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The New Westminster News Aug 1, 1913

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mk'si-w -**&..-','��� ���'"".*    *
Newt Classified Ada.
proven their worth by the
they   produce.     They   All
or   small   wants   at   small
.      A J
The  V.'eattt*!-.
New Westminster and the ts
Mainland: Light to moderate wiads;
generally fair and warm.
Hoiitst tm    urge ym io   ttm ctutn    wm mm  mm win m
�� mu td KCoM ihchkI  m mnrae! m w mm mml mfk
Greeks   Drive   Back   Bulgarians  After
Two   Days  of   Desperate
Canner's Original Explanation of Presence on River of
so Many Oriental Salmon Fishermen���Royal Commission on Labor Urged to Recommend Bounty on Seals,
Which Are Said to Destroy Great Many Fish.
That the laziness of the white fish- [seal killed, explaining that If tlie seals
trmen ls responsible for the large are then many would sink so that %2
Dumber of Japanese fishers on the aa a -bounty fee would be none too
Fraser river, was the testimony pre- , large Such a sum would be an indented to the royal commission on la- dUOBUlBhl to the fishermen to hunt the
bor which held a sitting nt Ladner seals after the regular fishing Beason
yesterday morning. The wilness who was over. He thought the seals de-
made this declaration was H. H. Bell- Tutrrcd more flsh than were caught|
Irving, Jr., manager of the ARC. ean- ;every season.
nery.   near   Ladner.     Mr,   Bell-lrvlng'    .1.   A.   Williamson,   manager  of   the
claimed    that    the    white  fishermen Canada Klrh  Products company, gave
would not stir out ln their boats when   evidence as to the war.es he la paying I
the fishing was poor, while the Japs the  few  white  men  he  employs,  two
worked all hours of the day and night   engineer!  getting  35 cents  per hour
d beard, while four firemen receive!
Lfi cents per hour and board. The
Chinamen were paid at the rate of 20
cents  per  hour.
In the afternoon the commission visited the A   B. ('. cannery and also the:
one on Leas island.   The latter la sahl |
tp  be  the  most   up-to-date    on    the
London, July 111 The Dally Telegraph's correspondent with the (ireek
army at Salonlki deBC-rlbes the recent
Hattle between the (ireeks antl Bulgarians In tbe Iijuma district as (be
most hotly contested and taiiguinar.'
of the entire war.
The Bulgarians, the correspondent
says, reinforced by 6000 men who had
been withdrawn from the Servian
frontier, made an unexpected attack
ion the Greek left wing. The flghl
raged for two days with varying sue
j "ess, but victory finally rested with
ithe Creeks, who recaptured their lost
! positions.
The  Greek   Iobscs   were   21)00   men
kilbd,  Including  many  officers  bear-
ling historic names and  between MOO
i md  7000 wounded.
Supporters of China's President Advocate One Man
'Judge   Howay   Dismisses
. |        Action Anainst the O.
Fraser Hotel.
with    C.ostr,
ners of
Michigan     Strikers     And President of U. S. Refuses *���
Just as soon, however, aB the white
men noticed the Japs securing good
catches, they put out with their own
Seal  Bounty Needed.
Tho question of the government
paying a bounty on seals ��r��o cropped
Up,   Mr.   Irving  and  Oscar  Etrofh.  a
Swede fisherman, believing that the rlvcr,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
government should pay the fishermen Yesterday's session completed the
to reduce the number or Beals fn (he work of the commission until the tlrtil
river. j week   In   September   when  the  party
Ktroth, who has spent six years on I will leave the coast for Kort George,
the Prater river, thougnt Che present | via Kdmonton. returning over the
price. 25 cents per flsh. was a fair one. Ashcroft trail to Victoria where the
lie advocated a price of %'S oil  every   last  Hitting will be held.
Admit Repulse.
Athens. July 31.- Official dispatches
received hen- admit that a strong attack by the Bulgarians compelled the
flrpiks to retire to defensive positions
on the heights In the neighborhood of
Petchova, Vuvkovitch and Kavitsa,
but tbey claim that fresh Bulgar'-m
"t'.atks near DJuma In Rumella, about
IT, miles Fouth, were repulsed.
Central Park Agricultural Society T��ro
perty Goes Under Wew 1Han-
Port Coiiuitlam. July 31. -Before toe
could net out of the way. 11 O'Leary
!a C, P, II. brakeman of Vanrrravw,
i was Instantly killed early this nioi-n-
Itng, when he was pinned against ltn
| retaining wall of the rluder pfi liy a
'locomotive   bucking   into   the     round
| house.
Mrs.  Hanan as  Much   Puzzled  by  Detectives as by  Whereabouts of
Missing Jewels.
NarraganBet Pier, It.I., July 31. ���
Jewels 'itolen from the summer homes
of 'Charles Cary Humsey and John C.
llauan. are being sought in New York.
Boston   and   other   cities,   where   big
Hand  of  Jaoan   Felt  in   Revolution-
Loyal Troops Are Beatinc Back
the Rebels.
Discussing tlie report that Japan
ere support Is being given to the re
bellion, the Times Pt kin correspon
dent says that little value Is to be at- j June 12
An important decision ln a case,
the outcome of which has been eager*
ly awaited by many business men in
the city, was handed down by hi.)
honor Judge Howay In county court,
yesterday morning when he dismissed wllh coats the action brought by
DavlB, McComber & Co., of Vancouver, against T. Withyman and P.
Jordon. proprietors of the Kraser
hotel, for the collection of un alleged
debt amounting to %'ili).
The case was argued before Judge
Howay ou June lu and concluded on
Their Wives Give Officers a Lively Time.
Deal With Accomplice in
Madero's Murder.
State    Troops Charge    the  Mob with   Mexican  Government Need
Not    Ex-
Bayonets���Many   Under   Arrcst-
Unlon  V.'ill  Fi?ht Cases.
pect  American   Friendship Till
Dictator Resign*.
Calumet, Mich., July 81.���Incidental i    Washington,    July     SI.���PnaUlxat
to  the copper    miners'     strike,    hot.wllson  made It clear today to IW-.5
i ,. who  discussed  tbe Mexican  situ-t-Uttri
water, red pepper and  various liouse- -   - -   -
tacbed to the official denlalB of the
report issued In Pekin and Tokio. I'n-
doubtedly, the correspondent adds,
Japanese sympathy is with the south
and many Japanese in China have as-
slBted the rebels, at least with advice;
but the Japanese government desires
to maintain strict neutrality and Japanese consuls in China have been Instructed to warn Japanese residents
against any participation in the rebellion.
Yuan   Is  Winning.
Pekln, July Sl.���Revolutionary
forces in the south are being steadily
subdued by the northern troops, supporting the government of Provisional
President Yuan Shi Kai. The reoel
leaders disappear whenever the revolutionary centres are menaced by the
government troops.
Yuan Shi Kal'B adherents express
t::uch elation over the successes gained by the loyal armies and advocate
the Introduction of a dlstatorial form
of government. It is said they uope
'or the ultimate establishment of a
new Yuan dynasty, under which they
could share in the spoils of offioe.
Tbey contend that auy compromise at
the present time would place China in
a chronic condition of revolution.
which, they argue would be most dangerous, owing to the territorial aspirations of Russia and Japan.
Solberg  Bros, became lesees of the
.   .. ,     with him that he had not be��� -��-x-s<-
hold  utensils  were used  as a supple-  t.d ln ,he legBt degree by rt,    arg1l_
ment to revolvers and  bayonets In a  ments of Ambassador    Henry    .,-*r.e
Kraser  hotei  dining  rcom   under  the  **^***   l��day   between   deputy   sheriff.;  Wilson In favor of recognition af ���} e
I proprietors T   Withyman and  P. Jor-  and  men  and   women  Inmates  of an ��� Huerta   government   In   M-SilTi.     Ht-
don  and    calied  It  the  Kraser    cafe   Hungarian    boarding    houBe    at    the  let  It  be known that LIS .iiial.wi cr
��� Thev Incurred a debt of $319 to Davis,   Wolverine  mine.    Tbe  battle    ended conditions from official and unulTii'a*
1 McComber  &    Co.,    Vancouver,    for  wi,n   ***e    arrest    or    three    alleged  reports   and   his  judgment  of     wh.it
i goods supplied them, which they lert.  rioters,  after  troops had rescued  th(|  should be done had not beea a-.criti.
I unpaid  when they vacated the prem-  civ" Officer! from a threatening mob. I by the ambassador's statements.
liaes     Thereupon the Vancouver firm iThe   arrests   were   part  of  a   series, No Hope for Hu^fa.
'entered   suit   against   the   proprietors-, which  the    sheriffs    office    has    in-      The    president    is    f or n��l itMg    ��
lon  the grounds that a clause  in  the 'elituted   within   the last   21  hours  in   policy   which  he  told  hia  cau-trs  t��-
i New  Westminster liquor bylaw made  an  etTorl  to  imprison   ringleaders  or  day  involves nothing that U mo\. --���*-
out that  the proprietor should he re-!11"-' disorders which  marked  the firBt  tlrely   friendly   to   Mexico.     He   las
i sponsible for all debts contracted for  tw0  da>'B    of    the     copper    miners'  not yet announced what his program
goods  or  for   materials   furnished   in  strike. Will  be,   but  he  is  emphatically  and
connection   with  the  dining  room  or      Warrants   were   served   in   half    a  unalterably  opposed  to  the    ree��iu>
other part or the premises for which  dozen mine    locations   and   the   jail  tlon  under any circuinatanjia of ll��>
the license Is issued* population   was   increased   to  one   or  government set    up   by    l'-.iv,t.oin��
0   1    Cassady appeared for the de-  itB    highest    records    in     Houghton  President  Huerta through, ti.;, eve-its.
fendants   and   pleaded   that   the   citv  county. jin which  President Madero and Vtoe
council     was     exceeding     its     civil i Found   Him   Hiding. iPreBldent Suarez met tragic doa-h
Since the case was argued before
Judge Howay. the cltv council ban
changed the liquor bylaw.
Believing It bout In the iutere*4ls of
all concerned that the provincial park
hoard of Central Turk should taki
mer the lease of the Central Park ag-
riiultural grounds, the members of
ttie latter organi'/.ation have decided
to sign an agreement whereby the
grounds will again be In charge of
the park hoard, a clause in (he agreement reserving t'he right of the agricultural association to use the buildings annually during the time the fair
Is being held. The agreement Is now
In the hands ot the solicitors and will
be signed at llie nevt meeting of the
park   hoivnt next  Wednesday  evening
The purk commissioners Intend to
spend considerable money, tn tlie
neighborhood or Jttotin. In tiling up the
protttids for use as a recreation field,
where lacrosse, footbatl and Cricket
games tuny he played.
This ls about the only open space
suitable for recreation purposes in
Burnabv and the eastern section of
South Vancouver and the announcement that this land will be fitted up
in the besl possible snaps will no
doubt he welcome newa to the different clubs in existence In that neighborhood.
Coroner Dr. A. U McQnarne sum- trtntsactlons in precious stones are not
mt tied a Jury this jirtf-nioon, and. uncommon. This move is taken to
after viewing the body, an adjourn- indic-nte a belief that the thieves have
mint  was taken until next Thursday, ��� |,,ft  tow���  wlth  their  booty  and have
1'vcenaed   was   born   in   Watirrford,   covered their immediate tracks.
NR.   tl   w-urs ag?. ��ii(l   was  tmmer-;    Although the police throughout thel
ri d.     Ke  has  a  brother  tending  bar  country   have   been   asked   to   watch'*
at  thl   (irand hotel in VailBUUVHL. Tlie
hid'.*   will   be   shipp-ed  Irnrk   to     New
were mm
the pawnshops, the detectives are
pretty well Batlafled that the robberies are the work of expert thieves,
I too shrewd to do business with pawn
The mysterious automobile seen on
[Ocean road Saturday night is the beBt
: clue and, after learning all that he
could about this car, one of the detectives engaged by MrB. Hanan leTt
for .New   York tod
Union Men  Working  Hard    to     Make
September 1  Record Breaking
The    closer    does    Labor    Day ap
proach, the groan-r tlle eiiorts oi  lua.1
labjr  men   oi   tstttt   \\ estm.iister     t-, i
The Wolverine posse consisted of I It developed today that Daasoer.-iT'S
William Heikkila, an under-sheriff, in the senate were concn^ig; in
and four deputies. They carried a thiB view and further dlscuteei > i uf
warrant for I.ouis Sodder, proprietor Ambassador Wilson's statement be~
of the boarding liouse, charging him fore the senate foreign relations cum
with having been a leader in the mittee brought out a general s-eoti
party that attacked Cust Olson, a big ment of opposition to the suKgesU-o-.i
fireman, Tuesday night. The deputies of the Huerta government Senator
found lhelr man biding in a cup- Bacon believeB that recognition would
board. When Heikkila jerked open be an incentive to every revolution
the door, Sodder tired a revolver, ary leader to assassinate the head of
the range being so close that the the nation with full expectation that
. powder    burned    the    officer's    coat.  hiB  act   would   receive   the  approval
  ; Heikkila  wrested  tlie    weapon    from  and    official    recognition    of    othei
1 Sodder's hands and as they struggled nations. Mr. Bacon also ia ot the
Ladylike Manner toward the door, Mrs. Sodder, the opinion that the recognition ��rC
officers say, threw a kettle of hot Huerta, far from bringing about
water at them. Another woman and peace, would be the strongest eu-
two men joined the Sodders, hurling couragement to ambitious chiefs.
1 red pepper at  tbe deputies' eyes and:     Senator   Uacon   reflects   the   views,
  I converting    chairs,      cuspidors     and  of   President   Wilson,   who  has  hek��
I other    furniture    into      missiles    of from the beginning    the    (Rimnnatd.
Washington. July 31.    Krom all over oHence.    Outside,    a    crowd    of   200  opinion  that   a  great  moral -Qiusniiiai
Ithe eouutry, advocates of votes for wo-' mine   workers  had gathered,  but  the  was Involved, greater  than the  mere
I men   came   to   Washington   uday   to fracas  attracted   also  two  stjuads  cf  judgment of the acta of a single ruler.
I plead their care before congress.        I state  troops.    The  crowd  started  tol Murderer  Miaat  Go.   '
The senate, the only body of con-'rush the posse and    the    militiamen      With the American government at,
gress in seSBion, listened to the suf-  drove them back with bayonets. aolutely     opposed     to     the    Huerta
trage argument. Delegations from' Joseph Suffonia and Andrew Vince; regime, administration officiate trem*
every state In the union presented lo: were arrested, charged with interfer- believe the friends of Prestdent.
each   senator   on   the   floor   petitions  ing  with  the officers. Huerta  will prevail  upon him. tn re-
urging the Bupport of the Chamberlain i W. F. of M. Is "ore. tire   iu favor  ot  a  provtsianni presi-
resolution to amend the federal con-1    The Western Federation of Miners'  dent,  acceptable  to  all  far.Hons, who
stitution  so as to confer suffrage on  headquarters has let It be known that would conduct a general slectfon.
women, and practically every senator  every possible effort will he made to      Meanwhile  it   Is   mure   than   likely
presented the petitions tj the senate   provide  a  successful  defence  for tha  that   the  policy  of  President   Wlhinri
Many   made  speeches  declaring   their  arrisied     men.     Union    officials    de-   will be  to twait devefopmenta  in  tk��
They   Did   It   i
and Results May Be Looked
Eight    Dead    and    Other*    Injured
Runaway   Motorcycle���Arrother
Accident   Kills  Two.
"The  detectives." said   Mrs.  Hatmn.uullisiJ     lm>ir ralluIlb     lor     tlle .
are as lunch of a pu-c/le to me as the; j_i.ulln Dj lvcure- o,euKinfc crowd ,' sympathy with the movement, and a nounced the urrests as unwarranted, southern republic and refrain from
Whereabouts of my jewelry. The flirt ;,a Uue���n8 ���arK 0Il lluit uav wnan few announced their Intention to vole asserting they were based upon exag- offering mediation or other ettiH-ilin..
word that I have had rrom the orflc- :Jab unions trom Vancouver \lc. I against the resolution. The visit to gerated accounts of strikers' activl- tory suggestions until the Mexicans
���ts   was   the   assurance   from   one   of Worm     Vancouver    und'   .\ew!'he   senate   concluded   an   automobile  tiea and   that an     effort     was    being themselves  have  exhausted t-xi-rs   r*x-
tbem today that he had learned BOme-1 w���,'���|B,UP     i,,.���tn..r    won     i ,mur |Parade   from   Hyn'tsvllle.   Md..   a   su-'made   by  the  operators   to   "railroad" source  to  bring about peace.
Castro Lands Again in Verieruela and
Live  News May Be Expected.
Cincinnati, July 2\. A recapitulation ot the casualties which followed
the crashing or the motor cycle driven
by Odin Johnson lalo an electric light
pole at the I.agonn. Ky, motordrome
last night, shows that gasoline from
the tank of the cyt'dMNIlUed no fewer
than Hfi persons. Eight persons: three
men, three boys antl two women, are
dead; two others, a woman and a man.
cannot recover, according to The attending physicians; sev��ii others are
j in a serious condition and not yet out
of danger, while IS others smstalned
injuries pf a more or less serious nature. Herman Davis died Tonight from
'tits burns.
Corroborative evidence from a number of eye-witnesses appears to make
cert'ilu  that   It  was  Jobn-Ftni's darin-p
I in   attempting  to  pass  another
th" upper side of thr
Wilmstadt, July Sl. Hfport-R received here from revolntltmaTy
sources in Venezuela are to tl��' effect that the uprising In that repnlillc
started simultaneously last Monday in
several states and that General Cipriani) Castro, former president of Venezuela,  is leader or the movement.
The advices say that Cienernl Leon
Juardo, governor of the state of Pal-
con,  who  previously  was reported to
  track thtvt ;pic'lon
was the primary cause of tho accident. .
Vnrr-'nts  were Issued today at th"
Instigation     of     the     coroner,   which
charged   voluntary   manslaughter  tnul
were directed at  the
nt park
thing   very   Important   and   was  going)
to New York at once."
Banks on   Her  Servants.
Mrs llanati has refused to entertain j
t suspicion against the -2 servants ln |
her employ, but today admitted that]
tt was quite possible that some of the
���-'ervants had made acquaintances and J
thoughtlessly hnd given information
th"t the latter turned to account
The   more   thoroughly   lhe   matter
is  studied,  tt  becomes  clearer to the
detectives    that     the   robberies  weret
committed hy evDerlenoed thieves.
Several detectives were at work on
'he Hanan eaaa at the very hour of
the second robbery.
The selection of pieces at Mrs.
M'nKin's is also believed to have been
���Mil prate, eliminating an earlier
theory that It wns a hurried ioh.
Mrs.   Hanan   said   tonight  that   the
'hleves discarded a magnificent string
nt luffta   pearls  that  could  not  hnve
rider  '"'"" disposed of without arousing sus
three heads  of
the amusement pant.    Bond was given 1
for   the   men's   appearance   In   police
court  Saturday.
Anolhei- of the Same.
Watertown  N.Y.. July ,11     Two per.
sons were killed  tonight In  an  accident ilnrlng a motorcycle rucp held In
connection    with    the    "Old    Home
������- -  .---    -���. Week"   celebration  of  the   village  of
have been captured, escaped when the JTdtsrell,   St.   Lawrence   county.     The
rebels attacked Core), and  fled to ttif . ,i,,n,i ���r,, i nther Gilbert, aged 23, mo-
Interlor of the country, but that the tnrcycle rider, and Irvln Bartholomew,
military authorities of Com were ar  ��� ,n vears old. 11 ppectator
rested  and  Imprisoned.
Th" nice -k-ir run throuch the main
street, cf th" village. Gilbert and
t-h"i-le-   <-'._���,,.,������,���    ,1,,,   lv.r,
In Hot Weather Too,
Moose Jaw, July 81.    Major Simp* ] were snrctllng at a rote -.
rnn. J.I'., this afternoon Rave his de-   mil'"-- an hrur, wh-n Gilbert':
rision    in    the Moose Jaw Brewing struck i
company's onsc.    He found the brew-   to thc r
erv had sold bottles alleged to contain  ���"���i-w.c
a pint, which were three ounces short
He Imnosed a fine of J50.    It is pas
Bible that the case  wlll be appealed I
Horse's  Fatal   Kick.
Gi'diM'ich.   Ont.,    July    81,���Tnsnnh
Jllenhnrt,  six  years  old.  was  fatally;
Injured  while driving with his par-.
ents   this   morning.     Their   horse  be- J
came  frightened  and   kicked  the Inv.
v.-lio was sitting with hlfl back to the
fthmit r,n
^^^^^^^^^^       ���oichlne
cross-walk  and  hurled  him
d. klllln-g him Instantly. Bar-
rttshrd Into the road to dME
������������ r-'ttoM cvcllst onl of the wav when
Sharpiti In's  machine struck  him.
Family,   Pride   and   Friends  Tried
Save   Middteton's  Life,  But He
Couldn't Live.
New York, Jnly 31.-Five offerings
-f blood by members of the wealthy
Mlddleton ramlly falh d to save the
He of Lelghthourne   Mlddleton, who
tied this afternoon. I'or ten days he
Ud been at death's door with aplastic
-n-iemla, or poverty of blood, which
>- ruent transfusions were unable to
tppense, His father, brother, wife,
cousin and a college nit'te all have
ooured tholr blood into his veins with-
'n ten dnvs. Young Mlddleton wrr
flrrf rtrlcken on his weeding trln two
months ago. His bride gave 1", per
cent, of her blood supply atld his
mother wanted to add a like quantity
of her blood to that already sacrificed,
hut  physicians  forbade  It.
I utiuuilDg or a i-ucurd b-reamng cro
I al Que, tis parn ou lhat day w tieit
labor unions trom Vancouver, Victoria, tsioriu Vancouver and New
������vesunliisier, together witn l.mior
organizations from tlle lower uia.u-
iu..o, ..in juni a, celeoratiUg the annual  holiday.
i-uiii fc*,t.n��iig the program committee beld a mree hour session and
completed a hot ot tveirs, including
spoechmakiiig and sports, that win
seep tilings moving trom 10 o'clock
in tue morning until nndnignt, when
tne grand ball held in tlie agricultural
hail will come to u close.
.viayor Wray is expecied to be on
liana io mahe uu address of welcome
io the visitors, while Alderman Dodd.
li. A. Stoney, I). S. Cameron, pres.-
deiit of iiie .sew Westminster Trades
and lULbor council, R, I'. 1'ettipiece,
president ol the Vancouver '1 radea,
..uu i.auor counc.I, and Christian
Siverl, president of the or.LSi.
k.olumbia federation of Labor, wlll
unload their uraiory at different
periods throughout the day.
Lacrosse games lulweeti picked
loams of Vancouver and Wes.tiun-
ster, baseball games between Wl-bi
uunsttr and North Vanoouver, numerous tugs uf war. a real live bab..
snow of tne style tbat delights ever)
mother, aud outer items .oo numerous to ineuiiiii \.ill be listed on the
printed program, Which will be out
of the publishers bands within tlu.
iieit week.
Uverything Will be free that day at
the park, lhe general public will be
extended a coiu.al invitation to join
with the uuiou men and their wives
and friends iu order tu make tho
event an epoclunaker iu lower niuin-
lund unionism.
lhe uct meeting of tbe general
���ommittee will be held in tlle Labor
Temple on S-uiiiiiay evening at 8
., clock. i
burb   of  the   capital,   where   the   suf-'every   prominent   local   unionist.
fragettes were met  and  welcomed   by i    Seven   arrests   were   made   at     the '
the   members   of   the   senate   woman JRed Jacket   location  on   the northern
suffrage committee.
I border    of    Calumet     tonight,     wh-90
troops stationed at the shaft drove
away a crowd of strikers gathered
ubout the feom'e of William Car-
inichae}. a mine foreman. A scjuud
armed with riot slicks v. ;ts sent to
the place instruct od to keep the
crowds moving. Infantry reinforce-1
ments were held in readiness a I |
brigade headquwtera
Five Men Killed in Peculiar Wreck on
G. T.  R.  Near Ctler
Parry Sound, Out., July 81.���Five
trainmen were killed and three were
Injured when a (irand Trunk double
header freight train ran into a herd
of sleeping cattle at Beatty Siding,
four miles east of Otter Lake, at 4
o'clock this morning. Both locomotives and two cars were derailed and
toppled over. The victims were caught
in the debris and two of the bodies
have not yet been recovered Only
one of the wounded men. Lev Inge,
was seriously hurt.
The dead are A. O'Neill, fireman;
Fred Maxwell, engineer, of Depot
harbor; Brakeman Wilson, Ottawa:
Iw, R, Geneva; P. M. Batten, fireman,
lately from Kngland.
Patients from Steilacoom    Institution
Fight  Prairie  Fire and   Rescue
Woman  and   Baby.
^'ew   |t'-��   Erotic-v,
WtiohV'-t'-n,   Julv   81.    ' ending   an
ecouomv richt against more anproprta-
t'ons for puhllc meetings, Chairman
Pit? gem Id. of the house anproiirla-
tlonR committee, emerged from a Democratic caiioim today with a hilf vie-1
i-iry  over Chairman  Prank  Clark  ofj These C. P. H. Thefts.
th" public buildings committee. The: Moose Jaw, July Sl.���Z. Natanson,
litter's resolution to direct, the ap-: the Regina Junk denier who took part
���"���-onrlatlon committee to report a pub- with Sam Tadman, formerly of Win-
fetued (IS to til.! nlpetr and Brandon, In his adventure:
Geologists Gathering.
Ottawa, Jul) 31    The advance guard
of   the   International   Geological  congress delegates, numbering 70, arrived
this afternfton from Toronto.    Tomor-
Barcelona. July 81.- The striking
i textile workers have ignored all In-
| vltatlon Rent to them l.y the gover-
' nor of Barcelona for a conference.
(The police today estimated that 28,-
I (Hilt operatives from 19G factories are
I on s rlke.
The employers say they believe the
essentially a revolution
Too  Busy Whitewashing. .       	
law. July 81.  ���^��0��>W��lKn^lf���^-tiit--W��m<h-   In   Chicago,   wll,  give  evidence  here
building  apnro-   Monday      next      ngams
^^m0rnl^a1tec,af;'randJTrm:ki-V,one:',am.  aS  they have  no,    yet
seeing.    Mayor Bills ami  government I mand
ifflctalB  will welcome the  visitors to
the city afterwards.
Tacoma. July 31.��� Working at a
furious pace under a scorching sun,
16 patients from the Kort Steilacoom
asylum, directed by Superintendent A.
P,   Calhoun,    County     Knglneer    Hoy
Thompson   and   the   county   commissioners, toduy raved the lives oi two: m-r���
women and a baby, and thousands oi whll
dollars' worth of properly by digging
a trench  half a mile long across the
path of the worst prairie fire that has Chapman.  W   (1
VOLUTION  started in the vicinity of Tacoma this  MacKenzie and (
season. ���___
The woman and the bal e were in a
home threatened by the fire, praying,
at the time llr. Calhoun approached In
an automobile, lie dashed hack to tlle
asylum, marshaled a small army of
"trusties und rushed them to the fire,
which they fought with wet sacks,
trenching and back-firing. More than
100 aorrs of land were burnei' over In
und hour ind a half.
