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The New Westminster News Aug 9, 1913

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Newa Classified Ade. |
Have proven their worth by the     ���
results   they    produce.     They   Bl' *f
large    or    small    wanta    at    Bin-   V>
Th�� Weather.
N*w Westminster and the Lower
Mainland: Light to -moderate wiud.-r,
K''iti rally  lair  and  warm.
Westminster man    HINDUS PLAN TO   miniatuk war      Both Sides of the Line
j    MNj'RESlDlNi   fLOOD THE WEST;     Jl6" HCROP Will BE     IWHEAT HEAVY;
Officerc' Acsociation.
Jumps at Conclusion That President Wilson's Personal j   -,,,��� ejection ���r officers  und  the
... ,    ..        ,, .     B- .     T '.      m , *    ,,.   i ���   adoption of a constitution and bvluws
Representative does to Mexico to Interfere and Is Told \ were put through at a meeting ot the
�������    -��. ���**.., *r*    .-.       . nM,   .   ���  ,, .   .Municipal    Officers'    Association    of
.  to Cool His Heels Till He Receives Official Communi- British Columbia, held m the board
if irade room ytsterday.    New Weal
Catnon as tO Lind'S Real Mission. j minster was not only honored aa the
regular meeting place,   but   also   ro
____________ i celved  the choicest  plum  in the elec
ft ft ���'��� '"���     ���"������ ���"������ -i ���'������ >��������� ���"��� ���"������ **" ���"��� ���"        ~"~~   "   ������  '��� '���*���������<-1 t'0B ,jf J- J- MacKay, city treasurer
J.  J.   Ma;Kay  Will   Preside  a!   Mest- I   Boat  Load  cf  Assorted  Balkan  Belli
inrs cf  Newly  Formed  Municipal      Would Ruil Shiploads of I   11- "'rents While A'-.-ay Time  in
desirables lo B. C. Direct   ' Pa,oa!:e 0v:r
from India. -������^^������^-���^-���������'^������^'���^'''''''''^i
New  York,  Aug.  8.- Officers of thl
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      tlunurd liner I'linnonla, which arrived
If They  Try   It   Government   Likely' ht re  today from  Trieste,  report   that
n   miniature    ilalkan    war    occurred
, London, Auk. 8.���Comment-
lOg on Hie Mexican aituatlon,
the Spectator aaya: lf America
geta involved ill a Mexican
War abe will be lucky If it
lasts only three yearB and
���tops short of forcing her to
.flUsc armies on the Kuropean
-Male I'erhapa. however, the
'���erst aspect of the whole af
tetr It, II America Biicceded, aa
tlon of J     ^^^^^^^^^^^^
ub president for the nsulng year.
The Idea of the association is to
promote more uniformity rf system
in municipal government.   The meet
ing will be held Quarterly when mem
ber3 from different parts of the province   will  advance  tbelr  Ideas  aa  to
Will Make Amendment to Immigration Act.
tt   **0 doubt  ahe ultimately would
v!fcer success would even b<
i/Worse than failure. She would
find evacuation practically lm
possible, as Bhe would have
upon her hands a huge territory witb a large population in
permunent revolt.
* ft
���f ���*��� e e ����
* I Intervention, It seems to me, Ib hard-
ft ly to be thought of. High officials In
ft my oountry do net seriously consider
-.-,; the possibility, let alone the probabll-
="-111V of ftieh action on the part of the
* I United StateB. I will Buy, however.
$ that, should there by any chance be
������������ [intervention, the universal feeling iu
��!Mexico would le such thut It wou'd Ik- ' the best system to use In accounting
ft. difficult  to predict the outcome." aiBessing and    taxation    anions    the
Senor de la Harra would not com-   many  municipalities.
'';,.  m||  himself fo far as to say that all!     Yeaterday'B gathering   wns  will  at-
',..  the warring factions In Mexico would   tended, every    municipality    on    the
':.. be united against the United Btates |loW��T mainland being represented.     i
'.'..'. in event of Intervention.   "That w mid *     It    ia    expected  that at  the    next)
Jl!  tie   pr. siiming  too  much,"    he    laid. I meeting, also to  be held  here,  there |
..   "There Is just now no way of telling  will  be    delegates   from    thc    upper
';:'', i'li st, stand   would   be   taken   by   all I country.
* fuctioiiB. but the Indubitable fact re The officers electe* resterday were:
:;;'calns that a very large majority of * president, J. J. MacKay. New WeBt
;���" the in ople In my country do not wn' lminster; vice president, A. Ci. Moore
���;; I foreign Intervention In their affairs BtJfnaby; secretary-treasurer, \V. II.
;*  and probably would do what they could ��� Grl��n,  Hurnaby;   AecUtlve.    Messrs.
..;������   to prevent It Willson. Richmond;  WeBt, South Van
ft** ft    >,... I1**? tSLZ.F*, Z], fui h in.,lh<! couver; W. A. Duncan, New Westmin
tttttt*   abl Ity of  Proslrten    Wison  and   I'"- .     K,    d     ,,���������    ��� ,,a,,m,r
.visional I'l-esld-nnl lluerti to solve the   .,',,   .,���������'���,,
went   situation.     I   am     Bi.re     that   Norlh  V______	
{aboard    almost   continuously    during
Ithe  Ul!    dayB'    voyage.    Among    the
*m^^^^**.f***f********lmmm*lmmmmmmmmimmmmmmmtmmm      Isteerage    pasBengers     were    aeveral
  | hundred  ex-volunteers,  tlreeks,    Ser-
Ottawa,  Aug. X.    Advices    received |vlan9-  ���������"��"�� Turk.,  who  were
at   Ottawa    indicate some apprehen- rKturnl���� K"11"' ��"""��   ����er tak
alon in BrltlBh Columbia owing lo the ln�� part '�� ����� 1!a!k,a" war,h        .
announcement  that Hindus are pre-     **?*",.*.    otB,    n   , ,     T
paring  l9  , stubllsh a  direct  litre    of ����� ff,lo,1B "' l ,e n"1   e,/iyS
  suited   in   several   combatants     going
sttamtra from India to British Colum I"".'."  T-.i~i.T~"     ���',', .      ,   .
.,__ .i��   to the sick    bay    with    several    Blab
bla.   thereby   evading    the  particular
wounds.    Captain  Capper    thereupon
ClaUBe  cf the   immigration  act  which' "~.      v -       ,   ,, ,   ,    .,
holds  them   in  check  at  the  present ��*"����� -a B!?era* dl7*ml?��;���
Ume.    There  i�� now  no direct trans-  ��f(ln* continued with.whatever ml.
portation  between Canada and  India,  B��f ����� at "and-    TDe" ,the nation'
and  unless  ihey come directly    theyf" ipa were separated    Into    groups
can be sent back lbut Q" nltetln-8 tor meal8 bat,le  was
Steps  are   being   taken   by  the  ag.'resumed. As a precautionary measure
._.-.. .l.-  ,,L^.. i.���."   the stewards removed the knives and
Head of Ogilvie Company | United States Falls off in
Looks for a Bumper in
Winnipeg, Aug. 8.���"Judginlg by
the reporta 1 have received, the crop
In Western Canada this year will he
over the average," said  W. A.  Hlack.
One Yield and Gains in
Washington. Aug. 8. -A loss of 300,-
01)0,(100 buBhtls of corn, the nation's
greatest farm crop, ha.; resulted from
ithe great damage wrought by
drought    and    other conditions since
grtBsive elements of the  Hindu lead-i;- ,    .        ..    . .,        ,, ..
.rs to charter steamers of their own I1"""1 ,rom thf Ulv,bleB' aU ,he 8teerat!,e
passengers, of whom there were 1121
Washington.  Aug.  8.���TonBlon  over   Mwent   rlluatlon.     I   am    Bure
the Mexican Hlluatlon was conspicuous >""' nien are prompted by motives or
u'llee and  falrnep* and will pee to lt
throughout today in otficlal circles.     ' ������lt ,loUllnK prcolpltate Ib done. Per-
I'resldent    WllBon     and     Secretary   K)naliy   |   have   cverv   r���nBon   to   (,-el
Bryan,   in   an   early   conference,   dls-   th)t  P%iHi-nt, dlfflcultieK wlll be. ��c-t-
CUBB-ad the iiieBsnge from Manuel
Qana Adalpe, acting mlnl��ter of foreign affalra. stating formally on be-
half of Prealdent Huerta that unlesB
.lohn Lind. personal representative of
President Wilson, en route to the
Mexican capital, bore credentials recognizing the Huerta government, IiIb
presence in Mexico would be undesirable
Ijiter ihe American embassy at
Mexico City, through Nelson (VShiiu
gbnessv.  charge  d'affaires,     was    in
HtrnctfHl lo explain to tbe minister of president ffuerta
foreign affairs lhat the Information on
which his Btatement must huve been
based could not bave come from thi-
slate department here, as no official
declaration of Mr. I.toil's purpose In
visiting   Mexico   had   been   made.
Mr Bryan also Issued the following
slatemenl :
"The -lii-einent of the Mexican foreign office was based on misrepresentations for which this government Is
not responsible.    In sending Governor
[i.ind  as  advisor  lo  the  embassy,  the
Lpresldeet  is entirely within Ills rights   0,,m fedr
und lies department wlll pot assume ntati h   i
��thai  tv- going will be regarded as un-
'Ifrieiulh    \ili'*ii   the   character   of   liis
'mission   is   understiKMl."
j   ll was also announced by Mr. Hrv-tn
Rhet Mr Lind would not arrive at Vera
'Cruz  In'or'   Saturday   evening.     Sik--
iretarv Dsnlels of the navy department
evi'h'iii"d    in    this    connection that.
' while the battleship New Hampshire
could make the trio from Galveston
to Vera Cru�� In 11(1 hours minimum
time, her ordinary time for the lour-
new would he alioul fid or 60 hours
and Indicated that the administration
did not  regard  Mr
tied before verv long ^^^^^^^^^^^
Senor de la Harra raid lie cr-uld not
dlseurs the mission of ev-Govern-r
John I.ind, ae President Wilson's "n��*
clal representative to Mexico, -ftlnce
he hid not rend the newspaoers il.e
last few days and bo was not acquainted  with  the facts.
Sinor de la Harra wia accompanied
to New York hy a partv of prominent
Mexicans,   Including    Carter     Pi-revs
Mexican   minlBter    to     Helclum.   nn*-i
('ansie. secretary ti) Provisional
Will Raise Front Street Tracks, Protect    Level    Crossings,    Repair
Pavement Breaks, Etc.
president and managing director of July 1, ia the word from the govern
the Ogilvle Milling company, on hla intent's experts In their August crop
arrival  in  ihe city  thla morning.  Mr.   report.
Black haa come with a twofold pur- I a tctal production of 2,672,000,000
poBe, that of seeing how the eondi buahels of corn was predicted. Thl��
tlons appear to hlm personally, and lis 452,000.000 bushels less than last
lo inspect the new mill erected by ; year's crop. The general condition of
his company at Medicine  HaL :corn was placed at 75.8 per cent, of
Thia mill, which has just been com a normal, compared wtth 86.9 on
pleted. will have a capacity for mill- July 1. Kansas waa hit harde.it, the
Ing grain of about 4000 barrels per condition there having been reduced
day. from   81 per cent,   in July to 30 per
The company Ib erecting 15 new cent. on Auguat 1. Oklahoma eamc
country elevators at wayside station* next with a condition of 44 againat
in Alberta to feed the plant at Med:- $*��� \n July, and Nebraska reported 67
cine Hat. These are standard eleva- againat 83 July 1. These three states
tors, and have a capacity for the stor- bave almost 19 per cent of the total
age of 35.000 bushels each. area planted to corn thiB year.
Mr. Black, referring to the crop j a bright spot in the monthly grain
.conditions,  added  that  the  increased  report, however, wbb the preliminary
  area    under    cultlva-ion    spelled    a  atatlstics showing    a    production    of
Port Coqultlam, Aug. 8.���That ihia | record crop for Western Canada tbis 1811,000,009  bushels  of  winter  wheat.
year'B fair be held on one day, Tept. Iseaaon. iThta is the greatest harvest of wheat
19, was decided by the Coquitlam Ag  1 lever gathered    in the United Slates.
i1  Icultural society at a special  meet-                               **.***,***.-*���* lexeeeding the record crop ot 1902 by
ng   this  evening.                                        'KIIUnKRV    UrVrNlV 10.000.000    bushels.    Today's    tlsures
The vote meaiu the rescinding of a IUUlMlnUl    uLOLlllJ leaoeeded  l.y  28,090,000  bushels,    tbe
notion passed at the general meeting,! 1 estimate made by the department, In
when it was thought the show might I                       nCIU-P    miTI-ftf El\ -July-
be held on uv,, days     The feeling of                         MlNll   iHllllISllr     Spring wheat, too. waa gWen an In-
members assenoled w��b that, hy dlf-                       ULl\l\l   VlUllVULUl^,^ estlmata of px-odwetton. it he-
ferent arrangements on the day of thel lng ig.ooo.OOO bushels more than the
fair regarding Judging of the h*->-neB  ���  \3ixly estimate, the total being placed
��� a.~.��� a n-m~~.ml..tin* of ihe.I !at    233.000.000    bushels.     With     the
bumper winter wheal crop and a falr-
and an influx is feared.
lf tt attains a large proportion,
some amendment to the Immigration
act may be made, even though the
Hindus are Britiah subjects.
being obliged to eat with spoons
It la stated that the women In the
warring camps fought as fiercely as
the men.
of Dominion Retailers'
Japs   With   Mrxlrun-.
i-i p,.���,,. Aug. g.    Ten  fananese
dterp   were   among   lhe   for-"e   of  Oen-
,.��,! |ner Salaver. pent south from t1-0
border this arternoon to guard n pack
*'-.(-.  which Oeneral Pran-elaco Caatm.
p->"*rfgon  commander In Juare*,  nays
w'll   retialr  Irneli  nnd   telei-ranh   llnn-i
of the MPXf-fRn National railw-'v at tbo
I*'���< 'ie   of   la(s   Tucsdav's   bnttle   with
Constitutional  forces near Rn-wcberta,
The .Tsofl wore uniforms of the  M"x'-
1 army, but lnd no number
distinguish   what  regiment
H ('. K. It. matters consumed con
: sidi-ralile time at the weekly meeting
fof  the  board  of  worka  yesterday  af-
Condemns   Farmers'   Markets,   Roasts
Council of Women and Touches
U.-> Civic Officials.
and cattle and tl." organization ot thel ^^^*^m^^*m ,    .,_�����-�����,.    ,    ,   ,
various sports, a far greater succ'iBslAuto    Club's    Objections    WIH    *Ul\***   ^O-Wi-tW ,j^M^
could be obtained ty a one day thow
Mayor Mars read a letter from A.
Mercer, at pres.'nt In lxinrion, ,n
which he generou-jly offered to present
a $25 cup to he won outright 1-y the
successful exhibitor in a special clasa.
The directors were authorized to decide to which clafp to aply the donation. Mr. .Mercer promised to .eh
similar   cup   each   year,   and
.l-lSKB.^^Sftr ('��UWa>'   te" I     Toronto  generates al,     the    freaks, (of Ihanks for tb. gift  was orde
Mr   Conway agreed  to several  sUk-  Secretary   Trowerll   of   the   Dominion   ne sent
gestlons   which  were put forward, no- j Retailer   Mtrehanis'  association,   who
tably Hi" raising of tlie present tracks | nVes  there,  said  so  last night  before)
on Kront street to a level with lhe e.\
Ily good spring wheat production   the
. total harvest ot all wheat Is estimated
'at  744.000.000 bushels.    A crop    this
  ,s1ze would place tb�� year's production
! Rrcrnd only to the    record    crop   or
Burnaby  residents  are  up  in  arms, 1901,   when  748,000.000   bushels  were-
The harvest of white potatoes   i' i?
i  letter   .   ,   ���  ,,.     ���i  .,     .   i, .,       ���, estimated,  will  be smaller by 82,000.'
.rnei i Atitom-obile   club   at   Its   meeting   of;
Lower  Fine  Standard���People
Back   Police.
at  the  suggestions and  caustic eoni-
i * ment  handed out  by tiie Westminster.'
I'll   to
IsCng pavement.
Several had breaks in tlie pavement
have shown up between the tracks
on Columbia street opposite Albert
Crescent  and  these  will  be  repalnd ; t0dass with tliem the local council of
audience of retail business men
I who met in the board of trade rooms
to hear him  speak.
"Toronto generates ail tlie freaks."
Those were his wirds and he went on
in  connection  with
women   of   that   city,   which   he   said
busied itself In a lot of matters which
the     pro|M>si'd ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
spur on Arbutus street from Fourth ljje seemed to think it shouldn't. The
they belonged to. Thev were arum.-' avenue, Mr. Conway promised that the I women didn't petition the city author!.
lh�� Irregular troops of P-ilai-nr. whoso  work  would start irnmediataly. if th" ;,,,.<. jn  th(, regular way. according to
,000 bjshels than the crop rf 1912.    A
Thursday  evening,   when  it  was  Intl-;toa/   cf xzo.OM.OOO   bushels   is   esti-
f mated   that   the   police   of  the   nefgh-   mated.
Iborlng municipality were %oing onl or j
Iheir   way   to   gather     in     the     auto ���
(smashers of the law, even though iu-
;,*!        [VMY DIM
Cenate    to
thing is of the  khaki  pattern.
company could secure the necessary . Mr Trowern. but they "tinkered" and
rails and material. This spur will be "bothered" themselves a whole lot.
hired for parking cars and will give They -bothered" the board of control
transportation BCC68S to the Ice-male- ' .,���,,' llir. riK nouncfl. And ves. the
Ina n'ant of the WeBtmlnster Arena iB,)Pal((,r implied that some cf the con-
company, jtrollers   and   aldermen,   and   be   mav I ^^^   ^^^^
The protection of level crossings at havn   meant   Mavor   llocken   himself    today ol United States Senator JoSt-pn
sixteenth street  Fourth avenue    niul 1 tl!Uin-t any backbone, for he said "It
[fractions wcre only  trivial
/"I ATE   TA   ll/llin      From   the  statements  banded   Tlie
I I a I \|     1(1   VVINI)  N't'wa     ���   ,irIa>      [|''    rcfidents  are
V.LV7J-L IV "���MV I backing up tlle police strong and il
j was even suggested thai the flneB
;iiiig!it bc larger In rrikr to :-?ach visiting autoiits that then- wir a provincial act to be lived up to.
According to the  books of Ihe Rd-
moniis   police  station,  only  one  ca.ie '���
nt speeding lias been  brought  up tie j
fore   Magistrate   Rea'ty  and   the p-n   i
tleman summoned paid bis fine win-1
Ingly, at the same time admitting thn'
he was driving at a rale considerably i
over 40  miles  per hour. ^^^^^_^^^^_^^_
'(���iition aB yet of any change in tbe it
Have  Small  Majority
Pass  Their   Creeping  Channes
in  Tariff.
Washington,  Aug. 8.-Death    early
'Old Cou-lry Viewc on Britain's Stand
With   ReQard tc San   Francisco
Cxpotition. ,%j
  **     1
London, Aug. 8.    There is no iodi-
The otber cases have been for min-
necessarlly requiring greal hast".
