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The New Westminster News May 27, 1913

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 ��� --\V
The  New  Westminster  News  Is I
the  only morning  newspaper  pub- I
lished in the   City    of    New Westminster and   the   rich   and   fertil s
Kraser Valley. ,-i   ���
INDUSTRIAL ta |8�� Of views       GRASSHOPPERS
Where the Progressive Association Can Secure the
Best Results.
Jolot Committee Discusses Important
Question���Final Discussion Left
Till Lat��r.
Mixture  of  Occupations   Represented
on Colonel  Roosevelt's Libel \ Pests
Marquette. Mich.,  May 26
,-.-_*���.,io��������in���0 0f drunkenness
Devastating   Texas,
New Mexico and Western
 ,        ^^^^^^ A    suit
Jnvolvl'ng'*allegatlonB of drunkenness
on the part of a former president of
the United States will be heard here
beginning tomorrow by a Jury composed of four miners, three teamBters.
two farmers, one blacksmith, one
locomotive fireman and one woodsman.
The plaintiff , Colonel Theodore
A joint meeting of committees rep- I HooBevelt, who Is aulng George A.
resenting the city council, the Pro-lKewett, an Ishpeming newspaper
gressive association and the board of ' publisher, for $10,000 damages bo-
trade wa�� held yesterday tn reference ,,aU8(, ()f 'an editorial charging him
to the appointment ot an Industrial | wlth unmkenneBB, probably will be
commissioner for the city and the an- i th flrst w-tneB,4 tomorrow,
sumption  by  the  city  publicity  com- *^*^--���
mlttee  of  the  publicity   work  of  the
Progressive association.
Owing to the absence of Alderman
Lynch, nothing defitiile waa resolved
upon, bul the formation Of an advisory board as an adjunct of the city
publicity committee, waB discussed
and found favor lu the eyes of all
those present.
In the Course of the discussion J. A
Lee, president of the board of trade,
spoke at length in reply to criticisms
vented at the board of trade meeting
on Friday night.
Acting   Mayor  Kellington   presided,
Mr. Darling, acting secretary of the
Progressive association, Intimated that
the meeting was called to make some
Cloud   of   Insects   Said    to    Be
Miles Wide and Eighteen
Miles  Long.
Ancient   Fraud   Artist
Record  Gets  Forty-six
with Hard Labor.
with   Leng'.hy
Local  Delegates Leave to Attend the
of the General Assembly in
Amarillo, Tex., May 26.���Travelling
northeastward,  a column    of    grass-
heppers five miles wide, and eighteen
miles long, Is reported in northeastern
New Mexico today.    IteportB that the
millionB   of   grasshoppers     seem     toi
spread   aB   they   travel   and   also   the ]
appearance of -smaller bodieB of graBS-1
hoppers In sections of western Texas
have caused fear of a general grasB-
liopper pest in the southwest, especially   TexaB,   western   Oklahoma   and
New Mexico. Tbe New Mexico column
today Ib between Elida and Texline.
It iB reported they are entirely denuding the land of grass, as well as destroying all kinds of foliage. Stock,
especially sheep, have been left in a
starving condition by lack of pasturage after the grasshoppers passed.
Government, state and railroad experts have combined to fight the pest.
Alexander Fraser, alias Thomaa
Johnson, alias John Robertson, a
veteran ln years and fraud, was
sentenced yesterday by Judge Howay
to two terms ot 23 months hard
labor, one to follow the olher, for
passing worthless cheques.
Kraser la 69 years of age, and
missed a cheque on Harry Iliggar for
goods,   receiving   them   and   $20  ln
Vancouver Health Commit
tee Makes Recommenda-
tion on Subject.
Land Office Returns After the Cyclone
of Settlers Have Passed���Miss.
ing Husband.
A record   number   of   entries
Protest   Likely  to   Be   Lodged
Provincial  Government from
Municipality Affected.
I Dominion lands, together wltb    a re-
Icord In the total of   fees   collected,
with | will  be  marked1 on  the  monthly   returns  of  the  local  office  when  they
are  forwarded   to  Ottawa  the  early
part of next month.
This has been caused by the heme-
BH.adiiig stampede  which took  place
I ln the city on Monday, May 19.
License Problem no Nearer
Solution Than It Was
Lawyers    Opinion, . Interpreted    by
Lawyer, Presented to Council���
Action Deferred.
Vancouver, .'May 26.���The civic I a total of 2S7 tiled clalmB v ere
cash for hiB autocraDh Then he nro.|health commlUee reported to the made by landBeekers In the tlve days,
cured goods ^d $30 in cash for the eouncil ,hls afterD00n' recommending t0(5elher with 17 yesterday, which
same <udo hom a�� 0> nh m lh,! purchase of MB acres of land ln brln��8 *be t0,al ��umbtr u" *�� date
same curio    rrom    JameB   oxenham, , nul.nabV| Bllua,ed in district lots 143 to 304
surrey Lentre. _��._  ���...,,.      	
On the first indictment Kraser In
dulg'id ln some Ineffectual wriggling
as to his Identity, but declined to go
Into tho  box to  swear  that  he  was
! and 148, for a- new cemetery site. ThlB     Townships 1, 18 and 7 wcre chiefly
land Is owned bv R. Kerr Houlgate favored by those at the head of the
Tht -iquor law and its conflict with
the city bylaw still perplexes the council, and the opinion of J. It. (Irani,
who was appointed Judicial referee,
seeuiB only to have still further mystified thc city hall. Acting Mayor Kellington, who presided at the city council meeting last night when Mr.
Grant's opinion    was   discussed, ex-
and can be bought for $900 an acre. iiBt8| these sections being tn MlBslon
It is situated near the Johuston road,  chllllwack and Surrey municipalities.  vjrttul-" "V'""-���    -~    ��.���^������������, ���
north of Burnaby    lake,   and    within      0ne  landBeeker  is reported  lost in  Pressed lne obscurity felt in the mat
 ���!��� .t,���;ter when he implied  lt required an
not  the  man  who had  presented  the  eaBy access q( u,e Burnaby Lake c-ir  chllllwack.    According to one of the  0,ner  lawyer>��� interpretation
to  publicity j great
arrangementB  In  reaped
matters between the city and hla association and  the carrying on of the
Mr. Darling--I don't think the board
of trade us such have really any vital
interest In the question. Tliey are not
financially  Involved  to  any  extent.
The Chairman Don't you want
them  to be Involved?
Dr. Smith You bet your life. That
is what we want and It is very important
The Chairman-  I  read    the    paper
very  closely  this  morning  ai d   what
.  the   bonrd   of   trade   hnd   to   say.     It
' seems  to  no*   that   to  carry   on   this
work of nn Industrial commissioner
with nn>  Idea of success the board
of  trade  must   participate,  not  only'
morally. Inn financially as well.
\V. J Kerr -This matter came from
the board of tr-vie.
Mr. Lee���Are you sure of that Mr
Mr. Kerr ���No;  I am not sure of it.
Progressives First.
Mr.  Lee���It  was first, taken  up hy
the   Progressive   association   and   was
afterwards taken up by the board Of
trade     It  wbb  the  result  of  a  com-
munlrailon  from  the  Progressive association asking then antl a committee of the eity couneil to discuss tlie
matter     Mr   Duncan   brought   up  thc
question   of   an   industrial   Committal
for  the  purpose  of  investigating
selling of stockB-ln the eity     '  '
what be called it was an
vising board.
Deo   Kennedy- 1  thought Mr.
ean said It  was necessary to hav
industrial eommisBioner.
Mr. Lee    1 don't recollect that.
The Chairman    I am thoroughly in
Sympathy with the appointment of an
industrial commissioner
is a good move.
Klsinp  to deal  fully  with  tin
ter,  Mr. I.ee said:   "t'nfortiinati
myself. If not for anybody else
not at the hoard of trad
 11 think
industrial ad-
Westminster delegates to the
convention    of    Presbyterians
which, will  be   held   in   Toronto   are
now on their way.
ThlB general assembly will be tho
tlrst meeting at which there will he
a complete representation of all the
posts in Canada. In the past the
meeting has been composed of representatives from the synods of the
different provinces, but this year the ���
meeting win be composed of the minister and hiB wife and an elder and i
tvs wife of each church In each province.
To obtain this end. prominent Tor-!
onto Presbyterians hnve promised .to'
donate a total of $200,000, which will
he used to provide free transportation
i foi the representatives of the different churches.
It is expected thai, at least 4000
people will assemble in Massey hall,
when the meeting is culled to order
on June 4, and ot these \l Ib expected
' that at least 250 will be from British
j Columbia.
The members ot tlle l*resbytertan
church in Canada, according to thc
lant census, was 1,115.324. or 15.48 per
cent of the entire population
represents about
with about 300.000
active members.
Among  those  who
Toronto from
Uev. and Mrs   J. S.
and Mrs. Duncan.
cheque. On the second count he mere
ly alleged an oblivious memory.
lt was then his honor confronted
hlm with the following Incidents in
his career during the last eight
The Court���I would like to know
Whether you were in the penitentiary
eight years ago ?
Prisoner���Yes, sir.
The Court���Seut there for two
yearB for fraud.
Prisoner���That is right
line, where a spur track will probably  0tficlala at the land office the man a ,    The po)nt ,g whether the Municipal
be built to the property should the
council accept the recommendations
of the health committee.
The cemetery matter will probably
come up  for discussion  at  tonight's
meeting of the Burnaby council.   The   ^	
| municipal body have been wateblngIJ��t""a a^ume-iit"ahandonlnf his title
; developments in connection with the with ,he remark. "I may be some kid
j purchase of a cemetery site by \an-
i couver  in   Burnaby    and    the    close
the site to Burnaby lake
wife has made several.enquiries i - of j -bn>-rtllB u,e ���,��� bylaw of
without getting trace of the missing Ue clty of NJ Westminster, which
hu,Db>'-    .   , ,.       ...    ��,.,��-  would permit hotels with 12 bedrooms
Disgusted  apparently  with  the lay  ,0 conUnue dol      buglne88 after Jan.
or the laud, oue person   who   bad 15; 1914  ,n denaDCe o{ the Mimlcipai
claim near the \edder moun-
returned   yesterday   and   filled
proximity of
Cpeclal   Council   Meeting  Today���City
Decides to Open Employment.
Bureau  at Market.
Ihe Court-WereI JOU sen tup after* , Md    a    conBequeut    threatening
wards for 1< months from Vancouver  aralM8e  int0 the  iake  w���,  probably
or obtaining money on    false    pre-  ,Pad l0 , gtrong protegt be)ng made
<''n''iS vi. .to lhe provincial government authorl-
Pnsoner-Yes,  but  it  waa  not  for j tieg   a(,'ainBl   Buch   a   propoBal     The
"mS?    r,      .    r.i   ..     ,-, ,,    ,. matter has been under discussion be-
Ihe  Court-Did   Mr.  Bull    Vancou-   fore in the Burnaby council, although
ver, also Bend you up for six months ] little was  done  until  the  municipal
council knew exactly just what location the Vancouver authorities would
choose for a burial ground.
but I'm no goat." The document will
be sent to Ottawa, minus the remarks.
The acting mayor informed
council at last night's session
then- would be a special meeting on
Tuesday at 4 o'clock, to consul; with
Mr. Stimson. th'- Toronto financial
agenl, who had already handled some
Of the cily bonds.
lie had met Mr. Stimson along with
several other aldermen, and they told
him they did not care to diBcuss anything particularly with him, but that
the treaBurer would give him any
formation   he   desired.     He  had   alao
for Btealing ?
Prisoner���Yes. your honr.r.
The Court���Did the magistrate at
Hazelton send you up for six months
also ?
Prisoner���Yes, sir.
The Court- Did Ihe police mag's
Irate send you up for three months
for vagrancy 1
Prisoner��� Yes, sir.
The Court--Did the police magis
trate in N'ew Westminster send you
up for six months for attempting tc
t.btaiu   money  on   false  pretences?
Prisoner���Yes, sir.
The Court���And you are only a few
weeks out of jail and you pass a bad
cheque oh Mr. Uiggur ?
ln_ I     'P>ie   Co*��r>.���!   doiTt   want
I about your life  prior  to  1905
m mm in work
Money Will Be Forthcoming
Interruption���Weekly Report to
the Council.
to  know
_and  ll
go  back on I
act of 1311, which lays down as an
essential for hotel licenses the provision of 30 bedrooms, and the abolition of all saloon licensee.
Mr. Grant's Decision.
Mr. Grant's opinion is as followsr
Presuming  that   the   Liquor  bylaw
was an existing and valid bylaw  at.
the time of the passing of the New
Westminster   acL   1888   and   amendment act,  mo.  I am of tbe opinion
lhat the alteration by the council of
some of its provisions does not take
away from the legality of the provis-
i ions, whicb have not been bo altered,
but  that   if  any  alteration  is   made,
such alteration most conform to the
provisions of the law, as they exist at
the time of alteration.
The  legislature  when passing  section 1" of the act of 1900 r.uiBt have
known that some of the provisions    t
^^^m^^^^^^^^gm^mgm^g,.^..���    the bylaws of the ac-
cordance  with  tht- provisions  ot  the
,       , ���   ,,���,. oc    p���n���f \i������-    Municipal act as it then existed, yet
Los Aueeles, Mav -b.���Keliei wieas- *     .  . ,.       ,��� ,
'""     ,f*     '     ,, ������ ,������ tn,���.u,i,���,t     n   my  opinion   section   17   expressly
ures and  preparations   or m* Mtlgat-, ��     �� ^ f
and   placng the ltomi tor ft��Lotorlttl*>Blg; ^ provisions of the
rg Beach per disaste   Saturday   in ��� "
,-h.ch nearly two score Unjnmn lost. ��
iccupied practtca IrUie entire day. al^red .
|���2 STEMS th^ceae o'fThf * or by the legislature   but in my
^accident.   The taking oUesUmony .HI  g-��  ���� g��*��  ��*��
Such   Is   Expert's   Opinion   of   Long
Beach  Tr���g*dy���Preparing fer
Without   w
| occupi1.    .
The coroner's Jury
lTO.Otft) families
communicants  or
have    left    for
New  Wesl minster    are
Henderson. VV. A.
Rev   M. <"������ and Mrs.
notified hlm that a Bpeclal meeting of  don't think you   want to go  DacK on
would   meet   him   tomor-  �� -either.    The  only  question 1  have
I to consider Is how  -severely 1 should
county, and the cily otttclals\paUty
������> >.v .��,��Ueg&Hy
Others  will  leave today.
I   think   il
Date     Is     Double
Number   Issued
Last Year's Total at This
Iv for
  I was
m^_^_^^^^_^^^__^    meeting on
Friday night.   It was the night before
Umpire day. and a postponed meeting
owing to thu banquet to the surround
ing municipalities    on    the    pervious
Friday.    However,  there-was  no ob-.        ^^_^_^_
jectfon  to  that  under    the    clrcum-      \ (0|al of    766    Dominion
stances,  as  it.  could   not   be  avoided,  licenses have been  issued hv
The only  thing  Is  that   the  president j Cunningham,   Dominion   inspector    Ol
and   officers   Bhould   have   been   ap-  flsheriee,  thlB  year
prised of the fnct.    I undersiiind thatUjja  number issued
there was quite a contusion of critic-1 Vill|. uml la ,,x,)laln(.a by the antlolpa
Isms  on  the  Industrial  e������inii*-sio,���-rill(in  ���,  ������,  b,      ,.,1Bh    ���j    B0C..��.._.
business and the publicity work and I  wWoh   ���|���nl,,|   commence   about
proposed   at   the   first   opportunity,  toi..,
reply   to   those   critics,   who   have   a i     '.
habit  of saving this kind of thing In , '     ,   ,,,   ,,
...    puWtolty were   issued,   but   It
K.    H
This   ia   double
nt   this  time  last
the  council
Employment Bureau.
Alderman Dodd read a special report of the board of works recommending that a municipal employment bureau be established in the
market building und that the building
Inspector be authorized to prepare
an office for it.
The report \wis adopted.
Questionable Vegetables.
Alderman White read a leiter from
Chief of Police Bradshaw in reference
to a communication from the New
Westminster Business Men's association, alleging that Chinese gardeners
were producing vegetables under
sanitary conditions iuil Ihai
merchants ^ere peddling
fruits and vegetables along with home i
; grown  products  without a license.
Chief Brndshaw  said the health Inspector would deal with the Insanitary I
part of the complaint       "  "
"lt is a fact that n large
of foreign vegetables are r*
a Chinese merchant, who
tall license, and are distributed In
the ctty by olher Chinese, either on
foot, carrying baskets or In wagons,
and that  these men have no peddlers
"��� hawkers' licenses.1'
deal with you, an old man.   It seems
to me that in the interests and pro-K,     . -     ..
tection of  the merchants aud  dece��t I15 Ta,u��pl "'
people   of   the   community   the   best | roc\...(j
thing I can do is to put vou where L, ,  ���
,.       , .    ..     ��.,      *     and  a
you  can t   make    more    trouble    for
some time.
last night, when thoy were unanimous-
Alderman Dodd submitted the tot-IXngeies county, and tbe city omciais\**.--.    ���   ���	
lowing report and recommendations ot 10{ i^>ng Beach will co-operate with the\Ve*a"y P*s��ed under the provisions ot
'   "~ """ """ """'Jury and many witnesses will be pro-Hh�� Municipal act.
vlded by the British Empire day com-\ Section 3 ot the act 1910 states that
mlttee, which had charge of the cele-lfte Municipal act Bhall apply io tbe
bration Interrupted by the tragedy.      cit>'' fuhiect to tbo provisions ot the,
James Twombley, member    ot    the l^-*-*- of 1910.
Long Beach board of public works und Sixing It Up.
building inspector of the city, said to       *  ul;e  ��* lhat sections 17  and  I*
dav tha: he had personally inspected must   be   raa<��  together,  and   in   my
can   be  the pier and auditorium  building' ten1 opinion    the- proper construction  of
or twelve times each mouth.    He said   '  "��" fvl'
t' i -   the   broken   timbers  showed   the
presence of dry rot but that [here was
no outward evidence of the defective
supports.    He asserted lhat the accident  was directly due to the unified
marching of paraders on the pier, as it
in      ^^
Chinese I
foreign vessel
Ninth   street  be   graded
from Simcoe to Third avenue
wood  sidewalk  be  laid.
That fresh tenders be called for the
"B"   section   of   the   Sapperton   sewer
system,   as   certain     changes
made which will  probably reduce the
cost of the works.
That the finance committee be authorized   to   make  financial   arrange- j
ments so that the board of works may
proceed     with     their   program   "*   ���*������
that the
ef   New
at  an
the   strain  of  a
and  then pro-
NOW   Under    Construction
Coquitlam  Being  Rushed to
:eived by
has  a   re
connection   with   thc
nilssloner of New Westminster.
Commissioner's Position.
"In the llrst place he Is not an employee  or  creature  of  the   board   ot
trade.   He Is a city official, appointed
hy the city council and his salary Is
monthly paid by the council nnd not
by the hoard of trade,   lt waa thought
beat  to  combine   the  publicity   com
mlssloner's biiBineBB with that of the I
secretary of the board of trade's work,
which I claim Is the beat poBBlble arrangement that could be made.   The
board of trade may have another idea
and want the secretary to attend solely
to their work.   It used to be the custom of the board to puy the secretary
a nominal salary, with the result that
he had to attend to other biiBiness and
was not In touch with the people co1"
Ing to the city  making  Inquiries
connection with Industries and commercial propositions.    If the board of
trade wants to go back to that condition of affairs they can do so.
Right and  Wrong.
"If I tnke anything from the meeting
on Friday night, it Is that the 11 peo
pte who voted against  the change
the policy of the Progressive asosclu
tion are right and the remainder,
of HilO licenses
Is expected that
2600  issued  dur-
Port Coqultlam, May "6.���Work will
be started in 30 days at the yards of
the  Coquitlam  Shipbuilding  company
at  the    Junction    of    the    Fitt    and
Fraser  rivers  on  the  largest  railway
murine ways ever built on the Fraser'streets
and  Pitt Tlvers at  the  present time. '    T1,!lt
j    The exact  dimensions of the
; ways are not yet
be large enough  to  support  n   iranc,,
early date.
That the request of A. Ashcroft for ' b"ad  oft'���   withstood
opening up of Clover avenue be grant-   iarger crowd than that of Empire day.
ied.    Estimated  cost 1450.    Charge to i ,	
1912 bylaw. I
j    That with  reference to the request
'of W. Blackburn nnd others to open
up an 11-foot lane between Pearce und
Kiglith street. It only requires the
buildings removed which are owned
by residents to allow of the lane being used, and the committee recommend that these parties be notified
to remove said buildings at once.
Thut the planks now being removed
'from Sixth avenue be used in planking
Oakland street from Second to Third
but will
i   vessel
wer,. ^^^
there wlll be
ing  1918,
Mr.  Cunningham  statea  that  there
was a large quantity ot fry distributed
from   the   hatcheries   on   the   Fraser
watershed In  lHOS and a good
poor.   ^^^
looked for
On  consulting  the  city
the mutter, ho thought it doubtful un-1     -���������-  	
der   the   circumstances   If   the     citv ; ways are not yet known, but
could  get  a conviction, and  if it  did  b�� llirKe enough  to  support
the men sent out by the merchants pom BOO to 500 tons.    Iho cost
of the cltv soliciting orders from the complete will be aboul  130,000.
restaurants, hotels, or other places In     Work ���'" >1"' b,8 sU'ilm a>""li!""y
the city would be equally guilty of a '"'' shlpbuildli
breach  of  the law. *****m\rapidly
I    The letter waB received
I    Alderman   Ilryson   said
inspector's report was
but would doubtless be ready fur nexl
Monday's  meeting,
i Brunette Bridge.
Bubmitted   from
I    That   the  superintendent   of  works
reported that oiling of the city streets
I was  commenced  on   Friday  last  and
?d with all dispatch
Another,   the   Sheet   Metal
Launched  Last Night���Town Is
Well Organized.
in an
and  filed
the  health
not  to hand,
built    in
Is now erected
A   letter   was
river wuh-u,���<u  ...
run of aockeyeB Bhould follow In lSlil
He  Btaies,  however,  that   the  run
of   spring   salmon   bo   far   has   been
but that  an    Improvement    is
within a few weekB.
censes  lBsued   from   the  Do-
II,,:, Isheries office In this city are|dty solicitor  narrating  me  aecimuu
for the Fraser river and a fee of *:, of thc railiway commissioners ln
Is charged. It Ib also necessary to ordering a permanent bridge across
take out a provincial license, for | the Brunette river, as already re-
wblch the fee bIbo Is $5. ported,  and  enclosing    a    resolution
Cnnners are bu.ty preparing for the j urging  the  commission  to  make    lt
i number of canneries clear   that   the   bridge should be ol
h'e  rush  and  �� ..	
will be In operation thla year which
have been idle since 1909.
such strength as to carry
across lt. and that the plan
be submitted to the engineers of
municipalities    Interested    for
slderation  before  being  approved.
The resolution has been signed and
(Continued on Page Four.)
Ten  Days for  Libel.
Bellingham. Wash., May 26.��� Frank
1. Befrlt, general manager of the Bel-
Publishing Co.. publishers of
_. papers here, wub sentenced
to ten days In Jail and fined JS2B to- ,   ,^^_^^^^_
day bv the superior court on convlc-  "
k ago by a Jury of criminal   L��dncr Man  Dies After Being Picked
two dally
i 66. j tlon a wee ,.����� .., _ .    .
all wrong.    We  nave mn,��� at that, libel.    An appeal was taken from the
stage of progress, In my opinion and judgment to the supreme court.
In the opinion of otherB, when a great i 	
number of Inquiries will  he made as
to the IndUBtrlal development of New j Took It to Heart.
Westminster, and It la neoessary. In | Lille, France, Mny 26. DlBappoint-
my Judgment, that there Bhould be i ment at hiB failure to pass his ex-
an official appointed to take care of j amlnutlona caused a medical student
theBe enquiries. We have no machln-1 named Cuvlller to commit Biilclde nt
ery at preBent to look after them. l*the university hero today. The dean
do not think one man should be both of the faculty waB reading the list of
industrial commissioner and pub-'; results and had reached the student's
licity commissioner and the proper i name with the announcement that he
people to tako care of the industrial hnd not qualified, when Cuvlller drew
commlsBlonershlp are the members jn revolver and shot himself '" ths
(Continued on Page Four.) 'breast.
ln    the
Up with Fractured Skull.
Vancouver. Mny 26.-���A man named I
J. Tiirnbrldge. of Ladner, was found
lying in the street In front of the
Swlf' Canadian company's offices.
Buffering from a fractured skull, and
died after being taken to the general
The only clue to his Identity wns a
leiter found in his pocket nddrnased
"J. Tiirnbrldge, Ladner," and thla was
later found to be his name.
The body waB removed to the undertaking parlors of Harron Bros.,
where an InqueBt will be held some
tliuo tomorrow.
rds Ib progressing
The frame of the craft will
be the largest of any ship
the Fraser valley,    lt
well  past mid-ships. ^^B
The vessel will have four masts
over a 100 feet long and will have a
carrying capacity of a million to a
million and a half feet of lumber.
She Ib being built specially for the
lumber trade with South America, a
traffic she will enter when the Panama canal opena.
Besides   her freight   capacity   sbe
will  have  accommodation   for  about
20 passengers and from 9 to 12 of n
i iiueo orew.   The fuel for the auxiliary en-
should Iglnes will be oil.   The expected speed
when under steam Ib nine knots.
Mr. L. D. Shafner. manager of   the
shipbuilding  company,  has  just    ���
celved " 	
25 ship carpenters a
Coquitlam either todav or tomorrow.
The company is paying the traveling
expenses of the men for whom Mr.
