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The New Westminster News Apr 29, 1913

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 New  Westminster.
What attractions does New Westminster offer industries?   Trackage
and  waterfront sites, railways and
ocean transportation.
NEW   WESTMINSTER,   B.C.,   TUESbAY   MORNING,   APRIL   29,   1913
,      "  ai.
im cohmitico    WMH DRYDOCK mm in mux  BJTFpAYfDC PFTITMN
on reanimoiarge    foRESQUIMAII  iiiBisi(��twi",IUHILno "-ihiub
Details of  Complicated  Case Told  In
Pollce   Court���Accused  Claims
Was Threatened.
Minister of Public Works
Admits Work May Be
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  I Carried Out.
Want Appropriation for Improvements at Sturgeon Bank ^^^^^^^ .--s************************************************^
at Entrance of North Arm of Fraser River and HSESfrMSZ SJJTTIu* ���-.... m R.��n.nfl Done at
Hardit Slugh was Bent up to u high* >
-   "uurt   yesterday   on   a   charge   of
for Construction of Two Dredges-Many Improvements Authorized���Bridge Over Still Creek.
The Information waa laid on lhe In
formation of Partab Singh, wbo also
stands committed for trial on a charge
I of perjury ou the Information of Hard-
lit Slugh.
Tbe admitted perjury statement con-
Ottawa Branch of Royal Mint���
Increase Maintenance.
Ottawa, April 28.���In the house to-
Kdmonds, April 28.���During one of  ot bo
tbo heaviest business sessions expert-' t
ended   this   year   the   Hurnaby   muni-   i
clpal  council  tonight authorized    tho
expenditure of about $25,01)0 on  general   Improvements,  received   a   number of deputations  from  all  parts  of
the  municipality,   seeking  water   service,   Rtrcets  cleared  and  other    Improvements and    finally    passed    tho
four bylaws ratified by tho ratepayers
on Saturday.
The bylaws were: The 13. C. E. II
franchise bylaw; the school bylaw
for the purpose of raising $29,000 for
aehool extension purposes; the road*
bylaw for the purpose of raising $500
x drains on the North road from   Blsta In Fertab Singh swearing in an,     . .....
 ��� 'nation  for discovery,  ln  an  ac-1 day during queBllon time Mr. Sinclair
In Order to Facilitate Sale of Deben
tures Rate May Be Raised to
Five Per Cent.
Resides the four bylaws which will
be submitted to the people In the
near future for ratification, the city
council have decided, to submit several "other bylawB which have already
received the support of the people,
but the bonds of which still renin n
unsold on account of the rate of Ir."
tereBt being too low as to appeal '.o
the  London Investor,
Two Strong Deputations From 1ifth Street and Queen's
Avenue Wait on City Council Seeking Improvements���
Work May Be Carried Out���Great Northern Railway
Anxious to Participate in Harbor Improvements.
Two    separate    deputations
cutt, delegate to the North Arm har
bor oommlttee, lt waB decided to Bend
night telegrams to Mr. 11. 11. Stevens.
MR, and Mr. J. U. Taylor, M.I1., asking them to urge upon the government tbe necessity of making an ap-
proplatlon for the construction of a
jetty at Sturgeon bank at the en-
the rouds trance cf the North Arm of the
KniBer river and to request the build
ihe accused, who threatened him with ��� public   workB,  ln  reply
the same  treatment  that  was  meted | matter was under consideration.
mil   to  Dharm  Singh, a threat  which,     Mr.
neufldelSwMoneofltlUlllgana|th��t   a   large   quantity of small arm
at "the nreaent time snmethine llkol          ~-      ���'      wcr��� I questionable whether it could be dono
%'$,000 iS bonds .hi* ?eman unBOld !heard by  the city council tol ��<��"  thl"  "<��*���    " they went ahead  and
$329,000 In bonds still remain unsold,        ,      ,������ (,r/(mcn tf) proccui .a onc, ,d       t  ���    ,       t��� t (t
although several    offers   have    been wlth lh(>       ���,   of nfln stmt an/]  ,f W0UW put next year', council In an
made by financial houses. | Q���een'B  av,,nup ; awkward position because they would:
These bonds were prepared to draw ,    u  WM  explalnetl  t0 them  b).  th6; haVl, t0 rlnanCe lt oul 0, geIl^-, rev.
4V4 per cent. Interest, but this flgurc WOr that If the majority of the pro- lenua,
has been found to be too low not onl7 perty cwnerB of these thoroughfares Mr. Davidson���Do I understand that
ln this city, but In other cities in tne consented to iiei.ng assessed this year! you will be able to finance it if the-
Canadlan   west  with   the  result   that  for  th(,  work   the  (.01)ncll   might   ar* ! property   owners  pay   tbe  taxes  thia
lemleux  aaked  If  it  waa true' Practlcall>' n0 ,l88U<!' arer belng "J6"8  range,  without   waiting  for  the  sale   year?
Lemleux aBked lt it was^true | ftt M lnteregt leM Hum 5 per cent     |ol  thelr  bonu3|  to  go  ou  with    - -      ���-
Of the bonds    at    present   un.-uld
which anot'ier witness interpreted as  ammunition     manufactured     in    the   $100 000 represents the Royal Coium
.���.[I.i II    BUUVU >..._! -    ...��.,    I..,., v     fnlinrl    . . . ....     ... j nn/1   ���n   .Irani    MV   r:i
000  for general  street Improvements.   Ing of two dredges  for
a severe beating. 1 arBenal   at  Quebec   waa lately   found
Mr. J. J. Cambridge, registrar of the! t0 be  defective.
Bounty  court,  stated  he  remembered |     non.   Sam   Hughes   Bald   that   the
action   mentioned   and   Mr.   Stll-1 mattcr   wah   being   investigated   and
'���int.-. banister, recollected bear|lhal he would nol care l0 make    a
waters of the North Arm
bian hospital, -$11-4,000 on Btreet w ra
by local improvement. $25,000 tor
parks Improvement, $75,000 for -waterworks extension, and $15,000 for a
making  a total   ot
and  the  sidewalks  bylaw  for  $50,000     	
ne*    side-j   councillor coldicutt explained that I D&m~sin'gii said"hi 'oroM-examtned
at    the    last meeting of the    harbor , P(.rtau  s,    ���  ,���  ,������ oxaffilnaUoI1  ,or
of   the  committee all the delegates were ask-   ,llBC0V,,ry.    ���ardit Slugh wag present
.��-   .,,    the  ed to approach their respective coun- , .,ut   he   dld   not   know   wby   he   was
the   railway   ctls or boards of trade lo send an In- . (here
$329 000
It was only a few months ago thai   when the committee meets
the i    The mayor replied that If thev --wild
work. 1 assure their banker they were going to-
The deputation from Queen's .ive ! get the assessment thiB year hu aid
nue, four In number, agreed person* j not think there would be any trouble
ally  and  promised  to  secure,  if pos-' In arranging It.
sible, the consrntB of tho other pro , A question was aBked what the ha-
perty ownerB aud hand them to the timate for paving Queen's avenue
chairman of the finance committee,; was and Mr. Stewardson, assistant en-
I to Alderman Kellington by Thursday glneer, supplied the information that
1 when the committee meets. it was about $53,000.
In the   ' _" ���'  "'.r~'" j ���-. civic  BtorehouBe,
���** *u*. **������, .       ,      , statement uulil he had received a re-
Mr.  David  Whiteside, barrister. f��r ' port
Hon    W    T��y\VhUe'nt" minlBter    oI  ������e Vancouver electorate were" asked I    Mr.  Mahoney,  for  the  Fifth  Btreet      Mr. Diamond said ne ma noi ui.u�� ...
finance   then moved the consideration  1�� ���tl,y the Increase of Interest ou , property ow,.ers gave a similar under-  would  make much difference to the
nnanci, imn nioveo ine cousiaerauon   Dond9  unB0|d   by   one-half   per  cent,  taking .. .��,..��� ���,������. .�����*.,������*
���,        .  of a resolution providing for an    in-   &u tfae bylaw8 paB8ing by    "��    ">��-l
will   star,   construction     at  dividual  telegram to each of the fed-1 -�� "lhe courEe ���, ���,, exaralnaUon ofl"*?8* f ���fJj^ifSiw^rt "��!J   i��rUlea
lies of new tram lines  eral  UBbn pertab alnKhi ho Bollc4,d thal wltneB8  and  not  exceeding  $1 0.000    ol    the
Councillor Macpherson  and    Coun- , wouU Rlance acroe8 at Hardlt 8,h  annual  amount payable  out  of    the
.  *" 1 consolidated   revenue  fund
for the construction of
With   the   final   ratification
B. 0.  K.  II.  franchise bylaw  by
ratepayers   and   counc!
once on two in .
North  llurnaby and will put Into
big    ma-
Harbor Matters.
Mr. Diamond Bald he did not think It
_ 3 to the
��� property owners if they were assessed:
I this year.   He thought the majority of
for    the
mm m Bin
isww&i 2rs.;'r,s "fflssg -y���js
No definite conclusiou was reached   wert wiuini iu w ^    u f^ ^nr^
I but   Mr.   Oilman  would   co
  mmunlcate  this year it would make it far more
iie decision of the company in regard  ^^^J^ to go'ahead
The  ^^^^^
warm   at   one  time
Coldicutt    considered    that    his
li agues.   Messrs.   McDonald   and   Mac-
pherson, showed a lack of confidence
in blm as tbelr representative on the
committee,   h
^^^^^^   Trades Bylaw.
Beveral   Important   changes   were
made to the trades' license bylaw bv
the council. In future hawkers resident in the municipality will be required to pay only to every six
months Instead of $10 as applies to
hawkers   reiddlng  ouudde.     liotia  fide
milk   vendors   residing   and   conduct-   	
ing   business  in  the  municipality   will   of  the  opposition  as  a  slap
be   charged    no     license      whatever  face
though dealers from other municipalities trading  ill  llurnaby   will   be    us*
seasi'd a moderate fee.
tin.- of the most Important changes
to the bjlaw read:
''From any person wbo either on
his own behalf or for others solicits
or tukes orders in the municipality
for the sale or transfer of real estate
situated  within the municipality  win-   his   position  ns  a
ther such sale Is to be completed out spent hourB and even days attending
Bide the municipality or not the aum the committee meetings and this was
of $5 for every six months Provided the manner in which he was apprecl-
that this section shall uot apply lo ated. The matter waB finally drop-
persons  holding a real estate license  ped.
In   respect  Of   a  huBliiosB   situated   lu       A deputation of property owners on I
the municipality." Sixth   street   appeared     before     the
This   bylaw   constitutes  au  lnnova-  council  asking that  Sixth  street    ho-
tlon ln the line of municipal    or civic  tween Edmonds street and the Ilumu-
and   applies   to   practically   by  line of the II. C.  E. H. be opened
llrltiBh  up in order to give access to tho car
eal  line.   As certain parties own property ! tion
outside  which forms part of the route of the      "
Westminster street   its  construction.   It   was    ex
^^^     ed. plained, was not possible at the, pres
ommendatlon of f.  i.. out time.
,.,,.....,.,.-. ���.      It       A   committee   was   appointed,   how ,
to expend $210 in instill   ever,  to Interview  the owners of the 1
le wouU have to appear next day hi   mates.    Ijist year  the
The   $770   waB   made   up   of   tenance was $S)5,0ii0.    lt was believed,
of  ten  .... ,__.
however, lhat an annual vote of $110,
; BOO  will  be  sufficient   for  some  time
to come.
Sir     Wilfrid    Laurier    thought    it
would   be  interesting  if  the  minister
could     give    accurate    details   aa   to
here   tbe gold  and   Bllver  minted   is
Slap in the Face.       M	
discussion    became    slightly j coin       	
ind    Councillor : loans or $450, $200, $70 aud $50.
cot 1    Hardit  Sln-gh  also   impressed   upon1
hhu that he must tell In court what
he. Hardit Singh, wai telling him then
"if  you   don't,  and   Bay   what  I  Bay
described the attitude I to you now you will get the same treat- j
In     tho ; ment that Dharm Singh -got. Vou know I  ���         	
^^^^^^^^^H ', ine," were the words witneBB alleged ' obtained.     Mr.   White   ln   tbe   course
After a vote was taken and It was   Hardit Singh used to him. | tf  his  reply,  said  that  lhe  most  of
decided to send the wirea Councillor Accused added also that he (wit-1 the gold minted into coiu comes from
Macpherson suggtBted that Mr. Coldl-Ims��) would not get the money which the Yukon, but some of it ls procured
cutt withdraw the words he used in Uccused's brother ow*d hlm if he did i in Novt Scolla mid Ontario, ln 1912,
referring   to   himself   uud   Councillor jnot d0 as he was told. he  Baid.  the  amount  of gold  minted
MacDonald. Believed Threats. had  been $1.47ri.OU'J and  for the  first
Councillor Coldicutt steadfastly    re-       [flr    Hansford    Did     you     bellevi   three   months  of   the    preaent    year
fused  to do so. remarking    that    the j Hardit   Singh   would   carry    out    his j $323,000.
best  thing he could do was 10 resign j threat? '"   1;','s  when the  mint  was estab-
delegate.     He  had       Witness    Yes. I was afraid he would   Hshed   silver to tlle value of  $313,000
' because be had done many cases like   had been minted.    In 1912 the figures
that   before. ' llad   risen   to  $1,300,000.     Mr.   White
As a result of the threat he made ' said  it  was true,  as  Sir Wilfrid  had
thc false stall;nent that Dharm Singh 1 stated,   thai   the   great  bulk   of     the
d given hlm $220 in the presence of! Yukon gold had  gone to the    United
every   real
estate   dealer   ln
Columbia dealing    in    Hurnaby
estate if Ills place of office b
the municipality.    New
and Vancouver Is lnclud
On   the   roc       ^^^^^^^^
Macpherson,   municipal   engineer
was decided to exp
I had	
I four men.
Mr.   Hansford-Was   Hardit   Singh
iresent   when   you   made   that   State-
\ ment in court?
Wllnee-r- Ycb ;   Hardit    Singh    told
to watch hlm during the examina*
Why were    you   to
Slates. 1-ast year on representations
: made by. Mr. Thompson, member for
I the   Yukon,   ll   was  decided  to  make
H.  Stevens, M.P.,  Ad
dresses Club in Philadelphia.
to the matters discussed at an early
Mr. Hugh Gunn, 439 Fourth Btreet.
was elected by a majority to the position   of   reservoir   inspector.
Alderman  Kellington    waB    unani
mously appointed acting mayor during
I Mayor Gray's absence next week.
Mr.  J.   P.  Galvin  received  the contract to supply the firemen's uniforms.
Two   Deputations.
Mayor Gray informed the council as
A   general ' soon  as  the  minutes  were  read   that
with the work. According to the financial papers they were going to
have less trouble in selling their boml**'
thLiii they anticipated.
Change Bond Rate.
The mayor said the finance com-
nlttee and solicitor were preparing a
bylaw to put before the ratepayers to
authorize a change in the interest rate
from 4 H to 5 per cent. They expected to have it In proper shape iu two
Philadelphia.   April   2S.-A   -general I soon  as  ine  minutes  were  ������   weeks. -flWmm.
defence of' the attitude of _those who  tto *����������������� to he^te**      ^^Jftfc = raade a verbal re-
opoose alien  ownership  of  land  an<I  g*J**!�� ���������*,"*^����0��   p0'rTon~The  meeting   of  the  harbor
unrestricted  ������� ^^^J^f SET b2? -liSSV S  S-����lttN   with   "V'lSd'ttat ����
made today  by   Mr.  H.  H.  ateyeM, ����� residents of  Fifth 0- N- R- company.    He said that tho-
Canadian partismen* | ^some oftt. "Mg*^�� ^   Aldcrm- ^.'""f^.mam ^-"
e tne  1 oor  'f      "^'u"'        ,     Up0��� the council their desire that the  sistant to
-lar.ng that If tl e East ern Uilt      �� ^^ bp (>xe   N-Crthern;
ates and the eastern half'of Can- ,v according  neer. west
member of tht      ^^^^^^^^^^^
from  British Columbia. In an address
before the I'oor Richard Club,
ed Stat__ 	
ada "could appreciate the real sltua
tion on the Pacific coast, they would
sympathize with the viewpoint of the
people out there towards the Chinese
and Japanese." Mr. Stevens laid down
as a baais for his argument that "immigration is a privilege we grant, not
a  right  for aliens to claim."
council meeting that night and impress  Dodd and himself met
itant to the president of tho l.real
Mr.  Stewart,    chiet    engl-
ern division, and Mr. Billot.
to  the  plans  laid  down. chief traffic official. *^*?*��
Mr.   Diamond   said   the  deputation The  whole question  of Uie rem
from Queen's avenue property owners,  tions of the G. N. H- arm ine      j
understanding  that  the city  had  not  gone Into very thoroughly and tuo ni.
sold its bonds, thought some nrrani-re
meat might be come to whereby the
work  might  be commenced  pending
: the sale of the bonds.
"It   might   seem   a  small   thing   to ,    Thp propert, owners were very an**
���        ��� .        ,      ,,���, ilet  them   own   13,000  acres  of   l��''d , iou3 ,uat tho wcrk be carried through
no charge for tbe assaying or gold ��l , But t)lat ls an opening wedge, a be ae pofislble     yueen's avenue
ling horse troughs on the main thor- property  to see  whe he    they   would
eh      es     TWO  will  be   provided  on deed it to the municipality,
o.gh .ties     iwo w 11        l            ���.,,, Tha   (.o������cil   endorsed   a    petition
ir o   ' R.dvw o�� ^Sperling signed by   resident,   of   ********
Vvenu.   and  one M  Kingsway     The avenue asking  that  the  11.  C.   Iv  H.
troughs   "ill   bs  galvanised   Iron  and
will cost  $30 each to instal
Still  Creek  Bridge.
Tiie engineer wns Instructed lo
call for tenders for the construction
of a bridge over still creek on the
Pole i.ine roati. The estimated cost
is $11,860. it was explained by the
engineer thai lhe present bridge was
In a dllapldatod condition and a danger to public life and property.      B
The  council   authorised   the   laying   b" used tor grading purposes
construct a station at the Junction ol
thai thoroughfare and ths out-ofl
line. The petition will be forwarded
10  the  railway  company.
I in- 11. ('. Oil lt.'lliiitig company
wire granted a contract for the sup
ply ' f crude oil for street sprinkling
Their tender was  $ 1 7T, per barrel.
Tin  engineer was authorised to let
tenders for the supply ot an outfit ol
s i. I  ears, wagon  gear,  rails, etc .  to
Mr.  Hansford
.! watch hlm?
���Witness Do said to me: "When
yon have to answer a question 1 will
give you a sign for yes and a sign for
no. When the lawyer asks vou a ques-
ien and you drm'1 know what to answer, you watch tne."
CrosB-exBtnlned by Mr. J, P, Hampton Role- Why did you never com-
plain of thia matter until you were
proveouted for perjury?
Witness    Ho  made   me   tell   lies  In
Iiie fln-t place and then  when he got
(Continued on Page Four.)
Vancouver. The object was to detain
more gold in Vancouver, thereby increasing the trade between that city
and the Yukon. There had been no
opportunity as yet to Btudy the effect
of this plan.
Subsidiary  Coinage.
McLean,  of  South     York,    re-
(Contlnuud on Page Fight.)
Lumber Yard, Sash and Door Factory '.-
and Building Material Yard Will        *
I **
Be Located.
Kant nurtiaby, April 88.���Another
Industry wlll be started In F.ast llurnaby In the very near future, arrange
ments having been completed for the
erection of a modern lumber yard,
saah and door factory, together with
a well equipped gravel, cement and
building trade materials sales yard.
Mr. Oeorge D. Love will be the
manager of the new plant, having pur-
cht'.BOd the properly located on the cor
ner  of   Sixth   street   and   Fourteenth
The contract between Mr. Love and
the H. C,  B, It. for the building of a|
spur truck from the Sixth  street line
was   signed   yi-uterday,   tho   couipatn
promising to commence operations in
the next few days bo that material for
the building of the plant can 00111
mence wltliln two weeks'  lime.
London. April 88���A bulletin
issued thiB evening by the Burgeons in attendance at the
bedside ol the Duchess of
Connaught, who underwent an
operation for Internal troubles
April 10. slates that intestinal
i bstructions have  recurred.
Another operation will therefore be necessary.
Executive  of  Progressive  Association
Have   Important   Matter  to
���* #
���"* *
An   important   matter,   perhaps  theI
t! most Important yet brought up by tbe
'< ' executive of the Progressive assorts
I I tlon, will come up for discussion at;
1 I tho meeting to be held at 5 o'clock
-. i this evening, wheu it will be doclded
;*. -whether the,publicity work other than
j, I news letter work, wlll be turned over
Ito the city  Publicity bureau and the
"; I Progressive  association   take  up   the
j matter of an Industrial bureau In conjunction with the industrial commit
tees of the city council and the board
I of trade.
Every member of the executive h-
requested 10 be present so thai tin
fullest discussion can be taken on the
subject. The resolution adopted tit
1 meeting of the Joint committee of
the  cily  council,  board  of  trade und
the  Progressive association   m    iti
meeting held last Friday was as follows:
'Moved   by   Alderman   I.ynch,   and
seconded by Alderman Kellington, that,
In  the  opinion of  this  meeting,  tin
Interesting Session   Heldj   at    Clover
dale���Farmers   Give   Evidence.
The agricultural commission held a
session at Cloverdale yesterday when
a number of prominent farmers gave
Mr. F.inest Lame! said that he had
12 years' experience of funning in the
district. He advocated the lending of
money to bona fide tanners at a low
rate of interest upon t|u> model of
'he German agricultural banks.   Had
Iie been able to borrow money on rea
- liable terms he would have cleared
Ills laud and made It productive far
earlier than he had. He submitted
Bome valuable statistics which tin
commission took possession of.
Other witnesses were Mr.  F   Kens
ley. Strawberry lllll; 11. Harper, Bam-1
ford;   and  F. .1   MacKenzie,  M   p.
for Delta.
A visit of inspection was made
the afternoon to the reclamation
works at the mouths of the Nlcomekl
and  Serpentine  rivers.
tar of depot accommodation for th��
future and the subject of the accommodation of the railway company In
connection with the harbor plan
No  conclusion  was  arrived at that
���  -   1 ut   the  railway  officials  Btated
that they would favor them with their
.._._      be   said.     "CaJlfornlans|-g^e7f ^Yr*s"t strecu to'putln final conclusionJJtaJ*'"1^. ^t
think they know only too well how it        application for pavement and there      It might be reported,.*��,i2S��' with
would  end.      I    think    anyone    who  wwe a ,  maIlv Btrpet9 Ul,derway   they were entirely  ttWWWI
studies conditions out there will agree   that cftme in vrrv much ,ater wlth ���  the general harbor scheme.    '���������
with  me that  it  would  be criminally | rpaul,e{ fur pavement girded it as a very  excellent one
derelict for the lawmakers to do any- ,    Thcv thought thev were entitled to  deed and one in whlcn tney    o    ��
thing that  would tend  to upset  pres   gome congj,i,,nulon und might discuss  glad to participate
Bnt stands of civilization. I the  niattir of  some  arrangement  as
"The  problem   of  Asiatic   immigra- ��� ne  n;u]   |n(llcaU,(i.
tion  Bhould   be   handled   In   a   broad:    -r^c, mayor said that so far as tht
way, w-lth the good of the whole coun * counc|i w*as concerned they wished to
try   in  view  and   with  a  due  regard I f|njB|i every one of those streets. The
Vr the facts of the Bituation." _ j board of works was trying to make ar
He added*. "We charge $400 head
tax upon the Chinese and are think
ng it making the law against them
even   more  stringent.
"With your federal government In
the east, tbs power naturally centres
here, and the west suffers. Just as
our west suffers because the Dominion government is in the eaat," con-
clnd.il   Mr.  Stevens.
Matter of Finance.
It resolved itself into a matter of finance. He would like to ask both the
deputations, provided the city did pro
ceed With tbe paving would Ihe properly owners be prepared to pay their
assessment  this year.
That would have a grea! bearing on
the question whether they would be
able  io  continue  the  work,    " "
If they
to  col*
"Lei   us  hope  no hasty action  will   had   to  wait   until  next  year
be  taken   and   that   the   government   |Cet   the  taxes  tor  that  work   it  was
at    Washington    will    look Into    the
situation  carefully  before  trying    tni"**
force the Pacific coast Into line."
 ^^^        He thought they
might be assured that bo far as they
posslbly .could they would conform
their arrangements with the pity's harbor plane.
Appoint Inspector.
The applications for the position
tor and attendant to
         ,     with-
i ut recommendation.
