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The New Westminster News Nov 15, 1913

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 News Classified Ads. .,--
Huve  proven  their  north by  th  .v^
results    they    produce.      They      v>'
large    or    small    wauls    at     .
cost. ��_V'
Ths Weather.
I mainland'.., oiiaettled,  winds  mostly
easterly   or ' sfeatdjUy,     mild,   with
I rain. **���
N-fw  Westminster )and  the lower.
  j- ,
-'-.   ..- r*
found mm OF
1-owcr Mainland Milk Shippers' Association Passes Resolution Calling on Government to Stop Slaughtering and
Quarantining Dairy Cattle���Want Proper Regulations
to Govern Importation of Milk from Washington.
Negro Convicted for Beat-
ing Mrs. R. P. Gay to
Tbe i|Uc��tIon sa to what percent
age ihe government should pay the
farmers for cattle condemned under
Ibe compulsory tuberculin test, wbat
m��-ans tliere were to prevent non in
speoted milk from being shipped in
from Washington state and finally,
whether bovine tuberculosis could bo
conveyed tn human beings, were Subjects brought up at a meeting of the
l.ow.r  Mainland   Milk Shippers' nsso-
tubercitlin test waa made, IB were con-
[damned.    They were slaughtered then
and there nnd although some of them
i had   been   Tair  beef lo  look  at,  they
[were rotten from the head to the tall
None of hla family would be permitted to drink  milk from diseased cows
iand lie certainly would not sell It to
I the public.   Blnce then hc had had his
I oows   tested   every   year   and   would
continue to do so as long as be was a
| Tanner.
Ha believed that If they put a dls-
Former President Taft Says Difficulties Between  Hali-
Japanese Have Lived up
to Obligations.
l.os Angeles, Nov. 14.-After do-
Uberating only eighteen minutes, a
Jury iu lhe criminal department of the |
Superior Court late today found Hurr |
l.afcnd Harris, negro slayer of Mrs.
Etebscca P. flay, Christian Science
practitioner, guilty of murder In the
lirsi degree.
Alii nists testified lhat the negro
might bave been suffering from
psycbla epilepsy when he killed Mrs.
lias, bul the piosecutlon culled other
experts, who gave testimony to the
Harris watcled the proceedings
quietly and aciepted the verdict
calmly. Tlie only keen emotion
evinced in the court room was shown
by lm mother, who sobbed wben her
"boy," whom she bad testllled was
"queer" was found guilty.
Harris, who will be sentenced next
Fighting the Battle for Trade snd Not
fir Conquest���No Dinger of
eased cow amolfcgst the herd, they
elation held In lhe Conservative olub 1 woiilfl find the disease running right
rooms yesterday afternoon which was. through the herd. If a man had a dls-
attended   by   fully   100  dairymen. eased   cow   it   Is  better  for   him   and j Tuesday  morning, entered the offices
These cume from all sections of the i ,np  country  st large to  slaughter It. 'of  Mrs. (Jay In u downtown building I strained."
Kraser  valley,  l.ulu  Island.   Dewdney |They had spent millions and mllllnnBilaU  on   the  afternoon  of  September j    Before a distinguished gathering of
Washington. Nov. U- Asserting
that the Japanese hsd faithfully lived
up to their treaty obligations by keeping Its coolie labor from American
shores, former President Taft In an
address before the National Geographical society here tonight declared
that the United States government
must keep faith with Japan by refusing to discriminate against its people.
"And." he said, "no matter what
the reckless and unjust acts of tbe
thoughtless people of California or
elsewhere may be, they should be re-
many stales In the union on these tS
In reply to a question Reeve Henson
said  that as  far as he knew. In the
and   Nlcomi'ii,   thus   showing   the   In
tense Interest being taken In the ques-'
tlon of compulsory testing of dairy cat- \
After four hours discussion, dur'
ing   which   lime   Hon    I'rice   Klllson j
gave his  views on  the matter, a motion was carried calling upon the pro-'
vincial government to stop slaughter-
tng and quarantining dairy cattle j
under under the compulsory tuberculin test, until a thorough analysis of
the milk being supplied Is made, and
until such time aB the government Is
in a position to enforce the same regu*
billons regarding milk Imported from
lhe state of Washington.
Different Opinions.
A wide difference of opinion was I
expressed at the gathering, some fa-1*" ����������_}��� *������'** ����������* ���** *ou'd
"ring the request of the deputation JB&fe Mi butcher Mr Berry be-
whlch visited Victoria earlier ln the "���** �����* ��*��� **.��.��!���_*�� ���*?,'
week, when thev asked the provincial j �������* ��' *he f��rmer ��nd ,ht! coromu-
authorities that two-thlrda of the full|n"> ��< ���*���'������*���
lie heat her to death with a piece
of pipe. Then he rifled her purse
and v Lived home, burying bis bloodstained clothes near the shack he shar
test conducted In Delta, all those who jed with Ills mother.     He
had   reacted   showed   Infection   when j lu Kan Diego, where he went with the
ihey were slaughtered. i intuition of trying to cross the border
.1   \V. Berry, I.sngley Kort. who was | Into Mexico
on the deputation which  went to Vic-1
torla, said that If he knew an animal
scientists and government officials,
the former president scouted the probability of war between Japan and the
United States, saying it was thc last
was arrested : 'king the statesmen of Japan desired.
"The only danger of a war," he add
fax Longshoremen and
Companies Settled.
Ottawa. Ont., Nov. 14.--The threatened strike of the longshoremen at
St. John, N. IS., which would have
tiid up slipping at the opening of
tho winter season, has been averted.
Word was received today that the
board of couciliat.on which was ap-
lointcd last wtck to Investigate the
trouble had recommended terms of a
settlemtnl to the compgLleB and men
Involved and theBe recommendations
had  been accepted by all concerned.
Tbe men asked for higher wages
and better working conditions in general and these have been granted. Tbe
members of the board were W. E.
Poster, chairman: J. E. Moore for the
companies and J. E. Tlghe, for tbe
men.    Tbey  were ull of St. John.
Tbe same board *ill deal witb a
dispute between the Dominion Coal
company, of St. John, at. II, and its
' was sick he didn't want to use her nor
did he want the beef from her and
1 when in Victoria he aBked one of the
Inspectors why it was permitted to
I sell th>- condemned cow for beef The
I answer was that th" cooking killed
Ithe germs but the same Inspector ad-
I mltted   that   If   he  knew   his   butcher
In addition tu confessing the murder of Mrs. Gay. Harris admitted that
be had sent poisoned candy to Miss
Helen Mathewaon, n former employer, tried lo burn a hotel of which
sne was the principal owner, and hsd
killed Mrs. W. Masking, at Campion.
Ca!., two years ago.
Nearing Completion.
Ottawa,    Nov.     14.���The  substructure ut  the Quebec bridge hag been
"lies iii oor "injustice to the Jap- completed Bave for the pointing of a
They are fighting the battle i couple of piers, and  the erection of
Accident   on   Old   British
Warship Lying in Burrard Inlet.
Men Wera Pouring Oil on Deck When
It Suddenly Ignites���One Msy
Vancouver, Nov. 14��� While engaged in pouring oll over the decks of the
dd British warship Egeria, lying on
the tide flats off Lynn creek opposite
Sorth Vancouver, six men were ser-
ously burnt this evening when the
-ul exploded, shaking both shores of
Burrard Inlet aud startled the citl-
Tht Egeria was formerly stationed
���old to junk men who were in prccese
of adui-ig to her destruction tbla
evenlug when the explosion occurred.
only one man, tbe foreman of the
:rew, escaped injury, being thrown
overboard by tbe blast. The sis
meu were terribly burned around the
head and body and were In a sad
uiig'nt when the launch ln charge of
'���he turemau, pulled Into tho Ncrth
v'ai.eouvcr ferry (lip late ln the evening where medical attention waa aoon
All ot tbem are resting In the Harbor View oaaltarium and one of tbem.
Walter Batt. of North Vancouver, ta
not expected to recover from hia Injuries.
The ether five men were: Ralph
Impett, North Vancouver; J. Aeh-
down, Vancouver; H. McElroy, North
Vancouver; JoBn Horne. South Vancouver and nocrtiri Duff, Vancouver.
The Vanoouver police patrol boat.
hearing of the explosion, started ont
at ES'iuimalt and two years ago waa iin quest of details but failed to
purchased as a training ship for boys  any signs of Uie crew of the launch
���jy   Vancouver citizens.    Lack  of fin- owing   to   the bl:
.owing  to  the blast being  so  strome
ancial  support,  however,  spelled  her|o:i   tlw  Egeria as  to
doom and a few months ago she was spread of the (lames.
prevent    anj
for trade and not for conquest or fur-1 steel   on   thc.  north   shore   has  coni-
ther acquisition of territory at leaBt. menced.     This   will   necessitate   the
lln this direction.    All we have to do use of an Immense "Traveler" stand-
I to  avoid  other than  business rivalry  ing .00 feet over the railB and costing
ils to treat them as we would wish to about half a million dollars.
be treated." 	
Critics who have spoken of the pro-
Ibablllty of an armed conflict between I Fur Farmer* Incorporate.
I the two countries and of the landing j    Ottawa,   Nov.   14.���An   evidence   of
{of a great Japanese force on the call-  the development cf  the fur farming
.Chiefs   Auto   Smashed   in   Collision
With Street Car���Four Alarms
value be paid In compensation, but
ihls Section was In the minority and
were outnumbered wben It oame to
Queation of Compensation.
The  question  was brought    up    of
compensation and he did not believe
that It was policy to ask for the full
fornla coast, the speaker decluared,
proceed on an assumption that never
would be realized in fact.
"The transportation of an army 5000
miles across the trackless waste of
the Pacific with all the chances of attack upon the troop ships that would
have to carry them," be said. "Is an I _%��
Thomas Foster of CHen Valley, pre-1 amount but for two-thirds of the value,
sided, he being presldenl of thc ss- Mr. Herry aald It wss scarcely fair to
soriat ion and on�� of the members of ask that the tests b�� stopped now
Ihe delegation which vfslted Victoria when the department had been
In the interests of the dairymen through Vancouver island, through the
lt was noticed at the gathering that \ Delta and were now half way through
the big breeders and those owning l.ulu Island, mm hundred cattle hud
larg.- herds of dair> rattle wore satis��� been condemned on Vancouver Island
lied thai in order to have clean herds.; bnt It had cleaned up thp herds.
such sleps as are now being taken by Samuel Smith of Oewdney said that
ih>- government, were made In the .ome of them doubted thai bovine
right direction. These
oul   thai   whereas   ca"l
warily lonk perfectly healthy, examl one of Ihe greatest authorities on the
nation after they had been sltughter- 1 continent, rlsimed that the cow was
ed had often shown them to be unfit; the mother lode of all tuberculosis and
for publlc food. jhad spent one whole year lnvestlgat
Imported Milk. ing thp subject with other experts in
liurlng hls_re marks, Hon. I'rice Kill- the l'nited Slates, He did think, how-
*on reminded the dairymen that they I ever, that the government should al-
li.ul previously gone on record as be- j low the full value of compensation as
Ing in favor of the presenl tests being this was a young province, because
made. Touching upon the Alternation-1 the compensation when spread over
al question, that of importing Wash the whole community would not weigh
ington milk, he said Ihis came within heavily as compared with the great
the trade and commerce regulations hardship it would be to an individual
under control of the Dominion govern-1 farmer losing considerable percentage
ment  and   that   that   was   the   reason jof his herd.
Ihe legislature had passed an enact- j Joseph Thompson, Nijomen, also
ment giving municipalities power to j took the same view. Mr. Hope point-
enforop Ciclr own regulations. led out that his resolution did not ask
('. K. Hope of Langley K-ort, said that; that the testing stop but that when
the farming industry could not stand   the cows re-ncted they should not be
Members   of   United   Mine   Workers
Dlsergan.se CSnssrvaUvs Meeting���Police Called.
indu-try in Eastern Canada Is afforded by the incorporation of the Gaspe
Fur Farmers, Limited, W. A. Capsen
With the flre chief's auto smashed
and no less than four calls there was
considerable work and excitement for
the flre department yesterday. The
most serious affair was a collision between a street car and the little red
auto used by Chief Watson, driven at
of  a   quarter   million   dollars.     The jthe time by Fred Hall.   This happen- ,t.    _,���.���__.���,    ,    , .
'ed   at  T  o'clock  yesterday   morning.\"-e K��vermnent appointees
F. J. Coulthard and George 8. Blakeley
Wlll Represent the Govern
Follow!^ on the selection of Alderman A. E. White by the council to represent the? city on the New Westminster harbor board the announcement
waa raada-)y*st*rday that F. J. Coulthard   and George  8.   Blakeley  were
company proposes to carry on a general ranching business for the breeding of foxes and other fur-bearing anl-
Idle dream  and the Japanese  would
not deal in idle dreams, even lf they
coveted our country, as tbey do not."
Japan a Great Power.
Mr. Taft spoke of Japan as a great
power and said It was for the Interest of civilisation  of the world  Oat
America and its people keep on good
I terms.
Vancouver,    Nov.    14.���Scenes    of.    "They do not insist on pushing them
wild excitement took place tonight ai  selves Into our civilization, their nunc
a meeting addressed by Attorney (Jen   ber    ls    diminishing  In  this country
eral   W.  J.  Bowser  before  the  local j rather than increasing and those wbo
en   pointed Ituberculosis could be communicated to iConservative Association.     There was'are here ought to be treated without
might  out-  the human being, but t)r. Rutherford, j a large sprinkling of the ITnlted Mini j prejudice.   That Is all they ask."
Workers or America present and dur-1    Speaking of the Philippine problem.
lng the course of Mr. Bowser's speech Mr. Taft declared It would take at least
for such severe losses as was likely to
be visited by the enforcement of Unlaw. He mentioned that there were
greater sources of contamination out-
sldo of the milk Itself. He questioned
the reliability of the inti rde-mial lest
and whether the milk of cattle which
weTO Bllghtly affected was Injured by
lho  tuberculin   disease.
John Oliver of thc Helta first asked
whether the government were in possession rt sufficient Information ns to
���whether tuberculosis could be conveyed from an animal to a human being
to justify the government In the methods adopted and If this action was
justifiable,  was  the test   reliable?
at once slaughtered. If the full compensation was allowed a great deal
of tamnerlng with the herd would be
One farmer suggested that the government take possession of all the animals condemned and Isolate them, perhaps even take them up In the dry
belt and endeavor to cure them.
Swallowed Own Words.
Hon. Trice Klllson told the meeting that If they endorsed this resolution they were swallowing their own
words because they themselves had
asked tor the application of the test.
It was on their records as a dairy
association   that  they   welcomed   the
Kven if this uctlon was effective!test. He, ns minister of agriculture,
Mr. Oliver claimed they rere not se-|was not putting It lu force as a poll-
. uring the result aimed at. because, Meal move, because they considered
<-very gallon of milk hy which local* it in the best Interests, not only of tbe
production was  reduced, was replaced I community  at large but the farmer,
by Imported milk from herds, not In
epected so far as they In the government could know.
Acted Hastily.
He charged that the government
had acted hastily and he had heard It
until that tubercle germs In milk could
not be discovered by analysis. He
eaid that the provincial legislation
with regard to the regulation of milk
did not give the municipalities the
powers that was claimed, because
when the provincial act conflicted with
the Dominion the latter act prevailed.
He wondered why Ihe government
wns not conducting this test under
the Dominion regulations when there
���would have becn moro liberal compensation for the animals destroyed and
tbe Dominion would have the power
of controlling the Importation of milk
from Washington.
Mr. Oliver then proposed a resolution requesting the government to stop
the -slaughter and quarantining of
dairy cattle under the tuberculin test
now being made, until a thorough analysis of the milk supply was made
nnd until such time as the government
wns In a position to enforce the same
���conditions upon milk Imported from
tho state of Washington. R. Booth
seconded the resolution.
C. E. Hope then suggested an
amendment that they lust alter that
resolution by Inserting that the action
should be stopned unless full compen
ration was paid.
Reeve Benson of Ladner who has
heen farming for R0 years, recalled
that wben he had a herd ot 4B and tbe
thoy commenced lo sing the red flag
-Questions were hurled at the speaker and he was forced several times
to take hia seat. Eventually he ans
wered his interrogators and the singing and disorder was resumed.
Eventually the police were sent for
and a posse of detectives and uniformed officers put In an appearance at
the hall where the meeting was being
held. The meeting ended amidst
scenes of  disorder.
Property Damage as Result
of Storm on Great Lakes
Is $5,000,000.
One More Boat Reported Loat���Lake
Huron Has Greatest Liat of
too.    They must have clean herds.
Mr. Oliver, he said, thought the clr
cumstances could be satisfactorily met
by a thorough inspection of the milk
but Instanced the case of Mr, Foster,
their chairman, who had recently had
his herd inspected. Mr. Oliver forgot
thn figures, but ssld that tt there were
twenty-two head and two of them were
Infected and tbe milk from the two
that were Infected went Into the same
nail, an Inspection of that milk would
show that there were twenty-two ln
that herd that were ready to be condemned or had tuberculosis. Which
method, he asked, would do the most
With regard to the glanders scare
nf snme years ago, he had lost many
head ot good horses ns the resuVt of
them being condemned and he would
certainly not order the condemnation
without he was thoroughly satisfied
that It was In the hest Interests of all
because ss they knew, It wss the
burned child that dreaded the flre.
There was no comparison with that
supposed care of glanders and the
question of diseased cows that was
now before them. Some ono had
doubtod the statement that there wna
not now a re-actor on Vancouver Island or on the Quit Islands, but It was
true. Ot course he could not say bow
long they could retain that clean bill
of heslth. All the big experts ot the
world declared thla the right thing to
do and the department waa following
tbeir advice In the action being taken,
an action that wm condemned by authorities elsewhere.
two generations for the Filipinos to
become fitted for self-government and
said that for the Americau government to promise any definite Ume to
give them independence was "very
"It would be a failure in duty to
them," he said, "and lt would be a
failure on our part to maintain the
self-respect we ought to have in discharging a responsibility that has
come to us under circumstances we
could not'control and which we are
quite able to discharge with comparatively small effort. We shall make a
serious mistake tf we follow the eloquence of the smooth spoken Filipino
politicians who are looking hungrily
for the exercise ot a power they are
ill-adapted to wield for the benefit of
their own people.
Mr. Tatt expressed the hope that the
present administration would see Its
duty "as we have aeen it who have
been there." to encourage the Filipinos to take as active a part ln the
government as it ia safe to have them
do, but to have them retain a controlling hand while they are In their
tutelage, while they are learning political self restraint and asqulrlng
tho "r'lancte" of self-government," as
p:esii\nt Wilson calls It. .
Eleven Former Members of
Home Building Concern
Released on Bail.
Port Huron. Mich., Nov, 14.���No
further reports of loss of lite in the
greal storm wblch swept the Oreat
Lakes early this week were received today. One more boat waa report-
id wrecked. The steamer Major went
ashore last night off Whlteflsh Point
In Lake Superior, and was abandoned
by her crew, which waa picked up by
a steamer.
Thc loss ot lite among sailors due
to Ihe storm Is estimated tonight at
approximately 286 and the property
loss is figured' at more than f5,000,000.
The property loss Includes a scot*
or more vessels driven on the rocks,
or shore and partially or totally destroyed. One hundred and ninety-five
lives*wcre lost in Lake Huron, if the
mproxlcate figures are correct. 48
lives were lost on Lake Superior, seven
on Lake Michigan and six on Lake
One ot the strangest features ot the
disaster Is the mystery surrounding
tbe Identity of the over-turned vessel
ih Lake Huron, a few milea northeast of hers. A diver went out again
today, hoping to learn the name of the
boat, but high seas again prevented hls
descent. No further details had been
received up to tonight concerning another vessel -it-'eh w-\s today readied
lying bottomslde up aeveral miles
north In Lake Huron.   She may be
New Schedule    New In   Effect
Dates Back t* September 1-
Better Flre Protection.    ,
Charged with Fraudulent Use of the
Mails By Misrepresentation
of Affairs
when answering a call from the residence of Mrs. Lewis, on Dickenson
The heavy auto trucks had swung
clear of the fire hall but the small auto
happened to run out at the time a Sapperton car waa passing, the latter
vehicle crushing the lett wheel to
atoms, damaging the tender add the
frame.    Hall  Was  uninjured.
The second call came at 4 o'clock, a
boy sanding in a call to stations Nos.
2 and 3, when be saw sparks from
the chimney of s house on Regina
street..   No damage was done.
At 7 o'clock last evening a call came
in from Queensboro, stations Nos.
and 5 answering and finding the home
of George SImms ablaze.
Residents nearby greatly assisted
by organizing a bucket brigade until
the arrival of the brigade.
Immediately following this alarm a
call was sent In to No. 1 station to
the effect that a flre was In progress
It is understood that Col. J. D. Taylor, M.P., took up the matter while at
Ottawa and that the appointments
have been approved. On his return
at the tlrst ot the week, however, he
had no announcement to make when
Interviewed hat ��� sine* then haa communicated the nominations to Mayor
Oray wh* gave his instant approval.
The appointments will probably be
gazetted within a week or two following which a secretary will be appointed and the commission will get
down  to * business.
The harbor commission will admin.
ster the affairs of tbe port of New
Westminster from the west end of
Douglas island to deep water in the
gulf. It will also have control of the
south halt of Lulu island, the North
Arm harbor commission having control of the other half.
The commission  will  regulate  the
Owners of property In New Westminster are now reaping the benefit
following the Investigation made hy
the Underwriters' Association some
weeka ago with regard to insurance
ratea aa charged In this city. The
nsw ratea have now. gone Into effect
and all policies made out from September. 1 laat aaa Included In the order thla meaning a saving ranging
trom 5 to 26 per cost
The old rating waa a thorn in the
flesh ot the members of the Board
ot Trade tor aome little Ume, several
metlnga blag held whloh Anally ended
with a meeting feeing called ot tha
underwriters and their expert, who
found that with the additional wator
supply ud storage, the iaeuraaee corn-
pan lea could well afford to make a
reduction In their rates.
While th* saving to property owner* la considered to be th* moat Important point In tka negotiation, th*
remains that N*w Westminster
. -.will be placed in a better tight aa r*��
any one of the missing vowels, but garda ttm protection to the ontatd*
the reports ot her red bottom wonld world. ***** lire tasuraa** oompany
lndloato that sh* Is the Canuthera.   being M_fpll*d wltk tb* n*w rating.
