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The New Westminster News Oct 18, 1913

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Newa Claaelfled Ada.
Have proven tbelr worth by the
reaulta   they   produce.     They   fill
targe   or   amall   wanta   at   small
The Weathtr.
New Westminster and the Ixiwer
Mainland: Light to moderate winds;
generally   fair with   stationary   or
lower temperature.
Two Bylaws and a Plebiscite to Be Decided at the Polls
���Sapperton Meeting Last Evening���Mayor Promises
(-as Pipes to Suburb Inside of a Year���Alderman
Bryson's Objections.
IP (ore    u    fair    sized    audience    of |
Bapperton ratepayers last nlgbt Mayor
���Gray aroused the Interest of his hearers In the debentures Interest conversion bylaw, and spolie of the gas
bylaw an a hurtling question, while
Alderman Bryson threw cold water on
Ihu   Coiiuitlam   dam    plebiscite.    The
tneetlng was held in Johnston's hail.
Mayor (Iray, In approaching the ggi
Iijla**, said there was confusion 111
���Mime minds over the proposition. The
measure was to take 1160,000 of thc
1136,000 voted lor a gas plant laut
year and  huy the Cunningham   plant
"We give him." said the mayor,
"$-",ono lu cash and with the (180,000
Mr. Cunningham purchases bonds,
Ther. may have been sufficient power
In the former bylhw to purchase this
plant without going to the people, hut
we In the council thought It only fair
In nve the people this chance to put
iheir \iews on record.
Took Option.
"Mr Cunningham met Alderman
Jardine and I, and after being assured
the proposition was a good one
finam lally wc took an option on ihe
".Ni .*.. some people said that tin was
.a mighty small sum to tic up a piece 1
oi property," said Mayor Oray, "but
I'd have given hlm but ?l,u.l If 1 could.
Had I given hlm $Ui.nt 0 the people
might have kicked.
BomS people said there must be
im i , v for somebody, hut thete was no
money eliangi*d hands bul tlie 110.00
option, llm lit anyone i.f yon people
-who have dealt with Jim Cunningham
tr., nud Imagine a rakeofi lu this
Then  followed  explanation*, ot  how
ttiv r.iiist. -I Portland, was angaged,
and bow W. E. Iirown. who knew
nnii'    tf  the  Cunningham   plant,  had
. gon>-  over  the  system   and   appraised
It      After this    Mr   1'abst    rutin
In ra i.t his own   expense.    Iuw
Ho   plant, and an hour af'cr met
council, and  how    negotiutiens    ���
roncliided and the matter sent to
Value of Plant.
Mr   l'a list placed a vnlue id  |tl,000
<in   the  planl   atld   the   realty   valuator
hi '   the  ralae if lh* property in   }ID.
���000.     Did  the  people  think   that
Cunningham franchise with good
etc., vvas worth Hie other $48.ue
is.i ol iin- $1.",n.i mu" toul ?
That   was  for  them   to  say  at
polls.    Mr.  Pabal   suld the  pric
OOUld   be  brought   down   to  4,.
Cents   per   thousand   cubic   feet
present company got V8.50 and
���statistics showed this lo be the high-;
eat 1 rice paid in the world.
Iti Mrdiiig the franchise, the mayor ,
���aid   thai  under  it   Mr.  Cunningham
COUld   charge  up  to  $4   per   thousand
and when he wanted to tear up a per j
fit tiy good Btreet all he had In do win '
notify  tho council  three  (lays  ahead
and let 'or rip.
Alderman Bryson.
After following up his remarks   at
Tut .day    night's    meeting Alderman
Bryson Incidentally  protested against
the  appellation  "throwing  up a rosy
jt ir being applied
vising the city
who told    Alderman    Ilryson    of Mr.
I'abst's Inexperience in  coal  plants,
the mayor offered to meet  the    dark
horse on the public platform
Coquitlam Dam.
(in this measure the mayor spoke
first. He said no person was allowed
In the reserve at the dam except an
employee of the city or the Vancou-
ver Power company. He had been
assured that no timber would be run
down the lake or over the dam. The
government official in charge of the
forestry protection at tlie dam had Intimated to him that a year or two
might see a national park there.
In closing. Mayor Gray produced
agreements, signed by the Vancouver
Power company and the Dominion
government binding themselves to tlle
measure, if it found popular approval
In this city.
Alderman Bryson asserted hotly
that there never was a more honest
Hgt cement made than that between
the 11 C. ED   It. and the olty.
"If this ease goes W tin- privy council III go In England to hfar the case
and if 1 can get a word In 111 do it.
"Tyke me with you,'' piped up a
lookney flavor.
Belgian Shoots at Woman,
Misses, Blows Out Own
Crime   Said   to   Have   Been   Premeditated���Took   Place  at  629
Twelfth Street.
Alderman White Elucidates
Following Which Resolution Is Passed.
At the close of the board of trade
meeting last night Alderman White,
in response to an Invitation, gave a
precis" and lucid exposition of the
conversion of Interest and gas bylaws
and the Coiiuitlam dam agreement,
which will be voted upon today by
ratepayers as regards the two bylaws
and by the general body of electors
on the Coiiuitlam referendum.
ln expounding the desirability of
passing the bylaw for the
A near murder and successful attempt of suicide was carried out at
(til) Twelfth street yesterday morning
about 11 o'clock when IJredant De-
caluvre, failing to kill Mrs. Julia
Demlster, turned a shotgun on himself
and blew out his brains, causing instant death.
The details which the police department gained yesterday gives evidence
* that the deceased man had evidently
prepared the deed for perhaps several
��� days and just by the barest of luck is
Mrs. Demlster living to tell the uie
! of the shooting.
The first to hear of the tragedy was
I Dan (.racey, who lives nearby.    Hear-
; ing the sound of two shots being fired
in his vicinity he rushed to the scene
where he found  Mrs.  Demlster    nigh
;in hysterics, while closer investigation
discovered the body of Decaluvre lying
huddled on the floor of the woodshed
with a gun lying by his side.
The shed presented a sickly and
; revolting sight, the man evidently
j having placed the gun ;o his cheek
I when the trigger was set ofl, the top
 of his head being Btrewn on the walls
r"lative   to   fire   insurance   rates  and celling of the place.
mentioned  In hls report the fact j     Dr. Carswell was Immediately sum-
Labor Men Commence Civic
Election Campaign With
Good Meeting.
Alderman Dodd to Seek Re-election���
D. S. Cameron, A. Hogg and T.
A. Barnard Other Nominees.
Ceased to Be Govenor Yesterday���Offer of Nomination for Senate.
Saya Trial  Waa Political  Lynching���
Attacka Tammany���General Denial of All Charges.
mlnutea    before   6
of Interest from  4  1-1  to 5 per cent,
the aldermtui referred  particularly to
the     waterworks    extensions    bylaw,
which Is one of those proposed lo be
effected.    He said $75,000 was required  among other things    to    Increase
Ihelr   reservoir  storage   capacity.
Flre Insurance Ratea.
The engineer who reported upon the
Alderman   Walter  Dodd.
David   S. Cameron.
Archie   Hogg.
T. A. Barnard.
The above gentlemen were nomi
nated as candidates for aldermen at I
the coming civic elections at a fairly
well attended meeting of labor men of
the city held in the Labor Temple
last evening.
The nomination of candidates for
school trustees were left over for the
campaign   committee  to  fill.
Seven places are to be filled on the |
city  council  at  the January election I
and  from  the remarks passed at the,
meeting a strong and undivided effort |?,.fer..ct?_sed-.t_��_,!,e_.goverI1?r,of
New York, Oct. 17.���A telegram was
sent to William Sulzer tonight asking
him to accept tbe nomination of the
Progressive party for congress in the
twentieth district to take the place
of Oscar S. Straus, who recently declined the nomination, according to
announcement by Max M. Huerlen-
stein, a member of the Progressive
party committee on vacancies In the
Served with Copy.
Albany,    N. Y.,    Oct.    17.���William
Is to  be  made  during the
months  to  have  the  labor men
solidly for their    wn selections.
Of the four selected last evening
Alderman Dodd has sat on the council for the past three years, heading
the polls at the last election.
D. S. Cameron, at the present time
is president of the New Westminster
Trades and Labor Council and for the
t Ili-
;i    or
r    tO
.    The
the privy comic
England >tiu bei
The speaker wanted
gain In this matter.
thought, should have a right to
straight with the people. The
was getting worse, there wert
impurltieH. However, though he voted
against the bylaw at the polls, he
would carry out the wish of the people
afterward on the council floor.
Alderman   Henley   was   present
did not speak.
Ex-Alderman    Carrel
end of the meeting to protest against
flooding   of   tbe   lake      He  found
being done there that mad
past few years has been actively identified with the Interests of the labor
men of the city and province.
Archie Hogg a resident of Sapperton
was a junior member of the labor
nominees  at the  1913 election, being
next"two I ***** ��' Now York at noon today.   He
vote j was removed from office by the high
I court of impeachment by a vote of 43
to 12, two members not voting.
Martin H. Glynn, lieutenant gover
nor, was sworn in as his successor.
The verdict of the court was that
Sulzer was guilty of falsification, perjury and an attempt to suppress evidence against him. Of all other
charges he was acquitted,   the   court
House"���a    few-
o'clock tonight.  . ^^^^^^^^^^^^
"Hood, J thank you," he said to tha
sergniitit at arms of the senate, who
delivered the document.
Mr. Sulaer, private citizen, will
leave the capital probably on Sunday
-^y. hither he has not disclosed.
The outgoing executive issued a
statement in which he denounced tbe
tribunal which removed him as
"Murphy's high court of infamy."
"Mr. Murphy controlled the assembly and ordered th-e impeachment.." ho
said. "He controlled most ot the
members of the court and dictated
proceedure and wrote the judgment.
He was the judge and Jury, the prosecutor and the bailiff."
Sulzer declared tbat his trial was "a
political lynching as far aa the Tam-
manized part of the court was concerned."
ile asserted he had not taken the
stand in his own defence because be
realized that his atory attacking ths
Tammany leader would be ruled out.
He entered a general denial of all
the charges in the impeachment
articles, denied that he had ever
asked Allan A. Ryan to obtain the influence of Murphy or Republican
States Chairman Harnes to stop the
trial, said the testimony of Henry
Morgenthau could be explained, asserted that every dollar that had been
given him during his campaign bad
bi en properly accounted for���that he
was $76,000 in debt���that he had been
"faithful to his trust" and that he
had "handed back to the people tbe
commission they gave me untarnished
and unsullied."
"Had  1  but served the  Boss  with
Vas seen service as a councillor on al
true voice rich with ..._...._^^^^^_ .���_,_,    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
"1   am   told,"   continued   the   alder j that     their     reservoir    capacity   was  mened   and   after   viewing   the   body
that  we   will   win  our case  lnJ4.000.000   gallons   whereas   the  stand-(called the  attention of the  police to
il, and lf 1 can get toward capacity for a city of New West-��� the afiair together with  Dr. McQuar-
III make 'em see our : minster's bIzc was  10,000,000  gallons. ��� rje? the coroner.
Alderman Wliite pointed out the ad *     Detective Burrows and    Constables, , .
an honest bar-1 vantages to he derived  from  the by-   walker and Bass hurried to the Bcene, i?r���v.       ��,cca��lon- having aerved one
The   city,   he   law- hy the selling of their bonds and , lhe bodv  bbing ordered removed    to ,u" \"Tm   ? lli8 home city In the old
the   saving   of  the   large   discount   at Bpwdl'a undertaking parlors later  to ��S_3��' ..J1 a L? ���.ember 1f the B' C
current   prices on thc 4  1-2 rate.        Ilh    A " * Society   ot   Stationary  engineers.
Gat r-ylavn. I tfirad at Woman R- A' stoney wa8 elected chairman
On   the   gas  bylaw   he   pointed   out | - "!"*"" ._._     .*.. Iof the meeting with D. B. Grant as sec
that the gas expert employed had;
given his opinion that the real estate1
franchise and plant was a good buy
for the city up to $250,000. Hlg estimate was made, absolutely without
any knowledge of the option they had
Another  feature   which   commended
itself to tht��council was that Mr. Cun-, -,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
1130.000 of their  of  the  apron   she  was  wearing   from
talk :
water ',
unanimously voting him not guilty of I    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the four remaining articles of the im-|half the zeal I did the state William
peachment. j Sulzer  would  never  have  been    lm-
By a virtually unanimous vote also ! peached," he said.
the    impeachment    tribunal    decided I    At today's session of the court most
unsuccessful although making a spirit- j that gui_er should not be punished by  of the members recorded their votea
ed content for the seat. disqualification to hold office of honor without explanation.    Presiding Judge
T. A   Barnard, while not long Iden-  and trust in lhlg gtate lQ the Iuture   Cullen. who voted not guilty on   every
Uf led with the labor men of the city, (Thl8 woul(1 have j^n    the    extreme ! article of impeachment, aaked to    be
penalty under the law. ! excused from voting on the removal
The ousted    governor   was    served lot  the governor and made a simtatr
ith a copy  of the verdict    of    the! request on the vote of disqualification.
court    at    the    executive    mansion���lit fell to Judge Cullen to pronounce
christened   by  himself "The People's ithe verdict of the court.
told     the
rose at    the
According     to     stories     ioia      um i retary.
police   by   Mrs.   Demlster,   It  appears Commended Dodd.
that she was sitting in the kitchen ���**-, his opening remarks Chairman
abont 11 o'clock, and hearing a rap stoney commended the work of Aid-
on the door, opened lt wide enough to j erman Dodd as the labor repreaenta
see deceased standing    there    armed!tlve on the present council.   He made
I with a shotgun. She backed away with
\ fright and tt *nhs then that the man
shot at her, the pellets tearing the bib
B   C.   K.  H
ago  to  clean
nlngham would take
the   water   impure
also  agreed   10111^^^^^^^
up a swamp aud had never done it.
I her shoulder, but fortunately  leaving
bonds    in    payment   at   prices  which j-.v. . ,
were 7, S. and  10 in advance of the j her without a wound of any kind,
present   market.    That     would     turn I     Being  iu  such  close  proximity   the
M30.000 loose, whi-^h they were much'shot   did   not   scatter,   but   embedded
���      ��� *-  '���*- **   i~   *���*-��   Ann*   unit   ,.ven    Iiefletrated
iiiu.ivv mu-.., ...,.v, .... j   ..ere muchlshot 	
in  need of and  which  was tied  un dn ' itself In the door and even penetrated
'he bink and  would  leave them $48,-1 through  to  the wall of the adjoining
to on dii*\^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*.-***-**x*^*\*^*\\\\m
Refutes First Story of Suicide    Pact���Business
He  Loved   Her and Continually
Pressed Lips to Face of
io Mr   Pabit's ad
pur-liase Ihe Cun
Chicago, Oct. 17, William C. .-Ills.
the Cincinnati leather merchant, who
was found wounded In an hotel room
here yesterday near the body "' **'������
wife,  confessed  today
ono ktill In the
velopment   ot  their gas  business.
Not thnt they needed to spend so
rctich monev nn the engineer only advi.ed spending what was absolutely
necessary es business offered.
Dam Agreement.
He dwelt at considerable length upen the dam agreement. He referred to
Ithe letter read at the public meeting
iin Thursday evening from Mr. Oliver
; pointing out thnt if the half mile grant
| was only for the conservation nf the
I water, in all nrobahillty the title was
, perfectly good   without a survey.
That letter was of doubtful value
liecsiipo nfter thnt the Dominion government rescinded the order-ln-councll
and cancelled the half mile grant.
Instead of the original grant the government had constituted 90 square
miles as a reserve, practically covering the whole watershed to protect
fnr all time tha water supply under
the direction and administration of
the Dominion government,
to a coroner's i He elaborated the value of the extra
 __,  He 11000 miner's Inches and the pecuniary
With great presence of mind the
woman slammed the door in bis face,
locked it, and ran screaming to the
,;ther portion of the house.
Seeing that his plan of murder had
failed, the man then placed the butt
of the gun on the floor with the
muzzle close to his cheek and set off
the trigger with a small stick which
was later found lying ou the floor
elose to tiie body.
Decaluvre is a Belgian by birth and
of his
If Mr. Cunning
ll. or other con
had stopped using gaa because
ttr electric fixtures.
"Ilo you mean to ti 11 uu
cd the speaker, "that
hail had the 11. C. E
earns,   fairly   lighting  to  huy   Ills gas
plant he would have given nn option '
for months for $10 7"
"If I wanted cheap gas," said the
aldttrmon, "I'd boost Ibis move, llut
the outside districts, Including Sapperton, wlll have to pay taxes to give
Ilryson ft Sons cheap gas."
"That's right," boomed a voice from
thp audience, In the midst of this remark.
Some Big Statements.
Then Alderman Bryson made some
big statements. He had been told that
i. man who had worked with Engltver
���     ��� -���   U���    HI.    l.���|.u,    h_j
blame for the killing and devoted hls
statement  t<> obliterating the Impression  given In his first Interview with ,
the police, that Jealousy was the cause
of tho crime.
Kills, suffering from a bullet wound
self-inflicted, In his attempt to commit -suicide after killing his wife, list '
ened almost all day to the testimony
In the coroner court. His confession
was  made  In  a  few  words.
"I will stale that 1 shot my wife,"
he said. "I was worried over business troubles and the state of my
health. 1 want to suy that my wife
was the grandest little woman In the
world and the most virtuous. ���*"���-
was no trouble between us ���
not do anything wrong.
"She was In bed when I shot her.
what I was going
Out of Dlf puts.
Their objects, the quantity and purity of their water, was absolutely attained by this agreement. He con
B-ilered they were getting out of the
dispute In a very advantageous manner Indeed.
W. K. Ollley asked If the B.C.E.H.
had nny right to cut timber on the reserve.    They  were putting  In a log-
(Continued on Page Five.)
Given Enthusiastic Send-off
by Large Crowds in
H.R.H. the Duchess and Princes* Patricia Accompany Governor
reference to the householder vote in
the city and urged that every eligible
person be placed on the list. Refer- ]
ring to the school board. Mr. Stoney i
stated that he had yet another year
of his term to serve. Four members
were stepping down from office and
I* remained 'or the labor men to decide whether to run four of their members for the offices or a less unmber.
The chairman touched upon several
matters in connection with the school
board, referring to the Munday case
"*nd how he had teen supoorted by
Trustees Mrs. Cross and Dr. Green.
This was the first year, he stated,
where a candidate for school trustee
was compelled to have the same property qualifications as that of candidates for aldermen.
Gar Bylaw.
Three of the four candidates were
called upon to make a speech following the nominations. Archie Hogg being unable to be present. During his
remarks Alderman Dodd defended the
gas bylaw which will be voted upon
'oday and gave a brief resume of the
present conditions applying to the proposal to buy out thn existing companv.
The alderman mentioned that while
the city could nrobablv stifle tbe present companv, it would take a considerable length of time and perhans at a
vreater cost than If the cltv bought
them cut even If they had to pay
$47 000 for the franchise and good
i win.
He predicted that when gaa Is
>TO"ght down to actual cost householders wlll be able to cook their
meals lust aa cheap with gas as at
present with wood or coal.
A oai-malgn committee conslstln,-? of
R. J. Fell. J. h. Hogg. B. D. Grant,
W. E. Maiden. Harry Olbb, C. H. Ui
erin, J. Dlddall. J. Mercer H. A.
stoney, J. Whli law, W. Callender, J.
Flvnn was apbolnted, with power to
add to their number.
mm AMMiY   \
Coming  West.
Mcose    Jaw,    Oct   17.���George  I.
Bury, vice-president ot the C. P. K.,
and general manager ot weatern lines,
accompanied by Qrant Hall, assistant
��� general   manager  of   weatern    lines.
j spent a short time ln ttffe city today.
! Both officials proceeded west on No.
.HI, and are expected to stop off hers
] on their return journey.
Berlin,  Oct.   17.���Twenty-eight  persons were killed   today   when   Count
ZeppeJin'a latest weapon of war crash- j ��n"��ven"ro'r7he d_����toSr��'m.
of'    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���
No More Credit
, Moose Jaw, Oct 17.���Tbe grocer*
iof the city will grant no more credit
to the citizens here after Nov. IS. Thia
I was the step decided upon at a meeting of tbe grocers last night and made
public today. Protection against tha
money stringency this year is the rear
Sho could
(Continued on Page Eight.)
n man wno ua ��� """���"".._  ,,_,,���,  had Aha did not  know what I was gouty
,.���bs. had said Ihst he. Mr. I at,nt. h�� ��h )W not �� ^ ^
never seen a con   B���� P|Hn\'.7, other  doing this  when  I came to Chicago.
�� ST MKt��M IW ber firs, and .gashed her after-
plant for
Mr.  Pabst.    Mr.  Pabst
gas   imiii-   ....   ���   	
was an expert on oil gas plants, but
not on coal plants, according to what
the alderman claimed had  been  told
It would bo a gocd thing If the city
would use thlB $S26,000 for othor
works. Thc Sapperton sewer for in-
titmice. Let us settle down and spend
thc monoy carefully. This ls to be n
great city, and If It does. It will need
< arcful handling ot funds now
wards with a knife.
Kills. In a state apnroachtng col
lapse, begged to be allowed to take
n farewell of his wife's body. He was
allowed to see It and pressed his lips
renentcdlv to the fnce of the corpse.
From testimony today It appeared
Mini Ellis, who Is 47 years old, killed
his wlin, who was a beautiful woman,
12 years younger than himself, aome
time In the late hours of Wedneaday
night and remained for many hours
with tho corpse, fondling It and mak-|
reim nuuuiiii*., ��.  -  ,. Ml
Mayor Oray read the annual state- ,n(_ toeK��twri_fcrfi ,��� kl��� hlmgelf,
ment of Mr. Cunningham s bookkeeper ��,_���,. Ellis' body will be taken to Cln-
- clear profit cf WOO. n\max\ by her brother-in-law, Philip
C. Bosdlck. who came from the Ohio
city for that purpose. Neither he nor
Mr. Ellis' cousin, Morris R. Ebersole,
who Uvea here took any steps to procure counsel or other aid for Ellis,
saying tbat their sole Interest was
In the murdered woman.
���which showed a
for tbe year.       ���*^A*^s***^*^*^****^t*t*a
Piped to Bapperton.
In reply to a questioner Mayor
Gray said that gaa would be pined to
Sapperton within one yenr. this, of
���course, It the bylaw carried.
Referring  to  the  mysterious  man
H. R. H. the Duchess *t Connaught
who sailed yesterday (or Canada.
London, Oct. 17.���After an absence
of exactly six months, their royal
highnesses, the Ouke and Ducheas ot
Connaught and Princess Patricia, lett
today for Canada. Large crowds had
isscnibled along the route to give
them an enthusiastic aend off.
The Duchess was looking greatly Improved tn health. Kiverslde station
at Liverpool waa reached shortly before 4 o'clock, tke Empress ot Britain,
gaily decorated, being alongside' the
landing stage. The immigrant throng
ot Liverpool folk occupied all the approaches and an eager crowd waa alao
gaslng on the scene front numberless
amall cratt tn the river.
Sharply at 4: SO the Empreaa' siren
blew tor the last time. As the liner
got under way the demonstration both
aboard and ashore waa renewed with
even greater enthusiasm, the cheering
being continued long after the. veaael
had gotten Into the broad waters ot
the Mersey. On the starboard side of
the vessel, a sitting room waa opened
tor the Ducheas, adjoining har bod-
room. Prlneoaa Patricia oco-aaaes
quarters on tho other side ot the ship.
Tho police took extra preeatitloaa at
Liverpool againat any untoward incident by fanatical weir n.
Among othar passer ���3M who
on tho Bmpreoe were nr rarMk
family,   Vanoouver;   At.   aad
Suckling, ot Toronto;  Mr. aad Mra.
Waddell, of Victoria, and   Blr  **-'���*
rick anl Lady WIUlama-Taylor,
ed lo tbe ground from a distance
900 feet arter exploding ln mid-air.
The great ship was undergoing its
final trial before being accepted as a
new uftlt to Germany's aerial fleet
Every person who went aloft fs
dead, 27 being instantly killed by the
explosion of gas or burned to death
in its mad drop of 900 feet to the
ground. One man alone was alive.
Baron Von Bleut, a guest of the admiralty board, being extricated from
the wreckage. His eyes had been
burned out and he Implored his rescuers to end his suffering as he was
being taken to the hospital. He died
later this evening.
The loss of the "L2" with all Its
crew meana that only two men are!
left who are acquainted with the steering, ot these mammoth air machines.
The whole ot Uie admiralty board,
headed by Commander Beniaeh. were
aboard during what waa to be tbe
final trial.
Emperor William ln a wire to tbe
minister ot marine thla evening aald:
"The sorrow over what has happened
haa convinced me that a renewal to
develop theae aerial weapons ot war
la looked for."
The newspapers are supporting the
emperor and are demanding that no
relaxation take place tn tbe efforts to
aupply Germany with an aerial fleet
The loss of the- balloon wlH apparently tall on the Carman admiralty,
which practically accepted tho airship
September to, Zeppelin being hold
���   -^ .l-I-l*.,n   *_!___���
* 9
hall.   Keary   *
1���City hall.
2���-No.    4    flre   	
street, Sapperton.
3���No. 5 flre hall, Thirteenth
4���Crane's store, Queensboro.
Time to V0t__-_
Between the hours of 9 in the
morning and 7 in the evening.
Allow Appeal.
London, Oct. 17.���The appeal before
the privy council In the case of the
Monarch Life Insurance company vs.
