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The New Westminster News May 20, 1913

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 The New Westminster Nowb Is
the only morning newspaper pub
lished In the City of New West-
mlnstor and   tba   rich   and   fertile
Fraser Valley.
fee Weather.
tirrm ' Westminster and Lower
I M.-ttnfc.di!: Light to moderate winds:
I warm..,- temperature on u rising
I glass;  probabilities fair.
VO1     v��._  8,  NUMBER   62.
nnw vniliE    japan's WtWiy   savs it nans      iaihs Sl��A��
n is ran    is saihy hurt!   ��w wbihksiib   mmm
Secretary  of  School   Board  Gets
definite  Leave of  Absence  and
Loses Hit Job.
Alderman Kellington Points Out Importance of Bylaws
to Be Voted on Today-Political Parties as "Profes-
sionals"-Boai;d of Works Report-More Gas Troubles j -retary and goi^totj, tho |
���General City Business.
There Lies Real Objection
to  California's  Anti-
Alien Bill.
Attorney   General    Passes   Word
Abolishing   Saloons   In   the
The nttorney general, In a letter to
the city solicitor, has dashed the hopes
Of those who cherished the Idea that
"There Is onn little master
I'ke to have corrected," said
Mayor Kellington, at last
meeting  of  tho  city  council
"It  Is
, I
reported that -Ihcro are sumo people
in Sappertoti today working against
the sewerage bylaw for $180,000 he-
cause they think the Dominion government should be taxed. We cannot
tax either the Dominion or tho provincial governments, it would tickle
Die to death if we could. The bylaw
Is to ratify an agreement between
liiirnaby and New Westminster whero-
by the cily will be saved over $14'l,-
(mi) at lenst. us llurnaby Is paying the
Interest and winking fund on the JIM),-
000. The bylaw has nothing what
ever to du with the Bapperton sewerage bylaw of last year, which "was put
up under the local Improvement bylaw
and passed. Courts of revision wcre
held and there were no complaints.
The contracts under that bylaw havo
been let. subject, lo the selling of the
bonds. 1 want to Impress upon tlie
people a^aiii that the bylaw now before Ihem has nothing whatever to
do with tbe local Improvement sewer
bylaw, and if tliey vote against I*.
they arc voting against reducing the
cost of the sewerage system by $140.���
00��. The city will pay some $S.",u.l
for the larger pipe to carry away the
storm water from the upper binds
which must be provided for. This Is
ix distinct gain to the city."
Another matter on which the acting
mayor reported verbubly wns his COB-
tideni opinion thai the railway commissioners would order a permaneni ]
i.riiig.. across the Brunette river, al
the North road, and that almost ever)
point   contended   lor   by   the   cily  and
the other municipalities jointly wll)
be  granted',   that ihe   bridge  would
not be Hfi feet wide, he did believe,
but 2-t feet of roadway and six foot
sidewalks on each side.
A  special meeting  will  bo held tomorrow at 3 p.m. to consider the re !
ault of the bylaw elections.
Conditions In L. R. O.
A letter was read from Mr. Clayton \
A. Bourne, drawing attention to tin
Injustice inflicted by the recent'
changes in the land registry office in
New Westminster and district. Mr,
Bourne pointed out that it affected
contractors as well   as   real   estate
nun lo a great extent and would
work n great hardship on thc cltj
and  district   if  not  rectified.
An order from Viotorla had been
mad.' thai no "metes and bounds'
descriptions evading the subdivision
porl ion of tile land regis'ry act wl'.l
be accepted. That was to say. to property owners of an acre ln the city of
New Westminster, it cannot be sub
divided, in many cases, without an
order from the court; or If a person
( wns 132 feel siunro nnd wishes to
cul it into lots 44 by 132 an order
musl be procured from the court cancelling the "id boundary lines
Thoy  would understand Immediately  'hat  this meant  the building   of
residences for sale would  practically
cease,    li" might  point out that iin*
city    was   peculiarly   subdivided,   and
between   Columbia   street   and
avenue lhere were many places
half an acre lo one    acre    thnt
never been cut into lots.    In that re
spect   it   would  have
spread 'lu- city ptuu u
Mayor Kellington Bald h.
into the mal ter vi ry care
lha order was mado retro*
would work a great hardship to many people, A number ot
people hail sold their acre ill Iwo oi
three Ills and hud agreed lo dl live
title. Under lhis order they could
not deliver title, He thought the
couneil should assist iu seeing thill
no hardship was Inflicted on any one.
The subject was    referred    to    the
finance committee with power to act.
Permission to tbo New Westminster
Oun club to shoot on the property o!
W. S. Colllster, situated across Kwen
nvenue, from Queensborough school
house nnd adjoining the property ol
the Westminster Woodworking com
pany, was granted, subject to tho
supervision of the pollce.
Mr. L. Perrelra, secretary of the ln !
tnrior, Ottawa, wrote stating that the
application by  the city for 'the riser |
vatlon  of  a  rieht of  way  of 33  feet I
on the other side of tho pipe line
quitlam,  shown   in  a   sketch
ted by the city engineer. Ib recelvln
the attention of the government.
A correspondence   was
between the  city  solicitors
,T. F). MeLeod ns to tearing down eer.
tain buildings on lot 14, block B
torla  Hardens,  belonging  to  Mr
l.eod.     Mrs.   MeLeod   wrote  tbat  .thn j
matter would be attended to as soon |
as  her  husband   returned   from    the
It was reported that an extension
to .lune 17 hnd been granted.
The city solicitors wrote lhat Ilur
raby municipality was prepared to
grant an extension of four months
lo the dtv In the commencement and
complotlllon of the sewerage work.
A bylaw would he passed to thai
effect shortly.
Gas Complaints.
A letter from MeBsrs. Buchanan &
Bull, solicitors,    Vancouver,    to    tho
city solicitors, wbb rend In reference
to the claim by the New Westmin-
stor (ias company against their
clients, Messrs. T. It. Nlckson (to
whom lhe city owed a sum of
money), for alleged damages to their
mains by certain works executed by
Messrs,   Nlckson.
Messrs, Buohanan -A. Hull pointed
out that their clients were only responsible for a certain portion of tin-
alleged damage, as tbe claim covered
work with which they had no con
nee: lon.
H was agreed to notify Messrs.
Buchanan * Hull should any u(rtlon
be  raised  by  the Gas company.
A letter from the assistant genoral
superintendent of the C. P, ll. was
read notifying that the company had
nnt decld:d to immediately undertake
any further work at New Westminster,
Mr. II. Bardlnger wrote asking for
six months' time to Install toilet requisites in his property for the use of
his tenants, as demanded by the
health Inspector.. Lack of funds was
lhe   basis  of  the   request.
The matter was referred to the
health  committee for report.
A communication from Mr. James
Holier!son. 3110 Tenih avenue, was
rund complaining that the rain water
olT the strict soaked Into his basement prevented bis using it and was
dangerous to health. A few loads of
earth  would  remedy tbe nuisance
Authority  was given  io
of works to act
Profesconals ?
It was agreed to lei the Conservative   association   have   the  arena   for
their meeting on June 2 on tho usual
(Continued on Page Pour.)
The school trustees held a commit.
te��   meeting   last  evening   and,  uflet
several   hours discus.lion,  It was    de-   ^,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-m^m^m^m^m^m^mmm^m^m^m^m^m^m^m^m���,  i-^-^-^-^���
elded  to call fur applications for    a  Residents  in  Golden  Gate  State  Say  the new Municipal act abolishing all Tremendous
; saloon licenses on Jan.  ID,  1914, and
Not  Drastic
Premier    Borden's    Utterances in Toronto on Britain's Naval Needs.
present recretary, who was granted
leave of absence two weeks ago for
an Indefinite period and who has not
yet  returned.
Mrs. Whlto Ib understood to he
seriously III and Mr, White was
ordered by the pliyslclais to take her
to the prairl"s where he is at the
present time.
No puhllc notice of last night's
meeting was given, but enquiries at
tlie office of the school hoard late in
Hie evening elielt.d the Information
that tho trustees were not awaro of
the whereabouts of Mr. White, and
It was Intimated that his services
will no longer b" required.
Webb   Bill
��� ���:.'
London, May 20.���The Dally
News, In an editorial this
morning, remarks that Kngland   Ib   keenly   Interested    in
watching how President Wilson handles the Japanese
nettle because the question
afTt-cts the policy of liritish
Columbia and Australia. The
paper considers that the fears
of California are exaggerated
and lhat the Japanese are not
likely to become ti ��:rious fac
lor In America, as they have
abundant scope in Korea.
confining the right to retail alcoholic
liquors to hotels with at least 80 bedrooms, did not apply to New Westminster
At preeent New Westminster Ib operating under a liquor bylaw of 1889
��� which only necessitates 12 bedrooms
and it was thought that a special exemption to New Westminster could
be read Into tho law.
The communication was discussed
I  at   last  night's  city  council   meeting.
The  letter Is as follows:
Demonstration     Greets
Government Leader in  Eastern
Railway  Commission   Supports Mnnicipalities in
Their Protests.
North  Road Bridge and White Rock
Subway  Ara   Dealt   With
More   Arrests   i.i    Chicago    in    Local
Bank  of  Montreal   Robbery
Chicago, May 19.���Three more arm-is bave been made in connection
with the robbery of the bank of Montreal In New Westminster, H.e. in
September, lllll, when over $271,000
was stolen. According to the superintendent of a detective agency, over
lhe   board   1100,000  has been  recovered.
Ml-ahae! I. l-'lannigan. proprietor of
i'i caioon, was taken in custody at the
instance of William .1 Lawler and
Charles O'Leary. who were arrested
on Saturday night. Lawler asserts
thai he received JM'i in bills from
Flannlgan on Wednesday, The money
finally reached the Chicago branch of
the Hank of Montreal and was traced
by  detectives  to  Lawler.
It Is alleged that Flannigan received the money from a member of the
gang who broke into the New Westminster bank und wbo In Haid ti, be
hiding ln Chicago. Three otber Mloon
men are under surveillance and more
arrests  may  be  expected  soon.
Best Laid Schemes of Mice
and   Men   (Jang   Aft
Dominion   Land  Doled  Out  Yesterday
���Scenes at the Open Air
Tornado at Valparaiso.
Valparaiso, Neb.. May l!' -A small
tornado struck a corner of this town
early this evening, demolishing a
"hurch nnd half a dozen r. sldencet
but fo far as known no person was
Injured. Additional damage Is known
to have been done In the Country I*"1
the ncrthcast of here, bul its extent
Was  not  believed  to  be  great.
tendency    to
present limits
had   gone
fully,   if
active  il
and  Mrs.
VI o
The last, stampede for government
land iu the New Westminster district
took place yesterday morning, Today.'*
with the exception of perhaps a few
score lining up in the Dominion building walling to file Ihelr claims. It isl
now a thing of the past.
lt could he termed the last home
nikers gathering of this part of the j
i-ieai   west, althougb  the  trimmings
that usually centre around such gatb- |
erings   in   the   prairie   provinces   and i
especially in the : ouili-western states
wire missing,  much  to the regret of |
t'n   thousands of spectators who looked  on   the scene yesterday  morning,   j
Although    the    slreets    bad     been
tramped by hundreds of feel all tin
night   long,  no  demonstration    took
pi.ice in front of tlie Dominion build- ]
ine  until 7:4.-)  when a bunch of "i.i
dependents," or rather those who ln-
nored  the offers to Join  the nssociu-'
tii*-i   formed several days ago,  took
their positions In  front of tlie building, the queue leading up Sixth street
and tin nee along Clarkson street..
A few minutes later the "assocla-
, tlon," 300 strong, appeared on the
scene, Lut, with a strong force of police present, there was little left for
them to do but lake up their positions
at tlie end of the line und take their
chance of being In time to file claims.
533 Tickets.
In all r.53 tickets were Issued, four
women  leading lhe procession,  while
'still  another of the gentler sex, Mrs.
Mftry Oilly, 513  Agnes stroet, formed
, the extreme rear.
The first woman to pass through
the gate and secure a ticket was Mm.
John  Holt, of Sapperton.    Mrs.  Holt,
where husband  is employed  at  the
Vancouver-I'rlnce Ilupert packing
plant at Sappertoti. arrived out from
England only seven months ago and
wore n rmlle that nothing on earth
could erase as she signed her name In
the book In charge of Land Agent
(Continued on Page Kour.)
Strike Is Off.
Cincinnati, 0��� May 29���Conferences
between representatives of iho Cincinnati Tract'on Company and leaders
if the striking street car-nen's union
ended trday in un agreement by which
'lie strike was declared off. Bervlce
wlll be resumed tomorrow. Most of
the questions in dispute will be sub
mltted to arbitration.
Sacramento, Cal,, May 19.���California's alien-land bill became the law
of the state today. Against the protests of Japan and the representations
!of President Wilson and his personal
i envoy, Secretary Ilryan, Governor
; Johnson signed the bill and 90 days
* from the adjournment Of the legisla-
Uure. which wlll be Aug. 10, the act
bi comes operative.
While the governor was signing the
bill the steamship Korea, bearing two
distinguished Japanese, one a former
pupil of President Wilson, was pausing thr-r ugh the (iolden date on a mission  of  investigation.
Trlp!-> Opposition.
Within California the act has encountered hoetility. which may delay
its actuality until November, 11*14.
As an expression of thl3 opposition.
Theodore Hell, late Democratic candidate for governor and former chairman of the Democratic state central
committee, has issued an invitation to
his party to submit the issue to the
people by invoking the referendum
against the fella He bases his op- !
position on two conditions���one thut
ths bill Is iiuntUclently draatlc he- I
cauae It. iK-rmll-a leases running three 1
years, and second, because at the
present time It embarrasseB the national  administration.
The Asiatic Exclusion league, an organization of which the president is
Alaf Tvletmoe, recently convicted cf
complicity in the national dynamite
plot originated in Indianapolis, said
last night tbat it would Invoke the
referendum purely because it opposes
the bill as faint-hearted.
The powerful Panama Pacific International Kxposilion company, backed
by many chambers of commerce, has
placed itself on record in opposition
to the hill on the ground that it is a
violation of faith.
In replj to this threatened hostility.
Governor Johnson said today iu signing the bill: "California for the first
time in Its history has nn antl-allen I
law Any man who wishes another
kind of law may consistently Invoke
tho Initiative. No man who really
(Continued on  Page  Kour.)
Dear Sirs,���I beg to acknowledge
receipt of your letter of Oth Inst, In
reference to the new liquor license by -
law for the city ol New Westminster.
As the Muuiclp.ll act was amended
in 1911 so that saloon licenses would
be abolished on Jan. 15, 1914, it
strikes me that this legislation applies
to New Westminster, as well as to
other parts of the province und that
your bylaw of 1889 providing that hotels must have, at least, 12 bedrooms,
must give way to the change made in
the law (d 1911, under section 340 of
the Municipal act and I think the
proper course for the licensing board
in New Westminster would be to:
amend their present liquor bylaw, so
as to bring it into conformity wiib
sictlon 340 of the Municipal Act.
Yours, etc.,
The    communication   wub  received
and filed for reference.
Alderman Bryson said he understood
the city solicitor and Mr. Whiteside
for the Licensed Victuallers' association, were to submit the intorpretatiori
of the law to another eminent lawyer
for hiB decision, The point he wanted to know was whether their old bylaw was still in force after they had
raised the licensing fees.
Acting Mayor Kellington���I suggested that the solicitors put it to the
attorney general what his Interpretation was. but they did not think he
would give it. They seem, however,
to have appealed to him with this result. We have a special meeting ou
Wednesday to deal with other matters and we can discuss this at the
same time. The city solicitor will be
i     ThlB course was adopted.
Toronto, May 19.- More than riv- | The rights and safety of tbe public
ailing In enthusiasm and magnitude : muBt be respected and no action that
tho reception tendered Sir Wllfirdjwlll in any way infringe on one, or
Laurier in this city a short time ago, jeopardize the olher wlll be permitted,
the demonstration In honor of Pre-1 least of all by a railway co.opnuy.
mler Botden here tonight has set a This waa impressed fairly on tbe
new high water mark, in Toronto for minds of the officials of the Ore-It
I such cents. I Ncrth em railway company at tbe ses-
Hon. Mr. Borden's utterances on ; sion or the railway commission in
the uaval bill and hiB straightforward Vancouver yesterday, when Chairman
manner In dealing with the question;of the Commission Drayton expressed
met with Instant approval and general j it ai Ws opinion that a permanent
cndcrsatlon, IsUsutUM   should   be   erected   at   the
After a l'i w words of appreciation j North road immediately as he thought
or the magnificent reception tendered ;t necessary for the public safety.
him al the mectiug tonight Mr. Bor- [ Ho gave the railway company, bow-
den Jumped Immediately to the sub- .ever, tho opportunity of meeting Chief
jeet of his address, remarking that, j Engineer Mountain of the board an,I
as he muat return to Ottawa tonlghl, i showing him that a wocden bridge was
he had  no time to waste. jail  that  was uecessary.    The  ci.ait-
The prime minister opened wltli the i man added that this would prove a
statement that all the privileges */i-! difficult matter. Decision was iv-
joyed  by  Canada  today  were  entire- Uirved.
ly due to the fact thut for the pis: \ rn the matter of the application or
century and a half (Irtat Britain bad the municipality of Surrey for au orb-sen predominant on the high seas; irler lo r-oa-struet a subway under the-
whole em- | tracks t*t White Rock to give accoaj
and  would : to the beach the company  were ord
ered to prepare plans, to be submitted
within 30 days to the engineer of Lie
board and to complete the work Within three months of the time of thu approval ot the plans.
"The- railway company are to do tho
work nud thc municipality will bear
half the cost. The subway will be
erect-itf at the point asked by the mu-
Hard on Great Britain.
Ottawa, May 19.���At the afternoon
silting of the house the discussion on
tho proposal to renew the lead bounties developed into a miniature tariff
debate. Mr. Norihrup. Eust Hastings, speaking in support cf the resolution, denied, that Oreat nritain
really had free trade, but declared
that the fiscal system which prevails
in the motherland Is much inferior 13
that in vogue In Canada. It has noi
been beneficial to the working classes
He described the conditions In rural
districts as deplorable and attributed
them to the lack or proper system of *
that the condition of the
pire was the same today,
continue to be the same for the fu- j
turo  as  it  had   been   for  a  century
and a half. Inasmuch aB her very ex-1
istence   depended   entirely   on   naval |
Consistent Policy.
Tracing the history of the Conservative party's attitude toward the par- '
ticipaticin of Canada in naval defence* __,
the prime minister said:    "In  1910 I inicipality and not under the depot as
moved   in   the  house  of  commons  a jscg^eEtcd by the company.
resolution   that  Canada  should   place Fought Tooth and  Nail.
at the disposal of the admiralty two i These two cases occupied the whole
battleships, two armored cruisers cf morning cession, together with a oom-
the most powerful type. In Novemberl-pftjftrt or the Surrey municipality
of the same year, I declared lhat 11' -.-ainst the same railway company
returned to power we would seek di- ;,r erecting a switch on the public
rectly from the British government highway at Crescent and leaving a.
and especially rrom the admiralty def- Sjangerous crossing. Mr. A. II. Mac-
i Inite information as to the needs ofxeiif appeared for the company anil
the empire In naval defence and that ;Hft,,>d* ror an adjournment, as he had
If satisfied of the need we would ap- nor fori time In which to look into,
peal to parliament and If necessary t tli-e deta.Ua. The case will be resumed
to tbe people fur Immediate and ef- J tcday.
.reciive aid.    In the campaign of 19111    The application for the approval of
\1   made the  name  declaration  in  my V0ian�� by the O. N. B-. ot work to b��
', opening speech lu this pro-vtnee.    No   anne at tha North road In Burnaby and
government ever had a more specific Ic.oqslUam waa awaited with Interest.
and  direct mandate for any  purpose!    Tn^ mmmmMrf proposed to excavate
| than that or the present admlnlstra-1 .-(���, whole of the road a depth of 51)
tion to perform this rnanirest duty.     ; feet for B distance ot 600 feet ami to
"We went to London, we conferred construct a temporary wooden bUuc-
with the British government, we consulted  the  authorities  of  the  admiralty,   we  received   information  of  an !
exceedingly grave character, which in j
part  has  been  made  public    In    the i
Fatally Injured.
Calgary. Alta., March 19.���Peter
MarluiiK utika, a laborer, was run
over bv a switch engine in the C. P.
U. yards this afternoon, and fatally
Ti das you have an opportunity of
advancing Iho interests of Now Westminster or shov Ing to the world we
have come to *,he end.
The bylaws which are being s::b-
mltted for your consideration tcday
ai> all of tbem ol the utmost import
an,*��- to every ratepayer In the city.
Some ol you say thnt we are spend'
in;, ico much money in ihe various
departments, is this true! Let us
take for Instance the street work of
the city. Is there any better asset
that the city has today than these
���eiol   slreets 7
We know* ihat n few years agn :*ri
per cent, of the people of New West- men's of
minster were strenuously Objecting to
Hie almost Impnssable condition of
our roads. The last thrc years have
seen �� wonderful change In this ro
spect. Tbls perhaps more than anything t ise has contributed to the
���"lend'.d  prosperity of  191(1.  1911 and
which win very materially reduce the1
value or the property at d add a considerable amount In taxes to the balance ot the properties throughout the
Burnaby repays all annually interest and sinking rund until wiped out
���$N5''li lor wider pipe which will net
as Btorm sewer to carry off surplus
water, etc.    It resolves Itself into this
that New Westminster In order to
save themselves from serious Immediate loss must pass this bylaw.
Then we have the electric light bylaw, ir you will rdcr to tin- stare-
the last three years you
will Bee by reason of tho expenditure
made with bylaw money that the depigment has increased Its earning
capacity by the various extensions
niade and which are paid tor hy the
citizens at large. You are also getting
cheaper  light   which  will  be  reduced
saying. It lg again either a case ol
direct taxation or spreading it over a
term ol years. Besides this there Is
the Important consideration ot these
fire halls and equipment materially
reducing the Insurance rates in the
specific localities.
S-.me people have the idea that by
voting money in this way thev are
increasing their further liabilities
directly,   This Is noi the case.    If you
compare the   conditions   now   with
what they were previous to 1910 you
w ill see the tax rate Is the same as.
it was then, besides giving you ex-
emptlon on Improvements and the.
property is assessed ai much less in
comparison with its present value
than it was at that time.
All this goes to prove that If you
are going to get tlie besl results from
your holdings you have got to spend I
money on Improvement and the best
way, next to having the actual cash In
the city coffers,  Is to  borrow money i
memorandum of the admiralty.
Unvarnished   FS:t3.
"Wo asked Uut" the admiralty l
plain, unvarnished statement as to the
actual condition and to the needs In
the unpublished memorandum they
exposed to the people of Canada the
actual conditions and they specially
emphasized two points: Klrst, that thp
aid which Canada could give at the
present time is not to be measured iu
ships or money. As Mr. Churchill expressed It, any action on the part of
Canada to Increase the power and
mobilization of the Imperial navy and
thus widen the margin or our com-
mon Bafet] would be recognised every
where as a most significant witness
to the united strength of the empire
and to the renewed receive of the over
seas dominions to take tbrir part in
maintaining ita Integrity."
Dealing  with  Sir  Wilfrid   Laurier's
���'ttitude   and   the   obstructionist   tactics  of  the  opposition   in   parliament l
the prime minister continued: It
"How did lie meet cur proposals?
Not by any rpal desire to aid in meeting adequately conditions of gravity
and urgency, but by a speech of the
same controversial character ns that
.4 ie*'. wide over the excavation.
The appfjic-ation was opposed by tho
municipalities   of   Bumaby   and   Coquitlam   and   by  the  cities     of     Port
i':'^. abd  New Westminster.
I     '   ** ? mayor    Kellington.     Alder-
.... i Jr.rdlno sad (-'ity Engineer Black-
in  w-ere present for New  WestmJn-
ter,   Mayer Roe  for    Port     Moody,
i':imc-ifior FauVel and Fnginoer Macpherson for Burnaby, Reeve Bartii and
"ouiiciTfors Atkins and Martin, of Co-
���7trirr��nr.    In addition many residents
of Coimitlam immediately affected by
the   propo-Jed   Improvements   were   it��
ateenrfbace and registered protests.
Interfering With Road.
It w::s nrged on behalf of the muni-
"ipalities    that    the company  should
uot  be allowed to interfere  with   the
road, us at present it was quite satisfactory  and  tbe  propoBed   work   was
entirely in thc interests ot the com-.
p:u. .
If tlio railway company were to be
allowed lo construct any work, it waa
further ursed that they Bhould be
made to or-cct a permanent structri-n.
which would lie sufficient to ulloi>
f street car traffic and all other utlll-
Kvideitce was put forward by the
'nunldpafltt-aa ti> show the amount of
truffle over the road, the statistics
having been taken during tbo past
few days.    Mr. A. H. MacNeill for the
with which he had introduced his own oompaay also submitted statistics of
naval proposal In 1910. While the map.,,,,, tnur(1c, kut Solicitor McQuarrlo.
of Kurope was being transrormed by for the mnnicipalities pointed out that
one or the most remarkable wars or ],,,���,, 8CatisUcs wcre taken during the
modern times, he was ready to give IUontli of January, when two reel of
airy guarantees of universal peace as | snow waJl ^ the erounj.
ir he were the mouthpiece ot alt the j     tt  was ���ito potated  cut  on  lotiuir
1912. gradually  as  the  volume  or  business ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
If you do not vote for these Inlaws  grows.    We can only    Increase    this  and spread thc repayment ovir a long
today you are preventing or hindering  volume  by  increasing the extensions,  term of years.
the  prosperity or a  progressive eity.  which can  only  he done  successfully I    Do not think for n moment you are
alao  means  that  necessary  repair  with money granted by the ratepayers  saving  yourselves  any   money  in  de
and  repaid over a period of  from 80  reating  the  bylaws.    You  are  simply
to 60 years. going to add to your preseut  direct
The sume arguments apply In con-  taxation and very materially weaken-
nection   with   Hie   wa'erv.orka  OXten-  Ing the. city's financial position in the
slon bylaw. economic world.
Then  l.t  us look nt  the  parks  by-1    Do not let them go down by default
mention unrulier lorn  which  Is of law,  the proceeds of which  are dodl-
iitniost Importance and that Is the  cated to the neoessary repairs and ex-
too small    ex-
wrrk will have to be done which will
come out ot taxes direct ItiBteud ot
being I'lild Tor lu part by future cltl-
/i"s of New- Westminster. Can you
afford this ?
In   thla  Connection   We   would   like
Tho census of the cily of
WestmliiBter wnB reported last
night to give it population of
17,178. Mr. K. Hroad, city assessor, mnde tlle report, which
was adopted.
