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The New Westminster News Jan 11, 1913

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Building Statistic*.
*.  1 $1,124,587
1912 $1,604,528
Increase $509,941
* Hjettr��
Tke Weather.
New    Westminster     and
Mainland��� Ught to moderate winds.
mostly cloudy with uleet or rain.
JANUARY 11, 1913.
Alderman  Gray  Forecasts
Surplus of Revenue Over
Everything.   Cleared    Up   to   Date-
Splendid    Increase   In    Money
Earning Departments.
Burqultlam Ratepayer* Heard
cutt, Leaf and Madlll and School
,      Trustee Candidate Roil.
Burqultlam, Jan. 10.���The three candidates running (ur the Burnaby coun-
c.l from ward three appeared on the
public platform in the North Road
school house thi* evening and aired
their views before a representative
ExCounclllor T. D. Coldleutt was
the flrat speaker and during the
twenty minutes allowed by the chairman, went over the work done by him
while on tbe councils of 1910 and 1911.
and compared this with what had been
done'during the past twelve month*.
Mr. George ii. Leaf, the second
speaker, stated he had no past political record, but thought that as he had
lived In the ward for so long he
��� should know a little about municipal
i matters.
Councillor Madill, who is speaking
on the defensive, gave an outline   ol
I what had been  done during 1912 in
far* of conditions brought on by    a
{slump tn the money market.
Mr. Mini.11 admitted that the eastern
"At the present time the city Is on
an excellent financial basis," said
Alderman Only yesterday, just before
starting out on hi* series of meetings.
"There la practically no debt in the
bank and everything that has been
effected during tho past year is cover
ed by the necessary funds. The money
from the sale ot the bonds will be
here iu a day or so, and thus everything will be cleared up to date, and
matters will be left ln first class condition, as tar as present arrangements
are concerned, for the new council to
proceed with.
"U 1 am elected," continued the
chairman of the finance committee,! end of tbe ward had not perhaps re-
who is now the heir apparent to theee'ved the best treatment In the mat-
civic throne, "It is my Intention to,ter of improvements, but told h>->
eee that tho money for all works Is j hearers that the cream of the wor',;
actually available, before those works * bad been done ln Bast Burnaby where
are entered upon.
Justifies Expenditure.
"The receipts from all  the money
earning   departments   of   the   city,'
went   on Alderman   Gray,   "show   a
splendid increase for the year that is
past, and while our expenditure   has J
been heavy it has beeu caused by the
-phenomenal demand for extensions to j
keep pace with the city's progress and .
Is justified by the great Increase   hi
the revenue.
"It must be a matter of gratification
to the ratepayers and to tho citizens
ln generr.l to note thc rapid develop-;
ment which has taken place ln the II j
dustrlal life of   tbe   city.    We   have
uaed  every   effort  we  could   towafd3 i
the   establishment   of   manufactures
hare, inch, tor instance, as  the iteapu |
Engineering Works, while other Indus ,
tries, such a*   the    British    Canadian :
p��ny -to mention only some of _esin
- -hisva tuns here tlurinB ttlss past!
jLtwelviunsnth. In addition very Import
Rant extensions have been made lo
(their works by firms already locate-;
Wilt Show Surplus.
"I onn gtnte with confidence," said
Mderman Cray in   conclusion,   '"that
rhen the financial statement for   thc
Alderman Gray Outlines His Platform at Meeting in Mandeville Block���Discusses the
Light Question, Praises Board of Works, and Explains Why C. N. R. is Exempted
From Taxation���Mayor Lee Answers Charges Made by "Would-bes"���Many Other
Speakers. f
that be l-Jjtd been unable to get a team j Mr.  Kennedy does not  suggest that
he thought it was most needed
Mr. Donald Ross, of Central Park,
who Is running for the school board,
was the last -speaker cf thc evening,
and did not mince matters when he
criticized the work of the school board
dvrlng the past two years.
No vote was taken as tn the endorsement of any one candidate.
Erginetr Ignored Three 8iflnalr���Had
Slept   Only   Three   Hour*   and
Ha^-S��n  tirtnW
Albany,   N.V.,   Jan.   10.���Tlie   enm-
nee r had been drinking the nightbe-. ,,..ht   fruition   arrd   afflrmec   that   if
fore  and  had  slept less  than   three , the  charges   t0  consumers   wore   re-
hours, hence the wreck on tne Dela (,,������,,,, ,_ nad been prop^.,, ,t wculd
ware,   Lackawanna   &   Western   rail
road   at   Corning,   N.Y.   last   Independence day,  in  which  40  persons lost
their lives and 76 others were injured
Unless something unexpected happens ln the opera house on Monday or
Wednesday evenings the meeting held
in the Mandeville block ln the West
End last night, called for the purpose
of giving Alderman Gray an opportunity of staling the manner ln which
he would conduct the administration
of the affairs of the city during 1913,
will certainly go down ln tbe annul* of
New Westminster as one of the most
sensational and amusing gatherings
ever held during a municipal campaign here.
With every member of the present
council with the exception of Aldermen White nnd Curtis on hand to reply to the charges and insinuations
made by a number of the "would-bes,"
Mr. Peter Peebles, Mr. Bryson and
Mr. Kennedy, were on hand to reiterate their previous statements, while
Mr. ltalph Wilson and Mr. Archie
Uogg apeared to outline their platforms. The opportunity created at
the gathering tor excitement of Borne
sort may be readily realized.
Mayor Lee in his usual briliant style
handled h_ critics in a manner that
would make them appear to have
water on the brain to the audience
which filled tbe store iu which the
meeting  was held.
In a suecint snd pointed manner
mayoralty   candidate   Alderman  Gray j
sketched his platform and proposed j would endeavor, however, to represent
plan of administration- for 1913 in a jail classetand uphold the full dignity
way that curried the gathering off of the mayor's office. He wouiu not
its feet, his speech being punctuated 1 only insert a fair wage slauso and
by rounds of spiatiEe. I Bcilc in every civic contract but he
One of the features of the gather- j would see that the provisions of all
Ing lay ia the cr.thuBiaslic reception'] agreements were carried out in every
given all tbe present aldermen who j detail. His Ft?.nd would be for pro-
���vere sta-tdlug for re-election and to grees, which it was thoroughly proved
Archie Hogg, one of the labor candi- tn the city by this time brought pros-
dates. Mr. Ralph Wilson. was also periry slotig. with it Tbe workmen
(In* a-m-stxl.fcaerins. -fin tke clt-,'during the past year had
In r���in.- to spe.-k Alderon Gray <!���.���- ' received   the   fairest   ot   wage*,   the
clarad he  waa very.much gratl/iisd  to j rot-rchanta   were   never more prosper
,etr, on   ofpollrtit   attunclanc-.   Mttmn.  and   tho   Ins-uairfea   wars,   extend
..i^fs... Tt.*     Sirs*     .(Sl-i!..      i     ,:,..   ',    ..,,   SS>~   .. ��� '
around ** his house for some condsl-
erable tifte owing to the condition of
the street.
Aielerrdkn Gray.���"You can't get
there today after Alderman Kelllng-
ton brought down all this snow for
you."      i
Br. Bryecn took his Beat limply
amid laughter.
One cf the most important bylaws
endorsed i by the people during the
year was'tbe one by which the Heaps
Engineering Company secured the
lease of lands on Lulu Island, continued Mr. Gray, taking a new line.
"This win mean a great thing for the
city. Thf Nanatnio street proposition
was one of the things willed the finance department by the 1911 and
1910 councils," he said, referring to
an improvement that greatly affects
the West, End, "and though we have
done all tu cur power we have been
unable td have the matter setled. lt
is required that we give tbe people an
indefeasablc title to the lands before
the v idenlng can be finally approved.
We hope to have everything settled
up early "this year, however," assured
the speaker.
The acnon of the Trades and Labor
Council endorsing his candidature for
mayor was one of the greatest compliments Mr.  Cray had received.  He
Cam* With Her Husband, First Minis
ter Here���Nearly 64 Years Ago'
/,., ���Canva* Home.
fear Is compiled, it will be found there
fjs a surnliis of revenue over expendl-
: ture.   This should   show    tbat,   not-
1 withstanding the fact that our expenditure ha* been heavy, the council has
been extremely careful hi laying out
the money to the belt advantage.
First  Report Presented by Inspector
Pearee���Asks for Auto Truck
and Larger Staff.
In hi* report for tbe year IS 12, Mr.
B. J. Pearee, chief sanitary Inspector,
advise* the council that the work of
collecting garbage could be executed
with greater satisfaction If more facilities were supplied the' health depart
ment, and the staff was Increased. The
facilities he mentioned were rjore
horses and carts and an auto truck to
cover the down town section.
According to   a report   which   was
lashed yesterday morning, the receipts
of lk�� health   department   for   nine
month* ending December   SI,   1912, in
^Continued nn Par* ElKht.i .
The public service commission so declared today after a careful investigation.
William H. Schroeder, thu* charged,
was indicted tor manslaughter lu
Steuben county, but not brought to
trial. Tbe indictment was dismissed
upon motion of the district attorney.
"Tho primary cause of the wreck,"
says the commission's report, "was the
failure of Engineer Schroeder to observe the signals. The train into
which he ran was protected by a full
stop signal, 25 feet east of the rear of
the train, by a flagman 2550 feet east
and by a caution signal nearly 4500
feet east. AU these three, signals
were disregarded."
The investigation developed that
the engineer had disregarded the duty
of. taking proper rest before attempt-
drinking the evening before the acci-
Ittg to run the train, and acknowledged
"The action of the Engineer should
be considered as much an offence
against the Brotherhood of Engineers
of which he is a member, as against
the railway and the public."
���������� assets' an   axoellrrit   attendant.,   al (sttsa.  and
the meeting.    He fir-it explnln���I  toe '. Ing aHthe time.
Where Was Gray.
At this juncture Mr. Bryson rose
br necessary to ad'vaifc'e" the taxes" I _L__ *_*f**_ and W^���* "here
able as he would like the city to make < A,w,e���-an G���V >��������� J��.��J "l? �������"
able as h would like,th�� city to make <�� ll�� ��P*',ra houBe meeting. "At the
an favorable a showing as possible ' bo*,ine a",ey',"���suppo?��' ���he addedj
when the time came to borrow money. I *�� wsut *�� te"-70U thlg'. ���l a���ei
Mr. Peebles during the evening bad ' Alderman Gray, "I have at al times
declared he would advocate the use of \\^i__ clean a ",e " -*"-' Th,e
purely white labor for city work, no *��*ler ��sa'n ""��������*"�� Eeat w,-*"e
' Dago" workmen. Alderman Gray de- *��� amusement ran high- .��� ,
clared It was useless to talk in thi* L �� clo?!n<> ,n ?, remf1rka Alderman
fashion  as  it  was  Impossible to  Be-1 Gra-' <*""ld a strlkln8 tr,bute t0 Mayor
cure -rtrfficlent white men fc r sewer |
Mutt Have Money.'
Calgary, Jan. 10��� Two mall bags
arrived here today almost burned to
a cinder. The letters, about 700 in
all were badly burned, addresses being
oolite-rated. This happened In a fire
In tbe baggage car at Winnipeg recently, Tbey were postmarked Toronto, Jan. 4. '
Suffragettes Preparing���'
Bill Comes Up Shortly
London, Jan. 10.���The franchise reform bill comes up ln the British par
"lament shortly, the members of the
House ot Commons will Snd all the approaches to the nhambor picketed by
actresse* and other supporters of the
movement in favor of . votes for
women. ���     - ....". *   .   ''"
The Actress' Franchise League,
which 1* organizing the movement, has
called for tho help of all similar
���ocletles in making a peaceful demonstration ln support of tbe adaption of
an amendment to the bill Intended to
give the suffrage to the women.
The militant section ot the suffragettes Is said to be preparing to provide a more exciting time for the
members of parliament.
At present the suffragist* have.' a
_are majority in the Hon** of Con}-
noma If all of them v*te tof the -neao-
ure. It ts understood, however, that
many of them have, withdrawn their
support because ot the methods adopted by the militants. A large number
of the Liberals who are In favor, of
suffrage for women will not vote for
ft ndw on account of Premier > As-
fluith't opposition to tbe movement,
and also because of tbe way he had
been treated by the militants.
Should these members of the Hods*'
ot, Common* who favor woman suffrage succeed ln   having   the   word
"male" eliminated from the bill-, thret
alternative propositic.no will be made
to Include women. The flrst and'mos'
drastic emanates from the labor parti
conferring the vote on every womai
Ih the country who Is over tl yearn
old. This" has IHUe.cl-aiieo ��f pas*,
Ing, ns It would mean adult su!ti'a$.-
which meets with much opposition.
Not Democratic Enough.
'The second proposal la Incorporated
in what was known a�� the concillatlor
bill and Which was defeated by the
supporter* of woman suffrage because
it was not democratic enough and
would give the vote to wealthy and
well to do women, but not to the work
Ing women. It simply provides that
the votes Bhould be given to women
>David .Uoyd .peoj-ge and other In
fluential supportei* of votes tor
women opposed this so lt too Is hot
likely to meet with favor. In fact, the
only amendment which . will receive
serious consideration Is that which
proposed (introducing the Norwegian
system In England. This system give*
the votes,to women householder* and
the wives Ot the eleotor*. As meet of
the women' householders are ot the
well off claases and all the working
men are electors, the amendment
would. It I* considered, fairly distribute' the vote among all classes.
Lee  by telling  the  following  story
"One of the teacher* in the  Kelvin
school asked ber children the oth r
day if anyone could tell her who the
If he was going to be mayor, Aider- j Khtg wa*.   One little girl Immediately
man Gray said he must have money ' rose in her seat and answered "Mayor
to run tibe city.   The re were a number ! _*_-   ((Cries of "Long live the King"
of  improvements suggested  even  by I and applause.)
eritk-s of the. council but how could The candidate had not been willed
they execute them without money, j the chief executive position by Mayor
Candidate's wanted new' auto Tire I*e, a* some of his enemies would
wagrns, new fire hails, etc; for these'have them believe. On the contrary
things It would be necessary to go. to j he had only requested his worship to
the people for money. j sign his papers a few days ago.
KeferrfeiK to his probable chance' of |    Daring   the   course of his speech
being elected by acclamation the al-1 Alderman Gray announced that Alder-
derman said he did not like It
"I don't y-ant tho people to say I am
'lucky," (he declared. "Let Messra.
Kennedy.' Bryson and Peebles put
their papers hi. I want a contest and
then it I am returned I will feci a
greater satisfaction." The mayoralty
candidate commented lightly on the
allegations of .Mr. Bryscn as to
city water snd affirmed it wa* not
neceiiEtiry to elect a person who believed he wooM be an expert along
this line to ran that department. Mr.
Peebles wanted ��� a cement testing
plant It was not neeessi-ry, as the
contractors had to finish their Jobs
properly or do them over again.
"It was net the city council that exempted the C.N.R, from taxes In the
city," 2*iM *1dsa"*i*vv?* fl***V** in"touching upon one cf the prat bores of
contention among*! some of the candidates. "It was done nt Victoria. I
went over to Victoria and Interviewed
Premier McBrlde on the matter and
assured the ratepayers that the railway company's taxes were not as yet
written Otrthe ��t��rw books.'
"Sir Richard has explained, however," . he .continued, "that if they-
wanted'railways ln the city they must
offer some inducements; and, as
whereas the tact that a railway was
ertnblished, in the town and had in-
encased tbe. value ..of proper!"/, tbe Inducement 'was well worth offering."
The 1912 council In the opinion of
the alderman waB the best one tbat
Wfi'tntlm-ter ever had. and those who
man White was unable to attend the
meeting on account of the deep loss
he bad sufered, but he had.requested
that it be made known-that the Moody
1-ark Improvements would.be carried
out as soon as the bonds authorized
for this purpose were Bold.
As Mayor Lee arose to speak he
the I was greeted with' an enthusiastic
round of ftpplaufle. He preceded his
remarks with tho statement that it
had not been his Intention to appear
at any of the meetings except the annual, tot In view of the fact that be
had been brought Into the campaign
and charged with being a brainless
person, be thought It hla duty to appear.
"The- conclusion I have reached,
lude.ins* by the statements of several
men who have appeared on public
platforms to give yon an opportunity
ot considering their candidature, is,
that 1 should be In the asylum. These
men say I have handled the affairs
of the city in an exceedingly questionable manner and that I have squandered the public money. I wtah to emphatically affirm that It Is not true.
Mr. -Peter Peebles, on* dt my chief
antagonists, has commented on th*
alleged .careless manner with whieh
the streets have been (rbded. I would
like hinj to show where one change
was make that wis not absolutely" ne-
oeseaty. There have been cases
where 'ws bave made a grade and the
'contractor -haa had to change It be-
eauee h<i had made a'mistake.   But
exhibited moft opppeltidn ��to It had an there eases were Very rare.
axe nf orme' kind to grind.
Commenting upon the Arena leaf
the speaker declared that It would
prove a source of considerable revenue to tlie city; and he inquired of
Mr, Bryson if he had voted for the
Arena plebiscite. This information
he requested because some person bad.
told htm, that Mr. Bryson had said that
there, was hot enough brains In the
council to arrange for a twenty year
lease. Mr. Bryson refused to answer
this question and requested Alderman
Gray to tell blm who his Informant
was.' A ��� ctsmpi-pm.se was- made and
the tiff ended amicably.
Mr. Bryton interrupt*.
Commenting upon the work carried
on by the board ot works during the
venr tha candidate stated that every
h'ljjhway was passable at the present
time.   Mr. Bnson rose at this Juno-
tun and
"Our policy during 19W' was to
make a grade where It would bo of the
greatest good to tho greatest number
and It was practically Impossible to
plcnve everyone:
"These same men," the mayor Ironically otaer-ced, "tell us. we could do
these thing* this, that or,, the other
way. bat \ do not believe that any one
of the"* made an hphiet endeavor to
secure'eorrtet inforinaUoni All tbey
was grounds (or faultfinding,
���fan? to drag the eouncU Into
e an* make It appear as It
tried to do the greatest harm
Bity, whereas tbe council dit
ing to the belt of its ability
and ha* nothing to defend.
' "Mfc Kennedy ha* accused iqe and
several' members' of the council With
dese'rtl^ the ship," continued His
Worship, referring to an ln��lnua!on
Informed the speaker made earlier in (be evening.   "Surely
If a man Is mayor or alderman of this
city he should continue In office until
the work which he or tbey have Initiated is completed. If this were tbe
case a progressive councl lwould be
in office tn perpetuity. A captain of
a ship who brings bis vessel to a safe
harbor and who retires from the command does not desert the ship, as
there Ib always some person connected with the vessel who can continue
the journey tu a safe manner. The
prosperity and welfare of New Westminster does not depend upon myself
or Alderman Gray, or any other individual. If I thought the affairs of this
city were locked up with any one man
I would pack my valise and leave the
"in reply to another of Mr. Kennedy'* statements ln which he accused the council of lack of energy in
I would like to state," observed the
which the ratepayers have authorized,
I would like to stat, "observed the
mayor, "that it is very true, as Mr.
Kennedy says that the first sod has
not been turned, and if I have anything to say or if I may suggest to
the 1913 council, the first sod on any
of these great Works will not be turned
until everything is In readiness and
we are sure that the beet possible
has been preparea.
"Mr.  Kennedy  say*    that    I    am
afraid I can't come back.   All I have
to say to that is that  Mr.  Kennedy
is  the  greatest  artist  at  the   game
of trying to come back of any man ln
the city.   He has tried on several occasions  now  and  has  always  failed
and again he ie trying to come back.
"No   doubt  when  he   made   those
statements, to use his own language,
he expected  to receive the tumultuous
vociferations of hundreds qf his fellow citizens, but to quote Disraeli he
/ waa intoxicated by tbe exuberance of
(hla o.arn  vssrbossi'ur."
Dllciill   "JOStfrnaklng.
The mayor referred briefly to the
system of roadmaklng as laid out the
first of last year. Alderman Kelllng-
ton with great care and ability and
with the assistance of his very able
officials, has carried out this work
to a very satisfactory and efficient
completion. While everything has not
been done no effort was spared to
have tbe roads In good condition before the fall rains. "A number of
streets upon which contracts are let
for paving, the work is not advanced
as far as we had hoped to have It,"
stated the speaker. "There are various reasons for this. The condition
of the money market, the climatic
conditions and other matters over
which the council had no control all
contributed to this condition. But you
must remember that every street
must be mode worse before it con be
made better,"
Referring to the charge made by
Mr. Peebles that the City was losing
money by not having a cement tester
which would prevent the dumping ot
bad cement on the city of New Westminster, the mayor stated that the
council had .gone very carefully into
the question of having tbls machine
installed, but after careful Investigation and personal observation of the
working of tho method in a few other
cities, they came to the conclusion
that it was hot only a very expensive
proposition, but one entirely beyond
the requirements of a city of the size
of New Westminster. Besides tbl*
the city doe* not purchase any cement as practically all the cement
work Is done by contract and lt Is
put up fo the contractor to put In
good cement or the work will b* condemned and replaced at the' expense
ot the eon tractor and not the city
and not one dollar, has been lost to
the city during the past year by reason ot poor cement being supplied.
The mayor touched briefly on the
water question and the Coqultlam
dam and showed conclusively that he
was today on the same platform as In
1309 and assured his hesrf*r�� that
everything possible is being done by
the olty council and the B. C. E. ft.
to protect the city's water supply to
the last degree.
"lam here tonight to support the
candidature ef any man, who ln my
Judgment Is honest In bis endeavor
to work- for the Interests of the city,"
said the mayor, "and 1 have no heul-
tatlon In supporting every member ol
last year's council wbo is seeking reelection " and "will regret- very much
tbat Alderman Curtis has not allowed
his name-to-be presented to the ratepayer* for,-their endoraation as he
bas shown himself to be a very careful and efficient chairman of the water oommlttee, and l can say without
any fear of successful contradiction
that he Is the beat chairman ot the
water oommlttee ever had, as he not
only shows good executive ability In
th* .handling ot the department, bm
1* reasonable and fair In his dealings."'
Hi* worship closed with a promise
of further discussion o_ the various
problems touched upon and others at
the meetings to be held In the. open
house on Monday evening.
', AtderbMtn Ketllngton, chairman of
the board'of works during 1912, In an-
nounch-g'hi* candidature for re-election, tfutllftt^ the accomplishments ot
hii'dettartinimt during year. He had.
he stated. 4n*tt.u.*d'the system ot
fortnights* itey dirt (or all civic work-'
(Continued on Pag* four.)
Today the funeral will take place at
2:20 p.m, from Queen's Avenue Me tho
dlst church of Mrs. Sarah J. White,
widow of the Rev. Edward White.
She was one of the earliest pioneers
of New Westminster, where she ar
New Westminster, where she arrived
by way of Panama, with her husband
and family Ax April 1, 1859.
There Was (hen not a house in the
new city and she occupied a small
tent in company with Mrs. James Kennedy until a small house could be
built in the heart of the dense forest
on the lot now occupied by. Mr. Drew's
With her husband, who was the first
minister of any denomination to reach
the city; she endured all the hardships abd tolls of pioneer life in a
country then on the outskirts of civilization. On the occasion of the jubilee ot Methodism In New Westminster, which was held four years ago,
she declared that she would gladly go
through the same again.
The late Mrs. White was born ln
Oxford, England, where for generations her family has been closely associated with the life of that classic
university city and has produced several scholar* and musicians of note. I
Possibly the best known of these is I
her first cousin,, the Rt Rev. Edward >
I.. Hicks, M.A., D.D., the present I
[Bishop of Lincoln, and leader in the
Anglicanchurch in England in temperance and moral reform.
At a very early age she removed
with her family to Canada where they
settled in St Thomas, Ont. For years
Bhe resided with her son, Aid. A. E.
Portland Syndicate b Ar-
r-m^njf Big Colonization
Will Bring 300 from Sweden and Nor>.
way to Start Cotaay In Northern
British Columbia.
Calgary. Jan. 10.���A. K. Abnuns, ot
Portland, Ore, who is In the city,
states that a Portland syndicate te arranging a colonization scheme for tke
Peace River district and will start a
vigorous campaign In Northern Europo
to secure settlers.
It plans to establish a Swedish aad
Norwegian territory adjacent to Paaco
River pass, where 26,000 acres of tha
richest farm lands in Northern IlritlaJi
Columbia bave been purchased by tha
syndicate from Charles Ross �������*�����*.
ef Vancouver. The seising price ot"
the tract waa $8.25 an acre.
A party ot at least 300 immigrant*
from Sweden and Norway will arrive
in the spring to settle the colony. Ths*
land Is adapted to wheat growing aa<f
for general agricultural purposes, aad
a large section of It Is also adapted to
ranching.   ���
u?lite' .���Xt-,tor ?omew/lmeuP��t>ias( Drive Affected Peos*e Into Pit at the
lived  with.ber daughter, Mrs. C. L.'
Street in Chllllwack.
