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The New Westminster News Mar 25, 1913

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 New Westminster.
What attractions does New Wcst-
mlnBter offer industries?   Trackage
and  waterfrout sites,  railways and
ocean  transportation.   ,
AY ���>
Population Doubles in Two
Years and Industries Increase Largely.
Figures Now Placed at 20,000 Conservative Estimate According to
Henderson's Directory.
New Westminster has a population
of over 20,000; an Increase of more
than 100 per cent. Bince 1911. ThiB
announcement Is made on the authority of the officials of Henderson's
directory, a cauvaBB for names for the
1913 number of which was recently
completed. The figures are computed
on the usual multiple system of two
and seven-eighths for every name on
- ln keeping with the advance ln
population the preliminary check on
the figures which has'Just been made
will Bhow a remarkable Increase of
new busine-is establishments ln the
city and over twice the number of
Industries with double the number of
men employed than in the previous
annual census taken. This is Indeed
a gratifying showing as It demonstrates that while the population is
leaping ahead a commensurate number of new Industries have been started to assimilate the new people settling In tho town.
The exact figures for population, Industries and business establishments
will not be known until the naineB and
data procured are rechecked, a work
which Is progressing now. In connec
tlon with tbe figures It Ib announced
that the population of Kraser Mills
has not been taken ln, though a small
portion of Kast Burnaby is Included.
In regard to the Inclusion of some
Kast llurnaby residents It Is affirmed
by the officials that all the people
recorded iictually outside the limits
balances with the number of people
working ln Ihe city whose homes are
on the outside.
"The directory will show that the
city haB a population of more than
20,000," assured a representative of
the directory publishers yesterday
who lidded that two yeurs aco tbe
population was placed at 10,000 and
left at that figure lasl year by nils
The work of getting the names In
order for publication Is udvanoln-r
rapidly and it Ib expected that the
1913 directory will he out about the
end of May, New Westminster was
the first place on the lower mainland
to be reckoned up, the figures for Victoria being tabulated about two weeks
�� go.
Probable Candidates for  Port  Moody
Elections���Mr. P. D. Roe Probably First Mayor.
The Port Moody city elections are
largely a subject of academic discussion, at present the only well authenticated report being that Mr. J.
H McNeice has no intention of opposing Mr. P. D. Roe for the mayor
ship. Mr. J. H, McNeice Btated that
fact to a News reporter, but declined
to commit himself further as to standing for the aldermanlc rank.
The general deply from the gentlemen who are freely discussed as probable candidates for civic honors are
of the "wait and see" order. Nomination day is Saturday, March 29 and
polling day on April 8.
Probable Candidates.
Names of probable candidates freely circulated are Alexander Latta, M.
R. Ottley. J. H. Maclean, K. W, Mc
Niece, Robert Abernethy, John Murray, Dr. Cartwrlght, W. Carr, J. Cote,
J. H. Thomas, W. I). Mackay and W.
It. Johnston.
Mr. Abernethy has frequently and
vehemently denied that he will become a candidate but hiB friends and
1 they are all Port Moody, incist that
they wlll have him out despite hlr
' protestations.
Mr. John Murray and Mr. John Cote
are  both  old  timers  of  Port  Moody
and  the other gentlemen  nre eonalb
I interested   in   Port   Moody's   welfare
! and   thoroughly  convinced, of  Its  Im-
i portance,  and  while  not   boasting ol
I the hoary antiquity of SO years yield
Ito none in enthusiasm for the material prosperity of the old port
The First Mayor.
One matter, however, that there ap-
: pears to be no question about is that
Mr. P. r>. Roe will be the first mayor
| of the city of Port Moody.
Mr. Roe, closely Identified with Port
I Moody's Interests for the last 17
! years, knowing from Its Bituation that
: the city la bound to be more than a
I point on the map, deprecates mod
'strongly any artificial "boosting" and
! looks with disgust and scorn upon
jthc dodges resorted to by the un-
i scrupulous to present Port Moody us
the hub of the universe
Those seeking conerTslons from the
civic board of P-srt Moody will be
! treated with courtesy, but honesty,
'and tliere will be no flamboyant ad-
| vertlsements of "dreadnoughts" corn-
I Ing up to the Inlet head or railway
i Companies breaking their necks to
! get into Port Moody, and consequent
\ nebulous Industries.
Sir Wilfrid Says This Is the
Only   Way   Deadlock
Can Be Broken.
B.   C.    E.   R.   Will   Commence   Half
Hourly    Service    During    Rush
Hours���More Rolling Stock.
House  Resumes Session Today    and
State of Uneasiness Prevails���
Closure May Be Made.
Crew    of    Norwegian    Bark    Nearly
Starved���Seven   Other Vessels
Stand   by   Helpless.
Nrw York, Marcil 24.���Becalmed lu
mid Atlantic with all hands starving
and with seven other vessels In sight
but unable to give help was the condition In which the steamer llurfleur
found the Norwegian bark Itimao, according to the llarfleiir's officers who
brought their ship to port today.
The Harfleur left Cette early 111
March und sighted the becalmed fleet
of Balling vessels on March 17. Tlu
Ultimo was flying urgent distress signals. Sbs halted the Harfleur, Baying thai ill" wns 1fi2 days from Iqtil-
qun   for   Knlmouth,   with   a   cargo   of
nitrate umi thai nil   hands   aboard'
were starving.   A boatload of provls
Ions was sent her from the steamer.
The captain of the Rlnilio declared
that Ihey hnd tleon on short rations
for more than a month and that the
laid food hud been eaten when tbe
llurfleur hove In Bight. Light winds
nnd calm had delayed the Itimao. After leaving tlio becalmed fleet the
llurfleur damaged her propellor by
striking a submerged wreck. She put
into St. Michael's for repairs,
Winnipeg Woman Killed.
Winnipeg, March M,���Mrs, Edith M
Kimball, who, with her little two year
old daughter Frances was killed In
tho r.torm raging In the stale of Ne
braska, was a wlfo of J. W. Kimball
of this city. Mr. Kimball Ib In the employ of the Mackenzie-Mann Contracting 00, Mrs. Kimball wltb two children, one of whom was killed, was vis
itlng her parents at Omaha and In*
tended returning homo In the course
of the nexl day or so. The other child.
a boy, apparently cBcnpnd Injury.
Defeated Band of Arabs.
Tripoli, March 24. The Italian
forces recently defeated a band of
ArntiB. The Arab Iiisbiih numbered
220 killed and many wounds. On the
Italian side tho casualties were 24
dead and 123 wounded.
French Chancellor Diss.
Washington. March 24. -Comto
llnoul de Ht. Phalle, chancellor of the
French embassy here, died ynsterdny
nfter an Illness of two months. Ho
hss been connected with tho embnssy
for 18 years, was IS8 years old and unmarried.
Voters Must Register on New List by
April 7���Every Opportunity
Ily an nct passed at the recent si'S
slon of tho provincial legislature
every voter In II. C. irrespective
uf party, creed or position was iliK-
rrunchiscd. Entirely new voters 'lists
were opened and on these every fully
qualified elector must again register
bis name by April 7, or lose IiIb power
lo vole In nny election, provincial or
Dominion that might occur during the
nexl   few  months.
Citizens of New Westminster by
the appointment of a score or more
of tpcclul commissioners by the gov
ernment have every opportunity to
bund to place their untiles on the new
lists long before tbe date above mentioned, A number have already performed this duly but others falling to
realise the Importance of the acl or
being iinnci'tiulntcd with the necessity of registering have nol done so,
To lbs latter special attention is call
ed to the list of commissioners and offices given below from which application forms cm be SSOUri il nud properly
rill- il In:
Tin- Oonservntlvs club rooms, day
umi nlgbt
onice of The liritish Columbian,
(iriii A Qllchrlst,
T. .1. Trapp &  Co.
City Hall.
Pickel   &   Hunt   corner   llrald   and
Columbia streets, day  and night.
Cily   Market.
M. .1.  Knight & Co.
.1 K. Brown & Co,
LeeS Limited.
The Labor Temple.
Thomas    Rutiedge,    Wsstmlnstsr
Trust block.
Mr. T. oiffoni, Jeweler,
Mcnntn. Wm. Pope, W. S. Phlpps,
Percy Hunt, J. K. Brown, (leorge
llliikcly, Clarence !>. Peele, I). R Mac-
Kantle, D, W. Qllohrlst, it. A. stoney,
.lamefl Ferguson, Charles Purvis,
MtttllSW ,1. Knight, John A. Lee, TlldB.
Rutlodge, Ralph Churton, William Clifford, NelB Nelson, Alexander llarrelt,
Charles M. Nicholson, Geo, Kennedy,
,i. it. Jardine, 11. Qllley, tieo. Mackie,
Kd. doulel, J. fl. Ilryson, I). Douglas,
D, Mncphcrson, W. Macadam, It. Buck-
land, W. s. Johnson, B, J, Boughsn,
A. II. Hahler, R. W, l.nne, K. II. En-
nis, A.  L,  Lavory,  M.  W.  Mlnlhornt'.
In inld 11 ion to these coininlsslonerB
declaration may he made before tho
mayor, any Justice of the peace, no-
tnry public, government .agent, assessor, mining recorder, Judge of any
court, county clerk or nBseBsor.
Applicants must be male British subjects and 21 yenrs of age That they
hold such qualifications must be declared on oath before any of the commissioners or others authorised to
Ottawa, March 24.���A general state
of uneasiness as to what is likely to
happen in the parliamentary world
when business is resumed by the
house of commons on Tuesday is in-
Jicated by the shower of manifestos
which descended upon the people
uiuce the houae rose lor the holiday.
On Wednesday last, subsequent to
tbe adjournment, Premier Borden au-
.horized an olficial statement reviewing the Bituation in regard to the
naval bill as viewed from the government Standpoint and intimating that
jlcsure would be introduced if the',
nicasuro was not passed on.
On Friday Sir Wilfrid Laurier authorized a statement In reply, ln 1
which hc contended that the oppoai*
tlon was fully Justified In the course
It had taken aud intimating the only I
way a deadlock such as the present
can be broken Is "by brute force or
an appeal to the people."
ThlB afternoon Premier Borden authorized the Issuance of manifesto No.
I in which the position of the Conservative parly and its determination to
pas3 the bill Ib reaffirmed.
In non-partisan circles the rain of;
manifestos is taken to Indicate some :
doubt in the minds of politicians as
to what really is going to happen this
week. It Is probable that no definite
I decision will be arrived at until to-
j morrow ai to whether the government win continue to press the naval
bill at ence or ask for supply.
Should the latter course be adopted.
! the opposition will have to decide ut
I ouce whether supply for a couple of
. months will be granted or refused.
' The situation is one which will lend
I itr.elf to negotiation and compromise
on both sides, but what la really like-
I ly to happen no one ls In a position
j at the moment to say.
Fight  Not Over,
lt Is certain, however, that the fight
over the naval bill is not over   and a
closure  rule  will  be  introduced  and
j debated.    There is n general dlsposi-
I tion  to  ihlnk that for the present at
I any rate there will be no more con-
i tinuoiui sittings, but that whatever is
��� accomplished will be done within the
customary hours.    That will give the
I committees,   Including  tlle  committee
on  banking und commerce which    is
! considering  the  bank act,  un  opportunity   to proceed   with  the  examlna-
1 tlon of itB witnesses.
On Tuesday It ls likely that there
I will be debate un the rules of thc
! liouse arising out of the action of
I the speaker In assuming the chair n
i week ago Saturday night when the
1 scenes of disorder occurred.
The second Conservative manifesto
Issued today Is us follows:
No  Brute  Force.
"It cannot  be too strongly  nupha-
j sized  that the  clause which  Sir Wll-
' frid  Laurier and  his  followers  have
I been cbJ.rueling during the paat two
'weeks In the first clause of the resolution which S'.r Wilfrid Laurier proposed by way of uii amendment   on
] Deoember 12, last.    Kvery member of
I the  opposition,   Including  Sir  Wilfrid
I Laurier himself, votidl'ur lhal clause
j on February   Ll last, us part of   his
, amendment
"There    bus    been    no display Ol
brute   force  in   the  debate  except on
the purl of those who first voted for
i this clause unit  then  obstructed tta
; passage,
"Tlie clause In question which thus
forms purl of Sir Wilfrid's resolution
, proposed on Dsoember 12 last, is ua
1 "'Prom nnd out of the consolidated
, revenue fund of Cutiudu there may bo
paid und applied, a sum not exceeding |;l5,tll)0,(lilil for the purpose of Im-
mediately Increasing the eUective
naval forces of the empire.'
"If Sir Wilfrid desires to recede
frum this declaration net forth In hiB
resolution then at most the question
between the parties Is whether this
sum shall be devoted to the provision
Of three battleships for immediate
and eftectllVS aid to llle naval forces
of the empire, or whether It shall be
employed In establishing a Canadlun
naval service. If Ihe contracts are
let with the utmost despatch for the
construction of three battleships they
will not be ready to be placed In
commission before tlie next general
eleotlon,    In  case  It  should then    be
the will of the Canadian people to
recall lh ne ahlps und make them
part of a proposed Canadian naval
servlco, It Will be perfectly feasible to
follow thnt OOtirse, There seems
therefore, no ground for Opposition
and cirlnltily none for obstruction.
Unworthy Threats.
"It    i absurd   that   there  bus  been
any attempt to gag dlscusslou Inasmuch aa the clause In queftlon has
been most continuously under debuto
from December 12 and has not yet
been passed. Kvery possible facility
for debate has been afforded to tho
opposition nnd they huvo taken full
advantage nf It. Not only have they
done this, bul Ihey have accompanied
tho discussion with unworthy threats
and taunts which hove gone unre-
(Continued ou rage Four.)
That the B. C. E. R. are planning
io start a half hourly service on the
Bumaby Lake line during certain
hours of the day this coining summer
was tbe announcement ot Mr. Allan
Purvis, Interurban manager, to The
News yesterday.
Throughout last year rumors were
current that a faster schedule would
be In force, but owing to the lack of
rolling stock the change was not then
At the present time a gang of
workmen are busy laying a switch In
Grandview near the point where the
Burnaby tracks meet the Central Park
line so that meeting places will be
in order just as Boon as the summer
traffic warrants the commencement of
this new feature.
When Been yesterday Mr. Purvis
stated that four Cars would be placed
on the run during the rush hours In
the. morning and also in the evening
which will give the residents of Hast
ings Townslte, Burnaby and New
Westminster plenty of accomraoda
Of EASTER STORM    N[W ������
Total List ef Dead Reaches
225 and Nearly 700
Reports of Further   Casualties
tlnue to Come in at Late
Chicago, March 24.���Total of dead
and injured In the trail of Sunday's
storm are as follows:. Omaha and
suburbs, dead 152, injured 350; Terre
Haute, Ind., dead 18, injured 250; Glen-
wood, Ind., dead 5, injured 2; Beebe,
Iowa, Injured 2; Malver, Iowa, Injured
2; Walton, III., dead 1, injured 4;
Sterling, III., dead 1; Traverse City,
Mich., dead 1; Perth, Ind., Injured 1;
Chicago, III., dead 5, Injured 40; Yutan, dead 16; Berlin, Neb., dead 7, Injured 17; Council Bluff, Iowa, dead 12.
injured 18; Bartlett, Iowa, dead 3, injured 10; Weston. Iowa, dead 2, injured 2; Neola, Iowa, dead 2, In
lured 3.
Total 225 dead, C96 Injured.
Mr. D. E. MacKenzie May Be Appointed���Coming Importance of City aa
Grain Pert.
In keeping with New Westminster's
Important station as a grain distributing and receiving centre, the gavern-
ment has decided to appoint a grain
weigher here and Mr. D. E. MacKenzie, market clerk, has been recommended locally for the position. The
appointment, It ls understood, will be
given Mr. MacKeuzie providing the
city authorities are willing that he
Bhould Bhoulder the work, In addition
to his present dutleB.
As regards grain shipping New
Westminster's position at the present
time ls very unsatisfactory and it U
in order to Improve conditions that
the creation of the post of grain
weigher has been decided upon. Heretofore it has been customary for a
grain shipper stationed at an up-coun-
try point to weigh all grain consigned
to this city, but consignees have often
found that their grain haa been considerably reduced In measure on arrival here on account of leaks in cars
cr loss through train wrecks.
On arrival the buyerB were compelled to accept the certified weight
William Scott, Visiting    in    Hartford.
Nearly Run Over by Train���Companion   Is   Mangled.
Hartford, Conn.. March "4��� William
Scott, of New Westminster, B.C., had
the narrowest escape of his life here
today. He was standing between twe
railroad tracks when he was caught
between two trains going In opposite
directions. Scott stood sidewise. his
arms above bis head, remained
motionless and escaped unscathed
His companion. Thomas ityttii. ol
BInghampton, N. v.. was struck,
thrown 30D feet and horribly mangled.
Trouble in  Ranks of Newsboys Temporarily Settled���New President
Wearing Worried Look.
The Newsboys' union, only organized on Sunday afternoon was In dire
peril of going on the rocks yesterday
afternoon when several of the members came right out on strike ami
made things very unpleasant  for the
presldenl of the new organization before older and wiser heads v.ire called In for mediation.
The    strike    took    place    about    3
o'clock yesterday afternoon and was
caused by the up town hoys making 11
live kick against an alleged monopoly
which they claimed vas held by certain boys who were designated to the
area iu the vicinity of the II. C. B. It.
The up town hoys afier b dug on
the streets for about an hour found
Ihe success of silling the earlv editions of the afternoon papors entirely
unsatisfactory new that the union had
stipulated the territory ta bs oo-rsred
by certain boys and after watching
the depot boys reap a sinnll harvest
Wltb people going and OOtnlng Into the
depot, ths president William Oracsy,
found himself besslgsd with a warlike
mob loukini; tor trouble.
Threats by Gruoay that ihs offend
Ing members if ths union were rend
orlng thetnsslvol liable to flues or
dismissal had no deterring effect on
the kickers and after a lung confer
ence   II   wns  decided   lo  suspend   the
rules of ihe union for several days
when the leaders of the new organisation can call a meeting when the
matter will be fully thresh wl oul.
Meanwhile Mr. flracey Is going
around tha city with the Idea III his
head thai to be the Presiding bend or
n union Ib not the cinch It Is cracked
up (0 be and unless wiser bends step
In the breach and straighten things
out. th'-re Is liable to be un -election
before long.
Military Camp it S.iskMoon.
Ottawa. March '.'*   -A mllltla order
issued today nuth H-vd the establishment nf a provisional school of in-
StniOtlon of Infantry nt Saskatoon for
it period of five weeks commencing on
April 28.
Thousands Homeless. ,    ,
Omaha. Neb., March 24.-More than t ��' lhi Bral" or *end f* t0. ,
iOU persons were killed 450 Injured, iand lhere ^ it weighed by a gov-
while thousands are homeless as the ! ernment official and reshipped *Q
result of Sunday's windstorm. The !New Westminster, thus causing a
monetary   loss   is   estimated   as  over'Kreat deal ot unnecessary delay.
According to reports sent in this
evening the loss in Omaha ls more
serious than ever before, while the
damage to different towns across the
Missouri river In Iowa Is also great.
Wires snapped off In all directions
and tt was some little time before
definite reports were brought in aud
the news of the disaster circulated.
Tliere are many advantages to local
grain dealers that will accrue as a
result of the appointment of tx grain
weigher here. To a grent extent the
middleman may be eliminated by the
grain growers shipping direct to
buyers or elevators ln this citv. The
weight placed on any car by the -grain
weigher must be accepted as correct
by both consigner and consignee. Un
Over  1000  People  Visited
Ice Arena���Nearly 400
Mra.  W.  Gifford  Wins  Lady's  Prize
and Mr. W. Patchell  Prize for
ei   cucuiuieu. .*     .. ,   . ,       , *    .
Fire broke out    ln    the    debris   of 1 der the appointment local dealers may
many of the wrecked buildings in the ! buy direct frcm the growers.
N'ebraskan  metropolis and the fallen
The grain imports at the present
time are not large enough to necessitate the appointment of a man whose
sole duties would be to weigh grain.
but Mr. MacKenzie. should he be so-
pointed, wlll be In a posit'on to handle
the work in addition to Ms nresent
duties as market clerk.    The fees for
walls of buildings hampered the fire
men In their work.
The wind storm was followed by n
heavy rain which, although it put out
���he fires, drenched hundreds of homeless persons to the skin.
Counts, ff Wk�� I W<^- SL2JR 'rtSUt the
succeeding hour tonight tended to In- ulon wm be pnK,ticany a DeBli-
crease   the  list   of  dead   and   Injured, ,ity ,0 tlu, appointee for a
due to the tornado of Easter Sunday. * e * ,easl an(, ��� wmlI(1 b(, a p^n,.
Every town ln lowa that It was Pos-| ,rlted act)on 0��� the part of Mr. r>.
Bible to reach by long distance tele- ir, Mackpnzle t0 take the situation, ft
phone throughout the day added to |,g belleve(1 .however .that the fact that
the enormity of the destruction, lt Is l,he government had a negnlarfy ��p-
uot possible even to begin anything ; po|nted grain commissioner fn the
like an accurate estimate of the pro-|C|tv   wou)j    give    encouragement  to
the  grain  trade  and   for  thiR   reuBon
an early appointment is urged locally
perty loss, hut it Is sure to run int.>
the hundreds of thousand 1 or dollars
The town of Bartlett added three to
the death list. All were members of
the family of Edward Dendean. Den-
dean himself is said to havo been
killed wiih two other members cf his
family, but their first names were no
At Beebe, Mrs. Kate Cavanaugh
mother of Mrs. I.ee Hopper, whose
two daughters were killed nt Neola
and who was herself seriously hurt,
was probably fatally Injured. A peculiar feature of the Hopper family's
awful experience in the storm was thc
fact that the father was carried for
more than a quarter of n mile ln the
tornado nnd was found unconscious
with nearly all his clothing torn from
his body.
Heavy property loss was reported
from the towns of Magnolia, California
Junction, Ulackbum, Missouri Valley
and Malvern. No deaths were report
ed from any, but at Malvern two per
sons were reported painfully hurt
Three miles east of this place a section of 200 feet of the Chicago and
('���real Western bridge was blown
Chicago, March 24 Stories replete
with thrills and pathos were related
In Chicago today by eye-witnesses of
the tornado which yesterday swept
parts of Nebraska, lowa, and lllinoli
lust night, killing and Injuring bund-
Awed and horror -stricken the nur-i
ralors of these stories had sal fascinated lu the conch or a Chicago, llur India's New C.ipltal.
iingiun   &   Qulnoy   railroad   train,!   Delhi, March M,   The latest India*
watching    a great dark cloud skip i nous are that   the   government   of
fantastically   at   Its   work  of  ds    India Wlll build ths new capital on a
Consulting Physician  Decides That it
Will Be Impossible for Pontiff to
Hold Audiences.
Home, March 24.���Owinn tn the
weak condition of I'ope Plus. Prot.
Mareblaravii, his consulting physician,
decided aftsr a oonsultation this morning that It would be tmiinsslhlo tor
his holiness to hold the audience he
hud arranged fur tomorrow.
No rurtitfr audiences wtll be given
by the pontiff until April 2. The pope
,s much depressed by the death on
Saturday of Cardinal 1'eter K-espiKhi.
the vicar general and It Is feaxwl that
tills occurrence will have aa a-fverse
Influence On his progress toward recovery from tils Indisposition, He
prayed fur a lung time today, while
M. Bressan, his private ticcretu-y
celebrated B requiem liiutis tor the Ute
Clowns and Pierrettes, kings
commoners, queens and quaker
gipsies, Indian princesses, soldiers.
sailors, old fashioned gentlemess.
Spanish grandees, minstrel nun.
Uncle Sams and even a couple ol"
South Sea Island Bavages, made things
bright and joyous at the Queen's Parle
arena for nearly three hours last evening the occasion being the first ice
carnival ever held in this city.
It was one of the best managed affairs ever pulled off In the Royal City
and the hundreds that attended line*
session both as participants and -spectators enjoyed themselves to their
hearts' content from 8:30 until a ttw
minutes after 11 o'clock when thu
strains of God Save the King brought
the proceedings to a close.
The rlngEide Beats and galleries
were filled with people as tbo costumed Bkaters led off with the first
band at 8:30 and for a full hour afterwards they were kept busy trying to
figure out the probable prise, winners in the different classes.
Social standing was forgotten, tin-
colored skater glided along arm ia
arm with a masked Indian princess or
plerette, Uncle Sam linked arms
with a Canadian soldier, while the
war in the Halkans did not prevent
the mountaineer from mixing things,
with a Grecian or German warrior.
Some little difficulty was csperi
enced by the judges, Messrs. A. B.
Kelllngton and Jimmy Gardner ia
selecting the prize winners. The affair asBumed the proportions of *.x
horse show with the topnotcbers btinp:
put through their paces to gain the-
last few points in skatesmanship. Mrs.
William Gifford. dressed in a chirai-
ing "Joan of Arc" costume was awarded tbe lady's prize, .Mr. Willis i'atcbelt
of Sappertoti, capturing the gentle-
man's prize, being dressed as an Indian.
The prize for the most comic costume was just as difficult tn decide.
the honor falling on ths sh tulder*
of Mr. Donald Kirk who was dressed
as a tramp.
Once the judging was over tbe nou-
coatuined skaters were allowed on tli-
ice, at one period close to ItKi) pio-
p> being seen within the enclncuri*
ari.ied with steel blades, surprise being read on the faces of many as they
recognized a friend coEtunud lut then
Last night's affair was one hnge
success and not only the arena officials tut the patrons themselves felt
tnc-ro than satisfied with the resoits
1 he decision to close the rir.k at
the close of thiB week prevents nny
similar events being staged thia aea-
son but by the time next fall eumtitx
around the people of thiB city and
district will be looking for more of
these Ice carnivals.
Perhaps the most comical feature-
if the evening was the sight of two
South Sea Islanders chasing each
other around under and sometimesv
over the other skaters one beliiR armed with spear nnd bedeced with rinir-
lets. armlets nnd ankle trinkets whiff
the other letting off the weirdest or
noises was seen to be armed witb a
heavy mace.
