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The New Westminster News Apr 9, 1913

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 "     ������*'.   *:    *..'.-: ���        ,     ��� .-.   ���
Number Registered.
Total number of voters in West
minster   ls   now   3500.     This   ce
pares  with  the  3000  names
composed the old list.
v-��*v    *f*
Weatlier Today.
New (Venfmiiistor and lower mate
land���Winds   chiefly   easterly;   su
settled   with  showers;    not    rcuub
change in temperature.
VOLUME 8, f,        dER 28.
Report That Great Britain
and Russia May Accept
New President.
Fighting   Continues    at    Naco    with
Little Advantage to Either
Proposal  to  Appoint  Man    to    Meet
Visitors Attracted by Advertisements Discussed.
'  The feature of yesterday's meeting
of the executive committee    of    the
Progressive Association was a formal
discussion on the proposal of Mr. John
A.   Lee   that   either   the   Progressive I
Association or the city council take it |
upon themselves to support an Indus
trial commissioner who would be en-1
jfagefl to point out the advantages and
potentialities of New Westminster nc |
an   industrial,   commercial   and   dis- I
trlbuting centre to those desiring to j
invest here.
Mr. I.ee, who was present at the |
meeting, repeated bis suggestion for
the benefit of the exeoutive. stating I
that though the publicity field wa�� I
fairly well covered at the present ]
time, the Industrial field had been to j
a great extent neglected.
The  executive  did  not  reach  any j
final decision on the matter, but laid
It over  for  further  consideration  at
the next regular meeting.
Mr. W. J. Kerr, who though entirely
In favor of the appointment of   a*" |
Manuel of  Portugal Says
Hc Will Be Restored to
Washington, April 8���Belief that
Great briiatn aud Russia have recognized the Huerta government was expressed today In a message from the
Mexican foreign office to the embassy
here, qpnounclng that the countries
named have made it known that new
ministers being sent would be per
noun grata. Miguel Covarrubias, who
haa been at London, was transferred
to St. Petersburg, and Uartoleme Car-
vajaly Rosas Is on IiIb way from St
Petersburg to Umdon.        ,
Guetemala alao has recognized
1/ouiu Verdi as minister from Mexico.
��� Reoela Defeated.
Mexico City, April 8.���Fighting industrial commissioner, expressed
which has been In progress in and t|le opinion that tbose who had
about Tonaclngo, one of the most im- donated money to the Prog-essive
portant cities in the state of Mexico, ABSodation had give it under the un-
ended toda yin a rebel defeat. Gov- demanding that tt was to be uiod
ernment reporta state that 200 fol- ,(or publicity purposes and anv chang"
lowers of Zapata were killed. The 0f the policy of the association could
federal losses were not given. j not be made without the vote of   the
The  rebels  outnumbered  the    500 organization's financial supporters.
government troops,    but   the    latter | Chance Made
used  machine guns and other    field j    Mr  Lee-8 suggestion Was that   the
pieces effectively. , cl,v councn na far aB concerned the
Fighting at Naco clly publicity bureau and the Progres-
Naoo, Aril., April 8���Wllh little |tlve Association should change their
advantage to either side, state forces i mo(Je of 0pera,|on in order that one
today alternately attacked Naco. Son- or the other ���hould cover ^ neid in
era, or were met midway by OJeda's m much better method than at pres-
���mall   federal   forces  defending   . the en(
Sonora-Alxona border town. In two j -fbore would be oblectlon. he said
distinct battles during the day and a-lto me association changing Its plans
continual long range artillery duel, Jana jumping from one thing to nn-
the federals are known to have lost'other but he was convinced th-t the
40 wounded, and seven killed. The I p0ncy of the organization should be
etate troop loss'ls believed to be much  governed  by  existing conditions and
Lisbon, April 8.���Former King Manuel of Portugal, declared: "I foresee
that 1 Bhall soon return to the throne
of Portugal," in an interview pub
lUbed today ln the newspaper Cor
relo, which, however, does no* disclose his whereaboutB. Manuel out
lines a program of nodal and econo
mic reforms which he intends to in
troduce when he returns.
"The condition of Portugal," he declares, "is deplorable. Actual despotism has replaced parliamentary self-
government and this despotism Ib con
trolling the courts of Justice while neglecting the country's agriculture
commerce and industry and augmenting the taxes to BUCl an extent as to
force 120,000 Portuguese to emigrate
during 1912."
West Burnaby, April 8.���As the re
suit of a visit from a deputation from
Piper's Siding the school hoard at u
special meeting laBt nighl decided ti
purchase a site and erect a Bchool in
that vicinity which is just east of
llurnaby Lake on the G. N. R. line.
The deputation which consisted ot
two. Messrs. Shanahau and Ward, pul
forth many reasons why a school
should be erected at Piper's Siding,
the chief being that a large Increase
In .population warranted such action.
The board wlll select a site In
either district lots 40 or 42 imd later
order the erection of the school. This
was the only business transacted by
>the trustees last nlgbt other matters
being deferred to Saturday when another meeting will be beld.
Chairman of May Day committee,
which meets t'.i-�� evening at 8
o'clock in the Board of Trade
rooms to make preparations for
the forthcoming celebrations. Mr.
Johnfton has been connected with
the May Day for many years and
ub recently as 1911 served as master of ceremonies.
Shocking   Fatality   When
Fly Army Boat Shoots
into Water.
business m m iSLNATORS ELECTED
Market Scheme  Discussed and  Statements Made that B. C. Produce
Is Inferior.
"The qnus is oi��.the 'farmers." such
was the Btatemeht made last night a'
,     ,    ,     ���.. .,    a meeting cf   the   New Westminster
San  Diego,  Cal.,    April    8.���While  Business  Men's Association  when    a
scoreB of persons on Point Loma were I letter  from  thc   progmglve  As*ocia
^nn^ I "^i? I0" ,8iaUnK ab.outltlon orglng the business men to en
100 feet above the bay this morning. I dorBe a ���b in B (, campa!gn.. was
they were horrified to see it turn i bro��� ht up for coniiiaerat4 *
Bharply to the right and shoot Into _h��� ���������.,,��� : .tlZOlr .
the water. The occupants of the! ����� ��Pe^er was a prominent mer
flying boat or hydro-aeroplane were *��** ?��� otyand finished his
Lieut. Rex Chandler of thc Coast ar- !***"�� wltt w��r?s ,�� the <��eet ,hilt
tlllery corps, and Lieut. Lewis H.! ���e 'B*mers and fruit growers of B.
Brerton of the same service. |c-  ,"*"   to   Produce   the   goods and
Thc former, when taken from under 'luallty or thev could not sell them,
the wrecked machine In the water, al    ���B ���lu8' about describes the post-
few minutes later, waB dead, having lion  of retailers of the city  toward
Direct Election of United
Statea Senators b
Ends Long Fight for <
nors of Statea to Appoint Te
porary Senators.
been killed InBtantly, it is thought, by
being struck with tome part of the
falling machine. Lieut. Brerton, who
escaped with slight Injuries, collapsed
B. C. farm .and orchard products
They are wlllisg to do all In their
power to pell the produce of British
Columbia, but so far they have been
Washington. April g.���Direct faction ot U. S. senators by the people
; was authorized and made -nmapartanry
, today wben the legislature ratified ttxtr
1 conbtitutional amendment svtmiitted
by congntsa less than a year ago The
situation that resulta throughout the
'��� country, where many legir.lst-nres have-
;adjourned until 1915 Is ouch as to
| leave confusion in the minds -of members cf the senate, aa to how the ��arls
when he attempted to talk obout the handica-ncd bv the poorer Quality of: Bteps  toward  direct election of sen-
List of Fatalities.
Washington, April 8.���Brigadier-
General Allen, chief signal officer of
the army, waB notified tonight of the
death of Lieut. Rex Chandler and the
slight injury of Lieut. Lewis II. Brerton at San Diego, as the result of the
fall of their hydro-aeroplane there today. The dispatch asked that Chandler's father, Joy Chandler of Gerome,
Mich., be notified of his son's death.
With the death today of Lieut.
Chandler, army aviation has -exacted
the gooda cf the province, the pack
Inpr. e'c. ai compared with goods
from the United Htstes.
Several prominent retail men described the difficulties thev were
forced to meet In Belling B. C. good'
and the conviction was reached that
something would have to be done and
that immediatelv. If the farmers and
fruit growers of tbe province were
to occupy tbnt position on the home
market which they should.
it was stated by one speaker tbat
the produce of the Fraser valley was
ators will be carried eat.
While the proclamation of tbe secretary ot state announduK final ratification of the amendment, bs-3C statee.
is required by law. Senators H-riato*.
and Borah, leaders of the direct elections fight In congress, expressed thu-
opinion today that the amendment..
for all practical purposes, now ia is.
part of the constitution.
"Any man who msy be elected to-
the senate hereafter, i
directly," said Senator I
The new amendment I
-     - - - - ui-e   ifiuwu-ce  ui   me   riant-*!    ^anej   wus I       . ���� ��.- ���  ����*���.������������
a   068 of lite of eight persons.   The m0Bt lnvarlabiy 0f lower quality than legislature, however.
Former Member of Madero
Government Will Go to
list of the fatalities follows
Twenty wounded federals were
brought bere for treatment by the
United Slates army medical corps.
Two died while In tbe hospital. Ten
federal:*-, who denei-l, tl. reported that
the loss to the state troops wnn great
at Btages of the battle where the attackers were caught In a shower of
shr��p-Bel��*hel!-airtt marine pun bullets.
While on natrol duty Private White.
of the Ninth United States cavalry.
was wounded ln the hand and leg.
Trumpeter Fleming was shot through
the shoulder, the ball piercing his
body and fulling intq his blouse
pocket. C. J. Brown, negro trooper
was Bhol iu the abdomen while in :
caron.    H�� probably will not survive
this condition  had  arisen.
He thought the Propreialve Assoc'a  j
tlon   best   fitted   for   opening   up   this
nnw   field   while   publicity   work  could
be   , ..nliniil      to      the     city      publicity i
bureau.     Arter  we  adv,,rlle��.   Mr.   I.ee |
Observed,  we have got to have Homebody here to nhow  people with card- j
i-M to Invest, what  they can do with |
It here.   ���
One Man's Work.
It was not a queitlon of Individual
persons, continued the speaker, but of
what was the best thing to do in the
interests  of  the  city.    Some  person j
��ho  knew  th�� rites,  shippine  fae'li-1
ties,   transportation,   etc.. and   who;
rhnld give authentic Information as to
local conditions to Investors and w*v
pie   looking   for   manufacturing   Bites
New   Bill   Will   Not   Affect   Canadian
Agents Unless Sold in Forty-eight
Acre Tracts.
While tho state (roops pressed the j mU8t be anpointed. said Mr. i.ee.    I
attack. Ojeda continued hla custom of i was n "hole man's work to fathom out
IContinued on Pane Four.) (Continued on Page Eight!
In order to -jive the farmers   of the1
Kraser   valley   every   opportunity     of
ahlpping produce lo the two big cities I
on the lower mainland and bIho allow
the farmers  themselves to  make the
trip from the valley under better conditions and  faster time, the officials
ol the B. C.  D.  It. have arranged    u
sweeping change of the running sys ;
tern of the Chllllwack line of the company    putting   on   additional    tniina
while reducing the time between  the
teinilniiH In the valley and New West-
iniiiBit'c by 'in minutes.
Under    the    new    order of   things1
which goes   Into   effect   on Sunday.
April 211, the II. 0. B. II. wlll be run-
ning two fast express and .milk spe- j
rials  each  way   between   Chllllwack,1
Now Westminster and Vancouver. One
of  these  leaving  early   In  the  morn-
log will give the farmers time to load
their produce and perishable freight'
and get it on tho   market   by    9:30
o'clock   thn   same   morning   in New
Westminster, while 45 minutes later!
the  train  will arrive at the Carrall
street station In Vancouver. j
Heretofore    the    farmers,    except
those residing this side of Huntingdon,
have been unable to ship perishable |
freight on tho Bamo day as the New
Westminster1 market Is held.
The other train will   leave   Chilli- j
wuck at fi:.in o'clock In the evening.;
arriving In  New Westminster    Ihreo
hours later.
Passenger Service.
The change In running time of the]
passenger trains will be just as Important as that of the freight Bervlce
fir no less than 20 minutes will be
clipped off the present time consumed
in mailing the trip between lhe two
points, Chllllwnck and New Westminster. ThlB will mean that Ihe tralin
will have to rnn on an average of 40
lo 45 miles per hour tlie entire distance of 65 nilleB as over :w stopping
plaoes nre located tin thla line.
According to Mr. Allan Purvis, inter.
urban manager of the company, the
change will bo mado to give the
farmers a more efficient service both
for freight nnd passenger traffic and
will be a means of opening up mnro
and more the vast fertile lands of the
Kraser valley tupped by the interurban line.
Fast Time.
A special multiple-unit train carry I
Ing the head officials of the company I
made u record trip from Chilliwack t
this olty  yesterday,  the  distance  of
65 miles  being  covered  In the  abort
space of 1 hour and -lo minutes.   This j
Is   Iiie  fastest  time  made  by  a   pas I
m nger car making the run and yester-1
day's time includes three slow downs j
at In'eriocklng points whore the elei-
trio tramway crosses the Btiam tracks |
while  the   crossing  over  the     Kra-Jer
river bridge has to be *:v.\*iQ *.', a ri'.:
of Hix mllei.   In the party won- Gi n
oral  Manager It. JI. S:;cr!!r.^. *.'.r.  ".
It.    Glover,    Comptroller    Kidd,    Mr.
Prenter,  Interurban  Manager    Purvis
and Superintendent Kd. Stirling.
Although the arrangements for the
new traffic schedule had bSOS pir
fected by Mr. Purvis, yesterday's In
Bpection trip by the general managoi
and other officials was ln the nature
of a final Inspection, the announce
ment of tho change following their
���r     New Schedule.
The iiew schedule ub given out hy
Mr. Purvis is as follows:
No. 1 Huntltlg-don local leaves Hunt
Ingdon 7:10 a.m., Instead of 6:110. ar
riving New WeBtmlnster Bl80 a.m.
No. C Huntingdon local, leaves New
WeBtmlnster 4 p.m., arrive nmitinr-
don 6:80 p.m.
No. 2 leave New WeBtmlnster 0:1"
a.m., arrive Chilliwack 11:55 a.m.
No. 4 leave New WestiuliiHler 1:25
p.m., nrrlvo Chllllwack 8:50 'p.m.
No. 5 leave Chllllwack 1:15 p.m., nr
rive New Westminster 3:45 p.m.
No. 3 leave Chllllwack 8:30 a.m., nr.
rive Now WeBtmlnster 11:10 a.m.
No. 8 leave New Westminster 6
p.m., nrrlvo Chilliwack 8:55 p.m.
No. 7 leave Chllllwucli 6 p.m., arrive Now Westminster 8:40 p.m.
Rxpress. freight and milk special
leave Chilliwack 6:10 a.m., arrive New
Westminster 9:30 a.m. Returning nt
4 p.m., arrive Chllllwack 7 p.m. No.
2 express, baggago and milk special
leaves New Westminster 9:55 a.m..
arrive Chllllwack 12:55 p.m. Returning) leaves Chllllwack 6:30 p.m., ar-
rlvo New Westminster 9:45 p.m.
Lincoln, Neb., April 8. ��� Th ���
Nebraska Blue Sky bill, which prom
Iscb booh to become law, will in no
way affect the sale of Canadian land
in Nebraska unleBS the same is sold
in less than 41) acre tracts.
Amendments tacked on the measure
In the house after it had pasaed the
senate cut out all the provisions foi
the registering of agents and the in
apectlon of propositions offered for
sale, limiting inspection to real estate
firms selling land located outside ct
the Btate In less than 40 acre tracts
or In cases where the land companies
wefe offering to place Improvements
cf one sort or another upon the land
The bill as originally passed bv the
senate placed close restrictions a3 to
registration, monthly reporting and
the like upon Innd companies, but all
this has heen cut out and Indications
nre that the senate will concur In the
liouse amendments nnd that the gover
nor will sign the hill in its amended
The only clautie lhat lived through
the Biege and which may affect the
sale of Canadian farm lands compels
the Nebraska state conservation nud
Boll survey to Investigate the land
offered for sale If Burn land lies -outside the state Of Nebraska when callcil
upon lo do so by any prospeetlvi
purchaser. If the land tluiB liivesli
vated doca not uphold the claims
made by the sales agents the attorney
general Is ordered to prosecute the
agents for attempted fraud.
White Rock Customs Increased.
While  Hock.  Aprll 9.--An  lnerenn j
of over 100 per cent was made in the |
customs   collections   for  thn  port   ot
White Ilock during the fiscal yenr Just
ended. Two hundred and ten thousand
dollars was tnken In during 1912-13 as
against $98,900 during Iho year 1911-12.1
Immigrants  admitted  by  the  govern '
ment Inspectors numbered 7878, wllh
1900   rejections.     The   report   of   Dr.
Kenneth Mclntyre, the veterinary Inspector,  showed   that  a  considerable
niinilmr of nnlmnlB had been imported through this port.
El Paso, Tei., Aprll 8.���"1 am going
to Washington and give Secretary
Bryatt proofs of the part taken by
Ambassador Wilson in the Mexico
City rovolt," declared Itoques Gouales
Garza, former member of the Madero
chamber of deputies, and now agent
I In the United States of the Constltuti-
i onallst revolution. Senator Garza ar-
j rived liere today from San Autonio,
j where be has headquarter-H.
I      "Char-sell   aKnlliBt    U'ilaon    made   liy
f my colleague. Deputy Luis Manuel
| Rojas, In ix document sent Secretary
j Bryan, will be Eiihstantiat'.-d with ac-!
' tual proofs," eontt,l'uc��f~--<-lar7.a, who
was one of the early organizers of tlie
Madero revolution und brother of Kran
cIbco Garza. Sladero cabinet minister
and governor of the federal district.
"There are 12 distinct charges which
will show when proved, that Wilson
acted against the Madero government," he added.
The Constitutionalist party, If successful, in overthrowing the Huerta
government, will uot be responsible
for debts of the present party in power, according to Senor Garza. In thiB
announcement he Bpeaks hy authorization of Senor Carranza of Coahuila,
military head of the revolution.
"If Huerta borrows money we will
not accept the debt," he said. "This
is in keeping with President Wilson's
recent stand against 'dollar diplomacy,' as referring to Latin-American
countries, which have no constitutional
government, ln this we count on the
sympathy of all Americans who assisted by ihelr moral support the Madero. revolution, which was exactly
similar to the present movement
against unconstitutional military."
I scribe tbe methode
I tors.    Many
lt was    suggested   by    the   same Uournedland will not
(speaker that the  government should Ie?"y  ���"   l'i**.  * JJ
step In and endeavor to educate the Ith* terms ot QTer-il
fanners as to the    class   of    gooda     ** V .**f"-,'T *���**��� *���
which would be most remunerative to lth�� ,*?"?^���2-
produce and to train them ln the man n,     , *w   7~T*
\ direct tne cove:
Hots temporarily antil
I elect men at regalarty
; Special  sees-tons ef
1 ner  which
\ goods.
they   should pack    their
,..,,,���,      ,,,,,,  .    v        ,that ot the United States, besides be-1
Lieut. L. R. Rockwell, killed when a . b^.   MCi,ed
plane refused to work at College Park.     g       ' * 5'acKc,L
Md., Sept.  28. 1912.
Corp. Prank S. Scott, killed ln tall 1
with Lieut. Rockwell.
Lieut. 1.. W. Hazelhurst, plunged tot
death when wing of machine crumpled 1
at College Park, June 12, 1912.
A. L. Welsh, professional Instructor,
killed in tall with Lieut. Hazelhurst.,
Lieut. K. M. Kelly, ground to death     There were many    lines,    lt    was I ^  ���,.����������
beneath his aeroplane when he Btruck stated, which the farmers could enter I^Jj be nrged ln ,
earth too hard upon landing at San that would pay better than producing j the nePeHary iaVa can 5j��
Antonio, Tex., May 10, 1911. ^i"068,,,at, le,a^' ,��� A       fore the scneml etedfcws of IMC
Lieut. Thomas E. Selfridge, dashed j     The chief of these wag the produc- j    iD ��frms ttaCe, action haa already
to death at Kort Meyer, Va.. Sept. 17,, tion of butter which at present is al-; [,oen taken, or win be before tbe feete-
1908, while flying with Orville Wright, i most  entirely  Imported.     There  were: larurts   ctfd   their'
wbo had his leg broken In the fall.       J also particular  times at   which    tbey '
Paul   Peck,   professional   instructor, 1 could   market   their goods   to  iiilvmit- ���
killed   at   Chicago,   Sept.   11,   1012
Rifle  Fails and Savea  Life of Terry
McGovern, Convict In Burnaby
Prison   Farm.
Coy  Killed In Mysterious Accident.
Calgary.    April    8.���Harry   Smith.
five years old, son of Henry' Smith.
met quick death today wheu a deliv
ery  wagon  toppled    over    on    him,
crushing his skull.    There were no
witnesses to the accident.   The driver
, | of the wagon had entered a house to
when   the  guard s  at-1 make  a QeUvery aiu,  wheu  he  came
out he found the wagon overturned
with the boy under ,lt.
Crown Oppoccs Application for Qai
Eohalf of Jchn J.  Ma.:nam3ra-
Prc nlncnt CfUntSl,
Burglars Busy 'n Saskatoon.
Saskatoon, Sask.. April R.   Burglars
broke Into three stores here early this
morning and got away wllh about
1300 worth of Btock. The Btores en-
'ered were the Regal Cigar Store, the
'alluring establishment No arrests
have been made.
Nelson, April 8.���-Klre which
originated from an unknown
cause on Sunday, wiped out the
planing mill of the Kdgewood
Lumber Compnny at CaBtle-
gar, considered one of the
most modern lumber manufactories in the province.
Tho Iobb ls between $12,000
nnd $14,000, covered by insurance. The plant wlll bo rebuilt.
With two of tho most learned King'B
counsel in this part of the provifice advancing arguments as to whether
John Macnamara, awaiting trial for
the alleged theft of an auto on tlio
morning of Sept. 15, 1911, should or
Bhould not he allowed out ou bail ponding his case in the coming spring as
Blzo court, the county court chambers In the court liouse yesterday
morulng presented more than passing Interest to those who delight and
take Interest In legal oratory
With hiB honor Judge Howay on the
bench nnd Macnainnra standing In the
dock, Sir CharloB Hibbert Tupper, K.C.
of Vancouver, representing the prisoner, made application for ball in order to allow Macnamara hla liberty until his case should be tried at the ttB-
size court
Sir Charles claimed that the case so
far us It had been advanced against
the man by the crown was of tho
flimsiest character, in the depositions mule, tho witness, Donald Ferguson, ha muted that he passed the
unto and garage about G o'clock on
the morning of Sept. 15, 1911, that ho
had taken Bpeelal pains to notice Macnamara although, pointed out coun-'
sei for the accuBed, there were three
oilier men In tho near vicinity of the
car whom Ferguson could uot describe In any way.
Sir Charles stated that later on ho
oxpocted to show that Macnamara ia
an expert with an auto and that it was
possible for hlm to bo assisting the
other three persons seen by Ferguson
In driving the car or getting it in motion. Tbo evidence showed that the
(Continued on Pare Blaht.t
Thomas McGovern, a prisoner at the
Burnaby prison farm, with hiB term
expiring on June 2, made a daring and
sensational escape from lawful cub-
tody yesterday which almost terminated In his being shot in his tracks.
McGovern was working outside the
precincts of the farm, clearing some
land with a gang of other prisoners,
when suddenly
teutloii waB diverted for a minute,
lie made a break for the bush which
was only about 75 feet from where he
The guard turned and found his prisoner making off and raising his gun to
his shoulder fired in the air. McGovern continued to run and the guard
fired auother shot.
The shot failed to explode, however,
and   McGovern   had   almost   reached
cover  in  the  woods  when  the  guard
cleared hiB rifle and prepared to fire
again.   Just as he did bo, the escaping
! prisoner dropped behind a log which
or, [tlie bu't/t from the rifle struck a sec-
j'^iiil later.
Hy thiB tln'o a number of other
guaftls- hearing shots arrived on the
.cone'and took up the chase of the
prisoner who had got u coiiBlilerable
distance into the woods.
At 11:80, two hours after he had
broken away McGovern waa captured
In the vicinity of Hastings but not
without making a show of rcslBtaiice.
The throe guards who made the capture were each struck at by the prisoner who waB finally overpowered and
carried back to the farm.
Information of his having attempted
to escape from lawful custody has
boen laid against him and ho will
probably be tried In New Westminster
or Burnaby shortly on such a charge.
Should McGovern, who was Bent up
from Vancouver on a charge of theft
In the first Instance, be sentenced to
another term he will be compelled
to serve out his present term first.
I The systems adopted by the XT. S
i farmers and fruit growers, in packing
i marketing and producing were oom-
J mended highly while those of their
I brothers In this province were re-
i gretted especially when the fact was
j recognized that the soli was just as
! productive, the transportation facilities almost equal. ,I
The business men have taken the
matter to heart and state that they I
would like to do all In their power j
to help out the B. C. farmers. Thr- j
letter from the Progressive Associa- j
tion was referred to a s-"c'al commit-j
tee which will recommend later what |
courso should be adopted
I authorizing tbe people ta rot* tar nut
ator-ff at next ��������-*.     ���    **
j     Tbe ehafts. of * WMlur Itt
I for the place now beM    by
' Jackson would hare been made by thtr
: legislator?  nest  year under the of-d
system.    A  special    session    ot tbe
Maryland legirbiture wonld be neeen>-
i sary to provide laws by wUeli a popo-
! lar eke,-on could orAir next year, la
I the  opinion  of  members of tho sea
ate no eucceEsor can be appointed b>
the governor under the new pr-ovisjo-t*
when Senator Jackson's term expire-*-*
unless the legislature shall have special!)- directed such action.
Breeding of Fur Animals.
Toronto, Ajril S. - a t.'JK designed to
encourage the breeding ef fur animate
as b fore lhe fish and game commit
l e ai the legislature today. Or,
Reaume, minister of public worts,
said the bill was designed to fiscffitatei
the breeding of tar beariac animal*.
an industry for whicb there enn *i,
assured future. He thoagfct flaafe
should be provision tbat amy ewe ���**-
curing, selling, or purchasing; min-iazs
must have a permit from (ibe deftart-
ment. The bill will be redrafted and
reported with amendments.
April  8.- Pope   Pius  X   has
l  relapse, and  as usual    in
his condition  is considered
than that occasioned hy    his
of   last   inonth.     The   present
Former City Clerk Arrested.
Calgary. April 8. ��� H. E. Gillis
former city clerk and a candidate for
mayor at the Inst election, was arrested tonight charged with having
embezzled $4SII0 from lhe cily.
' attack-began with a fainting lit, and
l'rof essor Marchlafava, the papal
physician, was summoned hue last
night. lie visited the potit'.IT again
| early this morning and several times
The official statement given out at
the Vatican simply Bays:
"The Pope Is suffering frcm a re-
lapBC of the Influenza."
The Osservatcre Romano, the Vatican organ, publlBhed- the following
official statement thlB evening:
"Since yesterday evening the holy
father has been indisposed with a relapse of influenza. Ills condition Is
causing no anxiety, but he requires
much rest."
The truth is thut the pope's relapse
Ib causing greut anxiety, because it
was not expected, and for the reason
This evening at 8 o'clock In
the Board of Trade rooms,
City Hall, the first general
meeting of the May Day committee will be beld, and all
who are prepared to work for
or take an Interest In making
arrangements for this great
children's festival, wlll be
heartily welcomed.
materially, partly owing to Ibe Xict
that lie had remained in hed all day.
and, with the exception of Cardinal
Merry Del Val, tbe papal ancretary vl
state, his sisters and a neioe. hns re-f
celved no visitors.
