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The New Westminster News Dec 8, 1913

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proven tbelr wi
by the
���y   fill
or    small    wants
���6 ���
Weather Today.
New  Westminster and  the lower
mainland:  Light to moderate winds,
cloudy and unbeltled tonight and on
Dominion Inspector of Pris-' Kmmeline Pankhurst Taken
ons Now in Westminster
Refutes Charges.
Prisoner! Nct Allow.d Tcbacc:���G vt;
Opinion on Parole System and
Olher  Reforms.
From Exeter Jail in
Weak Condition.
Is Liberated on  Seven Day*' License
���Suffragettes Invade St. Paul's
Natural Advantages Of The West
Sufficient Value To Railroads
To Warrant Equal Rates With East
Ottawa, Dec. 7 That the natural
advantage! of the West are such UB to
entirely iniike up tor any advantages
which  mny accrue to the Kast as Uie
It ruction   und   the operation   of   lines!
when constructed,
Iii Closing u two-and-a half-hour argument at 1 o'clock. Mr. rowan summarized   what   he considered  the two
rates   In   nil   the.   tet
���ritory   lying]
or Canmore and  the
��� Crowsnest
That there shall  be
���quality or j
treatment  on   Krain,
Hour,   flax,';
result  or  Jiivln"   water    competition. I provinces
I ondon.
1 leader,
7.    Mrs
was the view strongly urged on the
railway board Saturday morning by
M I. Cowan, K.C. counsel for Saskatchewan  ,-itid   Alberta.
Mr.  Cowan  contended   with  characteristic tores or language and gesture
lhat the people -or the great plains of
the West, affording us they do opportunity tor the construction or rail-
tin- case
etc., from all points In Alberta aqd
Saskatchewan to Fori William, that
the rateB be on the same basis as the
rates on shipments from points In
Manitoba to Kort William.
natural ad-    7~T!""-   t,le   r-1"'8    ��"   the    grain
vantages which they possess and past  \T'"" p"in,,s '" Saskatchewan and Al*
and prospective growth they are an- **�� ���"* '! n,�� "����� "f'ee(1 lne dl-
tltled  to ask for the establishment of P? rate t0 1"Jn w,l,tam-
the same    class    and    commodity or;    ��������That there should be a substan-
ruteu as prevail In Kastern Canada on I Hal reduction In the rateB on the llve-
Arthur and Harry James of Government Postal and Tel-
Toronto Killed at Cal- cgraph Employees De-
umet���In Bed lay Movement.
Ich    he    represented
art' entitled to.
Sweeping Dtmandi.
His  main  contentions   were  as   fol
1.���That In view of the
Ion Deoember 4, on her arrival   from
the   l'nited  Stales aboard  the steamship Majestic, was released  from the
ill serious I Exeter jail at  10 o'clock tonight.
Mrs.    Pankhurst    began    s hunger
_________________________________________   ,strike   Immediately   following  her  ar-
who wub arresied al Plymouth j wavH *}}}} JfW grades and easy curves, j all articles consumed or used by the; s'��ek and all other things used by the
I), Dial or grounds    for
Charges now being made by prisoners
ut  t
vestlgatton commission there, wus, in
effect, made by Major Hughes. Dominion   inspector of  prisons,  who    Is
now performing his duties at the penitentiary Ilere and who was wen by a
representative or thia paper on Saturday,
"lhe prisoners who say ihey were
subjected to hosing with a stream ol
loo cold water at C2 pounds pressure
are men bulb of whom 1 know,'' said
the major, going on to give their
records, wlllch ure not at ull to be
Coveted,     -The   really   bud   man,   the
<n-   Alio acoordlng   to   the   reports.
Hiiid he was tortured cruelly, Is Bon-
ner. alius Williams, and Is serving a
thirty year term.
"lhe olher who swore that lie was
hosed until the flesh was torn Is 'Big'
Hrown, now serving a lerm for a
brutally vile attuck upon a woman
school teacher iu Alberta.
Betrayed Trust.
"Time  and  ngnln theBe  men    bave
been put on their honor lo be good In
King.iou,-'   said   Major   Hughes,  "and
;ilwu)�� lhey have betrayed this truBt
Recently   one  of  them   for no  reason
took tlio chair In Ills cell and smash ;
id   to   places   llie   toilet   bowl   In   hisi
cell,    lie later  promised never to do'
this  again   and   the   very  day   a  new
convenience was supplied he repeated
the act.'' i
llcnncr hss an English university
education and has served lerms In
Kngland and In the United States
Mrs. Pankhurst was driven to a
hotel. She appeared very weak and
Immediately retired to bed. She wub
in charge of a nurse. Mrs Pankhurst
is liberated on seven days' licence.
She Intends to proceed to London at
the  earliest   possible   moment.
Not  untictputltig  tiie early  release
or the'r  leader.  Suffragettes gathered
tonight at the Empress theatre,  Karl
court,   to   protest  against  'the   imprisonment of Mrs   Pankhurst. Tlle liouse
was onlv  three-quarters    filled,    and
'(leneral"     Flora    Drummond,      who
presided,  explained  the empty    seats
by accusing thc postofflce of tamper-
; lng with  letters    containing    govern-
j meitt   tickets.     In   the  courBe  of  her
speech   denouncing   the    government,
she   exclaimed;    "Ilere   and   now   wc
swear that never again  will the gov-
Ierntnsnt    get    Mrs.   Pankhurst.    We
shall    organize    a  bodyguard    which
will  even   face  battleships."
Receive Contributions.
A resolution demanding the immediate release of Mrs. Pankhurst
was carried with enthusiasm, but as
the meeting w���� dispersing the news
of her liberation waB announced and
was  greeted   with   prolonged  cheers.
Similar demonstrations were made
and promises of other Contributions
were given amounting in all to $50.
000     This amount
the   proceed*    of       	
American tour.
Scores   or   suffragettes   invaded   St
Paul's cathedral this
j chained   "Ood  save
entitled lo as low railway rates
as those of Kastern Canada. Counsel
lor the railways St an earlier stage ol
this case had made much of the ract
lhat In the Kast there ls water competition
Natural Advantage!.
As a matter or ract there was no
competition by water routes ln a great
many parts or Kastern Canada. Hut
since the railways had made this a
defence lor the lower rates which
they charge in the Kast. it was only
fair that the board considering this
question should not forget the natural advantages of the WeBt which (ended largely to reduce the cost of con-
people of Alberta and Saskatchewan. I people of  the two provinces.    These
1.    That the same rates should pre-! rates to be brought down to the Man
west as pre
Girl  Also   Injured  by   Rifle   Bullet.- JPLANNED   WALKOUT
Citizens Aroused and Call Matt
vail from Fort William west as pre-1itoba srale, and any reductions apply-
vail between Fort William and points !jns to Manitoba to apply also to Sas-
ln the Kast.
3.    That the rates between the dis-!
trlbuting centres in the three prairie
provinces should be on the same basis
| katchewan and Alberta.
9.-   That there should  be
lumber    from
Saskatchewan I
Calumet, Mich., Dec. 7.���Arthur and
Harry James, brothers, were killed.
Thomas Dally was fatally -wounded
and Mary Nicholson was badly Injured by rifle bullets fired before daylight today into the apartment house
In whloh they lived.
| The James brothers came here yes-
reduc- terday from Toronto, Canada, and ob
tained employment In the Copper
Range, whose men are among those
on strike. They took up their abode,
with Dally, who was both a miner
and a boarding house keeper. Miss
Nicholson is the daughter of William
Will Take General Vote of Members���
Nearly 100,000 Men Will Be
tion  In  the rates
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Kenora  to points      	
the rates  from  Fort  William. |and  Alberta.
4.    That  the present    mileage   tar-i    10.���That   the   rates   on   coal   from
Iff   in   Saskatchewan   and   Alberta   be ! Lethbridge and  the Crowsnest  to all j
cancelled  and   that  tliere    be  Bubsti-! points   in   Saskatchewan  and   Alberta;
tut"-,]   therefor, the    Manitoba    tarirf, | bu reduced. ... _ ________________________________________
and thut any reductions in the Manl-1    Other  suggested     reductions    were . Mcholsou,   who   occupied   the    other \ 22.000 members of the various postal
toba tariff apply also to    Saskatche- ioutlined by Mr. Cowan, but these are,?"18 ��[ *-*p. apartment house in which unions participated,
wan and Alberta, I BUfflclent    to    indicate    clearly    the 1 Dall>; lived. I        I]
I-e!cester, Kng., Dec. 6.���The threatened strike at Christinas of the government's postal and telegraph employees numbering nearly 100.000 men
probably will be averted, but the
movement will be only postponed as
a result of the action of a conference
in   which  ..GO  delegates,   representing
The delegates adopted a resolution
5.    That there be one scale of rail-1 sweeping nature of his demands.
Islands Division Elects Con- j Port Coquitlam Council -to
servativc���Only 24 Votes   j     Be Elected from City
for Independent.
All of the victims were in bed j rejecting the report of the government
(when shot. Three kinds of rifle bul-j commission favoring a slight increase*
| lets were  imbedded  In  the  walls of|in the salaries of the employees. At
ithe liouse. 	
j flred.
|    Six suspects are under arrest.
Citizens Aroused.
The murders aroused great indigna-
i tion throughout tlie copper mine strike |
zone   and
were  held
Ten or twelve shots were I the same time they pledged them-
| selves to push their original demand
I for a 15 per cent, increase of the
j wages throughout the Bervlce.
The strike proposal was debated at
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 length, and the   meeting   finally   de-
big   meetings   of citizens I cided   to   leave   the   decision   to    a
today  at  Houghton    and; general vote of the members of the
Victoria.   Dec,   7. -Willi  a   majority!
over Ihii Liberal candidate of 202, VV.!
W.   Foster,  the    Conservative    candi-
Includes    122 500. i dale, was yesterday elected to repre
Mrs     l'ankhurst'sjsent  the Islands division  in the pro- the cuBlom heretofore.
Calumet.      Both    meetings    adopted organization.
resolutions demanding that the sheriff \ a proposal that the postal crganisa-
UBe all means to rid the city of, tions should unite with the railway
"murder Inciting mercenaries" and ! and transport workers' union was dis-
that all law abiding citizens unite lnjcussed and met with much favor
.giving peace officers all assistanceUmong the delegates.
to  restore  peace  and   normal  eondl-1 Oppose Government.
 tlons. I    The  conference  decided  to oppose
  ^_M B^^B^HB The s'Hkers also held meetings and  the government candidates at all par-
" '        speakers exhorted the men to stick to J Uatnentary   elections   until   the   de-
t'ert Coquitlam. Dec. 7.-Candidates I    Mexico Citv.    Dec.    7.���Foreigners; the Western Federation of Miners and inlands ot the postal employees    are
for the council of 1914 will be elected 'must not be interfered with If fighting\ *�� be P"����*' ^' d*'e,^ *helr hoDlea Receded to and the delegates decided
occurs  in the  federal  district.    Thls|a��al��s^1raldB.fro��� officers- _        Ito  select four candidates  to contest
" "~ ~      "" * -*-*���    ��� '     be | several constituencies on the platform
as a Whole.
Order  Issued  to   Army ���
Lives and Property Must
I Bc Respected.
from the city as  whole ai has been
This was de-
Indlcatlon is contained in the general
army orders issued today.   These or-
All mines tn the district    will
closed Wednesday to enable workmen I of improving
the   conditions   under
"  ,   . I1��*",V,C",,lt>'���   k      . ,  I hurst."   The servli 	
This talk of being cruelly hosed Is ,,��� ,bo wom<1D ���,������������,,<_,,, and wa8 .������,
-.ill rot lhe man says be la> at tT-,,ume,��� Bs though nothing unusual
death's door from the affect. Before had happened. The suffragettes
he was hosed a doctor examined bin'  I quietly  left the church,
.lust  an example of the reliability of]	
these men is given ���when one says hei
was subjected to hosing at 62 pounds'
pressure;  now  how do��-s the prisoner'
know, how can  he  know,   what  pres-  Sixty-five
sure the water wub ut the time ?"
lr  what   Major   Hughes said  is correct llie two men whe are making all
vincial house.   Mr. Foster secured 467  cided by the ratepayers on Saturday jders" specifically state    that    in    thei** attend the law and order meeting*! which tlw postal employees work,
votes,   Mr.   Hamilton  2S5.   while   Mr. ]when out of i03 vote* polled on thojevent of fighting the officers in com-',*' Houghton and Calumet. "We are very near a parting of the
^^^^^^^^     ernment troops must|  ' ways," said Mr. McCsrthv. the chair-
ves and  prop-  rlnr   ,..���.��.. man. in opening the conference.     "1
are  to   be    re-   Flllr    llAMJ__.r\ hope   sincerely   the   government   will
-his    morning    and I Maude, the Independent candidate, re- ��� ���f���r-nrtl._ "ss -.... ln "OOD0.itjon tc I n"""1 of the ffovernmet
���e   Kmmallne   lank-  celved but U votes. Se^S^^aT^&^^wM����to������d  that  the  live, ano  prur,,,..-   Iv.ill/.r��
re was stopped un-      At only one polling station did the  aitomal cam  forced upon the city Z  "ty  of all foreigners are to  be    re-if IDF   IMRlAllft
ral candidate lead, this being ai .f�������'"C*'L^tmSUon Sspected;   that no moneys or supplies j I IllL   VftlTIHUll)
Spring islands, where Ur Hamil- I^^"Un^ wrded   apathe-iare to be exacted from them and that;
vas two votes to ��he good. L*2" �� , ,,�� ".:**'as indicated' ���">�����  mu** be Permitted to leave the
tai?_S^��ridf!L?tSrtK' ��S&2WTi&:^��tt? hs.8 of the "'"'"V "S ,lrae���,
L^^^^J^^I-^ was anticipated in onicia, circles. I.J^B-rnment    hh*^disregarded
tin-    so-called     revelations    nre    un-
principled    men.    lyliiK    pitiably    to
brim: sympathv upon themselves.
Not Allowed Tobacco.
Another compiaint__of the prisoners
is lhat they are allowed no tobacco.
"This la quite right," the Inspector
stated, "the prisoners are not given
tobacco, and several guards have been
-discharged  for  Btipplylug it
Per Cent. Unsubscribed���
Result to Be Published Today.
London, l>ec. 7.���It Is understood
thai fi5 per cent, of the Dominion 'oan
;ls unsubscribed. The official result
will be published on Monday, but
meantime the scrip is at half di,v
!count.   Other scrips are irregular.
Liberal candidate lead, this being at
Salt Spring islands, where Mr. Hamilton was two votes to 'he good
the  outcome   was  not  a  surprise  to a^cul
him  inasmuch  as  he felt sere  from * v -   -
the reports received during the campaign  that the  government  was , ln
good favor aud that Mr. Foster's candidacy  was   heartily   received
where. ^L^^^
However, owing to the strong fight
Town in Danger.
Moose Jaw. Dec. 7.���Passengers arriving from the west today aay there
Is alarm at Frank.    Alta.,   over   tbe
large  crack  In  the top of  thc  moun-
"Pre., reports said men were strap- l^"d.l- IIVX IsVaV^
P-d to the bars of their cells tbelr "^ ftffir^Sit iS
hands before them. What was really ;men wau.hin(- the crevlws to Rlve
Stone w-as that a mans wrists were warnlng ���hould It widen. The town
handcuffed together and to a bar of of Krank now. liaB )e8, than forty pop.
hls cell. This was VB*y hard on a ,,lation, the majority of the people
prisoner and only once have I seen It | having moved to Blairmore.
done, That time I ordered the man ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
released. | "^""^*MM""^^1""*"
"Now, after all this, yeu must not for prison employees, where all must
think I am hard hearted." went on the attend before holding a position,
majcr. I om not; thin ls my 22nd: "After a long time handling firlson-
year ln tills work, but I can say thnt;ers a mnn becomes hardened," ho
never has a day passed but I have felt Bald, "and often lets personal feeling
for tbese men. Still penitentiaries influence his treatment of them. This
nre not rest homes." |Ib a bad example and is followed by
Major Hughes also gave no credence the prisoner. A guard or warden
to the theory thnt the Btlcks of dyna- who by his dally example shows his
mite umnd In the prison reserve at charges how to live straightforward.
Edmonton last week were to destroy j clean lives doeB more than all the
the* prison,    Until recently the scrub ichaplains.    A guard bas a wonderful
luuMi where It wns concealed was a
rend _.ous for loafers nnd he thought
Kom- of these hud hidden the ex-
plOSlVe  there.
Prison Reform.
nfliience   over   prisoners.   It can be
good or bad; let It be good I say."
Major Hughes Is a brother of Col.
: Sum Hughes, minister of mllltla, and
ot James I.. Hughes, Toronto, an edu
mad^by'u'le"ube���u7,g?ekTdM?o^|lave,1,bee,1 k"��wlJ J
i_.������..   ......I..J   .���  ��._.______.      t__.ilng the reault of t
the warning of tbe Zapata forces that
they would shoot   any    railway    employees In    case    the    operation    of
trains on the Cuernavaca line was attempted after December 1. and as a
UVHMV-,    m,���    w_v.���._ .result a  pitched    battle    has    taken
A  number  of'" possiblesI'VUhh* between Cuernavaca and Iguala.
to have been await- Luls  Valdes.  a  Mexican,    who    was,
���.���a���a  jn Texag. anj a  member
tural hall, Jchn Smilh, city clerk, acting as returning officer.
Now that this matter i9 settled Jt Is
every- hXfeeimti that quite a crop of candidates for the council wlll declare
Intereat  attached  io  the  rwmlt      He I ,nK the result or tbe referendum be* n?t5*aU!e_i        .  ���  ,, ���     .    .
inn n m  auacneu  io  me  result.    Me  ,���__   ._,���������_,���,������     Ihttlr     i���lo���,;nna   at the Order of Railway Conductors,
took ii as a direct endorsement of the
administration's policies with respect
to   land,   railway   construction,   and
fl nance
These had heen the lines of thc
Liberal party's attack. The outcome
was an Indication that the people approved of thc laud policy which had
been ably defined and well defended
by Hon. Mr. Ross, preferring It to tbe
impracticable and Ill-digested plans of
the other party.
It was also to be taken that the
electors refused to believe that there
was reckless management in the provincial treasury, but that they were
convinced, as they had every good
right to he, that Its administration
was never conducted more carefully
and that the country waa never tn a
sounder condition financially.
fore announcing their intentions.
Alderman D. E. Welcher is one of
those and Alderman E. S. Morgan is
another. ���
The council candidates tn the field
so far are: Mayoralty. James Mars;
aldermanlc. W. D. F. Godwin, W. A,
Thursby and George Moulday. Among
those who are expected to run are
Aldermen Galer, Welcher and Mor-)
It is very possible that Mayor
.lames Mars may have an opponent
for the mayoraltv. Although no namea
have been divulged It is stated tbat
an Independent taction in the city Intend to rnn a full council ticket In
opposition to Mayor Mars, who, it ia
expected, will support Messrs. Godwin, Thursby, Moulday and Aldermen
Welcher and Morgan if they should
run, as aldermanic candidates.
Asked Ills opinion of the pamie catlonallst of note. He with his wife
System, the prison farm and other aud daughter, Is staying at the Rus-
lirlson reforms, Major Hughes said he'sell hotel and will be engaged here
for years had wanted to see a school for most of this week.
Westminster As Centre
of Lumber Industry
-Reduction  In  U.  S. Tariff Opens Up
New Market for British Columbia Mills.
- This district as the centre of the
sblngle -_aanufacturlng industry on
thn Pacific coast ls the prediction of
lumber men, both ln British Columbia
I'ml the state of Washington, who say
ihat the recent tariff reduction of the
United States has made this the log-
leal centre tor operations.
First of all the cedar limits ln
Washington are well nigh exhausted
and are being out, some of them tor
the third time. Before, the protective tariff made It almost impossible
to Import B. C. shingles and sell at a
profit. Now tbere are no tariff restrictions, and wltb an exhausted sup
ply and eager demand in the Pacific
coast and other states, this province
is popular.
Among the advantages of locating
mills here are the lower cost of labor,
tha better supply, and the advantages
cf water and rail transportation.
The reason many business men
think the new mills wtll go up within
this city's limits Is that the wages of
operators and mechanics Is 2 1-2 cents
per hour less ln an urban community.
Also If a mill locates ln the '.ush
the cost ot feeding a camp ls greater,
and unlike tt wss years ago, ls so
heavy that meals must be supplied at
a loss to the concerns. However,
with men living In a city this ts eliminated.
For a month or more now Investigations have been made by Washington
manufacturers and new mills are
looked for along tbe Fraser and tributary rivers, and especially in New
Twenty Hour Conference Knds When
Workers Demand Complete Reinstatement of Strikers.
Dublin, Dec. 7.���Tbe attempt to
reach a settlement of the Dublin
strike which has been in progress tor
15 weeks haa failed.
A conference composed of employees aud employers, assisted by
English Isbor leaders, sat for twenty
hours threshing out every point, but
broke down today on the workers' demand tor' complete reinstatement of
the strikers.
This the erf-Sctitlves of tke employers would not concede. The employers had offered to reinstate 80 per
cent, of the strikers.
who was In charge of the train, was
shot and seriously injured, while another conductor, a Mexican, also was
The Zapata forces had made arrangements to dynamite the train, but
through miscalculation they flred on
the train just before lt reached the
mine. The train stopped and a fight
ensued ln which several of the escorting soldiers were killed.
Mirks   Left   by   Man   Crawling
Hands and Knees Found in
United Gtstes Facsd with Problem ef
Manning Coast Fortifications���
Completing Oun Batterlea.
Bingham, Utah, Dec. 7.���Tracks of
a man crawling on his hands and
knees and dragging a rifle were
found in Phoenix tunnel No, 2 of tb*
Utah-Apex mine late today by tbe
posses searching tor Ralph Lopes,
slayer of six men. They were found
until tbey turned ln a room aad lato
thia waa flung a stick ot dynamite
which brought down tons of enrth and
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ rock. Tbe room will be cleared ot
Washington, Dee. 7.���With all of'debris and searched tomorrow,
tbe great gun batterlea planned far Aside trom tbla one possibility that
the United Stsites coast defenses by; tbe desperado lay dead in the rdo��
the Endicott board twenty-sewn the sheriffs and deputies found noth-
yeara ago, nearing completion, the iaK to__, t0 dltpe, tte ��,������,! 9*
army facesin sertoas problem k the Het that he had eacaped. Howes*.
iff tl ^ men     man    * tatt*itl-�� search will continue until every
.hf^iofSf T. WdS����2 W #-�� ��& ����& ^^
to Ite annual    re^rt    i 'lEtaSlS "��� *��� Wh"    *    "*���   *    �����*"<
In the annual   report   of   Brigadier- j __���^   g^ ^ ^ hM ^^^
eble?   ot   police   nad   tome  deputy
not persist in forcing our hands.   We
_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_,,*Te going forward    unflinchingly    to
CJUJAiir UACTFIDV our KoaI- 'ask >ou t0 we'*h we"our
I AmllLl.l   llllil I II ll I ' words and your decision and when the>
��� r-iiivvts   iivwiasiii!tim. comes to translate these words
aud those decisions Into action and to
act with switfness, determination and
General Vote.
There has been much agitation
among tbe postal employees for a
general strike at Christmas time
while the postal work is heaviest and
most important, but today's action of
the conference makes necessary a
general vote of the employees on tho
Btrike question and it is doubtful
whther a strike can be organized in
time to be effective by Christman
Leland    Hotel   in   Winnipeg   Almost
Completely Destroyed���Total
Lou $50,000.
Winnipeg, Dec. 7.���The Leland
hotel, owned by P. J. Rochon, tbe
well known horseman and curler, was
almost completely destroyed by fir-o
which broke out about 9:30 last night
Tbe loss wtll be about $50,000, covered by insurance.
Tbe proprietor returned from a
curling rink snd was on his way to
his apartments when be noticed a
glare trom tbe kitchen store room on
tbe fourth floor. By the time the
firemen, whose station was Just
across the street, had the hose up,
the blase had secured a good hold.
The three upper stories were badly
gutted, while the-lower onea suffered
much damage by the water. Tbe
alarm waa given so early that all the
guests and help got out. safely with
all their belongings.
Mr. Rochon would say little on tbe
matter save that he had $55,000 Insurance, whicb will probably cover bin
Three Prairie Flrea.