The Event of the Season Wlll Be Open
to the Public at 3:19 O'clock
Celtlnje. March 24. Djavld
Pashg, with a Turkish nrmy of
16(000 tniin hits surrendered to
the Servians on tho Hklimbl
rlvrr  In  Albania.
Djavld 1'aBha was commander of thc seventh army corps
and was formerly military commander at Uskup.
StTUCtlon, In many villages they as
kIm������il iii picking up the deud umi. dy
The wounded and the slain mutilated groaning and dying were placid on the plush covered seuts and In
the carpeted alslcB of the cars until
the train reached Omaha. Here they
were removed und taken to the hospitals aud morgues. Ou the way lu
the Injured told heart rending tales
of suffering and narrow escapes which
Boemed to them mlraciiloUB.
Pursued by Storm.
William Kocin president of an auto
mobile company at l-lncoln, Neb., gave
a graphic description of the storm ns
he viewed It from the platform of the
observation car. Kor milts It seemed
as If the train wub being pursued by
site to the south of the prOMnt Delhi.
Many and powerful arguments hive
been advanced In favor of adopting a
site on the present civil station, with
Important government buildings on
Ihe hlslorlc ridge, but the miration of
expense In the matter of etimpensmt
Ing the present lessees, and the dilTI
culty of providing ncconnuothitlon fto
the government while the work la being carried out, ure probably turning
Ihs scale In favor of the uou'.hern site
Shot by Durglar.
Orlllla. Marcil H, In it dWiperate
Struggle with a masked burglar last
night. Allan Mcl'hcraon, ono of the
beat known lumbermen In the country.
was she! In the thigh and so frailly
wounded that he mny not recover.
Mr. MeVhenton.
The event cf the Beason, New West
minster's first Klnness, will be intug-
uruted this evening In St I'ntrH-kV
hall by his wort-hip Mayor Uny. tm
sisted by a number of public sptritod
ladies. Tho opening ceremonies wblcb
will be of 11 most eluborate and tntrr
tabling nature wlll be held at It:lb
sharp, following which tho doors of
tlio carnival will be thrown open u��
the public.
Judging from the program arranged
for the event It cannot but prove ut
rucccss In every detail and that it
will receive the hearty support of the
public Ib assured from the mere tae*t
that tho proceeds will be devoted to
the Royal Columbian hospital.
The niembefB of tho Wontoii'a Auxiliary of the In t-[>itnl have been hard
at work during the pust two weekn
perfecting tho arrangements una preparing for the opening ceremonies ant!
the storm,
"Wc were iippruuchiiig italston, Neb, | The burglar escaped,
when I first noticed n strange copper- > who Is 65 years old.  Is thu head ot many  hnve  given  up  their valtmbki
colored   cloud   mounting   toward   the j tbn Mcl'herBon Lumber Company, cob- Uine   In   the   Interests   of  the   nffair
sky,' said Keen,    "ileforii that It had j nected   with  the   Longford     Foundry.! Some of the moBt prominent worker*
are MrB.  Wright,  Mrs.  A.  II. tiordnn.
been  clear.    The  cloud  grew  rapidly I ,|���, apanleb Hiver I'ttfp ti PJrpnr Co
and   was   travelling   at   tremendous pM�� ana othor jargt eorpUHttaU.
speed  toward    Italston.    It    assumed
the form of ,1 tunnel and tho air was
filled with a curious 'noise, something
between u hiss nnd a moan, but very
piercing.   Then the funnel Boomed to
grow black and lhe smuller end- that
nenr  tho  ground���was  about  half  a
tulle  In  diameter.     It  swished   across
tho rallwuy track uud swept inwards
tho little towd.
"Then the storm struck the town.
t ('out in ued on Page Tour.)
Canadian Bonds on Market.
London, March IH.---The fonowins
are the quotations of active Dominion.
provincial and municipal -stocks:
Dominion of Canada liuiil ill. IH **>*
cents., nt *Hrt-��G; Montreal t'ernmaeut
1942, ii'i per cents., at SKS't; Quebec
City, UU, 4 pet cents., at 97-99; Vlo- [planning the living picture oxhlbllinnw
torla, H.C., sterling debentures, 1920-1 which will be the feature of the Kir-
till, ut 89-91.
Mrs. O, H. Manchester, Mrs. t". W.
Houghton, MrB. 8. F. Armstrong. Mrs.
W.  K.  KdmondB and  Mra.  Kddy.
Those  who  have  taken  charKe of
stalls are   Mrs.   Frank   I'eitnwiit.  Mm.
Jones, Mrs. II   V  Ardagh, Mrs. W. II
Mlson, Mrs. Tidy, Mrs. Corbould. Mr*-
Kddy and Mrs. I'hllllpB.
ln addition to these about 100 yoanft
people  are   assisting   Mrs.   Hslvcr  In *><nyfc' two
cers and members had been guilty of  traps which exist In New York   ard
crimes against art. other  cities,  and   in  which   working
,-,    bi. cn ���j      t.i ,  .      : girls, for a mere plstaiice, daily risk
Dr. Flexner, 50 Today, Wars on lnfan-1    .    ��� , , , ,
tile Paralysis I their lives.   So far as any official In-
Dr.  Simon  l'lexner, director cf the ! vestigatlon has developed, the tragedy
am tdimnieat momma paper derated to the interests ot New Westminster "���"''i Rockefeller  Institute'for Medical   Ue-1 0f tw0 years ago ls to be ascribed to
fiwr Valieu. I'uOtuKcd eecru morning except Sunday bu tlie No Iio no I PWsfinfl   gparch,  will     pass    the    hulf-ccntury   ,, r     ,,
l**hti*hintl Company, Limited, at 63 McA'citzle Strei-t, .Vein Westminster, British   m[iriA today   having    been    born     in i   a" a��    ��
Columhtti. ROBB 8VTH HRl.ASn, Managing Director
All oofssiioelcnfiiiflS should be addressed to The Neie Westminster Neies, and not
te r*t*ie*i*al Members of the staff. Cheques, drafts and money orders should be made
*>*l*x.tr Ui  The Notional I'rinttno ond f'ubli-hino  OonXpann,  IAmtted.
tWlMPItOHISB���Business Office find Manager, 9119; Edltortal Rooms tall depart-
��� mmi. '��i
HVHSCRII'TION RATRS���Bu enrrfer, it per year, ��1 for rfiree montlis, *no per
emull   llv  mail.  SH per near,  26c per month. '
AllVrRTlslSH   RATKS  on triplication.
TII filRHKXI'ilSPKNTS���No letters teill be published in The Heist ttnrrpt oyer
thr tmeuar s tH**Mtvre, The editor reserves the. right to refuse the publfoatfon of nnj/
TUESDAY   MORNING,   MARCH   25,  1913.
Pending tho taking of a census under the direction of
the city council the population of the city had been placed
at or about 17,000 to 18,000. It is therefore welcome news
to know that this estimate was of a conservative nature
and that, according to the compilers of the directory, the
population of New Westminster at the present time is
twentv thousand certainly and may prove to be more.
This statement indicates that the population has
doubled itself within the short space of two years and it
will be found when the lists of industries and commercial
development are forthcoming that a corresponding advance has also been registered therein.
This growth in people, we would point out, is not only
a sign of the progress of the Royal City but should be
specially borne in mind at this time, for it is of the very
greatest importance that every man in that population.
who is qualified should register himself upon the new voters' list that is now being compiled and which will be
closed on April 7 next.
It is no good growing if, when Westminster has to
give her opinion upon matters or has to fight for her
rights, she is handicapped by the fact that the voices of
many of her sons are silent upon public questions simply
because thev did not set out definitely to register their
names in time.
The pronouncement of Dr. Magill, chairman of the
Grain Commission, upon the possible competitors that the
Pacific coast communities will have to face in securing a
share of the prairie trade in grain and in supplies taken
back there, emphasizes the need for concerted action upon
the p-art of the self same communities.
We note that a Vancouver contemporary appeals to
that city to wake up, to do less talking regarding the effect of the Panama canal upon it as a commercial centre
and to get down to business. We in New Westminst or are
in the hapny position of knowing that our citizens and public bodies have for long had coenisance of the need for development, and Ihat all that is possihle to be done for
Westminster by Westminster is being done.
But the warnintr conveyed by Dr. Magill was no*
meant for any one citv. The various communities upon
the const must look farther than competition among
themselves for the location of one or more Dominion government elevators.
There annear to be several possible spouts to the
Avheat bin of the prairies, and while its contents will continue to ("-ow larger with the increase of acreage brought
under cultivation, it is essential that when we have such
competitors as those noticed by the chairman of the grain
commissioners there should be all the coast cities standing together to get that spout properly fixed.
Louisville,  Kv..
some   time   Dr.
March 85   186:1     Fori    This libel on deity has often served
Flexner  has  devoted its purpose of providing human aDSOlU
most of his time to studying Infnn- J tlon for human crimes, and doubtless
tile paralysis, and has issued fourteen Lftn Jo B0 , when nteu arlsH, u
important papers on the, disease.    He I , .
has   discovered,   by   experiments    on i ���<* ��* comforting, if  somewhat sophis
tical   sentiment,   nnd   saves  a  lot  of
If It  docs
monkeys, that the henUhv parents of
natlents may spread tho dread in roc-!b:",i" and  expense,  even
,ion j make the Deity appear a cruel mon-
Dr. Flexner ls nlso a member rf the   B,,,r.
oommlttee headed by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., which proposes to Instruct
young people In the problems of sex.
Ills brother. Dr. Abraham Flexner,
also a prominent physician and Investigator, Is prominent In the movement
designed to inquire Into the cause.*
and cure of the social evil.
Mrs.   Cornwallis-West   is   Author
New Play.
Mrs. George Cornwallis-West, formerly Lady Randolph Churchill, who
has recently been siring her domestic troubles In the English courts, is
ihe anther cf a political comedy entitled "The Bill," which is scheduled
tor production in Glasgow tonight
The plav deals with a universal suf-
frnae bill.
The British press hnve had little
in Bay cf Mrs. Cornwallis-West's suit,
for restitution of conjugal rights, and
'o those Englishmen who do not read
���h" Sunday "screams" the affair is
"shrouded  in  mystery."
Once a little girl, usually tenderhearted, assisted a bad little boy at
the hanslng of a dog. The dying
howls of the animal were heart-rending, and the little girl, stopping her
ears, ran to her mother, crying, "I
want to forget that pretty quick."
That Is the sentiment of humanity
! in general ln regard to such dlsas-
ofl'ers a3 the Triangle fire.
Remarkable Costumes Turned Out by
Paris   Dressmakers  for   Racing
Season's   Opening.
In the year 1629 on the twentyfifth
day ot March, "a fleet of six ships
and three pinnaces all armed with letters of marque" left Qravesend, under
the command of Captain David Kirke
(son cf an English father and a French
It  was a    time    of    war    between
j France and England, and the fleet was
I bound for Quebec, which in the prcv-
United States George Sutherland, of I *o����Jsar Kirke had summoned   to
Utah,  was  born  in  England  fifty-one    ' "
surrender, Then Champlaln had slur
rears ago todav. but, despite his llrit- \-*']\ ^fused, but the Kngiish had pre
Ish birth, he has been one cf the lead.|yi��8l}heI.^0/oe.Bhi?!..ir.e!^g.���^
���rs   in   Ihe   opposition   lo   arbltratlh
_ : town, and in 1629, despite every effort
to avert starvation  that    grim    fate
Uie Panama canal aueaton.   Senator. champlaln
ulherland asserts that the matter Is j   ,     [n t)u, "^
purely a domestic    Question.'    and.      T1)��� garrlgon) lt is Bald] WM eatlng
therefore, not one to be submitted to   |(s peag bv  00unt    Meantlme, Klrke
he Hague Tribunal. made his way in such leisurely fash-
���. , ,~~~     ,,        .    , ion across the Atlantic and up the St
Hcrenx Zlefeld, jr.. theatrical mina- ! L.,w r<,nc(,   th:lt tu, (iul n.��� appear h(.
cr and ex-husband of Anna Held, will
pass his forty-sixth milestone today.
��� FIRST  THINGS. ���
fere Quebec until the middle of July.
[He had with him only two of his ship:
tut the French were ii inch utter destitution that Charlevol says "no far
from viewing the invaders as enemies,
Champlaln regarded them as deliverers."
Kirke offered honorable terms, and
the gallant Frenchman, conquered by
famine, had no choice but to capitulate.
reason to this practice of tipping and
taking ofr hatB, and a man In nn eir-
Kdmouion is a lypicnl example of a *''������"*��� we presume, has a right to ex-
city which has adopted public owner- erclse his Individuality by doffing It
bhip in all brunches of the public Ber-' if lie sees Ht lt Is true that If hc
vice, tuul hun also adopted the "Bin- want tn Hn hla i,-,. i, .
gle tax" land lux. t��� the exclusion ���t" ','  Up ,,lH llr" '" a woman W1,h
all other forms of taxation. The sin- wnom ** **** unacquainted ln a chance
Blu tax was approached through a Ber- encounter on the street, she would con
i<* of years, by taxing buildings ai a|slder It ns nn Impertinence and might
possibly  call   the  police.
Certainly  he  wuuld   be considered
a  forward   anil   even   a  fresh   person
'�������� i^."-' ';  ���'- '"��'"'*���" ^H^^rttyfnrry US Jg
Dizance ot her presence in an elov-
First German Reichstag.
The first  reichsiag of the German
Empiro  was opened  at  Berlin   forty-
two years ago today, March 2o. 1X71
King   William   cf   Prussia  had   been '
proclaimed emperor cf Germany two
months    before,    all    the    sovereign J
nrinccs  of  German  slates  and   free British Museum Authorities Forced" to
towns having joined tn offering him    Supplv Foreign journals to Students,
the crown. London,   March    24.    A    complaint
The constitution was adopted In the 0tten made by overseas students at
month following the convening of the the British museum will soon he recti-
���ntchBtng, and under its provisions I fled. They have often grumbled at
the legislative power was conferred tho unsatisfactory supply of foreign
on the bundesratb or federal council, literary and scientific serials, and havi
"epresenttng the Individual states, and been forced to go to the reading
ihe reichsiag, which represents the rooms of the various learned societies
German nation. The reichstag con-j to get their needs supplied,
sis's cf .197 members, elected by uni- I The innovation will take the form
versal suffrage for five years. j tif a Journal  room, where each   num-
Prussla has 2,')6 members In the Iber will be available as nearly as pos-
body and Bavaria 4S, while the other!Bible to the day of Issue Instead of ns
states have lesser numbers. The So jut the present time a long time after
ciulist  party  in now    the    strongest date.
numerically in the reichstag, with 11"!    '������"' new Journal room may be In a
representatives. The Centre party has portion  of what   has   always   been
ninety,  the  conservatives  forty-five, known as the large room, an  oblong j
the National Liberals forty-four,   the|aparti ent. which  is now  being   ex-
on j
Paris, March 24.���Auteuil presented
a most brilliant appearance on the occasion to the opening of tht Paris racing season. Mannequins were conspicuous by their absence, as the fashionable dressmakers have apparently
agreed not to send any for tho present in pursuance of their new policy
ot strict secrecy until late In the season.
But the public In general were nevertheless afforded an opportunity of
viewing what will be worn this spring
hy smart women. Never before at
such an assembly had colors bo startling been seen nor bucIi bewildering
contrasts, two, three aud even four
different shadcB being worn at the
same time.
Flaring Colors.
These flaring colors appear to have
absolutely superseded the Bober blue
serge so popular during the last few
years. There was not a single ci_s-
luine of the latter color to be teen today.
Another feature which will undoubtedly   form a keynote   of  the   spring
i fashions is the exceedingly   elaborate
skirt, both in cloth uud  in silk, fully
draped from lhe back anil   narrowing
I to almott hobble skirt dimensions in
< the hem.    An Ingenious   and   picturesque arrangement of the drapery of
I the skirt, which is out up In front al-
j most to the knee  iii  tlie shape   of a
reversed  V, assures  perfect  freedom
of movement.
Low shoes, mostly of bronze color,
i hut in some cases matching the dress
! and almost Invariably with red Mo-
; rocco heels, are worn with the new
."itirts. As to coats, they are usually
of the fame color as the skirt, but
ilways a brilliant hue.
In thape they are so gnerally short
and cut away. Some of the more popular Shades seen today are grata green.
Du Barry red and practically every
other shade of red, sky blue and hot-
green  -the latter being generally
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Save $50-$75 on Your Typewriter.
Rebuilt   typewriters have same finish, wear like and
do work equal to brand new machines.   Guaranteed
oue   year. Send for price list.   All makes in stock.
Canadian   Typewriter Exchange,  Oept. 4, 543  Hast
Infls West, Vancouver.
spring   modes   will   be   calculated    to
| Increase by a good deal the yearly expenditure of well-dressed women.
Skagway, March 23.���The first authentic information concerning the
gold strike ia reported by the Indian.
Skockum Jim, in the Silver Creek
district, in Northern British Columbia, was received yesterday In a message from Atlin, saying that ,7. I.
Owens had reached there with several
hundred dollars' worth of washed gold
he had taken from the new diggings.
Owens suvs prospects are excellent
and the trail Is easy, but he will not
tell the name of the creek on which
he found his gold. Owens came out
of Atlin for supplies, and will return
to the Teslin country  In a few  days.
Skockum Jim, who is piloting a
large party rf prospectors from Skagway, waited at Caribou Crossing, Y.
T.. for a party of niushers from the
Klondike, The Klondtlcers joined the
party Thursday, and the mush to the
Teslin discovery was resumed.
sen   in  velvet���orange,  buff and  bril
- limit mauve.
A Startling   Model.
One of the most   startling   models
was that of a coat   of   extraordinary
colored cloth, cut away In front, over
1 a skirt of large check cinnamon taf-
Ifetta; the skirt revealed very low vel-
; vet  slippers   and   embroidered    silk
stockings.     The   costume    waB   com-
* pleti d by a collar of brilliant   yellow-
fox fur.
Another dress which attracted much
attention was of bright orange velvet
trimmed with skunk, and with a muff
to match. Small bats, generally very
���simply trimmed with either tiny Mowers of bright hues or with a single
quill or lancer plume, appear to the
most favored.
1 he general Impression gathered by
observers of today's first fashionable
meeting of the new season is that   the!
Toronto. March 21.- Because he allowed them barely enough to sustain
life and confined their meat, bill to 25
cents a week, a man who owns $5000
worth of real estate appeared in tho .
juvenile court this morning. ���
The testimony of the wife and three
daughters was that the husband and .
father never brought any butter toj
the home except when he wanted it for |
his own use; that the children had
been sent home from school because .
they were dirty and that the father!
would iu t pronide toap for the use of I
the family.
Commissioner Starr, after hearing
tho evidence, sentenced the father to
six nionthe iu Central prison, advising
the wife to Bue her husband for all-
SiMiclflcatlotiB, agreements of sale deeds,
business letters, etc; circular work si**-
ciulist. All wark strictly confidential. H.
Flurry, room 418 Westminster Trust BUt
I'hone 702.
L. O O. M.. NO. 884���MEKTS ON first.
Beoond and third WertnesdiiyH In each
month In K. or P. Hall nt B p in. It. J.
I^'amy. dictator; J. H. Price, secretary.
1.  O. O. V.  AMITY I.OLX1E NO    17 -The
eegular   meeting  of   Amity   lodgt   No,
27, 1. O. O. K., ts held every Monday
nlgHt al �� o'clock In odd Fellows' Hall.
corner Carnarvon and KiKhth streets.
Visiting    brelliem      cordially     Invited.
n. A. Merrlthew, n.u.; J. Robertson,
V. (',.; W. C. Coalhain, P. I)., record-
InK secretary; IL W. gangster, financial secretary,
s.   nowrcu,   (successor to CBN-
ter St Hanna. Ltd.)���Funeral directors
and embalmerH. J'nrlnrM 106 Cilumhla
street,    Nfcw   Westminster.     I'hone   8118.
W. R. I'At.ES���Pione-er Funeral l>ln-ctor
and Kml.alnier. 612-818 Agnes street,
opiiouilc Carnegie Library.
Radicals forty-one, and ten other
ties from one to eighteen each.
The reichsiag, like the bundesrath.
meets In annual session.
*      SCRAP BOOK FOR TODAY.      ���
lower rate thiiii lands.
"The single tax aud public owner
-Bhip ������systems have worked verltabli
i.ondir.s In Kduioiitoti," snyB Edmund
Iurination bureau
Kdinontim owns all Ub publlc services the Btreet railway. Ihe electric
lifiht aarrlce, the telephone service,
the waterworks, lt has just refused
;i frauchiM- lor natural gin, supply, and
is -giiiiij- after that desirability uh   a
rivic enterprise.
The various civic services all report
profit tor Ulsl yi ar
The Btreei railway department
sbowiTtl ii surplus, the llrst in Its history, tii an. ��� i<i heavy charges lu pre-
��� num ; > r.n ii.r improvements, 'i be
service handled  10,301,400 passi ngi rs
In   1��I2, ll gain  Ol   100  per cent,  over
Tbe fleetric light department re
porta n net surplus of $si;,B7:t. The
total current supplied was 4,880,411
k.w. The hiirpiu.1 for 1911 was $24,-
�������!���> Tho department Installed ill
IHiwrr bitvIooh, 21 IS light i.erviceii,
and 3-4K arc lamps.
The telephone department i.Iiowb n
���Mirplaa of $6,806 fir 11112, making an
wciiuiulaiMl surplus of $38,993, Fifteen hundn d and eighty seven instru
montr, Kiving a total of 6080 lu opera
tion, nr*'!** install' tl. The yearly rental
in $i!0 for residence and JilU fur bush
nree.    M ou tree 1  Herald.
A IMNBJIBper baiter ilarrs this col-
tirao to dlsouM ih" question of tho
proprw i ��� of taking one's bat off in an
elevator, when n womau Is a fellow
*Mu,t>i iivr Vf* Should nay that If
any man fi a Ik that he Is showing his
rinpeet to a woman thereby, he Should
take off bla coat, take Off all tho or-
��� Pn.ll.ei        Will   fxTlllil,
Ukwwlee he may doff bin headploce
i��in n he antori s Btrtel ear occupied
Ly v.* oui, ii end remain uncovered un
til thry leave nr he oatohes cold. One
rhiun in cirtaln. that taking off one's
hat can lie carried to the polnl ol pe
���Imitir afcunrdlty If the respect a
man accords tu a  woman ls meai-ur
tor, not by tipping his Imt, bul by the
even more cordial display of liis bald
cr portly bald, head. Why these things
should be we know of no belter reason than "beoause."
Neither do We know why n man will
tip his hat to his stenographer and nol
to his cook or Ills wife. As a perplexity, v.e think Ihls dlSCOUnlS tlle eleva
tor problem end we are wiiiim; to
take expert opinion mi it Seutili
Poel Intelligencer,
* (By O. Terenre.i *
Sculptor Borglum, 45 Today, Pictures
Atlas as a Woman.
A'lns, whose job It |g to uphold the
world, is not a man but a woman,
In the opinion of -nul7.on Borglum, the
Miilneiii American sculptor, who begins his  (orty-seventh year today.
"The rc-il burden of the world rests
on the shoulders of the so-called frail
Lady Day Once Marked Beginning of1
The Year.
l.ady Day, the 2iilh of March
once a popular holiday In Knglnnd
and it will be observed today in some
parts of John Hull's little island
where ancient customs are still held
in reverence. Ill the Catholic calendar today commemorates the nnnun
elation of tho Blessed Virgin Mary,
and is an important festival of south
European  and   Latin  America.
Until comparatively recent tlmOB
Lady Day marked the beginning of
the year In modern nations, Prance
"hanged New Years liny from March
26 to January 1 In Uifi4. Scotland
proclaimed the change in IS'.iD. In
England the stylo was not altered until  1752
The festival of Lady Day was Instituted In the year 250, according to
some historians, while oilier author I
lies declare that the festival was not
celebrated  until  lhe  eighth  century
lt takes its name from the tidings
brought hy th�� angel Qabrlel to Mary
announcing the incarnation of the
Christ The Catholic meaning of an
nunclatlon Day his been expressed
in ih" following language:
"This fesilvnl commemorates ths
most Important embassy that was
ever known nn embassy dent bv tin
Mng of kings, performed by one of
the rhief princes   of   the   heavenly
eourt. nnd directed nol to the power
ful ones of earth, hul lo n poor and
obscure virgin, who. being endowed
with the most angelic purity of soul
and body, being withal perfectly hum
ble nnd devoted to Qi d wns greater
In Ills eyeB thnn the mightiest mon
arch In tho world.
When the Hon of flod became man
ho could   have  taken   upon   Hlin  our
tended to meet the new addition
the northern side of the museum.
It   is hoped   that  the journal  room I
may be available for use some tlmc|
this  year,  but  after  its  location    Iiiik
been   definitely    decided    sume    time
must  be occupied  iu  thoroughly test-'
Ing ils suitability ns regards lighting,
healing,   ventilation,   etc.,   before    it .
can be opened to the public.
The use of the room will be restrict
ed to the holders of readers'   tickets,
was ianil the regulations of the   establishment will be in no way relaxed.
Thrift the Keystone
of Financial Success
London, March 24.���Religious processions In the Streets of Loudon no
longer arouse the astonishment or
hostility which used to bo the case,
probably because they have become
mure frequent.
The orange clement In Walworth
still Inclined to be unruly when the
League of Ransom   marches   through
the -streets   a demonstration  of the
beautiful  side of Roman   Catholicism
which arouses Interest even   in the
stolid   Londoner.    The   procession   Is
always accompanied by mounted police.
Sightseers from all over th" metropolis flock to Weetmlneter cathedral t wi'neM Iho I'.ilm Sunday celebration, cn (iinii Friday the Church
of England generally gives the man
In tho itrcei a Airplay of Protestant
ecclesslatlclsm. Last y< ar a proces-
len er th-ce lie maud clergy and
laity he.-.d d by the blphop London
marched from Trafalgar Square to St.
