the election I    T"�� Pulll"E t*l���� irfacc neit Satur-
of officers and ln this the "newsies" 1 l"alr-
  ""        1,1 I
I On Sattrrtfay the following notnlna-
' tions were made for the district mo-
jnlclpallty of CiKiuitliin:
I Reeveship L. BL Marmont. proposed
iby Ralph Booth, seconded by John T
I Foster; Peter llarth, proposed by A-
\ K. Hieaulien, seconded by Kwen Mi/t-
participatid with delight, at the same
time not without a considerable degree of earnestness.
William llracey was elected president while the other officers appointed were as follow'B: Vice-president,
Carl Stoney; secretary, Jesse Vogel;
treasurer,   Charles   Oarrlck;   guide,
Harry Corbett; guardian. Roy Cambridge; trustees, Oeorge Wentz, Jami^s
Public meetings will take place on
Wednesday night at the Burquitlam
Agricultural lull; Thursday night ut
MllllurdviUe in tlie school house, and
at the Coqultlam    Agricultural    hall
Westminster Junction on Friday evening.
School Trustees.
No flection  will be necessary  for
school trustees us Uie candidates no-
Oliver and Thomas Gracey; delegates! mlnated were elected without opposi-
0 the Trades and Labor Council, Oeo.
ItOFB, Urooke llodson and James Oarrlck.
The Initiation fee for new members
was placed at 25 cents and 10 cents a
week for tines. The regular meeting
night was Bet a3 Saturday ut 7:30
In order to enable the newsboyB to
purchase their charter the members
nf the IClertricnl Workers' union generously donated about >2,' lo the new
Nplsoh, March 22.���The Nelson Re
tall Clerks' association today demand
ed  from  07  retallcra  11  weekly   half
tion. They are: K. Martin. W. Whiting. R. J. C. Atkiua. W. Walker and
Peter Barth.
Port Coquitlam.
The city of l"ort Coqnitlam constituted its new board by acclamation on
Saturday and the following are tho
personnel: Mayor, James Msrs; aldermen, J. F. Langan. B. Morgan. D. B.
Welcher, A. Millard. R. C. Galer.
The school trustees were also elected hy ii ci-lain a tion. They are W. D.
I<\ Godwin, H. O. Monnce and H. Atkinson.
Salonlki, March 83. King Constats
tine arrived here today and wan ac-
hollday on Wednesday, throughout claimed by the populace. The foreign
the year and that all stores close at warships fired a salute of 21 guns.
9 o'clock on other nights. jThe king schowed great grief and tho
The machlnlBts' new wage scale neks meeting between him ad the Dowager
ror GU cents an hour for a nine hour! Queen Olga In the death chamber was
day, an Increase of five centB per hour. | most   affecting,   both   banting   Into
The  city  council  on  Tuesday   wlll j tears,
consider  tho  demandB   presented   by     The body ot the lato King George
the labor unions last week.   Other em- will  lie   In  state  tomorrow  and  the
plovers have already refused to grant | residents of Salonlki will be allowed
them to pass before the coffin. f>AG��� TWO
MONDAY, MARCH 24, 1913.
ceum  address, Jan.  27,  18,17.
The severest justice may not always be the best policy.���Message to
Congress,  July   17,   1862.
Germany still leads the world in the
skill of its ironsnilths.
Napoleon,   defeated   in   Spain,     remained apparently  indifferent to  .he
An independent morning poper devoted to the interests of New Westminster attrf
the Fraser Valley. Published every morning except Su-iuta-y by the National Printing
��n,i Publishing Company, Limited, at 63 McKenzie Street, New lCestmisster, British
Columbia. ROBB HVTHKRLAND, Managing Direetor.
All coinmunirationa should be addressed to The New HVatiniti,**(rr Neu-.s. and not
to indtvtdval member* of the staff. Cheques, drafts and money orders should be made
payable to The  National Printing ond  Publitmino Oompany, Limited.
TKLKI'lltlNHa���Bundles* Ulliee and Manager, 'JH'.I ,* BaltorKJl Kiumi (oil ftVpnrf-
msenlsl. ***
���WltSCRIl'TtON RATH8���Bv currier. 14 per year, 11 for Tirce months, 40c per
stoma.  By mail. S3 per year,   ���vc per  inmith.
ADVBBTI8INQ RAT UN on oppUoatton,
r�� <*t)ltlll-;nl*f*Nl)l*NTSi���No letters will he published in The News exeept over
th. .enters signature. The editor reserves the right to refuse the publication of any
If in your own judgment you can warlike preparations of the Prussians
not be an holiest lawyer, resolve to : "Pali!" he aald, disdainfully, "Ger-
be honest  without being  a lawyer.��� | mans can never become Spainiard3."
rapid. He became Archbishop of
Westminster ten yearB ago, and was
given the red hat. in 1911.
Notes from a law lecture. July 1, 1850
The better part cf one's life consists   of   I1I3   friendships. Letter    to
Joseph  Gillespie,  July  13,  1849.
Towering Genius disdains a beaten
path,���Lyceum address, Sept. 30, ISfiil.
I sliall do nothing in malice. What
1 deal with Is too vast for malicious
dealing.���Letter to Cuthbert Bullitt,
July 28, 1SC2.
As far as the plans of eastern and
foreign steamship companies are
known at present, the plans for passenger   and   freight   traffic    between
Uut the Man of Destiny reckoned
without the enthusiasm Inspired by
that intrinsically worthless bauble, the
Iron Cross. To gain that symbol of
bravery, men were willing to risk
their Uvea, as Napoleon soon discovered.
Napoleon's opinion cf himself wan
shared by at least one German, the
great poel Goethe. Much as they revere his memory, (inrnians can never
forget nor i|uite forgive his Bcornful
statement, "Well, well, shake your
iiains!     That   man   Napoleon   ia  too |
The eighth Earl of de La Warr, ope
of whoBe ancestors was responsible
for Delaware, was born forty-two
years ago on Saturday. In addition to
his principal title, he is Baron West,
Viscount Cantolupe and Baron Buck-
hurst, and is related to the Cornwal-
lis-Wests, Lord Sackville, the Princess pf Pless, and other families prominent iu the peerage.
Lord de La Warr was divorced by
his first wife, a daughter of the first
noron Brassey, and shortly afterward
married a daughter of Col. C. Lennox
Tredcroft. Ilia son and heir Is now a
hid of thirteen. The barony of de La
Warr was created over seven centur-
to the western
the   Llovd-
It was predicted that this present year of grace would
prove to be a remarkable one, and already we have en-j
(leavored to show that for ourselves in Westminster it bids c.a?al und its beneflt
fair to outrival the claims of its predecessor in respect to is The   nagiburg-Americnn   une   is
progress achieved.   But Eastertide is now with us, and, in planning to run urn large steamers;
many ways, it has been a memorable season. !"���*" ^SJ1 nwfber;^ AMtroSmS*
Certainly not in our life time and probably not for if" *������"��� thrp0 ph'Ps; Tlle Norwegian-
many hundred years will Good Friday, the vernal equinox
and a total eclipse of the moon occur almost concurrently;
while weather conditions yesterday and on Saturday eve-
ring were more reminiscent of the good old fashioned
Christmas rather than of the beautiful passage of Holy
Writ that tells of the winter being past and that "the time
of the singing of birds is at hand."
But external conditions are as nought if for us, as for
the long line of our fathers that reaches back into the mist s
beyond the Druidical age, there has been a reburnishing
in our memories of the great fundamental truths of life
contained in thc message of the spring.
Life triumphant over death; good triumphing over
evil;; the supreme self-sacrifice of Good Friday; the hope'10 ������*���' N'<��' "wesTminsteTpubUo"uu
of Easter Day. these are the key stones of all the'various
means by which man in all ages has emulated and agfciowl-
edged the hand of the architect of the universe. ^^
The sap that year by year runs anew in the tree is
nature's correspondence to the hope that springs eternal I
in the human breast.   We as a city have many hopes���le- j
.eitimate hopes, r.ot fantasies born of other men's works.
We mav with the spring take on fresh hoart for the work
to our hands, and trust that whether those efforts be di-1
rected towards the commercial, physical, spiritual or intellectual advancement of the community, despite the
storms that we know are to be encountered, there may be
no meagre rejoicing when "the year hath shot her yield"
and more ripened endeavors go to swell the garners of oui
own inherited store.
trong for you.    You will not bo able  "*s ag0
0 brea'\ them."
The   Order  of the  Iron  Cross  was
evived hy William I., in the Franco-
European   and   Pacific   Coast   ports pmagian war .when another Napoleon
will far exceed  the wildest dreams of  went  down to defeat before  inspired
a year ago for the possibilities of the   r;erman   bravery.     About   40.000   persons   were   decorated   with   the   Iron
Cress in 1870 and  1S71.
American  Company  five
ISUhado line six; the Lloytl-Hriizililiero
I line three;  and  W.  It. Grace   &   Co.
i feur. .  ..
i In addition totbese the American-
Hawaiian Steamship Company and
the MatBon Navigation Company will
I increase their fleets, while the North
German Lloyd Steamship Company
and the Cunard linos hive indicated
j their  intentions  of  engaging   in  Pa-
'ciflc traffic.-California Outlook.
New  Ecoks at Library.
Ft Mowing are the recent  additions
It i�� to be hoped that none of us
���misned the delicate sarcasm contained
in thai paragraph In thi- KIiir's speech
with which the British parliament
was opened the other day ih(. parn-
pi-.u>�� which referred to which thc
Tarions parts of the empire were coming to the help of the Imperial gov-
f-rnment in the matter of naval defence. We will print It again, just
in  ease���
The recent  gift or a  battleship by
Uie  Malay  States,  the ready  consent,
nt the New Zealand government to retention  in  the North  Sea fleet of the
ba'ttrshlp contributed  by  them,    the
Steady progress  towards    the    establishment of an  Australian  fleet,  and
the diacussion now proceeding In the
���Canadian   parliament   on   matters   of
defence, testify to  the universal do-
utre  in the  Kmpiro  for  the  maintenance of the common safety."
There you have It.
The   Malay   States   come     forward  ���* Quantity and value
���with "tbe girt of a battleship."
New Zealand comoB forward with
"the ready consent of Ub government
to the retention in the North Sea
fleet of tlie battleship contributed by
Australia comes forward with "steady progress towardo tlie establish
mmt"   of   its   fleet
���Canada comes forward with a dls-
**c usslon",
The  others  all  contribute   fighting
���lacalnea,   We contribute a "debate."
They mount guns.   We unllmber a
batter)   of  "talkers."
Well,  we  ought  to  be.  thankful   in
from another churn in excellence. In
a shipment of a thousand tubs of
home-made butter In the old days-
say thirty yeara ago and more���there
would be fifty to sixty different qualities.
This mixture, nnd this Uncertainty,
could not stand in the British market
against that certain uniformity numbers 1. 2, .1���of the Danish product
The child of the London worklngman,
'sent to tlie corner grocery for a pound
of Danish No. 3, knows exactly what
It  will  taste like.
The Danish farmers themselves. In-
lllll cmfw mfw ymfwy mfw ymfwymsl
slated on uniformity, by a self-denying ordinance, and won out against
the world. Wlint did we get down i
to in the ten months of last vear in
the matter of butter? We shipped
836,142 pounds, valued at $170,126,
but we imported 5.714 405 pounds val-1
ued at ��1,5U,��64���nine times as much
Arts  and   Literature.
International Correspondence School
Hookkeeper's handbook.
Farmer-  New book of cookery.
Conltlln���Conversation; what   to   sa
and how to say it.
Olcott���Children's' reading.
Travel.  History, Bicgraphy.
Hand     McNally,     (publishers) -
family athiB.
Powell   Last frontier.
Adams-Ten thousand miles   through
Worsfold   -Union of South Africa.
Children's   Department.
Claudy���"Tell Me Why" stories.
Maule���Boy's book of new Inventions
Danleljson���Story-telling time.
lailchrlsl -Helen over-the-wall,
Perkins���Japanese twins.
Poulsson -Johnny Blossom.
Stritcir.cycr--Aircraft boys   at Lake-
Austin-Woman of Genius.
Barclay    The I'pas Trees.
Hrown -Hallowell  Partnership.
Buckrose   Gulden Straw.
Handerson   Soul of a Tenor.
Kesti tv Fortunes of the Lnndravs.
Lippmann  -Martha  By-the-day.
McLaren    With the  Merry Austrians
Monroe    Making  a Business  Woman
Montgomery - Mrs.   Mahoney   of  thi
Wemysa   Prlsctlla.
Weyman���Gentlemen of France.
Woolley���Junior Partner.
Abdication of Iturblde.
Recent events In  Mexico recall the
j fate of  Iturblde,  liberator of Mexico.
1 who   abdicated    his    imperial throne
j ninrty years ago today, March 24 182:!
1 The  Mexican  movement   for  freedom
frcm   Spain   began   in   1810,   but   the
I priestly  leader   Don   Miguel   Hidalgo
: Costilla,  after several  defeats of the
I Royalists, waa himself defeated, cap-
|tured and executed.
A century ago this year, ihe Inde-
I* ndence of Mexico was again declared, aud again the Insurrection wn 1
nut down. In 1815 another priestly
'cader. Morrlos. paid for his patriot-
Ism with his life. Il remained for
iturbide to determine the struggle In
lavor of tho patriots. In 1821 he entered the City if Mexico at the head
f his army, and Spanish authority
was forever overthrown.
Under the "plan of Iguala" Mexico
". :*.s to be mad" a kingdom, and Iturblde was elected emperor, lie was
crowned ln 1822, adopted the tit!"
f Angus', I., but liis reign was brief,
in   less  than   a  year  he  was forced
J to flee lhe country he lind freed, and
, the  republic   was  established.    Itur-
I bide dared  return to Mexico in  1824
I and was sentenced to death nnd cxe
i cuted.
Old  Chur:h   in   Epping   Fcrost.
Special  anniversary   Bervlces   were
held   yesterday    in    Epping    Parish
hurch, the ancient religious edifice
n  the  famous  Epping  Forest of  Essex;  England.    The  church   was  confiscated by Henry Vil I., on March 2.1,
1540.    Not   long  ago the   well   known
Irir.'i patriotic prledt, Father John; ard was established In 1810. and tin
Caulfield, rector of Ongar. celebrated , Halifax Daily Acadian Recorder ir
at Epping Forest the first mass held;18'14, and Ottawa's pioneer Journal
there  for four  centuries  . the Citizen also dates from the  eami
The  IlritiBh  parliament adopted  an   ���yiar
���ic' to preserve Epping Forest In 187n
Harrison's Chronometer.
The first chronometer was the Invention of John Harrison, an Englishman, who died In London LI7 years
ago today. Watches were first made
:it Nuremberg In 1447, but tbey were
crude affairs and were more like
small clocks than the watches of today.
Queen Elisabeth v.aB the owner of a
small   table-clock,   sometimes     refer-!
red to as a watch, which is still pre-!
served in the   Royal   Institution   Museum.     Watclu-s    properly   so^calli d
were invented by Dr. llooke, an Englishman, and Huyghens; a Dutchman, 1
In the seventfetith century, bul  wi re
���ii-it.her ornamental nor useful. ilarri-.|
son'b watch  w:is the first that   wus
!:oth compact and an accurate   tlme-
kee per.
!!.��� made his rir; 1 timepiece In 17".5.
his second In 17S9, his third ten years
later, and Bhortly afterward perfected
I a chronometer th-it procured for blm
ithe fliin.noo reward   offered   by   the
! Board of Longitude,   Harrison also Invented   the   first   eight-day   clock    Ini
J17I5. and  It is Still to be seen at
English Patent Museum.
It   strikes  the  henr.  Indicates
day of the month, and. with  the
1    WE HAVE
���"��� ��� -���   '--  ��� ��� *.��� ������������*������    --    ���������'   -    ���- ������������' ������   -"  ���1 ���
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
exception of the escapement, its wheels
an- made entirely of wood.
First Canadian  Ncw:paper.
The firrt issue ff the first newspaper in Canada was published in Halifax 161 years ago yesterday, March 23,
1752. It was called the Gazette, and
consisted of four small pages. Of the
dally newspapers now publish i in
the Dominion, the oldest is the Quebec
Chronicle, founded In 1764.
It is a fourteen years the senior of
the Montreal Gazette, which dales
from 1778.   The Kingston, Ont., Stand-
Mr. Hers were quietly married last
week at Barmen, Germany and are
at  present in  Italy on tlieir wedding
Miss f.avoi, as a young pianist of
promise, attracted the attention and
Interest of l.ady Laurier, and for four
viars was resident In this city,, where
she waa S pupil of Alfred Laliberte,
continuing her studies with him after |
be  had  gone 10  Europe.
in   October,   1911,  while  about,  to 1
leave  for   the  continent.   .Mins   Luvol
lave a concert in the Windsor hotel. |
the development in her brilliant work |
bl   ng  marked  With  every   promise of
1   successful   future.    At   the  concert
she met Slgfcled Her::, formerly   of
Nordhelmers, and later manager   of
C,  W.  Lindsay, Ltd., when the latter
firm aoiuin-d the Montreal Interests
>f thai concern, and is now a dlrec
tor of Nordhelmers, Toronto
lie left about a month ago for the
home of his mother in Germany,
whom tho marriage took  place.
Specifications, agreements of sale ds-eds,
business letters, t-te.; circular work ape*
clalist, All work strictly confidential H.
Barry, room 418 Westminster Trust Bile
1'lnme Tni.
. O. M. NO. 8(4���MKKTS ON first,
loud nnd nurd Wednesdays In each
mth In K. n( P, Hall m I p.m. II. J.
nmy, dictator, J.  II.  Price, si-eroiary.
regular tneeihiB of Amity Iuil*,- No.
'-���7. I. O. O. F., Is held every Monday
nlirlil at H o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hall,
corner Carnarvon anil Eighth streets.
Visiting brstbern cordially invited
It. A. Merrlthew, NG.; .1. Robertson,
v. o.; w. C. Cnathiim, p. Q��� recording secretary! IL \V. iSungHtcr. financial  Hi-crelary.
ti-r & Hanna, Ltd.)-���Funeral dlrootory
and  emlialniiTH.    Parlors 40B Columbia
street.    New   Westminster.     J'liouo   BUS.
Tho mOEt venerable daily paper In
tlie western provinces Is the Victoria
Colonist, which was launched in 1868,
Oliiir western papers founded in the
pioneer days in elude' the Winnipeg
Free Press, 1S74: the Edmonton Bulletin, 1880; the Calgary Herald. 1883;
the Medicine Hat News, 1SS4. and the
Vancouver      News-Advertiser,     mr,
The oldest ilally in Ontario Is the SI
da's    wonderful    progress-that |Cathartnw Iourna^ wl��lch was
famous  insurrection     broke    out
and this stopped the foreclosures by
'.he lords of manors. Memorial tree-,
were planted In the forest by the
Duke and Duchess of Connaught in
Manitoba   Insurrection.
It was dnly twenty-eight  years
vesterday���so rapid has been western
; I'pon this date���March 24���In 1R57,
after the legislature of United Canada had been suffering for a number
Of years under the perambulatorv svs-
tem (introduced In 18411, Immediately
after the mob of Montreal had burneii
the parliament buildings In that city
'"   exasperation   at   the   passage    of
imnng the half breeds cf the north
Saskatchewan river, and the govern-
������irnf officials found themselves called upon to put down an Indian up-
I rising.
Headed bv Louis Rlel. the insurgents declared war on the constitutional authorities, alleging that they
had been Ill-treated in the disposal
of their lands bv the government.
Three Indian chiefs with their braves
Joined the revolt, and for a time
conditions were serious. The revolution ended with the capture and execution of Rlel.
commenced In IK'.'ti.    Among   the weekly
i papers the oldest are the Royal
Gazette of Halifax nnd the Iloyal Gazette of the Charlottetown. both' found-
jod In 1791.
For this there is no excuse, and the
figures should spur our own province
to action. According to a return from
the  census  department,   Quebec  pro-,,,     ���  ,   ,,
ducod   two-thirds  cf  all   the   factory-!        Rebellion Losses bill 1 a resolution
made butter In Canada In  1S10.    Wei*"-0*...     in thR ass,-'��t>ly  in favor
���      our   poers corner.      ���
What season of the year, my soul.
Dost call thine own?
Is  Is  the  time  when  tempests  roll ���
When  frosty  breaths   chill  vale   and
And gaunt boughs moan?
big surplus for
should be doing bi
should be producing .
For the ten months of last vear Can
��da imported (694,104 worth of beans,
and exported only $6,641 worth; Imported $210,145 worth of peas, and
exported $14.77:' worth; imported $54,.
VJ4 worth of rye, and exported $6ii3
worth.  Forty times as much nf those
! of an address to Q11
"��� '     "I     We'w   "V """"���������> W'tcen Victoria pray-  Sun Editor, 61 Today, Wantt  Ship fori
ing  her to select the seat of govern- ' "    '
Guided by the advice of the Gover-
Sir  Edmund  Head,  and
more Inclined to the de-
accounts   she
of the situa-
anv case,  that the King's speech did  grains bought abroad as sold abroad.
not confine its congratulations to the
vociferous readlneBs   with   which     we
n'and prepared to sing "God Save the
King"    nnd    "Rule    Britannia."    Mon-
trral  Star.
Over five million dollars worth of
Indian corn wero Imported, tf,'J4,loi;
of the amount being for distillation,
while exports amounted to onlv f'0.-
Wll. The bulk of the rest would be
'or f.-i il The wheat exports wore
large. They amounted to $74,540,819,
while Imports were only (883.927; the
 ��� exports of oats came to $4.42fi.l7d. and
What Is the matter with Cans4'a%'tho Imports tu $79,288; the exports of
agriculture?     Our   wheat   production  barley were $2,895,234 and the Imports
is now very large, thanks to the development ol the northwest, but in
a number of staples of the farm we
are not producing enough to feed the
Tbe particular products In whloh
we are falling behind are those which
belong lo the older provinces, more
���mprcially. There Is Bertous underproduction. We have becn urging published returns
thiB lor some time-and a statement
���compiled at the customs department
at Ottawa  makes it plain.