Los Angeles. Cal.. Nov. 14.���Eleven
former officials of the Los Angeles
Investment company, one ot the largest homebuilding concerns in southern
California, wire indicted todsy for alleged fraudulent use of tbe mails, and
released pending trial and further Investigation by the federal
grand jury, on bonds ranging from
$25,000 to $10,000.
The Indictment, a blanket bill charging the defendants with having misrepresented the company's affairs in
statements sent through the mails,
was tbe result ot an investigation
started by postal authorities eeveral
weeks ago wheu tbe price of the concern's stock suddenly slumped and
various reports as to its condition
started a run on the Globe savings
bunk, au affiliated institution.
Charles A. Elder, former president
of tbe compsny. was held ln the largest bail���$25,000. The ten other officers and directors furnished bonds
for $10,000 to $15,000 each. Tbey
were William D. Ueeble, Oeorge M.
Derby, Charles Gsssatt Davis. Henry
D. Rodgers, Charlea L. Bagley, Fred
L. Lowder. Ernest Ingold. A. P.
Thompson, Earl E. Elder and W. Fran
cl* Oates.
When the federal grsnd jury took
charge Of the inveatlgatlon ten daya
ago. Elder and ht* associates resigned and Stoddard J��es, a hanker, D. A.
Hamburger, a merchant, Harry Chandler, capitalist and several other financier* were called ln to tnke charge.
The Globe Saving* Bank was sold to
another Institution.
Tk* grand Jery retted the hook* of
the couacm and several subsidiaries,
and summoned a publlc auditor, who
had provioualy been engaged to *"iV
tha books. Thla auditor's repw
showed apparently that Elder and
soms of hi* associates had approprtat
ed to thems*lv*a Itl.OM shar** of
���tock, tor which no cash wna paid mid
ou whloh they an alleged to hav*
drawn dividends regularly. Dividends
sometimes amounted to as math as
M par mm.
Th* aaditor'a report aleo abowed
a gkaraato* land whtek vaa ad-
sad In Mtoeaturs sent through the
a* having beat wUMlihad fey
____, to iwde*mato*k and pro-
erated. ax* fey th* ���pany, hnt fey
th* tamer ofttoen as a private oon-
___m   and that amlilannus   Ian-ma**
win,  ���^wi   *m&* ..^^.*T*amt*m*   .s***a^aiam
May Ba Refused Admittance.
Ottawa. Nov. 14.���Officials of the
immigration department say Ortte E.
MacManlgal, whose testimony cob-
victed the McNamara brothers of dynamiting the Los Angeles Times
building will not be allowed to enter
Canada. A Montreal despatch s-dps
MacManlgal is on his vnsy to Montreal with the object ot sailing for
Europe from tbat port.
Install 1000 Telephone*.
Edmonton, Nov. 14.���The Telephono department haa received from
San Francisco a car load ot automatic
telephone equipment enough to Install
1000 new telephone*. Practically all
the instruments are spoken for and
thc hew subscribers have been waiting ter tbem tor many montha.
on Queensboro street. No such con-\!et.f toJ* eharged-'/of wharfage and
flagration was discovered and Chief *'UI.,m"e recommendations from time
Watson Is asking questions about the to Ume *** ���*��� Wserpment tor Jm-
oimllarity of names of streets In the P��>/eine��t�� tbey deem necesapjy.
ctty, this latest call probablv conflict- " **- *���**-��� espeeted that aomt. ar-
Ing with that on Lulu island. rangement will be made betsgeen JJ^e
government of the city so that the
commission win bave charge: of tho
waterfront of New Westminster.
The harbor commission waa authorized at the request of tbe city eq it
is expected that this will he done.
fOR INTfllfflttNtt
CoMUtutionalUt Leader De-
atica Only Rafainf of Embargo on Anu. .
Henry Spencer, Who Claim
Many   Murders   Condemned by Jury. ��
Convicted   for   Murdering    Dansiaf
Teachar���Trted to Pr*v* That,
He Wae Insane -*
prill Glv* t-f**** in IMaalMto Hnwta
|�� Wtort Tint* and KstaMlah
' Oriar .
Md to co*v*y tka
that th* s^salWi land
money naUaBjro* deposit in ��
. .df*
MottlM*   BOMftV
going into a MM
with William Bayard
WU-aon'e sgadal **m*m. ********* ������****���
nam* mad* tk* saant agpUett atoll
���ent he **_**_*��***. !_*_?
^*-*rle^*'***   *m**T*-m*-^j*i*_mJW !t^^p*^*W--t :fl^pWW^^n
a*  _   --*"���*-- --
tw mttx *t**ttti
-____.-___. .��*___a____n
vs^tw iv^snenj
... Kov. M-r*
confessed ilanr. i   ""
so* BwrOhTtL      _ .
night wattotuHTgnlltr ot:
a Jury ot Wfe^atlto. a sahnrfe.
The daatk pttaltr was Ba*d hy tk*
Jwr. ,' . '-_.   t-i,.'.,
dpwcw wha arnastod Oet. t, i
_M     *akr     ____T - ���*��� ���     *    -** "���*   ' ** mx*  ������
th* radiant
her to death,
litoedtnto-y a-tar'fcla ams*.
havlag hjtwd Mm. ftaxmai*
*. til. nad- a_uead turn ****** am
r. *****  **tf-*t ,J**-^m-**m   ^m^. ^^*ttw .***
dl-aad lianh attor ha ______ _____s
dantk. �����>��
edla-toly aitar'Ma
ear hagan a. -OMdaanl*
whieh h* daakvad h* I
39 _______________________ m_mt__ t_t ���_______���
ikon��k tftopat)
______!___�� _______i ____*��____
Mov.  14.���Bafot* S 2'S-iS.
������ A
.*# PAOt TWO
An Indettetitten: morning *sp*r denoted to lhr Inter -sts of New IV, ..iimniliT and
tAe Frsser Valley, I'ulilithed svary morning except Sunday bti the National Printing
���Kd Publishing Companv, Z-lmiUd, ���( 03 HcKencis Street, New Westminster, Britiah
Oohcmbla. ROBB BUT HER LAND, Managing Director.
All _ommiinlr_tlon�� should bs addressed to The New Westmfnsttr .Vims, antl not
Se Individual msmbsrs of th* *laff. Olenites, drafts, and monei/ orders shnuld be made
payable lo Th. Sational l'rinting and 1'iitliahlng Oompany, Limited.
TBLBPBONBB���.(-wisest Office and Manager, SUS; Kditnrial Unnnis lall drpurt-
���MKt*),   ttl.
SVBSCltll'TION RATBB���By carrier, 14 per near, $1 for three months, 40o per
month    Uu mail. 19 tier year, tie per month.
ADVKRTlSINtl RATBB on application.
Tho social service commision at Victoria has taken up
a good work in endeavoring to assist those mothers who
have to leave home to earn their daily bread to such an extent that they may remain with their families.
The old fashioned rule for children, "in before dark,"
seems to have gone out of fashion and in many homes it
really reads, "in before daylight." No excuse can be offered for these parents who have the time to spend with
their children and don't, but there is a hard problem facing the widowed mother, who must earn bread for the
family and bring the little folk up as well. It is at this
point the social service commission is able to render the
necessary help.
The commission has gone to work on the basis that an
early training along the right lines will have its effect on
the children. Many of them will break loose and travel
backwards when they first reach maturity, but if they
have been loaded with a good cargo at the start of the voyage through life, they will make port all right and in time
to in part repay careful parents for a proper upbringing.
For the love of Mike, Woodrow, swat the Mexican fly.
Engineer Back From Burma Speaks of
Possibilities of the
Victoria, Nov. il. From tbe reaches ui tin- iiiiwiiil'l, in Burma, wbere
lbe lias been tagaged lu the Importani
oil fields of that district, C. M. Russell
arrived on the Mexico Maru this morn-
ling, en route to Tinoiiiu. Mr. Russell
lias been engaged tor a large company
| at Yenapsyoung, half way between
Rangoon and Mandalay, ami .-ays that
iiu> possibilities of tin- oil Industry in
Burma have not yet bean fully appro-
lotatsd, important a�� the undertaking
| lias already become, Labor is very
cheap, ami twelve men cen he employed iih'i'i' where two would bavs t"
! suffice for drill work In California, lie
The   product   Is   floated   down   tin-
'river to Rangoon for shipment and Its
possibilities in view of tlu- great Increase in Hie consumption of fuel oil,
have yet to be appreciated, be declares. Tbe demand is increasing for
petroleum products and the Burmese
oil has all the neoessary Qualities to
secure its adaptation to the various
necessities of industrial enterprise.
The Industrial development of the
I peninsula   Is   slow,   ho   says,   uiul   tin
I mineral resources have as yet been
scarcely examined,   Transportation li
j mainly by way of the rivers still, although there arc two railways, from
Rangoon north to Mandalay, and tn
I Promo, on the irawiuli.
Mr. Russell is not certain whether
.lie will return to Uurnia yet. The
terms offered by ths mining operators
to Biiperintpnili'iits are jtood. lie says,
i but be points out tb.it a wblte man
i funis it difficult to retain bis kooiI
; health during contintiiious residence
in a semi-tropical country.
When a bank fails some people say it has gone under
and others remark that it has gone up. However, they all
admit that it has gone broke.
The number of farmers in British Columbia is increasing, so official statistics show. That's as good news
as the most exacting of us could wish for.
An Idaho man has had a chunk of silver substituted
for a piece of diseased bone in his leg. He'll have to take
off more than his sock to get at his hoard.
A Chinaman named Chu has been arrested with an
idea in his head to kill President Yuan Shi Kai of the oriental republic. When Yuan gets through with poor Mister
Chu the latter will look like the way his name sounds.
William Jennings Bryan's grape juice dodge hasn't
gone down with the anti-saloon folks in the United States
any more than the grape juice went down with a lot of
people he tried it on.
To be a soldier in the French army you've got to wear
a moustache. The qualifications have changed since Napoleon's time, when the principal requirements were ability to shoot straight and cut hard with the sabre.
The heir of the Russian throne is reported to have
but six months to live. The little fellow has general sympathy, but if he dies he'll be spared a whole lot of trouble.
Being czar in Russia is something like trying to sit on a
red hot stove with nothing on but a smile.
fha   Tenderfoot  Wss Anxious to Oet
ths Full Particulars.
An Idaho guide whose services were
rehilneil by some wealthy young east-
erners desirous of bunting in tbo northwest evidently took them to lie liin
greenest of tenderfoots, since be uu-
dertouk  to rliulT tbem  with a  recital
something as follows:
"It  was  my  first Krtzzly, so  I   was
mighty proud in kill hlm In n baud tu
kiiuil struggle. We started to figbl
about sunrise When he linally govs
Up llle ghost the sun was going down."
At tliis point the guide paused to
note tin- effect of his story, Not u
word was salil by the easterners, so
the guide added very slowly, "for the
second time."
"I gnther, tben." said one young gentleman, a dapper utile Bostonlun, "thai
it required o period er two days to
enable you tn dispose of that gristly."
"Twn days uiul a nlgbt." said tits
guide, wllh n grin. 'That grizzly died
mighty hard."
"Choked to death?" nsked tho Ito*
"Yes. sir." snld the guide.
"Pardon tne." continued the iiubiiite,
"but what did yuu try to get hiui te
swallow?"���I. Ipplncott's.
Human  Problem   In   English  Court  in
Shape of Nineteen-Year Old
have nothing In our civilization to
meet the craving of these wild young
people for adventure, ami the result
is that they fall foul of the laws that
bind civilization."
In Un- opinion of a mental expert the
disease dues not generaly become permanent, but passes off after a few
years. "There is no doubt thut it is
a disease," he said. "T'ie brain ia unevenly developed, and any medical
diagnosis that recommends a strict
discipline is lining the best thing possible under the circumstances. The
victims are dangers to themselves and
Bhould lie protected from themselves."
Brantford, Nov. 14 The semi-annual district meeting of the 1. 0. O. F
was held in Brantford, Membership
figures showed 1,677 Ckkl Fellows lu
the lodges of tbe district, and that the
order i.s steadily increasing. In placi
of holding a school of instruction in
degree work for the district. It was
decided to bear the traveling expenses
of degree teams visiting other lodges
In connection with tlie proposed
new temple it was decided lo apply
for a charter under the name of the
Odd Fellows' Temple, Limited, tlie
j capital to lie $90,000, divided intu
shares of $20 each. It is proposed ti
build next fall on the lot which hay
been purchased on tlie corner of Ne!
son and Market streets, and il is ex
pect the new building will earn dividends frum near tlie commencsmen
of its use, as accommodation fur ten
ants will be provided.
Shocking Offence. Y' Know.
London, Nov. 14.���Fredfl Graham, ol ,
Oastleton road,  \ctnn. wan fined   _'��   i
or three months' imprisonment in the
-. cond   division,   at   Westminster   po-1
lice   court   yesterday   for     assaulting
the police.    For tlie prosecution it was
stated   that   the   police   was   keeping I
back the crowd for Mr. l.loyd (ieorge'
to leave Westminster chapel on Tuesday night, after he had addressed a
BaptiBl   meeting,   when   the    accused
threw  sunn-  preparation    nf    pepper,
which  partially blinded  an  inspector.
The magistrate remarked that it was
'. shocking offence.
Sir   Francis  Drake Still  a  Terror.
Nu public monument is needed t"
keep alive among Mexicans the mem
ory nt Sir Francis Drake's exploit*
It; Centrnl nml South Amerli-n. Trnv
eling In Mexico a few years ago Mr
Kdward Smith records that he "heard
a womttu cnlniliig a tempestuous child
Ii.v saying. 'Alii vicne liriikel' (Hen-
cuiiies Dnikeli I made minute Impii
rifs nud found Hint It is a common
threat to children on the Mel lean
coast, like unto 'Bony will get you:' oi
The Bluck Douglas shall get yuu:
Fancy people still living In terror ut
seeing Drake's topsails on lbe burl
tun."��� I-induti Chronicle.
In London Clubland,
lu snme of tbe ultra exclusive clubs,
says the Loudon Tatlcr, it Is u serious
breach of etiquette for one member to
speak to another without Obtaining a
ceremonious Introduction beforehand.
A painful case has Just occurred in a
certain eld established and extremely
respectable Pull Mall caravansary,   lt
appears that a newly jnlned member
In cnbous detiance of custom ventured
the other afternoon to make a remark
about the weather to a gentleman wllb
whom lie wns net personally acquainted. Tbe recipient of this outrage
glared stonily at its perpetrator,
"Did you presume to address me,
sir'/" lie demanded, with uu nwful
"Yes. I did." was tlle defiant reply.
"I snld it was n Hue d.iy."   Tlie ntbei
digested tin- observation thoughtfully.
Then, nfter an impressive pause, bo
turned to Its bold exponent. "Well,
pray don't let lt occur again." he remarked as be buried bbnself once more
In bis paper.
Oakvllle, Out., Nov. 14. The town
hall here has been destroyed by flre.
tbe origin uf wlllch is unknown.    The
damage amounts to 110.000,   Ail that
lis left of tlie building, which was
erected in IKli'i, and now undergoing
extensive Vepairts, are the main  por-
'tliuiK of three sides, whicli threaten
to topple over at  any  minute.
The conflagration originated In the
northeast corner of the building, away
from Ihe furnace and fires. I'ol. H.
]S. Wlnileycr, who resides near by. was
awakened by two tramps who had
[been previously Incarcerated In the
j town hall cells, and the three meu
I managed   to  rescue  the   flre  fighting
apparatus from the flames.   By the
'time tiie brigade was up.in  the scene
the fire had gained considerable bead-
way, and to make matters worse the
|water pressure was not sufficient to
I carry the water to the first flour un
til about an hour later, when the build
lng and contents wen- destroyed.
Owing to the fact that the town's
j books are  kept  at   the  police  station
on till1 Lake shore road there was nu
[loss   111   this   respect,   hut    St    Judo's
Sunday school, which bad rented the
j building pending the completion uf Its
[new school building, suffered tlie luss
of  Its  books, chairs umi   piano.    The
building Itself  was  covered  by  Insnr
Montreal,   Nov.   14. -Suicide     while
suffering from despondency    Induoed
Iby the knowledge that be was slowly
(going blind, as the decision of Acting
Coroner Blron, in the case of Qeorge
j ('harland..  30,  of 677  St.    Domloque
I street, who died Wednesday night on
jthe   way   to  the  hospital   after   being
j removed from  bis ruoni  in an  uncon-
! scions condition due to   asphyxiation.
('harland   was   an   ex constable   of
| tlie local force, but severed his    con-
nsctton wlthtbe police a year ago, owing tn failing eyesight.    On several oc-
'.'islons since ('harland   bus appeared
rery melancholy.
Last   night   some one at  his  home
noticed  a smell of escaping gas, and
upon going to his room found the jet
turned un und ('harland  unconscious.
Assistance  was  summoned  from  the
il'ity   Hall   avenue  police  station,  and
i although the officers endeavored tn re-
i vive the man, be was beyond all  aid
laud died on his way to tlie general bos-
Thla is the third case of asphyxiation Investigated by the coroner with-
! in two days.
Lease Extremely Moderate.    For
further particulars apply
1 ' i
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street C. S. Keith, Manager
We Are Opticians
Exclusively- -
Lens grinding done on the premises, means expert service nml a
saving of time fur yuu. Have yuur eyes examined, lenses ground
and glasses fitted, ull In our establishment.
Refracting  and   Manufacturing   Opticians.
40  Sixth  St.
A Knocker That Meant Lift.
So cruel were some of the punishments meted out tn criminals iu England centuries ago (hat it wns small
wonder tha poor wretches claimed tbe
"right of sanctuary." if they reached
a church or some other privileged place
tbe law could not touch them. A curious relic lu connection with this custom exists today In the form uf 'bo
quaint knocker on the door uf Durham
cathedral. The applicant bavlng hammered nt thp portal, one of the persons
Inside would inspect him through tss
eyes of thc copper mask above tho
knocker and after due parley would
admit the frichteiiMl criminal.
Why Do Women Suffer
Whbn Th.y Coui* Be Well?
It is so easy to be well and strong and
able to enjoy life, that it is surprising
bow many women drag thetnselvei
tli rough tlie day suffering tortures from
lume back due to kidney
trouble. Mrs. Wilcox
found the way to cure
herself snd gladly writes
about it so that others
may bc induced to use
the same remedy.
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
;401   Columbia   St
t.lnnolurt,., tiiirmiiuy Hml Mnglng. Pupils Bucoessfuly prepSred fur exiimlmc-
tlun In It. A   M. mul II. ('. M   Fur teem-.
sptdy f,u3 'mini avanus
riaiinl.,1 u-.   _4_   K-i'itry   Hi.,   N��-w   Wcst-
Concerning custard) or "custad." aa
it was foiuierly colled, H was a com
mon joke nt civic feasts tn Knglnnd In
ttie otilen time to place an enormous
custnrd In the middle of tbs table. Into
which nt some Btage of tiie proceedings
tbe clown Unexpectedly Jumped. Ben
Jonson uses the term "custurd leap
jack" of one wbo "In tall of a sheriff's
dinner" took "bis nlniain lenp Into a
custard" to "make my lady mayoress
and her sisters lough*all tbelr hoods
over their shoulders."
Wanted No Jealousy.
Little Loin bad received n doll and a
kitten among ber birthday presents.
"Wblcb do you like best, your kitten
or your doll?" asked ber mother.
Lola wenLovtr uud whispered ln her
mother's ear. "1 like dollle best, but
ulensa don't tell kitty."���Chicago News
The Writers.
P.O. Box S4 Dally News Bldg
of all kinds.
Prices right.    SatIsfset ion guaranteed
it MeKsntla SL
ml   l.i   It. Ill, Hoom '.'.  li.nt
P. II   Hmlth. W   J   Gi-.ii-.-a_
, Work   tiii.l.*.*t..k -ii    In    city    hii I    out-.!,)*
points.   -n-12   WMImlnai, r   Tiuat   ning
' I'hone   Ut.     P.   O.   Box   607.
London, Nov, 14. The Highgate
magistrates yesterday mado another
attempt to s olve the human problem
In  the form Of  Nellie Robertson,  the
attractive-looking ��iri of nineteen
years, who is apparently unmanageable) and, though having a good character, has got Into trouble on mure
than one occasion, generally fur wandering without means. Thu charge
against her is that she failed to observe the conditions of her recognisances when Bhe was bound over for
twelve months on promising to lead
an honest and Industrious life.
"We don't know what to do with
' you," said the chairman. Walter Reynolds, when the girl intimated that she
had nothing to say in reply to the evidence. Her actions, Mr. Reynolds ob-
���served, seemed to be those of a girl
Who was not <|tiite right, and she
���would bs remanded In custody for a
week In order that the prison doctor
might keep her under observation.
"He won't get a chance," said the girl
as she was marched off to the cells.
"Cases   like   these,"   nald   a     police
court missionary to a press representative yesterday, "crop up occasional-1
ly, but one finds this peculiar temperament  more often   In  boys    than     In
Klrls.    It is tho rebellion of their spirits agalnsl the strict discipline of life,
and  accompanying it Is always    tbe
'wanderlust.'-    Mosl l.v   I   have     found
that, this form of Insanity���-for It Is a
species   of   insanity    attacks   its   vlo-
-.tlms between  the ag.'H of  16 and  24,
""���'nd  the cases are very hard  to deal
with.   We havo no organization wblcb
���will-satisfy tbelr demands. As B rule
the victims tire not willingly bad. They
are-merely without restraint. One boy
���Who was some years ago described as
Incorrigible  vt*h*  sent  to  sea   and   lj
now doing well* tn, tbe merchant service. In the case ot girls the problem
has  to  bo    tackled    differently,    nf
course, but tbe real fact Is tbat we
London, Nov 14. Exciting scenes
were witnessed at a fir.* whicb broke
CUl on the top floor of ths offices of
thc Bunday school union. Old Halley.
three women and a man being rescued
from the third floor of the burning
building! amid the cheers of a lurge
crowd. The flre broke out on the top
fltKir of the offices, which are In a
large stone-fronted building, th.*
ground floor being occupied by dining-
rooms, and the alarm was quickly given. A Dumber of fire engines and escapes arrived within a few minutes.
but it took the ni"n an hour and a halt
to subdue the flames. The members
n? the stuff in the various offices were
able, to make their escape before the
flames obtained a hold. A number of
rescues were effected by employees of
John Dickinson i'i Co., wholesale paper merchants, who brought the firm's
private escape Into use. Tlie rescued
pi ople stated thai they endeavored to
escape by the staircase, hut were driven back by blinding smoke.