At the time of her decease she was!
with her son Rev. J. H. White, D.D.
of Sardls. Her only sisters sre Mrs. {
Thomas Cunningham of Vancouver,!
and Mrs. James Cunningham ot New j
Point cf Bayonet and Choot and
Burn Them.   I
Wa* Caught in Cave by S-leet Storm���
Had Mo Fuel or Food teft When
Shangfial. Jan. 10.���Thirty-nine
lepers recently were put to death In aa
I atrocious manner by order ot the nru-
Tinc-tal authorities at Nannlng, prov-
taOT.ctf-KwauHj m. ���The-���tfei ���uw-ts-oas.
the dread disease first were shot and
I then tbelr bodies were burned oa    *.
CnlT   SiNCL    SumfriYl^���0  ���"���****�������   "W��   nrom-ro*   In-n-
wtit   MllVL   awiWflirtoday .��� tetters   from    the    Catholic
mission at Nannlng.   Tbe letters are
dated December 14.   Tbey stated tbat
the lepers lived In the woods, a   tew
miles outside of the city of Nannlng,
The mission sought permission to
build at its own expense a IazareU-s
for tben and the provincial asrtbasrt-
lies pra( ending to consent dug a pit In
���fhloh wis placed wood soaked with.
\ '.-ojsXe.
At the point of bayonet
then were driven Into the   pit
������hot, the pyre wss lighted and
bodies bqmed fn the presence of   a
large crowd.
Tbe authorities offered rewards for
the discovery of other lepers aad thfas
otter resulted In the shooting ot
more man afflicted with tba dls
The governor after las
Issued a proclamation Jn whieh ba
accused the lepers of having committed outrages. The letters frosa the
mission say there Is no fownrlation
for this charge.
St. Louis, Mo., Jan,_ 10.���James
Meyers, a quarry workman, was recovered from -a vace today on the
Alton, Illinois, bluffs, where he had
been imprisoned since Saturday night
by a sleet storm and the ice. He was
taken to the St. Clair county farm in
a serious condition.
Members of a train crew heard cries
rrom tha, eare which Is about 76 feet
up the side of the bluff, and notified
the Alton.police. S
A policeman, two locomotive firemen and .'a young athlete volunteered
and climbed the Icy face of the bluff.
They took:. Meyers from the cave and
lowered him to the ground below.
It is believed Meyers was caught In
the cave by the sleet storm early Sunday and'feared to climb down t!a
Icy bluff. When he was found, he was
lying on. the rock floor with no covering 'jut a worn overcoat. A small Are
was burning nearby, but his last scrap
of fuel bad gone to feed It.
St. Jeans, Nfld., Jan. 10���Sir Edward Shea, said to bave been the oldest active legislator In the British empire, died hers today aged 93 year*.
He was ffctVn-fMr president of tb* legislative oubnstl of this colony, and
contlnud* member to his death.
New York. Jan. 10.���The three i
found guilty last night of
dollar wireless telephone   i
graph stock swindle, were
today to the federal prison at AUaata,
Ca-aeitm Speer. tbe promoter,
serve Ave year* and pay a|
Frederick     Collins,     the
three yean aad a flee er i
Charles U Vaaghaa. tw
defendants wer* emulated qf
the malls fo defraud la seUtng	
or the Coma* Wireless Taiepaoae Oa.
and tb* Co-tlaeatal Wireless Tete-
phone and Telegraph Co.
���President of C. N. R.
On the Stand All Day
Ottawa, Jan. 10���The cross-examination of MR b,'B. Hanna, vice-president
ot the Cjioadian Northern, by Mr.
Isaac Pitblado, representing the Winnipeg Board of Trade, aud Mr. H. W.
Whlta, K.C.. government counsel was
finished during yesterday's Investigation of tie western rate*. The irtate-
mlnt by KhaiHnan Drayton'' that It
was unfortunate that the associated
board* dt^UasVs had ever mad* a general itatf-hetrt to the effect that th*
C. P. R. jkd never sine* Its Inception
reduced ,ttf rites Inasmuch as lt had
resulted .h-rthe production of a mass
of evide-NSe of no use at all, was ���
feature**.the afternoon tnsaloa.
lado, during ihe first of the
MMlon, elicited from   Mr.
the reduction tbe 0. N. R.
tin cord-rood, lumber awa
had been'made ns a result
of an agreement wltb the Manitoba
government and was not therefore a
voluntarjt ��ne. The point Ur. Pltbtado
wa* try tar to make was (Bat cordwood
moved und*r a special tart*.   He asked ttr.HsU**- It the bulk of the five
stock i^mSm Canada wlk not ear
ried t_Ptb* big packlug hou**s also
. thea Winnipeg Board of
examined Mr. Hanna ml
statement that tha rata*
hsd been Unproved by western tas-ie-
There must be some tithe west for lower rates,** said
Pitblado. .
__!__!* o��t "*tjrtl of It," replied Mr.
Mr. PUUado went on te deal wtttt
tht- question of wages paid to c. it a.
employees���which wore, Kr, Hanss*
admitted, at a higher st-udat-dTthan
other roads-jafl ^a, tb^c. N. Ta,
claim that It had,bad to compete with,
the heavily subaldlted C. p. a
-Ton went h-to thi* with yoo
op*a and were the Brat road to i
your rates, forcing the C. P.'��,   te
foBow mOW staid Mr. Pitblado.
"torn," repllad tho witaess.
Mr Pitt**, the. Uroed hi. atta-
t'on to tt* truestlon of dlvMlag on*aat-
in the wester, rate Inquiry
their bmbOity to do.
���, He i
tart he L 	
the snlkfeat waa tt*
Hanna** n#t*r.
Mr. W. W. WhrUn, K.C., ftoyssssa***!
rtrttnttotd foftrmstfoa, apd ttafe R"
L Tfeii israaHunt wss then sHowed m
en Pag* Poar., PAGE TWO
.4n indcpeud-nt morning paper devoted to the interests of New Westminster $and
th* Fraaer Volley, Published every morning except Sunday by the National -Printing
owl Publishing Company, Limited, at 63 McKcnxie Street. Sew Westmi ittor. British
CVilombiiL ROBB SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
Alt aanxmunicatimis should be addressed to The New Westminster Sci'-s. and not
mm individual members of the. staff. Cheques, drafts and money ordrrs should be, made
mmyaklc to Tke National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TKLEPUONEH���Business Office and Mamtgerj 099; Editorial Rooms (all dr.purt-
ntiUi), 901. '
SUBSCRIPTION PATES���Bv carrier. $4 per year, $1 far three tivAtths, 40c per
tmonth. By mail, (3 per year, 25c per month.
ADVBRtlMNG RATEB on application.
TO CORRKSPONDVNTS���No Jotters will bo published in The, News ttoepi ovir
the writer's signature. The editor reserves thc right to refuse thc publication of any
doing ro because of a lack of knowledge ot which are the most hardy
sorts and the treatment that should
be given them. To supply this information in readily available form, the
Dominion Horticulturist, Mr. W, T.
Macoun, bas prepared a pamnhlot of
a dor.en pages entitled "Hardy Rose
Culture in Canada." lt is designated
Pamphlet No. S cf tlie Experimental
'���"arm and may bo had free hy ttnply-
'ng to t<ie Publications Branch, Oepart
i.icnt of Agriculture. Ottawa.
This pamphlet div'des the rosea usually cultivated in Canada into four
!*ro;i|;s according to the degree ot.nar-
.'ilno'is possessed by each. The liar
dip.st '-roup includes Rosa ru^osn and
hybrids, Austrian briars, Provence or
Cabbage rises, Damask roses nnd
Miss ros"ii; next come Hybrid Per
netuals, climbing roses nnd dwarf Po
Vyaulha roses; then Hybrid Tea roses,
and last of all Tea roses. It is stated
'hat roses of the first group may be
grOwn In some parts of Canada with
little or no protection.
The pamphlet treats In n very practical manner the culture of reiRes under the. following heads: Bite and
soil, I lants and planting, cultivation
and watering, manuring, pruning, winter protection, insects and fungus rn-
"mles and how to treat them. Then
follow lists of the best varieties of
thn various classes with a brief des-
cript'on ot each as regardi form, color
and fraerance. In the preparation of
this treatise the conditions in all parts
of Canada were kept in view so that
prr-src"1. Ive /rose growers in every
prcVnce may receive valuable Information from Its pages.
We do not intend to discuss at this juncture the report
of the Royal Municipal Commission, but it is to be noted
therein that two year terms for members of the council,
half of whom should retire alternately, are recommended.
Now, our present system has this much in its favor, namely, that each year, and year by year, if a man "makes good"
lie come back to the electorate and that electorate signifies its appreciation of his services by telling him to go
ahead for another twelvemonth���or, it dismisses him.
Thus the record of the present chairman of the finance committee is a far better criterion of his worth to
the community than had the two year term been in vogue,
for in each of the last six elections Alderman Gray has
been returned to a seat on the council. During five of
those six years he has ruled the destinies of the light department and, during the past twelvemonths, he has been
-entrusted with the arduous task of chairmanship of the j ceifrids
fiannce committee. We say arduous advisedly for the rapid growth of the city, the unprecedented amount of work
undertaken and carried to a successful conclusion, the
complicated state of the world's money markets, have combined to make the task the reverse of easy.
That he has proved his ability upon the council is unquestioned, and we feel sure that Alderman Gray will
"make good" in the new position to which he now aspires.,..       -     ,  ������,.,����� �� P.m.���,v
i-i    �� ��� l ��� Ti j.   Ii i-       ���   ���!_���   i    i s      ii the store    cf    Sfilfrldge &  Compatt)
He has given his approval to the policy initiated by the re- Limited, is one of the largest in Eur
tiring mayor and is prepared to stand by that policy.  The: op*     -.    - ��� ,, . ���_, ,��� ���,
r_,     ���* -_   *     ,.    ,    ,    ,n,^ t J H, Gordon Selfridge waa born tn Rl
past three years, and particularly 1912, have seen many pcn. wis., in Jan. n. ir.-.s.   as  n
great projects set on foot and it is to the ultimate success 'youngster he migrated  to  jeci-eon
__ A_iLi.Au /-i ��� jij       j.    _s   j Mich.,  where h�� entertained  desi
of these that Alderman Gray is prepared to devote his
every effort.
The present is a most critical time in the history of the
city and, recognizing this, we have laid and will continue
to lay stress upon the absolute necessity of a continuity
of the progressive policies initiated under Mayor Lee's
regime. We have taken the right road and, by the return
of Alderman Gray for our next mayor, we feel sure that
the citizens will have done much that is in their power to
ensure the success of the enterprises and development to ning his London invasion
which they have already given their approval.   - i
������� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��������������������������������
��� ���
��� THE     H'IMAN    PROCE35ION.   ��*>
����� (By 0. Terenoe.) ���
��� ���
��� �����>��������������������������������*>�����
55 Today, Gave London Its
First Great Department Store.
"Uut s'y, row, old chap. It bally well
cawn'l be done," they said In Loddop
when Harry Gordon Selfridge, of Ri-
pon, Wis.. Jackson. Mich., and Chicago. III., invaded thn British metropolis with tho announced intention of
starting a department store along American lines. 'Those knockers were
wrong in their predictions fnr today
���he fifty-fifth birthday of the founder
���......���.sssssssssst,,a a a ���
I Correspondence \
The Westminster Daily News doeB
not hold itself responsible lor t)ie
opinions expressed In correspondence.
11    item
command relate a stirring tile of heroism by their men and of hardships
notly borne. The little force, they
Bay, was surrounded by an army of
the fiercest tribesmen in Morocco and
were outnumbered ton to one.
They entrenched thomselveB and
bravely held their own against almost ceaseless attacks day aud night
for a week. Most of the time they
suffered terribly from thirst. Most
of the Zouaves, fainted under the trying ordeal.
For Alderman
Wednesday's   Meeting.
To the Editor���No fault can be
found with the space and prominence
aa a matter of news which you gave
in your report Thursday morning of
Wednesday night's municipal meeting in the Opera House; but, either
through a want of Intimate acquaint-
ance em the part of your reporters of
the real Importance and bearing���the
vital relevancy to the present contest
���of Bonie of the questions discussed,
or to a willlngncsB, which I would be
loth to believe, to prejudice the Issue
in favor of certain interests, a most
erroneous and misleading impression
has been given in tho report of the
real tenor and significance of the
most of the speeches.
Take the report of ex-Alderman Bryson's address to begip with, the impression was conveyed that he talked
a lot of irrelevent ancient history that      ________________________
was Creek to the' audience and of no I soiially before the forthcoming muni-
interest or bearing on present inn- j clpal election 1 take this means of an-
nlclpal issues or men. As a matter of nouncing my candidature for Alder-
fact, Mr. Bryson's speech was of the man and of soliciting your vote and
most vital relevancy and interest j Influence on my behalf. 1 have had
throughout, and he gave tho meeting i several years' experience us City
some of the most important and i Councillor and if elected I will do my
striking information with regard to best to assist in carrying on a fur-
thc Coqultlam dam, affecting the city's j ward policy for the advancement of
present and future water supply, that [our City, at the same time having due
has never been made public, nnd ; regard for the finances,
which from a news point of vIpw alone j that we
was almost   sensational, while   true ���
From sheer   conviction    and    public
Right in the heart of building activity. Choice lot on the high
ride of 8th Ave., close to Moody Square. Price $1750.00, third cash,
balance six and twelve months.
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Bank of Montreal
- .,..�����., I    ' ESTABLISHED 1817.
Ladtes and gentlemen, as It will be j CAPITAL (Paid-Up) ... .$16,000,000.00
impossible for me to meet you all per- ; RESERVE   $15,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada aud
Newfoundland, and in London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business; transacted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available with correspondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
and    seeing I received in sums of $1 and upward
it vilue for incuey expended.' aud Interest allowed at ��� per cent, per
annum (present rate).
spiritedness, ex-Alderman Bryeon haB
been  working, almost alone  most of i
the time for over three years, from be-
fore he got into the council to the pre-!
sent time, on this vital matter of se-:
curing the safety and   purity   of the
City's water supply.   Wednesday night;
he was able to announce���from having
kept In touch with and working con-;
stantly at the question even since his j
rejection  by  the   ratepayers   a  year
ago���that   the  safety    of   the     city's
Water supply and of  the vast   other
interests  involved  had  at   last   been
secured;   that the company   building
the  dam,   through  pressure   brought
upon them, not by Mayor Lee and  the
present Council, most ot whom   are
seeking  re-election  at  this  time,  but
largely   through   the  unremitting   ef-
possililo  direction   of
Yours respectfully,
The Annual meeting of the Electors
of the City of New Westminster w.ill
bo held in the Opera House on Monday night next, tho 13th Inst., at 8
The retiring  Mayor and Aldermen
will address you, giving an outline of
forts  in  every  possible  direction   on
ex Alderman Bryson, had not so long ! the work done during the past year.
got down to actual bed rock and blue   ��_ffC,r  uley  have  spoken,  opportunity
clnv and  laid the foundation of their;    ���,.���_. ,,   .,,
on  the Profession of hv,    The*le de-j Sam flrml" and safely thereon.   This j will  be given  to all  Ald.rm.nle and
alms wire  as Mr  Pots"* would say. tremendously   important   information , Mayoralty Candidates to address the
5�� ^ WKfflK Wfl��S ��J52! sector.,
%��*?Zg& as o.erl. in Mar- day^gbt, anil yKthe Imgres^n con-
Bryson's speech was made  up   of ir-
I relevancies and trivialities.    As to the
at least equally vital    matter of  the
purity of the city's water supply   for
all time.   ex-Alderman   Bryson   made
it abundantly clear that thai lias not
jyct been secured, notwithstanding the  n-0'
| fair things being said    by tli ��� mayor \ ___,
and  members of the presen'  council,
' and it is up to the rntepa/i ���     '"���n their'
peril, to see to It  that   ex Alderman
Bryson is put In a position to finish,
Total Assets over $18��J)CfO,000.00.
G. D. BRYMNER, Manager.
shall Field's birr shop.   In fifteen vear*
he had risen, through successive stat-e
of a clerk, floorwalker, buyer, credit
man nnd general manager to a partnership In the big concern.
He quit Marshall Field In l!)n4. and
bought  another  Btore,   but   in   a   few
months sold out again and began plan-
______________        After sev-
al years spent In looking over the
Held and making all preparations. Mr
Selfridge ODcned his Chicago-plan department etore in London in the spring	
nt ,909.    The T ondon jtrpss���tor press; \M possible in this respect, his splendid
This  is  your  meeting,  your  Civic
Duty calls for your pre.enco.
'is capitalized on the other side as it
she "Id be���has not yet qulto recover
work on behalf of the whole future of
the city in this most vital matter af-
It would be funny were it not so pitiful to note that
our big neighbor���big in other ways if not in this���with ed from'the shock of the*full page ad |Acting the city's future.
-. |.   ...�� i   ���     ��� ,i ���        ���       ���   v, ���    r  _   ! vprtiscn.i nts  i"  all tho  leading  I .on-
its proclivities for claiming everything in sight, as is ire-. (lon Daper8 wnlcn ann0unced the Bei
fluently borne out in its press, could not bear to see New!fridge opening. .
Westminster figuring in the bank clearings, which for the luua^atetf'by^om^ot*the peat��Eng
���whole of Canada are regularly announced upon the finan- j usi. artists, ami they turned the trick
��"in. narrp nf FriH-.v'<- onflows   ' i for within twenty-four    hours    every
Ciai page 01 r riaay S papei S. _       j ���,an   woman aod child in London and
Treatment such as this is not conducive to healing j environs was filled with an eager do-
whatever differences may exist between the two cities on | *oreB^0 J^crfticis^and they^cmain1
the lower mainland, neither is it in the best interests of
the whole community thereon.
We do not doubt that, as in some other matters of progress affecting this city, the excellent showing made by
New Westminster in her first weekly bank clearings has
somewhat disconcerted Vancouver, and thus the recognition which was our just due was withheld from publication.
O! Vancouver, be big enough to take us all in and give
us our dues!
���et one or two more instances of
| erroneous and misleading impressions
conveyed in your report suffice. Mr.
Peebles was made to say that the
$30,000 odd which the engineering department cost the city last year in-
. eluded tho harbor engineer's pay,
whe'reas Mr. Peebles said exactly the
contrary. I was reported to have said
on authority of a member of this
year's council that $11,010, had been
lost by blundering work in the whole
city last year, when the statement was
Selfridge's success has Jieen sogreat j lhat th(U gu_ had b(,Rn thrown away
In one department only, and that not
to see,
ed to buy
that many other stores have followed
his methods, and th"e merchandising
systems which have been In vogue
In London for centories have been
overthrown. Not that Selfrldge's is
entirely and typically American���far
from it. But it includes the best ol
American Ideas coupled with thc best
English retailing methods. More than
all, Selfridge has taught London the
Immense value of newspaper adver-
AT   THE   CLOSE OF   1912.
The year 1913 has been a great year for Canada. Population, wealth,
trade, agriculture, national revenue, railway mileage, have Increased enor-
���sousily.     Crimp nnd liquor drinking have decreased, comparatively.
Hundreds of thousands of persons who at the time of Confederation were
p-own up, arc living still. Here follows part of the comparison their matured
intelligence sees come to be established:
Population      3.371,594 7,202,122
Bank  Deposits    1 37,678,571 $1,003,912,500
,��re  In-' lirance lu  force    * 183,359,909 $2,034,276,740
LUe  Insurance  In   force    $ 35,680,082 $   855,113,069
Post Offices     3,638 13,324
Letters Beni    18,000,000 504,233,000
Railway mileage    'i.21% 27,800
itoiiai.'.  Qrosa Earnings    12,116,716 188.733,484
ftTOlgn   Trade        $131,027,532    $   841,002,814
UBmlgrntloo     354,237
Oovernment   Revenue     13,687.928      117.780,414
National Debt $ 75,757,135 $  313,508,376
Natu.iK.I  Anets    $ 3,608,327 $   347,701,547
This astonlthlng rate of growth has been cumulating only lately. In
other words, this country Is not at the end but at the beginning of tremendous
national progresB The year 1912 haB been the most wonderful the Oomin-
irm has had nationally, but the year 1913 will likely be more so.- Ottawa
Brenini l^s^sl
the lion. W. J. Roche, Minister of the
Interior, to advanc. tlio fares cf 1000
ax-servJce men at the rate of $50 per
man. which would be repaid when
they found positions in Canada.
We believe that Canada would bene
fit greatly by the addition of British
veterans to her population.   The dis
Dot's Canada want ex-Bailors from
the Drills') navy, a:;d e .-scliliers from
the iliit'isli army?
The British  War office estimates
that during  this  war.  and the  next
two years,  tl."  following  rii'.i:iLi<-r    of     ^______________________
soldiers nnd tailors will pass out of I clpline under which they have been
the Berv'i i pfter having been the re- trained demands the virtues of obed
f-niation Iv ��� Ive ��� ars nndi r the colore en- e, orderliness, oleanllnets and loy
1912,   11,500;   1913,   21.2110;   and   I'M.,.'".
26.000. On! narily, 13,000 men are re- There is another point to be consld
���tired trom the service annually; coii-r.il.   fn-aila Is tal
ssrovontl-'   dur'ng thnno three  years,  n il  defence.    It might be a good
theer will he a surplus of 30,000 vet- thing to have a few thousand fighting
i-rnriB. the majority of whom are be-' men who know something about   the
Alice Megan Rice, world-famous author of "MrB. Wlggs of the Cabbage
Patch." "Lovey Mary," "Mr. Opp," and
other novels, was horn at Shelbyvllle
Kv., forty-three years ago todav. Mrs
Rice has made a considerable fortune
from hT literary work, and a large
pnrt of It Is Invested in the stoG1,
of l^oulsvillt; banks. She also mad'
a mining Investment that ���wordor o:
wonders���returned her money fifty
fold. She was Alice Caldwell He-far
when she wrote the Immortal "Mrs
Wlggs," which at once took Its plac
aniouest tt'p be��.' sellers. That. war
in 1901. and a yenr later she marrlc'
('-lie Yoi'-ng lelcr" nlso n nat've c>
Kentucky, and also a writer, Heernf
and plays constituting the output o'
'lis tyrowr'tor. Their home is In
Loulfyflle, but thi-y Boerd much p'
their tlmo travelling about the world
and are now completing their second
tour cf the globe.
the big spending department of the
city. I waB also made ti express disapproval of the C. N. R. having ac
quired property ln this city���a ridiculous misrepresentation���whereas, by
way of showing the nescesslty for
avoiding unnecessary waste of our
civic revenues, I pointed ont that by
the action of the Provincial Government, some two years ago. In granting
the C. N. R. exemption from even municipal taxation, this city's revenue
would now, on account of the C. N. R.
having within a year or eo acquired
considerable property here, be Bhort
from $20,000 to $30,000 a year, at present taxation values, for the next 12
As It Is lmpnrtntvt for tho public to
know three fact". ' would respectfully
ask you to give this letter-of correction the prime wide publicity that you
did the report In which the errorB
were contained.
Solicits  your vote and
for Alderman
He stands for
Sound Progress
based upon
Economic Principles
For Rent
7-roomed house, fully mode-ns
with furnace and kitchen rang".
linoleum and blinds. Lease if
required, $25.00 per months
S room house, one block from
car, $16.00 per month.
5-room   bouse,
basement, $20.00
modern,  with
Warner, Bangs X Co.
Phone  1024.
Coldleutt  Blk.      East Burnaby.
vbl.l J TARRED
T ��� * ��� ** SUITS
Ladles' und    dents' Suits   dyed
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
New Velvet Collar  75s
We do repairs at a small additional charge.
345 Columbia St.      Phone R27>)
T-">mns Dixon, jr., who
South on fire with h<" n��iy��>l��
plays, "The leopan.'s R-rts." "The
e'innsmn-i." nnd "The Woman" wai
;- ��� ���! fprty-nlna yca.s ag" today Ir
ShoU-V. N. C.i and was t liwyer and
VUptlst rancher before lip began writ
ing novels and dramas and act'n
ta-cen 30 and 35 yours of age, and un
Most or these men will find It difficult to secure positions in the Hrit-
teh Isles. To overcome this difficulty,
-She Naval and Military League has
���rgnni/iil a movement to send as
many aa possible of these veterans to
business.��� industrial Canada.
The  rose   may  well  be  considered
the queen of flowers mtt unfortunately there
Dp-to-date, between COO ! where only
and 700 ex-service men have come 101hardiest varieties can be successfully
Canada    Nearly all or th ��� i p.vd lln'lr cultivated.   For this reason many who
fares.    The I.erugue h:,s askid' would grow roses are debarred from
Two    Men    Rescued     Frci Wrecked
""���'earner   Rcie-r-i-is   Arrive   In
Astor'a.  Ore., Jan.   10.���With  their
bod'as bruised and tho'r norvs hard!-'
lens  iipstrnntr  Can   vtinti   thev ,vnrr
'���i' en  from  the  mfl/t of the  v-rockc'
'arki'd iifoi-'er Itci'T-r-, Monday nf
ing military ane | term-in. ""Sitr"'  ' '"d"""-rlc.  shins' c-"-
penter.  and ,.Irme-ih   Slennln.  quartermaster,  we brought  In  today  from
the  Columbia  river  lightship  whither
they had been taken by the Point Adams life-saving crew.