I Paul's Cathedral, to emphaslce the
e,acred significance of the day.
But by Nf the most energetic, religious procesFti nallsts are the members
of the Salvation Army, who appear In
] much great' r force nt Eastertide.
,%**���*** *****a***
|*        OUR    FOETS   C��RNPft. ���
********   ********
er  sex,"  declares   Mr.   Borglum.   who | nature, without the co-operation of uni
n   his  lust   great   work   has  pictured
he tense and slender form of a wo
���nan clasping With both arms a gigantic globe, which resting uu her
"boulder, strains every muscls Of the
little body to support the weight. The
broad shouldered bearded Alius of the
ancients thiiH falls beneath the iconoclastic hammer of the modern artist.
John (iiitron de la Molhe Is the real
name of the sculptor, who was born
lu Idaho on Murch 2f,. 1807, eduoated
In Kansas and studied art In Kan
KiH'eluco nnd I'aris. His important I ly girls, were
works Include  the  colossal   figures of   were  injured.
creature, but He was pleased to be
born of n woman. In the choice of
lier whom he raised to Ihls mcBt
sublime of all dignities, lie chose Hie
one who, by the riches of I'ls grne<
and virtues, was of all others the
most holy and the most perfect."
Lest We Forget!
Lest we forget   or have we already
forgotten?    today  Is Ihe second  nnnl
versarv  of the Asch   Building  fire  In
New York. In which 147 persons, most
killed, nnd flHy other"
The  victims   were  Hie
>h.- twelve annstles for tim CathredraJ employees of the Triangle Shin com i
rf S1   John the Divine In New York.   pnny.
Hie Lincoln head In the Capitol nt
Washington, and the Sheridan monument  In the same city.
When  far away the misty  iind   Bhall
And nil I love ptnll paps from voice
nnd view,
Around  me lies a Bca'n   uncharted
^nd (lars from which no course   war
ever laid.
Yet thrill 1 Journey   onward   unnfrnlrl'
Of  whit   iiwulls  mo  In   a   country i
Par westward when the winds   no
mora pursue
II hope to find a harbor 1 have   mado,
'Like him wlio braved a chnrlless, unknown sea,
But nye. sailed on  In   course   that
The proprietors of the factory have I noughl could bur
1 " 'r,,,!l1 from blame, and It Is only  Am)   t(imti   w|ri()H   fr|���n(ny   Btm   m(*
fair lo sny Hint their plum  wns one
waters tret
Ho Shall 1 have
bright star
Shall fall me an I near etrrnlly,
lie in a member of the Royal So-1of the best and most sanitary of Its
clely of British Artists nml other Eii-ikind In tho city.    So far ns has been
;iU<* by the removal  of his hat,  why   ropean organisations, but  he recently   developed,   no   responsibility   for   HTe
Khould mil the more chivalrous umong  resigned as vice .president  of lhe as-1 disaster attaches to any city official;    Whore    winds     grow     nt.111
lie thrt��w away imr liuls and go reBpec-   Boclalion   of,   American   I'alnleiH   .'iniljor  building   Inspector. sheltered heavens are,
fniiv bareheaded all the timet Sculptors, which he was instrtimental    The Asch building was comparative-]   Arthur Wallace risce in the New
ThiTi" It-n't nnv KurjiliiB of rhyme or 'in organizing, alleging lhal  Ihe offi-: ly modern, and far superior to thu fire     Ycrk Times,
no fear thai   love's
"D-.irlng the past tw Ive months."
says Hugh Thompson, 1 have travel.
led form the Atlantic to lhe Pacific
studying studying the financial captains of various typical American cities, und especially the sources of
their wealth. One of the Btrlking
revelations of this eperlence was the
fact that, almost without exception,
an early appreciation of thrift wan
the principle equipment of most of (he
men who amassed millions I suppose I have asked more than two
hundred millionaires the question:
"How did you begin?"
"The well-nigh Invariable response
has   been:
" 'I begnn to save early,' or 'I
learned the vnlue of thrift.'
"What Is true of the millions ls also true of the thousands and hundreds. They nil begin with the con-
lervotlon of the pennies.
Thrift and National Progress
"Thus there is nothing uncanny or
mysterious about the beginning of
riches,    Thrift,  combined   with  vision
and the realisation and capitalisation
of opportunity, Is tho simple formula
of vast wealth,
"Thrift  lies at the very foundation
of material success    it in tho mate
of saving, full brother nf frugality,
first a'd to prudence and economy. The
nations of the world who have prospered owe tbelr progress to thrift, brt-
���iiuse the sum of small SSVlngS forms
he unnlinknlile fabric of national ered
't. The countries thnt neglect to do
bo nt lhe price of permanent prosperity.
"What then Ib this quality which
hss been the backbone of France, the
simple key to so much mloollln-mak-
Ing In the United States? In the answer Usb a Blgnlflcant and helpful
lesson for all the people. For at a
time when the coet of living is taxing
the public purse no heavily and when
the struggle to live Is an acute problem with so many, no quality Is In
such reed of encouragement as this
homespun trnlt which requires neither caste or creed to become the asset of every man. I
Ths Meaning of Trlft.
"To write about thrift Is to write
about saving. Here you touch at what
hns been well named the symbol and
Instrument of man's Independence. It
Is even more than this, for It moans
the tvery cornerstone of wealth, and
the beginning of nil Investment,
"There Is n big difference between
Saving and bearding. Stowing nwny
money li) feur of lhe Irnilltlonnl rainy
day nt Ihe expense of comfort nnd
self-respect becomes mere hoarding,
and as such defeats the very fundamental principles of thrift. Having,
In Hh belter aspect, means character,
When money la Raved and employed
for a definite purpose It becomes the
most constructive agency of human
progress,   * il
"The moment you put yoOr funds,
ter-ut-lHw. solicitor, etc. Telephone
1070. Cable address "Johnston."
erode, "Weetern Union." Offices, Bill*
niock. 552 Columbia street. New Westminster. B. C.
J. BTTLWELL CLUTE, Ilarrl-aier-iit-law,
sullcltor, etc.; corner Cobiiiililn ana
McKcliile streetB, New Wi-st minster,
H.  C.    P.  O.   Box  112.     Telephone   710.
I     Solicitor and Notary.    OfTices. Hart
block, 28   Lome Btreet,  New West-
I    minster, B.C.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7 and
8. Oulction block. New Westminster.
a. K. Martin, W. a. McQuarrie and
Geonce U Caesady.
WHITESIDE �� KtlMONlW Hnrrlntrii
,     nnd Solicitors,  Westminster TnuK  Blk.
-ftolurablA street. New WeiU minuter, U.C.
CMilti address "Whiteside," Wi-artera
| Union. P. O. Drawer 216. Telf-iplione
I     89.   W.  J.   Whiteside.   11.    U   Kdmonds.
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room 22
Hart block.
ster Board of Trade meets In tlie board
room. City Hall, ** follows i Tblrd- KYI-
day of sach menili, quarierlr mii'tlng
on tbe third Friday or Pebroarv. May,
August and November at 8 ��.m. Annual m��-etluK* on the third Friday of
February. 8. H. Htoart Wa4n, socro-
no matter how small, out to labor in
safety, regardless of the medium chosen, you become an Investor, because
your capital Ib earning something.
Europe's  Lesson  of Thrift.
"When you turn to Europe you find
out what thrift really Is.    Here Ib an
example  well  worth  heeding, for tho
most  prosperous   European   countries
are  the  very stronghold    of    saving. ]
Closely   related   Is   their   remarkable!
machinery for the conservation    and
.sate employment of their savings.
I    "Take the case of France.    Despite
the fact that our resources are much
greater, and the average wage of the
American   worker   much  higher  than
the Frenchman's, th�� Investing power I SYNOPSIS   OF  COAL   MIN1NU   RB-
of the (iallle republic Is greater than QTJLAT10NS.
that   of   the   Statea.     Why?     Simply 	
because  her people  are. a  nation   of'    COAL MINLNQ Hgtits of the Dominion
in^'rrt.hn,'t,lH ,h\rnk'" B,na" Bftv' SSs^l^eiteWo^OT!:
ingt   that   forms   the   huge   reservoir   rltorle�� ttnd tn a portion of the Troylnne
of publlc wealth  which gives a conn-'���' British Ootumbia, may Ih. loused tor a
trv practical Immunltv from ��h��� ,���,if term of twenty-one years at nn annual
iry prni.ucai immunity rrom the swift   ,,���,���, ���, ��� w ���������  Nol mnrr th,n m,
ravage or panic and financial deprca-1 ncw-s win be lenseit io one iim-iiouiM..
siori. Apt.Mention   fnr a  lease  num!   lis mad*
"Tho   i.v,.,,,.i,   ���,..���   h.jmi.1    ii      ..     ' hv  the  applicant   In  person   to  the   Ajcont
me   French   are   undoubtedly   the   ���r tjnh.Ajeo,,! of the .tisirlei In wblch the
most systematic savers of all Europe.. I rights applied for are -.loiai.*.)
Their  children   nre   taught   th,,   value L ,nJ,"r\vT'd ,,,rr"lr>' the land musl Im
of a centime .. ***\* M"thB n"Bt oJ.in ' .Z^nt^*Ti iS^SS:
gets Into their little grasp, I rttnry   the   tract   upplled    for    shell    be
"The   French   are  not  hoarders      A.   ""iliMl out  h��   (he npplleiinl   hlmsolf.
���,���. .,       , noarnern.    As      |.;,,rh applfaation niust bo aoeempanltd
soon as tbey have enough to Invest to u ri*e of 88 whieh wlll U- refunded If
they put II oul to work. The govern- !h" Wrts implied for are not svslliil.K
ment alrfu In in i.i ��r,,l���il������ ��,��� ���������m '"" nr,t otbnrwlse. A royally shsll ha
ment ams 111 this ambition hy provld-   paid on the  merdiantab ihnit of the
, Ing  snre securities of amall  denomin-   "''"����� at the rare nl tlve cents per ion
atlnn.     Thin  Is   why   the  butcher   tbo'. The  peniofi   operutlnn   ths   mbm  shall
hnkor   .ha   lha   ...ji..ii.i, i fumlsh   Ihe   Aifeni   with   sworn   returns
nnker  snd   the   candlestick   maker - , nooonmioe for the full quantity ef mer-
iCven  the Bcrub women aro Investors,   chuntuWe eoul   mined iuul  pay the roy-
for  thev   own   rentes   or  -nunmmi,-,!   ""' theruon.   If the ooal   minus   rights
k,���...   ..i ���i? _ ... .'   1.py*f*m*nt ������, not h,,,,^ ���p,mriKl s���rh rstornsJMuM
bonds, which may be had In plecoa
as small as one hundred francs, or
twenty  dollars.
"The average Frenchman who buys
bonds of the Credit Fonder, the great
mortage bank which pools mortgage*
and Issues securities against the
group. Like the rentes, these are In
small denominations and accessible
to everybody. Tho Credit Fonder
bonds are known and dealt In on moBt
of the bourses of Kurope, and are
therefore very marketable.
"In Oermany thrift probably haa
Its highest development In the operation of thn Bo-called co-operatlvn savings hanks. They are really and truly
'people's   banks,'   for   the   dcposltore
Is'  fliriileb-ed  nl   loiurt  once  n  year.
The lease will tnr.ludn the casl mlntnu
rlahln only, but thn leasee will bo per-
nitlte-i Ui pilrelinse whaM-ver avullkhls
���mrrsee rights may tie Consider �� imi��>-
sary tor the working of the mine at the
rute of 811)  Hn ���cm.
For full Information applleatlna Bhould
be made lo the Hecreliuy of the Oepert.
ment of Uie Totorlor. Ottnwa. or to an**
Agent ar Mub-A��ent of Dominion Lao'la
w w. ctim,
Tlepnty Minister of Ihe Interior..
N. B���T7anuthsr1��ed nuhllnittsn ef this
advertisement wm not he paid for.
Phone 1277
Westminster Trust Block.
Why don't you own a pool
hnev  a   voice In  their ownership and   rnom      -plooe nsnf'l ��OAA mam
conduct   in these banks the rule is,   00n?,   Wear profit $200per
month. Located centter Columbia street.
The Oriental Contract Co,
'maximum of responsibility; minimum
Of risk;  maximum of publicity.'
"The flennan banks hnvii been called thu Second degree uf saving, because they i liable the small farmer
to buy his farm, and the nmall uhop-
keeper to purchase his shop, and the
Clerk to own his home. There are
two great systems of bnnka.    One Is
called the Schulti-TJelltoh, a combination ef Iho name of the founder and
Ills home city. The oilier opera! ,.n
an the Ralffelssen System, atBO pruned
from Its found'T."
PHONE   R 1031. |
Employment Agency
Prompt attention given to orders.
607 Front St., New Westminster, 8.0, TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 1913.
Czechs and Germans
Have Serio-Comic Feud
Berlin, March 25.���Ferocious criticism Is being levelled against harmless Prince Wilhelm of Hohenzollern.
Patriotic associations declare he is a
wicked man, and that he Is quite unfit
to be a kinsman of Kaiser Wilheim.
The real offence of poor Prince
Wilhelm Is that ho allows the German
estates to be CzechlslBed. Places
where good Teutons have lived for
a century are being used as crodle��
of the hated Mav. Just at the time
whin all the power of Prussia Is being applied to turn Poles Into Germans, a reckless, unpatriotic prince
Is busily engaged in turning German.!
Into Czechs.
Yet Prince Wilhelm of Hohenzollern Is an important man. Genealogists even say that he ls more Important than Kaiser Wilhelm, for the
Hohenzollern-Slgmarlngena are the
older branch of the KaiBer's family,
and merely two trlflliig accidents
(dring and the swindling of subjects)
deprived them of their south German
Also Prince Wilhelm Is Important
by virtue of his wealth, and more
noteworthy still, by reason of his skill
at poker In which pursuit he surpasses all men between the Rhine and the
Trouble Comes to Him.
Rut trouble has come upon bin) In
the shape of mighty estates close to
the Austrian frontier. They are ln
the south of the Bohemian forest, but
within Germany's boundaries. Once
these estates, like most of the country round, had a respectable Czech
population, but for a hundred years
past they have been as German as
On the estates close by and also
across tho frontier live Czechs, and
these Czechs and the Germans get
on 111 together. They put mud in one
another's wells, and, generally behave
as rudely as if they were statesmen.
Put hitherto everyone looked on the
prince's big estates as bulwarks of
solid Tentonism and of Teuton virtue.
nut, alas, some years ago a vicious
design was hatched for turning this
Gorman para-*Be Into a CzMh Inferno.
The chief villain was a certain "Forest Councillor" named Koenlg, with
a pure German name but a Czech
mother and conscience. This influential gentleman set about Importing
Czechs from Austria to fill till Important positions on the estate.
He scraped the honest Hohenzollern (white and black) paint from
the estate boundary posts, and re*
painted the posts red and white, the
shameless colors of Bohemia. He tran-
lated the notices,, warnings and signboards into Incompri hensible Czech.
Scene  of   Race   Feuds.
And this went on. School children
were taught that the Bohemian forest
estates are Czech, and that the ultra-
supir-Te.utonlc llohenzollerns are Bohemians by origin, and Germans only bv mistake. What with the colonists from Bohemia, the repainted signboards, and the corrupted school children, the estates rapidly grew more
Czechered and Czechered. Soon, too
soon, they became the scene of race
feuds ln no wlBe milder than those
which for a thousand years have enlivened picturesque Bohemia.
j Kaiser Wllhelm's kinsman was busy
with his wealth and his poker and he
' Ignored all this tumult. Suddenly an
' enthusiast for Germanism went to the
; Bohemian forest and found It all out.
.This was a certain Herr Julius Weiss-
' mann, who, having -retired on a pen-
' sion   from   Prussia's   auditing  office,
* has   no  occupation   but   fighting  the
I foes of (lernittiiism.
He visited Petrowltz, Freyung, and
other places where the prince has
land, and he discovered that he was
In Little Bohemia. And he wrote a
tearful, reproachful lettet to the pok-
cr-playlng prince, which the prince
duly  put In the fire.
Starts on Foot Tour.
Herr Welssmann resolved to save
Germanism on his own, and took a
lesson from Britain's courageous suffragettes. He started on a Sunday
foot tour In the prince's wild domain,
and In his luncheon bag, Instead of
veal, he carried a hammer, a chisel
and' crowbar.    Whenever ne spotted
', a signboard  ln  the hated Czech   'he.
i knocked or pried it off. And with
'.he chisel he defaced the BhameleBa
j The hated Bohemian language war.
chopped Into chips. As triumphant
Herr   WelBsmann   wss   crossing   the
I boundary he was seized by the neck
by Herr Forest Councillor Yesmazecs
one or the Czech estate employees,
and a week later he was fined $50 and
severely told to pay for the damaged
Local Germanophlle papers made
Herr Welssmann a hero and also began some very severe attacks upon
the unpatriotic prince. They called
Herr Koenig, the estate manager, a
traitor. Herr Koenig sued them for
"insult" One was fined. In this way
the Germans were decisively beaten,
and the Czechs were equally decisively victorious.
But the Kaiser's kinsman now be-
'gan to get nervous. lie resolved to
re-Germanise his neglected estates.
He gave a month's notice to all the
Czech   foresters,   gardnera,  and   lack
', cyB to derart. Two of the Czech.;
began an action against hlin for com
��� pensation for money spent by them
for improving their cottages, and they
' won tlieir suits.
Thereupon the prince thriftily resolved to keep all the Czechs.    And the
] patriotic   German   newspapers   made
! severe attacks upon him and asked.
"Ib It pOBslble that this Is a cousin
of our Kaiser?"
Reaches Comedy Stage.
The war between Czechs and eGr-
mans came to a comedy stage- at tlu*
new year. The prince resolved to
restore his reputation as patriot, and
considered that the best way to do
it was to visit his Bohemian fori i:
estates. Both Germans and Ozechn
were delighted and all agreed that
he muBt have an address of welcome.
When the Germans on the committee proposed to draw up the addres.--
In German, the Czechs sn'.d that It���
or part of It���should be In Czeh. The
Germans said "no: the prince don't
read your barbarous tongue." They
got their way, and n hahdsome Illuminated address in tlie purest German
was prepared for New Year's Day for
,ubo  at   the   great   function.
Rushton Hall, ln the handa of its late
owner, had Becured fame as a centre
for orchid cultivation, which was but
one of the expensive luxuries in
\....,.., he indulged.
The late King Kdward and Qu'.en
Alexandra paid visits to the beautiful
gardens, while- orchid experts from all
.over the world came to see the rare
I specimens. From being a derelict
Old place, James Van Allen converted
it Into one of the fiueBt mansions in I
Amusing Stories Told
of Toasts Old and New
from    the   following   ex
England, and iu the process   spent a
But It Ib now discovered that   while
he and bis sister became conspicuous talnments as public dinners, city ban-
figures In Boclity, he was   essentially j , ., "
a business man, and that his   Invest- |">ucls' anniversary festivals and so on.
mentB in Rushton Hall, from the out-1     We are all familiar with the elab-
The  drinking of toasts, although a   be judged
custom  now  more    honored    in    the  umples:
"May lhe pleasures of the evening
bear the reflections of the morning."
May  the honest heart never    feel
of course still obtains at such enter-   distress."
breach than the observance, can boasl'
a respectable antiquity.    The custom
set, were intended to be in the nature
of a business proposition. The new
owner Ib one of the South Afri<;an
| plutocrats, who became rich through
the enterprise of the late Cecil
But what Ib exercising the mindt
of Northampton folk, especially thosi
living around where the mansion Is
situated, ls that with the disappearance of the Van Aliens, most of their
occupation Is gone.
Finder of "Lake of   the   Dead" New
Tell of Exploration of "Lake of
London, March 24.--P. Amaury Talbot, district commissioner in southern
Nigeria, had mude another remarkable discovery. Some months ago when
he returned to England on a visit, he
told how he had found the lake of the
Dead ln the Oban country. He now
tells how he and his wife explored the
sacred lake of life.
When Mr. Talbot returned to Nigeria he found that the news of the discovery of the lake of the Dead ho.*.
brought to light the fact that another
sheet of water to which mysterious
powers were ascribed existed in the
neighborhood of Ikot-Obo, the chief
town of the Iblbios and one afternoon
Mr. Talbot and Mr. Eakln, accompanied by Mrs. Talbot and her sister, set
out to endeavor to locate It.
Hitherto the knowledge of the lake
had teen kept a jealously-guarded secret from all Europeans, and not even
the natives, with the exception of the
high priests, had been allowed to approach the sacred water, the dwelling place of the greateEt deity of the
The  Sacred   Grove.
Access to the lake was  through   a
orate menu, containing on one page
the various dishes we; are supposed
to swallow, lf not digest, during dinner, arid on the other the list of toasts
which, after dinner, we are called
upon to "honor" in the usual fashion.
These, a Glasgow writer Bets forth,
begin with the usual "loyal and patriotic" toasts, now generally restricted
to "The King" and "The Navy, Army
and Reserve Forces"���which ls proposed by the chair and replied to by
some gallant warrior, who, with
much greater trepidation than he ever
evidenced in the presence of the enemy blurts out a few disjointed sentences, and then, with the hardly nec-
cessary assurance that "he is no
speaker," heavily resumes his scat.
These are succeeded by such standard
dishes as
"May the hand of charity wipe the
tear from the eye of sorrow."
"May the companions of our youth
be the friends of our old age."
Italy to Become More Powerful in the
Rome,  March 24.���Admiral Pascual j
Catoli,   Italian   Minister   of    Marine,!
made   an   impressive   Bpeech    ln   the
Chamber  of   Deputies  last  week   on
the subject of Italy's naval policy.
Replying to criticism regarding the
delay in the execution of Italy'B naval
program the Minister oi Marine explained that this delay was due partly
to the intermittent character of the j
naval yards, and also to the long time
taken for the execution of orders entrusted to foreign shipyards, conse-1
quent on strike.
The admiral asserted that It was the
     The Commercial Interests  government's Intention   to organize a
of the City," and others of an equally , regular and methodical cycle In navl-
banal character. Sometimes to listen Setion, the government recognizing
to some master of the difficult art of that the conquest of Libya and Italy's
after-dinner oratorv. such as the Earl  new P0"*"10" In the Mediterranean Im-
of Strawberry, ln which case they are
certainly to be congratulated.    As a
rule, however, such evenings can hard
ly be looked upon as an exhlliarating''
experience. i
More Toasts  More  Liquor. I
Some compensation may be found
In the fact that modern toast lists
are but faint shadows of the formidable array which had to be faced by
guests of a former age. The number
of speeches that had to be made, and
the amount of liquor that must have
been consumed on these occasions
appears to modern ideas simply appalling.
When rummaging through some old
papers later the writer cume across
a bundle of old toast lists, the Brob-
dingnagian character of which convinced him that there must indeed
been giants upon the earth in those
For instance at the dinner given tn
honor of the general show of live
stock and agricultural meeting at
Glasgow on September 27, 1838, the
list comprised no fewer than 38
toasts. These, of course, began with
"The Queen," and after honoring the
army and navy, the church, the president of the show, the judges, the successful   land   also   the   unsuccessful)
pose a duty on the government to
provide In the future for Italy's naval
power on a larger scale.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Bltulithic on Second Street, N:v Westminster, with Boulevard
the Centre.
Bitulithic iB noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustleEs, easy on
horses' feet. and. above all, particularly durable. For these reasons
Bltulithic ls commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses.
householders, and city officials, lt has been adopted by fifteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred in the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
sacred grove, so cunningly   contrived ] competitors,   we   find   such  mlscellan-
that a stranger might pass within a
, few yards yet never find the holy
jpool. .Mr. Talbot and his party, guided
j to the spot, found that tlle water was
(full of great flsh, on the welfare of
I which depended the life of the Iblbio
i The fish were so tame that they fed
I from the hand of the reigning high
; priest, the only native human being
j allowed to look on the water. Form-
lerly many victims were annually sac-
I rificed here, though at the present day
' human   life  Is   not   permitted   to   be
Countless   legends   had   grown    up
round  the spot.      It  was said    to be
placed by Its first guardian, the thtin-
Archery the Sport of
Kings and Commoners
eons toasts as "The Three Great Interests of the Country," "The Tenantry." "The Kngllsli Bar and Sergeant
Talfouid." winding up with the "Land
of Cakes," Breeding in all lt3
branches." and "Good roads and ready
In case any of our readers might
think that this, being a bucollcal festival,  was an  exception,  we  find  that
lat a dinner "Commemorative of   the
general assembly of 1638," given    at
[Glasgow  on   December 20, 1838,    the
j number of toastB on the list was 34.
I The   fact  that  most  of   these    were
naturally connected  with the church
I and Its history does not, we Imagine,
i imply
der god, under the care of a python1""1"*' " ���***��� display cf enthusiasm or
and a leopard, who ceaselessly kept! ll suialler consumption of liquor.
watch and ward and destroyed uny I At ""-' dinner given by the Mer-
one ruth enough to seek to penetrate Obants' House of Gusgow, on Novem-
its mysteries, lt Is specially sacred as \ oer at). tMl. the committee had
tlie dwelling place of the most power- modestly restricted the list to 23
lul deity -the   Great   Mother   Isu-.Ma  tMSts,  but  at  the  banquet  given   by-
Archery bus heen a pastime In ldig-
lund since very early days. Henry VI.
was a skilled bowman and the F.llls
family still have In their possession a
flno leather bracer which hc left ut
Baulton Hall In Yorkshire. Henry
VIII. was also devoted to tho sport and
Spent much money upon It.
Hc applied ln 1510 for leave to Import 40,000 bows from Venice. Part
of this order appears to have been
actually received and an entry In his
accounts of ��762 15s. paid to Anthony
Baveryn for bow staves is supposed to
refer to this transaction.
