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The New Westminster News Jul 18, 1913

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 Newt Classified Adt.   ,A-n.*"
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results   they    produce,,, l . ney   fill
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cost. v **.������
Dr. Anderson, Stefanston's Lieutenant,   Railways and Trainmen Cannot Agrei
Bids Good-bye  to  His Young on   Method  of   Arbitrating
Wife -Addition to Fleet. Differences.
The Weather.
New  Westminster and tbe Lower
Mainland: Light to moderate wiuda;
flng.and warm today and Saturday.
i> i " il. n   "" '
HRUIES CASE      B[GS fflR m
First Lord of Admiralty Explains Empire's Naval Position, Making Pointed References to Hope that Dominion Will Yet Take a Hand in Building the Navy-
Nothing Will Alter Cabinet's Polity.
Nome, Alaska, July 17.
Stefannson    has    virtually
V.lhaljmar I    New    York,   July    17.���The 80,000
completed ! trainmen and conductors who threaten
Right Hon. Wins-
lord of the ad
his statement   in
overwhelming concensus of opinion
that action should be taken and that
Has Faith in Dominion.
"The position is not yet clear, anil
I am very much inclined to think that
harm   ralher   than   good   may   result
from our attempt to debate it much
in public. Canada Is absolute mistress
of ber own destiny.    Although I can
not attempt to prophesy the course to
he takin by Canada. 1 think tliat the
���speeches    taken   hy   themselves,    and
Information plainly    show    that    the
position of Canada taking active [.art
iu the general naval  defence of    the
empire Is by no meant, closed and wc
have  no  right  to  assume  at   present
tna;  we aie to be left to    face    the
emergency of the future unaided and
lift  to bt\: the  whole  burden alone
"That    being    so.    the   admiralty
recommended and   the   cab net   ap
proved  the  adoption  Of  a   temporary
expedient.     We   are   proceeding,   not
! by  increasing lhe program  of capital
1 ships, but by   accelerating    the   construction    cf    those which have beeu
already  sanctioned   ill  such  a way  as
I to secure (he strength  we  require at
Ithe  periods  involved.    We  therefore
the  general   defence   of ' accelerated  three  ships,   which  other
8lnce   I   addreB-sed   the  wise   would   not   have   been   finished
bouse lust   a serious event has occur-  this year.    We asked  for lenders last
red regarding the Canadian ships. The ��� month aud action has been taken, and
London, July 17.
lon Churchill, first
tn i in it >. in making
the house of commons this afternoon
on  the ship  building estimates, deull
at the outset  with the question of the
use of ol us fuel  In tbe navy.
No  Change.
Tinning lo the ship building pro-
griim, Mr. Churchill said lhat earlier
in the season he hud dealt fully with
Anglo-German relations and had nu
reason to modify lu any respect what
he had tlnn said. He miiBt, however,
refer to the question of overseas responsibility. Apart from the question
of safety in home waters he had no
new facts to report. Regarding the
Mediterranean. Ibere were, no doubt,
new programs under discussion In
Italy und Austria; but he knew no
factK making it necessary to alter lhe
llr.lish naval program, ile did nut
think anything would occur in the
Mediterranean this autumn requiring
to be dealt with in advance of the
regular program.
Canada's Place.
Mr. Churchill continued:    "There is
ii  second  important  question   in  con
nectlon   with
Ihe   empire.
,      ,, , , a strike against the eastern railroad!
negotiations   for   the  purchase  Of    B  ���,���  not agree    um]er    My    drcum.
gascllne    schooner   to   serve   as   an lBtances to have tlie roads' grievance:
i auxiliary  to  'he exploring Bhips Kar*  arbitrated   at   the  same  time  as   the
luk  and  Alaska  on  his  polar expedl- ! men's demands ror better wages under
tlon.   It was found that when all thl �����e N**1""'�� amendment to the Krd-
Iman act, according to a Btatement is-
equlpment and Bupplies were as- gUed tonight by "W. G. Lee and A. B.
sembled llle outfit amounted to more Oarrtlson, presidents respectively, ol
than the Karluk and the Alaska could ithe trainmen's and conductors' broth-
carry, erhoods.
Captain Itobert Bartlett telegraphed The employees' position, as an
from Fori Clarence today that the re- nounced tonight, brings about a dead
pairs lo the Karluk's steering gear!lock. The roads, however, while in-
would be completed today and that (slating tliat their demand ls an eqnit-
��� the vessel would be ready to sill for i able one, have agreed to meet Seth
the Arctic whenever Stefaiiss-jn gave Low, president of the National Civic
lhe word. Federation,  who  has  interested  liim-
Stefansson will nut leave Nome, Bell In the men's behalf, tomorrow and
however, until lie has selected the bear his reasons why the railway rep-
third vessel to carry supplies for Dr   resentat'.res should  yield  the  point.
It. M.   Anderson's   southern    party, J 	
ether to Ilerschel Island or to the
base on Victorlaland. The Canadian
government, which is financing tin-
trip, has sanctioned the addition to
the fleet.
Mrs.     It.     M.     Anderson,     the    six
months bride of Dr, Anderson, sailed
for Seattle yesterday on the Victoria.
She ib returning to her home
City. Iowa.
rejection of the Canadian naval aid
bill has. for the time at least, de-
| rived us of aid upon which we had
been depending and unless the gap Is
filled by sacrifice of the British tax
payer, lhe general defence of the empire, apart altogether from the de
fence of the l'nited Kingdom, would
be three hhi|is short of tbe admiralty
requirements from Ihe end of lttlii
i nward. As soon, therefore, as news
was received of the rejection of the
bill, the government determined   on
immediate action. Then' were two
courses open to us: We could have
laid down three extra ships in place
of the Canadian ships, and we could
do so still, but tt is not cleur thut
ihls step, which would mean the nd
dition cf eight and a half million
pounds to the naval estimates, is
necessary and certainly It ought not
to be done unless it is necessary Al
lhi ugh lhe naval nid bill was rejected, the qui st*on of "Canada participating in her own defence and in that
of the empire is by no means dead
Whether wi read the speeches of tin*
members of the government or of the
opposition, we see that although then
were differences of principle and
method, and although lbe matter ls
one of party  disputation, there Is an
tenders have been received, and thosi
vessels will be ready by the third
quarter of 1916, This will fully man
tain. In the absence of new Austrian
or Italian construction, those marglin
of Mediterranean and wbole world
Blrength which I explained lasl Marc .
were necessary.
"(if course the relief given ns h\
the acceleration of Bhips is only tcm-
porary, but the effect of this new construction is to raise the margin at our
disposal for seven cr eight months
lulu the end of 1915 and ut the he
g lining of mili, to thi same 1-pvi 1 as
wi uld have heen exacted hnd the
Canadian naval aid hill passed. After
thai period It pHSH,-d. the absence of
acceleration will tie established and
the difficulty of Die shortage with
which we are confronted will recur.
By next year, however, it is probable
that the Canadian situation vvill have
denned Itself and we shsll he In a
better position to jhdge whether fur-
'lier acceleration ol next past's ships
or alternatively, direct midit on to oui
nn.gram wlll be forced upon us. Thai
s the policy which we recommended
'o the committee nnd which we regard as a wise, sober nnail adequate
provision. We shall nm he moved
from it by any agitation.*
Extraordinary    Case    Reported    from
Prairie���Planned to  Kill  Entire
Board of Trade Takes up
Stranding of Freighter
at River Mouth.
Hostile Troops Approach  His Capital
and He Drops to His Kneel���
Dismay  in Sofia.
Pilot Board Also Will Hold Inquiry-
Harbor Committee of Council
Watching Developments.
Norwegian Parliament's Bill
Places Olaf in Bad
Royal   Family   Faces   Gloomy   Future
and   Anti-Monarchy Agitation
Makes Headway.
It is likely that several investiga
'.Ions will be held very soon in order I
that the grounding of lhe Norwegian |
���steamer Herakles may be thoroughly j
liscussed and the whole matter sifted !
o  the  very  bottom.
At an executive meeting cf the
board of trade yesterday afternoon
the matter was spoken of informally,
and. at tonight's full meeting, it will
������"orr.c up. and tangible results may be
J. C. Arnutrong, of the pilot board,
when asked laBt night what action
that body would take, said lie presumed that an Investigation would be
held Immediately upon lhe return of
the pilot.
Alderman White, chairman of the
harbor committee of the city couneil.
laid that an Investigation by that j
���ommittee had not been BUggested and
hat any action would have to origi-
late with the pilot board.
Conjecture as to the cause of the
grounding is rife about the city, not
jnly among sailors and rlvermen but
n other circles aB well. Some say
ine thing, some another, but not until
formal  and   thorough   Investigation
London, July 17.���Rumanian troops
are at Plevna and Mesedra, Ihe latter
town within 30 miles of Sofia, and
King Ferdinand of Bulgaria Is suppliant to the King of Rumania for
terms of peace.
It is understood that the powers are
striving to induce Rumania not to
occupy Sofia and are urging Bulgaria
to appoint a delegate to confer with
the Servian and Greek premiers.
Tbe real facts of the situation are
just becoming known in Sofia, and
are causing dismay among the people
M. Malleoli's efforts to form a cab
Inet appear to have failed.
Desultory lighting of no great Importance continues on the Greek and
Servian fronts.
Discrepancies in Greenwood
Evidence in Macnamara
Case Likely to Drag Along Till Coi
Time  Tomorrow���Bob Burman
as Martin Powell.
Herminal City   T.  and L.  Councll Decides to Help Big Celebration
in   Westminster.
The support of the Vancouver-
Trades and Labor council for tbe coming  big celebration    to    be held    at
ivt         ^_    ri    Queens  park  on   Liilmi*   Day.  was  ob-
*s held by the authorities can the true j talned last evening, when a delegation
-eason for the occurrence be ascer- consisting of President Cameron,
talned. Harry  (libb,   Alderman   Dodd.  R.   A.
 , ���__ I Stoney,   P.   Macwaters  and  J.   Saver
visited the Terminal    City    and    ex
plained  the  objects of their  mission
With   Vancouver   and   Westminster
Christiana. July 17.���Mysterious
Winnipeg, Julv 17���One of the most stories of attempts to kill the ten
extraordinary cams which has yetjyearold Crown Prince Olaf have
come before the provincial police was icaused great commotion.
the one todav which mav result in a I An armed man was found hiding a
charge of murder being preferred week ago in the gardens where the
against Anion Sawchuk. a nine year!little prince plays. Ile was arrested
old child, who is alleged to have inur-, but tbe fact wus hushed up.
dered  Annie   l.tizv.  aged  iwo  and    a,    It    is  repined    that    when Queen
The hearing of the evidence in the-
charge of stealing T. J. Trapp's automobile, levelled against John Macnamara, occupied the attention of the
assize court yeBterday and la likely
to do so for the rest of the ireek, possibly necessitating a sitting on Saturday. His lordship plainly intimated the Saturday sitting fn answer to
a Juror's query, pointing out tbat the;
crown case waB not finished.
The testimony yesterday was principally that of (ieorge Greenwood, of
Burnaby,  who  swore  to having seen
' Macnamara driving a black auto near
I the  Royal Oak hotel with four other
i men   In  the  car  between    7    and  8
|o'clock cn the  morning of the  Hank
of   Montreal   robbery.    He  described
j the  prisoner,   Macnamara, Dean,  and
I Powell  and  how   they  were dressed.
111b descriptions were so minute that
they laid him open to a raking cross-
examination  by   Sir  Charles  Hibbert
Tupper.   counsel   for   Macnamara,   ia
which he contradicted his former testimony,  as  represented  by the  transcript of his evidence by the officiaf
stenographer here and in the states.
Powell, Alias Burman.
On" fatal mistake he made waa the
Identifying of a newspaper cut as that
of  Martin  Powell.
Sir Charles immediately raised it
aloft and exclaimed triumphantly: "It
is Bob Burman. the holder of the
world's auto record."
It was put in as an exhibit
In  re-examination, an attempt wan
made to re-establish witness on tho
ground that he  had  not looked at. it
'through his spectacles.  After that another tack was taken by the crown
Bl list tuti'iiaiists ndm
so large a portion i f t
ttidly   control
le Mexican re-
Ships Possible Candidate for Mexican
Presidency to Japan���Washington Goes Slowly.
Mexico City, July 17��� General Felix
D'ax has been named as special um
bassador to Japan to express the
thanks of Mexico to Japan for the
lalter's participation in Mexico's centennial In 1910.
By appointing General Diaz tO Ihls
position,    Huerta    appears    to
c in-.'intcd him, temporarily al
from   the  politics of  Mexico.
expected to leave Saturday
The   president,
ferring the h*
he  hoped  he
In time lo be
h.ilf years, on a farm at Tyndal on
Monday. At an Inquest last night at
Tyndal the verdict was an open one
and the boy was brought to the city
As far as ran be learned the boy
planned to rob the home of th" Lucy's,
He is supposed to have entered the
house when only Annie was there and
deliberately Bhot her. The boy Is alleged to have planned ulso to have
murdered  the  whole family.
This afti rnoon the deputy attorney i
general,   lhe   crown     prosecutor    and !
the provincial police chief held a li ng j
conference   and   finally   decided   thf
Child's case should come under the in   ���
fairile exemption  clause, bv  which a i
child  tinder  seven  years  cf age can
not be held  for any act whatsovere
and the  boy's father, after a day    of
anxiety,    was    allowed    to take    the
youngster home.    The case has only
one   precedent,   an   eld   Kngiish   one
The story told by the hoy that    the
trigger of the  gun caught in a chair
is not believed.
I Maude heard of it she was prostrated
, with uiixiety and sobbed for hours
| repeatedly saying that the royal
family must leave tlie country ana
that tbe Lil1 now* before the stortbi
pulled  off  by  union   men
Manslaughter   Indictment   Forces  the  Columbia.
President  D. S. Cameron addressed
In line, and a strong possibility of a
large delegation coining from the sur
rounding districts of the lower main
land and Victoria there is every reason   to   believe  that   the   1913   Laboi   _
Day event   will  be���_ the'largest^ ever | ^"connVcting'iila'cMmara wttt Dean
Other witnesses swore to Dean hir
President of the N. Y., N. H.
into   Private   Life.
& H.
New York, July 17.���Charles S. Mel
the meeting last evening, together
With Harry Gibb. Alderman Dodd and !
R. A. Stoney. The addresses combined i
] did not consume over 15 minutes, thej
��� Royal City delegates taking the stand '
' lhat  brevity   would  do  just  as  much |
len tendered today his resignation as I good  as  long winded   stump  speech
president of the New  York. New Ha-  making.
The bill pruvideu lhat if the king and
queen d'e without a male heir. Nor
way shall  become a republic.
The iinliinoiiarcliy agitation is
making great headwuy here and the
outlook for the royal family is anything but bright.
Ile   Is
Parsons  Would   Make   Him   Advertise
His   Designs   Beforehand.
Calgary.    July    17.���The    Anglican
synod will memorialise   the   Alberta j
legislature, asking that those contemplating   matrimony   publish   their  Intention  in  some newspaper one  week '
hefore the ceremony  is performed    A
resolution to this effect was adopted ,
ai today's session.
Caivm   llarkni v.     of     Manchester.!
Bngland, announced lhal    he   would
contribute   .Cluo  towards  the  salary
of  the  bishop of  the  new  Kdmoiilon
Synod  delegates  at   today's  session
declared themselves for a reformation
of   the   laws   governing   hotels   will re
liquor is sold and telegraphed a resolution to Col. Sam Hugh"s, endorsing ' "" *"     *'"**'
the   stand  of  the  minister  of  militia 1'or'1   Hartcpp  secured  a  divorce
virtually  pits a price cn Olaf'B head. ��� ven & Hartford railroad company and;    A   committee   from   the   Vancouver
council will visit ther different locals
and explain tbe deta.is of Westminster's  celebration.
visirs THIS 07V
Motors   About   New   Westminster  and
Out to  Fraser  Mills cn  Unofficial   Trip.
Having   a   beautiful   day   in   which'
China, as of Ycre, SizTles with Revo
lution from End to End���Yuan's
Days  Numbered.
London. July 17. -The Peking correspondent of the Daily TeJegrnph
says: Had news is beginning to arrive from everywhere. By repeated
telegrams  it  is announced  that    the
A Precious Countess and Her Equally
Precious Spouse.
ixmdon. Julv 17.���Countess Cowley,
who figured conspicuously in divorce
courts,   was  grunted  a  divorce  todav ,
from   Karl  Powley  on  the  ground  of  southern army corps has blown op the
infldelltv     The  suit w-as  undefended, . Hukow     railway     bridge,    160    miles
Last  January  Karl Co-wley  was CO- \1lOTth of the Xiang Ste. and trains are
������I'snondent   In   the  divorce     suit     of I *'���������>' running as far as Liu Cheng;.
Major Buxton against his wife.    Mrs '    Hem ral  Chang   Kami's  advance  on
Buvtnh was co-respondent in the snlt Nanking is df laved and meanwhile all
brought   by   Countess  Cow-lev, Inland   cities are  declaring  their     nl
Counters Cowley is well remember- leglance to tlie southern cause.   Ties
ed as 1 ndy Hartopn. who figured ill a|Perate ligbtiii:; is expected,
real divorce case in 1902 when Kar]      "
all  Us  allied  or subsidiary  lines,  including  the  various  railroads,  trolley
lines and  water lines which have be-
ciiinf p��rt of the New  Haven system
under his management
I     Announcement of Mr.  Mellen'i; res-
j igriation.   which   is   to   take   effect   at I
! tbe pleasure of the New* Huven board
! "but  In uo  event  later  than  Oct.  1,"
followed a long meeting nf the directors, most of whom, including William
Rockefeller  and   J.   P.   Morgan,   were
. present.
The brief announcement of Mr. Mel-
I leu's retirement  was the only official
! statement issued.    None of the directors would  supplement It hy so much
1 is a word, and  Mr. Mellen steadfastly denied  himself to all interviewers.
It  is said that Mr. Mellen felt that
having a wife and children, he could
not   face   the   personal   responsibility i
which his position imposed upon hlm  to see New Westminster, Kraser MUUi
under the circumstances. j and  tbe  territory    surrounding    this \
An  Indictment  for manslaughter  is {gateway  to  the Kraser valley,  Arch-
President  Mellen  as (bishop Stagni, papal delegate to Can
pending against
a result of the
Conn., laBt year.
wreck   at  Westport,
when   formally  con-
nor on him  today, suld
voulil  return  lo Mexico
1 candidate in the presl-
Is called    for
with  regard to liquor  m camps
dentlnl  election   which
October i!G.
Wilson Goe�� Clo���ly.
Washington, July 17. The udmlnls
t-atlon will make no move In the
Mexican Bituation and will reserve
announcement of ita future policy to
ward the Huerta government until
after Prealdent Wilson and Secretary
llrysan have had opportunity to con
fer With Ambassador Henry Lane Wil
Ron now en route to Washington from
Mexico Cily.
Upon the advice and report of con-
d'tions whloh Ambassador Wilson
presents will depend wbether he will
return to the Mexican capital. No answer will be made lo the note of one
cf the Kuropean powers about eondl
tlons in Mexico until the Washington
government haa had an opportunity
to learn the true Htate of affairs in
ihe southern republic.
The flrsl slen In the pulley of securing llrst  hand    information,    It    was
officially announced, was the summoning i f Ambassador Wilson,   While it
Is reliably  stated  that  the president  u,
hopes   after   personal   conversations 10
with   the   American   ambassador   to
formulate a definite   policy   toward
Mexican affairs, officials by no means
are  sure  lhat   bis  opluloiia  will    bn
���ystniiized Immediately,
But Nct to Direct.
London, July 17. Replying (0 11
question bv J. Grclton. Unionist member of parliament for Rutland, In the
house of commons this afternoon as
to whether he Intended
naval manoeuvres lhis year, Winston
Spencer Churchill, first lord of thi
admiralty, said that If the house wonld
give hlin leave, he proposed I 1 bl
preient fer a few days during the active prriod of the naval manoeuvres'
ns a spectator nnd observer.
former win
secured   a   div
married Karl Cowley
Dc-wned  From  Auto.
Racine.   W's.. July  17,- Shortly
ter 12 o'clock    un    automobile truck
containing  Several  men.  crashed  Into
the rail  of the Fourth street  bridge
direct the I nn<i plunged Into the river.   Two men
'are reported  drowned     The life-savers are drugging the river.
General  Tuaii  Shi  Kuel, command
I ing the  Peking army  corps, departed
yesterday   afternoon    for    Hankow
I where  he assumed command of    thi
Kiang Si province.
Private opinion is that China al
ready looks to be in a position impos
i sible of solution and that thiB Is prob
ably the begiun'ng of Yuan Shi Kali
downfall. Everywhere there are signs
thai the nation will not fight for one
man aud lhat a dramatic and surprls
ingly  rapid  denouement is coming.
i visited   the   city   yesterday   morning,
ONE  IS A LIAR i staying over for luncheon at St. Louis
j college and returning bv autos to tbe
Mulhall   Says   One   Thing   and    Mc- 1 Terminal City later in the day.
Clave Another. i     7-,,,,  partv  first  motored  to  Kraser
Washington. July 17.���Martin Mill- | Mills, passing through the Krench Ca-
hall, of the National Association of naa[an village of Maillardville, where
Manufacturers, was cross-examined , tlu, residents turne'. out to welcome
today about the truth of hia own cur- Ulem Thp inspection of the largesi
respondence  for the  first  time  Blnce|lumber mill in the world proved of no
he began to tell the investigating
committee the story of his doings.