In January, 1910, the population stood at  12,000.
great sewerage scheme tor Sapperton paiislou ot the already
and the upper portlt tl ot 'he cltv nnd hlbliloi:  buildings.
Its rr lation   to   what   is   ultimately It oan hardly, be conceived that thi
bound to become part or the city now people or New Westminster do not ap
n  portion or  llurnaby.    ThlB Includes predate  the  benefits et these evhlbi
Kdmonds and KiibI  llurnaby districts. HonB to the city as a whole.
If you do no: realize the necessity of are  going  to maintain  the
j tills, just take a walk from now until position   we   now   occupy   th
Let the world at large know that
New Westminster lias awakened nnd
is alive to the s'tuntlon. Come out
and vote and do vour best lo get your
neighbors j'o do likewise. Every
favorable vote Is needed.
There are u few people who will
If we I vote against anything you put up, but
)1 mild, you  may  depend  upon  it  that most
Edmonds. May 19. -Thrc? eciios resounded through the halls of the Hurnaby municipal chambers this even-
ing which brought hack to remembrance Bome stirring debates which
hsve taken place iu the past. The
people I Of these are people with large hold] first of these was the paving question,
n.oda-ings who Bre assured of n comfortable  which    everyone    thought    had been
chancellor!, s  of the  world." |of  tlle  mmtjcipaUties thal  tlu'  North
Mr. Borden found little that was ��� rouj provided the only means of ac-
good In the scores of amendments of- .,,sg jQt l'ort Moody residents to New
fered  to the nnval bill  In  the house. ' Westrniratei".
Vr. W. C.  McQuarrie    repre.tented
Buniiiby and New  Westminster;   Mr
Hannington. cf Harris, Bull, Hanning-
ton & Mason, represented Port Moody:
Mr.   Mclntyre, of  McDougal.  Long  ��-.
Mclntyre, re-presented Coquitlam, and
Mr.   A.   H.  MacNeill  represented   tho
Oreat Noithcrn railway company.
Mere Opposition.
The railway company  also  strenuously opposed the application of the
municipality of Surrey for the order
to   have  the  company  construct  the
subway at White Hock.
At the butt sitting of the commia-
lioners the application for the order
was hoard aud referred to the hoard's
engineer ns lo the location of the pro
posed "irbway. This report recommended that tbe subway be located at
the new station as It would cosi less
to lurid ut that point than elsewhere.
Residorits of White itock objected
to tbis location and asked that tbe
subway be placed wheie It would be
of more nse.
It was originally planned to have a
2S-foot subway, large enough to accommodate vehicular traffic, but the
Ancient Themes Crop Up in Burnaby
Council���That  Paving
tt * ���:>
the   fall,  through  the  low  lying  land  must  provide reasonable .    _
east  and  north of Sixth  avenue, and  tion  for exhibitors and visitor      The   Income  and   who  are  not  dependent j settled at  the  last meeting.    Not so.
Observe the obnoxious effluvia  which amount asked for lu a very moderate  upon  tho  pregresB  nnd   development j however, for when  the minutes were
greet you In nny of theso sections   lf one compared with the requirements,  of New  Weslminster. ion   Ihe  point  of  being  passed  Coun-!        -_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
you do not pass the bylaws 11 will, Here Ib anothei "tance of either I Let us once again show such peo-.cillor Macpherson, who raised tho | municipality, in order to cut rfown the
probably mean that theae properties paying ror thlB ex'enslon by direct i pie that they have no place in the; storm at the previous meeting, moved j expense and to have It placed where
built there will have to be condemned taxation or spreading It over a term: city of New Westminster. Get In Ian nmendment to the effect that most desirable, agreed to an eight
nuisances, and  the  houses either of years jyour vote and  register your convlc-1 tenders for paving be called for four foot  snbway.  whloh  was  considered)
# # tt tr # # Oi # * #'J',.netted. Or    dry    closeta    Instslled, |    Tbe fire halls go, of course, without tlon of New Westminster's heritage.
(Continued on Page Eight.)
(Cuaiiame** on Page Four.) Pt\\sre. TWO
TUESDAY, MAY 20, 1913.
An -iiuj,.p..iirf. vt mernlnp r>��pcr devoted io tke inter si:, ol v.��  ifestmlnpter ond
Sfte Fraatrr I'till.-t.. Published every mornintj est; jit Hunihiii hi/ the So'iouol Printing
ama Peaitshlaa I'omiiunu, Limited, ut Git McRtmeie Street, New Wettminiter, liritish
C'H��->i...i ROBB BtlTBERLAh'D, Wonoptttp  Dlreetor.
All eotii-iiuiiu-ntioiis should lie nddressed to Tht .Vet'- Westminster Seies. und not
���**���>,'"'.. ,Cso' mem Sen ..-* fhe so.,'f chcoics, drufts, und money ord ra should bo mnde
afcir  to  The  .Yntimuil /'roilnii; rout  P11MI.vl1O1.17  Compi'i'i.  Limited,
TKI.ItyiltlM:i-'    Blitlnett office and Malinger, lllll); Editorial Itoonis lull depart-
��).   3-JI
tttJBBORlPItOtl KATFS���ny carrier, %l per year, tl for three months, 40c per
wton'h      Un  tnuil, |:l per year, 2lir per month.
API'BRTI81NQ UATKS on Application.
Hamilton Fyfe, Who Visited Westminster with Governor-General, Has
Published  Book.
Pringle of the Yukon :
A Canadian Pioneer
I London. May 19. "Shall I go to
Canada? English journalist's impressions." Under thlB title, tlie articles
in the Daily Mall, written by Mr. II.
Hamilton Fyfe. special correspondent
ol the Journal, have been reprinted,
tutor revision, in sixpenny hook form.
Mr. Fyfe was a vivid power of decryption and the articles deal In gra-
It takes big men and broad men to build cities, but no I p|"c �����*���� w"'l Mr p'J!'h1lm,pr,e,!:
.,,,.,, , , ,   ' skins,   which   embrace   (anaillan   lire
mailer now big the man may be and no matter how tire- trom Montreal to Vancouver, and
less the efforts of himself and his kind, it takes time to,wn^chouwrnr0p Kalhorrd on ,m>ru tnftn
realize those visions upon which they have steadfastly set^^omeTr'Nir. Fyre'B aphorisms are
t.Wrir jraze. * particularly   striking.     Tor   Instance:
Hut the longest of lanes has a turning, and, at this]   -ontarioncaiisn th��r maritimo prov-
particular time, it is out great pleasure to learn that the1-"^" �����*<���*?��� ani1 wJ?,nlPef,. humoI;
r ��� ������   ' lOurly  pretends    to    think  they    are
"An  American  sticks up all  round
lhis office little  maxims,  such  as 'Do
II Now,' 'Am I Here fnr My Health?'
'Tomorrow Never Conies,'    Then    he
i lights a cigar,  puts bis  feet on    the
'table,  looks  round   contentedly,    nnd
navigation upon the Fraser bv dredging and otherwise th!'Lk"h0 |B ,vpry bu?y-
-   -        ....... ��� ��� "The Canadian works hard and says
efforts made on behalf of New  Westminster and the'
Fraser river at Ottawa are now being crowned with suc-
cks.    Assurance has been received from authoritative
sources that, in the supplementary estimates, very large
sums of money have been set aside for the improvement of'
s tiie story of the Rev, Dr,
writes iti-itKm Cooke in Canadian Collier's.    TO gl I  il  ill ils entirety and to tee the man himself, It.
would be necessary to Journey all tho
way across    east Canada lo Sydney,
C. II., where the huskiest preacher In
all the country und Ihe man who Iiub
probably had a greater range of human experiences than any other man !
of his calling In the Dominion, preach- *,
es night and morning tu n congrega- [
tlon  ol Scots, mostly  workers lu the
big steel plant, at Sydney.
Hut you would never get the whole
Etory by going to Pringle for it. The
real history of the man Is scattered
all the way across Canuda. from 8yd-
ney to Daw-Bon City, and up nnd down
the rugged conBt line ot liritish Columbia.
Much of this story I gathered from
some or the congregation in that Scottish Presbyterian church where the
j Presbyterlkns among the steel workers worship, but the rest came from
j everywhere: from a real estate agent
I In Winnipeg, who used to know I'rln-
gold seekers were eighteen months
mi that terrible path through tbe free
���/.lug baron wilderness.
Some of them never reached tne
end, but stnyeil at Atlin or died ou
the road. The rush lasted one year,
and Pringle stayed with It to the end.
Hut Into that brief twelve months was
crowded all thc Buffering of what
might   have   been  generations.
"I think," aald I'riiiKlo. sitting In
the quiet library thousands rf miles
nwny from the scene of IiIb labors.
"I think I mny Bay that I havo burled
more suicides than any other preach
er of any denomination." This was
his onlv comment on his experiences
along the trail.
Dr. I'rlngle lives in Sydney. N.8..
today, an example of ono kind of
Canadian, a big brave man who has
srett more nf the horrors of life and
morn of the wickedness of mankind
than moBt clergymen, but who mill
is one of the strongest and sunniest
of  mon.   -Montreal   Herald.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Psld-Up)  . ...��16.000,000.00
RF.SERVE    $16,000,000.00
and for the building of wharves at the harbor of New
We cannot do otherwise than commend the policy being pursued by the Dominion government in respect to the
harbors of the Pacific coast, and, at the same time, we congratulate our member upon the success that has attended
those efforts he has for so long untiringly made in the interests of the Fraser river.
This progressive policy on the part of Ottawa is in
line with the announcement made by Hon. George H. Perky last week that a transfer elevator would be built upon
the Pacific coast in time for the opening of the Panama
canal. The location of this elevator is a matter upon which
the Grain Commissioners have to date made no announcement, but as far as trustworthy information can be obtained from Ottawa the Fraser river is most favored.
A government grain elevator will be a great incentive
to private interests to locate upon the Fraser river and
traffic which will develop by reason of grain vessels plying to and from British Columbia will be a boon to every
port upon the coast.
Traffic is bound to come in ever increasing volume
to the Canadian ports upon the Pacific and it is therefore
easily to he seen that preparations must be made to handle
it The city of New Westminster has made a good start,
and the Dominion government is showing itself to be most
desirous of assisting in developing both traffic and facilities for handling traffic upon the coast.
li  ib proposod that  women   shall
tiav.. a rijrhl to sit upon school boards
��n   Nov;\   Scotia.    Thrro  is   reason   to
belioYP   that   the  host   women   would
snake  better  trustees  ihan  iho best
vn.'u. 1>oi  il\.. problem .f getting the
besl   women  io  bi come  school  trustees  is tm) easier   than   lhe  problem
of getting tin- best men on th.* boan i
���or in   ilu-  legislature.    Thai   women
���������know men- aboiii training of children
tbza men may be taken for granted,
���imd probably tliey Know more about
the bundling of women    Since wo-
���enen  constitute :it   least   ?r,  per rent,
".if the  public school teachers, tlle ar-
��um-nl   in   lavor  of   women   trustees
is   plain.     However   Toronto   cannot,
Sooli  back over the work of the ladies   whom   il   has   elected   as   school
trustees and congratulate ilself. They
bave been  no better than  the aver-
���h**e initio  trustee,  and  have failed  to
-specialize ou subjects that they might
be. expected to speak upon with tbe
author.tj   of their  sex.    It  is  to bo
thor.'rt   thai   Nova   Scotia  will he able
tu rind a way of getting Ihe best  wo-
men   lo    nd    as    trustees.���Toronto
Mal]  and   Umpire.
and good faith lu tho conduct of liis
A bond for J.1000 Is also required to
he filed to secure the proper accounting of moneys due shippers of farm
As passed the acl  was tin- result of i
a conference between the various In-'
'��� rests affected and the recognition by
the leading agencies that only dishon-
. i'  dealers could have any  real ob-
��� cl Ion to its terms.
Leitirlatlon to the effect noted has
bei :: demanded by thc farmers of the
���stale tor Bix years, and they showed
tbat returns for their consignments
were not made promptly, and In many
Instances were absoiutely fraudulent,
"this discouraged shipments, gave a
practical monopoly to speculators ln
food supplies and imposed a great
hardship upon consumers.
With the protection now afforded It
is confidently hoped that consignments will Increase and that both producers and consumers will benefit.
The commissioner of agriculture is
given power to revoke licences for
dishonest dealings snd lack ol financial responsibility.���Toronto World.
Tho determination of Or Putnam,
tng-pe-ctor of public schools in Ottawa,
1'efio waj with the written examination *as ti promotion test, will com-
mi nd Itself to every person interest-
* d  in this city's schools.
The*,- written examinations as n
ii nil test ol s pupil's abilities simply
-relieved the teacher of responBlbtllt]
��� n -Jit nutter of promotions, in other
��� words, look the responsibility from
���>,h.- shoulders where ii properly be
longed. Di Pul ra tn i*. prop
ta replace tbis responsibility on thi
Kr.vehere Tbe teacher of any grade
or <AaM ought io know more aboul
���wh.-lher a pupil is li! for prom tlon
Vn;tn  any  p. rson else.
i-'or a generation the schools In
sOatarlo have pern examination mad
'.n..- nrbole object of the educational
I syAi in -seemed to be the pissing of
written lists There are even in
stances when, teachers deliberately
avoided instruction on certain points,
m*lt**\* that, such p-rlnts bad never
itmua asked about al examinations and
-f>mbat>ly never would be.
.Dr. I'ntmnn has mado a bold
���ate*****, tlm if he ran get teacberi
bh4 -fmnlls away from the "examlna
*ion idea" he will have done some-
vhiiv, worth while for education. We
*wi:jti the n'-w -ele me ' very BUCCI bi
���'.>! ..v.t I're,*  Press.
Upon this day sixty-five years ago]
was born a' Kingston the famous bi-
ologlsi George Jobn Romanes. In
the year of bis birth liis father, then
professor of Qreek in Queen'B collego,
Inhi rii. .1 a fortune and moved to Eng- j
The boy, who was delicate, bud a
Bomewbal desultory education, bul
went finally to Cains colleg Cam-
i ridge! wh, .-.* he graduated "In the
second class of ihe natural hist, ry
tripos" in 1870.    Puss, sn il of ample
: .. :.:is.  he  reBOlVOd   I"   dcnte   hilmelf
to scientific ri Eoarch, ami ons nf ins
contributions to "Nature" ai-
tracted ihe attention of Darwin, and
l.il in a lifelong friendship Romanes
'.-...I., notable Investigations concern.
' g Hie n.-rvous systems of jell fish.
star fish and sea urchins, which es-
'..' Hi ie d his position as on original
... rker, .iml re suited in liis selection
a., a Fellow of the Hoyal Society in
II.. married the same year ami
"threw himself with enthusiasm for
Hi., nexl ten years into th,. scientific
ind social life of London." Then he
fell Into ill lie.*.Hli. ;,n.I removed t*.'
Oxford, where Iie died In 1894,
His Bctentlflc studies led him far a I
inn., iniu Bceptism concerning Chris
tlanlty, l ul he came to :-. .��� that "faith
is    Intellectually Justifiable!."     li    is
Christianity or nothing."
little about It. lie shows his good
sense also by having no use for the
American style or newspaper, which
can foist any lie upon the public for
a Tew hours by giving it a five-Inch
letter heading across the rront page.
"The very Tact that any evil Ib or
American origin Is enough to make it
unpopular almost everywhere, in Toronto above all.
"Hoards ot trade. I should explain,
are societies composed or business
men; Iheir object is to nssist business,
not lo binder it, as our government
I'      i ��� r irocie does.
"Ono becomes sceptical about populations in western Canada. One asks
'How many people are there here?'
One's Informant takes a deep breath,
'oeks one full in the eye lo see how
much will be swallowed, ami names
ibe largest figure be can think of.
If it arouses astonishment, he a-'.Is
quickly, 'There or thereabouts.' Hue's
scepticism is Increased liy the ridicule
which thc new towns pour upon each
other censuses. Vet all this keen-
iii :*s is a good, healthy sign.
Canada tr. Young.
"In the mass Canadian university
men appear to be better educated than
KiiTlishiuiivrrfiiy men. because their
education is more closely in touch
with life. They have almost always
more desire to learn, and a more vivid
Interest in life. They an' mcro in
earnest about it."
In his last word Mr. Fyfe says
"Kngland is old Kngland. Canada is
young.    Tli'-  young  never  pay   much
heed  to the opinions of the obi. and
; they are right.   Experience is of some
value   but  you   have  only   to   set   it
against the enthusiasm of youth lo see
1 how timid it Is, how stiff In Iho join's
"Men   and   women.   Canada   wan's
both, and will want them for many a
year lo come.    llut  it  is  thoro    who
r. spend to her call now that she will
most plenteously reward."
Mill's Elrthday to  Be Celebrated Today���First   Suffrage   Bill.
London, May 10.- John Stuart Mill,
'he great Kngllsli economist, was horn
107 years ago tomorrow, and his memory wlll be honored hy the Buffragettes
-���Ince he was the author of the first
bill fnr giving women the ballot ever
Introduced in the liritish parliament.
Incidentally, it was on Mill's birlh-
day. May 21, 186", that this measure
came to a vote, and was negatived by
198 against. 73. The great pbilosopher
took a prominent part In the organization, in 1868, or Hie National Society
Tor Women's Suffrage. Whether the
observance cd Mill's birthday in London will take the torm or placing
(lowers on his tomb, or blowing lift
the houses of parliament with dynamite, has not yet developed In the;
news columns.
Mill hns been dead for 40 years, nnd
since then many bills slmiliar to the
one he fathered have been Introduced
and have met the same rate. It would
be interesting to know what view the
ureal scholar and savant would take of
the militant manifestations of the
"wild women" cf today.
Vor lb*- proi cl; >n of f irmers
against unfali dealings en the c.r* ������'
foiniiiiev'.-ic : cn, the Mew York   tite
tel.l---l.il ere   ll IS    paSSI .1    B    bill,    I  ll1' ll
cm Triil.v  1  I) ��� an a:", on sir,,* r * .
Irs <>-������������". .* .a.i .I*, establishing .he
principle that cmmlsi n m . i'. i iti
arc the agents .:mi trustees ol the
consignors ol farm produci
In thai  capacity  they  will row   be
held responsible to  Ihese consignors
for a full uni honesi accounting of all
tmscactlons relating to the   Bale   of
���c-oniriy-iiincii'      Tliis   compels   every
��itn-mis��ioti merchant to take oul a li
<-~vfint: from tho commissioner of agrl
***s%tare and to satitfy him as to th
.-jpplioanl'ii    characl * r.    responslbillt;
Sir George Lt nue Cartier, oni > f
Iho fa;h. rs i ' Confi n datlon, wns
horn 111 St Anionic, I' i;,, ,,, isjj |, ���nd
lh d  forty y. ars ago todav,   May  * o
''���' *'��� ���'.> li also lhi  annlvi rsary of the
'���'��� if' :;'   * I   i  irtb r's   mlnisti'v   on   the
1 "���   . * '���*���'���'.    On this dale oi
1863  Mr   .1   Macdonald again I
'   *   ii. ��� :   .      I* i*::i.| I,
Sir Hi i������( tirno M, Talt, for a quarter oi a ci ntury n Justice, and for n
pari ol lhal period chief justice, of
the supi rlor court of Quebec, was
born in Melbonrne, I' cj, seventy one
rears ago todaj
Eugene lledding (llobldoux), actor,
was    horn     in Montreal    forty-three
years ago today, was educated al Mo-
Gill, and wan a cbemlcl before going
1 cn ilu. singe.
To Bo Presented to the Brantford
Museum oy Hei Sister.
Brantford, Onl . May 19 The
Brantford Historic il si ciety has reoelved tha offer of Miss Evelyn Johnson of Vancouver to present to the society for ils museum, all tho curios
and relics of the late Pauline Johnson, besides many other family heir
looms,  some  of  them  two  hundred
years old.
The offer was accepted, and it is
imp. d that these curios will form the
nuch us of a good museum,
I must go down to the seas again, to
llie lonely sea and the sky,
And all 1 ask is a tall ship and a star |
to steer her by;
And the wheel's kick and ih" wind's
s< ng and the while sail's shaking.
Vntl the gray mis! on the sea's fan-.
and a  cray  dawn breaking.
1 musl go down to the seas again, for
ih.. call of the running nde
Is a  wild  call  and  a  clear  call   thai
nu > tu i be denied;
And all I ask is a windy day with lhe
'.* h I     eh lids Hying,
mc  And '1 e IlHng spray and the bl< wn
ipumc, aad the seagulls crying.
I musl K'i down to the seas again, for
the vagrant gypsy life,
To    "
Manitoba farmer who was married
many years ago by I'rlngle during Ihe
intter's stay In a northern Manitoba
village; a snatch or two of color I
Plcki d up In Vancouver, one story in
Seattle, and a line of general comment in Victoria,
There are records of the man even
I at Ottawa records that some politicians don't like to think ahout, and in
j some of their hearts there Is a bitter
recollection or the man who pursued
thetn and their crooked ways and
hampered their depredations in high
places. There are records also in many
a heart of a kindness or a saving en-
couragement given by Pringle.
Along a certain old trail which was
! part of the mad to th��  Yukon in  the
days id  the gold  rush    In  '98    there
���ire gravis marked with crosses, holding tlie bones of men who were once
a part of Or. Prlngle's congregation
One c- uld a.-ver g. t n'l th" Btory.   Bul
Missionary   to   the   Nivies.
Kindl)   old   Or    .lames   Kohei--son.
the   superintendent  of   missions   for
Iho   Presbyterian   church   in   Canada,
saw away bark In the eighties that
the gospel or love and the Ton Commandments needed    advocacy   along
the line of the Canadian Pacific railway which was at that time building
, along the north shore cf Lake Superior near where Port Arthur and Kort
William  now   are.
Ureal unties of navvies were al work
in that vicinity,, living the crude,
cruel and godless life of the of theh
cruel and godless life of the old-lime
construction camp, and for these men
in thrir Isolation, cut. ort' rnun tbe
amenities of existence, the superintendent or missions weni nut, iii sympathy. Ho wanted to give them the
service or cliurcii and he sought for
a man to go among the navvies and
carry the message with him.
Down in lhe glorious little island
of Prince Kdward. out In the ftnir or
the St. Lawrence had been horn scnie
years before a Scotch hoy of the fam- ]
llv of Priiiffles. lie had learned as,
a hov to saM boa's, to swim In strong
waters, to fell trees wi'h a clever axe ,
ami to use hands and bruins aa only ���
a Canadian pioneer's son knows how.
This youth bad graduated In arts
from (jueen's and had taken a theo-
leg cal course ia the Morrin Theo-
logicat College in Quebec; had preach
ed iii tiie town of Georgetown, Ont.,
for four years and the mind of the
superintendent of missions, canvassing his memory and his friends'
memory for a face or a name that
suggested the right man to send
along the C. P Ii. line or construc-
tlcn brought up with a jolt against,
tlie face of ihls man Pringle. The
superintendent needed no further clue
In- sent for Pringle.
So in 1886, Hr. Pringle arrived
among the construction gangs or the
north shore or the lake, and remained   lhere for seven   years.
That seven years is not lhe most
important part of Prlngle's life and
adventures, though there was color
enough In it for mos' men. From
one i nd to thc olher of the long
str-ch of new track and ballasted
right or way the preacher tramped
from camp to camp, from settlement
to settlement preaching here, lending
a hand to men there, and making
himself the friend  of the ramps.
lie organized the first church al
Schrlebfr Passengers on the trails-
continental trains e-.... todav |Aok out
nt Schrlebl r ;:��� .1 . \i. i r, for il. U a
ble::',. | lace v Mb f.*.. eiices about i:
ii.. | ���*. .. >,. i -. i- .��� v esl a ��� Vermillion   I.'i        I .    n ai ������   .|   and   baptised
acl  I i   *  "     ���* "i  i. ���'ularity.    He
gri *..   huskli i- and nd of race.
Wanted  I i the  Yukon.
l!-->  about  '83 ilv* c imps were fin-
������*'������ 1   -.���  ���'.  their  work, a"d tin re was
less need for Pringle    Other nn h
ers  of  gentler   physique   could   look
    :      Itlons I'rlngle  found
"���].    He  si llghl   other  frontiers.
On the second 'ram thst ran out of
Pi rl Arthur for Winnipeg, Dr. Pringle bad a sos* He v as on his way
io Manitoba to ..ee '...hat work a
������ *'i:i ���..���'���In .io for the Presbyterian
church there, and preeontly he had
drifted down to Si Paul and was
preaching lhi re for five years.
I! wa : hi re lhal Hob* rl.son, the BU-
Intend..ni, found li m again for a sec-
' "il big commission, much bigger
than the f rst
l'e was wanted in the Vukon.
Tb.* fa-"��������� . rush to *h Vii-eii was
Jusl then h"glnning the stamped..of
'98 a* .I Pri igle and ' wo thousand
.men alrandetl them because the rail
way had nol  h* i n  built  ' mnil  them
I   Wl 9    i 11    Olll     Of    thC    fellies    Id    tlle
. . Id '   |(]8| Die one known as thn all
*'*"   dlim  line  np  thc  Stlklne Teslin
ra 1     Somi   i f lhe two  thousand  do-
Idi .1   ���       i  home,  and   filter' d   oul
���'���'���     Men*    i io olvil '���* Ion
. itlu ������.   * *;. i ���!*,    i , <t\ rnBh,    h- ntle
...    i.i.   i.  .,
As   Population    of    Dominion   Grows
People  of   Brltlth  Origin  Apparently   Decline   In   Number.
I    Branches throughout  Cannda    and
Newfoundland, and   in   London,   Eng
j land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
I U.8.A.,  and  Mexico City,    A  genera'
! banking business transacted.    Letter)
l of Credit  issued,  avullahle  with  cor
j respondents In all parts of the world
Savings Hank Department��� Deposit?
received  In  Bums  of  $1  and  upward
and luterest allowed at 3 per cent, pei
annum Ipresont rate).
Total Assets over $186,(11)0,000.00.
G.  D,   HItYMNKIl.   Manager
Ottawa, May IS. The proportion of
persons of liritish origin in Canada is
apparently declining as the population
grows, in 1911 thoy constituted 51.07
per cent, of tho total population, as
con.oar. .1 with 57,03 per cent, in
The Increase In the number or people  in   the   Dominion  In  the  decade
was   1,836,328,  ot  whom  the   British
race   made   up   833,796,  or   It,Ail   per I
cent,  of  the  total  increase.     During I
the period of ten years under consul- \
eratlon the proportion of the English I
to the    total    population    Increased
from  :;:M7  to 26.30    per cent.,  while.
the Irish  rdl from 18.10 to 1*1.5k, and I     Montreal,   Mav     19     Kour     disi
the Scotch  trom  14.90 to 13.86    per guished men will receive the honorary
''''"��� d gree of doctor of laws rrom McGill
'llie population of Krench origin was   university in  tho course of the next
JS.51 of the total In 1911, as against few months.
