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The New Westminster News Dec 6, 1913

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 Ntws Classified Ads.
Have  proven  their worth by the
results    they    produce.      lhey    Oil
large   or   small   wants   at   small
Weather Today.
New   Westminster and  the lower
mainland: Light to moderate winds,
cloudy and unsettled tonight and on
liritish Cabinet Nips Ulster
Revolution���Asquith Accepts Agreement.
Government Extends Olive Branch  to
S oners of Covenant���Did Not Revive Irish Crimes Act.
London. Dec. 5.-The Hritish cabinet
by a royal proclamation promulgated
tonight prohibiting the importation of
arms and ammunition into Ireland,
tor the first time grasped th" nettle
of the revolution in Ulster which iti
had hitherto ignored, although the followers of Sir (Bdward Carson, for
months had been advertising tbelr
military preparations iu every possible
wai and during interference with j
Almost simultaneously with the pub
llcatlon of the proclamation, Premier
Asqullh made ;be longest step towards
thc conciliation of the Ulsterltes that j
the ciik rntnent has yet  taken by nn-:
nounclng  his acceptance of the prln
clples for a basis of agreement which.
Sir  Bdward  Carson suggested  In  hiB I
lust sp h. These principles are*.
1 That tbe Bettleaient must not be j
humiliating or degrading to I'lster.
Z. Ulster's treatment must not be
different or exceptional from that
meted out tn the other parts of the
United Kingdom.
3. lht, r must retain full protoc
tion of the Imperial parliament.
4 The home rule bill must not be
such as to lead to ultimate separation
o( Ulster from Great llritain
ft * ft ���:. >;���:��� li Hi *��� ���:. * 0 t. iif **i
Indianapolis, lnd., Dec. 5.���
There will be uo general
:'rik. iu Indianapolis ut this
time, anri teamsters whose em-
ployers haio signed union contracts will return to work tomorrow. This course waa de-
clded upon late today at a
meeting   of   the   Teamsters'
union, which -was addressed by
Danh i j. Tobln, International
president of the teamsters' organization.
"Tbe  talk   ahout  a    general
btriki   in  Indianapolis at this
time Is nonsense," declared
President Tobln.
ft # ��
Edmonds Ratepayers' Asso- lief ence Outlines Plan in the | Deputies Search Mine But
ciation Adopts  Platform.
Trial of Fourteen Ladysmith Miners.
Councillor    MacPhereon    in    Fighting 'SIXTY  WITNESSES
Mood���Eitter  Attack   on   Present Administration.
One yiar bylaw holiday, in brief,
no money bylaws during 1914.
lax reduction to 16 mills on im-
proved real property las underslocd
Suggested  by  Hei*,,-  McCregor).
Be assessment ot the whole muni
Stoppage Of every leak through
which a  ,-Vcent piece might  escape.
Economy    and      retrenchment    In
every branch of   municipal
ment, and then some more.
That in the   platform
Women   Give   Evidence   In   Behalf  of
Huabands���Case Will Proceed on
Body of Outlaw Is Not
Poisonous    Gases    Have    Apparently
Failed to Do the Work���Further
Search Today.
�� tt tt tt ft ft ft ftftftftftftft-4
Bingham.     Utah,      Dec.     5.���After
searching  a   third   of  the   Utah-Apex I
mine, the posse which penetrated ihei
stronghold of Italph  lxipez, slayer of j
-ix men, came opt tonight    ane an-1
nounced  to the  -houe-a/ics o: expect-
ant miners that they had found noth-
the | 'ng  to  indicate the crafty  desperado |
was rieaii.
The places where his body most
likely would have been were carefully |
gone over. The Andy tunnel and Andy incline. In which the battle that
cost the lives of two deputies Saturday was fought, the Parnell tunnel,
wbere l_ope_ called through the bulk
Major   Hughes  Will   Make   Favorable
Repcrt  to  Government���In   Front
of Penitentiary.
Columbia    street    in
penitentiary is   likely
.nnl  in nil  probability
front    of  the
to  be paved,
work    will bc
Thus the government extendB to <!"���  started this year as a resull of an in
signers   of   the   Ulster   covenant   the:. .__, ���  , ,,___.
illw. branch .terview   between   Major     Hughes,  ol
Thy proclamation prohibiting Ihe ini-""'  department of justice at Ottawa.
porutlon ��a#ns and ammunition Into "d v->1 ���>��� u Taylor, M   ���'������ Ma>"r
Ireland which King fleorge signed at WJ'. Alderman Loud anu city En
a meeting of the privy council Thurs- gine-or J \V. II UUcknian yesterday.
day and which Is publlaheri In Ute The distance to be paved is some
Itoyal (lazette tonight was mill"r than | i'jOO (.it, and the Dominion govern-
rumors had anticipated it w, .hi be.   ��� ment   is    expected    to    pay    645.000,
After hearing a number of witnesses for the uefencc, ine majority ot
whom w^re women, tha trial ot
fourteen l-_.i_y_.inun miners ucciiBtyi
govern- ol rioting and tuning pari in unlawful assemblies waa aujoarued at noon
of the Ed-1 yesterday until Monday at ii ociock,
monds Ratepayers' association for I'he adjournment a. the eariy noui*
tbe furthcoming flections adopted being made ai. the request ot tne
and   passed    without     a    dissenting ���jurymen.
voice   ut   a   well-attended   meeting  of I    'iho defence of each ia being taken
the association last night. The plat- separately, the witnesses occupying ! head Monday for his friend. Julio Cor-
fonn \.as drafted by tbe special com-'t'"* stanu yesteruay ming can���u to I rello, and other parts ot the work-
Mlttee appointed at the last meeting .tell of tue actions aud wbtreaoouis ot I Ings, were penetrated without result,
for this purpose. ' I'uiise, McKenzie,  Kpgers and nume, I    Tonight the belief grew    that once
The  committee also submitted the j iour cf the accused,' wnen the disor-|as-rin the Bheriffa of nine Utah coun-
lollowi.ig  mimes   as   possible    candi -   Uers occurred. lies and  tlieir hundreds    of deputies,
dates for councillors lor Ward Two: | iionie cl the women who testified had been outwitted by the man who
P, tt. ritton, VT, B. Hose, E. Stride IyesUlroay are wi>ta of ute sinker., sever*", times since the pursuit began
and   L). C. Patterson. WHO are already serving terms in jail;on  November 111,  has risked  capture
M.ssrs. Stride and  Itose announced Us a result ot tue disturuances.  ihese [in order to jeer at their efforts
strikers pleaded guilty beiore    Juage
Miner Who Was Injured.
With auout sixty    more    witnesses
for the delence yet to testify and ibe
rebuttal of the crown to occur, lt la
expected tbat tbe    trial    will    drag
Bryan, Texas. Dec. 5.���A
death roll of more than fifty
persons and positively 1,000
others maroon,, d and suffering
trom prolonged hunger and
cold, wag indicated by tonight's reports from the flooded brazos liver's bottoms in
thiB section of South Central
For over fifty miles the
Brazos was three to five miles
wide and running with mill-
race speed. Scores of flood
refugees are believed to be in
Powers Look for Early Ter-
mination of Mexican
* *
ft * ��
tliat   tbey  were   not   in   the  field  tor
Ward Two, while Mr.  Brltton deiflar-
���<1 that he had no personal desire for ���
the   office,  mid   would   only  stand   ll
the ratepayers desired that he should.
"I   am  in  lhe  field,  endorsation or;
no indorsation,'     said    IJ.  C. 1'attei
Does    Everything   but Turn    Somer
sault* on Columbia Street���
Onlookers Hold Breath.
Instead of reviewing tbe Irish crimes
net. wblch was so odious to the old
time home rulers against whom It was
directed, which prohibited the carrying of arms and gave drastic power
of   iienrch   for   arms,   It   invoked   the
t'ustoms Consolidation act of 1876.
which is a good part of the total cost.
The loiilvrwico- yesterday rulmln
ated lu Major Hughes agreeing to report favorably the ab ve and ask that
the work be started this year. Kor
tome time this matter has been under
consideration, and It now seems as If
11 bad reached a settlement, and a
favorable one.
���win. now school trustee, and he g?ve( along over al    least iwo    days    tie*
a bil'f outline of his platform. week,   lt is expected ihat the miner
U   wan decided" io  wait  two weeks   McKlnnon,
to  see lf any    more candidates   announced themselves before endorsing
any one man for Ward Two.
Reestablish  Confidence.
At the conclusion of Ub report the
special committee viewed with con
tern  the  migration  of  many   former
Commenc. Search.
The smudges that had generated
deadlv gases since Monday were allowed to die down last night and
early today the double bulkheadB in
the tunnel mcuths were removed.
Driven by a strong draft, the smoke
aud  fumes  belched    forth    from  theleTerythlng but turn   somersaults and
j exits like a volcano, which permitted handsprings on Columbia street yes-
who  was severe!v  Injured !��nouKh Pure air l0 euter for the dep" Iterday afternoon when the chief was
* J -    mm��� 1 _-. *.      * ,.      t.n_.!n       In *-_>_.      ******* t**A*       *!.-__,       ,* ft i .*.       ���
Ly a dynamite explosion on the eve
mug of Auguat 1- at Ladysmun, win
be called by the crown in rebuttal.
The accused are: J. nume. Kred.
Allsop, Mike Lynaui, Peter McKenzie,
Joseph Mairs, Sr., Mike Mali. Mike
Metro,    Ike    Portray,    Tom  Rogers.
Ibount post haste for a fire on Twentieth street.   Coming down the road
Thirty    Thousand    Men    Return
Work on Oreat Weatern
Hamilton. Dec. 5.- Magistrate JelU
is a  [inn  believer that bailiff s ofri-.
<-t*r.   are all  right  in their place,  but
lhat   -alien   they    get     beyond     tlieir]
���depth, they  deserve no sympathy.
William   l.ltilehales   is  one   of   Ihe |
profession, and William bad a tearful
tale   to   unbttrtk'H   to  the   court   this ,
morning- He unwound a lot of cotton \_\*,_f ___*_" J&__S_*Z_\*_
bandages from hla injured right mitt
.ind   complained   that   Kussrl   Drown
.vas   responsible.
"1  went down to Brown's place to!
Belie   a   stove   and   he   snatched   the
paper from my hand and shoved nm
out the door.    He used me like a dog''
;ald  Little hales.
plexlon of  the case when  he
London,  Doc   5���The Btrike on the
tireat   Westeru    railway,    which  haa.
ttled   today  at a conference of the
men   with   the representatives of the
board of trade.
The (0,000 men of different trades,
most ol them miners, who had been
thrown out of work by the stoppage
of the traffic, will now return to
their labcrB. Only 1,200 railway men
however, changed the com- had quit tholr employment with loco-
proved  nlc,lv��" engineer James,    who started
to the satisfaction of the court that the strike by refusing to haul t tint-
UtUehales did not have the proper ed goods, which hhd been handled
papers and absolutely no right lo | by the strike-breakers' ��"L ��������������� _
enter the house, whicli he did by , Be signed a pledge today not to re-
r      , i peat these tactics.   This was done at
"And   while 1  was talking  to  him ithe dictation of the trades union lead
ml ihe front door two other men were. *��**, who had not   countenanced
sneaking   round  to  the  back  to  gut j Rtrlk��>. ^
the  stove,1'  explained  the  defendant
Tchooner Aground.
Seattle, WaBh., Dec. 5��� -A wireless,
report from Tatoosh island, says word
ha* been received here that an unidentified four -masted schooner la
aground one mile off shore nnd flvo
Mno��~Vn'w.'"lVc!"5���Kor"thc firstjniiU-B sooth of Hoh river, near De-
ilniK a Canadian Northern passenger < btructlon Island, on the Washington
train rnnt into Moose Jaw today when coast. Thc schooner has been there
the temporary depot waa opened on If OUT or five daya. and apparently has
South Hill. I been abandoned.
"Thla case Is dismissed, You had
no rght to force >our way Into tho
house, Uttlebales," replied his wor-
ah I p.
C. N. R. in Moose Jaw.
residents, but  thought  that once tlie  John    Stevenson,     Kobert    Wallace,
prcseul linancial    stringency   passed ' Alexander Dunse,   John   and George
and lhal 11   economy was   made the  Metro.
watchword in the interim, confidence 1    At the opening of th   court J. W.
uties to begin their search this after
Dr.  H. E.  Stroupe,  mayor elect of
Bingham, led a party of ten Into thei way the chief espied a dilatory driver
depths.    At the spot where the fight-j0f
ing   occurred   Saturday   the   rifle  of
Deputy Hulsey. who was killed, waa
found. In a blind stope on the 300
foot level a cave-in was discovered,
which completely blocked up the entrance. It was thought that ia this
stope Lopez had taken refuge from the
would be gradually reestablished. d��B. Karris briefly outlined the case poisonous gases. A guard was lett ] turned "ft about and- went awa* down Iffout the withdrawal of General
Before it was endorsed    the  Plat-  for the defence,   lt waa proposed, he |watching It tonight and lt will be open-< the street taster than before.   AndaslHuena      ~^0    Becretary    intimated
he did so be smiled.   The driver ef ithat the United States is still being
Guarded Enquiries Being Made at Ottawa���Villa Pursues Fugitive
Washington, Dec. 5.���Guarded inquiries.are being made at the state
department by representatives of
sonir of* the European governments
as to prospects of an early termlna-
licu of ��� the present conditions in
r-dexiio, which have been imposing
gri'.v.' us burdens upon foreign Interests.
There is no evidence that these inquiries have bad any affect upon tha
O-vblopment or me administration's
policy in regard to Mexico. There 1��
mu-i 'unofficial talk, htfwever, of a
P'-.table early recognition of the fact
that the Constitutionalists are in possession of more than half of tho
Administration officials here are
lool_.4 for some important developments as a result of the extraordinarily succesBful campaign of the Constitutionalists and every precaution.
I is beiug taken to make certain tho
p-fbtectlon of foreign liveB and property at the zones of trouble.
The navy has a fleet of ten warships on the eastern coast of Mexico.
On  the  west    coast,    however,    the
American naval force Ib mucb below
the needs of the situation, hence today il was   acknowledged   that two��
gunboats,    the    Yorktown     at   San
dray right in his path, opposite FranciBco. and the Raleigh at Brem-
the Westminster Trust building, and Hg^ were    8aiUn*     for    Me*icaa
the car skidded first |    secretary Bryan took   occasion to
Fire   Chief  WatBon's   motorcar  did
in turning out,
broadside, then turning round com-1 make an emphatic denial of a report
pletely, started up the street again. 1 emanating from the Mexican capital
The chief reversed his big red gocart,  ">*> Qneen  Wilhelmina,  of  Holland.
had undertaken .to intervene to bring
form drafted was thoroughly discuss-  said, to call many witnesses, among1, ed tomorrow
ed. and many interesting points were  whom would  be some of the thirty-1    A few charges of dpnamlte placed In
rais-d.    The couneil    candidate    for   four men and boys who had already j the walls would have caused the cave-
Wanl  Two, given the official  stamp  pleaded   guilty to   the   offences   otl in, but miners  who saw  lt were loot  approval  by   the   association,  will   which the fourteen    strikers are now Iclined to believe it was a natural fall
be asked to adopt it aa bis platform,  charged.   Other witnesses wonld aleojof rock and eanh and that Lopez had
In reference to the    economy   and   be called  to show  that  some of the n,t sealed himself up In the stope.
retrenchment    clauses,    Mr.    Kraser.  accused were actually staying at -hei��� ^m___m______^^m_m_^mm
chairman of the committee pointed ,camp across the bay from Lady-smith : gecn ,��� th nelgbborhood at the time,
out that individuals were retrenching with thetr families when the disturb-, ___ D|mge and witnesg drugged the
during these dull times and he asked  ances occurred on August 12 and 13. | trout,|es       Dunse    finally
��o also.
The meeting waa enlivened by tho fgot Premeditated.
The disorders,   it would be shown,
were uot premeditated, said Mr. Kar
the team did not smile.   Neither did permitted by the powers to deal with.
the onlookers.    It was a close shave, !^.e���J?_3Xtc_^vi>.^lem. "^^..i^
a regular prison cut, in fact.
' : fe rence,    although
as   a matter ot
The place for wMctTchTef Watson Iconrtesy they-are kept informed of all
was bound was. on Twentieth street, \changes in the situation
where a touring car. the property of j    r ���ur$Un      *, *._.���., ���, -___
Victor Spencer. Vancouver  had taken |    JuarcI' Me* ��� Dec- B.-lnstead of oe-
fire.    Three  fire  extinguishers  were
'cupyiug Chihuahua, the state capital.
.   used  and  the  fire  put  out,  only  to|����"����J Francisco Villa's 7.00(11 rebel.
municipality  should not do others accused would be shown to tal^���  dlf7e"r^t   'course   ?��� tt  have  *  Iater  break  0Ut  '"  the  Pan  ��� ' ?
at home.
(onu.:I   declaration   of   lbe   candldat
ure of Councillor Macpherson for the
reeveship. The councillor delivered ria> j,ut |,a(j occurred when ill-feeling
a otiet speech In which he flayed bia.wa8 aroused over the stabbing of a
colleagues on the present council in !un|on man by a non-union man, and
a moat merciless manner. tl)e Brreg, of a union mani wh0> how.
After reviewing his record    In tho
oounoll during the past year the can-
ever, was subsequently  released.
Alexander Dunse,    one   of the ac-
didate  said;   "At onc  time  it  might cuwd, wa8 the flrBt t0 give evidence
have been an honor to be the reeve  for the defence.    He had heard the
noiae  on  the  evening  of August   12
Reason for the famo of the Krasor as a fishing river reaching the four
������nrners of the earthls explained by the following report of the B. C. Canners'
atsoclatlon nnd the Kraser Itlver Canners' association.
The figures show the total catch ln the Kraser river to bc over twice
ns large us any other flBhlng districts and after tho outlying fishing grounds
comes tho Skoena, then llivers Inlet.
Salmon Packs 1913
Sockeyes   lied Sp.
of Uuruaby: now it is like a dirty
rag. I will not thank you for electing
ine the instrument for cleaning out
the cejspool that now exists, but 1
an willing lo undertake to do lt and
do lt well. I will give Burnaby such
a cleaning out that it will have a
clean administration tor at least one
Speaking of the water bylaw which
went down to defeat last year, Mr.
Macpherson emphatically declared
that if it had passed, the bank would
only have 1300,000 additional security
on what was owed them. It would
be Impossible to borrow any more. All
tbe past issues were tied up as collateral security for $600,000, he said.
The candidate declared the holiday
bylaw as suggested by the association's platform was unnecessary.
"We wlll have an enforced holiday
for three years. All the present
bonds are hypothecated and we cannot place bonds on the market until
the present bonds are sold," ho
Kraser River  fiK4,R!18
Skeena  Hiver        02.927
Divers Inlet     01,745
Naas  Rlvor        23,674
Outlying     142.3S6
. Sp.
3.616     77,056 103,687     69,813
Totals    972.178
Grand Totals:��� ..��������.
KraserRlver  733,059
Skoena River  16!'555
Rivers Inlet
Nsas River
Outlying.. .
Half Flats
Half Ovals
Squats ....
Varieties Packed.
Sockeyes   Red Sp.   Wh. 80.