Shafner Bent cast a short time
ago. On nrrlvnl they will be put to
I work on the vessel under construction. '
tram lines
entraining for
wlll be continue.
To eoiiBtruct a box drain on Camer
on street, north side, to prevent tin
water entering basements.
That the plan of proposed grade
Seventh  street   between    ""-,-''    ���
Sixth  avenues   is  subtn
In reference to the, Sapperton sewer
changes Alderman Dodd said" the engineer had gone over the plana
carefully and he thought the i
could be luid on two Bides of the road
Instead of the middle and save considerably.
In regard to the financial arrangements he would like to get the work
started at once. People were pressing
for Btreet Improvements. There waa
a lot of work left over from last year
Acting Mayor Kellington���Then is
a special meeting tomorrow -<
o'clock and 1 hope you wll
Alderman Dodd. The finance committee, talking these matters over, ex-
| pressed the hope that each committee
will keep very ""   	
- -pend until such uuic no ..
some of our bonds.    As to the board
Hy the time the great    Labor   day
celebration on the Queen's Park oval
Westminster  will
at    4
thofe two sections would be
existing tylaws of the city
Wi Mininster would be deemeif to be
i good, unless by some provision of the
municipal act, subsequently passed.
certain things were prohibited from
leing done.
In 19H the legislature passed section 340 practically abolishing saloon ,,
licenses In cities and towns. In my
epinion this section, having
passed nfter tlio act of 1910.
apply to the Liquor License bylaw
.N'ew Westminster and In my opinion
this is borne out by section 2 of the
bylaw itself, which says that "every
sueh license shall authorize the person licensed to sell subject to tho
provisions of tbis bylaw and of the
Statutes relating to the sale Of liquor."
In other words, if the statute prohibits lhe licensee has no authority
tc- EelL
I am, therefore, of the opinion that
section 340 applies to the city of New
Not Sure Himself.
I may say that the question is a
very difficult one and my opinion Is
nct without some doubt, but at the
same time, I consider It would be unsafe for thc city of New Westminster
not to recognise section 340 ub be- >
ing binding on it.
Acting Mayor Kellington���I dis-
cttssed thiB decision with the city solicitor. I always get a lawyer to Interpret another lawyer and Mr. Mc- |
Quarrle informed me that Mr. Grant's
opinion confirmed his own. Mr. McQuarrie thinks that the 1914 council
would bo in grave danger it they ia-   .
,  ,.       .,     ,       |.     ...   , . ���  , cloee  on  the  amount
ord frcm  Newfoundland that1.. ��� .      ,.,       ,   ,. ,,
.  ,      ,      thev spend until such time as ���� sei
As to the
of "works there Ib no doubt we can arrange at  the bank for a certain potion of the amount voted until we do
Ottawa. May 26.���At the
close of a lengthy and able
address delivered by the
government leader, Senator
Lougheed, thiB evening, the
upper house adjourned without
dealing with the naval aid bill.
comes  along.   New
be In a position to claim the honor of
being one of the best organized cities
lln the whole Dominion. During the
i past four months no less than eix
;uew unions have been organised, with
prospects of more before another
I month has passed.
The latest acquisition to the unionist ranks Is the Sheet Metal Workers'
local, which was launched ln the Labor Temple la6t night. Several mem- -iuii, _
bera of the Vancouver local were in suTd an'hoteltteiniwiot In conformity-
attendance, the chief officerB of the | with the Mun|cjpBl acti ml r '
Terminal City union having charge of gegt further consideration of the mat-
the Installation work. tf,r bP |eft 0Ter for a fortnight dur-
The following were the officers lng whlch eaph of ug ���,���, ,,, g M
elected; President, Cyril Sibley vice- opln,on of Mr Qrants am, , ,. ,_
president, K. H, Jaques; financial sec- jterprqted. ��� '" **- -���--
[retary, D. McArthur; recording secretary, Bert Parr; treasurer, Thomas
|Campbell; conductor, J. B. Scott;
I warden, William Hutlidge.
Among those over from Vancouver
were 11. Spenrce, past president, local
280; W. J. HouU. president; E. A.
HJdworth, past financial secretary;
; Charles Warner, past organiser,
Organizer  Hermann   Knudsen    will
probably report the organization of yet
v���.K.,     There   Is   no    particular
hurry about it and Mayor Cray will
be back by that time. 1 see no reason whv the bylaw ahould be amended
until 1914.
Where It Hinges.
Alderman Dodd���The whole thing
hinges upon whether the council will
oass a bylaw in conformity with section 340 of the Municipal act. 1911. We
have the opinion of the attorney general  and  now  the opinion     of  Mr.
another union at Wednesday evening's klrant who acted as arbiter in the case
meeting  ot  the  Trades    and    Labor |and the solicitors Bhould be Instructed
Elect School Tru*tees.
Bnrnaby. May 26,-The Burnaby
school board will hold ita bi-monthly
meeting in the office of the board
Sl�� evening. Nominations or he
vacancies caused by the resignation
���?Cl.alrman F. Temple Cliff and
Trustee Saunderson are now open
be tiled with  Mun
That Station  Again
Port Coquitlam. May 26.���lt Is re- j
ported that Interest will be keen at
the meeting of the council tomorrow
n nr�� now ouen to evening ������� ���*** ������������.������- -��� ��� - - -
?clnal aerk Moore way commissioners ln ordering that
c pal Llerg  Moore,      j whether It Btands
to;evening when the action of the rail
*iat the municipal Hall, Edmonds. The,the station remain whether
. ��� ���,..j �����. im������ | ftt present comeB up for dlBcussion.
The council has beeu divided Into two
factions over this question, tho majority being in favor of the removal
'of the depot to auother site.
ft # # # * ���**
t> 0
w | election has been called for Wednea-
::- day, June 4. A meeting to discuss
���)f \ suitable candidates for the vacancies
HJI will be held in McKay hall this even's lng,
to prepnre a bylaw ln accordance with
these opinions.
Alderman Bryson���The attorney
general made a suggestion and did not
give an opinion and Mr. Grant saya
the bylaw is still ln existence and
will be until It ls altered. 1 would
like to see it remain In force not until
1914, bnt until 1920. The right of petition is an important factor and wo
are losing sight of that.
Alderman Dodd���Alderman Bryson
is laboring under a misapprehension.
Consideration et the matter wub
left aitr far a fortnight P��*CT=   'rvf-o
TUESDAY,   MAY  27,   1913.
Ami lie.'.."  the
t lla'.i-
bergi "the Dunkirk
���tn  fcuf-spoilrtnm  tn, oil inn paper devoted tc the infer sti o,   \,w  It'cif mill.-,!' r "'"'   key   of   Cam ill.
thr Fruiter Valleu     I'uhlishrd every mtirniiia eaotfi  Sunday I.i tlir  Sat.onal Printing       -The British lliet arfeinilli d
-mat flllil-iliij rnmrniii). rimlfrit. r- ���- "-���*���" "-'  """ Wettntintier, British  fax consisted of forty sail, Including
i-oiun I,., Htillit Kilur:ni,A*.l>. Uanaptno Director.
AU eiommtxni.ations should ho addressed to the Sue Wettmintter V'-ii's, nud nnt
tn **Me***** members of (he stuff. Ch*tpxes, dnifts, and mo ii 'i orders sjiould io made
tptx.-r.ble to  Tke  Notional  I'rinting and  rvblishin-l Company,   Limited.
TBLBPUOUBB���Businetl office, and ttemss***, tit; E-iltarial Room* lull depart-
tstsmte,, -wt
ttvtim'UIPrioK BA.TBB���B" carrier, *A yee year, 11 for three months, 40c per
.n.i-irt.      /,'v mail,  t'2  per near, 25c per  month.
AOVBHTlBlUa BU.TBS tm application.
TUESDAY MORNING,  MAY  27,   1913.
It was a happy coincidence that tidings of the important position that this section of the mainland held in the
eyes of the British admiralty strategists should have arrived just when the air was full of the celebration of Empire Day and Victoria Day.
Now that these festivities have passed, it is of interest to recall a not far distant speech of the premier of
"British Columbia in which he laid special emphasis upon
lhe fact that the western terminals of the great Canadian
transcontinental lines were to date totally unprovided for
in the way of fortifications.
A great amount of work is at present being done in
connection with the improvement of Esquimalt harbor,
but whether that is to be the future naval base of the
North Pacific as it has been in the past, does not yet appear.
Reports from England point to the development of
harbors on the mainland but, whether Burrard Inlet
' be utilized for this purpose or not, it is essential that adequate land defences be provided to guard the railway terminals. Herein New Westminster may be particularly
concerned for it is here the communication with two greal
lines and with four in the near future could be cut.
It may be relied upon that any defences upon land
or sea which are contemplated for thc western end of the
inter-imperial lines of communicatiofi which stretch across
Canada will mean considerable development in this vicinity. That again will mean money being spent and work
being provided in our neighborhood.
Ilne-of-battle ships, frigates and
transports. Many of the vestals did
not register over 200 tons, The voyage fron Portsmouth to Halifax h ,d
occupied nearly three months, On
this trip Wolfe was the senior offloer rn hoard, and remained in command nt. Halifax until the arrival of
Ai ihi rst.
On Ihe day following the Lighting of
the  Dublin  the entire armament   left
I Halifax harbor and Bailed away along
the coast for LouiBbcrg, on the isle
iif Cspe Breton* nr Isle Royal, There
the French wire intrenched behind
massive  fortifications a  mile nnd  a
��� half in circumference
over $5,000,000 had br��n expended
in making I oulsberg the strongest
fortress   in   America,  and   a  town  of
I 4,000 people hnd grown up under the
' protection of the great guns. The attitude of the, defenders toward's Am-
Ihrrt's attack might be expressed by
the modern slang phrase, "I should
They stood out for nearly two
months when the "impregnable" fort-
rest- capltnlati d.
On this date in 1R75 the steamer
VIcksburg Ir ft Quebec, and three days
later Struck an iceberg nnd went down
with a loss of fifty lives.
The Official
Tests show Dr. Price's
Baking Powder to be most
efficient in strength, of highest
purify and healthfulness
ommW    <*     ��� HmSyUlX93n    WmW
No Alum, No Phosphate of Lime
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
Of $2,350,000 ISSUE>
Four and a Half Per Cent Debenture
Net City About 92' ��� When Saving  of  Interest Is Counted
Wailing   Prcperty  Owners Action
West  Vancouver���Egeria  to  Be
Broken Up.
Fourth  and  Concluding   Interior  Itinerary  Arranged���Mine  Districts
Keen cn Eight Hours.
Manitoba   News  Letter Tells of Trou
blous Times���Notes  in   Full   B.
C's. Admission to Dominion
I buy home products���
Because my interests are here.
Because the community that is good enough tor in
to live in is good enough for me to buy in.
Because I believe in transacting business with
Because I want to see thc goods.
Because I want to get what I buy when I pay for.it.
Because my home dealer "carries" me when I am
run short.
Because every dollar I spend at home stays at home,
and helps work for the welfare of the city.
Because the man I buy from stands back of the goods.
Because I sell what I produce here at home.
Because the man I buy from pays his part of the town,j
district and city taxes.
Because the man I buy from Rives value received
Because the man I buy from helps support my school,
my church, my lodge, my home.
Here I live and here I buy.
I buy at home.   Do you?
Winnipeg, May 26.
link with tho past is iii
Manlti ba Newa Letter,
newspaper published In
far back as 1S70. The
particular paper Is tlio
A v it', in! iin
1 ropy of the
a four-cent
Manitoba as
copy of this
foin-ili  Issued
i-i Patrle, a prominent Frencb-Car
���naduwi   Qonserv&tivs   newspaper     of
'���Quebec  has  the   following  upon
"A bill has just been submitted
tn the Nova Scotia lcgislattfr-o for the
purpose of enabling women to become
���school trustees.
"iltl  Montreal  Hie administration of
i schooJs is in the hands of a eommis-
Bttra of nine members,  but in all the.
I municipalities ot the province under
(be general school law, school boards
���arc composed of five members, It is
(lien administrative eouncilB which
tiear   the   responsibilities   of   getting
���'he beet possible results from onr ed
imcaUonal system.    It is their duty to
provide  for  the   needs  of  both   girls'
mil boys' schools     Tliey have to via-  \nTV,
it buiJi periodically, v\\\
"The   Inspection   of   schools   in   our  cannot
province   Is   also   carried   out   exclusively   by   nun.
"In a Bchool board of five members
une might admit at least one. woman.
The four men  remaining would null
ibe able to do as much work as five,
and alone, the one woman would b��*i
sible io do as much useful work ai
her four colleagues together*. In the
���domain of primary education the coun
Stela of women are often better than
tlle,,.   of   Inen.
"Sn looking after school hygiene,
m arranging the lessons so as to pre-
>��eu! tke pupils being overworked, in
attending usefully and patiently to
matters of details, women bave nat
arally more aptitude than men. They
bave more time and are instincUvelj
more  attentive   and   morn  devoted.
"The absence of women in the man
-igeim-n. Of girls' schools Is an an
Otnaly which nothing can justify. The
vift.it or a gills' school by male trus-
���Ux*i, is a formality, but if undertaken
tiy a woman trustee it might bear
-some   Iruit."
fee for a job entirely different in reality from what  il  is represented to be.
Thia ls particularly the case in railway  construction  and  general  navvy
thisiwork in the west, where very serious |
[complaints id fraud on the newcom-
'rt-H bave been mnde to the authorities.
Some  measure  to  protect   the  immigrant   until   be   is   well   settled   has
been badly needed of late.
liv .iFnding a small army of immigration officials to llritain to seek settlers, In opening her ports with a welcome In other Immigration complying with the general requirements,
Canada sssumes a responsibility to
prolori newcomers from trickery and
decell until they are settled and able
to look after themselves.
Tiier.,  win  be  hearty  approval   of
the new  licensing  regulations,  since
thev will probably '-mure that unite a
* proportion  of the    Immigrants
be saved bitter experiences thai
bul  give Ihem a had  tlrst   Impression of the country,    Toronto Mail
and Tin-press.
This Is the centenary of a dark day
fro- Canada in the "War of 1812," when
th, Americans, after a long struggle,
obtained possession of Fori Oeorge
(-Wbere the hero, Brock, lay In his lasl
Bleep"), and wltll the dilapidated
i.tn-T.p'holil gained command of theI
while Niagara frontier.
Atirut a month uft'*r tbe attack ot
Yon, in April. 1813, an American Reel
had Baili il up Lake i tularin from Sack-
i 't'i   il.irhi r to the mouth of the Nl
ml is dated. "Winnipeg, Man., Sept.
24, 1870" it is ii four-page paper, no
larvr than the ordinary letter-head
In si/.e. Many Interesting items are
to be found in its columns.
One of these Items ref, rs to the
expected attack bv Oarlbaldl on Rome
owing to ihe withdrawal cf the
French troops. Another Hem states
that Victor Hugo, the grea; Krench
novelist, who had been exiled from
his country for 20 years had returned
Paris whin the republic was proclaimed.
Another Item says that tii" Prussians were expected lo reach h > gate:,
of Paris, Sept. 8,
In another column is found the Information that Dr. Schultz has stocked his large store to Its fulest capac-
uy, The same Item elates "imfor-
tunatcly a quantity of furniture and
stoves which were expected, will not
arrive till  the next  flat boats."
The Manitoba News Ix-tter did nol
hesitate to attack its enemies. It did
not mince its words, as will be seen
by the  following:
"In today's issue we publish two
letters   wrllien   by   llishop   Tae.he   to
that, scoundrel Kiel    "
Another item goes on to say, "he
met there that prinee or scoundrels.
Donahue and he looked fat and sleek
    the   sumptuous   fare    of     lasl
l.winler lias done much to fatten the
carcass that was once as thin as his
nerals  and  honesty."
Cricket was flourishing more than
forty years ago, for, according to the
.Vus Letter, a match was played between the lef and right wings of the
Ontario battalion. Martial law existed as can be seen by the fact that.
the volunteers were not permitted to
visit Winnipeg.
Kven forty years ago Winnipeg
must have b��en "some pumpkins"
since it proved so attractive to the
BOldlers, The full text of Ihe t"rms
of ihe admittance of British Columbia t i the Confederacy cf the Dominion   are   published.
Scandal too. finds Its place in th��
little sheet, as the following item will
"It is reported that the rebel gen-
���ral I '"liin* was shot recently recently at Pembina bv a man nainrd Bottineau whose wife he ran away with."
li,,mnn natrre was the same forty
years ago as It Is today.
Ncrth Vancouver Passes Bylaws���Bur
radr   Inlet   Company   Ornanl-es
North Vancouver, Mav -,'ii. Now'
thai th" ihne llurrard Inlet Tunnel
and Bridge company bylaws have
been passed bv majorities in each
ease of over 600, it means thai the
city of North Vancouver eau inv,-si
���1.V'"'"' in sharps if the llurrard In
l'i Bridie and Tunnel company, of
which "$38,000 par value is to be ob
i im il from private owners, and ?U'J.
mu ,\ -��� ct  fro-i  the company,
Al tlie nonh shore municipalities
have nov.  voted to own Btock In the
i- mpani
agara river.    Lying tliere, the vessels     T]
had bombarded the British post, whlle|���f ,����� Burrad Inlet Tunnel and Brldgi
���FfiOTEXTlNG     THE
British posl
seven    thousand    Amelrcans,     under |
Oeneneral   Dearborn,   landed   a   lltili
higher up the river, above the fort
it v is gallantly defended by Col-
om i Vincent, bul he had li ss than two
thousand men under his command I
7.nd. after hi Iding oul through a ti re,
cannonade of twenty lour hours' dur ;
;atinn, he blew up the works and ef-
IMMIGRANT.pected a masterly retreat, first ti
Queenston Heights (where he drew
ti gi th r all ol bis men Iroin Ihe fron-
tier posts); then to Burlington
Hi: li . whi re he remained for a few
dayi. :< ��� rl and watchful, till the ad-
vanci d ��� u ird ��� f tho enemy ventured
within lis reai h.
Then he struck, sharplj and sud-
Hi sis an I Iwli .* w thin n month ol
their retrcal from Port Oeorge, victor}     *   Bingularly  dramatic   fashion
i'i":..*. in il the British arm:-.
"al   general   meeting
An order -in -council has been  pace
oil requiring the licensing of employ
ine��it or labor bureaus doing buBtnei-s
with Immigrants and imposing penal
��� tie-* for ntsrepriBentatlon to them ai
(D conditions or opportunities of employment.
This liaH been made necesBary ly
the wholesale deception and extortion
art which the "tenderfoot" newcomer
is BO often made the victim. It has
tx*-n taken for granted in some of
these agencies that the Btrange and
friendless Immigrant is fair game
for fleecing, because he is too unfa
miliar with Canadian ways to protect!"*"
bhnaetf and seldom will go to the police with his troubles.
Frequently   he Is induced to pay a
Tiw-   lirst
���of the
j irmipany will be held on Tuesday
tflrrncon al three o'clock, when permanent organization will be under
taken and directors i lecti d
The carrying forward of lhe busln-
ess '*f lhe preliminary s'a*--*(s has oe
I cnpieii some three years, and al  the
me.ting of the railway commissioner
held iu Vancouver n few davs ago II
���vus  Intimated   thai   the  projects  of
ithe company would havo he official
saiieiion of the board as m�� n as evi
dene- was pul before lhal l�� dv thai
the company was organized properly
and in a condition In carry to a enn
clusitJti  its  ui rk.
Vancouver, May 2G.���The engineering department of the Pacific Great
Easti r:i railway is making ready for
an immediate star' on the construe-
tii ii 11 the railways line through
\V: st Vancouver an', up through the
il -. cf North Vancouver tc. Lonsdale
aveutio, where a station suited to tho
needs of freight and passenger traffic
��ill be erected.
I' Is all up to Ihe property owner?
now through whose properties the
railway will pass. The majority 01
these, aboul su per cent., have signified Iheir intention of conceding thc
railway's passage,
An  Old Timer.
Mr. John Whltty, Vancouver assistant shipping mast, r, who has died
from injuries received in an accident
at the coiner of Water and Cambie
streets Thursday, was one of the bus*
known old timers In this city. He
had le' n here 20 years and wlll b*
remembi red as owner of the Waver-
ley hotel at one time, lie was appointed to his position In the harbor
service 1" years ago.
Goldberg Gets Her.
Mr. A. Goldberg's offer of  fl '.0
for the training ship Egeria has been
accepted  by  the    Navy    league.    Al
though  over 500  notices    had    been
sent  out   lhere   wcre  only  11   people
present  at  the    meeting    on  Friday.
The vessel  will  he br;ken  up to suit
her purchaser.    She Is a gunboat  cf
lhe type built about 18S0, with clean,
fair  lines  and   was  at   one  time  oue
of the  cracks of ihe  British  navy.
Park Board Troubles.
No settlement  bas yet In en arrived
at concerning the trouble In lhe park
board which    caine    In    a head    last
Thursday     when     Mr.   W.   11.   Owen,
Chairman, suggested  the appointment
of a general  supervisor of the  whole,
sysiem of the city parks, and nomln*
ated Mr. Rawllngs, the present secretary   of   the   board,   for   the   position,
Mr. A. Balmer, for some years superintendent to the board, at once offered his resignation.
Respecting the presence of Indian
squatters In Stanley park the park
board has decided to consult the city
solicitor with a view to considering
the advisability of making representations on the sal.jeet to the Indian
Seek inn  a  Cemetery.
Many members of the city council
spent a BtrenuoUB day lasl Friday
climbing over fa.Hi n timber and sink
lng test hohs on the various sites
which have heen offered to the city
in the llurnaby district for cemetery
Properties inspected included lota
89, llurnaby, consisting of L!4 acres;
the eastern portion of OS. consisting
of 6S acres; It:;, consisting of lti'i
acres; 102, consisting of !il acres;
and KI and pari of SO, consisting of
166 acres.
Some ,"e'.-KS ago lie council visited
three othi r i r- i * i ns in tli" district,
Inn could arrive at no decision, bo
the whole of the lots will be eon
s ,���*.' b, ���'���* bea th committee and
a recommendation made to the coun
e;l ai as earl) -i date as possible.
New Chureh Oo'ns.
Tin- new Kitsllano Congregational
i hurch, i ii the ci i n< r ol Kieveiitti
* * nue and Tral ilgar street, was
yesterday opened for worship, the
dedication si n Ices being conducted
by the Rev, J, K Unswcr'.h, of First
r< ngregai ional church, under   whosi
��� pices iii" new work has been start
i d. The ' *���' ning a rvlc - was taken
by the regular pastor, Rev, A. K.
[). C. Architects Exhibit.
one June -1 He Vancouver chapter,
it. C, Society of Architects, will
open iheir tirsi annual architectural
oxhlblth ii at tin- quarters of tho
Progress cluh. There will then be
afford d an opportunity to view the
ci ntemi I''' 'I and 'executi d work ol
looal'archltPclB a-< well as the work
submitted by tl"- architects and
engineers throughout Canada and
probabl)  tin   I'-.    *l 3tali    alao.
Victoria, May 26.- The city has effect, d the sale of debenturea bearing
interest at the rate of 414iper cent.
, n . amount of {2,350,000 through
its flBcal agents, the Dominion Secur
Itles Company, at a figure which nets
the city about 92-H,
The price secured by the city for
thiB issue of bonds is regarded by
Victoria, May 26.- Mr. F. It. Mc- City Comptroller Itaymur as a fairly
Namara, (eer. tary to the royal com- satisfactory one, regard being had to
mission in labor, returned to Vic- iho congested condition of the money
tona. Saturday and Commissioner market and llie fact that almost In-
John Jariilne will reach home again variably long term bonds do not bring
today, the commission having just as favorable a price as those for
completed with its sitting at Trail, shorter periods,
the 'bird Ki'liin of Us tour itinerary. Conditions Govern
Sale, Deeds, Business Letters, etc.; circular work specialist. All work strictly
confidential. 11 Harry, room ���* 18 Wtmt-
mlnster Trust Hlk.   Phone 702.
& P. o. "f Klks of the ll. of C, meet
rn-si and ihtrd Thursday ut h p. m.,
of I'. Hall, loigtitli ���tract, a Wells
,y. Exalted Ruler; P, 11. Smith. Hoo-
n y
N Kill
'I ravi 1 ami investigation will be re-
i umi d on the Gtli proximo at Goldon;
meanwhile the members of the tri-
i anal ar,* fi r the most part . pending
:. ti w days al thi Ir i evi ral h uni a
Mr, Parson lhe i halrman, al Golden;
Mr, Stoney at New Westminster; Mr.
Mackel ��� ���' al V, mon, whUe Mr. Har
per has been BUddl Illy summoned east
by the serious illness of a brother.
Luring the one month's Itinerary
'that has just been completed, the
commission sat for the hearing of
evidence and (.pinion on labor topics
at no fi wer than Hftei n p ipulation
centres, the Btibjects chiefly Investl
gated being Incidental to conditions
obtaining among the men engaged in
railway construction with (imps al
Lytton and Penticton Cat which latter point the ehort-llved I. W. W
strike had Ils inception I, while all
through the Okanagan valley iiie issue virtually monopolizing attention
was with respeei to the alb gi d Bear
City of agricultural  labor.
In the Boundary district all evidence
taken centred largely upon conditions
disclosed in the metalliferous mining
Industry, so that considerable variety-
was given to tbt general scope of enquiry.
Favor Shorter Day.
The question of the eight-hour day
proved one in which very live and
general interest is evinced, all g'n-
eral trades apparently being agreed as
to its desirability, while on the other
hand the suggestion of an eight-hour
day for farmers was scouted by tbe
representatives of agricultural industry.