MacKenxle. for *. declaration that the on septemoer *w, txax*-*,..** ��-��w. _,._
respondent as holders ot shares In responsible only If the dirigible tailed
the appellant company haa been al- to ' ***** ������"������"������ta of tha navy
WpVU-MVBV   mm..    --   ���-   -~   -*V ~ _���        ���_,___
i meat tho roqulrementa ot the navy
lowed with costs.
(Continued oa Pago Poor.)
Questions to Be Voted Upon.
Shall the city of New Westminster    purchase    the   New
Westminster Gaa company tor
the price of $150,000 *
Shall the city ot New Westminster enter Into an agreement with the Vancouver.
Power company and the Do-'
minion government In respect
to Coqultlam dam T -  *
Shall the interest on throe *tx
money bylaws be increased &
trom 4H to 5 per cent.? *
How to Got Newa of Resulta. ��
Totals are compiled at each .**
polling place and by I:***-*
o'clock tho flrat returns should
be available. The Nawa haa
mado arrangements to hgve alt
resulta flashed to the office
and alao to Hill's drug store,
Columbia street, where they
wiU he bulletined la the window.   Phone �������� or *tl.
ta refereMW
to whieh
I The boat* ����� *^*SL"K2lSSS�� i��i
night waa bat *W****.���JSttLiJf
there waa ao haamaaa �� *--*** .-*****-*���
the ********** *i
Ottawa --that only
-- �����!__-.__..__,
W. R.
��� **x-      -th    W******     a**********.      *fc��    mmta*mjM*m**t*M*a*aa*\
a Oft faa* Mm asm Wall
Bitf tatasaiss.
sv'S*'_s_5__c___jj_>**!il^^^^' 1*T^y
w*.      ...      -.._.      	
who aailed tor Caaada yeaterday.
-��'*^' PAGE TWO
8ATURDAY, OCTOBER  18, 1913.
Aa Maps*** moratw W** -voted <o Iks tatsr*. tt ����� ""'"'"^2.
MS ���*-a**7v*lleT Pnblithed every morsinp except Sunday by the NaUonal I rial.ep
Md HNWU Compos,,, Limited, st tt McKenzie Street. Ken, tVe.��mln.ler British
���OohimtZa- RO"-8 SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
AU ttommanKtotton. .Uould k, addressed to The New Wutmhutor ��*��*. ondpot
���a tadivldaal memfcer. of ��k�� staff. Ckc��u-��, draft., and mon.ll order, should d_ made
���ayakle to The National Printing and i'utllskinp Compan,,. Limited.
iTBLBPBONES-Bu*tness Office and Manager, 989; Editorial Room, (all depart-
���*m*f\*X%\    091
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier. 14 per pear, ��1 for three months, 40c per
By mail, 13 pcryear, 26c per month,
 ill R
Conviction   in   Police  Court  Justifies
tlon for His Action in Taking
House From Her.
1ATES on application.
Victoria,   Oct   IT.    Tin
landlord to turn a tenant
right   of   a
OUl who has
Seattle, Oct. 17.    One man Is (load
and two others nre Injured seriously,
if not fatally, as the result of an auto-', along the northerly
mobile  collision on   the  1'iicltlc  High- | street   towards   Ihe
a tally-ho on Menzles street, near the
C. 1*. It. wharves. The tally-hos are
made to stand along Manilas street
across Belleville street, and the great
majority of the passengers travel
lldG of  llellevillc
Causeway.    The
wav at Poster, about nine miles south   appellant's contention Is that It is nee-
of Seattle. essary to use u good, noisy shout  to
Henry C. ("Hul"! Kurr. _-l- Alki (attract the attention of the peoplo to
avenue, was killed when a Chalmers whom the shouting is addressed.
v.ir. driven hy Lawrence ("l.urry")] "Tho by-law allows noise or some
Duke, a son of llrodle Duke, the to- j variety, and 1 think, if any effect Is to
hncco king, erased Into a machine own-lbe given io the word 'unnecessary* in
ed by Alfred C. Iloglunil. 114-A the by-lnw 1 cannot hold thai there
Denny Way. was an infraction of the by-law.   It is
iiiiglund was bruised and cut about quite clear thai this shouting was done
Ithe head and body, Thomas Q. Sim-1for ths purpose ol soliciting fares, as
toons, '.ht Hiawatha Plaoe, sustainedICalwell, the owner or tho tally ho,
been convicted for keeping a house of |tt broken arm niul possible internal In- says if he did mil think It necessary
III fame on the promises was vindicut-��� juries, while George orth. 109 Thtr-lto employ a man tn do the shouting,
ed   III   county  court   by  Judge   Lamp-Wli'11'  avenue  south,  and (ieorge    Oa-1he would save the wages Of one man.
,      .       ,    ', ,     ,,,,., n,��� born, a barber employed at the Seattle     "The appeal ta allowed, but to mark
man.   when   he   refused   to   allow   UWL^   ,,st..1|���,l|   inj���.,.      ���l|kH   ,���   held ��� mv disapproval of the appellant's evi-
claim or Mrs. I.illle Honk In an action  a, lh(, omlntv j;,|i without ball.              | deuce there will be no costs. Krom Ills
brought   by   her  against   Oeorge   l'ra-!     Arter a  thorough  Investigation con-1evidence alone one would  gather the I
glas to recover the sum Of $H0 paid . ducted   at   the  sceiie  or  the  accident, I linuresslon that  he was speaking III a]
,,���_    ,,   ,,,       ���,,',      .   ,,,,_   ,.������,.���' where he went in company with Duke, , voice barely above n whisper, which Is. I
her   at   the  outset   of   lier   yearly,, .,���   A     i���i,���     u���.���i,,. : ..,��� ���   -i.ii������i������_ ������
J uiy
g   been   ordered   to   leave     the, chargi   .   .
premises  at   the    beginning    of   thaticlared   he   is  convinced   rrom   the  ex-   MAKE MONEY ON HAY
lhe   landlord's   part   a   counter-
Today the ratepayers have submitted for their acceptance or rejection three proposed measures.   One would ���, ���,., ,.. .������.,,,.,. , ,,,���, (i| y!||_  VU],.,u^  ,���,,���   .,,���..,,,.
aiitVinri'/o thp citv to enter into an agreement with the ]���***��� whlch ��"1|V'' M ���,,llv ��. ���*��, annftmeed that he win hold puke on a
aUtnOll/C  me  Cliy   IO  Lillet   umi   ��"     h      , . [having   In    ordered   to   leave     the, charge or manslaughter.    Murphy de
Vancouver Power company in which the city would aban
don its claim, contested by the company, to the ownership J"",",!
of the land surrounding Coquitlam lake in return for con-; ^,^^^1^^^^^
cessions, which include the city's incontestable right to aia-^; nme n^s ,,,ke,, ,,��� m���. Hook
further allowance of one thousand inches of water trom j arter sh,- had left.  The house, which
the source of supply.  This, together with the other measures to be voted on today, has been thoroughly discussed
on the civic platform, besides running in regulation form
in the columns of this paper and it is assumed the ratepayers have familiarized themselves with the conditions [JHitimatlon
of the proposed agreement.   Briefly, the question in this  ������������������"���
matter is whether it is better to accept peace on the terms
offered or pursue the fight for the ownership of the land
surrounding Lake Coquitlam to the end. It is essentially
a matter that rests entirely on the opinions of the individual ratepayers and in the last analysis must be decided
on those opinions alone.
The second problem up for consideration is that ofIwheTTrem; ,.s ��,,*,. !������;���, ,���;, ,��� :,���
course, ridiculous.'
Lease Extremely Moderate.    For
further particulars apply
Dominion  Trust   Company
606 Columbia Street C. S. Keith, Manager
anilnallou oi witnesses thai  Duke was!
under the Influence nf liquor at the j
��&& ^r^n"*.^ \ �����-. ��<���<�����- <>��� *����' w�� �����;
nuke   says   was   responsible   ror   the ; ton and potatoes at fi cents per pound
crash, ditl not occur until Puke's mn- ] farmers   in   tlie   Porl   Qeorge   district
chine   struck  a   telegraph   pole  nfter , w|10 havo cleared land and commenced
,1s the upper pari of a Chinatown busl-  smashing into the smaller car. nneratlnns -ire dolne well   said   \1   S
ness and   residence  building,   was  leti     Karr.   Hoglund,   Simmons  atld   Orth , ��]' r'l"m,s We doing well, said  M. B.
!to the woman by Pragias at the ren-j were  returning  rrom  a duck hunting  Mlddleton,   assistant   provincial   horti
' tal ot $140 n month, he in turn holding | trip and  nt the time or the collision   culturlst,   who   has   returned   irom   a
rrom  thc owner of the  property. j were replacing a punctured tire. Their   7ja{t  t()  tjjg  northern  citv    where   he
George M. Mowat. agent for the col- machine had been driven .��� the side     t d      j ���      . ���    f ��� f(Ur
lection ot the rent rrom I'ramas at the lor  the   road,    llonlutul   und  Simmons       j. ' dellahted with the
time, staled that on June 6 he received i were repairing the puncture and Karr   _,,.,,���,,, uy ,,|p Bthn,it��   which
rrom    Day   &    Boggs, was standing behind   them   striking!
agents ror lhe owner,    thnt     Pragias j matches to afford a light, when Duke's
must   get   ritl   of   the   tenant,  and   he |'""chine (lashed  into  view.    The ma- (
had then given her notice to leace. At I chines met head on.
the  beginning  or July  she  was  still 1 *
there, bul on Julv 5 she had got out
and he was sent the keys.
(Ieorge Pragias went over the inven- i
lory  or what had  been   In  the house
rented to the woman, and
said   was   missing
when it
itemized   what   he
arter she lert.
The court held that, the owner had
a perfect riirht to order Ihe tenant out
Spokane Husband Is Anxloui
cf  Woman  Cannot Solve
the purchase of the Westminster Gas company's plant by J��
the citv.   Most people appear to be in favor of the city equally with the keener. ThenjainOJ.1
.    -    , ,     ,   i    , _i _ _.       ���      ._. was not entitled, to the sum sho sued
owning the gas plant, but on the matter ot price tnere tor. On Pragias' cross-claim the court
is a difference of opinion, which leaves this bylaw in the a "'"'' '"-"
position of having the ratepayers decide if the value to
be received is worth the consideration involved, irrespective of whether or not the actual plant, real estate and
good will to be transferred are over-rated. As the purchase of this business from the Westminster Gas company would remove from the field a perpetual franchise in
the hands of a competitor, it looks as though the city
would do well to complete the deal. Certainly the value
placed on this business looks somewhat high, but the satisfaction of having this public utility under direct civic     .   , ,      ,.    ,     .
...   .        . . . . . Spokane,     Oct.    17.���"Despite    the
control  sufficiently  outweighs   Other   considerations   tO combined efforts of the police and rei-
_   ,i . __��� c        _u      i x*    ,i      atlves nnii  friends ror three davs to
warrant the ratepayers voting for the buying of  the;,race my daughter, Mrs. uieiia Pen
As to the Debenture Interest Conversion bylaw, there
seems only one argument and that is for it. Civic work,
which has been at a standstill here, must go on. Lack of
funds through inability to dispose of the bonds has tied
up public works in this city, as elsewhere, and has brought
circumstances to that stage where it is reasonable to assume that the city is losing more by failure to carry on
its work than it would cost to pay the extra interest required by present conditions in the money market.
New Westminster is facing an emergency and, though
it always costs more to act in an emergency, in this case
the extra expenditure has every appearance of being, not
only advisable, but imperative, hence the definite decision
in favor of the passing of the Debenture Interest Conversion bylaw.
proper  use,  and   In   any   event   the ,Tally-ho Drivers Have to Make a Noise
Imlnal law now held him responsible
Get   Business   Says
show lng
U though
t large in number, gave an excellent
Indication or tbe agricultural posslbll-
ities or the country, Enormous .treas
Of land are awaiting the axe ami the
plow,   he said.
Traveling hy automobile stage from
Vsbcroft to t'hiiiit creek, a distance or
268 miles, and thence by steamer to
Kort (Ieorge, Mr Mlddleton made the
trip in four days. The return Journey down the river occupies only
about ten hours nml the auto trip is
ilso made in considerably less than
two days, althougb the car in wblcb
Mr Mlddleton wns riding was Btalled
-everal times througb engine trouble,
'iirsiiue of tires and shortage ot gasoline v.ith resultant delayl
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In U. 0., vU.: the
ths celebrated "VANCOUVHR" Braml. guarauteud to pasB Standard
Bpeoifloatlons of  Americas  and  Canadian   Engineers'  Association.
We would also call attention to our Vltrlfled Sewer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-in. In diameter. This Is also made lu tbls I'roviuce aud we
consider superior to any imported article.
We nlso carry a stock of Crushed Itock, Washed (Iravel. Sand,
Mine, Plaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 snd 18.
802 Columbia Street W.
BUSINESS DIRECTORY    Ra���|-   0f   Hfo,,^
mus.   C    ''    risilKlt.   TEACHER   OF
pianoforte,  harmony  and ���Imtlnif.    Pu- j
nil* successfully  prepared  '���"* examina'
Uon In R    v   M  and It  C   M   For tsrms |
apply S03 Third avenue.
Skin Sufferers
Victoria. ()ci   17,    Thai    a   certain
amount   of  shouting on   the  part  or
tally-ho drivers Is necessary In the so- We Pnm,t. You Re||ef
llcitiiiioii of patronage ol travelers at T||l, D 0 D   prescription ror Kezem.i.
the Belleville Btreet C   P. Ft. wharves :l (slid, antiseptic wash, comnounded
is the  effect  ol  a  Judgment  banded by the D.D.D  Laboratories or Toronto,
down by Judge Lampman, of the coun- Btops thai awful Itch Instantly.
,   , .., , ,_���,, We  know,  because Beveral  oi    our
tv court   in t he appi-it   Ol l-.iwitiil >-pil* .                       ,,
ij coin i.            .mi customers, whose cures all seem I,, hi-
Father, ker, i.f Cameron & Calwell, trom a de- permanenti have toM ,ls s���
cision of Magistrate Jay.   The pros.*- .\��� remedy thai �������� hare ever sold
cutlon was based on the Victoria vehl for Eczema. Psoriasis. Dandruff, I'im
cles by-law   which states that no "un Ple��.  S:l1'   Rheum,  Itch,  Rash,   Brup
necessary"  shouting  on  the  pari   of ""IS* ���""l ���'������ """''' diseases or    the
these men will be tolerated -k "  ���'���'" L'""'::  mor* thorough  satis-
His honor'B judgment follows: faction than lbe
"This  is  an  appeal  from  a convlc- D.D.D. Prescription for Eczema.
Hon for ni-tkiiie an unnecessarj  noise Frederic   T     II :i.    Druggist,    N"w
by shouting whilst solictllng tares for I Westminster
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)   $16,000,000.00
Brunches throughout Canada anil
Newfoundland, and In London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane
I'H A, und Meilco City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters
SINGING AND VOICE PRODUCTION of Credit Issued, available with cor-
 se*m*-*m*m���--~ **    ^<-~- ���   respoiuleiitB In all parts of the world.
M ,V.-' ''V.Ve '   i;)���r.'s!1.','V'':t1',,,!'' 'm'i'i'i.."',       Savings Bank Departmeiil--Deposlt��
Principal   of   t Ilaagow   College   i.r j received   111  biiiiib  of  |1   aud   upwar**
and interest allowed at 3 per cent per*
I.I. \
one ,
'   HAR
:ii  He.
Bl .
��� w
Music, and Profwwor Qrosalnnd lhrnt. ����f
!!,;..: !i, fn.Ailm ���'.'.'".'.t ,i;"r:w,,pup!.'; ,������'����...  (Present rate).
in  Blnolns  and  votes   production.     l'.\-
t.-iistie  repertoire of  hlKh  ii.n*s *ihiks i
I'm   urn,-   ..ill or write tn  llus II.innl
ton street
Total Assets over I1S6.00H.OO0.00.
O. D. BRYMNER,  Manager.
II.   J.   A
mt    Til.   II.   Itt.   Boom  -'.   II.irt
PIlUtlH     3',
P, 11  Smith W  J. rirnves
Wnrk   utuliTtiik-ii    In    city    an 1    out.ldi       .
���..iuw m-iip westoinstw Trust Rid( place your order now.
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
Eggs are selling at sixty cents per dozen, but the
roosters don't seem to be doing the crowing that was hoard
from them earlier in the season.
dleton, IS years of age. has been found
and tliere is no doubt In my mind that
she was kidnaped In this city last
Thursday, says Henry Miller, a painter,  of   .Millwood,   yesterday.
"My daughter left her home in (he
Wellington apartments at iiM.-i o'clock
Thursday afternoon antl that is tbe
last any one has seen of her. She left
the Wellington bound for our home al
"This is the first time she has ever
disappeared, and she has been happy
In her home lire."
A. Pendleton, husband or the missing woman, who is janitor at the Wellington, wits with liis ratlier-in law yesterday during their search.    He said:
"My wife and I have been married a
year and five days on the day she (eft.
She was happy, The police have been
powerless to solve the problem .Hul I
fear my wife h is met with foul play.
"Mrs. Pendleton weighs UO pounds
and is -Blender. When she left home
sh" wire a black hat with a yellow
liaiiil and blue plume, a yellow cutaway coat with raised figures on the
coat, blue waist, and black skin, blauk
velvet shoes; on her finger was her
wedding ring and a ring with three
opals lu her hand was an tlS black
traveling  bag and  In  the  bag  were
two dn-ses and an extra pair or
"My wife is well known In the cltv,
having resided here ror the lasi 11
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of  British  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits or One Dollar Bed
upwards received and interest at the highest current rate paid or
credited hair yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
New    Westminster   Branch: A.  W.  BLACK,  Man.iger.
atlng   i-iiKim-iT*.   Loobu   Mt,   mssts   in !
t^iiior Temple evsry  if*'    and    third |
Ttnirwlav of the month    It   Mi'I-hiikMOi. i
preetdrnt    w. c. Bounders,    secretary
P. O   Hm itt.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
NEW    WKSl'MlNSTKIt    LODOB   NO   t
II. A V 11 of Klks of the II. nf C, mMt
the first and third Thursday at I p. m.
K. of P. IUIL BlghUi itrwt A Weill
tlrny. Bulled Ruler: P. II. Hmlth. eke
i When travelling for business or plea-
t..     O.     O.     M..     NO.     SM.���MERTS OK |
flmt, eccond. third and fourth Wertnes ���
day     tn     each     month     Bt     S     p.   m.
In    Ihe    Motii-ie    Home.     H.  J.    I^-niiiy
dictator;      K.     E.    Jone��.     Saerttary I sure,  >oil   may as  well  huve  comfort
It' iiil'iuiiitern   of   lodge   111   MS   Huuse  |
corner of Fourth end Carnarvon ��tr��-ie | _���,, ,.��������, ,,��� ���,,_ ,,������     y()U wm tlI)(j
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
       BURN OIL     ���
nuiihir meeting of Amity Indue Nc
27. I O O F., le held ev,T>' Miiiclv
night at 1 o'clock In Odd Fei In we' Hal!
corner i-Hrrmrvon and Khchth street*
visit Imr bn them cordially Invite/.
ii a. Merrlthew. NO . It w Bangstsr,
V fl.: w. C Ooethain. P. 0. rtaori
im: Becretary: J. W. luoDonald, flnan��
clal  Becretary.
W K FALUS���Pioneer Funi-rel Dlrecto
nnd Emlmlmer. S1J-SIH Amiiin ��trw>'
'.[.i-.Mi... Carnegie Library.
OOd travel by odr Una,
It to your advantage   o OOntult us for"
rale**; and reservations
E. (iOtll.ET. Agent.
New Westminster
II. W.  llltODIK, O. P. A.. Vsncouver.
P.  O.  BOX  44?
Hallowe'en isn't far away now anri the small hoy is
understood to be secretly offering a reward for informa-l sixiiirirc iriitirT
tion of a bran new stunt to be pulled off on the grown-ups  AUVIjLj AuAINjI
An old woman in New Jersey has heen teaching Sunday school for seventy-eight years and is still at it, which
is some record.
According to scientists, the average depth of the ocean
bed is 12,000 feet, which adds still further meaning to that
old favorite "Asleep in the Deep."
When the Tammany tiger gets through with Sulzer
he'll have a hazy idea of how the early Christians felt in
Nero's time, but that's where the likeness stops. Sulzer
can hardly be classed as suffering in a good cause.
Attorney General        Refers       Victoria
Council to Former Judgment
Along Same Lines.
Representatives of both nations are to determine the
precise difference in longtitude between New York and
I'aris. It may be worth knowing, but it is not thought the
ir formation, when it comes, will alter fashion conditions.
A 500-pound California woman is seeking a divorce
from her ninety-seven pound husband because she is afraid
of him. More likely she's afraid she'll sit down on him
sometime about the house without noticing the male atom
-ip which she is attached.
A newfi dispatch says that Mrs. Howard, a famous London beauty, has had the words "Votes for Women" tattooed on her cheek. Come again Clare; whoever
heard of a beautiful woman who wouid spoil her looks
even for the cause. We'd like to see Mrs. Howard's map
first before swallowing that yarn.
Victoria, Oct 17 The attorney-general, In a letter sent to the council, advises Un- Victoria city council agalnsl
preferring an Indictment charging the
Victoria Country club with an offense
under the code for operating parl-mu-
tool machines at the recent race meet-
Ing nt tbe willows.:
He bases ills disinclination to take
proceedings on the Judgment of Chief
Justice Hunter last year In Schnell
versus th ��� British Columbia Thorough-
lier association, which wns an action
to restrain the company promoting
the Minoru park meeting from operating betting machines on the ground.
He advises that as the city has an
action against the Country club pending, the operation of  nvtchines might
be urged as another reason for lhe
city's counsel to nsk for a determination of the preaent lease by that company.
Th" cltv had asked through thc city
solicitor for an Indictment to i��' ur"
ferred, at the present assi-zcn, Against
Hi" cluh. by th" crown counnel, anil n
memorandum was forwarded Bbowlng
lu forma i Iou which the city secured
'md th" ri'"M"s nf wltnef-pm tn be produced In support of ihe Indictment
Th" correspondence was forwarded
tome days ago, bul In thn nlis"inv of
th" attorney-general no action was
taken On his return there was further delay, which the attorney-general
[explained was due to pressure or busl-
j nose.
i sx*'rtM
Let us make your reservations early and Becure
best accommodation at, the minimum rate.
We are agents for all ocean lines and can give you
your choice of rail lines to the seaboard.
II. a. smith, c. p. & T. A.
6_7 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W,  K. DOPBROW, 0, A.  P,  D.
I hone Private Exchange 8KI4
noWKI.I.    (H1ICCK8HOK    TO    CKN
t.r a Banna, Ltd.)���Funeral dlrtoton
mul embalmsrs. Parlors 405 Columbii
���treat,   Naw  We��tmln��t*r.    I'hone  911
Mti-r Hoard ol Trod* mocU In ths h��nri
room. City Hall, aa follown: Third Krt
ilar uf i-iirli month, quarterly m.<*ln|
in  Ilia third  Frldar of February,
COAI, MININO rights of tha Domlale*
In Manitoba, Haakatchewan and Albert*,
ihs Vi*on Territory, lha NortniraM Tar-
rltnrli-a and In a portion of the Province*'
AiiKuiit   and   November  et   S
tuiiil   meetings nn the  third  Krlday
lid y
0,   IL   Htuarl   Wailn.   eecra
Sili, Deads, ButlneM l��lt��r��. etc.; clr
iiilar work ���iK-clnllet. All wnrk utrlctl)
iiinfliliiillal. II. Barry, room 4ID wait
Phone 71)2.
if HiitiHh Columbia, may be leaaed lor ������
linn  i.f  twenty-one years at an   annua)
rental of II an acre. Not mora than Xlstr
acre* wlll he leaaed to ona applloant.
A|n lioitl.iii for a  leaae  muat be iiiada*
' by tin- applicant In peraon to the Atntt
Inr Hiib-Aitent of the dlatrlol In which tha*
I iliilii-i applied for are ���ttualed.
In Nurvwyed territory the land must b#*
I .I, wi lb. d   by  wmtidm.   or  li'Siil  mib-ditt-
mIiiiih uf Micttiine. and In uneurveyed ter-
[ tltniy   (he   trnot   applied    for    ahall
Ntuki'd out liy the applicant himself.
illiiitlun  muat be accompi	
Hilled If'
ihe  rlithia applied lor are not available.
Kuril  application muat be accompenlasT
Uy ii fee of li Which will ba refundsr* '"
iillli-OT 'llllil Blk.
Fancy and Evening Dresses
a Specialty.
Room 11, Smith Block.
<_���_��_ i
Mus. Bac.
Singing,   Piano,   Theory.
Kor Terms nud Hours Apply Bt
Studio,  1011   Hamilton  Street.    Phone
1319 R. (22^3)
Vhut with the harbor Improvements, the further
tbo fisheries nml
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
purely Westminster Ih oomlng to
her own.
Tailor to Ladle, and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Residence Y. VV. C. A.       Phone 1324.
Now Imported Fall SultltiKs now on
display. See them. Perfect fit and
workmanship guaranteed. Prices from
118.00 up.   701 Front Street.
CORBOULD, ORANT * MeCGl.I,.  B   ......   ..,......_,    ..,
rletere, Boilcitora. etc.    40 !-*>rm- street i are nal being operated such returns sh
Now Weatmlnater.    O   B. Corbould, K i be  fuml-alied ut l��ut onon a  year.