Alderman Dodd wished them referred back to the committee for report.
Alderman Ilryson said the names
were on the table and the council
should Eettle it at once. The solicitor had told hlin (hat waa the legal
way as the appointment came under
the head  of officer.
The Mayor���The council can Rive
the committee power to act. '   ���
(Continued ou Page Four.)
New  Wharf for  Willow  Point.
Ottawa,   April  28.    A   contract  haa
teen awarded to Mr. >vm>}**\K!!^\*^^���JvZ out
Waldon   Ferrjuson   Found   Dead
Shotgun Wounds.
Word was received In this city yes
terday   of  Hie   death   of   Mr.   Waldon
Ferguson at mi. Lehman, which oc*
curred  on  Saturday  morning.
Decrtised took  pnrt 111 a concert of
True nines on Friday evening and
early Saturday morning left for the
hall with the intention of cleaning
the   place.
be met^^	
he-was going to cook tho dinner. [ ov,,r al) pUMirtty except the news let
When the brother returned later he|,,,r W0I.Uf t0,ttu, clty i��,lb|lclty bureau
discovered deceased lying dead on am| that the Progressive association
the floor with his Jaw blown off. Iw|th the SBBlstance of th* industrial
A single barrelled Bhotgitn was ly-1 committee of the city council and the
'ng by hiB able and lt Is thought that [board of trade undertake the work of
On  returning from there! progroggiVe  association   should  care
s  brother  telling  hlin  'hat|fuily QQnslder the proposal of turning i
Winnipeg.   April   28.   The   town
$15,000 for One vote. I Gretna on the southern boundary line;
Charleston. W. Va., April 29.- -The -, ���, Manitoba, was reported to bo
first ot the trials growing out of the burning tonight. According to a recharge  that   seven  members  of    the I port received here, the hotel, several!
WoBt   Virginia   legislature   accepted I dwelling houses, an elevat-rr and other j
bribeB    during    the    campaign    for  buildings  were  destroyed.
United   States    senator,    commenced ! 	
hero today when    the    case    against j Prosperous Farmer Dies
Delegate  S.   0.  G.   Rhodes  of  Mlnge ]   'Toronto, Opril
county  was called In    the
county court
^^^^^^^^^^^^^      28.���William Kirby. a
Kanawha ': prosperous Vaughan township farmer.
"liis counsel entered a   father of Mrs. T. Jackson, of Vancou-
pica In abatement on the ground that
the  grand  jury   which  returned    tlu
, ndictment  waa    Imperfectly    drawn.
I Rhodes was accused of accepting
(15,000 for his vote.
ver, Is dead, in his 83rd year.
C.-.nadian Minister of Trade and Commerce Discusses Reciprocity With
shooting  an Industrial bureau employing an In-
of Kaslo  for a now wharf at Willow | skunks wblch had been bothering the | dustrlal commissioner to work under
Point. B.C., to coat J7000. I chickens.
Who will undergo another operation
as a result of internal trouhloe.
Gas Explosion  Injures  Many.
Kansas City, Aprll    28.���Two   per-1 -
���ions were Injured seriously and    bov- j -ft
eral  others   allghtly  hurt   In   an     ex
plosion here this afternoon which re-
lulted  when  an   inspector  sought    a!  ;
Has leak In the basement of a miiBic , ������'���
store carrying a lighted match In his ; '
hand.    Several  pianos    wero    blown #
through the store front into the street |��
and demolished. !��:
Secretary to Commission. #
Ottawa. April 28.���Mr. J. R O, II. i
Bergeron. ex-M.  P. of Montreal, has
been appointed Bolicitor and secretary
to the Indian affairs commission   recently  appointed  for  British  Colum-1 #
Montreal, April
earthquake   was
here shortly after
this   evening,   but
18.���A slight
7;30 o'clock
no   damage
Is reported from any section,
though the inmates Of a hospital In the west end of the
cily where the movement was
moBt pronounced, were considerably alarmed.
At Ottawa.
Ottawa, April 28.���An earthquake shock was felt in Ottawa in the west section.
Houses were badly shaken, but
no reports fatalities yet.
���* '����� % * ����� * ii 3 >'!; -ir ���<������ *H * ti- t* tt
Melbourne, Australia, April 28.- Interviewed upon his arrival here today.
��� Hon. George E. Foster, Canadian min-
! ister of trade and commerce, ��ald that
he hoped that before leaving the Commonwealth  h��  would   be  able  to  arrange a satisfactory basis of recipro-
[ -ity  in  trade between    Canada    anil
;    Canada, he eald. was anxious and
vllllng   for   reciprocity,   while   appur-
,  ntly   Australia   felt  tho  same   way.
1 Why then not arrange for trade be-
I'ween the two sister dominions. Con-
: j inning   the  visiting  minister,  while
igrei ing    tbat    there  was  a   Blight
J I trade going on between the two countries, said that reciprocity would certainly  give a strong impetus to the
business      Reciprocity,   he   believed.
was a good thing and would prove art*-
vuntageons  to  both  countries   whicH
advantage could not be obtained otherwise. fAGK  TWO
TUESDAY,  APRIL  29.   1913.
a ir ..i.iiii'.ii inorninp paper devoted lo Ihi  lnter-i��l�� o| New it. i inltisfer o.ol
the l-io^cr i"o, ',*���. i'"'::.io<l ii-'t-'i no "ini' i ��� ,'��� in Suitdaji ii.i tht \oiiootl Prtittino
.i.e. riii.iishi'iii Company, Limited, al 03 JfoKenrte Streel, .v,-,o U'euimiKsfer, British
Columbia. i::iin, SI TttBRltAflD,  itanaglng Director
i I romm-u-nfo-ot-ions should be adttrt ������ ,1 lo Hie Sin; IVeotmluster Newt, and nol
to md i iiliml ..oi,,'"'-.-. oi tin itc.fl. Cheques. Aral tt and mom I ** -���- khoultf lie """>���
mnunOli   e   fin   NaUonal Printing antl PMbHuhlnu Camf.iuw. ' -
ii-: i I'liuSi ii -Husiness Offlos and Manager, 89U, Kdltanal Isooms (all depart
mi*.I.-i   '.l"l
WRHCRlPTlOlv RATES���im carrier, tl per i/car, Ji (or (hree months, ttu- per
mon Hi   Bu "not. .*.i !"'>��� wear, J6c pel   month.
ll'l*KK/IM.Vi;  BITES  .ui oppln-ii.'li.ii.
Matters of very great importance to the city were
discussed at the recent meeting of the Hoard of Trade, and,
in view of the important relation that the Fraser bears to
ourselves and to the district, the board may be assured
that they have the backing of the public at large in their
expressed endeavor to right those grievances that were
brought before them.
Ill news appears to travel faster concerning any place
than does any information relating to its advantage, and
therefore the sooner the light at the mouth of the river is
made sufficiently powerful and moored safely the better
it will be for us. We trust also ihat there will be no difficulty encountered in the fulfilment of the desire that the
big dredge Mastodon be allowed to do some necessary
work upon our ship channel.
But, apart from matters affecting the river itself, a
point which was very tangibly in evidence is that New-
Westminster cannot afford to sit still while she is being
robbed of those public offices which have, up till the present time, been established here. That any administrative
offices should have been allowed to take a sudden departure from our midst does not reflect to the credit of a progressive community, and our public bodies, it is to be hoped
will in the future keep careful watch for any attempt at
Railway development, and especially interurban railway development, should be accelerated by the establishment of the C. N. R. ferry service at Woodward's slough,
and by the growing importance of the new municipalities
that have of late been established in our vicinity, while the
passing of the B. C. E. R. franchise bylaw in 'Burnaby is
calculated to aid materially in this desirable direction.
We note that a banquet to the four new municipal organizations, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Coquitlam and
Fraser Miills is to be held on May 9 and we welcome this
move on the part of the city which after all is the mother
city of the mainland.
BUltors those fetes havo boon highly
. iccessful, and few have gone a\va>
without  hearing the fatal "yes."
Would-be Benedicts of bashful tem
pcrament lacking the oourage to "po;
the question," have, however, gont
away wifeless, victims of their own
'*   *   III fif il    -i tubal.*.: foment,      ttl   tllit,
circumstance, tht peopl ( f Ronqule
rt *, Jealous of their neighbors of Bo-
a nee saw their opportunity. Tliey
, .*������ I..':.i *l u rival fel i, held on tin
came date, und invited the -maidens
* [ Bcausslne8 and all tli" surrounding
I wns to come to Roncruleres and
there, Instead of waiting tor propos-
: le, to l�� ci mo the pursuers and "pop
thp question" to any man that s'ruck
their fancy.
Th'    lirat   trial  of  till'   scheme   was
a great success, and Ecausslnes was
almost deserted on Its ancient festival day. Aa a result, at both the rl-
-.:ii fi'tcs tomorrow the damsels will
be permitted to do the wooing.
Farewell to the Oyster.
Tomorrow will ho tho last day of
April and ���since May hasn't, nn "r"
to Its name���the last dny of the oyster Beason. Tito crop of tho Beason
now closing was In most sections, the
best In years, but the demand more
than kept pace with the supply. A
source of worry tc the oyeter connoisseur Ib thc constant dwindling ol tli"
Bupply of what are called "wild oysters"���although It requires a considerable stretch of the imagination to
conceive cf an oyster that ia really
These untamed shellfish which are
in great- demand and for which wealthy epicures pay high prices, have
a flavor far superior to the domesticated and cultivated bivalve. The.
tnng of the sea, unspoiled by any contact with civilization, make them
vastly superior to any bivalve reared
to edible oysterhood In an artificial
bed.    Next to the wild oyster In qual- ���
ily say experts, is the Torbay variety,   -
which is of Nova Scotian origin, and prison surgeon, wcre knocked down
which possesses to a marked degree ami bound before the five men ea-
the  fragrance of the ocean. caped from the Bection containing the
American oyster culturo is constant solitaries'. The Mot-urns donned the
ly being improved, but the methods keepers' uniforms and armed them-
now in use are far inferior to. those selves with their revolvers, and then
of progressive Japan, The Nippon tho men went boldly forth into tic
oyster growors have in the Inland Sea prison yard, where a keeper on guiu-i!
a fine natural oyster bed. Oyster
raising has been reduced to an exact
ritish im&m Securities, Ltd.
Pure*-**- Wholesome���Reliable-
Its fame is world-wide. Its superiority
unquestioned. Its use is a protection
against alum food. In buying baking
powder examine the label carefully
and be sure the powder is made from
cream of tartar. Other kinds do not
make the food healthful.
science. a:id a thousand technical
matters are taken Into consideration
during the process that culminates
when the adult bivalves are fattened
and delicately flavored for the market
was laid low. Still another guard
was beaten down before the convict.
escaped from the prison confinps.
They took possession of a farmer's
wagon, but had only gone a little way
when tho alarm was sounded, and
the pursuit was taken up by mounted
guards. The escaping convicts abon-
donod their vehicle and separated In
various directions, but all were speedily captured.
in attendance at the New York children's court, and Mrs. Vanderbllt
takes her turn us -a watcher, ready '-archipelago
to extend friendship, counsel aud
more material nid to unfortunate girls
caught In the meshes of the lav.-
The Bl| Sinters work quietly, without publicity, and have accomplished
wondt l'-'..
Centenary of Silver  Fcrks.
The   first   mention  of  silver  forks
s articles of commerce  is found in
capacity  of  the  terminals,  and  inak-
,       ~ lag  ready  fnr Immediate exit  when
irom the point of view of material  navigation opened.
Tlle suspension of the coasting regulations to allow American vessels
to carry Canadian grain out of Fort
William or Port Arthur to Canadian
lies from const to coast, whether it ports on the Oral trip out will prob-
be in country or city, are nol at the ably make considerable difference In
present  time  based   on   Ihn  uao  the  the proportion of grain routed In all-
prosperity it is good news that immigration to Canada is In excess even
���of preyloua high  figures.    I^and val-
The   Empire   Day   by   Day.
April 2Sth, ir>53���Act of I'niforralty
April 28th, 1770���Cook landed at
Botany Bay and named the country
New South Wales.
land can be pul to by Its owner, but.
on the prospect of a greater demand
foi the land that will he created by
���denser settlement.
Were Ihe cities and towns of Canada lo stop growing by reason ef a
change In the channels of migration
there would bo a slump in real estate such as would bring on a financial panic. Everything is going forward smoothly, however, at least for
another year, as the opening of tho
spring   inrush   is  largo.
Such a current, fed by tributary
streams, brooks and rivulets of humanity that flow down from the slope
or the mountains in Kurope, along
ita plateaus and over Its plains, gaining fi-vce as they go, Is as generally
���distributed as the watersheds to
Which we liken it. hike the watershed, it gain3 forc-> and volume as
it progresses, and it flows with thnn
Canadian channels, for many American vessel-owners availed themselves
of the opportunity.
Lost year nearly half of the Canadian grain sent out water out of the
Twin Cities was routed by way of
Buffalo and New York. According
to lhe government canal statistics,
the movement of Canadian grain
From  Fort William��� Bushels.
To  Montreal       14.929.0911
To Georgian Hay ports .. 19.501.16S
To Lower Lake ports .... 20.45S.700
To Buffalo    44,228,208
From  Duluth���
To Canadian porta
To  Buffalo  	
The reason   for  such  a  preference
The town of Frank, Northwest. Territory,   was   almost   wiped   out   hy   a
rockslide from Thunder Mountain ten
years ago today.
This   is   the    anniversary    of    the
a London paper issued just a century  death, in 1905, of John Elnisley, chief
ago   today.     Haydn  says  that  silver justice of Canada,
forks had  previously been used "only
by  the  highest classes,"    and    that
they  camp  Into general  use  in  England   shortly  about  1813.
The first mention of forks is probably that in I. Samuel, ii. 1.1. in which
a "flesh-hook of three teeth" Ib men-1
Honed. Voltaire says that forkfl were
ln use on the continent In the thirteenth century. MoryBon, an English
traveller of Elizabethan days, writes
in his "Itinerary" at Venice each person was served I besides, his knife and
spoon) with a fork to hold the meat
while he cuts it. for there they deem
It ill manners that one should touch
it with his hand." At that time, however, the fork was not used lo carry-
food to the mouth, the knife and
spoon serving that purpose.
Thomas  Coryate,  after  a   visit    to
Italy,   wrote  in  160S, "I   myself have
thought It good to Imitate the Italian ,
fashion  of using forks since I came'
homo to England."
Sheffield began the manufacture of
two-pronged forks about the middle,
of the seventeenth century.
Let Children  Sing.
There can be little dOUbl that there
is an indefinable something lacking
In all people who have had to live
their livi s without finding any pleasure or meaning in music.
It shows itself in a hundred little
ways, this lack, for music affects the
whole personality, iiie body no less
than the mind, tn a w( rd, the person
dead  to  music must  lack  a sense  of
rhythm.     (Incidentally    this    means a sulu throne was no place for him
in hardly fail to be
flrsl 2itil miles |of t'.. journey home
keep the Mediterranean coast. After
flying another 15t miles they cross
the Alps���by no means an easy task
there ia good "flying" country over
France, and tho birdB will be able to
lind food to suBtain them for the rest
of the journey, which lies through
I'nrlB and acroBS tho English channel.
The agp of the racing birds Ib from
four to seven years.
Captain Who Objected to Marrying
Dusky   Princess.
London, April 28.���Tho funeral of
Captain Philip Henry NIcIioIIb, a Dev-
|onshlre man, who had a remarkable
life of adventure on the high seas, has
taken place at the Southern cemetery,
Manchester. He was a splendid type
of the bluff, brave seaman that Devon
stni breeds.
ills strangest experiences occurred
in the Sulu Islands, in the eastern
where the native rulers
welcomed him, and bestowed heathen
honor on him. The title of llut to, the
highest In th" Debrett islands, was
''.-inferred upon him, and the local sultan - high highness llaji Mochammed
' hmnfai Kit-am gave blm a dla-
mond-6tudded  sword.
"You can have an it-Kind to rule
over, noble sea captain," said tho sul-
tan through on Interpreti r.
Captain Nioholls accepted the regal
gift quite light-heartedly, bul h<* soon
round oul that the monarch's generosity carried with It a proviso, unexpected, but quite imperative. It was
that he ihould marry one of the sultan's daughters,
Mr. Nlcholla already had one wife
at home In England, There was no
way out, so ho hurriedly gave his
kingdom and all his royal prerogatives, matrimonial and ceremonial,
back to th" sultan, and decided that
H.it", Deeds, Business betters, etc.; circular work specialist All work strictly
confidential ll. Hurry, room nit Westminster Trust itik.   Phone 70U.
MR !���'. T. 0. WICKBTT, A. 11. C. O.,
U I., i'. M.. Supervisor of Muslo New
Westminster schools. Organist sixth
Avenue MethmitKt Church, Vancouver}
receives pupils fur the pianoforte, organ*
singing umi theory, eio Fifth avenue,
New Westminster,
Ii. & P, O, of Klks of tin- Ii. ot (*',, meat
ttu- first mul third Thursday ut B p. in.,
K. of l>. Hall. Rlghth street A Wills
Cray. Bxalted Kuler; 1'. H. Hmith, Score tary.
L. O, 0. M., NO. 854 MEETS ON
llrst Beoond and third Wednesday
in each month lu K. of I', hall at S
p.m.    11. J.  Leamy,  dictator;   F. E.
JoneB, secretary.   Headquarters   or
lodge   In 'See    House,     corner     of
Fourth ami Carnarvon streets.
1. O. O.  !���'.  AMITY  LODOB  NO    IT���Tb��
regular meeting of Amity i,..Ik>- No.
IT. I. O. O. F��� Ih held every Mondnv
night nt 8 o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hall,
comer Carnarvon and Btehtli streets.
Visiting bn-tlii-rn cordially Invited,
it. a. Merrlthew, N. (;.. J. Robertson,
v ii.-. w. c. Co-iiiiam. P. o. reoc-u-a-
Inn secretary; IL W. Sangster, financial secretary,
t"? A Banna, Ltd.)���Funeral dir.'oiors
and ftiil'.ilin.TH. Parlors 406 Columbia
street.    New   Westminster.     Phone   1191.
K ?? # i/e * >;���?* -j; # -:;- *-:;= # # �� *:?
(By   O.   Terence.)
���to the places where they empty  into  for  'he  Buffalo  route  is  quite clear.
.   1,932,267
.  5,714,367  ���  ��� j,     _,/ ���   ��� '	
.  3,078,164   :"; ;"! * * * * '"' -f * * '���"' * ���* * ''���
in,724,798 c ���:��� ���:������ ���-:;.- -.:;���- * >:;������ # *-.;-. # # $ # ���:? ���;::
the sea; to Hamburg on the Kibe, to
Bremen on the Weser, to Antwerp on
the Suheidt, to Genoa, Naples ond
New York being reached, and thereby
a great available tonnage, at. a transportation cost very slightly exceed-
the people flock to the sea ing the cost of shipment by water,
or rail and water via Georgian Bay,
to  Montreal.
The average rate last. October from
Fort William to Montreal waB 614
cents  a   bushel.     From   Kort   William
to  take  ship and  join   the  great Atlantic current to America.
Part of It goes to the United Slates
and part to Canada. Kvery year.
through the activity of our immigration -officers and of our transport to Buffalo it was 2\ centa. and the
Companies, the knowledge rf Canada rail route from there on to New York
hau gro'.'ii deeper and has spread was 6% cuts, making the mtnl to
Europe,       Kvery     year,   the   seaboard   about   ~\   cents.     The
tbrOUgll  Vile letters of  successful
grants, Hu-  homo  folks  hav
tut re  uud  learnt     lo    desire
.���Chance of rapid rise.
It has taken much work and a 11111:1
djei of years cf unexampled prosper
it>   1.1 secure  to  Canada tho favor
aide  position   she  at
among   Hie  peoples  '
ami-   slight   exi   is   Ih  almost   made   up  by
heard  the lower Insurance
like   III   New   York   ovi
'   rates  obtainable
tiie St. Lawrence
The problem of so improving Canadian transportation channels tlmt Canadian grain can be giv.-n a cheaper
present    holds   route  to ocean   tonnage   than  can  be
f  northern  Kur-   offered   hv   American   channels    has
ope.     Everything   at   present   points,   many   difficulties,   but   one   after  an-
not only lo Its continuance, but lo its  olher they  are  being  considered  and
lie rease, and tbere is no reason why
the present prices of Canadian hinds
Should not In time become good If
the} are left aa they are and no'
Tut ther boosted to the obstruction of
The country's enemy is land speculation, The check for it is land taxation.    Montreal   Witness.
likely  to    I,,,    surmounted.   Toronto
Mall and  Empire.
Wooing Day for the Maids of Ecaus-
Recent cable despatches from Del-
giiim have told of strife and indtis-
; trial warfare and the clash of con-
Thp opening of navigation this year tending interests, and the reader is
at lhe head of the lakes Ib somewhat given the Impression that all Flanders
notable, from a Canadian point of is given over to the forces of polltl-
Vi-Div, because the state of prepared- cal animosity and class hatred. Yet
ness at Fori William and Port Arthur  'his  Is  far  from   true.     In  the  rural
There arrived at Montreal on the
twenty-ninth day of April, 1776, three
cr.inmissioners from the congress of
the revolted colonies to attempt to
accomplish by diplomacy what Montgomery and Arnold had failed
by force of arms.
Croat hopes were entertained that
through these commissioners Canada
would be won to espouse Hie cause
of "the Thirteen Colonies" against
their mother-land. One of the three,
Charles Carrol, was a Roman Catholic, and It was expected that his *���"-
llgion would obtain for him a heating from the French-Canadians,
Another was one of the most widely famous Americans of his time
1 it- Benjamin Franklin who was at
lhat time nn old man of Beventy. lie
had been nlmost entirely self-educated, in early lit" he was a prlntt r,
but had soon begun to write in addition to doing the mechanical part of
making  books.
While   still   in  his   twenties he  had
published "Poor Itichard's Almanack"
a   collection   of   pithy   proverbs.   His
genius was verv practical.    Ile devised  the  "Franklin   Stove,"  made  elec- I
trical   experiments  of  which  hc  published  accounts that  won  the atten- '���
tlon   of   European   scientists,   and   In- '
vented the lightning conductor.
He  took  a  prominent   part  In   the
political   struggles  of  the  revolution-!
ary   period,  and  Bhowed  himself    re-
markably  astute,  though  not always!
very  scrupulous.
Mary Mannering 37 Today.
Mies Mary Mannering, the talented
actress, was born in l^mdott thirty-
���seven years ago today, April 29,
1S76, the daughter of Richard and
Florence Friend, and at fifteen made
her first slake appearance.
Her part consisted of three lines in
"Hero   and   Leander,"   in   which   the
late   Kyrlo   Bellew   and   Mrs.   James
Brown    Potter    were    co-stars.    Her
premiere  was  made  under tho  name
of  Florence  Freund.    For two years
she  tound  the    Knglith    provinces,1
playing    Shakespearean     roles   and
studying dramatic art under  Herman
Vcr.ln.    She was playing In a comedy
entitled   "The     Late     Mr.   CoBtello,"!
when  Daniel  Frohman  saw  her,  was |
impressed by her ability and offered ;
her an American engagement.
It was as Mary Mannering, the
name of her father's mother, that, she
was Introduced to a New York audience in lhflfi, iin the play "The Courtship of Leonle." The following May-
Miss Mannering acquired a third
to do I name, this time by marriage, and he-
; came Mrs, .IVmes K. Hackett, wife of
the distinguished Canadian actor.
This matrimonial arrangement con
tinned for a number of years, and took
nn an appearance of permanence, hut
was eventually dissolved, and Misa
Mannering became MrB. Frederick K.
tti 't   ho or she
a poor dancer.)
Parents who omit to accustom their
children to hearing music trom their
earliest years, do them, undoubtedly,
a very grave Injury. No one is horn
utterly without a spark of music In
them; and if a start is made early
enough, whatever musical capacity
they have, however small it may bo,
can be trained and encouraged.
The Best Wealth.
Th" greatest of all forms of wealth
is power of appreciation -for power of
appreciation means power of enjoyment and happiness. And this is a
wealth in which almost, any mother
can take steps to see her children
are endowed with, quite, apart from
any qucttiou of finances
Surely, then, when it is ro easy to | ���?_��� lmier���
glvet children  constant  opportunities  	
of hearing aud enjoying music and
singing, lids should be done by the
nipf-.t unmusical of parents.
If fathers and mothers happen to
have ttiisi-ed one of the greatest of
nnt to wish to condemn their children
to a Bimilar misfortune.
lie knew that by decltnging, however politely, a Sulu bride, he would
upset the gentle Sulu folk, nntl t'.n re-
fore he tried unostentatiously to leave
the hospitable land, ills fear was
j well-founded, for as he left, his little
vessel was attacked hy the islanders.