Some offtcialfl saw an advantage In '
proceeding  slowly,  however,  so as to
afford the Huerta government an op- 1
port mill.v  to become  fully  acquainted
with the purposes of Mr.  1.lull's visit
Huerta Is Rash
Administration  officials    tak
I     I ater in the afterno'-n  Mavor Orav
I.lnd's mission as  Cameron Vacancy Likely to  Result in   t(K)k   llp   the   matter  of  the  teutativ
  i"1'' ihadn't any  backbone.  Ior he said  "lt|p- Johnston, of Alabama,    who    sue ^ ^ __     _
Thirteenth street will also be started ,vruM nn ��������� m ROod to go to a sand cuinbed to pneumonia at Home, leaves or viula,kms of th(1 act guch as d:r'iv. !utude 0f the government not to par-
nelit  away, according to the promise  ���,,,, .������, Re, a quart of s.ul(1, an(i Uien;a vacancy In the senate that is Mme- ,ng a ca,. where ,np r(,ar II(,,Ug (wied Sotoata in the Kan Francisco exw.ui
of Mr. Conway.                              _      |tn :l lumber yard.and get some feet                                                 "             "
Three Cornered Contest for the
Empty Chair.
of  BCantllng  and "put  them   up  their
Grudge  Against  Ladies.
He told hew tlle local council of wo-
Vancouver,  Aug.  8.-  Already   there
 _^^^^^^^^^^      tlie ar.-  three candidates in  the  Held  for
posit Inn that objections to Mr I.lnd's the  vacancy   iu  ward   six,  caused  by
presence in Mexico are unwarranted, the compulsory resignation of Alder-
aa the general publlc Ib noi acquaint- man Cameron,   lt rests with tho city
ed  with the proposals which  he car- ,.,,, ���cil to say whether tbey wilt give
rieB. nor the method by which he In Aid; rman Cameron time  in  which  to
lends to submit them.   On Mr. I.lnd's quality again for a Beat on the board
rrivnl   tin se  proposals  will  be mud
publlo In Mexico City nud Washington
dermen.    The mailer  will come
tlit-in  on  Monday  nighl. when
sliiiiiltaneously and 'transmitted  from  n, ,l(,e ,,r a bylaw will bo given to b
t hi-
ii u-lind v bent report it in readiness
r ihe Washington admin- for 0uttlng tii" end Of nOxt week. All
���lyone who Fiue'it tool'-   Rnljn  .,...,   ,-,��� |lg  r:lpidlv     allu     vyah
p. 11
ll' re   to  all   Ihe   foreign   government***.
represented  at   Washington,
Further emphasis was laid by administration officials upon the point
that Mr I.ind, as advisor lo the Amerl
can embassy, would occupy no unprec-
d'"ited position: that other embassies
and legal ions had their counsellors
and attaches. The Inference that he
would Interfere directly In Mexican
politlcB, which it appears bad spread
throughout Mexico, was declared without justification. AU his nels, it wns
said, would he In accird with the proprieties of the situation; all his de '
ings with the Huerta governni"
would be through llie charge d'af
fa'-rcB of the Ignited States embassy
at Mexico ('ity and in all clrcu-i-
slances Mr. I.ind would act
mouthpiece .
istratlon to
lain the ^^^^^^^^^^^
See-rotary Bryan on the situation generally.
Would Be Serious.
New York. Aug. 8.    Intervention
ly in
shuih! lli"i-" | ^^^^^
be fraught with the gravest cons?
quences In the opinion of Friniipc
de lu Barra, former provisional tie,-
dent of Mexico, and former Moxioaui
ambassador tn Washington,
rived today from Mexico,
la Harra will Ball for I'aris in n i'<nv '���*.
duys to assume his duties ns Mexican J*
ambassador to France. :;-;
"I   am   firmly   of   the   belief"   s"U  :',:
Senor de In  Hurra,  "that  the Intfllll-   **
gence of iiie American and Mexican ';���;
people and the spirit of just ice ail I fr
fair play In both countries will prevail |:":
In the present Bituation and that the ���*"���'
posBlblllty of anything akin  to litter- ;":
national complications la most remote.'-ft
farmi ri huv
. greement between Ihe company anil
I the city 1n connection with Ihe Coqultlam dam. A special meeting will I m^ advocated four city markets and
be held sometime next week at which h��� ml*���ted out how utterlv foolish
Mr. Conway will be present and the 8���ch a sv8t���m wol|Id bp_ The n���,m.
final detailB of ihe plan will probably ;,,���,.��� he depcribed, wllh the aid of
be  worked  out. lcon��lderable burlesnue, as of the tyne
of "BOclety women." who "didn't mix
with trades people."
S-eoretary Trowern also to-^k a shot
it Toronto college profess"i-a who
"c-ime down" to advocate city markets. These, along with others, whom
he thorn-tit knew little whereof they
sp"ke h-nl said "what a splendid thing
It would l-e to io I butler and eggs and
ment right fresh from the farmer."
Seem- Markets.
According to Mr. Trowern a system
of city 'on-keis would net be ndvls-
n'-'e. Favr-ers would come '��i wllh
tliinirs on t'-eir wigons which often
\v..-n net fit t i eat. The consumer
needed the skill nf the retailer to pro-
ou-re th�� prop, r ami best produce.
Mr.  Trowern   also  showed  the  util-
iiv of the Dominion Retail Merchants',
[association and advocated the union it jUmtefl    Statea
111. c   with   lb" other provlncps now   *-'������-'-"
I members   of   this   body.     He  showed
Commence  Cutting. iparlianuntary representation  mav  beW  <J����  of  Fudl   a,"  organUatlon   In
���" ���"..... .   *        ibringing   pressure   to   bear   upon   the
Practically   Decided   to   Dr^ng   Down
Bill at Session Which: Will Open
in November.
nsid- red that night two weeks, and
the probability Is that when the day
ci nomination arrives he win have
taken the necesBury stepa lo qualify,
The three who will, it ia slated, op
pose him    are   ex-Aldi rmen    McNeill; ^^n
and While and JameB M.liS.    The lat 	
ter   two   were   defeat, d   at   tlle     last       ,v., ,,     ���,, ,
election and the tlrst mentioned was     ��H"���' *u*' S'  ���"s ,B S'��'f ''.'"'���
late with hla nomination papers,   in f"",f(,r l,elu'vin�� i" ,l'!>^T "'",'
, ,, ...       ��� ,,,  ��� .   thai a measure of redlabrlbut on wil
any event  there wl.l be a flgnt, prob        ,  ,)()   1[llroducl.d  ,���   ,)llrUamont  thU
ably a three-cornered one. ,ycar     Th(l   (,1)|of   n,.l(!()n   f()r  ^   ,,
that the whole basis and system of Mu
what embarrassing to the Democratic !t0  show   t,le  number  piat0  and  aisoltfan
majcrity on the verge of completion neglecting to have the numbers ofi tf"-- n-iHy Telegraph today devotes
of the tariff reform program, and the machines showing plainly on the an article to the exposition in whicli
makes necessary an immediate m- side lights. With few exceptions those ��� it declares that Uie commercial com-
terpretation of provisions of the 17 brought up have been fined the mini- jmunity in Kngland take* on Mtusrest
amendments requiring d;rect election mum amount, viz., }5 and costs. |jn the matter and urges fins aifflv.r
of the senators. |    A  canvass  of  a  majority    or    thelCnce to u,e policy of the govern*>nnt. -
The tenator's death reduced the councillors yesterday indicated that The Telegraph says it Bought to ol?'
working majority in the senate to'the work of Chief Parkinson will not tain the view or the lord mayor of
five. By recent desertions from the be interfered with and that it will be ; Umdon on the exposition question, but
ranka on account of the sugar BChed-jleft to the judgment of the chief to 1 that he declined to commit himself
uie. Ihe majority on the tariff bill is. bring to justice->all persona who hei beyond saying that the government's
reduced to one and leaves the party .believes have been and are violating decision was absolutely free rrom any
in a dangerous position should any-
other emergency arise, ln view of
this the Democrats of tlie senate in
the municipal and provincial laws.      I unfriendly feeling.
^^^^    More of 'Em. j    The Daily Chronicle in an editorial
Several more auto enses are due to  warmly  supports the stand  taken  by
uiib ���.'���<: ..y...--���-���"  ���- ----  "..."-.  i���, heard in the Hurnaby police court I the   Times   Thursday   morning,   that
sisl  thai  the  vacancy  must   be  nueQ|��� .wr |���__ .   __,_   _   ���,_._,._   ,_
as Bonn as possible, and lo this end
the governor of Alabama and the
legislature of the state will be called
upon lo acl under the terms of the
constitutional amendment,
this morning
the   -government  made   a   mistake   in
Sask.,    Aug. 8.    Several [changed bb a result of the conference
innieuced cutting bar   0f Ihe provincial premiere, which will
t day
and a number   if   others |he held in Ottawa some time in Sop
w.ll  comim nei
Monday,   Qrowera oitember.
Ci.nditii ns    cuttin;
ihui'.d be general in lii dayB,
Mexico l.v the United states is scarce
Iv nu-r" than il remote possibility, hl'l
Intervention, It wou'd
who ar-
Seimr Jn
01 uwa,   Aug.   S.     The   (illiin-
ci il statement of the Dominion
lur the llrst four months of the
preaent llscal year shows a
total revenue of $."i7.(ISi),6U4.
uu increase of $4,623,387, as
compared with the corresponding period of last year. Cus-
1-1111" revenue Increased by
$1.(1811,1(1(1, (lie poBt ofTice
revenue by $400,000 and excise revenue by (480,000. Knll-
way subsidies paid during the
four months totalled $0,516,-
lt has been practically decided thai
parliament will meet In November and
not In January, ua has been urged on
the government, more particularly by
western and maritime province members.
Tlie closure rules are nol likely to
po a very 1-ng way toward Phnrten-
ling the session. Closure ia dest-i-med
merelv to do awav with obstructions
lend In not Intended to ston full and
I fair discussion Of an|- important incis-
gn*"i��rpnie��t   "hen   needed.
II. .1. Robinson, secretary of the
Saskatchewan association also addressed the meettna.' He told of the
benefit the organization had been to
retailors of thnt p-n-.-ince, especially
In  the  collection  of debts.
The attendance at the meeting was
OtMClal Election.
Montgomery,  Ala,,  Aug.  g.��� Cover
nor o'Neil, of Alabama,   announced
lute today be would call a special
elec',ion to till the vacancy caused by
the    death  In   Washington
 ^^^     Senator
Ju' nston. 	
"1 expect to order a special elec
tlon at once to fill the vacancy ln the
United States sena'e caused by the
death of Senator Johnston, of Ala-
buna," saya the statement.
"While  this   is  inv  present    inte;-.
--������������ -������ | jaln'B hair hearted par
today  of   Man    Awaiting    Removal   to    Mental .Chicago and St. I-ouis
Joseph    F. ,���_ui..j���j       valuable   results   In   I
|     Hospital Jumps From Window cf      | Mta(llSl nn������i.ri,���
Vancouver Jail.
Vancouver,   Aug.   8.- Esrj'ng   t'.:r
notice cf ;hc guards, who were wait
] refusing to  participate at San  Fran-
I Cisco and that the mistake i.huuld lie-
Sir Henry Truemati Wood, who was
I secretary cf the royal commission t<��
the Chicago exposition in 1893, and
Iiub acted for the British government
|nt various exhibitions, including that
(he'd in I'aris in IS89. in a letter to
Ithe Times, says that even Great Britain's half-hearted participation in the
8 fairs had most
^^^^^^^^^^ increasing  Great
Britain's popularity In the United
States. He urges that any money
rpent in taking part In the San Francisco  exposition  will   be   well   jnsti-
Cuttin"  Them   Out.
Winnipeg. Aug, 8.--The department
of the attornev    general    Iris    under
c iis'ib nj ion  tbenTass'iig of    legisla
| foil   at   the   next  session   of  the  pro-
hy the representatives of the peo-1 vlnclal legislature designed to better
pie and It Is quite possible that It may iprctect the public from fraternal
not be adopted In a single inatonce organizations, several charters for
this (Mining session. All or this points Blk elubl having been refused by the
to the fact that in order lo get through 'department of lhe provincial secre-
in a reasonable time parliament Will 1 tarv lalelv. it is Baid. because the de-
meet earlier than usual this year.        partment  was   dissatisfied    with    the
organtzerB and promoters,
  Orov.-ned While  Boatinn.
tlon OondlUona at  Washington  might   j���s  for  committment  papirs to  take J    Mcosn Jaw, Aug. 8.--While boatins
u.  -_..   ....    ��� tm*  ^^    m[ii)    to  Uip  N(;w   W(,Btnlint.tl>r  today Fred Oleson. a waiter in one of
asylum. Frederick Wllklns, said to be <he  tents at  the  fair,   was  drowned.
threw   hlmeelf     from     a
At the t'me he was with Walter Btone
make  it  necessary  to  call  an    extra
S'-sson  of the* legislature to  fill  the
vacancy at once   1 nm not, however. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Inclined to think that an extra ses-la l,erninn, uirew Uiu��eu ���"���"���*��� nnd n woman about town'. Stone was
slon would be more expeditious than ; fourth story window of the. city jail th(1 centriil witness in tlie Sam Tin!
a q-ie'a' il'-ct'cn." at  11  o'clock    this    morning,  killin"  man  prosecution  for  receiving stolen
Among thoBP ment'oncil here as himself Immediately when his skull goods. Stone and the woman managed
probable B��coesiora to Senator John- |WM orushed on the sidewalk below. t��� ROt ashore and owing to miners or
s'on "re Ropreaentatlve 11.  D.  Clav- ]    Little ia known of the mnn or h'n foul  play were   arrested    hv
ton. Representative Hoflin. John n
K'lcx of Anniston, and Uepresenla-
tlve ft. P. Hobson.
Attorney Oeneral Mclteynolds advised Oovernor O'Neal bv wire tonight that the governor was entirely
within Ilia rights in ordering a special
a con-
past  wanderings,    lie was picked  UP,stable. An autopsy by Coroner ltr"��-i
by  t.ie  police and  committed to t&e|tonlglbt showed  no evidences of foul
Strike Is Broken,
Dulttth,   Minn..   Aug.  8     The  backbone of the Mlssnbe dock strike was
broken   tonight   when   about   100  o[
asylum for Insanity
Wllklns  would  have hern  taken  to
New  Westminster this afternoon.
ii -V.i <tf
���;t -,.i
More Immigrants.	
Winnipeg,    Aug. 8.*��� Five    hundred i Moose  Elect,
and seventeen  immigrants arrived in      tletroit,  Aug.  8.    Charles  F.  Kher-
the city since yesterday morning, hardt, of Detroit, wna elected au-'the night crew, surrounded by the po-
These include L'l.'l British. Tbe rest preme president of the Social Order lice, returned to work. No disorder
are nlmost equally divided between of Moose, which closed lta eighth on- '.accompanied the split in the strikers'
Russians, Germans and (lullcians mini convention here today. Next! forces. Two boats backed up liiime-
with  a scattering of Jews. 'year's convention will meet In Toledo.'dlately and took ore.
Ottawa, Aug. 8.���An order in
citircil has been passed suspending for one year the
special fisheries regulations
providing a close season for
salmon on the Fraser river.
ii is % * ����� * # ft * �� i
To Cinch Trust Companies.
_ _ Ottawa, Aug. 8. The finance rom-
.,, .mlttee Ib commencing the preparation
a.for the irext session of parliament Of
*Ma bill ror the general regulation of
';. tniff. coiiipiiiilcs. Heretofore eaih
,.  tniBt  company  incorporated  hus  bo-
* cured its powers by a special act.
:;MThey nre not all similar and In some
!"M respeots there is conflict with the
:^ Rank act. The intention is to havo
;l?|a general act to which all companies
* I most conform, the same as bankJ do
ft ���* ft -8 I under the Bank act
�� fAUfc    TWO
8ATURDAV,  AUGU8T  9,   1913'.
A* indeuemti-nt mor-**** paper devoted to the inter-els of New Weal mini? far and
ta* Pttuuit Valley, r.blith*d evert/ morning except Sunday bu the national I'rlnttng
ttnd P.btts'lin* Company, Umiltnt, *t 63 MoKtttStt Street, New IV est minster, British
CmUmtiia. BOHR  SUTHERLAND, Managing Direetor.
AU t-ommuntctxtion* thottld te addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
So individual memlMra of tas staff. Cheques, drafts, and money ordert should be mnde
m**mx*itr to Tht National l*rintinQ and  I'ubltthing Company, Limited.
iFI.KfllitSKH - U**t*t*** OJIice and itantiyer, 99-J,' editorial Booms (nil depart-
*-****). ttl.
RVHUCBII'TION BATKR���Ily carrier, $1 per year, Jl for three months; lOr per
m,,.th     Hy mail. $3 p-sr year, tlte per month.
ADVKRTI8INQ  UATK8 on application.
SATURDAY  MORNIf.a,   AUGUST   9,   1913.
territory. When the treaty came before the United Stales senate for ra-
tlflcatlon, Webster feared that that
body might consider he had not secured a large enough slice, and displayed a map made by Franklin that
showed that tlle English contention
in regard to the boundary was correct! Webster considered that hl��
negotiations were quite "a feather In
liis cap, and thc Canadians of today
must agree thai be was justified in
bis conceit. Yet the "Little Kngland
era" hailed Lord Ashhurton'a treaty
as a triumph, and agreed with blm
that the disputed territory was not
worth anything.
of nam scalper
Alderman   and   Chief    Magistrate
Wordy War���Fight
Montreal ^^^^^^^^^^^
ment of Quebec, and of Paris-C
in   I'aria,  was  born  in   Montreal  seventy nine  years  ago   today.     He   was
educated   for  the   law,   but   early     in
life  adopted   Journalism   as  his
What the Queen Wore at State Ball���
Ectrothed  Couple  in   Dance
of   Honor.
The Japanese of California have about proved that
thej are above or beyond law, not because their position
is unassailable, but because their wit so far evidently has
been more than sufficient to outflank the legislators who,
by passing an anti-alien land bill, thought to rid the Golden
Gate state of what they considered a pest.
Unfortunately for the success of the measure, which
has caused the Washington government not a little worry
;inil which has drawn a direct protest from Tokio, the
men who framed it made it applicable only to land ownership by individual Japanese and the brown hordes have
seized the opportunity left open to incorporate and thus
escape coming under the new regulations shortly to go
into effect
The net result is that, so far as its aims to prevent Japanese from owning California soil goes, the anti-alien
law is a complete failure.   The spirit of the measure still nIIinK conclusion to a briiuani .-erics.
remains, however, and, if the sentiment of the state does The attendance was   not,   perhaps,
.     i me    .- l , i 1     i.  mute so targe as on  the occasion of
not change, an effective amendment may be expected at ,,���, Btate *.,.,-, gIven in honoT of the
the next sitting of the legislature. French  president, bul  ll  was Impos-
To forestall such a move and in an endeavor to stop ln|'y '"*e,a��d exceptionally brilliant
., ... .... . . ii       t Special   Interest   attached   to   the
the rapidly growing feeling against them, the Japanese ,*..������,. becauae of the probability that would have a busy time.   The (-i,i
have adopted a plan which  shows how SUCCeSSfully they Prince Arthur of Connaught  and his I confesses thai he does not know just
i_i j i ; 1 t���    .       i      ...    i      i   j."    bride-elect   would   be of the  royal  eir-   what to do aboul the smoke and noise,
can absorb modern business ideas.    In truly up-to-date ,,(, and W0lUd danoe together,  in the no man could know what to do under
fashion thev have decided on a campaign of publicity and ease of the quadniie d'honneour, with the circumstances."