Another curious entry In the accounts of his privy purse in 1530
reads: "Arraws shafts���brode ItoddB
���bracer and shooting glove for my
l.ndy Anne .C 1.13.3,' and again, "for
three howes for my l.ndy Anne at 3s
3d. a piece 11.3.3," from which we
gather lbat Anne Boleyn was also un
Roger   Aschsm,
Roger Acham, the author of "Tox
ophllus"- ths first known book on
archery, lived In this reign, and so
keen wua ho on the aoort that when at
JentB College, Cambridge, Ib credited
with having devoted more time to
archery than to his studies. Ascham
In 1545 presented his book lo Henry
VIII., who wns so Interested In II thai
he awarded the author n pension of
no n year.
To ABchum'fl lufluence Is doubtless
dun Queen Elizabeth's fondness for
archery. She was an exceedingly good
shot, and Ib said to havo organized a
corps of archers among the ladles of
her court. Tradition has It Ihat all
wont well wllh them till they were
unfortunate enough to shoot better
than their royal mistress, when the
consequences wero dire Indeed.
Charles II. wub nlso u noted archer
and the Guild of St. Sebastian at Bruges still have a mace presented by
him. Undor his patronage a grand
display of archers was hold ln Hyde
Park In Itifil, and so grent wns the pop
ulnr excitement over It that an old
o.nonlcler BiiyB: "Three regiments of
foot Inld down their arme to come to
see It."
Again  In  Fsvor.
After the founding of thn Royal
Toxophollte Society by Hlr Ashtnn Lever In 1781 as succoBBorB to the Ancient Flnsbury Archers, nrchcry once
moro became popular, and encouraged
by thn Prince of Wales, afterwards
George IV., was the fashionable spurt
Of tho dny.
Coming to the mld-Vletorlun ern
Horace Ford for many yoars Btooil out
ns the most brilliant archer of his
day. Mr. Ford won tho championship
12 times, 11 times In consecutive
years. HIb scores wero most remarkable and havo never been surpassed.
His most famous scores were, 245
hits 1261 Score at the grsnd national
I archery meeting nt Cheltenham in
11857, and again in 1858, 230 lilts, and
11,128 score for the double York round,
; while cu eight occasions his score exceeded 1,000 at public meetings.
In private Mr. Ford Improved even
; upon IiIb public Bcorea, his score of 809
I from 137 hits on the single York
. round being tho finest performance
yet recorded. Mr. Ford also in 1858
shot a distance of 308 yards.
Ford's  stylo  wub  not  graceful   but
gave the Impression of great difficulties  grappled   with   an   overcome    by
j perseverance,   rather   than   being   the
I result of  natural  aptitude.    He   paid
: deliberate attention   to   every   detail
and  alwaya    Impressed    upon    other
; archers tho Importance of so doing.
A great friend of Mr. Ford's was the
| Itev. .1.  Ilrainhnll, and though a very
fine shot In  private und second only
to him for many years, want of con
Ifldenoe   at   tbe  critical   moment    prevented   Mr.   llramhall   from   ever   ob-
1 tabling    the    much-coveted     archery
Improved    Shooting.
Mr. (I. E. Fryer In 1873 scored   fi:',9
: In 127 hits and since 187(1 the general
bvel of shooting has remarkably Improver, as evidenced by nine archers,
! between  1870 and 1803 having scored
over 1000 on the   double York round
ut public meetings,
While since 1893 soores of over ooo
have been of constant occurrence
I Since 11100 Mr. lt. Brooks-King has
held the championship bIx limes, and
j MIbb Leigh became chanipioness no
I less than nine limes. Miss Leigh la
famed for being the only recorded
,nrehrr who has ever shot through the
.two days of u public meeting, without dropping a single arrow.
Minn tl. Newall has been chain-
! plonnesn for the last two years, and
, thlB lady nlso carried off the honors
fur England ut the ladles' archery section at tho London Olympic games.
present day In the flame way as golf,
lawn tennln and croquet, yet through
all the centuries from very early
I times nreln ry Iiiib ever had Its entlni-
jsluftlc adherents, nnd still Booms to
hnve kept ItB power to uttracl those
who care Tor a quiet pastime In the
open nlr and ono which callB for considerable nklll and unfailing accuracy
both of hand and eye.
(tbe Face of Love), whose symbol Ib
a hcly rock facing the entrance.
Find   Second   Pool.
Nearby the travelers found a second pool, auxiliary to the lake Itself,
In the centre of this Is a plain tree
near which, lu the water, are stationed
a man, a girl, and a boy, who bear
the name cf the goddess, as they were
granted to the parents in direct answer to prayer. Mr. Tuibot is sending
home n complete account of the discovery at an early date.
Mr. Talbot,In describing his previous
the same institution on November 3,
1842, we tind the number had swollen
to no fewer than 36. These included
such  items as "Her  Majesty's Minis-
.ors, i'he Evangelistic Dissenters of
Scotland," "The ladies of Glasgow,"
'Further Improvements lu the Overland Mails," and last, but not least,
tlle cheerful toast tf "The Necropolis! '
Too Much for thc Diners.
Perhaps    the most    famous   dinner
ever given In Glasgow city was   the
Peel  banquet, which    took place    on
discovery   of   the   lake   of   the 13anunTy" ia.   1S37,  on   which occasion
IZ ' h' .  .  ,'"  *"r,fact',of  ,h��  w'ltir   uo fewer than 43 toasts were set down
was absolutely  still and  round about!
were   ten-foot   high    bushes,   bearing
What looked like great tufts of creamy |
flowers, These, however, proved to
��� be nests of tree frogs. The place
was a sanctuary for all wild things,
for no hUQtsr would dare penetrate
llie busb to this fearsome place.
Ab Mr. Talbot stood ut the edge,
gating out over the wuter ItB quiet
was suddenly broken by a broad rip
pie and little fish were seen to Bprlng
agltutedly ubove the surface. A great
python wub crossing, uud this, It wsb
learned, shared with the crocodiles
the guardianship of tha Sacred lake.
Nothing was allowed to troublu the
water or even to touch Its outer edge,
for fear or famine and pestilence cn
suing. Hither lhe natives believes,
came by night the ghosts of long-dead
Ekol, to drift In sail companies, boneless and walling over the surface of
the water.
But Giving Up of Expensive Luxury
Worries Northampton Folk.
London, March 24. -The announcement thnt James Van Allen had decided to dispose of Rushton Hall, tho
historic mansion In Northamptonshire, which he haB occupied for uhout
ton yearn, came aa n shock, not nlone
to IiIb friends, who wero qulto unprepared for bo sudden a development.
Apart from Its historic association,
Simplest   Luncheon    Gets  as
Care   as   State   Banquet.
London, March 24. King Gcorge'B
private dinner parties to men distinguished In literature, science and art
are now In full swing In Buckingham
palace, though the world hears little
about them.
It Is now that Mr. Cedard, the klng'B
chef really earns his Biilury of $10,000
B year. Under his supervision everything eaten at their majesties' tables
is prepared ln the scries of seven
beautifully  appointed   kitchens.
When the meal Ib served M. Cedard
leaves the kltcheus for his own pri-
vato sitting room to await the nies-
Huge the king nlwuys Bends: "Thc
dinner has pleased his majesty."
The groat chef exercises as much
care over the preparation of tho simple luncheon partaken of by PrlnceBB
Mary and her governess as for a Btato
banquet. Apparently he has learned
the lesBon Queen Mary has Instilled Into tho whole entourage who servo the
princess roynl. Hers Is'tho good, old-
fashioned motto of plain living and
high thinking.
8he wlll be kept from all the ex
cltoment of court life till 1916 -when
presumably Princess Mary will be
able to eat what she likes.
to be proposed, drunk and responded
lo. There Is, however, a limit to
human endurance, and lt Is on record
that although the company sat down
to dinner at live minutes past 5
o'clock In the afternoon and did not
separate until hull past oue In the
ihornlng, "a number of the toastB on
the list had not been given."
The dinners referred to above were
of course public functions, but thu
drink,in-, ol toasts wus by no meana
confined to such occasions. It wus
customary, WS might almost say compulsory, at  all    dinners    and    social
It was even carried to Buch a
length that It was considered "hnd
form" In take a glass Of wine at dinner without drinking to the health of
one of thoBe present. One coiiaev
luence of this extraordinary custom
wus that a stranger or a very shy
person might find himself In the
awkward position of having its much
difficulty In getting enough to drink
during dinner as he hud to avoid taking too much after the cloth was removed.
For the tousling did not stop, lt
was only then that the serious business of tlio evening began. What
were known us "rounds" of toasts
were glveu when ouch gentleman
���lamed a lady and each lady a gentleman. There were besides a number
of what inuy be calliil "standard"
toasts, specimens of which nre given
in Oeon Ramsay's "Remlntsoenoes of
Scottish Life nnd Character," such as:
"Malr freens and loss need of
"Thumping luck and fat weans."
"Here's to them that Iobb us, or
leiins us a lift."
"Here's health, wealth, wit, and
"Hlytho mny wc a' be."
"May we a' be canty and cosy."
"Malr sense and malr siller."
Some 8entlmental Toasts.
There wus, however, a deeper depth
still, for when toasts were exhausted
the company fell back upon "sentiments." Those wero "short epigrammatic sentences, expressive of moral
feelings   and   virtues,"     and     were
Penticton, March 21.���The new sta
tions at Rock Creek, Westbridge.
Beaverdell and CarmI on the Kettle
Valley railway have been completed
and construction trains are now running a short distance beyond Cann*
frcm the east.
From Carmi to the Hydraulic Summit, 70 miles from Midway, the grading, which is being done by L. M.
Rice ii Co.. is almost completed. Between that point and Penticton, 58
miles further west, Grant Smith &
Co. have the grading contract and
have done about a quarter of the
work. From Penticton to Osprey
!.ake, a section about 40 miles In extent, grading is all but done.
The steel Is laid, and ballasting almost finished as far as Trout Creek.
At this point a huge steel bridge Is
being erected, with a span 250 feet
above the water level. The trestle
work on the oppronches Is finished,
and a representative of the Canadian
Foundry Company is on the ground
arranging for the collecting of the
material fer tbe span. As soon as this
bridge Is completed track-laying will
be proceeded with from this point
On the Hope mountain section
Twohy Bros, have the contract for 13
miles. So far no contracts have becn
let for the portion between Osprey
Lake ond Penticton, and It is understood that the -difficulty of selecting
the best route is the cause of the delay. Speaking of the matter a few
days ago. Chief Engineer McCullocb
stated that it would probably be a
year and a half before the line would
be completed.
Over 1G00 men are at work on the
section of 40 miles east of Penticton,
and although there has been some
talk of a strike, the camps are now
quiet and no further trouble Ib looked for. The contractors claim that
the men can make no reasonable
complaint, as they sre paying $2.75
per day, with good quarters and board
at $0 a week.
Melbourne, Australia, March 22.���
That Lord llenman, the governor general without a home, was wrongfully
ejected from his headquarters at Sydney by thc state government, was the
declaration of the supreme court today.
It may be remembered a great stir
was caused recently In social and po
lltical circles throughout the Commonwealth when the Labor government of
New South Wales threw the governor
general of the Commonwealth, his wife
aud family, together with ull baggage
out of the government house In McQuarrie Place. Lord Oeuinan had pre
ferred to move to a more hospitable
climate In this city and the government Of tin- mothnr state of the Com
nionwealth waB h'srtlly condemned
for Its action
The premises I', question has been
used for many yeurs as the home of
the governor general until a few
months ago when the Labor government declared that the property Bhould
bu used ub a public park.
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes
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Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 Sixth Street
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
Cochrane, Out., March 211. The
fight that has been golug on for ceil
turles between the free traders and
the Hudson Hay Compauy has been renewed with considerable acrimony ut
Bell RlVW, In Northern Quebec, at u
point where the Bell Itlver crosses the
Transcontinental Hallway.
The Hudson Bay post at Cochrane
lias been rinding that the toll of furs
obtained from the Indians coming
down the Bell and thc Nottaway to
Cochrane wns getting small, and on
making Investigations they discovered that a little knot of free trailers had
established themselves at  Bell   Hiver
Killed the Principal Matador to Start
Madrid, March 24--Amateurs of
bull fighting have nothing to complain of this year on the score of
emotional excitement.
The season opened hero officially
on Saturday und the first hull let loose
tossed the principal matador before
be had even time to open out his
"capa," or bullfighter's cloak. The
man whose professional name was
Uomlnguln died In great agony a short
time after he reached home.
Tho public hero are apparently unmoved by such spectacles; such Incidents are generally accepted as being
Inseparable from this class of "sport."
The great audience ln the Madrid bullring -some    12,000   people���remained
thought very refilled and elegant pro-1 until the ail bulls of The' program had
ductlons.   Wtiut they really were may been dispatched.
McLaughlin Service Covers
the Country.
"ITALLY important in buying a car U service���a feature sought by many but ol>-
tained by few.    Consider then that which
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for the purpose of giving quick, adequate and economical service to the McLaughlin motorist, You may never need this
service, it ii tiue. Ail the urn* it'i mighty comforting t j know litxi it
ll ready when and where you want it.
No other company in Canada has anything like the time amount inverted
for this purpose. Thii ll what we metn by McLaughlin service. Ik ia
ill embracing, ipcedy, convenient.    It cover* llie country
Call and see these cars at our new showrooms or Phone 691, 196 or 59 and arrange
for demonstration.
r *��AG��  FOUR
mm. io people
(t'ouiiniio-a trom race one)
TUESDAY, MARCH 26, l��1l       '
 ii   1 ������.!g
based by any leading member of their
"As a sample of many such utterances, the following may be quoted:
-The spi otacle presented by the govern mi n I of Canada today Is a regret-
able one; a government fresh from
the people with a normal majority in
this bouse of 48 or 4D ure helpless aa sion for Montreal centred in the
-children. The present bill has now | chairman, Mr. \V. G. Ross. Until a
���br-ra under consideration for some, few years ago lie was known quite
time and the government are unable; commonly a.*- "Willie" Ross, which
to pass it: What will the people say?| I'U-5. ��s his po-ilion became more and
Tbey will sav what they havo already: more prominent
said: That it is
before the peopl
??, rC8,f ���Wi,o ,nerZZV�� Thl.��ta! ��">����* m(-d��:�� ��� 1��* ^e9t to drown
better   ban  to  theme elves.    Thisto   . .^
tbe firs   t,me in the history of Can-! J
ada that a government has been tierf, iorit " r,,Iat(1(,   ,0   the   atMe|ic
ap in such a manner as this govern,, ^        r(,   ft M,ciaU     j   ,hink     ,n
A Joke on Himself That Msrk Twain
Faded to Enjoy.
When Mark Twain was a resident
of Hartford, Conn , be once called at
, _ . the ollice of Dr. Swan, a locol special
ist of considerable repute, to consult
New Chid  of  Commissioi   In  Com-  him regarding a trivial nilmenL
mercial Metropolis Used to Be a The physician was Inclined to be
Star Bicycle Rider Before He Went rather arbitrary In his charges, was
Into Business ��� Passed Through very Independent and disliked exceed-
Street Railway Offices Till He '"K-v to be cousulted In regard to ml-
Reached t',e Top. I "ur   nllmellts-     ln   tbls  Instance  he
named a fee for his services that the
Gr.Most interest in the recnt ap- economically minded Clemens thought
pointment ot a new harbor com-oii.--  excessive.
,nat till')   nuvu axntauv , ������ ,,,.',    X ,,
time they again went  "���������� formal    W. G.
,le and if they do this      *   '������Vl\ *    rwon-'ction   of   seeing
I photographs   oi   W.    G.    Ross   with
ment is today���they cannot move
hand or foot and will not be allowed
to move until this bill Is either withdrawn or amended, and then go before
the people and obtain their verdict
as to what they should do.'
Obstructive Tactics.
"It is quite true that many very im-
j-iiclant measures now upon the order
paper are delayed and hindered by
tbe obstructive luetics which the op-
iwiition have practiced in respect to
this bill. The banking act, the act to
���encourage and assist the improvement
of highways, the nct for granting aid
for the advancement of agriculture
and other equally important policies
as weTl *xi Hie harbor improvements
sunt other important public works
throughout the country can make no
progress because of the action of the
opposition that they and they alone
arc to determine what legislation will
paBs the. house of commons.
"Sir  Wilfrid's comparison    of    the
dteeasslon  of .this  hill with that of
the   naval   service  hill  of  1910  took
placo only 12 days in all;  the debate
���on the naval bill of 1913 has already
occupied 26 days and only one clause
������(tho title) has been passed in committee.    Thc total discussion on the bill j athl'tt -���-   On
of 1910 occupied 1642 pages of Han-   on  everylhiu
sard,   'tip to the present  the discus-! tired with It.
sion on  the  naval  aid hill  has filled   arn 8.1 m nil
<��650  pages of  Hansard.    The bill or |     ��- *'���   ''"'
1910 contained 54 clauses and it went
through committee in one day.   The
���present bill eoniuins only live clauses;
and it has been discussed in committee  for 13  d:iys and only  clause one '
tthe title) hns been permitted to pa��3. j
Would   Pass  reciprocity.
-Sir  Wilfrid  Laurier  declares that t
the government  persistently declined!
After a little argument Mr. Clemens
declared that be would not pay any
such price as tbe physician asked, snd
rose to leave. Just as be turned bis
was dropped for the hack oo Dr. Swsn a voice said distinctly:
"Go along home, yeu old fool, your
Instantly Mark Twain wheeled
around, angry through and through.
"What's thst, sir?" be roared at tbe
doctor.   "What's that you say?"
With a smile tbat was cloying tn Its
bicycle riding and perhaps running, sweetness Dr. 8wan pointed to a cage
At any rate,  I e  wus a star bicycle In  the corner wbere bis parrot  was
swinging and chuckling with blrdlsb
glee, aud explained:
"That Is the gentleman who spoke to
! you, sir." Somehow the explanation
did not seem to reduce Mr. Clemens
anger very much, and he uever entirely believed In Dr. Swan's lunoceuce.-
New Vork American.
of  his
run, nil of tli.ni being
brother held tb ' ivoni '
ioi lo a mile and r ���-
I think tliey were   nnd
rs of Hi" M.N,A.A.
mi ��� ol bis early experience in his father's office, h? having
associated    himself   with    ''''"   1"!1K
about l'SSO.    Soma  eight  yi<ir.-*  later
he   brcatne   seert-tnrv-tr n.-uivr  nl   lhe
Wiinl-or  Hotel    Mr.  Georgj  lies,  a
weli known   literary   character,   was
then   manager,   mil   associated   was
also Mr. George Bwett, who, lie y say.
could call all the guests hy their first
names.     Alter  some   four  var-,   w t'i
to make any change in the rules nir., th(, wilklsor ,��� t into louch with
Fisher. BpeaUIng as a member of the | Mr )nm���s R���,s _:of another family
late Bovernment, made the following altogether���who wns interesting him.
���a-anouncenicut on three different cc ���plf in Die street railwav *-v-t in of
caalons: (in August 1. 1911, at Water- j ft,, t-ity of Montreal, arid ere long
ioo. be Bald: 'll we are returned to was in'the employ of lh" company,
���power we will pans reciprocity and w.- in the street railway there was nn
will also puss a measure changing thc I cm! of opportunity lo employ his
roles so that the business of tho I capacities, nntl h rose trom one post
country may go briskly forward with-, to another until he became chief
oat Interruption. It ls only right' that (executive officer. He liecsm'1 comp.
it should be bo. Kull Investigation, troller of the sy*>t��m in 1895 and later
-we. believe In, bul empty cbstruction  on succci'il?J to the position "f v
Without    These    Organs   the    Insect
Would Tumble to the Ground.
The Insects of tbe lllptera order, to
which tlle common bouseliy belongs.
. have, ns a rule, one pair of wings uud
rudimentary remnants of snother pair
In tbe form of a Club shaped organ ou
either side of the thorns behind (be
: wings. These organs nre called "bal
sneers" nnd. us experiments hnve
shown, are Indispensable In tbe mull)
lenniiee of equilibrium.
A Ily from which they bnve been re
moved cannot direct Its Bight, and It
It tries to Hy from tbe edge ol a IHlile
will immediately take n downward
cuurse, dropping to the Boor on its
bend about three feet nwny nnd fulling
over on its back Similarly, If It tries
to My from tbe tlnor nfter succeeding
in getting on Ils feet ngnln It will rise
In the air two or three Inches and then
ngnln tumble, striking Its bend and
turning over on lis buck ns before, bill
only nboiit four Inches from Its starting point. Horizontal nnd ascending
Bight becomes absolutely Impossible,
Tbe similarity between these artitt
clnlly produced insect mishaps and
many au aeroplane Hccldent is striking
nml n sluily of why the removal uf Ihe
lly's tnilniti-ers causes It to upset tna>
go a long way toward solving the proli
letu in aeroplane construction.���West
minster (iuzette.
is ii drag on the country.'
"Speaking at Magog on August 13,
1911. Mr. Fisher said: 'rto long 08 a
.small minority cr any group can take
up the time of parliament in order to
hear themselves talk  It  is  impossible
to avoid wast? of time and i pledge
���thai if the Laurier government la
-returned again the rules will be
���changed. 1 consider present conditions Inlmtcle to the proper conduct
of tbe public business.'
"On August 21, mil. at Knowlton.
Iw ��aid: 'It wall'the intention of the
corf r-ninrrrt-, should it he returned, ta
Change the rules of the house so that
���-luc-ii obstruction would In future be
im possible'
"Unless Mr. Fisher Is absolutely unworthy or credit the late government
regarded nn amendment lo Ihe rule-**
st* absolutely necessary, sir Wilfrid
lias not decided this.
���"The Issue is very simple. The
���Dveromenl bavlng the responsibility
or public affairs, imposed upon them
���by tbe will of ihe Canadian   people.
Im it ; BSary to afford immediate
���and effective aid to tba naval forces
���of the empire, They propose to irn
��jrr Mich nid under conditions which
will enable n Conadlan naval service
tn be established In the entire if the
Canadian  people  BO desire and dolor
tary-tr ,1-ur r. Mr, !���'. L. Wnnkiyn
was then general manager, and ' re
very long retired to accept another
appointment. Mr. Ross then succeed,
rd to this vacancy nn.l became, ns already staled. Ihi head ol the system.
It wns along about this lime that
control of thn railway passed out. ol
the hauls of Humes Ross and intu
the hands .f Bonalor l-'o-g't and his
friends W. G. Rois remained at the
hca.l <*I the concern throughout Sen-
alor Farget's regime ns president,
and only TcliTe.l nlinit the eln-e ol
1910. short y afier th ��� Rob rt-McCoii-
itell interests, which hml iu-1 pul
through the Canadian Licht and
Power deal, swot control ol the
Montreal Street Railway < ut il the |
hands ol Senator Forget and went
about tli- work uf reorganisation ol
the pre.-ent Montreal Tramways Co.,
or th- Montreal Trnmwnys and Power.
Alter resigning his position, Mr.
Ross te.'ik ii trip abroad, remaining
awny mnny mouths.   Since his return,
hi- im-*- n d inlo-n a very promtn nt
pnri in nny q! the buBlncw deals being rff etc I In Montreal, snv* thai
when fhe Vmslgamaled Ashesto*
fiasco gol io i's worst and a reorganisation became necessary, h ��� wa*
���v.ki'il i" roc ���-rt the presidency ill lhe
n-w concern known ns the AMies'os
Corporal on ol Canada, Ltd. To thi-
h- i-.os-til  1.  and hns been  paying
Beware ot Cousins!
Cousins are uot as simple ns they
��eem The very fuel of being b cons
in. or having n cousin. Is complicated
lhe Inissoz fnlre of eouslnshlp Is both
eluding nml deluding. Con-Ins wlll he
cousins, even II you did uot choose
I hem Ibey can Imrrow money from
you, visit vou without being nsked. tell
people Ibey belong to join family, con
test your wlll, even full In love with
you nml a cousin nine removed I*
tube as apt to Never cotnplelelj
trust a cousin, Never depend nn his
nol doing nny of these things. Nevei
tube hlin fnr grained The "conslnlj
ItlHS" may or may not mean wlint It
men ns And cousins always do kiss
It's pnrt of being cousins.
iNol that cousins need neepssiirlh
prove perilous. Unce In n blue mom
they Invite yuu to Kurope or leave voi
money, hut that inmost always wke-
iiii until or an uncle.i-Atlantlc.
nlion  lo  tlffi  nffirrs  ol   Ih
in the hope ol bringing it
u *'n  alter  i's main*  ftiisad-
nine. I P-��� ,. .,-,,
The    opposition    says    the    policy ,���,���,,,���,,v
tjf n government shall nol prevail and; Mjtu  ��� -,.
��� ihat the wla of the minority In par-  v���n.ir ,
���J'mm."it   must   control  that   the elTrc       Vb ��� i    fht    tjneitlon   ef   lhe   new I
live and Immediate aid for which they | hsrhor b irrfl hesun to bo dlseu����-H
(irvt -sotei! shall not be given and thai    [n   y,.  u -n    rtt   ��� 1,   it   was   not   Luis :
*'nr,:iri��  must I ":bark upon the eatnh    tii' I' ���* pun.' ol W, (I   Ross was men
lishrii nt i I' *i naVal force and n naval, timed.    It must hnv ��� been no small
���lArgatil/iitWiii'   whloh,    If   carried    out   snl -*n-linn 1    l.'iin to no'., th ���  iiinii-
,-willi'n  lhe  COXt  1" or  IB  yea���,  will
vnt,il an expondlture of $140,000,000.
-rhey proclaim a deadlock and clamp*
f:,T ivih continued license ot debate
���ns will enable them to prevent par
I'-ani'-nt frem transacting thn mo��t
riir-RiTt public business or providing
'fnr the mosl pros dug DUbHa neeos
���s��Mirs.     The  enimlry   will   lelrrntp tin
���men arrogant or unfounded claim."
ni r in wTilch lhe siipc*-!! ,n wot r
C"iv"i1- lie is snld to be n lii-t ��� !n.-s
oennnla'i*, which Invo'.ves the pob.
session ��1 rowers cl analysis, and in
addition Iherelo to be po^ssed ol
flr^l-���m1������ executive ability. For all
of tV;.^ li will have much u3e 'lur
Ing the coming few yestj' work on
thr harbor ho'ard, M.r. ftoi�� Is in tlv
jTiJJi! '*' lil", ll-'''K now just lil';
yours ot �������>
Cod Liver Oil From Snark*.