The tug Onronta nut out to the Ugh*
ship early t>-��day, thn heavy weather
havlnir abated, and took tho life savers
^nd thn refugees aboard. The life
boat , lt was learned, had broken awav
are  many  p    ts  of  Canada i durinrr  nn   attempt  to  lift  It  aboard
a limited number of thc; the l'ghtehln Tuesday night, and with
" ""    the bodv of an oiler, known only as
"Oaro Joe", had gone adrift and had
not been re io 'ered.
The Newc report of V.'etlneed-iy'r
���netting contllned thp ptatement that
Mr. Bryson'l fpeech "was C.rei-k to
'hose who fall d to hear him twelve
months ago, while older! residents
wore merely treated to a rehash or details ooiH""'nlni.' tho Cooultlam dam
project and criticism of the engineering department."
It waB therein rtated also that Mr.
Bryson aserlhcd the credit for getting the founliiioro pf the, dam laid
upon solid rock to himself, j Certainly,
In Mr. Kennedy's word "truinendously
Important   infonnatiein."
Regarding Mr. Kennedy's own
statement that we reported him as
saylne. "Th't f 11.000 had; been lost
by blundering work In thfr WHOLE
city latit year," we wuld rtiggeBt
thr.t he te-rend pur statement thereon.
We said that Mr. Kennedy did not
-eem to blame anyone f*-r the locn t'
'he city treasury hy the exemption
'rom tttt at I on ef the C. N. R.. Here-
���n we stand corrected as Mr. Kennedy
states above that he was criticising
1-h.p provincial government. ��� Editor,
rhc News.
French     Zouaves,    Surrounded     by
Tribesmen, Hold Their'Own.
Mogador, Morocco, Jan.  Ml.1���A column of French troops commanded by
Captain Marcel E. MnsBOUtler, which
recently had  been operating against
the tribesmen of the rebel El   Hlba,
and which nt times was sorely pressed, marched Into Mogador today with
the  force of (ienrrnl  Emitted   which
has been sent to Its relief.    The pop
ulacc warmly applauded the rescuers
and the rescued.
I    The officers of Captain Massoutler's
Electors of New Westminster
Aid. A. W. Gray
The People's Candidate for Mayor
has arranged the following
Friday, Jan. 10.���West  ErwJ, Mandeville Blk., 12th St. and ��th Ave.
Saturday, Jan. 11.���Queensborough, Strand Hotel, Ewen Axe.
Tuesday, Jan. 14^��� Sapperton,. Johnston's Hall, Columbia St.
All Meetings to Commence at 8 p. m.
Come nnd hear the city's affairs discussed by the retiring council
und others Beeklng election.   Ladles especially Invited.
Orny stands for Progress. Elect a Progressive Council snd Watch
Westminster Crow.
All Candidates Inrlted to be present and will be given opportunity
to speak. I 1    - <*��4'
Your Vote and Influence
Respectfully Solicited
Present Chairman of Board.of Works
For Alderman for 1913.
COAL MINING rlg-hta of the Dominion
In Manitoba, 8anka,tch��)wu.n and AlU-rut,
tbfl Yukon Territory, the Northwest Tt-r-
rltorlt-B anil In u portion ot the Province
of UritlHli Columbia, may be leaved for u
term of twenty-one yeara at an aumml
rental of fl an acre. Not more than 2&6U
acre�� will be leaned to one applicant.
Application for a leuee rnuiit bt) madn
hy the applicant In person to the Atfent
or Sub-Agent of the district ln which the
rh_htfi applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal nib-ill\ I-
Bl.-ns ef sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract applied for i-diali , be
slaked out by the applicant himself.
I's.ich application must be accompanied
by a fee of $6 which will be refunded If
the rights applied for are not uvallable,
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid ou the merchantable output of the
mine ut the rate of five cents per ton-
The person operating the mine etiall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full guantity of merchantable coul mined and pay the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rlghti
are not being operated such returns should
be  furnished  at   least  once a   y. ar. 4
Thu base will Include the 0O4.I mining
rights only, but the leasee will be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of the in Ine at the
rate of 110 an acre.
Kor full  Information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Depart.
���lent  of the  Interior,  Ottnwa,  or  to any
Aft1 'it   or  Hub-Agent of Dominion   UhhI.i.
W. W. <*ORV.
Deputy Minister of the  Interior..
N. IV���rnauthorlzed publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for.
Transfer Co.
Phone 186.     Barn Phone 13'
Begble Street
Beggage Dellveitst Promptly to
any pert of the city
Light and Heavy Hauling
Phene RS24 81�� Hamilton et.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eevetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Ceeapeola. Septic Tanks. Etc.
i wee ie net receive   The News before
I a.ss. sbeald
snd Hake complaint Only In tbls way
I way an efficient delivery be main-
I (anted.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
MmtralfWaten,   htniti Watsra
Manufactured by
Telephone H 111 Office: Princess St
King's Hotel Pool Rcom
Best Pool Tables In tbe city. Vine
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Bportlnf
events bulletined.
A. Q. B BATON, Proprleter,
It'e the Work.
Use Veur Phone.
��Z8 Clarkson Street. Phene -HO.
Eighty Rooms, New and Modern.
The most comfortable rooms la the
city. Hot and cold water and steam
radiator In each. Bar and flrat class
oafe run In connectlen,
Cor. Front and Begble St.   Phene 1M .
Fall Suits
for Ladies and Men
���8 Urns Street New WertiWii#*#r.',
ni 8ATURDAY, JANUARY 11, 1813.
Our big cash register has been on the jingle for a week, and it is going to keep on till January, 1913, is a month of the past. Our Spring stuff is on the way. We have no space for it. We have
made another survey of our stock. In goes the knife, again cutting, slashing, wrecking the old-time prices. Boots for the business man; out they go! Boots for the artisan; out they go! Shoes and
Slippers for everyone; but they go, too. It's money we want. We have increased our staff. Wo Have laid in a big supply of wrapping paper. We are going to use it, all of it, inside the next week
or two. Put your dollar on the job, see what it can do for you.
A Word: Shop early. Saturday evening we are rushed. We have the most courteous and attentive shoe salesmen in Westminster, but again we say, "SHOP EARLY" and get the best possible
service. FREE!  FREE!!  FREE!!!  150 25c Cartons of Shoe Polish left. Every lady gets one on Saturday morning up to 12 noon. Walk in. It will be handed to you, NO ASKING.
The stock is getting less but we have
a lot yet.   Your pick
Dollar Slippers for 60c.
A  whole  bin full  of them;   a dozen
different kinds
Mind the Baby
A bin full for the "wee tots," all klnd3
The Boys
Box Kid Boots,  Blucher style,  sizes
1 to 5
The Girls
Dress Boots;  sizes to 2
The Kiddies
S'.zeB to  10',4;  Dongola Kid, Blucher
Boots, patent tip, a snappy line
For Ladies.   Out they go
75c a Pair
Men's Rubbers
Cheapest  in town;  all sizes    Btorm
Gum Boots
For Men; all sizes
Gum Boots; all sizes
Gum Boots; one ot the finest makes;
all sizes
HI Cuts for Boys; sizes 1 to 5
BooU for Men.    To clean up stock;
$5.DO value
K Boots
20 pairs, sizes 7 and 8; lines we arc
cutting out.   Regular $7.00 Boota
Slater Boots
The Shoe that Frank    Slater   made
famous; regular $6.50 for
Old Country
Boots for sonny;  all sizes, black or
BootB for Ladies;  regular $6.00 Gun
Metals for
HI Cut Boots fer Men; 12 Inch leg
The Most Varied Shoe Stock in Westminster.
The Home of Low Prices.
Note Address:
Out of the High Rent District.
641 FRONT STREET, just below Northern Crown Bank.
Open Evenings Till 9 P.M.   Saturday 11 P.M.
Commission Reports on
Municipal Government
Victoria, Jan. 10.���The report of the t civic executive work, subject to thc
Royal Municipal Commission, com- council right, by a two-thirds majority
prised of    Messrs. W. H. Keary    -��� '' '������-   ""-" " '������- ' h '"" '" "'���
W. H. Keary. of
New Westminster, chairman; H. A.
MacLean. K. C, of Victoria; and A. .B.
Ball, of Vancouver, waa yesterday returned to Hla Honor the Lieutenant-
Governor, after cabinet consideration,
and foreshadows legislation recasting
the Municipal Act at the approaching
session of the House, and also measures to create a provincial board of
censorship over moving picture films
and theatrical posters, as well aa to
create a provincial board ot censorship
create a new ministerial department
ot the government such as tne Prime
Minister Intimated at New Year's
might shortly be brought Into being,
for the supervision of municipalities
generally in the direction ot uniformity tn administration and Increased
The commission's report Is an admirably condensed resume of conclusions and recommendations, the outstanding features ot which' may be
briefly referred to as follows:
Boards of Control.
Speaking generally, the present form
of municipal government In force ln
British  Columbia Is  found   to have, .reasonable action ln all such  cases
worked well and given satisfaction, a
system ot municipal law having beer
developed through annual reshaping ot
the municipal act to meet Ihe necessities of changing provincial conditions, which while perhaps lacking in
symmetry, possesses the virtue of
adaptation to.tli*. actual **��"."i**fl��enU
of the country and Us peoplo.
For' this reason radical ohange,
which might easily be found non-beneficial in practice, is not recommended.
It Is Held tbat It would be a mistake
to adopt in British Columbia the commission form ot government, but (it
It should be deemed advisable tn any
municipality to relieve the council
wholly or ln part of IU executive functions) the formation ot boards 6f control Is advised, following precedents
in other provinces of the Dominion.
The recommendation tn thla connection ts based largely upon the success Ih practice ot tbe Winnipeg system, and the commission advises legislation permitting cities of 16,000 population or over, by bylaw to prescribe
that their respective councils may constat of a mayor or reeve, the ububI
number ot aldermen or councillors,
and from two to four controllers annually, and the aldermen and controllers for two-year terms, half of the
body retiring annually.
Such elected controllers are to give
thetr time exclusively to the service Of
the corporations electing them, and to
be adequately remunerated; the
boards of control, cduatttttted by the
mayors or reeves or the controllers,
are to be vested with full appointment and dismissal power over mu-
nucipal empsoyeee, .ew.-id.ns t^tt*"*
ment heads, and full authority over
to reject, vary or refer back Its bust
nets decisions.
The suggestion originating with the
union of British Columbia municipalities for a division ot city municipalities Into classes determined by population, Is rejected as both unnecessary, chimerical and Impracticable,
while with respect to major cities
(Vancouver being cited as tbe leading
example), lt Is held to be best that
special charters be granted and no endeavor made to bring such cities under the provisions of any general act.
Local Improvements,
In the matter of local Improvements, the. commission recommends
that newspaper advertisement ot such
undertakings be no longer required,
mailed notices to Interested property
owners being proposed Instead.
In order to provide an effective
check upon public service corporations 'and prevent tbe abuse ot public rlfihts by such, under powers secured through undue latitude ln their
respective special charters, the appointment Is advised of a commmls-
slon with ample powers to   enforce
ent exemption of churches and church Laidlaw (fpokane)' Miss Josephine
sites from taxation be abolished. . Martin,  Mr. Miller (Vancouver), and
Two-Year   Term   Recommended.      ! Mr. Lloyd.
It is held preferable that aldermen | ...
or councillors be elected for two-year Mrs. Franklin Ellis recalved for the
terms, one-half the board retiring an- j first time since here marriage on Mon-
nually; and that no change be made j day afternoon with her mother, Mrs.
from the present Bystera of creating Cotton. The bride was wearing her
police and licence boards. wedding gown of while satin and Mra.
As to the municipal franchise, lt Is i Cotton wore a gown of lavendar silk
recommended    that   where   a   land j Assisting the bride were   her   sister,
owner executes an agreement of sale, J Mrs. Russell, Mrs. M. M. English, Miss
the owner shall retain the  franchise ; R'ckroan and Miss Corbould.
attaching only so long as he pays the | ...
taxes, the vendee, if he be  the  tax-'.
payer, thereby securing the ballot
The taxation for school purposes,
lt Is recommended, shall be fixed (for
ordinary purposes) at seven mills tn
the dollar, while school trustees will
be required to possess the same property qualifications as aldermen.
Tax Sale Titles.
A recommendation is made that tax
sale titles shall hereafter constitute
absolute title to the buyer, and amendment to the act le recommended by
which mayors of smaller cities may be
voted fair indemnity, as are those of
the larger centres ot population.
Where small municipalities are obliged to Incur expense In the pursuit
and bringing to trial of non-resident
criminals for offences wtthln their
borders, It Is advised that the government assume a share of such expense.
notwithstanding the powers granted
thc corporations Interested under their
private acts, such a tribunal being
elthor permanent or from time to
time appointed by the government, to
deal with specific cases as they arise.
Power would also be possessed by
such a .commission to compel public serlve corporations to give adequate service to the public and at
reasonable cost.
Public Utilities.
Legislation la further recommended
under which municipalities may take
power to establish and operate such
public utilities aa telephone systems,
motor, bus lines, etc, within their
resepectlve boundaries, with the object of safeguarding municipal financing.
The creation Is proposed ot a municipal department under which would
be ono or more inspectors whose duty
lt would be to see that all municipality bocks are properly kept, Including
school accounts, that these are duly
audited at least once annually and that
uniform system it established in municipal accounting.
Government notion is advised which
will result In the sister province of
Ontario amending thetr laws bo as to
permit of B. C. municipal debentures
being available in future as securities
In the other provinces ln connection
with the Investment of trust funds.
The power possessed by municipalities in this province to invest ther
sinking fund in realty mortgagee (but
little exercised), it Is held should, in
the Interest ot safety, be abrogated,
while upon the weight of evidence
presented'during Its investigations,
the commission advises that tbe pros-
Mrs. H. V. Ardagh entertained a few
friends at the tea ho-ir on Thursday
afternoon In honor o her sister, Mra,
F. W. Anderson, of K, mloops., Among
tbose present were Mrs. Pyne, Mrs.
Eddy, Mrs. J. E. Allen, Mrs. Russell,
Mra. Motherwell, Mrs. Balloch, Mrs. Q.
B. Corbould, Mrs. Diamond, Miss Cor
bould. Miss Freeze, Miss Lewis, Miss
Perle, Miss Alma Leamy and Miss
Josephine Martin.- - ��� " ���> ���
. ���   ���   ���
Another dance of the season which
was very much* enjoyed waa that
islven by Mrs. T. J. Armstronog en
Tuesday evening. The rooms were
prettily decorated with Ivy and red
Christmas bells, and dancing was kept
up until the small hours of the morning. Among those present were Mr.
and Mra Sutherland, Mr. and Mrs.
Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Motherwell, Mr.
and Mrs. Haines, Mr, and Mrs. Run-
sell, Mr. and Mrs, Diamond. Mr. and
Mrs. Raahlelgb. Mr. and Mrs. Allen.
Mr. and Mrs. Eddy, Dr. and Mrs.
Jones, Mr. aud Mrs. Homer Adams.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralloch, Mr. and Mra. H
Lepers Walk Streets of American
Cities at Will, Says Specialist.
Tat nearly every big city of tho
United States and Canada has Its lepers, who walk the streets at will,
without tbe knowledge ot other ped-
esdrians who rub elbows with them,
Is the belief of many physicians who
have Investigated the subject. Dr. L.
Duncan Buckley, one ot the greatest
living authorities on skin diseases, declared, not long ago that there were
forty lepers In New York City alone,
but added that they were absolutely
harmless to their fellowmen.
Dr. Buckley, who has made a life
study ot leprosy and allied diseases,
was born ln New York sixty-eight
years ago tomorrow, Jan. 12, 1845.
After graduating at Yale and the College of Physicians and Surgeons, he
spent several years abroaCstudylng
dermatology under the greatest European specialists. He first came Into International prominence when, In
lf>09, he brought to New York John
Early, whose sad plight as an alleged
leper attracted world-wide sympathy
except from the people of communities who treated the unfortunate man
aa a human football, kicking him tram
place to place, and shrieking the old
cry,  "Unclean! "Unclean!"
The fear of lepers, say the specialists, la largely based on the Bible account cf the dlteane. which dnscrlhe
forty-five years among the lepers   a*.
��� | Molokai.     Dominion   nuns   have   for
��� j forty-five year3 teen in charge of tho
��� | Trinidad Lcrer Asylum, and no siBter
has ever d.-" eloped the disease,    al-[
though their association with the poor I
wretches   necessitates   daily   contact
with the diseased flesh.   A( the leper |
hospital near Madras, India, from 100
to 200 patients are under the caru of
physicians and nurses, an 1 th!, Institution   has   afforded another striking
instance of the non-eontag:.'.usii--8a (:'
the disease.
Mr. and Mrs. Mallns and family left
on Sunday afternoon for Southern
California, where they will spend a
couple of months' holiday.'
��� *   ��� '
Miss Janet Coote. of Chllllwack, la
the guest ot Miss DeWoli Smith.
��� ������ ���-
Miss Gertrude Rand and Mr. Edwin
Rand left on Thursday for Toronto
where they will resume their studies.
Mr. James Walker Invited a number
of his trlenda in on Friday evening of
last week for progressive five hundred
The first prizes wore . won by Miss
Gertrude Rand and Mr. Btacey, and
Miss Jessie Allen and Mr. Harry
Greame won the booby prizes, tttvx
tables were made up,.those Invited being Mils Gertrude Sand, Miss Mar
garet Rand, Miss Chlorls Coulthard,
Mlsa Phyllis Coulthard, Miss Jessie
Allen, Miss Nona MaeKenile, Miss
Corbould, Miss Vyvlan Rickman, Mr.
H, Greame, Mr. Darrell Shlldrtck, Mr.
Stacey, Mr. Big*, Mr. Curtis, u\r. Edwin Hand and Mr. Luokwell.
���������'���*    .',���..'.:
Miss Rand entertained at dinner on
Friday evening ot last week when
covers . were laid fer twelve, , The
table was' oefhred with a large basket
ot nark redi .carnations, The Invited
guests were Mr; add Mrs. Ardagh, Dr;
and Mrs.   Gordon   (Spokane),   Miss
Leamy, Miss Armstrong, Miss Annan- It as loathsome nevouu uil others, aud
dhle, Mlns Wright. Miss Lewis, Mlsa highly contagions. This is true ot the
Tst-amy, Miss Corbould, Miss Josephine j malady ln some climates, the doctors
Martin, Mlsa Eleanor Martin, Miss
Curtis.'Miss Rand, Mies-Ataa Lewis.
Mis. Marlon Martin, Miss Peele, Mist-
Drew, Miss Rickman, Miss McBrlde,
Miss Moore (Peterbero). Miss Pope,
Miss Warwick, Mlsa Eleanor Brown,
Miss Gertrude Brown. Miss Nan Phil-
lln��. Mr. Kelther Macgowan, Mr.
Wylle, Mr. Knight. Mr.fWard, Mr.
Ford, Mr. Scott, Mr. Pelly, Mr. Rail-
ton, MT. Harry Greame,- Mr. Reed.
Mr. Ryan. Mr.-tyilrlaa. "Mr. Brown
tHaney). Mr.' Wank Major. Mr. Brvce
Brown, Mr. Walter Bfpw'n. Mr. BUI
Keary, Mr. Alt. Johtf.ton. Mr, Plt-
"ilrn Mr. P**att, Mr. .CttnHtj. Leamy.
Mr. Albert Leamy. Mr. Edwin Rand
ind Mr. Stevens (Vancouver).
Paris, Jan. 10,-^Qeneral satisfaction
la expressed here at the' decision of
the Academy of Sjclencea. to "'ayrtird Its
principal geographical, prize, te Prix
Tc.hlhatchef, to the Duke of Abrutzl
this jyear in recognition ot his work
In the field ot knowledge.
The'Duke, who Is very popular here,
Is thought 1n sclenttttc circles thoroughly to merit the honor thus shown
the Institute of l^nte'thiwigh
._ -to*��� ttIM" to"
In ��m%~
suy, but In this climate tbe disease
la not communicable from one person
to another, and rarely develops the
hideous form that It takes tn the
Dr. Buckley has had lepers under his
care almost constantly for over forty
year*. On one ocvaslon he exhibited
twelve lepers at a meeting of the Academy of Medicine. On another occasion he collected a dozen lepers for
a clinic and lecture ln San Francisco.
He has also toured the' world, visaing
most ot the countries where leprosy
Is most common and where lt assumes
its worst aspects.
"I freely touch a leper as I would
any other person'" declared the eminent specialist, "and afterwards take
no other precaution than washing my
hands. Mr flrat leprosy case waa ln
1813, wben I waa an Interne in a New
York hospital. Thla was one of the
worst cases ot leprosy I have ever
seen ln America. The fingers of the
leper were gone, hla face waa distorted, and one leg was so affected that
when tt was amputated, without aa
anaesthetic, he felt no pain. This
waa before the days of antiseptic*.
and no precautions were token against
infection by myself or the other phy
Ulcleiu*." ,
.Many brave priests, missionaries
and sisters have spent   their   Uvea
>e brilliant results of.hlseitfeljlttons among the lepers In Oriental countries,
TftT* fttvyi ever contracted   the
I *nd ftv t     ���.
dWeaes.    Father Clement who died
a tew yeara ago ln Hawaii, spent over
��� ���
��� FIRST   THINGS. ���
��� ���
The first street car line in the world
was Inaugurated ln New York eighty-
two years ago today.
The rolling stock consisted at first
of one car, fashioned much like the
omnlbusea used In London and Paris
streets, but differed tn that it was run
on wooden rails. This pioneer traction line extended from Prince street
and (he Bowery to Yorkvllle and Harlem, which were tben suburban villages. This was the only street railway In the world until 1852, when
lines were built on Second, Third,
Sixth and Eighth avenues In New
York. Boston's first street railawy
was opened/ ln 1866, ana Philadelphia
Inaugurated a similar service in the
following y***r. The first street rall-
wa* ln England wis at Birkenhead ln
In 1868 a line was laid ln Liverpool,
and London's first tram datea from
1869. The flrat street railway In
France was trom SL Cloud to Paris,
built In 1856. Horses furnished the
motive power for all these pioneer
street railways.
New York, the first city to hav>
hone cars, is also about the last, as
several horse car lines are still lu
operation in Mahattan.
Not Infra Dig. for Banks to i
���Day ef Strong Centralized Institutions.
execute Woman for Smoking.
Shanghai, Jan, 10.���Public execution
ot a woman for opium smoking was
the means adopted by the government here to enforce the law prohibiting the use of the drug. The woman
who persisted ln using the drug, waa
executed In a public place before a
large crowd.
Human Ashea by Parcel Post.
8L Loutr, Jan. 10.���Human ashes
will be mailed by parcel post at the
SL Louis postofflce today for Bd-
wardsvllle, 111, where they will be bur-
ted in the grave that was dug tor Frederick Neumann. Neumann died Saturday at Edwardsvllle.
Attorney Loess Suit.
New York, Jan. 10.���Attorney John
B. Gleason loit hit suit today against
Mrs. Copley Thaw to recover 858,000
counsel tees for defending her eon,
Harry X. Thaw, at his first trial for
murder. .The federal court ordered a
decision in Mrs. Thaw's favor, with
San Francisco, Jan. 10.���"Why
Banks Shou'.d Advertise" waa Uw i
ject discussed at the advertising i
luncheon ln a downtown cafe.
H. Flint, vice-president of tke Lot*
Angeles Trust & Savings Bank. ������
the principal speaker, and Geoi_e P.
Edwards, president ot the Pacific.
Coaat Banker, was chairman of Che
Mr Flint said ln part; "I ftnnly ba-
lieve that a bank should advertise.
and I credit advertising mediums, to a.
a very large extent, wltb the building;
up ot the concern that I am with.
Statistics show that tbe banks
advertised last year showed a gala
21 per cent ln their business, wk
those that did not had an Increase e_:
only 6 per cent
"This i$ the day of the big bank, of'
strong centralized institutions, of the
survival of the fittest, and there concerns must advertise if they wish t_
forge ahead of their rivals.
"Many bankers believe that It ia beneath their dignity to advertise. They
must remember tbat this is the day
ot modern business methods, that
small conservative advertisement I
most banks run does not suffice aad
that not to advertise at all la a fallacy.
"It a man advertises It I. always
best to do it well, for the more adve-r-
tlBlng a man does, it his copy la weal
written and to the point, and la <
placed, the more business he Is I
to do."
All Officers of 8t. George's Order thr
Valor Received at Winter I
SL. Petersburg!-, Jan. 10.���The i
-'nal military celebration of the ;
In connection with which   the
peror receives at the Winter
all thc higher ranks of the SL i
Order for Valor, has been held.