32,007 2,206
3.777 1,441
.     7,180
Chums   Plnke
76,369 148,799
1,696   18,938
972.178      37.433
3,616    77,965 198,887    69.833
New Hazelton, Dec. 5.*���Por Several
weeks hundreds of station men have
becn completing their work on. the
grade and coming down to New Hazelton to make a settlement. In one
day. Just recently, Foley Welch ft
Stowarl paid out forty-five thousand
dollars. Alter every train that comes
down from the front large sums of
money are paid out at the head office
here. Por the next few months the
rush ot station men down wlll eon-,
tinue and the town will have m new
bunch every few days. Many of theee
men have been working tor one, two
and three years and have eeveral
thousand dollars each after their aet-
tlement. Bome.of thla money remains In town, but the great bulk of
It Is aent to foreign countries, to the
men's homes or to tb* pttees la
which they Intend to reside. Between
how and the completion of the railway In the spring hundreds of thousands of dollara wlll te paM out i��
station men aa praotlcally all the incompleted v-"rk te now being doae
by nation gangs. It means a mt
tlnuatlon of lively business during
the winter montha In thla town whaa
ordinarily It would be quteC
and had turned out early on Wednesday morning to investigate. After
taking a tour around town he turned
around for his home, which lay on the
outskirts of the town.
He paaaed and spoke to several
people on his way back home. He
gathered that he was following In the
wake of a crowd, ��nd while he waa
conversing with aome read workmen
near tbe corner of Wblte street he
witnessed a crowd ahead engaged tn
throw'ng stones at a house.
Wl ness was arrested on September
22 s'd spent seven weeks in lall. "I
wenl to see the preliminary hearing
of uiy brother," he said, "and they
let him go and took me."
Waa In tha Crowd.
Duuae acknowledged that he was
in tin crowd that paraded through
Chinatown on August 14. This parade was held following a resolution
passed at a union meeting that a
demonstration be held In Chinatown.
"Wc did not. intend to cause any
trouble," said (he wltneas. "we Just
wanted to show the Chinese wbat we
could do."
Archie Dunse, brother of the previous witneea, nest appeared on tha
aland. He waa called merely tor the
purpose of Identification.
John Mahafley testified that he
spoke to Alexander Dunse abont 8
o'clock on the morning ot August It
while the latter was on hla way home.
Wm. 1-oncn aleo gave evidence to
prove an alibi for Dunse. He eald
lhat he left horn* about 8 o'clock, and
afier going down town to see what,
damage had beea done to the Tern-
poranee botel by the exploekm tha
night previous, he returned to th*
scene ot hla labor* near th* corner
of White atreet Wltneas waa ee_y-_tg
that hc wa* sitting down waiting lor
the team, when hla lordship interrupt*-
ed with the following remarit jrhleh
caused a amlle to pervade tte aoart:
Dohit your statutory later, ta tte
usual wny-eittlM down," aaM tte
WIUmw: "Yee, *lr.M
Was With Dun** -.
. tone* repeated that ha waa atttite
down wtea Duaee omm
eat dowa beside hla. He did wit
notice trom whteh diraetioa tta aa-
ewsed cam*. The time
7.81.   The *tooe4hr*w4ng
���ne the crowd had taken.
Witnese said be bad heard the explosion at the Temperance hotel the
night previous and had turned out In
bis night clothes to see the damage.
After I-onon bad been cross-examined by A. D. Taylor, crown prosecutor, J. E. Bird, one of the lawyers for
the defence commenced to cross-examine his own witness. Mr. Taylor
strongly objected to this, charging
that Mr. Bird was propounding leading questions. His lordship upheld
Mr. Taylor and threatened the discharge of the jury If Hr. Bird continued to pursue the same course. He
would not have the jury hear things
that they should not hear trom counsel tor either side.
Singing to Baby. ���
airs. Hume testified as to her hue-
band's comings and goings on the
morning of August 13. He went in
and out twice, returning ultimately to
remain ln the house for a eonaiderabie period about 8.16.
lira. Hume gave evidence to show
that her husband waa on the front
porch of his home singing to hla baby
when the stone-throwing crusade waa
on, and tbe disorderly crowd paaaed
the house. Ia this Mrs. Hume waa
corroborated by Mr*. Anne Persopa,
a neighbor. Mra. Parsons admitted
that she had talked over ter evidence
with Mrs. Hume, but maintained that
she waa telling the truth ln the witness box.
Harry Tait gave corroborative evidence in this regard also.
H. Thompson, manager qf the cooperative stores. Nanalmo, testified
that Peter McKensle, on* of the accused, waa la bla store oa the moralag of .August 13 aboul 7.45. The
aoen�� of the stone-throwing whieh occurred about 8 o'clock, waa 16 minutes' walk away.
Mr*. Armstrong, who** husband
waa one of thoae sent to Jail a* tte
result of the troubles, gave evidence
to tk* effect that McKensle arrived
at the camp settlement aero** tte
bay, wtere he waa maintaining hi*
home at tte tlm*. at 10 o'etoak M
th* moralag ot Aagoct 13. R*t*n,
aaotter et th* aoeused. arrived at tte
eaat a*tu*m*at tho snrioaa alght,
aad rsssahud there &ta teat far
it   later   break   out   tu   mc   i***"... , ,-, .    ,. ���,���.. ,   t-ni..
ing harmed.
toward   OJinaga,
Thlrteen-Year-Old    Girl    Given
Years for Killing Child
Prince Albert, Dec. 5.���Kathleen
Olka. a 13-year-old girl or Wakawaw,
was todsy found guilty of beating to
death her 8-year-old companion, Julia,
Jennings, in the woods near their
home, on June 21, and waa sentenced
to ten yeara in the Prince Albert prison.
His lordship pointed out that while
he had thought ot placing her in a reformatory, he had come to tbe conclusion that lt would not be well for her
to be among other young girls.
The evidence showed that the Jen
nlngs girt had been horribly beaten
to death with aa iron spade.
Old Bri*k Bualneaa.
Handsome results met the efforts
of the Y, W. C. A. at the rummage
sale held tn th* store at the corner of
Columbia aad Sixth atreeta yesterday
and the 50 ladles assisting were Inspired to greater enthoslasm tor to-
day'a sat*. On two occasion* wa* the
store sold .out. *o eagerly were the
good* displayed mapped ap aad laat
evening only a remnant of tte eecond
supply remained. Fearing a shortage
th* oommlttee la charg* t* making aa
appeal tor nor* good* to h*l�� oet tte
federals retreating
on tbe border.
A garrison of 500 rebels occupied
the fort at Ojinaga and General Villa
said his soldiers would not permit the
federals to reach the borders or crose
over Into the United States without
a fight. His purpose ls not only to
capture the federal troops, but also*
to seize arms and equipment' Tbe
federals, however, will be ln the majority unless they are overtaken by
the rebel pursuer*.
With the 2,000 or more fugitive
federals are General Salvador Mer-
cado, the deposed military governor
and commander, numerous other general* and officer* and member* ef -
wealthy Chihuahua families who left
the city precipitately on toot ln tear
ot a rebel attack.
General Villa expressed aa Inte-e*--. ,
tlon to confiscate the money whleis
the fugitives were reported tete**
withdrawn from the banka beta** tte
evacuation. He aald he would prated the non-combatants, except aack
as were considered political offenders. Members of tte Terrasaa family
wer* placed by him la   the   latter'
Mr*. M*K*aato save slater _.,     ���_
Mit. Aum Taylor* wmm motmm��
mra teMge Howay. leMet tte ��
rtraf of M*K��atU at tte tea* *m
Jfc'ateiaday ____faaa *k IS -��A^Mk.
SteteMMTttU Smmai* Snt
tatted teas* at. 1* �� a.tt*pwl��te
i available te
Succeeds Late Sir AemeHue. '*"**
Toronto, Dec 6.���O. F. 8heptey, ��.
C. tea been appointed treeanwir ol
tte tew society ot Upper Cfaade. "
succeeding tt* late Sir. ^eearttea
Irving. At th* meeting today, tte
position waa. offered je Alex. Brae*. .
IV*   K>** -Pw ��� '.*K9*. w-WIWjlW-W''
���mm OWma R**>ter*d at Oemte
lea Ute OWe*   Natural tee te
tt* write
���d. Oa*.<'
I Titetei"
ee. -mate
*:S5%< *
'*!:'* '      .'
' S*'\. PAGE TWO
An Independent morning paper devoted tn the inter sts of New Westminster and
ths Fr**er V*lley.   Published everv morning evcflpt Sunday by the national Printing
mni Publishing Company, Limited, st 63 IteEenzie Street, New U'cilminslor, ..rills') I
Columbia. ROUR SUTHERLAND. Managing Director.
All communication! aA-iuld t>�� eddresurd to The New Westminster News, and not
*S Individual members nt Ihe staff. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made
ajayable to The Notional Printing and Publishing Company, Limited.
TELEPHONES���llusintss Office and Manager, 9��9.- Editorial Rooms lall depart-
mtsntsl, til.
SUBSCRIPTION HATES���Ry carrier, 14 per year, tl for three months, _0o per
���witt-V    H" mail, t'i per year, 'ibe per month.
ADTERTISINti RATES on application.
Nome, hut what there is In there nobody knows now.
"I have faith enough to want lo return and will go hack next March to
prospect my ground."
Mr. Mcl.ellan is an old-time Alaskan, having been in the north much
cf the time for fifteen years, lie will
Fpelul the winter at his home In Los
Angeles, where he hns large business
The Hook comments of the attractive appearance upon
the tall hills of the feet of those who are approaching with
good news and, if such be the case, it doesn't make any difference whether a certain Montreal banker is afflicted
with half a dozen different kinds of corns and several
species of bunions. He is presumably a man who knows
what he is talking about and he says that the worst of the
tight money period is past. Therefore, as the bringer of
gladsome tidings, this paper is prepared to admit that not
only are his feet beautiful upon the mountains, but they
are the swellest pair of pedal extremities that ever trod
the plain, while his general appearance has Adonis looking like a waterfront vag negotiating his first hand-out in
forty-eight hours.
Speaking to the text of the arrival in Montreal during the past two weeks of thirteen millions of dollars in
solid gold coin, this banker gentleman takes occasion to
point out that the worst fears of the financial institutions
have not been realized. They expected the hardest period
to come about this month and next, but the crop payments
from the prairies and other conditions have made a change
for the better and it is his belief that the long lane has
reached its turning at last and the stringency is about to be
gradually relieved.
He talks like a sensible man, does this banker. He
doesn't come out with a clarion voice and state that everybody is to have scads of money by a week from next Tuesday, but he does say that Canada has the worst of the uphill grade behind her and that the going will become gradually easier as the months pass. Naturally the east, where
are the money centres, will feel it first, and it will take till
about the first thaw for the ripple to reach the west, but if
the assurance is a well founded one, and it has all the earmarks of being so, this part of the country will be able to
look to the front with more cheerfulness and the cold
months will not seem so chilly with the knowledge that by
the time the birds nest again British Columbia's automobile will be buzzing along the highway of progress with a
tank full of financial gasoline and a husky honk-honk to
its development horn.
You know it's positively shameful the way some newspapers put things over on the public. Here the other day
the Victoria Times ran a picture of Aguilar, the Mexican
revolutionist, and called it the British admiral Craddock,
while a month or so ago the Nelson News printed a likeness of Carranza, leader of the Mexican Constitutionalists, and labelled it Judge Globensky, the jurist who heard
the Thaw case at Sherbrooke.
Hotel  Keeper Alleges  Preacher Took
Away Ten-Year-Old Girl
Spokane, Dec. 5.���A legal hattle Involving the custody of Pansy Laury.
apeil 10. was started yesterday In the
local court when David l-aury, a hotel man of Colvllle, presented a petition to Judge B. II. Sullivan's court,
charging M. A. Covington, manager
of the Washington children's Home-
Finding society, with having kidnaped
the girl from Colvllle. November 20.
Judge Sullivan then authorised the issuance of a writ of habeas corpus
commanding Itev. Covington to produce the child In ccurt at 9:.10 o'clock
Monday morning.
In his petition Laury stat��s thnt he
secured the child from the Home-Find-
lng society for years ago, when the
girl was six yea::- of age. He declares
he was. to have the custody of the
child as long as he caved for her, gave
her a proper home, clothed her and
gave her an education. This, he
charges, he has done.
He declares the Hev. Covington secured the child November 20 and
brought her to Spokane without his
knowledge. Attorney W. U. Uidle pre-
Fcnted the petition for a writ, which
the judge held  should  be issu id.
The Rev M. A. Covington said last
night that he had only acted after the
authorities at Colvllle, together with
neighbors of 'Laury, had complained
t>e child was being reared In a hotel
without the care of Mrs. Laury.
"It Is true I took the child November 20, after the sheriff of Colvllle had
taken her from school and delivered
her at the depot." said Kev. Covington
last night. "It was a case where 1
felt it wo; Id be a neglect of duty If
I failed to interfere ln the case.
"When the children are taken from
the custody oi the society the understanding is they are to he adopted or
are taken under contract. The contract provides we may take the child
if we feel It is not in the proper surroundings or is not being cared for
"Laury seemed to think the neighbors objected to him ke?pini' the child
because he wag reported to be a socialist. We recently hold a conference
with Commissioner I). C. Coates, to
show why I had been obliged to remove the child. Commissioner Coates
was apparently convinced I was taking the proper stand, and I had not
expected Laury to take the case into
tho courts."
711 Columbia Street
Where Good Shoes are Sold
Our big Shoe Sale is a big success. Yesterday our 6tore was crowded all day. Today we intend to make
our banner day. New lines are brought forward, other lines the prices are cut deeper, extra help has been
secured, so we are prepared for a big day's businss. Our BEST SHOES are being sold at this sale. No misrepresentations here.   You won't find us selling you machine sewed shoes for Goodyear welts.
Men's and Women's Tan Shoes at COST
150 pairs Men's Tan Shoes, all this season styles.
Goodyear Welts, Willow Calf Uppers, oak soles.
Regular price $6.00.   Sale Price $3.95
Men's Waterproof English made Shoes, all solid,
all sizes, newest last, oak soles. Selling today
for $4.95
Men's Tan Hockey Roots, "The Best." Selling today for $3.35
Ladies' Tan Willow Calf uppers, oak soles, waterproof.   Regular price $��.00.   Sale Price .... $3.95
Ladies High-Cut Velour Calf Hutton Roots. Regular
price $4.50.   Sale Price .'$2.95
Ladies' Tan Hockey Shoes, made of the best willow
Calf.   Selling today for  $2.85
Our skating boots are made by the same firm
who makes Ernie Johnson, the famous hockey player's, shoes.
Our new stock of Genuine Dr. Jaeger's Slippers
have arrived. We have the sole agency for this city
for these famous slippers.
Mrs. Armaud, 234,8th avenue, City, won the $5.00 shoes given away at our big sale yesterday.
W. E. Sinclair, The Shoe Man
The teamsters of Indianapolis have demanded a gen- ���, ������,,.  _   . D
l        ii       ,      t      i _.i_ '   __l_  _.i_        1'-   j -.*      j      *   Lunatic Gave  Pursuers  Merry Chase,
��ral walkout.   Looks as thougn they had grown tired of
the  Race.
C--.it His Devotions Lost Him
There may be���and there undoubtedly is���a slight
tightness apparent in money matters, but when you think
of floods in Texas, revolution in Mexico, persecution in
Russia and Tammany's woes in New York, you must admit
we have some things to be thankful for.
The hunting season in twenty-one states of the American union cost one hundred and thirty-five lives; and they
talk about the way the Mexicans are killing each other off.
Jce Leiter is going to make another attempt to break
the bank at Monte Carlo, which is equivalent to the announcement that the Casino dividends for the year are
about to be greatly augmented.
The food trust magnates should read their history,
particularly that portion relating to France, which
chronicles that just before the reign of terror there the
hungry crowds were to be found in the streets crying,
"Give us bread."
Aftei- all the honors those ClydeSdals mares from the
Colony farm havc won at Chicago their bridles won't fit
their heads.
Fresh   Meat   Bagged   in   Open   Alone
Prevent*  Suffering  Among
Seattle, One. 5. That wild game has
been thf salvation uf the shut-ins or
Shushana finer' winter began and thai
a fairly ample and constant supply ef
fresh meal im-. prevented actual ruf-'
ferlng in the new Alaska gold camp.
although ordinary provision)! of all;
kinds arc scarce nml Hell at $1 a
pound to those who have money, in Unreport brought OUl hy it. 1''. .Mel.ellan.
���who left the diggings on November lii
and has just arrived in Seattle after
a little more thnn two weeks of actual
"About 500 prosp . tors were in the
<>arnp and vicinity when I left." said
Mr Mcl.ellan yesterday. Most of them
���wore remaining in tho country to do
the location work necessary tn hi l'i
their claims, despite tho exorbitant.
prices jinked for provisions, but ai
moon un the winter trail becomes p.ist-
able im exodus will begin,   in fact we
overtook several  parties on the way
OUl tn obtain provision.;.
"The trail out  to lie  in Rood   shape
by January l and then the stores thnt
have accumulated at the ends of the
regular transportation routes can be
sent in without trouble, relieving the
s tuatlon. Rabbits! ptarmigan and
otber game have been fairly plentiful
in t'ie district so far and fresh ment
has lien procurable by the foolhardy
proBpecti rs whp went In on a shoo-
"���i-iti" l-.-f fall. I'm visions were scare.
(it thi Si a pound offered by those
who had money ami whom location
work forced to remain, induced many
of those who were well outfitted to
nart with tome of their .-tores and also
bd venturesome trail."s to risk bringing In small shipments from time to
"Vic came . ul over t'ie glacli r to
McCarthy and made II to that point.
In three and one-half days. The trail
���mm bftttor than 1 i tpeeti d the I est I
over siv.- ever the glacier, and we had
no tntible. By the time the winter
trail is open road houses and refuge
campi'. will havn been established to
make it sa> for travellers.
"I!e?ani!niT the richness of tlie
camp, nobody Is now Justified i'1 mak-
Ing a prediction. Little new woi I: has
been dime since the end of summer.
and so far only three creeks have
shown up rich. The benches. In ap
pear&ncc,  are  much   like    those    of
!    Ottawa, Dec. 5.���-Hul! residents and
.passengers   on   the  Gatiaeau    train.
when it stopped at the C.  P. It. station,   Hull,   Saturday   afternoon,  were
treated to the unique sight of an escaped lunatic tearing down the track
i with a large number of pursuers hot
after  him.    The  chase  lasted  to  the
('.  P. R. hridge and  would have becn
a longer one had not the pursued man
dropped  onto  his   knees   to  pray.
Would Eat Neighbor.
The escaped lunatic was John Daly.
,��  well-to-do  farmer,  of  Lowe    township,  who was being brought to Hull
by   Mayer   Cannon   and   his   son.   of
l.owe.    Daly,  while in a fit of Insan-
, ity, had  tried  to kill  his  mother ��nd
;also wanted  to eat a neighbor alive.
After  five  men   had   put  him  on  the
train at Lowe, Daly was verv passive
until the station at Hull was reached.
Stopped to  Pray.
His p-issiveness was no longer apparent  at Hull, for he toon Immediate advantage of tho  turning of his
guardian's hack and was off down the
track before thej knew whore bo was
at,   Daly got a good lead near the C.
! P. It. bridge and brought about his own
undoing by stopping to offer up a
prayer. Th's gave bis pursuers a
chance ti catch on, but Da!y did not
easily give In chief Chevalier had
ihls hands, ladlv bitten before he was
< overpowered. Whon the court house
was ro-ichiid Daly dropped down on
the steps and orr,.red up, in a loud
; voice, a   long arid  fervent  prayer.  Af-
iter this nious outburst he went quietly
I to thn cells.
