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The New Westminster News Sep 2, 1913

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'w   -HT" ���'* *������
Newa Classified Ada.
Have proven tbelr worth by tbe j
results   tbey    produce.     They   All
large    or   amall   wanta   At   mall
I nV WOaglW..
Sets Westminster and tbe lower
mainland: Generally (air, with iU-
tlonary or slightly risin-R tenners
VOLUME 8, ' .a*f> -*ER 149.
(James, Sports, Speeches and
Dancing All Made Day
(ireat Success.
ft. P. Pettipiece In Address Prob, itt.
Against Treatment of  Nanaimo
Strikers  by  Authorities.
With a warm sun shliilti< dowu Up
on five to six thuusand pi ople. Nl ������
Westminster's bl| Labor Day eel lira
tion  was carried out yesterday with a
prootslon    worthy    of    the    blghast
Commencing at 10 o'clock in the
forenoon whin New Westminster nud
North    Vancouver    baseball    team*.
battled for supremacy, and lasting.
until 1 o clock this atom lng, when the
dance orchestra parked their Instill
ments, everything on the program, to
i;ith<r wiih u few events unheralded,
was carried out with a will. Visitors
eame from all parts of the lowi I*
mainland and Victoria, many getting
their flrst glimpse of Queens park on
a picnic day and from remarks heard
they had every reason to thank themselves for passing up other attractions
In  favor of the Iloyal Ctty,
At 1 o'clock the speechmaklng com
mi-need n' the steps of the agrlcullural building. MayO[ (Iray. after bl
|n�� Introduced by Chairman J Harrv
t.ibh. delivering an address of wel
rome to which thv.-e were several
The Motion Carried.
Immediately follow Inn this    was    a
bill name between members ot the
city council and city hall staff and an
ell-star aggregation from the Trad' ���
nnd iJihor council. This was one ol
the features of the afiernoon and the
immense crowd lined th" stands anri
watched lha city fathers trim their
opponents three to nothing Mavm
��� Iray and Ken Mallen divided the
pitching honors tor tha' civic officials.
the yrcring being made by Aldermi a
Henley, Bryson nnd Kellington.
Aldi r-ian Bryson gained the pltvi
dim of the crowd when be attempted
S slide half wny between the basea
rnd crawled home on his hands and
Weet Ends Win.
Following this was a lacrosse gam"
between   West   Knds   aud   an   all-Star
Intermediate segregation   which   win
���won by the former four to Ihree. The
racing    (ind    athletic    events      were
especially good.
An adjournment was na-.ii' nt 6 2"
e'flock vnt'l Inter In the evening,
when  the  dance   was  started   in     the
agricultural building.
Plans Perfect.
Clreal credit Is due to the l.abor
Dny oommlttee, which started work
several months nc*) a'iri perfected the
plana for fhe celebration yesterday.
Hurry Olbb, as master of ore-
moni's "ed M. 8, Cameron, president
of the  New   Westminster  Trail's am'
i sbor council, nnd also secretary of
the Labor Dav celebration, wer.. thn
busiest men of all yesterday, fur no*
only did they have to fare the crowd
frrm the spoechmaklng pint form, but
they were also beselged throughout
the dnv In* orderlies uwaitiiiR orders
for different events on the program
Severn' !���' the visitors who spoke
referred to the coui miners s'r k" on
Vancouver Island. The remarks of 11.
P, Pettlnlene especially were listened
to with Interest.
N-malmo Strike.
This    sneaker    declared    t' h'
miners were being thrown Int I lall
i rd treated Ilk- criminals before Ihev
lnd been r<i"vlcted of nnv e(T"tice
v',.||.*vir      'I'I'"  pre'i'ipip'lcn  of  bum
oioce which tha ilrillsh law pwscrtb
,.,i -i��-a��   "'���--lut'lv   disregarded    ' '
r-.,li"",i In the p-ocendlncR n��w '"iid
|n�� nltcnt'cn on V*ncnuv-*r ls'*nd.
"Th�� rrlti'""** had looked li the r"<v
v'-c'al pnaftrnroftit fo enforc" the
enl miners reflation nc* and '**
lir'"' ��'������������" R oetl'e"\er| of t'"> d'ffl
r���l|i0q that "-Is'ed between iM cna!
ompnnlcH and the men. and   It   was
Calgary   Legislative   Committee   to  Recommend
Weekly Respite.
Early Closing  Measure    Included    in
Bylaw���Clerks Attend   Meeting
in Body.
Calgary, Sept. 1.- Following a detailed dlscusBion of the bylaw by ll.
11. Bennett, representing the retail
a'lerks of the cliy, tne legislative com-
initiee of the council hus voted to
tdUOlumend the passage cf the early
cos.ni; and wxtnly half holiday bylaw tor retail clerks. 1 he council
cnamber, wjtere the oommlttee sitting
was held, was well lllled w.t:i retail
clerks, tuost of them young women.
v. I*' loudly applauded Mr. U-fcinut.'s j
remarks, una tue action of the com-
.n t.iIif, the bylaw provides fjr the i
closing of all retail stores, with ex-{
f plions noted bertaflOf, on all legal!
holidays, und on all days except Sat-
Unlays and the day preced.u,; Wgal ]
b laOaya, trom ti u clock in the ev<n-l
from   11
" ��� "      AND AUTO WRECKS
Boulton Bros. Offer Turned
Down by Twenty-two
North Burnaby Favored Meat'jre, Edmonds Neutral, Centra)  Park and
East Burnaby Oppose.
By a majority of 2'2 votes the electorate of Hurnaby on Saturday de-
Iclded against accepting the proposals
brought back by Reeve D. C. Mc-
jfjreBor from London in regard to fl
I naiicial matters with Boulton ."ros.,
I whieh would have been completed this
��� week had the bylaws Increasing the
; rate of intereet from 4 1-2 to 5 per cent
i been ratified by the ratepayers.
In order to carry out their part of
the  program  with
Three Killed and 33 Injured
When Train Rolls Down
Feur Killed at Nashville  .nesdway���
Portland WrJck Brin-j Death
to Woman.
;-;     JS.    .��.     m,    M.
-.   f.   m.  ...   m.
���m   -..'   ** -ar  ir
m.   wrtdli. rl
.a bor
Chairman of the Labor Day comm't
tee of tbe Trades and Labor Council.
not until Ihe miners had to protect
themselves uguitibt all Boris of liisUtt.
from the strikebreakers and other
agents of the coal companli s. that Hit
government had intervened, ut.d then
it was, the speaker bnld, to send tbe
military forces of the country. Tin
miners may have dene some of tn
things with winch they were charged
but they had had | lenty of provoca
tion. he thought, and it would behoove alt union men to watch eloselj
the events that wuuld transpire oi
Vancouver Island w-ithin the nex; i"
Rleht to Orranijf.
All the men had as'..ed n r had been
the light to organize. It was a a rug
fie fur recognition that hud been g'j-
Ini: 56 at Vancouver Island for J.i
y-urs nnd It was not until Ihe govf-rn
nn iu appointed mlns Inspectors w-hc
did not Inspect, a"d pul laws on tha
a atute book tbat it did nct enforce,
that the   tl us tlon   t mk   nn   acul i
en-I��. The dully newspapers had d ���
e'ared thnt the government had no'
heen asked t.i Interfere, lie h'ms If
. nd been i n one delegate n that r ���-
quested ths provincial government t.i
Intervene, and the Dom'nlon govrrn
mem hod also been asked for its g od
offices but the culy result had beeu
thnt the lion. Mr. Crothers, minister
of labor, took a trip to the coast and
Immediately followed thai un with
n ther triii lo Kngland. With n the
|3si three months loou Chinamen hnd
beon landed nt Nanaimo, ready to b*
put to work a-j strikebreakers, and it
was th" s rlkebreakers who wire the
cause of ull the trouble tha: hn.l
a.nc:' occurred.
American Interests.
On the mainland they had cintreii
their ��Hurts on industrial organization, On the island they hud centred
their efforts on the political cud cf it.
and he hoped thu I the Workers would
all Join iit the next election In s citiB
that Mr. Howser and his myrmidons I
were cast from office. Much had b an
tad about the duty of Canadian work
men to havc no connection with a
foreign organisation like lhe United
Mine Workers of America, but hi
drew a.'enl on to tli.' fact that prac
tira ly all Ihe conl mines In the province were owned by foreigners nnii
thai the only proviuclally owned
mine, the Jingle Pot, had settled with
Its workmen und the mine wa? In
opi ration lt seemed to him that mini Americana came in to own lhelr
cenl mines, nnd their coustrucl'on
camps, and their lumber camps undi tht
had shown them their method) of
treating labor, they were almost a
happy family In this province.
Ctrlke Pay.
J. W, Wllkinsii. bus'no-is ng-nit cf
the Vancouver Trades and l/ibor
oounoll, also disctissid the question of
the alleged domination ef n for'Inn
union, but reminded them that this
sum" union had spent 1400,000 In
strike pav on Vancouver island, nl-
\though rnlv $5OO0 hnd ben paid Into
|tlnlr treasury by the mlmr-i there
iand thnt thev hnd sorn! over a m'i-
Hon dollars to the s'rlklng miners of
Neva Reotln when the" miners hnd
lenlv paid 'n $3TO0a Who v.-c-rc 'h��
|Western Pud cop'tit- ' h�� asked
The owners nnd their OffneHI als rt
���rd Mr. Wll^nson, were loeptml 'n Si ���
Fr.iP"'icn whirs they -were v*v u'*d��t
Indict'""-' fer defrauding lhelr owe
Pe "Hln'Od t''"t when t1"" conl emu
psnlet were looking for *��� "
hresl-e-'-i nnd for vqvs fo- rtof'.Ti'n.
bbe *hev "-ore n't troubled b" nnv
qticsl'e" of b'ternntlonnl boundary or
any patrlotl" In'erat
C*en -ay V.****i.
��� l.i-. -������ 'Vnite- ivi' '-led    Ihe
hls'O'v nf t'"'1 or-rnnt-fd hb-r "Vive-
metif'i n'' inld It had been l""t !<ten
by st"i th0' the miners of tednv had
won their ttbertlrn frnm th�� time
they we"* the serfs o' th" o'encrn.
Vf-t'tninfrr. Ferswie*.
Mayor Ors". who extended ��� we'-
come to the lnbrr v's'tort on behalf
of the e'tv, eild Weet.-nli'tn- had
1        (Continued on Page Eight.)
Int;,    and    on    Wednesdays
O'clock in the af.ernoou.
Mr. Muiim it  quoted at length from
tha  provincial  act oi  l'jl'2, empower
ing cities,  whether    Incorporated    or
i having special charters, to enact Buch
half holiday  legislation.
|    The speaker held that the d fective
iclnuse Of the city charter authorizing
ithe enactment of such  legislation by
Calgary councils,   and    under   which
previous attempts to secure early cks
lng    and    half  holidays    hnve    been
knocked out In the courts, is amended
In  effect   by   the  paEBUge  cf the new
llDlJ act   removing such  legal difects I
as heretofore    existed.     Ile  was con j
vinred  that   a  properly   drawn  bvlaw!
would now- held water In the courts.
Makei Ctrcng Plea.
Mr Bonnet I msde a strong plea fir
the ri< rks. pointing out thai under the
,1-ord's Day Alliance act atorts. such
ns football, etc., are prevented on
Sunday, nnd the clerks deserved a
half holiday during the week on which
to S'cure such needed  recreation
The bvlaw as air* idv prepared   ex. .
enipts  the  following  businesses from
^ts operations:
Pairs or exhibitions lawfully h"ld. |
bnzanr-a for chanties or fcT church'"���
the sale of medics] or (.urplcfl annli.
.������rices; the sale of Into; leafing 1 ouors
for consumption on the premises:
tobaooo or smoking requisites, cost
office business. newsDapera, maca-
zn'es, railway book-atalls nnd rallwav
refreshment rooms, barbers, the sale
of fresh fruit', pa'trv. ic-> cr"nm. io
cream soda and seft drinks, and oth' r
victuals and Uould refreshments to
be eaten cr drunk on the preri:scs.
Mr llennett declared that t''�� r'ts'l
merchante eenerallv were in favor of
.". weekly half holldav r-hI ca-i" etos-
1"", provtdi d it could be ""forced on
all alike with proper penalties.
Chairman of    the ways    and    means ithe  program  with  Boulton  B,..
committee  at  l.abor  Day celfbrallon,; municipal council had to have the eon-1
_^ , ! sent of the electorate for changing the
rate of Interest, so  that the  lack  of
the 21 votes on Saturday leaves a pe-!
cullar   situation  existing   ln   Burnaby:
at the present time.
Certificates  Due..
Dublin. Sept. 1. -Further disorders in connecttaa with tue
tram strike which occurred tonight. Crowds of Ktr.bi--.ra aud
demonstrative youth's pared d
the Btreets, BmashiiiR shop
windows and indulging in looting, wherever an opportunity
was afforded. The police dispersed the riders and every-
tbing was quiet by  11 o'chwit.
The disorders tonfgitt resulted in injuries to nutty persons, 35 of whom were takrn
to hospitals. There waa much
looting of confectionery shops
and the windows cf rainy
s'ores In the dari H;<fr> atreets
were -smaBhed by h-mdlam.*!.
Cedar Ilapids. Ia., Sept. 1 -Train No
iii,   iouthbound,    on    the    Deborah
branch of the Chicago and Rock Island
due here at 6 p.m., was wrecked within two miles of Maynard at 3:45 this
afternoon.    The entire train  was  derailed,  roiling down a  ten  foot embankment.       Three    were     Instantly
killed and 35 more were mere or less
seriously  injured.    The  cause of  the
wreck was spreading cf the rails.   As
soon as the engine left the rails, the
coaches turned over and slid down the
embankment.    A  special    train    was
made up at Aelwin and left Maynard
at 7 o'clock tonight bringing the ill-
Treasury certificates to the amount .jured to this cltv.
of $300.1-00 fell due yesterday,  Labor      The train was' running between 25
day nct being observed ln Great Brit- jand 30 miles an hour, which iB an un-
iain,  but  it  is  understood  that  these; usual speed for trains on this branch.
 ������ were taken care of In advance by the . 	
*     o   w   ca     ���  i     cil        a,      '.council which could not determine un-1 Speed  Demons  Die.
A. & 1. Society ShOW Has  til Saturday evening Just whether the      Nashville. Tenn..    Sept.    1.���Death
I plan of action in relieving the fin&n-: caused a heavy toll In the Labor day!    Wlnr'nog, Sept. 1.���-Labor day was
rial stringency would be approved by ! automobile speedway races at t'.e state1 an exciting one ln many sections of
the ratepayers. i fair grounds this afternoon when four'the city of Winnipeg.    At the auto
Statement Expected. jof the six high powered cars entered races six men were more or less hurt
; parsing train and raked a crowd of
nc-ple who were ttandfnff cn the dene platform awaiting tUe arrival cf a
ipassenger train.
The woman killed waa Mrs. Jchn
Kelly of Portland. Those moat seriously hurt were  Mr. and Mrs.  P. P.
������ Bai-tell, of Portland, and Mra. J. C.
Roblnscn. of Oswego. It Is not believed that any of the Injured will die.
Added Several Fine At
Three Bands and Two Orchestras
Attendance���Many nEtriss
Already Piled.
Walter Cambrid;
Vancouver���Reports   Cays
Condition Not Serious.
ru;k by Motor in
Hurt in an automobile accident In
Vancouver, Walter Cambradgv, o; this
city, was ta.u-n to the geiural l'.os-
)nt:l there lust even Ins, where it was
lirst reported that both liis l��g.i wir.-
broken. Another Westminster bjj
named Hull was with Cambridge at
the time (f the accident and he Ib reported to huve been badly shaken up.
Just how the accident happened. ( r
extent   Df  his  injuries,  in as  yet
unknown, the Vancouver puice hav-
iiu. no wcrd of the affair at an early
hour this morning.
The hospital at 8:30 o'clock 'h's
morning gave   out   the   informal on
that Cambridge was resting easily and
n no dinger. His parents arc-said ta
be In Seattle.
Many new features will be Introduced at the f.fty-third annual exhibition, which will open in New West
minster in one mouth, Sept. lit), ana
with tiie date just a few weeks away-
much Interest is already being evinc
cd  by  the  public.
A record for attendance was eBtab
lished duriug 1^12, which enabled ihc-
, j executive ol the H. A. t I. society,
under w hose auspices the fair Is held,
to pay off the deficit froni previous
years, and this has proved the proper encouragemenL More vigorous
efforts are being made this year to
'make the fair worihy of Ihe name it1
has already earned, the largest and
most extensive truly agricultural and
industrial exhibition lu the west, if]
not in  the  whole of Canada.
Keen intereM is being shown in
the various competitions and many ,
entries have already been received
The district agricultural and fruit ex
hlblts are worth coming mflOS to see.
as in these displays is found the beBt I
jthe country can produce and the!
friendly rivalry between the different i
! sections of the province Is always
Many Attractions
Apart,   however,   from   the   agricultural and industrial departments, the I
cattle d.splays, the turse ahow. which \
[is being made a feature, tlie dairy and \
poultry buildings, the fine arts dis-1
play,  the    horticultural    department. I
'ai.d   ladies'   and     children's    depart-I
ments. there are the special feature-
and attractions lor the entertainment j
;aud enjoyment of lbe visitors, and I
these will again be prominent
j Three bunds and two 'Orchestras I
will  be  In  attendance  and  with  the I
��� thrilling   free   attractions,   the  exhi-
Ibltion buildings, the sportB and ath-1
lletlc events. "Sockeye run," on which
nothing but high class attractioni
will he permitted, should assure the
'���success of that part of the fair.
President C. A Welsh, wha has al i
ways taken an active part lu the an ]
nual exhibition, has been spendln:; |
considerable of his  time arranging]
preliminary matters and he will pre*
is'de at each of the weekly meeting
i of the eieoutlvo, which will be held
every PrldHy evening until the �����:
Ihlb'tlon. No less an active membel
j is Nels Nelson, vice pres!dtnt and he
I Is also givitiR Manager 11. K. Mac
i Kenzie every assistance.
The chairmen of th" d'ffsrent committees are also verv bttsv at present
a"d interesting repor's are the order
at  thc  weekly  meet'ngs.
Cieclal Rate*
Just what move will now be made  in the 25 mUe free for all rac-e were
wrecked on the far side of the mile,
track In view of 5000 people.
Four of the racing men were ki'led '
and three received minor injuries. Two
of the cars with their drivers and
mechanicians flashed through the
tangled wreckage of broken cars and
maimed bodies at a speed of 60 miles
an hour, escaping lnjurv.
The dead are. J. W. Sherrill driver
of Bulck car No. 3; T. P. Bridges,
mechanician of Buick car No. 3: W.
Sherrod. driver of Stut? car No. 8;
"Oc-och" Brown, mechanician of Stutz
car No. S.
following the turning down of '.he bylaw is hard to conjecture although a
statement is expected from Keeve McOregor at tonight's council meeting.
A large majority of the unsold
bonds, in fact all of last year'B, were
retifled by the electorate, as bearing
4 1-2 per cent, and it has becn openly
stated that the present condition of
the London money market will not
bring Hurnaby much more than 80 for
its 4 1-2 per cent bonds. Whether the
council wlll feel disposed to make this
sacrifice remains to be seen.
The voting on Saturday showed
North Burnaby strongly in favor of
ratifying the Boulton Bros, agreement
with Edmonds sitting on the fence,
while Central Park and East Burnaby
| voted strongly againat It.
Tbe figures are as follows:
' Edmonds     77
i Central  Park   27
(Capitol  Hill      38
East   Burnaby      22
Dundonald        5
Barnet      2
Burnaby l,ake     7
Lakemere  ....
Hamilton Road
North Burnaby
Falling Freight Kills One.
Portland, Sept. 1 ���A woman wss
killed, another fatally and revel al
seriously injured this evening at Oswego, six mfles south of here, when a
load of slab wood fell from a car of a'Federation of minern
by accidents and at the Labor day
sprrts the football match between the
Celtics and Britts developed a free
fer all fight In which a nurob-er of con-
atnt-ior ~n,\ ��� number of on lookern
received bumps and bruises. The result was that the man wbo started
the trouble ended up In jail and order
was restored and the gaaae proceeded.
Girl Shot in Riot.
'"���-'e-net Mich.. Sent 1.- Margaret
Pazckas, 15 years' old. -was shot iu a
battle between miners and deputies at
the North Kearsagc mine today and is
net expected to live. None of the 18
deputies who participated in the riot
have been arrested.
The shooting wis denownced as
murder at a labor day m-c-atiiig held
at Hancock today, which wae address
"it I>t Presld-iTf Morn- mt thr W-smUtm
OE 6. C. E. R. MEN
Majority   Vote  to   Accept   Company's
Ccncessions and  Cc: i  Sides Sign
T'.'.o-Year Acr-Jement.
Big Sport Card.
Brandon. Sept.  1 ��� Labor Day
attended by hundreds of trade unionists who marched    to the   exhibition
grounds where a capital program cf
sports was run off.
15,000 Attended
i Tacoma. Sept. 1.���Fully 5000 representatives of organized labor marched
i in the Labor Day parade here today.
A program of sports in the stadium
drew between 14.000 and 15,000.
The threatened s'.rl'.te cf the employees of the B. C. E. T.. Wall r.ot
take place. It developed during the
I week end that a majority of the men
I were uot iu favor ot walking out tol-
I lowing the action of the compauy
when it came through with add.tt.nal
was concessions.
Tbat the situation was a tense one
las; week was made very evident by
a prominent labor official from Vancouver who attended the Lahcr Day
celebration at Queens park yesterday,
who, in  speaking  with  a  News    re-
liner Manchuria  Boarded
by Squad of San Francisco
Fifteen Customs Guards Under Arrest
���Search of Vessel Will Taks
Several Daya. *   .
San Francisco. Sept. T. Thp search
for smuggled opium cn board the Pacific mall liner Manchuria, this afternoon when forty odd cuHCxraa cfTi-cta!}.
porter, staled that at one period last \ and a squad of blue jackets boarded
week little was needed to start 'he ithe vessel as it steamed Into quarantine,  was continued  tonigiiL    It was
and    that
Thos. Vsn  Lear Tpesks.
Moose Jaw.    Sept.    1���Labor    Day
was fittingly celebrated in Mocse Jaw
I today. ThoB. Van Lear, of Minneapolis.
ian energetic Socialist worker and
twice mayoralty candidate, delivered
a stirring address at the exhibition
grounds In the afternoon, at the con
| elusion of an interesting program of
athletic events.
flames   cf    dissension
strike was looked for.
Well Enough Alone.
The new concessions made by the
company have not as yet been given
out, but according to the Vancouver
jman. they were enough to satisfy the
majority of the men especially following the big uiass meeting held in
ithe Avenue theatre. Vancouver, on
! Wednesday evening of last week
I when every member of the executive
Imade the tone of his address as be-
! lng tn favor of letting well enough
The agreement, which will be signed up by the two parties within the
next few days, will expire at the end
of two years, so that unless unforseei
difficulties arise between the company
Rev. W. S. A.   Crux    Says  Nanaimo
Strikers Have Eeen Catting
Worst of Deal
Prom *whnt ltcv. W. S, A. Crux, pas
er nf tha SMh avenue Methodist
church here, says, there are two s'dt"
to the Nanalmo Btriko question and
the public has heard only one of
Ihen. The reason of this he laid at
the dorr of the press, or rather at the
door of what he calls the subsidised
press, which In telling of riots there,
called the miners nggrersors and slurred over the pnrt owners had taken.
Mr. Crux, always Interested In la-
b"r questions, at the commencement
of the late trouble, decided tn Investigate for himself, and, with a friend.
(Continued on Page Eight.)
I Comsthlnn  New.
San Krancisco, Sept. 1.���Organized
labor departed from the custom of
I past Ijtb'ir Pav celebration and par-
Soecial rales wlll -je n'lowed rn all !ade that has been the great event of ;and the men. whose relations have up
railway end 8trnmshln line* '.eadtn- .former labor Day celebrations was: until now been the most amicable, thi
to New Wesf-'lnster  both for passen-' not held today. The day was observed "people of the lower   maln'ond    can
iwlth a program ot exerc'ses a'td breathe easier with little fear cf a
games at Golden Gate park. A cele-|Btreet railway strike,
bration cf tbe same kind wns held at
a park near Oakland bv cities around
the bay. Governor Hiram Jchni-n
was the principal orator nt the cele-
brntlrn a' Golden Oite nark. Mtv-r
Js-nes Rolnh, lr.. a"d oth" munlc'pal
officials also delivered addresses.
ge-s and c'h'bltn
Tho C. P. 't. regnlnt'onn eevernlng
tho trnnspor'nth ns cf evh'bits for
ship-ientt or'-dtei'Sg on the'- own
-V8t-"v. rr-v'de ��'T f"P tc-'ff rates
b- charged, but they "-'|i relent exhibits free ef r'">r--' '" er'-shinl shin
n'ntr rtfllnt, ii'""' ���"."o-a'i'ntio" nf e**r-
tiflette frcm the "������h'blt'en that the
g^ods  t*"��ve vol he**   -.old.
Rnr.'-ll       tirrnnnr���tim p..      bSVft      UlSO
li.-w.n r"ade with the fo'lewl"'* t.rinis.
���,0..,,.^^ nfm-a-ngnte*-! Gren* Ntr'hern
rn''ivnv;   Ttoll'nehB'm   n��"   nrd   B.   C
a-il|."p.'    ���p',->*,,,!(��i*'>   J'"d   **'��"'l,a.��r   a"*'!
��������>���*��� Vorttae.-., Pac'fic railway; B. C.
El""'"1" rallvn",
* Tsngements ha^e also b"��>n **t*itt*
with the ������'ettrapri B^Ver. P��v����r��efc
and Tnnstc on the f*m**f rlvor s""t
�� sneclal steo-^er rMrtfipi lhron-��h
the lul ���""'-���of the soft tor psssengers
and Mbib'ts.
T"* C. P. n. n"d O. N. P. will rnn
special, trains dally from Vancouver.
Rat"'' nnd Worme-Mon r��n be ob-
(Contlnued oa rage four.)
New York Quiet.
"t 'VrV. P""t. i.���Pew��r than
PO00 wo-kers In line labor trdsv held
Its smallest psradn In yenrs In this
c'ty. N" ��-erIo<is d'emite between employee eslsts <n New York at   this
time.   In the line   were   39 women,' , ,���., ���.������   ������,���.,.,������.. ,,��� ��� ,.���..���..���,
who msde a brave    showing   under jjjfil*e.re^,n,t.ert!Ln;d...?, ����S2*
Panama. Sept. 1.���An Initiation
ceremeny was condeeted on th�� uo-
per lock of the canal at Etra Florae
this mernlng under the' ni-splces cf
the visiting Shriners and Oomsn
temple, St. Paul. A enmn1et-> temple
sett'ng was arranged In thn lock
chamber and 170 local candidate*
wer�� made "to cross the burf'n*
sandH."   The 8hrlners, to the number
thetr colored banners bearing anch Inscriptions as "get together girls and
organise," snd "equal work, equal
nay." For the flret time In Ave vea-re.
Samuel Compere, president ot the
American Federation ef Labor, did
not enme here to spaat on Labor Day.
Mr. (lompers ts recovering from an
Illness at Atlantic City.
tonight at Colon, and wlll leave far
home tomorrow.
stated that no contraband was discovered.
Tbe unusual move of the customs officials in boarding tlte Manchuria lu
force today grew oat of tbe recent dis-
ocvery of an alleged oaaom ring ln
which are Involved 16 custuraa guards
who are under arreaL It aram stated
that confessions had been dbtalned
from certain of these guards, according to which a store of opium wsn
shipped to the United States on the
Manchuria. UmR before tbe vessel arrived wireless stations aloa-g tbe coast
were placed under snrrefHaace hy the
federal officials who scanned all messages sent and receive*.
Watched far **acka*-*a.
