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The New Westminster News Nov 5, 1913

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Ntws Classified Ads.
Have proven their worth by the
results   they   produce     They   fill
large   or   small   wants   at   amall
Weather Today
New Westminster and  tbe lower
mainland: Light to moderate winds,
! imni-'iiHd and mild with rain.
Fusionist Candidate John Purroy Mitchell Elected by
Overwhelming Majority Over Edward E. McCall���
William Sulzer, Ousted Governor, Gains Seat in the
State Assembly by Sweeping Plurality.
New York, Nov. 4.���Fusion carried
New York ctty today, electing John
Purroy Mitchell, mayor by approximately 7B.000 plurality and retaining
control of the Important board of estimates by a safe margin.
Tammany Hall saw Its nominee for
Ihe mayoralty, Edward K. McCall, go
down to defeat by one of the biggest
pluralities ever given against a candidate of the organization and lt
looked at midnight as ir it might not
���even save the New York county offices out of the wreckage. The big
vote for Mitchell pulled through the
Fusion candidates for presldenl of the
board of aldermen and comptroller,
Oeorge McAneny and William A. I'ren
dergast,   against   whom   tha   Indepen
Alberta   Citlea and   Towns  Jump  on
Project of Shopping Festival for
Calgary'.  Nov.  4.  -No  less than   20
���resolutions  strongly  condemning  the
dence��'leag7e"a-_   wen'aa" Democratic i shopping festival which a local even-
organization candidates were running.  JM PaP" proposes to hold In this city
Tsmmsny Elects One. have been received at the city offices
Apparently with the exception of'"' *���**> r<,ta" merchants of Alberta
assemblymen In tbe districts which:'���"1 various towns In the province
usually go Democratic and minor of-ftributary to Calgary,
flees In some of the boroughs, the op-1 '�� no uncertain terms the morch-
posltion to Fusion succeeded In elect-jan'* of these dilferent towns coning onlj one or Its nominees, Maurice  demn the scheme and brand It as one
K. Connolly, for borough president of *W<* w[" ***����� trBoe "ut of ,ts leBi"
(),��� ,.nt j tunate channels.
The    fusion is ts    elected     borough
presidents In Hrooklyn, the Bronx aid No Reports of Wreckage.
Richmond, and apparently have pull- Ottawa Nov. 4.- The railways and
ed through their candidate for presl* j canals department has received no
dent or the borough or Manhattan, reporta Of the wrecking Of the dredge
.Marcus  M   Marks, by a small  plural    port   Nelson  and  wholly  discredits  a
llv over  Dr.  Thomas  Darlington,  the
Tammany nominee
The  result  thus    Indicated     would
dispatch irom Ilulirax giving currency
to the rumor The dredge v.as placed
in position at Port Nelson during tbe
Thirty Turn in Badges when' President   Yuan   Shi   Kai
Asked to Ride With
Indianapolis   Cltliens    Still    Without
Service���Little Disorder on
Election Day.
Indianapolis. Ind., Nov. 4.���Thirty
members of the police force refused
today to ride with strike-breakers and
as a result the fourth day of the street
car strike here passed without car
service. The policemen turned In
their badges, which were returned,
with orders that the men remain on
patrol duty, lt waB announced that
charges would be preferred against
them when the strike had been settled.
The streets were crowded owing to
th election holiday, but little disorder
wss reported. The strikers and the
strike sympathizers gathered on the
court house steps and cheered several ministers who addressed them,
counselling them to avoid violence.
Resolutions denouncing violence were
adopted  by the gathering.
The refusal or the police to act came
when a car was manned by strikebreakers for a trial trip. The first
three sijuads of ten policemen refused
to board the cars and the reserve
squads protested so vigorously that
it wus decided to abandon tbe trip.
rhe   policemen   said    they    would
Takes   Drastic   Action
with Parliament.
Martial Law in Operation in Peking-
Many Arreett aad Summary
Peking, Nov. 4.���The Btruggle between tbe Chinese parliament and
President Yuan Shi Kai has brougv
about drastic action by the president,
which In the opinion of many will
have a serious effect on parliamentary government. Lengthy presidential proclamations were Issued at
midnight, expelling the Kwo Ming
party, numbering more than 300 members, from parliament. The proclamations recount the difficulties with
which the government has been
struggling since the Manchu reign
and describe disasters certain to follow If parties such as the Kwo Minx
Tang are permitted to exist.
The Kwo Ming Tang party formerly-
headed by Dr. Sun Yat Sen, first provisional president of China, who no v
Ib In exile,  but in the recent rebel-
march wTttlhe oar. would fisbt In" the j U?n was required by Yuan Shi Kai to
streets, use their guns and clubs at | dismiss Its southern leaders.    Never-
rlsk to themselves and face the mis-1 theleas, members of the    party   continued to fight in parliament for   th.
curtailment of  Yuan  Shi   Kai's    authority.
A crisis in the situation was readied last week when the draft of   the
Third Division of Atlantic
Fleet Anchored at Vera
Cruz Yesterday.
leave Tnmmany but one vote out of ii,|gh tides In October and will be high
lf, in Ihe board of estimates, which I nnr* ,\ry until the Bprlng tides permit
controls  the  cltv's  purse.    A   Fusion  0{ *. being floated again.
majority In tho board of aldermen nlsoj . . . ���	
���seems assured.
In lhe Sixth assembly district William Sulzer, recently deposed governor, was elected on the Progressive
At 11 o'clock Samuel S. Koenig.
chairman of the Republican county
committee, claimed the election of the
���entire Fusion ticket In tho greater
citv and or tbe New York county as
("harles F Murphv. leader of Tammany hall, followed shortly with a
brief statement
"The result speak* for Itself." he
vald "Mr Mitchell has been elected
by a majority of the voters Ills op-
p.merits Join In the wish that he may
have a SUOcessful administration and
hope that It wlll be of substantial
benefit to the city."
When Flre Commissioner Joseph
.lohnson. McCal's campaign mannger.
railed the candidate on the telephone
and told him ihe returns^spelled the
election nf MltchelT hv a large majority. McCall aaid: "Is lhat so? I
have been playlug goir all day snd I Vera Crus. Nov. 4.���The third dlvls
nm tired I will send a telegram of jion or the United States Atlantic fleet,
ron��TStu!atlnn to Mr. Mitchell nnd go!comprising the four battleships Rhode
back to bed." j Island,   Virginia   Nebraska   and   New
Mayor-elect Mitchell declared Ihe : Jersey arrived here at 6:15 this even-
result was not a personal triumph, I |ng. '-fhe warships anchored outside
but a victory  for the cause of good the breakwater.
government.   "I Bhall be mayor for all 	
the people of New York and not for Considered Conclusive.  |
any faction, division or party," be de- Mexico City, Nov. 4.���The undercur-
clarcd In a statement. "I have butjrent 0f conversation at the national
one ambition and that Is to make NeW|pa]acn t0Blght carried rumors regard
York city the beBt cverned city In ��� |ng President Huerta's attitude in the
America. To Judge McCall I extend i-a(.e nr Washington's demands that
my sincere personal greetings. 'He j,a retlre. butane president hlmsell
bas reaped the whirlwind and Buffer- j preserved silence.
��id  the consequences    ff    Intolerable |    Huena's Intimates are familiar with
slles of the crowd, but that they would
not board the cars. Mayor Shank
modified a former Btatement attributed to him defending the police.
Military Needed.
"After my conferences of the last
few days," he said, "I believe the lives
or  all   policemen   riding  In   the  cars
St.  Mungo Cannery  Management Look for Another Site.
Columbia     Cold     Storage     Company
Open Tendera Today for New
$200,000  Plant.
The Columbia Cold Storage company is to leave New Westminster for
Steveston and today tenders are to be
opened for the plant which may cost
up to $200,000. After months of Indecision the city council and the Btorage company have failed to come to
terms over arrangements for accommodation in the new harbor scheme.
Speaking of the matter last night
Oeorge Cassady, of the cold storage
concern, said It would coBt his com
The second day of the health orriclals' clean-up campaign in New Westminster brought results. About a dozen places in Sapperton must be cleaned
up or the scene will shift to the police court. Some people along Victoria
street must have sheet metal garbage cans at once, and aome stable manure
heaps will be removed, if the official "say so" carries weight.
However the campaign is not being carried on with the big clab at
together. In their rounds the officials yesterday delivered never*| impromptu
lectures on hygiene, and the evil of leaving refuse uncovered. Apparently
their efforts of Monday have born fruit, for many residents yesterday cleaned
up premises early In tbe morning.
It ls plain that few people are wantonly careless ln keeping unsanitary
premises, but lt ls also clear that many have conceived the wrong Idea of
what "sanitary" means. Yesterday several apologized to the visiting inspectors for leaves and loose paper lying about. Now the health authorities
like to see places tidy but they are not landscape artists. It doesn't matter
so much to them if the lawn isn't trimmed. A place may be unkept and stifl
be healthy. But when they go to a yard they do want to know where the
garbage Is kept. If tt is thrown out on the ground to rot and breed dlseaae
the* It's their business, lf it Is kept In a wooden barrel or pall, thus allowing seepage to contaminate the soil, it's their business. Even If a tin container is used, but left uncovered, It's their business.
Hindu Shack to Be Closed.
During the morning Dr. McQuarrie and Mr. Pearce visited a number of
pany a rental of $1600 per lot per year.   , .    ��� , , ,       . , .,,._.
and about six lots would be needed. P,aceB ln Sapperton, complaints as to whose sanitary condition had been
This was prohibitive.    Also he point-1 received.   The first place visited was a Hindu shack.   The Interior of this
ed out that his company would have
to move anyway. The harbor line
would leave the present plant without
waterfrontage. If he moved to some
place along the waterfront here, it
would be but temporarily; when the
scheme was completed tbey would
have to move again. Sooner than do
this and pay the rental asked tbey
were going to make Steveston their
"We have to compete with Vancouver, Seattle and Prince Rupert," Mr.
Cassady said, "and I think the city
sbould bave granted us some concessions for a while anyway. Later they
conld have charged us more but now
a rental of $1500 a year for one lot is
too much altogether."
To ascertain the truth of a report
that the St. Mungo cannery was aleo
to  leave   New  Westminster,    JameB
place was found to be fairly clean, but the exterior was in a deplorably unhealthy condition.   In every nook and corner on tbe outside piles of decay-
were  In danger,  and   I   do not wa_ition
proposed    legislation,    which    would  Anderson of that company, was Inter
make the president absolutely depend- viewed
ent upon the parliament, waa decided)    "Yes.we  may  go  from  here,"  he
anv bloodBhed. When the police are
nifflclently reinforced, and I believe
that can only be done by the state
mllltla. I wlll see that every policeman does hls duty."
John Brogan, who wss shot on Oct.
23 ln a riot ln the downtown district,
died loday of bis wounds. Brogan I
was s union wood worker, who with
othrrs took part In a parade after a
union meeting. James Oorman was
chsrged with the shooting.
Charlea Fisher, a strike-breaker, of
Chicago, was arreated on the charge
of shooting Tom Carleton In a fight at
Uie 1-ouUtana Btreet barns Fisher
was nicked out from a crowd of strikebreakers by a man who was near Carleton when the latter was shot.
Humors that companies of militia
throughout the state had been ordered
lo prepare themselves for duty here,
wcre denied by Governor Italston.
| said. "There Ib no place decided upon
I yet, but lt may be Steveston. I will
likely  go to England  this winter to
Huerta   Remains   Silent   and   Refuses
to Discuss Ultimatum from
United States.
conditions of a corru-t machine and
leadership, The campaign and Its in-
��cldents now are historical and aa
mayor, I shrll Invito the co-operation
���of lodge McCall aa chairman of the
public se-vlce commission."
When Mr Mitchell arrived at Fusion headquarters he received a great
nvnllon. .
Won't Recognise Murphy.
"What are you going to do about
Murphy?" he was asked.
"By not recognlilng him nor any
���one connected wllh him I am going to
tin all I can to drive him out of business."
A larcgone conclusion of the balloting today wsb the re-election of Chas.
S. Whitman to the district attorney.
���ship. He was a candidate of nearly
all the many tickets.
Sulrer  Elected.
New York, Nov. 4.���William Stilsi-
���ousted from the governorship of New
York last month by a verdict of a
high coort of Impeachment, was elected to the statu assembly today from
thr Sixth district by a sweeping
plurality, estimated at an early hour
n* 200$ or more. He ran on the Prn-
gnsslve ticket nnd apparently polled
more votes than hls Republican and
D-tnocrnMc opponents comb'ned. HI*
���old neighbor" on the east side ralllod
strongly to his support.
Thero wn�� Jubilant unbounded In
the former gnvernor'a hesdniiarters
ths iho count began to record his vin-
(cry. HiiWer himself was all smiles.
��IIe regarded his triumph ns a personal vindication, he aald. and Issued
n ��tBtement ���lin'nkln* h's supporters
nnd scoring Charles F. Murphy, lender
of Tammany Hall. Ho declared Mm
phv had been condemned bv the vole
that gave the district William Sul/.er
iib lta representative at Albany.
"Tbe people of the Sixth assembly
district." aald Bulser In his statement, "think better of   ma than   if
(Continued oa Page Four.)
the terms of the communication,
which they regard as practically mandatory. The memorandum from the
admlnlBtratlon at Washington states
that unless General Huerta retires Immediately and thereafter has nothing
to do with the conduct of affairs, or
the formation of a new government,
the President of the United States
will Issue an ultimatum, which. If rejected, will cause him to call npon
congress to authorize him to use sterner methodB.
The language used caused Huerta's
friends to regard the American communication ln itself conclusive, slnct
Genera) Huerta Is given no choice.
In the memorandum It is Impreesec
upon General Huerta that hla retire
ment from the presidency and non
Interference on hla part ara the only
steps which would be acceptable ti
the American government He la reminded that any attempt upon hla
part to leave as his successor any ot
the men connected with the coup
d'etat by which he obtained the presl
dency or to utilize In the proposed
government any of thore choaen In
the recent elections, even those nam
ed as congressmen, would result In
the definite breaking off of all relations.
It Is suggested that General Huerta
be succeeded by some man or by aome
small croup of mnn who will eondurt
the affairs, of government temporarily
somewhat on the lines of a commission form of government and that It
be understood thla man or group of
men shall take Immediate steps to call
new elections to establish a permanent
Oeneral Huerta la reminded that
tha United Statea la anxious to avoid
trouble as well for the welfare of
Mexico aa to preserve International
The special cabinet meeting called
by the president for today waa not
held. This la taken aa an Indication
that he la not ready to dlaeuaa the
Washington demanda with hll ministers.
Martial law  Is In operation In Pe
king and tbe authorities are maklni
arrests and summary executions. Pre- find out for sure what our move w
partitions are under way tor the elder ber
statesmen who served under the The rental wa8 also the prime cause
Manchua to resume their position sin ���' "���� St. Mungo cannery looking for
the cabinet I* new ,ite    These Mr- Anderson be-
i Ai various legations the opinion ia|HeTe* "ridiculous." His company
IheVd that only by strong action can would have to pay $2000 rental per
the president prevent the disruption
of China by her own people. Very
little has been accomplished bi par
lianient, which has devotwt it* time
to opposing the president-since It
convened.   Disorders are spreading.
A Good Mixture.
Concord. N. H.. Nov. 4.���Charles J.
French, granite cutter, waa elected
mayor of Concord today for the fourth
time.'receiving 2749 votes to 1932 for
Kdward J. Gallagher, an editor. No
party designations appeared upon the
ballot under the present city charter,
but both men are Democrats.
Ill-health   Official   Reason
for Release of Confessed
Fears Formsr Associates Will Recognize Him, Takea Stapa to Remove
Scar on Face.
I.OB Angeles, Nov. 4.���The "poor
health" of Ortie B. McManlgal, tbe
confessed dynamiter, waa the official
reason given today by John D. Fredericks, district attorney, tor ordering
what he believed to be the permanent releaae from the county Jail of the
co-worker ot the McNamara brothers
and chief witness against SS labor
union officials, who were aentenced to
tbe federal penitentiary at Leaven
worth for complicity tn tha so-called
"dynamite conspiracy."
"McManlgal haa been In poor health
for some lime," said Frederlcka today,
"and he has been taken out ot the jail
on the advice of a phyalclan."
���Win he be returned whan he haa
"He may be back In a few daya, a
few weeka or a few montha," was the
answer. ,
"Wlll he positively return at aome
"Now don't try to pump," reepond-
ed Frederlcka, closing tha Interview.
McManlgal may hava been In poor
health, according to jail attendants,
but his appetite and ooaatantly Increasing girth and weight belled It,
they declared.
They eald they were willing to admit he had gone to a hospital, however, but not became ot poor health.
They hinted he hid eeted upon a desire he expressed soma montha ago
to have a surgical operation performed to remove trom hla forehead a
great scar by whloh ha tear-ad former
aasoclatea might recogulM hla.
Prince Albert. Sask., Nov. 4.���A
prairie Ure which started in a small
way without attracting unusual attention this morning from a flre
reported to have been started by section men of -lie Canadian Northern
railway eaat of here has practical!;-
set the whole district on flre. j
Men are being rushed out 'from
town and every' available person ls
now lighting the flameB. An appeal
for aid bas been Bent Into the chief
lire ranger at Prince Albert, and also
to the Prinee Albert flre department.
The lire threatens to sweep right
through the John Smith reserve.
This is one room ot a house below Chinatown, condemned by Sanitary
ed that otherpeople along~~theTwitter-1Inspector Pearce.   The place waa occupied by both Chlneae and Italians until
front thought the rentals beyond all' Placarded as unlit tor -habitation aad the occupants ordered away.   The un-
year for a lot and two lots would be |
needed.   Moreover Mr. Anderson stat-
* reason, and not aoMUatMM with preaent values.
tldtnega is reproduced but the oo>r, fortunately, ii.
tiny things with tegs that crawled.   Theae wert-MM vteffite
eye, though the naked akin would have no difficulty ln finding them.
ing refuse was found, some of it appearing to have lain there for months,
such a festering appearance did it have. Jt was alao evident that the Hindu
lessees bad been in the habit of throwing dirty water, and other greasy Liquids
anywhere around the houae as the approaches were in a very slippery
state. The place wlll be placarded as unfit for habitation. Tbe Hindus maintained that they had only resided there a very short time.
Clean-up days will ba In order at some other places in Sapperton dur-
No Lack of Recruits.
Ottawa, Nov. 4.���Lack of employment In certain lines tn the western
provinces Is Bald to be causing an unprecedented number of applicants for
admission to the mounted police. This
Is the flrat time lt has ever occurred
is ordinary Canadians are averse to
entering the force and thla summer
practically all vacancies were filled
with recruits secured from Bngland.
Gets What He Deserves.
Kcg'-ia, Nov. 4.���George Taylor, of
Peglp". was this afternoon found
guilt- of Indecent aaaault on a three
year old girl and sentenced to two
yearB and twelve lashes. Taylor
strongly maintained hia Innocence,
claiming he would "sooner be put
away altogether than aent down on
such an abominable charge."
t -_.__.-__  F---.-_.-L-l   ���_  n-i ___���_.*_. I 'n-K the next two weeka.    No yards and outhouses were found to be la aa
League  rOrmea  in   lOrontO outstanding unsanitary condition
to Assist Ulster���Thousands Enroll.
Seven   Passenger   Coaches
Reduced to Splinters-
Fire Adds to Misery.
Paria, Nov. 4.���The Marselllee-Parla
egpress waa In collision tonight wife
another train, and aavan coaches W**
ed wtth passengers were practically
reduced to splinters. Tha wreckage
caught lira. The number of dead was
at Oral estimated mt between ����� -at
Later reporta from tha scene of tka
wreck estimate tha deaths at not
more than 13. There vers no American passengers on tha express.
Tha accident occurred near Malm,
ST milea from I'aria, All ths Boston
in Melun war* aequleltioaed. and
others ware sumntoasd from the * v
founding towns. At midnight. In Jl
dition to the dead, maay Injured a-,et_rtjr M
bean token from tin mlaa. itM-MH,
.    ,%
Toronto, Nov. 4���Official confirmation of the formation of a Unionist
party In Toronto has been received In
the form of the following communication to the newspapers today from
the eecretary, J. A, Jackson:
There haa been formed ln Canada
a 'Canadian Unionist league,' the
executive councll of which ia In the
city of Toronto. The object of the
league la to enlist all Canadians, who
are willing to assist the Unionists ot
Ireland ln maintaining the position
they at preaent occupy in the empire
and to the utmost of our power we
propose to assist the Unionist party
of Ireland under the preaent trying
circumstances ln which they are
Four branchea have been formed
In the city, and at the preaent time
we bave enrolled aome thousands.
We have alao received Information
from outlying points throughout Ontario that leagues will come into existence at once. Already Manitoba la
organised and Britiah Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta wlll be organised without delay.
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and
Newfoundland wlll alao bo organised
in order to demonstrate to ths Britiah
peoplo that Canada la mlerepreeented
when any peraon claims that ha la to
favor ot granting homo nils to Ira-
land.   Tho following ara tho otflosrs:
"Honorary president. Lieutenant
Colonel J, U Soott; prealdent, rrod
Dane; vioamresldeots, William Crawford. W. H. Harper. Joe. Johns ton;
treasurer, Tfcotk-v-.W." Self; secretory,
Mr. Jackson, art an executive oommlttee of eleven, whieh forma tho
executive of tho oeetrol aaooolaHoo,
"Members suastrlho to the following declaration: 1 hereby expreee
my Aastro to bosoms a member of the
Canadian Cakmlet league. m4 go
pledge myself to suygort Wator ta
her desire to remain within too Britiah empire, aad I horeby aotogrtoe
tho aseretory to sigh my ume oh tho
membership trntV*
Oh Uia margin of the msmhsrahlg
card ��� j^xT^^^thM
but practically every place visited will require attention. The absence of garbage cans wat among the things moat
marked. In tbeir place barrels, buckets and boxes without covers were used.
and instructions were left with several householders to purchase the proper
tin covered receptacle and hare the refuse deposited therein removed twice
a week by the city garbage wagons. *t
"These inspections are perfectly Justified," declared a resident to Dr.
McQuarrie yesterday morning while discussing tbe sanitary crusade. 'Take
this place over here," and tbe resident indicated a yard nearby, "it ia all littered over with rubbish." "Why don't you call us up and let ua know about
these things?" asked Dr. McQuarrie. "It is not my business," waa tbe reply.
Tt ia your business," returned Dr. McQuarrie. "You would aoon find out
whether lt waa or not lf you were taken down with typhoid."
Following the inspection of Chinatown a city garbage cart yeaterday
took from that section much of the garbage and rubbish stored In odd corners of the yards. There are now. In all, six men and tour carta employed
In collecting garbage In the city.
Decidedly unhealthy," waa the verdict pasaed by Dr. McQuarrie upoe
the ravine to the west of the Masonic Temple. Thla la a dumping ground
tor aahea, tin cans, paper and even decaying animal matter. TU*"
placed there forbidding aueh aeem to be non-effective. "*'
 ��� * rtM:
Hardware stores In New Weatmlnater expect a ran ob metal garbage
containers. The popular wooden tub, barrel or pail muat go.  It is not healthy
and the han ia placed on It by the health offlcera.
"Filthy" la not a delicate term, hot It waa given to the men's toilet Im
the Cam gla library.  Thla place must' be cleaned, soys tgagaetor Peareo, "
"   "   ' '' '':****
���'*. '.-I*'-'-
.'.This 4th* raw
^t*\*\\a*i* '_ft_______btt_. '<' _���__���)_______: MR
���n*__^V ���s**s*t*tWmtm*^ ^vy. -W
. ���;, ' ' l m
t'Wv ���',<.��� :'r vC
|F\ is*
��� i'<L
ink*'*,".          ' '���*'..-v
���P<v -**'::j>*,*;>'::>. .
Erfe';*.* '.:��������� '��� *...i.v���**.���;
Si '     ���> x
m >',.':,..*   :, ���"���?������/���'. **'fc..*
���t,          ���:.     ���:   . ���  !_
���    W*M/m
V,,.'.*! ���>*.*    r.'.i,isi*l
-- .'..��&tgs_a
',.��**. t Aa ���aAmatmAem.t amrniat, must d*vo*td to fhs inter*s*s of .-/.ic Westminster and
He Prater Valley. Pti6KjH.il everv moraine erospt Sunday ty lariratlnnal PHnttni;
**s1T****UskUjil'tot*m*kit', Limited. ���( 69 McKentle Btreet, New Westminster, liritish
m�� btoMI '"ffliK*
111 .otnmunlcuflont should ts addressed to Tlie New Westminster News, and not!
<e Individual m***Mr*nit fhe ItoiPT t��o*cixdraTt_. a-rf��lBii* ..rtitrs tfcoiMriie ntrte
aayabl, to The #tfw^lfiAls>*i.s-��>-^MnJ Catr*te*,iiTut*ft\d.J\    *     '
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...mil,   fi   HrherJiHf gjjgMjjd te Cut! Skeleton   Found  pn   Prairie, Thyught
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���SULL-Sl >    .(.     iLfa    lOjlM
ilio.-!*.'    incli.   .lac-co
������������'���       ������     i    ..i
5,  1913.
i     sl     iiiih
lluse.  rtgifcud isifiiur.
���.JlCtf.  '.iJ    t'   II
struggling D0n.i_.io__. ean.wei'y.i.weU getialwg.;.. IJis.iijhjw
i*rRi,'M^Whiter��'iid'^i-a��lsf'fe,ornifFo��onto whejre hejMhe
rr��._-   ���n__._ .-���   ���   _������J��i(Ci:'��,i41M��lU#l_.Jl��'S��'iaW
lva&,'Solarnont.pusi.ed(cJntQ.,3 QQMie,r(1jwyjk a^uijce qapjfj
headi -what-ibi-2onie&M.toQwled^Tand.-aaiJ_e__i theihignien
(jf'^-ffairs^f-1 Europe and'thiftGontinentyitfaey ihawe -their
��. tgac^^t 'to 1tSS_*n,,WMeSr' they*fe 't?dn^atH_��"Wileh ���$.��? 1*1
.11).   ',::& Dnug iv   ''ti^'ki.' ���D>���^.iPiPj*' i�����  '"'����� W"   1 nS'iil  0? lonra  is
MiuiWwte amvea frftflj tfe;Pl4oCWittirj5 Y4h',jte;Fpffl&.
ingi'intorvww dangling' at .thenendi of ihis-<tongueii?'Ab_wi.
l��te 'Pessini4S_h pw-lrafls'M! L'dnd��n"��,eg��*��i*nf>the'Wen��ra.
money stringency TOgg^'jIp^fflW ThHlolwt''Ttf
���^jrangftnejdiiae, y��t,ita6cc��ne," ��� _. onuiamoa mdwQQsa a sMtq
am Tha<i!8i'th�� staid White peddle oirtu to itherTorm'fco
nww��:p��pers'an(.,that,s,it_he'fettiff'ithe A^odated'Press M\
_MPbffflff%ftffl| of \^rmi'1t"dtit&ail '^r'tcMM* 'flJ"'9K
^^^^^^^^^^ San .nmif ra'tnnils
Is now bi'lng largely speculated on li)
Beveral of thd uia iiiiim etntoma Inspectors and the phenomenal weight o.f
tltti*** p*��KMNfiamose_IHUJ.flHlairis
close to the British Columbia line Is
wldafcjUhaflrfht foftishWjmgvrided
shrinkage In averdupois when wool
doi-s on the j^^ll��'<ittfKm')er *���
The average WelghTor Sheep fleeces
In this part of the country ls generally toa1 sagOT.,n> ��i#!*jP0'!^Siiihil>
several years ago when a customs of-
flcoivsMsltei theoSaniJuaa-islfl.Kis to
gather figures relative to the wool
Industry theWWe 'W^'-'alltonlshed to
find that from the pounds of wool sent
out of the Islands and the number of
���rW? V��.>ftWnel.i.y>1, *WMW})**v&**te
pf tne San Jinui fleeces attained the
IBffil    JMt*l.&Qnn,,**.ll!VlnA5*   i</i,   WWiil
Remains of.^fl] Known,   ,
idifajy.'* NoV/jiS'-Tllatl tll����,*parlial
���i*Ry hii* Iftaft'rjimilfojf the Sarcee
.serve about  22  mllos southwest of
vTE^ESDAvr-ncveniFB'T rm:
VyilKX lie1pfnciso^'��ipllnginl��uM
with ntflW-to grlmi jit* MKgest
to him tbnt he get a motor attachment
iW KMSdp pj<(Jvholb Jbb him-
Is  that of Marshall, a
known cowpuncher and horsenian *'ho
mi @we
tsMimdif w -mm 8p#eo;
llirhM. a-tftf^iv'WirAaeW.'rfhtil Wmi
 .bi'tfer^Md 'Wg'it.te rhW-W*?
