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The New Westminster News May 16, 1913

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 The   New   Westminster   N
l*WI  la
the  only  morning   newspnpe
r   pub-
llShed iii the   City    of    New
minster and   the   rich   und
Kraser Valley.
The Weather.
New    Westminster    and    lj-nwer
Mainland: Light to moderate winds;
cool and cloudy;  i.rcbabie showers;
not much change In temperature.
*>   I
warn OK it 20,000
Twelve Lonely Hearers Comprise Audience in City Hall
to Listen to Mayor and Aldermen Discuss Money Bylaws���His Worship Reviews Conditions and Asks
Voters to Endorse the Measures.
It may be simple apathy or ll may ] keeping down .expenditure In '.his and
be that the citizens of New Westmin-   other departments,
ster have the fullest confidence lu the \     In reference to the Street  improve-
sagacity  of  their  council   that  they ment bylaw for $200,000, some of this
need not bother listening to the pros | was the city's portion to the Sapper
and cons anent the money bylaws now
President   Wilson   Handles
Anti-Japanese Bill With
Kid Gloves.
Two  Distinct  Parties  In  Land of the
Mikado, One Full of Pepper and
the Other  Moderate.
Washington,    May    16,���President
No Fireworks Attend Final Scenes in Commons When Historic Measure Goes Through
on a Government Majority of Thirty-three���Five Nationalists Line up With Opposition and One Liberal Backs Premier Borden���Six Months' Hoist Rejected���Hon.
Mr. Burrell Pledges British Columbia's Support to Policy.
Ottawa.  May  16.- The  great  party ; five months ago and that now in tho'not ln expectation that what he could
struggle   on   the   Naval   bill   reached  course  of a few  hours  the  members : say would affect the final decision of
Its  final stage In the bouse of com
liefer*' I'.iein, but the fnct. remains
that ���there were only 1- present In
the city ball last night, outside the
aldermen, officials aud two reporters.
M-ayor Oray gave an admirable
synopsis ot lhe different bylaws proposed None of the aldermen spoke,
us it was felt, the small attendance
rendered   such   a   procedure   farcical
At Ihe Close Mr. \V. Iv Sinclair put
questions   in   reference   to   liurnahy's
-agreement  in  the  $160,000  Hewer  by
law and the Uoyal Columbian hospital building, which were answered apparently to the satisfaction Ot Mr.
Sinclair, after which the meeting dis
Strong Imagination.
ton Sewer; $46,000 h:;d to be paid b>
the eity at large. The remainder was
fur works in every portion of lhe city
They had at the present time under
the  board  of  works  about  130  men.
These men were all ratepayers with ! ordinary manoeuvres of the army and
the exception of one or two who had   naw.
recently removed to Hurnaby. IT this xhle decision of the president was
bylaw did not pass that crew would announced nt the White House to-
have lo be cut down very considerably I night, it answered a report current
because In their ordinary board otjtn official circles late In the day that
���works estimates there was only pro-| precautionary    movements    by     the
Wilson has determined that no war- j pious shortly before midnight when
Ships or troops sliall be moved, or | tbe Horjlen Naval bill was adopted,
anything resembling a military or j the voting being, Conservatives, 101;
naval demoiistrution carried on by the | Liberals, 6S, thus giving the govern-
t'nilid States while diplomatic nego- ment a majority of 33.
tlatlons with Japan over Ihe Call- The motion to give the bill a six
forulan alien lsnd legislation are In j months' hoist, moved by Sir Wilfrid
progress, bo that no alarming Inter- \ Laurier. was rejected by the same ma-
pretatlon can be placid on even tile I Jorltiy, although four more members,
would  have to  give  their  final  vote.
Vision made for some B0 or 40 nun at i urn.y  and  navy    were    contemplated
the mosl or a permanent staff. | aua  haij  been  discussed  at a confer-
There was not a Monday passed but i,.1K.c between Ihe president. Secretin- council had applications for side- ,arj. Daniels, or the navy department,1
walks and for stre. ts to be opened | secrctarv Garrison, of the war de-1
up to enable Bulldlnga to he erected.Jparlmen-t, and Acting Secretary!
lliere was no money left oul of the Moore, of the suite department. Mr. ���
Mayor Oray opened his address with general revenue to construct or open | M(|(ln, w(,nl t0 the wbUe House, lt
the remark that he would Imagine the  UP Btreets.   A considerable portion or  lvas avj-iajn.ed  to discuss the framing
benches full.    If the citizens did  nol  tli ty   streets   were   macadamized   lf     r    ,    tll ln   ���,,.,,���,' Japanese pro-
lurn up in greater numbers lie fell ll a"'! they had to bo maintained. In , aKainsl the California land leg-
would t*e a mere waste of time far the all $68,000 of this $200,000 was to be ffijSTOJJTthe war and naVy
aldermen to address those present on   Bpent   n Sapperton   the rest was to be   H0,ll;,ari,.s   calle,,   lo   algcnM   roll,lni.
each tperiHc bylaw.    He would there-   divided  in the central,  west end and   a���., ' ���, ,,, ,,. ,, ������,,.���,���
fore make a general stalemenl. Queensboro areas of the city. ! affal��� * ��"',g�����������'
The flrsl he would speak on was They had $85,000 of Ihe unsold de-I As , *ab ';x'"a"*' '*"���������''������ r<P
the Klectric l.lRht Extension bvlaw for, bentuns of 1912 yet to spend, lh��� | resenta ions rrom the Japanese gov-
$40,0011. The citizens were more or! was provided they got a fair price.] ���".ment in MPPort of its protest
loss familiar with It \M!h the growth Seme people might say why did thi v ' agaiMI tiie i aiirornia i-iiid egisia-
Of New Westminster, particularly on , pul Hose bylaws up when thev had i ""�� vv''": f,ore<-;I��' '""f-v wn,pn V !"
the outskirts, -one ot the flrsl a'ppli uni sold their previous bonds' A ven \*vnw 1""uu' il'Ur be'n�� lntofmi'lly
canons the council received was ;r���* fair question. Bill did they wish the!1""'""1 ��* ������"Verncr U -hnson �� in-
light. As under municipal ownership council to reply to a man apt-living fori"'"''"11,1", slK'' ****', "uu; '' ' ,c""'d
Ihey had not capital to anv grout es* B sire. I to be -petied up as-h- wish*,! 'w1'" :1 the ��tate department to latent, ihey would certainly have to auk.  to  build,   that  because  they had   nol "���u,^,��� wh8�� tlu' ,;"v",',1��r """���'* I'"'b
sold  their bonds last  year thev could
nol open llie street or extend the side
wayks. therefore. If he wanted to build !     After   the   ambassador's   first   visit
be imd t" make the mail himself. Acting   Secretary   Moore   Went   to  the
ll  would take considerable time to ��� White House and spent  half an hour
sell   these  bonds  and   it   was  not  the i in reviewing the situation with Presi
bei )  icpieied by Seotile, Victoria and .Intention of the board of works, or in ideut  Wilson,    li  la understood, how-
Vancouvtr     Beforo many months will1 nny   >t the other departments to spend .ever,  taut  Mr.   Mo-ore ��u  uuaws to
hnve   paeaod   thciw   llEbts.   howovcr. lany   great   proportion   ot   ��.��  tuo����y   throw any light upon Oovernor��� John-
Ireceived   from  the   hyrtothe-m-Uan    ol|��o>. i. Intentions wle n In* mm tin- am
extension   felfttv lthese   bonds   to   the
the  majority,  but   because  the  prob
lem of defence would come np again
There  rested upon them  a deep and ; aml it w(i8 we��� to lay d0(vn ������, ^j,
grave responsibility. It was a regret- marks thnt would guide the futnre.
table fact that a matter atrecting the i Some surprise had been expressed
defence or the empire and world rela-1 at the strenuous opposition which had
tionship would be made a subject ot been made to the bill. It would have
party politics. Members of the house been more surprising, he said, if they
would not be able to agree as to who I had fall< d to opopse It. When a mea-
was responsible for this. It was a sure like this was introduced the peo-
ract, however, that no equally great pie had a right to expect frankness
arrived In time to register their votes  question   had   ever   been   laid   before  and candor from their representatives
parliament In a more moderate and : in parliament und they would be ex-
non-partlzan manner than that which peeled to criticize until a final decis-
marked Premier Borden's speech In-1 lon waa reached.   The opposition must
arraign the government before the
country on several ccunts and most
import ant of these was that tbe measure proposed was without any oasis.
Opposition's Final Words.
Iwo  Conservatives  and  two  Liberals,
for and against tbe measure.
The  climax  came  with   little  sur
prise and  was devoid  of any  Bensa
tlonal   clashes   which   have   featured   traducing the bill,
tho movement of the bill through the I    Mr.   Burrell  desired    to    deprecate
various  stages  since  it  was first  in- ! statements   to   the   effect    that     the
(reduced  by  Mr.  Borden  five  months ; statesmen of Cli-eat Britain are nol ac-
ago. ' tuated  by  a desire  to  work out  the
Five Nationalists stood up wltb the : problem of defence without interfer-
oppoBltlon  in voting against the bill,   Ing with the overseas dominions.  Mr.
The Liberal policy was to place two
fleet units in the Atlantic and Pacific
Fraser Valley Municipal Bureau Now Is Development
while Colonel McLean, Liberal, who Borden stands out as a sincere and to take the place of the squadrons
has supported the bill from Its In- i consistent supporter of hiB own. which had been concentrated in
fancy, again lined up with the govern- \ views as well as of the views of thc ; European waters. The Liberals were
ment. I people.    He believes that Sir Wilfrid  answered  by  the  argument that this
The six months' hoist -va3 moved i Laurier would have played the better was an emergency contribution de-
by Sir Wilfrid Laurier at 9 o'clock j part had he decided to give his sup- ! mantled by the admiralty. The mln-
aTt^r a speech   j[ an hour i port   to  these  proposals,    ln  conclu- \ ister of finance thought be had given
Mr. Borden. In speaking for the bill, i slon Mr. Burrell declared that the the coup de grace to the Liberal
"iid his Ideas of Canada's duly to ! government's proposal would meet claims when he nad fn the house a
the empire differed radically from ; with the approval of the great ma- ; statement by the first ford of the ad -
ihose of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. The lr*rity of the people of British Colum- miralty to the effect that the Canadian
time had  come  when  Canada  should   hla. ships   were   absolutely   noc-CFsary   by
not quibble, but must come to the aid Sir  Wilfrl-J. the end of 1915.   The young lord waa
of the empire. Sir  Wilfrid   took   tl.e   floor    at    S  a man  of great  power of expression
When  tb" house  rose  there* was  a   o'clock   to   make   hiB   closing   Bpeech  and   great   versatility.     In   this  case,
on the bill, lie had no Intention of re- the later quality had been predomin-
opening the main theme���discussion ant On one occasion he had declar-
had been closed on that���he said, ed tbat British ships could meet any
when closure was applied at 2 o'clock  emergency and  that  whether Canada
little cheering, the Consi rvatlves singing "Utile Britannia." In which a few
of the Lib. rals joined.
Hen.   Mr.   Burrell.
fciin tim-c Ultimo, money Irom the
people for extension ir they were to
provide Itghl In this department M
ilerman I.ynch had explained that he
bad been -unable to wnpply arc lights,
us the supply houses of the court had
al.ly   ue:.
Japan  in   Hurry.
Hon.  Manln   Burrell said that  this ��� Saturday morning,    lie rose simply to ' gave or not,  Britain  would be ready
bill had been introduced in the liouse  make his last protest against the bill,   and able to race all perils.
would be. plawd.
The  waterworks
bank   until   tne  bassador    later      Viscount    Chlndn's
wm wto wwB&i    TOWN ON TOft   R**w*w��wi*.
required  $4Ti,onn.    This   was  just  as.  bonds were sob
It nol mure important, than Ihe lights
for the reason that they must have
It before people commenced to build
It was n paramount necessity. The
light could be supplied after the
buildings were completed.
They were at present providing temporary am mmiidation in light aim
If the til-vet wns graded and pretty
roughly graded at that, and a man applied for water nnd began to build, a
temporary pipe, 12-inch, was laid
down ll the bylaw did not receive
ih..  approbation  ol the people they
Spread Over 30 Years.
Th.. mayor then explained the $ir,u.-
000 sewer bylaw ami Burnaby's posl-
tlon in the matter, the repayment of
which was spread over 80 years. He
did md expect anyone to vote against
It. They had taken iu m nrres ol
Burnaby which drained naturally into
their territory by the configuration ol
the country.
Burnaby would pay the whole or thai
Hum under an agreement sanctioned
liy the provincial government. The
onlv   difference   to   tbem     was    -some
calls  gave  rise to  the  impression  in
j official circles thai  Japan  is not  inclined to delay publishing her protest
land  that another formal conimunica- I
tlon  probably will be forthcoming as
���goon as (he California bill actually is
signed    Meanwhile, Prealdent Wilson. I
in   a   preliminary   way   at   leant,   hae
.been discussing with Acting Secretary j Th,. railway belt land hunters con-
Moore the course to be pursued m tlnue to increase in numbers and as
rraminc a reply lo the oriental pm-' tiu.ri. art! already considerably more
fsi This subject will come before I geekers arter lhe soil than sections to
the culiinel meeting tomorrow, but the \ KO around some anxiety is being felt
; answer may nol  be Immediate unless |u   to   what   will   happen   on   Monday
; Prophesy Trcuble When Railway BeK
sad-tom Are Thrown open From Small Beginnings It
on   Monday.
Jumps Rapidly to the
Board Discusses Specrat Sunday Ser
vices,   Lacrosse  Game  and
Port Coquitlam.
standing the f.o*;
May 15.
that   this
city  was
Arrangements to hold a hospital
Sunday, to haw> a lacroHse game and
a seires of dances In aid' of the new
Royal  Columbian hospital, tho money
Richmond Gets Bouquets at Gathering
Yesterday When Several Out.
siders Speak.
At a meeting of the Fraser Valley
Municipal bureau held in Steveston
yesterday afternoon It was decided to
change the name to the Fraser Valley Development league, following   &
favorable vote taken by the different
municipalities lhat comprise tlie
Another feature of the meetinc- wai
the reporl mnde by Secretary Wilkin
that he had. during the lasl, ten daya.
directed len eettlers to the Fraaer
valley who represented $150,000 In-
The next meeting or the league will
be held in the board of trade rooma.
New Westminster, on Tuesday afternoon, May 23, when an executive*
meeting will be held previous to tho
general  meeting.
A drive over the roads of Richmond
was taken by the members in the
morning which was followed by s
luncheon tendered the delegates by
the Richmond municipal council in
the Sockeye hotel. Steveston.
The Speakers.
Reeve Bridge, of Richmond, was in
the chair, and ln a brief speech welcomed the delegates of the league,
stating that they had visited Chilliwack and olher points in the valley,
but now they had come to the moutlt
of the Fraser. the municipality whicb
was last, but by no means least oa
thc list.
Dr. E. S. Rowe. secretary of the
Vancouver Progress club, waa the
first speaker on the list and. whilei
commenting on the admirable location
of Richmond In the matter of industrial sites, laid stress on the fact
lbat it is up to these who had made
furiunes out of the unearned incro-
ment of the land to patronize local
industries to the fullest possible
Iteeve Churchill, of Point Grey, and
i M-awnm-a Cyuch, **.    *tH*c*i  *H***x**ax-
ImUsr, toottt nte-aUoneA th,e cordial 1t*t-\-
llng  that   -Kxtsted   ViH-wto-a  Woti-moiid
\ ana Point Qrey  in one Instance and
Richmond and  New  Westminster li
the   other.    The  Uoyal    City    guest
pointed out that Richmond was supplied with  water through  New Westminster niaiii.-i and both municipalities
were  working  hand  in  hand for bet-
Some Advantages.
Bx-Rceve J.  W   Weart, cf Burnaby,
pointed cut  that   Richmond  was  tho
municipality  west  of Coqultlam   with
ihe Japanese government is insistent,
on the contrary, it is known that the
{srniii. due to the widening ol the pip. .
which WOUld be Of great advantage lo ! president Is disposed to proceed wltl
if the best bar-
would have lo revert to the system of
some yearn back, when  more or less  the City.    II was om
temporary work was done, which cost   gams   tor   the   city   ever   mad.-   and
the city considerable to make perma-   good for Hurnaby also.    Burnaby paid
nent.    It  came    to    this, it   must  be  BB   p. r  cent   for  the   inalnienance  ol
either  a   temporary   or  cheap   supply  tho  sewer also. |entlv mnde
or none'at all Tli" fireball bylaw for $86,-000 was  ,*���,. [-njmtntstratlon by his presentment
Keeping   Down  CoBt. next   dwell   upon.    The mayor said   it   ,,f various BCta and  proposed  legisla-
The whole council were ub one ini icontlnued on Page Four.) Itlon oT a national character tending to
 __^  ��� leommil  the government   to a  general
'policy   nf   discrimination   against   the
much  deliberation
usage will permit
What  Jchnson   Did.
Though Oovernor Johnson appar-
ntlv nride a strong  impression  upon
ye^irs ago. it Is now a chief stopping
point for 28 east, west and southbound trains���excluding about half
that number of freights   dally, and is
Howard   Snid   He   Found  the   Eggs   in
the  Bush,  But   He  Got  One
Introduce Politics.
Calgary,   May   IB.    Six   foremen   of
the city  public    works    department
.lames   Wilson.     Nick     Barro,     Fred]
Stephenson, Jack Yard. James Orossi [
and Fred Towers, nre accused of manipulating  their  departments  to  ex- j
elude Lit" nils from city work, bv  12
former  city   employees    wno    have
made affidavits to ihelr accusation
Uow   races,   It   is   declared   thai   hi
had Injected no suggestion Into the
controversy, r.o officials of tin si"te
department have only to consider the
morning when the Dominion land office opens. Numbers have been distributed among those who congregated  iu the city hall on  Wednesday
and yesterday, and the recipients de- also   the   terminus
dare they will line up in front of the Btcr branch line of the C. P. R.
office   in   positions   corresponding   to These facts to a great extent    era
their numbers.    They    also    express phaslto  the   growing   Importance    o!
their determination to force others to this city as a railway centre.    It    I
o imply   with   this   resolution
Of the wilder spirits do not hesitate to Ils m8ny c. P. It. railroad men iiuar-
inuounce that they will resort to vio- ,, ri,(i i���,r,. .1S *��� Vancouver. The
lence, even to lire-arms, should any- |10tp|s are full of them, while the rail-
one disregard this decree and al- roll(j company is building a substan-
lciiipt to get ahead of thetn. | tiui boarding" house to accommodate
They  are  reported   lo  have organ- 1(s  eng|neerg  11Iui  other workmen on
little  thought  cf  not  more  than   two   were  discussed   at  a   meeting of  tin
board of management on Wednesday.
lt Is planned to hold special service!
In all of the city churches, to take a
special   collection   en   Horn*   Sunday
to  be  used   In  fiirnisliims the wards, ja  greater acreage,   most   fertile  aoil.
d pickets to patrol the lobby of the
Dominion office, the stairs and entrance.
II is also stated that they will
'���inn up in line at midnight on Sunday.
Yisl"rday morning the charges of
Stealing merchandise rrom a freight
car in the ii. 0, v. it. yards, sixteenth !
stre.''. laid b>   the police agalnBt John I
Howard and William  How-lance, were '
altered  In the police court  to receiv-
Ing   stolen   goods.     Howard     pleaded
guiltv  and  Rowlance  denied  the  ac j
Iletectlve Burrows gave evidence
to the effect that he round about 16 I
eggs In the shack occupied by both
accused. Howard said he found them
in the bush. Rowlance admitted to
him he knew where the eggs had
come from. The shack wus about 30
yards Irom the yards.
John Donald, rrelght agent, gave
evidence an to the rrequency of these
thefls. Over 20 doze:i eggs, nine
boxes or cigars, nine tins of pine apples and  a  trunk  broken  open    and
rifled were some or the depredations
within  the pant  week.
Rowlance was round guiltv ni'd
-sentenced to two months and Howard
< p.. month  hard  labor.
Martin Antone, for the actual theft,
received   12   months  hard   labor,  and
the Binne  ),,
Post     Oftlce     Inspector     Reccflnizes
Need  for   Better   Facilities   In
Business Districts.
, points  already  made
I diplomatic negotiations.
li has developed thai the Japanese
j ���������verni'ieiit   has   not   suggested   The
Hague tribunal as a means ot settling
'the  isyne,  whence  the  conclusion  is j ~~
drawn here thai Japan does nol by anj , Not Healthy There.
means regard the resources or dlpln I    Plttaburt,   May    15, -Frequent ex-
macy us having been exhausted to the I plOSlOM    I I   dynamite     and     powder
point where arbitration la the only re- w'thln   the   last   week in   Western
,j0ri I Pennsylvania.   Maryland     and    West
Administration officials state that Virginia, and attempts to explode
the Japanese government Is quite well heavily filled magazines are causing
aware oT Iwo Important racts' First Linxlety. Since last Saturday a dozen
thai the United Stales government has I persona have h-en killed, scores have
I hnnently  exerted   Itself  lo  the  extent; been Injured, tttrtm latally, und much
of Its resnurct's to prevent the nact-
Irn-pnt ef the legislation, and secondly
that, in mnklng treaties with the
United Slates, n nation is expected to
have in mind the respective functions
lot national and state government un-
for the Westmin- during October and it is understood
that nearly all of the churches are
agreeable   to   the  suggestion.
Some evening during th-e summer
months a lacrosse game will be ar-
Some s'afe to'say thaTnow"there 'are about ranged, probably between a Vancouver team and a local aggregation, or
between two city teams.
The question or holding a series of
dnncts. including a fftUHiol dan-re. was
also discussed favorably aud some
definite announcement In this respect
Is expected ill B short time.
Mr .1. J Johnston, i-'.-uiriiiau of the
bofc.'d, states that a nmnfijr uf Ihe
different societies and ledges in the
city have been asked to .issi-st in furnishing the private wards and very
encouraging replies have been received.
Ier the dual vvtsetn  and  not  to  ex
llrisk  end   business-like.   Mr.   John pMt  the administration  to undertake
Greenfield,  post  ofrice Inspector, to pnsa beyond the constitutional llml.
Vancouver  district,   was   in   the   city j tntlons in Its dealings with the states
yesterday, and as a result of his visit j Tw0 v,ew) |n J��
new     departures     with   reference  to1
mall collection In the business districts
will  be  Initiated   forthwith.
Kxact details us to this arrangement will he announced almost Immediately.
Mr. Greenfield has just
n   O'llara 10 months    fur    the sume  ),,,,,��� made for nny extensions that Ihe
offence. Immediate future Is likely In bring In-
A gang cf small boys were brought.^ demand.    Mr. Samuel Mellaril Is In
Up In n Juvenile court held In camera Icharge of the office at Chllllwack.
on charges of pilfering from  1)   C, B.I     Mr.     Greenfield's     department   -he
R.  cars  and.  after  a  Bevere  lecture, ^ns two assistants and eight clerks
thev  wero  discharged    on
Tokio, Mav 16.���The announcement
Hint Governor Johnson, of California
will sign the alien land ownership
b'll again has aroused Ihe radicals,
some of whom have seized the occa-
retUITlfid I *'pn t0 denounce tiie government
from a trip up the Fraser valley, the Policy.    They describe the legislation
main obpeot of which was in conneo- a�� Inhuman and oppressive, anad ask
Hon With the new post office at Chil-i!f 'I"1 spirit represented bv Lincoln
llwaek, an Institution of which the Washington, Harrison nnd the statue
citizens of that town are Justly proud.|df llb.'rty no longer exists.
The Inspector states lhal the office
there is one Of the finest In the pro
vlnoe and   that   ample  provision   '
property has been ruined.
Booming  the   'Hat.
Medicine Hut. Alta.,  May  15.
bylaws,  granting    concessions
to  n
account or the lack ol accommodation
in. the regular hostelrles. A large
number ot the engineers are at present quartered In a C, P, R. car.
The hotels o! any city, even during
an exhibition time, could not be better patronized that those ot Port Cu-
qultlam at lhe present. Transient
rooms are about all lhal are available
In most or the houses and cases of
hotel proprietors turning down people
seeking a room as a permanent location are of common  knowledge.
The population of the city at the
present Ib about 1500. but if the present influx keeps up it ought caBily to
exceed a total of L'000 before the year
1913 is brought to a close.
Want Lower Phone Rates.
The  New   WeBtmlnster    board
irade  Is asking  the  co-operation
couple of million dollar concerns and the Port Coquitlam business men    la ;
nine   smaller   ones   and   providing   a an endeavor to Induce the B. C. Tele-
mllllon   dollars   for   municipal   works phone company   to  reduce  the    long
which wct-c presented to the burghers djatance tolls between the Royal City
today  for their  approval,  all carried
by a large majority.
ia   Canada   Contends   in   Claim   Now
Before the  International
gnater  waterfrontage   both   salt  and
Ihe lowest assessment by four-
'���'-s and ths lowest tax rale. Mr.
Weart recalled the prophesies mado
bv the late Mr. Steeves. the rounder
of the townslte of Steveston, aa ta
Its location  for development.
President E. H. Heaps, of the Development league, also recalled thn
happenings that took place at tlm
luncheon held In Steveston when the
Ashing village was llrst opened up.
New Westminster was represented
at the gathering, by Alderman 1-Yck
Lynch. Seer-tary Wilkie and Mr. CL
II. S. Wade.
Regina Policemen Accused of stealing
from Stores While on Night
Ileglnu. May 15 - Two members -ot
the city police force. Constables Ogil-
vie and MacAulay, were arrested yesterday by order ot tha pollce i .munis
sion on a charge of theft. Chief
Beats was the chief prosecutor. H��
stated that the men had come to hinr
from Winnipeg with the best of references and he had    sworn    thorn   In.
Washington.  May  15.-Whether the
and the new    town.    The    rateB   at  United States,    as   the    receiver   of They  were P"1 011  bight duty.    One
present are 15    cents   a call,    while s.-rd-en  property,    Is  responsible    tor ot the duties of a night man la to try
those between Westminster and Port the value thereof, is a question tbat all the doors in the business section
to see that they have been secured.
P. lt. bridge
Several radical parliamentarians
hnve called n mass meeting for tomorrow, but the more responsible ale.