For tho ten months ending January
Til. Omnia exported 128,018 dozen of
rggs,  valued   at   $30,464,   but   ln   the  through
In these staples Ontario and tin-
west had the greater share, and On-
larlu chiefly  benefited  from  the good
showing in cheese. The exports oft
choose amounted to *1 ;��,!>03.nr,2. and j
the Imports to $260,458, The figures
with regard to meals for the ten)
months f.r 1912 are net given In the]
Montreal Witness.
nor  General
no douht th
:clsinn   by   the   glowing
, had heard of the beauty
1 tion. Her Majesty choso Ottawa as tli.
; capital of Canada.    The decision   be.
coming known early in  1S5H. was re.
celved with intense dissatisfaction bv
the partisans of the old and more Im-
' portanl    cities     of     Montreal     and
The assembly even went the length
of passing a resolution "that tho citv
Of Ottawa ought not to be the per
manenl sesl of government of the
province." but, on second thoughts a
few mouths later, the smuio assembly
passed another   resolution   affirming
Her Majesty's choice.
Thus Ottawa nt ftrsl canital of tho
provinces, naturally beoaffle the sent
of government for the Dominion.
��� THE   HUMAN   PROCESSION.    ��� | Ps It the budding hour of Spring.
��� (By  O.  Terence.) ���]        When all Is green
*****************   With new-born tendrills,  and. awing
Returning birds In rapture sing
Above the scene?
Embryo   Reporters.
Edward   Page   Mitchell,   for   thirty-1 Is It the Summer's gladsome hours
ight years n member of the editorial 1    Of sunlit gold.
New Wire Drag That Sweeps the Seas
and Locates Obstructions.
Pinnacle rocks, ancient wrecks nnd
other ocean bottom obstructions thut
have for centuries taken their loll of
human life and dollars In ship disasters
have been discovered by the United
.Stntes const and geological survey at
harbor entrances and ln ininii frequented waters of Ihe United States through
the use of the new wire drug that
sweeps the sens.
This simple Invention, simple Bt lenst
In  Its operation. h:��s saved nnd  will
save uncounted millions of dollars and
numberless lives.    Already it bus lieon
used   to  sweep  Ihe  entrances  to  the
Pniiiiinn  cnnul  on  tbe  Pacific side  In
preparation  for ths  opening or  this
great  waterway, nnd one dangerous
rock   obstruction   heretofore   unfound
nud   uncharted   has   been   discovered.
This was In the pathway of shipping
through n main approach.   Had It been
found by the costly expedient of running a  great ship upon  It the  world
might have had another horror.
Through the old method of sounding
! with 11 lead and Hue it wus Impossible
I to find rinks,  wreck apnrs nnd other 1
similar obstructions, because tlie lend, i
I eret) If It struck these bodies standing j
i perpendicularly lu the water,  wuuld
: slip  from  them  and  find  the  bottom 1
level, maybe twenty or a hundred feet j
With the wire drag even the point of
, nn abandoned or lost kedge anchor enn
j be found Immediately.    The new drag
1 consists of a long wire curried through
the  wnter  horizontally   at  any   given
depth by an arrangement of weights
B. kales���Ftonwi
and    Kinhaliner.    61'2 - 81 S   Atfn<
opposite Carni-gli-
Fiini-riil  Director
I 'ode.
Tli ,,ok
law. solicitor, eir. Telephone
('utile address "Johnston."'
"Western I'nion." OffU*��l, Elba
SSI Columbia street. New Wesi-
r.  B. C.
Slil.WELL C'LCTE.   Iliirrlsler-ttl-liiw.
ojicttiir.  etc.:   oorner   Columbia   and
streets.     New     W,-Htmtnstor,
Box 112.    Telephone  no.
M< l-ieii/l.-     st
II   IT%P   O.
Solicitor and Notary. Offices. Hart
block. 28 Ixirne Btreet, New Westminster,  B.C,
.ii-goAitriia.   MAitriN
llarrlKters and Kollcltoi
8. Oolehon block. Ne
O. IC Martin, W. a.
(ii orK��-  1,. Cassady.
n.    II,...nis  T  ana
v    Wi-Htnilnsli-r.
McQuarns   mid
VMITKSlriK   a
and   Solicitors.
11st   Bile
(���iiiiiiiihiii street. New Westminster, BC
-������������-'-        ���-������lltesiae,       -'
fable     adilr'i-HN     "Whtt
thilon.     P.  O.  Drawer  2(l��.
��9.   W.  J.   Wlilti-slde,   H.   L.
T>*li-f ilmne
Accountant. Tel. R 12��. Room 22
Hart block.
ster Board of Trade meets in the hoard
room. City Ball, as follows; Third Friday of each month; iruarterly me,.ttn-g
on the third Friday of KelM-usrr, Stay,
Autrust and NovriHlM-r at s pin. Annual meetings on the thlwl Friday of
February. 8. H. Stuart Wails, seCro-
and buoys tbst keep It taut and evenly
staff or the New  York Run, and  now j When halm perfume to earth's bowers
editor ns well as vice-president of the!    And leaves unfold?
Sun  Printing and  Publishing Association,   will   pasB   hla   sixty-first    mile-1 Say net the Autumn pleases best
stone  today.    Mr.   Mitchell  was  born j    With sadness gray I
in  Hath. Me., and entered   Journalism | The   troubled   ocean's   broad
On the Boston Advertiser in 1871. .The sombre garb of Nature'i
lie rose to the presidency of tlie Sun |    The leaf's decay!
Association, but retired from that of-1
My soul, I hear thin
Within  mine ear.
���      SCRAP BOOK  FOR TODAY.      ���
Centennial of the  Prussian
the  Iron  Cross"
.Pis' n century ago tnda;
d'-cr-itlnns of the  Pnissiar
i the  Iron Cross  were  bestot
The  plainest  print  cannot he read 1''ei rs  and   soldiers   of   his
tree tx-riod 11,007,340 dozen were Im-   Sprlngf!
ported, and the value was $1!,327,!(24.
The average price of the eggs exported. It will be soon, waa about 23 cents
fi-er ckiM-n, nnd the average price of
those imported, about 21 cents per
<OMl Does this mean that we sent
away tlie strictly fresh laid and
brought In the less Blrlrily fresh?
In any case the Canadian hen haa
fiilcd in her duty, during a period
��if ten m-ontris. to an extent of 1 ver
inn and a (juarter million dollars.
Thin la not provident national house-
I'-r-ning. The Ca*nndinn ben can tin
better nud should do better. We
i.v   'J  "-I  he Importing eggs
The rigures with regard to butter
nre heartbreaking. There was a time
wien we supplied our own market
nnd had noire to export by way of
Mirplus. That was dotio In the days
of the churn and also in the
daj3 of  the  butter factories.
""���in.   Loiter
March   |3,  1865.
I have ss i nothing but whut 1 am
, willing  in  live  by,  and.  If  It   be the
iiii asm r Almighty 0od, t" die by,
Address In Independence Hall, liiiia-
jdepliia,  Feb.  22.  INfiL
I want In all cases to do right, and
lai ter most particularly sn In all cases with
women.���Letter to Miss Mary Owens.
For our own credit,  perhaps, there. Aug.  16, IS.'IT.
was too much  exported  In  llie days!    There ls no grievance thut is a fit
of Ibi.  I'hnrn. as one churn  dIffcretll | object   of   repress   by   mob  law.    Ly
"Order of
the firm
Order if
ed on of
army by
gold     eagle    Sneech    at   Frederick William III. as rewards for
ill.. June 2��, iR,ri7. ! conspicuous bravery in the prelimin
ary skirmishes that marked the beginning of ths war for freedom from Na-
poison's yoke.
Volunteers under nornberg nud Lut
-'������v. who bad raided Frflnrh districts
along the border, were Iho first to win
���ho coveted emblems No order nf
knighthood ever nr-'usi d so much enthusiasm ns thai if th" Iron Cross.
lust s wees before thn r'rsi bestowal
Of h'lnnrs. the Prussian kit"? had Issued bla Immortal snpeal "To Mv Pontile." which had slim d the Germans
Wanting to work Ir bo rare an event
that It should be encouraged Note
to Major Ramsey, Oct. 17. 1861,
Let nol him who Is houseless pull
down the house Of another, but let
him work diligently and build onn
for himself, thus by example assuring
that liis own shall he n\te whon built.
Reply   to   New   York   Worklngmen,
March   21.   I SGI.
Men :>������" imt  flattered    by    being
ihown  thst there is a. difference    of
itriuio   between   tha   Almighty    and
lo    Tliuiiaw       Weed.
1 '  ihi 1   depths     Professional  men
���*' bl' '  -I'd  collngn  studi 'its   fb r>ki i
'���*  tit midnrds, and  even  women,
disguised an nun. shouldered muskets
Neurit  all the wealthy  women  ol
tha land contributed Ihelr jewels and
valuable articles of personal adorn
men!   to   the   cauie,   and   were   given
in return ornaments of Iron of whloh
they were prouder than of gold 1111'I
il on onds The demand 1 f di I lea telly wrought iniioies (.f Iron bays a
gnat  Impetus to thai Industry, and
flee   when   the   paper  was  bought    by
'William ('   Id iek     In an address be
'ore the Pulitzer School of .Inuralisin.
Ir,   V'tehell   !��� , A   I),.,,   t|lr   Kr,.ai   nr,pA
i.r inch an Institution Is an ocean-going vessel,
On this ship he would place "the
best working library that Intelligence
could assemble," and would "embark
the class nexl to be graduated, or perhaps a selected post-graduate class,
and keep bright young men afloat, undor tbe direction of a picked stnfr of
instructors, visiting and investigating
'and Visualising the various parts and
peopies of  the  world, about   which  II
I Was to be the work Of their life to
write Intelligently and With the vivid
ness thai is   born   only  or  personal
j experience, Interest nnd Itbprosslons."
Sir Donald  I>   Mann,   vlce-prenident
of the Canadian  Northern  Railway
was  horn at Acton, Ont,., Blxty  years
ngo yesterday,     a   farmer   In   bis
I youth, he began Iiib railroad career ns!
la contractor tor tho Canadian Pacific
In the western  provinces.     With   Wil I
IHam Mackenzie, he bought tbo Lake
Manitoba I'nllway and Canal Com
pany In 1896, and this was ths nucleus of ths present grout   Canadian
i Northern system.
His Bmlnenoe cardinal Prancli
itiiuriio, Arohblshop of Westminster,
'and bend of the lloinnu Catholic
oiiurii in Qreal Britain, was the re-
cipietit of congratulations yesterday
on bin (Ifty-st ootid birthday.
The Cardinal recently Is-ued a
��� 11 n.ng lo the English suffragettes
agalnsl excesses "which might ensllj
be commltti d In pursuit of an obji cl
in it-eir legitimate."   He declared thai
"n'ls of violence to |n rsons and prop
erty have disgraced this movsmont,"
and called upon all Catholics women
t'i refrain   from  actlani  "manifestly
contrary to Justice ami charity."
Cardinal   Bourne wai ordained   in
answer low
'Tls only when the bins o'erflow,
With  garnered  reaplngs,   thou   can
Life's fulness lure.
New  York Times
When In the pretty wood
Phe   larches   spurtle   red
year's turning,
Tben, In men's moving blood,
8weet   April   does    set    frolic
fur   the
Curious Thefts.
Coder the headline "What Can They
! l>o With ThemV" s Vienna paper tells
: of a number nf thefts whieh were re
(���ently perpetrated In churches In that
j dty     Prom the Church of St   Stiiiiis
Inns n statue of St. Peter was stolen.
I nf which the account says,  it Is nuide
of wood, dark brown In color, many
' hundred years old nnd priceless,"   Tlie
i thief,   who  Is   believed   tu   lie 11   youth
j wbo was once employed In a cloister.
I also visited the Church of the Angels'
I choir und carried awsy a  wood earllng three feet .high and of the sume
length   at   the   Iismp.   representing   the
baptism  of Christ  by  St.  JoUll     The
list Includes several other similar (ill
Jecls of worth uud tbt suggestion thn
I "foreign cpllectors of uld church dee
orations mny be Interested.'
But, now, Rlnce Iho trees stand
N'ikcd nnd deep asleep, yet natheless
For the Spring's kindling hand,
Let youth go forth, and set the  woods
Such oulck flro Is In youth
(And  this  youth  knows,   having
other learning),
That where 11. moves, In truth,
Its  touch  shall  set tlie dead   earth's
soul a-burnlng.
'Tls good nil debts to pay;
Jo let youth Ihnnk tho BWeet, year for
his turning.
And newly every day
Oo forth, go forth, to set tho   woods
Rose Macaulay, In lhe Spectator.
African Ditmends.
The newest diamond Held Is In the
Ksssl river district, Belgian Kongo.
West Africa. The famous De Beers
group of mines at Klmberly. South
Africa, have heretofore furnished l)."i
per cent of tho world's diamond sup
ply. Tbelr annual output Is almut
I $44,000,000, and since their discovery
no In 1807 they hsve produced 1000,000,
000 worth of diamonds. The remain
lug 5 or 0 per cent of the world's sup
ply bas come from India, Brazil, Borneo and Australia. There srs ninny
diamond occurrences In ths United
States, but none so fsr of sny Important commerclsl consequence. ��� Now
York American.
COAL MINLNO rl(tlils of the HouilnloD
11 Manitoba, Saskaliliiwun nnd AlUirta,
hv Yukon Territory, the Northwest Ter-
Itorlas and In ii pon Ion of ths Pnivlnoo
I British Oohimbis, may he leased (or ���
-rm of iw. mv ,,n��- years 111 an annual
'nu! of II an iicrc. Not mon limn t'ot*
ens win   bs IciUKsl  Io one li|i|illc,ml.
Application   for   a   leas..   miJSt    lie   iniulr.
v   llie  iipplli-nni  in   person   1,, Uia   AK'-nt
r gub-Agsnt of the dtstrlcl In which Ihe
tghts upiHlul for am sltsnli-il.
In  surveyed lorrlliiry  tlie hunt  muni   Im
smrlbed by ssotlona, or 1,1m, 1 suh-<ilvi-
I'ms nf sections, and in uimni veyert lor-
itnry lbs trurt applied for shsll be
'.ike'l out by (he i..,,|itiej,iii himself,
KOCh   ;i|i|illi',illoii    nillSt   he   .ir.-.imiwul.d
y n fe��. of |c winch wiii i���. refunded ir
na rlKlits implied for on- n,,i .v.ihhlr,
ut   not   OUlerWlS*.      A   royally   shall    be
ah! nu tns merehantabla output of (li-s
line nt  the rut* ot five (.11,1s |��.r (,,���
The person Operating (he mlnr sliall
nrnlsh Ihe A��cnt with sworn returns
locountlng for ths full quantity of m-er-
���liiintablc coal mlnrd and |my ihs roy-
iliy thereon. If Ui�� coul minlns dglite
��� re not being ois-rotovl such returns sttSuld
IS   furnished  st   least   once 11   ymr
The li-iim- wlll lnulude the o��*| mining
-Ights onty, but the lessii-o wlll be |s-i--
nlitod to purchase whatoycr atmllahlo
nirfuce rights may be considered iionsi-
���mry for ths working of Uie mine at tbe
rate rr Uo an acre.
For full Information application should
'is made In tbe (Vs-reluiy of lhe lleimrt-
nent of the Interior. Ottawa, or to any
igent or Bub-A*��nt of tioinlnlnn  Uwuls.
_ w. w. <?oTtv.
M   ��,   "^"t'r Minister of the inlertor..
-N-J}.���irnBulhortaed Publication o* thla
idvertlse����nt wlll not im paid for
ths priesthood less than thirty y
ago. nnd his rine to   a place   In
Promising   Muii;ian   rf  Ottawa.   Marries  Montrcaler  In Germany.
Montreal,   March   2o     A   cable,   received hero by frlendi announces the
happy termination or a romance which
commenced   over   a   year   ago,   when
Stgfrled lier/,, or Montreal, rn-si met
Miss DJane Lavol, of Ottawa, who ,m
the OVI   ii her departure  for  lOuriipe
ars 1 to further her musical Btudles gave
the   a  recital   In   the   Ladies'  Ordinary  ofl
H.inii collage   bin   in (ii.  unusually I the Windsor botel,   Miss Lavol and
Australia to Savt Giant Trees.
A popular movement has ls��eti set nn
foot In Australia tu preserve Hie gigun
tic stringy tmrks, various apsclei ul
em iil.vpins. of Unit country, which fin
exceed In lielghl llie famous "big trees'
of Ciillfurulii uud are the In I lost tree.
iu 1 in- world.   These trees sometime*
attain heights ranging from 40(1 lo UK
feet. Their Umber Is exceedingly vnl
liable, nud for this reason they lum
been   rullllCHSlJ'   deslro.ved   by   luiiiliei*
men. while nu proper steps luue 1 1
taken tu provide fnr their reproduction
���New   Yurk Sun.
Phone 1277
Westminster Trust Block.
Why don't you own a pool
room.  Clear profit $200 per
month. Located centter Columbia street.
The Oriental Contract Co.
PHONE   R 1031.
Fmployment Agency
Prompt attention given to orders.
60, l-ront St., New Wostmlnster, D.C. gtUfBIHi
���ilMIMI^iWMaaBBBMWBaf'"    . '   '
MONDAY, MARCH 24, 1913.
What's in a Name ?
Directory's Revelations
if brevity ls the Boul of wit, Mr. Ba I reminiscent of tlie famous Julius COS-
11. B, A., the eldest son 'of the   Extra-1 Bar    who   flourished   at    Kennington
Oval as one of the great Surrey eleven
of   1861,   and    whose   portrait    still
Assistant Commissioner at Hussein,
Burma, who has Just been called to the
bar at the Middle Temple, is surely
the wittiest man in London. A sruvty ! adorns the pavilion of the famous
of the post office directory fails to dls-1 cricket .ground. Gamble and Wager
close another inhabitant In the me-1 give a sporting touch to the tone vjhieh
tropolis who has shown such economy i apparently contains no designation
for letters in his name as Mr. U. Mr. quite eo irritating as that of a ('una-
il indeed, probably holds a world's re-1 dlan, Mr. Quintus Cumber, Whose
cord for surnames. ; name appears  in  the  Dominion  Jour-
-The record for the longest Chris-1 nals as Mr. Q. Cumber.
tian name is held by Miss Harbedtun-1 Tlle majority of barbers, one notes,
ninnibertiinlla Pillow, a sixteen-year- revel In nameB that are distinctly of
Old schoolgirl or Chicago, who Inform Italian flavor. Amongst the family of
id a magistrate before whom she ap-1 ambidexterous conversationalists are
peared as a witness last year that she ' are Wit. Witty, Wild and Ula.nk. but
was called  Harbertunni for short. Airs,  Fair,   Heard,  Comber,  Tow   Dy-
The big cube of paper issued by more, Sprey. EggerS and Tibaldi at-
Kelly as the London pott office direr- tend to one's locks or lack of them;
tory Is a mine of humor If one has tlie \ KEean, Hush, Hlsk, Maule. Llppe,
time and patience to discover-it; One Prlokett, Sawyer, Skinner and Chip-
Immediately recognizes on turning. per are experts with the razor and
over its thousand of pages that there Baltimore, we are sure, is gently peris no Immediate fear of our indivldu- suasive.
ulity hiing merged In a welter oft Early, Lucli, Pins, Snapper, Ilossey.
Browns, Joneses, and lloblnson. Names iCrosB, Dear and Coy, Prue and Peli-
posBessing an originality which must; can, are all harberB. Amongst the
be a source of constant joy to their��� dining-room proprietors are Bacon,
owners stare out from very page. \ Beer. Chick, China, Cook, Salmon,
True, here Is no Mr. Swank; Mr. Stik- Slow, Taller, llippin, Tidy and Whil-
alorum and Mr.Monkeyiuit, who once fen. Milliners favor naturally enough,
graced its pages, seem to have moved -. flowers- -Daffodil, Hose, aud Vlolette
beyond the metropolitan area. Nor is'��� being amongst those whose bills are
there, and Napper; Nutt and Nut-' paid by Indulgent hucbands.
being Cupit. a fish salesman.    Curlls! So   Much   the   Foot,
there, and Napper; but Nutt and Nut-      The record for combinations of let-
ty, too. ti is, apart from those appropriated  to
The Gentles "Pappas." j Individuals, lias still, It seems, to   be
Papa Is a hairdresser, and Pappa a fought out between science and geo-
iiuall importer.    Caesar, too,   figures,  graphy.
of being the first Institution in Brit-1
Ish Columbia in which her Majesty is
personally Interested, and to which
she has given the name, and It has
no connection with any existing organization either in ( anada or the
United Kinsdom.
�� mother, thi
liam Cordon, of 1*8 Angeles; Mrs. Susan De Lancey, of Oakland; Mrs. Annie Nickerson, and Mrs. Kate Bode, of
San Francisco, and Mrs. Martha
of New Lbndon, Conn,
g the identity of Gordon's
ere is a difference of opinion between his grandchildren and the
IND'iA'3 H0A33:
London  Opinions  Differ  Upon Qualities for  Success   Possessed   by
Scotsmen  in  Metropolis.
How Jewelers Are Combining to Fight
the   Hew  Criminal.
The craze for jewel snatching on the i
London,  March  23.-Another Scots-   parl 0f armed men in motor cars has.
muu nab leapeu suuUc-nly mtu lame-     as   everyone  know*,  spread   recently i
from Paris to London, and most lartie
jewelers  are spending anxious  houri;
over the question of securing the sale-1
ty ol ther itock.
Seci'ritv devices of all  sorts  have!
Untold Quantities of Gold and Silver
Hidden Away.