Moose Jaw, Dec 7.���Despite the
ract tbat the calendar haa sow reach*
ed December 7. thero were three
siqall prairie flree to tho south of this
city today. They did * no damage,
however, having started on thc prairie whore there sfere no hnlldlngS'Or
anything to destroy.
Passengers Taken Off Rio Grande in
Mid-Ocean���Blue Extinguished.
Norfolk, Va- Dec. 7.���Wireless reporta received here tonight told ot
the transfer at sea of the 197 passengers from the steamer Rio Grande. "
which had caught flre while bound
from New York for Brunswick, Oa.. to
the British steamer Swanmore, tha
subduing, ot the flame* and safe return of tbe passengers to tbelr vessel. The Rio Grande la now on her
way to Brunswick.
Protest Intervention. *_?���* A
Santo Domingo, Dec. 7���The Ame#
can minister, Jnmea M- Su1Uw��-,,'__b
advised Ue Dominican glift--.ent of
the coming to Santo .Doattfoot Um
American commissioners to obeervw
the municipal election. Tbe Dominican government haa entered an ener*
get-to protect against any foreign
torvenduu In Its internal affairs.
*��� %
$11,000 Flre In Lorebum.
Moose Jaw, Iwc. T.���Flre doing to
the extent of $11,000 damage broke
nut at Loreburn and completely gutted four bulldlnga comprising n toolroom, a butcher shop, a dwelling
house and a printing office. Two brigades were at work, bat they were
handicapped through a shortage ot
Died In Charity Ward.
Chicago, Dec. 7.���Dr. Carl H. von
Klein, a grat"*���-** ** Heidelberg university, an authority on Egyptian
papyri and ranking high among the
archaeologists here, waa found today
by hla friends, a patient in n charity
ward at .tba county hospital.
Attacks Government       ^
And Liquor Interests
ft and-*��;>��� *n*x.-mm.
Qensml E. M. Weaver, chief ot coast
He reported that his corps hnd
'less than one-fourth ot one relief,*
available for permanent duty 1�� the
batteries and the organised mllltla
was not prepared to tarnish its required quota ot reservee.
Houston. Ttac.Dsc 7.���Fifty hat*
sons, mostly negroes, ar* reported to
have bee* drwrned at Sunaystde, n
small town on th* lower Brake* tm*,
according ton long dispatch recom*
here tonight ���_���
Th* message said b*tw**n -Ulr ant]
500 persons were marooned on a
mound at San f*Mp* and **tm In _ _-.,^. _.-_-__---,_,. .
danger.   A special train loaded ****** Ogtt Mny In n
motorboat* was dlapntchad tram BwsIM M�� *J^
ton to r*M�� thejn.      ��� y   w** dwwnti
May Thk* Aetton.
Moose   Jaw,   Dae.   7.���C. K. Arts*
strong, local agent of   th*   attorney;
general, baa Men petitioned to Uke
action againat a luryssan In a rnpwl
ca** who,  when .spalleaged.
thnt he did not lW6w   th*   *
who waa cn trial-tor obtaining MM*
by worthla** Cheeks.    It I* UUmI
(bnt when ******** th* Jwyroos* AM
twyawn ia**flat*ly atatod   that he
***** the awnsod well and he ted
on-frbt �� nhboh tor hla which >M
pHP*n ho ftad. ���     ������'>���,���-���>-���
H*��m, . .     '    1 *r- i'iiiiii      *'-  ''���
nftrtiter Prwwto*.,.      .,,,...
~      l    D��n     7.  M*m.f
Mlaist*e Odptosn*
**hm CHtt*a* t*
* Ms W<nffff Md^i $h *&
' 41^^***^^^ ______________��� ________________________
W^l-J^ -^WP^T   ���'���r��^^^^T���,
"i,nr  "	
tr'. nt. ���
nSwi*^: -ix, ���
��,',        f%
m'-*    ^
ft''". ?*"'*
'\_*   -   ���       <i,_
iBiir ������'���"���''':-:'^:-*-^ ���'���-���������--������ V -��� 'Jnj
rT �����          '"-3
i'r. *���*''���',
���'-*   .   '���"-^���Wm
���*.:   1 ,   -.'41B
-!,1***. *AGE TWO
An ieilependent viortiino pspsr ilevuted to the inter sts nl .*���'���',!��� Westminster antl
Sh* Fester Ytlley.    published everit fHom-fn0 errept Sunday by the .Vdliioidl l'rintlnv
aad Publishing Con-pony, EMM ���' *���'* UeKsnais Atreet, Sue Wsstmlnstsr, British
ColiimMs. ROBB avrilEUi.ASl). Uanagtng Director,
All enminunirtitinns should be addressed to The New Westminster Xeus. unit nnt
lo Individual members ot ths stall. Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be mnde
aayat'le to The Stitltmttl i'rintinu and I'ullishino Oompany, Limited.
'I h'I.i: I'll OS bill���iiu.iin-.-_ Office and Manuuer, 11118,* J-.dibiriiil Rooms lall d,:,,,irt-
amis,   -.91.
SUBSCRIPTION RATBB���By carrier. 14 tier year, tl for three months, to* per
mxanth    lt>t mail, !������ yer year, 'il>o per motifs.
ADVBBTlSlUa HATHA on spplieation.
There is a class of individuals who think Christmas
���was set aside as a holiday for the sole purpose of jiving
them an opportunity to see just how much bad whisky
they could tuck away back of their vests without floating
their backbones out of their systems.
Under ordinary circumstances, if a man is inclined
that way and has himself sufficiently hypnotized as to
believe that he has received good value for the coin spent
on a jag in the different kinds of a fool he has made of
himself at night and the different kinds of a fool he has
called himself in the morning, then all well and good. He
may be a believer in the doctrine of letting each man go to
the mischief in his own sweet and unique way and so
justify his conduct. Under ordinary circumstances he
may possibly get away with that sort of an idea, but this
year 1913 is one which is characterized by extraordinary
circumstances. Money is tight and there is a good bit of
real poverty in this city and its suburbs. Thank goodness
it isn't the kind of poverty that one pictures as existing in I
the slums of London and New York, but for the Last Great
West, the land of gold and rapidly-gotten wealth, it's bad
enough. Most of it, too, is honest poverty, not brought
on by laziness, but simply a result of the slump in the
demand for labor.
It's here the sane Christmas idea hooks up. If the
good fellow who has been accustomed every year to blow
in from five to twenty-five dollars or more on Christmas
eve in buying a rapid succession of alleged joy producers,
would only turn his cash loose in another direction this
Christmas, he'd get a lot more real fun and a whole shipment of satisfaction he never has experienced before. I
There are going to be a bunch of kids in this town and
hereabouts who this Christmas will run shy in presents.
Five dollars spent on accumulating the foundation tif a
jag would buy half a dozen of those youngsters a day full,
of happiness and save them a year of disappointment.
We all do not know where to find these little folk, but:
there are those who do. For instance, the firemen do, j
and they are carrying their share and more too in getting,
ready for the big rush Christmas Day. They'll take care;
of your loose change and see that it does its good work.
The Benevolent society will give you information too if1
you go after it; so will any of the ministers.
There's certainly a place this year for the extra dollars
that other years have gone in bad booze, and that place
isn't hard to lind.
American countries, la suffering from
lack uf labor supply, and there Is
now ii tendency to regard Japanese
coolie, as the savior, of the situation.
An argument advanced tor it I. thai
i Qcouragemenl i [ Japani se emigration to British Quiaana would relieve
i lie ontl-Japam Be situation In Britiah
Columbia end Australia,
Only 2,000 Japanese were In Brazil
lasl spring. During thut season, however, 3,000 more were broughl to Bra
ill, and Immediately thereafter ar
rangements were made for the bringing i r ���'��� 000 more this fall. Thai Is,
the great majority of the 10,000 bave
arrived ln Brazil in leu than a year,
Thi re Is no attempt to conceal the
businesslike manner In whicli the
emigration to Brazil Is being stimulated by the Toklo and Rio Janeiro
government., Two emigration companies are engaged In the traffic in
Japan, They are the Toyo Emigration company and thr Tskobayasbl
-.migration company. This fall each
reoelved an order from Uie Japanese
government to procure 1,600 Japanese
for emigration to Brazil
The government of Brazil, on the
other band, In co-operation with the
state of Sim Paulo, where moal of the
Japanese go, pays half the passage
money of each emigrant The emigration managers declare that li c ists
1125 io si't'ii one Japanese to Brazil
Highly dollars of this Is passage
money, -flu of which Brazil pay, Ten
ilollars goes to the emigration com
pany as a commission, ami $:'.*. *s necessary for miscellaneous expenses,
Successful Sortie Over tha Canadian Border
Whereby Spoils to the Value of Several Million Dollars Were Captured From Uncle Sam
The Raid Occurred About Two Vears A��o--
No Reprisals Expected.
Tells   Tale    of   Trouble    With    Wife,
Mctherin-Law and Highwayman.
"She fin-
Mission City has an oil strike.
the junction town to get all lit up.
Now it's in order for
That escaping lunatic who was caught when he
stopped to pray probably now realix.es that he did th*
right thing at the wrong time.
The Edmonds Ratepayers' association has adopted a I
platform. The fires of municipal elections will prove!
whether it's the kind you can stand on or the species you j
have to hold up.
When you got up this morning and you felt there was
something you wanted to do today, but you couldn't,
remember   what it was, that   was the  shop-early-for-j
Christmas bug giving you a quiet tip.
A news item tells u? that when a motor car puffed into,
a " '������'.ti on Tweuch street Friday afternoon, the damage
was slight, only the bonnet of the car being hurt.   Evidently jflOtor car bonnets aren't considered as valuable as'
the liind you get in millinery shops at seventy-five or a,
hundred per bonn.
A Seattle doctor wants near friends and relatives;
admitted to hospital operating rooms while a patient is
having his carving done. If he gets his way you'll soon see
items like this in the social column: A most enjoyable
operation was performed on Friday afternoon when Mrs.
,J. Jinks Humdubber had her appendix removed in the
presence of a number of interested friends. Dr. Cuttem
opened up the patient, while Dr. Sawoff presided at the
anaesthetic. Mrs. Waggletung poured lea, while several
young ladies prominent socially served the ices. Mrs.
Humdubber will have her appendix mounted as a hatpin
and inscribed with the motto, "Votes for Women."
Nearly Ten Thousand Mavr.* Landed In
Erazll  Within  the Pa-.t
Washington Dec. 7 En Igratlon ��� '
Japanese lahon rs to South American
countries, particularly Brazil, lias n
��ently assumed such proportions * I
command the serious attention nf
state department officials, While it 11
felt at presenl that there is absolutely nothing whieh c.-iu be done even if
jt were thoughl desirable to tuke some
action, in great in Hm Influx if the
Orientals Into the radius of th�� Mun
in. doctrine that the movement Is regarded us one in which lhe Unit d
States la compelled to interest Itself.
The magnitude of the stream of i ml
gration flowing In recent months from
Japan to'Brazil, Peru and also to Mex
ico is noi generally appreciated outside uf restricted official circles In
Washington, The total numher of
Japanese In Brazil Is now only ten
thousand, but it is the rapidity with
which others are coming rather than
the present Bizn of the Japanese colony which is causing concern here.
The transportation of Japanese lo
Brazil, and also to other South Amerl-!
can countries to a lesser extent, has j
11 en placed on a substantial business
basis, In which considerable capital
has 11 n Invi Bted, and la backi d
heartily l.v the governments of Japan
Did Brazil, The introduction of this
oddltional racial elemi nt in ilu* al-
heterogeneous population of
i. itln i merlca conl tins ihe posslblll-;
tits !' Is feared, of raisin*, grave
Ions fi r the Uniti l states in the
'm re, ii 'i*i rctilarly In i lew ofthe at-
tltudi * r thi -. ���. :.t an people toward
Uu- Japanese,
Eritis!', Guiana Also.
Another  >i sting  phase of    the
situation    is    ti"    suggestion    tr	
liritish sources that nee the Japanese
arc meeting with si.ch Buccese and
giving such general satisfaction in
lirazil lhey might as well he introduced Into British Qulana. Th'';
liritish holding, lllcc all othe-   South
St. .Johns, Que.,
isliul me. all right."
In these words Paul I ovely, who
arrired al St. Johns this afternoon.
mii.miuii up i'it resull ol the b ttlei
which be had fought with bis mother-
in-law and lost. I'aul was very tired
���a ien he nas seen by a press reporter
at the hotel here, for he had walked
across the country from Chambly,
where lie says he has heen employed
with a farmer named .Marcil. That
was a twelve-mile jaunt, su he was not
in very good spirits when he mod his
weary way into the hotel.
Kor the last twelve months lie has
not i-ein his wife. If she will come to
St. Johns lie will meet her and his
little son. At present lhey are i:i the
United states, but he wlll nol cross
over the line to meet them. The, are
in elthi r South Bridge or Webster.
Mass. if they come to Qui bi c be
will rush to welcome ihem, but he
will not cross thc line to see them.
It wp.s in South Bridge thai his troubles began, and in th? latter place
they cimc to a climax.
Ten years sgo, one bright spring
day, Paul Lovely was married in
South Rri'l*.-' to t'.ie fair lady nf hls
choice, it vvas not accomplished,
however, without strenuous objections
to the suit by the mother of the bride,
She had pirked cut a far Wealthier
suitor for the fair lady. The father of
the groom, however, was bo delighted
with the marriage that he presented
his son with a fine cottage In
to dwell, All was merry as a mai
riage bell In the new home until the
mother-in-law of the bride arrived on
the Bcene, and took up her permaneni
residence with the young coupli 'I ben
there was trouble, and lots of it. Kven
after the wedidng ol thi two the mother-in-law did nnl hesitate to tell the
young woman that she had made a
bad choice, and that she would be well i Ins to
advised to leave her poor hubby and go
off with the ether, who had more of
tliis world's shekels.
Ono day they moved to Webster.
There a stranger appeared on the
scence���a man called "Ben" and Boon
won the complete affections of the
young woman. Finally he carried lier
off; she abandoned her home and husband and   went off with the new love.
A broken hearted husband went off
on the l,,ng trail alone. He wandered
all over the l'nited States alone, work
lng sometimes as a bricklayer and
at otlnr times as a jobber al anything
that came along. The last summer he
was a deck hand on a lake vessel". Tie
pasted through tbe recent big lake
storm, when to many lost their lives
in the Icy waters of the lake. Now he
is here, and here he will stay until he
hears from hls wife and child. He
has hopes that they will return to him
i'.nd th-'t !:i tli's p'ace the tiny home
Will D6 r. i.-t.-.l'i..'.  d
While he was working near Chambly, after he  left  the  lake  boats,  hls'
employer had an encounter with tie
highway robbers who are making lit
so  miserable  for all  in  thai   dlstrlcl
rhe farmer was returning from Men
treal with the procei ds of the sale of a    howevi
load  of grain.    II  was a dark  nlmhi I *'����� n
Suddenly -'tne en,, grabbed 'he bridle
Of one of the horses and brought the
team lo a : lands' ill A moment later
the muzzle of a big revolver was
thrust into the driver's face, while :���
gruff voice ordered him to hand ovi
Ills men, .* II,* Boon get rid of whal
lie had In h's pockets, tor he did not
like the lock'   of (he gun.
He failed, hnwt ver, t ��� tell the robber thai he ; -nl the bigg, st wad In
bis stock. This He '���* overloi ki d in tli el ���
hasty -catch of tile fanner. As BOOU
as they left him I e whipped up bis hi?
team and made a record run to bis
lantern to go i-i si arch of him, when
he da.-''id into the yard, his hirse?
steaming het in his wild drive (0 HiV(,
th" resi of bis cash.
I'aul i.oveiy claims thn be is worth
17.000, thai be has ah sec unt iti the
South Bridge National Link, holda 8
nui.lier of mortgages on property in
South Bridge, and that bis people an*
well to-do,
His wife recently wrote him, Baying
that "Ben" had deserted her, and thai
-in* *. i i -r,-,-���,- for what she had dene
and wanted her husband to go home
He wl'l not do this, however, bul wlll
meet her at any place she likes to
come to.
Berlin,  Ont.,  Deo.   1th.���Some    two
years ago. a party ,,t Canadians, beaded  by  U,  i.eme  McOlbbon, of  Montreal, and T. 11. Rleder and A. J.  Kim-
nn I, of Berlin, planned and performed anl
a raid on "Uncle Sain." and returned
hdtne With spoils to the extent el' several million dollars. It was the biggest  coup  tbat  has  1 n  executed  by
Canadians in recenl yenrs,
Arm. .1 wiili a plentiful supply of
quick-firing manufacturing maxims
clothed In most attractive Canadian
commercial uniforms, equipped with nn
ample oomrolssory <f mercantile and
economic facts regarding both countries, nud inspired with the belief that
thero la nothing too good for Canada
and Cauadlans, these men sallied forth,
nnd the enemy promptly capitulated,
"Peace hath her victories no less
renowned thsJi war," an.l as a resull
Of that well-planned raid two years
ago, Canada now has another gorgeous
and graceful feather ,n hi r commercial and manufacturing cap. and th re
ie no prouder city In ti*.-_ Dominion
to-day than Bi rlln, i int
Hamilton may . lalm to be the "Birmingham "f Cansda," Toronto may
style herself the "Queen t ty": bul
wo In llttlo old Berlin, wh i usually
"say nothing but saw v. jod," feel a
proud ss Chsnteoler In lhe irnv,', :
that Canada's commercial rain could
not rise eaoh morning quite as majestically :.s He does, lf He d!J not
hear tho melodious crowing of Bi r-
Iln's orchestra of factory wh sties.
And this orchestra of curs, wh
Pattens and audli tn e extend all ovei
the Dominion, as Well as In every Hritish coloi *. ha * jusl bei n . igi n nt. ,1
ncd rendered more tuneful with tha
"spoils" of that "raid" of two years ago,
and  this Is how it all *..,*.; i i ad:
It was in 1913 then, that the "three
wise men"���McQ bbon, Itleder an I
Klmmel���saw a star or constellation In
tho commercial  firmament,  shaped  In
tho TTnlleil states ltut.ber Company,
which position be has beld since HM.
lie lias i.een Identified with th.. rubber
,ndustry .sine,, ISSf., when he entered tiii-
cmploy of  tiie  Boston   Rubber    Himo
Company, lie was Assistant Supci inti lidellt of the factories of tins company from IS.S8 to 1S93, was appointed
their (leneral Selling Agent in HOI,
lind      bei auie      conn. Otl d      Willi      lhe
United Btates Rutfber Company In 1902
as Manager of Bales,
Mr. Lli.'ba B, Williams lias been
Identified with the rubber industry for
tho past twenty-two years, and has,
for the last nve years, been President of llie Rubber Goods Manufacturing c... of .New Vork. Prior io thai
he was connected with tbo Revere
Rubber Co., of Hoston, enl. ring their
employ iu a clerk, nnd tinally becoming tbelr Oeneral Manager and Treasurer.
Mr. v. K. Mitchell graduated B.C.U
at MoOlll University in tho year 1196,
and WOS admitted    to lhe   Har  In  th,
same year,
Ho IS a member of Ihe llrm of Mc-
launohed, and ths Imposing million* Qlbbem, Caagraln. Mitchell and c,,s-
dollar factory, which is completed and pain, of Montreal, lie was appelated
now   In operation, was e.,nun. need.       I King** Counsel in 1909, and la regarded
it is   a   handsome structure, and mm one of the leading corporation law-
utilitarian, to...    Berlin Is proud ot u   vers in ihe Dominion
ill Canada and Canadians will be Horn In Berlin *D years ago, no man
���of it and its product, ihe DOMINION is better known in Berlin than Mr. ,v
Ute. | .1. Klmmel.
The  new   factory   Is   constructed  of     In 1900 lie organized tbe Klmira Kelt
relnfor I concrete, snd is one of tlio Co., Klmira.  which company   was r.-
iar-cst liull lin-s of Its .lass in Can- j markabiy successful. In 1909, lhe
aia. it i.s 483 Tt long i.\ :m ft.*wIde, Canadian Consolidated Kelt Com-
v.nil four Storeys and  basement.    The, pany   waa   formed   with   a   capital   of
��� im-ns
Its own  last factories nnd
In   addition   lo   Ibis,   Mr    It;., i, .   , ; .
nets   lho   Belling   up    a lot      ,,i
Canadian   Consolldati d   llubbi i   Coin,
pany.  Limited,  which  lies .*.  t haln of
its selling starts and distributing ���*.
houses   throughout     Canada    iiu    ..,
whieh ihe . ntu*.* products oi t   <#
going   plants,   as  well  mi   three   ..    j
l'.it plants, are marketed,
OthW   well-known   Canadians     OOO-
noi 1. l wuh the new- ine company oro
Messrs .1, II. MoKechnlo, Walti i Bin,
more and it. io. Jamieson, or Montreal,
As a lining eiinuix  lo the i on   im-
 I* u ,.f their plans, and t>. the birth
i.r mis mw Canadian enterprise, tbo
Direi tors of tlio I lomlntan Tire ��� lotn-
piny, Limited, have evolved a novel
, emm. moratlve oi l. bration.
Rocognlslng tbe importance to Can*
ad an motorists .T iin manufacture
in Canada of DOMINION Tires, ami
the k.i n interest tlmt tin. opening ot
lhe factory wlll evoke, the directors
propose to .nable as many motorists
as   p, istbls   to   participate   111   tlie   fes-
Announcements   or   invitations,    of
'������ lis h a facsimile Is shown below,
have accordingly been scut to approximately  60,000  in..tor ear owners
111   l'a:....1.1.
Bveryone owning a car, whose name
and address is available, will receive
ene. If you have a car, end have
perchance not received one ..r theso
Invitations, ons will bo promptly h. nt
to you It you will notify the Dominion
Tiro Co.,  Limited,  of  Berlin,  or  tlieir
tliis  fusa.. a:
And they said: "Lo, we will follow
this star, and see whereto It lead, th
us" And, behold, lt led directly lo
the offices ef .*. largi torn '. I.- tin*
which I company at Brondwi * a: I 58th street.
X. w   Vork,  an,I   thi '. ���  ,i  . tO] p   I
Ut t, to drop ic ; * ���������  . ��� *.t ��� i taphor,
let   me    Ull    tie*    ��� t   :  *    . .    ......:*,    20th
Century   Canad an   i: ,  .
To-day, by far the majority of automobile tins use.i by Canadian motor Its are the product of Oth - c mn-
trirs. This means that thousands and
thousands . :' Canadian dollars which
should stay In the Domlnli n are loak-
otbi r countries, m ilnly to tii ���
"States." Tils was also th< condition
ct ofta.rs two y. ars ago.
To stop that leak, or as large a proportion of it as poss'.bl *. the "thr.e
wise men" decided t.. make a pilgrimage to the "Stat, s," to s Let the best
automobile tire they crnTi.l fnd lhere
���e. tr.ed and true tire���bring it to
Canada, give It a borne worthv of lis
class and reputation, and supply Can-
adiin   motorists   with   the   Knelt
In '.he world���"mad" in Canada."
Thi�� i,..*.*.  hai ���-��� a-*.������ .* p i hc I,
They found that the t *. :. popular,
the most serviceable automobile tire
in lho L'nited Staus w-.s the "D.S."
tire.' plain nnd nobby tread. That
"U.S. Tires arc G *-id Tins" is a slogan
from Mains tn California, and It la
equally appreciated by motorists from
Nova Bcutia to Vancouver Island,
Hundn ds of Canad an cars nr*1 to-day
equipped with tins" tins. They have
wen their way Into the confidence nf
Canadian motorists by dint of   eheer 1 more than, any of bis contemporaries)
columns and footings are designed t<
carry an adj..t.i.e..1 storey, to be add I
ii .'��� me future date, oi I exten Ions at
either end of Lie I illdil g are also pro-
vlA-.l for.
.Mo.-e  than  SCO  tons  of reinforcln
Bteel wer< Lsed In Its co istrustlon, sn I
approximately   in,   0   square  i.t   ,t
Bteel   i :i-h   l  r   th i   windows,      H   i.s,
v.Ithout   doubt,   '  o   ' .**    t   an I   i i
complete  tire f.e tl r.-   ill   the Veil.  : (1 I
li i oqulpment ro resi tt - the* la;, -t
and b.-st apparatus :������,- tirc-maklng
that lias yet in en conco-Vi d,
The li.ard ef Dtreotors of the Dominion Tire Company, Limit* .1. is comprised of tho following k ntlcmcn:
llr. l>. Li me .'���'-��� I Ubi n, Co! nei H
I'. Colt, and Messrs. Victor E, Mlt-
. hell, l-lirha 8. Williams, A J. I-: -i-
t l, Homer E. Sawyer and T. II.