���ii nl   among   the     Japanese    declare
they will not attend, adding lhat they
place complete confidence in the gov-1
eminent   lo   Bettle   the   controversy ,
acimablv and honorably.    They decry |
any agitation which might prove em-
suspended | covers a very wide range of territory, j harassing.
In fact bis district takes In the whole
is serving
naval  cadet on
A young mon  was    fined    $1    and mainland   of   liritish   Columbia   from Nothing Altered Yet.
coslB for driving a team over the,the summit of the Selklrks to the] Medicine Hal, Alta., May 15.���The
Bide walk on Keary stroet. He pro- coast, and stretches away north far-i Judicial recount of the ballots caBt In
duced a conditional permit from City] ther than he himself can Btate. I tho recent election was started today,
Rnglneer lllacknian, but had not com- lie haB becn In tho poBtal service I Judge Carpenter presiding. It will
piled with tho conditions attached for the paBt 40 years and has occu-,bn finished tomorrow. So far there
t0 it pied IiIb present position since  1904. is no change.
Prince Sees Canada.
Halifax, N.S., May 15.���II. M. S.
Cumberland, with His Royal Highness
Prince Albert on board, arrived In
porl this morning from Bermuda. The
ship will remain here tor 15 days and
wlll then proceed to Charlottetown
and possibly to Sydney on her way to
Newfoundland.    The  ship  Is duo    In  progressing at a satisfactory rale, d,
irnMntirt nlwnit   lnne "ll   Prince Albert  spite  the  Inclement  weather  or    th
the  past weeks.    The  trestle over  which States bought this    lumber    from    a
the   railway   traffic   wlll   be   diverted ."'an
i while Ihe old bridge    is    being   torn
.. .*'down Is now completed,  with the ex-
���i   cepllon or the swing apan, which will
m  probably be Installed Inside the next
two months.
Nearly HOO men are engaged everyday on the bridge at the present
time. Two hundred are In the employ of the Foundation company of
Montreal, which has In hand the
foundation work, and about 100 are
working for tho C. P. R.   Despite, th
Moody are 10 cents a call.   The West, the    international    arbitral    tribunal.
minster board of trade are trying to  which  is  passing upon   Ilritislt Ameri-
have the Pott Coqultlam  rates  made can  claims,  was asked to decide to-
unlform with those of Port Moody.     ,iay.    The Canadian government   de-
Under Difficulties. mands about  $500,000.  the  value  of
Work on the steel and concrete C.  88,600 feet of lumber used in J9O0   to
across the Pitt river    Is construct   the   military    barracks    at
Eagle City. Kits.
Canada  allbges    that    lhe    United
It this
named   Howard   Mountain    who
Out it from Canadian domains without
a  permit and  without  payments.    He
Is   alleged   to   have   left  the country
According to relinble Information received In New Weatmlnster the grain elevator
which the Dominion government proposes to build at the
coast wlll be located In New
Westminster, upon the Fraser
From Windy City.
Lethbridge. May 15.���Mr. Joseph P.
Tracy arrived in the city this morning to take up the duties of commissioner of commerce and manufactures
for the city of Lethbridge. He haa
been especially engaged for carrying
fact that work has beeu progressing !on the usual campaign of the dty oa
*    a three years' contract at a salary of
16000    per   annum.   Hr. Tracy came
from Chicago.
h, while the trains have been maintain-
-a i ing a regular Bervlce over the    old
ft ft ft ft ft tt ft * ft ft Hi * ��| iContlcu-ad on Paw Klght.)
it is it prevention against burglary.
One of these constables, It is alleged,
had found the door of a clothing store
open, had entered aud helped himself
to a Panama nnt, a raincoat and n
suit cf clothes. The other, finding
lhe door of a warehouse open, had, it
was alleged, taken a supply of
candles. Having heard ol the affair,
the commission lost no time, but
promptly dismissed both the men and
Instructed the chief to swear out
warrants charging them with theft.
The men were arresti-U by their own
companions. They will come up lo
the police court tomorrow morning
and will be charged with then while
on duty.
Wants Quite a Chunk.
Calgary, May 15.���J. Turnbull. Alberta agent of the Canadian Town-
sites, Limited, Is bringing suit againat
the company for $150,00, representing;
5 per cent of the profits of the company. The caBe will be heard in l<osi-
don Bhortly. PACK   IWO
FRIDAY,  MAY 16, 1913.
An independent .imruing P*H***" drt��aU*d u> thr intrr~sts nf New Weetmlneter ond
thr Prater Valley, Publiehed nveru -nnrnirig exoept Buitdap by thr. National Printing]
and Pmbliehing Companyj Umittid, at S3 ifalfrfupio strert. New Westminster, liritish
Columbia, robk t.t'THKRi.AXii.  Managing Director,
/t.'l comtnuntoaflona should be nMrMMri tn The N-ita We-itmlneter News, and not
\faindividual members of thr staff. Cfcccti****. drafts, ond money ordeTB should 'uf mtnlr
paj/aMr f" The National /'Hnti��j7 awrf t'nhlishin'O Company, Limited,
TELSPHONBS���Dveinee* office and tfanafer, MS; BdltoHal Sooms (all dspart-
SUBSCRIPTION RAT KB���By carrier, $4 jxrr t/ear, $1 for three months, 40c per]
month.    Uy moil, %Z per year, 25c per m<m/*.
A.DVBRT1*INQ RATES on applit-tUwti.
was still the only dwelling
in the settlement worthy of tlio
and there, on the return of the
Krench, the prieBtB celebrated the flrat i Governor's Report to Conference That
mats at Quebec.
Upon lhis dale, May 16th, 1620, oc-
curri d the second marriage of a woman from whom many distinguished Canadians trace their descent.
Mario Until t was the maiden name
of  this first  "Canadlenne,"  but  she
came to Canada In j til 7 as Madame
Hilar!, wiie of the apothecary, I.ouis
Hubert, noted as tbe lirst farmer of
this   great  agricultural  country.     He I
died In 1827 from the effects or a fall;
but h.B widow lived twenty years af- j
ter becoming the wife of Guilliaume
lliibou. Oddly enough, however, she is'
siill referred to, after her second mar- j
r|age, as Madame llebert.
Krom little glimpses tot her In the i
Jesuit   "Relations" and elsewhere,    it
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I appenrs that she was a good,    kind,
j thrifty woman, and "mother of a fain-
It is always best to look upon the bright side of the My of beautiful children."  iier house
, .   ��� ,        j  ,,    *    n ,v        j        xx* *u* 'li j      Stood near the fort, and when Cham-
Bhield and therefore the advent of sunshine will serve to:|)Uin BUrrendered Quebec in 1629, at I
cheer the farmers in our neighborhood  after the long his solicitation, the English oomman-
.    ,     .       ���      ���      , -j       wi"i        ������     u       ti.    ���j...i^  , der set a special guard over this "old-
pehod of ram just passed.   But even rain has its advan- ,P8t h0UBe \n th0 country." and the
tapes, and, while the agriculturist proper mav have given mission chapels,
��,    . i�� it        ...*.. i   j;      *l   c When     Quebec     was     restored     to
vent to some growling, the dairyman and fruit farmer livance, the Heberts'-substantiai cot
have had no reason to complain.
Hut if there is one thing that will redound both to
ihe credit of all the farmers and incidentally help to swell
their bank accounts it is organization along the lines
sketched out at the recent market convention in this city. I
Why is any city, or any country for that matter, in-
terested in farmers and their doings? It is because the
basis of all wealth, the first and foremost industry is that
connected with the soil and what can be won therefrom.
No country in the world has a better heritage than
have we in British Columbia, but just as one cannot steer
a battleship with an ordinary tiller, so it is necessary that
the present system, under which our farmers have striven
to market their produce in the face of organized competition should now give place to a better form of machinery.
In instituting this machinery the farmer himself is
the main spring. Without his active sympathy and interest and work there can be little accomplished. The
government may send organizers,.communities may spend
unlimited sums, but all true progress comes from within
and the farmer has to realize within himself that the new
move planned out for the Fraser valley is to his interest
and through him is to the interest of the v hole country.
We in New Westminster have a very long record of
years during which we can point to the fact that we have
never allowed the interests of the farming community in
our neighborhood to be overlooked. Orr market, in it-
present state, is the envy of many other cities possessing
A  Tea   possessing
exquisite   freshness
and  fullness   of
flavour not found
In other Teas.
Pure   and   clean
to a leaf.
Black, Green and Mixed.
$210,000  Has Been  Collected-
Site and Principal.
Charles   Melville   Hays,   the   p;re,at
Canadian railway executive, who lost 	
IiIb  life in  the Titanic  disaster,  was [
horn In Rook Island, III.,    fifty-seven I
years ago today.   He was only seven-1    Vanoouver, Muy  15.���According ti
teen when he began his railway oa- S18  rePort  ,)f  ���***  governors  of  the
reer aB a clerk in St. Louis.   His con-1 Ryersoa college, which waa submitted
necllon with the Grand Trunk began
emmsnt Intended In grant each do-
nomination a site of live acres, it was
suggeate*that the additional ten acn a
ask. ii Cor should bo Bold to the n '*���'.-.>-
tinting parties, n waa rurther pro.
posed that tho lind Bhould lunn part
of, or li'* contiguous ;.., the campus cf
the university, and thai u title In fee
simple should be grant, d.
"The government expressed appreciation of the magnitude Of nur plain.,
and promised to bbbIbI In every posal-
way. An amendment to the University
Act was passed, granting to tha corporation of the university, With the approval of the lieutenant-Kiivernor-ln-
oounoll, the power to   sell,   transfer,
lease for not more than ;HI yenrs nr
otherwise dispose of their lands, hut
the Anal settlement of the question
of our site was deferred until the newly appointed president of the university could he consulted.
"We have great hopes that the board
of   governors   of   the   university,   nnd
the government will  recognize    ths
very Important contribution which we
will ina"ke to the university, nnd that
a suitable site In fee simple will be
granted us. We wish to place nn
record our special appreciation of the
good offices of our general superintendent |n cur negotiations with the
government." ���
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
on January 1, lSDfi, when he was made
general manager with headquarters in
At that time the Grand Trunk was
usually referred to In railway circles
is "Ihe Dead Line," but under the
management of Mr. Hays the system
speedily look on an appearance of life,
liis hardest task was to convince the
London stockholders' board of the ne-
josBity of proposed Improvements,
bul he finally succeeded. In 1901 Mr.
rfayi resigned from the Qrand Trunk
management to accept the presidency
of the Si uthern Pacific, hut In a few
months returned to Montreal as second vlci -president and general manger ol the Qrand Trunk.
Thn  Grand  Trunk   Pacific    project i
to the 'Methodist conference tonight
the sum of $210,000 has been subscribed towards the building and endowment fund, leaving ta balance of |1D0,-
000 to make up the required amount
of $400,000.
"iu October last," says the report,
"tho  campaign   f, r  ths   building  und
Enter Vigorous Protest Against Bran-
con City Council Excluding
Press  from   Meetings.
         iiiuniig  nnii i i.
endowmi nt funds for the   college was] a vi
j inaugurated at a banquet given in the
city of Vancouver in honor of ihe Rev.
Dr. Chown.   Banquets   or   receptions
[of a similar nature were tendered tin
1 general superintended    In    Victoria,
\, w Westminster, Chllllwack, Kelow-
n:i,    Penticti a,    v
anil Htih.n.n Arm, t 	
Al ill of those gatherings the almslpress would be admitted,
of RyerBon college were laid before it was Btronglj held that In view
the people by thi Rev. Dr. Chown and of the fact thai Important in,.: ��� * b:
was inaugurated by Mr. Hays, who as-1b;y lhe conference educational secro- haws were to be submitted ii mil ni
mmed the presidency of the company tary, Rev. I*'. W. Stapleford, B. A., special Importance that full publicity
n 1910. The new transcontinental and afterwards a canvass was made Uhould be given to the work of the
Ine ot Bteel, for the building of for funds. We are glad to report tjiat |council coi mlttee, otherwise the rate
which Hays raised a hundred millions j UP ' - date $210,000 haa been sub
if private capital in addition to a sim-! scribed for tills work.
Brandi n.  May  16.���The  labor
n presented   bv   the   Trades
t.a' ir Council of this city.registered
gorous proles! agaln'st the act'on
of the city council In excluding the
press from the committee meetings o(
iii.* i  uncil al a thoroughly represen
tatlvo meeting held here a.few nlghti
ii4o.    .-''iii al i r afti r spi aker rose up
and  di dan I  lhat,  If tha    aldermen
Armstrong | were noi doing something which they
preferred hidden from the public, thc
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)   $16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and ln London, Eng
land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
'Kinking biisineso transacted.    Letterf
f Credit issued, available with cor
espondents in all parts of the world
Savings Hank Department��� Deposit
received lu sums of $1 and upward
..ud interest allowed at 3 per cent, pet
iiinura (present rate).
Total Assets over $186,000,000.00.
G. D. BRYMNER,  Manager
Sail". Deeds, Business I^-tt#-r��. ste.; circular work Specialist    All work strictly
confidential.   11, ii.uiy. room -lis wm-
minster Trust I31k.   Phono 702.
greater populations. Hut wc also desire to progress and
just as fanner must co-operate with farmer, so city must
co-operate with country and together march onwards.
Westminster stands ready to aid the farmers of the
Fraser valley in whatever way may he found best to meet
the new conditions, to fit in with the new machinery which
must eventaully be brought about. The farmers can help
themselves by accepting her offer, or they may refuse it.
In either event the responsibility rests with them. We are
ready to do our share.
A. meeting with the provincial government executive |
wil\ take piace early in June upon the question of appointing an organizer for the Fraser valley, but in the meantime the farmers can hdp themselves and assist those who _     .,-,.��.���    .     tni
.   , ,     ,      ,, . '     . ., .... ,.     i Barred Rocks Get Overtime in During
wish to help them by getting together in their own dis-| Dark Hours.
tricts, by talking co-operation and again co-operation, and
by striving to work out their own salvation along those
lar amount from tho Canadian rov- ;    "we are profoundly Utankfu   o God
���r.immt.  is a  lasting  monumenl   to j and to ~P��� :'<���<��' "'' '   ''r' \,h"
be genius of one of the world's great- h'-"!-1 l"lu1'    W�� ar,��        - *i   r I, '
pi railroad builders $400,000, one-hall of which is for the
'a h mm "of his heroic passing bulldta�� fund and the balance for the
Tom the world's activities, Mr. Hays ndownjent fund. his report shows
vas president, nol only of the Grand that we have a little morei thani half
[���runs lines, but of ihe Canadian Ex- ���� "' s amount subscribed. Vcur board
���* - company, the St. Clair Tunnel sreatly appreciates this splendid re-
company, the International Bridge , aponee, glv. n, as It has b�� en, during a |
lompany,  the  Montreal  Warehousing Per'��,,d '"  hnatioiril stniiM nev .
company and other corporations.        I    "We recognise that this miRrv-
  j resents sacrifice and cons..'-ration oa I
the part of our'supporters. We believe
that  all  cur  people  throughout  thin |
conference     wish    to   share   In   the
founding of  Ryerson  collt se. nnd   we
hope   that   befoi-jj .another   year   his
, ii ctanl in vote on
they were nol f illj
Isaac Ilroome, the eminent scnlp-
i.r,   was   born   at   Valcartier.   Lower
"ainiihi. seventy-eight years apo to-
lay.    This is the anniversary of Que-
'lec'e  conflagration  of 1SR9,  In  which
Aotne   Fix  hundred   hoiise-a   were     de-
In dealing with tho banks the ap
rlcultural classes are up iiRainst their
own   unorganized  condition.
Manufacturers and certain other Indus'ties are often leagued toRether in
such a way sa to be able to gain ree-
���opniticn There are other powerful
Interests that can hiinK the banks a
���smash on the head If they don't give
thee. :i semblance of a square deal.
Although owning a lar-Re proportion
of the aggregate wealth of the country, the agriculturists are obliged to
tali* all the Jabs that ihe banks Rive
them, lusl because they are def-ance-
lei s     Kaslo   Kootenaian.
Victoria,  -May  15.���The progress of
I the  second   International     Ogg-laying
i contest,   held   under   the   supervision
j   f the  provincial   department  of  agriculture,  at   the   exhibition   grounds,
tor tractors have been breaking new Victoria,  is as follows:
,   ... Average   price   of   eggs   per   dozen
Kround  this spring. during month, 30c.    Pen temperatures
As   Iheir  average  per   day   is   Bald  highest,  S2   degrees;   lowest.   2S   de-
to  be  about   ten   acres,   their  annual   '-trees;   mean,   lil   degrees,     ftaln   fell
working   period   about   60   days,   the   on   six   da>'s-   ihr''''   'la>'s   with   ���������K-'
.     ,       ,      . ,.        , . winds.    Considerable dull weather nc
area broken by Ihem If working every   p���m^   ���,���   gun   Bn,nlng   M   ()n,v   ,2
day. -would he about 8,900,000 acres daya during the month,
in a jvar. This would be a very sub- | ^nm>. hitherlo daily records were
stantlal addition to the crop area in smashed this month by a pen in each
wesl, and if seeded, would give 1 class, Pen 14. white leghorns, laid
great addition lo the harvest to 17 Pggs on t|1P 25th, and Pen 33, barred rocks, did even better than this.
They laid S eggs between 6 p.m. on
Ithe 11th nnd 11 a.m. on the 12th.
Two perfect  eggs were laid on  tlle
cavers woni.l  be
I*:i'i.H 011 which  ^^^^^^^^^^^^
The resolution 1 as 11 d was aa f.*l
lows: Pr ;. sed by I! P.. mber, sec
onded hv .',. McDonald, and resolved
that whereas the presa and publlc
have been shut out of the committee
��� ��� > * * j of Ihe councll be ll there
fi ���<   resolved thai
"(A) Our council must  bave taken
advantage of the power which    wo
have   conferred   upon   them   for  the
transaction < f our business seeminglv
that they may cover up their activities  in our affairs and  pull  the wool
lover  our  eyes  by   telling   wha'   they
[please,  knowing  that   we cannot  gel
Ithe  facts  to  disprove them.
[    "(B) Wo   wish   tn   strongly   recom
mend tlie stand taken by ihr^e of ih.
aldermen aelebted    t*14'    year,    vlx.
Bourke, Carter, and Shllllnglaw, who
a>i tlieir acMons  Bhow,  have nothing
to conceal  from  the  public.
"(C) Owing to the above showing
It Is a good policy to annually elect
some new members unless the old nre
Splendid arrangements made this
year for cheap round trip ti;kita to
all   points  eait.  commencing   May  23.
Week End ticke's on s.ih- to local
points at Single Hue for Hound Trl|
n   i* rldnj a,  Saturda) s  and  S 111 daj a
For rates and reservation apply   to
New WoEtmlnste.
Or  H.  W.  Brodle,  O.P.A ,  Vancouver
11. 4 P, O. nf Klks uf thc I), of C meet
Uie tint and iliinl Thursday at s p. in.,
K. i.r P, Hall, Eighth atreet. A Wells
limy. Kx.ilnd Itulcr; P, II. Smith, Sec
.. I). O. M.. NO. ��B4.-��� MKKTS ON
Brat, second and third Wednesday in
each month In EC nf 1'. hall al 8 p. m.
II. J. Leamy, dtotator; F. K. Jones, tut*
retary. headquarters of lodge In He��
House, oorner or Fourth and Carnarvon
I. I) O I'*. AMITV LODOB NO 17���Th*
regular meeting of Amity lodge No.
27. 1, o. o. t*., Is held every Rendu
nlcht at K o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hull,
oornsr Carnarvon and Btobth Hir.-eta,
Vlnltlnn lir.-thern conllally in.ii-n.
It. a. Merrlthew, N. (;.; J. Robertson,
V. (J.; W. c. Coaiham, P. 11, recording secretary; H. W. Bangster, financial secretary.
tei  Ft  Hanna,   Ltd 1    Funeral  directors
an.I embalmers,    Parlors 405 Columbls
n nt,    Ni w   Westminster.    Phone  S8S.
J.Q.  Box 34 Dally  Mews B'di
of all  kinds.
! ('rices right.    Satisfaction guaranteed
10  M-.Kmile  St.
in forming themselves into a joint
Stock company working along co-op-
. ratlve llnea the fruit -crowera of the
Okanagan have adopted a course that
'Should he effective in overroiniim-
the difficulties' of marketing which
bave resulted so disastrously to the
indi -try.
The decision to pool their Interests
in B joint stock company was only
reached by the growers after mature
consideration of every plan that could
tH. applied. The result In that al
ready tin- details of procedure have
been carefully defined and the organ!
Cation Should have its business in
���good shape before the fruit marketing  season  arrlvoB.
Fruit men Of British Columbia have
held fi r Beveral years that their pro
due-*? was unduly discriminated
agains! not only by railway and e*x-
���pn-ss ta.dfs hut by jobbers and re
tatters, The co-operative selling plan
vho iid overcome entirely the trouble
with jobbers.
Th- establishment of distributing
centre-; al all important points in the
pruir.. provinces will permit of direct dealing with retailers, or. if the
producers desire, it will ba possible
to conduct the branches in such a
way thai the consumer may buy from
the growers' warehouse.
The one certainty is that there in
u big market for the goods. The
��� ���n���*. *��� 1 cai *i ord to give fruit to
thc. consumel much cheaper than he
haa h<-. ���:..���'������' 1 and al ihe -same
time  tho l'n  * * ���   will get more for his
prt-d   * tha    he baa ever aecun ri.
\,   11 >      i*. p. r rent, reduction
In ��pt ���- . larges that will be In of-
,- ., .1   1 :..   ��� .,i.   , SSSOn   of   ripi-   rr ui t
,.,,.- v.    tbera      every reason tn hope
it-it 'he ii -'i>  wil1 h<! stimu
lated to ��� marked degree this year. -
Csigar:   Herald.
be reaped next fall.
There are several  reasons why  the
gasoline  tractor  has  proved   of   such
remarkable utility  on  western  farms.        	
As in the east, there is an embaraa-1 droppings-hoard during the night, and
sing   shortage  of   farm  labor  In   the]s|x  additional  were  laid    before     11
o'clock,   the   first   collection     period
Plowing  by  the ordinary  me-
would not only call for a much
ar  number of  agricultural  work-
bul   would   require  a  supply  of
ers,       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
horBes t.i'r larger than  the west
got, or ordinarily has need for.
Such a small part 1 f the western |
nralrlo suitable for cultivation has;
been broken not more than 10 or 16
p.-r cent al the mosl that Invest *
inei.i in these powerful machines Is j
likely to be a solid asset for some
The use of the tractor, and its large
Bcale mothod of tilling, is facilitating
On the 20th they laid 7 eggs, one being found on droppings hoard, and on
he 24th they again repeated Ihe performance.
Itecord day's production  for month
-170 eggs.    Total  eggs  fnr month
1. Ties. 1
Comparison with other contests fir
five months:
North American, total average egg
yield per hen. 47.fi; English contest
total average egg yield per hen. 43.8;
International, total average egg yield
per   hen,   71
rolled around Ihaflhi- full iiniDiinl wlll
have hei n attained."
Problem of Principal.
Early in the year the board dealt with
the problem of principal for th" pri-
posed college and a deputation went lo
Yoronlo ar.d nsked the general superintendent. Iir. Chown. to occupy the
After    careful    consideration     Dr. staunch supporters of publicity In our
Chown said-thai he could not see his , affairs.
way to give up the work to which he ; "(D) The lhanks cf this council
had been called by the church at largeJand workinginen generally, should be
to become principal of the college.
B.C.Coast Service
the rapid Utilisation Of good hind, and*     During   the  month,   daily   mmitting
though It is conducive to grain grow
Ing exclusively as against mixed farming, it is no unimportant Insurance
in the west against risk of a diminishing crop yield. At lhe present
stage of western development, 11 is
especially gratlfvlng thai much new
land is being added to tho urea for
the 11113 rrrip. Toronto Mail and Em
Queen's Chnnge6 Hands.
Toronto, Maj 15. Mr. Henry Win-
noil. Tor many years part owner and
manager of Toronto's famous old hostelry, th" Qiuen's, on Front street.
becomes Hs sole proprietor, Mr. Wln-
nett lias acquired the Interest of thc
McGaw  estate  in  t'i"  propertj
cost of about $400,000.
Sundays), each pen has received an-
promlmataly, one and a half pounds
of danth lion leaves, for which they
have evinced a great   liking.
It was then proposed that Dr.
chown move his headquarters from
Winnipeg to tiie coast and. in addition
to his ordinary duties, give special
thought to the educational work. Or.
Chown agre* d to abide by the decision
of the general conference special committee. The committee met last July
in Toronto and the following resolution was passed:
"That tliis general conference special committee views with approval
the proposal that the general superintendent, Rev. S. 1). Chown, III)., should
reside In Vancouver with a view tc,
the shaping of the educational policy
now at a critical stage In that conference."
The report proceeds:
"In October last, the general superintendent took up his permanent
residence In Vancouver. The presence
of llr. chown In our province has been
a grent Inspiration, not only fo oar
educational work, to 'o every department of cur church lif".
Cuecticn of 6lte.
"Another important   problem    with
which the lionrd 1. if   had to deal was
1 tin- question >.f l'e sit., of the college
I at Polnl Orey.   In February ��������� strong
1 deputation reprerentlng the    Preshy-
-'erian. Congregational and Methodlnl
Church,   waited   upon   the     provincial
1 government w.iih the request tint i:r��
acres  of   land   be  sei   aside  hi   Polnl
.Grey for the educational work ot the
three churches  named.
I    "As it wns understood that the gov-
, given to tbe press for the Information
given ng in the short time ihey were
allowed the freedom of commitiT?
meetings, knowing lhat a full aecoutil
Of the causes nnd manner of tho firing and hiring cf the old and the new
superintendent of our street rallwav
is much preferable to what would
have been handed out for publication
as well as other matters which the
conscientious endeavors of the press
have brought forth in a more complete form than would otherwise have
been possible."
N-nA-.-s Vanoouver for Victoria 10 a m
1 p. 111. and 11 :4ti.
Ls&vea Vanoouver for Seattle 10 u. rt-
and 11 p. m.
Leavea \nncouvt-r for Nanalmo .1 p  m
Leaves Vanoouvi r for Prlne-i; Ituprt
in.I Northern I'liinla 10 p. m. W.-.lti.-s
Chilliwack Service
leaves  Chllllwack    7
Thursday and Saturday.