C.    J. IL OranL    A. H. MeColl.
t<"__.t-law. solicitor, etc. TSIspnon
li,*i Cnble address "Johnston.'
Code, "Western Union." Offices, Kill.
Tlliwk. 662 Columbia atreet, New West
minster, D. C.
side ��� Barristers and Solicitors, West
minster Trust Blk., Columbia hi nei
New Westminster, B. C. Cable mldresi
"Whlteolile." Wiatern Union. P. O
Drawer 300. Telephonu 89. W. J
Whiteside, K. C.: II. 1.. Bdtuonds, t
but   not   otherwise.    A   royally  ahall   bS'
paid  on  the merchantable output of th*-
| mine nt the rate of five cents per ton.
Tbe person operatlns Uie mlns stiolH
j furnish the Agent with swarn return*
; accounting for the Cull quantity of mar-
i cliiintahle coal mined and pay tha
ally   (hereon.  If ths coal  mining   rl|
_  year.
'I'he lease wlll Include the cenl mh -
rights only, but ths leasee wlll be permitted to purchase whatever available
mii-fiu-e rights may ba considered ******
miry for the working of the mine at UM-
rule of 110 nn acre.
Por full Information application shout*
tw mude lo Ihe Hecretarf of the Depart-
on nt  of the Interior. Ottawa, or to snf
Agent or Hub-Agent pf Dominion l*nda-
Deputy Minister of tha Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of thl��
iidvortlsemenl will not ha paid for.
.1. HTILWBM. CI.UTB. Barrlster-at-law
solicitor, etc.; corner Columbia mi'
McKensfe streets. New WiiHtinlnHter
B. C.   P. O.  Hoi   112.     Telephone   711
Bolicitor und Notary. Offices liar
block, 28 lorne street. New Westmlu
ster, B. O.
BiirrleteiH   nml   Mollcnors.    IOI   to   111
Westminster Trust Hlock. o, io. Mnr
tin. V.*. (1. McQunrrts and lleorgn I
Subscribe for
The Daily News
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 115.     Barn Phono lir
Begble Mraet.
Baggage Delivers* Promptly to
any ptrt of tha city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg.
of all kinds. %
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
69 McKsnsle Bt 6ATURDAY, OCTOBER  18, 1913.
Interesting Feature Shown In Annual
Report of Granby Copper
American   Banker  Airs   His  Opinions
on   Recent   United   States
Victoria, Oct. 17.-- -While Canadians Detailed figures from the annual re
ganerally am rejoicing at the United port of tho (iranliy Consolidated Mln
{.tines turirr, ub recently amended, It I ing, Power ami KmeiiinK oompany,
would appeal that there Ih a large uud operating mines at Phoenix, B. C . and
powerful cluhB of Americans who view  a Smelting plant at Grand Forks, II. C.
Hie change with misgivings, !""' only show an appreciable Incraaaa
Something of this view was express-1^ '"���* earning* over tin- previous fis-
eii yesterday by w. k. wilder, of cal year, but indicate that tho ora ra-
yviiiiiiHtock, Vermont, a prominent serves in the new properties being da-
banker of that district, who ls at pres-1 velopad ai Hidden Creek. II. I'., are
an enjoying the fruit* of a round-trip tar more extensive than the original
llckel   011   the  continent I estimates.
Mr    Wilder,   who  at   the  outset   or j     Ab contrasted with  the previous 12
the eonvaraatlon, confessed that bei months, when the smelter was shut
viuh of th,. Republican faith, declared .down for a third of the year, owing to
thnl It din not always follow that what Ithe Crow'a Nest coal Btrike, Cranny
wax p.ilng to prove a benefit to Canada ! ran at full last vear. handled a record
was going to prove a benefit to the tonnage ami Bold its oopper   at   m
1 nlleil Btates,    In fact, ho Baid, many , cent a pound, or one-half cent a pound
< anadlans as well uk Americans hold higher than 1911-18,
tblH view, ho that there can he nolli , The result wa�� that Instead of Bhow
lng altogether revolutionary In the Int. a deficit (Iranliy paid $45*1,000 In
Idea that Canada's good Ih not neces dividends, wrote off $80,696 for bond
sarlly wrapped up with tha good of dlacount and Intereat, and showed a
lhe  united Btates.    Without in  tlm; net surplus for the year of ��i;��3,i49.
leasl     attempting   to  disparage   th
works of President Wilson, Mr wilder
thought   thut   the   policy     enunclaled
-.ind followed by ihe government   was (800,000
Practically nothing iH'i'i was allow
id for depredation, whereas in the
previous  yfar  (iranby    charged    off
Causing   crave   anxiety   In   Influential
circles  throughout  the country.
Citing a concrete case to illustrate
Ills point. Mr   Wilder Bald:  "Take the
rape nf the sii Irl makers of Austria     I
Following are the salient features
of tli* 1912-11 Income statement:
Totis handled, 1,261,088; Increase,
Copper  produced   (lbs.),   u:!,(iBR,614;
understand lhat they are delighted to  Increase, 10,4.7,493,
hear that our tariff has been reduced
in regard l" their stuffs, and I take no
exception at all to them being glad at
the change, bul ths point I would muke
is thai If the tariff change is going to
Improve tin* working condilloiiH of the
Austrian shin makers It cannot po-sl-
1 lj do Other than harm to the shirt
milkers of the l'nited States nnd ns
sn American my sympathies are all
for the American In this matter."
Apt.rt  from his economic vIcwh on
the situation, Mr. Wilder dorian s that
the monev Interests of tha oountry are
Silver produced (tiza.), 3.4,HM; increase, B9.031
Oold produced (ozs.), 47..(ill: Increase.  13.3S4,
Copper, cost per ton, $2,65; decrease,
ti cents.
Copper, coBt per lb., 10.64 cents,
decrease.   0046 rents.
Cupper, average sale price, 16 cents;
Increase. .0050 cent.
Net protit, $1,214,599; IncreaBe,
Surplus, !><:i.14!��;   increase,
Ore  reserves at  the  old
greatly illBturlu'd at the changes thnt   property   now   total   5,613.4(1
have taken place, and look forward
with considerable trepidation to what
the future may hold in store. Mr. Wll-
l tuns, a
i|i niiiie of 830,016 toiiB during the
year. On the hasls of last year's ton-
nace bandied Oranby'a old mines have
noil's policy, however It may please Lhe a i|f��� ,,f ,(t>r>iir five years longer, pro-
great   mass,  is nol,  in  the opinion  OfUj08(J  tliere Is no further  increase In
Mr Wilder, calculated to Impress   the , .*,,��� reserves during that time.
moi wh" have hitherto Influenced the     the part of tha report of greatest
entire afTnlrs of the country     Tin- i ur-   Interest   to   stockholders,   however,   is
leiny queation, ha said, was a rery thai which tells of progress made at
delicate ona, and lta handling by the the new Hidden creek properties,
government of the country wnold have wllirh -r��� jepended upon to bring
tn be watched with the utmost care Oranbv book to the front ot the bis
Tills is the first time Mr Wilder has , producing copper mlnofl. Ore reserves
ever heen In the Canadian west. and:llt Hidden Creek now total 7,759,550
regardleas of tariffs and currency he tona, averaging 2.2 per rent copper.
Is enjoying himself Immensely. Ao-L, agalnsl approximately 5.000.000
t im.|. inleil by tils wife, he is making a ,n���s nn October 1 1912 This gives n
tour now of the const cities, and will nf,. I(1 ,),,. new property on the 2.000-
rctnfti to Ills home by way of Mexico i,,n ,���.- ,1m capacity of the mill there.
���Of Canadian scenery, pnrlicu'-n-lv that 0f about 15 yenrs It was stated that
of the Rocky mountain*, Mr Wilder Is while no further special effort wlll be
ardent worshipper    "To hnve lived   made   for   the   present   tn   further  ex-
Any Time to the Colossal Furniture
Sale at W. E. Fales,   This $40,000
Stock of Furniture and Rugs Being
Cleared With One Sweep, This Going-Out-of-
Business Sale Will Soon End,
Every mortal thing in our house has got to go, everything must be sold regardless of the
cost to me, or even the manufacturers' cost. This is a genuine Going-Outof-Business
Sale in every sense of the word.   I am positively retiring from business.
Hundreds, yes, thousands
of purchasers have left
my store as happy, contented buyers of Furniture, Rugs, Carpets, Beds,
Baby Carriages, Linoleums, Oilcloths, Etc. So
satisfied are they that
they are telling their
neighbors and friends
about the bargains to be
had at the Fales' Sales.
You are heartily invited
"just to look," wander
through the store by yourself, take as long as you
like, no one will give you
that uncomfortable feeling that you ought to
Ji purchase. You will see
at a glance the endless
v ariety of good things for
the home, priced at manufacturer's cost.
The Most Sweeping Sale Ever Inaugurated in New Westminster,   Furniture, Carpets,
Rugs, Draperies, Oilcloths, Regardless of Their Original Cost.
���tn lime In America." lie says, "and not
liave seen the Canadian Itnrklcs, Is an
offense   I   oan  scarcely   forgive   my-
self      Now   Unit   1   have   seen   Ihetn
tend the on- reserves, there Is every
renaon to believe that thev eventually j
���sill prove much creator than now ap |
psrsul      Th��   tnanngemen'   hnpes     to
want  to see a great deal more, and It   have   the   Hidden     Creek     nronertles
1s ce-iain that I shall return again
and acquaint mvaelf with tha untold
mysteries ami beauties of this peal
-!ii"'i'nL'  nre  l-hnrtly  after  the  first  of
next year
Victoria, Oot it Owing to clrcum-
atances unforsean al the time of fixing
the date for the annual convention of
the II I'. Conservatives, to be held In
this city, It has heen found neoessary
to postpone Ute event for one week so
that the dates for the ureal party ns
semblv will not rend January 18 and
.4 Arrangements are under way for
the reception of delegates and for the
holding of the various sessions.
The original dates were decided
upon lit the recent moetlnK of the
central   and   Victoria   executives,   hul
apaprently things unconsidered have
nri*-*i n which have rendered It neceaaary to mnke the cliaiiRe. Thc an-
iinuticrment of tiie dlnna'' wns made
yesterdav through Leonard Tail, vice-
president of the provincial organisation.
Colfax. Wash. Oct. 17 - A heavy
shower of mnddv rain fell throughout
portions nt Whitman county this afternoon. Tba nhenomennn Is believed
to In* the result of rain fulling throuah
a heavy dust storm, which ohscured
the sun nnd made ii n'most ns dark ns
twilight about 2 o'clock thiB afternoon.
The m'n w-"> accompanied bv a
slriitii- Wind. Water cnucM In clean
vesse's wns n muddy as If taken fmm
a muddy creek, and rivulets of mnddv
water r*m down the windows, leavlnc
them streaked. After the shower,
which lusted nenrlv half an hour, the
��kv cleared, nnd th" snn enme out. A
hard rain accompanied by stroiie wind
fell ear'y this mottling. The dust Is
l'cllrvod tn hnve been Mown from
central Waahinaton, for the Palouae
countrv Is muddy, the result of a week
nf steady rain.
X2S# W.tfM��S,0pp. Carnegie library teftS*g
Tlniiksgiving Day \ TheWei Smith Saks Co. of New YorkandVaacouveria charge Iff towa customers.
(H-fWFI     Rift    MFN  eon^Uon? the physician  told  Prosecu
Spokane Jailer Believes Work Better
Than Idleness For Those   Under
His Charge.
Spokane, Oct. 17.���Jailer William
Keynolds. who is caring for six women and (14 men In the jail, said yesterday he Is convinced that the women
"doiiiR time" In Spokane county Bhould
be sent to the poor farm to cook and
sew for the Inmates and that tbe men
who  are   serving    short    sentences.
A  Little Oenersl  Interest Like This
Weuld Help B. C. Fruit Buslneaa
a Whole Lot
Simkane, Oct. 17���Applea from the
various districts of the North I'acific
Fruit Dlstrlubtore will go this year to
South Africa, South America, Australia, Kngland and Oermany and oth-
<r European countries, tn addition to
all parts of the United States, according to H F. Davidson, of Hood River,
president of the organisation, yesterday Fifty carloads are already on
their way to South America, South Af-
���rrlcu and Australia.
"The export business Is irnnd. said
Mr. Davidson yesterday. "The most of
the export orders have been handlwt
from the Mood River office nnd to date
W. have booked orders for over 350
carloads for export shipment, Bold f. o
kane banks aro taking in g nancing
the institution and Its affiliations.
Thoy are willing to go outside the
central office and care for onr sub-
centrals as well, and are willing to
make liberal advances to the distributors for the benefit of the local districts from the time of making shipment to the time the returns are
Will Stora Fruit.
"In our Judgment a limited quantity
of good fruit that will keep well and
be placed In storage will eventually
pay a good profit over the preaent
mnrket. Just now orders are not coming In as rapidly as before, due to the
fact that a good many buyers have
made their flrst purchases and wlll not
olnco Bny more orders until the flrst
lot Is disposed of.
"We have made arrangementa for
storage of 800 carloada at one time. We
wlll have three main storage plants
amlni'd yesterday niornins by Dr. W,
B. Oliver, an alienist from the state
asylum at Medical l,ake, and found to
be the victim of dual personality. His
condition, the physician told Pro	
, tor Crandall In a verbal report. Is due
to a fracture of the skull and a depression of a bone at the front of the
The probable result of the findings
of the alienist will be to free Parsons
| from   the   charge  on   which   bc   was
jailed at Portland, and later returned
to Spokane by Sheriff Stone, according to Mr. Crandall last night.
To Get Other Opinions.
Local physicians   will   be requested
to diagnose   ihe    strange    case,  and
should they concur in the opinion of
Dr. Oliver the prosecution can not be
pressed, said Crandall.
"Dr. Oliver has promised to send
me a full written report of hls findings," sold the prosecutor, "and while
1 am waiting for it 1 will carry on such
investigations as I see fit. Dr. Oliver
told me verbally that Parsons suffers
with a form of mental epilepsy, ond
ihould be doln�� work on the county
roads nnd forced to earn their keep.          ��� -     -
"��� would be a blessing to send these^ ���*�� gV,SSSS atC
women some place where they can be _ time, end, of course, be Irresponsible
busy and away from 'dope' and booze," i when so affected,
said Mr. Reynolds yesterday, after Al- i    "The physician aBBured me that dual
fred  HichaMsoa. Immigration ��nspec ^rs^litv^ tto *��*���������
or. had taken Nora Loat to Canada.; _]]y ���_ f<xtf ,. guch atl acC(dent as that
1*1.-    ..-.._..-���     I.no     I,......     ,!..._,. tt���l     hnlr    II      ....... In-.1     I   .���    Il.n    "-Ic-in AT*
The woman has been deported half a
dozen times aB sn undesirable alien.
"This Loat woman Is an example. She
would be much better off lf ahe had
spent a portion of her life working for
the county at the poor farm or cn-
KiiKltr: In something useful
will prove greater than the Shushan- r d-scrfptlon of the tract as approved
na. There will be a stamp -de to the wag that portion of land within the
new digginss in the spring and at forty-mile limits commencing on tbe
least 2,000 men will  be in tbe camp   railroad at South Prairie and extend-
before the snow goes off."
U. S. Navy Disbursing Agent Preparing to Take Out Trial
ing to a spot known as Swank Creek.
The filing was performed by Thomas Cooper, agent of the railroad. Fee*
1 for the land in the general land offlc*
I amounted   to  $226,  which   were paid
by tbe claimants.
; Varcouver, Wash., OcL 17.���Driven
by a propeller in the air, a watercraft
I on the Columbia river yesterday on
I hi r first trip made 15 miles an hour.
I The motive power was furnished by
I the engine of an old automobile, and
j the pontoons were filled with flve-gal-
i lon oil cans, sealed, making numerous
airtight compartments.
Seattle, Oct. 17.���Not for eight j
months, or possibly a year, will It be j
known definitely whether the bitumi-1
nous coal of the Matanuska field In |    Thl> l"-la' was launc-n^d at the same
Alaska is suitable for the use of Un-1
sus' lined bv thr- prisoner
B-y's Mother Active.
"if he is so affected he Is a better
"nhlei't fi-r the operating table than
for tto l��w."
Mrs. Parsons, the lad'a mother, was
flrst to put forward mental trouble as
the cai'-e for the boy's alleged action
n soinetnina useiui. ���������* *-*������ - ������*���  ����������- **���' - -...-._.-. ���-----
"The county commissioner. �����*;��- #**��** office^,
arrange to send the majority of these Bt a tlme wh���e on other oecai,tons
women to the poor farm, where they he was unruly and apparently  Irra-
wonld hft olillicil tn cook and sew for   llnnal      Sho   nfferert   tn  hear  the   ttx-
IroT^oVn Pippins, although there lma and one at Niagara F^ls. N. Y.
are some Wlneaaps. Jonathans. Sp'H
enbcrKB, Arkansas Black, Winter Ba-
nanns and Delicious.
Export Prices flood.
"Fifty cars already have been
shipped from Hood River alone Export prices are good, but he orders
nre hkrd to fill, as the foreign buyers
nlways state the exact number or
hoxes  they   want  of  each   slxe and
g Mr Davidson made the flrat announcement yesterdsy of the storage
arrangementa made by the distributors
Snd the plans for financing the crop
when some of H goes Into storage. He
"'-We appreciate the Interest theflpo-'to' datVo'f'o'v7r~��6M,bob
Storaqe at Hood River.
At Hond River we have stornre for
R00 ears at one time, st North Yakima
for 100 cars and at Niagara Falls for
200 cars. At the latter place we will
Btore our fruit for ahlpment to eaatern points and for export.
"The market la standing a gradual
advance tn price rlrht along. The advances are small. S cents at a time,
which no one feels, but which makes
more money for the grower all the
time.    Last year at tbls time prices s Spokane. O
_.-.1l..t-i_i   _>U_I    Imnl    -Inllllnln**   ttntll     !_.�����&���>__       nnUn     .
would be obliged tn cook and aew for
the Inmates, lf they were removed
from their associates, booze and dope,
the majority of them would give valuable service to the county. When they
are sentenced to a term ot Idleness
here I do not see that It profits them
or any one else."
Mr. Keynolds believes that men doing n short term should be sent to
work on the county roads. He declares this would rid the Jail of many
characters who eat at the expense of
the county several months In the yesr.
tlonal. She offered to bear the ***���
oense ot a visit and examination by
-n ��-c">rt from tbe Btate hospital. She
said the boy had been Injured ln a
runaway when a youngster.
Young Parsons attracted wide attention to himself some months ago when
he eloped with a young girl from Pull-
"if-i to Spokane while he waa at W.
Alienist's Diagnosis Reveals Dual Psr-
sonslity in 19-Yesr-Old
"���" f. Parsons, 19
time. Last year ai una time price* s spoaane, ��'���**". ".�����'. >'. raraons, i��
were declining and kept declining until Wears, scion of a well known Spokane
March. The growera have been won- family, and a former student at Wuh-
derfuly relieved financially thla year inaton state college, held at the olty
by the distribution tif thn distributors HH on a grand larceny charge for al-
,    ,.. l��*ed theft of an automobile, was ex-
Aaad Farmer Csilsvsd to Have Par'
Oroflno. Idaho, Oot. 17.���M. Freer,
farmer, 70 years ot age. living SO milea
east of Oroflno, lett his farm Thursday, October 1, In queat of cattle,
which were ranging In the mountains
nnr where he lived.
His long absence had cauaed soma
anxiety until his dog returned a tsw
daya later unaccompanied when kit
friends became alarmed. Several
searching parties were Immediately
organised and a systematlsed ssarefc
tor Freer will to conducted.
A light snow having fallen in th*
mountain* since Freer left will mak*
It difficult to follow hla trail ud oa
account ot hla advanced age It Is Ikar-
ed that tt* mar have lost hls way mat
perished fross hipowre.
cle Sam's warships, says John W.
Swift, special disbursing agent of tbe
United StateB navy, with tbe Alaska
coal Investigating expedition. Swift ts
in Seattle to purchase 300 tons of supplies to be used in transporting 800
tons of coal from the experimental
mine at Matanuska to tide water.
Swift believes it will require practically the entire winter to get the coal
to tide water, but expecta it wtll be on
board one of the naval colliers or
some warship by June 1. This is the
earliest possible date that the coal can
be tested, ha says. As be said through
the press laBt summer, the aaaaya
made by the government bear out tbe
findings of private assayers made
years ago, that the coal is bituminous
of an exceedingly high grade, lt will
require an actual test In the furnacea
ot the warships, however, to determine
whether It Is a first-class steam ooal
that can be uaed under forced draft.
No definite action wlll bs token by the
government until after thla test Is
msde. Every development so tar has
been exceedingly favorable to the
coal, and the navy officials will be
badly fooled If the coal falla down
when put to the crucial test, 8wlft aa-
Ketp It Per Navy.
If the coal la what th* navy department la looking tor. a sufficiently
large area of the immense Held wOl be
nermanently withdrawn and mined by
Uncle Sam aa needed hy the navy, It I*
understood, though no definite poller
has aa yet been outlined by congiws*.
Swift today la busy selecting ho--s*e.
bobsleds and other things that wlU to
needed In transporting th* coal to
barcea te Cook'a Inlet. Swift, who
earn* down on tha steamship Mariposa, hrought favorable report* ot th*
gold strlk* iwosntly mad* torty-flvo
miles wH of tbs rovarnment coal
mine on th* Matanuska.
"QoM has town found tm *****
ererts." h* said. "Whsr* sur toa
toe* found th* gravel runs Una $W
to 111 Mir cublo yard. Th* gravel an
Altort, MeConnlck Md Lttokv SMto
er**ks Is from nine to ��w*lv* t**t
d**��. Th*** thr** stmma tm toto
Crooked or***, oa which goM
found year* mo. tot wtor* Uttl* ����� no
orospactlng hM tow don*, aa It ta
thirty feet to bedrock. With tto er��d-
Iast method*, twn m teak Mt *U*a
InfnrtartMyh. Th* gold to ****** tad
w*u worn aad th* strlk*. I tolltv*.
spot where, in 1S36. the side wheels
were adjusted to the Beaver, which
sailed around the Horn, and up the
Columbia river. The Beaverxwas the
first steamboat to ply the Pacific
This strange looking water craft,
the Victor Hugo, was built by Byron
Fry. ot this city, who was backed financially by Victor H. Umber, of
Twelfth and Main streets. Fry haa
heen working hard night and day on
this machine for two months and when
it waa pushed off Into the river above
the government docks and atarted to
make headway againat a strong current, the fifty spectators, including
Col. George 8. Young, post commander, at Vancouver Barrack*; Captain
Clenard McLaughlin, adjuatant. and
Captain Robert M. Brambtla cheered
heartily.   It waa a aucceea.
This is the first water craft ot thla
kind to be propelled by an aeroplane
propeller In thl* section of tbe Pacific
After th* tint spin. Fry m*d* a
landing, and took on tour passengers.
Tha present craft I* a Uttl* heavy In
front tot thla will to remedied hy setting th* engine took. A* ttt *peed tn-
creoees the beat to* a tendencv to
rise ont ot the water, skimming along
almost oa tha surface.
Seattle. Oct ,17.���With th* MProval
by Registrar John C. Deaay aad Receiver Altort 8aylor of th* gMwtal
land offlc* of th* filing aad aetectton
ot 17.978.W acre* ot toad ta th* **at-
Spokane. Oct. 17.���Ole Anderson, 43
years, a laborer employed on cement
work at the laundry being erected by
W. J. Doust, former pollce chief, at
tbe west end of the Ollce street concrete bridge, was drowned In the Spokane river yesterday afternoon after
making a galiant struggle for life. He
was thrown from a boom uaed in dredging for gravel and was carried out to
midstream by the current. He swam
in the cold water to within a few feet
of shore until overcome by cramp*.
The body did not rlae.
According to fellow workmen Anderson waa working with a wrench,
making an alteration ln the apparatus
wtth which the boom waa equipped.
They aaw the wrench allp fronrlto
hold and the workman precipitated
Into the river. Before aid could be extended Anderson waa caught by tha
current and taken out Me began to
swim at once and wm progreaslng
rapidly when he threw up hla haa*'
and weat down. *L
Police offloers dragged the -*lv*r
with grappling hooka near the acena
for three hour* during the afternoon,
but tailed to find tha body-.Anderson
came here recently from Seattle
where It wm said he Is survived hr a
widow sad daughter. .-
Ottawa. Oct 11���Ia
court this afternoon tto argumento
ta th* appeal tma
toe eoart nt appeals fer Britiah Cohua-
ia tto o*M  of Coniagtom a*.
ed tend* tn this Mettoa, tol *dd*d to
th* roll* ot th* eovatv *as***or. ���
JMt how maeh moa*r th* gins
wlll mean to the taxpayer* ot Ktas
eonnty could not to estisaatod at the
cnuntv eeeeasar'a attoe. tot Chief Deputy I M. Thatdtor deeisorsd that It
w^tdprotohtrntototot-USSMad* **
dollar*. Aa sSe*:tt th* ooyaty offto*
te notified hy th* toad o��ee *X ���
SUM, the eatlre traot *t*M to
reepondant aad tor children rw-
d a verdict tor th* death ot tor
kd who wm MB** wt tto Qraa-
flVOt OWOaf PIWI ClflK
9*0*. ** allssjed. hy a
ms affirmed   to ���****
��_.*''_W        ��� :S*m,
lac apM   ooaaa*l  tor
tto rsafoadMt ter any arg���sst Mto
appMl wm dtMalawi wtth eeato
Tarter. KA\ to* *��sllaat add W**
*r*r***aa**mai*s^nS***%mt m^M^___________i_____fe
vaWHHk'.^R^t  W"^^H^tom
vill* etr**t fialaet onr F*taa eraak.