",U"'   ;-*n^rlsWi!lflWvJ'��rs:''v'    :''r
If the Rothschilds and the   other  money  men
erwards. is the firm onlnlon of many
of tWISItUans -ihinrtaa.Tvlfi.lU V
In company with Constable White of
tho K. N^itftiMurtrfiototWl'V' J Costello visited the spot yesterday afternoon and made a-eareful examination
of the remains, ^hes-**,-, consjst. of the
skull and KJldk ih��ld��itn''I��iI:I|tW.
clump  of   bushes   which   has   partly
from all nut a careful searcher. The
bones show that Ihe man was of a
verv large and powerful build, but be-
yond'WIi mtV��'��i-'tf��H<lrmmWWe.��rti'*il#
are no marks indicating violence and
ncthln'��t;Mn,Mdfahe-)!ffiV''iilWffly of
Ihe man save Jh.ftt;-|*>'Sftf1,-v wa8 found
the remains of an OW stock saddle.
Body ir Marshall's.
The coroner, however, talked with
a'.hutnher'wf.H'hV- elde*"<-ndWhM"itfio
l����Y.e si|*BHr;t)��ni��>ni*iiin,-a)iil.itlie lopla.'
lflftiRf.;Sll._i)ii's*.|8 rtSat!_;l��e sft��ilMat"i��
t!��tl*f ilPrshall,! totlM .it.bili iio*.li.
llWar��Mli w*�� %oTlflBolta��WBI wHi
".'flJViWWi-ll's ilia Die j-u.ill _MTOtPPM-/A��
mtffit-ttW^-ajB*. h'-*.T*n).m^iir)i'i for,
Infligns t/or, ihf',;f-'o^nn|iyi|.   Om,.^
n,'-^   \|(fiiit��j^I   v i
The man wbo can't see tbe point ot
his own joke Is often too close to it
!'*<**! -mUti-Uii Oi gaV*TmMr tf a
young, man that she wlll refuse tickets
to grlnH SftierdHrifc bhfa. O'l.liu
The frliW��.4ey��Hj��4tBife alwaya
wondering what makes tbe old cbap
look so ancient.
.'imiiivv    uia    :iW;i)U    iilotianaibiti
One-half of tbe world knows how
the wUblcWltfttt'feotM-so-tt'K'hdd tbe
giving of ortlyij,   i(||j..,|;J
The man who -doesn't know enough
to be polite ln his family doesn't know
euoilih. ��� '"7 "!;l 'l.iiMn.il.ni
ii. Kill" t i.ni.i .'.|lu_i nl; d .'r.iiiin"K!
'Honwtawi bato-to.be. rap�� or tttelf
evii'dei"**! aiosid -i-mi- ap vHsfcnbcm
Knd dfWttHelai'itieto. nod ,>:h> no
TT   usntul     niBaailoq   ulT     lali-'ei
PI1II.-4J:     l9TI8l9Tq     nl     llllli/l    om-tLlll
,,4.jtS|ev��r(p>()B, 1*0.,n^f ��wljjf .flifj
���boumtvobuti.Oi.'dMi-aiHiet -uian uiietty
MaelrhaaiWiba'alereMI'.iii  ioli-v.ii  u
.111    lllll.   ..T.lll-ljf.    -.tlT        _.f.n<tlf..     lh',7
"Tii^mivthiiw tMR'totnaianm tverft
riiSe l-s' irt'iiiiiK'e'iit imw w^rtt;    vuao
fcj&id he|
j?prise  ,_^^^^
ie'-ln .i^fc$J(i��l
^xtrei^^ifcVisiift^sft he'iex
v!wi��gisurej^ld tj
"i*_El_________ _S��__E Ik
^|%i(0i��n:.*it wi
Jj_^Ktff:'sig^nfr^et sc^
^��jjil^m't^et away wi
iori his re%^
% M-i
d het
<i   i^
'^irtV'ifiUJV PD^ElON'ClJIVieNTi'
���'Ueri'^iu cdi. g4r_U'*4oi oMbotWr.���n��mfai**nrei��,||> ftt-q^si*,*,,, the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to   pass Standard
l(llBpg��ifi��gtM>tia ipri^ericwpaod,fiina^^glnawJ^SQriaUjm;,,
We would also call attention to our Titrined M'Sr TftW'trom
We also carry a stock of Crushed Rock, Waahed Gravel, Band,
Lime, Plaster, etc. ""
 gaa, M. before- ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16. itiiniMoi   ,W2 Cel|��mbla gtreft W.,
���asaaf>iij���""--������'���'���" '  :
n*matir>t.ifr* **n\m t ������������t-i ���������niTHunrii    ���.   in>   ..,-.���,-
BUS.NESS���MR_ECTQgy  1^^  tf  J^ttfrfea|
'I I.T     .     ell 111*11.     |'.-.-i..    -,,; .,     *.,';,''.. :i i(.
it.   imui   mivi
"I" I  I
EHTA*Hi.IH��Hr> **1.i
MltS.    I'.    C.    1'
'TrWoorr^r'-T^rr^i    I d^p^fi, (fefid.Uoy'J: ���.! ti*B,oi��o.ooo.-9g
pianoforte, baraSSwwrirtS���    Sl  RRS^-RVE �����..V.':,.:'<1.,'6^J,OOp.O*
plus successtuly  prelMired f.��r examlna.] ,���i    ...    ,,      ,,,,..  ,    , , . _,.,
-' - '- "   '   ���*���    -��� " ���- rnisj /^'llrptt^'-i  tti^ti^lioty tyhud*   and
tlon In It   A   ti. mni It. C
apply 608 Tlilr.l aveno
tii ��_���''p.ii.itiCr.oiiS!
t Wall' "'Th*''4'M*t'h alki -D.*4ralll
IfiBatis   of   laentlfleatlon.    WW
Into town
police ani lai
ter.  nndi-pradlng
.   %*.nm*?.f*iaan*hi ' I npnt.rsX.'.***. .  mm    ,*_
i-s exnimf aoemt cop off the
-i��t&^qliiy^&}c^ will beh��-
^Lfc"ia*flhMllH6-w a good ^hiog.wjjien they see if:.
aati-fiH  1M..AT1  n. ii���rcwoo  ''uvoti ,
cMmblng,' the ^iteeptaon to the-rule-Jn1 that -town goon->will
ao'i.j   mibal]   d   :!li':;llll   ui  -vi.i.   tluow   imf.   nim -i.t .ijturaii ..>vo
YHir J^i_fl^i^^K,9^if8S|Oe   a   ineens   u,    i��t'.ii.l<��i'
lfK'?r.ri)il"','*T *ST6VPUAn.d iskeletas iin��b^n brought,
tfio'l.mfted Winlbcr M^uktoms.rtlen to LHd iH ^-fii.-iR; MIK MOPH
Vh,\ forti"WW_>*r* ."J .'.H"1 Meanwhile the mounted poll
Wlll\^Emt^nnW^WiS?M Wi vnmlcittug thd.-miitter. am
frt~iT 6e,Wit_��?HW   IWWiScS W4 reeul.xifl their inquiries no tannest
ii\T{v%JpW>,iiV' lhWa.^M h��.beenijtantdad.iuiwii
illd Ttho*"f* ItkVe Wen1 widely .fl^-j ,,, (        .,    f | ^ , ^ J    . . [:i
-��._..���--�� grp*^j81    .,     GOLD IN NEW STRIKE'
���*tf<) hay.e,'��qeh''f^s,.<(avttrabl.'jrltUf|tW| "    ,'  ������' '
rar nMfig Md rwPof W��,,^FTOW    'iaeffirlfiw. t���-���Tiiat'rAei'e'ls nrf-
afhlcle'.0'-   *"'   '-'    T"" ;,V | ual fotlfidiftlon for kom^'of ttih r-eb'irl-k
WiJlSd 'Ti-i-t'tttly* repili'Wng '���fhe'Ti'l'ifWB
lpwe_l .3i)d y)e Biiseesis. of ijbee'R tHeti j
ljjfl.iB stfypfalMnitatncrt'we^tod'e^yy : fiSt
aaa''afflWfflftdi irtto'ng iHwi grp*'^|   ,,
Kctto have ��Qeij lm,n��inUiiy Jntiwtfti l
.ui.^A newBpaper headline savsthat monev matters worry
most just- at this .presen<t'.thne'out alongi-the^iake-shoiie.
______   A-I..II .1..     /.iirhiri.;   ot  iin.-.   ;   aVrnoaia   Pmw-,��al(i   i.t   ���.*)...���);
Irike   is' vonChBay-Ml   by''F. "-ft,
'ftinrpb.:a-���tril'rt'fi'rp; %ia'A itho'-lVA'i
been in the district for Befe^hl'Veal"*
ja-iidi'-trtit. Inti-.u^'VUmB1 to<AriWoria to
I ty*(brt%P*ytbeH bfiRiness.'' '���    '���'    ���'��� ��������� j
1   ,.it_...���_i_..._jJllr^1l. rtrliiiitrt.--  hoW'cve-r'. |
SiravOf In Hia. tgQikoj
n'Ut- tixti-ntof ihnislitkfi ,
   ho��'ai_ cli-im   Un -th��i  new I
law learti him to the bellefJtn_H tVi.s i fieUlss-ad-itu vwaitlnx-irhe'ttteia reports
duty will fall upon him as tbe custo-[before he-tokea i����*toiv-eenoernlng Its'
Mlian of M��j��*nd��ran*!H^i|fljol8��df.s-isal''. II13TAVIHMT IHI51 IIHlAH��'|
��� lgnated .|o.i,e|I*',:4iich 'byiwahniyihr-; -TTBW-tipdrf'isJjmta." IftMlfgald, "wiib j
rants. To .ij^'^certaln yfi'nli^. Jt*I<- ' made en l! e Sabalia-ereek. some miles i
ever, he todav reauested an opinion distant, troni Tt-Htwa,-- .Hid there :was >
from' Corporation CQjmBSi -'i'"!!'^ E' Mttfl a> r'lfh- l�� Uie .spp.t. *Mlo*f*�� il '
���8^a���ifi^'���f4lH.��ytiW.l���1^,. |nj'f'?."��t.'1,<: WiSs nptliing llk,e t|it,<.''scril.Uou itrfp-1
11 inao.-1 ii
���Papsr.w< ibjiup*
*e pMM.r. .1 ." .1
innw��'iil..'f iuT
UiocBtieB ��� ,!,,���
)jV)ni.li��^(a byjffliu; brow. ,. ,.      ,���. -M
Tj'reit iteHla (Stlieri.! nerfV ind TarJ':'
, tfftsfflji llrt'wft'h g6t>-a oUrffipsseS, *��>
"Mffl oflMlf'fty, antl Itier-syou-iie. '"
uidiTJia   ii- iooji ti      ������������'���       .   iii *..!;
It MrK'liones.slioaldlhav��.a utmlon
For weaiass riant yeaMihSt
,Iuu,-mu5Ui*t oulu a��lnill��nienU��n
But |f per dauaUIrr has a *l��|ii<ly   i.     ,,
As s'.'ft ��inl tweet st mush, '
'������Wi tbeir itissgern^nt ait* maki rt*'8'>r
''���    Wltli icveriil y-M-ds ot ��*u��li; ''*
ivntl ���'.       ,��� i    .i. -.t i .��� i     iii slaill i.
iiKeepali ttia potttlolaab ttssslnu/.    sril
��� ���.. A��ii Itviwa In Oi* skr    II ullliltn
By very i-uullously tfyrtHXlris     ,      ,   .
,-,tl*^��tPl'Wfl:h��?��1��nll*tP��W-i,'.-ilI    n,*,l.
..Aoiff-liMjwip iMpks h�� �����" y.pu aoinc
'""Jaw s��8��'��a%TWs T v ; .  '  ,
"WiVa wdtftf*Pdtt rna'd-s a'carslesi ���lioir-
IJfW M��VI    rsHlOW    >- '���-     .".'rn    .    '.
'<Tl��iiird��%'i��l�� giielt IS'WId*! '.' *i ".'I'll'.'    uiir-.p;!   ������'.ft.I       .."���!'   ir:    lOlOP
And as fn-^prnots, wnr irtiul ll...   . ,
o    *Jm.4��Htui:Ml�� llvkt^.frjemi.    ���  , :i
.ji-?i9}��.",i��>'i ��M \!e-*hi*fTUmV/*o��l-Pe*1i)t'
,    Ei^ wliai's IriiiJjrv-rants In lhe,rnd�� ,
'' rawmlU'tM fnti b.n.il iJet |li��.Worry.    ,
' ''li'or*Bet-|lW'*eaK'u'Ai| pri tl-ie atri.iijs,
���;|r'Tm/,ar_'till'��lii'l'srliri liilrry''
'AUTWMi th#'pr>illft -tOine olMig." 'ill."'. I
BshlKd the Timet
'al*   .,' I       ~'.  '.'      t'  f
.���,, Erpm^witz^rland comes news of a brand of women's
t*** _ j  I._:'^-'_*i'-'__n-_'L'__ V_r-il'__*'i-'i-'L '_._-L'1'--,-L_-. _"ii__<'i' _.li i'_'.��li._.-i
lieaif gearltliat^ean le worn.as'ia' simple ,h.oo_5'.oriwjgted
M6'i* teH'offtajf'* diff^-rent shapes: '��������It*s,*alcinch*>t "will
tout SBf__r   ���   -i-oit'i    iv.   iii   .ii..-ii   -*1  siiaatG    ��� >-i:mi-    i��..-jr
never be waaaioaaua simple nooa.
���'jiionq    i.J   .sr.i.-.ij'q   d   .T.i-iuii'.Bi.
.'.:��j . 'jviiiuoi    ;*.TJi.l   ���'..i_. .  I --...������ t. t
.'_..T��'.i- *fl��fe   TSJU ..:     .'.:y..'r.t
i.i-   isl   i2v    noUDPuani .tin.
: I '       ' '      '   ].',* "'���-]     0T9VOO    .'I
At'J.L^      .'.'l    '1-1    'ti   .16'JV
The militia is having______��__a.hard time to get hold of
tbearm-s qf tho^e,striking piinws.ip Q^WM*^ W^1 be
aigoodtihir)g-_fi.tnei3oluifen..i\vei.B lQstBUjcteti toiygrabicthc!
-Hniclv hrt'pc'Wf"tri(31fpfifK'IR;):!-"'; 'mMw udJ bna   ,'ns_t iro oalq .Idi!
#��jfy.Ja4e$.f#' th^^eet:',
.Oil   ::".'
���**M��I ,1 'I .
���i   .:i   itlr
.'i   - >>i ".fa'.i
.1   I
That was a coward who--took' a pot shot Bfrther-tivxt
door baby in New York the other day because it kept him
awake nightsby -crving. -l^obkbly if ;he had feeftiyed'the
sam^:trw'J!meiii,wWp .he w^s it t^6'-i^_itfei^s^e,.1hiK9
have looked more like a sieve than'a pfomisi-h^votei*.'-'-'  -
I Couns^,  -mr*r*m  ~ r<m
AlfdiflvtiU [ih* ln*ilni_.t.*iv ' ��*,i.
diflflUilB hHils.
'���Ka'rf'ls aWtf -R'arran^ Ihai afc-ft general debt of the city    appear    to    be
exempt, but looal iiiuii'iiwement  bonds
and warrants are a tiln.-et lien against v-ij-p-    ������'���  - i-vi"
p|am|^rBen��ft'?f;.Vn'*-|Vi9|ii^)i/��P{fft'e    weeks, and eariital bnf lieBrt'lnt-^Ws/ril i i
'"enTH tor wfilc'.i il^-nc's' �� ere''creaf ���   ���^txl,..^n..-iJ'./'j-t.-',.tr.,:rr.-,e   ..-*r.
ed Bftd.ftS'peHBmtstii-i I1*. .i d bv ihijjcity
jc-Piived, ln,-M_ne of. li)��    noYspapw-iy I
' piacor goki,was .foiiuil',ail ./-igiji- ^an^.l
t.Ue.lii'ljef spir-j i.Ui.'H. a cre:it, t"lf.;ld hjid
ipif-gp.jilf^vi/r'ir.Kxperis ,iiav�� hjep,
-���'In'' .i-'r-aunVj  'f.ir.t^g tjia' past', fo^-
Hoo^''tlkx-': a'.4fr'*'. iiifrsf,/, ^jj"H<pl
''iM.Mi'.l'    'i.i-   'ill       :..".t    ii   "
Tliat seems so behind lhe times."
What would you barer"
A red u-untlniASllei"''-���   -
'ihr.ii':-    ,-   .-.-.���������      i    /    .' .'.;-. ".
*)s   ���'������"   iS-VAistie: ��*   '''"���""'''
We'Viiflre- i -���ft'Tir llv*' Im
provements.   The*  .1"  not  come  under any o<^V��weWl��i��Pof the law
bo far as Terrv is able tn determine
and  for fiat  re.tWTTT~*:i onlnlon  from
.ftS-ilfi-i^ <i.cPHr:W''"-".: u W'Sfttt n
H .    ..   -.-piljiUf,)     -( :     *     .��^_1_
���      |i tq
'  *
mm mm
mm omove
tn r,i.'.'
(0        tlir
til    ,!i      I
II i:
f/fi'rrltW'yi|*a'n Writes gt-sh'lo M'n
..,'i'atc'r>pd ^ttisr l^abt Up i<i,:
,.,.���.,;.,   .,.:   Divorce Cotirt,. i      ,.
.,,.*.* *.      ���   ���      r���   II        I 1     ������     ,: ..
��� Nprilii Vaklhuw i\\ ai.li.i No. .4. -i.
IGor/ion AVarn. whti Itfla.tbeen hntcet
���aly.ely 'in- tins Jam Hir." ysacfej___tbi>
idlst  minister at ZUIah,  prealdentifj
i..ij r'.HIah -t^imunirciii ' I i'.*   . "iirt.taiv
1.0/ tii.'   '''-iKlina-('jiimiuM    I niul,, -:.-.-
   ri��t-iry,.^i  the- Inland  iinip.;.-  K-Klt-i.t
Wouldn't that be great? I*-'.*! &������*������ aimmdi-t oo-ipi'^it OiVtj
  |llii8r affej-u/xin .l^j.^'liarl -   ���*��-��--
j;,:t)nfo:f;^e'kading Uberal' igh0Mi��tt&
Sir Wilfrid Laurier to infcofpflrate in-his-^latfOrm'platiks
abolishing all duties on food. If Sir Wilfrid would do that
Miv^ord-er) might go him one Wttef and'"h&vfi"th'e: frov-j".
_.<__-_-.__.���-.���*   <....*.eA?,' -n-Jt.':'.-   *.ii��  '\j' '..it?"r_'.'. ���'i'';W_.iJ���,^'i.r!!;: !U'
I'ittslnircr ifri'l 'i.l^when-'.'hnd' l' un
ilerFta'nd Unit tht* dcve'cpTiem' of the
r.r-"perliei< d'-perni" npfin the reports
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tinlli.. s lhat �� ifi |irnper'��iilveli)pii)niit
th.-r.'-'tB a gireit.ftitiirc'J'or uitfitiseotios
of the provlneei	
tiIki:**)! -r-"rr^���rr
. nttri.wn ' N*.v. \ ��� A' mutt, -gniiid-
ni'*'i ���, -uri.-d'?!-:.' who tits Hiree timi.f
bp-fwre beeai maxrltd, nr'iin.Oias' in*
'hiigi'it ini matrhntfny.'i ThecdtUv m
Mrs M Martin, of Hil!Iin.<'*l.ridi:<i.*.
'lh -   neddlsg iceoomoliy   m'.-is    por-
��� ill *'.!   I   .   -tll'l   Rev.     l'','''IV.>r   llehiliaiT,
i' .;,,asl ��� bun li. Billings' bridge.
The    rTi.-vmiitii  it   ktrVVJoim   Perry.
ii*.'J '���.���. tvho his Ir.-t'.l ,nd\v for noln.'
v.-nr.i  -i thn vtUaga south iof Ottawa '!
Hit   '���'���    i.m'haa Jived   iu   liriti*.''' Ml-i
':.','���     .' 'i'i   lilc. . . ��� l
'I '    ..ie'-'"    n fry. . ,\    ���;,���,������.*   (,U||.
<'.     ���*;   tirsl   lulirfUie
i   I ���   ;  te   Mrs,   Saliiiurln. |
. .    * li; .'.-:. I   ' 'il|iJl-|.II,'SOIII>i|if j
in ' ���: j.'.i. anilnt  uili-1
.*  ��� i .  ..f 'in'*-" children i
' r igi   now crandinotli
.'^tV.tlfl* /���% rJbi\.rtsilu r
."Ve? "..'
,,","lt.)!p|jk^^,ro)iie,"���.,,.;...,. :,   .,,,,
,  "^nji-    \'}y*    n(,n,,    OOfl^I    tlUlt   yOfltf
looks HUa.^nJi;,;; ,���;   .,, ...   ,.,.,
__^  , t>i*^T��(f.^-ft<l.%ii<t, Jr-*A .iM��   Ml.n'ivP.'  Eng*
fOaif ltl.l.'.V fc. 'flAltT'V.'T'EAi'i'tfin bf  land,' New.iitltH. Chicago aud Spvksne
"W.|*hTWI��i'l'��l|J   K-tt-W* 1$��..   KtWlW'Mt*     ��� a. *,      .    mlxt-mta.,    m,tl        .    .,���..._
MSMaatauol   ,   Isinw   '.1^1   ������.  i O.S.f,'ami M-*tV<io city.    A general
- In nil il ,161. .1 SSI .ii.i.-i���^T���~ baiiMljg biJtltlnBil^ranlfactetl.* I.^ttere
SINdlNGiAMO VOICE PR0DUCT��0*I of Credyn^a9SftaaVJHJ((^,*IlBl cbr^
���*r^mitxiUm*ns-i**y-m***n��tv^^ respouUetita iii a!I parts of the world.
iti'A'tttfA.iic'r a:; <i*lo>'t':?-;."'fl'i'ii. 'W '    Bavlu^Btarik Departtn.-M-Depoaiaa
the     lute     Profestl&ii     *Allal*l     SlaOl.elh. * *      ^^^"        "
���IBriraclps*. ofifltta i|ls����"��; ;<'"ll'S" oflraeel;
..MilSla.iLWJ  PTjufllluWI-ilirul.sIllli.l  llllsl, 'll    nn'd   I
(Ji.- OlSSSbw "Athertl-ff-uiil. Wg�� tu titii- '���S, .,.*, ..lj.-j,, ��.,-�����
'���trtat* Sal WM will urtoiT* * WW pupiB., WHjn-(pM����t ratal.
���;hu shiaiiw nn.l yoti*- WHluopoii     Kx      ,TwUi| Assets pver IU6.nO%qpa.OO.
lonnlvo   repcrt..Ire   t.f   l||l<U...,f.isH   -jyiiSK. i ****** r~*r rr"r
for terms, call ur wrlti' tb iw*. flAmll NEW WESTMINSTER BRANCH/
]   il.if.liltY^m. ^ad-ager.
ecelvVd lp'tuinis nf il aud up��s(n|
nd intv'reg.'ill^W'.llKt 3 pe./cent, pig
repertoire   of   l|.
lon utreer
H.' J.1 A.   BimWHTT.    AlIDri'OH     ��NT
.  AtCiiiimniit   'Iti.   H    12k   IUkiiu I,   Harl
������BH����     :���.   : : '.   !	
P..!.. feiMtli. W. J. ilrmet
i    AllftlTORa AMD AC^OtlNTA>JTH
Work .uiidenaktn   In   city   antl   ouuilOt
lots,   Z11..I2   Wattntlutcc   Trust. 11W4
iShe  S��t.     1'. p.   Bot  507.'
L   ''        '
atlng'EnguMfa, iA*.il T.11 mm-ttf in
Ijilnir  Ttmple   ,-%.Ty   llr��t      .ml     Ihlr.l
.'Uiumu_w,.i/( 'he 111* MIL. IL ili-LauKlillii.
1 Affil-jaauv   O. Ha*j%tt7t��ittarr.
NKW    -VKsl MINSTKtt    LODOB    NO   I
B. a P, II  nt Klkil of tbt I'  of I".. met'
tlm firm and tlilrU Thursday at s p m
K.   of  P.   Mall.   BlKlith   ��tr-.-t    A   W.ll.
iftBUH^wftR^nh.?' H'KmTt''"<'
i_ ;��:��� b  m.. rwo. imi���uibkV-  ���>
flrtt. tecrtnd. third ant! fourth Wtdnet
day In. cacti, month al . 1 m
In the MjnitJ.nV.tii" >.lt. J Leamy
dictator; K. E. Jun.-tt. tecrctary
Headauartera of���lotlse in Bat Houat
corner of Fouith and Carnurvon ��tr..-tA
Cal. and inspect our fait
lin^s apd rierv.ial) sty^esand
place your orderi now.  i
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
mr* mmmtmom i.' itmiw-
.. .ii.-.1!   1.      11 "i"1.    t'i*    rl    1	
I. O. O.  P.  AM1TT  LOIXJE  NO.   17���Tli
r.mrteit inmHwr'tet' Aimiyilloda'' N'
17. I. O. O. P., tt held every Monda
nlaht at 9 a��JKk _a,(MtliP<'llowa' Hal,
eyrner CaifiaWin and rltffhth ntre��u
V'lflltlng hr- Ihem cordially Invlt.V
n. A. Merrlthew, WJ.-j ll vi Bangsttr,
V. O.;  W. C. Coatham.  I"   o. rsoon
-1MB ���retH.iiv: J. .W.. MacLaniald."Itifan-
, c|al   WTMlnry.     ( .-
%��: sf P.tt.'1-S-^-honW.V -^.ni'v^io.
and B>->balm��r. tlt-t*Pfi**}Vt*>V**Jt**l
oppoal.. Oarnsgle LlSrarr.
Tl'-M.'    r.t   ��.i*vis    :!i"-i    tbl
CiWrtmenfllnr Oc*-'-*���*'��� (��4nge   ���of
��� ...ie'-���Abler'M'-Tolldwg.   :��-ot~m
��� "0 a.m./J-_or Tor6hb,!KtiHilo'iiis''(.b-
���' h p.rd>-W>r'!Agl(Ate.       ',
��  l" pm. -For lmpUrWl tlknfteij.'Kon
'4fS* , -,'t
roe >ftte$.reservetlor}_) . and   ��t^er
ni    'i.i    li.   1.     New: Westminster
|i. ^^6pi)B, q, ifi /L,.y*4*j*ui'��if.
"Yun hIioiiIiI ulnnys siM-uk lo a low
HeAltsI' IIW   ��*aisi'��SA    tiirnt*1  a*l>-��^
''i^itek,!tf?'��ne>��  i��)',i."   iniH   l��IM
"ll i�� a iniira of ri-lliiHiiipiil."
"Von i'iiiiliMa^c1c��aMHliiu In out nt
enr liiiardiiiK lioiixe If you "liolie lbat
l*OfO�� T.RLllii.ti.,T,HAH,'i^eTRy   ' .'-Tibia. 'ihjj.oIi'1 'fflpi V*pW for"<i��ll�� w4 j
. TN THESe FACTS  toys lor'lhe poor, coming ,as It.   '
Undor__tbe heading "Toys \s. .In
t leti,!'   ��� Uig
Toronto    Star    makea
.j_���llm   ..inn   limit   iiii   I loytl I
t. rnfir arraignment of tl.
nroiB unian
erUnent remarks anent | ^Ml. ** W- ^K?- theBe ^��
the followl-SJ      ^^^^^^
a j rctlient  r'iflUeBt for colonial  cout
V ������''   -   -'^��� ���  "-���     %
to'lc.'cSrtttmas H*7'txZ ^1"of IP0868 into strllclng Con.ra...;
______��� __���__________��� '       '     ******** r
\ i men- and  their  vaat'^-dlfforent
ndbn I
Jne-third of the land or the.United]
Is owned by those who nit
louse of I/ords and some 113,000
Own mOBt of the land of the
i-lfles, which contain one of the
bwerful peoples in  the world
richest of all nations.
the Over-Bean Dally Mall
Development  of    New    Gold     Flejd
Blocked by Winter.
Seattle, Nov. 4.--"roiii-iilenilile go|d
has been taken from cue of the �����*������,
on Albert Creek, in tho ~*i^t*\
trlct,   and   ft  Is  rah!   that.
uncovered o&	
i'.but not .urri(|i-*t^fei*k
Warr��irt,TinJi'i^hll��Jti   me
Vont I'nttWii -fif-A "Kii'li^^ li'ipjin-i-Cn ��� Yl-.ii
Wg blf-nif^oet':'ir'tlierW.'lliiHi.*.- v.iiv"l.t,
If-fl^'+oir ffcre'Weri'rtinel t'e'l"!.!! fhi't
I' Mn*t (In. |.'m-leo'''V��.i*v afrlUtl *���' tl
nffmi' moHn'lnpyoii'H'ttfakii up and tint)
IvtmSi all* iiiilifitdlcs; :antt' ��*f-t. perlinpi
that iWnlhl ho', here <f��itllill, KoV i.onlfl
u 1.1 como'.-np -fo'-iyolU- afp^friatiniraf   '1
am .so afraid. I,iwond"r hottr I evt/r
dgfed t'�� -(fn am' of auch.a ihia;; uud
vou-tm lil-U'i r*��H��e,' I'lUilali.'bitl .;>u
HliaH-- for 1 liiv^id^qldad -wAwi.l li) do
tor,.a]pJye a lot,; of'thiw5Si,Hii|i   ln.'ln.'i*
toft^ht of
of Uur,
^jnjf egiil' 'o"f,;,
"  ratoirs irf
- Si��9*.:*W*$.