Rl. dor.
Mr. D. l.orne McOlbbon is lee well-
known a Canadian to need any Introduction. He is the president "f t':.
Canad an Consolidated Rubber Co.,
Limited, Am.s Holden McCreody,
t irr Led. Goodwins' Limited, Atlantic
Sucar Refineries, Limited, and a director of the L'nited stat-s Rubber
Company and the Kastern Trust Company.
Mr. McOlbbon lias been Idontlfli d
with Ihe Industrial development an.l
progress of Canada as much us. If not
I    A*r**~    t-.    I-     *���
two million dollars, takinu In the fac-l selling agents, the Canadian Consoh-
: ��� s of tl i.,:.i,:a Co., Tii Klmmel dated Rubber Co., Limited, ot Mont-
Co., and (he Berlin lit Bo I C '.. ulth i nl, and advise them as to your ll-
Mr.   Klmmel  ...   vi.  -President    n..i cense number.
c, neral Manager. In He- meantime, VVnen the most popular birthday haa
i." I .d al." b>'< ce sa eci.iiii w    i tii    been   di covered,   tbo   Dominion   Tub
l.i r  miliar  Interests    of    Canada,! Company  will  present a   DOMINION
which later became merged Into what tire, plain or Nobby Tread, to all of
is now knov n as tlio Cana ..an Con- those meter ear owners whose anni-
s.ilii.iei  Rubber Co., Limited. versarics occur on lu and Canada will
Mr. T.  il.   Rleder   h. .   charge   of  tlnn  Lave another red-letter day  in
merit, as a result of Strenuous service
:.,  ually performed.
,'ust as charity cr.vereth a m ''lltude
of sins, tr, d,-,th bombast nnd brag In
lhe i re world conceal a multitude nf
blow-outs. "Blow bard, blow' out."
may safely bs said to be tho she
of the tire manufacturer whose i
duct is deflolent Bombast and brag
filled to Inllui nee tl, ��� "throe
In their sell ei ion i f a good
tire for Canadians, The . iuld luve
se-und the Canadian rights to nl-
ni"st any American or European tire,
but whal lhey were after -Was a "tried
acl true tire," a tire that would "stand
And  they got  It!
And bo the Dominion Tire Companv,
Limited,     of     Berlin,     Ontario,     was
and lhe facl that ii    is at the )���
:'. any enterprise ls sufficient guarantee of lis success.
Col .nei S, P. Cuit was admitted to tho
New Vork Bar In 1178. In Itli he found-
" I ed  the Industrial  Tru.st Company,   of
n   Providence, B.I.. nnd Is still Chairman
-   of its Hoard of Directors,   in that year.
he also In gan hli carer- In lhe rubier
Industry with the National India Itub-
1). r Company,  of  Bristol,   II I.    I!*:  Is
a  director  In   a. nU.nb r  of Importani
rulibrr cor,,pahle��, sueh ns the 1'nited
Stat.s Rubber Company, the Canadian
Consolidated   Rubber Compnny, Limited.      11 di'ind-American      Plantations
Company and  the  Netherlands Lnnv-
kal  Rubber Company.  In Suinatrn.
Mr. Homer Y.. Saw* er is well known
ln  the  States  as  General  Manager  of
lha manufacturing dperat-ons of
tlve rubber footwear mills at Berlin,
Port Dalhousle, Montreal, Bt. Jerome
an l Qranby, end also the largo manufacturing plant at Montreal, where
tv general llne of allklndsof mechsr.lcal
rubber g..,- is ere made. At several of i
these points the Oompany also operates
ibe  calendar,   and   It   will   be  colled
A meritorious product! A strong
organlratlon! A lining celebration!
And Berlin takes of Its hat to tha
I) IMINION Tre. and to Its sponsors!
In   v,rv  truth,   the   'DOMINION"   baa
i sptured tho *-r.y.-'
/���i*r/fi*j rJ i/io
yy   /
AtHj/i.fosffwmf*'- we f'tWA y/i.t it*mtwy
t_e4Cwuow ^o//<i^yxioCory/'
sit iyJ.4>rJ: >t>. "-nfnw.o.
/*if /tycJ<*>n/, >i<7 ycximC x/trcJJ/trfuiut.Avw* ���**'
v//T   ��� ���   "-^r"*
_jjy07tunw/i/ C/ir<y
i^/lCain/yO)*- iSiol'Oit >Jrenct,
ji/ir) tr ut' -y/w/v mimiti <(<ry xttt v * 'ixnwy tOW***
<jj?/h<k)c* /.tiio/t>r'-y-ttt*/Hvnero wna-
Worst Is Past And,
Better Times Will Follow
tor; i hardest  singe.    In  September It  was
It Is pointed out that ln the ordl- i felt that October, November and Denary course of business the Imports- comber would be the critical months
tlon of large amounts of gold Is not I for the country, but it Is now felt that
necessary as there lo. ns n rule, suf-   the worst Is past, and that a reaction
Gold Shipments Into  Montreal and What They Mean���Crisis Is Over,
Soys Eanker, and  Reaction is Bound
ts Follov.*.
. flclent foreign exchange created to do
iaway  witb  the necessity of this, but
at such a time us thla, when a bountiful harvest is being disposed of, and
when Canada  is  not importing  anything  like such  amounts,  the gold  is
I Imported as the cheapest means.
I     Kvery cent of money which lias been
! brought   tO   Canada   during   the   past
'week has been either from tlie sale of
is bound to follow.
bill, giving San
ply ami   power
l li Ichy    valley.
Me.iln :
Sun   Francisco,  Dec.  7.--Employee*
of    the    I'ost    Publishing    company,
wlilch publishes, the    Sim    Francisco
natural  resources of tho country,    or   EveniUR I'ost
1. Dee. 7. -Tbo arrival 111, tie nrrivul or tlle
Montreal during Hie past two weeks of'the remit first of
upwards of $13,000 000 la gold, while it|grain crop, cattle
gold In Canada wm
11 cf lhe sale of tin
and  olher
! Iioin  llle  sale of securtles.
Asked   what   became   of   this   gold
I after lis arrival here, n was pointed
Bill Passed.
Di c.   ".   The   Raker
Francisco water Vup-
rights   In   the   Hetcll
Yosomlto     National;
natural i0"1 ,iy ""' lmn,"T OttX it was Immedl-
i- , ,   ,   ,   , i uteiy put inin circulation or its otiuivB-
means but little to J..i" ordinary null- resources of the country, which hail l|r���t ,���,,
vidua!,    In    nuardeii
were notified yesterday
that the paper had been sold. Th��
name of Hm purchaser was not announced.    Tlie Post wlll be publl:.lm|
a significant
WHO   |0 ,1;   Up
been successfully dlanosed or during
past year, as well as from tlle sale
,,,,,,,     , ,   .,    .        IMonday, It   waa said, hut  not under
niul tliat It went to the farm-1 .
ers of ihe northwest, in payment for""' management or the Post Publish-
their crops, io the cattle producers lor I ing  company,  and  what  will  happen
i their cattle, and wlll also    be used In
llm    handling or  the  balance of  the
feature by local banki ro
on ii i ���-. nr.t * of the exoelli nt financial lol securities abroad
condition nt  Canada at the  present     The fact that so much oan be gather
titn" led   together  is  considered  a splendid I Crops,
i  ,i ���    i    ...i.i ,.      Wbere all Ihls gold enmes rrom. and   iuillcatlnii or the condition of the coun-1    While the arrival or tills money can-
pa I,   n.is.ir.i tlif   sen.itr  last nig it tiy  wha1 becomes of ll after its arrival In'try. antl  while it   is claimed  In  some not help but have a beneficial effect Op
a-. it,, ci 4., to ,,,     i ne nn   nail pre   the head oriices of lhe hank., here was I sources   that   this   money   is    simply . the hiislneHH of tho countrv, no great
viOUBlj passed the bouse In Kleiillcallv explained tliis morning by one of Mon-! brought here al. this lime for "window  Improvement Ih looked forward to be-,   ,
the same form  and  goes uf. Once to- tfeal's leading hankers. dressing" purposes, even such a con- fore spring.    It lB felt, however, that C,1'"W|1 from an afternoon toa morn
the president  for signature. ,|    First of all, It was pointed out that dition would be regarded as Batisrac- j the  country  has  passed   through   Its l"g paper.
after that was noi made known.
l-oc.iil newspapers for eevoral weeks
have carried reports that the I'ost
was to be taken over by tho Sati
Francisco Call, which on September 1 MONDAY,  DECEMFER  fi,  191?
Are roan-fasted in mi!..
of Teapot3 daily
or GliEEH���Sealod Pa-cltetg Only
jWls sv��.������*-
Efi BantpU Malls* cn Boqull ��
ftililrossi "SALfiUa," Turgnls
Our Interior Finish is manufactured from timber specially select-
sd for Plat Oraln.
Ws are -ilmi spsclallzlng In rir Doors with
which ure better In oonstructlon,  mors beautiful
pensive  iliiin  tbe nlil  si'lld  rslssd  panel doors.
Oet 'mr prices before placing your orders
Veneered    Panels,
mul  un more as
Local Sales Department, I'hone 890.
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
"Prince  George" and   "Prince   Rupert"
MONDAYS    1- midnight for Prjnce  Hupert,  St'wart.
TUE8DAY8    1- midnight for Victoria and Seattle.
THURSDAYS���12 midnight for Prince Rupert, Qranby Bay.
SATURDAYS   12 midnight for Victoria and Seattle.
MONDAYS   1!   midnight,  Dsc. 1, tor tfasset,
.'KIDAY8   12 midnight, Nov. 2<, for Queen Charlotte island points.
Mi.inlays anil Thursdays Steami rs muke close Connection ut I'rlnce
I upert with Grand Trunk I'acific trstns for Terrace. New Hazel-
Ruperl with Orand Trunk Pacific trains tor Terrace, Hazelton
and Smithers: mixed trains tu Rose Lake (itoo Mile.)
Tickets t.i all points east and to Europe, via all rail ami steamship
II   il   SMITH. C. P. A T. A.
027 Granville Street, Vanoouver,
���   E   DUPBROW, 0. a   P, D.
I'jrno  Private Exchange Wit
BOILERS   R-ivet-ert Steel Pipes
��� BURIN OIL     ���
P    O.   BOX   **'r
TEI _ 1'HONt    J-4
Lessons He Learned
From Trip to Antipodes
Alexander Lucss, M. P. P., Gives Remit* of Investiflatlons in Comprehensive Report to Government.
'Tlons fac
Victoria, Dec. 7.���One of the most
val table reports which will bs placed
in tin- 'munis of the government nexl
session i�� lbat prepared frum the Investigation conducted by Alexander
Lucss, m P. P., in New Zealand, look
in_ into th>* queation of agriculture in
lhal Dominion, and ol tbs effects of
( , ... -.- -settlement jn_ Australia. The
member ��im Is carrying out IiIb Investigation! In connection with the
royal commission on agriculture recently returned from the Antipodes.
Considering thai thi* conditions ln
New Zealand moreclosely approximate
to those In liritish Columbia, bis report lays Special dress on clrcum-
utancei uk lie fttuis them in tbe sister
dominion,  but he also deals at some
length with the land conditions in the
commonwealth, As a lesson int he loan
of money by the state to enable the selector U> carry over the time between
the exhaustion of bis capital and the
time when the land becomes reproduc
stutes where drought Is
tor to be considered.
Mr   Lucas pays a tribute t.i the us
slstancs renuered to hlin by the members of  thS federal anil  State pnrlin-
tnitits,  anil  of valiiaDle anl  given
officials throughout bis lour.    The re
port  is  aocompatlled  by   valuable  up-1
pond Ices   which   set   out     In     tabular;
form  tie refiill of his investigations.
As  they  arr  all  drawn  from  official:
sources the information cannot fail to-
he of gn al value in drafting the report
of thc commission,
New Zealand's Leeson.
In Nt w Zealand he found it to be
the unanimous opinion of those whom
he met thnt the "Advance to Settlers;
"i hey keep more sheep snd plgi si *'
I.,i,,     i lsrgel   Incn si ��� d the revi nue
' trom their fs m   thai tbey sre able to
i mi, i  ������ ,     is on the moi
nml adopl a ble ier anrt toll
���ard or livlni    1 ���       i>"'';  |i| ��� ���  '
try a  higher snd   better clvllla *
lie gradually beln   Bvolved   Lb
men t :    i ���������    ir iwlng t ip i
i,. | .*���    ud contented to ren
io on I
tint    snd   i.i.'i' i    ri si un
; nnd  , iterti  nmi   I   ol   s   kind    more
bolescmi el    iti *   than can be
i i.i th    ell
'.-   *. Zealand now exi    ts domi
' prodm : i t'i thi   value of Jill..1' i. i
i : . r population   �� *   * the per t tp-
i, .. o I an dlan exports li only
I io 68. The state gut ��� ������ teod advance
offlco ba . Int * tba Hrsl of March,
;������:'.. mi ���'��� 27 689 loam . the avi rase
li ��� ti ! i lng J2.3S2.22 The total smou il
:. aned since the lnc< ntlon of the i v��
ii-ni amounts I i ���*';'>.'���*.i 648 30, <>f this
sum j:u.tii; MB 68 bas been rep i *i.
leaving the balance on current loans
There lnne beon only ;)_ forecloseu es
in the 18 j em
Under tin- I.mil settlement acl for
th acquisition of estates for closer
ettli mt nt, bomeg hai e been proi Ided
for a large number ol men with small
capital Ths total numlier of estate
acquired under the acl is 222. with an
I aggregate ares Dl 1,295,94! sores, tho
aggregate purchase money being ��5,-
��� 18 "71 The html is occupied by ', 060
farmers so acquired There sxlati ,1
!:"*ii .. ttlemenl acl to enal le groutpi   tl
I purchasers to buj private freehold
property tor tub-dlvlsion among tbem-
selves, snd to slse tbe purchase
money by meana of a loan guaranteed
by the government.
In  A'jitralia
Bpeaking of loans in Australia, Mr.
Lucas says: "Tiny are largely depend
ing on the state savings banks for the
Capital   employed   In   making    these
[loans, and us only a small percentage
of deposit money may safely be loaned 111 long-term mortgages, and In
times of financial stringency, when
deposits are low end greater reareve in
making loans must be exercised, tbe
I advance t-i fanners are correspondingly curtailed.   The policy pursued In
imost of the stati .*> Is to give the p'':r
1 men t-be preference tend to make small
; loans "
Mr. Lucas particularly quotes west
[ern  Australia,  where the svstem of
lind settlement has made the great-
list progress In recent years. He points
j out that tbe hind broughl under cultivation between isi'"> and    1911   in-
creaSfed   in   western  Australia,    where
I loans vers mo.-e liberally made, over
900 per cent., while in Tasmania,
where tbe loans were rnon- restricted,
and very small, it only Increased 27'
per cent The increase in fallow land
In western Australia ia the last nine
vi ars WSB 411' por cent., while in the
rest 1 f the cotnmonwealth, wbere ths
loans were comparatively small, it -was
only 109 per cent. Western Australia
IS chiefly a wheat producing countrv.
lln the  forty  ye irs rrom I860 to 1900
jthe production of wheat lnereasfd from
���MX enn ibushols  to  774.no<>    bushels,
(while ln tbe eleven years to 1911, un-
der the stimulus of the state-euaran-
teed leans, the production increased
from 774 000 bushels to 4,860,00 bush-
Bla,    In  thin state, of the land under
I cron, 92,52 per cent, was fertilized In
1    "It   must  lie  borne   in   mind."   Mr.
! Lucas Ravs. "that systems of loans to
farmers has not been in for?" In Aus-
;trit'a as ton it as it had in New Zealand, and  thnt  thev have  not loaned
.as much;  yet tlie Increase In the ex-
I porta of domestic products from Australia has been wonderfully agumented
by   and  amount  at present  to $70 60  per
hi ad Of the population.
Repurchase Powera.
"In all the states of the commonwealth acts have been passed authorizing the government to re-purchase
alienated lands for the purpose cf cutting them up into blocks, and throwing them open to settlement on easy
tc- n3 and conditions very sipillar to
t ;.se in New Zealand. Special acts
have also been passed in several of
the  states  authorizing  the  establish
Is Britain's Dreadnought
Policy a Big Blunder ?
il cr.rri  ,> ���*������ ent 1    th   Pt Obvlou        '                *       eavy ship,
lall         tte wrlti , ' .              may bef
Bt ��� In *  thai  evi rj ,nai  I pow* 0
���'*  '            ���������  none Policy to to Continue.
1.ave followed 1 ui li .'*i in tht  build I ig On thesi                     ie, les Lng con-
* '    :,:                  "            * lid   h *        * .    *          *    * '             *: i       .*',!: ,*    ;.     .
Imagined 1       th I      ne b) |ed oul  ol  the  tjuo iti in,    the   Di
r canvai         I                 and light 1      -.  mlghl be held Justified
if  the  Ddn 1   ��� ighi     ,.   I      snd \      ow   i- has oomi  lo   tay   Di iplte
tor discussing  whel u     mr    upposed rumors, In which the *.*     , Is pi ibablj
Initiative In the building of that ship father to the thought, then- is not the
�����*. prejudicial or otl            I 1 Brit ghtest       nl on on the part of the
Ish naval h ti rests.    Bul a champion admiralty ta go back to smaller dis-
Of tin- II Imol which i��� pleasi il 10 term p]          .    :... at  OU]   rate until the p, r-
ll elf t ie "historical" si'iooi lias once fectlni of the internal combustion sn-
ke of
more been espousing the doctrine ...
mixed armaments In the Times, 10 it
may not be amis;, to recall to thl    . 1
lie  memory  sons farts  which  have
heen forgotten, ami some results * hich
are not generally realized.
Not Our Initiative,
in the first place, although we bod
the flrsl completed Dreadnought, our
admiralty did not, In point of tact .Initiate the movement The Germans,
was recorded In the Navy League
Annua! of two or lb rei years ago, bod
a design for a ship carrying six heavy
tni in ihree turn ts hef.*,re our ei
pertt di signed the Dreadnought Even
that was not wholly original, for the
1 Id  Herman  battleship., of the  Brand
enburg class two of which are now
Turkish (Halredden Bararossa and
Torful Rels), mount six 11-inch guns,
two two amidships being short weap-
ont it wai proposi 'i to repeat this
design, substituting lonit 11-Inch amidships lor the two Short weapons, llut
this is not all. The American shlpi
.'.lie! |gan and South Carolina, eaeh
carrying eight 12-Inch guns on the:
centre-llnei were projected before the
Dreadnought, though they were not I
completed until two years afterwards.
It will thus he seen that, in fact, we
did but follow our traditional policy of
siting   for  our   rival's   designs   and
glne allows of the abolition ot 1 1 ini Is
and an enormous reduction In the (tofe.
er   eouipVl   ��� :.*.   i,i*   Until   some   oilier
���.���real and radical alteration In design
occurs. Whatever certain reactionaries may argue, ti ie men who will have
to flghl our ships In war are satisfied
with the present line of evolution.
Indians, Unable to Write. Fil
Signature-     With
e Unique
Spokane, Dec. 7���Unable to write
their names, Neas Skumentla, aged 46,1
a wealthy Indian rancher cf Kockford, j
and Louisa I.arose, an Indian girl ofl
Wellpinlt, left their fingerprints at the 1
office of county auditor K. W. Ilutler I
yesterday, after which they departed I
'!V.^...'_'ll.;'!!!.l'M;..r.'.!".t_',_!.1._ ��!!_;w>'*h ,h,'ir eagerly sought marriage 11-!
cense. The finger prints wcre the first I
Fire Halo nearing an end and unprecedented business for the past eight days, but bargains in all lines
yet. Do you hear what others say. This sale just
eame in the right time for us.
MEN'S STRONG HOOTS for tbe man who works; at   9Se
LADt-SS' OXFORDS ANU PUMPS, for light wear;  at   9SC
KIDDIES' SCHOOL HOOTS that give Rood wear   95��
SOLID HI-CUT  BOOTS that  are strong;  at     $2.95
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WALK-RIGHT BOOTS���To fit. the narrow path;  for    53.4?
tuperlor building capacity to have our
ii'ii it sea first. The one feature In
which we were clean ahead of all oth-'
er powers in tiie design of the Dread-
nought was tu the bold determination
to install turbines In her. And nobody Iris ever ventured to cavil at.
that. With the Invi' Cibles, it was different.    The battle-cruiser is a British
ever taken in sueh a case at the local
Offtce, as witnesses usually merely
make a mark with the pen.
The wedding party, which proceeded |
from the office of the county auditor j
to St. Aloysius' church, where the cer-
t'lirou3".' " I!r"i"1' d88l8n {hT"Ul;h ;'lul   emnny was performed, was one of the I
Thc Resull. paplpes   and   most   gorgeous   for  ral-
Tlie admiralty rush, d    the    Dread-' ��"������� tilat ever entered the court house ,
nought to completion while the world ��� doors. When informed that they could
was  waiting  to barn  what the mys-, either   leave   t'aeir   finger   print3   or
terious British design, of which there
was much proud and deliberate boast-
lug,   might   be.    We  had  her    under
trial  and had  discovered  her defects I tlon of doing both.
I" f nro  any  olher  nation   had   moved.    The bride  is  the granddaughter of
effectively.      The    Germans    thoueht * p_ul 0yal,lrii wdl knowI, tor his ac-
jtnake thoir marks on the records, the
grinning couple signified  their inten-
-: THE :-
Popular Shoe Store
(Just below the Northern Crown Bank)
they knew all about her. and lhey
started to go one better with the NaB-
raus. They made a mistake which
has cost them dear
Dreadnoughts are a
They sink their armor-belt under water; their guns are crowded, although
they flre uo more on the broadside
than does the Dreadnought, "hd their
tlvitles as a leader of tbe Spokane Indians each year during the interstate
Their first four, fair. The frizzled Indian smiled broad-
complete failure, iy a3 his granddaughter pressed ber
finger cn the marriage record.
Deputy County Auditor J. E. Stewart, who issm d the license, declared
fhe did ,iot "look It," but Louisa nod
habitablUty is execrable.    They tried ded her head emphatically and inslst-
ed she was IS years old. She did not
neglect to flash a big signet ring, presented to her by Skumentia.
Alex  Pierre,    an    educated    Coeur
d'Alene Indian, who has completed the
to rell all four to the Turks, and the
Turks would not have them. They
also tried to f< restall the Invincibles.
and the result Is the Blucher, already-
relegated to the duties of a gunnery
training ship.   In lhe meantime we had  course at the Cushman Indian school.
act" and Ihe "Slate Quaranteed Loan ,
act." authorising   and   jjuan��teelng|je?t_OT par^lartenns orot^wt
loans tp farmers on the security of the
land,   for   the   purpose   of  developing
and improving the same and increasing t''eir output, was the most beneficial legislation ever passed by tho New
Zealand government; "that it haB not
rnly given a great Impetus to the agricultural industry, but It has re-acted
in related and other industries in a
further stimulus of trade ln general."
He says: "With money available on
terms suitable to the    industry    the
Ive communities,  village settlements
nnd labor colonics."
Mr. Lucas refers at some length to
the -Irrigation schemes progress lu
Australia, particularly the great work
of the New South Wales government
ln land tributary to the Murrumbldgee
river, where tbe supply le to be conveyed In canals 200 miles long to the
'town of Narrandera, where a weir Is
1 being constructed to convey water to
560,000 acres of barren land.
discovered and repaired the faults of
the Dreadnought, and avoided a repe-
���tition of them in the Bellrophon class.
���If it had not been for the folly of the
j government in allowing the program
j to fall below the Cawdor standard, we
1 Bhould have established a lead in the
rivalry In shipbuilding once for all. As
Jit was. we reached IMD six Slips short
iof what was demanded by the Cawdor
! program, and we have been paying for
lour folly ever since.
The Effect on Germany.