In Vaaeenvsr,
tto tototowt
court at aatolla.
nnder WMMMjtt*m***i
th* rallroM was tr-n
wher*hj atorwato    ...
radto* ��f 'l*��tF*'*"to��.<^-��
to* traaka ***** aBtof-aa-T PAGE POUR
Fresh 1Water and Salt
Good   Suppliee   in   All   Lines���Everything Necessary for Thanksgiving Dinner.
Only Best Grade Timber Being Used-
Inspector Cross  in  Charge  for
On Monday the number Of workmen
tin the new Samson, now being built
at the yards of the Porl Coqultlam
Shipbuilding company, will be doubled
according lo a statement made to The
are rounded in mon', the bow being
shaped In two feet more. It Is to be
lir, feet 1 inch long, wltll ISO foot beam,
Is 7 feet from deck to the bottom and
will draw about three feet. Four inch
planking Is lii'lnp put on the bottom
and three and a half Inch on the sides.
Tlle frames are on 22-inch centres,
and each, unlike those on the present
Samson, ls braced nnd bolted down
firm. Salt chocks are being built In
and later will be filled with rock salt.
News yesterday  by  .Manager Shafner
���was let  six men h
Many a good meal should be served      Washington.    Oct.   17.���John    I.ind.
in New Westminster homes tomorrow   pmldent viflUon'a personal represen-
&T&.^.rW3tE hva"'uwi00'bo> ""M""i"'	
moriiliig's city market is any criterion. (Vera Cruz, Indications Ot (.eneral
There was everything from fish and Huerta's intention to resign the pro
the necessary Ingredients for soup j visional presidency,
right through to the end of a five I Dr. Und has advised the prealdent
course dinner. There were turkeys I that if the Information that has come
and fowl of other kinds and field to him Is relluble. the United State!
vegetables were prominently display- jn,ay be called upnn indirectly to in-
ed. Idlcate   whether   it   will   recognize    or
Turkeys  changed  hands  for  ;i5c.  a  0-H,���  negotiations  with   Huerta's  suc-
pound, dressed, geese at  2a cents a eea80r.   Apparently various names are
g suggested and acceptability to
the American government, it Is
thought, might Influence the tlnal
Special Sermons and Music on Sunday
���Union Gathering  on Thanksgiving Day.
Reliable real eBtate ugents In every town and village In the west;
I handle only first class money milking properties and will gladly
riirnlsh best of bank and commercial agency references. Cun furnish names of over four hundred satlslled clients wbo have made
substantial profits from Investments In properties I sell to them.
My ngenlH ulso make good money. Write today for particulars and
secure the agency for your territory.
Robt. A. Grant, Financial Agent
1001-1002 McArthur Building
Winnipeg  ,   Man.
.. 19e to 21c.
...17c. to 21c.
.. . 860, to 40c.
..   l'-.c. to 2c.
.. .COc. to 76o.
.. ,60c. to 75c.
.... 2c. to 3c.
.$1.21) to $1.5i)
.$1.00 to $LS0
Change* Above Decks. pound  and  chickens always  a  staple : ���[,,,,���
Some slight changes are to be made i on  the  market,   went  at   from   19  to'
��f  that  concern.    Since  the contract;"' "'" arrangements above decks. In-   -i cents a pound.
BVB bt,pn employed l sleart of lhe s'luare wheel-house nnd! Meat was offered in fair quantity
and aliVii-h the work has not beenU��tas as at present the new plancalla and other produce with the exception
so far done in record time, adldtlonal '<���><��� ""��� !���"* ��f ,h,> wheelhouse being | of small vegetables and fruits, was for
1,1 " |t    mny*  rounded   off  In   octogan   shape.    The j sa|e.    Some of the prices were:
i smoking room will be Bmaller and the . Turkeys, per lb  	
shape of  the  dining saloon  will  be I chickens, per lb
changed.    TO port of the  main deck I Ducks, per lb.  .
five   Staterooms   will   be   set.     Meat j nutter, per lh. ..
room,   galley,   pantry,  etc.,   are   also
provided for.
In the engine room more lockers
will he placed, and instead of the
cylinder bearers being of woo't, they
will be of steel. An Improvement in
this department is the Installation of
an ash chute. There are four rudders I Apples, per box
on the present vessel, but in the newjpears, per box
one three are to be placed. Eggs and Butter
Kggs, wholesale, dozen   51c.
Kggs, retail, dozen  55c.
Mutter, rctr.il. per lh 40o.
Fish,  Retail.
Flounders, per lb 10c
Krom Mr. I.lnd's report, which was
(lied Wednesday, there arose today
rumors of fresh negotiations with the
Huerta government   by   the   United
Slates,  but   at   the   White   House  and
state department il was declared communication had not hem resumed.
Speeches In congress and other sug
help   Is  expected   to  make
D, W, Cross, of this city, inspector
for the depart men t Of public works.
Is daily at the scene of operations
looking after the construction for the
government.   Certainly   nc'material  -jj-gj "^      _oom  more  lockerg I t^S? P�� SMk '.'.'.'.'.'.'..iST to 76* I gestlone today for an armed protector-
wl,, ,n co int,    he S     son   a, 1     -  Will  be  placed,  and  instead    of    tl.e  Cam. a. per sack   tide, to 75c. I ate over  Mexico in  conjunction  with
lowed to go into the Sa   mi    and .1 bearers being of wood, they   Potatoes    per   sack    80c. I other nations were met by high    ad
though some  ,,nbers 1       beenit**** jr., b�� q. itMl   An in,prov���ment ,{ ! ������� ' ��  g���� ��� ,,, ministratK���, officials with the declare
��� nnii Vi     "i,I    ' FirsTrow tl I ���������iB department is the installation of crab apples, per lb 2c. to itc.  tion that  such an act  would  Impair
fwPei'n,r  an I    ree   from   knots   ai      an ��sl> cl"ltp*   T��Prp ar�� f(>ur ni,lllers ' APP'M. P�� ���">���<  S1.2b to $1.50, thc sovereignty ef Mexico.    AttenUpn I
.hikes  is IHit tie h, ill timbers   now {-** "", "res,'m ��������"����� but in the hew  Pears,  per box    $l.o0 to $1.30 ��� was called to President Wilson's orig
'itce arem , e fro    a nd the 1eavy  one three are to be placed. Egg. and Butter. \ inal Instructions to Mr. 1 fed. In which
bumper piece  for  tbe bow  is one of Carrie, Two  Skiffs. ESSB, wholesale, dozen   51c.; he denied any  such  purpose or  po*
the finest pieces of material ever put |    Two yawl clinker built skiffs are to ; ]'f--s' rt*,:,il- -��-*\ ���_;�����  Slbllity.
Into a vessel. lbe provided for the upper decks. The Butter, retail, per lb. 40c.'    i,  was said that the president    re-
Last   Keelson   Laid.                 I new boat will be painted red below the I            ,           Fish,  Retail. mains of the same mind.
Yesterday the laat keelson was laid water line, and  lead colored above. FJoun^rs, per lb 10a     London dispatches that   (.real Briand   bolted   and   rivetted   down,   and i The   main   deck   will   be  painted   red   StU.i?.' '"v ,       ,ui" 1,J"k''(1 "'ilh dl8favor "" "'" s"^ i
now  the  work   will   show  more,   for land the Inside housework white.    In-  ��al,b,ut' per,iD J���    gi stion of armed Intervention because
the necessarv timliers have, side,   the   pilot  house  green   will   be i ;s",o1.s* per lb ���,",',"���.-    it would not benefit  Hritish Interests
and got ready lo put in po-  used. Herring     lbs. Luc  wWle *, mtgtat, b) annexation of terri-1
Inspector Croas expects to have the Sockeye, per lb 12.4c t()rv or   indemnity,   recompense   the
All churches of New Westminster,
excepting the Roman Catholic and tbo j
Church of Kngland. will take part In a I
union meeting in commemoration of i
Thanksgiving day. to be held Monday |
iniirnliiR   in   Queen's   avenue   Metho-
dlsl church at the usual hour. i
Itev. M. C. Melvin, of St. Stephen's I
Presbyterian church,  will  preach  and j
the service will be conducted by Uev.
W.     W.    Abbott  und   probably  otherj
min 1st ers
Thanksgiving services ���will not be
universally observed tomorrow by the
churches of this elty. While In practically all tliere will be sermons fit-1
ting to the day, but a few have arranged   special   music     Among   inese
are St. Paul's Reformed Episcopal and
Sixth     Avenue     Methodist.     At   Holy.
Trinity cathedral the usual Bervlce will
he followed and such will be the case |
at Queen's Avenue Methodist.
One meeting which will mark, what;
is  known  in some  places as Thanks
giving   Sunday,   will   be   that   at  the;
V. M. C. A. at which John Alexander,
of  New   York, secretary of the  Inter-'
national  Sunday    School    movement,*
will speak.    His subject will be espocl- '
ally   Interesting    to    Sunday    school '
teachers and  workers  and  lho meeting opens at  -I  o'clock.
641 Front Street    Out of the High  Rent District.
$30,000 Stock to Select From.
Now Selling Stock of M. E. Price & Co. of Vancouver.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
���many ol
been CU
Ash   Can   Baby   a   Winner.
New    Vork,   Oct.   IT     Sadie   llincli-
man, :i babe, found by a policeman 17
months ago In an ash can, has taken
first   prize  at   the   Ilronx  baby  show.
Of Same Type. ! new Samson in the water before win-
The new vessel Is practically of ter is well advanced, and at present it
���Himilar dimensions as the present looks as If be would more than make
Samson.    How and    Btern,   however, the grade.
Admiral   Dewey   and   Admiral   Schley
Purchased by Alaska Pacific
Seattle, Oct. 17��� William .lones.
treasurer of tbe Alaska Pacific and
Alaska Coast Steamship    companies, ]Victoria.
arrived in Seattle from the east yes
Bound   for   Vancouver    wl
will be delivered to Col. D. C. Jacklin,  Chickens, per doz
her owner, the private yacht  Cyprus.   Broilers, per doren
which has just been completed at the
plant  of  the  Seattle  Construction   &
Drydock Co... will steam from Seattle
tomorrow morning.    Col. Jacklin with
a party of bankers and officials of copper    mining    companies who are in
Juneau,   will   come   south   on   one  of
the   vessels   of  llie  Canadian   I'acific.
They will be met at Vancouver by the
Cyprus and taken for a cruise of liritish   Columbia  waters  and   a  visit   to
Retail  Meats,
ib roa;
Beef, loin, per lb lilc to 87c
Beef, round steaks, per lb. ..line to 26a
Boiling beef, per lh 14c
Veal, per lb ldVfcc to 17c
Pork, per lh 12'ic to 13c
Mutton, per lb Sc to 20c
Poultry, Wholeaale.
Hens, small, per doz $0,60 to $7
Hens, large, per doz   $8 to $10
 Vi to $7
$4.mi to $5 00
Hens. live, per lb 17c to 18c
Chickens, live per lb 19c to L'Or-
Ducks, per dozen  $S to $lu
Ducks, live, per lb lflc to 19c
United States, brought out from i (tl
I   -,.  ...     .1...       ,     ,!...,     I ..rritiiri'i I     !,,'     '
quisltlon  would  never  be considered
in  connection   witli    interference    in
An unconfirmed report reached
Washington today that in the conference of diplomats! called by the
Spanish minister at Mexico Citv Wed
liisiiav practically all these present
except the British ami American rep
reaentatives recommended armed in-
tervt ntil n. State department officials
said that no such report had reached
It has been announced that the first
.        . long cruise of the Cyprus will lie made
terday, bringing conlfrmation ol the thig winter to the Hawaiian and south
report that President P, 11. Alexander, sea islands, the vessel going direct
had  closed   negotiations  for  tiio  pur- [ from  the  North   Pacific  to  Honolulu.
The Cyprus is rapidly lielng made
gtady for sea and furnishings installed. Capt. Alex. Corkum, her master.'
is ready to sign on his crew for the
vessel's first voyage in regular service.
chase of the liners Admiral Dewey and
Admiral Schley, and news that one of
the vessels would soon be despatched
on her way to this coast.
At present  Manager C. W. Wiley is
in Philadelphia inspecting the two Admirals, and perfecting plans for their
alteration to  fit them  for the  Pacific
coastwise service.     Word is expected j
from   Wiley soon  as  to  which  vessel j
will leave for Seattle first, and when.1."1'
Kach   will   need   extensive   alteration   r-:'la
and then will be placed in the Seattle-  ���������'"*''[
San Krancisco service with the Kami-.'"ornmg  on  a  two  months' cruise  In
northern   waters.    She  will   visit   al-
New   Features   at   Second   Day
Rehearing of the Dean Case���
ExDert  Testifies.
Pittsburg, Oct 17 Emphasizing
lu-r remarks with flashing i yes and
vigorous gestures, Ladj Cook, formerly Tennessee Clafin, yesterday advocated drastic measures to prevent the
marriage of men physically unfit.
II' r method of preventing Buch marriages and their subsequent evils Is
��� for physicians to break tii" code of
ethics which forbids them to tell tl ������
world wiii*:. tbey discover a man unfit
"but to brand him witb a hi t Ir in o
that he will be known and shunned
"Thi -'��� woul l be no social question
; to combat In ihe next decade 11 tl
method was followed,'' sbe said
"Tin re would e bul one Bt indard ol
mor illty ami ��� a would be forced to
abide by its ���:* *. anda the Bame as a
wi man is now
Church Notices
CHURCH,    conn r    Carnarvon    audi
Blackwood streets.    Services  11 am. ���
and   7.in   p.m.;   Sabbath  school    and
Bible class 2 30 p.m.    In th" morning
the Uev. a o Pute-si n   will   preacb
and    at 7:80    Rev.. It. J. Wilson,    aj
both ministers are earnest   and   eloquent speakers and speolal music will '
be provided as many of the congregation  as  possible  are  expected   to     be
present,   and   strangers  are   cordially I
A.   s    Lewis,   pastor.   Publlc   worship   11   ii in.    and  7 30  p in     Special
Thanksgiving sermon   Sunday   morn'
ing by  He- i utti i     Decorations,    a I
very importani meeting of the church
will be called at    thi    cloea   of   the |
��� rening servli ���      Lei  nil  the church i
ui'iiiin rs plan :���' bi  p ��� sent 1
CHURCH Servlci b 11 a m. and 7:30 |
p ni. Evening Bubji i ��� The Peril of I
Success." Sabbath bi ��� ol and Bible j
class 2 30 p.m. M Gordon Melvin, B.I
A . mlnUter,
Is tested for you, madam
There's only one real test for flour breadmaklng! We
grind Into flour each sample of wheat that comes in and
Cii'ii hake loaves with It. H the bread Is perfect ln
grain, color and texture, smooth and velvety, we order a
shipment of wheat like the sample; if not. the sample
Is rejected. That's our tut and that's why It's Impossible
to get a poor loaf with ROYAL STANDARD. Just ry lt
and   Bee.
Vancouver,  New   Weatmlnster,   Nana, mo, Victoria.
gut. and Sampson.
Cable advices  reported    the steam
ship  Admiral   Sampson  leaving    Cor-\toTe "turning to this port.
ilova for Seattle Tuesday morning and '��� ~~
she   should   arrive   Saturday  evening
She -in bringing Wiuu-oa_o:v-of salmon
from Yukatat, 170 tons of copper ore patro] boat p
from Ellamar, eighty-five tons of vol 	
canic" ash,  used   In  manufacture of a I
new   metal   polish,   and   other   freight      TIDE   TABLE���FRASER   RIVER
from ports of southwestern and south-.  .
eastern Alaska.
As the Sampson is making next to Westminsti
her last voyage to Knlk before Ice will
"bar navigation to Upper Cook Inlet,
many miners, cannerymen and pros
pectors are coming out as passengers
on the vessel. William Martin, who
lias written a brother of this elty that
lie has cleaned up $26,000 on his properties back of Knlk: C. J. Rose, a St.
Paul capitalist, who has been inspect
ing properties in th*1 Cook Inlet country; W. W. Woodward, of the Susitna
Mining company, and E. J Kllis and ,
O. E, Sauter, with a mining crew
from back of Knlk. are among these.:
The steamship Watson of tlie Alas-}
Va Pacific fleet arrived at Seattle with i
passengers and freltiil from San Francisco yesterday. The liner Admiral j
Farragut left San Francisco for Seattle today and is due Sunday.
Dean case finished its second
day of rehearing yesterday afternoon
at 4.45, and tin* evidence of witnesses*
retold. Mr. Phipps' cross examination
by Adam S. Johnston concluded aboul
Then  followed  more bank  evidence Another Commission.
from  representatives of the  Bank ol      Ottavwt,  Oct.   n     l ::������  government
Montr, al at Chllllwack   and    Vancou    intends lo appoint       ai   early  date a
ver. in regard to the circulation    ol  commission to Inq   re In o thi	
notes and the meana   taken    by   the lm,c Possibilities of
bank to distribute and trace ihem.
Detective   W.   Black,  of   Detroit,   retold the tale of Powell's Identification
by Greenwood, and again denii d  the
\ short nip up the Fraser was made I suggestion "l the i' fence that Green'
yesterday  morning  by  the  fisheries I wood only Identified Powell when the
government power cruiser
left her moorings at the slip
the Q.  X.  It. Wharf yesterday
��� most
every   station   up  the   coast   be-
witness  suggested   the  man   in    the,
sweater with the white buttons.
The only foundation for such an Incident  waB that witness was not sure
Cn.    tk.    lAln.t.    Tt     J n ^'     ,'rSl     WllO    < ', Td' ll.V OOd    lUlll    i'iOtlli Df'1
For the Week Endincj Sunday. Oct. 19.   m|t;1   lh(,   ,_,., ,.   ���x,ll;iin���(1      wltnega
' ' ''' "''"'-��� igood   bumoredly  scouted   the  sugges '
canal. This was pn n I at I hi last
session by Hon. R lierl Rogi ���
[the minister Intimated today that thi
appointments are coming In the very
near future. He is nol yi I In n posl
i tion, however, to Indicate Ils person
i nei.   There will be three members.
High. Low.
Time. lit.
5:30   0.4.ri
4:21  ID.4
17:1,. 12:25
16:1. 11.7
0:10    1:25
5:08 11.0
1" 50
17:40 12:85
10:38 U.6
:: 7
6:.0    2:05
6:63 11.6
17:65 12:50
16:57 11.5
3 2
7.3",    2:33
18:16 13:36
6:37 11.8
17:16 11.4
S:20    3:20
7:22  12.11
2 7
18:35 14:u'i
17:34  11.5
9:10   8:66
8:10 12.1
ix .",r, 11 30
17:53 11.5
10:05    4:30
9:03 12.1
lu.l..  15:0.'i
18:13 11.5
Stranger   up   River.
The tug Stranger was at  the yards i
of   the   Port  Coqultlam   Shipbuilding
company yesterday morning and  took
it boom of piles down river.
���    (Continued from page one)
Week-End Specials
Dean's Grocery
Tholce Alberta Butter, 3 lbs $1.00
New Zealand Butter, lb 40c
Ideal Cheese, the new cream cheese
In  drums    25c.
Cluh Sausage, regular 25c��� special
20c, 2 for 35c.
Worcester Sau.sc.  special,  3  for    25c.
Special Candy Sale
Marbfl    Chocolate    Caramels    and
.Mixed   Chocolates,  regular 4uc
per lb.
25c. per Ib.
Cream   Mixture   and   Assorted   Jellies,  regular  40c.   for 25c.   Ib.
Dean's Grocery
Burr  Block
Phone 386.
Columbia Street.
department in the tests conducted by
itB own officers.
Might Have Been Worse.
i'he catastrophe might have resulted in a longer list of victims, as 5ii
school girls from the Johannasthal
elementary school were playing in a
Beld when the airship exploded above
them. The headway of the airship,
however, carried the hull beyond the
children, who fled hack Into the school
in a  hysterical condition.
ihelr parents had to come to the
school afterward to escort them
through ihe streets. An aviator who
was flying above the dirigible was
thrown from the seat of bis aeroplane
by the explosion and regained the
in rodrome ln a state of complete collapse, The papers loday contained
little except reports of aerial disasters.
One possible cause for the flre and j
exploBloD is that old gasoline was I
carried on board, or that a spark of
atmospheric electricity was developed
by the friction of the balloonets rubbing together Inside the outer frame
work, as occurred In the cage of two
predecessors of the 1.-2. Theae
theories are regarded as Improbable
owing to the Improvements made In
ihe design of the airship to meet such
tion thai an eSort had been made to
Induce Powell to come out alone for
Identification and that his jailer had
Safe  Fxoert.
David   Moves   Voung,    safe    expert,
again related bis deductions as to tbe
operations of the safebreakers. Entry
to the safe bad been accomplished bj
breaking through the brick wall sui
rounding it and be estimated from live
to   seven   chargl s   Of   nitro   glycerine
bud been uaed to blow open tbe safe
The preliminary charges would be
comparatively small until an aperture
was made to permit the insert imi or
sufficient for the final explosion whicb
effected Its demolition.
The bole In the brick wall would
probably be muffled in some extent
to deaden Ihe report. The operations
required to be done by a man
acquainted witb the general princi] les
of safe construction and a knowledge
of explosives. Some mechanical skill
was necessary,
Questioned by   the   court,   witness In the harbor i
opined he could go through the hole j and  not  more
himself,   lie had gone through smaller
Into Six Pieces.
66,000,000  BUTMSL..
Montreal, Oct, it The export ol
tin- grain from tbe porl of Montreal
for tin* present seaaon wlll be rrom
Un,nnii,.inn to i,5.innl,'Kin bushels, ac
cording to an estimate which has been
made al the office of the harbor com
mlasloners. This output wlll be
double, or more ihan double, tha
quantity exported last season, which
measured up to rather inure than 30,-
000,000 bushels, drain received In
the harbor elevators lo date is estl'
mated at 51,000,000 bushels from the
commencement of the season.
At the present moment there are
only two and a quarter million bushels
mmissloners' elevators
than about a quarter
'of a million In the (Irand Trunk, so
that there Is accommodation for an-
other million and a half bushels. That
Last Week We Saved Money
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most exacting candy lovers in the city last Saturday. We assured them that
the value was in the candy and that the quality was' unsurpassed. We have
proved this and want every lover of value and quality to prove it for themselves.
Phone 6(5.
(>2H Columbia St.
CroBB-axamlned by Mr, Johnston wit-1 the spare apace will be overtaxed la
neaa said the door would weigh from evident from report! which have been
800 to 700 pounds. The door wan blown recelvi il from inland ports. There
Into bIx pieces, averaging 100 pounds were 20,000,000 bushels In the eleva-
���each.    The  floor,    lie    thought,    was j tors in   lint William on the Oth and
metal which would Klve out a louder
sound from pieces of tbe door failing
on it, than if il were constructed rt
other material He calculated the time
required for tbe whole operation lo be
from two to three hours.
No  Cafe  Is Safe.
The safe had beep    from    2S to 30
years in use, Safe makers bad tn I'.eep
pace with modern discoveries In   < x
j plosives to manufacture safes afford
lng protection against safe blowers.
No sate was absolutely safe agalnsl
burglars provided they had sufficient
IUme to operate,   His lirm could make
I safes now that would resist breaking
open  possibly for four or live days,
but lie admitted they had never been
sujected to experiment
Mr. .lohnslcn    That  is    what    your
circular and catalogues suy, I presume,
The court then adjourned.
the quantity  is now almost certainly
While the elevators al Tiffin, Qode
rich. Depot Harbor, Midland, Owen
Sound, Polnl Kdwarii. Porl Colborne
and Porl McNIcoll are packed, Grain
Is being sent down to Montreal a*
speedily as pi BSlble, but. JiibI. nt presenl ilu re is a shortage of cars on the
Grand Trunk.
T-.VO Million Yesterday.
Port WlUlam, Ont, Oo!. 17. OvBr
two million bushels of grain were
shipped from the Twin ports todav.
the total helm: 2,230,000 bushels. Of
this 1,325,000 went to American ports,
and tin* remainder to Eastern ('ana
dian points, All but 275,000 bushels
of oais of tlie American shlpmonta
went to Buffalo. There were 760,000
bushels of oats, 66,000 buahola of barley and 7o,(.0') bushels of flax.
Don't Send Your Money Out of Town and Then
Kick About Trade Being Bad
Solid  Oak, six  drawer Chiffonier  $18.50
White Enamel six drawer Chiffonier   16.50
White   Enamel   three-drawer
Dresser  12.00
White Enamed Bath Cabinets   4:85
Six-foot Hardwood Extension
Table  10.00
Eight-foot Hardwood Extension Table  11.25
Set of Solid Oak Diners, leather seat   1950
Set of Oak Finished Diners ... 12.00
Kitchen Arm Rockers, with
hifrh back     2.50
Kitchen Queens, two drawers
and two bins     5.25
Blankets, Pillows Quilts and Comforters at lower prices than any place
in the city.
The Big Furniture Store
Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
. \ftP*>**a*i&m***>**^      gm
99 1
loacr'a place on the team. The leader   out  thu  entire   period  cf  play.     Last
of thu tecond team can challenge the Jnl��ht*B game wat In tiie  nature of a
eighth player on the first team,   Any |'ri.-ndiy flrture   before   the   u����u
players not    occupying    a    plac,    on
either of the teams may challenge the
, -..,   llxture    before
schedule opens on Krlday evening
, next week.