When the .MvichurCs steamed Into
the harbor she was rarroanded by a
rieet or small craft that followed her
progress up the bay to the -astonish
ment of the crew and passenger*. The
customs officials In thn small boats
were watching to sec tbat no palaces
were thrown overboard tram tbe ship.
.TuFttts S. Wardell sorveynr of fo
port. Colli ctor J. O. Paria. ami W. H.
Tldwel! treasury ngont, w-ww fn -eom-
mand of the customs mra wbo boarded
the boat and they wm* aeonta-p-ialed in
iddiftcn to tho ecrpa of bhaa Jackets.
hv elpht Inttrpretrre and a����mN>r -nf
etencgraphers and ofl-tei* aad attaches.
The en��tom��nr aee-roh of *-*r-*r.ir.
"ra" ha-eree wag marfa erHl **���*���* fs,
big bott was searched fbiuugblv. it
was rtited tTut It vOtolM severs!
days to complete tba i
U. S. Minister Arrives.
Lima. Peru. 8ept. 1.���Tho newlv appointed  American minister to Pern,
Benton McMillan, of Nashville, Teen.,
arrived here today.   He wt
panled by Mrs. MbMtllan.
To Otta*
fr**** Ynrfc, Sept. t.-~s\ I
ha held hero 111 Vomr   aU
Re<*wvel����y tteiPngrapfra NaUonal
Rervfee and tb�� Tretroaelie Servtee of
Ameriea. aoedMfeC ����� i
.. -., *.~,.:.xh*xl*\lm*-l*}s*m*.i. -a-^to, fftlj*-   TWO
An i*Se*.i'lt-*i murnn* ***** SrtxAnd lo the inter \sts of Sew U'roianiii-alcr and
tSX* t riter Volley. I'tiblts***4. *to*ry tmsnUnf excttftt Sunday bu the National 1'eintino
m*tt ,*'.��;*ifcaian CiiMpam-y, lAmtlmtl. at St StcKentle lil reet, Xeu- Westminster, liritish
tr.-imimt.ltmL ROBB 8VTUEULA KD, .Iftinu(jinn Director.
All t-*mm*.mt.t,tUmt thotxIH to *44rem..i4 to Tho Sew Westminster Sews, ami not
tn ,-,e.*"ac-Iu,i^ niemtit eti *f the *****. Chrsjues. ttrtiftt. an.l mmiey nritert should bc mode
ara.--ia.'������-���   *S  Tl.e Sutwntxl l*Ttntln0 and  I'mttlistiitiu Comimn i,  l.imiled.
Inueruus Kts���Hutlntus Ofiec aad Utiuipcr, S'js,- 1,'ditorial Booms (ull depart-
**mmt.). ML
MHMOIMPNGN RATBB���Ba **T*r**r. 14 yer j,ear, $1 for three months, 40c per
*mssx%%.    I'v mod, ��:i per year, Ite prr month
AtlVKStriSltlQ  ItATKS oa aaaaaaV-aad.e,
Expected  Organization  cf  Newspaper  Los Angeles Man Travels Overland to   Enjl
men   From  Atlantic  to
i'i ronto. Sept. L���On bla return to
Vernon���Hits   Unknown   Trails
Throu-h Mountains.
Vernon, Sept. 1,
ihe city after attending the Maritime two-seated_  gray
Press aoBc ilatlon meeting ln St. J.>.,n.
N. ii.. John M. lmrie, secretary ot th
Canadian Proaa association, explained
the   nature   und   significance   i.i   ihe
allien  if  Ih.    Msrlt-lllia  Press ub.iec.u
bin and too Candlan  Prasa a��aocta
i'he union of the two associations
la hi the nature of a merger rather
than of an affiliation us waa reported  hro
in  a despatch.    The  Maritime  I'rc3s  Earl
A -traveller from tho Old Country dropped into the office of The News the other day with a strenuous objection
���to make against the way the land game is played in the
west and particularly at the length of time it takes to get
lilies through the land registry offices of this province,    [association win ooa
The gentleman who made the kick bought some pro- ,lls,im'' wt\ ��e��"a,^ lK",'- ",,,'i',''"-Y
S. . . , , .    ���=��� . , '    .. sen ii nieuiiicis, representing the lead
perty in Vernon the other v.eek and, as he wishes to sail ing newspapers or the maritime proton Australia in a .short while, he wants the matter closed. v"lr"s *'��' become direci members or
i�� a      a , a ai , ���   e      . ��� �� the   Cana -Lati    Press   SBSOClatlOn   and
Me says he has not been able to get any satisfaction so far, > wiii constitute the maritime provinces
nor does he see any chance of having the completed papers division i r that body, which
:,, J-.:,. I- ..,,1    Iv, xUn ��������_ {���,���,��� the   local   orjmni.atiou
in hus hands in the near future. bM ,,:ill(rl0 ,���.���,, ,i���m,
-Judging by his own case, he believes such a state of time Press association,
affairs is bad for British Columbia. Coming from Eng- ol^Te U^aTS IZ.
land, where, he says, such things do not exist, he says he elation as a territorial division ia a
Mould like to settle in liritish Columbia, but he is afraid ��� r,��ml, s'"*'   in, ,h,r . "ff"'.!?"*?
.        i      ,     .,i      , i ��� ,        i mi       ,  a ���      , throughout  (lanada ef territorial  dl-
to buy land without knowing when he will get his clear | visions of the Canadian Press asso-
t-ilien a
There in a strange
Kurd c ir on the
stre(t:a of Vernon. Conaplcuoua on thc
wind phield la a Lob Ant'cles banner.
('n July 20th ll was In T.os Angeles,
Callforn'a. Twenty-two (lays later it
wsb in Vornon, after having travelled
the whole Interesting distance on He
own power Bave for the stretch be
tween Yale nnd Lytton, over which It
waB i hipped by rail. The repair cost
of th" whole trip was 86 (enl;;, an 1
there were two punctures.
rh  Criminologist  Advancer,   New
Views���Decs Nct ESsliev-e in
Cefinlte Type.
c;mi nue
work which
by the Marl-
Tlie  driver  is  I!.   L.   Mat thev I
lit  with  hlm his wile and  eon
They   are   at   present   visiting
with their relatives, Mr. niul Mrs. Oeo.
A Vacation  Run.
Mr. Matthews ink'ia the whole thing
as t' matter of course. It is merely a
vacation run. Last year he went on
a similar tour to New Mexico. He expects to return via Penticton, Spokane, tho Yellowstone Park and Salt
London, Sept. l    The theories re-
.;i ctlng criminality and criminal types
aa set forth by Dr, Qorin, medical officer al the Parkhural penitentiary, Is
"Tho English Convict," a publication
jut! lasuod us a blue blook, '.-.ere discussed recently by Sir 11. ;i����� r i \nder-
'ron. late head of tbe criminal Investl-
gattou department U" Gorlng's measurements conflict wltb tlie theory of
Lombroso thai there ta a definite type
ot crimnal, and thai ll la possible to
recognize various binds ot criminals
He '.j the conformation of their heads, but
he cornea to the conclusion thai tha
English convict la defective In physical streagth, weight, stature and taenia1 capacity.
Sir  Roberl   Anderson  does nol  bom
ci :��- elthi .' theor]
"Take fm- example," he said, "what1
la commonly the caee with a man who
ia successful In pi rpetrating frauds on
ur perty. He la often a tnoBt fa�� ilnat-
Ing nnn. Bometlmi - handsome, with a
aood education to his credit " In this
mncctli n Sir Robert  related an  In-
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
The partv came up from the south
by the coast, road via San  Francisco, terestlng anecdote.
Portland  and   Seattle  to  Vancouver Max Nerdau E-nbarrasi'd.
Wanting to see the country and being "When I waa at Scotland Yard,"
of a pioneering disposition, the part*-, remarked, "Dr   Max  Nordau cam<
when you can get as good or better, manufactured In B. C, vis.: the
the celebrated "VAN��'Ol'\ Hit" Brand, ruumntecd to paim Standard
Specifications of Americas  and  Canadian  Knglneer*'  Association.
We would alao call utlentlou to our Vitrified Sewer l'ipe from
-1 in to 21 lu In diameter. This Is also i.iade In this Province and wo
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Itock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime. Plaater, etc.
See ua before ordering elsewhere.
Phonea tS and 16.
802 Columbia Street W.
title, so he is iourneying on to Australia.    He had had elation.  The first step was
- j m    ,      ,   t " *** e    ,, -j      I        1 11 J", i tOW      Wieks      HCI1      wlle'l      tllO
ilil ld��a Of taking up Some OI tlie CltV S bonds, but, after Canada Press association wb
his experience in real estate purchasing at Vernon, he de-h" u���� Canadian Press association ��*,
coded to keep his money in his pocket, or spend it else- ��? i^ru'^fSSSd theTnnna'rmeTt
V/here. lng of the Alberta and Ea��tern U-'t
The News has not had an opportunity to investigatebon^nblsep[flTber8n,aan0dni2n%
the case, but the gentleman who made the kick produced u is expected that at that meeting
correspondence to back up what he said and the instance !ha' M��oc,*2.)!! 5"' ��jw |�� ��er**!
-i  j x*     i-u    u       r-i.   x* iu a v      ..I    ���   t.        ..   i   ln ^z Canadian Press association and
ss cited for the benefit of the quarters directly interested, jknown ns the Alberta and Easter-,
Go easy on mayonnaise dressing for salads, girls, as British rviut-nbti divi-ion.   p-rm v.\
Italy's yield of olive oil this year is twenty-five thousand|���cncoaat'. wi
sralfons  less than last season.
proceeded north 'rom Vancouver ill-
miles, past Chllco lake and through
the Dry canyons. One Inhabitant of
*: farm where they played there told
them that this was the lir.-t automo-
A beauty doctor hops to thc fore with the statement
thai some women don't wash their faces enough. It
doesn't take a beauty doctor to tell us that.
A New Jersey automobile driver has been sent to jail
for eighteen months for running over and killing a pedestrian.   Some judges have a queer idea of the law.
Imrlo will co to the Pic-
her" It is likely the Wrs'-
ern Urtish Columbia wlll hn prg-in**/.-
m1 Should this be bo, the Ontirlo
and Quebec members ".ill be crrtan1/-
ed as th" Ontario and Quebec division, and thus tho cha'n of trrt rial
divisions, stretching from ocas' t;
coast will be completed.
as merged bile he had sein In the country Ho
had nct Been a car since ho visited
Vancouver ten years before. They had
to travel wlthct
which Mr. Matth wa I irselj described
as "all naked hiiN, heapt and hollows,
la's..*:; and i reeks " Tbe liki s, he said,
were covi nil with ducks. The chll
dr, n wanted to ch i *i the car li was
covered with about 2(M lbs * :' mud.
Speaking of the difficulties of the
trip. Mr. Matthews said there would be
"imt near the hardship In croaslng the
contim p.: " Tbey had, for the sake of
novelty .Tone up Mount Hood a :���'���'.������
I i- er than the bI tgc road There Mr.
Mathews exp rli n I difficulty th it
api p ib <l to him.
;* low   III ���*.    Th
see mi I kn - he was '*. uilng and
l";d a trap t( r bine I had In my dl 8k
two photcgri phfl iu each of which ail
l.i." the li" "i and fi atures wero Cu -.-.
ceah il from vli w, I pi ici tl thetn before i>r V'orr-.iu .-ni!! naked him to '"II
iie which wai tho crimnal. ll" h .���;-
i;*i ii fi - a long time and finally Bhlrk
roads over a country . ,i  the decision.    i>** ���  of the photo-
���graphs waa that of Wi ;: Raymond,
who stole the \, new Oaln il 01 ***':.
lhe ithi i- waa Dr Temple, archbishop
-:* 1 * oterhttry."
"Wh-al Is your Infi    nee?" waa the
'-"" * ���estlon.
"Tills and oilier e ld< nee available
���'���������'   ' i.:     of    i our;     the     Lombroso
Si "ie criminals h ive 1 harm ���
li * h a ���     \ga :;. 1 ike   uch an a ���- nev
I-, the Barnardo homes   which sends
��� 1 ( anada children rei cm d from the
streets.    I have been ai^aured on the
Thi *��� were up to the testimony of a governmbent Inspector
Bnow   was   melt ng, n( child Immigration,    thai  nol  m ������
MRS. '' C. 1 I.-'Hi-lit. TEACHER '>:*
plan forte, hai m -it .*"i slnslng. Pu-
ei.- mice ssfuly pmpared (or ��� catnln 1
1. In i* ' 'a i* ���'��� 1; ���' M For enn*
nppty 602 Third avenue.
'    II
11 i*'
rt" ;
_*t .
Ki  iiv
.   N
ll.J.    A.
i..-   Tol   li.
:.*���   Room -'
p. ti sini-v, w .1. Oravaa
Work   umlerlnk'11    in    eltv    snd    OUtsld'
1-eliiis.   211-12   Wrslmlnstatr   Trust   Bids
Phona 3'".4.    P. O. llm f>"T.
The citizens who bought hob-nailed boots in anticipation of a street car men's strike will put the studded footwear away for use in kicking against their taxes.
and iii" ground waa  so Bllppery  thatlthan . n> r cent, of theso cb Idren turn
tho car could gel  no crip, even with tout failures,
chains on tha four wheels,   When the Drink the Cause of Crime.
tir.;e came to turn round, it looked a "I should be Inclined t ) make this
if they would have I 1 iback down for ma'gln ��� per cent., bul even then if
' alf n mile.   Finally "   :   managed to ib>   Lombroso theory    were    correct
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Psld-Up)   $16,000 000.00
RESERVE    ��16,00,,.000.00
Branches throughout Canada aud
Newfoundland, and lu London. Kngland. .Nev. York. Chicago and BpoltattS
IS A., and Mexico City. A genera.'
hanklnE business transacted. Litters
of Crodlt Issued, avallablo wllh cor
respondents In all parts of ths world
Savings Hank Department-Deposit!
received In sums of Jl aud upward
and intereat allowed at 3 per ceut. p*r
annum (present rate).
'lr.tal Assets over 1186,000,000.00,
0. D. iiitYMNKit. Manager,
Those patriotic Mexicans who are talking war with
the United .States evidently haven't had any recent opportunity of studying Uncle Sam's army and navy census.
Eastman Comoany Has lr.fr.n-cd Patent Invented by New Jersey
One more truthful man has been located, the fellow
who sent out the telegraphic reports of last week's hailstorm on the American plains without describing the hailstones as being as large ar. hens' eggs.
The German army has been supplied with a number of
automobiles carrying motorcycles in pockets for use when j-Tod t
the cars become disabled.   What happens when the two   '
wheeled chug-chug cars go out of commission.
A Washington dispatch announces the "gratifying"
���news that the Mulhall investigation is nearing its close. It
would have been a whole lot more gratifying to some of
those honorables if it never had been started.
E.-ngland, With Peer Yield This Seaton
Should   Be   Heavy  Buyer���
Doap   is  Dearer
, cl:ij they arc in demand for the dell-
,e!o:; of th" table. Th" modern manufacturer of soap uses the best and
I purest of animal fata and vegetable
oils obtainable, but it is just these products that .*itira**i the margarine manu
facturer because of f.i"ir edible qualities, improved, as they have recontl)
been, by the art of the chemist."
Nelson   Council   Appoints    Committee
To   Work   on   D;al
1    Nelson, Si jit. 1.    .\ ci mmlttee coin
posed   of  Mayor   Keefe,   Aid.   W.   N.
Cunllffe,  chairman   t f    the    finance
committee,   and   Aid.   .lohn   Bell,   was
n Ottawa aa follows:   M ,*.,. ]ll;u meet|ng of ihe cltj  coun
���In vu'w of the poor prpBpects held <.*] appointed toapproach  W   i-'   Rob
ont fnr the pear crop In Kngland and  ,.n,  maDager of the Nelson Coke and
frmw it la considered    than an es* ciaB company, and obtain data as to
ecOent   opportunity    will   occur   th:s
X M. Hussen, Canada's trade com
'miHsionrr al Leeds, Kiir., reports to
i-hi- departmenl
opportunity   win   occur
.-a-s;-^5-a  tor  the  export  of  Canadian
p-eara to this market Some Idea an
to the demand for this fruit may b_i
.-talhered from the fact that lasl year
tiOS.if.l rwls. of raw peara were imported into this country.
"Canadian frroun t earn, -such ns
BsrtMSB aod Flemish fleautios aro
already B-e-nt to this district, and In
-���smew of the opportunity Offering this
it is to be hoped the trade v.-'11
Buffalo, N. V., Sept. 1.���The history
I of the photographic film and the bat-
it ie between two great American corporations for the possession of ihe patent rights reads like a romance. Another stage, possibly the final one. in
the battle for possession has just been
completed. .Iiui-.- Johi Hazel of ti:e
United States dlttrict 6onrt of Buffalo,
has jus* handed down a decision terminating litigation extending over a pe-
eleven years. Involving, it is es-
tlmated, anywhere from five to twenty millions of dollars and SO per cent,
of the output of photographic films.
Judgment  Delievcred.
The Judgment    declares    that    the
I Eastman  company   are   Infringers  of
the patent of IIanih.il (loodwin owned
by   the   Goodwin   Flim   and     Camera
' compan.'.
The decision states further that the
Goodwin company is entitled to a decree with costs and injunction, and an
accounting cnverinn the  process    and
'production of the patent. If an Injunction is Issued preventing the further
I manufacture of the fllma by the East-
iman  company  and  an  accounting of
ithe profits from the commencement of
the  buBineaa  In   ISM  it  will  involve
millions of dollars.
Invented by a Clergyman.
The film, It is stated, was  invented
iby  the  Rev.   Hannibal    (loodwin.    an
Episcopalian clergyman, rector of the
House of Prayer, in Newark. N. .1
The patent was taken out In 1887.
In response to a great demand wid"-
ly published ���������* that time In th" Brit
llfh Journal of Photography for a substitute for glaas Dlatee, the clergyman
overcame all difficulties.
After yeara of experiment ha dls
covered a substitute, rf liable, unbreakable, and transparent The Qoodwln
Film and Camerr company, which
owned llie patent, enme into the eon
trol of the Ansco company of ding-
hampton, New Vork
From that time the battle for the
patent rlehts commenced, The Eastman Kodak company, which, it is scid,
control 80 per cent, of the clnemata-
i"-ni,'i (ile"' produced In the wo-ld,
found iiself In th" poaltl-m of defend-
many of the children would be hone
less.    This  is  adhering,    of    course,
strictly to the theory of phyalcal con-
'  rmatlon and leaving out  the queu-
tli " of religious training "
\ ininel th - theory lhal drink le not
. :: . '. ." '.:':. . *-.'*.c pt i.i the case of
���'''���' offi nccfl against the person
sir Robert spoke u-i'h the weight tbat
ermcp from many years' experience of
er'mlnsl Investigation.
"Orlnk and gambling," be observed,
" 1 " fruitful causes of offences against
oroT-rtv, A man reduced to poverty
hy ���''���*- own act wlll do anything to get
turn  by hackinc.  Into a  crevice,
aklddlng the front wheels.
On th'* Jump.
One creek cut of the many thev had
ird had to he crossed twelve times
iMcny cf thc f'.n's were from two to
three feel deep.    Tliey had  to t"!.'.
I them on the jump, often r. it knowing
how deen they were.    It  was a ll'tle
hard on bis wife. Mr. .Mat*iews admitted.    Little five-feet jumps off ledges
appeared  matters of frequent  occurrence.    Now    and     'lien    they   would
have to get out and roll n boulder out
of the way.
The onr carries ahcet 1 der. poundslbck whet he has lnrt
I excess baggage; camplni? outfit, tool*, i Ti,at th�� vest majority of erlml
tins, an e\tra wheel and p-rsinal ef- nals are nf a lew standard of lutein- I
feefs. This with three pipsen*?��rs . eence. often f mecntine to mental de-
makes a heavy load, and It speaks flclencv -In other words. 'b->i criinl-
well for the tires that tbo emergency naltty "la nnl inherent wickedness, hut
ones were not used, though the on-s j ���itu-ii rtupldity" Sir Robert wholly
they "artrd the trip with had already jdlr'-'iev, ������
travelled fifteen thoustand miles. "What th�� pniico oil] a 'good' crlml-
Tbe 81! centa repair copt was ae-,��-.i u ai-*va"s a clc^r r>in," he raid
counted for by a twirt. to th" steering|"WnaV.mined pennl�� nften'do w-nng
pear caused In negotiating some grav- thlnes thnughtlesBly but In estimating
ellv canyon  hul erIm|nat'ty tiie low st.indi'rd of Intel-
Mr,   Mathews  estimnt��il  the   whole  llpence Is n negligible cuantltv,
distance to he about 2,600 miles from*   "The criminal Is generally definitely
Los Angeles to Vernon, and that  the  clever.    If yen were to take the pr!s-
return journey  would be about 4,000.  nnora   In   la'l   and   people  in  a  slum
Their longest day's run ua? 258 miles.   nd which "on had pul a ring fence
nn leaving l.os Angeles; t'i" shortest for piirpos��B of comparison you would
l'H. over Oregon trails. obiIv (lnd th   preponderance of abll-
As to same.  Mr.  Mathews said he ity among the convicts."
bad Been a great deal,    lie had been 	
It. ft P, ri ef Kl|<ii of the D. of ''.. mee
the lirsi and third Thuriaitiiv at 1 11 m
K". of P. Hall, KiKbih iin-ei. A Wall
Cray. Kxalted Ruler; I'. II. Smith. s^-<
r< tary.
I.. O. O. M., NO. BB4.���MBBT8 0>
first, aecond, third nnii fourth Wodnea
day In ench nientb nt t p, ui.
in the Mu'i8�� Home. II. J Leamy
dictator;      F.     E.    Jon'*s.     secretary
1I.-.I.l'i Ilil t'TH    of    In.lK"    III     fee    Huii.i.
corner of fourth and Carnarvon Btroetj
1. O. O. F. AMITY LODOB! NO. 17���TL   '
r��*ffular   meeting   nf   Amity   IoiIkp   Nr  I
27.   I.   O.   O    P.,   la   hold   every   f.'endv  I
ntiTht st  1 O'clock In Odd  Krllnws'  llnl:
enrner   Oni-tiarv.in   un-t    Kttrhtb   ���atr"e(j'
VlaltlnR    bmthei-"     cordially    InvpaW  I
It   A. Merrlthew   N.O.i II. W. Bansater, I
V. O.;  w.  c. Cos'ham,   P. O..  n-nr.
Imr gaacraiarv j. w. MaoOonald, tlnan
cl��l  Becretary.
fSoyal Bank
Incorporated  1*09.
Capital   Paid Up        $11.5(10.000
Res.rve   Funds    $13 000.000
A ';��� ni r.i! Hanking
Bualnt -s Tranaacted.
Nrw  Weotminstrr,  B.C..  Branch.
W. B, KAI.8R���Plnnea-r l-un-pral Dlra-eto
and KeahatniT. -S12 ci" Asnea mice
opposl.^ Cam-sale Library.
s.  nowEt.i,  (BUCCBaflop  to civj
t��r A  Hanna,  Ltd.)���Funeral director
snd  embntmeri.     Partem   40S  CnJumh'
Btreet    New  tv.'aiiTnin.'aier.    Phone ss*
Hil^Itri OP TltAliH��� NKW WESTMIN
Btpr Board of Trail" mH-la tn tliehe-ar-
ijem. ''Hv II11U. nr follows: Third Pri
i*l\ "f eneYi rennth: tjiinrisrly mc-^lni
nn   (he  third   t'-l-lnv nf  l*e).rimry,  Mey
AuiriHt and November st s pwi.    Ac
mini m*eli(iare en ttie third rrlday 0
1-vt.njHry. *-'- H. Stuart V.'ade. ea^re
Hound trip tickets nt single fare
and one-third will ho on sale AugtiHt
i'i 10 September I. Cood ta return
until September 3.
E. GOULET, Agent
Sum Weeiiaiuatei
11.  W. IinOOlE. O.  P. A.. Vancouver.
an offer lie recommended Lhal an of
increased.     Kach  pear should   be  f(,r b��� mftdfl by th(, oounou
s-pp-r-d separately in tiaRiie paper.) rhl,rp ,��� p;,,ry probab|llty thal ���
���nnfnnnly graded and packed in ��������������������">; ,tPrcln| meeting nr the cltv council
bclding 'abort 21 pounds. Kelffftr w���| |)f, C!inpr, ,0 (]iSf.,JSS tlv. Ras ml,,,,
Tears yrXB also he In more demand tIon< la9t evening's meeting stand ntr
*Ba*m *��^��rm. udjournid  at the call  of the chair.
"As a considerable nuantltv or rax
���ssfll bn harvested In I'a-i-'da this yenr
the attf-ntlon of firms IntereBted r-av
1p��. drawn to tho market here for flav
���.it, company
terniB on which the Kas plant coui I be
purchased bv tli* ci'y.
'iii" appointment followed tin* d b-
cubsIou in committee of the whole
of the report of the city auditor, E,
K. Beeston, on the books of the gas
Mr.   Beeston,   in   his  report,  recom
mended   that   a  committee  from   tin : ine in the -aeurts lh" right to nnnufac
council   wait   upon   the  gas  company : turn the films,
and  if  the company   refused  to  mak" , Lengthy   Litigation.
very BUrpriBed to see a silver fox n��"ir
Ashcroft. He bad not thought tliey
were to be found wesi of tho Rockies
It was raining al th" time, so he let
it co. They had Been Beveral "bob-
cats" in th" Shasta mountains of
Lorthern California. They hail passed
abundance of pheasants, prairie chickens, ducks nnd geese. They thud no'
used the camping outfit on lhelr
northern trip; bul thought they might
on the ri turn lonrney.
B C. Roade Good.
Asked as to "he reads in Hritish Columbia, Mr. Mathews said that they
".ere as good sf. any they had passed
over, snve l.hn o'l-m'.cadam roads of
it:;'1" *--.   -r-allfornla.
'���*���'��� ���  ���* - ���a. b" P lid, in
I * \ ��� ��� li i- thsn lr th rest of Cali-
r. ������ *;. -. .' . -,. ������, California than In
(1-, ������ ���*. ������������-���.I-��t.---��� n a-"1 Rrltlsb Colum! ' Th *���' ��re 1< 0 000 In Lob
(���:,.;., r
Rochester, Sept. L���When arraigned in ihe police r-Miri this morning,
Ida Micks, -iii, waived examination on
a charge ol extortion, and waa h"ld
for Hi- grand jury. Her companion. I
Harry V. Foolker, 36, married, or Syr-
acuBo, got. off on technical grounds, 1
but wan promptly rearrested.
Miss Hicks und Mias Klucn-a Smith
came to Rochester from i-'i rmoy, a j
place near Kingston, (int.. a year ago.
Both are waitresses, an.l tbe 11.rk,
woman became bead waitress of the
botel Seneca. Two months ago, it Is
alleged, :di" t Id MIbb Smith that she
would have 10 h.r.* ��� aome money, tie-
clar i.^ that a detectlvo Insisted be
bnd Information ci ncernlng m.si
Smfth'a character lbat would cause
and i" ,000 in the whole of hor gr-nt emb.irraasmeni in Roches
j mr.   The girl feared  something was
Snle. Deeds, Buslnass Letters, "tc.; clr
culur work specialist All work pt riot la
oonfldeiltlal. H. Barry, mom 418 Went
mln-aler Truet Blk.    I'hone 702,
CORBOKI.n. r.RANT * Met*f)l.l., RAP
rleieria. Bolldtnrs, etc. 41 lanrne Stree'
New Westminster, O l*. Corbould, B
C,    J. R. Oa-��nt.    A. K. McCnll.
t' *i't-law. Bolleltor, etc. Telethon*
I'*. Ciahle ntlnr-st* "Johnston.
Code. "Wentem Ilnlnn." Offlca.a. R||i
Blnck.  IDi Columbia street. New Wee*
minster, 11. c.