At 7 o'clock Monday crecuas
pope retired to his study. Ua 1
plained of feeling over tired. At baa
what hour be was oieiuuuie tw <a
fainting spun has nt been KmnmL
but members of the hauscfc-oM i
to his assistance realized that I
ditlon waa serious, and brcaiae I
ly alarmed, as oo phyateia
ent. Father l"rosdo<:ino. the Vatican
chemist, was called and -ndrainiste-ned
stimulants which revived tha ponttfl.
Dr, Andrea Amiri waa hastily tmni
moned and was followed by PrntesHnr-
Man-hlur-iva. They fused that tli*?
pope had already been put fo bed. Imt
was Rtlll suffering from a resenrrenee-
of faint ness. Finding that the action
of the heart was weak, they infected
that at his advanced age there ls ever ^'.rophunthus, which restored Ua.
danger of  his  being  Unable tn  with-; Audiences Cusoended.
stand the drain on his strength. llv order of the physicians, all i
Tlle phy8ielan in attendance on the i ences  were  suspended and tha
pope through the night reported that remained fn bod throughout tlm ���mr.
ut   midnight  the   pope's  temperature  On  IiIb    last    visit   Dr. MaxrMsXavm
showed a slight rise.   This, however, found hlH condition satisfactory.
did not prevent the patient from get-     Cardinal Merry Del Val in reply *��
ting a fair amount of sleep. questions concerning tha exact condi-
Heart Weak. I tlon or the pope said:
Today his temperature reached a "I feel sura that with extreme otrev
little over 100 fahrcnhlte, which tn helped by the prayers ef the falthiat.
itself is not at all alarming, but the the holy father win be
heart showed weakness and thero for the glory of the chimb,"
were evidences of kidney trouble. Tho Pror<wsor Marchiafava tn
condition known as Albumlnurn. view tonight san that alarm
which frequently accompanies ln- Just Hied, fie expressed the I
fluenza, ls present, Indicating nephrl- the attending phyatriaan
Us, or Inflammation of the kidneys.     able to overcome tha i
At a late hour tonight the pope's If the pontiff ware allowed
condition was said to have Improved rest. THE NEW WESTMINSTER NEWS.
mmoe. -���"*��*)
legislative  career  in  Alabama  before j which tliere Is any mention In history
-  , ��������� ! was that founded at Athena by ""-'- '
going to  Washington nine years ago. I was
If    the    Washington      suffragette31 trat
should turn militant, Mr.  lleflln. dea       TI
Au \n4r***k,ifmi m.'1-.Hig p-ap-pr  v^.Mexi to
fvbtitthetl eeery  morning
., ...,i,iil (idlitr den
nid  tint
thf interests 0/  .Vein   Wettmintter mid
the Fraser Vnlleit   fvblntnen vi^> v  .... ���  ���.-. iiduii  bn ths .Vtlfteiml I'rintnnj
**& PHbUakitw Camp.***, Limited, a�� 68 Mt-f-Onrie Street, N  W����tmlttlter, Brit ith
Oohtnhin. SOBB M!THKill.ASII.  Managing llnert.ir
All nommnmioiUmixx shottttt be ttddressed tn Tht* New   R^-gat minster \ru'.i.
r ����i Use sioff. Oheeeee. draft- "'"' ������������������'���ii nrdeet slmnlil br
���4M1 fruiting mid   I'ltblishnin
  - Baatiaset Oftice and Menagt
" "ATftfl���llv tvtrrirr, tl  per vear, tl   fur three niniiths. 100 p��T
��v����(l��    It*'  ***HX, ** V*-*   itrttr, '.'in- per  montll.
-._   ,_^,��� .-in h* nuhiishrd  in  Tlie Sews except  over
nf ailfl
should turn uimuu.,  --
ptte bis pleasing appearance, will pro-, founded      . ^^^
bahly be marked fir vengeance, for , 2S4 11. ("., and whieh had 400,000
In n recent address he declared���-.vhilv> uable manuscripts when it was de-
modeatly admitting that the remark j stroyul by the Romans In 47 B, ('.
was not strictly original���"Women's ! Italy's first public library was found-
led ut Florence by Nioolo Niooll, om
in the home."
_..    Re  mil,  I*
���       AIIX'KRTlKtXt:   HI I t.r-  on  Vf-OT*v����w.., ^^_^^^_
rO OOKKKSCOVIIK-VTR���Un letters will lie published In   .
the v^itm-'s ttgnttxare   The editor rei-rer-eeii lhe rtohl  tn refuse III" |i u li/lent i.i n
aid direct the attention of our readers
received'from Mr. OUvay Wilkie, sec
Valley Development League,  and  which
town let speculation has been carried
so far as lo discount a good many
years cf future growth on the part of
cities and  towns.
It is not to be forgot'en, however,
that tlie real wealth of the west ia Its
annual harvest. On Ibla everything depends, (live tho grain growers a good
year and get their products marketed
and all is well. The speculation in
town lots is but a aide show.
It may continue or it may be checked; those engaged in it may prosper
or fail without serious consequence
to the country, for they are merely
playing on Ihe surface cf trie prosperity caused by the great wealth production that Ib going on. In many
cases these lots have a purely fetl-
tlons or gambling value like the blue
and red discs uked at cards.
As long as the speculators deal nios'
Iv   willi  each  other  It  matters  little trlcitv than anv 	
how thoy hoist these fictitious values  possible   exception   of  that bMnnr'i
and increase their dream-fortunes. The and appertaining to Thomas.A. Edi-
are a lot of elect-Hcnl ex
heatedlv ar^oefl tn th"
^  colored  optics,  the  rein
jury need be fared. live   rnun   -.-.   .Jdlson  i"1?!     Stelnm"**.
.. j  ., i,������.    Thnt be is not RO well known as Ed'
us ahout 540 B. C.
he second of any  note   was   that
by Ptolemy    Philadelphia,
place ig
Steinmetz, 48 Today a Four-Foot Bundle cf Energy.
Charles Proteus Stelnmets, "Unlit lie Napoleon of electricity," la not
even of .Vmoleonic stature, for hits only small-boy size, despite the fact
that todav marks the forty-eighth mile
stone tn bis useful life. A shade les'
than ftjur feet tall, Ids Lilliputian bo
dy Is tonned by a head lhat contain?
more wisdom on the subject ef elee.
other head, wllh the
of the great restorers of learning, In
MSii. The University Library at St.
Andrew's, Scotland, 1411; the Glasgow
University Library, 1471); tho Cambridge University Library, 1475, and
, lhe Bodleian Library at Oxford, 15HS,
i were among the first liritish libraries.
I'r. Daniel Williams' public library
| in London was opened in 1729. Har-
l vard University Library was opened In
j I lii', S. and the Library Company's seini-
| public library in Philadelphia in 1731.
WE have""]
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
************************** IB*
��� Correspondence |
��� - - ���     ��� t
a ~-***aea****e*1*tt*t'**t
The   New   Westminster  News   doe-S
We would direct the attention of our readers to a let- real wealth ami the real work of the son.
- - -*��������-   /-vi. w;il,io   cooi-dtai'v of weBt 'a found in the harvests nnd In      And there an
^^^^ ,     the marketing of them, and if all goon  ports who have
the  Fraser Valley  Development,   i.ieagut,   ���*..��.     __    IS'well  in these matters no serious in-lpotnt  of  dlscoh
printed in this issue. Therein it will be seen that exception: *%*"&*& -good vear- how-| 8*Wirf	
is taken to OUr remarks m thlS Column  On  April 3  last.; ever, a, Il has never perhaps needed, son is ��M to *%****_*? ^|oplnloM^^ed''M-o"orre.pon��enoe
which remarks Mr. Wilkie managed to have brought to his " u"'"r" -*�������ta star.      '- ����� mm na��� -i' 	
attention four days later.
I not hold  Itself  responsible    for    the
mtion iour uap ioi-ci.
Unhappily Mr. "Wilkie does not confine himself to the
subject under our notice.   From press reports emanating
One  of  the  most  famous
modern  times,    Moll    Pitcher,
thT at themeet ng of  he : League last week  President
Heaps is reposed to have said that bad feather off the      	
S of the Fraser frequently  kept shipping stoinis century ago ^ ^^^ --- ffttherlan, B0U(?ht
fortune teller of  Lynn,"  died in that
never patented in his own nam
of the mere than a trmdred invent'on-*-
epochal  inventions that  stand  to hi?
Employed by a erc-it electric-. 1 eir
poratton at an annual salarv of S75-
000, he  works quietly and  is all  but
unknown  except among his admiring
seers  of fellow professionals.
Mr. Stelnmet.7. wn�� born .in Breslati
Germanv. April 9, lRfln. and m'ght vet
it   before.���Toronto  Star.
Centenary   of   Moll   Pitcher    .Famous   000, he
Fortune  Teller cf Lynn
Mr. Stelnmetj wn" born .In nr*
be a subject had not the paternal ��n
Save $50-$75 on Your Typewriter.
Rebuilt   typewriters have same finish, Wejir like and
do work equal to brand now machines., Guaranteed
one year. Sei d for price list    All makes in stock.
Canadian   Typewriter Exchange,  Dept. 4, 543  Hast-
tings West, Vancouver. ^^^
socialism   by   oppress;'
the South Arm of the Fraser have drawbacks for log
booms at certain seasons of the year, but these periods
happily are limited, and Mr. Wilkie is probably aware of
the excellent towage facilities offered by the North Arm
of the Fraser practically all the year round.
In our article we were adverting to one main point,
namely that a statement attributed to the president of the
Fraser Valley Development League, to the effect that the I ~w
���i:.��v.i��� 4tn�� niivin-atinn   reputation as a dealer in
As a mere child she Bhowed strange
powers for reading the future, but it
v as not until after her marriage to
Robert Pitcher, a cobbler, that she
turned Ihls alleged ability to financial account. In fact, it was probably due to the shoemaker's shlflless-
. ness and Inability to provide the nec-
| esslties of life that Moll Pitcher became world famous as a seer.
Ith the passing of the years, her
The  Editor,   Daily   News:-���
Dear Sir���1 was very much surprised at the editorial in the Daily
News of April 8, entitled "Hands Off
the FraBer," which I have just   read.
Yeu are entirely wrong in your
idea that t>e canal question emanated
from Vancouvi.., or that Mr. Heaps
had anything to do with the bringing
up ot the matter. This Idea came
from the district (Langley) and upper river many years ago, and then it
was not generally known that Colonel
Moody had the Banie Idea and plans
for It. *
Now the question has come up again,
and at the executive meeting   of   this
sume the world's leadership
things poetical. Mr. NoyeB Bald he
had a message which would help in
enabling the United States to take its
natural leadership.
"Let the poets," he said, "act and
live like other men and make editors stop feeling that poetry is a mire
filler. Poetry shouldn't be 'Boft copy'
uny longer. The poet Bhould force for
himself the same recognition aB that
given to the other urtB. The dead poet.
Klieciriciulons. agreements nf sale tlei-4%
husltu-Hs letters, etc.; circular work an*-
clnllst. All work strictly confidential. H.
Barry, room -IIS Weatmbinter Trust Blk.
Phone 702.
stamp   out    ^^^^^^^
As a  student at  the University
Breslau,   Mr.   Steinmetz   edited   a  socialist paper and no tirrawd the wrath
of the powers that ruled,    lie cleaned to Switzerland, and then mado his.  _. ._. 	
way  to   America, to win  fortune and   bureau il was put on the list of new
mor��  fame thnn he s^Us or do-slres    business   to   be   discussed,   but    Mr.
yet  virgin   field   of   electrical   Heaps  had  no  hand   in   the   matter,
1 more   than   -speaking   on   the   subject
which was on the lift before him as ahead in this matter
chairman.    In this remark he spoke of   England
the  difficulty  of  bringing  legs   in   at ^lhc PrltHJ" ���""���"-"" '" 	
times  from  the  mouth  ot the   river' Dominate Next Ase.
and stated that logs coulfl be brofight       Poetry is going   to dominate
Into  the   Fraser  by  the  canal    from  J"*' ftge just as a great historic re-
I do not   rp.   llglon dominated un age that   passed
in  thel	
has the recognition already, but to the j Mlt.   I-".
living poet it is denied. I     '���   L,
"The  result  Is  that  there Is a notion that, poetry ought to be the eccentric offgivlngs of a moonstruck idiot
instead of the serious art   of a   man
of living and   behaving   like
ln Kngland we are a bit
A good poet in
'Ivfb  four or  five  timeB
other men.
go and a spirit of   scien
T.   0,    WICKKTT,    A,   Ft.   O.   O.,
C,  M.,  Supervisor   of  Music   New
Westminster Bchools, Organist Sixth
Avpnue Mi-llindtHt Church, Vancouver*
receives pupils for the planofsrts, organ,
singing an<l thiiiry. 610 Fifth avenue.
New Westminster,
. O. O. M��� NO. 154���MEETS ON first.
t*<-<-nnd ami third Wednesdays In each
month In K. of P. Hall at 8 p m. H. J.
Leamy, dictator; J. H. Prlc. n-cn-tary.
. O. O. P, AMITY LODGE NO 17���'Fhe
ceffular meeting et Amity lodge No,
IT. 1. O. O. F\. Is held every Monday
night at 8 o'clock In Odd fellows' Hall,
corner Carnarvon and Eighth utri-eta.
\Tnltlng hretlu-rn cordially Invited.
P.. A. Merrlthew, N.O.I J. Robertson,
Q.; W. O. Coatliam, P. G . record-
remind Mr. Wilkie and ...^ ~ _
worda of Thursday last: Uo consult the oraci
"Thm* is no objection to a man fostering anything|XiohohneS inZ tom oATarcT6
N-wcatitle also gave directions  for .traffic   between
e'r.i i-g of troops   m the   British  p0rt  Moody  and  Vancouv
th   American    colonies,   some    of)minster would  he the  Mecca for
West- j
-^^_^_ ��"
relegated   Tennyson    and
i Browning to the strap heap.    In Kngland   there   is   a   national    desire    to
,,   a   iinnnii,   Ltd. i   -liliiernl   dlni-tors
emi.ainers.    Parlors 40R Oolutnlga
t.   New  Westminster.    Phone
I have   not
mis-s ^^^^^^^
therefore called him to account.
We ha^^erv'reSe^fcu-Mr. Otway Wilkie himself. Rossett., 31 y^ d..-^... i. -c
only thirty-one years ago to-
���\nril   9.   1S93,   that   Gabriel
f'harUs Dante Rossettl, poet and pain-
was called   to his  la��t   rest,  nnd
^^^^^^ fame���he now lie-
in a neglected grave.    \ tnndpst memorial  has been  erected
ciii.il   cnatiice    wnn    vaacuuver    and    '""'.        *      - ,,
other 6ontractorB, which they have not '"��� r,J l8,a <I>H*��* '>"�� l" ��"��' '�� ���**
at the pn rent, for now they have to a'"", "!x.0M '"^Mnf. i^l' n, u
tow forty miles from Pitt Hiver to; which the power h.-hiui its barn onies
Vanoouver, via the North Arm, or fifty- !H,;l", eyelees blunderer, a hideous,
six miles via the South Arm. At times ' winning novelty, a bloodstained Jes-
they cannot  nm the risk with  scows | -^ n(���,try ,���.��� ��� tQ commflT1(1 tnr
���   ornveyiiiii      	
1 iv, mi;, it was explained to the recent rebellion raised  by   the "Young
the   liritish    Government
had  hien unable to moke ready during the winter fir such an expedition
Tho   Kngiish   colonists   prepared   for \ of coal or rock, though 1 have never,
tuck   the   Canadians     for   defence, | only once or twice, known ii danger
,.Ui i^nghnh forces never , ous for large boats to enter the Fra-
t an,   ' I ser.     1   have   Been   11  too   rough    for
.  I loadrd scows.    Now this canal would
Among the hardy and ambitious ' Fhorten the distance for towing from
Frenchmen w-ho played so large a part the quarries ahout IB miles via North
In the early exploration of the west- Arm and 30 via the South Arm. unite
ern wilderness, few poBBCssed greater . a saving In distance and etpensr-
imbltlon, resourcefulness and daring     ��*...-*.-_   ����� ��.~
f)ur New   Westminster   contractors
for he has pnoved himself to be a worthy citizen, as read-,   H w��
ers of his letter may note, but we are sorry to see that the; da
virus that broke out last week in a certain public bodyi���
in this city, has seized upon the secretary of the Fraser,vet-so fleeting
Vallev Development League, who excuses himself thus:     ;ln a tweeted g
i(m*u- ��- i .- l* i i.*u-     orlal  has been  erected  over  the soot
lhismeetinc; was only an executive meeting and this where the poet sleeps, m Birchington,
���*]iscussion should not have been published."                         near Margate, bui it is an imt obscur
Hitherto all executive meetings of this body have been '-^.'in the torrn'ot a'runic crossl'bww
reported and the usual courtesies have been, extended to thi'i inscription:
the press.   Now, when it appears that matters directlyL^Z.^Zif^^hX^ot^
harmful, to  Westminster  and  the   E raser  Valley   are Dante Gabriel Roasettu among paint-\^**** *���-������        ,    ,. .,   , ^^^^^_^^^__
  | s-i. *���:er9 as a painter and among poets as I     �� wilB f-11 yeara ago today that La, towing  or  other  river  marine   work.!
et    Rom tn London of parentage\$*****e Performed the crowning act ofnn my opinion, the canal would   be a!
  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ --������   --      -U2S    piea his career, when, on the shores near benefit  to  Westminster.      it   would
dependent upon, is to be discreetly kept in the dark        l^oT^^^^
If We Continue to have SUch flagrant examples of little  representations of the winged bull g"d j name of Louisiana to the entire val- j better.    As  of old  all  roads   led
rnindedness and of retrogression in Westminster, then the of Nineveh st. Luke the artist. and|ley of tne Rreat "ver, and erected a
work of those who are Striving to set this city upon a plane,'",1^7<��.', %? ��4 "T*Zi
"equally high if not higher than any citv in Canada will, to of ��s our first knowledge of i.iuth
a verv large extent be nullified.    "      * ' |J^0^e0fWrote^rabIan scrlpt"rf'a' of
We would ask Mr. Wilkie and those who share his    "Not a hair of her h��ad was human.
W    B    Ir\I.KS���Pioneer  Fun.-nil   tttrvctor
mul  Bmbalmer,   fii2-��is   ^gnes  Rtrt-4-t,
opposite I'arnt-glt l.tlirury.
tf-r-ut-liiw. nolicltor. etc. Telephone
1010. Ctitile mlo-rentl "Joliiiston.-
Cortti. "Western Union." Offlci-a, Kills
Bloak, Be.2 e:olumblu ���tr-wt, N.w Wmi-
minster, H. C
^^^^^^^^^^^ Ilnrrlst.-r-iit-lnw,
wolirlior. etc I corn��*r I'.iluint.ln an""
MnfO-nzic Htrnet-M. Nt-w Wi^nrnliiHter,
B   c.   P. o. Box 112.    Tslephons   710.
Bolldtor nnd Nntnr>*. Offices Hurt
block, ;�� Lorne street. New Wi-stmln-
ster, H  C.
than Robert Caveller de La Salle.        I would have an equal chance then for,
.    .-_ .^_. , . I. _��� '_, ,__     ,_  |etic  words:
The . . ^^^^^^^^
spirit et the next afie is to have
ing to do with this spirit Then- is a
central philosophy and harmony to
life. Once n historical religion had It
In its keeping, nnd poets siuik of th��
power 'to see all thlnms In one.' Uut
a historical religious creed could not
embrace all new conceptions of truth.
And with the hroaking away from
this creed, Arnold wrote these proph-
Barrlstsra and Solicitors. BOB lo 610
W.f.liiitnMt,T 1 runt Eflotik. ll. V. Martin, w. o, MoQuanls und Oeorgs I*
harmful, to   Westminsier   ana   me   n-twei    venue,-.   ��...	
brought up at its meetings, the public, in whose interests IPr9 aB a b"1"1" and amm
il,      , . -ii i ��� -ii c       *,     -,   ���    ia poet.    Horn ln Londin o
the League is supposedly working and whose funds it is mainly Italian, 12th Mav.
1      *'���'��� ~*-1" lrow-1  In  tno cla fir I at Birchington 5th  April.
sld"' ��� Uirrint.-rn and Solicitors, Westminster Trust Blk.. Columbia street,
nv-w Westminster, B. C. Cable address
-wiiiteuMi-.-' W. Ht.-rn Union P. O.
Ilrnwor 200. Ti-l��l>hon�� 69 W. J.
Whiteside, K. C . it L, Edmonds, D.
| column and cross with this inscription*. "Lonls, the great King of
I Prance and of Navarre, reigns this
I ninth Of April, 1GS2." Thus the bord-
1 ers   of   New   France   were   extended
views whether they wish New Westminster to he known
throughout the Dominion as the place where public bodies
/���.Hiinsact their business in camera?
Home,  and   wbat  is  there  of  any  account to divert or that would or could
he  diverted   from   New   Westminster?
No, sir, I  take the full  responsibility of the canal  helns before our executive,   and   my   life's   earnings   are
from the St. Lawrence to Uie (lulf of I now   In   Nev    Westminster,   where    I
Mexico.    La  Salle  was  about   thirty- j have not only spent every cent of my
two years or age when, ln 1667, he left   salary but have spent some thousands
his  native Prance and  emharkod   for. of  dollars   which   were  not   made   In
Canada,   seekini;   fortune,   fame    and j that city btit were made by hard work
adventure. In the district. In which  I have lived
Ills cherished project was to find a] for   the   past   thirty-four    yenrs    and
way to China by way of Canada.    He | raised one of the large;*!, families   In
never really learned anything till they
'left school
The sohool system must have something to apollglze (or when li leaves
itself open to such u complaint I��r
Hughes advocates the stimulation of
Rut she wns made like a soft, sweet
T-illth. sav the Arabians, was nf the
rare of demons. Rhe mav also be rill-
pd the first militant suffragette 'or
she deserted  Adam  whon th*M  rfntl--. ( ^    _   _       ^^^^^^^^^
man  refused  to pive her s  voio  In I established a fur trading station which I the city,
household  affairs,  nnd   would  not   r<
torn to hor lord ev��n when command
ed to do so hy the Almighty.
* THE    HUMAN    PROCESSION.    ���*
* (By   O.   Ter.nr.e.) t
One if these days u wide awake, ed-
-ucationaUst will open his eyes still
xtidir and remember how hi   f. It ahout
Ibe education system  when In-  wa.i a  	
hoy.    Ile  will   gather the opinions  of   Ihe child's own   Initiative,  bul   this  is
other old boys who recollect without what mosl teachers object to, and It
the prejudiced begott-en in lati r years.   Is exocll)   what  successful men need    ************ >***�����
**%,nA he.  will  nathtrr nlso  the  ideas  id.
v>f a/X[ht   boys   npw   al   school,   and |    The   tendency   with   many   teachers IJ. Thomaa Hcflin, 44 Today, is Arbiter
lb��i.r linn as to uliat might be done   is to r^i reus, instead of encouraging, cf Summer Styles.
io'tm-prwr dm system,   it is an ogre- the child's initiative on  the ground     Clothing manufacturers all over An
���rIcuis error to eovpnwr that   children   thai   Children  are   trouble  enough   SB
lioow    nothing    iZ.niit      tuUMBg���or   It   Is      Hero   again   Ihe   tact   of   the
teachers.    An unpopular toucher as a  teacher   conies   in   to   distinguish   be-
���rul-p Is not a Rood tearher.    There Is  tween the hold and forward, the ea^-v-
�� reiiBon. innd spirited.
No criticism ls bo candid, so search-      There   is   no   more   thankless   tank
ing and so utterly remorseless ns that  In the world, and even the moral  re
���iit  tho  average  l��oy  or  girl.    Teach-   wards, if they come at all, come late
"C*a, of course, rrnrnt  it.    But  teach-  Kew  live to see a crop of snrcrssful
ing  authorities  Bhould   pay  -more   at-   pupils   flllliiR   Important   positions   in
��i>p.ljiui   to  It.    Thejr   would   be  able the   community   and   acknowledging
Y��> Secure belter rPBtilt-t. in ninny cases   their indebtedness to their early teach
It may be objected Hiat this Invol- ers.
wee   tale-bearing  tu.d   sets  np   an   es-.     And   probably  not  ten  per cent
-plonago among  the pupils     But   thnt  the   teachers   go   through   their   work
���flmn-nds entirely  on  bow   the  maltorwith   stirh   n   prospect   In   view.     Yet
'is handled. |(ioine far-sighted sympathy is the baa-
Bit any  rate,  plenty   of   pnrenta In  is of all  successful  teaching.-Toron-
'lhe, city can give efrtflence on the ques   ui World.
flou. und goed reason-!, for the unpopu-l ______^__^_
larltv and thn undemlmbility of some
he named Ls < dine, and from
explored lake Ontario, establishedI
posts on the upper waters ol tbe St.
Lawrence, antl was '-'*'*:t..U by Gov.-]
ernur ProntyjaC ivlth" tho care f.f the
fo-n.-ffb^ie iu >ty or Kingston u.--
stands, on hit return to Fiaf.ro In
167.-S he w .1 i,,.,.:. a nr.^ile, and Riven
a large domain around Port Kronlenac
nnr! the trailing monopoly with the
: ��� 've Nations.
He thus became tlie proprietor of t
| rich region, lul Jolllet'S arrival nt
Quebec with news of the Mississippi
discoveries led him to abandon wealth
{and comfort for adventure, and r.tnrt-
ed out on thnt series of Journeys thai
ended  in his assassination by ono of
iiie own countrymen.
there1     Net only that, but 1 have hern tbe
"'The future of poetry ls immense
because In poitry which is worthy of
its high destinies, our race, ns time
goes on, will come to feel an ever surer and surer -stay. Our religion hns
attached Its emotion to the tact and
now the fnct is failing it.
"But poetry has no such handicap
It attaches Its emotion to the Idea and
the idea Is Ihe fnct. The strongest
I part of our religion, in fact, Is its un-
: conscious poetry, nil great poetry, all
, great art brings ub Into touch with
the harmony wh'ch la the 1���.f-'.s of the
i universe, to which all our discorilB are
I resolved.
In the broadest and grandest sense
: that can be given to lhe words, poetry
. is religion. When 1 tried to express
j thlB Idea In England a noted critic
| wrote to me thnt I w*na mowing down
Acoountant. Tel. It 128. Room 2J
Hart block.
������� Hmirrt of Trade meet* In the fitou-d
rontn. City Hull, us follows I Third'Friday  nt each  mrtnth;   quart-tny  m-t��tlmg
on ttiA third lci-winy of February, Mar,
AfiRiiFt nml November n-l 1 p.m. Annual nwttnKS on the thlntl Krlday ol
rVhmary-.   H.  H. smart   Wilde,   miere-
means of bringing quite a number of   *h"*" proves of lilacs and roses     As
settlera aud money Into this district if y'" IT"1 i^MiSSf??^
and it is nol like,- mat i would do a �����J ' ,J< ar,"" .' , ,' "? "
anytUag with tho intention of harm- Jf^�� *��� ^��j ^���^tjJJ
-ns Naw Westminster, w���ere my ���^ Hf��  ^ ,      V    5, Xs
earnings nnw are. .���"        T    ��      ,  ,������ ,       ^ '
This meeting tit* ���"���������* ����� *<��**��ii-*��**l"* '>*�����*��   "" i
erica are now anxloush- awnlUng pn
vate advices from Wnshlnglon whlcV
will decide whether or pot thev have
lilt It right In choosing styles nnd
fahricB for their summer line of mas
online  glad   rags.
They   are   nlso   Interested     'n     th'( 	
Washington westher forecast for to j Tndny ,B thr anniversary of the
day, for. If It chance to he summ��rT blrthi )n lg28| of s,r Hrnry Nowo|
nnd propitious In I'ncle Ram's camta'J Hale, Ottawa capltallet
Congressman James Thomas lleflln j Charles Henry Brent, famous ar
of Alabama, will probably celebrate Bplsoopal Bishop of the Philippines,
his birthday hy donning some evoul! was horn nl Newcastle, Oat., firty-otic
of lite confectlpu cf n suit that  v.*l!l  -e' 'years ngo today.
the  sartorial  pace  and  enlablish  thr ] . 1 __	
summer's fnnhlon for the Bmart dress j ��� ****************
teachers hi lhe poultkms tbey  fill
But lhe iH'.rsonalily of the teachers
Ik not nearly m> Important as tho s-.s
Ictn of teaching, fire cbildren ever
i-irnniiniMi m lo Why they cannot learn
��-t'M-.in h. blwInT Af" nnv i-i.'iis t.ak
���>-��i to lead pi-tiiln to Oinl niile of a sub
jeet which intKreBta tru-in? The np-
proae.h, Ihe OlMMAlflon, founts for
jiltnOHt everything in leaeliing.