Leaves  Westminster  u
Wednesday und Friday.
a.   m.   Tuesday
M-'ii l.i\
BD.  OOULET, Agent.
II   W   BRODIB. 0. P.
New  Westrnlnate
A..  Vanoouver.
Opening of Navigation on . Bhuswap
Lake and Thompson.
Chace, B.C., May 14 According to
.1. K. Griffith, provincial public works
engineer, Bteamboat service on Shns
v.iip lakes and Thompson river will
begin as soon as possible. That doubt
lesa meana as soon as the removal
1' t'i.. c. N it. trestle at Kamloops
will allow the passage 1 f the boat
The time table lo be used Is not
the one adopted al th" mei ling at
Chase  on  April  3rd,  to  which  objec-
li   I'*-    V.ip     load"    by    some      Of      the
places Interested, hut ono submitted
hy Mr. Murray of lhe Arrow Lukes
l.umbec company. Tho adoption by
the engineer of this latter schedule
is. however, only tentative and la
authorized for two months unless
oiiu r-.vise directed by the department
1 f public works.
Re Lots 3 and 4. Block 5, of Section
3*5, Block 5 North. Range 3 West.
Map 529. in the District of New
Whereas   proof   of   the  loss  of Cer-
Itlflcate of Title Number   IfWMF,   Is
sued in the name nf Alexander Allan.
J has  been (lied  in  this nITice.
Notice Is hereby given thai I shall.
: at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication here
���of. in a daily newspaper published in
j tho City'Of New Westminster, issue
a duplicate of the said Certlllcaln. unless in the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
Histrict Registrar of Titles.
Land   Registry  Office.  New  Westmin
ster, B.C., April 2(1. 1013.      (1206)
. E. KALES���Pioneer Funeral  Dlreetoi
nu.I   Bmbalmer,   'ilJ-fiiK   Aghos   Htio-ut
>-��� " -11. I'aiti.xl- Library
nsi.'t���-, Solicitors, ete. I" Lorne Street,
N'ew Westminster. <;. E Corbould, K.
''.   .1. It. Grant.   A. EL MeColl.
tei ai law. solicitor, etc. Telephons
1070. Cable address "Johnaton."
Code, "Western Union." Offices, Bills
Block, B62 Columbia atreet, Now Westminster, li. c.
. 8TILWBLL CI.CTE. Ilarrl*-t.-r il-law,
solicitor., etc.; oorner Colnmhiu an#
McKensle streets. New \V>*:'minster
B. c.   P. o. Box 112.    Telephone   710.
Bolicitor    niul    Notary.    Offlojw     ihxrt
hi..ok,   US   ixirno    street.   New   Westminster.   B. C.
Mi*qr.vrtni��, martin a CAfiSADT.
Barristers and Solicitors. 605 to bis
Westminster Trusi Blm k. fi. E. Miir-
tln. w O). WoQuarrta and <ie<>rg��, L.
sirfe - Barristers and Bo licit., rs, u'iai-
mlnster Trust Dlk.. I'liluinlila slreet.
New Westminster, n. C. Cable addi-ras
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. O.
Drawer son. Telephone G-J W. 1.
WhPeslil". K. C, I H. L. Edmunds. D.
Accountant. Tel. It 12S. Room 21
Hart block.
r  It  Smith W. J  Orovi-a.
Work undertaken in city and outside
points. 211-12 Westminster Trust Bids,
l'h.ine   364.     P,   O.   llox   607.
ster Hoard nf Trade meets In the hoanJ
room, City Hall, ns follows: Third Friday of aaoh inonth; iiuartot-ly meeting
on the third Krlday of Fehruary, May,
AiiKnst anil November al 8 p.m. AH*
1.mil meetlntcM on the third Friday off
February. C. H. Stuart Wa.de, wcre-
mu da
the Agent
al  a
THE   T^AC-i--"
The Importance of this whi le
question   of   publicity to   the
cot.sun*., r is growing 011 Iho
manufacturer li" sees his
competitor or some man in a:,-
olher line turning tlie trick of
publicity and he sits up nnd
thinks. He is gradually realizing that localized, crystallzed
publicity in the home Is whai
pass besl and Unit he ean only
gel that through the dally
It   ii  *-,Uexsieti   that   in   Manitoba,
3, 1 . :   Alberta 6510 mo-
ii jijijii
Makes Home Baking Easy.
Gives nicer, better food than baker's.
There is no baking powder like it
for hot biscuit, hot breads and cake.
Made from Pure Grape Cream of Tartar.
New Westminster District.
The   following   applies  only   to  the
���,'ow   Westminster  Dominion    Lands
Squatters on Dominion Lnnds In
bfi New Westminster Agency who
ire not located In Timber norths will
ic given until .Monday, the Ifilh day
if May, 1013, within which to appear
and make application for entry.
Squatters  whose  claims have  been
illowed,   -Alio  have   not  yet   secured
[homestead   entries,   will   bu   notified
I by the Dominion  Land Agent at their
, last  known nddr-"ss.    ln the event of
any  such squatters failing to appear
iml make application before the date
mentlonod,   ijhelr   claims   win   lapso
i ind the lands will  be otherwise dls-
i posed of on and  after that  date.    if.
howi vor, good reason  Is shown  for
.railing to appear and    tha    Improve*
nents on the land aro of hi.I.-dunlin!
value a further  period of protection
mny be allowed by the Agenl In cases
I of nTT'rlt.    Claims not yet dwtlt with
imuat be filed  Immediately.
Squatting on Dominion Lands without the authority of the Department
wlll not henceforth be allowed and
wlll result In loas of claim and for-
lellurn  of  improvements. ,
S.  MAHKIl,     '
Supt., 11. C.  Lands.
Ottawa, Oth April, 1913, (10?9j
coal MININC rights of tbo Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alhetui,
the Yukon Territory, the NolihiMsl Territories and In a portion of lh" I'rovlne*
of liritish Columbia, may Is- leased for a
t term or twenty-one y.-urs ai  aa   annual
'rental of $1   im acre.  Not tni
j acres win be leased to one a
Application  for a  lease   n
t.y  the applicant  In  person  lo
j 01* Suh-AKt nt of the illstrlol  In   which
ilKlils applied for are situated
In surveyed territory the land must tits
doaorlbed hy sections, or legal sub-dlvl-
slims of flections, and la unsurveyed ie.r-
rlmry the tract applied for sliall b��
slake,! out  hy lhe applicant  himself.
Eiu-h application must he accompanied
l.y 11 fee or ��.', which will be 11 funded If
the rights applied for lire not .1 \ ailal.le,
hut not otherwise. A royally shall tie
piiiii on the merchantable output of in��
mini, at the rate of five wills  p.-r ton.
The person operutlng the mine sliall
furnish the Agent with sworn return*
accounting for tbe full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royally (hereon, lf the coal mining rights
are not h.-ing operated auoh r- tarns should
bu  furnished  at   least  once  a   yenr.
The lease will Include the osal mining
rights only, nut the leasee Will lie permitted   to    pilrcliusv    whatever    aunlnhlfl
aurfaco rights may ba considered neeee-
aary tor the working of tho mine at the
tale nf tin an acre.
For full  Information application should
he  niado  to  II*'  H.-ontaiy  of   the   l>opurL
ment  of tin-  Interior, Ottawa,  or to lyi;
Agent or  KiiL-Agent of Dominion  I.hiiiIm.
w. w. coitv.
���Deputy   Minister  "f  lhe   Inlerlnr..
N, B.���Unauthorised publtoattnn of thl��
I'dverllsemeut  will not   be  paid  for.
who do not receive The News before
8 a.m. should
and make complaint. Only In this way
may an efficient delivery be maintained. FRIDAY,  MAY 16,  1913.
Live Topics in World of Agriculture
_.��_ j. i������*
iulated Mr. Hill und Lloydiulnnler on
; winning tho trophy und in reply to
remarks that It had been won alonK
the main line ot another railway, said
thut It made no difference, and that
the Canadian Pacific railway was Just
us pleased and Just as much Interested 111 tho BUOOeSS or the rarmers ulong
, the lines or the C. N. It. and the Q, T.
Dairy Commissioner at Ottawa Ready ' I', us it was in those of any other purt
of the province.
to Acsist Farmers In Determining Animal's Value.
Ottawa,  May 15.   Tbe marked    Increase  of  interest  iu  cow   testing  ta
"Abundance" Oats.
Mr. Hill's oats weighed 54 pounds
to the bushel, were ln the Kround 104
days, and are of the "Abundanco" variety. Tho trophy is a handsome silver cup standing three and a hslf
'feet high, and will. In all probability,
become tho property of the winners,
one of the good signs of the tlmeB. ���B (hpy tmvfl |10W clirr|,.u it off twice
With a simple record system, thoro in succession.
Is no valid reason why a dairy farmer: Mr. Hill said that he was not done
should harbor the type of cow that Is | with tho oats competition business,
reluctant to pay her way; with sys-iand that he had learned something
tematlc records of tho yield of -each ; lust year which he wrAild bring Into
cow, he Is In a position to build up a play ln next year'B exposition. He
herd In which each Individual pays a pointed out ln conclusion that there
good  profit ] was no possible question as to the fer-
Would   you   not   rather  keep   cowsillity of the soil In the Lloydminster
giving thirty dollars profit than thosi   district   because  he   had   twice   been
Profesor   HIII-Tcuth    Favorably
celved���South Vanccuver Wants
Municipal Gas.
giving only one dollar's profit? Milk
readers, are still supplied fre* on ap-
reudors. are stll Isuplpled free on application to the dairy commissioner,
Ottawa. State in your letter whether
you want forms for keeping daily
Weights or only three days per inonth.
Bend for record forms and insure
yourself against the modern burglar granted bin high patronage
cow that steals lhe credit and tl
profit made by the good cow.
ible to win the world's prize for the
beBt oaai.
-His maj-
has    Just
to    the
I    Ghent, Belgium, May 15.
lesty the kinit of Belgium
New Westminster towardB improving
farming conditions Is lu Le backed by
Mr. Hill-Tout stated that the object waB to benefit the fruit growers
and agriculturists of the province by
providing means for the proper marketing of their produce, and by so doing encouraging the growing of those
products which lhe province imports
to the value of millions of dollars an
lend, Lady Orangi   Benevolent Asso-
eii.lion   and   the     Royal     True     Blue
lodges of  Vancouver  will  celebrate
the anniversary of the Battle of the
Uiiyioi on Saturday, July  12.
Promises of attendants at the demonstration  have  been   received   from
J lodges of Victoria, New Westminster,! 	
iPort Mdedy,  Port Hammond, Steves- i
Re-1 ton,   Kdmonds.   Central   l'ark,   Cedar  Careful   Dieting   and   Plenty   of   Grit
Cottage,  Aldernrove,  QfbBOn,  Ladner,1
Kburne, Coqultlam und Merrltt, B. C.    I
Beauty Pays.
Vancouver's  decision  to  adopt  the!
rose aB  Its civic emblem, as decided i 	
by the City Beautiful Association, and*    _   ��� .       . . ,
the proposal that this city should or-      Pe"��ine  the  chickens
ganlze   an  annual   rcFe   festival,   has | Uiem the right kind ot a fltart Is a Bub-
aroused      much    favorable   comment' Jtct in which all poutlry raiserB are,
from  the  various  other cities or the  or Bhould be, much interested.
to |    The firBt two weeks of the chick's
Vancouver, May 15 As a result of
the appearance of Professor Hill-Tout
of Abbotsford before the markets and
Industries committee of the c'ty council  yesterday  the  move Instituted  byi Pacific   coast,   which   are   anxious
Will Ensure Healthy Broods
of Chicks.
and   giving:
have  Vancouver enter the sisterhood   life, have a great influence on its fu
of  eltlcB  engaged   In  thc  preparation   ture,  and  determine  whether  It  will
of  annual   attractions   ror   tourists'.     I become a Bound,  profitable  specimen
 .��� 'or a helpless runt.    If care haa been
,.,.������.���.   ��u,��t,����.o taken   to   Belect   tfco   hatching     eggB
INCUBATOR   CHICKENG. wej] ctiTea for  a g0od hatch of Strong,
sturdy chicks may reasonably be ex-
Must   Be   Properly   Cared   for   After   peeled.
They Are Hatched.                      When  eggB have been shipped to
The trouble with the most of those  you   lf,you do  not get a  chtck for
who are not ruccessful with incubator
tenth International agricultural congress, which Is to be held In Glunt
In 1913. The Belgian government and
the provincial administrations, as well
ub the cily cf Ghent (Belgium), have
promised their co-operation In this
! congress.
Foreign   govern ments   nre   solicited
. to send deelgatlons.    In the principal
lountries     propagandist     committee-?
,are  being   formed.     The  agricultural
 ��� ��� exposition, "the modern village." and
1 numerous    excursions  Wlll  impart to
Adversity   Made J.  C.  Hill  and  Sons  ,hlH <.������,,Tl.Vh a fip,,,-iai interest.
Tho publlc administration, agricul
I turnl   associations,   professors  of  ag-
Prosperous���Twice  Won   World's
Prize   for   Oats.
Lloydminster, May 15 The Utile
town Of Lloydminster, which might be
called "the tows that is neither here
nor there," because It is half ln Alberts and half In Saskatchewan, was
en fete on Thursday evening, the -occasion being n banquet tendered by
tho board or trade to J. C. Hill and
sods for the accomplishment in winning fur the second time the Colorado
trophy for tho best oats grown ou the
Tbe bnB-qiicl was well attended l.y
about 1LT, persons, and amongst the
speakers were nuch well known ra-en
as the Htm Walter Scott. pr< ml-er ot
Saskatchewan; the Hon. w. it. Moth
Orwell, minister ot agriculture, Sas
a***t***a**a*WIX; Oeorge ll.ircourt. deputy
minister of agriculture Alberta; Prof.
Hutton, superintendent government
fnrni at l.acomhe. (' A Spiers, of the
go vera in em Immigration department;
w. tx. Brown, general snperlntendenl
C. N R : Norman 8. Bankin, representing the C. P. it.
S-arr Colony Anniversary.
The banquet was alBO commemora
rioulture, and agriculturists Irom
all parl>i of the world ure invited to
adhere to this congresB, whose re-
por s nnd discussions will form an
agricultural encyclopedia of Bix volumes, comprising all Ihe questions of
the day.
This congress will be held from the
tth to the Uth of June.
1/tmdiMi, May 15 At South Norman-
ton a sow has recently had a litter
ol IS, the third being a remarkable
freak ot nature, which only lived a
short   time.
It had eight legs. In addition to the
nually to the detriment or the homo  chickens Is not In the hatching. Any-
iuduBtry. body with reasonable care can hatch
Approach Government. chickens successfully with an incuba-
Organizatlon and co-ope��ation was tor. But moBt of those who fail are
what was wanted ln addition to proper not prepared to take care of the chickfi
market facilities for handling the pro- ; after tiny are tmched.
duce from grower to consumer, nnd In ; Some efficient substitute for tho
order to Eecure this It was desirable soft, warm body of the mother hen
thit the provincial government Bhould must be provided to hover the chicks
'ie approached and asked to appoint and protect them from the cold. ThiB
irganlzers and instructors in the va- , hover may I.e made at home in various
rious producing sections of the prov- styles some using artificial heat from
Ince to organize and to conduct a I lamps and some so constructed as to
syBtem of co-operation among the utilize the body heat of the baby
rarmers In the marketing of their Chicks, Brooder coops that can be
produce. I kept perfectly dry and warm must also
If this plan met with the upproval.be provided. Brooder und hover must
of the government and came into ef- be kept clean and supplied with freth
reel, it would be necessary for Van- air "nd sunshine when possible.
-'ouver to have a large central market With henB to do the laying, an In-
>quipped with cold storage facilities, 1 nubator to do the hatching brooders
is well aB a number of distributing und hovers to care for the baby chicks
markets. I und reasonable care on the part of tbe
A committee will he appointed to person In charge, a satisfactory meas-
no.operate with New Westminster for ure of success ought to be the re-
the purpose of securing the objects as   ward or any breeder.   But an old box
tlin. d by Mr. Hill-Tout, th" matter
being left to Alderman Trimble, chairman of the committee.
Fog  Paving  Scheme.
Sruth Vancouver has decided upon
a big paving proposition and passed
a resolution that notice of motion be-
given lo introduce a local Improvement bylaw at the next regular meeting of the council in respect, to the
���javiny of Main stroet und Frasrr ave-
and a piece of worn out quilt are not
a succeBBful substitute Ior the mothering or the hen.
every egg you muBt not always blame
the breeder, as sometimes the carrying company is apt to handle them
not very gently.
Fortunately, nowadays, the expreEs-
men are more careful than formerly.
But where a breeder uses the latest
and most aproved boxes ar.d knowB
his business thoroughly In packing, ordinary rough handling should have-
but little effect.
Easy  to  Lose.
After one has his chicks hatched
it Ib a very easy matter to fofd every
cent of his prospective profits away,
Bays a writer in the Canadian Countryman. He can drop all of it In
some of the mixed chick feeds that
are sold at such high prices, and the
codimental foods, so called, that
have a few cheap drugB or a little red
pepper. Venetian red or gentian mixed In to give them "the right sort of
a Bmell."
There is not enough of the stuff put
lt in to do any harm to the birds,
neither to my knowledge is it in any
;way beneficial. It merely gives mixers
an excuse to double or quadruple the
Belling price.
I Wben soft, easily digested roods are
i UBed. there iB a tendency on the part
| or the  chick's  digestive
organs    to
r.-n p.,-.,..     iv i, r-    o -,. n        -rt      I slight their natural functlona, and in
Big Cannery Will r5 Built Some Time ; m*n>. caBeB U)e wa���B of the g|mrt
will   not   become     toughened     early
Esfcre   Fall.
Summerland.   B.  ('..  May  15.���The
Question  of how  to dispose    of the
enough, and are soft and flabby.
and thst the B. C,
usual   f.iir,  und   four  ears, and  tromlfied accordingly.
It be noti
the centre of the body there wen* two
pi-rf.-rt hind quarters, with two tails
and  it had two noses.
The council was able to undertake
pending with the Dominion ra-nners,
Ltd.. an eastern Canadian concern
operating m-arly all the canneries or
this large contract owing to the fact  ��n,a''io. to operate also In Summer
that the Dominion Creosoted company  fst'd-
"I'm just as mad as I ean he'."
An utiRry farmer said;
"Those early Btrawberles of mine
Desire u folding bed!
And my potatoes have declined
To   ripen   underground.
live of tbe tenth anniversary of    the  I'h-m-ks. Io keep dust from Ihelr eyes,
arrival  of  the  Barr  colony,  and  w:is      Smoked goggles 1 have found,
attended  by  practically every farmer The cabbage heads among themselves
in the district. Intlt:]|:e in secret chats;
Mr. lllll. ln responding to the toast  Bul   1  have overboard  them, and
staled that ho had been ln the coun       They  vow they'll have straw hats'!
try ten yenrs. knew absolutely nothing   Such  foolishness 1 cannot stnnd;
about  agriculture when  he came here      And   now    Jupt  as-   I   feared
from London, Eng., and lhal there nre Tlw h single stalk of v.l-eal demands
times in  B  man's  iif'-  when  adversity      ft   harbor for Its beard!
is  better than   prosperity,   for had   It   The smutches, too, are netting proud;
been   possible   he   would   have  gotten.     It utmost  makes  me smile;
out.  hm  it  was not possible;  be hadjThey  want thl very  finest neckwear,
stayed   nnd   made  a   success,   and   he]     Of the very latest style!
wae  proud thai   ho was the means ofl Bill  n-w the very limit's reached!
bringing   this   honor   to   the   town   of      I learn, with stifled groan���
LloydmJnsti r    and   tho    provinces of   lO.i'h ear of corn Insists upon
Alberto  and Saskatchewan. A   private  telephone!"
The C. P. n. representative-congrat- j ���Harper's Weekly.
Reasons for Cow Testing
Given Here at a Glance
Two representatives were sent here
to look over the district and its possi
bllitlee and report to thc directors
very  favorable  report was made,' and
the directors voted in favor of establishing here.
Ar it waa feared that it was too late
means strong, healthy, wel-devcloped
digestive organs for the chicks, and a
chick so developed from the start has
a great advantage over its Iobs favored brother.
Feeding Methods.
There are a number of good methods of feeding chicks. No chick should
be fed before say the fourth day after hatching, when they will have
been transferred to the brooder.
have consented to take the bonds of
the council In payment, the whole or
tho work to be completed by August,
Gas   Plant  Projects.
The  lead  or the  Koyal  City  In   re-
sped to muutclpal gas plants he* \*-fn \
closely   watched   aroun"
North  Vancouvei* has paid  _   	
New Westminster and South Vnnenn-   J"1"* operate a small cannery on the
ver   council   on   Wednesday   resolved .wharf this Beason, putting in some ad-   twentv.five of the
that Messrs. J. Coates and S. Hancock  d"-o��n' machinery.
be appointed consulting engineers to      Negotiations   are   stin  pending   for
5> Tlie Economizer
g     Will Pay For the Stove
@ It will not take longforaGurney-Oxford range
s^ to pay for itself.   Tae Hconcmizer will do it.
q-b-$ This device saves I ton of coal  in every 6
g-a. ordinarily consume^ frahlirtg thc thrifty house-
^ wife to ha.-e a thoroughly efficient range with
t��j> exclusive fsat-ires a: practically no cost.
���^ The dividends represented bj the lower Cottle sumption of fael will pay back the original invest-
ggja ment in a very short time.
S��0 Pages written about trie Economizer could not
  tell of Its real value to the household as has been
**& proven by thc most scientific tests.
*~P You owe it to yourself to investigate thc Econ-
���*2? omizcr beforo concluding your purchase of your
jtej| nev/ range.
$55? There arc other vital points known only in tiis
iaih Gurney-Oxford, such as the Divided Flue, the New
g[ Special Grate and the Broiler attachment.
-j*. All   these  scientific   improvements   lead   the
5? housewife to perfection in t'm art of cooking.
g****. Her uniformly heated oven works with her and
^ gives her the baking results she is striving for ���
���@ light  delicious biscuits, flaky wholesome pastry
tg��^ and evenly baked bread.
��fi�� The bright and shining appearance of this stove
fi^f. w'th its nickel trimmings and polished top which
TZ requires no black lead charms the heart of every
*SS good housekeeper.
�� She realizes that thc Gurney-Oxford can fulfil
IfcS^ here every need.
���& T. J. TRAPP & CO.
<@ Trapp Block Columbia St.
^ New Westminster.
ultima hu t>een       **** 1L ���*�� "r��l��" i���� il was 100 iaie i     *������*,.. v���.t , ��� _ ������...     - _��   .
oPd     Vanccniver- hulld tht8 aeaaou It j^Jg^-J Lg�� MtfSS��&����S
paid a visa t0   i>/   me ooara ol ttUtW tlie com-   fl ..... waflrmmy,. a-nrt
fine, or a little -stale hieadcru-mba audi
a chopped hard-boiled e-gg, to every)
peepers." The sec-
second day give three similar meals
and after two or three days haTe pass-
report  upon  the COSt of construction, this latter proposition, and it is under-   ������  fi,pd  a       oftener, giving less egg
operation and general advisability  of  s,',����d .U;al���t.dJrPr\����� .KTC\ favon*lbly  at  eat'h   meal,   and  at the  end  of
disposed  to thus meet the request  of
the   fruit   growers  made   through   the
week's time feed no egg at all.
Ottawa, May l".. a circular issued l
bv    the   department    of   agriculture
gives the following reasons why cow |
teittng should be done.
Individual  Ci.ws.
Cow tesiii-K enables one to find out
the nonroal cows, ilic.se nol paying
for their feed, so that they nmy be
got rid i f.
in many cases one-quarter of the
cows in tbe herd have been discovered lo be not v nnii keeping, In some
oases hull the herd and even ns lii-^li
es three quarters huve been turned
Thin means certainly in dairying,
no more guess work an to individual
l'n��* testing shows lhat many cows'
considered   only   average   ure     really
the  besl   In  the herd.
COW   lesling   points   out   definitely'
which   cows  are  the  besl   producers.
bo'h In milk and butter tat.
Cow testing proves thai many cows
considered Ihe highest in lest are real
ly   the   lowest.
Cow testing saves good cows from
being beefed, they are found to be
profitable when actual yield and cost
of  feed are considered.
Cow testing shows that many fine
looking rows do not bring In much
caeh  frcm  the factory.
(tow testing helps to discover the
groat difference In persistency i.f
Cow  testlbg brings to notice the
slightest  variation   ill   flow  and  urges
one  to seek   for the    cause    Of    the
Herds  as  a   Whole.
Cow  testing  helps  to  Increase the
total yield of milk und fat from the
eamn number or cowb.
Cow testing brings in larger returns from fewer cows.
Cow testing helps to build up a profitable herd quickly because helferH
can be selected from the besl cows.
Matter  of  Feed.
Cow testing allows more discrimination In feeding, apportioning tho
grain according to the yield of fat.
Cow testing exorcises thc benefit
of liberality In feeding succulent,--41-
Knatlblo  food  stuffs.
Cow testing abundantly proves thnt
it pays handsomely to give dairy cows
the besl of care and kind treatment;
this Includes regularity ns to milk-
Ing, early stabling In the fall, protection from cold rains, spraying to pro
Irct from flies; and ubove all. par
ticnhn- intention to cleanliness, Ugh;
und i. ntililulion in lhe stable.
(i-.v  testing demonstrates thai many I
iir-od cows enn be' kept ui a smaller
ceM   of   feed.    This   Is   not  sUnglncss
but economy.
The Dairyman  Hin-tself.
Keeping records makes nno more
observant of all those little details
thai go to muke up spccqsa,
Because   COW   testing   dOVI lops   this
fu -olty of observation and Induces
reading nnd study, members of asso-
clatlous ore becoming far belter dairy
'I liere Is a great stimulus received
from comparing notes and remit.
with  other  members.
The hired men tn'-io more interest
In the cows, consequently they give
them belter at ten! ion und get more
\. tplibprlnn farmers who originally
scoffed at the idea of cow testing
have become impressed with the results obtained by members,
A great measure of persons! satis
faction results from atuilving each
I oow, as nn Individual performer, uot
as n nnii- machine,
Pleasure  for All.
Cow testing Increases one's love
for good eowa. nnd creates Infinite!-,
more pleasure III the work on the
The definite knowledge obtained
from the regular monthly testing Is
'much more satisfactory In every way'
than getting an occasional rPBult only  once or twice a yenr.