There were Indirect results of the
Dreadnought policy, however, from
which we reaped, and continue to reap,
lhe benefit. The Germans were compelled to double the width of the Kaiser Wilhelm Canal, at a cost of about
"ightten millions. This expenditure,
of course, never appeared in their na-
al estimates; but lt had to be met. and
the money was therefore unavailable
for other purposes.    Moreover,    they
was the official witness.
live, tlie example of western Australia I farmers have built better houses, or
he naturally finds most Instructive to remodelled their old ones, brought a
this province as hte amount borrowed largo acreage of land under culttva-
per head of'population in that state Hon'that would otherwise be Idle;
Ib t30 anil the total represent- $9,500,- have bought and ueed more labor eav-
000 or two thirds of the total permit- lng machinery on the farm and in the
led bv statute. :house;   have  erected  elevated  tanks
The opinion which he hag gathered anil windmills; have laid on water In
���from the government returns is that!their dwellings and their outbulld-
tbe stale is amply Justified In making  lugs;  have  Irrigated  their vegetables
Mining Recorder Dies.
ItevelBtoke, Dec. 7.���W. E. McLaughlin, mining recorder, and an old
timer of this city died yesterday
morning. He went to hlg office at tbe
court house as usual, and was found
dead In his chair at 9 o'clock. He had
becn In ill-health for some time, and
these advances, an dthat the percent-lanii flower gardens round the houses,,was over 60 years of age.
���ago of loss is trifling, even In those anil have increased their dairy herds, a widow to mourn.
He leave.
Toronto. Dec. 5.���While walking
along St, Clair avenue, near the bridge
at Bathurst street shortly after midnight, a man whose identity is at present unknown was set upon by three
men and badly beaten and robbed of
his money, amounting to almost $100.
Following the assault the robbers ran
away, leaving the man lying In the
He managed to reach Bathurst
street, where he boarded a car, and
told his story to the conductor. The
police were notified, but at an early
hour this morning no trace of the
thieves had been found.
The man  was unable to give any
si* to��uMO a etLiK ���*., eat����enT.      *. o. mattmcws. wa-mimniT,
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager. _
Do Your Banking By Mail
If you live st a distance from a branch of The Dominion Bank.
Deposits may be made���cash withdrawn���or any other Banking
Business may be transacted by mail. Just u easily as though one
made a special trip to town for the purpose.
A Savings Account may be opened in the name of two persons
���man and wife, or two members of a (amily���so that either one
can deposit and withdraw money from the same account.
clear description of his assailants as
had to expend great sums ln dredging the light at the place where be was
their harbors and the channels from! assaulted was poor. He states that
them to the open sea. There was a ns he was walking along St Clair are-
nood reason why the Germans, up to |nue the three men jumped from be-
he time the Nassau was laid down, hind a tree and telephone pole and
had contented themselves with modest '��� demanded his money. When he re-
displacements, not exceeding 12,000 fused to give It to them they struck
tons or so. Their ships could go where him with their fists anda club, knock
our heavier pre-Dreadnoughts of the Ing him partially unconscious. When
King Kdward VII. class and the Lord he fell to the ground two of the men
Nelsons could not follow. By provld-,held him while the third went through
lng egress for their ships they have,his pockets. Besides his money theyt
provided alfo Ingress for ours. Ksne-: also secured his watch and chain, and
dally I", this the case with the Little a valuable pin. He ls of the opinion
3clt, which gives access to the Baltic, j that his assailants were tramps.
i&rm-my-yv-^t_-_*yv- *^^*e-^.*e-i*i*i* * m ���,. . * ~ * * *.*..... _. _.,.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the Province of British Columbia.
���avlnga Department at all Branchea Deposits of One Dollar aad
upwards received and intereat at the highest current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Traveller^ Cheques sold, payable tm all publ ot tke
CHAS. Q. PENNOCK, General Msnaaer.
New  Westminster Branch
when yon ean get aa good, or better, manufactured bs B. C, eta.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVBR" Bread, guaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of Amerleaa aad Canadian Wagiaasre' associatio-a.
We would also call attention to oor Vltrlfled Bearer Pipe fross
4-ln. to 24-ln. la dlsmeter. This is alao made ta tbla Provtnoe aad we
consider superior to aay imported article.
We alao carry a etocjk of Crashed Rock, Washed Gravel, Sand.
Ume, -Taster, etc
Bee ns before ordering elsewhere.
11t and II. ����� Cob-nubia Street 4i.
���min   l ���
*     (Subtest te cheese WHheut eetiee)
Sunday echedsle���Trains leave Nest Weetssiastar at |.j*, t:��, ,fc,
8:10 and 8 a._n.. aad every �� mtaateg '��� thereafter   nntll *. m$   pm.
After 1:30 service event *��� mlaatso v.UI�� Umt naM****** at ���*��
alght ": "i<r . - i ������:'���      .-#>*.-������*'"*_"���������'. *'���>?
Week d-Cp MkSdlK  Tialas leave Nev/ WestminsWst %, Ittt, -t,
nntn4p.au  t*tomi*m,i*r.tt pja. a \t mim*t*
glvaa.  After lift9**h*9__mm ****_*_-*&Jk*\ ���
���atnrdv w*rsk*r*m4m**Rmii mmmn
dayt, bnt attar ��� MU>
for retun trip ^ StlP I
Dally stoma a*t**m H
Scene trom the sensational musical comedy lhat will be eeen at the Wet minster opera house on Wednesday evening, December 10.
Additional Loots
Inspect  Eurnaby Schools.
Durum the ]������,'���'��� ��<""k l!"' !,,irI1:':,v
school trustees, together with Secre
tan A J. Barham and Architi ol Bowman, ha've VlslU d tl e tif n schools
in the municipality with a view of
drawing up a statement or ;my Improvements to (.-rounds and bt-Qdlngs
which they consider of an ttrgent
character. Al eatfh school the flre
alarm was given, the visitors being
highlj satisfied with the quick and
regular dismissal of the scholars.
Expect   Announcement   Soon.
Bome announcement ns to the negotiations being conducted re the sale
of the bonds wlll probably be announced at tin' regular meeting of the
Port Coqultlam council, which will be
held cm Tuc.da.-i. Si.ine time ago two
offers for .1 portion of the bonds wen*
received by Alderman Morgan, who
��as deputed to handle all negotiations and tbese were taken into consideration so that an announcement
of suiui* nature is about duo now.
nation     The late  .Mr.  McDonald  was   POLISE THERE WHEN |
a  native of  AptlgOSish,    N. S���    und' IT COMES TO PERMITS
moved to this coasl  at an early  age.   |     Spokane. Dee. 7.    The police, repre-
Ue   was  formerly    connected     With   sented   by   ils  executive    head,   I).  C.
ihe c. I'. K heal service on the Praser Coates, commissioner ol public safety,
and his residence here  Is recollected stepped the second annual polioe ball
by old-timers, In ths ranks ol whom I at the armory last nisht on the ground
he had many friends.   He moved to thai the dance wad*staged and admis-
Vancouver about six or seven  years sion charged, and yet uu legal permit
. go, liia late residence being Kiis Bid- bad been obtained.   The Interruption
well street was not tor long, ns "Jake'   Warner,
Mr. McDonald was an uncle of Mrs. Chairman Of the committee, drew rroin
.1. Insley, 488 Twelfth street, this city, his inside coal  pocket  th i necessary
  pink  carbon  copy  and  his  chief con-
Huff.    There  died  oil  Saturday  af- sealed to alohv  the dance to proceed.
ternoon at 8 o'clock, Jesse Huff, aged The joke was on the commissioner.
4..   vears.    Deceased  has been  a  resi-      in  Its eagerness to have everything
dent of New Westminster for about In smooth running order for the dance
seven vears, and has recently made'the committee did overlook tlie lit-
his home at 129 Columbia street east, tie formality of getting a permit until
Deceased leaves to mourn bis loss I a few minutes before 5 o'clock. Combls widow, one daughter and one son, I mlssioner Coates scented trouble when
His daughter Is Mrs. Howard Schaake
Get  your skates sharpened at  Ceo.
Speck's, 826 Columbia street.    (2525)
Of this city, and his son. Dewey, lives
at. home.
Mr. Huff was born In Greenville,
Michigan, where his mother, four sisters, and three brothers now reside.
The funeral will take place from thel
family   residence  on   Tuesday     after
neon at 2:30 o'clock.
Realized Handsome Sum.
Success beyond even the most sanguine anticipations of those iu charge
met ihe v. W. C. A.   rummage   sale1,       _   , ,      ,_,,���.
held on Friday and Saturday, the total ; Late Professor at Laval Tells Parisian
sum   of  f-lii   being   realized   for  the
two days' work. So favorable were
the results that It has been decided
lo make it an annual event. Although
tli" business done on Saturday at the
���store on the corner of Sixth street antl
Columhla was all that could be desired, the stock on band was not all sold .
out, and in order to dispose of what|university
remains the stand will be opened
again next Friday.
Audience of Dominion���Noted
Surgeon  Dead.
he was led to believe no permit bad
been obtained. To show that hls heart
was in the rlghl place the commissioner had taken out a second permit
and carried it lo the army, but the officers caled his bluff by presenting
their own official permit.
Charged With Murder.
Moose .law. Dec. 7. ���-('. II. Armstrong, agent for the attorney-general,
stated today that the charge against
Milton Myers, formerly a bartender
at the American hotel, will be changed to one of murder. He was committed to the supremo court on a
charge of counselling an illegal operation, which caused the death of Sarah McKean,
t  by
M iss
i'aris,   Dec.   7.���M.   Louis   Arnould,
ate   professor  of  literature of  Laval
Now in London.
London,    Dec.    7.    Mr.    and
Francis  Howes Sayer arrived  In
don early today.    They  were  m
the   American   ambassador  and
Pttge, and were driven to the ambassador's  residence,    where    they    will
'stay  while In  London.    Mr. and   Mrs.
| Saver,   who are  on   their  honeymoon,
i had a rough crossing.
Collecting Statistics,
The report of the special committee
appointed  to collect data and
tics   regarding
ind the author of "Nos les
Canadiens,"   recently   gave   a   lecture
Etudes Pratiques d'Bconmie Sociale,"
on the subject of "Ileligious Tolerance
in Canada." Mr. Arnould made a pro-
static-1 found study of the existing social, re- j ������.���,,. ,, ,r       ,  ,-     , ,���     ,  ���
deal transportation ];,,*.,113 aI1(] political relations between Jo degrees in temperature in the 21
SLo'flJe^^Ag^lua'^e two race, during hi. stay in ('sn-,.,,!,. was reported througbout th,
commission is due at the meeting or!ade. ��� lak�� re��ion'    Bno"  accompanied the
the Port Coqultlam   hoard    of trade j    l'er  M.   Arnould   Canada    is    (he cold wave ln many places.
this  evening.    The  information   was country of broad tolerance, -where tho
Catholic  and   Protestant  live  side  by
side iii harmony���often inter-marrying
���where   the   government,   sometimes
directed hv a Catholice and sometimes
requested by Mr. Wade, of the New
Westminster board of trade, who will
turn il over to the commission.'A project to form a debating club in connection with the board will come up for
Touch of Winter.
Chicago. Dec. 7.���Cities of the middle  west which boasted yesterday of
tlieir springlike  weather and    bloom
lng  flow cis  had   their flrsl   touch  ol
1 and P
Helena, Mont.. Dec. 7.-It is the aim
Protestant,    takes    scrupulous Iof A.  ll. Cook, railroad man, of this
|pains to respect  the  religious beliefs City, to have the  finest herd of pure-
| or all.    The streets may  be used  tor blooded   rattle   in   the   world,  und   to
lany religious manifestation;   the sep-  that end he has purchased the Cudahy
urate  school  system  solves  the  ques-1 herd of HerefordS.   The purchase was
tion  of education  as  far us  religiousImade at Kansas City, and includes "eo
instruction is concerned;  and 65 per | of the hest blooded animals to be found
J, McGlllivray, of Calgary, is stay-,
ing at  the Windsor.
S. J. Baker, of Chicago, registered
at the Dunsmuir yesterday.
K. and W. Thrift, of White Rock.
were visitors to the city on Saturday.
J. 11. Qorman, of chilliwack. was
among the Valley visitors iu the city
J. Sinclair, of Seattle, was among
the Washington guests at the Dunsmuir on Saturday.
Mrs. Frank C. fiardiner, 328 Third
street, will receive on Tue.day and
every second Tuesday during the season.
.1. K. Vetter, advance agent cf "The
I'rice",  which  is showing  In  the  city
.on December 17, is now  in the city.
The concert held under the auspices
of the Hurouitlatn Agricultural society
in the Agricultural ball, on Wednesday last proved a real success. The
attendance was not quite as large as
expert! d, but nevertheless the results else of a brilliant
proud satisfactory. Th" Mggesl 'ilt
of the evening was spored by M* I
Newman. Hart and Watts in the presentation of that ludicrous English
sketch, "April Pools." Of the other
numbers on the programme, A. Q.
Williams shone as "basso profundi),"
while the renditions pf .Miss Lain]
and Hubert Mumford. left little to be
desired. In an individual sketch I".
T. Hart, "the comedian." kept the
hall ringing wltll laughter for an all
too brief time. The arrangements
were in the capable hands of .Messrs.
Newman and Hart.
cent,  of  Catholics   live  in  an  atmos-punleavy    ranch.      near     Townsend,
phere of mutual tolerance. which   Mr. Cook purchased early this
M. Arnould attributes this happy'year, and the others are on the Cook
state of affairs to the fact that tie ranch in Teton county. These will be
dally intercourse between Catholic and shipped to the Townsend ranch as
Protestant makes a better understand- soon aa arrangements can be made to
lng  Inevitable,  and  he  Instanced  the |caro for them.
subscriptions made by Montreal Protectants at the time of ihe Eucharis-
tlo congress In 1910, which evoked
.Mgr. Bruchesl's tribute of gratitude
to "ncs freres separes," for the manifestation of friendliness which be said
no French Canadian would ever forge;.
The frightful railway catastrophe at
Ml dun, which caused the death of '11
victims, is still the subject of many
paragraphs In the French press.
Among the victims was the fatuous
French surgeon, Prof, .laboulay, whose
death   will   be  a  serious  loss   to  the
He has just shipped 20 of the animals to Portland, Ore., to be entered
in the live stock show in that city,
and from Portland they will go to the
International Fat Live Stock show at
Denver. Later they wlll be exhibited
ln other American cities, and in 1916
they will constitute a part of the Mon
tana show al the i'acific Panama exhibition.
Dainty and Acceptable
Christmas Gifts
The Oriental Store in the King's Hotel Block is showing
and BASKETWARE, at prices that will make it easy
for you to remember all your friends with appropriate
Each and every purchaser of goods between now and Christmas Day
will be entitled to a ticket good for a chance to win one of the
following handsome prizes:
No. 1. Handsome Jardiniere and Pedestal
No. 2. Silver Inlaid Lacquer Ware Checker Table.
No. 3. Smoked Bamboo Tin Lined Flower Basket.
Drawing Takes Place at II p.m.
December 24th.    You may be
one of the Lucky ones.
Come in and see the Stock. We
Know you Will buy if you Once
Examine thc Goods and Prices.
The Oriental Store
King's Hotel Block
Columbia Street
York.  Dec.  7,���Jamea   K.   Mc
"orme"    mayor    of    Syracuse.
medical world. Prof. Jaboulay was j who was indicted hereon a charge of
only 58 yenrs old, and in the full exer- soliciting a $5,000 campaign contribu-
career whose use-fHon from a corporation, the Union Oil
full ��� in received many attributes fr>m company t * California, in a long
such eminent men as Alexis Carrel, statement issued today denied all
etc, A man of brusque manners, but charges made against blm, explained
voted to his profession, he made a  bis abai ice in  the tropics while Die-
.*���;> icial study of fhe anatomy of nervous centres and the cause and cure
of cancer. The general esteem in
which he was held was voiced by
Francois 1'oncetton In a brilliant article which appeared In the Figaro
and which ended with the simple but
significant words. "He was a man."
McRae. -Yesterday    afternoon
1:30  ri'cloclt tlte   de-tth    pecurred
-tr*. , ��� i''*:*'*'���; ' ri: at her - no,
itli i'- i.i iii avenue. Deceased was 18
years of age and had been resident In
Huh city for Fix years, coming hero
from Ontario, There survive to
mourn her loss her husband, two bous
and two daughtera. The daughters
are Jean, a nurse at the itoyal Columbian hospital, and Kate. The son'.
are Jehu and Duncan, loth of this
city. Funeral arrangBfljefftS are be-*
in;: made by .Murchie & Son.
McDonald     William     A.   McDonald.!
for twenty  year:-, a resident    of this
city, hul recently residing in Vancouver, died at the Oeneral hospital thi re
i -i .-' iturday evening fi '������ in im: an op
TO SUE  REAL REPUBLIC j its'object and'cruel'In 'its' purpoae
tric-t Attorney Whitman's graft in
qulry was In progress and declared
Ins intention to surrender lo the au
thor St ies tomorrow.
MoOulre, who returned yesterday
from San Domingo and Havana, summarized his denial of the accusations
against him by declaring:
"All the charges against me are a
desperate attempt of 1)11 men to de-
troy  me.  a  'frame-up', despicable   in
San Francisco, Dec. 7.���With the
Btatement that liis only purpose in
visiting the l'nited States is merely
to I ee a real republic Lieutenant
Oeneral Ku Sluing Shen, of the
Chinese armv  and  advisor  to   Presl-
Mcdonald ai Vancouver gen
,t-.il  hospital  i ii   in ibi i   o.  \i  i
Ham Alexander McDoi aid, ol 1318
Bldwi il Btn i Yanci aver B C,
formt ily of Ni w VVestmli si r, at d
a native ol Antlgonlsh, Nova Scot'a.
Is This Interesting t-i You?
Jao  Oranges
Larger  size,  per bi s
Navel   Oranges    Hood
l'er box     40c
...     45c
Madp  '"  measure,  guaranteed  om
ai    l'i one 878 for appointment
MR8   TWI8S   City   Manager.
I*."l 237 S" b Street.
tr.Tir.T^r..���";..!: .z spirella corsets
New Datec    Two packets     25c
New  Fig.    I er Ih       15*.
Table   Raisin*    A     choice     Bblpmenl
Just to hand In fancy boxes at, per
box     25c and  35;
Our Btodt of Christmas Car.dv.
Crackers and Stockings is now complete Order early: we wiii deliver
Just  when  you require them.
Quite  time  to make yenr puddings
and peVee,    Wo   have    the    choicest
fruits for you.
Fine   large   clean   Vootizzs   Cifrrsnt-c,
in packi ts;        2 fer 25*.
���Large Seeded Rakir.:  2 for 23c
The   finest     Sultara     Raisins    '
and clean; per Ih   16;
Denver, Colo., Dec. 7. Denver con-
tinojed to i merge from Its deep cover
inf; rf anew today. Warm sunshine
dent Yuan Shi Kai. arrived here yes- and the work of almost two thousand
terday from the Orient and departed men with shovels succeeded In open-
a few hours later for Washington. ;jI;_ several of the street car Pnos to
The general was accompanied by trafflo and manv men and women re-
the manager of an American oil com- turned to their homes today for th<
pany in Northern China. Through an Bret time since the storm last Thurs
Interpreter the general said ihat waa day.
Railroad traffic also was greatly lm
proved,  though  still  far from  normal
The fate ef the passengers on    a
train snowbound at one ef the highest Rocky mountain passes, is becnm
ing critical, It Ib nol known whether
ris'in rs who started -nit on sriOeshoe?
and skis have reached the train with
in rlgli us Evi ry effi rt is being made
by snow plow crews to nuch tbi
.snowbound train.
Willie Ititchie will have a hard bat
tie on his hands next Tuesday when
he steps up agalnsl Harlem Tommy
Murphy.    Murphy    will   undoubtedly
I put  up  a greal   battle  as  his  future
meal ticket hinges on tlie result.
Speaking at New Haven the other
evening, Andrew Carnegie, the multl-
Imillionaire, bit tlie nail on the head
1 when he said that 'sport rho"ld he
for Sport's sake and not chiefly for
the glory of winning." There would
i be more men and boya In the game
|throughout the world if that axiom
' was carried out.
London, Ont., Dec, 6.- The police are
Investigating the case of an Infant
found oii tiie steps of the Children's
; Aid Shelter al 3 o'clock this morning
The babe wai l.ut a few hours old,
and, aocording to Dr. Cameron Wilson,
who was called, a brutal a;', 'mpt had
been made to strangle it. There was
a livid mark around the nei k ivhere
some one had used a cord, and it was
evident that the nerve of the would-b<
murderer or murderess had failed at
the crucial moment.   Dr, Wilson says
i that lbe mother had not been attended by a medical man. as a very neces-
' sary operation in east s of birth had
been neglected, and the little one had
i almost bled to death when discovered.
it had evidently been placed on the
doorsteps during the night, but had
not been noticed Until a late hour A
bicycle track with a peculiar tread led
up to the home, and It was stated tonight that the police had a clue which
will likely result In an arrest shortly.
!!< thing  diploma
ir,  or politic;-.!   ahout
bi I visit.
Fcr the Week Ending Sunday. Dec. 14
i\ estmliistei.
.-'and 1
Il'eh.  Low.
Time. Ht.
Time. Ml.
8      3:35    8:05
2:36    8.5
(1:47    8.3
14:06 23;06
13:04 12 5
30:41    4.1
It      4:40    9:00
3:43 10.4
7:49   M
14:30 23:55
13.33  12-3
21:09   3.3
10    5:36 10:00
4.34  11.3
x 50   9.8
13:69 13.3
21:88   3..
11     6:20   0:40
5:22 13 0
B:48 10.4
16:26 M 50
14:3,".  13.3
22:03    1.7
12    7: or,    1:26
UMI  13.7
10:41   10,8
15:50 11:40 i
14:62 13.3
33:43    1.0
13    7 50   2:00
B:4!l 13.2
11:33 11.1
IS 20 12:30
15:31  12.2
23:21    0.6
ll    8:30   2:46
7:39 13.0
12:22 11.2
16:60 18:20
15:58 13.1
Vale cleared over $36,000 from fnot-
b.ill thlt past  season.    Tha"-. a  fine
'answer to lbe head coach who claim
o\s  wire   t'liylt'g  the  li-i'i;'
ehool and noi for the news
papers.      Wonder    hot    much    lhe
.EM3ER80, THE ,NCORPORATED  fifffi* *�� **��� ** ^ ^
5'MiJave-Browne-Cave EE i
i. u
\ It C M
Dean's Grocery
Ourr  Block
�����!-ion�� 386.
-.iiimmhis Street.
Lessons in pianoforte, vioim, Blng-1 Lefty Peterson and R. Rosowarno
mg. Voice Production. Theory on,will clash -against Vancouver h-or
class or privately), Harmony, Counter, and wrestling talent at ('���.lar Cottaxe
poini, Musical form and History.        on Monday evening. Rosewarne made
Pupils prepared   for   tbe   examma- a good showing against Leu HolUdav
lion's of the Associated Roanl  *.l    the el   lie- ('. A. (\ at    111"    Fraaer Mills
Iloyal   Academy   of   Music  nnd   Huyiil smoker, and being In better condition
College of Music.    Also    Profess,onal Bhould mak" the Cedar Cottage artiil
lilplumsH, Teacher or Performer. go tin   limit,    Peterson will    wrestle
For  tonus, ete,  npply  El   Dufferin with    W.  It th;,    of Ihe    Commercial
Street.   Phone 411 R. Athletic club.
Seattle, Dec. 7.*���"Stool pigeons will
please not curry away the bed c'.jth-
ini(, bureau drawers, parlor piano nor
fire cvtingui. hers. Though it is not
compulsory, it will be appreciated If
lhey will leave the door keys."
Mrs. II. K. Casscll, landlady of the
Craig hotel, 1114% Third avenue, Ih
contemplating  posting  the  above  no-
: tice In the office of her hostelry to pre-
serve the movable portions of Us
equipment front ihe depredations of
stool pigeons employed in the opera
tion oi Seattle police work.
Ki I be week preceding yeaterday,
.Mrs. CbsbcII has had as a guest one
"It. A, H'M, i,'' as his name appeared
on th? liol' I register, whom, she says
was hrought there by Patrolman K. A
Qeer, one of the most energetic of
Chief Claude (1. flannlck's "special
duty'' officers,
Mrs. Cttl Bell says the was no! In the
'least  ave:-"  to having a  niiin   in   the
ihoiiie, who spent a w'Ole week snooping about tii ��� hallway*, aH sh" declares
that ther'* la nothing In her hot. 1 with
which tbe pollce and puhllc are not
welcome to familiarize themselves.