.Senator Reed questioned Mulhall as
ito hiB alleged relations with S, W,
I McClave In 190S when McClave was a
[Candidate for congress in the Sixth
i New Jersey district against William
: Hughes, now junior senator for that
state.    McClave now  Is  the  Repuhli
With   His   Compliment-.
Winnipeg. July 17.- -A sample 1 f th"
Dr.   K.   Freidmann    antl-tuberculosi"
serum   h'.s   been   received   ly   K    M,
Wood, municipal commissioner, trem
Hamburg   and   Is   being   sent   in   llr.
Hail,    tiie   provincial bacteriologist
for experimental  purposes.,  if  li   is
thought  desirable.
Inntantlv  Killed.
St. Paul, July 17.    W.  Lehman was
killed and W. D. Gauthler and Roberl
Gemem'er  seriously  injured   when  an
I automobile   which   tliey   were   riding
. unset curly this morning.    All of Ihe
occupants were residents of St.  Paul.
Canada's Lepers.
Ottawa. July 17.���There are at present four lepers, all orientals, at the
lazaretto on II Arcy island, B.C., nc
cording to a report Issued by Dr
Mentizambert,    director    general    Ofl--,--' -���-,   ,, ,,,       .,  ,,,,    .
1 trlct to help McClave fight Hughes and
gave details of his  work  there.
little interest to ths party. Mgr
Stagnl watching the different operations with wonderment as the big logs
were hauled out of the river and sent
through the mill.
The  Itinerary  was changed    somewhat on account of shortage of time
so that an Inspection of the Colom
aaammmmmm Farm had to be abandoned. The lunch
can candidate for th" new Sixth dis-.at st.  Lcuis college, nor the visit It
trlct, where a suecial election will be . se*|f   wa9 not 0ff|c|a| and  no speceh-
heltl next Tuesday. j making was done.
Senator  Reed  announced  that   Me- |    After lunch  )he pam  werp  lIr]vcr
Clave had denied acquaintance with around the olty, through Queen's park
Mulhall and said he wanted to provi j lltui tliotif<? to the Providence orplnn
who was telling the truth, Mulhall or i ag6i  ufu,r  w,,-ch   ,liey  iert  Ior  Van-
M'""'"'" leouviv.
MuThall, identifying many letters! Among the visitors with Mgr Stagn
from McClave to himself, written ill i were Archbishop Casey of Vancouver
1908. said he went to the Sixth dls- |Father    O'Boyle,    Kather    Connelly
On Time for Once
Sri'ttle.    July    17.    The  steamship 10111
Si nal**r arrived from Nome todav with pa'
*700.00(l  In  gold  bullion, a  very ap- thi
pric'atlve  incident    in    the    potlach I
^^^^^^ which   ls   held   every   year   to   com- . '
Up  Che  Go's  Ai-ain. j memento     the     arrival   of   t* e   first I '*
Louisville, Ky��� Julv 17    All r cords  Klondyke gold ship In 1S97.
fnr   heal   lu   Louisville   for  Ihls   vear 1 ������_	
were broken today when at .1 o'clock 1 To Extend Without Delay,
this afternoon tlio thermometer at Yorkton, Sask.. July 17. The York-
local weather bureai) registered ; ton board of trade has been advised
degrees. thai   the   Canadian   Northern   railway
I wlll  extend   Its  Wroxton  branch,  t
public health, today. At Tracadle, in
the New Driius'.iick lazaretto, there
are 111 patients. 11 males and 10
fi males. Seventeen of these are
French-Canadians, two are Kngiish
��� Icelandic and one Russian. One
ient was recently discharged from
i station as cured.
Bolt from  the  Blue.
Pensaeolli,  Kill..    July    17.   * A    holl
from  an  apparently  clear sky  struck
111  the centre of a play  ground  here
grade pf which was made last fall tol
Yorkton,  without  delay.
cry -	
It. Ib possible that the United States 1 today where Beveral boys wer
may await a return to stable eondl 'lng ball. John McCarthy, U
tlons, Inasmuch aa lhe Currutizii    re lold,  was  killed,   and   Karl     Hoffman
billion, acoordlng to state department Imanagi r of the play ground.-:, und sev
ropcrtB,  is  growing  rapidly  and  tbelerul boys wcre shocked,
Thlr  Evening.
Sapperton Intermediates and the,
Vancouver Olympics are the feature
at   Sapperton   park   this   evening.
The  fl.C.A.A.U. will  hold  a cession
In the V. M. C, A. tills evening. '
In order to give those attending the market an opportunity
of taking advantage of the
many bargains offered by tho
merchants yesterday, they have
decided to continue the bargain
day today 1 Krlday). Take advantage of tbe opportunity to
secure bargains in small necessaries. Rend the advertisement?. They will tell you about
tile bargains.
Ice   0-*~*   Mcre.
Cleveland. Julv 17. The   Cltv    Ice
Dfllverv company, which emplovs a
"lnior'tv of the fee delivery men here,
th's afternoon reeognired the newlv
organ'ied Ipe men's union and agreed
to a conference with the union representatives. It wub said prior to the
conference that the companv would
agree to a compromise giving hope
of ending the Btrike of the lee wagon
drivers, which has existed here for
several days.
Back to England.
Ottawa, July 17.    It was stated here
thlB  morning  that  Sir  William   Mackenzie, who left for the east yester
ing a house at the corner of Pine
street end Broadway. Vancouver,
through Macnamara. and seeing Macnamara there. One swore that b*?
had seen Macnamara feeding a couplo
cf bulldogs outside at least six time*
between Sept. 13 and 27.
No direct testimony aB to prisoner-
actually  living  in  the herase was adduced up to the fiiie fff adjournment.
On  the  n surnptica of t'te e ise  at
10:30 yerterday forenocn T. I. Trapp.
owner of the -ulomobile. dercrlted thu
/situation ef Di^ cart-go.
/    Cross-* .vamlncd ttm saftt he did not
I remember  ever  fTndfng  tho  door  of
'ie   e��i-age   open   when   the  rnr   wa.s
islde.     Hfs   two   sons   had   keys   to
he gnrapp.    He did not know of any
friends of his  having got permission
to take the auto out-
Stanley V   Trapp safd he found the
-iiita between the V. M. C A. and tbo
"irage  on  the  morning of Sept.   IS,
1P11      He  had   not  given  permissior-i
to any one to take it ouL
On  re-examlnafion he said the car
pad been rendered inoperative by thi?
eleotrlc  circuit   having  been  cut  off.
! Somebody  had  tried  to start  iL    An
j expert could have done so.
Miss Alice Wise deposed to hearinK
thumping   noises   in   the  direction   of
���he garage between 4 and 5 o'clock ore
the   morning  cf  Sept.   15.    She  con-
| eluded   they   came  from   Mr.  Trapp's
  '.garage.   They impressed her so much
ada,  accompanied   by   a   party  of   lo    .   , sh        t        ;w,n ifici g^j looked,-
prominent clergy and laymen of Von-       , of (h(1 w-;n&1w-,
couver, Prince Rupert  and  \\ innipeg. |    Thog   TrapPj  _,,.    CorToborated   h,-s
'"���other's testimony as to the position
of the car when found.
>Yank Trapp gave similar testimony as to the locality the car wis
eund In on Sept. lii. He saw it be-
:ween 7 and fi o'clock that morning.
Greenwood's Story-
0 corge Greenwood, boilermaker.
Westminster road. Hurnaby, stated he
eft home "t 7 o'clock on the morning.
of Sept. 16, 1911. to go to the Royaf
Oak hotel, which was half a mile
At the Junction of the Westminster
rom! and Royal Oak road he observed
i black auto coming from tbe dircc-
'ion of New Westminster, going towards Vancouver. There were five-
nen In It. two In the front and three
in tbe back, one st.inding up. As the
into approached, he stepped off the
'di walk into the road ahout five or-
linary paces from thc auto. He then
'opDCil. The auto was proceeding
lowly, at the rate of about five mile��
in hour. He took a close look at the
into It was open in front, had no
wind breaks or number on it. The
man who was driving was John Mac
ismars the man in court. He did not
know him by that name then. Th'1
nan Handing up was Dean
���ul 'a man close to him was Mar
���'n   Powell.    IIe>  identified  Powell   in
  'he   Detroit   COUntV   jail.     Dean   wns
[looking towards him at the time and
Just Passed Hundred. made    R    movement    with  his  hanU
Wocdhridge   Out.. Julv  17.- Having : towards his hip.
month month  beyond  her     sir  Charles  opened  his  cross-ex
iminatlon   with   the  ominous   remark
to witness:  "I suppose thiB is one of
the greatest events of your life   Hew-
often  have  you  told this story:   tho
stiry you told the Jury Just now?
Witness- -Not very often.
Sir Charles after repeating part of
w,x.: p���j��� r���������,i witness'  details  asked  what the day
Wifes Body Found. o(  m  ���,���  wag   ^ date    of    ������,
Portland, July 17.���Word was re- month when he told this Btory first,
celved here late last night that the | Witness���I am not sure of tbe date
body of Mrs.  Clinton    B.    Smilh,    of [of the date I told It first
Kather Peytavln. father John Welsh
nil of Vancouver: Kather riunoz. of
Prince Rupert: Mefrrs. J. K. Barret!
Winnipeg: Clifford. Duttem and J. 1)
Byrne, of Vancouver.
ived  Just    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
cue hundredth anniversary, Mr*. Mnrv j
MacDougall,    a    pioneer,  of    Vaughn
township, died at the    famllv    home]
near Kdgely lasl night.   The deceased
had    celebrated    her    centenary    on
June 17.
Portland,  who  with  her  husband  be-
day after spending a few days In the came lost lu a blizzard on Mount St.
capital, may sail for Kngland lu the Helens ten days ago, had been found
course of a few days from Quebec. It near the spot where her husband's
suld   that   he   bas   Important   and | body  had  been  found  two  days  ago.
---ai------tggggggMIBmMm   .
���:��� # *�� tt -S-fiS-f-fifSiliiM   pressing buainess in the old country. Both had fallen over a precipice
Sir Charles���What month?
Witness���I am not sure.
Sir Charles���What year?
Witness���In 1912.
Witness   said   that  the  man
(Continued on Page KighLI
I FRIDAY, JULY, 18, 1913.
Daily Health Talks
^it tndrpe.iirMtt m.imMiff paper dei-ofed fo the interists nf New IPi'slml-nalrr and
th* Frater Valtev. PxXbHthed every mornitifl ercept Sunday by tlie National Printing
mmd PrtOlUSina Ve-t****my, Limited, at 63 UcKcnzie Sired, .Vein U'cslmiiister, British
Columbia ROttll  SUTHERLAND,  Managing' Director.
AU <omnxmaU-tti*nt should be addressed to The New IVestininstcr Newt, and not
*r> indietduai mem-Son .1 the staff. Cheques, drafts, and money nrn'crs should be nuidc
paiiatiir to Tk. National J'rlntin-p and PutlltMnp Companv, Limited.
TKLKl'llOXKa*���/inttnes.i Office and JUaimoiT, 'JSO; Editorial Rooms fall depart-
���n��i(a).  991.
glWHCairTlON UATPID���Ru carrier. It per year, $1 for three months, 10c per
mtuittlh.    Up mail, ft per pear, 2ic per motllk,
ADVUKTiaiNQ KAI KK on upplication.
In Europe there's one line of endeavor that, no matter how hard the times or how urgent other calls, seems
never to lose its zest or slacken its pace.
Nothing else has any effect on the eternal race for
.--���upremacy on the sea and today the building of battleships
is thc big international game in which sit the nations from
the least to the greatest.
The Hague tribunal was formed, Carnegie spent some
.if his steel millions in a peace temple there and after the
i'irst conclave the powers rushed away to lay more keels
ihan ever.
Experts tell us that the millions upon millions spenti^'^'f (lays <",li""v J��1U ;"<-"i,l'ri"0
ii .i , j.  ,, ��� < ,i iie 'much better and quickly at
annually on the upkeep of the navies of the world form i resort
ihe price paid for peace. That may be so, but the figure
seems exhorbitant and it's about time there was a bargain
day. At any rate, it requires no mathematician or Student of economy to see that if those millions were expended in legitimate industrial and business lines���or better
���still never spent at all as the result of high taxation-
conditions throughout this old earth would be considerably better.
Under the law, if two men have an argument and', without any vacation, but they gen-
. - .       ,      ,, ,. ,      1 �� .,,    ,      i orally   set   their   change   ddrlng   tlie
one, in his anger, shoots the other he has committed a whole year hy having different
crime.  His proper source of redress is through the courts oupations, such as a business
;tnd he should not have she blood.  If that is law for the in-'
NH if    the    most
pressing       iiues-
tions of the    day    is
where and how should
I spend   my   vacation.
II has been found that
man works better on
X hcurs a day than he
used to at 10, and also that every man
needs     a     vacation  -
.whether Bhi.rt or lengthy���eaoh year.
It Is not a question as to whether
we need It or nol  because I think we
! wlll all agree  that It  Is a necessary
! thing  If we are to remain and keep
i fit,  but  the  question  Is  will   we  Ret
the   needed  vacation.    The   following
points may  be  suggestive  of a  summer's  vacation:     Vacation  means a
break,  intermission, a  change, conse
uueiuly our vacation must be a ci m
pli te change for US,
A man who is working or dealing
wuh man and people day afier day
dl 3 not need to go to a summer re
son but rather to snme quiet place
where he can enjoy a week or so ot
fishing, shooting, canoeing, horseback
riding or biking away from city life,
lie will then come back to his work
renewed In strength and mind ready
lo battle with another year's work
On tha ether side, a man who 1
working in an office when ha Is alone
most   of   the   time   or   spending   bit
A Revelation
o! Real, High-
Class Quality.
TEA, used by
Millions Daily.
Sealed Packets Only.
Black, Mixed and Green.
Draws  Young    People    Away     From
Motherland���Party Touring  Do.
minion Much Impressed
-"Canada is
is   drawing
the j
our i
where  hi:
nerves  will  receive
the  stimulus  they   need  and  where
be   can   be   meeting   people.
l'i r this reason a wife frequently
csmes hack from ber summer vacation in far better condition than the
husband dees because he is not get-
ling what his buly and mind really
need, while the wife, who is alone
most of the (lays during the year, is
receiving the needed change necessary for her.
Some men go along year after year
Ti ronto. July 17.
great magnet that
young people uway from Scotland,'
was lhe statement made by Alex. Pol-
sen, cf UosB-shlre, Scotland, who Is
conveying a party of Scotch schoolteachers around Canada anil the
.>  lew  are going td Australia, bin
the  vast majority to Canada,  while
practically   no one  is  going    lo    the
"It is the opinion of all llle educal
��� ���li people in Scotland," he added,
"ihat t anada will be the great country of the future. We have noticed
that Ibey are getting the best of the
Western races, and we believe thai
when these peoples are fused into
one main that Canada will have ������
marvellous tuture."
Twenty In the Pnrty
There are about twenty Uaehers In
lhe  party,  drawn   from  all   points  oi
Scotland.    They have heard of Cana
da as the "land of wonder" and they
want  to see lor themselves what tni*
at raciii.ns are, and then go back anil
tei} their   pupils   about   their   travels.
Anxious to Come tc Canada
,   ��� , , ,        Referring to the situation in Scot
hy   a  bullet   thai   lie   could   scarcely ! |.llu)    jj��
11. Ik I' O. uf Klka of the I), of O., mec
llie first nml third Thursday ui h p. m.
K. of P, Hull. Blghth street A Wslli
Oray, Exalt.d Ruler; P, ll. Smiih. a��
Man   in   Spokane   Shoots  Himself
Head   and   Lives���Alleged
Attempted Suicide
Spokane,  July   IT.���With   his   skull
shattered and his tongue so lacerated
��� O. O. M., NO. 864.���StBHTS Ot-
first, second, third nml fourth Wednea
day    In    eaoh    month    ut    n    p.  m. !
in   tin-   Moose   Home.   H.J.   Leamy | term otM twenty-one yeara at
dictator;     I'.     BL    Jones,     secretary
Headquarters  nf  lodge   In  Bee   Rouse
oorner uf Fourth und Carnarvon streeti
dividual why Ls it not law for the nation?
Irs best.
that  he can attend to the var-
1 Ions duties pertaining to an office In
I some   ledge,   others   try   political   or
rni ��� , ��� -ii- i        ��� t-        i ���    i civic  offices.     In   this  wav  thoy  are
There is not one man in a million who, if a higher receiving the mtormtssion nature calls
power gave him the choice, would not take eternal peaceif0!*
-       x c xx. i- -i mm        c rr-u ��� Every   num   needs   a   vacation   and
in place of the never-ending possibility of war.   This very ;Inust BtUdy or plan some way m which
fact is proof in itself that war is wrong and, going farther, .�������� <an "'luri' ���'��� -f llp is "' k,,"P!it
there is not an evil under the sun for which there is not a
In the navy "building Marathon the nations appear t'i
be taking, not a cure for the disease of war, but a treatment for temporary relief on the medical principle of
generating a counter-irritation. To the ordinary individual that would seem like burning a man's foot to take
Ms attention from the boil on the back of his neck. It
doesn't help the boil; it simply gives him something else to
think about.
It looks that way in the naval race. Sooner or later,
il battleship building continues, one of the powers will
feel strong enough to whip the rest. That power may
make good, or she may not, but in her attempt to secure
absolute supremacy, she will lie certain to bring on a war
that, for eost in life and money, will make the fights of
history look like French duels. Then, when the price of
the lesson has been paid, the world will have learned that
'Peace on Earth" is its ultimate destiny.
A Milwaukee mother is reported as having sold her
daughter for thirty dollars. In this country fathers make
a practice of giving them away.
Major-flew ral 11. L, Smith-liovrien,
In i . mmantl of the Nineteenth Brigade
in South Africa, issued an order th'.r-
teen years ;\\ia today in which he paid
a high tribute to the bravery of the
officers and men of the Koyal Cana-
dian regiment. Some idea of the hardships and dangers to which the Dominion troops were subjected may be
gained from the following statements
contained in  the  report-
"The Nineteenth Brigade has achieved a record of whieh any infantry
iniRht be proud. Since the date it
was formed, namely, the 12th of February, it has marched HM miles, often
on half rations and seldom on full, lt
has taken pari in the capture of ten
towns, fought In ten general actions,
and .in twenty-seven other days. In
one period period of thirty days 11
'ought on twenty-one of them and
marched   Sll"   miles.     The    casualties
[have been between four and five hun-
\ 'Iri d and the defeats nil."
Charles William Drury, distinguished artillery officer, was bom fifty-
j seven years ago todav, the eldest son
I'.f W. C. Drury of St. John. N. R.
Oeneral Drury was educated in St.
John and entered the army at eighteen, as a lieutenant. He held the
rank of captain in 1SS5, when he saw
active service with lhe troops engaged in putting down the Northwest
rebellion. He took part in the actions
at Fish Creek and  liatoocho, and his
The city schools' fire drill figures show pretty quickIffiSf .MEM ��&��� *'���
ictaon by the pupils, but those records for covering: ground thB South Afrlcan war ��i moo he
��� ���  ��� -   ��� '   '' commanded   the  Canadian   Field   Ar
tillery,   winning   the   Queen's   medal
clasps,  and   the  Companion  of
Hath ordei.
make   himself   understood,   but   Still
conscious  after  suffering   12     to    IS
hours  In  his  room at  the  Raymond ,
betel as  thc  result cf au  attempt at |
suicide,  the police say. .luhn  Klnzel,
:i sieain shovel engineer, dragged hlm ;
self forth into the hall and called tor
help,   lie was taken to the emergency
hospital, where his wounds were dress
ed   by   Ors.   U.   A.   Newell   and   0.   A. *
Downs, and later was removed to the
Spokane general  hospital,
Klnzel, according to friends who
came Ui the emergency hospital
on Monday, received a telegram
from his wife, who Is now in the east
coldly thanking him for money lie had
sent lo pay ber way back to him, and
Stating thut he ni ed nol write In her
again. He Immediately went to drink
lng, and some lime during lhe night
took cne shot with the intention, believe the police, to end his life.
The .HS calibre revolver, Willi its
cylinder full of cartridges, and only
one chamber empty, was found in the
rocm. From such Information as
could be gleaned by th,*- police investigation Kinzel had shot himself during the night, but when lie found that
the bullet had not struck a vital organ, decided not to make another ui-
tempt, the police say.
At the emergency hospital all that
Xiuld he obtained from him were a
few broken monosyllables, among
hem I."ing the word "booze" recurred
���.everal times. He rcfusi d to admit
he had atcmpted suie.d.' and denied
he was married. After his ��� ounds
were dressed he was placed in a bed
���n one of the emergency wm (in. where
'ie remained conscious bill 11111111'"
to talk.
The bullet went in nt th" threat
near tin* bare of the right jaw and
passed directly upward through the
head and out above tue left eye and
temple, carrying several pieces of the
skull. The wound was of such a nature that, at first it was thought he
could nct live, but his continued con- i
SoiouBness and his ability tn move
himself on his bed gave encouragement to ihe believe he might,survive.
A Toronto man in his will sliced up his fortune in
���equal shares for his boys and girls. He may not have
been an equal rights advocate, but he practised the principle in the most telling fashion.
������all have been smithered to shattereens since summer has tniS���an'' ' ':'
come and the ol' swimmin' hole has been found as good i,,m'"
as ever. t0 r
Mulhall, the self-confessed U.S. lobbyist, had a wide,SOLD THREE HALVES
range of jobs. From his own testimony he was paid to
look after pretty nearly everything from the appointment
of a postmaster at Sleepy Hollow to the picking of the
next president.