Th" firemen had great difficulty in
dealing with the outbreak, which apparently originated somewhere in the
centre of tl.e building. A vigorous attack on the flam's was made from the
front, but with little avail, and with
considerable difficulty an escape wan
run under a narrow archway Into I'ru
jean square, on in which the building
abuts In tho rear. From thin fresh
point of vantage the firemen again gol
to work, Jilt with little better result
Within a short time huge volumes of
black smoke began to pour out of the
liig front windows, growing denser
every mlnuto as the fire apparently
burnt its way towards the fronl of tlie
building. Within a short time the narrow street was filled with the blinding smoke, which cons'derably hampered the flreu.i :i In their work.
"Everything tbst Is lovely reminds
lne of vou." he fervently declared
"It Is nice of you to sny tliat," she
replied. "I bops yuu see a great many
lovely things "
"I wish I did, but this Is such a
dreary, dismal place, don't you know."
���Chicago Record Herald.
Medical Advice.
"Doctor, huw enn 1 prevent my hns
bund from talking In hls sleep7*
"Well, yon might try giving him a
few   opportunities   lu   tbe  daytime."���
Pittsburgh I'osL
Only to Be Expected,
Tho OptlinlRt-l henr Brownsmltb Is
going to be married.    The Pessimist���
Serves   bim   rlgliL     I   never   did   .iss
that fellow.-I.ljm!"->-''.-
Romsln Rolland. to whom the grand
literary prize has Just been awarded
by tbe French academy, Is well known
as a playwright novelist and historical
writer. The amount of tbe award ts
Algernon Blackwood, son of Sir Arthur Blackwood nnd the Duchess nf
Manchester, Is one of the newer authors wbo bnve hnd varied experience,
lie was n newspaper man In New
York, farmed and mined In Canada
sml conducted n hotel, lie hns also
been In the dried milk busluess. In
_D0<i be began writing books.
Krjtu Emma Glehrlof Munich, daughter of a f.inner Bavarian finance minister, recently celebrated n reinnrkublo
Jubilee. I'nr nft,/ yenrs she bus not left
her sickbed, anil to forget ber suffer*
ings and to gi,e pleasure to otber people she litis luring this period wr (ten
stories of mystery and ed'ICil-Oar.l
works. Her books for women aud iu-
valids form quite n library.
lite  I.OKRAIKR.
"During the last winter, I was bothered
very much with a Weak Hack. I was
advised by a friend to try GIN PII.I.S
.mil I did. The first box I found helped
me vciy mucb and I found when I had
taken tlie second, I was completely
cured." Mus. P. WILCOX.
II GIN PII.I.S do not do all that we
Say tbey will ���let us know, snd we will
cheerfully refund you your money. Send
fur 8 free sample and see for yourself
lhat they will do you good. Then buy
the regular boxes at your dealers���50c.,
6 for f 2. 50. 202
National Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited Toronto.
D. D. D. Opens New Era
in Cure of Skin Disease
Mr. Corns' case of eczema was
known to almost every hospital and
physician of reputation throughout
the city of Toronto. His letter is another interesting demonstration of
what is being accomplished by tbe
famous specific D. D. D. prescription.
'I will consider it a favcr if you will
allow me to add my testimonials to
the many hundreds you no doubt,
have In praise of the great cureB effected by the D I). I). Prescription.
I was a suffered fur two years with
eczema on tlie lens and ankles. I tried
'three or four different doctors and
none of them did me any good. I got
tired of trying tlieir remedies.    I then
I went to a skin specialist but he wan
no better than  they.
I secured a trial bottle of D. D. D.
and   lt  did   me  to  much   good  that. I'
sent for a dollar bottle, also a cake
of soap. That is all I used, und 1
am perfectly well, ��Yoit are at lib.id*
to uv ��� ��� name for 1 ccnsldi r I), li D
the best remedy iii use." I. w. CORNS
21 Givenn St., Toronto. Can.
Ask any druggist today for D.D.D
Prescription, He'll tell yon 'I nllav
the itch Instantly���and aoon then- nr'
signs of curt'.
We have handled the remedv foi
years and regard it ar, the speotflo fo:
skin troubles or all binds, Come In 01
nsk us about D. D. D. Prosorlptlon
also about D. D. D ninu especially
for tender skin..
We 1 ff. r tho find full Bize bottle
on the guarantee that mips-? It stopr
the Itch at once, It *o��t<i you not e
r.Yed.T*" T. 1'ill. ti-v*r\'.'t, Nov;
Wrn-   '��� ���'���>���
When you take your
Eastern Trip
you may as well travel in com fori
and at minimum cost. We can provi
this.   Call on
B. OOULET, Agent
New Westuiltisi'
ll,  W. UltODIB. Q,  P.  A.. Vancouvei
COAI. MININO rl(hts of lhe Domlnlo.
tn Manitoba. HaAkatcht-wan ami Alberts
ihe niton Territory, the Nuriliwi-st Tsr
rltorles and In u portion of the 1'runlnc
of British Columbia, may be leased for 1
term of iw,-u��> .ni.* years at an annua
rental of f I an acre. Not mole than lit
acrea wlll be l-e-M-d to on*i .11*1 il.-.int.
Application for a lease must be mad
by tbe applicant In person to the Af'in
or Sui, Agent or Ihe district tn which tb
rtglita applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must b
il.-acrltied by sectlgns, or I'-kiiI sub-dlvt
slims of seetioris. and In unaurveyed tei
ritory the tract applied for shall b
staked out by the applicant himself.
Km-h application must be accompan!-**
by a fee of ���'< wlilch will be refunded t
di" rights applied for are nol Available
iuil not otherwise. A royally shall b-
nald on the -merchantable output of tb.
mine tit the rata of five centa por ton.
Tbe person operatlnic tbe mine shal
furnlHh the Agent with sworn return
accounting for tlie full quantity of mer
chunlnbh.' coal mined and pay the roy
I ally thereon, lf the coal mining right
are not lielng 1.[.erated aueh returnsahoul*
lie furnished bt least once a year.
The lease wlll Include tlie c*al minim
rights only, but the leasee wlll be per
mltted to purchase whatever avallabt
surface rights may be considered neces
sary fnr lbe working of the mine at tb
rate of 110 an acre.
For full Infor nation application ahoub
be mnde to the Secretary of the Depart
ment of tbe Interior, (Ittawa. or to an:
Agent or Hub-Agent of Dominion Landa
Deputy lllnlater of tbe Interior.
N. n ���IJnauthorlied publication of thb
���dvcrtlaement will not be paid for.
mini;   l-higlmers,    l.omi   M.'t.   meeta   It.
l-ii.oi*  Temple every  first    and    tlm>s
Tliuraday of tie- month. It   Mcl.augt.iin.
prealdent     W.   C.   Kuundera,    n-creury,  Sfti
P. O. Hox (IS,
It. A P. O tit Etka of the ll of C. meet
the flrat and third Thuraduy at H p. m .
K. of P. Hall. Klghth etreet. A Well*
Gray, Exulted Ruler; P. H. Kmlth. Secretary
I L O. O M��� NO. HB�����MICKIS OM
first, aecond. third and fourth Wednesday In each month at 8 p. m...
Ill the M.i ������.-��� Hume. II. J. l.i.imy.
dictator; K. E. .Innes, eeereiaty.
HeHd'Uiarters of len),-,- lu See limine,,
corner of Fourth and Carnarvon ���tr-a-st*.
t. O. O. F. AMITT LODOB NO. 17���Tb*
regular meeting of Amitv lodge No.
17, I. O. O. !���'.. ta held ev> rv Monday
nighl at �� o'clock In Odd Fallows' Hall
corner Carnarvon and Ktghth street*.
Vlalllng brethern <*... .Il.illv Invited
R. A. Merrlthew, N.O ; II w. Bangstsr.
v. a.; w. c. Coatham, P. Q��� reoord
Ing secretary- J.  W.  Miu'Ii.iiihIiI, financial aecreury.
Transfer Co.
Office Phene 1IS.     Barn Phene II'
Begbls atreet.
Baggaae Dslliered Promptly te
any part of the elty.
Light and Heavy Hauling
���. D. D. Prsscrlptlcn���for 15 Years��� :':.���: P'-
S'".fn R-mc-lv
(Subject to change without notice)
Sundiiy schedule���Trains leave New WeBtmlnster at 6, 7, 7:30, 8,
X:30 and II a.m., nnd every lib minutes    thereafter    until    8:?,0    p.m.
Arter X:i!0 service every 30  minutes   with   last  car  leaving  at   midnight,
Week dny schedule���Trains leave New Westminster at 5, 5:4T.. B,
6:16, O.ilO, 0:45, 7, 7:15, 7:30, 7;45 and 8 a.m., and every 20 minutes
until -1 p.m.. Frnm 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. a 15 minute service will be
Klvr-n. After 8:30 p.m. a 30 minute Hervlco with last car ut midnight
Saturday service���Karly morning schedule the snme as on weekdays, but after 8 a.m., a 15 minute service will bo given until mid-
Through trains for Chllllwack leavo New Wesiminster daily ut
!t:30 a.m. antl 1:10, 3:35 and 5:45 p.m.. Trains leave Chllllwack tlnlly
for return trip at 6:10 am. and 9:30 a.m. and 1:10 nnd 5:45 p.m.
Dully Kxpress servico to Chllllwack from New Westminster at 9:50
a.m. and 3:35 p.m.
W   B. FALES���Pioneer Funeral nireciot
and   Er"liillmer.    Hi IIS    Agi.ea   atreet,
oppoal.., Carnegie Library. ���*,
ter A Hnnnii, Ltd.)--���Funeral dlreolort
and embnlmera. Parlors 4"*, Columbia
street.    New   Weatmlnater.    Phone   SSI.
aler Board of Trade meeta In the tKiarO
roam, City Hall, aa follows: Third Friday of each month; muirt>-r!y meetta-p
on tbe third l-rl.lny or r,l,ruary, May.
Auguat and November i.t H p.m. Annual ineetlnga nn the third V'rlilay of
February. (.'. H. Htuart Wade.
Sale, Ileeda. IliiHlueaa I., item. ete.; Circular wmk HiHTiiillHl. All work atrlcily
confidential. II. Harry, room 418 West-
mliiHler Truat  Hlk.    I'hi.ni, 102.
rlHter., Knllt'ltora. etc. 40 Ijirne Street,
New Weatmlnater. cl. E. Corbould, IC
C.    1. U. Grant.    A. K. MeColl.
nt Iuw. Solicitor, ete. Solicitor for ther
Bank of k ancouver. (irrices: Mer-
Cluinti Hunk Building, New Wi-gtmlna-
lei*. B.C. Telephone No, 1070. Cable--
address "Juliiiston." Code Weateri��-
W,   F.
.  ete..  <
r  lllni-k,
101,1  M
e RtreetH
���;-.    Ill'
O,   llox
wnrnwinii,   eomondh a  wh_t__-%
side ��� Barristers nnd Solicitor!, West-
minuter Trust Blk., Columbia atmet.
New Weatmlnater, B. C. Cable addrear
"Whltealde," Western Union. P. <*���
Drawer 200. Telephone tl, W. /.
WldtiHlde. K. C. i H. L. Edmonds, IX
J. HTILWEM. CLUTH. Barrlater-at-ls��.
solicitor, etn. i oorner Columbia as*
McKensle streeta. New Weatmlnater.
B. C.   P. O. Boa Ul.    Telephone   Tt*
Solicitor    and    Notary.    Offloea     Har*''
block, 28 Lotus   atreet, Naw Waatml*-
���ter, B, C.
Barristers and  Solicitors.   (01  to (If*
Weatmlnater Truat Bloak.   a. D. Martin. W. o. McQuarrie   and Oeorgs I*
Cassady. *_______________""." -_���_________���
THEM.W vYi-.ai_yiiAsiii.lt NJtWs.
In order to encourage Early Shopping this year, we are commencing on Saturday the Greatest Sale of Holiday Goods ever held in the city.. We are reducing all our China, Dinnerware, Dolls,
Toys, Brushes and comb Sets, Dressing Cases, in fact everything in the store with the exception of Columbia Graphophones and Records.. The following will show you the heavy reductions we
have made, and as our sale will only last TWO WEEKS, you had better commence buying early.   SEE SOME OF OUR PRICES:
Regular $6.fi0. Sale price .... $4-25
Itegular $6.7$. Sale price .... $4.25
Chocolate   Sets,   regular   $11.00.   Sale
price       , $7.95
Chocolate   Sets;   regular   $10.50.   Salo
price       $7.50
All   other   China   reduced    HO     per
cent  and  over.
Travelling Cases
Itegular $16.00 for   $9.50
Itegular $11.50 for    $7.00
ItegulBr $7.00 for     $3.75
Itegular $2.50  for     $1.65
Xmas Stationery
Regular 55c. per box for   45c.
Itegular 75c for, per box     55-
Ilegular 25c for, per box     20:
Large  boxea 20 per cent, discount.
Magic Lanterns
Regular (9.50 for     $6.00
Itegular $1.50 for     $1.03
Regular $1.00 for       65c
Regular $2.50 for     $1.40
Ionian 97 Piece
Dining Sets
Regular    $20.00.      Sale    price  $13.75
White and gold Clover I_eaf Sets;
regular   $11.00.    Sale   price    $8.75
All   other  sets  reduced.
Special  Mechanical Train;  reg.
$5.50.     Sale  price       $3.00
Regular  85c.    Sale price   . .70c
Regular $2.00.   Sale price $1.K\
Dressed Dolls All Reduced
Regular Sic  for    60:.
Itegular   $1.40   for       95c
Regular  $1.10   for    65c
Regular C5c  for    45c
and  hundreds of oilier  prices, all  re
duced from 20 to 50 per cent.
Big Cuts in Fancy Goods
Manicure Seta, regular $5.50 for   $2,75
.Manicure Seta, regular $2.50 for     1.50
Sewing Seta, regular $4.00, for        2.25
Sewing SetB.regular $7.00. for  350
Brush and Comb Sets, regular $4.50 for .'. 2.50
Brulb and Comb Sets, regular $7.00 for   4.25
Hi usi) and Cum!) Sem, regular $12 for  6.95
Christmas Post Cards, each  lc.
Games of all kinds at 20 to 50 per cent discount.
Brass Candlesticks, Photo Frames, at 25 per cent
The above will give you an idea of a very few of our sale prices. Thousands of other articles equally reduced. We invite you to inspect our prices and also to buy early and get best choice. Terms of sale, Cash.
Goods Delivered in City Free.
Regular 30c.  Sale price  ..   25c
Henty Books
I Reg. 65c, sale price  50c.
Toy Books for children 25 per
cent, discount.
Sir George Wombwell'* Death at Age
of 81 Was Rergretted by
Many.    ___
There was much regret In England
recently over the announcement of the .
death of Sir (ieorge Wombwell, Hart..
Which occurred at Newbnrgh, Priory,
Coxwold,  North  Yorkshire.
Sir (ieorge. who was 81 years of age,
acted aa a galloper to Ix>rd Cardigan
in the Crimea, and waa the last surviving officer who took part In the charge
fo tne Light Brigade. He was taken
prlaoner then, but escaped on the J
charger of a Itussian soldier.
This was  not hla only  narrow  escape.   While hunting In Yorkshire not
mnny years afterwards, he was being
ferried across a river with the master
of thc hounds, the huntsman, and several members of the hunt, when the
ferryboat capsized In i.oep water.    A
Btrong current .was running, and the
ma-ftcr nnd several of his friends were*,
drowned, but Sir Oeorge managed to.
gel from under the boat and scramble
on Its bottom, and was almost the solitary survlver of the patry.
The Old Uniform.
Sir (ieorgo kept the uniform which
he wore in thc famous charge ln a case
ut Newburgh Priory, and In hls private diary which he kept during the
eleven months he served In the Crimea he wrote:
"An order In writing eame down
from Ixml Raglan telling us to attack
some guns which were firing at us. Off
we went at a trot when suddenly a
tremendous flre opened on ut, killing
poor Nolan of the Fifteenth Hussars,
who brought the order down.
"We charged up to the guns, which
kept firing at us until we got up to
them, and cut the Itussian gunners
down as they stood at their guns. The
way tho showers of grape and cannls-
ter, musketry ahot and shells came
among ���us was something too awful to
"The men were falling In heap* all
round me and every time I looked up
1 could see our lines getting thinner,
till hy the time we passed tbe guns
aud got up to the third line Russian
cavalry we were but a mere handful.
"My horse was ihot under me. In
what place I know not, but down he
After being taken prisoner and escaping hick to tho British lines, Sir
tleorire Wombwell wss welcomed by
ine Duke of Cambridge, who afterwards became his cloee personal
friend, and visited blm annually for
the shooting at Newburgh, where the
late King Bdward, when Prince of
Wales, alio visited several times.
Major Pendtnnlt.
Sir Oeorge was often described as
the Malor Pendennls of our day, and
wu envied my many for the skill of
tils tailor ond the way he wore his
clothes. Until quit* recently (up to
1.1s lait ailment, In tact) he was hale
ami vigorous and declared that if called upon again to ride Into "the Valley
of Denth" he could undertake it aa he
dM over fifty yeara ago.
A good utory la told of Sir (Ieorge In
connection with the examination for
his army comi.iIkBlon. He waa asked
by his examiners something about
Tlmbuctoo, but, betraying absolute
igni ranee, waa plowed.
Some  time afterwards he met    hia
friind.   tiie   Ihen   conimander-ln-chlef.
Where la Tlmbuctoo?" he anked.
"Upon my life, I don't know," waa
tlu  reply.
"Well, I think It'a an awful shame
that 1 nhould be spilled over a i,uea-
tlon wlilch tiie commander in-chief
caul answer"
Two  8on�� Died.
He marrlc' a daughter of the aixth
Earl of Jersey, and tliey had two sons.
One of them died a'. Meerut, In India,
In 1889. and tbe s< o .'id died of enteric
at Vryberg, while on active service In
the South African war. The heir to
the baronetcy is Captain Henry Herbert Wombwell, who is In hls 73rd
year. He waa married for the third
time at the age of 62 to the Hon. Myrtle Mostyn, sister of Lord Vauv, of
Harrowden. His first wife was the
celebrated actreaa and dancer, Mlsa
Fanny Josephs, who flrat appeared at
Sadler's Wells In 1860.
Newburgh Priory, the family seat,
was nn old Yorkshire monastery, nnd
wna turned Into a country house at
the time of the reformation. It Is
noted for Its collection of Cromwelllan
relics, and there is a legend that the
grest protector's body Is walled nip at
the top of aome stairs. The family
has always refused to test the truth
of the legend.
Went There to Steal.
Seattle, Nov. 14.���Charlea Hutton,
of Taenia, 18 years old. confessed to
the police last night that he had committed two small burglaries In thla
city during the past three day* His
loot consisted of some saws stolon
from tbe Washington Saw Works and
a check-stamping machine. A warehouse was also entered. When arrested by Patrolmen W. J. Landers
and ft. S. Kendall, Hutton had part of
the plunder in hie possession. He told
the oAcers he and another youth came
here from Tacoma early this week for
tbe purpoae of committing a number
ot burglaries. His companion has not
been located. Hutton la held at the
city lall on an open charge.
At Thlnl avenue and Pine street.
! Vails motorcycle skidded from under
I him, Vail striking the tracks within
.twenty-five feet of an approaching car.
The motorman applied the emergency
brakes and Vail jumped to bla feet
i barely in time to escape being crush-
jed beneath the wheels. Again he
I boarded the motorcycle and darted
i awa/.
Policeman Ponlan pursuing the fu-
i gitlve In a small roadster was rapidly
losing ground In the race when a high-
i power tcurltig ca�� came nlong and the j
, driver invited the officer to get aboard. |
Ponlan did. Then the race began In ���
I earnest, motorcycle and automobile | Fait London
I doing better than forty milea an hour.
At Ninth avenue and Virginia Btreet.
Vail turned Into a yard and attempted
to hide behind a houae. but was located and taken to lall. He was re-
leastd upon furnishing $25 bail.
At headquarters Vail explained that
he misunderstood the policeman's signal.
it happened that the federal detective j Hopkins with the remark:  "I am sat-
was ln the city traveling in the same., isfied that there Is no reason for any
direction.    Ho immediately undertook I penalty."    The accused, Francis Jek-
to make It a special task to keep his  yll. aged 31, an assistant librarian, of
eyes  and  those  of his assistants  In j Green street, and Cecil Plnsent, aged
the northwest on the pair. ,29.  an   architect   practising  in   Italy,
 ���           .   | were said by a constable to have walked  down Coventry'  street,     Leicester
square, shortly after midnight arm in
arm with three other men.   The constable told tiiem to break up and they
did so, but shortly after the defendants and cne of the other men linked
arms  again.    The    constable  denied
I that he pushed one of the young men |
  ! against a shop or on the shoulder. An f
1 Inspector stated that tbe complaint
Express Races Through j was at the police station that the
constable's conduct was provocative.
For the defense. Mr. Humphreys
said that it was denied that there was
any obstruction. They had been to
a sacred concert and tben bad supper,
nnd were walking along the street
when a policeman in a very rude manner told them to "break up," and pushed two of them. They at once broke
up.   The magistrate stopped the case.
Curning Station and Coaches
Are Scorched.
Pre*, ud Qaal Mgr.
W. r. B. BDCKUN.
���oo. ud Trees.
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and 177.
London, Nov. 14.���Pitt House, at
Hampsted, went up for sale at the
Mart yesterday under what must be
considered favorable circumstances���
a large gathering in front of the rostrum, and, distinguishing the transaction, the glamor attaching o the
property by its association with the
name of the great prime minister ot
England. For was It not here that
the all-powerful minister retired at a
critical state ot affairs and defied both
king and parliament to disturb him?
But though the property Is brought
up to date for residential purposes
and a large commercial value exists In
I .ondon.  Nov.  14.���The Irish    mail
train dashed through a biasing railway
station at full speed late on Tuesday
night  on  its  way  from  London    to
Holyhead.   The scene of the flre was
l.landudlag, between Rhyl and Colwyn
Bay, on the Chester-Holywood line of
the London and Northwestern    Railway.   The station is bnilt of wood on
timber  piles,   and  caught   fire   trom
seme unknown cause, lt rapidly became a mass ot flames, the offices,
signal   box aod waiting room on the
down side being burnt out   The up
platform and Its buildings were saved
by men who obtained water ln buckets
frcm t'-e river below, before the arrival vl the fire brigades from Liu-
I dvdno, Cclwyn Bay, Rhyl and   Aber-
jgele.   The latter bad to face a hope-
; less task on the down platform, where
| the flre had gained a firm hold.