, ,- .        -r -ill ..;���      4.1.        ,'i,-.���      ������ j" 4,    ��� i which these functions Invariably open,       "Uut  were   vou   not   elected   to   look
education to, if possible, bring the whites around to a | ,tWa. assumed that the ordmary iigid
Hamilton, Aug.  X.    Controller Morris, wearing a vivid coal of war paint,
Hector  Fabro,  editor of  L'Ordre  of 'sallied forth the other day after Mayor
i.e Canadian and L'Bvene- A1Ial>8 Boalp-rand nearly lost liis own
��� ada Instead, The combat look place in the
'chief executive's olllce, wither the
controller went to hunt up newspaper
flies to see, as he charged, If the mayor
had been remiss lu liis duties In t'uilliiK
to see that  the law   forbidding    the
blocking of the street by T.. H -x- u
trains was enforced.
The controller pored over lhe files
and li nal l.v found uu account of the
meeting. The report stated that tha
mayor was instructed to see thai the
by-law wan enforced,
"Do you take your Information from
lhe newspapers or from the mlnutea?"
asked the Mayor. "My recollection
is that tlie secretary was Instructed to
write   the   chief   of   police   to   see   th ll
the city by-law was enforced. My
recollection is borne oul by the minutes, which Bay inst thai."
Controlelr Morris hold to his charge,
however, and expressed the opinion
that Uie mayor was elected to see
thnt the City by-laws were enforced.
'When the council passes a by law
I. indon, July 24.    (Bj    Mall.)    The
king anil queen terminated ilu- court   ,   , ^^^^^^^^^^_       ^_
functions oi the present season with.11 ls ��P l0 the ctty clerk to sic thai
a . tate ball at Buckingham palace last I
it is enforced," retorted the mayor
"I had an interview with the chief of
police yesterday, and he .assured me
that on do/ens of occasions he had
men watching thc trains hut in no
case was the by-law violated for more
than one minute over the limited time.
What can you do in a case like that?
If we enforced every hy-law lhat was
fractured  by  one  minute    only.
after   the   interests   of
ldents   w
H.  &  U
d b;
recognition of their Supposed worth aS Citizens and neigh-  rule ~>f precedence would be observed,  residents  who  complain
bors.   The Japanese must know that in localities which ^Vec^gVtCon SS'to.���"1" T
have been blighted bv their presence their campaign will J t" "1P -a,"r dances.
make but a slight impression, but they are equally certain    ,u" ,l,p k,nK an''queen' i"Fp,v'
that, throughout the many portions of the country where
there has been a lack of sufficient familiarity with their
mode of living to breed contempt for their morals and habits, they will t>e able to gain many supporters by working the wronged and innocent foreigner plea���unless those
who know the Japanese for what they really are take a
hand in the publicity game.
British Columbia has followed with interest the course
of events in California because 'his i rovince has a Japanese problem of ils own which, unfortunately, is becoming more difficult with every yenr. One of these days it
will break into prominence as it has done in the Golden
iiate state and the lessons learned from that section's
present troubles may stand I!. C. in good stead.
^^^^^^ ihoui ilu
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ uggested the enntrol-
floir un- i In-.
"Now look In to, Controller MorriB,"
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ replied the mayor, "1 am loo his I
i happy thought, which was rend'Iy take advantage of everv mean, little
appreciated and aclaimed by every technicality In a .-as like this. Nexl
member of lhe royal family concerned,: to gelling the T., H, & B. to use a
decided to dispense with s-rict court ! common northend route, the depres-
. tinuette io that extent, and the prince sion of the Hunter street bracks is the
and duchess found themselves allotted main issue, but I will noi take ad-
t'. each .ther in this stately dance, vantage cf a technicality In a flght
This Quadrille always marks the open- like thiB. When I light, I Bght fairly
ini; of Hi-hail, and with the exception and above board."
if a few amhasadors and other distill- "But this plan of yours to remove
ed personages honored with in- the tracks from Hunter strei-t alto
vltatlons to make up the requisite pether is visionary ami Impossible
number of couples, those present J merely obscuring the Issue," said Con
watch the dance d'honneur from such i troller Morris.
nts of vantage as they can  sec-are. .     "Don't    you    favor    il?"    asked the
tfter their majesties the young couple   mavor
vere naturaly the principal centre of,    "Certainly  I would do everything in
.-traction. | my power to bring it about."
The quadrangle and the whote" nine--      -Yet you are so much  In  favor of
if state rooms were brilliantly lighter,   It that you wouldn't even try tn have
nd the principal apartments were dec-  the tracks removed  to the northend
���ated   With   beautiful     flowers.     The   contenting  vourself   with     a     general
cuests  were  marshalled  in  the  mag-  statement  that    the plan  merely ob-
���  flcint cream and koIiI ball room and  scores  the   issue    of   Hunter    street
���������e  adjoining    state    apartments     rn   track       depression,"     concluded    the
vail   the  coming  of  the     king    and   mayo;-.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      i,'U��en.     The   duchesses'   pew   at   the       The wordy war "ontinued ann^e. and
  | throne end of the apartment was fnlly   when  tlie renresi ntatlve of the  press
There's a lawyers' convention  being held  in  Seattle, occupied, as alBo were the crims<-m up-  left the ofrice the combatants    wen*
��T i       .L a i    c  i     .i .i    holBtered benches along either   side.' BtiM at It.
i\0   wonder the   SOU nil  City   seismograph   It'll   the   earth  from which many of the guests watch-     One serious    char-so by   Controller
shiver Oil Wednesday. ''''   ""'  fencing  wlthoul    tttem-B-erveB Morris was that the T., H. & B., which
lolnlng In ii. 'some   months  ago  was  fined   $75,   %2n
  Their majesties ami the members of   each    on   Ihree   charges   of   blocking
A dry Carmine enneress is in confab in Kansas    It's the ^"v,'��� f;"ni,v """f"'1 the ban mom th-e streets, had not mid the fine,
d*7 ,P ��        j, u i- i ,.    i al   ten   o'clock,   th"   national   anthem       The explanation is tha- the enmnnnv
TV  more  ways  than  Olie,  tor  Old Kansas  dOesnt   KnOW  being played as they appeared!    tm-   aopealed and nothing mor.. has been
what a liilllor license is. mediately   after  they  had   heen  con-   heard of it.
' .... ducted  to  their  respective  places on, ������ 	
  the haul pas the signal was gfven for'
The principal job for this city for the next collection '''". laud-riiie d'honneur.   After this
,. ,i      ���     .        v ., ��� i ii i .i        lieir  majesties  and   the  royal   r.-imilv
"Ot months IS to SbOVe that river channel through to the  resumed their places on tho ftaut and
I -une spectators In turn, while dancing was sunn general. An iiiljunrnment
wns made tor supper just before midnight, the procession I I and from the
ball supper room being as imposing as
the original entry.
The Icing wore  the uniform ns rnl-
onel-ln-chlet  of  the    m.-n-k    Watch I
i Uiiy:il Highlanders]
Th" queen wore a gown of pale blue i
silk brocade with corsage and centre 1
panel of  skirt  arranged  irlth  crystal
and  dlan ante  hand  embroidery.   lier
   a  crown of pearls and
diamonds,   pearl   and   diamond   orna-
Caljary   Police   Arrest   Italians   With
Eight Pounds of Raw Silver
With Them.
Calgary, Aug. 8.-With about eight
pounds of raw silver in their possession, which lhey were assiduously trying lo dispose of In thifi city, two Italians were gathered In by the city police this week, and are now In the
cells. Although the pollce have no de-
llnlte charge against the men as yet,
II is believed that they are part of n
high-grading gang from Cobalt, who
are iu the wpst for the purpose of disposing of silver taken from the Cobalt mines, and Iheir possession of the
silver Is now being Investigated by
the police.
Tbe two men gave the names of
| Moras Donaliiio and llasllls (losbarlne.
and to the police slated that thev hail
just arrived In Ihe city from Sudbury.
Ontario.   Questioned ua to how thev
came to be In possession of so much
raw silver, (iosliarliip staled that lhey
had ben working In Sudbury and purchased It from a man they met there
lasl siimmer.
Both tin- men are miners and admit
hhving worked In the Ontario mining
district, but claim to know nothing
of the man who sold them the metal
other than they were working with
him for n lime and he offend them
III" silver and told them they could
make big money by disposing of 11 in
the west.
The polfcc are now i ndeavorlng to
get a line on the last location of the
men who ar" in the cells, and Iheir
description is being forwarded to
many of rhe camps fn the Cobalt district.
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
II. .1 P, 0, "f Klks of lhe 1). of C, moe
the llrsl un.l thlnl Thursday at 8 p. rn.
K. of P. Hall. Blghttl street. A Weill
Cray. Exalted lluler; P, II. Smith. 8��c
I.. 0, 0. M.. NO. 854.���MHBT8 ON
iir.-!. second, third and fourth W.-diu-H
dny In each month nt H p. m.
In the Moose Home. If. J. Leamy
dictator; l-'. K. Jones, secretary
Headquarters ..f lodge In See House
corner uf Fourth ami Carnarvon streets
1. 0. O F\ AMITY LODOB NO. 17���Tb
r.-Kiilur meeting of Amity lodge Ni
27, I. 0. (). P., la held every Munda
nlxlit al 8 o'clock In Odd 1-VllowiT 11*1
corner Carnarvon and I'.teiiiii str-Seti
Visiting lu-.-lli'-ni cordially Invliei
tt A Mernthew, Ml.; II. \V. Sangster,
V. (i.; t\\ C. i-oi.lliilm, P. O.. r.-.".r-
lng sn lury .1 w. MacDonald, financial secretary.
t.-r ft llaiina. Ltd.)���Funeral dlrsctor
and embolroers. Parlors 40T. Columbt
street.    New   Wmtmlnater.    Phone   )ti
With the diaphanous gown and the silhouette ski
..stockings won't do any longer as safe deposit boxes.
yii\[ as fast as jetlr builders and dredges ean do it.
The mills of lhe gods grind slowly, but the grist is
.sure as the undertaker's interest in the obituary column.
If you don't credit the statement, consult the police court
Listen to this from the records of the country where
���ohild^en are birth-marked with the equality label: J. G
Number   cf   Deat'm   Among   Children
Reduced  by  Fifty  Per Cent.
in Calg-iry.
' '���* I .��� .:���;���'.   AUR
crease In thc nm
uiwlng   n     de-
leaths in the
Gerard, IJ. S. ambassador ��� Hermany. has tfi pay more
m       i 4  tt,. _, v,,, ,.,.r.r,ii-i-. ��� in colovu      \',,u- Iinii- i-iiiilfl   nients, wltll  rows nnd  pipe of pearls,   cily i.f   -I , ���    a decrease
for house rent than he receives vn salary.   .Now now couia . , ,,rSr . the (;,irtt,r,,nrI fan;���yor. m the i, , rants ot about
Si poor man hold that JOB? [ders. |50 per cent., an in-reiiie in the blrtl
il poo
Down in one of the towns on the other side of the line
they're having a gathering to pursue the study of oratory.
Now if that aggregation wishes a real course in elocution
it should be around when the Chink kumdryman calls for
his hill the morn before payday.
Winnipeg, Aus  *���*.   The larneM dairy
farm nn the entire western hemisphere
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Irtb
rute and ,. ib ream i. ��� e number of
'*'*������      *     *        *    imething like
'������* per ci       month of July, a?
compan I month  Inst
yoar   thi ��� iorl of Or. Stan-
li v Mah , .    it, officer, for
thc ii     ������ iPd, I    sn  lllumlna*
They say th" I'old fields of lite new Sushanna find arc ind with i.soi    i ihese Riving n
is now being whipped Into shape   al nne document, showing ns H does, a
llendlngly, a suburb of this cits   When marked ronlrasl  In *   - litlnns In the
completelv stocked the farm wlll counl , ���*   undci  an edlctenl  health depart-
5 Rnn he-..d cf cnitle wlihln Its fences menl
hows    t tint
Over in the old country they fish all day and go home
tickled to toddle with one solitary, isolated, expatriated
salmon as a prize. Here you can't give awav a scowload
of 'em; but you -don'l see any tumble in the high cost
of living, moving and having your being.
The company which is to pm mis nuo WBro  ,���.,  reported     This  year  there
effect   Is  the  Manitoba  Co-Operatlvs were onlj seven cases, three of whdeh
Farm  and   Dairy Company,   Limned, w���r���  no,   r, ,,.ir.,.,l   ,,,.  ....  aUtmr,,ng
nnd II has acquired 2,100 acres of land physicians, and us lhe heiRh denart
on  the  Foiithem  hank  of the  Asslnl- meni   has been
liolne river.
Ancient Custams in China  Not  Easily
Shaken   Off���Wizard   Stilf
Hankow, China, Aug. S. In spite of
th" enllghtnrant that Is cominc to
China, old customs die hard an-rf the
old-time Chinese doctor nnd wizard
will not easily ba shaken off.
Everyone knows how extraordinary
are the measures the- doctor ad ipts
for combating disease With impunity lie will drive a rusty nail into
one's riitht temple to cure a bad pain
in the bead.
It is no uncommon Thing In miim>
of the more remote parls of Chum for
the medical missionary, called ro a
hoiife lo see a sick child, to lind if
buried in the earth, with only its henif
visible. This is dom1, so rhe anxious
pn rents will tell yon, because thv
child should not throw about its arms
in its convulsions, anrf when thw announcement Is made rhur the child
cannot  he cured the peojrtta   merer?
wonder and ask you   wliv your magic
im dicine cannot cuts ii '
In cases >f sickness tbat hatm about
for a hum period the Chinese call In
a gentleman, n  wizard exiraordinnry
('.en.Taly a lilackcminl or rhe dei��p
est dye, this individual at once makes
liis own lerms He may he a traveling wizard or a resident In the neighborhood In whom th" peop'e have implicit laith. He conducts In a professional way marriages, birth-*! snd
deaths, sickness, the buying of land
and property in short. Is a general
all-round caterer to the s-iperstition
and fears of Ignorant people.
A man may be incused of Invine a
demon one of th>* wors' evils that
can befall him. He may he 'luite ru-
tional. s ttioroirehly sensible, respectable and harif-worklnp member of the
community. Rut if it Is said of him
that "he has a demon" he Is a very
bad outlook. Indeed.
An enemy in rhe rillape mav say It
to him, and he. poor fellow, innersti-
tlous to a degree, hardly knowing
whether he Is or Is not possessed of a
devil, worried himself almost to death
l-'or days or weeks the poor man
suffers. Is ostracised by every one.
even hfs own kith and kin. and nl
last, unable to bear ft any Ions-er, calls
in a wizard to drive away the devil.
The Vffeard, pnllinK a long face, names
B not very exorbitant fiE'ire -perhaps
a iiuiirt or so of rice or a hundred cobs
of  maize    suggests   that  liter,-  should
be a feast ti celebrate thn. occasion,
and Ihen sets about  to Rrt rid of Ihe
ffe takes th.*- man. lavs him llat on
the grounds, stands firmly on his back
unif pounds him all over wllh his feet,
turns him over on his back, near'v
drfves the wind and life nut of hlm In
the same manner, and when his mr-
ffeiit Is nlmort dead with exhaustion
the wizard ' dares his triumph ivw
rhe spirit. The victim's friends stand
by and  applaud.
An animal is killed, much ntn-vi-
ous wine Is brought out, the vlllae���
coiiKreKates for the peneral spree, and
afier a thorough night's carousal in"
nnd all congratulate each other that
th" spirit should have been so suc-ecs!-**-
fully handled.
The    wily    wizard,    gathering    bis
spoils,  muttering fervent lncanfation��
to invoke the blessings of the nods ,it,
his gullible customers, departs with n
R wand, onward to the flax:
vV. B, PALES- Pioneer Funeral PIN-cto
and K'-balin.-r. 012-61K Agues stree
opposl... Carnegie Library.
fcecountMlt.     Tel    R.   12��.   Roml   2.   Mar
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Paid Up)   $16,000.000 00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
liinnches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and ln London, Bug
land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters
of Credit Issued, available wllh correspondents In all parts of the world.
Savings Hank Department���Deposits
received In sums of fl and upward
md Interest allowed at 3 per cent ft**
inn nm (present rate).
Total AssetB over $186.n0i),niil).O0.
O.  D.  HHYMNKlt.  Manager.
Royal Bank
Incorporated 1869.
Capital   Pald-Up    $11,560,000
Reserve   Funds    $13,000,000
A Oeneral Banking
Business Transacted.
New  Westminster,  BjC..   Branch.
P. H. Smith W. J. OroTW   I
Work   uitdettak *i   In   city   uuA   out��id<
polnta.   m\\-.n   Weatmlnater   Trust   bm*
Phone  3*4-    P   O.  Box  507.
Sale, Deed*, Btarineaa Letters; ete.; clr
rrtlnr w.n-tt wi>-dul!��t. All work ntrtetlj
cetiffdrnttaf. H Barry, room 418 Went
minster Truat Bfk.   Phone T02.
Bt'-r honri nt Trad** meats tn tho h��ar<*
roo*n. City T-btll. as follows: Third Frl
day nf fjwh ipo-pth; <|uartwly inf.^ins
on Hip third- FrWay of February. May
Aunt! and November Ht 8 p.m. An
nun) meettUSS) on the third Kriilay o'.
F>bruwry. t," H. B��u��rt Wartw. were
riHt'-r^, SetteSjera, ete. M Loeite Storesi
S*-w W. ��tm<ni��^r. (��. K. I'orhotiW, K
C.     J.   Ft  r,r.im\t.     A.   E.   MeOili.
tvr-aitj-ltaflw, aeWettor, ^tc. TMStSiail'
1070.      CWMe      address      "Jtotnuton.1
COdS, "Vtr*f��t?rn l'nlon." I tfWif.i, BMI
Blnck, ^.."1^ r*o*ombla street, N��*w W����t
minster, B. C.
WTOpEBfflDO,     BDMONDB   *    WHIT!
Hlift' ��� B*nri��i��-T�� and S*��lli:ltor!��. W*>ei
mlnsSer Tvnai fiik.. Cshnntlla Htrt-^i
N**w WaatssftMteri b. O, '*.ihi�� aitdri*
,'Whit^.^i<fc^������ Weatern Union. P. C
Drawer 20*. TslenhsiM ^8 w. :
WhitssM^ K. c.; H. l. nttnsMds, r
COAL MINI.NO rlshtfl of th" I ���������minion.