Dale Is a prosperous farmer In l.owe
township and comes of an old and respected family, it was only recently
that his friends noticed his actions.
and he was not thought, dangerous tin
his attack on his mother last Thur*.
day. lie will be placed in an Institution   with   the  hope   that   ho  will  re-
! Easter Island, s lonely peak owned
by Chlii, which risis out of the ocean
about 2000 miles from the South Am
terlcan  coast.
Following a short Btay on Blaster
[island. Captain Benson, with three
volunteers, hft the two mates, the
icook and five sailor- on the island
land after twenty-eight days bard row-
ling and sailing reached Papeete, on
| the island cf Tahiti, in the socii ty
group. From Papeete a rescue party
[has tje.in despp'che.l to bring the ma*
I rootled niaviTiers back from Raster ls-
i laud.
With approximately 1 200,000 feet
iof lumber loaded at Wauna, on the
lower Columbia, the AJvarado crossed over the Columbia river bar. April
1, bound fo- Antotagasta, Chill. A
few weeks previously the vessel had
been overhauled, cleaned and painted
on dry dock al Portland and she was
apparently In fine trim when she left.
She was under charter to VV. lt. Grace
and company   of San  Francisco.
'..'hat with the harbor Improvements, the further
the  fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladies and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
; I ���!I���v��n�� ^
j Girls' classes, Tuesday 7:30 p.m.;
.Adult classes, Thursday, 10:1.0 a.m.;
:Sewing classes. Thursday, 7:110 p.m.
| Hoarding and room rates reasonable
j Meals served to ladles and gentlemen
i Special dinner Fridays, 11:30 to Mil).
For particulars  call  phone  1-24.
Seattle, Dec. 5.���Dr. C, F. Maxwell,
In a communication to the city council, urges the passage of an ordinance
that will allow relatives or near
friends of patients to be present In
the operating rooms of hospitals at
the time of the performance of operations.
The judiciary committee of the
councll was no! able to reach an agreement on the point raised by Dr. Maxwell, at Its mooting this morning, and
his communication will be taken up at
some future time, when ho will be invited to be present and outline to the
members  what  hu hopes  to gain  by
| BUCb an ordinance.
Councilman John G. Pierce doubted
the advisability of allowing nervous
relatives in an operating room because
of the effect both on surgeon and pa-
' tlon'.
Councilman Austin E. Griffiths said
he would  wan'  to be present In case
la member of his family was being operated   upon,  but  declined  to express
iau opinion tm to tbe desirability of nn
ordinance   thai   would   give   relatives
j and friends an ndlserlmlnato right In
hospital operating rooms.
Wonder Who He Is.
Medicine  Hat,  Dec. 4.���The pollen
ar.* endeavoring to learn the Identity
of a middle aod fi relgner who wa i
found dead In a rooming bouse. Nothing whatever is known of Ihe man,
not i ven his name. An liiijueBt Is to
be hold.
Musical Recital
Seattle. Doc. ... - All doubt as to the
fate of the well known schooner Al
vnrdo, which since September 17
has boen posted as "mlsslllfr.' ,at
Lloyds, was cleared up by a win les,
message si nt yesterday from tin
steamship Meana lhat aha had beer
abandoned June \'\ In latitude l'i do
grees south, longtltude I'll doffrres
87 minutes west and ibal Iter crew
< f eleven '-on had r ��� *i.. their wi."
tn Blaster Island. The vessel, accord
ing to lh" no itc ;o. d .-,.! a lted iinti
waterlogged, was left to drift to her
fate, at   the  mercy of the elements,
When the Alvnrado. battered bv
gales and heavy seas, became unsna-
worthy, Capt. m. Benson ordered the
lifeboats provision) d and all handa
made their way In tho small craft to
; of Solo and Concerted Music. Two
i Pianos. Ily Miss Cavo-Browne-Cttvs,
j Lit.A.M., A.It.CM.; Miss Beatrice
Cave-Browne-Cavet Miss Maude
Scruby, I..it.a.m.. A.R.C.M., Violoncellist! Mrs. K. ('. Ward. Contralto.
i St. Patrick's Hall, Tuerday, Dec. 9 at
;8:15 p.m..    Tickets $1;   Student* 53:.
DECEMBER 5 and 6
At the;
Y. M. C. A.
In uld of the Hoyal Columbian
Wild  Animals. 40 Clowns.
A  Big Time.
Appropriate Christmas Gihs for Men and Boys
Our Catalogue illustrates a very complete assortment of
these Jewellery lines.
iu solid gold or gold filled, made iu oval, square or round shapes,
plain or engraved, and suitable for attaching to either Kuli or
Watch Chain. Home of lho solid gold designs are set with a diamond Centre.
in all designs and qualities, set with gems or seml-preclOQS stones
You "will find these very faithfully  represented in our catalogue.
In many fine designs, according to the fashions of the day. In solid gold,
gold filled, mother of pearl and sterling Krom these designs you
may choose links with either rigid or loose connections. These
are thoroughly Illustrated In our catalogue, wlilch will be sent free
to any address
Our  prices are  moderate and  all  orders carefully filled.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
GEO    E. TROREY,  Man. Dlr.
Vancouver, B.C.
An Appreciated
Xmas Girt   ~ ~
Our comfortable and pood looking glasses will
be appreciated by mother and father. We will fit
the glasses with temporary lenses, making the examination and fitting the proper lenses afterwards.
Our wide Angle Toric Lenses wc Guarantee infallible
URRY & BEWLEY, �����M_
40 Sixth Street.
Our Inlerlnr Plnlatl Is mannfiietiired from timber specially select
ed fur Hal drain
We are also specialising In Kir Hours with Veneered Panels
which nn- I'l'ttei in nonstrpctlon. more beautiful and no more ei
pensive  than  tbe "Id  solid  raised panel doors.
Hoi   onr  prices  before  placing  your  orders
Loral Sales Department, Phone 890.
Branchon Throughout the Province of  British Columbia.
Savlngt Department at all (tranche! Deposit* of One Dollar and
onwards received and Interest at tbe highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Draft* and Traveller*' Cheque* (old, payable In all part* of tht
CHAS. O. PENNOCK, General Managtr.
New   Weitminiter   Braneh: A. W. BLACK, Manigw. OATURDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1013.
Business Man Considering Request to   Offerings   Not  Lar^e  and   With   Plow
Bc   Candidate   for   Mayoralty-
Still   Undecided.
Demand   Pricto   Weaken
thtly   beta'
win,   \. .ii   be   candidates   al ilu
coin.ni; elections is a universal quel Ulty market yesterday,   with
mni ihese   daya and   In    many In   weaker on a slower demand
���,,,,,, horribh   hollow echo refuses "ftlra*  tone throughout.   Th
offarlngs was nol ovarii iiit't-v nnd i*
��" answer "wlio. Iron, tin outside ��� _. comn)0n 0plulon lhat produc
looking In one would s.iy the race tor |ora are retaining tbelr best Block tor
a high cbalr aboul the round table in ths Christmas rush with its better
thu city hal) ws   going to be a u*t.l����n��4    u'"1    oonsequeni
Is ���- one.    llut looking iii  It from
Inside out, hut!  iiie matter ba..
..... prices.
!   Butter wnn slightly
modified, uiiiioiiKii iii'- claimant, Ag-1
pes Gould, wuh said to bi- disqualified
for other reason*,     Beveral   Seattle |
person* are Involved lu the decisions
and many others scattered over thei
entire country wiio Invested considerable money in tin* OrlKinal project.
Criminal charges have already been
(il"ii againat seven men alleged to
bave bi en promoters of the coal iiro-
j, ft, indictments being returned In
Michigan,   Three hundred and twelve
claimants   are  said   to   have     sough!
land under the project, the twenty-
one Included in yesterdhy's decision
being those  -*iu> sought patents   to
iinii* property.
a feature ol lhe MoAlplne group, jdevelopmeni
umi :i nnd one which attracted considerable
total attention lo ii was Ute fact thai   a
hinall railroad wa* constructed at Ho   . .
mer, ov.-r a stretch of seven miles, -pine** administration Is the opinion
and   lias  bei :i  abandoned   since   thi
charge* wire brought by the govern'
higher ment,
was the
Resident of Tientsin Believes Foreign
Powers Will  Have to Keep
Their Eyes Open
Victoria,   Dec.   r>.���That  the  future
Of    Iin*     industries     of
china will have to be carried out under the auspices of joint foreign and
vi loped the property, their urain will
��� uu r into comnetltloi) with some of
the best  known grades in other art*.
of the world "
Captain  Simon will  visit  England,
droning ihe continent first to Naw
Church Notices
otin r aspect,
Attn  over  a   week's qui*!   SOqUlrj
und canvass <>f many tactions In lhe
city, one concludes Hint there i�� mucb
goinn on thut does not appear on the ���(,|,| a, closing,
surface.   I'm sent aldermen '-'mi Heme Bn(j potatoes nol
aspiring to such distinction are mosl     prices wen*,
oi ihem lying low and -watching for (Turkeys, p*r lb
Chickens, per lh
hliihir    on an
active enquiry and In many instances
iin* price went up trom 10 to 60 cent*
for ih<- boi      Bggs, although quoted
al 66 Cents, wire difficult to dlgpoSS
of at that  figure, and  many were un-
rruit   wa*   scarce
too  plentiful.
the oilier to start something.
One thing is Mite: no one haa yet
announced   he   will   compete   with
Mayor (iray for office. Tin re is one
business man. well known and considered  11  likely  opposition,  whose  lll-
tentlou many people are anxious tu
know, but this man will say notliicK
definite now. \V. T. Iti id. W. II.
Keary and C A. Welsh have all stat
cu they will not compile Ibis year,
and the latter two say their support
goes to Mayor (Iray.
Among the aldermen there seems
to be nn epidemic of the "wuita-
while'' fever, and none seem anxious
to Jump onto the    stump    and sbout
tnat they ar<. after re-election. The
present aldermanlc spirii was exem-
Uttfied iv Aldermen Bryson and Henley, who. when asked the usual ques
tlon yesterday, just smiled and said
tbe day was still young,
Be far the tew candidates who
have actually stated lhey will be In
the Held err Messrs. Cameron, Hogg,
Barnard, McAdam, RnUedge and
Hardman.    Rumor Implicates a ball
don n    nl hers     wllh    schemes     upon
scats In the council chamber, but It
ls yet nothing else than rumor lt
was commbnly reported that Qeo.
Kennedy was coming oul for alderman, but yesterday he nid he wns
In  manv minds the opinion  ii that
tin re   will   b"   bill   two  varanrles   ill i
thr  present couneil. Alderman  White. \
now being a harbor commissioner, is:
out of the running, and though Alder
men I.ynch and .lardine sav they wlll
UOI  run  next yenr. it  !*h< Id by some!
that  lbe former may be persuaded to
again enter th<* field Alderman
I.ynch has,   however,   from   nil ac-
counts not altered Ills decision to re-
Vancouver Fair Dates
Chicago, Dec. 4.   Among the dates
fur 1914 state fairs and expositions
���set todav at the twenty-third annual
convention Ot the American Associa. ;
��� .'i ol Fairs and BxOOSltlonS were the
following: Ailgnat 11 to September 6,1
Vancouver exposition. Vancouver;
September 14 to 19, Spokane inter-
���state  fair.  Spokane.
lilc to ElC
Ducks, per lb 17c.  to 21c.
Butter, per lb  too to 60c
Eggs, per dozen 60c to 68a
Cabbage, per lb   lV4c. to 2c
Turnips, per sack  60c to 7r>c
Carrots, per sack   60c. to 75c.
Potatoes, per sack BOc
Onions,   per   sack     $1.2!i
Crab apples, per lb 2c. to lie.
Apples, per box  .'$1.25 to $150
I'ears, per hex    $1.00 to $1.-0
Fish, Retail.
Cloundprs, per Ib 10c
Sturgeon, per lb. 15c
Halibut, pi r lb 10c
Smelts, per lb   10c
Herring   3 lbs. 25c
Retail  Meats
rteef, best rib roasts, per lb. 20c to 22c
Beef, loin, pr-r lb 26c to 27c
Beef, round steaks, per lb...20c to 25c
Ho'llng beef, per lb 14c
Veal, per lb 16V.C to 17c
Pork, per l'i 12 ,2_ to 13c
Mutton, per lb 8c to 20c
Poultry, Wholesale.
Hens, small, per doz (6.50 to $7
liens, large, per doz  IS to $10
This   railroad    extends    from    the
Pawn claim tu tiie dock at Homer,
According   lo   a   Stipulation   filed   be-
twaen the government and tin* claimants. It was admitted that "with little expense 11 oould be placed In a
position fer the shipment of coal." On
the Kawn claim, said to be the bi'Bt
in the lot, but which waa Included In
tin -e withdrawn, "a cut exists." the
decision Bays, "which Is twenty feet
by ten, and shows
fool bed of coal from which coal has
been mined for domestic purposes
and   for  fuel."
The decision declared, however,
that under the stipulated statement.
of tacit, the tribunal must find that
the claims had been originally located wilh nn Intent to dispose of them
later In a group to some corporation.
Quotation was made frcm a statement made by Krank I). Andrus anil
A. .1 M. Hobson of this city in October. l!��07. This statement ln part,
read as follows:
'While this organization was made
with the intention that all locators
sbould acquire an Interest and with
no Intention to defraud the government or violate the law. and while
we believe we might satisfy the government as to the sincerity of our
acts, the fact nevertheless remains
lhat we did organize the company
with the purpose of transferring the
claims lo the corporation as soon a��
palin'ed. which, if true, would be
a fatal obstacle in proving up our
claims   in   this:       that     the     sev-gral
of Captain It. it. Olbson, a passenger
on the steamship Monteagla from the
I -.plain Gibson means that tin-
Chinese will have 10 be supervised,
an far as ii relates to consideration*
Iii lie handling of the finances cf
the Industrie* which ban* yet to be
developed in a country of such potential wealth, and in those already
opened out. There have been such
leakages in the past under native of-
a four anda half' ficialB that to  Induce foreign capital
Chickens, per doz $.. to $7
llrollers, per dozen   $4.00 to $5.00 claimants cculd not make the requir-
Hens. live, per lb 17c to 1 tic ,,,] ljatll  ,|,at then*    was    no    prior
Chicken*, llv*, per lh 19c to 20,- agreement to transfer the claims af-
flucks, per dozen $S to $10 tor  patent."
[lucks, live, per Ib 18c to 19c	
CROOKED WORK        Itchf Hch! Itch!
into tb* country il is imperative that
there muat be some security for the
people whose money is placid In the
business of the republic. Complete
foreign control would not, he said,
be tolerated, with the experience of
the past few years, nor Is the partition of China, of which so much waa
said some years ago, within the realm
of practical politics.
The captain has resided recently at
Tientsin, and in that proximity to the
capital he Says the coup d' Cat of
President Yuan Shi Kai is regarded
as the inevitable preliminary to a
dictatorship. The removal of the
eheck set up by parliamentary institutions will ultimately pave the way.
In his opinion, for a return to an imperial  administration.
An Easy Step
Hi  pointed out that tiie step from
a dictatorship to an empire  is short,
and the lessons of Kurope in this re- I
gurd   are   before  China   In   this   ten-1
Captain   Hibson  has  paid  some at-1
tcntion to lho labor question, both in
South  Africa  and  in  China.    He had i
a good opportunity to study the Chin- *
c��e  in   the   mlnea  in   the  Transvaal 1
where he  was an  inspector of  com- j
pounds  before  the  Chinese  were repatriated.     Ue  pointed  out how  nee-1
essary  it  was  for  the  white  miners
In South Africa to protect themselves
and  observed   that  Chinese   contract
labor   placed   the   mine-owners   inde-
pendent of local sentiment, and gave |
them   uo   permaneni   Interest   in   the
development of the country,   ln China I
CHURCH Sermons 11 a.m. and 7 :: I
p. in. Kvening subject, "I'nobserved.
Moral Decline.' ' Adult llible Class'
and Sunday Scliool 2,?,ii p. ni. Guild ���
meet* .Monday at �� p. in. Strangers]
welcome at. these services. M. (ior- i
don  Melvin,  It.A., minister.
LUTHERAN SKKVICK will be held'
next Lord's  Day    afternoon    at    2.30
o'clock iu Hi,. Cunningham  Hall, 3.
Sixth street, one half block from the
Post Office.    Service will be conduct- I
ed   In   the   Kngiish   language   by   Uev. j
T. A. Bchoenberg, Weld Missionary of
the Oeneral Council of the Kvangel-1
iial Lutheran Church for 11. ('., and
all members of the Lutheran faith
are most cordially invited to be present.   Bveryone welcome.
CHURCH, corner Carnarvon and
Blackwood streets. Services 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p. m.; Sabbath School and
Bible Class 2.30 p.m.
International Bible Students meet
in their hall, corner Seventh avenue
and Fourth slreet. Sunday at 3
o'clock, and at 7.30 p. m. All Interested In Bible Study cordially invited.
Seats free and no collection.    (25631
Residence Y. W. C. A.       Phone 1324
Alleged Collusion Causes Juneau Land
Office   To   Cancel   Twenty-
Was Asphyxiated.
Chicago, Dee   i    Matthev
S.  Bald-
Seattle, in ,-. r. Twenty-one claims
on Kalikemak Bay. Cooks Inlet. Alaska, representing a large and the
most valuable portion of the famous
McAlplne *^roup of 80,000 acres, yes- I
terday   wen*   cancelled   and   ordered
withdrawn-from entry by the registrar and receiver of the general land
office at Juneau, Alaska. The ground
for  lhe decision  were based  on    the
rr-natant itch. Intolerable agony,
A lew drops of a mild, simple wash
- instant relief   - all akin   distress he found that there is such a surplus
D.   D.   O.   Prescription   for   Eczema.
Sounds too good to be true? We
guarantee it.
The llm full size bottle free if P.
D. I), cannot reach your eaae. For
your comfort's sake, it is worth a
ti ial. Come in and let us tell you
about lt. Also about 1). D. IX Soap-
it helps.
Frederic T. Hill, druggist, Columbia of the finest wheat and when the syn-
stretl. New  Westminster.
of labor that wages must necessarily
remain low. and thia applied particu- of Piano,   showing   the   simplest   of
larly to agricultural pursuits.    There lincb and casing, is deservedly popu
is  not  the   slightest  doubt  tha*  the lar,  and  there are  examples  of  this
land could be made much more pro-1 style in the make of piano we repre-
fitable in  aome of the  more remote sent.
provinces  if  less  primitive  methods!    There's a Piano, Price and Terms
prevailed. to suit you st
"In   Manchuria   today   the   country ��� ��������!* ���_*���<    uniirr
capable     he said   "of raising son,.      J    ||    XQDD S  MUSIC    HOlSt
idlcates now acquiring land have de-,419  Columbia  St.
New  Westminster.
Win,   millionaire   Chicago  real   estate charges that the claims had been Io
nian and one of the bondstn
.lohnson. tin* pugilist was found dead
n of Jack , uted under a general understanding
to dispose of them in a group for
in a gas lllled bedroom In his home profit, although the officials set forth
In Bvanstou today The police believe ,)mt at ieailt one of the claims con-
���death was accidental An Inquest will , ta|m,<j :l workable and valuable mine.
I s held tomorrow, He was 74 years j |��� this respect tbe decision was
ef age.   ...   .._	
(By R. E. Porter.)