30.71 In 1901, and the Germans 5.46 In |     ,\i a meeting of the corporation yes-
specifications. ArinBHMWNw or
Hul", Di-hnIs, Huslnem Letters, etc.; circular wcrk f'l'-eclRllHt. All work rflrletly
i*. .i.i .I. nt Iii 1 11. Harry, room -UN W-mI-
mlnstsr Truat Hlk.   Phone 702.
II. & P, <). cf Elks of ihe I), of Ch meet
the flrsl and thin! TTmrfday al 8 p. m.,
K of P, Hull, mighth Ml-e��-t. A W..|l��
Oray, Exalted Ruler I P, II. Smith. Boo-
L. O. (l. M, NO. 8M. ���MEETS ON
flrst. Beoond ami ihird Wednesday In
eaoh mniith In K. of p. hull at H p, m.
ll J. Leamy, dictator: K. ***, Jones, 'sec-
retary. Headquarters of I(h1k<- in h.-*
House, corner of Kourlh and < 'uniarvon
. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO.  17���The
regular   n ilnu  of   Amity   lodge   No.
27. I. O. O. P., In held nvery Monday
nlKhi at �� n-clock In Odd Fellows' Halt
oorner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
vimkihit brethern oordlally invited.
It. A. Merrlthew, N. fi.. .1. Robert-son,
V. O.l \V. C. Ooathom, P, O. reoord-
Int! .secretary: IL w. Sangster, flnaj>-
clal secretary,
Lord   HaHane   to    Receive   LL.D.
Forthcoming  Visit to Canada���
Borden  and   Doherty.
<*r & Hanna, Ltd.)���Funeral director*
e.i embalmers, Parlors le'. ('nlumbta
ii..i.   New   Weatmlnater.    Phons  ssi.
E. KALES���Pioneer Funeral Dlreetei
ai.I Bmbalmer, Gl:'-618 Akh'-h mreet.
ipposlte Carnegie Library,
1911, as againsi 5.7S In 1901. A no-
table Increase was In the Austro Hungarians, who iu 1901 comprised only
34 ol iiie population, but In 1911 had
nun to LT'.' pi r cent.
Japanese, Chinese and Hindus made
tip 2.13 p.r cent, or the people In 1911,
ii compared with I L'u in 1901. In the
census ot 1901 no Hindus win- report-
led. The lf'll figures give L'.'tli: of
ihsie Orientals In the country, of
whom '1,'l'yl are In HrltiFh Colum-
. bla.
Some inter,..-ting figures nt the origin::  or  people  In   Victoria arc  given
In a bulletin  which has just been  Is-
���-.iid hy the census department.   They
[are, or course, based on a population
I Of 8i,620 In thlB city, a fiBur.. which 11
t wua pointed  out at tho time waa en-
��� tirely erroneous, as the census taken
i here was by no means complete.
The bulletin rays that there are 16,-
*���>',������- people of ESngllsh origin, 2,240 of
, Irish  and  6,313 of Scotch  in  Victoria.
I Those from oiler parts of the Rrltish
'dominions  numlier  264,  that    ia,  not
counting  Hindus.
The remainder of the population is
given as French 840, Qerman 819, Aus-
I tro-Hungarians 20, Itelgian 1, llnlga-
rlan and Roumanian 4, Chinese 3,4F,iv
Hutch 31, Creek 77. Hindus 85, Indian
2.1, Italian 2o<i, Japanese 112, Jewish
I 139, Negro 60.  Polish 5. Russian  25.
Scandinavian   610,  Swiss  28  and   un
specified 2,128.
In respect to its population Victoria
' is one of the most cosmopolitan cities
in Canada, for lure are lo lie found
members   of   every   race   which   goes
I towards  mailing  up the sum  total et
I the people of Canada.
Of the population of .TI.��i20 ns given
in the 191! census, 2.1,411 are ol liritish origin. Of the population of Oreat-
er Vancouver, given at 128,803, the
number of those of liritish origin is
'in..ri2.*-. The grand total of th"Se or
British origin In the Dominion in 1011
stood at 3.890,986, as against 3,063--
189   in   19-fll.
Noteworthy gains by races made
during the decade were- Austro-
Hungarlans, who increased hv 110,-
925; Italians, 34 T.77: Jews, 69,660, and
Scandinavians, 7f.,493.
Canal    Flooded.
Panama.   May   IX.    Tbe   waters     of
lhe  Pacific ocesn  wire lo| Into    tho
Panama  canal  today,    a  giant  b'ast
or 32,750  pounds  of dynamite    was
BhOt,   (i. lc. Ilshlng   the   dylie     to     th.-
south of the Mirsflores locks ami al-
lowlng the water io rlow into an extensive section iu which excavation
practically has been completed.
terday it was decided io conf.-r the
LL. D. degree upon the Rlghl Hon
Richard  Burdon,    Viscount    Haldane,
Lord llith chancellor of Englafld, "In
I special recognition of bis constant advocacy of the cause of liinhi-r educs
tlon, to  which  he  b:is   rendered   such
valuable service, and as a compliment
I personal as well as official on the occasion of Ins lirst  visit   to Canada to
I obtain   which   has   achieved   marked
distinction as a statesman and admin
lstrator,   philosopher,  and   juror,   and
[who has crowned a brilliant career
by attaining to the highest judicial
Office in the gift or the sovereign."
The Right Hon Robert Laird Ilor-
d'n.  prime  minister  ot  Canada,    will
' he granted the degree "aa tribute to
the distinguished ability, unwearying
��� Industry, strength or character, and
'high personal worth by whicb be ha.<
j won his way to lne position  or head
ot the Kovernm.nl of the Dominion
| and in appreciation of all that he hai
���been  privileged   to do   in   the   way   of
maintaining the dignity and prestlgi
I of Canada as Ihe lirsl of the new na-
��� tlons within the empire."
The Hon Charles Joseph Doherty
minlBter (d justice, will he honored
"ill appreciation ot the devoted service to lhe university for manv yenrs
ns profressor or civil law- and as a
token of the pride and gratification
wltb which bis alma mater has followed his entrance career, where he ie
displaying as a high official of state
all the qualities which have long endeared him to bis friends in Montreal."
These degrees will be conterred at
a special convocation to be held In
September on lhe occasion ot Hie
meeting ot ihe American liar Association.
Al the medical convocation In June
lhe dl gree of doctor nt laws will be
conferred on "Hr. .lames Algernon
Temple, a distinguished graduate of
McOlll, former dean of Ihe faculty id
medicine ror Trinity college, and ror
many years an eminent tenclu r in
i:vnor rr.legy   ami    ( bstesirics. both in
Trii.iiy  college and Toronto  university,    lie has always taken a promt
ni nt p.irl ln medical affairs and is    a
mosl BBtcomed member of the profession In Toronto."
Western   Exctienuer.
Ottaw . Maj 18 The autumn sll
tings of the exchequer court in west
ern Canada ha: e been fixed as fol
lews: Prince Kupert, Sepl 25. Van
couver, Oct 4; Victoria, (let. 8: Calgary, Oct, 11; Regina, Oct. 20;, and
Winnipeg, Oct. 22.
rlsters. Solicitors, etc 40 Lorn.* Street,
N.w Westminster.    Q   i:   Corbould, K.
c     J    R.  i Irani.     A    E   MeColl.
ter-at-law, solicitor, etc. Telephohs
1070. Cahl,. address ".lobnslon."
Code, "Western Union." Offices, Kills
Block, ;.;',: ciumhiu street, N.w Westminster, B, C.
McKi a *:���
H. .'    1'
I.I. CLOTH,  Banister at-lav.
etc;   eoni.T    Colombia    and
streets.   New    Westminster.
o. Hoi m.    Telephi    710.
.1.   P    HAM
block,  28
ster, B. C
and    Notary.    Offices     thu-t
Lome street. New westmla-
Barristers and Sollaltors. 60S to (IS
Westminster Trust Block. Ci. E. Martin, \v. a. McQuarrie and Oeorge L.
Will IIOSII.E.     BDMONDB    *     WHJi'aV
sire. Harris'.-rs and Bolloltors,   Wf^t-
rnlnater -rrnst Hlk.. Columbia sin***.
N.w Westminster, ll C, Cable address
-Whiteside." Western I'lilnn. P. O.
Drawer 200, Telephone S3 W. J
Whiteside, K. Ci 11. L. Edmonds, D.
Accountant. Tel. R 12S. Room 13
Hart  block.
P. It   Smith. W. .1   -fimvosL
Work   undertaken    in    city    and    nutnlrle
points.   811-18   Westminster  Trust  Bid*
Phone  3f,4.    I', o.  It.,i  6117.
ladi    hi 1   1.  it   h*. 1
 n   ('.!.:���( ra   and   'I'
a' on.* * id and Teslin
end, l'e l"'d -bis d-.i;
iini     l'e  teamed   his
ilu-  gull's   way  and  tlie  whale's Wrangcl, al the mouth ot th
way,   where   the   wind's   like   a Along  the  Trail.
whetted knife; Pn hably there uev r wn
And till 1 ask is a merry yarn from a
laughing  fellow-rover,
And :: quiet sleep and a sweet dream
when the long I rick's over.
��� John  Masefleld.-
nnd   firth    b
Ingraph Creek
11    'be    olll.l*
:am  and  his
ipplios  from
in *���
��� r wlll be 111 Canada 1(1 equal be
Btory of thai trail during tho gold
rush, it Ib extremely doubtful if any
one kuowmi that story as Pringle of
the   Vuk'.:i   knows  ll.    Sonic  Of  iho
A factor
for pure food
anfc-datiog all state
and national food laws
No Alum���No P3i��spiiatcs
Be on yonr -r'u.-iirt.   Alum Powders may be linawn by tbelr
price    X 0 or 25c. a II).t
or one cent OU
st.-r Board nf Trade mi-ets In ttie iMtar-fl
room, City Hall, as follows: Third leH-
day of each month; quarterly meeting
on the third Friday of Februarv. May.
August and November at 8 p.m. As-
mial nieetlnus ..n Ihe third Friday ot
February. C. 11. tiluart Wad... scci-e-
COAL MINING rlichtn of the Dominion
11 Manitoba, Saskatchewan and AlberUL
the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Ter-
rltorles and In 11 portion of lb,* Provtnoe.
it  Ilrillsh  Columbia,  may  he  leased  fnr a
"���rm of twenty-one years nl an annual
rental of tl an acre. Not more Ihan 'itt*
ii'i'-H will   he laased le nne applloniU
Ai'iillcntlnn for n haw must be mode
i.y Uie applicant In person to lhe Agent
ir Siih-iKeni of the district In which the
rights iipi.iie.i for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land musi lm
Inscribed by sections, nr legal .-mlwllvl-
iiona of sections, and in unsurvoyed territory the tract upplled for shall be
naked out by the applicant himself,
Bach application mum h<> a invented
by a fee of $6 which win i���. refunded If
Un. Hunts applied for nre not available
but not otherwise, A royalty simll t���;
n.ii.l on ih" merchantable output of Uie
mini, at the rale of five cenls per Inn
riie person operating the mine shall
furnish the Asent with sworn returns
iccountlng fnr tlm full quantity of mnr-
"imntnlil" cul mined nnd pay lhe roy-
iiiy thereon. If the conl mining lights
ire noi being operated suoh returns should
lie furnished at least once a year
lhe lease will Include thc cial inlnlnu
'khls only, but the leasee will he per-
miiied to purchass whatever available
sulfa.��������� rights may he considered neceo-
!*f? f"r,'!!" working of the mine at tin
rut"  nf  %\o  an  iu:re.
For fun Information application should
he mud.- to the Secretary of the Depah.
meat  ���r the Inlerlnr. Oitawa,  or  10 any
Agent nr Bub-Agont of Dominion Lands
W. tv. cony,
Deputy MinlBter of the fntertor,.
������   1'..���Unauthorised publication of mu
mail will not be paid fur.
Il'lver! is*
who do nol receive
8 3. m. Bhould
The News before
j und make cnmplnlut. Only In this way
|may 1111 efficient   delivery    be   main-
��� talned. TUE8DAY, MAY 20, 1913.
Another Big Cut on
House Dresses
Splendid tilting garments and made
rruin excellent qualities or Ginghams,
Percales and ('rum's famous Prints.
Dainty Stripes, checks and plaids lu
blue, cream, heliotrope and brown,
jri.lll) House Dresses, cut to... $3.75
$4.60 House DresBes, cut to. .. $3.25
J4.uu House Dresses, cut to....$3.00
$8.00 House Dresses, cul to... $225
And Now Comes Our Mid-Season
Including Our CLOAK and SUIT Clearances
Two weeks of Price Cutting on lines of merchandise cf liveliest interest to every lady
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Note the Very Special Cut Prices on
Ladies'  Princess Slips
Muslins of most   reliable   qualities
and  beautilul  -tmbroidery  trimmings.
lull sizis and lengths.
$3.50 Princess Gowns, cut to...,$2.80
(2.50 Princess Gowns, cut to $2.00
$1.50 Princess Gowns, cut to $1.20
Cloaks and Suits
Get Marching
Time now to Rive the laggards a boost aloag. If
you have waited Tor this event, now is your ow��>ri.uuily;
our assortments are very complete and styles a��t *teaX\-
ties ihe best to he had in all Canada:
$40.00  Tailored   Sails, rut to $30.00
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for our wnnt goods sale
We are offering specially attractive values In Sheetings and steers:
73-lnch Bleached Sheetings; Une wave, regular 40c; cut to, ix-r yard 30c
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90-tnch Bleached Sheeting;  tin" weave, regular 60c;  cut  to. per yant 40s
50 pair fine Illeaehed Sheets;   hemmed, size 72x00;   per pair $1.28
lively Hemstitched Linen Finish Sheets;  si?.e 72x00;  per pair $2.23
Hemstitched Pillow CaseB;  regular 60c;  per pair *������*���������
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Heavy  Massage Hath Towels;   each    -^
Crash Towelling;  per yard '/a0
Anderson's Imported Ginghams, In stripes and checks; 33 Inches wlde,.a1 less
than maker's prices; per yard '4c
2,000 yards of finest 1-ong Cloths to he given away at, per yard 7i/2e
At prices slightly above cost or materials, All our muslin garments
arc made rrom standard materials nnd under the most sanitary surroundings,
300   White  Cotton   I'etticonts,   lavishly   trimmed   with  embroidery
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Silks and Dress Goods
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l'eau de Sole; a very serviceable silk In shades of champagne, tan, grey and
reseda only.      White Sale price, per yard 40c
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Our Basement
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.  $0.00
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I raoe taun
TUE8DAY, MAY 20, 1913.
Democratic  Senators Havinp Trouble
���villi  tile Tariff���Protests from
was to ��ct his name in the paper.
Any time Iiie officers of tho "association" ;:rc persuaded to he elected
to such an office again, somebody will
know  somi 'bint,*.
One person reported a loss of $31
to the police which be claimed was
filched   rrom   iii.:   hip   pocket     while
watching the  back of  ths  land  men.
According to th" police one person
flashed a press badge ol n Vancouver
paper on the  pate guardian  and  obtained a ticket Irom the agent when
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    he should ha\e been nt Ihe foot ol the
                              jlltte.    He was  later picked  up. how-
lever, and taken hack to Agent Magee,
Washington. May 19.    While I)e>mo-; who immediately cancelled his claim.
���erotic  senators  are    wrestling    with:    One real estate man in the city is;
bome manufactures, protesting against   said  to  have  lost    $5011    by    paying I
numerous rates   iir   tbe    Underwood   that sum for two tickets which were j
Hill. Ihey are confronted also by pro- not recognized  by the agent on  lhe!
tents  from  foreign  countries against  ground    "--'     "���-  ���-���	
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countries against  ground    that    the  person  presenting
adminlstrative'realurcB of the bill and  them was not the same one who first
terms.    The  usual  terms means $100
per night.
Alderman Dodd demurred .to charging such an exorbitant sum fur a
meeting which was not a money
making oue.
The acting mayor said the Charges
were   $50  for    amateur    associations
and $100 for anything else.    The rea-
'Son  for that was they did not want
to  en;er  imo  competition  with    thu
| opera   house   for  entertainments.
Alderman Urysou- Does the Liberal
association come under the amateur
head ?
Annual Meelinc Preceded by Banquet
Promises to Be Interesting���Good
Musical Program.
4he provisions that wonld grant a    5  obtained them
per  oent.   reduction  of  the  duty  on
imports in American bottoms.
Protests from Kngland, Germany,
France, Italy, Australia and other
countries have becn lodged with the
state di..| ailment and communicated
to' the"flftanof committ-i-e tHwDB tbey
will first be considered by a sub-
���committee of which Senator Williams
is chairman.
Tne  luteution  of a committee    is .	
called to a meeting of the National  Hale ot Nelson, Is In charge of the
Association    of   Industry   aad   Com -    ��� .   ....    ,.
mcrce of Krance a few days ago
���wh eh    he  Underwood  bill  was condemned,  the  administrative features
no at present, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
It was remitted  to the health and
police committees to deal  with    the
Chinamen  producing  vegetables    under  insanitary conditions    and    who
P. W. D. Building Cruiser for District  were  violating the    city    bylaws    by
Engineer at Nelson peddling imported   fruits  and    vege-
Nelson, B. C, May 19.���Tho depart- \ tables, tog-stbjer^wjth^ their own pro-
ment of public  works Ib having    a ducts, without a license,
launch built here for use on inspec-     Alderman Henley said    they    were
Arrangements are complete for the
annual meeting and banquet of the
Y. M. C. A. which will bo held In the
association building on  Koyul avenue
this evening.
tv,    o��'i����� ..     r* ��      ��      .    >.        Sharp at t>:30 o'clock tho members
The acting mayor-It appears to be an���  1helr   M<f0i.   w|���   aMemb,e   ln
the banquet hall, where a splendid
repast, provided by lady supporters
of the association, wlll be In readiness.
At the banquet Uev. J. S. Henderson will give an address ou "Our
Part In  Worldwide  Manhood."
President T. J-, Trapp has returned
to the city and will occupy the chair
��� ,  ,     - ,*,     _ ,-       ���  . ���,      ,. , ..   .        ,��� .       at lhe meeting at which a number of
tion trips and surveys on the Colum- peddling them out of their swill bar- lnteregtlng   reporta  wl���   be  recelvod
bla river and Kootenay lake.   G, \V.
I < ^^^
the  work
_   building of  the  boat, and
at  is being done In his yard.
Tho launch will be of semi-cruiser
type, 35 feet long, 7 teet beam a.id
will d:aw 2 teet 6 inches of water.
With this boat the work of the district engineer and his start wll; bo
greatly expedited.
of which it was claimed, would arbitrarily increase the hindrances to
���Trading with this country.
���Krom many countries hare come
protests against thai new provision
iu the bill which wonld give the secretory   of  the   treasury   authority   to :
���allude trom entry gooda of merchants   ���.    .    ..,    ,   _    , ~      _
or manufacturers who refus* <to sub- "^     .    c    ���    ?���   " ��" Da,ma9e Due
unit  for  inspection  by  United  States:    ��� , ,.l�� Springtime Thawing
agents  their accounts  pertaining    io   , 'jP,t �� ����' ��W W~ The council has
valuations   or   classification   Of  Mer- flBol(ted to ���reP8jr at 0n?6 ��>8 *�����������
chandise    whenever    disputes    aTise.
The present attitude of the committee
and   the  administration   is to adhere
to this provision,    the    claim    being
that ii  will not bo abused and  will
���erve as  a bar    to  professional    fle-
traudcrs,   i'or Ign governments maintain  lhat it will    result    in unusual
One request of the ft.r-eign governments is for a return to the provision
of ibe ttlriii laws before the Payne-
Aid rich bill, which, in casi-s oi the
���disput'-d -Valuation, would give the
appraiser tiie right -to increase at. T> or
it) ptr cent
caused  by the recent Hoods li)  Main
Swollen by the heavy rains of last
wi ek. *:he springtime thawings from
the snow capped mountains further
up the valley. Penticton Creek, on
Friday, overflowed Ita banks a1 sev
eral points, and taking possession of
s v: ral thoroughfares the wa'er caused some damage before entering the
lake by other than hy usual channels.
I Continued from pane one)
Magee.     Following   Mrs.   lli,M,     wrre
Mrs.  Poppleton,  Vancouver;   Mrs.   \V.
T.   Ileiusl, y,   Bast   Burnaby;   Mrs.   T.
IlinehelilTe, Vancouver. The first man
to   pass   through   the   gate   wan   Mr.
Robert   Winthrop, city  poundkeeper.
The  procession  started on  its slow
���movement at 0:15 o'clock and it was
close upon neon before the last ticket
bad been taken out and the temporary
office located on the lawn of the gov- '
prrineiil.  property abandoned I
Lining tlie sidewalks on the west
Bide Of Sivlh street and every vantage poiiii on the bnildinfis facing the
ncene. wer? thousands of people taking In every little moneUHSt -made by
lhe   crowd;   while   a   small   army   of
M. S. Superb Wins Royal Navy
Blue Ribbon for Big Guns
London, May 19, Marked improve,
men! In the shooting of the fleet is
shown in the return of the tests for
gunlayers In 1912, recently Issued,
j ��� he new 13.5 in. guns were tested
for the first time, and the 12 in. guns
of the King Edward VII. and later
.'bins did much better than in 1911.
Wltli the splendid score or 31 direct
hits out of 36 rounds fired, II. M. S.
i Sunerh lakes first place with heavy
runs. The second ship is II. M. S.
Yarmouth. This is also the first ship
in the Mediterranean fleet, which
heads 'the list, the Australian squadron  being second.
With light quick firers, II. Mt. S.
Bonaventure is first with torty hits
out of forty-four rounds, and a score
of 133.33.
���J-ttvotoRrapher-a  also w-ere em tftttth.        i
11 was  a motley  crew  at that    The *
ranch, r   stood   beside  the   city   man-,
the   Yankee   vied   with   the   CanucL;
here  was noticed  a Hindu  wiih  his
.���bright   colored   turban   lending  color
���do    the    scene,    husky    Iniulwrjacks
dressed in the rt.ugh and read] cloth- j
ing  standing  side  by  aide ��itli  the'
englishman just over.
Hut  the  crowd  was orderly. Never]
*a semblance of disorder was ic
and the only peraon Khowinp, any Tear
���nas  Janitor Thornber of the TVrmin-
Quietly  -Working  its  Way   Into  Popu-
���loi'   build
-the iron fence
son etreet, got
seeing   visyorw  nf   (.tjon   cf
giving way on Clark-  archv.
real busy wits props.;     Unlike
utar   Favor  In   Ireland.
Dublin,   May   19.���A   new   organization  known  by  the  name of the Catholic association  is quietly  working
its way Into popular favor among Roman   Catholics   in   (ii-ecl   llrilai"   -""I
Ireland,    li  is essentially a sectarian
movement   designed   to  promote  materially as well as socially and  religiously  the interest  or i's members.
In  this  way  ii   might  bo  regarded
������a-at j somewhat as a species of  Freomas-
|oury;   but  it  is understood  that  its
wcrk and activities have the lull san-
lhe   Roman   Catholic   Ilier-
mncarthed   from   all   soctionB   ol   nbe
When Hie lirst few had plumed
through and obtained their numbers.
-Agenl Magi e ..u-ated his po-st in fuxor '
of Ur, t V,' Martin, Dominion lands
Snap 'ctor lor liritish Cchunbla and
Alberta, Mr. Magee retiring to hit-til-
ifiet ��l��ie the claims w��re fib tl
Still at IL
Vp to il Bl i veiling about IW) claims',
'had been filed and the remainder "pro- ���
tialdy  will he finished some time a'tnj
Although there are only l*'>0 pare.Is.
which   are   ti rim d   choice   lands,   the
lal.* comers will be able, to take out
-Qtalma on outlying sections, some of
JJShldi   run   as  high  as   161)  acres.
���^<r Martlfa, the land teapajCtoT, Informed Tbe News that it wu* lhe best
ai-.ti most firdt rly hOMOae-SMug etam-
pedc he bad yat witnessed ami praised
the nutborifles for perfeetiag as-.-h ar
Mr Martin believcn in Uie lottery
���Hy.ti iii u practtoed by the American
BOVemmont, BS the only SP-SJ in whieh
to give out land, but this apparently
���does   nol   appe&l   to   the   Ottawa   department
Uf   Jolt   last   evening  fr.v   CsIfWy,
Tiis headquarters, returning to Oolflen,
TB.C. on .Inn" 2. where another .l,i:-:i-
will be thrown open fer MtttemeKL
Eirdteye  Views.
Monda-J morning police tu-uil ues-
���sion wat a little delap-r-d by reason
of IS.w.n.lrate Kdmonds having Olffl-
���cnlt; in forming a qnoram ot police
Officers to line the small ariij tl
-drunks lo the dock.
"Awfully Beastly jpl'y this,' t.>-
��lait.itd one Rngtifhmsin wao appar
���ently wan just over, if a gUmce nl
liis Clothing was any cr'��<-ri'r,i He
wa." armed wiih a waJking flick, llur-
loerry ooat, :i bound at the end of the
chain, aud last but not Iwmt, a cigarette.
Basin est
tilock for
the dentil
tion  nlong	
The adieir.'.'.'u uifters and hir. cousins nnd his aunts in BJ9.8. Plnafhre
���find nothing on the greetint thai
Stalled suine of the lucky ones who
were ul  the bead of the list.
Bread ��:s at ��� premium early yes
organizations  such
Hibernians   nnd   Foresters  it
men or all nationalities who
Roman Catholicism, bin ii  pr
that members  must    belong
commercial  or    professional
as the
to Iho
and that they produce credentials -il
unblemished character before they
are even nominated,
Nothing to It.
Washington, May 19.- There has
been no change recently lit the political status or Mongolia, according to
advices made publlc liere today. Talk
or a Bscrel treaty between China and
Hussia, when ln th.- former virtually
recognized the autonomy or Cuter
Mongolia, ami admitted that it was
within Russia's sphere of Influence,
waa Taiii io be entirely without foundation.
rels.       _^^^_^^^^_^_^^^^__
The matter was brought before the
council hf Mr. llashleigh, secretary
of the Merchants' association.
An inviitatiou to tho opening of tho
new  home cf    the  lyoyal    Order    of
Moose, at the corner   of    Carnarvon
streot and Fourth avenue, wus accept-.
ed with thanks.
Another invitation to    attend    the;
lecture   on    single   tax by Mr. J. Z.