Financially cow testing is of very
gnat   benefit;   young   bulla  sell   for
ih'gher  prices.    Cows  sell  for double
the  old  prices  when  buyers  boo re-
: cords.
Cow testing not only interests the
boys and girls more and more In farm
life, but materially assists In providing additional homo comfortB for
tho women and children.
a   municrpullv-ownt.d  Has  plant.
Chase Over Roofs. J'"-   '""l   Kr.'��ers   .n��ue   mrougu   u.e       Mmf, wUh ���,e ro||(,d oa(s or ,)rea(]
In an attempt to evade the cratcherj "��-y or traoe.  ! crumbs  give  the  chicks  hard  mixed
of Detectives Scalllon and Mrl.auehliTi grains scattered In the chaff, cracked j
then   engaged   In   raiding   an   alleged Wheat Up Four Inche3. wheat, cracked corn and hulled  oats, I
opium Joint at ITm Reefer street. Chin;     Moose Jaw.  Sask..  May  14.���About . to which In equal measure should  be
Sinn, a diminutive but athletic Cr-les-   an  Inch of snow  Isdl here last  night  added a half measure of millet  seed,
tlal,  at   H-.lo    o'clock     last    evening land was very beneficial to the grain.:    With this diet and p lenty of small
crawled   through   a  slightly   enlarged   In places the wheat ls up as high aa  grit,  you  are  not  likely  to  loee  two j
stove pipe hole in the outer wall of a  four inches and waa needing moisture.! per cent, of the brood,
room, crept over two roofs and then ' I
made a  flying jump  to a  ledge of a '
building some twenty feet below, final- j
ly being hauled back to the arma of'
the law.
The  sudden  separation    from    ihe'
ledge was accomplished l.y a violent
heave,  landing  Chin   in  a  surprised
heap in the hands of the officers.
He was placed under arreBt as tin*
inmate of nn opium house and t-i\'-n
to tho "basllle," where hail of J100
being furnished, lie w.is allowed hit
liberty uni1l c-o-nrt time this morn- j
Orangemen Rally.
The      Orangemen.    Uoyil    Scarlet
Knights. Hoyal  lilack  Knights of Ire- i
Through tickets.
to   tha Boat and to Europe.
33 Hours to Prince Rupert.
41 boors to Haielton.
"Prince tleorge" runs through to
"IVInce Rupert" runs through to
Granby I lay.
���PltlN'CE  AJL.BERT"
Store Fittings
We are specially equipped for manufacturing store fixtures and
wl'l be pleased at any time to submit free of charge drawings and
suggestions for modernizing your store.
Phone 473
Beach St., Lulu Island.
Leave at 12 mirfnign-:.
���MONDAYS���Prince  Huper;   ile wart, Maasett.
TUESDAYS���Vicsoria,  SuatJe.
THURSDAYS-Prince Rupert. Granby Bay.
FRIDAYS���Alert  Bay,   Hardy   Bay.  Rivers   Inlet.   Ocean
Falls,  Queen  Chariorta Islands (direct service, fast time)
SATURDAYS���Victoria. Seattle.
���Close   connection at  Prince Kupert with Grand  Trunk
Pacific Railway traiins for points East of Hazelton.
rt.. o   SMITH, L   P. &
Phone  Seymour 8134.
A. ���   W   K. DUPBKOW, O. A. P. I).
VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granvllls Slreet
Hound trip excursions coaamesce May 18���Go one way, rotyrn another
l. . r mm
-:��� mi iMiiiiniiiia limiimjii-jMB
Only Two More Days
As a result of our sales during the past two weeks,
we are in a position to say that the buying public
are quick to appreciate a genuine bargain.
For two more days only we will continue our sale, so
if you have not already called this is your last
25 to 50% off all fixtures.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Alfred W. MacLeod, the Insurance Man. Agencies :
Kstablit-iu-d      Assets
Hallway Passenger Assurance Co. of Utmlon ...    18-19 *    8,000,000
Guaranteed  by the Nortb Britiah       Mercantile
Insurance Co. o( I-oudoo     1809 105,000,000
Palatine Insurance Co. of London     1886 9,000,000
Guaranteed by the Commercial lnanranea Company of 1-ondon     1861 90,000.000
Nlagarn Fire Insurance Co. of New York        1850 6,000.000
Svoa Fire and Life Insurance Co. of Sweden ..    1866 1-LOOolooO
Westmlnater Truat Blo:k Phone 52.
WEBER & SOUY, Electricians
Phone 656
63 Sixth St.
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Are showing sornc very pretty designs in Brass Beds, 4 ft and 4 it. 6 in.
Exceptional bargains at from  $29.50 to $53.7r>
White Enamel Iron Beds from  $3.95 to $!C53
Genuine Oak Dreaser . ��� $18.25 to $2i'.i0
Other Dressers In Golden Oak, Royal Oak and Mahosany finish.
Dining room Suite, consisting of Pedestal Table, extend to 8 feel,
5 side and 1 arm chair, and bnlTet -with B. B. plate mirror. ThiB suito
is an exceptional bargain at $48.00 complete.
Our Dry Gooda section is attraction groat attention.
Cor. 6th Avenue and 12th Street���take 12th St. Car
d ���������
4��agc four
FRIDAY,   MAY  18,  1913.
Cx-Maycr  cf  Interior City    Tells    ot
Fros-ects Thers���More Trade
uilh   the   Coast.
"What with the large amount of
Improvement work being done by the
C. P, R., the reservation by the Dominion govt rnmeni of 10,000 acres Tor
a -park, the opening of an auto road
to the new park, and the bright pros-
IMttlK for tlle mining Industry and the
rrnit crops, things should be humming
in Revelstoke this summer." stateB
Mr. ft C Lindmark, an ex-mayor of
that city, who is in New Westminster,
together with Alderman James Johnstone, of Nelson.
"On account of the double tracking
of the C. P. IL and the construction
of the big tunnel at Rogers Pass, a
whorl, distance from Revelstoke. and
the omen Ing nf the tourist road up
Mount Revelstoke, we anticipate a
rreat activity iu Industrial and real
estate circles.
"The mining prospects are good
���and thc saw mills are working full
"Further," went on Mr. Lindmark,
"tho opening of the railway belt for
settlement by the Dominion government will be followed by a large influx cf settlers.
"Word has also just been received
from the l.iuminlon government that
10.000 acres has been set aside on
'Mount Revelstoke for park purposes
and an ante read is already being constructed for the benefit of tourists.
'The park is at. an ilei'aticn of 7000
feet above the sea level.
Fruit  Orchards.
"The fruit orchard:! are in splendid
condition and a bumper crop is ex-
pected. This year, however, considerable ntiention ii being paid to lhe
strawberry industry, for which the
Columbia valley In the vicinity of
Krvelstoke is noted. The reduction in
the express rales in the west lias also
given a stimulus to fruit  growers.
"Revelstoke has at the preaent lime
considerable irade with the coast
���cities, but we hope that thlfl trade
will greatly increase. At the present
time the business is rather one-sided
Revelstoke mrchants ifcrchaslng on
Uie coast, but shipping tlieir produce
to the prairie markets, but il is hoped
that in tlle near future it will be
found profitable, to market our produce in Ihe coast cities."
Ninety-Ninth    Anniversary    of    Nor-   Eastern     Presbyterians  Do    Not    Ap-   Chicago   Lawyer   Clairvoyant   Ran     a
way's   Independence���Nation
cf Democrats.
prove cf Them  at  Their
Double  Header at  Big  Profit
to   Himself.
Saturday, May the 17th, will be
the 99th anniversary of Norway's
declaration Ol independence and her
union on a basis or equality with Sweden. All ovir the world wherever the
hardy Norsemen most do congregate
the day will he observed as a day of
rejoicing or marked In Bome commemorative  manner.
In New Westminster the form of
celebration will be a social gathering,
under the auspices of the local lodge
ol the Sons tif Norway, in St. Patrick's hall, tomorrow night, at 8
o'clock. There wTil be voral and Instrumental music and patriotic addressee ad lib, and refreshments will
be served.
Norwe-gianH have played an Important part in the development of
America, which they, with good reason claim to have been discovered by
their forefathers over TiOO years before the landing of Columbus In the
West Indies. Their sturdy descendants have at any rate done much to
bring the virgin northwestern provinces as well as the United States into the pre.it wheat producing centres
they have become.
In 1841 the people were Imbued
deeply with tbe principles of the
French revolution. In the redistribution of Europe in Napoleon's time,
Norway was transferred to the sovereignty of Sweden from the domination of Denmark.
The event to he celebrated next
year resulted from the treaty of Kiel.
The latter country was then under
the domination of Marshal Bernadotte
who, although he has not yet ascended the throne, wns crown prince in
name nnd ruler in fact. On May 17.
1S14, the Norwegians issued their
declaration ol independence, and
shortly afterward a Swedish army was
dispatched by" Beriiailotle to quell ths
"rebels." Towards the latter pari of
the year a compromise was reached
whi reby the Swedish monarch was to
be also kini^ of Norway, although Ihe
latter country was to remain "a free.
independent, indivisible and inalienable state." This arrangement continued until 1905, when, after a period of strained relations between the
countries, the union was dissolved.
a plebiscite electing Haakon VII ns
king of Norway. King Haakon is a
son ot the late king of Denmark,
In 1S?1 il is a noteworthy fact,
as showing the democratic spirit of
the people, thai all titles of nobllttv
were abolished. Kven the prefix "Mr."
or Its equivalent is only tisid by
Sporting   Financiers.
London.  May   15.    A* Mexican   government!  loon or  $25,niin,(;nn  for  the
restoration   ol   the   railroads   In   thai
country  is  understood  to  have  been
practically arranged here and in Paris
The terms have not yot become available,  but  il  is stated   that   they  are!
high.    The   Mexican   agents  are  en- ���
,   ,,       ..     ....        . ���      Ideavorinu to secure fitly million dol- i
Montreal May ir���-Mr. KrneBt San laT8 ^^ to j,��� uUmpd ,or Kovern.|
4-eraon, lu.watant to the marine Bup-lmpntai -pm-imBcs. Lord Cowdray hns
-ertatwidenl -f the Canadian Northern I-^en artwe in the negotiations, but
MtMuoshl-ns al Avonmouth, arrived In not throng Ci ills'bank as previously.
-Mortreai on the Royal Edward on his r( p(,rteil
firs', visit   to Canada.    He announced ]  ,	
Chat th'- Royal Oeorge had during the j Get Clear in Seattle,
���winter undergone a thorough nvpr- Seattle, May 15.���Charlie Louie and
hauit'.;; at Birkenhead and would be James A. Italston. accused of ronsnir-
-shortly se, n again at Montreal on herjacy'to fitmig-gle opium, were acquitted
old run. |by a jury in the Halted States district
"We did o great vear's business .court today after a trial lasting three
Ibsi y< ir" be said, "but traffic this.days. Ralston, who was arrested In
year li-oks like being heavier than i Portland, Ore., March fi. with a trunk
���ever In fait, practically all the im-|In his poBsession containing *7500
���migrant accommodation on our boats i worth of opium, will be taken to I'ort-
ig already booked up til! midsummer .land to stand trial there on a charge
and tourist traffic will also undoubt- of smuRglinR.
���CMlly  be heavv,    Personally, il seems
Prqscott, Ont., May 15.���The quesUon 6f whether dancing and 'card
parties could be legitimately considered as a part of lhe work of the
rhurch'was raised at the morning session of lhe Presbyterian synod of
Montreal and Ottawa today.
Among the recommendations It was
suggested that all churches should
have young peoples' societies and that
In rural districts ministers should attempt lo build up a fuller religious
and social life.
Mr. fcenox asked whether the social
llfn referred to meant the holding of
dance and card parties under the
auspices of the church. He heard
lhat a part of the social service in
connection with some churches Included- theBe. He could see no sin in
dancing a highland fling or playing
cards, mil they must consider the environment. Hid such an environment
make for Christianity ?
There" was a chorus of "Nos." The
recommendations were accepted.
Toronto,   May   16,   -Canadian    bank
clearings for
the period of
1013 are:
!    City
May 15, '1.1 M
ay 15, '12
M mil real   ...
.$ 66,576,475 $
Toronto   . ���   .
.    43,963,274
Winnipeg .. .
.    28,577,789
Calgary   ....
Ottawa      ...
.      .1.45:1,467
Kdmonton   . .
.      4,504.738
Victoria   ....
Hamilton    ���.
Saskatoon   ..
.      2.2114,127
Halifax    ....
St.   John   ...
London   ....
Moose Jaw
l'i. William .
Medicine' Hal
Brandon   ...
Wes-tniinsti r
Lethbridge    .
.-1175,894,502 $187,396,760
After Tl-ere-jch  Overhauling  Atlantic
Liner Will Once A?ain Be -ien
in   Montreal.
Money in London.
London, May 15.���The weekly stale-
j ment of the  Hank of Kngland shows
the following changes:    Reserves   decreased    ��219.000;     circulation   de-
creased   ��295.000;    bullion decreased
: ��513,661;  other securities   decreased
I ��.".84,000.    Other    deposits  decreased
I ��276,000;     public  deposits  decreased
��530,000;   notes    reserve    decreased
��131,000; government securities   un-
i Ranged.
A Canadian Chicane
Calgary. May 16.���Negotiations,
which, if carried to a successful
termination, will make this the meat
packing centre of Canada, are now
beings conducted between representa
filwi* Of-stimtitty council, the Canadian
PaclOc, the Canadian Northern and
the Grand Trunk railways, In Calgary,
lt !& proposed to carry out an enormous union stock yards scheme which
'will include a huge abattoir and packing plant. If the union plan is agreed
upon yards will be laid out after the
order of the union stock yards at
to me that this St.  Lawrence route |
will  become more  popular  with  trav-
After HOTSe Rustlers,
Calgary.   May   17).    Mounted   police
Brick Heavers' Demands.
Moose Jaw. May 15, The bricklayers' situation Is hung up for a
few days. The builders' exchange
has met and appointed a committee
to confer with the men. whoae demands are 75 cents an hour, with
eiglu hours per day and four on
, Saiurday.
vast    and    tremendously    impressive
���ellrri. every year; it affords such a are scouring Ibe country north of Calgary for horse ruslleni, who a few-
days ago nxle into a field In the Dog
Pound district in broad daylight, and
drove off a hnd of horses. Thc
thieves obtained permission of a
rancher to corral and change horses.
Ten minutes after their departure the
pursuing owners rode up, but (lie
rustlers had gotten a good start and
at a late hour last nieht had not been
'Police  Commissioners   Appoint  J.  C.
Brown of Lethbridge.
Perm.., 11 C. May 15 J C. Rrown.
-who Las been on the police staff of
Lethbridge for the last four years,
wiii i.iu-ci -l Chlel J Broughton Hall,
���whovi resignation takes effect on the
Inst day ot tl.ii month.
Mr Itrov n was acting chief in the
Albir i clt)' for lour months and consider- ii ih ii lie was entitled t<> a per
tnaacnl appointment As the corneals.
���loners of that city did not engage
tii-m lor llie position be will entrr the
empto) of Fernle and will take charge
of tho local force on June I
New G. N. R. Depot.
"Salmo.  Ci    C,   May   15.    Stone   for
Uie foundation o'. the new depot to be
c.reel.d   here   ly   the   Oreat   Northern
ia being unloaded and ihe carpenters
an- already on   hand.    Before   nom
���aenctng the .1* pot Hie gang will build
si wiiti: Link al Urle.
Back from Pole.
San Francisco, May 16.-r-Two members of lhe relief party that recovered the body oT Captain Robert Sc itt
overcome by a hll.'/.ard en his return
from lhe South Pole, arrived here today on thr royal mail Bteamei Tahiti
from Sydney. Thev are Charlos I
Wright, of Toronto, and Frank Deben
helm, a graduate of the University ot
Sydney, Australia
a ]Joy$cout3
Esquimau Sells Bonds.
Victoria. May 16 Esquimau has
-aocoerded In milling un early sale of
its school bond*, the
having been made at the meeting of
the council, bo that henceforth there
need be no further trouble between the
municipal body and the school triis-
tc��, regarding the rate of progress at
which   Contracts   are   let   for   lhe   ex
tenvion of 'lie Lampecn streel srhool.
The  bonds   amounted   to   *27.<>IHI   and
tbe) have Lieu taken by Hie I'.ank of
British  N< Ith   America,  al   93,  carry
���ing n ** per cent. rate.
Electric Light Plant Assured���Many
Contracts Arranged.
Lillcifet. May 15 Installation of an
electric light planl f.'i* l.illoo. t is now
practically assured. Actual construction  is i.xpeeied  to  commence  next
To commence work on  Ihe Job thn
[.,;,   ,,,   Lillcxx-t Light and Power company re-
announcement}l"'1*^ rignatures to conirnrts for soo
lights.    This   requirement   has   been
much  more Ihan  met, over 124   lights
having   been   already   contracted   for.
with a r-nn-BidorRble number of others
promisi-d  as soon  rs the  plant   Is In
Two nr three contracts for the supply of power for machinery have also
Been nigne-d on in abeyance.
Scout orders by Seoul Master H   P
Day, commanding tin- 1st N.w Westminister Troop  Had. tl ��� Powell  Scouts:
New Westminster, B l'..,
May 11. 1913
The troep will  parade al  the  Ar
tiv.uries on Wednesday next, May 21,
ni 7:30 p m..   Dress "drill ordi r."
In future sei uls will bring band-
ares to ail p'aradi s and classi s
All boys who are itill in arrears
wllh their payment!-, for uniforms, etc.
are requested to attend t'i same an
early ns possible     Isv  Order
PRBDK. .1.  SIMPSON,   . .
Asst. Set Muster and Adjutant
1 Chicago, May 15.���Interesting evidence of the operations of Charles De
Alvandros, alleged leader of the
clairvoyant ring, now under Investigation, was presented to tho grand Jury
According to State Attorney lloyne,
De Alvandros led a dual existence,
posing as a lawyer and operating as
a Beer. As a lawyer he had an office
down town; as a clairvoyant, he Is
said to have maintained three mystic
parlors in which he appeared disguised to those who had met him ln
his capacity as an attorney. As a
lawyer, he Is alleged to have directed
his victims to consult the seer. Thus
he was able' to make surprising disclosures to his victiniB. The less Important cases were handled by assistant necromancers.
He Ib said to have acted aa chairman of weekly meetings held, by
clairvoyants where tho "white envelope fund" was collected for distribution to the politicians and detectives who protected their operations.
De Alvandros owed his leadership
largely to his legal ability and usually
' handled  court   matters  for  members
' rf  the  ring  when   they  ran  afoul  of
1 the law.
He ia at large and the police are
searching for five other clairvoyants,
among whom are Frank S. Ryan, alias
Pre lessor Robert 1.. Milton, whose
brother James is In jail hen* and has
furnished the district attorney with a
.great deal of evidence being used by
the grand jury.
Ikzen Out of 20,000
Show Their Interest
(Continued from pane onei
mus for two new fireballs In Sapper
ton  an.1, Qui i nsl oro, and  the m cec-
fsary apparatus.
Tin. Exhibition Buildings and Fence
bylaw was criticized in some quarti rs.
Tiny did nct seem to know what the
I exhibition meant to New Westminster.
However they might disagree with
other publicity work, they must admit
that the l(. A. & I. society put up the
best   exhibition  In  Canada  from  the
i farmers'   point   of   view,     It   showed
iwhat the Fraser valley and B, C. generally could do in agriculture, horticulture and live stock There was
only one paid official in that Boclety,
th-= directors gave their time and services free.
Thc ffi-jne}' wss tu repair the build
ilngs; 'here was only one roof that
was not in bad condition. Some ot
the buildings required to be moved to
other locations to beautify the park:
$16 0.00 would cover that.
The arena  was  built  list  year  for
428,000  and   the city would   be  reim- ;
hursed   for  that  expenditure.
Tho   City   Stables   bylaw    would   ..n-
ahle the -corporation to huy oats, hay
and horse feed In large quantities al
the proper time and more cheaply,
by providing store accommodations.
They would thus avoid fluctuating
The School bylaw for J57.000 concluded this portion of the mayor's address. The money was required for
the maintenance of the present schools
and the improvement of the grounds
The trustees had deferred the building of a new school In consideration nf
the stringency of the money market.
The mayor then summarized the financial situation of the council in re-
', gard to last year's money  bylaws.
Water   Extensions.
The Water Extension and Parks bylaws had no connection with those or
last year.
They had been advised, proceeded
the mayor, by lhe lest financial rnm-
panles in Canada and the states, by
their hank manager and other financial experts to place a bylaw before Unpeople asking them to change the rate
of Interest on their bends from 1 1-2
to 5 p. r cent. The council was preparing a bylaw lo that effect and il
would be submitted in about a month.
He believed once ili�� people under
i stood   the   situation   they   would   vote
for i'.
Reverting   tn   the   Sapperton   Sewer
J15 10 bylaw ihe mayor said If it did
not go ihnrjh Ihorr would bave to he
a re dsi ei i * * - Ri me one h id said
il thi ;* P *i". -���* * * ��� etlnn thai tie
hail I ��� ���' i" ���. -������������ ���' '"'��� e, nts a from
i toot which r-iii.'l h - fixe $23 i year
li v. uld I o lhe h ��������� '".: he evi r . ponl
In his life, if 'In* ! vl v.* did in t pai*s
ii would rn; i hlm '.re than %2'.'. and
it would nol I e t'*.- .*.:me b wer.
Tli.- .*��� *"ieii wen- iml expending fl
ihat could be avoided.
In conclusion he recommended sii
citizens tn give , areful and Inti lli-
gent consideration to all the bylawi
and he was confident once thev
grsfned !'������ ���": tli roughly thev would
endorse them
Muro;ry   fer   Ne'scn.   B.  C.
Nelson,   Mu*   11    with   tho object
x'.t developing a nursi ry, n P. Hnchan
*sm. formerly manager of the Mitchell
nurs ri . ':.   ���'��� -" I  ���' has purchased J
r.fl awes cf i:'.-.*:f ��' Kootenay Orchard |
rn  th-. < -I.-.I   side of  Kootenay  l/ake. :1906
ncn- Kulo,   Tha land Is located near)
V*r\ croek     He proposes to plant 100,-
001)  uexl   fall. 11906
(if ill
< 'rUlld 1
is -,
Moote Jaw's  Price.
l��    Jhw.    Basil..   May  15.    The.1909
board   has   awarded   the   Bale
J15O.O0'   debentun
ft  Co.,  of Toronto
���a  to  Wood
The price'1911
Danlil   Mi i.do. a.    lirst     Jewish
���champion, defeated  Hurry    the
I'cnl Heaver in  Rnglnnd,
Kid  Mi*". ,   do| ped  Dan  ('���*.������
rtcm In i Ixth    round    at    New
3tatil"!y   Ketchel   knocked   out
Paddy Hall    In   llrsl round   al
Roy     Brunson    and    J      Sleln
fought    idghl    round    draw   at
Krankle   Burns  dele:it.*,|   Til.bv
Watnoii In -six rounds al    New
ai Defrmmt and Jimmy Walsh
fi-mgbi at round draw at Boston,
ffi Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings till 0:00 o'clock.
Thc Home of Low Prices 641 Front St.
Out of thc !Ii��h Rent District.
2') Hair:' 'if Ladies' Drens Hoots, broken Rises.. .$ .93
Infant Barefool Sandals, 3s, -Is, "is 50
Kiddies' Barefoot Sandals, (Is, 7s T'/os 75
Larger sizes in proportion.
Little Gents' Colored Kid BootB, strong and
durable, sizes to 10y2  1.23
Gents' Box Calf Blucher Boots, snappy last,
leather lined, sewn sole  2.95
Some of the Most Remarkable Rush
Offerings of the Season
Rush Clearance of
Women's Paramatta
Rain Coats,
Friday, $7.45
Karly buying alona promises a good selection.   This
ilere  is  a   wonderful    chanzci    A   double   texture     lut is composed of Women's House Dresses, I'nd.r
paramatta for only $7.45, and ihls offer oomes just     sklrtB, Dress Skirts ln duck, Blouses, Wrappers, Cor-
at  *.  time when  you  ��   I  be  feeling the need of     8eU, Gowns, Corset Covers and Children's Dresiw;
Huge Clearance^
Women'sand Children's
Wearing Apparel,
Friday, 98c
such protection agalnsl rain Btorms. The price
sh.inii'l clear the lot, liitun only; regular vahnr.
up t-i $18.50, for  $7.45
regular vain... up to $2.25.   Friday
(Watch  for Window  Display.)
An Immense Clearance Satin Petticoats,
of Black Silk Coats,
Friday, $7.25
A remarkable offering and an opportunity to save
many dollars; developed in Duchess rrppa and
taffeta silks; 12 only In this lot; regular values up
$20.00.    Friday   $7.25
Friday, $1.58
Willi sueh iiuality. double Friday's price would not
be out of the way for these Petticoats and there is
nn excellent range of* shades, hrown, blue, gray,
black, red and royal; pleated flounce; two dozen
only In thn lot.    Friday   $1.58
Hosiery Specials
Fine lisle, pood quality rotton    nnd    cashmere;     In     por women, with hand und straight eliiHp;  In black,
Mack, tan, white and colored    summer   shades. In-     whu    hk       ink; rcgular BOo palr    Friday, per
eluding   polka   dot   styles ;   regular    350     values.
Friday,  pi r  pair      24tt
To Reduce Our Dress
500 Yards Shot Taffeta
Goods Stock We Offer Silk, 36 Inches Wide, to
Extraordinary   Values Clear at 88c Per Yard
Press fabrics, suitable for house dresses and children's garments, In repps, panamas, serges, tweeds.