������;; -ft 0 * * * ��*��***#
In the worda of the lowering
; slm-e      villain,      "US-TEN! '
���-H Hereby we claim the right to
., remarkable distinction, bb be-
v lug absolutely the f  at person
.:������ In Canada In MS to wish cur
���-j tiends    (lf    wo    have    any)
-;. "Merry     Chrlr.tmaa"       Wben
--'���.: In 2.13 tho school children of
C- New   Westminster   write  hls-
i|l torical essays   on   British Co-
���O lumbia. they    must   not   over-
(��� lock this ponderous fact.
This Hss a Moral.
We ate tetiderlolu the other night,
And then we went to bed;
And falling in a troubled sleep.
We dreamt that we were dead.
As   we  strolled   down   the  shining
Met friends both new and old;
Wo saw a gang of men at work
Tearing up tlle streets of gold.
And after questioning many folks
We heard one man explain
That gasworks men wore doing this
To find a leaky main.
"'But surely this Is uot allowed!"
We cried In' consternation.
But sadly an angel told us that
'Twas legal desecration.
"You see,"  ho  said, quite solemnly,
"Back In 1886
A foolish hesvenly councll
rut us in this tls."
"To the .ethereal Illumination Co.
A bad franchise was given
Thst grahta them full permission
To tear up the etreet* of heaven."
"But Is there not a remedy?"
tf* aald, thl* answer scorning.
"No; all the gaa plant gives us now
le just a three-day*' warning."
.And then we vowed that If we woke
And came again to earth,
jWVd boost the gas plant bylaw
For all that we wcre worth.
; For any place that thinks Itself
i    Even the leant bit wise
Should stop such antics lf it could���
We Should Wonder!
I    Vancouver hasn't yet stopped boasting of lu first tango tea.   Could thia
apply "among those present":
"How well she tangoes!"
People said.
But can she cook,
Or make a bed? ,
Our Appreciation.
We like our city editor. For a man
of his station he is wondrous kind.
He even condescends to borrow our
"makln's" and we have several times
aaked him for a match. Here Is a
toast to him:
A happy smile,
A willing mind,
A disposition wondrous <klnd.
Such I* the man
(Tho genial cuss)
Who weekly takes
This stuff trom us.
Perhaps the Bags Are Smaller.
In the days ot high cost llvln',
When you're sometimes almost drlv'n
To cul your hungry throat to end tbe
There's a bit of consolation,
Chance for quiet Jubilation   ,
For the price of peanuts still remains
the same.
(Ming and Coming,
llecenlly  we  bought   a green hat
with A willy-Boy bo\*. right   at the
stern.   Now along comes a friend and
advisee that to*  be   ultra-fashionable
we must wear that bow ln the front.
This ls onr reply to him:        *j
We rejoice ln a hat with a bow at th*
'Tls such an adorable stunt
But oh, how terrific the Ud would ap,
With   that   wllly-boy   bow   at the
WeSt'S 5,10.15 and 25c Store
48 Sixth Street
This Christmas you get for 25c a real Kid
Body Doll with fully jointed limbs that
shuts its eyes and has real hair, that has
never been sold as cheap'as 25c before.
AND SAUCERS, ail real hand-painted China.
The Whole Lot WouU Not
Cost More than $1.50
Several Patterns to Choose From
i * ' | I      ' I ���"
FOR *6e
- I    W
-%**���' ���&*���*<���������
Now, I Say
You don't get an automobile or a $50 cash purchase
refund at the fire sale at the Popular Shoe Store,
but you get the whole family shod for $5.00. Don't
delay, the plums are moving out fast.
Speaking Prices
MSN'S STRONG BOOTS for the artlzan that wear; at   95��
LADIES' OXFORDS ANO I>1!_|I1S���Kor IlKht wear; at .' Mt
KIODIKS' BCHOOL BOOTS tbat thry will learn about; at ..'. 95��
SOLID HI-CUT BOOTS that give a lasting impreHslon; at... $2.95
KIDDIES' LEATHER SLII'I'ERS for quiet house wearing; at ���-2St
CUM BOOTS���Knee length; keep the feet dry; at   S2.95
HOUSE SHOES���Black or white canvas; sold for   4St
THE"ARlSTO" BOOT���Worn by dresBy men; sold here for. 52.85
RYAN'S TAN HI-CUT���Regular $6.00 goods; selling now  ..  53.85
l.ADIES' BOOTS���For heavy and light wear; reduced to   $1.45
WALK-RIGHT BOOTS to walk right off in in comfort   53.45
-: THE :-
Popular Shoe Store
(Just below the Northern Crown Bank)
The Mea Is of th
IKgSty H
Bk-k) their foundation. Bread
which make* bone, and mwcle
and nnew* which flex in the
strong right arm of the smith���
"A mighty mar is he." Bread
made from
���the kind the wi_e howewife
puts into tbe dinner pail. The
flour YOU should k to make
rich, nourishing, health - giving
loaves. ROYAL STAND-
ARD-mighty good I w
at youi fliocers
Vaneouvti HewWfcitmiiaMi
NanalM VkferU
it & a. ms �����
tkaaiN ou gM aa goo*, or bttur, ____._._.
Um oalabrtted "VANCOOVW Bnmi, guanaMed to  ptm ttmmt-t*
Sna-attoaUoM ot Amorteaa aad Canadian tngmaaw* Aanoetntlon.
v   Wo woaM alao ��U1 atuntlon to ow VtttUMBawor Pip* both
4-U. to tt-la. Ib 41uaat��r.  TMa ts alao mate In Utla Provlneo awl wo
eoMldar aapartor to mat imnorte* artlclo.      ' ^_'      -
Wo alao t*m m akwk at Crash** Book. Waahod OiafA tu*.
UK riaatar. ate.
loo ������ baton ordering etotwfcsra. -
Mand 11 ����� CoksmbM MroM W.
'    .       ' i     '    . t'i i
I     I. Mi ii   i^i
TO VAfMOUVB*me��il]t��AL ��*�������. ���� * IWW,V���� 1
, i   ..    .   WMWiK��lfc.,^--4* ,,./.' -���.������Jf:^
��� tlfrMiTtViMttWj^ ":,%: ,.i*
WMTMINtTM$^wTll (VIA CtWTlkt ���*>��->
���wMtaj Mktfete-^tnlM H��o Mm -mmahmtmttfi T.J:*. I..
���-<^wd4%��j*\\*p& _ygft ty^ j^.i. 4ii__y-A_f ja �����'
t.U.��!��. f:��LVT:A t* t :tt a__dl ����"5T��mf�� sftMtat
���MD 4 M��> m�� t *%��*<* M^Wjtgtojtn^L-gii _t*
���.'���%. '^hy*'-
���'���      *'���'        ���ijfefe;-*'-''****	
������ -sKm. .*44fe_ *���
'M "J r    PAGE FOUR
SATURDAY,   DECEMBER   6,   1913.
FOR      -    -
fine Dairy Butter, 3 lh
New Zealand Butter, 2
JTresh Pork SauBage, lh.
Homemade Doughjmts,
Local Fresh Hues. Hoz.
Hothouse Tomatoes, lh
i.ihby's Mincemeat, Hi
Empress MlneeojeaL -
Grapes, lh	
Oranges, Japs, Imx 45c. and 55c.
Oranges, Navel, dozen 40c, 50c.
Drape Fruit, 3 for 25c. each 10c.
We bave in tne vegetable line
Celery, Cauliflower, Hothouse
Lettuce, Sweet Volaloea, Spanish
Onions, Parsnips, Carrots. Turnips and Heeis.
I . $1.00
His    .75
Don't forget that box of
apples. \ve have a few boxes of
the Delicious variety left at Ihe
old price, $2.15 per box.
Model Grocery
308 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For full particldars
call at our office and let
us know what you require.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Paid Up Capital and
.Surplus } 2,800,000
Assels   4,973,983.95
T r u a teeablps Under
Administration over   6,000,oou
Trustee for Bondholders over   25^000.000
C   8. KEITH, Mumper.
Offices��� Vancouver. Victoria,
New Westminster, Nanalmo.
Calgary, Itegina, Winnipeg.
Montreal, Charlottetown, London,  Eng.;   Antwerp, Relgluin
New Westminster
606  Columbia   Street.
Open   Saturday   Evenings   from
7  to  9.
Local News
Tiie New Westminster News Is
owned and published by The National
Priming and Publishing Company,
Limited, which has no connection
with any other printing or publishing
company. All cheques, drafts and
money orders in payment of advertising or subscription accounts should
be made out to the order of the National Printing and Publishing Company,  Limited.
I>r.   Jaeger's  slippers  are
Sinclair has the agency,
the   best.
Who would
genuine Iir.
liy Sinclair.
not enjoy a  pair
Jaeger    slippers.
Of  Ihe
Visit the H. and M. Flsh Market
after 6 p. in. on Saturday night for
fish bargains. i-Dti-i
Oriental Question Solved.
For all Information regarding Oriental, questions, personal and puhllc.
apply to the Uoyal Intelligence llur-
ean, 415 Westminster Trusl building.
Mail address, P. O. Drawer 110.
Officially Appointed.
fleorge S. Blakeley and F. W. Coulthard have heen officially notified of
their appointment to the board of harbor commissioners. When Alderman
White resigns office as alderman the
commission will be ready to elect a
chairman and do business.
.xpert skate sharpening
;  at  Oscar  Swaasoon's,
and rivet
13  Begbie I
(2369) |
Pound���On Columbia street, one
hundred people who buy Hill's "Saturday Special" chocolates." 35c Fridays  and   Saturdays. 12654)
School Teacher Resigns.
At a meeting of the Coquitlam
school board on Wednesday last the
resignation of Miss Chandler of the
Mine Mountain school, was accepted.
Regret was expressed at the resignation In the middle of the school term
and the chairman was instructed to
lake steps to fill the vacancy.
C. A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
City  Store    193 and  443
Saoperton   Branch    373
West End Branch   650
Good, Old  Fashioned
l'lum Pudding To those who
are too busy to make their own
l'lum Puddings Ihese fine Kngllsli puddings will he tlle very
thing. They are made of the
finest materials, meats and
fruits and spieed just right. Take
a small one home to try . only
.15c. each, then If you are pleased
get a larg "r one at 65c. each.
now nnd only  16 of Ihem  shopping  days.     It's   lime  you   were
getting  busy   with   your  Christmas rooking.
Raisins, in packages, 2 tor 25c.
Valencia Raisins, Australian,
per  Ib.  10c.
Vostlzza Currants, packages.
2  for  25c.
Peel, Extracts, Spices. Cider.
Mincemeat (.round Almonds.
Crystallized Fruits, Shelled
Nuts. elc.
Webb's Sherbet Chocolates,
morsels of Creamy deliclousnesa
per box $1.00.
Bros., address by Hro. Smltheringale,
song by C. II. Matthison. song hy (lco.
Adams, recitation by Hro. Hamilton
and speeches by Ceo. Townley and
Dro.  Heach and Bro. Murphy.
We are In a position to supply best
house eoal from Ladysmith. Also
Comox lump, nut and pea which is
considered the most economical steam
or furnace coal on the market. Terms
cash.   Gilley Hros., I.ld. I.UOO)
Skating boots and skates for ladies
and gentlemen at Ceo. It. Speck's. 626
Columbia street. (2623) i
$3000 AT 5 PER CENT. ~~~
Thne contracts in tlle C. Ii. I. C.
Nos. 6. 7, S, Issue One. Series A. F.
Two have matured; money waiting
Hest offer takes them. Eugene H.
Barrett; 1210 Hamilton Street.
iCity. (25701
forms and speak on the varieus vital*
subjects of Ihe day attaching to West-
minster at the regular meeting of the
Sapperton Ratepayers' association to
he held on Tuesday night al 7 o'clock
A general inviuilion has been IsBUSn to
all candidates and some have already
expressed their willingness to attend.
The gas and bottle license questions
will be Introduced at the meeting.
Our Dairy Compan*,.
Nine quarts of fresh  bottled milk
for $1.00, delivered daily.    I'hone 155
Social and  Personal
Mrs   Ueorge Adams. 7112  Kingsway.
: will not receive until the third Monday
In January.
Mrs. K. (!. Thompson. Sapperton, is
home  again  after  being  in  the  Itoyal
Columbian hospital for ihe past few
On Friday. Dec. 12 al * o'clock p m.
a musical recital Is to he given III Columbia college by piano anil vocal students. Parents and friends are ex
pected to attend.
Thi' Kast Burnaby auxiliary of the
Hurnaby Victorian Order of Nurses
will hold a meeting at the home of
Mrs.   F.   T.   Cliff.  Twelfth   avenue   on
Monday afiernoon
Little Miss Mary Cliff, daughter ,.f
Mr. anrt Mrs. F. T, Cliff. Blast Hum
aby. met wilh a somewhat serious ae
cldent on Tuesday afiernoon. fracturing her elbow while skipping
A very pleasant surprise party was
helil on Tuesday evening at the r.'Hi
dence of F. W. Goodwin, when a number of young people paid a vlsii to
Miss Margaret and ('live Goodwin, lhe
evening being spent in music and
One of Ihe pleasant "at honn l" of
the pasi week was lha; given hv Mrs.
T. I). ColdlCUtl at her home at lh" corner of Sixteenth avenue anrt Sixth
Etreet, Easl Burnaby on Tuesday afternoon. The hostess was asslsle.l in
receiving by Mrs. Walker and Mrs.
Cord. r. Mrs. McBwan and Mrs. W.
Griffiths poured tea.
The annual gale of work iu cornier
tlon with St. John's Anglican church.
held In the Central Park agricultural
hall on Thursday afternoon and even
Ing was attended n-itb unusual sue
cess. Hev Mr. ciarV:-. the new rec
tor opened the event in the afternoon
after which all goods offered were sold
at fairly good prices. A musical . nti I
talnment was held In the evening.
the eity, doing Ihe denlli defying 80ft
uiie  into  three  Inches  of   waler;   the
world-renowned Matthews   trio lu an
acrobatic performance; shooting
ducks  out   of    season;     special     tor
policemen!   .some   inn   iii   a freak
house;   sure   und   sale   operati. n   for
removing corns:  the  Bungling Bros
in their hair-raisin-, operations on
the  high  bur;   a  lasl    barber;     Prof,
i.iundeibiiH endeavoring to shave sla
in. n in six minutes; 4'phonao Bungling and squad in a special parallel
bar acl; grand.' finale; lumping the
eli phant,
T. day at 1 o'clock the entire Iroupe
will parade Columbia slreet and performance* will be given nflornc.on
and evening.'
Hnt tui Ion    orders      by
Taj ior, commanding,
Officers' duties To be orderly officer for week ending Hill lleceinber,
l.leul. Trapp, next lor duly, Lieut.
Battalion  duties    II    company    willi
furnish battalion duties for week end-1
lng Dec   14th
Parade* \n headquarter compan-
le*  will  parade on Tuesday* nt 8 p, I
in.  until  further    notice.     All     ranks
musl   attend  unless  leave  of absence'
is obtained.
Appointments   Tbe  following    appointments will lake effect from this !
dale:   il   Company    To   be   lance   ser-J
genius,   No.  160 Corporal  Groves,  No.
102 Corporal  Burnett,    No.  158    Cor j
poral   urnett,   No.   171   Corporal ���*. Nell-
Captain and Adjutant.
1st Westminster B*uslleers.
Daily Orders.
Discharge   No. 154    Sergt.    Kelly;
staff time expired 5, is, l;i.
Promotions���No. 160 E Groves. II
coinpuil), lo corporal. ... 12. 13; No.
162 J. T. Burnetl, ll Co.. to oorporal,
S. 12. 18;   No.  15S 10. Moore.  II  Co., to
. rporal, 5. 12, IS; No. 171 Nellson,
li Co.. to corporal, 5. 12. 13; No, 169
it   SUrratt 11 Co.. to oorporal, 6, 1-.
ID; No, 104 J. Dolphin. II Co.. to corporal. 5, 12. Li; No. 168 VT. G. Gosse.
II  Co., to corporal. 5,   12,   13;   No. 172
i'   Burnett, ii to., to corporal, 5, 12,
i I,    All  on  augmentation    of    c_tab
In all her sclntillstln
breaking runs in Kurope :
most   vivacious.   Beautiful
I splendor that
ml A in. lien wh
and   Melo.li
sensationalized her record
re   she   has   been   VOted   llle
novelty  of  recent   theiiliic:il
shows   Owing  lo  tin
will rise at 8:00 pin
nature of  t'.ie   production  the curtain
The   Famous Original  Pink  cf  Perfection  Singing  and   Dancing  Girls.
Book and Lyrice by C. M, S. McLillan.    Music by  Ivan Caryll.
500  Performances   in   New   York;   200  Performances   in   London;   100
Performances in Boston.
82      PEOPLE      82
Two carloads of Aladdin like Scenic Costume and Electrical  Splendor.
Seat   Sale  Opens  at  the  Opera   Hcuse,   Phene  961,   Monday   Morning.
PRICES;   $1.00 to $2.00.
Special Afternoon Teas
j The Mecca Cafe Is making B ipeel
laity  of  Afternoon  Teas.    We  have  a
warm comfortable room an.l if yuu
��� should  want a cup of tea while down
town  ln  the afiernoon, call in ..l  the
Entrances:   MacKenzie and
Clarkson Streets.
Don't   forget  the   mass   meeting  in
Queen's Avenue  Methodist church on I 	
Sunday afternoon at 3:46 under thei A Scotch Concert will be given In
auspices of the various temperance Gordon Presbyterian Church. Bur
and moral reform societies of the city, j naby. Friday evening. December 1'.'.
Addresses hy Dr. Sippo.ill, Vancouver.   Admission  25c. 12564)
to be preceded  by  a  15  minute  song _____
service.   Everybody welcome. Havn your Bkates    sharpened    and
���  stored at the rink.   It ccsts very lltth
Trimmed  Hats,  values to  (9.00  for* Uj-gf. month. (25711
$2.95.    Mrs. Agret. 59  Sixth
Have you seen    the    $160
ring Gifford  is giving away
Get your skates  sharpened
Speck's,  620 Columbia street.
at  Ge
Held Short Sessions.
Health and wilier committees and
the board of works held brief sessions
in the mayor's office yesterday. The
latter body dealt wilh the penitentiary
paving matter, reported In another
column of this issue. Tliere were no
recommendations of importance at theil"'1'
meetings of the two committees.
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod. the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
| improved
to loan on first mortgages.
cltv and farm propertv. 9
Alfred W. Mcleod.    (25241
For plumbing, heating and sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew & Ramsay, Eighth and Carnarvon streets.
Phone  58G. (2526.1
Members of the Queen's avenue
1 Methodist church choir in re entertain
ed by Mrs. Charles Clltt al her resi
dence. Twelfth avenue, Fast Burnaby,
nn Thursday evening. During the en
lertalnment Miss Margaret Goodwin,
who is leaving for the east where sl e
will attend college, was presented with
a handsome gift as a token of esteem,
from the olher members of the choir.
About 30 guests were present
Di clarlns that the ladti -��� i r the
church torm one of tlie mosl .::",, irl ml
links of church life. Ven. Archdeacon
Heathcote of Coiutnhla, yesterday
opened tile annual sale of work of SI
Alban'S Anglican rhnrrh. held in the
Burnaby public hall. Supporting the
archdeacon .���.Tre Rev. D. Dunlop. rector of the parish and Hev. __ K. Bartlett. rector of St Barnabas' chureh.