I    The fiames swept over the   lines,
i and several trains were delayed, but
Its three acres or so. tn the veryl}*8 -**]- ��">*t��� ��W>ss ran the gauntlet, and as It rashed through the
burning  station  the    coaches    were
heart of Hampstead. the room could
not be stirred, notwithstanding the eloquence of Mr. Howland Into making
a bid on tbe property. Pitt House
therefore stands u a target to be
shot a by advenurers Into the realms
of speculation. The suggestion ot
��16.000 by tbe auctioneer fell upon
dull auditors, and another arrow of
��10 000 for the house, minus cottages
and some land, was a lost cut
���*��, '���*,,.,
Seattle. No*. 14.���Narrowly escaping death under the wheels of a street
ear while trying to escape trom a policeman shortly before noon yesterday
Chalrence Vail, 912 Eart Pike etreet.
waa captured by Traffic Policeman
John Dnnlan after a chase of nine
blocks In which the officer wm fonoed
to press two automobiles Into nr
Vail, according to Policeman Don-
Ian, crossed Third avenue and Pike
street on a motorcycle, traveling at a
speed of twenty miles u hour. The
trafflv officer whistled for Vail to
alow up, but Vail disregarded tho injunction and shot ahead with lncrean
ed speed. The policeman boarded a
passing  automobile  and  started    Ib
North Yakima, Wash.. Nov.; 14.���
Shadowed by an Inspector ot the United States Immigration bureau a North
Yakima girl left yesterday on her
honeymoon. The hope of tho federal
detective Is that he will be able to get
a clue which will lead to the dlsoovery
of the present whereabouts of the Meter ot th* bride, who wm married ���
year sgo and of whom nothing baa
since bean heard. The hope of the
family ls that lt the tint girl, m they
feW, has become the victim ot white
slavers, the second may baaaved from
a like fate. "       V
The bnsband ot the aecond girl wu
absolutely unknown to hie new relatives, who hart n��"-e- f��n blm nntll
he arrived In North Yakima the nlgbt
hefore the wedding. The parenta were
North Yakima, Wash., Nov. 14���The
ability to bake the beat loat ot bread
and the beat cake ud to make the
beat shirtwaist ud the   best   plain
somefwhat scorched.   The Irish mall dresses. In a contest open to school
train trom Holyhead to London wm girls ot the state, hu brought to Miss
pulled  up outside Llandulu station
when the tire was burning furiously.
Bome passengers lumped out of the
train on to the line tn alarm, but were
assured that there wns no duger and
returned. The reason tor the stoppage
ot the trains wm the warping of the
rails by tke flre, When the heat was
greateat the metal became red hot.
Temporary repairs had to be made before the express oould pass. It reached Huston about four hour* late.
Traffic had to be suspended at I.Ian-
dulas, and tt ta expected that some
time wtll clause before repair* are
completed. Tbere are only two seta
ot rails at the station, ud the flame*
crossed the narrow space ud scorch-
ed the paint and cracked the window*
on the opposite platform. A memorable disaster occurred at Abergele, not
fsr from Llandulaa, tit 18M, whu the
Irish mall ru tato a good* train load-
ItraluywardB .OB B atw T. .aw
ed with barrel* of petroleum. The oil
ignited and SS people were killed. Another notable event wu the destruction of the vtaduot at UanduWs, whieh
wu swept away by fkurtg,
London, Not. 14.���Two young
not tattstled with hi* appearance br who ware charged at ���ow atreet y*s>
talk. but were powerieo*. Thoy wn- tsrdu'wtth <_*___!__��� __ea_____*___t____ t*
tided their tupkloa to s Mead, aad
th* Mteet wi
Men Eager to Marry a Girl .Handy at
Baking and With Her
Helen Townsend of North Yakima
matrimonial onportunltles, bestdee th*
prise* *he won at the Washington
���tate fair In thla city ud the children's Industrial exhibit tn Spokaae.
In the last month and a halt.
Tbo offer* are all by letter and all
of tbem describe in detail the worldly wealth ud physical attributes ot
the bachelor* who make them. One
letter la from a rancher near Farmlat-
ton. Wash., who owu WO acrea aad
who now does his own oooktng. bnt
who wut* aome wa el*e to do It tor
MU* Towmwnd I* a ttadwt ot tha
North Yakima high aehool aad   tba
of Mr. and Mra.    W.   B.
Townsend. orchardiR* la Frett-rate, f
suburb ot thl* city. Ia tha laat tara
month* *h* hM wm u art*** two
���owing anchtae*. a cedar cheat, eaa-
���MteMM* caah aad a number at atie-
raall article* tar hor u^
y aad dexterity wtth the
At tha chlMreaH   toMuuial
!_M<l---te.��_iM��Uuat aea*_da3____*__M
'tat***, oaaud aauhaa. ptokle*.
This Trademark with
price attached, is
in the rifht inside
pocket of every coat.
The Certainty Of
The little wreath, ahown above, goea in aU
Fit-Reform Suits and Overcoats���to ahow
that they aie designed and tailored by the
Fit-Reform Craftsmen���to prove tiiat they
are sold with the guarantee of the greateat
tailoring organisation in Canada.
Like the sterling stamp on silverware, the
Fit-Reform Trademark meant the certainty
of satisfaction in bighgrada.garments at
reasonable prices. Look for tiie Fit-Reform
Wreath, with price attached, in every Salt
and Overcoat yoo buy. *  ��
Acme Clothing
CM fiiuan:Miimnr     ���'������* *
jt ���   '      *';    '"*���*. ���* '������*.
-       *". -x,       , �����*���->
**.;;.*" ;:;*,���������.    - -.*"      -i, ".   . .,
' #**>'���'���'
��� .>.,a*****K*m*~^m
3i?r ���*$!���*
��� ',;���_'.'.'" ���,.���*.-, i-."-^i /%&���- '
#��illji,' , ,WV-
" ���******,
___���'.  "  i
;*.i._/*/;*.,-.. ,..,,    , ���*���*���'. it: "'���������    **
r     r-h.b'S. FOUR
._ iyai���ailiil������s���a	
SATURDAY,   NOVEMBER   15,   1913.
Fresh Water and Salt
'(���let's of London are being flooded with
requests for loans from all over thel
world and the fact thut there appears!
to  1'xinl   a  fi-cllng  of  general   unrest
In  many  countries, inakcH It difficult1   .
for Canadian flotations, unless of the|ab01"
  highest grade ami bearing exceptional
Big Fishing Concern Must Be in New l    "The country is just waiting for ile-
I velopinents.    Hank deposits are grow
I raised to the names of any of the applicants being Attached to tlie lists.!
lhere will be no court of revision on
the voters' lists of New Westminster,
I Delta and Dewdney electoral districts
jon Monday us arranged. Objections
are required to be made In writing
(thirty (lays before the court of revls-
i ion is held. As none have been nils-
|cd   Un    applications   for   registration
will be forthwith attached to tlte lists.
When all the new names are attached
the lists will   show   nn   Increase   of
names for all three districts.
newspaper  hnd  hail  trouble  with   Its
employees,   This ma mostly because
of llie union's readiness to submit to
arbitration. The 11,000,000 home for
printers at Colorado Springs was still
doing as much good as ever.
Tlie delegates spoke at a meeting In
[Vancouver ai 8 o'clock p.m. and loft
ijust. before midnight for Seattle,
Ten musical selections at t'ie rink
every evening between the l(0urs of
3:15 and  10:30 o'clock. (23951
Steveston Building by April 1,
1914 at Latest.
Kor plumbing, heating and sheet
metal work consult Merrlthew & Ham
say, Eighth and Carnarvon streets.
Phone _tiC. (MBS)
By April 1, 1914. the new plant or
the Columbia Cold Stornge company
at Steveston must be ready for occupation by the firm which Ib leaving
the local waterfront. This is according hi Ihe contract for the new build
Ing signed u few hours after the city
und the B. C. Packers failed to come
to terms.
The departure of the cold storage
company means that when the halibut
season Is in full swing next spring I months, will return to hor home In th
tliere will be no llomun, or Kingsway, | Old Country In about six months.
or H. C, P. returning every week with
catches running, in the case of the Ko-
nian, to over 150,000 pounds of. flsh
The boats will make their run from
the banks about 15 miles shorter by
stopping at Steveston.
Thn Itoman is at present in the ser
���vice of the government as a fishery
protection cruiser.
ing, however, which is B sign there is
plenty of  money awaiting  for Investment  when   conditions   become   more
The visit of Mr. Kloharilson was the
first  made In  20 years und he  found '   ���
conditions changed at favorite haunts Successful  Rehearsal.
of his early days. Last   night a general and complete
iiiiring the three months' trip Mr. I rehearsal was successfully held for
and Mrs Richardson visited Brittany, "The Queen of Bonbon Hand" and
Normandy,    Paris,    Brussels,    three
weeks iit his old home In the Channel
Islands and ulso In 1-ondon.
Miss M. '/. Hichardsoti, sister of I..
M. Richardson, who has been curing
for the children during the past few
Chief    Inspector    of    Fisheries    Says
1,100,000 Cases Were Packed-
Good Year on Coast.
much enthusiasm was manifested re-.
ggrdlng lhe many surprises the pro-1
grain and plot disclose, Tickets are ���
now In Circulation, Mrs. Ferguson and I
Mrs. Forrester having taken charge
of the financial management in behalf
of the hospital for wlllch the show Is;
to be given at the opera liouse next
Thursday and Friday evenings. Another general rehearsal is c;.!led for!
Monday  evening at  7: So.
(lot your  skates sharpened nt  Q-SO.
Speck's, B2ti Columbia street.      (2:1531
BLUB There died In this city yesterduy Richard Yates Kl'ds. In his 57th
year, and who for the past 14 years
hns been resident in New WeBtmlnster, Deceased was formerly of Toronto. Arrangements for burial are
now being made by Howell's undertaking firm.
SHKK.N Th" death occurred in New
Westminster   yesterday     of     Herbert
John sheen, aged 42. Deceased was
ii member of tlio I O O.K. and prominent Iii Hritish Columbia labor circles.
lie was not married. Funeral arrangements are yet to be made but tt Is
probable the remains will be sent to
[England for burial. Ills mother on
one sister live In Vancouver and two
brothels  reside on  Vancouver  island.
Hen Fruit Offered at 60 and 65 Cents
a Dozen on City Market���Brisk
Churcn Notices
Few Overhauling Jobs on Hand In the
Shipyards  Along   Waterfront���
Firms Figuring on Work
Summing tip the entire salmon fish- [the   locality.      H   Is
ing season in Hritish Columbia. F. II.  struct  the   Dewdney
Cunningham last night approximated
tiie total catch at 1,100,000 cases. This
Planning New Roads.
District Road Superintendent. It. F.
Bonson, is at present at Mission Investigating the read requirements of
Illstrirt 18, now known as Bteslhl ad.
'Ihe advance of Steelhead as regards
population has been considerable during the past two yi ars and good rond-i
are among the most crying needs of
planned to eon
ro.td through
Steelhead next year. The road sutler-: All ar.
intend, nl intends to inspect the Nlco- '
CHURCH, corner Carnarvon and
Blackwood streets, Services 11 n.m.
and 7:"o p.m.; Sabbath school and
llible class 2:30 p.m.
A. S. Lewis, pastor, Public worship 11 a.m. and 7;30 p.m. At the
morning service Rev. (i. R. Welch, H.
A., pastor of the Central Haptist
church, Vancouver, will preach, in ex-
Change   with   the  pastor.      Subject  of
the i vening sermon: "Who Is my
Neighbor?" The pastor will preach
Primary Sunday scliool 11 a.m, Otber
departments 3:30 p.m. Voting People's
meeting. Monday evening, * o'clock,
Shipbuilding   In   New    Westminster
at present. Is anything but brisk and
Iwo  shipyards  here  havo been  prac-
tically shut down for two weeks, with I
no one  employed  but  the  watchman.
The Star yards have been figuring
oil several jobs lately  but. up to yes- *
terday  the  awards  were not   known, j
At   tho   Westminster  Marine  Ways
there are no big Jobs on hand.
The tug Firefly is now lying*' in the
Water but has not been hauled out fori
repairs after foundering at Uie mouth
ef tho river some time ago.
rivers   a,nd   tlie
province.     The
iiiiii Island
of Nlcomen.
yke while in the locality
included all
coast of tin
bad been good.
This opinion f-oin the Dominion gov!    Take notice of the change ef hours
eminent'?  rhlel    inspector    in   B.  C. ,-or skating at the ice rink.   The place
.(,,.!'���     rve   to rout   reports   which Is getting mors popular thsn ever.
have cU'Claied  i.  this province audi
the  East  that   the  year  had   been   a
lean one.      Where up tlle coast there j
has been a shortage, the catches have
been excellent other places. The value
CHURCH���Services 11 a.m. and 7 30
p.m. llible class ami Bunday school
2..in p.m. Guild nn cts Monday at S
p.m. Evening subject: "Sober
Thoughts in Temperance." M, Gordon  Melvin, B.A., minister
tin rather a light supply the city
market closed earlier yesterday than
usual with trading brisk throughout
the day.     There was quality  In  most
Hues with offerings well dlspossd of.
Shipments of chickens from up the
valley were sinalb i than at lasl
week's market; veal also was scarce.
Kggs Iii Id llrm .it Iroin 60 to 85 cents
per do.'i ii. with butter steady at 40
(i nts per lb. retail.
Other prices were:
Tin keys, per lb    35c. j
Chickens, per lb    lite to 21c. I
i Ducks, per Ib 17c.  to 21c.
! Ilutter, per Ib 35c, to 40c. j
; Kggs, per down 60c to 65c ;
i Cabbage,  per lb      1 ViC to 2c.!
Turnips, per sack   tine, to 7fic.
Carrots, per sack   Hoc. to 75c. :
Potatoes, per saek 90c !
Onions,   per   sack     $1,251
Crab tipples, per lb 2c. to 3c.
Apples, per box  $1.25 to $1.50
Pears, per box   $1.00 to $1.30
Fish,  Retail.
Flounders, per lb 10c '
Sturgeon, per Ib 15c |
Halibut, per lb 10c ,
Smelts, per lb 100
Herring     3 llm. 25c
Sockeye, per lb 12 4c
Retail  Meats.
Beef, best rib roast-j, per Hi. 20c to 22c S
Heef, loin, per Ib 26o to 27c j
Ueef, round steaks, per lb..  20c to 'iiie I
Hulling beef, per Ib 14c
: Veal, per Ib 18 V&C to 17c'
I'ork, per lb l.i.e to 18c
Mutton, per lb 8c to 20c
Poultry, Wholeaale.
1 and  P
the Fn e Methodist
of lhe catch in dollars was yet to b<
told as many canneries had not even!     Ills   Honor   Judge Howay   left   for
yet closed  dewn.                                        Chllllwack yesterday to conduct court
Chief Inspector Cunningham return-1 there  this  morning. He  will  return
For the Week Er
ding Sunda
y, Nov. 16.
Sand Heads.
High. Low,
Time. Ht.
Time. Ht.
10    4:40 10:10 :
3:43 10.1
8:12    7.4
14:46 12.0
21:47    4.7
11    6:30   0:16
4:29 10.9
91*82    8.0
16:10 10:50
15:09 11.8
22:12    3.1
12     6:15    1:00
5:13 116
10.18    8.G
16:30 11:40
15:30 1*1.8
22:41    2.5
13    6:55    1:45
5:56 12.1
11:02    9.7
16:50 12:10
16:60 11..",
2i:12    1.9'
14     7:40    2:30
6:38 12.li
11:46    9.8
17:10 12:55
16:11 11.6
23:45    1.3
15    8:20    3:00
7:21  12.9
12:31   10.3
17:30 13:30
16:32 11.8
16     9:05    3:35
8:07 13.1
0:21     1.0
18:00 14:20
16:68 11.8
13:18 10.7
id yesterday from a lengthy conference between department beads in
lie with Provincial Inspector .Mclntyre now constitute an- advisory
board on fishery matters. A bounty
of S3.."II per head is to be offered for
hair seals in the Fraser. The details
of the offer an yet to be settled, but
no more than 1000 will be red.*, med
in one ..'enl-. It was true Baals sank
when shot but the bounty was suf-
Belt iit to cover any loss.
This action is In accordance with
testimony given at the enquiry of the
labor commission on July ill at Ladner. Tie n Oscar Ktroth. a Swede
with six yiars' . xperlence on the FraBer, testlfled that hair seals did much
dani.'.-'L' io -ulmon He suggested a
bounty of $8.00 per head; this was
none too large when ii was considered that seals Invariably sank when
Must Slow Down.
Kdmonton. Nov. 14.���Tiie city
Commissioners huve informed Chief
of Felice Carpenter and Chief of the
Department Tommy Lauder, that th.
polioi ambulance, patrol wagon and
the automobile of the (Ire chief musl
not bo driv. n any faster than the
Fpi i d limit allows.
Additional Louis
Hospital Finances.
The finance committee of the board
|of directors of the Royal Coulmbian
hospital will meet in the Mayor's office, city hall, this morning at 11
o'clock. A favorable report Is ex-
pected from the committee appointed
to make arrangements for the financing of the furnishings of the new
M.   Richardson   Says   English
pie Speak  Highly cf Canada-
Waiting Develop-rients.
For    ail     informations     regarding !
Oriental  questions, personal  and pub-1
lie. apply to   the   Royal   Intelligence
Bureau, 415 WeBtmlnster Trust, build-1
ing.    Mail address.  Drawer  Ilu  New
Westminster post office. 121111
Ed. Tremblay ami 1". .1. Bilodeau,
formerly of this city, now of Moulle
Ranch, B.C., are In the city on a visit.
They are guests at the Wondsor.
A. Kirby, of Victoria and 11. Mar
shall, ef Port Coqultlam wer" among
the new arrivals at the Dunsmuir yesterday.
Arthur Mars, president of the port
Coqultlam Conservative association,
was a visitor In the city yesterday. He
was accompanied by hls mother Mrs.
Thomas Mara
Mis. It, p.. Hutchinson, of Mllner,
register d  yesterday  at  the  Premier.
Mrs, J. It. Gilley, of "Rlvercrest,"
115 Eighth street, will receive on Mill
day and the third Monday of each
mouth during the season.
Qeo. Clark, of Toronto, M, L, Savage, of Montreal, and W. J. Beatty, of
Fergus, were among tbo guests at tbe
j Russell Hotel yesterday.
The manv frit nds of Dr. Geo. T
v. Isi '1 will be p'u aai -i to learn thai
lie left the Uoyal 1 'ol 11.,I r.n liospii:,!
convalescent yesterday, after undergoing un operation for appendicitis lasl
! One of the most successful dances
of the season was tbat held In Cray's
Hall, Edmonds on Thursday evening
under the auspices of the St. Alban's
Girls' Club. Upwards of seventy-fin
Couples   graced   the   hall   which       *
���prettily decorated with the club colors.
New Wesiminster, Vancouvi 1* and
Burnaby residents formed the gathei
[lng which  was by far the  besl  evei
igiveii by the organization.    Mt -'. mn
Wedge,  H.  R. Hill.  H.  l>.  Vldal  and
.McFee were the chaperones. Dancing
continued from 9 o'clock until 2 a.m
S are   till on at
hurch.    Eighth
and   Kennedy   Btreets.      Evangelic   It
c. Dewey will preacb Sabbatb morning and night at 11 and 7:30. The
meetings wll] cautious next week ser-
vlces every night excepting Saturday, in charge pi tiie evangelist. Interest increasing and good result.,
have already been realized. All are
invited to attend and enjoy the mt. t
lng with  us.     Pastor, J. I). Marsh.
Hens, small, per doz.
Hens, large, per doz .
Chickens, per doz. .. .
Broilers, per dozen  . .
liens, live, per lb	
Chickens, live, per Ib.
DUCkS, per dozen  	
Ducks, live, per III.  . ..
.$6 50 tO $7
 $8  to $10
 $5  to $T
.$4.00 to $5 00
. .     17c to ISc j
. . ,190 to 20c ���
.. ,$s to $10 :
...16c to 190
The   hoard     of     works   department j
Btarted the resurfacing of the macadamized portion of Front stri el between
the Cleve cannery and Columbia street
yesterday morning.
Repair work Is also at presenl bs
tween Third and Eighth Btreets. The
repairs consist  ol macedamlz ng tbe
(.���litre ol   the  road   for a  width  of 20 '
Tin* Royal Mercantile Company has
purchased the Btock, fi tun * dwlll
And book accounts of C N, Edraanson
..��� Company, cm. r ot Sixth avenue
and Twelfth Btreet. All accounts ���
ing to tbe said C. N. Edmaoson &
Co., are to be paid to The Royal Mer
cantile Co.. at 80 Sixth street and all
claims against C. N. Edjnanabn & Ct
will be paid by the ^(oyul Mercantile
li C. N. EDtfANSON & CO,
New Westminster, Nov. 14, 1913.
I. O.    UU    O. F.
Grand Master Hro. H.  Dubloy,  will
visit Amity  Lodge  No. '.'7. and  Royal i
City Lodge No. ::, on Monday evening i
Noverber 17, at 8 o'clock'.    All broth-1
ers are expected to be present.
.Sojourning brothers are invited.
see tls.
progressing.    Come  and
We can save you money.
Goods dellvi
the city.
red tj any part of
Robson Grocery
Corner 6th St. and 5th Ave.
Phone 404.
Covered metal garbage cans, a*-' re-
'quired by Hoard of Health regulations,
all sizes.    Merrltbew _.*  Ramsay, c r-
Atter    spending    tho    past    three
months visiting old scenes In Bngland
the channel islands and thn continent Iner Carnarvon  and  Eighth Streets
1..   M.   RicbardBon,   local   manager  of (2392)
the  Hoyal  Hank of Cunada, and   Mrs ���   -
HiohanlMin   have   relumed. Conferred   With   Engineer.