There was evidenced In the industrial sciions of the interior, as in
the coast cities, emphatic approval by
organized labor of a general eight
hi ur day for all labor and of the gnv-
ernment taking ovi r the entire matter
of workmen's compensation 'from a
fund to be levied by percentage reductions from payrolls, according to
the occupation hazard, etc., to which
proposition no active opopsition Iris
dp yel developed during the commls-1
Sinn's touring.
The r-urth section itinerary for this I
commission  has  already  been    completed, and  Is   as    follows:    Golden,
Friday. June 0;   Aililarnier.     Mon.lav.
Only recently the city Of Kiimont in
disposed of debentun b al 101 at Lon-
t], n,  , i*   ii:     :    *   price   to   thai   city  Of
'.'7 These debentures however, bore
interest at the rate of tlve per cent.
and ' n that basis lhe sale was practically no more favorable t-i Edmonton than is the one jus! completed
to   Victoria.
Seme idea cf the diff culty of die-
pi sing of bonds al the preseyt Ime,
Mr, Itaymur pointed out, mav le* had
from the fact that there have been
within the past few months municipal  issues    aggregating     $13 ���	
i ffi ring for sal- "ii the London market, of which all Imt ahout. 10 per
cenl must le* earn, d by the underwriters.
Have   More  to  Sell
Thi di bentureB s"ld ci mprlse the
fifty-year bonds issued under four bylaws passed by the city, being SL-
 ,000 of tiie 1912 Sooke Lak.- waterworks   issue  of   $1,600,    the   1912
waterworks loan issue of Stre'.""" and
the 1913 Bewers loan issue of $700,000
Of these four issues, only the last,
when passed by the ratepavers, bore
Interest at 4'* per cent., the others
being feur per cent, issues, but tie-
legislature at the last session authorized the increase In Ihe interest rate
on city debentures to 4!^ per cent,
in view of the increased rale charged   for   money'.
The debentures thus disposed of
amount to about one half of the total amount of bonds being offered
by the city on the London market,
the balance being chiefly local improvement Ponds, aggregating In
amount about $2,000,000, It is believed that these latter will soon also be disposed of.
, il. O. M, NO. 864���MEETS ON
liisi. seoond and third Wednesday in
each msnth In K. of P. ball ut S p. m.
11. J. Learny, dictator; F. BL Jones, ����*c-
rotary, Headquarters of ledge in See
House, corner ot fourth and Carnarvon
O. O. F. AMITY LOIII1E NO. 17���Ths
regular [m-etlnu of Amity lodge Na
27. I. O. O. K. Is held every Munday
nlKlii ul i o'clock In Odd I-VMowb' Hall,
corner Carnarvon und Eighth stieetit
Visiting brelhern cordially Invited.
It. A. Merrlthew, N- O , J- Robertson,
v, o.; W. c. Coatbam, P. n.. recording secretary; II. W. SiuiKster. ftnan-
ctal   sect-clary.
ter & Hanna, Ltd.)���Funeral directors
and embatmers.    Parlors 405 Columbia
slreet.    New   Westminster.     I'hnne   991.
;.   I-AI.HS
i   Emboli
,,'sHe Cur
-Lioneer Funeral Dlrsetos
er,   liii-Sis   AKie-��   streot,
egle Library
risteni, Solicitors, etc. 4'i Lorne street.
New  Westminster.    11.   K  I'erhould, K.
'���    j. it. Grant,   a. b  Mo-Coll.
ter-at-law, solicitor, etc. Telephone
1070. Gable address "Johnston."
Code, "Western Onion." Offices. Kills
Block, :*"'- Oolumbla street. New Westminster.  H. C.
I. c
���r ut-lnw,
ibla    and
Icttor.   i
ic ;
Coin i
streets.      New     Wl
"iml lister.
e    P   ii   lb
x 112.
ume   710.
*     It-art
ek,  28
Wesl mln-
r. n   C.
tin,  W.  o.
und   Solicitors.    HOT,   to   BIS
r   Trust   Illock.    O.   E.   M4r-
McQu&rrle    and   George   L.
side ��� lliu-rlslers und Solicitors, Wl-iit-
rnliiHter Trust Hlk.. Columbia street,
N"w   Westminster.   H.  C,     Cable uddrese
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. O.
Drawer 200, Telephone 69 w. J
Whiteside,  K. C.,  II.  i���  Bdmonda,   I)
Crarbroolc If. C, May 26.���The sca-
i son for 1013 promises to be one of
tin- most successful Cranbrook has
ever had. Considerable building is
going on In the town Itself and the
district, surrounding it is attracting
mi re attention than ever before.
The possibilities of the soil are be.
day,     .lune;
.lune  11;
;   Michel,
June IS;
June 0; Cranbrook, Tue
'0; Kimberiey, Wednesday,
Fernle, Thursday, June 12
Saturday, .lune 14; Creston,
June U; Kaslo, Wednesday,
N*>'son, Thursday, June 19; Queen
Mine, Friday, June 80; Salino Friday,
June 20; Sllverton, Tttesdav, June 21:
and   Naku. p,   Wednesday,  June  LT,.
It   will  he  noted  that   three    dayi
elapse hotween the Salmo and Silver-
ton BittlngS. Luring this time tie- com
mission will he engaged In Inspections
and Investigations making Nelson city
its base of operation.    This fourth itinerary completes the Held investlga
tions of the commission in the prov in
clal interior.
coming better known, and vegetable
raising and fruit ranching will short-
I'* I" two important ' factors in ItB
growth. ,
It is computed ihat the mines and
lumber industries within a radius of
70 miles of Cranbrook and all of
which arc tributary to the town, have
a monthly payroll of over a million
dollars, which is one of the principal
reasons for ihe prosperity of the
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room 21
Hart  Mock,
P. H. Smith. '   w. .1   un.vca.
Work   undertaken    In   city   nnd   outside
points    211-1!   Westminster   Trust    |lld��.
I'll..ne   ,104.     P.   O.   Hex   1117.
ster Board ol Trade meets in the board
room, city Hall, u follows Third Friday of eaeb mon^h, quarterly mc-etlnfl
on the third Friday of February, Mav
August unit November ut il o.ui. Annual mectlnns on the third l-'rlday ol
I'-bruury. C, II. Stuart Wade, secretary.
There was  io
agn todaj.  for
i l>ublin.   with   t
coast of Aca
Ihoret -put an end
a rtir it v hnjoeed
in Halifax 155 years
i thai  ihn,* tbi   ship
H-ral    Amhersl    on
Tf thc iron-bound
The arrival of Am-
lo the period of in-
on   Wolfe   and   his
The uon advertiser awaits demand the advertiser creates
demand, H's the difference between waiting for something
to turn up and turning np
c, t Fourteen Beam,
Crerl   n,   I)    C .   Maj   2H     \   : mall
pany nl Indlai    h mtlnn In th    * Irti
' bnrhoi d i i' Can; i n and Summit creeks
killed fnnrti      hears this i prlng,
/������ ppraclate H gh '.ay.
I'rlnei ton, M iy 20 The ir.in- v in
iiiieui.il road Is neattng completion,
and la much appn elated by tne citizens SupervlEor W, A. McLean lias
a payroll ���', nearly sixty men. which
will he Incroi ted lo aboul 100 as soon
at tho ie* idqunrl r camp Is established ut N'iai mile, to which point move,
ment. was mat i on Thursday. The
pay Is $11 per ir. ol nine hours. The
bridges over the Nlnemlle and Wblp-
biiw arc aboul ready far trafllc.
Indian   Commission   Now   in   Victoria
Arranging Itinerary
��� Vietnrla, May 20. it la probable
lhal this slimmer will be employed
by the Indian Lands Commission In
visiting reserves In close touch with
the cities of Victoria, Nanalmo, New
Westminster and Vancouvi r, the reserves of the Okanagan and contiguous districts, and possibly the home*
of the N'aas river tribes, among whom
a certain amount, (f discontent over
land niaCers has lately been somewhat pronounced.
On Monday the Duncan reserve will
be visited, followed by inspections In
the Nanalmo territory, and pOBSlbly
a trip to Albernl wllh a return to the
Saanlch Peninsula   the i nd   of   lht
The   commissioners   accented     the
Invitation of Chief Cooper of Mm Song
I s   to   visil   the   new   home   or   his
people on Ks'iuiinalt harbor the an-i
surrounding the council houses al
Maple   Ihuik   being   at     present     the
Beet f an extensive celebration for
which some seven or eight hundred
natives from the neighbor state rf
Washington, as well as irom many
Island points have gathered, potlntrh
and   dance  and  oratory   being  much
III   evidence.
Mikado lo Better.
Tokio, May 2!i.    Emperor Yoshlhlto
Is now considered  practically out  of
danger,  according  to  tho   statement
issued   by  Count  Watanabe,   the   Im-
portal master of ceremonies, this
Power for Sydney
Sidney, May 26, The stab
thorized bj the B, C. Electric Co.
thai electrical energy for industrial
power and lighting purposes will be
available In Sidney and the Burround
Ing district at thi end of the present
' ii oi ens up big possibilities for
Sidney.    I!a/mi Hay, Saanlchton, Slug-
 I   Royal   Oak   will   also  share
In  the  new   power  facilities.
Gets   Wife
llerlin.     May
August   of   Cumb,
Victoria    Louise
daughter of the German emperor.
whose wedding occurred today with
Ml the pomp and brilliancy of the most
ceremonial courl of Kurope, win ascend the throne of tha iniehy of
Brunswick at an early dale.
and   Throne,
it    Prince    Ernest
rland   and   Princess
Of     Prussia,    only i J:
Sank of Montreal
CAPITAL  (Pald-Up)  	
lirunelies throughout Canada and !
Newfoundland, and in London Eng
land, New- York. Chicngo and Spokane
U.S.A. and Mexico t ty. A general
banking business transacted Letteri
of Credit issued, available with ror
respondents In nil parts Of the world
Savings Hank Department -Ileposit--
rcceived in sums of $1 and upward
and Interest alluwed at 3 per cent, por
iiiniim (present rate).
Total Aasets over $1X6,000,000.00.
G. D, BRYMNBR, Manager.
COAL MINING rlK-hi8 of ibe Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
tb" Viikmi Territory, the Northwest Ter-
rttorlee und In u portion of the Province
"f Hrltlsh Columbia, may be leased for it
term ut twenty-one years ul nn minimi
rental of Si an acre. n0| more than ifitie
acres will be leaned lo one applloant.
Application f���r ii lease must he made
uv the applicant In person i" the Agent
or Huh-Agent of the disirict hi wblch the
lights applied for are situated
In surveyed territory the land must lm
described by s,s-ti<m��, or legal sub-dM-
stone of sections, and In unsurveyod territory the tract milled tor shall be
staked oul by the applicant himself.
Bach application must be .,,*,-.���M|,unieii
iy u fee ���r tr, mhich win be refunded If
the riKbis applied for ure not available,
hut   not   otherwise.     A   royally   shall     tw
od on the merchantable oui nm of tho
at the rate of five cents per lon.
I he person operating the mine shall
lurnliib tho A|t, nl wllh SWnrn return*
accounting for the full quantity of mer-
cnantaple coal mined nnd nay Ibe royally thereon. If the conl mining rights
ure not being operated such returns should
I"-  furnished  nt   least   once  a   v.-ur
I'he lease win include tho cal mining
only, but the leasee wlll be por-
" itted tn purchase Whatever available
rlgrils may be considered neCea-
I'i',ry r.!��" w"rkinH ��f tho mine at the
rate nr no an sore,
t-'or full Information application should
,,���, ,'"'J' .'," ',r Secretary of the Depart,
ment of the Interior. Ottawa, or to any
Ag-nt or  Sub-Agent of  Dominion   Lands.
w. w. cou.v.
Deputy Minister of the Interior-
iv n.���unauthorised publl
advertisement wlll not lm pe
- rlgliiM
publication of this
paid for.
EVtoved !
From 46 Lorne St.
to 401 Columbia St.
Watch for announcement.
High   Class
Ladles   and
Gentlemen'i TUESDAY, MAY 27,  1913.
Penticton  Councillor  Barely    Escapes
Death���Crawled  Two   Milea on
Hands and Knees.
Penticton, May 28, Councillor P.
II.   Eraut   had   a   miraculous     escape
from death last week while engaged
In stripping bark frnm beneath a pile
of Ions near Vnsseim lake, liis work
disturbed the foundations and the
trees fell, crushing him badly.
The councillor was trapped beneath
tho Inns for four hours, ills Injuries
consisted ol terrible brulseB uud a
badly mangled ear.
He was working alone when the accident occurred and litter he succeeded In getting out he had to crawl for
nearly two miles on his handa ami
knees before he could secure his horsi
to   return   to   Penticton     He   is   now
making satisfactory progress towards
Scouts  to  Organize.
This evening the fate of th-; boy
BOOUt movement here wll lhe decided
for good. The tornier troop, which was
started about rotir years ago, ran on
for a time and then broke up entirely, lack of support  beini; the  reason
Two in-*, lings of the Boy Scouts' association has been called during th.
past fortnight and both have had to bi  |
potsponed on account of not sufficient
Rushing  School.
Tin- new brick school on Main
street is now nearlng completion.
Everything possible Is being done to
push the work ahead and over twenty
men are employed on the building,
The steam fitters and electricians
commence1 work thiB week and floor- i
ing wil I also be laid, lt is expected
that everything win be completed
within two months.
Mteieo, Mr. Traveller
Wc will have on sale, daily. May "SSth to Sept. 3llth, low rata! round
ti.p excursion tickets to destinations in Eaatern Canada, tbe United
States and to Europe.
Wa can |.:ive you a choice ot lines on both the going and the, return
trip, In fact can make up your Ueke.tB so that you may go one way
and riturn another.
trip tickets to Europe are  interchangeable on    steamship
Il ia a good idea to let us make your reservations as far ahead as
possible���only a email deposit la required to hold choicest accom-
modation until you decide definite departure.
MITII. C.  P. _. T. A.
nviiie Street, Vancouver.
W.   E.  DUPEHOW,  G.   A.  P.   ��.
t-hone Private Exchan(?e 8124
A Fire May Happen Any Time
An Insurance Company   with   $4,000,000   Capital
Phene 1299 322 Westminster Trust Bldff.
the opera house Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week,  presenting
each of four performances.
Doherty  Testifies   That   Man
Paranoiac���Jury Brings in  Recommendation for  Mercy.
Grand Jury Condemns Accommodation
for Prioonero and Police���Faulty
Sewers and  Hospital.
Victoria, May 26.���The grand jury at
the close of the assizes lafit week
brought in the following presentment
to Mr. Justice  Morrison:
We the grand jurors, as Instructed,
beg to report that We have visited the
isolation hospital and carefully looked over the grounds and build nga.
We ure of ilu- opinion (hat adequsti
provision la made for the care am!
safety of patients at present ln the
hospital, with the exception that :m
provefbents should be mad.- to tin
-ew, rag,* Bystem, and we would point
out the luck of amusements or reVe-
Stlon of any kind for convalescents and
We    would    further    point out that
Doherty,   medical   niipertniendent     <,f : w hlltt   the accommodation Yrotttt ap
tho New  Weatmlnster asylum for the' Pf'or  '"   he  adequate   under    present
Insane testified to having made an oondltfons, there is no provision made
examination of the accused  In F^b  to meet an emergenw. which. In view
of the rapid growth of the city, and
if the great Increase In immigration,
may at any time arise,
Victoria. May ^6.- Ernest AtkiiiRon
for many years a merchants' night
patrolman In Victoria has been found
guilty of wife murder at the assizes
The jury's verdict was accompanied
by a strong recommendation to mer-*
Mr Justice Morrison Baid that ns
Atkinson bad been given a fair trial
and bad been ably defended there
was nothing for him to do but pro
nounce the sentence Ihe law requires,
He sentenced him to be banged Wed
nesday, August s.
Bome     sensational     evidence    was \
brought   out   by   Mr.   H.   A.   McLean.
K.  ('.,   counsel   for   tlu-   defense.     Dr.
ruar> ih- claimed to have heen thorough In his investigation, spending
upwards :-f twelve hours with the pri
Boner at ihe 81   Joseph hospital.
As a resull of bis observation be
bad no hesitation in dei hiring that the
aocused was afflicted with paranoia
This, it waa explained, wiib a form
i f insanity affecting tlie patient with
delusions and perhaps
ations. Ita most striking symptom
was a pronounced and unshakable belief on the part ot the Individual that
he or she Ih the BUbject of persecution.
Dr.   IViherty,   without   qualification,
declared the accused Insane, fie gave
i: as his firm conviction that he had
b.M-n so for a considerable period before the  crime,   and,   answering   Mr.
We also visitid and Inspected lhe
-.r. vlnclsl jail, and whilst we find
everything with regard to the comfort of the prisoners provided for so
far ns can be done in the present
bulldlpg, we find Hie accommodation
luite Inadequate, and owing to con-
ent of (Ire, the dan-
the prisoners would
he \ery great. We are pleased to
lenrn that a new and larger jail ia to
be provided aB soon ns possible, and
we nre of the opinion that this provl-
slon should be made at the earliest
posslblo moment.
We are also of the opinion that thf
.-iiie authorities should consider    the
:arch Parties Fail to Locate Farmer's
Wife���Came to Athoroft
From  England.
Ashcroft, May -6. Mrs. Young, wife
of Adam Young, fanner, living about
12 miles west of here, disappeared last
Wednesday morning and although two
lays search haa been made no trace
���f the lady iB found.
Mrs. Young had been ailing for some ,
time and it h- feared she ban wander- :
d  into tbe woods and  perhaps bun
ivorci me by ill i-ts. Early Wednesday
nornlng the li ft the bouse, evidently
for e Short walk, as had been her cus-
oni (hiring the past few days, but not
returning   within   a   reasonable   time
he bus'and became anxious aud went
i search of her.
Fatllng   in  his  search   he  aent  the
���lnrm to town and a poFse waB Imme
liately   rushed   to  the  spot..     Ab   yet.
10 trace of tbe missing lady haa beeu I
found.    Mrs. Young has two eons and'
v   daughter   living   In   Ashcroft.   and'
only   recently  arrived   with  her  huB-
���iand  from  Kngland to  join her eons
cost. He will undertake the experiment and the overseeing ot the building of a sample road and will charge
only a nominal fee of one cent a yard
; for the work.
Tbe provincial government has already taken up the experiment   witb
. the new subBtance and haB a road already built
Forty-five Years Since Westminster
Was Capital of Province.
Forty-flve years ago yesterday Governor Seymour proclaimed the removal of the capital of British Columbia from New WeBtmlnster to Victoria. ThiE followed the action of the
legislative council who, by a vote of
fourteen to five, had advocated the
change. Their action waa the sequel
to an agitation which sprang up favoring the change after the union of thn
two colonies of BritiBh Columbia and
Vancouver iBland in lb66.
W_3 mmster
Transfer Co.
Office Phon*  186.      Barn Phe-xt IX*
Bsgbl* Street.
fiagrsge Delivers Promptly to
mnj pert of the city.
Ught aad Heavy Hanlkg
wllh  hallueln- |_eBt|on, i:, Ih
ger nnd  risk  to
First  Highi-jrader of Year Caught Red
Handed   at   Cobalt���Swag
Worth   $700
Cobalt. May 28.-
actlons of Alderic
possibility of acquiring tbe present
Justice Morrison, aald in his opinion jail sit.-, when no longer required for
he was now a paraniac. 'its present purpose, as a puhllc play- j
It Ib understood that, on the ground   ground. i
of  the Jury's  plea Tor mercy, an ap- '     We alBo Inspected the city jail and *
U  win  ie-  made  to the  minister |found ^^
Believing that tha
Salo,  a  Philander
who wus wai'Ing for No. 40 at tho T.
&   N.  O.  station,  North  Cobalt,  were
uot what they should have been, Pro
of justice  forthwith.
| e.ie.ehor*-*en Apree to WcrkHn Ar-
r7-��-ei~i��et  --iih  M*��rin��  Asso'litlm
Vlc'-'r'n     Mnv   -ti     A   com nrom1 so
..-_-,.,��,-. ,,���i,q   ban   he,ei    rcr*-""-*,!    !>*'-
i  .1,., ro-mnentatlves nf thp British Columbia Marine Association S"d
('ie Longshoremen's Association fob
Ir,,,'..- ,.,������,>���( conferences, which will
avoid lrdustrls.1 trouble and result
In ���' working agreement.
Tbe agreement will cover the in 1
,'*-'d"-l tiooo��q|tleq nf each port on |
.Ms side of  the  line.  ii"d   the   Pure'
Bound ports, and bo avoid threatened
friction. The advance in pnv whtct-i
-he longshoremen Bought hhs not
tvw>- eoncedfd ln full, btlt the r-nre-
eentatlves of the union have accented
n lower figure as a fair bnalB of settlement.
The tei-nia of  work  will   .It   Ib  ii"-
derBtood. also ��hov nn  Improvement
"Vocobs!"-v  r-ap-ors binding on all par
ties,  wlll  be signed In thc course of I
the  next,  few  days.
land sanitation a menace to prisoners
, nnd officials. Measures should be at
once taken to remedy these conditions
and   provide  a  wholesome and  larger
V.",. would alao point out that the
police headquarters is lacking in suit -
labic accommodation, both for men
and officers, uud would urge that
steps be taken to provide larger and
:,itt,r quarters without delay.
lt  has been brought to our notice
thai police court facilities, are insutll-
���i,ii'   and   vintilation   imperfect,   and
ws recommend that steps be taken to
i remedy tbcBo detects.
In  the concluding case Lee I'hong
:h,. foreigner under arrest and on
hurriedly searching bis prisoner
found thut lhe latter bad over 100
pounds of high grade ore In hla poa-
���e-Bsk.n valued in ;he neighborhood
of $700.
Salo   wua   about   to   board   No.   l'i.
.vheii  I.ol'ebvre noticed that the man
������ -ii!  to be having a bard  time to
beard the train.    The constable went
up to tbe man and  placed his hand
n  his back.    The man tried  to get
away from him. .His arrest followed. I
On   searching  tbe   prisoner   It   was '
found that the man had made a bag
out of canvas and  placing  It  Inside
.   ri,:-;:in*.;*.ii,   was  sentenced   to   two | hla  vest  in   the  shape  of  a  coui  ho
years'Imprisonment for the theft Of a  had   concealed   In     it    nearly    forty-
gun  from   HarrlB  &  Smith, a Broad I pounds Of high grade silver ore
��� treet sporting goods firm, on August   i   parcel  he  carried  under   IiIh  arm
'.I! last
Boys Tock  the  Initiative
The Toledo Blade says Boy Scouts
of Ottawa. Ohio, have obtained the
use of vacant lets, and will grow ,
truck to ru'se funds for their annual
Bummer outlns. The boys thcmsel-
v.'s took the Initiative in devising
the plan. Ottawa boy scouts have demo:,s rated their resourcefulness.
They have yet to prove their efficiency and Btlck-to-it-lveness at laborious
hot weather occupation to wrest results out of that truck patch.
if they do it they will have earned
their outing���and while earning it
will doubtless bave developed physical Btreugth and formed traits of
character wor.h more to them than
the  outing.
Spot Your Staves \
Tbe game of '"Spot Your StavoB" Is
played In tne Bamo way as an ordinary paper chase, except that the
harea are provided with a number
of Bmall circular gummed labels, such
as are used by shopkeepers for marking the price on good3.
Kvery time trail is dropped not
more than two labels should be dropped with it.    As soon as trail is pick-
d up by a hound he blows his whistle. The other hounds Immediately
pioceed to the spot and search for
| the two labels. When found they
Bhould be snick on to tlie finder's
staif and at tbe end of the chase the
scout with the mos! labela wins.
I Thia tends to keep up the interest
rf the smaller scouts who otherwise
would soon be inclined to lag behind.
��� The Scout.
A   Camping  Tip
"We have been out to camp recently." writes a patrol leader "and It
was very rough and a strong wind
blowing all tbe time.
"In order to make our bell tent
much more Becure from the furv of
the elements. I obtained three leng-
ths of rope and tied each to the tent
pole at the top by means of a clove
bitch. 1 -hen pushed eaeb rope
through the three ventilation holes
and secured them outside by heavy-
tent  pegs.
"ThlB not only strengthened the
pole, but took tt good deal of tension
off the Ciinvaa; and we had no fear
of the tent falling upon us in the
To Non-Believers
In Advertising
Five years' Imprisonment waB the
sentence pronounced on John C. I'en-
dleton, who was convicted by a jury of
Shooting Mrs. Kiln Campbell with In-
tent to murder.
Port Alhei-'l. May 26.���The noes,
lien of tb" nccentancp of th" reuig
rtt'on of t''" ""btlcltv oomnilsiloner
II. K. Bumiester, nnd the B��l��eMn��>
rf -i Biicc'-BS'-r formed the principal
g-i,ip,.' of dlseUSSlon by tho board
of  Irade.
M* Itnrmester, In bin final report
to the board, urged lhal the action
rf the executive committee in accepting hia tendered resignation be endorsed as. on ncenuni of Inharmonious relations With certain member-*
rl the bonrd. he could not feel just!
fied in remaining In office.
There was Bome expression In favor  (f  doing  nwny  with   lhe office nl-
torethar bv this was disapproved by
ll large majority of tiie meeting.
A number of applications for the
rfflce were rend nnd referred to a
vneclal committee which wan given
power to make tx Bole-eHon.
Wen   nnd   Women   BaptUed   In  Sea���
Blue  Pyjamae���Wild  Dances.
London. May ->'> Extraordinary
sconces have been occurring this
week nt tinker, near Sunderland, In
the north Of Kngland, when three
women and two men, the latest con-
���erlii t.' the peculiar Sect known as
���In- PentecostallStS, who are holding
their annual convention, wero bnp-
,l:-ed In the Bea yesterday.