I>   Lots  I  and   13 nf I<it   :, nnd  I/itai   I.  '.',
-,i   I. -'4, *.'i.. 2B, "f l.nt I. autxllvlslons
of  I.ei  ii.  Suburban  Block  4,  lu  tbo
City nl Now Weatmlnater
Whereas proof ef the l"*a*a "f Certificate
-i' 'nth- Number BB78F, Issued In tha name
of  1.1'iiiiin  McQuarrie  haa been  filed  In
thin nirir.'.
Nolle"   Is  herein-  given   Hint   I  shall,   lit
'In* < * j 'ruiien of en" month from lhe d.-vto
flint   pnlill
ll  hereof,  ll
.1 dally
P-r publla
ln   the  Cltv
'���,<   Near
IllMler.   lllll
1  H
duplicate i.r
th" en Id
-.'lie.   unions
(he meantime valid
1' el Ion  ti" Hindi
tie*  In  wrtliiii-
���   OWYNN,
IO t(l"t rm* .
f  Till'-.
ee.    New   \\
""    H
' .    1Kb   A1
Ui I'
.   Ilil
( I !l 1 .1 1
Mr   Malh"ws  f��11b snto nccesorles wrong and gave up *7    Finally, after
:n Lob  Sner'ea, and with true Amerl    Mlsa  Hicks  bad  obtained   ber entire
can  ver .ii:i;:v. runs several  restau   bink account of $:ir,u. her brother-ln-
rants,   l'i* is an unassuming man. He law Interferred,
��� i'.i.-; in i-e rather bored when vou      Dctecllvea   were   planted   in   MIbb
sugveBl  lhal   ha  ras dona  something Smith's room, and  when  mIhb  Hicks
11" wl|| dlBplay a Vernon ] and  Koelker called  lo get Ihe monev
thev   w-jre arrested.     Miss   Hicks  bus
confessed, the  pol'co assert, that  Bhe
was In need of monev for herself nnd
Bide ��� RarrlMerH and Sadlelinrs. \Ve��-
minster Truat Blk., Columbia M(r<>ei
New Westminster, R. (7. rnhin 11,1,11.,.,
"WblleiCIr*." Wxi-tern tlnlon. P. r
I>nv��er 204. Ti leptiono 19. W. .
Whlteelde,   K.   C.;   II.   L   Bdinamdi.    I
J. BTTLWBLL CLHTB. Barrlater-at-lai
BoUoltDC, etc.: oo(ner Columhlfl nr*
McKenrle slrea'tn. New Wennntain(��
B. C.   r. O   BoX'lU.    Telephone   71'
.... nrksble
banner r.n hls rettiim trip. Ope winders whal banner wlll graca his wind
Bhli id next year.
The two companies togethi r control
;the manufacture of all films, tnodTn
land otherwise. Tho litigation h->!i
j lasted over 11 yearn and th" a-na-
I teur photographer who gave the Invention to the world has long since
I passed to the great beyond,
An SCCOUnttng of lhe profits of tlm
Eastman Kodak companv siacn 1818
1 would be a tremendcim Job. and an In-
Colton. Wash.. Sept. 1 tames I
''���'���/eiiit. ihronV" north of here In j
the Johnson neighborhood, bid three
fires In three do's and two separator 1
explos'nns, llm last one burning thej
separator to t.hn ground. The machine had been running onlv 16 mln- i
nti"' ar'"r tb" noon rest and the belief
I er man friend, and that they Jobbed
Mins Smith, knowing she had siv-"d
money and wan weak. ConvMlon
means state prison for ten years for
both of tbe aroused.
I     Solicitor    nnd    No/ary.    Offlcee     Ha'
bleok.  2B  I^nrne   atreet.  New Weetmb
!    eter, B. C.
BarrlHlerra nnd Soilcftnr^i. fldB to Bl
Wentmlnetor Truat Illock. O. B. Mai
tin.   W.   ii.   McQuarrie   and  Oeorse I
Fruit Nct  Mov'ng  Fast.
Keremos. Sept. 1--Owing tn the nn-I lunefon   to  rertriln   the   manufacture 11,   ,. ,.,,,.     ,,, ���.  ,.-,���,.  , ...
"fibre.    local   spinners  have  followed | certainty or the water, lbe fruit Is not| "' ""' film  would  be a  sweeping de   '
with clcwe nltentinn  the de
Inp-nent ; moving as fast as it would do under
��if the erowtn of the flav plant in Wee 1 good conditions PeachBB are coming
tern Cansda, nnd nr" desirous of re-lb Inn s'i v.* to supply lb" demand. Trl-
ceivlng BhiDmetits of the fibre If It e-e,. nmph, and Yellow St .lohn mid Maml"
tie oMaineil nn eomnctltlvB tcrm3 With RorB nr" being shipped now. The real
supplies from ofhrr sources. Frcsrtone wlll  I.e In  Blmoet any dav.
Dearer Sosps ��iiric-|s were rcaree this year. Snme
"It le announced tbat In conpo'-iiene-'! ""������  coed  plums' are  being shipped..
c��T thn -rsTntlnneits advance In the COBtjApplCH are **i ing to lie high end tend t.o!n'"' '
���anf raw materials of the soap Industry. | '���"  a   hundred   per  cent   higher  tbanl0'1"1
the priee oT soap to the consumer has  last year
here.    Th
slve musl. have been run Intn It.
t-tlsurance adjuster had JtiBt arrived at j
the machine to adjust his losses from
the other fires when the explosion and j
fire took piece.
Threrhcrmen are having some
trouble with their men on accounl of
the wages, Tb" cnerators aro paying
r.i prr day fer the drivers, etc., end M 1
for tho Back pewora, but tlle latter are
Striking  for  W fin.     There  have   been '
Advertise in the Daily News
1 ap a haH-penny per pound
"A cnrtouB and Interesting fact In
*axmtm**t.m*m with this advance In the
firicr of a universal commodltv, la that
tk* main competitor wltb the soap
soaker in the raw material market, is
tkR margarine maker. Many of the
trta tasst oils which are the main basis
of -so-ap tmeri to be at the almost ex
teHmjXjnul of tbe sospmakcr. To- j tie-
Show for C-eBton
Crct'ti   Sent,  1     \t  a  lnrg-lv
tended   i*-eeling   of   thc   clt'zeni
Creel' n   and   surrounding   d'strlct
waa deeided to ho'd n f-"". vrn'iiir-
ul'rv show "n a dat" to b" do
on   later,     Walter   V.   .I'i'-k on
There la a very good cropIwaa elected  president:   ft.   m.  Held. 1
weather keepa haying no vloe-prosldent; W. Heath, secretary- *been tied up'for"any"fen'gtt~ortlm-.,
end of a trouble, but a week'B good treasurer, and an executive committee ,Thr C|RB> ,., men wh'0 mnlP |n rl��� |,nl j
weather will clean everything up In compose,) of Frank Callander, I) Slm-jf,���nrn lr) euro to work but have made
that line. Btock raisers are getting m'ns, .lames Compton W. .1. Little- their boasls that they'woulit "get" the
good prlcea for'beef nnd mutton. This John, W II. Kent, and O. J, Wlgnn [ farmers. The trouble wllh lhe crows I
la in demand, and meets with a ready were elected. The enterprise Is re. ,���nd the repented explosions of sep't-
market. Uuyers from all points, as co'vlng thn hearty co-nperat'on of all j rators seem lo Indicate work of fhe
far north an Vernon, are continually resident-*! pnd everv indication pelnls | agitators, but nothing can bo proven
seourinK the valley for good beef cat-Un  flre'ston'B  first fair being a huge|'-i  '-nllcain  tbo  men  in  these  acci-
When throHgh old
age the bodily
functions become sluj
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
give   gentle,   timely   and
effective   aid,   without
i scorn fort or distress.
25c.  a   box   at   your
Druggist's. 173
Nallmul Dn( ibB Ctaalul
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' antl Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
COAI, MININO rights of tha Kemtnlo*
ui Manitoba, frukfttchcwiui (and Alberta,
ihn YiSoin Terrltery, the Neri'iwnnl Taar-
rltnrlen nnd In a portion of the Provlnoa
*��f Hrltlnh Cnluinhla, may be leaned f(��r ���
lerm or twenty-one yeara at an luinliA)
rental nf fl an acre. Not mot*' tluan SCBt
teres wlll lie lenned to on* appllcialit.
Application for a leiuie must Im made
by the applicant In pernnn to ttm Ai**ni
ir Hub-Agent of tbo dlatrlct In which tl.t
-Igbta applied for ure situated
In eurvsyMi territory Ihn land mum b*
li-ncrllxMl by m-a-tluiin. or leanl Mjb-dlrl
���rtnna of aectlona, and In unnurveyed t��r-
iliory Ihn tract >ppll��d for nhall bt
���tnked out by the applicant hlnwlf.
Kach appllnntl;-! muat be le'i-uiiiwnleB
by a ftm of IB ttulch will lm refunded 11
ihn rlslita applied for am nol available,
bul not otherwise. A royally ahall be
paid on the n#rahajitable output of tbe
mine r.t the rate of five centa per ton.
The penwn operating the mine ahall
fnrnleh the Agent with awern returns
accounting for Uie (ull quantity of merchantable eoel mined aod pay the royalty -thereon. If tbe conl mining right*
are not baaing operated aueh rctununhouM
be furnished al  leant once a yuur.
The lease will Include Iho e��nl mining
rlKht* only, but tb* leoam wlll lm permitted to purchase whatever available
nurfaee right* may be cnnifldercd Jscn*-
nary for Ihe working of tho mine at tl,��
rate of 110 nn acre.
for full Information application ah-niM
be mado to the Beeretar/ nf thn Doliarl
sient of the Interior, or
Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Bub-Agent of linmlnlon I .ami*
_. w, w. dont.
..   _   Vtf*>tr Mlsliter Of the Interior..
N. B.���UnauUio-gsadi publlraitlon of thl*
advertisement will not be paid for.
White Rock
"The Playground of B. C."
White, Shiles & Co., 2T TUESDAY, 8EPTEMBER 2, 1913
Not Quite Sure Whether Canada Has
Too Much Labor Already or
Not Enough.
London, Sept. 1.-There    has    been
quite a sudden outbreak of crltloism
over Hi" luck of employment and the
need lor workers In Canada. The two
may seein contradictory, but at any
rate they ure being run simultaneously. Tbe tiontt-oversy was commenced by a Hussex clergyman publishing the following letter In Ibe Dally
Sir 'lbe constant stream uf emigrants pouring out from Kngland to
Cunada demands, I think, un official
contradiction or confirmation of the
reimrt that the number of unemployed
in Caiiadii Is reaching a huge total.
I have inst beard tlmt there are no
fewer t'uiiii l'J.OUO unemployed lu lkl-
This comes from an absolutely direct and trustworthy source. The position of these people lu the winter, if
unemployed new, Is too deplorable to
eon l em (i lute
(Signed)    .1 ll. BACON 1'Hii.l.ll'S.
Crow burst Rectory, Sussex.
Common Serttc Letter.
Nexi (iny came a reply, not from a
responsible source, hut from one which
Is worthy of attention, because the
man Obviously knows hla business,
and thli- in "hat he wrote-
Sir In your Issue of yesterday 1
noticed a communication from Mr
Phillips, of Crowhurst rectory, regard
lng unemployment In Canada. 1 have
iio authority to speak officially regarding tbe 10,000 unemployed In Edmonton, tail 1 should not be surprised
to learn thut this Is the fact for a
day or a week. Wheu 145,000 Ilrillsh
people pour Into Canada iu one year,
and by far the larger part of thetn
will go wipi of Winnipeg, It Is not to
wondered nt that lhey do not Immediately adjust themselves to working
conditions. Employers neither stand
waiting tn receive laborers, nor are
they prepared to create situations on
llut thero Is no Canadian reason
why 10,000 people should remain Idle
It may be bad for these people when
winter comes, but It would be worse
fer Canada, Canada wauls people, and
haa no object In getting people Into
tba country to remain Idle. There Is
yet uii abundance of land to be had.
and It Is especially the land worker
who Is wanted, (liven more agriculturists. Other departments of work
enlarge In r -sequence.
As the bi..- rintendent of the Montreal city mission, I know that iii the
r nth of June lust passeal the laboi
iltuatlon in .Montreal and elsewhere
was most critical We received an
urgent cal lone morning fron -i company employing 6a000 men asnlug fur
forty men "at Onei ." I ttt we utterly
failed to Bnd One mnn The lowest
wage puid ii>  thnt company Is s\<i
per hour Ordinary labor, such as car-
rving mortar, bricka, timber, pick and
shovel work, Is drawing two dollars
and :i quarter (9a 4Vfcd.) per day. us
lumin-t. iwo dollars a day a year ngo
1 know a mun who went to Canatla two
years ago Bt fel yearn Of age, "down
nnd out in Kngland." and unable to K<*i
work   nt   Ills own  trade     He adjusted
himself to something else and became
n handy carpenter at Ba. id, per day
fn a few weeks he was foreman over
five men Today he is his own "bos' "
doing Mllag" carpentering and "making good." if all Englishman who go
ii Canada wore like this man there
wuuld be li" unemployed.
_ (Sgd i     VV   BOWMAN TUCKER.
II Busbey Park, Totterdown, Hrls-
And Another.
Then Sir Kdward Parrott :i Scotchman wb i baa some sort of authority
1" speak. Blnce he has written "ii
"British Overseas" and possesses a
fair knowledge of Boclal mattera
.lumped In l'i print In the Dally News
with an article which was really "
cry of clarni at the depopulation of
Scotland, although lie used It as un
argument fur "Scottish home rule'
"It Is u lamentable fact that Scotland is bleeding white under present
conditions. Kvery week In the season
ship losds ef the best thew and sinew
In Scotland 'oave her shores. Since
10H6 Bcotland s loss by emigration ao-
luully exceeds tbut of Ireland. In 1910
no fewer that r.8,:tK4 Scottish people
abandoned the land of their birth. At
the present moment Scotland contains
fewer Clutlvaton of the soil than nny
ether country in Kurope. Denmark,
with half the area and a little more
than half the population, with a worse
sell and n somewhat similar climate,
hss. 510,000 agricultural workers, while
Scotland lias but 200.000. Kvery year
more and moi" Scottish land goes out
ot cultivation, and unlesB something Is
done speedily, Scotland, outside the
coal and Iron areas, hldB fair to he-
come little more than a vaat game preserve.
"SottUh Liberals do not assert that
small holdlnirs will x.op the tide of
emigration altogether, .but they do aay
that a career Tor Scottish cultivator*
In Scotland wlll do much to stem the
The Labor Party.
Next enme thc turn of the tabor
party, for Thome* Richardson, the
Labor M. P, for Whitehaven, put the
following nuestlon In the houae to the
horn" aecretary:
"V'hethcr lie la aware that agents
In Ibla country havo been Inducing
Durham miners to leave their emplov.
ment In thla country for work In tho
mines nt Vancouver Island, Britiah
Columbia, on the Btrength of a atate-
iTi*��nt that in)*** was no dispute there
and that conditions were normal; thst
when tho men arrived at Vancouver
island they found that n dlapute was
ln progress, nnd being unwilling to act
na sfrlkehre-ikers thev found themselves stranded; whether he has any
power to prevent such misrepresentation; and If not. whether he proposes
to secure *"c1i power."
The president of the beard of tra''��,
Mr. Buxton, replied for the home aec-
"My right honorable friend ha* asked me to anvawer thla qu��Btlon. 1 have
no Information ss to the cases to
���e'hlch mv honorable friend refers, but
if he will be good enough to furnish
me with particulars I wlll cauae In-
-milrles tn be made. Inducing a person to emigrate by meana of false rep-
re sent a tlons la an offence Which  Is
barkeiitine flew the ensign of the Island, with many other ships, all Imbued witb the same motive. The United StateB was contemplating the an-
nexatlon cf Hawaii, and It was known
that such a move was bound to take
place. A number of American own-
era bought Hrithh ships and placed
them under the American flag, with
the expectation thut when the United
States annexed the Islands, ships flying the Hawaiian flag would be transferred to American regimry without
the payment of duty Thla plan, however, waa frustraKd, so the Alta, with
otturs never got the American regis-
try Alter thai the vessel was placed
-.,    i ,  ,,     .,,     ,   ,      .    ,  . , ,  ,       under Clilllian registry, and it is un-
..   .,    ,   I f    "14,",jr",,��lll)""-  der the south American flag tbat she
matter to the notice of the Durham operates
Miners' federation,  was  taking  It  up,
und   the   whole   of  the   material   had:
been sent to tb.' government. V(.r    ,,,���. ������,  fetun]   ^ gh Vj
punishable under the merchant ship
ping act."
Women Imml-pranta.
Afterwards Mr. Illcliardson Btated
i lhat u man who hud gon out hud.
Ion liiidlng the true facts. Written home
a letter of protest to hiH lodge and
'enclosing a copy of the L'nited Mine
(Workers' Journal, which set Ibem out
In  tow of lhe  lug  Iconic,  the Alta
hun ici: tbe Royal Roads for Vancou-
Meantiine the Canadian authoritiesI,.,, ,,      ,., ...   ,.      ,       ,
ar. saying no,,,,,,, iboug y  jJ%�� l^^??^^*
may, bul 11 should not be forgotten
that the stories of the luck of employ-
ment have becn current for a long
tliiie, and  bave  passed   unchallenged.
lumber for
'���lb Africa.
Brussels, Belgium, Sep-, l ���At a
recant meeting of the Belghuq chan-
bsr if deputies, M. Helleputte, tni
minister of agriculture asserted tlwt
be production of Belgium's agrliul
urul industries -exceeded in ralue
tbat uf all other Indus,rial prodai'i.
the aggregate annual value ct agi!
cultural products being f.2,293,000,b(Ki.
whilst the aniiuiil  value  of all oi ici
Industrial produota was f.2,000,000.
It Is also claimed that iv tn application of more up-to-date met,.edi
and the adaption of the most modern
appliances in the wuy of sigricultu. il
machinery   production   could   sl.li   be
���French Birdman'a Deb'.c    Take    Altitude  Record and  Charges of
Forgery  Folio ���::
Paris, Sept.  1,    In  the  seventh  dl-
' vision uf t.ie Sante prison cell 10 has  Increased to a    considerable    extent,
been occupied fo, ihe lum month b    !''<;r MftmPle 'J l8 claln,ed ���***" "
.. ,, consequence  of   a   more   ration:!,   ;r,e-
0 man 4u yeurH old. on   whose Bhoul-  ,hod l)f fltof.k f(.��,d.i,1K a Mving of 80
Idera the events ol the past few days centimes per head per dav couiii be
seem to have piled twenty more ya.ar4 Ireallsed and this Bavlng would
and who now sus on a felon's bod amount to something like f.46.000,000
and weeps.   He Is Annand Deperdua-  pt.r unlluI11 ������ th(, calJt, of cnlUe al ���e
'sin,   who  disputed   with   Mer ot   the	
I title cf Prancaj's most successful aero-
plane constructor. Aisaii:-*: hlin stand
charges uf forgeries amounting rough-
; ly to to.tjuu.uuu.
Hies   Hi;h
Au aviator fill s high over the head, i
i of udinlrlng crowds.    He makes turns
[at seemingly impossible angles, while;
UlS crowd cheers his prownOBS.    Sud
[denly a wire breaks.    Then cornea a
fall (if "00 f'-it or so.  with  in usual
, tragic  ulidinu.     The  specttaoular   fall
Of   Deperdusstn   resembles   thia   In   a!
great  many   wa>s.    H'.b  construction
|Of a  machine  to  soar  the  realms ofl
high   finance   bas   uma-sed   everyone,
but the one fault ln hla make up was
that he was forced lo go always higher and higher, and It was a sure thing
he would get beyond the limits of hu*
' man possibility.
Annand Deperd'isatn  is    what    ts
known in Paris aa un "arriviste." He
has only been known for a few  years
Hrt   .Monsieur   Deperduss.n.   while   last
��� Mar he received the Legion cf Honor of K:
fur   furnishing   the   funds   to   Bend   ii
Preach   aviation   t*am   to  Chicago   to
compete  for the (iordon-llenneti   cup
Jules   V'erdriiKS.   wh.)   haB   made   bla
greatest successes t u a  Depi rduaa n
monoplane, wou tbe cup there     Ac-
1 cording to the rules of the contest
France Is to hold the rac this year.
.,1 Deperdusstn came forward and offi nd tbe aerodrome at Rhelms, whicb
he had recently buiiahi for $100,000
Cash down Ah it n.ember or tbe Aero
Club, be offered to defray expenses
of tlle ma et, which was scheduled lo
take pluce next month, ll wus d >ubt
ful for a day or bu after the Dep.-i-
dussin crush If the Qordon-Bennett
cup contest would not have to be
abandoned, but fund- have new bei n
advanced   from   another   source
lleperdussln owns two other :u r.'
dromes at Qlanyei aud Vlllacoublay.
Deperdussln's apartment in the fas
blonable avonue de  ValllereB.  whlcl
Mcther General  of  Order of St. Ann
Will Co Greatly Missed Through-
cut Dominion.
Toman Catholics throughout the Dominion have cause lo regret the tragic
accident at Lachine. Montreal, lasl
Thursday, which deprived the church
of one uf her most devoted daughters,
ln the person of itev. Klster Mary Au-
astasia. mother-general of the order
Anu. Born In tiie province of
Quebec, she was the daughter of the
well known family nf I.e Sage, which
hns given many of Its members to the
service of tbe church throughout the
Dominion. Among these w*as the lute
Mr. I.e Sage, at one time minister of
public Works fur yuebec. Another
brother, w-ho la still living, ia Hev.
Canon Le Sage, of Montreal.
During those thirty-six years in
which she held office she Baw the work
of tb" order extended enormously, the
great majority of Uie seventy house."
throughout Quebec, liritish Columbia,
Alaska and parts of the eastern United Stales being founded in thut period.
She paid her first visit to liritish
Columbia In ISSD. her next and most .
Important visit being tlve years ago.
She was also here two years ago on
ber way to Alaska, whloh, however,
the state of her health, prevented her
from reaching. On previous occasions,
contains msny rare objects d'art, haa however, she visited all Cue bouses of
, oeeii   umiiiu   up   by   the   p
aeroplane factory in the Rue
Entrepreneurs haB also been closed Bnd
iibiul   a   hundred     men     have     been
thrown out uf employment
"I'll   Pay   All   I   Owe."
winn called before the magtstrati
Denerdus8in told a moat amazing tale
of high finance, which reflects on tli"
I. ink   Involved,   the   Credit   Industrie!
the  order  in   northern   and   southi
Alaska and the Yukon territory.
The bile mother-general had a beautiful personality, which left n great
impression on all with whom she wns
brought in contact. She possessed in
a rare degree lact. sympathy nnd thc
power of Influencing others. She was
ais'i cue of the most literary members
of tiie order, being chosen to make the
critical Btudy of the life of Venerable
Margarel Bourgeois, foundress of th'
lit Colonial.   On the preaentat'on
If. t-ged orders fer silk, he goi the bink [cow^Uon o'fNotire Dame,"Montreal
I to advance millions of francs a'tbo'.i *:h
he  admitted   when   arrested   that   he
had never actually bought a yard nf
silk In his life,   or the 16.000,000 ho
'received from  the hank.  Dept rduss'n
asserted that he paid back abvii $;-
600,000.   He Bpent about $8,000,000 on
;IiIb  aviation   projects,   while   his   per-
annul  expenses  amounted  to  about
j Men 000,   This expenditure is not am-
prinr to th" Introduction of this cause
ln Home.   She also wrote many letters
to the community, which have been
preserved und nre specimens of literary ability and bei'ltlful language. She
was also at one time mlstresB of novices and prefect of studies, a post
which gave (treat scope to her peculiar gifts. She never forgot a face, nnd
could  remember even  slight  detuiiB
lr Lachine.
prising as the man was known connected with the personal history
throughout I'nrls as the Prince of��f the novices and young girls With
Soenders, while in the night oates ofl'whorn she wns brought Into such fre-
Montm'rtre thev gave him the nlok- ouonl contact. It was rare that she
name of "Lc Motcur." because h" wi-. jilhl not personally accompany from
the Uf" of every pnrlv and tha l-ad"- ��� tachlne to Montreal nnv or the sisters
iin  tnnkinr merriment.    IPs  spec'altv  about to depart from the latter place
Is ���ii to have heen %V)1 (Uni" rs with ,t0 any distant point.    Such llttlo acts
ihis own  particular  brand  of cham- ��� thoughtful kindness refleoted   the
1 ������������(, I motherliuess of her  rich  nature.    To
Only Recently Discovered i"'",!11,",  "!l��    ri'n-:linwl    wonderfully
The forgeries of   M.   Deperduaa'n !>'''.''���'"'��� ,
wer.' .'I-covered some weeks Bgo. Thel- [ke .funeral took place on Tuesday
bank flnallv became BUBplo'otta i f th��
silk dealings and demand tfiil he jt've
an account of how muc'' s'lv* he bad
In stock. He then was forced to de- j
clare thnt IiIb allk etnnk was non-ex-
latent and his silk ord'm on wh'Crl
he borrowed 30.00n.0no fnincs of the
hank's monev were fall". He then
beea"d the hnnk net to dese't hlm.
"If vnu v.r'ng cvnrge�� against me."
|he B.ild. "thev  wlll  i>rres��  men.    fer-
���Intnl'- 1 wlll be found g"'ltv. but ynu
will lose vn'T p'oaia*'*,   i et m make
SOine   SO'I   of   n'ei-eeeit'ett,      |    Ol'-fht
lo receive 111 October S^Olim frmfllt
frrn-e the ���"Inlslrv or wer fnr r"-n-
nlnnc" "bleu 1 hove del'-'-e-d. The
(it-mv hi" cdered In Rddlt'OO '"a-
oh'nc worth ab-rii 1,000.000 'it*****.*.
Then i *<** pxt-ieeMng a t>'g order t-f���
the I'ersi-n government Theae -re
my -pinniteea, ^'"e me a Utile time
aiid ' " 'M eev all 1 owe"
He, (be linn1' refused tn cO""lde"
this s-beme i**4 bnd th" Mng cf li'fih
finance In France arrested.
ALTA'O nCTl'"*' PPf'l i ��
Vlcterii. Repl. 1.���The arrival o^the
fonr.n'"e'ed harkentlne Alti from An--
trs"a w<Hi eoal, recalls that vessel's
flsht for t flair. Th�� Alt" was built
at Port Olasenw In 1900. with the Intention of plaetnr her under the Hawaiian (lag.   Tbla wns done, and the
So Bobby Bsraa tersely deacr-tbea the
rick, but ��ull poor, drapeptics. llut thcit
eaae la aot now ao dvsperate as when
Bursa wrele. far the maa wbo haa ti ie
to**i new caa eat without anCering {or
it, if he just follows the tnaal wuu s
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet
Tkeae rraiarkaUe tablets boalah the
troubles pf tbe chronic dyspeptic���tlie
man who is bilious���the eu.icrer from
heirtburu, gaa ou the atotuach or occasional indigestion. You can eat hearty
meals of wkoleaoine iood-nud digest
tlistti, la-*- if you take Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia ! ablcta.
Coinpuundetl by expert chewista, after
prwlMbly tlte best formula known to
medical science, they are quick aad
certain ia their action, giving prompt
relief (row all forma of stomach trouble,
lotilag up and strengthening the digestive organaaad bringing about permanent
A man la no stronger than hia stomach.
Fit yeoraclf tor your best work by
taking Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets.
Joe. st yo��r druggUt'l. Natlonsl Drag
aad Cheaassal Ce. oi Caaada, Umitetl,
Voausal.     |M
Exceptional Bargains
of from 30 to 60 Per Cent, on AU Merchandise
FURNITURE.���In this department we can supply your every need and furnish hotels, rooming houses
or your own private home complete.
OFFICE FURNITURE.���We carry a large and well assorted stock of Office Furniture, Desks, Tables,
Filing Cabinets, Book Cases, Office Chairs, Typewriters, etc., etc. As our stock in this department
is very heavy the price cutting has been very keen.