Ottoman cords, WhlpcordBl every color represented;
regular values up to 86c yard Placed in one lot at,
per  yard         48C
A special purchase our buyer was very fortunate in
securing. Tbirty-six inch Shot Taffota, in 12 different shadings, such as navy and black, red and black,
rose and nile, sky and tan, etc.; also plain i'aileties
in the new Bhados and two-tone stripe silkB; regular
' allies  to  $1.60 par yd., Special price, per yd. 88C
Rush  Specials   in   Women's  and Men's
Umbrellas at $3.58
\ line line of Women's and Men's Umbrellas; with taped edges; covers of all silk and silk and wool mix
turns; and the most up-to-dato bundles; long dircetoiro shape [or women and new shapes for men;
beautiful mounting ol rolled gold and sterling silver; regular values up to $7.50.   Friday  $3.E0
At 68c
\ olher good line tor men and women; cotton covering;   steel   rod   and   frame;   full   size,   fancy   crook
handles; tour dozen only In the lot; regular $1.00.   Friday   ggc
SmaU Wares at Friday Staple Values Better
Bargain Prices���Read
Over the  Whole  List
SOO pins to the paper;  sharp points.  Paper 2c
The lot composed of assorted Cushion Tops. Stamped l.lnon Centrepieces, Tea CosyH; regular values up
io Tf.c    Friday, each    z3c
Ver;  largo assorlmenl to choose from; dainty chit-
fon'laco niul silk effects; regular values up tu $125.
it, da; 68��
Humpies In silk IIbIo and cotton; every shade Included;    regular   values   up   to   50c   pair.     Friday,   per
'  19c
Manj   pretty ami novel bits of fancy Jewellery, snell
as Scarf Pins, Beauty Pins, Brooches and Buckles,
Hat Pins of every description; regular values up to
J1 00,     Friday 25e
Than  Ever.
Be Here Early
32   InnhcH   wide;   good   (lne  quality   hrown   Holland
linen.    Friday,  per  yard          19C
8-4 Cotton Sheets,   made up of n good heavy grade,
of bleached cotton,    l'er pair, Friday...- $1.27
Heavy brown Turkish TowcIb;  check patterns.  Friday,  each    22C
I'M   nine   Alhambra Quilts;  extra large double bed
fl'/.n;  fringed.    Friday, ench    $1.58
Heavy i|unllly Crash  Toweling.    Friday, yard....do
Large 11-4 size; extra weight and BOft; slightly Boiled,    l'er pair,  Friday    $1.28
Excellent   finality   pure   blenched     Flannelette;     ;!2
Inches wide.    Friday, pur ynrd.. r. 11c FRIDAY,   MAY  16,  1913.
For Sport Readers
ind Lapp;  Palkenlicrg and Carlsch.
Standing  of the Clubs.
Brooklyn ...
St. Louis ...
Chicago ....
New York .
Injures Hia  Knee, Takee to Bed and   Vancouver Baseball   Magnate Creates
Team and   Fana  Wear Crepe��� a Little Feature In Game
Much  Dopelng. Seattle���Champs Win.
A serious blow waB administered to!        NORTHWESTERN LEAGUE
tlle   ��almon   liellles   yesterday   morn- ��� Standing of the Clubs.
Ing when  It was known that  Htighle '��� W.   L.
Gifford,    the star    player    with    tlm Seattle   19     9
Minto cuppers during last season, was ' Vancouver    16     9
laid  up  with  Injuries  that  will  prob-  Tacoma   14    16
ably keep him out of tho game until  Victoria    12    17
iiiidseason. Spokane    12    17
Olfford has been training with the Portland   10   15
team  since  the   workouta  were  com- L 	
menced and  appeared to be In    good      Seattle,    May    14.���Seattle
shape for Wednesday evening except  Vancouver  today  and   won  the game
for a  slight   twinge  in  one  ot    hla live  to  three.    The locals  won    the
knees. game  In  the  fifth  inning  when  with
Veaterday morning the Injured the score 2 lo 2, two singles, a base
member became worBe and a surgeon on balls, wild pitch and an Infield
was consulted, who at once ordered out netted Seattle two runs,
the youngster to take to his bed and The exciting feature of the garni
stay tliere until further orders. It came ln the fourt hlmiing when Man-
now develops lhat one of the llga- ager Hrown, of Vancouver, and Uni-
menu of the knee has either been pile Eddingor engaged In a fight ou
broken   or   torn   which   will   require  the Held after Hrown had been order-
ittsburg  11
I Cincinnati   it
Yesterday's Gamea.
Honus Wagner Back.
Now York, May 15���Pittsburg, with
Wagner's starring  at the  bat and  in
the Held,  won  the firBt game of    the
serleB from  New  York today, 7 to 2.
Demaree was knocked out of the box
ln   two  Innings,   the  visitors  scoring
five on  three  pases,  two  singles,    a
double and a triple, aided by two errors by Murray  and one by Meyers.
Wlltae alao waa hit hard.   The score:
II.    H.    E,
Pittsburg    7    11      2
.413   New  York      2      7      1
.400 |     Batteries:   Robinson und Simmons-
I Demaree,  Wlltae    and    Mayers    and
outhlt Hartley.
George Johnson Again.
East    Burnaby    Has no    Chance with
the Brigade in Green Shirta
Laat  Ninht.
Standing of the Teams.
W.    L.
West Knds     1     0
Sapperton 1     0
Kast  Burnaby     0     2
Hopelessly beaten from
post, the East Hurnaby team In the
intermediate lacrosse league suffered
a bad licking last evening at the
hands of the West Ends, who ran
away with the contest to the tune of
12 goals to 3.
At no time during the four quarters
were the suburbanites in the running.
with the exception of a sporadic spurt
the closing    stages,    when    they
Boston, May  15.���Cincinnati pound- : scored  two pretty goals.
i id Hostim pitchers ln every direction ;    The West Ends were a surprise to
today, winning easily by the score of the fans present and will undoubtedly
11 to 5.    Johnson held thc locals    to  give a close battle to the Sappertons
:nlne  well  scattered hits. before the Beason Is over.   The green
Marsans  fell   In   attempting  to  get   shirts are strong on  the home    and
Connelly's  long  fly  in  the fourth  in    defence, the players apparently know-
ning. nnd Injured his neck. He fainted, but revived and finished the inning.     Almeida   then   look   his   place.
Ing each other and what to expect at
the right moment.
The  shake-up  in the East  Hurnaby
conversation among the fans on the grandstand, announced that Kddlnge;-
slreet yesterday and already some of would  be discharged and that  Brown
lhe  pessimists  can  see    the    trophy would  be Indefinitely suspended    and
wending   Its     way     to     Vancouver fined,    The score:
win nee lt  was brought last lull. It.    H.    E.
.lust who   Manager  Tommy   Olfford  Seattle     5      7      1
will put on the line-up In place of his  Vancouver   3      5      1
hroiher is yel unknown, and although Baiterlos:    (lipo and Cadntan; Doty
there are Beveral players nil ready to an,i Konnlck.
jump into the gain.'  Iho  star fielding Bees  Drop  Another.
display made by Hu* younger Olfford Portland, Ore., .May IS
will   fender   Vancouver's   cliiincos   in ,,|t  u, a bad start today
he faced a Hoston twirlcr.
It.    H.    E.
Cincinnati    11    19      1
Boston   5     9      3
llatteries: Johnson and Clarke:
Hess, Dickson, Qervals, Strang and
Dodgers Just Win Out.
Brooklyn, Muy 16.���Brooklyn took a
hard fought game  from  St.  Louis to-
the opening game as very promising
Port Coquitlam, May 1!     Saturdaj
and Sunday will bo n
i'i it Coquitlam baseball enthusiasts,
On Saturday ilu* team of this city
will travel in North Vancouver io
meet tlio aggregation representing
that city In a Ii. C, baseball league
scheduled game, while on Sunday
tiny will play Hie Fraser Mills on
tin*   later's   yard   111    another     league
Baatley got dav >*. to 6   Both teams batted heavily,
in tlie game hut   the   visitors   threw   away   many
between   Portland   and  Victoria,  am; runs hv runnlne  wild mi Ho- bases,
was nearly   batted   nut   of the box.j    In the fifth, Si. Louis cut down the
After that, however, ho settled down bad to two runs and in every inning
.-ind held tlie visitors within  bounds, afterward  exoept tlie sixth and ninth.
Furthermore  he   was of  material  as- came   within   one   run   of   lielng   the
sisuince in Portland's half ol the llrst score.
..      day""for lnnlnS in tleing the score. Brooklyn, just us regularly as the
Wilson   was    generally    Ineffective visitors scored, also tallied a run
whi n lnis meant runs. He was batted maintain     their     two     run     margin,
hard   In  the  first    und  again    in  the Hucker was called  to the rescue    of
fourth when Portland added four runs Itag'in  In  Uie eighth,  and  Sallee
to Iheir score.
Wilson      and
Though they lost their game In the  Eastley and M
Rummer's series the boys are confident that they will make a much
better showing the two coming fixtures. They have been training very
hard for the ovinia and are now
about properly rounded into form. It
Watch Tacoma Climb.
Tacoma. May 15.    A double by Bur
nil. a slnsle by Neighbors, errors by
AUnian   an.l   YA'neni r   with
steal  sandwiched  In In the ninth in
ntng, gave Tacoma two   runs   today
is expected thai a large contingent
i,I  and a victory over Spokane.
fans of the city will accompany the
nam to North Vancouver mi Saturday
and  Fraser Mills on Sunday.
An arrangement is at present pending between the regular cily team
and a scrub team of railroad men to
play nn exhibition game at an early
It     H.    E
Spokane   .. ���  1     4     i
Tacoma       2      4      .'(
Halleriis:       Kraft      and    Osidlek;
Kaufman and Harris.
lleved Perritl in the same inning.
E. R-    H.
0   St. Louis   6    H
2   Hrooklyn    K    16
Batteries:    Steele, Perrltt,
nnd    Wlngo    and    McLean;
Itui ki i- aud  Miller.
At Philadelphia (in innings)--
11.    II.    E.
double  Chicago    5    10      4
Philadelphia     6    13      0
Butteries:       Overall    and    Archer;
Ah xander,   Rixey,   Brennan,   Seaton
and Killifor.
the fans are of the belief tbat they
stand little show of holding their own
against Sapperton or the West Ends.
The West Knds started the ball
rolling by scoring three goals followed by one for East Hurnaby by Savers
Five more goals were secured by
the green shirts before Sandy Gray
blew his toot for half time. The
third quarter was a repetition of the
former quarters, the West Knds scoring three more, all from the stick of
Storme, while Murray added the
twelfth in the opening of the last
quarter. Dawe and Peedhi m managed to score one goal each in tlie
closing stages, leaving the score 12
to 3.
A good crowd attended the even-
to ing session, the covered stand being
well tilled during the progress of a
rain storm which had no effect on the
Sapperton meet the 'Vest Ends on
Thursday. May 29. The goal scorers
in    last    night's    game were:     Wesl
FRI. and SAT.
The Great Buckner
Recent success N. Y. Hippodrome. Most pretentious act
on the circuit, carrying 2000
pounds nickel plated apparatus.
Devoy & Dayton
one of the moat refined dancing and singing acts of the
Pete Murphy
Westminster's Popular
Featured In full reel Key-
atone���Nothing   but   Laughs.
Thanhouaer  Comedy.
A   Hepworth   Film   Made   in
One Full Reel.
Amateur Night Friday
At the Theatres
We Act aa Agents Only for the Purchase  and   Sale   of   Real   Estate.
Improved Ranches
No. 14���LANGLEY���W/2 acres all cleared and under cultivation. Good loam, close to railroad,
school, stores and churches, 4-room house,
barn 36x50 feet, chicken house, etc. Price,
$4,500; terms, $2,000 cash, balance arranged.
No. 13���LANGLEY���Seven acres. 3 acres cleared;
balance all slashed, 4-roomed house, chicken
house and run, small fruits, good well of
water. Close to railroad, school, stores and
churches. Price, $1,700; terms i/4 cash, balance 6-12-18-24 months.
No. 23���SURREY���10 acres, 5 acres cleared and in
crop, balance all under brushed and made
into park. All fenced. Six-roomed house,
new, cost $2,000. Chicken house, barn.
Small fruit. Close to B. C. E. R. Price,
$7,000; terms, $2,000, balance 6-12-18-24
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streeta, New Westminster.
The last of the glass comes all
too  soon   when   It   contains
the taste is so good that you
wish the glass were bigger. I>et
us send yon a case. Phone
1.75.    Pront service.
1   Ends, Murray 0. Storme '���'., Battson 1.
L. Sangster 1.  Hurt 1:   Kast  Burnaby,
Dawe, Sayers and Feedhani one each.
The show at the Royal theatre last
night was enjoyed by every one pres-
jent.     The   big   feature   is   the  Gerat
Cricketers Over the Inlet. ijuckner  who  presents    an    exciting
The      New    Westminster      cricket
eleven will Invade Xorth    Vancouver . c>cle act ln a new and novel manner.
On Saturday afternoon, when a friend-   His  act  is  put togetiier  wonderfully
ly  game will  be  staged  with the ag-  and  the  apparatus  he  carries  repre-
gregatlon  comprising  the   new  team
C. A. Welsh
Standing   of  the  Ctuba-
W.    I
Philadelphia 1"
Washington    16
Cleveland    i*
Chicago    IT
Bi ston   1-
St.    I,OUl8     12
Detroit   9
New  York 7
yesterday's Games.
Frank Chance in Chica
Chicago,    May  16.-rFrank
erstwhile  "Peerless   Leader"    of    tlie
Of the Ambitious City
The win over Cedar Cottage on
Saturday lasl is regarded as a good
omen by the local knights of the willow and. with no deartli of available
material   turning   out   to   practice  on
TvioHikuu   and     Thursday-*,     a   mioim   moBt retln-nd Bin-Klnc and danclnK tarn-si'
I    Tho pros   began  to  mix It  In  real   line-up  will  be   placed  In    the    fltftd \ever seen at ttie Royal.    Pete Murphy.!
Pet I earnest at the work out laBt evening, j when  the    Vancouver    and    DiBtrtctjthe  good, old "stand-by;"  ls with n��|
73n'\Vlth  the defence  and  home playing  league matches commence.
'g91   against ench other, the contest became ;     '������������- ������< - *   *
(By  the  Potter.)
sents a large investment and weighs
a ton. so it is figured Manager Gillis
Is paying a large sum for thiB attraction. Rayton and DeVoy are a lady
and gentleman who sing, dance and
also play a little on the piano. To say
the least, It is one of the classiest and
Comfortable Family Hotel
Forty minutes run from New Westminster on G. N. Uy. All trains
stop at  White  Rock.
Fifty rooms, large Dining Hall, magnificent view of Ray and Gulf;
only five minutes from Railway Depot; Hot and Cold Water. Rooms
can be engaged en suite, suitable for children and families. European
and American plan; gymnasium hall in connection, also a store containing full line of groceries.    For terms and rates apply
P. GREYELL, Proprietor.
White Rock, B.C.
strenuous at times. Leo Gregory getting a nasty crack over the nose
when checking Dough*- Spring, while
the latter did not emerge unmarked
from the  fray.
The players on Saturday will leave
on the 12:45 car for Vancouver.
(By   "Gravy.")
again. He sang a late popular Irish
number which brought forth rounds
of applause. The moving pictures
were excellent, one reel showing the
Montreal fire department in action,
was very Interesting.
The opening game of the City baseball  league has  been  put over until
o. next week when the Moose and Oana-
Chanoe,  dlans will  probably lock horns.
Main   Store   	
Sapperton  Store   ..
West   End   Store   .
Husk  Chance  Was a  Hrr0  in  Playing
for the Cubs.
Windy City   fans do  well  to  honor
| Frank    Chance    by setting    aside    a
special holiday, scheduled  for    tomor-
yeslerday     to ] ro,v    tha,  wi,[  bl,    al)ollt     tlle    most
meeting which   gorgepUs event of Its kind ever pulled
.193 443
...   650
Salted Reception Wafers in packages at,
per package....25c
Graham Wafers, per
pkg...l")c,2 for25c
Ralston's Health Cocoa, per tin ��� IMC
Caviar in 2 oz., at per
tin 40c
Caviar in 8 oz., at per
tin  $1.25
After-dinner Mints,
lier tin 15c and .'J5c
"Pin Money" Pickles,
per bottle 50c
Heinze White Wine
Vinegar, bottle.50c
Christie's Fruit Cake,
per tin.35c and 65c
Marb's Peanut Putter, per jar....20c
C. and B. Capers, per
bottle  25c
Our main Store, 681 Columbia
Main   Store   fi31   Columbia.
Sapperton Store, 317 Col. St.
West   End   Store,  Sixth   Ave.
and 12th Street.
local   NaUonal   league   club,   returned i     Efforts   were   mnde
0. Chicago today as manager of thai have the B. C. A. A. U
New   York American league club, and j |s scheduled for this evening, put over] ^ "j"   lllp oity   made fanlous  by  Pop
opened  a  four game series by losing ( ���niil next week, as the date clashed i .Nngnn    ()1(]   Roman    Comiskey���and
to Chicago 2 to 8. with the rfoccer smoker to be held in Huak chance.    If ever    a    baseball
The game was a pitchers' battle he-| the Colonial  hotel  tonight.    Just way  p]ayer   waa  a   -pPr0i    saij    iler0
tween  Scott and    Schulz.   with    thd- tbe magnates who control the amateur y,^^ chande In a Cub uniform
former having a  shade the better of!sport in this city do not take kindly j     In  (u]fllIillK    Chicago's    motto
the    argument      Bchull's    wlldness  to such suggestions remains a mys- '
coupled with daring base running and . tery to ninny of the fans.
Rweeney";  error,   enabled   the  locals. 	
to make three runs. Scott's only pass      It should be some battle at Fraser
coupled with a single gave New York  Mills on  Sunday afternoon when Co
Iheir first run and Chase's triple and |quitlam  and  the Circle
Mldklff'B   double     gave    them     their
other run, In a ninth inning rally.
The Now York team was warmly
groeted when It took the Held today,
and tho friends of Chance cheered
the team repeatedly.
R,    II.    E.
New   York      -      7      2
Chicago    :t     ,r)     1
Hatterles: Schultz and Sweeney;
Scott and Schalk.
World's Champ> Run Amuck.
Bt, Louis. .May IB. -Hoston butted
W'ellman and Adams all over the bull
yard today, winning from St. I.ouis
IT. to 4. Joe Wood was unsteady,
passing seven men. Hoston scored
four runs In the second on a double,
a sacrifice, a passed ball, triples by
Wagner nnd Hooper and two singles
In the third Iloston mnde three more
In the sixth a base on balls, a
ningle and Yerkes' bome run counted
three runs for the visitors.
Iloston hunched live singles with a
base on bulls and an error In the
ninth for five runs.
St. Louis scored three runs In the
fourth on a double, an error, a wild
pitch, a base on balls and a single.
Pratt's single, a passed ball and Justin's single netted the locals their
Inst  run In the fifth.
R,    II.    E.
Iloston   18    16     2
: St. Louts     4     5     2
Batteries: Wood and Nunninnkcr:
; Wellman, Adams, Agnew and Cros-
Naps Beat Athletics.
Cleveland. May IB.���In the first ap
pearanoe here this season, the Philadelphia olub lost today's game 2 to 0.
CJ I'lilkonherg gained his seventh
���straight victory, allowing but three
hits, one ench to Murphy, Oldrlng
���and M.���Innls. Midlines hit a two bagger.
I'lank was replaced In the third
liming by WyekofT after Cleveland
had scored two runn In lhe llrst two
Innings,    w'yckoii held Cleveland to
one hit for tlle rest of the guine, but
: wan replaced by Hush, who pitched
| tbo eighth Inning.
Philadelphia    0     3      1
I Cleveland  2   .6    2
I    Batteries:    Plank,   Wyckoff,    Hush
P. nine lock
horns ln nn Jntor-city league fixture.
The new diamond laid cut by the officials of the Canadian Western Lumber company is about completed und
holds its own with anything in Online of baseball on the lower mainland, witli perhnpB the exception of
the park owned by Rob Hrown in
Pred I.ynch and Oeorge Tuck will
he the officials in the Victoria-Vancouver amateur game at Athletic Park.
Vancouver on Saturday afternoon
This murks tlie opener of the coast lacrosse season of 1S13 with the Mann
cup-holders having a slight lead in
the  betting. ,
Will." Husk took more risks than
many a soldier in battle, lie suffered
more accidents than anv other man
In the game, all due to his determination to win. In his early days with
'he Cubs he had a way of anchoring
himself to the plate which made it
practically Impossible to dodge a fast
nshoot. and on one occasion this hatting bravery sent hlm to a hospital
w.tn a badly damaged oranlum;
After an absence of two nights the
Vin Moore Stock company will be seen
again at the opera liouse this evening,
when they will put on one of their
famous comedies entitled, "Is Marriage a Failure?" This has had a successful New York run and is all about
the troubles of a home. Those theatregoers wbo miss seeing this production
wlll pass up something that is first-
was class. The same bill will be played
on Saturday evening, with a special
children's matinee on Saturday afternoon.
Association  Devotees Will  Live High
The soccer even! of the Benson outside the playing patch, will bo staged
in the Colonial hotel dining room this
evening when all the teams of tin
city will combine to pull off the see
ond annual smoker of Westminster
All the teams of the city, the Hovers included, have been working hard
towards this event and there are
bright prospects of their being a large
crowd on deck.
The committee In charge have spent
considerable time during the past two
weeks perfecting the arrangements
and, with the commisslary department
working full blnBt. assisted by the
musical committee, who have lined up
every male singer of note In the city,
there wlll be something doing in the
way of jollification.
The invlntlon Is extended to any
person who takes an interest In the
great old winter gnme of association
football and those who have not been
seen personally are cordially invited to
be right on the job when President
Herb Ityall yells out "Order, gentlemen."
This Is to be no benefit affair, but
Is gotten up lo cement the good fecl-
IngB that have existed during the past
winter and outline what can be expected  for the seaBon of 1913-14
Fingers, feet. nrms. legs���all of
these members bear scars of battle, .
acquired in the service of the Cubs
He pilfered bases like a .mad man,
and ��as often a mass of bruises from
bend f feet, cansed hv sHding Into
station*; head or feet first, as seemed
most desirable.
It vas this absolute determination:
lo win. regardless, that fired the Cubs !
to a fury of achievement, and transformed the Chicago team into a pen- j
nant winning aggregation lhat would J
not be denied. The bow-legged war !
riot- who was the general of the I
Breetetown Hosrcuts is entitled io all 1
the applause lhat Chicago has on tap. i
Delia Clarke in "Introduce Me."
The next road Bhow that will be
seen at the local opera liouse will be
here   next   Thursday   evening,   when
ithat famous star and authnr, Miss
Delia Clarke, will be seen with a first
class company in a play entitled "Introduce   Me."    The   last   time     Miss
i Clarke was seen here, last  year, was |
in "The White Squaw." Miss Clarke
!s not only the star in this production that Is coming next week, but
she is also the author. The seat sale
for this show goes on next Monday
morning at the box office at Tidy, the
Model No. E. 581
Single-breasted 3-button
tuit, with soft-roll, short
lapel. Note outside patch
pockets. A conservative
suit for Spring or Summer
Twenty years ago today Wilkes-
barre and Springfield, Mass., then ln
tlle Eastern league, pulled off one of
the queerest contests In the baseball
record books. In lhe very flrst Inning
the Pennsylvanians chalked up ten
runB. which would seem to have made
ihem a safe betting proposition.
With the game thus apparently refrigerated, however, the Wllkesbarre
team lost in the end and was beaten
by Springfield 16 to 13. Another Interesting game was pulled off in the
Pacific Northwest league 22 years ago
today, when Seattle and Tacoma played 22 Innings. Donahue twirled Ihe
entire session for Tacoma and finally
won. 6 to B, while Seattle used two
pitchers.  Keenan  and   O'Neill.
This record was broken later In the
same year when Orand Forks and
Fargo. N.I)., played 25 chapters to a
0*n tie. This record stood until 1909,
whin Illoomiiigton and Decatur, 111.,
played their celebrated 26 Inning
Changes His Mind.
Saskatoon', May IB.���R, W. Shannon, who has acted ns cily solicitor
ever since such an official was appointed In Saskatoon, und who turned in his resignation In April to take
effect the flrat of May. has recon
The consideration will jnat about jsldered and will continue to hold
cover expenses.
I down the position.
HARRY TIDY.  Manager.
Vin Moore
Stock Co.
Presenting the Hlg Comedy
Is Marriage
a Failure?
One   show   each   night,   8:30-
10:45 p.m.
PRICES���15c, 25c, 50c.
What do
YOU pay?
WHAT are you   paying
your clothes ?
If you are patronizing a high-
priced tailor,  you're  possibly  getting
clothes satisfaction���but at altogether too great a
You can get that same satisfaction���that same
cuitnm-tailor "-sir"���at a reasonable price���if you'll
wear " Fii-rite** Tailored Clothes for men,
" Fit-rite " gannents for Spr ng and Summer are notably
different to any other ready-to-wear clothes you ever saw.
Made from matchleti m itcriaU ���and fashioned by men who
are iop-notchcrs in thc art of designing men's clothes.
Come in to-dav and see these
values we're offering in
709 Columbia St., Westminster Trust. PAGE   SIX
FRIDAY,  MAY  16,  1913.
i   '
Classified Advertising
��� RATES. ���
��� ��������������������������������������������
j. Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
���month; 5.000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract, $26.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 50c.
Death Notice BOc or with Funeral Notloe $1.00. Card of Thanks 60c per
CAU.   FOR   KEP1.IES���BOXES   881,
1110,  1299,  1015.  1318,  1319.
grapher. Apply In person to District Traffic Chief, 615 Clarkson
stroet. (1317)
lady to live with English people.
Apply Hox 1318 Daily Ncwb.  (1318)
keeper at once; references required. Bon 1819 News office. (1319)
ledgerkeeper; good handwriting and
quickness at figures indispensable.
State experience if any to Box 1299
Daily News. (1299)
wants live man as general agent
for Westminster and Langley districts. Splendid contract for right
man. Address Manager. 219 Winch
Building,  Vancouver,  B.C.      11289)
poles, 30 feet to 60 feet In length,
7 inch to 9 inch tops. Can take in
water or on cara. Nestos Timber
Co., Ltd., Bellingham, Wash. (1268)
beds and pillows. Address Box
1136  News  office. (1136)
free���We want a man or woman to
open an office and act as our representative. We have a permanent
position for the right party. Some
of our representatives aro earning
three hundred dollars per month.
We furnish everything and pay express charges, All you have to do
is distribute our printed matter and
wrile contracts. No experience
necessary. Write today. Harbor
City Terminal Corporation, San
Antonio. Texas. (1324)
or vacant Iota for rent, sale or exchange; spb -ldid position on beach
tront.   Wlni h, White Rock.    (1323)
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN. $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market Bijuare. (1200)
cheap.    Apply  47   Merrlvale
six roomed hotiso with sback 13x33,
woodshed, well and city water.