���o-Otttr* ^^^^^^^_________________________________________________________________________________
���Mstii remember the children of native donn  thla   wlbter,"-   c'oVittmipd ' "ttW
racen in the far northwcFt. northerner.   "The strike l�� ahout fir
Tho man who   contributes t.i nny toen milea above timber line at an el*
pood cause performs a worthy act. but vation of about 3,000 feef.
."MpHths .n-auq-p, *n)*f*n -xt ftrB���^Rj'l)
free,. *gfi- ivljl, go. a,yny] ���smiu.'-.vli.","
tf-faiiita ajvfiy fnppi Aijy bnq ne.knt. ,���.
fyr.,fi��|yir'ral ,vv'fi9,t(s fii|lt',lV|iiri|),v- ���*'1
Mi ���   -    '
1"��� J'm'
the time th .. rrr. .
mY'\.o'r''i*jir.''ii^i* W"':W1^t,'av 'Vt
if./nl^"oT It"*1    '":""  ::   ",W:!   Y   f'
"Ari*r;i yrH/MeM11 lolWt' nMH*U
anxloun i-TT-fnvc IBfl 'RIM'Titer. Only
I wIHi I cojJd.inMjomBjilsses, too.
'r)'l."n  Tilornl��   CRY*r   yot.lh^th
nick San Pr":,    eo Wednesday aftar-
m I 11 '   .-id avenue and but for
' '       !* ���    ���'  nlnd of Mrs. l'eter Al-
Het'lna the flames, dashed Into
���1 ���������-*�����m*.i Hrtt^cuVB triW68HM'_.*he
nick nf time, r
- :<r \t tbb>l- -KlH
Indi.-in Wants Divorce.
I.BWfBtpn   |.|*:h��. Nnv. ��
'���-*/ Perce Indian, fl
'"���"i''"re.--fmhi Wary All   . ...   .,   ..
���i"-i   iktnjct'  Mi'-'t.-.f-tv. Tftri- plnlfiltift
liiin*"' crnel trcatnii'tit.
I -,'i-*..i.(.    I,..*    >"
Trr-rrr.���...m      j.     _)(..,..���,.- -H-V UU
11.1   :i:  iml���-_. ���	
U !l>l���llmlll'^fc^lW������f,Wjf*Ilil9illn ii'imi
ii.VvNhIT. l)\f*iim*)bH'ht*Wl famffei .in
'I'tllUoVii-amlllfr   '..'I'.lliiii.'n:.    o'i   l:-r.''
'���'I'liiit wntiulM'htoe'.fliit i'<'   irlm..ir-'i"
niiN'i tn��*-_Uiiit(*'iii^. ���Tfterewiaofie'lii-'r*
ttsttHsif*10* '"'''''' '"���'��� ' ���"���"��� "'"���" '���'���
lm nil 'n uni 1 .ilm nu"  :i 1 "i nn."
i'^'V^JayBb*'1 '" ,'.,n.,'"
'-JilHiV rfei.in*J io Have bad Ida fcea.d
"���Komer ai- j turiu-a in;^.v.," ��� ,,���,, ,,, .. ���
'���.,'l.n,Li'.fHnn ��� "li'VVdW'�����'MiHWW>,'��'*l>S"��Ut,|*
rll'ln ThM'iij��-; sometliiiig crooked nbout hlin."
ttier* whi
i..'i-,a��)y','r;ti (w,W,fc��    ^^"'VliMr'^*   ,A    KT7
-uT  *Fn&W v%''*iv-i��i')..v't[i.:i. jiik!! I       1
.-ii rpeiit 'M.'tWr,i''i\vi'' ��� K
Tttqfi!&.!!*mi%%o Iff
something <
.mos   Ml   nnl"
Hiiirllirtii    1 1    IVI"
morttthg. and when I dream
ynu t.f lielng folded In ymir armx and
of looking Into those'beautiful blue
eyes thiU rule my bouI. Your own.    L.." ,
are   r--fjcbial'iy- g*tt*t,;f0r ���'���
rliildiin  1iet-ali_e   they're   '[
,^4't^K MO 4
.aylipn, 49 "Ukir'V-Wl- ''mini
Imni III nor dtvekipva nrrtdi/ "
'Ibr lymiinneromilncwaaed''
' d<^��.'':iW. a-bo-ai'at'yoiit''1
'm-^'ix:,.:"':".'",..'. 1
ul Orut 1
I Ckc-ndc-i*- Ca.
ol Canafla, Uumtwl.
A Woman of Court*.
"*l'����-��e cnUWJl.ii;h.y 'iiiind:7'   '
���""W'iiVr* "   Sii'W"1' ���'���'���'��� ' ���  '
���H^W-WttiW <Ml��d-",;i    v.,  .uu   v.*:
,1  'i'iII'iu   trtalflwr���tto** II I.-   in .1 ���'-���'
Whal It RtqulHN.       '"   ""!'
hitorfr��rtW�� \m iotU'tri wirtdrfr1"
7��*i*H'��HW' his %tm irit'i-euWi M
trtMnli'm*  '"    *. S5   ll" ,-
���1I1  1 .;  i"    """ ""'' ���"' 'I "iiiii  ful:
i'Au   iiIIiuTBL"-'.'!"". .'\s.e..*ir,***   til    ."'
KiU'liici'i'lilg pom.
hotel at"Bp6Ttan'e. Is In 'tho city hospital at. Kelly Rutto with a mild case
of smallpox. Whore the disease came
from haa not boen discovered.
���sCA  ttl M-WP Kilty*  -e*tl
hotel at Bpokan'e. la In the ell
LIIIIH.l.il'lill    II    **t***m**4S
m-.-tAisyvi-imm  ��8uocaB80R   ro, win
III    II   lIlll.'IIW,
"' 'hr'��Sfrt��rla:���**-
.uraoraaiT. .e. il
tuFMffi   1...  -jli. ���
'ii ainnii.'  i.   'iiiriiMi  dii  I"     ���'���  ���'
.11 ."ipueuc '��T_meoRAPHCR. no
TfHb**W*fa*Wal A��RB*��M1II����B !0|
"'���mc, Itxtetu, Hlitlneta I^ttf-St, e��e. f <Ht
neiilar,i��oi�� �����.j'lajljrt.,. AH Work airlptlj
confidential.   H...Barrjr. roog^H "fe����
in 1
���no''    UiV'.fi;r[..    'ill     n.,-,,.1.
milli     ,',,.*V*l9n^V<ft*rr**v :'.i.jii, ���*.::
I'taewnWeHttriloiiten��� tiO.iiB. (fnrhouia. ���
.!,��,   *i R,-,Mrai|t.   Am 4,,HpQfi|L..,.������..
1   niiiiii'i' .11   in   nun'.   ri'ii 'i   iipii'
AbAto --tnttrtr'" JOrtWiTOw: 'WATunc
iiile-JuMlaw,'  anllfltnr. nei   ' TsWihoo;
iBwuiBK M'Ofi'��� a in hunt tto
ttie * Skits T*rrttoiT^<IMiMMniiwtA>Tse-
- *-   - - irtlon of, thf, Pmytaet*
���.... _  ... Orttlray
tenial nf llatrenra. Not mara th* rwa
or Hub-Aaefit'����� ahaiOtMrle* I* WMohillr
tlons of aectlona, and In untiirvnywl territory   th��.-|n_ct -a-wUtdtlfor (ahull    b*
, by a fe�� of U ���imlt*. mm tm refuwIHl ir
1 U)r righia wjnilM'fpr ate- nottavalUbla,
: but not, inbirwHsL A fnr-xil* shall, he
. paid on the irinrtfeaalabia SnTpiit ot the
I niuie at lht' nHM'iif fflft wiitS *��r tbn.
Tho   peraon   oiwratlng   the   mint  shall
; fiiiTilah   lbe   AMnt.-ju,. twjta. .apturna
< tiCri/Putlng for The tul| .quantity nf. rner-
1 chantalilc i��*kl tttnad 'and' pay itif roi-
alig "thareom HiKhtiitoal; mining   Hfhot
W ffi'nlafi^'WBtfp T&Fr
ilm leaw will l-nemn the c*at Yftlnih-��
rlHhla only, but Ike Urn*" wlll ba per-
mlttftl tn jphiM __WW(flCer available
aurfara righta may ba.ovnshlertd net**-
tarr rer tn�� working Of ��� th��' mint at tbe
rale of Ht,.*mimsrt% nil ni-if .i'.*',i"i
"\xt fulUnfnrmiUMin (Sfpli
.ni "iiin-u
i" 1 "11    11   in   ii tit.i��
if ja "E Bamatartjlild
,_.,_ jiloltAH  	
'< nfMUtsr Trttat IUk., ColuMtiln Struct
N��rwl,Weittintott.sri B. C. Gable eddnta
"Whltaslde," Weatarn Onion. ��.��� O
Drawer 800. Telephone ��9. Vr., .'
WMltaia*, "R. a! H.' J��� IMIlloiidt, I r
WblttOltJe. 11.,'i  unon .;���! jnii-w;him. nl
III   ���'!     II'IS'
t. ey-m.V-nB_._j' OLUTB, Barritter-at-iaw
wllulUir.   etc.;" eOmaa' Coliinilila   aoi
.lllll.t    11     till  I    Hll    II
MKlWA-HlttK,' 'MARTlM    *   ���TArt-rtAt)!
. iBHfrSrttrtiianrt  MWHtors.    M6 trt  avi
Wealmlnatar Trutt Block.    O.  K.' Man
:,iyf1jS,l(*'t'��0,��wr* a��d. ����������������� I
,1 e     1/1 ���'..i|jnl     'tit    Ilt'.|ll|.l'll|     I'lj     "I
iiiii 111 111 mini
t**t i l-^'ltflt"*
il/Wiui'K|lli  ol   'ii-'*1
ut   11
The'Daily News
be iViadr'tb lht Secretary' tit the 1
nent of the IMkMW, WtaiMi, *' *.. ____
Agitat o��. Bub-_kgant �����< Dgralnnwt Iianda.
'���'"'  Bepoty Iklnltter of lhi Interior..
Ml B ���ITntartbortstd pubimttiofi"o�� Ato
.1 i!v��rtlatmtnt .will not
Kb  ..
paid fot.
Office Rhena tU.ni ���arn Phone Ht
���epble atrwat     in  1.1    iti
.       **
; ;MpMnM,irnwitr'**.',,
,.;;  *ny Dart of tha elty..
Light and Heavy Hauling
i*.",.1..   ���!   .- ���i,i-.i|)iiiii.  i'i.kI   H* *  "W
'���iKlIlM    n'*''!!'''   '. 11 ".Hi   ill'   r'ta       1
CITY or HHw WMT.*MI*N��.Tin,- ��� c.
P.O. Aaa Mt
1     11   "1:
iiit'i   ' itn-*..���.. .
Oallyi Newa Mdfl.
jolg i^hk^i^q
of all kinds.
Prices right.   {Satisfaction guarantaaaV
M McKensle ��L WEDNESDAY,   NOVEMBER   5,   1913.
=^ "���" mas nae w
;.:>-.*.:i   .i:::,,.:i-
Read thfe IP^rlife^rs of OueJLIiiiib^ to Our Customers Our Ent^e Cash Receipt* Mr
' ' i- -��iiri.'iii   a* ���aipl   ni   ii    *'J�� "   �����   ���������'              "   ''���""'' ��   !"';1''  ,'*   ',:'   ,ln   '   -   '"���"     ���sitolii*   c .T>;.t-m,   "ioi   r_ai<  ���  _i_,i...     .*
ne Day, fc&ween thfe Fifth"DlWHCf Ndirember and ihe Fourth DM of December, 1913/ Itachiaftre.
i;;��vou,   J    *vi*)V    uiii;
rbifi Vi^Wi'ti^b-^vJJMry/jMlstHi^rier that purchases goods in anyiJ��i>artm��_li o#W'i��gi'__iore on a qe&ain apk^o'
ious roeanftiintUfcrevftryiKWSWJiner inai purcnases gooas in anyixieparHnam 0Ji.-_>ur _Mgi__tore on a qe��ain nnki
hat'day.  it/will rtot"it.atter-"whether your purchase amount^!* 5c.':*or$560.00,tIte teftmtf^1_wnladll__UBt:
'. Sin      'fit    o      (vt r*. I.    wa    �����    blliov    -iiiifli,:*     Bi *)     . ,-*.������/���        SwalH ?t,X.i;���-> ***Xt-J**m*tt**n^maV**H��lm.
o   :'.-*-!.*. rn,   sto-i    .*_.m__ii  ,lbll).,  ,_p ,,-,._,   0   oiiii;
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,._   J    >..:���    .J   o   ;.i>
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.total->4o J
j ^estminst^'mftKijymit^ '-\W\\%\\*to box cannot be opened \ifi*ilthe*th Day Of fteeeitftfr, fflira ffettuu
io j^olds the key VriU.*ph'fchatoX'^ ^$0#ilBa& ^s^'S^le. slip*' will ibe honored, u-    ;.,,,.  ,* .. ���1,Br^tSrJrtD !T'B' "" ,M
'" ^thl^irii^r c^h sales &i<arftiswtiB^^ 'jn$d#g;$ur purchases, as ^y'those'^i% l^yUUp^te slip
. fflW*_#-i     _n nli>H aiiiIi.>] _*-_>_-. _J                                                                        ' ��� "          ' (-]          .1' >' I    / f  *��!          I.'. !*���)' I _. J         'II! I I  _��� i '��� i            .           .               ,         .                 -                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        . _
fee acKnowledged.
1    ii*. ���> vi.." imatlti   i    nili >���!
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���-.It     a     Mill!     ,:;.;,���    ,.,,    |MJ    ,8^      -,,      ,.    -,
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slips witt
HM/ir.^,    M(U..*nWMt
AUStip&f^ 'Fw^^m^
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...   I.-j-  to'  ooatoost'i   usK bui
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laK      td!   that'll   i>,    0(J .tit-</.   ..n;jl   o   b
���-ton.     ���.�����{     ''.'Jj.l   .-j./,     .*.,!     88TC.     SJM.'lf     1
���;)      *.:i*..i*.i(i ���    .*   9<-  o: -will _-ii,--.jr,r     .e_U_n*I*    uaia
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.id    i'u
Saturday, theiSth and 6th Days oiF December : ':J^,,;8,rr'"
:oi    iit.'-.i    ^11   ;iiiri.'"i
.'.-ma   .:   bs��ai��i en   tani   .j��-,: ou.: ji*, ��ei_n,i.i   .
-J-.i-.y-    .tn-3     .d. 1*   ;,;:j   ;._s-f   ttoti   -.ixIb.*.    dtti
NCNE OF 0WR i;EMPIX)YEES;WH��^                                                      THIS CASH JWtJND^ OFFER
II   "..*..���...:,.���    .:,.:���    ,   |,   ;; ,-    oi    s,v    '"'���   "   '���'"'���    ���*'���'     :":��''    >''      ���-"*:''      ���  '"   ,'   !    :            : "'        ' '''          '          !*.!    .:���    Ul����l    >     *.    -O'i     Lin    .inn                                    ~.:r.      llaUKI       ^T    ;
 ii...   md .i.itiiHi'.   ni.it, ail'il'li   i1 i   t   JWj   laii.ili. 1.1 ii.   i,    ii: i i;:.  ,'..:".  "..'"   ','-   ii  ri    ili'ii1   'll   ti   '��� r���-i','i.n-i\\       ���      -mu    ir-  i--           '-J���   :'   J::,:g..:J   ;   '���
                                                              ' ' ' ' ' ' ���-._.,. .,                         i*t**^t*t***^**tat*.tT**T.a*t*ttm
VS]     '' 171     VIOlTv
laOl.   ��� -iiviui    il'ii..i". ,'i.   i
.ll    i.JT IIIOUJ    rtili
111.11-,     111      1811
tni   iiTim  rait
   '^HF''" ____n�� ju
lot    .
ii.:*   _rt-)JVVr--__n    i^ .i: lYOn^^itl*   :t   **ii
���'������ ',���*.'���),:���    Itiiln:    malillV     111.''
.ntiijtvlC    opiL:i	
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��� ���-..-,-   ^,^m> ':*^H:
Ii--1    n.    ^^^.:: dn i'.    ^H'   -'fl
_|lil'il    .���- :?fl^^^^^|.|i>
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.lists   i-m  ',".  1.  niiiii''ili eiua_ti4uc  ,     j.;   ,,!:,.,   ..,.,
I ao'j.!
,       ..,.,.     ������*,!<���    T-i-i:;n;.i i     !.    .-.i-.-'r     ,-.��!    li
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mt-ii -.Mit|U.   t.     ;-*i       .i.lii.-.oqM    .dl
r^--^   .70^. .inr
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���'' -_____?^^fc=' '*���
-i^^L^fl- ^^F .-).4.i
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.ll-.S*Xin,\)^^*JM*W-.      ''I"*!
lenoltsj      -.Ttr*3!i.l,    rl:o^   t^tttoitool
9rt   a   ;t.->o    ?.   l-tooodoa -jS'  b*?;-tal
i .       " i ��� ^^ .t.-ji.i     '.ii.*;:. ...mi      in,      .:uoi    hi.    ':i-.*n .imiu.   d     i-.i*     ^i-j.-.-um^*,    '"'.juv-   rvi
���li    'id    iltlv,   v...;--.:!    *;:t.*i!i'.,'.   totally ,-,���,:     - *i "���.���)'*;'' kli      "If   .
Cdrdmbia Street   '' ��rrjr?ri     B* ��� i K^r��,
:.   i tni     it laic! *M   i I   1*    Iflll lioq
I      i>-"     .-���!,:,:-,-  ci   ���ciij!-.-.  ,.__iit
.-:iin   ���)    ii    ii i_;.:i_.    .-..::l*i    ni-i-t.t
;���     a'3tl*i.i��i'    Lutivs       n*A*   aoliit
iie,   b*v: m-Uiim. Oln   l*3*i*A-    ���'" j?'-''--'**   *'*    **\
.9u>ai   .d   ol':-.'**'������������ **  �����*���   -osia-' nai
_________________ . .UiiWi. ,(U. atitoqiV' io\
ITS'  uZ'.oi    see*   Hit**,   od   ��9_1^.iMol
""V .o.l.-fl)   jai
*A  OHIHAH-lc Mr
,.:..mai -fuaiJAi. v/si
GRAND       ,
.;..-.__.J ,'s.     .���.    ��   ���   .i.t     *Z*mJ*      -.L��.l_.vi.    i     Jk^l.*f
'?}jfRQi\fB.9Gm:E>QR am
Uas'l   if -/J    i
��� MTll."
C14W ���4-m^ft-**i-Q1**if.W-
\*��Mx.******f^*<Jk*\**''i ******.��� M-XaW W  J, men nf BaTffion, one of which, weljfh-
n.-r-.���r.   ... - _-r .��,..-tr        ��i||ii(_ 72faHjH����^t#i��MMS'��a��
!|bko by Sir Uiclmrd iliisa:sr<**,. in Ilrit
Ijish coiaBffi3i3K��K??SKt.
VloU-jtto. :Nin*. *>-��1VI|i'r#i:l�� *tt|htt��.i:aoirr'AMvf-^��:)a��at#��;)**1'��l��IWiilnrl!i i:;��*Brtillf Bli��;tittwreiidi'nf:^h��1|��i|i��T
I display Is an..luiitjm- coHf-ctl
pies of ore nDdi wffBeff-'m'meralsJrom
tural  nnn
1 tiks= ITtat jiri-fiiRetf Hi" ro'itilng of ��___
ial nr
the  parliament  build
_a=S��� ���
thji-arjitlie ^seatlsf^i^f tkfl|MM%#i ture ig sure TII Ul) valuable publicity
has'tieeri at work'for several months work tar, BrifIsl} ^'plumljla," siiid Deit
otWWBOVPfli "Hfi th'dJIIWtKltsiap- iity MfnlsVer 8co\t ���i'este?da'>, "^eeTtig
pJhncr.lK Ttie. Vk^delal; nbti. Way j is bell^ltYi -apd.fhe. co)la(tt(gi>,icannot
appWMSl -H��T*-"'Vh<-'i eoK*M*W'ii''''i-P'',and
sporfWiM*iH.:""Aa i*il-k*illy-ttWalAlni!
faalura i_f ilili t.tiillilt ia Ilia tumrl-.
�����,( fail to open the eyes of niany who still
��� fw ni-^w "UPWi.'ii��'tfBW"iiiww* ff.w_ftiwng
l tha
punliuLei sad waii-k *****
^s-im   ,
overn ment employ
in iiii mi imi in
s   .' _?..,"._,.- , ,..,, ���i(i,*.m,. _,��.__K-, tim -monapsh 0 hi j
���'   uah
���fellj'.'to 'a p"any tif' Mf-fiterl.    Th
ral months.   In a (lay of t^olhn Im|
n^a"^ffi^SSISI*5Jt \��. ^*m,,mttm.,^ trun?
o KOVer:
V. .''a liiuiilUta Hf'ftWtTitlrir.
tire |wtllnCiliw:flnlabii_B
livorK tha, hi,, kept them bu8y for Wl^Qri,eti,r,T I.Composed of heav��
,11 will have beah%%i%K^Ylli7H����*-'����:��"  ""V*1?? **��� *****
ill-��anrt <Mi lt.ii.Hing joam-av'tto C*U
���.-.irn to Iw dlaplaytd bsforaiithduMnda
f siKhtseers st the United States land
ho*. ���; ��� ��� , It th intuitu' V v.'. ���)���'.
Thn'flsUblts Invi bem ga.tkere*.by
,uie department of uKrioultuie. In con-
Innealoai.wMh .tlw O ...*-���.:��� H.,--alt��r
months.('DicatrfahiplamrtiiK, iand* ty��l'
iQf,^ $reo Mpifa tmM~ri-s**)9mv
m ......
Wf tir�� f\<)ne���y% PHt t'htqwjh Ih
mill will produce 17,000 fee^.ofnClea1
,***V*ihSt-i      win.Ittfc   ���!-W.,*HL>"''
.   ,8owo- Blft fetloVs, .,].*,,
la, addition to ihls anariaooa pi
tl��er�� ard lartro rubaaiot woadi poU
ished -witli vailoa* dacnwaiiol finisV
it In a most oompri+cnllTo arta��aI��M*UBa.p^!f������lj��ia,lgM  et
nvtrv natrral reso-rce and every wide that Rive some idea of ��l��iglrtl
iirsu-h cl industrial diMMMMt **m. ��h^^��^���J_2; J_Lifc2'-J���***
llrimsh Xtol.'titbhimtM. V ��ro* o-iaa : KWMW'Tif I*P tfWWt ������fJWhl'lnitth,
,!';i Oe.����n��oiia.Vahiai..i ,��� ; ��|d|re,.aps��e :w.Ul.b*a��H��* .BW;:boxej
���It la .lVffl^���.llt.���to���stlma��*the.ano^ ofi��}Plw.n.a.solid fktalaM. auaportt
mona value of ��Wa:<tta��!*Jf Worn an ed-, *����mftr*> ��)-no.|^<^��t,��t��oi��alii(pyrsji
uraMonal   atandpolS.- Tali    VV.    E.  mid. of bottled MMaarkUflkaimta^
onal  standpoint."  said    W.    E. mlds of iwitiea WMaw��i��ftijaiieioee��
_ ||_        llllil     11       ir--"|' '""��� J .______-____^___a-_-a---,
*��� .sltUaA l-f A'
of thousands of people, and
ram conH
���st of Its kind ever stsged on this con
Inent.   Wide as haB beta the advr
iik campaign conductfl hy th^fcn^
���rnmeni ln feoent yeara. there flptll
��A space ��<*i*-fr'Vte'*^i "%_>
[onr feet hsf '^S^^lSfr,,,, tS
(taping thc exhibits haa been olanned
peaches, pears and otber fruits do not
Ipen In November -within        '
throw of Michigan at
At either end of the gi-fljl tl
lion Of sain-,
splay Is an.
, es of ore a  ._  ._.
ev.'r/,��B��:li}g iWWW pWPfltHiJ* the
lead and 7.lnc, with their matrices.
it hast profess tn,:believe that British
Columbia ls a barren prairie, Inter
spersed with overgrown forests."
j-HU-jjaaii-j mm ij  ,i|  ���_>	
1 *fth��i hew Venture:: ��; -Mi WalkHw*
made disirict) ftank-ger and' B.: ft.'
! Clarke' was appoint** secretary-traai-
i isrer. ��� Othsr ifejcal ' :gentl��isen' �������*'
given vartona I other poaittons -'in itba
' basltufcs..:   emtio n Ian    ...-.ivi   dairfv
Mv.Warrtn was -dointci his buaiBieai
by cbequs mull .tlw banMs refueed t��
! qash ttwm.-.Tiis.Bewianiploy'Sies ot lha.
firn* pull tba hetni at the, bitfinasa.
j.ijd , Wd ask��d f-pflflgrpxpianafjwof^jafi
jdxlno' 1ilmi*\. itioii* allsge^tojhattajbesoinp,
vMSulwafy. bute reanai-jss^,;** stj_ffv
fhe n&.Ml'M ���*��ntitoj_t��ronto.1
telegraphing that he would be back on j
Satarda*. b4*K��lpi.M* asrirsdirvt.
*a***a*m****^*.***t**kw*i i ,ft"
,:.  ,-aauot   ji'
tu_*.I.     ..--TI-
ting',* to. -Secure. tm *. l��iUng. ff* Mm
in, a certain -jnander, ��i ye
tpfd'qf toving-SfSm,    _
epiissaiy ot ,��ne ,9? -tkfe!:
tor'civic eotivitti^.^'''
tjbr-W��6irtidll '**ths seta
t'raiftW-iitf'fcf %e evfirflje,
tfttS^'wHUA m t*tb*iuAl -hi
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mssdti      '   O.IBt'rr_'.-;:     ':,-:-:*:-.
1 tl   .0;     f nit      .:_-__*
rx  ���it-.y
mm m. m
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>j\ o    OilliStl ���  91     '.)H    rl*::.!
M��TtdNMAN-|MUU-J.   i.n
/Jlisui��-   -id
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__tn'   :���   i
; yat   I
��� J   -J.
fa-fefoHj ���l:ibellf*'i!0  tkat Uie casual
a glance what each sample Is.
Another edMtCmllf.lfciitaln samples
of the totu^eo mni..clgMH iHWde and
maq)ifaiAvred. ia ���K<^wna���",W'he��a- thc
usitst Mfa*9iMmtm* *^*-miw4
Cantstork Spanish Jeaf are cured and
converted 'Into cigars, cigarettes and
ntua luuiuti.   * unuuieta liulletuun
of honey and allied products and
nent place..  ,  , , ,   , .
nadlarf' T'ilfclTO:lllTa!i<raya i,TrfMSatlon
(JWi-ecll''Which "�������***' W wa���� Wer
li.i)t>0.01��"'��<lrea'W"hin<l'*whleH' othar-
niMwi-wbuid >nr tHvictiaM^'iMn-ttraiMd:
in adflWtott t*'thla mbd��fca<'*rorMtinr
ntodati*. a"��arm"wl�� bwiafcowrfi'.Klth
wdtertr��mm��giHro��tt(i�� tha ditches.
turn ifalhray paaalnti thrwab ithttimto*
Uon. ��stb��ataira'��attt��>igaaalna in .bbei
fieldn iaasl����>rtecti moda-SCf .Mmebm-
pHnKf4 machinaro' ln'nsanraia asod-
ern farm. .1  ;i   ni!'-:!''   .itviti
Farmlnp Seawaa.
ch w(
bushel  of
shown large   -colored transoarenclei
ensuring atx feat Ions
ihowlng farmUif scenes
views of
ot tho
es. thai
the pro1
ater recently.
ees' anel CrtJdHara-L'oofc 'foi* OU
isW   uoabisati.   id'  It   in
,. 1 *;-recteri��# tbe Pterttsa Mptor>v   /
..ili.iii    -.ti!.   _..'c.:*V     .1."   :     - it   in
-"    T    i.|M-_VW"P*,>'-|  >:i    IMoiltt
..Jil^ti.l . ...'.">il .i-r-t-i-I' .;!!. ���!*..'���
. Mbntreali Kov. ;'4^-Tw�� ia��ororbus|-,
ness offices are silent tbday.; one'Dbi
St;: 'Jiirilrt afcd- tR-�� otheT'Ton'Blefery
str^ 'jl nix^hefqt M^I_^Wft��nifc
ygjttjt*** v(iatfiUing;tor: a' jnan abbu^ 4ft
MWs of..a��B:wfco w4*es.bia;W��P m
Jafnoa'iWttr'r'eniinMr.'rWarre-a letti.-mn
and W��*rfOT��ei.ilMiiP*WPe*.ilH��iPPt a**.*
^tewtaa tor d,i��a(^it *jr-ami* <*�����
peeting!to.a*eihim. qepie 'at t,i*w balm
tbey nrejiwaMaoU. eisii-r,,,       ...,,,.      .