CARPETS, RUGS AND DRAPERIES.���Wilton, Axminster, and Brussels Rugs and Carpets in artistic
designs and colorings. Portiers, Curtains, Silks, Velours, Window Shades, etc., etc. A bewildering
and wonderful assortment to choose from. We can match any and every color scheme. A full.
line of Nairns Inland Linoleums.
DRY GOODS.���A full and well assorted stock.   We carry everything imaginable fn this line.
READY-TO-WEAR.���Coats, Suits, Dresses, Waists, Underwear, Corsets, Hosiery, etc, etc. This der
partment carries a full line of the above mentioned goods. You will find here a dainty and fashionable showing of ladies' wearing apparel. ��
GENTS' FURNISHINGS.���Hats, Shirts, Underwear, Neckwear, Sweaters, Raincoats, Suit Cases; etc.
This department is replete with an excellent line of stylish and durable goods.
CROCKERY.���Dainty China, Dinnerware, Kitchenware, Glassware, everything in crockery and china
for the dining room and kitchen.
TOYS.���Dells, Mechanical Toys, Wheel Goods, etc., etc. Bring the children to look through this department.
HARDWARE.���A good showing of Hardware, Graniteware, Tents, Trunks and Heaters.
STOVES AND RANGES.���Stoves, Ranges, etc.; a well balanced and assorted stock.
ELECTRIC FIXTURES.���Electroliers, Electric Lamps, Electric Carpet Sweepers* Electric Fans, etc
Get our electricians to give you an estimate on wiring and fittings.   .
Every article in this gigantic stock has been marked down to a price that we -guarantee to be a real
price reduction. (wigM^fc^,
Look Over Our Stock and Prices. You can decide whether you will buy or not We leave it to your
own common sense and judgment. Sale opens daily 9 a. m. Delieveries at our earliest possible conven
��� xmVmWkk   ...
McAllisters Limited
Successors te Lees Limited
Columbia Street
New Westminster
���<ft**virv-,..it,ti*,. **ms*. **ov*-
Fresk Water and Salt
I At the Fraser river hridge yesterday tho follow .ng vessels wore registered  ua  passing   througii  Ihe  draw:
���Beaver, up; Clansman, down; Adam.
an auxiliary sail and    gasoline    boat,
idown, and the Senator Jansen, down,
the visitors, who are always on the
lookout for prize stock to Improve
their  herds.
Many champion horses will also be
entered in llie different competition-*,
apart from the horso show, und many
others  will   have  lhelr  champions  In
is." lie stated, "about  ��8,000,000 worth
of copper available in the mine, and
ail that in required is that the old
workings be unwatered ami new shafts
sunk. The deepest  shall  al   present  Is
nly donwn 4oii feet, and the lit rush oi
water was responsible for th sea
Hon of operations.   By means of thel
the stock parade,  Which  Is always a   Nevv Reg|ments Being Formed and Re-  powerful pumping machines now tn le
Orly One Cockeye    in    Every   Three
Fish Taken in the Fraaer
Snne bapsossmant iu the catches
ad HDckeye in the Krauer was noted
since Sunday nlgbt and yeBterday
morning, up river boats were taking
orotfnd U0 each, while down river the
flsh were scarcer and but 60, 70 or 80
per boat was thc count..
The humpbacks have now entered
the river in numbers, according to M.
Monk tb Co.. and it la said that there
were three and in some places five of
these to each nock-eye.
Although the fish are slacking ofT
there won �� fair 4 mibcr of boats out
ofl' tbo local waterfront last nlghL
| The Samson lay at the dcpartnir.ii,
Jof public works dock Saturday, Sunday und yesterday, and will likely
iclear lor work on the river today.
! The King Kdwurd lay nt the I). \V.
P.   wharf   over   the   week   end.     She
.came up from Steveston after coaling
up, and while here took on water Ii
is this week lhat she Is expeoted tc
start work cn the new channel below
Among thos,' who will enter will he
shannon Brothers, whose fine dairy
and stock farm, "Qrandvlew", is hut
a few minutes ''.'ilk from Cloverdale
They are now preparing six pure bred
Clydesdale horses for exhibition,
Colony   Farm   Clock
Organliation  Taking   Place
in Older Corps.
A   number   of   fine   horses,   ('lvd"S siilereil   this fact. Imt  a  glance at  re.
dales, shires and hackneys, and somi ent  reports In tin' press seem to In-
of the best  of ihe exceedingly  fire dtcato  that  ihe  defense  of  the  l'a-
Holsteln cows will  be on exhibition clflo shores of th" Canadian  colony
from   the     provluolal     cnlonv     farm is being  worked out  tn a tine nrt, fol*
These  animals  will   be on  show  onlv lowing the visit of lion   Sam Hugh
bad it is considered that the difficulties could readily be overcome.
"Tlie owners, nix    South    Australia
residents,   have   a   rial   properly   nei
  j life,  and   consequently   lm     hitch     i-i
lias anyone realised thai a wave or ���v-'-',,(l ln ""' aagotlaUoni with respect
militarism ta sweeping the west at the to ,lu' QuesHonot title."	
Perhaps few have con   :
present time?
Arrivals and Departures.
San Francisco, Sept. 1. Arrived:
I Sta aniens Chehalls, Coronado. Grays
harbor; Crace Dollar. Bandon,
I fV��lled: Steamers Asuncion, Cor
dovn; Falcon. Isthmian. Seattle:
I schooner Simla fBritish), Vanoouver'
|schooner Oakland.   Sleuslaw;    barcc
SS, Seattle;  tug Hercules. Astoria.
Pilat Dclphi/i of Cook Strait Object ct j
Curiosity���Is   Officially
"I'r!rr-u�� Jack," the pilot dolphin of
the French Pais nnd Its vicinity, is
probably the most notable creature of
its kind in the world. His remarkable
habit, continued through more than
twenty years, of daily and nightly
meeting steamcra passing through si
certain part nT -Clooli strait, dividing
the two "triiieipal LslumlB of Mew Zealand of accompaniiiy thom on their way
for several ndlea, and his uncanny, al-
moet human sociability, hnve Invested
him with extraordinary Interest Many
a visitor to New Zealand makes a trie
across the strait from Wellington Cltj
to Nelson for the express purpese of
seeing and in many eases photographing -"l-V-h-mis Jack" playing like
a sea go' al t*,e Btcatm>r'n bows.
Strange Sea Creature.
All sort** of romantic yarns have
been written Tiy imaginative travelers
about thla strange sea creature who
lives alone at the head of 1'clorus
Sound and spends his days and nights,
or a good part or them, darting ahead
of and anHind the steamers that pass
that way. Some people have even
gone to the trouble of inventing Maori
legens of their own about him. If they
only knew it, a wealth of bona fide
Maori folklore surrounds old "Jack."
"Prlorus Jack's" sex is uncertain,
but everyone sems to lalte it for
granted that he is a "he." So "ho"
let it ho. He is a dolphin of a bluish-
white color, and with irregular brown
edges scratch-like line covering the
upper surface ol his body, liis flippers
are dark in hoc, muttled wllh grey.
lie Is ahotit fourteen feet In length,
as nearly as can he Judged, for hn
doesn't -Hay still very lon;: and he is
blunt ct ntse, humped of forehead,
with a hivth I.-ilcare -nr scythe-shaped
alorsal fin and B narrow finked I 'il. So
much for "Jack's" personal appearance.
Officially Protected.
U<! had been scientificallv classified ar, Rtescrt dolphin nnd nil hls species in Craik strait have heen proclaimed aa protected under an ordor-
in-comieil of the New Zealand government, with th" express-, object tif
preserving "Jack" from the gim and
harpoons of life-deftroylng humans.
For a ions time "Jack's" acUi"l species w-as in doubt, Sometimes he was
described as a white whale, sometimes
as a white shr.rl;. ltut there is nothing of the Shark ahout the blithesome dolphin of the Peloruti-mouth.
To  the  Kev.  T>.   C.   Hates,  now   the
New Zealand Kovei-ntnent's meteorolo- j
gist, belongB the credit of having first '���
rni'ved   for  the  official   protection   of
"Pelorue Jack."    Mr. Bates is also re- !
sponsible  for  the     identification     or
"Jack"  aa  Itisso's  dolphin.
"Jack's habit is to meet, the COaBtal
ileamers at the head of Krench para,
Jut as a matter of fact h" does nol
escort steamers through it. bul rr"-
quenta the nnrtheaM'ni or Cook strait
Bide Of the channel.
A theory advanced in explanation
of "Jack's" fondness for the company
or BteameSB ia that be reeds upon the
octnpi and .. iiii'nl which are frequently
Caught on "-the vessel's bows as they
go swiftly thrmigh the water.
Kven darkiM'SS dees not keep
"Jack" at home. He seems to he can
tintially on ttie watch Steamers from
Piston to Nelson passing the mouth
of Pelonis sound in the night as veil
es the day are usually joined hy Ihe
hip white ftah, and many a passenger
who has lefl orders to he called when
ever "Jack" appears is aroused out of
Ms hunk in the midnight hours to see
tho finny pilot swimming quietly hut
swiftly along in a shimmer of phosphorescent white or plunging ah'ad
like one of llie. sen creature In thn
"Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner."
whose every track "was a flash of golden Ure."
Whethtr "Jack" meets anil frolics
arcund th** conslel vessels out of
rhecr pliylnlness or whether he Is ac
tuated by the more matter (if-'ast motive t>f Beekinn his* daily bread around
the stiarrw's ent water Is an Interest
lng question still open for solution
Probaly both theories are rlgM;
"lack" carabines pleasure with business.
Collier Under Test.
S*>n  Francisco, S-��p'. 1,   The
electrical   United   States  navy   rr
Jupiter,  the  largest   coal  supply
operated bv the government nnd
preparing for a trial trip, will und
a  severe test  rn  the high  seas n
actual working conditions,   The
ter as scon as sh,"    is    loaded
coal,  will  steam  for San  Diego
later for the Mexican coast.
nnd will not enter any of lhe competitions.
Plans are alreadv being formulated
however, to take them to Chicago, af
ter the New Wesiminster fair, to filler them In the International stock
show  in   that  city.
The   Horse   Chew
Prizes for the third annual horse
show total nver S2000 in cash, with
manv silver trophies, which ere of
fered as specials. Many new arrange
ments have heen made this year, and
with  such an  energetic committee  'is
F. H. Cunningham, i.. Williams, nr.
C. El. Dohertv and Alderman Kellington. of New Westminster, and Reeve
li. c. Mcfiregor, of Burnaby, the success of the show is assured.
Winnipeg, Sept. 1.���Civic   finances
were the subject of a discussion al lha
minister of militia, and General  Ian, n>,'"!'"'  mating  Of  the  council,  the
Hamilton,  head  of the overseas mill.   dlBOUSSlon being broughl about by the
tary forces, made a few weeks ago.     presentation of a Btatement from the
Wave Is General. " ting  city   treasurer,   which   showed
This military waves does not confine that on thn flrt-t of August the city'.,
itself to tlu 104th Regiment of Cana. debit balance th the Hank of Men-
dlan Militia, which passed through lis ireal was $1,665,1169.31, and estimate-]
reorganisation stage a short Ume ago, that on the 31st of January next the
when Colonel J. 1). Taylor, M P., an- debH balance with the lank won!! be
nounced the names of new officers of Ubout $2,360,000, Against thla should
the regiment who had consented to as" ,���. counteo the arnars ,��� ,.,<,, ���.,,;,,,
sist hun In placing It on the same
Btandlng as the forces in Vancouver
and Victoria. The twn latter cities ar"
keeping step in the matter of new
In Vancouver thn latest announce
sre estimated at something between
11,600,000 nnd $1,1 .000 The monthly expenditure of the city Is estimated
at something more than $600,	
Though tin- overdraft will be aboul
nent  Is the formation Of a  new  Irish   $2,600,000,   the   (lellclt   will     be     'ill
That is thc inducement we are offering the prospective purchasers of Electrical Fixtures.
See Our Hot-Point Irons and  Heating Apparatus
All Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shades from  75c  to  $1.50���Now from 15c  to 45c
Contractors for Every   Kind .of  Electrical  Work
regiment of fusiliers.    The; makes it
Irlshraei   Scotchmen, ami Riflemen in
Tha New Westminster horse Bhow [the Terminal City   with a corps of en
building has been described as th"
best wist of Toronto ami l�� admitted
ly the best in iiiitisli Columbia The
actual size or tlm judging arena Is
2ii0   fert   long   bv   90   feet   wide.     The
g'neers located and fully organized ln
North Vane uver and two regiments
of cadets, the Seaforth Highlanders
affiliated with the 72nd regiment, nnd
Hi,'  cadet  corps connected   with  the
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20:1S 12.5 14:36
r, 80 |
10:35 11.7    3:24
IR 55 ;
20:47 12.0 15:34
7 311 1
12:08 11.7    4:24
17:50 '
21.20 11-5 ��:�� 10.0
talned frcm the offices of ihe various
companies, or frcm the offices of tho
R.  A.  &  I.  society.
Kntries must he made on the p.'int-
ed forms accompanying prlM lists
and must bo in by Saturday. S iptem
ber 2n. Entry must be made In every
section in which it is desired to com
pe.tn, all hough such miry may be
free. Where no rntrv Is made no
premium can bn awarded.
There Is no entry fee charged on
vegetable exhibits. field produce,
fruit, fruit, single plate, manufactures,
Industrials, arts, lace wnrk and cm-
broidery, knitting, sewing, wool wcrk
etc., work by children under 18 years
of age. work by children undi r 1-1
years and kindergarten work.
Entry fees on other exhibits ran
be found in the prize list.
Fire and  Police  Protection
The most careful and thorough a'*
rangements have been made to guard
against firo. A telephone attachment
has been made with tlie (Ire hnlh
and. with the precaution tak-dn of
having watchmen on duly during th"
whole night, the danger nf the ncc-ir
renc ��� of fire is remote. ExlUbUors
desiring Insurance, however, should
give   it   their  personal   attention.
Special censlablns will also bn on
guard at the park and Chief of Pol'oe
Bradabaw and liis utaff will b ��� on the
lookout fnr undesirables.
Visitors nay be assured of finding
nn thn grounds everything necessary
for the convenience of old and young
(luring the mil ire day. Amide restaurants and lunch rooms will si rve
meals nnd refreshments during thi
hours of tha exhibition at reaionabl-
A rest room will be provided f >r
women and children, adjoining the
woiMm's club rooms on the ground i,
l.rule; a* d children attending tbe
exhibition have also been cord ally
invited to visit the cluh room of the
Local Council nr Women, where they
may meet friends, write letterj, rend
the papers, nnd where then* are all
tip-to date convenlenci B.
Dis'nc*.'   Exhibits
Leading the way for fa'rs i:i  western   Canada,  the   managemm i   i f  the
exhibition  has  this  year offered   the
'grand  total  of  $60,000   in   prizes  and
attractions,    cr all the competitions
i however,  probably  thn  must   Interest
centres on  the  rivalry  dlsplaved   by
the   districts,   who   compete   f*>r   the
'coveted Dewar trophy and the $3000
In cash prizes.
Langley ncn th" trophy and the
$T>0ii cash prize Inr the second consecutive time lasl yeor Salm n Arm
was Becond being enly 12 points be
hind, with Mission a good third.
t Tin- Fraser valley, the i kanagan
valley, the Car:!" ������ country, Kamloops
and Revelstoke districts, Vancouver
Island and Slteena river d sf -t and
further north Fort Oeorge and (jm*-
nel, were all represented hist year
and it is expected thai these and
many morn will this year s"nd in ex-
, hibits. In rant many or them have
already expressed their Intention of
so doing.
I The second prize in this compel!
tion is $40n. third prize $300 and the
fourth prize $250, each carrying a diploma.
The It. A. & A. so, ly also offers
, to any disirict or agricultural society exhibiting in this competition, east
jof North Mend, or from Vancouver
sliand. $200; and from west of North
Bend on the mainland, (150, provided such society has not won a prize.
Potato Spscial
For the best display of potatoes
from any district, of not less than 12
iof each variety. Independent nnd disjunct from other exhibits, the following prizes will be awarded: First,
$30; second $20; third $lu.
Fruit Exhibits
The fruit exhibits are open to tho
world and are also the centre of
much interest, as many districts en
tering in competition Inr the Dewar
troohy also enter fruit oxhlblts, The
society allows |150 toward the expense of collecting, sending and arranging ihe exhibit, to each district
Cattle Department
Many prom nent entile owners have
already expressed their Intention of
exhibiting their prize animals and
this feature of the exhibition should
prove of untiring Interesl to the farmers of the  Fraser  valley as  well  as
extra v.idih ef the Westminster arena 6th regiment, which  last year visited
over the usual width of judging ringa 'in* land of the Boutin rn cross.
:s much appreciated  by exhibitors. Victoria, Too.
A splendid program Is arranged and Over In Victoria tin re are the 6th
many valuable henes wlll be seen In regiment of rifles, thc 68th regiment
the  different  events. of fUEillers, while a regiment of Oor-
Arrangements  for  the  stabling  of don  Highlanders  Is the  latest, -steps
these  animals  are   now   being   made having bun taken   last week to Btart
and wben the fair opens a nnw stable the formation of a Scottish corps
100 feel  long  by  50  feel  wide,  with And all of thia ln these piping times
hitching and washing shed will be al ' ' :"'*irr'
the disposal of the exhibit rs Evidently the govenunen! has oome-
Tlm  sheep,   swine,   poultry,    dairy  �� nB up ltB/1  '    ' "'  "  "'r,ni:s
produce,    vegetable,    field    produce Ith'8 unprecedented    organization    ol
fruit and other departments are ala
receiving their share of attention and
nothing   will   bn   fir.nd   licking   when
the opening dam arrives,
?pecial Attractions
No  trouble  or  expense  has    been
spared  to  make the  free attractions j'H",   ..... ..-,,*
a good drawing card nnd the cm*
mlttee has been successful In s��curln-3
thn most sensational and thrilling it
ray i r high class attraction ever pre
seated at any exhibition in the west
Among the attractions will be th
following: Thn almost human fight
Ing machine, "Bob";  the boxing Kan
Canadian militia In th" west.
Also Those -Forts.
Then again there la ' testlon of
locating r.'H:*. in tbe vicinity of New
Westminster and Vancouver tor the
protection of tlm lower mainland
against nnv naval attack which might
Whi! visiting the
west, (len Ian Hamilton and c>! Sam
Hughes visited viral polntB in thla
vicinity with the view of throwing up
forts and defense works and. while
little was given oul for publication,
enough was shown to establish without a doubt tiiat the Canadian and
English governments ara  working in
g-irpn nnd the Gordon Brothers:  Rosi conjunction on the defense nf the l'a-
Volarlo troupe,  inventors of new ex- (lc coast  against any  possible nt'a I
pipits, on the double tight wire;   Mc from the far east.
Ran and Craig, the limit i'i n'w eve With  th'se  new  regiments  formed,
ling stunts:   Walter Stanton, thi orl- with thn 5th, 88th, 6th, 72nd and in 1th
shout $600,000    The principal read
rnr the present *-*t*it" nr affair!" is thst
though   aboul   Jl".    Is   raised   this
year on reventlfl nr capital account,
���irt cc'iptine Hncenses, fln-^s etc . tho
overdrafts of nrevl 'a ���.>���;��� r- have heen
paid ami the bank ��� refusing In allow
the elty hi r usii��l latitude In th * matter tli's year    Mayer Deacon pointed
out Hint nnv work donn f. i nov  on
wonld practlcnly Increase the amount
of the overdraft
A Btatement of the pi tndln* ol the
various ilrpirtmc-iti was also pub-
mltted. v,""-'.- ���!i ii,,, departments
show th'it i1'"-'- ".-'wmi''un"-. have
been i-r"-'tcr th-'n i'>";r nnnronrtstti
the nnl- cv��'nit''.ti I-,.*-.-- ii,,, Huh< nnd
i ���"*,..��� dennrtmefi   ������ '*' ���'��� has *��� credll
'������''"���1"" "���** *-\r|;| -i- ** I ftP'l II .a �� ...
sh''*,    r-\"i '*,.|l,-       ryri' '''T'i     111"     a"'','
-.*��������� * ��� ������'������-.i'i..,! i ��� i ��������� . aldcrmi n
tnok  little  Interest   in   them
giial   stage   chaniclecr,   assisted     bv  regiments   parading   at    nearlj      full
Miss   Yic'nria   and   compan'*.     Three   Btrength, the west will  he able to lay
novel   and   amusing   barnyard     nets   claim to having mom mllltla regiments
the four casting Crnnnlls. wizard-! nf In proportion to population  than any
the  air.   In   bewildering   midair   com-  "'���'������r  section  ol  tii"   Dominlot
edy and gymnastic novrlty feats: the
Curzon   sister-*,    the   oitiginr.l   (living
butterflies.     The   mnst   beautiful   nnd
thrilling   evolution   performance   eve
A number of ether at'r-ictlnns wl'l
also be nn the nroeram and tlms" will
be announci d  later.
A   Modest   1-olitici.in.
Robert John McC rmii k, M I' P
Inr West Lambton, it ul' Irish, ami
lonsequently till- a good story ami
likes to hear one, n.tn -ugh he i>
Rliehtly handicapped by tleuiness. Uut
this ia one mi Inn.-.If which has beeu
Moating about tlie corridors "f im
Parliament Buildings.
When Robert John was first eleclea
a few year- ago and come to Tnri'iiti
to attend tin* session "t the Legislature, it is Bald thnt it was liia tirsi
appearance in thia city. Alter slight
Itijj Irom Uie train at Onion Station
lie necessarily passed by a squad ol
porters who were shouting  the iiatii��-
of the lintels for winch tliey worked
"King  Edward,"  croaked   the  porter representing thai  hotel.
"No, Robert John McCormick, Lib
erul member lor West Lambton," r��
���. plied   ths   politician.���Toronto  r'ntur-
* day Night.
One  Threatened to  Kill  Another  Last
Night���To the Magistrate Hc Will
Explain All.
Sucth   Australia   Lxpencnces   Revival
of Industry and Old Mines Arc
Adelaide, S, Aus. :-. pt, 1 The Importance nf the copper mining Indus
try to South Australia may be gauged
from the fact, that the value of the copper produced frnm the mlnea of the
state during the post ten yi ars has ag- (
aregated ����� 40.407.296, Last year, ow-
ing to the high price ruling, there was
enci uraglng revival of the Industry. I
and wnrk at a number of mlnea which
had been tlmt down for various rea-j
3 ni.- waa restarted
Fswer Fatal Accident*.
Ouring February 485 industrial accidents were recorded in Canada. HI
these ffi were mtal and 400 non-fatal
This ia 15 fewer fstal and tune morn
nnn-fatnl than were recorded In January. The record for ��bruary, 1(112
was 66 fatal and 391 non-fatal arei
dents. The greatest number ol 'eta'
accidents occurred in steam riuUaj
service nnd in the mining and lum
berinj industries, the figure* tespec
tively being 1", 1" ard 11 The gri'at,
cut number of nnn-fatsl accidents occurred In the metal trade., there be
in.- 140 workmen injured, followed b)
"���im railway" with ;.1 injured
New Submarine
Telephone Cable
Long Distance Calls Now Received for:
VICTORIA and all other Island Offices
li.-ivi* Just v. bal  you  ri qu ra to
The oldest copper mine In th�� Btate  rld ���"'���'���'���' ������"*���*" o{ '������' ���' ' l1' ��� '������*���
i Bltuated al Kapunda, some 50 miles
Memories or Lucknow, Cawnporc
and calculi.i were appropriate lasl
evening when Jewan Slm*ti was taken
Into custody on a charge nr threatening to kill at sight nnn Kapoor Singh -���.,.- " ��� ��� ��� i ' ,������ ���
Hearing Buch ;i threat from the lips north of Adelaide, and ll Ib known a*                             '   *     " '
of a fellow countryman did nol appi al '  " Kapunda copper mine    li waa dls- : * :i,l'!;i* ���'''' I" r ���"��� "��� or 'i foi
to Kapoor for he hastily visited the po- covered  In  1842 and  for many years  Tanglefoot, - packages conttlnic
lice i tation whi re an Information was was profitably worki i, bul Bome years  sh, Bts for 	
Bwom out against the would be Hindu- tgo aotlvn operations wore suspended
Biayer. wing to the pumping plant then avail-            V/ACH  DAY ?p::cial:.
Investigations by the police    madi ible being Inrufflclcnt to cope with the |
last evening revealed th" presence o nrush of water In the main shafi
an organization  Bomewhal    like    thi .    "���'������'��� '������ always I n regarded   Reckltt's Blue . . .6 f i* 'il
i hlnese tongs.    The latter organlaa- "������ :l "                  *   ������ * :* rty   and the  Liquid Amonla, per '   ttie  lii
I U.
Don*l trifle with youi eyealffhl Delays,
oheup slfuwcfl and unskillful treatnwnl >��r
tin - \ ��� i .m- sure fon'runnen of Un time
rhei    ci Ious trouble will ���>< 'Mir.
���>��� ac mod} to render you exp�� 11 tld
In 'V .mining the eye*. In furnlehlng
flnttm h  nr  -spectacle*,   In   flnm-K  tlu m  to
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
San Juan Cleans
.���I tlna   3 *
Cloumbian College
Mus. Bac.
linns known betl r on the other sldi
of the International boundary line, are
bad actors Alt' r killing off a fi w ol
lin-ir hated foes, tbey then declare a
truce for Beveral months in order t<
allow thn police to rei upi r ite aft r
vain searches rnr ilm miscreants.
And BO II a;ip'*ir*i't:i;:t the Hlndui Ir
theso parts are like unto the orientals
A feud on n pa:* wllh a Cumberland
family row has been raging for several months,
Anyway .Iiwrni will have to explain
bis statements ma.ie to Kapoor, tin-
tlmn and place belm 9:30 In tho police
court this morning.
Passenger   in   Ontario   Says   He   Was
Doped and Touched
Tlmagaml, Sept.  1. -A  man  namnd
llarnahy, who hoardod Nn. 1 at. North
Ha  yen   route   for   Gillies,   where   he
was   going   to   work   for   the   lumber
camps claims that he  was robbed  of'
$1000  011  the   train   by  an   unknown
man.    Barnaby was put off tbe  train
at Tlmigaini, as he  was taken   ill  on
board as a result of imbibing too free-;
ly and  had  to  receive medical atten-
tlon,     He claims th��t he  waa    sober I
when he got on to the train al North i
Hay   but   shortly   after  leaving   them I
he  struck   up  an  acquaintance   with ���
a convivial soul, who produced n b-^t
tie of whiskey and gave him a drink.
Harnaby'K story  Is  that there  was I
bn.no  strong  drug In  the  bottle  and;
that   the   stranger   helped   himself  to!
his  wad   when  he   fell   into  a   doned |
condition alter taking the drink.    The
conductor of the train however, s'ates
that the man was drunk when he got
on the train at North Hav.    The provincial  police are skeptical nl llarna-
by's story after hearing what the con- !
ductnr had  to say and  besides  thoy
Bay he isn't Hi" sort of man who carries an amount like that armnd with I
. i
V' *
mi l
.... |���
!'i'*i ���
:   .    ; nr|ty, the
Liquid Hlue. pt r ho
i ii Ibll'h I *i gt up ol London (In-
v * ��� ������������ t ' :*.:- over 'in- property,
.'.(rr'i his leer undi - option to tthem.
In a n pi rt :* * ued by the mini s de-
lartment i.i ::*���"������ li .-. stated thai the
���iml value '���' ore *��� : i rrom the mln ��� *
vas '* tli iatPd ttl C ' 000 000, and In a j
"���(vi Inter/lew the mllcltor lor the |
**.'.*���" rs gave some Interesting inter- !
matlon In regard to i's present, value. '
"According  to nxjH'.rt advice, tliere
������ orld  ri*. i *i  tor  '���'' ir * ,:',s:'"" Butter .