While ostensibly on a holiday trip.* Seeking data concerning the city
Mr Richardson mingled Bomewhal water work., system, distribution, ly
���with financial men In England and drants, etc., .1 Mullet, water Buperln.
gav some of bis Impressions yester- tendeul  tor South  Vancouver   waa ������
day when  Interviewed
"Municipal bonds will be liar.l to
float for aome little time, at leasl In
any quantity," stated Mr. Richard*
wm. "While all the people appear to
speak   highly   Of   Canada,   the   fitm:-,-
Six   Delegates to  A.   F. of L.  Conven-
Seattle   Visit   City
Are   Fntert.nned.
ten   in
visitor in the c ty yi sterday and hei 1
.1 conference with cltj engineer J, w
11   Blackman.
This week we are demonstrating Edward's Soup. Como in our store
when In town ami taste this delicious
Hoop.   Sold in 5c. packets and 15c. tins
A home run   wltb   a   bos of HIH'a
"Saturday Special" will win for you
. every' time. (2409)
Swt eplng  i*. ducttoi s  in  millinery:
Hats worth to fir.    for   $7.60;    hats
worth to $10 it.1- $5; hats worth tp $8
! for $3.95;  hats worth to $0 for $2.95
Mrs. Agn-t, 59 Sixth street,       (2413)
Much   Repair   Work.
The permits issued by the building
Inspector for the week ending yester
day aggregated $9475.    The majority
pf the permits were of small value and
principally  for repair work to houses
{in preparation  for the  winter.
New   fruits  for   Xmas    cakes    and
pudding* aro now 111  stock.
Choice 1'leaned Currants, Ib. .
Kxtra f.ii.e; Currants, 2 pkts .
Choice i eedeiI Raisins, 2 pkts .
New !..���"   111 and Orange i'eel, lb
New  Citron   Heel,  Ib	
Shelled  Almonds,   per  lb	
Sheliftl Walnut:., u. r lb 50c.
For Kale Complete restaurant set
Including om- large range, tables.
chairs, dishes,   etc.,   for   sale   very I tnlnnti
cheap.    Hoyal Mercantile Co., 01 Sivtii '������ Labor
Aft r a wbole day spent on thi
Canadian side ol the boundary, s.>
delegates to the A. K of L. conven
tion in Seattle returned to thai city 1 n
tbe midnight boal out of Vancouvei
yesterday, Tliey are delegates fron
the International Typographical Union
ami an John W. Hays, of Indianapolis
bi ��� retary-tn asurcr of thi I. T. C *.
Max Hayes, of Cleveland; Hum
Stevenson, Toronto; Thomas McCul
lough, of Omaha; President Barrett
of the Chicago Union, and Hugo Mil
Ier, Becond vice-president of the I. T
!'., ol Indianapolis. All are delegates
to the American Federation of Labor
convention al Seattle
The visitors arrived here from Van
couver   early   in   the   afternoon,   and
In company with local union men and
civic   authorities   toured   the   Cblonj
Farm. Then upon returning to Wosi
��� spoke nt a meeting In thi
Tempi).    Beside the delegate-.
j induction
! will be In
' by tlie women of
Dean's Grocery
Burr Block
Phene M6..
Colons Street
(2381)  Mayor  Cray,   President   Robb  of the
I Vancouvei-       Typographical       Union:
Ordained and Inducted. I'residenl  I). S   Camoron ofthe loo_l
M.  O'Donnel],  B.A,  will   be 01MTrades and Labor Council; Aldermen
d and  Inducted  as minister oftiu.d.i and Lynch, and W. E. Maiden
iii".iili'iii of   the   New    Weettntnstei
Typographical Union, aim snoke.
First congratulating the district tr*
^ts air of progress and degree of agrl
id and refreshments served |cultural excellence exemplified 1- ��'"
Colony Farm, Ilu* visiter! told of the
progress and  strength or the I. T. U.
Skating boots and skates for ladies J li  had over OU.OOii members;  waB fln-
and gentlemen at Oeo. li. Speck's, 629 UnoJally well ofT. due entirely to the
Columbia Btreet. (2352) j unstinted support of Its members, and
���'  was singularly free of labor troubles.
No Court of Revision. j During l!il2 lefs than ��70<10 had been
Because  no  objections  have   been Ipaid. In Btrike benefits.    Not one 31'-y
. roc.
.25c. I Gordon    Presbyterian     church,    Ed-
,25c. j monds, ot a Presbytery meeting nexl
,15c. j Tuesday night at X o'clock.     Afti r the
a.' Induction a congregational Catherine
. 50c. I
In Order to Extend the
Use of
Wc offer our Customers
the Following
���mm eree
New Wellington
Office,  554  Front  Street,
Foot of Sixth  Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone 105.
Mus. Bac.
Singing,   Piano,   Theory.
For Terms nnd  Hours Apply at
itudlo,  1011   Hamilton  Street.     Phont
1319 Ft. (2263 i
lienldnnc�� Y. W. C. A I'hone 13.4.
Personal Greeting Cards
Should Be Ordered Without Delay
To ensure early delivery of your private cards
place your order right away. We have an extra
large assortment this year, four times as large as
last. If unable to call, we will be pleased to send a
sample book to your home so that you can select at
your leisure.
Our I'hone Number is 157.
1914 Art Calendars have arrived
Also the Newest Things in
Christmas Cards
Call and make your
choice'while the lines are
The Gaskell Book & Stationery Co.
649 Columbia Street
How do
you do
each bake day.
Do you Ket perfect bread with
every batch ?
No question
about it if you
use MY flour.
They test
R O V A I_
over at the mill
by actual bread
making with
various wheat
samples. Only
prain that
makes delicious
bread is purchased. That's
is so  uniform.
Vancouver Milling & Grain Co., Ltd.
641  FRONT  STREET,    (lul  uf tlie high  rent district.    Oome In  nml
Kit our prices before you spend your money at uptown atoms.
Men'B llox   Kip   Hoots,  regular  $3.fid  for    $1.50
Ladles'   DreHs   Hootn,   value  $3.   to  $..,  ('Very   size    1.95
Huys'  School   Hoots, sizes 10 6s    1.45
��� iiris' Bohool  Hoots, sizes to 1H\    95
Slater Boots, Leckle Boots, Hartt Shoes, the famous K Boots, etc., etc.
Mi'.kil     Klectric
Bl r.'i'ii    101 sc trie   Coffee
1 Bl Teballp Klectric Tea Tot.
I six lb. Hoi  Point Iron.
I   Utility   Outfit,
Electric  Stove txtik
a  complete
All can be
dinnry   liimn
In our wiriilo'.v
used  from  tlie or
Clyt     0;i   vi'-iv
Tickets given with ea.h $1 .IY)
rorcMse. To b- drawn far
December 31st.  1913.
Brown & Son
620 Columbia St.
New Westminster.
If  You Are We Can Open  Your Eyes
to the fact that you enn liny frrm us cheaper than from anyone else.   Pacts prove cases, and our proof
Is the low price we sell at for cash.
Brass Beds, regular $18.00.   Special  $14.00
DrasB Hed, Hprlii),' and  Mattress.    Hp-felnl   $20.00
Solid Oak Extension Table, c ft,    Spoclal   f* $12.75
Qolden Oak Bxtenslon Table, fi ft,   special  S9.2S
Ooldon Oak  Extension Table, H rt.    Special   $10.50
Solid Oak Library Table.   Special  $11^75
Hest flocking Chair on earth,    Special   $2.25
f'ncon  Door Mais.    Special   606
Kitchen Cabinet complete.    Special   $11 SO
Bedroom   Tables,  Ooldon   Oak.    Special C4 45
Pi trior Tables, Solid Oak.    Special    tam a_
China Cabinets, ln Solid Ooldon Oak.    Regular $81.00    Special     $24!OO
The Big Furniture Store Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
I SATURDAV,   NOVEMBER   15,   1913.
99 1
, firiiii
'mul   \
declaration,  anil   spoken   alowly
ilth  a HtudleU  choice  of  worda,
it hml  ihe effect of finality  with  i-e-
Capt. Mayers and J. B. Kennedy Leave
Pilot  Board���Successors  Not
Yet   Named.
Iroquois   Cup   Tie   Should   Draw
Crowd  at Moody  Park
This Afternoon.
northwesl college football supremacy.
I Fair   weather   la   predicted   anil   the
I greatest gam* of the season  la  in
Tbe stags Ik set for the postponed
Iroquois Cup game at Moody Park
IIiih afternoon between the Weatiiiln-
ater llov. rh and West Vancouver. Thli
ih   the   IlrHt   time   that   a   t'-um   from
We*t Vancouver   han   invaded   tha
llojal (.'ity and allhoiixh tin ir chance*
of defeating laut year's runners-up in
the old Vanoouver and District League
are i_llK.it, Manager tlrant of tbe
Borer*i la takliiR no chgpc** hh to the
OUtOOtn* ami wlll held a repn-aeiila-
tlve.  eleven.
ThlH gam* waa originally scheduled
for Bappsrton l'ark last Saturday but
by an atrniiKi'ini'nt entered Int*, with
the Wtht Vancouvers. the date waB
aet over for out) week In order not
lo have any club I" fixtures and U)UI
hIIiiv. every fan In the city to hi pre*
ent at  Mood)* l'urk.
Today's game start* ut I! o'colrk
(barp with the following playera
scheduled to make their appearance
In the n il and blue:
Ooal, Santphor; backs, llolchklas,
McNaughton; halfbacks, Lord, Hayes.
MoMUlan forwards, O'Malley, Cairn-
duff, Bhawcross, Mcl.eod, Cadyzien.
Phillips -.f Vancouver will handle
the whistle
Comlskey's   Men   Score   all   Their
Runs  in  the  Last  Inning.
Snn PYanclsco, N'ov, 14.���-"Muggsy"
McOraw s National league champions
were beaten tAili!) for the Hi'i-iiinl lime
in their series bare with the Chicago
Amerlcini'. The noore was 8-8, the
White Sn pulling out of the hoi" with
three runs In tin* ninth.
Scow. ll     11     Iv
In the Middle West.
Chicago. Nov. 1* The middle west
football season of 1918 will reach its
climax tomorrow In three big battles
In which representative elevens of the
central states have staked their ambition* (or the year. Chicago and Minneapolis will contend for the conference
Championship, Nebraska anil Kansas
will struggle to survive In the race
for the Missouri valley honorH and
Michigan will fight against Pennsyl-
vanla to maintain the hitherto un
broken record of supremacy of the
west for thu season.
,Capitals and Terminals Clash in First
McKcchnie Cup Game���Chances
Favor   Victoria,
Uobson       Martinson
(ioala from field -AdanucB, Cunningham ���;, Sutherland 4; college,
Manseu  '_, Hmlth  4.  Raley  1.
Ooal*   from   foul    Adunaca,   Stitber- Kuril   to  any  proposition     which
Sand 1, college, Smith ti. quired  of  the Constitutionalists any-
Keferee,   Tlm   Malioney j thing   further  than   pledges  that  they
Crescent*, 28 Tigers. 28    i would    eliminate    Huerta In a short
Forwards time if allowed  to Import  war  muni-
I'l'iitlanil       Smith  tions  and  establish  order and  repre-
Itogers      Swanson  sentatlve government within a reason
Centre iat>Io time.
Storme       Wattam I Would  6ay no  Mora.
Guards I    The grave retlclent  Mexican  lead-
McDonald       Dawe j er would say no more In amplification
Dougherty     Whittaker.   of bis  position,  but several of liia
Coals from field -Crescents, Mo-1 lieutenants, answering suppositions
Donald t, Storme B, Rogers 2, Pentland that It was a fiat on the subject of in-
1; Tigers, Wattam .'!, Smith 0, Swan- '��� tervention, declared that Carranza's
son 5. ' use of the  word  Interference  inonj, j
The resignations of Capt. Joaeph
Mayers and J. ll Kennedy from office
on the harbor board were received in
Ottawa some time ago and appointments to the vacancies are likely at
any time.
It is understood that Co] Taylor
was in possession of the Information of
these resignations before he left for
Ottawa   some   two   weeka   ago.
Mr. Kennedy's reason for resigning
Is given as ill-health and Increasing
deafness. He is Just now recovering
from a lengthy Illness. Capt. Mayer*
last night said his reason was' Increasing business.
Jos. Armstrong, chairman of the
pilot board Is still In Vancouver general hospital but is recovering his
health. K
Coals from  foul    Crescents, Storme
ii, Tigers. Wattam 1, Smith 1.
Standing of the League
Referee,  Tlm   Mahoney.
Crescent*    4
rigers  a
Adanacs   4
College  ;i
llll-tllTs     I
referred to any form of mediation between himself and Huerta.
To all but the principal members of
Carranza'* cabinet, the conference to-
Pet. Iday was a motion picture.    The con-
.7-0 ��� frerers   could   be   seen   through   the
.Ctiti  wiiulowB of the customs house which
,600   Is the rebel leaders "ad interim" eapl-
.3..:!   tal. but not a sound was caught.-
,000 i    Carranza. tall, grave and deliberate,
talked  slowly when he talked  at all.
Hale,   the   American   envoy,   six   feet
I tall,  and   slender,  spoke  animatedly.
��� Vamoose  Muy  Pronto.
Eager Americans and Mexicans
[pressed towards the windows of the
(customs house, but unconcerned little
brown sentries kept them at their distance. The more eager spectators at
times felt a bayonet pressed suddenly
Ito the region of the belt buckle and
heard   the   command   "vamoose   muy
  ; pronto," which freely translacted into
[the American vernacular, is "beat It."
White   Rock,   II.   ('.,   Nov.   14-The   ,,",'   nav?  "-bsolutoiy nothing o  say,"
,,,,,,, ,   ,. ,      ; Hale replied to a question,
local   baseball   boys   held   a   meeting!     ..you   w,���   excuge   m(!��   8a|d   Car.
yesterday   and   formally   arranged   a : ranza, as he turned to dictate to kbakl
regular dub.     The new association Is Ieleul   an(i   r,lllv   armed   adjutants,   or-
White Rock A. A. Organize for Basketball,   Boxing  and   Baseball
New York
Wingo,  1
iverens, Ben* and Schalk,
Leading   College  Teams   Clash
Championship  Battles   This
Vanoouver     ud       Victoria     rugby
teaniH   wlll  clash    on   the     Brockton
Point grounds, Vanoouver, this afternoon lu  the first inter-city game for
possession of the McKechnle Cup and
in what promises to be one of tin- best .called the Semiahmoo Athletic Club so ''''rs t0 -1*15 commanders In the field.
encounters between the fifteens of the |US not l() ,.-���,,,, ~*_ ,*,��� whltp Hocil 	
two cities  for several  years. I Athletic   Association   formed   in   New
Both aggregation* during the pnst  Westminster under the management
few  week* have been unearthing Dewi0_ clarence Hoc Wells
men.  players  or younger  blond  wh��|    The Athletics have rented the Oym.
hall of the White Rock hotel and ii !
program of basketball, boxing, base/
ball and general athletics haa been'
drawn out with several matches already arranged.
Dances, social evenings and gymnastic entertainments are amongst
th* events billed for tlle winter bv the
*III1UU*_H,-H. Mw    C|UJ
Officers were duly elected on Monday and COttfmlttee meeting., have
beeu held since. Hon. President, Col.
J. I). Taylor, MP., and F. J. MacKenzie, Ml'.l'.; President, W, BL Johnston; Vice-President. J. W. Rubertsnn;
Secretary-Treasurer, Vi. Orevell: Don-
ral  Committee. C.  Sevin,  S. E
lge,  lluasell  Purdy.
able  of  showing  faster  speed
iu the ...pen work, while the forward
pack of each are a husky bunch cap-
! abb" ot putting up   a splendid exhlbl-
; Itlon.
7      1       The good   weather of  the past   few
���j      ���     i   days points to a fast open game with
es:    Kromme,   Tesreiiu     audi11"'   three-quarter*     In   the     limelight
Vancouver have the edge of the
series so far. having defeated Na
iiaiiuo two week* ago In the Coal City
hut opinions dilTer as to such a tale
being told today, wilh a greater
strength sided with the Capitals.
Two    Thieves Get    Same Dope From
Magistrate���What   Befell    lne
mata  the Jap,
L.R.A.M.,  A I..C.M.
Lessons ln Pianoforte, Violin, Sing-
'ng. Voice Production, Theory (in
.lass or privately), Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form and History.
Pupils prepared for the examinations of the Associated Board of the
Iloyal Academy of Music and Royal
College of Music. Also Professional
Diplomas, Teacher or  Performer.
For terms, etc., apply Sl Dufferin
���Street.    Phone 411 R.
Local Company
Competent men of many years experience are at the head of inch
ilt partment and our Heard of Lilrectors of the leading bualne*�� mtn
of this city Is a guarantee that yotir affairs will receive a proper busl.
nesr. management
As executors under wills, Trustees for Investments of funds, btrys
agreements of Bale, loans and mortgages. payB 4 per cent on daily
balance of deposits, Life, Fire, Accident, Sickness and Employers' L__a-
blllty Insurance.
Our  Safe  Deposit  Valuts are  loth  flre antl burglar proof.
rentals $_._0 per annum and upwards.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
Royal Intelligence Bureau
415 Westminster Trust Building.
J. M. GAWA. Mgr.
Exclusive agent for II. Ohashi &
Co., New York, manufacturers of
Typewriter Racking Sheets. Carbon
Papers. Ribbons, etc. Mail address.
Drawer   110   New   Westminster.
Furniture Exchange
in 61 Sixth street for real bargains in all kinds of furniture and
Ishings.    Picture Framing, Upholstering, Furniture Repairing, etc.
Try us for Window Shades.
Royal Mercantile Co.
Fancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 14, Smith Block.
���<!������ O
A ft s= a Cf
to 25���Adanacs Barely Win Over
Columbian College.
Tigers Defeat Basketball Leaders 28
New Haven, Conn.-, Nov. 14. Fair
waather and a fast field are all that la
needed to make the Yale-Princeton
football game to be played here tomorrow memorable In the already long	
list    of    gridiron    contests     between;
lh��*e   anclMt   university  athletic   riv       Afier winning three straight games,
as     In every other tettpeit  the con. the Crescents were forced to take the'
test promlt-'-s' to he a record breaker,   count before thc Tigers In  last even-
ai   though   appreciating   the  renpouai- ilng'a double bender basketball attrac
billtlos   tbo  loeal   weather   man   holds i tion at the  V.  M. I'.  A.,  the Adanacs
out   u   preliminary
fii.'tlmll   weather.
promise   of   Ideal
Prairie Championship.
Winnipeg, Nov 14-Confident that
lhey will make tbe Regina warriors
extend themselves to the limit to retain lhelr title of Western Canada
rugby champions the Winnipeg Rowing club team left tonight over the
C. N. It. for the Saskatchewan city
feeling fit and fine for thelf'game tomorrow to decide the fate of the Hugh
Hubs   memorial  trophy  for  1913.
Oregon va Washington.
Portland. Ore., Nov. 14.--Teams of
tha University of Oregon and tbe University of Washington are in Portland ready for tomorrow's battle on
Multnomah field which wlll settle the
pulling cut of the College In the first
encoun te.-.
For the Tigers. Smith, Wattam ond
Swanson were In a real scoring mood,
thc former accepting six chances from
the field Storme. as usual was lu
hla element,  securing  five baskets.
The Adanac-College gime was close
throughout, few points separating the
teams during the whole 40 minutes
of play, the rormer nosing out a one
point win in the final lap.
Line-up  and   Summary.
Adanacs, 21 College, 20
Curtla  _   Smith..
Cunningham   Mansen
Sutherland       Wheeler
t-ougheed      Haley
Mouelon Is going to try something
now this winter In the shape of a tent
rink. Klre destroyed, the wooden
Btrueture early in the year eo that a
lent la the only thing left for the
pros to work In. Pancy sitting In a
lent with tho thermometer hanging
several below.
Jack Johnson having been deposed
by constitutional and peaceful means,
ihe International Boxing union at a
meeting held In Paris having declared
Hm heavyweight championship vacant
All tho big smoke can do Is to
accept a commission In the army the
ICngllsh suffragette* are organising.
Of course there Is a Job awaiting
Johnson In Chicago, but It would be a
job of doing time and who enres to do
that whon anything else and anybody
can be done?
Football Is getting down to a Une
are In American colleges. Report*
from Yale Indicate that there I* ,a
coach for every player.
Johnny Ktlban* 1* *n wrong again.
This time he 1* *ued by his *ten-
mother for the *inall *um of ��85,0OO
on a charge that he alienated the affections of her hiwband. It will take
a considerable number of wallops (or
Johnny to pay off tbat debt *hou d the
judge hand out a penalty of that *l��e,
former star forward of the Ottawas by
Lester Patrick, of Victoria, may mean
a whole lot to the Paterson cuppers
ilgaifi annexing the championship.
Kerr waa aigned up by Victoria last
winter but announced his retirement
from the game owing to an attack of
typhoid fever during the summer of
1912. The new player for the Senators wa* a member of the Ottawa
team of 1909 regarded as the best
ever turned out In tbe N. II. A.
The kind of bull that pays Is that
performed by baseball players who
last summer hit the bull ilgn in major
and minor league parka for a total of
230 wallop* at $50 per, which aggregated $11,500. In addition to this
the lucky players gathered a total of
14,980 pounds of tobacoo or an actual
casb value of $11,912.40.
Policeman Tlm Murphy, cf the Chicago force, propped'up tn bed, with
two discolored eyes, a broken nolle
and a badly messed ear, now whispers
between split lip* that 1* through with
football forever. Murphy attempted
to Interfere' when two Windy City
football teams commenced (lugging In
a Sunday afternoon battle. Twenty-
two khakl-clad warrior* descended
upon Murphy and he wa* taken home
In an ambulance.
The Kdmonton Brtilmo -****&***
Is talking of making a trip to Winnipeg for the Allan Cup. -W*Jfi*
In the season for tbe "Mo**"*' J* <��*
thinking of having.won the championship of Alberta province.
Schools League-
High   School  vs.   St.   I-niild
i.ord    Kelvin     va.
John    Hobson    vs.
Junior Alliance���
R.  C.     H.   S     vs.     KilRilano
Presbyterians. Sapperton  Park
3  p.m.
Iroquoi,    Cup���
RovM**  vs. West  Vancouver.
Kfcody  P.uk, 3 p.m. *
:-��� 4*  0  :"f ft ft ft ft * ft ft ft.ft * ��
(Continued frnm rage One I
remained silent, but lt was evident
that the parleys begun Wednesday are
not finished.