.-���S*W8 ai�� being. jtalten-Xo roWjV^^hB | *ij
money. ,Qw iloyal -wan- ^hftidajpsited. i
stack as.ia guarantee ttai- hla ison, ^}>o \
Was : to havej a pf^mfaent ppsllteni ��a
aeeklpg)tb��i recpvjrt _>lIthjiA^eri^ ;i
t*   ������mil1  Trt
rairita'at tM*H*ti<s^*i*-rt**i**mt
lo.iij.   .Sfhattatiaft,. -to: -.a.- ii
ontreal,  Nov.  4.���Tl***&,.,3t*m*****,
*n.r* 8ick' 4MEMr-��M iiatliarilHaanan,
.    it-    _.:-
aatfna^Tia^^otiaa:'*!* ta -tttm
_��.. ona ,-_juW 1 icio'i* .J. !������ i-t*
e.H)'. .io.i9_l:Il: 0.ISI4X),': .aaciij-.tat
Itiw ar.-ijo-r- ISfflfr 'V4j, jd' iia,
a' o.ji-6. t j_f. 31.Hoi -{iv iv-oti
luollai* blr -{ase. ���.. .'u.'mjoj si/
' twrifci.t��Wr. '^.^Oayltartaan.'TJu Has
��ni__*,rT,*i#*P5,��9-)*feUl^*������o som��*OD��b*r_ior cntMhUr
.., m*
%V%(^ %$$* Piiw' "hich her"nu9band ii' a^u8t��med-
nt' .it.   incr
Victoria, Nov. 4.���There will be no
judicial Inveatimt-tattrlMW int0 charges
which were recaatlv-jnade at a meet-
\H�� o*-,��ftir,cUUl;Cq)p(;ilfl*pd tarwue
quenie of which t|>e council detertnln.
Thursday evening, for Toronto. Wbere I *y*. t^f* . ��k. ^/U^vjnant-gavetnor-lni
ha is nb#~��6 one kftows; tiut should I ooua^l aawld0b��, B#tHloned to. .an
he TetUhi''t6.^tfSWttn���*���*_**_�� J* p#*h'a*toi+yiw!��m an flnnmry,
cover teaf-Tlld-'*��Jc*��� hM*-j^_^iwl_fei*fti^I*c.to ,|jpver,:,Mna-��ata ;��f,
ltWai^nlf htB-tabseace -*h^<SSt ��a��bWtrf>*lt^i***tmtr*n*kitt** WW��i
thi���� ridccM h*.Hti��a* byiloail iftoto],!^ 3,8^,, ^o.,clj|^irt��iy��n -mm,
MtM tftHtimt byiloaal iftrtna.
ttlki*a**nii.}30l ,i-.oil-)' ..if''-v��n ifUiJot"
Maii>WKrr��tv cams haroi* abo��ti ,.a
month ao��>r!'>4irtBt,that ha w.aa iust.
out. fttm .England. ,Hls misalon. viaa.
to establish a branch ot thaoPtarletai
>��otor. wnat)ai1��, ot:8Mimnd- of wihlph
)\* aaM he was,*����.man*ringdlract(*
Ho.imiieAiw aa��e'o<:omoaa iln-.thf,
Broiwai bitttdlm!.��n *M* iKtm**,/*^
and a aales warehouse , trom,, ,wr
Broa.. 13H tn Ui Blaury .alraet.
Flts-Jamea E. Browne Insisted upon
a  month's  rents* ia adfsncfn.Mr,
Wall waa ont
ot his block
- ,-wh P" ^e _t��nsaotli_
iBH l'^BSe* ���; th'ft'idflcejjfcpeclalty
sat 1100. Tie presented a cheque on
... . ��w4��.'>X>i4��*i����i��cutW�� *��ancH_
���*Mr**M W��rf��ll��Wl^:-thafcias OwreiMh
fpr a .coq>miHH��'.ti��.;attaiaM to-dtifti
tta,U��*. fB��;fto:-ru��iota qfsatfnct
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aftWaulM! twwJuUo^i^afc.Mifain
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..e.^rtrgaaj-pn atWMtdtha-iaaanidli
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��fjMn Cv����bei* and 4fyin^tr.-��k.a:��M
liw iwfiacottitwhMiUtipiiranbaUy gftio ishwrt laa��lin��a��i: ��tnani|fw��diiess>wia|i lh* MnMKMivrti^.'Mk.lMw ----q. .- .,_. -. ���Tr-w.��� *ro.. .���
���hlrMoTJenknpdelntsndi.ihe ..dlMtlay. Interaea^m abo^-.hju^MtHlootot.^a ��nd.nWloMn *iWh -WPM'^^>.b��r��><��^ SL^ *L""2* ^ ����* ^d
il�� w��l be aaslstad by Chalmers .Tohn- loaf from the virgin soil, through the shade, wfll wove a h��'��*'i'Iffl��fcl1��re��gp��W^
'   _  t_ __   a. _ _   ��._Ja1iut     #lata_*    Kane1
l.nng. who has modeled
collection ot the >NM< Wro#nW��Mff HW>ni��H*Mt MtMlMMH! ttm
Mr. Shotbolt,
also accoin-
iteMMtment, will
ryism^y minister.
jment Of the exhibits has
 i'.to as to give prominence
lour great branches of the
nrces of the province, tlm-
Is, fisheries and agrlbul-
*t��W*ia Plla ef Timber.
v*nil will be placed near.the
���tntte-Jce, and the "rst thing to
���...mm *e^W*�� Malts*'VIU *****
an Immense pile of timber, towering
inTft-irm im Trlilrh. y " *"** ""���
ilflcent specimens ol tn�� *i
it tke province,
ahlte bear, pan
aln entranct
first year's breaking, the seeded and
;8i? ^ipvTLlHTiHj
final development of the woaid'a
est food���bread.
Thrashed Grain.
On huge block* of Britiah Colombia
timber scooned ont ln baaln form wlll
he found threshed grain an that the
fanner or Interested apectator may
handle for himself tbe grains shown In
the cases. At each end of the timber
nvramld will be shown the exhibit af
the fisheries and the minerals.   The
tlahes ever gathered atmttlWhlbltlmv
In lii n-nfti ira tt p;
nil on the walla
an English bank lu payment, but the
blocks ofl oompany refused It, compelling the.
__flB_0_ftcitei patebaaaeio pay��l_par.centMt**r***
ies will have to give a Hen on the property for (he
*��-riM. t*o�� balant��.;;-;��-'----""J-4*." *���** ���*--*-**
.tarried eo*i
, U display)
and   the   arma   ol
ih that are lound In I
ml of the Avlnca.
pTf hotboHAq la 1
ment to the exhibit.
..' tftn-xH ? HhaiaM'net.'aiwfcs.
ahaw IP; lHw��roM��m a
tures ��in,be,air
hh, cnm'-hilr''I _.
lrt*la��tDrn'allrt��l a��d
nt dlndaMbaVrMnfllma
ig ��eaa)W��fl��i>>y. .*��-.go'
These atldea show 'M*/*'
and toba��Kti��tawM|[aMi|aum
rlcuHwi.Df dbftdMMn��ftii*4!iM��
H. Turner, agent-general la London,
deHdlffiw*** Hho��ttlmdH����dfcl�� ti
the Chicago ih-tv.
dlaatay at III
9t.*-b ttiirJiwr1? nffl ��(*r
Office li Diamai
Then the' WAtfcikair-
rJrrtS'ed to
He h%Ll hlg door ent la
aa x-tt***, ,-mpc\*t,  1^***t*x-t**A^**ei***r\.
to**fl*&**il_ '**T^*m9tg*-������
mer City
Mt -���-       ������-
B^ggL   atraaamm^
- - lAskart 6p. faOs^to n^iyl,
*atf asked h^lf aVe w��Ad
art* votir*. ^e- m ��a-��hia Mm
propoaed trip and they bortrdetf Ofc
feJfr>'- '''��� -���*.';��� *.*i*m>l *,*ni*.::n*.i
-. Tha cdtftle (Were (ar awWftmn -HW
leery arhta Hh^HHUP4M����al��dndMF
ledt the gist. atsx��d*d munr>MMIt'
ten' (nd��be^meiblBtiwitiriaW34nTlMti
evanlas. ahe aratkei tie* .aoneu antk'
notbdagto aaau *l-tol____����aT4ia rtal^^
Md Hm wasB��*ont pJarat-maHwkaai
aHftrreac^d;the potle* atallsa..e.ltoi
. Mtfc^hwtt auredrdor bawdaattaigWi
aad thllif-ioraliMhjWft^r
*"l5*Jro,if ^fci.',C__!i___ "***"' a! ,',i^,
>^����>Hw!*Hl��t-��rtJ5. t.,.'ii.,nio.
Walla WalU. Waah���Noa, 4-Dir JT
MdemtB. l_��d_��rf��, flpokaW, pSWdaat aad
_r.������ ��WE��w "-
ace for
less" than oae weak The probable ea-
!o be l*KU*iRb?hl��Wd������^mt
wlima a provlsW-l'bf tbe tMjJmal civ-
latent* lb oarfSaSenatotol d^ijip-l*
tbtnf ��� v%%WtrflflC ���* ��� ���o��*y
-* a :
i_��t: ..<*
���'-'i.i I
m^fe:^ m*m> '-m>*��'
*, ���:\''.'il
'���:*:   mxi
���    I
IW 11-I .����.��� talwH���
Hii' 'tf   tl'.ii^l 'ttifXf.   *y,lM*ii*t
li, t*ii 1 -Jttl   '.*;:.,
mutt J��d,i
^idwvdMH' ������aBF' t"
*w ;:*jfni. ,,it.t'- �����>.���� '''-tiMHll!,,,**',^stt'.
iitsul.I 't*i... >*fo/.;Vii,iin*��M*-;.:'dl'. *a^iit^yi
' ^_....iUi. .u^'lttti a-)-;.-.-. ^.jtaMwt#i-
������ ......���*:**,.
f pa-ietou*
Fresli MVater an
vass was a whirlwind affair, demonstrative crowds greeting hlin vvhere-
cver he -spoke.
Democrats Triumph Here.
Now   York,    Nov.   4.    Election    returns late tonight showed a complete
triumph for the Democrats in Mnssa-
_ iChuaettB, where a governor and state
to these parts saying the _ raser river, u ^ (,ho_pn f()ur
lightship would be inovel at once to, _()  ^ ^  ^olt>01it>Il ���,  Demoor6tJfl
governor and state ticket tn  Virginia,
Lightship Remains.
Though it was but a week ago that
a final message came out from Ottawa;
Jfty 1914 A| Vessels in Coasting Trade
in  B.  C.  Must  Have  Apparatus
New Dominion Protection Vessel Now
Steaming Toward This Coast���
Built in Dublin.
at once to
point a mile and a half outside the
j Sandheads. the light will not lie mov-
:ed  just   the  same.    The  reason  is  a
l countermanding message whieh eame
yesterday to the eity hall stating that
| the lightship  would  stay  fast  to  her
present  moorings.    This  Is a  victory
for the hoard of trade. Progressive association, elty and Col. .1. D. Taylor.
M. P.    Each brought pressure to bear
on keeping the ship where she is.
By tlif time tha year 1!tl4 is ushered in all  the steamers operating in
jj-the   coastwise  trade   which  are  not
-equipped with wireless telegraphy.
will  be required  to have the aerials J Passage from Greenock to Victoria.
Fast steaming time is being made
by the Dominion -fishery protection
���cruiBer  Malaspina, which  ls now    on
without contest, tlle ascendancy
Fusion over Tammany it
("ity wiih indications of
victory for the state assembly, und
judicial ticket, and u close tight for
the state ticket in New Jersey, where
President Wilson and administration
forces fought to elect James J.
Fielder to the governorship. In Maryland a Democratic senator vas
In  .Massachusetts    David  I.  Walsh,
men were added to the original committee nud details arranged.
It is likely other luncheons will bu
arranged soon. Sonit. men about town
are asking for them and although Dr.
P. P. Wesbrook, president of the University of Hritish Columbia, had been
Invited no reply had beon received.
Since it was thought tlie letter had
gone  astray another  will  he sent.
The road connection with Richmond
municipality, and the uiislghtliness of
tho penitentiary fence were other sub
New Yorkljietg for discussion. The former
Republican I stands little changed, with one owner
holding out against giving a right of
way. Warden Brown will be written
regarding the fence.
��������������� i.
geslion at the heud of the lakes in a
very few days.
The commission has received very
few reports tills year conccrnim. car
shortage compared Wfth former years.
Defence   Scores  a   Point   in   Trial
Jew for Murder of Christian
General Meeting.
A'SESttSSnX^S  "' .'-"it    lieutenant   gover
nor. was elected    by    a plurality    of
Ftrung between their mast and an apparatus installed on hoard, or else the
owners will he subject to a very
heavy fine,    Tiie new  Radiotelegraph !
jact,  whieh   was  given  assent  to   by |
the governor general on June 6, 1913,
makes  it  compulsory  for every pas-
Benger ship to carry wireless and also
���a competent operator.
i Many of the steamers now running
in  the   British   Columbia  trade    are-
.equipped with wireless, but there are
quite a number which lack this means
of communicating with land when
once at sea.     The   steamship   com-
���panies which operate* Ships without
wireless are already placing orders
for machines and It ts not likely that
thc Dominion governmont will have
to impose any fines for the violation
of thc law on this coast, at any rate.
���Steamer   j Heraklea     Passes    Punta
Bound to Buenos Ayres.
I Bound fcr Buenos Ayres the Norwegian steamer Herakles, Captain
Berg, passed Punta Arenas, on Friday last, lifter a 43 day passage from
Victorfa. The Herakles left here September IS with lumber from Praser
It will be remembered that the
Herakles Vas the steamer which
went aground at the mouth of the
Praser river when Inbound from Sydney, Cape Breton. She was subsequently surveyed in the Esquimau
Turned out at the yards of the Dublin Dockyard companV, the Malaspina
was sent to the Clyde to have her
engines Installed, and she was dispatched fro�� Greenock on September
9, for the North Pacific coast by way
of the Straits of Magelean.
The little vessel must have handled
herself splendidly on her Initial trans,
atlantlc trip, for, after about 20 days'
steady steaming, she touched at the
Brazilian port of Rio de Janeiro.
After taking on addition fuel, the
fishery cruiser departed from that
port on October 3, and by this date
the smart packet should be nearlng
Punta Arenas.
Given good weather on the Pacific
the Malaspina should arrive at this
port toward the end of the month.
While steaming up this coast, the vessel will probably put in at Coronet
and San Francisco for fuel, as her
bunker capacity is none too large.
On her trials the Malaspina made
about 14 V_ knots, and she was declared to be a splendid sea boat.
With her arrival on the coast, the
fishery craft will be overhauled and
may be placed in service before the
end of the year. A sister boat to the
Malaspina is now under construction
at Dublin.
of trade chambers, city hall. At It
Industrial Commissioner W. I.. Darling Is to map out his efforts to bring
Industries here. Other matters, including tha canvass for fees, will be
1 and P
Among the guests at the Russell
are H. L, Tyler, Toronto; W. Ryul
and J. M. Galium, Winnipeg; R. C.
Laufman, Seattle, and Thomas J.
Watt, Montreal.
Split in Conservative Ranks Given as
Reason for Decision to Contest
about 50,000 over Augustus IJ. Caret-
ner. Republican, Charles S. Bird. Progressive, aud Governor Eugene N.
Foss, independent. Henry C. Stuart
was chosen governor of Virginia, together with an entire state ticket,
Republicans and Progressives having
{declined to name candidates because
iof   inability   to   agree   on   a united
tickcl'        . _.       . Ottawa,      Nov.      4. -The    Evening
i    Returns from  New Jersey were de-   , , .    ,  , ,      ..,. , . _,
layed, though Democratic ,���,��-,,,��� Journal says tonighl: It Is reported
'claimed a safe plurality for James J. in authoritative circles today that the
! Fielder for governor over Edward (.'.'Liberals may nominate a candidate
i Stokes, Republican, and Everett Col-1 foP the com|ng by-election in Suuth
: by, Progressive.   In the early returns, |. .
|Stokes and Fielder were running neck' ���"*"'"   *
and   neck.     The   Democrats   claimed
Hudson county for Fielder by 25.000,
Fred Watson, of Port Coquitlam, re- i
turned  yesterday  from    a brief combined pleasure and  business trip    to|'
Portland,  Ore.
Gas Schooner Ashore. j f'r8' Th""J?a--y of th'B ���oulh* ***���*��� ��n
Astoria. Nov. 4-  With 360 cases of!!he f,rst Thursday of the month dur-
salmon   aboard   i'or  this    port     from  inS ,he  winter.
Kake,  Alaska,  the  gasoline  schooner |
J? H. McNay, of the city fire department, is enjoying a two weeks'
vacation  with  visits    to    the    coast
cities. ; while    Republican    leaders    asserted
supremacy for Stokes. Fielder, who
succeeded President Wilson as gover-
nor of New Jersey, had the support
of the national administration, several members of the cabinet taking the
Mr and Mrs. James Bell and family 1 stump ����� hiB behalf. National Re-
left yesterday for Chicago there to I publican leaders spoke In behalf of
reside. While residents in this city Stokes anil President Wilson and his
they lived on Eighteenth avenue, East | policies were made the dominant ls-
Burnaby. sues.
In   New   Vork   City   the   triumph   of
.Mrs.  J.  P.   Ellis  will  receive next I the  Fusion   ticket   was  assured   and
Tuesday. Nov. 11, at her home at fflhBta  returns from the state Indicated
and afterwards on theU Republican  majority in  the general
��� **'.���:*'   r.i. .-.lay of .ach month dur-1 assembly and the selection tf Republican chief judge of the court of appeals and nine supreme court justices.
Por   1'nited   Slates   s.-iiainr,   Maryland chose Ulair Lee, Democrat
Democracy triumphed also in the
Twentieth New York congressional
district, where Jacob 11. Cantor was
"This  constituency    has    been    so i
overwhelmingly Conservative so long i
that the  Liberals  had  practically  de-,
elded  not to contest  It,  but the split
In   the   Conservative   ranks  and    the
presence  lu  the  field  of two government   supporters   have   induced   them
to change their minds i.'1 the hope of
electing a  Liberal  between  the two
"South   Lanark  was  held    by    Ihe
Kiev,  Nov.  4���The defence  seined
today   lu   the   case   against   Mendel
IJelllsH, wlio Is on trial for the alleged
murder of the Christian  hoy   Yiishln I
sky, when Professors Kokovsoff    and i
Tlhomrolf,   theological   experts,     ridiculed   tlle   idea   that   the  Jews   practiced   ritual  murder.     Professor    Kn j
koVHolf. who is attached to    the    bt,
Petersburg university, and ls a  relative of the Ituablaii premier, said:       j
"Were I told  that the body of    n j
child  had been  drained of Its  blood
and  were it proved  to me that this
had been done by a Jew, the supposi- j
Uon   that  the   crime   had   been   perpetrated for the purpose   of    eating j
would   be less absurd    to  my    mini]
than the theory of ritual murder."      |
Tlie   professor   could   Hnd   nothing
In the Talmud, he said, which direct I
ed tho ritual murder of Christians
The    prosecutor's    questions    indl-!
cated  that  he attached  much   weight
to the evidence of Father PranOltes.
Alberta Oil  Fields.
I    Calgary. Nov. 4    Cunningham Craig,
igeologist for the British government,
, after an examination of the oil Heidi
'gave out an Interview tonight In
Whloh   he  says  he  helleveB  nil  BglSta
| Iii commercial quantities and advise*
la thorough exploitation of the dlatrlct.
I No less Ihan 10 drilling outfits will
I commence operations within the next
j(>0 days.
Burned  to  Death.
Saskatoon.     Nov.     4.    .1    Abbc|'.]ih\
aged 94, was burned to death ln a flre
whicli  destroyed  two houses at  Rose-
town today.
Conservatives  since   1S7_   hy
Haggart until his death las'
A   Chairman of Grain Commission States
Roval avenue,
nd  '
ng  the  season.
A.  E.  Hetherington, 632 Sixtli
will  receive as  usual  on  the
Steamer Tallac in.
The American steam schooner Tallac arrived yesterday morning in
Vancouver with salt from San Francisco, coming via Seattle, where she
discharged part cargo. She got away
at midnight for Porpoise Bay, Sechelt
'inlet, where she wlll load poles for
San Francisco.
Kake, Capt, Norzey, went ashore on
Clatsop Spit at the. mouth of the Columbia river, about midnight Saturday,
The captain and crew of two are safe
ashore at Point Adams station. The
lookout at both lifesavlng stations
sighted the schooner as soon as she
got Into trouble and both crews went
to the rescue.
Stuck to His Post.
Quelpb, Nov, 4. Walla.-.* M. Norrls, Canadian i'acific engineer of train
No, 42. bad a bemmorrhage while
bringing his train from Qoderlch this
morning, but stuck to ills throttle until he arrived at Quelpb where be was
relieved. Mr. Norrls was taken to tht-
general hospital and the physicians
say he has a chance for recovery.
Seattle. Nov. 4.���To try out an entirely new set of halibut hanks in
Prince William sound, which experts
declare will add tremendously to tbe
wealth of the fishing Industry centering at this port, the liijr power Schoon-1 towns
*er Victor & Etlia'n" left Seattle last
The banks in the vicinity of Cordova and the upper reaches of I'rlnce
William sonnd are to he thoroughly
tested by Captain H. Nickerson. skipper of the Victor & Ethan, who h
tinder    him    fourteen    expert
To the Editor The News.
Sir.���Having just received Dr.
liodgett's Interesting pamphlet on
Sanitary Science which calls attention lo the Importance of cities and
observing car, fully all sanitary measures having io*) their object
the protection and Improvement of
the public heallh. I am reminded of
thc fact that with all onr so-called I
progress this subject has been some- ���,,..,���,,��� ,..,���,
what overlooked. I, la true thai the* '""' '"'
halibut[preBen' ''"���J'10'1 inaugurated a Bystem
fishermen. Captain Nickerson feels
sure the new fishing grounds will
prove very prolific and is backed in
his judgment by many old halibut
fishers. Including those who predicted Lhat the recently discovered hanks
off Yakutat, ln the Gulf of Alaska,
would provide a rich reward to ves-
sels large enough to venture that far
*>' Captain Nickerson is prepared to re
main all winter off Cordova with the
Victor &  Ethan.    He will    ship    hls
catches down  by  th
ships of the Alasi ,
pany.     Th"se   lines   will  provide   : ir
an  average of one  t-liipni-ni   a   >������
from 'he north, which is ami > .
The Victor *.- Ethan, which Is can
of the largest powt r halibut i raft run
ming out  of  Seattle,  has just  under
gone overhaul a; Wilson's shipyard
the easl  waterway and is now  In ex
ft-llent   c.jiidiiiiiii   for    the    B -
For the Week  Endlnq Sunday. Nov.
of free collection of ashes, etc.. f
which they are entitled to due eredit
and it worked well till lately when
the regularity whicli used to mark
the service disappeared and lhe -. isiis
of the ash cart are now Infrequent
and uncertain.
Wondering  at  the  reason  for    lhis
change 1 made Inquiry at the city hall
and learned to my great surprise that
us a measure of economy  two  men
had   been   struck  off  the  strength  of
Un* sanitary  forces which  renders ll
regular Bteam*  practical!-)  Impossible    fer    the    few
Steamship com-  men lefl to keep the work up to date
although   l   tt el   bound   to  niy   they
make .very exertion to do so.    Now.
ec< pom)   is  nil  right,   but  efflel * n
must not li" overlooked, and with due
reaped   to   the  city  council   I   think
hey  could   have  saved    two    men'a
A lengthy and varied program of
business preceded the address given
yesterday by Miss Mary Ard MacKenzie before the members of the
Local Council of Women in the board
of trade room, of Vancouver yesterday. Miss MacKenzie, who occupied
the responsible post of superintendent of the Hoyal Victorian Order of
Nurses in Canada, spoke on the
centralizing of public health work,
pointing out the deplorable waste o
I time, energy and money under I
| system which maintains in so many
j cities where several branches of
public health work have their several
heads and the work of each overlaps
in such a way as to cause a very con ;
siderable depreciation. She outlined;
the life and growth of the Royal Victorian Order, telling In detail the
benefits which are derived from its '
training course for district, nurses, j
whicli includes Instruction in the art
of meeting the poor in their homes
of tending them with but few accessories, and fewer eomfurts, and cf
the oft-times depressing
poverty which the district nurse is
called upon to see to. Her address
was appreciated. Miss MacKenzie
may speak in New Westminster.
Pay Large  Dividend.
elected,    the   Thirteenth     New   York,!     Medicine   Hat.   Nov.   4.    The   third
where Ueorge W. Loft .succeeding iiie  annual meeting of the Alhertu Rolling
late  Tlm   Sullivan,   was  elected,   and   Mills. Ltd, which concern is composed
the   Thiid   Maryland   district,   where  of Medicine Hat. Edmonton and Win-1 vpr>'   ��t<'iidy   �������'   ns   this   continues
Charles P. Coatly was the choice.   Ke-nipeg stockholders, held  Ihelr annual i ���������"*'���' ���" n0 ff,"r of congestion. A stop
Crop Is Being  Kept on  Move
from Prairie to Seaboard.
Suskatoon, Sask., Nov. I It Magill.
chairman of thc grain commission. In
an interview tonight stated that there
was no sign of a grain congestion at
Fort William tills year.
The elevators there have a capacity
of 4ll.OUO.00il bushel." and then they
are only about ball lllled. This Is because the gram is kept on the move.
Water traffic from  the lake has been
turns from th.* Third Massachusetts
district had nol been received ai a
late hour, but Democratic leaders i
claimed a victory.
meeting   here   and   tleclared   the
markahle dividend of 27 per cent
I page of the movement anywhere east
, of   Fori   SVlllluin   wuuld  cause  a  con- '
To the  Thrifty
We wish to reduce our Btock
for stock-taking purposes and
are offering the whole at a reduction of from 10 to 20 per cent
For Seven Days
for cash. We Invite you to come
and seu us. We will save you
Hoods delivered to anv part of
the cily.
Corner 6th St. and 5th Ave.
Phone 404.
A Good Idea.
Medicine Hat, Nov. 4 "Seeing
Medicine Hat." a movement to ac-
'imilnt Medicine Hatters with the In-
'diiBtrial development Of their own
city, was inaugurated here today.
Automobiles were furnished and some
750 people took part in the visit to
the various Industries.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Hid*
Miss   Margaret.   Eldest
President, to  Be
Maid of
Canadians who registered lately at
the Canadian high commissioner's office, London, Eng., Include Mr. and
Mrs. Jonathan Rogers, who recently
returned   from   the   continent.   C,   M,
Burmelster, w.  Hook. J, N.  Joaeph,
I  M. McNaught. Sir Charlea and Lady
Adam, Miss Edith and MiS3 C. A. Mid-
dl. miss. T   S.  N.  Nve.  II.  N.   I'earce.
It.  II   Ward, Mr* S   .1. Tunstali and .,       ,.
daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Rlsteen of �����,.Ml��S Marjnrie Brown
Vancouver, antl R. Hlggs, (!. C. Howell,
Mr.  and   Mrs,  .1   C.  Wilson, and   Mrs
'>     .*:   of   Victoria
Residence Y. W. C. A.       Phone 1324.
Fancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Block.
-High. Low.
4:15 11:20
5:20    0 4*.
16. iti 11 : 45
6:20    1:55
17:20 12:20
7:20    2:4d
'��, 17:50 13:00
3lVfj:20    3:25
1S:20 13:45
1 9:15-  4:10
18:56 14:45
2 10:15    4:56
19:25 15:45
8: Ifl
: 60
iit. Time.
11.1 8:06
12.7 81:68
12.ii B 58
12.S 22:37
12.8 10:4'.'
12 9 21:17
13,4 11 11
12.s 23:
13.8 12:
13.9 4:
12.0 13
18.9 1:
'���'ag.'s in some other and loftier civic
li i nrtinent which could pare some
members then 11 v, ithout In urlng tli*.
lust interests of the city hall half ag
mut h as the dismiss il of these two
woi king nn ii It reminds me ol the
story _��� id . l dei rge the l-'< urth who,
when remonitrated *��� Ith for his ter-
: ble '��� ���:������:���*��� i ���*". ��������� and  tht   ni * ���     ti
fer     nil'': '!,:������ I '     |ir<"-s. 'I     upoi      !.:.-
said   ' \\ ell, I suppose I must
du something,    let    ns discharge    a
STOTT    Men   who  had  known  ami
���worked   with  the  late  William  Stott
llg   up   New   Wesiminster  followed   his   remains   to   their   resting
place Li  the Praser cemetery  yester-
i *    aftem I,   Clt} hall officials antl
lien promlneni In tbe city were pres-
enl at the funeral of the man who for
i -   ������ 'i - �� aa   waterworks i uperlnten-
dent  ami   who  supervised  the  laying
"f a greal pari t.f ihe present system,
Services were held In  Knox  Presby-.
'��� ���   a church, Ssnperton, al 2:80 ��ti|aw schcol
ii. *.
Washington. Nov. 4.-- Announcement was made at the White Hous
tonight that Mis:; Margaret Wilson,
eldest daughter of the president, will
be maid of honor at the wedding of
her sister. .Miss Jessie Wondron*
Wilson, io iraiicis B. Sayre, on November 25. at the White House. The
bridesmaids will be Miss Eleanor
Randolph Wilson, the youngest daughter  of  the   president;   MIes   Mary      i.
white, of Baltimore, a college friend
cf Miss Jessie ..ils-on; Mi��3 Adelin
.Mitchell Scat, the daughter of Pro-
ft BSOl William B. Scott, of Princeton,
i daughl *.
of Mrs. Wilson's ccusiii. Colonel El I'.