'���  ���'���'��� -i'i:: :n   * i:-i.* 'i rn Frei h Eggs ..
,.,,  ���*> ii there is'
l'n serving Peaches are
I lis   fl
d */.
week.    St ml   us   your  order,   v.
$1 00
supply ynu with the be
lowest  price.
Wo aim to please.
I  Bti <���!���: at. the
Dean's Grocery
Burr  Blori'
Phone  3E6
Column's   Street.
The Mns:r,il I inpartnic* ' list year
uud-1* the leadership ol Miss Clara
M. Smilh, A   T. Coll, M.
and M sa M..I1 il C. Wlnti n, A. T
Coll, M.,
achieved buccoss vi ry gratifying to
the pupils and t-> the college. AIT II
ated with the Toronto College if
Classes Re-open Sept. 9th.
Einninq.   Plane.   Theory.
For Terms and Hours Apply nt.
;tudlo,  1011   Hamilton   Ctreet.    Phons
1319 R. (11(77)
Under Instructions from lhe owner
i who Is leaving the city) I w III hi II
contents of 12 room bouse (absolutely
uiiiiniit reserve] al
B3 Sixth Street, on  Wednesday,
"���'pt. 3, at 2 p.m. sharp.
Hal a! 11 Include line piano
Monarch rungn, beds and bedding,
dressers and stands, heaters, etc, etc.,
Sain al  2 p.m. sharp.
1 (197-8)      FRED  DAVIS, Auctioneer.
Matinee: 2 to 5.
Nitfhl 7 to 11.
Three Reel Feature.
Wednesday night is Double Ballot Night.
Starting Next Monday
Seats on sale Friday.  All seats reserved.   Opening show, "Under thc Black Flag."
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid*.
le Bank of Vancouver
Branche* Throuflhout ths  Province of British Columbia.
bovlngs Department sl nil llranches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received nnd Interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of th*
CHAS. Q. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager. ���Hi
���^^^^��������� ������������
News* Sport Page That Everybody Reads
pm* pt*m
the Title (rom  Fraaer Mills
'in Nine inninn cf Cu-ierb Ball Take \,ii four runners were keyed mi tn tin*
pitch, seeing thai it was the ninth in
'��� nl";
Larkln   Surpasses.
l.arkin pitching for Kraser Mills ex.
  celled himself nn tin- mound, having a
shade mi ftuyla, who until Sunday wnH
Before a crowd of Him people l'ort regarded nn the big chief in amateur
Coqultlam captured tli<> cii-unpioimiilp  pitching circle*.
of thn lower mainland on Bundaj nf-'.,""  ''"""" "'���''���H"-""" i-arkin  pulled
,       ,.        .,.,,. nimseit out  of dangerous    positions
tsrnoon, when   tbey   defeated Praaer ������,,,, wllh ������.��� on 5ftM��� h,p~^
Mllla on tbe Millside grounds, final the next two or three batsmen.
''r" I " Ruyle  and  Immlng, the Coqultlam
The game Itself ��ns one of the fin battery  were  in urcut    shape   also
eal  played tn  theae parti in several Ruyle allowing the Harm' number of
years, each team having   about   an hits aa did tarkln, and was given er-
equal  number   of    supporters, while rorlesi support
hundreds went oul  trom New West-     Por Kraser Mills, every man worked
minster by special  it   C. E,  it. cars, hard, the infiHii taking the grounders
autos, and C I" it. ail eager to be in on with big league precision while every
the death, ly waa bsld by the outer gaurd, Bol-
An error by Huhnke, or rather bla loway made two wild thrown which al-
Failure to field a bunt which dropped lowed basemen to advance, but which
sbout seven feel in front of the plate     used uo change In the run column
lost ths game fnr tbe Circle P. team,     Kred Lynch handled the game, tni
.i"** Dupuls dashlfig past the custodian during the entire nine Innings had the
who appeared  to be In    two    mtndi teams and crowd working with him
whether to leave the fielding to Lar-     Bcore n    n
kin and guard tbe pan or else scoop up Kraser Mllla    n     i
ih"  tuiii   himself     The   few   seconds Coqultlam
Bpent trying to worlc out tbe best move     Batteries;     tarkln
wuh fatal, for with three men on has. h Ruyle and  Immlng;
.it the time Smith batted out tha bunt, I Lynch
so.iih  of  (2nd   degree,  except In   Columbia, until Beptember 1, 1916.
Beaver clone seaaon throughout
���be watershed of the Okanagan river
ind   lakes  between   I'entlcton nnd  In-1
ternational  boundary  line, In Hlrnllka-
tiiiiii, until November 1. 11114.
Inicks. Keene and snipe may be
offered Tor sale October 1 to October
81; coast deer of the male box over
one year In nge can be offered for
sale Beptember 1 to It. Game birds
and d"cr killed lawfully may be kept
for private u��<' of the owner for    14
days ami no longer, Immediately after
the commencement of such cIobc season ;
days after tin
This   Province   Needs     No    Artificial
Stimulation���Possible to In.
dues  Hardwoods
Dealing   With   the  fores:   growth  of
ducks,  Keene and   snipe can   lie Britiah  Columbia, Conservation  says:
snd   exposed   for   sale   rnr   five It is estimated that British Columbia
period of sale exolr'-s. conialns   over  one     hundred     million
Proof of  the   killing   sbitll  be on  the acres of wood lumi, of which upward
naturally hardly neceaaary for man
to ond. .-take, to facilitate the reproductive  processes  of naiiie
It may be concluded then, that ur-
tlflciul reforestation Is neither necessary, nor, relatively spaakinK. desirable over tbe major por; of British
Columbia today. With r"Kard to the
three considerations mentioned above
In this article tha following conclusions have  been nrrlvd at:
First, forest planting In British Col
UmblS Is silVaCUlturally possible Hardwoods may be Krown as well as softwoods;
Second,forest regeneration in British Columbia is financially practicable, us also Is forest planting:
Third,  forest planting Is not n���.
In K"tieral, neccssar.', nor In It the
niont profitable way to spend time,
energy or money In British Columbia.
party In possession.
.'ind     Huhnke:
umpire,   i-\   J.
I. Yellovalees Win�� Finale Fron A
-LaJica' Champ, .mh p
Ths Week.
,   *   finals in the golf club chant
i ii iishtp wire decided yesterd iy afti r
 'i  .-ii  the tinks i.f tip*  Wine rove *
(loll and country club, at Burqultlam,
a-Ju n   1    Vellpwleea defeated   \    ' I
VII   ���, r iii :: closely contested jame
i*r. *. loui to meeting A.  McAlllati i  .1
>!". h bad deteated T D Bherltf
.1 it Smith snd H P Oardner, wlilln
McAllister had put awsy J B Jenklu .
c i: lefferson and A. C, Btewart, af."
of Vancouver.
Th, : rat I nnd In tl"' ladies' ohiini-
plonab p 18 holes medal play wlll take
pi . cn Thursday, Sapt 4 Draws will
l,- -t ade nt ll 80 and al li SO o'clfcck
re an ovi r Id entries it will take
i ,-..*! i ' .. ��� . reaa if und"r tl tl
numl   r elg it   a   :   I a  the qualifying
I:    '
\r-, i ii ���.'- have been   made   to
ha ��� ������ the l ui :;.'������ ' the 10 o'i I��������� k and
11  o ilock  cara  from  Vancouvi r
In lha 1- hole against bogey competition beld yeaterday, .1 T Milne
look flrtt with one down. ,t A. MolHer-
w*e]i, with five down coming seoond
in th. foursome bokey events, t d
siien" and .1 t Milne captured flral
�� Ith  five down
With   ?   plok up   t" im.   Ni -a    West
m :������ ti - di fi ated North Vani ouvi r In
i tseball yeeterday morning at Queen's
park,   final   score  7-3
.lack 0 on try'fl double with t-vY> men
on  In Lho ninth turned the trick
Huhnke wns on the ninunil for t'i"
locals and twirled a henlv garafl The
result w-as n surprise to the fans, after thi y viewed the line up nf the
Westminster aggregation, half of the
rertulnrs having seen fit to gel out ol
town and failing to respond to the
summons t" play
yesterday's victory allows Westminster to challenge Port Coqultlam
for the league championship, although
It Is doubtful whether such a same ran
he Btaged tbls fall, owing to the latter
Although   no   dselalon   was
J.'"' n.     Krauk    Barrleau      had
Leach Croas, the New York
den;,st. looking foolish yesterday ufterti ton at Brighouse,
sending   cross     through   tha
ropes on  run'    occasion,    while
giving him a severe hammering during the entire 1-j rounds.
Tlle 12-roUttd battle wns a
surprise to the fans who
figured that cross could easily
outpoint   the   Vanoouevr  boy,
CrOBS  In  trying    tO figure    out
Just how  it  happened
D 0
-    --������    ���*    **-   :**:   '.'
a o ��
Baseball Results.
v ctoria --7, Spokano-4-8,
1 ii m i 0 3, Seattle i ���:'
Vancouver 8-1, Portland �����?���
I:    tot) 2-1, New  Vork S 2
Chicago ! i. SL Loutsl-2.
Philadelphia 8-6, Brooklyn -���-'
Cincinnati 5-1, Pittsburg 4-6
Bl   i ������������������������ 6 7. Detroit  1" "'
New   Vork  04,   Boston  G I
Ch cago .' 0;   Cl( veland 6-7.
Washington  1 ... I'lill'idrlpbia 4*C.
Record  S-ore In  0.  L. A
M mtreal, .Sept. 1.���Smothertug their
mi *::.- with speed aa ��* 11 as bottl'
them up In air tight fashion, the
Vatlonala defeated    the    Irlsh-Cana-
i ana today  by a score of 17-".'     in
piling up thia .-core the "Plying French
""*n"   established   a   record   score   for
'.he l>   L,  A     Never at nny stage of
��� h,. contest   wns  the  result  iu  doubt
The Irish Canadians were played off
their feet In ihe first few minutes nnd
never again gol Into tlieir stride.
Pathetic Diaries and Record* Left by
Lost   Pieneera.
A peculiar und pathetic interest ��t-
tachei to the last records ol lost ex*
plorers, dying alone ami unaided amid
icy wildernesses or in the steaming
depthi ol tropical Jungles.
The .liiiry kept by the gallant Capt.
Bcott teems with tragic touches, but
it also ha-, its beautiful and its heroic
tide. No more splendid instance of
magnificent  self-sacrifice lum been re-
rded uian the action ol the disabled
t'apt. Oakea In seeking voluntary
loath in the blizzard, ao hs not to be a
burden on bla surviving companions.
The world is the richer in the possession of facta such as these, which
in why the Ins', diaries of men dying
in similar  circumstances have always
been ardently   sought   und carelully
By fur the most dreadful tragedy ol
Arctic exploration was the loss ol the
franklin expedition, when the wh ne
if the offieera and men of the two ex-
pi  rum Bhips,  Krel.iis and Terror.  188
In ali. |H-rishi"i Curiously enough,
though many relics of the ill-fated
"ii.nnn.��� ti r. Sir John l-'ranklyn, were
recovered by search parties, und are
now preserved m the museum attached tv, the Greenwich Hospital, none.
"f his diaries or personal papers wire
ever found.
One single written record of ttie lost
expedition remains to us. It li In
the torm "i a sheet torn trom a Bmall
]"��� .!;������! diary, ui.d these are the Words
;t contains; "April 26th, 1848.���Terror
in I Erebus were abandoned,  Sir John
Frank,in died on June Ilth, 1.M7. uicl
the total loss   hy deaths   up to tins I
data*, 'j   tti ' ra and li meu
Thn precious scrap oi i u-.i"r was I
discovered in a cairn on K,nsr Wil- !
hum's Island in the year lei)*', lhere
was no signature, but Uie handwriting
v. a- afterwards identified as thut of
Captain Fitijames, one oi Sir Johns
iffll  rill' the tra'-'ic history ol exploration
no briefer record man this exists of a
disaster bo b| ; ailing in ita magnitude;
although  Burai   and Wills, who lir-i
crossed   Australia,   loit   behind   '.n.m
��� iv a few tattered leavea (rum an "Id
pocl: t-book  to  te!'   the story  11  bow
...,*    ui.,1  their compsnlonfl hud  lain
:   11. in thi  desert to die.
01 al, tie* mni'   valuable anH inter-
ng   de "in*   ts  ! -:t   behind  by  lost
Bsbe With Three Hands.
Maggie Smeaton, an Acadian woman
living near Amherst, N.S., has given
birth to s child with three hands,
one of them being developed from the
wrist of the other. A thumb was attached to the ear of the child.
The infant is quite healthy snd sn
operation will bc performed to rid il
of its superfluous hand and thumb.
of Blxty-five million acres may be re-
garded aa actually or potentially
capable of producing merchantable timber, though, outside of tills,
the land Is nol oT value.
On  tbls urea nature lias been busy Emergency   Bridges.
for u great many years storing up Part of the Cossack soldier's drill
what Is today one of the greatest few j consist* in building bridgea from
extensive reserves of commercial tim-, lanoes, with cooking kettlea aa floats.
ber left In the world,    ll  Is eptlmated] 	
thai   this   area   contains   over   ihree Not  Thst   Kind,
hundred   billion   feel   board   measure !     .-n,,, Ma] poet *. alwfly8 a ��������
���-   limber,  comprising  over  half  the |    "Maybe, but   he'a   very   seldom s
standing timber ol Canada. When
the question of forest planting is ]
linked with such a resource, It be-1
comes of interest even though the'
Importance of planting to the perpetuity of the resource yet remains to
be  seen.
The    matter   Of   refores'ation     has
been considered in connection with
British Columbia from three points
of view:
1    Stlvicultural.
8.   Economic.
Owlrie tr. a very favorable combination of boII and climate, nowhere, at
least in the tenioerate zone, di tr��es
grow- more rapldlv or persistently
than on the Pacific slope of \'"-th
America; nowhere Is natural production more proflllc end vigorous. In
fact this verv readiness
undertake  tb
At the Theatres
The baby contest at the Royal theater closes on  Thursday  night  so the
management   has   decided     to    make
Wednesday night double ballot night.
Very heavy voting is expected at tbe
polls the three remaining days of the
contest.    The  Leamy kldlet has been
ahead  for the entire eight days that
the   contest   has  been   running.    The
prize,  a  very   appropriate one,  is on
nnt'-re to  exhibition in the window of Chamber-
ork   renders   discus-   lain, the Jeweler on Columbia atreet.
sion almost  snpi rfiiious. ,;    The Chas. E. Royal Stock company
Wide   Possibilities I consisting of 14 talented actors and a
However. It hus heen demonstrated scenic artist open for an indefinite en-
t''!M refores'ation Is nnn-'io-ihl" <n gagement at the Royal theatre ttar-
British Columbia. Not onlv would it lng next Monday matinee. They will
b" possible to reproduce those trees present one -show every night and
Which are indircneu3 to the soil, but three matinees a week, ou Monday,
-lie other e-rtic tre<"�� such as theIThursday and Saturday, All seats will
'���nr'!"---"dB. Bm in s prcv'no'* which he reserved and the opening show se-
Is CUt'tng as vet onlv one-f'f'h ot the lected is one of Mr. Royal's favorites,
ntinual   growth   of   Its   forests,   it   is  "Under the Black Klag."
Irish farmers in lead
Mcdel On;���U   S. Commiss ontrs
Would Copy It.
The r System of Organization Is tory." he declared, "lias been a missionary country, lf, In this contribution to rural civilization, we Irish
can  make some return  for the inee-
  timable  debt   we owe to the country
- - 'which has given us a Becond home,
"Whatever is to be d. ne in the ere- we shall indeed be proud."
atlon of a high rural civilization, fie He believes that within ten years.
greatest need of onr time, must be by vigorous endeavor all along the
done by the farmers themselves. Aid line, a point may be reached :n the
and advice and sympathy should be United States where tlie farming
welcomed,   but   the   institutions  iniHt  communities    would   take    over
work   of   organization   and
exul ip rs,   however,   none  can  vie   .
,���,!,,'  with  Lie  last Journals   il belong  to,  be managed  by. and  have work   of   organization   and   maint'inj
,.,.   | Livingstone  who died  worn ou' a membership of farmers only."            the  progress   which  has  been  begun
l���  ���.,"���,.,j  p, vat ou   n Ii.,'.     , This   is  the  conclusion   reached   by  in the older countries across thc sea.
:  ',���'-,������.������   on May 1   1673     In-* Senator Ralph Metealf and Represent-      Uhe would have the organized farm-
i i -,i-:iii '.!"*., n   to  the coast,  t. 'alive   Clark   Black.   Washington's   re-  ers  then   "survey   the   whele  field  of
r  uioi  Ilia body, by bis faii'htul presentatlves  on   tbe   American  com-   rural society  and  see what other ag
.  "boys." and were published in mission   that  recently   returned  from  encies  wer
Ad Wolgaet la Through.
Oakland, Sept. 1��� Joe Azevedo, of
'-*iamonto, decisively defeated Ad.
Wolgast, former lightweight champion
In a ten round hout here this sfter-
i"i u. Overcoming a slight attack of
'���'.ire frinht In the second round
i-.'eviiio  took   tlle aggressive,  forcing
team having disbanded after their vie-   thd fighting.
tory over Fr:i:.<.r Mills on Sunday af-	
. Prairie Chicken and Deer May
Now Be Shot at Nearby
i llv  the  Hotter I
Blaine defeated the Hell' ighara Kikaj
OU Suniiu-   afternoon 5-8. Howard .Mer-i
rill wu    the st lr of the g.inie, his three
liiigcc   with  three  rcii  on  the sacks
turning tbo tide of defeat Into a vie   0^k
tory Wn'.agartner and Williams of tha
Wostmlnster   Miose   were  noticed   on
the   Hlaine  llna-Up,  although  the  lat-i
ter hnd to retlu In lhe third owing to ;
n split   finger 	
  After being forced to content tliem-
Ity so ir   league   delegates selves with apori   at   the trapa   and
t thla evening in the office of  ranges  sportsmen of the district are
now free to go after some of the real
feathered  birds and live targeta    ac-
All  Rugby players hnve been asked  cording to the regulatlona of the game
to   turn   out   for   practice  at   Queen's  act    for    tho    m8|���land    here    sum-
park Cits afternoon from 4:.10 to ti:">0. tnarlzed:
���.,     .   ~ 77T      ,.     , .    .   , .,    ���    Ornuse���Open season In  Richmond.
Ihehnrbcrsof the Hty defeated the  npwd ��� ���        chllllwack     and
r>n.     I  ,.... ., I.. O   ...��la u nui in   nutnr *
will m
H. Hynll, at 8:80
Comox electoral districts and Kent
municipality, grouse of all kinds, October 15 to December 31; Cranbrook
and  Pemla electoral districts, grouse
D     mber   l-7t
Tliey tol,I of vn.-t and fur-rcachine
i.- "vern-- and exploratlena, under.
iiii.cn under almost inconceivable win.
litions of hardship und privation. In
mt. Livingstone literally laid down
'ii-  life lor his country, since to his
,ii,.,,r enterprise is largely due t.,'
fact that so gieat a part of Africa il
��� '-diaj colored red upon Uio iuul>.
I an extended study of rural credits
land co-operative organizations of far
jnurs in Europe. It is the Irish id a
las the commissioners say. in contra-
I distinction of methods studlrd in thc
'Countries of continental Europe where
farmera'B   -rrganliations   were   found
available for assistance
In the work.'' Social life in the country, he holds, has to be as completely
reorganized as the farmers' mtthods
r.f doing business. "The rural church.
the Y. M. C, A. and the granges���to
take three potentially powerful influences  for  good���would all  be ask-
London's Restaurant That Catera ti
Domestic Animals Only.
One of the must ttiteiestlug restnu
runts In the world Is one in which tb��
only diners nre domestic animals. The
restaurant Is In Weatmlnater, Loudon
The sign ou the window reads:
to  be  under the  patronizing  hand ofed to assist  the agricultural organiz-
nobility  and wealth. ors and   to  explain  the  ulterior  and
Evidently  a  smilar  thought  lay In higher  objects  of  what  is  primarlly
the  mind    of  ex-I'resklnt    Roosevelt a mere business proposition."
when he was writing to Senator Flet- ! These   conclusions  seem   to  sound,
clier. prior to the sailing cf the Am- so close  in  accord  with  fundamental
ercan commissioners for Europe last facts,   that   we   may   almost    accept
April.    "I hope," wrcte Mr. Roosevelt them as onr foundation stones for the
"a  very   full  study   will   be made  of great Btrueture  to  be  reared.    They
the Irish rural situation,  but  in that square   exactly   with   the   lessons   we
country mosl progressive fanners are have   learned   from   co-operative    or
reorganlzlng their business upon lines eanization   of   fruit   growera   in   Call-
laid down after a study of the cont n- fornia   and   the   I'acific   north   west.
enta)   agricultural   systems   you    are * And after nil It la onlv another appli-
about to examine." cation of the adage of antiquity that
At Work for Thirty  Yeara "God helps these who help thems lv-
Mr.   Roosevelt  drew   ihls  Judgment es."
from   ext"iided   conferences   with   S r mm^mmmm^a^^j^���.^���������-a~
Horace 1 lupkett, a man of lofty pur- "^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
pose     Bl   I     great     detennlMttOn,     WllO ���***^tt*mt*a^*m*^aaaaaa^-a
now   leeks   bark   on   thirty   years of
earnest effort to better the condition
surroiiiidln< Bgrloultute In Ireland.
What Ireland has done was tersely
The restaurant Is arranged so Hint
the domestic animals wblcb pntrntilz-r
It may lie perfectly comfortable while
they are getting lhelr meals Thost
that wish to do so may alt down while
eating.     Tbe   women   who  serve   tlif! told  by Sir  Horace In  nn  address at
dlai'Ts are very  fond of animals and | Washington   laat   January.     Speaking
Stow bums In South Westminster
Sunday morning. Charlie Toliln excelled with the Btlck, while Scotty
(���rant Ib alleged to have shown somewhat In tho outer gardens, accepting ���_,,,,..���..,, , ,. , , ,. , ,
two out of seven chances. A return r< ��' kinds September 1 to October
game Is being arranged. I1":   n n�� "th" P?,rte ��' the province
  not herewith mentioned, grouse of all
I kinds, except prairie chicken, Septem-
# $ # tt tt tt tt tt tt # # #' * ��� # # Ber 1 to December 31.
* Prairie   chicken���Open   Benson   In
* Lillooet and Cariboo electoral die-
w tricts. September 1 to September 30;
���"' Kamloopa  and  Okanagan,  September
* IB to October 15; Columbia. Fernle
>'''* and Cranbrook, September 1 to Octo-
# ber 15.
* Pheaaants and quail���Open anason
# In Richmond, Dewdney, Delta, Chilli-
���'���'.' wack and Yale electoral districts. Oc-
!��! tober IB to December   16;    Slmllka-
# meen. October 15 to December 17.
**::* No pheasants can be hunted when
"! there la three Inches of snow on the
���iif ground, nor shall any peraon kill more
������'.'; than alx pheasants or twelve prairie
X chickens In one day,
���'.'���! Iiucks. geese and snipe���Open sea-
tt Bon throughout the mainland, Septom-
# ber 1. 1913, to February 28, 1914.
l.arkin. who haa beon playing for the Moose during the
past few weeks and who held
hi.i own against Ruyle on Suniiu. afternoon, gets a tryout
with Vancouver HiIb week,
leaving for the Terminal City
this afiernoon. With him goes
Immlng. tho catcher from Port
Coiiuitlam. whoBe work favor-
.ili'y Impressed a scout of
Hob llrown'a ou Sunday.
Ruyle, who has been pitching splendid hall for Coqultlam this summer, haa been
picked up by Seattle and Joins
the Tilllcuma thla week. All
three players wlll llkoly get a
tryout this week.
know tbe wants nt emit particular ens
tomer. One of the regular cullers al
the restaurant, a dog. prefer* hnvlhK
his meals In private, so Instead of eating bis luncheon In the restaurant Ik
walks from hla home to the place every day. buys Ills luncheon and currier
it home, ile pays his own bill at tht
end of each Week, parrying the money
tied In a little wallet around tils neck
Cats, canary bird*. goldHsh. parrots
monkeys, squirrels and goats are alsc
provided for lu the restsursiit.- There
is a branch of the establishment at 12a
York road. Battersea.���New York Her
Clogs, ngalnat which the Lancashire
mill glrla are rebelling, were at one
time worn by women of all classes
The more refined variety of the clog
had a tbin wooden sole, which wns
int tranavemely lu two plecea. attach
ed to each other hy a hinge. Dainty
briiNM and polished leather sppnrte
nances gave a finish to the srtlcle.
Anne Brncegirdle. the most beautiful
actress of ber dsy, was a wearer of
clogs. Horace Wulpole relates in ons
of his letters that "Mrs. Braceglrdle
breakfasted with me this morning. As
she ta snt out and wanted ber clogs sbe
turned to me and ssld. "1 remember at
the playhouse tliey used to call for
Mrs.   OldlWd'e   chair,   Mrs.   Barry's
I    Deer���Open season for   deer   over
ione year In ago, throughout the maln-l ���i^..... ..����.,.'
'land. September 1 to December IB.        r'ow ��B<�� Mr��' nraeegirdlaa patteus.
tttt##��tt###tt###*     Moose���Close    season    everywhere   -Loudou Spectator,
of tlieir extended preliminary survey-
he aald:
"Everywhere we found that thc
prosperity of rural communttlea was
due to a Judicious combination of
state assistance, mostly educational
in Its character with organized self
help, the latter predominating. Everywhere it was recognized that what a
farming 'community, by Intelligent
combination, could do for themselves
waa immeaaureably more Important
than what tho beat of governments
could do for them. Everywhere effect waB given to this principle
through the co-operative system.
Farmers in Societies
"Today the Irish farmers, following the teaching of continental experience, are learning to combine together to purchase everything that
they require lu their Industry, to
manuljacture butter and bacon; to
dlapoae of their produce: to obtain
working capital on favorable terma,
and, in short, to do In combination
everything which can be more effectively and economically done In thla
way than In the antiquated hyperln-
dtvlduallatlc way which the Anglo-
Saxon farmer still pursues."
Under the vigorous leadership of
farmers like Sir Horace Plunkett, 100,-
000 Irish farmera are organized today Into more than 900 co-operative
societies, and are doing an annual
business of about 116,000,000.
Sir Horace la eager to eee a wide
sweeping application of thla principle
to the agricultural communities of the
United States.   "Ireland ln all Its his-
Entire Change of Prcgram Dally.
Prooram Today.
Sellg Special Tcday.
A Midnight Bell
Rooms and Bowling Alleys.
Cor. Church and Columbia.
six Standard Continuous
Regulation Alleys. First-
class reading and committee
Three English Billiard
Tables, seven Pool Tables,
best lighting and ventilation
of any Pool room on Pacific
R. H. CORBETT. Manager.
BECAU8E--Tlio walla are built of solid reinforced concrete two feet
BECAUSE���The lining of the vault Ifl composed of three layers of
half Inch armor plate bolted together.
BECAU8E��� The main door welgha over live tone, la eight inches
thick and Is locked by 12 crossbolts of 1\ Inch steel.
BECAUSE���The Inner door weighs two tons and is over three Inches
BECAUSE- The grill protecting the approach to the door ia made
of 1 Vi Bteel bars imbedded In the floor and celling.
BECAUSE���The vault la protected by the American Bank Protection
Company's electrical devices, by which no one can
touch the vault, ontalde of office hours, without setting
ofT  the  alarm.
J. J. JONES,  Managing  Director.
Columbia Street, New Weatmlnster, B.C.
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Enquire about our apeclal stockee, they are money savers. ~*
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Bltulithic on Second Street, Na w Westminster with Boulevard Down
th�� Centre.