After the reception at the
the usual St. George   banquet
given,  while  several  thouaand  saoa
who hold the cross for valor  ��������
entertained later la tbe People's _tf-
aoe. .  '
By a new regulation, which la described as a democratization of tha
Russian army, the children of the
long service noncommissioned
distinguished for valor win 1 	
be eligible tor free, maintenance l__
education atthe��llitary schooh *
privilege hitherto oonflped to nee
children of officers bora.noble nr become noble by attaining the rank *tr
full colonel.
'.*-,���..���, PACE FOUR
llrvc Italy Is    Seeking    to    Please
Either   Germany   or
POWER COMPANY ���   Gfas Give
City of Toronto Continues Battle���One
Party Shoveb Dirt In and Others
Shovel  It Out Analn.i"'���
Isondon, Jan. 10.���The pendulum o.
pence in the Balkans swings between
the fall of Adrianople and action by
the powers of Europe. Both Turkey
and tho allies have been unresponsive
to the advice uf friendly offers, and
pressure by which the powers have attempted to brine; the conflicting par-
tie to terms over Adrianople. Coin
promises by which the "Holy City''
��� liUier would be separated entirely
lmm Turkey nor coded, entirely to. llul-
garia have been refused by both sides.
Turkey's hopes of saving Adrianople
undoubtedly have been revived by the
threatening attitude of Roumanla. It
in believed in some quarters that Rou-
rnania's stand Is backed by Austria.
The ambassadorial conference met
today, bnt tt wns announced no important decision bad boon reached
The ambassadors would not confirm
reports that a naval demonstration tn
influence Turkey had been planned a.
a last resort.
't'ur'.e y's threat to withdraw ber
peace delegates neit Week If the allies
refuse to reduce their demands, ii,
not taken seriously by the ambassadors. The allies have made a count-.
threat that they will give necessary
notice of a termination of the present
armistice; if   the   Turkish   delegates
The hope that the dinner given last
nif-lit by French Ambassador Cambon
would give an opening   for   friendly
conversations botween the rival   dele
Bates, leading to tho end of the dead
lock, proved fmltlers, as the dinner is
described as a cold and still affair.
Greeks Up in Arma.
M. Venizeloa nnd the other Greek
sjelt Rates arc up ln arms against any
furious attempt   to    prevent   Greece
from acquiring the Turkish Islands.
Alter outlining the cla'i-iB of Greece
to the inl-iml-1 which, he   says,   were
entirely Greek and    had    maintained
their nationality through centuries of
<ippresslrn and by enormous sacrifices
to keep intact their national character
istifs, one of   the   Greek   delegates
"The only phase ventured as a justification  for  refusing  the  islands    to
Greece, is that Greece cannot possess
all Uie islands because of the equilibrium    In    tho    Mediterranean.     This
equilibrium never can exist while    a
territory    belonging t to our race    la
bathed by that Rea under foreign   dominion.    The Christian    powers    will
have to employ their dreadnoughts an J
their cannon Jo drive ont the Christian
Greeks  from  their own   islands, and
hand them back to the horrors    and
tyranny nf the Turks.
"Will the civilized world allow such
on outrage T   Would not America, the
land of freedom, where so many of our
brethren have migrated, protest ? Thai
is what you will see.
"One thing Is    sure,    no    king    of
Greece and no Greek premier will put
his  signature to a  treaty containing
among its clauses the abandonment of
thesQ Islands.    For the king It would
mean'  abdication.     As ' for   Premier j occupied'by the
KenlxeloB,    he    i.ever   could
Toronto, Jan. 10.���The ' btvttlo of
holes and poles on the city.. streats
with civic officials en cne aide    and
Mayoralty Candidale
Co: dial Reception
I Continued from Pane One I
men Instead of monthly as was tha
previo.is slalom, Despite tlio fact tba
the men \ ere paid in cash the sc'ieiu
had proved a success away beyond
exp'-clnluna and a much clieape.
method ttiiiit the old one.   He had ttls<
roronto and Niagara wo(l.itie'il on the  successfully advocated   better   polio-
.Ji   B.   A     i . .     .,__  .��._ ,., .,_��   ji.._:-..
other, goes merrily .on, "MpMadi.round
;>elng fought out on Kettle sir.tiit this
morning with the power workmen the
winners. Six police stood quietly was badly in need of reorganization
aside as referees and to prevent any j as a great, deal of strife had existed
ungeutlemauly conduct __U_j_4 the among the officials. This was accomp
battle, ln the end they ' took the i llshed by the co-operation ot Alder-
names of forty of the Winners!    The'men Dodd and Henley and oilier mem
3S during the past fqvvweeks,
i Btreet was a gap 'dp f about
Is in the electric.'P'ghtjnk ser-
names were submitted tosthetiity solicitors and It has not yet been decided'
whether or not    to lay^tffA-fciation
against them, as has bcen'f o)r*| tn several cases
In Keele
200 yards
vice and across this district the power
workmen planted seven poles and put
wires on them.   A sn.uafliOtj**J��ri was
sent to   tlio   locality   by1 fife* civic
They stole'a march on, tba   civic
forces by appearing In the srailt morning and having the seve'n'Tmlea al
moat dug before thc city knew anything about it. The city hjjll was
phoned, but by Uie    time 'tho    first
squad of men arrived the"'pole's* were Graded, '.16 miles; cleared, 4 44 miles
already being erected. The forty maeadamlaed, 5.16 miles; sidewalks
Toronto and Niagara woftm-Wflhovel- 16.0118 feel; crossings, 3180 feet; ty��
led the dirt in, while the 'cl-rfc. men! drains. 13.992 feet; culverts, 3036 feel.
tried to shovel it out. But weight of | A total of 15.76 miles ef streets wer;
numbers counted. The *-owa*-*��work-! graded throughout the city; 13.26
men clustered about the poles so thick i miles wore macadamized; cleared 9.38
that their onponents had no ,ropm to : miles. The total improvements' ln the
work. j west ond cost In the neighborhood of
Only once did the men begrn'JoRtling ! $33,9.72.
one another, and then Sergeant, John-j    Alderman  KelJIngton declared  tha
stone's order "cut that out." had    Its i all   improvement   work   was  execute-
effect     Having no other Instructions [systematically and economically.   Tin
\ Correspondence \
The WeBtminBt'er Daily News does
not hold Itself respons'ble for the
opinions expressed In correspondence.
To the Editor: ���
1, Ae there was not time tp explain
the dangers of the present detrimental
syctcm at the end of the opera house
meeting on Jan. 8th, and there Ib not
likely to be any at next Monday's annual moetlng after the mayor, aldermen and candidates have spoken,
kindly allow me to Indicate the dinger
to which ratepayers' are exposed by
the foolish restriction of the pra-.ll'
cal period of municipal elections to
the tjlree days between nomination, on
the Kith and election, on the 16th.
2. The council have condescended
to outline their record of the pact?
year'B municipal transactions after 8
p.m. on Jan! '13th. That, I submit, is
too'late to give tho electors fair opportunity to consider the pros and
cons af the many Important questions
now affecting this rapidly developing
city. If we could 'all set afcide business and devote all three days to civic
afairB there would hardly be time-
mote likely three hours is .above the
average time the average citizen can
spare to rightly determine how to
cast his vote, as the highest act o'
o.ltizenship  affecting  for   good  or   ill
speaking these   were   found   to have I his generation and those following^ be
heen converted into first class streets  " '"""
Some cf the work carried out in the
streets cf the west end of the city
pt.it.ed  the  s ,-aker,  was  as  follows
protection lor tho residential districts
At the opening ol 1912 It was fouli-i
that tho, board of works department
bera of the conuniltee,.'the city eirg
rteer arid other' prominent officials.
The consequence was that at the end
of the year tliey found the work boinp
done.-In a smart and economic man
ner,'while a more faithful and ener
getlc staff would be hard to find.
in the shape of drawing up a plan
for thc year'B work a now departure
wbb taken by the department. ' By
this plan the main arteries leading tc'
the city v. ere to be Improved first and
the result was that at the   time   of
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1543 Broadway
than to keep order the police .merely
took the names at the end cf the work
when finally tlie poles had jbeert planted and the wires strung.     >.,   ,
of the
committee had held one meeting s
week and had conducted business on
business lines.    He paid a tribute    tr
Mr. Fitmess, the superintendent of the
department, and Mr. J. W. B. Dlack
man, stating that tliey were most
efficient and capable men. The work
was carried out more economicnlh
than in any other city in the prov
Ince. He described the 1918 council
as being a most efficient body and
closed Willi nn appe;al for the support
of 'those present on tile record of his
It was evident that Alderman Kell
Ington's address met-wlth much favoi
for as he fork Ills seat every corner o:
the room rung out with applause.
Alderman Henley, who was one pi
the firs' speakers, stated thai he
served on lite council seven yeara nno
���... \i
Take Over Lease of First FJoer
Dominion Trust Block.
By an arrangement which was consummated with tlie Dominion Trust
Company yesterday morning, the management of the Hotel Dominion,
Messrs. Seabold and Jones, have1 taken
over the first floor of the present Do
minion Trust building. thus,, .giving
them a total of one hundred room-.
According to the proprietory uf til*!
new hostelry, an addition;!- 0nd?i wll!
be spent in fitting up tha rooms on the
first floor which will be stirrfet* just
as soon as arrangements can be made
with the! present lesees.
The elevator    service    -sjiicli,, now;	
strips running late In tiie evening will J count of the dying interest of some of | prant such undue? privileges at the ex
had been at the head
works department  for
time.    Last year he had headed
market and tire committees.    On
i-auee the vital point to remember Is,
that mistakes made during the formation of a city are almost irreparable.
3. The electors who know the city's
Mstery need only to be reminded 0f
tbe wooden bridge bylaw, and reflect
���upon how much they gave away to
the Schaake Machine Company, who
cleared fine out of those lots belonging to the city, and are being reinstated under a new name on Lulu Island. Citizens are only just beginning I
to realize that it is through their |
fault In not providing for such rontln-
genoles in agreements they so lightly j
4. Similarly tlie elect-re who we
electric cars about the city and to
Vancouver are finding out part of thc
burdens they are having to bear
through not having better cjtv sate-
guards in the agreements with the
B. C. E. It. that should have benefitted
ub ai) by lower car fare and better
���ervlce���also lower charge for electric light In return for the great value
?iven to that company in tho water-
power they derive from the 0|ty*r
water in lake Coqultlam, and the land
around there, which the council of this
cltv bought.
5. No prudent mayor or council,
having faith in the permanent prospects of this city would sanction such
Inadequate city turns now. Yet we have
to submit to the exorbitant fares tr
Vancouver and to pay at least as much I
as the Canada 1'ower Co. would hav, |
charged   us   for   electric     light    and I
Vice-President of CHILI
On Staid A'! Day
(Continued from page one)
the board ol | n0WCTi  though they have to bring il
considerable \ rurtn(>r and derived no such valuable
bonefi's form New Wcstmi'.i.-ter.
6.   Vet, the electors    cantBuie    tc
bo continued all night when the work
la completed.
The steel work and lumber for the
partition separating tlie Hoval caff-
room in two parts lias, arrived aad thi
workmen will commence on the work
early next week.
Mr. C, A.   Welsh,  the grocer,    will
take  over  ihe   present  fj'inrters   now
Trust company just
(lie farmers the market was    not
progressive as it used to ' e, but it wa   I
:once mere coming to the    front,    hi
The   fire   department   was   not   a I
revenue    producer,    he   stated,    and
though  they  had   attempted   to  work j
out    a   system    whereby the    underwriters would contribute to Its support I
pence of the workers who are n a tl.-
fooled during the delusive whirlwind
campaigns  ruch   as  that  at  the   last i
general   election  which   will  cos!   thi
taxpayers of the city most of a million
dollars ultimately, though they verily I
believed that they were going to gain
as tliey certainly could have done liael f
they heen rightly advised and allowed
Th* OrsseY ae-AseRxV-en -ss��T titer tan
turt .���aj-Vne Haly \n acting in her own
interest, regarding the islands, nnd sua
pec.t she is Keeking to please Germany
or Russia. Germany Is supposed te
aspire to a part nf Asia Minor and
Russia long has had a desire to be
master of the Dardanelles. -
it wa; not found feasible as the people" I ample time to ascertain what wrs-ild
return/as soon as the additional wAO&trft. the^would he forced to boar the cost any-|i,f,   the,   conr.equence   of   their   votes
1 rear Is completed.     , |Way ln heavier  Insurance premiums.  They had to decide during the hurrv.
go, but will be recalled later. ���
��� Mr. \V. It, -.Mclnnes wus recalled and
'luestlened by Mr, W'liiila and later by
,.lr. \V. A. MaoDonaJd, representing
llrltisli Columbia, ns to the C. P. R/a
alleged rate reductions. Some cf the
old rates used ns a basts of compari
���ion with present onoa had been ciuot
,.>d betwel n placri uot at the time connected by C. P. U. lines, Bald Mr. Mac
Donald, and he also claimed there-
had bean no reductions since the
Crov, s Nest Pass agreement of 18l'>.
In the standard mileage tariffs.
"That la so." admitted Mr. Mclnnej
lie stated that U-.e C. P. K.'s "Series
A" of rate reductions had been in reply to the general statement cf the
western boards of trade that tho C
P. it. had made no riductloa ln Its
"It Is very unfortunate that any general statement of the kind was made," |
<a:d Chairman Drayton. J
"it lias encumbered the record with
I masa of material which does not get |
at the kernel of the case at all."
"My point," Mr.    MucDonald    said,
after some further examination of Mr.
Mclnnes, "Is that the  whole exhibit
might as well never have been    sub- j
i'e r'-Jt 'a a number of exhibits   In!
lounectlon with  the original exhibits;
:>f the C. P. R. with particular refer-
���nee to British Columbia rates.    Mr.,
Mclnnes denied that    these    exhibits |
bad   been  intended  as uu  excuse for!
:il?her rates In British Columbia and j
that the C. P. R. had    given    special
rates to the   Cosjsoliil ited   Ore   Conk.
oany's  smelter 'at  Trail, because or,
���ha! the C. P. il. o ���> net) that smelter.
New Tram Regulations
On newt utter Jft.ii. 1. 1913 ocrtatn iill.'rntlons will bo mada In the reeeu.'
Intlons of th'ri Company covering the lrunBi>ortatlon of pu*se;nse*rg over Its
A HI-IN "('Alt Kill,!." -Wit.I. Bi'J 1HSI-I.A1 Ep ON THU MARPLAT.
ONLY TO THB Nl'MBKK l.l.tVINti. '   * '"   *M'"N
EUDINQ   ON   THE   StBPS   Or   CAftH   WILL   BE   STRICTLY   rrtO-
. he Compnnv In tlolriR a. thai "men and mone-v" can do to nrovleie? nn
adecruata nam asj���tss waicu will guerantt* conve-mlcnce and safet for Ita
passengers und this policy will lo contlnutul In thu line of the provision of
ntiditlonal ears,
,,, /Vt"r 51** ,Y'"r'" V'' Hdlnjr on Hie ste-ps, bumpers or fenders or cars
will be a ylplatlon qi (h�� rovioi'iul remunilons ami suc.i action ceinnot Im
permitted I'V t n Compstnf. As spe-een v ns peisslble, with duo re*��rd to nutiil?
convi-nleiic-. Ihe platforms r,r a. cars will be- equipped wlui sates or doors.
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Sjtt 19, D. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster
He advocated an extension of the fire
e-ARTPO   -5TH1    HFin   rv i limits, a  fire    alarm    system,    more
fMM?GRk���N Au#��srtiE6 !;ydraflIrt3���h!,f,dsdltiona, appara,us and
I new fire halls.
The speaker had not seen anything:
wrong in the council, though there
were some things he did not approve-
New York, Jan. 10.--Ciprlano Castro, formerly president of Venezuela,
who declares he ts prevcnVred "tfilaw-
fully from entering the ifaStel -States. I^^man Lynch was given a warm
1 Ellis
Wheat Has Been Shipped from Warn
Countries to  England  Without
Any III Results.
had his day In court today, but
defeated temporarily at l��?n"St, ���*
attempt to land and is bask at*]
Island tonight.
Judge Holt announced his intention
���af dismissing the writ of habeas corpus issued to Castro, but held his decision in abeyance until he could deli tcrmine whether he had authority to
\ release Castro on bail until thc Immigration authorities fix upon the right
of thc Venezuelan to remain in this
country. Judge Holt probably will
render a decision tomorrow.
Vancouver, Jan. 10.--That Mr. \V.
A. Macdonald, K.C., who is represent
ing the Vancouver Board of Trade be
fore thc Hoard of Railway Cflmmia-
nioncrs, now in close touch with any-
thin-; that might a'fect local Interests
was ahown by the receipt today of the
following telegram from him:
"W. A. lllair, secretary Board ot
Trade-, Vancouver -<"rosa examination
��,f railway ulTiclals still proccedin
"���lave read caWegrarn from Condon
aj-enta staling wheat la ahipped from
mime warm countries to Kngland ln
bulk and that evidence can ho ob
tained iirovlnf- route from Vancouver
via l'.ii:;ima feasible for grain tn bulk
Thia [e important and I am pursuing
matter further."
Spoken to regarding this wire this
morning several members of tlie
Board of Trade expressed pleasure
that Mr. Macdonald had brought this
condition of affairs to the attention of
"This is the beat argument that we
have had yel In favor of dock exten
r.ion. wleether hy government or pri-
Tatc rn'erprise." was the expression ol
one of the board's past presidents.
Ex-Cabinet Minister to Cpeak in Van
couvcr���Discuss Navy Question.
Vancouver, Jan. in. -The long-prom
lacd mass meeting to discuss the rival
naval policies of Premier Borden and
Sir Wilfrid' Lanrler has been lived to
take place In Pender hall on  Mond.ty
evening,  The speakers Will be two in
number, Hon. Frank    Oliver,    ex-mln
reception as he rose to speak. He -
stated that especially pince last Wed- j
i nesday he had been anxious to nd-
I dress the electors. AmonK the ac-
; complishments of the light department |
i of which he la head, during the last
i year, was the abolition of (he meter
i rent system, which had resulted in
|a !*X|-,00 loss.to the revenue. He de-
: scribed how much work had been car-
; rled out during 1912.
The alderman also Mated that lt
was expected to have the new jail and
storehouse erected at an early date.
lie described the arrangement made
with the B. C. E. It. fi r 0 a Fiipply of
light and declared that it would nf-
| *cct a saving of $10,000 during 1013
| alone.
Candidate Archie Hogg reiterated
ihia previous statements that public
commodities such as light and water,
lihould be sold at cost lie was well
| received   throughout  his  discourse
Alderman Dodd, chairman of thr
i health committee and one of the la-
| bor candidates stated lie would fully
lanrler, and Mr. M. A. MaedonaW, of I���*"" h'8, " W "m '"A fl Vi ,!l", ",",
Vancouver, late Of CranbrOOk. I u"    ri "ort iv   ,1,c ""'''l,R   " '"' '!'"'
The    ev.m'uiKter    is     coming here Iin llu' ��**era h"l"'�� rn M"mla>' ���""' '
direct from Ottawa,    where    lie    has
b( on fellow Ing    tlie    debates    on the
Whether the police r;iles are differ
ent in this city than in Vancouver re
mains to be seen, but one iudlvidua1
from thc Terminal City yesterda>
afternoon thought it was about time
to co-operate with the Sikhs and cele
brate the Hindu Christmas and np
parently fexpectod to (jet away with it
Commencing at one of the Colnmb'.i
street thirst emporiums the aforesaid
individual tried to feirget the world
the flesh, and the devil, via the cocktail rootsS. He got poetic, then rowdy
when he saw his psalms had no effect
on the regular patrons.
B1H Gnttridge, In danger of free7.inj-
the bonnet of the police auto, pulled
nn, enter Individual tarn Vancouver,
aa_ thence to ihe basOht He win
ftave the opportaalty thin "Btorninj; eit
ejjlalning why he gbotilel not add to
ssj^ tariff which is dally v>**T*_*lrd u
jsjllir court by fhe caffi.
naval question, and is expected to de-1
liver a strong address on the subject j
Mere t'nan usual  Interest attaches to I
the appearance of Mr. Macdonald, a' '
though he has been engaged  at    tlie j
Vancouver bar during the last twelve
months lt will be his first political ad j
dress    in the    city.    Mr.    Macdonald i
achieved considerable fame, as a pol'ti
cal speaker during his    residence    at
Cranbrook and  was the recipient   of
an unusual compliment bv Sir Wllfr'd
Lanrler en his last visit to the PaclfS
Vancouver, Jan. 10.���Xo news has
yet been heard from tne tug Lome
which Is engaged In the nttempt t'
tow Off the Weir liner Qtftord which
"���onl aground oft Point Roberts on
Thursday morning,
The Cirford was coniiri-ty.i^i fy1'"
I California ports to Nann'f^o wueri
she was to ta\c on coal bettre pro
ceed'ng to Vancouver to load lumber
at the Hastings mills. Her condition
is not considered dangerous'ae'eordins
to mariners. _
labor meeting on Wednesday
Mr.   BryBOTJ   precluded   h'.s  rrmarks ,
with  tlie v\arnini" t.liat. If a  News re
porter was ppsent that lie expected
him  to   report  his  speech,     I!.'   wai ;
UCb .dissatisfied   with   The   News   re!
port    en    Wednesday.    Mr.   Brysoi
spoke aieng the same  lints as at tlie '
meeting on Wednesday,
Mr. Peebles ln his rcarks, scathingly |
referred to The New-, report and came
forward with a number of denials aa to I
the v i acity of its report of Wednes i
day's  meeting at  the  opera  house.
Mr. Kennedy spent a great part of |
ilia time ln explaining an editorial j
risen The News, wliie:h he consider" d
had some reference to himrelf. He I
likened thc mayor and a few of his at- j
sociatcs in the council to the crew of
���a warship dctcrting the thip before it'
had accomplished its mlFSlon.
Mr. P.alph Wilson, labor candidate,
ali:o addressed the meeting.
Vlail'.cta Cr-ie- Gr.-i've��� Oppose Gran
cf $35 OCO.COO.'
Bran.lrn, Jan. I ,. - v. lib but five
votea--emt a-ralhst it. tha ('invention
of the Manitoba Grain Growers' Asso
elation today adopted a resolution op
posing tlie spending cf any further
sum on naval nrmameuts. suggesting
Instead that Canada should give
the lead to the nations of
tho werid for disarmament and universal arbitration of international d;ff-
nultlra, and declaring that before the
13, via Hongkong, Jan. 1, lias been in | parliament of Canada votes any money
collision with the Japanese steamer fer naval expenditure, such expend!
Katsuyama Mam, near Woo Sun. The ture should bo referred to the people
Kansas sustained  some  damage. of Canada by referendum.
without  knowing the burdensome ef
feet of that  iniquitous  clause ln  the j
C. N. It. act, which exempts that com-
pany from taxation throughout B. C.
for 12 yearB.
7. That was the main instance to j
which I alluded at the close ol Wednesday's meeting. It seriously con-1
cerns taxpayers, but is not the fault;
of the council. The government by '���
precipitating a "whirlwind election'
deprived the electors of time needed ,
to disclose that injustice tben perpe I
trated upon them. When the taxpay
ers realize the burdens they are consequently compelled to bear through
the city being thus deprived of the
taxes industrious citizens have been
paying upon the JL'.OOO.nOO worth of
property the C.N.R. have bought, they
will think and next become more
earnest on learning that the C.N.K.
are not to pay anything in taxes during 12 years for either those valuable
propertiea, nor the larger values the
company will acquire in Queensboro
and Annacis Island, nor anything for
the still more valuable structures that
Railway company will erect thereon,
nr- r--rn fer the railway tr.'.clts the
C.P.P. are taxed tor.
8. The ppnsequcree of th"t unjuv.t
exemption in that eaeb citizen will
have tp t'".y imv 'n fixes, whilst the
astute persons with "inside Information" have pnorpe-d collectively Ira
nien-e Films tnd!r<"t'y at the exfrnsi
of householders. Tlin'i they will striv
to rightly end such exactions now
beginning to levy unjust penalties 111
���mi workers wbo do the actual build
Ing up of the city; and should then'
fore be carrfiil who th-y entniBt -*ith
great clylo p-vcrs capable of ifflndl-
! capping the e.!ty or truly promoting Iti
vet far"
0. The point T org" Is thst the first
principle of jurttee to the taxpiyer*1
requires that tlicr^ rhotllr] bo at least
10 days between nomination and election dnte-s and Wat nr- it is not practicable to complete the city accounts
to Dec. 31 before nomination day, a
summary of accounts to Nov. f!0 should
suflc aid thnt. the reports of tlie
mayor and aldermen t" thnt date
shovld be cnclrely published it'irlnr
the flret three days of January for
:.he giilrt""" e' *'^ electorate.    ���
KdmondB, Jan. 10.���Another candl-;
date fnr councillorship honors has ap-1
peared in the field in the person of
Mr. D A. Yorston of North Burnaby.'