The ceremony took place In the
--arly morning and ho cold waa the
water that the women almost collapsed from the shock While the eon-
VI rtH were In the sen those on the
bench danced wildly nbout. waving
their arms and singing hymns.
The women went. Into the water
without shoes or stockings, but wear
Man   Lived   Six   Yearn   With   Organ
Partly   Exposed.
St.   John,   N.   B���   May   86     Joseph
Carey,  whose  case  waB   regarded   aa
unique by the medical profession, died
>  ..   hero yesterday.    Carey underwent  an
wrapped In'newspapers and tied wltli operation In Boston ait years ago for
heavy cord over sixty pounds of high lung trouble and part of the left lung
grade   ore   were   revealed. waB   removed.     In     performing     the
The ore is  the very finest,  having  operation Jt  was  found  nocessary  1"
melted down to silver.
ribs,   leaving
remove Beveral of tin
the heatr partly exposed.
I The beats or tbe heart could be
se-en plainly through the thin tissues
which covered that organ und many
Door in physiclana took advantage of the opportunity to study its action while a
Soldier   Write*  "Death"   on
His  Own  Blood.
St.  Catherines,  Muy 26.   -The word  its accustomed work ln the body of a
"death"  written on th? door of Ser-  living man.
grant-Inetructor   Win.   Adams'   room      Carey  recovered   IiIb  usual    heal li
In bio own blood after he had cut hU  following the operation and bad work- I
throat, with a razor drew the attention  dally for the last four years,
if a boarder at the International ho-j '
tei Baturday, Jubi a few momenta nf-1 clay for roads.
ter the deed hnd been committed, and
the man received medical attention
auff e'.etitly early to prevent a fatality
lie ia now at lhe hospital with excellent   prospects of  recovery.
11. rgt. Adams came from "A" Battery, lt. C. H. A., Kingston, to instruct the Seventh Field Battery
hree weeks ago. lt Is stated thai he
had  been  drinking  heavily  of  lato.
Regina Plans to Lessen Cost of Paving Streets.
Heglna, May 2G. Professor W W
Andrews bas brought hla scheme of
UBlng Regina clay specially prepared,
as a foundation for pavement before
the council. Ile explained the way
in which the clay waa prepared and
how to use as a foundation on which
the  top  dressing  of  tar    would     be
The night previously he cut n por
uut Hklrts and blOUBSB,   Olio mnn waa'tio" of one of bin flngerB off, and his placed.    11 would save Bome $11,000 a
irrayed In pale blue pyjamas and tbe t -rl.nda took away from him all the mile, he believed, althougb tt was only
other in  a bathing milt.    One of the I "".ors he  was believed to have had. In an experimental stage.
women   on   leaving   the   wnter   after ��� A physician gave him n sleeping pow-1    He    wants  tlm  city  to experiment
the ceremony went Into hysterica and  der and he was left alone asleep. The wltb ther  llller for asphalt which he
ahe Shouted and danced about on the'.attempt at aulcldo was made when ho says he can make a Bavlng over $5 a
awoke yesterday.
yard, or nearly  three-fourths of tho
' H E R E are men who do not believe in advertising���good
men and wise, but that signifies naught   It is but ��
brief while since many men believed that the earth was
flat, but it wras round all the time.   The earth did not change its
shape; men merely altered their views.  The point of it all is that
there are established facts in business just as there are established
facts in nature and belief or disbelief does not change the facts-
Suppose, for instance, you were to say "I do not believe in
darkness; I do not want darkness."   Will it not grow dark tonight just the same as though yout were heartily in favor of it?
You may not like the telephone or typewriter or addincr
machine���thousands of persons do not���but these are established
instruments in today's activities and your feolimrs will not alter
the facts. To refuse to use them stamps vou as he'-xr behind the
times, and competition with the man or businc ������ which does use
them is no longer possible for the man or business which does,
not use them.
The time has passed for giving serious attention to the man
who does not believe in advertising. Advertising is as much a
part of today's life as electricity, antiseptic surgery or trolley
The system under which he who has something to sell tells-
about it to those who do or should use it, is a proven, established,
actual fact and no single fact has ever yet been whipped by an
army of opinions.
Broadly speaking, it is easier and more profitable to obey the
Law than to try to break it. If it is a good I^aw it cannot he.'
desisted. Tackle the Law of Gravity, for instance, and see how
far you get with your opposition.
The Law of Demand is just as sane, just as certain and just
as natural as the Law of Gravity. Both work day and night,
week days, holidays and Sunday, and they always pull downward.
Down at the bottom of all commercial success there is Demand insistently tugging away. If Demand can be circumscribed
and focused and tied to your product, you have done a big thing
and middlemen by the score can no more stand against it than
can a few layers of fleecy cloud keep Gravity from accomplishing its effective work.
This is no preachment against the powerful importance of
the wholesale or retail merchant. The manufacturer who neglects
the dealer in any advertising campaign he may inaugurate is.
indeed lacking in foresight.
"Forcing the trade" to carry a line has long since given way
to better methods. Co-operation is betted than coercion. But as
a foundation for success nothing can take the place of a powerful
customers' demand.
No one can want anything until hc knows of its existence
and its fitness for filling his requirements. Advertising is a way
by which people are told why they should have your goods and,
at the same time, taught how they may identify them.
The method is backed by good logic and good sense���just the
same sort of a plain, prosaic business reasoning which is required
in any other line of work.
There is nothing magical or mysterious about it and the
greatest advertising successes have been singularly free from
the frills and furbelows with which some advertising men seek
to invest this plainest and simplest aid to present day merchandise
TUESDAY,  MAY 27,  1913.
Furnishes    Rough    Work
Abcut Ready���Oiling Campaign
(Continued from mice onei
Drafted by Corps of Royal
Streeti   Relics Unearthed at City Hall���Plana  nf ,hp  i>rogrBslve association.    I  will''
render all the assistance I can to tho j
, Progressive association and have in- !
Engineers. Ideed hacked all their efforts trom time
to time.    Up to a certain stage, pub- j
liclty  was  very  valuable.    Formerly |
lt was only real estate men who gave
Actual work on grading operations ;    Some   interesting   relics   of     early  n,uch put,llclty to the city, and Bome |
in  connection  with    the    paving    of history in New Weatmlnater were un   0, that publicity you and I were abBo- ;
.  ���������_rf ���.,���   earthed in the city hall yeaterday by  )utely aBhamed of at the time. Wc had j
Sixt avenue wss commenced yceter- thc flnd,ng of a box contalnlng draw. [���'| something to get into line nnd, i
day morning by a gang of city    cm- inga made by the Sappers when they  |n 1910, the city council appointed the
nloyces    This   was   the   flrst   time landed .here In  the 60's.    Practically  publicity   comralsBioner,  so  that tho
whcrebv the agreement entered into all the drawing are now out of date  publicity   guyen  might  be  absolutely
.v.     ,.   ���j .h��� ���.���in�� m.   a8 ,ar as thc locations are concerned, authentic,
between the. city -and the paving con- hut the dlgcovery    wlll   bring   back . *Hphett of Its Own.
tractors of having the former em- memories to many of the old timers; ..^e progressive association has a
ployecs do the rough work, has been wno well remember the daya when gphere'�� Ub own end is one of the
carried, out. This means that. In Columbia street was dotted with sev- ��� 1)egt thingB ever Btarted tu New West-
Btead of the paving companies hiring era] timber bridges over ravines. minster. It put new life, a new spirit,
their own men, tbe city wlll furnish. The flrat of the drawlngs.,is a aet | |nt0 the city and Is conducted on ad-
the supply for grading work and thus ot detail constructional maps of tlm- jmlrable lines. No one has a word ot
do away with complaints which have ^vr bridges crossing the three I criticism against what It has done,
been coming Id from tlmo tc time ravineB 0n Columbia street, vil.. | gut we want something more than
that the companies have shown a "Bridges between registry office and j publicity. We have reached that stage
tendency to hire outside labor. Columbia hotel";   (2)    "Bridges    be-i of development where we want indus-
The Bitulithic company will do the tween assay office and the mint"; (3) I tries, and It was said 'Let us have an
work immediately the grading opera- ,���'Northeast bridge," drawn by J. C. I Industrial commissioner to aaBist New
tion8 are completed. 1 White, Second Corp U. E., 1863.    No. \ Westminster.'   If the association goes
Practically all the contracts let laBt 2.  "Tracing of part of the town    of jon this way and in that spirit they are
year  are completed,  with  the  exeep-  New  Westminster,"  showing location jon the rlRht road.   It Ib far better than
tion of several minor pieces of work, 0f ravines crossing Columbia street, publicity   work.     Publicity   work   la
buch as affect the B. C. K. B. tracks,  by  j   Landers,  Sapperton.    No  date, .only a starter.   Industries come to stay
Streets Ready. probably 1883. and are lasting.
Cltv Engineer Blackman yesterday No. 3. A petition Bent to the coun-1 "> *m sorry, as president ot the
infermed The News that the follow- Cn by 12 properly owners en Clinton board of trade, that we are not in a
ing streets were ready for final ap- street (Second street) asking for the position with $3000 or $4000 at our
proval: grading and sldewalklng of same and disposal to take charge of the indus-
Lim.   fw.��,   ��������� ,,���,.i���,r    ���h���,vin,. trial commlsslonerBhip in New West-
the publicity commissioner's work.
Mr. Lee remarked that the publicity
committee were responsible for the
administration of the money the city
put up, lie did not think the Progressive association need bother their
heads about Ihe publicity work. They
Will he doing all that a society can
possibly do by confining their work to
the Industrial part and have a far better chance of making a name for them
helves. Their advertising contracts and
Other engagements must and would of
course be ta.-.cn over. Their prcBB
letters can be sent from the office of
the  industrial  commissioner.
The chairman���There was no question that tho association would always
be In touch with the publicity commissioner. A friendly feeling had always existed between Mr. Wade
and  Mr. Darling.
Mr. Lee���The two commissioners
can work together admirably. If you
got such men working at cross purposes It would be a Joke. They muBt
fall In line and combine or else we
will get rid of both of them.
The chairman paid a high compliment to the Progressive association
for their work. M-e endorsed the Idea
of the advisory committee.
He again asBured them that the finance committee of the city council
put that $1000 in the estimates to pay
and not for looking at. He would report the meeting to Alderman Lynch
and they would hear from hlm on his
The meeting then adjourned.
Garments For
Summer Wear
Second    street   to   Sixth    avenue with  sketch accompanying    showing tr|al commlsslonerBhip
^Bitulithic). BuggeBied treatment,    road    51    feet minster.. By an overwhelming    ma
Fourth    street   to   Iloyal   avenue, wide, dated 1887.
brick base to be    covered    with    a     No. 4.   Plan of the subdivision   ot
dressing of Bitulithic. the    pleasure    grounds    (block    M.)
Fifth avenue, wood block pavement granted to the corporation of the city
from First to Fourth streets. of New Westminster    by    the    New
Fourth  avenue,  Bitulithic,  First to Westminster    city    lands    act,    1884
Fourth streets. (dated June, 18841,  signed  by  H. J.
Third  avenue,  Ititulithie,    all    but Alport,  clerk  of  the  municipality  of
comr'.' ted.  with    exception    of    two New Westminster, B.C.
special    jobs    crossing    15. C.  E.  H.      No. 5.    Lulu island government   re-
tracks serve    contract.    Profile    of    bridge
Street Superintendent Furneaa, with crossing showing water levels, low
a gang Df men, completed lhe oiling water extremes, low water, hlghjof I; ' ���i��� '������������
of J.S miles ot street on Friday, water winter, high water freshets,
starting work at 5 o'clock in the high water 1882 at C. P. N. wharf or
iv rning. The total surface covered 1.88 to post office, U.M. 31.00 |no
during the first day's operations was date).
7       i   yards  and,  according   to    the *���
jority the Progressive association has
decided In favor of abandoning the.
purely publicity work and taking up
the industrial commissionership. Believe me, If they take up that matter
judiciously and establish even only one
industry, they will have been a great
success and the association will have
accomplished something of material
and lasting benefit.
How It Works.
"lt seems the board of trade talked
;i sum of $10,000 to put
111 industrial mun in the field.   1 don't
know '    whence      they      got       their
knowledge.    Take   the   prairie  cities,
Some of them are spending $20,000 or
Jito.ooo on tlie Industrial commissioner
to keep that work In order,;  but take
the beginning of their work.   You will
find   they  started  as  low  as  $100  a
month.    They  got  one  Industry   and
was nothing after that the in-
city engineer, the cost figures out    to  FAVORABLE COMMENT  ON
about $99.99 per mile. new  WESTMINSTER  PAViNG
Reports from  Calgary Indicate the  ��� 	
���cost of hauling the crude oil from the      An eastern authority on paving. Mr.' tVior
Ontario  or  southern  Btates  oil   fields  G,   II.   Ditmar,   visited   New   Westmin- dUBtrial bureau, I think they culled it.
had made the use of it almost   pro- ster  this  week,  and  yesterday com- asked for in reason lhat they did not
habitive,  the engineer of the prairie niented interestingly on streets    and Iget    That is v-hv they are spending
city   having   figured   the  expense   at  roads. I s0 much  money 'today.    Oet one  in-
$500 per mile. "Even ub a pleasure car," lie said, dustry    employing    from  100 to 150
The streets that were oiled on Frl."the automobile    has    played    havoc men, as these bureaus have done, nnd
with roads aud pavings which were you will find that the city of New
once regarded as wholly satisfactory, Westminster will back you up. Of
It has denuded such roads of their course some people will kick and
binding material, and has disintcg- howl because you arc achieving suc-
ruted their wearing surfaces. This cess,
Third avenue. Fourth to Tenth Btreet. destructive process is being steadily "The people who talked about $10.-
Before any of thc streets are oiled, Increased by the development of 000 were taking the last end of the
the surplus dust is removed by motor buses and commercial vehicles, proposition Instead of the beginning.
Sweepers, which, carrying especially heavy A competent man will take the coin-
Just as soon as more tank cars ar- loads, aro rendering obsolete most of mlsslonershlp at less money than you
rive  all   the  principal    thoroughfares  the methods of street and road build- would  believe.
will  be treated,    except    those    that  ing, and are demanding paving of the I       '   have   never  hpnrc!   !>">'nnc'   whn
have been paved.
day  morning  in  the city   were  Sixth
Street,   Columbia to   Fourth     avenue
KighUi street, Koyal avenue to Hid In-
bore  street;   McBride  boulevard.  Columbia    street    to    Park    entrance;
greatest  possible endurance. counts   for   anything   criticizing   ad-
"That the right kind of streets and : "?**���*}�� or_.thr,"wi"���B���a"y! rP'!''"'" :'    ",;
roads  arc  big  inf'ucuccs  fur  general
proness is a fact well realized In the
slate ot New  York, where the people)
have    recently    expressed their    ap
Wilson   Talks   Plainly  on  "Insidious'
Work  Being Done at Washington
During   Session.
proval tiy ballot of an expenditure on
ds ot $60,000,000.   In Pennsylvania
1 ad  Improvement  is being  made the
'basis  of a  bond   issue    of  the    same
I huge aum. $50,11011,001), and  in numerous other sections immense amounts
jot  money  are  being spent on  paving.
"New     Westminster,     Vancouver,
, Point Qrey, South Vancouvi r are, 1
have been glad to note since coming
here,   in   tlle   forefront  of   this  great
progressive  movement,    Ou some of
the   Progressive  association.    There
were always some people knocking the !
city council, the board of trade or |
isome other association, but these peo-
I pip do not count for anything. We
would be nothing but a village still and
for the next five nr six years if these
people had their way. We must just
take these kicks and knocks and Bwal-
��� low them.
Not So Expensive.
"Going on the right  line tlie Progressive association  will not  require
isuch  a  large  sum  of money  as   was
i indicated at the board of trade meeting.    The city council put down $1000
Master of  S.S.  Falcon Comments on
Local  Waterfront.
The sight of the large steamer
Falcon arriving up river yesterday
morning attracted no little attention
I along the waterfront and all day a
crowd of onlookers were watching the
unloading operations when 2012 barrels of cement were dropped at the
C. P. N. wharf, consigned to the
Canadian  Mineral RuDber company.
The Falcon is one of the largest
steamers, with the exception of the
Strathtay, to come up river for several months. She lefl Port St. Louis, !
:near San Francisco, four days ago. !
She is commanded by Captain L. J.
Schage, who had his wife and daughter on board.
The  steamer  Is   under  charter by
the   Palmer   I'nion   Oil   company,   or
* San   Francisco,   this   being   her   first
trip up the  Fraser river.
The cargo will be used on the pav.
1 ing work which is being carried on In
Captain Schage informed The News
, thai  he  was impressed with the size
I Of  the     Fraser   and     the    excellent
waterfrontage   which   New   Westminster has.
Demand for tonnage, he says, is
falling off. chiefly on account cf the
manufacturers waiting for the result
of the tariff bill now before congress
iu Washington,
The Falcon slipped lier moorings
about 4 o'clock, bound for Puget
sound ports where she will lead lumber.
Famous  Ranch Sold.
Vancouver,    May   26.���The    Enter-
prise   ranch   at   141-Mile   Hou3e,   Carl-
! boo district, owned  by J.  P.  Murphy,
j has just been sold to a British noble.
I man   for  a  consideration   over  $100.
000. The ranch consists of 2600 acres,
a large portion of which is under cultivation.      Mr.    Murphy,    who    is    a
brother of Mr. Justice Murphy, whose
ranch   was   a  famous   stopping   place,
' ls  now  slaying at   the  Hold   Vancou-
j ver nnd will locate hi re following an
extended tour of Europe,
���Washington, May 26.���President
Wiln 11 stirred congressional circles
today with an emphatic -statement
'���denouncing the "industrious" and "in-
nldious" lobby In Washington, attempting to create public sentiment
against certain features of the Under-
Wood tariff bill. This was accepted at
the capital as referring to the unusual
���efforts made againat tree raw wool
land free  sugar.
While Hie prealdent was declaring
���that the public should be relieved
"from the intolerable burden," scan
tors and representatives were viewing
on every hand the evidences of thn
lobbyists and significance attached to
a Statement by So-uator Simmons,
chairman of the finance committee.
that in his opinion the lobbyisis wero
not making any headway.
The president's declaration that the
lobbyisis were so thick "that one
couldn't throw a brick withoul hitlinc
one," revived interest in two bills
recently introduced in the house anil
Ken.ii�� to regulate lobbying on pend
.ing legislation,
Democratic leaders were almoin
unanimous In support of the presl
(tent's statement maintaining that
thoy are well able to handle the im
portanl pending larltf legislation and
that . *,t'.ar and wool will be thoroughly considered and discussed by the
finance committee and Democratic
caucus before it Is reported. No
Change of policy relating to either
-schedule has yet becn determined, It
is emphatically declared by the members of the committee.
iln their estimates for the association
your thoroughfares you   are    saving ;a)|f| , ,,���,,������ wmM bave   lven moro
much future expense and trouble by  thllI1 tha, if thHr tlnancea could have
hi^io:  |.n ii,.-   .-.:,..li   1 Mf.e,,    10  stood It.    if their efforts are successful   they   will   Le   getting,   not   people
Will IiIh Bonds
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none of their popularity,
but seem rather to be held in
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garments suited for house use.
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plain back or slot si am down centre; materials are
splendid quality Indlanhead, Bedford Cord, Pique,
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$3.5-3 to S5.00.
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Oolden Brown, Tan. Greys, Saxe Blue, Navy. 42
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Cloth, Serges, Panamas, Summer Coating, Silk and
Wool Poplins, Bedford Cords, Alexander Cloth. All
new tones of Saxe Blue, widths 42 to 4X Inches.
Prices range from   75C. "I1 to $2.25 yard.
having  a  beautiful  surface,  will
dure, will prove equal to the new and
continuously    growing   demands   and
strains of motor traffic.
"I took a spin in an automobile
around the city yesterday, and noticed
some paving being laid on Firs'. Second, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth streets,
and   on    Third,    Fourth    and    Sixth
looking for employment, but people
looking to give employment to those
seeking it.
"As to the giving up of Its publicity
work being Ihe death knell of the Progressive association, as I read in this
morning's paper. I think the speaker
was wrong.   If he had said in his opin-
avenues. This is splendid paving���lion you have made a mistake, that
paving which is a permanent credit to I would be ull right, because everybody
a city and a money-saver for the rate-1 is entitled to his opinion Eleven said
payers. 1 saw the same kind, bilu-'No' and sixty-six said 'Yes." there-
lithic. on a number of Vancouver fore the eleven are right and the sixty-
streets,    including    Granville   streeti six wrong.
south, and was interested to observe "Nearly all who subscribed to the
tho process of laying a new piece expenses "f carrying on the work of
surrounded by  bltulithic    laid    so-m* 'ho Progressive association are mem-
years ago. Tbe latter, except for Its
color, was precisely like that just put
down. The old paving Buffered not a
particle in the close comparison with
the new, The durability test is the
truest one to winch paving can lie put,
because, ns I have already Bald, much
more is demanded of paving than
formerly, and 'durability "nans, in
the  lung  run,   the  least, cost."
Holiday Accounted for Beveral Bumps
from Vehicle.
Empire Day and lacrosse played
woeful havoc with the water wagon
arrangements of a large number nf
citizens on Saturday. When it w.-ih
not exuberant loyalty or lacrosse enthusiasm,    the    persuasive    blandish
hers of the board of trade and are vlt
ally Interested, as Individuals and
representative citizens, In tho success of th" association, which bas
put up hundreds of dollars every year
to further the Interests of New Westminster,
"When I sny thai the publicity com
mlsslonor of New  Westminster    Im*-
done   most   excellent   service   for   tin
city, no person can gainsay  It,    I  am
saying nothing bul  what  can  be  suti
Btanttated,   The Progressive association's  publicity  work  is only  11   con
tlnuatlon and extension of those ser
vies for which he is not getting h:ilr
: as much as he ought.
"I mu sorry I was nnt at the meet
'lng of the board of tanle, but  1  expect the subject wlll come up again
when I will have my say."
Mr. Kerr    We are slmly here to dls-
With Mr. Stimson
(Continued from pai-e one)
1 .
��� coiiies sent to Ottawa and Calgary.
A letter from the llurnaby council
, 1 hanked the city council for the
; prompt and kindly assistance of thc
, fire brigade at the fire at Leaf's store,
1 East llurnaby, and enclosed $25 for
I the firemen who had rendered the
I assistance.
j     The     letter     was     received     with
I thanks and  the  money ordered to be
forwarded to the  firemen.
Vancouver   Picnic.
A request on  behalf of the    Vancouver Business Mens association for
the use of Queens park .Inly no for a
I picnic  was  granted.    Invitations  had
been sent to similar associations of
North Vancouvi*, Eburne, Chilliwack,
Cedar Cottage and New Westminster
to  be  present.
A deputation 1 f pr iperly owners of
Qui en-li. ri ugli  wrote, per Mr. Sprlce,
asking an appolnti    ta discuss lm-
i"*riLini matti rs ��Ith the council and
it was agreed to meei them at a
<>pi cial  nn ���   lng  te :.t   Ml i.'l.i,   evi niir;
��� at  7:30  o'clock. ��
A leiter was read Intimating that
, the award in the arbitration proceed-
1 ings in regard to differences aboul
1 the arena building between the < ity
and ihe Powers Contracting company
' was ready and available u|Kin pay-
ment of the arbiters' fees.
The   city   solicitors   Intimated   that
[ the   civil   action,   Insley   vs.   City   of
'New Westminster, had been set down
for trial at the June assize court.
Messrs.   Pringle   &   Guthrie,   barris-
ters.  Ottawa,  aent   in   their  final   account for the harbor bill proceedings
at   $390.60.,    It   was   ordered   to     be
I paid.
The bylaws recently approved by
the ratepayers were finally  passed.
The various departmental pay rolls
were ordered to be passed.
Letters on behall of Messrs. Gilley
Bros, and W. it. Gilley. asking thai
their applications for renewal of tlieir
water lot leases be kept in view, in
the adjustments under the harbor development scheme were remitted to
the harbor committee,
An invitation from Seattle to at-
lend a conference on charity organization  was acci pted,
Leave 12:55 a.m.,   10:00 a.m.,   12:17 p.m.,  4:28 p.m.
Through Trains for Portland, Ore.
Leave at 12:55 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 4:28 p.m.
Close connection made at Portland with trains
for California.
to all Eastern points in effect daily May 28th to September 30th.
Final Return Limit, October 31st.
Choice of direct line returning.
For rates, reservation, and all
information apply to F. C. Meyers, Agt. at Bridge. Passenger
station Phone 263.
New   Shingle   Mill.
Tort  Coquitlam,  May   26.  -A    new
Bhlngle  mill,  whieh, when  in  ojiera
ments of friends were responsible for * "iss the manner in which the city is to
the falling off from the dry perch.
However. Magistrate Kdmonds seem-
���d   tickled   al   the   variety   nf  the  of!
tion. will have a capacity of 85,000 V1|a tale and pardoned the lapses
shingles every 24 hours, is under cen- frclm vlrtui. iri a|| ,|ln Inebriety cases
Btructlon on Saskatchewan avenue, excepting one, In which a gestlculat-
���near lhe Pitt river and the shlpbuild- lnK should, r springing, bibulous son
ing yards. The plant will employ SO 0f l!;ilv accompanied the carouse wllh
men nnd will have a salary roll of the cursing of a policeman. Ile was
ojer $400 weekly.   The machinery is ; taxed *.l��� >
at pr sent being Installed.   Operations, 	
are expected to start in about l week,
Dewar & Cutler    are    the
Reckless Drivinq.
Vancouver,  May  26. -The jury' enquiring    Into    the    death    of    Lewis
take  over   the  publicity   work   of   the
Progressive association.
$1000 Sure.