In  Manitoba,  Saskatchewan  and   Alberta,
tin-  YiSton Territory,  the North weal  Ter-
rltortoa and In a portion of the  ProyliMS
of British Columbia, nmy tn* leaaed for ���
term  of  twenty-one  yenrs  at  an   annual
r��*nUil of $1  an acre.  Not more* than  -&������
I acre* wll) be leased to nnt SppUoaat
I     Application   for  a   lease   must   (>������   mads
1 hy   thf applicant   In   pemon   to   thn   Aannl
lor Sub-AKent of the dintrict  In  which th��
,' righta Applied for are sttuatvd
In surveyed territory th��; land must be
di-Hcribed tiy s*-ctlonn, or lt-ical mjti-dlvt-
nlona of wrtloiis, and In \iiwu: \ .-yiwl tor-
ritory the tract applied for Hhall bt
Mt--ikfd out  by thn applloant  hlmHolf.
Rach application muat b�� acrompanloA
hy a fw o? $5 which wlll I..- n-funded lt
(he rlahta Applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalt y ahall be
tmtd on the mercharttabh1 output of the
mine at the rate of five centa jn-r too.
The person op**n*tlnK the mine shall
Tu rnlnh th*- Agent with -worn returna
accounting for tite fill quantity of merchantable eoal mined and pay the royalty thereon. If the coal rntnlnK right*
ars '**** t��* iiiK ofa-nited such returns shoul#
bs   furnlshtil  at   least   OOOS  a   y����ir.
The leaae will Include the osal mining
rtxhta only, tmt the leasee will **** permitted to purchase Whatever avallabla
surfaca rlahts may t>e onialdered n****-
���u*ry for the working of the mfne at the
rate  of  $10  an  acre.
For  full  Information  application  ahoulA
���*>������   rrwi-lt-   U)  the   fk-cretar/   of  tbe   I��-part
���nent   of  the   Interior,   Ottawa,   or   to  any
Aisnt or Sub-Agent of Dominion  i-ande
W.  W. OORT,
Deputy  Minister of  the   Interior..
N. B ��� Unauthorised publication of that
idvertlasmsnl will not be paid for.
1 J. STBL.WBIX CLUTK. Barri��ter-at-la��
!'o|]rlr(��r. etc, corner Culiimbla an
MciOnal* Mreeta, NVw WeatmWiste:
B,  C     P.  O   Boi   112.     Thlnphone   Til
s..lifh.��r and Notary. Off lev* Ifar
block, it* Lerne stroet, N��w WestmlD
��t��r, B. C
Fktirrktters and Soltrftmra, SOfi to SU
w-stw-tewu-r Trust Hl*w.\*,. Q, K Mar
tin* W. O. McQuarrtie ujm! GeorgS L
("a Hsady.
P.ft. Box 34 Dally  Newa Bldg
Of all  kinilM
Priest rixhi    Satisfaction KuarantHPii
1<t   Nli.Kr.nrir   St.
rigorous In enforcing
,>l" law  requiring reports rrom physl-
.., ,, r,        .cr.��� clans, lt Ir ilouhtful If there were many
Boy* Will Raise $5,000. more which were nol reported      SJSJ	
  ,    Seattle.  Aug.   8    Captained   by  In-1    A notahli  Item of the report is that 1 wave of hi
! .     -"tructors from every playfield In Seat-   showing ihn number of deaths nt In- victim.
A TTUin who has BDenl  thc lasl  twenty-Seven years HI  tie, an army nr 160 boys from the city's  fants was sn per cent  lower than Inst I 	
.     , j-    , .,        ,,    ��� j������ '���     air: ..,,���,.;   With nviH ic-illv PVPrv  grammar schools and  playground  nr   year, Indicating no doubl that tho at- Has to Go Pick.
feed diea the Other day m BllSSOUri. Willi praCUCam everj   panl7.atinns will  be formed  to battle  tontltm l-   Mah  has given to the     Winnipeg   Aug.  s.   Sydney    -Miles
ioint  in  hi^  bodv OSSlfied   all  he COllM  do was  Wiggle  a  rnr the benefit or the Hlek children nr  prevention   of   mranl   mortality    haa'alias Jewel, who escaped rrom Stony
" i      re-' ')' ..v,..,, ,r ,ino -1-ir. nid.. l-��� ���mil lidnic ncrinlo  ""  "'���'   wh" hav8 fallen victims to borne Important results Monntaln   penitentiary   Julv   ri.   has
conpfe of fmgera ana shrug one snouiaei, anq sonii penpie .,   ,h,.;,_. ...���,��� piague,  -m.. in.is    ti ^^
mako more noise whon thoy stub their toes than he raised, #111 be elected from the thousands or
Transfer Co.
Mflc*  Phone  185.      Barn  Phwi*  11?
Begble Straet.
Baggage I)��lt��er��4 Promptly to
any part nf the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
[SKAUED TBNDBRa  auperacrlbed   '*******���
! I. r tor Ail.im..n lo Land R��gl��lrj. r��(rio-.
INeW   W.sliiimslir."   will   I..-   i..-Iv.-.|   l.v
Ithe   Honourable,   the   Minister  ��f   Publlo
iWorks nn to noon i.r Tuesday, ttu-  isiti
daj   '.r   August,   i f>13.  rnr  erection  and
aoro-filttlon of addition  lo  Lend  Ractstry
iirrii-.'. New Wostminatsr.
Hubs. H|wrif(riiiionN. contracl and rormn
nf I'li.t'i- may t��e wrn on nnii after lh"
.'"th dav ..r Julv, ihis at tha ofTice of
8 A. t-'l-Mrhi-r. Cov.riiin.ni Aii'nt M<IW
I Weatmlnsteri .1 Mahony. Qovenimont
Aaenti Vanoouver; mul tii" Department
.t  Publlo Works,  Vlelorl..   it   C
Ini. n.liiiK tenderers con. by i|.i>lylnK to
���h" undennffned, ..i.niiii one i-.ipv of the
Irawlnas and "ii" .-o|iy of ih" sp-M-lftrn-
tl-Tie   fur   tin-   sum   nf   twenty-five   (1-5)
l-'urh  proposal   mUSl   In*-  il'-'- .-ii|y��nl.'.|   try
.in aocopted i.mik ohenut ..r certtflonta '��f
depoall on n chartered It.-ink of ('aniid*,
iflada payable to the Honourable tha Mln-
Ist-r of Ilil.llr- WorkH, for the mon of 10
nor i-i-ni of th" amount <.r ihr- contraet��
arhleh stmli tw forfeited if Ihe pnrtv len-
derlna deollne to .-nior into contraot winn
called upon t'�� iin so, or if he full to ts.m-
nlete the work oontrected for The nh^iiira
.r oertlfioatea of drpositw of iinnuc-
""ssfui tenderers wlll he returned (a them
'ipnp   tli"  ex.*."itlon   of   the   c-,ntrarl.
T''ndf'r�� wlll not tin oonsldered unl-^aa
-in.In nnt nn the forms Btipplled, slirnMl
w-llli Hi" nrtnal itniature of tin* fnili-rer,
in-1 enclosed In the envelopes furnished.
Th" Inwrst er nny ten.Ier nnl n.T"w<arlly
Public Works  l-^nalneer,
Depn'tment nf t'uiiiir Works.
Vlclarla. B.C., 2-Mh July, IHU      (11103)
r p irl nl the sanitary Inspector   In
in his whole life.
. i -  "....-.-- ".   appended to that of the health office
playfield boys and  will be organized   Indlcaten the activity that is r.harai
Ity  the treaty  concludi 6        W
inRton   Beventy i    years i
between I/cud  Ashburton,  I ,
cial    niinisti -.   .nui    Dihi'm-I    I
Am'rii'.an  mer i.r.   ol
put*-   of  tho   lum "
OTntiswi-tik nml  VI
Hardly to the
pie of then rov ���
.fjEton-Binl   to   thnl   '
urrested  al   Porta/te la  Prairie
according to thn Information Font, the,
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmmm  .attorney-general'*     department     by
for tin   big campaign the purpose of  terlzlng the work nf %e health depart-   Chief  of  Police   Mclntyre,    He   waa
  which Is to raise In a single day ap    ment to keop the city olean and enforce  received  photograijha or tho escaped
,,..., ���,���,.,,   Whn   considered   colonial   "! '"'i!1'""iy  Jr'"""  ""' "'"  construe-| the  health   regulations,    Thin   reporl   picked up as a vagrant, but whpn the
' '   " ...    ....    tlon of i Ildlng at the city's Flrland   shows over fi   loads of garbage were' chief received pbntographs of the es
responsibilities a burden, while weti   .,,,,, ,,,������, f,,,. the treatmenl of ti >���*  destroyed n  Incinerators  md p,*,i  raped  convlcta ho recognized ono of
ster, a shrewd dlplomal     epr     nted . ..   , .    to be used exclusively   there were forty nrosecutlnns for fall-   the prisoners as Miles. He wlll be tak-
tin   a   Vmerlcana win.*    di-mand  was  by chilflren. ure to  nply   ivlth the regulations      en back to the penitentiary.
for expan lon  al  any   price    Tin   n           '    _  	
anil ol the battle - i  ivlta bctwi   *   two ��� -- ' ������ *"*        ������rrr-r*���������.
:   ,i li    |, . ��� ll     ��� Of    till
L'nlti'il ' V*      *niiir
B.C. Const Service
"The Playground of B. C."
W���       W\*i Cl *1 O     if Official
fh   ��� ' ite,   hres & to., Aeent8
i vMA'fM v��in*'ntvpr fur Viotorla io t\. m.
2 p. rn. nnd 11 :4T..
Leftvui Vanoouver for Boattlo i^ ft. ni
��n<l   II  r>, m
L��'hv*h Vancouver f-n  Mtinalmo 11 n.m-
(iml  ���) :30 p ni
Li:iivr'fl Vancouver   for   Prince   Ruperl
and   Northern   Pnlntii   id  ti   m    WednM
'1 ij.h   and   Saturdays   nt    1 1    p.m.
Chilliwack Service
!,.���:,v<h  Chllllwack    1   u��  m.   Tuendny. I
tiiuis��i.i.v .ind Hntitrflny.
We now have four trains dally and
wlll give vou Ihe cheapest rate goini,'
not only to Eastern points, but to
Kootenay and u her poll I Wc are
ali.ii agents for   ill  steamship  run....
I*'nr  1. rial Ill  ulliei   ; irlli  liars
K. 0OU1 KT, Agent
Now Woiiiiriusler
!.<.'**.   " ��� u-n r   *   11.   rn.   Mi.n.lay
nnii   ii...*. ^M	
i;n  noi   1st, Agunt, n.w Wsstmlnstsr in, w. 111101)111, (1. P, A, Vancouver,
'I   w   U!l *':.', a, I'.
Vuntu'J.. I.
I SATURDAY,  AUGUST  9,   1913.
Picks  Man  Arrtsted  for  Assault Out   Conflict   Between   Two   Doctors   Will   Queer   Cituation   in   Montrea'���Alder    Noted  Books of Famous Authors Are
cf   Ro- of   Priioner,  In  Plain Be Subject of Investigation man Endorsed Bylaw Mayer On    Exhibition���Spenser's
Montreal, Aug, 8. When Armand
Harechol, ibe man who wus brought
back from Plattsburg, N. Y., on tha
charge ot having assaulted elghtyear
old Kioreiia Denis, was brought before the ciiiid at police headquarters
this week, be was Identified by lu-r
as the ine who had committed the
crime   two   weeks  ago.
Tin- child had not beeu Informed
thai she was to be brought before
the prisoner, and when she arrived
nt the detective office, was taken before a dozen of more plain clothes
nun. among whom were scattered
sevenp rlsoners, When the child saw
the men il took her only a few seconds lo pick out Marechal, and she
pointed to him with the remark,
"That man tliere with th" green
hut  is tlie  man  who attacked  inc."
Now Hint the girl hus practically
recovered rrom the effects of the as
sault, lhe police believe she will he
able io tell a cleur slory of whal happened.
Pleaded   Not   Guilty
Marechal, was brought before
Judge l.eet this morning, and aftor
pleading  not guilty  was remanded.
He admits that he was tiie man
who went to the Denis home, at 97
Belgrave avenue, a week ago, ln an
effort to clear his name of the crime,
and says tliat when the child accus
nd him, hc became frightened and
ran away. He denies any knowledge
of  the crime.
Joseph Denis, the father of the
child, and who is a large property
owner In Notre Dame de (Iraee, said
this morning that he was determined
to do all In hla power to aid the poi
ice, and with thla end in view, has
-engaged   an   attorney,  (i    A.   Masson
Amtrlcan  Fruit  Marketed   Here  Must
Conform to  Dominion  System
of Marking.
Be Subject of Investigation
of Trouble.
Toronto, Aug. 8.���The authority of
the medical officer of health und that
of tbe assistant superintendent of
the new general 'hospital came Into
violent clash the other night under
ClrcUmstanoOS that are to be thoroughly Investigated.    Tliere Is cons.d
arable disparity between the two
stories told by Dr. Hustings and Dr.
Haywood, lite two parties In the conflict, bul the stories told by tin- police who hud to be called in to the
fight shows that tlie Innocent cause
of the whole trouble, a .lew, was cam
ed considerable suffering while the
disagreement wus in progress.
The whole matter, said 111. Hast
Ings, will be the subject of thorough
Investigation by his department when
the facta of the ease vvill be elucidated and some suggestion made towards preventing uny recurrence
such un Incident.
Measles   Barred /
Twice refused admission to the
(ieiieral hospital, an unknown Jew
was discovered by the police late ut
night in a state of ci llapse. The man's
friends had a remarkable story to
tell. Armed with the authority of
thc medical health officer they had
taken the man to the general hospital, But Dr. Haywood, the ussIb ant
superintendent, had refused to allow
him to be admitted. His friends then
took hlm to No. 2 police station and
the  police communicated   with    the
Dr. Haywood informed tlum that
he waB Instructed btjth by ttu- board
of governors and the medical health
officer not to take Infectious cases
Into tlle hospital. The Jew wa3, however, sfni back lo the hospital by
i the police, in charge of hla friends,
lie wub again refused admission into
lhe Institution, und il was after thia
I Becond refusal that the ma:. collapBed
ion  University uvenue.
On the second discovery of the man
jthe police communicated with Dr.
Hastings, who stated that he had glv
���en no such Instructions as Dr. Haywood mentioned und told the pollce ,
'hat the man was to be taken baci
to   the   luminal
Constable   Hobinson     accompanied
' the sick  man  lo the  bosun al  and Insisted   o'i   the   order   ol   the   mi deal
��� health   officer   being   obeyi d.        The
patient   was then   received  and  spent
the night Iii the Institution.
Mad  Refused
"Faerie  Queen"
CHURCH, Corner Fourth avenue   aim ���
Seventh slreet.    Services 11 u.m. and
17:110 p.m.;   Sunday    school    12    a.m.
IM. Cordon  Melvin,  I).A.,  minister.
I CHURCH, Coruer Carnarvon and
I Blackwood, Itev. Jas. S. Henderson.
minlBter.-   ScrvicOB  11  a.m.  and 7:30
In future all American fruit marketed In Canadian markets must conform
In Its grading to the Dominion system
Appier, fot example, ean only be sni.l
bere when graded and marked us No
1, No   2 or No   ���'���
Apples t.oxed to Washington, Idaho.
Oregon anil Montana are graded and
marked "extra fancy," "fancy" and
"choice'." liritish Columbia growers
protested against Hits alleged discrimination In favor of the American prod
uet. Buyers, they said, unfamiliar
with distinct:.ins in the Iruit irade
thought that American apples marked
"choice" were tlrst grade, and this enabled the American grower to market
liis third grade at low prices in unfair
competition with Canadian llrst grade,
Canadian dealers handling American
apples argued thai the discrimination
was nominal, and not real, since, us
fruit marked "choice" ranks up with
most of the Canadian pack thai is
graded No, 1
The Dominion government, however, took the side of the home grower. At a recent meeting of the directors of the liritish Columbia Prul!
Growers' association notification wis
received fr ml Ottawa that amendments to the fruit marks act regulations regarding the marketing of imported fruit, on which polnl a committee of the association waited on the
Dominion government last winter, had
been given effect by an order-ln-cnun-
eii passed   n July 5.
The directors consider the new regulations satisfactory, and say Unit "nn
Injustice has been removed, as with
the enforcement of the amendments
American fruit will be sold under
identlraly tlie same grade marks as
Ihe Canadian product, thus protecting
the consumer as well as the Hrltlsh
Columbia grower.
Will   Spend  $30000
i    Toronto.   Aug.   K. -The   complaints
of   North   Toronto   wer.-   freely   aired
b'fore   the   civic   board   of   control   at
a   recent   meeting   bj   representative
speakers from a deputatiob ol nearl)
leu residents.   Tb.- speakers were up
plauded bv their supporters, mucb ".
tha chagrin of Acting Mayor Church.
who   repeatedly   demanded   that   the
applause   mual   cease  and   the  dignity
* t   iiie  board   upheld.    The chief protest   was   against   the   proposed   construct! ,n of a three-year racmac pave
"-tui   i n   Yonge  Btreel   at   a   cosi   ef
(127,000, and ns a local Improvement.
Commissioner Hatris was also severe
iv   scored   for   alleged   aspersions   on
lhe   sewerage   Bystem   of   North   Toronto,   which  he proposes to  Bcrap.
An.r hearing lhe complaints, tlu
controllers overruled the rec- lumen-
datlon of the commissioner anil ae
cded t" tiie request of th" visitors
that the present road on Yonge Btreel
lc "ei iu temporary repair a* a cos-
ef $80,000, ns originally Intended and
!.- the expense of the ratepayers at
large, The delegation was assured
that other matters of complaint
now receiving attention.
A Few Laps Ahead.
Toronto, Aug. s. Somi where ab' -it
this city tliere Is a stunted y mth, with
racy-typed clothes, a mind like a forger, a crook, and a bunco-man, but for
the meantime foiled ln assault" imon
the purses of the well-to-do Within
the past week the same youth, or
bis prototype, has (lashed up nine
times before the public with phoney
checks. If all the forging is being
dene by one man, be has won on six
occasions, lost on three, and is still
m*t��� Inns ahead of the police In Ihelr
' i (torts to run him to earth.
Montreal. Aug. 8.-���Contending that
Alderman Mederic Martin was right,
and that he acted within his powers,
tlle efty law department will file Its
defence in tlie action taken In upset
llie Montreal and Southern Countle-S
Railway bylaw. It was this bvlaw
which Alderman Martin signed in tin*
absence of the mayor. The mayor
had previously refused to sign thin
ou the  ground  that  it  was Illegal.
"There has been discussion enough"
Aid. Martin said when the i|iiest on
came before blm. "I am the mayor
now (hat Lavallee Is awuy. I Will
Antl, borrowing the fountain pen
of a press representative., lie dashed
his  Signature   ucri,ss   the   foot   of  Uu*
Shortly afterwards, action was taken in the superior courl by Donald
o' Hobinson, a shareholder in the Mon
treal Tramways, lo have the bylaw
annulled on the ground tliat Mr. Martin hud acted beyond his powers, ami
that the bylaw was Illegal. He acted
it was contended, "illegally and without any legal right and In violation
of tlle charter of the city ot Montreal," Further, Mr. Hobinson claimed, tlle Montreal Tramways held the
franchise bo far as street cars were
concerned, and In fore llneB could be
laid on Youville Bquaro by the Montreal and Southern Counties railway |
las is provided by the bylaw) the.