"I Fliould not have minded being a
king and ruling an island," Ihe captain
declared long afterwnrds, "hut I did
not want, to marry a dusky princess."
London, April 2S.- -The fog, it Ib pb-
titnaled, ctiuse'd a loss of $150,(100 to
the moving picture men who had arranged to take films of Lord Wolfle-
'The spectacle from
our point of view," faid the- head of
a well-known film firm, "would have
been the finest, since the coronation.
"Hundreds of pounda were palil for
the best position on the processional
way, and overlooking St. Paul's the
fi p for one- operator's rtand alone
was $260. The film, of course, would
have gone to the ends of the earth,
being one or the greater! international
Importance of recent times.
"In consequence of the fog only a
few meager stretches of the backs of
military and pollco have been secured
as Ihe record of the splendid pageant."
W, K. FALBB���Pioneer Funeral Director
nnd Embatmer, Bll-618 AKn.-s street,
opposite Carnegie Library.
rlstera, Solicitors,
New   Westminster.
C.   J. II. Groat   A
McCOLL,  ItAll-
���40 Ij.inii' Street.
E. Corbould, K.
.  Mcr.ill.
ter-nl-lmw. solicitor, etc. Telephone
1070. cnMe luiUtesK "Jolmstein."
Code.  "Western Union."      Orflot-s,  Ellis
Work. !>!,������ Columbia sii-vct, N��*w Westminster, II. c.
.1. STII.'.VEI.L CLL'TE. llnrrlst. r-nt-lnw.
solicitor, etc.; corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets, New Westminster.
I!  C.   1'. o. llox 112.    Telephone  710.
Solicitor and Notary, Offices Hart
block, 21 lxirne street. New- Westminster, H. C.
to nil  my
���-r.il   Mu.ray  C2  Today.
neral Arthur Murray, ct
is in  striking contrast  to the conditions obtaining at Duluth.
districts  and   country   vlUlages,   Vitt\
flows on as smoothly as of yore, and
In   '.he   American   port,   where   2i>,-  and   Inhabitants  know   not   that  they
000,000 bushels of grain are stored
uud congestion is threatening, the ice
i. now  beginning to break, and after
are downtrodden proletariat.
In these sections of Belgium peace
reigns supreme,   save  in  Ecansslnes
-It haa disappeared the freighters will and the neghboring town of Ronqula
be moved lo the elevator slips to be
tloaded.    The sixty  freighters In  the
'Canadian porta are nearly all loaded tlon today, tor tomorrow will bo the
onl>   about   J 100,000  out   of nearly day  pf fate   for  many   bachelors  and
15,010,000 having yet  to be taken uti maidens of the two towns.
res.     In   those   communities   there   Is
���etei 1   and  a  fever of antlclpa-
and are ready to weigh anchor as
Lout! us the lower canals and channels are entirely free of Ice.
Karly this winter the ice breBklng
carried on by 'he marine department
For ti long, long time Kcaussines
has celebrated the thirtieth of April
as "wooing day." when young men
come all over from that part of Flanders to pay  their court to  the girls
in the Twin City harbors enabled of the Vicinity. Thousands of marriages have followed these annual observances of a day given ever wholly
nt. Increase in the storage ^to   Cupid.    For   the   self  confident
most of the freighter to take on
Iheir loads then, thus providing a fif-
ij.  per ce
Today Is the anniversary cf the escape from Kingston penintentiary of
the notorious desperadoes. Pert and
Charles Mrcum, on April 29, lftl2.
These criminals, arested In Winnipeg
after a desperate battle with the of
fleers, had declared that even Can
nda's strongest prison, the grim gray *
building thai overlooks Lake Ontario at Kingston, could nol hold them
and by their cunning they made good
their Ik list.
Ci nflnod in ihe ";*.�� Iltarles" the Me
onms contrived to communicate by'
tapping out the telegraphic code with j
tin cups on st.ei walls and bo laid
their plan, A fellow roi,vicl. McNeill
attacked Keeper Davis with an iron
bar, beating him Into tinoonsclouness.
With  the 1 per's  keys the Mecttms
wero   liberated   from   their colls,   11s
wt re two other convicts.
Another kei per and Dr. Phelati, the
Major G
mander ol the wit.tern division of the
United States army, is a lawyer ,ib
Well as a tii Idler, and "e," of tlie
world's recognized authorities on military law ami eniirt martial procedure.
He was born at Bowling (Ireen, Mo.,
sixty two y.-.irs ago today! and his
two years yi t to serve on the active
list. General Murray was a Judge-ad-
voeute In Cuba following th" unpleasantness between the I'-iit'd States
and Spain, and was later a department
commander In the Philippines.
Harry Payne Whitney, who in
principally famous as a polo player,
will pass bis forty-first milestone today, Mr. Whitney inherited half of \
ihe $26,000,000 estate nf h's father.
William Collins Whitney, and added
to hlR fortune by marrying Oertrudc
VanderbUt,   a   daughter   Of   Cornelius
Vanderbllt The young millionaire is
1 pit;-on of both atitomoblllng and
horse r-clii". ,1r". Whitney is a sculptor of considerable ability.
Mrs.   Willlnm   K.   Vanderbllt,    Sr���
���ho is Internally fnnv us os n philan-|
'hreplrt, 1 ic'itne the hr'de of the rail-
'"ni mBgnntc In I end- *i ten years ago
'���d*e    Mr Vnndfrbilt's flrrt wlf n
"���--, Murriy Smith, of Mobil-, Ala.,
who is n ���*��� Mrs. 0, II. P Bt I Ion!
h ��� ri fr rants I 1 adi r.
\i t'i" tivie ol her marriage the sec
ond Mrs,. Vanderblll wat Mrs. An".
Ilai-riman Rutherford. 8he Is niter
, - ;��� it In irmi v ch irll tbla Institutions,
bul her i> 1 organtzatl in la the Big
" 1 - n-*" - "i" t of v.*; ich Bhe i- tii"
founder feeding spirit and president
1 '������>��� Hit hit t, 1 have hr "ti ih seribi d
aa "an organlz ition v ho e Ideal is
a maximum 1 icteii help with a
m 1 -;::i cf ii I * i.ie." A represents-
'Ivi    ol   th     I'. ter.;        oo:i;d:iii'.y
Farewell, a long tarowe
Thia  is ihe state of man;  to
puts forth
The  lender leaves of hope, tomorrow
And  bears his blushing honor;  thick
upon him;
The third day comes 11  frost   a kill
Ing froFt;
And, whin he thinks, good easy man,
full BU rely
His greatness is a ripening   nips his'
And then he falls, as  I  do,    1  have'
Like little wanton boys that swiu: on
This many cummers    in    11    tea    of
Hut   far   beyond   my   depth;   mj   high
blown pride
,\t  length I.rok.��� tint!
has left mo,
Vain   pomp and   glor)   of th
1 lime ye;
1  feel my heart  no--
c ho*,*,* wretched
Is  that,    poor    man
princes' favors
There Is betwixt that smile wo would
nspir"   to.
That   swept   aspect
tlieir ruin.
More  pangs and  fears, than wars or
women have;
And when ho fulls, he falls like Luri
Never to hopn again.
me, an 1 now
* world
who    hangs on
we would
of   princes,   and
Proved of Great Value to Me"
There is only one explanation for the
numbers of enthusiastic letters thnt we
receive praising Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets, and that is that these tablets
certainly do cure nny kind of Stomach
Here in a typical letter from Miss
Eliza Armswoftlry, Canso, N.s.;
"It is with pleasure I write to Inform
you tlmt your Nn-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets have prOVCtl of (p-itl valur to
inc. I tried rut-.edv nfter remedy but
wi.hout nnv lasting goed Having heard
of  vour  tablets rnriii-u- such cn��cs   ns
mine I decided to cue theui a fair trial
'Ihey proved sa-islnrtory in my rase."
The- return table suce-rss of Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets is such n success as
can only come to nn honest remedy,
compounded -According to an exception-
idly good formula, from pore mgre-
ilicnti, bv expert ehemiHs. lf you'are
troubled with your ttoiuach just nsk.
your Druggist about Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets, Compounded by the
National Drag and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited, and sold throughout
tlie Dominion at 50c. * box. 14)
Banisters nnd Solicitors, fiot, io -MS
Westminster Truxt illock. O. E, Mar-
till.   W.   O,   McQuarrie    and   O.iorKe   u
stde ��� Banisters nnd Solicitor!, Westminster TniHt nik.. Columbia nirei-t.
New Westminster, n. c. Cable address
"Whlteslds," Western Union. V. o.
Drawer 2W>, Telephone r. 9 W. J.
Whiteside, K. C.;  li L.  Edmonds,   D.
Accountant. Tel. II 128, Room 22
Hart block.
P. II. Smith. w. J. Groves.
work  undertaken   in   city   and   outside
points,   211-1:   Westminster   Trust   Hldg.
Phone   301.     P.   O.   Hex   607.
ster llonrd nf Trad" m.-ets In the heard
room, f'lty Hall, as follows I Third Friday of each month; quarterly meeting
on the third f'rtlnv of I'VUnmrv, Mny
August nnd November nt �� p.m. ,\n-
rniiii meetings <m the thir.i Friday if
February, C. 11. Btuart Wade, secretary.
: From   Rome to   London  Is Well
a Thousand  Miles.
London, April 2S. Arrangements I
have been made' for fl great pigeon
race from Home to England, to be
held in June. The distance from'
lie.tne to Manchester Is about 1.050
miles, bul for the pigeons entered bv
some or the Scottish fanciers the diets        "* II he ' e,,r* 1,200 miles,
The race will be under the auspices
of the Button Flying club, and will bei
flown   in  conjunction    with    Belgian
pi [eon fanciers,    Both the British and
Bt glan  pli * ons  will  ho released  at
th"  iiime  moment   in   Rom irly  on
Saturday, June 28. The tir.u birds
may reach the north of England hv
July 1,
The   llriiiih   pigeons   will   for   the
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL  (Pald-Up)   $16,000,000.00
���iESEBVE    $18,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, nnd in London, Eng
and. N'ew York. Chicago nnd Spokane
' a v, and Mexico City,   A general
innklng bitsinesn transacted,    Letters
���1 credit, issued, available with correspondents in all parts of the world.
Savings Hank Department��� Depoalta
i received it, sums of $.1 and Upward
md Interest allowed at 2 per cent, per
annum (present rate).
Total Ass(
over jlxii.ooo.noo.fin.
(i. I). BRYMNER, Manager.
COAL MINING rights nf Uie  Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
tne Yukon Territory) the Nonhweiu Territories and In 11 portion of the Province
of BrltlBh Columbia, mny bo leased fnr a
term of twenty-erne years ut ,m annual
rental of II nn acre.  Not more  Hum 21.6*
acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application tor a lease must be made
by the applicant In person to the AKcnt
or Sub-Ajrent of tbo district In which the
rights up-plli'd for aro sltuate-d.
In Surveyed territory thn land must he
described hy motions, or legal sub-dtvt-
s ems of sections, nnd In Unvarveyed territory the tract applied ror shall be
staked OUt by the aptdlrjint himself.
hneh application must bo in-comiianlee)
by a ten of 1.1 which will be refunded If
tbo rlahta applied for are- not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty shull be
paid nn the merchantable output of the
mine at tho rate of five oems pur ton
Tho person .operating the mine shall
rurnlHh the Amnt with sworn returns
accounting for the fun quantity of mor-
countable coal mined and pav tho royalty thoredTi, If the coui mining rights
an-not being oporatod'suph returns Would
bo  furnished 111  I oast   once n   veut
Tl��' lotus will Include the conl miring
rights only, hut the leasee, will be per-
mlttcii to purchase Whatever available
surface rights may bu considered necessary for Uie working of the mine at Iho
rate  of  tin  an  acre.
For full Information application should
ti" made to Hi.. Secretary of the Donart-
ment   of the  Interior,   Ottawa,   or  to ituv
Agent  or Midi-Agent of   Dominion   Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.,
N. B.���-Unauthorised publication of Oils
advertisement wlll not be paid for.
If you read THE NEWS
you get all the news. TUE8DAY,  APRIL  29.   1913.
_, ���_, ...rstrtim  ��TTtr>c "H you're waking call me early, call me early mother dear"      | f&P
and How to Meet Them   FOR WOMEN'S ATTIRE ������� ���****���� UK
Bhould ConjolontlOUSly keep the laws
of the city In which she resides. In
the country where there Is space,
weekly fire helps ub to dispose of
tlio waate In a moat satisfactory manner.
Tho disposal of waste Is always a  ed  by  bacteria  that  produce poisons  Pennsylvania Educator Tells the Why
groat   problem   and     the     housewife  called ptomaines.
Ab these do not always change tne
flavor of the food we sometimes takei
them  into our system  unawares, and
serious results follow.   Consequently,
It  la  well  to hear in  mind  that  no
milk, meat and especially cooked and
opened canned meat, ahould be kepi
Whero the space Ih limited, use a longer than a Tew days. When any
rubbish burner. This conslats of a food ahowB lhe slightest signs of
wire case that Bets up from the "spoiling" remove It from the lco box
ground, with a cover to keep tho and wash tho section where lt has
flame down and the npnrks from fly- been. Never open a can of meat or
lug around. vegetables  until   you   notice  whether
It  Is  hard  to  say  Just  how  much  the can be bulged at either end.
of   the   back   yard   the   housekeeper       lf It  la,  take  It  back to the  Btore,
ia  responsible  for,  at leasL  tho ash   for It contains  gas, produced by the
can  and  the  refuse,  pall Reside the  action of the bacteria, aud will poison ^"^
door belong in her domain. you  If you eat It.    Not even cookln:;
Tho oulsldo cans ahould be kept na  wlll make It safe to eat.
clean   as   the  inside   onea,   with   the 8crub  and  Disinfect,
lightest of fitting covers for the re-      Another place In the kitchen where
fuse  pall     Ilere  la  tho  place  whero   bacteria la liable to bo Ib the garbage  '{!,
tho   files  congregate   and   reproduce.   pall   i)pCayed food, of course, 1b catiB-  uu
Many   diseases  which   are   attributed   <K] liy bacteria, and If the food Ib al
of Recent Changes in Milady's
Philadelphia, April 28���The Btrange
new fashions In women's clothes and
the constant rise In the price of millinery were explained on a scientific,
basis here, when l'rof, Simon H. Pat-
ton, of the L'nlv i-Biiy of Peiiiuylvan-
ia, addressed ths opening session of
the seventeenth annual con 'option of
the American Academy of Political
and  Social  Science  recently.
Part   1. especially  the    old    cottager
As Boon  as the child's malady had  call  each  other "Alfred"  and
declared  itself  tbe afflicted  parents kiah" now.
of  the  May   Queen   telegraphs^   ty
Tennyson.  "Our child gone crazy on
subject   of   early   rising    could     you
como and  write  some  poetry  about
Alfred, always prompt to fill orders
ln   writing   from   the   country   came
dowu on the evening train.    The old
cottager  greeted  the    poet    warmly,
Part 3.
Time moved on and spring came.
Still the girl baffled the poet.
"I thought to paas away before,"
Bhn would say with a mocking grin,
"but yel alive am I, Alfred, alive am
i "
Tennyson was fast losing hope.
Worn out  with early  rising,    they
and  began   at  once  to  speak  of  the  engaged a retired pullman-car porter
state of hiB unfortunate daughter.        to take up his quarters, and being a
"She  was  took oueer lu  May,"  he negro his presence added a touch ot
said, "aloug of a Bort of bee that the  color to their life,
young folks had;  she ain't heen jusl      The poet also engaged a neighbor-
right   since;    happen   you   might   do  Ing divine at fifty cents an  evening
sumrnat." to read to the child the best hundred
With   these  words  he opened    the  books,  wllh  explanations.    The  May
The   subject   of   his   address   waa
���The Standardization of family Life" a^.' 0'( j�� lnnpr room                              Qlieen tolerated him, and used to like
e said m part. The  glr,   ,aJr  jn   ri*>-*^rlBli   slumber,  to play with his Bllver hair, but pro-
"In   the   early   history   of   America ���ea|de  h,,r  bed  WM  an  a,arm   dor,k  ^^ ,hat he WM         f
the  dress,   the   habits,   the   morality, ge,   for   ha,f  pasl  ,hree_    connected      At  lhe  end  of  hiB   resources,   the
the   relations   between   men   and   wo- wlth  (he clcck  wtt| an  inK(,nioU8 ar.  ���0(.,   r���BOiVed   upon   desperate   mea-
n)en could be  predicted with certain- railgcment of a  fa|n���g  briek  with  a sures.
This uniformity has been broken atring  ftUarhed  to  the chll(1-b  toe.          He choBe an evBn|nK when the cot-
hy     recent    industrial     changes M the entrBnM 0j (h��� vIgltor Bhe ,aRer and wl(e were 0llt at a dlnner
,,,         ,                                     .                                                                             through   which   tho   working   popula- HtArt,,d   llr.   tn   heel      "ttlionn "   she   nartv
' !,k  '  VUU"' '"":",;l"- ,hr""K"   KW��> to stay In the pail any length  Uon  has  been  transferred  from   the %**%"�����,* b, Queen oMhe Ma>"      M^nightfall Tennyson  and his ac-
farm to shops aud factories. .mother, yt-e."                                        'complices  entered the    girl's    room.
City  life  makes new  demands and,    Then   Deceiving Tennsyson  in the,She  defended  herself  savagely   with
excites  new  wants.    When  old types doorwaV| -,, thftt'g a cau,,r," gl���, Hald  her br|ck but waa overpowered,
of social  control  break  down  an cp- ..,pll h)ln   to ca|,  ���,��� parly ���                 |    Th(, negro BF.ated hlmw,lf ���pon b'M
Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 611 Front St.
The  Heme of Low Prices. Out of the High Rent District.
Kiddies, White Canvas Shoes sizes 7, 8, 9,10, 11, 12,
13 and 1, reg. -$1.00 value, today till 12 noon, 45c.
Ladies' Dress Boots, all sizes $1.45
Men's Work Boots, all sizes  1.95
Depot for Leckie's Boots and Ahcrn's School Shoes.
files.     Kheui  carry  on   tholr  feet the  of  ,|me  tileBL,  Increase  very  rapidly
dlae-a.se  germs  gathered   from   Bputa,   Th(, dally Bcrubblug of the pall mnat
feces, pus and other infected dlBchar-   never be omitted.
g('8 I    An up-to-date housewife usee a gar
These  they  deposit  wherever  they   l)il(.(, incererator. which dries and car-  och 0f confusion  ensues;   but human
crawl, on food or on thu body. The
common house fly Ib coming to bo
known as the typhoid fly. He dislikes gootl odors aB much aa he likes
filthy odors. A pleasant smelling
substance, like the fragrance of flowers, will drive hlm away, so look out
fur tho back door gardens.
Watch the Drains.
The sinks and drains are placea
whieh need tlle scientific housewife's
special attention. When tbey are ln
an unsanitary condition foul air come  ril(,9   w*ater tanks, cesspools, and rain      ..Tlu.  high   cost  of   food  tins   mad.
The Bhock caused the brick to fall. ; chesL   while   the  clergyman   hastily i
In   the   subsequent   confusion   Alfred  read a few  verses about the comfort!
modestly   withdrew   to    the    sit Jug-, of early rising at the last day.
room. As he, concluded the poet drove his
"At this," he chuckled. "I Bhall not pen Into her eye.    "I>ost Call" cried |
bemlzes the garbage, reducing It to a nature, or better Bald. Boclal nature
small pile of ashes. A housewife us- at length asserts ItBelf. A new lulling one of these Incinerators has the fortuity arises which la expressed in
superior feeling that no waste from standards that Impose themselves on
her kitchen la scattered on the dun, pe IUHn  through   the   advantage   routine  hav'e" long'to" wait     A  few  weeks of the negro  porter triumphantly
contaminating  the  air and  making a Kiveg, ^     alrain ^      lim.��� ( _J *	
fertile soil for dltease germs. "i���  (he early country' It's the mo i Part 2
Now   that  we   blame  one  kind    of dpl wif(, waB a' g00d cook.    Men gain- j    slx raomlls had passed
mosiiuito   for   malaria   Infection,   we ed   lu  r���pUuuion   by   Bavlng.     Town!    lt   was  now  mi<].winter
have   to  look   out   for   the places   in ]j(e g0 changed  the conditions under
And still the girl lived.
Vhich it breeds.    Mosqultos breed In  wl.lch famiiies thrive that these older ,,;  .DDearad  Inexhaustible
swamps,  small   stroams,   ponds,   pud-   v|rlueB   h
Her vital-
She  got
from  them,  and  although  we cannot   morels.   Never allow vessels to Btand  lta  economy   of
lost   their   prominence.  up t,arll���.r and ,>arli<?r.    She now rose
yesterday afternoon. At Intervals she
say this causes disease, it certainly
lowers the family resistance to dlseaae. In these days of sanitary Inspection the plumbing of the house
ls wisely studied and understood by
everyone  with average intelligence.
l^et us examine the drain with the
water seal or lap. Notice the bond,
which iheroetlcally. should alwaya
contain watre to prevent Bower air
from coming up into the room. Urease
lint, matches, hair that are allowed
to go down through tho drain lodge
Thl�� gives rlBo to undesirable odors
and the growth of bacteria. The cap
underneath the trap may be removed
an und partly  filled  with water. tj,an   ita  variety.
Crude Oil and kerosene poured over  lg ,10w of morf. importance than the
variety of preservea on its shelves.
riiiuII   pontic   and   cesspools   will   ki
the eggs  of the mosquito.    The  gov-
riiment  is making great experiments
along  these
llniiB.  and  the
ean do ia to prevent  water standing
near our  own   houae,   where  moaiiui-
tos  can   breed  and  infest thc  neighborhood.
Soup and water, our great cleaners
���Women think of each other, not
ln lerma of their housekeeping vlr-
leaBt we tueg| hut in those of dress and man-
nei-B. lnduatrtal occupations give to
women an opportunity for skill and
efficiency which is denied them in
the interior of a two-story house
I-ondon,  April  29.���Sir John  Cock-
burn,  recently   speaking  to  teachers
at the London Day Training College,
more    consequence i^eTsJibost"sane, "and Bpoke"ln"a Bald 8Peeeh waB callPd lnl�� function
A  cleanly   kitchen   m08,   pa,hptlc  raannrr  0f  her  grave by the movement of the hand.
and the probability of the sun shin- "If -vou wanl t0 reach the brain
ing on It early in the morning, and >'��" must do lt through the hand, and
her mother walking on it later in the �� >'��u disregard the uae of the eyea
da.. and handa in education you aro plac-
At  other  times  her  malady  would ������*& ***** brake on aU mental develop-
stilze her, and she would snatch the ment ot tbe ahlld-        ,            .���   ,
brick off the strisg and throw it fier- "The command to   keep  still   in  a
cely at Tennyson    Once, in an uncon- school Ib the greatest cruelty you can
; ���'*. . -" i
:-'��� 1 ,
Sailing Every Tuesday From
New S.S. Lai'-rentic  15,000 tons  New S.S. Megantic
First Class, $92.50; Second, $53,75; Third, $32,50.
S. S. Teutonic Twin Screw S. S. Canada
.. .582 feet long       Steamers       514 feet long..
Only ONE CLASS CABIN  (II.) $50,00, and
Third Class, $31.25 and up carried.
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets., etc., apply to
H. M. Stevenson, Agent CM. -S. St. Paul Ry., 622 Columbia St., or
E. A. Gou'.et, C. P. R. Depot, New Westminster.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle.
trollable   fit   of   madaesa.   she   gave possibly   ImpoBe  on   children,   for  to 1
._   dretsa,  amusement   and   street her g*,9ter a nnif ���baro in her garden make children keep Btlll for any len-
are  hardly  sufficient  when  it cornea  activity   create  the  forceB  that  hold  toolg and Etl ln,erefit in a box of mlg- 8th of time very often  produces  in-,
to   tackling  the   germ   problem.     We  together   the   forceB   thus   environed.   >���_,,.,��� formlty." !
must   havo  something   that  will   kill
tbem   riiBtantly,   like   dlBlnfectantB.
new   woman   Ib   appearing   who
Tho  poe'   stayed  doggedly  on.    In 1
dlfferB  in  many  wayB from  her  pre-* lhe ^m of lhe morning twilight be
broke th" ice in his water-basin and I
$760,000 Saved  Yearly.