I New Westminster. This w-as the first
visit of the archdeacon since his ap-
[polntment In his address, the speak-
er slated that yesrs ago he had form-
led an opinion ad verso to church ha- Mrs.
zaars and sal. a ..f worl^ owing to the1
tendency in jome parts to place on
Bale,   articles  ninth   Lelow   the  price1
Dairymple Yesterday Cue remains
. t ihe late Thomas Dairymple were
laid to rest in 1'ras.r cemetery, The
funeral service v.as conducted b)
Rev, M. Gordon Melvin an.: waa held
from Bowell's chapel. Deceased was
comparatively   a    young    mun    and
work, d as an attendant at the menial |
hospital.    He leavea   . wife ..ud fam
ily In Scotland.
Don't  Spoil  Your
Christmas Cake
and Puddings
Matinee and Night
by using poor fruit     We have ihe fin
est dried rrilits and shelled nuts lo be i
���took, nil rtudy for the cake or pudding. 2 pkts 25c.
CURRANTS���Choice    Vlsti/./.a.   the!
Iliustcck    There  died     In    Victoria   finest to be had, 2 pkts. 25c.
on Thuradaj     Edward     HlnstOCk, an      SULTANA RAISINS���Fancy hi. ach-
employee of  the  I)   c   KI. .trie    rail- |8flj 2 pkts 25c, natural 2 pkts. ISc.
Shelled Walnuts and Almonds���All
fresh stock, per Ib. 50c.
Pink and White Icing.���In packet*
at 2 for 25c.
Come   In   and   let   us  show
way, and .on.* time a resident of New
Westminster Death waa due to an
accahnt. which happi ned when de-
ceased fell from He Bteps of an Interurban car. he dying a few hour.-,
after the fall. Ills skull was frae
A   Great   Western
Lots  of  Special
Play   with
you  our
iur  Xmas
assortment   of   goods   for  y
Dean's Grocery
Willi every $2 purchase you get a
chance on the ji;,o diamond ring. T.
Gifford,  tlie  jeweler. i2'i,,(il
Prings Suit for Team.
A suit was Btarted in a Vancouver
court yesterday by Jane- Roy, assignee of the Kast Burnaby Supply
store for a team of horses anrt a wag
on which he claims belongs to the
estate. Hugh Smith, a horse u all r
and Joseph Elmburst, a livery stable
proprietor, are defendants.
The Iloyal
block, has re
at reasonable
Cafe, Dominion Trus'
opened. Best of noa Is
prices. (25.4)
Held Smoker.
Royal lodge, No. C, Knights of Pythias  held a smoker lasl   night  which
was largely attended ami  thoroughly
[enjoyed by everyone. Th" meeting was
opened hy an address by the chairman.
[P. Peebles and the program included
hand  selection, address   hy   Bro,  .1.   Fl
Kennedy, comic sketch  hy  Matthison
asked   l'er  thfjm.     He  was  now   fully
Eest for  Ireland. convinced thst Fitch event- were bene-
There's no use of all those imrptu-1 ficial to th" community as it gave the
ous Irishmen in Ulster carrying on so j people an opportunity of getting to-
about home rule, for if the result of ghr and also gives ousiders an oppor-
a debate on that subject is any eri-1 (unity of paying a visit to the parish,
terion   home rule  Is a good  thing for | It also gave people  With  little money
a chance to use their skill, time and
love In assisting in the work of build
Ing up the chu-vh. Among those assisting at the different tables were
Mrs. A. McPee, Mrs. Watson, confectionary; Mrs. I). R. Hill. Mrs. Howe.
fan*y work: Mrs. VVedge, Miss K. I-'.
1*0;. brlcabrac; Miss 1'. Brown. Miss
\. Ayling, novelties, Mrs Gwynn, Mrs.
Collins, plain nerdlewo.'k: Mrs T. I).
Coldicutt candy; Mrs. Glldersleeve,
Miss Collins, flsh pond; Mrs. P. n.
Brown, Mrs. Disnay. Mis. Turner, Mrs.
Woodward, Mrs. Feath0r8tonliaugh.
tea tables. In lhe evening an entertainment was given by the Geisha
girls, consisting of Mrs. H. Mansfield
and the Misses Gibson, C. Brown. P.
Brown. N. Ayling, E Ayling. Mrs. Dun
lop und Miss Minerva Smith rendered
musical selections.
Page Defeats Mrs.  MacKenzie in
Finals  at  Vancouver  Golf   and
Country   Club.
the dear little island.   The debate was
beld  in Columbian college last  night
and the subject. "Resolved that home
rule is best for Ireland,." was defend- j
ed   by   three   men   from   Westminster:
Hall, Vancouver. Mossrs. Googen, Gordon and Maxwell.   Columbian college:
was represented by Messrs. Hobden.
f-ffthlmt.t and  McKenzie.    The judges
were Messrs. Reddlngton, Eldrldge and
Swandie, all Of  Vancouver.
For  all  building  supplies  and   fuel I
oil  apply  to  the  R.  C. Transport  Co..
Ltd.. 505  Westminster Trust  building.
(Hfice  phone 826,  wharf phone X80
The finul round (f the ladles' autumn tournament was played ai  lhe
links of the Vancouver Golf anrt
Country Club on Thursday between
Mrs. Pago and Mrs. Mackenzie. A
thick fog luy over the course all day,
but in spite cf this some very splendid golf was shown.
Mrs. MacKenzie played the better
golf to begin with and had a lead of
three up at the sixth hole. Mrs. l'age
wen the ni'xt three, squaring :he
match ut the ninth hole. After thid
Mrs. Page went ahead and won by
four up and three to play.
For the Week Ending Sunday, Dec. 7.
lurr  Block
Phone  388.
" -'minbis
'Got Thc Habit"
To Outline Platforms.
Candidates for the council and other
public offices will be given an opportunity   to   publicly   outline   their   plat
All    kinds  of   groceries
Christmas use in stock at
store of
This year is commencing the new era of Christmas giving. Ose
ful gifts are now in demand. A hardwire store offers ynu the great
eft variety anrt the best values.
Kettles, Trays,
md Copperwaro,    Jardinieres,    Spirt    stoves,
Ink Stands, Crumb Trays, Cigar and Cigarette
(8Ucce����or to Ayling A. Swain )
447 Columbia St. Phone 98
Made  to  measure,  guaranteed  o
year.    I'hone tirs lor appointment.
MRS. TWISS, City Manager.
(24S5) 237 S xth Street.
Community and 1S47 Rogers Silver Knives and Forks Tea Dessert, Table, Boup, Berry and Salad Spoons, Duller and lie Knives.
Cream and Gravy ladels, ete.
Razors,  Skates,  Thermos   Dottles,  Scissors.  Pocket  Knives. Carv-
ln�� Sets, Lamps, Eleotrlcal Goods and a great number of i
prlato anrt useful gifts.
.ther appro-
New  Westminster.
)'v.o.h.  BB,
r raxtRiki. -ku__u' \r I.M3H������|
and Miss
I..R.A.M,  A Itc M
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
lng, Voice Production, Theorj (In
class or privately), Harmony, Counter
���point, Musical Form and  History.
Pupils prepared for tlie exaimna
tlons of the ABHOciated Hoard of the
Iloyal Academy uf Music and Royal
College of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
For terms, etc. apply Dl Ihifferln
Street.   Phone .11 R.
er m
Except thai there was no tent arfd !
no    pink    Ice-cream,    the    Bungling
| Oros.' circus, which lias come to
town, and which performed * to aboul
40(1   people   in   the   V.   M    C.   A.   last
'night, was a great, big success.
I    The sld" shows were wonderful unci |
funny,  tbe  big ring features  wire c..\
citing and laughable, and the art gal
lery had The Louvre backed Into tin-
Some  Of  the   !'attires   were:     Gym
naslum ichottlsche timer, Bungling
Bros.; torch cluh (-winging; hors.
I race, one cf the meat exciting events
I of the programme; apeclal clown act,
$10,000,00 production direct from
Bquaahvllfe! Jack, Dill anrt Pete
Bungling In thulr famous flying ring
act; Mutl and Jeff with the clowns
on the Hutch horse; Professor Dew-
dropsom* lu bis f'rst appearance In
tt etitmiuster.
"    Time.
High. Low.
10:00 4:25
18:58 1(1:00
10:40 4:55
10:45 17:20
11:20 5:25
21:00 IS:,..".
11:66 5:55
22:.15 19:35
12:30 6 25
0.25    0.35
13:05 21:25
Hand Heads,
High. Low.
Time. HL Time. lit
ll'.lil   14.5    0:50
17:53  11.0 15:00
9:42  14.3    1:41
18:44 10.1 10:liJ
10:20 14.0 2:2.1
19:68 h.2 1"
10:68 13 '1 a
21:36 H5
11:31 13.8
23:24 8.3
12:114  13.0
:1 ���;
8 M
Hi: 01
10  40
0 2
10 I
You had better take ad-1
vantage of our low prices be-
fore Saturday night. Every-
thing in store reduced.
Watch   for   our  evening;
specials next week.
The Fair
Order Your
Seats in
Phone 1068
Pictures:  7:30 to 8:30.
Foster Co. 8:30 to 10 30
Night: 10c, 20c. 30c.
Matinee: 10c. and 20c.
Children: Half Price
at All Performances.
Only for a few days
t'nns of oorn, peas and Beans
10c. per can.
25c Jars of finest Jam 20c.
Robson Grocery
Corner 6th St. and
Phone 404.
���th Ave.
Week-End Xmas Specials
tti have your
right thi se Inns evenin
can suit yt n Irani 63 c
best gold  flllicl  for 34
:���_. We
"ill- up
to ii.
Agents for Pacific Coast Steamship Co. | j
J. HART &  CO., LTD.
We write Flre, Life,
Established  .cat.
Accident, Employer��'
Marine   Insurance
Liability,   AuUmoMI*   and
Sleepy Hollow Arm Chairs, solid oak,
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Oak Rocker, high back, roll seat.
Reg. $6.75.  Xmas Special . . $1.50
Ladies' Desk in neat design. Regular
$9.25.   Xmas Special  $6��D
Three Leaders���Imported Rattan
Tables, covered with genuine Spanish leather for the best room in
your house. Regular $18.00. Xmas
Special $13.50; regular $12.00.
ppecial  $8.50
Music Cabinet in polished mahogany,
well finished. Regular $9. Xmas
Special   $7.25
Thc Big Furniture Store Sixth and Carnarvon Sts. SATURDAY,   DECEMBER   6,   1913.
pace rtva
99 1
stanza, both defence divisions being
tested. Crooks, centre forward for
Westminster Hall, who played the
star game ot the afternoon, took a
chance when near to the Ume limit, a
faulty clearance by tie* Westminsti *
goal-tender allowing one or th.- vs.*
in;-*, '..ing mi d to crash ihe sphere
through tlie postH on the rebound,
Tim Mahoney handled thi game to
tie   satisfaction or alt.
IluKh U'hman's Bunch Outskated Vancouver from First
Drop of Puck���Score Seven to Five���Charlie Tobin
and Ken Mallen thc Shining Lights���Opening (Jame
Was a Hummer���Thc Line-up.
eity last evening.    Victoria   will be
here, on 'I uasda) night.
This ih tiie team   which   won the
championship lust winter on local Ice
it. rongs ��ill be In order,
Westminster, Vanoouver,
II3y the Potter
I .eon.i
l'i bin
I-'. Patrick
Licked  'im. b'gOlh.    Yes. sir;
way Westminster waded through
buncb under i'r.ink Patrick on
Vancouver ice last evening was
tn u large ib legation of Koyal fans,
nml spread several kinds of inortlfl
ruUou InUi thn ranks nf Vancouver
supporters, who wer,- there in thousand*. Beven to fi-.e was the final
score, although one of the Terminals'
w.'.h i, i ink "fluid)', which if barred
oul of the tally card, would havi Jusl
abottt represented the play
llcckonod tu be tn better shape
than lhe ll-iyals. tlu- Vancouver team
WM outskated. outpointed and OUl
pla>>d in i io ,     detail,    the    defence
crumbling t.i pieces before the heady
work of the orange ami black combination.
A Crest Shock.
It  is putting il mildly    when    It  Is
mentioned thai tlie work of the West-
minster team  threw a shock Into the
Vancouver comp    With a rush that
many believed to be only temporary,
ihe vihitinK forwards kept up a continual b'uubardiiieiii or the Vancouvi r goal. Intermlltenl with an attack
by the Millionaire-, which was r>-
pulsed t'uir. and again through ttie
fine work of Messrs. Johnson. Tobin
anil I> hman This trio made ItR
mark from the outset. Any doubts
about Charlie Tobin being abb
the difficult position of point
disappeared into thin air while the
big ntooee and the ever-ready Lehman.  I riptiiiu     l/ebman. to   be     more
correct, v.ur<- playing in thetr usual
Among   tlie   forwards   one   has   to
mention   the   work   of   Kenny   Mallen.
The centre player was never seen in
a bolter Unlit and three of tht
eoais. which be '* '"'nt   on
Throop    filled   out   a    combination
whiili  will  be hard to offset this v. Itt
ter, especially when Throop gets liis
feet and I'-ga iu bettor shape,
First Period.
Plvo goals were scored In the open
lng period, the Royals scoring I ietr
tlm..  in succession, oaunau taking a
pu'r. while TbrOOp nailed bis first.
ta.1. on Lhe Coast Harris and Nigh-
bor performed the honors for Vancouver,
Second Just ss First.
"1 lie second  iw-riod  was just  a | fan*.
if not speedier than the first, Mallen
opening up for the Royals, followed
b) a peculiar and yet not a fluky goal
by Itin McDonald, a slow shot, )b'
len ing Parr. Nllhtxii. who made
good from the Mart., notched his not*-
ond for the Terminals, followed by
one from Taylor on a pans rrom Nichols,
No Letup.
A large majority or Ihe rans expected Weatmlnater to fade away In the
last itanxa, but Instead the players
hit an even raster clip, Mallen notching hi. second by u pretty effort
While Prank I'alrick brought thi'
homesters closer on a rush up the
Just   to  cinch   the   claim  of   victory
Han McDonald gave I'arr a hard ilu-'
to fill ito handle, which Mallen completed on
player .the rebound.
Cover I'oint
Johnson   Grlffls
Oatman       Taylor
Milieu       Nl) hols
Hi -nt Wing
which is idle, tin- bleacher stand ai
the park ihould be v.eii tilled when
tin- mo t.-ams take tbe tli Id,
Although tlm City have bad a hard j
ftgbt in the past three rounds of the
cop  competition  and    have    not  the
goal   scoring   record  obtained   by  tho
Hovers,   there  is  ''Very   reason   to  be
Heve that  they will pull oat ahead ofi
tbe North  Vancouver team this arter-!    HH'y Weeks and Oil Martin will go
noon,  which   would    eliminate    every  the   fifleen-round   route  at   Steveston
outside team in the contest and lli;;s ill's afternoon  with Jimmy Hewitt aa
allow   Ihe   Hovers  and  City   to  clash  the  referee.
on  local  grounds at some  later date. [
If Doughy Spring ever gets by with
bis application for ri Instatement into
amal'ur ranks, the "let's all get In"
sa; lug  might  well apply.
Throop ���
Rl forejudge of
LeH  Wing
.   Harris
Thc Officials.
Skinner  Potliin.
play    Walter Smaill.
Today's game will commence at
1,30 o'clock sharp, with Leach, of
Vancouver, as lhe official.
The lineup or the City will be s.-
lr.ct.il  from  the    lollowing:     Unstick.
McAllister, Barnes, Uougb, Dickenson,
Lewis,  Ciaig,   Sincolli s,   Davis,  Walker, McLaren Barclay, Paul, Field and
Goal  Summary.
Plrsl period Oatman (N.W.) t
mln.; Throop (N.W.. 1 min.; Oatmai
(N.W.) 19 sees.; Harm (Van.) 4.1!
mins,; Nlgbbor t Van.).
Second period���Mallen (N.W.) li
mlns.; McDonald (N.W.) 7.50 mins..
Nlgbbor (Van.) 1.38 mins.; Taylor
I Van. i  l  mln
i 'i rd period -Mkllen (N.W.) bin
in in ; i'. Patrick (Van.) T.i'.n mlns,
Mallen (N.W.).
First period -Oatman (N.W.) 3
mins.*. Taylor (Van.) 2 mins.
Beci ml period Mallen (N.W.) '.'���
mlns.;   Harris  i Van.l  II mlns.
Third period-Oatman (N.W.) 3
Westminster     Hall     Soccer     Eleven
Nose Out Win by  Lone Goal-
Stellar Goal-tendino.
Port Coquitlam should retain its
winning record at the port city this
afternoon with the Vancouver Athletic Club as the opposition. Thc
Handlers have yet to lose a game
thiB season, and are out for a record.
1 The seat sale for the opening hock
ey game here Tuesday eveninf
against Victoria opens at Hill's dnit
store Hits morning. Manager Ec
Savage reports a heavy mail domain:
from the country districts ami t.i.
nlnk nt Queen's l'ark will be well tav-
'ed when lycster Patrick trots out h'a
band picked bunch to stack up
agaipst  the  Koyals.
Scoring the lone goal of the match;
in tlie second half, the soccer team
from Westminster Hall, Vancouver, j
deflated Columbian College on the*
Queen's Hark oval yesterday afternoon berore a good crow d of spectators.
'I ho  contest  was nip  and  tuck  all
the way, College pressing in the first;
half, and only stellar goal-keeping on
the  part of the  Vancouver  custodian
. saved  the day  for the  visitors
I It's Doming closer boya. Thc mit-
icd States amateur union'has received
Ithe affiliation of Ute soccer -./ody
! across the Line, the constitution of
' which permits the playing of amateurs and professionals With or
against each other.
On first mortgages, $500.00
and up on city or farm property must be improved.
Safe Deposit Boxes to rent.
From $2.50 per year and up.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary Trsa-surw.
Owing to the Bankers being unable
to raise a team, the scheduled game
against Burquitlam for this afternoon
has  been  postponed.
The  basketball  game scheduled  between  Westminster  Hall  and  Columbian College for last nlgbt. was post-
The  poned  owing
In the West End.  Corner 7th Ave. and 20th St Half
block from Vancouver car. jVI     ' '"'
FROM $800 UP.
Terms $100 down and $100 every four months.
746 Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust Bldg.
Phone 85R. Phone 85L.
to  the   inability  of  the
! play was more    even
ln the    Becond   visitors to build up a team
ihls   .*.,-��� it
vnr last  night
Kdd "  QatBUUl
tinted  against   Vai
of tlie Vancouver   playera,   Prank
Patrick   was  tin*   star  mun.  although
he tired considerably In the last  period.    Taylor   wan  Just   as  spectacular
as ( ver. hut failed to di> any damn-)
the  Royals giving him little chance,
lu  brief, last  night'.', ga  wan ilie
best  tlie Coast  lengiie bas ever open-
twenty iid  with.     N>-w   Westminster   bus a
making   team  which the citizens ean !>������ proutf
City   vo.   Lonsdale   United   Should
terest Local Fans���Kick-off
2:30  Sharo.
Han   Mcl.iuuiM  and
of, and a higher
\hardly be found
I them si i-.es when
iptrlted bunch could
than the player.'.
they arrived  In tho
Wuh Lonsdale United, of North
Vancouver, as tbe visitors at Moody
l'ark tliis afternoon, local soccer fans
will have the opportunity of pulling
for the City to emerge Into the Iroquois Cup finals.