Manitoba's trouble is beginning in earnest with the
contract let for her new parliament buildings at Winnipeg. Starting next week, free and independent voters
will commence asking why ihey aren't finished antl who's
getting all the rake off.
Loose Methods in Early Daya of Sale;
of   Regr.a   Property  Cause
Washington shows a woeful lack of judgment of the
persistence and argumentative abilities tif Tokio when it
announces that by its last note to the mikado there has
been no room left for further comment on California's
anti-alien land law.
Regina, July 17 owing to Ihe loosi
un Un il.- adopted In the early sales ol
Ui gin 1 property, the city is having
considerable trouble In straightening
oul some of the early deals The lat-
eBl case is one in which threi
"halves" of a single block were sold
With the approval of the financi
committee the commissioners suc-
1 ei'ili d in getting the owners of block I notes renewed tor another six or elgh
Treasury   Notes     Issued     by  Calgary
Totalling $800,000 Duo in
Two Weeks.
Calgary, July 17.���A special meeting of the city council has hern called
for the purpose of discussing the advisability >f trying to gel renewed approximately $800,000 v.i rth of treasury notes which fall due in two weeks.
Under ordinary circumstances it is
not regarded advisable to renew treasury notes if they can be taken up
wlthoul serlouslj disturbing ths fin
anci s of the city. At the presi nl
time, however, owing to tho etagnatlon
in Hi" mono; markets of the world
Calgary, though teller off thnn the
other western Canadian cities, hae
been unable to bi 11 as many of this
year's debentures as .vus doslred Foi
'his 11 ason, li may be considered bet
i"r t 1 retain the f mds available fron,
'li" sah* nt* iii 1, ntun s thai have heen
disposed of, and  have the    treasury
Poison   pointed   out   that
every  young  man  and  young  woman
who  can  i.ossihiy manage  it  wanta
10 come to Canada.   One great reason
for  this  desire  to emigrate  w-as the
difficulty of obtaining land in Scotland. "Our land laws ure poor compared with your Canadian laws," ad
ded  Mr.  Poison.
iu explanation ho said    iimt   the
greal landlords owned the major part
of the land, and resisted every attempt  on  the  part of Individuals t*
purchase it. To them it was an encroachment  on   vested   rights  and  de-
tructivo of their  privileges.     In  case
of the towns, the people wcre crowded Into tenements, and no opportunity
was  given  the   people  to  spread  out
Into the surrounding country.
"Something must  be done  to meet
the   situation,   which   waa   becoming
very grave," was Mr. Poison's comment. "We will have to let the people  get  possession  of  the  laud  if wc
are to keep Ihem in our land."
Heavy Tax  Rate
One  example  given of the  terrible
burden  which  has  been entailed on
those who remain, was the fact that
In  some of  the  western   islands  the
tax rate was as higli as twenty shillings on  the  pound    mainly  through
the heavy poor rales.    The "older peo
pie  alone   were  lefl  and   had  to  be
supported, and the landlords had been
forced   to   pay   half   the   rates.     Om
f<atiire pointed out by Mr. Poison wae
ihai   In   many   Instances   tlie   young | BOARD
people  who hud  come out  to Canada
wire  making  regular remittances  n
ih"  old   folks   in   Scotland  and  thus
enabling them to meet their rents.
Mr. poison admitted tliat a certain
amount hml been done 10 relieve tin
land difficulties in  Scotland, but tin
legislature   was  so  slow.     As   to   lhe
Lloyd-George scheme he v.as not pre
pared to speak us the deta Is had not
been advanced to such an extent tliat
an opinion could be formed.
Interested  in Canadian  Politics
Mr.   Pols.m   was   evidently   grea Iv
Impressed   with   the   political  develop
ments   In   Canada.    "The   Comerva
lives, here," he said, "held tar mor.
lib. ral views of government than d d
many cf the Liberals cf Scotland."
Last year he had a  large  party in j 	
Canada,   and   these   on   their   return   WHITESIDE
gave a great many lectures and talks
of what they had si en and had stirred up a tremendous Interest iu Cana
dian affairs.
Mr. Poison is in charge of the
pohool at Mgg, a little town on the
Cromarty firth, which is being fortified at the present time by the Drit
ish admiralty. He is a justice of
the peace and a convener of the rural
teachers' committee of the educational Institute of Scotland, and his Inter
est in Canada is accentuated by the
facl ihat one of his sons is ln a'hank
in one of the towns in Saskatchewan
1. O. O P. AMITY LODOB NO. 17���Th
regular meeting of Amity lodge Ni
27. I. O. O. P.. Is held every Mondu
night at S o'clook in Odd Fellows' Hal
oorner Carnarvon and  Eighth stree-u
Visiting     bretheru      cordially     Invitee
R.  A.  Merrlthew,  N. O. *,  J.  Robertsoi
v. o.; w. c. Coatbatn, p. Q., n-corc
tng  Boor-alary 1   H.   W.   Sangster,  flnai
clal seoratary.
COAL MINIM! rlghtM of the Dominion
In   .Maiiltiitia,   Saskatchewan  ami   AllM-rta.
tlie YiSton Territory, the Northwest Ter-
ritiirli-s and In a imitlnn of the ProvSio*
f  Ilrillsh Columbia,  may he li'imrd  for a
m of twenty-one years at i.n   annual
rental of Jl an acre. Not more than 5T&6S
1 acres will he l'-am-ii to onu aptillcanc
Application for a least) must lm mail��
hy the applicant ln person to lh" Agent
i or Kub-Agt-nt of the district In which the
i rights upplli'it tor are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must h.
described  hy  si-ctlons,  or   legal  sub-dlvf-
! slues of sections, and In unsurvayed ler-
| ritory   lhe   tract   applied    for    .-.hall    h.
���nuked out by the applicant himself.
Kach application must be aoooraponled
by a fee of 15 which will In- refunded If
j ihn  rights applied for are  net available,
hut  nut  otherwise.    A  royally  shall   be
I paid on the merchantable output of the
nihil' l.t the rate of five centa per inn.
ter & Hanna. Ltd.) ��� Puni-ial dlrectm
and ombahners. Parlors 40.', Columb]
street.   New  Westminster,    i'hone  ys
W M. PAI.ES���Pioneer Funeral Dlrectt
and Ki-balmer, 612-618 Agnes ntree
opposl..: Carnegie Library.
II.   J.   A    BURNETT,   AUDITOR     ANI
Accountant    Tel.  It.  US.  Room  -.  llm
P. II. Smith. W. 1. Orovei
Work  undertaken    In    cily   umi    outsld
points.   211-12   Westminster  Trout   Bid!
Plume   361.     P.   O.   Box   507.
Tin.   peraon   operating   the   mine   shall
rnlsh   the   Agi lit   wllh   sworn    returns
j tooountlng for the full quantity of mer-
!  -hniilalil"   coal   mined   ami   pay   Ihe   royally  thereon, lf the ooal mining   right*
I ire not being operated such returns should
in- furnished at least once a year.
1 The lease wlll Include the c-#al mining
I'lllhls only, hut the leasee will be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rlghu may be considered ne��-e��-
inry fnr the winking of the mine at the
I rate of $10 an acre..
For full Information application should
he made to thr Hecretar/ of tho I>epart-
iiii'til  of the  Interior,  Ottawa, or  to anj
Agent or Sub-Agent of  Dominion   I<anda
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
N. b���Unauthorised publication of this
advertisement will not be. paid for.
Salt*. Deeds. Business Letters, etc.; clr
culur work specialist All work strlctls
confidential. i| Barrv. room 111 West
minster  Trust  Blk      I'll.me 71)2.
ster Board of Trade meets In the boarr
room, City Hall, as follows: Third Frl
day of each month; uua*cterly meetltu
on the third l-'ri.iay of February, Mn>
August ami November at s p.-��-i. An
mini meetings mi tin* third Friday o
February. O. 11. Stuart Wade, seer*
rimers, Solicitors, etc. lit Lorne Stree
New  Westminster,    fl   E. C.irtmul.l, I-
c   J. n. Grant,   a. k. McCoii.
11-r-al law,     solicitor,     etl . Tilephon
11)70. Cable address "Johnston
Code, "Western Union." Offh-es, BUI
Block, f.;'i2 Columbia street, N'ew Wee*
minster. B. C.
sidle ��� Barristers and Solicitor-"-*- Wes
minster Trust Blk.. Columbia stree
New Westminster, B, C. Cable addres
"Whltealde," Western Union. P. C
Drawer 200. Telephone fin W. .'
Whiteside, K. C.; M. U Edmonds, I
I. HTILWBLL CLUTK. Barrlster-at-lat
solicitor., etc.: corner Columbia an
McKenzie streeta. New Westmlnate
B. C.   P. O. Bor 112.    Telephone   7t'
Solicitor and Notary. Offices Hai
block. 28 ly^rne street, New Westmli
ster. B. C.
Barristers and Solicitors, 605 to tp
Westminster Trust Block, (i. E. Mar
tin.   W.   lj,   McQuarrie   and  George  I
After having had a little experience with oriental land
owners, thc Burnatiy hoard of trade has decided to follow
the line of the Duncan board and ask the government to
make it difficult for the semirings of the far east to he
neighbors of whiles trying to live up to Caucasian standards.
The German is always painted as strong fur the "fad-
���erland." but if the recently exposed Krupp scandals mean
anything he won't pass up an opportunity to grab a f*. w
���ducats for an opportunity to shout "Hock der Kaiser."
The Watch on the Rhine isn't a mark to the watch for the
io reach mi agreement,    in thi
block riKrooincniH were Riven lo thrcr
parties, each fnr half of the block
This wus manifestly Impossible, andicommlt
ur the lots i-nld to ouch were nnt men
tloned in the agreements; the nnl;-.
guide in arranging with the own-w
was the locution of the buildings, The
brewery located at the south marked
it "ut us ih.. portion granted to it
while Hip corners alloted tn the otheri
could in- agreed upon
Tin* ���-< uth row nf lots face on Dewd
ney street and have n lane nl th" rnr
Aboul flirty feet north of the lnne n
snitr truck crnesps from east tn wesl
Tin* measured    11 ntre nf the hick ii
Cenl With Deficit
.emit   legislative   .-iml   flnanci
ii*. engaged in going over tin-
report    f Mcintosh fi Hyde, auditors
recommended   that   the  commissioners tnke up tlio matter nf d -iting wiM-
the di'lleit iu tin. waterworks department occa.*-1.moil hy ih,. failure to provide iv.r depreciation in the -past,   The
committee    apparently    agreed    ihat
there  must   he  s* inn*  revis'iui  nf    the
water rates, nnd requested the com-
mlspioners in draft a net* schedule to
put tiie department mi a paying !,��� >
Alderman tli-onio ll   Ross Btronitly
oppoBOd   any   incrc-in-   in   tiie   wuter
;'i"""   two   lots   north   of   this   spur rates, urging that If depreciation un-
"'a('*i ,   ������"'   brewery   agrees   to  ac- provided for ln the past, has to be met
!i of tin. truck with one It Bhould  hi- provided for hv spcoldi
struct north of taxation,  spread    over,    sav.'   twenlv
years, by  i i llghl Increase In Hie mill
It is reported from Ottawa that the government has
&hown almost human intelligence in iis decision ilia;
there will he nn session of Uie house before Christmas. II
instated that the M. l'.'s barely ������ h '::" capital and gel
their mouths all puckered for w when they ha' ���
burn up milea me in pla
Claus Christ)
Sooke   Lake   Scheme   Is   Costing  Victoria  Large  Sumo���No*
Through  Yel.
Victoria, .luly  17     That Tie am un'
which the city in., expended to date
upnn tin- Sooke hike waterworks de
velopment scheme is $966,973.42 wai
tiie report which city Comptrollei
Raymur prebented to the city couneil, in answer to a number of question!
I which   Alderman   Fullerton    1 ntlj
submitted. The controller was not
n^ked In give, nor did h�� make uny
attempt, to do so, any estimate of thi
amount still required to curry on thi
work   to  conipleti in.     He  Fluted   that
the engineer's estimate of cost    u
complete the work will not he ready
until such time as tho tendem for concrete and pressure pipe hive been received. These bids will lie in hy the
end of the ihi sent month,
How much -oil Still remains tn he
acquired is 1: ,1 stated, or whether 'iie
above Includes the watershed which
rinst he secured frnm the E. K- ,V.
Railway  company, comprising about
17.IK1II acres nn the 1 r, 1 -.,._ valued hy
the company at $304,000, and un almosl equal quantity on the Leech river watershed. ,
There arc, unpaid hills amounting to
$103,361.34. The amount paid tu the
Westholme Lumber company was
nnd Hie 11111 >unt paid by
tin- city rnr materials was $104.-
121.16, while the amount paid bj  tlie
3.0. Box 34 Daily News Bldg.
of all   kinds.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Mr.Kenile  St.
Tinders will be received hy the undersigned for the construction of portions of the Canadian Northern I'acific
1 Railway   on   Vancouver   Island.   I'rov-
| Ince of liritish Columbia, as follows:
j     1.    From the City of Victoria lo   a
j point   near   ncudmnn'ti   Hiver   in   the
jiiistrlct nf EBqulmault, a distance of
approximately live miles.
I    2.    A line leaving the above at Ro-
|i;inii Avenue,  Victoria, and extending
��� to l'nlon  Bay, Saanlch  Penlnlsula,    a
distance of approximately 16\4 miles.
Ti nders to Include clearing, grabbing, grading, bridges,   1 rest les,   culverts, masonry and fencing.
Contractors wlll he required to bud-
imlt  two   tenders   for   that   portion   of
I lhe work included in the grading, one
being  on  the  basis of  the following
; classification:
Solid rock,
Loose  rock,
Hard pan,
and the oilier on iho basis of a cIrbbI-
1 fication for "solid rock" and "all other
I material."
Plans,    profiles,    specifications and
[���'onus of contract  may  be  seen,  and
fnrniR of tender obtained at the offices
nf    Mackenzie.    Mann    &    Co..    Ltd.,
Metropolitan   building,   m Hastings
Itreet west, Vancouver, B.C., or at tho
ift'ires of Mackenzie, Mann & Co.,
Ltd., Pemberton block. Victoria. B.C.
Tenders to include clearing, grub-
oftloes of Mackenzie, Mann &. Co.,
Ltd., Metropolitan building, 837 Uas:-
iiks street weBt, Vancouver, B.C., not
ater than noon on Saturday, July 19,
1913, and to be enclosed in a sealed
nvelope marked "Tenders for Construction." The lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted.
July 5th, 1913. (1700)
'rices rlnht.
Transfer Co.
ifflea  Phons  185.      Darn  Phone  13'
Begble Strut.
Haiieai-ie Dellvete-l Promptly to
��ny psrt of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
let   III. Mic   .in   Ol
'li.  Bpur track.
The other owners each agree to ae    i-.n-. Instead of being assessed agalnBt $406,851.93
cepl nighl hus facing nn the streets, th.. prerent consumers nf water
leaving  three lots in  the  block      The committee  decided    ">-i
med, although three halves iml  municipal Btreel ralli fij shnll nol 1 * cUj on the wori since*taking ft"over
���'��� '   '   na��y  "t 'In* three lots   I * ., ,1 for 1 .* nrhln    . :      and 1    '
'.'    '    , ���'   ,"'''   '"  '������������  brewery  i.i  thc * * . .,,*   | , *al
;���"'" '    ���- "���" ��iH I-" re    Ihe    *
' L' mendi 1        ���      . Ice in thai
rem ���
rallwav to di
��� ill    *
ami n palrii  *    * railway trad
, ��� ���   ngee
f other 1 ���*�� '       1
���uie I    laid down
* i:i   .ach
hai   been  $25,651.23.     Legal
li,*..   mnotinti 1  lo .*-;; 7f!i
The   ... 11 .ii. ,*'-   1 ���*,!>*. s   were   nnt
11 :*;. (1, '."i* were in     ���:��� atloiiB a. i;
cd cf iin* ���   :.��� olli *    vho was prei   * *
i'i  ii.*     * , rn Wi     * 1
bli '    md      II hi   con    lored al   the
B.C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Viotorla 10 a. m.
- l>. 111. mul 11 :46.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m
nnd 11 p. ni.
Loaves Vancouver fnr Nanalmo 10 11 m
ami r, ,:;n p.m.
Leavea   Vancouver    for    Prinee    Htinerl
���nui Ni-11-ni...-.i  p.,n,ts   10 t,   m    Wednea
daya  an.l   Bnturdaya   m   11   pin.
Chilliwack Service
To Port  Mann and  Port Coqultlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Dally  Except Sunday.
As Per Following Schedule:
Loaves  New Westminster for  Port
Munn R.no a.m.
Leaves   Pnrt   Mann   for   New   West-
ninster 9:0(1 a.m.
Leavea   New   Westminster  for   l'ort
'lunn and l'ort Coqultlam 10:00 a.m.
Leaves   Port   Coqultlam   for   Port
.lunn nnd New WeBtmliiBter 100 p.m.
LruvcB  New  Westminster  for  Port
'���Iann 6:30 p.m.
Leaves  Port  Mann  for  New  WeBt-
niiiHter 7:00 p.m.
LravoB New Westminster for Port
latin and Port Coqultlam 4:30 p.m,
Leavea    Port   Coqultlam   for   Port
limn nnd New Westminster 6:30 p.m.
Schedule, BUbject to change without
For further information Inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 164 L.    Office 903 Columbia St
Leaves  Chllllwack   7
Thut-aday acl Baturday,
m.   Tuesday,
We now havo four trnltiB dally nnd
will give you ihe cheapest rale going
iml only to Eastern points, Imt to
Kootenay ami olher points, We are
also agents for all steamship
I'or 1 bi fvatlon and otlu r
apply in
inn tlculars
M lay
Weatmlnster  1  1
v.....   1   ,   and  1': 1.'
M'. ��� ;m���1.1:1'. Agent, New Westminster i
'i. w. QitODlE, ii. P, a., Vanoouver,     Ml.
E. GOULET, Agent.
Now Westminster
'������  I'.  A., Vancouver, FRIDAY, JULY, 18, 1913.
��**����� TH***
 ....     ���-  i      . ii       ���     a%t**-am*msalSs.*aWs\\*\s\t^^
11 Pays of Great Value Giving
Ovving to the general backwardness of the season our
stocks are heavier than
usual. Therefore we will
throw our entire stock upon
the market at
25% Less
than the regular prices.
Lot No. 1
Keep a cool head these hot days by getting under one
of our Straw Hats or Panamas.   Reduced one-third.
$15 Panamas for $10.00
$12 Panamas for     8.00
$10 Panamas for     7.50
$5 Panamas for     3.50
$4 Straw Hats for     2.75
$3 Straw Hats for    $2.00
$2 Straw Hats for     1.35
Straws with patent fit-easy sweat bands, a large
assortment to choose from.
The hot weather is with us
to stay. Don't lose anytime selecting your vacation suit or outing apparel
at these greatly reduced
prices, as the prices will
make things move.
Every garment that is
turned out of our shop
is sold with our guarantee that is to be absolutely
satisfactory in every way
or money refunded.
Our increased business
leads us to think this is a
good policy.
350 Men's All Wool
Your Choice of Our Entire Stock
$35.00 Suits for - - - $25.00
$30.00 Suits for - - - $22.00
$25.00 Suits for - - - $18.00
$20.00 Suits for - - - $15.00
$18.00 Suits for - - - $13.00
Lot No. 2
Cool,  comfortable   underwear,   all  kinds  and
weights, in various sleeve and leg lengths
Regular $3 the suit for S2J25
Regular $2.50 the suit for   1.75
Regular $1.00 suits for 75
All sizes, colors and weaves.
Lot No. 3
Shirts���Soft front and soft cuff styles, also collar attached.  , r-rrffiinfW
All Shirts, up to $1.50 for  $1.00     _
All Shirts up to $2.00 for  L3I
Don't miss this.
\\   iiiiiiiiiiiiniiiijj
All goods at these
prices are sold strictly
for cash.
Remember! everything in the store Jaeger goods excepted,  reduced
from twenty-five to thirty-three and one-third per cent.
Cor. Columbia   and
Sixth Sts.
A. S. IVIILLS & Co. c��- ��&*��� -
I rAae K3u*
Fresh ^iVater and Salt
Big   Freighter  Docks   at   Port   Mann
Undamaged by Her Experience
at River  Mouth.
At 5:30 p.m. yesterday tho Norwegian steamer lieraklea was floated
without damage at Steveston, where
whe has been aground since Monday,
and at 8:SO p.m. Pilot Captain Carter
docked her at Port Mann with all of
her cargo of S00U Inns of Bteel rails
:i board, excepting ��Jine 800 tons
which had been taken out to lighter
lier. The remainder of (he cargo is
coming up river tbis morning.
The pilot. Captain (.'arter, returned
to New Westminster late last nighl
���and, when Interviewed by The News.
stated that his' charge had flrst
grounded late Monday right alongside
No. 9 buoy, and lhat. after floating
tier and working liis way up stream
dome 300 or tOO yards, she again
grounded alongside No. 11 buoy. Ile
stated that only two weeks ago lie
had taken soundings all over the bar
and had got a clear two fret more of
water then than he did this week.
Ne\�� Bar There.
Captain Carter thinks that the open ]
���ins cf the new  channel just off No.
11  buoy has    caused    the    water    lo i
spread  out and  that   in  doing this  a
liar of s.lt has bei a deposited by the j
spr.ng freshet.    Except  the half mile
of  water   at   Steveston.   no   difficulty
whatever was experienced.   Moreover, !