Readers of Kipling will remember
tin* seedy individual who coiilidcd to
the author bis oonfldent belief that,
although  every Indian  native  pleads
that be is s p<x>r mnn���the "Karili James Falco.ui, hlfcinoer of larua
mliiii swindle" be called it���there is incut for trortarsaire, v.no by his mas-
enough money hoarded away in the rteriey cross-exuimnation ot ehe jouru-
oountry to produce taxes on an abso- luiist, W. u, Lawsun, at the Inquiry iu-
lutely unlimited scale. to tue government t> contract witb tUo
The      scallywag's      statement      is   aiarudiu Luuiyaay lias ui u tew u��^ I been fitted up literally by scores with-j
strangely corroborated by information <u.i_i_tu a gib-t iipuuiiiou. | j��� the last two or three months, and j
contained In Messrs. Montagu's an-! 'lhe Dally. Mirror utKs the iiues- any bold bandit that thinKs that tlicrs j
nual   bullion   letter,   Issued   recently,  tion: | is still a big harvest to be reaped hy >
in London, England, in which it is "Why do Scotsmen succeed In Lon- simply snatching jewelry from the |
shown that not only is India hoard- ;doii?." uuu has gathertu up.uioiis on oouttet and waving a revolver behind I
in*.- gold on a gigantic scale, but that nub question front various sources, i |,;m would- at any rate, in any of the '
the natives put the precious metal to. Among those wuuiii 'nie Dally Mirror large London jewelers���soon iind hia I
tiie strangest of Uc.es. ���upruaehed   was   sir   'mounts    Lipiun,   mistake.
It is  noted in the  letter  that the I wno said: ��� T;le device that is being most gen-
great prosperity of India���a prosper- j me Scotsman who comeB to l_n-1 {.rally adopted ia that of a saiety bolt,
ity more thorough than a superficial ;don kaows ttiat unless be succeeds he | worked either by s button below the
Observer can imagine���results largely will nave to go baca una live in acot- counter or by a lever pressed by the
in the accumulation of dead capital'laud. This is enough to make any j foot. With the latter, particularly, the
by the population, and li iB suggested ! neotman no his levei ueBt lo get on. door to the safety of the street can be
that, it would be greatly to the advan- SerioUBly speaking, however, ttie '��� silently barred without rousing the
lage of India if the natives learned i young Scotbinan is not generally ' slightest suspicion on the part of the
to turn some portion of tlieir savings iiirouiiiit up witn the expenses tastes' most observant operators.
nto remunerative investments. ]of tiie young Englishman in tlie same
The bulk of hoarded wealth in In- position,
ilia is buried, so that at the present "i-le is not bo accustomed to the lux-
time nearly all the gold dug from the : urles of lite, though his education
earth in South Africa is by a fresh lis equal, if not superior, to that, of the
digging operation deposited again be- the young Londoner oi similar social
in nth the soil in South Asia. Com-! standing. Therefore, the young Scots-
pletc returns from India are not yet .man does not expect so much, but
to hand, but it seems practically as- lean do as much as, if not more than,
Nowadays, if a jeweler is showing
yoa trays of rings for your fiancee,
and if, when putting one aside, he
does not st first get the count right,
it may give you rather an eerie feeling to reflect that you are a prisoner
till he does.
The beauty of this electric safety
bolt is that not only can the thief be
kept  in,  but any  accomplice can be
prevented from coming to his assist-
Fewer Men  Involved and Less Work-:
Ing Days Lost Through Industrial
Disputes   in   February.
A   continued   Improvement   was  re
ported   to   the   department   of     labor
during  February  In  regard to conditions  from   the  standpoint  of   indus-
tr'al   dlBCUtee,     The   number   of   employees Involved  In  strikea and lockouts during February waa over three1
hundred  less  than  the  number  Blm!-'
larly   affected   during   the   preceding
month, while the number of working:
days  lost   was  less than  the  number
lost  during    Junuary  by    over    16.-
000.     Eleven   disputes  actually   ccm- \
meiiced during February, only one of!
which affected more than one hundred
The only serious disputes of the
r-nnth were those of ccnl miners on
Vancouver   Island,   which   continued
from laal month without a settlement
being reached, and metalliferous min-;
I shall not threaten to go out, but when
the clock strikes, every lathe will stop.
! every   tool   be   laid  down,  and   every
i man  will  put on his coat    and    go
I h^mc,"
The union organizations in Britain
' | have not to fight against the difficulties which Bays Keir Hardie beset j purposes, but gold is so taken in part-:
the lot of he American trade union-1 of India. Again, a frequent forfti A
lsts. Their chances of making good
are not hampered to any considerable  extent  by  the  law  courts.    But
| It is not so much the strength of the
pinions, as a change of attitude to the
i working   class   which   promises   well
for the future ef social legislation.
sured  that tlie total  imports  of gold'his  English competitor.    This recom
to India during  1913 are  not only  a  mends him to the lxindon employer,
fresh  record,  but will attain  a  total i    "ln these early stageB   aud   uuring   anoe.
of  not  less  than   $137,500,000.  or  28  the rest of hiB career he has the bene-      A similar safety device is a button I
per cent, of the world's output. lit otthoBe   national characteristics���   arrangement connected with the slid-j
lhe strange usee to which gold  is   thrift and perseverances���the   virtues! ;ng curtain which has taken the place!
put  in   India  are  referred to.    Con-1 of necessity whicb are still strong in  of the old shutter system.   A touch]
sumption of gold does not imply in ! the Scottish race.    For these reasons   0n the butt-m, and there is an irjn
England the actual swallowing of ex- one bo frequently finds that in Lon-  wall be', seen the bandit and car thst J
tremely thin old leaves for medicinal !don the Scotsman reaches the top of, is waiting for him at the curb.
���'the ladder.    This is equally   true of j    Mary  jewelers  are    adopting    the
ScoUmen In Canada ��.:," all the east.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Westminster, with Boulevard Down
hrai.. ... the Centre.
���Bitulithic is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustlcss, easy on
horBes' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For these reaaona
Bltulithic Is commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses.
householders, and city officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred in the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
BOILERS  Riycted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL    ���
piety is to regild the domes of rellg-
: ious  buildings.    Such  operations can
easily absorb $50,000 or more,
Sovereigns with a shield ou the ob-
! verse are in constant request, and an
I inquiry as to the ultimate use of oer-
i tain shipments of some thousands r.f
Takes Another View.
Another view, however, is that taken
by Sir John Barker, who stated:
"Scotsmen, as a rule, are very reliable men, and, perhaps, better educated than Englishmen of the same
class.     Tbey   make    excellent    bank
P. O.  BOX 442
street-gong system. The button in
this instance not only works the safety-
bolt or iron curtain as the case may
be, but sounds a large gong on the j
outside of the shop���a warning that |
police help is urgently needed within.
But for an unarmed jeweler's assistant deliberately to lock an armed
jewel thief in with himself demands
some courage. So in scores of jewelers, the assistants have had revolvers
served out, to be kept in a convenient
The Fabian doctrine of permeation ' iK.uiida revealed the curious fact tha'. ! clerks and cashiers. I think, however,
--through the propaganda work of | a rajiih of rococo tastes had imported Ithat their success in business is over-
Oeorge Bernard Shaw and others, them to form a centre ol each minutt' rated, In one particular branch���debus  made  Borne Impression    on    the   pane in the windows of hia palace,     ipartmental stores���they are conspicu
public  mind, and both the two great \     It  may   be  noted   in   passing  that jous by their absence.    1 do not think1 place just below the counter.
political parltes reflect this friendlier   'tie  of  the   reasons   why   the  shield ! you will find a Scot at the head of any j     in  one  big city  establishment ths
attitude toward labor. ' �� iverelcn is in such great demand in :Of  the great  departmental  stores   In   whole staff were recently  mustered a
The Real Tussle. !'he  caft   is  that  to   the  Chinese  the   London. | quarter of an hour earlier each morn-
The real tussle will come, however | dragon  Is a sacred emblem, nnd tlie      "The reason is that the Scot does* jng for a fortnight ior revolver prac-
representation on the ordinary sove- not shine where enthusiasm and ima-1 t.ce in the basement,
rei'.-n of St. George slaying the mytin- gination are required. He is an ex- The cunning jewel thief chooses hia
cal monster i-* offensive to their ide:i-. Icellent servant, but a poor leader. It time. Lunch time is a favorite occa-
Accordingly they absolutely refuse t'ljis in such a business as a depart-1 E10Jlp or immediately before closing
deal with "the drazon coin, and som" mental store that Ideas matter. Not j time, when there Ls possibly only one
English houses make it a regular part only that, the man with energy and; assistant on duty, the rest being either
of their business to ship to the east ideas is worth more today that ever I at lunch or tidying themselves for the
onlv sovereigns bearing the shield on
within the ranks et the labor party, ;
between the group which pins Its faith
to parliament and the Syndicalists,
who are now preaching with renewed fervor the doctrine of the general
strikes Their latest recruit, a young
aristocrat., the Hon. W. J. M. Watson
Ajmstron, declares everything Is rot-
Lumber Lath and Shingles
ten   iii   Kngland:     "Wages  are    low.
rents high, and caste distinctions are
ers at   Britannia  Ileach.  II.  t
latter Involved upwards of three hun-      fll     ,   twa)n ���    unl    cr tlK, D,
dred employees and was not ti-rminat-  ,,
nl at  the end of the month ���    ..wPBi,h  !,��� accumulated    In    the
A dispute between International Ma- |lmndl, of a f(.w   ttnd the interests of
he was���and,  perhaps,  is  rarer than I street.
ever he was. Some  jewelers,   who  cannot afford
"Conditions   of   labor   have   altered j or do not believe in safety device, are
I so much in favor of the worker  thai [ arranging    innocent    sounding   code
very   large    proportion    are    quite I words that will bring tha second as
rine   Signal   Company   and   their   em-
the people
ployers.  at otiawn. was settled alterU,, coultortH and interests of the bU
conferences arranged between the
parties bv the department of labor.
Prices a Little Easier.
The denartment of labor's Index
number of wholesale prices stood at
l:H -I for February, as compared with
138 'i In January and 184.7 In Pebru-
nry. litl'J. Th ISO Index numbers are
percentages ol the average prices of
2(0 Commodities durliiK the decade
1890-99. The decline in February was
dee to decreases In tlie prlceB of fodders, fresh vegetables, aiigar. copper,
lead, spelter,  coke and linseed oil.
Advances, however, occurred In the
prices ot Bruins, animals and meats,
hides, leathers, boots and  shoes, lex-
at larne are  sacrificed to * <J the towns ttotUiWh"e-"'^ llUhman as the head of a department.'!    �� is not to be iuppoeed, however.
n d��S   a'detectWe declared  n-1_*�� hav.e ^e ^aeU n.na energy that \ that jewelers  were  helpless    in    the
landowner and the rich capitalist, lf
constitutional means of reform tail���
Ibere Is one alternative to coerce
those who are holding down the pe->
ple and Influence- and that Is the
general,   simultaneous   strike of  all
And Keir Hardie Indie's American
conditions with similar directness and
vigor. "Socialism." he say*, "Is bound
to make very rapid headway all ov
the American continent Capitalism, j '
Instead of being the peaceful clvllizin':
agency which It Is usually represented to be, presents itself to the America n people as a great red. bloody spec
ire. which is throttling the nation.
Idestrovlng liberty and    making   th'
tiles,  metals,   fuel  and  lighting,  with
important decreases |npains and ^|^agtedf?eedom*oI America a byword
fine   dairy   products,   fruit   and  vege- ^     reproach."
Uetall   prices   again   showed   lower
tendencies in flour, sugar, prunes and
evaporated    ajiples.      Rental!      were
quoted  Upward  In  four cities.
Industrial Accldontt During February.
During the month of February 4H,i
Industrial Bnn'denti were recorded by
the department of labor; of theBo S5
were fntnl and 400 nonfatal. This
Is fifteen fewer fatal and nine more
non-fat���I than were recorded In Janu- Extends Patronage to Coronation Hos
������ry.    The record for February.  lni'J.
Exchange  Stolen   Dogs
,��.��   .1   u.-   ���i,*���i   I...I,,,,,.   ,,(   iti_l"   "t:'*'    lu,ii<=    luwHuiiuiu    ��>��=    H"'vc i woros ttiav win oring ine secouu -_,
r        1 Jl    ,        ,'i"1,   i,   i,   happy to go along without  any ambl-   siBtant oo-veniently near tbe suspec-
l-.iigl.s h dog-steal teg traftc is that {tlaofti   They do thelr work a-d th      get cu6U,mei's back the moment toe
^Ln?.m!.an.^i���^.,^^.!1"oV Uheir pay.   Personally, 1 prefer an Eng.   one who is serving suspect* danger.
, I llshman as the head of a department       "
en.    There  is  a trWOiaX  exenange  of ��� _h      haye tQe ^ aml e th
litl'v   bftweeti ^veraf oMhe��� rce'r :,nak^ !l bUBl��t'89 *M ot vitallt>'" hands' of the jewel thieves before the
centh. between several oi the larger     Varylllg vltW8 are alB0 expr(,B8ed b, \ {our _oUir ba{ dit ouUa���s ^ pUce
cites ot ttie country. ;   ���     ,     d      ( ,  business   firms, i jn Ujidon recentlv.
,-3%*"** T.����taWkf b��  t\Z Qor<ion Belfr,d" a,ld A' W"  Qan,age:     M^yWikSSw have long had-
���������;,.ciers " w   fbut IhJir cantive,        Mr' s"lfrid6p sa-V8: I "�� ���&�� �� "^dow snatchfng eoi-
'   ���  V ii \,o    i, I. too well known i    "' have a falr aumber of Scots in domic of soms years ago, Indeed-eafe-
reui.j we.i-i.i ii in . is i I. ,���y employ, and am always ready to  ty window-shelves, whicb. the.mome_t
in   its   MighlJONlOoa   l;i   ��i II   in   i   .   lake a 8ootma-,    , ftlway, find them   (ie glass is broken, sinks out of sigh'.
-M.,e district,   It has been^��en bj !,_   _hey ure rm]M>]a aud in eVery  ^^ of r;.(ich i>{ em,pilts! haild,.
'it is sent fr   n I nstV   "W exoellent." An.l.  if you have  noticed, few jewel
" ' ii    i      ��� Uu the oUler ilund| Mr  carnage   Isler's counters have overhanging  rims
only  lukewarm  in  his  praise  of   the J nowadays.   The change Ja.es from  n |
Scot.    "I have a number of Scots In I very   c���ver   trick   tliat   brought   bifc' j
my employ," he says.    "I  am   by  no | hau'ls manv yqjirs ago
ineatiB sure, however, that a Scot   Is":    The thief, well drt*>aed. would walk |
��� iiecessarily   a   better   business   manl in, ami look tlirough some rings.    At
1 than    an    Englishman.      There    are | Bn opi>ortune moment he would slip
ne of Uie tinest out, and casually tfix
Scot ls slower." ' - .
Ladies and gentlemen's tailoring.   A fine stock from
which to select your Easter Suit.
Eighth St. Dunsmuir Block.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
hundreds of pi*
kn-al shows.   Sii
,r Liverpool to London or Edinburgh, I
where   no   one    will    recognise    th" j
Jtrslght-legged, bright-eyed fox terrier I
or tiie heavy-wrinkled pug, the long- j
s.,u?iit prise winner of the other side ���
uf the country.
tlx.'nrd and Cambridge arc excellent
markets  for   tho   do;   thief,     under
Phone 65G
?>3 Sixth Street
tei for Gentlewomen  Now Established in Vancouver.
was  60   fatal  aud  ll'.ll  non-fatal  accidents.
The greatest  number nf fatal accidents occurred In Bteam railway aer- j
vice, nnd In  tbe  mining and  lumbering  Industries, the figures respective-!    Vancouver. March lii!.    At lint) liar
ly being 17.  12 and 11.    The greatest  clav street, Vnncouver, there has late-
number of  lion fatal  accidents occur- ly been opened "Queen Mary's Coron-
red  In  the  met:il trades, there being  atlon Hostel for C.eiitlewomen bom in
I4ii   workmen  injured,   followed  1>v, the United Kingdom,   seeking   Em-
���team railway service with na injured, piovmeni in liritish Columbia."
From  Oversea. |    The   name of  the   hostel  Indicates
London,  March 2S.--The fusion    of the personal Intereat of  Her Maiest
graduates are always ready to pay
hi-sh prices for really well-bred dogs--
i-sp cial'.y bulldogs and bull terriers-
nml tlie bully, low-voiced gentry wh''
whisper. "Want a really good dawg,
sir?" to -ikely customers 'in "K. P.' or
'The High.' have always a p'.aus.bie
tale ready to explain their possession
of a valuable animal.
Another method  of  the do.- thief j 	
is to come to dogs' homes and try t ��� j
clsinugood dogs found and brought in I Napoleon's Progeny Now Piles Lumber
by the fulioe.
 _���_ at Los Angeles and Seems to Be
The Nali nal Spirit.
The crest baritone, Sig..ur Foil
when singing in grand Opera In h���-
native city, Cork, had to sing one
of his songs from tx stage balcony,
The arrangements were not very perfect,  and the  manager,    fearing   tlie
: it to the underside of the overhanging
| rim, either with a blob of wax or a
: simple staple. In a second or two it?
j absence would be noticed, and the
customer challenged. Indignantly he
I would demand to be searched. Natjr-
: ally, he went scot-free, or got, at must.
* a few hours in the cells.
Meanwhile, a confederate would
' have strolled into the 6hop, ten mln-
I utes after the incident, on the pretext
! of making some small purchase, aud
| walk off with the ring.
So jewelers' counters  seidem overhang   nowadays.     Jewelers,   as   tbe
next  motor   bandit  will    hnd,    soon
I learn.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
l.os Angeles, Cal., March 23. ��� i
Search by the Crittenden Society, of |
San  PranciSCO,  for a reputed   grand-
Clothes and Conduct.
Every nun and every woman tfiejs
son of Napoleon Honaparte ended yes-1 t\ie influence of clothes and appear-
terday In a Los Angeles lumber yard.   mlice upon conduct.   You havo heard
the   various   transport  unions   Into  a  In   the  scheme,  Ihe  main  object     nflto the other
emi|��-nter had not made the l.a'.cnnj William tlordon, a working man, is. ��� Uie lonely man iu the Australian
str-ui.'  enough  to sustain  the  weight I the person sought. j bush whii always put on evening dress
i,f the big man, told two assis'.iiiit- , William Gordon, was the son of the f���r dinner so that he might remember
to hold it up iruun beneath. Thel^te John Cordon, a San Francisco j jw waj ��� gentleman, Addison could
lengthy signer was only hall wa\ 'jeweler, who. according to the Crlt-! ,K,t wr.te his best unlets he was well
through his song when one man ��sld|tenden Society, unquestionably was a | dressed.   Put a naughty girl  in tier
great national society Ih prophetic or wblCh Ih to provide a comfort'ihli
more labor troubles In the future. It "pled n terre" for the class specified
Is also a Blgn that the much talked The hostel wlll be run much on the
cf unrest Ik only a Byinplom of a wide (nine lines as a ladles' residential
determined movement towards ecom- club. Bnve for the fact that a nraotl-
pmlc betterment. leal training in "Household Work" will
, Tbe pnrlln ntary committee of the  |,e open  to a limited number of Bin
Trades I'nion congress favorB united iiontB who desire to gain a thorough
national action lu support of the eight, knowledge of the methods of domes
Vour movement Of the organised trade tir work In different parts of the pro
Of the country. ^tIpco.
The main Question which the rank |    Thnnks  to  the  endowment   nf   the
nnd  file of the unions will  be asked   hostel   hv   n   well   known   Imperialist
to di-cide wlll be (ai  whether they ,-������ \���r���\ hoard of management have
nre In favor of continued negotiation |���.���n enshled lo nrrnng" S acnle nf
for an eight hour day In the trades, | pr]rpB which will meet the requlr*
with the abolition or limitation of over- mr.iiK ot the beneficiaries, A I'm!*
Ilino and   lb)   whether,  In  default Of  (r,| number of gentlewom'"1 from the
inooeiifnl negotiations In any psrtlo-1 Motherland who are ilroadv nmnlov.
ular Industry, the   affiliated   trades ,,,| in vnncottver have been reoelyod
will give Ihe whole weight Of their n,, "���osrmnnetlt bonrders" \ccoinndn
support to that Industry In naming �� tlon Is "Ni provided for "Transients."
day   upon   which  the  workmen  shall I Those Indies  who arrive direct  from
ci'iise to work for more than eight the Motherland In nearch of employ-
hours In any day.   The effect of such , ,.,,.���(  nnd  thoBo  who are already In
���   pr0(] ling  Ib  that,  In  default    of the  Dominion, who  bring n  letter of
agreement between employers and em 1 introduction to the managing score-
ployed,    the    workmen      themselveB i t,M.v   ���r  ���  member  of  the  hoard   of
uld fix their hours of work, the management
'He jaliers.  Moike, this O.taliau  i-
mWhty heavy."
"l^t's dhrop  him,   Pat;  he's  to!}
sn Oltalian, sfther all."
Voice from the slgnor above: "Will
ye. ye ilivils. will ye?"
'Tare  an' nuns!    Pat,  but he
Oliishmanl Uould him up   fur
lolfe ol  vex!"
son  of  the  "Little   Corporal."      The I |^.s; Sunday clothes and she will  be
jtody of John liorduu is turned   in a I have q-ite niwly; put a  blackguard
'cemetery near the tioldeti Oule. i iikUj  kl_ki  and  he  will  be a  hero;
William Gordon Is tio yearB of age. . pUt ull  omnibus conductor into ut.i-
lle says his  lather waB not  boru on | (orm ttIKj iK. will live up Vo hia clothes.
riitiB nf 1 stoppage of Industry being
thrown upon the employers.
The First Propossl.
ThlB will be the first practical proposal for executing lite policy dlneuH-
sed by trade union branches for some
months past under the title of "Slopping In onslrlke." A lending ""'"��<'''
flclal explained thin as moaning,   We
The resident managing secretary Is
n lady well known In flrltlah Columbia, and the aim of those concerned
wllh the affairs of the hostel Is to
n'd gentlewomen from lhe Motherland in procuring suitable employment throughout lhe various districts
In the province.
The   hostel  enjoys   the  distinction
A Certain Curs.
Hugo Arnot, the historian ol B.lltl
burgh, wiu one day waited upon hy
a woman who requested him-,Ui advise her how she might best get rid
of an admirer whose Importunities
caused her annoyance. The woman
was the reverse of fascinating, a,id
Amot, lieing itidisi-osed to Hatter her
Vanity, replied:
"Oh, you had better marry the lei-
"Marry him"? replied the astonished woman.  "I would 89(1 him hai.ged
"Marry him, then," persisted lhe
humorist, "nnd I'll bet he'll Soon
hanij himself."