White  in  the  Labor Temple  tonight,
was also accepted with thanks.
The Unemployed Problem.
A letter from the secretary of the
Vancouver Progress club with a resolution anent remedying unemployment in the province and the establishment of labor bureaus was read
and  unanimously  Indorsed.
The resolution was that a committee "i* three meet and draft a scheme
for employment agencies for Vancouver and B. C. Consultations had been
held with the provincial and federal
agents In Vancouver, -he associated
charities, Salvation Army, Tradm
and Labor council, church organtza
lions. To get the unemployable away
from the citi.*s end on to the land
wa3 one ot the objects.
The councll Individually regretted
that engagements tonight prevented
their attendance at tho meeting In
Aldi rman Dodd said II might be
pointed   out   that     New   Westm:i::-:er
was establishing a labor bureau of
Its own, which tiie clerk wrote indorsing the resolution. This was
agreed to.
A long discussion on charging residents for the removal or garbage on-
sui d upon it report Irom Alderman
Bryson, who said that private residents were not charged when the
garbage and ashes were placed In
cans which the men were able io
handle. When residents used a can
and a box. or laid the ashes out in a
heap they  wero charged.
Acting Mayor Kellington said he
had brought the matter forward so as
lo make it clear. It was to prevent
lhe possibility of petty graft he did
As there was still some misapprehension, Alderman Bryson wlll report further on the matter.
The \iarka committee was granted
power io give permission to the
amateur lacrosse club lo erect a
dressing room in Queens park.
The finance committee recommended the refusal ot a grant to the W.
C. T. I"., local branch, to aid in thu
entertainment or delegates to the provincial convention, as no provision
had been made in the estimates for
grants to local conventions.
The waterworks committee recommended that the agreement between
the municipality of Coqultlam and :be
city re supply of water to Malllard
Villa district he forwarded to Ccq 11 It-
lam for signature, but before this be
done, the clause nailing "Estimated
cost $260" be hi ruck out; and th
the application or .Mr. Smith ro
water be granted subject to the pass
ing ot Ihe 1813 bylaw, and the board
ot works clearing the street.
The report was approved and
The council adopted the board   of
Works report last night, submitted by
Alderman   Dodd.
Beveral ot the recommendations
will only bo acted upon it the bylaws
pass loday.
The   report  was as follows:
Tha; the pavement on Sixth slreet,
between Fourth and Sixth avenues,
be constructed 48 teet wide, and that
the sidewalks be six feet wide over
curbs, and ihat the outer edge ol
curbs bi
trom  the different committees.
Music will bo a feature of the program.
Any members who have changed
their address or who have not received Invitations are cordially invited to be present at 6:30 o'clock.
Treble-Track Bridge at Coquitlam
Under   Way.
Port Coquitlam, May 19. Work was
started trday on the treble-track
C, P. R. bridge across the Coquitlam
river, the construction of which has
heen delayed Ior some time. Only the
preliminary grading on either side or
lhe prestnt single track trestle which
the new bridge will replace, is at
present going on, a gang of some 50
men  being engaged.
lt is expected that the Bteel tor the
structure will arrive on the ground
heicre the end of the week. The
bridge will probably he finished and
ready  for use in about three weeks.
H'nntlnueo irom pai:e onei
i p*yj i nr js mz>
Second Week of Our
With a
Great Rush.
The opening of the second week of our Fifteen Days'
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large enough for foot pasBOng-
company objected to the BUb-
-..*.iy being built at the point desired
by the municipality and further objected to paying any part of the co*-,;
Tiie order was made by the commissioners, however, that tlio eom-
panj put In the subway, tha municipality lo pay half the cost. The work
Iwill be (hue at the polnl desired by
the municipality and the company
must file plans within SO days and
complete the work within tltroe
months Of the approval of the plans
by the railway commission.
Mr.  W. (1.  McQuarrie appeared  for
tho municipality.
Coquitlam   Depot
in regard to the application df tlie
c. P   ii. for approval of the location
or Ita station at Coqultlam. tbe bonrd
declined to make any order. The
chairman said It w*;ts prnb-rblo tbat
the company at a later date would
have to have further facilities to the
tast. but lie saw no reason at the
present for the changing of the site.
Mr. W. M. Minthorne, if New Westminster, complained against the C
P. It. regarding Btorage charges. H *
said that n small s:ife was shipped to
him whicb was worth $260 plus duty
He was charged $102.58 storage a'
New Westminster from April lo November, 1011. Decision waa reserved
as to whether there should be a cut
In the tariff pending counsel tor the
C.  P, It. being heard  this morning.
Curtain     Nets,    Madras j Extra   Special   Women's
Muslins.   Scrims; Reg.        Navy .Serge Suits
Values to $1.00
for 48c.
iviich an opportunity as this comes seldom. We
musl make room for the new arrivals, hence
this special Inducement This lot is composed
v.f Pancy Curtain Nets. Madras Muslins, .Scrima,
plain and with colored border; in ecru, Arab,
ivory and white; -55 to 54 inches wide; regular
values   to  $1.00.     Per yard   for 48*6
In this lot are twenty Suits, developed in excellent i-'rides of imported navy serges; guarantee.! pure indigo blue; thoroughly shrunk: the
season's latest models; coats lined throughout
wltli Skinner's satin; skirls high waist line and
Bide pleats; pane! back and from; our regular
$32.50  values.    Special    $23.75
36 inch Paillette and
Taffeta Silks, 88c.
2   Special    .Sale    of    Wash
Goods   Today
18c. Yard.
Secure a new dn?ss length from this selection;
new shades iti plain colors, shot and stripe ef-
ticts; all this season's new tones, sky, navy,
tan. blown, gray; 36 inches wide; usually sold
at  Jl.-a and $J.50 yard. Today, yard.    '33c
An excellent collection or Summer Wash Fabrics;
27   to  no   Inches   wide;   absolutely   last   colors;
included In the lot are while and colored repps,
vestlngs, fancy muslins, bordered foulards, etc.
Special today, yard   18��S
fContlnucd from page ono)
dshes an anii-alien law will sign the
Bferendum as to this law,"
At   Washington.
Washington, May 19 on learning
through press dispatches that. Cover
nor Ji hnson had signed ihe Webb land
act Soe-t'.'-Y Bryn tpleohoncd Vis.
count Chlnda and Invited him to
nine i*   the i' itp di " irtment to re
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     colve  th    i- ���!-.   ... huh  he had  beer.
10 feet distant rrom propertj   anxlonslv ��� *..   I np rlnre tho presen-
trary view, it will be an easy matter
for it to test the issue in the American courts. Tins, It Is pointed out,
would seem to remove the. iBSUe from
one of treaty construction if the stato
department's view ts correct, to the
broad field r.f international law.
National Pride.
II is realized lien? that the Japanese
government, is not very much concerned with the exclusion of its subjects
from America, for they are much
needed in Manchuria. Corea and Formosa      Underlying   the   whole   Rblec-
; I lon, it is said, is the intense national
pride ot the Japanese which has been
touched to the uoiok by the general
development ot itnfi-Japanese reeling
on the Pacific coast.   Officials realize
I that negotiations from this point forward must be conducted with extreme
caution, but tliere is B general convlc-
1 Hon that an amicable solution of th"
problems  involved  eventually   will   be
He protected by an Insurance Policy in the
Having a Capital of $4,000,000.
See BICKELL About It
Phono 1299 322 Westminster Trust Bldg.
Drave   Little  Woman.
Cleveland.  O.,  May  19    Protecting| futur
from B mob Hi   Chauffeur who bad run
down  and   killed   ber  little  brother,
Kosa Callel. 19, today fouglil off evi ;i
her mother until a policeman could
arrive, she raw thai the chauffeur
was not to blame for the accldenl and
fought off a crowd which tried to
reach him until a policeman came to
lur assistance.
was curpend-rd in lh i Cliff
uie whole henr. many of
, inking a view of situi-
with   their  SMateUats  and
Guard  Went too.
NogalCB,   Ariz,   Muy   19,   -The   war
aeroplane which crossed into Mexico'
near  Naco  lasl  night   was  the  same
riying machine confiscated by United1
States federal officers two weeks ago.
The machine has disappeared  from  a
ranch In tween Tucson and  lhis point j
With It disappeared Itueben lloskins, S|
United States deputy marshal of Tucson,  who  was  left to guard  the  all i
Seven Years for Shooting.
Macleod, Alta., May 19. Edward II.
Harvey, farmer, adjudged guillv of
having attempted to murder William
McRae, was sentenced to seven
years in the penitentiary today. The
nun bad quarrelled ever finances, and
one day Harvey look a pit shot at
McRae, wounding him In tho head.
The taut of Barbara.
  .  . Freder.uk,   .Md..   May   II).--The   re-
terdny morning in many of the cafes I mains of Barbara Preltchle, tha hero-
on account of the huge demand Tor, ine of Whiitler's pn. in, and those of
sandwiches with which the bomoseek- ! her husband, John C. Frietchle, which
loaded UP to ward off the wiilf dur- [were recently disinterred from the "Id
ine. the long wait.
The colored man, "A. Whitt-." was
fnituunjt from the tine up. Ile informed Iiie News that al) he x-tnled
Reformed cemetery here and placed
in ihe mausoleum at Mt, Olivet, will
be buried with appropriate ceremonies on Memorial day, May 30.
line,  having  four  feol   between
side ot sidewalk and propertj line f"i
exit nslon.
Thai the board of works purchasi
a oi,i -horse scrapor at an estimated
cost of $225. To in- purchased, ir possible from a local mi ri ���haul, and
charged to the contingency fund   In
Hie   maintenance    i stimuli a    cf    tho!
In ard Ol -..orks.
That the culled raving bricks, lefl
over from Fourth street, I. i purchased
ii $12 per 1000;  there being   about
.ii 10  left over.
Thai the appl cation of Messrs.
Johnson and   others   for   living   up
Manitoba   street   be   granted,   subject
to iiie issuing ot   he 1918 bylaws.
That    Ihe    city    engineer    prepare
grades  cf   Ninth   street,     and   no'lfy j
the owners or property ort thai Btreoi
to  meet   the  board of  works  to discuss the question of sidewalk -ind pi r :
j-nanei I  sidewalk al  a later date.    In
Ith" meantime, old walk be patched up
and the material on tbe ground re
moved io another place.
That Ihe petition ol A. Knudson
and others asking to have sidewalk
on Rimer streol removed to its pro
| per plac be granted, Estimated cm
Thai ibe t ffer of .1. Duncan to d a
po ** of IiIb seam wagon for $2000 to
ihls di partmont be not entertained,
is the    pri jenl    i qul| inert    of    lhis
I kind is i-ipabl ol doing all the hauling required at the present time.
That with refcrenos to the request
..f a. n Solomon for sidewalk on
Durham street, this walk has already
in .n authorized, bul the construction
of same bus be. n deferred pending
the grading "I Ibe street,  which  it Is
Intended  will be undertaken  if   the1
1913  bylaw  passes.
tatfon of lu.- n lo en '���!������ v 9,
\\ lu n tho *'" wer hid been determined, the ver, t-rv and ambassador
conferred parnestlj for an hour re.
gardlng Ihn :������ n ral aspect of
proi li in which thi y are trying
The ii.*:-' tlutli iib i. twi on the
governments nre ni w e-spected
proci "il In n gulor fashion without
further reftrenep io what takes plac.
in California, Upon returning to thi
embassy Viic u"t t hind:' dispatched
Hi" Male department's v ply to his
own government ������ id !l is assumed
thai Beveral d.iys -������ ������ elapse before
the !i">:!  Men is taki n
In vb v. of the understanding between the two governments regarding the withholding of correspondenci
from pnbtloltv. none nt the officials
al the Wli'ti Pome the -i.tc department or Hi" Japanese e-h'tiv nre
to Indicate the nature of the .laoan
ese cbji ctlt ns or of Secret u-y Bryan'B
reply From oiler pources, however
It was gathered that, whlh the Jan
nnese alleged technical violations of
the tr. aty of 1611 bj Ihe Calltornl*
law. these relate to miner provisions,
such as ihat prohibiting .Tapinesi
from  Inheriting  prep, i'v  in  CnMfer
,.*.        'I '.,.   t-e-||    WPlphl    "f   Hi"   el.:".*.".H
Ib ���"-���'iml Hi" Bplrll of the wh il ��� leg-
li lation,   v hich   Is   reg irded   as
tinctly   discriminator)    agalnsl
lu his answer Secretary Bryan is
understood tn bnve recounted at some
longth the efforts mado by the atlmln-
latratlon i" guard against an Infringe-
ment if thi ti eatj rights of the Japan     .*      Officials   hero     believe     this
substantially has  been  accomplished
th--i.i"*h iiie ;.;." ndment of the original Webb act and that al any rale. If
the Japanoee government takes a con-
For Sale���"3C00. No. 313 Tenth street.
City, six roomed modem house, flrst
class condition; large lot, with I
etone fence in front, Only $401
cash, ami the balance $100 every
three months. I.n us show you this
For Sale���$1800. nice cosy well built,
new bungalow, situuti d on large
lot, jusl off Twelfth street car line.
M"0 cash, and the balance monthly.
I'lill particulars upon request.
We are open Evenlnos.   Call.        i
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Bulilding.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOU.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Come and Hear
Alfred VV. MacLeod, the Insurance Man.    Agencies :
lOstatdlshed      Ansets
Hallway Passenger Assurance Co. of London ... 1849 $   8,000,000
Guaranteed  by  the North   Uritlsh       Mercantile
Insurance Co. of London   isoo 106,000,000
Palatine Insurance Co. of London  1886 D.ouo.uoo
Guaranteed  by the Commercial Insurance Company of London    18f!l 90,000.000
Niagara Klre insurance Co. or New Ynrk     I860 6.000,000
Sveu Fire and Lire Insurance Co. ol Sweden  .. 1866 14,000,01)0
Weitmlnsler  Truat   Block Phone 52.
,s  the Qreatesl   EJxponen
i..-nie Problems, lecture or
One  i.f   the  Oreatesl    ICxpononts   cf |
Economic Problems, lecture, on the  j
ill    111"
Corner of Sovenlll  Sl reet  and  Uoyal
Avenue, on
Tuesday, May 20th
at 8 p.m.
Acting  Mayor  Kellington    in    the I
I chair.   Everybody welcome. |
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Are showing seme very pretty designs in Brass Beds, 4 ft nnd 4 ft. 6 In.
Exceptional bargains at rrom   $29.50 to $03.75
White Enamel inm Beds rrom  $3.95 to $18.50
Cenulne Oak Dressor ��� ��� ', $18.25 to $27.50
other Dressers in Qolden Oak, Uoyal Oak and Mahogany finish.
liininu room Suite, consisting of Pedestal Table, extend to 8 feet,
5 side and 1 arm chair, and buffet with I) I), plate mirror. This suite
is nn exceptional bargain ut J4S.no complete,
Our Dry Goods Bectlon Ib attracting great attention.
Cor. 6th Avenue and 12th Street���take 12th St. Car TUESDAY, MAY 20, 1913.
PAGE Pttte
For Sport Readers
Will   Settle  Question  on   Wednesday
Night���Date   Set for   Independence Day.
lody, .luck Coatello, Curley Watson
and Jell Thome.
He hat; been defeated by Carpentier,
the French middleweight; Milliard
I.ang, the Canadian; Frank Klaus,
Stanley Ketchel and Billy Papke. He
bas rought four battles with Harry
Lewis, the American middleweight, all
of them  ending In  draw  decisions.
Willie's last Important bout on this
side was with Mike Gibbons, who
knocked him out ln tbe second round.
Los Angeles, May 19.���Whether
Willie Ultchle, lightweight champion
of the world, and Joe Itlvers of Ixis
Angeles, will meet the Fourth of July
in a championship battle at San Francisco or Los Angeles, wlll be determined Wednesday night. It Is as definitely settled as mattera pugilistic can
Ue, tbat the bout will occur on Independence day, but the decision as to
the scene of the encounter rests with
llin local promoter and Joe Levy,
manager ol the Mexican fighter.
The San Francisco promoter whose
offer for ihe match was accepted by
Hilly Nolan, I'ltchie'B manager, arrived here this morning and was in
consultation nearly all day with McCarey and both held occasional conferences with Levy.
Shortly before the promoters arrived, they readied an agreement
whereby the promoter will be notified
Wednesday night whether McCarey
would relinquish his rights to Itlvers'
services on the big holiday date.
Manager Levy long ago advised McCarey that his man would meet any
opponent selected by McCarey for
that  day  at  the  Vernon arena.
Woole    of Kent Carries Bal for 221���
L.incs  in  Good   Mood���Other
County  Matches.
lon,  May   10.    Al   the  close  of
i        I ti day Surrey had scored 830 all
..* match with Gloucester al
ibe   latter  team  getting   S2
: wickets.
11*. nil   1 sf,  all  out.  auainut
���-'   l'i",   r.ir   eight   at    Lords.
lb   .:..     coring  65 nnd  Mann  63  not
.   *
'.re playing Essex at Leyton
I  351  all out.  Makepiece passing
rent iry mark with 127 and sharp
. 16, v. hlle Essex made 20 ror
i . .. -liis Playing AJexford agalnsl
tin University of Kent, scored 480 all
. ��� v.iM,i,.y making the magnificent
re ..f 224 not out, while Felirer
not hed   62
\i Hath, Yorkshire scored 143 for
i :\ wickets against Somerset, Hirst
scoring 40.
In the Hampshire-Leicester match
at ilaii:ptoii. Head paused the century
by two runs, Hampshire's total being
219, Leicester's opening play was 6k
for   tour  wickets.
Mav  Rod and Cun In Canada, puh-
,,. ,1 by W   1  Taylor. Limited. Wood-
��� tock i in!. Is . ul with a varli d Usi ol
i oi tents.
Among the articles noted  arc "A
.- on iiie  Portage,"  which    will
trlke  a  resp nsive chord  In    many
hearts;  "After the Ciant Mnscalonge
of Anchor Hay." an entertaing tale of
Iho St. Clair flats;  "A Canoe Trip to
i'u- Groal Opeongo Lake District," a
,'ell  Illustrated story or a Bomewhat
trenuous trip In Algonquin l'ark, "A
' uthern  B.  c   Goat   Hunt,"  an  ac-
. oun! of a successful trip Into the Cas-
��� ides; "Fox Breeding In I'rince Ed-
- ir.i Island;" Article IV. of "Small
Fur Hearers and How to Take Them;"
"The Iilary ol a Canoe Trip In 1*S54"
i oncluBlon), etc., etc.
(By  "Gravy."'
13   YEARS   A   COXER
Tbireon vears In the ring is the re-
,rd ( I Willie Lewis, the New s "rk
iddlewelght, who wb'. celebrate hla
.,,, birthday tomorrow. Willie Lewis
m * a nermann) resident ��r gay,
, rea and has opened a thirst parlor
City ol l ight. where he is es-
Vancouver Shut Out 5-0���Slugfeit at
Victoria���Portland  Defeats
Vancouver. May 19. -The Seattle
Giants opened up their series wltb another win over the Beavers, this time
shutting out Vancouver to the tune of
Although his team mates let three
errors go by, Meikle pitched heady
ball and had tho Beaver batsmen
helpless at all stageB.    Score:
It.    II.    E
Seattle     5     8     8
Vancouver      0      5     2
Hatterles: Meikle and ('adman; Ingersoll  and   Konnlck.
Some Game This.
Victoria, .May 19. Twenty-four
runs, 34 hits and six errors were registered In this afternoon's game between lhe Hees and Indians, the former taking the long end or a 15-9
score, The game was one of thc
Wl iniest   played   here  this  season.
R,    11.   B.
So l.ui..       9    13      3
Victoria    15    20     3
�� * * * fit # # * * # * �� tt 3=
An exhibition game will be
staged at Queens park this
evening bt tween the Moobo
and a picked team from tho
rest of the eity league clubs. It
waB expected that tho season
would open thin p.m. in real
earnest, but a hitch occurred
somewhere, which prevented
the Balmorals or the H. C. E.
It. from turning out a full nine.
This evening's encounter
will commence at 6:30 o'clock.
�� .*: th # # # #��� # ��: %. # ft ���# #
Discputes   In   April   Exceeded   by
Corresponding Month in Last
Frank    Ennla Will   Go    Ahead   t
Arena Project���Rake-off for
Tailed to Stop Onslaught.
Portland, May 19, Bolce got Into
deep water at the Instant he began
to pilch today iu the game between
Portland and Tacoma, which resulted
in b 6-3 victory for the Colts.
Bancroft rent a creaming liner into
right field which placed him on third j
Then In BUCCeSSlon there were singles. I
from   Mohbr,   Fries     aid      Melchoir, I
Bancroft and  Melchoir scoring.    Then
McGinnity  sent  himself  in  to  pitch.1
Spi as   sacrificed   bringing   the   score
to three.
Murray walked and Coltrin, with a
red-hot two bagger scored two more
runs. Arter that McGinnity had Portland at hiB mercy except In the sixth
when Bancroft with a second three
base bit, scored on an overthrow by
Catcher Harris to second.    Score:
It.    II.    E
Tacoma .3      9      2
I'ortland    0      9      2
llatteries: Hoice, McGinnity and
Harris;  Hynes aud Murray.
Standing  of the  Clubs.
What constitutes a prize fight ? This
old question was debated by nhe
members of the Burnaby council last
evening when an application for the
building of an arena and a permit to
hold boxing contests in the municipality came from Frank B. Ennls, a
New Westminster promoter.
There were the pros and cons tc
the question to be sure, but the ayes
had it when the votes were counted
Councillor Mayne being the only onr
to register a kick when a motion
was paaaed allowing the arena to b<
erected and also boxing contests tc
be hdd.
In the eyes of Mr. W. G. McQuarrie
municipal solicitor, boxing, whether
for Tun cr money, can be placed ir
'be same position as lacrosse or fool*
ball where men are sometimes hurt
j Mr. McQuarrie appeared to have the
| laws and decisions as to former contests at his flnEers' ends and quoted
j Beveral learned members of the On
tario bench, who had upheld the
gentle art ot self defence, togethet
with a rider that it was sport thai
should he developed if the younge-
g-i tieration was to be strong and
The solicitor opined that a Btigeos
tlon compelling a person to be a res'
dent ol British Columbia three yearf
before he could engage in a hon'
would be counted oul by the ul'.rp
vires route.
Reeve McGregor thought that 11
Richmond were allowing such con
tests he saw no reason why Burnaby
should not allow them. He sugges'ed
that the promoters atrree to give the
Victorian Order ol Nurses a certain
perci ntage or the net gate receipts,
to which Mr. F.nnls assented, naming
10 per een'. as the sum.
Councillor Coldicutt pointed out
that two men were knocked out in 8
football game at Sapperton a week or
so ago.
The pi lice committee, together
with Cblsl Parkinson, will act as n
boxing commission and bave corn'ro'
of any events that may be staged
Mr. F.nnis will proceed with Ihe erec
tlou of an arena near Kdmonds oi
Douglas road.
Ottawa, May 19 -Though the actual number of trade dlBputeB in existence during April was greater than
the preceding month and exceeded by
12 that of the corresponding inonth of
last year, the number of working days
loBt to employees thereby was not as
great as during April, 1912. The Industries most affected by disputes In
April, according to the Labor dazette,
were building, mining and clothing
tradeB. The disputes of metalliferous
miners in British Columbia, previously begun, continued, as did alao the
strike of the gold miners at Porcupine. The most serious disputes In
the building trades involved painters
at Wlnlpeg and miscellaneous employees at Nelson, B.C. In the cloth-
Ing trades more than 2000 garment '<������
workers at Hamilton were thrown out
of work by a dispute which lasted
about two weeks. Business conditions
were unatrected In Montreal and
Toronto by short strikes or teamsters.
Although more than 20 new dlBputes
occurred during April, a solution was
soon reached, the majority of the disputes being called to enforce demands
for increase In wages.
ful and finished vaudeville turn that
ever graced a stage In New Westminster Is appearing at the Royal theatre
the lirst hair t.f this week. In consists of a lady and gentleman, two
ladders, lots of scenery and. their own
Bpeclal lighting effects. The title of
the act Is "The Imp's Playground"
and all the work Is done on unsupported ladders. One of the numerous
wonderful stunts performed by this
clever pair Is that of a lady skipping
rope while on a ladder which ia entirely unsupported. The rest of the
show Is very good and taken as a
whole it Is well worth the price.
Itemed one of the greatest boxcrB.
Willi,, had ihe good fortune to g"l in
,.��� the boxing game In Paris when it
wns iieu to that city, and his long ex-
perlen -nabled   him   to  display     a
lock of pugilistic wares that, were a
, ..laiioii lo the French tans. On
Ihls side Of the pend Lewis has never
, inked better than a second rater,
I iii he was a star in Paris.
Now that the Frenchmen nave developed Bome talent of their own Willie IB not such n stellar attraction but
ii.. is still honored aa one ot the fain-
- is or boxing ill France. Lust l"'hni-
nry Willie was decisively defeated in
:.   20.round  bout   by  Adrian  Oupouy,
ono or his former pupils, who does
bis trapping under the Hiberninn
nu.linker ot  Hogan.
li was predicted at the time that
Lew h was all in ns a boxer, but a
���till-ill, inter he took on Marcel Moreau, the French middleweight, and
won easily Willie was In superb lorm
nnd easily evaded Moreno's savage
���attacks. By this victory Lewis restored his tarnished reputation as tn
idol of Parisian fight fans and fitnesses
tor Willie has a large tallowing <>[
fashionable women and prominent
actresses who never overlook an opportunity  to see hlm In action.
Lewis was bom ln New York ctty
on Mnv 21. 1SK4 and began bis rim.
career al the age of 18. M a light-
woight, He soon entered Hi" wellei-
wolghl ranks, and eventually became
a. middleweight, He is tlve reet eight
Inches in height and a clever, brainj
fighter. .    ,   ,    ���
It bus been alleged that he lacks a
BoporlflO punch, but the records do
not support such BJ1 allegation, Ior he
has won 13 battles by the knockout
-onto Among his victims have been
Joey Smilh, Sailor Burke, Honey Mcl-
Aggles Lose to Washington.
Seattle, May io. The University of
Washington basi ball team won fron
the Oregon  Agricultural college 5-2
Washington's  victory   was due to  thl
siil.i*ri"r pitching (d Johnson who held
111" visitors to three hits, while Wash
Ington  secured  six hits orr  McMillan
The teams  play again tomorrow.
It     H.    E
O   A. C    2      8      2
Washington     r,     6     -4
Hatteries: McMillan and Waller;
Johnson and Byler.
Standing of the Clubs.