The chairman said he had heard a
statement that there was a danger of
the association not getting the $1000
put down in the estimates for II lie
explained the financial difficulties of
the city council and the paring down
of the estimates, Th y had cut the
it. A. * I. society down from $6000 '
$2000, and he thought tho Proi ri sol' e
association might well be pruud that
Ibey were allowed to remain at $1000,
So far us the finance committee wo
concerned, they would gel thst S10CO.
A discunslon then ensued bb to tho
representation of the Pr gresslve as-
For Long Road.
Kdmonds.   .May   'i'i     Work   on   I'.er
naby's quota  to  tho  Cotqultlom-Van-
couver paved road scheme was Btart
ed    this    morning    when    Mnn'clpal
Engineer Macpherson gave orders fol
.    a gang of   workmen   to   commence |g0clatlon and the hoard of trade upon
Bllngo who was killed in an automo- work on the cut near Vennl,les streel the city publicity committee, It, how.
bile accident which took place In in the northwestern section ot the ever, was made manifest that direct
Point Grey on Thursday evening last, J municipality. The money for thla representation was Incompatible with
brought in a verdict of accidental road, which will continue through the spending of purely civic money and
fleath adding a rider thai they be- Hurnaby by way of Ihe Ilarnnt road. t|���. question finally resolved Itself In-
lleved the car was being driven in a * was voted by the ratepayers a few to the more acceptable proposition of
re,!,;-es manner at the. time of the ]weeks ago. Tenders for the paving ni, advisory committee
amssh rieirlcs Swanson was driving part of the program will bo called for, 1h" chalrmttn 8ald th" h"Br<1 of
thc machine. .within the next few days.
HARRY  TIDY,  Manager.
Three Nights, Starting Thursday, May 29.
Mittince: Saturday Afternoon at 2.30.
(50 PEOPLE)_ 	
Thu Evc."La B��>lle Butterfly"
Fri. Eve.   "Sergeant Brue"
Sat. Matinee   "Toy Maker'"9
Sat. Evening   "The Mikado"
j trade, had not taken into consideration
Evenings, 2.k., 50cM 7.h\, $1.00; Matinee, 25c. and 50c
Seats now on sale at Tidy, thc Florist's.   Phone L184
row'*-! t*ess**ttsaa*a*aahh*h*Btt
One of the  most popular and newest Coating  l*ab
rlcs in two tone colorings, tan and white; also blue
and white, 12 IncheB wide,    l'er yard   90c.
Nice Range of Wash
Goods in Staple
Pure white Seersuckers; with wide and narrow
stripe; the now and popular fabric for undermuslinH;
2",  Inches wide,    l'er yard      .  20c.
Cream and white Crepe Cloth and Fancy Vestings;
21 Inchea wide.    Per yard  20C.
Elegant new'colorings in Mercerized  Repps;  navy,
sky.   tan,   brown,   saxe,   Alice,   lavender,   black;   21
inches wide,    l'er yard   454.
709 Columhia St. Westminster Trust Rldg.
t. h. Mccormick
Phone 927.     Suit 19, B. C. E. R. Depot. New Westminster B. C.
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Are showing some very pretty doHlgrts in IlniBH Beds, 4 ft and 4 ft. G In.
Kxceptional bargains at from   $29.50 to $53.75
White Enamel Iron lleda from  $3.95 to $18.50
Genuine Oak Dresner $18.25 to $27.50
Other Dressers in (ioldcn Oak, Itoynl Oak and Mahogany finish.
Dining room Suite, consisting of Pedestal Table, extend to 8 feet,
fi side and 1 arm chair, and buffet with It. II. plate mirror. This enlto
is an exceptional bargain nt $4K.O0 complete,
Our Dry floods section Is ultracting great attention.
Cor. 6th Avenue and 12th Street���take 12th St. Car TUESDAY,  MAY  27,  1913.
PAQI *****
I will  be  more  than  a  mutch  for    thu
| twirling   of   Corbett,   while   I lorne   Is
[capable  of   shooting   them  over    to
; baffle many  a batter.
Tonight's    game    is    scheduled    to
start  at  6:80  o'clock   with  Sld   Mal
eolmson handling the indicator.
  I    Tim line-up of the Electrics will bo
as follows:     Huprlght, c;  Corbett, p;
Heavyweight   Exonerated   at   Inquest   Undseth,  lb;   lllnman,  2b;   bell, 3b;
,,_,_..,.. , Howe, bs;  Bellows, Martin and Hob-
on McCarty, But Must Appear        ,        ��� flc,derg>
when  tho anti-racing  lid  was raised.; possible In strict conformity with the
In  that year he defeated the famous law  lor bona fide settlers and genuine
l*nriy   l.lgbtfdot  on   a     Long     Island home-seekers, und as difficult as pOB-
OOurse and  then  went to Washington sible  for dummy  entryinen or specu-
ain)   beat   Sir   Charles,    a     suutbern lators.   Is  the  announced   purpose  of
hone.    The people of Dixie were ex- Secretary   l.ane   111   beginning  an   in-
Oesslvsly   proud   of   their   "hoe-flesh" vistlgatlon  of the  rules  and  regula-
and     the    defeat   Of   their  champion tlons of the land office,
rankled  In  their breasts. 	
In  Court.
Calgary, May 26.���Accidental death Senior Amateurs Not Phased by Vic-
was the verdict brought ln by    the'. toria Defeat.
coroner's Jury In the matter of the; From all reports garnered front
tragic end of Luther McCarty, who followers of the Senior Amateurs who
died on Saturday morning during his Journeyed to Victoria on Victoria
light with Arthur Pelkey. Tbe Jury ; Day, the local youngsters made a far
exonerated Pelkey from all blame.      : better showing than the score would
This, however, does not mean that! Indicate and, but for a lack of nerve
'Pelkey haB seen the end of his with one or two of the players who
troubles, for a charge of manslaughter made their first appearance In senior
wlll be heard against him In court | company, the Bcore might have been
this week, following an order from rlversed. The Capitals are a rugged
the attorney general ln Kdmonton. bunch, but in the first quarter they
Hilly McCarney, McCarty'B manager, I were played off their feet by the
and Kd. Smith, the newspaper man of speed and clever stlckhandllng ot the
Chicago who refereed the bout, will  Kraser hoys.
be asked to give personal assurance Manager Turnbull, when seen yes-
to appear at the trial of Pelkey.        j terday, was by no meana dlshearten-
W. It. Hearst's Chicago representa-  cd by the defeat.   In fact he iB more
live advised  Smith to remain ln Cul-  optimistic  than  ever and  states that
gary  until  the trouble Is ended.
McCarney. who it is understood will
return to the United States, cried like
a baby while giving his testimony before tlie Jury,
before another month has passed
there will be a different talc to tell
when the scores are counted.
Every  one of  the  team  turned out
for practice last evening and appear
Baseball Results.
Standing  of the  Clubs.
Ur. II. II. MoBhler, who conducted ocnfldont of giving thc V. A. C's
the autopBy last night, testified that hard run In aext Saturday's game,
a blow on the edge of the Jaw, the which is Bcheduled to take place at
dislocation    of    the    fourth    cervical  Athletic  park,  Vancouver.
vertebrae,  the    hemorrhage    of    the, 	
brain  that  followed and  the  f6rclng I
of  blood   Into  the  spinal  canal   were
lhe causes of Mccarty's death.
Crown I'rosecuior Shaw questioned
Bums, who acknowledged lie promoted the fight, and that McCarty
nnd I'elkoy were to receive $J>onii
each,   according   to   the  agreement.
Referee Smith testified that not
one hard blow was struck in tbe
Manager McCarney asserted on the
witness stand  that   McCarty  was    in
good  condition   when  he  entered  the
��� ring,   .lie  Baid  that  the man's death
was not caused by a blow.
McCarty's body was shipped to his
home In Ohio tonight, McCarney had
planned lo accompany the remains,
but was detained here by the authorities.
Tbat a Yankee horse could be better than one bom and bred In Dixie
was Impossible, In their opinion. Tho
North answered this challenge by offering to back KclipBC against any
horse in the south, and John C. Stev-
Polsonoui   Lizard   Now   on   View
Reptile Houie.
There bai just arrived at the Zoo
ens   put   up   $20,000   and   invited   the i 1"K"*'al    Gardens,   London,   a   lizard
southerners to make fcood. Wlt," a Pomonoui bite.   No other kiii'J
Sir Henry wus finally chosen to "l ll7ard is known to science that can
carry the southern colors in the race f�� serious harm liy a mere bite. Esch
which was to be four mile heats on *���*>�����> ln ���������'��� 'ower jaw is grooved like
the Union track Ixwg Island. Sir J,ie ���"���"* *>< a snake, and a bite has
Henry was a 4-year-old, while Eclipse, L,e" known to kill a man.
was then nine. The entire course waB I Th" creature has been deposited in
lined with people from all over the' a glass-fronted cage in one ol the
country, thousands of them from the *tpti.e houses along with seven others
S��uth, while 20,000 came from Phlla- ol _18 species, Although this liouse
delphla alone, and practically every-1'I kept so warm that the crocodiles
body In New York, Brooklyn and near! ' MP ca m'y *�� their pond, theec lit-
by cities turned out to sec tbe race.     | tie beasts seem to feel the cold, and
It IS estimated that not less ����.��?���*��� *<*W�� '" the sand that has
���12,000,000 was wagered on the result. ***���* 8lven *������> ���� the best possible
In the first heat Sir Henry won by a'; imitation of their own home. They
length, time 7 minutes 37 1-2 seconds I "e ** ' ��bout J .'oot   lone,   and   gor-
and the southerners went craiy *t?-u,,ly B,*_k$ ,nuV,e.m"l,-i?t ��Ta?*,'
Kcllpse won by two lengths In the i j<.*���*"����� ��nd. blue-black. They look
second heat and the old animal led all! ,,ke M-OtbM] |Unt tadpo.es that have |
the. way In the third, winning tbe race. ( *'���e*}iow or other covered themselves
Many of the Southerners had to walk I '��'". the ends of their alligator snouts
home, while celebrations were held \.u'\he !'!""' l^'r '*"* "'���* ��'��
throughout the North and even ln>"',h miniature tiger skins. The fat
arrl..-.,. . , ,    .      ,       ,
  the correct name of the Heard���eats
_____   . -T-.T ��� - _       i its   tail   fattens,  and   stores  up  huge
PUGILISTIC ANNALS.     ' quantities of   fat.   just   as a   camel
throughout  the  North  and  even    ln'���"'.'.' "���-"  ****.**�����    *"* �������
Canada when the news of the victory \ U"1 ���"��� B���� merely funny; they are
nrrlved 1 valuable.    As the Helodenn���that is
stores up lat 141 its hump. When its
j tail Is nearly as thick as its body it
1896--Mysterious Billy Smith and j becomes happy. Sometimes it goes
Tommy Ilyan fought an 18- to sleep, as these specimens at the
round draw at Coney Island. ! 7.00 seem to do, but often enough it
1909���Joe Jeanette defeated Soldier carrios its fat tail with it aa a re-1
Cooke in two rounds and Harry ��� serve. It is well known that the j
Sherring in four roundB at Lou- '��� tiger-striped lizard can go many
don. j months without food, but during tha '
1909���Stanley Ketchel knocked out I time of hunger his tail shrink?. Wben1
Willie Lewis in second round at 1 lie is really hungry lie i- a very nasiy ;
New   York. I brut-   to   meet,   [or  the   inside  of   his 1
I 1911 ���  Harry   Lewis  and  (Ieorge  Gun- | usually   sleepy   mouth   is    most   fern-
On Board Niaqara���Maiden Voyage
of  Mammoth  Liner
Victoria, May 28. A rousing reception is to be given the Niagara
when she arlves on Wednesday on
lor maiden trip from Australia.
Immediate]}   upon the docking   of
the ship the mayor and aldermen, the
president  and  the  reception  commit-
t if  the  hoard of trade, the  presi
dent of the Viotorla Real Kstate Kx
change, the president of the Progres-
sive club, the president of the Pacific Coasl Cricket association, and the
edilors of the Colonist, Times and
Week, will board the ship, and In
the saloon, present to the captain
and officers of the vessel, as representatives of the steamship company,
and to the members of the Australian
cricket team, an illuminated address
referring in appropriate terms to the
Importance   which   the  advent   nf   the
vessel  ou    the    Canadian-Australian
run nu alls to Victoria and the pleasure with which this city welaomes
the new arrival and crew.
Trips aboul the city and a reception  will follow.
Philadelphia 21
Cleveland    24
Washington      l��
Chicago    21
Hoston    15
St.   Louis    1"
Detroit    15
New York ��� ���   9
Yesterday's Games,
At   Nev^  York: K.
Iloston    ������ 3     7      1
New   York      1      4      4
Batteries: Iledlent and Carrigan,
McConnell   und   Sweeney.
Al Philadelphia: It.    H,    B,
Washington       0      8      3
Philadelphia   4     5     0
Batteries:     Groom.    Hoebling    and
Henry,   Williams:   Houck  and  Lapp
Second   game: Ii.    H.    E.
Washington          9    12      2
Philadelphia   2    5     3
Batteries:   Johnson,     Boehlin    and
Ainsinith,   Williams;   Tuff,   I'ennock,
Hush and  Lapp. Schang.
At St. Louis: R,    H      K
Detroit        il      7       1
St.  Louis       4      li      1
Batteries: Hall and Stallage; Well-
mann, Klawittcr and Alexander.
Chicago-Cleveland game postponed.
Standing of the Clubs.
and  George  Gun-
ther,    Australian,    fought    20-
round draw at  I'aris.
Pet. |1911 -Ad Wolgast   defeated    Frankle
H78 i Burns    in    10    rounds at  San
.6671 Francisco.
.575; 1 fll^ Sam Langford knocked out
Porky Flynn in 14th round at
finish* armed. Both on the upper
and lower jaw he has sharp teeth
curved backwards, so thst anything
li - seizes has little chance of escaping, Any wriggle given by the unfortunate beast he'has gripped tends
merely to help It backwards towards
the voracious little throat. Moreover, the nxif ol its mouth has other
backward-pointing teeth which help
in  the general  effect.
MAY  26, 27, 28.
The Perfect Athlete and the
Country Girl.
 Pi    ,
<2)     .
America's    Foremost    Mimic
and  Imitator of Bird*.
Singer   of   Illustrated   Bongs.
A Keystone Comedy In which
Schmidt shows his smartness.
The Union Eternal
A Gaumont   in   three   parts,
which   will   hold   you   spellbound.
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase   and   Sale  of   Real   Estate
We are offering extra value in a Quarter Section of.
good land, close to Great *
Northern' Railway.    Price
$50.00 Per Acre, terms to       ���
suit purchaser
J. J. JONES. Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
\V.    1.
 ti     7
Brooklyn   .
 19    14
N,w    York   .
 Iti    14
St, I.ouis . . .
 IR    It!
 18    17
Pittsburg   . .
 lii    19
Ai, i
 11    18
Cincinnati . ���
 Id   25
At    Iloston:
New   York   .
...    7
Marquard   and   M
Prairie Champion  Meet6 Savonas  Bay
���$1,000   a  Side.
Savonas. May 26, - Tbo Savonas
sporting club have decided to bold
tlieir annual celebrations on July 1st
this year.
A  treat   feature  in  this connection
will be a Wrestling bout between Book
MeLeod of the club and Clarence lik-
lutiil, champion of Alberta, Saskatchewan anil Manitoba, on a bet of $1,000 -���
B   siil-     Doe   English   will   back   the          NORTHWESTERN league
local hoy. while Kkltind will be backed ;              Standing of the Clubs.
by bis past reputation. Y"
The  purse  will   be the largest   ever   Seattle ""7..
offered  for a wrestling b( ut   la   west     Vancouver
ern Canada,
James,  Itmlolph and  Whaling,
At Hrooklyn: It.    H,    B
Philadelphia     8   is     3
Hrooklyn      5     8      8
Hatterles: Seaton, Alexander and
Killlfer: Stask, Allen, Yingllng and
Miller, Erwln.    Kleven Innings.
Cincinnati-Pittsburg same called in
tlrst; rain.
I.ouis game postponed.
AbboUfcrd !.ar-;es Aid in *��� .luippinn
Club Premises
Abbotsford, May 86.���The sporting
clubs of Abbot :ford have derided tn
unite under the name of the Abbotsford Athletic club. A large suite of
rooms lias been rented on KsseiKloon
avenue, and club rooms will be open
�����(!  there  ill  abOUt  two weeks
The   Unlied   Ladles'   Aid
Portland  18
Victoria    20
Tacoma         16
Spokane    IB
Vancouver   Drops  Down.
Spokane.   May   26.-   Cnvoluskit
too much foe the Vancouver Headers
todav nnd the visitors gathered but
Iwo singles ofr his delivery and were
held rimless The score was 1-0 In
favor Of Spokane.
sebmutz pitched gilt-edged ball but
a single by l'ape und a triple by Wag-
BOCletles, Inor in the first gave Spokane ennugr
In conjunction with Mr. Chas, Hill-
Tout, have very kindly offered to
furnish  the  rooms.
The officers were elected as follows:      President,     CIibb.     Hill-Tout;
Becretary, O, lb -Iddellj treasurer,
W,  Morgan.
A house committee was elected as
follows: Mr. C.lllett, Mr. Hayes. Mr.
Sutherns. Mr. MorrlBon, Mr. C, H,
Hannah,   Mr.   Heath.
win. The fielding of Klppert am
Altman were features, Kippert's ratcb
of l'ape'a drive In the third cut off nt
least one run.    Score:
It.    II.    K
Vancouver  0     2      1
Spokane   1      7      8
Hatterles- Schinnt?. and Lewis;
Covelaskle and Ostdlek.
Almost Surgical Skill Used on the Ice
to Make It Perfect.
Scotch players regard ibe conditions
of Alpine curling as somewhat too I in- 1
urioiis. Tbe lee Is nlmost too perfect,
and the tactics that proved successful
011 the rough Ice of a Scott ish pond
have to lie abandoned iu fuvor of more
subtle methods.
The ordinary visitor to the Alps has
very little Idea of the science and work
which are necessary to Insure a good ,
rink,  and  the Scotch curler wbo lias
been accustomed Ui tlie rough lee form- 1
ed by a few nights' frost Is somewhat
startled when he sees an army of Ice-
men   working   through   the  night.    A
rink In  tbe Alps is 11 cosily  business
Tbe ground is carefully leveled iu the '���
spring, and after the flrst fall of snow j
a   squad   of  Icemen   tramp  the  snow I
down us evenly as iwssilile.   The flood-
ing   Is  done  In   n   series  of   elaborate
stages, which enn be corrled out only
when the sun Is shining.
The secret of good Ice ls to go slowly
This was proved by 11 clever experi
ment. The discovery of this was due
to Rudolph Bautnan, perhaps the best
ii-emiin In the Alps. He tilled two
wooden nibs .with water, und Hie first
frose hard In 11 nlgbt Tbe second was
allowed to HH gradually, drop hy drop.
throughout a fortnight The two blocks
of lee were then put in tlie sunshine,
and. whereas the ice that hnd been
formed In a single night disappeared
within a week, the other block sur
lived for three weeks
The Ice Is carefully doctored every
ulghi with the skill of a first class sur
geon Small holes are trimmed nnd
scooped out with a knife 'Ibey are
then tilled with finely powdered ice
and sprinkled with boiling water The
result Is un absolutely even surfuce of
good Ice.-Loudon Times.
Solidified   Petroleum.
Oeoan   liners   may   soon   use   solid
petroleum   as   fuel.     Not  so   long  ago
ship owners met in London and decid-l
ed to go into the production of solid!-1
lied   petroleum    brlckets    6n   a   large'
scale.    The crude oil is boiled and to]
,it is Bildcl a certain amount ol stearic
aci'l    with   an   alcoholic   solution
caustic soda.    I'pon cooling,  there
obtained  a  transparent    mass    Bome
what resembling glycerine soap, and it
has sufficient cohesion to allow of
making it Into square-shaped brickets
These are easy to handle, as tliey are
not brittle nor do they cause dust.
Such blocks have a slow and very
regular combustion owing to their
'uniformity of structure. The weather
does not seen to affect thein, and
they always remain clear.
The heat production from them is
such that a ton ol solidified petroleum
serves instead ol two a_id one-ball
tons ol coal. The great saving of
space on shipboard is evident, and
3   DARLINGS   3
A   Classy   Musical   Offering.
The Eroncho with the Human Brain. A Horse that
Puzzles Scientists.
-At the Tkeatres
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in all parte of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W. BLACK, Manager.
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
The Pollard's Australian opera company, which will shortly appear in
this city, is without doubt the most
unique operatic organization in existence today, lt ls composed entirely
of Australian youngsters or. more
properly, of very young men and
women who range in ages from 15 tc
20 years.
The operatic Idea was evolved    29
years ago by John Pollard, who form.
ed the Pollard organization which in
point  is  the  great  all-round I Australia today Is one of the biggest
economy   realized   for   producing   an  theatrical   firms,  sending   as  it  does
equal amount of steam. companies to all parts of the world.
Some British naval engineers stud Up to this year there have been ten
led the question and concluded that I juvenile Pollard companies, three
(nr a single trip nf a liner from ling- which have been seen In all the
land to New York and return the'larger cities of Canada and United
lowest figure for the saving would be | States, and tlve adult companies    re-
Buy Fraser Valley
Get   the   wife   to  take   a   glass   of
"WINEWEI8ER" Beer, it will    drive
away  her  tired  feeling and make a
new woman of her. "WINEWEISER"
Beer la only slightly stimulating, lt Is
more of a tonic than moat medicines
and Is a wonderful flesh builder. Have
a few bottles on Ice for use when tired In either   body    or    mind.    You
couldn't have a hetter or cheaper refresher of either.
vessel will be much
a capital point Ior
The ranee of th
increased, which
war  vessels.
It adoption may prove to be rapid
in the near future, for liquid petroleum would only be able to replace
coal in a gradual way, owing to the
Streat cost of changing over furnace:
nnd  bunkers.
cruiting from the ranks of the Juveniles,  which  have  not  been  seen  save
in Australia and New Zealand.
The seat sale is now on at the box
Needed at Mexico.
KI Paso, Tex., May 26���General
RabagO has resigned as military governor of Chihuahua state, according
to the official press of the state capital He will go to Mexico City. The
reason for the resignation is not given
nor the name of his successor. Rab-
,go was made military governor Immediately after the Mexico City revolt.
Two New Tunnels.
Eugene, Ore., .lune -"��"���- -A special to
the Register from Marshtleld, Ore.,
.���ays: "It is announced here that Chief
Engineer Hood of tbe Southern Pacific, has given orders that Porter
tiros., contractors, at once begin work
on two more tunnels of the Willamette Pacific line."
Woose   and   Electrics  Come  Together
This Evening.
This evening  at  CJueens  park    the
'illy ItiisebiiH league will start operations   for   the   season   nf   1918   when
the   Moobe,   last     year's    champions,
Will  cross bats with the    II   C,  Klec-
The  latter  aggregation   are   at   the
present   unknown   In   the   baseball
world although several of their players have figured In intercity and also
olty league games 1" the Past, which
Indicates to a certain extent thnl tliey
lire likely to BprlllR H surprise on tho I grandson of Diomed, winner of the
fanB before the se.l\,edtilo Is completed. nrHt English Derby, and on his moth-
Witb over 4U" men to draw from and ,,-������ B-(|(, ),Bd equally blue blood. He
the  SUPPOTl   Of  the  Wad  officials  re-  raced  only  two or three years when
gardlng time oft, there la little rea-j the New York legislature passed a law
���son to believe that they will be al against horse racing���a cirenmstance
the lull end In competing with the that porves that history repeats itself
Balmorals or the Moose. antl  thnt there Is nothing new under
Bill  Graham,  the  manager of    the  the  sun,  at least In the way  of  re-
herd   lias gathered together a bunch istrletlve legislation,
of slick handlers   whom he   believes'    Eclipse remained  Idle    until    1821,
(Bv  "Gravy."!
In a grave on I,ong Island He buried
the bones of lOcllpse, victor In a race
that was In many respects the greatest and most remarkable In the history of the American turf. One year
from today. May 25, 1914, will mark
the centenary of the birth of Kcllpse,
and New York racing men nre pbui-
ning some sort of observance of the
Kcllpse was a son of DuroC nnd a
Not a Bid.
North Yakima, Wash.. May 26.���The
United States reclamation service, according to local officials, did not receive a single bid Tor 11.000,000 feet
of timber to be cut out from Storage
Basin in the Cascades, Including some
8,000,000 fret of red cedar. The timber
waB advertised two months ago and
the bids were to have been opened today, i
Er.ster   Eggs.
Few people understand why egg;
play so important a part in Eastil
celebrations. The reason is that the
nie lieval laws forbade c-gs during
Lent, and hence, at Easter, the bun
jrry medieval populace returned ti
their favorite dish with rejoicing.
With us to-day, when Lent no longei
forbids eggs, there is no reason fol
featuring them upon Master Suinln}
breakfast menu. But we do so���it i
the pretty survival of an obsolete cu.
In Quc'ti Elisabeth's time he win
ate Ib'sli 'luring Lent was fined threi
pounds --..Tiiiig. lie who so much Brim.i me t ih Hi- house was pilloried oi
set in t ie stocks.
Lut  tin-  ricli.  as usual, dodged  the
iisr-b   Lenten   laws,  and   tbey   whi
could aftird it  isiuglit licenses to eat
meal   in  Lei t.
Windstorm In Oregon.
Baker, Ore., June 26.���A heavy
windstorm passed over Baker valley
and vicinity this afternoon, doing considerable damage. Telephone and
telegraph lines were laid low In many
places, crops were damaged. In this
town trees were blown down and several small buildings were razed.
Spreckels Will Case.