Nomination papers Were prepared this |
afternoon ready for presentation on
Monday to Municipal Clerk Moore.
Mr. Yorston will oppose Councillor
Angus Macdonald In Ward Five.
This belated announcement means
^tmtests in every ward except that of
the Edmonds district where Mr Alec
Macpherson appears to have a clear
field and brlngB the number of candidates up to twenty-two.
Just what revulsion of feeling has
appeared ln North Ilurnaby against
| Mr. Macdonald la not yet known but
j lu close political circles the retiring
I chairman of tbe board of works, will,
jit is thought, have little difficulty in
I being  returned.
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Ships Delayed By Storm.
Boston', Mass., Jan. 10.���Ths Ilritlsh
freight steamer l-'ernley, which left
Bremen more than a mouth ago arrived today, ten days late.. The vessel
encountered tempestuous weather but
sustained  no damage.    The  trans-At-
lantlc steamer Manitou, five days late
m ber trip from Antwerp, was rerport-
d   by   wireless.     She  Is  expected   to
reaeli   lioston  Buuuuy.
BOILERS  Wlv.et.gd Steel Pk>e��
       BURN OIL	
Shanghai,    Jan.    10.���The ' British
steamer Kansas, from New York, Nov.
Yours fU'hfully,
MOSES n. coTswoiifrH,
Westlnster, Jan. 10, 1913.
"IjtOtl   '������
sh  ro   J-'i-s on
W-, ��� '-   1- -      T'rl'--.
I ond'n. Jin. 1i.--Tiie Aiitrcit, ?,.������
p^ny of St. Pinery's, as a result of_H"
slr'ke. effered yesterdav to Hell  ��� fiv"
bendred  autoenbs  to  their late .employees   on    tbe   instalment   aysitem
Manv chauffeurs will -eceept tbe dffer
Beven hundred e'r-%loevr.g cf tbsPvV
tt, C. Cofnr-.nv marched to the InnLd
fjOarter*! of t"*a ccrroratlop nnd  sur
rendered   their   "niforms.   The   Wrn
pttp.y will pro'ja'jly engage non-union
��� More autrcabs were In the streets
yesterday than on any day since the
Btrlke beean, but the great body of
the atrlkcra refuse to return to tWf-rk.
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"Have a Chance on City League Championship���Defence Work Feature
Both Battles.
Heading off their opponents at even
stage of the game, the y. M. C' A.
basketball team defeated the Columbian college quintette last evening to
tbe tune of lii to 18.
Although the "V'b" were superior or
their own court the contest was about
thc best staged this season and never
once did the collegians let up until
the final whistle sounded.
The checking of the defence lines
were features of the contest and nearly every goal scored.from the field
was obtained when tbe spectators
v ere least expecting lt. *
The Y. M. C. A. led at half time by
and assailed thc referee, J. W. Bax-
���U r, with Bticks and stones. It required the united efforts of the play-
mi, police and mounted officers to
break up the disturbance and rescue
the official.
Hockey Players Ignored by Representatives of Company mi Meeting
Last Evening.
The ears of the officials of the
Westminster Arena Company would
have tingled last evening had they
been within hearing of the amateur
hockey meeting held in the Board of
Trade rooms.
And  from  all accounts  the  Simon
the province do not take up the game.
Maybe the arena company can put a
different light on tbe situation, hut
there can be little excuse in allowing
such a meeting called as last evening's and ne'er a one, representing the
company, put In an appearance.   .
As mentioned above, the amateurs
are a little sore at the treatment, and
but for the older heads of the league
advocating a waiting policy, the league
would have been broken up last evening. Perhaps the company has some-
I thing up Its sleeve. Perhaps they do
not wish the league to ge started this
season. If they do let them come out
with It right uow and save the useless
expense of fitting up the teams with
uniforms and equipment, such as is
now going on.
15 points to 8, and retained this lead I Pure* have a kick coming for    last
right up to the finish. I night was the second time during the
As a preliminary, the college second ' past week that the arena company had
' ignored thu delegates who gathered to
further the work of getting tbe amateur league started when the ice is
once formed at the arena.
'lis true that some sympathy   and
seme forbearance was   mentioned   at
tlie first meeting held on Wednesday
afternoon as to the difficulties tbat are
,      besetting the company which will furn-
I Ish Ihe old and young of New West-
I minster with artificial Ice, but   to be
turned down cold, as they were   last
evening, after everything had been arranged for a   meeting   between   the
arena company and the league   delegates,   was  something   the  amateurs
Bid not feci like passing    up���hence
the kick.
Operations at the park have reached
such a stage as to make it Jurt a m*t-
ter of days when the Ice will bo concealed and everything convenient for
the opening of both tho professional
ind amateur hockey games, not forgetting tbe Joys of those who Just
wish lo skate and enjoy themselves to
five nosed out a vlctcry over the Y
M. C. A. second team by two points I
The last half in the curtain raiser was i
a desperate rough and tumble battle. I
the collegians coming ap from behind |
nnd gaining the honors.
The following were the teams:
Columbian   College���Guards,   Hoult |
and Cameron; centre, Wheeler
wards, Smith and Crowe.
��� Y.    M. C. A.���GuardB,   Home   and
Dougherty; centre, Stormc; forwards,
Swa���jon and Smith.
Referee���Tim Mahoney.
College Seconds���Guards, Hhunke
end Macdonald! centre, Kenny; forwards, I ook and Allison.
Y. If, C, A. Seconds���Guards, Cooper
nnd Mackay; centre, ejllley; forwards,
Marwood and Man-ton.
Referee���Walker Sangster.
A fencing class Ib the latest to be
Included In the general athletic curriculum at the Y. M. C. A. and those
who have shown a desire to learn the
art at which the French people are so
proficient will be on deck this afternoon for their firnt lesson.
This evning the first bowling game Cage" is big enough for a dirt diamond
June la taken tor granted. Four of
last year's winning eight will likely
be on baud again this year. These
are Hales, '.urn, Elliott and Spransy.
Bgtts aud Hiscox, who were In last
year's victorious froshman eight,, will
try for the 'varsity eight, and have
been included ln the tentative boat.
Lawrence Eddy and C. B. Johnson are
also likely candidates. S. V. Hiscox
Is considered a likely candidate for
As a fealjre of Founders' Day at
Cornell, it Is llkelv that plans will be
made for completing Alumni Field.
Tbe proposed stadium will be among
the finest in America, but It Is not
likely to be ready for the big games
next autumn, owing to lack of funds.
The football team will practice on the
new gridiron, but the 1913 games will
probably be played en PcrBy field, as
In past years.
The new Cornell baseball cage,
which will be used by the nine for indoor practice, was to have been ready
today, but has   been   delayed.    The
of the Y. M. C. A. House league will
be rolled between teams of the Dormitory and School Teachers.
(By  "Gravy.")
Paris Jan 10.���For the first time in j the limit during the afternoons and
France' a football riot occurred last, evenings whet, hockey games are nol
week.   It was at the Pare des Princes. ������ scheduled.
Paris, after a Scottish rughy team had Hockey Is yet In Its Infancy out here
defeated a French team by a score of in the coast. The people are Just
t0 3 : getting warmed up to    It,    but   this
The mob broke down the  barriers I warmth cannot last If the natives cf
Cornell    Celebrates    Victory   of   Its
Oarsmen Today.
Cornell will celebrate Founders'
Day, the anniversary of tbe birth of
Ezra Cornell today with the customary
jubilation over tbe victory of Its oars
men in the intercclloglate regratta al
Poughkeepsle last June. This observance has become of a perfunctory nature, as eight victories In ten year3
has taken the edge off the zest for
A lot of undergraduates would be
quite willing to have Cornell lose this
year, just for a chauge, wisely holding
that too much of even a good thing Ib
enough. But If Cornell is jubilant over
the prowess of Its crews, wltb a mild
and bored sort cf jubilation, lt Is not
puffed up with any such pride of Its
1912 football eleven. Cornell may, perhaps, claim the gridiron championship of Ithaca, but not much else. The
1912 b'iscball nine did better, and
Cornell's hopes are High of a winning
agKroiratton this year.
Victory at Poughkeepsle again next
and is well lighted from the roof. The
memorial training house, promised by
wealthy Cornell alumni, will be another Impressive structure. It will be
two stories high, 190 feet long, and 46
feet wide. It will be used not only by
the football men, but also by the baseball players, lacrosse, association foot
ball and other teams and by the track
Program for Friday and
��� .
��� ANNALS. ���
��� ���
1882���George Memslc, also known   as
Jimmy Burns, born at Streator, 111
1893���Kid McCoy    knocked   out   Jim
Dickinson   ln   fifth   round   at   Hot
Springs, Ark.
1894���Joe Walcott defeated Tommy
West in three rounds at Boston
1906���Joe Thomas   knocked   out   Al
Neill in 14th round at Vallejo, Cal.
1907���Sam Langford and Joe Jeanettc
fought 12-round draw   at Lawrence,
1908��� Frankle Conley defeated Charles
White in eight rounds at Detroit.
1910���Harry Lewis   defeated   Howard
Baker in ten rounds at Denver.
1911���Carl Morris knocked out   Spike
Kennedy in second round at Bartles-
ville. OMa.
AL. W. OILLIS. manager.
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gratlon agent at Vancouver, is anxious to locate immediately Robert
Wright, said to own a fruit farm.
Postal address New Westminster, B.
C. I-sord Strathcona has cabled the
Immigration authorities ln reference
to this man's son. (450)
Westminster Properties, Limited.
the creditors of the above named Com-
rany, which Is being voluntarily wound
up, are required on or before the 28th
clay of January, A. D. 1913, being the
("ay fixed for that purpose by the un-
dorsigried, to send their names dnd addresses and the particulars of their
debts or claims, and the nature of the
security, if any. held by them, to the
undersigned, the Liquidator of the
said Company, and if so required by
notice in writing from the said Liquidator, are to come ln and prove their
said debts or claims at such time and
place as shall be specified in such
rotloe, or In default they will be excluded from the benefit of any distribution made before such debts are
Ihat a meeting of the creditors of the
said Company will be held at the office of the Company, Room 16, 26
lorne Street. Cltv of New Westminster, on Wedneaday. the 29th day of
January. A. D. IBM at the hour of 5
o'clock in the afternoon.
Dated this 10th day of January, A.
D. 1913.
?*T "Lorne   Street,  New   Westminster,
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turlng purposes. Will lease for tw
or three year term, singly or en blec
Apply to Manager the News.
seller and buyer together.
Municipality ef My
In the   matter   of the    Municipal
Elections Act, Chapter 71, 2 Geo. 5.
Public Notice ts hereby given to the
Electors of Hie Municipality of Burnaby
Ihat I require tlie presence of the said
Electors at the Municipal Hall at Hra-
monrlfl on the
13TH  DAY  OF  JANUARY, 1913, AT
for the purpose of electing persons to represent  them  In  the  Municipal  Council as
Reeve and Councillors; also for the purpose of electing School Trustees.
The mode of nomination of Candidates
shall be as lollows:
The  Candidates shall lie nominated  In
writing.     The    writing    shall     he    subscribed by two voters of the Municipality
as Proposer nnd Seconder and shall be delivered   t,   the   Returning  Officer  at  any
time  between  the dale of this notice and
2 p ni. of the day of the nomination:  the
said writing may be in the form number-   . .
ed 5 In the Schedule of this Aet, and shall   t.l(()    n j (]le(j jn
state the names, residence and occupation
or description of each person proposed. In
such  manner as   sufficiently    to   Identify
such   candidate;   und   In   tho    event    of
' J Poll
B.   C.
Re New  Westminster District. Block
8 of  Lot  92, Group 1, Map 1146.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 28620F, 1b-
sued in the name of Lily Rita McNeill,
lias been filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I Bhall
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, in a daily newspaper published In
Ihe City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, un-
Iosb in tho meantime valid objection
be made to me In writing.
C. 8. KEITH,
District  llop;i9trar  of Titles.
Land Registry Office. New Westminster,   B.l'���  December 22nd,  U12.
'.������  -JSs  B
being  necessary   sucti    Poll   will    be
Men   of   Wolfe's   County   Contradict
Scotland's  Assertion    Concerning
His Ancestry.
London, Jan. 10���Mr. Borden is, of
course, the man of the moment. Apart
from the innumerable letters which
have appeared In the press from a
refSfment of supporters and dissentients, and the daily editorial battle of
Tory and Liberal newspapers, there
has'been an animated discussion concerning his ancestry.
Perhaps it was the generally accepted idea that Scotsmen made Canada which encouraged one writer to
claim Scotland aB the native country
of the Canadian premier's ancestors;
perhaps the writer onlv desired to exercise the faculty comrnoniy crealted
to Scotsmen of claiming everything
good when he described him aa a
"plain, strong mau of Scottish decent." Auyway, the men of Kent were
"No one," writes one man of Kent,
"grudges Scotland any honor which
she may legitimately claim, but men
of Kent and Kentish men would be
proud if it were proved that the most
forceful and far-seeing statesman ln
the King's Dominions was sprung
from the loyal county which also produced Wolfe, the founder of British
Evidently the men of Kent will
not rclinquih their ground without effort to Scotland. They have compiled an irresistible genealogical tree;
and "Osbertus de Borden" may easily
rank for firet place with "Henry of
the White Plume," the designation so
affectionately used by Sir Wilfrid Lauder's supporters tn the province of
Quebec during the last election.
No usual work of reference gives
the detail with which an ardent Kentish man communicates the family history of the Bordens. He traces his
lineage in the direct male line from
one "Henry Borden of Borden," who
lived and flourished in the fair county
of Kent when Richard 11. was King
In A. D. 1380.
"Osbetrus de Borden" presumably
Of the Eame family, was a benefactor
of Sheppey Monastery previous to
1234, when his name occurs in a charter of Henry HI. William Borden,
great-grandson of the above Henry,
held lands in Borden and lleadcorn,
Fifth in descent from this William was
Richard Borden, son of Matthew of
headcorn, who was born there in
1595, emigrated to New England in
1638 and died at Portsmouth, Rhode
Island, in 1671.
Richard's great-grandson, Samuel
Borden, was. the surveyor employed
by the British Government to value
the Acadian lands In Nova Scotia,
where he acquired an extensive es-
His great-grandson, Robert Laird
Borden, born at Grand Pre, Nova
Scotia, is the present Prime Minister
of Canada.
To Determine Causes Leading to Cheslakee Disaster���It Is Believed Two
More Live* Have Been Lost.
Vancouver, Jan. 10.���Enquiry ; Into
the death of the four passengers and
Chinese galley hand wben the Cheslakee sank oft Van Andra on Tuesday
morning, will be made by Coroner T.
W.' Jeffs on Monday afternoon at 2
o'clock in Center & Hanna's undertaking rooms, where the bodies have
been taken.
The date of the inquest was decided
today at a conference between Dr.
Jeffs and Provincial Constable Taylor.
who has the matter In hand.
The Investigation by the denartment
of marine and fisheries will also begin
next week according to Captain
Charles Eddie, as soon as Captain G.
L. A, Roberts, of Victoria, receives
the formal order from Ottawa.
It Is locally believed that two more.
a widow and her child, lost their lives
on the Cheslakee, which would raise
the death list to seven. A woman and
child are thought to have boarded the
boat without a ticket, and so their
names are not known. Her brother is
believed to be working on one of the
C. P. R. coasting vessels.
OfflciaU of the department have de-
oided to waive preliminary examination and will go on with the formal investigation without delay. Persons
having information which thev believe
should be brought out at tbat Invest*
TRINITY���Rev. Canon G. C. d'Easum,
M. A., reeter; Rev. George A. Ray, U
A., assistant curate. I a.m., Holy
Communion; 11 a.m., Matins, Litany
and sermon; 2:30 p.m., Sunday school;
7 p.m.. Evensong and sermon.     i
oorner of Fourth Ave. aad Seventh St
Rev. M. O. Melvln. B. A., minister
Services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Sunday school and Bible class, 2; SO
p.m.; Guild, Monday, S p.m..
Rev. W. W. Abbott, B.A., B.D., pastor
S-n-rfoea 11 a.m.. and 7 p.m.; Sunday
school at 2:*'0 p.m. Subjects, 11 a.m.,
"An Important Charge"; 7 p.m., "The
Scepticism of a Good Man." Young
People's missionary evening, Monday
at 8 p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday
at 8 p.m.
ser of Seventh street aad Queens
avenue. Services 11 a.m. and 7
p.m.; Sunday school at 2:38 p.m. B.
Y. P. U.. Moaday, $ p.m. Prayer meeting Wedneeday, t p.m. Pastor Rev.
Election for School Trustees.
Public Notice Is hereby given to the
Electors of tho City ot New Westlnster
thnt I require the presence of the said
Electors  at   thc  Council   Chamber,   City
 ���.���.    Hall. Columbia street, on the 13th day of
-iinn ore asked bv CaDtaln Eddie to January, 1��1S, at 12 o'clock noon, for the
cation are asaen ny ���..a.piaiti mu.b vu r ���. or rte(...|ng persons to represent
communicate with him bb soon as poa-. tBem ,_, school Trustees.
sible. Captain Eddie's office 1b room I The mode of Domination of candidates
onn TTmnlro hnlldlnp- 6(11 Hast'nes ! Shall be as follows: The candidates shall
201).  Empire   building,   dim   rtasr.nfes   b(_ nomInRl,d ,n wrmng, the writing shall
street. be subscribed by two voters of the Munl-
Coroner Jeffs Bald    today that    nO|dpality   as   proposer   and   seconder   and
preparations has been made, to his
knowledge, for the empanelling of a
coroner'B Jury composed principally of
men acquainted with marine affairs,
but it is believed an effort will be
made by the provincial police tn have
such persons at the Investigation.
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
Do You Want To
Trade ?
1. A Quarter Section in rtaskatohewan
in  exchange for  Bumaby  property.
2. A flno Three Storey llloek ln a
thriving Manitoba agricultural soc-
tiop. Portion of block loaaod for
J-:.' | : nol th. Baltmoe In use. This
is   a   going   COI n   clearing     ten
thousand per annum, Will exchange
for revenue producing B, C, Property.
1. Two full bearing orchards in the
Okanakan Valley, Is each case owners will trade fnr coast property.
The properties are hardy to tho best
educational facilities.
4. A Matsqui ranch ln exchange for
Alberta acreage.
*>. A obolee ChlUlwaeh 50-acro ranch
with choice buildings, for revenue
producing city property.
Write or call on us If you want to
trade as we have, a number of bargains worthy of your consideration.
Fire. Accident. Plate Glass, Automobile, Burglar/,  Employer's
Liability  Insurance.
8ATURDAY,   THE    18TH    DAY    OF
JANUARY, 1913, AT: I
Burnaby Public Hall, Edmonds.
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam.
Barnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Avenue,
East Burnaby.
Burnaby Lake Store, Burnaby Lake.
Dundonald School, Fraaer Arm.
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Mr. J. Herd's Office, 3701 Hastings
Street East.
Lakemere School, Lakemere.
Or which every person Is hereby required to toke notice and govern himself
shall be bin being a walu British subject
and having been for the three months
n'-xt preceding the day of IiIh nomination
tbe registered owned te tho Ijind Hegtstry
offloe, of land or real property situate
within the municipality of the aswnHC.1
value, on the l��et Municipal or Provincial
Assessment Roll of five hundred dollara or
more over and above any registered
judgment or charge and bslng otherwise
duly Qualified as a Muslclpal Vister.
COUNCILLOR shall be Ills being a male
British subject and having been for the
three months next preceding tho day of
his nomination the registered owner. In
the Ijuid Registry Offloo, of land or real
property situate within the Municipality
of the asiseflsed value, on the last Municipal or Provincial Assessment Roll, of two
hundred and fifty dollars or more over
and above any registered Judgment or
charge or being a homesteader, lessee
from mo Crown, or pre-emptor, who has
realded within tho Municipality for ths
spar* of ono year or more Immediately
pn-cedlng the day of nominal Ion and Is
BSWSSea for five hundred dollars or more
on the lust Municipal or Provincial Assessment Roll over and above any registered Judgment or cliarge, or being B
homesteader. leasts* from tbe Crown, or
pre-emplor who lias resided within the
Municipality for a portion of one year
Immediately precwllnr tie nomination,
and during the remainder ef said year,
has been the owner of said land, of
which he formerly was a homesteader,
leasee from the Crown or pre-emplor. usd
ih futseiMod for five hundred dollars or
more on the last Municipal or Provincial
Assessment Roll, over and above any registered Judgment or charge; and being
otherwise duly uuullfled us a Municipal
Voter.  ���
follows: Any person being a householder
In the School District and being a British
subject of tho full age nf twenty-one
years, and otherwise qualified hy the
Public Schools Act. 1905. to rote at an
Heetl.in of School Trua'ees In the said
School District shall be eligible to be
eUcted and to serve as a School Trustee
In such Municipal District.
CHven under my hand st Kdmonds, tlie
thirtieth day of December. 1��1 "1.
(373) Returning Officer.
Banks In Ruined Fruit District Ask
For State Relief.
Saseamento. Cal., Jan. 10.���State relief for the banks of the eitruB district of Southern California, that have
been hard hit by the damage to the
orange and lemon crop, will be sought
bv Assemblyman Jarne3 E. Kram, of
Highland, who conferred today with
Stale Treasurer E. 1~>. Roberts, ln the
attorrey-i-eneral's office upon the possibility of the state lending money on
call at a low rate of interest.
Assemblyman Kraut will leave for
San Bernardino tomorrow night to
confer with the bankers of the orange
district as to the best method of arranging the relief.
The market yesterday fas a little
above th." average of the last two
or three weeks, but still below the
usual mark, both as concerns attendance and supplies.
The feature of the day was a brisk
demand for poultry, which even a
fairly good stock failed to meet. In
consequence of this situation the
price soared as much as 24 cents per
pound, live weight being paid for
chickens aid young hens. Ducks
were.Conspicuous by their absence, a
Condition of affairs which, v.o doubt,
will be remedied when the weather
All indications at present point to
a rife In poultry until spring arrives.
Reports from the outside and sur-
roundlng districts all a,?r. b that the
���iunil" is snail, a r-esition which anv
regular trader on the market who
saw the large supplies brought in for
tho last six monthB. can readily appreciate.
A small shipment of potatoes and
cabbage  arrived   upon    the   steamer
shall be delivered te the Returning Of-
fleer at any time between the date of
the notice and the hem- r' two p.m. on the
day of nomination; and iu the event of a
poll being necessary, such poll will be
opened on the ISth day ot J .unary, Is IS,
St. George'H Hall, corner of Clarkson
and  Church streets.
No.  4 Fire Hall. Keary street.
No.   f>   Hire   Hall.  Thirteenth  street.
Crane's   Store.   Queensbarough.
From 9:0o o'clock a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
of which every person la hereby required to take notice and govern himself accordingly.
"In every Municipal School District any
person being a householder In the School
District, and DeinjC a British subject of
the full age ol' i venty-one years and
otherwise qualified by the Public. School
Act. 1905, and amending Act, to vote at
an election of School Trustees in tile
said School District, shall he eligible to
be elected or to serve as a School Trustee In such Municipal  District."
Olven under my hand at the City of
New Westminster, the 4th day of January,   1913.
(420) n��turnlng  Officer.
Public Notice is hereby given to the
electors of the Municipality of the City
of Now vrestmlnster, that I require the
presence of tho said electors at the Council Chamber. City Hall, Columbia street.
New Westminster, on the 13th day of
January, 1913, at 18 o'clock noon, for the
purpose of electing persons to represent
t.iem ln the Municipal Council aa Mayor
and   Aldermen.
The mode of nomination of candidates
shall be as follows: The Candidates shall
be nominated ln writing; the writing shall
he subscribed by two voters of the Municipality as proposer and seconder, and
shall bo delivered to tho Returning Officer at any time between the date of
the notloe and S :00 p.m. of day of nomination, and in the event of a poll being
lucessary, such poll will be,' opened on
tho 16th day of January, 1913; at:
St. George's Hall, oorner of Clarkson
and Church streets.
No. 4 Klre Hall, Keary Btreet.
No.   5   Fire   Hall,  Thirteenth  street.
Crane's   Store.   Queenaborough.
From. 9:00 o'clock a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
of which every person Is hereby required to take notloe and govern himself accordingly.
" �������������� The persons qualified to be no.
minuted for and elected as the Mayor ���������
shall be such persona as are male British
subjects of the full ago of twenty-one
years, and are not disqualified under any
iaw and have been for the six months
preceding the day of nomination the
registered owner. In the Land Registry
Office, of land or real property ln the
City ef the assessed value on the last
Municipal Roil of One Thousand Dollars,
or more, over and above any registered
Judgment or charge, and who are otherwise duly qualified as municipal voters,"
" ��������� The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected as Aldermen ������������
shall be such persons as are male British
subjects of the full age of twenty-one
years, and are not disqualified under any
law, and to hare been for the six months
next preceding the day of nomination the
registered owner, in the I.hiuI Registry
Office of land or real property in the
City of the assessed value on the last
Municipal Assessment Roll, of Five Hundred Dollars or more, ever and above any
registered Judgment or charge, and who
are otherwise qualifies] as municipal voters."