Ib the fact not o*��e-ri-niiki-il very often
lhat It is not the Dungs learne-il nt
hcIiihiI lh��t benefit the nupil? Most of
iih have forgntton afl the n-allv toeli
���nlo��l knowledge we acuinred In the
���wchool riHMn. It is a In-uuent U-kIi-
nioii;   from auccesiiTul  liien that thi-y   bo  agrees
Btories  sro  currenl   to  tha  effect
that   the   hanks   nnd   loan   companies
are  adopting  n   verv  caulioua  pollov
thig yea- ln  thn Canadian  wesi, and
that a cheek   will  he  put on   the  too j c&nlzed n
free   speculation   In   farm   lands   and   cent    the
ers of the North American continent
J. Thomas ls hy nil odd* the classics'
dresser among the legislators from
Ottawa to I'nnnmn. at least during th'
torrid Beason. Hall'ng from Alnb'imi
where the rlgorB of winter nre Title
felt, he in not so much of an author
Ity rn cold  weather "dudn."
The   nhrasn   "quiet   elegance"   dc��
rrlbes tl>-�� effects favored hv th"   Ms
bann  "rb'ier.    English   pivlei  Air.er'*
'I   with a  noft  southern  ne
latter   lending     nn     added
only an rxoouii-,
meeting   nnd   the    discussion    should
not have Lc.n published.    Mr   Heaps
*,?v. rnly di puled to act wlthfeny other
intrreRicd   p~.rty   (g   adr-ycate   tbe
Theme. The folic wing In Ihe resolution: "Resolved, that Mr. Henps be a
committee to work with.nny other Interested  party to advocate canal."
In the league the Frnser Valley Is
represented hy niemhern elected by
'ho councils nnd boards of trade, and
Vancouver his no Interests or anything to pay with our work. I hare
ib much Interest In New WeBtmlnster
an the averago rltlzen and I am not
likely to ndvecnte anything that
would bn detrimental to Ub InterentB.
I consider the editorial in your paper, Th�� Dally News, has given tin-
deserved abuse to an Innocent gentle-
mnn, and Is both Incorrect and undignified, nnd Bhould not have heen print-
6 In a newRpaper published ln a city
:f New WoBtmlnetor's age and Blaming. In your article yof] have given
-ibupo bill no arpnment to Bhow where
the cnnal would he detrimental to New
Westminster's Interests,
I am fllr,
Yours truly,
I Secretary Franer Valley Development
i    League.
I New Westminster, April 7, 1913,
fundamenti! in-niie,"
Mr. NoyeS said. In answer lo v
question asked at the close of his lecture, that he did not consider any of
4iio Aim. rlca.i poets gertffully rated
highest to be America's rhlef poet He
Baid that he reserved first place among
American poets for Emerson and ex-
prcrsi d the confidence thnt F.merson
would soon come Into general recognition ns the crentor of a national
poetry for America.
"Yon know, after all, the Kngllsli
men were firBt," he said. "We have
'ntegrlty to the I-Cngllsh language nnd
Kmernon wrote with a Bplendid Integrity and a subtle sincerity nnd art
��� hat nn other American poet has approached."
jtf j'uii
town lots which has been going on for!charm
several   years.
It is pretty generally agreed lhat
there is nothing much wrong with
the farm land values out west. This
Is the view expressed by Sir Kdniuiul
Walker   in   hla  annual   review  of  the
business conditions of laBt year. lint
h  thoso  who Bay  that
First Free Library.
Tlle flr.-l fne library In the world,
supported hy popular taxation, wsr
eitalilli hed by vole at the town meet
Ing nt Peterborough, N. H., eighty
years ni:o ti dny. There were many
puhllc llharies then In existence on
both sides of the Atlantic, hut they
had been established and wore supported   by  private  individuals   or  ns-
the Boclatlons.    The  Peterborough  insii-
femlnlne fashion dopesters would putltutlon wub without precedent as a
it go to the make on of Ihe bosl purely municipal enterprise supported
dressed mnn In the United Blntes con- by public funilB.
gre��s. The library began with   only n few
'Vngrosimnn Heflln was born In dozen volumes, but was gradually In-
Alabama forty-four years'ago tndnv creased until B few years ago It had
was educated in Alabama, admitted 112,000 hooks on Its shelves, The first
to the bar ln Alabama, nnd began his, public library, privately supported, of | "aid  that  America was  ready  to as-|
to   the  tort   ensemble.
*       FROM   OUR   BOOKSHELF.      ���
During a leoture  at the   Berkeley
Lyceum recently, notes the New York
Times. Alfred NoyeB. the Ilrillsh poet.
Paris, Aprll 7.���Minnie descriptions
| of the air cruiser Zeppelin IV., which
jl-inded nt Lunevllle and win captured
by the French, are already nr.noartr.-*>-
j In the French newapapeni.   These de-
Iserlntions, which  were written  hy ex-
j ni rl.s. doBorlho the Interior of the nlr-
ishlp In detail and show thnt the fenrn
of    the    C.erman    army   nffleern   nnd
newspapers    lhal     the    French    discovered   some  valuable    secrets    are
I well founded.
Many official photos of the Zeppelin ship were made while Bhe wan in
the hands of the French officers, Tlie
experts dlftor ttB to whether she 11b
really audi a terrible engine of war
I and it ls evident that there wlll he a
long technical controversy on this
COAJj MTN-IJs'O rights nf thi r>,.i,i
Manitoba. BaSltBtohswon un.i Alt
territory, tin. Nortiiwest Turin ii portion of thr. Province
��� ,f ��niisliTt)|matiln, any ht leiiRt-d lor *
term of twem *-Wr ynttn nl nn nruuial
rental of li an ncrr. Snl more thnn 26SI
acr.-B itIU he leaned to onn applicant.
Application for a li-jisri must be made
hy the iipnllcnnt in iM-rmm tn the Agent
nr Hoh-AgNhf nt ttie dlntrlct In which ��hc
rlKlitB ItfUUfifl for nre Bit-anted.
In MurvrytTd territory tin- U.i-.d must he
deBctihert hy srrtlomi. OT legal ButMllvl-
nlpns of icetlnns. and ln unwurveyed territory Uie tract -applied for Blilill bs
staked tnit hv the npplfc��nt hlmsulf.
Karli appTtcftllon must b�� Beoomiiftiile-d
by ft feo of II. which will be mnindmlf
ui* rtKliti. npplt.'d far are not avaJlfthle,
but  not othennw.    A  roy��lty  shall   be
pftlfl on tlio merehantahle output of the
itifne nt th-* ru"** ef ttye eents per ton.
Tne   pernrm  operafms   tbe   mlns  Shall
furnish the A-mnt wllh ternrn rvhirns
aeeolmttng Mrw�� fufl quantify of m��r-
ehuntftWe ��>��1 mined and pay the royalty tbererm. If thn e-fhil mining rlaht*
are not belna ffperuted mich i>ilurna smhild
he fumls-hed at  1-wiirt  once a  year.
Tbe lease will Include the ami mlnlna
rights nnly, hut the lensin, wttl bo permitted to pnrehnwi whatever ��vaJl��hle
surfiioe riKlits mivy he ninBliIhreil nece��-
��iiry for tlie working of tlm mine at the
rate of ltd an ncrn.
For full Information -application should
be mnde tn the Secretary of thn D-eptirt-
mr-nt nf the fntortor, Ollnwu, or to nny
Agent or Sub-Ag��nt of Dom In Ion Jjind��.
w. w. conv,
Pnputy  Minister of the  Interior..
n. R���unauthorised numloatlpn of thl��
not fin
advsrtlsomsnt win
paid for.
PHONE   H 1031.
'   Employment Agency
Prompt attention given to orders.
607 Front St., New Westminster, B.C. THE NEW WESTMINSTER NEWS.
cash   with
your order
and wu will
ie      freight
Don't fedl hurt If wc
refuse your oredlt an
thia   sale   ia   to   raise
$40,(1011 o-ii-.li..
Every woman in this city should take advantage of the extreme low prices.   We are shaking things up.   Every corner, every nook
in this big store is being dragged to push sales on every possible laggard.   We have just 20 days in this month to raise the balance
The famouB ball bearing, light running
Goodrich Machine haB no superior. Money
back  if  you  are not   satisfied.     Cash   price
This maglficent Drcixer at 7,   ..$23.75
Every household demandB satisfactory dlu-
Ing tables; the enormous number we Bell testifies to the quality and low prlceB of our as-
S. O. Extension Tables $9.75, $12.50, $15.00 and
I'.   O.   Extension  Tables  $13.50, $15.00,  $18.00
to $25.00,
F.  O. G.  O. Early English   Extension   Tables
$22.50, $25.00, $27.00 and to $85.03.
Large sizes in G. O. 12-ft.   Extension   Tables
$85.00, $100.00 and $125.00.
Kitchen Tables $2.25, $2.50, $3.00
Kitchen Queens     $4.50, $5.00, $6.00
Kitchen    Cabinets   $14.50,   $18.50,   $22.50   to
We certainly are putting out some nice chairs
and parlor suites. Small wonder when you
realize the big savings. Prices are down to
$7.50, $9.75, $11.50, $15.00,   $20.00   and   $25.00.
Another big bed bargain thla week; white
enamel bed reinforced spring and double-
faced wool mattress, all complete for $11.75.
Other beds complete at $12-50, S1SDO, $tg.0O.
It's a marvel how much you can -get tor a
little in this sale.
Ilrai-.i Beds at $17.50, $22.50, $27.50 and $45.03
Every housekeeper should aee onr big bar
gains in Carpets and Rugs.
$1.25 Brussells Carpets marked down to $1j0O
$1.45 Brussells Carpets marked down to $1.1*5*.
$2.25    Axminster   Carpets    marked   down   to
16.50  -Scotch  Wool   Rugs   -narked   down   to
$8.00  Scotch  Wool   Ruga   marked   down   to
.... ***so
$16.00  Scotch   Wool  Hues   masstum*.   down   to
Nalrns' Famous $1.10 Inlaid Lino	
Nalras' Famous $1.25 Inlaid Una. - ���
Nalrns' Famous $1.50 Inlaid *
We axe able to give
you prompt delivery
within  the- ettf  limit*
The Man Who Won Back
British Mercantile Sway
afternoon it passed into the hands of late entities.    Each has Us own offices
[a third son of a country parson wbo*|n    various    parts    of    England    and
had   been  somewhat  Ignored  because   thr0ugll0ut lhe worl()     Th(> maMger8 ,
ho had never been  to a university. , . ......
The Nelson line put up a stiff fight  rePort lo tbls monopolist of tbe seas, ���
for the South American trade,   lt had!and he presides at all the meetings,
beeu established for over twenty years!    Yet he never seems to bustle and
and  wss building splendid new boats , finds time to see personally everybody
both for pasengers and frozen meats I who   has   something   to   say   that    is
���    ���   ��� ��   -   V...W   ���,;i
Wolseley's Association
With Canadian Affairs
.'���    " ~".!!!   Tho capital was eight and a half mil
London. April 8.-Sir Owe,, Phillips ���������$3Kl Wle^upon "^11 fi�� do��lla��.  H��^^"������ _ ���.... __
U "ff tho'woHd'ts rrtnowi.   days.    0M **j>�� -W-Jj-�� ��* | other ��*�� now ft*"^^ his  vast  Investments lie
VKa      V .   . i__ 1.       ^.f      *>/llll
I   1 ne    OllJ    UUlll.ta.a     .....
fairs by marvellous good luck picked
.on Mr. Owen Phillips as their new
1 chairman.
Transformed Line.
Within n year or two the line was
Beside   hlin.   in   this  branch   of  com-j red tape had reduced it almost to ruin
merce, J   P, Morgan Ib merely a two-I The old admirals who directed its a'
cent proposition.    By  hi�� recent  pur-   *"'~  '"" ������������"ilnna enod luck picke
chase of the Nelson line the English
knight   has   now   Becured  the   control
of a fleet of mail merchant steamers
far  greater  than that  owned   by  any
company  in  the  world.    Hundreds ot   transformed.    The
veBiiels.  thousands of employees,  nnd
millions of dollars Invested in Steam
ers are at his disposal,    It
first  -the   rest   nowhere.
When Morgan pulled off his trans
Atlantic steamship combine all the
world talked about It. I'hllllps has
been doing this sort of thing for the
lasl  six  years, but he has done it  in '
the same nonchalant, quiet ��ort of way
In whir'* he takes his Innch. Com- ,
pany after company has been absorbed until today, under the direct control of this one man there are more
vessels und more tonnage than nre
owned hy anv American, German or
French combine, The trade of Afr'ca
snd South America Is almost entirely
In his hands.
Son of a Cler-gxman.
ll is generally thought here and
elsewhere lhat this Nupoleoli of tin-
world's shipping trade was born with
a silver spoon In hla mouth. This
Idea arises from the facl thai his father was u baronet head of one ot ;to_'he Royal Navy
the oldest and finest families ln Kng
land.    But his father was also a cler-. ""���   ' >���>���	
***^*^         rich  In the n,ld Sir Owen Ph'lllpa bought up h's
word.   ""��. the famous Rliler-llornpster com
umn ����-. ....    pany.     in   doing   this   he   eliminated
aent from  the little country vicarage'OOmpetitlon   ���"   the   West   Indies  and
..-:.., .,.!..���     ,,,   uehool
plete monopoly of    South
shipping trade.    South and West  Af
rica are already  In his pocket
  ,   ���   _..   that    1- ,
worth hearing.    He also takes a social   Dlack Cat Walks  into
and philanthropic Interest in the con-1
cerns of those parts    of    the    world I
^^^^^ Investments lie.    He
carrieB  on   the   affairs   of  tho   Royal
Mall Steaisshlp company In very much '
Own  Initiative���Stops  Play  in
Full   Swing.
���ica are already  In his pocket. imau oio��u..u.y ���-.,���, ...
He has a working arrangement with ' the same way as prevails In any   old-
he   Cunard  company,   bo    doeB    not   fashioned Kngiish firm.    He has only
��� ��� -   ��-.-_����.   one secretary and apparently ls never
pany,  ���
h-Mhor  about   business   in   the   North
Atlantic,    lf  any   hitch  occurred     In
on |     Lord Wolseley, who died last week
I was more intimately associated   with
Canada,    perhaps,   than    any   other
^^^^^^^^^^ ! great  Briltsb  gem.n.1  blnce the days
  of  Wolfe,  and   Canadians   have   always  taken  the  keenest  interest   in
London, April 8.���An actor-manager  his brilliant career
was defied on the stage   of his  own
theatre a few nights ago in full view
of the audience by the office cat
quote from the farewell address he issued to the troops.
Canadians Fine Troops.
"In   saying   -goodbye    to   jou."    he-
said, "1 beg chat each and aU of you
will accept my grittefal reoocnitii.-n of
your  valukhbt servteea. and mi best
.b uiumo.hl thinks   for tin  seal  jnn  have   dis-
"""""" ""*' .jtayti ia. co-nryimj wut my orders,    t
There Is a common Idea that Lord   coiigratalate yoa -apoa the success of
Wolseley was born, so to speak, with a jour expedition, which bas secured to
������-��--.  ^m*.Xm    onllltitm     Of
the West Indies was revived. Por the
in m.-,..,. iraffle with Buenos Ayres, Janeiro,
s Phillips and other parts of South America mag
nificent new steamers were built and
passengers gave up going by German
lines to these partfl. Wiseacres shook
their heads and said Owen Phillips
was playing flUCkS and drakes with
the public's money. The new ships
would  never pay.
But the Hoyal Mail shares kept going upwards. Phillips demanded more it
new bout a and more capital to build
Ihem. In 1902 he hud married a wealthy and charming wife. His eldest
brother, who was subsequently made
a peer, and Is now known as Ixird St
.Davids, has amassed a fortune in
South   American   railroads  and   other
dying   trade  with  that ocean, he would probably buy oik
the Cunard.    He came within an ace
of buying the Peninsula and Oriental,
company, and  it  is highly  probable 1 they an
that  be  will  still   get  control of this | tunate it--    .
fanioes concern,  known  all  over  the'to _say for himself.
world as the  "P  and O."  which ha9
the  hulk of  the  huge passenger  and
freight   traffic   between   Kngland   and
India and  Australia.    Phillips had an
option   en   the   old-established   Orient
pressed for time.
He ls never rulTled;   never discour
teoiiB.    Until  his  rivals  find  that  he!    Sir Ueorge Aientuuu   ***  -...��   ..-  ^^^^
has  secured  control  of  their  shares ;tim ot,Uus, untoward Incident and  for  he  ,ought hlg way  upward   Btep   _.
��� "           a for-',6evcral mlnut0B he aud  the recalcil-   btep, for he entered the British army   ,���
 '"" ""'"l *  '" a eaiBe   otinrmv nB an ensign at the age of 19. 1 ^
ountry a peaceable solution   of
^reGaeodrgea *lmm *t' the  vie-' baton in his band, but the fact is that   ff^&T^V
���I", ,K��IB,?���,owar,l Incident and  tor  he  fought his  way   upward   step   by       ~rhe credlt for thia sneceas to due;
r.h�� gallant toMicra  1 had   at my
''���" ***���***. i����uir nt car-
__  HU Ww*   w*wmm*ea****m    ���    ���
o'^gard" him asa for-1 ^^^dVrTnduTg^toT gkWofl ami 'as an "ensign at'the age ol: 19 I ^ck; upott Soa ���M*^**!**
tunate incompetent who has very little i hldeand-seek among the furniture on , His father was a major, but   u Qoes
back;  upcm f�� l��*" ~" toads, a
nate Incompetent wbo has very nine j hide.and.Beek among the furniture on . His father was a u.i.ju., u��.   .. ----   rrins ^J^^SJemui men vied
sav for himself. : the stage of the St. James' Theatre.   not  appear that   Lord   W olseley   nao , lah()r ^ ���hich ��l��cere
T^at impression  is quickly    dying. J ������� ��omplete up9etting of the play   a���y   other   advantages   to   ��     t   hi     w1Ul each a, to who should   uo
t. ,-,,e���e Phil inns ls only nn.    Before .      .   ���     hiliarious  toy   of  the   audi-   promotion save Ins natural gifts  as a
That Impression  is quie.Ri*.     u....r,. It0 Ule complete upsetting ui me vi**   any   ouiei   mi,*~~**-   ~  ������
Sir Owen Phlllpps Is only BO,    Before , and   the hiliarious Joy   of  the   audi-   promotion save Ins natural gifts  as
. . ..       ,-_       ...111        nrnhuhlv        hllVO        ...l.li.T
he    will    probably    have  enoa
he    Is    60    nv    ��...    v ,
achieved amalgamations of Bteamshlf
companies that  wlll amaze the world
Black as night, the cat entered ma*
jestlcally  into the limelight   by   the
\*c was a veteran   of the   Crimed,
and  at  the  selge  of  Sabastopol   re-
most. NotliinK but that pluck for
which British soldiers, whether bom
in the colonies or the Mother Country,
are-oelebratcd, could have carried yon
dla and Australia.    Phillips had an   buuiovou |...��.h 	
tion en  the  old-established  Orient companies that will amazeithe world, jestlcifly Into" the limelight   bv   the and  a,  the -.,*.*  .f   - '    too.*!   re
i* to Australia but did not exercise, ������������������ ^|j��      n =r  rlght lower enhance  just before the  Ceive" theul ^n o��f l^nor.Td was ! ��� '"SSS& ^uTh ftT 'Sammm.
i,  , qu.su.i,, .,.���, h.s i.,t,.,t i">t.i...se|gr^t>M?, between Sir George Alex-Ueverely wounded.   Later oi he went S^o^feoa   ttS   plaws '
'"'""' "���'     "     '" v" servico' re-1     "vo.. hnn to carrv upon your backs
Investments.   Betwt
en  them  thev  In- ! four years
Dislikes Politics.
Sir Owen  Phillips���he was made i. 	
"K.C.MO."   a   few   years  ago���is  one ; I've only Just begun.
of the least impressive people in the |    j-,	
world.    He eventually managed to get1
into parliament b. 1B06   but onlv re-
"lalneil In the house of commons fo-
,to a question after his latest purchase. ���reat Bct,ne between Sir George Alex-
of the Nelson hue: ' auder and  Mr.  Sydnev   Valentine   In
When   in, 1 going to stop?    Why, i the Eecond nct of ..0pen Windows
severely wounded.    Later on he went
to China and saw active service, re-i
eelving   a   medal     and     two    clasps.
lie is a notoriously bad
... rd a large amount of capital,
publlo followed, and the fleet of
Royal   Mall  once  more  assumed
proportions and scope it occupied
���ier. Hid only
In  lhe davs when it   was
S'.r Alfred Jonea, who had dlsp"i"d
the   fade  of   the   W'eBt   Irdles,   died
iiinu.    <--	
gyman. and by no means
generally accepted term of the
Owen was hlB third son, and h-
speaker  -nnd   dislikes  polices.
The onlv thing about hlm which
attracts attention is his height. He is
six feet, seven  Inches, and Is alwavs j
Irving to forget it.    This Involves an i 	
almosi perpetual stiyip, not noticeable
ln tlie other brothers, all of whop, are i Possible  for   Income
over ��l\- feet  five.    He cares nothing I
, nt all about society, but Ifl enormouslv
pleased   at   achieving   his   one   great
ambition���-namely to regnln from the]
Gerrinns  tho honor of having under
advance   upon   ��*to   place
"You had to carry upon your backs
Uie second act of '"Open Windows."      I eelving  a   medal     and     two    cinsps.   ��� vast amount  of   supplies,   over_ oo
Taking its cue from the title of the   Shortly after the Chinese W ar he was , fewer  than   ��   portals.   "��!*"! . ���
.play It sulked across the stage, pans- appointed  I>eputy  Quartermaster-Gen-   total -MWMlwM^ ^g
T,g in true histrionic fashion   ln the  eral in Canada. ! unparalleled   ta  oar   ����>��*��_lu^
1 exact centre until it reached the open ' Training a Canadian Army. I    ��i   can   aay   without   flattery   that.
I French window. The Trent affair gave scope to his
Then it gazed Into the moonlight in   remarkable  organizing   ability,  ror  it
'search of property birds. devolved  upon   hlm   to   make  the ar-
At that moment the hand or Neme- rangements for conveying the British
sis In the perBon of the actor-maiia- troops overland up the ht. jonn var
gei',   descended.     The   cat,    however,   ley to the lllviere du  l.oup.    He car
though I liuvu served with many armies in the field. I have never associated with a better Bet of men."
From Victory Unto Victory.
On his way home Colonel Wolseley
was   tendered   a great    reception    at
In     London
Reach Figure of Ten Thousand
a Year.
aer   descended      The   cat.    however, ley to the lllviere du  l.oup.    Me car-, wa8   tendered   a greai    ���*"����'""
waB too wile     It took -shelter uiided rled out his difficult duties wtth mucb j MoIltreal. his tiim- not permitting hinr
tahir stage left-   Driven out of that 8uccess.                                                        I to receive a greetingat Toronto as the-
point of vantage by a vigorous "shoo," u,   18C5 a camp of instruction wasi ; c,���wni   had   planned.    Shortly  after
point in "ii"*' "'     ."_ , ,���   . _ j   ���,   i���   i.,���irie    nml    I'noiii.    ..h,r,,mf 1,1 i.:..rLiad he was sent in.
| it darted acroBS the stage to the sofa
I on the right. *
Mr.  Valentine held  grimly   to   the
ledge of the table    at wblch   he waB
I standing.     Sir     deorge     Alexander,
gradefully,  but firmly, drove  the  in-
I trader back
formed nt La Prairie, and Colonel
Wolseley wa�� placed In command of
the three batullons. A year later
the Fenian Hald occurred, and the
training that the 2500 men had received under the British colonel waa
noted   by   military   critics,   especially
reach  oi   vum  v....��      .
man. Instead of being sent to Oxford
or Cambridge he went to work while
nnlle n youngster as a clerk ln tlle offices of n small shipping firm In the
north of Kngland.
His oldest brother was given an
Oxford education and took up law.
The brother juat ahead of him was
Bent into Via army. Commerce, In
the praoslo days, when young men
were supposed to be Been nnd nol
henrd, was the only opening for Owen
Fur many years the youngster work
VhTl      U might have been a scene between by Col. Oeorge T. Denlson   Who MM
-T        I     'Black  Michael  and  the  Prisoner   of that the men under Wolseley had the
llllner   hae ��� Bl*W Micnaci  ��..u | greatest respect for him, and consid-
[;mm*J    A breathless pause  followed   hy a ered him the greatest officer they had
,rv ! sudden   flanking    movement   by   Sir ever met.
des or cultIvalos tne n-w��   -f()1, ft woman worker in uno OOUnwy, i                   The  cut   waB    cauRht    and Tlll,   fharp,   alert   look    of   ( olonel
paper man. Wben he talk's you would ,)(>a(ll) of variouB millinery firms in | ��
. . _    li.Li.     K..4     .,-l,,,,l   ' ... m_J   i.n....     ,nnn    1.I1RV   eXUlUlU' *'
Oeorge.     Tbe  cat   was    cnugm.    uu       luo   ..e.^,..   ......	
firmly, but kindly, shown how to take i Wolseley, which seemed to miss noth
an exit. Ing,   struck   Colonel   IVulson   as   the
Sir Ueorge Alexander then took up I most salient point In Wolscley's gen-
hla  line:     "Ah!   It must have   given j eral appearance,
you a great deal of trouble," he said. '      Canadians' Regard for Wolseley.
 '  I    "Our men," he says, "believed that
no one was equrl to him.   The stories
"'i-'n��iirc'o wivuna'cBiinuiuu   ��'  hifi  leading   forlorn   hopeB,   of  hie
LONf-fcH with dh. PRIEDMANN   ganantry in Burmah, In India and the
Bv this coup he see-red the trad* think his mind was a blahk, but when . We(jt En(i nave been bUSJ'***#��*
of the west eoaet Of South AMca, end h�� nets the shares of the greatest , ,ng tha, BUCh ���,,���,,�� are very excep
controlled the   c.oiineet'ng   link   be- shipping companies talk for *������������� tlonal In the &��*       .,tracted   by
f^rnZ two sides Of that huge eon- has   a   peculiar   hesitancy   In   speech  i     Numbcriesi.   women,   attrac id    o>
pent     The I   -ort   and   Holt   line   almost I slammer, which until tggHtlu  high P^. bTOU^t forwwd th^r 	
T��*   rStw  the ***** St\V>9\^\^^ PHYSICIANS
eorn   nylni  the  British  f n*   imN  whom Lord |  rri^ahn   , p     d signmg ^  m  ^   for       coNpER W)TH DRi p
to hen thorn in tho Bide of Mils*"' ��   ��WP��.   *���'*.,  ",'rH��    he   great   ship-  Xm , I   Crimea,   of   his     many   and     serious,
Wi***      Brrangenient.    so    PWlltps  rn.rw,   ItUl   00������l    ne  K��  Woolff (ThiB J-I.OCO a year creator of becom-      New    Tork)    Aprll    7,'-Twenty-flve i wounds, were told In every tent and
bought  ���:<  no.                                            build imr vnrds Of ����"��n��       ,   pn���.         he.lU,.ear is adept In the designing:!   hvslclan9 from various parts of   the  around   8Very   camp   fire;   while   his
Powerful Connection.                jls nn office boy  comp.iriu                       un��um   t^ ^ [n ^ bleIldlng ot ^^  stn)ps and  Canada called on wonderful tact, his charming manner
I     "Will  he  never  aton?"    Asked   the. lips.              u,..,,,/,,! unmorv              I soft   materials   of  exquisite   coloring U     p   ,,    Frieilniaiin   today   tolHarn,ttnd     magnetic      Influence     affected
���VTilaan* ofUthVshlPpTM hidebound  BnglUb   ship    merchants.              Ha�� W,���**mI wsm   y                o 00Ue��gue8 never take a arnMlgenients. if any. had been  everyone who came near him."
ed hard nl the de ���>'��    f '�� "^ rd��� I ,��,,,������,   ���n!o,-er   ��-M   to  absorb    *he ,    The  sec et  < if 1116 8V,c                    of needle  Into  their  hands   leaving  the distribution of his vac-,    Qol,   llenlson   thinks   Wolseley   was
bttBlnMg,    (iraduallvl i.^'     ���^      I     ���        ,������   A���nB   ,i���e.   the     For- , man ��bo has       n*   7w,ireaso-* ! actual work to lower pa d ass stanta. treatment   of   tUberoul- somewhat    disappointed    when     t.ie
the Uip of the lndder and WOK an m   J���|���J ,,__ ,    ���������������������  ,hn�� eslnlillsb-  the seas is mainly due to iwonw^^ |�� ^  >m hnrn nrt|ntB |n nu,lr   line, ,<-",1" , ���,���������,0������,i Fenian attacl
terest In politics.   As a   -
citizens had planned. Shortly after-
returning to Kngland be was sent in.
commaud of tno naJuuitee campaign.,
and received this autMuiss.ion of the
king at Coo classic.