She decs, however, object to the re-
niovel of her nice, warm, wool'y blankets from   tlie  beds.
I Thia information' she imparled In a
communication to the police last evening, whieh Information was relayed to
j one F. A. (leer "for Investigation."
When Hums' absence became conspicuous yi sterday, Mrs. Cassell began
:a little  Sherlqcking on  her own  ac-
[count and by a careful examination of
the room which tie had occupied, declared s'.ie found that nothing was
mitring but a nice pair of blankets
and  the door key.
Mrs. Cassell then placed Otl the eredit side of her account, t'ie bureau,
wash stand and plumbing, which he
might liBve token, aud resolved to post
notices like iin!"o the above.
(Continued from page one!
staled. One half of the Judges, pniii'**
men und three-quarters ol the public
institutions would be unnecessary   it
; inere was no liquor sold iu H  C.
"1  say again,'     be  then    went    on,
'"that tne ratepayers ol British Colum-
bla don't need to sacrifice anything tc
laljclish   the  liquor  business.
Affect on Society.
"Tbe economic sei,  ol   ms question
is  uot the onlv  one;    tbere    Is    Ita
uile..i  on society,    .hi    in-.els, you r��
no better than ttu    buBin :.m   you ru
In.    ine 1ii)uoi  Interests    would    do
away  ��ith the cnurcb it l m .<  i oul i,
moral!) and spiritually  ibe man  >m..
lis in wis business ii,:.  no claim upo.i
. tne patronage oi 01 I I nl  ��� ��� opte,
t   w imi   temperance   i ��� *e>"   wind
iget away  from  tins cam    in il".iun.,
wtlb    tne matter,    If   u uquor   man
builds a nice houae un tin* corm r oi
;your block you pal nue on the oa_r,
, and say 'we are glud to s'*'* you ;  >
!-.u_.ni io no ashamed ol yourself,    I
hope the day will come  when whisk'
Ibusiness men  won't    te*    allowed    1.1
' your home.    If    you    own    property
upon  which, or, a  building  in   wbi.u
the liquor business is conducted  get
j nd or it or get out ol the church ior
Hod's sake."
Drastic  Remedy.
Continuing to show wbai was m ie*
I done to ettect prohibition lir. Sip,.i  il
suggested lirst to take ean- ol    the
j children,  and   second,   to   get   rid   of
ithe iralfic.    "How   is  this  last  to
[done?   One way is to git out a pe.'l-
I tion. have it signed hy everyone wl: .
jwanla prohibition and  send  a deldga
tlon one  thousand  strong  t-:  Vino. ".
land say 'give us prohibition or w ''II
turn you out'; that's one way."
I     The meeting Which   was Held un l'f
���the auspices of the temperance ail
i tneiai reform nocIetio_ of New   W( It
initister was fairly  will  attended.
..'bat  with the harbor Improvements, tbe further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely WeBtmliiBter Is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
Musical Recital
of Solo and Concerted Music. Two
Pianos. Hy MIhb Cave Browne-Cave,
I..It. A.M., A.K.C.M.; Miss Beatrice
Cave-HrowneCave: Miss        Maude
Scruby, L.H.A.M.. A.It CM.. Violoncellist; Mrs. P. C. Ward, Contralto.
St. Patrick's Hall, Tuesday, Dec. 9 at
8:15 p.m..    Tickets $1;   Students 50c.
'Get The Habit"
You had better take advantage of our low prices be-
fore Saturday night. Everything in store reduced.
Watch   for  our  evening
specials next week.
The Fair
Special Afternoon leas
The Mecca Cafe Is making a specialty of Afternoon Teas We have a.
warm comfortable room and if you
Hliould want a cup of tea while down
town  In  the afternoon, call In at the
Entrances:   MacKenzie and
Clarkson Streets.
Only for a few days
Cans of corn, peas and Bean*
10c. per can.
25c Jars of finest Jam 20c.
Robson Grocery
Corner 6th St. and 5th Ave.
Phone 404,
ness wan not near a:: large a-s llie cost
of Lie barm lt wnn said lo do. It was
only justice that the liquor men
should pay  for the harm they did, lie
Sleepy Hollow Arm Chairs, solid oak,
No. 1 leather. Regular .$16.25.
Xmas Special  $13.25
Muhogany Parlor Chair, leather seat.
Regular $9.50. Xmas Special $7.50.
Rocker to match. Regular $10.00.
Xmas Special  $8.00
Oak Rocker, high back, roll seat.
Reg. $5.75.  Xmas Special .. $4.50
Ladies' Desk in neat design. Regular
$9.25.   Xmas Special  $6.50
Three Leaders���Imported Rattan
Tables, covered with genuine Spanish leather for the best room in
your house. Regular $18.00. Xmas
Special $i:..50; regular $12.00.
Special  $8.50
Music Cabinet in polished mahogany,
well finished. Regular $0. Xmas
Special  $7.25
Thc Big Furniture Store
Sixth and Carnarvon Sts. MONDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1913.
H       PAGE
ihe opener, how about tnldseason
. aturday,  December 20, at  Moody
park,  in the  del" SUEgaSled    lor    the
meeting m tbe two local teams left in
He- Iroquois cup competition.
and in that Parisian land of Bohemia,
on tin- left bank of the Bell ", the
Latin quarter, sbowli g a beautiful
ball room at the Cafe Les natyres.
Tlle Btory or tlie pl:i\ ct nol he outlined in a paragraph, but, to pm it
briefly, it concern* ihe troubles or a
sedate old dealer In antiques who, despite himself, is desperately involved
In  a gaj  young    Parisian     bade li i
efforts to deceive hii- fiancee and incidentally to rid himself of a charming inamorata   cf former    days,   the:
lady iu pink.
"The  Pink  Lady"  v.lll  be the    one
big musical comedy treat  of the sea-'
son.    Owing  to the  elaborate  nature
of lhe production  lhe  curtain  at  the
evening performance will rise prompt- j
ly on time.
The seat sale opins tliis morning at
the opera bouse.
Royals   Should   Be   Able   t
Lead In Coast League-
Man in Shape.
>   Increase
mans bunch ban not practiced under
lhe new   rules trusting lo their speed
Offsetting   the  aihaiilage    gained    by
Vancouver and Victoria, but now lhat. [game on Tuesday evening caused the
lhe  lines are  Iii  position, the orang!   change of dale.
and black player., will perfect a little'
'1 li'- eh.-in eut victory obtained by
the Koyals last Kriday evening ai the
expense i I  Vancouver lias ereated  no
iittio Interesl  among local faiiH ami
the arena al Queens park should be
packed teee i row evening when Victoria, world's champions, invade the
elty for the opening engagement here.
Following Friday's game, one may
fairly   state     lhal     New   Westuilnster
j system   or  Iheir  own   which   will     In-
hard  to  fathom     by    th"    opposition
i leadi rs,
Griftit snd   Nighbor.
Si (Iriills aud  Frank  Nighbor have
bei u selected as iiie officials for io-
iniin.w's game. Tbla Will be Nigh*
In;.-.   Ins:   appi arance   on     local     ice
wearing a coaat uniform, although he
made a big Impression when the east
and weBt all star teams daubed h'-re
,\ huge surprise was sprung in
mainland rugby on Saturday afternoon   when   the   Welshmen     defeated
Ibe Crusaders    L'I  to 0    at     llroekton 	
Point,  Vancouver.    From  the kick-off  SOCIETY  DRAMA TO  BE
the   Welshmen   were    on    the    mov* STAGED AT ROYAL THEATRE
throughout and only on two occasions I 	
gave the Crusaders a chance to cross      "Motha,"   a   dramatization    of   the
tlieir  llne. i famous novel of that name, is the bill
The score of M in tiie V. M. C. A.-  lhe Howard Foster company will open
McGill  contest on  the same  grounds  the  week  with at tlie  Iloyal  theatre,
indicates  tin-   closeness  of   play,   theIbeginning with a matinee today.
..college boys nosing out a win  by    a'    "Moths'   Is   a   society   drama,   and
gate of  the   season   was  ���;������:������.,    ,.   at converted  try. ' has  been  a    successful    vehicle    for
I    The    Highlanders   oontinued   their "'any noted actors.
The story is mat of  Vera  Herbert,
final score
i City soccer league delegates will
lueei In Ityall's cilice this evening for
the  purpose of arranging games    for
I Saturday,    The  professional    hockey
The   best   attendance   and   the   best
tlie   season   was  t
I  < il.    park   on   Saturday   afternoon
Even at that there wire many afflict.,,,,,, k , . ,,���,
ed wtll "iher kinds of sport, who still   (,d ,     _    [{
fall  to assist  In  making  the  game a
success In lhis city.
lias   a   team   which   will   be   bard   to I last  March.
head  oil   from   the championship ilils:    Manager  Kd  Savage is feeling con-
wlnti r.     Kvery    player    Is    out    for j llilrnt of  a  big  crowd   being  oul  for
lionets this seaaon.   The vision   of Ithe game.   Bd Is leaving tbe handling
paying a vlall  to the eaat no', forget-Iof the player*    In    Hugh    Lehman'o
ting about  $:;i.io extra salary  lo each  bands, busying himself with the many >
man.   appears   to   have  instilled     the  di tails connected with staging games!
Royals Into getting away to a flying  and  looking after the  team  while on i
start. the road
There appears  no reason just   why No Charm, in Line up,
the local team should not get away ;   of the lineup no change whatever
with the lirst home game even though will be made as lo the locals, Charlie
Lester Patrick is repined in have ihe Tobin more than made good at point.
best combination sepieiie in ihe while Lddie Oatman as n.ver did
li ague. Combination added to won- Just what was expected of hlm. harasi
derful spud did the damage in VaiWtho opposing defence, while at the
couver. Never a player received any same time backcheckipg along wllh
bumps worth speaking of, so that thai Johnson and Tobin Ken Mallen, Han
dopo about Victory No. 2 should more , McDonald and Throop are three cap-
than hold good. jahh   forwards  wlio    wfll    do    Bome
New Rules Stick. damage this winter  Many pauses were
Tuesday's -giuni.' wtll b" played tin-. lost sight of on Friday evening, but
der the new mlaa, the most Import-; with a little more Judgment in frpnt.
anl of which Is the offside area In of goal this will be remedied
centre Ice which permits the puck to Lehman Is bach to his old time
be pnB..ed forward and materially form and with hlm between tlie posts
quicken* (lie game. there is little chance    or   any    riuky
At a meeting of the league dele- shots getting byi
gates held iii Vancouver on Saturday Two changes will be made on the
a unanimous vole was passed in Victoria team from that of last year.
lavor of the Offside rule u that il. Hubble Kerr, lhe sensation wltli
will Bland on the coaal this winter. Ottawa fer eeveral seasons, is with!
Owing to the Westminster rink being; the Capitals, while (leuge. of Fort
shorter than lhat in Vancouver and William, who was carried as spare
also Victoria, the offside ana has last seajion, Ib filling the position cele en cut down to fl.. feet, the black cupied by OotfUd Prodgers l.indsav.
lines In the ne running from side tOlOange, Patrick. Poulin, Howe, Smaill
side being placed in position yester- and Kerr will he some team to beat.
tlay I hut II   Is likely  to go down tomorrow
Up to the presenl  time  Hugh  Leb-lnlghL
The Uland hotel in Winnipeg
which was burned to the ground on
Saturday evening, was owned hy the
fither of (Ieorge Itochon, last year
with the Westminster hockey team.
Leaving aside the flre, we mlgbt hear
frcrn tiecrge ln the near future, as
to h's plans for this season.
hi ii.g :i to o.
Miller Cul
Burnaby     retained     iM   unbeaten
[record on Baturday afternoon when it
defeated   iiie   Point   Orey   eleven   on
i,    K( r; Isdale grounds.
R. C .H. S. IN fINAl
Defeated Cedar Cottage 3-0 on Saturday���Meet  Baptists on  Christmas  Day. 9
Welsh    6
McOill     C
Crusaders     ti
Hewing  Club     4
V. M. C. A  3
\v< stmlnster  2
Highlanders     0
W.    L.    I).
At tke Theatres
Well Known Popular Musical Comedy
Will Have tbe Boards at the
Opera House.
The soccer team of thc Royal City
illgb school came back lo true form
on Saturday when it defeated Cedar
Cottage away  from home    by    three
I [oals to nil. The two teams battled
to a  lie two weeks ago and  for thie
I H-ason a win for the Cottagers was
locked for by the dopesters Swen-
cisky opened the scoring tor the
Hoyals, followed  Immediately  by one
I from the foot of Annandale. Oeorge
Feeney added to tlle riot later in the
game  when  lie  went  through  by  his
I   III some.
Baturday*! win for the Koyals allows the team to meet the Kitsllano
Baptists in the Una] for the Brunswick cup on Christmas Hay.
Next Baturday the locals -will have
an opportunity of improving their
Standing in the league when they
unit   McLean   Park  team  at  Robson
park. Vancouver,
Standing of the Clubs.
a young girl of Kngiish parentage.
Before Bhe is scarcely 18 her mother,
an unscrupulous woman of high
society, marries her, for ambitious
reasons, to a itussian prince, who is
noted for bis fast living and his
Before her marriage Vera falls    In
love with an opera singer. M. De Cor-
rege.    The prince seizes    upon    this
fact to insult and outrage her In the
presence   cf   her   guests,   and   finally
has her banished to Poland to be he d
a prisoner in a wretched hovel.   Even
there he  cannot  leave  her  at  peace, I
but follows lier to continue his insults
and  taunts.    There are Beveral  very
: prominent characters In this play.* An
American girl, who    remains    Vera's I
staunch friend through all her trials; !
a  young   Kngiish    nobleman.    Vera's j
'cousin,  who  is    in    love    with    the
American   girl,   and    l.ord   Jura,   aj
'heroic young English nobleman.
|    Although    dramatic    in  conception I
the  play  is  not  without   i's conn dy
Situations. The American girl and her
English suitor provide many laughs.   I
|    In  "MothB"  the  ladies of the  com-1
pany  will  have    an    opportunity    tc |
wear some handsome gowns.
On first mortgages, $500.00
and up on city or farm prop-
erty must be improved.
Safe Deposit Boxes to rent.
From $2.50 per year and up.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
709 Columbia St.
Westminster Trust Bid*.
Lonsdale    United    Lose to City 3-1-
Final to Be Played on December
20 at Moody Park.
Scoring thru  goals to its opponents
one,   fif Westminster   City   eleven
emerged   Into  the   finals   for  the  iro-
ijuols run-a.!  Moody park on Saturday
afternoon, defeating Umsdale United
of North Vancouver.
The victory  was a unique one    In ,
many ways,  this  being the first timet
In the history cf Ihe cup competition ' his team  In  the lead after
thut   a   New   Westminster   team   has' clearance,   while  Chlel   sent   through
been in the finals."It means the Clly'the third trapping a punt  by one of
  _ ���_,      the backs and banging the sphere Into
and Rovers, both locul teams. havInK  (h_ m,( w|th |1(tlp (May
to play oB for the-cup. i    Chlel  was  the    star    forward    on
Turning  back***asAh* Hovers, it  Is'either team while Dickenson. alBo of
probable  tliat.no other team  which I the City,  played
ever    entered
lesl  against  the cream  uf Vancouver
and district.
The Game.
(letting back in Saturday's game.
the result would have been a sluil-
OUt, b'll for a mnmem's hesitation on
the part if McAllister, full back for
City, wltf.. contacting himself that the
goaltender would make lbe clearance,
allowed a Umsdale forward lo slip by
him and notch the opening goal of the
match. After tbat there- was nothing
tn it bir city. Davis wenl through
and scored al long range just before
half time van called.
Forged Ahead.
In   the   seoond   half   Hague   placed
a  fanltv
Baptists   7
Cedar rt'tuge   6
I'ri sbyteriana  7
H c.
li. c.
in   l'ark
11. S.   ..
E. It.
W. I.
D, Pts
1 9
1 V
1 H
0 s
1 7
ii 4
0    2
Messrs. Fisher and Stevens will
pn sent the sensational musical
comedy success "The Pink Lady"
with a number of New Ycrk and
London favorites in the cast, at the
opera house here on Wednesday even- I
in the company are Olga DeBaugh,
Blia ven Hostel, Louise Kay, Georgie '
Harvey, James McKlhern, John j
Mundy, Mussell Lennon, Alfred Derry,
Alice Moflatt, Lucie Carter, Charles
J. Illnes, Lee Townsend. Abbcit
Ad_m_. Jack Hall and Mortimer
Mi yer. The same elaborate production in every detail will be used here
as at the New Amsli.rdam theatre.
New York, while tlie costumes are the
laust creations of Parisian modistes.
Not a musical play in many a year
bas had such a remarkable vogue as,
"The Pink Lady." lt will be recalled
tbat for lhe better part of two seasons it played to crowded houses at
ih? New Amsterdam theatre, New-
York, and last spring and summer If
scored a pheuominal hit at the Glebe
theatre in l,ondoii.
The Bcenes of "The Pink Lady" are
laid in the garden of Le Joli Coucou.
a popular restaurant in the forest of
Compeigne. France; In an antique
shol*) in    the  Hue St   Honore.    Par's.
City Theatre
beady  game    at
,,,, ..;centre   half.     For   the   vlaltora.   thp
the   competition e���rjrl)?M ^ ..,���. ,hroHgh m_ ���>.,���,.
made such a goal scoring record, 12
goals !n nil.
All of these points Indicate the fact,
llrnilv and emphatically, that soccer
in New Westminster Is on the upward
Both the City and Rovers have met
the bes't in North Vancouver and tho
leaders In the second division of Vancouver soccer, and have paved, the
way  to enter thu NatlonM cup con-
colors, repeatedlv" getting the crowd
by nipping several attacks In the bud.
.���each, of Vancouver, handled the
game, but only In a mediocre way, repeated stoppages for minor Infringements marring what would have
otherwise been a fast game. The contest was attended by the'largest
crowd cf the season, n clear afternoon
bringing out an enthusiastic bunch of
Billy  Weeks easily disposed of Oil  lime  thev ar�� probably  s��elng
Martin In the third round of a sched-  handwriting on the wall.
Uled fifteen round battle In the Steves- 	
ton arena on Saturday ���'f �������"- ���* I    Paul Rosewarne, or Uurnaby snecer
win gives Weeks undtaputed -right to fam(>( __,��� gtae|_ up uga,ngt Len Hol���.
the   Canadian    professional    mlddl-a-
welgbt championahlp.   Martin forced
day,- of the V. A. C. at the Commercial Athletic club's meet In Cedar Cot
tho milling in the first ��un* ^t.w" Uge this evening.   Lefty Peterson, of
���ent m tho floor for   tne   couni   -ni.TT"-..   .,..*.   ,���ni  ���,-���_.i���  n���-,...
I the'Moose  club,  will  wrestlo  Harry
Monday and Tuesday.
"Ihe Sleeping Beauty"
A gorgeous   pictorial   version   of the ]
famous Fairy Tale.
Opera House
Seat sale now cn    at    the    Opera
House.   Phone 961 for reservations.
Prices $1-00 to $2.00. Curtain 8 p.m.
Afternoon, 3:30 to 5:30 Evening, 8:15 to
ADMISSION:  Afternoon 25c, Evening,  40c;   15 Tickets    for
eight.   After that he wa.oM.ttUin.e ���^"tte"��'A. c.
nnd connected with a right croas in | 	
tho third which placed him hora ae,
f-ombnt     A very small crowd attend-1    Pretty lair ! Pretty fa.r ! Two New
��... .!����� nciit Westminster   soccer   teams   in   the
ea tin ngni.         llroquoti eup Bnsl.   This will give the
-��������� | tans a great chance to get a line   on
Boxing fnne of the continent might;who's -who In local football.
do well If they demand the ellmlna- .	
tion of Harrv Pollok, manager for Wond_r wh4t wn, ���anpen when
Freddie Welsh, from the .""��*'��� I Frank Burrleau and Bud Andersen
gether. Pollok. ever elnce he nu van- |get t0(,plhcr on Wednesday evonlng.
couver early th!�� year, has maoe n���-|Br|tish Columbians would dearly love
eelf objectionable. Welsh tas, oe t0 gee Uw former y, Ai c flghtcr Bnp
making a few friends from the �����"h'0Pe 0Ver the Medford, Ore., light
his manager Is sending o��t ������'��_��� ; welsUtl
guise ot flght dope, but they are few , 	
ami far between.   Po lok la trying to |
w��� Ultchle and Welsh get together "We should worry four davs and
In tne Brighouse arena. He has about i get two." waa the remarked passed
m good a chance a* a snowball em- j by Ernie Johnson after the Vancouver
���hriM In the Sahara desert. game of Friday night.   Every one of
vlvlng in tne �������������� |th8 players ig ,��� thft beM of 8htw, t0
 t��� llok the tar but of Victoria tomorrow
With the opening gamea^ln ther N^ night ___
MtaSySttoltoHjIiiii1 The Terminal City press had to
?X,de Lavtolette, Benldlct and give credit for the daasllng speed dls-
nttZ acceoUng the off��ra made them played by the Royals ln the flrat
\yfibo   bS   tnMnatei.   By thli game.   If tbe boy. can show thl. lu
Port Coquitlam Retains Lead in Senior
Soccer Division by Defeating
V. A. C. 1*.
luperior wcrk on the part of tho
defence divielon won the duy for Coqultlam playing against the V. A. C.
at the Port City on Saturday, the
Ranchers retaining their seven point
lead in the Vancouver first division.
The Rame was about the best stuged
at Coqultlam this winter and the big
crowd in attendance had Its fill before
the llnal whistle blew. Marshall waa
a tower of strength for the victors,
being ably supported by Tommy
Miller and Worral.
Saturday's contest was the first between the two teams ln which the
Winged V stars had met defeat away
from heme and a different tune nilgh:
be sung lf Bennett and Betty, the V.
A. C's regular backs, had been in the
Black scored the lone goal for Coqultlam, taking a shot about 15 yarda
out and giving Fraaer absolutely no
chance to .ave.
Tbe other game. In the league were
as follows:
Cedar Cottage 3. Highlanders 1.
B. C. E. R. a, Celtics 3.
Montreal, Dec. 7���Eastern Canadian
rugby came to a close here yesterday
ifternoon when-the Toronto Capitals
defeated the Westmount team of
Montreal In the final for the Canadian
junior championship, the final score
being 24-17.
At Hamilton the Tigers wound up a
brilliant record by defeating an all-
star Toronto team In a benefit for W.
J. (Billy) Slee. the veteran newapaper
man cf Toronto, well known In .port-,
Ing circles, who Is dying of cancer.
The .core was 15 to 7.
London, Dec. ,,-���Following are the
results of the scheduled flrat division
gamea played yesterday on the
grounds of tbe flrat named clubsr
Aston Villa 2, Liverpool 1.
Blackburn Rovers 3, Chelsea 1.
Bradford City 0, Oldham Athletic 1.
Derby County 3, Bumley 1.
Everton 1, Sheffield Wednesday 1.
Mancbeater C. 0, Manchester U. 1.
Middlesbrough 3, Newca.tle U. 1.
Sheffield U. i, Preston North BM 0.
Sunderland S, Bolton Wanderer. I.
Tottenham H. S, Weat Bromwlch 1.
Advertising space is valuable, because the book is
in use by everybody, on duty constantly, every day
in the year.
It is the only medium that cannot be read at one
sitting and then laid aside and forgotten.
The Telephone and the Directory never part company. Side by side with the means of advertising is
the means of making the sale.
Do you not think it should have your careful con-
si deration?
��� ���-   ���������-���*  -   ���   ���-  n
For rates and information telephone
Adveitising Department
Seymour 6070.
Are Making Christmas Suits at Reduced  Prices.    Order Now.
Collister Block, Corner Clarkson and McKentie Streets.
Victoria V. Weitminiter
teats mm tato MHt^L�� MUC tTOflt,
Ouida's Masterpiece
In Four Interesting Acts Will be
Presented by the
Foster Stock Go'y
-at mm-
g Today
..   ;...'.