Price $1400, caBh $800. Apply on
premises between First and Second
street on Fourteenth avenue. O.
Scalley,  East Hurnaby. (1314)
house on Sixth street, near Seventh
avenue. Price $2600, on easy termB.
Apply Owner, 3680 Eaton street,
Vancouver. (1295)
galow with pantries, porches, seven
foot basement, two lots, vegetables
planted in, $1600, $700 cash. C. Ash-
worth, Twelfth avenue, East
Burnaby, (1294)
If jou arc let me show you a seven
roomed modem house and six lots
with a beautiful orchard and overlooking Burnaby lake and within
one block of car. Room 419 Westminster Trust building. Rutledge
Brokerage Co. (1286)
Nineteen    Steel   Bridges   of   Varying
Lengths In 243 Miles of New
Stove,   Canada's    r'rlde    Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week.
Canada Rango  Co.,  Market square.
Kamloops, May 15.--An Inspection
of grading done by the C. N. R. between Port Mann nnd Kamloops has
just been completed, and according to '.
authoritative statement given out lt
Is expected that over this part of the
road the company will be able til
equal the time of lhe C. P. R. and it is
thought that,' even better time can
be made.      '
ln the 243 miles of the C. N. R. |
road between these two towns there
will be nineteen steol brldgeB from 70
to 981 feet In length. The track-
laying and bridge construction over
tbls line, according to a leading official of tho engineering department,
will be completed by the end of next
ln regard to the bridges which are
being built by tho C. N. R. on their
line east of Kamloops, one of them
ls 809 feet long across tho Niagara
Gangs are now working both east
and wesl of Kamloops. Only a sixty-
niile gap -separates them, and there
is not much difficult work to be accomplished inihat distance. It will
take nearly all the year of 1913 to
complete It. Eighty-nine per cent, i
of the road through the mountains hits
now been completed.
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street west, Van
couver, B.C. 1199)
��� . ������-*r*���       . .  J"B*
Yukon    River    Opening    Up���Dredges
Running  Full Capacity���Camps
Hum   With.   Activity.
Dawson, May 15.���Tho Yukon river
opened up at DawBOn lit 5 o'clock
Wednesday afternoon, and it Is ex-
pocted that the waterway will be clear
from Lnbarge down within a week,
when the first steamers wintering here
will start for Fairbanks for freBh supplies.
Summer activity has been renewed
everywhere In the Klondike camps.
Tliere Is plenty of labor available.
All tho drcdgoB in the district are
now runlng tn full blast. The season
has been very backward and the hydraulics are jin-it starting.
Snow has scarcely started to leave
the high hills and valleys.
Gold Is now coming in from the
creeks very plentifully and firBt shipments to the const will be made as
soon as the river opens sufficiently
to permit navigation.
Bill McPhee, a pioneer of the district, was found dead this morning,
while Mrs. Charles Redmond and
Mrs. Dan Cronln died within the last
few days.
The Sliiestroams Navigation company today officially advertised a cut
In the rates of passenger fares between Dawson and Whttohorse, This
will reduce the rates 50 per cent from
the tariff of last year.
Decision   of   Fcrest     Department    to
String  Wires  to   Lynch  Creek
Grand Forks, May 15. -News was
received in the city this week from
Victoria that the forest department
has decided upon the Immediate construction of a telephone line from
Grand Forks to Lynch creek, twenty
miles up the north fork of Kettle river.
It is stated that orders have been
placed for poles and other neceaaary
material and that construction will
be under way In a short time.
�� The necessity of telephone communication Into the north fork dlstrlot has beeu urged for some time
by fire Wardens and those interested
in lumbering In the district. The matter was again taken up this spring
by local representatives of the forest
department and the Western ll��lnc-j
Lumber Co.. with the result that a
j new line will be built at once.
Besides being of great assistance
' for thp fire wardens to keep in touch
| with the district covered, which has
J been isolated in the past, the new
: telephone line will undoubtedly prove
j an important acquisition to the re-
1 gion to the north, where In the past
��� lack of such communication has been
' keenly felt.
Made In  Smart
Styles, Suitable
For Every Outdoor
You Mliht At W.ll G.t
Notice to Master Mariners, North
Arm of the Fraser River.
The Olty of New Westminster Intends to clone the Lulu Island Bridge,
situate on the North Arm of tho
Fraser River, at New Westminster.
on or about the 20tll and 21nt of
May, 1913. for tlle purpose of laying
submerged water main, during which
time the channel wlll he closed to nil
traffic requiring the opening of tho
swing span.
W, A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
City    Hall,   New   Westminster,   B.C..
,       May 10th, 1913. (1331)
nuistn CO.. UMITID.
X* . .  . I __
O    R B N T
rooms, 2iifi
irnarvon Btreet. (1322)
concrete basement and furnace, on
Fifth street. Aiply 817 Fifth street.
ed oomplete, electric light, bath,
phone, etc.. 511 and $1S per month:
also one partly furnished room $8
per month, with other accommodations, at 221 Seventh street.    (1296)
modern ln all respects, from June 1
for Summer months, 509 Queens
avenue, three doors from Sixth
street car line. Phone 817 or 445,
Sutherland & Ardagh. (1292)
bungalow; one or two bedrooms as
desired.    317 Fifth uveuue.      (1291)
428 Eleventh -street. (1223)
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
Here's a Snap for Builders.
75 x 300, facing on two
streets, for $1,500, $200
cash, balance to suit.
We can trade choice Alberta
acreage for City or Suburban realty.
We can trade Okanagan orchards for City or Rural
Wc can sell two cosy homes
for $100 cash and" $25 per
per month
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
Startling     Figures     in  Toronto���$690
Per   Pupil   is   Bill   in  One
Toronto, May 15.���That in one high
school of the city It is costing $690 i
per year to teach and provide acco-1
modation for each upper school pu-,
pli, and In that in all but one or two
collegiates this cost exceeds $100. was
the statement made by Trustee Falr-
balrn at the meeting of the management committee of the board of education the other day. Mr. Falrbairn.
in advocating the centralization of
matriculation students In one or two
Institutions, produced statistics to
prove the economy of such a move,
and his figures showed that the cost
of providing for each pupil in the upper school por year was: In Malvern high school, $('.',io; in North Toronto. $320; in Riverdale collegiate,
$190; in Oakwood, $li'.T; In Hiimber-
side, $103. and at Harbord, $140. The
average cost for pupils of all grades
was the lowest at Ulve-rdale, where it
atood at *69.
Exoect Bumper Fruit Crop.
Victoria, Miiv 15.���Attending the
executive meeting of the board of
horticulture, C. F. Mel lardy Is in the
city from Nelson, accompanied by
Mrs. Mcllardy. He s'ates that the
season, while somewhat late in the
Kootenavs. promises a successful
crop and that the fruitgrowers of the
interior are looking forward to a good
year. After a somewhat strenuou-a
period with school troubles and other
domestic Issues, Nelson is enjoying a
prosperous time, he s-iys, and business is looking up well.
Railway Crossing* Wanted.
Regina. Sask., May 14.-The board
of railway commissioners meets here
on May 29, when ten local applications wlll be made for crossings, five
on the C. P, R., two on the C. N. It.,
and three on the Q. T, P.
Going Down.
Calgary, Alta., May 14. -Tho net
profits from thc municipal Btreet railway system last inonth amounted to
$6',!00. which Is a decrease ol over
$8000 over the same month of last
Re Lot thirty-four    (34),    8outnwest
quarter or District  Uot eluht  Ilundred and sixty-seven  (867).  Municipality of North Vancouver, Mai>
Whereas    proof    of loss of Certificate or Title No.  59942 E���    covering
the ubovo monlloued property, Issued
In the name of Sham Singh, has been
filed In this office.    Notice Is hereby
given  that I Bhall at the oxplration
of one month from dale or flrat publication  hereof, issue a  duplicate  of
said Certificate ot Title, unless in tho
meantime valid objection be made to
me In writing.
Dated at the Land  Renlstry Office.
Vancouver,  B.C., this    12th    day    of
1 May, A.D. 1913.
: (131G) District Registrar.
Trade  in   Poppy  Dope  Between   India
and China   is   Practically
Hudson's    Bay    Man    Complains    of
Treatment of  Fur���Taking
took the shades Trom the electric
Bi tun e of a new house in 1214
i * lltoi -ii* ��� i return ihom to A.
Bradley, hn..Hoy block, 1218 Fifth
avenue, al once, name l��< Ing known.
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned  will apply  to the  Board of
License Commissioners at   lis   next
regular sitting  for  an  Hotel  License
I for the premises known as the "Hotel
| Dominion," situate upon Lot 11. Illock
' 5,    corner    or    Sixth    and    Columbia
! Streets, City    of    New  Westminster
Dated this 9th    day    ot May.    A.D
11244)    EDWARD JONES.
Victoria. Muy 15.���Another improve
ment In the saloons of Victoria is
foreshadowed in an application which
IW. Ridgway Wilson has made to lhe
city authorities in connection with
the   Hank   Exchange,  a   well   known
! house at the corner of Langley street
and  Yates street.
Mr. Wilson will consult with the
b.iard of supervisors wiih regard to
altering the premises to conform with
the licensing act. which abolishes saloons after the beginning of next
Several other licensed houses cfthis
character have already applied for
permission to rebuild for purposes
Of Improvement, and to qualify In order  to  obtain  hotel  licenses.
Edmonton. Mav IB���Ernest B. Flem
Ing. who was stationed in Northern
Alberta for six years as representative of tlie Hudson's Hay Company,
said in an Interview In Edmonton
that while the fur Industry in the
north in not dyins out. there are
some trapperB who have no consideration for those who come after Ihem.
"Naturally," ho added, "the animals
are being driven further north. Civilization ls creeping towards them
and their haunts are rapidly being
settled by  farmers.
"In the north tho Hudson's Bay
C'lmpanv eont'iiu.^,/''' barter ant\
trade with the redskins and trapper.,
and last year's catch of furs has h on
estimated at millions of dollars. The
silver fox continues to be the most
valuable pelt but on the smaller animals there is always a good profit,
and thfi forts are kept busy all ihe
year round. The furs are trailed
smith to the I-anding and shipped direct to London, England, It may not
be generally known, hut none of the
fur taken by the Hudson's Bay Company in placed on local markets, all
being shipped to London."
London. May 16.���We ure at last
; within sight of the end ot the pernicious opium trafric.
1 Sir Samuel Montague, representing
, the Indian office, has told the house
of commons that not one ounce of the
poppy would be exported during the
current year. This means that at
last the opium trade between India
and China Is practically dead, and
thus a great blow has been struck at
a great evil, weighing down the nation that Is now making heroic efforts to rise to western Ideals.
Lord Roberts has signally failed In
his campaign to work up enthusiasm
in   favor of  conscription.
The country is as convinced as ever
that  conscription'is not only  unnecessary   to  the   sufoty   of   the  empire,
; but  harmful   to   the   best   and   truest
interests of o liberty-loving people.
Body Recovered.
i     Calgary.   Alta..   May   14.    The   body
of five year old Frank Colea. who was
| drowned In  the  jsibow river Sunday,
������ April  6,  was  washed  ashore  In  Elasl
Calgary  this  morning.    The  lad  fell
off a plank Into a hole in the ice.
sre best (or nursing
mothers because they do
not affect the rest ol Ihe
system Mlldbutsure. 25c.
s box at your druggist's.
Ask yonr dnigiK.
It. IT ho ciuMiot -supply
tba  MARV1.L, accept no
olti-ar. bat no-nil fti-nop ft '���.-   ,
trated book���-��mlsd.  It pi-reft fall
-wirtlcaliin ftn<t (tin-^tloiq inT-lnaliln
�� l��dle-j.WiNnSOIISUPPLY CO.,Wlnil��r, On"
t,,;irri.l Art.nu tor Canada.
Tenders nr�� Invited r..r the palntltig of
a now   Hospital hi  Now  WeBtmlnster,  H. !
('.,   for   tlio   Hoard   of   Manager   of   the i
Royal Columbian Hospital,
Copies of plans nnd specifications mnv
be seen at the Hospital in Bapperton, lt.
C,   or  :il   ths  Offices  of   the   Archil.rt.   H. i
H. Illrdn. A. It. I. li. A., lie Ponder Btreet
Worn. Vancouver**" ii  C
Sealed tenders to be delivered to the
Secretary of tli- Hospital at Bapperton,
Now Westminster, B, ��� >. beforo i) p. m ,
Wednesday, Mav -JiHt.
No allowance for t.-nrtr-ri*��. nnd the lowest or any tender not necessarily ��c-
Contractors Submitting tenders will  u-
reo.Hired  to SnClOSfl a  marked rheijue  for n
Hum equal to live pit cent if. i*-r cent i
of tho amount <>r the tender, whloh will bs
forfeited should the contractor fall to
enter Into u contract when  palled  upon.
(1-27-31 Secretary.
Notice is hereby given that the Corporation of the City of New Westminster proposes to fill In and build certain works on the foreshore along
portions of tho main waterfront of
the city of New Westminster, and
has deposited the plans thereof antl
a desciiptlon of the proposed sites
with the Minister of Public Works
und a duplicate thereof in the olflco
of the Registrar of Titles for the District of New Westminster in the
Province of British Columbia, beliiR
the district In which such work Is
proposed to be constructed, and will
one month arte.- tho date hereof apply to the (Invcrnor-ln-Cnuncll Ior approval thereof.
Dated this 3rd dny or May, 191T
By W. A. Duncan, City Clerk.
Notice re Census 1913.
If  any family has not     received    a
Census   Slip,  or  if any   persons  have
been omitted in the recent enumeration,  they  will  confer    n    favor    hy
Bending their names and addresses 'o
the undersigned, at the City  Hall, on
or before Monday, the 19th  inst.
Assessment Commissioner.
City Hall, May 13, 1913. (1307)
To Port  Mann  and   Port  Coquitlam
Daily Except Sunday.
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Ai Per Following Schedule:
Leaves   New  Westminster   for   Port
Munn 8:00 n.m.
Leaves  l'ort   Mann  for  New  Westminster 9:00 a.m.
Leaves   New   Westminster for   l'ort
Mann and Port Coqultlam 10:00 a.m.
Leaves   Port   Coqultlam    for    Porl.
Mann and New Westminster 1:00 p.m.
Leaves New  Westminster for  Port
Mann 5:30 p.m.
Leaves   Port   Mann   for   New   Westminster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves  Now   Westminster  for  Port
Mann and Port Coqultlam 4:30 p.m.
Loaves   Port   Coqultlam   for   Port
Munn and New Westminster 6:80 p.m.
Schedule subject to change without
For further Information  inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 1ML.    Office 903 Columbia St.
Best Pool Tables In the city.    Fine .     New  Spring  and   Summer  Suitings
line of Cigars and Tobacco.    Sportlna   now on display.    See them.    Perfect
events bulletined. ; fit and workmanship guaranteed.   701
A. G. BEATON.  Proprietor. ' "'rout Street.
King's Hotel Fool Room
pi i mi mi ;ii r. - a \ aluatlon of
at least $"C iu ir $27 10; al io H500
for three yr-flra al 9 por cent; good
valuation wanted National Finance
Co., Ltd. 521 Columbia Btreet.
Phone 515, (1311)
loan nt '.. pel cent, (straight loan).
Interest payable half yearly, tlood
valuation wanted. National Finance
Company, Phone 616, (1303)
1st will giv tn .* leBBons to lady
or gentleman, In return for companionship on photographic excursions,   llox 1297 News office. (1297)
Furnished   thro.,   room   suite,   with
hath.    Hot  and   cold   water.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth  Ave Phone 750
Crockery,     Silverware,    and    Cutlery.
Furniture and    Bcddinq.    Kitchen
Equipment    and    Laundry    Equipment.
Sealed tenders will  be received by
fhe undersigned up to 6 p.m. Tuesday,
May Z0, 1913.
Tenders must be submitted on the
forms of specification which may be
obtained at the hospital. The lowest
or any tender not neceeearlly accepted.
E. S. WITHERS, Secretary.
Royal Columbian Hospital,
ilS-45) New Westminster, B.C.
The public ure hereby warned Hint
Section 19 of the Burnaby Btreel
Traffic Bylaw Nn. 137, 1912, as fol
"ll Bhall lie unlawful for any person
to use. drive or propel In uny public
place nny vehicle used for the purpose of conveying passeo-a-ors whether for hire, or not, without having
attached thereto, near the front, two
white lights or sufiiilent candW
power to enable the person using
such vehicle to clearly see a distance
of at least 100 feet In front ot such
vehicle  between  dusk and  dawn."
On and aft.-r May 10th Inst, the
above section will he Btrictly enforced
within the limits of tho Corporation
or llurnaby.
By order of the Police Committee
of llurnaby.
Chief Constable.
Kdmonds, B.C., May 3, 1913.      11238)
"YALE" Engines Run on Distill?te with the Same Efficiency as High Grade Gafo'.ine, so lhat the  "YALE" Stands Strong for Economy.
Telephones:   Office 53. Residence -429.
JOHN   RBID, I'roprietor.
AgenlB Palmer Ilros. (lasiilinn Engine
Agents    Palmer    Bros."   Gasoline
Engines,   Marino   Engines  and   Automobile Repairs.
Office and  Works:  Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
IN 5, 10,
15 and
20 HP.
AND 20
to 500 H.P.
I Specialty���Treatment of the scalp
by Vibro-Massage end Glover's Famous Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth St.        |
The EiiKincs shown have all been sold and installed in boats in thc last two weeks.
SCHAAKE MACHINE WORKS, New Westminster, B. C. FRIDAY,   MAY  16,   1913.
City of New Westminster
"8EVVER8    Dt
By-Law  No....
Council t.f the Corporation <^r tho i'ity of
New Wt HlnihiHtL-r fiiitt'tH iin I'uiWiwh:���
t^ Ii sliall bo lawful Cor tho Mayor or
iin sul'l ('it.' tn rnlBO I'V w.tv nt loan from t!
nny poraon or persona body or bodies oor-*
i-iirai'- who may bo wUllnic -.���> advance thu
.���-.���ui'- on the oreaH of lha aebenturou hereinafter ok Ml 'cm ti any hii in or BUH18 of
money nol exceeding In tho whole the aum
of $11^0,000.00 and to cause in.' name to
i>" paid Into ih' Treoaury of the said City
for thn purposes mentioned herein.
2. ll* shall  be lawful  for the Mayor to
cause  an.i   tiuiiii*<T  of  debentures   to  be
made nol exceeding in the whole tlm ouinii.i tlm
of $150,000.00 for such mums of minify RS(tu   th'
i  By-law I" ' liable lh.- Municipal f nm-j ,���.,,.   i,,.   required,
ell of ihe Corporation of U��e city ..r New kai h .m* an uqulvalenl
W��t 'ter to raise Uy loan  the sum �����*������ Utv&tl^aSS
i,r   dm-   Hundred   and   1-lfly   Thousand  ,,-,  ,h���  pound sterling;  nnd all
Ii.itliu-H   i$lfiii.oofi.oo)   for  the  purpose henturea shall be sealed with iti
or oonBtruotltlg bowow.
WIUJIIKAH "ii nr nbout the Thirtieth
duy nf January, Kill, nn agreement waa
mad.- between The Corporation uf the
iiiKtiirt ..f Burnaby ot the llrsl pnrt and
The Corporation of the <"lty of NewWest.
minster nf tho seoond part, which agreement is iii ii"* worda nnd Agurea following, tli.it Is to sny :���
THIS AGREEMENT made in duplicate
(lie Tlilrlli lh day "f Junuary  One 'I'll.hi-
aand Ni"" Hundred and Thineen.
of tba I-I HUT PART;
WHBRBAS the partlei hereto have
agreed upon a joint aewerage scheme to
provide aewerage ac.-oniinndutlon for both
JS-UinleijinlltteN for the nren -shown upon
tin- elan hereto annexed, /
ANH vTOTEREAB the Pnrtf of thr
Beoond Part boa afreed to conatruot tha
���aid aower from the Praaor River to Tenth
Avenue aa ahown upon the anid plan nnd
to iniilii. tin- s.-wer of a ulr." BUfflcIent 1"
accommodate the aewemga requirements
nf the wih.n of Burnaby shown on the
said plan. , ,.
ANH WHEREAS lhe nnr.nue of Bum-
ably tlmt wlll be benefitted l.v the said
aewer amounts to six Hundred and
Blghty-three (-883) acrea nml the acreage of the City of Now Westminster Lhat
win be benefitted by the aald aewer
amounts ��o Five Hundred Hnd Sixty-four
(W i  acrea.
ANH WHEREAS ih.- Party of th' Second Part liiia ogroed in pny tli- coal of
th<. construction of tin- anid aewer from
the Prnaer Rlvor to Ti nth Avi in c .i
shown upon lhe aald plan which coal la ea
tlmntcd ai Three llimdn .1 and Tw. nty
��lx Thouaand Hollars (1388,000.00) losa
Flfty-flve Thouaand Dollara (��65,000 '* ��� I
the vnlue of Oov. rnmi nt labor.
ANP WHEREAS the Party ol i ���
First I'ari h * . agreed to nay I i thi
Party nf  the  s ond   Pari   Fifty-live  per
,.. nl   . 56 i.* i* .*������!*: i of il -i "I th.      * '
H v,. r   (the  al "*���  however  of  the   Party
of  ,.,,-  i-----.   p��rl   nol  to exc *.*.l  thi
of On' II ii.di- -I nnd Fifty Thouai in! Dnl-
In,     i ��i: *. i o ���   thirty  yearly   pay-
m* nla thut will bi ������ iffi Iml to I * th.
inti r. -i and ulnklni? fund nn thi   sh in   of
ii.    pi  of lhe I 'll it  Pi i ' ol lh.   coal   .1
thr sai.l Bi ���"��� i* calculated  upon  lhe  -
of tpin,- 1301   ������-> Ith Inti *    ' al  I ������
i,*, i p. i- ci nl   h iif ���*. arly,
ANli Willi'.'* -si'.   Party of Hi' I Irs
Pari  haa -.-:���* ��� *i  to  pny to  the   I -   ������
th<- s. cond Pari Hft) -five pi r oral * *
p.-r cent,' of tl coal of malnti nai o
ih>- aald sev*oi ...
v:n\\ IE IE   PRESENTS   " irNI
thnl   ih.-  Parts   of the S'cbnd   Pari   -
nnni - and run-rce with i'i-  Party -.1  lhe
Flral Pari 11�� au aaora an la* I .-'*
the Party of tbi '; c ind Pari will will In
foui | i montha e immenc a id ** ojeonti
lo completion and have oomplet l on or
berori ���'* iin I it - of January, mis, 'unless previ a" .1 i���-.  * Irlkea or other c
fn   . ���   i olnl "ii ih" Fraaer rt
li aa  th in   linn.nn |
.\ |��i'*. .-.acl  In  pi.llliilH
of Oreifl I
.r Jl.xnr,
buoIi de.
Si-Ill  of
thn Corporation signed by tbe Mayor and
countersigned   by   the   Treasurer   thereof,
or bv mii'li other p.rson or persons as may
be thei-i-uiiio lawfully authorised.
8, 'th.. aaid debenture ahall ba payable
on th' flral day of July. Ill4:i. at BUCh
Place or plaoea ns the Council of lhe said
Corporation may from time to time appoint wiih the approval ot lha holders
thereof umi shall bear Inter, sl nt the rate
of Five pet* centum per annum payable
half yearly on the flral day of January
and the llrsl .lay of July In each and
every year and Hie debenturea shall have
attached to ihem ooupona for the paymenl
Of Inter.sl whieh snld coupons ahall be
aigned by the sai.l Mayor.
4. A apodal rat.* on the dollar shall
be levied nnd relied In each year In addition to nil other rut. h on nil ihe rateable properly In tlie Cltv auMielent to pay
lh" Int. rest upon the debenturea nnd to
ere.-ite a slnklnn fund for the payment of
��he principal thereof when due, lubjcot to
any act or enactment respecting the
r.. Subject an aforesaid there shall be
nils"I annually by special rale na afore-
aald during tbe ourrenoy of the.anid debentures the sum of Seventy-five Hundred
Dollara (?T..r.oi).on> for the payment of
Intereat thereOn and the sum of Three
Thouaand Ona ilundred and Fifty-three
DnllttM i J:i.151.0111 to provide for thi-
repayment of the principal.
8  The proc . .is of tbe Bale of tha aaid
.lel.enlr.res shall  be applied IIS follows and
not otherwise.-���Towarda paying the coat
of the passim* of ihls Bv-law an I the Issm
and mile of th" debenturea therein referred to and nil expena'B connected with
the laauance of the aald loan nn.l the hnl-
in.-.* snail be paid ov.-r from time to time
aa required by the Cltv Treasurer to the
several peraona to whom mom va are pay
7 This ll -law ahull take efTecl on the
nrel day of June, 1813, and may he
,..|..l na tno ������Seweis I >*h* r.u ire By-law
1913 "
fi Thla ti * -liny hefore the flnal peaalng
thereof .* ia.11 n e lve the :.si-.*ni of the
Slfctora .i ''"��� aald City In the manner
 Ir-d bv hi'-v
lei-*:::  ������ ,vn PASSED in Open Council
l.ll     Hll     ' . *' of   Mav.   1815
i:i: *,*Ii*i. . lhe naacnt of the Blectora
���   ���                 .'. iy of 1918.
'::���* *. INSIDERS!' and fin illy passed
the                  lay   of 1918.
City ' 'l.'tk. Mil . or
TAKE   NOTICE   thai   tlie   ubove   Is   n
��� ������ ,-.[.-.��� of th.- propoaed By-law upon
* tl*. vote of th" Munlcl! ttllty will he
Ink i un tl ������ *.* ih (lay of v,a-.*. 1918, between tin h ra i.r Nine o'clock a. m. and
Seven o'clock p. in at tin
*....- . ouni II Chamber, Cil
���:.. I ' - ll *i Sappi rl n
N *   '   Fir.   Hall, Thirl
benturea the sum of One Thouaand TW
Hundred and Fifty Dollara (11,260.00
for   the   payment   of   inler.-sl   tiler, on   ita
mm of Five lliindr. d and Twenty-I
and  -.a inn Dollara  (1835.60)  to provld.
r.i.  the rei aymenl of Iho principal.