London,  April  28.���An  Inquiry  haa
One of tho most satisfactory Is car-  deceasor.    She la Btronger, moro heal
bollc acid; another very effective one  ,hy   U10r(! amUtlioug, an(j with m,jrai  c���rged the "girl" But he felt that he been held Into the  possibility of re-
nll the obstruction taken out and boil-   formaldehyde solution.    Carbolic acid  uuaiutCa that match  the  new  vigor."   h,j  broken the ice and  Btayed ducing the cost of certain bluebooks,
ing   water  made   to   flush    out    thc   mu8t  be handled carefully and must  H   '"���** '"     '
grease.    Do  this  every tlmn tho  wa-  m>vor be left around carelessly.    The,     DAUGHTERS  OF  CLERGYMEN.
ter runs slowly through the drain.
Tho trap ln the bath is under the
floor aud a plumber will have to bo
eall.-d to look after thla and clean
it llut the housekeeper ahould keep
track of i; when the water runB slowly from lhe tub. she should r.-niem
ber that the drain Is full of foul matter that must be removed.
Use  Paper Towels.
The closet Is most Important of the
bathroom fixtures and Its sanitary i
condition Is absolutely neces Ha ry If
the health of the family is maintained. Tho modern closet is built ta
Insure the most sanitary conditions.
The Duiih should bo at least three
gallons of water. The seat requlajb
a daily washing, for lt ia of weAnl
and absorbent,
The bo*l of the seat needs also a
dally washing and a disinfecting.
Chloride of llmo and formaline aro
the two beat disinfectants for the
bathroom. The lime disinfects and
bleaches al the Btune time. Friction
must also be applied, for the particle's of excreta which cling to the side
of the bowl may contain the most
dangerous kind of bacteria, the typhoid  germ.
The parer towel, If one can find a
satisfactory one. Ib one of the solutions for the prevention of transmitting of disease genua in the bathroom
Skin diseases, throat infection and
all tuberculosis troubles eau be transmitted by the careless ua-o of towels.
The paper towels are used only once
and then thrown aside and burned.
Keep   Down   the   Dust.
All dust ciititalUH bacteria. We have
only lo !��a\e a little food exposed
to the air where ilimt falls on it to
find it soon molding and decaying.
When sweeping, then, avoid raising a
Dampen the broom and use dust-
less dusters and iuopb cn polished
KiirffiooH. The idea] method of cleaning In the vacuum cleaner. Tlle dust-
laden air in the cellar makes ita way
up through the first floor and ia then
breathed  by   all.
The housekeeper Bhould realize
that the cellar needs hor special In-
spool lon, We are apt to make It the
eatcli all Ol the house, tine must
guard aealnat thia. Decide upon the
truck al once and give it away --elo
not make It serve a sentence of u few
weeks, or sometlmi'B years, In tho
It Is eiften damp aud dark und bacteria work In place's like thla. Dig
out the corners and whitewash tho
walls. Keep the place free from decaying vegetables. Let In fresh air
every day whllo the buii shines; then
close the wlndowB when It grows
cold and dark.
Sunshine and fresh air aro nature's
free dlBlnfnctants and thidr preBenco
in the house is tho greatest prevention against Blcknoaa.
������The cow Ib not subject to any diseases,   except   tuberculosis;   and   all
five per cent, solution Ib th eone for
the housekeeper  to  use.
London   Firm   Provides   Standard   Of
flee  Suit  Which   lo  Becoming
to  All.
London.   April   28.���Cotton   overalls
0| a taw,i shade have been  provided
for  the  girl  lypiuta
a   Strand   of-
Seven cf Them Hvae Reigned In White
Housit���Authors   and   Singers.
In Munsey'B Magazine. F. LauriBton
Ilullard polnta cut that Mra. Woodrow
iWiiFon is the   seventh   clergyman's
daughti r to tt.ke possession of the
White Hoiife ,
, The olher six were Abigail Adama,
wife of President Adams; Abigail Pill-
more, wife- of President Fillmore;
J.ine Pierce, wife of President Franklin Pierce; Hose Kii.-ub.-th Cleveland,!
Mater of President Cleveland; Mary
Arthur MoKlroy, sister of President
Arthur, aud Caroline Harrison, wife
of president Benjamin Harriaon.
The  writer instances other  famous
daughters   of   the   manse,   Included
included amongst them being Martha i
Blount, famous as a friend of Alexan-
der  Pope;   Teres,-!   tllount,   famous asl
a friend of Alexander Pope;   Bettlna '
Von   Aniini.   famous   as   a   friend   of
On  the  whole, life at the  cottage,  the  Issue  of  which  lg  pending,   and
though rugged, v as not cheerless.       when  the publications  committee  of
lu the long winter eveningB they the house of commons met, it waa
would gather around a smoking fire Btated by Sir Rowland Bailey, con-
of peaL while Tennyson read the trailer of the stationery office, who I
"Idylls of the King" to the rude old gave evidence on the matter, that the
oo-'ager. Not to show his nidenesa. work of the committee, chiefly of re-i
the old man kept awake by sitting Btralning the publication of unneces-
on a tin-tack. This alBo kept his sary matter In official documents had
mind on the right tack. The two resulted in an actual realized saving
found that they had much in common,  of $750,000 a year.
Cor. 6th Ave. and 12th St.
Headquarters for all kinds of Furniture, Furnishings, Stoves, Ranges, Washing Machines, Wringers, Dishes, Glassware, etc., etc.
Headquarters for the famous "Sunset Sewing
It la a revival of   an    experiment (;,���.,>,,,; Susannah Wesley,   the moth-1
which four years ago started an agl- jer of Charles and John Wesley;  Joanna   Haillle.   the   Scottish   poet   dud
taled controversy in the ranks of
thousands of women engaged In city
offices, At that time the innovation
met with an outburst of indignation
aod waa solemnly condemned at a
confer.-iic of girl typiata.
The suffrage movement had begun
to open the eyes of the men to the
capacity of women for revolt and commercial  magnates  whoso  nod  rocked
dramatist; Suzanne Necker, bead .Of
a famous Parisian salon; Harriet
Hierher  Rtowe.    author  of  "Uncle's
Cabin";   Charlotte   Hronte. 'author  of'
".lane Eyre"; Jane Austen, author of;
"Pride  and   Prejudice";   Olive  Hchrei-
ner. author of "lhe Story of an African Farm";  Mr?. Dallington Booth of
the Volunteers of Amer'ca; Catherine
the prices on half a dozen bouraea Booth, mother elf the Salvation Armv
shrank trom a courae which threat- [Elisabeth Stuart Phelps Ward, neve
cued  to  Introduce a revolution  lnto[uBtand poet; Eliza Lynn Linton, the
the oiiice
One city man who desired a (Jiitik
er-like sobriety of costume In his eif
Bee ordered a uniform of brown, witb
white collars and cuffa, for hla typ
lata. Ihe unexpected happened when
he found his aon had married one of
them;   but those who have seen a re-
Kngiish novelist; EUfaheth C. Qaskell,
author of "Crauford"; Frances Ridley Havergal, poet and hymn writer; ,
Rhoda Broughton, a popular Kntiliab
novelist; Isabella Bird Bishop, tiuiher
and traveller; Margaret Hnugerford
better known as "Tho DUhheBB' ;
Catherine Beecher, an educational plo-
eent popular musical comedy will un- ineer; Emily Hronte. author or "Wlith
demand that a demure Quaker gown erlng Height"; Anne Hronte. young
may heighten the fascination ot an at -1 est of the throe famous Bister; Emily
Falthfull,   Journalist   and   phllanthro
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
. i'
heighten the fascination ot on attractive girl.
The revival of the experiment h'u
been undertaken, Tbe new overalls
are of a becoming pattern. The style
haa been the subject of much anxlou--
care, and a fawn shade waB selected
as the le.'iat likely to clat h with diverse complexions.    A mat wn'at  it--
assured by a belt, and the neck is not known American singer; ant! Mra Ar
too high to conceal a Peter i'au collar thur Stanntird, peter known as John
or ribbons. Strange Winter.
When the  Ide'a was put  forward,"'  , ,	
, plst;   Delia  Bacon
Baconian   theory;
Pattlson,  known
Irene   Vanbrugh,
theatrical aistera;
(Mrs,   Arthur  Bourchier)
j actress;   Louise  Homer.
originator of the
Dorothy Windlow
a "Sister Dora";
ine of two noted
Violet Vanbrugh
the     well
Store Hfctin^s
We are specially equipped for manufacturing store fixtures and
wlll be pleased ai any time to sub-i't Iree of charge drawings and
suggestions for modernising  your store.
Phone 473 Beach St., Lulu Island.
The Full Value
of Coal
anid one of the typists, "we certainly
did not approve. We considered thai
the management could not posslly se
lect a costume becoming to all of ua
We were mistaken.
"A dressmaker took onr measurements and a few days later Ihe
dresses arrived. Cinnamon In Color
and In the empire style, they harmonize with the cream and green color-
scheme of the ofllces.
"Tho  full
Missing   for   Two   Years   Is   at
Rounded   Into   Workhouse.
London, April 28.���A Btory of a mo- j
dern wild man of tho woods waa told
nt    Llanidloes,    Montgomery,    when
Thomas   Lewis,   a  middles-axed  man,
was charged with being on enelosed
premises  for unlawful  purpoaea.
The   prlBcner.   who  ta  a   native of j
The low  ^ZeT-^i^Tlt^^^' !*" *'- -'����  ""   ��*"
aklrt give perfect freedom, while tin
narrow curta give a neat effect. Our
private dresses have now double the
life owing to the  protection afforded
other diseases find tholr way Into tho  thom    w,l(,n (hR day,s Woft |g ^
milk through careless handling of It,
either by the milkman or the housekeeper. If wo cannot afford to buy
certified milk, which means milk that
we can  slip off the empire  dress  In
leas than a minute."
yeara. About eight weeks ago ho was I
discovered at a small farm near his j
home In a terrible condition; hla I
hair extended to his waist, hla cloth-;
lug belns only sacking held together j
by Btring.
HIb  condition  waa so  pitiable that I
he waa allowed to go.    Subsequently
complaints of animal's  meals  being
pilfered  from surrounding farms and j
of cows being surreptiUoualy  milked
While   grazing   in   the   fielela   reached
the police, and the countryside waa |
scoured  without avail until the prla-
la as pure aa Is poaalble for us to get   FAITH,  HOPE.  AND CHARITY
it, we muat learn to pasteurize lt for, TRIPLETS  ARE  ALL   DEAD
tlie children  of  the family. I 	
Care for the Food. |    Greenwich,   Oonry,   April   28,���The
Next to the care of the milk comeB   death ocurred  here    of    Mra.     Hope
the care of lhe food In lhe Ice chest.' Trower  All I corn,  tho  last of  triplets  oner wub captured  by  the  l.landiloos I
There bacteria will bevjlfoiind, If any-  born   In   Kngland   eighty   years   ago.   police.
where. There aro liaTdly auy ser- and named Faith, Hope and Charity, i In the dook the man presented nl
vanta who havo a sufficient amount Charity lived to be nearly fifty-two I remarkably wild appearance, and the j
of education to honestly bedleve that years old. Faith died at. the age of sight of the crowded court made hint ���
a thorough cleaning of the Ice chest seventy four. Mra. Alllcom died laat dazed and frightened. He frequently I
U  necessary   every  few  days.     It  la  night. , wept.    Answering the charge be said, I
a great economy on the whole, aside I The tbrpo wero born In Hertford. 1 ouly went for n bit of meal. That j
from  the heiilth(atandpoliit. I Sussex   county.   England,     In     1S32. lis all I have to live on."
When putrefactive land fennonta- Faith nnd Charity never married, but! He was remanded to Caerswa work-)
live bacteria and mold once get a Hope became tho bride of Charles houae for ten dayB for moelicnl obser-1
start thoy grow and multiply and at-' Alllcom In 1852, and came with hlm;vatlon. Uiter lu the day ho was I
tack food, until in one night a whole nad their two children to America' washed, reclothed and attended by j
Icebox Of food will he spoiled. Some and Bottled ln Greenwich, where five a hairdresser, aud conveyed by motor
foodB  especially protelds, are attnek-  more children were born to them.      ]car to the Caersws workhouse. j
You v.i.l never derive the full value of
tr.cacy ysu pay for cor.l unless yaur stove iz controlled ly the Curncy Economizer. It actually
S3VC3 1 ton of coal In every 6 you would ordinarily
burn In other ranges.
It r.lJ3 assures a thorough, steady, even heat
throughout the entire stove. There is no waste
hei;t co-n& '-'? the chimney.
The nconcrr.izcr makes sure that the purpose
for which fuel i: bcir.tj burnt is carried out.
The Curr.cy Economizer is a simple device that
requires Just a light pressure cn thc lever to result
in a consistently heated oven-thc secret cf successful baiting.
1 Io sane person can afford to ignore this saving
in coal bills, so make sure that your,new range
has an Economizer.
The Curncy-Oxford is equipped with other
exclusive devices, thc Divided Flue, the New
Special ^ratc, and the Broiler attachment.
It al;o is made with a perfectly smooth polished
top which forever requires no black lead.
Thc-e v.:~* no crevices where dirt may lod^c
���above a.l it i; sanitar;-.
No intelligent housekeeper to-day can afford to
ignore the benefits which science has brought to
her through thc Gurney-Oxford.
Trapp Block Columbia St.
New Westminster.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia  Street, New  Westminster.
Singer  Sewing  Machines.    Small  Musical Gocds ot all Kinds.  PHONE 694.
E.  a  BOCKLIN, N.  B1:aRD8LEB. W. F. H. BUCKUN,
Pres and Oeiil. Ur Wce-PreildeDt. Sae. aiel Trees.
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phitne* No. 7 and 877.
,^ *-*> ^ Q90S aa
Through tlcke>te, all classes, to the Kast and to Europe.
33 Hours to Prince Rupert.
���41 hours to Hazelton.
"I'rlnce Ueorge" runs through to
"I'rlnce Rupert" runB  through  to
Orauhj- Hay.
���MONDAYS -Prince Rupert. Stewart.
TUESDAYS���Viotorla, Seattle.
THURSDAYS���Prince Rupert, Granby Bay.
FRIDAYS���Alert Bay,  Hardy  Bay,  Rivers  Inlet.  Ocean
Kails, Queen Charlotte Islands tdlrect service, fast time)
SATURDAYS���Victoria, Seattle.
���Close  connection at Prince Rupert with Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway trains tor poiuta East ot Hazelton.
H. O. SMITH, C   P. ft T.
Phona Seymour 8134.
A. W. E. DUPBROW, O. A. P. D.
VANCOUVER. B.C.     B27 Oranvllla tuirttt
Hound trip incursions commence May 28���Go one way, return another. 4��Ace exm*.
TUESDAY,  APRIL  29.  1913.
iContinued Irom i a^e onei
alleged that Mr. Whitney's last visit New Westminster the municipal coun-
to Kngland was for the purpose of re- j cil tonight passed a resolution grant-
crultlng mor" mounts for the Amerl-: Ing the officials and staff of the muni-
can team, bul this has been denied. clpal hall a half holiday on Friday
In any event, there are no good polo afternoon In order to permit them to
ponies available in John Hull's do- attend the May Day celebration. The
main, for the Duke of Westminster has resolution   wa3  passed   unanimously
Alderman Kellington did not think
it led to efficiency in th" diif. rent departments to do business in this way
lie did not see why a O^mmlUee^l It  ^ ^ ?f ^ ^^ ^
iind  any gumption  or
had for i ver a year an option on i irery
pony wurin having i.i England. English followers of the game* have repeatedly declared that the failure' of Capt.
Ilar.lr. ss Lloyd's team to gel  111" cup
two vi are ago was due to poor mounts,
the ca-
Fan   Vel   making   the   mo-
paoity  "f  "angel"  to the team,  will
'   '""'"^"^ouldn^econtmend i--:      . " :   '"  ������������"������������ >��."*' ��''.���"���"
tii.s convictions. ..
to this council any man. If he had alii!
to fill this position. II" knew who lie
���was going to vote for.
They had no report from the superintendent of waterworks or from the
���wateir committee or its Chairman that
there was one man In that list capable
of filling  the  position.     If   Alderman
Bryaon said there was OM^*"*jUm monnt. which carried the Amerl-  thp8e meta!9.
can four to victory in 1911
anil from that number of carefully
picked nags lhe Kngiish team should
certainly be able to choose good
Mr. Whitney exercised a careful su
pervislon over the breeding and training of the ponies used in previous
matches hy the American team and It
Is  said  will  place his dependence  in
from   our   newest   depart-!
ment.    All  the latest  and]
A highly Fuccet-sful performance of
the extremely farcical comedy "Facing the Music," was presented by the,
St   George's  Dramatic  society  in  aid   popular        magazines        1111(1.
���f the ft. George liaii fund in the ��� weeklies kept in stock.   Will*
iContinued from pane onei
marked 'hat there were two ores
peculiar lo Canada, nickel and Cobalt.
He suggested as a part of our national pclicy that we should decide to
make  our  subsidiary  coinage  out of
Halt  fund   In  th
,��� p. fa house last evening.   There was
an   appreciative  though   somewhat deliver it you preier,
small  audience  and  the  members  ofl
the   society   are   to   be   sympathized] 	
with that their efforts were not more
fuly recognized.
of those taking part, special, men
tlon must be made of Miss lluth
Fetter, who as "Mabel" had u difficult
part to play and  played  It very  sue
346 Columbia  Street
Phone  453
Today Is the 25th anniversary of the
Sir Wilfrid  Laurier said  that    this   cess fully,   while   Miss   draco   Finder
would dispose of only a small part of  as "Nora"  and  Mrs.  J.  D.  Taylor as j
nickel.     A  better  market  would;"Mrs. Pontlng" were equally good.
tho   proper   man
thai man.
Animated Discussion.
oJi^"adv-^rUa"ngeforn applloatftni  <1("ath   ��f   <$**"}*'   J-   Ferguson.   WhoI��~f0"tfeS"for 7t by" establishing such |    Mr.   B.   R.   Hill  as  "the  other   Mr.
2S  selection  by   the  council.    They WM   the,  V1"".'!;15'   *a hews��n   ��f, hls   Industries In Canada. Smith,"  appeared  to  be  an  adept  at
hxx\l to ao by the applications and the ���, na-v' snd', in lhp opinion of old  fanB, |     Mr   whUe   p0|nted  out   that  when getting out of tight corners  with as-
mmendations of the applicants.    ione. of  ,!,<:,Kr^atl;st_ P'toners   In   the | the mln, buyg BiIver at current rates slstance from Dick Desmond  (Mr. W.
and  coins It   Into  silver    It  Is  fairly Algernon  Wells)   and   In  strong  eon-
profitable business.    The silver when trast to    the "Rev. John Smith," cur-
recommendations of
The,  superintrnd^t' of  waterwo"rks|'^tory of the National league.
bad got his position    by hiB recom
mendatlons.   He did not think he was
known personally.
Alderman Jardine suggested a ballot  on  the  names.
Alderman Kellington was emphatic
fer an open vote. He did not wanl
a recurrence of thn l'ort Moody Inci
dent where a candidate for the city
clerk-ship got one vote and three al
dortnon asserted that they had voted
for him, two making affidavits to that
So far as appointing a man by the
���day or month was concerned, Alder
man Ilryson had appointed a man
down at the: bridge without taking his
committee into consideration. He' did
���not see from the minutes they ever
did appoint that man. A man to pro
���porly fill this position would hue to
"Happy  hearts and  happy faces,
Happy  play in grassy places,
That   was   hew   in   ancient  ages
Children grew to kings and sages."
A bigger and a better floor than
ever was known at the May Day ball
Is the word that comes from the
energetic ball committee. Thanks to
the arrangement with the Native Sons
this has been assured. The floor has
tlie   addition    of a few evergreens to
replace  those  faded  at    the    Native
coined is issued to the banks In re- ate of St. Andrew's (Mr. A. A. Mat
turn for Dominion notes which can!theson.) The latter's main object in
then ba destroyed. He gave some;life appeared to be the offering of
figures showing the Increase in re- | "abject apologies."
fining done at the mint, the amount
being aa follows:
1908���"19 ounces.
1909���H779 ounces.
1910���G5.000 ounces.
1911--X9.000 ounces.
1912���105.000 ounces.
Bullion   sold  to  manufacturers    increased   from   a  value    of  $9000    In
1910  to J29G.O00  in  1912
said that In the past mints had been
en  sanded  and  Is  now  In  splendid   compelled to secure their gold bullion
ndltlon, while the decorations, with   fr��"' the United Sla,es-   ,rhp S��ve">-
Mr. Charles A. Brown was very
successful ns Sergeant Duffell. as
were Mr. F. J. Peers as Colonel Dun
can Smith, and Mrs. A. A. Mattheson
as Mrs. Fotheringay of the Bijou
The performance as a whole was
very well staged and reflects greal
credit on those responsible for its pro
Mr White '',lc"on' tbd weak point being the play
itself, which was Bome what too complicated and In real life utterly Impossible.
Call now and inspect our
complete line of Spring
High   Class   Ladles  and   Gentlemen's
16   Lorne   Street,   New   Westminster
506 Main Street, Vancouver
People Who
Know Buy at
We have built up a reputation for the right kind of
FURNITURE. That we maintain. Our Prices are
right. 'AH thc time" Many say we are the lowest
in thc city, quality considered.. Wc want you to
make a comparison. Here are some prices. Call and
see thc goods:
Flve-Pleee Parlor Suite   $29.50
Extension Tables from* i $9.50
Complete Set (6) Dining Chairs    I $12.50
Cood Strong Kitchen Chairs -   ....��    65e
Le an engineer, mechanic electrician, s��ns event, will in their way be of a
a waterworks engineer and a few other  unique  order.
Aid. rman Bryson���Alderman Kel
llngton raid I misrepresented him the
otber night and said 1 did it Intel!
tionally. but he is mlsn presenting me
in Baying 1 appointed the man at the
bridge. He was appointed by the su
perintendent not by me.   The superin
There will he a band of IS pieces
and the children, according to the
ball committee, will enjoy a great
final" tn a memorable day until 10
p.m. Then the grown-ups will take
the floor until 1 a.m. and after that
special cars wlll transport them to
Sapperton, Vancouver,   or   wherever
mem was anxious manufacturers in-
s:iad of send their gold to New-
York to be refined should refine It In
Ottawa, thus making the Canadian
mint as useful as possible.
tende'iil has power to appoint :i man  their homes may be in the city.
by the day but not by the month. All
1 said lo the superintendent was thai
if the man suited him put him on. if
not  don'l  put hlm on.
The mayor wondered if the chief ol
police  or  Ihe  fire  chief   would   take
Uiiiill\ in tiie idea of their advertla ng
for their men because they
by Uu- month.
The carpenters started work yes-
terday fixing the seats, of which there
will be a double row tor spectators.
There will be a better chanoe for
these latter to gel a glimpse cf the
May Queen an arrangementB have
been mad" to have her bower placed
" p u.l further out In the hall than was \M
case last year.    The master of cere-
Mu CommUttd
on Perjury fhargelssE
11 ���*>      served
Corner Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
Phone 588
'Continued from p-ire oneii
Alderman Kellington Wo wculd monies, Mr. W. A. Gilley, wlll lead oft
loot, very well picking up polic men in the time honored grand march
wouldn't we'. with the May Queen and the ex-
Alderman Dodd l"or efflclenl Ber master ot ceremonies Mr .1 .1 Cam-
vice the only way is to adopt the po- bridge, will follow with the ex-Queen
Ucy thai is establish d elsewhere. We Then will comi the maids of Ir nor
have our heads of departments re- tor this year and last accompanied by
sponsible to our committees for etfl mcmbers of the Mav Day committee,
me arrested 1 laid a complaint against
Mr. Bole After being arrested your
fi ������- disappeared?
Witness   Yet.
Proceeding witnrEB said he had often lent Dharm Singh money, but al-
wrfyB gol ii back. II" vas further
crosi examined as to Dharm Singh
cashing   n   cheque   for   $811.50   trom'Tho window
Raid Opium Den.
Charlo-i  Denble,  hnlc'.: ���:.  was  tried
I for keeping    an    opium    joint on Co-
i street,  and  after hearing  the
ce      Magistral"    Edmonds    re-
d his decision until today.
Detective Burrows deposed to vlsll
ing the house on Sunday nighl "from
information received."
In going upstairs his nostrils were
assailed wltb the strong fumes of
opium. II" enti red a room where h"
found some of the paraphernalia of
opium Bmokers. The lamp he found
outside in th.* bushes still hot. The
pipe had disappeared. The lamp must
have been thrown out of ih" window,
was o; en.
Hampton &.
Cla3:y   N'u-cical  Act.
Corr.edy Sketch Artists.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting with the greatest fav ir wherever laid.
ciently carrying on th"ir work.