Splendid Card Ib Arranged���Royal City Well Provided
for���Soccer and Rugby This Afternoon���Fight at
Steveston Thanksgiving Day.
..hich  will  be presented   lo
�� Immediately following tbt
the i
One of the boil sport programs ever
arranged In New Westminster nnd the
lower mainland ls on tap for the
week end. practically    everything    iti
line of fail und winter athletics being
provided for tho fans to digest.
Kor this afternoon both -soccer and
rugby football games ure scheduled
with every park In the city taken up.
At Moody Park.
At Moody park, Hurnaby aud thc
Electrics clash  at  'i .30 o'clock sharp,
with the chances favoring a very close
game by reason of the standing of
both teams in  the league table.    llur-
naby   made  a  draw  with  Bapperton
last   wi ek   and   were   later   awarded
both    points   on   account   of    the in
eligibility of one    of    the    Hiivvertini \m**^xt**^xt.**^xt.**^xta********************^****^*****x*m
player.     The Electric, have yet   to     BurquiUam - Helps. Bpackman,
win a game, bul   rumor   ha.it   that Martin. J. Whiting, Stanley, Bray, A
they will Held a better team than ever ; Whiting.   J-   Cobban,   Findlay,   (I.   Ad
in order lo make a mark ou the win |
column.    Manager Holme promises
lull team.
Should Be Close.
Bapperton and Burqultlam
at Queens Park.
The    rugby   club  .will huve   their
hands   full   stopping   the   Vancouver
Rowing club at Queens park in a
Milli r cup contest The Oarsmen are
regarded us one of the crack teams
of the Terminal City and ure out for
the championship. This will be their
second visit thla season, lhey having
defeated the Royal, by a heavy score
In the opening friendly lixturc. The
game will start at 11 o'clock with Patter*, n as lhe official.
eighth player on the second team.
j (. 'if c 9 'if =�� �� ft ft -:. a ft >;. =:i< ft *
School League-
High school vs. Kt. Louis col-   ft
lege. Moody pars. !):15 o'clock,    ft
l.ord Kelvin vs. Richard Mc-
Bride, Bapperton, io o'clock.       c
John Hobson vs. Herbert ���.'���
Spencer, Moody park, "'���.:;') ft
o'clock. ���.':���
City League��� ft
B.C.E.R. vs. Burnaby, Moody-
park, 2:15 o'clock. ft
Sapperton     vs.     ISurquitlam,
Sapperton, I! o'clock. ���'.';���
Junior Alliance���
It. C. II. S. v.i. Ilapti: ts, Vancouver, ���'.'.
Westminster vs. McOill, Vancouver. Queens pari;. ?, o'clock.
Crusaders vs. Rowing club, -'.i
Brockton i'oint.
Welsh      vs.    ' Highlanders,
Brockton Point.
1 | kins. Kvans.
_ met t for
the llrsl lune un (he former's grounds,
the kick off slated for li o'clock.
Moose  Drop Out.
The third  game of  the league, that
between     the    Moose    and  City,  vvmt
���scheduled to follow Ute Burnaby-B. C,
K. 11. but tha report In The News
yesterday  to  the effect thut thc  herd
bad wiihdruwu from the organisation
has since proved to be correct, hence
the City  players will be idle.
This  reduce,  the  number of teams
down  to seven   with  prospects of one,
moro dropping out and amalgamating
with the  resi.    coming    In the    near j
future     Tile   funs  of  the city, before
support can be given to the gume, demand the  btst o( city soccer and    In I
event of lhe league  being  reduced  to!
six teams, it is expected that the best
players   lu   tlie   game   wlll   be   left   to
fight out the battle fur the city chain-
Junior Alliance.
The High school boys wlll travel to
l.ua.lano where they meet the Hap-
lists. Oil past form the local boys
ahould 1k> able Ui get away with both
points and thus cinch their present
hold on the leadership of the league
At Queens p.ii'K the Westminster
rugby   club   will  oppose   tlle   last   Mc-
Gill college fifteen, which team handed a drubbing to the Vancouver Welshmen last Baturday by u heavy score.
At a meeting of the selection com-
lnilt��i��i_lH'ld ThaFsdsiy evening several
Changes were made In the lineup from
that   ol   last   Saturday's  Dfteen   which
defeated the Highlander., Hurt and
stacey being brought In to the three-
quarter line while a place has been
found for Clark, of the Hankers' soccer eleven, In    the    forwards.    A.  II.
:    H.C. K
Clark, II
R. Coles, Patterson leapt.).
Collier, Thompson, Foley,
collier, Morgan, Rennle,
Kidd, Ashy. Henderson.
Davis. Smilh. Wilcox, Hart.
Dart. lialey. Sti vi nsnii,
lllggs.  Clark.  McDonald,   Kvans,  Dun-
canton, Ruddock,
Monday's Games.
city   Guthrie,   McAllister,   Barnes,
AylcBbury, Smith. Chlel. I.ambden
Andrew. Mcl.au n. Walk' r, Davis
Petrle. ilrahttm. Barnes,
First    New Westminster    Boy    Scout
Orders fer Week Endinn Oct. 22.
Thc troop will drill on Wednesday,
the 22nd, at 7:Ilu p.p.. Dress: Drill
order wiih staves.    ,
All scouts who possess uniforms
must wear same on parade, In order
to qualify for uniform and attendance
A meeting of thc trcop will be held
alter parade next Wednesday, for the
purpose of forming tt sports committee and to arrange for games with the
troops In Vancouver and district.
The fullowiug boys have qualified
for badges: Corporal F. Allen, interpreter, cyclist and all-round-cords;
Patrol Header C. Morrow, handyman;
Corporal A. Vidal, starinan and cook.
| No. 63 (A. Milledge) and No. T IV,.
Rowley) arc struck off the roll
! this datt
the International boundary llne and
two arches, one on the Pacific coasl
and  the other at Quebec, while there
I were proposed to be local celebration.
throughout the Dominion.
Mr. Scammell suggested    that    the
; hoard of trade should take the matter
in hand and ap;x.lnt a nominating
committee lo securo a permanent
Committee from New Westminster,
composed of representative bodies. It
was probable that it might be expedient for Vancouver and New Westminster to jointly celebrate.
The proposal met with cordial approval of the board who entered thoroughly Into the project.
On   the   motion  or   Mr.   Gilley   that
!the board take the Initiative and the
Chairman  appoint a nominating com-
mlttee to communicate with the city
i council and other public, bodies, this
! was agreed to unanimously.
(Continued from rage One I
i vvas  28 years old.    Ile  first  came to
(this country    In    March,    11)12,    and
hoarded with the Demlster family on
la  farm   In   Alberta.    In   January   he
icame out to the ccast with Mra. De-
' mister and family,   leaving   the   hus-
' band to eell out the live stock.
Kor  the   past   few   months   he   has
! been living in a shack at 1402 Third
from   avenue> Wjt|, iw0 other Belgians
"., _ ,   , .        ... The deed was evidently done by   a
All scouts are requested to get tl.e,gim  Qwned  by one Q. th(, o(h_r (w
.book  entitled   "Hoy   Scout   rests   and ;of.cupants of lhe shack  who reported
���  How to    Pass Them.        he    quarter- U,^ ,hp n__arm  WM mlwlng| t0 Uu
,   mailer can supply these books. ���      ,agt evtn|,lg     Thlg ���,      glatos
Members of the troop who wish to ���' *^^~
Our Business
Investments for clients on first Mortgage security. KaUtcs sno-
aged. payments collected and forwarded or invested.
Kvery branch of a Trust bucine.s carried on by competent and
experienced  men.
Deposits accepted and Interest   at  4   per  cent  allowed  oo  daily
We act as Executor and Trustee under Wills and alwaya ready
to advise and assist you in drawing up your Will. We prepare legal
documents of all kinds, search titles and attend to all Nil at notarial
work. Act as agents for the sale of real estate, tasonuee in all ita
branches.    Safety Deposit Boxe. for rent.    Apply
J.  *. JONES, Managing  Director.
J. A. RENNIE, SCcretary-TrrasTsr.
Head Office:  Columbia and Begbie Streeta.
Agents for D. E.  Hrown, Hope *  Macaulay.  Ltd., Gener
Steam hip Agents, of Vancouver, B. C.
New  York  Lady Will  Oppose  British
Champion   for  Championship���
Miss Ravenscroft  Favorite.
City vs. St. Andrew's,
park, 1:80 o'clock.
.'���        Rovers     vs.    Native
Sous,   -,'���
Moody park, 3 o'clock.
Crusaders vs. McOill,
ton Point. 2 p.m.
V. M. C. A. vs.Welsh,
ton Point. 3 p.m.
Westminster vs Rowing club.
Queens park, il p.m.
frank Barrleau   vs.
Burns. Steveston, 3 p.m
Athletic smoker, St. Patrick's   '���.
hall, S p.m.
Bellingham vs. Vancouver, at
Vancouver, 8 p.m.
0 i'i- ���".' -i i 5 5 S S 5 5
ft ft ft �� Hi
attend  the scouts rally and competition at  North  Vancouver on  Thauks-
Igiving Day  (the  L'Uth)   will parade at
��� the   11. C.  B.  H.  station at  7:30 a.m.
Dress:    Full dress with staves. Hunch
io be carried in haversacks.
By order.
It. P. DAV, Scoutmaster.
(Continued from page one)
they would do it for themselves. There
was no reason why they should give
it away for nothing. If some of the
silt wcre deposited upon it it would
certainly become a valuable island.
Dr.   Holmes  explained   that   the   1s-
, land was originally used for the stor-
| age of explosives and the lime might
I come wben it might be devoted to the I
I aame purpose.    There was no ailvan j
��� tago ln disposing of  it  except for r. |
reasonable price.   Perhaps at some fu
_��.,.-<; ,.._- evening. ���...= ..,<-..
that deceased left the shack attired in
working clothes on Thursday morning ;
iand according to his knowledge had
not returned to the place until some'
time yesterday morning when It Is |
supposed that he changed Into his i
i street attire, taking the gun along1
jwith him.
i    A  feature  which  shows    that    the
j affair was premeditated was discover-
jed  by the police last evening, to tht
! effect that the man visited  the store
jof Oscar Swant'.n on Thursday afternoon and  wanted  to purchase a    revolver.    Under the new regulations a
permit lia3 to be Issued before   a   revolver    can    be sold to    any person,
Swanson    sending   the    man   to the
police,  handing him  a   business  card
at the same    time.    This    card    wis
found in the man's clothes after   the
The Inquest over the body will be
held ln the Bowell undertaking parlors at 2 o'clock this afternoon.
Wilmington,   Del.,
Marlon    Holllns,    of
  I reasonable price.   Perhaps at Bome iu-1    Tacoma, Oct.   17.���A   friendly  pole
Excellent scores were registered on ture time some concern might want to (cat paid a visit to the Custer school'
the Club alleys last evening, the com-1build a bridge that way and use lt. Inear Tacoma yesterday At least his'
mencement of the iwo days' contest 1 Mr. Gilley asked for further time ������,. _,��� __. ',...���AU. '',., ,,, , _���i.���.
(or Thanksgiving turkeys, for the committee.    He advised  that   actloR9 werc W������J "nt�� the teacher
Burnetl heads the list with a score j if the dredge company wanted to de-|an(1 pupils resented his overtures and
of H2S, cloyely followed by a score of   posit their silt there to give them the j endeavored to discountenance his ad-
���"""* "���"" *'������ "**  '"'vanceB.   Then he retaliated in a man
youthful   Metropolitan   champion
Irepresent America in ihe final match
of the women', national golf chain
plonship tournament on  the links of
i the Wilmington Country club tomorrow, when MIhm (lluilys Ravenscroft, a
former   liritish   champion,     will     en-
[deavor to secure possession of the
Robert Cox trophy, emblematic of lhe
i American chainpionsuip.
Miss Ravenscroft in the semifinal
round toduy easily defeated the present Kngllsli and Canadian champion.
Miss Muriel Dodd, eight up and seven
to play.     Miss  ilolllns, on  the other
���'iti by  Harry  Walsh,    lt is probable I permission, provided they did not in
.however    that   these   figures   vvill   be   jure the island, and sntisfied the Do-
17.���Miss |,,,,,.���,,! sometime today when thc lead-1 minion  government  that   the  silt   (lid
York,  the I |���K ten pin artists of the city resume  not K0 down the river to the detriment
. . _, i____ , .��� .vintw-r who nave ihand, secured the right to enter the
l.loyd, last >|.��r Vk',Th ,1m, "ist 'finals only after the hardest kind of
such   satisfaction  Wiboth  tWUM   IMt r HarH(,t  (,urt,_ Qf
.Saturday.      will    again    handle    tUt   n<.Mon.    Two extra holes  had  to be
whistle. nlaved  before the match  was decided
Big Thanksgiving Card. I *   j_e_ fav0).
Iloxlng. soccer and rugby will bo on |    A,.h,)Uj-h   Mi88 r,0(1d   failed  to play
the  cards   for   Monday,  Thanksgiving j       |()  )i(t.  .,_...,  fo_m    M���.g   |lavl,ns.
Day, together wllh a bumper smoker j __(jft  pl.ivri| (h(. strongest game that
to be held In St. Patrick's hall under i])n_ 1|(i,n  Bhown ln the present tour-
 ,    n,   tin.   \iiiose   hockey i_ __.    ,, .i..i -.. ,*,.- ,>,,, fi.-t
firing   a***^*^*W^*^***^*^*^*^*^aa**^*9 I of ,he
Here are yesterday's scores: Bur- The matter of dealing with the Is-
net' ���>"�� "13 Wal-sh. it*; Marshall. ! land nnd arrangements for the deposit
��� -"1 'lM; O'Connor. 200. Iof any silt upon It. was left to the coin-
In  ii���. Jim Jon  tourney J.  Miseuer j mittce for further report
wins  with  2  points,  K. (lunn and   F.
Knight  taking one each.
Cleoe Game to Idaho.
Moscow, Idaho. Oct. 17. The I'nl-
v< 'ity of Idaho won the annual football Ramc witii Washington state college today by a score of 8 to 0. Idaho
made ihe only score of the game after
ten miniiteg of plav when l-ockhact.
halfback, kicked a Held goal from W.
S. C's 35 yard line.
ct   tho   Moose   hockey
the auspices
Twenty one rounds of boxing will bo
nerved up to the light fans at the
Bteveston arena on Monday ufternoon
when Pert Halstead, of tlle Kburne
hotel, and well known as a supporter
of Westminster lacrosse, will make
Ills debut as g light promoter.
Two  tast  preliminary  bouts  have
teen arranged lo preceiUi the main
��vmiii between 1'rank llarrlcau, of
Vancouver, and Charlie Hums, of
Ban  Krancisco.
Yesterday the promoter arranged
villi Joe Hill, of Tacoma. and Prank
Man in. of Chicago, for a four round
lightweight scrap. In the other preliminary Kid l.eo and Martin Murphy,
both of whom are well known lo the
{ana, wlll go stx rounds. Murphy, by
Ills aggressive tactics, has earned a
place In 11. C. boxing affairs, and the
second scrap should nearly touch the
main event for class.
llarrleau and Hums are both reported to be In good oondltlon with
tho former having tho best end of
the betting at tbla time, 10 to 7 being
offered that Frank wlll gain the decision and even money that he send
his man along by tbe K. O. route.
The main event wlll be started at 3
o'clock with special car service being
arranged both from   Vancouver   and
this city.
Intercity Soccer.
I Monday afternoon at Moody park
wlll see the flrat Intercity soccer
game In connection with a city league
team, the City having arranged a
match with St. Andrew's, of Vancouver, present   leadera   of   the second
nament. Her medal score for the first
nine holes vvas 40, while that of her
opponent was 48. Miss Holllns look
44 strokes for the outward journey.
Ladies Will Have Their Innlnns
the BjrquitUm Links���Novel
The draw for the llrst round of the
Vancouver Uolf and Country club's
ladles' autumn tournament waa made
yeBterday as follows:
Miss lluiice vs. Mrs. Tweedale.
Mrs. Bond vs. Miss Peele.
Miss Slillllcorn vs. Mrs. Jenkins.
Mrs. Sherrlff vs. Mrs. Allen.
Mrs. Yuengllng vs. Mrs. Page.
Mrs. A. Stewart vs. Miss Ogllvie.
Mrs. Hamilton vs. Mrs. Ardagh.
Miss 0. Bunce vs. Miss Corbould.
Byes -Mrs. Elklns vs. Mrs. F. M.
Parks; Mrs. J. It. Sjnlth vs. Mrs. Mac-
kenste; Miss DeWolf Smith vs. Mrs.
l_awKon: Mrs. (1. B. Corbould vb. Mrs.
H. Rhodes.
The flrst round must be completed
by the evening of October 23. The
flrst perron In each tie Is tbe challenger and haa to give her opponent
the choice of two dates '
St. Patrick's Hall Should Be Crowded
cn  Monday  Evening���Big  List
of Entries.
The stage Is all set for the bumper
smoker to be held ln St. Patrick's hall
on Mondily evening under the auspices of tlle Moose hockey club. The
contestants are ull lined up, officials
appointed and everything arranged for
the holding of what promises to be
one of the most successful sporting
pvents In the history of the city.
A large bunch ot tickets hsve been
sold which wtll guarantee the hockey club entering the rsce for the Mc-
Uae trophy well supplied' with funds,
which among all athletic clubs are a
necessity if results are to be obtained.
The proceedings wlll be open at 8
o'clock and wil)  probably last until
nearly midnight.
Harlsm Tommy Murphy la Put Out of
Running In Ten Round*���All
. i-.-i����� or ui�� trer*-***., In order to promote interest among
ver, present l��M��r�� *�� "' n. trlct Hle players the committee hsve do
division of thc Vancouver and WW��|��;j�� ,yn ���romote , new competition
1W^U should provide the titbit of
tho tootball games for the day as
the Terminals aro coming over with a
strong aggregation and will1 mjlM��� ��
equally strong local *<*���n " ?'%7e
If thev hope to cop both points, ine
Ml will\S kicked off at 1:30 o'cock.
The Native Sons.
On the same grounds nt 3 o'clock
tiie Rovers nnd the Native Sons wlll
clash In the friendly fixture.' this be-
Rig the llrst. gnme ever arranged by
,ttio Native Sons. Art Mills has come
through wtth a donation ot a doien
cldoil to tiroiuute a new competition
for the lady members. Two different
teams have been made up in order of
the handicaps. The first team consists of .Mrs. Jenkins, Mra. Page, Mrs.
Smith Miss Peele, Mrs. A. Stewart,
Miss Corbould, Mrs. Sherrlff and Mrs.
R. A. Mackenzie. Those comprising
the second team aro Mrs. Tcedale,
Miss M. Dunce, Miss O. Dunce, Mrs.
Rhodes, Mrs. Yuengllng, Mrs. Elklns,
Miss Ogllvie and Mrs. Bond.
New York, Oct. 17.���In a ten round
bout at Madison Square Garden tonight Packey McFarland of Chicago,
outboxed and outfought Tommy Murphy of this city from start to finish,
not glviug Murphy a chance In any
round. McFarland weighed 140 pound,
and Murphy 138.
Adanacs Win This.
tn a fast and exciting basketball
game played at the Y. M, C. A. laat
evening the newly formed Adanacs
triumphed over the Hustlers to the
tune of 30 to 20 points.  From the first
Iss Ogllvie and Mrs. iionn. throw-up the youngsters wearing the
A player la permitted to challenge' colore of the Adanacs were on  the
the person above her tn the team and offensive nnd  kept the member,  of 0ia couwxr. ***** tf* ��.�� -���~ ���	
If the challenger wins she take, the the Sangster family on the go through- 'and th* other in Canada, also ahai*
Dredges Working.
Mr. Gilley reporting for tho navigation committee, said there was nothing special to mention except that the
dredgi's were working at the mouth of
the rlvor. on the now channel The
work there and at the jetty was very
satisfactory. They had had very
ro"eh weather out there recently.
The extension of ihe salmon fishing on the Frarer. secured bv a prompt
anneal to Ottawa by the bonrd and
Col. Taylor. M.P.. was the subject of
congratulations among the members
of the board, who gleefully exulted in
the defeat of an intrigue manipulated
from Victoria, with the oblect of closing the river to the end of the month
The action of the secretary and
other memhers of the board In that
matter, and In the affalv of clearing
the effects of a land slide tn the river
which was obs'ructin* th" pnrsage of
salmon upwards, was heartily approved.
Public Shelter.
A letter from the residents of Scott
road. Surrey, requesting the support of
the board In securing a shelter at the
stopping placr of the D. C. K. R. trams
was heartllv approved and referred
to the railway commltte for nctlon.
The letter set forth that there waa
no shelter th^re and alluded to tlie discomforts of the people waiting in ihe
rain for the train. Petitions signed
bv in residents and personal deputations hid failed.
Vr. Gilley said the committee mlaht
nt. the rame time, take up the matter
��f n shelter st the dtv terminus of the
Lulu island line. The city owned a
site there which he thought If tbey
Interviewed the council would be
���granted to the company for the pur-
Mr. (illley's suggestion wus adopted.
Spirit Wa* Willing.
A communication from E. A. Sands,
Whlto Rock, drew attention to the
fact that the G. N. it. company whit*
advertising reduced tare, to the New
Westminster exhibition, failed to notify their agent, and the concession
was nullified.
Acting Prealdent W. G. McQuarrie
advised taking tt before the railway
The commission wa* in the habit
of making that company sit up.   Th*
complainants could take it up before
the eommtsslon. which was the mo*t
Informal tribunal In the country. Thar
prided themselves unon tbe fact       i
The people would be aKnrded a most!
courteous hearing.   Just let them no-'
tlfy the company ot thetr intention.
Th* subject ot week-end ticket, for
sportsmen during the hunting season
was alao discussed.
Both matter. w*re referred tn th��
transnortatlon committee with power
to act,
Hundred Y**r* *f Psaca.
Mr. Scammell addressed the hoard
on the 100 year* oeaee between Great
Britain ud the Ualted Statea celebration. He wa* organising secretary ot
th* centsnarv aaaoclation wtth headquarters at Ottawa. It was propoaad
to erect three monuments, one Iq Uia
old country, on* In th* United Stat**
-   -        -_..__.   ���_   ft.n.m.     atarn.   -W.I
ner characteristic of his  kind.
Miss Beatrice Dorsey. teacher of the
Custer Bchool. is from Missouri. She
had met skunks before and was not
going to be dismayed by any little
black object with two white stripes
down a black back and four legs, one
one each corner. She decided to combat that skunk. She drove him under
the schoolhouse. This proved poor
The more forcible the attempts to
dislodge him. the more the skunk
warmed to the fray. Finally in one
last burst of olfactory, appealing eloquence, he retired into the innermost recesses under the Custer school
and refused to bp dislodged.
Miss Dorsey adjourned school to a
neighboring house, and ln the afternoon held her classes like Plato of old.
under the shade of wldespreading
Regina, Oct. 17.���Two safes were
blown open between midnight and 8
o'clock this morning by a gang ot
thieves believed to be operating here.
Oue safe was in the Capital Laundry
company's building but the robbers
failed to break into the Interior compartment, although the outside doors
were blown open.
There waa eonaiderabie money and
valuables hi the safe which escaped
untouched. The thieves hsd better
success with the safe ot the Beaver
Lumber company and got away with
considerable money and valuables.
The police are working on the eaae
but no arrests have yet been made.
; Chas. t Royal
"The Last
A Melodrama In Tbrea Acta,
Featuring Uttl* Edyth*. tka
Wonderful ChlW Aetna*.
Phone 1Q68
And naaarva Vawr ******
Buy Your Farm Direct From
Company's generous offer to bona tide settlers re senilis farms at
prices ranging from $11.00 to $30.00 per acre, unimproved or ready-
made; making a loan of $2000.00 for farm improvements aad a loan
of $1000.00 worth of stock to approved settlers, all on 20 year colonization payment plan at 6 per cent interest.
Detailed information, literature, settlers transportation rates, -rtt
furnished by D. K. Brown. Hope &   Macaulay,  Limited. Canadian Flr
clflc   Railway     Company's   Official Land Selling Agents.
D. t Brown, Hope & Maonriay
Financial, Insursnce and Real Eatate Agenta.
Rentala and Collections.
Genera! Railway and Steamehlp Agents.	
Get the Best Overcoat
You Ever Had
Take everything int*-consideration in
buying dothes-StM' QuaKty, fit
Price* Don't be satisfied vith sty&h
looks alone. [���
You want your clothe* Colit, but if tka
fabrics are not all wool, and the taHor-
ing isn't well done, the fi$.will boob be
unfit ':?'-*C"
Our clothes are guaranteed.
Come iti and look
cificf more i
##.**) Wn ���:
Classified Advertising
��tived for The News at the follow-
���tag placea: K. T. Hill's drug store,
���SO* Columbia street; A. Sprice,
���Queens-borough, l.ulu Island.
��� RATE8. ���
** ***************
Claeelflad���One cent  per word  per
data; *o per word per week; 16c per
; 8,900 worda, to be used as re-
wlttln one year from  date of
ter. ubout 20 feeL 317 Columbia
���treet east. l22t>4>
housework. Write T. Ilaruke, P.O.
Box 414. <-237��
man, odd jobs, anything. Apply Box
2240 News office. 1-2.0)
house near in. Communicate with
���118 First street.    Phone 227L.
strictly home cooking, cun accommodate about eight gentlemen with
room and board. Terms *6..r)0 per
week.    305 Columbia street.   (2227)
era' supplies. Oriental Contracting
Company, 413 WestmU-flter Trust
building. (2120)
ture In large or small quantities for
epot cash. Will give full value or
will sell your household goods and
effects by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H. J. Russell, Westminster
Auction House, King's hotel block.