.,'.*< '
*,��_., iii''
*��(.*:*, I
lm ,m���   ifn���si
* r, :��� ��    Sl X
*'\ ���,;
������-���.   * ;:
.a.   _**_. -.**-
ro����_B-_i-i!��-.*ic *������ ���---' *"-���'-
��I.A. Sii I'**!' IDA WILl !������: RK
-solved for The Nesrs at the follow-
in* places: V. T. Hill's drug Bb re
#2-4 Columbia atreet; A. ;-'. i
Qu-vrt-l-oreiuii*,!--. Lulu Island; Mrs.
B. Ijtrdcii, Highland Park; -Mrs. V.
Lewis. .���.'
���*:*_-. :*::   * .'.'-:*-���-'"
SEVERE COLO ON LUNGS w Famous Russian Bandit
*, RATES, ���
0^ m ************ *
Ci-wine:  -One cent   per word   per
e. .<��� n. t . rd . " -*"-''ki 'r,c W
nr*""* , -, �� wonts, " be us��^as re-
Qu.n.i ��*.."��� e ' ne yaar from date ot
���oatraet WM*.
FOll    SALE       *\
. ii and eight
* | 2800 Ibs. Will be
ia id rn ihe lam ket on Dl c. 19th. .1.
)���:.  Davis. Tynehead, B. c.     (2508)
auti mi bile  In  perfect  order,    Will
i,.\,- mg i rms t-i rellabli pai tj or
c '*-'.:, ; pro) erty. Apply Bl x 2561
N   ivs office, (2551)
through an ad
In this
bungalow.    Particulars , to 8
No   HI   Eighth  avenue east,
eti cl
light work tn White
Apply Mrs*. Davis, i
Lunch cafe.
I-.   Columbia
i -.",741
and relln
���your own
Apply -HI
*. Now r.irs made up ot
skins; novelty sets made,
Second atreet. (2639)
a|Kirtments to rent, rigid on car
line, steam  heated, hot    and    cold
. water, gas ranges, electric light,
separate bath to every suite, rooms
are bright, cheerful, clean und
���sanitary and rent, is very reasonable
Including gas and lights. Also
single rooms, holh furnished and
onfm-nished. Apply Mrs. Mandville,
suite  1,    second     floor,     Mandville
apartments,   comer   Sixth   avenue
and Twelfth street. (2514)
Mountain School, North Read, ten-
-rpiltlam. Must commence duty
opening of Christmas lerm. Salary
$6", per month. Must have first or
second class ll. ('. certificate, Apply
K. Martin, (lhairnia.il School Hoard.
Huripiiilam P. O. (2669)
FOR 8ALE��� $1.00 DOWN, 11.00 PER
we"k, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed Mnr
kel square. i.r.iin
by Na-Dru-Co Syrup ol Linseed,
Licorice and Chlorodyne
Mr. J. Seward, llroniptonvillc, Que.,
"Two weeks ago 1 took a severe cold
with h settled on ni) lungs and my chest Moscow Dl e
wasverysore breathing tight and severe | , ,,,, wlll
hacktngcoiigh, 1 was feeling mlsemblc.
1 bought a Bottle ol No-Dru CoSj p. I
Linseed, licorice and Chlorodyne and
,.iti r a t'*v. .1 ses 1 !* it grea} relu I nnd I
went i ito a ��� .und slci p, a '.'.ueg 1 was
not able to .1" foi s me nights. Next
,1 \* I wi s able to be around I gain, and
ben re cen* etiugthe bottle, fell us well
i,s ever. It is a line cough and cold
Na-'.en Co Syrup of Unseed, Licorice
and Clitorodyiie relieves lhe Irritation
:r. ,1 "stulletl-up" feeling in the air passages, i ".'.lies the tickling which makes
you i 'ugh, loosens tbe phlegm nnd
ilrtves out the cold before it gels troublesome.
lu '.'V iiiiil 60c bottles, st vour
Druggist's National DrugsmlClu iiiii sl
Lo cd Canada, Limited, ___
tl    BUCKUN,
I rts   sail ilwul
-.' t. r
���       ��'.,'!���'.
w. r. ii. BOO.cuN
doe. and Ti <***
Kilted By Czar
7      i.'i       11      i'i!   OVOl
.-ar with ml i:-l. .1 feel
Box 2529
News office,
A l'i
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 886 Hastings streel west. Van
couver. (2618)
farm   sales   conducted.     Furnlturi
bought   for cash.     P.   B.   Crown,   1
Begble Street, New  Westminster.
. and California liy
amp Ute, 'inti ..li
pioneer Books on H.(
a pioneer. Canadian C
tlon; Among the Peoples of B. Ci In the
Pathless West; Nan. or Pioneer women
and Klia. Tiie Sets of five tor 13.00 or
75c. per copy till Jan. ilth. Address F
E. Herring, 1117 Hamilton SL, New
Westminster, B.C., or any of the booh
stores.    Discount to the trade.
flose in; ao*. tor sale. Apply to
curaer, 3(i!t I.-vcr_iocl  street, city.
Telephones:   Office 53,  Residence 429
JOHN  REID, Proprietor.
Agents      Palmer      Bros.'    QaaollUt
t-umi.i. ...   Marine   Engines   and   Auto
mobile Repairs,
Olllce ana  Works:   Tenth   St.
���>.0. box 474.     New Westminster. BC
Louden, Dee  7.    l.ady Muriel 1
sided by Mr. 0. Bherwood Poi ter, i
arranging tho first of the greal Eeml
public   balls   which   lur   some   years
have been such notable events.
Last winter is was "The Pantomlni
Ball," in which ahout twenty of tho
prettiest girls of society made up a
procession of "dancing princesses." in
June is was the summer ball nnd pa-
".eant. a spectacle of magnificence and
beauty entitled "The Court of Versanti 9."
A prince of the blued royal Impersonated Louis XIV.. with t ie Countess
of Dudley as the French queen. Nearly
every prominent  woman in  the fashionable world was ill one or other of
the "royal progresses:"   There w. re as
kinKs and queens in the great
of the Albi rt Hal! as could be
in a mixture of a dozen picks of
In ihe royal box watching the
was Queen Mary, accompanied
by princesses, royal duchesses, and
other exalted n< rson ig s
Ties winter's ball promises i" be
Rurally EueeeFpful Bnd even more In-
' ''*'-*'i:,L' It is to be known as "A
Picture Ball and Christmas Carnival."
and again the qu��en has promised her
patronage, it will take place In Albert Hall, and the proceeds from the
ticket:-, or which th" first thousand
are to be Bold at ��1 ($6) each, are to
ba devoted to the funds of the Invalid
Kitchens of London.
keeping rooms   at   K   of P. block.
Rents from JS to $-"> per month.
rooms to rent. Apply 4-0 St. George
street. (-G3-.I
to mt try so ad. in this column.
keeping rooniN. 51o and (15 pel
month st 2'-t Seventh street. (2522)
8, 9. 10 and 13   of
,i. Section 18, Town-
Be Illor ks 4. 5. '
part of 3. VV.
ship 8.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title to
the above  property  will  be issued  to
Mabel lx.nia.-i. Playfafr tin the 31-st day
of December, 1913, unless in the mean-
timr a valid objection be made to ine
fn writing by a    person    or   persons
elsiraing an estate or interest therein,
or in any part thereof.
District Registrar of Titles.
'-anil Regiatry Office,
New  Westminster, D.C, November
-25th. IW.
Tlie person or |>orsons bav lne in
Uie.ir custody or possession the following Title Deeds relating to tlie said
property are reiinested to deliver the
���aoon tn the undersigned.
17th January, iS7it. Crown grant to
Gordon Parmer   liafoe   of   s. \v. v
Section IS, Township s
17!h January. lN7b.   Cordon Parmer
ifoe to Qeorge Marshall, conveyance
,  f,*e i>r the B W. li acres of S VV ',
���-. "ion is. Township s.
'-1st December, 1903. Oord n I n
;i.ioe to .lac);  Miller, conv.    mci
I ������ e*r S. part of sv*;.1.,   Section    18,
Town-Ship H.
Mth September. 1904.    Oord
��� r Dafoe to .lack  Milli r, c in
fee part of s  W. '.,.   Section    18,
rownablp 8.
Ilth February. 1995.   -lack Mild
.1  Wright, eoTivryance  In   fei     I
tli ��� sooth portion or S. W.   'j   Of
m is  Township 8, except 111 ncres
District Registrar of Titles
City Voters'  List, 1914.
Noi   .   |g hereby    given    that    the
-    Revision     un     the    above
iters'   Lis)   will    bc    held    nt    the
*i *,",,. i  Chamber, i lity  Hall, on    the
le-i; day of December, 1913, al in a.m.
W. A. Dl NC VN,
City Clerk.
Flail,    N>'w Wb tn li iti r   li. ('..
i,. ,* mber  !.  191 I. (2516)
Notice Is hereby given that I intend
to apply at  tiie  next    silting    ot the
Licensing Hoard fur the City of New
Westminster for a renewal of license
to sell liquors by retail on  the premises known  as  the Royal  City  Hotel,
situated at corner of Customs  House
Square and Columbia Street, in    the
said City ot New  Westminster.
New Westminster, Nov. S, 191.1.
New Wellington
Office,  554  Front  Street,
Foot of Sixth  Street.
P. O. Bex 345. Phone 105.
Librarian Wanted.
Applications will be received by the
undersigned up to ,". p.m. of tbe lath
of December, 1913, for the position of
Librarian at tlie Public Library in
this City.
musl     state    qualiflca-
requtred and give good
Sealed tenders addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender I'or
immigration Detention Hospital Bunding. Vancouver. B.C.," will be received at tbis office until 4:uo p.m..
on Monday. December 29, 1918, for
the erection of the above named
Plana, specification and rorm of
contract can be seen and forms of
tender obtained at this Department,
at lhe office of \V. Henderson. Esq..
Resident Architect. Victoria, B.C.. and
on application to Mr. A. J. Chlsholm,
caretaker. Public Building. Vaaoou
ver, B.C.
persons tendering nre notified  that
tenders will not be considered unless
.made on  the printed  forms supplied
land   si:-!.od  with   their  actual   signatures,   staling   their   occupations   and
rtlaces   Of   residence,     in   the  case  ot
j firm.-., the actual signature, the nature
rf  tlie  occupation  and  place of  residence of �� loh member of   the   llrm  Cossacks
i must  be given.
| Kach tender must be accompan ,'d
by an accepted cheque on a charered
Ibank, payable to the order or the
j Honorable the Minister or Public
| Works, equal to ten per cent, (ln p.c.)
Iof the amount or the tender, which
wil! be forfeited ir tlte person tendering derline to enter into a contract
when called upon to do so. or tail to
complete the work contracted tor. ir
the tender be not accepted tbe cheque
will be returned.
The Department does noi hind if-
seir to accept the lowest or any
tions.  salary
W. A.
City Hall, New
November '.
DUNCAN, City Clerk
Westminster,  B.C.,
8,  1913, (2490)
KpTlCH * ��� hen I *.   u : ��� u tl il  tin   partners!  p   r   . ��� iforo   ��� files     '������   "'
il*..* uniWalsii. d Charlea V. H Man-
ley B. ! n and Peril      I    I
,;, ,    ,...    f|, ni   nam.
r   ��� ���    Plli      -    I'uinpnn
I ��� muiuii
; * lid    III in   know n   II
: * * **....
���   * .  *  .     ,     | *.    i. .,,
, , i .
i I from tha pu
I.llltlll       : S V I.       *      I .'I      ' '
'*.,** *
I * | * i  ������.-.���������    .
I'RRLKY   A     M.*.>.-*
II     . I q I'.:. IN
:   ..
Royal Intelligence Bureau
415 Wcst-nir
J.  M.
ster Trust Duilding.
GAWA.  Mgr,
Co.,   New
Papers,  RH
agent   i* ���   li    Ohashl   &
York,   manu! *    roi
Bac  lng ��� *       i arboi
.   *   .  . *
Drawer   11"   New islet
hai the nevi b of the
'..**.:.  lae   king  ot  ��� a   brl
,* *.. ds, h is at last I..*, r, offle allj i *'*
- rn d, bringing a set'." of infinite re-
li,. to the milltanJ nuthorttli n In hla
tone of action. As Is usually tho esse
. iu connection with tlie mnjo Itj ot
well-behaved brigands, there are num
bcrlose tales only most of them well
. - "in li ated in Zollmkhan's oast il
**, di roslty to ���"" ** les and rea| i.n I
ness towards tin poor, the weik. i ie
i ppressed.
?ellmkhan   was   one   of   the   mosl
* . ��� in . '.ue.  flei * '������  daring    t nd  olu
live   iiie: '6S   ill   llle   wind *     *i    . i *,   of
ind i ������; an I there oould bc no
iiuer p iralli 1 to the gory hai pi tt ag ���
ef   a   dime   novel   than   a   i ei ord   of
hls ci until :*i exploits   on   the   can
easton ranges.
Belonging    to    the    Mohammedan
rchetchen tribe, KeMmkhan was born
i  the Ter.k   pn i Ince.    liis  parents
,..,,,   in.'I   In  affluent   circumstances,  snd
until a mature nee he led the peaoeful
life of a  mountaineer.    Then a family drama . banged the i oun a of his
lifi    a drama connected with passion
i and with crime.
Abducted Famous Peauty.
His  brother,  Sultan   Murad   and  a
fellow villager, named Shougalp, were
suit* rs for the hand of the Bsnie girl.
lln an evil moment Sultan Murad and
Zi limkhsn decidi ���: I i bi Ing the affair
to a climax, and th.*;.* forcibly abducted   the* girl,  famous    throughout  all
southern Russia for   her   superlative
| beauty.    But  th" authorities success,
fully  intervened    and    the    girl    was
returned to her parents.    Shortly afterwards  she  was   wedded   to  S ou-
The Zellmkhan family considered
themselves dishonored, and between
tlie rival families a "doushman"
blood feud was declan d * tilting In
murder being commftti d on b ith siib s.
Again the authorities Intervened Bnd
this time Zellmkhan was th own Into
Jail. Te etfei ted a most daring ���*
cape, fled t i the mountains, end
stralghway went business sa a brl-
sand. And he was joined by liis ta-
t'-t-t- and his brother, Sultan Mur.id
The warlike tribe of the Caucasus
bitterly r. sent any Interference with
the . IBtoms and inter tribal a"
on the pact ol the Russian government and the three Zellmkhan la-
moel i. furious al what thej regarded
as the persecution of their family in
this affair, quickly revenged themselves. First they murdered the senior assist int chief of the district, I.imi
te isnl Ci li i  Galaloff    These    ai ts
n i.*\* i the i immi ncemenl ot a long
series of bloi lj di e.ls. which the. i ir
rled out with the help of tlrtoen irm
ed comrades whom they had enlisted
under their banner.
Later the hand attacki d the farm
or a sheep herder named Messi '������ tf,
near Haesaf Yurt Messetzetf was
made captive, and only released on
nayment of a ransom of elghti ��� a
thousand roubles ($9,500). Zellmkhan
and hls band successfully eluded thl
military, but in making tnelf escape
to the mountains, thej unexpectedly
encountered an armed part of the rival Shougalp family. A right ensued.
during which Zellmkhan's father and
brother wer" killed
Attack on Government Treasure.
Zellmkhan's next coup ��*a3 the *ol
bery or a large Jewelery store in
flrosny. The store is situated in Uie
centre oftbe to-.-n opposite the pul '
gardens and actually next door to the
district administration offices and re.
Idence of the chief of the district nea
whicli are always on duty a strong de
tachment of in lltia and a squadron of
But in spite of this Zellmkhan and hls followers successful.
ly cleaned out the store, exchanged a
few complimentary shots with the
Bi Idli ry, v bo turned irp only jusl too
late, cleared the town, and regained
eir mountain home.
Shortly afte- this spectacular fe".t
.the bandits trade an attack on th'
���railroad depot as Crcsnv The sur
rounded it at 2 o'clock in the morning, with the resull tint Ihe rialroad
depot   account!   would  not bah:: ���
over eighteen thousand roubles, and
the military guards lost two of their
number   killed
fine of the most  desperate exploits
|of this prince of brigands was the at-
*  i   in* :i
iie:knee i en
.rdunded Ihe
��� '���     ter  Zell
i ii   ���  Id,  undi     i       .*    :'
��� i   M     village i ud : ur
h i   .   *,   ii 'a was i . i-'iel-
About   mldnli bl   Ze
in,    accompanied    by il
i*. * si in* a. arrl\ i d and dismounted In
thi   compound.
Al   . "���*,*    :     i *fi ier   in   comi 11  t),
il   isnl   i:i    [f   fired al  Zlemlk-
an   �� It . i*.*:ur".*ii the Bh it, set
*. un   * I   the   iii> ii'tii.   who   d
ped.   Sui id: i ,i Qebi kofl then pi tni .1
:i bulli i from hls Brow ning in Zellmk
ban's cartridge b mdolli r, c tu log i ei
oral   if lhe cartridges it  h Id  to i
plode, i nd the 1* igaud ws *. wounded
Gel    -* i.  r iu forward, but  fell wound-
d   in   the  thigh  and   leg   Mi nntii ie
Zi iin*,t.han   ii.ui   collapsed, but,       i
ported - i 'ii;. elbow, be oonttnui d  I i
use his pistol, accounting for two more
: . I i     .*'
Al iii. moun nt, recognising thai he
was mortollj wounded, and thai the
cun iin was ubout to fall on bl ��� ten
pi s'lieus life dr.ii ue he beggi d for a
fi w moment's respite rn ��hit i :.. |.*i*
form his ablutions ued -u> his pra]
ors in nccordani * Ith his Mohamtne I
dnnf uiili.
l lis request ��ee only respi udi l to
by a i ollej And for Zellmkhan thai
�� is the .*::.!
1914 Wlll Bf
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phonet No. 7 and B77-
c��6r^flJK*T, T. \ ���.-jKSwnr.r.'aaci?
Y.W.C.A. i
llirls' Classes, Tuesday V ;30 P ID '.
Adult class. B, I l.iirsilay, lu 80 a i.i .
.   .*, ng   i la   ii   .  Thursday,  7 30  p m
Boar ling and room rates r. asonsble,
Meals served to ladies and gentlemen
special dinner Fridays, 11   10 lo i 80
For particulars call phone  1814,
Residence Y. W, C. A.       Phone ihim
una Bi-t.A
i i__r_--t.pl la.
*   HARDY, Tr, ���"'lll'-.H OK"
148   Keiu >���   .-si ,   .'.* v,    \\ fsl-
II. J A.
.' .*.*..uut
int.   I.I.   ll.   Iti.   ll i  I
I'. II   Smith. W   .1   Hi.,-..��.
\N',,rk   uinl.-riiik-u    in    elty    and    outside
point!     111-11    W.-MTiilliHler    lnml    llbli-
I'ti.ilie   .lot.     1'.   (1.   ll.,i   .ee
��*J?____La .       '-*
Cabinet   Mi
ctmgs     at     Ottawa
Much   Public   Work
Start  Soon.
UtitlS     lililHli'.'l*
l..,i..,i*   Temple
rilllls.lliv   ef   111
prenldi ut ,   W.
p, O   !!'.�� Bat.
ivery   RiW
nii.iitli   ll
'.  Baund' i
D nl'Kll-
ui-'i in la
ml llun)
NKW \\ llsl MINSTKI. I.OIi.lK No I
ll. * P, (1 of Klkn of the 1' ef l*.. innat
in.- (list end lull.I Tlnirsiluv lit H p. im.,
K. ef I>. Hull. Klulilh Btr. .-I. A Well*
limy. KxKlt.-d Ruler; V. II, .Smilh. Hw
I. O i>. M��� NO. IM.���MEBTH ON
nmt. seoond, third mid fourth \v.,in,.��-
d-iy lu saofa month hi 8 p. m..
In     the     IfOOSe     Horne.     II    J      1,,-iuny.
' dictator; \\*. J. (ir��v.-, tserslarf.
Hi ad ni,no rs   ,,t   lod*.-   It.   9*t   Himim,
i    oornsr of Pourth nnd Oarnarvoa ntre.-ufc
Ottawa, i>. e 7 - Tin return on Hun
day "f thi Ri   Hon  I!  I.  Bordi p
his holiday in the sou:!: has lie :i  f,,l
lowed !��������� a series of cab n I mei 11111!-.
^t* .1 especial!) to th,, pr ipai ill o
' ������   bi Blonal prog *:'.in.   Tlie
tion   considered   Includes  tiie
��� in. -t * :i. a 1 iii :*��� 1*. * * ie: trusi and
loan e up tnles, ,1 n ��� Islon ol I'. ��� Mi r
* n.i-.t Shipping a.t, atlll a consolida
tii'.i ..r the Railway act, which will Include certain amendmi nts ���: isli 1 I ���
ie* 1 r.i-tr 1 '  .1 iton 'to*, of mni cipall
lies A number of other suhjects ar.
under tentatli .* consideration
The Dominion estimates hue been
under      n    :    itlon   bj   'ie*    finance
a 0 1
r- Kular
In  ih tot* ,if thc  ���-.���'���  of  Au _���*. *
I t..,t. ,*,.��� 1 lame. v.  D., 1. r the Cil ���
,���: v w \v. ntmlnsti r  di ce 1 led
TAKE NOTICE thai prolmte ef the wlll
il   *,* , *   * ,- Pn ii rli   I    d. 1 ��� *-* d. hue
legisla     ,,.,  1      .1  ...  i.,-.vi- tlrlfflih  Mei'iiiilii'"
naval   ."������' ST.'*.".'. '.. ',, .B_r^,n"'  ':"
AMITT LODOB NO   17    The
1.   Mux    of    Aniltv    ioOBfl    No.
I   (1   11.   I-'., le held every   Monday
nln Ml nl  8 o'clock In Udd  PellOwS  Hall
corner   Carnarvon   and   BNfhlh   streeta
\'l.ltlnK hr.-thern cordially Invllwl
ll   A.  Meriilh.-a-.  N'i. .  II    W. K*n-��Hl..r,
v. (i.; w. o. Coatham, P a rooord
lux eecretary: J. w. lueDonaM, rinan-
���ini ���eeretary.
i.n, in 1 lie eald w01 n im.
And   furthei   take   notice   lhal   all   per-
. dm     ,      nal   I   *      * ��� '���
. .-   ���     ,.      . .,    red In    end full part    *
,1    dull   vertfl   I.  to the un li relsni I
,,,,  ,,-   1. ;    . : :.;ii  dny "'���   1 '��� * emh r,
isia    * 1   11 tv a.'i' * ��� 1 tu ih. -.i.-i *
atiti required lo pay lhi   amount ><f *
*. . :���   :  ,. i,*. di ���   -  forthwith
\r,. r  ii *    ...-I   1 *ii*   dny  "f  )������ oember.
IBI ���    lhe     iid  ���   ��� cutorn   ��;:i   P .*.i  1 ���
irilsni!. a,   thi   est iti    .*  lhi      iM ,|,c a��-.l
-   th.   peraona 1 nlllli 1   ,t.- reto,  hai
Ins I'K.i'.l only to thi   olaluu thoy shall ,
minister  and   the   treasury   hoard   for   n,,,, u.n.. had nol I
some v..-. ks past   Bnd thi   .:erk ot re       1 1 this 14tti day ot November,  v   1
vision  is prettj   well completed   The  '"
new   sv.-ie'ii  nf  treasury  hoard  scru
W,   K
PALB8���Pioneer Puneral
Bmbalmer,   ��� 12-118   Arm
.1..- I'erueKl*. I.lhr.iry.
1   etreet
���i HOWKI.I. (BDCOBBSOn in i.KN-
t.-r A llioiiia. I.ld 1 ��� -Mineral .tir..<-tnra
Bnd embalmara Pnrlore i���r, r'oiumhte
���treat,   New  Wastmloatar,    Phons nil
By nnii r.
ll. C. DE3ROCHER8,
Depart ment of  Public Works.
Ottawa, November l!", 1918.