For these service* he waa voted the
1 thanks at purtiauient, tho sum oC
1 ��25,000, aad czc-atcd a K. C. B. As
Sir On met Wolaeley he waa commander of the Kcypttan expedition In
1882, which ended in the defeat or
Arabi Pasha at Tel-el-Kcbir. He conducted the operatioaa Tar the relief of
Cordon and Khartoum, and on thla occasion cent to Canada for a oompany
of voyageurs, wbo were of great Service to the Nile expedition, and received the public tlttnke of the commanding general before returning home.
Lord   Wolseley  ws��   a very   great
soldier, and with Roberta and Kitchener,  was one of the thrco   greatest
I British    generals   since   Welltugton.
Toronto Mail and Kmpire.
Railway Man Resigns.
New Haven, Conn., April 7 - VIciv
President K. FI. McHenry. of the Now
Haven railroad, who haa been in
, charge of the operation of the system,
{voluntarily reaiKned on Saturday.   It
the seas is mainly,lne to ���� reaern,    ��C ^^^n^Usia in their  line, ^um   .or   tne   irenm.*  �����,.    -= --^ ^
Itafol and        in     '   and If the" work Ib crowned with 111* ����g'    Frie(lmann  told   them  he   wae I averted.   When the Bed Kiver Rebel-
mo"   for n ., . e detail, j cess they will eventually attaIn an l,-;    Dr.  TO. m^ ^ out In 1870 there was ade-;      ������,������,��������� ^ hi.  position   wi��
,.      **\?<L   miiHt   have    been I conic of from 18,000 to $10,000 a year., action  In  this regard    having    been ; mand from all parts of Canada that McH-suj began his rail-
mnclal    genide  .must   have    J^^^ ,��� ,he pny 0,,he London ^ top- j JJgg by  ^ perKaonB  lrylng to    ar-|Colonel  Wolseley    should J��e_   Ijvwjj^ work c��� the Northern Pudflc in
Ile was rweedeer of the North-
PaclOc tbroach the two-year
d of Ita reorgsusbntlon and later
chief engineer of the Canaadiaa \
��*Gft f*J*M
WEDNE8DAY, APRIL 9,  1913.
PR'flllS Of NAVY
���wciSmmsfet    Crowds   Take   Greatest
interest '" Following Life of Jack
Afloat and Ashore.
Instructed to advise certain parties to
disconnect tbdlr sewerage connection
wiih this dram.
Prom George Rowland oomplalnlng
thai Mr, Chrlstopberson had enclosed
pail of tiie road past section 28 with
a fence, making it difficult to get
through, Received, clerk to Instruct
Mr. Chrlstopberson to have tho tenoe
removed from the rcnu.
Brom    Municipal    Knglneer   Ill-own
calling attention to the necessity oi
opening s road from tbe Hall's Prairie
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    rond  lo the Clover Valley road to In
known as the Serpentine road,    and
,     stating   that    the    approximate    cost
fictore*. which nre  Tully    as    elu-  wpl|1(1 bp j2()(|0     u,,C(,|vpd
- <iim nl of tbe might of Britain upon the p,.om R R nrown, tendering his
msaam ��'�� aa are the Durbar pictures j resignation aa municipal engine..r ti
tat tha i>ow��ir of Kalsi r I Hind, were,lake effect April 5. Received and
s*i7��-n for the first lime in Weslmlns-1 resignation accepted, and clerk In
ter at the Hoyal theatre yesterday.) structed to call for applications for
ThB intr-rrKl taken in lhe British navy tbe position to be in by the next
���man wrll evidenced by the crowded 'meeting, Saturday, April 12.
aiKlh'*nr>w. wkilc the fact lbat pictures j . On motion the fallowing approprln
that ate solely liritish are welcomed .lions were made: Ward 1. $500 or
herr waa abundantly plain. ( *me Serpentine road eitBt of tho Clove-
The lite of the man o' war's maa. Valley road; ward 3, $1000 on th'
-from the tiino he seta out aa a young-mud Bay road; ward 4, $300 on I.aii
stt-r of 14 or 15 until he becomes the !'-,>,. road B0���th of Yale road. $500 on
trained a**t la signalling, gunnery j fyui-g pralrle road from Medullar
and the -many special branches of hls|road ���<���.,-,, j-r, on xione road west of
railing. w��a tally delineated, while Icoast Meridian, $f>ftn on Serpentine
.lack ashore performing the same du- j road from Clover Valley road east.
ties m�� b soldier was depicted in pic- A d,,i,,?���tlon representing the Roya'
farce of a mining nature. |Columbian hospital. New Westminster
Dreadocnghts  in   line  ahead,  grIm |npp(,nrPd before the council asking fo:
and-cr-fj. knife bowrd torpedo boat de-1 ���s8|stall(>  )n ,he  crmBtr���ct|ori  of     a
atroyens,   submarines,   every   kind   of;new   hospital.    The   matter  was laid
naval craft drifted across the canvaB j ovpr for flirthPr consideration.
**��   ���""?  long   procession   of   majesty. |    Accounts to the nmount of $2127.70
Uncle Sam Decides to Walt Until Con-
ttituticn.il Assembly at Pekln Is
apecd and wonder. The close of the
picture!--* "is marktd by some very real-
ul,i- tmttle scrnes, wherein the audi
���eoce wonders as the big guns swing ���.''''.' " ���"" _ . .
STHjnd whether they are unite safe, r'overdale. on Saturday.
.recovering themi-elvj-e as a boat Is
.Sxirpodofd and drops into tho waves
���in piecesi. and cheering to the echo
as the filtiiB conclude with a reproduction of Turner's famous picture of the
battle of Trafalgar, ol Nelson and
of the flag under which he taught.
Mc-MFrp.  Will  Pali an    and    B.    O.
Ilrc-oks, who arc touring with these
Dirtiu-e-s   ure   performing   a   work   of	
jt-ri^t < dncational valm-. and whcrevi i   M0   Vacant   Benches   When
Out* have bwn shown the pictures of
"Onr Navy" have been enthusiastically
���eefltretf.   They will be on view again
ix*lay only.
fJ!r. rt. E. Brown Tenders Resignation
ao Municipality���South Westminster  Notes.
were passed  and  ordered  paid.
Counoil then    adjourned    to    meet
pfiin at 2 p.m. at the municipal hall
April 12.
Abandoned a Century Ac;o  Is
Paris, April 8. Jean Krncst Const ma, formerly premier of France, and
amlitthsaili r to Turkey, died yesterday
aTti r a Short IllnosB;
M. Constanii waB In IiIb ROth year.
For tho last 40 years he had  been a
oonsplououj figure in French public
life and Indeed, there are few men
whose life stories ure more picturesque.    Constant)  began  life  at  Baree
Man  Who Saved  France   From   Over- ] ^   DETERMINING   FACT0H
throw In Critical Period Passes ���^^________
World   Peace  and the   Empire   N.ivy
Away. ^^^ The na-. al Biipreniaey of tlle Untlali
Btnplro Is essential tu the world peace I
ti day. Only hy holdiiiK undisputed I
I'oiniiiaud of the seas can the com- ]
merce of Uie empire and the penes;
of tho  world continue.    In  the event
of war being forced upon ub we re
quire    a    largo    sea going    fleet    to
blockade  the ' enemy's  seaport  towns
and to prevent lhe hostile fleets from
putting  to  sea  to .Injure  either  our
(���uniiierce or our senboanl.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^mmmmmmm-m^mmmmmm-------mmmmm      Admiral Lord St. Vincent originated
lona and later became a lawyer. llejthlB plan, and proved Ita efficacy dur
wus professor of Roman law at Tou-1 lug the last great naval war with
loueo when the commune broke out in; France und Spain over a century ago.
xoll, [ in   these   wars  every  naval   port    of
Ile induced lhe rebels to surentler the enemy holding men-of-war had an
when they had taken possession Ofl English blockading squadron outBlde.
tho capital and when five minutes, superior In numbers, and as a result
were left them to make up their minds tho enpmv.8 ships cou|u not put t0 gM
to give In or face a heavy artillery witllout risking defeat, and their
f ro which would have destroyedI them. ocean oommeroe was entirely stopped
This brought him Into the public eye ,n order ft , tfa cond���|ons mllv
and   shortly   afterwards   he   was   ap- be reV(,rgcd nnd mlr coaala b(',
pointed town counBellor.    In 18,9 as, comp ,he ewmy.m ^^ wc nu|8|
have a superiority so great that other
natloiiB will think twice,    and    then
Tbe  Surrey    council    mil    al    Lh
i-./uii ��� .iwi ball on Saturday, April ,
rhe- reeve and all members bein,
present.   The minutes of the previous three daughters
Washington, April 8, ��� President
Wilson stood in the Bpoaker'B rostrum
in the hall of the house today am;
personally,read his llrst message t<
congress, tin. first president sine*
John Adams to exercise that privilege.
The renewal of a custom rf a eon
tury abandoned and now surrounded
by wide differences of opinion anion.
members of congress itself, attracted
to the capital an assothblage neces
i sadly less In numbers, but certainly
no less distinguished than the com
pany which attended the presldent'i
Tin-   gall-jEiea   wore   packed   wltl
national figures, .Mrs. Wilson   and hei
and Iwo  women  of
uwe-titxg uere read and continued. tin1   cabinet   circle   prominent   aim.!'*
Oiin.-miriii-aiioiia wure reoelved from   them.    The diplomatic gallery    prod
ci J*. chriBtcuneu, secretary ot   the lubly contained a    representative   of
tnoorml c*j*nmi��*ion on agriculture, nslt-   every nation   with     an     envoy of tilt
ttmg pttrmnJaalon   to  use   the municipal, foreign corps here. ���        /
���all Tor meeting, or the cowniieunn I Tllettngiilehen* public mon who liavr
which will be held on April -',������> a:id 30. teceived tbe thanks of congress and
Kecrivf-d and imrmission gianiid. , who were therefore entitled to be or
J-~rom J. C. Anderson. South Port the floor, availed themselves of thi
atixnr,, staling lhat  he  wished  to pul  rjcht.    Conspicuous among them  wa1
Washington, April 8.���The United
States will defer recognition of China
until the constitutional assembly
which rneelp today at Pekln attains
a complete organization. This decision became known after President
Wilson hnd dlsruEBed the question
with his cabinet today.
On account of the adjournment nf
the assembly until April 12 tbe formal
step which tho United States Intend
cd lo take today will be delayed. Only
a few countries wlll nct with the
United States, most of the otherB who
have been requested to Join In the
movement having practically decided
to await the outcome of the constitutional processes and elections, which
will be a matter of several months.
Secretary Bryan announced that
cablegrams told of tho assembly's
meeting in Pekln and that the new
government had made a smooth beginning. The secretary gave the impression to his callers that as soon as
both branches of the assembly completed their organization and provisional officers of tho executive branch
of the government were chosen, recognition would be extended without
agaltlng the general elections.
M.  Bakhmetieff, the Russian ambassador, who visited  Secretary  Bryan   today   to  obtain   clemency   for  a i
Russian   subject   Imprisoned     In    an !
American prison, is beiii ved to have j
brought  the answer of Russia to the
American  proposal   for  concerted  ac-1
tion In China.
Not only the Chinese question, but
the issue In connection with the proposed California anti-alien law, occupied the attention of the cabinet today. The protest of the Japanese government that Euch a bill would be a
violation of the treaty rights of Japan, was canvassed ly the president
and his advisers und an effort will be
made to influence the removal of any
cause for protoFt Tomorrow the
president will discuss the situation
with representative Baker of California.
It was a busy day for the president
with the cabinet meeting, his visit to'i"ie brave general," and was in reality
the capitol, and the usual list of cal- j an arrant coward, nnd that it was cow
lers. Cardinal Qlbbons was received ardlce more than anything else which
in the gretn room and chatted for a prevented him trom taking advantage
few minutes with Mr. Wilson before of the extravagant enthusiasm exolt-
[the president .shook hands wlth-sev- id hy hla return as member for Paris
eral hundred visiting school teachers, j to yield to the entreaties of his chief
  I adherents  ami   march   at   their  head
.rnl,,,.    ���r.^-nn ,on tDe Vl'ry nipht when lllB electoral
I l~llA.lt KI    1111 III I victory was proclaimed upon the Ely-
Bee In order to seize the presidency.
Had   he   ventured   upon   this  coup   it
would undoubtedly have succeeded for
Irtually  no  precautions    had    been
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    nken against any such attack.
I Snuffed Out Boulanger.
  /     Ccnetans came into office aa minis-
.      ,      .   ��� ,' _,   ml _,  .... I ter nt fhe Interior not long afterward, ... -...._____
Lack   of   Experience   and   Poor   Outfit jaad havlnp ascertained thnt lloulaiifrr-r 11�� en attempt lo dynamite the town by
Only one week more for'bargains in Furniture,
House Furnishings, Linoleum, Dishes, Glassware,
Hardware, etc., etc.  i
Cor. 6th Ave and l2th St.
Our Sunset Sewing Machine, guaranteed for
ten years, has no superiors and very few equals.
Try one and save money.
a Republican he was Fent to the chamber  of  deputies,   and   was   appointed
under Eecretary of state. , .   , ,,.,.,
In the Orient sonie    more,    before    disturbing    th
In 1886 he became minister extra-Pf4*6 **lul Prosperity which the who!
ordinary to China and as such con-{$*}***���? worU1 ,10w enJo>'8 tliro��K!l
eluded the Franco-Chinese commercial! I3"'1*--11 9 supremacy,
treaty. From I'ekin he was trans-! ln a remarkable series of moving
ferred to the port of governor general Pictures entitled "Our Empire Navy,'
of Cochin China and Tonkin where he | which will appear at the Iloyal then
arcused an immense amount of critic- \*r<~ today and tonight, every phase ot
ism at home hy his official toleration (life In the navy In peace and war Is
of the gambling game of lotto, known! graphically pictured   and    eloquently
:is the "thirty-six beastB," a game
which had heen prohibited by all previous governors general In the Interest of morality.
He is understood to have made an
mormons fortune while in Cochin
China and returned home
charges, They resulted in a leglBla*
tlve motion for his impeachment
brought on July 12, 1888, and which
was defeated hy a very narrow margin. It was not long a...*r his return
that, having undertaken to rid the
���"iintry of Boulanger, he was entrusted with that object In view, with the
office of minister of the interior by
his political friends.
It.  is as the  man  who  snuffed out
Our empire navy shows us how the
navy Is trained, llrst Instruction in
naval warfare, a cruise on a British
battleship, monthly Btnges In tin-
building of   a dreadnought,   the   "en
much    dis
the navy
the    navy
New Wes
keen    nn
under: tenie cordiale," the very
cussed "German menace,
preparing for   war.   and
actually  engaged  in  war,
. t. no more opportune
"Our Empire Navy" visit
viinster. In view of the
world-wide interest bring takrn in tin
navy cf "the greatest empire the
world has ever seen."
(Continued from page onr)
striking \hu lirHt blow. Throughout
the day he made sallies to the BO Uth,
oast and west, assaulting superior
forces, only to return with slight
losses. The last sally was made ahout
5 o'clock when a car of dynamite exploded on the railway a short distance j
brlou-  the  town, ���lther.a.i a siKnal or
33 Hours to Prince Rupert
S. S. Prince George runs to Stewart.
S. S. Prince Rupert runs to Granby Bay
Prince Rupert, Stewart,   Massed.
Tuesdays���Viotorla and Seattle,
Thursdays    liinee Rupert and flranby Hay.
Fridays    Alert Hay, Hardy Hay, lllvers  Inlet,
Oeean    Falls,    Queen
Charlotte Island (direet service,
Saturdays    Victoria  uud   Seattle.    I
fast time).    First trip, April 4.
H. t.i   BMnil. ('   l'. .v-
Phone  Seymour 8134.
A W. K. DUPBROW, O. a  r   I).
VANCOUVER. B.C.      527 Granville Street.
ap a fence along bis properly, anil
found that the line came within ubout
two tt*H cl the wagon tracks cn the
ruul. junl usking the attention of the
���couac-il lo llij> mailer. Received and
���referred  lo Councillor IngJis.
Admiral Dewey. A moving piotnn
machine was installed to preeerve 6
record or the historic event for thi
government's  archives.
President Wilson slipped awav fron-
the White Houso   quietly   aft<-r   th.
Fi-fita i. ll- O'Neill, superintendent cabinet  meeting,  accompanied    onl<
���of tbe ll. N. It, Everett, jx- the cross-
���jug at Crescent, stating tlmt he uu-
tlerii'.ood thai tbe frog and switch d.tl
not come on Ihe crossing, and that
tie hail Riven instructions to lhe track
��ls-.l.; -.'Lri-ui to have planks put in ou
AhjjaJ. with tbe rails.   Reoelved.
h"rom  I'   J.  Hart &  Co., New West-
���minrter, re crossing at Crescent stat-
by liis secretary and one secret st
vice man, and upon arriving at th-
capital waa escorted to the rcsiruir
in the house, where Sneaker ClarV
sat at one side ami Vlce-PrCBlden'
Marshall at the othiT.
The president, speaking with hll
usual olarlty ot tone and notable d!c
tion, read his message while the com
Results in Death for Nearly all
-   of Party.
Christiania, Norway, April 8.- Failure lias overtaken the German Arctic
expedition under Lieutenant Schroe-
der-Stranz, -\lo---t of the "members are
believed to have died On the ice from
exposure and scurvy arid the commander  in  chief  is  missing.
Four of lhe men have succeed., d In
returning to Advent Bay, Spltzbergen
and  two others are  prohably  nafe at
was anxious to play a role similar to
that of fleneral .Monk. Puke of Alber-
marle, who brought about the restor
���itioii r.f Charles II ti the English
throne, and was in negotiation with
the Comte de I'aris. the RoyallBt pro .
tender, laid plans to crush the con-1
splracy by means of ridicule.
stealth.    At once the federal  general
ordered a charge and once more met
the advancing state troops.   Occasional firing continued Into the nisht.
Expect  Reinforcements.
During  lodiiv's  lighting  bullets  fell
frequently on the Arizona side of   the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    line, but  while some were spent balls
i     Having received nn intimation that  many  pierced  the walls of buildings.
lie was ahout to have a call at the de-: The United States customs house was
parttnent ot the Interior on the part of hll twice.   Two non-combatants were
an acquaintance whom he knew to be I reported injured aside from the negro
likewise on  terms of  friendship with j troopers of the Ninth cavalry wound-
; Boulanger, he caused a warrant to be ed by s].ent halls early In the day.
made out for the arrest of the general     Word comes from the   state   lines
'and   affixed  his  signature  thereto.       ; that    only    the    groups    of    General
purposely   lying   on   his [ obregon's section    and     Colonel     Al-
entered   and  varez participated in the attack total-
sled 17""" "  s quitted his room h|ng no more than  100(f.    Reinforce-
i mi-�� "."ment under pretext of giving I ments led    by    Colonels   ('alios   and
W. R. OILLBV. Phon. 122. * ������ OILUBV. fhana 1��1
Phonal. OITIco 15 an* 1*.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Ing  Ornut Ibe  frog  and   switch of the  Pany. actually  packed into the cham
new   spur track is located exactly   Ip ber, gave the closes! attention.
'the ci-nlr,. Of  the  crossing,  and  that       Two motives influenced Mr.  Wil ior.
��n3ft*.s e-mhethlng was done to remedy   to decide to read  in  person his    firs'
���mi* il would be kmpoeslKle to oros.s  message  to  congress.    The  perfunc-
the. tr��!i nt this pornL    Hur*eivwl.
H-V-ouc ll. BOBS, secretur>-In iniurer
of tl.r Suri-ej* Agricultural association,
:i��.i,'ii-, for grant oT $"00 lor the prize
IH(t ��a��i *;0u in aid rd building shed*.
I Rftsct-ived, and on motion %'ilin ��bh
���.S*ranlR��l towards the prize litt for
WIS, bnt lhe council could not see
rfc-p-ir IW��J clear to make any grant to
********* tho building of sheds,
���^tois John Armstrong calling alien-
Iks. to thpbo-fl condition ol tlie Township Une mad east ot lh" Hall's
Vraurir rand between eoptlons I and
M. aj-.il asking lo hare Mime Improve-
m��l made lo It Received and n*
IfcTTvd to Council, r MaoKenzh
Trurenberg nay.   The aviator and thei     )k.  had  ,,
icook died  from  starvation.    Nothing I de8l!   wnet)   thp   vlBitor
i has been heard of Lieutenant Schroe-: B(ter ;1 few minwt
der-8tranz tince he started on a Bled for a ������
I expedition in August of last year. ���  order to one  of  his  secretaries, t Bracamonte are expected to arrive be
aP V'lh     ���     , f   hp , Li  ������   i    k!;��n "Is f"",w*'" ,,,ilt hin caller ronld I fore morning.    This would make th.
news ot the fate cf the expedition  in   avail   himself   of   the   opportunity   to
January when he returned to Advent glance at the warrant   and would then
Hay In a deplorable condition and was   w;irn Boulanger.    That    is    precisely
thought  to be the  only  survivor.    A ; what took place, and the general seiz'-
dlspatch from Spltzbergen has revlv-: ,.,] with fear, fled that same night first
ed  hopes  that a  few  others  may  be j to Brussels anil then to England, leav-
alive. | in1? his i-onf.
Among the party, besides the off ic- ], rin-ir  hi m
tory  way  in   which  presidential  nics
sages usuallv   were  received,  accom
panied as they have been hy thr ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ilrnne of a clerk's voice and eivntv I ers and crew were several German
Oi-ats. and Mr. Wilson's desire thai scientists, including a geologist, a bot-
ovrry member should hear his aOTPi' enlst and an oceanographer. Expert-
for a thorough revision of the tariff 1 ence of polar work was almost entile sii" purpose for which congress ,lrrly lacking and thc equipment was
was called in extraordinary session.     |said  l0  be  vor>'  P��or*
_   .  ihe  Intention  of the  party  was  to
Winnipeg, April 8. claiming^ that
an aggregate damage of $26oi000 was
done by the recent Weston flood, anil
that   either  the   cily   or   the   Consoll
rrom George WaVelin, secretary ..f <lat.-il Rubber company, or both, wen
ederates in the lurch, cov-
iring himself with Ignominy and ridicule, and thus destroying all hope
of any success of the conspiracy, as
well as all his own political and military future.
Pertona Grata With Abdul.
Constans  became  premier  in   1S89
  and senator In 1891.    Seven years lal*
pave the way for a more complete j or he went to Turkey as ambassador
expedition under Lieutenant Schroe- and held the position until 1909, Re-
der-Stranz, which was to endeavor to | fore Constans reached Constantinople
make the northwest passage later this some joker, recalling the ambassador's
year. reputation  for  being    always    ready
 ���-������ J with hi:: flrti    warnrd the Turks thai
l h" was i statesman who always "did
up" hte tecs In gctd style. This reach-
I constitutionalists about 11001 stron".
Mexicans   Hold   Americans.
j     I.os    Angeles,    April     s, -    Oeorge
j Jacobs,  a   Los   Angeles  merchant,     is
held for raiiBom by Mexican bandits,
I according to messages received today
i by  Michael  George,  a  business  associate.    The messages, sent  by  Amerl
J cans from Calexlco, Cal,,    state    that
j Jacobs  was captured  while  traveling
I from Calexlco to Yuma, Art/... with    a
consignment of goods. It is understood
that he has been    tuken    to    a bandit
camp   near   Enseneda,    I owe*-   Call
fornia. on $2000 ransom demanded.
Comfortable  Family  Hotel
Forty minutes run from N'.-w   Westminster on (!. N. Ity.   All trains
slop at  WhUe  Kock.
Fifty rooms, large Dining Hall, ina*snllioe,iit vlota of Bay and Gulf;
only live minutes from Railway Depot; Hot and Cold Water. Rooms
can be engaged en suite, suitable for children and families, European
and American plan; gymnasium hall In connection, also a store containing full line of groceries. Kor terms and rates apply
White  Rock, B.C. P. GREYELL,  Proprietor.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can  recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
.tr-he Ratepayers' association of ward 1
entfinto-g ropy ot reaolnUons nassed
by their association rcganiiiiK a
nuiti J arrangement between the Do-
���m'ini.,.1 (llaztfd Cement I'ipe company
sMnd Ibe -rnunitipalily re the exohange
���nf certa-lu properthss at Port Kells
Husx.-.-itiRg ihat this be done, subji cl
tq c.-'Ttain restrictions, as to whem
fliii ftwftn i would be in operation, etc.,
Taxi ou condition that improvements
(Vt irundc.to certain roads, Rece'vod. posnl of the deputation,
Froni tbe eolliclor reportlnt; collec- 	
Tions for    tho    month    Of March    ai . MAY  ESTABLISH AIRSHIP
responsible, a deputation waited upon
tho board Of control today and suggested that Judge Uobson, the public
Utility commissioner, be appointed
arbitrator to settle the responsibility
for the flood and that a board of as
sessorj be afterward ' appointed t<
settle the claims for damages.
The board after numerous sugges
tions being made by the members
agr. ed to go carefully  Into the  pro
I requiring an aerial craft has made il
i plain that England has entered thi
It is understood that Inquiries havi
'been quietly made here by,capitalist
as to the feasibility of establishing   e I would  carry  the  complete  state  tic
.���**����.��.��.    Ht-ceived.                                        1                                  PLANT IN  HALIFAX
i->t��ni   A.   Dinmiore.   John Stewart "	
-and    -othfTs.    a    petition    nrotestln ��� j     Halifax,  N. S��� April 8.    There is u
-ixgaln-ftt  tbe pronovMl  expenditure    of  prospect  that   Halifax  may  have    an
jl��m oo the Colebrook road,   as thev alrShlp  plant  within  the  near  future
��� isrtfcia-n the natow was more npirfiiThe recent speech of Right Hon. Win
���*ii* \r. Improve the Mud Hay road.   Re- i"*011 S. Churchill in regard to Uritaii
��eivi-i!    and    referred    to    Councillor
Brmrti to lal c im with th ��� wt'tlonors
f/Wna the medical health  officer .-P
���complaint of Messrs  nvarc. and Kiddle
tp th�� tannery at Kouth Westminster
uatTing thait this -was Investigated and
���Hie tanwry found to be ln a comnnra-
tiv��-l? innltarv condition, tbe principal
<Aj<-ct'��n *r,j.esrlnc lo be f-'.*i ode--
��e��-*��-asiiry  ti thp trade, and  lhat  the
vnaiuigi-ment    iiurr"    to   correct    pnv
w**Aesjai*h wh-W-.h may wiibse-n. '���  ���]..
vrtop:   also tb-t   A.  O.  Mar.;h.:ll  had
-���jgriffl 1" "it h'ti Tn--=*-i-i'&<���*.< in a Bint
tWTV I- '-litio-i, ��-bJect to thn  -ii re* --;l
i^t Hi* him id.  also re drain  from the
%\. Vi. It. tracks cast on the McLellan
���mil,   atallng   lhat   thc   present   pipe
v-raw  not   olTlelcnt  for   -sewerage   pur-
!��?!�����������* and nKiommcnding that slops be
Mm to do away with the nuisance
vs>��>"inT :i'"ng the rorth Bide of this
T-0��d   al   the  present   tone,   i
|pStilt ii.i.ditioiiH It will develop Into
a ���tKt'iirot menace. Hpceivi:d, and clerk
Bomb Creates Havoc.