Shark spearing Is a prolltalile indns
try In Miiliiysla, though Htteinleil In
nu element of danger and no little ei
eltemetiL The chief value ol the IIM
Is Its liver, which yields sn oil tlmt lire fined In Kurope and sold as cisl llvei
oil     In Octnhei the ocean sharks coun
into thu ingoon, between the bsrrtei
reef nud the atolls, tn pnlr Al Hotline Ihey enn he speared In large till tli
iters hy pe.ipie sklliiHl In catching I lien
I'liele nre ->,.venil spivles nt |l|f*M
-linrks.  IInil   tliey   oriliunrll)   run  troh
-even   Iii  Mlt    I'-ei   In   length      Pin
llvei ni ii -iniik nl tins siw giies hIbiii
hie  gallons  ni   nu      iti,.  sharks  iiri
found In puns, nml the imii<o re tr.
to kill lhe nm*,- li i -1 tol Ihei ure Ihei
llllle III opt'tn tin- lelntlle nis.. as I
dues UOt ih'M'11  ,t- Minle.
Colin Campbell Improved.
New York. March 21. Hon. Colin
Campbell arrived from .lamalea today
much better Ihan was expected and
having benefitted greatly by the voy
age and his sojourns in the West In
Ycung Wife Burned to Death.
Kdmtinti.il, March M In attempt
ing Ui light the kitchen lire with the
ak) of gastjllne, the young wife ct
4'lty Health Inspector Anderson re-
���reived burn'i troni which she d'ed yes |
terday Ret hair wns burned off, as
utll ns half the skin on her body. All
tm   Cre.  Bhe  rushed   Into    the    Hired
(rttMre ehe tvas seen by her father, In
���sp-ector  Graham,    also    if    the    city
fneaiih department, who subdued the
Buses nml   Summoned     medical    nid
\mi iieipi ������ i ver) attention Mra. An i
tt.rsfii succ in ii d    The body
Dejtiny of the Stuarti,
ThM figures "88" play a weird pari
in the rise and lull ol tho Btuarts
James III. wns killed in flight n mi
r.-inockburn in HHH. Mary Stunrl wai
beheaded In 1888, lame- II. <,f Hug
land was dethroned In KV-w. Charles
Edward died In I7w nml Jamst
Stuart, the "Old Pretender," was born
in IBW, the very yenr that his Isthet
Islands of Leiiun.
netweeit  the   Island  of  Mailngn-enr
will be   and the coast ul India Ibere are lli.tKK)
iir erred a1  Innlsfall Wednesday.
Killed   When  Tiro   Clows  Cut.
���Uensburgi   March   "i    Raloh I*.
Bbeppard, proprietor   of   tbe KUenr-
twrg Cycle oiiin|i:ui), van fatally hurl
yesterday   morning   when the front
firr of hiti motorcycle blew out, throw
Ing   lhe  machine  nnd   rider  down  an,
��-nibjiiikni<*nt.     Shrppaid'ii   neck   was
���-.iiu. m   between  the
is'nniK only 000 of whieh nre Inhabit
rd. In mosl ol these islands a mnn
can liv nnd support lii.-, family in
luxury villi ill working more limn
h iy-fiv ��� 'In\ s i*i lh" year, of at all,
i.s nature provide! the lood, and no
cloth's lire r -n uir-d.
Will Marry to Get Fortune.
Iloston, March lit. To comply with
the terms of her father's strange will
! which cuts her off from a (8,000,000
legacy unless she marries and becomes a mother, Miss Mary Belle
Hhedd of liowcii announced her en
gagemenl today. The name of thi
prospective husband  Is being held  i
(Continued trom page unci
A $450 Piano Being Reduced $10 Each Day Until Sold
Now is your char.ee to get a high-class instrument at your own price.
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long', for he who
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glue to a stop and the pasaengere ran
over to the wreckage i.f tlie houses.
We could hear the uroans of the dying and shrieks of Injured women and
children. 1 entered a hi use, or rather
what had been a houso and beneath
me lay a woman. I looked and I knew
hat  she was dead.
"We got nil of llie injured out of the
ruins and brought, then to tho train.
We were ahout to leave when our attention was called to a little house
lome distance from Ihe others, lt bad
been wrecked and moved 'rom its
foundations, bul we found a mother
ind her little baby lying upon the bed
"I recall that tliere was a big threshing machine standing neur one of the
louses and when the cloud r.truck it
shot straight up into the air und was
���iirried about 4i) rods. Houses were
'oiling nnd tumbling along the ground
"I saw a box car carried along for a
marter of a mile. When it split open
ilx or seven men who turned out to
be part of a repair gang, dropped out.
Some of them lay still while others
feebly crawled away.
Appalling Scenes.
"The next Blation our train passed
through was Benson, where the scenes
wero still more appalling. There
were several large factorial there and
ill were strewn In heaps. We picked
ip a lot of Injured nnd 1 don't know
'mw many dead we lefl behind.
"Then the aloud whirled and made
toward Bouth Omaha, We wire n*it
fur behind bul ��� nr way was blocked
by debris the ti rn do had thr iwn on
the tracks Then too, we stopprd frequently to pick up 111" Injured. There
were some with thi Ir limbs torn off
and all wen* cul and bU'ctllnc, "
Another passenger wnn Mrs. Oeorge
I. ii. Aidirwitii of Byracuse, N.V.,
who boarded the train at Lincoln,
Bhe Mill show d traces of tho experiences through which ihe had passed
"When the hOUSCS begun to fill."
Khe said, "1 kiiw a little girl dressed In
ivhlto, start from one of the houses
ind run down the street With lu*r
hands libcv her head. Just then the
fide of a house came snaring through
lhe air and shooting suddenly It hn
���be  child  and  I 'ni' d  her  heneath  il
I closed my eyes, I could   look   do
An |hcr eye witness wan a Chicago
..an who withheld h,s name to avoid
possible shock to an Invalid wife.    He
told of the scenes ni  Omaha when
the train Flopped there.    Ile said:
Such ��  Night.
'i win Jusl recovering from what
i had cecn on the train when we pull-
il   Into iimilri  with  111"  Injun d.    II
res nighl then     ul such a nighl   'he
ky   wuh  lighted  with  s   greal   red
Lire and the Streets were filled With
icople     who    acted   as   though   they
were mad Many of them had fled Into the city from outlying towns, but
the majority were residents. To make
matters worse it was raining. Frequently the crlee of the wounded unloaded at the station were drowned
by terrific crashes of thunder,
"Tbe town Is burning we'll all be
killed,' someone kept crying, and this
added to the fears of the others,
There wus no sleep that night for any
of the iKi.-Miit.rrs nntl lhe women on
the train were half nick with terror.
As our train left Omaha we could Bee
a big hotel burning. Its flames shot
Into the air like those of a great torch
above  the  surrounding fire."
The great coat of Oeorge Peckham
of Lincoln, nt ill bore dirk stains of
blood as Iie alighted at the Burlington
station here, lie had lent It to a little
girl to serve as a pillow on which to
rcKt  lur weary  bleeding head.
"One farmer of Ralston told me that
for a week he had had a premonition
Ihat something wns going to happen
ami wus prepared for tbe worr.t." said
Peckham.   "He had been standing on
the doorstep when he noticed the funnel shaped cloud Ho called his wife
and four children and they all sought
shelter lu a cyclone cellar whieh ha
had fiiili hul digging the day before.
Five minutes later their houae went
sailing away All of us passt ngt rs
were lucky. We were ten mlniitt s late
when we neared Italston. Had w"
been on lime wo would have heen
i-tantllhg nl the little station when Hie
storm broke."
Smoker       i
Undir the Auspices cf the
at I p.m. In the
Conservative Club Rooms
J. D. Taylor, M P.
nud   others   will   la'ie   part.     All     are
lion BAVB THR KINO,   (017)
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The East to Vancouver
Daily Until April 14th.    Prompt  Delivery.
Mondays   Prince Rupert, Btewart, Maesett
Tuecdayt���Victoria and Seattle.
Thursdays    I'rlnce Rupi rl and Crunby nay.
Fridn/s    Alert Bay, Hardy Bay, Rivers  Inlet,    Ocean    Falls,    Queen
Charlotte Island (direct service, fast time).    First trip, April i.
Saturdays    Victoria  and   ,S"utt!u.
11. (i. SMITH. C   P.  & T. A. W. E. DUPEIIOW, G, A. P   U.
Phone Seymour 8134.        VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street
I res  and Oenl. Mgr- Vice 1'iesldrat. Bee. aid Treaa
Pir, Cedar and  Spruce
Pbone�� No. 7 and 877.
J   Phone 473 Beach St., Lulu Island.
WwTOStCmJiW ���mxmjmB3ltm\\\*m\mm*\*a^^
t. m. Mccormick
Phone 9,?7.     Oult 19, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
Houses collapsed, tho mors went sail
Uiik away nnd the sides fell In The
Ipassengers sal un though   glued   t"
EnKtcr   E(jgs   Killed   Him. | their   Heats   when   tho   oloud   struck
Wnieiiorii, Out., Marcb U.   Oeorge Then as ibey comprehended the iIiho i|
biinilleharH   and  Neal, it farmer living B few miles from llation wrought, n cry of horror wenl [
thf   frame   und   the   heavy   machine i V it. i-tonl ill'd suddenly from acute In*' nn from everyone.    II   was a fearful1,
turned met several times, dragging dlgeallpn canted by eating nine fried nii'M.
flip yiiiini-  mnn  Willi  il     He Buffered i-rrb  Baiter  morning,     lie  wub  lllus- Walls  nnd  Shrieks.
a oooonaslou of tin* begin. traiint how they out eggs ln England. I   "Then the i nglneer brought ihn en-
Lawn Grass Seed, White Clover, etc.
W. R. OIL LEV, Phone 122. Q. E. OILLEY, Phone 211.
Plionei, OITIcti 15 and 11.
701 Columbii Stroet Phone 57
os. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
unnoRecuzwu TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 1913.
of it tn the early rounds and Joe's'give up horBe racing. Although his; broken, Katleen almost faints when
hackers considered it all over but the j grace has never been very active ln she sees the honest youth ascend the
shouting.     In   that   fight,   above  all ithe sport, his predeceaaorB  were the  scaffold.   Then Bhe wakes up, and be
others Stanley was forced to demon- -*" "���- '-      ""���-* *���-    ������ -   ���
Strate hiB sameness.    Thomas, clever
and KClentlflc, smashed him at will,
tut the cowboy only grinned and
waded In for more.
Joe finally began to tire, while Ket-
chel, despite his terrible punishment,
remained fresh and confident. In the
82nd round Stanley Bent over one to
the solar plexus that ended the fight.
In a third battle Thomas was knocked
out In 20 rounds. The three fights
with Ketchel took much of the ginger
out of Thomas and he waB never as
good  again.
Scries of Games for World's
sters who show    signs    of becoming I
| star players.
Let the senior amateur boya select
'or accept  (most probably the latter)
'the services of    one of   the    former
.stars of the Salmon Bellies and the
       general   consensus  of  opinion   reigns
 - I that they  will have a championship
loam within two Beasons.
Victoria Hockey Team Wins First of |    The time has come when the team
i had  better Btart and drum    up    en-
i thuslasm.    The V. A. C. bunch  were
i out for practice on flood Friday and
the Booner  the local  boys get  going
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     tho better start they will make when
.    ,     the season opens.
Victoria March 24���After a cyclonic | 	
game In which the best stlckhandllng  BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS
of the seaaon waB Bhown, the Quebec. T0 BE 0eci0ED OM FRIDAY
hockey team, holding a world's record : 	
of 13 straight victories, the present T1)��� ���r|tiall Columbia junior haBket
binders of the famous Stanley cup, ,yi|| cbamplonahipa will take place at
went down to defeat this evening be- ,1)p |oca, y M r A '�� ildiriR on
fore  Victoria,  the  Champions  of  thc . ,,r.f,.jv Mfl s.,Umlay. of tll|��� WPPk
Three championsbipB  -will    be    de-
supporters of the race  meets.      The hold It is all a dream!
Duke's decision Is said  to be due to j     Bernard  comes  for  hiB answer,  Is I
the bunlens imposed  upon  his estate speedily    dismissed    and Kathleen
by the Lloyd George finance act. But rushes to Terence's arms. They have;
it Ib known that the actual cause Is the   merriest  wedding  the  old  place :
the   influence   of   the   duchesB,   who has ever seen. i
rules her husband and who has rather
puritanical  views.
Not ��� ToUl Wreck. I Lady    Townshend's    Motion    Picture- j
"What   bate  yoo   done   with   your j Play Exhibited In London.
playT' London,   March   24.���The  first  mo*
"It didn't go ss a farce, so I hsd   tlon picture drama with an author's
some music composed and tried It aa  name attached to be exhibited In Lon
an opera, but It fell flat   Then 1 bulled   don ls ���>* the Marchioness of Towns
' . _       ... .     .   .       .      .      **.~��.*l 1*    lo    ,.-.!!..,!    "A     1ir,.nW     llan'i
It down Into ��� vanderllle sketch, bet
nobody would touch If
"Too bad.   A tout lost, ebr
"Not total.   There's one good joke In
the  champions
coast to Ihe tune of 7-f>.
The name was In real earnest, evi ry
player on both teams Btrlvlng *n.ih ut-
mosl and it was not until tiie last period thai Victoria appeared to i how
signs "f better combination which re-
suited in them taking the firet game
for the world's hockey championship.
Wain r Knuiill appeared on the Vie-
i ni line-up for the first time in sev-
. ral weeks following an Injury which
marly placed blm hnrs de combat and
the old forward combination waa
i rough) Into play time and again,
lii"  spi nl  tf  i everal  of  the  visit
ers dazzled  the spectators at  times
and it was only through the team work
of tii" Capitals that they emerged vie-j
torloUB from the fray
Every seat in the Willows enclosure was takon ling before the start of
lhe game while several hundred spec-'
tators  filinl  every cranny, willing  to
undergo nil   kinds of torture  in   the,
way uf being crowded and compelled*
in stand  up the  entire time just  for!
the lake ot wltneatng the first of the
world's  championship  gameB.
The   Line up.
Virt. r'a Quebec
1   * dsaj       Mora;*;
Prodgers   Mummery
i.   Patrick   Hall
Smaill     Crawford
Ct ntre
Dunderdale        Malum
Right  Wing
I   n'lii      T. Smilh
Left  WIiik
Rowe       Marks
*  eree, Tommy  Phillips;  Judge  of
i iy
cided. these being 135 lbs., 125 Ihn.
und UO lbs.
Ii is expeoted that teams will be
entered from Vancouver aad Victoria
while several local Hams are propar
ir.p to compete.
The Jifnlors at lhe Y. M. C. A. will
make a trip to the Colony farm on
Thursday morning, leaving the institution at 9:18 o'clock.
ln It; 1 can sell tbat for 60 eentt."-
Lonlsrtlto ConrlerJournaL
Art   Rose'   Aggregation   and   Western
Ail-Stars Arc  Ready for Fray���
Play   Here   Friday.
Beavers-Y. M. C. A. Will Decide Ownership of McRae Trophy In* Playoff Qame.
The McRae championship in the
Westminster Amateur hockey league
will be decided this evening at 7
o'clock at the arena when the Beavers and the Y M. ('. A. lock horns in
the final  struggle.
Both teams have made a great race,
the Beavers losing to the Y's In the
firfct game while the latter bit the
dust when Ihey met the Kraser Mills,
so that a play-off is necessary to decide which team will gain the honor
of the first champions of the City
hockey league
Eddie .McCarthy and Charlie Tobin
have been rein ted as officials for
the Karne and a strict Interpretation
of the rules will be carried out hy
these competent referees, their Be-
lection assuring the fans that the
contest will be handled in a nonpar-
tlfsan  manner.
Both managers feel confident of the
outcome so that one of the best contests of the Beason will ho dished out
j to the fans. H was thouKht possible
j to have the Vancouver ltowing club
over to play the winners of thc Mc
Hae trophy but the fact that the rink
closes on Saturday evening makes
this scheme nigh Impossible. Thi
regular skating session will follow
immediately after the game.
Man's Big Mistake.
According to a German biologist
msn made a mistake wben centuries
ago ba changed himself from a quadruped to a biped, thv-conteutloB being
tbat many present day ills are due to
carrying the spine In an oprtgbt position when It wu Intended to be carried horizontally.
Accounted For.
Tbe baby's swfnl bald," said Mabel.
"Yes: they rome bald on purpose. If
tbev had hnlr they'd pull It nil nut. nud
then sll thai hair wuuld lie wasted.'
-.,..!  I uy     l'lillnilel|iliiH Iteeiiril
It is called "A Strong Man's
Love," and a twofold moral dominates
its scenes which take about thirty-five
minutes to show.
Lady Townshend Ib the first peeress
to write for the motion picture theatre. Her new activity is expected to
become a strong competitor of the
many films depicting stirring life in
the wild and woolly west, which hitherto have been the most popular
themes. She considers the moral and
ethical possibilities of the cinema are
almost  Inexhaustible.
And she is well qualified, too, to
carry out tbe author's duty of rehearsal supervision. She understands the
art of eloquent gesture, aa those know
well who say the "plastic pose" she
has given at charitable functions In
the character of famous Lady Hamilton, to whom she bears a striking resemblance.
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase and Sale of Real   Estate.
The Counters, Cages and other fixtures of The People's Trust Company, Limited, at the Westminster and Sapperton offices.
Two large Safes with Safety Deposit Boxes cost about $1200 each.
For full particulars apply
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters uf credit
sold payable ln all parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
D. O. WILSON, Manager.
Soccer Championship of Lower Main
land to Be Decided in This City
on Saturday.
The championship or the Vancou
ur nnd district Soccer league will be
decided nt Sapperton l'ark next
Saturday afternoon when the Rovers
meet  tho Thistles of Vancouver.
It was generally expected that the
game would be staged In Vancouver
but ns the agreement calls for a neu
tral ground ami Manager Grant of the
Hovers stood out against  playing on
Showing little effect from the barnstorming trip through the prairie
provinces where they played games
in Calgary, Heglna nnd two in Winnipeg, the Westminster and Vancouver
hookey teams arrived back on the
coast yesterday afternoon accompanied by Ail Hoss und his eastern
all-star aggregation,
Ken Mallen was the first to hit the
Royal City and the speed artist re
l.t rts having a good trip, although
the schedule was a little strenuous,
allowing the teams no time whatever
to atay oft at any of the placea en
route except for a few hourB to play
The Westerners are two games to
the good on tiie series, but from   all
accounts the Easterners are liable to
turn   the   tables   during   the
games this week.
i'liiilght they meet in Vancouver In
he seven mnn game. Journeying over
to Queens park on Friday evening
when the eastern style of play, the
six-man game, will be In vogue.
According tn Mallen the visiting
plav ers have the stlckhandllng work
down to a line art, although they lack
the speed of the const men.
This will be the llrst game played
In New Westminster under eastern
rules nntl nlso the first time that an
eastern team has ever played    In this
city except In lacrosse, so thai   tin-
far.B will have one Inst chance to lake
a peek at the cont?st before the curtain rings down on both hockey and
ll   is   probable   Ihat   Prank   Patrick
i will use   a   majority   of   Vancouver
players In the Terminal City and thus
A WAY 10 SAffiY
Montreal    Sees    no    Chance    Except
Through  United  Action of Both
A truly Kngiish film from A to Z is
that of "Mystery of Roscombe Vale,"
one of Sherlock Ho+mcs' many cases.
Sir A. Conan Doyle is the author and
the picture was produced in Kngland
under his personal direction. Thc subject consists of two full reels and the
large crowds at laet night's performance enjoyed it immensely.
Tuscan Joe, who is a real Indian
sings Indian comic songs and also
docs real live dancing. Wright and
Fesenbck are what they term as the
"big-little minstrels." They put on
an entire minstrel "first party" with
only the assistance of the orchestra.
jThe ever popular Pete Murphy rendered an Irit-h ballad which won for
him rounds of applause.
There were also some Interesting
pictures of Pope Pius and thc Vatican.
Two reels of very funny comedies
completed  the entertainment.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia   Street, New Westminster.
linger  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Musical Goods of all Kinds. PHONE 694.
fori win be made by the local manager
to field IiIb strongest team on tho oc
Al a meeting of the leagus delegate!
heiti m Vancouver Im-.-i evening the
iin11nil Columbia Football league wai
organised with a full list of ptftbi rs
This It igue wlll not Like effect jtnti
nexl winter when It is proposed to nl
fill no w ii the Di minion football ua*
societies which in turn is affiliated
with   ne P. K.   v. of Croat llrlliiln.
Tbe  i   I let -s   elected   were  as      lul
lows: President, .1. Adams, Nanalmo;
first vice-president, w. Grant, New
Westminster; second vice-president,
W, Muonulay, Victoria; secretary, iW,
< rulkslianlt, Vancouver,
It is proposed to have all the toann
Of. the   province     Included     In     thf
h'aguo next  winter with a possibility
"I I wn divisions playing on Iho lower I.
The sent sale will begin
pharmacy thla morning.
Gravy.") ���
Within a very short llmo the Senior
Amateur Lacrosse club wlll hold a
meeting for organization purposes
Tho results of last season need DO
comment na to how thO locals fell
down before lhe tennis of Vancouver
anil Victoria. Whal Ihn boyB have t.
think of Is what Ihey aru going to do
this senson.
No IIIII.' dlSOUSSlon took placo at
iii" meeting (if tlm professional club
the other nighl as lo the ways and
means ef.buildlng up a strong team In
Him olty so Mini lacrosse will by no
means be lost sight of in yearn to
come, a strong committee wan appointed in go Into ihe matter nnd the
Bantors  promised  their support    In
coaching tha coming players ao that
thoy can iirike a allowing ngnliiBt the
Mann oupholdori,
What llie dub really wnnln la a
manager or coach who has played tlm
game,  it does nol nlattef whbtKer he
has  played   professional   or   nuintoitr,
for the homebrews ol this olty have
nol got   tlm   mighiy   dollar on   �����
brain 10 the extent Ihat Ihey will
���proaoh professionalism to tho young
��� illy   --������
With Peter Maher, .loo Choynski,
Kid McCoy. Tommy Burns, Young
Corbett  and other former pugilistic
slurs making loud conversation about
"coming hack" and with recruits add
-il almost dally to (he ranka of the
Old UmerS who think Ihey have an
ither fight In 'em, Ihe hugs havo been
provided with a lot of amusement ol
Pretty soon we may expect lo hear
Dob I'ltzslinnions, Tom Sharkey
and Jim Corbett   Another wouid-be
come hack who Is making earnest attempts to regain former laurels la Joe
Tliomas, the California boxer who
once claimed the welterweight championship of the world. Six yeara ago
Thomaa was the pride of the Pacific,
coast. Ho had beaten most of Ihe welterweights of tlm day Including Harry
Lewis and Honey Mellody.
llnney hud di frali d .loo Wule.iitl,
iho Barbados Demon, and ThoiiuiB put
"welterweight champion of the world"
on bis business cards by virtue of
his defeat of Mellody. He might have
got away with It, too, except for a
large alr.ed anng In the person of Stan
lay Ketiiiii, the Montana cowboy who
drifted Inlo Sacramento ahnrtly after
Thomas had fought his way to the top
of tho henp.
,1ml to keep hlturelf In condition
and grab a llttlt pin money, Thomas
"onseiited to itic.l tbe Montana
"greenlt" nnd the affair was staged In
Marysvllle, fill. The cowboy made
Thomas look like SO cents In the early
rounds) ami once bunded Joe a wallop thai downed blm for the count ol
nine.   Thomaa recovered In lhe latter
rounds nml earned a draw. Joe's admirer j considered Ihat he had not
trained   properly   for   thn   bout,  and
Montreal Star- The lacrosse Bituation Ib a perilous one. Vet not ao perilous but that tbe game can be saved.
And the only way In which it seems
possible to save Canada's national
summer game, which while it has been
three j waning in popularity In the very dls
I trlcts in which it waxed great ami
powerful, haB been growing in popularity In Ihe weii, in thc United State*-;
and in Kngland. and ln the Antipodes.
is for the two professional bodies, the
National Lacrorse union and the Po-
minion Lacrosse association) to comt
Undoubtedly the Dominion Utorosst
association represents at present thi
hard business end of the game bul
even If this is admitted, the financial
results of last year's seaaon prove that
there was something lacking with it.
The gentlemen who ran the Dominion
Lacrosse association forget one thing
ii tlieir calculations and that was sen
Lacrosse is lasentiully a sport In
which sentiment play'B a great part.
The history of the world's Bporl
Shows many other Instances of the
same Bort.
And It Ib in this that it essentially
ilifferB from baseball.
In baseball whether Mr. Lichtcn
hcln or Mr. Kreitner or a doien ol
othir wealthy gentlemen, bo they Ca
nadlans or Americans, own the Mont
real baseball club, and whether the
players are Canadians, Americans, or
Hottentots for that matter, makes m
Hut with lacrosse It Ib otherwise.
The   business   end   of   lacrosse,   the
lystematlo way in which other pro
Cessions! games have heen conduct'tl
has been woefully neglected for years
there Is no gainsaying that, but all Ilu
business ability in the world, all tin
card Index systems, all the Ingenuity
of master minds of Industry wlll fail
to make lacroase go iinlesa they allow
Juat a Utile sentiment to hi* mixed in
with their aiimirahle business system
Kven then It may fail to keep tin
public favor.
Just at present, as Is only natural
St thlB early date, both profesalonal
lacrosse bodies Btuttd pat upon their
dignity, but If It would be possible
for each of thetn to give In a little
and try once more on a combination
'f business and scntlmcntallsm to Bee
If tho grand old game could not be
made to pay, it would be a fine
The "lieasts of the Jungle'' is the
title of a photo-play being shown at
the Edison theatre today which is
well worthy of mention.