Newspapers will not   lie   paid   ror
this advertisement  ir they insert    it
without authority trom    tbe    Denarl
ment     19327 i'ilV))
teck .11 the government treasury at
Klzllar, With ?,n men, all wearing
Cossack uniforms, he entered the town
al noon, and posted hls men nt com
mending points. The military guard
:.' the treasury nurnbi red seven. Tin-Be
be engaged and killed. He and two or
|of   h-    men   .at.r,.I     u���.     building,
' laughi ,  officials and
"" ml ers nf 1 10 :��� ibll     tbat obstruct
"���' th   r path    i asurer, bearing
1 the Ph'   .-   ce   bi tl  li     ���tutlv lhelr true
:--:'     once     ii"   ;      md   his    book-
keep' r ei   *,                j ,���| the strong
: room di or   and tl   *     the kcya oul ol
,   the  ��� nd *    .      * ... t Then, each
in,                ,-,    mi i ������ ���  armed  wl ;,  I    n , the)  swslted
d." 1 |. ���! ., nl
1 re, 11 .1     Immediately  sfi      irds   Zellmkhan
,.;.;;  snd his two cam. lurs.  Into the
.   :      u. .    room and a i. sllai    ��� 1 -hots ivi re exchanged.   Th    tr.  :��� and bl�� hook
,   '  '      ���    " keep,*,*   f, ii,   ,���. ., wounded    Ze
'      ���,'.'.      ,   .I   [imkl *,  .   ,, ���   *.,, :,  h,,:.e haul,
14th dm  of bul   ill  pi hi-  ven  b i!k<.1 by the pros
.  ��� ' "J ' ence of mind ami , ���   nge of the treas-
*    ,' ������    .    n- - and li,    u Access to tho
i*,,k* ,_  �� Ith   : In.1,     I   1 .In      .* . ,1. and  .IS there
ci     . Ii-i. bj ).*i*.<*n that 1 Intend
tpply  iit  the  doxI   sitting  ol   lhi
:   of   l.iciiHe  itoininisBiiilieii.   fol
City Mf New  W-e-stmlnster tor   a
Ue ll    uae and n wholi sale license
toi  the s-vte <>y Itqnore in and upon
the premliies nilti.iled trpon lot 9, of
'li'-, 111 ei. -I ;n te (aid City nl New
V 1 stmlnater, H.r.;.
\. )���: HAINBB.
lulwl liii.s mili flai ol Novi mber. 19131
1 ..too;
The Statutory Meetlna uf 1
of   License   Commlsslom 1
Inld at ibe Municipal  Hall  on    .   :
nesday,  December  10th,  19ia, u
o'clock In the forenoon,
Clerk to the  Hoard of License Com
Edi els. B.C., November 27th, mis.
. ���
1   *
i - ���
...,    -.'
il   *
1 ,,w
. I,
rail ���
,h,, ,1   1   nm ct. d 1 md  r.
.   ...     ,e    cn   tn    1  lov 11     *    ���
heitd      i       I{at' md   !l "��� '
oil        (Engl       1 1 en line is In
1  ink
nlu ��� .i   I- ..   . md 'notion   ri
11 .1 nml d. ��� ��� I*-* '    n 11.
I ..... ��� .*: il !    *  it
I'll. I ���   1 n ,
t. ri,ii   i,. *.,,"   il  hv inn  mild  1 I
In lta altera ren        md I nor 1
.   .. .       *     .
���    1
fnller A. illll"V. ' " ���     alnst-i
I * * ���    eiintriicli      elnlnil       In b'   the os
I hereof, on n fll      da    nf A i.-ll.
IHia   tor rei   .*���       '    t'n 1 md I   mi ovi -
ill Ihtu I wl'l     *  * ���      '   *���   * I
.     1  12 *     rm     ��� .        rriMun
dvertl It In 1     * itnril .*.���,
i',.    ��� ih .1 ������   ..:   1 ��� .* **..'.��� 1    1(11.1,  ���" 11   hv
il 1 ���     '       ���    *,    ���
���1 '   ,   . lil   i      tin reon .i.i*l
.' ���   *     *      1    lil       Ivertl    im nl  iieu e	
.      :               ,| nln     ,,1       i.i       .-   ���        ....
* ������ ��� ek in the
-     1        111.      I'll       .11       of
!' * *'* * ' '���' nl 111 ... nfricn, ||.| /ciimi han in,.1 hi
W.'Mi , .-, -in, icii,e , /'! "nanan m 1 in
Sti ���' *     '��� *    *    *    er. n.c    nf  wlllch	
Read - Ihe - News
all pm H            I'.r.i.ti      ���   1 lr,.,
to lake
nolle''  nnd   " " . t 11   11.. ihs- 1*. , :    nee
Dalid   Hi!              d.i      ,,11'..:,:
��� 1,  A 11
1(1 IS.
JOHN   Itldli
Ily   tils   Solicitor,    1     1*.   Mm 1
Role,   it
Dome Slreet. Nm*  Wi sl nilnsl.
r B.C.
To   nald   Waller   A.   Hlll.i,   I:.,
und  In
\"'l,,1-,. 11  mav Concern.
ist   publication  of ilila  nollo
5t'i   11.
cember, 1913.
was nn tlmi In wh 1 to employ expli
- e he had to ��� 1 'nt himself with
a paltry 500(1 rcubl - ($2650) which
ind in the tn 1 irer's cash drawer.'
'������'���'   ������>-'    III'*    affrtlj     22     people    were
;i      ond many v nundi .1    To make
���'' 1     *������     * er Ibla expi dition
the In ��� lltt had "  1 :l'��� their horses
��� ���   the svlii rii.,'. im; Kher Terek nt
n polnl when It la 150 yards wide. One
or twn membi rs of lhe were known to
���"-���'* been winged i n this occasion, but
��� '    '   I '" lhe whol ��� .ir the bandits got
awa,, Intact,
Met Death Like, Brave Man.
'I he 1   are   mly a   few ul  llie  mnre
'   tibia  exploits  of  tills   fascinating
r;cure    ills minor efforts ar.. Innumerable.     And   the  climax   came  only
wi eii.    Fighting  lii-ii\.;.',   to  the
lie.Ilil    III       lhe
rololwlng circumstances:
Throeeli   native     ���<���-������!   nm���'������ ���.
authorities were apprised or ihe fact
ilmi Zellmkhan Intended visiting sume
friend at tho Bhelin hamlet, nnd a
picked 'one rrom lie Dai lestan -ej:l-
menl v as ordered to be held iii read!'
���H's to seise him, Taking the min-
t:'.'.' precautions, tlu- force, number-
t nv bavlng worked advantage mslj
thi -e estimates are likely to esi eed
thosi of lasl j ear, �� blcii ran �� 1II  ivi
;-   * * * '    Large ��� xpi nd tures have
to be provided for ports docks, Imr-
t>or�� and terminals.    The construction
of the Welland canal wil] be actively
under way nexl year, th.- principal
contracts bavlng been already let.
Mnny millions will be spent in finish
ine the National transcontinental,
while the Quebec bridge will call for
heavy   outlays,   and   the   Hudson   liav
railway will he pushed on towards
Railway Conttructi.-in.
���*���' hi ugh tl ning  year ma)  ������
ev.:i greater development work than
1913, the latter has scored a record III
railway construction. During the 12
months ending June 80, 1912, the addi-
tii 1 'o operating railway mileage wa��
I nilcs.  which   was  a   rei  1 ���'..
i s - lerstnod thai the year ending
���'' * 1918. ��111 rhov, Vil add * *
exceeding lhat of 19U-12 by Borne DOi
"r  600   1 dies.     That   le   to  ��� *'	
���rune     1,  1912,  to .lnne .-n    1015
1,90 '   ,'liles   were   -lilti. .1   |,    th"   * I
ing mileage or the railways ������* fan ids
Sine. June 30 last 1 or.,' 1. ��� p,, , ;.,
tei  ���   activity in construction   During
'���        o,*,r lhe Canadian I'acific has add'
r ! several hundred mlleB to Ita lines
some or it being double tracking in thn
.vest, bul the greater part or it consist
Ins or branches perfecting the service
In the -vest. The work done by the
other Bj-stei     is largely of a nature
��'hiCh hi 11 1 pleted will open ijp
large areas to development, such as
northern British Columbia and northern Ontario and Quebec,
,n this connection it  mav be noted
that  the  proceeds  of the  120,001 0
or Orand Trunk i'acilic bondt guaran
teed by the Dominion government
which have been purchased by the
Dominion voveramenl during tbe past
year haw Pee., expended in tbe work
or construction through the mounl *
ol British 1 lumbia to Prince lluperl
���h" bonds M.T.* taken up and pnv
ne ' '- in, de as 11 * nth!) , tl .*
were  presented,  voriried  in   th
1 rnmei I  ens r, 1 liowlng  lhe  p u
ti ' ��� ol i'ie  work  snd    exp nd tun
1 ""���'���     ' nder  thi   leg    *i on   affect
tin  .*  1, nd    tl .... fourths ol
"   ' ' ' '"" tructlon   s to bu paid oui I
'" "l" .,! I    of the hop,1. eu..rm
'���      bj  tbe ,- ovc nn. nl of I ana i.i
1   ���    ' -'*      m   of   till    1	
proi   ii   th     ������,   n    * ,,   pu
' ��� '������l"i  :' " * Igentlc    1,1 1.  .,;* i   .
'" '    ' '���' 1 ���" ida n 111 ;,i equipment
*'*' elopmnnl plant,   ���* railways, .,1
1 nal .  .md  t. ; in,mil  poi 1 ���. adequate
the em rmoua  growth  which  i    to
''"���H1 ''���������!   in   the   cour..1   or   the
few  years,    The year  mil  wlll
period   ol   greal   al i*. It)
works ami   railway  foiiMrii
Ui I'llll.l.ll'S   \*   WOOD
Of   113   to   120   Hit A-,   Building   Oranvllle
stM-. 1.  Vancouvi 1.  It   C
Um  (.-. 1. .ii,.i ^
.   1 .
From Vancouver for Victoria.
10:00 a.m Dally
2:00   p in Daily
11:45   pm Daily
From Vancouver for Seattle.
10:00 am    1'uily
11:00 a.m      Dull)
From   Vancouver  for   Nan ,.<���
3:00   pm Daily
Manai'i o.  Union   Cy  a.iO  Comox.
���s:eti a nt   .   .   v- .-.i.i.'sdny nud fridiiy
Vancouver,   Union   Bay,  Powell   River.
:l:4t.  11 m.     ..   1 Every Saturday
For  Prince  Rupert and  Alaska.
'1 00 pm.      Every Saturday
Prince Rupert. Granby Bay and Skeena
River Pointe.
11:00 pm Wednesdays
For Gulf  Island  Polnta.
':00 an . Tuesday! for Victoria     Call
lir: at points In the Gulf Islands
ED.  ODIII.KT.   AKent.   New  Weetmlneter
H. W.  HltulilK   1.. P. A.. Vancouver.
-:, r Bonrd of Trade in. ��� is lu the boarf
ro.au. (Tty Mull, ae fell,,** Third Krt-
dny nf , a.ti month: .iiiart.-iiy m.-.etii9
.,11 lbs third Friday of February, May,
Aiiiruet and Noveint._r nl 11 i- .11. Aa-
ntnil meellnca on Ihe third t'rldny of
Kehruary. tt H. Stuart W��.l_.
Sal--. Deeds, Buelnrea l-eiiet-, etc.: circular work .peelallm. All work etrlctly
iMnftdenllut II. Barry, room 41S Waat-
mlnetrr Truet Bid.    Pbone 1*2.
��� ...,N .-...iC'tiMtH. .'tc. iii Lorne -Hr��*__,
N'i-w W,*_ tmlnsler. O E, CorbOlUd. i^.
C     J.   lt. <Irani.     A.   K.  MoOoli.
'.\.\I  SMITH
in law
or, eta    SolTe
11..r r
,r   lit*
of     v imcoiiv.'r.       Olfie.-H .
B.i nk
Building,   N>��
i.r.   1*
C.     Ti
lephone   No   1
I'u Ida
,   nil.
.      "J,,
innlen."      C".l
.    !���*.
.    PO-
ete . 1
..lllHter   Blnck,
r Col-
i.ii.i Mi
K< n7,l<* etreete
N- w
r.    DC.
P.   O.   Box
When you take your
Eastern Trip
elde ��� Barrlnterr ant! Hollclinre, Wrat-
mltiMtt-r Truet Blk,. Columhla etreet,
N.w Weetmlneter. H. C. Caldo addreas
"Whiteside," Weatern UMBO. P. O.
Drawer 200. Telephone ���� W. J.
Wldi.-eiii... K. C.; M. U -Mnionda. D.
J. STII.WRI.L CLWTB. Barrleter-at-law
enllcltor. ete.; comer Columlila as*
MeKenala etreeta. New Weatmlnater.
IV C.   P. O. Bos ill.    Telephone   Tl*
Hollcltor and Notary. Offtcea Hart
blnck, 2�� Lorn* atreet New WeetmlB-
eter. B. C.
you   muy   an
and 111 minim
il,ih.   Call on
"ii  travel
1 eost   Ws
iu prove
Ii.ittei.ru and Kollcltore. SOS to Sit
W,'��tniliieter Truet Block. II. K. liar-
till.   W,   11.   McOuarrle   and   IImiik   1.
, 'n..-td*
r.   liOlll.KT,  Audit
II.   \V.   IIIII IDI l'i   'i
Naw  Wastinlnsie
P,  A.,  Vancouver
II * I
lie   a
Boa  34 Dally   NtWS  Bl l���
T.   Bt.illNErT'8  PRINT   P.linp
ol nil Studs,
t'rleee ri^ttl    Bstlsfaotliin |liaranlse
Si)   MfKemle   Rl
l.i   I
When tliroui'.h old
age the bmlily
functions bei otneBluggifl!
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
Rive gentle, timely and
effective aid, without
_(li-ncoinfort  or distress.
251'.   n   box   at   your
Diuggist's. 173
National lirageniK 'heinlral
to. ul Canad,;, llmllril.
Call ;ind inspect our ful
lines niul new fall styles ant
place your order now.
Ladies' nnd Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   si.
Transfer Co.
3fflce  Pnone   186,      Barn  ciiona  II
��� egtii* atreet.
Ha��K��i'n D.llvorM Promptly tt
r*i     1 *1 __? *''i !"'��� i< tbs eli?
Subscribe for jUghUnd Heavy Hauling
The Daily News
'������i\i. MINTNU  rlfflitn of ttw  linmlnluc
lu Mnnttotiti. Hnf.kutolR'Wiin tnd AH.vrtr,
,ih��*  Vt*t"it 'I-nllory,   tlm  Nin'liw.-wt  T��r-
rltnrlofl ROd In �� portion of th�� I'rovlnoe
!-if Britiah Oolumblal nmy !����� laaara for ���
1 torm of Lwattty-oua yi-urn m m   Hiu.umi
rental "f 11 ai] aora< Not mora tniui IMi
I aorta will lm laoMd to ono applloant.
AnplloaUon for u lOftM muMt U** \nm-Am
I i.v lha applicant in porson \*t lha Aur-ni
I .r Hub-Agent nf lha dlKtrlct In wttl'ii tho
I rlffhta applied fnr nr�� attutiU'fl.
in BUrveyed territory Hie land raiurt ba
1��aorlbod bt aaoUona, or legal * uti 6m*
\ iii'tiH of laotlonii nnd tn unaurveved -"fit
i rliory thf> tra.ot nppii'Mi for hh��n h*
I nutted out t>v tlm uriillr-Hiit hlm>u*\t.
by u ff" uf J", whloh will be mrunrt"! If
j   lc-  i'Kiit'' Hpt'ltiM] for nf-  not  i.v Jiii.ible.
i��ut   not  OtherwtM     A   royalty   uluiU   b<��
. nald   00   the   nv-rnhnritfibte  outt'iit   of   Um
I mini at  the rote of five OOtlti p'-r ton.
i     The   T^f^'n   oporntlnv   the   nil hi   ahall
furnlah   tin-  Atant   wltn  awom  nitirM
���looountlni  for  the  fnll  unnntltv   of mer-
i than tabic mul   tnlned  nml  |mv  the  ror-
i illy   ihareott   If  the eotil   mlnlnnc    rlatita
I an not d"lriK operated mwU tt-turtta ahouM
j ho fui nIjiIh'iI at  I* iml   onoa n year.
The lenan wtll  Incliid*  tho f*oal  mlnlniv
i rlfhta   <mlv.   hut   th*'   h-mee   will   b**   per-
mlttad  to   puruhiif*'*   whatever   avallaMa
i inrfa ���" rlanta mov Lf oonaldaraa neoM-
1 Mirv for iii" working of the mine at tlw
������tilt' of $10 an acr*��
For full Information anplloHtlon ��hot��l4
tm mnde to tha Paotatnri nf tba Impart*
menl  of the TnteHor, oitnwo, or to anft
Agtnl  or Rub-Afent of  Dominion  letuuHh
Deputy Mlnlatar of tho Interior-
N    M     MminiliDiUiiit ptthllnntlon of thli
iilMi iid- iii'-nt win not be paid for. MONDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1313.
���aue  icvim
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to  Send  Abroad
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efficiency  ot  Organirction   in   United
Vjtes Shown  by  Big Shipment-:   Handled.
ii. i* ii, imt 7 ii It sufficient n-
llustraiinn or tba efficiency ��,r organic-
atlon whloh characterise! tin- United
Krult Compaiiy'ii n|ii'ritii.n�� to matf
that iti selling organization in tb*
\., r to September SO laal sold a total
ol i. .1 rnr from 126,000,000 ol bananai
in ih.- iii.n'ii snu.m iii :i selling com
of much l.a. tban 6 p<-' cent, and wltb
:i la i In lia. debts ot Imi thnn one-
half per "'nt.
Theae fruit sale* produced over BO,-
earn ot frelgbl for the railways ol
tbo United Statea. This meana, of
. mrae, 50,000 <*nrn for shipment, .mil
obviously doea noi Include tin. very
hi ivy sales made locally in lucb iiii'
distributing centers aa New York. Bo*-
ton, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Npw Orleans, which tire all ports of entry ami
|whose rruit 1.. carted orr by team or
t ipress
i'li' United rruit company bas ie,
elded to Increaae In fleel or owned
steamships by Fix. of which thn _ will
i.r exclusively freight ami thre- freight
and passenger boats. The Elders and
I'yff, s will also add several steamers
. H fl "t, and tbese will lie designed
for io handle both freight am) passengers, tin- accommodations for the
: itti,- providing for X4 per steamer,
Tbese m w* boats are to be built in
Inland by the same builders who bave
given tho compuny its present 4i!
steamers, Tliey will require eighteen
nn -it''H for construction, whicli means
WIS before delivery.
Th.. construction cf these boats re-
oulrc-. no financing at least for many
months to come. So far as the Elders and Kyffes has surplus resources In
ils own treasury sufficient to finance
',.* * Ira do riant addition to its tonnage
l'nder the plan which the United
Fruit has followed in building its own
steamer*,   the   English   shipbuilders
bave taken securtles arc to be retired
in serial lots, and it is Interesting to
know thai at present there are several
boats In the 1'nlteil Fruit fleet which
will be paid for in full next summer,
aud against which no capital obligations will be outstanding. The Kngiish subsidiary, Elders and FyKes. has
three or four boats which are already
paid ror in full. Ultimately l'nited
Fruit and its associate promise to have
a $:.r,.i 00,000 fleet entirely paid lor ou!
or earnings.
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Now that Christmas is coming mut-t
people are peering into tin- floriBt's
windows wit.i u nsw quest in mind,
lias Ihe mlBtletoe arrived yet? The
fading ivory-colored berry, with lis
Stumpy, llat Krwn leaves and thick
stalk, Its aneletil-aB-tlie-liruids associations, and Its kinship (by mere
proximity! to the staunch old Hritish
oak, arouses friendly Feelings Hiich as
(ew otber Inanimate things are capable or. There are many homes where
a sprig Ot the historic plant Is afl essential to llm completeness ol the
holiday festivities ,ib th" Christmas
tree or the plum pudding, and here In
Ii. C, Where lhe traditions are fair-
ly well preserved, the coming or the
little boxes, with their rniil, already
withering berries, Ib the signal for
con ;���!' tenes;..
Strangely enough there is no record
of any particular effort ever having
been made to grow the mistletoe here.
The holly flourishes and is cut In itn-
tnense quantities for decorations at
this time ot the year. But no mistletoe has yet twined its protecting,
wounding arms around Ihe oaks of our
parks and forests, A wild variety,
with small, almost insignificant berries,, does grow in parts or the Island.
But this, through a plebian and misplaced arfeclion for fir treeB, Ib not
entitled to respect or consideration in
connection with so firmly established
a custom as its use has become.
Those fortunate people who chance
t-i possess friends or relatives in
Worcestershire. Herefordshire. Kent,
and one or two of these other counties
in England where the parasite has
mule its habitat, come into possission
of the necessary complement ot their
Christmas fathering direct, and without frrthw '.ion 'han the opening of
:" . .llle box's so neatly tied up by
IK,in." 'und- r. "ross the sea.
On As a matter of fact, little of    the
! mistletoe, which conies to B. C. or
[any ether part of America is 9hipped
from England. Most of it Is grown in
the north of France or California.
The former bears evidences of having
been "the finer man. the nobler stock."
Box      Metal    Soldiers,      Trumpets, Ino m?Uer !,ow battered and Boiled the
r       .remains  are  when   they  arrive  here, j
Drawing      Slates,      Box    Cameras, i The California plant is true mistletoe.
nurtured, like the British and Krench
product, by the oak. But parenthood
cal Box, Humming Tops, Baby Rat- I counts, and no doubt the oaks are dlf-
., _. . _    , _       _        Iferent,  with  an  obvious   loss,  in  the
ties,    Picture    Books,    Pop  Guns,  Calltorntta  plant,  from  those sturdy.
Jumping Jack. 'blunt,    full-blooded    qualities     which
characterize the British shrub. Broader, shorter leaves, smaller berries and
flowers, and a frailer stem characterize the California. Carolina and Virginian specif, and make it less-preferred among those familiar witn the
Talking I old, worl(1 variety.
* As nearly everyone knows, the mis-
Picture i tletoe was sacred in the eyes of the
Druids, and was cut by them with
great religious ceremony, especially
when found growing on the oak. Medicinal virtues were imputed to it, and
it was regarded as a sort of heal-all.
panacea, and magical dispeller of evil,
whether abstract or concrete. It figures eminently, also, in the folklore of
many parts of Europe���France. Germany, the Netherlands.
Botanically it is defined as a parasitic shrub, and is found ond cediuous
trees, to -which, by the wav. it often
does considerable damage by sapping
theri strength. The family contain*.
more than six hundnd species, and is
found in almost all warm countries
in either its parasitic or non-parasitic
form. The berries, a local florist says,
are not fully ripened until sometime
about February or March, and this,
incidentally, has accounted for the
failure to grow the shrub here, as one
experiment known to have been made
was with seeds sent here about Christmas time, and which must, consequently, have been broken off some
six weeks previously. This wonld be
lone -s'ore ripening time. Another
Important agent in its propagation la
the missel-thrush, which does not exist
on the Pacific coast. This little bird
is one of the only ones known that
may -dine with impunity on a berry
wblch is more or less fatal to other
feathered songsters. It feeds largely
on the mistletoe berries during the
winter months, and haunts the forests
where Its patron grows.
It is rather Interesting to learn, too,
that the mistletoe found ln the English
market, and fondly associated by IU
purchasers wtth the gloomy oak forests ot Bngland Itself, generaly comas
Instead (rom France, which makes it
���n Important article of export at this
time of the year.
that you wish to remember at Xmas. Now is the
time to pick something out for them. We have a
very large range of suitable gifts:
Souvenirs of New Westminster-
Souvenirs of Canada.
Souvenirs of British Columbia.
In gold, silver and bronze.    Al:v> many other
lines and all at prices to suit all purses.
Any article bought here packed and mailed free
of charge.
John B. Gray
Phone 338 Two Stores: The Jeweller
608 Columbia St., New Westminster.
and Shaughnessy St., Port Coquitlam.
Royal City Chemical
Cleaners and Dyers
Look Over Your Wardrobe.
We can help you work wonders with clothes you are inclined   to   throw   away.     Take   no
chances with articles of value.
G. F. BALDWIN, Proprietor.
Phone P. 278     345 Columbia St.
Wagon will call for and deliver
A. I f MM
Sapperton n s I. C.
i Yee Kee&Co.
Clothes pressed and cleaned.
833 Columbia St.
Automobiles, Wool Dolls,
Dolls, Sailor Dolls. Sets
Blocks, Musical Boxes, Metal Humming Tops, Trumpets, Embossed
Dominoes, Stiff Cover Picture
Box Paints. Toy Dinner Sets, Musical Dolls, Dolls' Fur Sets, China
Tea Sets, Aluminum Rattles, Cet u-
lold Rattles, Metal Horse 8oldieri,
Wool Balls, Musical Tops, Mechanical Mouse, Metal Horse and Buggy,
Mechanical Bumble Bee, Musical
Jumping Jack, Wool Rattles, Musical Animals.