New York, April, 8, When a boml.
exploded In nil east side tenement to
night a razor in the baud of a barber
slashed a man's throat and a nine fool
mirror fell from the wall and lande
on the bend of another customer. Th.
barber fell lo the floor stunned
Twenty families fled from the hons
by way of lire escapes when the fron'
lower stairway was demolished. Nour
ly 00 bombs have been set olT ln New
York streets since the lirst of Ihi
Soft-ago Hopelessly Defeated..
Detroit, Mich., April S. Woman suffrage In Michigan generally was con
ceded hopelessly defeated in yesterday's election, when scattered returns
received late today from Ihe rural districts of the ftate did not tend to materially decrease the big majority roll-
id up analnpt the amendment Its opponents declared tonight that the.
amendment had failed by 25,C0n. This
ifternoon's returns Increased the con
id the car? of A'-'i-i! Hamld, who dur
ing cne of Irs first Interviews with
the French ambassador, asked him
ir it was true thai hc Invariably cave
a quietus to his i ni mil s and pul them
out ��f the way. Ion: tans either mis
understanding lln- sultan or else entering Into the  iii*,.., answered in  Ull
affirmative ued  thenceforth enjoyed
a particularly high place In the regard \
cf the sultan, who sv.v in hlin u man of
his own ideas.
Just before ho was withdrawn from
Conrtantini pie a circular sent oul by
the Young Turks i-iii! that an ambassador had acccptl d large bribes for
obtaining e -t>'.i "--al concessions.
Constans felt that, he was mennt. Ile
demanded and received an official
Professor Nct Guilty.
St.   Paul,   Minn..  April  8.    The jurv
n   fie  eii-, of  Prof.  Olson,  formerly j
of th"  University of  Minnesota  farm
heel    .h'.-t-'d   with   th"   murder  ofl
Positively the most wonderful pictures ever shown in this city
The Famous Norwegian Explorer, the Daring Man Who Penetrated
the Anturtic to the World's Last Unknown Placo, Will Tell in
Graphic  and   Fascinating  Narrative
With Forty  Minutes of Wonderful  Motion    Pictures    and    Excellent
Stereoptlcon Views.
Friday, April 11th, at 8 p.m.
Under the Auspices of SONS OF NORWAY.
SEATS���$1X0 and $1.50.   Tickets sold at Tidy's and Scandla Trading
mpire Navy
fldence of the Republicans that they | f,b ?,-^'..';irU"!" Hl!,'Kpd ,wreck
station at   Halifax  for the iiurposi
construction  of airships  of  the  rigii
seml-rlgld  and  non-rigid  type.    It    !���
also hinted that attention "ill h
given lo the development of aero
Railwav Strike in Australia,
Si  ey.   N.   S.   W���   April   g, Tho
railway nirike is becoming general
throughout the whole of Australia
and has assumed serious proportions.
Passenger    service    is seriously cur-  therefore nre not subject
No Tax on Leased Property.
Washington, A pri s Hundreds of
corporations Wlll bo relieved from
paying ihe federal corporation tur'rr
by a decision toda'y of thn sti^romi
courl l" 'he effect that corporations
loastng all their property and having
no Income Except that yielded bv tho
lease, are not "doing business" and
to   the tax.
hi Olpi n home, returned a verdici
of not guiltv at 8:80 tonight. In hli
charge to the jury' Judge Orr ruled
thnt a vord'cl if manslaughter might
he brought In us well as a verdict of
fir"! rr iiT.nd degree irmrdor, or ac-
Today Is the Last Time
ml  the movement of freight Is, This  phase of    the    Bbrporatlon    tai
Grim nvidrrre cf Tragedv.
Dawson,   April   8.    A   roll   of  lilnn-,
kets and a rifle belonging to Mr. audi
Mrs.  M. II. Schmidt, formerly of Se- ���
little,   were  brought   here  today  from I
lliiFiell   glacier,   sj'a.re    they    were
found by Bob Wiley    This Is taken as
almost   at   n   standstill.     Demoralized   arose In  the    case of  the    Mine  IHll|proor that  the aged  couple,  la = t  si
conditions prevail    The total Buspen- and  Schuylkill  Haven  Railroad com-1 when they started to cross the gla-
'   ',""   Klon   of   rail   traffic   over    the   entire   pany, once    operating    a    railroad in Icier three years ago,  lost their lives
under ,,'"" m   is threatened h*.    to -j Pennsylvania now leased to the Road- in  some  unmarked  crevasse.    They
i.oniiuoimi ui      ��� left two dautfiters, SUterB of Charity.
morrow. I '"h
. WEDNE8DAY, APRIL 9, 1913.
Annual Meeting of Seniors Called for
Friday���Large Turn-out Is
Vancouver Team  Leading in  Race at
Northwestern. Tourney.
Vancouver, April '9.*- The St. pygle
bowling team of this city Jumped Into
llrst place in  Ihn Ave man event* of
,        .,       , ,, .     the Northwestern Bowling tournament
The annual   meeting of  the  senior   ^ ^_ ^  .    ���   m_  '$&
nmateur lacrosse team has been call-; pmnK '������ a HPOre ()f 57ar) ,��� b1x KameB.
ed to take place in tho city hall on ', averaging 191 to the man.   The Brims
Friday evening of this  week.  During'wick   llalke   team   were   second   with
the past two yearB the club has had  r'u"' Kamloops coming third
.      . ...        , ,       ' ,. 1     In the doubles nnd singles the show-
a hard time lo meet financial condl- ,ng ma(I(, was d|8aPP���intlng,. although
tloiiB, In facl tt deficit Ib staring them Inany of the be8t bowlers have yet to
In the face at the present, compete. ,
Among the old  time lacrosse play-1    The out of town teami will feature
��TB and  fanB In the city, enough enthusiasm  has been shown to mako a
new  start  with  the club, get  the or-l
ganlzation   once   more   on   n   proper   tl/r<<T|llk|PTEn    lil-TUT
'"i8is ui " i manager who ha�� ttLjiMIIijIlK ffiuill
the   main  events    In     the
matches on Wednesday.
five  men
played the game and who can hnn
the newcomers In lacrosse and thus
allow this city to he n Btr0.1<J toiiii ml-
���er for the Mann cup, ai present hill
in Vancouvi?! by the V. A. 0.
ai the annual meeting -..t the iVeri
minster lacrosse    club    considerable
discussion  took  place us to tha  ways   Two
nml im .inn if bringing out the youngsters who show any clasa with the
gutted stick so thai in years to conn
the nat.oiial pastims will still be on
the nini. [footing in the way of players as 1 as been Shown during years
gone li/.
Perhaps the root of tlie evil, if It
may be so called by the seniors, is n
rule among Ihe Intermediate clubs
which prevents any player from pu-.v
Ing with an Intermediate team af'.er
the same player had engaged In
matches wiih tin* seniors.
The trouble has i-upptd up '\{\���
the  past  two  yearn
Teams  Will   Enter   Race    This
livening���Buck   Marshall   Confident
of Being in at the Death.
The two WeBtmlnster teams entered
In the Northwestern Howling tournament now In progress at Vancouver
will make the trip to the Terminal
City tbis evening lu the hopes of lak
Ing down a little of the, prize money
>"r| which haa been -subscribed by- the
merchantH In  Vancouver.
least,  an.
The team under Buck  Marshall ap
pears   to be  tbe  most formidable',' al
Bclectcd    by
the   Kings hotel
look   fairly   strong   by   their   perform-
S medley-
Is  financing the team    nnd    will    be
right on the firing line when Ihe pin-*-*
beglti to fall.
Marshall's line-up   will   be Walsh
Dill, Sloan and llurnett. Smedlev's
team will be Iloilltotl. Pike, t'haniber-
IIn.  Mot.lll aud O'Connor.
The   following  are   the   results     In
the  house league series on  the    Club
alleys  made last  evening
Bouliou 164
A.   N,  Other   126
Ingram    149
Asks for Change Procedure In Disciplining  Players���Mr.  Umps Not
the Whole Show.
New York, April 8. Ilavid Full/.,
pr.iid.nt of the Baseball I'layera'
Fraternity, tent a '.otter today to
Presidents I.ynch and Johnson of the
National and "American leagues respectively, iiBklng them to revise their I
procedure   In  disciplining  players.
The fraternity askfl that players be!
given a hearing before they are bus- I
pended after removal from the game I
by the umpire, und ln case such pro-1
cedure Is Impracticable, that the men
b. given an opportunity to file an af-
fldavlt   explaining   their  side  of   the
FiiIU'b letter says: "We roalize that
for the maintenance of order and discipline the umpire must have vested
in him, under the police power, authority to eject players from the game
at hie discretion. But where this
crisis has passed and there is no further need for hurried action, It would
seem that a careful consideration of
the meritB of the occurrence would
De far preferable to the ex parte procedure now employed, which to our
minds savors etrongly of lynch law."
Why take spring medicine when you can buy a
baseball, a bat and a glove at our store made by the
famous A. J. Reach Co. in Canada, from 25c. to
$3.50 each.
Get into the back lot and bat that spring fever
out of your system.
Also a full line of Lally's lacrosse sticks. They
make you hard.   Ask the boys. /
.J. Knight & Co
55 Sixth Street.
Even  Threatens to  Drop  Out of the . New York Court Rules That Wife  Is
B. C. L. A. If Salmon Bellies Do
Not Agree With D. L. A.
Oakland Shuf Out.
San Francisco, April 8.���Portland
defeated Oakland today 5-0 on the
pitching of Harry Krause. lie not only
kept Oakland down to two hits, bul
drove the ball out of the lot for a
home run with two on liases,    lie was I fou7or fyvp otlhl"Capitals west.
given excellent support.
Angels Ecat Sacramento
Sacramento, Cal., April 8.���- Sacramento could not solve the delivery of
Perrltt, the Los Angeles pitcher tci-
Juy. and lost 6-0. l'erritt allowed only
two hits, lively for the locals walked three men In nicccselon in the. second, forcing two runB. Williams relieved him In the next Inning and
walked two men with two out.
Ottawa, April 8���If Ottawa does not
get a Big Kour lacrosse franchise then
Alexander Uannermnn will probably
become half owner of the new Victoria Coast league club and will take
local man says that Lionel Yorke of
I Victoria made him nn offer to buy a
'half share and that he will accept un-
i lees he gets a Dig l-'our franchise.
Boss In Her Own House, If Not
May Leave.
Ws Act as Agents Only for the Purchase  and  Sale  of   Real   Estate.
We have placed with us, a number of good lots in the city for
Immediate sale. Price $500 each; cash $50, balance $15 per month.
Size 58x118 feet, with lane at rear,
SNAP. A fine double comer, cleared, on Douglas Hoad, size 100.\
110 feet. For a quick Bale will take $1700; $500 cash, balance 6
12 and 18 months.
Three lots on Seventh avenue. High Bide of Btreet, all cleared,
good view. Size 42x140 feet Price -$1250 each; one third cash, bal-
aiu-e 6, 12 months.
Lot on Fifth street, all cleared, size 62.9xl48H feet. Price $1650,
one third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Also stores for rent.
J. J. JONE8, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, Nsw Westminster.
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
New York, April 8.���The question
as to whether a wife Is compelled to
live with her inotherin-law is discussed by Supreme Court JuBtice Frederick Crane of Hrooklyn In a decision
handed down by him recently in a
suit for separation brought hy Gardner  Li.   Field  againat  hiB wife.
After viewing the domestic troubles
of the Fields, JuBtice Crane arrives
lit the conclusion that the man is jus-
falucy'wns demons!ia eJ last summer  lhuu|?h lhe BRgregatlon
wlien   several   Po/1   who   had    senlOl    George   Smedley.  of   th.
class. rof..��-d to assist th...e.,lor.ii.,-.i	
tours   on   tfi.   Kround   that   tne>    nan flg (llirlnK llie pllBt WPPk
played   In   four   mulches   and   wi.nl I   ,_  ��� ,..���.,...  .��� _...,
be barred froiu intermediate games
ghould they play another with tho seniors. Thai perhaps is the moBt vital
question which has to be dealt with
before tha amateur club can ever hope
to make progress.
The manager takes second placo,
for without   a  train  no man ean ever
hope io stage winning lacrosse,   .fust
who thai  l�� it on will be has not even
In in  moot, d  fit-dipt  perhaps    by    a
oiierle of old  timers, who discussing   I lawman
amateur and professional lacrosse on
the street yesterday, suggested Alder
man J. Jardine for the post.
Charllf  Welsh, the former manager I
of the world's champions, iB taking an!
Interest  In  the  youngsters  this  year'
.and  he  is  well  supported  by   Mayor Soghlan
Oray  and  others  connected  or who Collins .
have heen  connected   with  the sport.   Ri hinson
Whether Alderman Jardine would ar-, Garrett   .
<-ept the position remains tm be seen,,
perhaps the delegates at the meeting
hnve some one else ln  mind  but the
time Ib ripe for a change in the per
-noun-el  ol  the  club's  officers      President   Peebles,   In   conversation   V.Llh
The  News  yesterday,  Ftated   that  he
would like nothing better than to see
a  whole list of new  officerB elected.
The meeting, as already stated, ls
railed for Friday evening at 8 o'clock.
The citizens and lacrosse fans ln general ure Invited to he present and advance suggestions towards the betterment of the team which would be the
means of giving the V. A. C. and the
Victoria aggregations one of the closest fights they have stacked up against
in several years.
Hap Hogan Won.
Los Angeles. April 8.���Inability to
hit at critical stages cost San Francisco the first game of tbe serleB wltb
Venice today. 3-1. The game was
without features. Delhi was hit freely and at times Haleigh, who was in
the box for Venice, showed weakness
.liift what players will be selected titled in providing a place in hiB home
in the event of the deal being put -. for his mother only when the mother
through, he did not say. Jones Is | "recognizes tbat place and keeps It."
peeved at his usage by New Westmin-1 Continuing the justice says that the
Bter. He threatens to UBe forcible j man's mother "can have no say what-
tnethods of making them accept his' ever regarding the management and
agreement with the D.  L. A. j control ot the home;   this belongs to
He  may  even  refuse  to  play with | the wife and lf the huBband'B mother
New   WeBtmlnster. | makes discord where there should be
I harmony, Interferes with the wife's
' control and management even at the
request of ber son, or by her own Im
proper conduct, and the useless Ian
guage makes the home unpleasant and
distressing to the wife, then the wife
��� (By "Gravy.") ���
Bltulithic on Second Street, Ne v Westminster, with Boulevard Down
the Centre. ���
Bitulithic Is noiseless, aoa-sllppery, practically dustlese, easy on
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. For these reasons
Bltulithic ls commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
househ-pldera, and city officials. It has been adopted by fifteen cities
ln Canada, and over two hundred la the United Statea.
Columbia Bitulithic,Ltd.
Phone Seymour 71��0.       714-717 Dominion Truat Building, Vancouver.
is Justified In leaving her husband and
requiring correct support."
581  1764
3    Ttl
4 Hi
602    587    586 1783
, i
Sport Chatter
(Ily the Potter.)
A mixture of plnyera from all the
teams of the city baseball league answered the call for practice last evening and began spring training at
Queen's Park. Don't be alarmed
whatever If you see several nt the
stars with their arms in a sling this
All Ready for Opener.
St. Joseph, Mo., April 8. The Chicago American league team left hire
tonight for Cleveland, where It will
open the season Thursday. The club
will arrive in chieago tomorrow morning and upend the day there. The big
leaguers were prevented from playing
today's game with St. Joseph hy rain I
Charles Holiday Kbhets has given
I the Hrooklyn fans a new- stadium of
i which they may well b. proud and,
weather permitting, a vant crowd of
them will probably turn out this afternoon to take part In tin* formal dedication of the $760,000 stadium. Notwithstanding this local pride, a lot of,
the Hrooklyn bugs are peeved by the
new arrangement   hy  whieh  the price
of admission is increased all along the
The loyal lieacherites who used to
Issues Unconditional Challenge to Now
Yorkers���Will Have to Race or
.        Hand Over Trophy.
Chicago,  April  8.���G'eor^e B.   Lewis,
who    was   arrested    on   complaint    ot
Kthel   Ni'Hcomll   her,?   last   nl*ht   that
he married her  In  San   Francisco and
deserted her a few days later at Port-
land,   Oregon,   taking   with   him     her '
jewels   valued   nt   $3500,   waB ordered
held here today pending an Inv-fstlga-j
The prisoner says be Is the victim
throng  the old  field  at  25  cents  per; of mistaken   Identity,   but   Miss  New-
head now find that the quarter seats, con h clung  to  her   Identification     in,
have been reduced almost to the van-   the municipal court  today.    She add |
iihing point,    liven the number of 50   ed that she is convinced that the mar
cent bleacher seats has been greatly   riage ceremony was a fraud
reduced.     A   really  good   view  of the|     ,\   nmn   "dressed   like    a  minister"
game cannot be had for less than 75 : tied the knot, she said, but Lewis had
i-ents and a dollar and a dollar and a   not obtained a license.
half    are    tho    prevailing quotations, 	
for   the   better  seats,     whereas'   the'
Hroklyn   fan   used  to  be able  to  bet Left Levees to Save Whisky,
the best of seats at Washington park       Washington,  April   8.���Hundreds  of
for 75 cents. barrels of whisky,  swept  from  a de-
The   present   tax   seems   a   hit   too  m-olished   honded   warehouse  In   Ken
Tiie Bank of Vancouver
A general backing business transacted, drafts and letters of credit
sold payable In ail parts of the world. Savings bank department at
all  branches.
New Westminster Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Street.
D. D. WILSON, Manager.
Cleorge Kennedy of the Irish Canadians has about as much chance of
grabbing Johnny Howard from this
city ns Jim Thorpe has of making a
regular    berth
with the  New  York
Wants this Bummer.
Y.  M. C. A. Coys Enter
Name of Independents���Annual
Meeting  April   15.
The Hankers will clash with Sapperton on Saturday nfternoon to decide the championship of the City soccer league. Hoth elevens have Riven
Team Under,conditional orders for watch
order to accommodate the
handed out by the leagui
honey will officiate.
fobs  in
Tlm Ma-
After the cool reception Con Jones
received from the nig Four on Saturday II may be possible for Andy Baa-
Ottawa -lacr-mse  mognl.
The City Baseball league added an
<i!li���r team to itB roster at a meollng ; nerinnn,  the
be, I,   "" Columbia pool parlors last  to  est   In   his   lot   with   1. lone    York
events*   the application  of the hide-.and   lake a half Interest   in  the  Vic
nISdSltS  being  acMPted,    after    Its  torla ,club.     Seems   to   us    however.
eea-i   s  had   given   proof  that   Ihey   tbat   we   recently  heard   of a  gentle-
o    material to mould out   man named John Virtue, who Is back-
London, April 8.���Sir Thomas Lip- hJgh for ,he prlvllege of Beeing the|fl5��j jn the recent flood were saved
ton. the British yachtuian, today sent DodgerB| and there are threats of an ; by heroes who reSoued them to the
an unconditional challenge for a series I n Im)tm>. fcy thp fans Vel the fig* drop according to a report re-
of races for the Americas cup and gtubborn fact remains that the. cost of ,ved todav b.. Commissioner Cabell
nfter 10 years undisturbed possessor ��� everythlng lg golnK up and stadiums fn)m onP of thf, lnternal revenue
of the trophy, American yachtsmen ,.ost|ng three-qiiarlers of a million dol-: a(,entg The warehouse, containing
must again prepare to defend lt. larg must bt, paid for by the patrons i finoo harrelB   wa, practically destrov-
Sir Thomas Lipton's challenge was I of the gam0 The accommodations of-1 fi Mpn eYen |eft the ieVees Bald
cabled to the New York Yacht club to : ft,red the fans 10 or M years ago would ; ' 0Vprnment of*f|Cer to save Ken-
day through the Hoyal Ulster Yacht (now be greeted with jeers. tu-Av's product The location of the
elub.                                                                   Moreover, the players are paid two: ',,���,������, wa��� not digelosed. because
After the challenge had  been  sen.   ���r three times aB much as in the old                     create    unnecessary    alarm
Sir   Thomas   said   to   the   Associated   days.    The magnates seem to have a           *                          , ,���    wh,gky   aI1
Press: "They will now either have to   Kood   argument    for    increasing  the  "J"                     .
race or give me the cup." price.    Of course the attendance has]"' ��"lc" J	
The cable-gram  transmitted to    the   vastly  Increased but  whether euough |
New  York   Yacht  club  reads as    fol-   to enable the owners to maintain old ��� French  president  at   U.  S.  Embaosy.
lows:     "I  have  the honor  to  InfoTrh   prices,   if  they  wanted  to  cannot   be April 8-For thc flrst time in
you that the Royal UlBter Yacht club   said   The Kbhets' stadium which wil1, '    >-      (ne    prPgidpnt    of    th(,
iias  received  the  following  communi-   be launched today, has seats for 80,000 , ���        b]|(,   and   hig  wlf(1  dim,d
cation from Sir Thomas Upton:    'Al- ] and   has   marble   rotundas    dingbats., American    embassy    tonight
though our opinions differ from those j dewdads and other palatial ornnmen-  ^        ^ |UegU   ,n addltjon to   ,lu,
of the New York Yacht club as to the, tations   galore. .inrcsldent   and   Mine.   Polncare,   were
meaning of the deed of gift, in the     From the ouUide Ot* mw ^���J^^.mmi^ifforrtgnittalr.i
interests of yachting and wfth a view   the   ars I,Jmposl. 5 an,   1>*hni"��nt   ^' (hp       ������������.   M,   Klnt7.
to eliminating any possible source of  a nd    v    no lorg *xe Ml",m^��� *:���,,���,��,,. of  the   Interior,  and     their
arTlar��r than aif any other stadium  wives,  and   the   Hritish.   Italian   and
and will be highly appreciated by fat' Itussian ambassadors.      ^
fans, who nre legion.    With  nil  this
BOrumptlOUSnesS   and   eclat.   Col.   Kbhets
A full line of Spring Tweeds, Serges-and Worsteds for
both ladies' and gentlemen's suits.
Eighth Street.
Dunsmulr Block
bad plenty   ,
n team capable of giving any of the
reBl  a hard  battle   on  paper.
lt waB a shock to thc older dele-
Kates to hear of another application
nnd still more serious was the Bituation when tho names of Home, Wattam, lluhnke. Decker, ct a vfere
found attached to tho application.
The members of the Y. M. C. A. while
not playing the asBOclatlon's colorB
promise to make things interest ng
jiiFt. nr they did In hockey during the
past reason nnd the managers of the
Ilalmorals, Maple Leafs and Moose
soon enme lo a point where It meant
business to corrall all the available
material left In the city and district
A   four   team   league  will   give   the
fans plenty of excitement at. Queens
1'ark Ihls coming summer, the schei
���ie to be drawn ��p ������������ ������������' nf,xl lner1t'
Ing calling te* two games per week
iterh i.'v.'iil occupied the chair wtth
Hill   Maiden   doing   the   stenographic
���tunt of taWng down the ml"*?*   la
The annual meeting of Iho league
haa heen called for Wednesday evening, Aprll  IE.
Rivers and  Cross  Draw.
New York, April 8,-Joe lllvors and
Leacli Cross  fought ten  rounds to a
draw before (he St. Nicholas Athletic
club here tonight.
ing the Capital City club.
Thc two bowling teams from New
Westminster who make their appearance at the Vancouver tourney tonight
have the best wlshea of thc citizens
and here's hoping they bring home a
little Terminal City money in their
* ANNALS. ���
discord, I shall be glad if you will in
rorm the New York Yacht club tha'
I withdraw all stipulations sb to the
Bi?e of the yacht defending the
America's con and 1 look forward to a
pood race with my 75-fooler in 1914.'
"(Signed)    Thomas J.  Upton."
"We hsve the greatest pleasure,"
the cablegram continues, "In transmitting the foregoing, nnd trust that
the New York Yacht club will share
the view of the Royal Ulster Yacht
club that Sir Thomas Llpton solved
the difficulty in a satisfactory manner.
Hv separate cablegram 1 am sending
the formal challenge.
"(Signed) E. F. Patterson.
"Honorary  Secretary."
Alfred W. MacLeod, the Insurance Man. Agencies :
Established     Asaets
Railway Passenger Assurance Co. of London ...    1849 *   8,000,000
Guaranteed by the North British      Mercantile
insurance Co. of London     1809 105,000,000
Palatine Insurance Co. of London     1886 9,000,000.
Guaranteed by tbe Commercial Insurance Company of London     1861 90,000,000
Niagara Fire Insurance Co. of New York        1850 6,000,000
Svea Pire aad Lite Insurance Co. of Sweden  ..    1866 14,000,000
Westminster Trust   Block Phone 52.
I 1912-
Wlll Hold Meetlnn.
New York. April 8.���A special meet
Ing of the New York Yacht club prob-
.Mv  will   tv*. called  to net upon    Sir
Thomas   Lipton's    chnllenge    for   a
match for tho America's cun.
w     ^^��^��^w^,...    Announcement was   made   tonight
���e***'***"'*''''*'-^ - - 'tnat (np cha|ie���Ke had been received.
Martin   Canolo  defeated   Marty I A meeting of the flag officers of the
MoCUe (foul) ln nine rounds at   Pi���b will be held, It was stated, to de-
Kail  Illver. iclde whether a,special meeting should
Kay     ltronBcn      knocked     out  be called nr whether    the    challenge
Tommy Shea In second round at  Bhonld go over until the next regular
Indianapolis. meeting. May 15.
Jim   Harry     knocked    out    Ed
Three perious accidents occurred to
seems  justified   in   boosting  the! football   players  in   Norfolk.    AtTar-
mouth the goalkeeper of the Norwich
By the opening of the 1911  season   Church   Reserves    fell   and    broke   a;
New   York  will  have   three  new  and  small bone in hi. leg. a full backln a
costlv  baseball  parks,  as  the  Ameri-1 match   at  Attleborough
can league grounds at Klngsbridge are
being   rushed   to  completion,  and   all
fans   know   the   magnificence   of   the
new Polo Grounds, home of the Giants.
met with
similar accident, and at Norwich
player fell and broke his wrist.
Blmpeon In Becond round nt Herat ur.
Willie    Lewis,    American,  out-
pointed Jewy Smith in 10 rounds
ut Paris.
Kaimiiy  Keller, EngliBh, defeat
Chess Game Cancelled.
Princeton. N. .!., Aprll 8.-- Aa the re
j suit of the Withdrawal of the English
team,   the   International   cable   chess
match, which wnp scheduled to tako
Thirst a Legitimate Reason, Says Australian Archbishop. ,
Sydney, N. S,  W.   April   7��� Arch-
biBhop   Michael    Kelly,   the    Ro-qian
Catholic  Primate of  Australia In,, an
addreBB  today to  the  Hibernian -Society laid down a rule aa to when a
man may Btoal legitimately.    He .aid:
"When a man  Ib starving and  his
tongue Ib hanging out with thirst ho
may rifle another man's pocket."
Referring to the recent Btrike and
the threatened new troubles thc Archbishop said:
Tho FtriTe between capital and
labor may develop Into revolution any
day because capital Ib heartless and
has rendered labor desperate and because labor, emboldened by snccesB
attending violence, haw placed society
In a very perilous and very dangerous condition."
Store Fittings
We are specially equipped for manufacturing store fixtures and
will be pleased at any time to submit free of charge drawings and
suggestions for modernizing your store.