Given under my hand at the City of
New Westminster, the 4th day of January,  1��1S.
(419) Returning Officer.
B.C. Coast Service
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. m.���
2 p. in. and U :46.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m..
und lip. nt,
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo 3 p. m.
Leaves Vuncouver for Prince Rupert
and Northern Points 10 p. m. Wednesdays.
Leaves Vancouver every Wednesday at
10 p. m
Cl.ill.wack Service
I .caves Westminster g a. m. Monday.
Wednesday  and Friday.
Leaves  Chllllwnck   7    a.  m.   Tuesday*
Thursday and Saturday.
KD. OOULKT, Agent, New Westminster.
H. W. URODIK, O. P. A��� Vanoouver.
D. McAulay
Tel. 761.
Cor. ftth and Columbia
TWEED,   IRISH   SERGE, etc..   Just
Arrived.    Perfect Fit and Workman-
shiip Guaranteed.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
701 Front Street
Advertise in the Daily New*
Re Lota 4, 5, 7 (except the southwesterly 32 feet by 54& feet of said
lot 7) of portion ot lots 1, 2 and G
and a portion of 20 feet by IOC feet
marked "Lane," of L��ot 6, Block *4,
Map 904, ln the City of New Westminster.
Whereaa proof of the loss of Certificate ot Title Number 12RS8 V, Issued
in the name of Robert Lennie, has
been filed In this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof,
in a daily newspaper published ln the'
City of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of the said Certificate, unless In tbe meantime valid objection
be made to me ln writing.
C. 3. KEITH,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office,
Ne'v   Westminster,   B.C.,   January
3, 1803. (407)
7:55 for Toronto and Nicola branch*
14:00 for St. Paul   and   Kootenay
18:20 for Agasslz Local.
19:55 for Imperial   Limited,   Montreal and Okanagan points.
Through first-class Sleepers, Tourist
snd Dining Car.
For reservation and other    particulars apply to
New Westminster
Or H. W. Brodle, O.P.A,, Vancouver
���X SL,-.
Uie Provincial Government to Inquire Into .
tho conditions of agrlculturs In the Pro- I
vlnce. In its various branches and In nil I
Ita relations to industrial and economic ]
deveinpm nt. win hold sessions at the foi- i
iotrlnj-   placs   and   dates   assigned:���
. ,, rv t  Vancouver���Court-liouse,   January   9th. [
Trans fer, "anri^-were  "dinpoeed    of at | ^e{^Vei\SnIh
prevalllne prices.      The pork  ptocks   nth and Mth
wore  well   Bhove    the  fiveraefi  while |     Victoria���Court-house.     January     17th j
veal dropped considerably below.    A l-"������{������ "ft ���,���,���,���, _ ������ mmmma* at 10 \
iiHter���City   Hall,   January
Captain and Possibly Four Others Are
Killed   in   Wresk   of   Steamer.
Mobile. Ala., Jan. 10.���The TomblR-
bee river steamboat James T. Stables
was wrecked, her captain, Tom Bar-
tee and perhaps four others were
killed and eight personB severely Injured when one of the boat's boilers
exploded near Bladen, Ala., late today.
It Ib believed bodies of the four
missing persons may ho found In the
ruins of the hull which floated down
the river In  flames.
Billiards and Pool
It ggeat and best line of Pipes,
Cigars and Smoking requisites
Wholesale and retail.
J. L. Duncan,'Ltd.
609  Columbia   St.
for   Kxci'lenco   In    Shaving,   Halrcuttlns
and Shampooing give tho
35  Eighth   St.    David  Boyle,   Prop.
a irlal. Pour skilled workmen. Our sys-
lem of treating the scalp for dandruff
and falling hair ciLimot Im? Improves! upon.
Try It.
Kaco Mnsasglng a speciality.
' I1  ���-'��� 1SH.1J-S-1SUUJSS.
fO. Box 34 Dally News Bldg.
of nil lilndB.
TV' - -'���:';!.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
'���,1 McKoriic St.
Well Built Modern
5-Roomed Bungalow
Tnst off Plxtli Street car line, with
hot water heat. $3150.00; $1000.00
cauli, balance to arrange.
Dr. Maloney of South Renfrew May
Replace   Senator   Sullivan.
Ottawa, Jan. 10��� Dr. Maloney, of
ICganvllle, the twice defeated standard
bearer of thn Conservatives in South
Renfrew, and whoso last defeat was
nt the hands of Ilcn. Oeorge H. Graham. Is prominently mentioned as u
successor to Senator Sullivan, of, Kingston.
Senator Sullivan this automatically
lost bis seat ln tho Senate, being unable to attend any discussion of the
upper chamber for two yearB.
Suited for Use With Flving Columns
���Much Lighter Than Present Type
Paris. Jan. 10. ���Tt Is announced that
the Minister of War has adopted a
new tyce of gun for horse artillery.
Since 1900 French exports have been
searching for a 75-mm. gun, light
enough to be thoroughly servlcable
with cavalry.
After many experiments ln the state
arsenals it was decided in 1911 to Invite the Bervlcos of private Industry,
ard two types of light guns from the
Creusot works were tested at the las'
manoeuvres ln tlie west. It Is one of
these which has now been adopted.
The new gun will weigh about half
a ton less than tho preBftnt 75-mm.
weapon. Orders have been placed for
80 guns of the new type, and they are
to be ready In time for the grand manoeuvres of 1913.
British   Ship   In Distress.
Norfolk, Va��� Jan. 10���The   British
steamer Alcazar, with a crew  of  23,
which sent out "S. 0, S." calls from
T���      _,^N.- --.-,���.,, msssss.'off Diamond Shoals lightship   in diB-
1)    .Fill   illl   I ITT|t*c"�� and leaking last night, waa un-
. *J. -OVSsUtLSI-'w'W 1   I   near(J from early todayr and n0 rev.
Coldleutt Block, Fourth Avenue       entie cutters or wrecking  tugs were
Phone 719. East Burnaby, B.C. | yet available.
satisfactory business was reported
from the meat department, however
The trading ln the apple market was
not very brisk, owing to the severity
ot the weather, but there was a fair
demand at quoted prices.
Eggs were in good receipt and all
were sold at the quoted rates.
Apples, per box   76c to $1.25
Vegetables, Wholesale.
Beets, per aaok $1 Oft
"arrets, ner sack  75."
Turnips, per sack *\ "*"���
Potatoes,  per sack    75c
Potatoes, per ton  $13 to $14
Veaeubtes, Retail.
Beets, per bunch So
Onions, per Ib 8c
Carrots, per buitoh '. So
Cabbage, per lb 3o
Turnips, each  , 5c
Eggs and Butter.
Eggs, wholesale, per doien. .40c to 45c
Eggs, re! all. per dozen 50c
Butter, retail, per lb 40c to 45c
Itutter, wliolosale. per lb 3*9
Pink Spring Salmon, por lb 15a
White Spring Salmon, por lb Ho
Plmmdera, per lb ; 1 do
Sturgreon, pur tb l��o
Halibut, per Ib 1����
Steuihead. per Ib 15c
SHelts, per lb lOo
Retail Meats.
Beef, boat rib reSjUS ,'    IKe to lie
Beef, lai.i 18c to 3$0
Beef, round steak 20o
Boiling meet 10o te 14c
Veal  1 So to 25o
Pork  13o to mic
Sugar cured bacon  , lie
Mutton ...12* ts aon
Dressed Chicken, per t> tie
Wholesale Meats.
Veal, large *o to i����
Veal, small   ',14c to 14V4c
Beef, front quarter  \tSin to lOo
Beef, hind quarter lie to 12r,
Spring lamb  lao
Mutton   .lOo to 12'^e
Pork    13a to 13'^:
Hens, small, per doz $6 to $3
Hens, large, per dor, %t to $1��
Ohlckens, per ioi  .$4 to $5.50
Brellera, per doz $3 lo $4
Hens, live, per lb 17c to 19c
Chickens, live, per lb 2"e to 22c
Ducks, per dozen  ���;.. .(12 to $15
Ducks, live, per II)  .20c to 23c
Turkeys, live, per lb 33c. to 36c
Turkoy3, dressed, per lb. ..2:1c to 40c
Edmonton, Jan. 10. - R. W. Meredith, a farmer from VVoodbend, which
ts about seventeen miles southeast
of Ihe city, came to Edmonton on Tuen
day with the gizzard of a duck containing several shining flakes of gold.
The duck had bean killed for yes
terday's dinner and was being cleaned at the farm. The gold was found
in quite a large quantity lying In tba
gizzard of the bird.
lock a.m. of enc'i day
1 Anybody deslrliiK to give evidence before the Commission on any subject within
; the scope of this inquiry Is hen by Invlt-
' ed to appear at any of the aliuve sll-
, tings of tho Commission.
It  Is  the  purposv'  to  give  the  inquiry
the   widest    and   fulh-st    scop.-   possible.
I While  lt  In  the  Intention   to  take  up  the
I investigation   from   the   point   or   view   of
i the  practical  producer,  he lie horticulturist, dairyman, or stock-hreeder. etc.,  It Is
alsss  the desire  to aisc-rtaln  the  views of
the   consumer,   tho   middleman,   tho   commission   merchant,   and   the  retailer.
Parties appearing before the Commls-
elon win not be restricted to any formal
lino of Inquiry, but will be afforded every
opportunity to take up the subject mat-
tor from any point of view they imy de-
W. H. HAYWAHD, M.1..A.
Secretary.      ,    . (40(1)
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking business transacted, drafts and letters uf credit
sold payable In all parts of tbe world. Savings buuk department at
all  brunches.
i k    SSSAWSSSSSSI���s^��������������������s���ss���.������SSS��SJ______,S���SSj
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
O. D. WILSON, Manager.
NO'i'icrc is hereby -riven that  meetings
of the Provincial Labour CouhuIshIoii
v/lll  ho held ut toe following places:������
Victoria ��� Tuesday and Wednesday,
January   Mth  and   loth,   in   tbs   Maple
'. 'lunnll'tee-rooni of tlie I'arllament  Hulld-
InifS,  at- 10  a.iii.
Vaneinver -- Friday and Saturday,
January ITth and l.th, Court-houiie, 10
New Westminster- Monday, January
SOlb, City Kail, "> am.
IVtuiloops���wtalni -la/, January 22nd,
Court-house,   10  a.m.
Kahuon  Arm���Thursday, .Jauusrd z:ird.
Revelstoke ��� Friday, January ''4th
Court-house,   10  a.m.
Other meetings; win be announced later.
The Commission will hear evidence on
all matters affecting labour conditions In
tlio Province, All persons Interested are
Invited to be present.
!���'.   II.  McNAUARA,
(4or, Secretary. Jo2
*   <        ���   ' i.l'll"!
Block "B." south half of District Loi
1352, containing 45 acros, more or
less, Municipality of North Vancouver.
Whereas, proof of loss of Certificate
of Title No. 1159GC, covorlng the
above mentioned property. Issued Ib
the name of Corporation of District of
Norlh Vancouver, has been filed ln
this office, notice Is hereby given that
I shall at the expiration of one month
from date of first publication hereof
Issue a duplicate of said Certificate
of Title, unless In the meantime valid
objection be riade to me In writing.
Dated at th* Land Registry Office,
this 19th day of December A.D., 1912.
(Sll) District Registrar.
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and   second   hand
goods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
SO Mcli.ae* Street. Phone 1001
3,500 tons, 7,000 horse-power
Sailing Every Monday (12 Midnight)
for Prince Rupert.
Connecting with Grand Trunk Pacific Railway for points east   of
Prince Rupert.
Counoctlng with U.S. "PRINCE    JOHN"    on    certain    dates    for
Stewart. tJranby Hay. Mat-sett and other Queen Churlotte Island uolnta
Saturdays (12 Midnight) for
Victoria and Seattle
SS. "Prince Albert" for Prince Rupert and way ports,
3rd, 13th and 23rd of each month.
Through tickets to all Eastern destinations aud to Europe,
choice of rail and ocean lines.
11. U. SMITH, C   P. tt. T.V W. B. DUPEKOW, 0. A. P. lj.
Phone Seymour 7100.      VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
W. R. OILLEY, Phene 1M. ������ E. OILLEY, Phone 101.
Phones, Offlc*- IS sM 1*
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COM0X COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
"���res. .nd OenL Mgt.
W. r. H. BDCKL1N,
Boo. and Tress.
Pir, Cedar and Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877. -VMHOHI
The   Premiers  of  Canada,  In  their I    The outstanding "eature cf Ontario'*; !
messages  to  the    Monetary    Times,: progress, during the past year,  jtays
printed   in   its   annual   number    are j Sir Jaires Whitney, was the acqu/ii- i
again  unanimous, in  their optimistic  tion of the great northern area that [
views as to the future.    Nova Scotia,! ia known as the District of Patriflb..
says Hon. G   H. Murray, has advanc-1 While Ontario la energetically devtl-
ed  cteadlly and  substantially  during' oping the older parts of tho province
the past year.    The strength of the j ln ail their manifold activities, he adds
Province lies in the abundance ln Ul- j as well au opening up the great clay
vernity of/, Its natural resources. What  belt, last year the foundations for its
is needed more than anything else lu I future greatneBB were broadened and
a larger Bplrit of optlmlBtn that will  extended for generations to come,
encourage the Introduction   of   new ]    That Winnipeg Ib now the largett
capital, the establishment of new In- [ grain  market ln  the world  Ib noted
dustriis and the infusion of new life. I In a message of the Hon. 11. P. Roblin,
The Hon. J. A. Matheison sayB that | Premier of Manitoba. He recallB that
the people of Prince Edward Island j a few years ago lt was Chicago, and
have special reason to look forward j a little later it moved north to Minnea-
wlth hopi- and confidence in the com-, polls. Then It went to Winnipeg, and
ing year. The construction of the car- even If It goes further north to Hud-
ferry and standardizing of the rail-; son Hay, BayB Mr. Roblin, Manitoba
way gauge will link the Island to the' will still have the honor. The popu-
transportation system of tbe main- latlon of Manitoba Is Increasing, Its
land, reduce the cost of carriage and ��� trade expanding. Its agricultural rc-
glve a great ImpetuB to every Indus- Bources developing, transportation
try. For those and other reasons Mr. \ lines extending, and financial Institu-
Murray thinks the proBpects of 1913 | tlons multiplying. The status of tho
are the brightest in the history of! province was never bo strong. In a
tbe province. \ word, he concludes, the sun of pros
Sees Good  Times  Down   East.
New Brunswick's premier, the lion.
J. K. Flemmlng, predicts that during
perity eblncB on both Bides
street In Manitoba.
Repeats Message.
of    the
the next few weeks a wonderful trans- j The Monetary Times repeatB last
formation will be wrought in the; year's message of Saskatchewan's
Maritime Provinces of Canada. More j Premier, who shows how the growth
people are coming to New Brunswick, | of that province has not been made
Industries are Increasing and expand- i at the expense of any other section
Ing and agricultural and  fruit lands! of Canada.
are  becoming  better  known.    There     The  frontier of  Alberta has  been
has been a notable Increase in real' punned  back beyond the rich prairie
estato values throughout the province. | lands nnd mineral fields of Peace river
Quebec Seeks Population. and Athabasca, says Hon. A.  L. Slf-
Slr Isomer Qouin says that Quebec i ton. As a natural consequence of
Ib looking for a larger augmentation I development, the inflow of popula-
of population from without than for \ tlon and capital to the cities has been
many years past. Thc opening up I unusually rapid. The country has
of rich agricultural lands In the new j taken on a greater air of solidity, but
and northern Quebec, traversed by | Ioecb none of its characteristic vigor
the line of thc TranB-contlnental Rail-; in doing so, which augurs well for the
way, particularly in the districts of | future of Canada's Bunnlest, province.
Increased publicity given the claims While the progreBB of British Col-
ot the Eastern Townships���the gar- umhla during the past year more than
den of eastern Canada���both by Its
own enterprising   citizens   and   the
Paul J. Italney and two Colobus
Monkeys, captured by him, Been In
motion pictures of African Hunt, at
opera house thla afternoon and evening.
Specif lea tlomt, agreements of sale dfteda,
bunlnfHB (Attars, etc.; circular work specialist. All work strictly confidential. H.
Harry, room 418 Westminster Trust Blk.
Phone 702.
tion to Ihe sum of Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($300,000.00) in the whole
In accordance with the "Municipal Act."
And Che said debentures shall be issued to
consist of riltf debentures each of the denomination of One Hundred Pounds
BtArliQfC (tlGO) and dim debenture of the
amount uf ��45 an. 8d. being the Sterling
equivalent of Three Hundred Thousand
Dollara l$300,uGl).AO) at the rate of
14.88 .1-3 to tin- one poun<l hV rilug, each
debenture being also exprea��*-d to be payable In Canadian Currency computed at
si.eli rute, and such debentures sIklU have
UMexed thereto coupons expressed both
in Btefllnj and Currency for the Interest
thereon at the rate of four and one-half
<4 1-li) i��t centum per annum payable
half yearly on the 30th day of June and
the 31st dav of pecomber In each year.
And Buch Stirling debentures shall be delivered to the purchasers of tbe said debentures, and both as to principal and in-
t':r"st shall be payable at the Office of the
Iloyal Bank of Canada In'London, England, or In Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, Canada* or In New York, at holder's
option. And the principal of th*^ ssld de-
betiturrs shall be payable, on the Thirty-
first day of Dfoernber, A. n., 1952.
3. There shrill be raised and levied annually by a -special rale sufficient therefor on all rateable land within the limits
of the sold Municipality the sum of Three
Thousand One Hundred ond Fifty-seven
Dollars and Keur Cents < $8167.04 > for
the purpose of forming a sinking fund for
the payment of the said debentures and
the sum of Thirteen Thousand Five Hundred i $ 13, "��� o o. f10 > for the payment of the
Interest nt the rate aforesaid, the said
Special rat** to b*s in addition to all other
rates to be levied and collected in the Bald
Municipality during tne currency of ths
said d����b��-ntures or any of them.
3. This By-law shall take effect on
and after the First day of February, A.D.
4. Thla By-law may b��* cited for all
tbls Thirtieth day of December A.D., 1912.
RBCFlVi__) the assent of the, Electors
at an RJlfctton for the purpose on the
 dav of      A. D.. 1913.
RECONSIDERED and finally adopted
by the Council, signed by the Reeve and
Clerk and Sealed with the Corporate Seal
all on the  ....  day of A.D.
equivalent of Eighty-four Thousand Dol
lars ($84,000.00) at the rate of Four Dol
lars and Eighty-six and two-thirds Cents
($4.86 2-3) to the One Pound Sterling,
each deUnture being also expressed to be
payable In Canadian Currency computed
at such rate, and such debentures shi.ll
bave aanxed thereto coupons expressed
both in Sterling and currency for the interest thereon at the rate of Four nnd
One-half (4 1-2) per cintum per annum.
payable half-yearly on the I nth day of
June and the 3lst day of December in
each year. And such Sterling debentures
shall be delivered to the purchasers of
the said debentures. And both ai to principal and Interest shall be payable at the
office of the Royal Bank of Canada In
Toronto. Montreal or Vancouver. Cannda,
or In New York or in London, England, at
the holder's option. And the principal of
the said debentures shall be payable on
the thirty-first day of December A.D.
2. There shall be raised and levied annually by a special rate therefor on all
rateable land within the limits of tho said
Municipality the sum of Eight Hundred
and Eighty-three Dollars and Ninety-
seven Cents ($883.97) for the purpose of
forming a Sinking Fund for the payment
of the suld debentures, and the sum of
Thm Thousand BeVsfl Hundred and
Eighty dollars ($.1,780.00) for the payment of the interest at the rate aforesaid,
the said special rate to be ln addition to
all other rates to be levied and collected
In tbe said Municipality during the currency of the said debentures or any of
them. '
S. This Bylaw shall take effect on and
after the First day of February A.D., 1918.
4. This Bylaw may be cited for all
purposes as the "Burnaby School Board
Loan No.  1  Bylaw,  1913."
Done and Passed ln Open Council, this
30th day of December, A.D., 1912.
A.D. 1912.
Received  the assent of the Electors at
an election for the purpose on the.	
day   ef       A.D..   1912.
Reconsidered and finally adopted by
the Council, signed by the Reeve and
Clerk and sealed with the Corporate Seal
on the   day or	
A.D. 1912.
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
on Saturday, the 18th day of January,
1912, between 9 o'clock a.m until 7
o'clock p.m., at the following places:
Burnaby Public Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Dundonald  School,  Fraser Arm,
Barnet Hall, Barnet
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Burnaby Laice  Stpre,  Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere School, Lakemere.
Public Notice Ib' h^Pdhy given that the
Mr.   Topping's  Store,   13th   Ave.,   East   vote  of  the  Electors  of,the   District   of
Burnaby will be tnk.-n on the above men-
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam.
Dundonald School. Fraser Arm.
Barnet Hall. Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Burnaby.
Bumaby  Lake Store,  Burnaby  Lake.
Lakemere School, Lakemere.
Public Notice is hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of the District of
Burnabv will be taken on the above mention*; d By-law at the time and place above
mentioned, and that A. G. Moore has
been appointed Returning Officer to take
the vote St such electors with the usual
powers In that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
A. G. MOORE, Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 31, 1912.
,. O. O. M~ NO. 854���MEETS ON first,
stcond and third Wednesdays In each
montli In K. of P. Hall at 8 p.m. H. J.
Leamy, dictator; J. H. Price, secretary.
fulfilled anticipations, the record for
the coming year will be even greater,
Provincial  government,  have attract-  says Sir Richard McBrlde, judged by
ed wide attention   abroad,   and it is all the indications   from   a busineBB
not unreasonable to expect, In consequence, a large Increase of immigra-
point of view.    Trade is exceedingly
active. Industrial prosperity Is expand-
tion, both from Europe and from the ine ranidly, mining returns have a
United States. ThlB promised immi-i gratifying increase for the year, and
gration will bring with it, uo doubt,' the Industry is in a healthy condition,
a considerable amount of that capital ; while the development of lumber, ag-
w! i is so essential to the develop- j riculture, and fisheries and the great
meLt of Quebec's cnomous provln- natural wealth of the province gener-
clal resources. ally augur well for 1913.
For   Supremacy   In    the    Air���Parliament to BeAskcd fer 209 Officers
and   Men.
London, Jan.  10.���Work haa begun
the construction ln   the nelghbor-
o{ Cuxhaven of a great airship
ation to cost 1400,000.
building,  which   will    Include
krge movable airship hangars to ac-
immodate  two  Zeppelins,  U  to  be
bprnul about the middle of thlB year.
As a nucleus of the naval aerial sec-
200 officers and men are asked
! for ln the eslmatea.   It Is hoped that
ordered a new dirigible airship from
the Parseval Company ln Germany.
The dirigible Is designated by the
company as the PI. 17. Its first trials
took place at Blttertleld on Oct.9 last.
Tbe shape of Its envelope differs
from those of the other Parsevals.
The maximum diameter of the airship Is nearer the centre than Is usual
In the non-rigid types.
Another distinctive feature of the
Urliii.h <;���rimm alrthip la that Its envelope, of Metxeler aero-Cloth. Is
metalized wltb aluminium. This Is
duo to a rcommendatlon of the government Aeronautical Advisory Committee.
The car Is suspended by means of
ropes from a band placed right along
the under Bide of the envelope. A
large number of aero-cloth belts
starting from this band encircle the
envelope thus distributing the weight
This arrangement Is open to grave
objection, as the airship, eve*n when
fully Inflated, doea not offer an even
surface, but Is "humped."   This dlsad-
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���The
regular meeting of Amity lodge N..
27, I. O. O. F., is hold every Monday
night at 8 o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hall,
corner Carnarvon and Eighth Btreetft.
Visiting brelhern cordially Invited.
C. B. tlryson, NO.; R. A. Merrlthew,
V. ti.; W. C, Cuatnam, P. O., recording secretary; it. W. Sangster, financial secretary.
CENTER * HANNA. LTD.���Funeral
directors and embalniers. Parlors 40i
Columbia street, New Westminster.
Phone 393.
Tak* notice that the above is a true
copy of the proposed By-law upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
on Saturday, the 18th day of January,
1913, between 9 o'clock a.m. until 1 o'clock
p.m., nt the polling places:
Burnabv Public Hall, Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall. Central Park.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Ave., East
Hamilton Rosd School, Burqultlam.
Dundonald  School.  Fraser Arm. '
llarn't   Hall,  Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Orflce.North Burnaby.
Burnnby   I,ake  Store  Burnaby  Lake.
lakemere School, Lakemere.