Cycling To School.
The master uf the Uiss, Norfolk.
Englatd, Scoondary Schools says that
one of his boys during lat��t yonr cycled 2,522 miles to attend school, and
wns late only five times and absent
mice. A girl who also arrives by
cycle had covered 2,088 miles in 1912
aud had been late only thrice.
lhe island of St. Helena, as has been
asserted, but near Kdluburgh, Scotland, on November 11, 1X18. John
Gordon's mother waB a Scotch worn
an-matron or the hospital at St. Helena when Napoleon arrived there ou
the Bellerophon- and he took his
mother's family name. John tlordon
married Amelia Jones, a Welsh woman, iu London IMS and they came to
America, settling In New London,
Coun., where William was born In
"Having the bloi.d of the great emperor hi  my  veins has never excited
mc," William Gordon said, ub be turned to hla task ot piling lumber.
Other   Descendants.
San Francisco, Cal,, March 23.-
While the Crltetiden Memorial society of San Francisco was running
down a reputed grandBon of Napoleon
Honaparte In 1.08 Angeles yesterday,
other deBcendauts of the great CorBl-
can came to light around San Francisco Uny today. All are children of
(he late John Gordon, a San Francisco
Jeweler who, the Crittenden Society
affirms, was the bou of Napoleon, bom
at St. Helena. Agitation against the
removal of bodies from an old cemetery here resulted In the dlBcovery of
Gordon's neglected grave, lt waB ea-
tnbllBhed thut five children of Gordon
are living tn the United States.   Wll
Indeed, in a millennium of frt-e
clothes of the latest fashiuti we shall
u.l be archangel*.���London Chronicle.
Free Shaves.
A Stepney vicar ha*, as a branch of
his social work, provided free shaves
f< r the unemployed. He secured n
somewhat dilapidated bui'.d:iig, which
provided a large recreation room, for
th�� Helping Hand Club, and in the
1ms 'in -i.t shaving facilities are avail-
able. "Gentlemen are request *d t >
wash their faces before being shaved'
it a prominently   displayed   notice.
Another notic" announces: "Gentlemen may wash their shirt any night.
Notice must be given the night belore."
India Exports Its Flrit Steel.
The old empire of India ha* become
an exporter of finished steel product*.
Reoeiily it made its first shipment ol
steel goods to Japan, amounting to
.W0 tons at an average value of W2
per ton. The Tata plant, at which it
wue manufactured, was completed
only a short time ago and has a capacity of about 400 tons a day. Ita
products are pig iron, rails and bars.
It is the only steel mill in India aud
coneumea tlie n-atir* ore ot the enjoin-.
You Can Talk
Over Our Long
Distance Lines
Three Minutes
From New Westminster
To Port Moody for 10 cents.
To Cloverdale, Coquitlam and Ladner for 15 cents.
To Eburne and North Vancouver for 20 cents.
To Hammond, Milner and Steveston for 25 cents.
To Abbotsford and Mission for 35 cents.
To Chilliwack for 45 cents.
To Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs for 50 cents.
(Above rates are subject to change without notice) PAGC -POt***
Dividend of 10 Per Cent. Is Announced
a; Annual Mcctin-3��� Officers
At the annual meeting of the West-
miusttr l.alxir Temple Co., Ltd., in
the Labur Temple, on Saturday evening a most satisfactory annual report j
and balance sheet was presented and
a dividend of 111 por cent, was de-1
clared on thc advice of'tbe directors.
At the conclusion of 'the share-j
holders meeting the directors met in j
special session and elected officers ror
the ensuing year ns follows: Mr. IL
A. Stoney, president; W. Dodd, vice-
president; J. II. Chockley, Thomas
Turnbult and James Wood, directors!
D. S, Cameron, secretary-treasurer,
and S. Malcolmson, auditor.
The directors in their report stated
that the alterations to the Labor
Temple when completed would give
them three halls, and it was hoped
to greatly increase the revenue. The
idea of establishing a store in the
building on the corner of Seventh
street and Hoyal avenue, was abandoned and the janitor's quarters will
lie located in that portion of the block
The building will be three storeys
high when complete. On the first
floor a hall 2S.U!) feet and the heating apparatus will be situated; on the
second a hall 28x28 feet and the jani-
tora quarters and on the third a hall
28x62  feet.
The main ball on tho top floor will
be lilted up as a lodge room with all
tho necessary adjuncts and Will be
le.ir.id to any order that requires
The directorn are planning to cele-
brata the opening of the building following the completion of the. alterations with a grand social nnd dance.
Director of the Kirmess, under the au spices  of  the   Women's  Auxiliary  of
the Hoyal Columbian hospital, in St.   Patrick's Hall, March 23, 26 and 27.
��� (By "Gravy") ���
Jack McAuliffe, Former Lightweight
Champion, Is 47 Years Old Today.
Jacll McAuliffe, who retired from
the ring some 17 y-eors ago as the uu-
clefeated lightweight champion cf the
world, was born in Cork, Ireland, 47
years ago today. His great career,
beginning a3 a lad in Hrooklyn, where
lie was employed in a cooper's shop,
and where hc boxed with fellow workers, is known to most boxing bugs.
He fought his way to the top of tlle
lightweight heap, remained there five
years, and retired without ever having tasted defeaL McAuliffe believes
that the boxers of today are not ns
long on gray matter as were the men
he fought It Is the bentral belief
thnt there has been an Improvement
in the mentality cf boxers as a class,
but this opinion Is not shared by the
former lightweight champion. The
science of the boxing game has de-
tericrated, declares McAuliffe, since,
the palmy days of Corbeu, Uempscy,
McCoy and otber ring artists.
McAuliffe thinks the boxers of thc
present time are rushed t-io rapidly.
to the neglect of the liner points of
the game. "There Is a tendency, he
���dcclari s, to make brute strength and
jibilty to take punishment the measure of a boxer. Joe (ian3 and Abe
Attell, he thinks, were tlte best and
cleverest of the more recent boxera
Kid   MCoy and Joe Chnynslti,  both |
r.f v horn nre now talking about com- j
Ing  back,  fought a memorable  battle
In S.'in  Francisco 14 years ago today, j
The  Iloosier was declared  the victor
Jitter 20 grilling rounds.    IT Joe and !
the Kid are In earnest about return-
Ing to the ring, a match between them
might  be amusing, ut least.    McCoy
has  taken  part in  several  bouts    In
Prance  within thc    last    couple    of,
years,   and  has  proved   that,   for  all
liis 40 years, his old-time cunning has
not  entirely deserted him.    Choynski
lias kept In good condition as a box-j
Ing instructor at an  athletic dub.
The lirst important events of the j
liritish turf this year nre set for d<*vj
ciston   today   at   Birmingham   and
Kempton   Park.    On   the first  named
track  the  llirmingham   Spring  liandi-1
can and ihe Decker Hill Maiden Plate
will   afford   excitement   for   turf   fol-
lowors, but the main interest  centres
in the Queen's   Price   at   Kempton
i'nrk. There has been a falling off in
( ntri1 s for the Queen's Prize, but a
l.t ily  good  field  will  slarl.
<* ANNALS. ���
1866 Jack McAuliffe, onl) retired un
defeated lightweight champion,
born in Cork.
1885 Joe Coss, who in 1SCG, fought a
draw with Jam Mace fur the
world's heavyweight title, died
in  Huston.
1S!'7 tleorge Dixon, colored boxer, do.
feated Frank Erne in 2o rounds
nt  New  York.
ISM Kid McCoy defeated Joe Choynski ln 20 rouuds at .San Fran
xW-Z (leorgc McFadden and M!k(
(Twin) Sullivan fought 12
round draw at  tiaftcm,
1II0S Jim Flynn defeated Itattllnjr
Johnson in  10 rounds    al    Los
lull���- Bddie Campl and    Jimmy    Fo>
fought four round draw ut San
Saturday's Annlvermries.
18!)S    Jim Jeffries knocked out Peter
Jackson,   colored   heavyweight
In  third  round.
190TI    Jimmy      Clabby    slopped    Dot
Slavin  in  th:nl  round at    Now
11)10-   Phil     Mcf.ovem      rind     Your*���
llrllt fought lii round draw    al
IBU- Sld Hums, Kngiish. wnn on foul
from     Hay     Bronson   In   19th
��� round at I^inddn.
1911���Jimmy Clabby defeated    Harry
Duncan, English, in H) founds
at London.
1912--Young Dyson knocked out   Del
Hruno in seventh round at Nefc
Yesterday's Anniversaries.
-Frank Krne defeated Joe Cans
ln 12 rounds at New York.
-Mike   Schrcck   defeated    Dave
Harry in eight rounds at Terre
Haute, Ind.
1909���Owen      Moran.    English,    outpointed Tommy Murphy in    12
rounds ai Boston.
Johnny     Thompson     defeated
Charley Norvall in 10 rounds at
Oakland, Cal.
JEQdlfl McTJcorty knocked out
Harry Croxton in fifth rr:und at
.Lick Lester, S-Vufctftdlan, defeat-
(d .tchnnv Thompson in 20
rounds at Sydney.
-Frank Klaus d< ti Med .lark 1)1
Ion i:i 2u rounds at San Francisco.
-Knockout Hrown stopped
Knockout O'Donnell in llrsi
round at Naw York.
-Gunboat Smith knocked out
Battling brooks in third round
at  New York.
(Continued frnm pace one).
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===== Watch thc Clock in  the Window =====
NOW :--
Two  Whalers  Reported   Loot  on    tl
Siberian Coast���Crew on Shcre
Whin   Storm   Broke.
Noire, Alaska. March 22.-Sam!
| .'lottschalk, of the whaling schooner1
Moras, reached Nome last night, nf'"r j
a trip rf 100 miles over breaking lco,
In thp Behrlng straits, with the news
of the loss of the schooners Kittiv.-ac'-
and Moras, and hardships endured:
by members of the crows.
The schooners were frirn  in ��'-"
Ice  near the  Siberian shore  last,  fall
and the crews landed boats to prepare
winter quarters, Before the men were
able  to  land   all  their  provls'nna  nr I llcttyq bureau, A
make extensive  preparations  for the i glneer, W,  D.
winter, a great storm  arose,  prPvent- , W.   IL  (iilley
Ing the return to their boa's. Durlno
the sturni the ice crushed the sclioon
the map and on the hanks cf the river
as tlie Transfer passed, (here were
depths of from 75 to 100 feet at hiRh
water and excellent foundations could
be made on nand and gravel, which
could suttain any super; truciure placed upon them.
He also emphasised the importance
of the railwuy facilities of the G.N.R.,
the C.P.H., the Canadian Northern and ,
the li.C.E.K. lines at pre! ent existing i
nnd to be made within lii mo'.i.lis.
C. N. R. In Three Years.
Mr. \v 0, Swan, divisional engineer
of the C.N.B.. said the company's cjii-
tract called for steel being laid down.
Ithrough Lulu [gland hy July 30, to cou-
inecl. with the D. C. E. li. at Steveston. |
|Thiy would be running Into Vancouver Inside of three years. The only;
brldtfe necessary was across the North i
Arm, a thort epan.
In reply to a question by the chair- j
man of the commission as to the price j
of land in the harbor area, It was stated that thi' price was from ?50 to.
tlLTi per front foot. A great many'
property owners bad signified their
willingness to donate lots for harbor
ior elevator  purposes.
After the party had disembarked
they rcaggi-mhled in the board of trade
* room und-v/ere formally addri ssed and
welcomed by Alderman  While.
Publicity Commissioner V.'ade also
addressed the commissioners and pre-
n nted the advantages of the port of
Westminster in a clear and concise
Those on the Trip.
AmonR   those   accompanying   the
Commission on board the Transfer
were Aldermen Bryson and White
Mr. J, II. Taylor, M.I'., C. H. Stuart
Wade, publicity commissioner. Otway
Wilkie, secretary Frasef Valley I'ub-
O. l'owell, harbor en
Do not delay too
long, for he who
hesitates is lost.
Special Prices and
Bargains on all
Musical Instruments, small goods
and Sheet Music.
lairman of the
on   divorce   and
Avia'.cr with  Woman   Passenger Flies
from Los Angeles to San Diego
���No  Mishaps.
Miircus Kavanaugh,
Illinois   commission        ^^^^^^^^
marriage laws, today.
"The attorney who practices collusion in divorce proceedings often Is
contributing to the social evil." The
commission refused lo accede lo the
request of three Chicago lawyers to
strike from the draft of a new divorce
bill the provision that the state's attorney Ehall have a representative at
j divorce hearings for the prevention of
San Diego, Cal, March 23.���W.
Leonard Bonney, a Los At,gel".i aviator, with MisB Margaret Stahl as a
passenger, flew In a monoplane today
from Los Angeles to this city, a trip
heretofore attempted but not successful.    The distance Is  100 miles.  Bon-
1 cvste.*:
Low Rate Tickets From
The East to Vancouver
The crews, consisting of Oottsohalk.
Mr. Koren, u naturalist, nnd owner of
the Kittiwack. Albert Qunderson and
C.iis Schroeder. s'arled out in the remaining whabhoat In an attempt to
cross the strait through the open
leads in the great floes to the Seward
Cantaln Witting, of the Moras, refused t-i accompany them, and started
snulh along the Iliberlan coast, hoping In 11 aOh Plover bay where there is
an Eskimo se'ilement. Whither he
arrived  there  is  not   known.
The party In the whalaboat encountered a terrific storm near Rig lilo-
medra Islfind and the boat waa smashed in the surf ^^^^^^
For three months the men subsist- access
id on walrus, living iii ii ut ^ construct*
"d of stones and les hnfore they were
��� lie to attempt   'he passage over the
broken  Ice  th tin   Seward  1
md Nome.
FOodwIn.t'oquitlam. ;n;;v a;d-  M,      BtaU  ,e(t I/0a Angela,,
J.  W.  Cunningham, II. ] v',  3ft p m
The day wan windy and chilly, but
the aeronauts met with no mishap except the breaking of a skid when land-
E.   Fream,
I'.   Vidal,   H.   Schaake,   J
Alberta. W. L. Darling.
Thc commissioners were Dr. H. Mac-
gill, W. I). Staples and .1   P. Jones.
At Coqultlam.
On Friday the grain commission
paid a visit to l'ort Coqultlam, Only
two commissioners look part in the
proceedings, W. O. Staples and W. P,
Jones. They made the Journey by the
S.S. Transfer to the lift river where
they were met by Mayor Mars, J. II.
Qllmer,  city  engineer, and others.
Commissioner Staples explained
that the chief points thi- commission
deemed weighty in tlm selection for
nn (levator site were transportation
facilities, lt might be necessary tc
build two or even three elevators nie'
Coqultlam might he ablo t.> provld ��� ���������
site   where  all   ralln nil   wuuld  navt
The flight was tlie first leg of a 500
mile tour of Southern California.
Granite (Ireek, B.
One of the most 1
Chinaman who ever
in   the   plac.i r   creek:
Reeve Mars, in welcoming the pom
roissloners, pointed out sdvantage
that Coqultlam offend through belnc
ulnsulalthe freight terminals nf 111 <��� c. P it.
that tlm Pitt river bad been chosen
I by tlm company f"r tin- erection nf it-
own elevators: the largo extent nf
traakags ava'lablo; thst the waterways of the rlvi r would save IIO miles
*of haul, and that waterfrontage could
Nie v;irlnis In riant phas-a cMhci1)p obtained at a vnrv much hss figure
naval nnd other questions that have than in the oase of Burard inlet.
come  up  111  the     federal     parliament .	
during llie SSBSlon just ended will be |
discussed by Mr. .1. I). Taylor, M. P..
al a smoker to be given in his honor
by the Conservatives of the city in
the Conservative club rooms turner
row evenihi!.
Mr. TayloT participated in th
events which occurred during the
Liberal obstruction of thn navy hill
and his address undoubtedly will be
of a most Interastjng nature. The
other questions tn be discussed will
probably be the harbor commission
bill, the FniBor river dredging scheme
and the jetty construction, and snipe
important aiin'iuncemnnt.i in this connection am expected,
Though, the smoker is be'ng held
under the auspices (f Hm Conservative -association    everybody    will    be
made welcome,
Wa3 on Jury in Third Trial cf Dr. D
Clarke   Hyde���Never   Regained
The Woman in the Case.
Detroit, March 23 it became known
today Hint Mrs Kaymrine Pope, wanted In San Francisco lu connection
with the Owen D, Conn burglary an**,
(oft Detroit, last nlgdt for that city.
She wns ilrcoinpanieil by n detective,
Mrs. Pops w'lis arrested here a week
ago but had been ut liberty tin her
personal bond ;
Kannm City, March :::'��� C. ('
Spangler, u Juryman in the third trial
of Dr. 1.1. Chirk" Hyde, who was f' Uni
In 11 F.tni t here the morning after Hi.
cinn. nf the trial apparently Buffer
ing frr.i.'1 nn ue sault. died today nt n
hospital when* he wnn 'liken after being picki d up.
The jury nf which Spangler wan a
member failed to agree, as to the guilt
or Innocence of Lr. Hyde, who was
charged with tlm murder of Col, Thou.
Spangler never sufficiently recovered hln senses, It was said at the hospital to tell what caused his Injury.
i'., March 21. -
xtranrdinary old
delved f:,r gold
i of British Columbia di'd here this week in th" per-
son of Wah Sing, familiarly known
as "Frenehy." He pissed away in his
lono cabin on tin banks ni the Tula
nn en at nn age commonly reputed tn
Ik- wi II  OVI r the ('���    .my  mark.
"Frenehy" migrated hire from Kock
cretk ut the time nf tlm '86 rich un
��� ft< r warhlng gold in tbe creek for 11
year it two aettlrd ii* wn as a market
"nrilmr nnd became known as one nf
tlm most Industrious caleBtlals in tin
province ut the game,
Qrlmsby, Bng.. March 28, The
French barque Marie I'tim San Fran
Cisco lo Hull nl tlm end nf her Ion:.'
voyage today mi t with disaster nnd
destruction lure Her captain and
crew  of  24   men   were  saved   by     tlle
trawler Amer,
Tlm Marie went ashore before daybreak at Halsbnrough, in tha North
sen, d::rlng a blltzard, and was quickly   pounded   t-i   pieces  by   the   terrific
���*ns.   The crew wns in a desperate
plight  and   bad   lost   hope  wlfen  the
\mer came un, launched a llfebcal
ind took off the ere v, making several
perilous trips.
Tim captain and mate of the Marie
flisi il to leave their shin unitll every
man  hnd   boon   saved.    The    Amir's
lifeboat was too much battered by t
'���avos  In   return   fir   Ihem   and     the
���'.vnril <r the  French birqtte dived
*.< in  the  Ann r with  a lifeline and
iwam to tlm wreck,    !''��� and the enn-
taltl  nml  male  were ultimately  dragged  through  the BOB  to th& rescuing
Chicago, 111., March 28. "Seventy
per cent, of the women In Chicago's
vice district am divorcees," said Judge
Daily  Until  April  14th.    Prompt  Delivery.
Mondayo    Prince Kupert, Stewart,  Massed.
Tuesdays���Victoria and Seattle.
Thursdays    Prince Kupert and (iranby  Hay.
Fridays    Alert Bay, Hardy Bay. Rivers  Inlet.    Ocean    Falls,    Queen
Charlotte Island (direct service, fast time).   FirBt trip, Apr.l 4.
Saturdays    Victoria and   Seattle.
II. G. SMITH. C   P. 4k. T.
Phone Seymour 8134.
A. W. E. DUPEROW, G. A   P. D.
VANCOUVER. B.C.     627 Granville Street
Pr-sa and OenL Mgr.
Vlee -Prealdent.
Bee. aid Treas.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
Phone 473 Beach St., Lulu Island.
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Comfortable  Family  Hotel
Westminster on Q, N. Ity.   All trains
Forty minutes run from New
p  til   While   Illicit.
"The Qlg-Llttls Minstrels." who will
present n niiiiH'wii-ii different novelty
iniiii anything ever si-en in a local
theatre, They win be al tba Royal
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and American plan; gymnasium hall  In connection, also n store am-
talnlng full  line of groceries,    For terms ami rates apply
White Rock. B.C.
MONDAY, MARCH 54, 1913.
JAsfc ��vi
Ince   sporting   editor,     which     would j
take them once more ln the eaBtern
camping grounds no wonder a flicker
of a smile appeared on  the faces of
the Westminster delegates    However,
the situation is not dangerous by any j
means  and   by   tho  time   Wednesday
QOmes along It Is thought that Corne- j
lius   will  see  tho   light  of  day  and
realize that tiie Salmon Hollies are the
one best bet as far as drawing a crowd j
is concerned and will no doubt be on
hand with a new proposition pleasing
to the local club.
According to the Victoria delegates,
headed by  Mr. John  Virtue they are j
anxious lo start right in and form a,
team in the Capital City.
Once    they    are    admitted  Lionel
Yorke,  the  Victoria    manager,    will
��� make a trip to the cast In search ol
* players and the best obtainable will be
Walk up Sixth street and see our display of tools.
It will pay you.
PHONE  237.
First Event of Its Kind in New Westminster Will Take Place at
Queena Park.
The event of the season, the first
ice carnival to be held in the Hoyal
City, will bo staged at the big skating arena at Queens park this evening when fun and merriment will
reign supreme and all the troubles of
lhe business world will be brushed
aside for the time being.
The carnival has been the talk of
the city and district for Un: past week
and one of tlie largest crowd:! of the
season, nol even forgetting the hockey
crowds, will be on hand all ready and
willing to take part In the proceedings.
The officials of the arena have been
working overtime during the week
end gelling ready for the occasion and
with Manager Wilson promising one
of lhe best sheets of ice of the winter
and all the rest of the employees
ready to do their part In the way of
accommodation, there will be
An Important meeting of the
Westminster locrosse club will
be held ln the office of Gray
and (Jllchrlst on Tuesday afternoon at 5 o'clock at which
every member of the executive
and the players are requested
to  be on  hand.