Mei-rhe.-s   of   Masonic   Order   Will   Be
Well Looked Af:cr in This City
Ne.-'-'.  Tuesday.
Knights Templar to the number ol
several hundred will visit New Wettt-
minster next Tuesday, spending tin-?
whole afternoon at Fraser Mills, tbt?
Colony farm and the salmon can
nerles. after which a dinner will fcki*
given to the ladles at the Itjss 11
hotel, while a banquet will be ten-Acred the Sir Knights at th* Hasonic*-
Temple. Agnes street.
The party, composed mostly -of
eastern business men and tb i -
wives, will leave Vancouver on speclul cars at 2 o'clock. On arrival ::
N'ew Westminster one section -11
Visit tlle largest lumber mill in Un
world, while the other will tman*. �����
the canneries  down  the  river.
Mayor Cray and  Alderman  Jar-lui ���
the    arrangements    commit!."',
the  reception   committee   consists of T. J.  Armstrong, J.  Sti!-veil
Clute, J. G. Gamon, R. Jardine. II. K.
McQuarri��.    1��.    K.
briatr. <
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Ban'-, of Otta'vn Changes.
The textile mills in neighboring!I Ottawa. July 81. Owing to ill
towns have Joined the walkout and, health, David Macl.areti has resigned
the operatives committee declare?) the presidency of the Bank of Ot-
the strike will become general. tawa  and   Hon. George    Bryson.    ct
��� ��� i l'ort    Cculonge,    has    been    elected
Night Clerk  Robbed. president in ills  place.    J.  B.  Praser
Burlington.     Out.,     July
night    clerk  at
Bryson    in    the    vice
was whttwTshlng a cattle guard on the
main line of the C. P, R. cast of here led   later  that   pnblL     ���
today when he wnR run down by the I priatlons   would   be   given   immediate I Natfltison  was  In  no  way
westbound imperial Limited.   Ha was I consideration  '
brought t 	
stated that ho cannot recov
by   thi'   appropriations!
d imperial i.imucu     di *y I ^"""^"-"wjth" the" view   to  recom-lR.. but the company relies 0
o (he hospital here and it hlgg���^ expenditures. I being an Important witness.
at ho cannot recover. mending lurmoi x-ttin*
Don't  Have to  Take   It.
Sf. Paul. July 31. -That newspape .... ----Mmmmmmmmmmm^^^^^^^���mmmm^^mm
have  a  right   to  decline  advertising;    Burlington,    Ont.,    July   81.- Kred succeeds    Mr
when they deem it objectionable, even , Klelsch,    night    clerk   at   the   Brant  presidency,
if tt ls submitted under a yearly con- j bouse, was held up during  the night,	
tract, is the effect of a decision hand-   while on duty nt the hotel and robbed | Hard On ihe Monks,
ed  down  today  lu  the  district   court] of $1400, according lo a report mode      I'aris, Julv ;il     Or. Pierre Roux, dl-
here.   The case came up when a local [ to the Hamilton police,   ll  was stated | rector   of   the   Pasteur   Institute,   re-
department store was sued by a paperIthat during the night two men enter-  ports that the experiments of doctors
Tadman. ito recover money due under a yearly  ed  tho hotel  and  held  Klelsch  up at   Nlcnli  and   Conseil   inoculating  mon
mpllcated'contract, which the store management , the point of a revolver.    They
n  the  alleged thefts  from  the C,  P. |had declared void because certain por- \ and  gagged  him  and  then  rifled  the  suited   In   producing  a   mild
Portland. Ore.. July .11.--Judge W.
S. Bean, in the federal court ludny.
denied the plea of the defendant
companies for delay until October 31.
in the filing of their answer io ttm
suit brought by the government here
to dissolve the alleged telephone
trust, nnd inbred that the answer
be filed not  later than September IS .
The defendants are The Amerii-Mi.
Telephone & Telegraph company, tfcf ���
Atlantic & Pacific Telephone company, tbe Pacific Telephone tt Telegraph company, the Sunset TeW-ufcim
oompany, the Mountain States Tele
phone & Telegraph company and the
Independent Telephone company. ��rf
These companies are t**atti-rrti
thn ugh Oregon. Washington, California, Montana and Idaho.
o'n hlni as | tlons of Its advertising copy had been jcash   register.
'rejected by the paper.
I to the guests.
mum pa,
  form of I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The  money  belonged  tho disease which  gives them Immu- ' Federation hns called off the propoKf*.
Inlty from the more severe attacks.      i strike ot miners In South Africa.
Strike Called Off.
Johannesburg, July 31.--The "Hraden
/ ������
An. hMopmufnul morning paper devoted to the interests of Sew Westminster and
imt** *-*-.-..*.f Vai.ey. Published every morning exrept Sunday by the Sational Printing
m*\d PxtMiihmg Company, Limited, at 83 McKenzie Street, Sew Westminster, British
���Cat****.'!*** ROlttl  aVTliERLASD,  Managing  Director.
AU i^'ttHMumcation* should be addressed to The Sew Westminster Sews, and not
en itiaii.--idm.-til members of the^ataff. Cheques, drafts, and money order*, should be made
fswjj-nhu- to The Sational Printing and Publishing Company,  Limited.
TKLt-PllOSES���Business office and Manager, 9'j'J,' Editorial Bourns lall depart*
���t**t**tCM |.   991.
���miiSCRIPTIOS RATJS8-~By carrier. $4 per year, $1 for three month**, 40c per
��f��m/ft-     Bv maii, $3  per year, 25c per month.
ADYB&TtSINQ RATKS on application.
NffDS 111 TO
Question   cf   NaturaM-ation     of    Men
Making   Claims   Raised   at
Cealinf)   Inquiry
Important Happenings
In Our Own Province
Victoria, July 81.���The question of
naturalization of  men making claims
, for compensation came up before the
sealing commission again and .lusticni
Audctie. pointed out that a nice point
, was   raised   when   the   naturalization I
ilook place subsequent  to some of the |     During   the   second
[years   for   which     they     claim.     His   July  the  Granby   smi
Lordship   Intimated   that    ln>   would}   treated   ���J-J.T'Jl   tons
take time after this point was argued,
to  make up his mind ns to  whether
tho   period   of   domicile   required   before naturalization could be admitted
as   a  set   off  to   tlle  fact   that   at   thr)
time they were so engaged ihey were
not   British subjects.
Later in ihe  day   Mr.  Vaiighan ell-
cited   Information   from  Captain   Al-
The British trade commissioner for Canada has presented to the board of trade in London a report which tells
in dollars and cents and percentages the wonderful tale
��>f the Dominion's expansion during the past ten years.
The commissioner goes still farther and figures out for the
iii-rtefit of the old country bond buyer the immense amount
paid in interest and dividends to British investors in Can- f'''1 McDougal in regard to the whai-
i in-; industry tending to show lhat Iho
Hua. | whaling   business  did   not   provide  a
The report made to the board of trade in London is1*1--'**11""' "or sealing men, but the
thorough and authentic and, presented in such a quarter,:������ """"' '"'"'"' '   !"
cannot fail to exert a tremendous influence in Canada's
favor. It show that for the year 1912 the Dominion's total
external trade exceeded one billion dollars in value; that
in the last ten years our imports have trebled, our exports increased by 73 per cent., our bank clearings by 350
per cent and our customs revenue by 200 per cent.
Figur.ofe of that sort, reliable and exact, give the investor the means of judging the Canadian field in the only
satisfactory way, by results.
no necessity to labor this
Captain Augustus Whidden,
claims $1*41:1), explained that a cap-
taiti's salary began perhaps a month
hefore the sailing of a schooner and
continued after for ten days. He had
alternated sealing with steamboating,
and had been part owner of a gasoline haul in tin Skeena river in 1909,
had been prospecting in the Yukon
coast, bul had not
had   also   tried   sea
While  bathing  i"  the    Thompson,
river ahout   (wo  miles east  of here a
young man employed in  Ihe Hank of
It. N, A��� whose name is Hugh  It. Q.
Jones,     of     Wrexham,     Wales,     was'
drowned ln a very unaccountable man- !
iter.     The   slough   of   the   Thompson
where the misfortune took  place Is a
favorable  bathing    place  for  towns- i
people and hundreds enjoy them&elves
there during the hot weather.
seven days of
ter in this olty
f ore ol' whloh
amount 21,980 tons were from the'
Granby mines and 741 tons from foreign properties. In the same period
Qranby shipped 47,ou'i pounds of blister copper.
During the period from January 1
to July 21 of this year the Granhv
has siiii'lted n total of 698,979 Ions of
ore, of which amount 886,655 tons wore
from the Qranby mines and i.'.l'i' tons
from other properties. In the Bame
period Granby has made and s!iip,i"d
a total of 11,968,597 pounds of blister
The   City   Police   have
to   vacate  the   provinc
courthouse  quarters  by
government,  a  temporary
B, Smith Is now directing the Installation work. About six horse power will
he necessary to drive the plant, and
the government Is providing the material necessary for a line, which the
council will install, from the power
house to the packing house. Fruit
will be cooled during the day, and will
be In the best of condition for shipment In the evening or the following
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Mr.   Justice   Morrison     Hands     C
Jud-m-nt that   Rnlty  Deal
is  lllci.il
II. *  I'. O, of Qllkl uf tie- ll. uf (.'., ume
th.* first and third Thursday at x n. in.
K. of I'. Hull, Eighth streeL A wall
Hiny. Exalted Ruler; I'. 11. Smith, Bat
en ord 'red
jail    and
bastlle hf.'
An old timer says there still is hope for a salmon run,
hut hope never filled cans.
Two women who interfered to stop a street
in an eastern city, are both in the hospital.   Peacemakers | to"*
���ire blessed, but sometimes they get hurt.
When it comes to going after an electric line between this city and Coquitlam the municipal council there
sticks to its course like moss to the old oaken bucket.
The Victoria city council has arrived at the conclusion that handing its consulting engineer $1000 per month
is too much like paying roast turkey prices for hash.
Some of the eastern dairymen want Sunday milk
trains and some don't, which puts the railway commission,
to whom the dispute has been referred, in a tight spot.
When the U. S. senate and congress committees get
through with Martin Mulhall that individual won't have
enough private information left to keep him out of jail.
The New Jersey board of health has passed a consignment of frozen eggs three years old. The mosquito
chastjrs don't seem to use much judgment in dealing with
hen fruit.
a com-
so that
The Dominion government is establishing
y.i'W seismological observatory in this province
it may lh' an!:- in distinguish miniature earthuakes from
.shocks caused hy prominent citizens falling off the water
and up I he
made much.
lion hunting.
Stephen   linker,   who  claims  $1798,
had been mate and hunt' r from- 1892,
and had brought the Director and the
Florence  M.   Smith   round   the   Horn.
In 1902 h" had worked at the Srchart
j whaling  station,   on   the   Quadra   tor
ti months in 1905 and on  1'ghthouseU
fiffh*|   for  the   four  succeeding  years,     Ha
-*���    ''was now a carpenter's helper at SJ.n'i
to   $3.00   a   day.     He   stated   that   :i.
mate  need   not   be  a   navigator on  a
vessel under 100 tons.
Couthem Ceals
Mr. Angus, Darting, mate and hunter, had a sealing career from llitlB
to 11)11. He caine round the Horn in
1905, sealing on the way. and had
previously made four voyages off the
north cost to seal off the Hiver Plate
and the Falkland Islands. They got
mere seals in theBe waters than in
the Pacific, hut not so valuable, averaging to the hunter Vi a skin. He
Bad, since 1912, heen Bteamboattng
and fishing, anil was still engaged
in the latter pursuit, lie conld keep
1 himself for $5 lo $6 a month while
fishing and living on his boat.
Quen Goon Ting, a Chinaman,
claimed t'.mii. His naturalization pain rs, like those if Mr. Wilkie. which
were now put in, showed him to have
been naturalized after some of the
yiars for which lhey both claimed.
Ting had heen a cook, earning Iroin
$4."i to $r,r, a inonth, and before going
sealing had leased considerable acreage irom Joseph lVniberion and Mrs.
Bowker for market gardening in the
neighborhood of Cadboro Bay.
He and his partner did not consider
there was enough money in tht business now to go back to it. He had
learned to cook in about six months,
���md tin*- year had been suffering rrom
rheumatism in hi-, ieet and unable to
P.  R.
An interesting question has been raised in a Montreal
--court as to whether a drug fiend, when deprived of the
dope becomes insane and therefore cannot be held respon
sible for a.crime committed when in that state.   1
\ ou can't hold him responsible, but you can hold
;m asylum.
him in
Oeorge   Mercer   Dawson,   the   eml
.��� el Canadian geologist, was born In
���>,!. N, S , sixty   !*'i:;* >'*:irs ago to
la?     Hc  was  th,*  eldest   ;"ti  ot  Sir
\   nam ���'   l '.!������* *i��!i. ai.'" li '��� rnatlonal
*.  f.imou.-. .-ie a *-���' 'logical Investigator
��� i xplorer. The dl itlngulshed Bon
ol a dlstlngui: ie ; faint r ���'��� i ��� educat'
���id at McCllll university, and afterward
ologj   :it  tlw  Royal  Si hool
I Mn.i e ..*i London    Hi-- 11 h ils I   al
���   ainments, even  at  tin:  am*, maj   be
��� I fn ��������� the : t that I on the
i "*:,e  o1   Cornwall's  si h >lan    p  and
:".' arded the Murchls in med
uli *.". ::ttd ilie Forbes nu dal In p :'������
��� ".,,'.   At the ;.*.*'���    f twi     ���  t* ur
,: une   gi ologiet   and   nn  i       I
i, -   the   North   Ami rli ,. indarj
- .       , . glon, ai.'l  pul 111 hed the
��� .,   ���    i iin i     undi :-   t'i*    : :
Hi I'l'.vv and !'���'��������� urce   rf tin
. I arallel " Ft un 1876 io 1880
is i dgaged in sin ��t ys ai d ���
i ,*i in the Northwi st Ti rrll ir es
ind British Columbia, and made elaborate and highly useful report, on the
:-.i.\ measures ot tne west In 1887 he
headed tht Canadian Yukon expedl
tion. -and in 1*'.U he was one of the
members of the Behrlng Sea commls-
...uti which h vestlgated tit'- Real tlsh-
Frif-iH. Im 1895 he was appointed chief
illnv-.-tm ol the Canadian geological
������msy. lu the meantime li" had been
fenanrofl wtfh th" presidency of the
Rojrti Hot-hAy of Canada and di loral
���it -wttli i!," Order or Salnl Michael
. - i,ei rge He dli tl In Ottawa
rn ' "���', al ��� ut ��� It !������' a months after
his rath* r h id bre ttht d his laBt.
the bankers the rate
an amendment to the act
the  lasl  session    of    the
more  than  that   Imposed
op nton <
struck by
I assed   Ml
I:: "ISe    v.as
h) anj of tin1 other provinces and lr
i*. nsequence could nol be regarded
ae fair and equitable,
According   to  the  :��*t   at    it.    now
stands   the   batiks   paj   :���   "head-tax"
ol   Jl.".""   r r   lead ���     offices   and   a
smaller   rei    (or  branch   offices,   and
in addition to that th to is a special
rule levied  upon  their  business     Mr
i. *��� tan   Bnd   othi rs
this bi . ��� i i    ' hargeB
of  wlin   is chat
other  t lai es,  und   n
i rnmeni   i"  reconsld
.North Vancouver. July .11. "Order
will provide that work he completed
within one year."
The foregoing is the wording of a
telegram   reclevod   by   .Mayor   Hanrs
i* ni a  li. Cartw right, secretary of tho
ei'ha|i.-'   'allwai   commission,    respecting    the
conditions upon  which  the Canadian
Pacific   Railway   company     will     be
nt'd approval of   their   right of-
w.'iy on the north .-hire
Not being sure of the exact state
Of aiTairs the mayor wired the rnni-
mlssion asking what time limit, if any,
had been placed upon the railway
���ompany in which to start constrnc-
'.lon of thi ���* ltn* im North Van-cam er.
and the reply tfas received a very
sh"' while later In the above terms
While ihei* ��� i :, ith ng to gun -anti i
that the ci mp mj ������*. Ill Btart the con
��� '���* ctit ti of tht Ir line on th ��� north
shore within tl *��� time limit nlaci d
upon them hy the railway commission
It, nevertheless, puts .North Vancouver
ont    di tl   11 al   in n fortified p sltlon from being sub
v, is  iii  excess
alnsl  them  in
��� I   the   gov
���r  th'*  matter.
ected li anj tli a s which might be
���"���":���' " 'l "i'i*:-' * thi Interest - of thi
north t her.* ;    tn :* rmi r years,
A'J.K   TAX    R-aiJ'.TION
R   V    Rid * . :   thi   appo nti ��� ��� :' the
lUh     I tO I       '*'*' d   \V     I    (lilies
pie  : '  tli"  poi it' n  of  r illt '���  magls
. i: illib ii  for  :!i ii   posll lon  and
ifter ;��� rt v ew of the nffslrs and * on
��� 1 tli i -  "t   th"  cltj    ���   lied   tie-  thn p
city officials b< fore him for a mutual
Real Estate Deal.
Among the recent  rt al ei I ite deals
of Interest is thai of a sab* of a live
acre tract   in ll sin "t to Miss Iva l>
Smith by .1   S. frilly     Miss Smith wlll
erect o i*' sldence on the i Ite at once
h" ine  already  lei   the contracl   nud
will erocl another next spring    Mlssi
Smith was recenll)    from Vancouver,
lut came a ft �� months ago from New
Mill Working.
The Norwood shingle mill resumed
up'T.-it "��� s  list  Saturday  followlns  n
long    ' ul  down    'i ii"  mill  in w has
���     >!.:!���      boll     Bl       '.     In     '*���   "1  lie' s
*   :'.'-.*���  i'lil the ti' mh   ��� lii ' e In pi
:   rati   . day ai tl  nl
Lar--    ("racks    ii
'ork    cf
l-c3d:*-:g  rinan;icra  Intervif- Govern
merit���Matter   Left  Over
Victoria,   July   31.   The     Banket '
Will 111 In ii  of   the   province  bad  an
intiTviiiw with the provincial
liwnt in  exet tithe  Wednesdaj   in or-
der  to  protest  agalnsl   the   pn
���I wwiiiiiiiil   levied    agalnsl    bankltifi
���vnsrtitutiona In the pr  vince,
cussion on tlio various pi It
lasted n  considerable   i nt
ti.Tivarils  i!   was decided  to  li  l'
raatu-r for further consideration.
Mr. HiichMii. ui the Bank of f
'.iltiiri, Vancouver,  bonded t'i" deputa
tion,' ������.'iiii h cot I     *' **i  nn..ib*������!��� of  hi
��V> ir>i.!in.i: banking ���  [It lata of 'the t r
ytviiro"     Ue polnl   I    111  thai in tin
: -,  ",irj to  Read:
, .* ;i",\ -.j aper glvi *
advertising In ordei
 t   or  church
i r fi.
��� *
: ��� *,'. hich you are Interested
keep i ef th"  number  of  I
Lhal  uro  printed  week  by  week
you a lot
to boom
niiiltlplj   thai  nutt lit i
idvcrtlslliR i'i'.  oi 11
p    .   the
' .   value
by tht
i lorn
'  i, Jul    11     : .* * l irgi   crack i
In Ihu n. �� li li lej l cone ������ ������ brlcl * ���
acrt si the can il at Bank 'tr   have
��� ;*.:** il iveu rise to the fear
thai the br An* u..i\ not be Bafe for
������ars or nt lenal will nol be all li
Bhould be win ii completed
It is pt Bslble thnl the new bid :*.
may tak" n place with the recently
constructed aqueduct as another monument to civic mismanagement In Ot-
ta" ' during tho Ust few yi ara.
The . rack * In the new bridge are
Bun lj . mln ua in their proportions,
There Is one un eneh sei" of the
south end i r th.- Btrueture, running
diagonally through the sides of the
bridge sit aside for pedestrian traffic
TheBe cracks are Beven or elghl
yards In length and around them the
bi 'I " has Bunk away.
City F"*- ii' or . urrip bus mnde *��� *
��� ral vi-iia to lhe brldg * since hi.i
coming to the city and haa \ ������������ ��� i
disc iproval of differenl things about
iis coii itrucl'on, However, as it 11
nearly coni| lett d now, ll is Impossible tn make any changea without t.*nr
iiiu'  the  Btrui ture  down, *,
The ct niiii' lets building tho brldgn
nt" the firm  of .limes nnd  Olrouard
The   StrtlCl   11 "    WSS    tO   llilVe   been   ee|;|
pleti .1 dm Ing Maj bul much work
has to b   done un il    *
been lltted up in Lawaon'a warehouse,
where unruly Individuals will be Ink.
en to meditate upon the folly of mixing beer and champagne, or other productions if Bacchus. The city iisse,-
sor's office will be used as p court
room. The arrangement is but temporary, ns it is the intention to S"-
cure a private residence, with a base
ment, to serve as both court room and
prison, until the long-suffering city
council can dispose of some debentures nnd ":< . t a city hall, tire and police station worthy of this fair city.
John Thompson, Newcastle Town-
site, veteran resident here, is cele-
ibrating his 78th birthday anniversary.
He was one nf the old original arrivals
by the Princess Hoyal, in the veer
1861 This old Staffordshire miner
i from Brlerly Hill engaged in the pits
here, worked on the timbering of No.
1 shaft, and continued mining until
27 years ago, when he accepted a position with the Dominion government, being engaged at the post nili.*.���
Inland revenue, etc., until recently,
when he retired into private life an
superannuation after enjoying a trip
to the old country as a passenger o
the Princess Patricia, hlfl good lady,
who is still hale und hearty, accompanying him on the journey to t'i"
motherland haunts to visit old friends
and scenes.
Following the dissatisfaction and
criticism which hns been leveled
against the members of the hospital
hoard, that body nu-t the other afternoon in the council chamber in the'
municipal hall and after excluding th"
press from the privilege of hearoiE
their deliberations passed a resolution
which practically cave then: lit; *'i
ninre days to hold office.
This resolution was to l'n- effocl
that the present board was only i pro
visional one m d now that It had * ,.
pletcd Its worl of organizing the h* -*���
pital and Beti lhal organli a ' in
up *n a firm Bnai    al basis, il   ������������'.
elded io call b  publlt   mei  ol
those Interest, d In the work for I
I'.'h nf August, nnd at that time to
present n report of their activities and
tender their ri signatlons, whereu p
the new board would bn elected to
permanently take care of the affairs ol
the hospital
The  refusal  of  Or     McOregor    to
eend patients to t'i" hospital 1ms it: .**
wny InfTnenced the action of the boat '
nlthough   tb.".*   would   have  held   ol
fin* temporarily in any ca :t
One hundred thousand dollars ��������� i"
be invested by the British   folunih :t
Copper company m the erection   if b
concentrator at tfre Volght proi It *.
near Princeton, Il C Satisfncl i* te-
stilts obtained by diamond dr Ding and
other Investigations that have iro-
ceeded for nearly two yeara on the
Volght and otht r propertlt a have
promoted this action. These Investigations iir" i":�� ������'' ���! to have
: h.,*\ n bit*---" bnd * - * ' ore ������ ������ rrj
lng 1 '���.��� to '-" ��� P'1!" '',;' copper nud
about ?'_ In ������- Id to tlie tot     It ft cal
i   ���'   ti ���!   :      t the Till I    ���     '*   ill   :.   "
f thl    .*    * '* R  !*<-���'  'Ul      .*,';.* ,.],   .
Rmll P   V" 'VI t, thi , ���    *!  *  '���:'
:*,    ���, ���  ��� : i ���      *.* d had  b   *** ��� d
time to 1   ��� ���* *: " cl iin       111   . will  be
'!'.   chii I h *i lictary through tho  rent i     i      bond!   ! .  the  !:- I
1       abla (' I**""   cor pany,  hli.   t   n
:t*:ii t  c illing for tho -> ���* men!  uf  -'��� ,* ���
eral hundn d I    ������ *n i  .' liars
I luring the last '���������:���  \\ ei ks, <������������ 'r.i ������
t t -  have  been   pusj   putting   nnlr'i
ing   tin hi b   nn   the   nt ��     prnj
,      ll'*'      h  '"    '       '  "   ''I'!'.        *'      Ite       I*  */.'  .
Bh irtly the staff to occupy sar-i ��� wil
be mo*, ing fnto their palatial burnt ,
F   If  Sheppsrd, M P  for the count?.
i.i Kanaimt . was In ti *. * ret ent lj  fot
a tew  hours consulting with dlfforenl
prominent  persons    Interested In tin
developmbent   of  Sidney  nnd  ���:isi i-i.-r
Mr  Sheppard Btated that the   *      r.i
men I  hnd  promised   many    Impnve-
mer.tB u *��� tho dlstricl and in I* ������    ������
��� ��� i] appropriations wore pftssed al the
ins'  ceeslon  of  the  Dominion  house
'.'In   several  works for  ivfiii-li   ipnrn-
prlatlons wer.* made, win be completed
by the end of the yenr. The wharvt i
nt Saanlchton snd Deep Cdve wlll be
constructed without delay.   Tho la id
iuK for launches al  Roberta Bay will
be commenced m an a irly date. Plana
are In lng prepan d for the R'dnej ��� ith
lie bulldlnga and t* nders wlll ur*.'',' '
1 .��� cilli ���'. ft '��� In thi   ���" ���*��� ��� future C ibl.
''oi ,' ei li 'i   I    tn   th iiu   Island   *
James I   a id  * ot Idi tl for ���* id '
: trni-tio'i.- have been f    vardi I to '.'
local dominion Bupcrlnl nrii tii of fel
ographa  to proceed  with  this    v. irk
w Ithout di lay.
\  mnt( r nnd nth. t In  ** I, pul
b *. s. fittings, etc., ' i   ar Ived fn:* 'he
p     . ,:: ��� :*1       : OVemmi in       -i, I    ''
planl which Is bt     ��� ���    tl :      d here
Victoria, July Sl. Ol a special interest is a judgmenl recently handed
down by Justice Morrison In Simp
sun el al va. Pnestler. In which the
defendant's claim that* a real estate
iransai-i on entered into bn a Sunday
is illegal, and therefore null and void,
is upheld.
The learned judge dismissed the
action on the ground thai section 5
of the lord's Hay act, applies to Vancouver Island. This Boction reads as
"II shall not be latvful for any per
son on the Lord's Day, except as pro
vlded herein, or In any provincial acl
or law now or hereafter In fore., to
sell or off.f,- for sale, or purchase any
Koods, chattels or oilier personal pro'
pi rty. nr any real estate, or in carry!
on, or transact any business of his or
dinary calling, or for gain, to do or
employ any other persons to do. nn
thai day, any work, business or la I
Although the case is not preclselv
parallel. Justice Morrison's finding
is accepted as In distinct conflict
with that of Magistrate George Jay,
who dismissed a certain prusi CUtloll y\
against certain local dealers for enn
traventinns of the Lord's Hav act, in
keeping their business establishments
open nn Sunday The magistrate
took the position that the Dominion
legislation unequlvocall) sets forth
that it shall not be taken ns over rid
Ing any existint; provincial statutes
concerning Sunday observance.