Columbia street. (2164)
house, furnished, right party. Apply
431 Sixth street. (2255)
seven rooms,  two blocks fronl post
office.   Apply Itox 2252 News office.
at 8:30, thus giving ample time to attend tho concert after divine service.
The officers of the L. 0. O. M, ask
the co-operation of the citizens in
making tills venture a success and
look forward to their help in such a
worthy cause.
A limited number of tickcls for reserved seats at 50 cents eacli are on
sale at the Ellison theatre. II. Ityall's
BNAP���ON  CORNER   ST. GEORGE I dug store, and from the members and
and Sixth slreet. 86 feet    on    Sixth lotllccrs of the Loyal Order of Moose,
and 182 on St. (ieorge.   Must be suld j Fourth and Carnarvon slreets.
as owner wants to go south.   Apply !    A   silver  collection   will     he  taken
Four  of
Curtis i_ Dorgan.
length 52 inches, bust 36 inches,
cost 8150; will sacrifice. Suitable
for an automobile coat. Apply 333
Strand avenue, Sapperton,      (8280)
(8251) I trom   the   unreserved   portion   of   the
Don't forget. Sunday, October 19. at
8:30 p. in. sharp. (2241)
FOIt    SALE ��� SAW    TABLE    ANI)
saws, foot power mortising machine,
grindstone.   Box 2222 News office.
B attached to N
o. 7 shot
s. Set
is in
good  condition
r. O.
Box 23D.
finished, and largo ckared lot, Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Apply owner. George Warne,
Eighteenth avenue, Edmonds. 12140)
miles out, less than 30 minutes' ride
on B. C, Electric from New Westminster; soil excellent, bottom or
upland as desired; tram frontage
$150 an acre and remainder Just
back of frontage lots $100 and $125.
Terms quarter cash, two years fnr
balance. This is a sacrifice; estate
to be cleaned up at once. Sole
agents. Curtis & Dorgan. New West
minster.    Phone 466.    No trades.
FOR SALE���81.no DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. 121601
trade   protection    specialists.   J. M
Gawa,    general    manager,      P.    O.
drawer 110, New Westminster.
Would Build Railway From Kamloops
to  Barkcrville to Open
Rich Stretch.
Victoria, Oct. 17.���-There is a possibility that  in the near future  British
I Columbia  will  have another    railway
! started.    A. Reed, of Winnipeg, a well I
known man in Ihe prairie capital, hasl
(been in the city for the past few days,;
jand  it   is  believed  that  his object  Ifl I
i to cecure a charter from the provincial j
i government for a line to connect Kam-1
loops   wish   Quesnel   and   Barkerville, |
;and  ineidentaly    open  up a splendid,
��� stretch of rich mining country.
No definite Information run yet bei
Obtained In regard to the project, but
i it is believed  that  full details of the
I scheme  will  bo  issued  shortly.    The
j rough  outline  of  the  route  Indicates
that the proposed mad will have its
i terminals  at   Kamloops   and   Barker-
'ville.    After   leaving    Kamloops    the
iline stretches up the Thompson river
;to  Clearwater   lake   and    thense     to
Horsefly   lake   across   Ihe   "eight
jland,"   down   the   Horsefly   river
Quesnel   and     thence   on   to   Barker-
Just who are the peoole behind the
proposition it is impossible to say    at
this  time,  but   it  Is  rumored  that  in
Itime i' will he connected with one or
(other of the great railway corporations
already operating in the province.
Modern   Housewife   Has
Thete Catchalls.
Tbe rag bugs of today are quite as up
to date us the housekeeper lo  whom
they belong.    They are not lhe bulgy.
well tilled ones that our grandmothers j
had that were suved for the visit ofj
the tlu peddler, when thoy  were dls-
posed  of   for   quite  an   appreciable
amount, to be applied on new tinware
to replenish the kitchen shelves,    Thei
modern bugs serve quite different pur-|
poses,   nud  four  nre considered   the i
number needed by the particular housewife, ami none of tbe contents are for
One contains clean cotton rags for
cleaning purposes, one is for old linen
pieces for household or sickroom use. i
one for old soft silk and sutln pieces;
for Niieclul dust cloths for polished furniture and one for soft flannel pieces,
chamois nnd old suede glove lops fori
sliver polishers.    These lings nre con |
stdered valuable household assets and
nre kept most carefully.   The common
nigs are disposed of dully, as tbey do
not sell for enough to pay for the nui-
snnce they  nre.    If the tops of  longi
gloves nre saved they will  be found
most useful In a number of ways.
They nre good to recover nail buffers
with, for foundation circles for rosettes, for fancy work cushions and
needle books, to clean Jewelry with
anil for n dozen nnd one other things.
Flour bags after being tipped open and
washed may tlnd a resting place in the
cotton bag until tliere are a hulf dozen!
or more, when they may be hemmed j
and used to cover food.
$1800 a Year in This for You!
Here's a Helping Hand That Will Convert
Your Lost Time into Real Money. Don't
be one of Life's Failures.
No matter who you are,
where you are, if you can
read and write and sec,
you can be SUCCESSFUL.
Lacquar   Furniture   Haa   Brought   In
New Pillow Schemes.
The cushion has been gloriiled lately'
nlmost out of recognition    Once upoiij
a time a good plain silk or satin cover
wns   accounted    nil   sufficient,     Now
cushions,   or.   rather,   the  covers,   are
changed  nt   least  once  each   season.
The vogue for lacquer hus bnd Its t n tin -
of l ence on the fashion lu cushions.   Rich
to | fubrlcs are still used, but so that the
attention shall not be distracted from
the   beautiful   background   of   red   or
black lacquer with decorations of dull
gold their colors must be subdued
Gold tissue shot wltb dark  blue or
purple Is a favorite choice.    The loug
I'D     RBNT    KUUN1S1IK1)     HOUSE-
keeping rooms, tlu Ash street.
Corporation of the City or New Westminster has deposited with in*1 Minister
or Pul'lie Works and in the office ������( the
Registrar nl Deeds Inr the District ni
New Westminster, British Columbia, plans
and descriptions ot centre line of pronos-
cil Bapperton Bewer outfall crossing Brunette  RIvit  In   said  district
that the Corporation or the i'ity of New
Westminster will after one month from
the first publication or this notice apply
to the Governor General in Councll rm
approval nt suoh works.
DATED in N"��* Westminster, 11 C, this
27th day nf September, 1!>1'1.
Solicitors   tor   tii-   Corporation   or   thc
City of New Westminster.
Alderson avenue, Ilurquitlain, $10
monthly, seven minutes walk from
-3ap*perlon car terminus, sidewalk all
���xay. Apply Alderson, North road.
keeping rooms, $10 and $1.1 per
inonth at 224 Seventh street. (216'! I
PURSUANT to Sect inn .'.
I. of the British Columbia
1911. noilce Is hereby glvi
has been deposited with thi
New Westminster,  a plan
*), Sub-section
Railway Act,
n   that    then
Registrar at
Bbewlng pro
��� here. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Apr
��ncy, 336 Hastings street west. Vancouver, B.C. (216.1
Ki:i.xrri;iiK. stork stocks and
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bought for cash. P. 11. Iirown. 17
Begbie street, New Westminster.
Telephones:  Office S3, Residence 429
JOHN  REID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer     Hros.'    Gaaoltue
Kagiuea,   Marine   Enginea   and   Auto
mobile Repairs.
Office and Works:  Tenth  Bt.
P.O. Box 474.    New Weatmlnater, B.C.
posed extension of nock spur from Road
No. 13 to Canal street, Mileage jd A. tn
Mileage  4.1)  A,   l.ulu   Island   Branch,   niiditn��
under the powers given  to n  b-  Btatute        ,.
the  Canadian   Northern   Pacific  Railway I i^wlne
Spokane, Oct. 17. While the con-1
tracers have scoured the inland em I
pire. offering approximately $7 per
day for competent brick masons al the
new county poorfarm building, the
search has proven of do avail and tli"
county commissioners fear tint heavy
snows will fall before the building In
proof ss of construe'iou can be]
The commissioners were Informed
yesterday by the contractors. Oal-
braith & Son., in charge of the work
tho they had appealed to I'ortland to
secure masons after they found locn1
hulldlng operations were employing all
Spokane workmen.
"We  understand  that   the  contrac-
or.   on    the    Davenport   hotel    and
Wol--.  building have seceurpd  every
available loop! m^pon and are scour-
thp  countrv  for others  to  aid   in
t''i> buildings," said Commis-
I : __._*>.:.���.*...*.��� ���*
Ynu. who read this, consider:
"Opportunity visits most people
more than once: but you never
know when she'll come again."
This printed message to you,
coming through the public press,
may be Opportunity's last visit.
And if you have but one little
..park of ambition in your makeup
to rise above the everyday drug-
cry of mere existence, you will act
AT ONCE. Read this typed message to lhe end, absorb its meaning,
think what It holds out to you,
Salary slavery the curse of a
large majority of American manhood and womanhood -���may have
blinded you to what you can really
earn in this lucrative profession.
No matter what you are doing,
what your trade, your profession
or your employment; no matter if
you live in the most remote part of
the country; no matter what condition of life you may lie in. We Can
llely vor to bigger, better, and
brighter things. We can break the
dreary, monotonous day by day existence that goes with workaday
drudgery. Most of us have passed
through that selfsame miserable
existence. Early to hed. early to
rise, In order that you may punch
the time-clock, mnke money for
vour employer, deprive yourself of
tin- pleasures and enjoyments your
Mlaker intended you io have wh
KNOW whal that sort of existence
means. A dollar looks like a cartwheel twenty places to put It.
Year by vear Y')l' GRIND
Come with us, Be one Of us.
WE can show you the way lhat.
leads to a brighter Ute, a lucrative
profession as yi" in its Infancy.
The world of motion picture production holds oui untold onnortun-
Ities in vol' > ES, TO YOU We
are a cooperative aaaoclation of
motion picture-play authors banded  togetiier fur  Ml"l I' \l.  bi n< fll
one for all and all for one. Individually, are have passed through
every stage of progression in our
adopted pri fesalon, until, by force
of will nnd environment we have
forged a SUCCESS that Is growing
larger day by day, outstripping our
IiiOBt sanguine expectations At
first, thrown together by clrcum-
Stances and affiliation, then by successive st.'ges Into a small club for
the interchange of ideas, and finally
now into a full grown professional
association of SUCCESSFUL men
and  women.
Our work is easy, lucrative and
educational, Our time Is practically our own. We owe allegiance
to no employer. We are FREE
from the drudgery of wages, a
desk, a plow or a talescounter.
And we ran help you, can make
you one of us, give you everv op-
portunlty that nt first was denied
us: see thai you succeed   we don't
brook   failure.
No, dear reader, we are NOT In
any sense either a socalled correspondence school, attempting the
unattainable; imr distributors rnr
technical works <ir overstocked
publishers, that have   little value
except lhe profl! derived from their
sale. .lust a mutual organization
thai Is su founded, so conducted,
that each member Is a help to e.ich
other: in reality the most unique
organisation of lta kind in the
world today it is au organisation
of BUCCW88. for 8UCCESS and
bunt on 8UCCE8S.
Our headquarters are In l.os Angeles. California In the verv heart
",f ���*."'.'']mi Picture production.
FIFTY-SEVEN producing companies are located NOW In (Ms
City and Its environs That number is Increasing month by month
Wo ure In touch dally with every
move of this wonderful business.
We feel ils hourt throb, we know
Its needs, we realize tin- untold
money making opportunities it
holds out to YOU. Kxperience
ri';ht here In the rield has given us
the keynote of Success in our profession.
You think that $1-0 per month
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absurd? Reader, consider Many
men and women in this profession
who came from the ranks of plod-
a day workers urn receiving Incomes from $6,0|I0 to $10,000 im-
nually. A few get more than
either of theae sums. If you can
read, write and observe the most
or Unary happenings of everyday
lire, you can SUCCEED, by coming In with us. Literary ability ia
NOT NBCCE88ARY. It would
really be in your road.
Know more of this profession.
To know is to act; to act is to receive. NOW, TODAY, drop a postal to ihe address below and simply say. "Send tne details " No obligation Nu Shylock bargain, no
mortgage on yuur very existence.
You'll get by return mall an outline of our plan of operation ttnd
BODY. Wo will show you how.
and shove you into success.
This offer is limited, lis membership Is limited by charter,  there ls
a line beyond which we cannot go.
Delay may put you outside the
pale of our association and lt��
money-making opportunities You'll
lose the chance that cornea but seldom If you put off writing. Send
a postal or letter tml'iv Just say:
"Send me details FREE."    Address
357 South Hill St.     Los Angeles, California
will  tak",  and  ir neoessary exilic lands required ror iti rtght-
, sinner J. S. Hifihop.
chler Engines
He  Lot a,  of Blocks   14S  and   140.  of
Lot 92, Qroup 1, Map 17",7. in the
District of New  Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 2133E, issued In
ihe name of Harry Cline,    has    been
Bled in this office.
Notice is hereby given that 1 shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the dat" nf tli.- first publication hereof,
in a daily newspaper published In the
City of New Westminster, Issue a
duplicate of the Bald Certificate, unless in the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
.1. C OWYNN,
District Registrar of Titles
Land Ui gisiry Office,
New Westminster, B.C., October 9
1913 C.228)
The Only Nexv unabridged dictionary in many years.
Contains tho pith nr,d essence
of tin   authoritJtivo   library.
Covers every field of knowledge.   An Encyclopedia in a
single book.
Tbo Only Dictiorinry with thc
New Vividiil Page.
400,000 Words.    27ro Pages,
OOOOIllustration:!. Cost nearly
h-ilf a million dollara.
l<ct ti3 tell you about thia mot;!
remarkable Bin_..o volumo.
V/rito tor Baxnplo
cula-s, etc
I-aroo thla
���pn-cr nnl
vo v/ill
eend free
Sandpoint, Idaho, Oct. 17 Ed 011-
lespie, marshal at Priest river, last
night was attrarted by a disturbance
in one of the houses of the redllghl
district. Cuing to the door he dlSCOV'
ered Ed Johnson, a lumberjack, brand'
(shlng n pair of six shooters. Johnson
levi led his weapons on QllleBpie and
ordered him to clear out. The mar
sh'il complied, Johnson following tilm
Gillespie   waited   Jus*   outside the
door  and   as  Johnson   came    within j
striking distance hit him with hls club. |
Ii hnson  fired, th" hullel  hitting Q I
lesple in th" stomach and coming oul |
nei - the spine,
The marshal 'hen closed with .lohn- j
son and beat him aboul the head wltb
his club, managing to disarm him be
for" help came
Gillespie, whn is seriously wounded
was taken to the Didier hospital un
III morning, when he was sent to thi
Bacn 'I i learl hospital al Spokane  11
Venetian shape Is most liked, and tar
ulslieil lice of gold thread, but suft and
fine in texture, is applied at tlie ends
I'or. say, four Inches. l_old tassels de
pend Horn each cover, niul just lielnw
tlle "knob" of the tassel, glimpsed
through the gold nnd supplying a
charming note of color. Is a touch ol
old ruse nliiiin (.Ilil pieces of neeille
work or tali-entry are ulso applied t"
1'hilToti relict and are outllnii! with
wool    Wine colored velvet It lias been
found, looks particularly well on o
settee or chair of black Incquer, The
de-signs seen in the cushion* pictured
nre new* nnd most attractive
Time was when some merchants vied with each other
in extravagance of statement in their ads. The wise
merchants of today vie with each other in the ACCURACY of their statements about goods and values.
Nowadays deliberate misrepresentation _ in advertising, would quickly kill any store indulging in it.
A Banket Luncheon.
Several dny- before tlle luncheon the
Invitations fur the niTnlr may be placed
in tiny baskets tilled with (lowers and
left nt lh" ilmir of each guest to be
Tbese small baskets may be bought ai
the ten cenl store and covered with
delicate sbndes of crape paper, which
is frilled around Hie edges und wound
iround Hie handles.
'lb" 'lining room may lie decorated
with -iinlliir small baskets lllled wltli
!l"M"i*. nml vine-, either suspended
from  :ii" : :  le mil or utberw lne hun.
B.C.Coasl Service
ill ml bad irs hoed bound un n
late tl   - afti nm' ii wns hrouirhl ��������� lhi
count) jell at Bamlpolnt bj a erlfl i:*
: iiiuiii
i hout
��� ie dei
llie   I.
" Ilil
llllltl ll
��� ii. ��������� Ill lu larger basket*,
imsiuiiri   tuny   In-   plot cil
in    The table nun nlsu
wllh vines nnd  blossom*
Leaves Vancouver for Victoria 10 a. m., 2 p. m. and
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m. and 11 p. ra.
Leaves Vancouver for Nanaimo, '������) p.m.
Leaves Vancouver for
Prince Rupert and Northern
Points 10 p. m. Wednesdays
and Saturdays at 11 p. m.
QOUt-BT,   Agent.  New  Went minster
The Slim Woman
Is Winning
ll. W
HIl'lDIE.  (V  P.   A.
��   W,
Loyal Order of Moose to Give Sacred I
Concert In Aid of Hospital.
A grand sacred concert under the
auspices of the L, 0. O, M. has been
arranged for and will be given in the
Bdlson t'i 'ure on Sunday, October 19,
at 8:30 i>   m.
The proceeds of the concert will be
devoted to tho Royal Columbian hospital and a high class program has
been arranged. Moid, of the leading
artistB of the cily have kindly volunteered their services, and the Rev,
Melvin wlll give p short address The
Moose orchestra under the baton of
Mr. H. Moss, will look after the Instrumental work of the concert, and a
successful evening Is anticipated.
The doora will be opened nt Sir,
anil the opening overture wll be given
is desired
li." refreshment* mny be served nl
reedier In baskets, snys the Woman's
World In the center or th�� tntile mnj
be pint-oil ii flower decorated basket
���iiiiiiiliihig sandwiches uf different
kinds, which are imssed around, iiie
���ml.ill nmy lie served in Iliiie busketn
iiiiiile ur lettuce leaves, und cream
iiee-e mnlile.l In the forin of little
eggs may I.e served In tiny baskets
mnde nf pnrsley leaves. Canil.v mni
ilsu I.e made In small fancy baskets
The day of tho glim woman'* triumph
ban arrived. "Tho thinner one )* th��
moro   stylish,"   say   the  dreaemakora.
This would huve beon ead news for the
fut woman a year ago. Kho would hava
had to try dieting or oxorclao. Nowaday!, however, tho woman who is ton fat
for tho Styles go��a t" a druaalnt and gets
a e*a��o of Miurmola Prescription Tablets,
one of which ahe takea after each rneal
and at bedtime, nnd bo reduces her su- i
perfluoiiH  rieth  quickly.
These tabletn, being mado In nconrd��no�� ���
with   tho   famous  prescription,   nro   por- ,
foetly harmleaa,  and  thoy are,   aleii,  thai ���  	
most economical preparation a peraon can r,-#,.i__._ ���_ n i ai_____
buy, for tbey eost Only n cents a lar��1    .,    Confident of Oood Nawa,
cane, one of which 1�� frequently onouah I     .Nogales.    Oil.    17.    ( onfldeiit   Unit
to etnrt a person losing fat tho rute of I good   newH   Inr   tlle   eiitislilutlonullst
IJ  to  14  ouneoa  a dny.    Pretty  nsaw icause  will  cotnfl soon  rrom  Washing-
every drugglet koapa tbla tablet In mock,   , Cener.l   l/mlillllnn f���rr���r, i
bul nhnuld youra bo Bold out. you��e��n '""��� ''' '" r'*' Venuatiano 1 arianza, an
enoii)*0,bialn a caao bv Bonding to"lha niiiineeil today that he would remain
maker., the Marrnola -"nrnpuy, fames ' re to maintain cotnmiiiilciitlon will)
UuUdlt-i,  -.droit, Mich. !   .,. Ameii.iiii rapllnl.
Self Winding Clothesline.
Doesn't ihe wry name suggest a
labor saving scheme? Aren't you glad
to hear about something tliat will snve
work at the end of "blue .Monday'.''
Vou il recognise It when you see It. for
It's merely a reel Inclosed In s metal
case, fliti-d at one end with n book
thnt attaches the line to u wall nnd at
tlie other end with a ring for ndjust*
lug It in the opposite extreme.
At one edge of the metal ense Is n
���mull clip which holds the llne tn
place while In service sr.d nllows It
lutoinntleally to wind Itself when Its
lily's work Is over with, and Ihe entire contrivance Is so compact that
room may be fonnd for It In the Untsst
of flats.
No Man Is So Particular About His Suit
Or Overcoat As We Are
He cant afford to be so particular.   He can't afford to spend
the hours and days and years in studying styles���selecting patterns
���clioosing buttons and linings.
We can.   It is our business and our business life.
We create, criticize, compare, in order that our ftyles, our work and
our values will be beyond the criticism of the most particular man.
Let us show you some of the Suits and Overcoats that are fully
up to tlie criterion of the most particular man. 84ft
Acme Clothing
C. M. Green, Manager.
PtxQU   HVIk
City of New Westminster
"New Westminster Debenture Interest
Conversion Bylaw 1913."
Copper    Mine   Near     Valdez    Taken
Over   By  Granby   People
for $123,000.
tlons  for
Alaska,    Oct. 17.    NegOtlB-
tii" transfer of the Mldai
WHBREAS  ilu-   municipal  counoil    of
ll,.",'.   nm >i ,l il"   city ..r Nsw Wast.
Mlnsnr ,l���i win, th* assent o th* electors
������ ,i���. third .lav ut Julv. I��l��. fujaU*
ilua Bylaw No. IM, being �� bylaw '" "'*
Ji ,,'.* Ipal  "ini "'' 'I"* ""i��.i'i-
,,, ,,r u���- city  "(  New  Westminster to
",!������ Hi"    "'n��    I ,M,'v,'M,>,r.V I I.-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*--*-.
thousand   'I" i   (ITMOO)   '"',.'"i'   '.';���i   copper  mine  on   Soloiiion   gulch   w.-ri
r c n���tim iim. s new nn, immi .nm      ��� *
entantina H"* 'sistina reservoir and ex-1 completed yesterday afternoon and Uu
'Tv'Sif w"-,t.S^!iu?r1ne'^id���^wbiin�� property in now in th.. possession or:
known as "Waterworks Extanifen l''*1"*"*\*ha   (iranliy     Consolidated       Mining,
Iiii-  Bylaw,   Itli,  No. '' ._.,,���.'Kmc'.tiliK    &    I'owcr      coillpliny.      'I'll.'
JV*��1wlIK?,KA8J_.^lCS,S? K   purchase nri<*.* was u cash deal repre
.;'..- to ttu���''���'iiii.'.'inii'.if ��.���..-mv ii-.* thou-1 seating an Investment of $12.1.000 by
iand dollars  (t"6, >   Ig ,'"* l'*'.y''l''',���.","   the   company,     The     tlrst     paymenl,:
ii���* nrat day ol July, ltn. ana (Jjjs>balf amounting to (116,000, was made yas.
'(Vt*?') ot centum P*''annum payable Urday through lln- Valdez Hank ft!
���tiiif v-V-nrlv "n in- firm day of January.���\rul.l company, anil the balance Willi
B;���l tbe fimt day ��f Julv I" ���**> '''���'���"��� ,'l.e   paid   In  thirty  days.
*?_? WHBrSton8o?*uSUoiS^ol -**"\    whl1" ���*- representative*   of   the;
Weat-nlnawr'did with tba assent ot ths new company are reticent, they have:
(lectori "ii ll"* lMnl -VL '.'f J"'���'*'���. \V~ i shown In other places in which thoy
finally pass bylaw No. '������jjgj'".f, :[h,'. ,.',',y | |:ave become Interested that ihey lose]
to S^^^tmln"t'r ii, ruin" nv I""" tht  no time In devultrpliiK their properties;
',,,,',',,f   i  bundred    thousand    .ii.ii.int *,,, ,-.,,. f,,||,,st extent.    Their entrance
niiiii.iiuo i for ii.- >';^;;;*;h;:[nK���,"',!i'^li in'Into the Ketchikan district where ihey!
*'\",'! ,'",'"!),'���'' mini"���< thirtv thousand  recently  acquired   tbe   Hadley   prop
!!!: tare i t'i" ooo)  granted under "H-sipi-  erty,  was  welcomed   by
tiwii.il ������       ���*_ it      (nnu"   thr.   M:tm   TiV- , ..
Pretty English Girl Conductor on
Her Father's Motorbus.
When a Rainy Cold Evening Comes
Along This Summer Try Playing the
Game of Miller as Described Below.
You'll Find It Fun.
You never heard of a little girl���or a
Woman, for that matter���being n conductor on u cur, dlil you? No In this
country n girl of tif teen would uot lie
allowed to collect fares on a public
conveyance, but In linnliiud the young
girl Whose picture you ��ec is n conductor on her father's motorbus, wblcb
Discovered by "Red"  Ellis.