Several matters In connection with the D. C, L, A. meeting to be held the following afternoon are on tap for discussion.
irr- the Island city on Victoria Day,
May 24. That is generally regarded
as the opening day at Queen's Park
and they will have to come through
with a good financial proposition lf
they hope to stage the contest ln any
other place than  the  Royal City.
Then again the suggestion   of   the
Province to elect a  Victoria man  aB
president of  the  association  for this
-���������~���������������*��� I coming year has  led  to a little com
CURNABY'S  MIXED SIDE I ment In this city who take the stand
SCORES OVER WESTMIN3TER | that the honor is due to a Westmina-
  ter man this year at least.
Brighter   weather   brought    out    a      However, Ihe ball Is rolling and  if
large number of players at the mixed (the three cities will only get together
approached, situations having been
found them at different establishments ln Victoria.
Game on May 24
One   mistake,   however,   which   Mr.
Virtue made during his remarks was,_. , ,, . ,        ...    ,
the proposal to have the season open f?���8 at B*|SS?S P,f i. 0B���?aturda*
1 - -       i afternoon.   Herb Ityall, McAllister and
others   reported   small   loBses  of  sll-
of the Westminster amateur hockey
league wbo has invited the delegates
of the six clubs to a banquet to be
held at the Russell hotel in the near
future. It Is probable that the members of the six teams will be present
Home light  fingered  gentry  reaped
a small  harvest at the  City-Hankers
ver which were filched from their
leans while the game was in progress.
Needless to state the Individual who
did the looting does not pronounce
his allegiance to the amateur union.
A meeting of the City Soccer league
is called for Wednesday evening in the
office of Herb Ityall The remaining
game of the league schedule between
the bankers and Sapperton will be
and plenty to ki ep the folks biiBy
from the lirst drop of the hat until
the gongs sing out at 11 o'clock denoting that the affair has come to a
The affair will Btart at 8:30 o'clock,
���only those In costume being allowed
on the Ice until 9:30 o'clock, when the
general public will be admitted to
tin- skating Bectlon.
To those who know the "pleasure"
of watching a dance and not able to
take part therein, this evening's show
Is likely to he somewhat similar unless they hunt out some pretty or
comic costume and Btart right In from
the lirst sound of the gong.
A full band will be in attendance
together with the latest selections of
the most popular music and If any-
cue has any kick coming following the
dn p < f the curtain, well, they will
be at liberty to request the rink
<���!;':' :lala to make a refund which will
I e .'bully done.
hockey match on Queen's Park last
Saturday afternoon, both Burnaby and
Westminster  fielding a  full   side.
The former had the better of the
argument, scoring four goals while
playing downhill in the first half and
notching three more after half time.
The Hoyals in the latter period managed to scon- once.
Next  week  it  Is oxpected  that  the
Westminster  ladles  hockey  side  will
play    the    Victoria  ladles,   who  two
weeks ago soundly trounced the Van-
nough  corner ladles at the capital.
there will be better lacrosse than ever
out here on the coast this coming season, with the fans and players equally
Hot Springs, Ark., March 23.���Tied
in  the  series,  each  with  a  game  to
their  credit,  the  Pittsburg  Nationals
and the Iloston Americans struggled to j
a 3-3 tie in the third game of the serieB i
of seven games here today.    Score:
It.    H.    E. I
: Iloston      3   10     1
j Pittsburg     3     8     0;
Batteries:     Leonard,     Foster    and
Thomas; Carrigan,    Hendrix,   Adams
land Kelly.
We Aet as Agents Only for the Purchase and  Sale  of  Real   Estate.
The Counters, Cages and other fixtures of The People's Trust Company, Limited, at the Westminster and Sapperton offices.
Two large Safes with Safety Deposit Boxes coat about $1200 each.
For f,ull particulars apply
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
Larje Turnout at Brownsville Ranges
���Tricky Wind  Affect Shooting
���No Records Broken.
Banters  Defeat  City  and   Remain   in
Running for Soccer Championship���Score   3-1
Tbe soccer supporters wh:i make
Sapperton their home an- wearing n
real gri neb thete days. They feel Ibey
have a right tu wear such n grouch
and anyone who begs to differ from
tliis lias got to come ihrcugh with the
why and wherefore.
Beavers and Y. M. C. A. Will Play off
Tie for the  McRae Trophy on
At a meeting of the amateur hockey league held nn Friday morning it
was decided to bring the championship series for the Mcltae trophy to a
close on Tuesday evening when the
Beavers nnd the Y. M. C, A. come to-
gi ther.
The Beavers had two games yet
to play but both the Sapperton and
Hurnaby delegates, realizing that they
had little chance of upsetting the record of the Beavers, defaulted their
tames, which makes the two teams
tied  for first  place.
Tbe Sapperton -Tracer Mills game of
Keb. 12, which wub protested by the
Frenchmen on the grounds that they
.were unahle to slay over and play off
[the overtime, was thrown out by the
league deb gates on a ballot vote.
Eddlt McCarthy and Charlie Tobln
have been selected as the officials
for Tuesday's  game.
At the close of the meeting a vote
cf thinks wns passed to President
Lynch and Secretary Andrew for their
work done during the Beason
In responding President I.ynch mention! d     the     fact   that   in   several   in
stances   personal   feelings   had   crept
in  with  lengu-5 matters but  now  thnt
, the   season   was  drawing   to  a  close
There was a big turnout at the
rifle shoot on the Brownsville ranges,
South Westminster, on Saturday. Al-
though a tricky wind prevailed the
general shooting was good with one
notable exception.
Last Saturday's top scorer and the
winner of the special silver spoon,
was completely off. At 600 yards he
Pd not register a single point and
frankly owned that it was not the
fault of the gun
New York Regulars.
Galveston, Tex., March 23.���Heavy
hitting by the New York regulars with
excellent pitching by Tesreau and
Wiltse proved too much for the Gal-1
veston Texas leaguers this afternoon
and New York won by a score of 8-1.!
The Popular Shoe Store
Open evenings till 9 p.m.
645 Front street
Out of the High Rent District   Cheaper   Than    Other    Firms'    Sale
Indies' Oxfords and Pumps; all sizes  $1.50
Ladies' High Boots; smart shape    $1.75
Ladles' Shoes, one bin full, all kinds 95c
Gent's $4.00, {5.00 and $6.00 Boots;  broken sizes  $2.95
Sole Agent for New Westminster
for the Famoua
Depot for Leckie's Boots and Ahrena'  School   Shoea.
$30,000  STOCK   TO  SELECT   FROM.
II. I.indahl .. . .
A. F. Menzles ..
I. C. Cli.'iniberlin
11. Vidal  ..
Perkins  ..
Oliver    27
ii. C   Abbott  29
Godwin   21
Ilavls    22
W. .lewliiirst 23
. F. ing 21
Even So Soon.
Los  Angeles,   March  2?,,-{-The  Chi- j
cago American  regulars defeated the !
Los Angeles Coast leaguers today iu i
a    contest    characterized    by ragged
fielding,   good   pitching   and   a   near
mob   scene   with   the  entire  Chicago
team as the mob and  Umpire Frank I
Newbouse  as   the  prospective  victim 1
The scoring was as j Newhouse  finally    ordered    Manager;
I Jimmy ( allahan off the field and call-!
ed a policeman to his aid when Cap-
tain Harry Lord refused to go to the
Club house.    The row was occasioned
by   Newhouse  calling   Kahey  safe  at i
first in the second inning and it de- j
layed the game for ten minutes. When
ths officer ordered him to leave Lord
complied and  was succeeded  by  Ern- \
idlest   Johnson,   the   infielder  who   wast
':'| sold to Los Angeles.    Score:
���l\ R.    H.    E.
l\\Chicago      5      6      5
Ixib Angeles   .   3      7      5 |
Batteries:    Walsh,   White,   Schalk
Chech, Rogers and Bolles.
. ",1
. .28
. .29
Tt.l i
91 j
90 !
89 !
84 i
��� ���
House  League  Standing.
!'t terson
Car-ntt .
Ingram .
"mi(h ������.
Next game
 13      9
 15 8
 18 9
 12 5
 IS 5
Garrett vs.
13      .277
Wallace on
. 533
I In- crux of the whole trouble is the  he trusted that bygones would be left
; Monday.  March  4.
fact that th" Bankers defeated the
City i b-ven on Saturday afternoon and
'Iiiib crept up to within striking dis-
i.me.- of tbe Kappertntiians in tlie way
"f the league championship. This
game was a playoff affair iir ordered
by the league although on the former
occasion when the teams met the Cily
were lending by one goal.
According to the leaders of the City
team much difficulty was experienced
In getting a team together and had
the wanib-ring players only have been
corralled the result of the afternoon's !
sport wouid probably have been fur
different. The final icore was three
lu one
McLaren scored lhe lone gtjal for the i
City, while Stacey wae. head and ih nil
dere the . c.ir player for
bygones ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
He hoped that the officers of the |
losauo ued lhe delegates from each
club wonld accept an Invitation to a
dinner to be held In the Hotel Husscll
In the near future when he hoped to
hnve Colonel McRne present and
"ward the trophy to the winners of
the league.
the financial
Teiurrsehs Lo��e In Boston.
Boston. March 23,���The Glasgow
team rf the Maritime Provinces
Hockey league, defeated the Tecum-
seh team of Toronto, a member of
'he National Hockey association, live
to three today. The teams will meet
again Monday nlgbt. the one getting
the highest Of the pnlr is for the two
���.*������ ii n winning the series.
Oi od Friday Dr. Smith won the
With   141.   T.   Mills  won
ten  nine  with  256 and
high  score in five
tm   ^^
blind   score
'ilgh  score in
R.  Williams  won
���litis with 73.   '
The next game in the Commercial
league will be rolled on Monday,
March 24, between the Dominion
Trust and A. S. Mills.
High Hcore for the week in ten pins
went to F.' Dill with 269, and In live
pins to J. Smith with 76.
Philadelphia Americans.
Louisville, March 23���The Philadelphia Americans won their second victory in the series with the local team
of the American association today by
a score of 7-6. Iluming and Brown !
pitched   for  the  Athletics.
An   Extraordinary  Novelty
"The   Mystery  of
Boscombe Vale"
By   Sir   A.  Conan   Doyle
Produced Under HIb PerBon-
 al   Direction.	
''His Holiness
Pope Pius X."
Other Comedy Pictures
Matinee tOcand 20c
Night       10c and 25c
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters uf credit
sold payable in all parts ot the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia  Street, New  Weetmlneter.
| Singer Sewing  Machines.    Small  Muaical Goods ot all Klnda. PHONE 894.
London.   March   2?,, ���Following  are .
the results  of  league  football  games'
played Saturday afternoon:
First Division.
Hlackbura   Hovers  7.  Oldham   Athletics 1.
Derby County 2, Newcastle United 1.
Everton 3, Woolwich Arsenal 0.
Manchester United 4. Aston Villa 0.
Mlddlesborough 4, Bolton Wanderers
If the di legate! at the annual meet
Ing Of the British Columbia Lacrosse
association had transacted ita htisi-
elected officers and admitted
Virii rlu into the fold tliere would probably have been many CBSSS of death
from apoplexy. It was only natural
that a deadlock should occur nt the
meeting  held   In  Vancouver Saturday
afternoon that something or other nol
nny  too pleasing to either Westminster or Vancouv   ,^^^^^^^
Which v. mild lend to delegates
put  and dn "nothing." I ,��. .  .
ver Bhould be broached
application of four Victoria delegates
to be admitted into the 11. I'. L. A.
Iloth Vancouver and Westminster appear! d to favor the admission of the
Capital City into ths league but be
fi re any voting took place, the Iloyal
City delegates asked that the matter
bo laid on the table until other mat
ters could he threshed out.
Then came the request that a division of thc gate receipts be carried out
im_u_ j this season the Hoyal City basins it:
to sf and | claim that the club really lest money
last summer, that thc players did not
receive what was coming to them and
that Vancouver having a larger population the MInto cup champions should
participate In a portion of tlie gati
money in a:ty event'.'
Threo Houro Wrangling.
After  much  disctisili n  Cpn  Jon si
stated that he could nol agree to meb
Sport  Chatter
(Uy the Pottor.)
During the discussion at the annual
meeting of the B. C. L. A. held In Vancouver on Saturday afternoon over
the suggestion of splitting gates, Mr
Con Jones suggested that In tho event
of Westminster withdrawing from the
league, Bob Brown, the Vancouver I
baseball magnate would be only too
pleased to field a second lacrosse team | v>(,(,
In the Terminal City.
Better   get   awny   from   that   stuff
Con,   The people of Vancouver woub' i
patronize lacrosse every week watching Hastings TownBlto play II. L. 301
Notts County  3,  Liverpool 0.
Sheffield  Wednesday  3,  Chelsea  2.
Sunderland  1, Manchester City 0.
Philadelphia, Pa., March 23.���Considerable interest Is being shown In
the revival of lacrosse as a recognized
sport at the University of Pennsylvania. Over 60 signatures have been
nresented to the board of directors of
the athletic association. The petition
requests the recognition and maintenance of the sport by the allied sports
Owing to the recent disbanding of
the gun team, the revival of lacrosse
is opportune    and  will  conveniently
Tottenham   Hotspur-Sheffield   Unit-      .   ���;.,.,
cd postponed. ! Ukf the  l0*meT ** Place as an  eari>'
West Bromwich Albion 1, Bradford , ���D���* sp��"'  , ,
...      . !    Prospects of an nnspacious opening
1, teriiilued   t
This time It IB ��<e division  of
cate receipts which Wcstmlns er to a
certain limit demands and which t on
Jones,  the  Vancouver magnate_ absolutely' declines to accede.
2!��W.SiS: fc as* ** :r ,
Canada's   national  ��"������ ��*^. ll
far us the west is concerned  Will
trT_e��raeSTlng wns called to order by
President Harry Cowan rfVw"��
and fr,,,,, Ibe first drop 0! I h   h.ill h         	
Salmon Belly tl*P���.(       'V! It Vle-I    For cr.ind stand play Mr, Con. .lone
planned plot whs afoot i   aon it ^    I       > ^ |i1h(,u||    ,|o ,B gm, on thlg
Humor has It that Tommy Clifford
will go east with Con Jones and Lionel
Yorke In quest of players and also
patch up matters with Hobby Fleming
as to n National Lacrosse Commission
Speaking on the matter Con stated
"Why lt would be a regular tea party.
We wouldn't talk Bhop until we got to
Toronto and the stakes would not be
greater than penny ante.
Burnaby municipal hall has a soccer
team capable of taking Into camp nnv
imllar Institution of its kind.    Applications Will be received at tho municipal bull. Kdmonds.
Second Divlsicn.
Barnsley 1, Preston North End 1.
Birmingham  2,  Notts  Forest 0.
Blackpool   1,   Bristol  City   1.
Bradford 4. Stockport County 2.
Bury 1, Hull city 0.
Kulh.im 4, Burnley 2.
Grimsby Town 0, Clonep n.
Ilu- dersfii hi Town S, Lincoln City 1.
Wi lverhan pton  Wanderers  1,  Lei-
r Fosse 1.
Leeds City 3, Clapton Orient 1,
Southern  League.
Queen's  Park  Hangers  0, Westham
United 1,
Brantford o, Exeter Ojty l.
Qllllngham  3, Coventry  City 0.
Northampton 1, Brighton and Hove
Albion 0.
Norwich City 1, Watford 1.
Southampton 1, Crystal Palace 0.
Stoke 0,  Plymouth  Argyle 2.
Heading 1, Merthyr Town 0.
Mlllwall A. 2, Portsmouth 0.
DrlBtol Hovers 1, Swindon Town 4.
Scottish League.
Glasgow   Hangers 2, Pnrtick Thistlo
Prospet.. .^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
season are encouraging. Besides the
probability of meets with other large
institutions supporting lacrosse, there
���a considerable good material in the
Ice Carnival Tonight
First band 8:30 o'clock.   Skaters not costumed
will be allowed on the ice after 9:30 o'clock.
?    ?    ?   HAVE YOU SEEN
Our assortment of Royal Victoria China consisting of
Cocoa and Tea Sets, on display In our window.
We are In a position to furnish your home from cellar to attic,
supply you with Staina and Varnish, all kinds Garden Tools, etc., etc.,
and our prices defy competition.
Let us show you our Linolenm and Floor Oils, our patterns are
selected with care, and we handle only the latest styles appropriate
for the different rooms of the house.
C. N. Edmonson & Co,, Cor 6th Ave. and 12th Street
By the time the western lacrosse
magnates arrive In Montreal or Toronto n curfew law  will bo ln effect
 _   mmmmmmma 'yarning lacrosse nrtlstB to get under
Neither side ihowlng nny  signs  of Cover   before   the   shades   of  evening
giving in. nn adjournment took place]settle down upon the landscape. The'
after throe hours Wrangling, the iiiii- Cnst has learned from experience whnt
iitlou being explained to the Victoria to expect and are not liable to allow
delegates and they will be over In this | their players to wander around or they
   city next Wednesday afternoon when may be kidnapped.
u welllannlhir mei ting'will be held. 	
,,....   i������������       Although the betting Is all In favor
of  the   Beavers   lifting    the    Mcllae
Celtic 1, Falkirk 2.
Hearts  Of  Midlothian  4,  Dundee  3
AlrdrlsOtllans 4, Hamilton Academt
���-ill 0.
St.  Mirren  0. Hibernians 3.
QueeO'l  Park 1, Kilmarnock  1.
Haith  Hovers 2, Motherwell 10.
Morton 3, Clyde 0.
old i.oysions 18, Richmond lo.
Cardiff   10,  Barbarians
Dovonport Albion
Tiivlora 0.
Newport  14,  Blackheath  3.
Bath lfi, Coventry 0.
Burqultlam youths have organized
a social and athletic club. The following officers were appointed at the
Inaugural   meeting:
President, QsorgS McKee; vice-
president. J. Bishop; neerotary-treas
urcr. W. Iloogan; executive, M. Baker
II. Spackman and  H.  Atkins.
Lacrosse and baseball will be the
summer games and th ��� winter pastime
wlll be considered ou Wednesday eve
Burns Pelky Match.
j    Calgary,    March    24.���The    Burns-
Pelky match, scheduled for tomorrow
' night, haa been postponed for one
��� week. Burns is of the opinion that
I lie Ib not  In the  pink of condition.
and  tho  postponement was  arranged
at his Instance.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
New Allan Liner Launched.
London. March 23.���The new Allan
liner Alsnllan. was launched yester
day at Beardmere's yard. Glasgow,
and chistened by Mrs Hugh Allan.
The vessel Is 600 feet long, 72 feot
. wide. 18,600 tons and capable of mnk-
Old Merchant big 1H knots an hour. She Is Intended
I for the Liverpool, Quebec and Montreal service.
Auto Stops In Path of Train.
Sapkatoon,  Sask.,   March   23.    With
Noted Runner Coming West. |,c p. n. passenger train approaching
Calgary, March 24.- Jack Tall, the I at the rate of 20 miles an hour, llr.
fleety Toronto boy who holds the ; Wright flnturdnv jumped headfori-mn��t
Canadian middle class running chain-1 from his automobile which hnd stopped
The first
Victoria's Application.
order of busliHfii was uu
anp' .
himself and Jimmy Hewlll
rov-'son Is that by President Fred J. Lynch .homo In Edmonton.
Under the auspices of Mrs. Sziver of San
Francisco, Cal., for the benefit of the
March 25, 26, 27
St Patricks Hall
Tuesday Evening, Wednesday and
Thursday Afternoons and
Admission and  Vaudeville���Adults  Fifty
Cents; Children, Twenty-five Cents.
m r
MONDAY, MARCH 24, 1913.
Classified Advertising
, ****************
* HATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
)..,inth; 5.000 words, to be used as re-
.....red wltl in one year trom date ol
���contract, $25.00.
��� lirth   or   Marriage   Notices   50c.
Deal) Notice 60c or with Funeral Notice $1.00,
Card of Thanks   50c  per
elled With
Phone 999. WE ARE ALWAYS
flat, cloBe to car line. Box 881
News office. '8X1I
wanted. Liberal commission. Apply box 833, NeWB office
roil SALE���POOL ROOM, Business good, tine location. Cash. Box
904 News office. (904)
for sale; only used three months;
worth $50. Will sell for $30. Enquire at 82 Eighth street. (908)
sell 66x122 foot lot on Highland
Park cut-off car line; 6c fare. Apply
II. C. Urachman, Windsor Hotel.
Vancouver. (890)
Stove, Canada'B Pride Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down. $1.00 per week.
Canada Range Co.,  Market square.
tage; small barn, etc., and two
acres of land In pasture; corner of
10th avenue and Fifteenth Btreet;
$2U per month. Apply Smith, 34
Hank of Hamilton Bldg., Vancouver.
theopenlng of the discussion of the
naval budget, was received with a
warm and affectionate ovation from
the members of all political parties in
consequence of the personal attack
i.'ii.. cn ""* Minister of Marine by
Admiral Nicolo C.ozzo earlier in the
day. '
downstairs; range and fireplace,
large veranda; woodBhed; bathroom
Situated In beautiful grounds, ono
block from 12th street car. $25 per
mouth, suitable for couple. Phone
M 1252 or call at 1321 Sth avenue.
one block from post office. Apply
624 Carnarvon street. 1902)
furnished housekeeping rooms, also
single rooms.    47  Columbia street. I
(906) j
bedroom;  use of dining room    and
kitchen;   piano.    317  Fifth  avenue.
room.   Apply
701 Agues Btreet. near
keeping rooms, alao phone, $14 to
$20 per mouth, at 224 Seventh
Btreet. (893)
Apply Hall & Lavery block.      (895)
per day or week. 654 Columbii'.
street, over Royal bank. (876i
Wonderful Scenes In Nigeria���British
Rule  Has  Made Crooked  Paths
London, March 23.���Details of a remarkable Durbar held at Kami, in
Niberia, last month, by the governor.
Sir Frederick Lugard, have been received by Router's Agency.
A review was first held on the plain.
Where the emirs and chiefs, with their
retainers, were drawn up in an oval
one mile and a quarter in circumference. The horsemen nlune tiuinhi red
from 15,000 to 30,000, while there
were also present u multitude of footmen.