He followed this up by pointing l
the fact that there is a Sunda\ observance act nit tb" liritish Ct h::i bli
statutes, and thai aa it declares tha
Its provisions shall apply only lo thi
mainland, it must bav.* been tii" n.
tention  of  the  provincial  leg'slatore
that   Vancouver  Island  should  l v
empt.   Therefore the Lord's Daj  net
by its own terms, was not appllcabli
Cuit  in  Question
The suit heard before Justice Mnr
rlson  had  reference lo a  real  estati
deal,   alleged   to   have   bt    ��� nti red
into   between   William   Simps il    ���     :i
and Edmund Poestler    'lii" latter l:<
the   owner   of  certain   lands   In   the
Clayoquot   district,   on   ihe   r������*' ind't
wi st const    Tin* i lainl tight an
or Ier,   declaring   the
I,,    il.    0.
M..    NO.    8M.���MUBTB CM.
flrst, Set
,ii.i. tiitm and fourth We.in.��
day    in
each    month    at     ti    p.   m.
in   the
M....S..   Homo.    11. .t     Leamj
P.     El.    Junes,     Becretary
II, .Hill,ill
Iters    Of    lodge    111    See    House
corner o
Fourth and Carnarvon streeti
O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���Tb
regular meeting of Amity lodge Ni
27, I. O. O. !���'., Is livid everv Mulida
night at �� o'clock ln Odd Fellows' 11*1
corner Carnarvon and ISIffhth streeti
Visiting hrothern cordially Invite-*
It. A, M mile vv. NC : It VV. SnnBSl r
V. U. ; W. C. f'o��ili:iin. P. (1.. r-'W'
lng secretan .1. W. MacDonald, flume
eliil  seeii'lary.
t.r * "���mnn. Ltd )���Funeral itlrectoi
nn.l embolmers, Purlers 406 Columol
street.    New   West minster.     Phons   9��l
\v E FALHB���Pioneer Funeral Dtr.-cio
and K'-'.nim.r. iii*i-(ti8 Agnes stree
opposl.o Carnegie Library.
1 Tel.     II.
128,   ll n   -.
I tar
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)   $16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
New fniiiidlaud, and tu Loudon, K.ug
land, New Vork, Chicago and Hpokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted batten
iof Credit Issued, available with correspondents In all parts of the world
Savings Hank Department -DepoBits
received ln siimi of $1 and upward
md Interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
intiiiiii (present rate).
Tidal Assets over IlKC.nnn.uitii.no
O,  I).   BRYMNBR,   Manager.
Royal Bank
Incorporated 1869.
Capital   Paid-Up    $11,560,003
Reserve   Funds    $13,000,000
A Oeneral Banking
Business Transacted.
New  Westminster,  B.C.,  Branch.
P, II. Snit'li W   .1. QroVM
H'erk   undertaksn    m    city    and    outaU
notnts.   211-13   Westniiiister   Trust   Bid)
Phon.'   364.     P.   O.   I1"X   507.
Snle. Deeds, Business Letters, etc.; dr
cular work specialist All work sulctlj
eoiiii'l'nn ii II Barry, room im West
minster Trust Hlk.    Phone 1H2.
ster Board of 'Prude meets In the '.iciir'
room, i'ity Hall, as fellows: Third Frl
day of each month; quarterly msettni
on the third irl.lity of February, Maj
August and Nov. mher ut H pai. An
mini m.-etlMRS om tlu- ttilr-1 I-'rldny o
February. U II. Btuart Wade, setrrr
ti   ��� ���   valid  and  sub latins     Tl *   d
( ndanf answere I with th.   assertini
among ntln rs, lhal the aa ���
ferr d   to   ��:i -  nnten I   inti  ot
d'iv    June   n     ' '1 :     ,t ��� I ro .
i- r Hi" Lord's Day acl    Thl
of   ti'e   ch^ef   ground t   i*:*    i ;
asked   to  have   the   alb ired   i
s"t aside, and it is lhe pi   nl on
IFs  Lordshln bases his dlsmlst il
Justice    Morrison    Introduces
judgment  with  the  explanation   ���
"the short  nuini   Invi Ived  In FiU ai
tlon is whether an agreement  for tin*
sale nf land,  madn on  Sunday,  I
l"*-'al." l'e first deals with the nrovln
c'al   lo'-islalinn.    nnd    then    v  th    the
Lord's  Day act.
Cl >i;lt< H*I,I��    CHANT
i Intern, Sollukor*, etc
Mew W< Bt minster, I
*:,   J. ii. Grant   A,
t  MeCObJU ha��
in I.orn<- Strt*
j. B. Corbould; I
K.  MeColl.
ter-at-law, solicitor, etc. Telephon
lo7o. r��i*��i'' M'lt!r��'H8 "Johnston
Po*Ip, "Weiteni l'nlon." Offices, Bit1
Block. BBS Columbia street New Wtm
mtnster, B. C.
Blufl ��� Barristers and BoUcttorOf Wesl
minster Trust Hlk.. Columbia streel
New Westminster, R C Cable ortdres
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. C
Drawer 200. Telephone ��9. w. :
Whiteside, K. C.; H. U Edmonds, r
COAL MINING rights of th.- Uimlnloe
In Mtri!-'t"i, SaskiiLchtiwiin mni Alb*'rta,
tb��> fukoa Territory, the Northwest Ter-
( rlterles nml In a i>ortion of the I'rovlno*
i nf Kritish Qotoawa, muy bt* leased for a
I terra of ;w^niy-tni��< jreari nt on mmual
i rental al ll an acr*-. N��.t mot�� than ti.%-%
' acres win b* leased to im�� applloant
AppUaalsou for a leaae muMt tn* made
by thp ;i;ilu-��nt In p**r��on tn th" A^'-rit
i ��>r Sub-.\i��'nt of the ilwtrlct tn which Ujf
; rlffhti appttod for are situated
In SOJfSMd ti-rrliory tbe hun) must rtt
I dascrtbed t��y eeotlons, or legal sub-diiri-
1 stun of sostlwai. and in unsurveyed ter-
, rUory th*1 trart ap(>hwl for Snail b��
: stsked uut hy the applicant himself.
Back    'iF'! It'-iMi'ti    mu.l    bc   a-'���-���m;��iiiili-4
; by u  tv** of  $6  whtcli will bi" refund^ If
the   rlKhtfl    ui 11-1   fur  are   not   available,
but   n<��t   Mfct-rwtH*1.     A   royalty   ntuill    b^
paid  ��n   tbe   nhTcbanUttih1  output   of   thu
. nxin** at ttu* rate of five oeats per ton.
i in- peraon u|����-ratiiiK the mine shall
. furnish the A|e<t-nt with nw��ni n-turns
acoountlng for tin* full quantity of rner-
chaataUe ooal mined and pay the roy-
i .tiiy thereon. If ths ooal mining rights
I are not betas; operated such returns should
1 be   furnished  at   least  once a  year.
Tbe  letiM  wttl  tnclude  the  cv.ii   nilninff
i rlKhta  only,   tait   the   leasee   will   b*i   per-
| mltted   to    [iuivhuMi-    whatever    avullatilt
��� surface   rlKhlH   may   be  OOTMldercd   DSOaS
j miry  for tne working of the  mine at tbs
iitte of   i; '   an  jut ���
l:*or full  Information applloatlon ehould
j be  made to the  RecretHT/ of the  lx*i*art
I -nent   of  the   Interior,  Ottawa,  or   to  anj
1 Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion  lands
Deputy Minister of the Interior.,
N.  B.���-Unauthorised publication of this
i  idvertlsemenl   will not be paid for
BTTLWELL CLUTK, Barrister-at-Urt
solicitor, etc.; corner Colombia �����
McKensle ptreetH, New Weminkistei
B.  C.    P   O   llox   112.     Telephone   711
Cateriillaro,   Cold   V/ealhcr   and
Drought   Ruin   Frul*   in  Otta ���
Bolicitor and NpJary. Offices lt��r
hlook, -" Lorne street, N*w Westmlu
st. r,  IJ. C.
Barristers and Sollrftors. fl'tTi t.i ii l
Westminster Trust Hlock- Q K Mai
tin, W, i'i. MoQuarrte and Oeorge I
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg
of all  kinds.
Prices right
n guaranteed
Transfer Co.
)fflo��   Phon*   !8f).       Barn   Phon,   IJ
B��-jhl�� Slrct. '
Httuxait-K Dellveia-i Promptly lo
any part nf the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Ottawa, July ::,. I ho apj l ��� crop
i'i thla dlBtrlcl la an absol itc [allure,
according to tarmi m who broughl
l roduce t < > the local inai i.'i
'Haven't you any applea?" ��:is a
cuM'siii.ii otten inn t>> would be un
>li ii.-i.
���"I hero ain't tm apples,'" i ame the
reply, ' and there a n i goln' to be anj
Them  darned  cati rplllara
The caterplllara are bt Ing blan t 'I
for iiiiiki things jusl no��. but tho
farmers admit thai the cold weather
at blossoming time, and thai droughl
tli.it rnllnwiil were responsible in
bi tni' measure for the rallure of the
The government crop report for
June blamos the scarcity of the crop
on :i k'nrt nf Bcab thai la bs 'l to have
appeared on the appli a. 	
[���"armors who wero questioned said 	
ihat  tliey   knew   nothing  about   :hi,' i ',itv nr nf.w w(stminstfb
llut there wi rt
n;,'irl("t    One rn
ones, bul they It
five  cents  ti   k;i
The plum crop Is nlmi ������) ��������� i bad
ii.'l ns tor pears, whenever there I..
*ii apple failure pears .*ii" Btire to
li":ir the apples company. In facl all
frull Is going in In- scarce this year,
i"i* the orop In prior not only In this
district, bul nil over Canada. Even
in the N'::n.'*ii*:i district trull Is '*i'*'*'i
scarcer than usual ��Ith tho
'   ceplIoi   of  pi it*
some apples on the
Ier had o few stiiitll
nkt il good, T**. ni'*
Ion   was  asked   for
B.C. tol Service
rnr Vlniiiiln in a. in
fur Stettin 10 a. m
fill'  Nun.iliim  Id
Leaves Vnnr��
2 i>. m, and 11
Leaves Vnrn
mul   1 1   n. m.
Leavi a Vatu
nd d ;80 p.m.
Lefivea  Vnnoouver
! ib!.-   nnd   Northern   point*
duys  nnd   -Ffntiirdaya
i n
n   m
11   imi
ti. ni.
Wed nos
To Port  Mann and Port Coqultlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Daily  Except Sunday.
As Per Following Schedule:
Leaves New Westminster for Port
Mnnn  8:00 a.m.
Leaves Port Mnnn for New West-
minster 9:00 a.m.
Leavea New Weatmlnster fnr Port
Maun niul Port Coqultlam lnoo a.m.
Leaves Porl Coqultlam for Port
SLiiin nml New Westminster 1 no p.m.
Leaves New Westminster fur Port
Mann ", 80 p.m,
Leavea Pnrt Mann fnr Ni'w West-
ninsti.r T:i"l p.m.
Leaves New Weatmlnster for Port
���itinii :iiui Port Coqultlam i*:t�� p.m.
Leaves Port CotfQItlam (or l'ort
���Linn and New Westminster B.tli) p.m.
Schedule subject to ciiungn without
j lotloe.
For further  Information  inquire:
; Fraser River Ferry & Navi-
I nation Co., Ltd.
; Phone  1M L.    Office 903 Columbia 8t-
1 . . .  i
Real Etate anil Insurance.
Notary  Public.
j Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Weatmlnster. B.C.
have four tniliiH dully anil
J hi tin* Bin ii|>i's*t rate going
i"  iv* (ti rn points,    bul    n>
ill thi" actual in
ni any  fa    r thai    nn t
��� nit     !  *    ���
*W*9 |V    -;:
UT1      Dl 1     f
I he rlaygroutjd cy
White, 5bi!w*rio.,
*****   =,     ctillliwacK Service
K     I i ,.*,,,  :���' iiliwaclt   I   a
���    '   *��� '���> I * ...   ,ii n '' *,
n ''������-   8
nnd  .
I Vt   ,;. * . ii.'V
!���"���   i.  ��� i|
:   ���������:   r ,     ������    13. I
poinlB,    Wo ;n"
��� ��������� nusbip   I no
uilu i* partlcnl i. ii
GOULET, Agent,
Now Wesimiustar
N'-w Wi itmlni ti
a.. Vancouver,
ll, W, dnoniE. a, r. A��� Vancouver. FRIDAY, AUGUST 1, 1813.
-S.UH   THStl
Iof bran und Insict meal before them j
| at all  tlmt a.    Adu  some  bent  scrap, I
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B        i unless   bugs  are    plentiful.    Another
Tiir r/wi/r nnihir i l"{'11 tnat wl"***'*���' ""* piac'��,,f beet
I ML  LUWj  UUIIlU   .     "'''' iH Bour mllk or buttermilk, for
I either make glossy feathers and keep
���Chilli" act-.   Farmers   Made   Purchaaeo
At Brandon   Fair���Nev/a  Notea
cf the   District
���Doing   About  as   Well  aa  My   Neigh-
bora"���Importance  of Cow
Chllllwack, July 81, lianford  Uros.
of I In- 'inie mail, have been purchasing mors blue blooded tlueruaey cattle. ,' \>. lianford, one of the mem*
beta ol the film, attended the Dominion fair at Brandon last week, und
inade oevui'al line purchases. 'linn,
block he intends exhibiting at Homo
oi the letiuing fairs on tlie pruirte,
working westward und arriving in
(tine   lur  tne     VflUCOUVer    und     New
W��stii)inHtii' exhibitions, it. .1. Baa-
ford, who bus been in the retuil meat
busini'Hs with W. ilurritt, tlie past
���even years Intends Inking u lew
iiu.iiiii h uuildays und will assist his
brother ut the provincial lairs, joining lum at \ ancouver.
Young   Dairy   Ctock
Ueorge Hunter, of Tllaonburg, (Jut...
brougbl Into the valley on Thursday
twenty-five   heud   of   very   fine   twii-
year-old grade Holsteln belters w-bich
he has been selling by private sales)
to the dairy fanners of the valjey.
The business of Shipping duiry cattla
from Ontario to tbla province seems
to huve its profits for those eoXAglng
in it, und it Is also supplying to the
farmers and dairymen here Btock
which otherwise would be difficult)
to obtain.
"���������eeping Reduction
The H. C K. It- company announces a considerable reduction in
freight charges in shipments of potatoes from chllllwack to Vancouver,
For carload lots a rute of 10 icentq
it Ilundred pounds is given und fill"
l"ss thnn carload shipments a rate
of IB cents a hunderd pounds. Tho
reduction in freight rates wtll mean
considerable to the potato growers
of the district. The old Tate on car
lend lots "'is lil cents u hundred and
for less than carload lot* 2*4 cents
u hundred pounds, in tli* former a
reduction i f ttu per cent and ln the
latter 62 per -cent.
Big  Day August  7
Chllliwaca s   next   big   sports     dny '
wil be August 7. when tin- merchant^
of   this  city   und   tlieir    clerks    unit
friends gather ut  exhibition  purk  for
their  unnuiil  picnic.    Tlie day  is ex-
pected lo be un  iiiinroveintmt  on  lust
years picnic, and that ib saying quite
u   lot.     The   little   mistakes   of   las^'
year will this year be profitably turn-'
���ed to a good account, and everything
is  expected   to  go  along  us  smoothly
us  a   marriage   feast,   nnd   the   mei i i-
nient   wlll   be   DO   whit  lucking.
Connrenaticnal   Meetinn
A     special     meeting     of     Cooke's
Church congregation  will  lie held  August 4, in itw church to consider the actually
extension of a call in a minister, It
is imw  mora than fi v.. mouths since
the congregation  has been  without a
resident   minister,   and   during   : hr 1,
time   several   good     ministers     have
fowls healthy.    Michigan Farmer.
rfiY little; sou
g   platform   is  "how
m.?" i Whut u voluni
round  the  lac
lf they  are
of good   feed
A common question round uie rac-{
tr.ry   receivln
the cows doing
thought   that   suggests!
doing  well  it  is bccuusi
and  careful  intention;   or  may  It
despite   the   feed   und  cure   lhey   d"
serve,  but  do  not  gel?
Leaving aside the question of weather, breed, heredity und persistency
if   flow of  milk,   is  It   possible lo  BC
count fot* the remarkable difference!!
Iti   yield   thut  lire   to   be   found?     Fur
Instance the dairy division ut Ottaws
found in one locality  100 cows that
gave   lint")   pounds  of  fat   Inst   month,
hut loo cows close by in the same
county gnve only 2500 pounds of fat,
Another lot of 100 COWS In u nearby
county gave only L'2'IU pounds.
is  the  ordinary   factory    patron's
herd  keyed up to tbe pilch of credll
able performance, or is it just jogging along in the old rm nf "averagt
yields'.'" Suppose the patron ascer-
tuins his herd is doing about us w< 11
as his neighbor's, does it not seem
ii grent pity thut his ambition should
end  there?
Average cows cun do vastly better
if their owners train them und train
themselves fur belter results. If each1
100 cows In the Dominion gave an
additional r,tiu pounds of fat a month.
would thai not mnke a startling difference in the amount of tbe patron's
cheques?     Cow   testing   bus     helped
many communities to far larger banking  business,  because  i:   shows  that
My little ton. my little s n, he calls
to  uie  lorever
Aero*-*   the   gulls   and   through   the
mists which shroud him Irom my
11   lu-iir   him   in  tlie  noonday,  iu  tbe
midst of all the turmoil.
I hear him, oh, SO plainly, in the sii'
ence of the night.
JMy little son, my little son, I see in
clearest vision
. The merry  face, ,thc deep, clear eyes.
the crown uf golden hair.
But these, ah these sre sleeping where
the  hillside glows with sun��et.
Ami tlte little hoy. my darling thnt I
loved so, it not th-re.
My little son. my little son. there Hre
starry   paths  at   nighttitii'-.
Above the ��� waying treetopa where the
bird* are fast asleep;
Does   he   wander   Up   und   duwn  tln-'ii
with   the   winds   iu   endless   play-
Doe-i hc rend in ludden manhood all
the  wonders oi  the deep'r
No Time to Be Lost on New Hudson
Bay  Block for Victoria
Victoria, July 81,���An Immediate
Btart will be made on the construction of tlle Hudson's Buy Ciiinpniiy'ii
new   Vlctorlu   quarters,   the   site     ol
which will bs the entire corner hound'
ed on the west  hy  Douglas Btreet, on
the south  by  Fisguard, and on  the
north by Herald slreet. II, V. Pratt,
in.-iii.-iger  of  lhe   sales  department   In
tins city, announced thai such Instructions have heen received, and
that ahniit $4G0,0Q0 hus been appropriated ii r the structure thai is to
be erected ns soon us circumstances
Underwriters  Complain
Complaint from the Vancouver Island fire underwriters' association to
the effect thnl while the city promised that the North Dairy Farm pumping station  should  he  kept  ready for   seed may
little son, my little eon, lie hovi
r near me,
meet Llm  in the garden  walks
Speaks in  wind  anil  rain;
He comes and nestles by me on my
pillow in the darkness.
Till the golden hondl of sunrise draw
him  hack 11 thnl again.
���Frederick  George Scott.
scores   of   cows   and   av���
van   be  made   tu   product
i   far
than they do at present.
Mak i
��� each
cow pay a good profit,
Do   Not  Leave  Nature    to    It
Course���How to  Obtain   C
6    Own
been  heard.
Ctreet f .-irinklinrt
There was little to do at the last
meeting of thee Ity council but the
board look lots of time to consider
every question broughl up und the
adjournment was net until a late
h ur. i he assessment tor street
sprinkling took up considerable time
in discussion, the mayor insisting on
the assessment heiug made nnly on
the properties fronting on the streets
sprinkl-.il This wus considered by
(he chairman of lhe board of works
and other members ns not exactly
lhe right system, and a compromise
was made In which ubiiul u third or
two filths will be made on the general assessment and iin- remainder assessed t i the propi rties fronting on
tiie  sprinkled   street.
Improve   Park
At thi' meeting of the city c
Mayor uervao  broughl  up the
tion of improvements tu the
tion grouuus, ..mt  the wltn
 ^^^^   ('some  at*
feet a well i.cpl city park would huve
on strangers visaing the city. He
outlined a scheme tor tree planting
and ground plotting. II"' advocated
pointing of trees in groups in tile angles and corners of the park,, which
would in a few years afford shade
for picnic parties and children. In
b,s scheme he suggested the levelling
of the ground surrounding the oval.
Most of the money grunted to the exhibition committee shuuid be devoted
to this purpose instead of toward,
prize monej   lor lhe fair.
Los'  Valuable  Horse
Geo.   Nelliles  lost  a   valuable  horse
ut uODotsturd Friday. The horse, one
ol'  his  best   team,   was  running  in  a
Once every twelve months birds of
every representation cast tlieir ft atti -
ers, und our -domestic poultry Is no
exception to this natural rule. During
the time this molting takes place,
and while the new leathers ure being
formed, the fowls cannot lie said to be
ick. bnt they are, nevertheless, passing through a somewhat
critical stage. Whon neglected al ihi.
stage disastrous results occur, not only
in r�� tardlng the natural process, but
il dues permanent Injury to tlie fowls.
This is a time in the life nf a fowl
when close ohsni vatlon i.-* necessary,
We orten hear it -i lted that, since
the molt ls natural, the fowls will re-
cm*.*r naturally without extra care
Th.- tlrst part ol this Btatement is
probably true, and under fair conditions the fowls can gel through the
per: d without th" least harm to their
health but w-e musl remember ihat
domestic care "has altered the fowl In
si/e. habits arid fruitfulness. It is
quite often claimed by pouitrymen
tiiat in tlieir management they are following nature.
This is very well, and the old state-
ment that we cannot "better nature"
Is sound in some cases, perhaps, Imt It
cannot  be \-ili' to apply lo a    saving
in   poultry  culture.     It   is  usually   the
tins*   careless   poultry     keepers     who;
carry out this idea, and it will always !
lie n d iced  that the  people who carry!
it   nut   do   so   because   it   entails   less
11 utble  to  themselves.
Tn secure best results from nur
poultry wo must house and teed right,
so llint tlieir reserved force mnv be I
turned to an Increased egg yield. Win n
fowls are allowed to run at will, roost
lng in trees, etc.. this is hard t:i ca-
compllsh, and they show a tendency to
revert and return to their wild nal life:
then we lose money from our poultv
when eggs nre at the best price, lt is
very Important, therefore, that our
liens receive special care and attention ui this critical time,
Feed for  Early   Molt.
To gel a lien io moll early is if llle
utmost Importance, and everything
thai assists her is worthy of being put *
int * practice. II is through tbe mode
nf feeding lhat the molt may be has
teneil. so that the now leathers muy be
fully formed hefore cold weather sets
In; and in recent years much has bei n
Western Agriculturalists Show a Tendency In the Right Direction.
Unquestionably, among the most important, il not in itself '.he most important, developments in Western
Canada during the past couple nt
year* lias been tlie increased interest
in   safe   and   sane   agriculture.
Tune was when tbe prairie provinces limited their husbandry, il it
may be Included under tliat term, to
the  production   ni   beef  cattle.
Then the agricultural balance tipped
to the other extreme; instead ol long
strings of cattle cms, train upon train,
Svery car wiih its thousand bushel*
of gram, made their way easlwmd
across the  prairies.
Neither state nl affairs was su*?h as
to assure the lasting agricultural preeminence nl tlie Canadian Wert; the
former underworked and the latter
overworked the soil. A combination
of these two. horse, swine and sheep
: raising and the crowing of forage
crops i�� the ideal agricultural state���
��� the conditions that Western Canada
agriculturists are successfully work-
, ing  "Uiward.
Though during 1912 the acreage
sown to wheat ln the prairie provinces
whs considerably smaller tha-i durum
1911; oats, barley, and cultivated
grasses showed an increased acreage
thnt more than offset the decrease
first mentioned,
tin June 30, 1912, there were 10.000
more dairy cows on Western Canada
farms thas at the same date in lull,
and 45,000 more thnn on June 30, liKW.
During the period iu<�� to 1918, beet
cuttle showed a slight increase in
numbers; the increase in those fed bv
the small termer more than offsetting
tin- decrease nn  llie  large ranches,
i If course, the increases noted ^re
not anywhere near what they should
be, when the great increase in rural
population is taken into consideration.
llut still they show thnt at least a
certain proportion of Western Cann
.linn farmers are going into live stock
Horses, sheep and swine nil show
increases hnlh for the year and tur
the   live-year   period.
All of those give proof of the ad
vance in agricultural; assurance that
the title "granary of the' British Km
pire" will prove insufficient in scope.
Governments and railways have mi
some tune combined in mixed farming
preachments, und this was especiail]
rk.* I  it)  1012.
farmer who has himself prsc
diversified agriculture is. essoin some districts, becoming ile
d in tlie -pread of the doctrine
ie prunls ul Western Canada's
advancement in husbandry be
it-  richest  triumph  ol   IUI3--
operatlon iu case of fire, the city hud
allowed the plant to be shut down
because of tbe  shutting off of  the
Klk   Lake   supply,   wus   mnde   to   the
city   council.     The   complaint   stated
that  on  u  recent   visit of  the  under- cattle
writers, no steam  wus  in the boiler-j
and   the   planl   was   out   of   business.
Water Commissioner Rust stated that
steam Is being kept up, though the
engineer wu away when the underwriters' representatives visited the
place. Mr. Hust ia preparing g re
port on the matter, which will come
before the council at an early meeting,
From Church te  Market
Official approval of lhe alterations
to be made to the old Presbyterian
church. Pandora avenue, to turn it
into a public market, has heen given
by the building inspector to S. E. Barrett, who has leased the premises,
and will alter it to make it convenient for a market, by the Installation
of stalls, etc. The cost of this work
will be $40n0. Mr. Ilurrelt has agreed
with tbe cily to use the premises for
market purposes for two years, after
whicb the premises must be vacated.
Boom  Held   Up
Another boom of logs has been hell
up by the forestry department's patrol   boat   for   contravention   of   tin3
provincial   regulations.    The  offender
la the Seattle I'ole und Pile Company
The  boom  contains a  million  and  a
quarter   feet   of   timber.     The   catch,
was mnde off Saturna island, and the
boom is now hold up. pending inquiry
The logs were without marks of any-
kind,   and   were   being   obviously   exported,   presumably    to     Anacnrtes.
This is the sencoiid boom of logs to
bs  held  up.
led.    The  seeds  are  very  small,  and I
i If   llie   lund   has   been   well   worked
down It starts more quickly and  will
give  belter  results.     Itape  does  bet-
' ter probably on fall plowed land, but
| can   be  grown   on   land   turned  over
1 in the spring,  providing the disc and
pulverizer are used  very persistently.