Take (his position thai is now va
rant I think it nothing but right for
tho waterworks aupi rintendent to
make his recommendation ae to who
is a suitable- man for tho plac ��� I
only know on-' personally in this Usi
who is capable. I think it will Le best
to refer It hack to the committee and
let them bring In their recommendation to the council
The mayor considered tli" appoint
me-ir should havo been made by the
superintendent Biibjocl to th" approval
<if the council, lie was averse to any
alderman Interfering if they got good
resulta from a department, frankly,
wo far ns the applications wet" con
ti mod he had a scries ot telephone
���calls in connection with this appointment, sometimes when he was iu lied
"There were IS and tiny all had two
���or three friends. Some of them had
told him they had the promises of
thru* or four alde'rmen's support.
Aide rman Ilryson -Then they are
beared. There was a bylaw to that
'tiffin:  against  solicit ing.
The mayor One of them told me he
had the promise of an alderman.
Alderman Bryson said the superin*
teniiiiit  bad   gone  through   the  appll
A set of lancers is down to come
close on ihe heels of the grand march
and Hi" military schottlsche, waltz
and two-step will follow on,
Autos and Flowers.
There will be one i,f the grandest
processions of decorated automobiles
lhat has ever heen seen In the Royal
t'iry if all lh" auto owners are ns
keen upon gi\ing pleasure to ih" kid-
dies as are the energetic
of the parade committee. There will
h" special cars provided for the city
council, the Bchool hoard, the May
Hay committee and the press. Arrangements for the transportation ot
as many children as possible are now
being considered and a definite announcement will ba made as soon as
Mrs. Fltz Gibbon, of Vancouver, a
lady who is equally as well known in
(ircat. Britain as she is throughout
the Dominion, has signified her acceptance  ol   the   invitation   extended
Ile did not go to Cross examined by accused Mr. Burrows said a man named Goodson admitted having iniii smoking opium
and exonerated tl"' other Inmates.
Sergeant Bruce and Constable
Bruce corroborated Detective Bur-
Accused  denied  any  knowledge of.
the offence.    The other inmates. Arm- |
strong.  Goodson and  his alleged wife, I*
|n�� witness to go to New Westminster   were  lodgers.     He  never used  opium
wtth  him.    That was on  Dec. 2, 1912.   himself,  nor  would   he  know   it   wli *ti
He d'd so and tit the New Westminster   il   was  being   smoked.     He    did    iml
el' pot they met Hardit Singh. know that his lodgers wen   bad dnar
ri.rfl' S'liL-h spoke to Elardlt Singh acters Armstrong was in the house
members and told hire lt was no use their going before he, accused, bc-ame Its occu*
lo cnurt. He did not like it Hardit pier. Armstrong put up accused's
>-|ngh rorlird that if he did not go ball nnd the three others besides*, Ac-
through with ih" c"se and tell the cused had been in constant work ever
same story that he   ll-irdit Sinch, h-d   since h" came to the city, two months
Small  fi  Bucklln.
the I''"'( if M mtreal with ac ���* ���
and i thi rs on tint i ccaston to cash
It. Hi went to the bank cn his own
acci tint.
Had to Co Through,
Mlmsha  Singh, a  real estate dealer
in Vancouver, speaking    in    English,
said   he  remembered     Pertab    Sfngb
coming to him In Vancouver and ask-
Lr.te  Song   Hits.
0    REELS    5
Calfe's  Famcus Opera.
told him to tell he. Pertlh Kinih would
get the sain" trcuhle as Dharm Singh
had cot at the mill.
Witness understood bv that that
he would be beaten. Hardit Singh also
Slid I'erl-ih Singh would not he paid
the money owing to him by Hardit
Witness refused tn mix up in th"
affair and  returned  lo Vancouver by
to her by the May Day committee, to   the nexl  car.    The conversation was
assist   in  Ihe  judging  of  the  dances.   ln Punjaubee.
Rehearsal  Tomorrow.
Miss Lena Cotsworth will arrive in
the   city   tomorrow   morning,   and     a
rehearsal  will  be  held in  tho armor*
All  Friends.
Cross-examined,   witness    said    he-
was  friends  wtth the  three men.  ll"
and Dharm Singh had a deal together  portant matters will come up for con-
Edmonds, April 28. ���Hereafter the
meetings of the Burnaby srhool hoard
will be held on the second und fourth
Tuesday of each month at the hoard
offices, West llurnaby, instead of on
Saturday afternoons as has been thn
custom. The next meeting will be
held on Tuesday evening a' 7:?,t)
when  It is expected  that several  Im-
Bitulithic  on  Second Street, New Westminster with  Boulevard  Down
the Centre.
BlttilltblC Is noiseless, non-Slippery, practically dustless, ensy on
horses' feet, and. abovi all, particular!) durable, For thes" reasons
Bltulithic Is commended highly by owners ot automobiles'and horses,
householders, and city officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
In Canada, and over two hundred In the  United Slates.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone  Seymour 7130.        714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
Buy the News-Read the News
All the New Westminster News
���cations and he did nol know why he 'as al I o'clock lhat afternoon. Children from Lord Kelvin, Herbert Spencer. Judge Iloway and John Hobson
schools and from St. Ann's and St.
Louis colleges will h" in attendance.
Through the kindii.'ss of two members of tha Westminster Orchestral
Society   music   has  heen   assured.
A gentleman well known in amateur vocal circles, has taken in hand
the singing of the sword dance song
in which the dancers arc Introduced
to the audience, and '.his feature will.
it is thought, h" among the most
phasing of tho various dances to be
Please  Take   Note.
Tin- public is here reminded th:..
there will he scats for many hundreds in the bleachers and that none
ol th" dances wlll be proceeded with
until ih" ground   reserved   for   the
girls   and   hoys   there     is
tiari not reported on them, lie was
rear.- to lot the superintendent recommend on them. Yet they knew the
'trouble the superintendent had over
'the' appointment of an assistant su
perintendent They had a public meet
ing over it It was to avoid ihat thai
he had advertised,
He would like to si e the list lie on
tlie lahle for a week for the recoinmcii
���d.-iiicn of the superintendent  or the
wate'r  rommittee.
A vol" was taken on the Question
Mhcu Aldermen Kellington, ll.nl. >
find Jardine veiled to proceed with
��� lie ..'!i'i:tion at once and Aldermen
Bryson and Dodd lo delny and refer
back lo the water i-ommit!" and su
���piriilondi nt fer report and recom
On  the  list being rend  a first   time
Hugh   Gunn   received   two   Votes   and
Tom Warren, Keary street l, Charles ,.'|,,ar
Burrows 1, and J.  !(.  Flynn  l.
</m a sieond vote Hugh Gunn receiv
-e-d the votes of Aldermen Kellington
Henley and Jardine while Mr. flynn
���get Alderman Dodd's vote, and Alder
man  Ilryson  supported   Mr    BurroWB
Mr. Gunn was declare d appolnUJ
���Alderman lloeld    It  is a joke.
The mayor I think myself ll li the
wroag procedure. We Should hive
had a re-oeminioiidatiun from the wa
tet uipenntendent.
ahout  three  months ago
Tiie case closed and accused was
committed for trial Mr. Hole reserv
ing Ills defence'.
Some difficulty was experienced at
the beginning of the case abnu! th"
Interpretation. Mr. Hansford Insist..!
upon having Baharl Lal as his Interpreter and Mr Hole through Chief of |>,p,.r'a siding, 'llurnaby Lak
Police Bradshaw, had phoned for Mr.
VV. C Hopklnson, Vancouver, who Interpreted nil the Sikh case, at tha last
nssl7.es.   He objected to Ilo.iari I .al.
side-ration. With the passing of the
school bylaw on Saturday the trustees
will now be ln a position to secure
sites for new se-hools which are very
badly needed in some sections of the
Arrangements     will     probably   be
made for the opening of a school    at
it the
coming session.
Details  of Voting.
As was only natural the main topic
of  discussion   throughout  the   munlcl-
The court decided thai Mr Hopkins pa.llty today waa on the franchise by-
should  li" retained aa a check unon
Boharl Lal and th" case
Y.  M.  C, A.  t.OTES.
The junior school boya held i nnper
absolutely chase yesterday afternoon,   About   a
dozem  boys  participated  and  enjoyed
Everyone wlll have a good view as an excellent run In the direction   of
the platforms now being built are de- Q""ens parte.
signed   for  that express  purpose  and      '���'���"' annual banquet of the Leaders'
the   May   Day
the general public- will assist tlu-m in
gelling through llle program with due
law which was r.it li"d by the ratepayers on Saturday. An analysis of
the vote* shows thai North Burnaby,
Barnet, 1 aken t re Capitol Hill and
BurqultlAm dlslrlcl gave the strong-
. t support to ti..- agreement while
Edmonds, Central Park, Easl Burnaby. Dundonald and Burnaby Lake
voted   against.
\ greater number of peoplo registered against the Bchool by law In
Central Park, Kast Hiirnabv and ll'ir*
piltlam than In favor. North Burnaby
The Home of thn
Entire Change of
Program Daily
The American
Alfred W. MacLeod, the Insurance Man.    Agencies :
Established      Assets
Railway Passenger Assurance Co. of London ... 1849      '   S.ono.noo
Quaranteed by the North British      Mercantile
Insurance Co. of London    1��09 lflri.onn.nnn
Palatine Insurance Co, of London  18S6 9,000,i)nn
Guaranteed by the Commercial Insurance Company of London  i��6l oo.nnn.nno
Niagara I-'in- Insurance Co. of New York     lKIiO B.nnn.000
Svca Klre and Life Insurance Co. of Sweden  .. 1X66 14.000,000
Westminster   TrU6t   Block Phone 52.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust ��!Hfc.
imittee   hope   that  Corps will be held this evening In the giving the hoavesl support.    Th
home of Mr.    G.    1.    Sovereign,    the returns   on    the   srhool   bylaw
physical director. 7*J3 In favor to 252 against.
The  senior    swimming    class    will The   rnad  bylaw   was    opposed    In
meet  this  evening,  lhe  special  event Central  l'ark.  Kast  Hurnaby.  Buri'.ilt-
to   be   held   being   the   25  yards  dash lam  and   Dundonnld   bet   was carried
It should be remembered that the
worst impression a visitor can carry-
away from our May Day Is that of a
crowd which mistook license for
Ladies and Guides.
for the proficiency badge, easily   by   the  other  districts.    The.
Mr. C. A. McKay has been appoint- (lnal vote was 690 lo 283.
ed   temporary  assistant  se-oretary. The sidewalk bylaw which was also j
The "Y" Harriers' club will hold a passed   was   favored   strongly   In   Kd-1
'(By  "Gravy.")
Harry I'ayne Whitney who lu a mem-
Iter of the- fashionable sporting clubs
���of North America, and a number In
Europe, will celebrate his -list birth-
���ilny loday. .lust now the young millionaire hs concentrating his attention
on the coming im rld's championship
pedo series to I" held this summer
whin an English team will aga al
ti ii pi to cap tii re tbe Ni wporl cup, now
In Id by America.
Mr. Whim.'., v 111 ag iin load thc defending team. A halt) i yal ol il il-
Ian and pounds, Mr, Whitney supplj
[ng thc dollars from bis II rilled
and '* natantly replenished coffcrB, oi
wl -  '.'   keeps his  coin  in, and
the Duke or Westminster paltlns up
the   pounds   frnm   his   equally   lavish
-board, has already developed.   U was,
The committee, which waa supplied  reorganization    meeting    on  Wednes- moods. East Burnaby, North Burnaby,
to the ranks of the May Hay commit*
tee from the Weatmlnster Council of
Women, Is doing great work in connection with perfecting the arraiu
ments for May Day, an event In
which the women of the city are very
nearly  concerned.
Mrs .1. K. Phillips was over In
Vancouver yesterday bent on s> cuing the presence of the Girl Guides
on May Day. She Interviewed both
guide mlatressos, Miss Mansfield and
Miss James, and was assured by
them thai fhe guides havo been look
Ing i rs .< I tor weeks t i ihe i :,*
pi cted Invitation,
Bxacl details of tho number that
wlll parade will h.* known by Wed-
i . lay next, In many other waya
ih,. lad i i the city are va Uy aiding iin* work thai has grown with
iii.* >. ars and wiih h Is absolutely
nei      irj   In  preparing for May  Day.
day  evening,   when   the   program   for  Capitol
the    year    will    be   drawn  up.    All
old   members  and    prospective    new
members are requested to attend.
The members are requested not to
forget the "ino in one day" member
ship campaign which will he held on
Thursday,  May  l.    Everyone
Hill,    Barnet    and
Lake, but lost slightly in Central
Park, Burqultlam, Dundonald and
Much general satisfaction is "������
pp'sse'd at ilia passing of ihe Bchool,
road ami sidewalk bylaws, as It is
now  expected   that   the  new  aehool
pected to giv(. assistance lu bringing  and  streel  Improvements which
the desired number of new  mem   badly needed In some districts wlll b
Glasgow,     Apr !     "-     Vldi-
tlonal  Scottish  h a tb ill
games played dm ��� week
Alrdi leonlana   I,   Un ih  nov-
i rs   12,
Palklrk 2, i
Kaith  Hover,  1,  l-'alklrk 0,
gone ahead with.
'I in* result of He   frhnchiao vi u
give!     ! vliiw
Pi IIti ��� station Tor.  Ag
Bdmoi de     72
i * itral  Park    26
Easl   Uurnab}      17
North  llurnaby   IK5
Ci     lol   lllll      72
llur      -I  ��� i 17
Lak. m re II
i.      'i          7
.   Lako  . . ...  l'i
Holiday  fer   Burnr.by  Officials.
Bdmonda, April 28,   In courtesy to
HARRY TIDY,  Manager.
MAY 3rd
Henry W. Savage's
Scnls ai *    on sale    al
'1 |y, the t Ioi, * ... J 17 Coll in
iia Street. I'I ��� I ; lleaervu
Ihem eai lj     id **,��� :  tho best.
"Bedford's Hope
Lincoln J. Carter's Greatest Effort.   A Magnificent
*��� 1 f) 1 Hisftn" Production in three reels.
Fresh Air Filkins"
An invigorating "Imp'' Comedy.
. .712
t*u^iixiix.*iaata:jx*cx-.^viSBeistrijA^JiXmi^.,.'ia   UTSMxaum
Nestor Comedy.
ss*c*xai:jaimsii*rjaa-rtnjs*t:s*-y*i' mr.I asm TUESDAY,   APRIL  29.   1913.
Batteries:     Kastley
Bolce and Grlndle,
and    Murray;
Victoria   Loses   Opener.
Victoria, April 28. Vancouver won
from Victoria 6-3 in the opening game
ul tbe Northwestern lengue season e>n
Ute home grounds today. Both teams
tilt hard hut Vancouver's hits were
more timely.
It.    II.    K.
Vancouver  (i    12      4
Victoria      3    10     0
Batteries Schinutz and Kennick;
Smith and Meek.
Russian Poland, In competition for the
It-SOO Pommen oup, Edward Demars,
the Swiss aviator, ascended at 4:89
a.m. anil was tollewed a minute later
hy Leon Letort, th" French airman.
They Intended to fly hy way of Berlin
to thi-ir destination.
B.  C.  L.  A.   Schedule   Announced  for
Season  of  1913���Three  Games
in Victoria.
Mr.  Harry  Cowan  Elected  to  Represent B. C. L .A. at Winnipeg
With the adoption of the national
commission idea and tbe election of
Mr. Harry Cowan, past president of
the 1). C. L. A., as the western representative, the Coast lacroBse league
yesterday afternoon entered upon a
step which it is hoped will he an advance above anything else yet attempted to foster the national pastime
and at the same time put the game
���on a sound footing both ln the east
and  west. ���
The commission plan was not adopted without eoiiip strenuous talking by
practically every delegate present
during the four hour sitting, the Royal
delegates finally assenting to a commission after it had he-en pointed out
to them that It would benefit not only
themselves hut also Victoria, who
will probably default placing a team
In the field thin Beason but are planning to have a strong line up for 11114.
The  chief  bone  of contention  cen-1
tend around a player who hails to the
name of Dohinee.
He was the first eastern player to
write 111'1 New Westminster club asking whal chance he had to make the
team and Muck .Marshall, who played
Willi the fellow last season while on
Uie Toronto Iiii" up, spoke so highly
eif him, thai Manager Gifford Wrote
"Red" and askxl his price The reply
came tme-k over the wire that nothing
less than 12500 would satisfy tli" blue
Shirt, bul Ul" price was consldl ri il too
high for Olfford who promptly turned
Hi" demand down cold.
Since tin n Dohinee has repented "f
his hasty action, and admits that Con
Jones approached him while in To
ronto and offered him $20'i(i just for
the sake of keeping him away from the
Minto cup holde'rs. .lust as soon as he-
found thai the New Westminster ex
ecutive in*-mt business, however, he
took a tumble aad Btarted out for the
<".: ' ready to tackle any kind of a
Ji b lu t as long as he Btood a chance
to  make  tin*  world's champions.
Thai is how tin- matter Hands at
Hie- present time. Dohinee' is expi eti d
here any day and Just what II. .1
Fleming will do when he hears thai
li:-. pel field player has flown the coop
is left to tin' fans to Imagine.
Dohiner's case will probably he the
Main   Store    193-443
Sapperton  Store    373
We6t   End  Store       650
at last In our new store, 0S1
Columbia St. (Trapp's old
stand) and we want you ull
to como In and look around.
A new shipment Just to
hand in sizes that sell from
20 for 25c. to 45c. per dozen
These nre all first class fruit
awl guaranteed freo from
The nicest deBsert fruit put
up In tins. Comes In Pears,
1'eacheB, Apricots, Cherries,
Pineapple, nnd sells for 35c.
and  40c. per tin.
first to be taken up by the National
Elected Delegate.
Mr. Harry Cowan, although a Vancouver man, found the support of both
Victoria and New WeBtmlnster when
he was mentioned as commissioner
and will leave for Winnipeg where the
first meeting will be held, sometime
next week. It ie probable that Percy
Qulnn, the president of the Dominion
Lacrosse asBociatlon, will represent
the lilg Pour at the conference while
the name of Mr. Isaac Pitblado, K.C.
of Winnipeg has been advanced as the
third man for the commission. Mr.
Pitblado has a national reputation ot
settling disputes In different kinds of
sports and if he can be Induced to
take the position, lacrosse In Canada
will benefit.
During his trip to Winnipeg, Com-
missloner Cowan will stop off at Cal-j
gary, Regina and Saskatoon and may
even go up north as far as Edmonton j
In order to test the feeling towards la-
crosse with a view of forming leagues
In the prairie provinces which would
In  time he  ln  a position  to compete. !
with ICn.'tixn and Coast teams for the!
Minto cup.
Expected Comb.
It. was expected that whin the meet-
!nu opened Con Jones would explode a
liomh In the midst of the New West-
minster delegates as regards the meet i
Ing In Montreal two week* ago when
l." Lally, holding a Westminster
proxv, flaunted a red flag In front, of*
ih" Rig Four and Messrs. Con Jones
and  Lionel  Yorke.
Con started off the discussion by at-;
tempting   to  fasten on  to   Mr.  Gowan
the    fact    that   he,    Jones    was    Riv- I
en  tin-  proxy  of  the  Salmon   Bellies.
Mr. Mae.Gowan was appointed to rep- j
r sent the local club at the Montreal
mi "ling bul at the eleventh hour found
h"  was unable to make the  trip and '���
Informed   Mr.  Jones  that  he  waB tin-:
able; to have his business bul "did not 1
Inform Mr  Jones he was to represent
New Westminster."
After considerable debate, ihiring
which l'n sldenl Kellington several
times waa compelled bo Call for ord"r.
the other business was taken up. Mr
Jones failing to make an impression
thai he received a proxy.
May  Nct  Field Team.
From  remarks passed by  Mr. John
Virtue and   l.inne-1   York"   of   the   Vic- !
torla club, It would appear almost tin- !
n"oslble   tor  the Capital  City  aggre- j
gation to gather a team together this
Beason  although this matter was left I
over   for   another  week   In   order  to
find out, whether the Ilig Four clubs
now that the commission problem has
been settled by the ('oast clubs will re ]
uce their list of reserve players.
The eastern moguls evidently saw
"-"'k'vs ahead, especially from New
Westminster, for each manager not
only retained the right lo last year's
players hut  Increased his list of avail
able material up to 20 men.   This lisi
they will probably reduce to 15 men
which would still give Victoria an op
portunlty to break Into the game al
though the proposition Inclines very
much towards the doubtful column.
In any event Victoria will have
three of the New Westminster games
played on the Island which will give
the fans of the Island city a rtiance to
get acquainted with the professional
game    and    make a foothold  strong
nenph  for the season of  1914.
The next meeting of the association
���;l| he held In Victoria on Tuesday
aflernoon, May 6 when a revision of
th" rules and constitution of the
league wlll be taken up and theso re-
Oommended to Commissioner Cowan
to lake them up at the Winnipeg
Those nrerent at the meeting were
Mrpsrs. ''on Jones, Wlll Kills. Harry
Cowan, Vanoouver; John Virtue, Bob
De--* swell. Lionel Yorke and K. C.
Courtnay,   Victoria:   Tom  Gifford.  J.
V I.ee. Gowan MacGowin. Md. Kellington and Aid. Lynch. New Westminster.
Standing of the Clubs.
Chicago    10
Ne-w   York    7
Philadelphia    5
Pittsburg      8
Brooklyn    6
St. Ixmls  7
Boston     2
Cincinnati     2
Yesterday's Games.
Chicago 8���Pittsburg 5.
Chicago, April 28.���Chicago moved
Into first place In the National league
today by defeating Pittsburg In the
final game of the series while New
York was prevented from playing by
wet   grounds. R.   H.    E.
Pittsburg   5   11      5
Chicago    8   10     2
llatteries: Hendiix, Adams and
Kelly; Toney, Cheney and Archer.
St.   Louis  7���Cincinnati   5.
St. I<ouis. April 28.���St. l^ouls won
today's game here 7-5, taking three
out of four games from Cincinnati.
Score: R.    H.    E.
Cincinnati      6   11      2
St.  Ixmis    7   11     2
Batteries: Powell, Works, Smith,
Packard and Clark; Sallee and Wingo
and McLean.
Philadelphia        at       Boston
Brooklyn      at      New      York-
Standing  of the Clu
Philadelphia      9
Cleveland  10
Washington 7
Chicago   8
Ht.  Louis     7
Detroit       5
Yesterday's  Game
Boston  at  New     York,    postponed;
wet grounds.
Washington   at   Philadelphia,
New Westminster will open the
11913 lacrosse season at home on the
Queens park oval on the afternoon ol
Victoria Day, May 24. This was decided upon last evening when Messrs.
Jones, Dltchburn and Gifford, repre
senting the Vancouver, Victoria and
New WeBtmlnster clubs respectively,
got together at tlR Russell hotel and
arranged the schedule for tbe coming season. ,
The matter of having three of New
! Westminster's home games played In
{Victoria following out tbe agreement
: with Manager Jones of the Vancouver
'club made It necessary to bunch the
games somewhat.
! Labor Day ls generally Bet apart for
i the locals to play at Queens park, but
unless the standing of the two clubs
ls close It bas been found that the
gates do not amount to a great deal
bo that the move in Belling three
games to tbe Vancouver club should
j be of financial benefit to the Royals.
The    following    Is    the    schedule
drawn up last evening:
May 24  (Victoria Day)���Vancouver
at WeBtmlnster.
May 31���Westminster at Vancouver.
June 7���Vancouver at Westminster.
June 14���Westminster   at   Vancouver.
June   21-Vancouver   at   Westminster.
June 28���Westminster-Vancouver at
July 1���Westminster at Vancouver,
July C- Westminster at Vancouver.
July   12   (Orange   Day I���Vancouver
at  Westminster.
July IK���Westminster at Vancouver.
July 26���Vancouver ai Westminster.
AugUBt     2���Westminster-Vancouver
at Victoria.
August 9���Westminster at Vancouver.
August 16���Westminster at Vancouver.
August 23���Vancouver at Westminster.
September  1     (Labor  Day)���Westminster-Vancouver at Victoria.
Ha8 Promised to Open B. C. Baseball
League at Queens  Park  Saturday���North  Vancouver Here.
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase  and   8ale  of   Real   Estate.
No. 132���Size 52x118 feeL Price $500 each, $50 cash, balance $13
per month.
No. 15���Two large lots on Fifth Btreet, all cleared, ready for
building. Size 105.6x148.6 feet. Price $3300; one-third cash, balance 6,
12 and 18 month.
No. 16���One lot facing on Second street, between Seventh and
Kighth avenues. All cleared. Price $656; one-third cash, balance 6,
12 and 18 months.