Public Notice Is hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of the District of Burnabv will be taken on the above mentioned Bv-Iaw at the time and place above
mentioned, and that A. O. Moore has been
appointed Returning Officer to take the
vote of such electors with the usual powers ln that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
A. O. MOORE, Clerk.
Edmonds. B. C, Dec. 31, 1(11. (374)
Take Notice that the above is a true
copy of the proposed Bylaw upon which
the vote of the Municipality will be taken
on Saturday, the 18th day of January.
1913, between 9 o'clock a.m. until 7 o'clock
p.m., at the polling places'.
Burnaby Public Hall, Edmonds.
_ Agricultural   Hall. Central  Park.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Ave., East
Hamilton  Road  School.  Burqultlam.
Dundonald   School,   Fraser  Arm.
Barnet Hall.  Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd's Office, North Bumaby.
Burnaby  Lake Store,  Burnnby  Lake.
Lakemere School, lakemere.
Public Notice Is hereby given thnt the
vote of the Electors of the District of
Burnabv will be taken on the ahove mentioned Bylaw at the time and place above
mentioned, and that A. G. Moore has been
appointed Returning Officer to take the
vote of such electors with the usual powers In that behnlf.
By order of the Council.
J.   W.   WEART,   Reeve.
A.  O.   MOORE,  Clerk.
Edmonds, B. C, Dec. 31. U12.
W E. FALES��� Pioneer Funeral Director
and Embalmer. 612-818 Agnes street,
opposite Carnegie Library.
I���w. Solicitor, Etc. E>E>2 Columbia
street, New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code, Western Union. Offices,
Rooms 6 and 7 Ellis Block.
J. BTILWBLL CLUTE. Barrlatcr-llt-law.
solicitor, etc.; earner Columbia and
McKensle streets. New Westminster.
II.  C    P.   O.   Box   112.      Telephone    HO.
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 144.
Corporation of the
District of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 145.
A By-Law to enable the Corporation of
the District of Burnaby to raise by way
of loan the sum of Twenty-eight Thou-
Band Dollars (|28,000..90) for School
WHEREAS the Board of School Trustees of Burnaby in pursuance of the powers granted to them by Section 50 of the
"Public Schools Act" have caused to be
prepared and laid before the Municipal
Council a detailed estimate of the sums
required to meet such special or extraordinary expenses which may be legally incurred by the Board.
AND, WHEREAS, the said estimate of
such special or extraordinary expenses
amounts to the sum of Twenty-five Thousand Dollars ($25,000.00 y according to
the statement following, which sum together with the sum of Three Thousand
Dollars (13,000.00) estimated costs Incidental to this By-law and discount on debentures amount to the sum of Twenty-
eight Thousand Dollars  (128,000.00).
Purchase     of    two     or    more
School Sites and or Additions
to Existing Sites and Clearing
Sites   ....     825,000.00
Cost Incidental to this By-
Law and discount on debentures     $ 3.000.00
tloned Bylaw at the time ant) Place above,
mentioned, and that A. G. Meqre has been
appointed Returning Officer TO" take thu
vote of such electors with the usual powers In that behalf.
J. W. WEART, Reeve.
A. G. MOORE, Clerk. ���
Edmonds,  B. C,  Dec. 31,  1912.        (377>
Total  :.
AND, WHEREAS, it Is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon the credit of the
AND, WHEREAS, under the powers
vested In the Council of Public Instruction under Section 8 (b) of the said "Public Schools Act" the boundaries of the
Municipal School District of Burnaby
have been extended so aa to Include District Lot One Hundred and Seventy-two
(172). Group One (1), New Westminster District.
AND. WHEREAS, by Section 14 of the
said "Public Schools Act" where any territory has been included within a Municipal   School   District   ln   accordance   with
Section  6   (b)   tbe provision  of  that Act
respecting   Public   Schools   in   Cities   and
DlBtrlct  Municipalities  shall  apply  thereto, and such territory for all school pur-
A  By-law  to  enable The Corporation  of I Poses,  shall  be  deemed g) b�� united  tithe District of Burnaby to raise by way | such   Mun clpal   School   District    and  all
of Loan the sum ot 1100,000.00 for the   Property situate hi such territory atoll to
Corperation of Burnaby
purpose of constructing further Ex
tensions of the General Water Works
System throughout t.ie Municipality 1
WHEREAS lt Is expedient that the
General System of Water Supply In the
Municipality should be further extended.
AND WHEREAS it will require the
sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars
(3100,040.�����) In order to instal such extensions.
1 AND WHEREAS it is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon  the credit of the
.   P.    IIAM1-TO.V     IIOI.IU.     IIAKRIHTHR.
solk-ltor    and    notury,    610    Columbia
Btre' t.    Over C. P. R   Telegraph.
the army and navy will have a Heel of
between fifteen and twenty alrshlns j vantage would be heightened after a
at their disposal before the end of the journey of tome duration, when the
year.   Both departments seem to have envelope of the airship has  a slight
satlsded themselves as to the aggressive value of airships, and to favor
the rigid type, because tt Is possible
to mount machine guns on top of the
hull of vessels of this class. It Ib
said that the naval Zeppelin now man
tendency to deformation through ihe
unavoidable loss of gas.
The airship Is provided with two-
pi x-cyllndcr Maybach motors of 160-
h r. ,,,���>wcr earn. It Is reported that,
at Its first trial, tt attained a speed of
oeuvertng has a surplus lifting power | 42.4 miles per hour;  It can lift 6600
of three    tons    {or armament   and pounds besides it own weight   It Is
bombs, and   ts   .likely   to become   a
standard type.
Confirmation Is now to hand of the
report published many days ago that
propelled by two four-bladed steel propellers.
The adoption of metallic propellers
would not seem to be a very fortunate
B irrlnters nnd Solicitors. Rooms 7 and
8. Gulchon block. New Westminster.
G. I". Martin, W. G. McQuarrle and
George L. Cassady.
WHITESIDE & EDMONDS ��� Barristers
nnd Solicitors. Westminster Trust Blk.
Columbia street, New Westminster, B.C.
Cable address "Whiteside," Western
1'nlon. P. O. Drawer 200. Telephone
69.   W.  J.   Whiteside.   H.   L.  Edmonds.
Accountant. Tele. B 128. Room Trnpp
the British Admiralty haa ordered choice. The French have already dls
from the Scctete Astra, in France, nn | carded them���the disaster to the Re-
atrchlp of the Astra-Torrea type, and , publlque having opened their eyes to
as this type ts a very curious one, a the dangers attending their use, and
brief description may be called for, several accidents that have lately hnn-
The Astra-Torres ts the product of the j pened to the Parseval airships a.ro at-
wits of a Spanish engineer, Leonard, tributable to the use of metallic pro-
Torres Quevada, and tbe Soclete Astra pellera.
build li under license.
It belongs to the non-rlgld division,
but by means of a curious contrivance
tt Is en'.uled to maintain Its shape and
firmness under varying conditions of
Inflation. 'The envelope consists of
three lobes running lengthwise, one
on top add the two lower side by side.
The rnspenslon system la carried
through the Interior of the balloon,
nnd at the Intersection of the Jobes���
between which by the way. there Is
free Intercourse of the gas���a system
of cords and cables tn an Ingenious
manner secures tn all oondltlons that
there is an equal division of strain,
Ropes extend longitudinally and
throughout the length at each Intersection of the lobes, nnd from them
��mall ropes extend towards'the centre, so that throughout there is a triangular felrder'of cables keeping the
shape of the balloon rigid and Intact.
At tbe same time there are alr-bal-
lonets along the base of the two lower
lobes, Into which air ta pumped during flight, so that they expand and,
taking up increased room, help to'
maintain the distension of the outer
case. . _.,
So far, only small vessels of this
type have been made; and although
lt is said that the British Admiralty
has ordered a very big one, this
Should be accepted with reserve. Probably It will be found that the new
vessel is of no more than 200,000
cubic feet capacity.
Assuming that sbe Is on the lines of
the known Astra-Torres, she cannot
possibly be a fast vessel a* compared
with the Zeppelins. The position of
the propeller,,far below the balloon,
and, therefore, away from the centre
of resistance, ensures that.
Great  Naval Rigid.
Tbe ordering of this airship la by
way of being an admission of the error that was made over the Mayfly,
the great rigid' that was wrecked at
her moorings at Barrow. It Is understood, however, that the experiment
haa by no means ended, aad that e -e
long more will be heard about a
great .OAval rigid in Bngl��id, .
The British Government has also
stir Board of Trade meets In the board
room, City Hall, as follows: Third Friday of each month; quarterly meeting
on the third Friday of February, May,
August and November at 8 p.m. An-
nuui meetings oa the third Friday of
February. S, H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
Notorious Cheque Artist Busy In Van.
ceuver Secures About 14,000.
Vancouver,' Jan. 10.���A crook, answering to the dsecMptlon of a certain
Thomas Spenoe, hat got away with
something like $4000, obtained by
chequfr raising. Since his . arrival
itbout two weeks ate he haa, by a
qovcl and clever device, obtained on
an average of nine hundred per cent,
more than tho facial value -of the
cheques he had certified. Ha opened
three separate banking accounts respectively at the Bank of Toronto, the
Royal Bank, and the Merdmnts Rank
not in any Instance depositing more
than S260.
When withdrawing hla funds he
took some money In cash, a large
amount, however, he .requested In certified cheques. The cheque*, all made
out for less'than $10 aploe he raised;
by adding an "0" and a "ty." thus
multiplying by ten. After getting
these cheques cashed at different
places In the elty be has made his es
He Is believed by tbe police to be v
very notorious cheque swindler hailing from Chicago.
Corporation of Burnaby
BYLAW NO. 142.
A By-law to ensbie The Corporation   o?
ths District of Burnaby to raise by way
of loan   the   aum   of  1100,000.00    for
Street Purposes:
WHEREAS It Is necessary and expedient that Ue Council of tbe said Corporation be authorised to borrow thee SUM1 of
Three Hundred Thousand Dollars tUttO.-
���00.00) to provide (or Improving and constructing certain roads and streets within the limits of Uie Municipality.
AND, WHEREAS, It Is necessary to
raise tlie moneys required to defray the
A By-law to enable the Corporation of tha
District of Burnaby to raise by way of
loan the sum of Eighty-four Thousand
Dollars (884,000.00) for School Purposes :
WHEREA9. the Board of School Trustees of Burnaby in pursuance of tlie pow-      A
ers granted to them by Section 60 of the   Municipality
"""""""   " '   """   '""-  " -"'   "���         AND WHEREAS it will be necessary to
Public Schools Act" have caused to be
prermrsd and laid before the Municipal
Council n detailed edtltsisste of the num.
IssOUlrssJ   to  Ossst   suoh   StpesesiSl   or   sslrsur-
dlnary expenses which may be lea-ally incurred by the Board.
AND. WHEREAS, the said estimate of
such special or extraordinary expenses
amounts to the sum of Seventy-five Thousand, Bight Hundred and Fifty Dollars
H75.S5J.0ti according to the statement
following, which sum together with the
sum of Eight Thousand One Hundred and
1'llty Dollars (88,160.00) estimated costs
incidental to this By-law and discount on
debentures amounts to the sum of Eighty-
four Thousand Dollars (884.00.08).
Vancouver   Heights,   new   mod- _
ern  eight-room   building 840.000.00
New  building and additions   to
existing buildings *t��.4��0.��C
Clearing and Improving grounds
and fences     ��,460.t��
Costs Incidental te this By-law	
and discount on debentures..! S^BS.SO
AND. WHHRB-AB. It is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray the
above expenditure upon the oredlt et ths
AND, WHEREAS, under the powers
vested In the Council ef Public Inslruc-
tlon under Bastion 8 (b) of the ssld ''Public Schools Act" tbe boundaries st the
Municipal Bohool District of Burnaby
have boon extended 00 ss to Include District Lot Ono Hundred and Seventy-two
(118), Group One (1), New Westmlneter
AND WHHRKA8, by Section 14 Of tbe
said "Public Schools Act" where n_r territory has been Included wltkln s Munlol-
pal School District in accordance wltb
Section S (b) the provisions of that Act
respecting Public Schools in Cities snd
District Municipalities shall apply thereto, snd such torrltory. for sll school uur-
noses, shall bo duemad to be united to
such   Municipal  School   District,  and all
Erouerty situate In such territory, shall
e liiible to assessment for school purposes
In the ssroe manner and to the same extent as If (too same were included In the
limits of the Incorporated City, Tojm or
Dlstiltt Municipality, snd In this Bylsw
word   "Municipality"   snail
above expenditure upon the credit of the
AND', WHEREAS, it will be necessary
By Tlbetlanr���Chinese Troops Rebsl
Against Commander.
Cheng Tu, Province Of Sse-Chuen,
China, Jan. 10.���Three hundred CM-
neae soldiers were killed by a force of
Tlbetlans on tie borders of Tibet dwf>
Ing a night attack last night ' The
Chinese troops also lost six machine
The official reason given for the defeat of the regular troops la that the
soldiers refused to trust their commander's knowledge of the country
and became insubordinate.
During the confusion which ensued
the Tlbetiana seised the opportunity
of attacking the column, which was
tbtfUlr defeated.      -
to raise annually by special rate the sum
of Three Thodsand One Hundred nnd
Flftv-seven Dollars snd Four Cents (��!,-
167.04) principal and the sum or Thirteen
Thousand Five. Hundred Dollars (118,-
800.00) Interest, making togvther a total
smeunt annually of Sixteen Thousand Six
Hundred and Fifty-seven Dollars and
Four Cents (|16,t61.84) for the term of
forty years for the repayment of the said
loan and Intereat thereon as hereinafter
mentioned. .   . .
AND. WHEREAS, tho net value of thr
whole rateable land'In the Municipality
according to the last reylsef assessment
roll amounts to Twenty JfllHons, ��ve
Hundred and Beventy-ste "iTioussnd. T~o
Hundred and Five Dolfsrs (MO.Jtl.-
AND, WHEREAS, the total existing debenture debt of the Municipality ����_One
Million. Nine Hundred and TwelV*.Thousand, One Hundred and Fifty Dollars
(gl.eiZ.lS0.00) exclusive of local Improvement debt secured by special rates
or assessments of which none of the principal or Interest is In a��*rcarsi  A .-,
AND. WHBBBA& to provide for the
pavment of intorest and the ejswUon of n
Sinking Fund for the payment oftho said
prlnoloal sum of Three Hundred Thousand
Dollars <I300.000.00) It Will be neoatsary
to levy a speclni annual rate sufficient to
raise th.i sum of Sixteen Thousand Six
Hundred and Fifty-seven Dollars and
Four Cents (I1MIT.04) the amount to
be calculated annually on the whole of
the rateable land   comprised within   Uie
MNO^UTHERBFbRB, the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of tke Dm*
trlct ot Burnaby enacts as follows:
1, It shall be lawful for the Reeve and
CleJ-k of the Council for the purpenea
iiforeaiild to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any r^rsym or bod�� or bodies
be   con-
jtrucd and aouly accordlnaiy,
,AND WHKRfcAS, It will be necessary
to raise annually by special rate the sum
of Bight Hundred antl Elghtv-thres��� Dollars snd Ninety-seven .Cents (IMI.(T)
Srinclpal and the sum of Three Thousand
even Hundred and Eighty Dollars
(81,780.00) Interest, making tojrether s
total amount annually of Four Thousand
SI? Hundred and Sixty-three Dollars and
Nlnety-oSSn1 Cents (14.448.17) for tbe
term of forty (40) years for tke repayment of the said loan and Interest thereon as herslnef _r mentioned..
AND WHERSAS, ���� net value of the
whole"retentne^a In tho s^d Mutdd-
nallty (Including District Vet One Hundred and Bevsnty-two (Ul) as before res
Xdl Wrdlng to the tost^*vlsod as.
"Iwd WWfW^Jo'piwJjIo tar* tj��e
ev��se*ry to levy a, special .eanusl.reXe
^uffTctlnt to raise titsHsunTof Four Thou-
��nd Blx Hundred ��* M-tt*-Mr*s, Dollars and Ninety-seven Cents (��4.4M.t1)
ineVmount'toJ* ��7^V^J��__��l_3
the wnole of th�� rateable land oomprisee
within th�� Mun^lt^lty. -        L_l
Reeve and Council of the sold Corporation
of Burnaby In Open Council aAsemblod
as follows, namely: _ .
1. It shull be lawful for the Reeve and
Clerk nf *he Council, for the purpose
aforesaid, to borrow or rs,lse_by way_of
loan from sny person or body, or
corporate, who may be wtllm
the same upon the oredlt 0
p8^"i%TU"��rBiik .f Csa.
$^V%r-w5UE��ir to tb.
s-uinuHiiy hy sp��x-i_J rule the mum ot
the sum of Four Thouneind s"ive Hun.
Dollars (84500.00) interest, making
gether a total amount annually of Five
lliousand Five Hundred and Fifty-two
Dollars and Thirty-five Cents (8665i.35)
for the term of forty years for the repayment or the said loan and Interest
thereon as hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHEREAS the net value of the
..hole rateable land ln tlie Municipality
according to the last revised assessment
roll amounts to twenty Millions, Five
Hundred and Seventy-six Thousand, Two
Hundred and Five Dollars (820,578,-
AND WHEREAS the total existing debenture debt of the Municipality is One
Million, Nine Hundred and Twelve Thousand. One Hundred and Fifty Dollars
(41,118.160.00), exclusive of local improvement debts' secured by special rates
or assessments of which none of the principal or interest Is in arrears.
AND WHEREAS to provide for tho
payment of Intereet and the creation of a
sinking fund for tbe payment of the said
Klncipal sura of One Hundred Thousand
illars ($H4,0S��.00), It will be necessary ts levy a special annual rate sufficient to raise the sum of Five Thousand,
Five Hundred and Fifty-two Dollars and
Thirty-five Cents (86662.46) the amount
to be calculated annually on the whole of
the rateable land comprised within the
Municipality. ���_.��*���
MOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of The Corporation of the District of Burnaby enacts ae follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Reeve and
Clerk of tha Council for the purposes
aforesaid to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any person or body or bodies
corporate who may be willing to advanoe
the same upon the credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned a sura not exceeding One 1 Hundred Thousand Dollars
($104,400.00) and to cause the same to
be placed In the Royal Bank of Canada at
the City of New Westminster. British
Columbia, to the credit ot the said Corporation, for the purpose and with the
objects above set forth and to Issue any
number of debentures of the said Corporation to the sum of One Hundred Thousand
Dollars (4104,000.40) In tbe whole In accordance with the 'Mimlclfial Act," And
the suld debentures shall be Issued to
consist of Two Hundred and five (206)
debentures, each of the denomination of
one hundred pounele Sterling ((144) and
one debenture of the amount of 147 lis.
lOd. being the Sterling equivalent of One
Hundred Thousand Dollars (4100,000.00)
St the rate of 44.81 2-1 to the one pound
terllng, each debenture bring also expressed to be payable In Canadian Currency computed at such rate, and such de-,
benturw- sliall have arm xed thereto coupons expressed both In tMerllrig and Currency for the Intereet thereon at the rate
or lour and one-half (4 1-3) per centum
per annum payable half-yearly on the
40th day of June and tbe Slat day of December in each year. And such Sterling
debentures shall be delivered to the purchasers .of the said debentures, and both
as to principal and Interest shall be payable at the office ot the Royal Bank of
Canada In London. England, or In Toronto, Mmtreal. or In Vanoostver. CMata,
liable to assessment for school purposes in
the some manner and to the same extent
as if the same were Included In the limits
of the Incorporate City. Town or District Municipality, and In this By-law tbe
word "Municipality" shall be construed
and apply accordingly. 1
AND, WHEREAS, it will be necessary
to raise annually by special rate the sum
of Two Hundred and ninety-four Dollars
antl slxly-flve Cents (1294.45) principal
and the sum of One Thousand Two Hundred and Sixty Dollars (8124.00) Intereet. making together as total amount annually of One Thousand Five Hundred and
fifty-four   Dollars   and   Sixty-five    Centa
BYLAW NO. 146.
A By-Law to authorize an agreement between the Corporation of the District of-
Burnaby antl the Corporation of the
City of New Westminster for the building of a Main or Trunk Sewer:
Corporation of tne District of Burnaby enacts as follows:
1. An agreement shall be entered Into
between the Corporation of the District ot
Burnaby with the Corporation of the City
of New Westminster for the building of
a main or trunk sewer in the terms of tbs
schedule .hereto which agreement Is hereby incorporated with and made part of
tbls By-law. s
2. The agreement shall be signed under the Corporate Seal of the Municipality after the final passing of this Hy-law-
3. This By-law before final passlnff
shall receive the assent of the elecsOs-n
qualifled to vote-on money by-laws.     3
4. This By-law may be cited as "BUR-
NABY-WE8TMINSTER SEWER Agreement By-law,  1913." V..
DONE AND PASSED ln oper, council
this Thirtieth day of December, A. D..
1912. ��
RECEIVED the assent of tbe electors
this   ....   day of 1.
PASSED this day of if.
CMC I\     Reeve.
' THIS AGREEMENT madeln-duplleate
tbe .... day of January, One Thousand
Nine Hundred and Thirteen. \.
AND     '
WKEREAS the parties hereto have
agreed upon a joint sewerage scheme to
provide sewerage accommodation for both
Municipalities for .the area shown upon
the plan hereto annexed. . ���,
AND, WHEREAS, the party of the Sec-,
ond Part has agreed to construct the said
sewer from t.ie Fraser River to Tenth
Avenue as shown upon tbe aald plan and
to make the sewer of a else sufficient to,
accommodate the sewerage requirements
of the section of Burnaby shown oh the
said plan. n
AND. WHEREAS, the acreage of Burnaby that will be benefitted by the said
sewer amounts to Six Hundred and
eighty-three ((83) acres and the acTeage
of the City of New Westminster that will
be benefitted by tlie said aewer amounts
to five Hundred and Sixty-four (544)
AND, WHEREAS, the Party of the
Second Part has agreed to pay the cost
of the construction of the said sewer from
the Fraaer River to Tenth Avenue as
shown upon the said plan which cost is
estimated at Three Hundred and Twenty-
Six Thousand Dollars (4324,004.00) leas
Fifty-five Thousand Dollars (455,004.00)
the value of Government labor.
AND, WHEREAS, the Party of the
First Part has agreed to pay to the Party
of the Second Part Ftfty-ftve per cent.
(66 p.c.) of the coot of said sewer (the
share, however, of the Party of the First
Part not to exceed the sum of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars (1160,-
000.00) In thirty yearly payments that
will bo sufficient to pay Uie Interest unit
'on Uie share of too Party of
upooCUi. onSoot  dSrv(Ee>
7*sts>rsss>  at iters>   tf>  tarn sssnt.
corporate who nny be willing to advanoe
Uie same upon the credit (>f the -debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum not
exceeding Three Hundred Thousand Dollars <ltOM��0.00) and to cause the tain*
to be placed In the Rival Bank of ttftaoa
at the City of Nsw Weotnwnster. British
Columbia, to tbe oredlt of the aald Corporation for the purpose nnd with tb* ��4>-
_��� ._.., ���  itesamlnster to tho ere
to Issue any number of ��eJ>-mtt_w_rf _��
j corSSw       "       -s.-t.s-.
r   Thongs
or,ln New, York, at hoMifr ontJonTjttid
the principal of the said debenture* shall
be payable on Uie Thirty-first day of December, A. D,, 145��. .'___.   _
2. There shall be raised and levied annually by a ai-eela! rate sufficient therefor on all rateable land within the limits
of the aald Municipality the sum of On*
Thousand and fifty-two Dollars and thirty-five Cents (41052.SB) for the purpose
of forming a sinking fund for the pny-
nvst of the said debentures and the'sunt
ofPour Thousand. Flvo Hundred Dollar*
(44600.00) for the payment of the Interest at the rate aforesaid, the said special
rate to be In addition to all Other rate* to
be levied and collected In the said Municipality during the currency of the said
debentures or any of them.
4. This oy-law ehaU take effect on and
after th* First day of February,. A. D���
"if' Tht* try-law may he cited  for nn
a*   th*   "BURNABT   WAsEB
_     BXTBNMON    BY-LAW ?41t."
DONE AND PABflW) In' Open   Council tb* Thirtieth day of DeosmM.-A.-D..
tfliaftmril*D the assent   of tit*   Bleo.