Phone 473 Beach St., Lulu Island.
ed Willie Jones In 10 rounds nt place Saturday    between    all    college
New   York. teams of England and .America   has
Leach Crossm outpointed  Jnck been called    r".      '"tevrerence    with
Martin In 10 rounilB at Albany, preparations Tor their Juno cxamina-
-Kil  Williams  doXeatcd   Johnny tions was given by the Englishmen aB
Daly In 16 rounds at Baltimore, their reason for withdrawing.
Regiments for Strike Duty.
Buffalo, N. Y��� April 8--An order
was Issued by Justice Brown of the
supreme court tonight calling upon
the commanders of the 65th and 74th
regiments to call out the National
Guard for strike duty.
709 Columbia St Westminster Trust Bid*.
Classified Advertising
�� HATES. ���
��� ���������������������������������������������
Classified���One cent per word pet
ciiy 4c per word per week; 15c pot
month; 5,000 words, to be used as re
s.ilred wlttln one year from date ui
contract,  $26.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 50c.
Death Notice 6oc or with Funeral No-
iiee $1.80. Card of Thanks 60c per
The Want Ads. are
Salesmen, Peacemakers,
Puzzle-solvers, Loss-ad-
justors, Business-detectives, Task-doers.
They are Militant Co-operatora
with the man who has property
of any sort to sell���with the
business man, or housewife, who
Is "upset" by the loss of "help"
���with tlie anxious work-seeker,
against whom the rest of mankind sometlmeB seems to be hos-
tilely arrayed���with the landlords who unexpectedly lose ten-
ants���with the business men
who need more capital���with
all who have confronting them
a "want ad taBk!"
They are as completely at
YOUR SERVICE as are the
street cars or telephones���but
their capacity for serving yon
is much wider, while just as
ton, $7110, close to car line. $250
cash, balance $20 a mouth. Apply
room  12 K. of P. Hall.
Ancient Egypt Gives
Her Lore to Moderns
feur wants position; references.
Box 1036. News office. (1036)
The hiBtory of Egyptology must al
ways   begin   wllh   Napoleon,   not
caiisu he sent out a company of
ants to Investigate Its ancient life und
1111251 'culture and  antiquities,  nor even  be-
     cause of  the great  Impetus* to study
,.���    ���_���nkm ���,.,..   which his Interest produced,'nor even
FOR     SALE-   ONK    SECOND-HAND L       ^ ,R, U8 Buld l0 ,mvc nro.
sewing machine In flrat elass order, duoed ,.h;lmI)0lllon,
$15. Mlsa Macoy, suite 0, llrst floor, ]m ,he NapoleQlllc expedition re-
Mandeville block, corner SUth to*- guUed ,��� .,,B publication of the llrst
nue and Twelfth street. 11020) , lmpt,r|Ilnt contribution to the    litera-
 ~" 'ture of Egyptology; publication of the
PURNITURB OF A THREE ROOM 1 discoveries and observations of that
suite for sale und the rooms for' expedition preserved them in a permit, at $12.50 per month, payable inanent form for the benefit Of all the
ln advance. The furniture has been [savants who were dostlued to folio-*
In use only two months.    Apply to them.
T. 11. Coldicutt, Thirteenth avenue i    Various travelers had    visited   the
aud Sixth street, East Burnaby.       country before, but   tho "Description
(1004) Ido l'Egypte"   (published ln 1809-1829)
-- -��� ��� I was the llrst comprehensive record ot
FOR SALE���1% H P. GASOLINE ithe country; And Us size waa com-
onelne and 525 gallon steel tank, mensurate with Ub Importance. It is
wllh deep well pump and all fittings!a huge work In elephant folio, which
for private water supply; cheap.; may now be had at prices varying
Apply T D Coldicutt, Thirteenth' from ��50 to ��100. The book ls
avenue aud Sixth Btreet, East Bur-1 copiously Illustrated with very beautl-
naIn. (1004) [fill engravings of Insects and reptiles.
 - !|iut   those  of  the  antiquities are   not
doing good business. Apply C. D.
Nuiin, 40 Eighth street. |994)
all parts of Queensborough, $700 up.
Also good    building    lots.    Queensborough Realty Co., Ewen   avenue.
Stove,   Canada's    Pride    Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week.
Canada Range Co.,  Market square.
Telephone 295.
P. O. Box 777.
general house work. Apply 30
Agnes street. (1028)
vant.    Apply 212 Queens avenne.
housework. Apply evening at aulte
0  Queens court, Second strect-
Hotel Dominion, Corner Sixth and
Columbia  Btreets. (1022)
Applr 624 Thirteenth street, or
Phone R 274. (1006) .
lady  as  stenographer,    door]  references.    Apply Box 1000, Dally News
very accurate.
Ciiampollion Did Much.
It remained for that great pioneer
In Egyptology, Ciiampollion, to continue the work more helpfully. Having discovered the language, he found
himself In urgent need of inscriplionul j
material for his investigations. Therefore, about 1825, he and his fellow-
workers copied, drew and took notes
of inscriptions and paintings all over
Egypt and a large part of Nubia, the
results being published In three huge
folio volumes in 1835.
Champolllon'B "Monuments do
l'Egypte" can be obtained today for
��30 and is consulted nowadays. Part
of his work was further published and
republished In Italy by his pupil.
Rosellinl (1832 folio) with a subvention  from his government.
But photography and modern scientific instruments and conveniences
were laaking, and when it came to
copying inscriptions, paintings, carvings from high temple walls, the resources of the expedition proved inadequate. To'begin with. It was not
supplied with proper BcafToldlng; then
the workers did not understand what
We Offer 7 lots, aTl large and I tbey  were  copying,    and    they  were
.      1 anxious to get the maximum amount
eaSV Clearing, 5-min\lte ride|lot information as quickly as possible.
Consequently they '.camped the work.
from        New      Westminster j took no complete record ot tomb or
I temple, and had no system of investi-
Tram Depot. gation.      The    treasures     of    Egypt
stretched before    them    almost  com-
-n   ��� ffCAA    ��c-n    tlQnn   ��1      Ptetely unexplored, and they scarcely
Prices -$600, $boU, $OOU, $1,-1 knew which    way   to   turn In    their
eagerness to obtain a comprehensive
In the thirties there was much ac-
Igjtlvlty In copying, and at this   time oc-
I curred ono of the romances connected
restricted group cf tombs exhaustive
be- iy, instead or the   comprehensive ami
'"���'*'' vague survey of old time workers
when each expedition tried to capture
as many "plums" as possible, to embrace the whole of Egypt and to outdi
all others.
The French have dune a good deal
in the way of recording Inscriptions,
bolh In journals and monographs of
the Mission Archtieologknie Francaise
at Cairo (since 1881), but these memoirs are marred by Ihelr inaccuracy,
und in the nineties de Morgan started
a catalogue of monuments beginning
at the First Cataract aud proceeding
northward, which would, tf continued,
and organized ln the proper way, havi
been invaluable. But little of this un
dertaklng has been published and Its
Inaccuracy Ib marked.
The proposed raising of thc Assuan
dam awakened scholars about six
yearB ago to the consciousness that no
small part of lower Nubia would soon
be submerged and its archaeological
treasures lost forever.. Thanks largelj
to the energy of Captain Lyons, then
head of the survey department, a largf
sum of money was voted by the Egyptian government to recording and ex
cavating the endangered zone. The
monuments of lower Nubia may be
considered ns satisfactorily recorded
I and saved for study.
German and American Help.
Germany was not behindhand
either. The liritish academy Independently sent out a photographic ex
pedition to make records of thc now
usually submerged temples of Philae
and In several years have harvested
records which deal completely with
those monuments.
Berlin haB also extended Its photo
graphic operations*though less com
pletely, to ottur temples, both south
and north of the Flrsl Cataract, mak
Ing the submerged temples of Philae
j its chief object  of study
Anatole France as Pinnacle of   Living
Endeavor   In   Literature���Great
Interest Aroused.
London, Aprll - Who la the greatest living author? i his question has j
taken hold it) the British publlc with
the ferocity and Insistence of a rag-
time tune, and wherever one goes ln
intelectual circles one can hear the
problem debated with extraordinary
reeling and warmth.
The trouble began with a speech by
a well-known writer who said, in all
innocence of heart, he was sure these
laurels of world pre-eminence would
be given by all discriminating critics
to M. Anatole France. "M. France ls
unquestionably," he asserted, "the
finest literary artist of our times, and
his art is of the classic school, which
is much less subject to seasonal popularity than the colored or romantic.
His thoughts Is not, perhaps, peculiarly profund, but hiB scepticism,
courage, merciless, noble, represents
an attitude of mind towards which
mankind always tends to swing."
World    Competition.
These words had barely time to appear ln print in London before ever
literary man seemed to throw his hat
Into the ring In frantic eagerness to
tear M. France off hia dizzy pedestal.
"Have we nothing today���In, say,
Hardy, Morley, Bryce, to name three,
as immortal aB L'e ('rime de Sylvestre
Bonnard' or 'Sur la Pierre Blanche
Buy on the
Tuani,  Klllala,  and   Achonry,   who  Is |
lu his 79th  year,  wlll Bhortly  resign I
his See owing to advancing age.    His
lordship  was  consecrated at Armagh
In May, 1890.
Charles     Cameron,   sen     of     Sir,
Chark-B  Cameron,   city   analyst,   Dub-
lln,  was   accidently    drowned    while
fishing on the lake at Waterson, Ath-,
lone, the residence of Mr. Harris Temple, I). L.    A servant who was   with ,
hlin was rescued.
One of the finest specimens of sal-1
mon ever caught  In tho   Bliickwater. |
has heen captured by Mr. Fltz Smith
at Kllintiny,  near Fermoy.    The flsh
measured four feet froin nose to tall!
i and three feet two inches around the ,
! girth, and sealed exactly 49 pounds.    ]
Mr.   James   Frazer   has   beoi^   pre- \
Bonted with a purse or sovereigns   by
numerous frlendB on the occasion   of
his retirement  from  the   position   Of
town postman of llallymole, after   40 ,
years' service.    Mr.  Fruzer captained j
the  Ballymote  Football   and   Cycling |
clubs  for  years,  and  was  prominent
In all forms of sport.
A horse attached to n van stnnding
outside the  Coagh Creamery, County !
Tyrone, took flight at the noise of the j
machinery and bolted.    Coming   Into;
contact with the pillars at the cream-
Sry gate, the animal rid Itself of the i
car and  harness  and  dashed   up  the
Btreet.    Miss Maud Burgess, daughter;
ot Dr. R. Burgess, J. P., pluctlly ran
to  the   horse's    head  and   held    the
animal   by  the  nose  until   assistance j
6IN PILLS Brought Relief
Lanier Lake, Out., March j6th.
"I hod becn suffering for some time
with my Kidneys ami Urine. I was
constantly passing water, which was
very scanty, sometimes as many as
thirty times a day. Hach time tbe pain
was sotueihiug awful, and uo rest at
U1!Uheard of your GIN PILLS mil
decided to give them a tnsl at once.
I aant my Chum 6o miles to get ineni
and I am pleased to Inform y"U that Itt
less than six hours, I felt relief.
In two days, the pain had left me
entirely.   I took about hslf �� box anil
today I feel as well ��s ever ami my
kidneys are acting quite natural agsiu."
GIN PILLS soothe the Irritated
bladder ���heal the sick, weak, painful
kidneys-anil strengthen both these vital
orvaas.    Monty back if tbey fail.
**c. a box, 6 far p 50. Sample free
If you write National Drugsnd Chemical
Co., af Cauadft, l.unitett, Toronto.     |��
1 1 met
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tables In the city. Finn
line of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined.
A. G.  BEATON.  Proprietor.
the maximum  speed   regulations    fo
such   vehicles,     will     be     subject   to
demanded one ln hot scorn: "why the I either a fine not exceeding $100,   or
Idea Is absurd."    "Let ub organize   a, imprisonment not    exceeding 30 days
world competition to1 deolde the point."  f      ,hp A   .    g and  both  such
retorted 11 second.      And the men you ..
cite nre impossible." \"ne ai,d Imprisonment tor the seoond
"A competition could not settle such; offence, under a bill Introduced some
Strict Treatment of Auto Drivers.
Seattle, Aprll 8.--Cureless, reckless
nnd incompetent drivers of all motor I  	
propelled  vehicles,  and   violators    ol EXCELSIOR BARBER SHOP
Specialty -Treatment of the Brnlp
by VlbrO-MasBSge and Glover's Famous Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE, 35 Eighth 8t.
America has rendered valuable as
Blstance ln late years. A Chicago ex
pedition, directed hy Professor Breast
cd, mude an astonishingly rapid photographic survey of Nubia and the
Sudan ju a large scale.
Unhappily nothing of this has been
published yet. The Metropolitan I
miisum of New York, ss well as pri- ]
vate Egyptologists ln England, have
taken in hand the painted tombs of
Thebes, those most charming illustra
tions of Egyptian life and manners
I in the eighteenth to twentieth dvnas
ties, the great Thutmoslde and Uames
Bide perlodB, and there are signs on
all hands that recording is regarded
more seriously thsn a few years ago
  Terms   Vi   cash,   6,   12,
by  younq /months.
a question," angrily asserted   a third,
"The place of an artist is not to be de-
termtned by counting voteB, and   the 1
formula has yet to be devised which
shall  tell us how  votes    are    to   be.
weighed.    What   after  all   does    one
mean by the greatest living 'author?'1
Not the pure scholar, one may trust,;
ior even the writer whose   main activity  Is  scholarship,  for  nothing   Is
more certain  to be   overhauled   than'
learning.    Nor  it   It   the   writer   who
gives himself up to problems and questions  and  who  exposes himself  helplessly to the tooth of time."
Ixmdon, April ".--An operation to
j get rid of a wart on a lady'B thumb,
(and the loss of the thumb Itself, form-
led the subject of an action at Binning-
I ham assizes recently. Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas   Pollock,   of    Wylde    Green
weeks   ago   by   Councillor   Austin   E. |
Griffiths, and passed yesterday iinani- j
DlOUily hv the city council.    The bill
wlll be effective 30 days from tlie date
Of passage.
are best for nursing
mothers beoause they 4*
not affeot the rest ol tke
system Mtldbutsurs. 2Se.
%  box   et your druggist's.
h*tion*l onwe *h�� cmim<c��l
CO. or C*M����*. LIMITtO.
New   Spring and   Summer  Soilings
now  on  display.    See them.    Perfect
fit and workmanship guaranteed.    701
Front Street.
..._������- JIB
Transfer Co.
Office  Phon*  185.      Barn  Phons   18?
Bagbla Mrm.
Baggage Dell ver ��4 Promptly to
any part of tbe city.
All those who turn to the work "finned j)r   Charles Leedham Green, of
conserving and perpetuating historical
material sre establishing permanent
capital for future scholars and historians    to    digest and condense Into
sketching, indoor and outdoor, paint
ing. water colors or crayon. 210
Agnes street. (99ft)
ed modern bungalow; every convenience; near car line. Doling,
Edmonds. 11027)
wtth   the  subject.    A  well-to-do Scote-   pictorial shape,
/man.  Robert Hay, organized    an    ex-/��  widened  perspective  of    hiimimltv.
'd to have heel) attained.
���wl house. Eleventh avenn-e. with
garden and chicken house; lease if
desired.    Apply Kelvin cafe.  (1026)
garden   and    fruit    trees.    Bowler
street.   Apply at 1X14 Cariboo street
, JT . [pedition to-make "cOpTes of the tombs fehd enabling us to know thi
Let  US shOW yOU  tnlS  prop-jand   monuments.     A   staff  of  trained | about   a  blvill; ui. *n   *���*.!.i.*h
artists of exceptional skill was engaged, who brought hack huge masses
of invaluable material.
Hay Pictures Best.
Not only  have  many of the  inonu-
_  i ments   recorded,   in  picture   mid    do-
INVESTORS'    INVESTMENT   CO. scrlption,  been  since  destroyed,    but
I the pictures have never been surpass.
Real Etate and Insurance. .   . Qr eauaUp(i     The wholp wull ���r ,,
Notary  Public.  | (������,*(,  woui,j rn occasion    be    copied
with the aid of the camera lucida, In
perfect perspective, and yfitli the
minutest detail taithfully trffh^crtbad
Imagine a l��ng wall covered with intricate frescoes, copied In perspective. The pictures are partly in water
color and partly in pencil, four or five
of the llgures being generally painted
in full detail.   Thirty or forty volumes
New hall street, Birmingham, for
damages for personal Injury to Mrs.
Pollock, due It was alleged, to professional negligence.
It was stated tbat Mrs. Pollock's left
arm was tightly bound with an India-
rubber bandage,  the object being to
like    the I drive the blood out of the arm.     The
/treat  empires of Crete,  the  Hittites,   doctor then removed the bandage and
Islam,  had   reached    so    complete    a  tied  an  India  rubber   ligature   roiinil
stare that the crown of culture seem-i the base of the    thumb,   which   was
thus giving tho world
Curtis Block,  New Westminster, B.C.'
sprayed with a freezing mixture. The
wart was removed and the hand bandaged.
Two days later Mrs. Pollock's thumb
was discolored and she was told that
gangrenous   condition   had   supervened, and that there was a fear of the
Many    deserving   thumb   dropping    off   iit   the    second
great assistance | j0jnl     The thumb was removed.
for rent.   Phone 1129,
Public notice is hereby given to thv
electors nf thc Municipality of Fraser
Mills, ibat I require the presence of ilu*
sai.l electors at the General store of the
Canadian Western Lumber Company,
Limited, at Fraser Mills, in the sabl mu-
?��ra^l^vStfd^^^��tlhei^w:|����' ^e original  records are preserved
f electing persons to represent tnem| now  in the British museum, but this
keeping  rooms.  1020  Third  avenue.
small rooniB over the News office.
Suitable for club or light iniiiuifiie
turiug purposes. Will lease tor two
or three year term, singly or en bloc.
Apply  to  Manager the News.
in.-  Munleii.nl Council us Reeve   and
Tin. mode of nomination of candidates
sliull be us follows: Tb.- candidates shall
I..-   nominated   In   writing;    the    wriinm
Shall   l��-   subscribed  by   two   voters  nt   the
Municipality as proposer and seconder,
an.I shall be delivered to tho Returning
Officer ai  any lime between   the date nf
the in il in.I two p.m. of the Oay of He-
nomination. The said wrlthm mny be In
tiie fdiiuwiiig form *
"We h.-r.by  nominate   (nnm.-s and tle-
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, iiilti Hastings Btreet west, Vancouver. 11   C, 1978)
Three   room
bath;   heated;
furnished  suite,  with
hot  and  cold  water.
Bradley Apartments.
1218  Fifth  Avenue Phone 750
nl-.. .1
US   ll
f   person   er   persons   ii'iinln-
candldale at tho election now
��� h.-hl   fnr   Ke.-ve   .iii.l   I'oim-
��� Municipality ..r Fraser Mills
"Dated this
"1   consent
day ef
tho    D
M.rll,   1913.
..iv.-    nomination
Ami   In   Ilu-  event   of il  pull  belle;   in OS
:ii*v smh pull wlll be opened on Hi.
Ightecnth day of April. 1913, and will h.
h. hi from ih- hours nf ii u.m. lo tho hour   portent history of  Egypt inn
r.  p.m.  ..r  ib.- sniit  day  al   the   s.-iiu
ii.imI   Si.in-  uf  the  Canadian   Western
imbi - Company, Limited.
Bvnry i mdldiite for lhe ..fn f Reevo
11    possess   tlie    following   l|UM 11 fl.'il I i'H
lis   the  only   copy;'no  part  has  ever
been published.
I     About   this  time   Sir  John  Gardner
Wilkinson was out ln Egypt and made
copies of many of the scenes on the
tombs which were incorporated in his
famous work, "Manners and Customs
of Ancient Egyptians," the    last edition of which 1KT9)  may  be procured I syndics are giving 100.000 marks
for about   ��2.    Thus it will  be seen]    Tlle  city   of   I.elpsiz   gives    half
Great   Britain   followed   worthily    In
France's footsteps, though France was;
not Idle, and the Blbltotbeque Nation-j
ale In I'aris holds valuable reproduc-
tlons of copies of   tombs,   sculptures ;
and inscriptions hy Nestor l'Hote.
This epoch  (about    1S40I     is    alBO
marked  by the publication of an  nn-
art    by
German Cities Devise Celebrations
Kaieer's  Jubilee.
Berlin.    April   7.
charities will receiv
this  year on account of  lh-   Kaiser's,     nr. Leedham Green said he decided
Jubilee.    He has declined all gifts for  to use a local anaesthetic because it
himself, but  declared  that   he, would ' was necessary to touch the nail bed   -
be very pleased to acknowledge   any   Bn   extremely   sensitive    part.     vMrie
sums of money that might be collect-   Pollock suffered from cold handB and
ed  for  charitable objects.    Thus  far,: fei>t,   which   alone   would   cause    gan-
close  upon  tour million   marks   have
been    subscribed    by   various    cities
throughout the country, and this sum
does  not  include many  promised  en-
The llerlin municipality lias not yet
decided upon Its gift, but it will certainly be something considerable, and
the committee of tlie llerlin United
Guilds is giving the ground for a
home for artisans, tow-arils the building  and   upkeep of  which   the  Berlin
Tho Limerick dock laborers' strike |
a, has been settled.    The men  admitted
Week End tickets on Bale lo local
points at Single Fare (or Round Trip
on   Fridays,   Saturdays   and   Sundays.
For rates and reservation apply    to
EL). OOULBT, Ag��ut
New   Wsbtmtnsis
light and Heavy Hauling
who do not recelie
fi a.m. should
The News beror*��
and makp complaint  Only In this way
may an efficient    delivery    he    maln-
Or  H.   W.   ilrodle, OP.A ,  Vancouve��    fxln-��<l.
Igrene at times.   "I cannot accuse myself of doing anything I am not accus-1
tonied to do, or which is not   customary  for other surgeons   to do,"   said
the defendant.
The jury returned a verdict for the
i ��� IRISH  NEWS. ��!
.ill be a  mat.-  Iiiiilsli Sllhje
full   sn*-   of   twenty-ono   years,   ao
qualified  under any  law  and  havli
lie* three months next  preceding tl
uf  nomination  b.-.-n  the  registered
I'risse d'Aveiincs, again with splendid
copies. Bul it was left for Germany
to contribute the largest nnd most Important work on Egyptian monuments
The greal expedition in 1842-1845 of
the German Egyptologists, l.epsius,
was now lo comq,
uv,    He  enlisted   the  sympathy  of    the
.r   real Prussian government and started, per
.f  l-'ni  '
million marks for the benefit of Qer- error in striking without notice
man veterans and many other cltloB agreed In future that no strike should
are giving large sums for the same occur for any cause until the expire-
good purpose. Mich as Augsburg lfA-' lion of a weeks' notice to the mer
���ibu marks. Chemnitz and Nureemberg Ichants,
each 100,000 marks, while the city of     A   tarmer   nanled   Patr|ck stane,
l'oseii is building n home for old sol-1ravan
dlers,   and    Charlottoiiburg    promises
150 in hi marks for a similar purpoBe.
Essen   gives  UriO.UIHj   marks   for  tin
en-el lon   of a library  nnd   playgrouin1
Quick Service, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
""������'      ������    mans   ������!���   i     ���     ���������*mss*mh^m*a**h**m*m���i *m***ttm*mtm    ��� i    ������������
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Coluirbia   Street,   New   Westrnlniter.
Singer   Sewing   Machines.     Small  Musical  Goods of all  Kinds.  PHONE 694.
ir fur
o day
aw, near Omagh, was dlscov-
ered hanging by a rope atached to a i
beam In the mor or his own barn. The
deceased, who was aged about ���!.���",. was
,.   , ,  married  as  recently  as  lhal    Seuleni-i
for    young    people,    Koblenz    30,000 j,er
It is understood that th
in   the   l..iii,l   H.glslry  nffie
of   New   Westminster,   ..r   Ian.I
^;'',Mins,u}^h..'ts^e,|'l'v:!h,e'en'^eiri'Ctly     ��" I " I P U f d.     SHd      thOU     prOCe-dod
i;ist provincial Assessment Boll of five] to carry through his labors with the
hundred dollars or m.,r.. over and above thoroughness thnt Is characteristic of
any registered judgment or charge, nml
heliiK otherwise duly qualified te vote  at
h election.
murks for poor mechanics and Hun
zlau 75,000 marks for the building or
a workman's colony and tho necessary
ground In addition Other towns are
building free libraries, people's bath,
and, altogther, many people will have
good cause to hleHB the Kaiser's Jubilee.
James   O'Sullivan, I). I).,
Right Itev.
llishop   ol*
Every candidate f..r the office nf Councillor shall possess the f<illowln�� .pialt-
rlcatlons.    He shull I..- li ins!.. Ilrillsh sqh-
Jeet   Of   lhe   flllt   HKe   of   t W*tlt> -'lilt*    y.-liTS,
not disqualified under nny law, and having for the three months n.*m preceding
the day of nomination been the registered owner In the Land Registry nrflc- ut
the rity uf New Westminster, of land or
r.sil property wlibjn the Municipality of
I'-nis.T  Mills  uf  the  assessed  vullle un  the
last Provincial Assessment roll of two
hundred and fiftv dollars ur mure over
nnd above nny register...I Judgment or
charge and being otherwise duly quail-
fled us u  municipal vuter.
And further take notice thnt un the wild
I lib day of April.  1918, nt the same time
and   place,   nominations  wlll   he  received
r.ir   ih.*  election   "f  flv
fur   llie   School   Plslrlct
and In case n poll fur the election uf il
his nation.   His magnum opus, "Dank-
maler des alten Aogyptens" is literally
one of   the    biggest   books   existent,
standing   approximately   three    feet
high    and    numbering      six      bulky
volumes.    A copy of this fetches ��50
today.    It was published In 1849-1858.
Excavation Begins,
l.epsius closed the era  of big publications.     After   1859   Egyptology  began to develop in    a    new    direction.
Marietta bugau excavations on a large
scale; the Serpeum of Memphis,   the
cemeteries of Abvdo, Ihe temples    of
Kiiniiik,   and   since   then,   excavation
has well nigh absorbed the interest of
fCFraso?rUMU|PsS  Egyptologists    There are not wanting
'  some,  however,  who  hold   it    wrong
I Trustees is necessary, th
will be behi ni the same time and pli
nn.I un the same date us tho pull fur lh.-
election of n-***..* and Councillors,
Tin- qualifications fur School Trustees
sliull be the sum.* qualifications sei oul
above fur Councillor,
l Ilv.n   under  mv   hnii-l   ul   Fruser   Mills,
li  C, ihls second day nf Antll, 1918,
i in:ir.) H.-iiirniiiK 11 ncor.
Geneva, April 7.- In the village of
Plona, I'anon of St. Gall, the men
petitioned recently the local authorities to open n cafe where they could
obtain drinks and pass tx pleasant
evening. The women lolk. however,
Btronglj objected, nnd the affair was
The men, In revenge, consequently
visited the cafes in the neighboring
villages and made a point ol returning homo late at night.    The women
or liona then petitioned for tho establishment of a cafe under their management giving ample financial and
"moral" guarantees, and the petition
was granted.
The cafe was launched by the women of the village und kept under their
control. Good drinks and food wen-
sold a little over cost, price, and the
farmers' daughters took It In turn ti
Notice Is hereby given that the flrsl
sitting of the Court of Revision on
the Assessment Roll for 1013 wlll be
held at the Council Chamber, City
Hall, New Westminster, no., on the
10th day of April, 1913, at 11 a.m.
Notice of any complaints must be
given tn the Assessment Commissioner In writing at least ten days
previous to the silting of the Court.
Dated at New Westminster, B.C.,
tho 17th day of March, 11)13.
(882) City  Clerk.
Sealed tenders marked "Tenders for
Equipment" for the new hospital build
Ing will be received by the undersigned np to noon
on Friday, April 2oth,J913.
Tenders must be submitted on thu,
romis of specification which may be
obtained at the hospital. The lowest or any tender not noccssarlly ac-
Hank of Commerce has purchased the
Cli)1{('' ''JMcConkey  property, Just,  west of Its
E. ��3. WITHERS, Secretary,  nig|,, office building at King and Jor-
Royal    Columbian    Hospital,    New It-n streets, for $769,000 or $11,600 a|f0aturn"of  their  work   Is  that   it   Is  buy the best In tho cheapest market
Westminster. 11007)  foot.