Brown, of Atlanta, Qa
Ur.  Wilfred T. Orenfell, With whom
Mr. Sayre v.as associated as a nn���
ision worker In Labrador, is to be tht
hi t mnn. The Ushers will be Bejamln
H   Burton,  Of  New   York,    who    wis
graduated In 1912 from Williams col
i  *;. ,    Dr    Set ville   (lark,   nf   Ball in
Mas; . with  whom  Mr   Sayre did mi.*.
shin work in Northern Newfoundland;
Ollb irl  Horax, of Hontclair, N  J., o
c   - mate ol   Mr   Sayre at William*Iing, Voice   Production,   Theory    (In
college in  1909, antl now al the JohnsI duns or prlvntely), Harmony, Counter
i'.ii: ns medical school, and Charli <'point, Musical Form and History,
Evans  Hughes, jr. a son of Juatfc I   Pupils prepared   for   the   examine.
641 Front Street    Out ot  the High  Rent District.
$30,000 Stock to Select Prom.
Open   Evenings  Till  9  o'clock.
Mus. Bac.
Singing,   Piano,   Theory.
For Terms and  Hours Appl)  at
Studio, 1011   Hamilton  Street.    Phont i
1319 R. (2263) j
and Miss
I.U.A.M ,  A It CM.
Lessons in Pianoforte, Violin, sing
Hughe .
classn tti   *
���   supreme court and  *
Mr,   Sayre   al   llarv.ni
3.1 couple of kitchen maldi       Ma) I ven which He*,   k i;  Thompson offii ated
8.2 nue to hope that, calling the att.en. Deceased was a membei ol the board
1 s tlon ni the council in thli matter mav of managers of Knox church, and the
" -' result In removing a lusl cause of pall-bearera wen- chosen from thai
0.7 comolalnl b) restoring matters In the body. He is survived by his widow
s.2 isanhar*. department to the Btatus quo ���',l'1 seven children    Theie are: wil
Th ���
tor of
:,'   Pi   i *    *���
has  atti  .
the <   ���
Sylvester W, Ileach, pas
Plrsi Presbyterian ohurcj
.    '. hich the Wilson fumil..
I foi   yi urn,  will   perf.. n
[liana of the Associated  II.mni of    the
Royal   Academy  of   Music  mul  Koyal
College of Music.    Ainu    Professional
Diplomas,  Teacher  or   Performer.
I'tir   terms,  etc     apply   51   riulferln
, street,   Phone 411 it.
I Subject to change without notice)
Sunday schedule Trains leave New Weatmlnster at 6, 7, 7:30, S,
8:30 and 9 a.m., and every 20 minutes thereafter until 8:30 p m.
After Slid service every 30 minutes wllh last car leaving at midnight.
Week day schedule Trains leave New Westminster al 6, 5:4a, fl,
fl:ir,. 6:30. 11:45, 7. 7:15, 7:30, 7:45 and 8 a.m., and every 20 minutes
until 4 pm Krom 4 p.m. lo 8:3b p.m, a 15 minute service will he
given    After 8:30 p.m. a SO mliiule service with last enr at midnight
Ssturday service Early morning schedule the same ns on weekdays, but after 8 a.m , a II minute service will tie given until midnight
Through trains for Chllllwack leave New Westminster daily nt
9 80 n in. and 1:1(1, 3:35 nnd Ml p.m., Trains leave Chllllwitck dally
for return trip nt fi 10 n m   and 9 30   n.m.   and   1:10   and   5:45   p.m.
Dally Express service to Chllllwack from New Westminster nt 9 50
:i in  nntl 3:35 p.m.
9 8 .
Westminster, November 4, 18
Ham, "f Quesnel;
irr.   Dennis,  Mrs.
K    Stott,   Miss   F.
Stott, of (hla olty.
c. i;
Slot I
, of Vancou-
.''Injur Vtl-m
ami   Miss   E
11.4 14:47 10.2
Dean's Grocery
Thla week we are demonstrating
Malkma Hest Tea, and Brown Berries
CoHee. If you have not tried this
delicious Tea and Coffee come In our
atom uud have a sample cup.
Canton, (J.. Nov   4,    Ragtime is nol i
tlie disiinguisning earmark of al
J musical "low-brows," for the strains I
[that set one's shoulders  to swinging
and prevenl one's feet from behaving
me rapidly Invading the work of
JAmirlca'H  lusl  composers,  according
to Charles Wakefield Cadman, Pitts-1
burK composer, here.
"The  swing and dash  in  America's
ragtime music is characteristic of
the energy nnd ambition of America
and  ii   should  be encouraged,"  said
[Continued Irom page onei
Mr.   Murphy.
Murphy remov
norsliip    They
phy asked me It
to do  wrong,  tl
.Murphy  tried   in
They know why Mr,
d me from the gov v
knew thai when Jim-
o do wrong I refused
y  know   when     Mr.
bribe me I refused
Buy Malkin's
Tea and Coffee
This Week
Boston, Nov, 4    Upon  in r confi
sion  ihai    sh"    arranged    pretended
marriages  Ini ween   white    Kirh:    ami
Chinese  and  forged  marriage  certifl
coles of justices of  tbe   peace.   Mauil
Voung  lion, the while  wife of a  Hus
toa Chinese, yesterday van sentenced
to the woman's prison at Bherburn.
IH.- evidence showed    that    the de
took  live  young  girls  from
Bngland olty to another and
Phons S86, (had them married to Chinese by nioclt
Columbia Street,  ceremonies. j
to be bribed; I iny know that, wh m
Mr. .Murphy thn atoned ine I defied
Ins threats, The voters have con
demuad  Mr.  .Murphy;   reversed    the
Judgment of Ills high courl of Infamy
ami vindicated me by the verdlei of
the pulls v'hlch In the lusl analysis la
We are giving awtfy dainty china
ware with every pufeh-ni-e.     ,
Dean's Grocery [2tt��
Burr Block
the opinion of mankind, Iwhose  policies  an
"Frcm Mr. Murphy's high coun if and    non-coiistnictl
infamj i appealed to the higher court members thought n
"f publ ������ opinion.   Mr. Murphy sa'd thai the assoolntloi
there wnn no appeal from his court, the oihei   hand
but  Mr, Murphy wa.i mistaken;  and Iexeroised  Blnce
Procrcisio     Asioclatlon     Will     Not
Eiilct Candidate���Executive
Meeting Yesterday.
it seems Improbable thai the Pro-'
gressive association will lake an oul I
.initio.ii stand for any (action at tbl I
coming municipal elections, following i
a discussion when the executive im 11,
yesterday afternoon, ..
The  only   possibility  oT  Ihls  being'
done is if candidate., run who   ers
openly nonprogressive and considered j
it liimli ranee to the growth of llm cliy. I
'As  was  pointed    cul     in    dlsoutllcn
some nnn mlghl come out for oft.ci
Note These Prices
Wn can glva yon better prices  and  morn genuine hargulnH Ihan anyone In the business.   Our ntock
In clean, ni w and up lo date.    Wo are not offering old shop worn stock,  hul the hest. In    all    linen    we
purely  mgatlvi
e.      Then    somi
v.ouid be needful
on slspptd in.   On
e.iuli.n   ihOUld     III
on   thu   mciiibeii'iiip
in   knows now tbe
People   can   rcvei'HO
any courl "
Suluer d aile his flghl for obwOos j
to the assembly on tho lines of thoi
statement bo Issued tonight.   Ilia san.]
Judgment or ihelroii  were menjof   every   vli
the Judgment uf politics both  federal  and civic
matter was left over for a few weeks,
The report of the apooinl commit.
tie tn l"ad llle members In a canvail
for fjcs lu arrears  was rend,   More
White Enamel Beds, wllh spring mul  sanitary cotton top mallreincs complete
Brass Bed, spring  and  lilt  wool mal tress for 	
Chiffonier in Ooldon Oak 	
Chiffonier  In  Solid  Qolden  Oak   	
Chiffonier   In  t'olld   Turned   Ouk   	
Extension Tables iii Qolden Oak  	
Breakfast Tallies, with Date l.eg   	
Kitchen Tablet*  	
Set of Holld (ink lllnern  	
.Solid   onlt   Extension  Table 	
Thc Bifc Furniture Store Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
��� WEDNESDAY,   NOVEMBER   S,   1913.
f��A6C nvK
Royal Intelligence Bureau
415 Westminster Trust Building.
J. M. GAWA. Mgr.
Exclusive agent for II. otiashi &
Co., N'ew York, manufacturers of
Typewriter flacking Sheets, Carbon
Papers, Itibbon-s, etc. Mail address,
I.rawer  110  New   Westminster.
tt tt O -;. ���;������ *"e ii, H* 0 ii ���;������ ���:;���. ���:*��� i;f
Oatman,  McDonsId  and  Lehman   Are
���Secured���No Trouble Expected
with Others.
With three players, Eddie Oatman,
Ran McDonald and Hugh Lehman already signed up and little difficulty
expected In gathering the rest of the
bunch together, tho New Westminster
hockey team will be Intact before the
week Is out and this season's manager
No trouble was experienced In signing on Oatman, Lehman and McDonald,  the trio appearing well  satisfied
I wuh tiie terms offered by the Arena
I company. One more player is neces-.
sary to round out the team and Manager Ed Savage and Frank Patrick,
following a consultation held yesterday, wired to the east for a N. H. A.
star who will be capable of acting as
spare  man  and   perhaps  beating  out
lone of the members of last year's
aggregation.    Just who this player Is,
| has not yet  been disclosed, although
jit Is Intimated that Art Tbroop, last
year with tht- Tecumsehs, is the one
; they are angling for.
i This is how the team will probably
line-up: Lehman, goal: Johnson,
point; llochon, cover point; Mallen,
Throop, Oatman, Tobln, McDonald,
London,     Nov.    4.   ���   Some
i      amusement  Is caused here by
*,-;:=    one of the  Illustrated   London    fl
papers showing a    picture    of   fl
the crowds besieging the gates
of the Polo Grounds    In    N'ew
York on the day of    the    first
game of the  world's    baseball
championship,   under   the   cap-   ���',';
tion  "Polo  Is  Popular In  New    ii
York."     Beneath     the     photo-    ft
graph there is further explaua-   ;"
tion   which   reads  as   follows:    i'i
'The  Polo Ground    in    New-
York was   rushed    by   an cx-
clied   crowd   when   the   gates   ft
opened   for   the   lirst  game   of
the world's series.    The police    -,':���
were bowled  over    like    nine   tt
plus, and many people did not   -,';���
pay tor admission." ���','���
&��#�����#<*��#���## -*s  ��f flc  ft  ��
New Westminster Will Have Congress
Here  in  January���Meeting
New Westminster will hold a bowling tournament In January with teams
preaent from every city on the B. C.
coast and as far south us Seattle, if
present plans of local bowling enthusiasts  materialize.
A meeting of all those Interested
will be held In the Club all��ys reading room this evening at S o'clock
when plans will be unfolded leading to
the reception of various teams and
also arrangements made ^gardlng the
A oanraal through Vancouver has
given the promoters courage In the
project, praellcaly every' alley proprietor approached having signified
his willingness ;o s?nd along one or
"moVe (eiinls. while Victoria Slid Seattle
havn yet to be heard from.
The N'ew Westminster team, playing under the name of the King's
hotel and under the management of
George Smedley. will visit the Sound
Cily on Saturday, Nov 22 to participate ln a series with the best in Seattle and during that time they will
Iry and mnke arrangements for a
visit of one or more quintettes from
that city.
This evening at S o'clock is the time
tt   meeting
Rooming    House    Keeper    in    Police
Court���Tale  of  Depravity  Is
Buck   Marshall's   Team   Takes   Series
in House League���Games
Iluch  Marshall's quintette    of    pin
smashers hit their stride in great
style last evening on the Club alleys,
taking three straight from Pike's ag
gregatlon. Only two men hit the 500
mark.   Wlgley  taking   high   individual
jwith 217 and also high total with f,C2.
Cornish for the losers bowled a consistent game with an average of ITS.
I Here are the scores:
Tiu.- first prosecution under the
1912 city, bylaw which holds rooming
l house keepers responsible for Immorality on their premises, was opened in the police court yesterday
'morning before Magistrate Edmonds
when Wong Sing, proprietor of the
West End rooms, Columbia street
wi st, was charged with an Infraction
of the civic regulation. Vi. F. Hans
ford, who appeared for the accused,
asked for a remand till Friday, which
was granted.
A sordid tale of white slavery was
unfolded in the case against two
young men named Gray and Wilson
who were up on a charge of having
assaulted a Hindu, Galra Singh, and
on whicli each wag fined $20 and
costs. Following the settling of this
charge both young men were re-arrested on charges of procuring, while
a woman, said to be the wife of Wilson, ls held as a material witness.
A vag by the name of Burke, who
was given a chance to get out of
town the day belore. was too slow
and on his being taken Into the toils
again yesterday was ordered to jail
for two months  with  hard labor.
Star  player    with   Ihe    Hoyals     last
season   who  has  again signed  to
play  with  New  Westminster.
Wlgley .
Hulf   ..   .
Daley   ...
a   th.
183��� 562
155��� 479
176- 48(1
137��� 421
150��� 474
City va. City United Will  Have Clear
Sailing, With no Opposition on
sometimes   familiarly   alluded   to   oy
III bred   persona  aa  Rube,  today.
"(aught  cold  while hunting a  few
weeks ago and It settled In my throat.
I   know   I'm   as  hoarse  as  a   Bowery
(bartender, but that's nothing     I'll be
all right In a couple of days," continued
the once peer of all left hand pitchers
j    "Suy, I'd  like to -know  who started
I that story about me having tbe 'cou.'
Whoever he Is he's no pal of mine,    lf
1 ever find  out who did It  I'll be on
hint, for lite." ���  ' ���   "
The. famous hurler is confined to hls
room at 329 East . Franklin avenue,
win re he Is doctoring hl�� cold preparatory   to  going  big game  hunting
Gunn   ..
Pike   ..
747    876 802    2425
12 3      Ttl.
1.6    12H 153��� 417
.153    171 129��� 463
116    162 173��� 461
.151    162 151��� 464
.181    1S2 162    535
815    768    2270
Next name -Sloan    vs
WedSasda? night.
T-OblgW     Meeting   to  form   n   Westminster   Howling  association.     Every.
j body   Invited   to   be presenl.     George
Smedley, chairman  pro teni.
Owing to his inability to find time
to attend to the duties of the office.
Peter Barth. of tbe Canadian Western
Lumber company, has resigned the
position of magistrate of Fraser Mills
j municipality. The resignation was re-
Icelved and accepted with regrets at a
I meeting of the Fraser Mills council
Ion Monday night. The government
will probably be asked to appoint a
Mr. Barth. by h's own request
Ijiiot recently vacated the municipal
clerkship and with this Becond resignation his multitudinous public office-?
have been reduced. He now bears thf
titles of reeve of Coquitlam. trustee
and secretary of the Coqultlam municipal school board, chairman of the
Coqultlam    license    commission    and
J. P., at large.
if arrangements can be made witli
the West Vuuootiver team only one
Iroquois cup soccer game wlll be
staged In the city on Saturday afternoon, Ihls being between the City and
the Vancouver City United al Moody
At a meeting of tbe league held last
evening Manager Grant of the Hovers
Intimated lhat he was endeavoring to
hnve the Hovers-West Vancouver
gnme postponed until Saturday" afternoon, Nov. 15, which would give the
fans an opportunity of concentrating
their support nt Moody Park while
the following Saturday they could
turn their efforts towarda the Hovers-
West Vancouver contest. This nr-
arrangement will probably be made
Some time today.
Only one other soccer game will be
staged in the city on Saturday, the
11 C II. S. entertaining tho B.C.K.R.
of Vancouver In a Junior Alliance
llrimswleke cup struggle at Sapperton
(Dy the Potter.I
Talking about long contracts. Branch
Hlckey takes the biscuit in perfecting
an agreement running ten yeara aa
manager of the 8t. IajuIs Browns.
It costs Harvard unlveralty 136,000
to maintain her position In Inter-col-
leglate athletics. Thla la pay for the
coaches alone. Of thla sum Alfred
Hhrubb draws down |1000.
Sporting Editor Hewitt of the Toronto Star predlcta failure for the new
rule which wlll be tried out by the
hookey leaguea thla winter, that of
allowing offalde play on certain sections of the Ice. He clalma the officials havo too much to do with the
present rules In force. What's the
matter giving Ilia trial anyhowT
The action of the B. C. Rugby union
In compelling the Victoria club to
come through with ��206, owing to the
*> Vancouver union from laat years Australian tour Is commended. From all
accounts the Capitals werf. tryingto
evade the payment of this bill so that
thoy could entertain the All-Weeks
when they play the two games In Victoria.
Callfornlan  Takes Big Money in  Los
Angeles-Phoenix  Auto  Speed
Phoenix, Ar!?... Nov. 4.--Olln Davis,
a youthful San Olegiin, won with n hlg
Locomobile today, the sixth annual
Los -Angeles Phoenix road race of
574.4 miles. Offlclnly the race was
lhe Les Annies to Phoenix San nieeo
exposition race, nnd Davis' time offi
chilly was 18 hours and 50 minutes, nn
average of 30 miles an hour, or two
miles nn hour better than Ihe best
time aval made across the desert. The
old record  was set bv Ralph Hamlin
Guy Hall, another new driver, look
second place with a Mannon. arriving at 3 03 12. wiih a running time of
21:04 1-2 from Los Angeles. The third
car was Louis Nikrent's lluiek. who
arrived Bt 4:18 p.m., 21 hours and 58
minutes out of Los Angeles.
Nlkrent was tho only veteran racing driver tn get in the money. Harney
Oldfield, speeding a Simplex, broke
���i driving shaft half way between
Vuiuii and Castle Dome this morning
ami wns forced to give up the third
place he had won by terrllw racing
Into Ihe night control at Yiimn Inst
night. Charles Smiles, ln a Cadillac,
who was second Into Yuma, smashed
Ills chnsiiH a short distance out of
Mhliil'Hvells, and was taken 'from under th�� overturned machine by Jacks.
In winning the race today Davis
merely repeated the history ot the
five previous trans-desert races-
lhat flirt into Yuma waa firm at the
fair grounds here where %e race finished, i'.i
4t ������
St.   Mary's College   Will   Tackle
All-Blacks Thi* Afternoon.
Oakland, Cal.. Nov. 4.���St. Mary's
collage rugby learn and the New Zealand All-Blacks will play tomorrow
afternoon on St. Ignatius field. San
iianc.ii.ro. The California Kugby
union arranged the match today.
The collegians have made a good
showing against secondary tennis this
season, but tbe best they expect to do
tomorrow Is lo take defeat In a sportsmanlike  manner.
The announcement   mada. .In
*   'f .Of
News yesterday of the date of opening of the Westminster arana waa
received with pleasure bv the large
number nf skaters In the city and
what with professional and* ems teur
hockey breaking right everything appears to be In llne for tfie,best Ice
season the coast has yet experienced.
Tho officials of the oompany were
busy yesterday seeing that everything
was In shape for the official opening,
that the huge electric pumpa were
sending the brine throagh the pipes
snd a thouaand and one different
things, which, when combined, make
for the comfort ot the patrons.
Thursday night wlll be a big time
at Queens park.
lf ever the National Hockey commission Is busted It will cost either
thc cast or west just $6000 which has
been posted aB a guarantee of good
Manager George Kennedy of the
Canadiens looks sweet upon Bdllle
Gerard, the crack Ottawa amateur and
has offered him $1000 for the season.
George stands a slim chance, however, as Kddle Intimates tbat the Ottawa club have too big a hold on him.
Tommy Smith, of the Quebec Stan-
Icy cup septette, who scored more
minis than any other player In the
N. H. A. last season, has again algned
with the Ancient City. Tommy waa
sunpoaed to be holding out for more
According to the New Weatmlnster
Mayers some trick stunts In the nature of combination wilt be pulled off
this winter. All the boys are anxious
to annex the Vaterson cup once more
which means a trip to the eaat at the
end of the season.
Famoua Waddell ��aya Ha la
Troubled With a Celd. ���
Minneapolis, Nov. 4.-"Whnt? Me
have tubercular trouble. Say, dont
hid tho old Roman. Why outside of a
little cold I never felt better In my
Ho said Oeorge   Edward   Waddell.
In Their Own Sweat Wav.
Tacoma. Nov. 4.���Harry Vardon and
Edward Ray, the Ifingllsh golf professionals, today defeated James M.
BWrnes, of Tacoma, and Robert Johnstone, of Beattle, In a best bait foursome here this afternoon, 2 up and 1
to play. Vardon eatabllahed a new
course record In competition In tha
afternoon round, making 8T, par for
the course being 78.
Jacob  Reichart  Not Guilty of  Shoot.
ing at Police Constable in
Wonder If Jimmy Oardner has fixed
up mattera with Oeorge Kennedy in
the matter ot tho $200 difference la
Praser Mllla will have to be watched
this winter in the McRae cup raee.
The Circle V club has grabbed a star
-nnn fro* old Quebec while Stacey
ind Knlsht, last year wllh the Y team
have affixed their signatures to contract!;.
It Is very Improbable that "Pat"
bake will make the Jump to the pros
this winter, although he haa received
1 good offar to act as utility man.
Lake has yet to make his decision.
Trouble loomed up at the arena
yesterday morning when tbe Icemnk-
lng plant waa forced to ahut down fer
aeveral hours due to a defect In ona
of the plpea. The et.ppufe, however
waa only of a temporary nature although It meana aeveral houra ot valuable Ume lost to tlie company In p*e?
paring a first claaa sheet of tea tor
Thursday evening.
Remarking that he could place absolutely no weight on . the story ot
the accused, but that the crown's case
wus so weak that il fell by Its own
weight, His Honor Judge Howay yesterday acquitted Jacob Reichart, a
German resident of Burnaby. of the
serious charge of shooting at a Burnaby policeman with a view to evading arrest.
"1 do not believe that the man shot
at the constable," the court stated,
"but I do believe be was shooting
pheasants, lf he was being tried for
another offence 1 know what 1 would
Relchart'a trial commenced on Monday afternoon and concluded yesterday. Testifying in his own behalf
Reichart elated that he had shot at a
duck and not at David Wright, the
constable wbo was sent out to arrest
him. He did not hear the constable
call after he had fired the ahot and
following hia arrest the constable refused to look for the duck the accused
had ahot at.
In discharging the accuaed Judge
Howay directed the Interpreter to Inform him that next Unw he wns In
court he should tell the truth.
Columbus, O., Nov. 4.���An agency
which haa for Ita purpoae the tracking of married men and near-married
men on behalf of their wives and
sweethearts, haa been atarted In thla
city. _    .
Juat wbo ta furnishing tha funds
for Ha upkeep haa not been disclosed,
but lt haa boen asserted that prominent clergymen are looking out tor
the welfare of the aaaoclation.
Thoae men who are daisied by tha
"gay light way" received a **** *t
shivers whan the plana of the aaaoclation became known. The organisation la known na tbe Columbua Protective aaaoclation.
"Wives who bnve 'sllnlght hue-
banda' and glrla who are opntomplnt.
ing marriage," wlA Rev. J. J. T}��dali,
leader In tha orgonlsatlMi. "will bn
rurntabad wltb datectlvee" to And out
what wlvea want to know and w��
will Inferm glrla tally, aa to the oon-
duct and hablta of their beaua."
������*********~*rr������. ''
New York. tow. ��.���Dying from
burna, after WW| to save Mr doll,
whieh abe aoeWa��tally droppW In a
buifite, Kva Bartabar, aged eight,
asked "Ia Dolly aafe T Dom aU*
want har mamma T"
"-..'hat with  the harbor Improvements, the further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster Is coming to
ber own.
Tailor to Ladies and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Special Edison Photoplay
Adopted from the famous novel
by  George  Eliot.    A  drama In
two parts.
Vitagraph      Presents     Maurice
Costello  and  Clara  Kimball   Young   in
Scenes taken in Burham.
T. J. Trapp, President, President T. J. Trapp * Co., Ud.; A. J.
Holmes, D.D.S., First Vice-president, Vice-president Okanagan Telephone Co.; W. J. Mathers, Second Vice-president. Manager Brack
man-K'-r Milling Co., Ltd. L. A. Lewis, Man. Dir. Brunette Saw Mill*
Co., Ltd.; It. Eden Walker, M.D., Ulr. Okanogan Telephone Co.; T.
H. Smith, Retired Merchant; T.8. Annandale. Betlred Merchant; H.
Ityall, Druggist;  J. J. Jones, Pres. Elk Creek Waterworka Co, Ud.
The above members of our Board of Directors ara nil
business men of wide experience, who have lived here tor amor ye
and who are thoroughly conversant with valpea aad conditions. When
you appoint this company to act as yonr Uracat-ar yon eeoarii (ar
your affairs the experience, knowledge aad carefnl management of
these directors at no greater charge than wcukJ be allowed, to nn Individual executor.    Full particulars on app
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary Treasurer.
Head Office:  Columbia and Begbie Streeta.
Pree. and OeaL Mgr.      Vlee-PreaMaM. tan. an ���
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 aad S77.
j��� W|
���   ���*..,*.  ���
.... -..������:������-
November 1st to 6th
t j
We think we have the smartest range of
Overcoats shown on the Coast; we want
your opinion.
For two days more we offer you
i, ii
of our select, new 1913 model Overoj^f ffi
Value* np to $30.00 for
sS**TlwmforYourBe}%*QrA$k tho Man
���fTk* I. .*���#���,
&8Jfe Pffr
i ���'���'.���_#;,*'
Smart Apparel f*vt U*
i'*i '���"���*
��� 1 ���.
''jfefefivitei'Ak PAO��  tfX
WEDNESDAY,   NOVEMBER   5,   1913,
a��     ...      i WORK OF BRimff^ ^.SH-
i to the floor ami near the
carefully set queer
*f Why   use   Teas   ot  uncertain
AGENCIES.      K     a
���el-ed for Tne News at tb# f'ilo
lux placea:    V. T. Hill's UruK "*"r'
���28   Columbia   streel;    A.   Sprice,
QueensborouKh,   I-"1" Island;    Mrs.
H. Maden,4(*hi��*ilaiijH HWk ;-**�����;V- ****!,
.U^AItfVlU.,'       \
;.:v;j;-_   -.jits:
.iiaii-il-jl. U
gSMj   ��� quality and value
I iiiii im I iiaaas asiase. _'.__r_______i.r.__u-.j*.*r-xtssLL.-.---������-nirn-i-r risa-'-M-i
f(7<TES*" "     ���
)th **************
.CfcaaalBaa-rtOoe.cenl ��fc?��5*'��H
��,    4c per word per *eek; 15c per
���mUt*^'..-**'*-^*** w ���* ������**_ *���re;
JEed-.wKt". ?M,.F��*r frW da^ of
aootracV 1,26.00.
, en 'wfoeh;������ a going beon-oem near
, city.    Must have tmj*,.!��MP. *f*
| Pig bWbS^-*..^*8-.^^- ...i123^.
fiAI* a3fK.-W��^PWER ' SBBKS
Imposition- used to lunflw*'offreft. ��p-
J ply Hox 2351 News oBice.       (2361)
Mure In large or small wa-t^tea (or
, spot cash. Will give full value or
i wlft#^B��'Snir(*��wboM:W^��; and
J effects by auctioa. Will guarantee
1 to realise value or no cnmmWifon
I -charged. H. J. Russell, Weatmlnster
Columbia street,
TL _.__-_. i.Lt i...ntXnn\i  irt,'al
ping tfifcf bedfKM iff St.
, houstfiet-ping add
���' Ocoau ptreet-i .
j iWll      *S.S*T
SUITE    OF    N1CE1.Y
|5���$4n    ELECTRO-VIOOIj
Apply     ll"*.     8B51     -New:.
wt maf-iuffif nwiMj^rfwoi)-,
etoi   houjfc,  afethifi:'r*.i tfe.ir Tline;
<ffioe.    *     JT I    | ^     &S46V
f     ���--^   *���������    ^���U ^iii ;
i.at,   ,AY7AI   ,V .1 ���; .;  -     .; -J-   <rtt|N��*TCbf?/*t!Ci_Wl0,,S T__*'.1     I
,.-.  i  ;��� 3,...   -.-r-r���I������:''...���.. \iif tt9^pe     T
it'Suppiiw'Cufa.W ^WWSft-w'.I"? t:ii" ��' willor' '*vll0tll''r <>4',;;-*^V!V"*;:'>'('^>! Ke,coa��ftt    ul     t
;       ",   ' ' ;, irtiqciallf pupij|ice(l^i)i,ui:iah��   ***��- ellll��M*Bor dronHMP��#*"20 ceut*"iP
' Par ariel Nejlf at t��cifi*Ate '''
.'. i! ������iiciJ-:-'/      ".-..      U>       -���'
 Price. _____
used sh:>rt time;    bargain.   55   Duf.