If an early croii of rape ls desired,
seed   in  the  spring,  just  as  solii  as
the  ground can  be  worked.    If  it  in
designed  for fall  pasture sow  around
July   1.    The  crop  matures  in  abou:
two  months,  after  seeding  under  or
dlnary  conditions;   consequently,  if  a
succession   is   desired   for   pasturage
there  Is  no difficulty   in  securing it.
Under ordinary   circumstances  dwarf
Kssex rape Is seedi d broadcast at the
rale of three pounds to the acre. Possibly   better   results   are   secured   by
drilling   iu   rows   30   niches   apart   nt
the rate of two pounds per acre.    I'
Seeded   broadcast,   cover  lightly   with
tiie barrow,
in addition rn seeding alone it pays
to sow* rnpe seed be!ween the rows
of corn ut the time of the lust (-ill11
ration, 'I'he crop comes on, and after the corn is harvested Bhe-op, hog*,
or cattle enn be lurned in ti'id allowed to graze, Tin- crop will contlnui
to grow  until   kill-d  by  front.    Rape
also be sown in connection
witli oats. If this Is to be done, sow
the rape seed about ten days ufter
the outs have been planti d. The
rape crop will come on after oats are
cut, and   is good   for  sheep,  hogs or
Mtneapolls, July 31. otto Qrethen
was born us the finishing 'ouches were
put on the old courthouse on Eighth
avenue and Fourth street. He was
born in the court house, whore his father was county auditor und where he
lived, owing to the crowded condition
of the city.
He  died   last   Friday  at  his  home,
Park avenue, as the las:t stone of the
court   house   wus   being   removed   by
workmen tearing down the old Etruc- I
Otto flrethen became famous in
Minneapolis of late years by his habit
of standing on tht' corner with a violin tucked under his chin and drawing
crow*ds by his exquisite rendering of
some aria or sonata from the world's
most famoiiB composers. When his
crowd hud collected he would address
them on socialism. He was one of the
first of the pnrty In Minneapolis.
As u young man he lived ln New
York, where he worked on tlle New-
York Tribune and other papers. He
moved to the Dakotas later and conducted a publication, known as the
Flickertail Flicker. He was admitted
to the bar at 21, His lust case was-
before the supreme court three years
ago. Since that time he has failed.
The above shows how Wilson's
Fly Pads will kill all the flies in your
dining-room or store at night.
By adopting this plan you have
neither flies nor fly killers about
during the daytime.
Wilson's Fly Pads are sold by all Druggists and Grocers.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Rape will grow on any rich soil
which contains a lot of humus and
vegetable matter, it does especially
well on well drained muck land or
old pastures. In facl there is absolutely no danger of making the soil
too  rich.     The   plant   belongs   to   tho
cabbage family, which everyone
knows is u gross feeder. The plant
does fairly well c:n light soils, but
it will not make nearly so lixurlant
a growth us on the rich types. The
ground should always Le well prepar-
Na Dm Co Laxatives"
are different in that they
do not gripe, purge nor
cause nausea, nor does
continued use lessen their
effectiveness. You can
always depend on them.
25c. a b-nx at your
Druggist's.     1 re
HaUoiul Drug and Chrmlcat CY
ot Ctatit, Umln-d.
Riveted Steel Pipes
Bltulithic on  Second Street,  New  Westminster   with  Boulevard  Do\��r
the Centre.
Bitlilttbta ia noiseless, non-slippery, practical}} dust tears. entsy. *J3
horsps' Teet, and. wbove ull, particularly ilumUle. For these reason*
Bitulithic is cormi.eiHifd highly by owners of automobiles mi'! horws,
householders, ana city uiticiulB. It hae* heen adapted by fifteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred in  rhe  United States.
VULC���J*?N works, ltd. J Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
s;ieak   WMBmmmmmmmmmmmm
Montreal   Standard.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented^
Phone Seymour 7130.        714 717  Dominion Trukt Building. VancAvver.
pasture field and in playing  kicked said and printed about the advisability
11 stump, breaking liia leg, and in con-
' nei C'    nan   10   lie   killed,     'I lie   less
is considerable in tlie owner, Um
teatn being tbe main source uf re-
venue  tn  lbe family.
Closed Pastorate
The Rev.T.J.Marshall, of the Haptist church, closed his palonue here
OD Sunday evening, The church wan
fileld to tlle doors hy au appreciative audience lo hear the reverend
gentleman's farewell message. Hefore   beginning    his   discourse     Itev.
Mr. Marshall expressed to the con-
gregatlon on behalf of himself and
family his sincere appreciation of the
asitanc and k ntllnliu rdlu nil iiidlii
assistance  and   kindness  extended  to  damning  it
of attempting  to  force  fowls   to  ilted
lhelr feathers early In the season, in
the hope of inducing them to   lay car
Her in  the winter than they  would  If1
allowed to follow their natural habit ���
The way In which Ihls early molt can
he secured Is hy starving the fowls for
a few  days:  this causes egg produc- j
lion lo cease and llie feathers to loosen through  lack of nourishing food, j
Then the starvation period  Is follow-
ed by llheral feeding of rich, feather- j
making  and  egg-producing    rations. 1
which ig supopsed to force a uniform I
rapid and curly molt, t 1 be followed by
heavy, early-wlnler laying,
Sniiie ef ns who have tried "forcing
the  ninlf   'favor   It:   others   are  ot'ti-
Longest   Speech   In  M  Years.
It   dawned   on   tlle   House   recently
: that   a   really   remarkable  event   l""k
, place during the early  hours q|  in,'
' debate   on   the   naval   bill  the  oilier
I'or ten minutes, beglnnimi at three
a.m., the discussion was continued by
James P. Hrown. member for Chateau
' L'uiiy. Now that ten-minute speech if
worthy if going up on the pedestal
along ��ith the (our and |i��ll liinir-
oration ������! Lalortune's inasmuch a- it"
1 ths lirst speci) ol any length IIih<
Brovsn, M.I'., has delivered iti'iu,
twenty-two years in Pttrllatueiit.
Mr. Hrown. who hh" some Scotch
in hi" ancestry, la a farmer, a nture
keeper, a iniUi* and a daily unlit wlin
serves Ins constituents to then .hh-
facUnu, not b> words, hut hy deed-
lie has    urvived six elections.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that thej
are made RIGHT."
Made   In   New   Westmlnstei
Prhnalvo   Machine Works.
Pres  tnd 0*M   Mer Vlce-Prasldaut. e-ac. o?d.Trnuu.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonet No. 7 and 877.
I   advise   Icltiii't
them during their -stay at chilliwack.
and also for the many warm friendships created.
No ?nd of Trouble
The young Hon of Ernest Bmedley.
Of the Prairie Central road, fell orf
tiie barn antl broke his arm. Mr.
Smedley haa had almost more than
hln ahare Of trouble thla year, Mw
little daughter was 111 in the hospital.
and Mrs. Smedley wiih operated on
tit Columbian hospital, and th's tatter
misfortune makes a series which nrt
man envies,
Hawk I ns-9onny cattle
A  quiet   hut   very   pretty   wedding
ivr�� Holeinnl-'ed iit St. ThomaB church
early   Saturday   morning,   when     llie
Rov. Canon  Hlnclicllffc
ulone, but assisting your fowl
tent Ion.
The temperature of a hen whim
molting ts high, and It Is In tier If cooling f oils be given III order to tilltiv j
In r feverish condition, Oreen fnnd
������"il pi. nty ot clean, cool water fulfil
this purpose, and she c"��i con<tlime
large quantities of thla ford without
becoming too fat, A hen that Is fat j
hangs In the molt much longer than
otic thai Is rather lean.
Now this food must not he reduced I
In quantity to secure a reduction of]
fnl. for the fowl's Btrength must be
sustained lo carry her through thla;
trying period. Fonda strong in the
formation of feathers and strength- ',
enlng to the body are essential, while
Mount   Royal   a  Volcano?
ln   tlie   course   nl   the   work   being
done on the ('aim,I,an Nortlu rn  l-t^ii
way   tunnel  the engineers |,nve found
I,ml   Mount   Koyal.   under   which   llie
��� line will \ni"-. was at one time eitliet
'!' '''''��� 11:1   active   volcano   or   was   illHilt*   liy
' l.na  being   forced    up   tni"Utii   m.
urn und,
An lutercfting prool ot the met Umt
at one time a iireal gl.iciei llnWfd
li'otn the l.iiurcnliun Mountain* In 'ue
St. Lawrence waa lound in the
beading on St. Mqntique street
real. This was a piece nf I.i
gneiss, a rock peculiar to tin
tia.11 Mountains, and it is believed
thut in the past this rock was carried
down by a glacier which pioinild)
emptied into the St.
Phonet IS and 16.
when von can get as gnort or better, manufactured In B. C. via.: fA*
the celebrated "VA.\COU\ Kit" Brand, guaranteed to pubs Standard
Specifications of American  und  Canadian   Kiiglneers'   Association
We would aUo cull attention to our Vitrified Sewer l'ipe fron
4-ln. to -4 In. In diameter. This la also made iu thia I'tonnce and v��
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock if Crushed heck, Washed Gravel. Sand.
Utne, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
802 Columbia Stroet W.
lie I,hii red* I
Lawrence  Klvel
not far from tho present harbor.
united  In the  all  fattening  foods  must,  he avoided
hols bondY of" matrimony Miss Kloan- If possible, allow free range during the
or Vary   youngest   daughter  -if  Mr. ;,uniting period. Where this Is possible
nnd Mra. C, G. BonnycSStle, Williams  they
1 -nd.   to   Leonard   Carl   Hawkins
,._       oan   balance   their   own   ration
of  much better than we can for (hem.
I    A good plan Is to have a dry mash
Sixtieth Anniversa.y of Wedding
IIi<le and liear'y. receiving congratulations ot a host ol friends, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles George of Kingston recently celebrated the ooth anniversary
of their wedding. George is 64 year.-
of ace and his wile 94. They w;Jri
married i 1 li-M. tieorge is a promt
Pent gau'etter.
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
Special Excursions
Five     Dayt     including
MealB   and   Certh.
Glacial,   Island;   Mom
tain   and   Fore-it
Satis Mondays (Midnight), Aug. Sails Thursdays (Midnight! Aaj-
4lh, Ilth, lSth, 26th and Sept. 1. 7th,   14th,   21st   and   28tf?.
I3oats remain at PRINCB RUPERT one day, affording an op-pur
tunity of seeing the new (Irand Trunk   Pacific   city.     Parlor   rwini-N.
separately or 111  suite, with  or without private bath, etc., an on ad
dltlonal cost.   Staterooms en suite without extra cost.
H. C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.   E.   DUPEROW,   O.  A.  P.  J>
I hone  Private  Kxchang* 81"�� *e\u*. foun
Fresn Water and Saltmm m
Run Has Not Struck Fraser River Yet
and May  Not Until Sunday
llol!:ngh:n".i.   Wash,   .Inly   til.    Cui-
;  rii-s here are now* running 24  hour
shifts in an effort to handle tin* great
uraJ-irTS of sockeye which this inorn-
i,,:. Iv-i-vM* to bo delivered  here. Two
ii.-inrtrrd    and    eighty thousand  were
i<nght in and then all count was lost
vpt ity Boowloads.   Tugs are arriv-
todsoi   ivilh  two and  three senw-
leada nl fi-sb <ach and the floors of
��� '��� ckniiej-iiK are piled high with th ���
fMvdom salmon.
Employees of the Columbia Cold
storage company will have an opportunity of making themselves Immortal on Sunday, for moving pictures are
to be made of tho unloading of the
halibut catch from the steamer Kings-
way  due  tomorrow  night.
>ocial an
\and P
First of Two Canadian Cruisers Successfully Launched at Dublin���
High  Class Coat.
W. C.  A.  Ladies  Hindled   Refreshment Problem on Wednesday
Without a  Hitch.
II.   Q,   Botham   is   spending   a   few
holidays with  friends in North  Van
Miss E, M, Morrison has gone up
lhe  coast,  the guest  of  llr.  and   Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs .1. W Calloway have
lefl for Victoria where they will make
their  future home.
Oeorge Mlnter, of Chilliwack, was a
visitor tn New Westminster a couple
of days this week.
iir. Manchester, of New WestmlnB-
Congratulations are being tendered
the  directors  anil   supporters  nl     theiUer,   is   spending   a   couple   of
Voung Women's Christian association with  friends at  Sardis
on the successful manner in  which J. Symonds, manager ot Ashwell &
thev served  hot dinner und refresh- Son's grocery department, Chilliwack,
....            ,,,,ii was  In   New   Westiu nster this  week
men s to the thousands who attetiiled ,                                                ,, ...      , ,. .
,,     , .             ...                 .  ,, Mr, and  Mrs. Charles Keith, of this
the  big  merchants   picnic  at  Queen* (.���v  W(.r(> ������, guegtB ,���  Mr   ,,,���,  MrH
park on   Wednesday   . c     \     Al|,.rsperman.   of   lllaine.   last
Tlle  ladies  held   forth  in   tlie spaci- week
ons and cool horse show building, in i S(.nll���. ,V,1S,;1*,,��� Dunwoody was in
dinner tables belug   placed    n    h ������,   u   , i(|,|V ������ hla w. .   ���,   ,,,���.,
centre ol   the arena  with afternoon QeorgeVhere he will tske up his new
tea tallies occupying the side room i (jutlea
mar the   entrance,    flowers   taste
ICully arranged served to enhance the Mrs. Osborne Morns, who has been
The Malaspina tlle llrst of two Bah-   beauty   of   the   various   tallies,   all   of the gucsl ot her parents, Mi'  an.l Mrs
cries protection cruisers under con-  which were   well   looked   after   by \*** ���>��� Armstrong, left last evening roi
Btructlon tn the United Kingdom to the bright   raced   young   ladles  and   fair her home in \ernon,
order of the Canadian government tot   matrons.    The  organization   was  bc] Provincial  School  Inspect ir  II.   II
Bervlce on the British Columbia coast, complete that over tjiiii people wen; MacKenzie, formerly principal of the
has been  successfully launched  from  served  with  dinner,  as well  as hun Richard  McBrlde school  in this cltj
Then ��iv SO traps and thousands of  the yards of the Dublin Dockyard com-  duds   with   carton   lunches,   without, bui  now of Kamloops, Is In the olty
��� iis in operation here this season mil   pany. , Jthe slightest delay or confusion, with hla family, visiting friends,
I ..Teat ITU!  is anticipated. |     The vessel has been built to take the j     Owing   to   Ibe   late   arrival   Of     the       Mr   and   Mrs.  W,  Bndlcotl  have re-
Mthnpgh officers of the Westholme highest  class In  Lloyd's register for]Victoria    excursionists    aboard    the turned  to their home In New   Wesi
*hicb   HBiivua  in   New   Westminster both hull and machinery, her dljrfan-1P/lncess  Sophia   the   committee    In minster  after  spending  a   couple  of
��� i;d>-nliiy. till of countless fish eeen'glons being:  Length between perpftn-  charge was disappointed in not being weeks In Chllllwack and visiting their
. .ipin;; above wator in the gulf the dtculars, 162 feet; beam, 27 feet; depth able to serve dinner to many of the daughter,   Mrs.   C.   A.   Barber,   Gore
. ;itc.hi-B   hen'   show   no   increase   and   moulded,   13.11    feet.     She   has   heen   660   people   who   were   otherwise   pro avenue.
���one ot tni} account is expected iint'l constructed to a high-claBB speciiiia-   vlded  for  before  reaching  the park, j    -jjr8  s   A   Warnes wlll leave today
...   leatt  tonight   or  more  likely  noi   tion, covering all    modern    Improve-      Mrs,   .1.    li.   Gilley,   who   was   In (l)r Spokane whore she will visit her
-.'it'll Sunday night. j in cuts and appliances applicable to a  charge  of  the  dining  room,    wisheil SI1I1 before returning to her home In
The report ot the B. C. Canners' as- vessel of this type,   She has a flush to thank all the ladies and gentlemen Montana    she has hum the guest tor
< ,:iiiiin dated July 31. is as follows:   deck, a topgallant fori castle ami long who   so   cheerfully   assisted   In    the j*,,,,  past -week  of   Mrs   11.  ('.  Brlce
BelHnsham   got   loo.nno   yesterduy. bridge or awning deck amidships, with  work. Fourth street.
Selneara doing better. More flsh show- commodious chartroom at the forward      Worthy  of special  mention  is the
��� i- up on salmon banks. end,
Anacortes     got     32,000     from     all I brit
���eourcea yesterday; seiners holng bet-  given t:i the vessels    seaworthiness, given charge of    an    afternoon    tea
i\.\ navigating   facilities   and   life-saving   table,   those   who  served   being     Mar
Praser Trrer���Fishing on the Fraser appliances, and she  is   divided    by jory Mayers, Janei Gilley, ituth and
civer waa not -so good as on  former transverse ami longitudinal bulkheads Helen Agar. Marjory Richards, Louise
.' '.s this week.   Canoe Pass boats av-1Into no less  than  twenty  watertight Maxwell,   Alice   Postlll,   Marjory  Gil-
-*ra:;.il ">0; main river, 40; North A"rm,  compartments. ley, Mary and Maud Hughes, Through
to. Electrical Installation. their efforts  $35   ������'���as banded  to    lh"
Recant  advices   from   Alaska   Indi- |    She will have a very complete elec- treasurer.
cate  tbat  the  packs of  red   salmon  trienl Installation, tin- accommodation      Mrs.  \V. T.  Reid, president of tho
max rally shout one-third the usual,  and hold spaces throughout being lit V.  w. ('. A.., announces that  in  the ,
  I by  electric   light.      Furthermore,    a neighborhood    of    $500    was  raised, That Poor Baby.
The Trader, of Victoria, was at the  powerful searchlight is to be fitted on which amount   will  prove a  welcomq      i^mdon, July 31.    The infant dough-
Braektnaan-Ker wharf yesterday and  a Bmall  platform on the foremast   A addition  to  the   funds  of  the  V.  W.   t,.r 0f t|���. Marquis and Marchioness of
alter discharging freight there cleared   refrigerating   plant   and   cold   storage C.  A. Anglesey  was christened  in   Lichfield
ml.  surmounted   by  the    navigating valuable'assistance rendered b>    ten    .  '"     ""'',!''.,.,'.'.','".' 0I Xi'!, u',T
ridge    Every consideration has been   little glr s   who asked that they be thirds Lule ������ Is al  preset
British Columbia, He proposes to
write a series of articles on Canadian
subjects. Including the Canadian government park system, the Royal
Northwest Mounted Police and the
single tax system He is at present
in Victoria and probably will pay a
visit  to New Westminster.
lown river late iu the afternoon.
The Samson  went down the North
Vin   yesterday    to    remove  several '
The erode oil ol which wharf own-'
���rs complain  has nol yet  ceased  to
Ii-mi   about  under the docks  In  the
* Acbwalci
accommodation, by Messrs. J. end E,
Hall. Limited, is Installed on the low-
i :��� deck forward.
Powerfully  Z.n*\nt*i.
The Malaspina is now due to leave
for (llasgow, where she will be  lltt-d
by the well known firm of Messrs   H
Rowon  &  Co.,  with  her raachlnerV   mixed subjects dealt with
Alter then* succesa ol list Wcdnes- cathedral yesterday.   The godfathers
day the offlcera and members of tlm were ,h<. Marquis of Granby and the
association   teel   that   they    will    hn Kan ���,- Pembroke and the godmothers
ready to undertake any Blmllar vork werp q, n Alexandra the Duchess of
t   present   itself on    any Roxburgh and Lady Alfred Page.   Thf
future occasion.
New York. July 31.   The White Star
i".er  Baltic  which  lefl  Livernoo) on
Ittlj   24. is dny here ��� daj     Sin* has
210 JIt ������    ::::���, sc* n .: and    313    third ,
���<:lasB passengers aboard.
The t:ii'v,   ol  the  Is    ..   Edward  are
which consists of a set of powerful
triple-expansion engines, supplied with
steam at 180 pounds pressure, from a
large marlnt type boiler, working under forced draught on the Howden
All   the   usual   up-to-dato  contrivances  for efficiency  antl
child   received  the  names  Alexandra
Mary   Caroline   Cecilia.
Ottawa,     July     31.   Resusi Itatlon
from apparent death from an electric
shock,  switching   charges  and
tices  and  thn  equipment   of  locomo
tivs with steps lunn the   three sui'
econ itnicnl  jecta ,,f circulars jusi  Issued by the)
working  have  been   incorporated,  and   railway   commission   to   all   Canadian
,   on  completion  the  vessel  is expected
hart al wortm it   removing some of  ,0 ,,������.,������     ve     h, h ,.������.   f    ���������,
tbe heavy pi.rts bl tin- dn tlge machln-
ery.    The derrick at tii" department
The coal bunker capacity of the Malaspina Is 180 tons, giving a radius ao
*  Puttie  works   ,harf wl���  probably  SS^^^^^Wm
As regards electric Bhocks, atten
tion is called to a Bet of rules al
ready established by the board, deal
it.-   ��� ������ :���������'��� i ,i .   i ui today
The tugs KlyeT, Cllve,  Monitor and
"the  Ilea*., r  all  passed  up and  down
���iv< r through the Fraser river bridge
ira>\ >��� -tet-dny. Al full time last night
' itir cftnxpEace gauge tliere  showed 23
The Itritisli American cannery re-
���iwctx the finding ol a boat In the pull
by one of its men, J. H. Martinslich,
���rtto now has the craft at the Brunswick caniiiTy and will return it to the
iwners <om payment or $ln.   The boat I
s markod n. 11. 1113.
t lona ot about 4,000 milea
eondl-  (nj; wjth resuscitation from apparen
death from such t mses and they aro
ord' ted to I"' posted where every department wlll notice them. Attention
is called to the advisab llty of warning employees   ate m    the   absolute
necessity of keeping away from all
i !��� ctrlc light or power Hues.
In connection with switching, it Is
said that many complaints have been
received by the    hoard    as   n local
Ottawa, July 31, The commission of
prac- architects appointed hy the government to direct the preparation of designs for the new departmental bulldlnga at Ottawa, nas jusl submitted i's
report outlining the conditions of the]
comnetition It -vill be open I i competitors througl nut t.h" British empire There will be at least two buildings and probably a third one for the
court.    Half a million superficial feet
of floor spa a .11 have to be provided
1 li ���      general character will
first he submitted tnd from this num
her the best six will be selected and
the authors ot I ie will be asked
to elaborate their eslgnB. The one
finally selected will get the job of
superintending the nrk based on his
plans and will In* given 5 per cent
commission.    The cost of the building
fe-rt Sockeye Licenses Now.
I ,-n- number ot licenses issued by j
:' ��� lerli s di partment here haa
lr ippol aim is: to nothing, although u
fl s <. celts ego as many as 35 per day
" ���' *' -,'. given out. No official
��� *'". h ���.:; In en received from Chief
i ..v-ct'.r t'iim,:r,fha:n  as to  what   is
Eiriht   Believed   to   Be   Lest���?;veral
Dories   Still   Unaccounted   for
Cince  Disappearance.
Victoria,  July   31.
switching practices  which should  be  wlM  br, abou,    b    , $5i0OOi000.    Thei
followed and charges made  tor ser- othor fjvP competltor9 wI���  ra���,,  re.
vice of this character is requested.       celve  $3000     Thp Bketchea  wln   ,���.
received   np  to  January  -  next.  Then '
three  months   will  be  given   for  the
best half dozen to develop tlieir plans
Ottawa, July 31. An application tor
the appointment of a hoard of conciliation in Ute dispute between the ln-
tioth  Hon.  Mr   Hazen  and the  chlet
'-���������*��� ���    ���     ���  ��� ot Inspecting the fish -
The Popular Shoe Store
The   Home   of   Low  Prices.
641   Front  Street.
Specials for this Week
Unable t i find
further trace of the miss.ng fishermen from the fishing steamer We.hi
ing Brothers, which ran ashore on tercolontal railway management and
Frederick Island lasl week, tlie steam- the Brotherhood of Railway Elmer l.ehni. Captain Hunter, ot the ma- ployees, comprising clerks, freight and
riu- and fisheries department has re- baggage handlers, was received at the
._? .". '*... turned to Ikeda, The search which labor department today. It was sign-
was conducted In a thorough manner ed by A. ft. Mosher, grand president,  -,",0 worth of Packard's   Shoe    Polish
proved  futile,  and  It  is now   certain who claims to represent 'jnoo men.      ' fnr                        25
that   at   least    eight   men   have   met The application  is  made under  the   Barefoot  Sandals*   doublr soles;   any
tlieir death as a resull of the marine old Concfllatlon act and not under tho pajr tn Ktore  ...'. '..75":
catastrophe.   It is quite probable tliat industrial Disputes act, the reason be- : fie-st-Foot Running Shoes;' a clearing
the list of losl fishermen may mount ing that the government railways pro
higher as  several  dories are still  un- subject  to the former and  nol  to the
accounted  for, latter.    As proceedings ln such casea
According to the few details of the are usually taken under the Industrial
"       ������ ll   31    The contract  for
i he ���   * e flrsl unit of the
������' *"     ������  ' ���   river has
,���.    Marlin, of
.New   Wt *, nuvcr.
Th�� rei s     hnve
a-grci -i  ti p jettj   roi  $8 I
5O0  ati :   : ��� ,,���  300
t*�� I        ��� ��� 11 nil feel   and to
So   '���      " ing and
rack din  f,,r
1400 1 , ,,: on the
be granted, the parties wlll be asked
to consent to opi rate under that act,
which is faster.
***n     ���    ���
'.11    ( DCTipIl li     11
, rjn cun, ,,*. :   ���   i-
-JMACinr   *. ,.    1    ,
The     <������ ���   IV���*|   ,,f
019,000 < 1 npen-
iny, tin- '.-. ,n,  ,1|P
accident which hav- been flashed Disputes act, which
here by wn "less, the I.-bro put to
see Immediately after the shipwrecked ir-w arrived al Cape St. James,
the point at winch tht lighthouse ti n-
der Is discharging material for a new
aid to navigation The nun who were
well nigh exhausted from the terrible trials thej ban: been forced tq
overci me In their small dor -1, were
only able to Inform Captain Hunter
of ih- l.cbt'o. that five were stand
ing by the ship, and thai there were
still bi veral dories tu comt In.