141���One lot corner Eighth avenue and Second street All cleared.    Size 59x132 feet.   Price $1600;  terms.
No. 143���Corner on Hamilton street. All cleared. Size 49x100-
feet.    Price $1200;  one-quarter cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
No. 144���Corner on Royal avenue. All cleared. Size 66x132 feet.
Price $4500;  one-third bash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begblt Streets, New Westminster.
| . The initial game of the B. C. Base-
: ball league wlll be contested on the
Queens park oval neit Saturday afternoon when Manager Jonea and hla
North Vancouver outfit wlll come
across from the north side of Burrard Inlet and  cross bats with    the
I aggregation under Herb Ryall.
The consent of Mayor Wells Gray
to pitch the llrst ball across the plate
was obtained ty the local club secre-
1 tary. last evening on the stipulation
that another of the aldermen or   ex-
' Mayor John A. Lee would be behind
the plate on the receiving end.
It  is  expected   that  one  of  these
gentlemen will be rounded up some
time today.
The managers of each of the city
: teams will hold a meeting on Thursday evening to Belect the strongest
team possible which is expected to
bring home the bacon for the Royals.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches.   Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ln all parts of the
world. ���
CHA8. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: D. D. WILSON, Manager.
Coal Strikj Spreading. ,
Reuthen, Germany,    April 28���The        For a light, refreshing Stimulant
coal  strike    in  Prussian    Siledia    is
spreading rapidly.    The total number   nothing better than a glaSS OI Olir
who  hjve  laid  down  their  tools  Is
now 54-0����j Hygienically Brewed
poneo:   rain.
Detroit    at
wet grounds.
Cleveland, postponed;
Po-nmery Cup Competition.
yillacoublay,   France.     April     28 ���
Two aviators started  from  the aerodrome here this morning for Warsaw.
A special  meeting of the 13.
C. A. A. U. will be held at the
Y. M. C. A. this evening when
Dr. Davidson and Mr. Milton
Oppenheimer, of Vancouver,
will be present and listen to
the requests of the local delegates for better regulations regarding athletics as applied to
baseball and  football.
The meeting will open   at 8
It will pull you together.   For
sale at all hotels and liquor stores
or crder direct from
Phone L75.
Baseball Results
Standinn of the C.iubs.
Vancouver    8
Seattle    8
Spokane          8
Portland      5
Tacoma     6
Victoria     5
Main   Store   681   Columbia.
Sapperton Store, 317 Col. St.
West   End   Store,  Sixth  Ave.
and  12th Street.
Yesterday's  Gimes.
Giants Are Trimmed.
Spokane,   April  28- Kraft  waB teo
* much  for  Seattle today,  while Dell's
delivery was fathomed by Spokane In
| the closing  Innings and  the Indians
,won the firBt of the serleB 71. Kraft
I was   particularly  effective    In    tight
' places  and  struck  out  Fullerton and
Jackson  In tbe seventh  with runners
nn second nnd third.    Strait nnd Nlll
;dld  sensational  fielding,  making one-
| handed catches that robbed the locals
of whal looked like Bstfe hits.
It.    II.   E.
Si'iitlle      1     4     2
Spokane     7   10    21
llalleries:   Dell and Cadnuin; Kraft
and Ostdlek,
And our big removal sale will be a thing of the past.
SEE OUR WINDOWS: Suit values up to $20.00 for
Tacoma Climbing.
Tacoma, April 28. The errors of
Speas al short gave Tacoma three
runB In the first inning today whloh
proved enough to win the flrsl game
of ihe series wiih Portland, Attor the
���second Inning Eastley held the Tigers
scoreless, but he was unsteady and
f]'"uii"iit!y in n hole. Ilolce for Tacoma
pitched a Btrong game.
It.   ll.   io.
Portland       2     fi     1
I Tacoma       4     8     1
the next few days
Remember YOU are getting new Spring Goods at 20% less
than regular prices. Come and see for yourself, but don't
come expecting to find a store full of junk and large placards
such as you see at most sales, we have nothing on sale but
dependable merchandise.
20 Per Cent, off everything for the
next few days
Before we move to our new home at 602 Columbia St.
Smart Apparel
W\: !
TUE8DAY, APRIL 29.  1913.
Classified Advertising
t RMftS. e
Classified���One cent per word per
any; 4c per word per week; 15c per
n.onth; 5.000 words, to be used sb re-
n.iired within one year from date of
contract,  J25.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 60c.
Death Notice 60c or with Funeral Nonce $1.00. Card of Thanka 50c per
preferred. References required
Apply Box 1180 News office.   (1180)
housework; sleep out. Apply mornings,  512 Seventh streot.        (1190)
hy an English lady; 25 years' experience. Apply 118 Eighth avenue,
city. -im)
vant at once; three in family. Apply Mrs. Watson, 40G Third avenue.
V3 H164)
vassers. Good money proposition.
Apply today Roam 31S WeBtminBter
Trust Building. ((1152)
dian Home Investment contracts,
matured or nearly matured. Give
number, series, standing and price
wanted. P, O. Box tioO, Edmonton,
Alberta. * I1141)
beds and pillows. Address Box
1136   News  office. (1136)
housework and two children. Apply 113 Fifth avenue. |1128)
off; |800; $150 cash.   Apply A. Mc
Fee-, Edmonds, B. C. Phone L 103X.
And  Latest Effect
In  Spring Tunics.
lot in splendid position on Eighth
avenue, facing Moody park, must
be sold. Price $1500, on terms to
suit.    Box 1153  News. (1163)
galow, city, new. Price $1860; $50
cash, balance monthly. Apply 803
F/ltth street. (1138)
to purchaser, 171 Va acres, high and
low land, adjoining Nicomen station
on C. P. B. Rich loam, about 40
acres cleared, mostly in timothy,
tbe rest easily cleared; barn 60x80
feet; good Ave roomed house:
plenty well water. Price $10,000;
half cash, balance In 12 months.
Reduction for whole cash. Apply
F. Turner, De Roche P. O., B.C.
Stove, Canada's ^rlde Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week.
Canada Range  Co.,  Market square.
Furnished   three   room   suite,   with
bath.    Hot and  cold  water.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave.
Phone 750
housekeeping rooms. Apply 37
Agues street.    Telephone  L638.
ed rooms; uBe of telephone; on car
line.    Apply  433 Twelfth  street.
small furnished cottage on Durham
street.   Phone 331 R. (1171)
ished house, with hall, living room,
three bedrooms, or two bedrooms,
giving extra rooin, bath and
kitchen; in nice location, being
close to town and on tram line.
Apply English  &  Brown. (1174)
ishe-d housekeeping suite; phone.
Apply 326 Fourth Btreet. (1160)
and   board,   ~o(5   Gloucester   street,
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
Five-room cottage; good location:
Seventh avenue. Modern, well
built $3,000. Terms: $600 cash;
$30 per month. No. 100.
On   Seventh   avenue,   5-room   modern
cottage, $:i,:',00.    Terms:   $500 cash;
balance 6, 12, 18 months.       No. 93.
Near 12th Street.    6-room fully  modern house;   price,  $3,300;   one-third
cash, balance lo arrange.      No. 87.1
On Seve��nth avenue west, 6-room modern house,  good  lot.    Price,  $3,300.
$500 cash, balance 6, 12,-18 month.
No. 94.
On  London  street, well-built    7-room
house, lot 50 by 132;  extra choice.
$2,950. No. 88.
At Queensboro���Eight-room house;
lot 50 by 130. Price, $2,250. Terms
to arrange. No. 86.
East end, near Royal avenue, 5-room
cottage, modern except furnace-.
$2,500; one-third cash; 6, 12, 18
mouths. No. 82.
West eud h iuse, 6-room house; lot 50
by 150.   $2,800; terms to suit. No. 78
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
Thst  tt   plaited  skirt  may   be   kept
David Smith, pioneer engraver of
Toronto, died In his 77th year.
A hy-law to ralBe $80,000 to build
cement sidewalks in Orlllla was carried.
The body of an unknown man was
found in a lane off Bathurst street,
The body of a laborer named Arthur Warren was found In the Wel-
land canal.
Dougald Graham, .who has conducted n grocery business ln Strath-
roy for 37 years, will retire.
A d! P. R. freight train left the
tracks three miles north of Bolton
Junction, piling 22 cars up on the
There Is little chance of the Australian cricketers playing in Tonronto
as the guarantee asked for is considered excessive.
Sidney Kingston, a Toronto commercial traveller, was found by his
wlfo with a cut in his throat and the
gas escaping In hiB room.
Mrs. J. Hutchinson, of West London, was struck by a runaway horse
owned by the City I'arcel Express
company, and seriously hurt.
E. L. Sutherland of Embro was
awarded by unanimous verdict $3,000
elamages for libel against 1). M. Ross.
R. Blair and A. E. Klttmer of West
Rev. Dr. Griffiths Thomas of Wy-
Cllffe college, is the new preside lit of
the Bible league of Canada, in succes
aion lo Itev. Dr. Elmore Harris, who
died In India.
The prevailing north winds have
driven the Ice back into the harbor
at Owen Sound. Over a month II was
as free of Ice as It will be in the middle of th" summer.
Lord Strathcona sent a subscription
of $5,000 for the St. Thomas Y. M.
C. A., and J. F .Langan. an old St.
Thomas boy In Coqultlam, gave the
same amount.
At Sarnia, Annie Swanson, a 16-
year-old girl, was sentenced to four
years In the industrial school for girls
at Toronto for being an Inmate of a
I disorderly house.
H. Boulder, an Englishman, dropped
wedding. Tho excitement was too
much for him, however; he became
suddenly ill and expired of heart disease.
It Ib announced that Hon Dr. Roche,
minister of the Interior, now at his
brother's home ln St. Thomas, will
sail from New York May 3 to spend
some time In England looking Into
the Immigration work of the Dominion In the old land. It is expected
that the trip will bo of benefit to the
minister's health.
With the Welland canal now being
deepened to thirty feet there remains
but one weak line in the chain of
fresh water navigation between Montreal and the end of the lakes, and
that is the section between Luke Ontario and Montreal. Premier Borden
states that the question of improving
thc latter section Ib under consideration, and that the New York state government will likely co-operate with
Canada in thla work.
Good AU Round
aids to good health���and to the
strength, comfort and cheerfulness which depend on thecondi-
lion of health���are the famous,
time-tested, safe and  speedy
B.[. Coast Service
i boxes, 25 c*iiU.
Uiuvb VanoOUVox for Victoria 10 u. m..
t p, in. and  11 :4:>.
Leaves Vancouver for S*ftttle 10 it. r��.
umi 11 p. tu.
Li'iiven Vancouver for|Nsnialmo a p- m-
Leaved Vancouver for Prince Rupert
und Northern Points io p. tu. Wedoe*'
Chilliwack Service
Loaves Chtlllwaok   7   a. in.
i t'liuimluy and Sumrtlay.
!     Lt-uvee   Westminster   8   a.  m.   Monday,
j Wedneaday and i-'riday.
| KD. QOUL.HT, Agenl,  New Weatmlnster.
II. w. BROOIB, ti. P. A., Vanoouver,
Transfer Co.
! Offlc*  Phon* 185.      Barn Phon*  137
Beg-bis Street.
I      Baggage Delivers* Promptly to
any part of the city.
! Light and Heavy Hauling
The amount of grain awaiting the
reopening of navigation at ol'rt William Is about 22,000,000 bushels of
wheat, 6,000,000 btiBhcls of oats, and
11,500,000 bushels of flax. I
A three-Inch vein of 8,000 ounce ore
was struck on thn 700-foot level or| The New, ;
Beaver  mines.    Tins   Is   the  deepest     "��
point  ln  Cobalt  that  high  grade  ore 8 a.m. should
has  been   encountered,     lt   adds   another 100 feet to tho known productive  fTI  CDLJ-T'iMir   OOO
depth of the camp. I  | EiLUr rlUlNlli  V \\7 V
The proposed direct water route between  Kort William and the Atlantic  nnd make complaint. Only In this wa;
aboard Is being brought up again In imay an efficient    delivery    be    matn
In extremely nurrow lines U evidenced dead a, B t) Sm!lh'B fartorv, wi
by tbls French trock of dove gray j nona, one hour after starting on his
Innsdowne-a silk and worsted weave ��� llrst job lu t'anada His widow and
���^whlcb has on entirely new tuuicover   family ��re in England
a side plaited skirt
Iceeplng rooms. Apply 420 St.
Oeorge street or phone 1526. (1189)
Infanta    Eulalia   of   Spain   Write*   a
Beauty Book.
The  lnfnntu   Eulalia,  aunt of  King
Alfonso of Spain, has published anotb
er volume, entitled "Kor Women."
A former book by tbe princess. "The
Thread of Life," waa published lu detl-
ance of the king.
"Women ought to be beautiful," says
this royal authoress In her new tiook
Their beamy, snld Itnskln. cun never
become too grent for tbe good cf humanity nur spread too fnr Its light.
Cgliness In n wnmnn is n painful thing
Miss 0 lady a Meredith of Brantford
was awarded $1,600 damages against
the chief of police and two other officers and i'r. Ashtnn fur false arrest,
Imprisonment and assault.
Failure on the part of the employ
ers to meet the demand for a general
Increase In wages resulted In nearly
2,000 employes of Hamilton clothing
shops going on  strike.
Rev. H, n. Daniels, pastro of the
Now Jeruslem church, Berlin, gets a
bequest of an Income of Ifi.Oi'O by the
will of Mrs. t'amllle Case, a former
parishioner, ln  I.aporte, Ind.
Three years In the penitentiary
was the sentence Imposed upon "Dr."
Thomas Robertson, supposed to be
from low-.i. fnr stealing a horse belonging to J. W. Plnder, of llerlin.
The congregation of the Holy Angels' church, St. Thomaa, aubBcrlbed
Parliament, and, it Is believed, that
the ltichelieu & Ontario Navigation
company is playing a far more active
and ambitious part in this enterprise
than would appear.
The terms of sale In connection
with tho acquisition of the Drummond mine at Cobalt by English capitalists show the purchase price Is
$950,000, and the sale of ihe riparian
rights of Kerry Lako to the crown
Reserve and Kerry Lake mining com-
pa.iies, for $150,000. That Is $75,000
each. This deal will mean the opening
of a large area tor development.
L. II Oaboury, for many years as-
���iit;taut postmaster at Montreal, has
been appointed superintendent of city
ami semi-staff otllceB for Quebec and
the mailtlme provinces.
New   Spring  anil   Summer  Suitings
now  on  display.    See them.    Perfect
lit and -Workmanship guaranteed.   701
Front Street.
Household Hints.
elose to Sixth street car, city.
Room 419 Westminster Trust building.   Rutledge lirokerago Co. (1143)
keeplng rooms.    224 Seventh streot.
������i.. -i.i.    i.���,���        .1, ���       ��� a, ������     "'-
small rooms over the News office.
8ultable for club or light manufacturing purposes. Will lease for two
or three year tenn, singly or en bloc.
Apply to Manager the News.
where.     No   collection,   no   charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency. ;i:i6 Hastings street west. Vancouver, 11. C. (876)
(Winding Up.)
In the Matter of the "Winding Up
Aet," Revised Statutes ot Canada
���Chapter 1-44, and
In the Matter of The People's Trust
Company, Limited.
th* <'���-uii haa flx.-l the r.nth day of Ai.nl.
r.u3. at in :io o'clock In the forenoon in
Chunil.'-is ul tho f.iurt House. Vancouver, li i' an th- time unit place for tli-
sippointni'-it of iifti.-iiii Liquidator of me
s��ove named Company.
THB CREDITORS <��f the above named
Company srs i��� -<j.M-ri-i on ..r before the
:oth dny ot April. 1913, t.i send in their
ii.-i.n-r.-ti and addresses, ami tho p-artlcii-
lare <>f tlit-ir il.-i.i.s and claims, nnfl the
names and addresses ..f thfir Solicitors, tf
.my. in ilu- Westminster Trust, Limited,
. r the city nf New Westminster, Prev-
i ,c-v *f 11.lush Columbia, Provisional i.i'i-
i.ldatora of the nhi.i Company, and If en
i.tUllr.it liy nolle- In wrltlm; from the
salrt Liquidators, an- by tle-tr Solicitors to
,- imp .a tm.i prove thetr sold debts and
, alma, at my Chambers at the New
Court HoiiH.'. Vanoouver, ll C, at sueh
fn.- an shall bo Hpedfled in such noil.-.-,
<,r In il.'fauli thereof, they wlll !>.��� ��� -%-
, uil,-it from ih" benefit of Onr distribution  mado l.< for.- mu'*!i  debts are proved
DATED Uie Hull 'I y of April. A. D.
A    n    POTTINOBR,
New Westminster, I*  C.
Hollcltor for the Petltlonlog Creditor and
The  Westminster  Trust    Limited,   Th-
Provisional Liquidators,
New Westminster District.
The following applies only to the
I New Westminster Dominion Lands
Squatters on Dominion Lands in
Ithe New Westminster Agency who
[are not located in Timber Ilenhs will
Ibe given until Monday, tho 19th day
of May, 1913. within which to appear
ami make application for entry.
Squatters  whose  claims  have  been
allowed,   who   have   not   yet   secured
] homestead   entries,   will   be   notified
I by the Dominion Land Agent at their
last known address.    In'the event of
any  such  squatters  falling  to appear
land make application before the date
mentioned.   t,helr   claims   will   lapse
anil  the lands  will  be otherwise  dls-
: posed of on and after thnt date.    If.
j however,   good  renson   is   shown   for
failing to appear and    the    Improve-
'ments on the land are of substantial
value a  further  period  of prdtcction
may be allowed by the Agent In cases
of  merit.    Claims not yet  dealt with
must be filed Immediately.
Squatting on Dominion Lands without the authority of the Department
will not henceforth be allowed and
will result In loss of claim and for-
telture of Improvements.
Supt.,  B.  C.  Lands.
Ottawa, 9t!i April, 1913. (1080)
that exercises a most depressing Intlii
ence on those about her. On tho other over S1S.000 towards the erection of
hind, a beautiful face creates cheer- the proposed seminar:, in London for
fulness nnd stimulates human effort.       the training   of   young   men   for   tho
The   woman   upon   win.in  ttie   tired   Pr'1' stbood,
eyes of  her  husband after  his day's |    On May 8 Stratford will vote on a
work do not rest with pleasure la fall   bj-law  to  loan   the    Stratford    Mill
Ing in her proper role, whicb Is to be n '
center of harmony, n mirror of beauty  j
The  world pardons  many  faults to K
beautiful  woman because she adorns
Building company $30,000 and grant a
fixed assessment  of $12.00  Ofor ten
year.0, In return for a $66,000 plant to
manufacture flour mill machinery.
The   Allla-Chalmera   company,   ol
Milwaukee,  and     the     Allis-t'halniers
company of Montreal, have sold to the
Canadian   Oeneral   Electric     Co.     all
properties  and   assets  of     the    Allis-
For Amateur Photographers ! < lialnort* Ilullock company In Canada
People fund of taking nniaieiir pho  j    The Italians of Centre  Toronto hon-
tograpba   or   who   hnve   photographs Iored Hon. J. .1   Foy, attorney-general
which   they   wish   to   place   in   their ! of Ontario,  who  some years ago  rep
tile world and nn whieh stie .outers i
"favor." ns Emerson said, by lhe mere
fact of her presence.
Every kitchen should have strips of
enrjiet placed on Ihe floor.
A very minute nmotint of keroseneollj
on a cloth wlll clean furniture.
After frying onlous |>uur a little vln-j
eenr Into the frying pan. let lt get hot, j
snd It will  remove ull smell from tlm
If linoleums nnd oilcloths are rub-1
bed after being washed with a Utile
linseed oil they will Iie found to wear
longer and have a polish without be-1
Ing slippery.
Tn dampen a cheesecloth duller ��lth
a little furniture pollub Is a dusting
wrinkle Hint few know. It wipes up
dust mul does not simply move lt ou,
ns su mauy dusters do.
APRIL 29th, 1913.
Instructed by Mr. J. C. Blair, 1 will sell by public auction at his residence. 426 Agnes street, elose to the MaBonic Hall, all his Furniture
and  effects as follows;     3-plece  parlor suite, upholstered  in  figured
silk, parlor chair and rocker and 2 centre tables, all In mahogany tin-
ish, Axminster, Brussels, velvet pile, tapestry and other carpets and
rugs, hall, bathroom and kitchen linoleum as laid, extension table, f>
diners, upholstered In leather,  buffet with bevel plate mirror, china
cabinet, centre table. Jardiniere -stand,  all   In   i*olid   quarter-cut  oak,
electric lamps and shade, oak rockers, golden oak centre table, mission
oak den table, couch and Morris chair upholstered ln green, new Singer sewing machine, hall mirror with braas hooks, folding screen, new-
refrigerator In oak, brass trimmed and other beds, springs. Ostermoor
and other mattresses, solid quartor-cut oak dresser with large bevel
plate mirror, child'B iron cot w-trti  Rest more mattreas,  hall  and  stair
carpet, 2 solid quarter-cut ook dressers and commodes with large bevel
plate mirrors, toilet sets, bathroom mirror, lartfa skirt box. all curtain
poles, curtain stretcher, carpet sweeper, 2 high chairs, child's rocker,
nearly new Majestic range, clothes hanger, pots,   pans, and all kitchen
utensils, dishes. Hour bin, bread board and box, meat chopper, fruit In
Bealers and sevtr.il sealers of genuine maple syrup, corner cupboard,
kitchen chairs and cupboard, laundry    stove,  set sad  irons,    clothes
basket, wash tubs, holler, electric motor washing machine complete,
baby buggy and sleigh, croquet set. window screens and doors, verandah chair, sealers, stepladder, nearly new lawn mower, forks, shovels,
hoes, rake, crosscut and bucksaw, grind etone, lanterns. 50 feet wire-
bound garden hoBe, a quantity of carpenter tools and numerous other
articles,  a 3-passenger Ford  Model  T touring car,  nearly  now,  and
in  llrst class shape, If not previously sold,
The auctioneer having inspected the above, has every confidence
In recommending the public to attend this sale, the furniture being of
a high class, and in many instances equal to NEW, aud they will all
be sold without reserve, the proprietor having leased the property and
la leaving the city.
Sporting Notes.
BOILERS   Riveted Srcel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
! rooms will find the ready made easel
j backs to attach to them a great con
j venien.-e. These are 10, 1." or -.T, eent-
j a tln7.cn. or Ihey may be hud In a sei
I of three s /.es to make up tlllle is pro
i vlded with these sers and u tlllio ol
| library paste us well, the whole f"i
a) rents    Another bandy Hem Is n III
Week End tickets on salo to local
points at Single Fare for Round Trip
on   Fridays,   Saturdays  and   Sundays
Kor rates and reservation apply   to
ED. QOUL.ET, Agent
New Westmlnste
Or H.  W.   Brodle, G.P.A. Vancouver
resented that constituency, by presenting him with a lull n/.e oil paint
ing of himself by the Italian painter,
l'ie--ro Carnllo.
Mr and Mrs. Oeorge Strachan, of
brated   their   SO'li   ��.-.liling     day   at
Devlin   township,   Kino   district,   cole
their  homstead.     The   festival     was
i ���"'"'""    " " ������ """ ���" �� '"    made doubly Interesting by the mar-
tie box of tags in three sizes, which are   r|ag  ,h(.jr j,ouri(r( ���, daughter.   Mr.
excellent for the bngguge of the pprsun Strachan, a farmer, wae president of
who makes week end \lsiis Three the Emo Agricultural society and of
dozen lags iu a box nre priced nt !IB the Rainy Rlvor South Farmer's Insti-
cent*. j t"'0*
Practical   Gloves.
Practical, economical and smart look
ing gloves which will appeal partlcn
Inrly to the well dressed business wo
man nre made on (he heavily stitched
mnnnlsh order and fasten with a single
large button.    Tliey strongly resemble |customs   at   Belleville     f..r   the   past
glace kid. but may be as readily wash   I year, has heen appointed to one of the
��I In n hand bnsln with soup nn.l wa    Dominion Inspectorates of customs.
ter ns chamois gloves nnd. like ihem  j    A   further   London   bulletin   Issued
come ln tan and white. regadrlng     the     condition     of      the
  Duchess of Connaught states thnt the
...      ���      .     ��� , royal patient's progress ts "unexpect
Anti-euffragul  Colore. ,1(jjy favorable "
Blnck.   while and   American   Beauty |     pr()f   , Macntt.ghlon   of   MoOlll
roses nre the color, the anil suffragists . ,ln|vpnl1tv .lml ,,rnf ,, T j, Coleman
have adopted ns a eontrnst with lhe . ���r thp University of Toronto, are to
rlvlil.yellow standards nf their "rotes receive doctorates or law from
for women" sisters. At �� recent gath- Queen's. Kingston,
ering one black halted woman showed j a little four-year-old boy, (Ieorge
the possibilities of Ihe "antis"' colors I Warpen, at Brockvllle, while climb-
by wearing a gown of American benu  |lng a fence  was  knocked   down  by
Matthew While, ono . f Btockvllle's
asseacors, In business there for hair a
century, exn'red of pneumonia after
tour d:.   i' illness.