W.    L. Pet
Philadelphia   17      7 .709
Hrooklyn 19      9 .67S
N'ew York    If,    12 .RBi'i
Chicago   15    16 .4S3
St. Louis   14    15 .479
Hoston    11    IE .423
Pittsburg   12    18 .400
Cincinnati      9    20 .310
Yesterday's Games.
!    At Philadelphia h.   ii.   b
Chicago ...4      X      3
Philadelphia  10   12     2
Batteries: Lavender and Archer;
Hicnnan and Kllllfer.
At Brooklyn it.   ll.   F.
.St. Louis   1      8     2
Hrooklyn   2     8     0
Batteries;    Orlner   and    Mcix-an;
Ilucki r,  Yingling and  Miller.
Al  Boston IL    H.    E
Cincinnati   9   12    4
Boston   8    9    8
Batteries: Benton, Johnson, Brown
and Clark; Tyler, Noyes. Itudolp'
and Laridan.
Al   New  York��� H.    IL    V.
Pittsburg   -   13    r
New York     8     9      2
Hatterles: Camnitz. tlendrlx' and
Simon; Marquard, Ames, Tesreau and
Biddy    Bishop    Selected    to    Referee
Bayley-Barrieau   Bout  Saturday���
Should  Meet with Favor.
Biddy Bishop, a sport writer on one
of the Tacoma newspapers, and onr
of the best known men In the fight
world on the coast, was last evening
selected as the third man In the rin-t
in the Bayley-Barrieau battle, which
will be staged at Brighouse next Saturday evening.
The selection of Bishop will undoubtedly meet with favor by a largi
majority of the fans in thiB section
iiis ruling in the llyland-Cnmpbeli
scrap two weeks ago at Steveston being all to the good.
Now that the referee question ll
settled, the fans can sll back and wait
the coming of Saturday when then
will undoubtedly be one of the largesi
crowds ever gathered at a IB-round
'latlle In this province to see the Canadian   lightweight   championship  at
Chicago, May 19.���When asked why
he kepi  forty chickens and ducks In I
rooms in the rear of his barber shop,
Qiuseppl Novak told Judge Ohllr that j
be gave a fresh egg with every shave !
"No shave, no egg. is my motto." the i
barber said.    Novak was In court to |
explain  a  complaint    made    against
Mm   bv  q  neighbor  about   the  noise
In  the barber's home  since,  he "trn-1
ed it into a chicken house."
The court accepted Novak's explan-j
atioii  and   released  him.
Half Million Freighter.
Port Arthur, Ont., May 19��� The
Western Drydock company has received a contract rrom Montreal interests for the construction of a 825-
rooa steel treighter, the longest on
tresh water, to cost in excess ot hair
a million dollars.
At the Theatres
The Vin Meore Slock company put
On another or their side spliltinr
comedies at the opera house las'
evening. This time it was called "Has
Anybody Here S.-en Kelly ?'��� Mr
Moore. Ihe leading man and manager
has derided lo change the bill every
evening and tonight they will put on
a comedy drama called "Tennessee's
Partner." The theatregoers lhat take
in this production this evening will
be sure to get their money's worth,
as it is another one ot those la""b
able shows that have made the Vin
Moore company famous. On Wednes
day evening they will put on "The
Man of the  Hour.''
Thursday evening the opera house
will he visited by another of bos.
famous actresses that have always
-..-Tli. it a "/-In* to v'"'* Ibis ellv
This time it is the world known Miss
Delia Clarke. This lady is not onlj
an actress, but also an authoress, as
she always dramatizes her own plays
The last time she plaved hero, last
year, she was in "The White Squaw."
This time it is in a very funny
comedy entitled "Introduce Me." Mis?
Clarke carries her own company,
which she has selected herself and
as the majority of them are come
���Fans, ibis show oucht to be a laugh
trom the rise of the curtain. The
seat sale Is on now at the box office.
A spectacle on  Unsupported
Singing   and   Toe-Dancing
"Good  Night, Mr. Moon"
Beautifully  Illustrated.
Split Reel  Keystone.
The Dark Town Belle
A Little Hero
Two   Reel   Kay-Bee
Past Redemption
A  sensational  Western  story
showing       what       gossiping
tongues will do.
Thanhouser Comedy
The Dos in the Baggage Car.
Don't Miss this Show
We Act as Agents Only for ths Purchase  and  Sale  of   Real   Eatate.
J. J, JONES, Managing Dlrsctor.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streeti, Nsw Wettmintter.
Tho last of the glass comes all
loo  soon  when  it contains
the taste is bo good that you
wish the glass were bigger. Lot
us send you a case. Phone
L 75.    Pront service.
Through tickets, all classes, to   the East and to Europe.
33 Hours to Prince Rupert.
41 hours to Hazelton.
"Prince Ueorge",runs through to
"Prince Rupert" runs through to
Granby Bay.
Leave at 12 midnight.
���MONDAYS���Prince Rupert, Stewart, Massett.
TUESDAYS���Victoria, Seattle.
THURSDAYS���Prince Ilupert, Granby Bay.
FRIDA.YB���Alert Bay,   Hardy   Bay.  lUvera  Inlet.  Ocean
Falls. Queen Charlotte islands (direct service, taat time)
SATURDAYS���Victoria, Seattle.
���Close   connection at Prince Rupert -with Qrand Trimls
Pacific Railway  trains tor points East ot Haselton.
H. G. SMITH, C   P. & T
Phone Seymour 8134.
A. W. E. DUPEROW, O. A. P. D.
VANCOUVER. B.C.      627 Granville Street
Among the  coining at'ractions    nl j
the  opera  house   'hat   are   hooked  al
ready  are several  very  good  musical j
conn dies.    On  the last three days ofl
this  month,   May  24.  30  and  31,  the I
city will be visited by the Australia)
Pollards,    They arc just completing n
tour that  has taken   hem  rrom  Van
COUVer  to   Boston     and     return.     On
lune  11,   the  famous   Eddy   Koy   and i
his well known musical comedy com- j
pany will be here.    Mr.  Koy has as:
'lis off' \ii-e thl -��� vear a piece entitled i
Over t'.ie River."
Without  a  doubt   the  most   wonder
HARRY  TIDY,  Manager.
und trip excursions commence May 2S���Go one way, return another.
Standing of the Clubs.
W.   ���
Philadelphia 10
Cleveland    20
Washington   17
Chicago   20
Boston   13
St. Louis  14
Detroit   11
New York    8
Yesterday's Games.
At Detroit��� R.    II.    K
Philadelphia  3    6    o
Dot roll      ft    10      1
Batteries:      Wyokoff,      Bush     and
Thomas, Lapp; Wlllett and Stallage.
At  Cleveland��� It.    II.    K.
Washington  l    5    o
Cleveland  4   lft    ::
Batteries: fashion, lOngle, Boehl-
ing and Alnsmlth, Williams; Kalkcn-
burg and Carlsch.
At Chicago R,    II.   B.
Boston    10     I)     0
Chicago    1      7      r>
Batteries: Wood and Niinamuker;
Scolt.  Smith.  Cleoite and  Easterly.
At St. LouIb- ll.    II.    K.
New   York    8    13      4
St. Louis 6    11      4
Kid McCoy outpointed Gus Hull-
lin In 20 rounds nl Syracuse.
-Leo Houck defeated Tommy
O'Keefe In six  rounds in  !>an
caster,  Pa.
Dixie Kid defeated Franl
1-oughrey in four roundB (foul1
at ParlB.
-Georges Carpentier defeated
Frank l.oughrey in IB rounds at
l'aiia. ���
Ray    Temple    outpointed    Joe
Mundot In eight rounds at Mem
.lack   Harrison     defeated     I'te
McEnroy   for  English    middle
iwelght    championship    in    20
rounds at London.
-Young Dyson deteated Charley
Crirfin ln IB roundB at Marie-
Eddie damp! defeated Jimmy
Walsh In six rounds nt Sacra-
m ent o.
"The Elder
Edison  Photo-Play.
A   Strong
Clothes Washer* Meet.
Calgary. Alta., May 19.���Tha second
annual    meeting    of    thc    NorthweBt
Laundrymen's   association     convened
In    Calgary    today,    delegates   being
present  from   the  four  western  provinces,    ln lhe address of President N.
J.   Christie   the  ?���������'-n-rr t   was   made I
that there were  300  power laundries
ln   Western   Canada,   employing  8000 i
men   nnd   women.     The   session   will ,
Continue until Wednesday.
A Novel  Storey. A  Mischievous
Little Girl.
In "Mixed Identities" and "Gala
Day Parade, Yokohama, Japan."
The Twins lead a couple of
���pay Lotharios a merry chase. It
all ends In a good laugh.
Vin Moore
Stock Co.
Presenting the Big Comedy
One   show   each   night,   8:30-
10:45 p.m.
PRICES���15c, 25c, 50c.
Wednesday Evening
"The Man of the Hour"
Miss Del a Clarke
Presents Herself and Company
or Comedians in a laughable
Seals now on sale at Tidy, tho
Florist's, $1.50 to BOc.     .
Sailing Every Tuesday From
New S.S La ii rent ic   15,000 tons  New S.S. Megantic
First Class, $92.50; Second, $53,75; Third, $32,50.
S. S. Teutonic Twin Screw S. S. Canada
.. .582 feet long       Steamers       514 feet long..
Only ONE CLASS CABIN (II.) $50,00, and
Third Class, $31.25 and up carried.
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets., etc., apply to
H. M. Stevenson, Agent CM. A St. Paul Ry., 622 Columbia St., or
E. A. Goulet, C. P. R. Depot, New Westminster.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle.
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
S* Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings till 9:00 o'clock.
The Home of Low Prices 641 Front St.
Out of the High Rent District.
For Men, Marsh's "High Merit" willow calf tan, button and lace Boots, sizes and half sizes $3.95
For Men, "Landover" Boots, Blucher pattern, vici
kid, snappy last, sewn soles $2.95
For Men, "Weston" vici kid Blucher   boots,   sewn
soles, every size $2.45
Boys' box kip Blucher Boots, sizes to 5s $1.75
Youths' vici kid Blucher Boots, sizes 11, 12 and
13 $1.45 PAUE   SIX
TUESDAY, MAY 20, 1813.
Classified Advertising
* RATE8. ���
Classlfled���One cent per word per
���lay 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 6.000 words, to be used as re-
-niired within one year from date of
contract,  $25.01).
Birth or Marriage Notices 60c.
IVath Notice 50c or with Funeral Nonce $1.00. Card of Thanks 50c per
clerk required. Apply stating age,
experience and salary required -lo
Hox 1350 Daily News. d3.iO)
years of age to help tako care of a
baby and make herself generally
useful. Apply to Mrs. Win. Me-
Adam. 1022 Seventh avenue. (1361)
taln Immediate Possession of an
ideal city lot lacing Moody Park.
Balance or $loou can be paid on
terms to suit purchaser's convenience Write Owner, Box 1849 Daily
Nows. (18*9)
Says French Writer on Panama���Will
Then  Be Converted   Into a
Free Strait.
I'aris,    May    19.-   Philippe    Bunau-
Varllla has  just  published  an  Intel-
FOIt SALE-- $1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PEltiesting   hook   of   great   bulk     entitled
week,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable j "Panama:    Its Creation.    Destruction
Ranges; every one guaranteed, Mar-land Resurrection."   This deals with
ket square (1200) I the whole  history  of  the  enterprise
,  'from the most remote beginning* io
Denver      Couple     Consider     Absent   Life's    Secret   Revealed   When    War
Friends���Custom Would Put Worn and Feeble She Is Sent
Stop to Bigamy. to  Asylum.
the "Offensive Weapons Aet," recently passi.il hy the legislature.   The In-
tiiction  of tho lash  upon  Ihpse con-1
vieteil ot illegally using Breams would
have a deterrent effect upon this class 1
or criminalB.
We would also submit that the present  scale  of  pay  of   provincial  con- j
stabli'H is Inadequate.    Excellent work
Is   being   rendered   by   many   of   our i
constables, hut higher pay would en- !
courage a better class of men to en-j
ter the service and tho results would
he the increased effectiveness of the
Denver, May IH.    Marriages are said      (julncy. 111.,  May  19.    The conunlt-
to  he  recorded  in heaven,  and  it  is  ment to the asylum tor the Insane at
FORD     RUNABOUT     FOR     SALE the present moment.
chean     Apply  47   Merrlvale street.      He calls the hook "a witness before
(1306) , the bar of history, explaining how the
 .��� | sublime   creation   of     French   genius
FOIt SALE���ONE LOT 50x150 WITH | was ravished from the patrimony of
six roomed house with shack 13x33. | France, and showing how French
woodshed,  well    and    city    water. | genius   completely   solved   the prob-
Prlce $1400, cash  $800.    Apply
premises between Flrat and Second
Btreet   on Fourteenth   avenue.    O.
Scalley,  East Burnaby. (1314)
cashier at the Royal theatre. (1.142)
housework; must have references.
Apply at 32C Third street.      (1341)
work on commission,    Apply Box
1359 Daily News. (13-''!,>
housekeeping rooms, furnished.
near Kingsway, Bumaby. Box 1828
News office. --1328*1
enced chaffeur. Private party preferred. Apply 414 Ash street. (1333)
lady to live with English people.
Applv Box 1318 Daily News.
koeper at once; references required. Box 1319 News office. 11319)
poles, 30 feet to 60 feet In leugth.
7 Inch to 9 inch tops. Can take in
water or on cars. Neslos Timber
Co.   Ltd., Bellingham, Wash. (126S)
beds and pillows. Address Box
1136   News  office. (1136)
posltions, Will bear the fullest investigation. C. Coii8tantineau, Room
524  Westminster Trust building.
dav to 10 p.m.. closed all day Saturday, May 24. (1355)
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 330 Hastings street west. Van
couver,  B.C. 1199)
while feet, ahout 13 hands, if not
claimed In seven days wlll be sold.
Wilson,  poundkeeper,  Edmonds.
Secretary Wanted.
Wanted Tor the School Board office
a Secretary.    State   experience    and
salary required.
11345)     New Westminster, B.C.
free���We want a, man or woman to
open an office and act as our representative. We have a permanent
position for the right party. Some
of our representatives aro earning
three hundred dollars per month.
We furnish everything and pay express charges. All you have to do
is distribute our printed matter and
���write contracts. No experience
neceaaary. Write today. Harbor
Ctty    Terminal    Corporation,    aan
Antotito, Texas. 11324) \,ltnf> thH channel will be closed to all
traffic  requiring   tho  opening  of  the
Notice   to   Master   Mariners.    North
Arm of the Fraser River.
The City of New Westminster    intends to cIobo the Lulu island Bridge,
situate on  tho  North    Arm    of    the
I Fraser   River,   at   New   Westminster,
Ion  or ahout  the    20th    and  21st    of
\May. 1-91S,  tor  the purpose ot  layln-)-
nub-merged "water main, during which
on;iem of Joining the two oceans
In   dealing    with  the  International
Bide   of   the   questlou,   ho   expresses
these views on the revolution which!
separated Panama rrom Colombia:
"Colombia may say today, that
this revolution was due to American
protection.    This  Is  true  if  by   pro-1
I taction   is   understood     solidarity   in,
justice to and in defence of legitimate;
Interests.   But it did not arise trom
a    plot    hatched    by    the    American
authorities.      It    developed    through.;
I parallel movements, working at two;
distinct places toward the snme end.
���the completion ol the canal.
"From the moment of the first |
revolutionary     outbreak      President*
' Ror-evelt was careful to avoid any-
thing that might, resemble  unworthy
| collusion. Colombia may brandish
her rights of title over the Isthmus,
but her case was that of Shylock
Olatmlhg a pound of flesh. Shylock's
rights     were     unquestionable,  but   it j
; was impossible for him to eupport his j
claim.   It    is   the   same   thing   with'
i Colombia's title to Panama."
Under   the     most   favorable   con- \
dltionB, says the writer, the lock canal
will no longer he workable in twenty [
or   twenty-five   years,   perhaps   alter
.only  fifteen.    It  Is absolutely  neces-,
rary,   he   asserts,   that   it   he   turned
into  a free  strait for the  following
1 "First, because the difference be-
tween  the  dimensions  of  the  largest.
,nhips.   now   building,   and   the   locks
are, at most. 80 feet In length and 11
feet   in   width,   which   is   merely     a
strictly necessary margin.    Thus in a
|few years' time the locks will be in-,
adequate to the needs ol military and;
commercial navigation.
|    "Second, because the canal must at
���the  earliest  possible  moment  be  relieved  of  the  menace of  destruction,
I now overhanging it, thorugh the dangers to which  the Gatun dam  Is exposed
"Third, because of the danger that
the canal will lack sufficient water
through   the   escape   fissures   in the
; banks.
"Fourth,  because the huge  volume
of traffic which wlll eventually.thread
the   canal   will   absolutely   require   a
free waterway."
The  book  has  been  received   with
.great lutereHt in  Paris.
well known that they are recorder on
dry paper and In musty volumes. Bit
the marriage of H, L. Rand, local manager of the Mutual Film corporation,
uiul Miss Helen Stanford, oi Salt Lake
City, is preserved In all its details
through the agency of motion pictures takeu by the Pioneer Film company.
Due to the fact that Mr. Rand's business would not permit him to leave
Denver for the ceremony, and that the
business or the families of the bride
and the bridegroom would not permit
them to come to thiB city, the young
Jacksonville, 61 Albert D. J. Cashier,
. ti9, revealed that the patient, a native
of Ireland, a veteran of the United
States civil war, and for nearly a year
an Inmate of the Soldiers' and Sailors'
homo here, Is In reality a woman.
Her real name Is unknown, her ne.t-
ual Identity wholly lost in the passing
\ of several decadeB, ao although her
'sex la established as feminine, ehe
must remain ou the hooks entered ln
ithe masculine designation ahe haa
'successfully carried through more than
| three score years.
Her history shows that she came to
couple were for a long time at a Iobb I America  as  a   stowaway  during   the
as  to  how  to   effect  their  happiness | first: years ot the civil war. To accom-
thout the disappoint ment of know
pltsh this she put on male attire. Frot,
that time she has never worn anything else until now that her true
Character is discovered she has been
transferred from the men's to the
women's pavilion and made to wear
It is known that when a call tor
volunteers was made in 18<i2 she presented herself at a recruiting station
Ht Belvhlere, 111., on August 6 and was
duly accepted and enlisted as a member of Company tl, 96tb Illinois Infantry, under command of Dr. E. N. Bush.
Bush died in battle two years later.
She  saw  real  action.    She partid-
ing tltir parents were unable to witness the scene.
They were in it quandary util the
president of the Pioneer company offered the suggestion, "Why don't you
have a motion picture made and send
the films to Salt Luke?" That solved
the problem and accordingly arrangements were made for the young lady
to come to Denver and marry Mr
Hand here.
From the time Mr. Rand kissed liis
fiancee as she alighted rrom the train
until the happy pair lett the chureh,
every detail was recorded by the picture men the first pictures or the kind puled In the bloody battles and sklr-
ever made in Denver. mishes  preceding   the  rail   of   Vicks-
 1  burg,  and  was  present  when  Grant's
army triumphed there. In ull "his" war|
, record Albert D. J. Cashier participated in forty battles and Bklrmlshes.!
Veterans who recall "him" alwaya
spoke oi ('ashler as a "dashing young
Irish soldier, sa impetuous and Tearless as the traditions oi 'his' race
would imply." She never, however,
suffered a wound.
Col. J. <). Anderson admits that
when the woman was admitted to the
home, he was aware of the aecret of
her sex, but says that Miss Cashier
was old and in want, and as there w-as
no question or the war service that
the woman had given to the country,
he could see no reason for Withholding
trom her the benefits ot the home. So
he agreed to keep the matter of her
Bex  entirely  in  confidence.
Fernle Miner Attacked.
Fernle, May 19. -As James Conroy
was on his way to the train, which
would convey him to the mines at
Coal creek tor his night shirt, accompanied by his wire and little daughter,
he was set upon by two men by the
name or Corrigan ami brutally assaulted. This attack seems to have grown
obt ot an old feud between the iwo
families and the end is not yet. Conroy
Ife In hndy shape today and James Con-
, rlgan Is out on bail.
Notice ls horeby given that at (he
next sitting of the Bonrd of License
Commissioners for the City ot New
Westminster application will be made
for a transfer of the license to sell
liquor by retail ln the Central Hotel
premises situate on Lot One (1).
Block "G." Merchants' Square, Cily of
New Westminster, from Jos. 1. Free
man to Henry Freeman.
Dated    at    New  West minster, B.C.,
this 6th day of May, A.D   1913.
Holder of License.
(1331) Applloant for Transfer.
Outing Shoes
Head   of   Family,   Lord   Muncaster,
Over This Side,  Seeking
an Heir.
Fifth slreet for one month to
couple who may have been or
be  married    bei w eon    May    1
June 15.    Apply Westminster Trusi,
City. (1344)
swing span.
W. A. DUNCAN. City Clerk.
City   Hall,    New   Westminster,    B.C.,
ON I      May 15, 1913.
tho ���.	
Amended  Notice.
Owing to delay    In  procuring    the
dredge for above dates the bridge will
not be closed until the 22nd and 23rd
Inst. (1321)
keeping rooms. Apply -112 Ash
street. 11343)
TO RENT FULLY MODERN Business and dwelling block. Edmonds,
in front municipal hall, two atoreB,
kitchen, dining room and five nice
bedrooms. Lease to responsible
party, $70 per month. Apply Alox.
Maebberson,  phone  1065.        (13531
TO    RENT-   FRONT     ROOM.    17x1*.)
.   few;   unfurnished;   every    convent-
���   once;  suitable for housekeeping. 305
Durham stroet. 1133K)
C, Pioneer Bakery; good location.
Apply Mrs. D. Fraser, (13351
or vacant lots for rent, s;ile or exchange; splendid position on beach
front.    Winch, White Rock.    i!32Rl
Tenders nre Invited for tho painting of
n new Hospital at New Weatmlnater,  B.
C���    fnr   thi-    ll.mrd   of    M;inafo*r   of   thr
I Royal Columbian Hospital.
Copies of i>l*vnn and speclficationa may
, hrt H,.,-n mi  the Mns|,IT.'il In Bapperton,  R
C.,   <ir   in   (he   ofiloea   ��>r   lti�� .Arrhiteft,   S.
II   Illr.ls. A. It. I   II. A., 119 I'nniW Street
West,  Vancouver.   R  C.
Bealed tendera to be delivered to the
Becretary of th,- Hpepltal at Sapperton
New Westminster, It. C��� tx.fi.re H p, m.,
Wednesday,  Mny list
No iill.iwnii,-.. for tenders, and th*. low-
ifi ..r any tender nm necessarily nr-
foiiimeters mitimlitluK tendera will be
required in enclose a marked cheque for a
sum i-.J'.lal to live per cent I f, Jx-r -r-rtit i
of th.. amount ��r the tender, which wlll !���.
forf. 'HM should the -.-outran.tr fall to
enter Into a contract when callod upon.
(12761 Becretary,
Children   In   Schools   Take   Great
terest in Gardening Project.
Nanaimo, May 19.    It is astonishing
the way in  whieh the students of the
schools   are   taking  hold   of   the   city
beautiful     scheme     that    has     been
launched  by  the Nanaimo    Industrial
Development  League.     The    students
are many of them talking of the competition and more of them will do so
when   they  see  the  handsome   prizes
'that  have been  put  up  for the  most
Successful   gardeners.
From five hundred to a thousand
Tree packages of seeds have been distributed in the schools and the city
beautiful germ has begun to propagate
,ln earnest. These seeds were given
\ to llle senior students in the schools,
whom It Is thought will take tho most
Interest in the work.
TO    RENT       Kl'HNlSIIKIi
roonia. 205 Carnarvon street
concrete basement ami furnace, on
Fifth street. Applj 817 Fifth Btreet.
ed complete, electric light, bulb.
phone, etc., $14 ami %l*i pet inonth;
also one partly furnished room $S
per month, with other accommodations, at 224 Seventh atreet,    (1296)
428-Eleventh street.
Re I/Ot thirty-four (34), Southwest.
quarter ot District Lot eight hundred and alxty-sevon (H07). Municipality ot North Vancouver, Map
Whereas proof "f loss or Certificate) of Title No. 59942 B., covering
the above mentioned 'iroperty, iaaued
in the name of Sham Blngh, lias been
filed in this office. Notice ia hereby
given that I sliall at tho expiration
<-f one monlh rrom date ,,f tlrst (iub-
] cation hereof, issue a duplicate ot
said Certificate of Title, uulesa in the
meantime valid objection be made to
me In writing.
Dated at (he Land Registry Office.
Vancouver, B.C., this 12th day of
May, A.D. 1913.
(1316) District Registrar.
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
Mere's a Snap for Builders.
75 x S00,
facing   on
for   $1,500,
cash, balance to suit.
Probably Be Tried at Vernon
Instead of Clinton.
Ashcroft, II. ('., May 19. The date
ror the opening or the last arranged
silting in the spring assize Itinerary
haa been fixed tor .lune 2. lhis being
at ('Union, where (as well as at New
Westminster on June l'ii Mr. A ll.
MacNeill, K, C, of Vancouver, will
represent the crown.
The Clinton aSBlzo calendar for this
spring is exceptionally heavy, lhere being on the docket no fewer than seven Indictments for murder, (ir these
the eailHe celehre is lhat of lhe Indian
outlaws,  Moses  Paul and  Splntlum
Mr   A   11   MacNeill, K   C who was
in   Victoria  on   Saturday   Tor tin*  purpose or conferring wltli the attorney-
general as to ihe advisability or con-
sentlng to the request  for a change
of  Venn,.   In   tb,.   Paul   and   Splntlum
cases,  is reported to have slated  Hi ,1
lit  was   most   likely   that   the  consent
| wlll be given, ami Ihe Paul and Splnt
I lum  cases  heard  ai   Vernon   asslzeB,
���rr, ���]       i     ���        a -ii 'which open on Tlm radii > of Ihls week.
We can trade choice Alberta    Mr MacNeill win conduct the prose
cut Ions  Ior lhe crown at  Vernon aa
well as at Clinton.
Old London Goes After Better and
Cheaper  Light.
London. May 19.���London is anon
to rank as ono of the best lighted
cities in the world. Some Btreets
will be lighted hy gas and others by
'lhe electric lights which have been
In use during the experimental work
in Cheapside are each of 3000 candle
in  Cannon   street   ths
gas   lamps   have   each
whole   scheme   is   com-
lamps on the sidewalks
way   to   centrally     hung
London, May 19 -Many years ago
a branch of Ixird Muncaster's family
emigrated to the United States, and
Lord and Lady Muncaster, who have
just celebrated their golden wedding,
are anxious to trace the descendants
of the American branch.