Folio*-' Dories' Course
Captain Hunter followed the course.
which tin* dories had talon In croBS
lng from the island to Cap- St. .lam- :
Th-   weather   was   exceptionally
line; 7 to 2   40;
Ladles' ".'Ivt- Canvas Shoes;  leather
soles;   all  si/is    50:
Mens II-1 i-'oot  Rubber    Soled    tit*
���he., if a hoard   ^, -H'.-aV; ' l.ea'ther"s,1ird" Cu.'ivas
Sho' s;   Blzee  1, 2. 3, 4, 5   95:
Men's Heavy    Leather   Soled    iirown
Canvas Shoes; all sizes  $1.23
Ladies' Snappy Tan Hotton Oxfords;
-very Bize.    I'-!* pair
1; ���
f the general cpnference recently
held at Washington. D.C, Among
thoae  who  will   tuke    part    will    be
vere,  and   had   It   not   been   for   the
month of I1.-' .  ,,,'v,- facl   that   he   wus  trying   to sav-  Iiu
������to the Pn' ���    1:i,   .,, mun   life,   the   master   would   pro
ttusuit   �� ,     False h.ihly   have   run   for   shelter   sooner  Evangelist  H. S. Shaw, president    of
"mfk jiib ne! from llmn '"' ''"'     '""' l'l'l,r'1 forced her n,,, Canadian union conference;  11  .1
xtir Frater t    1 .,  ,,....  ,,. way into the howling southeast  gale,  cady,  missionary   evangelist to    the
the PHt Borl ,       |9 i0 and   her  decks  were  awash.     Finally  islands of  the  I'acilic;   Mrs   Ellen   I!
Hie- wimple'   i  wlthl the Bea became so nasty thtit the Le-  Fattebert,   who,   with    her    liushind
The coid' i'i calls 1  iging bro commenced to behave badly, and,  have been assigned to labor us nnd
of a i-Hiio       from I fool 1  mtour convinced that a  dory could  not  live cal  missionaries  in  the Philippine  la
\m the FraBer  ������ .,.;;,s In the sea. Captain Hunter turned hid lands;    Dr   E,  II     Holden,    medlca'
it-la-ml   and   the  1 SOO vessel's  head  and   returned  to  Ikeda.  evangelist     of    Portland,    Ore.,    and,
TO GATHER  AT COQUITLAM Ladles'  (5  Paints;   only   . . .$3.95
���  Ladles' DreBfl  Boots;    hrok-n    lines;
Th- annual camp  meeting of    the every size; value to $S  $1.9")
British     Columbia     conference     of Cents' Box Kid Blucher [loots;   even
Seventh  Day  Adventlsts wlll l��* held size   $1.93
ai     Coquitlam,     beginning      Monday, dents'  Dress  Hoots;   stub toe;     glove
August  I. and continuing one week leather;   every  s'ze   $2.93
Several speakers ot reputation will Cents'  Tan   Willow  Calf  Botton and
be present,  together with a  number Blucher   Boots;    $5   up   town.   Our
of  foreign   missionaries   who  are     r- price   $3.93
turning to th-ir ti-lds of labor from Slater Boots, F, W.. K. Hoots, Leckle
tho thirty-eighth quadrennial session Hoots, etc.
���     SHIPMENT   OF
Te-r-t   long     "'���
-fl-p-po, ondine in ���
.of IXmirJas Island
���.TIDETABLr:     ���'-!    ER RIVER
fer Week   EneUrg  runda.    ;���
WiBtui'i..���>���'���! Sand  lb
t):>ti".   Time.
IliKh. lo,\   11
2$     0:05    *.) TA
J6:r.l) IV
HAD 11: nr,
n.'D 'it-iii
1:^0  12:10
1S:U. a.' ���'���'.������
1*.'>'i V  '"
18-.4H v.:'  ":*
at n 1 ���'   *
4: SS
13 :���**��� 11
B:*��    '   '
2��:-W)  IJ   1
ll is a um stlon just how many men  others.
wero   really   in   the  dories,  and  how      Ther- will he one large pavilion '���
manv   missing   dories   there   are.     It   which   the   public   1111 elngs   wlll      b
1-  almost  certain  that Hie five men  held at  10:30, 2:30 and 7!30 dally    '
,-ho stood I'.- the ship havo lost their smaller tent will   be   used   by   the
young in ople for their meeting   on'
Full details of the tragedy are ex   another  (or the children,    A  teatii'i
pected   to   reach   lure  today   aa  tha of the ramp will be a large   tent di
shipwrecked men aro likely to arriv-  voted  to  the    exhibition    of    schoo'
lie 0    1    P   Bteamer, Prince .lohn,   work,    The  Manson academy, of  Pltl
-,   1 uptalll   W. aniiotith.   which   called   at   Meadows,  will  be among thus-  r-pr-
0 1        I eda iicnt-il here.
Worst Fishing Accident There  will  h- a  dining pavilion  on
The  disaster   which  overlook    the the   grounds,   where   meals   wlll     1
0:28 12.0   ft;54   1 *  llrothera la ahout the worst Borved cafetarln Btyle,   No meats will
17:13 12.1 21:24 lO.'l is 1     1  occurred In Britiah Col- be UBed, bul    the    Btrlct    vegolnr in
1 2fi I 1 wutei      The Bteamer plied up regimen,  advocated    l>>     \rtveni  ���'-
1    12  12.7 .'   24 lo.3 hurd on I n heavj   weather * id |ih cbserved, A commlssun  -���  r*
12.0 lu',24      1 * lhelr dories t> will also be locali d on the gro ���
���    13.1 S3: IS lami       ml thn 1 :        Rider ,1, O. Walker, proaldt nl - ��� lhi
il i2.ti 1 , '.���,,  ���.: :        ��� ,1   '.   c 1 imbia   confi n m
1 13.4 * ���  inr *��� Isted by   Elder   \. (1
>      ��� ,..'i.   ,       *.*, ci   ver,   end a  1
1 11:43   0.1   1 * 11 1 '
Ika*    Mam   wClSf 2&
petr Dozen
Bj-r  Blot!;
Pbtnc S88,
Columbia Street.
T JEJmCrn*
Another List of Rush
Specials for Early Shoppers
For the Last Friday During Our
Great Midsummer Clearance Sale
Think what this means to you, the greatest    bargains    of    this    mid-season.
Come Friday and supply your needs, and come early for best selections.
A Huge Clearance of Women s Wash Suits
Reversible  Cretonnes
24c Per Yard
and Coats,  Today
This  represents  a  clearance of  tbo  season's  new Aboul two dozen Women's Wash Suits and Coats;
Etylcs, with fancy patterns; also plain centres, with balance of the Eeason'e mock;  developed  In  white
wide  border  patterns, etc;   tn to 48  IncheB wide; duck;  man-tailored styles;  sizes 114 to 40;  regular
regular values to BOo; today, yard        24c values to $16.00   To clear, today  $2.15
Odd Styles in Corsets, Today $1.23
Several styles are displayed; odd lots or n, & .v. Royal Worcester models*, sizes is to 26; repuiar values
to J2.25.   Today, per pair   S1.23
One  Great Final   Clear-  Half Price  Clearance of
ance of   Curtain   Goods   Children's Dresses
24c   Yard
In quantity, vain- and choice of patterns; one of
the most notable offerings ot this sale; composed of
scrims, madras, muslins,! nets, casement cloths; Bome
with just enough for on- or two pain of curtains, so
choose early, In many instances these fsbrlcs sold
trom 60c to $1 nn per yard For quick clearance, today,   yard            24c
Children's cotton und linen Dresses; In dunks, prints,
chsmbrays,  Holland linens.    These urn divided  into
three lots to mak- it convenient for quick selling; a
good selection for early buyers; regular $1.60 values,
slzi s to five years.    To clear al 75c
Regular  $2.26  values;    sizes    to  ten   years.     To
clear at      $1.13
Regular $::.r,n values; sizes to 16 years To
cl-ar   at          S1.73
To Clear Oat Oar Women's Suits at Half Price
If you fully appreciate the opportunity that ls offered, these Sulla wtU nol  want  for eager buyers    Just
the correct Btyles for fall und Just the weight wanted.   Read:
$20.00 Suits for  	
$25.00  Suits  for   	
$30.00  Suits  for   	
$36.00  Suits  for   	
��� ; I  Suits  for  	
1::, 00  Suits  for    ���	
Charming Summer Waists   Summer Underwear   for
Today $1.38 Quick  Clearance
It's a   special  to  be sure ���very  special. The quality Women's fine lisle and cotton Knit Vests and Draw-
ind Btyle nre uncommonly fine;   plain tailored antl (rH t() matcn. K\(n ���,. without sleeves; lace trimmed
fancy lawn embroidered;-high and low^neck; tailored valU(,R      -5(,    T()
styles, wth soft or laundered collars and cutfB,   tor
quick riddance, toduy   $1.38      ***. ��>-'"'"'    43*
Extra Special in Women's House Dresses
ti   v're all fresh  new goods these tpretty little house or street Dresses for women;  developed In basket
, iVth strined BUltlngS plain zephyrs and fancy ginghams. They are rolog at a price thnt represents one of
tha a'real oonortunitleS of the season, colors are fawn. pink, sky, Cepenhagen, hello, black, white, etc.;
sizes 18 misses to 38 bust.; regulrar to $4.60.    Special  today $2.58
To Rush Out Staples
Today 24c
18-Inch Crash Toweling;   all  linen;   IS Inches wide;
t in  yards   fur      24C
Oreal clearance today of flaxen muslins, pique w:th
Clearance of Hosiery
Elastic hose eupp rters; hand styles; with silk elastic Btraps and C.  M   ci'aeps; colors are white, sky,
pink, black; values to IBc,   Today 43c
Flno cotton ribbed hose tor hoys und girl:
black; sizes 6 lo 10 inches    Today 18C
Black,  iau.  white,  pink and sky  silk  lisle -lis-  for
children; Blzes 5 1 L' to " no ins, values 26c and 35c.
Ti day           24c
si-is 7 1-2 to 8 1 2; eame Btyles as above; regular
values to 50c     Today    33c
Friday Specials in Gloves
Change Purses, Belts
Splendid line of Sample Gloves;   cotton  and  assorted shades; sizes 6 to ��� l-'-'  Today, per pair at   . 19C
Leather change I'urst's for a quick riddance; many
kinds from which to, choose; regular values to HI 00.
Today        23C
Leather  h"lls  for   women;   assorted    shades:     all
lengths; good buckle.   To clear, today nt   9c
an or      stripes, fancy pongee, repps, etc.; excellent rani:
good   coloring,  regular  36c   to 50c   yard.   Todav,  per
yard  -24C
Double 'Viirp velvet flannelette; :tti Inchea wide; high
grade patterns; regular 36c yard, Today, per yd 24C
?6 Inch   bleached   Cotton;   extra  heavy   weight   and
free trom fining. T< day, two yards for 24e
Unbleached and bleached damask; 60 to To Inchea
wide;   good  weights and  patterns;   regular 7"ie   To
day, per yard ,  24C
Dress Goods for Quick
Clearance, Today 24c Yd.
They will muke up Into charming dresses; all weights
and colors; about !!0ti yards In the lot; regulur values up to Jl.nn yard. Today, per yard 24C
The Last Great Rash Sell-
Embroidery Edging   and "SQTGinghamsandPrint**
nlar   lo 10c
Widths to I Inches; dainty patterns;
yard.    Today, per yard  	
One-half to two Inches wide;  splendid quality. Today, per yard  3C
Fine Muslins at Half Price
and Leas
Wonderful bbi orl       l of coloi    and design *.   n
t i of glni * il     lm     cotton foulards,
volli       pBtln        'IIny will I"   quickly in-.isui-,* 1 off    fancj work dresses, children's wear, etc  Spt
���   tile I'oday, per yd    XSc    '���    ��� i" ���' .v:iil'	
Sturdy wearing ginghams und prints; included are a
few pieces of wrapperelte; fust colors; regular l'J'Ac
and 16c    Today, six yards Tor  43e
Abi i:' ten pi'era of colored art muslins. To clear to
,:'>' P�� yard   5c
32 inch while flannelette; rplcndld quality.   Today
-,",'>;"''1 lie
Three quarti-:- bed  size cotton  sh���is;   in  plain or
twilled pure bleached.   Today, each  49c
Dark Turkish towels; gi od Blzo and wt Ig1 :     Today
encn     134
inch brown Holland all pure linen; suitable   for
ill to-
���rn**- ~J***i%rr-m��zr\'**-.TmZm^ BBBMgBMBMMBWWWOIMMHWMBMMMWBBWWMl FRIDAY, AUQU8T 1, 1913.
CA-JS   i��l����
News'Sport Page That Everybody Readsf^m SB0WN
 _   __    _    __.        ���     ���_Ji^     ,    ,   ��� T** *-\*-J*Ttt.lf~* lUll    JULl.
City Ball League Closet Tonight With
Electrics and   Balmorals  After
Each Other.
The last Kcheduled City league baseball game will lie pulled off at Queen's
park litis evening when the Hitlniorals
und the Eleclrlcs will attempt to decide Just whul team takes second
place in the organisation,
This by no melius ends baseball for
ihls season, for the funs will be treated   tO  a series of   post-season   games
between the two time champions, thel
Moose und an all star aggregation BO- I
lected  from  tlie other Iwo teams.
Taking Into consideration  the  facl
thnt   this  Is  tlieir  flrsl  Season   iii   th"
league und nlso the difficulty of sonic j
of  the   regulars   getting    away     from I
work nt tiie right time, the Electrics
have made a lair showing, which has'
been appreciated by the fans.
Trouble in thi ranks of the  Balmorals spoiled lhelr chances of win
ning tlie pennant in the early pari of
the season and the situation  was not
improved  during   lhe   past   Iwo   weeks
when another break occurred Too
many managers win never mak.' a
i-hampionsiiip team, is the experience
in all baseball organizations und whoever leads Hu' d'siinies of the lial
morals ni itt Beason, must lay d
llie law with an Iron hand ut tin
waa u sporting Item or no. Never- utruments or war as, well as of spori
theless Chief Bradshaw feels well and the nation that did not huve un
proud or one of IiIb force capturing' army of archers was doomed to ex-
money In u beauty contest. Unction.
  The   record   made   lust   month     In
Yesterday  wus a  real one whero Franoe by logo Blmon, who shot nn
lbe dopester gol upset nearly every arrow 4M yards 8 Inches, while con
time In' the mujor leagues, Eddio j sldercd remarkable by the archers ol
I'lank of the Athletics and Hoehllng today, would hiivjl, tflade Hohln Hood
of Washington both lost. New. York, and his merry inntLJaugh ln derision
Highlanders slipped one over Chi-j At the tournaments held In Sherwood
ciigo, Cleveland took two from Ilos. forest thc least expert wtth the long-
ton,   while   the   (limits  lost   ngsiu   to Robin  Hood  is suid to have shot 800
the (-'ubs.
Even belting Is llie
on die Iliiyley-Valse
hbusq next Snlurday
ley   is  likely   to   play
against the Seattle b
the  mill   should
this season,
The archery revival In America hemic In the cily 'gun in 1833, when thf use of the long-
light nl Brig- i bow was taught at'1 Kenyon College,
afternoon, Hay- Ohio. After a lime Interest In lhe
a careful gutnn sport died out agalti, hut It was revlv-
iy,    At any rntr>|od In 1S77, with the organisation of a
be   one   of   llie   besl.
Baseball Results.
Standing  of the
W,    I���
. 554
[ Vancouver   titi   40
1 Seattle    OS    4:!
Portland    nil   4.'.
Victoria  47   ud
I Tacoma   47   on
Spokane    88   88
Beavers Drcp a Game.
Vancouver,   July   81,     llie     leader-
Ship in iiie Northwestern    race    was
again brought  to un Interesting stage
thiB   afternoon    when    Victoria   got
I away  with     the    gam"    aguinsl     the
lneticetnet't  if success comes, his way.
This evening's game starts'ut. 11:45.
in a rugged and uninteresting   in
termedlate    game    the    West    Knds'
painted East Burnaby last evening at I
Queens park with n score of 11 to 2. j
For  a   time   it   looked   as   though   tin* j
prospective champions would s:-ore a j
shutout, hut 11 sudd"ii spurt in the
lust two minutes of play netted tho
suburbanites lhelr  pair of  goals.
East llurnuby went on the Held tic,
feated.     Their   home   appeared   to  hi'i
afraid of the defenoe or West Ends.
with the result that Coutts In goal
for llurnahy was continually being
bombarded wtth shots, many of
��hich he turned nBlde.
Stoddart between the flags at thi)
cpl't site end nlso performed stellar
work when he handled the few sbot:|
thai came his wuy.
Last night's victory gives the West,
Knds a big lend In the race for the
cup and medals und a win for Iheui
over Sapperton next Thursday even"
ing will cinch the championship.
It Was a Tie.
An alleged lacrosse game was
nlayed out ut Burqultlam lust evening between the Coqultlam "Chain
*.0tug" and the "Stewbums." or Bur*"
��� mitla 111. Little scoring was done by
either aggregation, the high temperature nnd the luck of practice being
mainly responsible. Prank Stanley
and James Hunt wet" in th" lime-
llghl for Coqultlam, while Frank!
Welcher nnd Qeorge McKee performed stunts for the homesters Oeorge
Mderson hsndled tlie game Just be
l"t" the seiner forgets. Hie outcome}
of the struggle wus 11 tie. two goal
en. II.
(By the Potter.)
Local  tennis  players  an*   warming
i*|i tor the annual tournament  which,
nts  en   the   Third   Btreel   grounds
:'\t   Monday  afternoon     The  Newq
la making arrangement to have   ihe
scores of    the    previous    day    every,
morning for tennis enthusiasts.
New Westminster atld Porl Coqulti
inn will probably clash ou tli"
Queens park diamond on Saturday]
afternoon instead or the Royals
journeying lo the l'ort City. Thii)
will Ih> the only sporting fixture iu
the city on thnt day.
Beavers winning out 7 tu 5. Kant
lehner was taken out during a buiting
In", Boatman going in. The live
errors agalnsl Vancouver were costlv.
It.   II    K.
Vancouver      5    lu      5
Victoria    7     B     1
Batteries: Schultz ami Konnick;
Kantlehner, Boatman und Shea,
Win  for  Tacoma,
Portland, July 31,���Tacoma broke
Into th" winning streak or Portland
Hub arternoon winning 8 to 11. Port-
lam! started a hatting rally in the
lust of the ninth which saved tbe
team Worn the ignominy or being
shut out. Both Callahan and Hynes.
the Portland Blab artists, were hand
led unmercifully, Tacoma getting IJ
hits,  six off each   pitcher.
it   ii.   ]���:
Tacoma    s   l-     -
I'or: laud "      7      4
Batteries:    Kaufman   and   Harris:
Callahan, Dynes und King.
Ceittle   Anain.
Spokane, July 31. Seattle won
from Spokane today G to 1. l-'itzsini-
moils' error in the llfth allowed two
runs and live hits In the sixth counted for three more runs. Cadreau was
hit bard. Powell, who started in the
game, was ft reed to i|ttit In the llrst
because of a strained side.
I cluh in Oakland, Cal The Amerloan
I Archery association held its tirsl
I championship tqlityilment thirty live
j years ago, und among those who took
| pnrt were Dr. Edward 11. Weston of
Chicago, W. ll, Clark of Wyoming,
land ihe Rev, W. Hi n. Cray or Cheyenne, Wyo. nil or whom participated
iin the 1912 tournament held a year
ago In llos'on.   The flight shoot record
lat tli" lUlLi t itirnament was 229 yards,
1   root,
Simon's recent record, the longest
since 17114, was made with a Turkish
how of buffalo lioni and antelope
sinew over two hundred .wars old. Tin
longest distance wllb a modern yew
bow ai the same meet was 2llf, yards
In olden days In Kngland participation In the archery meets held on
Bundays nnd holidays was obligatory
upon all servants and workmen. Yew
bows were considered tlle best, hut,
owing to the 8cat'"ltt* or yew, only persons ol some social standing were permitted lo own I ws ol that wood. According to authorities, the average
rang" of Hi" yew bows of those days
was rrom 320 to 4nn yards.
FOR JULY, 1913
Warm     Weather     Mutt     Have     had
Tomethinrj to Do with  Drop in
Monthly Returns.
Harry Sellers became champion
heavyweight or the puglllBtlca
world, tin-n confined to England
ami Ireland, h":* defeating Poter
Corcoran. The latter was ar
Irishman, and 'had won the title
by dl renting "liver Bill" Parts.
The Hibernian was mauled al-
mosl to death by Sellers, and
tin re was great Jubilation iu
Kngland over the result, and
corresponding depression in
Ireland. Sellers died not long
nfter the hattle, and was succeeded as champion by a Ixm-
doner. Tom Johnson.
Joe Jeanette deteated Tony
Uoss in Hn roundB at New
Cadreau  and
Olpe      and
. ti
.   1
H.    E.
11       1
:i     l
Standing ol tne Clubs
5 !i
H.    E
7       0
HI      1
The dropping of Jack Gentry a*
catcher for the Moose team created,
m, little comment among the fana
when  lhe herd  lined   up ugniiist   Port
Coqultlam on Wednesday evening.
Oeiury up till thm. hud figured In
every game the Moose had played
ilils season, whether evening, Saturdays or Sundays, und his work behind the. plate, as well ns ul the bat,
wus regarded us high as any playing;
in ihe league. It i�� understood Hint
he will appear as catcher for the all-
stars against the Moose in tlm
m ties  beginning  next week.
New   York   	
I: iston   	
Cincinnati    m
St.  I.ouis    117
Yesfrday's Games.
Ai   Pittsburg It.
Brpoklyn   2
1'ittsburg     2
Batteries Rucker, Curtis and Mll-
lei,   Robinson and Cibson.
m Cincinnati: IL   ll    E
Philadelphia     'J   ll     2
Cincinnati     4     :i     2
llatteries: Seaton, Rixey and Killifer;  Hrown and Kllng, Blackburn.
At Chicago: IL    IL    E
N'ew  York      4      S      2
Chicago    5    11)      1
lln i'ri"." Marquard, Fromme and
Meyers; Lavender, Moore, Cheney
and  Brenahan.
At St. Loins: It     H,    E
Iloston      ti    18      2
St,  Louis     6     9      1
Batteries: l'i nine, Tyler and
Whaling;  Coyer. Sallee and Wingo.
Standing  of  the  Clubs
Chicago .. ���.
Si    Louis  . .
N'ew  York
. 55
Yesterday's Games.
At Philadelphia: H.   H.   E.
Sl   Louis   4     li     8
Philadelphia    3    8    1
llatteries:     llaumgiirdner and  Alex-
iaitder;  Plank and Lapp,
I   At Washington: U.   ll.   E.
Detroit      4    11       1
Washington    1      4      1
Ilalteries:      Hall      and      Slnnage;
Boehllng and Henry.
o��.���      At Iloston: It.    II.    E.
I.lchtenhein    being   mixed    np   In Iti  Cleveland      5     7      2
Sam   Ib  part   owner  or  the   Montreal   Iloston      2     7     1
Baseball   club.     Tbe   owners   of   thn      Hatterles:     Falkenhorg,  liregg  and
Ottawa    Canadian     league     baseball  CarlBCh;  Bedient and Thomas.
���club have nlso something to do with l    Second   game: 11.    IL    E.
hockey.     Hence   the   proposed   trade. ;Cleveland  4      7      1
-Skene Konau, the star hockey player Boston
���Of the Ottawas, will  go to  the Wan- '
���rierers   In   pluce  Of   Carlo,   a   pitcher
Irom  Montreal.
Jusl us soon as Joe McQInnlty
leaves the Newark International team
they go and win the pennant. Tho
Iron Man came near on three oc<
caslons during the past live years.
Hack easl they are talking of Iradi
lng hockey players for baseball stars.
Did you ever hoar the like ? Of
���course a hockey deal In the east
would not he complete without    Sam
Hon.    Joseph    Turned    a    Vigorous
Enemy Into a Strong Friend.
, I Away back in tho early sixties there
i lived in Cornwall a colored barber I
teamed T. H. White, a well-educated
rattan, a keen politician, and a charae-
let all-around. This wus in time of
| negotiations preceding Conlederation,
I and tbere were many distinguished
j men in the town to see tbe late Hon.
; J"hn Sandfleld Macdonald. who was
, among the political leaders of those
I duys.
Barber White was the only manipulator ot the razor in Cornwall at
that time and naturally had the honor
of shaving those of the publicists who
needed his services. He was (airly in
his element, and as he was a good
talker he acquired plenty ol political
information, winch he retailed to his
local customers to good effect afterwards.
Kor some reason or otber. White
lind developed a grent aversion to
Hon, Joseph Howe of Nova Scotia,
one of the lathers of Confederation,
uti'l was never lired ol abusing liitu,
nothing srturt of murder being too vile
to liiy to his charge,
Ono morning a , Granger came ofl
the early tram, anil as soon as the
barber shop was open, betook hitnselt
thither (or �� shave. It was not hum
before White introduced his favorite
topic ami the name of Howe caine up.
i "Politicians is a pretty queer lot,
Buh," he said. "Some is good and
some is had, but that Howe is th ���
worst ol the bunch. It lie goes on he
will ruin this country. Oh, dat villain.
Joe Howe, he ought to be in the pent
Untiary." White was so excited that
the stranger could not get in a word]
wlmt hc did sny only encouraging the
barber to further talk.
The opcrstii :i over, the strangei
handed While a dollar, with the re
murk: "You're a good barber, and
your conversation is very interesting.
��� ven n it is somewhat personal. Keep
tin* change."
A few minutes later a townsman
cam,' in and asked who tbe late customer was
"I dou't know." replied White, "but
he  is a  perfect gentleman."
"Why," said tlio townsman, "thtit'-i
lhe Hon. Joseph Howe, of Nova Scotia : hc has just gone over to see Sand-
"Can't help thai," rejoined White,
"I'll stick to what I said," and from
that time forward the apostle of Confederation (nun the Bluenoses bad no
firmer defender than the black bar-
her Irom Cornwall. '      I
New Zealand  Jackies    Having    Good
Time���Fire  In   Vancouver  Cafe���
Cclony Flou-'ishing.
Vanoouver, July 81.���There could
be no moro enjoyable feature of tin-
New Zealand entertainment program
than llie automobile drive round the
city mul Point Qrey thut 175 marines
and sailors from the cruiser panic!-
pated in yesterday afternoon, The
,,i n   themselves   testllled   to   that,
I'hose who saw. ami heard, the pro
cession ot 60 or more automobile (
With sirens Plowing and sailors sum
ing, passing through the city yesterday afternoon also Lear witness to
ne tact thai il was no disappointed
party that was given shore leave to
take part In that portion of the city's
Protest Water Application.
Objections were raised this mora-
ng before the board oi water commissioners by the Btltannta Mining
sompany to the plan to direct a power
house and various Industrh s, put he-
ore the board for approval by the
Howe Sound Power company.
This    company    Intends    to    carry
water from both lhe north  and south
forks   of   Furry   creek,   South   valley,
Howe sound, down to the waterfront,
md   there   erect   u   power   house,   an
Ice plant  und grain elevators.
Fire in Cafe.
Starting In the basement kitchen of
tlie  Sven eaf".  Lender    street    east.
lit" caused (8600 damage to the cate
premises, the   lodging    houBe
the  restaurant,  and  lo  the  adjoining
-esldence occupied by O. D, Weather-
by,    Many ot the guests In the room-
ns bouse bad difficulty in escaping
���villi thoT lives.    One man,  IL  Fits-
hutis, only saved himself by dropping
from a second    story    window,    The
-ause  cl   the   blaze   is   unknown,   as
���he proprietor or the cafe says that
he    did    not    have    any    lire    in tin
kttches s'nee vesterday afternoon.