Donald G,  Bird, deputy colelctor of
I ty chiffon over white, with a black velvet picture bat
Advertise in the Daily News
The "Divine 8ar��h" Says���
Sarah Bernhardt Is quoted as paying
her respects to Isabella of Bavaria.
I consort of Charles VI. of France, In
this wise-. "It Is to her that we owe
the Invention of the corset, but It wns
she, too, who sold the half of Krnnce
to Kngland There was no crime nl
which thnt wi'iiinii was not callable "
f' O. Box 34 Osllv News Bldg
of all kinds.
I'rlces right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
69 McKenile St.
Specially���Treatment of the scalp
by Vlbro-Massagn and Glover'B Famous Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth St.
About every ball club In tbe two
major leagues seems to have put Id a
bid for the services of James Thorpe.
the dethroned hero of tbe Swedish
Olympic games.
Lieutenant Howard, United States
navy, who has couched the academy
football team to two successive victories over lhe Military academy eleven, hits been requested to take charge
of the squad for another season.
Monte   Cross,   lhe  veteran   Intlehler,
has been offered the position of coach
nf tbe bull team of tbe University of
Michigan, Branch Itlckey, who couched the team last year, has signed with
the St. I.ouis Browns to act as chief
P.  O.   BOX  442
Train and Track.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured in B, ('., vi7..: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Speculations of  American  and  Canadian  Knglneers'  Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-in. to 24-ln. In diameter. This Is also made In tbls Province and we
consider superior to nny Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Hock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, I'lasti r, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phoneo 15 and 13. 9Q2 Columbia Street W.
The Brie railroad annually carries
over   '_T..(KK i.i mo   passengers   and   over
IU.r>M).0H<l tons of freight.
im the underground railways of London ninny Of the passenger coaches e.t-
ceisi the fifty feel in length
A new German electrical device to
enable a moving train to set a signal
makes use of a slight sinking of a lull
ns a train passes over It
lu HUL' over ;i.(KH) miles nf railroad
were built In (he southern states, of
whieh Itts miles were In Texas. This
year some IMT miles are to be built In
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
t. m. Mccormick
Phono 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
lumber he dislodged and smothered to
death In the soggy ground.
ll Ib understood that a member or
the Opposition will shortly call attention to Uie continued absence of
the Hon. P, 1). Monk, �� bo la reported
ill, from his place in parliament,
Dr. \V. L. Hoppin, whose disappearance caused anxiety has bean located
at Orange, N, J., word having been
received by his parents In Kingston,
wllh no mention ol mlshnp.
Another    important    members    haa
j joined     the     forthcoming    Canadian
_ ,, ,     , ,      ,    I Arctic expedition to be led by Vlljal-
Evldence as to the increase In the   mur Btefansson, In the person of Dr.
cost of living as compared with wage I MacKay, who waB    Burgeon  with Sir
advances was    given    before the old ��� Kmeat  Shakleton's  Antarctic  expedl-
age pensions committee of tho com-1   on'
mons by Commissioner Bees, of the Jonathan Knight, Kingston, nged
Salvation Army, who favorB a system 8fi years, rose In a Joyful mood, lo
of widows' peiiBlons. | celebrate the 60th anniversary of hla
Clocing of Kingsway to Vehicular
No through traffic will be permitted
On Kingsway between Tenth avenue.
New Westminster, and Boundary
avenue from thlH date until after the
completion of the paving of the roadway.
Intercity traffic should be (aken
via Eighth street and Douglas road.
l/ocal tralTIc via Kdmonds street.
Linden avenue, dwell street, Sperling avenue, Windsor street, Prince
Btreel, Imperial Btreet and Boundary
By order,
Municipal Engineer.
Kdmonds, B.C., Z4tb April, 1B18.
Kind's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables In tho city. Fine
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined.
A. Q. BEATON. Proprietor.
Corner of McKenzic and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house. Will give two years' lease. Apply
to Manager The New Westminster News. TUESDAY,  APRIL  29.  1913.
Yankee English As She        !CATCH CRIMINALS       |
Is Spoke in Canada        BY THEIR TEETH
u Traveling Englishman  In the'
Dally  Mall,  London.)
Th" tu w Canadians, like nil young
nations, are thin-shinned as to their
feelings. They are sensitive to cr'tl-
eiiiii Tiny are even resentful of
eli.ill' whi n it touches their instltutioni
or iheir national life. They will lire off
visitors that paralyzing query, "Whal
do you think of Canada?"
\s well ti<*1c, "What is your opinion
or astronomy?" or "How do you like
rood?'' One has to treat the query
.is a riddle. The right ana ver is
"Wonderful country���great ruturo heron- it " 1 have never known that, Iuil
to please.
Return that reply, and you aro pronounced an intelligent fellow. Attempt to distinguish between whr.t yon
admire and what you find nnpleasing
uncomfortable and you will prob.
is al-
eb, by
douses  are   "waists,"   schedule
ways pronounced "sltedtjle," wh
the way, might  he rlghl.
"Some  E'.irp.'
Naturaly American slang aoon be-
rem. s acclimated. Thus, .f you want
a man to "gel out" you ti 11 him "Beat
It." The way to express admiral! *u
for a city Is to call it "some burg."
A woman, recently from Scotland,
who went to consult n Winnipeg phy-
Bloinn and who remarked to his girl
secretary that she bad beard he was
very clever, was surprised to hear tlle
young woman declare emphatically,
"Believe nie. he's some doc." American   methods of  advertising  are  cop
ably lie set down a conceited fool. All
Englishmen usod to bo classed under
that heading.     .
They were on trial aa aoon as thoy
entered the Dominion, nnd they had
to prove their innocence. Their guilt
was always assumed. Now ihat pre]
udlce has almost vanished. I-Tve years
ago when I first travelled all over the
w.fI, it was powerful. Two years
ago It had weakened. Now It Is at its
very last kick.
Formerly Kngland shipped to Can-
ada her failures; lately she ban been
sending of her beat.
Impatient of Criticism.
Canadians no longer expect to be Ir-
ritnted bv foolish grumblings lbat various thingB "are not done in Kngland
that way." or by lofty patronage admitting that conditions "aren't eo bad
as we expected, don't you know."
Yet facile criticisms are still some
times offered by Englishmen, and the
one which annoys the Canadian most
is Ihe complaint that Canada is being
"Ann rlcanlzed."
This annoys In two ways. Canadians
in general both admire nnd dislike the
'.merlcans. They dislike Ihem because they are too apt to be condescending, and to talk as If the United
Stales could gobble up Canada whenever she chose. They admire them
for their energy, their ingenuity,
th.'lr methods oi business; above all,
ror ihelr success.
To complain that Canadians follow
American methods is therefore considered foolish; while the suggestion
that they are In any danger of being
absorbed by their neighbor is resent-
i d  vi ry hotly indeed.
Very Comfortable Hotels.
Naturally lhere is bound to be much
in common between two nations living
close together and Bpenking the same
language. Especially does this apply-
to their language and to such habits of
Iif"  as  are  governed   by   climate.
Fashions are likely to be much the
���same on either Bide of thc border, not
only in elotht s, but In house's and eating, the laying-out of towns and the
jrganlzaUon of business. It is a com-
fort In Canada to find all good rooms
In hotels fitted with a bath and tele- j
phone, conveniences which are not
jet considered necessities In Kurope.
It Is easy to find one'B way about Canadian cities, which have their
streets and tho avenues which run
across them, numbered after the
American plan.
The menus of portentloua lenglh
muy at flrst stagger you. but you soon
discover that the dishes you really
choose are very few. If you do not
���care about beginning your breakfast
"more Americano," with grape fruit
oi sliced peaches and a "cereal." continuing  with  steak,  followed  by  eggs
Claim   Better Method Than  Bertillion
���Case   of   Prince   Imperial   in
Zululand   Instanced.
New York. April 28.-r-At tho pre- ]
sent time tho police departments of
Europe and America are seriously
considering a system of criminal identification by the teeth, advocated byi
Dr. Richard Grady, who has been official dentist at the naval academy
I Of Annapolis for several years. Indeed, many experts consider that Dr,
Grady's  method  has  distinct  advan-
r.,wi   uioLuuuo ~.  ..;������. ~  ��� .    tagea  ever  the   Bertillion   fingerprint
led  also,  or  perhaps  the atmosphere  system,
makes Canadians think of them as In-      Eucl�� cadet, on entering the acade-
genloiisly as their neighbors. ! niy. is examined by  Dr. Grady to as-
In British Columbia, near Cran- certain the condition of his teeth,
brook, a tradeeman Issues a card on j Kvery irregularity is charted, and
one ride of which he announced lhat j the peculiarities of each tooth duly,
he once lost a customer.    To discover i noted.
the reason you are asked to turn over.' The chart Is then carefully preser-
You then see in tho middle of a deep \ ved, and should one of the cadets
mourning border the two words: j at any time bo killed or mangled so
"He Died." ��� that  ordinary  body  marks  might be-
As In the United States, a "lunch" : come unrecognizable identification by
Is any kind of a snack eaten at any means of llr. Grady's card Index ls
Iv ur, I went with some friends to always possible, providing only that
a dance at Indian Head, and the host, most of the teeth remain.
oss expressed a hbpe that I would stay As an illustration of the value of
to lunch. .Identification by the teeth, Dr. Grady
I said, with some astonishment In cites the Prince Imperial of France,
my voice, that I had occasionally who was slain in Ihe Zulu war in
slaved at a dance till brcaklast, but South Africa In the late seventies.
I really was afraid I could not go long- The prince, who was serving with
er than that. Sbe was astonished '< the British forces, was cut off, and,
then.    She meant supper!
l-lands Out Some Advice on Question
cf   Matrimony   and   Offers
His   Assistance.
N.   J.,  have
Rev,   Father
New      York.      April
couples   in   Knglewood,
round  a  rescuer  In  tin
Angelus, pastor ot St. Cecilia's Horn-
an Cathollce Church.   In a sermon he
urged his young parishioners to marry : jnajB it w0'uid prov
early,  nnd  if the young men are too
timid   to   propose   ho   will   do
. with   his   command,   was  massacred.
���his body being so badly mutilated It
seemed Identification was impossible.
��� Not a shred of clothing was left on
the body, and, of course, no documents or papers or any kind remained to aid In establishing the Identity
of the body.
Identifying  the   Prince.
However, it was known that a dentist  of  Paris had  performed  several
dental operation.- upon the Prince and II
had filed a number of teelh, as well
as  treating  some  of  the  front  teeth
to  overcome   the  results  of  an   acci- j j
dent  In  which  they  had  been   slight- !,
ly broken.    With this information and
a diagram of the prince's teeth showing exactly  the   work  that  had  beeu
done  upon him,  tbe  work  was  made
It is contended  by  Dr.  Grady  thai
if such a system were applied to crim
^^^^^^^ even more relia
ble   and   successful   than   any   othei
it   for | Bj-Stt.m 0f identification.
deed     Across the white field is the I done by boy scouts on the occasion of I tional  church  at  Evanston and  not
red cross, the symbol of duty and sac-  King  Edward's  funeral.    There were  t.i~ ��.��.,   ii.*-*   Wn   reanonslble
red cross, the symbol oi amy ana sac-1 Mng  cawaru ��  luucim.     iUt,.��� hl3   sermbns   have   been   responsible
ritlce.   Chief Scout Baden-Powell says .hundreds of boy scout ambulance par-  ,       .      .        . - ..    .�����_.-^
���  -wm  ���,k  An  nvc, menial   eond \*t** at work in the crowd.   When they   for the  drowBme3s of hla  audiences.
we should each do two special good
turns upon St. George's Day, in memory of that great, old-time scout.
J. W. R.
Scout  Stories
ties at work in the crowd.   When they
had a case to deal with, some of the i For some months he strove to stop
patrol formed fence to keep back the * the nodding of hetds, and then he
crowd   others  rigged  a  shelter  over ht   the   coungel   of   Mls8   gte���a
tne patient to keep off the sun. and   _,,, *��,_.,.
one boy fanned the patient while the  Skinner, art instructor at Northwest-
���   iTniversitv     After making  an  ln-
In Guildford   Surrev   an anneal wis : one bo>  fa"ned tne patient wnue i' ������
in uuiiuiorq, surrey, an appeal was        w attpnded to his needs rn  Un vers ty.    After making  an  blade to the town council for a grant > -e"lur ��uouaeu to uib uooud. ' ....
in...  ..uni  was narticularlv active. sDection of the church, she said:
| made to the to.._   ___  .   _
to aid a crippled boy to go to school
,-���-���.       ,��� ., . ,   ,     It  is  pointed  out that   the  thumbs
"It is said tliere are too many bach-land flnR(,r3 llla>. b(. eov9rea or their
elors and too many young unjharrtri Unei ai,ered by means ot acids; scars
women in this congregation,    he suid. Ininv  h���  ,m���a,^n.   birthmarks can be
St. -George and Scouts,
Last Wednesday! the 2?,rd of April,
was St. George's Day, and is always a
day remembered and observed by
icouts In all countries. St. George is,
is you all know, the palron saint of
Kngland, but he is also known as the
natron   saint  of  cavalry   in  all  coun
jnior attenaeo io nis ueeua. ..-	
to aid a crippled boy to go to school. ; ��ne patr��! ft'as Particularly- active.', spection of the church, she said ,
The case attracted attention A cler-: e Palro1 leader crawled about be- \ "How can a person listen te an ad
gvman gave a Bath chair whereupon itween the legB of the crowd t0 whert dress when the decorations of the
the local boy scouts volunteered ,o a P('rson was fainting, then sounding church are inharmonious? When the
pull it daily to the school I ait  whistle, he assembled  his scouts  curtains  are  pink,  the  cushions  red
In a slum In London the school chil-|ln the same way and set to work. and  the  decorations  are yellow  and
dren, on their way to school, were con-' " blue,  the  emotions  of  the audience
titiually   being   robbed   of'their   din-  SERMONS NOT TO BLAME :are affected, and they become drowsy
ners by a band of young "hooligans." ! FOR  DROWSY  AUDIENCE  What is needed is a system of colors
The boy scouts have formed an escort   that  will  not have  a depressing  ef-
for the children, and everv dav convey !    Chicago.  April 28.���After a patient  feet."
them safely through    the    dangerous * investigation,  the  Rev.  T.   McElveen      Letters  were sent today  by  mem-
has  reached  the conclusion that the  berB of the church, asking that steps
-���     ���**�� i.van  in n.-.ipr'nr.iifi the building.
iniron   saim   ui   v.-**..-....   ��������� ��� - - haa  reached   the  conclusion  mat me   uem ui  uw^"-"".  ���; ���---,--
rscola,��irHu^iaPe^ciaB|l1}ntou��r   TBS stories are told of good work ^0= ot   the   First   Congrega- he taken to r,decorate the building
'All of yen are old enough ane should j
be married You can't make the com-:
plaint that the high cost of living pre* I
vents you from marrying, young men,!
for it is not the high cost ol living.
It is the cost ot high living that stops
you. That is the real reason why
there arc so few  marriages today
"And, young men and young women, wben you find someone of the opposite sex whom you love, don't wait
too long before you get married, for
then you are apt to be kept waiting all
[ your life.
"A year Is plenty long enough to.
keep company. llv that time yon
both should know whether or not yon
are suited to t< ach other. JtiBt as
soon as you get your mind made up
propose one of you. it doesn't make
much difference which, lf you don't
propose you will not get married.
"If you find yon love n girl or a
young man and yeu haven't the nervi
to propose to ber or him. why, come
to me    I wlll be only too glad to help
may be Imitated; birthmarks can b_
removed, or so changed as to become
unrecognizable, but the man who had I
a noticeable peculiarity of the teeth
���noticeable, that is to tlie careful
dentist who niaki-3 a cast of the individual's mouth, upper and lower
jaws, and makes a careful chart there
from- cannot change the record unless he haa every tooth removed,
which is a thing that few criminals
would have the forethought of fortitude to do.
Experiment's with Dr. Grady's system have already been made by the
New York pollce wllb astounding results and several burglars who have
endeavored to escape the penalty of
the law by pleading wrongful arrest,
have been Identified by means of
the  mouth  chart.
broken   Into  a  glass,  and   ending  up you.   If you are too bashful to do youi
with   muffins   and   maple   syrup,   you own proposing, 1 II propose for you
can  nlwnvs order hr.ni and eggs. "And   When   you   get   married   II   if
"Individual  pie" has an odd sound, wen that you should have large fam-
lt suggests cannibalism.    But lt only Hies,    children   are   far  better than
menns  that   you   get  a  little  tart  to automobiles and  sometimes  it  is  ini
yourself Instead of a cut from a big possible to support both.    Have *he
one     The   funniest   use   I   ever  saw I children tlrst and let thc automobiles
Lead   Through   Fog.
Fog pilots���men who pilot vehicles
through the densest Loudon logs���are
tne latest adjuncts to tbe London
traffic  service.
Recently when King Fog reigned in
London, s?oreS of fog pilots hurried tu
Ins loggiest parts ot the west end andjeiBe
ill scouts.    In  Hussia especially  our
brother    boy    scouts    celebrate    St.
George's Day with great enthusiasm
St.  George,  so  the  legend  tells  us,
was one of the first of the Christian
I -.nights.    He rode from place to place
I doing    good    turns,    brave, courteous
i and kind, ever seeking to help those
in trouble and to battle for the weak
! against the strong.
He  fought  giants  and  robbers  and
the wild beasts which in that long ago
time,   did   much   harm   in   the   British
Isles,   and   in   Kurope.     He   set   free
many knights and others;  men. women and children, who had been imprisoned   unjustly  by   tyrants  who   were
still worBe than the bears and wolves.
Demand a Citizen  Daily.
At Inst he came to Kgypt and there
found the chief city In great grief and
terror  because a  fierce dragon    hid
'aken up its abode in a marsh near by
ind demand-id one    of    the    citizens'
���very morning for its breakfast.
Upon the morning upon which St.
George rode up the lot had fallen upon
lhe king's daughter, Her father and
the people were weeping, as they led
her out of the gates, but fhe was a
good scout, too. and was glad, if by
"ffering,  die  could  save  some    one
1 door
made of this expression was "Individual domestic duck." which looks like
11 pet name for one's wife!
"Domestic" ducks are,    of    course,
farm  yard  ducks na opposed  to wild
duck      They   were     really    ducklings
and  we, had one each.    On the other
hand. II gives an unpleasant jar to see
notices  bluntly  telling  you  to  "Keep
out," nnd sometimes the stranF,er unfamiliar  w-ith   the   language    of    the
United States will be puzzled In Can
ada to understand what Is p-ild.
"Always Uae a Long Word."
The ohicr principle of I'.iittd States
English Is never to use a short word
when *i long one wlll do. Thus a "flat" .
in  om-  language  bee.imes a "suite in | the  town
nn   apartment   building."    If  you  are
going :���  railway  journey, you will  be
asked,   nol   "Have  you  your  ticket?"
but "Have you yonr transportation?"
The stalli n Is the depot, pronounced
"di e po,"  and  your sent In  the  train
your "reservation."  Inotead of saying
thai   the liftboy  took the typist  out
motoring  yon   must   express  It  thus:
"Tho  elevator operator took  out  the
sti nographcr In an automobile."
"Operator" Is lu constant use. There
is no prejudice against cumbrous
words of Ijitln origin, no preference
for crisp, clean-cut English, "l'antto-
flum" ls in fairly common use among
���common people. Have you grasped It?
A tailor's shop!
After  this  "Stag  rooming    house,"
which 1 saw used In Edmonton tn denote  "lodgings  for men "
bn quite a good phnrso
why you should allow the same condition to exist in your family."
Father Angelua emphasised the need
of early marriages and said It 1b the
flrst love that la Ideal.
lie luggeo. ,,-.... -	
earned silver gratuities and   grateful
thanks irom lost theatregoers and otu-
er   homewsrd-bound   people.
One who was among those saved b;
come after.    Because the family nexl I a j,,g pli���t described bis experience
ave  no  children   Is  no  reason |     ..1   ���,,t  into   *  taxicab
"Tuttl  Men"Have  Rare Tlm- In  Kiac
Ing   ond   Refreshrne \
London. April 2S- llockn. v day at
Hungerford was celebrated hy the observance of the ancient custom hand
ed down from John of Gaunt Two
duly appointed ��� "tuitl men" paraded
t..t . iwn exacting kisses from worn-
' en and "headpence" from men
At   the   workhouse   they   found   th
1 got into a taxicab in Queen s-1
read, Bayswator, aiul told the drivui
to go to Victoria .--treet. We ;nanag.\.
somehow to get to Paddington, tm,
there the fog was very dense, and 1
nas almost despairing of ever reach
ing Victoria when a respectably dress
ed man asked tne if he should act aa
I pilot.
"He took one ol the taxicab lamps,
I ami sometimes walking and sometimes
riitni!.' in front, he guided the drivel
I through streets filled with impenetrable fog as Inr as Park Lnne, and
eventually we succeeded in reaching
Victoria���ons hour ami a hall alUi
leaving Queen's mad! 1 paid the tog
pilot  three  shillings."
women Inmates very Insistent on a
full observance of the customs, while
at the laundry the girls were paraded,
and two were selected by each "tuttl-
man" to receive the time-honored sa
lute. Hern each female employee guv-
B "tnttl mnn" penny and each male
employee twopence, which was
pen-tied In oranges for children.
Another Interesting custom observed was the holding of a luncheon
by the "Ilocktlde Jury." At this the
shoeing of "colts" newcomers to the
district    took place.
Each  ono had  a small  nail  driven
Into his heel by an official smilh until he yelled "Punch" which released
nton to de-1 him- and Incidentally cost him a dol-
seemed  to   'ar an<' a Quarter, the price of,a bowl
of steaming beverage which waB con
Ul     ni^uuiiuft    .... ......p... ~"     ..
  . I Bunlod by the members of the "Hock-
II you ask where a house or shop Is . "   '
In a Canadian city you will be told   llrt0 '"lr>
something like this:  "Quern and Col
Funeral Sans Corpse.
The bacchanalian funeral in Hah
which to.k half a day to reach tin
burial place, is very like wluil Deal
Kiiinuty    tells    ol    bygone    Sc.itlniK1
Ibere was the old maiden  lady
ex- j Strathspey    who     bade     her
nephew see thai as much whisky wa��
used at her funeral os hail been used
at l.er baptism. The churchyard waa
ten miles from her home; it was a
.-.horl November day and night was
closing in when the funeral procession arrived. "But whaur's Miss Kit
ty?" aske 1 the grave digger, and being answered, "In her cotlin, to be
sure," he still missed thc collln. Thi
party, during a halt at a wayside inn,
hat rested it on a-dyke, and forgotten
it when they resumed their way, and
the interment had to be postponed
until the next day.
St. George, however, declared that
he would do battle with the dragon
The people told him that he would
certainly be killed, but he did his duty
not heeding the consequences.
The tight was a terrific one and St
George would certainly have been
overcome had not the brave princess
stood by and brought him wild fruit
to eat and water to drink, ln the
pauses of the battle.
ln   the   end   the  dragon   was   slain
and   as  was  only   fit  th!  brave   St
George and  the brave  princess,  Sab-
rina or Cleollnda. were n-arriid.
Scout Expeditions.
But  that did not end their activl-1
Ilea.    Like two good scouts they lived
helping each other and helping others. 1
Long- years afterwards when hiB good 1
wife  was dead, St.  George still  kept;
up  his  scout  expeditions  for  the   re-i
lief of the distressed.    And he heard1
of anr her dragon, almost the last of I
those ttfrrible monsters,
It   -��.is   desolating   the  country   in
which It lived, but the brave old saint j
I '.rout for it and killed It. \
As he ro.'e buck to the city and thc 1
! people  were  preparing  to  greet  him'
lege,"  or  "Seventeenth    nnd    Fourth
avenue,"   That means it: is on the.
block nf Que-80 street wblch Ib next to'
College  street;   or  In  that    part    of1
Fourth   avenue   which   Is  crossed   by
Seventeenth street.
"Street," is nlmost universally left
c'lit, both In speaking and In writing.