 .������._., on th*
said CorpdTraU*n_��,th* a
Thousand   -���>---
be Is ���-
nomination of
Un*   (itof)
whole rateable land ln the said Municipality (Including District Lot One Hundred and Seventy-two (172) as before r��-
cited) according to the last revised Assessment Roll amounts to Twenty Millions Eight Hundred and Forty-six Thousand Four Hundred Dollars (420,846,-
AND, WHEREAS, to provide for the
payment of the Interest and the creation,
nf a Sinking Fund for the payment of the
said principal sum of Twenty-eight Thousand Dollars (424,000.00) It will be necessary to levy a special annual rate sufficient to raise the sum of One Thousand
Five Hundred and fifty-four Dollars and
sixty-five Cents (11,654.46) the amount
to be calculated annually on the whole of
the rateable land comprised within the
Reeve and Council of the said Corporation of Burnaby In Open Council aasem-
oled, as follows, namely:
1. It shall be lawfuf'for th? Reeve and
Clerk of the Council for the purpose
aforesaid, to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any person, or body, or bodies
corporate, wbo may be willing to advance
tbe same upon th* credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum not
exceeding Twenty-eight Thousand Dollars (428,044.04) and to cause the same
to bo placed tn the Royal Bank of Canada in the City of Now Westminster to
the credit of the said Corporation for the
purpose and with the objects above set
forth and to Issue any number of debentures of the ssld Corporation to the sum
of Twenty-eight Thouaand Dollars (828.-
000.00) In tbe whole In accordance with
the "Municipal Act." And the aald debentures shall be Issued to oonslst pf
Fifty-seven (67) debentures each of the
denomination ot Ono Hundred pounds
sterling (4104) and one debenture of the
amount of Fifty-three Pounds Eight Shillings Blx pence (��64-8-4) being the sterling equivalent of Teronty-elght Thousand Dollara (444.400.00) at the rate of
Four Dollars, and Eighty-ate and Two-
Tblrds Cents (14.84 J-4) to the One
Pound ���terllng. each debenture being also
expressed to be payable In Canadian currency computed at such rate, and such debentures ahall have annexed thereto coupons expressed, both In sterling and currency for the Interest thereon at the rate
of four and one-half (4 1-1) per centum
per annum payable half-yearly on the
44th day ot Juno and the 41st day of December In each year. And such sterling
debentures shall be delivered to the purchasers ot the said debentures. And both
as to principal and Interest ahall bo payable at th* office of the Royal Bank of
Canada In Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. Canada,., or ln New York or In London. England, at tho holder's option. An<"
the prlnoloal of tbe aald debenture* shall
be payable oa tbe Thirty-first day ot December, A. D.��� I��6J. ....
2. There shall be raised and levied annually by a special rata sufficient therefor on all rateable land within tho limit*
of the said Municipality the sum of Two
Hundred and s-Jnsty-four Dollars and six-.
ty.flv, Cinte _W4.44_ for the purpose
ot forraisg a.WoMng Fund for the p,y.
ment of th* s*14 debentures and the sum
of On* TheUfZa.two nundreef and Sixty
Dollar* (11244.4*) for tbe payment ot the
Interest at the Irate aforesaid, the said
special rate to b*. In addition to all oth*r
8tee to be levied and collected In the said
unlclpallty during tho currency of the
**ld debentures or any of them.
S. Tbl* By-Law shall tak* effect on
and after th* First day of February, A.D.
4.' This By-Law may be cited fer all
purpose* a* the-"BURNABY SCHOOL
BoXrD VAN'KO.  ��_B_-LAW.  1*14.'
DONE AWD ��AS9B70 hi Open Council
this Thirtieth day of December. A.D.,
.RIJCEIvaO.toe assent of the Electors
at an election for the purpose on the ...
day of .. " A. D���
"r'bCONSIDERED end finally adopted
by the Council, signed by the Reeve and
Clerk nnd Ms-led orb* the Corporate Seal
\&*&i7**�� ������
AND.   WHEREAS,   the
Party  of   the
First Part haa agreed to pay to the Party
of the Second Part fifty-five per cent.
(55 p.c.) of the cost ot maintenance of
said sewer.
that the Party of the Second Part covenants and agrees with the Party of the
First Part its successors and assigns thnt
the Party ot tbe Second Part will within
four months commence and prosecute to
completion and have completed on or before the 1st day of January. 1916. (unless
prevented by strikes or other causes) a,
sewer from s point on the Fraser River
to a point on Tenth Avenue ot the location approximately as shown on the plan
hereto annexed, such sewer to be constructed of concrete pipes ot a diameter
of not lea* than fifty-four (64) Inches st ,
Tentn Avenue and Sixth Street
AND the Party of the Second Part, will
construct lateral sewers from the sold,
main sewer running from the main aewer
to Tenth Avenue aforesaid aa shown, on
said plan.      '    *
THE Party of the First Part lte.,at-c- '
cessors and assigns shall have the right
to connect IU drainage and sewerage
ever the area of Six Hundred and Eighty-
three. (443) acres aa shown on the saltf
{���Ian with the said sewer and to drain In-
0 said sewer surface water and ordinary
sewerage and to use the said sewer both
aa a sanitary and storm sewer.,
AND If It la found that the said sewer
will provide sufficient fall to take sewerage from outside the boundaries of the
said Six Hundred and Blgbty-three (*63>
acres as ahown upon the aald plan ths
Party of the Flret Part may with' tho
consent of the Engineer of the Party nf
the Beoond Part extend It* sewerags
worka outside tbe ssld area.
The Party of the Beoond Part covenants with the Party of First Part that
the aald Main Sewer constructed by live
Party of the Second Part and Sewer*
constructed by the Party of (he First
Part to connect with the aald Main Sewer-
shall be constructed under* the joint supervision and to the mutual satisfaction of
the Engineers of the Party of the First
Part and of the   Party ot th*   Second
THE Party of the Flret Part covenants with the Party of the Beoond Pat
It* successors and assigns that the Partr'.
of the First Part will pay to the Party
of tho Second Part Its successors and nsx.
signs after completion of the said se-er>.
from Fraser River to Tenth Avenue fifty-,
five per cent. (66 p.c.) of the cost ot tho
said sewer (the said fifty-five per cent.
(64 p.c. >. however, not to exceed the sum
of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars (4160.000.00) and such payment to
be made In half-yearly payment* on th*
Thirtieth day* of June and December fa
each year a* will provide a Sinking fund,
for payment of aald sum In thirty (30>.
years with Interest at five (6) per cent.
, AND the Party of the First Part eW-
snanta with the Party of the Second Part
that tb* Party of th* Flrat Part will piy
to th* Party of th* Second Part fifty-
five per cent. (64 P-c.1 of the cost of .
maintenance of toe said main sewer snssv,
payments to be made yearly on the Thirtieth day et December In each year.
IN WITNE88 WHEREOF th* p��-e|-e>
hereto have caused their Corporate Seal*)
to be hereunto affixed.
In the presence ef :���
rs   <1��4,0*4.��5'
with th*
_ debentures
On* Hundred
eaeb of the
_..>d Pounds Sters-
debenture  to  th*
tors at an Wwrtlou for the purpooe en I
......' day of  A. D- 1414.
BECONSIDBRBD and finally adopted
by th* Council: signed by the Reeve and
Clerk and fleeted with the Corporate Seal
all on th* .... day of   A. D,
Tak* "Wile* that th*'above Is atrue
ButtlS3to�� Road nepook jMW"*Wan-.
_.jtml Park,
re,  14th   Ave.,
Take notice that the above I* a tma
copy of the proposed By-law upon whists
the vote ot the Municipality will be taken
sn Saturday, the 14th day of January.
1914, between 4 o'olock a.m. until f
o'clock p.m.. at tho polling places:
. Burnaby  Public  Ha|l.   Edmonds.
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Mr. Topplngs's Store. 14th  Ave,. Boat
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam.  ,
Dundonald School, Fraser Arnv>
Barnet Hall, Barnet.
Mr. Jas. Herd'* Office, North "Burntby.
Bumaby Lake Store, Burnaby Lake.
Lakemere School. lakemere.
Public Notloe la hereby given that thn
vol* of the Elector* of, the District of Burnabv -will be ta*en"e����'the above mentioned By-law at the time and place   aho-s.
mentioned.    *nH     that    A:���O.    Moore,
haa been appointed Returning Officer- tee
take the-vote of such  elector* with   tie*
usual powers In that behalf.   '
J. W. WB ART, Reeve.
A. O. MOORS, dirk. _^'
Edmonds, a C. Dec. U, 1411. (444* PAGE EIQH1
. YOU1*.
Some new spceials to clear up
before stock taking. These ire
worth while lookln--. Into.
Soup. Canned, No. 1 quality,
quaranteed satisfactory goods
at a special price; all flavors.
. each  10c, per dec *1.10
banned Fruit, Duchess Brand,
quality goods, 3 lh. tins;
Peaches, Pears, Apricots,
each   ....20c,  per dor. 12.36
Canned Salmon, 1 lb tins, each
 15c., or per do/. $1.70
Turkish Coffee, a delightful
blend, regular 40c. per,lb.' today  SSc, 3 lbs. for ��1.00
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Chickens, extra select milk fed
birds, from a local ranch, per
pound *��0
Guaranteed Quality, also Roast
Pork, sliced, at, per lb. .... 50c
Health Department
Needs Equipment
(Continued from page one)
Demonstration   In   Front  of   Lumber
Company's Offloe Was of a
Friendly  Nature.
Parsley,  bunch    10c
Cauliflower, head  .20e
Brussels Sprouts, lb 12'/ae.
Celery, per bunch ,- 10c.
Head lettuce, per heaid .... 10c.
3 lbs for
Public Supply Stores
:�� L. ADAMS       S. K. BJUGG3
You have worked,
planned, saved and denied yourself���all that
some dear one may be
free from want when
you are gone.
What have you done
to ensure that the
estate you have built
up will be efficiently
managed after you?
Let us tell you about
our facilities for handling estates.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
Miss Kathleen Bourke has been laid
Iup for several dajB, but It is hoped
I'that she will be around again shortly
Skates sharpened and set at Geo
It. Speck's, 626 Columbia St.      (395)
Mr. J. D. Taylor, M.P., "left last
evening for Ottawa In tlttS'to arrive
for the opening of parliament following the Christmas vat-atloji.,, ,
Tho annual meeting1' of the Local
Council of Women will be'held In the
Reformed Episcopal churdh on Monday, January 13, at J'.30 o'clock, visitors received at 4, banquet at 6:30.
Trimmed Hats, Speclal-s-Regular
$6.60 to $10, to clear for $2.06. Mrs.
Agret, 69 Sixth stret.       I (459)
Mr. I.. A. Lewis, manager of thr
Brunette Saw Mills, left ;for Ottawa
last evening, lt Is expected that up
on the return of Mr. Lewis.plans will
be announced ot further additions to
the present mill.
Reasons why you should patronize
the Dunsmulr cafe, Eighth street:
The premises are spotlessly clean, thr
food is the best quality and ts proper
ly cooked, the service Is all that could
be desired and the waiters and wait
resses am courteous and prompt; be
sides, the prices are very reasonable
and a further Bavlng can be made b
using the meal tickets, $5,150 for $5.0n
Try the Dunsmulr cafe, onl$*'a stone'.-
throw from B.C.E.R. depot' on Eight'
street. >' '     (��5)
��� ' ��� o
A number of Christians of this city
have engaged the City theatre for Sun
day nights for an Indefinite time, and
purpose holding a gospel service there
at 7:30 o'clock. Mr. J. H. Fleming, of
Minneapolis, Minn., Is speaker for
Sunday, the 12th inst. Subject, "Feasting After Famine." A cor'dial invita
tlon Is extended. Tire seats are free
and no collection will be taken.
Miss Annie Tidy was the guest of
honor last evening at the home of
Miss Margaret Bacchus. The occasion was a linen shower for the bride
elect. Cards and games were the order and those present h-ere: Miss
Annie Tidy, MIsb Margaret Bacchus,
the Misses Oakley, the Misses M. and
E. Johnson, Miss 12. Findlay, Miss N.
Warrington, Miss II. Smith and Miss
C. Smithers.
Spangled and Embroidered Scarfs,
suitable for cvenlivg dress, regular
value $7.50, for $4.95, Friday and Saturday.    Mrs. Agret, 59 Sixth St. (45S)
Yesterday, with all manner of demonstrations peculiar to the race, and
a number copied from thetr Western
brethren, the Hindus of New Westminster and the entire province celebrated their Christmas.
ln all the mills in which the East
Indian is employed the festive spirit
was abroad and ln order to fittingly
celebrate tbe occasion a number of
the turbanned duskies laid off work,
and entrained for Vancouver, where a
gigantic celebration was held.
All the Hindus donned their best
clothes and most flashy turbans. Some
were dressed tn brilliant uniforms
which they brought from their home
land and paraded about amongst their
countrymen extending the greetings
of the season.
The Hindu Employees of the Small
and Bucklln Lumber Company gathered around the offices of that firm
and greeted the management with ex
plodlng fire crackers and the singing
of native ditties yesterday morning
Some bystanders who witnessed this
demonstration feared that a small
revolution had broken out among the
East Indians in protest to the action
of the management tn eliminating
their countrymen from the mills, but
Mr. E. II. Bucklln gave assurance that
this was not the case.
It is customary amoug the natives
in India to hold a two weeks celebration on an occasion such as this, but
the B.C. Hindus have become so imbued with the spirit of the whites and
fear of the loss of the almighty dol
lar that they are satisfying them
selves with one day's holiday.
Fashion Livery Co. Again suffer at
Hands of Hone Thief.
Another horBe and rig, the third
during the past twelve months, has
disappeared from the Fashion Livery
stables on Eighth street, this city, and
up to the present time little material
has heen presented to the local police to work upon.
A few days ago a man giving his
name as Harry Graham, strolled into
the Ftables and rented a roan mare,
weighing about 950 pounds and a wine
colored geared buggy. Since then he
has not been seen, neither has the
horse and rig and a hue and cry has
been set up throughout the surrounding territory.
A reward haa been offered for the
man's rapture and also for the return
of the horse and rig.
nrnJfr  "J    ,e��� 8    ?,"   "dl,v"",,a    Columbian    Prlntlnq    Company
"'"* far.ou"d ;''�� ���_* ���__ ���������"-'" Contract for New Buildino.
<-Mpf Y piif o'-'-V lde0n S^le,t;V The comract has just been "let for
Chief of    Police    Bradshaw    and    his   ,hp bn.ldlnir the Columbian Prim
force would bike to Ur their band* on \^g J�����,���Ld 'i_*__i,! to Irortat to,
this Oxford Press deaeerotet It tor ��.<>���,., of $S3t8B0 on the corn,,r of Sl'l>
other grounds than to wit'film wher��[      j  c BtrP(j,     M A,k,.
he police court bible  is located.    A '
lew one now adorns the desk where
cash and garbage tags totalled
$2775.75. Tbe accounts outstanding for
the year amounted to $295.00, the
greater part of which was ejepected to
be collected In a few days. ',
The services to the various other
civic departments during the year cost
the department $125. while the cost of
collecting garbage free at Residences,
a syBtem that was adopted ln October,
amounted to $057.80. .^Ttjie actual
amount of work done by the department is valued at $3775,20, which
figure Includes collections tn cash
and tags, outstanding accounts,
charges against the ether departments
and the cost of free collection. This
is the first statement IssueO by the
department and Is conslderejlvery sat
Isfactory. ���        ...<
In outlining the position of the department Mr. Pearco states: "In
January of this year a building was
built by the health committee, and
fitted up for a smallpox hospital with
all modern Improvements. It Is splendidly situated on the north side of
Eighth street nnd Eighth avenue, close
to the city limits and about tt mile
from Columbia street. This building
Is at all times ready for ioccupancy
should It be required. ]
"On March 21 we took over the collection of refuse In the clty��� The work
In this branch has been from the start
Increasing rapidly, and of course will
continue to Increase ln proportion to
the population.
Means an Increase.
"The work In this department, owing to the houses being so scattered
over a large area, will necessitate an
increase In the staff, and mpre horses
and carts will be required to cope wlt*>
the work in 1913. With an auto truck
for the down town section and two
more double carts and horses I think
the work can be carried out satlsfac
tcrily for the time being," stated"" Mr.
Pearce In his report.
During the year Just ended, further
states the report, 944 loads of refuse
were hauled to the wharf anil towed to
sea: 37 animals were destroyed: 118
sanitary facilities were cleaned out
and 12 cesspits and septic tanks were
treated In a similar manner.
The bake shops and meat market)
were Inspected during the year at
regular Intervals and the following
articles were condemned as being unfit for food: four hogs, eight calves,
and one side cf beef.
The staff of tbe health department
at the present time consists ef a
medical health officer, clerk, plumbing
inspector, two sanitary Inspectors,
three teamsters, three assistant team
sters, one wharf hand. Two teams are
at present hired by the department.
Our Clearance Prices
' i      .i      fw.
Lightens the great expense of this
very unusual weather
We have been busy filling
rush orders and noyr we are
about caught up.
8ATI/ROAY. JANUARY 11, 1913.
Magistrate   Kduionds    weighs
Your    Chilblains    will
bother you till you use
The results obtained by
using  thi3  remarkable
remedy are marvellous.
25c. the Bottle.
(Successor to F. J. Mackenzie.)
Chemist and Druggist. Phone 68.
Dominion Trust Building.
New Westminster, B.C.
A branch of the Union Bank of Canada was opened for business on
Saturday, January 4. In the premises
recently vacated by W. B. Sinclair.
611 Columbia street. (387)
The friends of Mr. and Mrs. E.
Teather. of Sapperton, will feel
pleased at the recovery of their youngest son. who has been lying ln the
Columbian hospital aud also their eldest boy who was for u time threaten-
-?d with scailetlna. Mr. Tdslther was
wearing  a happy  smile  around    the
sourt house vejrtnrday.       ���'!'���
At the meeting of the Victorian
Order of Nurses to be hckt this after'
noon In the Y. M. C. Ai, 'the chief
I .natron i f Vancouver will be pre3enf
j .o enlighten the. local members and all
ihose who Intend joining ther'Westmin-
ster branch as to the objefcts of thc
order. Tbe meeting will W! called at :;
o'clock.    All those InteresHed are cor-
lia'.ly invited to attend. ''''
" blOl
A general meetlngof the New West-
alnster Retail Merchants!:'aesociation
-vi 11 be held Tuesday evening, Jan. 14
it R o'clock ln Conservative, commit
eo rooms. Tho offices of tho assocla-
ion are In room B20' J Wdstinlnster
rrust block, phone 868. ��c    (433)
On account of some slight changes
which will be made to the' plans the
letting of the contract for construe
lion of the buildings on.the Schaake
Machine Works new ��ttO'. on Lulu
Island has been delayed. No doubt on
account of the Inclement weather the
piles for the foundations'which were
expected to reach the ClW last week
have not yet arrived.    ., , .
Por an hotel thoroughly' Up to date
and equipped with all mbddru Improvements, patronlie the Hotel Dominion
corner of Columbia and Blxtb streets
Rates moderate by da^pi- week. (464)
The Sunday school of 8t. Mary's.
Sapperton, had their Christmas treat
on Thursday night lit the parish
rooms. After a supper for the children
' - "' ln
of Santa
Claus at 8 o'clock. Ho kindly shoo!;
hands with the' little tots and tber
proceeded to distribute the presents
from the tree. There was a large ut-
"ndance of tiarents and older friends
of the children, and they heartily entered into all the games.
son and Dill are tbe contrators.
The biilldlns will be a two storey
Are proof structure erected on the
latest and most approved lines. An
up-to-date printing plant will be Installed and every facility for the ex
pedltious publishing of newspapers
will form part of the equipment.
Medical Health Officer Says that He
Has Sltuatloon Under Control.
Though twenty-five eases of scarlet
fever sre now known to exist In thc
city, Dr. A. L. McQuarrie, civic medical health officer, gives the citizens
assurance that there is no necessity-
for alarm as the disease is now well
controlled and the Infected districts
are being watched with the utmost
Twenty-three of tlie cases come from
Sapperton. where the disease "was first
discovered and three in other parts
of the city. Thc children of the
Richard McBrlde Bchool, Sapnerton
are being watched very carefully and
all those suspected of the disease are
carefully examined Students absei'i
from the Sapperton school were visit
ed by Dr. R. II. McEwen. the school
health officer, and In this manner
many caBes were brought to light.
Kdmcnds, Jan. 10.���Councillor n. C.
Mcflregor, who Is one of the three
candidates fer the fiurnaby reeveshlp,
will open his campaign on Monday-
afternoon when the annual meeting of
the council will bo held,in the Burnnby
Public hall. It was expected by his
adhereita that the aspirant from
the Kiver road would have attended
the Fcveral meetings already held but
pressure of prlvato business aud the
trip to Victoria in tho matter of pav-
Ing Kingsway has so far prevented
him from stating his views on the
public platform.
Councilor McGregor expects to attend the meeting to be held at Edmonds on Tuesday evening of next
week which has been called by Mr.
D. C. Patterson, also a candidate for
the chief office.
Just whether Mr. B. Q. Walker, the
third candidate ln the contest, will
enter the Joint debate remains to be
seen, although the chances are that
he will Ignore the meeting of Tuesday as he has several tlraeB stated,
that he waB opposed to Joint meetings
which he considers au useless.
We have half a carload yet���enough to
fill any demand
Sheet Iron Heaters at $1.95, $225. $2.65
No. 15 Coal Heaters, $12.75, or qualities at... $10.25
No. 113 Coal Heaters, $16.50, or qualities at $13.25
No. 115 Coal Heaters, $21.00, or qualities at.. .$17.00
Wood Burners at $4.50, $6.00, $7.50, $9.00
All our Ladies' Ready-to-Wear reduced
in price during this January
Clearance Sale
___, ; rm
-it 6:30 gawes were played.until
terrupted by   the   arrival
A.   Hardman, the
good  broad.    lOighth
Telephone 281.
c-Hcq man.   0-el
Street   Uakery
The Paul J. Itainoys marvellous
African hunt pictures-scored another
mccess nt the opera liouBe last even-
ng when they played tojf large audi
ence. They will be shpwnjngain this
afternoon and evening, lt la expected
that the nuitinee will - <lr��v. a big
^rowd of scholars, as the management
>f the opera bouse have made a spe-
c'al price of admission for them. If
the people of New Westminster wish
to see something that is not only Interesting but unique they will not
miss seeing the last performance this
Another cheque artist is operating
ln this city and two of tho local business men have been duped by handling the worthless paper.
The police have beon notified of
the Incidents aud are working en thc
thin clues given them by thc losers in
the deal.
lt was only a few days ago that
ono of tbe Intrudes of the provincial
���u-ylnm '.'as allowed his freedom on
probation. The man had no sooner
got outside the gates than the thought
eame Into his mind how easy money
Is obtained In this city hy passing
worthless cheques. He managed to
get rid of two bogus notes before he
was apprehended and taken back to
the institution for a further period.
Just whether he ts the same man who
duped the business men In the flret
instance remains to be i-een.
of all kinds In great variety. Try our
typewriter ribbons, our Carbon Paper
ln all grades and for every use.
Stephen's und Stafford's Inks and
lilaiik Hooks of overy kind.
646 Columbia 8treet
Phone 455
Forty years In use, 20 years the
Standard, prescribed and recommended by physicians. For Women's Ailments, Dr. Martel'e Female Pills, at
your druggist.
   -. -  .     -I     . .���������sji.l    -1 !_���- I
Are You fully Insured?
For what amount should a man insure in order that his family and estate
may not suffer loss in case of fire damaging his property, accidental injury to
himself or premature death?
You should answer this question, but we can help you do so as we write
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance.
312-315 Westminster Trust Block, and 746 Columbia St., New Westminster, B.C.
Shades, Reading Lamps, etc
Phone 65G 03 Sixth Street
feel the need of Glasses today when
EYESTRAIN la the rule and not the
Workmen who would have reliable
help for their eyes should call on
Druggist and Optician
701   Columbia  Street
Phone 67
These are all in good locations nnn
they can be bought fo
1359���FIFTH   8TREET    near  Eiuhth
avenue; 1.0x1*2 to lane; a good buy
at $1,000; one-third cash.
1195��� SEVENTH   AVENUE  near 4th
streei' two lots; upper aide; SOxUld
all cleared and graded; prloo $12T*>
1397�������� FOOT LOT corner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price 14000
on easy terms.
ar��   goad   Invcatmenti  at   the   prices,
r now.
1393���Knox street, sapperton
66 foot lot in good location; Just oft
Columbia street; price $1:09 on
oa��y terms.
near Sixth street car line; 60x150
each; ion-0 are cleared; street Is
graded; price 13600 on good terms
F. J. HART & CO.. LTD.
We write Fire, Life, Accident,  Employers'  Liability, Automobile
Marine Insurance.
If you went
Reliability. Silence.
Economy, Satisfaction and
The "YsVLB" will moet
your resjulremeiitH.
Adapted for the Fishing Trade.
The Schaake Machine Works
Sir Edmund B, #s|er, M.P., President. W. D. Matthews, Vice-President.
n*mi-Omm'..t Toronto, Ont
RBSKRVR HhW> ��� ���
 I 6,000,000
a >.��..._<. ~�� thia nahv has been established In New Westminster
at 4ob^rnher^tt��Joia\Vst"tb Street., opposite the Post Office.
A Oeneral Banklna Buslne-* Trensactei..
O. H. MA.THEW80N, Manager.


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