Mrs. Mathers  Dies.
Mrs. Mathers, the need head   of b
family   prominent   In   Vancouver   and
well    known   all   over Canada,   died
early   this  morning  at   the   residence
of   her   son.  J.   B.   Mathers,   at  West
Vancouver.     She*"was   In   her   eighty-
fourth year and her end came peacefully as befitted a long life of extra-
urdlnary activity and usefulness. For
the last five years she had lived with'
her  sons  in   tlvs  city.    The  funeral
arrangements    have    not     been    announced.
Adjutant Returns.
Adjutant   Thompson,   bend   of     the
immigration department  cf the S'llva*
ion  Army  in  Vancouver   has  lust  re-
"rued   from   a   trli   'n  the   Salvation i
M--1-.   (op'iv   at   Ci "���in    Vancouver
Lsland. and "-"-rrts "'it  "-" '--lonv i,
ll  One eondlLoti. imd   that   the crons ;
n the farms ar- 'nod. -cBr'tcularlv lr
rots nnd ��� "-"tahl"=     So n-e ore thn
iroducts  vt the <-"���'  ;*i  "i's  favored '
--���'    save tie  n'l'"t;'"i.  fi'-it  the    iu
lab'tantB   are   scrleuslv   thtnkine
Practically     all     the     govorn nt
'offices In Hie city record decreases
In receipts for last month, compared
jwlth July, 1912, although the situu-
tlon shows signs ol Improvement. A
railing olT ol $741.46 Is noticed iu tha
post ollice returns. These are made
out  us follows;
July,   1918
Number ot money orders said.    1,929 |
Money  order commissions  ..$   889.78
Box   rents         120.00
Stump Bales     3,246.15
Total    $3,656.21
July, 1M2 -
Number ol money orders sold.    2.3K4
Money  order  commissions   ���   $   343.45
Box  rents         360.7&
St.imp subs   3,693.60
The day of private executors is passing and Corporate Executors with strong financial responsibility and an expert knowledge of the management of
estates are replacing them.
A large number of the leading business men in
this city have appointed this company to act as executors and trustees under their wills, having satisfied themselves that we can attend to their affairs
after their deaths to better advantage than can any
private executor, and at the same cost.
Totul    $4,397.70 j
The falling oil of lhe lumber bush |
ness, wltb a consequent decrease In
the timber cutting, shows a deficit
sheet ut the crown timber offices.
Tin; receipts lor July. 1918, wcre
$4420.82, while those of the corres-
ponding mouth of last year totalled
Dominion lauds receipts also fell
off $68.78,
A payment on a mining lease,
which came in at this time last year,
is responsible for the pi,or showing
in mining hinds, only $127.53 being
tuki u in last month against $1769.86
last year.
Healthy   Month.
July   must   have    heen    a    healthy
month    I'or    New   Westminster    resi-
, dents, as only  26  deaths  took  place,
as  compared   with  57   birtliB  and   41
marriages.    Thirty-four licenses  were
issued   by  Sheriff   Armstrong,    meaning   that     either     seven     out-of-town
above   couples, or those who would not face,
lhe music at the sheriff's office, took
out licenses outside the city.
Police  Figures.
Drunks and offenders under the
Indian act formed the principal contributors to tlle police treasury last
month, no less thnn 52 of the former
and 19 of the latter having been convicted. Vagrants are not much use
in replenishing the court coffers and
of the 17 convicted, a large majority
were politely but firmly requested to
The report for the inonth made out
by the chief of police is as follows:
Assault  with  intent  to commit  rape,
1;   breach   of   motor   vehicle   act,  4;,
breach of streets bylaw, 3;  Preach ot
trades   license   bylaw,   2;   breach   of
Indian  act.  19;   breach  of  pool    and
billiard bylaw, 3; breach of explostyei
bylaw, 1; breach ol Lord's day act
,drunk.   52;   disorderly.   4;   drunk   and
disorderly, 8;  Inmate of opium Joint
���2;   keeping  vicious  dog,  1;   maintain
'ing a  nuisance,   1;   obtaining   money
by   false    pretence.    2;     obstructing
Wills drawn free of charge.
J. J, JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streeti, New Westminster.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
A Modern and
Handsome Office
can be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid of our
rnlllwork. We have all ready
In stock panels, mouldings and
all necessary fittings to expedite the rush jobs. We shall be
glad to submit drawings and
estimates as we are specially
fitted up for this class of work.
Phone  473,  Queensborough.
peace officer,
vagrancy, 17;
al. 119.
to   kill,   1;
Poisonous   Lizard   Now   on   View
���ar  future.
agricultural   fair    In     tin
According to the Blaine paper to
hand the victory  of Kraser Mills last
���'Sun-lay wns g lucky affair for Jack
Hume, three home runs being scored
Ail hlm. while nine errors were made,
fcack of the Blaine twlrler.   Christian-"
mil, the former Maple Leaf, waa responsible for throe, while Hilly Welngartner did not some through unscathed, i
The     following,     wltll     few   excep-1
tions. appears to be the wail of those
wending their wuy from  Mlnoi'ii park
these days:     "Of all snd  words
i'"t nie    sonny ?    Tha    saddest
tin se. -Not in the money.'"
Nnw Westminster panple who at"
it i'ii'"i iiie plonlc on Wednesday are
ie. yi t wondering whether the prize
���Mn tiy police   Constable   Anderson
  2   12    2
llatteries:    Blending   and    O'Nell;
M Bely, Poster, Hull and Carrlgan,
At  New  York: R,    H.    E,
Chicago    1      5     0
Nc;   York      II      7      2
Batteries:     Clootte,   Scott,   Smith
and Schalk; Caldwell and Sweeney.
International League.
Baltimore, 3;  Rochester, 13.
Newark, li;  Montreal, S,
Providence, 4; Toronto, 11.
Jersey City, 2;   nuffalu, 8,
(By  "Gravy.")
World's Oldest  Pastime.
There   Is   just   one  spoil   hi   which
Hie  ancients  could   excel   tha   mod
(���nm, und that is archery, oldest of all
pastimes.   (>f course, in the good old
duys before the Invention of firearms
and other Improved methods of killing
people,   llle  bow   .mil   arrow   were   in-
Kept It Quiet.
London, July 31 -/Hie romantic marriage of Doris Joel,-daughter of Solomon BarnatO Joel, and Arthur Waller,
a stockbroker, was brought to light at
lbe Cioodwood races this week when
Walter dramatically claimed his bride.
The couple were married secretly
three months ago. MrB. Walter's father la a member of Darnnto Bros., diamond merchants, and a director tti
the DeBeers and other diamond mining companies of South Africa, lie ls
reputed to lie very wealthy.
Fire ,-t Orang-w'ilo,
Orangevllle, Ont, July 31. Fire
broke out here this morning destroying $30,000 worth or merchandise. The
lilio'i' wa.", discovered about li o'clock
nnd is supposed to have originated
above Fleming's botrber shop, Bltuated
on North Broadway, The Adams
Hardware oompany and Richie Bros'.
general Btore ench suffered from SfU',
oco tc Mr,,iiim iota,
The Culinary Possibilities to Be Found
In These Sweets.
The housekeeper who has not tested
the culinary possibilities of nmrsbmal-
lows hus little idea of their many uses.
Por emergencies a tin box of these Inexpensive candles Is u good asset for
tlie supply closet.
Should the supply of eggs give oul
when tilling nr frosting I" wanted for
a dark layer cake nuirshinilllows may
be substituted. While the cake Is still
hot place nuirshnuillows torn In halves
between tbe two Infers ll ud nlso ou
top of the ciike. Ilephiee thu cuke la
tbe oven for u few moments until
tbere I*- tin even layer of luirthilly
melted lunrsliiiiiillows over the cake.
I'or tne tifteini  ten table lhe plainest of little cukes topped with marsh
mallows nud placed for it moment ln u :
slow oven ure transformed into Prenen
t'onfeetiiins     Spier   cuke   bilked   in   n |
llllil sheet und ent In small rounds ol I
tlle  size of u   niiirshnisllow   Is uu  in
expensive substitute for tlle small full
ry cakes of tin- caterer.   Top each lit I
lie   circle   with   it   half   iiuirslinnillow
nnd   partially   melt   In  a   slow  oven
Decorate with n single not meat, bull
:i cherry or u cross marking of I'boco
lute or colored frosting.
If the material for a fruit salad it
scant cut mnrshmullows in quarters
using a well Boll red pair of scissors
ISqual parts of gra|ie fruit. Kngllsli
walnuts and ninrshmallows mixed
with half the qunntity of diced pine
apple muke n salad combination well
suited to a French dressing flavored
wiih wine.
Ordinary chocolate Ice cream is easl
iy transformed Into an apparently ex
pensive novelty liy adding n plentiful
lilpply of iiuurtered marshmallows
when the crenni is half frozen If the
chocolate Is rich and dark these dull
white particles make an effective
showing and also add an unusuiil tla
Lizard   Now   on
Reptile House.
Tier,   hai  jus:   arrived  at  the  Zoo-
,���., logical    Gardens,   London,   a   lizard
of| with a poisonous bite.   No other kind
���of lizard is known to science that can
d-u serious harm by a mere bite. Kach
tooth in the iower jaw is grooved like
the fang of a snake,  and  u  bite  has
Lien known to kill a man.
The creature has been deposited in
a glass-fronted cage   in   one   oi   the
reptile houses along with seven others
of  his  species.    Although  this  house
is kept so warm  that the crocodiles
sleep calmly in their pond, tin*'   little beasts seem to feci the cold, and
huddle together in the sand that ha-i
been given them ns the best possible
imitation  of  their own  home.    They
sre nil almut a foot   long,   and   gor-
'geously marked in th" richest orange,
yellow,  nnd  blue-black.    They    look
'like slothful piunt tadpoles that have
somehow or ether covered themselves
from the ends of their alligator snouts
U   the  ti|>s i.t  tin ir   fanny  fat   tails
with miniature tiger skins.    The fat
tails are not merely funny; they are
valuable.    As the Haloderm���that is
the  correct  name  of  the  lizard���cats
its   tail  fattens,  and  stores  up  hiige
quantities oi   fat,   just   a-s a   cam*l
stores up fat  in its hump.    When its
l tail is nearly us thick as Its holy i:
I becomes  happy.    Sometimes  it  goes
to Bleep, as these specimens at  the
I zoo seem to do, hut often enough  it
', carries  its  fat   tail   with   it   as  n   re-
s rve.    It   is   well   known   tlr.it   th*
I tiger-slriped    lizard    can    *;<���    ninny
months without food, hut during tin
time of hunger his tni' shrinks, When
he is really hungry he is a very nasty
brut'  to  meet,  for the  inside  of  hi.-
Usiially   sleepy   mouth   is    most   fern
ciously armed.    Both on the uppei
and   lower  jaw   he   has   sharp   teet
curved  backwards,  so  that  anything
h* seizes has little  chance of escup
1 nig.    Any  wrigclc  given  by  the  un
fortunate beast he has gripped tendl
mero.y to help  ,t backwards towards
the  voracious   little   throat.    More
over, the roof ol iLs mouth has other
backward-pointing teeth which   help
in  the  general  effect.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia  Street,  New Westminster.
Singer  Sewing  Machines.    Small   Musical Goods of all Kinds. PHONE 694.
 1  ...
I The Bank of Vmmm
Branches Throughout the  Province of British  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at tbe big best current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts ot the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
And Saturday Matinee
MONDAY, Aug. 4
FRANK RICH Musical Comedy Co.
It's All over.
Portland, Ore., July 31,-���With the
release today of 2\ persons ill-rested
n the recent street-speaking war.
���vim have not been tried and who gave
"good behavior" pledges, and the sentencing of Rudolph Schwab and I. N.
Ulmslay. leading agitators, to roc.k-
iille termB, tlte court dockets were
cleared today of cases resulting from
recent I. \V, W. disturbances.
Death From Heat.
Memphis, Ti nn��� July ^ti One death
luo to hi at occurred here today, the
[ItbI iu Memphis this summer. Tin
maximum temperature recorded hj
ihe weather bureau was 90 degroes.
Wednesday, Aug. 6th, 1913
To give  New  Westminster people an
opportunitv to
Steamer leaves (.'. IV H. Wharf at
7 n.m. sharp.
Tickets for round trip $1 ".fl. Tickets
can be obtained from the oommlttee,
(Ieorge Blakeley, !���'. Maxwell, J. J.
Randolph, rapt. P, 0, Carter. A. J.
Chrlsp and E. Goulet (1779)
Two Shows Each Night-7.30 and 9.15
Adults, 25c; Children, 15c
Change of Program Mon., Wed. and Fri.
"The Playground of B.C.
WHITE, SHILES & Co., Ofiiciil Ac
d'lved for The Nows at the following places: l'\ T. Hill's drug store,
H2X Columbia street; A. Sprice,
ijueenabnrougk. Lulu Island.
a RATES. ���
��� ����������������������������������������
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 0,000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract,  $25.00.
t'brlHtmas cards. Ladies or gents.
Simple book free. Large profits.
Chlpchase, "Cardex," Darlington,
England, '(1810)
Splendid small ranch, seven roomed houBe, chicken houses; right at.
station, post office and store. All
kinds small fruitb, 300 fruit trees.
Value $115011. Take house in New
Westminster as part payment or
sell easy terms. Owner, J. Leake,
Port Kells.
Heavy  Yield  of  Fruit  This  Season-
Little  Damage  From
What to Do With Relatives That
Get on One's Nerves.
Considering Also Proposal to Declare
Franchise  Void���Transfer  Rights
Then   Revoked
Seattle, .luly 31.    When ihe city do
l clares the entire,  contract  of the Se
I'entlcton,  July   31,    In  Just  about
one   mor/ week   shipping   Will   coni-
(1824) Imence  f(om  the  warehouses of the|attle  Renton & Southern railway com
���.���.������_��� ---��� Penticton Fruit Union, as at that time ,,       ,    ,,..,���,.i,-.���.,
KOR   SM.K   (III   ItKNT    ON   KIKTH ',h" a"ri<'"t ""�����  wllk"   '�� '"   P""8nl   ^ * .    * francBlW
��� e,,    , nt - V-iJhthI nve !  aVsw estlmSteE to he tlie largest aid besl  for the purpose of condemning  the
' '      ""  '   ''   "'*   that   bus  ever gone out of  I'entlcton,   line for municipal street  railway pur-
will be picked und on its wav to the poses, the result  will be that  tranq
coast  und   prairie  markets. fer "gilts uow   enjoyed by putrous of
Iteeve     Foley-llennett.     Councillor   the line, based  solely on the contract
Kraut, nnd other well known growers I rights, will he revoked,   Lieu though
fully modern six roomed house on
large cleared lot, cement basement,
furnace) fireplace, electric fixtures.
panelled dining room. Price $;iGott.
Jinn cash, balance $80 per month,
or will lease for $25 per month.
Small improved ranch nenr city or
car line considered ns part payment. Owner llox 507 New Westminster. USlfl)
Apply to Dawson At (Srace, Scott
nad, Soulh Westminster.      iistioi
wishes to work In a good  family.
Speaks   good   English and   understands cooking. I', O. llox 966, city.
keeping rooms, $10 and $1S per
month at 2!M Seventh slreet. I1S211
to rent, 4:14  Seventh  street.    Apply
manager  I'nion hunk. tlK22l
rooms, south exposure, with use of
bath and telephone, in modern
home, one hlock from ear line.
(Jentlotiian preferred. I'hone 1194L,
housekeeping     rooms,     i)   Agnes
street.    Plume t!".8 L. (1782)
keeping rooms;   convenient.    Apply
K, I', block. il76,r.)
declare thai thetr crop of apricots this
year Is In excess of that of any previous your and that vary llttlo damage has resulted from the ravages of
fruit pests. From this it seems certain tliat with moderate luck In puck- |
lng, etc, tlrst class returns will ac-
erue to these growers.
the city Bhould win iu the supreme
court of the Btate us right to condemn, li will be easily tour yeurs before the court of lust resort, the BU
preme court oi the United States, inters Judgment, according to u report
of the receiver ot the road, transmit-
         ,   , tui to the city utilities committee oil
f'hoo leaves for Alabam; Row-Row-| The y(,||ow Transparent tipple one the city couneil through Attorney
Row; nm other popular songs, with 0f ,h(, m0Bt pyP���|ar of the early va- Scott Calhoun,
music; postpaid, lo cents. Address I rletfea is also expected in about the The report contains a statement ot
Bond Musle Co., Look Box 82, Sta- beginning of the month with the! the company's operations, and also
tlon A��� Hoston, Mass. Your money exception of a few of the later cher- reviews the benefits thriving to the
back if you're not satisfied.     (ISO61 ; rjc.s  very  small  quantities    of    this  residents of Rainier valley since tlio
 ��� fruit remain to be shipped. transfer   privilege   went   Into  effect,
FOR SALE���MUST SELL THREE Slugs nnd nphls did considerable It setB forth that'durlng the year 1912
roomed cottage, Kdmonds, large gar- damage to the cherries this yenr and * patrons of the line were saved ninrtl
den in vegetables, cheap.    Leaving consequently   tbe  growers   will    not  than  $70,000  through  this one  Item.
city.    Apply  llox  1800  News.
FOR SALE���$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mnr
ket square, 1IS261
realize tlie return anticipated. Many : All the pcinls referred to in Ihe
of the growers were also careless I report huve been discussed with
ahout spraying at all nnd us n result J Judge A, W. Frater of the superior
there has been fl deticlt  between thej court,  under whose appointment  the
amount estimated for, und that actually marketed,
around Colonial pool  room, n  bluck I
pocket  book.    Ten dollars reward,
Joe Pippo, P, O, box 907 city. (1813)
Importance    of    This    Health    Factor
Oftin Overlooked by Parents.
The mother who wishes lo preserve
lite hcullli of the school child must lit
lend carefully to the question of diet
The child lit school ls giving mil en
ergy all the time, nnd food l* reipilsltf
to provide energy for the work
The child requires il good deul of fut. j for  the  entirf
because fut provides energy, keeps the
where.     No   collection,   no  charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 33R Hastings street west. Van 'body wnrin und Is neceiwnry during Ihe
couver,   11.C. ���        (1826)   time  of  growth      Hotter,   ereiiui   nnd
���***��******��� *! rich milk provide fut In emdly digested
I form.   The schoolboy's craving for suet
receivers ure acting, and the tentative made for selling to the city that
; portion of the line within the city
! limits for $1,200,000, or the entire
, line for $1,400,000, is the earnest de-
sire on the part of Judge Frater und
jthe receivers to settle for all time
the many vexing questions which n iw
'are and for many years wil be retard
ing proper development of the extensive territory through which the mad
operates, the  report says.
At Monday's session of the city
council, thp Pul.lie Ownership league
uskid the council to offer $1,200,000
rond, to bo paid for
with $500.0011 of general bonds and
$850,000 of utility bonds, the company to pay the city $1511,000 in cash
for extensions to be made In Rainier
Mr. Calhoun  told    tbe    committee
Bradley Apartments.
Most up to-date in the city.   Private
bats, electric stoves.
Furnished and Unfurnished Suites.
$20 per month und upwards.
1218 Fifth Ave. Office Phone 750.
dumplings i" physiological In the sense |that   n���i,|lt,r   tl���,   receivers     for     tbo
IN THE MATTER of the Navigable l'M,t met Provides iinlmal f��t in a pur   company    nor    the    company    itself
Waters     Protection     Act.     being   ticlllnrly  suitable  form  for 1 lie school-    would   become agents   for Ihe  city   in
Chap. 115 of Revised Statutes of room menu.  Porridge and cream, white | an effort to sell the $500,000 issue of
Canada, 19ot>. and 1 Hsb. soft boiled ur scrambled egg. vn-
IN THK MATTER of nn Application j rled with fut bacon, nnd u cup of cocon
by   the   liritish   Columbia   Tele-1 or milk provide n variety of choice for
phone Company, Limited, of Brit- break fust   The breakfast meal should
ish Columbia.
I i
tie   Mutter of the EBtate of Willi in, .1
Sli.ii'.  und   Henry   I-:.   Sharp,   both   o(
tin* city of New* Westmlnstel*, Provlt	
of Hiiiish Columbia, currying on business  under  tie*  firm,   name and   Btyle
��� ���r ihe Westminster Oarage, In the s.iiil
- ini lu the Matter "1 the "Cn alters' Trusl
II'.,1.,   vi "
NOTICE Im hereby given thnt  the uboi
named William .1 Sharp an,I Hnnry I'..
siuirp formerly "hurrying "ti business on
Mer llie tiriii. name and style of lhe Westminster Oarage on Ciirnurvoti street, in
lhe ritv   of   New Westminster  and   Pro-
��� ince of liritish Columbia, did by instrument In writing, dated lhe 22nd dav "t
.'.dy. A.l>. 1913, anlgn to Oeorge ll. Milne.
' the City "f New Westminster, B.C., for
the general benf'1 of Ill-Mr creditors, of
t'leir estate, credits and effects, which
i .iay he seised or s"I<l under exei mien
Ami   notice   Is   further  given   thai   n
��� icctlng ef creditors of the said William
t Sharp uiul Henry' '*- Sharp carrying on
- >8lness under ttu- firm, name nud stvle
��� ' tin*  Weatmlnster Onrnge,  will  I"   held
��� the office of George li.  Milne, Broker,
"...ni SO* Westminster Trusl  P.'".*!*   New
Wcstmlnsfrr, B.C., on Thursdav, the inn
'    ni   \e"-nst. a I��   i:it:t at  iiie hour ef
��� ��� i,,.*k In tie- afternoon
And notice is further given thnl all ner-
��� ��� i : lints s*uln��l  tin   snld  Wll-
im .1   Sharp und Hei r;  K   Sharp arc rein il    n rn  i" fore lln   I nth d ts  ol   I in
'�����t.  1*13    ��� *    * nd   thel'   nami s  nnd      I
*'     ;       :   * *     Itti    of thi r   eluim i,  ilel"
bi   sliitulerx   d< ��� lar illnn. nnd the
1 vnlui   , i  thi   security  * i  . n\ i
��� .   int       mdert     ��� I    , ��� i : ,
V creditor lo "    ���������  ul   anv   meet-
musl  I"* tiled on or bi fore
���������*���'   gp ��� a   lh '���   the
��� I    '������.   the  I Ith  dny
I In ���'(������-It uti   tin
ol   * I William J   SI   rp in  i
tin   p. ��� not	
' ��� ivtnc n |.   ,,|  ,,,,),   ,,,  the
���   H I nn
t In   hi Id  n roonslblc
I     ������,.<*       s,,
nf whn     claim
���i notified,
in r   this   ,11st
Take notice that an application will
be made to the tlovernor-tienerul-ili-
Councll one inonth from the date of
the publication of this notice for an
order   approving   the   pluus   deposited
with the Honorable, the Minister of
Publlc    Works,    and    in    the    Lund
'Registry ofTice at New Westminster
for the laying of a    telephone    cable
I across Kraser River at Mission. B.C
which cable is more particularly de
scribed nnd shown on the plans reg
Istered with the suid, the Honorable
| the Minister of Publlc Works, and In
the Land    Registry   office,   at    New
i Westminster,
l'er McPhllllps & Wood.
(1728) Their Solicitors
be vuricd ns much :is |Hissiblp. A little
fruit muy be served iu season Instend
of porridge.    Hrown breud mny occa-
lilonnlly   be  given   Instead   of   white.
'Rolls or Bcones or oatmeal cake, with
fresli preserves, ure excellent for breakfast
For dinner finely ent chicken, heof.
lamli or mutton, with such vegetables
us polnto. cauliflower, spinach, vegetable marrow, followed by milk pudding,
light pastry, chocolate sbllpe or egg
custard   us   n   sweet,   mny   be   given
genernl bonds.
The city utilities and the finance
committees will tuke up, at a Joint
session Mr. Calhoun's proposition to
sell for $1.41111.01111. the question of extensions to be left out of the mutter
until some definite agAement on the
sale is arrived at.
ern Lakes���Ship Ov:r Feur
Tens a Week.
I'resh f nits iu their spusuu should be .Developing Fishing Industry in North
given   two or  three  times  n   week   nt |
lenst for dinner, nnd huked tipple wltb
renin  is  un easily digested sweet  for !
The Bi honl child bus generally only
ihree meals a duy. so tbnt ten should j    pr|nce Albert, duly 31    Increasing
ittention is being paid to the develop
be n  moro ample meal thnn Hint ill-
lowed for grownups.    Plenty of Proud
'und butter, with honey or homemade
ment   of   tlle   lisliing   industry   in   tli
northern lakes nnd In view of the fact
Jelly, n little stewed fruit if It bus not j that a tish hatchery is likely to be e
KOR RENT���10 room fully modern j been served at dinner or breakfast nnd
house, corner Eighth avenue and occasionally a scrambled egg or cheese
Thirteenth street.   Will lease $40.901 custard, provide a nourishing ten when
children have the appetite lo digest it.
It must not be forgotten, however, Hint
to compel n child who Is not hungry to
,   H
ii'SK.    ���:  n
int.     invn-
s   c
* 1
i i
II    1"
1   ass
t j
v. nn.* i
high Hi
le 1
���, near 1-
im r-
Will   .
Ullgl     as
HI   ll
tabllehed here in another year the
matter ,'s of considerable importance.
A number of fishermen are now busy
on the hikes and large quantities of
lish are shipped down every week.
The firm which has undertaken tht
levelopment of this industry is head'
FOR RENT   8-rootn thoroughly modern  house, close in. (30 per inonth. j
Will lease or sell. $160 cash, balance
$,10   per   inonth   including   Interest
tnke a large meal will only overtax the ed by II A. ('.rein and the firm nami
digestion und may be the Qnuse of .'.9 the Ncrth !*;" Ualvh*:w;i:i Flsherlei
school dyspepsia, A tumblerful of milk pompiny In r.ddltion to supplying the
ut bedtime is the best "supper" for the local demand the company ships fish
bnol children nt least After I1" Beveral points in Saskatchewan und
Alberto out of the three consignment;
which arrive in l'rinee Albert from
Big Kiver every week
eleven or twelve yenrs of uge most
school hoys and girls Will want bread
uud butler in addition for supper.
,:,.     ���  j
: , i.   I*.    Mil vi-.
WE HAVE MONEY to purchase agree
nieiits for sale. No delay, offers
made promptly.
HAVE CLIENT with deed and title to
large cleared   lot,  Fifth   Btreet,  to
exohange   for   house,   Will   assume.
For a License tr Take and Use Water,
en thst  I mw son
and   Grace,   ol    s   :���>,    Westminster,
wi" spl I)   ' i te to take and
use ont   :, indn |  water mll
Of to uni imi * which flows in
a ""���'���������' !i'- '' '- ' through wild
land, owned I \i Patterson and
���empties Into a dip ��� subdivision
m-ar **"������ i id I * �� iter will be
diverted al  a polnl ,,t* Ladner
road and  wlll I .    .,irk    ,llld
���domesth  purpi |ttna   ,-,._
wjrlbed as a snhdh      i   , f fractional
���section 25, li. :, \ . r :: \\*
This notice    waq    poi i-.i    on    the
l-roimd  on  ll      . .  ju|j    ,,,,.,
The application illl be nied In the
office of the Watt i Ri ��� irdi i at New
Objection*'   :, I ,.   |,|, ,|   ^.. j��� |,     ,],,.