The live lion and live tigress used
In all three parts make it one of the
best animal films ever shown in this
city and the crowds that filled the
popular theatre on Columbia Btreet
showed unmintakenblp signs of being
both attractive and pleasing to the
average patron of the movies.
The Solax has made thid a thriller
of the thirty-third degree. A single j
showing is not sufficient and the people will no doubt he present this
afternoon and evening to witness the
���stirring scenes thrown on tbe canvas.
An   Extraordinary  Novelty
"The   Mystery  of
Boscombe Vale"
By  Sir  A.  Conan   Doyle
Produced Under His Personal   Direction.
''His Holiness
Pope Pius X."
Other Comedy Pictures
Matinee 10cand 20c
Night       10; and 25=
?   ?   ?   HAVE YOU SEEN   ?   ?   ?
Our assortment of Royal Victoria China consisting of Chocolate,
Cocoa and Tea Sets, on display in our window.
We are in a position to furnish your home from cellar to attic,
supply you with Staina and Varnish, all kinds Garden Tools, etc., etc.,
and our prices defy competition.
Let us show you our Linoleum and Floor Oils, our patterns are
selected with care, and we handle only the latest styles appropriate
for the different rooms of the house.
C. N. Edmonson & Co., Cor 6th Ave. and 12th Street   I
��� ANNALS. ���
1R9II Hob I'itzBlmmonB stopped Phil
Mayo In three rounds nl Chicago,
19(13 - Art Slmms stopped Kid lllnck
In sixth round at Crniid Itnplds.
1008 Willie Moody and Matty llald
win fought 111 round draw at
Dos ton,
11112 Malty Baldwin outpointed Louis
tie I'onlhleti. French, In 12
rounds  at   Iloston.
1911   0 oor gee    Carpsnteis    French,
knockitl oul Hubert Hue, lOng
Hull In fifth round nt Marseilles,
nils   Voiink   Jack   O'Brien knocked
out  Monte  Ill-Itt  In  firBt round
nt Philadelphia.
Gives   up   Horte   Racing.
London,     '   . ������ li     "i.    Some Bcnsn-
I here was u public demand for another   Hon hns been caused  In sporting (ir-
nieetlng    H took place at Colmtt.        loleS   hy   the   announcement  that   tho
Thn, lline Thomaa had all the best Duke  of  DsVonshlTS  linn  derided  to
Tomorrow and Thursday at the City
theatre lovers of Ireland will be specially pleased with the presentation
of "Kathleen Mavourneei." The cast
.a as follows:
Kathleen  Jane Kenrnley
Terence O'Moore     W. J. Shea
Squire       William  Welsh
Kathleen Ib the belle of all the
fairs, lleautlful and capricious, she ia
loved by all. and particularly by Terence O'Moore, a poor young peasant.
Hid Squire Kavanaugh, the wealthy
mil high born landlord.
Kathleen really loves Terence, but
her pretty little head la turned by
the ardent wooing of the cultured
squire, Poor Terence's henrt Is al-
mosl bursting Finally the squire formerly proposes and Is '.old by Kathleen to call In the morning for IiIb
Terence hears this and goes away
cri'shed with sorrow. Moon afterwards
the s aire secretly marries Kathleen
I'd   I rings  l'"i-   to   lhe  castle.    Her
happiness is iliorHived, for the squirr
t'ou scorns his lowly-born wife and
tells her thai she is not Ills wife, ns
ihe marrlii'.e was a mockery, performed by a clever scoundrel who mas
I'lera'etl iii a priest.
Thi" is disproved after the brokenhearted girl vlalls the parish priest.
HS tells her he had been called to
the deathbed of the criminal, who had
been hired by Bernard to Impersonate
x priest, and that the repentant man
had told hltn all, So that he, and
not the criminal, hnd actually performed the marriage ceremony, and
the scoundrelly Bernard never suspected but what the genuine priest was
the rascal he employed.
Bernard hyporrltally makes the host
Of this astounding Information and
ndtices the innocent Kathleen to re-
Uii-n home with him nnd socn lulls
her Into a false sense of happiness.
Her faithless husband is plotting to
rid himself of what ho considers a
-log upon hla pleasures and Ills proB-
������ects and hires there ruffians to do
nwny with her. The plans are com-
plete und Bernard Induces her to go
upon a moonlight ride with him.
When near lhe rocky glen In which
the assassins nre walling he lenveB
her upon pretext of seeking a smoother
road and Ihe rnfliniis seize her. Sim
la rescued by Terence, who throws
two of the riifflnnn over the cliff and j
puis the other tu flight.
Berpard rushes on, attacks Terenps
and Is ncldenlaelly killed In the scuffle. Home soldiers, attracted by tho
iioIbo,  run  In  and  Terence  Ib placed
under arrest
After a trial, Terence In about to
he executed. He Is led to the rbIIows
after a tearful farewell t'runi Kitth-
looii and the good old rrlest.   Heart-
(Royal  Mail  Steamers Sailing Every  Saturday.)
New SS. "Laurentic" and "Megantic"
(15,000 tons)
SS. "Teutonic" and SS. "Canada"
(10,000 tons)
5S2 feet long.
614 feet long.
Now is the time to arrange for the passages of your friends'frotn
England. We Issue prepaid tickets, and our offices in England communicate with passengers, arranging all details and advancing any
funds deposited with us.   We also Inform you when passengers arrive.
For Sailings and Further Particulars Apply H^
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue,     Seattle,    three   doors from    i
Cherry Street, or E. A. Goulet, Agent Canadian Pacific R., and F. C.    I
Meyers, Agent G. N,  Ry.,  New Westminster. J
in aa-*-----*--*-*-*-*--s*---*-mmms-a*h-*-ah*ts-sh*S
Wednesday and Thursday
Three Reel Imp Drama
A Beautiful Irish Story with
a strong Cast.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
Lubin Special Two Reel
The Power
Of Silence
A Thrilling Western
Special in Three Reels
The  Beasts of
fhe Jungle
Featuring Wild Jungle
Eastern All-Stars vs. Western All-Stars
Friday Evening, March 28.
Seat sale now on at Hill's Pharmacy.
ADMISSION: $1.00 and 50 CENTS.
Easter Week
Under the auspices of Mrs. Sziver of San
Francisco, Cal., for the benefit of the
March 25, 26, 27
St. Patrick's Hall
Song by Miss Frances
Tuesday Evening, Wednesday and
Thursday Afternoons and
Admission and  Vaudeville���Adults  Fifty
Cents; Children, Twenty-five Cents. PAGE   SIX
TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 1913.
Classified Advertising
, RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
,i..y 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 5,000 words, to be used as re-
,,,ired within one year trom date of
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Mirth or Marriage Notices 60c.
Death Notice 50c or with Funeral Notice J1.00. Card of Thanks 60c per
Spelled W3th
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tage; small barn, etc., and two
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Proves   Absolute   Impartiality ��� All   His Power Centres in the Inspiration
Sportsmen Given Fair Show
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624 Carnarvon street. 1902)
bedroom; ubo of dining room    and
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responsible firm exclusive listings of
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Tark cut-off car line; 5c fare. Apply
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Vancouver. (890)
Stove, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week,
Canada Range  Co., Market square.
Nonpariel Dancing Club will hold
thoir usual weekly dance in Gray's
hall, Edmonds, Rushton's four piece
orchestra, l'rof. Douglas, M.C. Hag
dancing strictly  prohibited.      (919)
Throe roomed furnished sutto with
bath, hot and cold water; heated.
\ aeant March 17.
Bradley Apartments
1218 Fifth Avenue.
Phone 750.
Notice la hereby slvji. that the first
siting of the Court of Revision on
tho Assessment Roll for 1913 will be
held at the Council ('hambor, City
l all, New Westminster, B.C., on thu
loth day of April. 1913, at 11 a.m.
Notice of any complaint* must be
given to the Assessment Controls-
b oner in writing at least ten days
previous to the sitting of the Court.
Dated at tyew Westminster, B.C.,
the 17th day of March, 1913,
ISS2) City  Clerk.
Telephone 295.
P. O. Box 777.
We can trade 10 acres near Chilliwack
for city properly. Call and see ub.
We can trade 160 acres In Alberta, 75
acres plowed and ready for crop.
Houae and burn. I'rice $4200, for
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We can trade a lot at Edmonds near
city lino for atnnll house In Now
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House    and    corner    lot,    Sapperton,
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House and large lot East Burnaby,
$1300.    No. 5T.
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Three one-acre blocks on Lulu Island.
large lot on Ottawa street, snap at
Cottage to  Rent.
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Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary Public.
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C.
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ished  bedrooms.    Terms moderate.
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room, modern conveniences, suit
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ladles.    220 Seventh street.      (812)
London, March 24.���It haa remained for Tim O'Rourke, of boxiiiK management fame, to further vindicate
the character of British Judges and
British jurymen in their capacity as
impartial dispensers  of justice.
Until O'Rourke came along and obtained a substantial verdict for damages agalrst an EugllEh publication
for libel'-:.a him In his role aB the
guide, i liioaopher and friend of boxers, there was an uneasy feeling exist
Hc Draws From Attending
German  Civil  Engineer Discloses  Extraordinary Stcry in Court���Railway Carriage Pilfering.
London, March 24,���Those who
have hoard Chancellor Lloyd George
speak, are not  surprised to learn   on ] uud French press about the drug hah
Berlin,  March  24.  -While  bo  much
has been written lately in the Hriliiii
Thinks That  Institution   of  Marriage
Has Justified  Itself,  Even  In
the authority of Enilyn Davits that
the great Btateuman has a tenor voice
above the average in strength and
The noted Welsh vocalist Bpeaka
from personal knowledge, as for ten
years ho occupied the seat immediately behind tho chancellor or tho exchequer at tho Welsh Baptist   chapel
Ing In the minds   of foreigners   that I hi London where Lloyd George  is  a
there was one law for them and   an-! deacon.
other for the native product. |    "1 remember him on one occasion,
It is no exaggeration to say that the  Bays Mr. Davles, "when we were try-
O'Hourke verdict created a mild sen-1 ing �� new hymn tune, turning  to me
sation, even among his own friends
in London, who had learnt by experience that British judges looked somewhat askance at litigation that had its
origin in boxing shows and similar
One useful lesson this verdict has,
however,  taught���it  will  go   a   long
and saying 'Emlyn, sing the tenor part
until 1 get the hang of it,' and this he
soon did
it and the evils that ensue, Germany
has just heen giving the cloBt-st attention to an extraordinary case of train
robberies In which the accused fimir-
eil as a remarkable example of the victim of drugs.
The man Dreyer, a civil engineer hy
profession, haa just been sentenced to
three years' Imprisonment for robberies committed in expresses in Germany after a trial lasting several days
before the criminal court at  llaflo.
At first the case attracted unusual
attention owing to the identity of the
prisoner. He was the son of wealthy
parents, and up to the day of hia ar-
'He told mc hia favorite song was I rest few had any Inkling that he was
'Captain Morgan's March,' the warlike refrain of which he is constantly
heard humming during the eocial
hours that brighten   the   experiences
way towards removing the misleading | of the Welsh congregation   at Castle
impression that an American citizen , atreet."
cannot find equal justice with an It is said by those who are discern*;
Englishman before a British tribunal, 'ng in such things that the secret ol
There are those who believe that | Woyd George's power centres in the
had Tom O'Rourke been a British sub-' inspiration he draws from attending
jeet, he would not have received such chapel. His unconquerable seal has
BUbstantial    damages.     The   verdict a'waya broken through the muzzling-
will run the defendant into something
like $5,000, which ia considered a very
stiff item, especially when it was predicted that the New York Club proprietor wbb surely backing a loser.
O'Rourke took his victory quite
modestly, declaring that he looked
more for the vindication of his character than for any desire to carry
BritiEh bullion back to New York.
keeplng rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythias
hall, corner Eighth atreet and Agnes street. (763)
small rooms over the NewB office.
Suitable for club or light manufac
turlng purposes. Wlll lease for two
or three year term, singly or en bloc.
Apply to Manaser the News.
whore. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag-
336 Hastings street, west,
order that rich Liberals not long ago
seemed to have imposed upon him in
regard to his new land campaign.
Already, he has succeeded in making land the burning topic of discus-
slon. One speech brought that abuut.
The general outlines of his views will
be given this month and the reault
of the land committee's investigations
will be published in April.
.iot a respectable and prosperous engineer. He led an existence that
might he said to be the twentieth century counterpart of that of Deacon
ftrodie. Even hiB wife waa left with
suspicion rather than knowledge, and
tliL- neighbors in Berlin, where he Ilv-
ed with hia wife and children, quite |
believed him to be a pattern of husband and father.
This feature of the case, however,
was soon obscured, as the interrogation by the Judge led the prisoner to
explain how he had become a victim
Of the drug habit. For more than nine
years he had heen addicted to opium.
Asked how he came by the drug, he
Had to Take More.
"While travelling, I showed a doctor's prescription, or later 1 gave a
false signature myself. 1 always
changed my ostensible address,    and
London March 24.- As moat people
know, Hall Caine hus been exclusively occupied for aome lime past
with the great problem of divorce. The
literary expression of hla views will
be found In hia new story, "The Woman Thou GaveBt Me," which has been
appearing aa a serial in a  well known
When Hall Caine's attention was
drawn to the latest statistics of divorce in the United States, the eminent novelist was prevailed upon to
make the following special statement
on this problem In general.
"The number of divorceB In the United States, although so large, show
plainly that even there where divorce
is thought to be bo rife, the Institution
of marriage has Justified ItBelf.
"1 am fully and entirely satisfied
that by far the largest number of
marriages are happy ones, and that
this is no less true in America than
'Moreover,  it  would  bo   necessary,
C] Ka-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
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weeks they completely cure the most
aggravated cases of itomach trouble.
Wbeu for 50c. you can get a box from
your druggist, why go on suffering:'
Notional Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited, Montreal. 144
Bank of Montreal
before offering an opinion on the prob- (CAPITAL (Pald-Up)
lem of divorce in the United States, to |
know where the mapjorlty of the di-
Passionate  Wooer of 83 Years   Pays
$500 for   Breach   of   Promise.
���Is   Now   Married.
Vancouver, It. C.
$50 to $75 cash, balance $15 per month,
will buy a lino lot, right at the city
limits and only two blocks to car.
Every lot haB a Bplendid view and
faceB on a full 66 foot street and extends to lane. City water and light
adjoins property. Wo can recommend these lots to the man looking
for a horaeBlto or a good invest
ment. Price for each lot only
$3110. The owner has instructed ub
to Bell off the few that aro left. Call
for full particulars today. A pleasure to show tho property as it will
stand Inspection.
521  Columbia Street.
London, March 24���Patrick Duig-
nan, a passionate wooer of S3, who recently Inherited a fortune of $235,000,
caused a good deal of amusement the
other day when he had to pay $500
for breach of promise of marriage.
His adventures Btarted when a Mrs.
Morrison invited him to her houBe,
where he met the plaintiff's Bister,
Lizzie Sheerin. Mrs. Morrison mentioned marriage, and she said that
Li/zle waB a fine girl, and he replied
that she was very shy. Mrs. Morrison added that ladies were shy when
they were going to court.
ife said he was in the habit of going to bed at ten o'clock, and that he
must be going.    Mrs.  Morrison asked
Old-Fashioned "Pointer" Points Way
to   Tate   Picture   Gallery,
Ixindon, March 25.���The metropolis
Is a constant source of surprise to
those who think they know it. Particularly in lxmdon, a place of interesting survivals and overlooked nooks
and corners where the spirit of the
past  seems  to  linger.
Londoners' latest surprise is the
discovery of an old-fashioned signpost near the houses of parliament,
such as motorists in remote country
districts are wont to Bee, The lettering on the Westminster sign post���the
only one in London, is modern, and
points the way with one arm to the
Tate gallery, where some of the finest
national pictures are housed.
But the sign post is private property. The officials at the Westminster
city council offices, in whose jurisdiction it is. know nothing about it officially. They control nothing half
so picturesque in the way of, street
signs, and were probably amazed to
be cross questioned about such an unofficial matter.
ent In the different states. One of
the aims of American legislation
should be to establish marriage on a
national basis. Marriage Ib not a
thing that differs In Its character according to the condition of life. It
has nothing to do with geography..
"The one thing I see above, all else
i Is the necessity of raising the stand-
in this way I often bought the drug , ar(, by wnich marrlagea are lna(!(> Aa
several times a day. using every ch-em-1,ong a8 oUlPr considerations than
lsts shop I came acroBB. Although 1 th0Be of lhe hcart aI1(] 80u, are permU.
asked for the drug several thousand 1 tcd t0 oporate ln the lnakil,K of mar.
times, I was refused only three times. | riageBi B0 may we expect tne ev��� ���{
vorces come from-what class they urancheB throughout Canada anil
affect and (in a leas degr, el what ure1, Newfoundland, and in London, Bug-
the chief causes. ,ana  New Y(u-k, Chicago and Spokane
Different Grounds. , U.S.A., and  Mexico City.    A general
"1 think It an evil that the   ground  banking business transacted.    Letters,
on which divorce Is granted is differ-1 of (-reait  iHBU,,d.  available  with cor-
1 had to take it at first because of
stomach complaints, but I found 1
had to take more and more In order
to escape the feeling of depression,
and finally 1 drunk direct out of the
bottle. As it was cheaper to get It
111 large quantities. I often bought several bottles, and once 1 was sold �� I But the true work of the social" refirm-
hottles, each of 40 grammes. In one
year alone I spent $375 on opium  "
respondents lu all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
received In sums cf $1 and upward
and Interest slewed at 3 per cent >er
annum |r������   ,       rate).
ToU      . iet�� 0 er $186,000,000.00.
Q.  D. BRYMNER. Manager.
him what he thought of Lizzie, and he
said that she was quiet,   hut   looked ; Temple, Tomb of First King and City
dismal.    Mrs. Morrison added that she Are Unearthed,
was nervous, and he replied, "I will J    London,  March   24. ���A   correspond-
have no nervous person.' I ent writing The Westminster Gazette
On thel following day Mrs. Marri- from Cairo, says: "(ireat interest Is
son aud Lizzie called at hiB house. I being taken in recent discoveries at
Father (Iraham was there, and he said hue Bphlnx. l'rof. P.eignor has succeed-
there could be no marriage for a I ed in removing the sand of 60 cen-
month. Pat Bald he would not wait | furies from the interior of the head
la month;  he was in a bad way.     He land has gained entrance through the
had turned his hand cooking, and as
ho would have to get a housekeeper
he could not wait. They left and there
was no further talk about marriage.
Introduced to Emily.
Three months later Mrs. Morrison
again sent for him about nine o'clock
neck to a temple that runs the whole
length of the gigantic body, measuring 120 feet in length.
In this temple Is a pyramid which
forms the tomb of Menes, the firBt
king of Kgypt, and is supposed to contain  hiB   mummified   body.      Sloping
in the morning. He did not know what! passages   from   the   temple    lead    to
he was wanted for. but when he went   other chambers as yet unexplored, and
across she introduced Emily Sheerin I it is thought to a subterranean city,
to him. j    The importance of these wonderful
Their     conversation      only    lasted | discoveries can hardly be exaggerated
; and may prove to be the most valuable yet made
about ten minutes.
MrB. Morrison asked: "What do
you think of Miss Sheerin," and he
said "ahe Is n countenanced girl, and
Bhe can chat  while her BiBter   can't."
He then went home to hla dinner, and I _ .       .       ..,__
Mrs. Morrison and MIsb Sherrin call-, Prison" Escapes by AMWjrlna
ed. Mrs. Morrison induced him to go _ h�� Name of Another Man.
out with them to a .notion picture, I'ari". March S4.-AClever escape
show. There was no love-making on f��'"' Prison line just been made by
1[n|    .,    j , a man named Charnpeau, who waa de-
Afterward.' he   got    a   letter    from j "lined at the Haute. Prison.
Ill- was plaoed Iii a cell With other
He Lot 4, of Illock 19, of part of Section 3, Illock 3 North, Range 7
West, Dlatrlct of New Weetmlneter,
A certificate of Indefeasible title to
above property will be issued to Frank
N. Trltes, on the 12th day of April,
1918, unless In tho meantime a valid
objection thereto bo made to me In
writing by a person or persons claim
Ing an estate or Interest therein, or
In any part thereof.
District Registrar of Titles
Land   Registry  Office,
New  Weatmlnster,  B.C.,   February
28th, 1913.
Billiards and Pool
Illggeet and beet Una of Pipes,
��i gars and Smoking requisites.
V hole-sale and retail.
J. L. Duncan, Ltd.
��� Ml Columbia St.
The person or persons having In
their custody or possession the follow
Ing Title Deeds relating to tho said
properly are requested to deliver the
aaiiiu to tlie undersigned,
la) Deed dated the 2Xth dny of
November, 1S93, from Frank N. Trltes
to Thomas llennett of the above described property.
lb) Deed dated tho 12th day of
November, 1H94, from Thomas Bennett
to Arnold Bennett of lhe above described property.
(c) Deed dated thn 12th day of
October, 1900, from Arnold Bennett to
Oeorge W. Hhay of the above do-
eoribed property.
(764)        piatrict Registrar of Titles.
rwnrds   he   got.
Miss Sherrin t*> meet ber, She asked
what he waa going to do, und ho replied, "What do you mean?"
She anid: "Do you intend to marry
me?" and he replied: "Now that will
do.    It Is all over now."
The lady this pertinacious wooer of
83 haB now married Ib 60 years his
junior. He didn't even know her christian name when he proposed for her
band. He got over the difficulty by
writing to her mother "She had two
daughters and I said It was the taller
I wanted." Before the procei dings
closed the Judge remarked that Pat
Dulgnan apparently had marriage on
the brain.
i prisoners, including B man named
Bruti uu, who was nbout to be released.    A policeman went to the cell anil
1 called   the  name    Brutonu.       A   man
I stepped forward, was taken to the office, and after signing a paper In the
name of Bruteau, was aet at liberty.
Next morning the real Rruteau ap
plied   for  IiIb  release,  an.l   the   niBc
j was then  discovered.    But Instead of
I getting IiIh release, Bruteau has now
been   charged   with   helping   IiIb   cell
companion to escape.
London,   March  24.-  Since  the  ragtime bacillus crossed  the  Atlantic  lo
England, two million gramaphone rag-
Dies In England���Famous Soldier and
Friend of King Edward.
London, March 24. -Tho death occurred of Major-deneral Sir Frederick (arrlngton, who saw much service In South Africa In the Tranakel
war (1877-1.S78), nnd commanded the
time records havi- been sold. And In Inatlv�� levies in tho -Zulu rebellion,
round figures the public has paid $760,- u��� commanded the colonial forces
000 for the pleasure of hearing the |��� ,i���, BaBOtO war of 1881, was mill*
catchy numbers In Ihelr own homes.
Popular taste gives firtt place to
"Everybody's Doing it," and other
favorites come In the following order:
"I'm Going Home to Dixie," "Alexander's Rag-time Bund," and "Waiting
for Ihe Robert K.  Lee"
No parallel Is known In the aniiulB
of business to this sudden and great
demand for one kind of music, which
at present shows no sign of falling
off. The London TlmeB too, has at
last condescended to notice this widespread fashion and provides a diagnosis of the popular music.
The evidence of Dreyer's wife showed that she had not understood the
change in her husband's manner until
a doctor notified her that it was due
to abuse of opium. He had been a
nervous subject aa a child, but later
was for some time quite successful
in business. Then hc Ill-treated her
and the children.
Her first suspicions of dishonesty
came when she discovered that he had
stolen and brought home, in his pocket
the electric incandescent lampB of
the drawing room of a friend's liouse.
He also became strange i.i coi Juct
and afflicted with megalomania, Btat-
ing his income at three times ita real
Took 800  Drops.
In spite of this evidence, there were
several contradictory points of view-
in the evidence of the exports. One
of them promised to cure the prisoner of the drug habit within a week,
while on the other hand, another expert aald that 300 drops of opium
.vould have a groat effect, on the
whole system, not to speak of the
SOO drops that Dreyer took at ono
"I do not say that divorce laws are
not necessary-under existing conditions and with the present rather low
view  of  thc  marriago bed, they   are
necessary,  and   it   may  he  necessary | on TueBday.    March 2
to enlarge as well as to unify   them, j 0.clock in the torenoon
er is to remove the evil which makes
Notice is   hereby   given   that   the*
Court of Revision of the Assessment
Roll of thin Municipality will bo held
ln the Municipal Hall, Edmonds, B.C..
1913.   at    10
divorce an Inevitable part of the
Notice of any complaints muBt be
given  to tbe assessor  in   writing at
'"���'" I least  ten   (10)  days  previous  to lha
sitting of the Court.
out of the condition   of   concubinage I 0   ���   BTKFPBNS, Assessor,
which It too often assumes, especially Dgted ��� Eamon(lll  ��,,��� 25th day   of
among the rich and idle classes. These        ,.*,���,���,   nm ,711-,
classes are not peculiar to the nation.!      Februar>'' 1913' ('31>
They are to be found In all nations,   j        sm.'i    1 ��� I,'
"Lest I Bhould seem to be   on the , P0. Box 34 Dally New. Bldg.
Bide  of  those  excellent   people   who j    j   T   BURNETT'S PRINT SHOP
take the view of marriage   which   Ib I
supposed to be scriptural, let me say
In a last word that I put quite another
interpretation than that of the churchman on the divine and searching
words which tell ub that whom Cod
has joined together man miiBt not put
J. T.
Shanghai. March 23,���Oeneral Sung.
.1 former ChineBo minister of education, died yesterday from lhe effects
of wounds received on March 20, when
an attempt was made to assassinate
him at the railroad station.