Bltulithic ia noiseless, non-slippery, practically duatlesa, eaay on
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For theae reasons
Hitulithic Is commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, anj city officials. It haa been adopted by fifteen citiea
In Canada, and over two bundred in the United Statea.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phene 8eymour 7130.      714.717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
__ ������ '        i '      'iii      I
550-Ttiroughbreds in Action-550
The Playground of B.C.''*
WHITE, SHILES t Cc, Official averts
a-v-sfMHIw* PAUB   BIX
Classified Advertising
celved for The News at the following places: 1'. T. Hill's drug store,
(,'in Columbia streel; A. Sprlce,
,,i. i in-li'Tniigh. Lulu Island.
, RATE8. ���
Classlfled���One cent per word per
.Uy, 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used as re-
<a ilnd within oue year trom date of
("-.uract, 125.00.
housework, 3113 Eighth street. (1954)
finished, and large clared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Apply Owner, (Ieorge Wiirne,
Eighteenth avenue,  Edmonds.
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every oae guaranteed. Market square, (ias:i)
Pair of Seattle Young  Men Complete
Interesting Summer Vacation
ers, 71 tl Queans avenue, (1917)
ture In large or small quantities for
spot cash. Will give full value or
will Bell your household goods and
tfleets by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction House, King's hotel block,
Columbia street. (1981)
front furnished rooms; private
lamlly.   51 Columbia street.    (1970)
i-ahed  bedroom,    suitable only    for
two ladies. Apply Hilt) Eighth street.
front room, 74 First street.     Uti47)
bedrooms, 420 St. George street.
one-half block from Central school;
bath, electric light; $20 per month.
Apply 224 Seventh street.      (19851
i :all and lodge room to rent
In the Labor Temple.    Terms reasonable.   Apply D. S. Cameron, sec
mtary,    l.abor    Temple     building
Phono  403 R. (1984)
keeping rooms, J16 and $18 por
month at 224 Seventh streeL (19861
housekeeping rooms, 'i'i Agnes
street.    Phone fi.18 L. (1987)
News office. (1963)
buckskin buggy mare, white face.
three white legs. Owner ls requested to prove property, pay charges
and take away. Chief of police.
iMaillardvllle. (1980)
on Sunday evening. Finder please
return to 122 Second street. Reward.    . (1991)
"Creditors' Trust Deeds Act."
NOTICE!  l��
Crank   Blair,
< n   business  i
t. !<<  Columbia
i nl Cafi
hereby jflven that James
restaurant-keeper, currying
��� Hi- "White Lunch, at
Street, nml as ill- "Cen-
768 Columbia si it, I,
li  the City  nf  New   Westminster,   Prov.
,<���" of liritish Columbia lias, by Deed
<i;it"d   the   Twenty-first   day   uf   August
���-.. D., 191.1. assigned all hlH r.al anil
personal estate, credits and effect*, which
���Mav be s"l��"d ur snld under execution to
Walter K. Roae, of Hi.- Cltv of New w.-st-
minster. In the Province "f British ('"Iiiiii-
Mn, Accountant, for tin* purpose of *;<.":���-
'viiii-** Vati-aliiy ami proportlomitelv, mul
without preference or priority all hla creditors.
AND NOTICE l�� also herehy given thai
>   nu-'tlii     .al   11 r.-.liters     ..r     111"  s.tlil
James Frank Blair will I" held al thc Aa-
-ikti."'s "inr". it- i    :,"i.    Westminster
Trust   liulldlng.  New  Weatml er,   n   C,
��� n T'n'.'1-iv. iii" second daj nf September,
A. D 101S. at three o'clock in Hi" after-
AM' NOTICE i- ;il-*" herehy given Ilmi
-.11 persona having claims against the said
' aiiv-s Prank B'.alr ur- required tu fnr-
.. ������..,! r irtl'-Hiat. "C tii" same, 'inv verl-
fl'-a! and accompanied by sworn iffldavlt.
in di,. sai'l Wai" r ft Rose, N.-.a WeBtmlnster, n. C. en nr I" fen- U" Thirtieth day
or August, 1911, nfter w-i'l"li dat" Hi" assets "t th" sahl  .lam.-- Prank   Blair win
)-e distributed hv ('*.���- sai'l A s* l-riv* .i:.*i-.ii:
ih" predltorf "f wbose "lalms 1"�� sh.lll
then  hai'"  nntlca".
DATH" at New iV"��li'il"s|"i*   I'.   ('..(Ills
Twenty-tilth day of Miniat, a   n  1013.
<t9.r.s) Assignee.
Ur��i'*r and by virtue of an order cr .Mr.
TaAtJce Murphy t.�� nn* directed ami ri��*jiv-
��� n*. jitfaiiiiM ihe k-wkIm nnd chattels of the
l*arinr <*;ir Pender Company at th" .suit
*.r Robert Henry INncur. I havi- seised
and will h��-ii ni my office, Court Houae,
New VV.-MmlnHtm. on Thiirmlay. lh'* fourth
���tay ot -September, 1018. at ten o*elock in
tho forenoon th*  following:
Sol" right, title nnd Interest in B stri^'i
vir fender patented In Canada and numbered 181.106, n'nt< noli- rlRht. tit1'- and
(ifereat in a street car   fender patented in
������an-*.,    n**r>    ,ln^,t,r.r,.,l    149.187    IlfUl    pIlt'Mll
;tppilt*d for in United States under Ht-rfiii
number T07.ssj.
Four modeUt lot of bine prints nnd a lot
of to*)l��. etc
Tern��� of sale:   Cash,
T. J. ARMSTRONO, Sheriff,
yww Weatmlnmer,
AiiKHMt :'i;ih, 1018,
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, S3G Hastings street west, Vancouver, B.C. (1082)
TAKK NOTICE), pursuant to -Motion is
of tin* "Companies Act," that the above
mini"! oompany Intends, ons month after
the date hereof, to apply to tbo Registrar
if Joint-stuck Companies to change Un
name to ''Standard Dlsoount Company,
Dated nt New Weatmlnster, B.C., this
thirtieth day of July. 191.1. (1870)
-Prairie farms up to $50,00(1 t.
revenue producing property.
POR EXCHANGE���"-room thoroughly
modern house lu choice location. Will
trade equity for Hurnaby or South Vancouver loin und assume.
FOB SALE���A SNAP���Owner will xacri-
flCS   at   u   prlca'   teSS   than   cent,   a-room
new  and  thoroughly    modern    house,
beamed ceilings nud "panelled walls,
etc. Uirgfl lot. Eighth ave and Twelfth
street. If you want a goi-al bourn-, In-
veetlgnte thin.
WANTED���Prairie farm m exchange for
7-room ihorouRhlv modern new house,
well   located.     What   offers?
Ustlngn of City and Hurnaby
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
Seattle, Sept. l. Hardened and
bronzed hy their three weeks "f open j
!air life, i'aul Carrigan and nick Williams, one a student tl tne University of Washington and the other an
employee of the county olerk'i office,
have arrived at .Madison park, completing the last lap of a 400-mllo canoe
jirip to Taxada   Island,   B.   <'.,   and \
! return.    They set OUl three weeks HK<>'
in a eeventoen-fool canoe and paddled
the entire distance. Their route took
them through the San Juan Islands,
across Haro ��tralt and through the
Islands of the iiuir or Georgia.
"The only apparent condition governing the quarter of the wind," said
Williams yesterday, "was the dlrec-
tlon In which our how waH pointed.
We had to huck head seas nlmost lhe :
entire distance, coming and going,
llnil it not been for the canvas deck, i
Which covered the canoe from stem to
���--tern as completely as the top of a
i;yak,  we  would  have  been  swamped I
(f everal times, hut as It was we hardly :
, shipped a drop.
"The worst weather we encountered
Iwaa In Haro strait, "here we met with
I waves which continually washed clear
over  the  deck.     Never   was   the   Bea-
worthlnepa of a canoe more severely
!!"sted  The buoyancy of our craft WSB
| such,  however, that at no  time were
we In any danger of overturning"'
This cruise, following clos-s
| Seatth'-Alaska trip of the Los Angeles
j yachtsmen, helps to establish the ability a canoe to navigate the more re-
| mote stretches of Bait water, hitherto
considered safe only to large boats.
"if more Seattle canoeists knew the
ichirm of canoeing In the San .luttns.'
said Carrigan, "the islands would look
: like Lake Washington on Sunday all
[summer. There is no danger to a nlx-
;t��en or seventeen-foot canoe, navigated by experienced canoeists, and by
making use of the tides very little paddling need be done.
"It Is an Ideal cruising ground for
canoeR. ns there nre numerous camping places and springs, and the fishing is good. Enough equipment can
be taken along to make camping a
real Joy, without Interfering with the
buoyancy of the craft if It Is loaded
well toward the stern. The Islands of
tie Gulf of Georgia are Indescribably
I to tiie puhllc in any capacity whatever, Why Is that? you say. Simply
! because we have Dot taken care of It.
il do not mean to say that the Americans hnve taken belter care of theirs,
  i but   what  1  Uo  Bay  is  that  the  time
| base come when  we must  take eare
I.    One cf the furi'-1 t.-r ours, lhat is. If we want in huve 11
on forestry on the permanently,    Timber is a  peculiar
Dominion  Has  Only   Fourth  of    Mer
chantable Timber Possessed by
United Ctates.
Victoria, Sept
most authoiitlei
American continent is here In the person of in*, li BS, fernow, profeasor of
forestry nt the University of Toronto.
Dr. I'Vriuiw if traveling with tlte second pany of the Geological congress,
but during his slay lu the city he made
a point ef meeting wltb the members
of the provincial departmenl and discussed with tbem certain features of
the conservation methods in force In
liritish Columbia
In company vtltfi the professor wiib
James White, secretary of the Conservation commission, who   is   hen*
Willi a view in entering Into CO-OP) ration with the provincial forestry oltl-
cliilu upon the wnr): of gleaning necessary Information regarding timber
belts, their general condition, location
growth and development
A Nev; View.
"Forestry," said Professor Fernow,
"is cue oi the greatest businesses of glad lnd
,      to he
upon the I do ���..
[Canada;  perhaps Canadians do   nol
fully rea'Uie it yet, but that Is the facl
nevertheless,    In  Canada  we are  in
the habit of taking our forests  for
j granted.    We never think to Inquire
| Into what may be Lhe real situation In
j regard   to  them.     And   the  few   who
| have taki n tbe trouble did not perhaps
! lind much encouragement to proceed
with the inquiry.   Bul the truth might
known.    As the truth  It cannot
any harm.    Now what Is the truth
in regard to the Canadian I'orei
will tell you generally, for part
produot   You ciiii have li always or
jrou can destroy it for ever.
Result of Carelessness,
"('(insider   the     easiern     provinces.*
Take Ontario. From Budburj   we have
nothing  hul   n  desert   land,   when   W8
OUghl  to have one Of the finest forest j
regions In the world.    What  was lhe
'cause of the transformation?   simply
oareleaineaa. The timber lands belong
: to the province, and whether they sell
It   nr lease  It.  they ought  to see thatI
the timber Of the future gets a chance, j
Whl     I  mean Is that there Is neither j
! sense nnr system In robbing the land'
for an Immediate profit, when by conserving It we mave have It  in a con-
Idition nf the highest  possible produc-j
tlvity forever,   That Is the lesson thai |
th ml is teaching us now.
"Oul   here  In   the   west,  where  you'
I hnve some  wonderful  timber,  I   am
d to know  that you are do
or the officers of the liritish veteran
society at Halifax, N   S.
Tho   trades   and   lul or   council     Of
Brandon win imr all but trades union-
lets from taking pari  In the  Labor
Day parade.
Kev. Dr. A. J. Irwin of Oakvllle
haa been appointed professor of New
Testament language and literature In
Wesley   college,   Wiuulpi g.
Read Admiral W, Bridges, formerly
of tlle Ilrillsh navy, and now a elti'.'eii
of Victoria, Australia, arlrved In Winnipeg, enroute to England.
Waller lllll, younger sun of .lames
J. lllll, Ihe (Ireat Northern magnate,
who Is In Winnipeg for the Stampede,
protested that l\^ was only a fanner
when asked for an opinion on the tin
aiielal situation He farms 17,000 acres
in North  Dakota.
The   new    Unions   stock   yards,   St.
Boniface,   were officially  opened   by
Premier sir Rodmond Roblin, aocom
I ponied by the premier:* and ministers
Iof agriculture of Alberta   and    Baa
Shows Cccd Values at More than Hundred   Feet   Below
in a matter of that sort
value save to the expert,
nbout one-fourth  of the
lng something to preserve It. 1 have
met your forestry officials; I know
something of the great work that Is
going on, and I am pleased Indeed to
know that the public of the country
bus seme appreciation of the work also.
Conservation may not please everybody, In fa.ct. It Is bound in lis very
nature to antagonise some people, but
it Is right anil proper that It should
be carried out just the same, for this
generation has no earthly right to rob
ts? lithe next hy assuming unto Itself, and
Oltlnrs I Irniorantly or blindly and  greedily at
lire of little   that,  the product  that belongs  to th'
Canada hns , future "
timber  that       Profnssor Fernow* bss been connected  with tho conservation  commission
"Thnt statement might appear ridlc-   since 1909.    In the course of his  life
ulous   after   all   that   has   been   said! work he has heen the servant of tlie
about our timber wealth, and you must | United States, as well as Canada, and
he  hns  written   more on  the  subject
Medicine  Hat  rata payers passed  a
by-law granting the usual concessions
to tlie Tuber Candy company.
General Manager Grant Hall, of tha
C. I' R, and parly, who i'i In Alberta, said the ���' P It would be able
tn handle all the grain this year, ami
did not seem In anticipate any blockade.
Edmonton decided   to engage   tho
services of Willis Chtpman, of the
firm of ('Minium & Power, of Toronto
and Winnipeg, In the oapaclt) of consulting engineer, at an annual salary
Of M,��00.
Canadian Wbeatianda, limited, have
started cutting Wheat OH their big
farm at Suffield, near Medicine Hat.
Forty-one tractors, each hauling five
hinders, are editing 17.UHU acres tlie
company has in wheat.
By reason of the Doukhnbnrs having a tendency to break away from
the Idea of land cultivation, some 7d
homesteads have by order-In-council
just passed bea-n withdrawn from Iheir
reserves and put up for application.
Re  Lots 602,  603,  6('4.  605,  600,  622,  '2?.
IIU.  625.  626,   627,   621.   629.  631),   631,
ef  Lot  278.  Group   1.   Map  114.  In  tli"
District   of   New   Westminster,   port
Hanuiii,ml  Junction.
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate
of  tlrle  Number   12546   1*\   Issued   In  the
name   of   Sdwln   O.   Slmrnomls   luia   been
filed   In   this   office.
Notice f.s hereby ah-en that I shall, (it
the expiration of one niontii from the
date of the first publication hereof, in
a dallr newspapa'r published In ttie City
of New IV.-utmlnster, Issue 11 duplicate
of the sai'l Certificate, unless In the meantime valid objection be made to me In
nistrlet  Registrar of Titles
Lan--! Registry Office. New Westminster,   B.C..  2nd August   1913. (184.'.)
understand wben I say it that I do so
In no disparaging manner, llut It Is
a fact just the same, and I claim that
it ought to be known. Heeause we
have, or may have, greater areas of
land wooded, it does not follow at all
that we have more merchantable Umber. As a matter Of fact we have not.
We have only a (luarter of It. I say {phases of th
that w-|tb the fullest realization of the servatlon and
of forestry than, perhaps, anv
man on lhe continent In addition to
liis regular university work, he has
written such books as "The White
Pine" and "The Economies of Forestry." together with a host of other
publications) all dealing with various
great problem of con-
wbat   it   means  to  the
responsibility   I   may   happen   to  owe i future of the nation
News of Happenings
In Other Provinces
Mayor   Harrison   of  Saskatoon     re-
itber I turned from Cincinnati, having been'
successful In disposing of city bonds:
to the amount  of  HUS.oud.
Swift   Current   Is   piling   Up   a   big
total Of building permits, and Insiders
look to see the 12,000.000 mark reach- |
ed hefore the close of the year
W. T. Clougb, a real estate dealer
from Itegina, and former Implement
man from Tugaake, was committed for
trial at Moose Jaw on Ihree charges
Of passing   worthless  cheeks
Work will start nexl yenr on the
new  traffic  bridge  across    the  South
r at Saskatoon,
provincial govi
al a cost of i'i
Commissioner Bitterly Opposes Granting cf Permit to American Club
of Toronto.
Section 348)
Notice is hereby given that on the
lntb day of September. A.D. l'jlll, application will be made to the Board of
License Commissioners for the Municipality of Langley, for the grant of
license for the sale of liquor by re-
tall, ln and upon the premises known
as tbe "Langley Hotel." situate at
Fort Langley, in the Municipality of
Langley, In the Province of Ornish
Columbia, upon the lands described
more particularly as follows:
A portion, containing by estimation
thirty one-hundredths 130-1-8(11 of an
acre, of lot seventy-nine (79.1. group
two (21, New Westminster District,
In the Province of liritish Columbia
and a portion containing one hundred
and nineteen thousandths (119-1000)
of an acre In the said lot seventy-nine
91, group two (2), New Westminster
District, Province aforesaid.
Hated this 7th day of June, A.D.
(1855) Applicant.
Toronto. Sept. 1.��� Despite the protest of License Commissioner Daniel
Lamb, whose words were so earnest as
to be almost bitter, the proposed
American club was granted a club license at the last meeting ot the license commission,    chairman   Emer-
WESTERN ONTARIO. | lng on hlm when his team ran away,
The   Geological   congress   cost   the:    The grand encampment of Ontario.
city of Toronto $76,000. 11. O. O. P., and Rebekab Assembly held
Reggie DufT. a young Qoderlch hoyj'heir annual sessions In  Belleville.
was drowned in the Maltland river. "The substructure of the new Quo-
Mayor llocken, Toronto, stated that  bee bridge will be completed by Nov
lie expected to run for a second term   '*r''"  sai|l   M    P.   Davis,  Ottawa,  con-
of ofllce. , tractor for the work.
Miss Florence Stanton of Toronto' Branches maintained by Canadian
was accldeOtaly shot In the leg at Al- chartered banks have now crossed the
gouijuin park. 1.7.000  mark,  totalling  3,0004.   In  July.
! 20 new  branches  were    opened    and
only eight closed.
Hev.   W.  T.   Wllklns,  clerk  of  King-
1 ston   Presbytery,  who  completed   80
rears as pastor of St Andrew's church,
Saskatchewan rive
Ing erected by the
ment and the city
Farmers In the lllcger dlstriet  snv,
that the successful demonstration of
alfalfa   growing   there   this   year   will
prove  n   ti'ion  to  the cattle  Industry. 1
Dr  H. E. Shaw, whose ten acre alfalfa
crop wns harvested a  few days ago,
Statea that the yield obtained amount- |
cd  to  several  tons, and exceeded  his I
beBt  expectations.
Queen Charlotte, Sept  I.   Muaeby
Island  of  Hie  ij.hiii   1 lharlotts  group
haa long been known as thu repot
imi   11  Immense quautltlei of low
grade copper ore. but these low grade
bub s. valuable us they are In Hie ,ig
grsgate, now bid fair to take seoond
place   In   Ibi'   public   eye   ou   BC SUOl
if a phenomenal strike in tha Cum
shewa mine, al tha head of Cumshe
wa Inlet, ou tbe eaal coast of tbe m-
land. Hold oro bas bgan discovered,
winch iu an.*, other oountry than ecu
servotlva Brltlth Columbia, would b
lb,*  signal   Inr  a  stamped!     And   lln'
blgh grades wars not  found on tba
surface,   bul   at   a   depth   Of   'i'i'i   I'el,
after upwardt al $100,000 bad been
expended On development wink.
An adit Minn I has been il*.\ > a
ainug iiu* courae <l a quarti lead
which thowed soma gold values and
considerable zinc. At a favorable
spnl III the tunnel a winze was started, and as the 200 tial  level  was sp.
proached, it was then noticed thai
spicks of the yellow metal were not-
Iceable In the rock extracted When
Ci li nei llenilersi n, of I.0111I n, li:.;* .
who is heavily Interested lu the pro
perty, visited the local ion a abort
time ago the Improvement    In    the
Character Of the ore was very marked,
and assays made on samples taken
by him were surprising In their results Tbey showed lhat across fourteen Inches of the lead the ore went
$111111 per ton, while four and one-
half feet of the ore assay over M2'i
per ton The lend al this point Is
six feel In width with good clean
walls and every lnd.cation of permanency. Colonel Henderson is now on
j his way back to England with good
news for hls associates
While showing much gold i:i ibe
free slate, there Is a large per cen
tage associated with tho values of the
zinc, and It is probable thai s c ni
blnatlon process for amalgamation
and concentrating will ba adopted
when the reduction plant Is erei ted,
which will be in the very near future.
Work on the winze Is being p 1 hi f
along und"i* the direct charge of msn
nger Charles   Poineroy,  and   with   th
advice of conaultlng enr'neer N�� *, |] ���
Armstrong, of victoria. 11. c.
I    Stratford has now a deputy collector
; of  customs   In   the   person   of  James
Ernest Mason, employed by a To-
: ronto Arm, was drowned at Qoderlch
I through a boat capsizing.
Further bush fires were reported by
passengers on Tuesday mignlght
son Coats*worth and  Dr. (iiiinane, the,
third   commissioner,   voted   that   the
club  should  be  licensed. Ithe
"I am strongly opposed to the grant- special from Muskoka
ing of this license.   'Booze' clubs such     Principal  Whitnev  announced    the
as this have done Incalculable damage|reslrnatlon of Alex McGowan, to take
ln  the past, and  have ruined  a greal   the  Vork countv shrievalty
number   uf   young   men,"     said     Mr.'
Lamb. He pointed out that young men
constituted   the  majority  of  the  four
hundred members 0 fthe club.
Chairmen   Coatsworth   took   excep- '    Creighton   RobinBon,   aged   23,  and
tion to the attitude of the commlBBon-1 "ddle Vohman, aged 12, resident
out to all
Over Hon entries have been received
for the Ontario Rifle association mnr
nament, which opens next week.
iderslgned and  endoi
Jetty uiul Dredging at
Fraaer Rivet-,  ll. C
liis office amiII   -I 11
addressed  to  th
led    'Tender    fi
ite- North Ann ���
," will be reet Ive
I'   -\l
er. "I am convinced," he Baid, "that
the members here present are not the
kind of men who would abuse the
privilege of a license. 1 will not sit on
the board and bear respectable men
"I have been particularly carerul In j
my Investigation of the circumstances
of this case. I have been In communication with Ihe provincial secretary
and bte chief license inspector, and '
my Information convinces rue ihat If
any club deserves a license this club
I does."
Dr. Guinane cast the deciding vote
In tii" club's favor.   James S. Duy, the
club's  solicitor,  Btated   that   the  old
Union   bank  had   been  acquired  and <
tl7r,,'iuii was being spent In furnishing.
The   membership,   be  said,   waa   not 1
confined to tbe citizens of the United ���
Stales although It bad been originally
were    drowned  at Sparrow
Eald    to be the glrst
Of   Toronto   to   accept
In   the  On-
Trenton, has been Presbyterian cl
for  21   years
Notification has been sen!
postmasters In Canada call
tion  to tbe  fact  that many clrculs
of foreign lotteries are observed to be
passing In  the Canada malls.
'nulla is selling more conned meal
to the mother country this year than 1
heretofore.    The  Canadian    commissioner ��t  Manchester,  reporting    on
Importations,  stales  thai   In  Hi- last 1
year 1.1,"(S boxes were forwarded from
St.   John.   Halifax   and   Montreal
agalnEl 6,000 boxes In 1911.
lay, September 3uih, 1813, for the construction uf Jetty und Dredging at the
North Arm of the Fraser Hiver. 11. C.
Plans, specification nnd f'-nn "f contracl
can be seen and forms nf n-ieler obtained
ut ibis Departmenl and Bt the offices "f
C. C Worsfold, Esq., Dlstrlcl Engineer,
New Westminster, It C.: W V. Baric,
Msn., Iifstrii't Engineer, Winnipeg, M.m.;
J s. Mactaachlan, Esq., District Engineer,
Vlen,rlu. II Ci J I. Michaud, Esq., Dlstriet Engineer, Post Ofllce Building, Mon-
treat, P Q : J. G Sing. Esq.. Disiriit Engineer, Confederation Life Hulldlng. Toronto, (int.. and ":. application to the Postmaster ut Vancouver, B. C.
ns tendering are notified lhat tenders  will  not  I"   considered  unless  miidi
Iti" printed fn-rns supplied, and signed
with th"ir actual signatures, stating their
iputi'ins and places of residence. In
the ease of llruiH. the actual signature,
the   nature  nf   the   occupation,   and   place
nf restdenee nf each member ,,f the llrm
must bo given.
Each lender must be accompanied by
an accepted choque on fl chart red bank
payable t" the order of the Honourable
(he Mlnlsier of Public Works, equal t"
five per e >iit (f, ru\ i nf the amount of th"
���nder. which will be forfeited If the per-
��n tendering decline to enter into a cnn��
tract  wli'-n called unon  to do sn. or fal'
cnrn"l't"   the   wo-k   eontr-n-ted   for       C
the tender be not accepted the cheque will
be  returned.
ri***   Department   does  noi   b'ml   Itself
accept   'I'" l""*est  or air.   lender.
Ity order,
Department nf Public Works.
Ottawa, Auvust  I",  1913.
Newsnnii'T.-   wl'l   let   le*   r'uld   for   this
Ivo-tls'oi."it If l'"-v les. ���:  l|  w'""iut until.,rltv from the Department.���46074.
formed wltb the Intention of providing lhave  beer
'Americans   In  Toronto  the  means of'county   by
I gelt ing acquainted,
Bright ni Ib
township  east
the  privileges  embodied
tario Telephones act.
Dr. Maybee, Toronto, testified thai
Mrs. Annie Bracken, the last or a
family of six to die within twelve
months, succumbed to poison.
Thai the (irand Trunk railway Is
preparing a new main line between
Toront 1 and Montreal was announced
bv Vice President J. E. Ijalrymple, at
The  Hamilton  Centennial  celebration was formally Inaugurated  by lhe
opening of the Industrial exhibition byi time provinces,
sn- -���������     Ibson, lieutenant-governor j    ,,,.,. v,hi,,, ,���,,,,, ,������
ateiy   occupied
r of cases of San Jo��e scale   People of Oshakfl  at
discovered   In   Middlesex
Mr,  Nell son  of the  fruit
London, Sept. 1,   The   Ballinasloe
county Galway. magistrates have sent
for trial 11 man named Jas llaverty,
who is charged with distributing handbills that rnn:
"Irishmen    it    la   absurd    to   talk !
against   BrltlBh   tyranny   In    Ireland j
atten- Iwhen y-n loin or let your sons, brothers  or  friends  jofn   the  Hrltlsh   navy
and! he lir.tii ii army.    If there were
no   British   navy   aad   llrltlsli     army.
there would !"��� no British government
hen- to oppress you.    If there were a ,
weak  British  navy and  British army I
the Hritijii government would nol be
able to  maintain  the  infamous  union
under  which  Industries    have    heen j
Confidence in
tho efficacy of this thoroughly tried
borne remedy is never misplaced. In
every woy- in health, strength, spirits and in looks���women find them-
eclvci   better   after  timely ubo of
Saald tnttTrwhmn.   lai bt,.*.. li caaaaah
B.C.Coast Service
Mlchai I Mullins, one of Bher-
brooke'B oldest and most respected clt-
i.'ens Is dead,
V.'i.i. Scott, a pioneer confectioner
rf Montrea', who came to Canada on
'ii ��� (ireat Eastern In 1861, la dead,
That it is necessary to have iit
leasl 300 more men on Montreal's police rorce is the opinion ol Chief Cam-
pea 1.
Arrangements bave been mad" for
supplying more and better dsh to
Montreal and Ontario from the marl
Of Ontario.
tlle Ontario department
lYiaderaj (ire Invited fnr the purohase nf
(he IVHt'' f,unCh< "Inck ami fixtures, wllh
leiiso of nremlsea for threci ithn. T'-n-'c-H
he delivered tn the aeolgpoe, Room f>01,
PSlrnl-ester Tni1-!   ttull'U'lg,  en   er  l��e-v,re
12 nviock noon on Tuesday, the lnd Sep-
ternher    I'll.