'..iferln.ltaiist"'   .','1"..'   .<��� .'    (2349)
t-oit' Salk ���'--' m'E
auto In llrw clas* rnoniag: order,
extra tires, etc. Trade as-Ili'st pay-'
menl o'n'smiill liouse, modern.' Hox.
' 8*48. Ne*e/office;   -:    ������'>-*     (2318)
tfqa    sale ��� ttol'Sfi^aKti.y
'���' finished, and ���lariffiWBrei-'l*Wt,] Edmonds. Clear deed.   Cheap for cash.
I   Apply o��aeii,-,yeorge:.\V��riie, Elgh-
jieenthjavenup. Edmpjida.,.,._.:W324)
IlitbOTlWiiie ���tntbliu.lstdtpmtmt /has*
lk-en madeibjIitbosel'w-JiO'.aave the dw
lfectloe,yf t_��|Mritiii|lf.Radii}*in iteutitute1
nificiallhr paflHUCSpliOb
������here elle IifWielCurld
rled in
4ml iu ,.
It ohs been hour on  street  railway  construction
Irittl in coses of anthiitis deformans, work and  it is probable that  other
iU .*JU.,.UU.. cuW.  .'Jl! .till'   ciscn,   '.tj ,.mu*m*^.lmlmxt*llMlHm tx*. ���*,e.ll m-i.me.'. n.u**���...
r cause attributable, most I gtr.ugtliiu companies .will [uUpw_8Uli.
marked luflief'it'hiis'Sllinved thy -ctin-1 .$ptni>|Cnt(aotor8 are DimM us
slunipljon of-th'e wa'tor. w1iilii-oneJialtrh|l;!, ..��� WcentRHm-hrair-for nn<*IHed-
���if the remaining cases have benefited |labor and other civic departments now
Usually a  patient  drinks abou
twoSJhaU-plnt. u�� thu. .emaiuUiou..water .Ior
ilcolin ^Morijl^, a member of
iat bodj:, -U-d-A. J.JBayivard_Blnch,
iu W4dl����telii5Sl*ftehif��ft of^The-Hn-
Itute; rfl*nUii>d.-E ttaall mimbk'r'of
r^prcsenlatl'Ves��jf,thei*ir����8����hl4 com
WW ' SAl-fe'-^-' tJAW ' TAiJLEL'':AND  ��
-dawe, f6W :po*er riortislns machine,
. gnindstusi*.  fiox 2222: NeSits office.
a-i.ll    MJd..i    :.   I    *KOJ.-..J.U   i*m��i)
miles out. leas than 30 minutes' ride
on 11. C'. l-leclrlc Irom New "West-
minster; soil excellent,   bottom   or
at held
tk the0tafttltt#efl��f;iV��deriflkJIl��eves
s ated,  is  of. tlfp.^ii3flw|t|i<legret'    of
0   radium In this country, .as held by
7U"*Vxhiv*TnA V-iVr*' V<* NatMW'rty'-stt'tiTlabJl'atoH'. was
lots $196 and *m ; ,       �� In,tltnt.     In   Btate-
.rSL^M',088^ SuiZrSiS It**** madCaaSto thl SWitlea of
-.*bala*t��J   Thla-la a sacrifice; esta e J",       heli&iwitafrWLFrederick
to be    cleaned    up at once.    Sole ^-> *      ���' ** ***
agents, Curtis & Dorgan, New West-
naS&"$86 ?HW,yi'-**M "��%m
} Sim****-.*tn*x-aLx  Bessl*,;iio%<   So*.     uBWM-M d'e#I.et( Trafo -Tifraatage
5 quids!*, B.Q |U j ��*iVar),     *����_�������  ���*** antfirem*ii^eA-.ljust
i       -.!_��� .   .   .����il__ lm.*i*   ii*     VaSfcot frohtage-lol-"""1^- ' *""=
i .siiiinassii *m*amm��m*m*
c *wi!ac__!ta_. .will all _fa_i____.__a.jaBCBH-
i r to tne wor1
rn   in   its  premises- dliriajs  the         ........ _	
j sari which have passad.since the in-  six weeks. ThRf Is the,first eourjjt', and
ffltuU was *rift!��mH:-in'ys the Lon- after a rUf Khe' fours* WUepeateiU|��-
[(TtimeaT ��h tfrtrtericta'lfTi-BKes,! necessar^l, J     U.'.-'UI' l��fl
the fJialrBian of* l.hftejf'Wtt.t've ��Pi��*il' " 1������:--   -��   .--..��..��-
ie. Stf' Ma '
mr- ���������������Ha 3
Organization   cf   Institute
sa.il'.'k.orl'kinafeil.l-A a *agfetebtl-��n made
by  King  Edward  VII., and Its exist-
nee was due to the jjeneioaity of Lord
.SpeakJua   "I'.-Hii'   e��L_bVkftli,!)ieni   of
a^iaars|*Bf|i lvcn*''ii and Sir Krnfst Casse!, who are
lts5tWsldflntB'"*    '    '     ���'"' "���'"
may be made of .its stock of..radl
tlte lnBtitftU.Klt<tpt. open for 16'ho
daily. ���:>.:ilnt
The stock of radium held by the institute is kept In -��n-ii>on room resembling a huge aafe. There are in the
prchiise��"Ofi thti;'t*HtKli��vl42 ;-pl-fec.e-_-'bf
apparatus aiith radium" npon 'then!.*
i thetr forms belli* adapted' ��oi-meet ttv*
���.JU4'-at1''   ,
Salem. Ore., Nov. 4- J. E. llosmer,
editorueifl lhe Sllverton JonrnaL who
was oonvleleil' >in :the olrcnlt. ��tnurt
here iiiLiFridoyiuiOf .Icrimlnal libel
against Meunht Ar*ei ...aoavent. u wua
senleo����|, tol PSffi,*, flne.: ot |Ull8lby
ludge, Kellw Unlay,,; Attorneys for
ftTrd^fl&'t rtWW-r"08"^! immiHllate-m,, aflfr ,,the:sen-
t��ncej|j),-(ift ,impgi()|'| .aery.-pd ;jiot,|tyi of
apneal, to -ft-p SHMfifneg^uun^..,,.,.-,..
Jlo-mvjr **?st\ -fha.ged with.,ilbe)l)ng
the cony-grit b>;j prinUl-K, J|ii a Piuy-ph-
let an Jn^epie*;!i*|th H,��,ufi s-Ucfed
to havevfi^)vpf!a tf-pnv It.. }i} tfiffiiln-
tervle)K,_9ne ,'rhi\rged\'-thimip.,' coiinecled
Ranges; every one guaranteed/Mar-
-e.    M..-.-1' "���    .'     ^ (2335)tj
Tenders-, sealed 1ml jm^ke^'i'^end-
..1     ____���'__.     Ii_.' ___.._'���'    .��..._     ..,>,! I,,.1     fn.     .1,..
I furnished housekeeping    Wp,5|'-.,H'{--flyJJmfcafl-,iPlock 4. New  Weatminsterlft fes._i
)'Agnes BtreeL    "'-'������'   �����.��������>�����'������' '  ...,.,���.....
o sss^M**^
rooms  in  private family, j^lose  in
Apply to 90 Fourth street: * (S918)
erd for-'Prdperty
purchase of Lots
'������oro-lmtitod teethe
I and 17, Block 6, If
b ;en sold of 25 per cent, and other
q laritttlBs o��'75 pe�� fcefft:"bf the'Stand-
Sf'd Btrength,    .       ' ' :' "     ''
"We know of'nO' other institute in
tho -world helfHug as iiiimli as���four
grammea of radluai.toi1 curative pur-
f jses^-taatMriBir "PWMe��eto...H��>d I
am diapoaed to bielieve: that if you
c mid colleet sll tho radium in the
v orld used outside* this inatitute for
t lerapetH'ie^iniffpaflr-sr, jRmHWWld find
varying needs, ofi cases; land Mdlani
l:iw beon ninimW therie.im sdparsans*
Denmark and the..lifted SUKfe. and
isiJiftf bflinHurotnintedii-tai' tbeaiseies**-/
in;,ips^^lo_(; In iPernany.*. The, reaaon
why, ^pi4ica^ionaT.h��yPi -beeni neceisfed;
rrqifi, abroad jthai the.^netliiiit'a.'Blioiildi
unid^ttak^,,Jlhie (siorij^.^-^lch it, pef-.
forms for little more than oijt^-^ocii-.
et axefoaef, ih)v?*\v;t,(1r. ���SupwrtlS e?*:
peflmenta . extending oyer. -ye,vej;sl.
mohtha Wt St^fI. haye,1 's.uccftede-^' ,(u,
prodtlclng. a' vartilah which, will, yvith.-
Btan'rt' the'aclldn .of'heat, ��ntUentjds'
aletihoi ariir other'inffhentjeR' to'^hich.'
It ntay he stih^cted' durliig thViis'e ot
the-radlum 'Vttch tt'eot-ers.',1 " "*"
_-���___! _.;,';" ii__!< iu
with   iiie., ins^ti.1
moralit,^.'   ,,j',
lat it Ih nnt so.ii_.u-i',)) as four gram-
Telephone B_8'I_;'"'  cUy?   and    will    be received by theilhfen some-clamor.about th��,t-a/!k of
(2350)   undtrsigned   not   .U,ter   than_.6lj).m.,||i'pdium ih'-lhls-fduntrj', Kiigiijyid'Is bet
I.j T|iese'
the jf i
lj.ll aUova Richmond street at Sapper-!
���.,,,., ow-..      .........   ton .,    Of even -greater IdtOTSat was {lie an-
?----L48i__i-.i-Ui_-Jj|__a--J^^4----^ aaUhahT-'foUiwaa.'aJIrtWa-i
ir oft than ;piy, Ptjter cd|intry  in  re-
ird tQ.the quantity-^vailablc.' 'i%.
.'Tkeri'p^utic' yaiiie,',, .
ri, vynh, groB^.im-
���v .-
.a    iciii:'   l ni    m.I.   to     .   i: .���
'BURCLlARS',*''bUMBirrO"':il:'i'-    id
mn      'Get this alderman
ioi  -ii  _tti<i*iii) ituaa     i   ,anlt
Ottawa. Nov. 4.^Atdat��an 1, H. La
roae.  of   Montcal   matreet.   Hull,   had
another Vlatt trotti 'robbers oarly Sim-
da;  iiiuining.���The nliWmnn sasprts
d  the  burglars  trying  to   mow   opei
'l"turbSlf'l|efn"he "���*^flild M|Jr th
mint "of ai revolver  fill the'Wen  go
t c'TeZTiafT^eTiad oil demand.
r ���.-.:��� >
Pirn nr Mad Siaiid Badtrti flnly,'
ant0l�� J,aokot on Enquiry. Addrott: " S^LAQA^ Tgr<H^r
��.ii-.    ****.
tSrksn k-j
e I
ed  th
Th's is the fourth time within five
mfintihf thft��: kur#JiiKs hnve,,bad dp-
signs on the alderman's propertv and
���In the lastiatleoipfcahout-.a.'-li'ee-k and
t half ngo a pilr of pants with a
watch and Rome ���hl<Hi**J in them wcre
That the robbers we>e professionals
l*,f)edtif;ril ^fop\,(-V bMtoi  ttfJ used. .
The,f-omMnaU^n,knob -pf the safe hiid.j
v     / \     yj     Cm* Kii    ^j^B^v'
..        ���   -i-  . 1 I Kt. i-mH_ hst -I - .��� - l"    ��-        ���     -.i
���*****--     a ,,    DdtlBLE WEEKLY SERVICE- -
.il*.ll."*.'     .la.'l .IU.*;    *%A*ISt     !>'���'     ���'���*) _-__<���      It
mMONOAYS.^li-.mldnight fos Prlnep Rupert, StevfWrt."    "���'
.. 'nUESI)AVf5->il-l laWnlghtfaB Vlflfcerls and Seattle. _^	
l   'PHUHSJJAYSrTia mldnight.iforj'ijlnce Ilupert, Granby Bay.
.'U'SAT-UlMiAYSMUt midnight foe :V-ctarlaii��*d Saaltleai.t.-1      >:.i    div
'���FUlriA-Vs^ l2rrti!i��*��gM, ���Oct.1'8lati���)^a>val.l*i��, tariKtuaan ��_harii*le u
"l_lat��*fl*S ClVlreiiffiervlCei.V'
���"TH'etH io'aW ottitiii -east and t-^'fcurope.    Any  rail  and  sto*����M|l��*
, i'riuVji|J,.:i >'���    ii' ���>'    .'������'������'���    :'.'.'J'l    '���'     '   i* y>n-:tf ",y.-   .;���   ..IJiioi   ol
iB.-loCtaP'   .:i:.i'i'       ii:.n:..i     . iooi.!"  ������':*:tl>ti    eti.  u.i.-.ii-..    ..i.iinl    if
ft n  axtiTM  c. p a T  _.
5-7 flranvllle Street, Vaneouver.
ifilll   At   TUIC    riTW  beeu'^rillc,* nil'ira.'liiantltv..of.   nllro-'
UUl * Ul iIII J.'lllllg'vcer%^,an.a >qlk W.TVwlng  the,
vmi   wi    imi^: viir-_af.  i)rn     ,(..(r.mk-logjfflgr with
...:.:    . ...    two Cpld (-nlst. Irf'ar
~" " l.krp'se'i, hnejri^ctei-  tii-rlvar tin   thei
ri*a 'Mmmcr.'
ed tii-rlvnl ' tin
ftJile-d 'tlie Mt-e-frpt of lhe bin's-- I
'      '^WsV^nch'^iUenger 'ranc -wa* mi-ide t-hroligli the window 1*
VV  j  nitPKHflWi fl   ft ftJB,
T hone Private Exchange mr
'   ijiti-'inf i',-nnp** i*t'iji\iti*jt,,'t, w
factured from timber specially s-Slefct-
|:iill1lN.��� msi/io.     it     ii ,f
Kir Doors with    Veneered    Panels,
more  beautiful  aa*"no  more  ex-
k1 panel doors.	
g your orders.
���'������ini* i una ni" tal ararri-)���r
ERM LUMSCR C^LTO)   ' :/"',..',-
.!.*:!   jiualau
apartments to rent, right on carllne,
steam heated, hot and cold water,
gas ranges, electric light, separate
bath to every auitc, rooms are bright,
cheerful, clean and sanitary and rent
is very reasonable, including gas and
lights. Also single rooms, both
furnished and unfurnished. Apply
Mrs. Mandville, Bultc 1, second
floor. Mandville apartments, corner
Sixth avenue and Twelfth street.
funds towards t
keeping rooms. 110 and $15 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (2333)
night, a  brown  hunting dog,  wllh
J chain.    Finder return to    1009    St.
, Andrews street for reward.     (2316)
i where. No collection, no charge.
! American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag-
i ency, 336 Hastings street west. Vancouver. U.C. (2332)
I farmV.iiates enjudt���d. 1 Furniture
] bought,ttr ca*.    PBI1. -Brown,  17
{.AfD REJplSTffY AOT.;
��   T
He  ln)t 5,  of lllocks 148 and.
1 lxit _!?_ f__m__L-4r����P i"5lSiii -rf
l)i8trt(?rof"Ncw-\VestminHhpr. f
AVbereaR proof of tbe loss of CortlB-
cate of Title Numlier 2183E, Issued in
the name nf Harry Cline, has been
hied in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month ftOfn
the date of the flrat publication iKff'c-bf,
Iin a daily newspaper published In the
('ily of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of thc Baiif^WlfTCat'c, im.
teas in the meantime ��alid.aW_tcti<.u
tie made to me In wilting
District Itegietrar of Titles
fland Registry <Tltire,-:v3��''.!"      []���;���
New Westminster, II.C, October 9.
"����� trt-t-rr       ���iMJ22'101
���m -ordiir- to-iirov>de.
uiuping the new hos-
pital, New West-
|ng   Iilile  j-.i-   a-hich   ia   nivnn.   ..ff   ht
. ill   ��� .:
:������   ���    ���'/'   .1 lllll
ani ������*
rut   : i
.fjV-e ' i^-'- -oil, 'liurriins.; ;iocoihotr, f
In the bakehouse,
tt-B-jflL'-"'    ."-'-     '.'...'���'_
jSjiider    the
mbla, as
1.    Thp
British C0J
block. New-
name  of
stream no
stream  hai
Tp. 5. it.
a westerly
Pitt lake
southerly I
said Sectic
be diverti-t
north    sid
stream    fn
purpose     i
will   be   u
���: ii       I   o    *i lo.ll   o
radium sir Frederick said
"The   scientific   committee   of
institute has  demonstrated   that  this,   jjflfl  P^t-on,   5HFSS^��n10fi��ft9WSP.iE*(lerta3WIIIUftultMata.1,000.Aqpw,iln)t
emanation has exactly Ihe sani" pro- ever 4i��ed,:iin.tii��i Wfntmiii:i|��r lucapchi   '��� '������       '���'������'     WaohJOBton. ''..���)
perties aa pure radium, and is as effl-  linenofthe* t'.'il'.:  K. baa jitu    been \    W:tlla*Wal|a,'Wa��h . Nov, 4 -^.;fiu��i|(
cieni as pure radium for curative pur-    .���,,���,���,,.    j,,,     ._,    _,.   .,, _. . ... Iceaductad along scientific lines la to i
plareil tm*m run.   1 be  bcomo-tfve Is-;���j .,-,���rat/>,1 bY.th, Hnrbank company :
an"bja; cp^I hurher recently'fHhv.e'rtfuI j at Uurbnnk.    Manager E. M. Chandler
and  vvas given  its  iirst  tryout undCf  haa iinnounci'd thai 1,000 acres of the
cil qn. Ml'' aa^scngcr ai.-rviou im  S.iin-'" .V--"iv..land will bf set aside.   Alf��l-,
day .ev.-j-jiU-g. fa ~��ill  tre  nl��'tt''d  ��ud cattle, .sheep
Tra,veUin��. Engi'neor. Sulwav,. of tho "id hogs ral wl.   ,, ���,i,''"f
cqast.,div_aSn, wWitenfjea ihe7.Cat     A  uunl-lfi"* ,agr|cultur!sis    will  be.,
and W.'Wl��iUKPW Tl>.= . finploy^fl   tq   lake, care   of   tl.e   ,:i.',i
caijiiip is npuv.beiiit; iiiaiptaiiit'd rugu-
et,      '    lllll        III Mill
ui1-1 mm *4,u
poses. The committee Insisted that
use ought to be made of the emanation. How it could be carried about
was   an   extremely   difficult   problem.
v  -        . , which we have solved by the Invention
gSJP take and ; of lloninv piatpB 0f varied forms into
which the emanation is forced by
pumping and fixed by bein- ut in
liquid air.   We store the emanation in
small glass tubes also, and are now M^Krpi; ^"p^enaer. nenrlce
able to send aupplies In nlaies or tubes      Th'e pliiciiig cf thi.
cant    ia
thc ap-
r    Truat
��� ***        illti J^��_      l*      I I   4 II l I       l-HV       n   uuil.      I**-* -yJT-   -X. y     X.J1       "'"rt.       fl *'
unnamed i fairs in regard to the curative use of|f        .
reek. The radium has been changed.   If a doctor!iCGas'
in any part of the country.
"As a result the whole ospe
..���-..-..,, placing, cf this eugii|i;, op
���*m***m"^WeKtminaifX'.lirancl.   in. \*i Uu^ .with i
t of 'if-Si,n<'  I''*1"* ��' ''"'  ���*���  ���'���  ft- te cyi'veri ���
. ..   with   famllicB   will   b"  hired   iis
workmen) andithe company will erect
ic-tiiiges for Ih'eir use, as they will be
given iwor-k. th-anjrean around..      ���,,,
Iti Ktlinhiirgh, for example, wanta
Igrammee of radium for use uponjj
��� e
locniiioiivps yper^ting on the
division Into oil burners. A
Kirijentiigi^ of tlte Ic<*��raotiy����
Icpadyi been -jpiiver-tetVinid a��v
ICtiOIl    .i-.
flOWS   111 j (iiniitii duiuibb   "i    i aunuii    imi    uoc   uptniLif p-i.
pties into|a patient,  its cost.   ��4,000.    probablvjic'ral ar*' Ifi ,he ���snODa'BOW undergoing
:���    chains i would be prohibitive; but the InstlttiteStriVlffpr.mMtipn
mdarv ofican   simply  a  plate  containg  radium!     *t wiw'-tlnH-��� Jttsh rer.i;stl(y that    oil
ter Is to emanation which will have the samojt'neLlaiaa.llsUjeA. "n. Ub'if |B1 ,P�� It. loco-
on    the'effect for an amount which Is compar-jllmotivea and that, it has proved more
feet    up atlvely trifling.   Radium gives off thelsatlsfactory than eoal li evident from
5       The 1 emanation constantly and Itself la notlthe preaent conversion of the locomo-
lter [destroyed.   It Is thc only reproduction)* tives 'fiov-r' grit-jig'ru..*1,    'isrtj.'el    *���*...
lurposes 'of t,1P  burning  hush   of  Moses���eon-l    Oil  fuel,  if J<i,.ataje^.,{)y  engineers
fi   The Innl un which  the waWr is to stantly Kivln�� (>fr 1"'al* an(1 nev<*r con-E experienced  Ih   tin''  Bit!    of'both,    is
.. i    ,.;,,e i .,t_  *'-.i    --">   J72S nnd however'    wh,'n    Rxe*-    ln    ���*  *'""'>��'*Bsides   being   much   cleaner   and   leas       ,.   , ,,     .,..        ,.      ,  ,���,,
oral claims Lots .,.1 f23 "��I piate or tube, decreases, fiii�� to on*|fltfffCult to regulate-than the "id fuel.     V1"^',* %iAife "L".    'S"1
synod or tJip fli-of-own of KriMfh Bolutn
���i li'JiJi
lrlll!.1-|l,    Mill'.!,   -ivi.'-i :��� i'|t|i
*i*U B. ��m����"i ���via��-ei����'aa��iT��*4ii 1111
'       ill.iv
i'li'.',:     *
.    /
,,C, A. BRGf RT, QtrrWhlItMIMHM
;,''"'ifyewe Wve At,;A Dijftaii^e ^
fro-n ttts!!;rtneh* of;ths Detninloiii.ftai*. iskeiadvaillsg'r. ol.'earu
?^wW'o( Biiiditi^ By Mali. 'It Will .MHO ye" ip��''3����ip-5 lo isirn'���
'and. -'if, ffiq'siivie tl-Me.:*lgH.e''Vou.��ll,iOli the adviil-Mies ol   ��
SiivinjsAcebuiil.,'' '.   *    ',  '���'    lltv    - .i     .nil    ltd     lu
Ctspo-lii' niif'y*. .made nnd o��sh':wldidrawa��*Unil��cii aay
b^lkmg MMnilMMrsnsafcted'^Hy mail wti)��-ut��r��iibtr oi delay.:
.  Th* map��g��r will give yqu loll particuUia ol thli convenient
' way of'Banking'by ^a3. ���       ,.:     "'"    "'   ''    ;
,,,iii,..*..   i -*.:-*i    ,....���
.a.-iir, >
i)'   18'
i *.u*
^Ev/v^ESTMlXStER'pRAtiCH:   a tQttri^t*-t0MlH*niAii.}' JI �� j if
!      Mm    U,.   {2uj��m
uvitlent from  Founteentlv Session,in yic'toria-r-f^cso-
l^tjen to Pon*Vj_,Up to Per-T't
tt.24, Croup 1, New Wesiminster Dis-
"*iet.   7. THBunantity ol water applied
nkur ciiiicjife' f var
half strength In three
W,-!Wvt-*8W i-'iWnSi
"'Ht y\H r"":t,Mi|iM.
IliV    util
II     i.i ll Ladies'to Vote.
Ut days, n ha
tor IB as fOllgFB;     I-��ur Ci|ucMe< t pW   ,,��^j.     fl nr*n,-J.]n
second. 8. TJiia nefflne wis Asted * dftrftuflliin |l��s
!ti|i��he ground dl thefjBlh i��y Bt Octj| arSlloul tfiuai-'jil a.14
Tf; her. 1913. I'.; A Cpi\ <>Rt\)^ nntl* t-rfiifte fofflthe Wnie j
''j_Jand an appljtailoa-sAirsiljaiUy llur. tt : fcftlng Ke pflj tej
:��r,!iiid to the n cjuiivgV'iiiV. of'JJjf "Wa'Jrr FCJ^t g,,, ,jg,,\,.rtj. otl
'i'U ' Art" will he filed in the nfnce ofthe  rPSenting an activity e
bSSnd mi rS    t^r") "rir^'riJe] m ,vnt'"ens^g al  th" Chrlrf chtlrihCuie.
'^-' ' ,,ri!reg,ilat'<d by  the comHarntKely "niy   ,_.      ,     .,       |M   ...       M_  ,.i,.,If,.,
-"nipuliitcu of valves Jfad'ddcWs1.   '      . ^w��"'����*��^���*��^.*MW..-.*-.*��� tWi
The C. I*, ft, oil'' IticorfitlllVeH od file;
t-s tht* synod.
inti we'
Water RecqulSI i_L N^w w��__J,_i_i**,f'r..r_C.i_.. uiilUgrauuui-a.-if
Objections mifv Iiii IIIbiI with llie-salitl'imnilTrw?%iiv|ir]i-i,-|ptrff
Water Recorder, or  with  the  Comp- are now distributing ov
trolier of Water uikIus.   Parliament  emanations equivalent to 150    ml
Buildings, Victoria,  B.C. ;grammes  of   radium   dally.     That
B, C, TRANSPORT CO., LTD.,      I11"'
(2304) E. ���!   Fadar, Banager.ld'
11 f'.ii
b  renJ!   .""���-��� v tfi ',���','. *" ,'_", r.i rOn.Wednesdaxmorning in ioociocb
V,   nt\ malu a'"' ""est-mlnKler llii.'R will;t��.V':tiei"i wlilHie hoi* Womnfti Ah.aall as
""ohVluei   ai   T'lirl:   coi(i/ltlam., *h'^|tiiaWvi''i. is.iWl��ilJ���lf*n��*rTt..ton
hecessafy.   fhe.e IS atV^ci/f'tienrly
Spend Your Hdlidays
iir    MM as
the. Boulbeaat Quarter of Section
���i:,. Township s, in the IJistrlct of
New WoatmiMtanrif] >,*"'_ hxii
ui  proof ���of'flie loss' of Ci9'-
ntle   Number   13164K,   is
tl in the name of JiynijBf Q-i,��\i��ft_Bg
llumuiel hhs 'fJi*W Hied in
|  Wher
UBcate of
kind iii the
|inil Charlea
fhia office.
���    hip'     111ii i     nt i   nm    i'i    ��� pi      ini'   n
i hi nniii  nineir _''ii. problem uf supplying r
%m\\M Wfty*?A^&"l h;v",,,:
�����''���������-   - *��� *\r\n ��iiHfii-  wny   ins-Mtutio
AAHnl �����     ,.  t. I_.l.     U_. ..     �� 1 I
From Vanocuver for Victoria.
Notice is hereby Riven that I sliall,
ut the expiration of one month from
pie dale of the lirst publication kyw-
bf, in a daily newspaper published In
ihe City of New Westminster, issue
duplicate of the
less in the meant
bo made, to ni" in
e>tlflcate, un.
' valid, tfbjcctM]
>lng- hk3 ��ja
(.ttlii* of "Sill's
District L . ,_, .    .....
a.in d Registry OITtaK      SP     ^*, h. jjrn1
I.   New Westminster, rt--f!.*JTlc.iotier in.^mts***-���
me we  shnll  put down
ir the supply of i-maivi-,
tIons to be distributed In Ihls wav, be-
luse ihai seems tu be tbe solution of
ih.. rifihieiii of supplying radlo-actlvJ
r talned)
In   tiny
countrv wlilch hun produced a hollow
imanatlon containing  plate and    hat*
listrlhuted crpana^lons In 'iis way,1*
'Ra-diiJiTi.'lmpreflektcd Water,
Another branch of ihe activity of thd
.     ,     institute  Is  the  siinjrfy  uf   wnter   ml
1^;,a"1   m',���,'���"    <\ ",'^fcd.rei;f,a'i,,,i;v>l.h nitliiim emanation for,
,-.  ,r v    n-MriconBumntlon   hy  autforers  rrom  cerl
--*���*-   1'"' U'" ���   lain afflictions.
From Vancouver for Seattle. f. "The ifnu'rovl-ni'ilta* brought    abmii;
I0:oo a.m Da)iyr*B n,,. condition of patients by drlnkl
U:00 a.m Dallyhng ril,||���m w���ter strong enough to hd
-,  From' Vsrtcouver for Nanaimo.      Iluminous." aald ��ir ^derlck Treves
3:00  p.m.*     -......:..'...' Dnily' (ate-Jnarvellous..'-Wi. are  supplvln
I nullum   emanation   soiutioii   of
Nanalmo, gnion Bay and Comox.    Ls|rengthrof   from   ,{*,, to   two   mlllli
9:O0'.a.!r>...',..Wednesday and'.KYltlayj,.,;,.,^ ���'*{ ������
Vancouver, Union  Bay, Powell  River
11:45 a.m Kvery  Saturday]
For Prince  Rupert and  Alaska.