Tramways company was entitled to a.
prior offer.
"The bylaw," the plea claims, "is
perfectly legal und in full force and
was adopted by the city council after
all the formalities required by law '���
and notably by the charter of the city
of Montreal and iu the public Interest.
"lt Ib true that his honor the mayor
refused to approve the Baid bylaw,
but lt waB signed by Mederic Martin,
acting in the absence of the mayor
as pro-mayor, or of mayor in office
during said absence and actinx with
same powers and the same authority
as tbe mayor and ln bo doing he act
ed in publlc interest and in the exe-
cu'.ion of his legal duties and func- \
tlons. f~
; "The city waB perfectly entitled to
grant the franchise it had granted to j
the Montreal and Southern Counties
Railway company wtthoul being obliged previously to offer the aaid
franchise lo the Montreal Tramways
"The petitioner haB no direct    and
valuable Interest lo seek ln the present position, but on the contrary he
is acting against the public interest."
A   Remarkable   Point
This opinion of the  city  legal  de
partment   brings   the   discussion  over
the   bylaw   to   a   remarkable    point.
Mayor  Lavallee declined  to sign  the
paper  on   the   ground   thai   it   was   illegal;    Alderman   Meredlc   Martin,   In
' his   absence,   signs   lt - and    the   cltv
law   department   finds  lhat   his  action
was legal ami In lln- public Interest
Since   tlie   bylaw   was  sign. d.  it   was
staled.   Mayor   Lavallee   bus   declined
to sign the notarial contract between
the city and the Montreal and South-
ern  Counties Railway company under
which'the  company   can  proceed   to
work.     His ground  is that  the bylaw-
was   illegal.
if." he remarked bei,re lie lef
for the west, "the bylaw was illegal
before it is illegal still. The signature of Aid. Martin made no differ
ence. lt could not make an Illegal
thing   legal."
When Mayor Lavallee comes to n
meeting of the city council there Is
likely to lie some close questioning.
Under tlie charter tlle mavor is r"
quired to give his reasons within
thirty days for withholding his sW-
i.'itere and this, members of the coun-
cl lu Id. he litis not  dene.
The contracts which Aid. Mart'n
sig'u d for expropriations on Ste
Anne und College street -ire also expected to lead to considerable irouble.
school and  llible class
Rev. A. S. LewtlS, H.D.. pastor.    Pub j
lie worship 11 a in. and 7:30 p.m. The |
pastor  will   preach  at  both  services
Primary Sunday school 11 a.m., other
departments  2:30   pin.     Fidelis  olasi
for young women. The Baraoa class,
for young men. church auditorium ,
8:80, tiie pastor leading.   Welcome,
���Eleventh    street,    between    Fourth
and  Fifth avenue.    Sunday school  11 i
*30 p.m.    Come and
N.  J.   W.   Nelson
pastor, residence GIG Fifth avenue.
Sea tie, Au,-;. X B, D. Brooks, of
Minneapolis, a collector of ran; oil
books and limited editions, Is visit
ing 1'rofessor F. M. Padeirord, a tin
University of Washington. At the ur
gent  request  of  Mr.   Padelford,    he
broughl to Seattle a limited number
of beautifully printed volumes ol
choice old books and some autograph
copies of modern writers' which are
on exhibition in tin- rooms Of the
Seattle  fine arts society.
The lover of beautiful printing and
binding will lind ben- tilings that
will be hard to put down once he has a.m.; preaching
them In hand. A first edition of worship with u
Spenser's "Faerie Queen" und other
poemB, gives one an idea of the printers' art in the fifteenth century.
Hardly had the movable types been
invented before the printing art reach
ed its zenith of perfection, Today
we print with lightning speed, but
the Spenser poems ure more beautifully done ihan anything turned out
by  the beat modern  printshop.
Next to this volume lu excellence
of workmanship is a volume of Emerson's Essays with preface by Thos,
Caryle, from the Dover l'reBB, Ham
inersniith. The type Ib ao clear and
regular, the paper bo clean and soft
in shade that it is difficult to take
the eyes from the large stately print.
There are autograph letterB of Per
cy Shelley and Bor.e cf A, 11. ill'.!
lam's 1
TeiitiBV-son. Cruickshank's drawings j these warrants nearly eight monthB
in the original and old prints form ago. Interest eeaaed January 5. 1913,
an attractive feature or the collec-but the $14,000 odd warrants still are
tlon. |Outstandlng   and   the   Btate   treasurer
Uertha Lum, the Minneapolis artiBtihas  no  record   whatever  aB  to  their
who   makes   such   fetching   Japanese present holders.
poBterB, is represented.    She not on- | 	
���:��fi)>ioNoa. oslib *.*., priumkt.        ��a t*mt**m*,i
C. A. BOGERT, General
Capital paid up
Reivrva Fund
Total Alt-Its ���
*  Jo.ooo.ooo
For Those Going Abroad
the Travellers' Cheques, Issued by the Dominion Bank, are
both a convenience and a necessity. Their undoubted valae and
self-Identifying leat'jres, make them the Ideal cheques for travelling.
Good all over the world���cashed everywhere at their lace value
���and are redeemable only ly the original awner. ii lost cr stolen.
Searching for Old Warrants.
i *
Olympla, Wash,, Aug. S    Somewhere
In the Btate,  possibly lying half forgotten   in   some  old   vault,  are  Btate
Capitol building  fund  warrants worth
between   J14.00U   and     Jl.-i.000.     The!
stale Is endeavoring to find  and  retire these old papers and  the money
Is ready and waiting In the treasury.
The warrants In question were Issued
In  1895  to  construct  the old  capitol
foundation, on which work was Btop-
ped during the Rogers administration '
and  has  not yet  been  recommenced.
They bore S per cent Interest and the '
interest  due  on   each   warrant    now i
.itincun'.s to one and one-half times the
attars to his fiance. Misa Emily principal.' The state Issued a call for!
Hotel Dunsmuir
Eighth Street.
Reduced Tariff to Meet thc Times.
WEEKLY  RATES���All outside rooms J4-00; Court rooms. *3.<H>-.
dally rate 76c. and $1.00.
Newly   furnished.     Hot   and  cold  nmnln-g  water and  telephone
in all rooms.
Riveted Steel Pipes
-      BURN OIL     ���
P. 0, BOX 442
ly makes the originals, but makes
the wood cuts and prints the pictureB.
They are tender aud mysterious hits
of color and light, quite In the style
of   the   best   Japanese  painters.
Wlll  Net Change.
Boston, Maaa., Aug. 7.~-After voting
by a large majority late today not to
move  the  headquarters of  the ordei I
from New Haven, Conn., to Washing-
ton, the KnightB of Columbus, in bu- |
preme convention, chose St. I'aul as',
[their next meeting place in 1914 and ,
then adjourned.    A ball tonight closed
Ithe convention    The turning down of
UfiMI    I    tlllltCTFD '''''  Peoposition  to  change headquar- !
W\M1     r\   nlmlMlK l,'rH al8�� disposed of the plan to build
11U11    n llv) I LII A 11.000.000 home for the order in the
capital city. Action on proposed
changes in lhe Insurance laws of the
order  waB  postponed  until  1914.
Telephones: Office S3. Residence 429
JOHN REID, Proprietor.
Agents     Palmer     Bros.'    Gasoline
Engines,  Marine   Engines   and   Automobile Repairs.
Office and Work**. Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.    New Westminster. B.C.
Ten Good Arguments
For Thinning
Klrsl lh" average size of the fruit] and Insecl perts. herumi
left on'the trees Is Increased; this Is \ Pl"��. "'"" '*'"!i"'1 '" ,!l
(he most obvious reBiilt uf thinning
wormy ap-
>ased   fruit
I oi any kind, can be removed at thinning time.    On plums and peaches In
the   removal   of   misshapen
Trees overburdened   witn  iruu    -pro-   ,]UiiHl   regions,  rrtiu   thinned   so  that
(lure a greaier percentage    of small-1 no two  touch  when  fully  grown, are
sized apples.    The Increase In Bl/.e of * much  freer of hrown  rot
the remainder, after the first or Bee- ,    Sixth,   the   removal   o
mid pickings of Bartlett peara ls made.) fruit   lowers   the   percentage  of  lewis a striking instance of the Increase grade fruit.
n  sire  when  the number of fruit  Is      Seventh,   thinning   prevents  prenta-
'",,'���d I ture   dropping-     Premature   drooping
Second the trull borne Is more unt- Mb quite largely due to the Inability ot
form In ilia and shape. On the over- the 'ree to nupply moisture to an ex-
loaded tree lhere is much variation in  ceRflvp crop.
BUO and. specially where I wo or more I KH-hth. the load of fruit is more
fruits remain on a spur they are van- evenly distributed, and this �� * very
al e in,-ihnti" as well The fruits from import-.-! ferture in preventing the
lhe side blossoms of the cluster nre In broking down of trees
anv varieties much different from; Ninth IhsI COS of picking Is re-
liosi. from the centre blossom, usually diiccd considerably, and the labor
I lng hte in shape and having a of packing is divided more evenly
,     *', "lie longer stem.    Uniformity  ���*-",��� the si .rnn.   This Is an Important ���
��� sir.  and shape is an Important es-Udt Hge whore rhe pupplyot labor
scntiai of commercial perfection.       iir deficient In pacaftg time, lhe costs
Third, the color is materially bet- nf parkin
tered   more uniform and,comps eir- .lc��"*npd,
lief-The remarkable increase In color    Tenth,  les fertility    Is   removed
Whloh occurs when a tlrst ploklng is  from the Poll,    A ton of apples tikes
made   from   heavily bearing   tre��s  of    - approximately 1.2 lb.
the   winter   varieties,   BUCh     as  1.(1 Ib. of potash, and  .0
and    Wagner,    furnishes a' n'mr'" acid.    A ton ol pears removes
conflrmatlotl  of  this   point the   snme   amount   of   nitrogen,   and
largely  related  to rhoot twice ns much of the other ele-
-ktinwn fact that j ments.   The reeds take the great bulk
amounts,  the  pulp of  the
Montreal. Aug. 8.���Aid. Urivlere
'tales that he will give notice of a motion nt the next meeting of the citv
council for the cltv to take proceed-
ings for the nnnullment of the franchise of the Canadian Autobus compnny on the ground that it broke its
agreement with the city In not begin-
n'.rv Us ecrioe In June last,
re F'ld tin' people recognized tho
[���.nine of a motor bus survtce, but wc--'
opposed   to  the  tying  of  the  city   ti
in  frinch'i-e  for ten  years  when  tbe
C'imp'iny hsd no more rernrrt  for its
InKi-eement than to break it at thcnii -
Aid. I.arlviere also said thnt Ul?
Montreal Tramways companv did not
hnve eiieueh cars yet on the Notre
I Hume street route to suit him. and he
vm neing to nek B, A. Itobert. thu
president, tn Inc-ease the servi'e.
This, he said, could well be done plncr
the company-his Little St. Jaires
str"'t for tracks.
"I am going to ask Mayor l.nvall'.
too, "-hen he conies back." Faid Aid,
i arlvlere, "whv he did net slen th*>
���"ir-ict   to  allow   the   Montreal   add
After Twenty Yun   He   Returns
Hamilton for the Old Boy*'
Hamilton, Aug. 8.- Among the Hamilton old boys who are h-ere for the
centennial and Old Home week Is Hev.
(1 E Sharp, pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal church of Chicago.
Ill, who Is i ii.-miiiig a few weeks' holidays with his father, 1. Sharp, Melbourne street.
|    Although   away  from   Ihe  city    for
about   twenty   yeurs,   Hev-.   Mr.   Sharp
lias a host of friends who are still here,
to welcome hlm     As a young man he
will  be  remembered  as a  member of
lhe  Slmcoe  street   Methodist   church,
in which lie also held the office of an
exhorter.    At  the same time, he was
employed   In  earning  his  livlu-g as a
conductor on th-s Hamilton street railway, and it  was in  this capacity that
he  came  in  for no little distinction
and popularity.
At the time be was engaged with
the street railway company, trouble
occurred between the employees and
the company, nnd a strike was threatened, and for a time matters had a
very serious aspect. The mediation
of the olhclils of the labor organize-1
lions was offered, but the men preferred to settle the differences between
the company and themselves, and selected Mr. Sharp as chairman of the
commltti e,
In conenctlon wltb the trouble It will
be remembered that ll very large mass
meeting was held at the Core, where
lt was estimated that 10.000 men,
women and children gathered. Mr.
Sharp presided, and In his address
told the gathering that the men were
going lo adopt the golden rule In the
settlement r{ their difficulties and
when this was done the trouble was
straightened cut in short order.
Later on Mr. Sharp lost IiIb position
with the company, and in speaking of
the matter expr- BSed the opinion that
it was (lie best thing that could have
happened to him Afu-r losing his position. Mr. Sharp cast himself about
to do better, nnd on the advice of his
uncle, wVo was In the ministry of the
Methodist Kpirconal church, he wns
persuaded lo take up that work, and to
this end he went to the Detroit enn.
fereiice. and entered tlle Methodist
college at Allien, where he spent six
years in preparation for his call-
Saskatoon, Aug. S.- That the land
���iido on long Hill will develop more
rapidly under the coiiBtunt vibration |
of traffic Is the opinion expressed by
the commissioners In their report up-
iii the matter to be submitted to the
Olty council.  Kven under tlie old conditions before  the cars  were    placed
roadway the slipping siuuld
; Port Coquitlam. Aug. 8.���A miniature w hlle city has sprung up in the
: south part of the town where Is being
held the annual camp nutting oi
Seventh Day Adventists of liritish
The  camp  has  been  pitched in    a
preiiy location on Pitt river road and
here are quartered about  150 Advent-
; ists from  various pans of the confer-
I ence.     Ministers  and  evangelists  are
present  from  home and abroad.     Mis
isfcnarles    from     foreign     lands    nre i
there   who  are  on   their   way   buck   to ,;
their fields of labor from  the session
. i general conference recently held at
Washington, D.C.
A   regular   program   is   carried   out
which affords continued activity  fron
the 5:.'hi rising  bell  to the 10 o'clock
retiring bell.    A large pavilion is used
for  the  public gatherings,  a  smaller
���ne for tbe young people, ami another
for the meetings of the children. The
camp is laid out In perfect order with
streets,  alleys,   water,  light  and  sani-
. tary arrangements. A dining pavilion
(i-'rv-s   meals   cafeteria   style.     It   Is
j divided Into districts and an overseer
I leoks  after  the   welfare  of each   sec-
j tion.
Seventh Day Adventists    carry    on
active missionary work In S7 different
i countries.    Literature is prepared and
circulated in 91 different Languages.
The  camp meeting    will    continue
until next Monday evening.
������ !i'i)pr,*i Counties railway to extei-d i .a u,
Is trucks on Youville slreet. Th's eltv jhnV(, I.e. n anticipated, declares tlle re-
o ten M�� to be run I:
to be run uy one mun In that
While color seems
sunshine, it Is n well
on a heavily loaded tree the fru
Icsb color, less evenly distributed, nnd
more slowly Required,
Fourth,    thinning    Improves    the
duality.    This  is  especially   the  case
when the mill Ib deficient In molBtiire
or plant food.
Fifth, the fruit
Is freer of diseases
*90,000 p. Year In Wares
O''���"���!!.   Aug.  8,-���,\  concern
Publicity Commissioner linker sav* '**
and grading are also much  Important and prosperous wants lecnl
-'-ii'ti.i'sts to buy nn acre of land ln
the  city  convenient  to  railways  and
street enrs. nnd erect  thereon a Blx-
of nitrogen, j'ptorey  building with  84.000    square
lh. of plios- j feet floor Biuice unci rent this property to lt, for twenty-one years. This
would be an Inducement for tha "on
eern  tn  locate In  Ottawa, nnd  If li
i*i*i it operations would be begun In
this city.
The companv would agree to pay out
(90.000 annually In wages.
The building Is wanted hy May 1
next. year.
iir. Haker savs he is negotiating
with local capitalists with a view to
getting the concern what It wants.
nf   thc
fruit taking but a small portl m. As
the number of seeds Is roughly In
proportion to the number of apples,
and not to their size, the removal of
fruit leaves a much greater supply of
plant food for the balance ot the crop.
-Montreal Weekly Witness.
port, which slates that  the movement
Is of serious consequences. The commissioners, however, make no recommendation ns to what action thc city
which Ighould take. They merely state that
they are keeping a. careful watch on
the bunk and will ngnln report to the
Council at an curly date.
The  wording  of  the  report  leaves
no doubt aa to the opinion of tho commissioners regarding the running ot
curs upon Ihls roadway. They are
obviously in fnv ir of changing the ear
route. Tills phase of the question,
however, is not dealt with und will
probably be a feature of the second
report. The necessity of somo radical change in the traffic regulations is
minted out in the statement thnt,
"the slope of the river hank at thlB
point is very steep, being practically
less ihan 45 degrees, whereas tho
natural repose of the soil should he
about   21!  degrees."
The want ad. is an ideal salesman. ~'.\ .
It is direct but courteous.
Its vocabulary is brief and business-like.
It speaks tersely and to the point, yet is never a braggart, a bluffer nor a hanger-on.
The want ad. cannot be turned down because of a decisive negative reply���there are hundreds of affirmative
readers who measure their wants by the want ads.
The resultful want ad. is an appeal to common sense,
the stuff out of which all successful salesmen are made.
'PHONE 999
if PAUa   fOUR
SATURDAY,  AUGU8T 9,  1913.
Fresh ^iVater and Salt
Speculation Rife as to Whether They
Will De Running aa Strong When
Fishing Opens Tomorrow.
Bring Halibut in.
Seattle, Aug. 8.���Tha halibut power
schooner Corona arrived from the
northern hanks this morning with 45,���
000 pounds of halibul and the Seymour with no,ouo pounds.
Vancouver Still  Waiting tor Mcney���
Childish   Proposition���Plenty
of Water There.
Wealthy  Stowaway  Dies.
The ragtime artist who is guilty of:   Seattle, Aug. 8.���Mystery surround-
composing   lhe   Bong   "When   Sunday  lng the    disappearance    of    John    P,
Doherty, scion of a wealthy Honolulu
liis  home    in    llie
eight    years    ago.
Hulls Around," .should have'oommltt- Doherty, scion of
,.,l .a verse relating to the joys of the family, who left
Praser river sockeyes upon the arrl-1Hawaiian lslandB
Two New Wharves.
Two new wharves will be built by Vancouver, Aug. 8.���The trunk
the Dominion government this year, jketvef down Clark drive will be start
one ut Barnston island and the olher Kd by llie greaier Vancouver sewer-
on the 1'llt river. An addition to the a;;o commission as soon us linancial
wharf at l'ort Haney will also be pro- arrangements can be made and when
(ceded with. ,a t,a8|s 0f contribution can be settled
,villi Hie I,real Northern anil Cann-
dlan .Northern Railway companies,
said Alderman s. ,1. Crowe, Vancouver's representative on the commission, today.
i.ii.ldish  Proposition.
Tlw proposal  of .1.  W.  Wilkinson,
After tiie biggest fishing week In
manv years lne salmon In the river
will run free of hindrance until Sunday night and conjecture is rifi- as In
whether or not thc number of fish
will l-e iis large next weuk aa this.