Houses are not, put up "To Let" but
"For Rent." "n your laundry'list you
1 Instead nf dress shirts "shirts with
bosoms,"    At I'rlnce Rupert 1 noticed 1
Russians and Germans Bulk In New
British  Subjects. ,
London. April 28, Official statistics show that biHt year 1340 aliens
were naturalized or readmitted to
nationality. Of these, Rlfif, were Europeans.
Russia supplied (he largest number
with  -Lie,  hut   whereas Germany Ger
Mary Ann.
I  studied  ray   loblen  over  and  over ind
bnrkwanl snd forward, too,     ,
Rut i couldn't ri-iiH'inbrr t tf-mte 9. .and I
didn't Know what tn do leuiei   ur.��.c   	
Till alster told me to play with my doll j gathered   togother
*~A   ,,,,,   tn   lt,,,l,,.r   mv   haad. I  I    n���A    nnt
and not tn bother my head
"lf  you  rail   hrr  'Klfty-foiir*   for  awhile
you'll learn It by heart." ahe auld.
,,; I people were i>. .|,.,. ,,,��� .. ,,..
grand I as a couqeeror. he fell forward in his j
1 saddle. The citizens ran out to help :
hlin, but when they unlaced hia helmet, they saw thut the grand old
man's work was done, that another
city had welcomed him In triumph.
There Is another story which Is probably more true In detail, which tells
that St. George was born In Cappo-
docla, In the year 303 A. D. He was a
Christian, though mo6t of the people
were heathen.
He became a cavlary officer when
he was seventeen years of age, and
served his emperor faithfully In many
campaigns. This Emperor Diocletian
however, issued a proclamation
against the Christians. George saw
that loyalty to God should come before even loyalty to the king, and he
tore down the notice and rode out of
the city publicly protesting against the
edict before all the people who had
For this he was
arrested a��d put to' death
Called Upon St. George.
Long    afterwards    the    ���Crusaders
when   outnumbered   by   the   Saracens
used to call upon St. George to help
J. L. Sturtcvant, publisher of the Wausau (Wis.)
Record-Herald, is a man of ideas On the subject of free
publicity.   He says:
"There is one phase of the free publicity matter
which has not been given as much attention as it deserves.
"Nearly every advertiser who seeks free publicity
does so upon the theory that, inasmuch as he is 'supporting' a newspaper by giving it advertising, ht is entitled to
demand thc publication of so-called news stores, which
are in reality advertising for his product.
"Getting down to the fundamentals:
"Why does anyone advertise?
"Is it to enrich the coffers of the newspapers?
"Is it to show that he is a 'good fellow?'
"Is it done as a matter of charity?
"Is it in the public interest?
"To all of these questions the answer must be 'No.'
"The primary reason for advertising is the desire on
the part of the advertiser to sell his product.  If in doing
so he adds to the wealth of the periodical he uses or does a
service to the public it is incidental only.
"Hc receives from the newspaper the service for
which he pays. If he does not get the service for which
he pays he stops his advertising, although it may not be
the fault of thc medium used.
"He is conferring no greater favor upon the newspaper publisher than he is upon his tailor, his grocer or
his landlord, when he pays them for service rendered.
"In fact, many of the immense fortunes built
through advertising, would not have been accumulated
had it not been for the use of printer's ink; while newspaper publishers have been benefitted by an increased
business, the advertiser has become independently rich.
"Therefore, it is presumptuous for the advertiser to
ask or expect free advertising because, forsooth, he has
been buying advertising at a price which has brought him
much greater returns than it has the sellers of space.
"Newspaper men themselves are to be blamed for the
notion which prevailed up to within a very few years,
that the people bought advertising of them as a matter of
favor; that advertising was an experiment, the results
of which were intangible; that newspapers were bound
to endorse editorially anything which   the   advertisers
might say.
"It was not until the present generation that newspaper men stopped cringing and fawning to their customers; that they realized that theirs was a business
proposition; that advertising had passed the experimental stage and had become a necessity like rent, light, heat,
bookkeepers, etc.; that an advertiser was entitled to just
what he paid for and no more.
"The only way to stop the free publicity evil i<5 for
every newspaper to refuse to publish anything which contains advertising unless it is paid for. While newspapers
cannot exist without advertising it is equally true that advertisers cannot exist without newspapers."
had .1 grotesque air. If a business
Canadian brushes against you bo
says, "Pardon me." That l�� AnufH-
can ror "sorry." The Canadian telephone girl tells you "Line busy,"
which  Is the  American mode ot say
wii.cn   is   tlie   /I mei .......   ���.v...u  ...   ���Hi.
ing "engaged."    Petrol Is "gasoline,   | doners.
Ili-ltlsh subject.      ^^^^^^^^^
The remaining five were unclassified. The new "llritons" Include 218
seamen serving in liritish shlpB While
1223 have chosen places of residence
In England and Wales, fi23 being Lon-
time, fi  I.  is.-  and   .   nesny 1 -- -~-tQ tnWr reUe{,
In.iBhM Hieu.l 1 Hn we liritish people and scouts
nut 1 wished 1 hadn't when teacher iald.        SO   wi    in 11 isu   1 1 model
-New   Dorothy, tell If yon con." hnve chosen St. Oeorge tm our mouei.
.-nr 1 n Kht nf my doll snd-sukM sllva ]His  banner  Is  white,  the symbol  01
1 answered, "Mary Ann!" I cleanliness  in  thought, In  word,    In) r~    PAQB BIGHT
CA8H    IT
Remember  the  Place���
33 Eighth Street.
Noel's Orange, Lemon or Oin-
ger Marmalade, regular 26c.
value.    Today 2 for 35c.
Coffee���Mocha and Java fresh
ground,   3  lbs.  $1.00.
Sunshine Canned Peaches,
regular 20c. value. Today, 2
for 25c.
Moohey's Extra Cream Sodas,
per tin 25c.
Pette's Pure Dutch Cocoa, '/2
lb tin 30c; 1 Ib. tin 60c.
Cowan'B Unsweetened Chocolate. >/t Ib. tin 25c; 1 lb. 45c
Westham Creamery Butter,
3 lbs. for $1.00.
18 lbs. Granulated Sugar,
Veal Loaf, regular 20c. Today 2 for 25c
Kobin Hood Flour, per 49 lb.
sack, $1.70.
Worcester Sauce, good quality, per bottle. 10c.
Radish and Green Onions per
bunch  �� 6e.
Rhubarb, local, 4  lbs 25c
New  Potatoes, 3 lbs 25c
Fresh Celery, head   10c
Cauliflower,  head    20c
Ben Davis, in 4-tier, excellent
value, per box $1.25.
3  dozen Davles, Eggs, $1.00.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       8. K. BR1GGS
The  contract  for clearing  the  site * Anglican funeral  service was carried I
for the new Anglican church ou the,out,  the edifice  being  filled  to over |
Are You
that your executor will
keep your securities
earmarked and separate
from those belonging to
It is only by this
method that you can be
sure that no loss will
occur to your heirs
through the failure of
that executor.
This is one of the
many points about executorships regarding
which we are able to advise you.
A talk on the subject
costs you nothing���
does not even entail an
Call in and talk it
over today.
Dominic n Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
Paid up Capital and Surplus
AssetB     4,978,181.05
Trusts under Administration
Trusteeships for Bondholders
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanalmo.
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg.
Montreal, London, Eng., and
Antwerp,  Belgium.
The Fruhllng is lying at the Dominion wharf refitting,
A court of revision of assessment in
connection with the Sapperton sewer
sits today at 10 a.m. in tbe city hall.
Dance in Johnston's hall, Sapperton, Wedneaday, April 30. Rushton's
orchestra in attendance. W. P.
Bowell. M. C.    Ladles free.        (1182)
Miss Davey has removed her millinery business from 204 Agnes street
to the Carnarvon block, nearly opposite the Russell. (1165)
The Samson left yesterday morning
for Chilliwack on a snagpulling expedition.
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1078)
The King Edward Is still In the
vicinity of Steveston dredging round
the various cannery wharves.
A. Hardman, the cake man. Oet
mod bread. Eighth Street Bakerv.
Telephone 231. (968)
Dr. A. L. McQuarrie has been authorized to purchase a new milk testing apparatus and a dirt tester for the
pure milk crusade.
Mr. John Forrester, of St. George
street, has been ailing for the past
three weeks and is at present confined to his home.
A burner for the cremation of dead
horses has been applied for by Mr.
Pearce, sanitary Inspector, and re
ferred to the health committee.
Get your lawn  mower ground    a
Swanson's,   Begble  Btreet.    We  have
apeclal machinery for doing this work
The Burnaby Horticultural Society
has been granted permission to use a
picture of the Burnaby municipal hall
for the front page of Us prize list.
Second band sewing machines for
sale from $10 up. C. N. Edmondson &
Co., corner Sixth avenue aud Twelfth
Btreet. (1074)
The friends of Mr. David McLellan,
of Edmonds, will be sorry to learn
that be has been confined to bla
home for the past three weeks on
account of sickness.
Our bread  is full    weight,    pressed
down and running over with goodness
i {and    delicioiisness;     try    it.      Homo
Bakery, Sapperton. (1187)
The New Westminster and Vancouver Automobile clubs are working together on a scheme to murk the
roads leading out of both cities which
are tho most favorable for motorists.
Come and hear Mlaa llighton and
Mr. Aldardiee at the Choial Society's
concert In Queens Avenue church tonight. (1188)
The Victorian Order of Nurses'
Auxiliary of ward six, llurnaby, will
hold a meeting in the llurnaby muni
clpal public hall on May 9. They will
be loaned the hall free of charge.
The New Westminster Orchestra!
Society's orchestra will render Rossini's overture to "William Tell";
Beethoven's Symphony in C Minor;
an overture "Zampa," by Herold, and
other numbers at Queens Avenue
Methodist  church tonight. (1188)
The Knights of Pythias of the city
are changing their place of meeting.
commencing In May, The meetings
will be held ln the new hall at the
Labor Temple. Granite lodge holds
I Its  llrst meeting  there on
i night.
Cameron road, close to the North road,
Burqultlam, has been let to Mr. Hugh
McAulay, Cumberland street.
A mimeograph lias been Installed In
the city clerk's office which will enable the clerk to supply mayor and
aldermen and officials with copies of
minutes and  other documents ud lib.
A meeting of the retail clerks of the
city is scheduled to take place at tike
Labor temple this evening when it is
expected that the New Westminster
Retail Clerks' Protective association
will be formed.
Aldermen Dodd, Kellington and Jardine have been appointed a commit-
teo to consider the Installation of a
municipal labor bureau In the market
and report to the next council meeting. Alderman Dodd was the author
of the motion.
The city council has remitted to the
board of works ana finance committee tho work of arranging with the
Bithulithic company for the subletting
by the latter to the city the grading
work on Queen'B avenue and Fifth
The following bylaws wcre read a
first time at last night's meeting of
the city council: Street Improvements,
Publlc Schools, Water Extensions.
Light Extensions, Exhibition Buildings
and FenceB, City StableB, Fire Hall
and Sewer.
Mayor Gray left for Seattle on the
Owl train this morning where he will
attend the wedding of Mr. Ed. Savage
which takes place tomorrow morning.
During his absence^AldermaB Kellington is acting in the capacity of chief
,-iglstrate ot the city.
flowing with  friends and relatives ol
the deceased.
The floral tributes were beautiful
In the extreme, Hie hearse being
covered with wreaths, crosses and
sprays from thc friends of the do-
Among thoBe who sent floral tributes were:
Wreaths���Mr. and Mrs. Dynes. Mr.
and Mra. N. T. House, Mr, E. \V.
Tucker, Walter and Henry Farris,
Loyal Orange lodge No. 1503, Lathers
Union No. 356.
Crosses���Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Cambridge. Mr. and Mrs. Aitcheson, Mr.
and Mrs. Nels Nelson, Captain De-
Beck and daughters.
Sprays���Mrs. E. Walmsley, Mr. and
Mrs. J. R. Armstrong (Edmonds), Mr.
and Mrs. David, Reeve and Mrs. Mars
(Coqultlam),    Mr.    ivnd   Mrs.    R.    N.
Strople, Mrs. J. Tesky, Mr. and Mrs.;
J. Cameron.    Misses   J.    and Elmer
Cameron, Miss O. Young, Mrs. Hume,
sr..  Annie and  Ed.  Martin, Mr. and
Mrs.   John   Ward.   Mr.  and  Mrs.   H.
WelBh, Mary, Anne and Joseph Dynes, ���
Mr., MrB. and Florence Warnock, Mr.
and Mrs. Tom Woods, Mr. and Mrs. W.
Chambers, Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott, Mr. j
and   Mrs.   Huff.   Mr.,   Mrs.   and   Miss
Bell. Mr. A. G. Williams, Mr. and Mrs.
C. H. Hardy, Mr. and Mrs. Saint, Mra
Dlgby,  Mr.  and  Mrs.  E.  Falch,  Mr.
abd   Mrs.   Patchell,   Mr.  and  Mrs.  O.
Rennle, Mr. and MrB. J. Ankers, Mrs,
J.   Robinson,  Mr.  and  Mra.   Maxwell, :
Mr. and MrB. J. Dlgby, Mr. and Mrs.
Peart, Mr. and Mrs. A. Mclean, Mr.;
and Mrs. Alsbury, Mrs. J. McVoy and
Mrs. J. Hume.
TUESDAY,  APRIL 29.   1913.
SHEPPHERD ��� Ethel Margaret
Shep'pherd, 10-year-old daughterof Mar
garet and Arthur Sheppherd. 216 9th !
street, paBsed away at the Hoyal Columbian hospital yesterday afternoon.
The funeral will be held on Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock from Mur-
A special meeting of the city council
will be held next Monday afternoon at
2:30 to discuss the Liquor bylaw
which the mayor described as unrecognizable since  it left  their hands and ,     .  ,
ui/. inn   niine  n. io ; chic's undertaking parlors,
had been dissected by the city solicitors.
,   ,      ,   ���   -n   c   p���i.r�����       CATHCART���The Bad news of the
Jt l0T   r   ,h     r��v conncl crltlclr-ideath of    hls    molher    al  Slr"ra"'
Kdmomls, to the city council cntui/.- .
,n�� the new city map as not sufficient-  Scotland,  las   been
iv advertising the city drew tne state-' James t a heart,  an
ment from Alderman Dodd hist night  1J- L- ** "���
that  that  was  not  the object of  the j
map.    It was to Bhow the lots.
Mr. John Cootes, gas engineer, London, England, is a visitor in tbe city.
Three years ago Mr. Cootes was conducted "round the city on an inspection
tour. Today he was astonished and
gratified a( the contrast presented to
You Havc Two Days More
To Take Advantage of Our Unparalleled
Offer of
20 Per Cent Discount
received  by   Mr.
employee of the
w and at tho vast progress the
city had made in the interval.
Fishing ln the FraBer river continues to be disappointing, and is
partly accounted for by the cold, unseasonable weather. Yesterday
Messrs. Monk & Co. collected about
' 1600 pounds of fish from all parts of
the river. Oollcbans are reported plentiful.
A letter from Mr. .1. 1). Taylor. M.P.
to  the  mayor  that he  had  taken   up
with  the  department of  the  interior ��� friend
at  Ottawa the matter of the right of | ness
GLADWIN���The death occurred In
tlle Royal Columbian hospital on Saturday, of Ernest John tlladwin, aged
36. The deceased resided at Langley
Prairie and was a member of the Independent Order of Forresters.
Mr. tlladwin passed away following
an operation for appendicitis. He
leavea a wife and three children. The
remains are at S. Bowell'B undertaking
parlors. The funeral arrangements
will be made as soon as word is re-
i celved from relatives in Idaho. Inter-
! r.-ent, however will be made in the
Langley Prairie cemetery.
Sale Continues up to Evening of
April 30th
$20.00 saved on every $100.00
You Can Buy Now and We Will Store for Future Delivery.
way for the water works pipe line and
lhe conflicting application of the B. C,
B, R. for a logging railway, was read
last night at the city council. Mr
Taylor stated the department recognized ibe city's rights were para
An application by the B. C. Mills,
Timber & Trading company for a fore-
Bhore grant In waterfront lots 1-21.1,
block 1, New Westminster, lias been
! made to Ottawa. As lhe application
does not conflict with the city's prior
application, nor the one in contemplation for the foreshore abutting on
! Dock Square, the city council has writ-
| ten the department at -Ottawa stating
they offer no objection.
CANNING���The funeral of tho late
Mr, George A.  Munday nnd family
bid   to  return   thanks to  their  many
for their sympathy and kind-
nd   lhe   many   floral   offerings
Agents for
"Try New
Agents for
"St. Claire"
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Building material, cement, lime,
hard plaster, gravel, sand, crushed
rock, fuel oil and all kinds of lowing.
Apply, the 11. C, Transport Co., Ltd.
'phone hug.   Wharf 'phone, 880,   117;; i
The llurnaby council last nigh' appointed Councillor Macpherson as its
representative at the meeting of the
market and produce committee ot the
New   W.'s'iiiiiisier  Board  of Trade to
i ��� held en May 8 lo discuss the mar-
. k.-t extension project
The City Treasurer wishes to remind     water    consumers     not     using
1 meters that the date for saving the
rebate on the present quarter yenr's
advance payment of water rates expires on the  30th  in3t. at 5 p.m.
I U168)
The residence of Mr   Alfred  Hall,
on Sixteenth avenue. Burnaby, valued
'nt $1200, was completely destroyed by
* lire   un   Saturday   night.    The     blaze
, was started  through  a  coal  oil  lamp
��� being overturned, No attempt was
made in save the house once the
flames accord a good hold.
New Westminster Choral and
'Orchestral Society's closing concert
i 1 season In Queens Avenue Method
11st church tonight. Orchestra of 80.
i Miss L. llighton and Mr. Aldardiee
. soloist a.    No admission.    Collection.
the report of the Y. W. c. a,
show.r whieh was mentioned in the
News of yesterday, It was slated that
"the ladies were grateful to Mr.
y.-ank Major for the us., of a jlano."
The executive deBlre to correct thia
report in thai the piano was loaned
from the Todd music bouse, ' this
. ii-      I establishment being nearer to the Y.
Developing  and  printing w. c, a. building,   the   piano   was
therefore more easily to handle. How
ever, they are grateful to both Mr.
Major for offering the use of a piano
and tn Mr. Todd for the use of lhe
William Canning, Sapperton. will
leave St. Mary's church. Sapperton, tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock for the
cemetery  Ihi re.
Deceased was an old soldier, having
riiursday | served 13 yeara and Bix months with
the old 03rd Foot 1st battalion now the
Manchester regiment, a regiment ln
which Captain l'ittcndreigh, ex-dlstrlct
magistrate, also served In the Crimea
Corporal Canning, for he retired
with that rank, was with Lord Roberts
in hia African campaign and was pres
onl at the Blege uud Burrendi r of Kandahar in 1880, receiving the Afghan
, medal and clasp.
1!" wae a member of the Qtietta di-
\ii inn which invaded Afghanistan
through the Bolan Pass
Corporal  Canning  also  saw   active
service In Egypt under the late Lord
Wolseli *.. taking pari In the battle of
Tel el Kebir  (medal    and    clasp and
, Kin dive's Star i
He was a  : n ihber of thc National
Ken rve   nrr:.:.,7.1 .1   in   this   i .'..    la 1
, year.
After taking Ins discharge fr m the
army and spending some time In Eng-
' land h" came to British Colun bm
about 26 years ago.
Latterly  hn  was In  the Bervlce ol
I Mr.   Nels.   Nelson  as  night   englneei
in the New Westminster brewery.
About a fortnight ago Corporal Can
ning caught a severe chill which de
veloped Into pneumonia, but none of
his piaiiy friends anticipated a fatal
The corporal, er "Billy," as he waa
familiarly arftl fondly known was a
favorite with all ho came In contact
with, a cheery, kindly, generous old
genth man he wan, a good soldier and
i go. d citizen and it behooves all who
would honor the memory of one who
upheld the beBt tradltlonB of the llrit
Ish army to turn out tomorrow afternoon and pay their lasl tribute nf re-
"pect to the gallant old soldier
Deceased was n native ol i-'rant
Hampshire, was CO years of ago und
The marriage of Miaa May Scliwenk
to Mr. John Fraser. both of this city,
took place in St.. Peter's cathedral
yesterday morning at 7 o'clock, ft.-*.
Father O'Boyle officiating.
The bride was attended by lie;
sister, Miss Grace Schwenk, as brides
maid, while Mr. D. W. Morrison, of
Ballarat, Australia, attended to lhe
duties of best man.
The contracting parties are well
known in the city. Mr. Fraser Is collected wllh the Westminster laciosv
club, and also holds a position ��� lib
'he Pacific Canadian 1'rlntlng company.
The wedding breakfast was served
at the Royal cafe, the newly wedJ-' 1
couple afterwards leaving fur Portland,    where    Ihey    will   spend   their
Among the out of town guests pi"s-
enl were Mr. D. Schwenk, of Car.ol,
lowa, ami Mr. H. Sheppard, uf Ballarat, Australia.
Tho couple will take up their res!
lenco in ihls ci ty on their return
from  Portland,
Undeniably the best view property in or around the City, and as such will
command the highest prices for residential purposes. We can deliver a few lots
below the market price, for a few days, as the owners wish to realize some ready
Two lots close to Connaught Hill station, B. C. E. Ry., $600 for the two, half
cash, balance in six and twelve months.
Two choice lots on the top of the hill, overlooking everywhere outdoors,
$1000 for both, quarter cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Three (triple corner) very fine lots, very close to the top of the hill, with the
finest view of river, mountain and Delta, $1500 for the three, third cash, balance
in six and twelve months.
175 feet on the River road, running to full width open street in the roar and
on the beautiful Marine drive, $3500, $1000 cash, balance over 18 months.
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street        New Westminster, B.C.
Forty years In use. 20 yejrs the
Standard, prescribed and recommend
cd by p'lyjiclane. For Women's Ail
ments, Dr. Martel'o Female Pills, at
your druggist.
Because they arc from
own ranch.
.'{dozen for $1.00.
Phone  98.
Fish  nnd   Produce.
���147  Columbia
Columbia Street
Phone 57
.done-en the premises.
Agents for the
List prices.
Curtis Drug Store
and SEEDS,
Phone 43;   L. D. 71;   Res-
New Westminster. B. C
A manicurist t<> attend to your
grants in this line has been appointed
it the Hub barber shops, Dominion
Trusl building, Thi* new feature has
Just been Introduced and Mr .1 It.
Coon, the proprietor, ���������sIbIich to note
to the general publlo that ail patrona
of    his   toniorlal    parlori     receive
MUNDAY Ai o lasl respect lo a
departed friend, sotno 250 i pin attended the funeral of Mrs. Oeorge A
Munday,   winch   took   place   yesterday
from the tan,ii> residence The
funeral Bervioe was held in st
Mary's English church at Bapporton
Itev. Frank Plaskett, vicar ut st
Mary's church, had charge of the services, the fn-ii bearers being six nt
the sens cf the deceased, Messrs.
William, Thomas, Harry, Edward,
James and Matthew.
Family   prayers  were  said   al     the
residence on  Knox street, the body
Home For Sale
prompt und efficient attention to their being then taken to the little English
���equlrements at all times, (ii��:i),church where the simple but golemn
No.   1    Here  Is  a  splendid  home for sale cheap.    In a good
cullty near Queen's l'ark and new school,
It  hus  seven   larne  conifor table  rooms  with  every   modern  convenience;  full basement; on a larKc lot, 86x133 feet.
This place ls below value and   tbo  terms  ara  nuch  that  almoBt
anyone can  bundle it.
PRICE, $4400, $/50  CASH, Imlimce monthly.   If you want to buy
a home let ns show you this place,
Agents  for   Pacific  Coast   Steamship Co.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,  Automobile   and
Marin*  Insurance.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   In   New   Westminster.
Machine Works.
Fraser Valley Division B. C. Electric Lines.
Effective April 20, 1913.
(Subject to Change Without Notice.)
Train No.
EASTBOUND. 3 4 6 8    Expresa   Mlllt
I.ve Vancouver    8;16   12:16   18:16   17:18   18:30    8:30
l.vo NEW WESTMINSTER   9:18   18:10   18:08   18:16   18:00    0:66
Arr  Huntingdon     IH:08
Arr t'hllllwack    U:56    16:80 20:1,5   10:110   12:65
Train No.
WKSTitouNi). i a r> 7    Express Milk
l.vo t'hllllwack     e:3D IMO 18:00 0:10 18:20
l.vo lliinlineilnti        7:10
Arr NEW WESTMINSTER   9:30 llilO 15:60 20:10 0:30 21:10
Arr  Vancouvor      10:20 12:00 10:;U. 21:110 10:60 22:50


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