:,. The proci i .is ol   the sale of il*
debt itnrea ahall ba applied as follows and
nol  otherwise,-*���Towards paying the ooal
of lh- passim; of Has Ilv-law and the la.
:.o.. ,r.i ia|e ,.f ill ��� debenturea tnen in
i*. f.-ri-.-d lo ami nil expense* connected
with I a* laauanca of the aald loan and
the balance shall be paid over from time
I required by the City Treasurer
yeriil   persona   lo   whom   inofieya
HCity of New Westminster LIVES Of MINERS
;i-,. payable.
II, This liv-law Hhnll laic* effect on th"
tirsi .In * of June, 1913, nnd may be cited
, ; ii. 'Exhibition Buildings and Fences
li. benture B'Mnw  1UI3-"
7 This Ily-lnw before the tlnnl passing
thereof  ahull   receive  the  assent  of  tho
. 1. dors   of   the   anid   Cily   111   tbe   manner
required by iaw.
lhe  ..lh  day of  Mny,   1918,
RBCEIVED Uie assent of the  Electors
on   Ibe               dny  of 1913,
PASSED   lhe                 dny   of 1913.
city Clerk.
Is   a
TAKE NOTICE that the nUive
true copy of lhe proposed Hv-law upon
which Die vole of llie Municipality Will
he taken on the 20th day of Mav. 1813,
bi twe"ti .he hours of Nine o'clock a m.
and 'Seven o'clock p. m. at the foilowinx
placi s. viz. *.
The   Council   chamber.   City   Hull.
No.  4  Fire  Hall,  -Sapperton.
No. r, Fhe Hall, Thirteenth siren.
And  Crane   llun,11a:-,  Queensboro.
Olty Cleric
Cily Hull, New Weatmlnster. II. C.
May   Mil.   1913. C 1209 I-
following places,
iig,  '-
w. ,v bi
.' lid   < -* un<    Building    *.   cell  horo
-.;-.- CAN,
���   Hall.
Mas   *
'( I27J)
h vBo ���� f*n City of New Westminster
hereto   ���������*,, \ -I    *  .*'.   sewer  to  ne  c m   ,        i
Btructed  o' concrete pipes of a dliim t
of nol  I. aa than Pftv-four  ('���! i  Incln ��� al
Ti nth   Av< .ai    ;<-. I   ������' Kth  ptn *'
AND the Pa * . ol tin > * ������ I I'."
���win conatrucl lal ".i Bewera from lhi anid
���main s,.,,r ninnlng fr.-^n the main aew r
to Tenth Avenue aforeaald na ahown on
eald nInn
THE Partv of the First Part  Ita .-:,,*
.,,,-.. and a*..!---,*   ahnll havi   i:e right  to
conned   Ita drainage  and   a-tv-inK"*.  over
the nr.ii of six ll.m tre.l am! Eighty-three
l^i'l jot's us shown on the said ijan
with the aatd s.-wer and to drain Into th"
eald sever -.'.iitnco water nnd Ordinary
sewerage and to use ihe sai.l sewer hath
us n sanitary and -torm sewer
\S'Ii If I! la found Hint th" snld a-wer
will provide sun. I. tit fall to lake e-i\er-
aire   fr-am   outalde   lh-   boundaries   of   lh*
aaid su Hun,ire.i nnd Blghty-three isn-ii
tier, a as shown upon the snld flnn the
"Party of the First Part mav with Ihe
consent of the Engineer of ihe Partv of
the Beoond part extend Ita sewerage works
cutalde t'.e aald ni-��o.
TUF. Party of the S-.c-.nd t*-.n ,*-\e
noma with the Party of ih" Flral Part
that the said Main Sewer Conatructed by
toe Pat-tv of the S, cond Part and Sewera
constructed hy the Partv of th" Flrsl
Thirl I" eonneel  wl'h the s-ild M
Khali he constructed under Ihe lolnt Sll-
mrvtslon nnd to the miitunl sails'o-ilm
��if the Englneera of ih�� Partv of i *��
T-irst Pnrt and of the Party of th" Sec ind
Mil-' Party of the First Pf-t covenant?
���with the PartV of lhe Sec aid  Part  Ha sue
c^Saora and osalgna thai the Part* of the
Flrat Perl wl'l pny I" "" p"r'v of."l
Second Part lis sore-Mora nnd nsalgna
nfier oomnleUon of the snld newer from
Fraser River 10 Tenth Avenue fifty-five
ner cent   (6$ per oent) of the coat of the
Raid   s.-wer    (lhe   said   Bfty-flVO   r'r   rent.
<r,t,   p"r   Cent I    hoWeV��r    Iio'.    1*1    lice,]    | ,\.
(.urn of On�� Hundred and Firtv Thouaand
Tiollnra (1160.000.00) nnd aueh pnvin'nta
b��   mad"   In   hnlr   yearly   pavnv-.-.i"   ne
Thirtieth dava of June and Dec*mhoj
By Law   No. . . .
By-law : . enable the Municipal Coon
ell of H.e Corporation of lhe City of
:,'. w V'.'eHtmltister to ralae by loan the
sum of Twenty-flve Thousand Dollars
(li j.otio.'.ii'i .for the purpose of improving the Exhibition Buildings und Fences
al Queen's Park In tin City of New
City (if New Westminster
LAW,  1913."
By-Law  No. . . .
A By-law ��o enable the Municipal Council
of the Corporation <>f 'lit- City of New
Wiatminst* r to raise i>V loan the sum
or Twenty-five Thousand Dollars ($-0,-
ooo.uo) for th" purpose <>r erecting Fire
Halls ;il Bapperton and Queensbtfrough
and purchasing apparatus therefor.
WHKUKAS it la nt'peasary to provide
r.ir LTuctlng Uri halls at Bapperton
i:nl Qut'tns bo rough In the I'ity of, New
VVtHtminmcr and for purchasing appa
ratus ..i-ninr at a oosl or Twonty-hvt
i . ���   sand   I 'f.'.i. .   ( S::5,i .'(0).
am i WHKUfc!' ���' I   .Mi" ars thai if thc
said sum of Twent; -rtve Thousand Dollars
u'.' ,000.00)    be   appropriated   from   the
ft-m        revenue ot   tne City for the current y��*ar the pute of taxation will be cx-
and It la ��� si)   '<��� nt that such ix-
���:   i.     taxation   should   be   avoided   arfd
i     sui        >uld i��  raised on the cn till "i  the Corporal on and that debentures
���ahuu d be I --> ed foi   ti .it amount
AND wiikkkah ii pttttlon signed by
tl.- owners of al least one tenth of the
ealu'e ��>f real property in the suid City
[as shown by the Uut revised Assessment Roll) has been presented to the
Council, requesting thena to Introduce ;i
By-law for such purpose.
and WHERKAS for the payment of
Interest on the debentures proposed it* bi
Issued uudei this By-luw and for creating
.i sinking fund for the payment ot the
said d< '������ ntun e b hi ;. due, it wll] be nt c-
essarv lo i . sc I .��� st�� ci.il rate in addition
to all other rates each year during Un-
cui n ncy of the - iid i bi nturt a the sura
of ����.-!'��� Thousand Seven Hundred and
Seventy-five   and   r>0-ioo     Dollars     <$l
A v;!
.-..I I   j
Will    provhtr-    ;i     Rf -
it   nf  snld   Bum   In   thirtv
Interest   at   flv*   t T> t   p��*M
in each year
fund for payi
on) years w
cent   ha.i  yeany
AND ih" Partv nf th" first  Part covenants wt'h the Partv of th'  Becmd Pan
that th" Pnrtv nf th" fl"- Pfl-t '-Itt Pav
to thc Partv r,r fie Bectnd PnH Fl'tv r--'
X*<r ent (Bfi per <"'t> 0* th* r--��rit o'
malntenanoQ nf the sntd irMn ��� *ver "���'���,'
nnvm^ntu V   '���* mnV yearly --\ th* TMr-
tleth da    i
'h*rotn   hi
����mher (
N'EBfl   Wt";itf *n '  th*  t��
heir rnrp"'trnt*
tn tw ti- reun<   afriTt il.
���l>   C.   Mr IREOOTU'
���AUTH'JR   <'���
ANP WHEREAB In addition t-i tti*
ninount which It is proposed to assesii
jis a lonl Improvement iiKa'n^t nur' prop-
��rfv in the CfTv nf N'*\v W'Mtmtn����t*r i*>
will bn immediately b-rneflited hv t'i*
nald work it will ii* necessary to provide
fnr th* navm^nt ,,f the aum nf On* Hun
dred and Fifty Thouaand Dollars (1160^
nnftftoi to p.\rry nut the wnrl* m-nt'on-d
in th* said hereinbefore feelted agree
AND WHEREAB It appears that if th"
Bald sum nf fl Fi-o.-ofto.n-n b* appropriated
Vrnm   thf  -Jicnrrnl   rrvrnue nf  th*   CltV   fn*
the enrrrnt year the rnte nf taxation will
h* excessive, and it Is expedient that such
excessive taxation should >��r avoided) and
the  sain   ��um   slmuld   he   raised  nn   tbe
credit of the Corporation and that debenturea otir'-,-q b* Issued for that amount.
WHEREAB it \* necessary to provide
for tin- construction, removal and repairs
of Exhibition Buildings nt Queen's Park
in the City of New Westminster and tbe
const rut tli n of f< nei a at thi Bald l'ark at
a  cost   ol   Twenty-tlve  Thousand   Dollars
126 i 00.00).
AND wiikukas it appears that if the
sa'd hu in of Twenty-five Thousand Dollars ($26,000.00) be appropriated from
tho general revenue of the City  for tbe
urn nt year, the rate of taxation will be
excessive and it is expedient that such
uxct-salve taxation should be avoldod, and
the Mild sum should bu raised on tin
oredll ��f the corporation and that debentures nnould  be  Issued   for  thnt   amount.
AND WHEREAS a petition signed by
the ownera or at leaat one-tentn at tbe
value of real property hi the aald City
ii\* shown by the last revised Assessment It dl i has b*'. n presented m the
Councll requesting them to Introduce n
By-law for such purpose.
ANP WIIKUKAS for tli- payment of
Interest on tho debentures proposed to be
Issued under this By-law nn.l Tor creating
i sinking fund for tlie payment of the
said debentures when due, it will be necessary to raise by special rale in addition
to nil other rates each year during the
currency nf the said debentures the sum
if Ou" Thousand Seven Hundred and
3*venty-(lve and 60-100 Dollars <$!.-
anh WHEREAS In order to raise the
aald yearly mini of One Thousand Seven
Hundn d and Seventy-five and IiO-lOO
Dollars ($1,775.60) an equal special rate
on th^ dotlnr will be required to be levied
m the whole rateable property of the
'it- of New  Westminster.
AM' WHEREAS the whol" rateabh
property of the sahl City according to the
iaat revised Assessment Roll thereof is
Seventeen Million One Hundred and fifty-
leven Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty
Collars  i U7;l67,$40.0n).
AND WHEREAS the total amount of
the fAistliifi debenture debl of the said
citv iw four Million Thirty-eight Thouaand and five Hundred Dollars ($4,088,-
.'.ftti t 0! irrespective of the sums propose,'
to be raised under this By-law and the
������ streets Improvement Debenture ity-law
1013, "Waterworks Extension Debenture
i liv-law 1913," "Fire Halls Debenture H--
law IBIS," "Ut;ht Extension Debenture
By-law 1918," "Publlo Pchools Debenture
ilv-law 1918," "City Stables Debentuso
Hv-law 1918" and "Sowers Debenture By*
law 1918," of which none of the principal
nj- lpt'*u*nt Is In arrears.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of tho Olty
of New Wrstmlnster enacts as follows:���
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor of
thn said City t" ralue by way of loan
fmm any person or pi rsons, body or bodies rorpornte, who may be willing tO advance the mime mi the credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned, nnv
'��r Hums Of monev not G
whole the sum of TWenl
Dollars if.*Jr..ooo,oo> for
"vnev as may be requlrt
$100.00 each or nn equl
'n i
,f (
it eroding In  th*
;-Mve Thousand
such sums ot
il not less than
alent   expressed
anp WHEREAS for the ���payment  nf
-Interest on the debentures proposed tn
t.e Issued under Ihlfl Pv-lnw and for erecting n elnhlnn fund for th* pavm-nt of
the said debenturea when du* it  will he ,..,,���
neceiarv to rnlse hv rikcI-iI rs** Iti addl- 1 hi pounds "��� ���IhiK of the 1 nlted KIh��-.-. .-
1'nn to all othe rat's esoh vear during | *f (".rent Prlta'n und Ireland al n value
���ihe currency of the ,,aid debentures the of . ..s��r tn the pound sterling; and all
aum r-f Ten Tbnttnneii *���*'��� Hundred and feu eh d*lw��nturrs "hall !><��� sealed with the
irtftv-thre*"  l'-'ii'  ($10,688.00). Meal   of   ths   Corporation   signed   by   the
A\*h WHERE'S In ������'���lei  to rnln" the\Mayor nnd smnterslgncd by the Treasurer
said   yearlv sum nf $10,fl'i3 OtVftn eqti'il ��pe-   thereof or by  such  otber person  or per-
rial rnt* i>n 't1-- do'lae wl'l he reoulred t"   eona  nn   mav   be   thereunto   lawfully  au-
V levied on ""��� whole nu���Me property   thorlzed.
<-.f ti.e citv nf \vrvk Westminster -   The said debentures shall he payable
ANP WHEREAS the whole ' rateable on the first dav of July. 1943, at such
Ttronorty of the snld Cltv nccn*dhig to ti"> place or places as the Council or Uto said
Inst revised \ssessmnnt Poll ther*n- h Corporation may from time to UfflC ftp-
Seventeen Minion One Hundred and rifp*. nolnl with the apjroival of the holders
seven Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty thereof, and shall b-ar Interest at the
Dollar-* f$17 r,7'itnno). .rate nf five  per r ntum per annum pay-
ANP WHEREAS the total amount nf able hall-yearly on the first day Of Jan-
the exlillng dehentures debt of the said nary and the first dav of July hi each
City  Ifl   Vour   Million   Th|rty-eiKht   Thou- I and every   vear and the debentures shall
sand   Five   Hundred     Dollars     ($4,038.- have  attached   to  them  coupons  for  tho   	
COO 00)  Irrespective of the sums propn.-ied i pavment   pi   interest   which  said   coupons   tv,  tnk.
WHEREAS i-i order to raise the
arly sum of One Thousand Seven
d and Si ventv-iivc and 5n-]im
($1,776.60) an equal special rate
dollar will be requirvd to be levied
,m ttu whole rat able property of the Ctty
ol New Westminster.
ANP WHEREAS the whole Rateable
property ot the said City atioorOlng to the
East revised Assessment Roll thereof ts
Seventcn Million One Hundred and Pifty-
��-\eii Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty
Doll irs   t $17,167,940.00).
ANP WHEREAS the total amount of
the existing debenture debt of the said
Cltv Is Four Milium Thirty-eight Thousand     I lve    Hundred      Hollars       ($4.03*.
500 00 ��� Irrespective of tiie stiinn- proposed
to be raised under ihls Ity-law and the
"Strei ts Improvement Debenture By-law
19j:)." "Waterworks Extension Debenture
By-law m;v "Exhibition Bulldlnga and
I'VncLS Debenture By-law 1911" ,TPubllc
Schools Debenture By-law 1913," "Ught
Hlxtenalon By-law 1913."* "City Stables
Debenture liv-law 1913*' and "Sewers De
benture Hy-law 1913," of which none of
the principal or Interest  is In arrears.
NOW THEREFORE ths Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the City
of New Westminster enacts as follows:���
1. It nhall be lawful for the Mayor of
the said City to raise by way of loan from
any person or persons body or bodies
corporate, who may ba willing lo advance
the same on the credit of tbs debentures
hereinafter mentioned any sum or sums
of money not exoeedtng In the whole the
sum of Twenty-tlve Thousand Dollars
($25,000.00) for such sums of money as
may be required not less than f 100.00 each
or an equivalent exprettpd in pounds
sterling of the United tCIhgdorn of Great
Britain and Ireland at a value of $4,866
to the pound sterltuK ��� '��ti<l all ^uch dehentures Hhall tie scaled with the Seal ol |
the Corporation, signed by the Mayor and
oounterslgned by the Treasurer thereof or
by such other person or persons as may be
thereunto  lawfully  authorized.
3. The satd debentures shall be payable
ou the first day of July, 1943, at such
place or placea as the Council of the Bald
Corporation muy from time to time appoint with the approval of the holders
thereof, and Hhall bear interest at the rate
of il v�� per centum per annum payable half-
yearly on the tlrst day of January und
the firBt day of July In each and every
vear and the debentures shall have attached tn th< ni coupons for the payment
of Interest which Said coupons shall 1*-
signed by the said Mayor.
4. A special rat* on the dollar shall
be bvled anil raised In each year In addition tO all othar rates on nil the rateable property in the City sufficient to pay
the   interest   Upon    the   debentures   and   to
create a sinking fund for the payment of
the principal thereof when due, subject
lo any act or enactment respecting thc
5. Subject as aforesaid there shall be
raised annually by special rate as afqre*
said during the currency of the sahl debentures th" sum of One Thousand Two
Hundred und Fifty Dollars tli.260.ott)
for the payment of Interest thereon nnd
the sum of Five Hundred and Twenty-
five and Bo-100 Dollars (1526.60) to provide for the repayment of the principal.
c. 'i..e proceeds of the sale of the said
debentures shall be applied aa follows and
not otherwise, -Towarda paying the cost
of the passing of this By-law and the issue and sale of the debentures therein
ref. rred to and all expenses connected
with the issuance of the said loan and the
balance shall be paid over from lime to
time as miuirod by the City Treasurer to
the several portions to whom moneys are
7. Thin By-laW shall take rffcet on tho
first day of June, 1918, nnd may be cited
,., the "Fire Hails Debenture By-law
s. This By-law before the final passlnp
thereof   bH��U|   receive _th*��   nssent   of   th
By-Law No....
A By-law to enable" the Municipal Council
of the Corporation of the city of New
Westminster   to   raise   by   way   of   loan
|     the    sum   of   Two    Hundred   Thousand
Dollars   ($:oo,ooo.oO)   fur  street   pur-
'        pOSeS.
WHEREAS it is necossary und expedient that provision be made for tiie follow-
. [ng   purposes :-~-
(a) For clearing, grading and maoada-
IBuiing streets generally.
tb> Por oo ne true ting culverts, ditches,
crossing,   sidewalks,   and  any   other
works necessary hi connection wtth
(c) PV>r paying d proportion towards ths
east of permanent Improvements to
streets,  including paving,  kerblng,
facilities for [Ignttngi storm setters
and any other works neoessary In
C innectiou   with  sain*'   under   Local
Improvement By-laws.
<d>   For   paring   a   proportion   towards
tiie   cost   of   constructing   sanitary
sewers under Local    Improvement
<��*)   For commuting  the City's proportion   of   the   Assessment   for   Local
Improvements     on     City   property
fronting   on   streets   where   permanent  Improvements are mads under
Local Improvement  By-laws.
(f)   For   the   purchase   of   such   plant
and equipment as may tm necessary
for  street   Improvement  work
fur maintenance repair and ci*
ing  strut ts,
ANP    WHEREAS    for    the    purposes
aforesaid the sum of Two Hundred Thousand   Dollars     t ��_oo,000.o0)     will  be  re*
ANP WHEREAB it appears that if rhn
said sum of I2uo.oo0.0o be appropriated
from tlie general revenue of the City for
the current year the rate of taxation will
ue excessive, and u Is expedient thai such
��� xc�� sslve taxation should be avoided and
the said sum should be raised on tl.e credit of the Corporation and that debentures
should be issued for that amount
anp  WHBRBAS  ior  the  payment  of
interest on the debentures proposed to bei
issued under tills By-law and for creating
,i   sinking  fuhd  for  thu  i aym m   ol   I
Bald deb. nut res when due it will be nee-
uuarv io raise by special rate in addlt
!..  all  other  rates  each  year during  the
cum nc- of tne Bold debentdn a th<
of   Rloven   Thousatnd  Seven   Hundred  and
Seventy-three  and   Lo-100   Dollars   (f 11.-
";.Nl/\VHKl'.KAS In order to raise tin
���*.*., 1 y. ,,:-]y Bunt '��f $1 M73.10 an - uu ll
���;- <��� al rate on the dollar will '�������� required
to bo !���-������ led on the whole rat<.. ���!��� property  of  the City of  New  Wi   tmh
ANP WHBRBAS th>- whole rateable
property of tlie .'-aid City according to the
laat n vised Aesessmi nt Roll thereof la
5. rentet n million One Hundn d and Fifty-
flu .- o 'i Nino I lundn -l md Forty
Dollars   1*17.167,040.00).
ANP WHBRBAS the total amount of
the existing debenturea debt of tht 'iii
City Is Four Million Thirty-eight Thou
bi nd   live   Hundred     Dollars     ($4,038.-
 ,00i  Irrespective or the suma >ropoa tl
to be raised under this By-law and f ������
"Watt rworkf Extension p- benture Bylaw 1813." "Fin- pails Debenture By-law
1913," "Exhibition Bulldlnga and Ft i
Debenture Bv-law 1913." "Publlc Schools
1 >��� te nture By-law 1913," "City Bl tbh b
Debenture By-law 1913," "Sewers Debenture By-law 1918" and "Light Bxtenslon
Debenture Bv-law 1913/' ol which none
.f th"  principal or interest la In arrears,
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
'ouncil of the Corporation of the City of
Mew   Westminster enacts as follows:���
i   Ii   Bhall   he   lawful   for   the   Mayor
if the said City to raise by way of loan
from    anv   person    or   persons    body   or
nei;. b  corporate  who mav  be  willing to
idvance the same on the credit of the dehentures   hereinafter   mentioned   any   sum
���ir sums of money    not exceeding    in the
whole   the   sum   of   $200^000.00     and     to
Muse ttie same to be paid Into the Treas-j
Bald city tor the purposes men
Death   Rate  Is Four Times  Higher in
Statea Than  In  Belgium���Work
of   Bureau.
���The    first
of  the un*
Washington, May li~,.
governmental recognition
necessary waste of human life In American mining operations resulted In
the organization of the United States
Bureau of Mines, under a law approved by congress three yeara ago tomorrow.
Several experimental stations fdr
studying the problems of mine safety
were established. At the principal
station the work In the laboratories
on mine accident problems is supplemented by experiments conducted in
a small coal mine under the conditions of actual mining.
The bureau also conducts an educational campaign tn behalf of mine
rescue and first aid to the injured
work. Aa a result of the bureau's
work it is expected that mining fatalities will gradually be reduced to
_ the rate prevailing in European cotin-
and I tries, where government has long Inferred stricter regulations for the
protection of life and limb.
Thn first English act for the regulation of mines was passed over half
a century ago. A comparison for one
year shows that, of every thousand
miners employed, 170 were killed tn
the United States and 1.31 in England. In the same year 2.40 out of
each thousand were killed In Prussia,
1.10 in Prance, 1.07 in Austria, and
1.03 in Belgium.
The last named country affords bet-
*< r protection to its miners than any
ether, the average for several years
past being loss than one killed for
each thousand employed, while the
average in the United States is about
The Bank of Vancouver
Branche8 Throughout the Province  of Brltlth Columbia.
Savings Department ut all Brunche-a Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards reoelved and Interest at the highest current, rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques told, payable in all parta of the
CHA8. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
t. i-i. Mccormick
Phone ��27.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
I       tt. H. BUCKUN, N. BEARD8LEB,        W. F. H. BCCKUr*
Prai and U��nl  Up Vice-President Bee. a.id Tress
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  0.  BOX  442
Hardy   Pioneers  North    of    Winnipeg
Think Nothing of 55 Mile Jaunt
To Nearest Market.
ttons-fl herein.
"2. lt shall ne lawful fnr th*. Mayor to
CfUlSe any number of dt-twhturea to bf
mode not exeeedlri-g I" the whole the num
of *f'JC..i.OO*1.00 for such slims of money as
mnv be required, not less than $100.00
.-i.-n or an equivalent expressed in pounds
<t-Tlin*; ..f the I'nlt.il Kingdom of Great
Britain and Ireland at a value of $i.S66
... the pound sterling; and all such deben-
:iires   shall   be   sealed   with   the   seal   of.
���h.. Corporation slened by the Mayor and j the   demandB   made  upon   me   by
��� .unt'TsiTi. .1   by   the   Treasurer   thereof,
or bv such oth.-r person or persons as may
*,e   thereunto   lawfully   authorised.
3, The said .1.lectures shull h�� payable on tbe llrst day of July. 11)03. at
nidi plac*. or places as the Council of
the said Corporation may from time to
time appoint with the approval of the
holders thereof and shall hear Interest at
tho r.-.te of five per centum per annum
payable hair yearly on the llrst day of
January and the first day of July In each
nnd .-very year and the debentures shall
hnve attached to them coupons for the
payment of Interest which said coupons
shall be Hi-<n'd  by the sahl  Mayor.
I A special rate on Ihe dollar shall
be   levied and   raised   In  each   year  in  ad-
dltlpn to all other rates on all the rate-
���v.le property In the t.'lty BUfDoienl to pay
���he interest upon tlie debentures and to
���-cate a slukiul! fund for the payment of
the principal thereof when
���o ahy
f.. Subleot as aforesaid there sliall be
raised annually by special rate as afore-
<aid iiurlnu tbe currency of the said debentures the sum of Ten Thousand ( * 10.-
loo mn Dollars for the payment <*f Inter-
st  thereon and the sum of One Thousand   b ,   g  nearer  *������  tl,an  40
Seven   Hundred   and   Sovcnty-three   and        .." .
10-100 Dollars Ul.773.10)   to provide for
the  repayment  of  lhe principal.
R The proceeds of the sale of the said
debenturea shall be applied as follows and
not otherwise. -Toward H paying the cost
of tho passing of this By-law and the issue and siile of the debentures therein referred to an.) -ill expenses connected with
the Issue- M nt l'-" said I mn and the balance shs". be pa' ! ov.-r from time to liin
as roqul -d by iiii City
several pcrswta
7   This Ilv-law shall take effect on th
Hrst  day of Juno,   1913, uud may hi
���is  the  "'^tre-.ts   Improvement
By-law IMS."
s. This Ilv-law before thc final passing
thereof sliall receive llie asaent of the
Electors Of fhe said t'lty In tho manner
required by law.