Captain Berg, of the llerkales. said he |
liked Ihe look of the river when once
inside the mouth, and wondered very j
much why it was not in better shape *
at the bar. I
Jetties will Do It.
"Would the series of jetties to be
built remedy the prvsent condition?"
Captain Carter was asked.
"Most certainly they would," he replied. "The Kraser is the same as any
olher river, and once those jetties
are in it will be in fine shape."
Captain Carter said he had remained outside from Saturday morning until Monday waiting the bent tides and
Tiad taken every precaution to avoid
accidents. He aaid then- was no truth
in the. reports lhal the Norwegian
vessel was leading. There were no
signs of any  damage
According to the pilot, there were
itt one time six vessels Btranded with
in a very short distance of each
other. This was at 10 a.m. Tuesday
when the tide was out. The vessels
���were the tug Dola, of Vancouver; ihe
steam schooner Edith, of Tacoma; t'.ie
dredge Kruhling, which was aground
for two hours; the Salvor, from Vic
toria; the tug Progressive, of Vancouver, and the Hersales, On Tuesdav
lie Ba.'d the least depth of water that
could he gol around the llerkales was
24 feet, although she was supposed to
draw but 23 feet 6 IncheB, and the
greatest depth waa 25 feet. These
soundings were taken by the officers
of the Fruhllng and the snagboat
I Samson.
Shifting Sands.
On Monday with the No. 9 buoy
' right alongside the vessel grounded
I when there was 12.5 feet, and later
near No. 11 buoy she struck on a 13-
jfoot tide. When lhe Strathtey came
! in some months ago she passed
j Steveston on an 11-foot tide and al
1 that time drew 22 feet.
After lightering,  the  llerkales was
pulled  off  with  anchors  laid  out   bv
the  snagboat   Samson  when  the  tide
^lad still 10 Inches before the turn.
When she came up river last night
the Norwegian steamer was making
good time. With her came the Samson, whieh has stood by since Monday.
The llerkales is on her maiden voy-
: age. She is 400 feet long, has a D4-
foot beam, and is a single screw
craft. When at Sydney, N.S.. she also
grounded, but only for a short time.
The stranding of the Herkales will
be discussed at a meeting of the board
of trade tonight, and .1. C. Armstrong,
of the pilot board, said he presumed
that, body would hold an Investigation
as soon ns the pilot returned.
Report From  B. C. Canners'  Atso:ia-
iton a Little More Encouraging
Than Formerly.
The report of the II. C. Canners' as
Boclation Tor yesterday shows catches
to be a little larger than on  former
davs this week.   The report reads:
Bellingham got 9000 from all sources
yesterday. No change In ca'ches by
Anacortes got 4000 from all sources
Seiners slightly improved, about 1".
to the seine.
Terra Nova averaged 28 to the
boat Four boats in this mornlnp
with an average of 34 to the boat.
Canadian I'acilic averaged 16 tithe boat in this morning.
Scottish Canadian averaged eighl
to the boat. No boats ln this morning.
K.wons. very few sockeyes. N-*
j boats in this morning.
St. Mungo averaged four tn ihe boat
No boats in this morning.
Imperial averaged 17 to the boat
No boats in this morning.
Brunswick averaged 19 to the boat.
Nn boats in this morning.
Phoenix boats averaged in. No
boats in this morning.
She Refuses to Mix with the Ordinary
Run of Craft���They're Too
The government power crulaer Flspa, just built, Is much like the baby
ot comic supplement fame who
could never And a home to exactly
suit him, for ahe ls without permanent
iiuarters at the present time. Not but.
lots of wharfs along the waterfront
would feel highly honored to have her
tie up alongside them; but the Flaps
is a lady of high estate and quite
properly turna up her dainty nose
when invited to become one of a
family of coal barges or grimy
What, she wants is a nice roomy
berth with a good depth of water, a
secluded, semi-private bower, far from
the madding crowd's ignoble strife
and out of the way of the wakes ot
passing vessels, by which she would
be thrown ahout and lose some
patches of nice new paint. Hut such
a nook is hard to lind within reasonable distance of the city, and to tie
up at an ordinary everyday wharf is
not to be considered by the little
aristocrat, She objects to being
hanged about by those great bullying
steam tugs, and to having them belch
thick black smoke all over her white
So the highly born little Kispa is for
lhe present without a home to call
her own. She has one consolation,
however, and ihat is that after the
end of this month she will he outside
lhe river most cf the time, and when
unable to lind a gr.od place to dock
she can ride at anchor in sheltered
spots up the coast.
No definite d.iy has been set for the
return of the halibut boat Kingsway,
but the vessel is expected in toward
the latter part  of the present week.
Social and Personal
A. Burns, of Spokane, is a guest at
the Russell.
E. O. Patterson is a visitor in the
city from Chllllwack.
W. J. l.awson, of Elgin, B.C., was
in the city yeBterday.
J. B. Knapp, of Portland, Ore., Ib
registered at Ihe Russell,
W, Hi Howe, signal engineer for the
B. C. K. R., left last i veiling on a visit
to Seattle.
G. I. Sovereign ls at present al
Bowan iBland, where he is visiting Iho
Y. M. C, A. camp there.
Ueut.-Coloncl  J.   D.   Taylor  visited I
Chilliwack yesterday and officiated at '
the opening of the Chilliwack flower
W.  J,  Armstrong,  a  former  sheriff
aud  father of the present  sheriff for
New Westminster, occupied a seat on ]
the bench with the Honorable Justice,
Morrison at the assizes yesterday.
II. Morey, of New Westminster, and
.Rev. .1. C. Leonard, rector ot St.
Helen's, South Westminster, have returned after a live weeks' pleasure
trip to Honolulu.
The marriage took place in Vancou
ver yesterday of Miss Juanlta New-
comhe to Raymond A. Kraser. Mr
Fraser is well known in this city
where he was engaged in newspaper
work for some time.
The fishery power cruiser Kispa.
which since Wednesday has been at
Lhe wharf Just above the U. N. It.
freight sheds, leaves at noon today for
Vancouver, where she will remain two
or three days.
The steamer Transfer came from
Victoria with old country freight yesterday and after docking at Pike's
wharf for a short time went down
stream with a large load of oil drums
Loose Change Bargain
No. 1
Tetley's Cocoa in 1-4 lb. tins, a fine, strong, rich
Cocoa that regularly sells for 2")C. To clear out
at T.ie; 2 for 25c
To assist in driving the piles in the
Cighth street slip the engineers have
arranged a sort of hydraulic appara'us
consisting of a long pipe fitted with a
nozzle. This is let down onto the
bottom where the pile is to be placed
and water under high pressure is
forced against the river bed. This
clears a hole into which the pile is
driven. Yesterday the third row of
piles was driven outside those recently capped.
Marine 9uoerlntenrf#nt Arrives.
Mr. W. I). Houghton, of Cardiff.
Wales, has arrived in Vancouver fo
look after the interests of the liritish
ship Bay of Biscay, Captain Young,
which was towed in there Tuesday by
the l.orne. Mr. Boughton Is marine
superintendent lor T. Beynon &��� Co..
I.'d . of Cardiff and Newport, and in
addition to the Bay of Biscay, will
look after the ship llilston, which isl
at Tacoma.
A quiet, but pretty wedding took
place at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Stevenson, Sardis, when their daughter, Slarinda Elizabeth, was united in
marriage to John Kerr, of Steveston.
The ceremony was performed by Itev.
Ceo. B. Ridland, of Carman Metho- j
dirt church, assisted hy Hev. Dr.
While. The. bride was attired in n
Hue travelling costume and carried a
shower bouquet. The wedding march
was played by Miss Bessie Henderson,
of   Chilliwack.
At the conclusion of the ceremony,
the company, which consisted of a few |
intimate friends, sat down to a care- I
fully  prepared  luncheon,  after which |
tho  happy  couple  left   for  the  coast j
cities.    The bride, who is a resident
of Sardis, is one of the most popular I
young ladies of the district.   Mr. Kerr |
previously was railway agent In Sardis
and during his stay there made many
friends.    After their honeymoon   Mr
and  Mrs.  Kerr will make their home
in Steveston.
Burnett- Pearson.
In Holy Trinity cathedral on Tuesday evening the marriage was solemnized by Canon d'Easum of I T. Burnett, of this city, and Miss Jennie
l'earson. of Heighington. county Durham. England. Miss Edith BurnPtt, a
sister of the groom, was bridesmaid
and H. R. McArthur was groomsman
The bride was given away by her
brother. P. J.  Pearson, of Vancouver
The bride wore a gown of cream
satin and laee overdress, while the
bridesmaid's gown was of pink salin
The groom's gift to the bride was a
pearl ring, to the bridesmaid a pearl
brooch and to the groomsman a scarf
Kollowlng the ceremony a reception was given at the home of the
bridegroom, and the couple left
later for Victoria and the Sound
cities. On their return they will reside  in  the city.
Loose Change Bargain
No. 2
National Soda Biscuits in pails. Made in Vancouver and guaranteed fresh; regular :*ttic sellers.
Thursday wily, each  20c
Loose Change Bargain
No. 3
Throne Dessert Chocolates, in I Ib. boxes; a superior
English make and a regular 50c line; for, lb. .35c
Loose Change Bargain
Foster, Clarke's and Monk & Glass Custards, in assorted flavors; regular 15c and 25c sellers; Thursday, only  5c and 15c
Main Store      681 Columbia.
Sapperton Store   :>17 Columbia St.
West End Store Sixth Ave and 12th Street
Notice to Mariners.
Milliners an- warned that the wood
en float  hearing an electric HeM  ���������������!
fog bell  stationed  in Vancouver harbor on Burnaby shoal, does pot mr'*
tha edge of tlie shoal, hut is anchored
on  the shoal, approximately lino feet
south and east from the old position.
This   chance   was   made   as   it   wns
found that this "aid" could not be relied upon in its former position owing
| to the liability of being damaged  by
' tows or by the strength of the tide
Mariners are further Informed that
Uie  lted   Star  buoy,   also  maintained
; by the marine department, marks approximately the edge of ihe shoal, but
j owing tn its liability  of  being fouled
i and lowed  from  position  It  is not to
in- absolutely  relied    upon, although
every  endeavor  will   he  made   bv  lhe
d pari ment to keep  it   in  position.
Port Townsend, Inly IT. The itrii-
sh steamer Strathnalrn, arriving yes-
terday afternoon from Vancouver,
win re she discharged a cargo of sug ir
for tin- British Columbia refinery, Is
being held here In ihe United State*
quarantine authi rittcs fer observa
���mn Tin* vessel i-*. ini* Rted �� tli rats
Whin ihe quarantine officers boarded
'ier iit "i o'clock yesterday mcrn'ng I
fumigate ber, ��������� dead ml was foti"d
It was iout i i He- United States pub
lie health lair ratory for ������>.a-*iii.*it ni
rm* bubonic plague germs, if Buch
gi rms  are  f, und the  vessel  wll  be
, = ��� ��� iit i" n'anv '"l I'' Ini for <i thorough
. fumigation nml cleaning In fm-" she
w il he permitted to pr- ceed i-
Mukilten to load lumber for South
Africa. As a result of placing bui-nine
Biilphur 'ii her hold, hundreds of rats
! were killed, while many Jumped Into ;
He- bay and were drowned Imfore t
Ihey could reach shore.
When the Btrathnalrn nrr'ved Monday the captain came ashore ami en-
ered tos crafl before she had heen
"ranted papers by the health officer
I When the agenl learned it th s viola
tlon of the law, and the mistake if
the custom officer, he proceeded ti
t'i" eiist'iin house and had the entrance held up.
���V'l   Turned   Over  Timber.
Tor nto, .inly it    in  irder to I -������
tall   the   destructive  "borer'  'nf  the
northi rn wm rts   tv. cn wn  landi    '
nartmenl  will ihortly nsk for tenders
tor the ' Imhi r in  nortlons of crown
property   burned  over  In  thc  recenl
Bn -     Ri ports ha\ e been rei elved of
a number of fires along the rune! nn
Northern railway, an expanse ol i* r
ritory  In which tliere is considerable
high grade timber    II  Is nol  kn wn
* xtenslve the su. up ,,���*,*���,
��� *   , *   ���  i   value ol  the l   iber
re]    i    , ,      ���-���     arru  liurni
mains enough
*   ���
In nil    *      * t -i i
' *
Prince Arthur to Marry.
London. .Inly 17. It is stated that
the marriage of Prince Arthur of Connaught to the Duchess of Fife will be
celebrated in October before the
prince's father returns lo Canada to
take up his duties as governor-general  of  the Dominion.
At this morning's city market it is probable that*.
N'ew potatoes, locally grown,
will be of sufficient size und
quantity to make buying ihem
offerings of raspberries will
bi' good and tbe fruit will be
of excellent   quality.
This will be the last market at whieh strawberries will
lie on sale in any number.
There will be substantial
shipments of black and nil
I,at * varieties of cherries
w 11 he offend in quantities
and   will  b"  in   good rond.tlon.
Veal and perk wlll be plentiful; veal will sell from lr, to 17
cents, and pork at 12 ami lit
cents per pound retail.
The retail price of butter
will lie iir, cents
Kggs will sell fruin :',.", to "7
cents per dozen retail.
Appetizing Meats
in Glass Jars
A    fresh    assortment    of Noel's Meat
and I-'ish  Tastes   2 jars 3Bc I
Daddy's      Sauce,      nice      with      cold
meals   2 bottles 25c
No. l Sardines; special ....:'. tins 26c
Cooling Drinks fer
the Hot Weather
l.ime Juice from, per bottle 25c to BOc
Raspberry Vinegar, per bottle ....'i'u:
Choice  Eastern Townships Uuttor   :', :
lln. for     ?   ",
N i. 1 Hairy III.Iter (local), pi i lb, 15c
Ci , ;, ir;   llultcr.  per 1."       30c
1   slmmf I r^I I /TTJE7JP
Friday Bargain Day
Values of a startling nature, for this Friday, of our Midsummer Clearance Sale.
Values that mean great savings for economical buyers. Come this morning as
these bargains should be snapped up quickly.   Come at 8:30.
Children's Wash Coats, Summer Wash Muslins*
Today Half Price Voiles*  Etc.,   Six   Yards
Every  garment is  half  price,  and  In  6ome  cases      fm..*   QQ/-.
there  is only one of a style.    Be on  hand early.    In      TOT   OOv
smart  and  pretty  styles  for girlies'  wearing:   sizes , ,k. ..i���ji,i ���,i,���. ���i , uuni
,                                    ,          , This is one instance of the splendid values of a want-
���) to 16 years; obtainable in the most popular fabrics, t,(1 artj0ie offered during this sale. Summer Wash
such as repps, si rges, tweeds fleece cloth and many Muslins, Voiles. Zephyrs, Dimity, Pique, etc. reg-
wash   fabrics;   in   cotton,   repps,   linen   and   ducks; ular  values  up t" BOc.  yard.    On   sale today,  six
about 100 In the lot. Today's clearance at Half Price. yards tor   88c
Women's  Bathing Suits,
Children's Wash Dresses   Today 88c
These  are  heavy   weight  cotton  cashmere   Bathing
f niii   PfifOft    Tnrt/f\) Suits,  color  are  plain,  cardinal    and     navy;   all
LmUltV   M   I HXH     * UU.UJ t,.Ulis in-utiy fini.-h,d; all sizes.   Today  .   .  88c.
Rretty Wash Dresses in smart and pretty styles, ^
at manufacturers' cost, shown In three lots: Summer  I\.nit    Vests
Regular   values   to   $2.i.i;   to   fit   1   to  ti   years;   to-	
ddy 97c   for Women
Regular values to $3.60;   to fit ages up to 14  years.
'' "day     $1-58     These summer knit vests are excellent values of fine
cotton and lisle; m assorted styles; drawers in
Regular values to $4.00;  to fit  ages to 16 years   To some cases to match;   values to Jl.im.    Today, per
day     $1.85 garment    47e
Substantial Savings on Curtain Goods
There never was a better chance to save on curtain goods than by taking advantage nf this special  Friday
clearance.    If Hure is a room in your home that would look better for a new pair of curtains, don't miss
this opportunity.    This lot  includes easement cloths, muslins, nets, and  scrims;   also  fancy  colored  sa
teens and cretonnes; in light and dark shades;  83 to 44 Inches wide;  regular values to 30c yard     Bale
price, per yard    14c
Rush Clearance of 36 to
40-inch Silks, Today
73c Yard
In order to clear out these odd length of silks we
have repriced these for quick selling. 36 to 40-lnch
paillette, taffeta, messallnes, of every color; suitable for waists, dn sses. etc.;  regular to $1 60 yard.
Today   73c
Women's Whitewear
Rousing Clearance
Dainty muslin gowns, skirts, combinations, princess
slips and drawers; prettily trimmed with embroidery and lace edgings; made in an extra go d fine
grade of Swiss muslin; regular values to (2.50. Today   $1.58
Sale of Women's Suits and Summer
Coats at half price continued Friday.
Make this your opportunity. Come
Embroidery, 9c Yard
Embroidery edgings and Insertions; widths to three
inchs. regular values to 20c yard. Today, yard   9C
Odd Lengths of Wide Embroidery 53c
Odd lengths of wide embroidery and deep handings,
flouncings. etc.; up to IK inches wide; values to
Jl.lin.    Today      53c
Veilings, 18c  Yard
Colon d Veilings, that sold as high as line yard; in
navy,   gray,   Iirown,   etc.     Today,   per   yard    18c
Remarkable Clearance of Waists for Today
AT $2.35 Beautiful high grade Waists; developed in crepe voilles. alio fancy muslins; with Robespierre
collars; long and i-hort sleeves; daintily tucked and trimmed With lace embroidery and small buttons;
regular values to    $6.00    Today     $2.35
AT $1.38 Another grand showing of While Waists, with Dutch neck and high collars; short or long
sleeves; bIbo fancy trimmed lawns; plain tailored BtyleB; pique cords, linen, etc., all sizes, Todav at
each  $1.38
About two dozen Summer Sunshades
to clear Friday at Half Price.
Big Rush in Staples Today
38-lnCh Victoria l.awn;  pure bleached;  fine quality,
Special  today,  per yard Oc
Hemstitched Pillow Slips, fine quality;  also a quantity of huckaback guest towels with embroidered
ends;   large sizes,   regular to $1.25 each.    Special
today,   each    ��**C
30-lnch Brown Holland; ull pure Irish linen.   Special
today, per yard   18C
Aboul two dozen Bmall table covers; lu pure white,
mercerized and union linen; with damask pattern
and finiih; hemmed; sizes 64x60 inches.   Special
loday,   each    48c
64-inch  Table  Damask;   good  strong quality;   floral
patterns.    Special   today,   per  yard          27C
five pieces heavy apron ginghams and prints: checks
and   figured  designs;   with,   or   without   borders;
widths 36 to 38 Inch - Spoclal today, per yd,  14c
In all llm :i quality;   '���    lm hes wide;  regular valm *
15c .*,   rd    , p cial li da; . i>. r yard   lie
11         ,;   ii      I duel * ':*���  . i ���      I ni qu 'lity for
. :, aboul ���'" i*"
i;i,,r in ; * i ,       ,i      J.yc
Half Price on
Women's Summer Hats
In a number of selected shapes;  some prettily
trimmed; excellent for week-end trips or plcnloi
Half Price Tcday.
l *ri- Block. ���   luir bin      reel
Friday Specials From
Neckwear Department
Double Lounge Collars;  In fancy cord and silk; also
all sizes in embroidered laundered collars;  regular
values lo -ne.    Special today, euch X6t
An extensive range, Including many pretty styles in
Jabots, in lace and lawn: all ;<*rtR of fancy neckwear; also Dutch st.i(.k:i and Bailor collars; regular
Miiues to $l.��6.   Special today, each 43c
A big selection of samp'.,   Collars, Scarfs, .lahots. ill
lace, lawn ami silk; IncluJ  d an- a number of pairs
of silk  lisle glo\ es;   regular  -.aims  would  sell as
high as $1.50,    Bpeclal today, each or pair, .eft*
Embroidered   pun    Unci    llnndliet   dot *,., * ,1
styles;  regular :  *     :     ch.l 1 .   ;        *��*
1     i ilO>' cov
Fancy   burlap   Cushion   Covctb; with   printed   and
corded 1* ittei n     *,iii** win, frln       ,,  ;,,,,|
$1.25.    Spi : iii  today, each  , G9c
'K FRIDAY, JULY, 18, 1913.
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
1911���Sacramento 1, I'ortland 1, twen-   ham;  Purdue and Rarlden.
ty-four nlnnlngs.
West Virginia League, 1910���ClarkB-
burg vs. Mannlngton. tie, twenty-four
(on Jones and liritish Columbia la-
..-rosso parted company yesterday
when, at a meeting of the B. C. L. A.,
hiB resignation from the association
was accepted and last evening the
team, over which he has had control,
elected a new manager In the person
of Harry Pickering.
It had been predicted on all sides,
-except Vancouver, that Con Jones
would either quit or be ousted from
Coast lacrosse before another season came along Mr. Jones saw the
handwriting on the wall. Ile realised
that his tether on the lacrosse fans
of the lower mainland was getting
looser every day ond, with th- bell
possible grace, he cashed in his checks
this time probably for keeps.
With  His Henchmen.