Carranza's statement, however, referred to the negotiations with Washington and also to the suggestion from
the American capital that further
bloodshed might be avoided and peace
and order restored If the contending
factions could get together through
the American agents. Hale and Lind,
and agree upon a provisional president
acceptable to all parties who would
serve until a chief executive were selected at a full and free election.
"The only thing which we ask and
which we are trying to obtain from
the United States Is the free Importation of arms Into Mexico."
This wa* the final sentence ot the links property
statement, which was given out aa a public park.
Max Muller. alias Crandall. alias
James Collins, can thank his guardian
const< llation of night shiners that he
got only cue month for tlie Job be did
Sav- at Mrs. Sla-gel's boarding !iou*_e. Third
street, where he was  stopping  when
  he cleared out with pretty nearly all
* ��� lbe jewelry and other valuables on
-' 'which he could conveniently lay his
0  bands.
:'! '    The  slick  gentleman   with  tbe trio
''���   of names    already    is serving    three
-������-  months   In   the Jail   for a   Vancouver
burglary job and  when he turned on
the lachrymose hydrant in the police
court   yesterday   Magistrate  Edmonds
came down on him like a feather and
let hlm oil easy wiUi one month hard.
A vag by the name of Robinaon was
on and off a couple of times heTore he
finally  knew  what  was lo  become of
*  him.     First he pleaded    guilty   to a
���������   charge   of   vagrancy  and   the   court
_ gave him two hours   to play    house
���������'cleaning  with  himself and get away
outside Westminster's uttermost suburb.     Then, Just ai^the psychological
moment, Jos. Mayers riz up and intimated tbat he was Inclined to lay a
charge of    theft   against    Robinson,
whicli was done. Rbbiuson refused to
agree tbat he was guilty of stealing
nine coal sacks from Mr. Mayers, but
the luck  wa* rupighg agin' htm  at
that  stage of procledlngs    and    the
theft charge made good, where*t his
worship   slipped   Robinson   a   month
hard.     His  nibs    is  still  wondering
where he gets off at with  that two
hours to leave tow*)
1 -i #*��w n St* -e**1-, ex _���* d      *
What with the harbor Improvements, the further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster Is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
t F   -*7��   *^mt.
Tke *M taar***. retlsMe as* ealr 1
"$ije Hubert &#PPtr"
���s-Mt-SsleMytieelswrtMwsw ********
yonr ume -ra a \t-e~l taStj
| You want this valuable publication���it it worth hundie-Js el
1 dollars to you, issued at every change of the Fur Market,
I giving you an accurate and reliable report of what is doing ia
| all the Markets of the World in American Raw Fun.
Writ, for il   aew il'��jr��.
!_____��     ���&-& WESI ibsim nn _ _
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldr-
Inomata. That's not the name of
a new hot water .furnace nor a
brand of shoe polls*. It's the label
of a subject of the mlkkydoo of Japan,
who leaned so far over the barrel on
Thursday night that he fell Into the
arm* of the pollce dead to the world.
He was sober yesterday morning and
was allowed to meander.
City Buy* Qo/f Link*. '
. Edmonton. Nov.' 14.��� The Hudson
Hay commissioner, J. Thompson, of
Winnipeg, has received, the city of
Kdinontcu's check lor fl 29,146.65 In
pavment for the purchase of the golf
links property wblch ih' to become a
Leps Mutton, while they last * 18c.
Boiling Beef i / 12��/,c.
Pot Roasts '....,. -ta-*!���15c.
Rabbits, each ;        . ...25c.
Call and arrange for regular account.
Phone SOO. Mt Columbia atreet
The Pacific Coast Hockey League
will unofficially open In Viotorla on
Friday when the Victoria, and Van.'
couver team* olash In a friendly game
in order to test out the new offside
rule which ealls for the rink to he
divided Into three section*, the centre
space Ming left (br tbe players to
work the forward pass without being
The acQuUltton of D��bbl* Kerr, the palled up for offside plaf.
In the West End. Cornet* 7th Ave. and 20th St Half
block from Vancouver car.
PROM $800 UP. ..      2
Terms $100 down and $100 every four iribnthe.
746 Columbia St.     312-315 WeitmlnaUr Tiwt Bldg.
Phone 85R. . Phone WL.
Get   One  of   Our  Warm  Overcoats   for  Winter
Regular $25,00 Overcoats - - $18.75
Regular $20.00 Overcoats - - $1&M
Regular $18.00 Overcoats - - $13.50
Regular $12.00 Cvercoats - - $9.00
Suits  Reduced   for
$25.00 Suits'for - $18.75
$15.00 Suits for - $11.25
$20.00 Suits for ��� $15.00
$12.00 Suits for -   $9.00
Bargains in All .Depart**
Every $2.00 purchase is
good for one chance to win
a five - passenger touring
Se^i*6eady CMhtog
���>fy- mm
m*t.*.t  mt*
Classified Advertising
asirrao ads \*nu* hs ke-|-
eeived Ior Tne News at the follow- poH
tni; places: K. T. Hill's drug store,
��2S Columbia street; A. Sprlce,
���Qoecnsburough, tola Inland; Mrs.
K Larden, Highland Park; Mrs. V.
l_rwle. Alia VI*���.
-m RATES. ���
***m * * m ******** * + ���*
CUsslfed���One rent per word per
���lay te tier word per wee*; U.c per
Month; B.000 words, to he, used as r.e
��al:ed within one year from date of
ejactracl.  t-5.00.
Speaker  at   Labor  Convention   in
attle Gives A. F. of L
a Tip.
THE grent burning question of the
nation Is neither Tuft nor Wilson,
bnt \vlil< li team wlll win tlie pennant
Bungalow, Dvi room* and larg*
attic, cement basement with laundry tubs, panelled dining room,
brum  Ceiling .  built in  buffet, book
cupboards,  Hreplacej  electrical  fix-, , ,,    , ,      ,
tures, on Ninth streel, between Seattle, Nov. 14. -Yesterday being
Third and Fourth avenues, walk- the laat day for the Introduction ol
lng distance!    InQulre of Owner, 908 resolution* In the A  i-\ of I* oonven-.j,      ,s ou, ot ���,,,,,- or lWngi have
b1' A'"'"'"s "'������ ������'���'��� t2417) jtion, mu, hau a hundred delegates |gona wrollg uM!jo ullk.e.
offered resolution* and after they were
Humor and
WJien   n   man   refuses   lo   listen   to
I gossip  his  wife  wonders  wlielber Ills
Pulla a New Stun", in Lion'e Cage and
Scares Her Manager Almost
to Death.
wben you can get aa good, nr bell.-r, manufactured ln 0. C, viz : the
the celebrated "VANCOlJI Kit" Brand, guaranteed lo pass Standard
Specification!! of  American  and  Canadian   Knglneer*'  Association.
We would ulaij call attention tO our Vltrllled Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-ln. In diameter. This ia uian made lu thia Provluce und we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry u Stock ot Crushed Hock, Washed Oravel, Band,
^.Itne, I'laslt-r, ric
Ste ua before ordering elat-where.
roamed house, modern, fully furnished.    Apply P. O. Horn 300. 1241.)
reliable young man; uaed to Inside
work;  also for a   boy of    14.    Hox
240S News office. (2408)
TltAM   P-IONTAOE,    EIGHT    Mil	
out, |180 un ucre, adjoining blooks referred to their respective committees
JlliO and $1.5, Soil good. Terms, fur consideration by President Oom-
one-quaner down. Curtl* & Dorgan, J pars, the reports of fraternal dele-
Xew  Westminster, 124101   gates   again   occupied   the   limelight
POR SA1.E-A1.I. OH PAHT Ok]TIu' ,,rw a,ldr,,BS ��f U,P af,"���<>���� �����
furniture of six-room house. House \-**���*- ��< *������*���* Kral,c,<' --"���'���"-���-��� *-''u'-
to rent.    Apply 35  Dufferin street.! gates from the Trades and I-abor Con-
Phono 129- ll.
(2384) | Rress of Canada.
No woman needs to he lonesome wbo
bas a new hat aud a mirror.
The most miserable thing In tbe
world ls Ihe Joker forced Into a comer
with Ills iniiniiiies refusing to take bis
position seriously.
And then a mnn who Is able to tell
Mr.   France,  addressed  the conven-U^ ,rut|j doesn't always bsve (he dls
FOR   SAI.K    EIGHT  ROOMKll  MOD- | ��������� ���, ,.___������,. KngU_h| _���..,���,. ���p ,��� ,n | ^y,. ,��� ������ _0
ern  house,  Sixth  street    car
cloao   in.'Apply    Hox 2389   News the hnb11 of "Piling trench  Cana-
office. (2389) jdian iiatois, one of tho two official Ian-
i nuagcs of Canada,   lie is the first del-
Uire In large or small quantities for
���pot cash. Will give full value or
-will sell your household goods and
effects by auction. Will guarantee
���to realise value or no commission
charged. H. J. Russell. Westminster
Auction House. King's hotel blnck,
Columbia street. (2334)
rooms, 420 St. George streeL 12418)
to rent try an ad. in this column.
FOIt    8ALB���SELL    YOUR    PROP legate  speaking  the  Krench   language|doesn't cure where Ihey come from,
erty through an ad. In this column,  to  be chosen  by   the  Canadian  Con-
������������������������������   gress to represent It at the A.  K. of
with 30 records, cost $120, will sell I    The  speaker  touched   on  ( anadian
same for $38.    As
very little used
Westminster Tru.
good    as    new
! history   in   Its   relation   to   the   labor
am-.lv x \i mi Imovement aa Its exists in Canada tostu ldlni (2888 ' ,la-v amt Particularly to the Krench
si DUHOing,  (.iin)   workmi,n   savlnK that  when  the des
finished, and large cleared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheap for cash
Apply owner, (ieorge Warne, Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds, (2324)
tiny  of  New   Krance  was sealed   ISO
years ago by the British victory on the
Plains of Abraham at Quebec, approximately  60,000  Krench  peasants  were
abandoned on Canadian soil with their
own way to hew.
Tho   first   union   founded   by     the
FOR 8ALB���$1.00 DOWN. $1.00 _��-QR IFrench in Canada waa the Association
week,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable | Typrographlque  de Quebec."  orgatm
ket square.
Iloyal avenue and Tenth street.
Meals 25c or 21 for 15.00; three-
room furnished auite. $1G per
month; single rooma from $1.7", a
we** up. (8891)
every one guaranteed. Mar- <'<< at Quelle,- In 1986.   In 1872 this un
[2335) lion   affiliated   with   the   International   of the gibe takes
Typographical union. "Little by little! ���
��� ***m*^^ BB I the   work   of   organization   developed.
POULTRY   AND  PET  STOCK        't'le  shoemakers  and   stonecutters  or-
v^~n-v^���s-^~^.-^*n* 1 ���A~> ' ganlzlng   about   1844.     Today   in   the
CONKEY  SAYS I Province of Quebec alone there are 194
llerlin.   Nov.   14.- Some   200   llerlin
personalities, belonging chiefly to the
artistic, theatrical innl literary world,
took part in an amusing autumn pic
jplc In the forest on the outskirts of
'llerlin In order to enjoy the unusual
spectacle of a famous prima donna
singing operatic airs, surrounded by
lions, to a piano accompaniment by
I their woman tamer.
The prima donna waa none other
.than Mme. Emma Destlnn. Being well
known in most parts of Europe and
! America, she had often been asked
iby the manager of a cinematograph
company to nllow herself to be filmed In a lion's cage. Mine. Destlnn
'had hitherto refused, on the ground
jof Insufficient security, but the harni-
jlesa antics of the escaped lions al
jl/elpzig last week persauded her to
.agree. Kor the occasion an exciting
'melodrama was sketched by a well-
known llerlin playwright, in which
|iwo daughters of a millionaire, who
has committed suicide as Ihe result
of complete bankruptcy, are compelled to exercise their respective hobbles of singing and lion taming In or-
_    , .     .        , ider to earn a livelihood.    This being
If you nct thc fool you are due to get ,8til-   |I1M,mf.*,,|,,   they  stake  Ihelr  ex
the fool's reward. Ilstences on a coup, in which they act
��� together in  a  startling  turn, such  ns
A girl Isn't always what she paints jMme. Destlnn and the tamer perform-
herself. ed.
_ In  the  cage  were  three  full   grown
African lions, three tamers, two attendants and also the duetttsts, Krom
the moment when the tamer persuaded
one lion to jump up an sit on the top
Phone* 15 and 18.
902 Columbia Street W.
Pride Is of a peculiar kind wben It Is
ashamed   uf   nut   having   dollars,   but
Plenty of common sense Is so rare
that we lune a sort of uucunny feeling
when we run across It.
It Isn't the sort of thing you do tbat
counts so much as the slicking to IL
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
MONDAYB���1- midnight for Prinee Rupert. Stewart
TUESDAYS  -12 midnight for Victoria and Seattle.
THURSDAYS���12  midnight Ior Prince Rupert, Granby Bay.
SATURDAYS-12  midnight  for Victoria and Seattle.
FRIDAYS 12 midnight, Oct. 31st, Nov. 14 28, for Queen Charlotte
Islands (Direct Service.)
MONDAYS -12 midnight, Nov. MB  tor Masset. via Prince Ilupert.
Monday* and Thursdays steamers make close connection at Prince
Kupert wllh Grand Trunk Pacific tralna for Terrace, New Hazelton and Smithers; mixed senile from Smllhers to Hoae Lake
(Mile 300 )
Tickets to all points eaat and lo Europe. Any rail aud steamship
H. O. SMITH, 0, P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street.  Vancouver.
w. B. DUPBROW, a. A. P. D
r.n me Private Exchange 8134
One's enjoyment of a loke depends |;
largely upon whieh direction tbe point
... -,,.,,..,.   ,.,,���,��� -r,-.*.-    imi-itp * . .     i international   unions   with   a   member-
FURNISHED   COMI'IJTPE.   HOTOfr BE THANKFUL for the    poultry    in-' shi!) of 4n,o,,o. and in Montreal there
keeping rooms  *10   *"?   J15.,,?^ dustry: The little old hen will reduce arp 10fl lo(.alB wlth a membership of
inonth at 224 Seventh street. (-_--)   the hlgll _.��� of Vninf, lf treat, d right  30,000.    Krench  Is the only  language
__: |    - |Winter Eggs?   Sure you can get them   spoken in many of these unions.
if you feed right and sprinkle a little I Jealous of Personal Liberty.
Conkey's Laying Tonic in the mash, i "Owing to the peculiarity of Ihe
Once a day is enough. Very economi- j Latin race." said the speaker, "the
cal. 25c, nue and $1.00 sizes. Pails, . Krench Canadian worklngman is gen-
$1.60 and $3.00. erally   refractory   to  all   ideas  of  or-
HE THANKFUL Roup can be treated ganlsatlon, showing an instinctive
successfully with Conkey's Roup "version to anything thai may inter-
Remedy. Put it in the drinking water fere with bin personal liberty. His
and let. the fowls take their own medicine. Give it at the first .signs of
sneezing, coughing or moping'. Don't
be too late or you may lose "your
whole flock, as Itcup is contagious,
Besl plan is to have it on hand in
Roup season and use occasionally as
a preventive. 25c, ..ee and $1.00 sizes.
BE THANKFUL    there's    a    Conkey
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bongbt for cash. P. B. Brown, 17
Hegbie street. New Westminster.
isolation on thia continent has developed in  him  an   unreasonable  suspicion of anything that may change his,
habits of  life  and   work.     Moreoves.';
the greater part of the leading classes
are  trying  to  make him  believe  that I
the international    labor    unions    are |
anti-national  organizations  of  such  aj
nature as to make him lose his patriotism,  and  1   must  say,   Mr.   President
l-ioncer Honks on B.C and California by
���a vao-ni-er. Canadian Camp lAts, Jnd edl-
����,n; Among the lvoplwi of B. I*..: In the
F-athli-ss West; Nun, or I**ioo,**��'r Women
and Kna. Tlie st-U or five, for V*Mn nr
*i\*e. i*r oopy IIII inn. Ilth. AililP'Ks P,
K. 11,'rriiiK. 1117 Hamilton St., New
"W-PKlmiUHl'T. XXS*... or any of lhe book
KCm���-**..    Iliw-ount lo thc trade. <-3S"!|
Remedy  for most every  known  poul-;an,i  delegates,  that yuu are  the  menl
try  ailment.    You can  buy any  Con-   held up as those who Incite strikes anil
key remedy on plain agreement your
money buck    if    not    satisfactory    in
every way.    Ask your dealer for CONKEY'S      POULTRY      ISOOK-
Hrackman Ker Milling Co., Ltd
foment troubles in Canada in order to
ruin the prosperity of the country to
the   advantage   of   commerce   and   In-
FREE.  dustry of the l'nited States.
i23R4i '    "The Krench Canadian worklngman
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ | is told. 'Surely we aro In favor of la-
*******^*~~*m*~^******~~^~*?mm~mm******  hor  unions,   but  of  Canadian   unions.
LIQUOR   LICENSE  NOTICE. ! You  are  intelligent   enough   to direct
  ! your  business  yourself;   why,     there-
Tha Ruls Slips.
He riio.1 mul you'll be happy
is what llie pnelj. sav.
In life it doesn't lnpi*en
Unfailingly Umi way.
For how can ynu be happy,
Though *ood from night tilt moro,
lf you have gut  tiie toothache
Anil eke un aching corn?
ThoiiKh you are kln-i ami gentle
Ami woul.ln'i hurt a fly.
Do nothing Unit is naughty
And are as good na pie.
lf you ahoutil loae your diamond
Or smash your little toe
How could you then ho cheerful
Is what I'd like lo ImoWf
Suppose you have a dinner
That doesn't rest somehow,
Thai races round your stomach
An.l tries to r.ilso u row.
That  glvcB you  Indigestion
An.l makes the world look dark.
Mow elm you then go singing
As joyous as a lark?
But, though misfortunes follow,
l.et it he umleralood
Thai Ian t any reason
That you should not he gooil
If you hail t.een as wicked
As though it iere your tra.le
You might have been unhappy
Without misfortune's alii.
iif the piano and signalled Mme. 1).
tinn to enter, the singer for a quarter
of an hour was within an arm's length
of a couple of lhe beasts. Of singing
and piano playing there was really
none, the sound being produced by
means of a giunl phonograph, and the
artists merely mimicking the movement of the lips anil fingers. A couple of airs frpm "Mlgnon" were thus
silently played Without the lions be
traying the least annoyance, one
switching his tall ami another shaking his main. Mme. Desllan then
fondled the lion on the piano for a couple of minutes whilst extra photographs were taken hefore leaving. The
bullet assembly broke Into a loud
cheer when the cage was finally cleared, tihs plainly surprising the lions
more than Ihe whole performance.
Mme. Destlnn afterwards allowed the
i scared onlookers to feel her pulse,
'which appeared unite norma!. She
jsalil she bad heen quite devoid of fear.
���.the moat startling moment being
' when she caught sight of the blanched
face of her manager sitting close to
��� the cage door.
Our Interior finish Is manufactured from timber specially selected for Klat drain.
We are also specializing In Kir  Doors  with    Veneered     Panels,
which are better In construction,   more   beautiful  and   no   more  es-
pensive than  the old  solid  raised  panel doora.
m    Get our prlcea before placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout ths  Province of  British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at lhe highest current rat* paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all part* of lb*
CHAS. G. PENNOCK. General Manager.
New   Westminster   Br*fch: A. W. SLACK, Msnsgsr.
Notice is hereby given that I intend j fore
lo   apply   at   the   next   sitting  of   the
Hoard  of License Commissioners  for
the City of .N'ew  Westminster for    a
bottle license and a wholesale license
eputatlon is questioned as wll as the
where. No collection, ao charge
American-Vancouver ll-efeantlle Ag
ency. S36 Hasting* stroet west. Van
~,,,n.,T.  nc l">il*>\ . Tor   the  sale  of  liquors   In   and   upon , , ��� .    .  ,
eoay,eT' BG' (-":t-,   the  premises situated  upon  l.ot 9   cf  J-'000   >'ou  have  accomplished   for    he
^= City Block 24. in the said City of New I >������n��mt ��' tto worklngman's lot
Westminster, B.C.
' I.. K. HAINES.
Dated this 10th day of November, 1913.
Jutt Liks s Woman!
"Now tbose thing*! are all spoiled."
petulantly declared the wife.
"Well, you Insisted on leaving tbem
ihould you allow yourself to be | nut  overnight."   patiently   replied   her
careful hiisbnnil "1 merely let you
have yuur nay about It."
"That's iust like the brute you nre."
sobbed th" Irate woman. "Von
Shouldn't have let me have my way
aliout It."
led hy Americans. Why send your
money to the United States? Better
krep it here in Canada' and finally on
the crv of 'Canada for Canadians' your
From Vancouver for Victoria.
Id (HI a.m Daily
1:00   p.m Daily
11:_5  p.m Daily
From Vancouver for Seattle.
19:00 am Daily
-_J:00 a-m Daily
From  Vancouver for  Nanaimo.
���|:��0  p.m Daily
Nanaimo, Union Bay and Comox.
i-trOO am Wedneaday aad Friday
Vancouver, Union Bay, Power! River.
11:45 a.m Every  Saturday
For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
11:*0 p.m Kvery Saturday
-Prince Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena
River Points.
11:00 p.m Wednesdays
For Gulf Island Points.
7:00 a n . Tuesdays for Victoria.    Call
log at points in the Gulf Islands
(ft)   OOOUBT,   An>'i?l.   Htm  Weatinlnii'er
H    W    RWIIIIK. CV  P    ��_ VnnminT
'Let   us   consider   the   remedy   fori
such  a  situation      We  see  only  one. I
namely, the appointment of a permanent   organizer,   speaking     both     the |
French nnd Knlish languages, for the
province of Quebec and the maratime
provinces, seeing the latter also comprises   a   great   number   of     French-
speaking   worklngman,  the  Acadlans. i
Concerted  action  is  required  on tlie i
part  of  all   international   unions    for]
In the Offics
Notice Is hereby given that I intend
to apply at the next    sitting   of the
Licensing  Hoard for the City of New   the  purpose of  sending an  organized j
Westminster for a renewal of license  speaking   the   French   language,   but i
to sell liquors by retail on Ufc prem-1 such  a movement must be a definite!
ises known as the Hoyal City  Hotel.
situated at corner of Customs House
Square and  Columbia  Street, in
said City of N'ew  Westminster.
New Westminster, Nov. s, 11)13.