A ci ncensUB of reports from all
sources points to good catches then,
although oven the most sanguine ean
ii an ily hope for a repetition of the
run  lining  the   past   Beveral  days.
rhhormen in the Kraser river took
comparatively few flsh yesterday,
aome not more than 50 to a boat
While there are fewer salmon reported
in the gu'.f now, there still are sufficient to meet any demands.
Relative to the supply of Bockoye
the B. C. Canners1 report says:
"A slight falling off occurred In de- j
llvcrli 3. especially up the river where!
deliveries wore down to 80 or 90 fish I
In the boat    All the plants were, however  rully. engaged.       Another    gale
was blowing Thursday night and lower
boats were fishing. Reports from Van-
uver islund  wore to the effect that
val of lhe Sabbath day.   It: would have  wa8  (.u.uro(i    yesterday     by     Deputy Iaaant for the NaUonal T  com -anv
bee,, most appropriate Oils week-end. |Dnlted atate��� shipping Commissioner
A. Henry Peterson, who. afier a
search of the records of bis office.
discovered lhat Doherty had died
while a stowaway aboard tli*' American schooner David lOvans. bound
from Manila for Puget sound, and
had been buried at sea.
ct Pittsburg, that a bund covering lhe
life of the faulty water pipe on the
clty'u hands be given, was found to
have many faults by the aldermen ou
the waterworks committee yesterday.
It was called a Childish  proposition.
.1 ihn SymondS is a visitor from Coqultlam.
l-\ Rogers ia here on business from
O. It. Hunt, of Seattle, Is in the city j
on business.
It.   Balne, of Toronto,  was in  town \
A Pops, of I.adner, Is registered at
tbe Windsor.
P. Hrown, of Chilliwack, is stop- '
plug at the Russell.
A   Bartlett  Is  In  Ihe  city  on  busl-
nei s from chilliwack.
Win Prescott, of Seattle, is a vis-
Itor In the (ity for n few days.
\V. K. Cook is In Ihe cily from Hear
lake and is registered at the Russell. !
.lames Watt, of Toronto, Is here 'or
a few days and is registered ll! Hi'1
Harry Tidy leaves today for Boundary Hay where ho will spi nd a week,
Mrs.   Will   Dayman's   many   friends,
will  he sorry to hear she i.--. nut   nu
proving as rapidly as was hoped,
Rev, (i. B. Anderson, of the Sapperton Methodist church, bus returned
after  a  two   weeks'   holiday  at   (iay-
Their   Social   E.-ipenses   Are   so   High
y'  KncA ��� Extend  Term  for
nnd om- thai no b nd company would burn.
take up, nml ii was asked where thc
pipe company would be in lil'ty years. I
iiie proposal wus finally left over and ;
the pipe culling thai is now going on !
will continue In the meantime, for
the waterworks department is laying
the pipe as fast as tin- good lengths I
can be separated from the bad.
Plenty of Water.
With iiie abundance of water aval
able since the  new    pipe    line    from
Ottawa, Aug. 8
the run hadilackoned off at the trops I [f s"n aa I���**""'  ; "    '     '  ";  '"'
for ��ome days   but    had    Improved, U.  cabrnet  ha8  not  C01,sUll.r���n   the
V*  J'T ";i.M1Hn,un,,hhP���0 h���"mK "���<������*" ����� ���' new appointment., the re-
backs were included  In  the catches."  pt)rt  thal  ������  Urm' w,���  ,,,.  extended
*���  . i.      ��� m.    ���. 'for  a  vear  is
Catches in the Straits. j.,.,
Hiilingham   got   75.000   yesterd solar-go  number    of    hump  backs -lhi
run has slackened off somewhat but
considerable quantities of salmon are
reported  in  the district.
Anaeortes got 70,0(10 from all sources
but  Bieners  are  not doing so  well
some hump backs.
The power cruiser Kaloma was at
the citj market wharf yesterday, as
well as the tugs Wireless and Coultl.
The tug Fearless is down from Pitt
lake with two booms of logs for Small
A Bucklln. She has gone down to
Kburne to bring logs to the Brunette
Mis-i Annabelle Robertson, of Chllllwack, Is spending six weeks on tour
through the province. Besides New
Westminster she will visit Vancouver,  Stevoston   nnd   Victoria.
Mr. and  Mrs. Hugh Savage have returned to the city after spending their
honeymoon on Vancouver island. They
have taken    up    llnir    residence on
Eighth   avenue.
E.   l.er.1.  of   Manchester,   England,
Seymcor creek  has  been    connected I and II. chantry, of RowtenBtall, Eng-
w.th   Little   Mountain   reservoir,   the land, are the guests ol J. .!. Jackson,
waterworks    committee    is pn paring  Edmonds, for a  few  days.    Both  ex-
to grant extended privileges to manu-  pect   to  make  their  homes    in    the
facturers and fer lawn sprinkling.       neighborhood.
Another  Rush. ���    Miss Mary E. Case has left for Ham-
Two men uarL* yesterday afternoon  llton. Ont., cn an extended  vacation.
The term of John | took up their placea outside the land .During her stay in the east Miss Case
registry office, corner of  Pender and  wiii visit friends in Toronto, St. Cath-
irh)  expires   next   month   and,   while : Richards s reel, lo  wait Until Monday   urines, and Ottawa, returning to Ni w
nu ruing to secure valuable land pre- Westminster about Oct, 1,
emptlons near Port Melon. The men .\irs. h. Davis. Fifth avenue, will
have spent ve.-eral days visiting the |MVe shortly with her three children
property and have decided ihat it is for the east. Her son will enter the
well worth a good struggle for poa- agricultural college at Guelph and her
session, The two men who first start- two daughters will attend college in
ed their vigil wire relieved In twelve Toronto. I.ast evening Mrs. Davis
hours bv two other memMfers of the was the guest of honor at an "al
family und il is their intention to home" at the residence of Mrs. .lames
keep their places in this way until Cunningham, given by the Ladles'Aid
the land is thrown i lien on Monday nnd the Missionary societies of
morning, j Queen's   Avenue    Methodist      church
Cheaper Route.
In   a   long   technical    report,    City
Engineer Fellowes gave to the water-
very probably correct,
new   government   house   in   Toronto is not completed and will not he
for a year.    The next  lieutenaiit-gov-
jJohn appears to have given satisfaction in the position he has filled and
,an extra year to his term will be a
iworthy compliment.
The government will Incidentally
have to c(insider at some future date
ithe question of the salary of Ontario's
governor and probably those of the
governors of olher provinces'as well.
Such positions call for heavy expenditures Tor social functions, while other
, maintenance charges are also verv
helvy.    In  tb"  case of  the  occupant   route down  Beach aveim
|of the new government house at To-   ���>>' Engineer Burwell
Sh" was presenled with an Illuminated
address in appreciation of the splendid work she has done for the church
works commiUee'ol the'clty council Flnco coming to New Westminster and
v st iday estimates of the cost of lhe
Smitl.e street route for the partnership pipe  with  Point  Grey aud    thi
US  selected
ronto, the expenses will be heavy.
was also given a handsome club bag.
Mra, English and .Mrs- Edwards are
spending a few days with Mrf   O,  E
Darling. Steveston.
Slvriff   and   .Mrs.   T.   .1    Armstrong
and  M::-s N'or't Armstrong leave today
The Samson came down from Chilli
wack   last   night.     The   King   Kdward
went   to her  wharf  in  Sapperton
terday     und     her     tender,  the   1
Harry, calkd at the D.I'.W. whirf fori
Oil and  water.    The  I'uint Carry hns ;
been undergoing some -repairs. Including caulking her dirks.
The Ti rra Nova cannery reports the]
then of a round bottom sail boat from 'Sensation Hu
I its  rack,  together  wiih  a  60  fa'hoin I
net. The li-cat was painted all while
and mafegod T.N. 29; the license was
O.K 1159. The theft Is said to have
<akm   place on   Tuesday  night.
Besides arguing  thai   his  route  by
Smlthe street is the shorter,    Berves for a trip to Skagway
the  business  district  better  and    de        Mrs.   George   ilrynv
livers  the   water  at   Little   .Mountain   Informally   at   the  lui
-eservolr  with  less  loss  of  press ire.  Wednesday in honor.
Mr.    Fellowes    produces    figures   to
show that Eng neer Bur-well's route is
the  mi st  expensive.
Might  Have  Bee i  Wcrse.
Arthi r   Harris in,   of    Montreal,   a
young theatrical    man.    received    in-
_ juries    yesterday    afiernoon      which
rs Cr;wd Court Rooni necessitated his .em. val to the boa-
pitnl, and several oilier passengers
were'se-.i rely shaken up when Great
Northern train No. 866, which left lhe
to Hear Trials of Din-s and
The dredge Fruhllng came up rlverl    San   Krancisco    Aug
from c.e vie,, ty of Steveston   last (a���r, r,nr���,���, ^am
will come testimony
slavery trial of Maury
��� r  entertained
-hr in   hour  on
' her daughter.
Mrs.  F. A.  Macrae, of North Vancouver.   Those invited wer.   Mrs. G-racey,
Mrs. Doherty, Mrs. J   P  H. Bole and
; Miss Wright.
Miss Nelles, of Sarnia,
King Mrs. Homer C. Ada
Mrs. ll. R. Davidson entertained al
golf croquet on her pretty lawn on
Thursday afternoon, when .Mrs. Coulthard   was   lhe   lucky   winner.     Among
int., is viator a few
B13 Dredninrj Job.
Seattle, Aug. X. Bound for Coosl
hay lo excavate 1.500,000 cubic yard3
lor a channel fmm the Coos I. iy bar
fo the ports of Marshileld and North
Bend, the Pugel Sound Bridge and
Dredging company's big suctun
dredge Seattle was taken to sea y, s
terdiy by the powerful tug (loiinh! In
addttirn to cutting the channel the
8.    X i    until
next   Tuesday
if    the
I.   Dig
ttie   will   dredg"  a  lai-ge  turning
,i   at the  upper  end  uf the  chats
MATE   HEin  BLAM-A'���5
P. 1. Woods, of Tteamshin Dol-ihii>,
Seattle, Aug ,v p. I. Woods, mule
and pilot (f the steamship Dolphin,
���of the Alail.i Steamship company
who  was  on
rh  when the vessel ttelT homes.
which crowds of sensation
scrambled over each other today
the hone of penetrating to a court
room too amall lo hold ill.ill. On
that day Martha Warrington and Lola
Norris will tell of their flight from
Sacramento to Keno. ,\'ev., March 10
their ihree days there in a furnished
bungalow, and the arrest that follow
��>d, ending in the present prosecutlOE
under the Mann acl of Digns and
Dre-w Camlnettl, the two young married nun whom the government
charges transported Uu m there for
immoral purposes
Naturally, the rase pivots on the
lestiminy of lhe two g.ls. It is
they who until make good the government's statement, who will swear
they   were    frighten, d    Into    leaving
city yesterday afternoon at  4 o'clock, those present were Mrs. Gracey, Mrs.
���eiiied wfth a northbound passenger coulthard,  Mrs.  Corbould,  Mrs.  Mac-
trail   standing   on   tbe   'rack   at   Still donald, Mrs. Gaynor.  Mrs   Clute,  Mrs
creek,   just outside of the city 1'mlts. Beatty,   Mrs.   Gwynn.   Madame   Qau-
The crew*    of  the  moving  locomotive vrau.  Mrs.  Brydges,   Mrs.   Parks,  Miss
jumped after jamming On the brakes Parks, Mrs. Charleson. Mrs. Yueng-
tor iand   escaned    Injury.    Mr    Harrison Ding, Mrs. Macrae (North Vancouver),]
hunters ! wa3 brought to the citv on the south-
b-uind train, which backed up and re-
turned to the depot. Traffic wi's il"
layed about two hours as a result of
the collision, the northbound train ar
riving at 6 o'clock last night.
vent  ashore  al   12:40  a.m.,  Jnne  2D
< n thc southeast end of Pearse Island
.llroughtuii   strait,   north   of   8eymout
narrows, was held blameless for   thi
accidi nt and cleared of the charse of bad sold
unskillful    navigation    yesterday    bv
United  States  Steamboat    Inspectors
It. B. Whitney and R. A   Tnriu-r   The
Dolphin   struck   during  a  rain   squall
causing Woods    to   contuse    certain
peaks in the mountain range used a I
landmarks   in   Iho  navigation   if   the
cniili  nol   swear
of  ether   lliggs  ii
A   hotel   ilerk
Mrs.   Panki-iurst's   Occupation    Wou'd
Be Gene If C ie Listened to Reason and  Advocated Peace.
London, Aug 8, The Sunday afternoon suffragette Hot has become as
mucb a feature In London life as the
mounting of . uardi at St. James
palace and other ae events Sylvia
PankhurBl, tin* mi,taut suffragette
to an  Identification  promises to lead  nexl  Sunday's riot
Witnesses established today nothing mw* or vital to the ease A Pullman conductor "thought" he recognized Dlggs as the man t'i whom he
-lei ping car slate room.
The porter . l the Pullman cai re
membered that a party of four occu
pied   the  slate   room   in   quest'on,   but
Mrs Brymner, Mrs. Dobertv, Mrs
Dickinson, Mrs. Swan, Mrs G. E. Martin, Mrs. Kay, Miss Mackenzie, Mrs.
Jones, Mrs Leamy, Mrs Diamond,
Mrs. Wolfenden, Miss M. Martin, MIbs
Chlsholm (Toronto), Mrs. Adams.
Miss N'ello-s (Sarnia). Mrs. McAllister,
Mrs MeColl, Mrs. T .1 Armstrong,
Miss Armstrong, Miss Mora Armstrong, Mrs. lllll and Mrs James
Among there pouring tea at the
tennis tournament this week were
Mrs Haines, Mrs G It Corbould,
Mrs. Motherwell, Mrs. Doherty, Mrs.
McAllister, Mrs. W G, McQuarrie,
?i1-h. Phlpps, Mrs F N Sinclair Mrs
Diamond, and Mrs. Brydges. This afternoon Mrs Eddy and Mrs iYueng-
ling   will  preside.
Mn* i. 15 |l ���'���.. ���:��� ,] ;��� ..-i l'e-
vllle, sn r* i fo*.. rlayt Ih a wei k at.
Boundary Bay, ;is the guests of Mrs.
Mr*   F   W   Anderron and 1-aby, of
the  guestB of  Mrs.
r Camlnettl
it   Ben *  Bwore
str. et
. !;.   will   be '
where the
Kairlonpa, a
E  Corbould
Mrs  I*'. A. Macrae of North
ver. is the gin Bl of her moth
il   li   Brymner.
r,   Mrs.
he saw  boih Hie defendants  register! Premier Asqulth is stunted
on to Down
r's il. lie*    ol   TEACHERS   AND   LECTURERS
under  assumed   names  al   hie  lions
with two ycung women, as men and
HcnrE" wives.
HANNA nu"'      whal the govcrnmenl hns nol    yel
proved hard and tax;  is tli" manner
in  which lhey  ^ot there, or  who paid
for  the  tickets,   and   sine*   the   Mann
act makes    it  a
women  from on
Immoral  purposes,  il   is  precisely this
point   that  must   be si Held,  as  .leig..
Van Fleet made plain yesterday when
She will  he held that the    character   ef   the
11 ni issue.
Il'ith   young   women   are   relied
to support the prosecution with
tailed  statements.
Seattle, Aug. S. Bound Ior South
ras ern Alaska ports, the steamship
lee lanaw, of the Skagway Steamship
company, nailod from the Grand
Trunk Paolllc dock last night. The
I^oelanaw bas 230 Ions or general
freight ajid 2X head of cattle for Fair
hanks loaded at this port. She will be nem mt
m,t in at Vancouver, B.C., where she girls wns n
Will load about 400 tons of general
merchandise and 21 horses, which are
colng to be used on the trail to the
rftmshanria gold atrike. Tt,- Lrelanaw
will have' a. cargo or copper ore frum
,h��� AtlaB mine loadnd at Skagway lor
.mr-return ioyage. she will discharge
l the Tacoma -rmciter.
The free sj ch defence enmm
Invited Miss Pankhurst to add-esa a
meeting ni Trafalgar s piare Sunday
afti rn on, bul Imposed the ci id 11 in
that she would not ask her hearers t *
go to Downing street.
Miss Pankhurst declined this in-
felony to transport vltatlon tonight and Issued a nol ce
Btate to another for "To the Lovers of Freedom." in which
she says: "I believe it is an argument of sticks and stones from the
east end a general popular revolt
that will win the light for woman as
it did Pr man in times past Therefore, when the fr'e Bpeech people
have dine their talking, I Bhall be in
the square to go with yen to Downing ���-treet.
"Yours  in   freedom's cause.
"(Signed)       SYLVIA   PANKHURST."
tide TABL-r-f r.i.zzn riv-
r -v-i-V  -End'o-a   2'jndav,  A>   '
Wi a'.minstcr.        Sand  Heads
te    Time. J'*,1*1'   ���
High. low. Time   I1
G.45    1\5T J
20-40 15:55 I
0:62    8.0
Disa-nears vMtn $12,210
Spokane Aug 8 When M. C. Murphy, missiig cltj hall contractor, 1 ft
Spc!:ane, be had with hlm $5000 In
l in i r nn nev and (7210 In g iid, according ti testimony Introduced yes-
ti i-d-iy In Co fedi ral courl in the
hearing broughl by Receiver A. B
i'rui a *. to a isi ml le the prqperty ol
the ci ntracti r     li   E   Lee, a  fellow
LIVED  ON   BfH��RiF*"
FOR   '
���   l
Blind Hiver. Onl
siyteen days In !''���' l
whieh time hc lived en' rely on li ������
ties, n n ;>n who ". iv,��� his nami a i
John  Black, was f mud  In a desi rted
7:50 3:05
21:10 16:32
.,:00 4:35
21121 1��:S0
\1:1, BI38 '
-:   15 17:00 !
i     . , 6:50 |
17:13 '
1"..:., 7:50 !
83:25 1S:00 1
15:1" 9:1S |
21:00 19:10 !