Tin-re was no argument when he
handed the resignation of tlie Van- j
couver lacrosse cluh to President Kellington.' Vi sterday noon he boarded
an auto In Vancouver In company
wllh four of his staunch supporters
and, together with three sporting
writers, headed for the  Royal City
On the one side lie had lined up,
against hlm the Westminster delegates, who stood firm for au even
break in the negotiations to patch un
tlie trouble, while on Ihe other he had
his previous statements made lu tbe
heat of Ihe recent fracas Perhaps a
sliclit victory over the local delegates
would have sent him back to the Terminal Cily to tell the lacrosse fans,
lhat In- had won the day and that the
two teams would again he in aotiOD
on Saturday, but that was not forthcoming, so Con Jones dropped out of
It must have been very evident tol
the Vancouver man that he was at
the end of his rope In lacrosse, following the row of Saturday. July 5.
Since that time he has kept on the
move day and night trying to recoup.
Eastern papers of July 11, Just to
hand, indicate that he had kept the
wires hot between here and Montreal
and Toronto asking the beat terms
he could get to bring Ills team, the
���one which could only manage to beat
ttie Salmon liellles two out of seven
games, to the Rig Four camping
ground President Percy Qulnn yesterday wired Jones that Ihe best they
could offer was 50 per cent of the
gate receipts at midweek games.
Fifty per cent at the ordinary Satur-
dav gate in the east would hardly pay
expenses for a western team, let ahine
Wednesday games, so tlie Wallingford
stunt did not appeal to Con
Minto Mug Stays.
Just lo allay any fears in the city.
il   ran   tie   stated   that   the   Minto  cup
will   stay   rluht   here  until  some  team
comes  along that   Is  better than  the.
Roval ���
'i bi re is every probability of a van-
emivor team taking up the gauntlet
lu ihe very near future, especially
when one considers the chances of
the v A c. team agalnet the pros.
Although Feven games are supposed
to have been scheduled between the
two   aggregations   for   the   Vancouver
citv championship, it is unreasonable
to expect that the nubile will give
much support to such n move after1,
the pros have piled np a hnee total of
goals against the former Mann CUP-
holders, that Is miles 'he regulars
lav down a game or two Just to make
th<-  play   Interesting
Witli no prospect of a game for the
next   two or three  weeks    at    least
Wesiminster  can   lust   sii   back   and
lc  k  on  just awaiting developments.
Tho   Meeting.
At  a few  minutes after    2    o'clock
President Kellington called the delegates to order, there being present
,1 It Agar, T. Olfford, W. O McQuarrie and D. (iilrhrlsl. representing New
Westminster, Mr. Ollchrlst also acting
as secretary of the meeting; Con
Jones, Harry Cowan. Will Kills, ('has.
Voung, Vancouver; Join Virtue, I.
Yorke, W. c. Moresby, E McQowan,
11 Rots. Victoria.
II wm boou apparent that the gata-
���oring waa to he an argument as to
tin* legality of the meeting held in
this cltv on Julv * when Griffith and
Ion w.re ruspended, VV, Q. McQuar
lie led thc firing, Harry Cowan,
tin- assistance of Mr. Housser,
citor. returning the fire rr,/in
Vancouver end. while W. (-Billy)
Moreshv. a legal light of Victoria, sat
on the fence purt of the time, while
the rest of the session he took sides
with Cowan, Jones and company.
Mr. Cowan had things all lined up
and Immediately Introduced a typewritten motion to expunge the in n-
uteS 'f the July 4 meeting In that It
was illegally held. Con Jones In seconding this, -aid: "We have got t
���ahow the puhllc of Canada that we are
not  a joke."
John Explains,
lhal a deen play was being made
liecame plainly evident when John
Virtue, of Vlctorln, attempted to expi an the meaning of hla letter to
���Secretary Lynch about being waylaid
by Con Jones in Vancouver ami the
beit way out of the hole so thnl l-nor
conld be let down easv. Mr. Vlrture
tried to show tbat hn might huve'iiis
taken the statement." made bv
on Mie morning of Julv
up by pleading with th
gates to mnke a re"l all
up the trouble. 11
At   Boston.   1877-Manchester   professionals 0, Harvard 0, twenty-four
I innings.
~"������ |     Missouri Valley league, at Pittsburg,
vailed.   Delegate Moresby stepped Into | Kas.,   1903    Pittsburg     5,     Joplln   4,
the breach  by moving that a special (twenty-one InningB.
committee, composed of one Westmin- j     National League, at Cincinnati, 1902
Bter and  one  Vancouver delegate be ; -Cincinnati 7, Chicago 7, twenty Inn-
appointed, the two to select the third, tings.
That carried with the dissent of Van- i    National    League,  at  Philadelphia,
couver, und then  Jones resigned.        j 1905--Chicago 2, Philadelphia 1, twen-
There  was  nothing  else  to  It,  the  ty innings.
Standing of the Clubs.
W.   J,.
B. C. U A. had gone bust. Westminster are still members and so are Victoria, hut only one team Is In existence. The Vancouver hunch walked
out of the room, hoarded the waiting
autos ami headed tor the, latest bush
league town, Vancouver.
Philadelphia   60    25
Cleveland 51    35
Washington    50   39
Chicago    48    39
BfBtnn    40    40
St.  UiuIb   39    56
Detroit 35    55
New York   25    58
Yesterday's Games.
At Cleveland: &
New York   7
Cleveland   1
the like were either villages cr Hittfr I
son Ray posts.
During all the growth of the court'
try since that time Superintendent!
Siarnes played a part as one of Its i
protectors and was stationed at aear- j
ly every point within the Immense
district covered by the activities of'
the mounted force.
"Ultimately the force wlll extend
its activities farther and further
north." he said "but for a long time
yet there will be much to do in the
south where the incoming tide of Immigration glveB us a lot of trouble."
Baseball Results.
Burnaby    Lacrosse    Boys
West Enders Down to Six to
Six Tally.
Hold    the
Standing of the Clubs.
W.   I..
Vancouver 56   36
Seattle    55    38
Portlanad 47   39
.46 J
Tacoma    41    54
Spokane   33   58
Yesterday's Gaines.
Displaying the best lacrosse seen
i n the Queens Park aiming amateur
teams tor some little tune. Kast Burnaby   ami  the   Wesl    Knds    last  p.m.
fought to a tie, both twelves going at
fu.l   speed   the   whole   limit   und     ten
mlnutea ol extra tune.
it was not until about the middle of
the second quarler lhat the suburbanites really woae up and when half
time was called lhe West Knds were
leading six goals to ihree. The third
guarter found tlie llurnaby boys piling
up lhe score and a few minutes from
then the teams were tied six goals
each. Then Feeney slammed u fast
one past Coutts. lt was only tor a
moment, however, for Sinclair came
back with another goal, which left
the teams on an equal base. Tliat
ended the scoring of the game, the
entire fourth quarter and also the extra ten minutes being taken up with
end to end playB, each goal custodian
showing himself at his best.
Referee Sangster came In for some
harsh criticism during the extra
period, when he ruled off Feodham,
of llurnaby, for an alleged foul, although the young home star took the
OOU&t after being sandwiched between
Iwo of the opposition.
Keedham's penalty amounted to five
minutes, while Sinclair and Mortison.
showing pugilistic tendencies, had received exactly the same penalty. A
hunch of Sapperton supporters and
1 players were on deck to boost ltnrna-
by's stock, cheering wildly when they
scored and loosening loud groans
when the opposition came through
with a tally. Naturally, the groans
doubly Increased when Feedham was
ruled Off,
Here are the goal scorers hy quarters:      First   quarler.   I  Ihani   (Hi.
L.   Sangster,   Keeney.      Hull      (W.K.i,
second quarter. L. Sangster, Pentland,
Sayers, Pentland, Sayers (W.Ki.
Third quarter. Sinclair. I'owys. W.
Lewis (III, Feeney iW.K). Sinclair
Bush  L*a"ue  Ball.
Seattle, July  17.���Portland knocked *
Seattle's pitchers all  over the lot to- ,
day  while   the  local   lielders   contrib  ,
uted   to   the   merriment   by   throwing
the  ball  away at critical times    and \
Portland   won   14   to   7.     Mclvor   was
knocked out of the box in the Becond
inning  and   Laird,   who  relieved   Mclvor,   was  sent   to  the  bench  at  the ;
end   of   the  fourth   inning.     Reardon.
another recruit, finished the game and
held  Portland to two hits during tin-
five innings he pitched. Seattle began ]
hitting Callahan in the fourth Inning
llatteries:       Schultz    and
Kaliler. Cullop and O'Nell.
At Chicago: it.    II.    K
Philadelphia 2      6     2
Chicago     5     7     1
Batteries:     Rush, Morey and Lapp;
Scott and ('chalk.
At St. Louis: R.    H.    E.
Washington   1     6     0
St, Louis   0     8     2
Hatteries:     F.ngel atld Henry;  Weil-
man and Agnew.
International  League.
Buffalo, 7;   Montreal, 3.
Rochester, 4; Toronto. 5,
Providence, 6; Newark. 1.
Baltimore, 5;  Jersey City. 1.
Permanent Sewerage Board Ready to
Take Hold���"Buy B. C. Products"
in Vancouver.
official act tin
insula    joint
which ls soon
July 17.--As Its final
expiring Burrard pen-
sewerage committee,
to be replaced by the
Their Young  Men    See    Visions
Their Old   Men   Dream
and  liynes
Portland .,.
and Cadman,
and Williams.
finished    the   game   for
It.    H.    Iv
 7  13    :
 14    1(>      1
Mclvor.  Laird,  Reardon
Wally;  Callahan. Hynea
Just Nosed Out.
Tacoma, July 17.���Tacoma made a
bid for the game in the ninth Inning,
but was halted by Cadreau after two
had scored. Close decisions were a
feature throughout the contest. The
failure of Umpires Shackelford and
Osldiek to see a dropped ball in a
pluy at first base brought forth a protest from President McGinnity. which
resulted in his being ejected from the
i     Score: R.    H.    E.
Spokane   4     7      2
Tacoma   3      7      2
Batteries:     Cadreau   and   Hannah;
C.irot and Harris,
The city baseball championship will
be at stake this evening when tbe
Moose and Balmorals again lock
h ins. Until two weeks ago there
was no hing to It but the Moose for
the pennant, but the marked improvement of the Rals has led many to believe that they can lick the herd the
second time hand running and that
chance will come this p.m.
At the present the Moose are still
leading by a fair tnargain, but Captain
Chaput was oul with the dope sheet
y sterday to the effect that, with a
win over the Moose this evening and
counting on a clean sheet when the
Hals and Electrics play off their two
tie games, the lialmorals have one
great chance to tip over the ambitions
of the Moose to repeat
commission to be appointed by the
provincial government, last night instructed the clerk to notify Hon. W. J.
Bowser that nominations to the permanent commission by the various
municipalities had been made as follows: Vancouver, Alderman Crowe;
Point Grey, Reeve Churchill; Soinh
Vancouver. Councillor Campbell; Burnaby, Councillor A. MacDonald. The
committee will not disband until the
new commission takes office, which,
it is expected, will be in the very near
Buy B. C. Products,
Yesterday's luncheon of lhe Progress club took the form of a round-
table conference on how best to foster
the use of British Columbia products
tn this province. Dr. E. S. Rowe,
commissioner of tbe club, "started tht
ball rolling."
Inapect Cadets.
Some fifty cadet officers and noncommissioned officers of the newly
organised public schools cadet battalion were inspected yesterday by-
Lieutenant A. C. Bundy, C. S. C. I,
and the olher cadedt instructors of
the new cadet corps. The uniform
that has been adopted for the officers
consists of a khaki jacket faced with
scarlet, start cap with a red band,
khaki pantaloons and brown leggings
The non-commissioned officers wear a
khaki drill jacket without facing and
a brown felt hat turned up at one
side and fastened with the badge of
the school to which they belong.
Ready for Battleship.
I    The program    for    welcoming    the
battle cruiBer New Zealand on July 28
and entertaining the officers and men
i was drawn up at a special meeting of
Paid on the daily balances of Savings accounts, subject to cheque withdrawals. Handsome Metal Home
Banks for children supplied to depositors.   ��������
for the safe-keeping of Deeds, Insurance Papers and
other documents, which you cannot afford to risk
losing. You carry the keys and no one can gain entrance to your box without your authority. Our vaults
are fire and burglar proof. Rentals $2.50 per annum
and upwards.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURIN OIL     ���
P. O.  BOX  442
Horne and Gentry will be on the ithe civic finance committee laBt night
mound for the herd, while either'and committees were appointed to at-
Sayce or Peck will do thc hurling for ; tend to the various details ot the
the   opposition.     An   effort   is   being \ function.    Although the warship will
made    to    have    the    game    started
promptly  at  6:45  o'clock.    The  fans
have yet to see a game started until
17 or after.
(By "Gravy.")
Made Dakota Famous.
Today is the twenty.second anniversary of the ball game that made
North Dakota ramous.
Ily r< ason of that historic contest
the names of Fargo, (Irand Forks and
Devil's Lake are known to hundreds
of thousands who otherwise would
have lived and died in utter ignorance
of the existence of those cities.
11 was a great advertising
was pulled off on July
the Knrg.i
the Red
Over the Lot.
Victoria, July 17. Vancouver
dnlgi-d in a slugfest today, hammering
the offerings of Toner to all corners
if the lot. Tlle viators collected 17
hits, sending seven runs over. Victoria
fa led  to lilt   Ingersoll  effectively.
Scire: K.     H.     B.
Vancouver    7    17      0
Victoria   0     4
Batteries:     ingersoll   and   Lewis;
Ti ner and Brotton,
Standing of tne Clubs.
W.   I..   Pot
New  York 55    26     .6S7
Philadelphia  46   ;;i   .507
Chicago    44    40.523
Pittsburg  42
Brooklyn  37
Boston  35
S*.  I.ouis   33
Cincinnati 32
a 17
Billiard    and    Pool     Expert    to    Give
Lew   Shaw,   the  well   known    artist
���with Ihe  billiard cue.  will give an ex-
hibitlon  of b.lliards and  pool, includ
ing his many fancy shots, at the Club
b lliard rooms this evenln.t.
I    Shaw offer, to | lay anybody in the
c'ty a game cf pool.  100 points and
play 1", or no count as a handicap. He
Ialso offers to play billiards with any,
I of the cue artists, and  in  this game
be will play 100 or no count.
Shaw will be on hand at 8 o'clock
and quite a crowd of interested spec-
Lit* rs   are   sure to be on hand   and
learn  a  few  of the  fancy  strokes of i
the game.
Hint that
18, 1891, when
and Qrand Forks teams of
Hiver Valley league played a
twenty-flve innings scoreless game nt
Devil's Luke.  N.  II. The players who
participated In that pastime have long
since vanished from baseball ken, nnd
the league is dead and buried and forgotten,   but   the   fame   of   that   game
still  goes clattering  down   the  corridors of time.
Never again, perhaps, will the fans
"lamp" such a score as this:
Fargo . .0000000000000000000000000���0
The long distance record established
bv this contest stood until May 81,
li>09, when the Illoomington and Decatur, III., clubs of the Three! league
played twenty-six innings at Bloom-
ing'ton. 111., Decatur Anally winning
2 to 1,
The Grand  Forks-Fargo clash  still
stands,  however, as  the  longest  run-
! less game in tlle record hooks.
j    Other   extraordinary   1 mg   contests
I include the following:
American league, at Hoston,  1906
Philadelphia 4, Boston 1;  twenty-four
I Innings.
I    Pacific Coast league, at Sacramento,
Yesterday's Games.
At Philadelphia: R.
C nc nnatl     2
Philadelphia 4
Hatterles:    Ames and Clarke; Alexander and Killifer.
Second game: R.    H.    K.
Cincinnati     9    12      0
Philadelphia 2     7     3
Batteries: Johnson and Kllng;  Sea-
ton, Mayer, Marshall. Rixey and Killlfer. Howley.
At  Brooklyn R.    H.    E
PittBburg   4    12     0
Brooklyn     3      9      1
Batteries:    Robinson, Hendrix   and
Simon,  Coleman;   Hugon   and  Miller.
At  New  \ork: K.    H.    K
St. Louis    4    11      0   1007
New York     2      7      1
Batteries:       Harmon    and    Wingo; 1
Fromme and Meyers. I',
Second game: R.    11,    B.I
St. Louis   2      5     (I j
New York     8      9      4 |
Batteries:     Sallee and  Wingo;   Demaree, Marquard and Meyers.
At  Boston: U.    H.    E
Chicago     2     5      1
Boston   4     9    0
Batteries:    Smith. Ultchle and Bros-
nahaii. Needham;  Tyler and  Rarlden
Second game: R.    H.    E.
Chicago     6    11      1
Hoston   l      4      ���!
Batteries:    Humphries   and   Need-
Jack Johnson won on a foul
from Sandy Ferguson in six
rounds at Chelsea. Mass. The
Boston boy had the "makings"
of another John L. in him. and
at his best was as good as John-'
son. Had he kept t.i the wagon,
avoided all dissipation, and
trained properly, It is almost a
cinch that he would have become the champion ot the
world. Insteid he tried to keen
the distilleries and breweries
running o' nights, and passed
oul ot the limelight without
i -er wearing the crown that na-
t-ire had given him the right to
-Tlm F'.vnn knocked out Dive
Barry in the 7th round at Pueblo.
-Andy Morris knocked out Jim
favBee in second round at New
R. N. W. M. P. Officer Tells
era of the Bad Men In the
arrive on Sunday, July 27. the official
welcome will not take place until the
next day. Then will follow Bix full
dayB of luncheons, drives and ban
quets, ending in tt military parad- tr
Brockton Point grounds and an after
noon of sports on Saturday, August 2
The warship will leave for Victoria on
August 4.
Red Cross Day.
'    There   wlll   be   roses     In     evidence
everywhere in Vancouver on Tuesday
next.   On that day 50,000 of them w11'
be sold    on     Vancouver    streets     by
pretty girls and no one will have   an
excuse   for   not   having   a   buttoniere
TheBe will not be    roses    grown    on
bushes but roses manufactured by thr |
dainty     fingers    of    pretty    maiden?
charitably  inclined.    The proceeds of
this sale of roses will go to a deserv
Ing   charity,   the   Victorian   Order  of
Nurses, wliich in  itself should ensure
the rapid sale of the tasty little lapel
decorations.    It is expected also that
autoists  will  also  decorate their  machines with wreaths of the dainty con.
Returns Home.
With an Interesting account of the
National Conference of Charities and
correciion jii6t concluded ln Seattle.
Rev. J. S. Woodsworth. a prominent
minister of lhe Methodist church in
Winnipeg, formerly identitied with
the All Peoples' mission of that city,
is in Vancouver. At the conference
there were representative social work
ers from all parts of the l'nited States
and Canada, and the week's proceedings which closed on Saturday were
enthusiastic throughout. There were
nearly 1000 registered delegates In
Medical Men Convene.
Probably over one hundred mem
bers will be present during the f:mr
;teenth annual meeting of thc British
Cclumbia Medical association, which
opened this morning in the board of
trade rooms. Tomorrow morning a
clinical meeting will be held at the
Vancouver general hospital, and tomorrow afternoon the visiting doctors
1 and the local doctors wlll motor cut
to the hospital for the insane at Coquitlam. where Dr. C. B, Doherty will
lead the doctors on an inspection tour
of the institution.
Erect New Buildings.
Plans were passed by Building In
spector Jarrett yesterday for two
three storey buildings to be used by
the Salvation Army for industrial
purposes and workshops. One Is to
be at Seventh avenue and Quebec
street and the other at Lansdowne
avenue and Quebec street. They wlll
cost $30,000 and $20,000, respectively,
approving    of    the
Amidst Island, Mountain, Forest and Glacial Scenery to
Including Meals and Berth tor Round Trip.
Permitting side trip over scenic route  ot Grand Trunk Paclllc Raft-
ay at small additional cost.
H. C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.  E.  DUPEROW,  0.  A. P. D.
Fhone Private Exchange 8134
709 Columbia St.
Westminster Trust Bid;.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia  8treet.  New  Westminster.
Singer Sewing  Machines.    Small  Musical Goods of all Kinds. PHONE 694.
The Popular
Shoe Store
The Home of Low Prices.
641 Front Street.
4 and wound
��� other dele-
Tipt In put oh ,
tated,  by  thej
ttint Con .lines w-is Ihe one who;
.'���irlcil  the trouble when he Insulted
���the referees at  Vot-arla,
In   cplnlnlni'   Westminster's  action I
in the matter, Delegate McQuarrie re-1
���'.-wed  the  whole situation since the
!> 'million day  game;   how  Jones hid
win.,i Becretary I.ynch to have the
meeting postponed:  how i.ynch baa
wired buck thai it was Ininnsslhli*
toil yel Mr, Jones had seen w't lo tell
Mr    Virtue   thnt   'here   would   be   no
meeting, ft�� it had 1 n called off.
i'inning's manual umi other pama
tnniitary procedure publications were
ti��� | brought  Into use and whattnc
1,.. v, Mghl i didn't do I i the old B. I ���
i     >.   ronstltutlon  ivnsn'l  worth men
Lion m      "        I'    ���������""" '" "      "v
������ ,   i-.-, :'.*, nl   Ki 'ii  ���*''���"  ''������
* .    mi's in m on  lit
-grounds thai II was onl of order Tho
hair wim appealed ag tlnal and pre
The V.A.C., the present Mann CU
holders, passed out of existence las
evening along with Con. Jones. 1.
their place the Vancouver Athletic
arise from the mist, along wltl
Harry Pickering as manager of tin
Vancouver cooperative professionals
The lust few days have made history In const lacrosse, but yesterday i
was the one best bet of all. Con Jones
quits. Westminster is left high am
dry, the V. A, C, quit amateur company  and   Hurry   Pickering  takes   up
the role of lacrosse magnate.