U-to p.m.. 5 ..���>...,,,,. te 8aiu��d|jf.j
Prtnee Roper^.'-Crahby Bay smd Sfkeina
River  Points.
 ers of the synod, all are request-
,.,,,,. ..... couiiilett.'d in the tfirmiiml yards'at t,he'|-rt by ilic bishop to attend.    The first!
jlJ] PortCitv il '-teel IttnU Uith A'CajWipllv   -rrrfff^W'Tl'^1'^^
' rcr  uian:-   tho;isai,ids    tit | M'llonA'  of ill. |n  the. Ukrhit .Cb-ur.ch  achiiolroopi.
que .hich  we are ohf i   "gi{lill.i'"l,. fO"'.    This   lank 'will" be   Ml ' will ndjiiuni tor>.lupcl)<>nn,.at 1 n'cl.ick.
from one gramme or radium   I from Port Moody by means of a steel 'iho   seoond   session   coiiinienclng   at
line  ever four  mites  long * nn-*- [SiSO  In the fifmniooii, at.  whloh  the
loud that in tl:
jlJ|i��e.r.'iilliirn fo
under ciiiis
tnictlpu alongside the molH'lrepresentatives will be elected fur th.6_
' :    ; genernl synod, for tlie provincial syn-1
/for Jhc lynifd ��f Koveniorji, for l,'i"
inral lAw/oglqul college'iiti'^.for flic
asii'm .Ufti'd ut IW< WWl0P��r��. K?i1
un,   iitioiri'.rt:
mistiliiii ,ln>ii*
ti',flu^'cti qt KnliY.iiii*'lo.',t'lnl
mle... Ai ^ |n iiii] eycdlJljjg-er^VJlJ
iy. t>A .11
,  '*���
or Gulfi^land
Telephones: Office U, Residence 429
JOt-HMUJH-pei-Toprletor, ,���*.
C  WORK..4
j    Agcnta    Palmer ^roa."
i Knglnes,   Marine  Bnglnes  Ud  Auto-
P.O. Box 474.   New WestaalnaUr, B.C.
Ha-: to Bt Satiutled Therstora Witn a
Lco.kt. in  Dpor pf .^u'ddh'ij-t     '���''
Temple.  "
"���ir. ������. enitinu* .i...r - '
A Buddhist temple-fell prey tu the
il'lni*' cMfs of thn- ctty tosnktr.ioffl-
cifilfilii tti< lr lirsricctlen mt city prom.-
sfii.    snd   i tlte*    .rlchneani inotli lhf��
beta jjili'sioimry.mcc^ug wlijiili wlfl b"
"Wfll Ipilw P'ltilio,' n'tiil ii Inrge atl.enit
ance Is hoped Wt, 'Tlie 'itnlr WUthe
taken hy the bislifln"
:fpi\',.,.,. w(��f, b*IMhtlntl af M0 tm
Tlii'fM-ciV'lunriilnir, nud the aynod will
uli'ei durvlfi' nt, 10'ifi Hm inorrtliigal
Hi.i MhrWl Ithnaoh 'Cittlinlral scltooll
riv��m   ���U'W-Wv''llin .lili.slfiess  nf   elltcllog
eMfnal1 lint ''lay- hdoretarlea, tpaneiir-
er and auditor will he gone Into. Km*,
"lutlons will be���presented, and mo-
liiiBRiltoilt 'hav*, Ip.-eii |a-..;ep;Hil by the
'���SVUIJlve cimjinRleii >��lll In.-, broi|ii|)t,
iMifnrniUlte m.;nt��ri.*, Twte,;w.lH hp ot gfifjj
'���n*li 40/eswt,- ,<>��e .iff Iffhtclj, w-lll M
"��y->,"l |lj(iithl|i Vern ,H.t'f.'l)intn Hpu|l III
the i;_tf|slani
t,   N. l��   Jf 'tOSD,
*!, hlitigiiiusitiul ttirtilsliiiigi.-WHH aftCaftMJ yjhlcfci   Ia,:'-mhi"l.eilli7hii   cluuKi' .th��t
Of knme .iiilBjjrut.Inn, ..-; ; ,'���,.,���, ,|'miles of the Church rtf.,Kuglan(l shuald
This unuauol place of worship in ��ftw be permitted to become members of
Inn iwrl niilllicly spot for sp efH((cn ] 'he yeslry or Iheniirlsh cliurch which
ol   itn  klinii  ubove  a-, roiy., (.-i,  iUn&M af-V. n11-"��*iirl." Iihid 'to' Va-*** tli"' rfrhf of
!'iimii.'.r*. iiuilt, right linslije Ike Bmiiftl rf'irnVIIW' otl'l   voting fit  till 'mpfllng's1
  c M f*gl��W��'**'stl'V  ntirt the olhl-r.'mn-fC
ed by the Rev, R <'.. Miller, thnt the
iii"'iop be reqtifiTOO-to form n com-
���nHI��ti.<'i"t'.ko   ilth, >cnisrdllt-i|t''.||. fie
rirrvfsltv  of ;Wii#rtiacliiiie   IM   Im'lpls-
lure  wltli Ui'.-��i"W* lo'ru,. Viiangl'iig of
flip, trtmoltif 1Mb dloiWc.     '.i
ri   i    '    nl. 411*.���Inali  HM, ,,|fl      ;    ,  i
\7<)*t> vnill
till!   Uliltt   lll.l||lllll-
:��:i.-atisaimcryl"in thc
world bywiiy;of Chi-
r-tno anil Wrtliilcrful
Niai;i��r?..T]allj>.     ���    ���
'OW** lurlt'iuhlinlirtl nil ���>������
l|.en<��*�� iiu-l<Uii<iil lb n Jfian
Hf'thU'liiiKl. A clirtii r at lit
'aliil> Itln-i-i-ie iilleiiwil.'     'H
'Tor omiffic'li* ui.ortfiiflidh |n^iiri)ira J
trsUjetviij rt(ervat|Qn-i, e'(c^ pli.|��i
HI      -c-'i'    o);    tity'ticket Ageul.
'6��22 Ciilwntiitt fib, Now WcittmllllMIll | III Oi
with fainil).  ;uitl fr"u.ii<il��,
mid  the  tiJd  familiar
.'i mavi   ���/! 'dl ��������      i.
giltttftlMlrflCCtOiSS. 1.1 oil,
''ciiii: |ni^ke the!jf>tfr-
bentiottably Mul
Joiininjr our
.cond iictw.
j' *1
Special ,
--.���  j*t'
*>/*? iff**
i mi
���wlMM^HAWf *T_EoW��
New Imported Fall Suitings now ofc
display.    See. them.    Perfect lit  nn I
WI?wt��toAfparatWB��JW|^�� froi��l! t\
US.00 up.   701 Front Street.
fr*liiiitklinepill|j i.it,,ih-?..yortb..ii\ru) of
lh" Kritswr.i IV.hiW !.|;iwn,bi.Jfiiy \t) Uie
1-v.w flei||ng��vi! iiy.ing,'.i;oi|ui_n i,iir\ hi-
U'lnpl a| iniirul lieciiiiiUuii is .uilssliig.
lhe JIdiik (fti!v/nl>i'.r iihove in lavished
with, riipB  and  tanesmn*   not. io %f
'*<|lll.ll!'d   111, ,^"W   1U,e:,l,uln!l(<l|"k:   nHiWt,
luxiirloiiily appointed ibmc;'
Th" Hli|du Kiihle. Jiti iirit-):i ba i'i: nod j
oJamerett'.wlffi  dnu^h  be  'Ann 'InfxInn !
vdjicti thil oirri'ta^i'ciini",'pirtn'tfil with
r*1d",   "iltl     revhreiit-*"   trl'th't'-'bliK*!1. I
Could' the  %i -lii.rH1 Rri'liimlip?1   VH  IT i
Vthey r-MnoVcil their alines,    firh-i-tVIse
��� It  wair'li cancof-no nflmiltii*ilCe. MIIbI
1   aasnr.-itice" was ijrit  tittM',  hdWnier. I
the pariy ht'iiig eonleiit lo pent 111 at
the open ilnnr.-        "*���
Tho I'luinrtiwlM alnmtifle ���"teepiojin I
Uvi*.D nfti*. ilfiiisilisve save a couch
Iii  it niche of (lit; wall al  tine corner
MtOiBt |hr-, nlher *l}e\i*i ���tfll'tiP' ���^ll""-
::�� i, j ,i:)l,:t'.;' ..* I ..'.'. ���/. '
Squrered by Engine.
"en"hllc, Wash. Nnv 4. rtofnld
l!(l|.l|IHtlU, . ni'cd, "(j.. .a. hcjlier ii (he
|,i'W*l.'(m'r'1l -Mm -r |i,,. K,,,,!, lllll
irillifi, ft'iiil. plillifujiy ,l|ijilreil ., while.
aj^lng;a,'iasoiltH| en'ilri-ts- ��� .Tloblnson
h'W.^'ilMa-.'Cd in Jet^eBd. the flalij.-'!
ol' Hie Dftjande wlll-ni nt life cni-'liif and
United a snark by Allowing a I'ghl to
ciimn totrleloto tn tli* fuel fei.il' tmmp,
causing till' whiol to inakii part: ^f ��
TOvnlirHnn.i.iilHlfl hend I aad shtnlldeTB
wvrci.[jammed between the wii"k>l* nnd
: ><i
1     *      ''''HEAiy'bFrit'rt'VA^COUV^R,' WC.
,...'t|'   pranshea ^^Mflho"! *���*'*\Vro'v|neat a*.'^dfah.,-^joli
"'iiavl'nBa Department at all.Biancliefl   . 'llepoiltV or Ope' Polliir and
'i received and Interest at vl^e blghp-st current rate poid or' ]
! ic"1" j*W'y'.' 11-Vt-U    IM     .il     '..\,l.    MlM.
' " pfaftiii'anjl Travellara' <ih^qyea,,soid,. paya^.Uj. al( ipbu/j^jidtf
'l*i\ii   Wektmlnkier 'ftrineh
i .tl    ,fi ' .i It. *:     tl i...    . : ii.I
CHAS. a.'peNN&CK, General Manage*.  '. .,.'   ','.,..  ''';
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Pipes
'      'BURN OIL"     'll!,:
*tm.^m**a      if,   |n
* * I     ��� i : /
rl I'lil
av# ls.cove,r.'H * Mh "aq^mmuw j *",'*�� *&^n**n* "^ilfJS!
���vn   ll   ���.iI'MIItt.)'   'iii. ���)    I-:.     iml      i '
���ll)     I)!),    Ill    I'l'lll.'i    fl.l_,l       till
t'fiiiloin I   .; ���'    .���n'.iii.it*
il.-:      '(Imf.     ol1   ni.l ii
"   JIIIIIlliliI    in:   Inn/
.���anmevn 'isbaiutil
>��� '    ���" "' "'��! O. -BOX 44T '���
���vu   ,   ,i** lall ml ii    .: im ���'      .-��� ii   H
Ull    it    milli inn.    ,i    ii
,(.;,|.-..     10.    IB'     ,7"   -,t:tl,li"l     ,  I
.8.   -JUI",
TEtBPHONR ,|24i. ,'. i ���'-,:,
:���"��� ���( IV ii mmj ��� i,i m;
' .11
���������    1) .II.' ll
���������*,* " Ilil
VII     il      1
:���-    no
".'. ���
Mill')"   '),|-
HID .-Ifl
laaMSVon   t -vattMaaw
.tWn^t ���*.',TT"-ir/f;__ffT��.'-J,"V jr-grj* J37
ml iii'iii'T
���*��. san
\ T
1 -���
Ss>��ed CNiel Ilsadi thaw, Feet and
All���Now There'a a Blvfl^I'lf
ciinlaliinil   sihnali
Westminster NEW&.
1 M-ijrf
icaid LsaaJLI
nal-i  'iml   null 1  lit
TWo Satiafactory Proof m ii tli Orlgl1pW-6l
of thpT-NaAie Exists,
here rijs lie-^iuu.-ii dl.-N.-u
b tne *m\%n of the wol
el-^A ln\y^   past,    wj^.-h ������ hrf
moreover, as yeTended In uo very mt- .Th��� ��� Opinion of License  Inspect
isfactory   conclusion.    Some  very   bl- i_
snrr* explanufioti hi*il beCti lirii'tiouud  G
ed before the time of (Joelbe, wbo wus I
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(nee icoMes ftfi
''���'���_L.fL f
According to one theory lt wns a by-
phla and* tsphul  Ithe Hnt)| Waaatag
.....   ottWJBV
Mrs. HUlirfirt-.t.sMHWMtutf ����r htt��
flee   at*. mWimnflnitthHrliiii hl��* iW'-EiitlAMrt-itHiaele tt:H��A'.luk����lUitafllie'(f:ij;o'5j|ie^:-l^(<*^s1-rv^a.*-,  Wl _
stenographer and talking to her in en-   the popular Oerman mysteries. thin city in forty yearawgnd' tjiAiwb'-L .-]
dealing terms.   She alao Bald her hus-      |u   ttu,   ������Qoetbe   Jshrbuch"   Ilarr I instance we could fliM t-**f-an?''W��la->?.J'~>'l
and ubuuiil han
w��u trtnufiedHnstttmmuitti^Mm Wph'iiaf ^huL'-mMi (Hi iA ����w9<:t^.f.W-to^.��.if?lV*>��r"
Bcblrmer, manager of the Sehlr-
pany, testified his wife was ifft a de
alrable   h
would lea
��� Bd 12 years, testified for the mother.
have  plenty of clothes and  food, hut
best she
vRBH"g|   M.iiw. ���   Ifi   the  i-omplMnt
nsKliitf a trWm shVWVies .Wt th'i*r'
h*,'ii$ii).W) cash,00.band, as wettuas  pa���s*t*tt*t*^gi**
lhfl.i-ff.'H^-ria,.,!! Ui-JjlwJan typity **���$ ,"",4V>h*nti*-
la    tbe
"Goethe   Jshrbuch"
I Instance we
tlnn  -in in
���a *��.*nw��wiif��'ta��B'3K-_,.___, ^, ,,
hou^ylujepM-    Se .told    she   if-  otr.'-the mtvtutl: took i of   Saaiati  tar's atwe��l.'%a��*ii)��csr_^f(o|i,a wed-l
;iv��W��*%-ilU-ff\ji.������->.__>  rlU l'eplflj��i^tylh-*,dl^W*Uopbel.	
and that she would let the house re-
m^_ki'k__^'^^_fl_C''.''_!l,^t'VlLl tht' ���'Wi*1 $��'wfcnlfelrth#na'��i^ to;
_7,         TT���T? **.     "T* evil spliWt'i rke^tiy"t**-Ol(iTfoa.'Jcaft'��n*.*��BmseiirRtedp *<����� r��gu%ion
aged 12_ycar��. testified for the mother. 	
reiiilMgrafl-tbat It was customary In .Previous. Jnstructiiin gbart: t)t:hft'**'.v""
the   '""���    -"'"���"   '-* -      ' ���  -   -    ���'       '-"   '    -
evil sf1-  - -  --
menU.lwuee tl��,conibipaUon."Uepb-   for aartsU l__lpa._f>njtf.. AMfaAMlgity.
istopa-eili* v    '" ���     ���->��*so��>ier.i*ii_oted |hsji< iiwto -Wi-the
~r7**n***f neoda of lhe. .weditta? ,'p��ty,.,a��i,tiv.-i
other, real estau
hflf Wf'fhi�� ��tati
n MflPty mfi-
he mother (Bus *
hfif Urtne m-iie: ��� The couple married
aHttHspdUl flit1 May-I?."f*<i7-.' 11    I:-'*' I
t.VU 1 r 1-       to.-.
''' ^WW^i' Wettf'GfWWL'"*'-''
*W��*iHlim, Nov. 4"^rol"5tni* fftist
ilmi'fci ttoe.twin yf-jmlUliWllm flat-ef
m��'i>yi of lileiitlflcaiion 1ms hemj^iln
Uw'afprebenflon of n orlmlnal When
thti tiodioof MMLiraMviM Jiristnl'
sy��"��t, was entered last wvek, theih-tli"
glj��r ifft a pjL.rfect,nrlpt pf. hls. aam
thumb nniT IndeV fthger on th'- door
itrf/i. J'hp prints have heen eorf'phr
i*-i*iih the' ' MceeO* 1n. Unell court
cl��ri<�� sttiir***. at,MtAif'imifnWj>tmien.'
ud Jt was learned this morning,fhut
thev.were'exact In.every partlcuTar,
wHfi:th(i!'flrtier"j/rW*!s -tis-W oH 'd
t6hss man arrested two monthtffBgo
<>a a aiiiirge'DtilKgrnvated'aaaaiilt 1M-'
tif'-jlw-s were detailed to rQ-gnd UP,'|Us
man, tut h search of,the city,during,
trte pkst Wi 'ikys-iiii biWflVtVt,ltl!W
aiSAH Is thought that he has'Mft H��i*
tB^n^Ugf.!    i Ml   ti.*)   ii    .T.-ll-Ol!    'll
a eOhfrlll-it'it-
"Tttfre tm no wotirtMui ��kui a
bodij^j&fttjtftjf 3ftSB.1*mH|
��� ::-:��aa
"IhiJ gCae wss one lietneuu Wash-.
duysr '
li eoH
n ,��� ,|;.. ��a,...,^,....     .
leug<H��."'-'fhc store
1 iniuitrs iawi. In t
iiliiqi. 'T^ff. uwiti. tv
I'hlrsrn Mai   *��� Hi
ihan aaa
tl'iuo  to ateept   J50 a_montiL 1
II BFWipapefi on .(Jtifcn
yesterday iiA I'rfrtie he
from a j
jrplati 'I
for 3<l
Pol I A'
���i. a giiifiK to-i
Ijfcagd streets.
festerdsy hi came here froiti Ues.]
pi.lines. III. nhnT'i he ''as been In re.
tlrenieiit s'.nei|1ij^*1tty. and decide^
to put up a news stand at Stale nnd(|
19******* iwm  Ting mm Minimi mn
hang nhnve.the stand: "This Is KalMr i
I'yplnt.. MV fK3'>W*H��*'Via��k,
people in S'.. Joseph's i>atlsli."*t Arml j
tseo avsnua antr Poriy-elchth. streH
and in ��kVA"Wh4fcagSj 5.TUO *w
The retired Polish father declared It
wor,> j
itAnoiiArbim; Mlrti.tNiW. i.v-Hfe fhll
iineord .w.lil-1 tkelpidgnlentiprcnauniMil
by Ume. ScfauieMsn-Uelnkiow thr-barti
tono voice of .James McNauiarn thc
(M*ft''ftehoin> or-M��M��-' beWrfcheW1***
itWa |*n.lwWNi**l*����l'fo'*'iTfflitr��e��hl..
PVdf > WillliHrf ItOftlattll" �� Mie 'cWe'f
���nf'vodal wecrueMOW and" haCJiiith
olhors. **}'�� that iMrNatflartoM bojsuid
qaeatloae a. thyaWak' "tla��vM>atM pm>>
aMeea a baritone, voice, of wonderful
range and sweetness.
���''MWfilWlirilit'^o^iiVerJ'refuses M-he
���rrwr-^iindehf'^^dofM'Wrttt te' ttlk
mo* IMi'k **+�����.��� hn* si^*l��'her(bel��f
MPVilrhi'Vltiir * W^at.voleOHIIJUstfflad.
l'-rniaU'certalnlf' Mr tntlttM) *ha*'��
���wfco-miwayiiigdfcwr.i* mm     wn
��       *~,���*~ -.,,,. I.���I,-..   .11.1. i;,i
III lie
y. n fqtt ��Ti} -j-\i li n a .* lay -(jn r ^en,,
snd W-fsi'
innnjajtfiW (han ottenB^;��ioetke Uw-f tprtxate ,stmU^ne*��*^a***tlSdmifmf to :
seir M<*''^~'>x**m oHU-slilBTaiSIaUbrt. ifry to-iparsatetW hl�� <P-_ihtBl|��rjnls-
rlnttWMtt lli-feiNtoSwhrt'tt sldt^l atodftothrlblg iti:'8ifew>'*^ie_jji��i^fr'ae ;
the c'ifitctj/'rtajif ^fr'-linetier. '��� !9t irrtry' !*r UnsondtinE' ��vud�� B>n��n4R)|fd mttteW rr" i
renitfmliefto^rt thl�� niirtlmlarlt lr-' -auen .t-_0t.be ^OireMan** tft-flirow;
S-pl&nnaueF. *fi6,Wrdie (frills 3rt* t��o:*ien->����rouBi��nliieItrpnt  win-1
the   Murder   iVerfi,,..-  ^^JS_*2__5   -i-.'.'".1    (itW)L    ,   *
erin-in I iineiiiiL-e " "Tbe        /n"'!*"����PPift*e_��rJ|||f *\\ffifo ot
,      _U  *.mnm. .     \    hl.S    ^ ,       LrJlk" toHtpdVUhet-toKt 111)4'������p-rjwlde l ������
foollN^dHCV tor. Urcvlty.go..ni.so r(ir, tha__u^*��lBi|v|ltee-mTO%3a%ttEnBgti-
ss to-rtfr off level*! tlid��d*����rs loll tiy _|si!_n ~*A*-ta***\*\\ .gag��t (^..-tiijlir." said;
wrllMg ^fl���|l^lls���Wlfo���>lMellnlatoph���t^le^.���^ lh* inajieat��t,ii'lt.,la npliajn-om^i^ for
���Wastmlnfter Oasetta [them to o-doh--fou_.r_i*i��MH ,Hent,,to, the i '
,''11- ";-    '������'������!''it-    MIC    .ii-hrene \ehele  vbe  wH}dli��5.,|i*i*|^'jl;ike l <
I UlSE DiccDiii    ei ni/e       ��**Cfi a"Bl  BJtSler rtoMikpBinter the t
LKNS UA^tUALU  rLUKh.   ahoofe ��f m-iwead nt��rb��'. i.Tilww bvL
��*�� irtBL,,W���1lU~    '''   ;1,:    lr*'''"oi*M'''O'-cnsatieefoujiaf i-atahtio"1!!.
ThiiSTePa-Plsyrr Making ��� -Horns Run Irsplenislung   tbe. suMlyjO.Xffmh! the
,jjr'     aaran'-.nfl#ld'PlyY" '*'"    I*��Nhonia hf tllerHriendi-.tafl u.ucv.rfH are ! ���
���Tfc itfMgmus I.have beenjitjeoil- (Jnatthr-.to i��MnmMB than, t&teftour��� ,
l��8 ton-Jl-tegiimes-'aiu. Iliev ���re K."4 'SS u      h"^*?' ��""*''V* S" "   '
.,   TT r*��, . .       .,    .-i-tCanada  where, the .Uouor   laws . are i
tbuo 1 ���p-onlB-vare.lP tiu^h'r-lUeiie .W1tncro: sttlctly-.lobBtirml'tbv.. U_ei:hotel '
oue ijh*.#bi.*u stiinds uut lu my mlud n,Pn than .hyo. In HanillUin.. end a I
ss tfcVjjM-**! IHiuHi ea��r aeeu.!' ssjik,. *lio|o iMMK i ornnplS-htar>M cttfeens i
nl' In iiii 'Aiiiefleau >luga- i ontertiing drninki n men bn.thetlteets !'
��� and attrilnttaul to *hnti*tin*a m mn>-ed :
r*v TorotenerK This tfow kng regula- j
itlon is the cause of much nf this; and j
tkert-fviro: Hh'lnlt.itC.lwoqU
P"'��'������*'fS��<i �� I". so far as. 1 know. ;puniBhal)fc,; bv.f'ia��, farithemiitotmve
uuiifXM in the nasals of Wstdiiill.      nnjaaj1 haow InHho ho^se'at'all."ivi '
Ingilni and ������Ih.lniMitl lm<-k In lhe d... .
whcleWSS0ngton wn. In the National .BOMCAY IN G5Lo;S^fviii.. '$&���***.*,
'-    *-    '���(rivia.'i-todipCln^'     "-     '-" HABO,TI����B��iMMON
the last half ortWpDni^, ^v!!ST^wlSlli��1��-,
.  UM}ir,tVflre9iit..Hiid Wash- t.*a*l tetof an atewntoKichnr��cter. |
'"���B'-yP.-llI? a TPtt***. od aecond,  with   Kuliurtt li_-irfoItmted;tail��fe,M5'he rf I
1MHii.it at the bal.    Mn-ihe-*Ur��ti tmU. 'Vi',! ban*i'mapaiwhiB nad-lh�� rush otL,
plli n-eil Uaimot'-Hwong hanl and kueck- <dig)iisii'm"to will��lna�� 'money, ,-wrain    V
nl  MjaVUti Sr, tbe highest  I   lune   id  lhe  r��aouert��  uf av-an itha (pundl*.
sxt-n-tiV&lh* l��fll w��hi u^dM utf-��l����l��n: Wbha.'   The cttgj*ttiefi.ij-ead te.
^ntl?1""***  visflilo  IM aal'tf'-|lnyito;\he'��h��ro*��>^L-^^��^*0J"'er.
i ��� -������>������<     .'.t.i   T   't     ��� t     j.'i.'a big btlplnew, wbu trled-ito .bfl_cr the|.
mtt-a-'xi'i? mt. , * .a ,x,.n* ..,n 'Market in mill shareB. with U-ff-aeelst- -
VjTth ��UT"����>cjs, or the I irti ,tM,rW} .aace of eertnin *anka, failed. hi�� 11a-
,n<rrfji MHpa Ho; starteil ror. lm|n*er-tbtUli<�� -beln^ nearly ��Z.5fW.(lfl��."Sev-
niiil lie enineil Haf ptWr*t*)toi*%, the.'ernl-otlMt.-fallwes .foltoWPd'Ttt mulck
ball l����iran to full, i Buck -Ewlng. |Qln jwlila sathini the attick toechaoge ;belng
riiiiMn's. X)ttt liiisemou: Mul'hee. who : paralyzed and. business suspended,
plnyad rei-ona. nntl��� T.erlwmjc ���'itoiWli:a��WI��-*ltid.'esl8l_rwas4n progress, a
the 'Miortstop,' Ml gutlM*M- l*��W*eii-"Tto-h. shock- cnm�� In th**���0,'1., ��J 'he
*r*AUm2*J*n,,,i nirsitin' fur th* tmli ifsil-ur.i ofiant Am* pearl. iSfrcaant. do-
.     . mi,     . .r__HI. ,��1 lng ftAlfttxade.   His liabilities are said
to   drop      Wiimot   siied-.a^dltl^^^W^^.^     Many Wher fail-
lmi��3��.et to<> apeed***** i.a*eatlilr*UM^^reh fortnwsd nytc^lj'.- 'S^v'-ifal banks
,ihe I.nII fell Just Inside tha triangle iJr|wfi!cli fiiVe iieen advanflng. n��Wey on
walWng-hilWIMa.     t<*ra��!odni     il- i inehrlr'AeH^jf'mvolV'tttTind'Tntiher
���'.*-*.IMAtruck the hnrd
i ihe tim-vm** ��*V iVHtHMir��
I ��'r. lj!iflhg'��niVlng'lorihirlfl
I acedksS'ONnnd' ttu ���> li'fore he eoillil
miilAOnn. llin.iv Iniiiie. Wlluiot sllil
I-ttH! u
,     The mild, but rertiarkably s^i^ingjjroma fA
, these $0$*%*^^^ 'MMW andr
coolness, is making them Canadian favorites as well.
":T-:fl!fli:..-.   .:���".-        I.'     t     .I'.l:      ti 141
yirginia leases'havenever:.bej^1fcitfe4MskUfc;
'.ftt^y or manufactured";-9oi fcikrelHilly.   They^re ideaT;
cigarettes at the
Enjoy them..todjjyj;
.* i
1     '.:'
��� '-'"������ ���'������ ' inehrlriireltet'pl^'IWvolVW.'sndTft'rtber
nrd -earth of jbauk failures are feared. Every branch
r htgii-'ln IAe 4^t^t>o4li> fl��H*e aoK tAM-toig''*'^ a
ffcrlt tJi'iW- ����ty bortrt-efatf o*-Vratywb.'' i   ��
,,,;. .  . Team BaaiAwa* WtthiHlm.
sn.tMttJIie plme and wns safe, huvliig     ,Qnjtc-a^l'Ssi.HilWh^.':NoiM.:V/-t-.    A.
wiiirT-le -.-lime nl1U��,n)J��vl,f V.'c" '^A"'ivitY^'^ WVtfli>;ttft!ieB<lal'>,B  earIlelBl
wTilj'^liaa.liii LC'   ''   ~   -���--'���- * ���-������-��� ������.m.r.,i.t.*mr...
jjlji]jee.M' iin'4 ni'oaf ,fijjpMea^.far.-iiiers,
dup^^^^^iiKfi    ^atS^el&'pTa^'ln
���king' their 'BftlsM
iirtd V'oftht
n   grei.t ***'**tft:*f"*'m<,m<**i\    ihilWfl?*   IUO'1
jlM* mul dwi^.  Tfie Arsf thing   NQ PtACBiTSBW��W
I" I'C.lVwc ��hen,nifivl|mdiitu.|(i'il)t1pe- 	
an4...f��vij{aj. rn)
veteran of th'5'
*%u�� uulvni'l  t*r*r-r*ni*tvi'A' 'toi.T
dpffm |Wli
tlTAky SWt-'r��*eit��l*��?'-%t*,��llseotWlrf
ta*> atmilo wittofdlalng t* ���*-. npper
eX^ri?.iWbe^*itiinH(if��hr nt*��
"Utely." he^WW P��
ally, "I visit-
���i* the Wwkiwai rwinwMoii all<X***X
I*ierJ-f��ttle'rto*Wmilt **��'* tK-haU-l*
att, ��s   ow-HMd^'SfrW-Bottr-wtf
-mPmXk Mr��a&fe v��^
AfPW-l' ������WW.MMWim'-IM-sBdsl..nil
"Well, the lod^MtflMjn* heard aboul
it and made 'etp..-4W��- ���,... i,ci   moiia
jlOj     (91
vnW��Y��%S'��Wv. ���t-IV��*MMIe 1Wft��**��
��ogterdail-rthabjfHlMj��ia����ata|it ton
boiu't'.^^uljl,.^, t��,..^ui��l|,.y>e Jthtnres
an.v..pli*i'H,|lii -qj^'AMW-wMni �����>��� uf
lhe wn.^wtile'iit'Vtitltlng I" eheose a
���iliNiW . of urraugainaut This <wlll
prevedir il I fc*al WAI 'i^:lirfiiV*Ve... ud
othei''������dnrtiligfclAW'WWMi Telegram
."M'i        '- ���'      ".M.-f-t'll
�� .��..      I*.    :'.K'    I ������    r<.*'>'
ck^untj* hiWJ>'.vboiWjp>;app��
old oiinie. while ollient declare 11 toJ*
of eoiiiparutlvrly iflftUWi-WgU.