Knr further partlotitars nptilv
(IBM) Analytic,
Xotice  is hereby given thut an ap-1
plication will be made to the Board of
License Commissioners for the cily Of
New Westminster at their sitting, to
be held on the loth day of December, '
1913, or at anay meeting prior thereto
that the application can be heard, for |
a transfer of the license to sell liquor
by retail Issued    In    respect    of    tbe
Occidental  hotel  premises, Columbia 1
street.   New  Westminster,   B.C.,   from
the holder, Michael Cowan, to Justus
Swanson and Adolf Otto Hanson.
'   I-i^ted this 2Cth day of August, A.D.
(1979) License Holder.
jbranch of
Hanna   is  "broke."    The    Hank   of
i Montreal   refused  to  allow  the  town
any  more  money  for  local  linprove-
mentp.   In fact, the municipal account
Is sadly overdrawn.
By an almost unanimous vote, only
j three voting against It, a bylaw  was
carried  at  Bradford   to  grant  n   loan
Of $20.nou to the    Watsons,    limited.
; manufacturers of wire screens.
I    For  misconduct  while  they  should
lhave been faithfully discharging their
duties, four constables were dismissed
In the prem-
the   Pedlar
People of Oshakfl   at   Montreal    de
strayed a block valued at 1100,000.
The backbone of the Montreal Iron
.���Holders' strike was  broken  when  the
"fi'i"i,"is of the Standard Foundry and
i Machinery company of l.onguell, and
if the Amas Foundry company, signed the union agreement and 70 men
returned tn work.
Some new mysterious meat poison
which defies analysis, but has already
almost resulted In wiping out of an
entire family consisting of a father.
mother and three children haa just
come to the notice of Montreal  pure
ruined,  your  soil  given  over  lo  bu
locks,  your   population   Cut   down   one
half and your taxation increased fivefold.   Thl re would be a weak British
navy and armv if the Irish did not enlist.    The Ir'sh are the real fighting ,
element In England's   armed    forces.
Without the Irish England would have
been  beaten  by  Napoleon a hundred ,
yeara agn. and  the  B01 rs yeaterday.
Don't continue to h( Ip    England    he
ntrong  enough   to    oppresa    Ireland
O'Connell said thai he who committed |
a crime gave strength to the enemv
The Irishmen who enlist in England's!
armed force* slve rtrength lo the for- *
*'l*--|iers  wiii  rul"  the  country.     Keep
ml of the Brltlph navy and armv and .
the Royal Irlrh Constabulary,   Advise
! vour friends tn do so, and pats this'
Th"  handbill*   bor"    the    Imprint l
"Puhlished  bv the   National Councll
I ni' Sinn Fein "
2 p.
Vsrt-aouver for Victoria IB *. m..
und  11 :4B.
LeaVSfl  Vancouver  for 8e��tt)e  II it.  ax.
end  11  p. m.
Leaves Vancouver  for Nunalmo  10 a.m.
snd  II .311 |i in.
.������I,.-,.* Vancouver for Prlnoa Rupert
ami Northern Peiine to p. m Wednts
daya  ami  Ssturdaya  et   11   p.m.
Chilliwack Service
 vee chunwiicii    1   ��.  m.   Tuesday,
ui.it iy and hstiuitiny.
,.-ttva-��   IVa-stnillleter   B   ..    m.    Mendej,
Ktaeaday end  Friday.
'   dOULET,   AS'lit.   Niw   Wciaimlrteter.
W    ll'l'ililic   '��.   P    A..   Vancouver
t, 1. Acting unon tiie
n made at the la��l
��� city council thai he
full opinion upnn the
f the present stntus ef
to the
food authorities.
The poBBlhillty that New Vork mny
from"th*e"TorontirTOirce'fortra'nd'the|l?se th" aupremacy of opera on  the
of  live   constables   were 1 N'or,"1   American continent Is predict
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made to the Hoard
of License Commissioners for the City
of New Westminster at their sitting,
to be held on the 10th day of December, 1918, or at aany meeting prior
thereto tbnt the application can be
beard, for a transfer of the license to
S"ll liquor bv retail Issued In respect
of the Merchants Hotel, In the C'ty
of New Westminster, B.C., from the
holders. Paul Root and J, A. Malm, to
the said J. A. Malm.
Dated this 20th day of Auguat, A.D.
J.  A   MALM.
(1978) cLIccnfle Holders.
Marcus Vanderburg, a well known
Welland contractor, had n narrow escape from Instant death when he was
run down by a motor ear driven hy
W. (l. MInnes, the town's street coin-
mlRsloiK r.
Miss Barbara Sutherland, a well
known resident of Emb-o district, who
Is dead, w'as born In Sutiicrlandshlre,
Scotland, 90 years ago. She had resided In and around Embro for the
post fcO years.
The Ontario government has appointed Warden Thomas H. Thomn-
BOn,   reeve   of   Madoc   Village,   to
position of chief prosecutor for eastern Ontario for offenceu committed
under the Dairy act.
ed by Max Rnbinotf, the new director
of the National Opera comnanv
Canada, who after touring Europe In
"enroll of singers says thnt Ihe hlg
Americas cities mny have to look to
Montreal as the queen of opera.
Sergeant K. RuBSell Hlntle, R, c   O,
/)..  was crushed to death nt  1 fn 1 iffix
hy an eight-Inch Howitzer pun weighing "IrM tons on the hill leading from
Vork redoubt to Hie pier,
Alnslev ColllBhaw, 'i'i years old. hls
.l-vear-c'd  sen,  Edward,  and   his  ne-
the! "hew,   Claude   Allen.   If.   years,   were
iis*. 1 drowned nt Reabrlght   'i'i miles west
nf Ealifax, when a sail    boat    overturned.
I.011IH Olcard of Ottawa, Ont., killed
himself by inhaling Illuminating gits
at Baltimore, Md.
William B. Garlough of Cornwall
waa killed by a load of shingles fall-
Edward Powers, a 9S-year-old veteran of thn Crimean war, placed an order with a Maiden, Mass.. stone cutter lo have hla name chiselled on a
stone beside that of bis dead wife.
.N'ert day he dlsapepared and no trace
of him can be found. Power was one
Victoria, K-i
meeting  of   tb
I should  givo  a
I whole matter 1
the  city   relative   to   the   So'ke   lake
i water workB undertaking, Including
the ((resent legal difficulties wiih the
j We'll holme   Lumber  comnanv   and   if
Ihn desired to do so. he should secure
the opinion of smne outtlde tn-^nl (ten
tlomen,   Olty   Solicitor  Robertson   ha"
I retained   W.  A,  II.   Itltchl".  IC.  C,  "'
, 1 'he  firm   of   Bowser,  Iteid   nnd   Wnl
ibrldge,  Vancouver, to ndvlse h'm  on
jthe points Involved. Mr. lln'"itson
may, If he (to desires, engage lho ser-
v'ces of an Independent enu'eeer to
advise hlm on Ihe engineering features nq Ihey relate to the Icgtl direct of the ease. The cite nolleltn"
wlll nrohabl" have his opinion rndv
for thn no'-t ne-fston cf lh" coene'l on
Monday, Mr nitc'''e bna alre"dv h"e-*i
'������tallied   bv   f'e   c'tv   'IS   11"   tl'lviS'e   l'i
���ii- ens" 1' i'u. nc'ioii of the West-
holme  Lumber comnanv,
\\'vt>n Mprndltb ('"��� cltv conoult'n"
ene'neer on the Seoke work, lefl yes.
tenia'' for the south, nfter h-lne In
Ihn cMy for the previous week during the cltv eounc'I's (I'scusslo'i oi
the point Of the s*'limlsslnn nf n hy-
law to iiiiii"iti"n thn expenditure of
another $1,600,000 nn the work. H's
offer to resign. In reaponfle to criticisms directed nealnst his retaining
of tho position of engineer, was not
acted upon by the council.
New Imported Fall Suitings now on
display, See them. Porfecl lit and
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
$lK.nii up,    7Ul   Fronl  Street.
P.O. Bon 3�� Dally Newa Blda.
of all kinds.
I'rlces right.   Satisfaction -guaranteed.
ne MeKeml-a Rt
Transfer Co*
Office Phene 1g5.      Barn Phona  lir
Beetle eirsst
Baggage Dati 1 tared Promptly 10
any part of the city
light and Heavy Hauling
Telephones:  Office S3. Residence 42��
JOHN  RFlin. Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Broa."   Onsullne
Engines, Marine  Engines  end  Automobile Itepalra.
Office and Worka: Tenth 8t.
P.O. Bex 474.   New Westminster. 0.C. MMN
paqi seven
Has Been In Alberta Since    1311    In
vrstmatino the Petroleum
Edmonton, Bepl   I    Jamas i> Tait,I
nn oi! expert of California, who baa
base  in the north oountry since lull.
reported in Kdmonton today thai four
naw wells h" drilled nenr Kort McKay
mi ; ���" Athabasi n river, in tba north
eastern pari of Alberta, where petro-l
li ui i wus discovered hy tin- lint ens
< Itlon under Blr Alexander Mackotttla
in   17*9 '<���'���    Bamplai  taken  raoeqtly
from tbo resent borings show tha oil
'   i al ib ii large peroi a tags of gaso
Una and kerosene, and leaves a residue i ��� -1 per cenl  of high grade as-
phaltu nd :i lubricating traction of
6 pi *.���   ��� ���:
���*'i ii,, world'a foremost ezperta, in
i ��� -i'.'i sir Roverl m Redwood, who
i ��� -I tbe dlstrlcl In iv::t,'' Mr Tall
'*,*(��� thai between latitude 58 '���<
and 57 E Ibi r< win be found the great,
cat "li deposits in the world. We
hi*.* already proved a (laid one mile
l.i width :ni'l nine miles in leiilh and
wi- are making preparations to sink
two moro wells to prove another mile
ol i i bearing territory. Two others
will i" started between now ami nexl
spri :"
First  Oil   at  Tituavllle.
"While ilu presi nee of crude petroleum ��� ���������! the Athabasca river waa nol
, ,, *. yi urs beforo the lirst oil was
produced In America by Colonel Drake
ai Tituavllle, Pa . nothing was iimie in
the way Of developing or proving with
th" ���:���-'!! until 1905 and from then un -
tlle 1911 only shallow holes were cm a ���.
.il nfter careful exploration In 1911
tii" a:' ibasca 011 oompany atarted lta
rtril boul aim miles from Porl M ���
Kn;. - the east bank of tbe Athabs
ca river The outfit, which was aa-
Bembled in Pittsburg and Edmonton,
* i freighted In 81 wagons from the
last namrd polnl to Athabasca, 196
���. : r, and tram porti I i-> scow i flow n
i .    r ver to destination.
"Active drilling was begun on Au-
11. imi    The oil aand wns al-,
mo I  Immedlatels    on-countered,   bul
barren and had I mi" cemented for
,*   dial ������������������" nl  11   feet,  imi   afier thai
di pth waa reached tha drill went intu
: i' contlni '*'' to a distance of 7"*,
!���*��� ���       Al   thlB   polnl    a   -" (not   scum  nf
-   ��� ���. ' unt' red   anil   li"ii" tth
i'li,. again Hi" "ll wuh struck for a fur-,
the    |ept of 67 feet
���    the drill 'lown ir,r. ;,., t   n;
reet of oil   ', *���' *��� l     The outBI drove
llm i *,f casing in Inches bj
*-i..  in hea, i'i the meantime, ami the
���       i   ������  Bbnt off from the hoi".
ntlnued,  afier which   a
|     ��� - *   '   , ���   v   ia   "   i 1"
���' forced al thla polnl t" dl'
��� ii    nue work for tii" seaaon. Throush
���i v In one ot th.- ulns on the 'lr:!'
' "���'.    ri hi!  was 1' I '  in til" hole an.l
aftdr several daya or Ineffectual work;
in ii'i'.mi ii ii was found neoessary
in make a trip to Rdmonton to socura
Qsblng tools to continue '.iie work.
Greater Blevatlon.
"ATI' ������  wall  N'     I   ha.l   In*' ���:  drive:* '
to a ii, nil: ni 1,1S0 i'ii i I: was decided
in move iiie r'i: in another location aim
at a greater olevatton, aboBi Tun feet
distant   'I'lie object in sinking u sea
i mi well wm: iii prove whether the nil |
deposit extended in that direction. Sat-
iiiril",| oil sands were slruck at a dln-
tante or two nml a hair fast ami continued for a distance of five feet in
whal  afterwards   proved  a  third  oll I
iirata ami one which had imt been en-
countered in No. I. that w<��� 11 being j
gbOUl  70  feol  lower  In  elevation than I
tin- No  2    ai i- point r,5 feel belowI
ih" stratum th" oil found in No l appeared a? iin in this hole ami continued rnr 143 '"it, when the shales wne
struck  ami  the work  Stopped  for the I
ees aon,
"Extra machinery, Including a per-j
torati r ',���"' iii t in lent th, with wh'oh I
tn nenetrate the caalngs imw in ih<>|
wells  th ii  ilu1 ''ll  may  flow  readily!
through  th" openings  Into  the  bole
which has l ��� an drills A, ami frnm then
pumpsd to the tsurface, waa taken In
recently    We aro sanguine of ra ults
More than $200,000 irm been expended
in developmi ni work,
"(Hi production win prove profitable
In this part nf the country     Til" Iio
minion government pays a bounty on
every gallon of nil pumped lo the sur-
faoo.    There Is a  market  for al! the
oil thai cn he proline ii in Canada."
Posslblltlles In North.
Th" possibilities nt ih" undeveloped
oll it liis n northern Alberta havo bean
under dscusslon inr years, sir John
i:*' bardst ������.. nml'-r Si** Inhn franklin's
second i ������ ;n ilitiiii iii 1828, wrote thai
iiie erevtue of 'he land formation Is
Blled * Iti petroleum, while Sir Bov-
i nnn  Redwood Bald  lhat  tiie largest
��� * ���-  '���   area  li>'��  in  the  region of
���' b v.i' ii.ies and the Madketi ile
rlvi -������
i ��ier i xploretlona ii the dlatrlct
caused the Belecl committee of tha
Benate of Canada to report as follows
"'lh" evidence submitted to your
committee points to the existence in
tii" Athabasca nml  Maakentle   river
valleys of th" moat extensive pofrn-
liiii-i nch's in America, If not In (he
world. The use of petroleum ami the
consequent demand by a'l nations !���
Increaalng at inch a rapid rut" that
this greal petroleum field wlll assume
an  ClformouS value In the near future
and will rank among the chief as-
sets  comprised   In   Uia   Dominion  of
('*..n:n!a Fnr thla reason your commit-
i, . ould suggest thai :: tratjl of ahout
��� ' "' square mllei ba tor the present
r. lerved ( - sale, and as <m,n ai pos
I ��!>.!" i|. vlue he -ricre accurately ns.
!c��rtalned hy exploration and practl-
[**''  tests "
(Crowds and Crowds are packing the store each day, getting their share of
the wonderful bargains offered here. At times we are unable to handle
the throng of anxious buyers. We are positively retiring from business and
price cuts no object. Our one aim is to get rid of the merchandise, and,
judging from the business we are doing, it is only a matter of a few days
when the doors of Mr3. A. J. Birtch will close for ever.
The World'a Great-
eat Price Cutter.
1N(I    JAIiOTS    AN'!)
VALUES TO 12.80.
TO 11.60.    Iti" V
TO BOc.    SAI.K
Over 1800 boxes were sold .Saturday, where we sold $1500 worth of
merchandise for .$450.. Wednesday morning the box sale will continue
and values from 50c. to $5 will be placed in boxes and packages and will
be sold for
25 Cents
Packages contain Waists, Dresses,   Gloves,   Novelties,   Art   Goods,
Hosiery, Mu.slinwear, etc.
10c.    SALE PRICE
White anii Colored Waists
end blouees; all <if the latest
styles and modela; low nnd
high neck; Ions and short
sleeves; values to S2.50
Bala Price    	
175   PKHHIN'S
VALVES TO  $2.50.
VALUES   TO   $2.50.
COLORS;   15c.
FROM   25c.  TO 45c.
TO $4.00.    SALE
While and Colored Waists
a-ii! blouses; all of the latest
styles and models; low and
hizh neck: long an! short
sleeves; values to $5.00
Sale Price   	
85c   15c
ro io.oe   sale
Whlto and Colored Waists
end blouses; all of the latest
styles and models; low and
high neck; long and short
sleeves: values to S4.50
Sale Price  	
White and Colored WaiBts
and blouses; all of the latest
styles and models; low and
high neck; long and short
sleeves; values to $3.50
Sale Price   	
Doors Open
at 9 a.m.
New Westminster
Doors Open
at 9 a.m
tast  moment  be made hls peace with
the (Ireek monks and was allowed tol
remain among them
Colfax,  Wash.  Sept   1.    From  four I
'to  twelve yearH at   hard   labor in  thej
i penitentiary waa the sentence meted (
put to ".lack Oordcn " th" f-reer. wVi :
Ivictimised  five C"lfa\  business  men,
and  Becured $108.60 on  ferped checks*
laat Saturday night    Cordon commit- |
i- it   liis crime   made bis escape,  wan ;
I c-ipturcd nt  Wsiia   Waliii, returned  t-> ;
Colfax, received sentence, and wlll be
In the penitentiary serving It Inside of I
Iiv* il-iys.
...... v.BU. j.-     '     The prisoner I'dmlts that Cordon is >
the wrath of Russia the mutlneeri Of   '������  OotfUous mme. lint  refuses to Rive!
the Ruaaien battleship Knlai Potem-  ��"�� "n"T'   "" l>'',;a<,,;;1 ���c"!ll,J' '" "'"
charge of forgery in tho first degree ,
kin. who wounded their officora, bom-   rpfu���ea  ,��� employ  or  have  th" court;
appoint an attorney ond asked to he :
etitcnceil at once nnd to be taken to I
'Unruly    Russian    Sailora    Discovered
Under  Cowla��� Likely   Will
Co to Siberia.
Odessa, Sept i -A story as strange
its any In fiction has come to light lo
thla city.
After eight years of Immunity from
two children. $15 per month.
The nent court hearing on mothers
pensions will b* held before Judge A.
W. Frater on Friday. Septi tr.fcer 5, at)
i.-SO p. m.
Female  Medical   Mlcaionariea Can   Do   Seattle  Office    Gets    Woeful
Good Work There, Saya Returned Doctor.
from Dereaved Onea in All Parta
of United Statea.
larded Odessa nnd for a month defied
the nutlinrltles, eventually tin-render
Inn themselves to the Koumnninn gov-
ernm. nt, and then  vanishing, no mi,
Walla Walla to begin serving bis sentence cs rnon as  possible     He takf
���tithfi'Ily  admitted   that  "It  did   net
nv." He will be taken to Walla Walla
knew   where,  have  now   been  dlBOOV-j the hard sentence philosophically, hut
ered     For eight yeara eighty of these
mutineers have been living bb tnonka,
on a holy mount where perdied upon  tomorrow,
the heights are 21 monasteries founded by Russians, 0reeks and Bulgarians  In  the  thirteenth  century.
For some time there had been far
tlon quarrels among the monks.   He
Cherries Pay Well.
la Crande, Ore.. Sept. 1 ���Much Ins
b"en said about "he price of lands In
.^p^,^-,^-,^,^,^!^^,^,^^^^^^^^^       , this part of Oregon, some newcomers
Cently 1,8 10 Itc: inn monks, led by nn iclilmlne lhal the prices asked for land
���ex-hr.sHnr officer of the liusr'm army
formed the Greek mona'terlea because if .- difference of * pinion upon
certain new dogm*B. *T'iese fights became : "rlei i, sn lhe RusBttn govern-
tuei ��� WBB :nn" i ih ���' to send a ship to
bring I" me the tr uble-makers.
On the arrival -if the monks In ode?-
sn. thev v ere nrt by a police offloiftl
not warranted bv their yields
Qeorge Thom&B, who has ir, acres In
'-in rries, In the Cove district, was In
' a Ci-snde ami s-^d h's crop brought
him M.000, or ovt^ $200 per n"re. Mr.
Thomas Is enthusiastic over tho outlook when more cherries will be shipped east. He says thnt the cherry la
the beei  crop  In  his section because
Victoria, Sept. 1���On furlough, Dr
Itelle J, Allen, head of the Mrs. William Butler Memorial hospital at Ba-
roila. In the state of that name tn the
Oujorat, India, arrived on the Sanuki
M ^^^^^^^^^
route to Tacoma, where Bhe has a
brother destdent Dr. Allen will continue east io Boston and will address
a number L.f meetings In New England
where are located the bulk of the subscribers to the hospital, under the auspices of the Methodist Episcopal
church of America.
Dr   Allen   paid   thnt   the  work   was
greatly appreciated aud that they had
Seattle. Sept
country   hav.ng       ^^^^^^^^^^^^
the activities of the mothers' pension
law. as exemplified in Seattle, to the
world at  largp, th
 King county Is In receipt of a large
and   proceeded   to Seattle,  en-1 bushel basket of letters, coming from
alnicst every state in thejinlon, ask-
ing tint pensions be remitted to the
writer as soon ns possible. Nearly all
are widows, with more or less urgeut
calls to support a family of children,
.-nd no doubt would be entitled to relief In their own states if a mothers'
pension   law  was in  effect  there
As It is. J. A. Sigurdsson, Investigating officer, is working overtime in attending to his corresponden-e and at-
tetters   Helps Himself and tands in Juvenile
Davenport. Wash.. Sept. 1.���A most
l unusual cacc was heard by Judge Ses-
!sion3 under th" juvenile court law.
Aaron Fehlhaber, a 11-year-old boy,
'son of Mrs. J. C Fehlhaber, of Mohier.
Washington    State    Inspector    Finds
Tins that Passed Inspection
in 1391.
1   -The press of the
carried   the   news   o{ iwas_the^defendant, on the charge of
incorrigibility.     ^^^^^^^^^^
Thc boy,  who ls good  looking
pension bureau of I br!fht'  has ,a  man,!a  for automobiles!
and gas engines.    He owns an old au- :
likely the meat was packed 12 years
Believes Chicken Ancient
From his list of court exhibits Mr.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Adams selected for demonstration    a
  i neat white enameled can, labeled with
'��� green   and   gold   sticker,   bearing   the
Spokane.  Sept.  1.���When  you    buy ! words "Extra Choice Chicken Tamale."
canned meats examine the label care'- : Thp  'ticker pasted  over the original
printing stated the animal from which
the contents were prepared had been
tomobile. but his father is dead and ���
his mother can not afford to buy the
boy all the gasoline or supplies he i
wants. According to several witnesses *
this did not deter the lad from help-!
lng himself to other people's supplies, j
He is also accused of using bsd language and abusing his mother and I
The defense did not offer any testl- i
irony because the boy's mother is ill.
The ca"e was continued.  Judge Ses-
fr.lly, is the advice of Will H. Adams,
state fod inspector, who yesterday
concluded an inspection of 155 grocery stores, meat and flsh markets,
bakeries and butter stores In Spokane,
during which time he confiscated, condemned and destroyed 1.5S5 packages
of goods. Practically all of the wrappers contained meats and were under
the head of either fancy stock or regularly demanded supplies.
The tour of inspection included all
sorts of concerns   from those enjoy-
inspected at the time of slaughter and
passed, while the original printing was
the old give-away about 1891.
The inspector believes that many
merchants are the innocent victims of
the packing houses and that the wholesalers are often deceived. Hia faith
in this belief was somewhat shaken
when he secured an order filed by a
merchant on January 15 of this year
with a wholesale house In which appeared the item of 24 one-pound cms
patients come  from ns far away  ns temnSm�� to exnlaln^toWaoDllcantBUthatI*l��ns 8*l* he would like to have tome
���   -.,      n-/,    ���,,._    ji-, .        *."..    -a. '"' . ������..    a.lnnf     thai    brav    nnrt    aa-lvp    hlm    aa
^store'for^salmon arm
sn, thev were ni"t by tx police official. I,!",    ''.'',  ,'"./.
ins, antl, he recogn���e��� In a monk's ** -pjjj ��- *' ����*���&
habit one nf he seamen he wanted to bcar)ng ,��� ,SS7 nml ,���,��� ���.��� bor(, fi40
nrrest   In  July,   1905,  for  mutiny  on  pouna, ���, ftnp frult.
board the betller.hlp Kn's?. Potemkln. I ,
H"  continued  bis   Investigations, nnd
to   h's   amazement   ho discovered   no TALK OF CO-OPERATIVE
lers thnn eighty mutineers garbed ns ��������*��*��������� ""> *.., *
monks among  the   pence-breakers  ofi ���	
the holy mount. Salmon Arm, Sept.    1.-���The   great
Tho mutineers have now confessed topic of conversation In Salmon Arm
to the mutiny, saying they surrender��� ���t the present tlmp Ib the proposed
ed to the Roumanians on oondltlon eo.0peratlve store. The Farmers' cx-
that they ahould  not be handed over     . ,       ..    _���._���,  ������a���. ������_0i.a
lo Hussia. From that time they van-| (',,anBP haB ��l3 �����"ci "nder conald-
tfhed from sight. They Bay they re- oration for some time paat, but the
moved from tho battleship her trens-; general feeling of tho shareholders
ure  nnd with  It  made  their way  to I Beamed to be that the time had not
Bombay, U0 mllei distant.    She ob- 18oattl'8"hM no[ undertaken to relieve
served:     "There   ls   no   place    n   the | T,,irtf,..,���nc  wherever  It  may exist  lu
world where women medical mission-1 tj)p \Tn|tt,d  States
arles can do better than in India or! ' u    , '
whero thev are so much needed. Hun- Ver>' H,rd ,or This 0ne>
dreds of women wonld rather die than ' A letter received yesterday from
consul' a whlta male physician. The Flor'da eonveya th�� Information that
opportunity has been fully apprecint- I her husband died In Kentucky jnst
ed from the peasantry right up to the ��� liefer" the family moved to Florida
oalace, for Jnst hefore I left, the Ma- and thn* a p'g disease has carried off
haranee of the state was receiving attention from our staff.
"We opened on July 28, 1910. with
fafl beds, and since that time have treat
ed 825 In-patients, and dispensed about
20.no prescriptions. In addition to th?
natives, quite a large number of Europeans use the hospital from time to
one  adopt   the   boy  and   give  him
good home, as the court believes the
boy is not mean at heart.
the swl-*>, anil f-e moths bave invaded
tli" pn' 'o -ro*" leaving the gilng very
herd f' * a'l hinds. "Tlease send blank
arnlir-'lc-- f - pension by return mall
and oblige," 'he writer says.
A Widow i f 38  In Nebraska writes
that she Is throwing away her young
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ life    driving    n    milk    wagon,    often
time.   We are fortunate In having the; through  the rain and mud. and that
Eludes Purcuera and Arrives Safely in
tand  of  Hia Birth���Sends
Post Card.
Mount Athofl, where they entered ono
of the Kusslnn monasteries. After-
xv-trd they were Joined by a Itussian
bitssr.r officer, whom debts had driven from SL Petersburg. The news of
the Baikal) war engendered in the mu
come to start such an cnterprlBe
Fresh Impetus haa been given to tho
movement owing to the fact that thc
rxohnngo tit's been compelled to cease
doing n refill business on C. P. 11.
premises, Severn! thousand dollars
hnve   already    been    subscribed    by
the Ha'kfn war engenderen in tne mu-'nnvn   already    been    subscribed    by
tlnocrs thc Idrn of conquering Mount  -jharehoMerS  aml   tno   oxchange    hns
��� Athos for liuisla, but the Greeks out- |rontcd the ground  floor of the Finn
., .j   .!....��     K,.   ..Mn.tlaair   fnr   belli   tn i a.oll    no   ipmnnaapu    naaiartnrn   for      tbe
v.itfrd them, hy sending for help to
Constantinople, where officials In turn
notified the Itussian government
fmm the heights. 0.000 feet above the
S'M level, the troublesome monks were
let down In baskets and hauled over
the rocka wblch guard the foot of the
holy mount. There la no other meane
cf "-nbarklns from the mountain.