44 11 x
10:41 I'.i.fi 12:33
I    6:BO 11.6    I  37
20:   "��� I3.fi 13:17
7:-i 11.2    2 '"
I 20.' 13.4 14:02
i   9:14 I    :    '��� 0!)
| 21 :M 13 I   ! I   10
i  in*":, Id '.    1:01
I 21:4S 12s I ��� 13
|  12:V> H
��� ������ 2 I 1
14: Oil 11.2    i
23:00 I2.li
contractor ol Murnhj testified that hul by a young Frenchman, who hap
Murphy on Mas 26, had given him pened upon tin deserted camp while
a cheque  for $19,013,  which   Murphy  onl on n  oaddllng excursion
,  .  * ii  E. ,T. Cannon  when found, was In d terrible eondl
--* of tho  North rn 1      ric  rallwaj  off   tlon.    His only clothing  consisted of
���'���*, -, cis for ',"���'   , Parkwater   Oul   a  pair er old  overall     held  ;"i   thel
a i or (h's choii       *       I   pi   - ii w'd   l.*.   plecea of  wire     Ills body wn    a
:   papet  t * mass of bi res, tin   resull ol   icratche i
,,   l   *. ii**..  .     ping th ri igh   tl
hull   undi I'brush, and  i n ��iull *    tings, His
; ,    |        rn   tel-ril.t'    I.   ��� i nnd   he
Fi ur inni.. ri  ��� ' lai I   gear's fii-ult v
will be seen iii Columbian college this
coming    term,    according to the an
nouncemenl   made  pnbili   by   Principal Rev. A  M. Sanford i ��� that instiu
Hon yesterday  morntn *    These four
will   be   Miss   Evans,   lady   principal: |
V.  W.  Dolmage,  B \ .  lunlor  branch !
work;   Miss  Clara   Smith,  piano,  and
flev. A. E, Hetherington, former prin
clpal, theology
The staff will conslsl of the f'i
lowing: Rev A.M Sanford B.A..DD.
principal; F N Stapleford M.A.. vice
principal, history ami l.i..logy; NT"-
Gertrude Evan��, it \ . ladv principal
German and Engllch K It "-ummi'
II.A., classics: II. A Logan, B \ . mn
thematlcs; Mlrs Thora r Hutton
li.A.. French; W. \ X) Mace B A
junior branch w rl M '*',,-, -,c,. y
C'ilihiir.i B H SC hon *v i,i science;
Miss Clara  M   Smith
" mei ��� I     *;. de  Tor -
highly onallfli i] voi      *....,-
Thenli ���.*>*.  li v.  A   r   ll. thcrlnct' n
B A   B H . profep ���< r li  fi -| Ti stampm
Uev   A.  R.  EthoriiiEii t:    and    M11 ���
l.i roe  win   have  ehai *��������� , f  the com
merclal  department
\i r ".*-. - - "ts hnvi n ��� . , ... ffl.
n perh a of li ctrn s I : ���* ( hi "*n nn
��� i ���   *. i:. v, l)r, Ci      .       v mc ���
V'T.   - n   hla ' i ..*':*. ; ��������� ���     ].*
W    Mm ��.'*:-     *    ��� ,,     *i  ii,  dial
churi! In   . '. ���
B.'l  in ;i  note and
*.', 'I  Murph]   am
i.  ii  ���
i In a lei lted i
Kn was hu ' il here,
,    .: ,Vill  I
' n     ���   ���   - *     .*-  1
'*     |l *
(is "d "arty i
W .lb
It -;
^**^ I      W   ".   W   t**m**W   W  r=r
We have set out to make August one of
the most profitable months of the year for
you to buy.
We have planned a series of surprises
that, in the opportunities for money sav-
ing they will give, vvill not be matched often
in a year's selling.
So watch the papers daily and come. Of
special interest are today's offerings.
Cream Serge Tailored
Suits, $19.50
Featured fur toda9 sre a number of women's Oroam
Serge Suits; made trom the finest imported Kngiish serge:
thoroughly Booured and shrunk. The coat Is guaranteed to be perfectly made and man-tailored throughout;
lined with Skinner's satin: skirt with high waist line and
attractively gut; regular $36.00 values.    Today. .$19.80
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These are practical dresses; mule of dainty embroidered voiles, marquisette and muslins; in a wide range
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linen, dice pattern.    Today  per yard    59C.
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cuffs;   regular  values  to $fi i'11     Today..        $2.35
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of  Brltlih Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Oollsr and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rule paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable lu all  parte of the
CHAS. G.  PENNOCK, General   Manager.
Mew   Westminster   Branch: A.  W.  BLACK, Manager.
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lbs.   for    2.',e
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Bitulithic Is commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, and cily officials. It has been adopted by llflauu cities
in Canada, ami over two hundred tu the United Btates,
r w*
ibia Bitulithic, li^.
Phone 3eymour 7130.       714 717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
s iisiwii. r"""1"   sssasa   *  -spobc��� iwiii'imi'���a���������rota
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i Polish   for    '.25;
Men's I'ieeifoot Running Shoes ..50;
dents' Dress Oxfords, nil kinds;  value
to  $5.00    Jt.Di
dents' Hi-. Kip Blucher Boots,   every
style $1.35
Cents' Chocolate Tan  Hlueher    Hoots,
every  sly'.     $1.95
Hiys' Hliichi r Hoots for    it ess    wear
Mis  . ;;'   lln     Call    I rCBD   Bl I I 1   ���     11.63
in..      c:hi    ' '      ,*   * i      iii     :;
 '    ' .
1       ���             li       lis, gl               itli
:.t     $1.9.',
Leckle Bcots, Slater  (F.W     I:      .-, K
Dooto, tt';., at the Home of
Low Prices. ��� SATURDAY,   AUGUST  9,   1913.
PAxit ftf-s
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
Too  Much  Vancouver in  B.C.A.A.U.���
Secretary Oppenheimer Not Al-
together  Satisfactory.
"Ton much Vancouver," wuh the
comment passed by a prominent mem-
i.i r of Um Westminster branch of the
It C A. A. I', yestc-day afternoon,
when comonentlng on the story whieh
appeared in The News of yesterday I ������
ain'iit the soccer situation In British Ift
Columbia. ���;
Indications point  to ono nice little\-\\t
scrap   in   the   amateur   union   before I
many  weeks  have  passed,  ir  the  re- I
marks nr UiIh Bame official are to lie
credited and  Westminster will be in
the thick i.f It,
"if then, is going to be any whole-
Bale reinstating of so-called professionals by the Vancouver body, this
City is going ti havo a little say in
the matter," v.as one of his remarks.
"Vancouver," he continued, " has been
running things to suit itself ror sotne
little time nml the situation today
demands a re-adjustment, with
city getting a lair hIiow in the pin
ceedlngs. So far as I am concerned,
the application of tho professionals
of Vanoouver for reinstatement in
tii.. amateur league will git my support, to long as they make oul they
have received no monetary assistance
but, Bpeaktng for my fellow delegates
1 ara determined to see that any of
the Westminster Rovers who rome
through with the Bame affidavits regarding the taking of money will gel
the tame treatment as Victoria and
Vancouvi r accord their own men.
"According to the constitution," continued this official, "a negative vote
by any delegate to the provincial board
Will bold up the whole proceedings
and bold them up we will unless we
fee good roRiilts and a fair Shake to
everyone concerned."
The Provincial Secretary.
Then the official branched off a
trifle to pass a few caustic remarks
���about the way Iho provincial B( ere-
tary  Ib  running  things  in   Vancouver.
0 <* ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft
Lacrosse. ft
Westminster    amateurs     vs. ft
V. A. C. Queens park, :i p.m.; ���'.'���
Vancouver vs. Vancouver Ath- ft
letlos,  Vancouver, 3 p.m.
Hlg    Kour- Irish    Canadians ft
at    Nationals;      Torontos    at
Tecumsehs. ft
Racing. ft
Horse racing and wild west ���','*
events at Minoru park. ft
Sunday Baseball. ft
New Westminster Moose vs.
North    Vancouver    at    Kraser
Mills, 3 p.m.
Moose-All Star Ball Game Last Night
Waa  Punctuated  With
.��.   J*.   .".   JL   ,
-..���     ���*���!*     Is*    ������-.���    ���
ft ft ft ft ft  ft
Baseball Results.
6 a
Standing of the  Clubs.
Vancouver  I'i
Seal lie till
Portland   59
Vlcterla   M
this | Tacoma    52
Spokane    42
Yesterday's Gaines.
At   T.i co ma: It.    11
Vancouver    14    17     :',
Tacoma    x   13     6
Batteries:     Clarke    and    Konnick;
Kauffman, McQInnlty and Harris.
At   l'i illand; 1(.    11.    K.
Portland     3     D     7
Spokane     ���>     7     2
Batteries; Smith and Altman; Todd
mil  Conroy.  King.
At  Victoria-- Victoria  3, Seattle  1.
You can't beat the Hutch," In base-
j ball language has been changed to
"Vou can't beat Uie Moose," for the
| herd again ran the harpoon into the
'all stars last evening, this time to
the   tune  of  9-4.
With the exception of the last of
the third frame, when the stars were
leading :(-2, the Oraham flotilla was
forever on Hie alert, delivering lorpedo
attacks with regularity on their hated
foes. Last night's event had everything else faded off the map In the
matter of post season games for the
[Simple reason that there was plenty
of hatting, plenty of errors and last,
but not least, plenty of poor decisions
by Ihe umpire.
Brrors  and   umpires  have   waltzed
Standing of the Club
New   V irk    f.9
Philadelphia dl
Chicago    53
Hrooklyn    4.'t
Boston  li
Cincinnati 42
St. I.ouis   4(1
the head, while there is a possibility
that both may lose their sight. DrB.
Mcl.eod and .MacLaren are in attendance und do not know yet Just how
badly the eyes are Injured. Hesides
being hurt about the race and head,
Ktnlle also bad his arms bruised and
  cut.    The  men are at present ln the
*******************"**"~~"~*^���"*^~*m**********n^^m\ Water street hospital,
to   help   derray   the  expenses  of  the \    Th��   "len   were    deepening     holes
city chemists office that had already been drilled for the
Commissioner Fassett says that an  Purpose of Inserting dynamite.    They
of the  private  work  performed  prior ]1������!'',.�����JW.1
to last March was usually done at
night by Chemist Pegg and his assistants, as thee ity had made no pro-
vis,ons lor doing weik (or outside
Last March Commissioner Fassett
arranged wltll City Auditor Smith
and Chemist Peg*; for an account to
be kept for private work performed
un a fee basis, and since then all
the fees, amounting to about $100.
have been turned over to the city.
Now Commissioner Fassett would
broaden the Bcope or this field sn ae
to receive patronage trom corporations and individuals to whom the
city's Hue equipment would be of service.
n which it was
stated a charge of dynamite had been
put previously. It went off, throwing j
the men back several yards.
Believed Indian was Murdered.
Winnipeg, Aug. X. A Selkirk report
stales that Kort Alexander has just
been the scene of a murder ol which
the victim was an Indian of tlie district. Coroner Hobs, Detective Stur-
lexon and a party of men left Sllklrk
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ to investigate the case and hold an In-
hand In hand this summer at the hall |quest on the body, while Deputy Chief
yard Starting off with the stately
minuet, the pace has quickened as tin
season went on, until last evening tin
officials In charge had nothing on th.
Mackenzie, of the provincial police,
left the city to work on the Inquiry. It
is understood thai a French Canadian
iof the Hrokenhead district is suspect-
It     II.    E
n developed that the local delegates] Yesterday's Games
had   been    notified that  iin- annual     ,\, Pittsburg:
meeting of the II, C.  A.  A. I',  was to   Boston     ' 2      8      2
have been held In  Victoria last Wed-   Pittsburg'..':'.    ...........   4      9      2
nesday and that these same two local      BattOTtes:    Purdue.    Rudolph    and
delegates had arranged their business   Brown:   Adams and Olbson.
and plans to make the trip to the capt-      ,\t Cincinnati: it.   H.   E
lal. only to find out from the press at I s-,.w York       6    11      i
Hie last  minute that the meeting had   Cincinnati       7    12      1
been postponed until September (if! Batteries: Tesreau, Demarree and
cours-d, the Vancouver delegates were
profuse with apologies ahout forgetting lh�� fact or the postponement, but
the reeling still prevails that Vancouver and Victoria are working a
scheme to  railroad  through  a  job-
New York tango in the matter ol raw
displays,    llut   it  was some battle al
that and the Tans were not disappointed.
The Game.
The   Moose   started   M'e   scoring   i;i
'he  first  when   Williams  singled   out
at H'Coiul.    Welneartner doubled and
went home when .1. (Jay reached third
nn- poor  judgment   of  C.   I'eck.  later
scoring on  a  passed   ball.    Huhkue's
wild throw to BCCOUd. with Ernie Sinclair on third and Silver stealing second, allowed the rtars one more tally
in  (lie same stanza.    The second  was
just  a  procession.   Silver  and   Horne
whiffing the battsmen.
The   Moose   railed   In   score   in   tlie
third, although dangerous, and it was
left to the stars to torge ahead, errors
allowing  Decker  and   E.   Sinclair   to
get on, both  being brought  home by
400'silver's  smashing  single.    Score   3-2
Ior  Stars.
Doubles by Mallen and Williams
allowed four tallies acrossed, leaving l Ottawa, Aug. 8. Two brothers
the score 8-8 In the fourth, during Emile and Ernest. Savurln. Laurier
which time the Stars gained one 1 avenue, Hull, were injured bv tying
notch   by   Art Sinclair Utones a week  ago when a charge of
The Moose started another stampede dynamite  they  struck  while  drilling
In   the   fifth,   which   netted   two   more | hol���a  ta   th(,  rook  (m  l|)P  %vaM  a,on*
the   Hideau   river  ln   New   Edinburgh
ed of connection with the crime and
has been placed under arrest pending
the  inquest.
All Serene Again.
Ottawa, Aug. 8 It was stated at
the labor department this ufternoon
that the dispute between the employees of the Intercolonial railroad
and the management or the road has
been completely settled and that an
agreement vvill be signed by both parties this week.
���tlevator   Burned.
Holland,  Man.. Aug. X.���The    farmers' elevator was destroyed    bv    fire
this morning, it was or 16,000 bushels
capacity  and valued at  $10,000.    Two
caiB of wheat belonging to Blackburn
and Mills were In the elevator.
Rich Musical
Comedy Co.
"A 30 to
1 Shot"
Matinee Today
AT 2.30
Three Shows
Do you not find your duties as executor interfere with your own
business aud that you really cannot give the estate the constant
attention it should have ?
Westminster Trust, Limited, Is especially organized to handle
trusteeships of all kinds and will be glad to relieve you of your
onerous duties as executor.
Our strong Hoard of Directors of the leading business men of this
City is a guarantee that your affairs  will  receive a  proper  business
T. J. TKAPP, President.
A. J.
First Vice-President.
I.. A.  LEWIS.
T.   H.   SMITH.
Second Vice-president.
,1.  J.  JONES.
J.  J. JONES,   Managing   Director.
Head  Office:   New Westminster,  B.C.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia  Street, New Westminster.
Singer  Sewing  Machines.    Small  Musical Goods of all Kinds. PHONE 6M.
WUson;   Suggs.    Ames    and    Clarke
-vi Chicago:
1"*. l.-id.'iphl.i     ���	
Chicago      2      8      2
Batteries: Alexander. Marshall and
1 Kll'ifer; Howley, Lavender, .Moore.
[Ritchie   and   Archer,   Needham
Ai SI. ImiiIs: li     II     E
iir. oklyn     n     **     i
! St   Louis       2      .'i      1
Batteries Walker, Reulbacb and
I \lilli -. Fisher;  Doak und  Wingo
runs,   snd   finished   their   scoring   in
the   sixth   with   Horn   pulling   off
double steal.
Nine errors were chalked up against
the Moose, the largesi number in any
game during the season, while the
Stars came through with a quintette.
Horn and Huhnke were 111 at ease.
Score: H.    H.    E
Moose     9    11      9
All-Stars       4      4
Batteries:   Horne and  Huhnke;  Sll
ver and Munn; umpires Twombley and
Tidy.    Attendance 500.
The   men   are   badly   Injured   about
White Rod
The Playground of B.C.'9
WHITE, SHILES & Co.. Official Agents
. v.
The results of yesterday's gamer In
the local ti mils tournament were as
Mixed doubles Mrs Elson and
and  Haines,
Standing  of  tlie  Clutjs.
W.    1,
.......      .   ,,,       .,    , ,   ii   . ' Philadelphia   71 32
Wright  beat   Miss   Peele  and   Haines, j...   ,  ,      , ... ...
3-8, ��-2,  8-4;   Miss  Homer and   ('arum   ..." ,.""'    '' ,:
,.,: ,    , ...     ,,.,,       ,    ....    ,    Washington   58 4,i
il Kn.-iiiii In at  Miss \\ I1s.ui nud   Iue|<-i *" - .
ii lea go    no ;.J
i.utiles -Mrs.   Russell    and
Miss Rlcktnan beat  Miss d'Kasum and it
Miss   Annandale,  8-1,   6-1;   Miss   Mar-'
tin and Miss Rand beat  Mrs. Suther-
land   and   Miss  Shildrick Yesterday's Games.
M.ns   tIngles- Lddy   I t  Haines, K      Vork
6-2,  12;   Eddy  heat  Swan,  1-2,  5-7, U,   ^pyi. (i
1 ���   I "-...-   Vn.li 4
Haines, j
^        (l-:i,   I
10-8;   Campbell  beat  Btyer,  6-0,  6
Shildrick   bent   Phlpps,   610,   6-8.
i N'i w  York
In Vancouver It'll Soon Be as Cheap
at Peanuts.
Coast lacrosse down to lower than
eastern priceH is the new order of
.689 th ngs at Vancouver, Just what
.608 actuated the Terminal City magnates
.683 to make such a sweeping reduction is
;"lv nol hard to lind out. as the support
.485 accorded the games between the Van-
���'���'���''2 I couvers and the V. A. C. has not been
���;;;''! drawing the crouds expected, hence
.333 | (il(>  (irop  t0  two-bits  for general  ad
I mission. m
j Without the services of several of
their      star      players,    like    Prlngl"
Hamilton and Alexander;
Men's doublet    Tuckweil nnd Campbell beat Ford and Wylle. 8-8, 6-0
Ladles' Singles    Miss Rickman beat
Mrs.   Russell,   8-2,   S.fi;    Miss   Shildrick  beat  Mits  Hand;   Miss Corbould
beal   Miss  Payne, 1-6, fi-4. fi-4.
Today's  Draw.
in  n.m     Coi:*-l  1,  Mies  Martin  and]
Miss  Rand  vb.  Miss  Peele and  Miss f-Moago
Corbould;  court 2, Lewi* vs. Stacey;   Philadelphia     1
court   8,  Mrs   Klson  and  V'Hglit    VS. I     Hatteries:   Scolt and  Kuhn
Miss lloni'-r and Canon d  ".hfiihi.        iand Lapp.
At Washington: it
M-Connell, Fisher, Caldwell and (los-
At   Hoston: It.    II.    E
Detroit      4     fi     2
H iston     5   18     4
Hatterles: Hull. Online and Stanage:
Moselev  and  Tliomas.
at Philadelphia: It.    11.    F
4      7      n
fi      2
i,   Court   :
vs.    Miss
Miss   Payne
d'Easum  and i'""'elni'd   .
| Washington
11 ^^
and T ale
Lewi-.  .Ir.
2:00 r m Court 1. Mrs
nnd Mir', Itlc'.imnii play the winners of
the match between Miss Martin and
Miss Hand V.F. Miss Peele and Miss
Corbould: court 2. Teale vs. Wright;
court 2, Lloyd vs. Stacey.
3:00 p.m. Court 1. Phlpps vs.
Tuckweil; court 2. Eddy plays winner
of Lnwin vs. St-icev match; court 3,
Whltoslde   vs.   Uu ' look.
4:00 p in -Court I. Miss Shildrick
vs MIsk Hickman; coin 2. Shildrick
plays winner of WrlghlTeale match;
court 3. Dunford and Mills vs. Lloyd
.ind  Macgowan.