BKincK is HBRBBX OIVKN thai I in-
1,-nd  al   the nexl   meWinl*: nr  the   Board
af  l--f--'iiK,- ('.iiiiml��slim��*r�� lo apply fnr a
tr.,,,4l.*r   from   myself.   'Cl-Kvrli'K   Seliwnlin.
to John K. MaeKensIs ami Bruce I. ����p. "t
tttv reinll Uuuor lu-en-M- tit ih,- Colonial
tttHrl La this eliv
���Cnt.1 Applicant
New WeMmlnsler.  H.O.,  Not.  til..   1113
Se  the Sooth-east Quarter at Section
-25, Township ti, in the District   of
���New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the toes of C��r-
-ttfieate.   of   Title   Number   UUC.K,   is
euwd In the name of James O. Foilun-.
and Charles Hummel hsa bacu filed In
���this office.
Notice ts hereby -giveo that I shall
ait the pi pi rat ion of one month fron.
the dale of the IlrHt publication bere
of, in a daily newspaper published In
���the Oily of New Westiuin-ste.. issue
:a duplicate of the said eettlflcati
lotin in the meantime valid objection
Be made to me iu writing
District Registrar-of Titles,
���.end Rcgiatry orflee.
New Weelininaier. B.C,October IS.
una. mo.*
Take Off the Fat
Where It Shows
and methodical one.
A.   F.   L.   Work   Not  Sufficient.
"We  recognize  lhat. the  work  of a
temporary organizer of the A. F. of L.
does  some  good,   but  it  Is   not   sufficient and it is necessary to provide an |
organization  along some definite and |
methodical lines.    Experiences teaches  us   that   every  organization   maintaining a  permanent organizer in the
I eastern section of Canada bas seen the
number of  its   members  Increase  in]
considerable proportions.    I  am  suf-,
fielent'v  acquainted  with   your  spirit
of  solliliarlty   and   devotion   to   know;
thai '.nee you  realize the 'rue stats
jof affairs, you will make all possible
sacrifices to help us, since il Is true
that 'Our struggles are .your strug-
gles; our defeats your defeats, and
..ur victories your victories.'"
"We have n new reporter here.'
������Sol   Cun he wrlte'r"
"He sa.is he can write poetry."
"Well, put hlm to reporting bargain
sales.    That'll cure blm."
New Imported Ml Baittaga mv on
dtaplay.   Bee �������.
Perfect Bt and
Prices from
��18.oo up.
701 rtamlmttmst.
Sn*.kane, Nov. 14,    Struck In the abdomen by a  rioeheting charge of buck
shot   accldentaly   discharged   from  a
gun   in   the   bands   of   a   companion
while hunting ducks near Creston, William    Wentworth.   nephew    of   .1.   W.
j Wentworth.   the   well-known   clothier,
miraculously escaped death when one
Most  women   "ufri-r   m-ui-h   humiliation   of   the   large   shot   struck   a   trousers
hrnrt.,!*. of great quantities of fat, so lo-   button   lllll!   glanced   Off.
caled   that,   no   matter   how   lhey   di-eas.       T,|c,   Kh<ll   was   ,nlVeling    with   suf-
everybody  ��>���-��� that they nre abnormal   r|. .     .. . i,iii.���i   hod   ll
Thla Is the duy of the slemler flrure, and K"IK veiOCUJ lo nave allien nail 11
tat women are simply not tolerated either: not heen for the button, according to
In business or aoi-ial affairs. Women mar ; Dr II. I". Voung, who is In charge
not know It, but men when they MS * fat ���f n,��� vnullg m.in . t th(, SacrP,i n,,art
woman paaa Uiem on tha _tre*t or ������>���,,,
-public placea  make all  manner of arm- !   "N"idl
pathetic remarks about her. They do j "he accident occurred when One of
not mean to he unkind or to neem un-I'he Iwo friends with whom ' y</une
manly, but it ia natural for a man to Wentworth was hunting was unload-
ol_Uke   fat   on   ft   won.an.       Where   fat       ���  _, __,,,_,,      ,,
Sows ths most there la where lt  must  ln�� hl<>  *��"      A   "hell   exploded.    Re-
b* removed, and  an quickly aa possible, ' ports from the hospital last night were
Thia aeaBon'a  dresaea seem lo bc  made   that the injured  man was on the road
tin-    for the fat woman's misery, and the alen- i .���  r,���.0very   with   no complications.
der   woman a   delight.     They   exp--.se   all | * *
the charma  of  woman  and  her  u-c'lneia ���_____-__,     ,
on well,    Exercise and illet will not re-I
move fat.    This  haa  been  proved.    Tha, WFQTMIVQTPII
famous Marmola  prescription whieh haa; ** uoiinuigiBii
met with such phenomenal suceess and IT>f_-\J      tvnUlTC
haa   so   many   of   o'ir  aorlety   women   SS llVV/lv        ��l*Tl_\o.
Its   ppunsors.   is   row   beln't  sold   In   tab- ' releohonea
let form to inset llie demand of lhe publlo I M
for thla style of treatment. These llttlo
tablets go Ir.to your -system juat like
food. They alop tha atomarh and digestive apparatus from producing fat and
reduce the fat upon the body at the rate
Of about 12 to Hi ounres a dny. Thay
are harmless and rnn be carried In your:
ruiese and taken even nfter yuu have In- I
dul-ged in a henr'y menl away from heme.
They aro sold nt all drug Hlores aW5
centa a eaae. or If you prefer you niay
th"    Marmola   Company,     Farmer
Mida Soniething.
"He's mil "
"\\ h:it iinii.e- \..ii lliink <.i."
-I le iievei  iiuule n iloiliir in hi" life
Collie i" ii.iiil-  nl  ii.  ! iluu'i think he
ever mini \ llltll't! Ill Ills llle '
���������ih. .ie-   ne una     I've known hlm
myself to make n ioi of breaks."
Har  Perfectly Goad  Reason.
"Are you going miuii uu your vacation. Mu.v V"
"I my nm going lo lake any vacation
ihN yenr"
"Henr me!    Why not?"
"I  don'l   like  this seaspn's style In
Olltilig lint lies "
Bldg., Detroit, Mich.
Office S3. Residence 42*
JOHN  REID, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'   Gasoline
iCnglnea,  Marine  Engines  and  Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and Works: Tenth St.
>0. Box 474.   New Westminster, B.C
Hard on Him.
"Whnt Is lhe tnaltcr wllh Itlnka?"
"lie siijs hla Wlio bus developed a
new fail."
"Whnt is ItV
"Operating her steam roller every
day. now unit It is so fasbioualile."
Might Be.
"Is yonr wife n suflnigelle?"
"Br���pr���I giio-i" she n""t lie.   Anyway, she suffers vet trom everything
she   ever  rPHllH  nbout  In   the   patent
medicine iilmaniie."
Something Cheaper.
A hnrd eoal luirner Is a dream
if 11 Is bul iiehnvliiR:
But. ub. If we rould Ret a range
To burn up dollars for a change
It might be vtiiti a Mavlngt
Gold Dust From Nome,
Seattle, Nov. 14- Half a million
dollars in Alaska gold dual was received from the Nome and Idlt.arod
dlstrlcla on the steamship Victoria,
which arrived late last night on her
last Voyage of the season to Nome,
Gets the Cream of the
Christmas Goods in the
shops and
gets the Cream of the
Trade. Mr. Merchant,
do your share towards
the early shopping campaign by advertising your
wares early in
The Paper
that brings BATURDAY, NOVEMBER  15, 1913.
A  Daring  but Chic
Millinery    Creation
(By R. E. Porter.)
The   police   have   seized   a   counter-
'felting plant in Bapperton,
.while the butcher and baker umi candlestick maker,
Progressives) and council and nil,
I Are scratching their pales an,! slaying
up late
To muke plans an dschsmes and pro-
To bring outside Industries here,
The pollce or WeBtmlnster, with movements i|ulle sinister.
Are driving the factories away.
When wllli outlay Mormous
Hume experts start making of coin
On a Sapperton site (employ all hands
at nighti
Now  whnt do Chief  llrailsimw's   men
They seize the whole cargo, and place
an embargo
On   this   wonderfully  clever concern;
And  slop operations on   the coins of
our nation.
And thus throw more men oul of work
ob. my word, how absurd!  for who
ever heard
or such folly?   Oh, golly,
Mow very, how very absurd!
The I'aris modistes deserve mucb
praise this season, and not ouly for
tlie beauty of their modes, but because
tbey have finally succeeded in making
a radical change lu styles. Indeed.
Biany millinery authorities say tbat
tbe new bats ure the best that they
have seen In years.    Without any Idea
���f reflecting upon tbe genius of tbe
-Trench modistes, the millinery modes
ef tbe last year Or so were rather
monotonous mid not us urtistlc ns
those tbat have just made their debut.
It may bt- thut the craze for tulle and
U >��� during the summer inspire,! tlie
treating of dashing (lures, chic tingles
anil the Wonderful posing of trim
Biiugs The posing of trimming Is a
smth cable feature of the stunning Imt
pictured. This adornment Is of unt-
winl ostrich In blue, shading from n
dark tu light lone. Tlie hat Is of black
velvet wltb a high flare at the buck
This Is une of the very smartest
���liaj-cji sf the st-asou.
New   Westminster's     policewoman
goes on duty today.
Stop! i.ook! LlBten!
���    It Ihe warning that now Is sent
To the weak minded youths of our city
Who prowl amashlng bent.
Oh well for that shifty-eyed thing.
And  for the overdressed  fop,
If he keep one eye on stranger girls
And the olher one on uur new cop.
She's always on the watch
For just such t.ilngs as he.
And mighty little of what he does
Will our matron fall to see.
stop!   Look!   Listen!
This warning again we say
To the "Oh, you chicken" spielers
On und after today.
With a Kred Lynch perfeeto stuck under hla nose,
On his untidy desk his wee tootsies
Our Sport Writer sits with the air of
a sage
And writes such funny words for his1
popular page.
Talcs ibis week:  He cul!:i one man a
"Bull Moose,"
Still   another  terms   "Hear  Cat"   and
hla lingo turns loose
On such things as "lips," "mills," and
he now has a spiel
Crammed with "hot stuff" he's dubbed
"The Turn of the Wheel."
Considering tlo- high cost of living
I suggest, in my characteristic 'umbls
���way that the nursery rhymes be
brought up to date. Instead of Instilling falsehoods Into the youngsters
by Implying tiiat anyone could "to
market, to market lo buy a fat pig"
and then after paying the high prbc
asked, could "home again, bome again,
dancing a jig," WS should be frank;
tell the truth. Imagine anyone who
has just paid for a roast of pork, let
alone a whole pig, dancing a jig.
This is tiie way that couplet should
"To market, to market  to buy a fat
Home again, home again, price Is too
Also thin one:
"Hlpp-ity hop to the grocer's Bhop.
But can't buy a thing, for our credit is
This for doclor bills:
Little Hob Cratchlt sat on a hatchet.
Then sere lined: "Oh. I rear I will die."
"Can't help It," aald nurse.
And she opened her purse.
"For  the  dear doctor's   bills   are too
And with eoal $8.00 a ton, how would
ttMs do?
Little Bo Peep can cook nothing to eat
Though she's ln nn awful hurry,
For coal she can't buy,  the price
tor. high,
And  Ihe cruel    dealer    laughs,    "I
should worry."
Shop early for Christmas now Is the
You must do your shopping early; dc
It early, mother dear.
Or  we  shall  hear the  same  old cry
that went around last year.
In   less   than   thirty   days   will   come
that sad and solemn thought.
Tls but two weeka to Christmas and
there's not a present bought.
Chiffon Blouse Still Modish.
The chiffon blouse bus become peren
Mul aad In lis various phases Is nn n.l
aiirsble solution of tbe problem wblch
presents Itself when one tries to make
m blouse unit, ll u wool costume, yet lie
cool enough for comfort, becoming nml
���lightly dressy    Its admirable nualltlc*
will keep It In evidence again tbls sen
���on. sud one (Inds It lu all degrees of
-elaboration,   from   theater,   lu   ivlji.ii
laces uud embroideries play nn Important part, to the street ami traveling
blouses. In vv bl. h tin- dark t riling ehif
f-ou   r)SSS   (JUtte   to   the   base   ot   the
Obed  Smith  Lays Case Before
British Audience.
rus KtwrsT iN.cairros waists
throat, and then n beei|mlng sailor collar aud sleeve liulsb uf the cretiui lace
���r uet which It veils.
One of the iD-ltinilve details or tbe
���iiuiricst Frriieh blouses In silk Ik the
long Mlevre. llm most of the domestic
designers eniitiiiiie to divide their
models lutn Hlim-t sleeved, sheer iihhMk
of more or tew dressy degrees nud
rigidly severe shirt waists, or long
���leev-sd, high rullared tailored waists
of conspicuous ugliness.
The bl,nis.- Ilium rsted Is n delightful
affair carried nut In (lowered silk. Tbe
bishop sleeves snd shoulder seams sre
eut In one pieces, sud the high collar
nt the back seems to be part of tbls
combination. A smart touch Is tbe
wide girdle sasb of green and blue
Plaid silk.
X Bay Shoos New.
X rsy skirt* are to be accompanied
In the near Altar* bf X ray shoes, sr-
cording to tbe latest glimpse of coining feminine fashion*.
X rsy shoes have uppers of Irish
crochet lace. For evening wear the
uppers sre entirely of lace; for outdoor
sresr lbe shorn hsve shallow goloshes
of suede kid surmounted by lac*.
Kitehon Kinks.
tf cheese Is wrapped In a cloth
moistened with vinegar tt will neither
dry nor mold.
After the soles of yonr stockings ar*
worn oot cot the feet off and use th*
leg* to protect your sleeves while busy
In the kitchen. It wlll MT* tots of un-
���ecoMsry wssblng.
Striking Facts snd    Sound    Advice���and spoke with men who refused oth-
Ier work than their own and preferred
!to starve.    Many thousands are classed as unemployed In towns and cities
who have more money in their pocket
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I than 1 have, and certainly more than
enough to see them through the next
Says the I_ondon Standard: Detrac- winter and the winter arter that
tors of Canada���and there are still a Ily means of newa agencies, each
few of them would do well to take t;> eoinplalng letter or statement as to
heart some of the facts which Obed unemployment -*- which, generu'ly
Smilh brought out in his able speit'h speaking, are anonymous cornea to
at the Passenger Agents' Aaaoclation my knowledge, and while there hue
ilil London  last week.    The speech  Is  nut  been   publiR'ied   more  than  ",0  of
eo g I lhal we make no apology for such reports. ��iippoi:e, for locc or the
jreprlnllng extracts from It. No fair gloomy pessimist. It Is suggested that
!er or more moderate 'statement of there will be 1000 such complaints.
the actual position In Canada today more or less, reported in the press
has been made from any platform in here. May I aak what percentage of
this country, aad the review becomes this thousand would have on a total
Of more value by reason of the fact Canadian population or between eight
I that the as-slntnm superintendent of snd nine mllllonB, and what percent-
'Canadian emigration has recently re- ago would 1,001 have towards the 402.-
'lurneil triitn an extended tour In the'quo emigrants who went nut to Canada
Dominion. I_st vear alone and toek up permanent
Canada being a vast country wllh residence there? Less than one-quar-
Iuntold anil undeveloped potentialities ter of one per cent. Is there a board
j will be obliged for yeara to come to of guardians or an institution of so-
itho London market for the wherewith- cirty dealing with human beings that
!al to develop her natural resources,;can show ao small a percentage of
Jsald Obed Smith. There can be no loss, and will the reading public be
question of the security for such willing to accept this blue-ruin Bug-
money, whatever the diversity of opin-:gcstlon and throw away 400 golden
Sion there may be regarding rate of in- Canadian opportunities because one of
Iterest to be paid therefor. The latest them was bud? We could, and will,
|bank clearings of Canada ahow an In-.give some lurid Illustrations of these
.creaao over the corresponding week!complainant's motives.
last year. Clearly the only question j Kdltors of some papers who publish
jla the amount of Interest the British .these anonymous letters are not im-
Investor can get. How could there be | pressed with the fact that they are
any doubt about the security wheu thlajdolng the empire a disservice. With
year's crops In Canada will probably j Canadian government ofllcer-s all over
be worth at least $600,000,000, money the liritish Isles, readily available, why
which waa not In the world before this should an editor be willing to publish
new wealth was made? A coivserva-! a derogatory statement from a person
tlve computation Ib that the grain crop i he has never seen and has never
alone of the prairie provinces thlB year; known, and leave out one man's name
would pay every dollar that every far-1 and address, here or in Canada, Just
mer ln all those provinces owes.    If .because It sounded like a spicy Btory
1 Crowds Are
To This Going-Out-of Business Sale of Furniture at
W. E. Fales, Opp. Carnegie
Library.    Savings are large*
The Furniture Sale sweeps on. Our success is simple;
only a matter of quality and value. Mr. Fales did not
buy cheap Furniture to sell at cheap prices���quality
is never sacrificed here, and we are just as particular
about truthfully stating our sale values. We give
the sale price and the regular price. No exaggeration,.
no buncombe. You can come here with a certainty of
satisfaction and a surety of saving % ON YOUR
PURCHASE. Lines are being reduced as if by magic.
Don't delay a day for your Christmas presents. You'll
save money if you come quickly.
This is the only sale Mr. Fales ever held in thirty years
and now he is going to QUIT BUSINESS.
W. L FALES, The Iver Smith Sales Co. in full charge
Spokane, Nov. 14.���A smooth crook,
IposlnR as a clergyman and even pre-
-etitinR credentials In the shape of a
'; certificate of ordination, has made W.
1_. Clark, auditor of the Spokane and
��� Kastern Trust company, the butt of a
i lot at Joking by friends.    Incidentally
Rank's money.     Mr.  Clark,  appreciating lhe humorous aspect of the pseudo-
preacher's   activities,   is   telling    the
story on himself.
"The man came into the bank while
in Sunday school convention was on in
the city and stated that he was a
I minister in attendance and wanted to
draw a little money on his I'ortland
'account," said Mr. Clark yesterday, j
"He stated that he had no one to identify him, but was anxious to draw $5.
"1 asked hlm if he had his check
honk with him, and he pulled out a
* much worn book of the Merchants'
' National bank of I'ortland. with the
! remark. "A fellow's got to be all right jl
i to carry one of them, hasn't he?' rl
I "When I aaked to see his credentials I
!he willingly produced his certificate 11
iof ordination, and got the money, signing his check on the Portland bank H.
D. Stanley.' Now the check comes back
wltb the newa that he has no account
there. Is net known and that several
checks of the same man have come
ln from other northwestern points. He
appears to havo worked the territory.
"1 have been 23 years In the banking business and have cashed checks
for all classes cf people and now a
preacher has put one over, fooling ms
for the first tlute. Hereafter I'll fight
shy of strange preachers wanting to
cash checks."
Ars Preventive *****���,__.
Victoria. Nov. ����--��aJS��������
and Miss McDonald. I*"*"*" J"
police women, have toon ���w*rBJL,!
Member, of tto toe- *��*���*____
duties will to ����*&'�� OW""**
wltk women and skiMrsn.
every business ln the old land was as
well off whst a poor time emigration
officials would have!
Permanent Assets.
On June 30 this year there were ln
Csnada over 2,500.000 horses, over 2,-
500,000 milch cows, over 4,000,000 other csttle, over 2,000,000 sheep and 3,-
000,000 swine, whose condition was
above the standard 100 per cent. Notwithstanding tight money, and without money buildings cannot be erected, we find eastern Cansda equalling
the top record ot last year, and even
a western city like Winnipeg will bave
erected new buildings during 1913 of
no less vslue than $16,000,000, and this
permsnent asset cannot -be moved
therefrom like ��� bank credit can to the
loss of the place of deposit
It would be foolish to hope and expect that a nsw hlgS-water mark oould
be set up every ysar, and year after
year, in any country, new or old; but
Csnsd hss reason to be especially
proud of her present position ln the
eyes of the world, andt hat already
what seemed a check for lack of more
abundant capital, now shows ready
signs ot being removed. 1 predict that
hy next spring a similar condition of
prosperity and expsaslon wHl be felt
throughout the Dominion, equal to any
previous spring record.
Whence, therefore, the cry ot unemployment which appears ln some
of the papers on this side of the Atlantic? There Is no talk of general
unemployment tn Canada, because
there ts not. nor likely to be, much���
If any���greater lack of werk than any
other winter, when that season ar
rives, Isolated and Individual reports
come from persons with such ulterior'
motives ss can be discovered by even
a cssual Inquirer if he desires. In
Canad.there are no poor rates, no
workhouses, and no worry over out-
of-works except the wasters. Par be
It from me to deny that there are
cases ot unemployment in the Dominions; there always have been- and
thsre always wfll to, even In l-tmdon
tad Aberdeen.   I saw several cases
against our Dominion?
If any person desiring work ln Canada cannot find lt he has only to make
himself known to the nearest of several hundred government officials and
his case wlll be sttended to with much
greater satisfaction to himself than by
sending a complaining letter to some
one 5,000 miles away. Canada asks
nothing from any man except that he
shall succeed there.
London, Nov. 14.���At an Inquest as
Islington yesterday on a baby aged 9
months, when s verdict of natural
causes wss returned, a lady health
visitor ssld thst she had pskl repeated
visits to the house hut had never seen
sny milk about. She was afraid It
was always beer. The evidence showed that the child had been successively In the care of his mother, a foster-
mother, snd two sisters, and died In
Holloway union Infirmary from gastroenteritis, which a doctor said waa
probably caused by Improper feeding.
The trouble appeared to he due to
Ignorance on the part of the mother,
who was young and simple.
Pendleton, Ore., Nov. 14.���That eastern Oregon ts facing a sheep famine
Is the declaration Ot R. H. Moss, a local buyer of live stock. He declares
thst never In tbe history of the shsep
Industry In eastern Oregon hss there
been such a movement of lambs to
the eastern markets.
According to Moss the growers hsve
been energetically cutting down their
holdings and that since the buyers apparently wanted nothing but lambs
these have been the onee to go.
He Insists thst this heavy shipment
of lambs wlll be seriously tslt next
yesr ud predicts thst beta* the cad
of �� months eastern Oregon will to
importing sheep from Montana and'
myself, but on the other hand. I saw Wyoming. ^_fm
Portland. Nov. 14.���L. R. Kaylor and
A. D. Baker, brokers, were arrested
today on charges of violating the provisions of the Oregon blue sky law.