Dl INK AND IMSSKI) In Open Council
on the Uth day nf May. 1913.
RECBIVBD the undent of the Electors
on the day of 1913.
RKCOKSIDHRBD and finally passed
the day  of 1913
act  or  enactment   respecting   the
Treasurer to the
whom moneys are pay-
till     I lve    Ihe
>f the said City In the manner
reijiut-io  11"  law.
DONTS AND PASSED in Open Council
Ihe Uflh dav of May. 1913.
RECEIVED tho assent or the Electors
on   lhe day  of IJ1J,
RECONSIDERED   and   Anally   passed
���la\    of 1D13.
Winnipeg, May lo.���Thomaa II.
johnson, M. P. P. for West Winnipeg,
who Is "stumping" the provincial con-
���i'ituepcy of Gimli.ln the intereat of
the Liberal candidate, tells a very Interesting story illustrating the hardships new settlers even within a radius of 100 miles of Winnipeg have to
contend wllh.
"I  arrived  at Inwootl.  a  little,  but
flourishing,   village.   15   miles   northwest   fron.   Toulon   on     the     famous
'Sand Pit 1-Ane' a tew day* ago," Bald 1.
Mr. Johnson, "and 1 confess to being \
a  little  tired  after  a long  and  ted-1
ioti8 drive. 1
"1 had not slept very much fori
three nights, bo I was very sleepy, I
h'lt neither had I anything to eat fori
about   IS  hours,  so   I  had  to satisfy |
my 1
"Accordingly I went into the dining
room and took a seat at a table at
which were already seated an elderly
couple. I told Ihem who I was. and
found out In return that they were
Peter llerglund and his wife, Bryn-
hlld Peter is a Swede by birth while
his wife Is a Norwegian.
"To make a long story short, theBe
people lived near Fisherton, a place
situated about 55 miles north of In-
wood. There Is no railroad going Into that sparsely settled country' and
as they themselves had no horses or
even oxen, and there being no chance
to get a 'lift' with any neighbor, they
simply had to walk to Inwood lf they
wanted to reach Winnipeg and be
able to get hack again to their homestead in time to vote at the election
<\e*\l Monday.
And this man and his wife, both
1 think, had
walked the,55 miles and sat there eating their supper as though nothing
unusual had happened. 'My wife is.
cf course, a little tired.' said Ber-
glund during our conversation, 'but
!hen you see. Bhe is not at all as
-trong as she used to be.
" 'She has heen sickly of late and
lias had to undergo six operations, so
t It not much wonder lhat ahe gfts
a little tired,' he said l.y way of explanation.
"I think this little episode will be
of intorcBt to people In the cities,"
concluded Mr. Johnson. '.'It is not
anything very unusual In the everyday life of our frontier people. But
:t is just that kind of hardy men and
women which will mnke our future
Canada tho great country it Is destined to be.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured in B. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American and Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-in. to 24-in. in diameter. This is also made in this Province and we
consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
I.ime, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.,
d*iy of
City Clerk.
City Clerk.
-to l��n mined under this By-law nn.l th- sluill be ilfned by th.. said Mayor.
-streets Improvement Debenture By-law ���*> A speola mte*on the dollar shall be
lain." "Waterworks Bxtenslon Debenture levied and raised In each vent- In addition
Ilv-law 10111," 'Tire Halls Debenture Bv- to all other rotes on al the nitcnhlo prop-
law liiir. - "Exhibition Buildings and crty In tho City sufficient te pay the In-
Fences Debenture Bv.Uw 191V "Public teresl upon the debentures and to areata ���
Schools Dobenturo By-law U1S." "Cltv snU ng fund r.u- the naymen of ths prln-
Stables Debenture nv-lnw 1918" and clpal thereof when due subject to any
-Light Extension Debenture By-lnw Act pr 'nnotnwnt Wgcctlngtho some.
1913" or which none nr the principal or 4, Bltblcot f aforesaid there shall be
������Interest ls In arrears. raised annually hy spceW rule as nfore-
NOW    THEREFOnE    the    Municipal  said durin-R the currency of thc said dc-
I'AKK NOTICE that tlie nhove la -a
true copy of the proposed Hy-law upon
which the vote or the Municipality will
the   ��oth   day  of   Mav.   191:1.
TAKE NOTICE that tlie above Is n trie*
copj of lhe propos.*<l By-law upon which
the vole of the Municipality win be taken
0:1 Ihe iloth day of May. 1913. between
the hours of Nine o'clock u M, and Seven
o'clock   p.   m.   al   the   followlnu   places,
The Council Chamber. Ctty Hall.
Nn   �� Fire Hull. Bapperton
No   5   FHre  Hall,  Thirteenth  Street.
And Crane Building. Queensboro.
City   Clerk.
City   Hull.   New  Westmlustor.   B.   C,
' May   8th,   1913. I   1271)
Leave 12:55 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 12:47 p.m., 4:28 p.m.
Through Trains for Portland, Ore.
Leave at 12:55 a.m.. 10:00 a.m. 4:28 p.m.
Close connections made at Portland with trains
for California.
to all Eastern points in effect daily May 28th to September 30th.
Final Return Limit, October 31st.
Choice of direct line returning.
For rates, reservation, and all information apply to F. C. Meyers,
Agt at Bridge. Passenger station
Phone 263.
���  hours  of  Nine o'clock  a.   ...
o'clock p. m. at the following
between th
nnd Beven
lilacs.  \Iz.
The Councll Chamber,  City Hall.
No.  ���.  Klre Hall.  Bapperton,
No. ;, Fire I'.'i. -' '*t���-,*���.tt, street.
And Crane's Building, Queensboro,
City  Clerk.
City  Unit.  New Westminster, B. C,
iLty SUi, 1913. (1J70)
St. Catherines, Ont.. Mny S��� Tbe
leading fruit growers In the Niagara
district declare that prospect*.., were
never better for n bumper crop. The
cool weather has kept hack growth.
The peach orchards are all In pink
;ind white blossom just now, antl the
growers say there is little likelihood
oi'  frost  damage.
"We should have the blggost peach
crop in our history this year," Bald one
leadini,-  peach  grower,
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Transfer Co.
Office Phon* 165.      Barn Phon* 137
Begble Street.
Baggage Deliver s4 Promptly to
any part of the eity.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Bltulithic on Second Street, Ne   w Westminster with Boulevard Down
the Centre.
nitulithlc Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy on
horseH' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For those reasons
Bltulithic la commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
hotiBoliolders, and,olty officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
lu Canada, and over two hundred In the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 71S0.      714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver. PAQE EIGHT
FRIDAY,  MAY  16,  1913.
"PAY    CASH    IT   WILL    PAY
Rerprrrher  (hc  Place ���
33 Eighth Street.
nrd the telephone No. 2
Holiand Pippins, juicy, sound
and pleasant tasting, box $2.00.
\*,.i*v , xtra special bargain.
Wlnesapa, extra fancy, per
box $2.15.
Missouri Pippins, also extra
fancy, nicely flavored fruit, per
box $1.90.
Ron    DftVlS,    No,  1  Cookers,
large and  sound, box $1.35.
Herring���Honed and ready to
serve, covered with gelatine
coating, making then) sanitary
and  wholesome,  package 40c.
Semolma���The very thing for
oaken, etc. Direct from the old
oountry.    Package 20c.
Farola���Also Imported. Substitute for Arrowroot, or niiin In
making good pastries or cakes.
Package 20c.
Onion Salt.���Tasty and (fl���
great demand.    Bottle 15c.
Llbby's Tamales���Tho dish
with a flavor. 2 cans 35c.
Rotlna���The Dutch Husk
Something for special people.
Per tin 25c.
Sunshine  Peaches  and  Pears
--2  lb.  cans.    Regular  HO.i today  2 for  25c.
Kresh  Pineapples,  each   ...35c.
Kresh  Tomatoes,  lb 30c.
Kresh Strawberries, box . ���, 25c.
Kresh  Asparagus, liundlo  ..15c.
Kresh Cucumbers, each  25c.
Lettuce, Itadlsh, llreen Onions
bunch   ... ��� ��� 5c.
Bermuda Onions, 3 lbs  ...25c.
Cabbage and Cauliflower.
3  lbs.  Westholm  Butter   . $1.00
Keep  your   Money  in   Your
Home Town.
City News In Brief
Public Supply Stores
L, L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS
WouU You
Like To Know
how things will go with
those dependent on you
when you are gone ?
If so, why not now set
aside a portion of tV\e
estate you **n\\ \feave?
You may pAace it in
the care of this company to handle.
You can thus see exactly how it will be handled. You can prove the
efficiency we Claim.
You can study the methods employed���the efficiency in actual operation.
Not only that, but you
may see just how the
beneficiary of such a
fund spends the income
('all in and let us tell
you more of this plan.
Dominion Trust
>any, Ltd.
1'ald up Capital
The rainfall for tbe preceding 21
hours till noon yesterday was .34
Inches. The total precipitation for
the year up to May IB, 1!U2, was
16.98, for tbe same period thia year
it is Hu.4, an Increase of 9 Inches.
ICvi'i-y still  In the store Is reduced
;W. S. Colllster & Co. (1826)
Official confirmation of   the   date.
June 16, as the opening of Ihe spring
! assizes was received al tbe court
registrar's office yesterday. So far
no intimation has been received of
llie appointment of u crown proBecu
See our special $15.00 suits.
Colllster & Co. '
W, S,
Resumption of service on the
Twilfth street line of the B, C. B. It
between Tenth avenue and Edmonds
is expected in tbe very near future.
The tracks have becn laid as far as
Kdmonds and the setting of a new-
line of poles on the south side of the
track Is all that is required to sturt
the service.
iContinued rrom name onei
A drunken brawl In front of one
of the hotels In tlle lower end of Columbia street brought the police
patrol on the scene last evening with
Ihe result that two persons at least
will face the II and D charge entered
on the books.
Kor everything electrical see W.
Day. liouse wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1204)
The regular monthly meeting or the
Woman's Auxiliary of the Royal Columbian hospital will be held In St.
George's ball Monday afternoon at 3
o'clock. Every member ls requested
to be present, as nomination of officers for the ensuing year will take
We make and hang    draperies   of
ery  description.    I'hone 218, W,  S.
Colllster & Co. (1325)
Two cases where persons left grips
and parcels uncared for tn the B. C.
E. lt. depot and these have disappeared during their absence have been
reported to tbe police during the past
few dayB. None of the articles taken
away have been recovered.
Try the 15c and 35c summer
lunches at the Nutshell, Hoom 8, Dominion  Trust building. (12460
Mr. John A. I.ee, president of the
board of trade, has accepted the invitation extended to him by the Vancouver Progress club to be the speaker at a banquet to be held in that
city on June 21 next. "New Westminster and Its Development" will be
the theme of Mr. Ia'c's address.
A Ilardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 231. (1205)
A small boy on a bicycle had a narrow escape about 3 o'clock yesterday
aft el-noon, when he was nearly run
over by an automobile, The auto
swerved in tbe frog of tlie B.C.B.R.
tracks near the depot, and had
righted itself, when the boy crossed In
front, on his wheel, the auto demolishing tho bicycle, but leaving the
boy uninjured,
Summer flutlerick Fashions" just
arrived. A free pattern with every
copv. 23c.    W. S. Colllster &. Co.
Rnvmo-nd  -ae-wlntr   -machine   for  Bale.
\\n   nr-ftV   c.livHw   order,   only   $\&.UO.     C. \
\N.   -QAmon-aSOn    &   Co..   corner   Slxlh '
1 avenue  and Twomh street. U27EO
Yesterday saw ihe completion of
Ithe fining up of a resl room iu the
I Y. W. ('. A. which is for the use of
I out of town women doing shopping
in the eity, especially on Kridays, market days. Practically all the rooms
in lhe building are now fitted up and
the committee are loud in Iheir praise
of citizens who aided both financially
and personally. Yesterday noon ahout
'J4 girls sat down to the first luncheon
served in Ibe building, which is now
planned to be a daily affair.
No Blame Attached.
A verdict of accidental death, wllh |
no blame attached lo any person, was
brought In by a coroner's jury con-1
vened last evening to hold tin Inquest
over the body of Carmine Ciolli. the
Italian who was killed ln a gravel
slide' at OOqultlam on Wednesday
morning. A rider, however, was attached, recommending that careful
watch be kept on the work In rainy
weather to prevent a recurrence. Several witnesses were examined by
Coroner McQuarrie, the majority of
whom were working at the gravel pli
where Ciolli  met Ills death.
Mr. John Gordon, cf Crescent, Is a
visitor In tbe city.
Mr. M. Mclntyre, of Aldergrove, ls
in tbe city on business.
Mr. Ira A. Serl. of Sumas Prairie, Is
in  the  city  on  business.
Mr. .1. G. Sand, Blaine. Wash., is
registered at the Windsor.
Mr. f. V.. Barry, of Chilliwack, is a
guest at the Windsor hotel.
Mr. John Brown, of Toronto, is registered  ut  the  Hussell  hotel.
Mr. W. E. Pry, of Seattle, is visiting the city for a few days.
Mr. K. J. Dohrer, of Seattle, is registered at the Hussell hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. I,. Nash, of Vancouver were in the city yesterday.
Mrs. W. W. Abbott. 601 Queen's
avenue,  will  nct receive today.
Mr. Frank Cross and wife, of Hammond, are guests at the Hussell hotel
Mrs. Arthur David, 5'J0 Kourth
street, will not receive again this season.
Mrs. P. Bilodeau is entertaining
Mrs. 1.. P. Gulchon and son, of Quil-
chena. Nicola valley.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Blair have returned to Woodstock, Ont., where they
will reside for a time.
Mr.H. Q. Higginson, of Murrayville.
arrived in the city yesterday antl will
remain for a few days.
Mr. D. Gilchrist, of Ladner, ami Mr.
C. H. Lewis, of Sardis, are among
those   registered   at   the  Windsor.
Ex-Mayor ('. K. Lindmark of Revelstoke and Alderman James Johnstone, of Nelson, are Visitors in tin
Mr. E. B. Warde, Mr. Wm. K. Jones
and Mr. and Mrs. ('. S. Millard were
among yesterday's visitors from Van-
I     Mr. I*. Bowler,  city  electrician, ac-
\ eotnpanied by Mrs. ECerfoot, ills Bister-
| In-law, left, on  Wednesday  for  Montreal   and   N.-v,    York  on   an   extended
bridge, no accident ef n serious nature
bas occurred.
Everybody Happy.
Much general satisfaction is expressed at lhe passing of the money
bylaws on Wednesday. Tlle resull
is taken to indicate thai the citizens
hold great confidence in lhe future of
Port Coqultlam and thai they are
heartily in accord witb the progressive policy of Mayor Mars and his
His worship himself was particularly delighted at the passing of (he
measures, while surprise was expressed by President Seabrook of the
board or trade thai even so many as
seven had shown objection to the water bylaw and 33 to the school bylaw.
Arrangements for Ihe issuance of
the debentures authorized by the
ratepayers will probably be made at
a Special meeting of the council to
be  held   tomorrow.
Getting Into Line.
A movement is on foot here to
have the business men of the city
loin the Vancouver Progress club, A
number of citizens already are members ot that organization and they
are inducing others to join. The matter was brought up at the last meeting of the board of trade, when It
waB urged by President Seabrook and
others that as many as possible become members of the Vancouver
Rushing Shipbuilding.
Despite the fact thai the yards are
being operated shorthanded, progressj
is being made on the steam auxiliar> "
sailing craft at present under construction at the plant of the Coquitlam Shipbuilding company. The
wt oden keel has already been laid
and work has been started on (lie
Stern portion of the frame. A model
of the big ship, which, when completed, will be tlle largest ever constructed on the lower mainland of
British Columbia, has b.'en placed In
the exhibition rooms of the Progress
club.  Vancouver.
Killing   No   Murder.
Kamloops,  May  16.���The trial here
yesterday of James Murno Teaff, who
was   charged   with   murder   at   Tete
Jaune Cache in November resulted in
an   acquittal.     The   evidence   showed
that Julius   Landree,  the  man  Teaff
was accused of killing, was a bad man
of herculean  build,  who  had   treated i
oilier   men   with   grent   violence   and
had  broken  the  jaw  of one  witness.
Teaff declared  that  he had  acted  in j
self defence.     When   the   foreman   of
the jury announced that a verdict of
not   guiltv   had   been   reached   there!
was a burst of applause in the eourui
room.    Chief Justice  Hunter said   it.-j
agreed with tbe findings of thc jury.
Are  Being   Shown   This   Week   in   Our
Carpet Department
$1.10 Inlaid Linoleum at 75c.
15% Discount on any Furnituie bill of $50 or over.
New Westminster
674-678 Columbia Street
A public meeting is called for Friday, May 16. at 8 o'clock p.m.. at the
People's Trust rooms, Welsh block.
Sapperton. for the purpose of forming .what may be termed the Sup-
pertQn  Ratepayers'  Association.
Thla association is being formed for
the discussion of civic affairs In general. Bapperton in particular. All ratepayers i.re cordially  invited.
best at the
&   Co.
price.    W.
sheets,   the
s. Colllster
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
and Surplus
Assets       1,873,161.06
Trusts undor Administration
Trusteeships for Bondholders
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanalmo,
Calgary. ltegina, Winnipeg.
Montreal, London, Kng., and
Antwerp, Belgium,
Building material, cement, lime,
hard plaster, gravel, sand, crushed
rock, fuel oil and all kinds of towing.
Apply lhe B. C. Transport Co.. Ltd.
Phone 826.    Wharf phone S80.  (1202)
The building committee of the city
council nui yesterday and took fur-
th. r evidence in regard tn the condemnation of Mr. Specks building on
Front Btreet, adjacent to the i< C. E. I
ll depot, The committee decided to *
refralu from taking further steps for
a nn.nili to enable Mr. Speck lo bring |
fi rward sunn* alternative proposition
to tlie demolition   of   the   building,
which will safeguard the property an.l
contiguous structures. Tin building
Itself huh condemned as M iin- trap by
Building Inspector Turnbull and Fire
Chief Watson in a report to tbe city
See 26c window of curtalnlngs, curtain poles, Turkish bath towels, etc.,
ai VV. s Colllster S Co's today  11826)
floridora for the hair, fragrant
and effective, 36c, Frank .leal, ML'T
Seventh avenue. Telephone a.'l'.i Cily.
Canvassers wanted, ladies or gentlemen. (13Q9)
All arrangements have been made
for the banquet at the Royal cafe tonight to the mayors and reeves of the
newly incorporated ciiles of l'ort
Moody, Port Coquitlam, and the municipalities of Fraser Mills and Coqultlam, Mr. John A. Lee, president I
of tbe board of trade, will preside and j
the toasts of the new corporations i
will be responded lo by Che mayors
and reeves of their respective constituencies. A large attendance of citizens is expected, The committee
charged with the arrangements are
Messrs. VV. J. Kerr, f). S. Curtis and
I'.eorge Small.
Mr. A   M. Insley has opened up    a
,       I rubber stamp, buelm ss    at    Hoom    9
Developing   ami   printing Gulchon  block, corner Columbia and
" ' McKenzie   Btreets, where ho   is prepared to turn out anything   In   this
line.    Linen  marking  outllts    n    specialty 60e up. (1820)
done on the premises.
Agents for *K
List prices.
Curtis Druj Store
and SEEDS,
A pretty wedding of interest in
New Westminster took place in Vancouver on Wednesday evening when
Miss Jean Hazel Johnstone, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Johnstone,
llurnaby street, Vancouver, was united in marriage to Mr. Walter Maltby
Cunningham, son of Mr. and Mrs. J,
A. Cunningham, of Fifth street, this
Kev. Leslie Pldgeon performed the
ceremony in St. John's church, whicb
was prettily decorated with dogwood
blossoms, lillies and spiraea.
Pretty little .Miss Jeanle Nlckerson
preceded the bridal couple into the
The bride, who was given away l.y
hi r father, looked charming In ;.
gown of white brocaded  crepe over
white chartneuse embroidered witli
seed pearls She wore as her only
ornament a platinum chain and pendant sei Willi diamonds, the gift ol
the   bridegroom.
Miss Frankle Gillespie, the bridesmaid, wore ii dainty gown of pear!
grey chiffon over satin, wllh a large
picture hat iu Mark trimmed with
ping feathers. Mr W Pottlnger, sup-
ported lhe groom Mr Milne, tin
church organist, played the wedding
march. The ushers were Mr it w
Kills and  Mr.   Kcntnuir
Tbe groom's gin to the bridesmaid
waa a silver novelty chain; to the bl si
man, a pearl stickpin; io the ushers
cuff links, and to the little flow, r
girl, a ring set with pearls.
After the ceremony ihe bridal patry
and guests drove lo Uo, home of the
bride',i parents, whero i reception was
held. Mrs Johnstone wore an exqul
site gnwn of heliotrope satin trimmed
with mal'.'se lace. With u sin* wore i
large picture hat, trimmed with
plumes In sort corn colored shades
A buffet supper was served. Mrs
Oeorge Taylor and Mrs. J. A. MoAl-
pine presided over lln- table and Mrs
A. K. Lee cut   tin- ices.
Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham left for
a short I rip and will spend llie summer at Sunnyslde. Thn bride travelled
In a suit  of toque cloth, with  a  be
Cloie in anartmer.t site for sale or exchange, fine corner lot 66x1:12 feet,
ail cleared. Will exchange clear
deed and title for revenue producing property and assume mortgage
or agreement. The price is right !
What have you to offer ?
We have several properties to offer
for exchange, and will be glad to
give you particulars of any of same.
Call and give us particulars of what,
you now have and what you want
for same.
Grnphophones and Or&fonolns arc without a peer In tlie musical, world, They are
capnbla of reproducing ��� nut merely one
class of Instrumental music, imt every
class of Instrumental music with a ll.ti-llly
that Is no I'-sh than (lawless���the violin.
the 'cello, the harp, the flute, the clarinet,
tlm cornet���all the wind instruments, all
the Instruments <.f bands and orchestras
*���all the instrumental music of all the
Net only tti in, hut the human voice,
ls nnw so perfectly recorded and so flawlessly reproduced that the home without
as a plana wll
Hornless   Machines   from   $18.00   each   to
$G50.0i) each.
t has become as incomplete ]
ihnut a keyboard.   "iiKAit-
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Buiilding.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up
Reaarv* Fund -
Total Antta ���
$i OOO, 000
For Those Going Abroad
the Travellers' Cheques, Issued by the Dominion Bank, re
both s convenience snd a neceitnty. Their ufidoubted value at. J
self-Identifying features, make Ihem the Ideal cheques Inr travelling,
Good all over the world���cashed everywhere at Ihelr lace valv.��
���and are redeemable only by llie original owner, If lost cr Molcu.
M6 Columbia  Street
Phone 453
^    V'e*J
���aN^*---*��� * I je** III I
! Palace   Market       1200-1201-1202
; Sapperton   Market         1204
���Eighth   Street        1205
1 Edmonds         L 883
Call now and inspect 'uncomplete line of Spring
High   Class   Ladies   and   Gentlemen's
16  Lorne   Street,   New   Weatmlnster
60G Main Btreet, Vanoouver
Strawberries, per box
Cucumbers, each
Cauliflowers, each   . . .
Now Potatoes   	
Qrape Fruit 	
Red Spring Salmon
2r,c |
. iOo
.8 lb.-t. for
 2 for
,2 lbs. for
Halibut   2 lbs. for 250
(Successor to Ayling &  Swain.)
447 Columbia  St. Phone 98.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   S'reet.   Mew   Westminster.
Singer   Sewing   Machines.     Small   Musical  Goods  of  all   Kinds.   PHONE  694.
See Bickell About It
if your Fire Insurance Policy is about to expire and
renew it in the
"NORD-DEUTSCHE," the Big Insurance Company
Phone 1299 322 Westminster Trust Bid?.
coming    straw     hat    trimmed
French feathers.
Phone 43;  L. D. 71;  Res. 72.
New Westminster. 8. C.
1     A   memorial  nervier Rs a tribute to
memory of tlm noted pioneer divine,
Bishop Crldge, wlll be held in Ht.
Paul's church, Iloyal avenue, on Sunday next, nt T p.m, As the late
venerable bishop had a large circle
of admiring; friends in New Westminster a large congregation in expected.
The bishop's favorite hymns wlll be
sung, and a special sermon will be
preached by the rectof. (1.100)
Scows  and   Pile   Drivers   Being    Built
for Harbor Work.
The second SCOW  liuilt for the    svw
Westminster harbor Improvement
works by Messrs, stead, itose and
Parsons, Brunette mills, is receiving
its finishing touches and will bi
launched today, The material for a
third scow is on the ways and it
will be commenced immediately.
Another firm. Messrs, Wilson and
McKalne, Vancouver, who have also
rented a portion of tin- Brunette mllla
property, are busy ai the preliminaries of a pile driver for the harbor
Home For Sale
No    1���Here  Is  a  splendid home for sale cheap,    ln a good  locality near Queen's I'-urk and new school.
It  haB  seven   large  comfortable  rooms  with  every  modern  convenience,   full  basement;   jti  n large lot, OfixlHZ feet.
This place Is below value aid   thc  terms   are  inch   that  almost
anyone can handle  lt.
PRICE,  $4400,  $750  CASH,  balance monthly.   If yon want to buy
a home let us Hhow you this  p.ace.
Agents  for  Pacific  Coast  Steamship Co.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Firs, Life, Accident, E mployerW   Liability,   Automobile   ami
Marine  Insurance,
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS 5 nud 5.46 a.m.
und every lfi minutes until !l
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. wltb late car at midnight,
SATUIU)AYS-15 minute nrr
vlco Iii continued until 11 p.m.
SIIN11AYH li, 7. 730 8 and
8,30 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. wltb late car ut midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
in ,  with   lato  car at  11.30.
a.m. nntl 4.30 p.m.
HUNUAYK    8 inn.  anil    hourly
until in p.m. with lute cur ut
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS   7 a.m. and every
hour until  11  p.m.
BUNDAYS   8 a.m.    and    every
burn until 11 p.m.
Connection  Is  mnde  nt    15b-
hottr until 11 p.m.
nnd otber points on l.ulu Island.
Eraser Valley Line
BTATION8���3.18 a.m., 1.10 and
6.15 p.m.
POINTS    4.06 p.m.


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