Honolulu, Mny 26. -The territorial
supreme court reversed today the decision of tbe circuit court of last year
which wns contrary to thc decision of
the supreme court of California ln the
Spreckels will case. The decision today is In accordance with the California decision sustaining the will and
Is against. John 1). and Adolph B.
A Brave Briton.
When the attack was made "ii Bl-
Ion, during the war with Syria, it
oceanic necessary for the British
troops to advance across a long, un
protected bridge in Die face of a luit
tery of six guns, which completely
w.iiiinaiuled the approach. The men
were unwilling to expose themselves
to certain death, when Arthur Cum-
ming. carefully dressed in full uniform, stepped forward to the middle
of the bridge. It was immediately
swept liy the lire of the battery. When
the smoke bad rolled away, there
stood CumuiiiiR intact, carefully
brushing the dust from his boots, alter which he stood erect, fixed a single glass in his eye and looked back
at the men. This was too much, an I
they captured that bridge and battery
with a whoop.
The. photo play of the season. That
Is what is said of the film "Gypsy
Blood" which will be seen at the
Edison theatre today. The picture
will be shown In the afternoon as
well as in the evening, but will bi
seen today only as Manager Kerr was
unable to obtain a contract for t;
longer period.
Miss Asta Nielson takes the lead"
ing role of I-uscham, daughter of Kas-
par, and other actors are Hugo Flink.
Miss Mary Hagen and Emile Albes.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,  New  Weatmlnster.
inger  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Musical Goods of all Kinds.  PHONE 6f>*.
Want Good  Settlers.
Washington, "May 26.���To make the
acquisition of homesteads as easy aa
Floating Prisons.
Of the live ships used as floating
prisons for the confinement ol refractory convicts in the penal colonies ol
Australia, but one, the Success, remains as a memorial to the hundreds
oi unfortunate wretches who suffered
pain and death in the narrow, damp
cells of the hulks. When a convict
rebelled at the treatment accorded
him in the quarries he was "sent to
the hulks" for at least two years, there
to lie fastened with ball and chain and
fed on  bread  and water only.    The
Whole Region Rich in Gas���Good Oil
Prospects AIbo
Athabasca. May 26.���Another greal
ur.ke Of natural gas occurred in well
No. 4 on the east side. At the roughest computation there is a pressure
of 800 pounds to the square inch,
which means approximately a flow
of between two and three million fee:
of  gas  a  day.
Gas was si ruck some time ago In
this well, but it was only a pocket
and It was decided to continue the
boring In the hope of striking the
main strata. The result bas exceed
ed all expectations.
Only one other well in Athabasca
so far has given such a yield and thai
one is well No. 8, situated In the centre of the town at Coles streel, which
was struck on the 17th of March last.
Tia well Is still yielding as well
now as on the day It was struck, aud
there Ib every' reason to suppose that
No. 4 will do likewise. These two
wells are about a mile apart, and are
abundant proof that this whole re-
glo'n Ib underlined with gas.
Back of tbe Yards.
Chicago, May 26. Moral conditlonr
In the stock yarda quarter of Chicago
was considered at a session of the
legislative vice commission here today. Louis L. Swift, president ol
Swift & Co., and representatives of
Armour & Co, and Morris & Co. testified concerning the wages and surroundings of the thousands of foreign
girls and women, in which district
������hack of tho stock yards" there is salil
to be the largest foreign settlement on
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made   In   New   Westminster.
Schaake   Machine Wor ks.
Home    of    the   Cinematograph.
,'V      Entire Change of Program
... .; *m Extra Special
THEATRtw Attraction
The  Supreme  Dramatic  Photo-Play   in   Three  Acts,   Featuring   the
liarlng Sensational Actress ; J  i      I J
ThiB Production is the Photo-Play  Event of  the Season.
Approved by Wilson.
Trenton, N.J., June 26. -The Chancellor-Sheriff jury reform bill, which
has the approval of Prcsid "t Wilson,
passed the Benate tonight h. u strict
irons "and Hogging Whips maystiU be I party vote. The measure Passed the
SEen on the Success, Vrhich is anehor I lower branch of the genera! assembly
cd to the harbor at Sydney. | two weeks ago.
"A Little Child Shall Lead Them
Or "The  Saving  Grace  of the   Household."
"Wanted, a Strong Hand"
TUB8DAY,  MAY  27, 1013.
Classified Advertising
, -tATES. ���
ClasBlfled���Due cent per word per
day 4c tier word per week; llie per
month; 6,000 words, to be used ns re-
mired wltl.ln une yeur from date of
contract,  $25.0(1.
Hlrth or Marriage Notices 60c.
Death Notice 500 or with Kuneral Nonce 11.00. Card of Thanks 60c per
new, sieves, singer sewing machine; leaving cily. 41? Beoond
street,    Phone  1129. (1884)
���set -���"*.��� .
lng three acres of Church of Kngland cemetery, Por particulars ap-
Diamond & Corbould, 507 West-
Trust building. moo)
servant; one who can cook.    Apply
1-*-,  Third  street, or  telephone 216.
1-- x P K 111 E N C E li DRESSMAKER
wairts work by the day. Apply Hox
1390 Dally News. 113'JOl
poles. 30 feet to 60 feet in length.
7 Inch to 9 inch tops. Can take In
on cars. Nestos Timber
BBlUngham, Wash. (l-GS)
water  nr
Co., Ltd.
beds and pillows. Address Hox
1136 News office. (13831
newly repaired and painted. harness for same; $60 for lln- lot. W,
T Askew, 51J Summer street. Telephone 366. (1898)
Toronto   Company   Asks   Backing
Ctty  In Scheme to  Provide
Cheap  Homes
cf   Remarkable Sucess Attend- Flotation  Clamor  cf Yellow   Men   for   Equably I
T( n
into,    Mu.v   -6     Tbe   bonrd
I  has  been  requested  by
Hi nr to nsk the city
bonds of  the Toronto
cf 4-1.000,000 lr.:;ue at '1  Per
Cent. In Philadelphia.
With Whiten is World Question
���Times'   View
with   crop, or   exohange
property, Inquire 888
New Westminster,
lo guar-
Co., under authority of the acl to encourage bousing accommodation paused in the lasl session ol tbe provincial legislature,
Mr,   Beer  bud   bis   program   before ;
the board, calling for an expenditure
NEW COTTAGE <*r $1,000,000 In 1818 and 1814,   Prom
price 12060; 8200 Investigation of similar scheme
for    cily
Eighth   Slfeet.
It   week over
treasury   Is
for sale by owner; price $20,10; $200
cash.    It has bath, pantry anil biise-.wber
ment. Apply 443 Wilson street, just
off   Major  street. (1373)
Philadelphia,  Maj    28,    rhe   pro
noiiueed   success   which   h IS   crowned
the efforts of the clt) df Philadelphia
to dispose or its 14,000,000 issue of 4
per cent, bonds al par
th uut,i-  of  the
largely unparalleled,
This achievement led tq some
amazement 'In linaiielal droles
throughoul the country, because or the
depressed oondltlon of the worlds security markets ami the Imperativede-
.     ,   ,        ,,,,.,  ,M ,���,  ��� .,_ i tuiiiKl from Investors for higher rates
he believed that. $1,000,000 was;       ������,���,.,,���   oll   |oan8  of   almosl   any
the   smallest   sum   that  could   OOono- y_j
mlcally be handled, A'significant  fact    In    connection
The city solicitor will be asked m i wltt) this triumph Is that the subscrlb-
I'Oll   SALE-  $500   CASH   WILL   OH-! prepare   a   bylaw   ill   order   tbut   the  erfl  included  a  very  large  number or
tain    Immediate  Possession    of niijcouncil  may  have  the  matter  before gmftn investors.    Reports Of the sale
Ideal city  lot facing    Moody  Park.; them  In  proper form. ! Hliy  ,-,,.,,  ,-*,,,,  rum!  with  which   these
Balance nf $1000 call be paid on; "1 believe ll Is a sound business bonds were substantially purchased
terms to suit purchaser's convent- undertaking," commented Mr. Hock- came rrom "obi stockings, tea pots
ence.    Write 0\*>er, Hox 1340 Dally  en. and kindred Biding places."
Nows. (1340)1    Tbe company's proposal  la to build      Ti,p tTumpiC(i and  must*  condition
 houses thai will rent ror rrom $11 tn,0f the currencj    tendered  by  these
KOR SAl R ��� $1 on DOWN si oo PER I $16.50 per month, heating und taxes email Investors was evidence that it
Canada's Pride' Malleable Included. Another proposal is to.had been withdrawn irom clrpulatlon
creel houses In various parts of the tor a long time One Investor offered
olty to be sold outright to workmen : Ji.iuiu in Ave, ten and twenty-dollar
on a cash paymenl of $200 and a
rental ( f $20 per month for t'ourlt
from  two plots of land
cily  limits  on  which
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square, (1200)
up small dog on Sixth street, llur-1 will be
naby. kindly return   same;    it   not Slve a
will bo prosecuted.   T. D. Coldicutt. I dren,   the
(1386) I option  2"
fm>_\Ve want a man or woman to
open an office and act as our representative. We have a permanent
position for tlie right party. Somo
of our representatives aro earning
thrco hundred dollars per month.
We furnish everything and pay express charges. All you have to do
is distribute our printed matter and
Write contracts. No experience
necessary. Write today. Harbor
City Terminal Corporation, San
Antonio, Texas. (1324)
AND    ROOM     $6.00    PER
Apply 213 Seventh street,
Merrlvale stn
APPLY    47
feet condition, 22 feet long and IS
feet wide, containing stock of
groceries, tobacco and cigars. Will
sell Tor $600 cash and allow one
month to remove trom present site.
This Is worth considering. Apply
801 Twelfth street. (1S77)
erected on  plana  wblcb    will
common  playground   for chll-
company   has   also   under
acres outside  the  olty,
The   company   has   already   raised
$100,000 and  proposes to increase the
! amount by $60,000,    The housing act
; of last  session enables municipalities
to  guarantee  bonds  equal   to  8a  per
| cent,  of  the  sum   raised   by  private
subscription.    Thus with the guaran-
! tee   and   the   money   raised   by     the
company  a  million  dollars  wlll    be
available ror housing  In  Toronto.
Architect    Mak^s    Happy    Mistake���
Unique Scene  In Court.
Geneva,    May    26.    While    waiting
tor a train at the station at Carnen,
In the Canton of Unterweld, a wealthy
young   Swiss  architect  kissed  a  girl
did not know, and tben gal-
tween Eighth street and Columbian
college, a small black change purse
containing a number of bills    and j whom b
receipts.    Finder leave    at    News | lantly apologized, stating that he could \ Barcelona,
London, May 26. The Times gives
prominence to a long article by Sir
Valentine Chlrol, treating the Japanese dispute wiiii  ths  United  States
as  a  grave   International   Issue.     Tie*
Tillies editorially takes the same view'
The article  says:
"Tlie ultimate point  Of  the  dispute
does  not   affeel   the   Uinlbed   states
alone, still less California, ll Is a '
world question essentially. The rears
of  the  Inhabitants ot    the    Pacific
slope lire exaggerated and premature. :
bill  they are nut entirely groundless,
No   useful   purpose   can   be   served \
by blind condemnation of the tendencies or public opinion In the western
states. They do not spring so much
from race hatred as from the liiBtlnct'
et seir preservation. The time has
come when Japan is disposed to Challenge the very esence of the attitude j
or western nations toward Asiatics,
she asks admission to the comity of
nations on equal terms."
Excitable  Democracy
Emphasizing one of the points made
by Sir Valentine Chlrol, the Times
"Japan's challenge conns HI a moment   that   is   fraught    with   peculiar
danger. Japan is entering upon a
new era. Her eider statesmen have
person nearly all passed away and few are
left to check the impulses of popular
passion. The senil-dlvine attributes
of the ruler no longer serve to sway
or sooth the nation In moments of
Japanese democracy is knocking at
the doors of the council chambors,
and we fear it Is a democracy which
is headstrong, excitable and Inexperienced, qualities which are shared in
a greater or less degree by all democracies. We are thus on both sides
confronted by a situation of very
1 special difficulty."
i   Dealing specifically with the Callfornlan issue, the editorial says:
"It  ls  an   Issue  that   will    become
more insistent whatever may be settled  now and  It   will have to receive
��� Ithe  earnest  attention  of    all     white
I races in time to come, but the magni-
Madrid, May 26.--C.omez Lopez del I tude of the question Is out of all pro-
Navarette,  a well-known  diplomat of  portion to the immediate dispute."
was  iu  love  with  nn  ac- Hint to Japan
po Bobby Burns tersely describes the
rkb, but still poor, dyspeptics. Uutlhclr
case is not now to desperate as when
Burns "wrote, l-'orthe man who has t'.ie
food now can est without suffering for
It, i( lie jusl follows the meal wuli k
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet.
These remarkable tablets banish the'
troubles of llie clirouic dyspeptic���the
man who is bilious--the suueref fmiu
heartburn, pus on tlio stomach or occasional Indigestion. You can rat hearty
me.dn of wholesome tood���and digest
them,  too   if you take  N*-l>ru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablets.
Compounded by expert chemists, after
probably the best formula kaowu to
medicul science, limy are quick and
certain in tlieir action, giving prompt
relief frof.1 all forms of stomach trouble,
toning up ami strengthening Hie digest1
ive organsaud lit tngiug about permanent
A man Uaostrongerthanhlsstomsch.
Fit yourself for yuur best woik by
taking Na-Dru-Co Dyspcfujki Tablets.
joc. at yuur druggist's. Nelioual lii.e
snd Chemical Co. at Canada, Luaiteii,
Montreal. Ut
Notice lu hereby given that Ihn undersigned wlll apply to Uie Hoard of
I License Commissioners sl    Its   next
regular  sitling   for  an   Hotel   License
tor the premises known as the "Hotel
Dominion," situate upon Lot  11, Hlock
5,    corner    or    Sixth    nnd    Columbia
istrecis, citv   ot   New Westminster,
haled  this lilli    dav    of  May,    AD.
(1384)   KDWARD JONES.
Notice is hereby given that al the
next  sitting or the  Hoard  or License
Commissioners lor tin- City ot New
Westminster application will be made
for a transfer ur the license to sell
liquor by retail la the Central Hotel
premises situate    oil     Lot     One    111.
Hlock "(',," Merchants' Bquare, City ot
New Westminster, from    Jos.  I.  Kree-
. man to Henry Freeman,
J     Dated    ut    New  Westminster,  B.C..
this 6th day of Mav. A.D.  LB18.
Holder of License.
(13IU) Applicant ror Transfer,
> I gold   pieces,   which   Wl re
i Ithe savings of a number
or years.
Individual usbscrlptlons ranged up-
v.Mh- ward  trom  $100,  and  many  parents
houses ! took their children to the city treas
urer's  office  to  subscribe  in
to the extent of $lou or $200.
The total subscription wiir $1,140,-
500, which was $640,000 In excels 0
the amount originally offered,
Tenders  will  be  received    by    the ,
undersigned until S p.m. on June 8rd i    Wanted
next for the erection of an Anglican|schools.
Church  (trams building) at Hurquit-
lam,  Hi'.    Drawings   and   specifications may be obtained at my office.
tif.7  Columbia Btreel    (over    Curtis'
Drug Store)', or rrom Mr, B. C. Cotoh-
lng, Burqultlam,   The lowest or any
tei.der  not   necessarily  accepted.
teachers     for    the    city
Including       high       school
teachers, commercial teachers (with
academic teacher's certificate), publlo
school  principals,   vice principals  and
asMtants,     manual     training     and
domestic   science   Instructors.
cation forms may be obtained
offices   of   the Westminster
Hritish   Columbian.   Vancouver
Architect,  ince and  Victoria Colonist.
(11176)      New Westminster, H.C.
at  the
R*val Wounds Him in Duel, Then Am
putates Limb���Damago Suit
ofTice and receive reward.
all newly papered and palmed, on I
full sized lot; fruit trees; fire place
in living room; one block from
Twelfth street car; $18. Phone
1252 R, or call at 1321 Eighth I
avenue.  H397)
In the Storme block on Eighth
Btreet, between Fifth and Sixth
avenue.     Rent    reasonable,   Apply
&12    Ash    street,    directly    behind
building. 114"! I
furnished      housekeeping       rooms,
close to car line.    41u Ash street.
kitchen, bath and toilet,    coal   and
wood     house;     fine     view;     $11.00
monthly.    230  Eleventh  street. i
Ished seven roomed bouse In choice
rosidential part of the city. One-
half acre ot lawn, shad,, and rruit
Found.���Black pony, 18 hands high.
Ihree white reet. K not claimed will
be Bold nt Municipal Hall, Edmonds,
at 1 p.m.. on Tuesday next, May 27,
to defray expenses.
(1,'!85) I'oundkeeper.
..... _..- .��  ���!.   '-! '-
11. R. & M. AOENCY, LIMITED, 520]
Columbia street, New WeHtmlnatr-r,
will collect your slow nnd bad nc
counts for a mere trifle. No mem
bershlp fee required and commie
slon charged only ou the amount
collected. Statements rendered
monthly, Collections made everywhere. (13651
not help himself,   bb    she    was    so j
The lass was offended and Informed
the police.    The architect  was arrest- j
ed just as be was about to lake the
express,  but   was  released  on  bail  ;i!
few  hours  later.
When  the case  came    before    the
court   the  young   Lothario   was   ron-
I deinned  to  pay  $4    line    and    costs,!
I amounting  In  all  to  $10.    This   was j
J promptly and cheerfully paid, and the
plaintiff and defendant lert the tribu-|
nal arm in arm.   It Is stated that their
* marriage In the near future is probable.
\    "No kissing on the railway platform
lis  allowed,"   runs   a   notice   that   has
[been huitK up at Samen   station, but
la  casual   kiss   bas   made   two   people
happy, and  neither appears to regret
tlie  curious commencement  or  their
tress, Ilolorer, Hlverode Romanones,
who Is the daughter of an aristocratic
Spanish family, whose name she
brought Inti great notoriety by going on the stage. A young but already |
famous Burgeon, Dr. I'orado del Pozo,|tng
was also a suitor for Dolores, and her
affections wavered so as lo caus'e a
duel between the young men In which
the diplomat was wounded In the leg.
Immediately Dolores was at his side
and nursed him devotedly. Several
doctors were consulted, but the leg
only became worse. At last Dolores
persuaded her lover to consult hiB ri-
whero. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency. 336 Hastings street west. Van
couver, B.C. 1189) It
trees.      Available    June
Motherwell & Darling.
fiinished housekeeping rooms. 37
Agnes Btreet.     Telephone  638 h.
!     Wanted  secretary  and    bookkeeper
for  Board of School  Trustees.    Must
, b�� abb> to nae typewriter and a nhort
I hand  writer preferred.    State expedience and salary required.    All appllca
tions to be in by noon May 28. Apply
I New   Westminster   Hoard    of   School
Trustees. (134f.l
American Navy May Make Demonstration   In   Pacific.
London, May 26.- It is stated her'
that a number of steamers have been
chartered in England during the last (young surgeon.   This aroused Navar-
n   days   by   the   American   govern-   ette's   suspicions  and   he   visited   th
val. the brilliant young surgeon. He i
did so. and Ur. Dorado del Polo said
that amputation would alone Bave hiB
life, as gangrene hnd set In.
More persuasion by the artreBS. who
assured him that her affections were
now fly. rl. was needed before tlie
young diplomat would consent to the
operation, The operation was eventually performed and Senor Navarette
provided with an artificial leg.
in suite of her previous protestations Dolores bad now* to confers that
she qpiild never marry a man with one
leg.     Not long after she married the
Contending Japanese competition is
not really a very urgent matter lor
California, as President Wilson's attitude and Influential American opinion sufficiently indicate, and hold-
that Japan is justifiably taking
a stand for treaty rights, it  adds:
"Japan will do well to remember
that her claim to enter a neighbor's
garden can at best be only quietly
pursued. It Is not the kind of a claim
that can be pressed with an unrestricted Indication, however strong Its
documentary BUppOrt may be, Her
larger   claims   will   not   be   hurriedly
Notice Is hereby given that the Cor-'
poratlon of the City of New Westminster proposes to till In and build eer-1
tain works on the, foreahnre along
portions of the main waterfront ol
tho Olty of New Westminster, and
has deposited the plans thereof and
a description of the proposed Bltee
with the Minister of I'nbllc Works
and a duplicate thenvir In the office
of tho Registrar of Titles for the Dis
trlct of New Westminster in the
Province of BrltlBh Columbia, being
the district In which such work Is
proposed to be constructed, and will
one mouth after tho date hereof apply to thn (iovernor-inCounctl for at
proved thereof.
Dated this 3rd day of May, 1913.
By W. A. Duncan, City Clerk.
Telephones:  Office 53. Residence 429.
JOHN  REID. Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Bros.'    Casollno
Englnee,   Marine   Engines   and   Automobile Repairs,
Office and  Works;  Tenth  St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster, B.C.
ment   with   a   view   to   replenish   the doctors  whom   he  had   consulted  he-
modern,   convenient,
Y.M.C.A.,   Royal   Av.
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
stocks of coal  for the use of American warships on the Pacific coast.
ThiB sudden activity on the part of
the  navy   department.   Is  regard' d   in
'shipping   circles  us   an   indication  or
J the possibility that h demonstration
In the Pacific la contemplated.
It Is not expected, ot course, that
the tension between the l'nited Stales
land Japan will reau't In an open rupture, but the shipment ol sliell large
quantities cr steam coal to the Pacific are  taken  here  to  Indicate that
; the United states wishes to be ready
for any eventuality  that may arise.
sitting  room  close
locality.    Phon
In.    First, class
6. (1381)
TO      RENT       FURNISHED,      TWO
bright housekeeping    rooms,   Suit
man and wife.    li>2il Third avenue.
keeping   rooms,    Apply   412   Aah
Btreet. l��4K)
TO RENT -KLLLY MODERN Business and dwelling block, EdmondB,
in front municipal hall, two stores,
kitchen, dining room and live nice
bedrooms. Lease to responsible
party, $70 per mouth. Apply Aiox.
Macpherson,  phone  1066.        (1353)
or vacant lots for rent, sale or exchange; splendid position on beach
front.    Winch, White. Rock.    (1323)
ed complete, electric light, bath,
phone, etc., $14 and $1H per month;
also one partly furnished r<xjm $S
per month, with other accoti-noda-
tions, at 224 Seventh street    (1296)
ACCIDENTS WILL HAP-parliamentary Return Giv�� ����**<[
Recent  Transfer
We have two of the finest pollrioH
ever written, and can insure either
tiit-ii or women from 16 to 70 agalnsl
Ottawa, May-
details of the
Indian lands at
t ish Columbian
brought down,
return   >-*   Ing
transfer   fit   Kltsllai
Vancouver lo the Brl-
government  has  bei n
The   sub'   was   made
subject er comments In the house
inly, the opposition alleging thai
accident, sickness or death.
$10.00 for $3000.    $25 per week for
five weeks; thiB alBo covers 4U dls-
'   eases.
$5.00 for S20U0. $15 per week for
five weeks; this also covers 49 diseases.
wallet with euch poi
428 Eleventh atreet. 11223)
Furnished   three   room  suite,  with
bath.    Hot and cold   water.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750
P.O. Box 34 Daily News Bldg.
of all kinds.
Prices rigid     Satisfaction guaranteed.
it McKenxle at
Policy Increases in value each year
Call and sen our Prospectus.
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary   Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Westminster, B.C.
lands were transferred for S'jin.
750 In face or a two million dollar
otfer  from   private   Interes.ts.
The papers explode this charge.
They show that the offer was not
made until Mnrch 20, a few days af
ter the department at Ottawa had
been notified of the arrangement
made between the 11. C. Indians and
the provincial government. The offer
was somewhat vaguely couched. It
was made by O. A. Calkins, who
wrote that be represented railway Interests who were willing to pay what
the Indians wanted. At the end of
April  he  wired  naming  two millions
The return also shows as was stat-
ed by tho government during the debate, that tbe land-i were not sold
for $21!l.7f,i), that aum being paid the
Indians for moving to another location.    The Indian agent at N'ew West
minster  wrote  the    department    on
Marcli IS stating that the value of
tin* land would be settled between
the two governments,
Labor at Mission
Mission City,  May 26.    It has been
i decided to hold a Labor Day celebration in Mission City this year on
Munday, September 1. The celebration  Ihls year wlll  be. the  firth  nnnl-
* versary of the Bports held In Ibis
town, and the prospects lor a bigger
and   brighter   anniversary   this   year
; are   better   than   ever.
Captain 9cott's Estate.
London, Mny 26. The estate left by
Captain Robert P. Scotl, the British
explorer who perished on bis way
back from the south pole, amounts to
$16,165, according to bis will, which
bua  been  offered  for probate.
fore the Operation. They all assured
hlm that gangrene was, tn their opinion, quite impossible. He is now-
bringing an action for damages
[against hie pueceesful  rival.
Little Leieure. Strenuous Work, Poor
Pay   Affect   Montrealers.
Montreal, May 26. ��� Firemen continue to leave the Montreal lire department Tha situation Is assuming
a more serious aspect every day as
lhe lighting strength of the brigade ls
In-coining weaker. Moreover, the usually long waiting list contains only a
couple of names.
Men can be secured, but nol tin- kind
who make !lr>-men. Tbe man who
wuuld wear the cap and uniform of
thn Montreal fire brigade must havi
i ertaln qualities, and such men appear to be scarce at present. Men find
tbat they ran earn as lunch money al
Other work, while ihey are not tied
up as in the department,
Firemen nre not given one dav In
a week as a holiday. They are allow-
ed one afternoon from 12 o'clock till
8, and one free evening from 6 till
midnight. They want un increase In
wages and al least one whole day
The department Ib especially atTcct-
ed by the resignation of chauffeurs
These must be capable mechanics, as
well ns good firemen, and are extremely hard to find. They have
found that there are better opportun
Itles for them outside the department
where they are given more freedom,
Half Holiday Plan
Seattle, May 26.���Employees ol "Sea-
tie grocery stores will be given a
half-day holiday every Thursday nf
ternoon during June, July and August ir a plan now under consldera
tlon by the Sea:tlo Retail Grocers'
Association is put Into effect, Sb it
Is expected it will be, .lune I.