This is the only foot'iall fixture of
the arternoon In the city and with no
opposition    from    thc    rugby    squad.
Victoria V. ^Vestmlnster
Tuesday, December 9th
Seats on  Sale st HILL'S DRUG STORE.
Will Buy Any $25
TOD AY       in This Store
Hundreds of fine specimens awaiting your inspection���all new
goods, tailored in the latest and most approved styles.   We
are particularly strong on these $25.00 Suits and Overcoats. -
You may not require one today but you will tomorrow.     ygg
4->oi�� ���
* ��*"���������>
reid & Mcdonald
707 Cohimbia Street       THE STORE of SATia^rilON
^Hfe^ .....
0��l&it4*    .���i    "���       :'��� V ���**��� -  ���f.tSiiisI
:���'*. *.'������ *     ,**.'������*-. ^���f*.^ '
i. "���*&���
���' ��� -.',-,. MMMpHjp
p*cc mu
Vivid Word Picture of
fendel Beiliss Trial
tK-ASSIKIKD    ADS    Wll-1.    BB    MS-
eel-ted  for Tne News at the tollow-
tiK pluces:    I'. T. Hill's drug store.
��28    Columbia    8treet|     A.    Splice,
ttaconsimrei; 'h.   Ulu Island I   Mrs,
K  ).aii).*n.  :.:  1:'  ial   ''."ki   Mrs*  V,
Vmrnim, a it. i Vista.
..   ,*-,********
RATES. ���
ci*a*iita--one cent  pur wnrrt  p-
*-.}.  �����<��� pei
le rieii ' iBing Beven ami eight
yaars; weight 2800 Ibs. will be
Bold on the market on Dec. 19th, I
K. Mavis, Tynehead, B, C,     12568)
�� 'l.tI.
ay'red ��
-I lne
word per  week;   ir.c per
i words, to he used sh re
id in one >ear from   dat* of
126 00
Dutotm bile In P 'teot order. Will
give long lei in.- to i liable party or
oonilder property, Apply Box 2661
N'ewi office, (2661)
London Times Special Correspondent ll d  up In tube form, wen
', hollow In the wall of the (
Portrays Modern Court Hearing Ev*
stuck  in  a
idence Belonging to Dark Age
The garment! ��
in ports, and ther.
stains; bm It war-
i Blood.
������' soaked in blood
wen- many blood
lear lhat the mur-
a most
through an
ill   tills  1
, unioVJ^labUj- 1
MA.VTKI) 8EW1NQ, '..Al'NilliY
li.iu.se werk. Rood conk. Drew,
nmrtb avenue. I'
and rellne. New furl made up cf
vour own Bklns; novelty lets made.
Apply -HT Si coiid streel (2689)
rality who is willing to werk a f"'v
hours for $16 weekly, showing
samples to hlfi friends am! neighbors. Outfit tree. The National
Supply Co., Windsor. Ont.      (2661)
apartments tn rent, right on car
line, steam heated, hot and cold
enter, t-i:.- ranges, electric liKht.
���separate bath to i very suite, rooms
are bright, cheerful, clean and
.sanilary and rent ll very reasonable
.nc.liidiiifi gaa and Hghts. Also
iiinxjle rooms, bi th furnished and
���nfurniihed. Apply Mrs. Mandville,
suite 1. second flo.tr. Mandville
apartments, corner Sixth avenue
and Twelfth Btn et. (2f.t4i
men. sen-oral liouse canvasser a and
:i,-i'iits for (he fastest Selling, newly
ln��< ntid household article ever put
on the market. See Mcl.eod. room
Rve Windsor hotel, between 7 and
8 Friday evening evening, between
8 and 1ft Saturday jnomlng and between 9 and 1- Sunday morning
Big money for agents. (2666)
KOIt BALE���61.00 DOWN, Jl 00 PER
week,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable
itniiKea; every one guaranteed Mar-Ion
kit square, (M16)   re
The  ll i ue Of    the    Loudon
which Is just to hand, contains
Interesting description of the famous
Bolllsi   trial   at   Kieff,   Russia,  which
reiulti d In the aoqulttal of the aoi ua
i i. a member ol the Hebrew faith, on
tha charge of ritual    murder,   The
I lines'  report is written  by  a spi .ial
[correipondonl who was aenl to Ktefl
io report  tin- trial, wid contain!   a
history ol the i vi tils whloh led up to
Of the most  famous trials held ill
lit   years      The   Tunis'     account.
tlle   cni-.r
H'ix 2629
where.     No   collection,    no   Charge
American Vancouver Mercantile Ap
ency, 336 llabtiiins street west, Van
couver. (2618)
which   wan   written   hefore
reached   Ils  verdict,  is  as
A Great City.
Tu   realize   to   the   full   tlie   strain;.'
HOUSEKEEPER, APPLY I drama of the Belllss case it li nee'.-
News office. (2629) sary   lirst  to  realise Kief.,    Having
Ihlt'p-rto   had   no   true   conception   of
'-���  ��� i Kief!'. 1 am, as commonly happens, dis
posed to credit others wtth Ignorance
similar to my own.   Kieff'a population
li about as nre.it ai thai of Manchester; the town is Infinitely better planned;   all   its  principal  streets  are  at
leasl as wide as Piccadilly, and lhelr
i side pavements broader than the ltur-
llngton   Arcade  and  better   than   any
in  St.  Petersburg;  its  shops are as
; fine OS those In most Kuropean capitals: nnd its Bervlce of electric trams
is excellent.   There is a fine opera,
; such   as   no   provincial   English   town
lean boast, and last week for concert
goers there appeared   on    successive
nights   Ysaye  and  Kakhmaninoff.
There you have the batting.   And out
| of this busy, modern, but beautiful city
| of "skyscrapers," telephones and vast
hotels one turns daily into a criminal
court where a Jewish prisoner is being
tried for murdering a Christian boy In
order to obtain hia blood for the pur-
pi ses of a secret and shameful ritual
which  it Is aliened has exiBted  from
time immemorial among the Jews, and
still extets amongst them, not merelj
I in  llussla, bu'. In all
body,  we are  told,  is
farm sales conducted. Purtllturi
b.-iiiislit for cash. P. li. Brown. 17
Begble street, New  Westminster,
l'i,,ii.ir Books en B.C. niul California by
_ pioneer. Canadian Camp Lite, iin) edl-
il.in; Among the Peoples of B. C; In the
Pathless West; Nan. or Pioneer Women
ind Bma. The sets of five for IS.OO er
;:.c. ]."r copy till Jan. nib. Address !���'.
E. Herring, 1111 Hamilton SL, New
Westminster, HC, or any of the book
itorea.    I dscounl to tlie trad.*.
der had been committed elsewhere,
.���nnl tbat the bod) had ceased to bleed
in tore houi*. removed to the cave. The
���.is, tor ritual murder n sis on tlle tact
that "he main effusion of blood was
never   found,   and   thai   there   were   a
number of wounds, resembling holes
made by blowl fron lorne round polnl
nl or knoiib, a ,n* i umenl on the rlghl
temple, which might be counted u 13,
though It Is clear irom the photograph
that, as some ot ihe wounds overlap,
the precise number is a matter ol
choice. According to the testimony of
Kather Pranactii, it is the custom of
the Jews, Iii ritual murder, io inflict
18 WOUndl on the temple of their vie
i i m.
Case Atpics' Beiliss
The i .isi- agalnsl Belllss, who wai
arrested In the following August, rei
ted on the fact thai the cava where
th" body was found is near the brickwork! of Jews named Zaltaeff, kn iwn
as a wealth) family, generous lowardi
Je��is.i charitable Institutions, tbat
Yuahcblnsky and other children had
been very (ond of amusing themselves
b) riding on a revolving press tn the
brickworks, until a fence was put up
which kept them out, tl was alleged
that on March 26, the day on which
Vushchlnsky disappeared, they had
crossed the fence and returned to
their old playground; but a man with
a id I'.'k heard chased tlieni away.    All
ol ihem escaped except Yuihchtnsky,
who was caught and never Been alive
.. ..in. BetllBi was a Jewish fori man
of Zaitseff's works, and be possess!
a short black bear I,
Tho  Chebcryaks
That was the case .* ;alnsl the pris- Casslui
oner. Now- let us turn to the evld- tl" did,
ence which eencerm I certain people
not ln the dock. The dead boy the Illegitimate child of a woman of the orthodox faith, may have had, as the
pre. urator informed the jury "dreams
cour tries, The of becoming a priest," bul In the
In  Buch cases,   meantime, we must recognise that he
iss bad aire.ni;, undergone mere than
two years' hn| i isdiiiicul  and leu now
been tried before the world on a
charge of ritual murder. A 1 flora
em n)_ii figure he has bi in, a tl In *
day b) day, trom morn till nighl with
three prison policeman standing at
attention, with draw a ��� i oi di I hind
him. listi ning often i i tedlou i tali i
and to i * tdi tu'o In which Ills own
name has noi bi * n tnontloni d fi I
dayi i igether, Sometimes he Bobbed
and i inetlmi b he entiled, I "i mi re
, ;i, be -fired vacantl) and i ei mi d
, nl)   n usi d fn m torpor by the rls-
In   ��� : iii "ii  and the imari move-
ue nt of hi gunrd, ns II ��In eled li tl
abi .n. viieii tie i.e. menl came tor
him to leave,
Was Not III Used,
inn  be H said, lo contradlcl aome
tali b In ' Irculatton, lhal bo bad i   I
the air i r .iu Ill-used prlionor    Hli
nav) hi-.*.. ---u11 was rood ami e. :ie
:  rtabl)  well cul   an.l  be leemed to
have .1 fresh llnei n ir dallj.   His
fac was pale and sad, bul you ma)
meet a hundred sadder-faced Jewi In
a iv a Ik Of a thousand yards easl of
Aldgade Pump. All ills become boar
abl,. iii Hm. it *i the facl thai bis
ea.-.e la the objeel ol io muoh public
atti in li n doi i nol make hll euffor
Ing greater than thet .* of manj otber
pi, ii.-, the world oi ir, whole agon)
is   net   nm! r  lho  limelight.     And   tor
my pai i i' ������*'' >a thai he is of -��� c nd
ar) im1 reil In comparl on ��Ith the
psychological punlg which the   trial
i have suppreieed a score ^i absur-
dltli i from a desire to record it fairly  and  without any  ot the spirit    of
j'accuse,   Thai such   a atorj    -��� i uld
bine been allowed to eonie Ini re
the world in a public trial liy Jury
after moro than two years' consIdera��
lien of ih" bv di i ce is hard to understand, '.ml vh i rould have sup-
posed thai In the twentieth century,
when the world It a whispering Kai- *
1 ry. and tta doings of one country
are t'ue gossip of its neighbors, we
Bhould   Bel    I   tour!   solemnly   dlsCUSS-
Ing bl ick magic, Moloch, whal Dl in |
.. i d, w hal Julian the Ap<
ami whether .lews drink
��� hrlstlan bloi d oul of hatred to the
Christians or to counteract a divine
curse upon tlieir anatomy, or to safe
* ��� i ih. tnselvai againat the off-
chanc    thai Christ was the Messiah?
i'rst   _.i'i  leas.
Vl.'�� I'lesldsilt
Ben. and Traai
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonee No. 7 and HI.
-uz.-ttn.sv: ronr-mr*- jma
IN W.,_,',il'3 FACE
Spokane, Di >��� ���'��� Vs Mrs. Marti
nasktla, aged H, living al the Bt lie1,
ms hotel, Riverside ami Bernard
itn ei, was passing In front of t it
Kemp .md Fieberl departmenl store,
Mam avenue and Waeshlngton street,
al 7 o'olock ln;-i nir'H B man threw a
bottle of oarbolic acid in her laee. so
verely  burning her lett cheek.    The
tteld   ran   Onto   hii'   bit   arm.   leaving
deep burns.    A woman acquaintance!
brougbl her to tbe emergenc) hospital.
where her bums were   treated    byi
Stowards Mlllburn and Hare,   she bit
er wenl to ber room iii company with
DetectlveB llairls and Mason, who are.
searching   for  the  assailant.
Mrs   Kenasktla, a wblte woman, Is!
married to a Japanese,   Bhe told the
offlcera   that   she  had  soni"   trouble
with her husband yesterday afternoon
and bft hlm.
Mrs   Kenasktla would not tell the
officers or detectives much about ber
sell, ami was strong in denying that
!it was inr husband or any other Jup-i
anese who throw tin- acid. She claims.
In   be   I   restaurant   worker.     "I   was
on   Main avenue on my  why to  my
room," said Mrs. Kenasktla, as she sal
Ion the operating table in emergenc)
'hospital having bandages soaked  In
soothing oil wrapped around lur burns.
"and just as 1 was SbOUl to step down |
Soir the sld. walk at Washington street
someone stepped out end threw something that burned my face,   i cloi ��� .
lm)  '���>���-; and saved my eyesight.    At
once  ni:-  face began to burn and 1;
commenced   lo   son-am.    A     woman
came ahum and brought   me   down
.43  Keary
N.w    '.'. . M-
Accountant,  l'i   It. Ul. Room I
I'. II. -Hmlth. W   J   droves.
Work undertaken in city mil .nt-lde
petals. '_ 11 -1 _ Weal minster Truat lllila.
I'llone   SH.     1'.   O.   Bus   607.
Ni r.lt.NWTIUNAl. HTI'-AM   AN
atlng  |.'.m:ii ih.  Loeal  t.-t-t.
Labor Temple every iin<t .i
Thursday ..r in., month, it. M
prealdenl:  w. c. Saunders,
P, o  Hex :,�����.
li OPBR-
mosta   In
n.1     third
i, en t.try.
eiiain cabaltatic Blgns,
is eatr-n in  Passover
tend ni tbe next meeting of t!"* lin.ir.1
of l.loense Commissioners to apply for a
transfer from toys- it, Charles Bchwnhn,
i" John K. .MaeK.nzli* and I3ruce Loop, of
the retitll lliumr Ik'.'iis.- of the Cutunlal
botel In tl.ls eliv.
I'Jt'.r.':! Applicant
.s'.iv Weatmlnster, B.C.,  Nov. Btn, 1913
Mounta'n School, North Road, Co-
���toitiam. Must commence duty
opening of Christmas term. Salary
$65 per inonth. Must have first or
sw>cond class U. ('. certificate. Apply
K. Marlin, Chairman School Board.
Honjuitlum P. O. (4669)
Are just fresh from the studio.
Tliey're hard to beat." Vi.ss Alice
banner, Station H, New York
dtjr. 125661
kifpitiK rooms    at    K. of P. block.
f.cnib from {k to $-5 per month.
moms to rent. Apply 420 St. Qeorge
streeL (2532)
to refit try an ad. in this column.
Telephones:   Office 53,  Residence 429
JOHN   REID, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'    Gasoline
Engines,   Marine   Engines   aud   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and Works:  Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Weatmlnster. B.C
marked  with  <
ac I   the  blood
A  Fair Tribunal.
Let  it  bc said al  once  I iat, whal
ever the verdict may be, the trial has
at least bien full, fair and tree.   The
presldenl of the coun has throughout
hi en the Impersonation   ot   impartial
courtesy.   Briefly the facts are these.
On April ���_, 1911, tli"   bodj    of   An-
dushs Yushchlnsky, a boy of 12. was
was found In a cave in a piece oi waste
land  adjoining the  Nagornaya  Btreet
In   Kieff.    li   was covered    with    471
; wounds, some deep and ghastly, some]
slicht, and the hands were bound behind   the  hack.    The  hoy's  coat  audi
trousers were missing, be was dressed
! only in under garments; his cap, belt,
veBt and one sock lay close by;  and
some of his school exercise books, roll- i
���tmnlcs'   l.l-n
John   Hid.
Notice is hereby given that I Intend
10 apply at lhe next sitting of the
Licensing Hoard for tlio City of Neu
Westminster for a renewal of licenseI'3) months
to sell liquors by retail on the prem	
Ises  known  as  the Itoyal  City  Hotel
situated at corner of Customs Hon.)
Square and  Columbia  Street,  In    '.lie
said City of New WeBtmlnster.
New Westminster. Nov. 8, 1913.
keeping rooms. {10 and (15 per
-aso-i-h at 224 Seventh street. (2.V22)
6, T. S, 9, 10 and  12    ol
W. \i, Section IS, Town-
Ue Hlock-
part ol
Btup g.
���\ Certificate of Indefeasible Title to
the above property will be issued to
Malirt t-oulaa Playfalr on the ;Ust day
of Deoember, lal',. unless in tbe mean-
date a valid objection be made to me
ta writing by a    person    or   persons
���ttaiminp  state or Interest therein,
���it in any psrt thereof.
.1. C. OWYNN,
Insttirt Registrar of Titles.
' i -.*.!������'. rto-Tistry Office,
Nc��* Westminster, B.C,
SSUt, 19J8.
Tlie person or persons having In
flheir custody or possession the follow-
..mv, Title Deeds relating to the said
praperty an* requested to deliver the
a-ime to the undersigned
lTtb January, ls;;i. Crown grant to
���s_tir'i(in fanner Dafoe ol S, \Y. i*.
{Section l ���*. Township 8.
17th Jafiuary, 1879. Oordon Parmer
'l>afoe to George Marshall, conveyance
in tiio *>( lh< S.W. 10 acrea of S.W.',
iS-edion IS, Township 8.
list December, i'.n.i,. Oordon Parmer
Ttafee to Jack Miller, conveyance In
tm* ot 8. part of S.W.Vi, Section 18,
TowBehip S.
14th September, 1904. Gordon Tar-
.Tier Defoe to Jack Miller, conveyance
v, fee oari of S. W. Vt,   Section    18.
iwuaMp 8.'
nth r.i.rusry. 1905.   Jack Miller to
>r,i��   Wright,  conveyance  In  fee  of
Ok wmUi portion of S. W. Vt of Sec-
New Wellington
Office,  554  Front  Street,
Foot of Sixth  Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
Librarian Wanted.
Applications will be received by the
undersigned up to i, p.m. of the 16th
of December, 1918, for the position of
Librarian at tbe    Public    Library    ln
lhis City.
must     state    quallflca-
requtred and give good
tions. salary
refereni as.
W. A.
City Hall, New
November 2
"i.i In the M.ui' i- "f :.
t'��.r t*.:.:o'o Claimed
<' irryi.ie on Business
Iron   Works."
Pursuant to Section 87 of wild recltld
Statute I. John Reid, of lh ��� Cltv <���' Ni w
*,o. sue nsi.r, Province of BHMsh C t..e..