���said Waier Ri pordei oi with the
���ComptrrMet  . tor 11  rhts   Parlia
ment Building ', ria, is c
071(0 Applicants
I'OR salk A BARGAIN 5-roo-tn
modern bungalow newly built, situate large lot. just a step from
Twelfth street ear line. I'riee for
B few days only $2200; $luti oash,
balance $-'���'' a month.
Ho    VOU    want to exchangi
property or sell a snap?   Wi
clients    wanting
property  with t
List   your
Oca Moines Man  Would deduce  Num
-.  ber cf  Councllmen  an^  Fir
Sial le, duly 31. Judge William II.
McHenry, ol Dea Molnt b, lu., for 12
years on tin super,or courl bench oi
Polk county, addressed the memben
of the Commercial club i n the "C-in
mission   Form  of Government."
pes .Moines bus had the commlslon
form of government in operation
since   1008,
"Whut   Is  necessary   In  our  muni
clpalitles is efficient business govern
ment," suid Judge McHenry, and thin
cannot be achieved until we cul down
the  number of  members on  tho city
Re  Lot "B" of the  South 39 Acres of   council  ttnd  fix   the  responsibility  for
Lot 377, Group 1, Except One Acre ; each    man's   action   absolutely.      De
Theretofore   Conveyed,   in  the   Dis    Moines is governed  by  five  men. oni
trict of New Westminster. of whom   is chosen us mayor,     Everj
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title to citizen is In a position to watch the i
th" ubove pro pert v   will  he issued    to | legislative acts
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust   Buiilding.
(Successors to Eastman �����. Walmsley)
At the present time the firm have
���wn motor lisliing I,outs operating on
Stony lake and five ordinary fishing
honts*. ThlB lake is rbout 32 miles
in lencth, Is situated about si\ miles
north of Bla Hiver and is teeming
with lisii Th" lisliing enmp at thi
side of the lake resemhles n Bmall
lisliing village with i's net (Irs Ing and
landing pier and boats.
There are eevpn  men  permanently
at work on the lake and under the sv *
tern  of operation  landed  In   the  "'tv
lure Inside if twenty-four hours front
the time they were cauuhL   Next v ���
th" firm contemplntns building s'*"*k.
houses f,'r the sninkini; nnd Hi" e*i:;"**
nf Hi" lisle At thp present time tli"
demand for tho iiiii averages aboul
four and  a  half ("lis :t  wee' .
Q-xfAHS a
William McBride on the 18th day of
August, 1913, unless in th" meantime
a valid objection thereto he made to
me in writing by a person or person.���
claiming an estate or Interest therein,
or in anv pnrt  thereof.
.1. c. GWYNN,
Distri'*!  Registrar of Titles
I.and Registry office,
New  Westminster,  B.C.,  12th Julv.
The   person   or   persons   having    in
their custody or possession the follow
"I In* mayor is in charge of public
affairs, nnd each of the four remain
ing councllmen supervise the other
branches of municipal government
and business publlc safety, parks,
acocunts and finance, and streets and
public Improvements.
"A curb is placed on these five men
by the Initiative nud referendum and
the recall.   No act of the council can
become  law  until  it   is  placed  on   file
for public perusal for a week In the
clerk's   office.     Not  a   franchise  can
Natural Tweezers.
Indian tweezer* nre simply n suinll
pair uf clamshells, wllh edges eleiin
and hinge iinlirnken. "The old time
Indians." writes Lrnest Thompson Se*
ton in "The Hook of Woodcraft and
Indian I.me." "bad occasionally u
straggly heard They hnd no razor,
but tbey mn tinged to do without one.
As a purl of their toilet for special occasions ihei pulled out eneh hnlr hy
means uf lbe clamshell nippers."
Her  Help.
"The fnct of the matter is. I never
amounted to anything before I was
"Tben you give your wife credit for
awaking your ambition?"
"No; for making It necessnry for me
to get out and bustle."���Chicago Record Herald
Made a Hit.
"Did yon make n bit wltb your
speech nt the banquet Inst nighl?"
"I guess so. I forgot what I Intended to sny nnd snld  wbnt I  ought  not
ling Title Deeds relating In the    snldibe awarded to a publlo utilities com-
property nre requested to deliver the pany unless ll is passed by a major-  to have said. -Detroit Free rress,
same to the undersigned, ity vote or the people." 	
10ih January,  1889, grant from the     A resolution introduced to carry on Hii Point of View,
crown to charlotte Adele Rougue.      : nn iii vest igntioii to pluce tli" respon-     Landlord���Sir, tbe other tenants wlll
Hub July,   1889, conveyance   from slblllty tor the deficit alleged to haven not stay in tbe Hnt lf you insist on
|Charlotte Adele    Rougue   to   Robert been created  by overpaying contrac-   playing  lbe  cornet.    Mr.  Toots���I'm
Scott Moncrleff, I tors In making awards for Improve* g|B(j (lf iuiix    ���i*iipy were very uu
iuit.���Cleveland I'laln Deulcr
Fashions For Spring Aro tho Wildost
and Freakiest Si�� tho Invention of
tho Noodle and tha Discovery of
Silk���Some of Theii^Vaflariee.
Dear   Klsn-I   know   bow   |>erfectly
i horrid it is to speuk disparagingly to
outsiders of ones relatives, but the
truth is ever since the holidays we
lm vu lieen fa lily Inundated wllh n
: steady stream of relatives staying In
the house with us until these visitations have worn iny poor nerves almost
to Hie pruverhlul fruzzle.    Some uf the
guests 1 liked extremely for the first
week or so nfler Iheir urrivul. Put before 1 heli departure I mutual went the
length of loiltlllllg these sume good
people. All my fault: Possibly, but
Hint only makes lhe sltuutlon a degree
worse ir anything
Ho you know. denr. 1 think It there
were only seven Jokes In Ibe world
certainly the witticism coiicernlng the
lincongtMihillty ot relatives would bold
! a conspicuous pluce among them, for
ever since Ume Immemorial undisciplined men  I women who bnve lived
under the same roof���and most of us
j nre undisciplined���have wrangled and
dickered imd quarreled to n greater or
] less extent. I heard recently of a canny old Scotchman who seems to have
pretty clear Ideas of tlie relation problem    ile invited ids married dn tighter
; nnd  lier  husband  to spend  the  first
: year of their married life with him.
Hut nfter six months lie liullt u small
house for lier across tlie street. "It Is
best to let tlie wind blow between relatives," lie wisely remarked
My Idea ls Hint when tiie strain be
���mines too great it Is Ix-st lo make u
change before something decidedly unpleasant happens, one's sentiment
suffers, to be sure, but thnt is much
better t Iiii ti having one's disposition
ruined (ind one's nerves worn to n
frazzle.   The solution of ninny n fninl
| l.v iinluippliiess nud many ll quarreling
household could he found In trying u
different nrrnngeinent of melange, for
1 the old Scotchman was right, and
probably tbe wind thnt blew between
bis liouse nnd tils daughter'* home wus
a soft nnd gentle one.
"Now." us Ihe walrus snld. "Is the
time to tnlk of other things" nnd  to
I be further hronildlc In my quotations
] In the spring n woman's fancy turns
to thoughts of tier new clothes nnd
particularly her new bnts. for these
nre the first htirblngers of warm
Well, dear, yon must prepnre your
self to look like nn Indian princess ns
t" headgear nnd s Balkan, Servian or
Russian woman In the rest of your
costume, for we nre modlslicnll.i
caught up in the eastern war (���loud,
nml nil sorts of fnr eastern oddities lire
1" he onr fiite next spring. Hals nre
like Chinese lateen snils, trimmings
like scimitars nnd skirt draperies like
Chinese laundry tickets.
Well, maybe I nm exaggerating n
hit. hut we ure going to be most np
these things In our new logs Speuk
lng of huts, n friend of mine rcoenth
returned from abroad snld to ine, "See
my new hut with seven ostrich f.-ntli
ers!" I looked nnd beheld I) very liny
(linpeatl of satin with the new point
fit the buck brim nnd nt one Bide of the
but n siiiull, rnther depressed looking
ornament, which appeared tu be u
limp quill made of silk threads,
"There sre seven long, handsome os
tti'h feuthers In that wlffp of a thing
my denr." nsscrted the Inte arrival
from I'aris.
' I iinnix It is Incredible, bnt that
despondent looking quill Is one of the
most chic nnd expensive hnt trim
Mings In Purls nt this minute It Is
rti'led scraped ostrich, nnd the stems of
Seven plumes were scraped clenn of
feathery plumage nnd mounted ngnln
cm ii centrnl stem to mnke the quill."
This ornament  Is   not  n   hit   funnier
; than  tlle new spring  flowers thnt  nre
i to ndorn lints, wblch nre made or liny
feathers dyed In realistic colorings nnd
funned   Into   roses,   pnnalcs   und   all
hinds of millinery Hora.
llut. to come hack to feathers. I
know bow disappointed you were nf!*
rt saving up your pennies fnr months
��" Invest in n stunning willow plume
nud right after your purchase Hume
I llshlon hud the linkilllltiess Iii 111 11
them off tbe list of things modish
Affliction has always n grace If nn-
ran lind Ibe way Ihiler with me Into
tin- "harmed portal und let llie rush
1 ii alchemist transform your de mode
willow plume Into ii wren I It ol approv
<������! iieniity, the curled French rent her,
wblch lends tbe sartorial vim just now
This Is tiie wny It's done: The ends
lire clipped from the willow plume
just ubove llie knot, und the sborteliiHl
|illiloes ure curled up evenly This
makes ii miher narrow bul tlntli
���wreath of feathers, nnd those narrow
wreaths nre Inld llut within the curl ot
th" wide but lirlin, hut not pulsed
Igalnst the crown
one or two small nml not ton e\
pensive Krench tips curling over the
brim ut one side near the back com
plete a perfect up to dale hal. and the
number of these ostrich wreaths seen
(iii the new inllllnery demonstrates that
Something has heen done With lhe
lmpeli-ssly pnsse willows, nfter nil
flit ring sen tiered these crumbs ul
comfyrt tn your illr-prtlon, I will re
pnlr myself in the kitchen, where I wlll
sculler it few more over tbe lop of s
brown betty pudding, which Is In Ibe
process of making for tonight's dinner
Ih-vutcdly. MA UK l.
Now Vork. _.��-..   .
had beeu declared pure, it was too
dark for hlm to see when bis vessel
waa full, so bu innocently lil u match.
To hla surprise a small sized conflagration was tho result.
The wuter begun to blaze away
merrily, illuminating the whole school
yard. In which the well bus been dill
led. It didn't take him long to real
i'/.e thut the water was full of gas,
so when the flumes died uuay he und
a nuighbor filled lhelr bottles afresh
and carried tbem home at arm's len
I One of thc gentleineh -wns L. d'Orn
ano, Cartier street, a -civil servant,
I He declared lhat the well had been
opened to the public a couple of days
previous, when llle tank ill the cm:
of Klgiu slreet from which lie former
ly got his supply of drinking wale:
was taken away without liny notice
He went over  to tlle well  In  Ottawa
lOnsi lust night with u neighbor uud
the foregoing  incident  occurred.
"The wnler wus something terrible," suld Mr. d'Oriiano. "There was
\u colored oil on tbe top ol it when
I got home, nud there wns so much
gas that It was forcing up ihe cork
In the bottle. The odor (rom it was
I "Perhaps lt Is sulphur water and
that give* the odor."
"1  know the odor of sulphur waler,
tbl*   smelled   like   un   old   swamp,   it
fish, or something like lhat.    lt   wa
"What  did  it  taste like?"
"llghl 1 never look u chance oi
'tasting it. The odor was enough."
said Mr d'Oniauo. milking u sour
Save Your Health
Most sicknesses that impair health
havo their start in quite ordinary
| ailments of the organs of dlges-
' tion or elimination. Stomach,
' liver, kidneys, and bowels are
I quickly benefited by tho action  of
i    PILLS
Sold ev*ry where.    In bomaa, Z5 ci-otk.
Telephones:  Office 53. Residence 429
JOHN  ItKHI, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer     Urns.'    Oasollne
K-igmes.   Marine   ICngliu-s   and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office  and  Works:   Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster. B.C
BEALED TENDERS, superscribed "Tender for Addition to l^unl Registry"Offli ���.
New Westinlnaur," win bo received by
th" Honourable, ttie Minister of Publlo
;w.,iUs up t,i noon nr Tuesday, tin- IBih
da) "f Aiiiiust. 1913, fm erection and
completion "���' addition to Land Registry
Office.  New 'Westminster,
Plnns, specifications, contracl and forms
of tender inuv be sen "ii .mil after th-
28th dav of July, ltn:i nl tho officii of
s. A 1'1,-t'ii'!-. Government Agent. New
Westminster j ,1. Mnhony, Oovernin ul
Agent, Vancouver; and tli" Department
of  Public  Works,   Victoria,   it   C
Intending tenderers can, by applying to
iin* undersigned, obtain ono copj "t tho
drawings and ons copy of th" specifications I'll the Slllll uf twill*.-fl." If.'.'. I
, Lilian*
Each proposal must be accompanied bv
an accepted t'link cheque or certificate of
ili-jMisit on a chart,.riil bank "f Canada,
'mode pnynble to the Honourable the Minister of Public Works, for tlio sunt "f 10
per cent, "f the amount of ths contract,
which sliall he fiirf-lod If the party tendering decline to niter Into contracl when
: called upon to do so. or If ho fall t ni-
pleto the work contracted for. 'i ti" cheques
or certificates of deposits of unsuccessful tendorers will be i*"iuni"il '" them
, 111m��ri  the execution of tti ntracl
Tenders wlll not Im- considered unless
mnde out on the forms supplied, signed
with the actual signature "f tie* tenderer,
and  enclosed  hi  tho envelopes  furnish, h
The lowest ��r anv tender not n ssorliy
.1    H    GRIFFITH,
Public Works Ellis "��� ��� ���
Deportment of Public Works.
Victoria, B.C., lT.Hi Julv, 1913     (1803)
New   Spring   nnd   Summer   Suiting!
now  on   display.    See   them.     Perfect
fit and workmanship guaranteed,    "ill
i'ront Street.
Tenders are required for alterations
ami additions to the Merchants hotel,
Columbia Btreet, Nev. Westminster,
Plans and specification! can be i b-
talned from the undersigned nnd
t���-nili rs received up 11 noon of
August Bib, The proprietors do nol
h nd themselves to accept the low > t
or any tender.
il-spji Architects
From Those Wno Advertise
They want your trade. That's the reason why they
advertise. They will treat you courteously and supply
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
News.   It helps us.
.1. C. OWYNN, | ments  was referred to tin.
District Registrar of Titles, Icommltti
Gas   From   Well   Fires     and     Nearly
Burned   Man
Ottawa, duly ill    When n  Cartier
street resident went to one of the
newly dug cily Wells in Ottawa east,
to  get u  jur  of  drinking  water  that
Kast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
55O-Throughbreds in Action-550 FRIDAY, AU0U8T 1, 1913.
��AUE    8EVCN
Important  Work  to Be Taken  Up at   North  Vancouver Ratepayers Request   Financier Says That it Is Proper that
Lonrpng  Congress at
Victoria, July 81,���Gorge M, Cornwall, oi Portland, seoreiary of the
Paclflo hogging Congress, and editor
i.i tin- t iiiiii'i'iunii, tu iit tiie Bhnpross,
Intending to spend a lew days In Vic-
loriu. his visit lu lu connection with
llie holding ol the fifth session of
tiie   PaclflO   Logging  Congress,   which
will he held ut Bpokane, Wash,, Sep
teuibir 84-27,
"This congress is International in
its   scope,     sal
jurisdiction und
Civic Control  of  Ferries-
Large Deficit.
North Vancouver, July ill. Tbe following petition containing 4011 names,
was presented to the city council lust
evening und referred to the'committee of the whole.
To Ills Worship, the Mayor, nnd Aldermen of the Cily of North Vancou- j
We, the undersigned ratepayers of
North   Vnnemoiiver,   bop,   to  point out
that you are aware lhat grave public
Mr. Cornwall,    "Its dlssatisfaction bus for a long time ex
membership embrace Isted regarding the administration of
liritish  < i.iiunhiu.   Washington,  ore- the affairs
gon,   Idaho  and   Montana,     lis  object  City Kerr
ii tin standardization of the business
i f lugging. Ii is seeking to ireat"
the profession of logging engineering
us a distinct branch ni mechanical
science und to give this branch of oi*
glneerlng the name opportunity foi
advancement us other branches In
engineering i njoy,
��� There is no ether section In the
timbered regions ol the Pacific coast
where high grade men are more necessary to serve tbe timber and the
s.iw than in Ilrillsh Columbia. The
physical conditions are bucIi tbat with
mu trained logging engineers the
cost of logging, wltll the presenl fa
cillties and knowledge, al once be-
i  mes prohibitive.
li is also inti resting to note that
ivhilo tin- lumber Industry Ib one ol
of th" largest activities In both Cana
da and the United Stal s, it is practically the only hlg business where
ihe appn elation of a di finite plan
for liigln r efficient > hu i nol been
��� irefull) worked out Especially is
this Btatement nue In regard to the
li gglng branch of tbe lumber Indus-
t ry.
it is the conception of ih" congress
which is composed, as hss been stat;
ed, Of the principal logging and lumber operators of British Columbia
and the adjacent Pacific coast states,
i" carry   toward,  through   lite  holding
ol these annual sessions, a systematic campaign of eduoation which will,
eventually resull In the establishment
of lugging engineering courses In the
higher educational Institutions.
'This subject has been tentatively
i rt light to the attention of Premier
Mi Bride und some of the government
officials, and much encouragement
has been given to the idea.    In fact,
I may say thai the Pacific Nogglll S
t   tigress has received the most msrk- *
ed ' tu Kgeraent from its Inception
from the lumbermen and government
officials of  liritish Columbia.    In  re-
*   gllltlon ot tills tact, g mosl success-
ill congress  wns  held  at  Vancouver
two years ago.    President Palmer, of;
the   H.  C.   Lumbermen's   Association,
and  manager of the  V",  l.. and  Mfg.
Co.,   of  CbemalnuB;   Arthur  .1.   Hen-,
dry, i r the li   C,  M   T   -x* T, Co , ot
\ ancouver, nnd  A   D.  McRae, of the
i anadlan   Western   Lumber  Co.  and '
''r.s.T Mills, ni addition to many other  lumbermen  uud  loggers of Hrlt-
Isli   Columbia,  are active   supporter^
��� the congress,
"In   the   interior   district   Of   liritish
' lumbia equallj generous support
h.i been accorded. Mr. Peter l.utid.
mt laglng dlrectoi of the Crow's Meat)
Pass   Lumber company,  ot  Wardenr,
II (is    the    executive    11). lull'*!*    for
British Columbia Ihls year The oh
jei t , : bi Iding the congress al Spok-
am i ��� i" to bring this means of education nloiig sound economic lines an
,1, se io tho mountain lumber Inter
ests i f British Columb'a, Montana,
Idaho. Eastern Washington and Ore
gon as possible, tbe tt pography a id
character of the t mbt r being very
mllaf in this i nonnous region."
ot  the  North   Vancouver
Ltd., �� hich have come to I
crisis, owing to  the fact  lbat it Ih
now   necessary   lo   place    before    Iho
ratepayers a by law to authorise thel
sum of $96,000 to make up the dell- *
clency which has in en accumulating
lor some years  lu   the  trust,  reserve,
and other funds of the ferry company.
We feel thai this is a matter of no
ordinary   sertousnoss   In   the   preeent
Anancia! stringency, cud muBl be our
apology for petitioning the corpora- '
tlon to take immediate Bteps to Institute a strict Inquiry Into the causes
which have led to such enormous
losses in such a short period of time.
To Increase the taxation of the city
si the present time for such a purpose must affeel the municipal credit,
lead to a furthed depreciation of Its
securities and Inevitably Increase the
present difficulty In obtain the necessary funds for public Improvements
ami sites for permaneni Industries,
without which no real progress can
be attained,
The mere facl thai three out of the
live directors of the ferry compnny
holding one share each against your
corporation holding 170,840 should
have been enabled to delay Inquiry by
months of futile Bquabbllng; and also
to withstand the honest and well
meant efforts of the mayor, shows that
the constitution of the ferry company Is altogether on a wrong and out
of (tale basis, and d ics not in anv
way represent tin* irue interest of tho
We, therefore, pray,(AM the corporation shall take imineilhte steps
to wind up the ferry company by voluntary liquidation, with the view of
placing the administration of the same
under  thl
p  ration
clency and
llreci  control
as  to  Insure
of the
Montreal   Not  Satisfied  With   Amount
Collected   From   Tranvays
Ccrr nany
civic  officials
board  of con-
Montreal. Julv ;:!. -That the c'tv
of Montreal gets a ver) meagre
amounl yearly as Its share of the,
earnings of the Tramways company,
compared with what Toronto receives
from Its stre, i railway company, i-*
very forcibly shown by statistics that
are being prepared hy
for submission to the
As 11 is tlie Intention of the cily
council, in the very near future, to
tuke up ilu- problem of an extension
of franchise to tli" tramways compnny. :i subject which hns already
been discussed on several occislo^s
hy the municipal authorities, the statistics ill question are bqlng
so thnt In th ilu- board i f ci
Hi" cily council may I ��� in
position   to   drive   a   mon
Banks   Advance   Money  on
Unsold   Bonds
In the course of Hir Kdinnnd Wai*
kef's evidence befone tlle banking
und commerce committee ut Ottawa
lion. Mr. While, lbe finance minister,
asked hlin if lt s,as good banking
to advance money cn securities of
new enterprises pending the sale ol
tlie bonds. Sir Kdiuund Is quoted BS
replying: "It is quite propi r, in fact
the Industries could not be establish
ed unless this wer,' done."
.Sometimes complaints are mude by
parties in the smaller towns to the if
feci Unit their funds belonging to
their c mmuuiiiei are drained away
to the monetary centres and then
used as loans t" underwriters, pro-
mi.tors   und   Others   engaged     in   the
practice of high finance, It would
be well li tbe facl were remembered
that many of the large faotorles oi
Industrial  units located In suburban
districts and country towns could nol
have been built unless the facilities
for financing the underwriting oper
aliens were available.
Mr. White's question indicates that
there   is  some  difference  of opinion
among I.ankers us to   whether   the
chartered   hanks   Bhould   engage   extensively,  in  this  way.  iu  the promotion of    new    Industrial    Companies,
Some  of  the  banks  are  admittedly
old  fashioned  in  their  views of the
matter,     lhey   will  not  enter  freely
into   the   business   of   underwriting:
nnd  probably a few  will not join  uu
derwrltlng  syndicates  at   all.    it  i.*;|
quite clear that tlle notion that bank
and oilier underwriters make fai feerj
and commissions, without risk or tto
uhle,   through   underwriting   new   is-
sues  of  industrial  sccurieties,  is or- j
ronous.    In  numerous  Instances  the j
lees   ale   well   earned.
When   a   bank   participates   in   tlie
flotation of a large issue of this kind  ;
and   the   securities  are   all   lakcn   up
at once by the public, it, in company !
with  the other underwriters, receive
the agrei d upon couiniiss.cn. without
being under obligation to take up any
cf the securiiti"S.
But,   even   In   tlm'   case,   the   bank
will  likely  be obliged  to make  loans
'n brokers ou iiie bi curlty of the new-
Ily   isiuod   bondl      Ami   if   the   hank
has iiie account cf the promoters of
tthe   enterprise,   it   will   mostly   likely
j be required to  make  extensive loans
to them prior to tii" public flotation.
This Is what may be expected even
when   the   flotation   is   entirely   successful.    Circumstances   are   not   so
comfortable   ier   the   hank   when   111"
flotation   is   only   a   partial     success;
and  they  may   be  deold idly  uncomfortable when th" flotation proves to
b ��� a flat failure.
When lhe public does not take the
securities, the hank, as one of the
underwriters must take its proportion cf Uie unsold stuff: and ���'. mav
have lo make large loai s to other
underwriters to i liable them lo tike
'up their loads also. It is to be ro
membered that when a broker or
oilier financier enters an underwrll
lng syndicate, he does not usually
contemplate putting any of his own
fundi or capital into tlie venture, ov
���cn if the flotation [roves lo be a fall-
This stock must be sold by Saturday, August 9th. To enable us to do this
we are slaughtering prices regardless of cost. ALL SHEET MUSIC,
BECKSTEIN GRAN PIANO, ebonized case, regular price $1200.
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PIANO, 88  note, handsome
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a piano or player piano you should take advantage ofthis the first opportunity you have had of securing a
high grade instrument at a very small cost to yourself.   Come, but come early.
61 Sixth Street
Piano House
New Westminster, B. C.
tliiin  that
an ���'
Minneapolis, .luly :il     Mar
rit Bhe mus it  is in English.
lu inr native tongue It iu Moloomo-
iwan.   she is a full blooded Chero-
" Itul'-'n [rom Agin,
'larv  is to w  in   iii     *���  :i  * '-:ir-.-i' of
* rancv.    !i  Is i'li  vrry  l-Uerertlng.
���si--tiiii  ii'ii!iT*--utv  tint  Mary
before   l*'ayi *   Nve   a  few
.   lllll   Wl".lln ������        I'lfli   nf   In* el
* i-i*,   ���-, n-il I-  broken   in fad.
uih   inn bed    Kngllsli   declared
w-    ii * * '��� to'  i     'i h* I is. Bhe was
ulei- nf In** \h, ii phornologlat, anil
'leslri 'I i * re-ui the heads of tlio
��� and  therefore  would    like    a
Ice    e.    Sho told a very sail st iry of
in*    i relatives who were sk-k, anil
ven   i  ent'oiieil   in   husln'il   tones   the
ih.      ���   buffalo  uiul   the  tepees of
r people in fn- awny Oklahoma.
iu     nn told sh" iiiii  noi  need a
nsi   ii long aa rhe Btuck to heads.
��� ������������ ���    ,i  science,  lut  if she    nl -
ited  '"  n :ol  palms  she then  I���<*���������
:i lortine teller and a vagrant
* . went forth anil Btarted In bus-
lii As a  Cherokee  Indian  inaiilen
red.   She   is   remarkably
tin-  way.    Today  thru- big
- went  to her lair ami hid
iis read.    Then they arrest-
ir fortune tailing   Ugh! Ami
it   do  you    thin';"    Moloomo-
an  Asyrirn. ami    never law
lne   n  In her life.    Ami she wore
i, too.
eons bargain
at  present.