Th" Midas copper property 'vas fin*l
,_,   ���  .U��hi l-: orty.   was   welcomed   by   tho     people
a'Debehl  livli'w*..!i'"'',i,!J"i."!'!',i ure i ����'"r"  ����   marking a  new  era  In  tl.e
taw beliw Known as    Hospital Deb ���,���,���, Bnd  buglneM  |ir,. of the coin-
AMD WIIKUKAS III.' ,*..r,,.,r;,ll.... I"   >!"��� ' IlllinltV
nnd dollars I��V''J-''"V->J��-*"��t*.4i toltoar to-1 discovered by "Hed" kllis in'lOO, while I
���H.'.,-_lr"'it tb�� in"- "f'f'"" ;""1 "'"",';,u bunting. It was afterwards itakad l.y i
^,..;   ....   esnMMWr annum. ��yabta Q   ,.    ���������_���..   _,,,,.���  ,,������,������       A  ,,,
i,.,if v.-iiriv on thefflrst aay .        |r       mund Smith, who represento.l   ir   for
*""�� ���..'.' WHKRBA8 the mu ipaloouncll Beveral yearn
r ii,.. iiiii'i'liiiii"! of i ilW  "<    New      |��� I.,,,, j A  Carson too', bond fro.n ���
Westminster with the ��***���};."J ����� fi'j nebney-8raltb-Pantlon and did contort did on the ihtra aay oi ��u r, ^ gMHra(,je development work lu lhe
to^SST'th? muSoipfiS/coundh,oJ^H fall of 1911, A. E. Orlgsby an.l T. .1.
SorporaUbn of tlie city of ^**0?9*^^'.IPe'rluiey took a bond trow ''arson   nil
ster i" raise by loan tne "im the the same time forming a partnership
five    lli**'**l    *'"*..' i_.    I,.:,.- *****  -      ���
��,,r\v,'r'ori"V|.r',Vvi'nir'(tie''i'v i..ii*k��. '" i"��  .,: :.x people, name!
purpose or imp^   ,���������,���, 1,1..m     Daben-'
  ,. , ,  I'. J. 1.1'vinn .
fcjio'wn  a*  "Pants  impruii-...'- ��� Id.oige C. Treat,  3nor?u Baldwin.  A.I
,,���.. Bvlaw. i'li'-'" ofthe E  Orlgsby, \V. M. Wilson, John l-'eln |
ANV S ^wttfmHStsTOtS^Sed' ni.   1 Inom and J. . Planl    Tlw co-panu r '
fl,v-'   r   ,i i..i-i..r. a   i"   the  amount     of  jhlp worked the prop'.'-l
fe-nvflhouaTd ^r. (I2M00) W  ,i(.   ,    ,,���,    ���,   s,.���t���|rl
,���. p��vabi* ��� ��������� ���V.'.7."t -.t 11>.- r:.'" 'it f����rUlifu !'. wa�� bonded to ihi Alaska Mln
"'"! ",'   ,':,'i', ri 1-2) t��r centum per .">-' rr ���' _;��� Development eoinjnnv, repre-
SSmSavable ' ' ' ","""/^V *n   "   "y Stephen   i'.ir*'..
ot"'.i,:n..,f.  and ths first day of JuU  In .{ Ejp^ ^^ c���
e;"*.vn"w.irH'*'\- the debentures nu- June 24, 1918, Mr. Hlrch moved iff
ii I?' i in tn'������'���it'! bvi;i��i. n."< 151. 161 from tho propertv ,'.).- rnaims tiesi
ii'i'i'l IH bavo nol been sold, and o^|*f*�� known to himself after spending about
h���   advance  In  t5jLfiS5? ��rf thn aald by- 160,000.   On October 1, 1918, tbe prop*
l" w!,'\'h ^'.i'l .1. ii'*iitiii*.'�� thereby author-[erty  was turned over to the    (iranliy
iEdeiinnot be sold and disposed of.��jcept consolidated    Mining,     Smelting   ft
tt * .ii- it i-.v...v.,iu I. HWg,tfpS: powai ��'o.. l.td.
'\"i'\"i ."li'i'.'i "nisnecSiiry ra pass this This property was bonded In the
1,'i'iw .iiii!'orlslns the dabenturos to tne year 1803 by the Hadley smelter peo-
,,i,i amounts to ���''','J,nu'l';f''*xn*,\"'" pie, paying some cash down, and when
�� .vi'.'vviir'u:'\*^ It wlU be necessary the second payment became due, there
i r thl. " .'i.iI 'iivliiw No K.l i" r;'1"" was a mlt pending against Debney for
anouallv by special rnte the_sum of_����|ownership oT the property. Ilebni
hiir.lr.d .1"'!
dollars 4 *-r.n 1 r,r.i
from tlrl-i-' "'""   between   Rt.   John's   Wood   nnd
ill.    1!'13,    ^oklli-E, twy  lovely villages Just out-
side Loudon,
The young Imly's name Is Iilile
Mills, and she Is a dark eyed, clever
lassie uf fifteen. Miss Hllle Is a fine
mechanic, nnd when anything gets the
matter with tlie bus she helps her
father make repairs ami in tbis wny in
us useful to biin us a big, strong boy.
Are You Retiring From Business?
Is the Question We Are Asked Daily
NO SIR! We are NOT. But we ARE cutting our big
stock in two. The firm has ordered it; they care not how
we do it as long as it is done.
PRICES CUT Till They Fairly Bleed
FRIDAY and SATURDAY We Cut Deeper Than Ever
_.    . ciil rats the turn of eij   _             _   __      	
hundred ...end . ,*lx,;,|,)(."" ��� diking fund   *'"' ''Is case, bul too late for the Had
" "--   '        '      -     they   did   not   want   a
lawsuit   tailed   onto
le)   people
properly   wiih
_r-_,-.��._. _���v,,��T.t  .,f  the i)rliii*lp.il  mid  "���
'"r lhr ,,'   .   , '��� ...   "i.i smen hundred Bnd
f,u>;���n) t.inr i,.,n.lrV! and sieve*i and ��*j
iViLo1..,.. '������--v:"\,v;:.,';:..:',"."''''f ��
heretnstter -;.��� " .'���'���"'; 'V ��� ,    IM ' ���'
7i,-��i v.,ir*.. ��.���i<iea rend
������ ��� :...,r .rT""^'''1:^!;' "���" " ���^wlotSrTilMt.tous flgirei
Solium iiih     * '" '"'" ������' J*?!"-���! i .",. i storj   ��ere "common  bums,
'"r ",';; ?CvV'i'h','.U'!.ei".l,!il,."'���. .r....eii fori Sinclair, accused Socialist principal of
Olympla,   Oct.   17.- -Although     con
fronted   with  affidavits  setting  forth
I that   he   had   launht   hls   pupils    that
, iitiit I Waa-ungtoq,    Jefferson,    Monroe and
.1   E.
*     ,,f    fl,,.   I |,. ,,IHlt!),1    (lllllllH    ' �� ."" ' '     '   ''      >",.'. ..." ���   ��v^.....w   ._...     ,......, .
T���i.r. .i   mikii! ""(. ther H total amount Arlington,   lied   that   he  had   made
annual!*  of r1"* ""m*i,,,',.i;llv.,'1    a0n*r*  "'" ���' ititemenU yesterday, when pro-
.���.i      ��ixtv-.'iit!u    ."i'i .;..'. I,, iceedlncs  to  revoke ills  teaching eer
������,!      iWr-iWi , .r,""nr foriv-'nin''' 'Ti)   ceedlnga  to  revoke liis  teaching ccr
""'"'\",",.".r ! '.'.An."..' of the snldloan   tlfleate  were pending  before  Mrs. Jo
SwSh^-isrpiSg.r         ^^
''-'','/,"'tT..."'"i-.iiw'-'i1 n?.*.r,,'i..'''1 '"firm   yenv'sl     "i  did say that John  Hancock  was
ESiJi rl',1.1 a smuggler, and I can prove It." Sln-
ANi. WHEnBA��..lt wiii be SfpJfJ^|cUlr admitted
'!"���'''���' r���i'''!..,i sephlna Preston, state superintendent
"r'-----]of public instruction
under ssld brlaw No. '". J^���',";?r' {%%\    BlncUIr admitted the authorship of
nually   by   ���"i"";'    ���    - ���,���,   :,i.n I-   ������ article that appeared In a Socialist
^,'^\15SilWMl����r..��'   KvereUov
         his  signaturu
   ������ ,   rlru. "dollars I while he was engaged in school teach-
(��1 i|0)1Vfor fitemrt.  SSSdng tosether a |ing in l'lerce county  The article made
oral misstatements about matters
Tha Origin of Old Glory.
Did   you   ever   wonder   where   the
American flag gut its nickname. Old i
Qlory?   lf you have thought anything]
about It. then tbe origin of the name
will   Interest   jou.   Captain   Stephen
Driver was without doubt the first man
to  christen  our  flag  Old dory.     Ha
was bom ut Salem, Mass.. March I".
IH-tfi.    When  nbout to snll  from  that
port lu column ud of tbe brig Charles
Doggett, In the year 1831. he was presented "'Ith a large American flag    As
It wns sent nloft nnd broke out to the
air Captain Driver christened the beautiful emblem Old Glory, nml this was
the name he evermore used for It.
Ills ting shared with thu captain the
perils ami adventure* of the deep, and
on his retirement from the sen It was
taken hy hlm to Nashville. Tenn.. where
be lin:iIly mad* hls home and where
he died In issii Everybody wanted
his Hag nt the time of the civil war.
but Captain Driver quilted It with tits
i own bunds it ml mnde It Into a coin-
: forier fur Ills own bed.
However, when the Federal troops
took Nashville the stanch Union nip-
tnln c.irrliHl It to tbe capitol nt Wush-
liii-I'iti, niul ns It (touted from the ting-
stuff��� uiuiiillted ngnln nnd n real ting���
i he exclaimed, "Now that Old (ilory
', Is tip tbere. gentlemen. 1 am ready to
; die."
At preaent this same Bag Is In the
Essex Institute. In Salem. Mass.    Isn't
Stanfield's Red Label, now  $1.25
Penman's No. 95, now  1.15
Penman's Blue Tip, now 75
Blue, Gray, Brown and Tan Wool Flannel Shirts
values up to ?2.50, now   1.50
$1.25 Shirts, in all colors and patterns 93
$1.50 Shirts in all colors and patterns  1.15
25c. Hose, all kinds 20
35c. Hose, all kinds  25
$1.50 Gloves, all kinds   1.15
$1.25 Gloves, all kinds     .95
$1.00 Gloves, all kinds 80
Tookes Collars, all shapes 10
Any $20.00 or $22.00 Suit or Overcoat in our store for
$1 m
(with the chance of being the tenth!
man and getting $5.00 Free
FREE���With Every Tenth Suit or Overcoat sold, we refund $5.00
The Acme Clothing Co.
731 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Mini   nmnuni   annllallv   of   '�������   'h-���lu���,  __-...
f������r 1,,,,,'ir..) and ^W^fP-S'Jf toAy. taken up by the legtalature, attacking
-���"���'"T\*i\n",ri"'\- ���thei inpayment of the among   other   things the flag salute
""���"i I,!.in and lnt��resl thareon as ber��ln-  provided   (or school  children.    In  his,    .        .
Jn', r mentlnnnd. the lim";",'"(,ll',w;i���,H"-! article, whlrh was addressed to school   it nu Interesting thlug to know aboutl
ili"i  and  ''-v'''';;���';'  ';.'.,l\,,.,',,,,r ,1,.. tirsiichllilrcn. Sinclair sai.l  that  the state-j 	
IrliVs .likingfund. f   ���   j ment of loyalty to the flag In the salute \ Tht Mi���,p
W,,M.. r....*nbi.' ',o,V'.n ^ The   players   decide   among   them*
AKD WHBRF.A8 the net ralue ot   "'"I was just a "plain
of disbarment by Judge John B. Hum-! ����� the part of the miller.     W hen this
^^^     . . ._ i ls  (Hn,**.   ench   buy   chooses a   girl   n��
partner.     The miller takes his stand
In the middle of tlie room, and they Hll
d.!'a "n.'l f,V.Vv'".'i.,.il'i,ir��''i'��i".i;'';,*,(n*        Inlirlcii by appearing as Sinclair's coun
THK   Mt'NI.'ll'Al.   COUNCIL oftna   |eJ
conwrallon of ths ''"v."' 'N,w Sinclair also  found   time  lo testlfv
*'"' ''-.Tin!! uld ,l"l..'iitm"�� authortert In behalf of R I.. Buchnnan. Socialist
...   ��,.ii 'i.vIii-as   K.l.   IM  ""���>   ���*}. "ha"l fellow   pi'dngogue    of     Portion,   aim
ls���r   ll.l.r.sl   ���t   III"   nil.'  Of flvs   (��)   j'"r I-1,���-������,!    ���l.l>   nnr
1 unnum oomputod   from   U
oentum p*r mitiiim ,-.,n,|,.,,<.u
first nnv nf July,   HIS, uiul suoh lnti>r,.st
ahull I... payable imif-ycurty on tlis first
��lny nf January and the firm day of Julv
In .-ni'li v-'ur .liirlnit llu�� ciirn-ncv thereof
and Ihs "'ii.t debentures   shall   nave   nt-
liu'lii'it   llnri'ln   OOUPonS   fnr   til,'   Imvilioill
of th<- sniil iiii.T.-si which simii is-ur the
ninnuiiin* of itn- niuvor and olark, and
mwh .''oi'iti"*" nnv I,.. cither written.
���tamped nr luhographsd
t. There shull be ralaad ami li.vl.'.l annually during ths currency of tha aald
debenturea authorised by said bylaw No
K.l bv si��,*i'lul rul" siirflchnt tlci'i'fiir u|i'in
nil thi- rateaote t-��������� i within the limits of
the aald municipality In addition to the
iinnmil s.iins r.'iiulri'it Iiv tti.. unlit bylaw
Nn 151 In th" sum nf thri-e Ininitreil unit
(M'vcnlv-flvi. ili.llurs ($*t7fi) to |mv tha ftil-
ititlnuiit Intereal authoriied by this bvlaw,
tht Mm* tn tie in nftdlttnn to alt rates to
be levied mid crrnteit In thl said nninlfll-
H. There sliull lm rnlseil niul levied annually during tbe currency of the auld
debentures authoriied by mild bylaw Nn.
I'.'i by si'iiiul rute sufficient therefor
uiMin all the ruteatilc land wlttUn the limits of the snld municipality In addition to
the annuat sums required by thn nald by-
lnw No. 11,'i the num of two bundred nnd
fifty dollars (12*0) lo pay the additional
Intereat authorised by thla bylaw, the same
to he In nddltlon to all rate, to be levied
and created In the nald manlcli'iillly.
4. There shall be raised and levied annually during Ihe currency of lha nald
iletienturcn authorised by aald bylaw No.
113 by apeclal rnte sufficient therefor
upon nit the rateable land wtttitn the limits of the snld municipality In nddltlon to
the annual numn required by Ihe aald hy-
law No. IB!, the sum nf one hundred and
twenty-flve dollars (I12IS1 to pnv the additional Interest nuthorlied by thin hyluw.
the name in be In addition to all rnten to
lie levied and created In the nald munlclpalltv.
6. Thin bylaw shall come Into effect on
Itn receiving the assent ot tlie lieutenant-
governor In council.
fl. Thin bylaw may be cited fnr nil
HION BVLAW. 1��18."
J-ONtl! AND rABSKD In open council
the (Oth) sixth day of October, 191S.
RBCBIVni.) the nssent of the electors
the dny of October, 1913.
nacONKIDEKRU and finally panned
the day of October, 1*1S.
City Clerk.
RKCKIVIIIi the niim.it of tha lieutenant-governor In council the day
���f October. 1113.
Take notice that the above la a true
of Um propoaed bylaw upon whloh
rharaad with unprofessional conduct
Sinclair il��tiled that Buchanan was au
habitual drug user.
Uncle Sam Refutes to Recognize Necessity for Help in Northern
Posible    Meat    Supply    Grating
Ranges Near the Arctic
Dawaon. Y. T., Oct. 17.���Yukon res-
Seattle. Oct. 17.���Congressman Kits ,      __
gerald, chairman of the appropriation I identa resent the criticism attributed
committee In the house today sealed ��� t0 Emerson Hough, the author, on his
the fate of the destitute and homeless  return ,0 gt Pau,  ^ ,he northland
walk arm In nrm .round blm. -Inslng jl\SS^**TiSIsxIX tto it]* ******* ** ** game.   They say that
ibe rottowlug lines: Uef of thl> stricken city will be forth- he   traveled  only  through  a  narrow
There was a  lolly  miller who lived by | coming.    Kitgerald, despite every as-|gtrip of country, following the much-
surance to the contrary and notwtth-1 frequented routes and did not get Ave
standing Nome's repeated    calls   for | mneB 0ff the beaten paths of the Mac-
Scat'lo. Oct. 17.- The policy or
sending the government's youthful
prisoners to state reformatories for
punishment Instead of to federal pon
Iteiitlnrles, was Inaugurated today by-
Judge Jeremiah Neteror. In the federal
court, when he ordered tleorge (Irlf-
flth, 17 years old. to be confined In
the reformatory at Anamosa, lowa, until he attains the age of 21.
Ortffith, whose home Is in I'ortland,
hnd pleaded guilty to counts enough
to permit the court to sentence him
to 175 yenrs In the penitentiary. He
was Involved in the gang of bad-bill
passers which was. cleaned up two
months ago by Captain Thomaa B.
Koster, of the secret service.
Thomas Maguire, another prisoner
supposed to be Implicated with the
same crowd, was sentenced to Imprisonment for one year Bnd one day In
the McNeill's Island penitentiary.
Trial Start! Tuesday.
Edmonton, Oct. 17.���The trial of
Oscar Konherg. wbo shot nnd killed
Max Bailey, mounted police detective,
last Anrll, will commence next Tuesday. Tho prisoner wlll bo brought to
Edmonton itomorrow,
Diss From1 Injurltt.
Seittle. Oot. 17.���Thomaa Slmmnce,
one of the two Injured In the au'.o-
mobile cnlllslon at Wvcrton on Wednesday night, died at 12:15 thli morning In the Rlverton Heights sanitarium.
the vote of tlle municipality will he taken
on the isth dny or October. 1113, between the hours of �� o'clock a. itt. and 7
o'clock p. m. at the following placet, vis.:
The council chamber, city hall.
No. 4 flre hall, Sapperton.
Nn.  5 flre hall, Thirteenth street, and
at Queensboronsh.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk
htmaeir     ^^^^^^^^
Aa the  wheel   went  round  he made  hla
One band In the hopper and tht other on
the bag.
At  the  wheel   went  round ht mtde  hit
At tbe word "grub" all must change
partuers. and while the change Is going ou tbt- miller has tbe opportunity
given hlm or securing a partner rnr
hluiaeir. Should he ancieed In doing
mi the one left without a pinner must
tuke tbe pluce of the miller and must
occupy the center uf tbt room until
he geu another partner.
The Lest Bey.
Llttlt Jnck wat lost, rould not bt found.
All the family looked around
Ther searched tht attic, ths cellar and
Under each chatr and under each bed.
They called tht neighbors: thty rani ths
They looked In tht cistern snd down tn
the well.
Atna. ht waa gone, thnt bright little boy-
I'he pet of tht haute, thtlr pride and their
Ills mother looked frightened, and then
tbt cried.
And all tht friends wm tad and sighed
At last they heard a tunny tnort
Ittghl In the pantry behind lbs door
They all gave a lump and then a peep.
And there tat Jack, sound, toundtsleep.
-Clara EC   Detwller.
Ths Landing af Columbus.
Christopher Columbus was tent to break
a roll.
Rut   horne snd  pickaninny  wtrt  parted
with a loit.
Oh. are you badly hurt, my bnyf" his
matter naked In dread.
'Why, no, tab: noi a Bit. aah. cast I
landed on my head I"
Union Life Affairs.
Toronto, Oct.  17.���A yearly statement of the defunct Union Life Company from 1912 to 1913 produced today ahows the series ot tones Includes
"W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk. ||6i2|B$,|$Hm O..D,rytofl  lhr  dlutn  i waaaiasw. w _ _-- _
City hall, Ntw Wettmintter, October 7. $626,474 deficiency In policy holders' i Nome U*    not    SllOWSd
'      lanrnlne In 1B12. Ithrouch t*S *M*t*
help, lakes the antagonistic stand that
no distress exists on the Seward peninsula and thnt the storm-swept northern town la beyond the consideration
of congress.
Turned Down Cold.
This was the message flashed to Seattle In a dispatch from Waabiugton.
The word Is based on a statement by
Congressman Albert Johnson follow-
lne a round of the departments interested and a final appeal to Kltr.gerald.
who turned him down cold. Johnson
was armed with endorsements, from
Franklin K. 1 .ane. secretary of the Interior: Captain Bertholf, of the United States revenue cutter service; Assistant Secretary ot the Navy Roosevelt, and Professor Claxton, chief of
the bureau of education, but the appropriations committee chairman positively refused to listen.
Informed ot Fitzgerald's position. It
was said at the New Seattle chamber
of commerce, through which the local
relief fund haa been handled, that
steps will be taken to aprplse Prealdent Wilson of the situation as It now
exists, and urge bis personal co-operation In securing for Nome the assistance so sorely needed.
"1 am satisfied that not one dollar
of government money wlll be provided
for the relief ot the peonle of Nome
and vlclnltv," Johnson said st the capital. "Although armed with recommendation from all of the high government officials Immediately concerned, 1 received acant courtesy from
Chairman PttxgeraM, He insisted that
no distress existed nn the Seward peninsula, and that the regular annro.
prlatlon for the bnreau of education
would take rare ot the natives.
"Kltxgerald teemed to regard Nome
ns entirely out ot reach ot the United
States and bevond the consideration
ot congress. Therefore 1 congratulate
the neople of Puget Bound on the eons
trlbutlon they tot* already made and
om them to continue.
"It It up to ths neople of westsrn
Washington to strn tkat the oltlssns el
"���'   to   luttgc
Dr. Sun's Friend Finds
It Hard To Believe
Cannot Credit  Report of Chinsse Patriot's Peculstions���Says   Japan   Hi
Designs on Pacific Coast and on China���Living Coat
Mounta There, Too.
(till)     surplus ln 1912.
kenzie or the Yukon. ^^^^^^^^^
Had Hough come here three weeks
later be would have been able to aee
tens of thousands of caribou on the
hills within thirty miles of Dawson.
Hundreds of these animals have been
brought here by local hunters.
Such vast herds sre seen ln this region nearly every year. In the right
places he would also have seen sheep
and other wild animals and grouse
and ptarmigan so plentiful that hunters bag them by the hundreds. al_ter
the ducka appear la numbers.
Excites Mild Wonder.
The presence of thousands of caribou In the hills a fear miles west of
Dawson rouses curiosity among the
old Yukoners ln this ctty, hut were the
same thins to occur so close to any
large city In the states the excitement
would be nothing short of tremendous,
and every newspaper would have stories ot the wonders of the chase. But*
caribou stampedes has* been known
a number of times near Dawson and
Fairbanks. It Is said thnt ten it not
hundreds of thousands ot caribou ran
In these herds. Days nre required tor
the procession to pass n -given point
tn various parts ot the Yukon these
caribou are ranging In vast numbers
constantly. Other places they nre
found in small bands. In the Hudson
Bay country they have heen seen on
the barren lands In herds eet.nu.tsd to
contain no fewer thsn n million.
Fine Orating Land.
The presence ot suoh animals in
sueh numbers presents ��� great argument to the thoughtful. It proves eon-
���MusWely the vast Aretle nnd sub-Are
tie is a grating land tor herds thnt
yield th* most tender nnd delicious ot
mens. These hardy creatures wander over the snme districts eammsr
nnd winter, finding no difficulty tn
keeping not only fed, hut tot The
endless stretches of mnn hills nad
miss comprise the gnat' unfceoke*
range ot the western kentisthsre. oth.
er parts ot tke world see thetr ranges
nU ebeorbed fur turns dad orehnrts,
.and thn.nrteen.et ments ������ np w"*- -
Victoria, Oct. 17.���"It is very hard
for me to believe that Dr. Sun Yat Sen
is guilty of the charge of stealing two
million from the revolutionary party,"
declared J. Clifford-Wilkinson, who arrived from Kobe on the Empress ot
India. "I have known Dr. Sun for
many yean and have alwayi held the
highest reipect ofr him. If he were a
thief he could have taken much more
than two million many years sgo and
on many occasions. My friend Dr.
Cantlle, of Hongkong, whose pupil Dr.
Sun wai, haa known him Intimately
for over thirty years snd bas always
spoken of htm most highly. I sincerely hope the report Is not true."
Mr. Clifford-Wilkinson, who heard
of Dr. Sun's arrest by wireless on the
Empress while at sea, is managing director of the Tansan Mineral Water
oompany ot Kobe. He has been for
38 years In Kobe aad bas seen th*
cost of living there Increase from
something like 70 or 80 yen a month to
between too nnd Md yen. In rsspeet
to the high eost of living, he *ss*,
Japan li ln no way behind thi weatern
world. _ .
His present visit to Canada ls in I
the nature of a vacation following an1
Inlury received some months nan.
While la the country, however, he Intends going to Ban Francisco to obtain
advertising space ia ttie Panama-Pacific eshlbttlon In Mil. The netlon
ot the British government In declining to h�� represented tn ao way afeeta
him, he says
Japan MD *****.
Mr. Clifford-Wilkinson spoke conservatively la discussing tke much mentioned Oriental gwstlon. His htg
buitness Interests are such aa tn pra-'
���ent him trom expressing strong opinion*. He appeared to believe, however, thst thc Japaaeee have not tor-
rotten what thev believe to be an affront In ths California affair. Prealdent wiispn haa aa exceedingly dell-
oat e situation npon his hands, he
"The Jansnese need an oatleC Stated Mr. Clifford-Wilkinson.  *-airs^
Canadians and Americans
meana In error when they a���
, anese ts tent ton ot nhta_ah-g
status oa tk* imirtoan sag__   .