Whence It came la abpolnulr
known. -. She ���******>*���*- alao oalled'
drafta,' and:'ibereiwr# toSny rsrwiw
of lf^Chiii**K "KwiilHii.'-P-eUsh, *jf**n
Ish. -IWIWn;'Mid1('lSirk��s��:^|f'W.����?,
f,:,   l#*iHW^ftWllt-M'WIIiE.HI��*U��E
u-    '- 'ilm s?n .u .bavisoyi
Wa��hlng*pn,!:.Wpv.j 4<"Tiahq��ti< Co
nw��g)"   That's what they say In the
White 1 louse.JUtiM room nowadays
to Presldenf,W1.9tlftV','
H������ tieeniraefcig dTodnd ar little to
harn  iontrttnim' about^ans"fot his
ilinigliter'ai wedding.* t*t'.hW!haai.been
na.more sncces��ful than.a horde of
___rl*-W--Bd tot ttllfOttl a��V��r.heV
imu told ta ao oat and play golf and
STvotfy.^WWmlts that he is "not
ntW   irM
���ayjft', in^ia^ bX,#u,
open up ne much new
ll   ���-..p.'
HIUV Xi'.i'.C .
.Jj-fsstlng Hia Palth.
D��MITell. Holihy.i.wtiBt idldl^oit
IrsrdHUoMIbi tedayt Bubliy-t le**n
ed dfftdtMworlil la nrtnd1 arid lords
en IM^^It'jMl'.Jlof* ��|ft If-
hraiy.vllncT��Iwlrll. maUa jtid tMnlf
af that?   Bobby-1 tftWlv''n?,fv,i,_W
sre asking me, !��>$���*����'-4W -m.
tot ;rty��ii 'Wkn.nlh*- ?-��f*n*'
the Oates property. Had young Gates
lived ths bulk of tha $W.OOO,000 estate
left to hls mother would bnve gone to
Insult ta Injury*..?   mM   ,'
"Mm. W��u*at l�� highly! Indignant." -
"Ular houia wns ��nh*ed,i*ihen*;f   it
"VHt.rtH the neat night the burglars
brought bark ber silver plated ware."-
Plttaburgh Post,
���Ji i��iiftir
Do^-rtk^'i^1! __
Qreenwood, B. C��� Nov.���'���*��� 4.���Near
Brtdeivllla Dr. MacLean's automobile
akldded and went over the embank'
ment. The machine waa smashed, but
the doctor escaped by Jumping and
was unhurt.
gfttt ^htfjitM.
j mm* l��
M* ln^rdcr
gtve employment iojWe'jHje men
ri^lpoer.yjien W.'mwaurwWj.fo���
ays ea^h,    ,.,   ..  .,^-r,.., n->m
jn..   iJk   V.'IH	
:i--: ���: Baaa Wdvalaln'�������/*!
Wailiitw, iidahd.>*Jbv;��4i��1*ei(��' ��nd
molasiea provwt < ��K��;'��idWiir,of ���
bear whldh had eodtraet4irtBe'KII��lt of
Wdtlnghtt Wtbox on the hack porch of
the Wallace hoaplttl. -HXMn'Uhot last
nlfirt byt Norm-an��Wej(,,!wn�� *** <���*>
watch. Tho carcaaa ��� w��lghl��|W SOO
pounds. It had previously devoured a
mess i)f���bread and molasses.
^   ���! < ���***") '^ ' ^.��
and potted -Powera In thoclty Jail, ln
archoe In the corridors aad on the
walla between the cells. "I hope soon
to havn the Jail looking Ilka a hotel
rather than a prison," tnld Um chlat
.-riM?:.      .rii*.
I        .��f:!!  *rV_        l-t
���r f   rilltmnntlts   i
H.SI     tint*    ���
price.   AU ^ealets is^ithem.
i .   , em, I       tfi ���_ '  '- ���*���*��� *lmt .  .   I .
toltw -*;.!:��
:...-��       ml ,'jCr-t  '���
ti.,'.        ��� .ol
���.uiuv   idmf
iii mil
ree Colors*
c.  ,.J,<1
v ..fdifil   ���etsf.icmtA
;-.'.*  d :':clav  t-fti'.t
i.vlh   bstilf  'isennor.l
Til     .SI*
v   its.lf. *vr*U  .<,H)i:".l
���tnt   ."i.i.
iMle    rill I*     -ootf
AH*  1} ifc'lav
tnaol R^l4M��
and receive om ol
;0Mtannii mw**mn*-*m*t in
Ik v
%V,.'-, * J
/   ,    . �� <������    m
** V!
���������'.. :.i*.^.n.ma*W-rt
��� V"1
'.*':*.  ������-���'���<imtm^ ���EIGHT..
We hnve Just received a Rbiji
it of Cadbury's Chocolates.
torn know ihem. of oonrae.
of lbe purest materials
nad delicately flavored- Wrap-
Want io tinfoil to 'insure their
frestnaess and specially picked
War na. One trial will leave
am* wiih a "morei'ii*" tsstr that
Ib hard to resist. In other *��_rd.-i,
tbey are di lickras '
Assorted shapes, boi 10:
U-lfe.  Box   2S5
%-lfc. Box 50e
1-lk Box    Ms
Itax *100
Box $1-25
Model Grocery
SOt Sixth St. Phone 1081 -2.
Burnaby Branch:
Snd St. and 15th Awe.
Local News
Repair Sidewalk.
A board or works crew is engaged
repairing  the sidewalk on  Braid
street mid in constructing a box
ldr-:n to carry the water from the li.
C   Distillery company's property.
Skating���Two instructors -will be In
attendance at the rink Thursday
night, paying special attention to beginners.    Admission 43 cents.    (2358) |
C. A. Welsh
Court of Revision.
A court of revision en the voters'
! lists for New Westminster city,
Dewdney and Delta will be held In
thr court house this city on Monday
morning, November 17, at  11 o'clock.
Spiritualism, -what it teaches. An
address will be given this evening nt
S o'clock by Mrs. Clarke, room 5. 630
Columbia street. (2866)
More Wage Claims,
A number  of  wage  claims against
the  Coquitlam   Lumber  company  cc-
cupied the attention of Judge Iloway
in the county  court yesterday.
Get your skates sharpened at Geo.
Speck's, 626 Columbia street.      (2353)
To Confer with Attorney General.
In order lo receive instructions as
to the special assizes to be held here
shortly Sheriff T. J. Armstrong is
leaving for Victoria during the next
two days to confer with the attorney-
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For full particldars
call at our office and let
us know what you require. ~*"~"
Dominion Trust
Iiie Perpetaa! Trustee.
Paid  Up Capital and
Surplus $ t.ttr9,*M
Aosets 4,��73,��8S.��S
Tt u s teeshipe Under
Administration over S.OOO.iW)
Trustee     for     Hood-
holders over *U,W0fi*S
C. 5. KEITH, Manager.
Offices ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Itegina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Charlottetown, 1/jn-
don. Bag.; Antwerp, Bedeinm.
New Westminster
606 Columbia  Street.
Fred Davis will sell by public auction (absolutely without reserve) on
the premises of Mrs. Johnson at 317
Fifth avenue, the contents of her well
appointed residence, on Tuesday next,
November 11, 1913, at 1:30 p.m. sharp.
This will be a sale of great importance as Mrs. Johnson is leaving New-
Westminster for the Old Country, and
every article must be sold regardless
of price offered. The furniture is all
of the highest class and nearly new,
and will be on view Monday. November 10, 1913, and morning of sale.
The Ladies' Aid of St. Andrew
church will hold their annual Scot:
supper and concert on Thursday. N
vcmher 6.   Don't miss it. (231
The People's Grocer
City Store    193 and  443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West End Branch  650
We want you to try Tetley's
Fine Teas ut our main store,
and while the demonstrator ls
with us we nre offering you
Red Sunflower Tea In 3-lb. cans
at $1.25. This is a saving of
Try a Pound of Tetley's 40c
Tea. This Is a Money Back
The New Westminster
 and Fraser Valley	
Department  Store
More emphatically than ever we wish to invite you to our store during this Two Weeks' Opening Sale. We
want you to get acquainted with the McAllister Store to know the McAllister way of doing business. We are
offering extraordinary values in every department. All goods are marked in plain figures and we want everybody in New Westminster to come and walk around our store during this big sale and see our prices. Our aim
is to make this business the Department Store for New Westminster and the surrounding country, offering
vou the best merchandise in every department, at prices that canjiot be beaten either in New Westminster
or Vancouver.���McALLISTERS, LTD.
tho man is now residing across the
international border, Immune from
subpoenas. Evidence is likely to be
made at today's session refuting the
testimony of one witness to the effect
that the crew of one of the trains
were unacquainted with the Chilliwack branch.
Skating boots and Bltates for ladles ]
and gentlemen at Geo.
Columbia street.
Speck's. 626
Visit from Bishop.
The Right Uev. A. V. de Pencler,
bishop of New Westminster, and Mrs.
de Pencier were present at the afternoon service, at St. Stephen's church. ;
Burquitlam. on Sunday. The service
was conducted by Kev. !���'. Ploskett. of
St. Mary's, Sapperton, assisted by Mr.
There will be a big crowd in attendance at the Arena on Thursday
nl-jht, the cpening of the winter season. Full band with the latest musical  hits. (2368)
Arrange   for  Dance.
A   meeting   of    the    entertainment
committee    of     the   West   Coquitlam I
Conservative association was held at
the home of (Ieorge Alderson,  North |
road. Burqultlam, on Monday evening
for the purpose of arranging  for the J
dance to be held on    November    21.
Mrs. Walker, Mrs. (lunn. Mrs. Cowan, j
Mrs. Herman. Mrs. Uaillie and others!
who   helped   to   make  the   Hallowe'en I
affair   a   success,   were   rendered   the I
thanks   of   the   committee   for   their
I work and  efforts.
Bargains on the
Carpet Floor
Brussels Stair Carpets; 27 inches wide,
values to $1.75 for   $1.50
22   1-2   inches  wide;   values   to   $1.60
for   $1-25
Axminster Stair Carpets; 22 1-2 inches
wide, values to $2.25 for   $1.75
27 In. wide, values to $2.50 for. ..$1.95
Wilton Stair Carpet, 22 1-2 inches wide,
values  to  $2.50  for    $1.95
27 in. wide, values to $2.75 for...$2.25
27 in. All Wool Reversible Stair Carpet, values to $1.15, for  95c.
22 1-2 in. Tapestry Stair Carpel, values
to  80c.   for    65c.
22 1-2 in. Tapestry Stair Carpet, values
to $1.00, for  85c.
27 in. Tapestry Stair Carpet, values to
90c. for   75c.
Reversible Jute Stair  Carpet;   18  In.
wide;  value to 40c. for   30c.
22 1-2 in. wide, value to 50c. for . .40c.
27 in. wide, value lo 65c. for 50c.
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod. the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
To Help Hospital.
The Sunshine cluh today is holding
a sale of work in Si. George's hall in
aid  of the  hospital.    The sale ia entirely   In   the   hands   of   the     young j 	
members   of   the   cluh.   and   generous : wi||  Nominate Officers,
patronage   Is  looked    for    from    the '     ThP  meeting    of the  executive
public. j the  Women's  Council   which   was
  'have heen  held  yesterday
For all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the II. 0. Transport Co..
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 82G, wharf phone 8.80.
-Saturday   Eventwgi
7 to 9.
Coast Sealed Oysters
er Pint   -    -    -    -    -    50c
Fer Quart    -    -    -    - $1.00
Crescent Oysters
Per Dozen     -    -    -    -    35c
Loaned a  Horse.
Dr.  F. J.   Duller has  requested  the !
Burnaby council to provide accommo-1
datlon  for a  horse and    rig    at    the |
municipal stables,    which    has    been
loaned by the Central Park physician
to the Burnaby branch   of   the    Victoria Order of Nurses.
Money to loan on first mortgages,
Improved cUv and farm propertv.
9 per cent. Alfred W. MeLeod.    (2.137)
Wreck Inquest Resumed.
Thia morning in the Murchie un
dertakini; parlors the adjourned inquest and investigation as to the
diath of Motorman Plews which occurred on the Fraser valley line of
the II. C, B. It. over a month ago.
will be resumed with Coroner McQuarrie in charge. Conductor Nicolet,
who disappeared soon after the smash
which took place near Huntingdon,
has not been heard of since and it
is   hi lieved   in   official   quarters   that
has been
postponed until Saturday afternoon at
3 o'clock. The meeting will be held
in St. Stephen's church parlor. Business of a most important nature including the nomination of officers for
next year will come up for transac
Skating ��� The    Arena    opens    at
Queens park Thursday evening    at 8
'o'clock.   Full band in attendance. Two
hours enjoyment for 40 cents.    123581
Comes to Westminster.
In order, it Is understood, to accept a position In New Westminster
W. Stanton 'nas resigned his position
as constable for Fraser Mills municipality, fleorge W. Mennemeyer has
been appointed as special constable
in  his place.
Reasonable Complaints.
Complaints, not without cause, are j
In Ing made of the wooden steps lead- j
ins; down from the top of the terrace
at the Carnegie public library build-1
ing. Some of the boards have rolled
away at ihe ends and because of this!
a young woman narrowly escaped a
had  fall  yesterday afternoon.
to save money on yenr fuel hill this winter,
si en  what   we have to offer.
��� Successor to Ayling
���V7 Columbia St.
If you are, and dei
ilnn't  huy  until you have
Using a "Howard Overdraft Heater." burning wood nr coal means
a saving to you of 20 per cent, of tbe cost of your fuel  bill.
We have also a larg" range of Oak, Airtight and  Fireplace Stoves
at prices which mean  money in  your  pocket   by  buying from  us.
& Swain.)
Pfeone 98.
New   Westminster.
.. for ..
Tapestry Squares.
9x9, values to $S 75, for    $7.50
9xinti.  values  to  $10.50  for    $9.25
9x12, values to $12.50'. for $10.75
10.6x12,   values   to   .15.   for    $13.25
Brussels Squares.
4.6x7.fi. value to $7 75. for    $6.50
6,9x9.0, value to J15, for   $13.25
9x9.0, values to $18.60, for   $16.75
9x10.0, value to $24.60, for  $21.00
!ixl2.0, value to $28.50, for $23.50
Axminster Squares.
0x9. value to $112, for   $25.00
9x10.6, values to JUS 50, for ....$31.80
R.llxll.C. values to $35, for . ..$29.50
II6  in.   All   Wool   Carpet   (Reversible I
value   to   $1.��5,   for    $1-25
Chinese Matting, 20c. values for, per
yard    1Zy.c,
Odd Carpets and Rugs, to clear about
half  price.
Inlaid  Linoleums, values to $110 for,
square yard   95e.
Inlaid   Linoleums, values to $1.25 for,
square   yard    $1.15
Inlaid   Linoleum,  values  to  $1.50,  for
square yard    $1.25
22 1-2 In. Velvet Stair Carpet, values
to $2.00.  for    $1-50
-.6 In. All Wool Carpet (Reversible)
values to $1.65 for, yard   $1-25
Window Shades, size 2x6. plain green
or  cream,   values   to   60c.   (including
brackets   and   ring)   eacli    40c.
I'laln green or cream, fitted on best
Hartshorn   roller,   size  2x7   ft.,   values
75c.   for 65c.
Plain green or cream, fitted on best
Hartshorn roller, size 11x7, feet, values
to  90c,   for   ...    75c.
Plain green er cream, fitted on beat
Hartshorn roller, size 41   1-2 Inches by
7  feci,  value  to $1.25,  for $1.00
Combination  Shades, green or cream,
size :iv(i. values to $1.00 for 75c.
size i\*i. values to $1.25. for ... 95c.
rire -ll 1 "-7. 'nines to $1.50, for $1.25
Tapeetrv Carpet, values to 75c fur
per y ml       65c.
<  irpet,   values  to  00c.   for
Carpel, values lo  $1.00,  for
'arpet. bodv
is In |1.86,
pit. body
per yard
par yard
match,  val
Hrnssels f
els C
match, vslues to ll.no
Brussels Carpet, bodv
match, vslues to $1.76
Brussels Carpet, bndv
to match, values to **_.
Axminster and Wilton
and borders to
. far, yard 95c.
and borders tn
for. yard $1.25
nnd borders to
for. yard $1.50
and borders to
for. yard.  $1.75
Carpets, body
and   borders   to   match,   values  $2.00,
for p:>r yard    . .    $1.50
Wilton and Avmlnster Carpets, body
'Hid hordes io match, values to $2.."i)
for.  per  yard    $1.95
Wlliin snd Vrmlnster Carpets, bodv
and borders to mutch, values lo $2.76.
for,  per yard    $2.25
Rope Mats.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
She 1 i>"i. -alues to 75c. fur 65c.
Size 16x27, values to $1.25, ror . $1.10
Size 18x80, values to $1 60 for . $1.25
Axminster Rugs, size 36x83, values lo
J.ri00,   fur    $4.25
Wilton   Rugs, size 27:<"4,    values    to
$8,60, for  $2.75
Axminster   iiiii?s.   Irl nged   ends,  size
27x64, values to $2.60 for $1.9*5
.lumini'se   Rugs,   size   27x54,   value   tn
$1,26,  for   $1.00
Carpet Door .M.'its. size 12x80, value to
66c��� for  45e.
.Inp Dour Mais, size ISxII'l. fringed
endli  value to tihr   for   50c.
Established  1191.
Wa write Flre, Life, Accident, Employers'
Marino  Insurance,
Liability,   Automobile   and
The Home of the
Utility House Dresses
15 odd Bed Springs; different sizes, regular values up lo $7.50 Some
of these are slightly damaged.    They will cleared out  regardless of
original  prices at   ���    ��� ���**"$_?
One dozen silghtlv soiled Mattresses, ranging from our cheapest makes
to our best qualities. These will be sold at exactly ��3 1-3 per cenl.
discount off our regular prices. ..Ann
Two  Wood   Beds,  slightly   damaged.    These   used   to   sell   HtJlW
apiece.   Sale price ��� ��� ****\*T*
White Enamel Beds;  brass trimmings, complete with eprlng and co^
ton top mattresses; regular price $11.50.   Complete for  S7.SO
A number of odd White Knamel Beds In different sizes and Patterna
Regular prices from $3.00 to $1000 Sale price S* 75 ���� 56.50
Special prices on Baby Carriages and Uo-Carts; all kinds, snapeei and
sizes.    On  snle for   **. 50, "P
Very special prices on all  Brass BedB In bright or ea_ln_nullID.
Itegular $35.00;   sale  price 527.5��
Regular $45.00:   sale  price	
Regular  $25.00;   sale  price  'mtsa'tcn
Regular  $48.75;   sale  price ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� 53JI.SU
Office Desks, Typewriter Desks. Filing Cabinets. Roll   lop Desks.
Office Tables, etc., during the two weeks opening sale less 33 1-3 per
cent, off  regular prices.
Chiffoniers   with   five   large  drawers,   brass  handles  and   beveTPiate
mirror:   regular   $12.50,   for        52'iS
Without  mirror:  regular $10 95,  for    S8.SO
Golden Oak Dresser and Stand, with  large bevel plate  mirror,   nine
lar $18.00,  for    51*.75
Duchess Dressing Table with two deep drawers, in golden oak finish.
laige bevel plate mirror, regular $20 00 for 514.50
Golden Oak  Hull Rack, with brass hangers, box seat;   regular 129-00.
for    52*4-75
Kitchen Queen Tables, with four drawers and flour bins; regular $������ 60
Special   price ..;'.'"    _.??"Z5
Seven-foot Kitchen Cupboard wllh glass doors; reg. $1.  for.  Sll.75
Kitchen Cabinet  in maple finish, complete wlth-every requisite:   ren
price   $39.60,     Sale   urlce      528.75
A   number  of  odd   Kitchen   Chairs   to   deal    out
at  75* Sl.OO *���*- 51.25 ap-*"
Silk  Upholstered   Parlor  Chairs,  in  different   designs,   some  slightly
Boiled, to be cleared at   each   55.00. 57-50 and 510.00
Three-piece   Mahogany  Varlor  Suits,  upholstered   with   green   velvet!
regular  pricp  $60 00,  for  532. SO
Five-piece I'arlor Suite, mahogany finish, upholstered In Rfreeti velvet:
regular   price   $35.00,   for    521.50
Tbreo-plece Parlor Suite, upholstered In green silk tapestry:  regular
prire   $37.60,   for   ..' 5".50
Morris Chairs, with green velvet cushions;  regular $11 25 for.  59.KO
One  Mahogany   Morris  Chair;   green   velour  loose  cushions:   regular
$40 00,  for' 521.00
Solid Oak, leather seated  Bedroom  Rockers. In an assortment or A*-
signs:  renular $8.76 for    56.95
Special p rices on  IHnlne Tables for this sale.
One  very  handsome Square  Table;   fancy  carved   legs,  extending   to
13 feet:   regular price $40.00, for   .R'92..SO
Rarly Ktagllsh  Pedestal Dining Table;  regular $36.50 for <*�����.**
Early English Pedoetal Dinlne Table, regular $27.r,n, for... 522.75
Extra large Golden Oak  Dining Table;   verv nicely turned   pedestal:
rogular $lon. for  ��67.SO
Buffet In oak. with copper finished trimnlngs. bevel plate mirror, exi
reedlnglv   pretty design,   r��guh'r $66.001   fer    *\V*f **ft
Buffet ln golden oak finish, wi'h  2 small drawers and   1   largB llnrn
drawer   and   two   cupboards,   bevel   plate   mirror,     regular     $!���:".00.
for  ��1��.��0
A very handsome solid oak Sideboard, beautifully carved top front
whli curved drawers and goo I bevel piste shaped mirror, l'er ular
price   $75.00.     Sale   price 545.00
We can simply you with any size or finish in Sectional Book Cases
during this sal" for 20  per cent, off regular prices.
Steel   folding   Davenport   Couches,   fullv   upholstered:   regular   J2.'l 50.
tor 515.00
5-5 Colored Table Oilcloth.    Grand range of patterns to select  from:
per   yard    *t%t
5-4 White and Marble;  per vard    30*
6-4 Colored; per yard   \.-***i
HI  White  and   .Marble;   per  yard    40 C
M Plain Sheeting;  nice even weave; regular 35c.    Sale price. ..   30<
iM   I'laln   atld  Twill   Sheeting;   the  durable  kind;   regular  40c:   sale
price    ���%*,*.
8-t Twill Sheeting; good and strone:  regular 45c. Sale prloe.., .41$��t
0-4  I'lnin Sheeting;   regular 45.    Sale price    /Wt
10 4'Maln Bhetlng;  firm and durable;   reg. 45c. Hale Price Attt.
10-4 Twill Sheeting; extra heavy;  regular 65c.    Sale I'rice 60c!
Men s Wear.
100 Si fl Pelt Hats In hrown,
green, Kray und hlack shade*,
etc This assortment includes
values up to $3.00.    Special
at     $1.50
This Is an extra sneclal lot with
fancy trimming    In    all    sizes:
Regular f2.00  value  for   ..$1.25
Four Specials in
This  Is  a  new  assortment   just
received; ail ncn patterns; regular values to $1.25. Special
al    85c
These are t;n- famous "Carrie
Coats"  from  our regular $1150
and $12.50 stock. Special at $9.75
Save Money in These Biff I'riee Cuts in the Ladies'
Ready to Wear Department.
Ladies' and  Misses' Ni ��   Winter Coats In a very large variety of
new cloths, coatings, bouche cloths and reversible twiteds;  many handsomely  trimmed  and   finished   with   large  buttons;   all   strictly   tailor
made.    Kvery garment In this department Is new for this fall season,
nnd, without exception every garment will be at special sale prices
during this greal opening sale.    We are specializing In the following
Girls', MIeseg' and Small  Women's Coats In a big variety;   .alues to
$15;   all   at ���**������**��� ft**-.
Ladles'  smart   Fall Coats;   values to $17 OS;   all at    SO'flK
Ladles' smart Pall Coats;   values to $21.50;  all at *,tt*'.7*t
Ladles' smart Pall Coats:  values to $35,000; all at 526*75
Very special valuer lu Coats for children or all ages, from three
years to misses' sl/es, In a variety of cloths, dialings, etc. Kvery garment reduced for Ihls sale.
All new Pall Velvet and Silk Coats, also a pretty range of Opera
and Kvenlng Coats at exactly 25 per cent, off regular prices. Vou can
choose any of these garment!! during this opening sale less 25 per cent,
from regular prices.
A hundred smart tailored Dread SklrlH. in coatings, serges  tweeds et"
all strictly tailored and  In sizes to rit all; values to $8 50: all at ono
prlce $5.75
Very Special Prices
on all Ranges
During This Sale
Big Reductions in all Kinds
of Cook Stoves.
Heaters at Special Prices.
Garnet   Oak   Heater,   regular   $18.00,
now    115.09
Live    Oak    Heater;     regular    $21.00,
now 817.00
Fairy    Onk     Heater;   regular  $14.00,
now    $11.89
Dandy Oak  Heater;     regular    $14.50.
now   912.15
Washington Grand Oak Heater, regular $26 50, now   $22.75
St. Clair Oak  Heater,  regular ISM0,
now    I".. 1
llegul Franklin Heater, regular $-5.00.
now    $21.50
Twilight   Herald   Heater,  regular $16.
now    $12.50
Evening  Star  Heater,  regular  $11 00,
now    $8.50
Scout Heater, regulur $10 50 now 89.00
Victor Airtight  Heater,  regular $3 25,
now       $2.S5
Victor Airtight  Heater,  regular $5 00.
now    $4.20
New   Melrose   Wood   Heater,   regulur
$17.50. now  $14.85
New   Melrose   Wood   Heater,   regular
$21;   now    $16.75
Hox Heater*, all cast Iron, regular $K,
now $(.00
Ilnx Healers, all cast ,ron, regular $10,
now    $8.50
Big Reductions
in guaranteed Tungsten Lamps.
15 watt, 25 watt or 40 watt,
. Special at
Bargains to be
Found in Dress
Goods and Silk
(Rear Main  Floor)
in Dress Goods we specialise In
three lots, and the values In each llne
are well worthy of attention:
LOT ONK Is a splendid assortment,
and Includes some splendid hard
wearing cloths suitable for school
dresses, house dresses, skirts, etc.; a
variety of tweeds mid cloths In colors
of black, wine, gray, blue, brown,
cream, pink and blue; values up to
86o; ull double width, .for, per yard
LOT 2. This Hue ulso comprises
���ergsa, Panamas, c-aslimi res, voiles,
��� tc, and cloths of either light or of
heavy weight A variety if colors.
Widths vary from 44 to 56 Inches, and
usual values up lu 05c per yard. During sale      59c
75c. Value Velveteens for 55c
These Velveteens are English make,
absolutely fast pile, with a fine silk
finish. They measure 22 Inches wide
and come In good shades of golden,
brown, gray, cardinal, cream, green,
navy, Copenhagen, pale blue, maroon,
black, etc.    Sale price, per yard    ,55s
65c ANO 75c    SILK
FOR    39c
This Is a heavy silk and used extensively for dresses and waists and
makes a splendid wearing cloak lining. Our color range Just now Is
large, comprising all the neweat
shades.    All on sale for, per yard.  39c
Strong Colored    Stripe    Flannelette;
reg.  10c;   sale  price,  per yard 8c
lleg. I2i,*Sjc; sale price, per yard. 10c
Ueg. 15c; sale price, per yard. .12'/2e
Special purchase of colored striped
and checked rmfnolette; full .13 In.;
reg. 20c value.   Sale price 18c
The Home of the
Utility House Dresses


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