After au Inspection of tiie troops,
who, to the number of over 800, were
drawn up In the centre of this vast
and Imposing throng, each emir with
hip followers marched past the governor's stand. Some of the horsemen from distant Borun were clad in
chain armour. Other emirs were attended by their court jesters in fantastic garb, who capered and danced
round their chiefs.
The horses were  in  gorgeous trap-
Crown'ng and Burial Plicc of the
Czars For Centuries.
The Kremlin ':i Moaoow, like the
Forbidden City In I'ekin, is enclosed
by ii wn!! entirely independent of that
encircling the city. It marks the part
which escaped the gri-m conflagration
when the outlying districts of Moscow
were burned by the Russians, who
wre besieged by Napoleon, The present will! replaced one of oak���smile
500 years ago���which, like the Great
wall nl China, was erected as a defence from the Tartars.
Within this Inciosure Hre the ini-
fieriiil i n'ace. the treasury, the ST-
sennl nnd three cathedrals, which for
ci'iitnries h .*,��� respectively been the
pi: :.'s of the crowning, the marrying
and the burying of the czars of Ibis
prut initio::. Tlie Inciosure also contains a convent and ninny frrent monument). On one side, fnr below, flows
the river Moskva, Irom which the city
takes its name. From Ihe river's opposite Imnk the view r.i the splendor
of thi, collection of buildings is unsurpassed
pings of gold. Following the horsemenl Probably nowhere in the world does
came contingents of almost nude Pa-1 "" inciosure of the dimensions of that
gans, dancing, yelling, and brandishing, described by the wall of the
clubB in a frenzy of delinlit. That I Kremlin contain precious stones ap-
these should have left their fastnesses. ptoxi-nati: ; the value of those dis-
to come unarmed to a Fu'.ani gather- Played here. It has been aptly stated
Ing wub neither possible nor con-1 that they should not be counted by
ceivable a few years ago. j thousands, but measured by the peck.
When this remarkable procession; T,) S''nn\ them 800 soldiers nr" con-
had passed each emir, with a sleeted | stnnt.y In and around these buildings,
following, saluted the governor. In The Tvan or 1,oU tower Is the most
turn they charged in a whirlwind ofl conspicuous structure in the molosure
dust and drew up their horses on their! ""'I contains thirty-Six bells two Ol
haunches within a few feet of Sir | wt,\,ch ***** <,f .pl,lv,>r- tho '"B^ oi the
Frederick   Lugard.      The  emirs then  ����^��?ticP weighing sixty-live   ons.
���   large   bell   seems   to   lose   its
furnished housekeeping rooms, furn
ace heated. Apply 37 Agnes street
or phone 1.638. 1852)
ished  bedrooms.    Terms  moderate.
Cliff block.    Apply 32 Sixth street.
room, modern conveniences, suitable for two gentlemen or two
ladles.    220 Seventh street.      (812)
keeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply  room  9,  Knightu of  Pythias
hall, corner Eighth street and Ag-1
nes street. (763) i
dog. lt not claimed by March 25
will be sold to defray expenses.
Municipal Hall, Edmonds, B.C. (912)
small rooms over the News office.
Suitable for club or light manufac
turing purposes. Will lease for two
or three year term, singly or en bloc.
Apply to Manager tbe News.
enurs then
dismounted, and bowing their facts
to the ground greeted their new governor. After shaking hands with thc
principal emirs. Sir Frederick read
an address, whicb was translated into
Hnusa and a herald shouted it to the
Changed Conditions.
On the following day the Emir of
Kano showed the governor over his i
residence, and also over the prison.
which, it is declared, is now a model
building for West Africa. Ten years
ago Sir Frederick wrote of the former prison as follows:
"I visited the dungeon myself. A
small doorway, two feet six inches,
gives access to it. The interior is divided (by a thick mud wall with a slm-
I liar hole through It) into two compartments, each pierced with holes at
its base, through which the legs of
j those sentenced to death were thrust
up to the thigh, and they were left to
he trodden on by the mass of   otber
prisoners till
The place
tinventilated except for the one small
they died of thirst   and
Is entirely air-tight   and
doorway, or rather hole. In the
through which  you  creep.    The
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings Btreet, west,
Vancouver, B. C. (766)
Three roomed furnished Biilte with
bath, hot and cold water; heated.
Vacant March 17.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Avenue. Phone 750.
i space inside is 2018 cubic feet
Ithe time we took  Kano   135
' beliiRB were confined here each nl
being let out during the day
This large bell seems
magnitude when we come to examine
the one resting on a stone foundation
just outside tho tower, which weighs
203 tons. 7t was originally intended
to hai.g within the walls, but soon
alter it was cast a fire destroyed the
building which sheltered it, causing
jnlm gaping cracks and the displace-
I tn^nt of a piece of the bell weighing
nine tons. Owing to this misfortune
its tongue lias ever remained mute.
Not far from the hell tower stands
tbe arsenal, in front <.f which is a
display of 850 bronze cannon, trophies
captured from the Turk? and French.
Prominent amors these is the "great
gur:." its mouth having a diameter
of three feet, surrounded hy so thin
a shell that regard for salety probably
act-mints for the fact thnt it, like thc
great bell, has never spoken.
These two curios, coupled with
Moscow's ;ireva!e:it paving material,
nre spoken of as the three ancient
wind rs of the city���"the heaviest
bill which never wus rung, the largest cannon which never wns lired
and the greatest amount of Cobble-
s'.one pavement" (which ought to be
Thn Ruler of India, Who Was Wounded In Delhi Recently, Accompan.
led the Peacemaker on His Celebrated Tour and Later Did Important Work In St. Petersburg���
Ent.red the Service In 1880.
Tbe steady improvement in the
health of Lord Hardinge, Viceroy *i
India, who was wounded by a malcontent while entering Delhi in state
recently, Is a matter ol congratulat! >n
throughout the British Empire,
Lord Hardinge became Viceroy of
India  in   1910  in   succession   to Lord
Minto. As sir Charles Hardinge, he
had already mnde for himself a great
reputation in diplomBOy. He was the
Minister chosen to accompany the
late King Edward on his famous
peacemaking t"i;r of Europe in 1803,
ami later, as Ambassador at St. Petersburg, he played an important part
in the settlement of Anglo-Russian
disputes and the creation of the exist-
ii,: entente between the two countries.
Son of the second Viscount Hur-
dinge, brother of the present holder
of the title, and grandson of n former
Governor-General of the irreat Depen-
dency, Charles Hardinge waa birn
in June, li<5-t, and ,s. therefore, in
his fifty-liftb year. After a brilliant
career at Cambridge he entered the
diplomatic Bervlcc in Ir^i). his first
appointment being to Constantinople,
where be had the t��>><" 1 fi>rtuue to
serve as private secretary to Ixinl
Duff.rin. then Amabssador. Berlin
in 1884, Washington in the following
year, and Sofia in 1-W7 wer.- hi*- next
steps, and as Charge d'affaires he
negotiated treaties at Bucharest, Af-
ter  three  years  in   I'aris   he   becuni
I oil just a year ago cost the   corporation the Bum of $612,500."   Those two |
I words were "next meeting."
"Alderman l.urlvlere gave utterance;
' to them when u report was read  from
the Board of Control praying that the
Bank  Of  Montreal   be   permitted   to
place the city's seven million loan on.
the London market at 4 per cent.
The loan was for forty years and the I
price offered wus 97 net. Owing to
the unsettled state of the money mar-;
kets of the world ufterwards It was
not possible for the controllers to
place this loan until a few days ago,
when We had to pay four and a half
per cent. Intereat, and when the offer
was such that we had to shoulder the
enormous loss l have mentioned.       !
"We talk about what a dangerous
Instrument the tongue is;  1 guess we I
have a pretty clear object  lesson   In
connection  with  the  flouting   uf  thiB I
loan.    TliCBe two words are about   us
costly us anything in history."
Women's commonest ailment
���lhe root ol so much ol ihelr
Ill-health���promptly yields lo
the jenUe but certain action
of Na-Dru-Co Laxatives.
25c. a box at your druggist's.
and at
to cook
envelope "Tenders for Gasillne
Launch" will be received up to noon
of the
for  the construction  of    a    Uaaoline
Launch for the Fisheries  Patrol  Ser- |
vice  in   the   Province  of   Hritisli   Co-i
lumbla, of the following dimensions:
Length over all 50 feet
Length at water line    -42 feet
Beam 12 feel
Draft 0 feet
The engine Ib to be a four cylinder. ,
four cycle 6xS inch Standard engine
as made by tbe Standard Motor Construction   Co.,  or  any  other type   of'
engine  of  equal   merit.
I'lans and specifications can be pro- ]
cured upon application from the Chief |
j inspector of Fisheries New Westmin-
Secretary of Legation in Teheran, Uter, B.C., the Inspector of Fisheries
where he added t" bis mastery of the J Nanalmo, E. B. Schook Vancouver and
Turkish language a knowledge of j from Ihe Agent of this Department
Persian.   From tlie i��>-t of Secretary \*n Victoria, B.C.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
Canadian bank equal to 10 per cent,
of the total amount of the tender,
which cheque will he forfeited if the
successful tenderer declines to enter
1 into a ccntract or fails to complete
the boat In accordance with his
; tender.
Cheques   accompanying   unsuoeess-
! ful tendera will be returned,
The Department does not bind Itself to accept the lowest or any
Newspapers copying this advertisement without authority from the Department  will  not   be  paid
Deputy Minister of
Marine and Fisheries.
I Department of Marine and Fisheries,
Ottawa.  March 3rd, 1913.      (892)
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)   $16,000.000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branobes throughout Canada ami
Newfoundland, and in London, Ensland, New York, Chicugo and Spokane-
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letter-*
of Credit Issued, available with cor-
Tenders addressed to the undersign-  respondents In all parts of the world.
ed  at  Ottawa  and   endorsed  on   the      _    ,        _    .  _
SavlngB Bank Department���Deposit-*
reoelved   In  Bums  of  $1   and  upwarit
and Interest allowed at 3 per cent per
annum (preaent rate).
Total ABBets over J186,000,000.00.
G.  D.  BRYMNER.  Manager.
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg.
of all kinds.
1'rlceB right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
59 McKenzie St.
A Snail on  a Razor.
That   snails  can   pa^s    over
sharp  instruments  as a razor's
without  the  slightest harm has
f       \
mWl      m
D. McAulay
Tel. 724,       Cor. Sixth and Columbia.
Second Hand Store
J. G. 8MITH.
Buy and sell new and    aecond    hand
goods ot all kinds.   Tools especially.
80 Hi In rn- Nircvt. I'lKinr IOO��
Transfer Co.
Office   Phon*   165.      Barn   Phon.   137
Bsgbla Str����t
baggage Dellveisg Promptly to
any psrt of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
such i
cd'^e |
their food, etc., in a small 'adjoining! without the siislite^t harm haa been
area. Recently as many aa 200 huve demonstrated by a Vi nch scientist
I been Interned at one time, As the '" lhl' Cl,ur-'i'' u- hlfl s(u<1>' Wl11' ������U'M' .
I superficial ground area was onlv 238 creatures. The si.ail walk* with tlie;
is'piare feet there was not, of course,' whole unib-r surface of its body ami j
even standing room. j is  provided with  mean.*  to lubricate
Victims were crushed to death the n>a'1 "" which it travel-. A ih-j
every night, and their corpses were cullarly complex system ol muscles
hauled out each morning. The stench, enables it to cling in any position
1 am told, Inside the place when Col- M0 smooth objects. In lifting itself
onei Morland visited It, was iniolera-! "ver llle razor's edge it clings with
ble, though 11 was empty,  and when I1 'he  hind  part ot ius walking surface
vtcsnoY er imiia
nt   Embassy   at   St.    Petersburg
which he was appointed in 1808
was   recalled   in   U>0.'1  t.i   take   mi
Notice is hereby given that the |
i0 I Court of Itevlsion of tlie Assessment
1)e , (toll of this Municipality will be held
(|lft | in the Municipal Hull. Edmonds, B.C
I position <>f AsslstantrSi
I i-i-'ii Affairs.
In tiif following y
diplomatist was crests
K.C.V.O., sn I returns
burg as  Ambassador
larv for For- ���""   ''l"'s,'ay,    March '-'o,
| o'clock In the forenoon.
Notice of any complaints must
-riven to the assessor in writing
least ten UOi days previous lo
fitting of the Court.
(',. II. STEFFENS, AsaeHsor
Dated at Edmonds, this 2Slh day   o!
February, 1918, i73i>
Notice Ib hereby glvac that the llrst
sitting of the Court of Revision on
the Assessment Roll for 1913 will be
beld at the Council Chamber, City
I,all. New Westminster. B.C., on the
10th day  ot April. 11(18, at 11  a.m.
Notice of any complaint-, must be
(.'vou to the Assessment Commls-
��� oner in writing ai least ten days
previous to the Bitting of the Court.
Dated at New Westminster, lit'.,
the lvth day or March, 1918,
|SS2) City   Clerk.
Telephone 295.
P. O. Box 777.
We can trade 10 acres near Chilliwack
Ior city property, Call and Bee us
We can trade 160 acreo in Alberta. 75
acres plowed and ready for crop.
Houae and barn. I'rice $4200, fur
city properly.    P-87.
We can trade a lot at Edmonds near
city line for Binall house in New
Westminster.   No. 58.
House and corner lot, Sapperton,
(1900.   No. :i4.
House and large lot East Burnaby,
tnoo.   No. 57.
New bungalow, modern except furnace, on Wise toad, $2'100.    No. SO.
Three one-acre blocks on Lulu Island.
I ,-rge lot on Ottawa street, snap at
Cottage to  Rent.
Call and see.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, New  Westminster, B.C.
Billiards and Pool
HlggoBt and best line of Pipes,
{'fears and Smoking requisite-*.
Wholesale and retail.
J. L. Duncan* Ltd.
601 Columbia St.
$50 to $75 cash, balance $15 per month,
will buy a fine lot, right at the city
limits and only two blocks to car.
Kvery lot hus a splendid view aud
faces on a full 56 foot atreet and extends to lane. City water and light
adjoins property. We can recommend these lots to the mau looking
for a homeslte or a good Investment. I'rice for each lot only
$390. The owner haB instructed us
lo sell off the few that are left. Call
for full particulars today. A pleasure to show the property as It will
Btand Inspection,
521  Columbia  Street.
| myself went Inside three weeks later
the   effluvium    was    unbearable    for
i more than a few seconds."
The contrast In other directions
was no less marked. After visiting
the treasury, where ��5000 In cash and
other treasure was stored, the governor proceeded to the market place,
were 750 covered stalls had replaced
the open plain reeking wind-borne
Sir Frederick says that he has never
seen so clean and sanitary a market
in any native city In Africa, India, pr
to one side of the blade mul extends
the fore part and bends it down :m
to the other side without touching
the edge, thus accomplishing without harm wliat would naturally teem
Engineering  Department.
Vehicular   Traffic���Kingsway.
He Lot 4, of Illock 19, of part of Section ;i,    Block 3 North,    Range   7
West, District of New Westminster,
A certificate of Indefeasible title to I
above property will be Issued to frank I
N. Trltes, on the 12th day of April.
1918, unless In the meantime a valid
objection thereto be uiadn to me   In !
writing by a person or persons claim-;
Ing an  estate or interest therein, or'
in any part thereof.
.1, C. OWYNN,
District Registrar of Titles
Land  lleglHtry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., February
28th, 1913.
The person or persons having In
Ihelr custody or possession the following Title Deeds relating to the Bald
property are reiiuoBtoi! to deliver the
same to the undersigned,
(a) Deed dated the 2Kth day of
November, 1898, from Frank N. Trltea
to Thomas llennett of tho above described property.
tb) Deed dated the l^lli day of
November, 1H94, from Thomas llennett
to Arnold llennett of the above described property.
lil    Deed   dated   the   12th   day of
October, 1900, from Arnold Bennett lo
Oeorge W. Hhay of the above described  property.
(754)   .    District Registrar of Titles.
Toronto.   March  28.���A   revival   of
lawlessness In the Porcupine mining
district lias assumed such serious proportions that  Superintendent   Rogers
I of the provincial  police had   detailed
'fifteen   men  to  proceed  al once  into
the north.
The trouble is now centered about
Mclntyre, Plenauram and Jupiter
I mines, which some time ago effected
a conciliation with thetr men and are
now in operation. The rigors of the
cold season, uud the facl that the
mines up' running with Imported laborers influenced some of the labor
ers to ni urn to work and this Iuib
caused the bitter feeling among some
oi ihe leading spirits who are still
In consequence, the practice of waylaying tbe returning workers at nighl
and beating tbem up ban grown
alarming during tbe past two weeks,
The frequency of these attacks Is
occasioned by the men leaving the
mine premlsi s nt night ami walking to
iimiiiins, Dome and South Porcupine.
.These stretches are long und barren.
I so that It would take almost a regl-
I ment to guard travelers.
Moreover,  after an  arrest   Is  mnde
there    are   scores   of   colleugueB    to
Tea���Medicine  and  Poison.
Tea has been extolled as a medicine
and decried as a poison. In the Brit.
l-h Museum there is a broad sheet
issued by the founder of Garraway'f,
in which it is cla.met! Ior tea that it
"hclpeth tbe headache, removeth the
obstructions of thc spleen, cleareth
lhe sight ami purilit.-tli adult humors
and a hot live*. It prevents and cures
airuee, surfeits ami fevers; prevents
consumption, ib giiod Inr colds, dropsies ami scurvies and cx|ielletli in-
fi-otion." Tom Hood, on the other
hand, declared that���
If wine's a poison so is tea.
Though  in  another  shape.
What matter whether one is killed
I.e canister or grape?
Owing   to  paving    operations    the
above   highway     will     be   closed     t
through   traffic   until   further   notice,
intercity   Vehicles   will    ploase    take
Crushing John.
"Marin.'' said  Mr. llilliams
aiW tins meat?"
"Never mind the ment. dear," said
Mr--, li.lliaiiw,  "I've more concerned
t/j know what ails you. This is the
lirst time for twenty-live years that
you haven't been able to tell exact.J
wbnt si led tiie ment and everything
els�� on tin- table. Aren't you well today, Johnr"- London Mail.
ear   trie   vouiiu '
d K.C.M.G. and |
il to St. I'.t. rata tho  Russian .
c iurt.   His appointment to a position |
of Buch Importance at the age ol forty- i
five  was   probably   unique.     Hut   lii- |
qualifications fur the ;-ost were also
exceptional.   They  were  referable to ]
his previous experience  oi  the  Itussian  capital  ami of  Paris  ami Teheran, ns we'.l as to his Intimate assn
ciation   with   the    master    diplomat.
King Edward, The sequel to his Am-
I bassadorship was the agreement con-
I cludi-d   three   years   later,   by   which
I (Ireat   Britain  and   Russia   compose I
I ancient    and    <lanRerous    differences, -      ,     R    fl      R,
concerning then* respective spheres m
I Inllnei ce in Asia.
In February, lOOii, Sir Charles suc-
1 oeeded Sir Tliomas (now Iyird) Ban-
d-isrson as Permanent Under-Secretary
of State for Foreign Affairs. In the
same year he accompanied Kin^ Ed��
ward on the vlsitu to Athens nml
Friedrichshof, and was also his Majesty's Minister In attendance in 190"
ut Wilhelmshohe and Ischl; In 1909
nt Copenhagen, Stockholm, Ohrl-j-
tiiin ii, Friedrichshof, and [schl;
v.-hi'e in February, 1000, he was sgsin
tiL..*.*-l upon lo attend llie K.ng ilur-
,n; his visit to the German F.mperor
in Berlin, On his sppoii tment to be
Viceroy ol India, fir Charles, who bus
been the recipient of a great insoy w ��.
titular distinctions, was rained Pi the j
1913,     at     10
King's Hotel Pool Room
llest Pool Tables ln the city. Kino
line of Clears and Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined.
A. G.  BEATON.  Proprietor.
swear It is alleged by
that the accused men
away from the spot on
the pollci;���
were miles
ihat partlcu-
Home. March 23, A fight with fists
between Admiral Posquale Cnttollca,
the Italian Minister of Murine, and Admiral C.oz/.o, recently retired from the
Italian navy, caused a great sensation.
Admiral Qozzo met the Minister of
.Marine on the street, went straight
up tn him und boxed his ears. Admiral Cattoltca replied energetically to
the iiBsiHiit by striking his assailant
The two combatants were separated
by   byBtaliders,   and    Admiral    QoZZO
was arretted by the police.
The reunon for the attack by Admiral (lozzo ls believed to be bin placing on tbe retired Hat of the navy by
tho MinlBter of Marine.
Admiral  Cattollcn, on entering   the
Chamber of Deputies to participate In
When  Women  Rule.
The   l.ndy  Judge���I'm  getting  lired
of these requests for   postponement
What's your latest excuse?
The Lady Lawyer--Why. your lion
or, WC only nsk you to give us another
week. The (act ii my client's dressmaker is ill and can't get her going
to court gown finished until that dat*
The Lady Judge���(jranled. Next
II There Be Eels In the Mud.
No matter how deep and muddy n
hole be, if it be known that eels are
to be caught there, the people will get
into tho tnuil ami search lor them
So, no matter where you wero burn
or how lowly your station in life nmy
be, if you an- men oi character, schol
ursliip awl ability, you will be sought
after.���Nlnomiya Son taku.
The Ideal Beauty In Japan.
In the Japanese ideal ol benutv
these are the desired "points." Hei
face and figure, hands and leet and
11<.r nose must be long tuA i,arrow.
In r arms and  limbs aleuder nnd  bui
hips small, Broad hips an- the unpardonable sin. Few Japanese women
ineanuru five feet, so tlle length of the
figure is relative.
Cost  of  an Ostrich.
As much as |6,000 has been [mid in
South Africa for a male ostrich of a
good strain and producing exceptionally line leathers.
litKD L.
Hnglnoer'B Office
Edmonds, B.C.,
Municipal Engineer.
Municipal Hall,
March 4th, 1913.