The family name is Pennington
and ir there are any Penningtons in
America who thing they belong to the
family, they may communicate with
Lord Muncaster at Muncaster castle,
Cumberland, it is just possible that
an American Pennington might place
a claim later on the title, as Lord
Muncaster has no children, and his
hrother, tho Hon. Joseph Alan Pennington, who is the heir, ls also childless.
The title will, therefore, become extinct unless an unexpected claimant
Lord Muncaster was born on Christmas duy, 1X44. He took part tn the
Crimean war. In the early days of
their married Iif.. Lord anil Lady
Muncaster had a thrilling adventure in
Qreece. where tliey were captured by
brigands. Tiny were carried into the
mountains and the brigands demand -
id  a ransom of   ��30,000.
Lady Muncaster and the other women ol the parly were released, imd it
roll to the lot or Frederick Vyner, a
brother or Lady Sipon, to arrange Tor
the ransom, but as Lord Muncaster
was married, It was agreed that he
should go to Athens on the quest ror
During Lord Muncaster's absence the
little party or men. including Vyner,
were murdered in cold hood.
At Muncaster castle there is preserved a glasB bowl given to nn ancestor by Henry VI. It Is called "The
Luck or Muncaster," and there is a
legend that while It remains unbroken
the family will never want for a mule
heir, so perhaps some American will
help  keep  the  howl   intact.
Recommended   By    Kamloops    Grand
Jury  for   More  Stringent   Protection  of  Indiana.
Australian Census Reveals Many Ways
of Spelling  Word.
Sydney, Australia, May 19 The
Australian census has not failed to
yield  Bome amusing returns.
Most "I i.a v.. nid tinil il dirficult to
ap. II "Presbyterian" In a dozen dif-
forenl ways, lut the census officer
had thirty-two different variations
heaved al blm, while thirty-live ways
of spelling Unman Catholic were
achieved, ' Roaming Catholic" being
Aho a devout adherent of the ShirtB
of   Rngland   waa discovered.
There were many quaint varieties
or religion "simple lifters." "blue
lights," "labor platformcrs," nnd so on,
while on,, lovely bit of sarcasm came
from a temporary inmate or a large
prison hn described himself as a
"secluded saint."
Kamloops, 1$. C, May 19 The grand
liury here on Saturday made their pre-
sentment to chief Justice Hunter and
, was complimented by his lordship upon the report, whicb he said was particularly useful and valuable The presentment was as follows:
"Wo must express regret at the
number of serloiiB cases brought be-
; fore you during the present assizes.
We realize that the district is a large
one and is rapidly developing so that
the rorces of law are continuously at
a loss to keep pace with this growth
and to keep under control the unde-
slrable element which lags upon the
heels of the pioneer.
A large amount of crime dealt with
by the authorities has the the liquor
traffic with the Indians as the prime
| mover. It can not be too strongly
; urged that the Indian act should be
; amended to give magistrates greater
I powers In punishing cases of supplying
Intoxicants to Indians,
The   sentences   allowed   under   llie
law are entirely Inadequate to operate
i as a deterrent to the class of men
who engage in the supplying of liquor
to Indians, and we are or the opinion
that   It   magistrates   were   empowered
to sentence the lash In addition   to
heavier lines and jail sentences il
would tend to greatly decrease this
clasa or crime.
We  would   also  nsk  your   lordship
ito lay before the authorities the hardship Inflicted upon the city by the re-
' lease  of  prisoners  without  means  to
pay their fares to their homes or the
1 places where Ihey work.
We are of the opinion that the government should  provide all  prisoners
]released at  Kamloops, tickets covering transportation to that  part of ths
!district where the arrest took place
This Is especially desired  In  the ease
i of Indian women discharged from the
| jail, for reasons lhat are obvious.
We have to deplore the frequent use
! of   llrearms  by  a  certain  element  In
[the   province,   nnd   we  can   not   urge
too strongly the rigid enforcement of
TENDERS addressed to the undersigned at Ottawa, and endorsed on
the envelope "Tender for Minor Life
Rout," will be received up to noon of
for the construction of a 36 root,
Self-righting and Self-balling Life
Rout, with gasoline engine, centreboard and sails. The following are
the leading dimensions or the boat required:
Extreme length 3C reet.
Extreme I "am outside or planking,
8 feet "'.-a inches.
Depth from skin to gunwale amidships   4   Teet   2'-i   inches.
To  be delivered  at  Victoria.  B.C.
Plana and specifications can be obtained at the Department of Marine
and Fisheries. Ottawa, and al the
office of tiie Agent of the Marine and
Fisheries Department, Victoria, it  C.
Each tender muat be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
Canadian bank in favor of ihe Deputy
Minister of Marine ai..l Fisheries,
equal to ten per cent, no p.c.) of the
whole amount of the tender, which
cheque will be forfeited If tho successful tenderer declines Io sign the
Contract prepared by the Department
or fnila to complete the bout.
Cheques accompanying unsuccessful tenders wlll be returned.
Newspapers copying this advertisement without authority from this Department will not  be paid.
Deputy Minister . f Marine and
Department   ot   Marine and   Flaherles.
Ottawa, 20th  April, 1813.      (1293)
Telephones:   Office 53. Residence 429.
JOHN REID, Proprietor.
Agents Palmer Itros. Gasoline Engine
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Qasollns
Engines.   Marine   Engines   and   Auto
mobile Repairs,
Office and  Works:  Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster. B.C.
Re Lots 3 and 4, Block 5, of Section
36, Block 5 North. Range 3 West,
Map 529, In the District of New
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 18574K, Issued In tbe name of Alexander Allan,
j has been  filed  in this office.
Notice Is hereby given that I shall,
lat the expiration of one month from
ithe date of tho first publication hereof, In a dally newspaper published In
i the  City  of  New  Westminster, Issue
a duplicate of the Bald Certificate, unless  In  the meantime  valid objection-
be made to me In writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land  Registry  OfTice,  New  Westmln-
ster, B.C., April 30. 1913.      (1208)
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned will apply to tbe Hoard of
License Commissioners at its next
regular sitting tor an Hotel License
Ior the premises known as the "Hotel
Dominion," situate upon Lot II. Block
5, corner of Sixth and Columbia
Streela, Citv    of    New   Westminster,
Dated this iitb da) of May, A.D.
(1284)    EDWARD JONES.
Crockery,     Silverware    and    Cutlery.
Furniture   and     Bedding,     Kitchen
Equipment    and    Laundry    Equipment.
Bealed  tenders will  be received  by
the undersigned up to c p.m. Tuesday,
May 20, 1913.
Teud-ars must be submitted on the
forms of specification which may be
obtained at the hospital. The lowest
or any tender not necessarily accepted.
E.  S.  WITHERS, Secretary.
Royal   Columbian   Hospital.
(I'j4r, i New Westminster, H.e.
Notice is hereby given that lhe Corporation of the City of New Westminster proposes to till in and build certain works on the foreshore along
portions of the main waterfront of
the  City  of  New  Westminster,  ami
' has deposited the plana thereof and
; ii description of the proposed sites
with the .Minister or Puhllc Works
and a dtipllcute thereof in Uie office
or the Registrar of Titles ror the District ot New Westminster in tbe
'Province of IJrltisb Columbia, being
'lhe district In which sm-h work la
proposed 'o be constructed, and will
one month after tbe date lienor apply to the Governor In-Coiincil Ior approval thereof.
Dated  this 3rd day of May, 1913.
Ily W. A. Duncan, City Clerk.
.��� ,     Splendid arrangements    made    this
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg    year for  cheap  round trip tickets  to
all  points east, commencing  May  28.
JOB   PRINTING       ���..���.���. .   ,   ,    .
.     ,,   , Week   End  tlckeia on  sale  lo  local
of all  kinds.
'Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed '��� P��lnts "' si"Kl(' ****** f"r H"1"1'1 Tril>
59 McKsnzIs st. j on  Fridays,  Saturdays and  Sundays.
For rates and reservation apply    to
gdfe CANADIAN PAtlFIC ��� -^mu,���
i ' .ItfSJ Mew Westminster
II. I. 10331 bCrVlCB        "  H    W   llrodle. O.P.A . Vancouver
Leasee Vanoouver for Victoria Ifl a. m
J P.  in. and 1 I Ai.
Leaves Vancouver for Beiittla lb a. ro
nn.l 11 \i. in.
Leavea Vanoouver for Numilmo 8 p. m
Li-iivi-h Vancouver   for   Piinoe   Rupert
hi.i   Northern   Polnta   10 p. m.   Wedncar
acreage for City or Suburban realty.
Furnished   three   room   BUlte
bath.    Hot and  cold   water.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 760
We can trade Okanagan or-'
chard* for City or Rural
We can sell two cosy homes
for $100 cash and $25 per
per month
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary   Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
Specially���Treatment of the sculp
by VlhroMassage and Glover's Fain
otis Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Elflhth 8t.
power,   while
201 andln
When the
plete and thi
have  given
lamps, the Inhabitants of London may
congratulate themselves on the facl
lhat thelrn is one of the lies' lighted
cities Iii tlle world.
The coBt will represent a saving of
nearly 90 per cent, on tho lighting
Horse Show at Capital.
Ottawa. Mny IS.���Oitawa's fourth
annual horse show closed Saturday
nlghi after a most successful week.
Championship classes brought a greal
crowd for the performances.
Woman's  Heart Continues to Beat for
Sixteen   Hours.
London, May 19.���The strange case
Of a woman who lived for sixteen
hours without breathing has been
brought to lhe notice of the S-'Uth
Leicestershire coroner.
While al  lier uork as a laundress
at   the  Leicester poor law  Infirmary
at   North   Evlngton,  a  single  woman.
aged oi,, became suddenly III,   As she j
Btopped breathing she was presumed I
to be dead.
The doctors who were summoned
were astonished to find that, although *
respiration had ceased, her heart con-1
tinned to beat for sixteen hours after. ]
Artificial   respiration   was carried   on
without avail, and at length the heart
ceased  to  heat.
Five   --rhopB   for   $25.
London,   May   19.-- Five   lieaaehold
Bhops nt    Sydenham,    near    Ivmdon, |
with nearly twenty yearn to run have
I n   sold   by  auction   for  $25.    Two
of the shops are rentwl and produce
$525 per annum. The properly was
offered without reserve on Instruction b of tx firm liquidating an estate,
and ouly one bid was made.
Prom the captain of Industry to the
hod carrier���from milady iu the suto to
the woman with thc scrubbing brush���
the accomplishments of every one of ue
depend absolutely on the accomplishments of our stomachs. Hacked by a
good digestion, a man can give the best
lint is in him. When his stomach fails,
he becomes a weakling.
To this loss of power no one need
submit, Right habits of eating,
drinking, sleeping nnd excrcUe, anl.il
by Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets, will
rr*ore and maintain the full efficiency
ol the human mind and hody.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet! contain
the active principles needed for the
digestion of every kind of food. Tliey
go to the assiitnncc of the weakened
Stomach, and enable the sufferer, right
Irom the start, to assimilate aud get the
benefit of the food, eaten. With this
assistance, the digestive organs regain
their tone, and soon the useof the tablets
is no longer neciwsary.
If your stomach is not working pro.
perly, try Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets,
50c. at your dniggist's. National Drag
ami Chemical Co. ol Canada, Limited,
Montreal. ,4S
Chilliwack Service
taavea  Chllllwack   7   a.  m.   TuaMlay
Thursday nnd Kiiturday.
Oavea Westminster H a. m. MoHrtuy
Wt liiu'NiiMy nml  Friday.
BD,  OOOIjBT,   Agent,  Now Wrf��imlrwt*i
H. W. wtoinrc. o. P. a.. Vancouver.
Transfer Co,
>tflca   Phon*   1P5.      Barn  Phone  13?
Begble Street.
Haggaite UelKHi'd Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
j   To  Port   Mann   and   Port  Coquitlam
Daily  Except Sunday.
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Aa Per Following Schedule:
Leavna  Now Weatmlnater  for  Tort
Mann  H:00 a.m.
Leaves l'ort Mann for Now Westminster 9:00 a.m.
Leavea Npw Westminster for Port
Mann and l'ort Coqultlam 1U:00 a.m.
Loaves   Port   Coquitlam   for   Port
Mann and New Westminster 1:00 p.m.
Leaven Now Westminster for Port
Mann "..:I0 p.m.
Loaves fort Mann for Now Westminster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves Now WeBtmlnster tor Port
Miiiui uud Port Coqultlam 4:30 p.m.
Loaves   Port   Coquitlam   for   Port
Mann and N'ew WeBtmlnster fi:ii0 p.m.
Schedule subject to change without
For further information inquire:
Fraser River Ferry it Navigation Co., Lid.
Phone 164 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
BeBt Pool Tables In the city. Fine! New Spring and Summer Sultlnga
line of ClgarB and Tobacco. Sporting j now on display. Son them. Perfect
events bulletined. lit and workmanship guaranteed.    701
A. G. BEATON. Proprietor. i front Street.
King's Hotel Pool Room! TUESDAY, MAY 20, 1913.
/"i   .  ���r  II   . , til     i ���      i        Counoil of in.. Corporation of tho City ot 1 banturea tiie aum of One Thousand Two /��������������*���_        r  ai tti     ���     ���      ��
City ot New Westminster "wa^a^ City of New Westminster
* UJB .sintl City to raise By way or loan from   t!n- mini ol Five Humliftl and Tw��'i��ty-nvr ������ i
iy person or persona body or bodies oor-  and 60-100  Dollar*  ($586.60)  to provide
porato who may be willing to advance tbs  r.u- the repayment of tho principal,
oame on tho oredll of tho debenture! here-      r.. Tho prooeeda of tho sale OS the said
Inaftor  mentioned  any   huhi  or  sums  of  debenture! ahall be applied as follows and
m m. \- ii xoeedtng In tin whole Un* num  iio! otherwise.-  Toward! paying the out
..r 1100,000.00 and to oauae tho sunn- to of the paaalng of thin By-law and tho lull.- paid lain Un- Treasury or tho said City sn. and lalo of tho debenture! therein
r.u* tho purpose! mentioned herein. referred   to  and   all   expense!  connootod
J. It alia.ll i��. lawful for tho Mayor to.wiiii u.e  ISsuani f tho iald loan and
oauae any number of debentures to lie: tin- balonoo shall be paid over from Urns
made noi exceeding in the whole tin, lumlto time a! remitted bv tho city Treasurer
..r $160,000.00 for Kucii sums of money hh , to the several persona to whom money!
may   tut   required,   nol   I.hh   than   Jlu'i.00 : are naMable,
.*.n*h nr an equivalent expressed In pounds      ���:. Thin By-law shall take effect on the
���terllng of the Onltod Kingdom of Oreat 'llrst di" of June, 1SI3. nud may be etted
Britain and Ireland at a value or ti.siiu  as the   "Exhibition  Buildings and  Fences
..  sterling;  and  all  such  de-  Debenture  H--law  111!"
(tltio.ooo.00)  for the purpoee I benturei simii be sealed with the Heal of     7  This By-law before the ftnal paaalng
By-Law  No	
A By-law Ut enable the Municipal Council of the Corporation of tho City of Now
Westminster to raise by loan the sum
���r One  Hundred and  Fifty Thousand 1 {0")$," $��*��
of OonStrUOttng sewers.
the Corporation signed by the Mayor and  tl
ounterslg ted  by  the Treasurer  thereof,
lor bv such other person or j-ersons as may
win: III'. AS on or about the Thirtieth be thereunto lawfully authorised.
jiuy of January.  1913. nn agreement was     .i. Tlm said debenture shall he payable
mode   between   Tho   Corporation   of   the   on   the  tlrst  day  of  July,   1018,   at   such
������District  of  Bumaby of the llrsl  pan  and   placil or place, as the Council of lhe sai.l
i-i,,- corporation of the ru>- of Sew Weatmlnster of the lecond part, which agreement is In the words and tlgur.s following  that Is In sny .���
THIS AGREEMENT made In duplicate
the Thirtieth day of January One Tllnu-
nan.t  Nino Ilundred und Thirteen.
THK   I'lHU'llIlATlON   Of   THE   I11S-
WHIOKKAS the parties hereto hnve
nirr.-i-ii upon a Joint sewerage scheme to
provide sewerage acoomnioda-tlori for both
Municipalities for the area shown upon
the plan hereto annexed,
AND   WHERBAB   the   Party    of    the
Becond Cart has agreed to construct the
anid sewer from the Fraaer River to T.nth      .
Avenue as shown upon lhe saM plan and I _. .   ,,
to make tho sewer of a sin- -sufficient to .   ,' . "'
accommodate    the sewerage requirement!'
of lhe section ol   Hurnaby shown on  the
AND WHHP.EAS the acreage of Burn-
,,1,1-v' that will be benefitted by the said
sewer amounts to six Hundred and
Eighty-three (688) acres and the acreage of tin- City of New Westminster thai
will be benefitted by the said sewer
an...unts to Five Hundred nnd Sixty-four
AND WHEREAB the Party of the Second   1'iirt   has   -.greed   to  pay   the  cost   of
the cunatructlon  of the ssld .-.-wer  from
the    Fraser   River   to   Tenth    Avenue   n ���
ahown upon the sni.l plan which cist Is estimated   al   Three   Hundred   and   Twenty-
Thousand  Hollars   ($326,000.00)   less
'.**,-  Thouiand   Dollar!   ($66,000 " 11
, ,,iii,. of ':..-" rnmi nl labor.
wi.   whereas   the   Party   of   the
t* rsl   Part   has   agreed   to   pay   1 1   the
pnrty  of tlio  Second   Part   Flfty-flve  per
.   ,   *. j.. . e t*ii of tho coal at the said
.   .....   share I nwever of  lhe  Party
��� . 1 11st Part n..t to exceed the sum
. 1 . 11 mdri .1 and Fifty Thouiand Dol-
...   , |ijo 000 00 1   In  thirty  y. arly  1
. 1    thnl   "ill   be  sufltcli nl   lo  pay   lhe
Interest and sinking fund on the shar" ofl
.   puny of the First Pari of Iho cosi ol
���nld 11 wer .* ileulati .1 up >n the 1   - -
.  n  .,.   1 ji 1  \. in ��it!i l:i.i*. si  at Ave
��� r ci ni   half y. arly
���AND WHEREAS tho I'arty of th- I- Irit
1    ���  has nn.l .1  i" pav   to the  P irty ..f
.-��� nd   Pari   flfty-flve  i�� r  ��� ��� nl    1
..    ... tit 1  of the i*"st of matntonai ���'*
���    ���  the Party of lh* Bee ind  P trl  c 1*. e-
ia and agri 11 " Ith  lh"  Party  of the \
> Pari Ua successors and assigns that i
Party of ll ���* B c in I Part will will   *
.41  months commence and pros.-,  ile
. ,   nmptetlon  and hav- oomph ted on  or
 lhi flrat day of January. 101 1, I nn-
prevented b    strlki ��� or othi r causi s.
Ini on the Fraaer Rive
I Corporation mny from time to time ap-
j l>ntnt with the approval of the holders
thereof and shall bear Interest at the rale
of Five pur centum per unnum payable
1 half yearly on the llrst day of January
1 and lhe tlrst day of July In each and
every venr and Uie debentures shall have
attached to them collision for the payment
I of Interest which sj-dd coupons sliall be
* sliced by the Haid Mayor.
4.    A   speolal   rnte   on   the   dollar   shall
be  levied and  rslm-d   In  i.wh   year  In   addition to all other rates on all the  rute-
jnhle property tn the City HufllcJenl to pay
j the  Interest   u[*on   Ihe  debentures  und   to
I create a sinking fund for the payment of
the principal thereof when due, sul'J.ct to
any   act   Or   nuiotm.-ut     respecting     the
r.. Bubjeet as aforesaid there shnll be
raised annually by special rate as aforesaid during the currency of ihe said debentures the sum of Seventy-live Hundred
Dollars 117.500.00, for the paymenl of
Interest thereon and the sum of Thn-.
Hundred and Flfly-thre
'$3,161,001 to provide for th
repayment of the principal.
6. The proceeds of ttie sale of the sa
debentures shall is- applied ns follows an.l
not otherwise.���Towards paving Ihe cost
of the passing of this By-law and the Issue
and sale of the debentures therein referred to and all expenses connected with
the Issuance of the aald loan snd the balance snail be paid over from time to time
.-ih required tiy the city Treasurer to the
s. vcral persons to whom moneys are payable.
7 This Hv-law shnll take effect on the
tlrst day of June. 1918, and mny be
.-id .is lne "Sewers Debenture Hy-lnw
H This Ilv-law before the final paaalng
thereof   shall   r. .*��� lve   the   assent   of   the!
i:V'   f I'"   said City In ih.- manner
reoulred bv law
DONE \NH PASSED in Open Councll
,r  tl ���    'lh  .: if nf Mav.   r.il.*:.
RECEIVED the assent  ..f the  Electors j
on   lhe .1.1 *   of
RBCONPIDERED and    finally
hall    receive   the   assent   of   tli
.lectors  of   tbe   said   City   lu   the   manner'
required by  law.
HONE ANI)  PASSED In  Open Council1
the 6th day of May. 1913.
KEi'EIVED the assent of the Electors
on tbe day of 1913.
PAB8ED the day of 1913 ]
By-Law No....
A Hy-law to enable the Municipal Council
of the Corporation of the City of New
Weatmlnster to raise by way of loan
the sum of Two Hundred Thousand
Dollars I $^00.01)0.00) for street purposes.
with the
From a Contributor.
WHBRBAS It Is nt-ceasary and expedi-
he foilow-
Clty  Clerk
ent that provision be made for th.
iuk purposes!���
(a)  For clearing, grading and maeadu
mixing streets generally.
(bi For constructing culverts, ditches, Iafter all, only the Indolent, ignorant,
disobedient and helpless class of Individuals who lack energy.
The world always expects the best
in anyone, from anyone, and the man
who cannot "make good" must be content to merely exist as a wallflower,
one who, owing to his lack of attraction, ie passed by.   Such as these are,
TAKE NOTICE Hint the above Is a
true copy of the proposed Ily-law upon
which the vote of the Municipality will
he taken on the ZOOi day of May. 1913.
between .he hours uf Nine o'clock a. ra.
and Seven o'olock p. m. at the following
plaoes, via. -
The   Council   Chamber,   City   Hall.
No. 4 hire Hall, Sapperton.
No.  6  Fire  Hall.  Thirteenth  Streel.
And  Crane   Building.  Queensboro.
W.  A.   DCNCAN.
City Clerk.
Cily  Hall.  New Westminster. B.  C.
May  Uth,   1913. (1269)
crossing,   sidewalks,   nnd   any   olher
works  nec-.-+*��ury   In  OOOnootlon wllh
c)  For paying a proportion   towards the
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all BrantVes Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Intereet at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearry.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable ln all parts ot the
CHA8. G. PENNOCK, General Manager. .
Now   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
\ City of New Westminster
...,_,  The exlste-ice led by this type of ln-
oost'of' permanent improvements to dividual is anything but entrancing,
streets.   Including  paving,   kerbing. 1 but do not forget that every individual
facilities for  lighting, storm sewers ��� ,. .*....�� , T    ,. ,      .,,        , .
and any other works necessary In Il9 threatened by it. and will, unless he
ronnccUnn with same under Local ; exerelseH eternal vigilance, become a
Improvement  By-laws. . | member df that  class  known  as  the
(d) For paying a proportion towards I "down-and-outs," a burden to the
seiefTunder"ir^^Jfprr.^, community, to his own peoplo, and
Hy-laws. j above all else, to himself.
(e) For commuting the City's propor- I The world today demands "hust-
tion of the Assessment for lx>cal hers," but not the type of hustlers who
Improvements on City property n I . Bt,|m ���ver tha Inns nf thlnirc
fronting on streets where perma- '"'*' ,,BKln! over ln8 l0D8 or things.
n,ent Improvements an, made under I Hustling does not always mean speed-
Local Improvement iiy-laws | ing,  but on  the other hand  It does
(fl For thu purchase of such plant (mean the thorough performance and
and equipment as may be necessary I coniDlptlon of each tnak 1-iUen im Tho
for street improvement work and i ������P'etion 01 eacn task taken up. The
for maintenance, repair und clean-1 hustler Ib the quiet, steady, insistent
lug streets. worker who goes about his work in a
AND    WHEREAS    for   the   purposes j steady,  untiring  manner,  with  a  re-
aforceald the sum of Two Hundred ThOU-   lenUeSS  pursuit of his object.
LAW,  1913."
if300,000.00)     will  be r��-
By-Law No.
A Hy-law to enable
of the Corporation of the City of New
Westminster to raise by loan the sum
of Twenty-flve Thousand Dollars (flio.-
000.00) lor the purpose of erecting l-'ire
Halls ai Sapperton and Queensborough
and purchasing apparatus therefor.
Cut Out Rushing.
A man today to be successful must
not rush, but he must go about his
daily task ln a fearless, collected manner, laying his work out systematically, and in the task's performance
the same system must exist.    At the
day    of
Cily Clerk.
tru.   copy  ..r  the  propo
which il.�� vote of ihe Municipality will hi
token .... the 30th dny of May.  1:11:1. between  the leans .if Nil].* o'ClOOk a.   III.  and
.������..,\<*i o'clock p. m. a: il..  following plaoes,
viz :���.
The 1 ouncil Chamber, city Hall,
No   4  Fire Hall. S.ipp. rlon.
N...  .'. Fir- Hail. Thirteenth Btreel
And 1 Irane  Building,  Qui 1 nsboro.
W.  A.   DUNCAN,
City  '"e :k.
City Hall.   New  Westminster.  R C.
Mav   Ktl���   1II13. 1 12731
WHEEL.\S  11   is  necessary   to  provide
1 for     eroding    in.���    h.i.is    at    tiapperton
and Que*nsburough   in  lne  city  of  N.w*
"'Mayor    i-Vesiminslvr   ami   foi   purchasing   npp.i-
ratus    ... 1.:..1   a'   a  com  of  Twenty-live
ihe   above   is   a   1'uoua 1   Uullars  Ifiii.oOO.UO).
I By-law upon ANU ,\ iii.Ki: ..-- 11 appears that 11 the
said sum of Pwenty-hve Thousand Dollars
1 -j..,..i..i ..... 1 be appropriated from tne
general revenue of uie ''uy for tho e,r-
renl year lhe pate ol taxation will tn- excessive and it is expedient that such ex
sand   Dollars
ny.   'julred.