This   chance   has   been   awaited  by
Hurry   for BOine  little  time.     Ho  wns
the lasl man to sign up with Jones
this spring, being too good a defence
man for the Vancouver mogul to !������'
i o begging, Just previous to thli
llurrj li id :-i.i!*i.'. 'I n small shod ret o
liei,ni to oui' Ji n b from l icrossi
and ii was only by n small man *
the "Hu rta" tr ���'������ failed to ma
nil e.    How - *��� er,  here they  go.
hich  reached  The  News,   the  Van-
uver Athletics and the new Vancou-
er club  arranged  a  Berles of seven
innes for the Vancouver city cham-
llonshlp, the first game to be played |
Vancouver  on  Saturday  afternoon
Upon Mr. Jarrett
Montreal July 17 -That it Is the for plan9 tnp drawings were sent to the
.|--i population in the west, the Ron- Salvation Army headquarters at Tor-
manlan Slav and Oalaclan Immi- onto ana when tbey are returned to
���nuts, who are responsible for by far the c|ly i��� about ten days' time,
ihe greater proportion of the crimes work w(}| be started at once,
and give the mounted police most
trouble, was the statement of Supt.
St-irnes of the R.N.W.MP. while on
u visit in Montreal.
A   real  "old-timer"   though  he   mo-
Idcstly   disclaimed   the   title,  is   Supt.
Before the seven games have been | Starnca.    Twenty-eight  years ago  hi
played, however, It Is likely that Manager Pickering wlll try for rixtures I
with Westminster for the remainder j
if the season, taking a chance at the |
Minto cup Although It Is possible
hat the attendance nt the first game
n Vancouver on Saturday will be
airly large, the wide chasm 111111, ox-
i-ts between n t----- .-���������' professional
tanilards is not likely to fill the pockets of either team ns now oonstl-
iiii il.
In   conversation   with   Milton   Oppenheimer, of the V, A, C . lasl eve-
Tho News \. ib lold that a new
Mann cup team will be formed right
away In order to finish tlio remainder
Loose Change Day
Barefoot Sandals; double soles, any pair in store 75c.
Fleet-foot Running Shoes, a clearing line 7 to 2 40c.
Ladies' White Canvas Shoes, leather soles, all
the annul ur schedule ai
i.;",t  ovening, u cording to roportB|tbe trophj against any easti
ui ih fend
in teams,
joined the force and he has been a
member of It ever since, rising from
grade to grade to reach his present
responsible position of superintendent
with headquarters nt Regina.
joining the Rlel rebellion volunteers from Montreal and going west
with them, he decided at the conclusion of that affair to cast in his lot
with the thin red line of men which
has dene si e',i  \ioinaii service us the
I, ,���  .,,..��� , | Canadian law in tbe pra r-
: ,-, x*.*,        n *   i i st, nl th ii fm *
, | ',.��� urse,  was n il  mui h of n place.
with i* I*;   *   *   '������  on "* lta ���"���''-
,   , *       .., ��� pi      WttB   a
; |r bI - 'i  town  wltb a [on t iBto ol
j hustl * and  hurry   In  lta Btreets,  hut
i;.    ��� a   M   llcln ���   i at, Calgary,  and
LEW SHAW, the well know billiard
expert, will give an exhibition with
lhe cue at the
ClubBilliard Rooms
Men's Fleet-foot Rubber Soled Oxfords  75c.
Boys' heavy leather soled Canvas Shoes, sizes
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 95c.
Men's heavy leather soled Brown Canvas Shoes,
all sizes  95c.
plni   1
or no count in
,. i, uni iu a pool
He offers ti
billiards < r t
;ame, ,  ,
Viso IlluHtrn tv .   fancy shot:
Bverybodj luvlted to be on hand at
s o'i lock.
il-BW-BTO-aSBMB-rawa^^^^ ^ ei
FRIDAY, JULY,  18, 191T.
Classified Advertising
celved for The News at the following places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
628 Columbia street; A. Sprlce,
ijiieensborough, l.ulu Island.
��� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 5,000 words, to be used as re-
oulred within one year from date of
contract, $26.00.
wants position for washing and
louse cleaning by day. Apply 65
Tenth street, city. (1757)
liouse work. Apply Box 1746 News
office. H"46!
dressers and bed at liuti Columbia
street east. (1766)
months old, from pedigreed registered stock. Good work or watch dogs.
Males $10, females $X. .lames Niven,
Surrey Centre, B.C. (1764)
hacco. cigar, candy and fruit store;
good location; good lease. Have
other business to look after. Apply
716 Columbia stre-ot, city. 117561
Phonograph, nearly new, home size.
Call 720 Quei-ns avenue. (1753)
ments I will for a 6hort time deal
lots or acreage at a very low figure.
Walter Neal, 23 Sixth avenue
Phone at meal times to R1347.
(1740) i
Every ten cent packet will
kill more flies than J8.00 worth
of any sticky fly killer. Refuse
substitutes, which are most
Present Ottawa  Armories Considered
Disgraceful���Make One Town of
Dozen  Communities.
keeping rooms; convenient. Apply
K. P. block. (1765)
Burnaby Lake. Modern eight roomed bungalow, hot and cold water.
electric light, city water; standing
on acre of ground, beautiful look-
cut; tennis court, garage, stable and
rhicken house. Apply Capt. Thomas.
Port Coiiuitlam. (1755)
One four room bungalow, two three
room houses, and one four room
house at Edmonds with basement
full size, plastered, electric light,
pantry, china cupboard, clothes
closet, veranda front and back
neatly finished, new. Will take
small cash payment, or deeded lot
for first payment, balance as rent.
George R. Love, Cumberland road,
East Burnaby. (1737)
keeping rooms at 224 Seventh
street. ("22)
rooma to rent; every convenience.
Apply 619 Hamilton street.      11692)
week; also housekeeping rooms, at
���JOS Eleventh street. (1744)
FOR SALE���tl.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar
ket square. (16771
New Industry Will  Require Initial  Ex
penditure of $200.000���Other
where.    No   collection,   no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west. Van- ]
couver. B.C. (1678) ;
Calgary, July 17.���With the purchase of eleven lots on Eleventh avenue and Sixteenth street west last
week us a site for their big plant and
rink, the Crystal Ice Company, limited, which Is to go in for the manufacturing of artificial hygienic ice In
Calgary, is now only awaiting the
I completion of the architect's plans before commencing work on the construction of the buildings. "We expect to have the work well under way
within three weeks or a month." said
Mr. Davison, of the company's executive. "The plans us at present out-
No. 708 Seventh avenue, city, fiveii,,,,,] W|H Im,an ,lu, expenditure oi
room, fully modern, new house, j about $200,000 in this city, and when
Owner will take lot as cash pay-! the plant is finished, it will be unsur-
ment. A good deal for few days; passed by anything on the American
only. continent for up-to-dateness and corn-
No.   1030   Fifth   avenue,    city,     seven | "  May Take ,��m Back
He uses to Trade
Ottawa, July 17    The delay in start-
ing the construction of a mw drill hull
i in Ottawa is caused by the fuel  that
jthe militia authorities have not  been
,able  to Bettle  upon  u  Bite yet.    "Ab
I soon  as  the  site  question  Is  decided
lon there will be no further delay," said
il)r. J.  L. Chabot,    "There are three
1 sites to choose from. One is the location of the present building;  another
Ithe site of the arena on Laurier avenue! which I myself think would be a
| splendid one, and  n third, the  Model
school   grounds,   which   I   understand
the  minister of militia  favorB.    The
proposal was to take only Ihe vacant
| ground lying near  the Collegiate  Institute, but the Ontario government re-
I fuses to dispose of it unless the whole
i property,  buildings  and  all. are  purchased.    Tlie present drill hall is tin -
'sanitary   and   disgraceful."  concluded
Dr. Chabot, "and you can be assured
Mr. Fripp and I will not rest until we
have secured a new barracks for Ottawa."
Temperance Campaign,
house to house canvass is being
le by those behind the movement
the reduction in liquor licenses in
j Ottawa. Petitions are being carried
I around and these are being largely
(signed. "We must have the signatures
,of at least ten per cent of the electors
ion these petitions before we can go
[before the city council and ask for the
'submission of a by-law to the elec-
itors," said one of the gentlemen.
"Is there nny difficulty In getting
that number?"
'Not the slightest. We expect to
| get sixty per cent, of these slgna-
i tures."
These petitions will be ready for
submission to the council In September.
Should Repeal It.
ff a city by-law makes it compulsory
for Taylor McVelty, city solicitor, to
attend the deliberations of the city
council, and If Mr. McVeity doesn't
wish to attend these deliberations
should ba be compeleld to do so or
should the by-law be repealed? In Mc-
Veity's opinion the by-law Bhould be
repealed. The board of control wrote
to Mr. McVeity calling attention to
ithe existence of the by-law which
mukes  It  part of  his duty  to attend
en out fortccn actions against the
company lu the police court. All lhe
complaints were signed hy Judge Lafontalne.
It Ib alleged that the company has
violated the railway act, chapter 37
of the revised statutes, by allowing
"engines, tenders, cars and parts
thereof" to stand for a longer perkVd
than tlve minutes at a time on the
level crossings ot the streets between
St. Henri and the (irand Trunk railway station. It Is also alleged that
St. Ferdinand street, St. Henry, Is
blocked several HmeB daily. Specific
charges are made and the hour and
day in each case named. After the
summonses had been signed, they were
banded to High Constable St. Mars.
The officials of the company, Interviewed regarding the actions, denied
then* was a wholesale blocking of the
streets. It was pointed out that the
company bad the right to cross the
streets. It happened that tliere would
be a delay of two or three minutes at
times, but In so far as violating lhe
railway act was concerned, the charge
was unrounded.
Matchless 'Herbert Rvidal&C0.
hehiM  to  wrimiin'i  enr-tCtiel   -nh-unta-al       I ��� _����*. ���* .     '
helps to womcn'3 comfort, physical
well-being, and beauty���sure to promote healthy, naturr.l action of the
organs of digestion nnd elimination
���Lhe tonic, safe and ever reliable
THtti Ttargttt -Salt* tf Any Med if
Sold f*��rywhrri-.    In ' - -
��� World
Furnished three room    suite,    with j
I aih.   Hot aud cold water.   $27.50 per
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
Province of British  Columbia. County
of Westminster.
Under and  by   virtue of a  writ  of
ti   fa   lo   me   directed   and   delivered
I .miinst tbe goods and chattels of C.
Shlnobu at the suit of Tal On Chan
c mpany, I have seized and will sell
nt Shinobu's office. Northern Crown
tank building, corner of Columbia and
McKenzie streets, on Wednesday, tlle
"4rd day of July, 1913, at 3 o'clock In
lhe afternoon, the following, or sufTi-
c ent thereof to satisfy the judgment
debt  and  costs  herein:     One   Macoy
��� ik letter cabinet, one electric heater,
cne oak roller top desk, linoleum, one
oak double standing desk 6 feet, heat-
g stove and pipe, three office specialty oak and walnut filling cabinets,
one fire proof safe, office stools,
chairs, maps, inkstands, letter scales,
��� tc, one Daw's duplicator, one Neo-
style, lot typewriter paper, etc.
Terms of sale cash.
T, J. ARMSTRONG. Sheriff.
New Wesiminster. Julv 17. 1H13.
Six room modern house at the corner
of   Tenth   and     Belleville     streets;
, the   meetings  of   the  council   and   dl-
titles  recting that, while the by-law wus in
week I force he should comply with it. A reply  was received  by  tbe  board  from
the city solicitor. In which he advised
that the better thing to do would be to
repeal   the   by-law   which   compelled
him to do something he had no wish
at  a   lime   when   irregularities ; to do.
| were reported, and they had not been ! Make One Town,
charged with Irregularities.   This was!    The sugegstlon that the district ly-
verj   unjust   to   them.     They   report I ing along the Britannia line be Incor-
Ihat they   were well received and are (ported   into  a  town,   which   has   been
very   well   satisfied    with   the   Inter- (made following P. H.  Veale's proposal
expect   to   be  reinstated   for a scavenging system, is  regarded
few days.    In fact, one'as impracticable by  many, but is re-
is already been   ceiving serious  consideration.    There
room, fully modern house, large lot i    The   employees   of   the   land
to lane.    Owner's equity tVitil). bal-1 office  who  were  dismissed last
ance easy payments, will take a lot j waited   on   Acting   premier   Mitchell,
for equity.    See  us about  it. |Deputy Attorney-General Clary In Ed-
inonton.    They   placed  their  case  before them, pointed out that their dis-
,, .        missal  was  unjust,  particularly  as  it
lot   66x120.    Owners  equity   $2600.1 catne
Balance  payments small   and  easy,'
being only $2,"i0 every six months.
Nos. 207 and 209 Seventh avenue,
city, two fine new houses tor exchange. Owner will take reasonably I
priced property for equity. Investl-j
gate nt once.   These are good buys.
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust  Buiilding.
Re Lot "B" of the South 39 Acres of
Lot 377, Group 1, Except One Acre
Therrtrfore  Conveyed,  in  the   District of N��w Westminster.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title to
the above property will be Is-nn-d    to
Willi m McBrlde on the mth day   of
">"���* "   1913, unless In the meantime
a valid objection thereto be made to
me in writinp by a person or persons
els ming an estate or Interest therein,
'���i In any part thereof.
District Registrar of Titles,
Land Ueglstry Office,
New  Westminsti ���    I'.e .  12th  Julv,
The person or ; ersi na having In
their custody oi pi sseBslon the following 'I tie Deeds n latlng to the said
property are requested to deliver the
same    i the undersigned.
30th January. 1889, grant from the
crown to Charlotte Adele Rougue.
19th July. 1889, conveyance from
Charlotte Adele Rougue to Robert
Scott Moncrleff,
(17431        District Registrar of Titles,
the new high schools, on Tipperary
square, a gold watch chain with
two charms attached. Finder rewarded oh returning to box 1769
The News office. 11769)
monogram E. Cl. S. on back. Findet
please call phope 1331 L, Miss E. O,
Stevenson. (17411
Separate lenders Bupercribed,
"Tender for Residence of Head Oar-
"Tender   fur   Residence   for     Engi
"Tender  for  Residence of  the  Bursar."
" Tender for Residence for Assis
taut Medical Superintendent,"
respectively, will be received by the
Honorable the Minister of Public
Works up to noon'pf Monday, the 28th
f  Jnty,   1913!   for   the   erection
for the Head Ciardener,"
for the  Engineer."
for the BurBnr."
for the Assistant  Modi-
view.    They
j within a very-
official. Mr. Orledge,
! reinstated.
Lay  Off  Teams
The   purchase  of  a   grading  outfit,
authorized  by  the city  council at  Its
last  meeting, seems destined to work
la very l-irge saving in the cost of
grading work carried on under the department of public works. Previous
te the purchase of the grading outfit
the grading was done by team and
scraper and  required  a   large number
'of   teams.     Ily   the   end   of   the   week
the machine was working so satisfactorily   and   doing   the   work   so   fast I
that Commissioner Samis felt warrant- ;
ed in ordering Supt. W. H. II. Oardner i
to lay  off 6,ri  hired  teams,    and    the
expectation   is   that   it   will   be   round
possible to dispense with tiie services
Of several  more  teams.    As  the city I
pays  $6  a  day   for  hired   teams,  tlie j
saving   effected   under   the   order   of'
Commissioner Samis amounts to $390
a  day.     During  the  week   there   were
also  laid   off   thirty   teams  employed
by   the  parks department,   making  96
teams  dispensed  with, and  saving  to
the cily  payroll  $ii7u a day.
Many   British   Born
Three-fourths  of Calgary's population is British born.    That is the fact
to  be  gleaned  from  the  most  recent
bulletin In the census bureau at Ottawa,    This of course Is a statement
made  up  from  Ihe census  returns of i
1911, when the population of Calgary !
; was  stated  to  be 43,704,
This  means of the  then  population ;
Of  Calgary.  34.ti7u  were   British   born,
while 9,030 were horn outside the empire.    Calgary thus figures among the *
C It i's   of   Canada   as   second   to   Win-'
nlpeg iii tbe proportion of its populn
tion horn outside tlie dominions of
Ills Majesty King Oeorge. Next in
order cami- Edmonton and Reg'na, but *
Vancouver, contrary to expectation
Is n long wav behind.   Regina snd Ed
nionlon both came pretty close to
Calgary,  which  is  itself  nol   far from j
Winnipeg In proportion of foreign-
born citizens,
are about 20,000 residents between Ottawa and Britannia, and a dozen different communities. These include
Riverside Park, Westboro, Highland
Park. McKellar townsite, River Park.
Woodroffe, Woodroffe Gardens. New
Orchard Beach. Britannia Highlands,
Loma Park and Britannia. Some day-
all these will be a portion of Ottawa,
and it is pointed out that if they were
now combined into a town the streets
would be laid out properly and they
would then not cost Ottawa as much,
once the district is included in Ottawa,
to widen.
A Too  Prevalent  Evil.
Tearful pleading by the mother
and sister of Joseph Leclalre failed
to arrest the course of justice.
"Your mother and sister," said
Magistrate Askwlth, "pleaded hard in
your behalf. I would like to listen to
them, but I think tlie time for reflection would show you the error of your
The magistrate then sentenced Leclalre to three years in Kingston penitentiary this morning, Leclalre was
convicted of stealing $84 from David
Gauthler, of Casselman, in  Brtsson's
"Three years." exclaimed Leclalre,
who seemed dazed when the sentence
.was passed, as lie had hoped that a
light  sentence would   he meted out.
This sentence is expected to strike
terror into the hearts of those who
have made It a practice of netting
shanty men drunk and then stealing
their money.
This conviction is t'n* first step in
tin- direction of stamping out this too
prevalent   evil.
Province of  Rri'i.-h Columbia,  County
of Westminster,
By virtue of a warrant under con
ditional bill of sale and a distress warrant issued in action by S. H. Thomp
son and to me directed against the
goods and chattels of Emmonds &
Riddle I have Beizcd and taken the
following: Three Pensylvunia auto
lires, four Dtinlop auto tires, lot blowout patches and protectors, four sets
weed chains, five Presto light tankH.
one 160 gallon gas tank, one gasoline
pump, two vulcanizing outfits, one
2[������ b.p. gasoline engine, one air compressor tank and fixtures, three grease
guns, three bronze shafts and three
propellors, two disks, a lot of tools,
spark  plugs, auto accessories, etc.
All of which I shall expose for sale
at No. 4S Eighth street. New Westminster, on Monday, the 21st day of July,
A.D. 1913. at the hour of 3 o'clock in
the afternoon.
New Westminster, Julv 16th. 1913.
T. J. ARMSTRONO. Sheriff.
Bailiff  fur  the   Mortgagee  and   Landlord. I1760i
Province of British Columbia. County
of   Westminster.
L'nder and by virtue of warrants of
execution and a warrant under chattel mortgage, to me directed and delivered against th" goods and chattels
of the West End Hardware company
nt the suit of Kelly. Douglas & Co.,
Merrlthew & Ramsey and A. Hard
man. I have seized and will sell at
the West End Hardware company's
store. Eighth street, New Westminster, on Monday, the 2Xth day of July, j
1913, at 9:30 o'clock In the forenoon.
the following, or sufficient thereof to
satisfy the Judgment debt and costs
herein, etc.: All the slock of hard
ware, tools, plumbing goods, ranges
heaters granite and tinware, aniniuni
tion. paints, varnishes, brushes, etc,
amounting as per Inventory to
Terms of sale cash.
T. J. ARMSTRONO. SlioriiT,
New Westminster. July 16th, 1913
< 175111
IN THE MATTER of the Navigable
Waters Protection Act. being
Chap. 11.', i,i Revised Statutes of
Canada,  1906, uul
IN THE MATTER of an Appllci tion
by the British Columbia Tele
phone Coin pan i Limited, of British Columbia.
Take notice that nn application will
tie made to the Oovernor-Geni ml In-
Council one month from Uu- date of
the publication of Ihls notice for an
order approving the plans deposited
witb the Honorable, the Minister of
Public Works, anil in the Land
Registry OfTice at New Westminster
for the laying of a telephone cable
p.eross Fraser River at Mission. B.C..
wblcb cable is more particularly do-
scribed and shown on the plans reg
Istered with the said, the Honorable,
ne Minister ol Public Works, anil in
the Land Registry office, at New
Per McPhllllps k Wood, (
(1728) Their Solicitors.
and completion of'the following reel
deuces at the Menial Hospital, Esson
dale, B. C:
cal superintendent."
Plans, specifications, contract and ,
forms of tender for each building may
be seen on and after the Fith day of I
July, 1913, at the ofices of J. Mahony, For a License to Take and Use Water.
Government Agent, Vancouver; S. A., Notice is hereby given that Dawson
Fletcher. Government Agent, New am| tirace. or South Westminster
Westminster; and the Department of w||] apply for a license to take and
Public Works, Victoria. II. C. use one hundred Inches nf water out
Intending tenderers can. by apply- of an unnamed creek, which flows In
ing to the undersigned, obtain oue ��� northerly direction through wild
copy   of  drawings  and   specifications  ]and. owner    unknown,   and    empties
of each building for the sum of fifteen dollars ($lfil for ench Bel re
quired, which will he refunded on
their return  In  good  order,
Bach proposal must be accompan
led by an accepted bank cheque or
certificate of deposit on a chartered
hunk of Canada, made payable to tin*
Honorable the Minister ol Public
Works, for the sum of 6 per cent, of
the tender price, which shall be for
feitcd if the party tendering decline
in enter into contract when called up
on to do bo, or If he fail to complete
the work contracted for, The cheques
or certificates of deposit of unsucc ss
ful tenderers will he returned lo them
upon  tin* execution of the contract
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied
signed with the actual signature of
tin- tenderer, and enclosed in the. envelopes furnished.