Before hia death. Oeneral Sung received a letter telling him that lie had
been shot by mistake instead of Gen-
All   the  experts  set  the   prisoner's  eral   Huang  Sing,  commander-in-chief
mental capacity down aa very weak, j of Southern Ku Kien, who    also    was
bul. the court, deciding  that the evi- ] In the station at thp time.   The writpr
lence   showed   that   he   was   in   pub: hoped that Oeneral Sung would have
seBion of hia senses at the time of
theft, Bcntcnced him to three yearB'
The whole story of the case has
caused much discussion of the point
why it was that the man was not before in the hands of the police. Ills
thefts were facilitated by the fact
.hat he had In his possession a rail-
.vay pass available on all the German
The origin of this pass was not ex-
-/lalned. Ills nrrest was finally thc
consequence of his own foolishness.
He journeyed to Meran, in Austria,
to offer to thn victim of one of his
'hefts some Information that might
lead to tlle recovery of the stolen property, but he told his 'ale. with such
departures from the truth that the
man's  suspicions   were   aroused,   nnd
the police were made acquainted with
tho  facts.
!iarv adviser to the high commissioner |
In the Matabellc war In 1893, and was
general officer commanding in the
IthodeBlun  rebellion.
He alao served In the Boer war.
Later he commanded In (llbrnltnr nnd
Belfast. Oeneral Cnrrlngton was a
close personal friend or the late King
Death of Bonllla.
Tegucigalpa, Honduras, March 22.--
Tho  news of  the  death    of  Oeneral
Manuel   Bonllla,    president    of    Hun
Princess   Attempts Suicide.
Rome,   March    21.    Dowager   Prln
cecs    Teresa    Collonna    Dl    Pallann,
mother of Princess Dl Teuno, who la
one of the most beautiful  women   In
Europe, attempted to commit suicide
In  tho  (Irani!  Hotel  here   yesterday.
The Dowager Princess Is an eccentric
Neapolitan noblewoman, who gntier-
duras, yesterday and tho transfer of I ally resides In Kngland. Four yeara
executive powera to Vice-President'ago she became suddenly demented
Dr.  FranclBco Rcrtrand bas   been re-, In the Central   Military station at Mi-
celved  quietly    throughout    the    re-1 lau and haB been   under  observation  project which Bhe had Bet out to nc-
publlc. Istnce. .*,,��..,],���!,
Many Aspire to Immortalizing Political Giant in Drama.
London, March 24. The proposal to
put on the stage a slory dealing with
the closing years of the life nt Charles
Stuart Parnell has resolved Itself Into
what may be called a good old annual.
Ever since the tragic disappearance Of
that commanding figure from the political scenes be once adorned, leglotiB
of ambitious aspirants to fame, have
expressed a desire lo take a hand in
Immortalizing IiIb name in some form
or other.
Mrs. T. P. O'Connor Is the latest per
son to come forward with the declaration thut It la her Intention to put before the llrltiBh aud perhaps the American public, episodes that culminated ln the overthrow of the "uncrowned King," and finally, perhaps
led to hiB death.
It haa always been understood thai
lohn Redmond In fact, every leader
since the days of the tragedy has
been uncompromisingly opposed to
any stage representation In which Unclosing saenes of Parnell's life would
he a central attraction,
And the general feeling Is that the
Irish people iih 11  whole, are opposed
to any revival of the unpleasant episodes. It Ib not known whether T. P.
O'Connor shares tlie Views of hla
leader on bo delicate n topic, but his
friends are watching With some anxiety tho development of IiIb wire'a proposal.
Mra. O'Connor possesses all the enterprise nnd pertinacity of her race,
and once alio has made up her mind, It
Is doubtful whether she could bo Influenced to abandon any scheme   or
I compllsh.
of all kinds.
, Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
59 McKenzie St.
' ..      .  .  ULL	
Second Hand Store
j Buy and sell new nnd    second    hand
goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
00 Mclaaen Street. Plione IOCS
Transfer Co.
Office Phene 185.     Barn Phons 137
������gble 8tr����t
Baggage Deliver9-1 Promptly to
aay part of the city
perpetual rest.
iigkt awl Heavy Kau'ing
London, March 28.���Home Secretary McKenna In the House of Commons Wednesday replied to the question of J. King, of which notice was
given as lo the effect of pump-feed
Ing on the suffragettes, and whether
It would not he a good Idea to apply
dugong (sea cow) oil where (he
women went on hunger strikes.
The minister said he understood
lbat cod liver ill hnd -t.ften h'-en applied for malnutrition In Infants, but
lie was doubtful as to Its success
Anyhow the prolongation of life hy
inch means would lie very limited.
Mr. King retorted that he had
heard of manv coses where lives had
been saved by dugong oil. It was
different from cod liver oil. It had a
much more pungent smell. This last
remark caused much laughter.
King's Hotel Pool Room
Beat Pool TabloB In the city. Fine
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
'���veals bulletined.
A. G. BEATON. Proprietor.
New   Spring  and   Summer  Suitings
now on  display.    See them     Perfect
fit and workmatiBhlp guaranteed.    701
Front Street.
I It's tht Work.
Use Your Phone.
D. McAulay
Tel. 724.       Cor. Sixth and Columbia
<*.23 Clarkson Street. Phone 490.
IJL_U-M-.JHW""��IS"M~���**.?^~*^-r****~*   ... s ��� ...
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Will  Lease for Three Years
508 Westminster Trust Bdjf. cm) TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 1913.
���I allies'   IllBley"   will   be   held   this   shall  be  observed  bb a holiday.    As
vear on June lii and 17. ; In previous years, a circular pre-Bcrlb-
,     .. ,  ��� Ing tho procedure to hs followed will
'""""1 ba8l"'K,orXTthre, tlei be 8enl lo "���d  "achers and  man"
,., ,,,,, a stake mow tti-tt ttoee fc��t gar, ,    tt   (.(jun
long waa killed by  John  Wood,    of
rh. tliscombe. I    8ir   Charles   Seelv   .father   ef   the
secretary of state for  war, who has
C,   Bernard   Kldd,   master   of   tho  for years been a munificent support-
West Kent foxhounds, was at  l.owea  er of the NottB Medical and NtirBlnK
appointed   maater  of tho   Southdown   institution,  announced  at  a meeting
limit, In succession to Norman Uider. |n Nottingham Mb Intention to present
tho Notts Convalescent Homes at
Skegness, which owo their establishment to his liberality, with land north
of the present Institution, and to as-
Geographical Societies of Many Lands
Honor  Past Work  of   Stefansson
In   North.
Birmingham corporation have granted their tramway drivers and conductors  an   Increase of  2s.  a week    In
wages.   This means and additional of ^"^ ^ ft
��3000 a year.
\ pell landmark diaappeared whon
a  four  sail
l,v fire at Burnetii, near Wisbech. It
was the property of K. J. Racey, a
miller and baker.
VI   l .iittm  Croat  Northorn   railway
-Mien a porter named Thomas String  "J
J , rpe was knocked under a train that M & man  *'"""
was lust  starting out of the  Btation
and killed.
On a charge or Betting fire to a
boot factory at Shopshod, near Loughborough, Of which he was manager,
ph, mas Smith, son of tho proprietor,
was committed for trial.
An extraordinary practical Joke wns
recalled at l!< torhorniigh. by the re-
wlndmlll was destroyed covery from the River Nene, near the
town bridge of the body of a man
named William Burrows, aged about
thirty, who had been tntsBlng since
Christmas. The body was found bv a
lighterman, who rrcosinUcd It as that
he rescued from
drownlrg at the same Boot in. startling circumstances two years ago.
I    An evc'tini Incident occurred at "
meet of the Esse--: s'UKhonrids at l��e*��
den Rodin?.    An old hunter was used
lo bring the deercart containing two
deer to the rendervous.   The animal
1 showed its resentment at being made
i to brlnn up the e.uarrv he was wont
to  chase,  acii   bolted.    After   going
some distance the carl  collided with
a motor car and was overturned, and
Ithe driver waa knocked down and run
'over hv   the   cart,   hut  not  serioiiBly
* injured.     The  deer    escaped    injury,
! and  one  of  them   afterwards  provld-
Cd  exhillaratlbg  sport,    for    a    large
field which Included Sir Evelyn Woodward and Sir Kreillrick Oreen.
lsondon,  March  24.- The  action   of
Premier Borden aud bis colleagues In
continent as well.
Thc Royal Geographical Society has
���a   '    -���**������ -���������           i
Good Table Manners.
It Is Hum,-times difficult to mnke
young people, particularly boys, appreciate thp value of correct tabic man-
making provision for the expedition' ,.��� ..AWi what's the differencer
under Vilhjalmar StefatiBBon to the they ask when told not to eat with
hinterland of Canada   is being   most i ihelr knives.
favorably commented on in scientific I The difference ls that as a whole ta-
circleB, not only in England but on the i ��'e etlnuette Is based upon the fundamental principles of convenience, neatness and self restraint Disregard of
It causes the offender to appear sloven-
alroady expressed Ub appreciation. In '��� |y gne*y and lucon8laerat(i of the sen-
introducing the explorer to his audi-> Bibllitles of others, says the Woman's
ence when be waB to lecture before | World
the learned body, the chairman gave I ^        ���       We    DoD. ,
what wae the ''care ^ ��'�������'��* Ultli your elbows on the table. Don't
view  of  the  Hoyal (jfcograplucal   bo-,    ..*..,   , ...
ciety" by saying "they owned a debt. I attempt to bring your mouth down to
of gratitude to Premier Borden and | J'��ur food; raise the food to your
his colleagues for their large outlook
Whil ��� a man named Peacock was
driving through floods between Whit
tlesey and Thorney, Lincolnshire, hi*
horse   BUddenly   disappeared   into    a
.1,.;: rged dyke and waB drowned,
Pi icock  himself  being  rescued.
The council cf the senate of Cambridge University havo received by
Professor Nev all, from a donor who
,[. ires to be anonymous, an offer of
��10, i towards the permanent endowment of ii chair i.f sntrophysiCB at
, ,: i rldgi   University,
Nelson's flagship, tho Victory, was
removed from lu-r usual moorings in
Portsmouth  harbor, and  will  be ab-
i   about   three months  while    the
ioi ag chains are overhauled and
relald Her temporary position iB
si me distance further up the harbor.
Kor the third  time the annual dinner of the Ashford. Kent, fire brigade
,-as Interrupted by an alarm of fire,
* .   fin men   left  hurriedly
thi ir uniforms
Lord  Altamont's   Unique   Experlenes
During Mutiny.
FeBrlul   and   exciting   indeed   were
ln taking the responsibility of govern
ment In fathering, to their utmost power, the work of scientific exploration."
"Views of thiB kind," went on tbe
chairman, "seldom lead in the future
to loss."
The Canadian Associated PreBB is
informed that the council of the society, contrary to the usual custom,
will aleo probably take further action
at the next meeting.
StefansBon today received an invitation to lecture before the Royal   Qi o
Dou't shnke your napkin out with s
flourish; unfold It nud spread it across
your knees. Itnise one corner of it to
your lips bs occasion arises.
lu your own home or in a bouse
where you expect to be a guest for several meals fold your napkin when you
are through wllh It. lf a guest for one
meal only crumple the napkin slightly
and lay it unfolded beside your plate.
The assumption Is, of course, tbat lt
will   oot   be   used  again   until   It  is
when 800 pounds of powder behind It
was fired. Law waB hurled 25 feet
from bis Beat In the rocket but waB
l'rotected by padding anil a helmet
Law crawled into the rocket with his
parachute and gave the order to Ifre.
The fuBe was lighted and spluttered
for 30 seconds. There was a burst of
flame, a cloud of smoke and a terrific
report. Hundreds of spectators straining their eyes for a Bight of the great
rocket hurtling through the air, saw
it leap forward a few feet and burst
Into fragments.
Law was hurled violently through
the air and to the ground. His hair
and eyebrowa were burned off. Kor
perhaps ten seconds he was unconscious. Then he got up and looked
"Confound that thing," he exclaimed, "1 thought 1 was going up."
Doctors Use This For Eczema
Dr. Holmes, the well known Bkln
specialist, writes: "I am convince t
that the D. D. D. Prescription ls aj
much a specific for eczema as qulnlna
for malaria. I have been prescribing the D. D. D. remedy for years."
We ourselveB vouch for the D. D. D.
Prescription for eczema and absolute-
Dr. Evans, Ex-Commlssloner of
Health, says: "There Is almost no relation between skin diseases and the
blood." The skin must be cured
through the Bkln. The germs must be
washed out, and so salves bave long
ago been found worthless. The most
advanced physicians of this province
are now agreed on this, and are prescribing a wash of winter green, thymol and other ingredients for eczema ly believe that lt wlll take away tba
and all other skin diseases. This I Itch the Instant you apply Vt. D. D. D.
compound is known as D. D. D. Pre- Soap helpB too. Ask us about it.
scrlptlon for Eeiema. | Frederic T. Hill, druggist.
graphical Society of Denmark. He has WIlsiled,
also been Invited to Norway, France      D��� not break crackers into your soup.
and Home, but the invition to the laBt- ,M)k   , jbfl uext        0Q sce Q0|
named place is the only one he has bo (j anfl ^^ fffi(U au imsavorj, ,ook
Tormer Explorer's Views. ">8 dish it produces.   Never dip crack-
Sir   Ernest   Shackleton,    who    Ib   a ; era or bread into nny sort of liquid,
member of the society, stated   today !    In dipping up soup move tbe spoon
that it has given great Batisfaction in   toward   tbe  outer  edge  of  tbe  dish.
Kngland to know  thut  Premier   Bor-   Take the soup from the Bide of the
den has taken up tuch a patriotic at-: spIMin.
titudc. i    when ln doubt use your fork ls a
Walters Do Well Notwithstanding
���Thousands for the 8taff.
lsondon, March 24.���The waiters
In Ixindon who are attached to the
fashionable clubs and hotels find lt
difficult to understand their transatlantic brethren who went on strike.
For they are thc plutocrats of the
English profeBBlon. Though tips have
long Bince been abolished in the west
end clubs, the annual bestowal of
largesse, by means of a servants' fund
!b a recognized and popular   practice.
The Carlton Club averages ten thousand dollars for the staff, and the National Liberal about the same amount,
Single fare and one-third for round
while the exclusive Reform gives its I f-ip, on  Bale  March  20 to 24.    Good
waiters and servants a total of five  to return up to March 26.
thousand dollars.    Princes, most pop-;    _���,���...,,'. ,    ,    ,     ,
ular resort of rich Americans is a ver-; * eek ��� V** " ��? "r," ��, 'Scf
liable Paradise for waiters, and the iP0"1!8"1 bln|le Fa,re ,or Round Trip
Rltz, a hotel favored by Mrs. Leeds. on Fridays, Saturdays aud Sundays,
and   other   women   of   international | ed, OOULET, Agent
fame, Ib a banner bunting ground for! Hen WesttnlnBte
the waiter. Or H. W. Brodle. Q.P.A. Vancouver
Only in the hotels and   restaurants
B. C. Coast Service
"We explorers in particular," he
Bald, "feel that the action of Canada
I will have far-reaching results, and is
,    ,. ���...   , ��� ,       ,       will   iia,*o-   ioi-icuLii,,ih   i^own-o,   ��..��    ...
experiences p!  British residents L  gptonold example  to every   other
in India during tlie great Mutiny of  c0UntrV| including our own.   lt is only
1*57. anil none of them mnn
riulu  that the  hinterland   of Canada
pretty fair table rule. Tbe kulfe, of
course, ls absolutely tabooed except for
cutting and spreading. The spoon ls
used only for liquids nud soft desserts.
Vegetables served  us side dishes aro
 , , ,    usually eaten with a fork.
son ami heir ol the Marquess of Sllgo, !,arry|ug lh(1 i)ri,isl, flag. j have In cutting meat take the knife tn the
ami his mother. \\ hen the Mutiny PI)oken ,��� premicr Borden over Polar r^bt baud and lhe fork In tbe left, cut
broke out Lord Altamont, who had , %pjoratlonB> and wht.��� i heard he was ���ff ��� proner mouthful, lay tbe knife
been born in[India. WM a boy seven prepare<j t0 BP���d ���ut this expedition ���own besldc tte p,ate trausfer the
months old. h.? lather a.that tlm e be-,      clllu;hed   my  already   formed  opin-   ""   '      B  " ' n    fl    Md,       ,he
put out a fire at   ing in thc Indian  Civil Service and ;,       , ,,   broa(J attitude in BUCh mat.   fn"'   '"  uu'   ,u"   l1'""'   "   ""'*
those   Of Lord   Altajnont,   the   eldest; Bhoul(] he (,xplore(1  by au   cxpedition
an  outfitter's shop  caused  by  waste-   stationed at Bengal.   Just belore the I ur;
paper, and relumed to finish the meal   natives mutinied  tho  marquess   had;    ,.,t lg alg0 pi(,a8;int to feel that the
1    kiu.n        Af/lnnAi]        In        IX        Villi       i t a t ��� /, 11 nilfl    ' . .       .. .	
lines pointed dowuwurd, nnd raise the
' meat to the mouth,   lt sounds slow, to
| biM-n ordered to a hill station,  and I two"AmericanBoeleUerwho" were si-1 ����� 8l,re- hut rapid eating is neither
Sentence of three yeara' penal Ber-   his wife, who was only twenty years ', proach(.(i aa t0 the enterprise at the   healthful rAir pleasaut to watch.
vitude   was   passed   at   Suffordshire   o( ^e  took her baby to a plsce called ; ^.pinning have been bo generous and 	
assizes when Frederick William Rich Hankipur. There they heard that at broad-minded about the whole scheme.'
ardson, thirty-eight, solicitor of Uur- Dinapur, six miles swsy, the natives i (l jg a ru|p that BCjence knows no coun-
rrent, for misappropriatlin: had <iecide<l to mutiny and murder' trv and t^,, inBututionB acroBB the
money belonging to clients. Including the European officers. The plot was border who were working for the
in s;.ilisters who have been lefl al- lietrayed by a Sepoy, snd the Euro- . rj(,ntific Bide o( lhe matter wlll reap
.1  penniless, I peana hurriedly collected in tbe houae , thfi benefit.
I of the commissioner, which had been      ..Tll(, sentiment of the "flag" on such
\fter handling a  parcel  bearing a   torUk,(1 jan expedltinn lB important to Canada.
<     . I i, address at ( roydon post ot- ,    T|le   terror*  of the  r.ight.   aa they .ftnd , thjnk this is an enrneat of the   _	
flee the other night, an elderly woman   ^jji^d  expecting  to hear every   mo-   f(,eling exjBtl!ig between the two coun-   than good behavior.    Behavior Is the
imed   Elizabeth   Baker  suddenly  ex-   ment  ti,e   yell.,   of  ttie rebel   soldiers  tries." f perpetual  revealer.    Good  behnvlor Is
The addresa on the partul was coming ** attack them, were .addedt* \ the reflex of good character.    Good
i character ia neither birth, wealth nor
' fashion, but In the mind. To possess
! character Is a dlguity in Itself, higher
controlled by Lyons & Co., is "no tipping" the rule. Elsewhere, and in
every public concern of life, the giving of tips to all and sundry who do
you a service is an unofficial form of
taxation no traveler can escape.
Rabies Feared in Tacoma.
Tacoina, March 22.���The five year
old daughter of L. R. Roddle, of this
"Ity, will be rushed to Chicago for
Pasteur treatment aB the result of
having been bitten by a mad dog last
week. Thia course hinged on labora-1
tory tests of the animal's brain made
at the Washington State college, and
when word was received today that
the presence of "nigri bodies" had
been revealed by the tests it was de-
elded to take no chances with ordin-
ary medical treatment. Several |
months ago a man died in a local hospital of rabies and since that time a
number of dogs have been shot and a
muzzle ordinance ha3 been in force.
Clark-Fraser Realty Co.
Formerly at 610 Columbia St., now at
607 Front St.    Phone R 1031.
New  Westminster,  B.C.
Real Estate and Business Chances.
Acreage  and   Choice  Fruit  Lands   a
Leaves Vanoouver tor Victoria 1* tx. nx,
2 p. m. and 11:45.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. ra.
and 11 p. ni.
Leavea Vancouver for Nanalmo I p. rn.
Leaves Vancouver for Prtnoe Rupert
and Northern Points 1*0 p. m. Wednesdays.
Leaves Vancouver every WedBesdajr at
10 p. m
Chilliwack Service
Leaves Westminster 8 a. m. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
I>avea Chilliwack   7   a.  m.   Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
BIX GOULET, Agent, New Westminster.
H. W. BRODIB, G. P. A��� Vancouver.
Specialty���Treatment of the scalp
by Vlbro-Maseage and Glover's Famous Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth St
American Manners.
' "Have Americans Any Manners?" Is
the title of an article by Frederick
Townsend Martin in tbe November
number of Uanier's Bazar. His discovery of manners bere is Introduced
by the following definition: "Good
manners   are   neither   more   nor   less
The address nn the parcel was   0<>Ininc t0 attack them, were added to
* tal  of her sister, who was sent for   |,v one [^jy who went out of her mind *
bj  tlie post office officials to Identify   &;���i   irjej   to   throw   herself   down   a   fll/r\!fU    i-TTDFCC ���
body, I well.  The next morning, however, re-  ^yyiUIMl   AU KLj J
Damage estimated at ��10,000 was
d ne by a fire at the Bank Top mill
i f Messrs. Palpy, Ltd., at Preston.
Three hundred workers escaped un-
Injured by an outside ladder. They
a il nil.ers will probably be thrown
out cf employment for some time. The
spinning mill  was almost untouched.
V.'lllintn Jackson, aged 67 was found
inside llowburn Wesleyan church near
Coxhoe, hanRing hy a rope fastened
lo the rails above the basement Jack-
Bon, a widower, resided wllh hiB
daughter, who ls caretaker of the
church. Me waB a retired railway
policeman and keeper of the Coxhoe
golf linkB.
Commander II. C Martin, R.N., ha3
reported to the Wanstead urban coun-
cl] ihat 400 flsh have been found dea-1
In the Eagle Pond. Snareabrook, and
that an analysis of the water proved
it to be pure. W. W. Green. J P..
Btates that there has been a similar
occurrence at Connaught Water, at
\n able seaman of the new battleship Conqueror, now at Devonport.
was found to bn st'frerlng apparently
from smallpox, and was removed to
an Isolation hospital Bhi-. Maud The
original ot the infection has not been
line,..', bul tlie entire crow have heen
met- nated  nnd  the
1 lief came, and Lord Altamont's mother   drove   to  an  opium   store,   lour
. miles down the river, which had al*o
been lortified, to stay with friend*.
Finding, however, that she had left
various articles of clothing at Banki-
pur which she required, she decided,
against thc advice of her (riends, to
return with her baby. She reached
Rankip-ur in safety, but on the return
journey the natives attempted to stop
the carrinje nnd threw stones and
brass cooking pots at them.
Thinking that fhe might he killed,
she crouched down on thc floor of the
CMrriago with her b��by in her arni->,
and, alter running thc gauntlet for a
quarter of an houT, she arrived safely
back  at the opium store.
Here she remained with other
Europeans, besieged lor a lomight,
their lives depending on the fidelity
ol a few Pikhs. It was then that Lord
Altaino.t's blsck nurse sugeo*t-cd to
hia mother that, ns a possible mean'
of saving his life, hc should be dyed
and passed oB as her child, snd thi;
was done. Lord Altamont regaining
disguised as a nigger baby until a
steamer came down the Ganges
crowded with refugees, and enabled
them  to ree<-h a place ol safety.
Mdlle. Elna Gistedt Is Popular Favorite In Craze Which Originated In
Ths Oldest  Mummy.
The   mummy   ki.own   as   Ra-Ncfer,
which is in the museum of the Roys.
battleship   funii-   College of Surgeons, has been deeorib-
led as the oldest mummy known.   The
. ..       ,'��� date   assigned   to   it   by   Prol.   Elliot
Ilu.   Mr.  Churchill exerted himself , pm*t|,   wlu,   the   age  of   Snefru,   the
in the pathetic case of a Reading nav-'. jjjgtnntng of K-jrypt's Fourth Dynasty,
al   veteran  named  Charles  Bailey to   agjuj ,1700 years B.C.   Some human
It good  purpose that the old man   twntlnil however, have now been dis-
wiih awarded n pension of cis Ms. a
year Is revealed by Bailey's death.
Unfortunately, the grnjit waa awarded
when, unknown to the admiralty, Bailey  was on IiIb deathbed.
covered at Sakkara, about fifteen
nii'.��8 Irom Cairo, belonging to the
period "I tlve end of the Second and
the beginning of the Third Dynaaties.
sbout 4,000 years B.C. Among thetn
the skeleton of a woman about
" age, which wa*
Dan  Holyat, the popular comedian, thirty-five   yenrs  of
who hns been In Newcastle Infirmary j^^ completely invested in a lari
for thlrteon weeks In consequence of ^j,,,  ���|  batxlnfie*, and   next lo tl
an accident while playing In  "The Ar- ^j^ wiR B corroded woven cloth. Th
cad'ana," at the Tyne theatre, haa
siilflelontly recovered to be able to
kriivn tho Institution.
The body of a woman named Han-
corrosion, says Prof* Smith, waa pre
sutnpt'.ve evidence that some materia,
(probably "��"le natron) was applied
to the surface of tiie body, with a
, riew to ita preservation, and he has
nab .lohnnon, who was the mother of Mh ft\lle ^ trace to a higher
?- children, Beventeen of whom are l��i00��j than hail previously been
alive, wan recovered from the river | .J q* ^ ()f ^-m mPth��d for pre-
��t   lllyth.    At  the  Inquest,  her huB- s'     thr  body  of the  dead.    The
band   a shipyard caulker. Btated that   ^ip^,,  1S   now   In the   museum   "'
the College ol  Surgeons.
he left home on Keb. 11. He admitted having Btnick her, making her
nose bleed, but thnt. he said, was because she attempted to hit him with
a poker.
Botithond   town  council  decided  to
s Sermonl
Macleod    wsb   once
a district  in   Ayrshire.