Wtirn the Identity of tho monks
w.-ts established here, thev wero nut
In Irons amid grenteat excitement. Thc
monkish hnblts wore strlpned from
Ihem. nnd they were hurried away to
���prison, pending th��lr trial, which wlll
prnbn'ily end In tholr banlahment to
8lber'nn mines
hnll as temporary quarters for the
store and expect, to start operating It
in the near future. It Is felt hy many
tliat a co-operative store will be a
���3,re:it boon to the community nt large.
The present exchange building will be
used solelv for the warehouses and
shipping business.
The exchange will Boon he busy
handling thc fruit crop. Salmnn Arm
hns Joined In with tho central selling
ngfiicy end tho growers will await tho
resulta of this year's business with interest. Salmon Arm hBa never had
the difficulty In marketing lta fruit
that some other places have experienced, but it Ib expected that by sei'-
lng thrnngh the central agency qulck-
ner'nn minw��. i ..ara ������ ��.. -.���� --..���.��� -������.. .,	
Their leader the ex-hussar, was ret|er  returns,  and.  It  ls  hoped,  better
m board, and It la supposed at tho prices will bo obtained.
Rtipport of a large number of Influential people of all religions tn the vicinity.
"It would be Impossible to exaggerate the value of these institutions in
India today. In the S50 millions of
people such work aB ours Is but a pnll-
ful ln the ocean. If funds and suitable people were forthcoming there
nre a thousand placea where the hospital's wcrk could be carried on equally well."
Dr. Allen la one of the type of women who are Ideally suited for medical
missionary work, and the earnest enthusiasm with which she talks Is Infectious. Feeling that the rough lifo
nway from association with white people is apt to dull the Imagination and
to check progressive development In
her profession. Bhe Intends to visit the
Inrge hospitals in New York, Boston
and other eastern centres to Bee what
changes have taken plaoe in medical
science Blnce the last occasion on
which she had an opportunity of making Buch comparisons.
"in order to Bee what Is being done
tn China and Japan." ahe said, "1 have
traveled by eaay stages, and spent sev
eral weeks ln both coun rles looki|g
over hospital work and examining various Institutions which may offer
suggestions for Improvement at Ba-
roda. 1 spent ten years in Japan before proceeding to India, so that I was
sble to note thc Improvement which
has taken place In the Interval, and
to see what wonderful strides have
heen made ln every walk of llfo In the
laid .of the Rising Sun."
her  lungs  were  quite  weak  tn  start ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
wtth!  there are two children, 15 and I
In. and goodness knows where it will:     Port  Townsend,  Sept.   1.���With   $6
nil wind up.   Klndlv let her know at | In hla pocket when he escaped from
once. Inclosing blanks and how to get j the leper station at Diotnond point and
ing the best class of patronage to the |Sf"llinch"tongue at" io" cents'per"can"or
small corner establishment Mr.
Adams will place the information and
exhibits before Prosecutor George
Crandell and ask that he proceed under the pure food law.
Packed Six Yeara Ago.
$2.40 for two cases. On January 15
the quoted price on these case lots of
one-pound cans of lunch tongue was
$3.50, asserts Mr. Adams, "and which
goes to show,' 'he said, "that this
firm either stole the goods   or   that
All of the goods destroyed were BOmething waa the matter with them.'
packed before 1901, six years ago. and Th6 penalty for first conviction for
us far back as 1891. Some cans have gale of impure food ia a misdemeanor
been found bearing the label of ta��" i punishable by a fine of from $25 to
Harrison brand, which waa adopted -ffinn, and for aecond conviction $500
and placed on the market by packers or or, nayg ln jali, or both. Mr. Adams
during  the  Harrison    administration. | refused  to discuss the names of the
In or It. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
A widow in Ohio writes that she in-
lured her aide fnm laughing too hard
some time after her husband's untimely death; and that thc potatoea and
garden have grown up to weeds aa a
consequence: nlso ahe bought a horae
for $19.1 and it died shortly after ahe
brought it home, obliging her to buy
n mule on credit, "which la being overworked." riease put her on the list
"or about $40 a month as she thinks
that ran be msde to do, thanking you
kindly for it. Fhe will now cloae.
Dc-tor and Undertaker Bring Poverty.
Doctors' bllla have forced a Penneyl-
vnnla widow to write for aid, having
noticed a long piece about It tn the
paper. She had quite a snug little
nest-egr when husband died, but between the bnspital and the undertaker, nnd husband's last sickness, there
is little left of It now. She notices
thnt her o'dest bov Is breaking out
agn Iti as she writes.
Mr. Sigurdsson Is conveying the Information, as pleasantly as possible,
that none but residents of the state of
Washington, for a year or more, are
entitled to mothers' pensions.
Judge A. W. Frater yesterday grant,
ed  the  following pensions:
Mary Simpson, widow, five children,
allowed $35 per month; Aguusta An-
tonsen, widow, three children, allowed
his description sent broadcast over thej
country with the request to arreat him,
Dominic Plttorl, a leper, succeeded In
crossingt ho continent to New York,
where he boarded a steamer snd
reached Italy.
John Early, the leper sttendant at
the station, has received a post card
from Plttorl, dated Naples. Italy, August 13, announcing hls arrival at that
plsce and i ending hla beat wishes to
the three lepers remaining at the Btatlon.
Since Plttorl's escape it has been
learned that hc waa a member of an
Italian secret organization, and It ia
believed that through the assistance
of that organization he was able to
esacpe cnplure and reach the country
of his birth.
This Ib the first news of Plttorl since
he was seen in Tacoma near the
home of Mrs. Taussn. the divorced
wife of John Early, the loper. Hla appearance In that city cauaed considerable excitement, as It was thoughthia
visit there was for the purpose of killing either Mra lausan or her husband to reward John Early tor assisting him to escape.
Surgeon Baylies H. EaUes. tn charge
of the United States public health ier
vice here, has notified the department
at Washington ot Plttorl's arrival in
Italy, so that further search tor hlm
|St per month; Lucy Compton, widow, will be discontinued.
The exact date could not be secured,'
but the Inspector found a second wrapper label pasted on top of the first
label and then painted. The aecond
or top application of pasters bore these
words:    "Advanced Harrison Brand."
The shelves of Spokane merchants
proved a rich field for cans bearing the
label "Armour Packing company of
Kansas City," when, as a matter of
tact, Mr. Adama says, the concern
went out of busincs eight years ago
when it waa absorbed by the Chicago
Label In Telltale.
On these cana. Mr. Adama Bays, the
prospective customer who keeps hls
eyes open for the good of his atora-
ach wlll find a neat white, square label pasted at the bottom of the side
of the can which reads: "The meat
In this product haa been V. S. inapect-
ed and passed tn accordance with act
of congress of March 30, 1906."
But when the inspector soaked the
label tn water and removed It he says,
hc found beneath the original stamping which says: "No. 13. Inspected In
accordance with act of congress March
30. 1891."
Must Emboss Number.
"When the government paseed   the
food Inspection laws in 190$ a clause
waa Inaerted requiring the packer to
emboss the number of the packer ln
the tin of the can," Mr. Adams said
vesterdsy.    "None ot the cans condemned bore the embossed number,
nnd -this Is the second great due tor
the general public,   lf there Is no embossed number In the top or bottom of
the can the grocers hands out, bestirs*
of the contents.   Tho packer*!    ".arc
[given until January 1,1M��, to thfths*
[of cans on hand.   The Inapectpf to he
fair, splits the Interval nud' dites his
I estimate of foods In trtK fitiltv cans
ss having been pschrd  In 1WI. al-
1 though In man; cares he believes tt
firms he expects the prosecuting attorney to take action againat. ���
Oregon Crop Promise* to Be Bumper
Thla Seaaon.
Freewater, Ore., Sept. 1���More than
$60,000 will come to thla community
from the prune crop now being harvested. The bulk of the crop la abent
gathered and over 100 carloads am
on their way to the eastern markets.
A conaervative eatimate gtve* 150 carloads from this section, each car
weighing not less than 12 1-2 tons.
Some of the prunes have sold at $32
per ton and some have sold at $40 per
ton, so a conservative estimate la
$32.50 per ton. The fruit haa been
shipped frogh the Mtilton Fruitgrowers' union, the Walla Walla Valley
Fruit Association, the Earle Fruit company ot California and the Sh-Vld*
Fruit company.
Tbe union and the association Sv��a
marketed their prunes through the
North Pacific Fruit Distributors, who
made a charge of $40 per car. This
covers, ln addition to. selling, % email
cost' tor advertising, and on thin
amount there may *i�� a small reKit��
coming back to th<- local unions. Thla
Is much che-ip-r than th* old system
nnd lt Is e. l.nt that the coat of mar- '
ketlng ts re rlderably reduced by the
new mettle
A re maa-xed belp to the grower*
l��e�� < - ">e tact that by having th�� en-
''.����� ��� p of th* country hamdled r-** ens a
H-Mst agency 11H th* North P"v!lta ��
D'stVlhutors flfmer market* aad b-tfr-
���er prices sr* obtained than wh-"i*-��h<��
���orm*r cutthroat competltto** between
the local unions waa ta ottatme*.
The wtother haa b**a good, the***
excellent and the prune* never nsi
in better shape.
/ C   rAon kioht
Remember the Place���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
Jelly Powder
Put UP in our own label and
guaranteed the best on the market, lt is Belling very well, but
to further Introduce, for two
days we will sell at tho reduced
price of 4 for 25c.
Armour's Yeribest Pork and
Deans, tasty, well baked beans,
sold everywhere 2 for 2Bc, for
two days we will sell 3 for 25c.
Itaisins Paradise brand, sold
nt :' for 25c.; 111 oz. packages,
No. 1 stock, 3 pkgs. 25c.
Just arrived, new stock, extra
large, freestone, Early Craw-
lords,    l'er crate $1.15.
We advise early buying in this
Preserving Plums, 3 lbs. 25c.
Pears, 2 lbs 25c.
Peaches, 3 lbs 25c.
Plums,   2   lbB 25c.
..pples, 3 lbs 25c.
(.rapes, per lb   15c.
Conteloupes, each  ..        ..12)4.
Our vegetables are all grovn
by WHITE men on our own
ranch. Every vegetable imaginable.
Public Supply Stores
.. for ..
All   notices  of  meetings,  entertain-1 blacklisted,und could get employment
menta, aalea of work,    etc.,    In    thla ||n I10 ���,i,u, im the island.    The dan-1
column are  charged for at the  rate! continued and the
of 10 centa per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their Instruction* are positive.
(Cuntluiiud I rum r.ine uiiu i
MIsb I,. Hoe will meet her pupils for
piano and theory thia week.      119401
.1. Thompson of the department of
public works, wua in Vancouver yes
The water hydrants throughout the
city have received ft fresh cout of
paint during the past few duys.
civic laborers.
Sheriff's sale, 300 to 400 cords of
shingle bolts cut on district lot 370,
at sheriff's office. Tuesday, September 2, 1918, at 10 a.m. (19731
""'" 'done much for the laboi party. West
finally refused to enter the shaft. | minster was one ul tbe nrst lo cs.ab-
All but ball a dozen struck. These jliah au eight hour iluy and u Blanu.u.i
last were finally persuaded, with one I *W ot S.I a day tor that time foi Bil
exception, to leave. The man who
stayed, tbe preacher wus told, Imd
been kindly spoken to; in fuel
crowd of millers followed liiin to
house dorr
The fulr wage clause
and  the eight   hour day   were  In  ull
city contract.---
n I City  Labor Bureau.
his!     Mayor (lm;*    also   referred    to tbe
,,,,��� i labor bureau which is to be establish'
attempting to argue him ,. .,,  .,. ,,���,���  ,,,,, bu.ltj
ed In charge of T. Turnbull, the
out of the stand lie bad taken.    In re-   ing |nip60t0P,    They  had high  hopes
spouse  to  this  the  lone   worker  imd  cf this bureau  being a success    from
stooped lo pick up n stone, and. part-   the Blart, ns ll  would mean lbat local
Ily   In   sclf'deluiise.   the    crowd    also
I reached lor rocks, und windows were,
Another Case
The chief of police at  Maillardville I    Then  at   another mine,  whore  B6T-1 f~?Pftyeor,n���L
recently found a buckskin mare, with Ural men persisted in working, u par- ' !,��ur-  ,.',,', ,..      ,,,, , , ..  ,..,.   .
white  legs and    white    markings on   tv of strikers bad gone out to admon  I taking the place Ol contraol work wa
men and especially taxpayers would
be given employment before outsiders
could get Btarted     It would allow Uie
city council   to    give    pre fefence    t.i
ull contraol  und olvlo
luostlon of day labor
See Advt. on Pa��e 3
McAllisters Ltd.
Successors to Lees Limited
(i. N.
The animal  was found on  the
It. tracks and awaits an owner.
Save and
999 wealthy self-made
men out of 1000 got
their start by regular
Nearly all men who
save do succeed.
Is this not sufficient
reason for you to start
a savings account today
when it requires only ,$1
to make the start?
If you come here you
will be allowed 4 per
cent interest added
quarterly and every possible courtesy will be
extended to you.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
C. 8. KEITH, Manager.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships under Administration, ;over $6,000,000.
Trusted, tor Bondholders over
$25,600,000.   .
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9.
Money to loan on flrst mortgages,
improved cily and farm property,
9 ptr cent. Alfred Vi. MeLeod.  (1988)
The vital statistics for the past
month in New Westminster are:
Births, 1913, 94; 1912, 66, an increase
of 2S; marringes. 1913, 81, 1912, 88,
a decrease of two; deaths, 1913, 4",
1912, 43, nn  Increase of  four.
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Following the complaint from the
city that the road signs were given up
more to advertising than to the original purpose, a Vancouver auto firm
has had all he signs then eretced. re-
lettered, with the result that pedestrians and tbose in vehicles can now
rend the directions at short and long
For pressed  brick,  fire clay,  common    brick,   cement,    lime,    plaster.
gravel, Band, rock and fuel oil, apply
in the R. C. Transport Co.. Ltd, Office j
phone 820, wharf phone 880.      UOSS)
About a dozen cases, ranging from
threatening to kill to vagrants and
the common variety of drunks, will be
disposed of by Magistrate. Kdmonds in
court thiB morning. This number ls
an increase over the usual weekly docket but still the law breakers were at
a minimum during Saturday afternoon
| and evening, Sunday and Labor day,
everything considered.
Fred Davis will sell by public auction the contents of a 12 room house
at S3 Sixth street (absolutely without
reserve), on Wednesday, September 3.
at 2 p.m. sharp. Sale will include
piano. Monarch range, oak dining
room suite, beds and bedding, washing machine, etc., etc. Gooda on view
morning of sale. Further particulars
apply Westminster Auction Mart,
Kings hotel block, Columbia street.
"Just fell In the river," was the remark passed to one of the late birds on
Columbia street about 1 o'clock Sunday morning by an elongated person,
whose accent suggested Kngland as
his native heath. Little the worse for
his immersion, the stranger took the
ducking as an every day happening,
merely adding that while sitting on
one of the city wharves he fell into
the stream  head  first.
A spirit of reciprocity exists between
the Trades and Labor council and the
members of the ladies' auxiliary of the
Royal Columbian hospital. The latter organization will give a dance in
the agricultural building at Queen's
park next Friday evening and the Labor council offered to leave the decorations from the Labor day dance in
place until after Friday. To reciprocate the members of the auxiliary assisted the Labor day committee ln
decorating the building.
Fred Davis Will sell by public auction at Russell's Westminster auct.on
house. Kings hotel block. Columbia
street, on Thursday, September 4. at
2 p.m. sharp, the contents cf three
fully furnished houses (removed to
the above rooms for convenience of
sale). Amongst other items sale will
include ranges, heaters, dressers and
'stands, oak buffetts, und sideboards,
Ice boxes, dining tables and chair,
bedsteads and bedding, etc., etc. Ab-
Bolutely no reserve Sale at 2 p.m.
sharp (1990)
not being lost sight of by the pre��l in
Mayor Oray paid a high tribute   to
the work of  Alderman  Dodd, whom
be referred to as one of the anii .'
men the labor men of the city c-niild
send as their representative to 'iie
c'ty council. He vus devoting a lol
of IiIb time In working for the city
and was a man who favored ull plains
for a larger and better New W. Bt
minster.     , *t
sh then), Being warned of the coining of the strikers, the workers were
armed. Mr. Crux says, supposedly by
owners, and the delegation waa met
with bullets, one of which grazed the
neck of omi of the party. This nn-
gered the men, nnd nfter returning
with guns und finding tin ir enemy
flown, they, in anger, burned the mine
Hearing of this, and magnifying the |
trouble, im-ce was used by the nu- |
thorities, and matters went from bad j
to worse until the militia was called |
out. I
MC8t   of   the   soldiers,   after   arriv- I " ,.     ���,,
lng  on  the  ground,  the  minister  re-1    I>'��  ^W���J��, ' J * ' ,n'ri- ,
ports, were actually ashamed of them-   terday   when   he   grabbed   the  gr
Lives,  and.  seeing  no  trouble,  want-IP'*     <�� '��� whispered that a pi
cd  to go home.
In fact. Bays the reverand gentleman, the whole thing had been mismanaged and distorted to the disadvantage of tlie miners, who were put
in a bad light by the'r actions, which
primar.Uj  were  more defensive  than
White Rock
"The Playground  of B.C."
WHIIf,SHIlESXCo.,Official Agents
White Rock Hotel
Under new management; $2.00 per
day. .Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. W. MORRIS,
Suburb cf Washington Town Ha3 Another Row.
Republic,   Wash.,  Sept.   1.   Alonzo
11. Elmos, better known as Hob Klines,
wns severely slashed by John  I'helps
with   a   pocket  knife.     After  having
the wound dressed F.lmes swore out a
warrant tor Phelps' afrest.
For  years  the neighborhood  where
the cutting took place has caused the
peace officers a great deal of trouble,
lt Is the section of Ferry county which |office of D. S
hugs the western foothills of the Sherman range, from four to seven miles
southeast of Republic and politically
known as Kast Republic precinct, outside of the city limits.
lt wss in tint vicinity in May, 1912.
Joe Tobacco staggered and fell in the
road, foaming at hia mouth. With his
last breath he complained of bad
neighbors and poison, tin July 4. two
months later, Alex Sanders, from its
bitter flavor, discovered strychnine ln
his coffee. Ho was a neighbor of Tobacco. The presence of poison in his
victuals frightened Sanders and he
left,  the  neighborhood.
A few days ago he returned, but before be could be re-established on his
ranch his house was burned down by
an unknown miscreant.
ed between four or the lacrosse plav
ers whereby any outsider got small
chances of capturing the an'mal.
Thu dance laBt evening netted the
Labor Day committee quite a *-���>"*'
which will go towards defrayitu th'
expenses of staging the big celebration.
Jack lloult cleaned up in three
events, taking the hnlf mile event
with ease from Oreenwell. of the V
A. C��� and O. Gordon, of the locil v.
M. c. A.
The gold lockets presented to the
New Westminster baseball team and
to the West Knd lacrosse twelve will
be prized by the boys.
Mr. and Mrs. II. Watson tcok Pr"'
nr'ze In the wnl'zlng 80nt��8t with
Miss Erickson nnd W, Wol* In see- nd
Anv  prizes   not   claimed   yes'erdiv
can be obtained by the winners al the
Cameron. Labor temple
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace Market, Columbia  St., Phonea
1200,  1201, 1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   St.   Market,  Phone   1208.
Edmonde Market, Phone   L883.
Special Excursions
The Alaska Coast (aStewart.)
Observatory Inlet (Granby Bay.)
and Return.
Glacial,   laiand.   Mountain   and   Forest
Aug. Balls Thursdays (Midnight) Aug.
1:1st and itiVn.
Islam!    Residents    Menaced
Victoria.   Sept.   1.���Resident
tin   Arm. on the Saanich side.
"ed over the presence In tin
borhood of an individual wboa<
By    L'n-
iro e\-
and threats against pedestrian:; have
aroused belief that he is insane nnd
may do harm to some one.
Last week the police authorities
made a search for the man. who bad
been seen on the city side of the Gorge
and who, it whs stated, was carrying a
revolver. The unknown's hiding pi toe
was located and a number of articles
stolen from city hotels were recovered, but no trace of the man himself
could be found, he having apparently
fled on tho approach of the officers.
For the past few days he had not
been seen, but last night two residents
of Harriet lioad telephoned to the police that they had been held up and
threatened by a man whom, the police
believe, Is the same Individual who
Inst week was wandering in that section. Mr. Stacpoole and Mr. Fielding
were both stopped by the man on Harriet road. He threatened to kill them
but made no attempt to attack them.
After uttering ins threats be disappeared into the dense bush.
Pack In your bathing suits and a
well lllled hamper aud spend a day at
Maple Ileach. Boundary Hay. Plenty
of free picnic places on the sand
beach or under the wonderful Bpreud
Ing maples. Lovely spring water
Take the River road to Uidner and
the Goudv road soulh.
Agents for Whalen Estate.
New Westminster.
What with the harbor  Improvements, tlm further
the fisheries  and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster Is coming to
lier umi.
Tailor to Ladies and Gentlemen.
Westmineter Trust Block.
Five     Daya     Including
Meala   and   Berth.
Sails  Mondays (Midnight)
36th und  Sept.   1.
Boats remain nt PRINCE RUPERT one day, affording an opportunity of seeing the :iew Grand Trunk I'acific city. l'urlur rooms,
separately or en suit.-, wltb or without private bath, etc.. an an additional cost. Staterooms eu suite without extra coat. All outalde
Through tickets to all Eastern points via the popular Qrand Trunk
H. O, SMITH, C, i'   at T, A
5-7  Grunrllle Street, Vancouver.
W.  B, DUPBROW, O. A. P. D.
I lmne Private Exchange 8134
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia  Street,  New  Weatmlnater.
Singer  Sewing  Machines.    Small   Muaical  Gooda of all  Kinds.  PHONE  Baa
Residence Y. W. C. A.       Phone 1324.
Bartlet Pears  2 h>h. for 26c
l'uuiis  - lbs, for 25c
Peaches  .'i ibi. for 25c
Cantaloupe, each   lur
Watermelon, ou -h    50c
Malaga drapi s. per lb 16c
Oranges, Lemons, Bananas, etc.
i Successor to Ayling &.  Swain.1
44?  Columbia  St. Phone 98.
&.  H.  BUCKUN.
rrea. aad Deal. Mgr.
W. F. H. bUCKLi.N.
Bee. a'd Trees.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonee No. 7 and 877.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented.
Take advantage of the Business Man'a Train and make your
home at Crescent Ileach (Hlackie Spit)  for the summer months
Train leaves at 5:30 p.m. dally, on and after June 18, returning In
the morning ln time for business.    Crescent    llench   affords    Ideal
conditions for summer homes, combining the  best of bathing,  beat
lng at all stages of the tide together with line beach,    Artesian  v/ell
water to ull residents.   Let ua show vou this property,
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Eatabllahed  1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'
Marino   Ineuranre
Liability,   Automobile   and
J. L.
Mclr.ncs    Returns    from    Three
Months' Trip.
J. L Mclnnes, of Carnarvon street,
returned to the city on Baturday
morning after a trip to his old home
in Nova Scotia. He brought with him
Mrs. Mclnnes' mother, .Mrs. Ann McLean, who, unfortunately, was injured
ill the C, P. It. wreck east of Pitt
river on Saturday lie ming. Mrs. Mc
Lean, though not si rlously hurt, still
Sustained painful wounds about the
head and is under the doctor's care.
In the east Mr. Mclnnes visited his
former home at Lake AinBlie, N.S..
and spent some lime at Sydney and
Glace Hay. (Jn his return journey
west he stopped off tu Bee hiB elder
brother, J. I-I. .Mclnnes, near Souris,
'Continued from rase one)
The Carpenters have started extensive alterations. Our stock must be reduced
to make room.   All lines are included, and the reductions are genuine.
Carpets Reduced to Rock-Bottom Prices
Axminster Squares;  rep.
Wilton Squares;   rep. %2'.
Brussels Squares; reg, ?
'i apestry Squares from
$22.60,  for  ..
1.60, for  	
'H, lo clear ..
$17 50
$18 50
All the above ore In medium or large room size.
Japanece Matting Squares:
Sl7.e '.1x12       $2.50
She 9x10  $2.2 a
Size ilxil    $1.05
spent  two weeks in  the  trouble zone.
Upon his return, he preached a sermon unci addressed the tradeB and
labor council, on what he saw.
Why They Walked Out
According to his words belore tliat
body, ii was for more bay that tho
men struck, but for improved, or itt
ileaat Biife, working conditions, lie
was told that it v.us the apparent disregard of mine owners for the lives
of their workmen, that caused the
whole trouble.
He saya that a fire boss in one of
the mines had repeatedly reported
ithe presence of dangerous gas in the
pit. but the owners paid no uttentlon,
and, when he protested, dismissed
him.   For publishing his case, be wub
Genuine Bargains in All lines of Furniture
Below are a few samples picked at random from our immense up-to-date Stock
Wliite  Knamel Iron  BedB,  bruss  filling
White   Knamel   Iron     Beds,     lliuss    filling,
one half regular price  $3.50
Brass Hols, regular lis for   $13.75
Brass Beds, regular $30, for  $21.00
lirass Beds, regular $60, for   $40.00
llrass lleils, regular $:'.u. for  $15 OO
Dresser ar.i Washstand, empire Oak $11.50
large   mirror.
Genuine mahogany dresser.
priced at
lurch mahogany Dresser
White Knamel DresBer, nice design
laritn Oval .Mirror.
White Knamel Chiffonier to match   $14.00
Cnuches: a dandy couch, reg $1H, for  $11.5��*
Couch, red or green  Vi lour  $5.50
Davenports; oak frame; American leather;
regular  $30,  for    $73.50
(lo-cnrts;  collapsible, from   $5.85
Quartered Oak, 8-ft Extension Tables; ret;.
����. '''"���  $19.00
Quartered Oak 8-ft. Extension Tables: reg.
US, for      $35.00
Set Diners; fumed Oak; leather seat $16.90
When   we   advertice   leather  v/e   mean   genuine
leather, not Imitation.
Cor. Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
I'hone 588.
On Account of Western Canada Fair at
Vancouver���Sept. 1-6.
for the accommodation of residents of the Bouth Kraser Valley
who desire to attend the 1013 fair of tbe Vancouver Exhibition Asso
elation at   HastliiKs  Park, round  trip tickets from all  points on the
Kraser Valley  |me to Vancouver are offered, good for return any time
during tho week, at single fare snd a third.
The enhibitlon management hae arranged for a fair which will
be interesting to ail. Exhibits of the field and garden, displays of
o'anufacturcd goods, agricultural machinery, etc. Music wlll be provided by aeveraS bands, horse racing will be carried on every afternoon and ejjcc/al attractions of an instructive and entertaining nature will bc provided.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
 ���      BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.   BOX   41?
641 FR0N1
SCHOOL BOOTS-Finest Variety in City
Strong Box Kip, sizes 7,8, 9,10 $1.2.1
Strong Box Kip, sizes 11,12, and 13  1.4,r>
Strong Box Kip, sizes 1, 2. 8, 4, 5  1.75
Ladies' boots what you want for now and winter 1.9.5
Gents' light and heavy boots, from  1.95
Slater Shoes (F. W.), Leckie's Boots, K. Boots, etc.
A 25c. bottle of Packard's Famous Shoe Polish
to each purchaser of 1 dozen laces at 10c. a dozen.
Buy the laces, the Polish will be given you.
Open Evenings Till 9 p.m.; 8st urdaya 11  p.m.
'   I


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