Puhllc Works Engineer.
Department of Public  Works.
Victoria, B. 0., July 4th, 1913. (1712)
Into a ditch on subdivision near Scott
rond. The water will he diverted al
a point souih of i.adner road and will
be used for stock and domes'ic purposes on thc land described as a sub
division of fractional section L'."., B 5
N���  II. 3 W.
This nol ice was posloil ou the
ground on the 8th day of July, 191::
The application will he filed in the
office of Ihe Water Recorder at   New
Objections may be filed wiih the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water RightH. Parliament Buildings, Victoria. B.C.
(1718i Applicants,
Nanalmo, .Inly 17 While out black-
berrying mi Saturday Mrs. Richard
Drew of North field had an alarming
experience. Accompanied by a small
fox  terrier dog tlie  was busy picking
I quite a substantial number of the
luscious Jam makers, when n sudden
growling and scurry In the bushes
made her look up. to see Kldn in the
act of being worried by a husky panther cub.
The flghl was fast and furious nnd
though the canine pul up a fierce re
Blstance, despite lhe facl that he was
then minus his tall anil nn ear he
was successfully si nt to his lone
dreamland, Maeti r Panther, however, hml Miffered Bevere'v nboul tin
dial, hla features being so booelesslv
chewed away that his mother and
hrother, when i'uv discovered
him,   to   to   their   thetr   heels.    Mi-
.Drew  quickly  returned  to  Northfleh'
and   meeting  J,   Meredith   recited   f
him her tale of woe   He Immedlctelv
set off In queBt of the victor nml fi'*' ���'
him  with a  bullet    At  pre��ent Hits
hunter and others are on tl"- i*n'"-
of Mrs, Panther and ! in, nnd limn tc
exterminate them Bhortlv, And yet
they say Ihe Nitnrod with the Alre-
iliile  dogs  has  to  go  inland   to chas"
panthers, when here at Northfleld
they are to be met with actually at
one's door step.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL  (Pald-Up)   $16,000,000.00
Brunches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, Eng
land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A genera'
banking business transacted. I.etten
of Credit issued, available with cor
respondents In all parts of tho world
Savings Bank Department��� Deposit;
received In sums of $1 and upward
and Interest allowed at 3 per cent, pet
unnum (present ratui.
Total Assets over tlKB.OOO.flno nil.
G.  f>.   BRYMNER,   Manage.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary   Public.
Montreal.  July     17.    Charging    the
Grand  Trunk  Railway  with  blocking
,.    ,     ...     i , , ,.   ,      , ���    ���,      .    the streets in Montreal and holding up
Curtis Block,        657 Columbia Street, j tr,,m,,  M|,.,,,l(,1   ���.,,,������   ������,.,,,  lllBpw'
New Westminster, B.C. I tor In the employ of the city, has tiik-
New  Spring  and  Summer  Sultlngt
now on display. See them. Perfecl
tit nnd workmanship guaranteed. 7ul
from Slreet.
Telephones:  Office 53. Residence 429
JOHN  UEID. Proprietor.
' AgentB Palmer Bros.' Gasoline!
j Engines, Marine Engines and Auto- J
|    mobile Repairs.
Office and  Works:  Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C. j
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department nt all Branches Deposits ot One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payahie In all parte of tbe
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A.  W.  BLACK,  Manager.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
A Modern and
Handsome Office
can be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid of our
millwork. We have all ready
in stock panels, mouldings and
all necessary fittings to expedite the rush jobs. We shall be
glad to submit drawings and
estimates as w; are specially
fitted up for this clasa of work.
Phone  473,  Queensborough.
I'rss and 0��ml. Mgr. Vlc��Pruldant B*e. ata Trass.
Hr, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phones No. 7 snd 877.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
and   every   15   minutes   until   9
p.m.    Half hourly  service  until
11   p.m.   with   late  car  at  midnight.
SATURDAYS���15    minute   ser
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���6 and 5 45 a in.
vice Is continued until 11 pin.
SUNDAYS--6, 7, 7 30 S and
8.30 and every 15 minutes until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6 45 a.m   nnd hourly until 10 p.
m.,   with   late  ear  at   11,80,
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m.  and    hourly
until 10 p.m. with late car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 ara. and every
hour until  11  p.m.
SUNDAYS    8  a.m.    and    every
huro until 11  p.m.
Connection   Is  made at    Kb-
linur until 11 p.m.
and other points on l.ulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.16 am., 1 10 and
C.15 p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Westminster with Boulevard Dowr
the Centre.
Ilitiillthic Ib noiseless, non-slippery, practically dustless, easy on
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. Kor Ihese reasons
Bltulithic Is commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, aim city officials, it 1ms been adopted hy fifteen olti a
In Canada, and over two hundred In the United StateB.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver. FRIDAY, JULY, 18, 1913.
During July and August our business
hours are from 8 o'clock till 5:30; Saturdays, 10 o'clock.
Ladies'Suits, Coats
and Dresses
Outer apparel of particular merit,
nt prices lh.it will demonstrate our
pre-eminent leadership In excellence
nf style and tiiiallly and extreme
Ladles' Whipcord and l-'ine Serge
Tailored SuIih; regular JI'.D.nn Snle
l"'il'"    S17.50
Ladles' Whipcord und l-'ine Berge
Tail ired Suits;  regular $30.00   Sale
"ril'"  S15.00
Ladles' Whipcord nnd Pine Serge
Tailored Knits; reguiari$28.00. Bale
Price '   S14.00
Ladles' Whipcord and l-'ine Serge
Tailored Suits; regular $26.00. Sale
'""''���"    S12.50
Ladles' Blue Serge nnd Tweed Suits;
regulur $28.00, Sale price.  ��jH,l,5C
Ladles'  Blue Serg,   and Tweed Suits;
regular $l'��.im> sale price. $10.03
Ladies' Pongee Coats; satin trimmed,
leg.  $35.00. Sale price. ..  $17.50
Ladles' White Lingerie Dresses em-
reg.  $80.00. Sale price...  $15.00
Ladles' Whipcords and three-quarter
lengths;     regular     $28.00.       Sale
l'r-'"'    $12.50
Ladies'   Panama Johnnie Coats;   reg-
ular $15,110, Sale price $7.50
Ladles' White I.iiiperies Dresses; embroidery and lace trimmed; r"giilar
$5.00    Sal,*  price      $3.00
Ladles' White Lingerie Drosses; embroidery ami lace trimmed; regular
$6.00   Sale price     $3.75
Ladles' White Lingerie Dresses; embroidery and lace trimmed; regular
$8.6Q.   Sale   price $4.00
Ladies' White Lingerie Dresses; embroidery und lace trimmed; regulur
$7.00,  Sale price $4.25
Ladies' White Lingerie Dresses; embroidery and luce trimmed; regular
$8.00.   Sale price $4.75
Children's and Misses'
Colored Dtesses
Good   Value   at   $1.25,   Now
in thc  hcuse,  reg. $2.00 values,   Now
ladies' Gloves
1/ong Silk Gloves, black and
white; regular $1,00;
now    gOc
Long Silk Gloves, black and
white; regular $1.26;
<���<>*���'    $1.00
Long Silk Gloves, black and
white;        regular        $1.55;
now  $1.15
Two-Dome Sill; Gloves;
brown, black, white; reg.
$1.1)0;   now    75c
Two-Dome Lisle Gloves; reg.
8Boi   now    go*
Two-Dome Lisle Gloves; reg.
B0o; now  4Qe
These lisle gloves come in
chamois, grey, brown, hlack
and white.
Good   Values  at  $2.00.   Now
White    Embroidered,    excellent  values  at  $1.00,   Now
Balbripn Underwear
Just   the   right   Weight,  the
In    Most    Pleasing    Effects
regular valuer. $20.75..   Now
Columbia St.
Men's President Suspenders; regular
BOc.    Now   40C
Mens Paris Garters; regular 25c;
now   20-t
Zlmmerknlt   Underwear;   pink,   gray,
blue  and  helio;   regular BOc;
now   35^
Zlmmerknlt Underwear; natural Ral-
briggan; now per suit 75*t
Penman's Balbriggan; two thread;
regular 65c;  now   50e
Zimmerknit Athletic Underwear;
short sleeves; knee length; regular
BOc; now   40t
Men's Work Shirts; all colors and
sIzpb; regular 65c; now  45c
Soft Shirts; reversible collars; white
blue, grey, biscuit and stripes; regular 90c;  now 70*
Soft Shirts; detached collars; double
cuffs, plain collars and neat stripes;
regular $1.25; now  956
Negligee Shirts; laundered cuffs; neat
stripes; regular $1.00; now 75*fc
Negligee Shirts; tine quality; laundered, cuffs; reg $125; now...^5^
Negligee Shirts;  extra quality,  laundered  cuffs;   regular  $1.71*;
����*   ,- ----91.30
Report of School, Nurse and Doctor Show Progress Being
Made and Satisfactory Conditions Obtaining���Parents
Becoming Educated to Necessity of Co-operating���
Fewer Infectious Cases Despite Increase in Pupils.
From the following npor's of the
nool num- and doctor, just slib-
Itted, accurate Information us tn th'1
inner and methods in which school
dlcal inspection work Is conducted
,y bl  hail.
: he flrst is from tiie medical Inepec-
. Dr ES. II Mil'.wen. and reads:
In New Westminster we have one
* dii-al man and one nurse to do the
irk of all the schools (eignl In niiiii-
ri and the work Is fi planned tint'
early  all  the schools  receive  weekly
��� visit from lln- medical Inspector
I two from the nurse (tin- lH'ler deling  the  whole day  to  Ihe  work
��� former the mornings only I.    New
iplls und those returning after exclu-
���i nn account of Infectious diseases,
. are received the nrst  thing in
ii morning   'he returns being timed
* 'Iir mornings scheduled fer thu'.
* I
llie same morning tbe children re-
* ������   nn   Inspection   and.   a    certain
imber, complete physical   extiinlnu-
ii    tin-  results (tf  the-  latter  being
tered upon the medical card.
Tn case any child requires medical
dental attention a notice is sent to
"   parent   or   guardian   on   printed
Ips   supplied   fer   the   purpose.   Any
ifectloua  case  is   sent  home*���as   Is
Iso any suspicious c;ise.    Home calls
-i'  imdo:   Hi   when  "ny  suspicious
ife falls to return;  fil when Infor-
atlon is received Hint there Is ��iis-
* mn  or absentee having Infectious
limit-*; CH when a ease appears for
������    second    time    untreated    where
��� itmcnt   in  recommended.
In   this  way the rises of sickness
ive ben followed up and the getter-
��� ehool health has been greatly hen
lted, in support of this statement
���nlil like to point oul Ihe course
nfoCtlouB trouble ln our schools.
My. 1 mnv nay thut no epidemic
rar hns been spread through the
-nis -^iili 'hr possible exception
neasles and whooping cough and
��� are beyond our control owing to
nt quarantine remilatlons,
'hen a chilil suffering from these
<i s  Is sent  out   Irom  school  he.
*,   not   confined   to    the    house.
hi *. ay, *,*. ith Lhe utmost diligence,
nils i    * in*, ifl the dlsoese to his
hi   , ��� iHsmntea in Bundnv
I  ���      Thi i now ("ii os appear In
ii to ho looked after,   it is more
��� ,ii i i send Buch ci     * oul
��� !*, ol except   In  this  I I
keep the school clean for the ones
who have never taken these diseases;
in short, to make It the safest place
to send Ihe children.
"If measles and whooping cough
were on the list of quarantine diseases a great deal if our troubles
would be removed. 1 would suggest
that your honorable board take this
matter up with the provincial health
department and see what cun he done
about it.
"Now.   re   infectious  skin   diseases,
the children are all subject to a general inspection once   a    mon Mi    each
sch,ml  being  visited  twice weekly by
the nurse and once by myself.    Any
Undoubted case of Infection is sent out ,
at once hy the nurse (if she he alone I; [
any   doubtful  case   Is   sent   to  tne   for
confirmation.  In  this  way  any  infection Is removed hefore It spreads, and
the results  show  the  wisdom of this
course.     Anything  hut   skin   troubles
has to he seen by myself before being
sent  home     (lf cour��e,  nny case not j
satisfied   with   the   nurse's   dismissal
has   the   privilege  of  coming  tn   me,
either at llle school or office and get- |
ting confirmation or otherwise of ills-
"Exclusions were a-- follows:
Disease. 1011 -12. 1912-18.
Impetigo   18 1
Pediculosis       27 u
Ringworms     6 7
Boables or itch   io 5
"This shows yon Hint In spite of the
fact that this year there hnve been
-toil  new  pupils,  Infectious  cases  are
.diminishing. Also, the general standard of cleanliness Is reaching a higher
j point, V
"During the past yenr, l.fiRS pupils
ihn-e been examined as compared wllh
1,661  vail  vear. nnd I wauld like to
'point oul the steps 111 advance shown
jhcre. The parents are beginning to
pav more attention to reports from
Ihls depart ment. Tlle results "are a
long way from Ideal as yd, but edu-
oatton takes time,
('as.*1- Nn. Treated
'Defective nasal breathing        Bl 8
Adenoids       181        -57
Rnlarged  tonsils       327 nil
Dei Rtlve teeth    ,1,021       880
���The number of cases reported mny
appear large us any defect was noted
on our report, but unless the defect
w.is marked, there was no notice s.-nt
to the .       ��� I. The number of cases
treated since examination last year Is
very encouraging, as practically all i.:
the above treatments had been recommended tbe previous year. This
past year has been free from any
trouble with the parents: apparently
they are understanding the necessity
of the course pursued and I have
heard more econiums than criticism
this past year a great contrast to the
previous- yeni.
"Now. re Infectious fevers, we have
had one severe epidemic which affected Ihe schools, but was not In
them. I refer to the scarlet fever epidemic of last January. As you may
remember, this arose from a milk Infection The schools were put under
a rigid examination (see previous re-
por\i hut no case of infection developed or was found In the schools.
However, we made the school what we
intended to make It during that on'-
demlc���the safest public meeting
place In the city. Tliere have been a
few sporadic cases since that epidemic
-some thirteen in all -but ln each
case there has been no spread after
fumigation had been attended to.
Only seven cases of measles have;
been found. We know there are dozens of cases The same applies to
whooping cough. As 1 have previously suggested, these diseases ought to
be placed on the reportable list
"Diphtheria:     Only   six  cases  during   the  year.    No  spread   from   any I
of  these.
"Hn sanitation: This is now largely, under the control of your sanitary Inspector and the improvement
is marked. I would like to draw your
attention to lhe cesspool at Richard
McBrlde school, bul I understand that
d ff Tent arrangements will be made
when the proper sewerage Is established.
"He heating and ventilation; We
received less complaints from the
ri onis healed by hot water and steam
than from any of the other rooms
No doubt ventilation Is poorer, but
the control of the heat by the thermostat seems satisfactory. A hot water heating combined wltll fan driven
air for ventilation would. It seems to
ine, be llle most satisfactory solution
of the problem,"
The nurse in her report, says:
Nurse's   Reoort
"The work this year has been much
more encouraging Hum last, the children Beaming to take more Interest
In their personal appearance nnd
Cleanliness and the dread of being
rent from the elnssrooni by the nurs*i
has hel|ed to '��� eep tho boys' hands
clean. The number of home cnlls
has increased and there seems to he
more friendliness on the part of parents toward the nurse. The number
cf children who have received treatment for decayed leelh Is very satisfactory, and with the constant attention and instruction which the children receive, both parents nnd Children arc being ediii'-iiei) ns tn *h* im-
ncrtance of ki ns their mouths In n
healthy condition.
"During the year we had one ease
tl Incipient tuberculosis In Ihe schools
a little lad of eight who hml been
attending tho Richard McBride school
wns reported ill, so a home visit was
made and finally lbe parent's consent
was given and the child was taken
in Tranqulllo.
"This department is In receipt of a
letter from the medical superintendent of the King Kdward sanatorium,
���I ning that the boy has been sent
home. He has gained ten pounds,
grown considerably and has no courIi
or spitum. no pains or asthamatic attacks, and his chances of cure are
goi d. The super.ntendent suggests,
however, that it may be advisable
to send hlm back next autumn.
"The children with  defective vision
have   be-en   carefully   walched.     and,
where   possible,   we   have   persuaded
the parents to have the children pro-;
perly fitted.    When this could not be!
done,  and   the  parents   were   willing, '
the child was looked after by the de- j
partment  and  the    glasses    obtained
free of Charge.    In  a fpw eases  the |
parents could not be made to see thu ,
seriousness of the case and the effort
was discontinued for a time, but we j
hope In the  near future to  make all
parents   with   defective   children   see
the  importance of having  the  defect
"The number ef children who would
be benefitted hy an auxiliary class
is about the same as last  year.
The greatest trouble this depart
ment has is with measles and mumps
as every parent thinks it is o duty
to kee-i all knowledge of those d s- 1
eases f -om the d :ctrr and niir-u\ Ai
so n ; i a oas* Is reported. It Is look- ,
ed un and l-slructlons given."
Man  Rent*  Room���Leaves  Infant and
Disappears���No  Trace  of   Him
in  Five  Weeks
Chief Engineer of Railway Commission
Not to Attend  Inquest on  Railway  Accident Victim.
Ottawa, July 17. The mountain
will not go lo Mnhaninud, and In this I
case Mnhonuned cannot go to the
mountain To be more explicit, Q, A.
Mountain, chief engineer Ol the railway commission, win not go to the
coroner's Inquest Into the death of
John I'eace In the recent (', P. H.!
wreck at McKellar townsite. and the
authorities who wish to call him to
give evidence do not know what lo do
about the mutter.
Mr. D'Arcy Scott, assistant chief:
railway commissioner, says that the'
findings of the inspectors who report
on wrecks is not Tor coroners' Inquests. He says all the information I
now secured could not be obtained, if
lt were Subsequently  made  public, at'
coroners' inquiries.
Mr. Mountain positively refused to|
discuss the matter. He has often been
subpoenaed to Inquests, and in each
case ban referred the matter to the
railway board, With the n still that
he never attended,
Mr. Mountain hae nol yel been
subpoenaed in this case and Coroner
Craig Is nol yel sure whether he will
be c illed, In the evi nl of Mr, Moun
lain falling to respond to a subpoena,
the coroner will consult with 'Crown |
Attorney   Ritchie   as   to   Whal   action
should be tnkon.
Toronto. July 17.���A rather daring
case cf child-desertion was brought
before Staff-inspector Gregory and
will be thoroughly investigated. A
man recently called at B house on
Argyle street with a child in his
arms, and said hc wanted to rent a
room for the infant, which at the time
was loorly dressed. The child was
ihom f.ve months old, and the man
told the woman he was anx;ous to
secure the room, stating that the baby's mother had died recently.
' Will you hold the child tor a few
minutes while 1 go to my former
rooms and arrange for the transfer
of my trunks and sjme clothes for
my child1''  requested the stranger.
The lady kept the child and when
the man did nol return that evening |
still cared for the little one. hoping-
mat each day would bring hack the
parent. This was five weeks ago.
yet he has not return, d. and Ihe matter v.as brought  bet.:     the  police
As so long a time has elapsed il
will be a difficult case for tlle police
to handle and it appears as though
the city or seme charitable Institution
must maintain the child.
In   calling  at   a   certain   house  an- j
other   peculiar   incident  was  revealed
to tho authorities,   when u small bo>
answered the door, be said that his
mother  was  not  at  home, and  when
,isked concerning a  certain child, ho
said that his mother had obtained it
from a certain womuii. who had re- ;
Celved It from a woman Who hnd !
adopted it through an advertisement ���
iii ii newspaper,   tie was a bright lad
and  seemed  to  he   telling  the  truth |
und understand  what  he  was saying  ,
llv   the  time  this  child  had  reached
the third woman it was In such a con-
dition that it had to be sent to a bos-
pita) wbere ll later died.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   In   New   Westminster.
Schaake  Machine Works.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
are different iu that they
do not gripe, purge nor
cause nausea, nor does
con tin ued use lesson tlieir
effectiveness. Vou call
i always depend ou them,
25c. a box nt your
Druggist's,    ira
Mlll-3ll.il Drug ;UI<1 I hi 1111, it Co.
nl 1 111,*i,i. limit,il
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-Ttahbreds in Adwn-550 nam moHt
FRIDAY, JULY, 18,  1913.
"PAY   CA8H    IT   WILL   PAY
Remember the Place���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
Jacob's Biscuits, 2 pkgs ..25c.
Fry's Cocoa. -V4 Ib. tins ...20c.
Grape Juice, per bottle  ,...20c.
Shrimps, 2 lb. tins   25c.
beard's whole chicken, tin..40c.
Sunshine Peaches, 2 tins ..25c.
3 tins No. 1 Sardines   25c.
Turkish   Coffee,   lb 35c.
Hmpress Baking Powder, tin 20c.
Royal City Tea, 3 lbs 90c.
I. X. L. Tamales and Chili
Con Carne, 2 for  25c.
Plums, basket    50c. to 60c.