ExegencleB i f the grocers' business
compel the keeping open of these
stores on Saturday evenings. It Is
to compensate employees frr this et-
tra demand upon their time that the
association has planned to close their
Stores one ufternoon each  week.
attained and require to be handled
meanwhll,, with Infinite calmness and
Record   of   St.   John   Shows   Need   of
Outlet on Pacific Coast.
Si. John. N. 11., May 26.���The importance of St. John ;ib a Canadian
grain shipping port la shown by the
statement of the shipment's made during the past winter, when about 10,-
600,000   bushels   went   forward.
The quantity would bave been larger but for the congestion at the West
St. John wharves during the latter
lart of the season. Of this total 7,683,-
000 bushels passed through the Canadian Pacific grain elevator, and nearly
3,000.000 bushels through that of the
Intercolonial Railway.
The'total shipments showed an in
;rease or nearly 3,000.000 bushels over
the record or the previous year. As
the new million-bushel grain elevator
for the Canadian Pacific will be finished In time for next winter's business, there will be a Bt 111 greater increase in this traffic next  year.
With in the next two or three years,
-ilso, It. will bo necessary to provide a
grain elevator at Courtenay Bay to
handle grain for tho Crank Trunk Pu-
���iiie, for which terminal facilities
must be provided by tho time this new
railway    ha.,    been
;Re  Lot thirty-four     (341,    Southwest
j      quarter of District  Lot eight bun
dred  and Bixty-seven  (867),  Muni
Olpallty of  North  Vancouver,  Map
Whereas    proof    of losa of Certlfl-
jcato of Title  No.  59042 EL,    covering
' the above mentioned property, leaned
In the name nf Sham Singh, haB been
^ filed  in tbis office.     Nol ice is hereby
I given   that  1   shall   at  the  expiration
'of nne month from date of first  pub
I llcatlon   hereof,   issue   a   duplicate   of
said Certificate of Title, unless In the
meantime valid objection be made to
, nm In writing.
Dated at the Land Registry Office.
Vancouver, B.C., this 12th day of
May,  A.II. 1913.
i (1316) District Registrar.
_ .       i *-**c****a***s*
Re Lots 3 and 4, Block 5, of Soctlen
35, Block 5  North,  Raa-je 3 West,
Map   529.   in   the   District   of   New
Whereas  proof of the Iobb of Certificate of Title Number   16674P,    Ib
sued In the name or Alexander Allan,
ihas been filed  In  this Office.
Notice ls hereby given that I shall,
lat the expiration or one month from
| the date Of the llrst publication hereof, In a dally newspaper published In
thn City of New Westminster, Issue
a duplicate, of the said (Vrtllloato, un-
i loss In the meantime valid objection
be made to me In writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land  Registry  Office,  N'-w  Westmin
Bter, B.C.,  April 30. 1913.      (12i.'0)
Buddhist Mcnk-3 March to Death
In Blazing Temple.
Tokio, Japan, May 20. The Tokio
Aaablsklmbiin glvi s details of the suicide ot ten Buddhist monks at Tui-
hol.u, in Formosa. The monks, who
had long been suffering from religious
mania and a general haired of the
fire, set fire to Sekieanryo temple, to
which they were attached.
When the whole building was well
alight, they recited prayirs and then
inarched in procession into the midst
>r the flames.
"From their superstition,' 'saya the
paper, "that by this death they would
lurely arrive In heaven, they suffered
themselves to be thus burned to death,
not suffering the least agony and appearing most satisfied with the death
which they bad chosen.
OpenB New Hall
Sllverdale, H C��� May 26, An ex
client ball and supper aerved as a
Bend-off to the new hall here last
week. The hall, which was built by
public subscription, will be used ror
celebrations of all kinds, and Is 24x50
reel with it 14ft. celling, and situated
very close to the centre of the district. More additions in the form of
a stage, kitchen and dressing roomn
will be added In the near future.
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables ln thn city. Fine
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sportliu
events bulletined.
A. Q. BEATON. Proprietor.
tenders addressed to the undersigned at Ottawa, and endorsed on
the envelope "Tender for Motor Life
Boat," will bo received up to noon ol
for the const ruction of a 36 foot
Self righting and Self bailing Life
Boat, with gasoline engine, , centreboard and sails. The following are
the leading dimensions of the boat required:
Extreme length 36 feet.
Extreme h��atn outside of planklnt
8 feet 7><j Inches.
Depth from akin to gunwale nmtd
shlpa  4  feet   2Vi   inches.
To be delivered nt Victoria, B.C.
Plana and Bpeclllcalionii can be obtained at the Department of Marine
and Fisheries, Ottawa, and at the
office of tho Agent of the Marine and
Fisheries  Department,  Victoria.   II.  C
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque (iii a chartered
Canadian bank In favor of the Deputy
Minister of Marine nnd Fisheries
equal to ten per cent. (10 p,c.| of th,
Whole amount of the tender, which
Cheque will be forfeited If the sue
ceasfu! tenderer declines to sign the
contract prepared by tlie Department
or ralla to complete the boat.
Cheques accompanying unsuccessful tenders will be returned.
Newspapers copying this advertise,
ment without authority from this Department wlll not bo paid.
Deputy Minister of Marine and
Department  of Marine nnd Fisheries,
Ottawa,  26th  April, 1913.      (129.1)
Splendid arrangements made this
year for cheap round trip tickets to
ill  points east, commencing  May  28.
W'e-ek  End tickets on sale to local
ipolsta at Single Fare for Round Trip
on   Fridays,   Saturdays  and  Sundays.
i    For rates and reservation npply   to
New Westminster
Or H.  W.   ItrodlH. OP.A .  Vancouver
eeuL ea '-���
!   To Port   Mann  and   Port Coquitlam
Daily  Except Sunday.
Will Leave
j B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
As Per Following Schedule:
I_��aves   New  Westminster   for   Port
, Mann 8:00 a.m.
Leaves Port Mann for New WeBtmlnster 9:110 a.m.
Leaves  New   Westminster for  Port
Mann  and  Port Coqultlam  10:00 n.m.
Loaves   Port    Coquitlam   tor   Port
Mann and New Westminster 1.00 p.m.
Leaves   New   Westminster  ror   l'ort
Mann 5;:'," p.m.
I,naves Port Mann for New West-
i minster 7:00 p.m.
Leaves   New   Westminster   Tor   Port
Mann and Port Coqultlam 4:30 p.m.
Loaves    l'ort    Coqultlam    for    Port
Mann and New WeBtmlnster 6.30 pin.
Schedule subject to change without
I notice.
Por further Information  inquire:
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phono  164 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
Specially Treatment of the scalp
by Vlbro-Massage and Clover's Earn-
oub Stimulating Tonlea.
DAVID BOYLE. 35 Eighth St.
New  Spring  and   Summer  Suiting*
now  on  display.    See  them.    Perfect
,it ��nd workmanship guaranteed,   701
Pront Street.
B.C.tat Service
Leaves Vanoouver for Victoria in a. m_
l P. m  anil 11 :4f,.
Leaves Vanoouver for Seattle io a. m.
and 11 [,, in.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanalmo J p. m.
Loaves Vanoouver   for   Prinoe   Kupert
ana Northern feints   to p. m.   Wodnes"
Chilliwack Service
Leaves ciiiniwaek   7
Thursday ami Saturday.
a,   m.    Tuesday,
l-.-iiv.-j, Weatmlnster 8 a. m. Monday,
Wednesday and  frldny.
WI). aOULBTr,  Agent. N��w WestmliwUi.
It. W. nitotJllt (J. p. a.. Vancouver. TUESDAY,  MAY  27,  1913.
New  Company   Brings    Capital     Into   Houae  Hucbands, Chased  Off  Fishing ' Will Pay Visit to Sidney Camp���Prep-
Lino   With   Competitors���First
Beats Go Out Early in June.
Victoria, Muy iiii. Oilier coast puns
have Ihelr Beets of deep-sea tlsliiug
vokboIs, but allliough located much
nearer the Hulling grounds,  Victoria
Grounds, Retaliate by  Petitioning   Parliament.
London, May in.   Prom time   Immemorial, writes a Tokio correspond
'in. a 1111!���- village has existed on tbe
Cape of Shlnia In Japan  (be name ol'
I   There   Are
bail virtually lo depend on them, evn-   whloh In Japanese means
ires  for her rupplles of halibut and.I ment  of Nymphs."
lu the
���the Settle
other lish lu the piiHt
Now Victoria Ib to full Into line with
the other count portB of the I'aellle
northwest, for a new concern, known
ub iiiii Alliance Fishing Company, limited, hns been organised and capital
l/.ed  privately In Victoria, und opera
tions   wiii   commence   Immediately
with a fleet of llBhlng vessels operating out of IIiIb port.
The new company expect to have
their flrst two boats nt bcii by the beginning of June und a third wlll follow In the course of a few weeks,
TheBe three Vessels will provide employment for ul least fifty white fl Hh -
(ij-inen lt Is the Intention of the company to erect un up-to-date packing
plant In Victoria as Boon as a suitable
Hllo can be procured.
Grimsby Man.
The managing directorate of this
company Is In the hands of Mr. 0, W.
Stennett, who Ib a thorough expert In
the fishing business, being a Orlmsby
man of life long experience and formerly a shipowner In  Kngland     The
assistant managing director is Mr. 0.
IC. HeaniB, who also owned and oner-
ated deep sea vessels offi the Newfoundland coasl*
Capacity 70,000 Pounds.
The largest of the fishing vessels to
be operated by the Alliance Fishing
company wll] be of loo tons register,
and capable of handling 70,000 pounds
of lish. The largest of the fleet will
be equipped with eight dories and
���carry a crow of twenty-two nun. Tlu
fishing operations will be carried on
within  sixty to 200 miles of Vlctorlu
Preparations are now well In han
to  Increase the listiing fleet  to flv
pov er bouts, as It is proposed to add
additional ti ssels In the Immediate future.
Woman In thlB village Ib lhe predominant partner, 'iiu- chief Indus-
tyr Ib pearl-fishing, and It la the women who are the dehors. The mon
stay ut bome and do the housework.
Prom the age of four the glrlB are
taught to dive, and the craft has always been Jealously kept ill the Women's hands.
Reoently some of the men became
discontented and started to practice
diving with the Idea of themselves becoming   pearl   tlBtierH.     The     women,
dreading ths Intensified competition,
ordered the men to discontinue their
diving, nud ub the men refused a boycott was declared against them.
The men were chased from the
homes aud bed to take up tlieir abode
.n n camp OUtSldS (he village, a bachelor community. Hut tbey continued
their diving
One day the women attacked them
with Btoiiea, threatening their llveB.
The home-keeping men interfered and
persuaded tbe revolutionaries to return to their bomes,
Rut the revolt broke out again and
the women expelled all the men
from tlmlr honus. and undertook In
their clumsy. Inexpi rt fashion to do
the housework themselves.
The men have petitioned parliament for their rights. The local police, however, are trying Ihelr best to
patch up the quarrel. A considerable
party of the women are inclined to
' in.,* to terms.
Victoria Inviteo Competitors frfr Roya1
Jubilee  Hospital.
Victoria. May 26    Early preparation
of the plans for the 1600,000 hospital
wllieli   will   lie   erected   oil   tlle   site   of
tin- Royal Jubilee hospital will commence. The board of direr tors Is now-
Inviting architects of the province to
Mini in competitive plans, it bavlng
been decided to throw the competition
open to nil architects who were prac
ticing in British Columbia on May 1
of this year.
Applications tor the conditions governing the competition Bhould be made
to the secretary of the building committee at tb" Provincial Hoyal Jubilee
With the money for the new hospital structure assured there is nothing standing in the way of the board
of directors proceeding with the work
at the earliesl possible moment. The
city hus voted $200,000, the provincial
government bus given $160,000 and
the hospital authorities, as a result ot
the act ive canvass Instituted last year,
iB assured of the balance required.
1030   Fans   Watch   Fine   Bout   at   Edmonton���Scaler Just Saved
Himself from K. O.
Victoria, May Hli.-   Preparations are;
Well In hand for the summer camp at
Sidney of the Hoyal Canadian Mllltla.
Major Carey ot (be Hoyal Engineers
ban arranged for the laying on of wat- i
"i- to the camp and nlsn Inspected the
wharf, which la unsafe for the landing
Of troops.
Ile Intimated his Intention of ttl once
Communicating with the authorities
in order that the neeessury repairs to*
tills structure be commenced forth- I
with, so that they may be completed
before (be time of the arrival of the
Information huB been received that
Oeneral Sir Ian Hamilton, who Ib
coming from the old country to Inspect lhe Canadian forceB this Biira-
iier, will be on the coast about July
According to tin- Itinerary that has
lie, n mapped out. for the general, who
will be accompanied by Hon. Bam
Hughes, minlBter of mllltla, and Ad-
'iilant-General Williams, he will visit
the camp at Vernon before he comes
to  Victoria.
While here he will inspect the Fifth
U'cisini-ni nt  Macaulay  Point,   and
will also motor out to Sidney to con-
duel  an  Inspection  of    the    Infantry
Winnipeg, Man., May 26���That Vancouver Island Is an ideal home for
English emigrants Is the opinion of
| .Mips Dalbiac, Held secretary of the
liritish Women's Immigration Asbo-
ClaUon, who went west recently with
forty domestic servants, who wire
placed on Vancouver Island.
Miss Dalbaic last year brought
twelve hundred women to Canada
and saya that If an experiment now
in opi ration on Vancouver Island Is
successful she will bring out two thousand more.
The < xperlment is in the nature of
a poultry farm and school, which has
been opened on the Island for the pur-
���" ��� ���<��� of instructing women from the
Ilrillsh Isles. Miss Dalbaic says the
women Bhe has brought here include
skilled labor aB well as the domestic
The Milmars In the perfect athlete and the country girl at the Royal today
07th, Algonquin Rifles, at preBent In
existence ln the neighborhood, will
probably be transferred to another
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
Russian   Scientist   Claims   That   Preserving   Process   Recently   Disco-
ered Will Ee Revolutionary.
Elko District���Trial of Alfalfa
Bears Out Predictions.
Elko, B, C . May 26 The possibilities of alfalfa aa a Staple crop In the
Elko dlatrlct have now been fully
demonstrated, and the coming Beason
will see a larger acreage under alfalfa
hero than in nny previous year.
It haB been shown that three and
even four crops of alfalfa in a Beason
entirely feasible, while at the
time timothy and other -crass
yield large returns. Klko fruit
... are also being rapidly taken
and cultivated with marked BUO-
 j, the favorite yields being In apples pears, plums, prunes, cherries
and small fruits, which mature in
abundance and return a handsome
l,ocnl fruit growers are nt present
becoming keenly alive to the import-
ance of an effective n-nl progressive
selling organisation, both ln the Klko
and nearby districts.
Edmonton. .May -4. -Kreddie Welah,
English champion lightweight, won a
popular decision by a law margin
tonight over Kid Scaler In a 16 round
bout. Till the 14th round the boya
v.eiV strong, but in this period Welsh
scored IiIb llrst knockdown and in
the 16th had Scaler going when the
gong saved him. A few seconds more
would have given the English champion a knockout.
Scaler saved himself much punishment by repeatedly clinching and
holding 00. Welsh excelled ill foot-
v.1 rk and seemed able to land almost
at will on his opponent's head. Ily
rounds all but the fourth were against
Scaler; in this he had a slight margin.
A crowd of over 4000 witnessed tbe
exhibition Thc bout, war. handled hy
John Robins, formrr manager for
Battling Nelson. Kd Smith of Chicago, who handled the Calgary af-
,'alr. was to have been preBent but
owing to the fatality was unable to
Madame Badia Is One ol Egypt's
Strongest Women.
The cbiei objection to be brought
against a western education for Oriental women is tbat the Bnlshed article
is too often something of a hybrid,
neither Kast nor West. She is apt to
ape the ideas.of the West yet without
assimilating tbem thoroughly; to de-
BptBS tin.* eust'iins ol her own country
or develop
London, May 20.��� Professor Dan-
levsUy, a distinguished physiologist of
the Imperial Academy in St Peters-
iurg, and a member of the slate coun-
il in Hussia; M. Vladimir Ivanovlch
Kovalevsky, president, of the Imperial Russian Technical Society; Col.
llanchl, of tbe RUBSlan army, and Pro-
'essor Spafsky, the well-known Rub-
dan chemist, visited Hull this week
it the invitation of the Hull Trawler
iwnors' Association, and demonstrated the new process for the preservation of lish.
The visitors were welcomed by the
nayor, nnd M, Vladimir Kovalevsky
expreesed the hope that commercial
relations between Hull and Hussia
would continue to develop. Other pro-
���esses. similar in method, but design-
���d tn preserve flsh in a more or less
fresh state for longer periods, were
explained.    The processes can be car-
Evidenced   In   Latest  Gazette���Chilli
wack Producers Organize.
With the development of the fruit- i
growing Industry in British Columbia
the number of associations of those I
who are engaged in the raising of
trull grows. The current issue of the!
British Columbia Gazette contains the j
formal announcement of the incoropr- '
atlon of Beveral.
I luring Hie past few days jjicorpor- I
atlon has been granted to the liritish
Colombia  Kruit. Kxchange. the Chilli-!
wack Producers' Exchange, the I'each- |
land  Fruit Growers'  Union, the  Penticton Fruit Growers' Association, the
Summerland    Fruit   Union,   and   the
Vernon   Fruit   Union.
The Cowischan and Salt Spring Island Agricultural society, one of the
leading associations of the kind on
Vancouver lBland, has been brought
under the provisions of the Agricultural AssociatloiiB Act.
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Sll tne
Cermany  Gets  African   Plum-
Takes Persian Port.
llerlin.   May   26.-- According
to   re-
a emitin-
High -Spaed 5te��l Var'ly Improved by
l-trori-jcln" Cobalt
Loud' ���*. Miv 28.���The Dally Mall
says thai rtres' Interest baa been
aroused in Sheffield In a method of
producing B"perlor high speed steel
by the Introduction of Cobalt.
Tho   process  bas   been   d
ed  throughout ths world by
ontal  firm, bill   tbere  are  Indications
Hint   at   Sheffield,   tbe   centre   of   the
hlgh-sp I su ei industry, the manu-
faoturers *l��  f-ght  r��r ,nr Privilege
Of making the new Bteel without having  to  pay  royalties under
patent, ,      .
The new material, it is said
B great advance on the best qualities
cf Bteel at preBent obtainable for boring  and   cutting  tolls,
Tho Dally Mall recalls the fart 'lt<>
a tew yearB ago, when the
( I" high-speed flteel caused
tion In aleel making. American inventors sought a monopoly by means
, f   patonls.    Tbe  case  was  taken   to
the courts ami the Americans lost.
ports In circulation in well informed
political quarters, normally is abont
to obtain a free hand ito expand her
colonial empire in Central Africa na
the price of surrendering her rights
in the Persian tlulf section of the
Bagdad railway.
This is said to be the "compensation" which the German government
is demanding of llritain In return for
e- nst nting in the pending Anglo-Turkish convention, whereby (ireat Uritaln acquires control of the terminal
of the Bagdad road and unquestioned possession of the atragetic harbor
Of Kowclt. on the Persian Quit,
Oermany is to be permitted. If the
-eports are accurate, forthwith to ne-
gotlate with Belgium and Portugal
for the erection of n vast traffic system in Central Africa, wherein the
voice  of the    Herman    government
shall   be  paraniouut.
ThiB Is an euphonious way of putting the facl that the Kaiser is to be
allowed to realize hiB long-cherished
ambition to obsorb the bulk of Por- I
login se Africa and to acquire a large | Sl
slice or the Belgian Congo without
opposition  by  (Ireat  llritain.
instead ol trying to Improvi
the be.-t that tbey embody
Yet there are some glorious exceptions. From tunc to time some "gem
of   purest   ray   serene"   is   thrown   up
on the wave of education,
Ilabisa   llinlui.   tbe   daughter   of   a
Hedouiu   judge   was   educated   at  one
ol   the   chiel   girls'   Bchoola   in   Cairo
that arc under the Egyptian Govern-'
ment.    Sbe   is   an    Egyptian   of   the
Egyptians   an.l   glories   in   it.    H
school days were extremely harpy sndl
she   formed   a   warm   friendship   with j
the headmistress, one ol tlie most intelligent and best liked women in the!
society of the  Egyptian  metropolis.
At Bchool Bahisa studied with Best
and did well in all subjects; matin-���
inatics, literature, history, ami th.*-
study of the Khoran. The love of
learning grew with a strong root iiii
the gardes  nl  her   mind.     When  she
turned  to  her  lather ami  home  she|
I r
still pursued lier studies with ei
less and interested herself in all
leading questions ol the day.
In the cultured atmosphere ol her
country home in the remote Fayoutn
Such topics as Home Rule, the Work
man's Compensation Act. the comparative strength of the German snd
liritish fleet are discussed over the
"cups "I fraL'rant black coffee With
which the chief meal of the day ia
In politics Madame llailia is an ar 1
ent Nationalist,   believing   firmly
Egypt lorthe Egyptians,
noblest   aspirations   Ior  her  own  Bex
them   helped   up
kd cut on board trawlers or In warehouses, cr during transport.
The professor's great claim for his
llscovery is that, except for a small j
quantity of common salt, the fish aft-
���r tlje process contains no substance
���ther than man uaes today In his or- I
Unary food. 1
Remove* Bacteria. |
Professor Danlloveky's Invention
���onsists in treating freshly caught flsh
-v Bimple processes, of immersion in
���hemical liquids having for their ob-
>ect the removal of Injurious decom-
i-^Bing bacteria, and thin the subjoc-
���ion of further liquid processes by
which tlie fish may be kept fresh for
Tinny   days.
The demonstration carried out by
I'roffsBor Danllevsky consisted of
placing a nuantlty of fish In various
pickling solutions. Plaice which had
been caught in Bridlington flay the
previous  evening  were treated.
The fn-ii was placed under cover
and sealed by the Russian vice-consul
ind it wub announced that a party of
scientists and food Inspectors would
return In three weeks' time and test
the fish for freshness and purity, lf
the experiments are successful, certain proposals are to be laid before
the Hull Ashing Industry, which Ib to
be given the first option of t'.ie process.
If they accept  there will be certain
concessions   whieh   the   Inventor   has
CJbeen authorized to make with regard
She has ttie1''1  Russian   territorial     fishing  limits.
The experiment with the new preservative is creating grent interest and. i:
and   wishes to  see  u��n."T^.  XI successful   will   revolutionize  the
wards  frnm  tlie  undignified  ana  ae-    "
which they have beld|austri.
enturles  to  the  state
seil position
Egypt  for (
,.f dignity ami  independence of the
days before the Prophet.   For history
nis thnt women of the Orient, n
ity  Plans to  Send
,i,   pre-Mahommedan   ern.   followedI IP-1 ��er to England,
professions   and    went    unveiled;   re-      London. Ont.. May 2b     Iho (..renter
spected bv all and free fro,,, insult.    ! Middlesex Arsoclatlon since lis inau-
But slight
New   Provincial
Vicleria,   Mav   -r>-    l'r<"
cratlons In connection
Hon  of   lllo   new   prt
ellininary  op-
wlth the erec-
rovlnolal jail  tor
Southern Vancouver Island have now
i regressed In that point when tenders for the BUPPIS of steel fronts
for this modern corrective instltu-
tlon have boen invited'by t!
ter of puhllc workB.
to   be  received  until
Tbe  bids  are
noon of Juno  -.
Exodtir  From  Nelson.
Nelson. B.C., May BB,   Nelson was
comparatively deserted yesterday, the
new c P li steamer Nasookln taking
to Kaslo probably the largest excur-
Blon tha, has ever left the city. In
the evening Pulpit Itock, on Mo unt
Nelson formed one of the Empire day
chain of bonfires, a huge fire built
by the Hoy -Scouts blazing until early
this morning.
Youthful    Vancouver    Explorer
Can't Stay at Home.
Carl Erlckson, the nine-year-old
Vancouver boy who has gained notoriety and prominence in the prest
during the past few weeks by reason or his mania for wandering around
the lower mainland in search ot
trouble and experience, again arrived
In the city laBt evening hy a route
which the" local police nre unable to
Erlckson was picked up by Constable BdsS while on his rounds about
11:30 o'clock and the Vancouver police notified to take cure of the boy
and deliver hlm to hla parents. Carl
Is BUPPOBed to be attending school
during weekdays. One day laBt week
he failed to deliver to his teacher a
message signed by hia mother, which
explained his absence from the school
the day before, when he made a trip
to Westminster Junction and thence
bnck to hlfl home via thla city.
Victoria Day Gift
Victoria, May 26.���One feature of
the Victoria celebration wns the inauguration of the. dally mail service
from this city to Albernl. Tho mall
between the capital city of the province and Alberni will henceforth bo
carried on bIx days of the week, Sun-
Iday not being provided for.
leed arc the lights ol
Egyptian woman ol today. Ondet
the present divorce laws it is possible
ior a man to put away bis wife on
slight and frivolous pretexts. The
schools are too few. ns yet. to ileal
with more than a very small portion
of the rising generation, ln many
hollies the girls lead unhappy oust-
enees. Disabled by tlieir sex. they
grow neglected to womanhood with
the slightest education ami little re
ligious instruction. For many generations mere physical beauty lias been
nlmost all that has heen Twkcil ol
them anil their own chief aim.