New Spring and Summer Suitings
uow on display. Sen them. Perfect
lit and workmanship guaranteed. 701
Front Street.
It's the Work. Uoe Your Phone.
628 Clarkson Street. Phone 490.
t. i-i. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19. B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
as Baron Hardinge "I I'i
���. ..nl -.1
Ing lut- j
in  i*i*it
There la only ono caw on rt
the actual assassination ol n
of Ii.dia-the Karl ol Mayo hi
ally  blabbed hv  tx prisoner
dining a visit to a Convict settlement.
The murder had no political motive,
but during recent years, as a icsu'.t ol
the unre.-il which followed the srtl.
tlon nt Bengal, the life of a Viceroy
has lieen aimed at on inure than one
In November, 1909, an outrage occurred which presents a remarkable
parallel to the reoent attempt. Lord
Minto was making a lour ol India,
ami during a procession through Ah-
medabsd two bombs were thrown at
hia carriage. One was cleverly intercepted by the sabre of a sergeant
uf the tnnlskilling llnu.-.-.ns ; the other
hit the umbrella which was being
held over Liuly Minto mid fell harmless to tin- ground.   Tlw culprits were
never discovered, although three men
was sent lo penal servitude foe giving
taKi information to the polico.
Lord Minto's predecessor, Lord Cur-
son, it uppears was alwi once in peril,
Hour men were deputed to kill i,orii
Curzon as he wan |>assiiig in the Delhi
Durbar of ihoi, Imt th,. -courage oi
Uie   conspirators   failed   tut   the   last
OILLEY, Phon* 122. O. E. OILLEY, Phons 291
Phones, Offlc IB ���nS 11.
Gilley Bros. Ltd,
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Dublin's Lord Mayor.
By virtue ol his office the Lord Mayor of Dublin i- ii captain in th,. Brit-
is'   iti tny.
"Next Meeting" Meant Lois of $612,-
500 to  Montresl.
".lust to think" nald Controller i)u-
puls today, "that two simple words
which were uttered in the City Coun-
Will Lease for Three Years
508 Westminster Trust BdR. (897) MONDAY, MARCH 24, 1913..
Folly of  Fishes Revealed  in  Hablte-
Discovcries   Made   By   Camera
Under   Water.
"London, March 23.���1'ish never die,
cr hardly ever, was one of the Inuring thlng:t said by Dr. Francis Ward
in a lecture "With a Camera Under
Water," delivered to a distinguished
audience  recently In the sympathetic
atmosphere of the Flam-angers' Hail.
and he explained how lt ts that so
few flsh die peacefully In their beds,
so to R]iea!t, and why we so seldom
see dead fish floating about. Ah the
roach or dace Blckena it loses Its powers of equilibrium and begins to turn
over in turning It causes a flash of
bright light, aa the light under-sur
Lice turns upwards. A pike, or sonic
Other predatory flsh Ib attracted by
the flash, and the ailing fish disappears to s swifter doom.
Dr. Ward's lecture, which waB much
appreciated, ��as illustrated by Borne
admirable slides and by the cinematograph, am! he showed how, by the
phenomena of reflection and refrac-
tli :i tho flsh below sees but very distorted Images of the fishermen above.
Of a In run. for instance, the fish
���sirs only two legs which look like
Weeds, and at the front where the
legs enter the water they are reflect-
i d   no  that   In   the  photographs taken
under water or a fishing heron the
audience sa*,-, lis feet resting on the
gnr. "I of the pond at the bottom of
tbe picture, and the Inverted image
���of the feel and gravel at the top.
Tti ii igs are all round much more
tl!,f!ciilt for the fis-ii than wi. imagine.
The things tliey Bee frcm their watery
habitat bear no relation to the things
as we Know them above the water-
Una All the rules and laws of optic.
go lo ib li'de the fUli and make hii��
fall an easy prev to the lesser black
back, il gull or tlie salmon fisher casting los fly or whatever the dangi r
may  be.
And il is well known that the fisherman who sits in front of a wall or
hedge cannot be Reeh at all. His re-
flectlon is absorbed In that of the
object. In front of which he is stjitlgn-
��d. and so to the fish danger lurks
iiuite unsuspected,
The lecturer laid stress on his belief tbat it is the flash of light on
bait which attracts fish, whether it
is the flash on a turning salmon fly
���or on a smaller fish falling a prey to
8 larger flsh. or lo a bird, otter or
si ai And the photographs shown
seem to bear this out fully.
The flash nr glitter must be sufficient to excite attention, but not violent enough to caiiBe alarm. A salmon often riscB at the flash of an
art ricial fly in a moment of irritation
���nnd not necessarily becauBe he is
Germany   Enjoya   Joke    at    Britain's
Expenoe���One  Airship  Myth   Has
Been  Elucidated.
and were intercepting the Indiano and
getting   the   fur   trade.
The company has, therefore, decided
to establish a poet right at Hell River
and compete with the fur traders on
their own ground. This is a forward
move on the part of the Hudson Bay
London, March 23.���The discovery
by a gamekeeper in a lonely Yorkshire moor of the remains of a fire
lialoon has ended one of the moBt
acute attacks of "airshlpitls" from
shich Kngland has suffered Blnce. the
jingoes began to discusB the danger
if an airship attack by Germany.
Tor several weeks towns on the east'uu entrance down the cblmney.
loast have been In a fever of excite- his release liy Jufties L. Southampton
ment over the reports of mysterious ! bad his picture painted with his faith-
lights said to have been seen hover-j'"' ���*rll'n(1 at ���'*�� 8lde' '1'1,e l",rtralt- l
I .,. ,. .. ,,      a ��� believe, can today be seen at Wllbeck
ing   over   them.     It   is   now   believed   "�����"���������������>��"��� ' ^
���hat the routed airships have all been " TJJ'other ,ale ,��� of Blr ,IenrT Wy���tt,
heat baloons Bent up by practical jok- who WM committed to the Tower dur-
erB.    The    evening    star,    unusually |ng the reign of Itiibnrd III. and suf-
promlnent for some time past on ac- fered much from waut of clothing and
Stories That Come From tho Historic
Tower of London.
Two stories of iUe Intelligence nud
i\vm|i:iili,v df our feline Irienils were
told me dining one of my numerous
visits to the Tower of Loudon while 1
was living in Kuglaud
Southampton was a prisoner In tlle
Tower with t'le Eurl of Kssi-i during
Kll/.nlietb's reign. In some strange way
or by some unrecognized faculty u favorite cat of his found bis abode and
suddenly up|M>ui'ed to blm. Inning made
For the Children
John   Lamon,  Who   Likes
to F-Jpae as a  Hodcarner.
sount of a notable- lack of fog, also
������hares the blame, and Venus was re'-
ponsible for breaking up a meeting
.f the WeBt Har:lepool Corporation
finance Committee.
The committee was busy with the
annual estimates when a member en-
tered in a suppressed state of excitement, and. whispering to two or three
of hia colleagues, took them outside
Other members followed, The cause
if the exodus declared that the bright
light overhead was an alrsh.p and be
is-.-, rted that he could even see its
lUtlines. /-fur a lengthy and heated
irgument It was decided that the fear-
tome llghtinnnlllil leb etaoin rdiu h
i no. light wss Venus, a star seldom
���ii n in that fog enshrouded town.
in the meantime Germanv is enjoying the joke hugely and Kngland is
rapidly losing Its reputation as the
most   stolid   nation.
food Ile would have perished If a cat
had uot come down Into his room and
warmed him by lying on his breast
and saved him from starvation by
bringing blm an occasional pigeon
Caught on llie leads. Although the
keeper was tinder orders not to Improve his food, be agreed to cook anything which Sir Henry provided, and
(lie pigeons wblcb tbe cut brought
saved his life. He also bad a picture
painted showing the eat offering a pigeon through llie liagLjif bis cell,���Our
Dumb Friends.
, I ael's, Cornhlll, a church that itself
stands upon a Bite worth a large fortune.
The old rectory house, It is believed,
was erected soon after the great fire,
and until about half a century ago it
served its original purpose. Then it
was let out in suities of offices, which,
with their easy staircases, commodious
landings and low-pitched but eminently
comfortable rooms, are In sharp contrast with the modern business suites
of today.
The- great charm of the old rectory
liouse Is Its ijuletude. From the hum
of the traffic in Comhill one passes
under an archway into a little oasiB
where all ls serenely silent. Financiers and solicitors favor this quiet
backwater. From this windowB they
overlook all that Is left of St. Michael's churyard, a pleasant green spot,
with but one tombstone left ln unspeakable lonllneBS.
It Ib understood that modern build-1
ings   will   supplant   the    old    rectory,
house, and that the solitary tombstone  ���
will   remain   to   Indicate  to city   men
that once people not only lived, but
died, under the Bhadow   of handsome i
St. Michael's.
Twelve Thousand Miles From Ceylon
yet every package of "SAL AD A" TEA sold in
Canada has the flavor, strength, and fragrance
of the tea as it leaves the plantation in Ceylon.
This is because
is sealed in lead packages���air-tight and moisture-
proof���thus preserving its delectable deliciousness
Car* With Which England'* Standards
Ar* Preserved.
Every twenty years government officials compare the current weights snd
measures with  tbe standards,  which
{ are sealed up in the staircase of the
house  of commons.    Tbere are only
two standards, tbe pound weight and
the yard measure. The standard pound      , . _ _^_^^-_
ls of platinum, -which despite its weight   P��"'ts.f bingle Fare for Round Trip
i. �����!.��-. *h���n  ��  JU. in���h   .Ia   on  Iridays,  Saturdays  and  Sundays.
Single fare and one-third for round
t ip, on sale March 20 to 24. Good
to  return  up to  March 26.
Week End tiokets on sale to local
B.C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. m.
2 p. m. and 11 it.,
Leavea Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m.
and 11 p. m.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanalmo 3 p. m.
leaves Vancouver for prince Rupert
and Northern Points 10 p. m. Wednesdays.
Leaves Vancouver every Wednesday at
10 p. ni
BALKED   ON   CHILD   OF   13.
King   George.   However,   Made
���onal   Gift  of   $15.
I/onilmi.    March    2:',.   -King   Oeorge
has  just  rectified   what   appeared  to '
the  general   public   to  be  a  piece  of
Injustice   under   the   new   insurance
Mrs. Breen, the wife of a Kilkenny
laborer, gave birth to her eigtbteenth
] child.     She   was   Insured   under  the '���
National Insurance Act and the stamp
were all  In  order,  but  the insurance
[ ''niiinilssioners   refused  to   grant   her ���
] lhe uBual  maternity benflt of 30s. on \
i the  ground   that   her    husband    w'as
I more than 65 years of age.
The  King  doubled  the benefit and
lonated a personal gift of ��3, or 115.
Human   Fly,  Shot From  Canon,   Gets
Sever* Shaking and Lose* Some
Restormq Rubber.
People lining articles made of ruhlier
Hint frequently lime tbelr eluslli-ity
through iitldslliin nmy restore the
materia! ttl its urtglnnl condition by a
simple priu-ess. Sink the part In ��
nilitnre of mie pnrt of Bllininllls to
two purls  water     This in snld  tu tie
particularly well adapted to Ibe re
storing uf rubber bands, rings end
small tubing Whieh are ready to lie
come dry and hrlttle.
They Were Common In England When
Real Ones Wero Taxed.
Tbe window ins In England, a very
| old tax commencing In the reign of
William 111., was not discontinued UO-
1 tii   I.unl   Halifax   changed   It  to   tbe
bouse duty in 1861.
lt must have caused a great amount
��� nf consumption, snuemla and other foul
: ti ir maladies, for in 18T>0 tliere were
only un average uf six windows in
English   bouses.    Indeed,   the   Itrillsh
! architects are uot yet free from tbe had
Inttueiiee of tbls tax.
In very ninny old houses In England
: loday ibere may lie seen mock windows
painted ou the walls for symmetry-
hideous things. Not only were glazed
windows taxed, hut any hole In the
wall was Included. Indeed, lu Ihe early
days only very rich people In England
had glass windows, and sn precious
were these that tbey were carried from
one liouse to another wben people
moved Ihelr quarters.
Curious dodges were practiced td escape Ihe tux. BUI h as extending one
wltidow across two houses or making a
very wide division between two pane*
of class. The loss to the uatlon must
have heen ti hundredfold tbe revenues
rollected from this bud tax.���Boston
Last summer tliere was a baby pa-
rade at Jersey City, and among Its
many beautiful and Interesting exhibits was Master John Lanion, wbo
masqueraded as a hodearrier. John
wns one of tbe hits of tbe parade. Indeed,   be created  mure  laughter than
is no larger than a cubic inch, and,
small as lt is, the metal of which lt ls
composed ls worth liO. The standard
yard is a bar of bronze thirty-eight
inches long, on which a yard bas been
marked off ln thi-fty-slx divisions of an
ini-h. The greatest possible care ls
taken of these two Important articles.
When a comparison ls being mnde
\ tbey are handled wltb lougs. The
i pound weight ls weighed in the most
i delicate of chemical balances, and tbe
! ynrd is measured with a micrometer.
When they nre done with tbe ponnd lt
New Westminstei
Or H.  W.   Brodle, G.P.A , Vancouver
Chilliwack Service
m.   Monday,
m.   Tuesday.
Leaves  Westminster  8
Wednesday and  Friday.
Leaves Chllllwack   7   i
Thursday and Saturday.   1 ^^^
ED. GOULET, Agent, New Weatmlnater.
ll. W. BRODIE, O. P. A.. Vancouver.
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
Formerly at 610 Columbia St., now at
607 Front St.    Phone R 1031.
New   Westminster,   B.C.
Real  Estate and Business Chances.
Acreage  and  Choice  Fruit  Lands  a Ious Stimulating Tonics.
Specialty. |        DAVID LOYLE, 35 Eighth St
Specialty-���Treatment  of  the  scalp
by  Vibro-MaBsage and Glover's Fam-
iiiiytbing else in line.    Since then John , ^_^^ , .
and his hod have been In demand for| ^ w���Ppe* 1��^?,^' "HI?**?���*
numerous    entertainments    In    wblcb j
.'utt Like an Immigrant.
"Charley Is so poetical!    When I ac
cepted blm he said be felt like uu tm- |    , ,,, ct ���, ,he iapremBC, of nm
migrant entering a new world."
"Well, be was nn Immigrant"
"What do yuu menu':'
children took pnrt. So recently as I
Christmas John appeared at a costume
show given by a settlement liouse hi
New York, nail needless to sny he wns
hailed with delight by nil beholders,
.lohn is a good nntured lad and Ib
pleased whenever be can contribute to
tbe happiness of others. Doubtless he
aud his hod will tie seen many times
tbis winter In his comical makeup.
Autograph* of Noted Men,
When   President   Taft  on   Dec.   17,
1912. affixed his signature as the nine
hundred  nnd  ninety-fourth  signer  uf
the autograph collection of Ixmls Barth
nf Budapest, Hungary, he added the
ii:tin*- of another leader to a collection
which has cost Indirectly $70,000.   Mr.
Burtli Journeyed from Europe to secure
tbe    autographs    of    President    Taft.
Thomaa A. Edison and other celebrated Americans     Andrew Carnegie was
the latest to add bla name to the collection.
The   signatures   nnd   sentiments   In
Mr. Itnrth's collection are In forty-four
languages   nnd   include   nearly   every
ruling sovereign of Europe nnd sums
nf Africa and Asia.    He has the autographs of dominant sta'esiuen. lending
writers,  urtlsta, scientists, actora and
Theodore Roosevelt signed the albcm
blgulty-biit "set" One always thought   |��� Herlin In 1!)10. snd .1   Plerpont Mor-
that   "post" was the wordthnt meant   snn  ���|t)Xe,|  h|H Hlgniitiire In  Parts  In
laid Id a silver gilt case, which Is placed ln a bronze case, this being put in a
wooden box, afterward screwed down
aud sealed. The yard measure is placed on eight rollers in a mahogany case,
wblch ls carefully sealed. Both cases
sre tben put into a leaden casket, wblch
is scaled by soldering. Tbe packing Is
not yet finished, however, for the lead
case ls placed in a strong oak box.
When this Is screwed down lt ls placed
ln the hole ln tbe wall. The wall Is
built ap by a mason, and tbe standards
can only be obtained by demolishing it
once more���London Globe.
Every Woman
Is lnter-raled ud eho-olil know i
*, about UMiraadirtMI
Marvel "Si"'** *���>
"���ww  Douche
The Ward "Set."
What ls tbe favorite word o' th*
English language? The Hermans tuir*
their "selling" and "xug." wblch rover
many meanings. Hut we bent them in
the une  word ���not  "post" ���which  yuu
Aak jour -JmEirtrt tor1
tt.  IX ht -Mr-mot Bllppt-J
dm   MARV1 U -accept ao
other, bat Bend stump for Mas-
irated buok��� aaaloii.   It piTea ftill"
particular* an.l riirccttnii* lnr-ihiaMe
to laJim.�� ISIWIIISI I'l'l .1* <-<>.. tVlndaor. Ob*
Gt?Der��l Aftuiu for <
Comer of McKenzie and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house.  Will give two years' lease.  Apply
to Manager The New Westminster News.
Now York. March tt, A steel rock-
��t containing Itoman Law, the human
fly. in which he Intends to be shot
three hundred feet Into the air, descending by a parachute, exploded this
afternoon when five hundred pounds
of powder behind It was fired. Law
���was hurled twenty-five feet through
the air but was unhurt. He was protected by a helmet and padding.
He crawled Into the rocket with
his parachute, and gave the order to
fire, the fuso lighted and spluttered
for thirty seconds. There was a buret;
of flame, a cloud of smoke and a terrific report. Hundreds of spectators,
training their eyes for a Bight of the
great rocket hurling through the air
mw It leap forward a few feet and
hurst  Into fragments.
Law wns hurled violently up and to
the ground. Ills hair Slid eye brows
ware burned off. Err perhaps ten
seconds he waa unconscious. Then he
got up and looked around.    "Parti tbat
thing," he exoalltned,  "i  thought   i
was i".ing np."
I'nnic spread among Ihe crowd Im-
medlatoly after the explosion and several Women became hysterical. When
those who were managing the ex phi
eive reviewed the scene th<-> yore sur
prised to find Law struggling on the
ground In the midst of the burning
fragment work of the scaffolding
which had supported the. rocket.
111b inlraculouB escape waB explained by the facl that on the head of the
rocket on which ho stood, shoulder
high In n hollow oxtenalon was made
of an extra thickness of steel, Tho
rest of the rocket Blx feet In length
snd two and a half feet ln diameter
was blown to alums.
Law walked unasslBtrd to a nearby
house to bave his burns dressed. He
declared he would make a second nt-
'tempt ns soon as another rocket could
be constructed, by the moving picture
Interests which employed him.
"Wasn't   he
Just   lsndedr-Atlnnts
all things and nothing. The punster
should watch thc word "set," which
has achieved nearly seventy columns In
the new English dictionary. It Is S
small word, but Its meanings sre al-
mii-Nt   unlimited.     Yon   should  set  te
1011.    The collection   was started Dy
Sir. Bsrth eight years ago.
iA#u  Urn ti        *t ^^^^^"-^^m *��� Don Quipo**.
 ��� ,h,, ,h"   . ..T;     Kma"  WOn1,  ,mt "" ���meHn,n��" are "'���      Drive s stick llnuly Into th* ground.
But nnw that tbose sisters sre msr- , moBt  unlimited.     Yon   should  set  to   .,,���_. ,, ...���,, ������,,,,. (wo fJ[ hiEh
rled. a seel., gulf separate, tbem hope- | work on tbc word. whlch yo��� ������ ,v(lry   f����\ iow.r U oZ:M,, ��nj   oTot
day In a hundred senses. And It would ,-.���. ,,-������,���, w|tl) eves blindfolded, is
lie a pleasant, popular game to net lllu(.ed ���hmlt ten paoe8 rtlstll���t fr���m
down tbe number of ways lu which tllc pot wlth Mf b���,.k t0Wsni it. ll*
you bave used thnt word during ths ,��� RlTen ��� ���,���, ���r ��� ���t0l|t ,0rk 811n pt
day. "Set to partners" you might call ���lp won, (lf ,.onmull���| ���.r���s 81���| nn.
lt-Ix>ndon Chronicle. J rnnrpH *n the direction thnt he Imagines
 " i the st'lke to he. (hen hnlts nnd strike*
Hard Quaation.. j vbforously at the put In lhe endeavor
"Yea. one of them married s nie-
iliiihtt- aud the other a mecbanlclsn."-
"Po ynu think Osenr proposed lo me
nereiy nn account of my money V
Oh. tell me. does llie setting sun e'r   .��� iiP,.���l- it m tin. Hr-st blow
���Wed. my dear, you know he must I ,���, . sinking pain?  Why I. tlnforu, a   ^ playw I, bar   three trials.
hnve   had   sum.   m��H.-.pUwn.to   ..PimlM bn,.., , Kvnibwwk M Vllnet   J^'XirtT7n tt ��X S��'5
1 | Do stara require n gun lo abootT  What   for each Stroke,    A  special prize may
WhBt   tailor   (^ offered for the oo�� who succeeds nt
the Urst attempt,
i makes   a    bucket   pall?
There l�� nothing sn powerful n* truth j makes the cblmnev��Boot7   Who write*
nnd   often   nothing  so strange    Well  | *h* comet's tall?
London,  March  tt,    Hilled as "Two
ICaptains,  Musical and  Humorous   en
I tertalners,"    Captain    Arthur     Wood,
son  of  Sir   Kvelyn   Wood,   field   marshal <>f the llrltiBh army, and Captain
Henry  Oreen,  D.  8. <).. took  up   the
vanity stage us a profession laat night
'at the Aldershot Hippodrome.
Both men were educated nt. Uoau-
tnonl College Sandhurst, were commissioned In the Scottish Hlfles, and
served In the South African campaign, participating in the relief of
l.ndynniith and the fight on Spion
They assign as a reason for a
change of vocation, "simply to earn a
living." They posaes flno tenor
voices, nnd their "turn" consisted of
songn, mainly on army, military and
political subjects.
And why are dog* so lovahie. however much tbey whine? Pray lell me.