For   years   past   it   has   In
that  Melon ;il  received  hut  a
amount in i�� rcentagei
w-ivs co'npanv. when
what   ether
tion  appeari
by the flgur
nt roi anil
ii a batter
hich  exist!
n   held
^^^^ meagre
from the tram
"���immured   w'th
cities   got:   this   conten-
to   be   fully   horne   out
���s now io band,
Toronto's   Arra-^ement
Special pains have been gone to in
��� 'der to secure figures anil data from
Toronto as to  whal    tbe    company
there must turn over to the eity treasury. The striking fuel is brought
out that Toronto made sueh a good
bargain witli its company that il receives as much again annually
earnings us ih.' city oi Montreal get-i
According to the annual report
the city treasurer of tforonti
year, the percentage from
unlimited  to
He will count ut on borrowing th
requisite amount from his bankers
anil he will perhaps expect lbe ban
to carry tbe loan until the syndieat-
succeeds in finally disposing of tie
issue. If tlie stuff is very slow
sale, tbe bank mny have tjie underwriters' loans en Its hands for lon*-;
terms. They wiii not perhaps offer
to reduce the loans except as th ���
Securities are srld and if the banker suggesis reductions tliey may not
receive his suggestion kindly or warm
ly,���H. M. l'. Eckardt, In Industrial
Shippers Complain Also   That   Union
Company  Cannot  Furnish  Sufficient  Space.
Shippers claim that tiie rates on
ocean freight between Vancouver, B.
C. am! New Zealand are loo high ami
also that, even while charging Immoderate rates, tlie I'nion company,
which operates the service, cannot
furnish lhe necessary space for cargo,
thlpper states that, three years
sold a thousand feet of Oregon
c I. F. New Zealand. Today the freight alone is "'-
Two   points   must    he
tlrst, ihe Union company
Montreal. July 31.���With his right
hand caught so tightly in a sausagt
machine that lie could not withdraw
it. James Dryden stood supported by
comrades while an anesthetic was administered and amputation performed
Dryden was running a machine in
ihe Wilson Davis Packi::*;, company,
pressing   meat   into  the   machine  tor
grinding. He turned to speak to
companion, and his fingers went too ,
close to the whirling disc. In an In-,
stant his arm was drawn into the
machine. Almost before he could cry
tut his hand was terribly mangled
and lie was In great danger of losing
his  arm.
Dryden's cries attracted his fellow-
workers who turned off tbe power.
Only their prompt action saved his
arm from being torn out of the sock
i".     'I'he   forearm   bail   already   been
drawn   into   the   machine   within   six
inches of the elbow.
An attempt was made to reverse
the machine and release the operator,
but Dryden's arm was wedged in too
far for this to succeed. A tourniquet
was made with a piece of rope to
stop the flow of blood. When Dr.
Sutherland arrived with an ambuli
ance from the Generel hospital he
declared that delay was dangerous:
and administered an anesthetic, proceeded io amputate tbe hand and abstract  tho shattered  wrist  bone.
to        ^^^^^^
sum   ef   *V7J.1"!I
cf   Montreal   received   trom  t
ways W86.892.3U
for last
lhe Torr-i
the goodly
ie tram
Almost Two  Hundred  Factories
resenting Investment of
$230, 000,000.
:.'. he
pine at G9s
have a con
tract from tue .xe�� Zealand i: ivern-
nient whieh will trouble possible competitors; and. secondly, the greater
part of Canadian freight destined for
Ni w* Zealand originates iu eastern
Canada, and Is carried hy tin:
Zealand Shipping company
operates a line cf bo:
treal and N *w Zealand.
This company  receive
Dominion   government   ami
threatening to dlscon-
���ice to New Zealand if
is not increased.   Con>-
,Ints are made
the  coopa:
from   the
[nre at  pri   et
t'-llle   *.U ' '   El -
t iis itibiiiiy
1 pla
between Mon-
��� t
Have  Not
Heard  of  R"-iortcd
at  C'jshanna
luly  81.- Fifteen  days ago
had nol heard of tba nl-
Sushiinna. Seven
bad  not  heard of
real, July in    Th
it mortality to the
t-   tni ti a  iron
iin,   yf the 275 deaths report
��� nttv hall
li t il (tenths
nwards l',n��
Tin rt
mi fewer than
,,,   ,������ iss, were of children un-1 Bkagway
,-e veers of age.
total   h wever, shows a sUghl
v-rment over the preceding wert.
were then H21  death; iii  the
I which 241 were of children un-
* years   :i percentage
.. week fiiillnir-litly B, the nitni-
.   ,!,.���,ha of children under
,    age was 1"1 '"it Of
er  n   month    ag'
ending June 18, '
mi mortality was
children Ih'Ihk - ���,���,,.
..    ,r0kB, Uierefcre    mortalll
i    idren  <���"'��� "' *���**��� y":"'s
.  mt si trailed.
,* nutl i-eil.s pf rt:*������
I        -i  last week.
cases, makln
atincnl at the
Dawson city
lrgeil gnbl strike nt
days ago Skagway
This Is the story broughl
John  Walsh,  tor nine years      	
and Alaska gold miner who Is staying
at the Dominion hotel. Mr   "' '    ' *'
Dawson City tifti en days
Of  an   injury  sustained
Creek   cani'i   where   In
and  was surprised  on
attle yesterday  to
hail been a i ig
until  bv
i Yukon
Walsh left
o because
ai  the Otter
was   located
. ..   reaching   Se
learn  that  there
strike  al   Susbaani
i-itenient  ut
of  88.8,
70. A Ht-
during the
be nn else
171   Iho nr-"
Within the
I'pcx were
There were
K -nine  now
Bmallpox hos*
was no trace of oxc
Intimation that anybody
had bl aril tf such  strike.
If  there   liml   been  a   strike  of
magnitude  reported  lure,  said
Wallh, the peoplo there whose
depended on gold mining
heard Of it.     Mr.   Wnlsh
to  snv, however,  regarding  the prt
liabilities  of  there  being  gold
Bhuihanna,    People had  fijuml
there bl fore lie siiil
ii  waa t osslble ror
The  Btorios  of  liundt
leaving their happy horn
the elusive yellow metal
piil |o !,lr, Walsh as being true, how
ever,  or  evidence  ol   it  would   have
been seen al the various Alasaan and
Yukon places he t melted on his way
must have
had nothing
l  the
and be supposed
them  to  find  it.
of men
i to dig for
did  nol  up-
Ottawa, July 81.-   Although  Certalt
financial Interests In tha United Statea
have been leaving only tlle very small-
ent stones unturned In their efforts
to persuade those of their fellow citizens wh i were thinking of emigrating
to Canada that bine ruin and linancial
chaos were just one jump behind the
Dominion, l'nited Btatea capitalists do
not seem to have been seriously impressed  by  the arguments presimted
In Ihe provinces of Quebec and Ontario, there are 198 business corporations whose head offices are in the
l'nited States, but which have bee-i
organized to manufacture goods In
Canada for the Canadian and the export trade.
More than half of these companies
have been organized in the Inst leu
yenrs. As lar as Montreal is concerned, rather more Ihan a thlnl of
them have come here in the lasl five
| The total capitalisation Ir $280,000,-1
onn, which does nil look ns thoughl
the American Investor who Is looking
i for safe as well as remunerative opportunities to place bis money    was
I very much afrnid of wbnt the commercial future of the Dominion bad in
when this amount, devoted ti manufacturing, is added to the total which
the farmer Whn p-iovpi :"""  I'"* bolder  to  an   Al'       ���     ��� ;���  Saeltal lht wan
wheat ranch brings every year tn th*.
country, tho expression of confident
ip( the ptablllty nt Canadian Investments is as e inclusive ns ii Ig com ���
prehenslvo,   The Immigration author.
illes estimate tHnl between $100,000.-
(iiill and $180,000,0000 in e.i li is
brougbl Into the country every year
by  the  farmers  who emigrate  from
the United Slates.
that Ihe freight rates
^^^^^^^^^ t are intlueii.'ed too.
Igreatly by the shlplpng Interests of
New Yetk. lut. nevertheless, Its boats
carry the greater pnft of Canadian
(freight to New Zealand.
lt   seems   strange   thai     the     New
company, which has
freight  formerly
and  which  has
its     rates   steadily,
to  continue    Its
receives  a  heavier
enjoys at  present.
or renewing this
rnmeni should  re-
t.i Justify  its root freight rates, and nlso
h arly what influence, if any.
e   rates   bv   the
of   the     United
Zealand Shipping
secured  most of the
sent  via Vancouver,
been   Increasing
should be unwilling
service   unless   II
subsidy than ii
Hefore  increasing
tuhsldv,   tlie   gov
iiuire the compauy
cut Increase
te show
is   exercised   on
"hlnplng  companies
St: lis.
In   case  Ihe   New*
company  discontinues    its
freight destined for New Zealand
an via Vancouver, unli1 ^^^
[pany establish! -
The Union company,.as well as thci
;New    Zer.land    Shipping    company,
ldlie asked to iv, tifv frelsht rate ,
Zealand Shipping
w com-
froiii dist
il service
Increases, nml to show-
In proportion to Ibe bluher
transportation,   industrial Canada
they ar
cost    of
if the
""squimalt   Appoints   Engineer
Esquimau,  July  ill.   W.  A.  Casey,
of  C.   II.   Topp'S   Btaff    of  engineers.
has  te in appointed  municipal engi-
tii er  of  Usqulmall   al   a   fixed  t
Mr. Cast y to in* in ihe employ
munlclpallt) exclusively, When a con-
���uliin i ong neer Is n* iiilred Mr. Topp
will  be refern d  t*\    Mr. Cas * a i'
or;.* a   tvas -giaiie partlallj  from  the
taCI   that   il   \i .li:  lie   whb   I .��� e.'ivil  tin'
i ei. ur n ip * i* ibe sewer t fstom of
Rsqulinall a*..I b:* ���*.*��� upvthe provisional plans on whit '.i tfle bylaw
:.: bus
; f~~    FAOB KIOHT
FRIDAY, AUGUST 1, 1��13.
Vi i
YOU", m
Remember the  Place���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
Oh, Gee! but
it's hot!
All right, try some of our
summer Beverages and keep
Cllqunt Club Ginger Ale, Root
liner and Sarsaparilla, bottle
20c, 3 for 50e.
Hose's, per bottle   50c.
Columbia, per bottle  25c.
[impress, bottle  50c.
Yticht  Club,  bottle    35c.
Lemonade, per tin, 15c. and
Persian Kale, tbe most cooling
drink made, tin 25c.
Smith*.,  bottle    25c.
Welshe's,   bottle     35c.
Welshc's, bottle   65c.
Cooked    Tongue,    delicious.
per  lb 60c.
Cooked Ham, lb 40c.
Armour's Chipped  Reef, lb.45c.
Oeneva  Sausage,  tin    35c.
Vienna   Sausage,   tin    15c.
A few preserving apricots
still remaining, per crate $1.20.
Public Supply Stores
V. lu ADAMS      S. K. BRIGOS
City News In Brief
All notices of meetings, entertainments, sales of work, etc., in this
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
No. 2 fire hall on Klghth street, Is
receiving a coat of new point, lt Is
a nice restful shade of of vermilion.
Oet it at the Uoyal Pharmacy, 47
Sixth street.    Tel. 1268.        '   |1S3'JI
C. I'. Stuart Wade, secretary of the
board of trade, has returned to his
duties ugaln after two weeks' illness.
Millinery   bargains���Trimmed bats
worth  up  to  $12  to    clear    at  $2.60.
Mrs. Agret, 59 Sixth street.        118331
Word came to 11. P. Martin on Wednesday ot tiie death in Huntington,
West Virginia, of his mother. The
late Mrs. Martin had been 111 some
time.   She was 71 years of age.
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. 1183(11
The unknown man who was found
drowned In the Praser river early
Wednesday was burled yesterday afternoon In the Human Catholic cemetery here. Kev. Kather I.arden took
Charge of the burial  service.
Slaughter sale at the West End
hardware. Eighth street; all goods at
cost. (1S3H
Still another young man of three
score years antl over has decided to
return to the land. This one lived
on Tenth avenue and now lie has sold
his lot there and bought a small farm.
made for the underbrush where bi\
hid until he imagined danger frum
artillery generally carried by pullce
officers, when he gave himself up.
The machine will be taken to Van- j
couver this week where White will
be tried.
If not then you are
certainly not getting the
most possible out of life
because there is no
pleasure so constant as
the knowledge that
money is safely set aside
for old age or adversity
of any kind.
A savings account
gives a man that self-
confidence without
which .success in life is
An account in our savings department earns
4 per cent and the interest is added each three
Money  to  loan  on
Improved  city    and
9 per cent. Alfred W.
first mortgages,
farm propertv
Mcl.eod. (182S)
CHILDS���The death took place yesterday morning of Elizabeth Childs,
aged Sl. at the resilience at Tyne-
head.    The  funeral   will   be  held  to-
Preparations Complete  for Jaunt
New Zealanders  to  New
An examination ot the list of Now
Zealand   officers,   who   will   be  guests1
here  on Saturday,  shows    that,, tht|
efforts    of    New   Wesiminster
to entertain  have been /a'ppre-
morrow afternoon rrom that place to elated, fur almosl Hu- whole of the
Langley Prairie cemetery, where the staff of officers of the battleship will
burial will take place. j be here.
  I    When the day's program was drawn
OOOSENS-   Dominique  (loosens,  Hr>; up   and   trips  to   Kraser   Mills,  down.
���      _'_J* _       ft ......... m.       ,.**       I   1 .   i . ���       tilt /111      ,.1 ���*���**���  m mm SI        *>��� ��� I< m. I 1. (- i 11 ! mill
years of age. a German of this ptJce, it]1(. FraBer
[Ued here en Wednesday.   The fuinjial i nery wen
���aJ-toB  |ilace..today  '	
deftaklng   parlors
City  SecureB  Portion of    Money
Improvements to Be Made at
Queens Park.
Three more building permits were
taken out yesterday, all of them being
for small amounts. II. Skelly, Alberti
street, will build a small cottage coiling $500. Hans Rrunstad, Eighth
avenue niul Twentieth street, will et-
pend $1500 on a new five roomed cottage while Mrs. M. J. Campbell's addition to her bouse on Fourteenth
street will total $150.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
A party of local men in whom tbe
love of adventure is strong, recently
arranged to go down from this port
to San Juan islands and attempt to
capture the bandit at large there. At
least this is what was said, but sinte
the robber is supposed to have escaped
and the posses have been called i.i.
tlie New Westminster men will not
be called upon to show a bold front.
For pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
io the 11. C. Transport Co.. Ltd. Office
phone K'jii. wharf phone 880.      (1829)
Evidence that New Westminster's
linancial standing ranks high hai)
been show n by the fact that the
finance committee of the city council
has negotiated the sale of $18,000
worth of bonds authorized by tho
ratepayers tor repairs and additions
to the exhibition buildings and fince.|
at Queens purk.
'1 ne price paid for these bonds by
the purchasers through the Bank of
Montreal is 9ti net. which is on a par
with any issue made by either Vancouver or Victoria and an Incrias't
over several of the large cities on
the prairies where lhe rate of interest is higher than that paid by-
New Westminster.
Negotiations are in progress for the
sale of the remainder of the exhibition and fences bylaws bonds amounting to $10,000. which is expected tn
co through any day and will therefore mean work at Queens park immediately.
Although notes of warning are being sent out hy linancial men of London and Eastern Canada that the recent sales of bonds by Winnipeg.
Vancouver. Fort Arthur and also tho
('. N. It. and the O, T. P.. that tlir)
sale by no means chances the present
situation in the world's money market and the stringency still exists,
for such a eity as New Westminster,
whose eredit has never been questioned, there is every hone that the
remaining unsold bonds wll! he taken
over in the verv near future.
and to the Imperial can
I nery  were arranged,  those In charge
bud  or course in  mind  that such  nn
insight Into H   <'��� industries would be
more  welcome io  the officers than,
Ithe   usual   round   of   social   functions,
but  also,  away  at   the  buck  of  their
'progressive  brains,     another    object.
nestled.    This  was     that     when     the
battleship hud  left  this country  thut
those  aboard  her  would  be able  to
ii  valuable  publicity  work  for  tho
raser   river   and   New   Westminster
��� by being   armed   with   Information
gained  llrst  band.
Secretary Darling, of the Progres-
slve association, is one of the author-)
Iof the unique trip and he. with
i others, now has all plans for tomorrow's entertainment nlmost completed. Today be is securing 21)
automobiles in which to convey the
official party and local guests from
the B. C. E. It. tram station to the
Fraser mills. An addition has been
made to the itinerary already announced, that of a visit to the Colony
farm, whore the choice cattle and
horses wlll be shown. An unsuccessful effort wus made to have Mr.
Sentepslch, the Kinemacolor motion
picture operator employed by the
province, to take pictures to bo
shown in London,, to accompany the
'. party, but be will be employed else*
1 where on Saturday.
With tin- addition of an Inspection
iof the Colony farm the trlu tomor
row will now afford an insight into
British Columbia's lishing. farmiti"
'and timbering industries that should
prove most Interesting to the officer:
of the New  Zealand.
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Just two days more of
D.   R.
New Wi
card to the gi
Queen's  park
Next   week   Mr.
man  lioild  leav
Cameron,   president   of   the
���.(minster Trades uiul  Labor
11   address   several   of   thl
unions this evening in re-
labor celebration at
Labor day,   Sept.   1.
Cameron   ami   Alder-
���  for   Vlctorlu.   where
Why not open an account today; $1 is sufficient for the start.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
IJ ranch.
606 Columhia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
trusteeships under Administration, over f6.0li0.000.
Trustee for Bondholders over
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
ihey will Interest the Capital ''ity
people in chartering a special bout to
brine the delegation to tin- Iloyal if'ty
on  Labor day.
We make awnings, tents and sails,
renovate  carpets  and   draperies,     remake   and   repolish   furniture,   manufacture cedar dress and  waist  boxes,
| window    seats    and    do all  kinds of
upholstery work    In leather or tapes-
| try.    We  are the  largest  makers    of
window  shades,    draperies    and     interior    hangings.      Estimates    given.
Lees  Limited. (1S27)
Displaying a good ileal of nerve, W
C.     Saunders,     engineer   of   a   ste.vn
roller owned   by   the   Hassam   Paving
company, stuck  lo his seat when  the
several tons of metal under him start -
i l skidding down sixtli street yesterday morning and did not Jump until
he  felt  sure  that   the  machine  would ;
bury   Itself   either   in   a   building   or j
'oii'iethlng else hn could not save by ,
hanging on.    Saunders prevented the |
roller from running into the river, Lm |
failed   to   stop  ll   In   time  to  clear  n
C. 1'. ft. passenger train from Coqult- j
linn.    The  big road  machine  crashed
Into it amidships, doing considerable I
damage    to    both, but by  thai   time j
Saunders had jumped.
There seems to be au  Idea  current
that the Citizens' picnic has been cancelled, owing to the fact that the Merchants'   picnic   representatives   nsked
the city council that a holiday be declared.    Interviewed lust evening Ed.
Ooulet,  C    P   it   agent,  denied   that
such a move    was    contemplated, in
'act enough applications had come fur.
ward lor tickeis to ensure thi- success
-if the trip to Victoria slated for Aug.
���i      The   Princess   May.   Ilu-   steamer
which   will   make  the   round   trip,  has
capacity for only 780 ami this number
is expected to be on moard when she
: leaves tlie C.  1    It   wliarr next  Wednesday   morning.     Added   interest   Is
being taken in the trip, owing to the
fact thai  Wesiminster anil  Vancouver
j meet  nt  lacrosse In  Victoria  thai  af-
I ternoon   antl  also on  account   of   Victoria's floral carnival whicb will be in
I full swing.
Seattle. July 31.    Threi
doing business in a public market were
arrested  today ou a charge .if offering   for   sule   cnnneil   ments   unfit   for
food.    Tlo*  men  arrest, d  were  11.  A    K namacolor
Elba, W  N, Brehn and II. Markus. All the provlnci
were released on ball.
Fooii Inspectors who have confiscated several thousand cans of spoiled meats, declare that a carload of
the unwholesome food was shipped
ilere from the east last week. They
are Investigating the sale of canned
Roods to retailers by the representative of the eastern firm which
shipped Ihem.
Trouble on Grand Trunk.
Ottawa, July 111.���The maintenance,
of way men of the (irand Trunk
system have made a claim for a general increase of wages. An application for a board of conciliation in thn
matter haa been received by the department of labor. Tbe dispute affects about 3000 nun. Employees of
the Crand Trunk Pacific are not concerned.
President Is III.
Lisbon, July 31.- It is stated tliat
Manuel do Arrlaga is ill and that
physicians are continuously in attendance. Senor de Arriaga was elected in the presidency of ttie republic
on Aug, 24, lull.
Toronto, July ::i 'i'he following
in*.* Ho- Canadian bunk clearings for
tin- month ot July, 1013, ns compared
The Rexall
always the leading store in
every city. We can save you
money on your next pair of
Glasses.   Try
Curtis Drug Store
and  SEEDS,
THIEF  IN  WEST  END . Westminster
Willi      tlie      1
period    if
Julv.  1813.
Julv.  1912,
.   120,22ti. 1177
.     81,411,870
Ottawa   .
17.254.17 i
Victoria   ...
Hamilton   ..
.    16,829,697
16,948,73 1
Quebec ..   .
.    15,666,876
Halifax   ..
SI    .liilill    ..
7. l :*i 4.4 * i r.
Moose    Jaw
Ft. William
Brandon   .
C. Government   Film   Man  Was  at |
Work on Columbia  Ctreet Yesterday  Afternoon.
lt   will  be    rather    a surprise    for
some  New   Westminster folk  if  several months or a year from now they I
see themselves walking down Colum- I
bla Btreet  yesterday;    yet    such    a1
thing is likely    to happen, fer,    un- j
known to most, there  was a moving j
picture   photographer   taking   street I
Bcenes in that thoroughfare yesterda)
ll..  v.as    Mr.    Bentenzlch,    of  tbcj
company,  employed    by i
io  tuke  pictures of  B.C.
to  be exhibited  in  England  fir  pub-
liclti   purposes.    Altogether 600  feet
of lilm  were used.
A  number i f    views   were    taken, j
Two  iroin  the  lower end  of Colum-1
bia street, one including the  11. C   E  j
ft.  depot and the  trams entering und t
leaving it.    Another was taken look i
ing   down   the   street   from   the   post
office, and one of the No. 1  Are sta- j
tlon apparatus in action.    A visit was j
also  made  to  the  Colony  farm,     but
most of the beat  live stock being In j
pacture, another    trip will    be made
later to   catch    the   animals    photo- i
graphed,    Also on  that day the  Co !
lumbia     fold     Storage     company's
steamer   KIngswav   will   be   in   porl I
and   pictures  of  the  discharging  of!
the halibut catch  will be made.
Pack in your bathing suit.i and -
well tilled hamper and Bpond a day at
Maple Heach. Boundary Bay. Plentj
of free picnic places on the sand
beach or under the wonderful spread
ing maples. Lovely spring water
Take the River mad to Ladner and
the Lioudv road sou.h.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
Our Great Liquidation Sale
Just two days more of remarkable bargain
opportunities for you. Saturday night we
closedown and remain closed to take stock
for the new firm.
White Rock
"The Playground   of B.C."
WHITf, SmLES&Co.,Official Agents
White Rock Hotel
Under  new   management;
day.    Special   weekly   and
tariff on application.   H. W
$2.00 per
Itesideuce Y. Wi C, A.        I'hone 1324.
mn lUMjNOtl. OSIER. M P , PflWDINT.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager,
Capital paid up
Rcicrvn Fund -
Total Aiiett  -
$(], 000.000
Black Currants, per lb, ..
Pears, Plums and Peacht
Watermelons from, each
Muskrnt Inn, each  	
Tomatoes, por lb !
Ripe Bananas, per dozen  I1
Apricots (1.20 per crate, 2 Ihs Tor 2
2 lbs. 26c
���trie to 80c
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia  St.,  Phones
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   St.   Market,   Phone   1205.
Edmonds   Market,   Phone   L 883.
Suit& to youn
order and satisfaction.
$1 Gives You A Bank Book
You do not nrcd to wait unt.l yeu have a larpe sum of monry.
In order to cprn an account with thla Bank. Yuu can cpen an
account with $1. ��� cn which interest w'.l! be compounded twice a
year     Thus, your savings are Always earning money lor you.
NEW W?3TMIN3TEn BRANCH :    G.  H.  MATHEWSON,  Mannger.
Cel our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Enquir; about our special stockes.  they  are  money  tavers.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
High   Class
(Successor to
447 Columbia  St.
Ayling & Swain.)
Phone 98
Ladies   and
401    Columbia   St.
Phone 43;   L.  D. 71;
New Weatmlnster,
Res. 72.
B. C.
After tin exciting <-lins<- in tbo went
end of tin* lily a resldenl named J.
ll. White was taki'n into custody by
Detective Burrows yesterday morning
nnd turned over to Detective Perry,
of Vancouver, in wblcb city he will
be charged with theft of n motorcycle late in June.
White wns arrested here on D<>-
iiiiiilnn Dav by Detective Burrows following ii complaint of the theft byi
tlie Vancouver police, but, owing tq
lack of evidence at that time, be waa
released, although the machine was
held by the police,
After having an expert ami ulsu
the owner of the put-put cycle Identify it hh being the one Btolen, al-
though Bevi nil parts bail been re-
pitu* il by new ones, Burrows started
on the trail again yesterday and
Ii cated In.i man on Nanaimo street.
I     White ran along a side Btreet    anil
Li thbrldge
Medicine Hat.
At this morning's city mar
kct it is propable thai
Eggs will be In active demand and the price consequently a cent or two higher.
Butter will l��. sold at former
New locally grown potatoes
will be offered In quantity and
the price will be around $1.60
per Iiiik.
Bmall fruits will be fairly
plentiful and will experience
little change In price,
MeafB, poultry and flsh will
sell at  last  week's quotations,
tt ���->
Take advantage of the ISusinoss Man's Train anil make your
home at Crescent Ileach (Blackie Spit)  for the summer months,
Train loaves al 5:1{0 p.m. dally, on and after .lune IB, returning in
thc morning In time for business,   Crescent    Beach   affords   Ideal
conditions for summer homos, combining  the  best  of  bathing,   boat
lug at all stages of the tide together with One beach.   Artesian v,��.-u
water to all residents.    Let us show you thla Property.
F. J. HART  &  CO.,  LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marino Insurance.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
and   every   16   minutes   until   9
p.m.    Half hourly  Bervlce  until
11  p.m.  with  late car at midnight
BATURDAY8���15    mlnule   ser
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���B nnd 5.45 n m.
vice is continued until 11 p.m
SUNDAYS���6, 7, 7.30 S am!
8.30 and every IB minutes until
11 p.m. with late cur at midnight.
For Vancouver via
0.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
in,  with  late  car  at  11.30.
a.m. and 4 30 p.m.
SUNDAYS  -8 a.m. and    hourly
until  10  p.m,  with late  car  at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m.   and    every
li urn until 11 p.m.
Connection  Ib  made at    Eb-
hoiir until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Eraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
G 15 p.m.
POINTS���4.05 p.m.


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