Java also Wish to gat Into OMaa, Tl
attitnde ia very ���ratoileaa,   ant
think they ntw laottaad to i   '
over the civil war in China, but she
wants territory   and thero    may    be
foundations  for  the stories  that the*
Japs act as Incendiaries    in   Chfna ���
Reasons tor the Increased coat ot
llvtns In Japan wcre discussed bv Mr.
Clifford-Wilkinson The war wss ton
chief cauae, he said, althoagh the gear-
eral Increase ill over the weaU had?
had Its effect Ever since the warr,
however, tbe country had been terribly
I-hard up tor ready money nail
taxes hsd been levied on every-
hlng conceivable. It waa exese-diu-g-
ly hard for foreigners to naderstaad
those taxes and lhey were continually receiving notices that nnleas sack
nnd each n tax were paid tha government wonld distrain, ner* waa always llfflculty on the part ot the tax
payer la finding wheat to pay. tor
three parties levied tavea. tm* aoverw-
ment, the """ "'*        -*"���
tnt, the prov-Boe and tt* vHtaaa.
Pier pee! Tan**.
'���tat the poor aaonto ho! tots tax
tremendoasly Mr. CUtord-WBUaaom
stated. Ia msny placae they eoaM net
eat their own rice.   Tha toxea wstw
and hosts staff aad tbe Japanese rice.
Which was the beet In the world, waa
ao heavily taxed that they had to eat
the Imported staff, whkh waa half tb*
priee aad not nsnrly aa aanrtshlag. A*
wit Japs.. awtaaM tar a*
mm*m�� *****���. ***  tSSta******* * *Ah%**g*
In thla reaaecL toe. A tow yeara mm
% itokayaaa eaat T ran * asaath. new
hla any waa It ye*.
fllhiii ismsiishli laiirsaasa Tp gtlasa
0f4 neetoj aHtotee M th* ****** -* **���
��� -tato. Twenty yeara age * b*a aT Mn-.
i-n*. efsare eaat ��� rah. .MW ��� hag off
te*eeDs ft* It. '";>���
^m^^*  ^|^^n_____________
i. Ktagitn*, tx**.,. ***r**H&jtjk*rm**% ***..
_____'  *^*^  a\\tlt****ASa*ah __________bA ^_______^ ________________l 4*_________  ___^^to
_______!   Brt^MAM - fe_i  ^____^_________a___L ****a\\\a\     ft__i_____t
with China. EIGHT.
Special efforts will be mado to
supply all the dainties suitable
to lha octsAiuB-   Ue.ro   arc   a
few hints:
CranhrrrJrs. Cape Cod, lb. 15*
tluspkins. lb 1' _C
(.ananl   Pumpkin,   '-   for   25c
I-ibhty'a  Asparagus   Tips,   per
tfa  25*
Krrocb  l*eas,  tin    25C
Ox Tobkim^. tin   $1.00
Pure Calve* Flirt Jelly, Jar.25*
Rei* Current Jelly, jar... 25*
Hunt's IVarht-s. jar  50*
Pin Money I'ifUis. hot...'. 50*
Fin Money M-eleu Mango,
boUle    60*
Ottoae  Omen,   stuffed, Iiipe���
l-ovr Prici-u.
Nuts. Itiiisins. Chocolates, Kruils
and Vegatisbles in Season.
303 Sixth St. Phone 1001-2.
Bumaby Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
Greater \Vestmi^
All notices of meetings, entertain- [ For thc convenience of the public a
ments, sales of work, etc., in this I bulletin of the resulta of the polling
column are charged for at the rate | on the three bylawa, which Jakes place
of 10 cents per line.    Please do not  "   ' "  '       J
{ask members of the staff to break this
rule, at their instructions are positive.
No   Paper   Monday.
As   Monday   will   be   Thanksgiving
day  and  a   holiday, there will   be  no
issue of The News on that date.
Return Home.
Charlie Tobin. Lawrence Lako    nnrt
parly havc returned frum    Pltl    lake,
where they  have been spending the
past week hunting and Ashing.
Kor the Holiday   Millinery special.!
f6.    Shapi s in  fell  velour, plush  untl ] H
velvet; trimmed with ostrich mounts,
wings, ribbon nnd velvet for tt. Mrs.
Agret. 59 Sixth street (2257)
Domini in Trust
Company Meets
A Real Need
The need was for an
executor and trustee
who should not die, be
absolutely honest, know
how to handle estates,
be always accessible, be
always able to give clear
concise accounts of the
"No individual executor can meet these requirements.
We would be pleased
to see you at any time
and tell you more. It will
interest you, too.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
r'a.S   t'p Capital  and
tiiiriilijrs % 2.S0O.O0 '
Assets 4,S73e*83.98
TtiateesMpe Under
a**aa**tlmtr*tl**m n\er     6,1)0'!,	
Vrastee     ter     Dond-
holders ore*   ���_r>.w.o,OOQ
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
OfffeeB Vancouver. Victoria,
N��w WeatmlMI-er, Nanaimo,
OalKsry, Hits in a, Winnipeg,
Montr��ai, Charlottetown. I.ou-
rto��. "ttt**.;  Antwerp, Belgium.
New Westminster
1. ranch.
60S Columbia  Street.
today, wlll bo posted at Hill's Pharmacy, the Columbia etreet office of
The News. The results of the polling
can also be had by calling The News
office, phone 991 or 999.
Round trip fare $119.60 New Westminster to San Krancisco, Cal., via
(ireat Northern railway account Pnr-
tola celebration, October 28-26th, ou
sale October 18th to 20th, return limit
good November nth. (.187)
New Members,
c. s. Keith, barrister, Now  Westminster,    and    H. .1. Miirkln,    Fraser
Mills,  wore  elected members of    the
board of trade last night.
No Band Practice.
Bandmaster Rushton lias called ofr
the practice of the 104th regimental
band at the armouries for next Monday evening, on account of it being
Coal.   Coal.   Coal.
Westminster Coal Co.. Ltd.
Phone 880. ��ox 75S. Cheapest and best.
Hunting Party.
A hunting party consisting of Sld
Malcolmson, Ken Mallen, P. K. Jones.
McPhail and .1 .lones lefl for Pitt
lake last evening where they will
spend the next three days trying their
luck with lhe shotgun niul rifle.
sufficiently guaranteed by tho Dominion government.
Good  Proposition.
The gas works proposition was one
of the best offered to tho eliy within
tho last 25 years. He thought he
could form a syndicate In three days
lo take up the proposition at $150,000,
Tho citizens would certainly gel BUCh
another chance.
Ultimately, after some discussion,
the hoard endorsed all three propositions.
McAllisters Limited
Winter storage for potatoes and
apples. We have the best frost proof
warehouse,   11. P. Vidal & Co.. Ud.
Civic Employment Bureau.
The municipal   labor   employment
bureau  is  expected to be opened  for
business  In  the  new  quarters  at  the
city hall early next week.
Those desiring a few days rest and
quietness will find St. Alice Hotel.
Harrison Springs, B.C., an ideal spot
to spend Thanksgiving Day. Good
Ashing and bunting, situated on Harrison lake, seventy miles from Vancou
ver. Ant'.mobiles meet all trains at
.\ga_si:: station. (2260)
Paid Us a Visit.
Vancouver Elks paid a visit to tin-
local lodge    on    Thursday    evening
when  n   smoker  was  held   in   the  K.
of I', hull.
For plumbing, healing anil sheet
metal wcrk consult Merrlthew & Ram-
Bay, Eighth and Carnarvon streets.
Phone 5SG. (2148)
Post Office Closed.
The usual holiday hours will apply
at the post office on Monday, the
wickets being closed to the public except between the hour of 12 o'clock to
1 o'clock noon. The lobby will he
open throughout the day for box
Tho Ladies' Aid of the Sixth Avenue
Methodist church will hold a Thanksgiving dinner in the church ou
Thanksgiving Day from 6 to 8 p.m.,
followed by an Interesting debate.
Twelve Pretty Girls Receive Welcome
in   Vancouver���Well    Known
Broker Drowned.
Vancouver, Oct. 17. -Twelve spright-]
ly, pretty California girls, winners In
Ihe   popularity   contest   organized   to
boost  the  I'ortola festival  lo be held
In  San  Krancisco next  week to com-
memorate the 400th anniversary of the
discovery of the I'acific ocean, arrived
In  Vancouver yesterday on their tour
of  the  Pacific  coast  ciiies.    A  good
crowd  gathered at  (ho dock  to greet
the fair ones and as they walked down
the gangplank they were welcomed to j.
the eity hy 1. 1). Carson on behalf of
the  Progress    Club,    They    willingly
consented    to    pose  for  photographs I
and   submitted  to  being  interviewed,
having had plenty of experience since
they left San Krancisco last Saturday, j
Iteoorts aB lo the rich prospects of
  the Chlsana diggings have been much;
It  He  Serious? lover-estimated   in   the   opinion   of   J.
Does Alderman Ilryson ever joke? J -r Lamb of Vancouver, who has just
If he does be may have meant noth-[returned from the goldfields. He doing serious last night when he re- clares that pay dirt has only been
ferred. at the. meetln gin Sapperton, I found on the James discoveries audi
to the time "when I get to be mayor." ;the five claims Immediately below
If he doesn't joke, it almost looked as them on Eldorado Gulch, All the
if he intended to make a bid for thciground in ihe disirict surrounding
title "your'worship." 'these  claims  has  been    staked,    Mr.'
  ll-amb remarked, but as after a months'
Monev to loan  on first mortgages isteady  nrospect'ng he  did not co,;:c,
improved city    and    farm    property. Lacr083 an>' ground that looked prom-.
All wool blankets'. In full double bed size, 64x5!
This Is a grand value at. per pair $5.50.
A special sale of Comforters, ln  various new  chintz.
clal for this week, each at 75C.
A full double bed size comforter;  In new design chintz
Feather Pillows; full size, ln art ticks;  guaranteed purified feathers
and S1.25.
Wliite Grecian tledsprcads. In a good heavy weight;  full bed size
six pounds to thc  pair;   either  blue or  pink  border.
different colorings.    These are well filled.    Spe-
well made and filled.    A great value at  each
Special  values at 7S<.' 95C.
Very special value at S1.25
A very extensive range of Tapestry Carpets is now being shown on our carpet floor, both In piece
carpets and all sizes in squares. Imported direct from Kngland. We can give you the very best values
and the newest designs and colorings for this year.
Tapestry  Carpets  in  a big  range of designs anil colorings;  _7 lnche*.      wide        Specially      priced       per
yard at    65e.   79t. ������������'��� 85e.
Tapestry Hearth Hugs; In all kinds of pretty colorings and designs; size 14x46, each at     S1.2S
Size :7x",4 inches, each at   S1.95
Tapestry Carpet Squnres in a wide  variety of shadings and  large ami  small  designs.    These carpets  wlll
give almost, endless wear and hiilisf.ictiuii und are very moderate  ln price:
Size 9 ft. by 9 ft..    Specially priced  at    S8.7S
Size 9 ft. by 10 ft. 6 In.     Specially   priced   at    SIO.SO
Size 9 ft. by 11 ft.    Specially priced at    S12.50
Seamless Tapestry Carpets, In all shades, and  very large selection to choose from;  sizes to lit any room.
Size 9 ft.  by 9  ft.    Specially priced at   S15.S0
Size 9 ft. hy 10 ft   6 ln.    Specially  priced  at S16.75
Size 9 ft. by 12 ft.   Specially priced   S19.7S
Rains Damaged Tracks.
The heavy rains ot the past tew
days caused lhe track of the C. N. It
near Mt, Lehman to sink about four
teet late Thursday night A gang is
now malting tha necessary repairs.
Trouble is expected along that section of the road during the winter
until th" ballasting has become
9 per cent. Alfred W. Mcl.eod.    (216
Arrange ''At Home" Thursday.
All who have contributed to the
Westminster branch of the Victorian
Order of Nurses arc cordially Invited
to a social afternoon al the home
of Mrs. T. I,. Hriggs. 302 Koyal avenue,
on Thursday, October 'i'i. from 4 to 6
o'clock, in order to nid't Miss Down-
hain, district nurse of New Westminster. Invitations have been sent out
by  the  committee  in  charge of    the
ising to hlm he did not register any,
j rights himself.
False Creek  Works.
I    Tho    members   of   the   Vancouver1
harbor commission yesterday discuss.
ed with Mayor Itaxter. Aid. Frank E.
Woodslde, chairman of   the   bridges i
and  railway committee,  and    11.    H.
Stevens.  M.P.,  the  plan   for  the  proposed  retaining   wall    across    Palse
creek that is to he built hy the Canadian Northern railway under its agreement   with   the   city.     After   viewing
the   location   for  the   wall   the   three!
members  of the  commission    stated
event  to those  whose names are on
the books as subscribers to the cause  ,nal th,.y would t-ike the matter under
and it is hoped that   any   who   have advisement and meet ihe cltv officials
been inadvertedly omitiei]    frcm    the   |n  a  few  days  to  place  before  them
list, will be able to attend. Miss Down-  their ideas on the Bubjeet.
ham,   the district  nurse,  lias  been   in Broker   Drowned.
Ithe city for tin- | asl six months doing      .1. C. McDonald, a well known brok-
'good work among the sick and needy   er. was drowned yesterday In English
'.and    it is the    earnest    wish of the  Hay, having apparently fallin out  of
Insiira with Alfred W. MeLeod, theIexecutive committee that all members a  rowboat   while  on  his  way  to  the
insurance    man.    All  kinds    written,  of the local branch of the order will .Country club at Jericho Ileach to play
Hundreds of millions to pay losses,     ibe able to meet her.
���.���- For  all building   supplies  and   fuel
oil apply to the B. C. Transport Co.,
Ltd., 50ii Westminster Trust building.
Office phone H'iti. wharf phone RSO.
B. C. E. R. Spur.
A large gang of workmen wcre started to work on the Arbutus street spur
of the B. C. B. B. running from Fourth
avenue yesterday morning.   This spur |
created  no little stir at  the time the i Laborer  Injured,
matter came up before the city coun-      An Italian laborer, resident of Van
"couver.  was seriously  injured yester
duy afternoon while employed on tin
cil lasi year, the residents claiming
that it would depreciate their properly
In the surrounding district. When
the spur is completed, it is expected
that the paving work will be finished
on Fourth avenue.
Indignation   r
lap Qu5st:on.
���s"    Etrong
in     the
excavation work of the Columbian
building on Sixtli street. He refused
to give his name, being taken to the
Vancouver hospital in an auto after
his injuries had been attended by Dr.
golf. He left his houi.- al 10154 Gilford
streel at 9 :'.0, went to Simpson's
boathouse, chatted pleasantly for a
few moments with several workmen
who were putting a pier and Btarted
across the bay. At 2 o'clock tbe boat
was found by William Burcbell and
Roberl Nlckerson. It was floating
about a mile off Kltsilano. in It were
Mr Donald'B coat, containing some
personal papers and his hat. One oar
was also missing. It looks as If one
oar had "caught a crab" -failed to
ihold water and also slipped ont of thn
row lock causing the oarsman to fall
overboard. This theory Is strengthen
led by the faot that Mr. Donald
i not an  experienced  oarsman.
Dr. Shield's Underwear for Men
We are making a special demonstration of Dr Shield's famous underwear. This is considered the best make shown In
Canada today; made from the
finest pure wool; natural color;
a good fall weight. The vests
are made double breasted and
good roomy garments that fit
comfortably and easy; all sizes
In stock in both vests and pants.
Priced,   per   garment   $2.50.
Coat buying time is right on
us now and this store has a
very large assortment ready for
you to choose from; hundreds
of coats for women and children,
smart and useful coats In new
tweeds   and    coatings:    leather
cite  ami  corded  velour  motor
coals; rich coats in silk, velvet
and plush, and dainty coats for
evening and semi evening wear,
and for ttie misses nnd children.
We itive you a broad assortment, in every size and many
pretty Styles to Belect from;
popnlftr   cash   store    prices    on
every garment   it win wall re-
DS* you I" visit this selection
before purchasing.
Men's and Boys'
Oilskin Garments
The time to buy your Oilskins
is at hand again. This store Is
fully stocked with all sizes. In
the most reliable makes in both
yellow and black. The lowest
cash store prices for the best
Men's   coats   and   pants,   priced
at S2.7S to $4.25.
Hoys'  coats,;   a'l    sizes, . priced
������' S2.50 to $3.00.
McAllisters Limited
hearts of two pedestrians on the road
near Port Coquitlam  yesterday  .-.'hen
la Japanese teamster, after loading loo
great a load of timber sticks, jerked
un and swore al liis burses, who ap-
parently knew more about hauling
loads than tlie vociferous teamster.
One of the passer** by remarked he
thought i; was a case for the Human''
Opien   Saturday   Evenings
7 to  9.
. and Miss'
a I..HA.M .  A Il.C.M.
Vaaaaata in Pianoforte, Violin, Sing-i
inf*. Voiee    Production,    Theory    lln
,::la*B or privatc-v). Harmony. Counter-.
ipoint. Musical Para and  History.
Pupils prepared   for   the   exainina- j
ttttms cf the Aanoetaited Hoard of   thc
Royal  Academy  at   Music  and   Iloyal!
CoUeg-s trf Music.   Also   Professional i
S)iploiaa_��. Teacher r,r Performer.
Por  terms, eitr..  spply  fl   Dufferin
Street   Phone til it. (2167)
The marriage ol Talmage Campbell
and Miss Marie I.. Berto was solemnized in Vancouver on Thursday afternoon at the rectory of St. Patrick's
church. Rev, Father Power officiating.
The bride i.i the eldesl daughter o
Mr   and Mrs. Benjamin  Berto, of 'il
Twentieth     street,    Vancouver,   and
formerl) of Nanaimo.
The gr n is iin  pri sent proprli toi
. :' tb.* Liverpool Ai ms botel In thli
city ami moved here from Kamloops
���ome weeks ago. He Is a native of
Mount Pleasant, x li . the son ��� i Mr
and Mrs. O. II. ( ampbell ol thai place,
The (���'���!���! iii'.ii;. *.*.as a quiel one attended bj a few friends and relatives
i r both contracting parties,
John Alexander, of New York, se
tary   of   the    International   Sunday I Qerman   charged   with   shcotin.   at
School association,  author ol  Beveral      .     . ,,   B.    ,   . "
noted books on work with men, and Cons*^le Elects for Speedy Trial.
prominent in tho boy scoui movement Jacob Relchert, a Oi rman, employed
is to Bpeak tomorrow afternoon at ���! '" Bumaby, charged with shooting ai
.'cluck in the Y. M. C. a. building All Constable I). S. Wright, of Burnaby
menand women, especlallj Sunday police force, on October 11, whilst-the
school teachers arc Invited. (2281) opoer was endeavoring to arrest him,
111 sell by public auc- elected before Judge Barker fm
Weatmlnster    Auction I sl>eedy trial in the county court
Fred Davis
tlon at. the
House i r. moved there for convenience
��� f Bale) on Wednesday, October 22, a'
. p.m. sharp, tli" household effects of
Mr. .1. Emeny. Every article will be
i id  absolutely  without  reserve.  Par-
terday.    The trial  was
nesday, November ii, at _ p.m.
J. it. Grant, crown prosecutor, consented to ball which was set al JBOO
In personal securety anil two collateral
���c.ilars if sa!- can be had from ll. J.  sureties of $260 each
Russell, Westmlnsti r Auction
Kings hotel block.
1 Ion -'���
BHAHPB    Another  of  New    Westminster's  pioneers  has  gone  on   Into
tiiat country from which no traveller
returns.   This is James Henry Sharpe.
aged 64 years, a resident of this city !
for  27  yiars,    who    died    yesterday!
morning a' 'i o'clock at his home, .V.!t
Ninth   street,  after  a  lengthy  Illness
from- rheumatism.
xi d for Wid-j     Deceased  was horn  in the province j
��� ii  Quebec and his parents were na-1
tives of England.
I'ntil a few years ago he was con!
nocted with the Hoyal City mills, and \
was   prominenl   in   fraternal    affairs
here, being a member of Amity lodge
No. 'i'i. I. O. O. P. and of Fraser lodge
B,  H. BUCKUN, N. BEARDSLKB,        W. F. H. ill'CKl.lN.
I'rss and (Kai. Mgr.      Vlcs-Prssldsat. Bso. tad Trsas.
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phonn No. 7 and 177.
(Continued irom pace ono)
v O. v. W.
Three children survive.   These are
Alvin and Lome of this city and one
I. O.    --/*ggS     O. F.
The members t f Amity Lodge, No.
are requested to meet at the Odd
iFellows' hall on Sunday, October  19
(at 1:30 o'clock for Hi" purpose of at
tending the funeral of the late Brothei
James II. Sharpe, of this city, which
���=;  will  bo held from  the residence, :::i;i
' Ninth Btreet.   Tbe members of Hoyal
City Lodge No. '���'��� and visiiing brethren
arc cordially Invited to attond.
Noble Qrand.
J80) Recording Secretary.
The circumstances alleged are thai
the constable from Information re
celved proceeded to Halght's ranch al
the junction i.f the Gunn and Cariboo
roans, with the Intention of arresting
accused for a breach of the game acl   daughter
Upon coming on  Rolcheri  In    the     ���,-,���. ,���������_.,, I;lk���s    ,.���.,. tomorrow
h " ������'  ,''���'     ������"���'r    ""'���  n'Rhl    and afternoon at 2 o'olock from the family
plunged Into thc Brunette river oul of residence to the Church or Kngland
lhe constables .itftl     A    shot    waa cemetery,  with   Rev   i:   It   Bartlett
then fired which the constable alh ,-. officiating.    Members of    the    local
was fired ui him. i o. o. p. lodges will attend in I body
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbls Street, New Westmins tsr.
Singer  Sewing  Machines.    Smsll  Muslesl Goods of sll Kinds. PHONE 894.
In the West End.   Corner 7th Ave. and 20th St. Half
block from Vancouver car.
krom $800 up;
Terms $100 clown and $100 every four months.
746 Columbia St.     312-315 Westminster Trust Bids.
I'hone 85R. Phone 85L.
o vo
opportunl- ,
���vi Hcogmiw and seize
cie�� tshsn they . ome 1
lo fit ywtrs-aH  to  Ms* advantage of
manv   fatiire  ojipununitie;*    it   is  the
opportunity U> gj.iu it practical himwl-
. 25c.
. .25-.
. .800.
.   55c.
A.  !_
iPhonc I
BOUCK, Principal.
��10 Colambia St.
Klne cooking apples, f> Ihs . . .
Choice eHtiiis apples, 'i Ibs.  .
Pancy Tokay Grapes, basket
Omni Creamery Butter, 'i Ibs.
Our Own nandi Eggs, dozen
Fresh Eastern cki-'*. doz..40e. to 50c.
Steelbead salmon, per it- 15c.
Freeh cud nnd ballbul  - Ihs  ...25c.
Also smoked salmon, kippers, iin
an haddie, etc.
(Successor to Ayling & Swain.)
447 Columbii St. Phone 98.
iiin.: railway rla Porl  Moody,
Alderman Whits iald he supposed
they could if the Dominion government gave them permission and over
ruled their objections.
Mr, Qilley Does the government i
turn over the reserve to Ihe B.C.E.R.]
Alderman White No; It Is under
the control of the governmenl ol Canada.
I.aier on .1. G. HoliBon said the lon-
idiiK railway alluded to waB for the
purpose of takiiiK out, the large quantity of limber destroyed by a big fire
In the locality of Coquitlam lake hefore it deteriorated too much,
.1. R. Duncan explained they need
have no tear of the company eating
UP their water, as they could not augment their consuming capacity.
As to the gaa bylaw tho principal
value was In the franchise. That was
Hh special  virtue
Dr.  Holmes said he could nol  fori
the Ufa of him understand ii"'.-.  anv i
inv nayer could refuse to euppnrt snv
nf the  bylaws.    Tliere  wus  no  (inns-1
Hon thst  four vears ago ih '
Hon to ih- l). C, B ll. sclieni" headed !
hy ihelr late president and Alderman !
Bryson, was very useful.
Everyone admired the Hand taken !
i,v this,, two gentlemen  particularly ONE YEAR ON REAL ESTATE SECURITY OR PUR-
Aid. ilryson    li" certainly did admire    .._._.
their .tand In the situation    But that CHASE AGREEMENTS OF SALE.    APPLY
ns' fulness wjis now past and h" con-
Bldered   It   nothing short  of  criminal;
to prosecute this lawsuit further.
They should  lie. sntlsfleil  thai   thry
had compelled the company to mend
over $1.00(1,(100  to assure them of lhe
purity   and   quantity   of  tholr   water,,
Our Interior Finish Is manufactured from timber specially selected for Flat drain.
Wl ure also specializing In Kir Doors with Veneered Panels,
whicli nre better in construction, more beautiful and no more expensive than the old solid raised panel doors.
Oet our prices hefore placing your orders.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Short Term Loans
F. i. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
Wt writs Flre, Llfs, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile  and
Marino Insursnos.
Single Fare and a Third for Round Trip from New
Westminster to any Point on the Division.
Special tickets may be purchased from Saturday until Monday, good for return passage on Tuesday.
This special rate provides an enjoyable holiday
trip. For sportsmen it will be especially attractive
as the lincjiasses through a country which abounds
in pheasant and other game birds.
Trains-leave New Westminster terminal daily
at 9:15, a.m., 1:10, 4:05, and 6:15.


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