Id pull land perverse to drag things from In
low   the  soil   while so    much    above
needs studying, copying and thus recording  and   preserving  for   the  ages
to come and tho Investigations   of
savants yet unborn.
The, efforts at  conservation  In  our | wait on  the customers once a week
day must not he underestimated. New   and everybody Is so well served that
Impetus  In   this  direction   was  given   there have been no more excursions
by  Fra-lik Llewellyn Griffith, who not   to   other   villages   and   midnight   re-
jonly aiigaged in copying li(t'it inaugur-   turns.
Purchasee Toronto Property. |aled-/tho    archaeological ,-survey    Ini     The care Is closed  at 11  p.m., and
Toronto.    April   7.   The   Canadian | Egypt, n branch or the Egypt explora-  nobody who has had a glass too much
tion  fund. | Is allowed  another drink.    The "pet-
This society has published volumes   tlcoat care," as It is nicknamed,   Is a
of line-tracings of tombs and temples  dlBtinct financial success, because tlle
annually since 1890;    and    the great  women   give  their Bervlces  free, and
feature of their wi
systematic, each volume troatlng   a and at tho lowest posslblo price.
Tenders will be received by the un
derslgned, marked "Tenders for Coal"
up to noon of Wednesday, Aprll 8th,
for supplying lump, nut and pea coal
to the following schools:
Duke of Connaught High Sohool,
P,  W.  Howay.
John Robson.
Lord Kelvin.
Richard   Mclirtdc.
Herbert Spencer.
Lord  Lister.
Delivered In bulk at the above
schools. Successful tenderer will be
required tfl furnish satisfactory bond
for carrying out of contract, l-owest,
or any, tisndor not necessarily accepted.
Secretary, Hoard of School Trustees,
New Westminster, B. C. (1003)
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURIN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  442
K.  11.  BUCKUN,
Prss. and (1-enl. Mgr.
.  i'.l.'.AHKHLKK,
Sac. **i<\ Treaa.
Fir, Cedar  and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877,
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Mrs. Mary Duly, a rcBldeni of Sar-
nin for 45 years, died ugcd 111.
John (1 SIsterBon. for 56 yeara'a
resident of Bt. Catharines, died, uged
Brnntford is to have a Commissioner
to preside over t'liildreu's t'ourt cases.
a wife -beater wus sentenced In Toronto to iiu lashes und i!0 days' Impris
Senator James McMullen died at
"Maltland Hull," Mount Forest, In his
SOth year.
George Cormack, long Identified
with the business life of Whitby, died
nt a Toronto hospltul.
Judge   Ninetieth   declared    the   I,on
Representatives ot the presbytery
of Orangcville and the Methodist du-
trlets of Owen Sound, Orangcville am!
Mount Forrest, who nut at Toronto,
favored church union.
H. C. Van Kvery, aged 19, was fined
J5u, and Chester King, agi d IS, was
fined $30, for being concerned in thi
riot ou Dec. 10, when Hr.uitford police station  was in.uuharil.il
An epidemic of smallpox has brok
| en   out  at  OJIbwa, Just   below    Sand!
wich,  and   five  families    are    under j
quarantine.   Seventeen patients In th> !
five   homes   are   sick   with    the    dls- i
! ease.
It  Is expected that the three sena
ing of navigation on April 1. Fort
William udvicts state there la little
Ice In the lakes. Cargo Insurance does
not go Into effect until Aprll 15, but
arrangements can be made to thut
Vessels  leave  on   April   1.
J. F. Wbltson wants a million dol-
'��� ������ t.i spend In Northern Ontario this
i.ici-nt activity and strength of Ki-rr
Lake stock was acoonnted for by a report that a new find of ore had been
made on the property.
The revival of lawlessness In the
Porcupine mining district has ussumt
��� d such seriousness tl>at Police Superintendent lingers detailed 15 men to
proceed al once Into the north.
The I'enn-Canadlan Mining Company, now owning the Cobalt Central, haVa struck ths Big Pete vein at
the fifth level, and ut both places
nave cut two and a half to three
inches of high grade ore.
In connection with the recent sale
of the O'flrlen Booth nickel properties at Sudbury, for J9.000.000, to a
company   supposed   to  represent    Ihe
*        OUR    POET'S   CORNER.        ���
-*        -
The    Trumpet!-,.
(Last Verses Ol the late Sam  Walter
The  trumpets   were calling   rne over
the.   hill,
And I was a boy and knew   nothing j
of men;
But they filled ull the vale with their
clangorous thrill,
And flooded the gloom of the (ten.
THE \v        k *ncrea*in? enormously
^, Can we tell you the
DEMAND \ Reason Why?
'���A Trial Package will bring Enlightenment"
HC 1 Till All
"lo!   they
music   of,
'The  trumpets!"   I   cried,
cull frnm afar
They   are   mingled   with
bugle und drum;
,The trumpets!  the trumpeu are calling to war,���
The trumpets ure culling    I come!"
Scouts for Oversea.
Boy Scouts leaders In Kngland are
encouraging the boys to emigrate,
last week saw the departure nf tin-
first party of Boy Scuut emigrants
for Australia. Assisted pannages also
have been accepted from the Victorian government, while the Canadian
government uIbo Is likely to be approached. H	
Chief Scout, Is i|iilte prepared w meet * The trumpets were calling me over thej If yOU read   THE   NEWS   J^OU   get   Sll   tlie    IieWS.
���LACK, mixta ������ UTHRSL WHIN
    boom   for   Hon.   Samuel    Barker    of
rtrm townehtp local-option by-law  Ini Hamilton,  as sueceesor   at  the   late
vulid.  lacking two-fifths of a vote to I Senator McMullen
tnrlal   vacancies  for  Ontario   will   be j RothscMldl -It Is noted that the trans
filled  very  shortly.      The latest Is a|fer |nr|uded thc. Murray mine*, sold 25
any outcry that may possibly arise
that the home country Is being drained of Its youthful strength.
It has been definitely decided to
hold an old home week and summer
carnival In Guelph this week, July U
to August 2.
Apparently in the    best   of health,
Oeorge     Fox.   well     known   violinist,!
walk.d into a Toronto drug store and
dropped dead.
The Kingston Old Iloys' association,
Of Toronto, held Ils annual ''At Home" ,
in the Canadian Foresters.' hall March i
J C Kbbs, Conservative, was elect j
ed in South Lanark, for the legiala- j
ture, in succession to the late Col.
Matheson, by Ull majority.
Kev.    Dr.   I).   S.   Hix   of   Chalmers I
Church. Guelph, has  been  invited   to
the pastorate of Westminster Presby-.
i.rian Church, Nutana, Sask
Jainea  Bherllck, a  fire department
driver for 25 years tn  Ingersoll, wub
seised with paralysis while exercising.
Ins team, and died shortly afterwards
On March 31 the citizens of I'elham '
ti wnahlp celebrated th- 40th unniver-1
��� .-;��� of ihe parsing of the Dunkln Act. .
No bars have Lien licensed since,
thai  time.
years ago to Vivian it Sons, bjr Thomas  Men-ay, -of Pembroke, for   $25,000 .
Montreal organizations are combining to eliminate slums within a few
With Torrlde OiZSl dead and another Italian, Carmine dl Lucca,
sought, the Montreal police have no
explanation of the quarrel which culminated In the shooting.
. .   .     ��        .        ���   ._     _   ,     Fire     destroyed     the     Merchants'
tags unroofed. The rplre of th�� St , Montreal line sbedl in Montreal, cans-
fatharlnes Roman Catholic church j lng the death of ten harEPIi damag
was blown to tbe ground. ing the Reamer City of Montreal and
For the third time this season,   the    ,ocafii0nlng iOEa estimated at J75.000
i.rand  river has overflown itB hanks ,     ���,,..    . ,       ,_    ,     .   . .
Following heavy rain, the water rose LtWIa til** ��n"-ke almost   choking
IVm   and   flame��   licking   his   clothes,
Kddle  Ityan entered a burning build
range, M^^^^
And I wus a youth and was   strong
for the strife,
And I was full fain for the new and
the strange. -���
And mail for the tumult of life.
Earl W. Redmond. Dominion Express company messenger at Hharbot
Lake, who pleaded guilty to a charge
of stealing a package containing tl,
667 08 at the lake, received a light
sentence- one year and 261 days. He
thanked the Judge. I
A heavy windstorm caused riamag'
in Western Ontario last Saturday
Trees were uprooted, scores of chimneys   blown   off  and   numerous   build
And  I heard the loud   trumpets   that
blew  for the fray
In the spell of their magic and mad-
i.i-s.s and dumb,
And I said "I will follow by night and
by day,
The trumpeu are calling    I come!".
steadily until It encnaeh'd on ad-
Joining landB, flowing over retaining
walls and flooding the basements of
industrial plants and residences ln
Bishop MillB is very ill at his home
in Kingston.
Captain   H    H.  Carnegie.  Kingston.
Is leaving to fettle in Saskatoon
Qecrjce  Kerr. ez> M   1.   A   'or Stcr-
mont, died at Cornwall, aged 66
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      Thir-.-ts Watk, for many yeara care-
The    Hotelkeepers'   Association    cf i taker of CobOftrg town hall, is dead.
.   inada, wae formed at Ottawa, Oeorge      WHllaoi   Henry   Morton.   &   proml-
Wr.ght.  widely   known   and    popular   r.en-   firmer of  Huntingdon,   ia  dead.
I   *. (ace of the Walker Ik-use. Teron-   m,* 7|
'      : eto�� *���*���**��* President ,���     W     0     fc,wtM<|    for    man,
B   S   Cann. formerly of Toronto, and   years   r-.r-mer   of   Whitby.    Is   dead
TS   years of age. .Led   at  Wakefield    ag*,-] *x
... ;.�� ���;���. i^-eu!t   ef a   paralytic'
.ng In Montreal and carried out twi
unconscious boys. John and Edgar
During the past week eight (pedal
p.isse<l through Bonavenluri
station at Montreal with 1900 passen
gers for Ontario and points in Weet-
. rn Canada from Europe, in Halifax,
Bt John and Portland.
That, there will te no election thlr
feet or until the time f:xed by the
constitution, was the emphatic stat>-
ment  made  by   Hon.   L    P    I'eil-etler
New York's Annual  Rally.
The  Boy Bcouts of New  Vork city
held  their  annual   rally  on  Saturday.
March  15,  1912, In  the armory, when
200') spectators watched the perform-
snees of 2500    Scouts.    There    were !
about  twenty   nationalities  represented,   and   boys   of   white   faces,   black
faces, and red and yellow faces, boys
who In their uniforms showed the drill
I'd .��e-.iip of the private fashionable
BChools, as well  as  boys  who had to i
n K'-   away   from   the  factory   at  one i
o'clock   to   get   there   Saturday  afternoon     There were boys who look for- ^ \BI*
ward  to college careers and  lives ln j
which   there   will   be  no   worry   over |
'.he cost of living, and boys who will |
have  to fight  every  foot of  the  way |
���o keep the wolf back I And they led me o'er mountain 'neath
All   Boy   Scouts  Together. alien   skies;
All that mattered not for any of j All else but their music was dumb,
Ibem. for they were all Boy Scouts ' vnd I ran till I fell, and slept but to
���'-'���her:    all   fbedier.t   to their prln  i rise,
Clplei   and    their   officers,   and   th'-v *     *'\j:'   the
were all getting the same Instruction ; come!"
ahout the   way a  regular boj   iho
ict,  and  a great brotherly  spirit    of   The trumpets are calling
Clark-f raacr Realty Co.
formerly at 610 Columbia-Bt., now al
807 Front St.    Phone H 1031.
Nsw  Westminster,  B.C.
Real Estate snd Business Chances.
Acreage  and  Choice   Fruit   l-ands  s
.  .1 Ji~.
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bldg.
of all kinds.
Prices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
59 McKanile Bt
Bank of Montreal
1 CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ....$16,000,000.00
RE6ERVE    $16,000000.00
The trumpets were calling and   I was
a man,
And had faced the stem world   antl
grown strong; B
the  trumpets  were   calling   far!     Branches   throughout  Canada    and
off. and I ran i Newfoundland, and   In  I-ondon,  Eng
Toward the blare ofi their mystical  land, New York. Chicago and Spokane
trumpets   are   calling- I
I've   come
democracy made tbem forge. ,ill race
color, condition or degree, in the three
hours of hard. Bwlft work '.n -��� M-fili
th-SJ had to show what they could do.
'Mirny well known men were present
*j ttmasti-r general,    who   Is    visiting; ini 'ook their placeB on the [latform
liis aged father at Trols Pistoles ��� *t three  O'clock
Ar. American C'ub is the latest of To start things, the Scout band
���he organizations In Montreal striv- -laved "Everybody's Do'in It." Things
������si to bring peop'e of the same na strated at once. Too many were cn
lional origin togtther. and re-cms t.- ith floor for any parad
:.-..-   g-vd   prosp-'ts    cf   tiklng    lt
to the eea;
But  far  out     In   the    moonlighted
gkrw ',
I   still   hear   the   trumpets,���They're I
calling to me.
The trumpets ure calling���1 go!
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted letters
of Credit Issued, available with cor
respondents ln all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
received ln sums of fl and upward
and Interest allowed at 8 per cent per
annum I present rate).
Total AsselB over $186,000,000.00.
G. D.  BRYMNEIl.  Manager
B.C. Coast Service
Ia.ui'K Vancouver for Victor!* 10 fc. hu
2 p. m. nnd 11 :45.
b'iiv.-d Vancouver for ffeattlfi 10 a. mu
antl 11 p. m.
I^-uvf* Vancouver for Nanalmo 1 p. ra.
T>fiv#>B Vancouver for Prlnc* Kuprrt
and Northf-ra Points IU p. tu. W��<1u��f��-
IjftivfM Vancouver every Wednesday at
10 p. rn
U'uvfM Chllllwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
Thumduy and Saturday.
Chilliwack Service
Leaves  Wsstmlnster  8  a.  m.  Monday,
Wedn.-Hiluy  anil  I* rl.lay.
ED. OOtTLWF,  Agent. New WMtmlnster.
H. W.  imOUIB. li. P.  A.. Vanoouver.
He was tern In  Port   Hope
wl ��� re he taught in the high school.
One   of  the   largest    deposits    ever
������ .       -,n a i'an-i'l:an  bank   uder   one
*   *as received at Sarnia Bank of
��� --*���. ?���-; tl  being paid In by
'.ers cf the Imperial   Oil Co
��� ���  8   KetcheBSOO. a pioneer of
���  ens]  p   and   last   sarrlrtng
thi .."..*���������
��� 1.1 tn b i ������'" feet   He was on��
tbe beet ta    -���     ������   men of Hastings
Qeeorge   v    BaUen,   Toronto,   was
Ued by ;'. fail down st-i'rs.
Kx-F-.r--.  raptaia rharlton.  Toronto
a   tall
i     In  i "isaitonal runaway at Kings-.
! ton.   Donald   '.V'ailer.   I'ittshnrg   Town-i
' ship, was dragged over the road am!
certoaeiy in;ur.-d
The Oriental Hotel, the largest In
Peterboro. haa. ueen sold  '    "     P
��� Co by Oeorge N. Grahax. who
ret:res after tw?nty year��
I'arnck. the lo-year-old son of Al-
tan fCavanagh, Cornwall, was instant
ly killed by grabbing tbe end ef a
h>uvil> charged electric wire which
nad blown down.
Albert Abbott, a life long resident
of Brock-tille. and father of Prof O
H. Abbott, rf Toronto Uatrerslty, Il
dead, aged 70 Dr W J Abbott
i'i. ,e! md. Is a son.
ace.  In   due  course   with   the   other I
..tional societiee of the city.
A!ev   Desgroei illif rs.   fer   crimina';
-"jit on his niece, was sentenced at]
Montreal  to 30  years  In  tb��  peniten
tiary.    The case  was    rev-lting.    th��
-1- nee   ��bowiniT  t-S-^t    ih��-   etrl   hte*
beea  kept a prisoner for days   In a
vacant shanty in the a   . i        ar nt,
' home
The Canadian Oeneral and Shoe Ma-
, ch-.nery Co, of Lt-vis, has gene Into
. liquidation.
G. W   Thompson, who has been ap-
D.*lnt.-d   Acting    Controller    of   West-
mount. Is a native of Belleville, Ont.    i
Judge Baiin. Mcmreal. ip fentencinc .
*   ���.  goer to *. -���' * a years for assault.
expreesed  the   view   that   more   care
i should be tak>njti supervising those
somlng into Canada
'���- the outcome   of skiing   accident
on the mountain. Montreal, a few days
before, :n  wh-ch he broke   his thigh
tone, obert  Pickia. a young   Scottish
nginei:. is dead
was  serlouti.   injured  in      ^	
Two m*n wer-.- badly cot m a re- Prof Federlck Ostrar.dvr. a t-vicb
tig - - r:��-*t in Tse Ward. Toronto. ier of lanKiiage6. who was Inoculated
John fluff. Port Kicin, was killed b>' *>* Friedman in Bellevue Hoep ��� I
I ��� -\ falling chimney during a storm <r>* tuberculosis of the lungs, kidney
rhe Ontario Literary Association and bladder, died In that institution
opened its annual convention at To- ; Hon Wallace Nesbltt. K C . of T
ronto. j ronto,   has   announced   to   the   Militir *
Department   of  the   donation   of   Hn j
eadetrifles each  year  for each   Prov
Inee,  to  be competed     for  by    cadet'
The Key. H. Defoe, Wagner, rector I unlts
- '     The     marriage     of     Miss     Lillian
smythe.  second daughter of   Mr   ane" 	
Mrs    A    E   Smythe.  of   Kingston,   te The Kdie" of the two Connors Iwys
Dr   K   I-ome Oardner. of Ottawa, son ��1io perished in Saturday's exp'.iision.
of Brock- -fl r,. round this week on a small IsWnd
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    ihe vnriou*1.
n^ips   did   their   Individual   stunts.
Here a campfire was klr.dl'-d bv trie
Ion without the use of matches. Then
mman pyramid** towered half way to |
he  vaulted   roof.    Elsewhere  a  wigwag  drill   by   blind  Scouts,  the  erection of pole lodges and shelter tents
wtretees t>-l"eraphing. with a field Bta
tlon  set  up tn view of the  audience
ind   every   kind   of   race   toys   ever
thought about  kept the onlookers at
First Aid  Scenes.
In   the   first  aid   demonstration   the
Iad*i   showed   ihemselvi***   niaster3    of
Red   Cecals   leaching.   Including:  empr-
Teney  t-*i-*,f i>: nc   carryins ofT oT their j
wounded     comrades    on     Improvised '
stretchers  or  slung dtct    comrades
shoolders, and rescues supposedly under fire.
There   was   one   race   that   caugh'
the crowd
lo!   a strange boat man Is here I
with his bark
And he takes me and rows away, si-1
lent and dumb,
llut my trumpets! My trumpets! They)
peal through the dark!
The trumpets are calling���1 come!
The Public Health committee of
Edinburgh Town Council haie agreed
to recommend tbe acceptance ot offers for the erection of phthisis build
ugs at Colington Mains Hospital, at ai
:ost of  ��2000.
���   one   race    ......   --���'���>        gua,. tu H���) timi. Itt
It via* called the antMOP     ^.^ bo^_.��d��d. it ri
Catharines   ratepayers   defeated i
law to build a viaduct across the
Welland canal.
oldest con*
rltl7.fl)   Of
of   the   Anglican    Church,   Deeeronto. i
goes to Edmonton.
Peter Shram. 42, of Hlghgate. al
leged to have three wives, was ar-
rested at Chatham.
1 J ljtndy. a retired barrister of
Arthur and Orlllla, died following a
stroke of paralysis.
A movement Ib under way to bring
about the BeceBFlon of Gait from the
'ounty of Waterloo
Ontario vegetable growers decided
to tuy their seeds and fruit hoxes In
���on order and thus save |50,000.
Only twelve longdistance llnee in
tha rtell Telephone service out of
Toronto escaped last week's Btorm
Fifteen hundred teaeherB arrived st
Toronto fnr thn annual meetlnif of
lhe Ontario Educational Association
MrB Charlotte Lake, who claimed
York, died at Button Wed, nged 103
The denlh took place In London of
n formrr well known resident of East
y.orra ia the parson of John Hutchinson.
federal Inoorp ration has been
granted in tin. Bororelgn Cotton Mills
Of   TorOUtO,   wllh   ii   cupllal   Block   of
The nuililiii  Heat!) of Albert   Edwin
I'avey   reiiinvee   n   lifelong
London,     wlili.lv
western Ontario
���William Worilcn Farley, known nr
the   pioneer   iippln     grower
Bright dlatrlct, punned awa
ray  township
Clinton loot! option byinw ���*���� d
clenreil by Judge Holl In hnve received tlire-r viilen over Ihn three fifths
necessary In curry
The County of Oxford Is In enter s
now   roads   scheme.     In   eost     -'������������
18(0,00, fow birti niieililrd   Is
paid hy Ihn Knvi-rniiieiit..
A. J,  II. Jeffrey cmight
nt tin. oorns
.cow avi-iiiH-n	
of the uptown MOtlon of Toronto
Kdward II Weart, of Parry Hound,
wan burned to dmilh III the clnhhouee
of the lln-siieiiu Lulu. Lumber Co, at
Iloakvlrw   during   last   wink's   gnle.
Ferdinand 0   Bellraore, Pr��J Tear-
ron, Units Lnfnret and Howard Gard
ner of Windsor, Wbro fined %'ill tor
violation nf lln. pharmacy Ut
Mrs   Hlii Hey. Toronto, was sleep
lug soundly while lhe rooir
wns   in   fliimi-B
break Ihn iloofi
her ^^^^H
At a mnilltiK nf  flfly  milk produc-
<tb nt Toronto Labor Temple, it wus
decided  lo link   fl.80  per elghl-gallon
can from Hm wholesalers during thr
Alexander    HclnieliliW,   detained    In
the jn.ii at Sarnia by the Immigration
authorities on suspicion ol being ln-
fiano, hanged himself by his shirt to
Iho window In his cell.
Fhilip Heine, rne Of th
] doctors  on  the   lnterv-olonial.   <}.ed   at
I lioneton. of hemorrhage of the brain
t��-ct-, lt was a line of boys with a
ieider. back of whom there were '.'.-
- I (Bore en-h with his arms clasp-
���d s*r\.ufw5 tke watst ot the man ahead
"v..v *Ko��--;tJ |tae Up ar.d nice across
ibe an   tj  I     " to sr.atch a flag and
Corner of McKenzie and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house.   Will give two years' lease.   Apply
to Manager The New Westminster News.
��� bout
to be
of the Ute William Oardner,
ville, takes place next week.
Hon. Dr Roche, who recently
derwent a serious operation at Rochester, Minn, was able to be up oi
Thursday for the first time He experts to be out of the hospital in ter
days, hut will go south for a couple of
R. C. Miller, former president of the
Diamond Heating and Power Co . of
Montreal, who has been confined to
the Carletin County Jail for several
weeka beoause he declined to tell par
llnment how he disposed of J41.000.
Is beginning to suffer In health.
A cheque for HOO.OOfl was received '
by Queen's I'nlverslty authorities
KlngBton, from Andrew Oarneg-e
This whs the amon t promised to
Queen's w|en $400.0r of the 1600.000
endowment fund had been raised and
after the university was made non-;
Mrs MacLeod, mother of Eev N
A MacLeod, llrockvllle, died at lr.sh
Cove, N. 8., aged 86.
llrockvllle and Pembroke are ask
Ing to have medical inspection provided for ihelr schools
Tho Orand Chapter of the Royal
Black Knights of Ireland. Ontarli
Enst, elected officers at Peterboro'.
James   llert-jert     Gllmour,   one     of
BrockVills'l  leading   citizens,   and    a
��� enlor member of ene of Eastern On- I
larlo s   oldest    wholesale   houses,   Is j
Ollbert McClymont. Ottawa, form I
erly of Kingston, a clever newspaper j
man, Is likely to get a $1.:00 position)
as secretary of the Ottawa Hoard of
The estate of Mrs.   Jane   Monsell.
un-1 Oiasgow. N
shaft,  near   New
The   Canadian   i.Vrtliern
Poynl Oeorge. will leers Bristol. Eng.
for Halifax. April is
Peter S   Archibald, well known cWt'
--.���nriefpr and former chief engineer of
the   Intercolonial
aged 65
Railway,    Is   deaJ
The H. ... --���.
���he principle rf financial aid to the
Norton Oriff'ths enpanv In e-stsb
Iishing a ehipbuildtr.g plant at St.
When the Ice broke tn the East
River. Stellarton. N B��� one-half of
"in south end bridge. 200 feet long.
was Bwept away. A doten LimilieB
tire cut off from communication, but
are not ln danger
For the  first  time  In  many   years
there was no parade of Irish Bocletlee
Charlottetown. P   K 1   March IT. as
Dress.-g Contest.
tax**** a rs'V that n>ade some
' -Ke pothers *��'gh towetngly
a dressing  c.->atest
e.l   do**n   ;i-   close
floor, and  at a signal  made a
for ihelr clothes.
f Hount Ye-noa
bey of the fifty. '
He dots that as i
be  late  for  breakfast.    It
\ minute and a half to get his clothes
���.n and thea get down to the -judge's
it tnd
Then  came the "first
\bi-:t fifty  teams
o be badly hurt st one
* ~" one tm,
-���ther to bandage the bov's broken
leg. then made a stretcher out of their
-oles and coils and bore the injured
boy to a doctor It took about thi-oe
minutes for the fastest team to d" the
���rick, and the doctors. looking at the
bandage and ihe pole, said that anv
tmh'.ilance sur&e-or. would be pr-oud of
the  job
lt was
Fifty  boys strip
got  out  en  the
"Vl-irny BeTerWge
about   the  l'.ttliest
,-or. the rac-��   acd if
rule he will r.ever
took   him
aid"     race.
boy who seemed
end of the ��r
B   Legislature h-xs adopted [^JJ ^ j^*** from one end to the
th-  lb'
S;outiia��ters Wsnted.
iplesdld   work  being  d
s-ou' moTemeat '
reY-oalod by
Bt Charlottetown. t    r.   i   ��������� ���'���"",    ''  ,  ^,.,��i.ere   "it*  full> re%.aiea   oj
the recent desniction of the cathedral, ar,J el ,w..e Iviulr.-on
bv fire deprived the Roman Catholics   the   t  ntialI  iw; ^     ^f
'. .. ...i.-v,i.. ���!��/-.. to hold services      secretarj en ��� r,u*- . , . ���,,,,.,.���,,.
of a suitable place to hold services
litiring the delate on the draft  Ad
feel showed a
dress In the P, B I legislature. Hon
Charles Ilalton, Hie Island's million
aire "fox king," Intimated thBt the
government Intends to Introduce
measure* to give further protection to
'lie black fox industry
hi eh the
record of th> ^^^^^^
tial adMince made in every
and a degree of success of
leaders and workers In the moTement
have ever>   reason to fee) proud.
Hut the best plan In the world will
^  i nol run itself.    Tu the Idea must  be
 . ! linked the active co-operation of those
. 'who   believe   In   th*   idea   enough   to
��UEEN MOTHER WOULD help It along     A Scout patrol Is like
HAVE   NEW   PORTRAITS . *, public  playground.    It  musl  be su
| pervlsed.   and   efficiently
AU Telephones
Lead to
TRxafs the number of the phone in the business office of
of  Dnnfori.li  and  Mos-
onn of Hm busiest partr
who died at Port Hope.without leaving I �����������' -^^ t0" bang |n the royal
rts to UiV l     ,, _,��!__ _* nil,,,!.,.,. ,,��� g. .
u  before   the
U��d0B, Apdl 7 - Queen Al��IMdlr|l. I m����to��M�� ^.^oWtTSJJtt^
widow of Kind  Kdward  Vil. Is anil*���   movement needs ���""���* *"a__. 	
oue that a painting should be made of I scout movement neene
her family to commemorate the annl
vereary of what would have been her
relatives or a will, which revr
Provincial   Oovernment,   amounts
some 185,000,
collection at Windsor aa a companion
nlcture to the one which the late Mr
  Frith painted of her wedding.