Peaches, 2 lbs for   25c.
Pears,   2   lbs   for    25c.
Apples,  3  lbs  for    25c.
Tomatoes, per lb 15c.
Watermelons, each . .50c. to 80c.
Delivery daily 9:30, 10:30, 2:30
and 4:30 to both ends of city.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIQGS
City News In Brief
All notices of meetings, entertain- considering putting two   more    such
ents, sales of work,    etc.,    In    this tears on the road next spring. .	
column  are   charged   for at the   rate I , ,   , ,
of  10 cents per  line.    Please do  not I     A   meeting  of  the  boy   scholars Of  port A)berni  Fisherman Boards Flsh
ask members of the staff to break this , Lord Kelvin school  will be held this
rule, as their Instructions ar. positive,  evening  at  7:30  for  the  purpose  of
' r | discussing plans for attending the an-
All jurors and witnesses    In other i nual   cadet   encampment   at   Sydney,
cases down on list   of   trials   at   the j Vancouver Ulnnd.
assizes  have been  relieved  from    at- ,,,.,..
tendance ut court until Monday. The  municipal  road  oiler    s  being
; kept at  work  throughout    the    city
Eleven days clearance sale at A. S.
Mills * Co. (1767)
Get it nt the Hoyal Pharmacy, 47
Sixth street.    Tel. 1253. (1673)
Planking is now being laid on the
C. P. R. line along Kront street.
Gravel ballast has been lllled In and
the right of way will shortly be ln
first class condition.
Ice cream grotto. Eighth Street
bakery, telephone 281. A. Hardman.
proprietor. (1670)
Part of the old Peoples' Trust building has been leased to the 1). C. Trust
company and an office is now being
fitted up on the street floor which will
be ready for occupation by August 1.
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. 1672)
Six dorys loaded to the gunwale
with Indians left New Westminster
yesterday morning and went down
river to Steveston where the natives
will work In the canneries.
See our big ad on page three for
summer bargains.   A. S. Mills & Co.
Money to loan on first mortgages
Improved city and farm propertv
9 per cent.   Alfred \V. Mcl.eod. (16711
After over a week of waiting in thc
local Dominion lands office. John
Leak's patience was rewarded yester
day when he took out settlement
rights on a choice 40 acre plot in
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
New Westminster will take a prominent part in the entertainment of the
Sovereign Great Priory of Canada, the
governing body of the Masonic Order
of the Temple, which will meet in
Vancouver on August 4 and 5.
For pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
to the D. C. Transport Co., Ltd. Office
phone 826, wharf phone 880.      (1674)
What is said to he a record cut for
one month was made by the Newport
Timber company of B. C, when during June they took 4,1)00,000 feet of
logs out of the woods. The Brunette
; mills are handling moBt of thiB and
Stlii- remainder goes to Vancouver
trimming the dust nuisance.    Yester
day  Carnarvon    street
dressing of Ihe  smelly
FROM  8  O'CLOCK   TILL  5:30.
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
ing Cruiser In True  Piratical
Port Albernl, B.C., July 17.���A Dominion government fishery cruiser,
with a (Ishery officer and crew aboard,
received a j was attacked in real pirate-like style
hut useful 11" the Port Alberni harbor last week,
I The (Ishery officer was J. B. Wood,
of Port  Albernl, who Is Inspector for
A letter from the Hei ull Business
Men'B association, asking for co-operation In arranging u street parade for
the merchants' picnic here on July
30, was received at the executive
meeting of the board of trade yesterday afternoon. Messrs. C. Cumiuings.
H. Ryall and W. R. Gilley were appointed a committee to assist the
the west coast disirict
The naval warrior was John Kendall, a fisherman who owns a cold
storage plant in this city and operates on the Alberni canal.
The fishery cruiser had heen to
I'chucklesat harbor where the InBpec- |
tor and his crew had seized four net! ,
that were being used by fishermen In ]
restricted waters. One of the nets |
was the property of John Kendall.
The other three had his sympathy.
Kendall  was at his  wharf on    the
See Our Ad. on Page 7
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Transfer Completed
Tlle conveyance of ttie Maillardville Ip^t"Albernl foreshore when the gov
property by Stanley Lamoreaux to the i ernment craft, headed for the Somas?
Coqultlam  municipal council has now
been  completed and  the  work of re
constructing the building into a municipal hall with clerk's, engineer's and
other offices wlll be commenced
They Emoked Hon.
Police Magistrate Barth, of Kraser
Mills, yesterday fined two Chinamen
$10 each and costs for being Inmates
of an opium joint within the limits of
Kraser Mills municipality.
iContinued from rnge One i
made a motion towards his hip had
sc-jwled at him. It did not strike him
at the time the movement had any-
thine particular slfnlficant. The motor was "wobbling." When he e"t to
the Royal Oak hotel he did not have
any drinks nor did he see the bartender that morning. He saw the
Chinaman cleaning up.
Bunch of Sports.
Sir Charles���I want to make this
quite clear. Did anything extraordinary strike you that morning?
Witness*���I put them down as a
bunch of sports out all  night.    Then
Toronto, July 17.���The Canadian
river, came along. He had been ad- bank clearings for the week ending
vised of the seizures and was await* I July 17 as compared with the corre-
Ing the arrival of the cruiser. Ken- spending period of 1912 are as follows:
dall hailed the cruiser, but its master ��� July  17. '13 July 18, '12
ignored  the call.    The  indignant  Mr. ' Montreal    $ 55.816,71)9 t 59,957.489
Kendall then hustled  into a powerful   Toronto        39.811,262     49.330,263
and  speedy  gasoline     launch    of his   Winnipeg ....    27.122.139
own and set out after the enemy. The   Vancouver . ..    11,948,295
government launch  was    the    Blower  Calgary          4,185,694
and the Kendall ship was soon along-   Ottawa          4,403,440
side  it.    Mr.  Kendall  jumped  aboard   Edmonton   . ..      4.090,563
the   service  craft,   made   fast   to   it,   Victoria          3,886.958
turned his launch  In  the direction of   Hamilton         3,498,344
his own  wharf and.  in  spite    of    all   Quebec           3.235.791
struggles and protests, began making  Saskatoon   ...      1,787.588
headway with the cruiser in tow. Itegina          2,505.950
With   the  government   boat  pulling   Halifax           2,310,585
oue way and the Kendall boat pulling   St. John         1,698,156
the other progress  wus slow and  he-   London         1,734,765
fore half the distance    to    the fisher-   MooBe Jaw   . . 947,387
man's wharf had    been    covered    Mr.   Brantford   ... 680.361
Wood managed to cut the tow line.        Medicine Hat 633,553
When the two boats parted the gov- i Westminster   .        601,760 	
eminent  craft  naturally   had  a   good   Brandon    559,351 514.368
handicap    in  a  race  for  the  Somass   Lethbridge   .. 543,027 626,669
river,   but  II  was  some distance  out I ��� ������
from  the Alberni  wharr when it  was.    Totals   $176,250,365 $185,566,326
overhauled a second time. [	
In a running fight Kendall made   a Mixing  Road   Rules,
number of attempts to secure    -. sec- j     Bellingham.   July   17.���Automobiles
ond bold on the cruiser, but he failed   driven  by Dr   C. A. Mead and J.   T.
.    588,320
to succeed in attaching himself till McChesney, prominent men of Ever-
the government boat pulled np at Ihe ett, were demolished last nighl on the
old town wharf. At this point Chief road between here and Everett when
Constable Sampson was called to the a Canadian car crashed Into the Mc-
assistance of the fishery officer. l!n- Chesney automobile and a car driven
I thought It queer that a bunch of|der forcible persuatlon Kendall reluct-1 by a driver who had JuBt returned
sports  did  not  call  at  the  hotel  toj-antly abandoned active hostilities.       'from a tour in British Columbia ran
The fishery officer has laid a charge I into the  Dr.   Mead  car.    Both  acci-
against Kendall  and the accused  has, dents  were due to  the confusion    In
gone to Vancouver to engage expert I turning to the left.    Members of the
legal assistance.    It  is expected  that j party sustained severe bruises.
-mi his return there will be an exciting I
time In the court house,
Th-e  other iron  who""  nets    wet
have a drink.
Tnckled as to whether he testified
at the preliminary examination that
he could not say whether It was two
or four months after Sept. 15 that he
discussed the matter wiih the authorities,   witness   replied   that   he   could
999 wealthy self-
made men out of 1 0 0 0
got their start by regular savings.
Nearly all men who
save do succeed.
Is this not sufficient
reason for you to start
a savings account today
when it requires only
$1 to make the start
If you como here you
will be allowed 4 per
cent, interest added
quarterly and every possible courtesy will be
extended to vou.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships under Administration, over Jti.ii'K) 000.
Trust'e for Bondholders over
Mr. Edward Junes in-.s taken over
the management of the Hoyal cafe
and the Dominion hotel, where he
will be pleased to meet his old friends
and assures the Westminster public
that the best in the catering line will
iv served there, 11770)
The Big Furniture Store, corner
Sixth and Carnarvon streets. Is running a genuine clearance sale. Sub
stantial reductions on all lines for
cash. Denny & Ross, the people
who treat you right all the time.
not  say  exactly  at  the  time  without   ,?lzPd  Wfrp  ��������,*,   j-   am,    postg    by
Magistrate Kirkup. Two of them paid
the money. The other two. who are
looking to Kendall and his legal talent
for help In their fight against the authorities, have chosen to be placed in
consulting his note book
lt was here the incident regarding
the Identification of Powell, by a
newspaper cutting of the auto record
breaker. fV.lrman. took place, after
some preliminary Bklrmlshlng.
After luncheon Greenwood's cross-
examination was continued. He war
positive that he rose at 6 o'clock oi
Sept. 15, 1911, that his boy called him
that he left the liouse at 7 o'clock
and got to Ihe Intersection of th:
roads between 7 and 8 o'clock. Despite lhe stenographer's transcript h'
had never said that it was betweer
7 and 8 o'clock when he got up tha'
morning. Other discrepancies between
his present evidence and transcript'-
of previous statements were pointe,-'
out. but witness adhered to his attitude that he had not made the al-
At the conclusion of a brief sitting   leged statements.   He had not descrin-
To the officers and members of the
True Blue lodge. Mr. R. C. Newman,
supreme grand master of True Blues,
will speak in Ihe Odd Fellows' hall.
South Vancouver, this evening. All
True Blues are Invited to attend.
I176S) Provincial (Irand Mistress,
The Rexall
yesterday morning at the inquest upoi:
Frank Fickle. Uie Hurnaby prison
farm Inmate who died on Tuesday,
the coroner's Jury brought in a verdict
of death from natural causes. The
man had been troubled for some time
| with heart disease and It was from
litis that  death  resulted.
II     Kred  Davis will sell  by auction  on
I jthe premises, 769    Carnarvon    street
j next door to the Odd Fellows' hall, on
| ruesday, the 22nd. at 2 o'clock in thr.
afternoon, the whole of the contents
1 if the house, carpets,    mas,    dining
j room   furniture,   bedroom   sultos,   pic-
lures, etc.    Terms cash,    No reserve,
j Particulars ran  be  obtained  from P.
It   Hrown,  16  Begbie  street.      11763)
We make awnings, tents and  sails.
! renovate carpets ami draperies,    re
make   and   rfcpollefe   furniture,   manu
facture cedaf ^ross and  waist boxes
i window    sealt    and    do all kinds ol
I tpholstery   work    In  leather or tapes
try,    We are the largesi makers    of
window shades,   draperies   and    interior    hangings,      Estimates    given.
Lees Limited, (16691
Ah Sin was his name and In police
courl yesterday be got six months'
hard for selling liquor to l'eter Co-
I quitlam, an Indian, He had a previous conviction. l'eter seemed to
have been a miniature moving bottle
tore, He was arrested with four 60
cent flasks ot -whisky and brandy in
his possession. He sold a flask of
illeged brandy to Coquitlam Johnny.
Ahleh Johnny described as Scotch and
chief Bradshaw as a concoction
l'eter was fined $l(>u or three months'
Mr. and Mrs. Powers, two residents
of the stale of Oregon, came to New
Westminster  yesterday  In  a  modern
prairie   schooner,   rigged   out   of     an
automobile.    In their odd looking out
I Bl   they  tour  the  country  earh  sum
mer. and camp like gypsies along tin
'roadside wherever    night    overtake!
I them.    After having  some  minor   repairs made to Iheir car, they  lefl   for
I Vancouver   Island   to   spend   most   of
i tin-   summer,    The  arrangement  of
|their  vehicle Is most Ingenious;   the
canvas hooded sleeping apartment occupies the front of the car and in the
rear  a   miniature    cook    stove    and
kitchen are placid
One of tin
always the leading store in
everv citv. We Call save VOU  "s"'1  l,v  '[!' ll,!;a'  Northern  ri
*'**r*j w,v . ���'   , rami,  to .New   Westminster re
rioney on your next pair of
Glasses,   fry
d the auto as old and rlckelv outside of the police court. On the day
of the preliminary examination witness was also positive that he hid
never described Macnamara as smooth
shaven.    He had a short moustache.
The description of the driver of the
auto. Macnamara, as an extraordinary big man. l'i to 60 years of age
from 200 to 250 pounds in weight
smooth shaven, as nearly as Witness
could remember, wns read.
Witness- ' said his moustache wa"
very short.
Cowt Chicks Counsel.
Sir Charles *as quizzing witness a?
to other minute details such as the
color of his hair, etc, when he "-ar
checked by ills lordship. Sir Charle-?
explained that, his object was to test
the truth of witness' evidence to sei
how far he would go, His client wai
charged With a very serious offpnci
and counsel should be afforded t
great deal of indulgence, Witness wnp
making almost incredible state-men1"
His I irdshln I don'l ��tp<< -'"���
you In that There is such a thing
as goiiif ton far in crnss-e^amlnni"
sir Charles explained thai it �������'
his duty to use every means to test
the credibility or witness.
Witness was then examined ns to
Macnamara's collar and then tin- hat
he whs supposed to be wearing Questioned as t i Dean's alleged motion on
 "'"��� Ms h'l'id to his hip, he replied that at the time it did not occur to him as the attitude of drawing
a   revolver.
A fresh piece of evidence was witness' statement that he had ment'nn-
ed the auto incident to two men. Ma
son and Macdonald, bef ire he reported
it  tn the  police.
Mr. MacNeill, In re-examlnatlon
whs nuesttonlng witness as to whMher
lie had his glasses on when he look
ed at the newPDaper cul he wss
shown by Sir Charles and Identified
as   Martin   Powell.
The courl Interposed and siihl thn'
as a matter of facl witness had look
ed  ill   it   through   his glasses.
Testimony was then given by Mr,
Barton, a grocer, who had business
with Dean and Macnamara at 1607
Broadway west. Vancouver, during Ihe
months of Jul}', August and September, 1011 Sometimes they were together There were a woman nnd 'we
little girls staying In the house. There
were nls-o two bulldogs, one black and
two gasoline motor cars   onP white.
Easterners  Should     Come     West  and
See a   Real   Flsh.
Ottawa, July 17. Eighty-seven and
l half pounds was the weight of a
large fish caught in Lake Descbenes
last week by oJseph Seymour. Harvey
Btreet, Hull. The fish was a monster
Strugeon and measured (ive feet and
three  Inches.
Seymour has been doing quite a bit
of fishing lu hla spare time the past ' of free picnic places on the sand
few weeks, but luck seemed tj be ' beach or under lhe wonderful spread
against him and his piscatorial ablli- ling maples. Lovely spring water
lies were not rated high. Wednesday Take the River road to Ladner and
night, however, he had a turn of luck [the Cloudy road south,
and  he now ranks among Hull's best
Pack in your bathing suits and a
well filled hamper and spend a diy at
Maple  Beach,  Boundary  Bay.    Plenty
Alone in a row boat Wednesday
night, he put out several nighl lines,
hul it was late before he got a bite
that was worth bothering with. When
he felt the tug on the line he had to
make a quick jump to the other side
of the boat to balance It. For a few
minutes he had a hard fight. In which
the boat was nearly upset several
The (xploit took place near Trepan-
nier's camp, near the rapids at Des-
chenes, and he then tied the line to the
j boat and rowed for all he was worth lo
shore. Here he had to tie the line to
i tree to allow of his hauling it In.
Dumbfounded hardly describes sc -
'iinnr when he saw the fish he had
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
Residence V. W. C. A. Phone 1324.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia  St.,  Phones
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   St.   Market,   Phone   1205.
Edmonds   Market.   Phone   L883.
. ;r.,c.
I'hone 59
New Westminster.
T. J. Trapp & Co's
10c. Hand Brushes, 15c Fish Lines  5c.
15c. and 20c Tack Hammers, 25c Tea Strainers,
15c and 20c Scrub Brushes, 15c Juice Extractors, 15c and 20c Garden Trowels, 1 doz.
Hat and Coat Hooks half pint cans of Varnish Stain 1 Oc.
20c to 35c Screw Drivers, 25c pliers, 25c Mop-
sticks, 25c Collapsible Aluminum Cups, 25c
Pocket Knives, 25c Coat Hangers, pt. cans of
Varnish Stain 15c.
30c and 35c Butcher Knives, 30c Fruit Presses.20��.
50c Buggy Whips, 35c Chamois Skins, 35c tin
of Healing Powder 25c.
50c Grass Hooks 30c.
50c Lemon Squeezers, 60c  Lawn Sprinklers,,.;
50c Preserving Kettles  35c.
60c Nail Hammers, 60c Preserving Kettles, 60c
Scissors, 60c Spice Boxes 40c.
75c Candlesticks, 65c Preserving Kettle, $1.00
Set Children's Rake, Hoe and Shovel 4ac.
65c. Waste Paper Baskets, 75c Bucksaws, 75c.
75c Nickel Plated Cuspidors	
85c Cocoa Mats 60c.
$1.00 Busy Lawn Sprinklers 65c.
$1.00 Grass Catchers for Lawn Mowers 70c.
$1.00 Chamois Skins, $1.00 Oil Stoves, $1.00 and
$1.25 Razor Strops 75c.
3 Window Screens 22x 32 1-2 in., 3 for 80c.
$1.25 Cocoa Mats 85c.
$1.25 Axes, $1.25 Meat Safes, Window Screens
15x 22 1-2 in., 4 for 90c.
$1.50 Boy's Coasters, $1.50 Fishing Rods, two
75c tins Klondyke Metal Polish, three 50c
bottles Veribrite, $1.25 Cobbler's Sets, $1.50
Screen Doors 95c.
Here is an opportunity to buy small wares at a
great reduction.   Don't neglect it.
Curtis Drug Store
Cross-examined He did not know*
where Macnamara slept, lie saw hlm
with Dean on several occasions.
W.  Q,   Davidson   Ial   the   house  to
and has been  taken  to Vancouver is-
-land to I Bed on tin line connecting
Hidnei and Victoria    The car, which I Macnamara on behall  of Dean
a combined coach and locomotive, MW hlm several times,
will accommodate 8D persons, and is,    h. a.  Burton, the owner   of   the
1,1 '     The motor alone weighs  bouse, snld Dean null thn premises on
,,,,,,    ,.,��� , ���   ,���...!., |B  '������'=> |U11S    '���'���"s (;"  ���'"������' formerly oper- Oct, 4 or 6.   When he left he found a
For  PHOTO  GOODS.  SPECTACLES, ������,,, on ������.   rj. N   R,   ,,������   between  hole in a couch aboul 8 or 10 Inches
and SEEDS, Bellingham and Anacortes,   and    the  wide with the stuffing oul and somc-
  iniher is in use between Munroe and thing substituted.
Phone 43:  L. D. 71;   Res. 72.        ' IWal.     Mr.   .Myers,  of  the  O,   N,   It. |    The  court  adjourned   nntil  10  a.m.
i New Westminster, B. C. j office here, saj s thai liis company are  today,
L02liJSEWCE Suits to  your
SPECIALS -, i      i.
order and satisfaction.
Hed Currants   2 lbs. for 20c
Plums,  l'ears and   l'eaches 2 lbs. 25c
Tomatoes, per lb 2'ic
Miiskmelloiis   2 for 25c
Ume and Grape Juices, per bottle 2m-
to   350
Bannanas, per dozen    30c
(Successor to Ayling & Swain.)
4-47  Columbia  St. Phone 98.
High   Clans   Ladies   and   Gentlemen'?
401   Columbia   St.
SHI I iimijno II   OME n   M.P , PRESIDENT,
C. A. COGERT, General Maracer
Capital paid up
Haierve Fund
Total Aneti -
A Modern Banking Institution
Every description of Banking is transacted by Tha
Dominion Bank. The Collection Department Is completely
equipped to handle the business of Manufacture-is, Wholesalers and Large Corporations.
Tnke advantage of the Business Mini's Train and make your
home Bt Crescent Ileach  (Blackie Spit)  for the Biiininer months.
Triiin leaves at 5:80 p.m. dally, on nnd after June 15, returning In
the  morning  in  time  for business.    Crescent    Beacb    affords    Ideal
conditions for summer .homes, combining  Ihe   best  of  bathing,  bnnt
log al nil  stages of the tide together with  line  beach,    Artesian  v,ell
water to all  residents,    Let us show you this property.
F. J. HART  &  CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E nployera"   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marino  Insurance.
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C, viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American nnd Canadian Engineers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4 In. to Mln in diameter. This Is also made ln this Provlnoe and we
consider superior to any Im^irted article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Kock, Washed Gravel, Snnd,
I.lme, Plaster, etc.
Seo us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16, 902 Columbia Street W,


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