Mr. Bdttor, what makes the dr tree
Why Is s vessel's hind psrt sternf
Wlin sings sn old hen'* Isy? PIMM tell
me, for I'd like to know, who wears
Iho dose of day?���Loudon Answers.
It Is very funny to see how fnr fmm
the objective point the ninyer trill wander uin' bow enrneitlly be will bins*
into empty spnt*.
Whit th* E��c�� SndicaM.
The thin, lingular ear ts ssld to da-
note Inul temper ��nd cruelty.
Kilt-Hi and thin ears Usually dem>W
  del'i-iu*.�� and rellnotneiit.
Th* Or**k Figur*. As   iige   Increases   the  enr   become* ^]
Greek  figures of men s|i|>esr tslter   n)on( Hllgulur nnd marked,
nnd more grsceftil thsn those of mod- ,    pMp|( wtth inimical tsste�� generally
ems.   Modern artist* make the upright   h,v, |urge and prominent ears.
Ilgitrc   seven   and   one half   time*   the      Abnormally large, thick ears ��") "����� ���
length of the head.   Tbe (Ireek* mud*   ���0c|nted with a sensual and coars* n*. j*
It  eight  times,   lengthening th* ahlu. : ture
und the longer sweep from kuee to heel i    (jr(.Bt   philosopher*   snd   st*��e*men
gnve  Ihe  figure  Increased  grace and   hnve l(ee��� noticed to bare large suit
dignity.   The same plan wa* frequent*-*! doping ear*,
ly adopted hy l-ord Leigbton. In wlmse'
uninting* tbe asms effect la obtained.
Berlin Court Oressmsker* Are Work- j
Ing Night* Making Bride's Gowns
Berlin, March 23.   Preparations for
the marriage of the I'rlncoBB Victoria!
Louise, the only dnughter of the Kale-]
er,   and   Prince   Krnest,   son   of   the j
Brantford, March 2H. A resolution
w��h passed by the Six Nations Council at lis meeting nt Ohsweken in appreciation of the sympathy extended'
liy the Duke of Cannaught In connection with the dentil of Paulino .lolm-:
-ston.    The resolution wns:
"Six  Nations Council  House,   Ohs-
wi ken, Ont, March  11, 191.'!.
"The Council decided, after having
rend n telegram of sympathy from bin
Iloyal   Highness   the    I Hike    of    Con-  ('d  out   the  designs    for    the    work
naught   upon   Ihe   riealh    of   Mlns    K I ��hlch has heen begun on tho wedding
His M.thed.
"I slwsys did make n hit with the
women." bragged Henry VIII.
"With your wit, sire?" murmured tha
fiiiseipiliius courtier.
"No." answered the monarch, with a
sly smile, "with an as."��� Bs Iti mor*
Whst kind of s lock is It thst no key
esn be msde to fit?   A lock of b*lr.
What kind of s crown Is It In which
we cannot set gems?
the head.
Tba crowo ot
8h* Wa* Anticipating.
  Wlien b* proposed lo ber she kneck-
of Cumberland, nre In full swing'ed him down."
All Telepkones
Lead to
That's thc number of the phone in the business office of
The court dressmakers are sitting
up nlghtl designing and making gown
I for the bride.    The Bmpress and the
Princess selected the goods und pick-j
"tlrai'lnual   What did be any to that?"
"He yelled 'IIol.I on, hold onl    We
ilu't married yet!'"-nooston Post
Word* With th* T*aoh*r.
first   Pupil ��� What  make* you no
words with
Th* Judg*.
I think he'ii luds* or aU tt* r**t
Our frli-nd the lolemn frog;
Ilea I'ldna of all tli* w*ter thlnn.
The aklnimln* bugs with dripping wlnf*.
Th* tiirllo on Ihe lo*.
He alta upon * lllypnd.
And If h* *���'* that on* la h*i
Willi atariiiiraa he wlll ����y:
"lln hide amnim Ihe dnrkeat weed*.
Down deep anion* lh* dunseon reed*,
And ther* repnnt ynur wicked daed*.
Away, young thtif*. ��w*yl"
���Youtti'a Companion.
Another Historic House to Give Wsy
to Modern Building.
London, March 98. Another bit Of
old London Is, It Is reported, marked
fur early rebuilding. This Is the old
reclory limine at tho back of St. Midi-
When you need help in your home, want to find anything lost, have a house or lot for sale or to rent, call 999
and have a little quick-action classified ad. inserted in The
News. Saves you worry and bother; does the work, and
costs little. i
We know that News classified ads. do the work, because dozens of satisfied users tell us so���but you can find
out for yourself by testing their power. (i^P^--
i*a 1
MONDAY, MARCH 24, 1813.
And it is in awfully good
working order.
We have a few cans cf Kootenay and Stephen's Jam ln five
pound palls which we are going
io clean up. The Jam is very-
good quality and strictly pure
and worth 9&c per pail, but we
will clean up at, per pail . .60c.
Banana and Lemon Butter���
Something we have been selling
an awful lot of and, which is
proving  very   popular,  jar  35c
Try 3 lbs. of Westham Creamery Butter for $1.00
People who have tried Champion Catsup have come back for
more, per bottle  25c
Cowan's Cooking Chocolate, unexcelled   for cakes   and   other
cooking, per lb 45c
Jersey Cream Cocoanut, the
large package of shreaded
coacoanut, per package 10c
New HeadcheeBe, Ayrshire
llacon. Sausage, Pork Pies,
Sausage Rolls in the Delicatessen Department.
Three dozen Davles' Eggs $1.00
Maple Creamery Butter, "the
purest of the pure," 3 lbs. $1.10
Public Supply Stores
L. I,
lt requires great care to prevent your estate being wasted
when you are gone.
RelatlveB generally are not the
best executors. Frequently
the appointment of such, results In the breaking of friendship sometimes by Court
Friends are seldom experienced In the conservation of
moneys, though they may be
successful In building up fortunes. Moreover, your friends
havo their own interests, their
own families to arrange for, and
are quite unable to give to your
estate the care und time that you
would wish.
It was the knowledge of these
facta built on so large a percentage of unfortunate results
that brought the trust company Into being.
The Dominion Trust Company is organised to handle estates, lt is equipped for that
purpose just as a doctor Is
equipped by training and knowledge for the cure of disease.
There Is no more valid reason
for your depositing your money
wllh a doctor than there Is to
appoint a relative or friend as
Kstutcs bandied by tbe Dominion Trust Company receive the
best judgment of nur Directors
mi* Officers, it is tlieir imsi
ness. Can you Imagine any
other hands so safe tillable and
fail at any time, preferably
today, umi wii wiii ba glad  to
discuss your affairs with ynu.
and you may be sure all such
matters are considered absolutely confidential,
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
formerly under Mr. Purvis in New
Westminster, ls the superintendent of
the new line.
Mrs. Godfrey, of Edmonds, haB
moved to 118 Iteglna street.
The branch of the Bank of Montreal at Sapperton will be closed for
buslneBB on and after March 29. (845)
See ad. of Frank Major Music and
Piano House on page four, (918)
The government offices and banking houses will be closed today, the
occasion being Easter Monday.
Don't forget "Mrs. Briggs of the
Poultry Yard" tonight at 8 p.m., Burnaby Public hall, near Muncipal hall,
Edmonds, three acts, all talented artists. (913)
The Fraser Valley Motor Company,
Limited, of this city has been incorporated with a capital of $25,000.
A chance for the workingman, three
roomed house on one-quarter acre, all
cleared, for $100 cash and $20 monthly.   Patterson & Fisher, Edmonds.
The firm of Chee Kong Tong Co.,
Ltd., Is mentioned as being incorporated with $25,000 capital. The head
office is in this city.
We Bell, rent and exchange sewing
machines. All our machines warranted. C. N. Edmondsoa & Co., corner
Sixth avenue and Twelfth street. (752)
A very light docket, unless several
cases are brought to light today, will
be disposed of by Magistrate Edmonds
when he holds court on Tuesday
Sewing machine for sale; drop head
only used one month; warranted for
10 years; a snap for $27.50. Enquire
at suite 6, first floor, Manderville
block, corner Sixth avenue and
Twelfth street (909)
The People's Mercantile Company,
Limited ls the name of a new company
recently Incorporated with a capital
of $50,000, and having its head office
in New Westminster.
3end your spar* table, chair, refrigerator, sewlag maehlns or anything else you wish to dispose of to
Benzle'a Auction Mart, 638 Clarkson
street.    Pr*mpt returas. (786)
The B. C. E. R. have called for
tenders for the erection of a large
club house to be built at the corner
of main and Prior streets, Vancouver,
which will be used by the employees
of the company.
It surely will never do for out of
town people to run off with the prizes
awarded ut the ice carnival at the
\ rink   this   evening,    Special   car  Ber-
���e   will   lake   you   to   the   Queens |
\ park nates. The admission Is 40 cents.
���iliatitiK      lasting    from    8:30    to    11
o'clock. (916)
Monty to loan from $50 to $5000 at
12 per cent.    No delay. Loans granted
in rotation.    Strictest privacy. Repay-
I ment arranged to suit your own con-
I venlence.     James   Ward,   P.   O.   Box
036, Vancouver. (847)
. Everything is now In readiness for
the opening of the grand Klnness In
aid of Ihe Royal Columbian hospital
by Mayor Cray tomorrow evening at
S.lii o'clock. The Klnness will extend over three days, March 25. 26
-vmi 27. The admission fee for udtills
will be 50 cents and for children 25
Special prizes wlll be awarded nt
the log carnival this evening to the
best dressed ludy and gentleman and
ilso lu tho most comical dressed In-
dividual on the ice. You may win
one of these prizes and at the same
time loud up with enough fun as will
last vou until the rink opens again
next fall. t��16)
To Contractors and Builders. We
im now prepared to furnish you with
land, gravel, crushed rock, ' cement
���mil lime. Office phone Slid. Wharf
phone 8S0.    B. C. Transport Co., Ltd.
ruder the ansple.es of lhe Woman's
Auxiliary of the Iloyal Columbian
hospital, Mrs. Szlvar, of Knn Francis.
���ii. Is putting on the Klnness at Su
Patrick's hall. Murch 25, 26 and 27.
\  mosl  attractive  program  has been
irranged.   Boi f the most striking
features are singing and dancing numbers Over ion local young people
arc taking purl in the program.
Everybody's going   to  the  Queoris
park arena this evening lo Join In
the llrst lee carnival ever held in the
Royal City. You will enjoy the fun
all. the better If you dress up for the
occasion, Oat Into a CDStUme whether
Staid or comic, und try and pass olT
as the "MyatsrlOUl  I Mr. or Mrs.)  X."
HOLLAND���The remains of the
late Mr. Cornelius Holland were interred In the Roman Catholic cemetery on Saturday morning. The funeral took place from the home of Mr.
E. Goulet to St. Peter's church, Rev.
Father I.arden officiating. The pallbearers were Messrs. C. Chardon,
Joseph Dorgan, J. Alnsworth, Leo
(iregory, Joseph Hulme and F. Bilo-
Linemen Commence
Work This Morning
(Continued fram page one)
LOCKIE-I1ROWN���The funeral services over lhe remains of the late Mr.
l.ockie-Ilrown, J.P., were held at the
family home, "Spindlestone," Yule
road, Surrey, on Friday afternoon.
Rev. Mr. Gilbert officiating. Following
the service thc remains were removed
to Vancouver for cremation. The pallbearers were Messrs. Elijah und Edward Martin, II. Bose. C. C. Cameron,
Joseph Drinkwater and A. J. Steveston.       -   ���
Burnaby Branch.
The Scarlet Pimpernels, under the
direction of Mr. ,1. S. Everett, Vancouver, will give a High Class*Entertainment In the Agricultural Hall, at
Central Park on Thursday evening,
March 27th, 1913, at 8.15 sharp. Fancy dancing by Miss Violet Vtokers and
Suzanne Slckelmore. (914)
��� COQUITLAM   NOTES. ��� |
A number of Burqultlam young people organized themselves into a picnic
party and embarked at Port Moody on
board the Echo for Lake Uuntzen last
An exceedingly pleasant voyage and
luncheon at the power house formed
the program. There took part In the
outing the following: Misses K. and
E. Armstrong. M. and A. Martin, L.
Stlckney, B. Fletcher and Rowell.
Messrs. G. E. McKee, M. Baker, O.
and S. Martin, T. Rowell, II. Spack-
man and J. Cobban.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dick and Mls3
L. Ijiwson are on a visit to Mr. and
Mrs. H. McKee, l.iBbon house, North
be taken back to work this morning.
A representative of the union from
Vancouver paid a visit to this city on
Saturday afternoon Informing the
local office of the company that a
settlement had been reached and
offering assistance in the way of
securing linemen should they be I
He was Informed, however, thnt j
conditions were such that the com-1
pany could get along without any |
additional help for the week end as
the work of picking up the broken
wires caused by the lire was practlc ,
ally completed.
During the strllce the electrical
workers have maintained an office
opposite the B. C. Telephone building
on Clarkson street where a sharp ���
look-out has been kept on the doing-s
Of the officials of the company. It Is
pleasing to note, however, that not
one single Instance of a disturbance
was recorded which reflects credit on ,
the union   organization.
Practically every phone in the city
Ik now tn working order, although
considerable work exists on the out- j
side lines which will give the men
plenty to do during the next two
A new classification will he drawn
up which will be as follows: Wire
chiefs. linemen. swltchboardmen.
cable-splicers, repairmen, installers,
toll-line testers, rackmen. repeater-
men, powermen, batterymen. test-
boardmen, groundmen and helpers.
The work of Mr. J. D. McNivan. Dominion fair wage officer, is said to
have had considerable weight in the
negotiations which brought the employees and the officials of the company to an understanding.
Duchess Ha* Narrow Escape.
Rome, March 23.���The Duchess of
Genoa had a narrow escape from being
burned to death today. While annoint-
Ing her arms and neck with a preparation for rheumatism, she approached
too closely to a spirit lamp and the
preparation ignited. The duchess was
saved by her maid who smothered the
Ladies' Handbags
To Clear at
$2.00 ^ch
Values to $8.50
The proceedings
s.ilu o'clock.
commence   at
agent  for Hot
and   wiring  of
81 Sixth street.
���nit Columbia Street
Phone 463
W Day, electrician,
Point IroitB; fixtures
nil klnda. Phone 12011,
opponltn PoBtoffloe.
A verdict of accidental death was returned ut the Inquest on the remains
of Wong Him who wus killed by n
���real Northern truln nl the corner of
Keary nnd Brunette slreelB on Sat-
uhltiy afternoon. The crew of the engine  Which   run  over  Ihe  iinl'iirlutinle
Chinaman were completely exonerated
from blame by the Jury ub II was
shown that they hud done everything
iu their  power to avert the uccldent
Mr. Allan Purvis relurned on Saturday from n visit to Victoria where he
Inspected the new Interurban line of
the 11. ('. Electric running out of Viotorla through the Saanlch peninsula,
Willi  Mr.  Purvis was Mr.  \V.  Power,
the general   freight   and   passenger
agent, und Mr. Gownril, the Victoria
manager. The object In Mr. Purvis
visiting tlH' scene of operations was
(o assist the Island nlTicluls In locating stntlotiB and freight sidings nnd
other minor details only met with on
Interurban iihob. Just us soon as tbe
rolling slock arrives from tin- factory
ut SI. Louis thc first Interurban line
on Vancouver Island will be placed
Into   operation.   Mr.   F.   I).   Plckln,
Edmonds, March 2.1.���Tho regular
meeting of the school board on Saturday was postponed until Wednes-
dav,  March 20.
The choir of the East Burnaby
Methodist church will give a concert
on Monday evening, March 31, at 8
o'clock. An excellent program has
been arranged by Mr. A. Hall, choir
conductor, and the members. The
proceeds will be donated to the
B. C. E. R. Franchise.
i    Seiitliiienl      generally      throughout
Burnaby seems to favor the action of
Ithe joint transportation committee on
| Thursday  In  advising lhe    municipal
council  to  resubmit  the  B. C,  E.   lt.
franchise    to   the    electors,   though j
there ls considerable grumbling,  particularly  in  ward  six.    The action of
the committee receives Ihe strong approval    of    the    residents   of   North
For years the people of the northern
district, especially the western portion which is well settled, have been
agitating for better transportation
and they are convinced that the
Settlement of the franchise (piestlon
will mean the solving to a great extent of  their difficulties.
Though sparsely settled the eastern
and central portions of North llurnuby
are also in acute need of proper car
facilities and the residents of these
localities  believe    that    the   definite
settlement    of    the    municipality's
troubles wllh the 11. C. E. II. wll!
bring their hopes for better transportation nearer to realization,
The attitude of the council tonight
when the resolution of the joint
transportation committee is   brought
In Is awaited with keen interest.
There seems to be little iliiubt that
the advice contained therein will be
accepted as the, reeve uud the majority   of   the   councillors   who     were
present ut Thursday's meeting voted
In favor of ihe action taken.
Kingsway Paving.
Tim Canadian Mlnernl Rubber Com
pany. contractors fur tin- Kingsway
pavl        "re  planning  to  ship one
their largi ssphaltlc concrete mix
plants at pn ml located In V'loto
to Burnaby ut un early date.
The company bus hiiii a consider
able amount of work to perform for
the Capital city, but as tliey have twi
plants in (but city they are arranging
to send the other to this municipality
Take Picture* in Alaska.
Calgary. March 22���Fortified with a
battery of moving picture cameras,
and supplied with provisions to last
at least one year. Arthur J. Ayles-
worth, theatrical mnnager of this city,
accompanied by a skilled hunter, a
magazine writer, three machine operators and a guide, will leave Calgary
within the week for a trip Into the
wilds of Alaska, where the party will
Beek subjects for the "movies."
nt K p.m. in the
Conservative Club Rooms
J. D. Taylor
"Try  New
Life," Just
tho Thing for
That "Spring
Our New Interior
Decorating   Dept.
under the management of Mr. Bennett, is ready to
submit sketches and estimates without any extra
cost to you; just phone 73' and he will be pleased to
Now is a good time to have your Furniture repaired and re-upholstered. Later the rush will be
on and delays must follow:
We do vacuum cleaning.   Carpets
curtains and draperies.
Our New
Hati for
Men are
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
and  others
will take part.
All    an
Revised and complete to date, show
ing  publlc  buildings,  principal  Industries,  railway  tracks and number of
llots.   Kvery street plainly marked.
Kvery business man ueedB one.
Largo  bIzp,  9x3  feet;   alBO  pocket
Fresh Garden Seeds
Toronto parks i ww Uralla Potatoes?
Undoubtedly Beat In the Market.
nowin- 85c. per s*ck 100 lbs.
;lCurtis Drug Store ;u.T.\p,r Ti"^' ""^
W.Hatf Cook
Have you never heard
about the "YALE"
Gasoline Engines?
Let us send you a
circular describing
Mado   in  New   Westminster.
The Schaake Machine Works
Heapi   Engineering   Co..  Ltd.,  New  Westminster.
Toronto, March ii'.i.- - An Important
change was announced yoBterdaj by
Cotrfmander Reel, of the Salvation
Army, by which Ensign Oliver Mar-
doll lenveB Toronto, He will tuke
Charge of the Army's uncial welfare
work��� In Vancouver.
The change removes frnm Toronto's
police court a fnmlllnr figure, Bnslgn
Murdell was the Aanny representative at the C0UH and possessed unusual qualifications for the office
which called for n display of lad and
diplomacy in dealing with prisoners.
It was his duty to visit the prisoner!
In tli" cells before the court opened
and  learn  If  they   needed advice    or
belp,    BSnsIgn   Mardell  wus also  of
great assistance tn the magistrate in
dealing With difficult cases.
and  SEELD'j,
Phone  43;   L.  D.  71;   Res.  ~i
New Westminster, O. C,
,527 Front 8t.
New Weatmlnster.
...  i i��i	
Can get I'lsh for tomorrow. Ued
Spring, While Spring and SteeUiead
Salmon, Fresh Halibut and Cod nt
Phone  98.
Flsh and  Produce.
447  Columbia   St.
��fl   Lornn   Strftet.   New   Weitmlnrtar.
British    Columbia   Electric
Railway Company
Bpeolal   rnliiciil  rules of a fure und  one third  are offered   from
New Westminster to nil points on the Fraser Valley brunch.
Don't in I hu this opportunity of spending u day at the trout
streams. Tickets on lale March lil, T', 88, 'It. Qood for return passage until March until
Tralni  leave  depot.
., 1 ;20 p.m. and 0:10 p.m
corner of t'olumbla nud Hth BtreetB at  9:30
Huntingdon  local leaves at 4.110
p in.
B. C. Electric Transportation Dcpt.
Boundary Bay
Maple    llench    Park,    being n  subdivision  uf the    historic    old Whaler
estate at Point Roberts, Wash., Is al
liurt on the market In fiOxloo feel lots
fronting bronil atreets und with per
pottiul bench privileges, This bun
been the enmp ground fnr scores of
local people for yeurs. Thn lots are
selling fast, many people procuring
tbo locations they had occuplod as
tenants for years Prices f880 and up-
wnrds, easy terms. Sole iigniitB,
70S Columbia -Street, City.
Home For Sale
No.   1���Here   Is   a  splendid home for sale Cheap,    In tt goad  locality near queen's Park and new school.
It  hus  Sevan   large  comfortable  room!  with  every  modern  convenience;  full basement; on u large lot, 68x182 feet.
This place Is bclnw value ami   the   terms  ure  iiilch   that  almost
anyone can handle It.
PRICE, $4400, $750  CASH, balance monthly,   lf you want to buy
a home let ub show you tills place.
Agents for Pacific Coast  Steamship Ce.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1801.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile  and I
Marine Insurance.
C, A. BOQERT, Qeneral Manager.
Capital paid up
n.tarva Fund
Total An.ta -
* s,ooo,txio
"In The Old Country"
nnd In the new, Dominion Bank Letleri of Credit and Travellers'
Cheques, sre good as gold and safer to cany.
They msy be cubed ln any Banking Town In the world, and
are aelf-tdeottfytn-g.
Only the owner can cs��h them���slid If lost or stolen, they are
ol no vslue to Under or thief.


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