~ �� 1     Of those who were present   In  St
NEW    ONTARIO. ' J ���^   ^tap,,   on   MBrch   10.   1863.
The new 3,000,000  biiFht 1  annex  to i very   few    royal   personages
C. P. R. elevater at Fort William, will | Among   thoft   arc
^^^^^^^  great  num-
br of them.
Chance for You.
In the discussions of the last week
It was nereral times shown that there
was a great need of more scoutmas
was a great 	
trrs.   The difficulty Is not to get boys I
enough,   btlt  ***���  ���""..i-n.M.-.n |
who wlll
    to   secure   scoutmasters l
give themselves to the work
When you need help ln your home, want to find anything lost, have a house or lot for sale or to rent, call 999
and have a little quick-action classified ad. inserted in The
Saves you worry and bother; does the work, and
below her
A   fireman   had   to
uf Ihn room  to carry
make nrt capacity 7,000.000 bushels.
J. Komndiiia. an Austrian, was
burled under tons of rock by tx Blide
at the 300 foot level of the Timisknm-
Ing mine
Uev Father Orenirr, paBtor of St.
Andrews     Roman     Catholic     church,
Port  Arthur, goes to   Montreal   and
will  be sui-i-tvdt'd  by  Rev    Father   D,
: Donovan, well known author and lee-
I Hirer
The Northern Navigation Cort-
pan>B tu-vi flagship, which will be thc
finest pnssctigt-r vessel on the Oreat
Utkos. ��lll be launched on Victoria
Day. and the event will be mnde the
occasion ef the biggest celebration in
Port   Arthur's  history.
wan  vfni   p.	
ot management and leadership. It re II
���julres particular talents, but not so f
rare as to mean a natural scarcity of J
remain i
PrincesB Christian |
of Schleswig-Holsteln. the Ouch-ess of;
Argvll, the Duke of Connaught. and i
the 'preient knlBrr The latter wua a
hlld and waB carefully stationed between his youthful uiii'les. the (hike
of Connaught and the late Duke of Albany.
From   nil   accounts   these   had    all
their work cut out lo keep his Impet-
luoUS  highness  from   Interfering   with .   ���
i the service. ���,     ��� I score or more of boys
costs little
the  he.irt
good material        ^^^^^^
A   young  man   who has  not
prematurely   old,   who  has
boy snd the mind of a man. who
nature much and boy nature
who is both strung and sympnt-
j loves
I more
more, wi.w ... ���	
hetlc ln his touch, and who Is willing
to give up something of his lime and
effort for the sake of the good  of n
We know that News classified ads. do the work, because dozens of satisfied users tell us so���but you can find
out for yourself by testing their power.
It   Is  nlso  understood  to  lie  Queen
Alexandra's wish tlmt, in addition to
her chlldrcn   and   grandchildren,   all,    -
the royal personages now living who ��� worth wnm
were  present   Si   ber    \v,*i!d!tii\   with
perhaps the surviving six of the eight
, lirldrBinaldB   who   attended   Her   MaJ-
leaty  on   that    memorable    occasion, | pastoratei^o
will find In ;
finest  poael-
the boy scout work th
i ble   chance   to  do   something   really
There Ib u possibility of the open- | thill nppear ln the picture.
The Ottawa Cltlien.
Bev   J. 0   Inkster. of London. Ont.,
a native of Orkney, haa accepted the
f the First Congregational,
church, ot Victoria, British Columbia | ���
And it is in
awfully good
working  order.
We wish to emphasize the
quality of this article. It is of
a special blend, Indian and Ceylon nnd a touch of Japan, all tins
and no stems. Fine flavor and
iroma.   Try a pound, 80c.
"Our Special" Coffee, Java
and Mocha beans, specially selected and carefully blended. We
grind it fresh for 40c. Ib.
"Our Special Jelly Powders.
Kxtra quality and with our personal guarantee behind them;
3 pkgs. 25c.
"Our Special Bulk Olives.
Large nnd of very extra choice
pack;   ptr qt.  35c.
Davles' Eggs
.3 dozen $1.00
Public Supply Stores
L. I,
An executor ls one (Individual
or company) appointed by you
to take chargo of your affairs
after you are gone, and do with
them as you havo Instructed.
Where a Will is not made appointing  an   executor,   thou   tbe
law appoint, an sdminlatrstor���
one In  whoee appointment you
have no voice, and one who must
dispose of your estate In the
shortest time possible, and divide the proceeds according ,to
law, which very likely is not as
you would have wished.
This shows the Importance of
making a Will now while all
your faculties are clear, and
while you can give your best
Judgment to the matter.
This company is organized
and is authorized by special act
of the legislature to act as executor.
It gives its whole time to that
particular work, lt necessarily
has knowledge nnd experience
not possible to an individual.
Call in and see some of our
Directors or Officers who will
be glad lo discuss your problems wiih you in strict confidence, and without any cost to
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Mr. Chester L. Kenyon has returned
Trom a visit to his home In Troy, N.Y.
P. R. Pearse, piano tuning; order
at Todd's or Major's  music  house.
Mr. W. J. Ferguson, B.A. of Vancouver, lias been appointed city clerk of
Port Moody at a salary of $125 per
Don't forget to get your ticket for
| Amundsen's lecture. (1029)
Miss Mabel McMillan hns been ap-
I pointed assistant librarian by the city
I council.
The halibnt steamer Roman left for
I the   banks   off   Queen   Charlottel  Islands yesterday morning. The B. C. P.
I Is expected to arrive later ln the week.
A social dance tonight at 8:30 In St.
I Mary's  parish  hall,  Sapperton. Good
miiBic  and refreshments provided.
Mr. C. B. Deans was brought down
from the Tranqullle sanitarium on
Monday In a very low condition.
Just arrived, n shipment of lacrosse
sticks.* Geo. R. Speck, 626 Columbia
street. (995)
Alderman A, E. White left yesterday
on a business trip to Seattle. He will
return on Friday.
A. Hardman, the cake mnn. Oet
*?ood bread. Eighth Stroet Bakery
Telephone 2.11. (968)
Provincial Police Constable MeLeod
of Yale, brought a prisoner convicted
on a charge of theft down to the pro
vlncial jail yesterday afternoon.
It will be a big time at tho Opera
House on Friday. Don't forget to reserve your seat. (1029)
Reeve Peter Barth, of Coquitlam, is
confined to his home as a result of a
kick in the leg by a horBe a few days
The city council will hold a special
session in tho mayor's office thlB
morning at 11 o'clock to discuss with
Mr. O. R. G. Conway, chief engineer
of the B. C. E. R.. the water trouble
at I>ake Coqultlam.
Roald Amundsen, the discoverer of
the South Pole, will be at the Opera
House April 11. (1029)
After raking In the shekels of the
p-evious morning the police authorities evidently scared the would be law
offenders ou Monday as only one case
was heard In court yesterday morning, an ordinary drunk forfeiting his
causing obstruction to navigation will
be heard In Vancouver on Friday
morning, the same company being the
defendant. Several tug owners wlll
give evidence at this hearing.
Mr. Thomas J. Chambers will Inaugurate u series of open air concerts
at Queen's Park on Monday, June 3.
A stage for the regular events, which
will be something along the line that
the Pcrrlots produced at English Buy,
Vancouver, last Btimmer, Is being
erected In the vicinity of the Industrial building. Seats will nlso he provided for patrons of the shows.
The mayor, aldermen and Incorporation committee of the city of Porl
Coquitlam will give a banquet to celebrate the incorporation of that city
In the Commercial hotel, Port Coqultlam on Friday evening, April 18 at 7
o'clock. Invitations for the function
have Just  been   lsBUed.
Another Hindu perjury case will be
heard ln the local court either today
or Thursday. Partap Singh being arrested yesterday in Vancouver on Information sworn out by Hardlp Singh.
A suit was heard before Registrar
Cambridge a Bhort time ago at which
Partap Singh is alleged to have presented a sworn affidavit which later
developed to be untrue. Mr. J. P.
Hampton Bole will conduct the prosecution while the defense will be
handled by  Mr.  \V.  F. Hansford.
Thomas .1. Page of the C. P. R��� Vancouver, and Miss Hilda Kurlin, also of
the Terminal tjity. were quietly married at the Holy Trinity cathedral by
Kev. George A. Uny yesterday afternoon.
See Our Big Ad. on Page 3
Mrs. Henry L. Kdmonds will not receive today,  Wednesday.
.Mrs. Burton Smith will not receive
on Wednesday,  April 9 or again this
Mrs. Robb Sutherland. 224 Third
street, will receive Friday of this
week and on thc second Friday ol
The manner In which the municipalities of the Fraser valley appreciate
the efforts of the New Westminster
Board of Trade to enlarge the scope of
the market here may be Judged from
thc following letter received by Mr.
Wade from Mr. Ernest Hogg, secretary nf the Agasslz Hoard of Trade:
"I have your letter of April 2 nnd
have taken up the matters contained
therein with trtir president and council. We appreciate the importance of
providing good- markets and also the
necessity of producing more of the
food supplies ufed In our home.market. We shall try te send a delegate to your meeting of May 2 nnd
hope to be able to be of some assistance In solving these very important
This la the llrst leiter received by
Mr. Wade In answer to tho many he
sent out to all the boards of trade city that meant
In the Fraser* vallev nnd if nil other
replies are couched in a similar tone
there ought to be nothing to hinder
the project being carried out.
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
< i . . *\ i    i " "
 Lt     ������ti,. ,- if ,,' L   i  ... ,,.. ,    ���
'Boundary Bay
on the matter during which Mr. Lee
made   the  statement  that the  people j ,
had nut contributed their money  for      SPABKE���The remains of the   late!    M    J(J    ���p.(ch    Park     b(,|n(? a gub.
advertising aloue, but for the general \ Mrs. 1). E. Sparke, who died on Sun : dlvlBlon of tho    historic    old Whalen
benefit of the city.    He thought the  day, were laid to rest in the Church  mMe ftt polnt llol)Brls   wash.. |��� ���t.
people   would   throw   up   tlieir  hands!of England cemetery yesterday ttfter-   laBt ot) th(, markot ,,, gOclOO feet lots
with Joy If    they    found    that    their [noon. ���        ,       j fronting  broad straotB and  with per-
inoney had brought an Industry to the ]   ��      I p���tuul    beach    privileges.    This   ha��
the establishment of j    TIUGWELI,���The Infant son of *f-
20U homes here. ������
Salmon River Bridge.
Among other  business,  the
been  Iho camp ground  for scores of
Frank  Trigwell,  Port   Moody,   passed   looal p^pj, for yeari,    Th(| |ot8 art,
awny yesterday morning.   The funeral   filing   fast,   many   people   procuring
report, took place from  Murchie's'parlors to ; ,hc   iuCati0,1B  they  had  occupied
Annual Meeting Will Be Held In This
City on May 20.
Encouraging reports were read at
a meeting of the provincial executive
of the Educational Club of Columbian
college, held at the home of Mrs.
(Kev.) Betts, South Vancouver yester
day afternoon
*********** ******
of the committee which had inspected | the Church  of England cemetery
the  site of the  C.  N. R, bridge over  the afternoon.
Salmon  river   was  adopted   with
only the objection of Mr. Otwny Wilkie, who refused to vote 111 favor because the C. N. R. had not submitted
ii g
tenants for years.   Prices $:i:S0 and upwards, easy terms.   Sole agents,
703 Columbia Street, City.
F. Is
White  Rock
have  been  empt
are now fast filling up. five families
arriving from town last week and already one this week. E. E. Winch and
family, Jubilee; II. J. Adnms and fam-
couver; J. H. Vidal and family and ��lon that they would be glad to pub-
B. H, Sands and family. New West- ��* New Westminster b weekly Clear-
minster.    Visitors also have been nu.lngs In their records if they were sup-
build-1 Pl'cd wllh same.    The secretary will
The relatives of the lute Mr. S
which  Holt wish to thank their many friends
ream. I and especially the officers and mem
ada  bers    of  the  S.  A. corps    for    their
Power   company    quoting    rates   on  kindly   help and   sympathy    in their
light for advertising New Westminster ' time of Borrow. < 10371
at Coqultlam was referred to the pub-1        _	
licity department
.,  .     ,, ..   .plans  of  the  lift  Bpan  bridge   whli
April 8���Houses that , ovpr ,lK, strea,
P,l.dU,ring������t5e,.lif. A letter from the Western Cana,
inv. it    m-o   \v     t     iinM I merous and  painting, clearing, uuuu-ir  -���
Ne\h%VPer:,trnnstWMwi'A  L &'""���'"-. is keeping many men busy. |seethat_the    figures    are    furnished
and addresses were delivered by Mrs
G. B. Mathers, president of the Vancouver branch; Mrs. C. Watson, New
Westminster and Miss Hodgson, presi
It  is  reported  that   the  old   White .every week.
Hock station building will shortly bei    Mr.  W.  L.  Darling was authorized
removed, one half going to Crescent, j to secure Information  regarding    the
as a waiting room therei    the    other; advantages of    the    Steveston,    New j
,.���........,.���.....--..���., "--?--���-; '���--������ portion  being sent to  New  Westmin- > Westminster and Vancouver trip ns a
dent of the "ioung Woman s Guild of | ^  V  ^  ^  & temporary  baggage pleasure route.   The Canadian Courier
room. | gave notice that they would accept an |
Engineers have been surveying fori article on coast shipping. The appoint-
the G. N. R. In order to run a siding I ment of a temporary vice-president
and extra switch to the yards of the  and secretary was laid over until next
Vancouver. Many phases of the work
being done at Columbian college and
along educational lines In general were
diBCussed at thc meeting.
Arrangements   were   made   for   the
nnrtiifi. iii'nv-i      writ.     ...our     .�����      .��^ ,,        . , . in     _ _j .,
annual meeting of the club which ,,-|ii  new  Hunter  ,Umb.1   mU1 ,T , "nder . meetln<5-
be held  ln  New  Westminster  at the
college on May 10.
construction near the mouth of c-imtv
bell river, about one mile from White
Rock depot.
M.  C.  A.    National     Bovs'  Work
Secretary In Westminster.
.Mr.   Taylor  Statton.   national   boys'
f Pofnt
D*T.  electric!**,  agent  tor Hot
Irons;   nxturfw  and  wiring of
Captain  Amundsen  Wll   Be  Guest  of  Y.
Progressive Association.
Captain   Roald   Amundsen,   the discoverer of the South Pole, and intrepid   work secretary of the Y.  M. C. A. of
explorer  baa   accepted   the   invitation ' Canada, paid a visit to New Westmin-
ot   tho   ProgreB.tve   aaaoclation   to   a I ster yesterday    afternoon,    reitislnlne J time  but  with   tbe  expert   knowledge
Question of Bail
Under Advisement
(Continued from page onn)
Ladies' Handbags
To Clear at
$2.00 ^ch
Values to $8.50
wiring was  wrong on  the enr at   the
luncheon fn the Royal cafe on Friday lover until the evening,  when he left
all kinds    Phone ffi9  H8 Sixth Btreet  afternoon between  1 and 2 o'clock,     (for  Vancouver,  from   whence he  will
���' By so doing the famous Norwegian ' proceed   to   Victoria,   completing   his
[has Bignally honored the city of New I first visit to the coast associations.
Westminster as from time to time he |    in the afternoon the interesting vlst-
has turned down invitations to be the i tor  addressed   classes    in   the    Lord
I opposite Postofflce. (977)
Representatives   of   the    Canadian
Western  Lumber company   will  meet
the fire committee of the council at 10 guest at slmilor functions In much
o'clock this morning to discuss the larger cities. No later than Monday
terms under which the city can use Captain Amundsen regrettably infbrm
Paid Up Capital and Surplus $2,500,000.00
the  steamer  Senator  Jansen  for  fire
protection purposes.
On Chong Co., merchant tailors.
New arrival of spring goods. Ladles
and gentlemen's suits at reasonable
prices. 41(1 Columbia street, Burr
Block and 24 Mclnnls streeL       (968)
The Women's Missionary society of
Queen's Avenue Methodist church will
hold their annual Kaster thank offering service in the Sunday Bchool room
this evening. Addresses, report? and
good miiBic will be given.
Get your lawn mower ground St
Swansou's, Begble street. We have
ipocial machinery for doing this work
ThiB evening in the Salvation army
ed   tin-  Canadian   club  of   Vancouver
that he  would   be  unable  to  address
a  luncheon   which   they   proposed   to;
hold in hiB honor.
The subject of the Antarctic ex-
plorer's addreBS has not been diBclos-
ed by himself but as a voluble speaker and a man widely learned In
the ways of the world, his speech j
ought to be well worth hearing.
Tickets for the luncheon have been
limited to 115 so that, any person wish-
Ing to henr the captain speak should ;
apply to the secretary of the Progres- I
slve association at once.
Kelvin and High schools and at 6:30
o'clock he r.as entertained at a ban-
quet In the Y. M. C. A. by the board
of directors, at which was present
tho boy workers ard the l-aaders.
His address denil chiefly with the
new phase of nssoCnt'on hoys' work
and proved very interesting. At 8
o'clock Mr. Station ruldressed a meeting of the hoard of directors.
Publicity Work
. And Commissioner'.'
'Continued from page ene)
that  Mncnatnnra   had  of  a   machine
such   minor    difficulties    ub     wiring
trouble would  only  mean  a  few   moments delay In starting the car.
Sir Charles explained that  his  rea.
i son in asking for bail for the accused   was   so  that   the  assize   court
��� case may be traversed until the fall
assizes and he claimed it was unfair
to have hiB client  remain in Jail dur-
* ing all that period when he was only
charged with theft of an automobile
Mr. B. P. Davis, K.C. of Vancouver.
* representing the crown, spoke for a
brief period only.    Ile questioned the
'likelihood of the prisoner being present w'hen hiB case was called should he
be allowed out on ball, and observed
i that if convicted of thc preaent charge
Macnamara was liable to an Imprison-
I ment of 14 years.
Ile claimed that it was quite true
that Macnamara had been extradited
> this city on a charge of stealing
an auto and that tlio crown would not
be able to charge hlm with theft of
money   from   the   Hank  of   Montreal,
Fresh  Ilhubarb, per lb 10s
New Asparagus, por lh 18c
Celery, il for   10:
Oreen Onions, per bunch      5o
Radishes, per bunch     5c
Also red and white spring salmon,
cod and halibut.
Groceries, Flsh and Produce.
Phone 96. 447 Columbia  St.
HAS Columbia Street
Phone 453
Call now and inspect our
complete line of Spring
Goods. j
Class   Ladies  snd   Gentlemen's
Lorne   StreeL   New   Westminster
506 Main Street, Vancouver
C. A. DOGERT, Ccncral Manager.
Capital paid up
Re-Mi-va Fund
Total tuili -
Farmers' Banking Needs
have always received the closest attention from Ihe Dominion Bank.
Sales Notes Discounted or Collected on most lavotable terms.
Interest paid on Savings Accounts, which may be opened wiih a
deposit of one dollar or more.
The provincial government are c
jug for tenders for a new two roomed
"I all the information lhat was required P5"1? ne niaintalii-d,  it was  both  pos-
ali. and   It   was   necessary   to  have  a  big   S ble and   I��robaljl<>  for ,h"  ���"w"  "'
 M   man  to  do  the  work,  one  with
hall Colonel liullard will give an In-1'school  to  be  erected  at   HuntingdonItensive experience.    The appointment
terestlng lecture on Japan, India and , an,i an addition of lour rooms to thej'md to bo made, no matter who was
Korea   Illustrated   by   lantern   views. | pr(,Fnn,    Mission   school      The   plans * behind it. as il  was a very vital rnnt-
The   colonel   is  a  pioneer   missionary   whic,h   ;lr,,   rnp(1   a|   ,h(,   government  ter io the interests of the city.'
and  has  spent   many   years  m   Buch agent'B office show that the buildings Cannot Change Policy.
, work   in   foreign   countrleB. i wiM ,���, of tt fully m���(!f,rn natnrc, wilh ,     Mr  George Kennedy asked whal    II
Ylng Tal and Co   importer of Chln-'a" "'' '" ''al'' r('liuirciiients and faclll-  would cost to employ a commissioner
eso and Japanese silk dry goods'; gro- tle^; ,    . ! ami  Mr   Ue rt'p"',(1  from  ?M0Q t0
oerles,   provisions,   boots  and   BboeflLm'lfwo,ro,om Bch��o1 *} Huntingdon $10,000 a year,
and general merohandlse, Corner Gol :,, "    ,   ','r ,r;u"" construction  with     President Smith, of the association.
umbia   and   Mclnnls   streets.     Pfcone  win h.,?^?1",   .     The class roomBihoushl  thai   If the salary  nm  above
114.    Labor  by  contract or  by  day.    ,   ,,P* ��l??,' /"'''���    ' ''",''"rs ,r,,r ��*>��� ��>��� *:  mark, the olty should take
(970)   in .,, ,f��� . received uP t��� April  It  upon   Kself to  make  the appoint-
ineiit and leave ihn Progressive Asso-
for  the  theft   of  Hie
The  regular meeting of    the     New
Westminster Graduate .Nurses' association will be held iu   the   nurses'
residence. Iloyal Columbian    hospital
on Friday, April ll, at ii o'clock. A
full attendance Is requested as the
filial arrangements for the nurses' ball
to be held on April 'ib will be discussed.
liiiililing  will   be
116 at  noon.
The four room,.(] school addition will ]
also be of frame construction with a
concrete basement.   The class rooms
will measure :!4x24 and  will  be fllteil
in the most up to date manner. Tenders for the Mission structure close'
on  May 6,
to    continue    the    publicity
show  a  motive
In concluding Mr. Davis stated: I
"This man is not one of the ordinary ',
citizen type but is a citizen of a fo-
reign land and lias fought his ease
against, coming here in every court
even taking it to the United States
supreme court. He has no employ
ment here, no family ties and as yet
no reputation. 1 claim thai the defence cannot produce one bit of evidence Of where a man after being extradited, was admitted  to bail.
���luiige Howay took tiie case under
advisement und will no doubt hand
down a decision In a few days.
Phone 92?.      8ult 19. B. C. E. R. Depot. New Weatmlnster B. C.
Fresh Garden Seeds
now in.
Mr.  K.-rr argued  that   tha  Prngrns
slve Association had raised ivmi for
publicity purposes nnd thev could not
very well change their policy without
j Hie     authority     of     their    financial
' backers.
Mr   Kerr  referred   brlnflv  to    the
��� apimlntmeBl  of civic  industrial  com-
���������������������������������������������������J mlssloners In Winnipeg, to which Mr.
Exclude th    P j Kerr replied that comparatively Bpenk-fthat the company needs funds on
',.,.���. ,,,, ������.,'  h,88:, ,    Ing this city was not verv Inrce   and [large  scale  was  misleading and  mlt
preparatory to the laying of the pavlof New^tUS^ **������� th:',' "l"!'1 "" ^  C"l<iV0"8'
ing material Is ai present being done., They    appear    lo    be   'nSJ |llLhTA 5n thl^ltv
Publicity, Mr. Lee thought, was one
The pating on Second street as far i
us Fourth avenue lias jiiflt  been completed and the rocking of Third ave-1
nue between Second and Third streets
C. N. R. Have Plenty Money.
London, April s.   Mr, it. M. Home
Payne, a director of the C. N. IL,
slates Unit the money required for
Completing the Montreal and Pacific
coasl terminals and the main line In
Ilrillsh Columbia of the Canadian
Northern railway has been prsctle
ally all provided,   and the statement
To  Bulldem and  Contractors  -This
i what you have been    looking    for,
now  take advantage of It.    We    are
carrying  In  Btock  Trom   1000  to  2000
��� [yards of building  material.    The fol-
. iowlng aro out retail    prices   to   con-
.��<-. ,,,���������  .   ...,��,   Burners   at    the    bunkers:      Crushed
TORONTO PARKS LAWN : rook, pea gravel   and   coarse   gravel.
|$1 per yard, course concrete Band
���mil river Band. 60c per yard. We are
also prepared lo furnish KngHsli
cement, hard plaster und llmo at a
moment's notice. Special prlceB given
to wholesalers by arrangement. We
havi' llle finest bunkerB In B. C. and
we Invite your Inspection at any time.
11. C. Transport Co., Ltd. (1021;
The rock and material for the paving  however, to judge from the recent
Is lielng hauled al nighl time In order'Hon of the directorate of the publicly
to expedite the work us much as poB- [supported hospital In thai olty.
sible. |    At its laBt meeting the board    de
cided  to exclude  the  press  from    Its
of  the   best   tilings    the    community
���arneerx��, *v ye y*^��JXiSi	
Mr. W. J, Beleham and family desiri
with an efficiency
equal to the best Gasoline Engine���so that
the "YALE" stand?,
strong for ECONOMY.
Mads   in   New   Westminster.
The Schaake Machine Works
Heaps   Engineering   Co..   Ltd., New Westminster.
'. --JJULJ��� ���J ***-*���!**^*     - . .���
could undertake and  no parties were  to cordially lliank all the kind friends
more suited for tbut line of effort than * who uxprcBSed   sympathy   with   them
Curtis Drug Store
and  SEEDS,
j meetings. Whether the motion will
island Ib doubtful, for we rather think
jlhat the people who are putting up
the money for the hospital will In
islst upon the press representatives be
Ing admitted.
From this distance the action of
the board seems to be a case of some
of lhe   members   not   seeing   their
names In print as often as some
other members, a complaint common
with those who have a grouch against
Reporters endeavor to give the gist
of all public meetings fairly. To re
port all the Insignificant remarks of
every person who speaks under llie
impression that he Is saying something strikingly original, or clever or
the city.
in  their recent  sad  bereavement  and
There  was some furlher discussion i who also contributed flowers.     (lo:i4l
Home For Sale
Phone 43;  L. D. 71;   Res. 72.
New Westminster, B. C.
The Fraser River Pile Driving Company waB defendant in a case tried in
I the  Vancouver police court yesterday  deserving of a head line is not   only
for allowing debris from tho old Oran- Impossible, but an imposition of   the
I ville  Btreet   bridge,   which   they   have paper's subscribers,
contracted with that city to demolish,      It will be interesting to watch Just
Ito  cause obstruction.    A   fine of  $261 how long    the    Westminster hospital
umi cobIs was levied against the local , board wlll be able to keep the press
j company.    Another charge,    that    of'out of Its meetings.���Nanalmo Herald.
No.  1���Ilere  Is  a  Bplenilid home for sale cheap.    In a god locality near Queen's Park and new school. ���
It  has  seven  large  comfortable  rooms  with   every  modern  convenience;   full   basement;   on  a large lot, 6SX133 f-fet.
This place is below value aid   the  terms  aro  nuch  that  almost
anyone can handle It.
PRICE,  $4400,  $7!0  CASH, balance monthly.   If you want to buy
n homo let us show you this place.
Agents for  Pacific Coast  Steamship Ce.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, E mpluyers*   Liability,   Automobile   and
Marine Insurance,
For Vancouver, via Central Park
���At .ri:00 and 5:45 a.m., and every
15 minutes until 9 p.m. From 9
p.m. until midnight half hourly service.
Sundays���At 6:00, 7:00, 7:30,
8:00 and 8:,'!0 a.m., week day service prevailing thereafter.
For Vancouver via Burnaby���Al
5:46, 6:45 and 8:00 a.m. with hourly service thereafter until 10:00
p.m., and late car at 11:30 p.m.
Sundays���Flrat car at 8:00 a.m.,
with week day service thereafter.
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7:00 a.m. and hourly until 11:00
Sunday���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
regular week day service thereafter.
(Connection with cars to Stoves-
ton and other points on Lulu Island Is made at Eburne.
For Chllllwack and Polnta In
South Fraser Valley���At 9:30 a.m.,
1:20 p.m. and 6:10 p.m.
For Huntingdon and Way Points
���At 4:30 pm.


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