I and wheheas it appears that if the
'said sum of $900,000,00 bo appropriated
1 from tho general revenue of the City for
Ithe current year the rate of taxation will
be excessive, juid It ls expedient that such
I excessive taxation Should te, avoided nnd
.the said sum should Is, raised on the ered-
: It of the CuriKjratli.n an.l that debentures
Municipal Councll   Bha1. ,i ,,,. lHsl,,.d for that aiiiuuiu
an'., whekkas ",.r lhi payment of ��� same time he must keep himself fresh
interest on tn.- debentures proposed to be and to do this he must have faith
Issued under this By-law and for creatine 1 '���r hy faith he will ever have his mind
Jaldndob?ntuTo2 wJe-u'dV'^wm be' n\"t:'. fl^d ��P���� 'he completion and end of
essarv to raise by special rate In addition the task and never grow tired.
1,. all oiler rates each y.nr durum the* There must, of course, be the retst-
currency of the said debenturea ti..- sum . f th , ... ,h . ,h min,i ,.,���,. 1.,.
of Eleven Thousatnd Beven Hundred and ,n�� of ,h Poa'' t"'lt tht mmd ma> "'
Beventy-throe  and   lu-100  Uullars   (fl 1.-   refreshed, hut that Sluggish, lazy, and
Ugly tiredness born through dislike of
I the  task   must  never  he  allowed   to
t. h. Mccormick
Phont ��27.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, Nsw Weatmlnster B. C.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
hi. a BUCKUN,
Pres and Q-eaL Hgr.
Bee. aad Treas
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
n   ���  '  a polnl on "i" lr.i-.Ar Rivet ^,., j, .. ...      , .       , 'anIi   \\ IIKKKA*-!   Tor   tin-   tinyni.tit   of
���     , polnl    11 T. ml'  A.v*mi�� of the loca I ifiy nt WftU/ Wt>tl fTHil1 i'0-t* Intereal 0:1 th.   duboiwturea proposed to he
���   a approximately as ahown on the 1   n yiy [}\ UtTT IT 1.5111111. : ttl  under Uila By-law and for croatloa
I    ....   ,,,:.v..i    nuch  sewer to  oe  con-          / ,,  sl���kl,;f.  fun<j   for  tn.*  payment  ot  the
.-..isn.    taxation   sliuuid   bo   avoided   anui      ASI'   WHEREjAS   lh'
tin    aid turn Bhould be raiaed on lhe ored-   the existing  debentures debt of  Ua- said
.1 ..1 1..   Corporallon and that debenturea   i-nv   ^   -*rour   Minion   Thirty-eight   Thnu-
should be ismiiU tor that amount
ANU \YHKKi:.\.-i a petition signed by
thc owners of at Waal one tenth of the
v.ilui- 1.1* r, al property In tlu- said City
lua shown l.y th.* last revised Aaaeaa*
in. nt Roll) lias been presented to lhe
Councll,   requesting  Uiem  u>  introduce  a
Hy-law   :..!*   SUCh   purpOS-t
ANH WHBRBAS In order 10 ral.-.* the
said   yearly   sum   >.f   111,773,10  aa   ������:,..
special ra 1 in.   dollar will In- required prewp into ihls life.
1,, 1.,- levied ..n ih- whole rateable |*rop-      Life is a fight and failure and death
irly <,t th.   City  oi   New  Westminster.      nrp   ,���.n   ma1n|M    Man   outs   to   liv��
ANH   WHBREAS   Hi.'   whole   rateable  "���, l.w��  p,u m's,   -^n   eals   to   Iiu..
property of the said i'ity -. rdlng t.i the  that is to resist death.   He works for
last  revised  Assessment   Roll   thereof  1-  profit in business, that is to resist fail-
Heventeen Mil/Ion Uus Hundred and Fifty-   ure
seven Thousand  Nino  Hundred an.l  Forty
Hollars   (J17.167.S-10.00)
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
Let the courage of heroes Strength
)f|en, and the great heroes are they who I
are through each day carrying on the j
,    ,      , -,.   business of their employers ln an hon-;
600.00) Irrespective of the sums proposed  est,   steady   plod,  content  to   do   the I
to i���.  rais.,.i under this  By-law  and the I work well, and to keep the trust re-!
;;;w'73Vv'''V-|reXih"Ks,'i,!::n-,;re'r;iv.i^iP<>Bcd   in   them   by   those   dependent
ml!."  "Exhibition   Buildings and  PenoosIupon them.
Debenture Hy-law  ins;' "Public |ohpols|    Le( the struggle in life be welcome
to you, spread out your arms and take
,;, it ..f i-..-*..**"-". 1 lp��s of  a  .:.  n
1,01  Irsi 11 a 1 dftv-four I !���! 1  Inches al
���. ��� ������    Vvcnu.   .*..*1  Sixth  Street.
.vi    the   Party   .*���'   the   Becond   Pari
-. *     11 * ��� :  ��� ���*. il -��� ����� - from ''' 1.1
mail " wer running rr.-,.n the main sewer
1 , Ti n:n Avi ii :��� ifnres 0.1 as shown on
enla i.l.m
*i UK Pnrlv of Ilu- Flrsl  Part  if. -
s.,i*. an.l  nsslgns  "'all  havi   Ihe  rlgl I   ��� ���
conneol   n��  drulnagt   and   sewerage   over
il���. area "t Blx Hundred an I Eighty three |
tr.sti    nrr.s   as   BhOWn   on   tho   snli   plan
wiih llr* said sewer nn.l to drain In
���aid   sewer   surface   waler   and
���aewerage nnd to us.* th-�� -.aid s
jis 11 sanitary and siorm aewer
ANT5 If I' Is found tint lh�� snld s-w��r
W1H provide BllffiOlmt fall to take s-~w-"r-
nK- from outside th' boundaiiea of the
s.ii.1 HU Hundred nn-l Eighty-three ir,i*ii
ncm as shown upon lhe said plan ih��
r>arty ..f the Klrat Part ma> wltli tl-
.������n��<nt of ih- Engineer of th�� Partv
th.* S"-..**"l 1 1" extend It- Bewer ������!
outside  the   -ill   nr'rt.
THK Party of the Sreond Pari ewe
trims with Hu- Party of Uie Flrsl Part
,. ,, ,,. ��,|| Main Bewer rin��t-:ri��d by
,.. !���,,-, ,,r ... Second Pari and BewerB
constructed by the Party of ih' Flral
Pnrt I . connect wiih the said Main Bewer
nhall be constructed und-r thf lolnl supervision and to ths mutual Satisfaction
..f the Engineers of th. Partj ef IV
first Part and of tin- Party of the Bee md
ii r hoih
r 1
works '
By-Law  No
A By-law to onable the Municipal Couneil of lhe Corporation of the City of
New WeBtmlnster to r..is.- t.> loan the
sum of Tw.-nty-liv" Thousand Dollara
(I2fi,000.00) for tin- purposo "f improving the exhibition Bulldlnga and l'. noes
at Queen's Park in lha City of New
wiikukas it is 11. .-���* - try to provide
i , ��� thi > onstrut tlon, n m-.v .il and repairs
of Exhibition Buildings at Quoen'a l'ark
In ���:.. 1 :its ������: N'ew Weatnilnsler and the
,. ,    ������ ici on of fences at the s Ud Park
s.,1.1 ,|> untuns when due. it win b.- nee
essan I - ralae by special rate m addition
to all other rat. s 1 acli year durinK Uie
currency ot the said debentures the sum
of One Thousand Seven Hundred and
Seventy-flve and 60-108 Dollars Clt,-
176.61 .
AND  SVHEREAS In order to raise tbl
's.,1.1  >*,..-]..   Bum of One Thousand Seven
Hundred    and    Seventy-five  and    5u-10u
I         ijl
..n thi  .1
tlble property of the ''Ity. on- of the sal 1 City for th
uf .s. w Westminster. lloned h.r. in
AM.   WHBREAB   Uie   wholo   rateable
property ..f the aaid City according 10 thsi_;-���:���"'��� ""number  ot  debentures "to  b.
last    r. WB..I    ASSUBSmcni     Roll    thereof    Is;'-1"?'     "*ny    "���".'���'
Seventeen Million Que Hundred und K
seven Thouaand Nine Hundred und
Uullars    I��li,ll7,��40.00).
A.Sli  WHERKAS  Uu-   total  amount   or
|the   existing   deli, nture   debt   of   the   said
i-.lv   Is   1 ,.ur   Million   Thirty-. Is'lit   Thou
Dollara     '{i.'jas.
($1,776.60)   an  ��� qual  sjnct.il  rate  who
llai  will li.* required to be levied   (mi,s
Debenture   By-law   191S."   "City   Btables
Debenture liv-law  1913." "Bewera Deben-   .
ture By-law   1913" and "Light  I'.stension   it   to you.     Learn to love the eternal
Debenture  Bv-law   1913,"  ..f  wblch  none
of the principal m Interest Is In arrears.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
i-.Hini-.ll of the Corporation of the City of
New Westminster enacts as follows:���
1. II sliall he lawful for the Mayor
Of Ihe said I'ltv to r ils- by way of loan
from any peraon .>���- parsons body or
bodies corporate wbo mav ba willing to
advance lhe same on tho -~r.*dlt of the de.
I., mures  hereinafter  mentioned  any   sum
f money    nol .*i. llns    in the
le   th--   sum   of   ISOO.00O.O0     and     to
se th.- son., to be paid Into the Treas-
|.uri*ises nien-
It   shall   be  lawful   for  the   Mayor  to
cost of  Twenty-flve  Thousand   1'..liars   By.la���   ,.,',,,���*   ..Kx- ,.;..',,.
($26,000 ri"
AND WHEREAS 11 appon��� thnl ir lhe
said sum of Twenty-flve Thousund I'..l-
I 1:., [$26,000 001 be appropriati <l from
the general revenue ..1 the City for the
curnnl  ��� ��� u ��� ""��� rate of taxation will Is
exCTSBlve    I   it   Is   expedient   thai   such
excessive taxation should lie avoided, and
TH?   1'-'nv of the First Part covenants   ,..,     ,.,|.|   sum   should   bo   ralaed   on   ti..
Hh lhe Party nf the st.-emd Pa-t lis sur-   cr.,.,, (1.  ,.���. 1 orporatlon and thai deben-
niid aaalzns lhal """ Party of ihe   ,������, should be issued for Ihot nmounL
v   in  the   Party   of  'he        as|.   WHEREAB  n   petition   sl|,-n.*.l   1
(Streits   improvement   Debenture   By-lnw
1913,"  "Waterworka Extension Debenture
Buildings and
By-law  tsis."  "Public
By-law   IDIS."  "Light
Part  will  I*
Part   l'��
.-.:,.-r compti Hon
. ��� . . ��� River to
!������ 1 i*.nl   1 BB tv '*
���   l|d   sewer    1 ttie
Burcossors and assigns
,.* ti.e fiiI-1 Bewer from
Tenth Avenue flfty-fWo
onl . of the cos) of th"
alii flfty-flve per oani
lhe    .*
said   I'll:
reVlSe.l      ASS.S.S-
present,sl    to    thl
iu   to   Introduce   11
ed ih��
oui in 1
j ments
made m half yearly psvmms ....
hlrlleth davs of June and TVe-m .-r
. -,6 i>t rent 1  however noi  t-.
 ��� ���r One  Hundred and  Flfl
1 ��� .11.-1,-,   111 6S.OO0 ftnl  "nd
in   I
l*".1eh"vea.-"ns"��;liri.ruvl.l"   a   Slnkl
.  .., fnr paymenl  of s.,1.1 sum  In mlrtv
(30)   vears  wtth   Interest  at   lie   161   P- r
'   ANDn'they,iparW of th- Plrst Part ewe-
, ��� is wit" the I'.-t'.- -r th�� Src-md Piirl
,. ,. the Party -r t'-- P1r-t Part ���will nsv
, ������,.. partv of Hi- Becond Pn- I I"- ' *
,....  ,...������    ,..-,   pei   (-cm   ��'   lh"   oosl    ���
..���t,,. ���������.   of  ''*.* said  ���*    In ������    ,,'      Hundred   and   t-.v. niy llv
... ,-. ... mads yea-ly ���-. the Thlr-   Dollara  ($1,77! 60)  an eoual  clal
tleih rii    n' DecemVr I-   eac'i rear |���n tlu  dollar will bo required to
i\  -wt'nbBB  wii'-'ll--"" ' the  pn-U ��. ���n   ,he   whole   nitcable   property
-d 'heir Corporate Heals citv nf  New Wasttnlnat*"
f at 1
,1 proi*
. .1- si...w n l.y llie
mem Roll) has t>
Council   requiting
11.* law   to:   sm-h  purpose,
ANH wiikukas f,.r ihe paymenl or
latcriol on the detamtures proposed to be
Issued undei ihls Hy-luw nn.l f.u creating
, ��� nim,; fund :..r tl,,* payment of lhe
-all debenturea when due. 11 will be m.-.-s
sarj to raise b) s-i-,-ial rale In addition
io all other ratea each year during the
currtni of 'he said debentures the sum
of .n. Thousaud Seven llundnsl and
S. vrnt.--I'.-.-e and t.li-in() Dollars ($1.-
ISli   WHEREAS  In  order  to  raise  the
Bald v.   tl,  sum of One Thouaand
shall  he :
j *. v..; -   I.. bontur
-  ,    .      1 li bi mur.*
Kxien 1 ui   By-tow   1913, '   "Oty     Btablea   - *
Debenture By-tow 1918" and "Sewers 1 ���*���   lhe  said 1
hentur,   By-law  1913," of which none of;:1",1-'   "PR011" .""
the principal or Interest   Is In arri ar.
NOW     1'HEREFORE     ihe     Miinicipal   "������     *
Council   of  th.-  corporation
ol  New WeBtmlnster enacts as
I. lt shall be lawful for tbe Mayor of
lh.- s.,1.1 City to raise hy way of loan from
any person or persons body or bodies
corpurate, who may Is- willing to advance
the same on th- credit ,.f the debentures
hereinafter menUoned any sum or Bums
oi money noi ��x<- llm; In tbe whole tie-
sum of Twenty-live Thousand Dollars
(IS5.00Q.OO) for such sums of money as
muy Is- required nol hss than $100.00each
..r nn unilv.lli lit expressed In pounds
sti rlituc .11 the untied Kingdom of ili-.-ai 1 to any act
11:11a.n and Ireland at 11 value nf $4,866 | Same,
tn the lound Bterllns . and all such do-
benturea shall be sealed wuh lha fi.al ..1
the Corporation, signed by the Mayor and
oountoralgnid by tlie Treasurer thereof or
hy such other i*.-rs,in or persons ��ls may be
thereunto lawfully authorised.
8, Th.- said debentures shall be payable
on   the   tlrst   ilay   of  July,   1943.   at   such
place or places us the Coupon "f the said
Corporation  nuty   from   time  to  time  ap-
i \|..d  i'"1'1'   with  the  approval  of  the  holders
light and spread forth your breasts to
meet It like men. Hold your heads
high, and don't forget the Hod of yopr
What Is Wanted.
The present day world Is not irre-
IllgOUS as a lot of people would have
you   believe,  but   the  same  world   is
sick of a carping, tired superstructure,
erected around the divine gospels and I
railed  by'men  religion.    The type of:
religion the world wants In a man to- ,
day  iB the type lhat supports him in .
,   .        ,      . .hia work, hia bome, hla pleasure, his.
Kittv. I m"',' 0ot "xcee.unK In the whole iiie sum 1 Ma an(j aeath, that la faith In Christ, \
each or an equivalent ext.rns��,.(t in pounds   murks are a queer phase of scouting.'
sterllm,  of  the  l'lit.-d  Klim-lom of "real j ^n(1 fallh in ,hp lnith 0f God.
?orl^eVundVterlln1gftanad itrt Jibln' >,  Now. scouts, you think the above re-
'   I ion 11    Remember yon are to become
vour time  the  men  of  the  world,
eh oth.r :*���  s ... or pi i-aona as may   the world  will be what you make it,
...   thereunto   lawfully   authorised. not what you find lt.
s   The   said   debentures   shall   b��   pay-       When you hridge over tlle chasm Leal. 1,.  on   ih-   tlrst   day  of  July,   1988,  at   tween bovhood and manhood you must
- T.-'aVcm   SaythfroS��U��m. ?o   "�� the building of the bridge to carry
with   the   approval   ..f   the  you over yourselves.     DO it   well and
olders thereof and slu.ll l����r Interest nt j jt   will   bring   to  you  the  full   sweeter   live   I" r   osntum   per   annum | naM   Qf   (iol,.s   Rre(1I1   partn    und   w,||
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured in B. C, vli.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American and Canadian  Engineers'  Association.
We would also cal! attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-in. in diameter. ThlB ls also made In this Province and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Ume, Piaster, etc. ���
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
City   Is   lour   Mloiun   Thirty-, is-lit    1 nou- , ,, s,,rUnK , a���,| M!l such deben-        ���'
Band   nu*   Hundred     Dollara     1J1.1.,-. ["       ^..in   h..   ^..lh.,\   wi,.,   ,i,.-   Beal   of 1101
idi    ,.    Irrespective of the sums proposed ,,,. ,���,,..���,,.,;,.,��� signed by the Mayor and ln
:..  .-    raised  under  this   By-law   ana   the countersi-��ned   h-*   th*-   Treasurer   thereof     .
annum t |ulps
I'rlS^   tSimsr ��� tW&'la.���! JuTjtoVo   enable   you   the   better   .0   grasp   the
and every  vear and the debentures shall   [un benefit of your training, and you
have  attached   1.1  them  ooupona   for   thSjwju  become  prosperous,  honest,  sue-
?LedtbV88U.aW5idd Savor""       I cessful business men. a credit to your
1    1   Bpeclal   rale   on   the   dollar   shnll j nation,   and   a   credit   in   yourselfes.
be levied'and  rills,-.!   In  each   yenr  In  ad-| Be  BCOllls.   but   Iltove  all   be   men.
dition  10 all other rates on all the rateable property In the i'ltv BUfllo-ient to pay
the  Interest   uism  the debenturea and  to
oreate 1. sinkhm fund tor the payment of
Uie   nrlnolpal   thereof   when   due.   BUbject
enactment  respecting  the
"I IOI. M DEN   E."
r.o-nui 1
I    lhe
. I.,   I     * -   (Vl**
. he I:
I ...Ml
UP*-   aft'v. .1
>-,.  c  M.--,iir/io"..
-\f.TH"rt   0    MOORR."
'���A     V-.   HltAY
\S*|. WHKUKAS the whole ral.al.l.
nropsrty of the said City aooordlng 10 the
last revlned Asanaamonl Roll thereol Is
Stvenieen Million one Hundred and I 1:1-
seven Thousand Nine llun.Ired and Forty
Hollars (117.167,840.00).
Mayor ..m>  wiikhkah the  total  amount  0
.   exIsllllK   dclsnlure   del'l    of    llle   s.ild
'lerll        ,..v   |s   Kour   Million   Thirty ill*!    rliou-
san'.l  nnd   Klv<-  Hundred   Hollars   (14,088.
to   the   50(1.00)   Irrespective of  the  sums  proposed
assess, 10   he   rnise<l   under   this   By-laW   and   Un
"Streeta  Improvetnenl .Debenture   Dy-tow
i'iiii     "Waterworka Kxtenslon  Debenture
Ily Inw   151a." "Fire  ll.'ills Hile'iture V.y
In*   1918,"   "I.lis-lil   KvM1si1.11   Debentun
Bv-law   1918,"   ''PUbllO   Schools   Hehelilur.
nv-ln��-   Ull,"   "i'ltv   Sial.l.s   Dsbenturi
' "Bewera nehenture By-
\s*ti   WHBRBAS   ui   addlti
... 1   which   it   Is   prof- I
,, ��� i.���,i |m *.*'i..*'.i aga'nsl such prop
,,," i��� ii Cltv of New Weatmlnater .as
will he Immediately benefitted hy tn-n
snld work II wlll be neceaaary to Pr9t;,i'
d^^^VttdTof�� g    ,   ,, ,   .,
NOW   TllERBfORB     the     Miinlcioal
... l��.l. and shall hear interest at llle rate
of flv,* per centum is-r annum payable half-
yearly   mi   lhe   llrst   dav   of   January   und
: the tlrst day of July In each and every
year aud the debnnturea shnll have attach..1 io them coup,. 1.b for the payment
*..r intereat which  s.ii.1  ooupona shall ts*
I sUuied by the suid Mayor,
4.   A   speolal   rute   on   the   dollar   shall
I..- levied and raised tn each year In ad-
lillllun lo all olher ratoa on nil the rate-
al.le property In tho City suftlclini to pny
the  Intereal  upon  lhe  oabenturei
rent.*  a   sluUlhB  fund   for  the pnyr
6   Sub'CCt   as   aforesaid   lhere   shnll   he,
ralsod annually Uy special rate as aforesaid uiirim; ih" ourreney ot  ihe wild debentures thu sum of Ten Thousand (��10,-
OOO'JUl   Dollars  (or  the  payment   ot  inter-,
.st ther.ou and th�� sum of One  1 housand
Seven    llimdr.d    and    Seventy-three    Bnd
10-100  liulliirs   (S1.77J.10)   to  provide  for ���
the repaymeui  of thfl principal.
B   T,,��� ..r��� i�� uf ti���, sui.- of the snld   character. In resourcefulness. BOlt-ri
"      -   * *   '       ���    '   * '    '    * pluck
Alms  cf   Scout   Movement.
The aims and objects of the Doy
Scout movement are to help the rising
generation to become men of resourcefulness, self-reliant, unselfish.
active and alert, chivalrous and patriotic.
The training divides itself into three
1.    Individual    For   development   of
debentures shall be applied ss follow-
not  otherwise.    Towards paying  th��
Of the iKissins uf this By-law and in* Issue and sale of lh- debenturea therein re.
ferred to and  ill expanses connected win
. the issua  i.f ''*- said loan and t
line" sh" * Is* pal-*' ���"*' r from llm--
as required hy the City Tr.
several ...nous -, 1 whom moneys are iiiy-
7   This  11- '   :v  shall  talie ��� ffeel  on  thr
I llrst dav "f June,  H18, and may Is
,' ,,,   ,.,   th *   "Strei ts   Improvement
nl ���f I liv-law 1018"
und    per-
asurer  to  the
I lel.elilure
due,   subject
reapectlng u..
in    the
.1. Is
tinm "SS t'Jral revenue of the C.ly ter . et New V,��l^n ter en ,���. as toljow
(he current yrnr the mle of taxation wm      1   '.',.,      ,���  ,..,,���,.  by  Way  of  I
of or sums 01* money sol  exoeadlng In   he 1^
tni whole  Hi"  "urn  nf Twenty-five  Thousand
���..- ; Hollars   i!2.-..("><"ini     for such    ��um" ��n|Uie several persons to whom moneys aIX
of    non��>  as may  Is. required not  less ihn    payab-(c
tif" in  each  or  aS.e^ulvMent  expresseo      -   Tnl| ny.,aw a,���lU lak��� ,,,,,,,,,        ������
ol* the forpornllon  and
., ..,.,���. 1,1 i��� issued for lhal nn
AND   WIIKUKAS   for   the   paymen
Intereal   on   the   debentures   PrnPO������
Iw Issued ond'-r ihls Bv-law and for.
sinking fund f'.r lh" P*   '"' ��
when  dn'  ll   Will
ilinc   n
the principal thereof whl
to nny act or enactment
f>    BubJcCl   as   aJUrcsald   tliere   shall   h
raised annually by spinal rule uu afur.
s.il.1   during  ths  currency   of  the  said   ill
h. utiirin   tiie  sum  of   line  Thousand   Tw
Hundred   nnd   Fifty   Dollars   ($1,8(0.00)
r.ir the payment of ini
the   stun   of   r'lve   Hundred   and   Twenty-
live and (...-IHO H..II.us ($525,-80)  to pro-;
1 id.- for ihe repayment of tho principal.
1 ..e proceds of  the sale of the sai.l
nttires shall he applied as follows nn.l
not othorwlae, -r,.waids itoylng the est
of the passing of this By-law nnd the Is-
sue  ami sale of ihe  debentures  therein
referred   to   imd   nl)    exisuiseH   connected
with ttu. Issuance or the sahl loan and tbe j
������ shall he paid over from time to I
time as rcqutrod hy the City Treasurer t
< Tbls By law before the final paaalng
thereof shall receive tho assent ol the
Bleotora of the said ''Hy In ���'"' manner
requtn d by law.
ii.isw anh I'vssiiin in ois-n Council
011 the 6th .toy of May. 1818
RBCBIVED the aaaent of tho Bleotora
al thereon and | on tba day of 101'.
RBCONBIDBRBD and finally passed
the day   Of I"3*
t.   Handicrafts   By  which    a  boy,
may he helped to make a career for
3.    Publico    Service        Ambulance, |
mlssloner, tire brigade work, etc tor
Ithe different subjects for which a boy j
1 can  qualify  a  badge  Is given,  to  be :
worn upon the arm.    The list of sub* ,
j JectB for these badges include farmer.
mason,   printer,  gardener,  handyman, i
md many other titles, ln order to ob- I
' tain which the boys must gain a con-
jlderable amount ol   useful   knowl- ',
Leave 12:55 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 12:47 p.m., 4:28 p.m.
Through Trains for Portland, Ore.
Leave at 12:55 a.m., 10:00 a.m. 1:2S p.m.
Close connections made at Portland with trains
for California.
to all Eastern points in effect daily May 28th to September 30th.
Final Return Limit, October 31st.
Choice of direct line returning.
For rates, reservation, and all information apply to F. C. Meyers,
Afft at Bridge. Passenger station
Phone 263.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting with tho greatest favor wherever laid.
City   Clerk.
said   delienlur'S
nlir I
Vlfl' iii*.- 1 srs  't'"*,;;*::""1*,.,,������ .,���,
cNn \v"i*:".i*', "^   ���' ��� "������'" ' ' ''   ,  '"
said   ' ll i   r��tn.B5ii.(i; in��|ii��l��l��
. Id   nil,,  nn   I*"   ''���'" "' ��l '  ,'"    "''
h" levied on '!"��� whole r:.o*.i*l- property
of ihs i'in* ..' v'.v'   Westminster,
v. ,, v .,,*-.Ki-: ,..,. whole i . ... bl
prntortv o' the mild Cltv nceordlng to lh;
.-..,..-   n Million "t       ""   ""   ',-���',.
..,,, Thnusnn ��� Nine Hundred and  l-orii
Dnllnrs  ' -"7 '' ���."la.i'". ,  ���,
ANI. WHlSTtllAB Uu- total amount o
t'.. existing ,1. i..n:ui*.*s 'I.*" '|,,V ti , ,
Cltv   Is   Vour  Million'Thirty ^���"J./fi,1
 t   riv,*   iiun-'i-.l     Pnllars     ffl.ns".-
haiKKii  Irreapectlve of th�� sums prnj""���
��n he nil 1 und..- this Bv-law - '     *
"Rl ts    lnu.ro, einenl    HeLcnler
111:1 " "w rwnrks Butfnslon  l"i
HjMnw 1018," "Fir.   .