The men weer released on $1,000
Following these arrests will come
the llrst crimlnsl prosecution under
the new act The men are charged
with offering stocks for sale contrary
to the word.*, the set phlcb provides
that tt ls unlawful to deal ln stocks
or securities of any company unless a
permit is tlrst secured from the state
corporation department
Kaylor represents In this city the
Capital Security company, a Delaware
corporation, while Baker has bandied
the stocks of the National Mercantile
company, limited, qf Vancouver, B. C.
Both these companies are foreign corporations transacting business In this
state, lt Is charged, contrary to tto
general corporation law which provides fot the licensing ot foreign corporations. ���
Pendleton Indian, With Whom Trials
Have Been a Habit, la
Pendleton, Ore., Nov. 14.���Tto Jwr
in the Columbla-Gsorge aturder case
brought tn a verdict ot murder to ttl
seooad degree. It required atoat sis
toon to roach a verdict
Ososgo has saeat t*U *r*um ***
of hM Uto la jS. either lb oervbtf
scatetos or awaiting trial. In tm. to
A new shipment of Pennants has been received at THE NEWS Office, including "Canada," "Quebec" and "Manitoba." The following are now in stock:
New Westminster
Canada Manitoba
Quebec McGill
Bring three coupons clipped from THE NEWS AND 20c for any one of
the pennants, or send 25c. if to be mailed. You will want out of aack of 1
pennants if you see them. '
Pennant Coupon
Bring three of these coupons and twenty cents to Tip Mm office
and receive one pf. the beautiful Westminster Pennant*. In eaaa ytm are not
a subscriber bring 40 cents for one memth'a subscription and �� oantr for pan.
nant Address all mail orders to The Mews, New Westmmatir, Dud
6c extra for mailing.      "���������: HIH^HHH^H^H^^I
lag tried tor murder to almost a habit
tor Mm.
* Twaatr years ago Oeorge kttied sa
Indian medicine woman. Several years
latarvened betwew tto ttase ho coat.
altted the crtoeaMtto ttaso toto
" Mia lodesal
itetta. .
��!��� *****
.*<��� .���
i oowta A|
tta-etoft-* i
*   *    ff
���-��������� t' MiJW-'i- tir .' -Ms/i,
:   %__m '"'      '-���!>*&'���
SATURDAV,   NOVEMBER   15,   1913.
| Varied
for 8aturdaj  Shoppers
Crape   Km1.   -  1'"
���Cambridge BsuBatfe, Ib. 20c 25c.
rtiln :    Fruit,    Sultans  and
Genoa,   l'n  25C'
Hometni le Doughnuts, ripz. 20c.
fork   I'les,  oach    25c-
MMdcherae,  per  bowl   * ...15c
���.���..���Hh Celery, Cauliflower, Uet.
t.urr. Brussells Sprouts, Klpo
French Peas, prr tin   86c.
__aparagus TipB. tin    25c.
i���bby'n Mincemeat, Hi      ..20c.
Fresh  Nuta,    Tallin    linlsins,
Ckooolates, etc.
Local News
Series ol Lectures.
Cspt (AdJL) Haynes is giving s
series of lectures t<> non-commlssli nod
officers of the 104th Regiment. The
lirst lecture wss glvn In tbe armorial
Brst lecture was given in the armories
Por all building supplies nnd fuel
oil apply to tbs B. C. Transport Co.,
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
OITlce phone BUG, -ft barf phone SSO.
Conditions Improve.
\\'i nl  received  here  trom Vancouver Island siivb   that   conditions um
daily battering, mere men are return
ing   to   work   iu   the   mines   and  the
acute lll-teallng  in subsiding,    Ais-i
thnt the quantity  of coal mini d is Increasing.
Ihe People's Grocer
Model Grocery
SOS Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Burnaby Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
Millinery   Sale.  -All hats    at   half
price at   Miss  Davey's Millinery  Par
lors, Carnarvon Htrcet. opposite Hotel
Russell. (2407)
Civic Industrial Sites.
Alderman Dodd Is to bring In a report of city properties available for
Industrial sites when the city council
nulls on Monday night. At a met'-
Ing of tlle recently appointed Indus
trial committee of the council and Industrial Commissioner Darling yesterday afiernoon the question waB discussed. This follows a communication from the Industrial commissioner
outlining a policy of civic-owned Industrial sites Bent to the council two
weeks ago.
Have you seen    tlie   >150   diamond
ring Clifford is giving away ?    (2370) !
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For full particldars
call at our office and let
us know what you require.
Dominion Trust
Th�� Perpetual Trustee.
raid   Up Capital  and
���Surplus $ 2.800,000
Assets    4,-73,983.95
Trusteeships Under
~   Administration over   6.O00.000
IruKtee for Bondholders over     25,000,000
C. 8. KEITH, Manager.
Offices ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
New Weatmlnster, Nanalmo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Charlottetown, London, F.n**.'..; Antwerp, Belgium.
Now Westminster
606   Columbia   Street.
Cpitn   Saturday   Evenings   from
7  lo 9.
Certainly It Psys.
Advertising In Tlie News pays. This
was demonstrated yesterday when W.
E. Sinclair, the shopman, telephoned
in that his Btock of storm rubbers as
advertised in yesterday's News had
been told out and he was besieged
with Icustomrs looking for the bargains advertised for Friday and Saturday.
Tomorrow the 2:ith anniversary of
St. Paul's church will be observed at
11  a.m. and  7  p.m.     The  rector  will
City  Store    :.. 193 snd 443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West End Branch   650
New Navel Oranges
This year's crop is now on the
market to sell for 35c and 50c
per dozen.
We will have 11 limited number  of these   large,  yellow,  delicious fruit to sell at, each 40c
Jap Oranges
BOX 60c
Thc finest thing in the world
for a bad cold Is OLIVE OIL,
HONEY and LEMON. This mixture eases a cough and helps
cure a sore throat. We can sup
ply you with any or all of these
Bring the Children
on Saturday
The New Westminster
Department   Store
Bring the Children
on Saturday
Do Your Saturday Shopping in New Westminster
And Take the Big Values Our Opening Sale Offers
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Political Equality League.
The regular meeting of the members of lhe Political Equality League
preach and special music and anthem.* "as held in Dr. Synge's office In the
will be rendered by the choir. Tho j Westminster Trust building yesterday.
soloist   In   the   morning   will   be   Mr.  General business was transacted.  .
Stanley Gilchrist  and  in  the evening   a
Miss Eileen Gilley.     Special offerings      Two competent  Instructors    in    at
for  church   funds. 124141 I tendance at the rink every afternoon
and evening. Admission 25 cents after
noons, 40 cents evenings. (2395)
Woman Injured.
While walking along Kront street
yesterday morning Mrs. McDermott.
of East Burnaby. was slightly injured
when 11 rig backed into the scaffolding
work on the Holbrook Hotel, allowing it to fall on the woman. She was
removed to her home in tlle police
Special    sale    or    Crysanthemums, 1
Tidy,    the    Florist.      739    Columbia
street and 402 Tenth    street.    I'hone
ISL (2420)
For Fire Protection.
The water committee at a meeting
held yesterday considered an application from Port Coiiuitlam for wator
for flre protective purposes. It was
decided to meet the water officials of
tlle Port City before taking any action.
You can pass in a crowd if you wear
George's Corn and Bunion Shields.
Made to fit any corn or bunion. For
Bale only by Hill's Drug Store. (2398
Police  Matron's Office.
Building Inspector Turnbull was in
a real quandry yesterday.    After having arranged the new quarters of the
city  assessor's  staff,  Mr. Turnbull   Is I���0"?..
now facid with the proposition to provide  quarters    for  the    new    policewoman.  Mrs. Patchell.     The building j building is
inspector suggested the private office
of  the    magistrate,     but    this     was
tabooed.    It is understood that a desk
Will  be provided  Mrs.  Patchell in the
health inspectors' office.
New School for Mission.
The  contract  for  a  new   two-room
school at  Mission  has just been  let
thc   local   government   agent
tn   Catherwood   -i   Slack,   of   Mission
City.     The    estimated  cost    of    thc
Expert skate sharpenin.i and riveting at Oscar Swa:isoon's, 13 Beebie
street. (2369)
Ladles' and gents' suits cleaned and
pressed $1.25; suit pressed :10c. Westminster Chemical Cleaners _. Dyers,
612 Carnarvon street. Phone 4X4.
John Kindal, prop. 12406)
1200 Hunting Licenses.
Although the season Is not quite
ever as yet no less than 12nn hunt
Ing licenses have been isrued at the
government agent's ofTice in this city
ihis fall. The total Indicates that
hunting is a popular pastime with the
residents   Ot   New   Westminster   and
Gas By-law  Petition.
When a few more names are placed  locality
on  the  petition  to  re-submit  the gas* - -
by-law,  that  document  will   be  ready 1    Money  to  loan  on  first   mortgages
for presentation to the council.   This Improved  city  and   farm   propertv
���vas the position last night. By tin.,
afternoon names enough to make the
pi tition valid are hoped for by the
With every $2 purchase you get a
Chance on the $1."0 diamond ring. T.
Gifford, the Jeweler, 123701
per  cent.  Alfred  \V.  Mcl.eod     (2337)
Install Elevator.
A Start on the installation of the
elevator in the Dominion building was
made yesterday by Sloan & Harrison,
contractors fur the additions to the
building and the elevator.
More of the Same. Skating sessions at the Arena every
Several   eases   of   infraction   of   tin-   afternoon and evening.    Afternoon be-
automobile act and by-laws are due to tween 3:30 and 5:30 o'clock.   Evenlno
lie heard in  llurnaby pollce court this  hours 3:15 to  10:30 o'clock.    Band in
morning. |attendance every evening. (2395)
Coast Sealed Oysters
Per Pint 50c
Per Quart    -    -    -    - $1.00
Crescent Oysters
Par Dozen     -    -    -    -    35c
���{Successor to Ayling & Swain.i
<*A7 Columbia  St. Phone 98
Ways and Means
To Lessen the Labour of House-
cleaning and Housekeeping
Oil ol Joy  Mopa   with bottle i f oil   $200
Blssell'i   Carpel   BweeperB  .$3.00 and up
English   Hair  Brooms    $1.00 and up
Polishing Cloths, for silver, etc  25c.
Also a full line oi Pastes, Polishes, oils and Waxes lur Furniture
Floors, etc,
New  Westminster
Pigs $1.00 Each
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established  11.1.
(-staoiisnea   itm.
We write Flre, Life, Accident, Empioyir.1   Liability,   Automobile  and
, Marino  Insurance,
Klne Flannelette Nightshirts
ln Rood stripped patterns. These
garments are mnde extra large
and long; all Blzes up to size
IH. Specially priced at    $1.25
All white Nightshirts, made
from beat quality Saxony flannel, all sizes,    I'rice  .    Sl.SO
Kxtra heavy Kngiish Outing
Flannel Nightshirts ln good
striped patterns. This la an excellent gown for cold weather
wear; all sizcB. Triced at $1.75
A special lot of heavy Sweaters 111 gray, navy and black,
all taken from our Higher pric
ed lines. There are also a few-
sweater coats In the assortment. Bargain at $1.45
A clean up of our odd lines
nf shirts; values up to $1.25;
sizes 14 to 17. Also a few
boys' shirts 1n sizes Vi to 14.
All at one price  SOCMEN'S   UNDERWEAR.
Penman's Heavy Scotch
Wool Underwear. double-
breasted. A nexcelleni garment
for men who want heavy tinuer-
wear and one of the hest values
we know. Regular $1.26 for.
per garment    95c.
We are selling "Success
Brand Collars, regular 15c..
for   3 tor 25c.
Men's Stiff Hats in. all the new
styles for fall wear; rightly
priced at  $2.50
The "Victor'    'and    "Kenmore"
makes of  Soft  Hats,    in    all
shades and styles, priced
from $2.50 ��o $4.00
Austrian Velour Hats. In shades
of hrown, green and black.
Specially  priced  at.   .55.00
A big clear up of odd lines of
Soft Hats. In good shades and
styles. These are from our
higher priced hats; values
$3.60.   Bargain  price.,$1.50
See our window for embroidered Cushions, slips. Centres,
Scarfs and Covers. .Iust the
thing   for  Christmas.
Cushions nicely embroidered
In colors on gray linen, finished
In fringe cords and hemstitched
ready for the form. Specially
priced    75c.     85C-    95C.'
Sl.OO anfl $1.50.
Centres and Cushions to
match, embroidered In Violets,
clover, rambler ruse and heather, on cream and eruy linen:
values   STt.fn.   to   it.nil.     Special
Sale Price     Sl.OO "> 51.50
Square Table Gofers on green
repp,  gray   linen    and    crash*.
hemstitched  ans fringed  nicely
embroidered   In  Colors.    Prices
51.25 "5200
Scarfs on grny, cream and
green repp, also gray linen nnd
crash; hemstitched and fringe
trimmed, Hanging In price
frnm  ...       S1.2S 'o $2.00
What can vou find more serviceable tlinn a real Tapestry
Cushion. The only objection
you can hive to making up
cushions of tapestry is the price
real giinil stuff Is by the yard,
anil the waste there Is In buying
goods 60 Inches wide to make a
small cushion. . ,
We have removed the waRte
and cut the price so tiiat you can
choose a cushion top In Hi|iiaro
or oblong at 25c, 35c, 50c, snd
75.. each. You wlll find thom
In the drapery section on the
main floor.
It is tlie perfection of cloanll
neis ns well ns Simplicity, We
can supply you wllh any of the
many convenient electrical devices for doing It at the lowest
possible cash store prices.
 Cn.. .Sa .... rei .. rs..
Natural Alaska  Mink with extra largo fancy Btolf
muff to match. , Special per set
We carrv a large stock of reliable furs, and nur prices must convince you Of the advisability of visiting our fur department to Inspect
Handsome Hudson Seal Set. having long straight Stole, line,   w   h
Hanrsome Hudson  Seal  Set, having long straight  Stole,  lined  with
rich gray messaline.    Large bolster muff with shirred gray messaline
finished ends.   Special per Bet    ���������*��.��������
A beautiful natural sable flteh set. having a large s ole w th square
effect in the back and long ends in front finished ��Ith natural ta a
and claws.    -Large fancy muff to match, nicely  lined with brown |illtL
?PeNftatJralB^C00n Set.'having 'large, plain'shawl styio stole. ftnjKsS
with  four tails ln  front.    Large pillow  muff to match.    Special  per
���.,,  m9,UU
BUck Persian I.amb Set, having fancy stole trimmed with Bilk
ornaments and  tassels.    Shaped  pillow  muff to  match.    Bpeolaa WT
Large pillow
Hlack Belgian Hare Stole, large shawl collar, Bnlshed with_tails
In front'  regular $8.75.   Sale price       JeS.wS
Black Belgian Hare Muff to match In large flat pillow, finished
with two heads and tails;  regular $7 60,    Sale price  *��.����
An assortment of fancy Mink Marmont Stoles; values to. $10iM,
for  R'S
(iray Squirrel  Scarfs at    S7.SU
Muffs to match In pillow style at    .,'.'.''' S12.50
Kancy   Near   Seal   Sets,   with   imitation     chinchilla    trimming.
Stole  16 to straight  scarf style,  with  large   pillow   muff  to matojju
l'er set  515.W
White Thibet for misses. Large stole In shawl collar effect with
long  ends  In  front.    Kxtra  pillow'   muff    to    match.      BpecW    per
Kt.t ��� 519.9"
A good assortment of Children's Furs in Imitation Chinchilla Imitation I'.rmlno and While Thibet I'rlces from . 54.50 W 57.50
"""Big reductions on all velvet and evening coats Also on all even
Ing gowua.
(iray Diagonal cloth in three-quarter length, nicely finished,
large  fancy  burtons;   regular price  $16.00.  Sale  prtce    59.55
A good assortment of new two-tone Houche Cloth, made In newest
styles;  values to $18 60.    Sale price   513.75
Our extensive slock nt Children's Coals are on sale at '.'.i per
cent ort regular price.
Order Your Private Greeting Cards for Xmas.
New Sample Book Now Ready.
3000 yards of elegant Nainsooks: full bleached and beaut
ful fine even weave. So desirable for ladies and children's
use; 3*i inches wide at. per yard
15c, 18c, 20c, 25c, 30c, 35c,
and 40c
We carry a splendid range of
Victoria Lawns suitable for
aprons and dresses at, per yard
12'_c,  15c, 20c.  25c. 35c
250 yardB all-linen Crash roi
ier Towelling; Irish manufacture, true value 20c. McAllisters'  price,  yard    ISC.
28-lneh Navy I'ure Wool Klan-
nali   regular   50c.     McAllisters'
price per yard   40C
28-Inch Navy Twill Flannel,
regular 50c. McAllisters' price
van! 40C.
20c JAP MATTING  15c
A new design of useful Japanese Malting just lo hand In pretty
designs.    This  is  a   regular  20  cent  quality.    Special   for  this   ��ale
pi r yard    ISC.
35c.   FLOOR   OILCLOTH.   SPECIAL   30e.
A fresh delivery of new patterns lu our regular 35c. Oilcloth just
received. This quality is so well known for Its hard wearing merits.
Kor those requiring new oilcloth fur kitchen or hall, can during thle
���sale save 6 centH on every square yard.
Just t'ae Uilng to save your better carpets where the tread Is the
heaviest, or to slip down on muddy days, is one of these Jap Mats.
They always look new and clean and it. Is next to Impossible 10 wear
them out. They sell regularly for 36c. apiece. Uurlng this sale
Special  25C.
Plain green, green and cream, and In all cream shades, tbat
have accumulated iu our slock, and aa we need the room, we are
putting them all out to he cleaned up at a price. It" you need to renew a window shade, just hrlng the size along and se��� If there Is
one In tills lot that will suit you. Vou can buy any window shade In
tin   assortment, Irrespective of former price and  value at   .   ���-30C
Size 11x9  Inches,  the most   wanted   size  in   the  home today      We
have a special lot of Brussels finished Tapestry rims lu some excellent
colorings and designs,    These are special value even lit $8,1
Imt op
���  "11,1 Illh*,    ,,,,,,    UCBIgU. I   II'  >T      ��, a    . (,"'.,, ,     . ,, I 14,'    , - * >-],     ,11     t -    I ., .     II VIL    ll|,-
portunlly offered us to turn the bargain your way in these rugs, and
you can choose any one in the assortment for    56.55
Another very special bargain in the Carpet Department la on
hand ready for this Bale. This Is an Al quality tapestry carpet, In
a variety of good designs and colorings, In facl there Is not a bad
pal tern in the assortment of designs, but chance came our way to buy
this lot at B very special price This is Ihe same quality as you are
In the habit of paying ,.*.(���. a yard for. Von can choose any design in
thlh lot during tliis sale for. per yard  SOC.
SEAMLESS AXMINSTER RUGS, 8.3x11.6, $29.75.
This Is a very fine quality of Axminster aud has the great advantage of not having seams: comes In rich Oriental designs and beautiful colorings;  regular $85,00,   .Special    529.75
Wire  Door Mats���The moBt  needed thing in  the home, the kind
that  requires  no  shaking;   reversible,    size    18x30.    Itegular    $1.50.
Special           ete ���__
Sixe  22x34;   regular  $2.00.    Special          Sl.SO
Jute Hearth Rugs���A good hard-wearing, serviceable rug; comes
in fawns, greens and reds lu Oriental designs; size 27x54 regular
$1.25.     Special      51.00
���- Limited
1 brass lied, new design Ks-
eeptloiiul value at 532.50
1 Brass Hed. Batln finish, having high posts; new design
Sale price    545.00
2   llrass   Mcils,
Kxtru value ut  .
bright    finish
1  Ilrsss   lleda,    satin    finish
and plain; new design.   Special
'" 525.00
1  BraBs  Bed, dull  finish  Bnd
plain  design;     regular     $35.00,
for  527.50
1 White Knamel Bed with
brass trimmings;  regular $17 75
for  513.75
1 White Knamel Hod; regular $17.50 for 512.75
1 dozen Golden Oak finish
Dressers and Stands, having
I'rlnceBs British Bevel Mirror;
Bize lfix36;   regular $25.00.  Spe-
oW for   519.75
1 Ducheas Mahogany finish
Dresser, having Oral Mirror;
Bize 18x36: lovely design; reg.
$15.   Sale price 511.75
100 yards only. 8-4 Bleached
Sheeting of Btrong even weave.
This Is tbe kind that will stand
hard laundry usage. Extra special,  per  yard    274.
50 only large double bed slio
Grecian Spreads Kxtra special at    51.25
150 yards only Wool Ktder-
down. This is the goods that Is
so greatly In demand now for
kimonas and dressing Jackets.
Special, per yard  SOC.
500 yarda White Cambric;
full 3S inches wide, and free
from dressing. Just the thing
for ladies' and ehilllren'H underwear. 'Kxtra special, per
yard 15*.
25 dozen only Iirown Turkish
Towels, with turkey-red faat
dye stripe; size 22x48 Incttee.
Kxtra special, per pair .. 79C.
Exceptional values In Uoyal
Vitreous Hotel China. A chance
to stock up at prices never be
fore heard of In this western
country. Below are a few prices
which we ask you to compare:
Kermis Teas and Saucers; regular $3.00. Sale price per
dozen   51.75
Ovlde Teas and Saucers: regu-
,lar $3.00. Sale 'price, per
dozen 51.75
Five-Inch Plates, reg., $1.50, Sale
price per dozen   51.00
Six-Inch Plates, regular $1.75.
Sale price, per dozen . 51.25
Seven-Inch Soups, regular $1.85
Sale price, per dozen     51.35
Ind. Platters, regulur $2.25.
Sale prize per dozen     51.50
The same discount all through
thu llne of hotel China. Never
before have you had tx chance to
lay In a stock at the prices we
are asking for the best Vitreous Hotel China made.
Now is tho time for making
up Christmas presonts. We have
Berlins in all shades, *. iltuhl-
n nice assortment of double,
for bedroom sllppers7 ���to-i
at   ** *or 15c.
Also a line of Saxony and
Shetland Floss ln all shades
Just the thing for shawls and
Jackets. Prices per skein 15c.
snd 10c.
In Victoria Braid, specially
made and finished to meet the
demand' for a serviceable skin
binding. Guaranteed to Htand
any weather nnd give every
satisfaction. We have It in
shades of brown, navy. gray.
Alice blue, garnet, black and
cream. Price per yard  St.


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