'whVro tlie reading ol a sermon is relic ifrcntettt fault of which
Dr.    Norman
j.roaohin-g  in
complete   the     western    osplanado. earded ��s t��� ��--��������� when tlie
SOheme at a  cost  of   ��M,000.    The ; (he minister can he guilty.   Whin lie
promenade imr.ion will be ready by conwegaMon ��ff^BglJ^2Sg2S:
tho summer of 11114. but thc gardens,   overflowing with enthusiasm, address
three  acres, adjacent .to | ed,h�� H&hWf. ^   ^.^   ������
Stockholm, March 24.���The hunt
for the modern Venus has spread to
Sweden. A Stockholm newspaper Ib
being deluged with applications from
hundreds of ambitiouB Swedish girls
who believe they are Becond, if not
flrat, editions of the Venus de Milo.
Of course, nothing would have been
heard of these beautiful Swedes had
not the craze for the specimen of perfect girlhood been started from Brook
All the stories and pictures of daz-
zlingly handsome American beauties
were scanned here with intense interest, and suddenly it occurred to
one of tho most gallant of ^'ockholm's
editors to ask himself ar . readers:
"Why should Sweden wSlt for the
United States to find a Venus de Americano? Are not the Swedish girls
the most beautiful in Europe?" And
so he haB started a competition to discover the most perfect rival to Venus
de Milo that Sweden can produce.
The favorite candidate at present for
this Swedish crown of honor is Mdlle.
EUna Olestedt, the popular actress anil
one of Stockholm's most beautiful wo
men. After careful Inquiry, it has
been certified that her measurements
cloBCly approach the ideal Venus
from Milo.    They are bb follows:
Height, 5 feet 4 inches; circumference of head, 21 3-8 inches; breast,
under the arms, 33 18 inches; breast,
over bosom, 37 1-8 inches; waist, 23 3-4
inches; hips, 37 1-2 Inches; upper leg,
23 3-4 Inches; calf, 13 indies; ankle,
7 1-2 IncheB; knee 14 3-4 inches; upper
arm, 12 6-8 Inchs; lower arm, 9 7-8
Inches; waist 6 9-10 Inches.
than any titular rauk or anything we
can borrow from dead men's bones."
His article ln tbe Baznr goes on to
] say: "Manners nre of more Importance
than laws, are strouger than laws. In-
I deed, It has been well said thnt upon
I good manners In a groat measure the
I laws depend. Tbe law can touch us
j here and there, now and then, but
1 manners are what vei or soothe, ifif-
nipt or purify, exalt or debnse, bar-
I barize or refine, by a constant, steady,
; uniform, Insensible operntion like that
of the air we breathe. How often hns
it been said that good manners are
made up of petty sncrifireB;
"American comllllous are conducive
to the developmeut of the best manners, because ln America recognition
depends not upon birth, nor upon
wealth, hut upon the force of one's
character. America ls the country of
democracy, lu which people do not imr
row merit from tbe dead; In which,
so to speak, every one la his own
chsracter and every one bis own heir,
and devises bis own future and Inherits
his own past, ln America s grand
father is not a social Institution; men
do uot live lu the past."
Act Quickly
Don't wait until you have some ailment caused by poor _ digestion,
biliousness, or by inactive bowels
which may lead to a Berious Eickness.
Immediate relief i3 afforded by
that best corrective and preventive
Sold .s.rjvth.re.   In boXM, 25 ami*.
Comer of McKenzie and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house. Will give two years' lease. Apply
to Manager The New Westminster News.
Regina, March 23���John Boyouchuk
was committed for trial for the murder of Frank Szatowsli, before Magistrate Saturday afternoon There are
now two indicted for the affair and
each has given damaging evidence
agahiBt the other while claiming pro
toBllon under tho Cannda Evidence
comprising   ....
the pier, which are Included, will take
Sbout  throe years to rlnlsh.    The en-'
tiro   promenade   will   bo   night   tilling |
long   the  finest nnd   widest  In England. I
As Empire Day fallB this year on
n Saturday, It Is proposed that tho
uiiunl celebration Bhall take place In
tho London puhllc oloinentnry schools
<m the morning of Friday. May 23,
and  thnt   Iho nftornocn  of that day
     Wasnn that a sermon
All her expressions of admiration
being met by a Btolid glance, she
ulioutod: , ..   .
"Speak, woman! Wawia that a sermon?" .    ,,      ..
"Ho read it,    said the other.
To which she replied, with inilig-
r.miit emphasis*.
'1  wadna caro il ho Had whuM'ed
PrOVOi Utah, March 23.���William 1'.
Code, who was convicted of the murder of a railroad detective named
Btrlngley nt Utah Junction, Colo., a
yonr ago, Is Innocent, according to
John Webber of Denver, who made an
affidavit today that he had killed
Webber Bald he and Hi���-> -Mhor:*) were
robbing a box car when they wero dlB
covered by Strlngley. "I hit him
over the head with a coupling pin,"
ho declared.
Announcing an Engagement.
The announcing of an engagement Is
of iuipurtuiice to nlmost every woman at some time of her life. How to
do It in the nicest way Is the perplexing
problem It c-itn be done <|iiile simply
nnd naturally by both families Informing all their friends ami relatives, and
the prospective bridegroom telling nil
his men friends how lucky he Is, while
bin flaiii-ce makes haste tt) make known
to all her girl cbums the surprising In
It can. If the girl's mother prefers.
be aimouuoed at a dlnnor or dance
given eiipeciallj for the young people.
Or the world may lie Informed of the
Importaut news at a pretty luncheon
given to the close friends of the bride
to be snd also her dunce's mother and
sisters, If he hsa sny.
These latter, of course, are Informed
privately of the happy event before
this feetlvlty takw place, for It would
lie eitremely selfish and 111 bred for
nny man to allow his nearest relatives
to lesrn first of such a thing In the
presence of strangers.
Komellines the snnonncenient st these
BfTnlra Is mnde by the girl's mother
simply telling the guests, ss soon ss
they sit down at the tsble. thst she
tnkeB pleasure In informing them of
her daughter's engagement to Mr. Rob
ert Blank.
Whereupon the guests should st once
offer their congratulations snd best
wishes for the young couple's futirc
Nature as a Model for the Advertiser, by Bert M. Moses,
President of the Association of American Advertisers.
New York, March 22.���A Bteel rocket, containing Hodmon Law, the "human fly," In which he Intended to bo
ahot 3600 feet Into the air, descending
by  a  parachute,  exploded  yesterday
Nature was the first advertiser.
Her advertisements assumed various forms, and every
form was honest.
Nature could never be enmeshed by the pure food and
drugs law for false and misleading advertisements.
She always tells what is.
Pain is nature's way of advertising that something is
wrong with the physical side of man.
Bad odour is her way of telling of decay.
Thunder is the advance announcement of a storm.
The cackle of a hen is a top-of-column advertisement
that there'6 an egg in the nest, and the crow of the rooster
is a bold statement that the advertiser has faith in his
prowess and challenges combat.
The peacock advertises his wardrobe by a full-page
spread of his tail, and the bark of a dog is advance notice
to keep at a distance.
Hunger is the stomach's advertisement of "food wanted," and drowsiness is the advertisement of the brain for
The falling leaves advertise the approach of autumn,
and the violets modestly foretell the coming of spring.
Any advertiser of merchandise who is a close observer of nature realizes that the only thing worth while telling is truth.
Tell what is, and tell it in a way that must be seen or
Tell it in the proper place and at the right time.
Tell it over and over, so that in time your advertisements will come to be recognized as being as true as nature's advertisements.
A man can be honest and truthful without boasting
about it.
Simply be honest, and that fact will be established
mere quickly than if you continually boast about it. "���*"   paois eiqht
TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 1813.
And it is in awfully good
working order.
We havo a few cans of Kootenay and Stephen's Jam in five
pound palls which wc are going
to clean up. The Jam ls very
good quality and strictly pure
and worth 95c por pail, but we
will clean up at, per pall ..60c.
Banana and Lemon Butter���
Something we have been selling
an awful lot of and which is
proving very   popular, Jar 35c
Try 3 lbs. of Westham Creamery Butter for $1.00
Piwplewhonave tried Cham-
plon Catsup have come back for
more, per bottle  25c
Cowan's Cooking Chocolate, unexcelled   for cakes   and   other
cooking, per lb 45c
Jersey Cream Oocoanut, the
largo package of shreaded
coacoanut, per package 10c
New Headcheese, Ayrshire
Bacon, Sausage, Pork Pies,
SauBage Holla in tho Delicatessen Department.
Three dozen DavleB' Eggs $1.00
Maple Creamery Butter, "the
purest of the pure," 3 lbs. $1.10
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIGGS
It requires great care to prevent your estate being wasted
when you are gone.
Relatives generally are not tho
best executors. Frequently
the appointment of such, results in the breaking of friendship sometimes by Court
Friends are seldom experienced in the conservation
moneys, though they may be
successful in building up for
tunes. Moreover, your friends
have their own Interests, their
own families to arrange for, and
are quite unable to give to your
estate the care and time that you
would wish.
It was the knowledge of these
facts built on so large a percentage of unfortunate results
that brought the trtiBt company into being.
Tho Dominion Trust Company Is organized to handle estates. It Is equipped for that
purpose���just as a doctor is
equipped by training and knowledge for the cure of disease.
There Is no more valid reason
for your depositing your money
with a doctor than there is to
appoint a relative or friend ub
EBtates bandied by (he Dominion TriiBt Company receive the
best judgment of our Directors
anil Officers. It is their business. Can you imagine any
other hands to safe reliable ami
Call at any time, preferably
today, and we will be glad In
disciiBs your affairs with you,
anil you muy be Biire all such
mutters are considered absolutely confidential.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
Ladies' Handbags
To Clear at
$2.00 each
Values to $8.50
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave wlll nol receive this week, nor again until further notice.
P. R. Pearse, piano tuning; leave
ordera at Todd'B or Major'B music
house. (923)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Freeman and
Miss llyland have returned from a
most enjoyable two and a half months
visit to San Diego and Southern California.
See the juniors In their gymnasium
exhibition Friday night. Wand and
dumb-bell drills, apparatus exercises,
relay race, pyramids, etc. (921)
Ths branch of the Bask ot Montreal at Sapperton wlll be closed for
business on and after March 29. (8*45)
- HIb honor Judge Howay .will give his
lecture on "Early days in New Westminster," at St. Mary's pariBh hall,
Sapperton, this evening at 8 o'clock.
The lecture will be illustrated by lantern slides.
The British Columbia Junior basketball championships are to be held Friday and Saturday (afternoon and
evening) of this week at the Y. M. C.
A. Tickets for the serleB of games
35 cents. (921>
A chance for the worklngman, three
roomed house on one-quarter acre, all
ileared, for $100 cash and $20 monthly    Patterson & Fisher, Edmonds.
A steam drill was In operation at
the corner of Eighth and Columbia
streets yesterday morning preparing
for the laying of the tracks connecting the Sixth street line with Columbia Btreet. It is expected that the
work will he completed within two
weeka' time.
We Bell, rent and exchange sewing
machines. All our maohlses warranted. C. N. >Bdmondsoa t Co., corner
Sixth avenue and Twelfth street. (752)
Sewing machine for sale; drop head,
inly used ono month; warranted for
10 yeara; a snap for $27.50. Enquire
at suite ti, first floor, Manderville
block, corner Sixth avenue and
Twelfth street. (909)
The skipper of the Samson disdaining government holidays summoned
his crew on Good Friday and rectified
the Bituation of a buoy at the/mouth ol
the Fraser. It was reported to Captain Menton that the buoy had been
shifted perhaps by a boom of Iors
colliding or some other accident and
that in consequence was a danger to
Send your spare table, chair, refrigerator, sewing machine or anything cIbo you wish to dispose of to
Benale'8 Auctlou Mart, 638 Clarkson
Btreet.    Trompt returss. 17861
A pile driving outfit of the Fraser
River Pile Driving company started
work on Saturday driving piles for a
new cannery for the. (iosse and Mil
lard Company at Steveston. This will
replace the Hurrard cannery which
was burned two years ago. Just as
soon aa the piles are in position the
work of erecting the cannery will be
rushed In time for opening when the
bis run starts.
Money to loan from $50 to $5000 at
12 per cent. No delay. Loans granted
In rotation. Strictest privacy. Repay
ment arranged to suit your own con
venience. James Ward, P. O. Box
655, Vancouver. (847)
Mr. C. C. Worsfold, resident Dominion government engineer, ls in
Victoria in connection with the work
heini*; done on the Victoria breakwater by the English firm nf Sir John
Jackson, Mr. E. (!. Mcl-achlan has
been appointed resident engineer for
Vancouver island, but It is understood that Mr. Worsfold will still be
In supreme command of all work par-
formed on the coaBt.
All the linemen of tlie IV ('. Telephone company returned to work yesterday morning following the settlement of the strike and the work of
repairing the different lines running
oul of tiie cily ami also making permanent tlie work of repairs made
necessary by the fire In the local central wub commenced In real earnest
yesterday. Although the strike hat
been called off several minor matters
I in tween the company ami tbe employees still exist but these will proh
ably be smoothed  out before the end
j if the week.
To Contractors and Builders. We
are now prepared to furnish you with
sand, travel, crushed rock, cement
and lime. OITIc'i phone 826. Wharf
phono 880.    B. C. Transport Co., Ltd
A well planned surprise party took
pluce at the homo of Mr. and Mrs
Isaac T, Spring, 805 Queens avenue,
on Friday evening last, the occasion
lieiiiR the anniversary of their wed
ding. The evening was taken up with
musical selections and cards. Aniont;
those present were Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bprlng and son, Mr. and Mrs.
Clifford Spring,    Mr.    und    Mrs.    W.
Hardie, Mr. Easton, mibs m. Johnston,
Miss II. Hurr. MIsb Harmer, Mrs. W.
Hughes and daughter, Messrs. C. McKay, B. Oilllos, C. Sibley and It. John-
W. Day. electrician, agent for Hot
Point IroiiB; fixture and wiring of
ill kinds. Phone 1269, 28 Sixth street
opposite Postofflco. (760)
MIsbob May and Annie Martin entertained hospitably a young peoples'
party at Ihelr residence on North
avenue Inst night. Music, lntrumonta!
and vocal, delighted the gueBts and
the mimic election resulted in (Icorfte
McKee being elected reeve of Bur
inlilam and Miiurice Maker superintendent nf the undenominational Sunday school.
connection with the summer schedule
of the Great Northern railway effecting Vancouver, New Westminster,
Crescent and White Rock. .The summer schedule will start not later than
June 15 and will continue until October 15, this to apply every year until
another, ruling is made by the commission. The local business man will
thus be able to leave for his summer
home at White Rock or Crescent at
5:38 o'clock, returning to this city at
8:40 o'clock ln the mornings by a
train leaving White Rock at 7:55 and
Crescent 10 minutes later.
Taking tho "Owl" Great Northern
train Mr. Kenneth Myers, secretary of
the Progressive association left last
night on hla lengthy journey to the
Old Country. He wlll travel across the
continent on American llueB, taking
the boat from New York, to either
Havre or Boulogne. From thence he
will entrain for Paris where he will
spend a week previous to crossing to
During his absence which will probably extend over three months Mr.
Myers wlll not be idle aB he haB much
private business to attend to and expects to give the Royal City considerable publicity by visiting prospective
British investors and interviewing responsible bodies such as the Canadian
board of trade, London.
During Mr. Myers' absence, Mr. W.
I,. Darling, who has been a member
of the association ever since Its incep
tlon, will act as secretary.
PENTREATH���Representatives of
all the Anglican churches in the city
attended the funeral of the late Archdeacon Pentreath which took place at
11 o'clock yesterday morning from St.
Paul's church. Vancouver, to the
Mountain View cemetery, South Vancouver. Right Rev. A. U. de Pencler
lord bishop of New Westminster, con-
dueled the services, assisted by Rev.
F. A. P. Chadwick, rector of St.
The grent respect in which the de
parted was held was demonstrated in
a striking manner by the numerous
wreaths and floral tokens which were
liled upon the last resting place of
the late archdeacon.
the Elwlll Park end of White Rock is
operated by the same company.
Several residents of White Rock
went into town on Sunday to attend
the Eastertide services and the Rev.
Mr. Gilbert of Sirrey Centre held a
special service in the local school
The Campers' Supply Store, on the
hill, near the White Rock hotel, is
now opened for business under the
management of Mr. Earle Savage, recently of New Westminster.
MrB. J. H. Watson and a large party
of friend! arrived down on this morning's train for a brief visit to "Glad
Tidings" bungalow, the summer home
of Westminster's popular fire chief's
Subscriptions and classified advertisements for The News for Lulu Island will be received by A. Sprice,
general   store,   Queensboro.
The News Is on Sale at
Hotel Russell, Corner Carnarvon
and Begble.
H. Morey & Co., Columbia street.
Caskell Book and Stationery Co.,
Columbia Btreet.
W.  Brown,  B. C.  E.  R. Depot
Ira A. Held, 753 Columbia street.
PURDY���Mr. William Danford
Purdy, a well known contractor and
electrical merchant, passed away at
his home, 815 Queens avenue, yester
day morning following a brief illness.
Mr. Purdy was 59 years of age and a
native of Kingston, Ont. He was one
of the old timers of the city, having
come here 35 years ago. The funeral
will be private.
Edmonds. March 24. ��� Councillor
Stride and a couple of gardeners are
engaged in planting the variegated
shrubs, recently purchased, in the
municipal hall grounds. The greater
part of the work is now completed
and the municipal property is taking
on a most pleasing appearance.
The llurnaby council will meet as
a court of revision on the assessment
roll on Tuesday morning, March 25, at
10 o'clock.
Easter Monday was observed
throughout llurnaby today by the clos
ing of tlie municipal ball and a number of the real estate and other office *.
at the various centres of the municipality.
Mrs. McPhee of Edmonds will not
receive this week.
Berlin, March 24.���It Ib reported
here that the sudden death laBt week
of Ludwig Delbruck, the Well known
German financier, who waB the private banker of the kaiser and managed his majesty's personal money affairs, waB due to suicide by asphyxiation. Unfortunate speculation on the
stock exchange is supposed to have
been the cause. He was an Intimate
friend of the kaiser who often hunted
on his preserves. Telegraphing to
his widow after the banker's death,
the emperor referred to Delbruck as
"my royal merchant."
The German banking world has Buffered a severe loss in the deaths of
Herr Delbruck and Arthur FiBchel of
Mendelsohn & Co., the latter well
known throughout Europe and Am-
���rlca as the chief financier in foreign markets for Russia. He was an
Intimate friend of Count Witte and
floated Russia's loans at the time of
thc war with Japan.
Easter Storm in England,
lsondon, March 24- The Easter
holiday was spoiled by tho weather
which Included thunderstorms, cyclonic winds anil pelting rains. The
jouth coast, which was crowded with
excursionists, bore the brunt of the
ittack. Worthing pier, near Brighton
was swept away; Hastings was flooded hy a tiilnl wave: Eastbourne, the
Isle of Wight and Dover all suffered.
London was deserted on Sunday. The
West End was empty, except for
crowds of provincial trippers. Ileal
spring weather prevailed. Hampton
Heath, Hampstead court and other
nearby resorts were crowded with the
metropolitan  millions.
attractive horn
adds to the welcome
ABOUT now you are thinking of how
yoa will improve the appearance of
your home. Let us help you:���Our new
decorating departmentis under the care of
Mr. Bennet, a man of experience with the
best home decorators. Call Phone 73 and
we will make on appointment. We also
desire to call your attention to our splendid
facilities for remaking, repolishing and
renovating your FurnitureandUpholstery
and will give you estimates as to probable
cost. We also do Vacuum Cleaning on
Carpets, Curtains and Draperies without
the necessity of moving articles from your
"Try New
Life," Just
the Thing for
That "Spring
Our New
Hats fer
Men are
674-678 Columbia Street New Westminster
Claim Were Married in Canada.
.Minneapolis.    March    24. ��� J.    M. I
Ilowen,  a  federal  government  lnspec-
tor, today arrested    Ilalbzert    Circuit,
colored,   nnd   Ixittie   Grant,  aged   171
years,  white,  at  u   local  hotel.    The
negro   is   charged   with   violating   the
Mann while slave law.    According to |
Bowen. the girl whose name was ilnlin.
Is a member of a prominent  Detroit
family.    The couple claim  they  were !
married  recently in Canada.
White Rock, March 24.--Eastertide
brought many vlaltora to White Rock,
no less than 60 arriving on the morning train Good Friday, others coming
down in the afternoon and a goodly
crowd on Saturday night.
Owing to the dull weather in Vancouver and New Westminster for Easter Sunday only a very few ventured
down for the day. Bright sunshine
and bracing winds prevailed here for
the past four daya and everyone
seemed to thoroughly enjoy their brief
Among the visitors might be mentioned Mi. and Mrs. Rees, Mr. nnii
Mrs. Carter Smith, Mr. and Mrs.
Swain. Alderman and Mrs. Henley,
who hail as guefls Miss Ross and
Miss Hall, Mrs. Joseph Wise anil lion.
Mr. .1 I*:. Brown and wife, Mr. and
Mra. II II Marshall and family, conn.
of whom are ren,aming until the end
of this week. Mr. ii. Buckland, Mrs.
Wells and daughter, guests of Mrs
Marshall, Mr. and Mth. George lllak-
ley, Mr. .1. Metliiiiie and friends, Mr
mil Mrs. McOlbbbn, Mrs. Anderson
and Mrs. Olbson, Harold ami Mi:-:
Hutton, It. Purdy and others, all from
New Westminster,   ll  W  Bird, K. W.
Leeson. the MIfsis Ansty mul guests,
ii. I) Holland, It. and E. Brothers, F.
I,. Ballard, Mrs. Vuslion and friends,
from Vancouver. F. W Thomas from
Agassi'/.;  S.  IV Harper and Mii~*B l.ucy
Hotper from Kerrlsdale ua svell as
others from points further out.
Mrs. Chester, wire of Dr, Chester,
the I). G. V. Inspector, arrived from
Duncans, V.I. With Iter Infant son to
take up lier permanent residence in
lhe new house which Dr. Cheater has
recently erected.
Considerable progress is being made
on the lumber mill In course of con
strtiction at the mouth of Campbell
river, which when completed will he
one of the moat up to date mills of
ils kind on the coasl and wlll provide
White Rock witli a permanent payroll
within Ils lin:Itk.   The shingle mill nl
Forty yeara In use, 20 years the
Standard, prescribed and recommended by physicians. For Women's Ail
nents. Dr. Martel's Female Pills, at
your druggist..
Can get Flsh for tomorrow. Red
3pr!ng, White Spring and Steelhead
Salmon, Fresh Halibut and Cod at
Groceries,  Flsh  and  Produie.
Phone   93. 447  Columbia  St.
Revised and complete to date, show
Ing public buildings, principal linine-
trles, railway tracks and number of
lots,    Every Btreet plainly marked.
Every  business  man needB one.
size,  8x3   feet;   also  pocket
Wouldn't You Like To Own
Your Own Home
High and dry lots at Highland Park ; five minutes from the through car;
graded streets; sidewalks; electric light; city water. We will build a house to your
own plan, and take a small cash payment down, and the balance can be paid as
rent, $20 per month. This property is splendidly located, with an unobstructed
view of the Gulf of Georgia and Fraser river and will make a high-class residential district.   Call in and talk it over with us.
White, Shiles 8* Co.
Westminster Trust Block and 746 Columbia Street        New Westminster, B.C.
Boundary Bay
MC Columbia Street
G. N. R. Summer Schedule.
Official notification of a ruling made
by the railway commission during its
last sitting In this olty was received
Phone WI >y Meusra.  Hurt & Co. yesterday In
Maplo llench Park, being a subdivision or the historic old Whalen
eBtate at  Point Roberts, Wash., ls at
laut on the market in 50x100 feel lots
fronting broad streets anil with perpetual beach privileges. This has
been the camp ground for scores of
local people fur years. Tho lota are
selling fast, many people procuring
tho locations they bad occupied nil
tenants for years Prices $330 and upwards, easy terms. Hole agents,
706 Columbia Street, City.
Uralla Potatoes?
PHOfiE 550
Undoubtedly Best in the Market.
85c. per snek 100 lbs.
TURNIPS, per tack    5Qe
W.Katt Cook
527 Front St. New Westminster,
���s   lorn.   StrBrt     N��*   Westminster
"Yale Engines"
are built in British
Columbia ��� which
means that spare
parts can be obtained
without trouble, and
at short notice.
They are also
equipped to bum
cheap fuel.
Mads   in   New   Westminster.
The Schaakz Machine Work*
Heaps   Engineering  Co., Ltd., New Westminster.
Home For Sale
No.  1���Hpro Is a  splendid homo for salo cheap.    In a good locality near Queen's Park and new school.
lt has soven  largo coinfortablo rooms with every modern convenience;   full  buBomcnt;   on  a large lot, 60xll!2 fict.
This place Is below value and  tho  terms  aro  iiuch   that  alumni
anyono can hnndle It
PRICE,  $4400, $750  CASH, balance monthly,   lf you want to buy
a home lot ub ahow you thlB place.
Agents  for   Pacific  Coast   Steamship Ce.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile  end
Marine Insurance.
For Vancouver, via Central Park
���At 5:00 and 5:45 a.m., and every
15 minutes until 9 p.m. From 9
p.m. until midnight half hourly service.
Sundays���At 8:00, 7:00, 7:30,
8:00 and 8:80 a.m., week day service prevailing thereafter.
.For Vancouver via Burnaby���At
5:45, 6:45 and 8:00 a.m. with hourly Bervlce thereafter until 10:00
p.m., and late car at 11:30 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
with week day service thereafter.
For Vancouver via Eburn*���At
7:09 a.m. and hourly until 11:00
Sunday���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
regular week day service thereafter.
(ConiKiction with cars to Stevee-
ton and other points on Lulu la-
laud Is made at Kliurno.
For Chllllwack and Points In
South Fraser Valley���At 9:30 a.m���
1:20 p.m. nnd 6:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Point*
���At 4:30 p m.


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