Metal Fire Waggon, Target Pistol,
Kindergarten Sots, Largo Drawing
Slats*, Larg* Musical Box, Card
Gam**, Work Box**, Noah'* Ark,
C*llu:old Rattle*, Celluloid Trump;
���tt. Mechanical Doll*, Celluloid
Doll*, Cornets, Trombones, Musical
Wheel*, Puiil* Block*, M*tal Soldier*, Banjo*.
We have all kinds of Groceries for
Christmas buyers at our store. Special  reduction  for  cash.
H. Whitaker, prop.
Cor. Royal Ave. and 10th St. Phon* 190
Cist Workmanship.
Fit Guar
Ladles' and Gentlemen's Fin* Tailoring
655 Front St. New Westmin
The Best Yet���Our Sample Books of
Private Xmas Cards. Order this week.
Phene 8., West End Pharmacy.
509   Elgthh   St.
Sing On & Co.
Go   to
Noak'* Ark, Fitted Work Imm,
Happy Hooligan, Cold Load Soldier*, Crowing Rooster, Doll*, Cam-
eras, Fur Rabbit*, Fur Doga, Larf*
Drawing Slat**, Chin* Dinner ft*.
Jumping Jacks, Horses, Building
���look*, Sklttln, Stiff-Cover Pletur*
Book*, Water Color Palate, Doll*'
About The
Better Toys
Pl��aa* mako your ooloetion early,
������for* th* aMortmsnt la broken. A
���mall dopotit wlll hold any ��rtlcl*
till Christmas.
Spokane, Dec ".���The rapid spread
ot many kinds of weeds throughoutl
the cultivated area* of eastern Washington within the last tew yeara ha*
greatly added to tne valu* of thla land
aa sheep pasturage, Ut th* estimation
of Charle* Brulhl, a sheep owner ot
Benge, Wash., who waa h*re yerto*.
day. Mr. Brulhl owna edwlderabl*
land Intbe Benge *eetlon dad ran* 4.-
000 head of sheep. Hla trip to the elty
yeaterday waa to bring tp tho Btaatoa
Packing company** plant a carload of
aheep, thl* shipment (Ming a regular
weekly consignment Oa tbe qutstloa
of paaturage, Mt. Brulhl aaid
"I believe that the pasture valu*
of our'weedy landa haa doubled to
the lut few yeara,. dn* to the w*oda
alone. There Is as much gr**s a* ever
aad there ar* maay rarlatl** of web-da
In addition. The aheet -are eager to
eat Jim Hill mallard, thb **lt w**d
aad Russian thistle whtfa young aad
tender, even tearing grew gnu* for
them, and many other kinds ot weed*.
���th** Ilk* variety aad tli* "Weed* afford thla and lurnW. tx wMrikhlas aad
mmth appreciated rat-da."
Mr. Brulhl MM alao that rye ta
being found. talaabla for aa earl*
���priag forag* crop aad wlaa plantad
wUd gnwaaa ara abunde
being paitured up   until
for your
Importers and Manufacturer* of
Fancy Goods,  Silk* and
859 Columbia St.    P. O. -Box tat-
New Westminster, B.C.
701   Front St.
3p,o__J  offer ef taper-led EngllsH
wootteo goods far aimer.   Salts aude
to order.    Perfect fit and -i-rorksaaa-r-
441  Columbia St.
Four door* East of Bank of Montreal.' ship guaranteed at knraat price.
When to
Send Gifts
Great Britain, Germany and
France���should be sent about
Dec. 5 to be safe.
Nova Scotia, Newfoundland^
Eastern Canada and all Atlantic
Coast and Southern SUtea���allow at least five days.
Northern B. C. and Alaskan
Coast���Send on Dec. 16 or 17.
Central SUtea and Middle
West, Manitoba, Alberta "
Saskatchewan���Allow EIGHT.
K'.i-ier. have you ever stopped
tt, ��-i>nsiili'r that, In buying B. C.
I nsdiiflli. yo i are beni Uni
xmartttV. Thi rarraer, m inufai
tiirfr and merchant, each gel
���heir :-.',:::r*i' of tha money, tm I
aadh hi mi" Ml ���'���������-��� > '" "",:i
who iin .ii i lend here. In-
: i , |:-, jome ol this money mil
com*. <���>'��������� ii '������' >"���' Tlle *"("v
v. C Products you buy In prer-
aswaee to outstdi - wd�� .ual-
icy to bo ;i .-... i at no higher
rust the bi tn * fi ' ���''��� o' at'
Kaolanay     Brand     Strawberry
j_.m    A    detlcioii      preserve;
,��� ,-:,,*.. n  .*.   I  ' H-ii.-J at
am   ... n ������*  -'-'b* tin-- 35c
B ,'���_ K  Rolled Oat*-    Kinesl  Ool-
ta oati .    i" ��� allty;    Mb;
sar.        400
C-n-idian Wheat Flakes ���- A
-taint i pt * i i ker) In each
paek&go        ^c
Siring .-.nd Wax Beans iirown
.-ind canard Bl  rhllllwaoll ami
prono-.ii'.v.l  l'i rj   fine;   2  Huh
ft*       25=
Knccrs Golden Syrup A fine
tattle syrup; pi r tin .... 15s
Always   Ask   for   B.   C.
Pr-ct!i_:ts    cf     Quality
Local News
Tho New Westminster News Is
owned and published by The National
Priming and Publishing Company.
Limited, which lias no connection
with any other printing or publishing
company. All cheques, drafts and
money orders in payment of advertising cr
be  made
tional   Printing   and   Publishing   Company,  Limited.
irders   in   payment   of   adver-
subscription accounts should   |
cut to the order of the  Na-
508 Sixth St. Phone 1001 2.
Burnaby  Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
Athletic Club Concert.
I   The boya of the   Burqultlam   Ath-'
lei ic- and social club ara giving a nm
'ci it  in the   Burquttlain Agricultural
'hail tomorrow evening,
i   For plumbing, heating   and   ibeel '
'metal work consult Merrlthew -ft Hani
say, Ellgh tb   ami   Carnarvon streeta
TllOIie   5K6, I2n'2(l)
Cheaper Grain Question.
Tbe regular meeting of tha Bunjult-
'lam farmers' Institute will be beld In
Jthe  Agricultural    ball,    Austin    road,
! this evening at N o'clock.    The cheaper grain question will again come up
for discussion.
The Uoyal Cafe, Dominion Trusl
blocl:, has re-opened.- Uest of meal;
at reasonable prices. (2634)
Supervision cf Playground*,
The regular meeting of the local
council of women will be held at 2
o'clock this afternoon in St. Stephen's
, church. .Miss rowell. of Seattle, will
speak  on   "The  Supervision  of   Play-
Victoria, world's champions In hockey, will be here Tyesdaj evening.
Get your tiekels al Hill's drug store,
Columbia street. (_577)
L A. Welsh
The People's Grccer
City  Store    1��3  and   443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West End Branch    650
Satisfaction, Wo aim to give
ull our customers satisfaction,
whether   dealing   at our   Main
Store. Sapperton Branch or
West End Branch. Iou will
find tlie quality of our gooda
nnd Hie service the very best in
Christmas Eonbcns from 50c up
to       $2.00
Christmas Stockings from 5c no
lo       $1.50
A complete Hue Of Chocolates,
including Webb's, Canon-.'s,
Ramsay's, Halda and Marb's, at
from 5c to $1.00 per box.
Try Us for Table Raisins, Nuts,
Crystallized Fruits, Etc.
Get    Ycur    Christmas    Candles
and  Tree  Decorations from   Us.
Bring the Children to j J j|g    J|ew   WeStllUR5t���f Bring the Children to
the See the New
dip mme��� t c     ��� AND FRASER VALLEY  f,  .     .   T        ���
BIG CHRISTMAS                                                       . Uockwork Toys and
tree       Department   Store Mechanical T��ys Au
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For full particldars
call at our office and let
us know what you re-
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
l'a  1   l'i> Capital   and 1
Surplus $ -.800,1100
��va..<h    4,!*i7:i,!iS_.03
Tr u s tee-ships  Under
Administration over    6,000,000
Trainee      for      llond-
lsold��rs over    26,00,0,000
C. S. KEITH, Manager.
tl/We��s ��� Vancouver, Victoria,
���New Westminster, Nanalmo,
Calgary, Hegina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Charlottetown, London, Kug.; Antwerp, Belgium.
New Westminster
606 Columbia  Street.
Open   Saturday   Evenings   from
7 to fl.
Violated Bylaw.
Only one case was dispoacil of in
lhe Burnaby police court on Saturday
morning, James Harlow, of Vancouver, being fined $_ and costs for piling lumber on the boulevard on Cambridge street In violation of the municipal bylaw.
Secure your tickets for the opening
hockey game���Victoria vs. Westminster���Tuesday evening, nt Hill's drug
store.   Admission  50  cents  and  $1.00.
Y. W. C. A. Directors' Meeting.
The regular monthly meeting of Ihe
directors or the V. W. C. A. will be
held in the association headquarters
On Wednesday afternoon at 11 o'clock.
A full meeting is requested as the
matter of appointing a general secretary  will be decided.
That Gas Bylaw Petition.
Althougb the Progressive associa
tlon lias taken a pronounced stand
favoring the re-submission of the gas
bylaw, llie proper number of names
has not been yet secured. Secretary
Darling is busy with tlm petition,
however, and with assistance anticipates completing the canvass this
funds will at the meeting of the llurnahy council this evening be ordered
mi.ler way. Engineer Macpherson
will possibly make a report as to the
log jams which have been obstructing
the flow of water from Burnnby lake
to the bed of the Brunette river.
Our Dairy Company.
Nine  quarts of fresh  bottled  milk
for $1.00, delivered daily.    Phone 155.
Resume Assizes Today.
To give the witnesses from
land and the jurymen from
Valley points ample time to
this morning's session of the
assize will not start until 11:30. Thr
defence in the trial of the fourteen
Ladysmlth miners charged with rioting will be resumed at the opening.
A large number of wilnesses bave
yet to be heard for the defence nnd
the trial will probably drag along
over today and Tuesday.
the  is-
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod. the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
For all building supplies and fuel
oil apply to the Ii. C. Transport Co..
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust building.
Office phone 826,  wharf phone 880.
City Council Tonight.
When the city council meets tonight
it is probable that a full report of the
conference with -.Major Hughes. Dominion inspector of prisons, held on
Friday, will he given. The conference respited in the official promising
support In having the pavement laid
in front of the penitentiary. The gas
bylaw  petition  will not be presented
.Money to loan on first mortgages,
improved citv and farm propertv. 9
per cent.    Alfred W. Mcl.eod.    (25241
Offer Timber Berths.
Two valuable timber berths will lie
put up for auction at the Dominion
land office in this city on Wednesday.
The berths are 557 on the west shore
of Pitt lakp. comprising an area of
753 acres, and berth 544, Silver creek,
near Hope, comprising six blocks,
containing an area of 2,428 acres.
Berth ''ii will he sold at the upset
price of $1,691.75 and berth 544 at
57.56���! 86
Eurnaby Bond Sale.
Willi a possible announcement regarding the sale of the treasury certificates to the Toledo, Ohio, firm, it
is probahle that several projects
which have been held up for lack of
Reduce Sunday Service.
Beginning yesterday, a twenty-minute service for Sundays only was put
;In operation on the Sixth street-Kd-
| monds line of the H. C. B. It. and also
; the Sapperton-Kilmonds branch. One
| car on each line is taken off the run,
the Sixth street cars meeting on the
double track below Fourth avenue
and again at Cue switch on Kdmonds
sti-.et near Douglas road. The
Queensboro shuttle service was taken
���off the run for the first time yesterday, and from now on the Millside
cars will operate direct to the terminus of Ihe Lulu Island section instead
of waiting at the Columbia street
Held Smoker.
Skating boots and skates for ladies
and gentlemen at Ceo. R. Speck's. 62.
Columbia street. (2523)
Successful Sale of Work.
Tbe Onward Bible class and young
ladles of the Sixth avenue Methodist
Sabbath school held a very successful
sale of work on Thursday last. Fori
the occasion the basement was decorated with evergreens and iho class
colors, red and White, Tho booths
were presided over liy the different
members of the class, A solo by
Miss Highton was very nicely rendered. Tho high school orchestra
was in attendance. A duet was sung
by the Misses Selkirk, who responded
to an encore. The proceeds, which
were $lon. are to be devoted to the
funds of the church,
���; !���
\U kinds of groceries for
Christmas use in stock at the
-jtore of
V,Successor to Ayling & Swain.)
*e%3 Catambia  S(. Phone  98
lhis year Is
ls commencing the new era of Christmas giving. V.rr
ov.   In demand.
est  variety and the best value.
.1  gifts are nov.-  in demand.    A hardware store offers you the great
Hammered Brass and Copperware, Jardinieres, Spirit Stoves
Kettles, Trays, Vases, Ink Stands. Crumb Trays, cigar and Cigarette
Community and 1S47 Rogers Silver Knives and Forks- Tea, Des-
.-en. Table, Soup, Berry and Salad Spoon.-.; Ilutter and Pie Knives,
Cream and Gravy ladels, etc.
Razors, Skates. Thermos Bottles, Scissors. Pocket Knives, Carving Si ts, Lamps, Kbi'trica] (ioods and a
prlate an.l useful gifts.
great numlier of other appro-
New   W'pstmirifitf
Phone 59.
to have  your
rif-tt.f these long evenings.   We
[    ran  Mill   you from  50 cuts  up
!*�����>. colli  filled   for  $4   to $5.
inter in California
I Age
nts for Pacific Coast Steamship Co*
F. J. HART &  CO., LTD.
Established 11*1.
Ws write Flre, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile   anu
Marina Ineuranea.
On the Main Floor
Working in Toyland
Buy In Your Own City      Our Prices Are the Lowest
Only 14 more shopping days after Monday. Dec. 8th, and we hnve our departments overloaded with beautiful Xmas Gifts. Our Toy Department cannot be equalled in I_. C. today. Our Main Floor has been entirely
re-stocked expressly for this Xmas trading. Then the vast assortment of new Furs, both of the cheaper and
most expensive kind is by far the largest in New Westminster today, and for those who think of Carpels or
Furniture for practical gifts, we offer a $100,000 stock to select from right here in (his city. He it a ten-cent
or a hundred-dollar purchase you make in this store, our prices and values are quite open for your strict
criticism, and we make this plain statement once again. You can shop in this store as cheap as in any store
in Vancouver, and in many articles our prices are cheaper. Wc want your business���and with our prices
antfservice this store can save you money.
Suit Cases for
the Holidays
Are you going away for the
holidays? If so, a Club Haft
or Suit Case Is a necessity.
With a new shipment just re-
reived, we are prepared to meet
your needs with a splendid assortment of Bags and Cases,
which ure a combination of
beauty and durability. Come
and have a look at these on the
Main Kloor. Our values are
Tonoid    Klbro    Knit     Cases,  in
sizes  from  14    lo    2 -flinches.
with or without straps. Priced
from       -J2  to  $5
.Solid Leather Suit Cases ���
These were bought to sell at
the special price of Jg and
are  extra Rood  value.
Solid Leather Suits Cases of
better quality, with goo.l
sheepskin straps. Specially
priced   at       58.50
Solid Leather Cases, with extension for carrying suit. Specially priced at  ...    |(1J,Cn
Solid Leather Club BagB, in
black with -walrus finish, also
In tan. Specially priced at
$7.75.   $8.50,   $9.00,   $9.75  and
Solid Leather Cowhide Cluh
Bag. Specially priced at $18
Basement for
These Bargains
Useful Christmas Gifts for Ladies
See uur  Ladies'   Ucaily-to wear on  the  l-'lrst   Kloor.
These are llie padded silk gOWUS, in cardinal, gray, and brown. Something ci. /y and warm fo* these Chilly, winter days. Specially
pl iced       $6.95
LADIES' SATIN I'MiKKSKIKTS. In eerlae, hiirnt orange, royal pur-
plo. blue and hlack, finished with deep accordl on pleated flounce.
Special       $2.50
SATIN UNDERSKIRTS, finished Willi narrow ruchlng on fool. In
colors of green, iirown. navy, Copenhagen, tun. Nell rose, and
hlack.    Special at      $1.95
NKW WAISTS In Ceylon Flannels, colored strip.s, cream, navy, car
ilinai. ami gray. Some made with the new deep shoulder effect
and Robespierre collar.    I'riee         $2.50 to $3.25
NEW silk waists, in messaline and two-toned taffetas, in all
Shades. Some are finished In front with narrow fine plaiting,
Others  nre  in   tailored   Style,   with   low   collar,     The   prices  are
from      $4.50 *�� $6.00
Buy Furs at McAllister's Prices
Popular  Furs  at  quick -selling   prices.     Any   woman   who  appreciates
fur values will be quick to note the very  reasonable prices we have
quoted    n all Fur Stoles and  Muffs:
ciilLliKKN's WHITE THIBET SETS, al $5.75 ����'��� S6.SO
CHILDREN'S IMITATION ERMINE SKIS, sl       34.00 lhi $5.00
LADIES' LARGE PILLOW Mi'KK to match scarf	
NBARSEAL SCAKK.    I'rice   	
NKAItSKAI. MI'KK to match, pillow style  	
SABLE FITCH STOLES, in various styles.    Some straight scarf,
 $16* $28 ��'"- $32
others In shawl si vie.
NATURAL MINK MUFF, large pillow style
A Good Carpet for a Christmas Gift at
These Prices
If you have a:.;
your  parlor, dining
visit our
pets  and
Carp. t. In -i- -���*:;*
Llnol i---   . etc.,
'on of purchasing a new floor covering for
living loom, hall, etc, It will pay you to
nl   as   ve have got a section of Huns, Car-
second to none Iii liritish Columbia,   Our
Food   Choppers;
Mrs.   Potts'  Sad
$1.36;   per set
Galvanized  Palls
fllass   Wash
Japanned Coal
Galvanized Wash
r   $1.76,
regular  36c;
reg.   ,i0e,
rei;.  50c;
������   35e
I litis, 60c, 75c
$1.00  and       $1.15
10-Quart   lie-tinned   Dish   Pans;
regular 45c  for
9-Incti  Pie Plates;
v. -i ini'ie Graters;
I Inoleo Floor Wax;  tin
l-snlloii  Tin   Oil  Cans;
'!���>.  each   	
regular lOe,
regular  10c,
Magic Furniture Pollsn; regular 26c fur    3 for 50c
Folding Lunch Boxes; regular
?6c Wr   2St
uin- coat Hooks;   regular 16c
for. per dozen     IOC
Handled  Chopping  Aj.<;    reg,
U.'it, tor     95C
Long-handled    Hair      Brooms;
regular tl 60 for ~5g
Colcrcd Glass    Table    Ware
Berry Bo*wla
Nut Howls
,Cake Plates
Flower Vanes
Salad Howls, etc.
"MIC T��dlC
Oood Table Tumblers; regular
B6c  per dozen, for  ....  50C
Printed Porcelain Cup* nml
Saucora    3 for JtSc
1-quart     Majolica     .M.lk    .lims;
zreg.  13c  for       I5t
Read This
ri'iise incli'dia all  the best, makers In  the Old Country ami America.
Below vou will find a few of the lines we have picked oul:
Size C.li.v.ll;  regular $23.50.    Special     $19.75
Size 9x9; regular $86.00, Special    $29.50
Size 9x10.6;   regular $42.51).    Special      $35.00
Size 9x12; regular fiS.OO,    Special    $38.50
Size 11.8x18.8;  regular $70.00.   Special    $57.00
These Wiltons are one of the finest machine rugs made. The
yarns are well selected; It'a a quality which there is almost no end
to the wear of. They ure unique In designs and colorings and all well
worth seeing. Any one requiring a first-class carpet should not miss
this opportunity,
Size   9x8;   regular  $311.Oo.   Special       S27.50
Size 9x10.8; tegular $36.00.   Bpeclal   $29.75
Size 8.3x11.6;   regular $47 50.    Special      $40*00
These Carpets have a heavy pile surface that  Is delightfully com-
fortable to the tread.   Tbsy are known for lhelr special, soft and well-
blended colorings and handsome appearanoe and finish.
Size 6.9x9; regular $16.60.   Bpeclal  	
Size 9x10.6; regular $35.00,   Special 	
Size 9x12.0;   regular $20.50.    Special   	
Size  10.6x13.0;  regular $83.76    Special   	
An entirely new shipment of these popular Hugs has Just come
in. and they have a rich, velvety pile and come In a range of patterns in the ver> lateal oriental and Medallion offeots, lu all the
in west color combinations,
Dainty Handkerchiefs for Christmas Gifts
Dainty Handkerchiefs, in Pretty Fancy Boxes, for Children, Misses
and Ladles,
Fancy boxea of 8 Handkerchiefs; l.r>c box. or 2 hoxes 234
Fancy hoxes of 3 Handkerchiefs;   per hox 2��C
Iialnty emliroldereil corner Handkerchiefs;  3 In  hox 35C
Kancy aluminum boxes of 3 Handkerchiefs 35lt
Kancy aluminum boxes of 3 Handkerchiefs 451
Hainty  narrow  Maltose  hire edge  Handkerchiefs,    Kancy  Ik>x  of 3
for    GSC
Irish hand embroided cornered Handkerchiefs;  3 In very pretty box
for   75*
Madlero embroidered linen Handkerchiefs;  I in hox for 75<
We have also a splendid asBortmenl or plain sheer linen Irish Band
embroidered nml initial Handkerchiefs; each 20* and 28*
Klne cam1ric Handkerchiefs, daintily embroidered and initial In cor-
3 for SO*
inlets as wnll
A fine assortment of fancy embroidered corner Hnndkerohl
as dainty scalloped nml lace edged Handkerchiefs, in fine lawn and
sheer linen qualities,    These come ln prlci s from
��ach    20* to 81.80
We can give any quantity of these In a dainty Christmas Box, all ready
for Chrictmas Gifts.
A   few   Christmas   Suggestions:
Klectric    Coffee    Percolator;
Combination   Klectric   Grill   and
Toaster       '6.25
Combination  Klectric Stove and
Toaster       84
Combination     Klectric    Chafing
lilsh  and  Kgg  Boiler..  $10
Z //n//t��c'
Visit Our
Now already for you to select your Xmas Gifts. You
will be surprised at the wonderful values we are offering this year to secure your
patronage. Special price
tables, demonstrating lots of
carefully selected toys of
the most wanted kinds to
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Dcx Metal Soldiers, Trumpets,
Drawing Slates, Box Cameras,
Dressed Dolls, Box Dominoes. Musical Box, Humming Tops, Baby Rattles, Picture Books, Pop Guns,
Jumping  Jack.
Automobiles, Wdol Dolls, Talking
Dolls, Sailor Dolls, Seta Picture
Clocks, Muaical Boaes, Metal Humming Tops, Trumpets, Embossed
Dominoes, Stiff Cover Picture
Box Paints, Toy Dinner Sets, Musical Dolla, Dolla' Fur Sets, China
Tea Seta, Aluminum Rattles, Celluloid Rattles, Metal Horse Soldiers,
Wool Balls, Musical Tops, Mechanical Mouse, Metal Horae and Buggy.
Mechanical Bumble Bee, Musical
Jumping Jack, Wool Rattles, Musical Animate. ,
Metal Flre Waggon, Target Pistol,
Kindergarten Sets, Large Drawing
Slates, Large Muaical Box, Card
Games, Work Boxea, Noah's Ark,
Celluloid Rattles, Celluloid Trump-
eta, Mechanical Dolls, Celluloid
Dolla, Cornets, Trombones, Musical
Wheels, Puzzle Blocka, Metal Soldiers, Banjos.
Noak'a Ark, Fitted Work Boxes,
Happy Hooligan, Cold Lead Soldiers, Crowing Rooater, Dolls, Cameras, Fur Rabbits, Fur Doga, Large
Drawing Slates, China Dinner Sets.
Jumping Jacks, Horaea, Building
Blocks, Skittles, Stiff-Cover Picture
Booka, Water Color Paints, Dolls'
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Better Toys
Please make your selection early,
before tha assortment ie broken. A
amall deposit wlll hold any article
till Chrlstmaa.


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