In.    I'I It"   ������Kxhlhlllnn      Hull.Unit
Pences   l.'.l.entnie   IU- law   l��l��i   ���    ���_..,
Pchools   Ticlii nture   llv- stv   t��J-��L���
Wahhu    Ii-I.i nlure    llv-hiw      l��l��
������i.i.-'iii    Bxtenslon    Debentu���
IMS " of  which none of tin-
.Jul"'���u   Is In
In addl-1 'n prnmds so rli-i
lurlnl . "f  (Ireal   Brltll't
of   . . fer,   to   Ihe   ,
.Hiirh  debentures  snail   he   s.-nlr.!   with   th
^,..,1   ���r   ih,.   Corporation   slirned   by   ih-
Mayor nnd countersigned by the Treasurer
thereof or by  such other person or per-
.,,���.  ...  may   bo  ther. unt..  Inwrulljr  su-
' ''r The   ui 1,1 debentures shall bo payable
on the nrst  dav of July,   I94S.  al  such
,,1 ,,- plac. s IIS  llle Council   ..1   Ihe said
1-ireorailon   may   from   tlm"  to  time ap-
oi���,   with   the   approval  of   tho  holders
thereof   and   shall   bear   Intereal   at   tin*
-ue of i'v- |..*r centum per annum payahie half-yearly on the llrsl  dav pi January   and   Ihe   llrsl   dav   ol   July   In   each
md every year and the debentures shall
have   iiti.-irlud   lu   Uiem   coupon;   for  the
pavmenl   "f   Interest   which   said  coupons
Uhnll be sinned by tho snld Mayor,
n,. lew       :i    1  special  rale on .the dollar shall  he
? ,,'.   I.vle.l and  ruls.,1 111 each year In addition
,      , ... SS    11, all other rat's on all the rateul.le prop-
Halls ti.hcntnic By-1 ws", ��l^J (.|(y Buffloienl u. pay the In-
tei-e-u upon the debentures nnd to create a
sinking 'und fur the paymenl of tin. principal   thereof  when   due.   aubjoet   to tiny
Acl or enactment respecting the same,
4   Bubjeet  us aforesaid  there shull  be
ralsod annually by spestal rate ns afore-
Id  during the currency of the snld dc-
I'rst  day of Jun��,   ion. and  may h��� cited
ihe   "Fire  Halls   Debenture    By-law
��� univalent  express?!
��� t the United Klagdon
nI Ireland nl  a vain.   .,
pound st. rlliu: .   und all ' j(,,j
���   This Hy-law before the llniil paaalng
thereof   sluill   receive   the   assent of   the
Electors of the wild Cily In the manner
. required hv law.
Uu* lift li dav of Mny, 1(11,1.
RECEIVED ihe assent ..r the Electors
oil   the day   of tma,
RECONSIDERED   and   finally   passed
dny   of Hi 13.
Ctty Clerk
May oils   1
Ilv-law j
principal or
'now   THfitoPOBB   tho   Municipalise
TAKE  NOTICE   tlnn   the   above
true copy or the proposed By-law upon
which   the   vole   of   the   Municipality   will
he   l.-lllcll   on   Ihe   -.'Ilth   ihiy. of   May,'   HI | *|
between tho hours of Nine o'clock n.  m.
and   Seven  o'clock  p,   tn.   ,,I   the  following
placea,  viz. :_
The Counoil Chamber, cily Hail
Nn. -. Fire Halt, Sappertbn,
No   r,  Klre li*."   -c..i....,,,th  street
And Onuies Building, queensboro.
City  Clork.
City Hall, New Westminster, B. C,
Muy 8th, 1513. (1270)
Two  Hundred   Attend   Observance
Tdronto���Annual   Affair.
,-.,   I    Toronto, May  13.    A unique church
a^tra^^W *JE�� ���wrtS svkt held yesterday afteraoon
the vote of the Bunloipallty will be taken at  Bonar Presbyterian ohurohfl when i
on the sotii day of May. i"8.���Se��SS gome two hundred people attended the
thei hours of Nine o'otook *-<*^S**��. Unua,  Qae,ifl  MrvlCB conducted  by
I Itev.   Dr. James t'armichnel,  Ot KitiR. |
To   the   ordinary   church-goer   thin
service   would   have   seemed   Strange
and perhaps a little weird, but to thc
staid and goodly folk who participated
hours of Nine o'clock u   in. and. Seven I
.. . loi'l    tx    ni.    al    'he    following    plOOOS,
'The Council cjiatnher. City Hall
Ko,   I   I'll-  Hull.  Sappi'itcm.
No   '.   fire  Hall,  Thirteenth  Slrirt.
And Crane Building, Queensboro.
Cltv   Clerk.
Hall   N'-w  Westminster, B. C,
May   Ith,   IH I 3 C HT1J
lit  wns all  that a religious    servicei
! should he.    To them  It brought  back
memories of the old land with its fer-
vent and sincere worship and many
|Other old associations and customs,
The service was conducted in the
old-time way; the old Psalms were
uiiE and the Scriptures rend with all
he feeling and sincerity which char-
BCterlzes the home land. There was
uu music and thS precentor lead the
Bjnglng hy llrst sinning the line himself nnd then Ihe OOngregatlon would
Join  In  together,    The  preacher,  Mr.
Carmlcbaeli was assisted by Dr. Mc-
gilitvray, lhe pastor or llonnr church.
land flic precentor waa Mr. . lex Mackenzie.
This  service  Is  an    unnual   affair
��� held under thn auspices of the Gaelic
I society, of which Mr. John Uarroch Is
I tho president
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Westminster with Boulevard Down
the Centre.
Illtullthlc Is noiseless, non-slippery, practically dtistloss, easy on
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. Kor those reasona
r.itullthlc is commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, nno city officials, li has beuti adopted by tlfteen cities
In Canada, and over two hundred ln tho United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Lte\
Phone Seymour 7130.      714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver. ,
TUESDAY, MAY 20, 1913.
Rt member the Place-
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
Kor today only Jacob's Biscuits will remain on sale at 25c.
per pound. Do not fail to get
some of these regular 40c.
goods at this low price.
Sunshine Teaches, 2 lb. cans,
2 for 25c.
Quaker   rork   and   ltea.ns,   3
for 25c.
Maconochie's Haddock and
Smoked Alberts, regular 20c,
today 2 for 25c.
Tickler's Whole Plums In
syrup, large bottles. Retail
regular 45c, today 2 for 75c.
Have you ever tried Noel's
Peach, Ginger, Orange or Lemon
Marmalade? lf not, you should.
We will retail this 35c. delicacy
today for 25c.
Empress Baking Powder.
"The Best Yet." Try a tin and
IT it dissatisfies get your money
back;  16 or. can 25c.
After Dinner Mints. The famous U-All-Know Brand; large
tins 30c;  small tlna, 2 for 25c.
Crosse & Blackwell's Sardines,
"Quality Canned," 2 for 25c.
Strawberries, basket  20c.
Pineapples,,   each    35c.
New  Potatoes, 4 lbs 25c.
Asparagus, 2 bunches  25c.
Tomatoes,   per   Ib 3c.
Rhubarb,  fi  liis 30c.
Oranges, 30c, 40c, 45c, 50c. doz
Holland   Pippins,  box    $2.00
Winesaps.  box     2.15
Newton  Pippins, box     2.15
All 3 lbs. for 25c
City News In Brief
that, or have you forgotten it?
Accused���I   don't   remember    anything ahout tbe cheque, sir.
Ills Honor -What Is your name?
Accused- John   Rogers.
He  persisted in his statement that
Hugh Nass, accused of setting fire I members of the committee and many  he did Dot remember having appeared
tn the store owned by R. O. Smith on   reasons have been advanced in favor , beforo his honor.
Mclnnes street, elected to be tried at  of the Coal City.   At the present time l    The court adjourned the case until
the  assizes yesterday  in  the  county | there is a strike on there, bm it    Is Monday, the 26th insL, remarking that
court before'Judge Howay. .probable that this will be settled by | no advantage would  be taken of ac-
���r   the lime the picnic will he held and  CUSed or of anytliink he said u week
For everything    electrical  see    w.   that   a  trip   lllr0llgh   the   mines  will  age.
Day.    House wiring and conduit work i proV(1 an lncent|ve :t0 citizens,
a specialty. (1204) j     A mlmbPr favor a jaunt by rail, but
A.    Fletcher,  government j ���*��� majority  appear to  incline to    a
1 steamer excursion
Public Supply Stores
h. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS
Mr. S
agent, sat as a revising court yesterday on the voters' lists for New Westminster, Dewdney and Delta, but no
appellant  appeared.
Liberals, don't forget meeting in
Odd Fellows' hall tonight at 8 o'clock,
to elect delegates to provincial convention. (1347)
Acting Mayor Kellington will be In
the chair Ihls evening wben Mr. John
7.. White gives Sn address In the lodge
room of the Labor Temple on "Single
Tax." The address will commence
at 8 o'clock.
Try the 15c and 35c summer
lunches at the Nutshell, Room 3; Dominion Trust building. (1246-)
The wind-up meeting of the May
day committee will be held In the
board of trade rooms this evening.
Any firms having accounts outstanding against the committee are requested to present them in order that they
may bo passed this evening.
A Ilardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 231. (1205)
The ladies of the Ixical Council of
Women have received an invitation
for all the ladies of the council to attend a lecture on Single Tax to be
delivered by J. E. White in the Labor
hall. Tuesday, May 20.
Saturday,  May  24.   being  Victoria
Day. all butcher shops will be closed,
j hut they wlll be    open    late    Friday
At any rate. It Is felt that the time
is  ripe  to  call  a  ment ing    and    get j
busy and make arrangements.
Some Things Take
Long Time To Die
(Continued from page one)
Well Known Government Official Re-
ceives Promotion.
New Westminster will lose one of
lis old timers on the first of June in
the person of Mr. Newton R. Brown;
when he assumes the position of
deputy mining recorder and deputy
assessor and collector at Rev-elstokp.
Word Of his appointment arrived from
Victoria yesterday morning.
See Our Advertisement on
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
specified kinds of work or else allow
contractors to bid on open paving
Councillor MacDonald waa agreeable to this, but opposition came
from Councillor Coldicutt, who based
his claim    on    the   contention    that
everything had been settled at the
last meeting and he would in no wfse
Mr. Hrown at the present time is' agree to change his motion to delete
chief clerk In the local assessor's * the clause. The amendment, after
office and has been connected with I considerable discussion, failed to
government work for the past 15 .securo a seconder, so the criginal mo-
years, (tion prevailed, Councillor Macpherson
He arrived in this city 21 years ago  voting In the negative.
and since then has been identified
with several civic organizations,
while he also has been prominent in
lodge circles.
B. C.  E.  R. Lawsuit.
The  lawsuit  between  the  Hurnaby
municipality and the R C. E. R. over
the  .tram   franchise  was  tlm  second
echo which was exploded by a request
Agricultural Commission. from  solicitor McQuurrle asking    in-
The mernben of the royal_ commU- | Btructlong what to do in the matter.
 """     ' "'"    now that the people had ratified the
franchise. The case had been held
pending the taking of an appeal, but
on a motion of Councillor Coldicutt It
was decided to drop the matter for
all time to come.
The third echo was llie proposed
redistribution bill which would chtingo
the complexion Ol praatioally every .'
one of the six Wards. This. too. has
caused no little debate imd not a
For Another  Few   Days. I "ttie hitler feeling   hut wiih all sidei
The trouble on the Ardley sink hole  '������������  of the  mood  for    further    argu j
Q. N. R. line ln Burnaby, which I ments    It  was    lett   over   for   two
sion on agriculture have completed
their fourth itinerary in their investigations of the subjects assigned to
them throughout the province, and are
now spending a week in rest and attention to the members' private interests before continuing tlieir enquiries.
The sittings will be resumed about
ten days hence. For the present at
least, tho commission has no Intention of dividing forces.
DISTRICT LOTS 171 and 172
Undeniably the best vifcw property in or around the City, and as such will
command the highest prices for residential purposes. We can deliver a few lots
below the market price, for a few days, as the owners wish to realize some ready
Two lots close to Connaught Hill station, B. C. E. Ry., $600 for the two, half
cash, balance in six and twelve months.
Two choice lots on the top of the hill, overlooking everywhere outdoors,
$1000 for both, quarter cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Three (triple corner) very fine lots, very close to the top of the hill, with the
finest view of river, mountain and Delta, $1500 for the three, third cash, balance
in six and twelve months.
175 feet on the River road, running to full width open street in the rear and
on the beautiful Marine drive, $3500, $1000 cash, balance over 18 months.
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street        New Westminster, B.C.
on tl-
Just for a little change, a leiter was
is a business in itself,
and not one easily acquired or simple of performance.
TYiis company divides
the -work among many
specialists, au of them
know jusl what to do
when called upon, and
therefore do not waste
time and the funds of
estates in learning how.
That is one reason
why this company does
its work so much less
expensively than an individual executor can.
The subject of executorships is a big one.
Call in and let US talk
it over as it concerns
Mr. Archie Noble, J.P., has been ap.
pointed police magistrate of the cHy| ��� ,',.,*,    .,.:
of  Port Moody.    Mr. Noble has acted   has been causing some delay to both  weeks
oi   ron ��.�����j.      ���       ,������.,��� ,,_,,,���    n coning and outgoing trains, is  be-.     Just
in a similar jt.dk-iary capacity for the  ljpvo(1   ��  ^ oye> fm   ,he    pregent received from lhe Burnaby l-ake fro-
past two years, but with  the limita-   Regular traffIo hM been regumed over gresslve, association, commending the'
the place where a subsidence had oc-   actions  of  the   council   during   their
curred   and   where   piling  operations j deliberations of the past few months
have  been   necessitated.     The  trains  ami  urging    them  to    stand  put    on |
since  Saturday  have  been  scheduled   limiting   tho  size  of  lots  to  not   less |
on time. 'than  -in feet frontage and to enact a i
  . building restriction to apply to a resi |
': dentin! section.
SOCIAL   and    PERSONAL! Paved  Highway Endorsed.
The paved highway project between :
Vancouver and the Pitt river was en- ,
dorsed and Hurnaby will lend her aid |
to the other municipalities in attempt ,
Mr. II. I',. Mead, of Everett, is a vis-! ing to secure gov. rnment   aid In the
(tor In the cily. j v.av of finances.
A vole of thanks was passed to the
Royal Ci ly lire department for their
work on the G.  H   Leaf store n few.
weeks ago, which would have Bpread
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
Paid   up Capital  and  Surplus
AbbbIs      073,161.05
Trusts under Administration
   $8,817,983 96
Trusteeships for Dondboldc rs
Open  Saturday  Evening 7 to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, London, Eng., and
Antwerp, Belgium,
Developing and  printing;
done on the premises.        jTa-k
Agents for 'N j
.... . V'USS
List prices.
Curtis Druj Store
and SEEDS.
tions of a J. P. commission.
Raymond sewing machine for sale,
In first class order, only $15.00. C,
N. Edmondson & Co.. corner Sixth
avenue and Twelfth street.        (12751
Hulldlng permits were issued yesterday to Fells Fuoco for store and
rooms above, at corner of Thirteenth
street and Eighth avenue, to coBt
(1500, and to Thomas Buttorfleld, to
repair his residence on Caribou street,
damaged hy lire. $400.
Come and hoar his honor Judge
iloway give nn IntereeUng Illustrated
lecture on the History of Ilrilish Columbia, in St. Stephen's church, on
Tuesday evening, May 20, admission
25 cents. (1329)
A local autoist reports that a fire
has been set under one of the big
tr?es fronting the Vale road, near the
Coast Meridian road, with the result
that traffic on the former will be tied
up and much damage to the telegraph
line will result when the giant of lhe
lores!   topnloB  over.
Hulldlng material, cement, lime,
bard plaster, gravel, sand. ' crushed
rock, fuel oil and all Hinds of towing
Apply the li. c. Transport Co., Ltd.
Phone 826.    Wharf phone SMI.  (12021
The halibut steamer lloimin arrived
iin porl yesterday morning With u
catch of 200,00p pounds, she experienced good weather during her Irip
and her skipper reports plenty of flsh.
The catch Is being unloaded at Ihe
Columbia cold storage, the boat leaving again for the bankB off the Queen
Charlotte Islands this evening or on
Wednesday morning.
May 30, 31 and .lune 2 were definitely settled on na the dates lor the
li c products demonstraUon and window dtspla) ui a meeting of the joint
committees of tlie Progressive und
New Westminster Business Men's associations. Another meeting to arrange further details will he held this
Young  man  and   young   woman,  if;
vour lutir is Calling out,   caused   by
dandruff do not delay and get a little
of Floridora for your hair. I oan produce results and testimonials of it.--
value in this city, Guaranteed lo cure
dandmR and slop falling lutir. i'rice
35c and 50c Frank Jeal, 1127 Seventh
avenue.    Phone 339, 11:1:121
a tan sals mainly ot property in
the Chllllwack district, was held In
the county courl yesterday. Onlj
aboul half a dozen attended, including a policeman nnd a weed inspsc
tor Musi of the lots sold fur the
taxes duo. The properties ure re-
deemsble within a year If redeemed
the purchasers at yesterday's sale receive i- per cenl mi thetr investment
South Vancouver Board of Trade to
Take It Up.
S.uilh Vancouvi.r hoard of trade will
1 consider tomorrow a proposal hy the
] president. Mr. It. C. Hodgson, concern-
. Ing the urgent need of a publlc market, llr Hodgson thinks that the
i fanners of l.ulu Island nud the Delta
j would welcome such a market established on tlio North Arm of the I-'ras-
Ier Ile Iiiib stated in a communication to the reeve and council that he
Is prepared lo recommend the hoard
j of trade lo nsk the government to as
,��lst In carrying out the project; but
i before doing so, he Is anxious lo know
, what assistance may be expected from
���the municipality in the way of a grant
1:1   well   as  exemption   from   taxation.
Mr. Y". W. Ogle is registered at. the
Hussell hotel.
Mr, F. Johnson, of Uradner, was in
the city yesterday.
Ward le,
Of   Hope,
Mr,   It.   II
guest at tht
Mr. T. .1   lllll, of Chilliwack, is registered at the Windsor.
Mr. 11. Gammon, of Coqultlam, is registered at tin- Wintlsor.
Mr. T. C. Jackson is a guest at the
Russell  from  Vancouver.
Mr. Wm. Abernethy, of Newport,
a   guest,  lit   tbe   Windsor.
Mr.   J.   McNtcoll.   of   Montreal,
1 registered at the ltuscell.
Mr. A.
is  iu  tile
��� i    Long,  of   Portland,  Or
cily on business.
Mr. M. W. Baxter, Of Toronto, is a
visitor in the city lor a few "days.
Mr. A. A. MeColl. df North Vancouver, was in the city yesterday.
Mr. A. Thiem, of Milwaukee. Is ii
the city and is a guest ut the Hussell
Misses (Catherine and Mary Walsh
of Seattle, are visiting their mother.
Mrs. J. Walsh on Second street.
Mr. and Mrs. II. Leary, of Montreal
arrived from the east yesterday and
ore  registered  at  the  Windsor.
Mr, (!. P. Napier, of the provincial
government engineering staff, was it.
the city yesterday, Mr. Napier will
InvesUgate and report to the depart
ment on several mutters in counte
Hun with proposed Improvements In
the Ni w Westminster disirict.
I to   serious   dimensions   had   not   the,
Westminster    brigade    responded    in
j the  call.    A  cheque  Tor $25  will    be j
! mailed  to Chief  Watson  for dlstribu-
I tlon among the firemen,
Several matters connected wl:h tho!
' waterworks department cropped up. j
I Reeve Hart Ii. of Coqultlam muni-!
duality, was present and asked at i
. wkial rate Hurnaby could supply water!
ito the residents living on the North!
is and Rochester roads, adjoining Hur- j
\ tiiiby  territory.
A replv will ',.��� sent to Reeve Barth j
"before  tbe  m-xt meeting of the  Co-1
quitlam council.
By buying at the S. E. Edwards Jewelery store during this great discount sale.
Every customer that comes to my store says that I surely am giving
great values for thc money.
I will back up any article I sell you.   Isn't that fair enough?
You can look elsewhere and compare prices with mine, then see if my sale
is on thc square.
If you wish to select any article in my store and pay a deposit on it I will
hold it for you until pay day.
I am going to continue to give the same discount all this week and you
can come in any evening and look around. Come in and look whether you buy
buy or not.   Edwards' is the place.
S. E. EDWARDS, Jeweler
of Citizens'   Picnic  Commencinj
to Be  Heard.
is probable tlmt within a short
n meeting will be called to dls-
arrangements   fur   the   annual
Women's   Auxiliary   Will   Bj   Out   on
June 7.
Baturday, June 7. has been set as
the day on which the SVtoinen'i
Auxiliary of the Hoyal Columbian hos
pltal will iinv,. tht ir committees busy
on the streets "tagging'' New Westminster citizens and visitors alike
and. Incidentally, collecting a Bum
wherewith to purchase new linen foi
the hospital. "Tug days" huve been
in id in New Westminster before and
with such a worthy object, there Is
no doubl thai the efforts ol ths ladli
will be met with the same support a:
has  been  accorded   them  on  previous
ai the meeting Of the auxiliary yoe
terday afternoon In the Bt, George's
hall a committee of nine ladles was
appointed to arrange lhe details and
appoint sub-committees.
Officers wen. uIho nominated for
the ensuing year and arrangi.inenls
made for the annual meeting, which
will be held next month, at which
time  the officers  will   be elected.
Mrs. A. II. Cordon aud Mrs. .1. BJ,
Insley   were  appointed     lhe    visiting
committee for tbe month.
Th�� marriage rf Miss Mabel frost
and Mr. It. J. Christian took place in
Vancouver a few days ago at Christ
'hurch, Mr. Christian is well known
iu the city.
Satisfied He's Licked. I
Calgary, Alta., May 111. -Hon. C, It.;
Mitchell, itrtlng premier of Alberta. I
whose candidature In Medicine Hat
Hs jusl been decided agalnsl him by j
the courts, was In Calgary today und
laid li" was siitlsl',..d that Mayor.
Spencer, liis opponent, was elected.
< lra.phophonea and Grafonotns nr" without ;i peer in the musical world. Thej are
capable of reproducing not merely one [
class of Instrumental music, but every j
class <>r Instrumental muslo wiih n fidelity
lhat Is iu�� [ess than flawless -the violin,
the 'cello, the hasp, the flute, the clarinet.
the I'-oriN-t���- all the wind Instruments, nil
Lhe Instruments <��r bands and orphcsiriuj
��� iii tho Instrumental muslo of nil iho
Not only thiSl but the human VOlCS
is now bo perfectly recorded and ko flaw*
lessly n-prfMlur��-tl that the homo without
a eoMJMWA has become as Incomplete
us a piano without a keyboard. "HEARING  IS BBLIBVINO."
Hornless  Machines  from  Sis.no  each  t<>
$050.00 each.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419   Columbia   Street,   New   Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Musical  Gooda of all  Kinds.  PHONE  694.
701 Columbia Street Phone 57
146 Columbia  Street
Phone 453
~r**r"  P**. ���-     '    ���fy   fas*
*****���-*****, -z*   PV, ''7" 's&tiist
Shop   Friday.     Store  closed  Saturday.
P.Burns & Co., Ltd.
Palace   Market       1200-1201-1202
Sapperton   Market         1204
Eighth    Street        120V
EdmondB         L 883
Moved I
From 46 Lcrne St.
to 401 Columbia St.
Watch for announcement.
High   Class   Ladica   and   Gentlemen's
Preah EggB  il tloi. for $1.00
Cooking Butter   3  lbs. for (1.00
Rhubarb  li Ibu. for 26a
Pineapples,  each    40c
Crape Fruit   11 for 850
Strawberries, per box  25c
(Successor to Ayling & Swain.)
447 Columbia St. Phone 93.
citizens' picnic,
yi-iir to Victoria,
[iiiIImI  off ill  tin
OCCUHillllH.    I'lll'll
Which    WIIB   Ill-Ill    hint
The picnic lum been
Capital rity mi two
of  which   proved    a
Phone 43;  L. D. 71;  Ret. 72.
New Westminster. B. C.
thorough  lucceu,
Many plaose haye  been  ���uggested
nt which to make the holiday thin
yenr, but It U felt that lome Other
place than Victoria Blioiilil be chown.
Nannlino has been mentioned among
But the Judge  Had  Better Tablet3 ot
Au old man charged under tin
name oi ThomaB JohnBon w-itii passing a worthless cheque tor (59.60 on
Henry Blggar, South Westminster, de
nIt'll IiIb name was JobnBon, or any
knowledge of the act he wuh charged
with, before Judge. Howay yesterday
in the county court.
Ills   Honor    Are   you   nol   lhe   man
keenly, asked  If he  were mil  AloXfln
der  FraBer,  wus IiIh name not  Alexander   Primer'
Accused   No.
llin Honor Aer you not the man
who was before tne aboul a week iiko
charged with Issuing a false cheque
In the name of Alexander Kraser?
Accused Hiionk hiH head, apparently
more In  sorrow  than  In linger.
ills    Honor   Don't you remember
Home For Sale
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work    perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made  In  New  Westminster.
Schaake   Machine Woiks.
No.  1���Here  Is  a splendid home for sale cheap     ln a good locality uear Queen's P-ark and n  w school.
It  haB  Beven  large  comfortable  rooms  with  every  modern  convenience;   full   basement;   on  n lurg-u lot, -MxlM ftct.
ThlB place Ib below value ��'iri   the   terms  are  nuch   that  almost
anyono can handle It.
PRICE,  $4400,  $750  CASH,  balance monthly.   If you wnnt lo buy
n home let ub Bhow you this p ace.
Agents for Pacific Coast  Steamship Co.
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 1B91.
We write Fire, Life, Accident. E mployerf   Liability,  Automobile  and
Marine  Insurance,
Trains Frpm Interurban Terminal���Columbia St
For Vancouver via Cen
tral Park.
WEEKDAYS���t nnd 6.46 a.m.
and every 16 minutes until 11
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with lute car at midnight.
SATURDAYS 16 minute ner
vice in continued until n p.m.
BUNDAY8 fi, 7, 7.H0 8 nnd
8.30 and every 15 mliiutcii until
11 p.m. wllh Into cur at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. nnd hourly until 10 p.
hi.,  with   late  our at  11,80,
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS    8 a.m. and    hourly
until  10  p.m.  with  late cur ut
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS  -7 a.m. und every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS   8 a.m.    and    every
liuro until 11 p.m.
Connection, Is  made at    Kb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Eraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.18 a.m., 1.10 and
G.I5  p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.


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