Madame Madia's house is comfortably furnished in a style partly European, partly Eastern, It is a low
roofed white-washed building".
lake all Hedoiiins ihe is extremely
hospital. When her solitude is shared
by   some  valued  friend  of her school _"_"""���_-��� _   uoi.u
davs it is her delight to plan pleasant 107th  Regiment to  Be  Formed  With
antertainements,   of   carriage   drives, Headquarters  at  Halleybury
picnics  or  some  interesting  scene  oil    llallevhury
native   life
When the daily
.uriitlo'i only a few weeks ago
ecured over four hundred new settlors for Middlesex. This showing
made by an infant association in such
a Bhort time Is taken by the members
as proof of the possibilities of such an
Now that the association has dem- |
oiiHtrated its worth. In all probability ;
a  larger  grant  will be  made  for  the
work next year.
Tbe association may send n man to
thc  old  country  next fall or winter,
to  collect  a  large  number of  imml- |
grants  to bring  to  Middlesex  county
In the spring.    The fact has come to |
light   that   many   Immigrants   which
are   Intended   for  this   couhty   never
reach here, as offers are made along
tho line.
Mny  26.
Inrin-.   the   visit. i snow   flies   lluileyhury   will   be
daily domestic tasks are. to  boast  of s  drill  hall  all   ItB
A Serio-Comic  Scene   Between  Victor (
Hugo and the Two Dumases. I
lt ls perbS|M only  natural that  Mr. j
A. 1". Davidson, the latest biographer of
Victor Hugo, annoyed by tlie est rava
gant eulogies of the |ioet Unit Ills |ired   i
ecessors   bad   written,   should   biy   n
good deal of stress on tbe great French
man's faults und railings.   Of these tlie
chief wua undoubt**��dly vanity.    VU-toi
Hugo  was Inordinately  vain���vntii  nt
one moment with a auf-wrb Swuirnnce
tbut utmost dignified  vanity  ltwir. at
unotber   wltb  nu   uneasy   Jealuuay   al
once petty and absurd.
Some years ago In u review of tbe
work of tbe two Dumases, father nnd
son, nn anecdote was related tbnt well
Illustrates this traiL Both of the Dumases. Victor Hugo nnd several others
were chatting together when n foreign
gentleman was presented, who made
nn excellent Impression on every one
until the moment of his departure. As
he bowed In taking leave lie addressed
himself to the most celebrated members of the group and assured them of
his pride and satisfaction In having
met "tbe greatest poet, the greatest romancer nud tbe greatest dramatist of
"A Utile unthinking of our friend to
address his parting compliment entire
l.v to me, was It not?" remarked Victor
Hugo complacently.
The others looked at ench other, ond
he caught the look
"The dramatist���that was yon. then,
ynu think. DutnnsV" be Inquired of Du
mas the younger in nu ominous voice. I
Then n thought even more appalling oe-
Purred to him. and without waiting for ���
ii reply be turned tb Dumas the elder.   J
'"The    roniiineer.    monsieur-the   ro
ma neer I   Do I understand you to sup
pose that by 'the greatest romancer' It
wus you who wns designated?   Reply, |
monsieur:"  be  demanded     Ills   tirow :
wns thunderous, nnd the company held
tbelr breath, but tlie elder Dumas, wbo '
never found himself nt a loss, answered wltb nn easy laugh:
-llut certainly It ttl* I. and the
drainaflst was my son How should It
be otherwise? You dul not Invite tlle
gentloman to dine, and I did. You are
UOt u COOk���II good cook, a veritnble
prince among cooking nuinteiirs-nnd I
am: Ills compliments, such ua Ibey
are, are for ub, IiIb prospective hosts
But tbey nre only payment In advance
for the snlnde ninrselllulse of peppers
stuffed with minced crab ment which I
bnve promised to prepnre for blm and
which I Invite you to share nlso."
The grent nnd only Hugo shrugged a
tolerantly contemptuous shoulder.
"No; I have had enough of the ro
clety of Ibla gentleman wbo speaks
from the stomach, not the bead." be
stated grnndly. "You mny appreciate
It. Dumas, but I do not lt Is true���I
nm not a '- ���e
From Xnose Who Advertise
They want your trade. That's the reason why they
advertise. They will treat you courteously and supply
your needs at reasonable prices.
When dealing with those who use our advertising
columns don't forget to say that you saw their ads in The
News.   It helps us.
when you can get aa good, or better, manutactured lu B. C, vtx.-.   the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guaranteed to   paaa Standard
Specifications ot American and Canadian Engineers'   Association.
We would alBo call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe froic
4-in. to 2-t-in. ln diameter. This is alBo made In tbla Province and we
consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a stock of Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand,
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See ua before ordering elsewhere.
Phonea 15 and 16.
902 Columbia Street W.
Pree. and Oenl. Mgr.
W. r. H   BUCKLE
8eo. aid Treas
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and 877.
finished, nhe reads, writes and thinks.
Her sister-in-law is a woman ol lhe
old-fashioned type, occupied with her
babies but understanding little nt how
tliey should lie reared, aa is the way
In Kgypt- The terrible infant mortality In tbe country is one ol the
questions tbat occupies Madame 11a-
dia With her -superior knowledge of
hygiene she does ner utmost to teach
the villagers I i Iteep their children
clean and to car.' Ior their health.  It
While as booh as the necessary arrangements can be completed, a rifle
range will be provided In the Immediate vicinity of the town, nnd a new
regiment, especially for the Tenila-
caniing district, will be formed.
The new regiment which the mllltla
department conteinpltoB forming, wlll
be known as the 107th, and will ave
Its headquarters in Halleybury. It
Is oxpected tkat tbe regiment will
conslBt of eight companies of  forty
Had Wife In Ireland.
Rossiand, May 26. -M. J. Iloarne.
found guilty of marrying a Iliissland
girl, when he already bud a wife and
children in County Wntcrford, Ireland, was given a year by Justice Murphy at tbe assizes In Nelson.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Ib meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Gather Big Haul.
Chicago,    May    SB,���Burglar* took
$'.'0,000  111 Jewelry  and  money  today
,,      ��� ,   | from the residence of William Jaeger,
s a custom amongst Arabic poor wo- two men oach, and it will be recruit-1 president of the Arms I'alace HorBe
men to leave their children unwashed [ed exclusively from the Temlscam-. Car company. The thieveB entered
luring ths.' firBt months oi their lives. jtng district.    The companies of tho  through a bathroom window.
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Westminster with Boulevard Down
the Centre.
Bltulithic 1b noiseless, non-slippery, practically diiBtleaB, eaay on
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. Kor these reasons
Illtullthlc Ib commended hiphly by owners nf automobiles and horses,
householders, and city officials, lt haB been adopted by fifteen cities
In Canada, and over two hundred in the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 71*0.      714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver. PAOR EIGHT
TUE8DAY,  MAY 27,  1913.
Remember the Place-
33 Eighth Street,
ard the telephone No. 2
Juat received from Hamilton,
Ont.. a new lot of "Tartan"
Brand canned goods. These
goods are backed by the manufacturers and our guarantee,
Corn  2 cans for 25c.
Peas  *��" H*-'
Tomatoes    2  cans  -5c.
Matchless Silver Polish���We
are the only firm with it in
stock, bottle 25c.
French canned Beans "Haricots Verts," awfully good, 2
cans 25c.
German Lentels, per lb 12'/2c.
Tartan Carolina Rice, 1 lb.
bags,  2 bags 25c
Cherry Stone Oysters, delicious, per can 25c.
P, S. S. Jelly Powder. New1
shipment, all flavors, 3 pks. 25c.
"Money back goods."
KmpreBB Baking Powder, 16
oz. cans, 25c.
Try a can and if you don't like
It get your money back.
City News In Brief
Pineapples, each   	
. .    35c.
bafket   .
Khubarb. 10
. ...25c.
Oranges 30c.
40c. 45c.
50c. dot.
Bananas per
.   .   30c.
Spend     your     money     where
values at ��� n
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BR1GGS
The school tniBteeB will bold a special session this evening.
Floridora for the Hair, fragrant
and effective. Prico 35c and 50c.
Prank Jeal, Tel. 339, City. (1372)
Officers will be elected for the ensuing year at the annual meeting of
Royal City lodgo No. 3 which will be
held on Friday evening.
InBiiro with Alfred W. MeLeod. the
liiBilraiice man. All hinds written.
Hundreds of millions to puy loBBes.
Tbo board of management of tho
Uoyal Columbian hospital will open
tendera this afternoon for the equipment of the new hoBpltal.
For everything electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
ii specialty. (1204)
Mr. H. B. Wilson has been(appolnt-
ed Junior clock ln the city treasurer's
department  at  $7S, per  month on  a
high recommendation of the treasurer.
I.,* ���
Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved city property only. Terms
reasonable. Alfred W. MeLeod. (1374)
A "birthday Bocial" will be given by
the Ladles' aid of the St. Paul's Reformed Kplscopal church thia evening at the home of Mr. and MrB. W.
It.  Gilley,  407  St.  George street.
Try the 15c and 35c Bummer
lunches at the Nutshell, Room 3, Dominion TrNBt building. (1246)
Alderman White has been appointed
by the city councll to uct In conjunction with the board of trade, T. Gif-
Iford. M.P.P.. and Clayton A. Bourne,
I with reference to the changes under
| the Land  Registry act.
A ilardman, the cake man. Get
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 231. (1205)
The ladies of St. Mary's Hospital society extend their sincere thanks to
all friends who contributed to the success of their Bale of home cooking.
! whereby $53 was added to the room
��� furnishing fund.
Raymond Bewing machine for Bale,
! In first class order, only $15.00. C.
! N. Edmondson' & Co., corner Sixth
avenue and Twelfth Btreet.        (1276)
lng not far from the mark when Including those carried on tbe cily lines.
A gain of 20 per cent was recorded
on the Interurhgn lines, while that on
the Olty branches wiib even greater.
Interurban Manager Purvis estimated
New   P.  O. to  Open. this to be jvell over 75 per cent., ftl-
The   new   post   office   which   J.   D.  though actual figures on the latter are
Tavlor,   M.P,.   has   been   endeavoring  not yet available.
to secure for  Langley  for Bome time I    The detailed  figures for the  lutcr-
wlll be opened at Hopington on June urban branches are ub follows:
1, according to advices received. The!    Central  Park  line.
new office Is about three miles from land   branch,  B'	
Otter and about the    Bame    distance
15,744; Lulu is-
Chllllwack and
Burnaby     Luke
from Murruyville.
Ticklish Job.
The Fraaer River Pile Driving
company entered upon a ticklish Job
last evening when the old draw span
of the (ireat Northern railway bridge
crossing False creek was taken out
and a new one put iu place. The Owl
train left from Main atreet last night
Instead of from the station and passengers of all Incoming tralna from
Seattle   disembarked   near  the  Main |
Fraser  valley,
lines.  2503.
The Millside. Sapperton. city, belt
and Queensborough carB are Included
ln the city service, the number of paa-
Bengera carried not having yot beeu
Shlpi Unloading Along Westminster's
New Westminster's waterfront presented  a buBy appearance yesterday
,. .��� i.,, -f���B�� .morning and afternoon, due to the ar-
street crossing so as not t*��tM��n    ,T(J of ��   ^_M ���,alcon from -._
with the work on thei draw span. The , Francl8C u,.,.,^ wlth two of the
new span was brought to its position ;h ���b t rleet and ^^i gmai|cr yes-
loaded  on  a bcow  and  set in  place     .m
The B. C. P. arrived early In the
day   and   unloaded  50,000  pounds of
with the rising tide. The work is
expected to be completed early this
morning.    Several    Vancouver    nrma'^  ��"
figured on  the Job against the New  wharf
Westminster concern
is a business in itself,
and not one easily acquired or simple of performance.
This company divides
trie work among many
specialists, a\\ of them
know just what to do
when called upon, and
therefore do not waste
time and the funds of
estates in learning how.
That is one reason
why this company does
its work so much less
expensively than an individual executor can.
The subject of executorships is a big one.
Call in" and let us talk
it over as it concerns
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
Paid  up Capital   and   Surplus
Aaaets       4,B73,161.06
Trusts under Administration
Trusteeshipi-i for Bondholders
The water In the Fraaer, according
to the gauge at Mission, Ib 11 feet
above extreme low water and is rising
at the rate of seven inches a day.
Conditions are about the same as at
thia time last year.
Building material, cement, lime,
hard plaater, gravel, sand, crushed
rock, fuel oil and nil kinds of towing.
Apply the B. C. Transport Co.. Ltd.
Plume X26.    Wharf phone 880.  (1202)
F. .1. McKellan, boys' secretary of
the Vancouver Y. M. C. A., will give |
an Interesting address on Y.M.C.A.
camp life at the local association headquarters on Friday evening. Ue will
give a number of illustrated views on
the  Bubjeet.
Build up British Columbia by placing your lire Insurance with B. C.
companies. Our companiee are. among
the strongest operating In tbe Dominion. National Finance Company. 521
Columbia Btreet.    Phone 515.      (13561
Mrs. Wm. White Succeeds to Chali**���
Convention Next Month.
Mrs. Wm. White was elected president of the W. C. T. IT. at a meeting
of that association in the Queen's
Avenue Methodist church yesterday
afternoon. She will occupy the chair
vacated by the resignation of Mrs.
Barnard, who has been president for
the past year.
Mra. C. B. Traves was elected first
vice-president and Mrs. Van l.iew was
re-elected corresponding Becretary.
MrB. Win. McAdam was elected recording secretary and Mrs. Peter
Young, treasurer.
Bach church affiliated with the association is entitled to representation
of one vice-president and these, together with the superintendents of | council
departments, will be elected at a spe-
i clal meeting next Monday afternoon.
In addition to the election of officers, the main topic of discussion
was the arrangements to be made for
the convention of the union which will
be held In this city on June 17, 18. and
1, The meetings will be beld in the
Olivet Baptist church. Committees
have, been appointed and much work
remains to be done in the. way of arranging entertainment for the visiting delegates,
the Columbia Cold storage
She had no sooner gone
around the bend off Annacis island
when the Kingsway hove in sight also
loaded with 50,000 pounds. This was
ihe maiden trip of the Kingsway to
New Westminster from the banks.
She will probably leave early this
The Bteamer Westham arrived during the afternoon with a cargo of
mixed freight from lower river points,
while, lhe Terra Nova, a cannery
tender owned by the ll. C. Packers'
association, came down river where
ahe had been towing cordwood for
several canneries.
LaBt came the Bleel freighter Mar-
mion, which docked at the C. P. R.
wharf and unloaded 6000 sacks of
cement from Todd  inlet.
To Talk Wat-sr.
Edmonds, May 26.���The Burnaby
will hoi j its weekly session
in the municipal hall thiB -evening,
"hen it Is exnucted that the program
for waterworks extensions and also a
revision In the present rates charged
to consumers wlll be debated aud
acted upon.
LOST ��� S M A 1. 1. PARCEL ON |
either a Sixth street or Twelfth
Street car about ij:30 o'clock Mon-
day evening. Parcel containB fancy I
work and a thimble which is prized t
by owner. Finder please return to ���
Newa office. 114041 i
Embroidery Bargains
In Our White Goods Sale
Represents Embroidery Edges from 3 to 16 inches
wide, values up to 45c per yard.
This assortment represents beautiful designs, in
widths ranging from 5 to 20 inches and values up to
95c per yard.
Wm. Dunlop, of Victoria, is in town
on business,
C, P. Ilambro, of Norway, is a guest
at lhe Hussell.
not receive
Do you want to exchange a  lot as a
cash payment on a home ?   Balance]
of  payments  arranged   monthly.
Mrs. W. A. Duncan wi
again this season.
Hugh   J.   C.   Gilbert   and   wife   are
guests at tlie Hussell.
J.  M.  Mooney, of Seattle, is  registered  at  the  Windsor. Do     you     want    to    exchange    what
propertv  you now  have  for    other
Do you want to exchange your house
for   building   lots ?
Open Saturday   Evening 7 to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Weetmlneter, Nanalmo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg.
Montreal, London, K.ng . and
Antwerp, Belgium.
The bell line around the purk route
Ib now in operation, the cross-over at
Leopold Place having been completed
un Saturday morning laBt. lt Ib expected ihat the permanent paving
work wlll lie completed by the Hiib-
8am company within the next ten
The Canadian Western Lumber
Compnny have purchased a tlve ton
motor truck for the purpose of catering more to N'ew Westminster and
district  trade. (1375)
Ham Lal, a Hindu, was found
guilty of selling brandy to Indians
and fined $150 and costs, or four
months hard labor, yesterday, by Magistrate Kdmonds In the police court.
A persistent liar and one who had
tried fb mnke nut all the other witnesses liars, was the court's summing
up of tbe offender,
P. H. Smith and W. J. droves,
auditors and accountants. We will
keep vour buokB, make out and collect your accounts, and prepare your
financial statements. For terniB, address 211 Weetmlneter Trust build
i lng,   Phone 364. il36��i
Member^ and friends of the Sai>-
perton association football club mnde
merry in Johnston's hall last evening,
the occasion being the presentation of
die City League cup and medals, which
was followed by ii dance. Mr Howard Welsh did the presentation honors.
Peek's orchestra held away until midnight, about BO couples staying for
tbe dance.
The Ladles' Aid of St. Pnul'B church
are holding a "Birthday Social"
this evening at 8 o'clock, at the
residence of Mr. and Mrs. W. It.
Gilley, 407 St. George Btreet, In aid
of the new hymn and prayer book
fund. The ladies very cordially Invite
all Friends of St. Paul's and assure
them of nn enjoyable evening. Birthday giftB ef one cent per year will
|be gratefully  received. (1391)
The Merchants1 aBBOciatlon which
was formed in this city a few months
ago, is endeavoring to get the Burnab' merchants to co-operate with
tbem by forming an association in
Burnaby. A few days ago two representatives of the local aBBOciatlon
Visiter Alta Vista, where arrangements are being made to bold a meeting for organizing, The main object
of these associations is the protection
of the gm.d paying publlc against hav-
ing to pay (or tbe accounts of the
poor-paying public.
���'E. F. Cook, of Pitt  Meadows. Is in
the city for a few days.
K. W. Pottinger and K. Cullin are I
registered at tho Russell.
F. O. Lanclaux, of Ran Francisco, is
registered at the Hussell.
11. A. Council, of Chilliwack, was in
the city  for the holiday.
Chris. Van Aken, of Coqultlam, is
[registered at the Windsor.
Thos. I.egge. of Cranbrook, is registered at the Windsor hotel.
Mrs. D. S. Curtis, Flrat street, will
not receive tomorrow nor again this
R. Darby. J, Q. and Mrs Darby and
H. H. Allison, of Calgary, are visitors
in the city.
H. c. I'ook waa among those from
Chilliwack who spent the holiday In
New Westminster.
Iteeve  II.   II.   Benson, of  Delta,  was I
In  the  city  for the  holiday  and  was
registered at the Russell.
Oeorge K. Powell, municipal assessor for the municipality of Langley,
was ii visitor In the city yesterday.
We Furnish Your Home Complete
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Call and see us.
we can otter ;
We have a large Ua
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust Buiilding.
; Fresh  Kggs   3 dozen for $1.00
j Good Cooking Butter  ....3 lbs.  $1.00
* Bananas, per dozen  ..
| New Potatoes  	
Fresh  Spinach   	
Spring Salmon  	
Halibut    2   lbs
4 lbs.
3 lba.
2 lbs.
2 lba.
Oraphopbones ��nd Orafonoloa urn without ii P***'r in the musical .world. They are
capable of reproducing not merely one
clasa of Instrumental rpuslc. but pvery
class nr Instrumental muslo with n fidelity
that Is no less than flawless���the violin.
the 'cello, the harp, the tint**, the clarinet,
th(�� eornet~-aIl the wind Instruments, all
the inHtrumeniH of bands and orchestras
���all th�� Instrumental music of all the
Not only this, but the human voice
25c | is now .so perfectly n-c-ord-e-d and so (law
lf��Hly reproduced that tho home without
a COLUMBIA hus become as incomplete
riH a piano without a keybo&rd. "HKAIt-
Hornless Machines rrom lis.oo each to
$060.00 each.
701 Columbia Street Phone 57
(Successor to Ayling
447 Columbia St.
Phone 98.
Supports for New Water Main Under
North  Arm.
Tin- driving of the piles which will
steady the new water main crossing
ilu- North Ann to l.ulu island and
Richmond will be started by Contractor Qlllej this morning, the government dredge King Edward having
completed the work of dredging out
the channel for the pipoB.
The mains havi- been jointed to-
gether and laid on booms imd once
the  piles  are  placed   in  position   tbey !
will be let down    in   the   prepared
channel  by    means    of    blocks    nnd
tackle.    The   jolnlnK  of  the  different :
seel Ions before tliey have been lowered to the bed of lhe channel has al
lowed   the   authorities   to   teBl    Ihem
out so lhat there will  be no fear ot j
leakage when once they are placed in
position.    The piles will be driven on |
ono Bide of the channel and Ihe pipes
laid Into a bracket which will lay 19 |
feet  below low  water.
Phone  453
���146  Columbia  Street
Ito the public
Developing and printing
done on the premises.
Aca-ntu  fnr  tK i     An lmmP,lllu" ***** w--> ��>" "lade by
Atjeiiwi iui    i i   gang of _. _ ,, |( workmen ,aylng
EASTMAN a permanent crois-swltch at the foot
���ot Eighth Btreet,  which wiii replace
List prices.
Curtis Drug Store
For photo GOOD9, spectacles j J^y" eaiaed "by thi belt line
and  SEEDS,
���C.   ...���	
the temporary one now In use     An
other Bwltch will be Installed at the
corner  of  Fourth   avenue and   Sixth
Btreet which will obviate the present
Stephen's    Guild
Patriotic addresses, recitations and
Bonus were tlle order of the closing
meeting of the St Stephen's Guild,
which was held last evening In the
church. President D Llghtbody was
In the chair,
Mra. Cutler, an elocutionist from
Vancouver, recited Klpllim's "English
Flag," and Mr. II. O. l.ainb, also of !
Vancouver, gave an address on "Our
Flag," Mr. Waddell of this city rendered "Hoys or the Old Brigade" and
Mr. Johnson sanK "The Trumpeter."
fleorgo Cross, of the Knights of St
Stephen, gave a recitation.
P.Burns & Co., Ui
j Palace  Market, Columbia    Street
    i.. .1200.1201-1202'yearB,  and  trust,  by  Btrlct attention
Sapperton   Market,  Columbia  and        I to bug-Jl,cBB, a share of your patron-
Keary Street,  Sapperton 1204 1
I Eighth Street Market, 515 Eighth age.
Street 1205 .-_      .    ,,    _   __ . -TO
Holds     Final'Edmonds  Market,  Edmonds   . ...883L (Mrs.)   L.  O.  Uf-AiNh
I beg to Inform you I huve decidid
to continue the grocery business conducted by my late husband, C. II.
Deans, under the management of Mr.
W. Mercer, who bas been connected
with thc business for the paBt three
Home For Sale
white mm, \mwmmm
Sailing Every Tuesday From
Ncw S.S. Laurcntic  15,000 tons  New S.S. Megantic
First Class, $92.50; Second, $53,75; Third, $32,50.
S. S. Teutonic Twin Screw S. S. Canada
.... 582 feet lonp       Steamers        514 feet long..
Only ONE CLASS CABIN  (II.) $50,00, and
Third Class, $31.25 and up carried.
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets., etc., apply to
H. M. Stevenson, Agent CM. & St. Paul Ry., 622 Columbia St.,
E. A. Goulet, C. P. R. Depot, New Westminster.
Westminster Trust,  Ltd.
Company's Office, 619 Second Avenue, Seattle.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Phone 43;  L. D. 71;   Res. 72.
New Westminster. B. C.
Holiday Car Traffic Totals 8how Big
As slated   in  The  Newa  yesterday,
cars   the Irafflc carried  on  the  Interurban
I Having to back up ln making the turn   lines of the II. c. B,  It. on  Victoria
| around Fourth avenue.   PermlBslon to  day of 11*13 surpassed all previous re-
j start thiB waBk has been granted by  cords,  the estimate made In  yester-
tin. city council. Iday'B IsBue that of 32,000 to 85,000 be-
No.  1���Here  is a splendid home for sale cheap,   ln a good locality near Queen's Park anii n ew school.
It has seven large comfor table rooms with every modern convenience;   full  baBement;   on  a   large lot, Gfixi;',2 feot.
This place Is below value a nd  the terms  are nuch that nlmost
anyone can handle tt.
PRICE, J4400, J750  CASH,   balance monthly.   If you want to buy
a home let ub show you thin p lace.
Agents  for  Pacific  Coast   Steamship Co.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1B91.
We write Fire, Lift, Accident, E mployers"   Liability,   Automobile  ami
Marin* Insurance.
Trains From Interurban Terminal���Columbia St.
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS- 5 and B.4B a.m.
nnd every IB mlnutea until 9
p.m. Half hourly Bervlce until
11 pin with late car at midnight.
SATURDAYS    IB    minute   ser
vice la continued  until 11 p.m.
BONDAYS   ti,  7,    7.30  8    and
8.110 and every IB minutes until
11  pin.  with  late cur at mid
For Vancouver via
C.4B a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
in.   with   late  car  nt   11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and    hourly
until  10  p.m.  wltb  late  car at
For Vancouver via
-WEEKDAYS���-7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS   8 n.m.    and    every
Inn*" until 11 p.m.
Connection  Is  mado at    Kb-
hnur until 11 p.m.
and other points ou l.ulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS ���9.16 a.ln��� 1.10 and
6.18 p.m.
POINTS-4.06 p.m.


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