Lii. Mechanic, Proprietor of the Westminster iron Works, hereby glv-*. teale*
thai Inasmuch us Ihe ruiu >-f $178.00 is
lu" and  unpaid   me  for over  three
fo-r thp si  "inr! i  to hove
, to �����!:. on the mh day of
\i.:;n-i 1913, for the rennlr, alteration and
im*.vo-in. nt of a certain chattel lo wit:-���
. ei.- fore and nft compound marine sli.i"
��� live .unite* _VjXl-xS Inch stroke, with
.ii-.r' connected air circulating and feed
eeiies, driven from low pressure crofts-
head, nlso Intermediate sle.fi nn.l thrust
""il-rs fEnglish buiii. i Tbis engine is in
L,'....,i working condition with new crank
sle.it nnd i.".*iriti-s and Unit motion renewed and develops aboul  IB h.p.
fn respect of an.' upon wiiie'i nald chattel I have a Ihn for money, skill nnd mn-
I'-riu! bestowed by mi unon wild chattel
In Its alteration, repair and Improvement,
it*, r.i,\* increasing the value of said chattel. "-hi"ii siiii chattel w..s i..fi with me
l.v Walter A. Gilley, of New Westminster,
B.C., contractor, claiming to be the owner
thereof, "ii or aboul the first dnv of April,
lt.ii',. for reoalrs alterations and Imnrove-
iii.nl. and tlnn t will i.t the expiration of
two <_> weeks from tbe first publication
t,l this advertisement to wit, on Saturday,
the 20th .l.v of Dec in'., r. IHIS. k. 11 bv
publlc auction sni.l en-Tine for the amounl
of --.iii indebtedness due me thereon nntl
the cists of ihls advertisement and costs
of   nald   Sill"
The time nn.l place of s.,m auction sale
wi'l I., nt the hour of "...l" o'clock In the
aftprnnon on I9aturday. tie* Jinti il.iv of
I' .* ������eb'*r 1918, nt in'-* business office.
Westminster Iron Works, No. r.r,, mth
Btr.et N'-w Westminster, B.C., of which
all parties poncenvd nr.- required lo ink.*
nol **���* nnd Kovprn lhemsp|v"n sppordlnnlv
i' ited this 6th dny of December, AN
By hi* Bollell ������*   I    P   Hampton  Hot".   21
Lome str,-1. s*. w WestminstPr, Dr
To   aald   Walter  A    Ollley,   Ki��i..   m.i   to
Wborri ||  mat  ���' mi   rn
1st  publlcat f  this notice,  5th  i>"
e ini�� r, 1913. ' i'.i'.'t i
DUNCAN, City I'lork.
Westminster, B.C.,
il. 1918. (2490)
NOTICE Is hereby -l-Iv.ii thai tlie partnership heretofore subsisting between us
the undersigned Charles I'. Harding. Stan-
Icy B. Simpson and Perley A, Jones, trading under tbe firm name and style of
"I'raser River I'M" lirlvtng Company,"
haa this .l.y been dissolved by mutual
consent. ThA said firm known as th"
Kraser tti\.r Pile Driving Company shall
be carried on by tho said Perley A. Jones
and Stanley H Simpson, the sni.l Chnrlen
i-\ lint.lliig having retired from the part-
Dated al New W.-��tmlnit..r, It. C, this
Hi   ���   day   of   Ine.mber,   A.   I>    I'JIH.
c  r. hakiiim;.
li'.KI.KY   A.  .IONICS.
Wltneas:    OLADY8   DICK. (2530)
The Statutory Meeting of the Hoard
of License Commissioners will be
held at the Municipal Hall on Wednesday, Decomber loth, nun. at li
o'clock  in  the forenoon.
Clerk  to  the  Hoard  of  License  Com* I
v.as givui   to   playing   truant   from
school, nnd that his principal friends
were th" children of Vera r.iel.eryak,
an unsuitable parent for the associates of an embryo priest. Vera (lob
. ryak, a Polish Catholic !���; admittedly a "fence," a receiver ot stolen
good., and her house Is a sort of
thieves' kitchen. A certain Mlfleh,
whoo-3 nam" figured frequently iu thelfj,
case, had tho melancholy distinction
of having liis eyes put out by vitriol
thrown on him by Vera, whose courage iu doing evil has earned her fani.
An Evil Figure
An evil and wonderful figure Bbe
looked In court, cynically admit:: ���
misdeeds, cool-mannered, thick-lipped
and sallow faced with jet blaek hair
and egrai smouldering black eyes.
She wore a large black velvet hat
with gaudy yellow plumes fastened
by a huge gleaming pin, whereon
rows of seeming diamonds alternated
with layers of pink paste, and a long
black cloak opened to reveal a red
frock crossed with gold chains. Evidi nee of neighbors and others was
given to th" effect that on the day
i t Yiislichitisky's disappearance Ik
vlslted Vtra's house. Screams and
ni ises were heard which would justify the supposition lhat murder had
leen Committed, lioth on that and
on the following day suspicious c:r
cumstances worn noted by Vora's
visitors. An embroidered blood-stained rag foili d in tbe cave by the body
land supposed to hnve been used as
a gag was identified as a piece of
one of Vera'a pillowslips. It was alleged that Vera herself gossiped later about the minder, and sa.il ihat.
ithe body had been covered with
1 wounds and put in the cave In order
to throw suspicion on the .lews- for
; the ritual legend dates from the dis
coii ry of U'�� body and antl-Beiuilic
proclamations were distributed at the
Krasovsky'a  Theory
Tho theory or the  detective Kraa-
ov.-ky���who since his unravelling of
the  Ostrovsky   murder    mystery,    a
case   which   roused   as  much   excitement in Russia as the Crippen trial in
Kngland,   has   been   regarded   as   the
local equivalent cf Sherlock Holmes
-is  that   the   boy   Yushchinsky   was
murdered  hy the Cheberyak gam; because  he  had   learned   iheir  BOcrets
and  had  threatened  to  give  Infortna-
1 tlon to the police.
The Btory of the man with tlio
black beard orgtnatee nith the Cheberyak family. The evidence of
Vera, her husband, and her children
is fell i.f contradictions. Her husband said thai the children told the
Btory of the kidnapping of Yushchlnsky tin- (lay of the occurrence on
their return home. Vera said lhey
first mentioned it after tlie body was
found, eight days later. Two of her
children   died   in   the   following   Aug-
nadoin   Northern   Ma/   F\each
alo in That Way���Idea is
Watt-hed  Closely
Iturfal". N. V . Dec, :'-. -Local railroad officials are keeping close watch
cm  prospectlvi   movements    on    the
par:   i.t   the   Canadian   Norttftrn   ra.i
way. which Is undoubtedly forming
plans to operate a llne from Toronto
,o liuifaio, and then connect with the
Lakawanua railroad to
While plans are said
11 A V. O. or KIhh of the II nt ''.. tnt-ot
tbs flrMi and third 'rhiir_'l��v at H p. rm..
K of P Hall, KlKhth street. A Wells
dray, Ln.10,1 tlul., . V. II. Bmlth, Meo-
I..    O    o.    M..    NO.    1(4.���-MI-SITS OM
first, fiecotid. third einl fourth Wednes*
day lu ,-ncli ' mouth at H p. m.,
in   ihe   Moose   Houi*-.   ii. j.   Leamy.
ili.iitli-r.     W.     J.     QroVes,     s.en-tnry.
11, .ot.ei.it ten ot lodge in h... House*
corner of fourth nnd Oarnarvon streets^
i O u r amiit i/iPdH n'i IT���Ttie
r.Kiiliir uieettiig of Amllv lodge No.
j;. I. i). o. k.. in held e.-ry Monday
i.liilit at H o'clock in Odd Fellows' Hull
corner Carnarvon end Btenlh wireets
visiting brothers ooralalw invii^d.
ft. A Mnrrlthew, N.O.i ll w Sangater,
v. n. *, w  c. Coatham, P. n    record
Iiik secretary:  I. W. M��.-t .l.i. fimin-
tinl necrtiiiry.
W.   K    FAI.KH���Pioneer   Klin-rHl   Dlr-etoi
nnl  Bmbalmer,  tts-lis  Agnes ��tr.-��t
oppoil... Carnegie I-lbrary.
nnwKi.i. (Klici'Esson 'ro rr.N-
tar A Hanna, Ltd.)���Fum-ml .llie--tor��
anil embalmera. Parlors .or. Columbia
Btreet,   r.'.w Weetmlneter.    Plione ml
BdmondB,  B.C.,  November 27th.
Una 18, Township
S. except 10 acres.
DlBtrlcl Registrar of Titles
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The Daily News
Royal Intelligence Bureau
415 Westminster Trust Building.
J.  M, GAWA,  Mijr.
Exclusive   agent  for   11.   Ohnahi   ,*.
Co..   New    York,    manufacturers   of
Typewriter  Hacking   Sheets,    Carbon J
Papers,  Ribbons, etc.    Mail address,
Drawer  110   New  Westminster,
City  Voters'  List,  1914.
Notice in  hereby    given    that    the
'Court    Of    Revision    on    the    above
Volets'   List will    be    held    at    the
Council Chamber, City Hall, on    the
loth day of December, 1913, at 10 a.m.
City t'lerlt
��� city   Hall,   New Westminster, li. C.
December   1,   1913. (2616)
Notice in hor.*!,
to apply at the
Hoard of Llcensi
the  City  of New
v given that 1 Intend
next   sitting   of  the
��� CnuimlSBlonei'B for
Westminster for    a
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1 bnttie license and a wholesale license
for the salo of liquors In and upon
the premises situated upon lot !>, Of
list. Vera declares that they were
poisoned by the -lews. Others said
in court thai they were poisoned by
Do.'.cr's Explanation
The hospital doctor offered the
simpler exi lanatlon tliat they died of
dysentry due to eating green pears.
A priest testified lhat the boy, Ku-
gene Cherberyak, on his deathbed, after receiving extreme unction, desired to aay something further, and call
ed him back any log, "Little Father";
but the mother was present In the
room Bland ug behind the priest's
back, ami lha boy relapsed Into sl-
I'iio". Bug ne'e d (positions to the
examining magistrate which form
part 'if the indicii'ii nt state that ho
did not go out with Yttshshlnsky on
Mareh 'in. There remains tiie evidence of tii" surviving child, Liidiul!
la who was nine -ars old. Her
story of the piny at Zaitseff's faotorv
was denied liy the oilier children
vh'in sh" named as having boon present, and the little gill broke down
down in court, cried bitterly, and said
that sbe had been told all she was
to say and frightened Into saying It.
Personality of the Prisoner
tbe, east,
o be undi r way
to biing about the operation of thin
road, nothing definite has been done
by representatives of the Canadian
railroad other than to obtain options
on  property across  the border. There
is one scheme in connection with this
report which calls for a Btupandoue
undertaking- lhe tunnelling of the
Niagara river, li would mean thai
tlle Canadian railroad's line would
pass through eillur Brldgeburg or
Kort  Brie on  Its way  to Buffalo.
should the line be buill io Bridge-
burg, it might gi t across the Niagara
river by way of th ��� international
bridge, but tliis at present ������' cor i'd
ered unlikely as the it-:-1������ 1 - t ..
all the traffic it can bai tlle ���   ii e>
ped Con. It would :������ -.1.' ��� ��� (our or
flvo   years   belore   matters   could   lK
shaped to rebuild tin-   bridge    with
double tracks. That creates tlie impression unit, il ihe Canadian Northern is contemplating entering this
cily it will bave to build a new bridge
or rise build a tunnel under the river. Tlie liklihood Of cither Is regarded as feasible, with Kort Erie generally accepted as the proper spot
for, llie Canadian  end.
D. .1. Johnston, of Toronto, was In
tho vicinity of Fort Krle recently, taking options on much vacant property,
his activities In this direction being
of wide enough scope to include
enough lands for terminal facilities.
lt la known that he went In Chicago
to Bee Alotuo C. Mather, in regard
to Fort Kile options, Mr. Mather having  larg"  holdings  there.
Some years ago Mr. Mather endeavored to get a charter from the I lilted   states  government to  ereel    a
bridge nt the bind of tlle river, bur.
fail. d. Hla location lor this p.ojecl
was   practically   In   the   same   vicinity
where it proposed to build a peace
memorial bridge, if one is to be .net
i'd. Buffalo railroad officials are not
asle.-p lo the activities of tbo Canadian Northern. Lakawanna railroad
men here an- keeping silent on the
proposed plan to have the Canadian
line extended to this city.
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 a.m Daily
2:00   p ni Daily
ll:45  p.m Daily
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 am  Dally
11: 0*11 a.m li.i'i'-
From  Vancouver for Nanaimo
Union  Cay  sml  Comox.
N -mI,.> and Friday
Unmn  Bay,  Powell   River.
 Kvery  Saturday
For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
on p tn Kvery Saturday
-"rince Rupert, Cranby Bay and Skeena
River Points.
11:00 p.m Wednesdays
For Gulf Island Points.
':00 a n . Tuesdays for Victoria,    Call
Int; at points in the Gulf Islands.
USD. (lOtfLBT.   AKent, New Westmlnstel
-1    W   HKHDIH.  f>   P   A���   V��ne.>nv��r
1:00   p m
"iin a in
1  4(i   i. in
at*-r H.eird .if Trade iu*-.-tn In uur hoard
room, Lltjr Hall. ���*�� follows: 'I hird Friday of .-Hch month; quarterly mefttu
on tbe third Friday of 1-Vttruary. Mnr.
AumiHt and No\it'il.-*r at 8 | in An-
lnml nieellngn on th<�� third I'i.lny of
February. 0, H. Bluert Watte. *rcr*.
Sale. Deede. Btlelneiw Letters, .'te.; circular work ���tx-ctallst. All work alrteily
donfldentUL 11. Barry, room <u tf��t-
inl.nu-r Trust Blk.   Ptione 701.
nmeni Solicitors, etc. 40 l.nrne Str��*e*.
New tViHlinlester. (i K. i'.iil....il.l K.
.'    J   It. Orant.   A. K. lieColl.
.ii-lnw. SollCllor. etc. Solicit..i ftit the
Hunk nf ���*. ancouv.r. Offloea M>-r-
ehanta Bank Building. N.w Westminster, B.C. Telephone No. io"o. o.-.t.ie
ii.lrtrcss "Johnston." Code W.-worn
\V. P. IIAN8FORD, BARRISTER, solicitor, etc., Colllster nines, corner Columbia anu McKcn-lc stre-if*. New Westminster. B.C. P. O. llox :v'.. Telephone 344.
When you take your
Eastern Trip
you may ns well travel In comfort
and at minimum coBt. We can prove
this.   Call on
R. GOULET, Agent
New Wealmln'ie
II. W. BHODIH. G. P. A.,  Vannouvei
elde ��� Ban-later* and Boilcitora, Weatmlnater Truat Blk.. Columbia atreet,
Ni^r Weatmlnater, B. O, Cable addr��aa
"Whltealde," Weatern Union. P. O.
Drawer 200. Telephone Ud W. 1.
Whltealde, K. C ; It I. Edtnonda. D.
J. 8TI-.WEt_l- CLUTB, B��rrt��t��r-at-law
���ollcltor. ete.; corner Columbia end
McKensle atreeta. New w. ��irnHiai��t
B. C.   P. O.  Bol   112.     Telephone   711
P.O. Box S4 Dally Newa Bldy
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Batlefaclinn gUSrantatti
i*  M-Kenite  fit
Solicitor and Notary,
block. IB Lorne etreet.
ater. B. C.
Offloea    Hart
New   WwMinln
Barrister* and Boilcitora. fin:, to lis
Weatmlnater Tniat Block. (I E. Martin, 4V. a. McQuarn* and )i.K>nr�� I.
I Woodstock, (int.. Oeo. 5, At a meeting thia afternoon of representatives
'from Oxford, Norfolk, Waterloo and!
Brant, which countlea are Interested I
:in tlie proposed Joint prison farm oroj-
act, a report was read from Dr. Bruce
Smith, recommending the purohase of
I land and Ilu erection of buildings to
cost $5,00.i. This ("Ht with the land
and maintenance ��iii total about |60.-
!000, and  the  cOUUtlOfl  interested   will
lbe asked to contribute about $io.oo<i
each If -.Igln and Nortli Perth .1 > not
leome in, Bnd there is little chance
I that they will. The four counties will
:bo  asked   to  appoint,    commhsioners
i who will form the hoard of management for five yenrs. nnd It Is likely
ithat the pr-recnl. committee Will form
|the personnel of the commission. The
committee on sites wbb Instructed tn
InBpect. several of thn sites reported on
today, notably one near Lakeside and
Call and insnert our fal
lines and new tall styles ane
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St
Buch   la  tint  Btory,  stripped of all ;anothcT near Brantford.   llr. Hmlth. in
the   picturesque   Irrelevances,   which  his communication said thnt while a
City Hlock 24, In the said City of New tocciipliil the court for many days, the I prison  farm  would  bo of imnieasui-
Westmlnster, n.C. evldencu  of    Btrange    figures    with  able value from an economic and hu-
I, 1.. HAINI-N.        stranger   nloknamrs.   the   Prog,   the jmanltarlan standpoint, it   could    not
I.atid this 10th day nf November, 1913.   Wolf, the Lamplighter, and many Ot-lbe  looked  upon  as a prize for any
(2400) hors,    For this farraj;o Mcndal  Bell [county to try to secure.
Transfer Co.
Ofllce  Phons  IM.      Barn Phons  U
������gble ttrasl.
Reanei'n HeMvored Promptly te
��ny part nt ths city
Ligbi and Heavy Hauling
!    COAI, MININO righta of the im-nlnlca
; tn   Miilllt.)ln>.   SliekilUilewiln   anil   Alt-.*rta,
I ihe Yi/knn Territory, the Northwest Ter-
! rllorloe and In a portion of the I'rovinoa
��f British Columbia, may lie leased for ���
term of twenty-one yeare al an annual
rental of II an acre. Not more than 2MS
acres will he leuaed to one npi l|rn:��.
Application for s leioiit muni be mnde
l.y the applicant ln peraon to the Aic-nl
ir Bub-Agent of the dlstrlcl In -Mi.ic.li lh*
rlahta Rfiplled for are altuand.
In eurveyed territory the inn. must be
-lean-llied by aectlpna. or legal auli-dlvl.
Mlona of sentlona, nnd In uneuneyed territory the tract applied for afinll be
itakcd out l.y the applicant hlnvn.lf.
Knch application muet be BOCOmpanM
l>y a fee nf ��r. whloh will be rotimded If
(he rights applied for are nol available
hut not otherwlae. A royalty Shall be
nald on lhe merchantable output nf the
mine nt the rnte of five centa per ton.
The person operating the mine ahall
furnish Ihe Agent with awnrn retnrne
iceounllng fnr the full quantity nf mer-
liiiiiitiilile coal mined and pay the ror.
ally thereon. If the conl mining righta
are not being operated aueh returns ahould
be furnished at least  once a year.
The lease will Include the c��nl mining
righta (Jhlv,  hut  the leaaex win  hn per.
mltted   to   purchase   whatever   available
I surface rights may hn considered  nncee-
I isnr for Ihe working of the mine at the
rate of tin an acre
Por full Information application should
he made to the fiec.etnrr of the Depart.
���nent of the Interior.  Ottawa, or tn ��n��
Agent or Rub-Agent of  Dominion l��nda[
W. W. cony.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N   H -IliiButhnrlaed publication of this
idieitia. mint wlll not b�� paid tor. SATURDAY,   DECEMBER   G,   1913.
���aae   ���even
Loot Is Guiding Star
of Mexican Patriots
Carrarua  Llvco the Constitution, but
Vlllj^and the Rett Arc Plain Robbers and  Murderers.
When representatives of forces under arniH  In  Mexico, so-calle.1  patriot!
uud plain   bandit, induced   Venii.tluno i
Carrau/a  to accept the  leadership Of]
u revolt against llue.-ta early lust May :
foreigners acquainted with conditions!
In   Mexico   laughed.     Carranza     blm-
��eir accepted tfie poet of commander-
In-chief   Iii   all   Kcrloiisness,    but.    the
men who km w declared he tiad taken
a Job out  .f uhlch It waa  Impossible j
for hlm lo emerge with honor or ered]
It.    There* .'ould be no glory for hlm.
Any time he might succumb to defeat I
the  piitiisliii< nt   would  be all Ills, but
any Ume be might seem to be winning I
there won* men like Bmlllano Zapata,!
nf Moreloa; Pranotsoo or Pancbo Villa
in Chihuahua, Oeneral tibregon In So j
iiora. /.pillar on tin- toutheasternI
const, Blanco In Tamaullpas, Sanchez I
In Mlchoaenn and hosts of other pa-1
irlots for the time lieim; not onlv!
ready, but determined, lo get all the
profit and credit there was oul of it.
Su tar as Carranza himself is concerned, he is regarded as honest, ut
least as honesty roos in Mexican pub
lie  life.     The  mere  fact   that   ho  has
already sold concessions tu the  Mexi.
can   representatives   of   Standard   Oil
tO run a pipe line to Sonora nnd that
his brothers have done a few other
little tilings like that does not count
against hlm Relatively,, be has been
aa disinterested |n IiIb patriotism as
anyone could expect.
Apart rrom hls natural Inclination
to favor anybody who may aid blm
ami his cause, Carranza Is sincerely
devoi, d   to  the "constitution."     H     |g
bis book of faith, the observance of
which   wlll   cure  every   possible   evil
in the republic,   ills rebels take their
naine fr,,!��� bis faith and are called
Constitutionalists.    Some or his i_rKU
ments and proclamations calling upon
the country to observe the iplrlt  and
letter of the fundamental law of the
country road like speeches delivered
In oongrees b, the late senator from
Entered Politics Under Diaz.
Carranza     comes   from   near   Mon
clova, in  the state of Coahuila, and
is  M   years  old.     lie  Is  a   lawyer  by
training, and possesses what is called
thi' Judicial   mi'id      Ile  Ih of Spanish
Indian dl Kent anil In well to do
lie began his polities! career under j
Porflrlo Diaz ami showed liis abiding
faith   in   the constitution   when.  after|
ho hid  been appointed to a    h'.ch po-!
Iltical office,  he complained   that one
of the orders of tlie dictator violated,
the   spirit   of   the   law.     The   answer
from IHuz was that he hoped the iirrl-j
val of an emissary would he gladden :
ed by the resignation of Carranza, and '
it    wss.    The   general's eyes tailed
ahout that time, and be retired lo al
ranch   In   t'oli.illa.   where  he  attended j
In   some   very   good   horses  and   targe
herds of cattle.
Tho Maderos came from Coahuila,
in "act, the family owns ahout everything in thai slate. When Krancisco
Madero, the dreanr, started hls revolution. Carranza, the ranchman, joined
in with It. When Madero won Carranza rejoiced, bul he did not get much,
Thu assassination of Madero found
Carranza in the field, believing that
iiuvrta had violated the constitution.
Hefore that time there had been Hey.
eral revolutions or campaigns of hltth
way robberv and murder under way in
various  part- of the country, and all
these were merged in the Constitution
alist movement nominally, although
Villa ln Chihuahua and Zapata to the
Bouthwest of Mexico City have made
tbelr own campaigns and laid their
own plans without regard to the commander lii-rhlof.
While Carranra's counsels may be
listened to by Jose Maria Mayortena
In Sonora, Blanco In Tauiaulipas and
Obregon in Sonora and Sanchez ln
Mlchoaenn, no one pretends that he
conld exercise any oontrol over hl��
Zapata, Any time either thinks himself strong enough to go it alone ho
will not hesitate to assert his power
in his own party. Carranza, tall,
scholarly, dignified and deliberate,
cannot speak for either man, any more
then Huerta can handle. I'agcual
Orozco. hls own governor of Chihuahua, or General . nez Salazar, Villa's
principal opponent for the time be-
Villa an Expert Fighter.
Prenotaco Villa, or I'ancho. as he ts
familiarly called. Is an ez-bandlt of
Chihuahua. lie Ib little more than half
Indian, wllh only the smattering of an
education, but lie possesses great fighting ability nnd personal magnetism
which enables him to raise an army
for any purpose ho may have. He Is
aiiot.t *>a years old, and has a record
of homicides which would make the
boat record of nn American "killer"
look very short Indeed. So far as
ran be learned, none of these murders
followed a personal encounter with
any Individual.
Kor the last five yeara of the Diaz
regime Villa wsb a proscribed bandit,
tinder sentence of death, living out In
the Chihuahua mountains and deserts
nnd subsisting from -robbery and pillage. There Is no doubt of his blood-
thirstiness any more than tbere Is a
doubt about his skill ln evading the
rurnls ot Diaz sent after hlm. At the
bend or a small band of men, alwaya
well mounted, and with ��� thorough
knowledge of the country, the trails
and waterholes, he could never be
Thero ts a story of ahout how Villa
came to be a robber In Chihuahua.
He was a small ranchman In the
mountains, and a federal officer betrayed his slater. He climbed on his
horse with hls rifle In his hands, rode
Into the town where the oflicer was
stationed and shot the soldier through
the hack of the head. Then he had to
take to the mountains.
When Madero revolted against
niez, Villa msde his peace with him.
His little band, speedily agtimented,
became a good-sized army and American sholdler adventurers helped him
to br'ng about some asmblanco of dls-
clpllnn, Villa became a Madero lieutenant and was with hls ehlef when
.luarez was taken. He did not do-much
fighting at thst time. It la said, but
he had a fine body of art*. P*''**1"*
willing to take any loot that might
be transportable. _.
The one thing that itands to the
ertdlt of Villa In thgt ho 1* one.pf the
few Mexicans who ltat< not ohtngi 'I
: ni. in the last two years. He was
grateful to Madero fur permitting him
io walk the city sireet.. (.nee again
and lie siowed it by unswerving devotion,   Winn orozco. another Madero
lieutenant, revolted last yea: Villa
fOUghl hlm. and after the killing Of
Madero Villa was the first to take the
fl. Id In revolt.
Villa did very little righting this]
summer, nnd did not Bhow himself!
until a few  weeks ugo ut the tiklnn of ,
Monterey by Carranza, The greater
pari i f ihe Ume be alternated between
Parral and the American border, engaged in iiie mora plea, ant trade of
running cattle over the  lln-)- and  am- !
munition smuggling. The cattle In
question were picked up on the hlK
ranches   in     tbe     Interior   and   sold
through American agents to Blockers,:
He ahowed bla fighting power at Monti rev,   ami   then   swung   around     to
Chihuahua, when, with  a large army ,
ue  Iris  Inflicted   heavy   blows  on   the
federals.    .
Bmlllano Zapata, scourge of Moreloa. is nothing bnt a bandit on a targe
icale.   In his forty two yeara he has
never been known to be true to any |
persons except hls brother. Bufemio.
and his shadow, Tuerlo (one-eyed)
Merles, ii Bchoolmnater gone wrong.
The only principle to whieh be baa
been unawer'vlnglv loyal Is loot, al
wnya accompanied by murder, torture
arson and worse
Diaz had Zapata prettv thoroughly
on the jump in Mexico, Guerrero and
Oavaca. Sometimes his handi w re
n few men, sometimes several hundred. There was soon thi::-.: aboul the
man that appealed to the peon imag-
Inatlotl      lie  never  robbed   t':e  p:ior;
that is, the very poor, and he sometimes scattered the loot from rich
town:J among them.
Zapata, like Villa, rushed to Madero aa a way out, and -..-on with him
Madero waa no sooner Installed than
Zapata was at It again, believing that
o-'t-il'ly hla pull made hlm privileged
Madero sent Vtctorlano Huerta. one of
his valiant generals, to atop Zapata,
and Huerta surrounded the robher in
no time, captured lii'u and was about
to make a good bandit of blm wben
the president  intervened
Madero Saved Hit Life.
Madero hlmaelf came to the camp,
tliriv. his arm around Zapata's neck.
called him brother and made hlm a
brigadier-genera] In the tirmy. Zapata was profoundly grateful, and a;
few weeks later was at it again.   The
death of Madero found Zapata   fight
Ing a* a revolutionist, and the advent
of Carranza gave hlm a pretext    for!
aligning himself with t'ie Constitution-1
l'nder that name he has been fighting around Mexico City every since, At
Umea be haa penetrated as far as the
auburba. and the smoke of the tillage*
he nas Imi'ml could tie seen from the,
eristic of Chapultepec.    His men have
attacked the National railways on both i
sides   and   today   are   holding     many i
Zapita  has exercised great care re-
cently,    ile has made any  number of
fcrc.-d loans from foreign .miners, bul
be In" not killed any  foreigners who:
might be missed     A forced loan Is se- j
cured by a polite visit, a polite request i
for   Jin.niiii   gold   or   more,   with   the;
(���nuallv  polite  but significant   remark I
tiiat tf the money   is not  forthcoming |
the  lender   will   be   burned   alive,  cut I
to pieces and  his  women  folks taken
into   captivity.     The   loan   is   usually
made, and   the  lender  receives a  cer* '
tlficate   payable   when   the   revolution |
"Is successful."    It Is  not on record
that any of the loans made during the
Mnilcro revolution were paid.
OlTcgnn of Sonora, who won the
battle Of Naco last spring. Is a short,
stocky man somewhat resembling Huerta. He Is past 50 and was trained
as a soldier. Although lie haB had to
handle Yaquis und other savage Indians, ho has preserved discipline In
his camps and    kept looting down
709 Colombia St. Wesiminster Trust Bid*-
Afternoon, 3:30 to 5:30 Evening, 8:15 to 10:30
AMISSION:  Afternoon 25c, Evening, 40c;   15 Ticketa    for    fSJOQ.
the minimum. He has had against
hlm this yrar the second best fighter
In the Mexican federal army���Oeneral
Ojeda They have been at it hammer
and tongs rrom Cananea to tluaymas
all summer and fall.
Gen. Jose Maria Mayortena ia a
civilian rather than a soldier. He is
a lawyer and early this summer
sought to usurp some of the privileges
of  (Jen.  Obregon,  but  he  soon  gave
lng vividly one of their encounters
with the D-d men:
Indians Nasty.
"Nov, ID, Packed up and lett for
Kit wan-eiol at 8:110 this morning Mel
three men with I couple of pack Dorse*
about five miles from the Village, ami
although    they   were   very   sure     we
wouldn'l be able to work In the neighborhood, we continued on our way, unpacking near the bridge across the
creek from the village, 1 was considerably ahead of the pack train, and
about halt a mile from the vlllake 1
encountered a number of braves who
immediately challenged me, asking in
truculent  tones   where   I   was   going.
Th.- spokesman, when i informed blm
that I was going to to survey around
���i.���. village, set to work and gave
the history cf bis tribe, going back
��� une 260 years, and telling of a charle.- from three kings. (Ieorge 111.. Kd
ward VII., and Queen Victoria, which
aald that the Indiana were to own all
the country. Albert Williams (Indian i and 1 had quite an argument, in
the course of which there was con
,raI-I. fight talk. The pack train com-
Iiik along just ns Williams was get-
ting excited, I had to shove him offi
the trail and kick his dogs   orf. too, to
ii ��� the horses pass. He kept on traveling, telling our Indian packer that
he waa going to Kltwanger to bring
up some more men.
"Nov. 12. noon. It was pretly hard
to find a decent camping ground, and
si I being able to find a better place
I camped near the bridge and unpacked. We set up. the cook got busy. An
envoy. Albert Palmer, came over and
aaid the chief wanted to see me. So
I went over to the village, taking
Brown, one Of the party from Van -ou
VOT, wllh iiie. They had quite a large
and prosperous looking village, which,
while nol quite as large as Kltwanger,
contains many larger houses and a
far more elaborate collection c.f totem
pobs Hrown and I marched to the
tm sting house In good order, preceded
ome SOO yards by our guide, Albert
The council chamber was a laure
room, perhaps 303E0 feet, and was also
'he chief residence, as was evidenced
by the numerous children, squaws and
I. us banging about, and also by varl-
iis articles of domestic furniture. The
hief  was fitting on  a sort of raised
platform, which lurrounded tbe open
-pace for the flre. I went up and shook
rinds and took a chair beside the
"hlcf while Albert, as master of otre-
tttonlea, scurried about and gathered
i:i the head men and head women���
for women also took part In the council. Baah one as he came in. In solemn silence, took a seat facing the
flre. Hrown sat opoRite me.
Council Assembles.
"Klnally, the council being arsem-
bled, the children and dogB were dismissed, and we gol down to business.
Albert started the ball rolling by slat-
to j 'rig the claim of the Ket wan-cool In
in   which   they' claimed   tiie  land   had
been granted to the Klt-wan-coola by
ihe Treaty of Paria, 1788.   The other
paper was simply a copy of the duke's
reply to the address of the Indiana,
and neither document is worth the paper on which It is written,
'"rinse Indians have always refused
to accept a reserve.    They Imagine
they have a case pending in the privy
council.     Tho    lawyer     representing
them,  they  Bay.  is  Mr.  (lark, of Toronto.    This  Williams, and  also  Herrlck, as well as four others, were Bent
to  Vancouver to meet the duke.    The
Indians have a supreme contempt for
the provincial government/ and in   a
lesser degree for the Dominion also.
To them the king ls the only authority
who  matters.
"Coming   out   of   the   village   (Kit-
wangar)  I met Albert Palmer just arriving.    I told him that I would probably   go  back  soon,  to   which   he  replied by warning me that the Indians
would  not allow  It,  and  would  make
big trouble and drive me back again,
d- j 1 gathered from his language and cx-
i....... ion that there would be a whale
of a fieht."
Gathered 'em  In.
Two Creeks who at Columbia and
McKenzie streets last night felt called
upon to repeat the battle of Thermopy-
li a, but were not allowed to provide
food for moving picture makers for the
court they will be allowed to tell the
police gathered them in and In police
inside dope on the historic engagement, and alBo their own wee battle.
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33 Hours to Prince Rupert
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MONDAYS���12 midnight for Prince Rupert, Stewart.
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t'uone Private Exchange I lit
(Huns to an area of land running from
tho trn-mlle-post on the trail from
Kitwangar and past the village to the
Naas river, a distance of 110 or 116
miles In all. and 68 milea wide. He
said the Kit-wan-cool Indians were determined not to have a reserve. Thoy
hart gotten up �� petition to that effect
and sent it to King George five years
ago. Then one of the sub-chiefs got
up and delivered a harangue, which Al-
thut up. Illanco Is a revolutionist of j h*rt Internreted for me. to the effect
experience, and Sanchez in Mlchoacan, that the Indians were determined to
baa bien fighting from time to time 1 keep the surveyors out of the country,
In the last three yeara.
Northern  Tribesmen  Claim  Land
Their Own and Resent Presence of Whites.
Surveyors in the Skeena district
have been experiencing many unexpected and unpleasant lni'_ents recently, due to the loathtiess of the Indians of ihat habitation to allow them
to survey the land. As a consequence
of this attitude on the part of the
aborigines there have been several
strenuous passages between them and
the white men. In some of wlllch the
former have actually gone to the
length of keeping off the surveyors
with a show or firearms.
The contention of the Indians Is that
they oWn the land, that King George
III. gnve tt to thom, and that the
white men are Interlopers.
Tlm Eiirveyor.i declare that this idea
is largely Inspired by the organization
known as "The Friends of the Indians"
���that tho agitation begun by them
has emboldened the aborigines In their
contention to such an extent that serious consequences might ensue at any
A recent survey party, engaged to
survey some land not far from the village of the Ktt-wan-cool Indian* had
an experience which showed them to
what extent the Indians wore prepared
to go In support or their claims.    - ��
The following Is an extract from tbe
diary of one of the surveyors, describ
ed eninhaalzlng the point that all the
land belonged to the Indians In the
first place, and that we were merely
interlopers. Then the others got up
In their turn, and, each man taking off
his hat. relieved himself of his opinion, while Albert translated as nearly
as he could, at the end of which be
would say, 'Well, we say you can't
stop here. You must move back to
un-mlle post right away.'
"Of course, I argued with them, and
sometimes seemed to gain ground, but
we always got bsck to the decision
that they were going to send us back.
1 showed them the map and the other
reserves, and aleo the amount of land
surveyed, at which they were consld-
eiably surprised. But the chief said
that they were determined not to
allow any more surveying, It was
evidently a hopeless lob, but I continued to argue down their objections
for an hour. It was no use. Finally
they said that they were going to
make me move back right away to
the ten-mile post. They said that
they didn't want to make any trouble,
but if we put in posts they would
fight. Several of them had their guns
-ind knives with them, and finally they
Jumped up and left the room, saying.
'No more talk; we make you go
Drlvsn Back.
"So wo returned to the pack train
and had lunch. I decided to move
back, as the Indian* certainly meant
fight. I couldn't keep the pack train,
and ns reveral of the Indians followed
me back to where I was camped and
were evidently prepared to put their
to put tbelr threats Into execution, we
packed up and hit the backward trail,
arriving at camping'ground vacated
this morning about 5 p. in. #
"Nov. 18���Not far from our present
camp we met Albert William* and another Indian by the name of Ambrose
Derrick. It seems that Albert was returning with some Tory Important papers, which, to him, appeared to clinch
the land question for the Indian*. Ona
paper was a oopy ot -aa address presented to the Duke of Connaught with
a pair ot moooaston* for Print*-** Pat,
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from the following list ynu may Bee something Interesting:
White and Cream Muslins at, per yard,  20*. 25C. SOC *nd 40*
Bungalow Nets; white, cream, ecru and Arab at per yd..20< to 45C
Scrim, pi aln or bordered at, per yard 2SC. 30C 3SC and 40C
Marquisettes and Voiles.    TheBe are the daintiest materials we have
ever hnd.   See them.   I'riced at. per yard 40* *o 65C
Made up Curtains In white, cream or ecru, from, pair..75$ to SIO
Your Hangings
Concern Us
Quest Towels, pure linen, In a great variety; scalloped, damnsk or em
broldered Make a most acceptable and non-expensive Xiniis present    Bach  20*. 2SC. 35C ��"<* 65C
II 8, Kmbroldered l.lnen Towels; finest Irish manufacture.
Bach   Sl.OO and S1.25
.Nothing is more highly appreciated than Irish l.lnen. Therefore we
would suggest a l.lnen Set; comprising one good bUc cloth and one
do/en napkins to match. Per re'... .$7.80. $9.00 and S12.00
For a need wilghl, good Hire, good washing Wnnket, this lino at onr
special price Is on the best values on the market. It Is pure white,
with pink or blue border; size 82x64. Itegular $6.60 value for. S4.9S
When v.c sell you a pair or these heavy gray Blankets we alBo Bell you
something else. That something else Is Bervlce.' These blankets are
made rroni Hue, sort, washed wool, and are made to wear. Oet n
pair today at the reduced prico of  S5.95
LOT NO. 1.���A big range of Ladle.,' .\Vw i-'nll Coats, made In a wide as-
BPrliuunt of cloths, as wool blani.. ��� cloth, mixed IweOds, i tc Some
nre thn*!-quarter length In cut-away styb . others In full length styles,
same being half Hoed in silk. All perfectly tailored and prettily
trtmmd. Hlzr-H to fit everyone. The regular sale values in these
���range to $1X.:.0. 1. tiring this sale you can choose an j *Q CQ
���Ksrim-nt in this assortment for ��P^.OW
LOT NO. 2.���Healthful Kail Coats, miny In the new two-toned bouche
clothB, In a good assortment or different Btyles and colorings; also
some In all wool Scotch tweeds and reversible*.   All sizes are to be
found In Ihls lot.    Many of tthe_o garments were made to bo sold
as high ns $^M.r,o.    Vou can choose any garment
in thlB lot for	


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