6:00 p in. Court 1, Miss Corbould
und Kddy vs. Miss Shildrick and Shildrick; court 2, l<ewls vs. Campbell.
^^^^^^^      Cullon     and
Johnson and Alnsmlth.
International League.
Toronlo  S.   Providence 5
Montreal   2.   Newark  3.
Buffalo 7.   Ier��ey City 5,
Rochester 5,  Baltimore 9.
H.    B.
7       3
in     3
J J Lalonde, llyland    and    Godfrey,. the
'green shirts are likely to lose ont
this afternoon to the speedy V. A. C
bunch, who have ambitions to ehal
lenge the Salmon Bellies for the
Minto cup later in the fall.
Today's game at Athletic park will
be the third of the series of seven,
the first ending In a draw, tlve live,
while the other went to the Vancouvers hy n close margin
Indiana Out for 13.
New York, Aug. S.���The Australian
cricketers began a two days match
against a West Indian eleven at Celtic Park. Ixmd Island, today. When
stumps were drawn the Australians
had nine wickets drawn for 212 runs,
having disposed of the Weft Indians
for the small total of 13 runs in their
first   innings.
Senior Amateurs Ready for the Game
with V. A. C. This Afternoon���
Larne Crowd Expected.
Ladles Play Cricket.
A return cricket match will be played al Central Park this afternoon between Westminster ladies and a team
front Central Park. The last time the
two teams met nt Moodv Purk thc local  w'elders of the  wil'ow  got  away
with the contest hy a clone score and I ti,-8 arternoon when thc Weatmlnsler
thev are planning to repeat this after- |,      ,   .    ,,       .,      ,,     .     ,,       ...
n0on team   tackles  the  V.   A.   C, of  Van
                 Icruver, In a Mann cup game.
Wllh    the contlniienco of lhe prea
ent good weather, there Is every like
llhood cf there being a record break
Ing  amateur  crowd  at  Queens  park 1 that  a public schedule of fees should
be arranged and the general laboratory work to he taken In by the cltv
Gunboat Beats Flynn.
New York. Aug. 8. ���Gunboat Smith
of California, defeated Jim Flynn. the
Pueblo firemnn in the fifth round of
their scheduled ten round bout at Madison Square Garden tonight. Smith
knocked Flynn down four times in the
fifth and the referee stopped the
fight to save Flynn from being
knocked  out.
Spokane, Aug. 8.���Since calliiig to
the attention of the cltv commissioners the matter of private fees collec-
ted In the city chemist's office Com-
nvssloner of Public tUUltlcs C, M.
"nssett  has  come   to  the  conclusion
Tho youngsters are playing a game
at the  present time  far superior    to I
thai   of  any   team    since    the    days
��� I when.the Kennies, Turnhulis. Springs I
.���..I.- n- 8.���Speolal to The and ,-.,��� (.,-u,r ,anior, w(,r(, piaying in i nn *t 1 iijn    AND    PHOT
Port Coiiuitlam and Kamloops  a,m���(,���r company  nnd  all  have    the'1 rtiiu     I UUL
tie  here  this  evening, I wln(j lll)(1 '8ta,n|���;,  u, g���  the  whole
(1 stance at full speed.
On  paper    tho   Westminster    boys
Bhould  be able to gel  away   With  to-
buttle*  t
.-.hei  darkness
i n eighlh Inning
l 1.    Ruyle was
���nded   the   game   in
The final score was
In  the box  for Co-
34 to 44
Regular $20, $22 and $25 Values
UU .ml held  the locals to two Jay's contest by a margin of Beveral
Ilils,   \iillinnis   BCOrlng   nn   Moss   two   (, ia|s   ,.���,  thtB confidence Is not open
Rooms and Bo\vlir.(< Alleys.
Tor. Church and Columbia.
Standard    Continuous
l,aRger. Coagraffer, tor the locals,
also twirled  an excellent  game and
kept   the   hits   well   scattered.     Ruyle
,,���,, ������ .,���, ,.:.������, when he crossed the
plate on a double base hit by Dupuls,
���i Me ait. ndanoe this evening exceed-
 veu thai of lust night, conslder-
nble iinii*' having been made on tne
, ait, Blthoueh all bete wero called
off   ,,, .,   ,* . : ness  set In with ll *
tei ma even,   Coqultlam met * *
���,  , on Monday and Kelowna on  nies>
i i wi dni sday.
Regulation   Alleys.    First-1
class reading and committee
Thrco   English    Billiard!
|y  expressed nnd  the bunch  will ko
thn limit
Wi ii no professional feature to
.. m :, ract, all the old timers have
signified their Intention of being
pr08enl  nl   the park (his    afternoon, Table8,   SOVcn   I'ool     lablCS,
' "jest lighting and ventilation
while the younger blood  will be oul
f, n  force i" l( nd Bupporl  to the
���   champions,
i r.,.[ icallv no cliiur*.* will be made
In lhe 1 ical lineup.    The two I am i
i ,. , it the bnll al a o'olock,
in o:i Pacific
of anv Pool r
Coast       ���	
R. H. CORBETT, Manas
.... ���
7  | r"Sv~J *~'~~''-'*''?'/:-"'^'r'?^T^ PAGE   SIX
SATURDAY,  AUGUST  9,  1913.
/cetved for The NewB at the following places: F. T. Hill's drug Btore,
dH Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Queensborough, l.ulu Uland.
��� RATES. ���
-Classified���One cent per word per
dav; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 6,000 wordB, to be used as re
quired within one year Irom date of
contract,  $26.00.
iccting; must have neat appearance. Canada Range Co., Market
board, private family preferred, ln
vicinity of Queens park. Address
box I860 News office.
at 706 Gloucester street. (1866)
rooms;    apply    "01   Agues street,
near library. (1861)
828 Royal avenue.
roomed bungalow, furnished or unfurnished, close to Sixth avenue
car line; good location. Apply Mr.
Tavlor, Nineteenth avenue, Burnaby. U843)
keeping rooms, $16 and $18 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (1821)
housekeeping rooms, ?.\ Agnes
street.    Phone 638 L. (18361
in good condition. Apply Providence
orphanage. (1872)
seven roomed modern house on
Sixth street. Apply box 1848 News
Calgary Local Council of Women Discuss  Franchise  Restriction���
Pass Resolution.
Calgary, Aug.
cently by  Mrs.
8.    The seed sown re-
Bill Introduced In House of Commons
Means   Expenditure of
Romantic Elopement and Marriage of
Son of Hon. Clifford Cifton���Met
in London
CUP HIS wings!     still a mystery
New York, Aug. 8,-
FOR SALE��� $1.00 DOWN. $1.00 PER,
week,    Canada's    Pride    Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. 118261 I
speech to the Canadian club developed
FOR SALE AT A SACRIFICE), LOT J into a resolution introduced to the loon Sixth street. Apply box my cal councilor women at the last meet-
News office. ;'ng by Mrs.  Kirby  "That we petition
 ', | the government to limit the franchise
I for men so that no man who cannot
read and write the English language
be allowed to exercise the franchise,"
��� Many women have come to the eon-
j elusion that this Is the logical first
I step toward a successful woman's
I suffrage.
Mrs. Klrhv drew attention to the
LOST���ON SATURDAY EVENING | f.lcl that there are in tlie west 70.000
getting on car at corner of Sixth Ruthenlans who cannot speak F.nglish
street and Fourth avenue, a and who are living under a primitive
satchell containing money, a pair | civilization with most revolting eus-
of gold rimmed glasses, small pack- toms of child marriage, while women
age of dry goods. Finder please are almost slaves. These men have
leave same at George Cunningham's voting powers.
blacksmith shop, Eighth street. j    The resolution was adopted by the
(1841)   executive  after  brief discussion,  and
���_^__���_ BgggggBBBa |1*m be submitted  In the next agenda
to all the affiliated women's clubs in
COLLECTIONS. tho city.
���~~**~^~^~~^.    ~-s *    *-~,    While the propaganda  is being iu-
BAD  DEBTS  COLLECTED   EVERY-1 augurated amoag the women's    clubs
where.     No   collection,   no   charge, [here,  steps  will  be  taken  to interest , secondary
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver,   B.C. (1825)
indon, Aug. 8.���The regulations
Price in lier farewell | issued recently under which special | B, Sifton and his bnd
grants may made to local education
authorities, elucidate in some measure the vast scheme of educational
development which was outlined by-
Mr. Pease in the liouse of commons,
lf the expenditure of any authority
during the yeur ended March 31 last,
under part three of the acl of 1902,
was such Unit the amount to be met
by the rates exceeded the produce of
a rute tf ls 6d in tlie pound, the
board may make a special grunt equal
to three-fourths of the excess. Direct.ons are a.so Riven fur lhe income of circulation and receipts, und
It is laid down that payment will not
be made to any authority until the
audited financial statement has been
received and examined by the board.
The Provisions
The present bill, ua announced by
Mr. Pease, is only Intended to deal
with the most pressing phases of the
subject, and, as previously fureshad
owed by Lord Haldane, a more comprehensive scheme, covering the
whole   field   of   education ���lieiuentry.
Lieut.  Winfield
-, formerly Mrs.
Pickpocket  Granted  Ball   Leaves Toronto  Behind Him���Crimes
of the  Flown  Bird
Police   Search   for   Galiclan    Whose
Moves   Puzzled   Them���He
Toronto, Aug. 8. -When Judge Mor-
son and County Crown Attorney
Greer signed the papers which allow-
Jean   Kirwan,   who   were  wed   on    e
lonely country road near Millburn, N
,1., after an elopement  in un autoino-,''d Benjamin Iteid, one of the guns or
bile, are on their way lo Canada for  pickpockets   who (wero   arrested   a>
iheir  honeymoon. Barrle  0���  juiy  lf  hia  freedom  oii  ii
i'he nrsi marriage of Mrs. Kirwan, ,      h     , of % (lf ������.
who  wus formerly   Miss .lean  Donald-  *
son, wus annulled about three months Inl,8t notorious crooks that ever lhe
ago because of the youthfulness of city police huve bad to deal with slip-
tbe bride and groom. MIbs Donald- ped through tlie hands of the police;
son wus jubI 16 and her first bus- and this despite the fact lbat tlie pul-
band HI when tliey eloped. ice were not willing that lleid should
She declares she did not love Kir-1 be allowed out on ball.
wan, but married him simply to avoid !    "Did   Held   appear   for   trial,"   waa
Notice is hereby given that the.
partnership heretofor existing between George Cunningham and
Thomas Cunningham, jr., under the
firm name of George Cunningham &
Son. haB this day been dissolved.
Dated, AugUBt 6th, 1913.
outside clubs and societies in Ed mon
I ton.   Medicine   Hnt.   Red   Deer,   Letn-
] bridge and elsewhere, so Ihat any petition which may be presented to the
legislature   will   be  representative  of
the feeling ln the whole province
well as Calgary.
Kim    RENT���$30    i
thnrnughlv  modern new
near   fill   Ave.     Will   lu
8th St.,
light  pt
Will    glv
l'i ill
Bradley Apartments.
Most up-to-date in the city.   Private
baths, electric stoves.
Furnished snd Unfurnished Suites.
$20 per month and upwards.
1218 Fifth Ave. Office Phone 750.
modern house, hardwood poilBhed floors, |
facing Moody Park. Kncuintiernnee ,
only, mortgage liitoo, s per cent tn run j
three ami half yenrs. Wtll trade Inn
f..r r.-m.
- v-rnorn
client wh.
will 1.
Auction Sale
Under Instructions 1 vvill offer for
sale  by  public  auction  in  a  store  at
the Kings    Hotel,    Columbia    Btreet,
New   Westminster.   I removed for convenience  of sale)   on     Tuesday    and
Wednesday.   August   12  and   13.   1913,
at 1:80 each day, a targe assortment j
of first class furniture and housebote |
effects consisting of oak  dining room
suite, oak buffet, Morris, arm. rocker,
grass    and    kitchen    chairs,    kitchen
tables and cullnery    utensils,    brass
and   iron   bedsteads,   mattresses  and
bedding,       carpets,       turn,     pictures,
tables,  portieres,  dressing  tables  and
washstands,     two     valuable     Gramophones and records, silver, glass and
cutlery,  gas  Btores    and    numerous
��� ther effects. Including a nearly new
range, also two nearly new motor
cycles. Terms cash; in. reserve
Sale , ach day at 1:30 pin. On view
morning of sale Particulars of P.
lt.  Hrown,  lr.  Begble sire-et.
��� isr.:< i        PRBD DAVIS, Auctioneer.
BALE���A SNAP���6-room mnileri
se. hull 1.1..ek fmm 12th mr.-.-t
00.  tl'"i <-;ish,  hitlnnc.' 12*. n  innntti
Has Score of Fires to His Credit Dur.
ine Past Two Months
Toronto.  Aug.  8. -Damage running
j Into  many  thousands  of  dollars has
[been done by the mysterious fire-bug
j who has  been operating  ia the
lend for over two months  now.
; man  has  to  his  credit over a  score
iof fires, the latest being one on Les-1
lie street.
A   passerby   noticed   flames   shooting form a stable at the rear of 215
Leslie  street  and  rang' in  an  alarm.
I but by the time the reels arrived Uie
*����o  flumes had a  good hold und  the sta-';
 J ble   waa  almost  a  complete  loss.    It
thoroughly|Was impossible  to save  the  2 horses'
which  were  in  the  table at the time,
and  it is  probable they  were already
suffocated   and   deud   when   the   fire
was first noticed.
Crowd   in   Ugly   Mood
In  spite  of  the early  hour a  large
crowd   gathered.     It   is   evident  thut
the activities of  the mysterious firebug   have   aroused   considerable   feeling in ihe neighborhood.   One of the
nm-1 constables engaged  in  regulating  Ihe
crowd   had   to   place  under  arrest  a
spectator who had been imbibing too
freely, and Immediately the news of
EASTMAN & COMPANY. I the arrest was noised about tliere was
Phone 312. Room 201   an   ugly   rush   on   Ihe   pari     of     the
Westminster Trust Bullldlng. crowd  (hnt took all the efforts of tlle
(Successors to Eastman & Walmsley)   policemen   to check.
' The premises that were destroyed
.'consisted of a two-storey frame stable. It was owned by I.ouis Purdy,
cottage agent, Inn was occupied by
John Plant, Jones avenue. The loss
to the premises, which amounted to
about $1000, is fully covered by insurance. The loss to Mr Planl will
amount to $300 for tin- iwo horses
burned and t'inn for harness and
other property that was stored in the
Merchants and business men of the
easl end m  tb.. city aie alarmed over
lining s.ui
hr.' yonr
i- have clients
property with
Ue   I,..I >   t" 2    '*>'��� ������    6114,   '*,".',,   6
,   ,,.--   .,
*   i   Mun iii.
Dlstt let    ..(    New    Wesl .   ���
Hammond  .l'n*    .n
Wh. ....    ��� ���   ..i  ..l  tin   Inss ol  eertlfli
of  nth*   Nu   In i   *,     IC   r     -   ;*��� I   In   lie*
name  ,.f   Kdwlii  n   Hlminonds  hits   been
filed   In   i:      nrflco
Notion I hereby glvi n that I shall nl
the exnlrnttun nf .**..��� month fron
dai.- ef the In"' publlcutl in hen ������������ i'i
u itiilv ie " ���*. .��� ,��� r i .i.i ihi 1 - thi ' ��� .
nf N.-w Westminster, Issue . duplicate
of tin* said CVrtlflcau
lime   valid   objection  l.i*   mni.   *    In
I   '��� OWYNN
Dlslrli i   I'...: ��i. .i   ���'<  Titles
ljimi  Reglsin  offlci    New  Wesiminster, B.C .  2nd August,  r.n:'. I im'. i
Re Lot "B" of the South 39 Acres of
Lot 377, Group 1, Except One Acre
Theretofore Conveyed,  in  the  District of New Westminster.
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title to
the above property  will be issued    to
William McBride on the 18th day   of
August, 1913, unless in the meantime
a valid objection thereto be made to
nie in writing nv a person or persons
claiming an estate or interest therein.
cr in any part thereof.
District  Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry office,
New WeBtmlnster, B.C.,  12th July.
The person or persons hnvlng in
tlieir custody or possession tlie following Title Deeds relating to the said
property are requested to deliver the
same to tlie undersigned,
30th January, 1X8'.i, grant from th.
crown to Charlotte Allele Rougue.
19th July, 1889, conveyance from
Charlotte Allele Rougue to Robert
Scott Moncrleff.
1174:11      District Registrar or Titles
:ind  higher    will   be  introduced.    It is claimed that  this forthcoming bill  will  do for Intermediate
education  what  W,   H.   Forster's  act
of  1870  did   for   the  elementary  sule.
and will be quite the biggest change
as i-since that date,    lt will be as costly
as It will  be large.    It  means an increase of some millions 10 Ihe annual
! expenditure of  the  Btate  and  of  the
I local authorities.    Taking the coat:
1. Rating limits imposed on local
authorities will be removed.
2. The slate will progressively
make large and substantial grants
year   by   year   In   additln   to   present
..���asl  grants.
The ��� 3. Areas and not schools will be
1 the educational units, differentiated
according to wealth or poverty and
according to laxity or zenl in education.
4. There wlll be three grants: la)
a principal grant to each area for its
efficiency, and If it raises a minimum
rate; ib) a supplementary grunt ln
proportion to all expenditure above
a minimum; (cl a grant In aid of
loan charges In connection with any
kind of education.
in respect of elementary education
the grievance of single school areas
'.will be. redressed. Local authorities
will be required to provide nurseries,
playing fields, baths and clinics for
scholars; tuid meals for poor children
on Sundays and holidays us well as
on school days.
Intermediate  education   wlll  be  affected  in an attempt to smooth and
broaden  the  way  to  It   from  the elementary   school.     Kvery   county  and
county  borougb   will   lie  required  to
formulate    a    complete    progressive
scheme to that end. providing for Intermediate education  as   freely  us  in
the  case  of  elementary    education,
Such schemes will nave to co-ordinate
all types of schools  technical, second
ary and trade.    In this it is expected
that   a   strong   blow    will    be   struck
at private schools,  which  Mr   Pease
described as "Cavendish Academies."
Hut   net   lhe   least   interesting  tea
tun-  is  the  attempi  tlmt   will again
I,- made 1:1 perfect the co-ordination
of the singes 01  education.    To thla
1. liin boroughs will manage their
own educational affairs.
being sent to Prance to school.    She
is now 20 years of age.
Lieut Slfton is the son of Hon.
Clifford Sifton, a wealthy Canadian,
formerly minister of the interior in
the lute Liberal government.
Lieut. Sifton has un International
reputation us a horseman and first
met his bride at the last international
horse bIiow in Loudon, where hc
showed as Captain of the Canadian
military  team.
Who Bride is
Mrs. Slfton is tlie daughter of the
lato Andrew Donaldson, formerly an
importer, and vice-president of the
Erie railroad. She bas had pretty
much of a romantic existence. She
was a favorite of the telephone girl at
tbe Dorchester Riverside drive aud
Eighty-fifth street, where the Donaldsons lived, and when the latter over
heard MrB. Donaldson, her mother,
tell a relative Bhe was going to send
Jean to the convent to school to separate her from young Kirwan. thc
operator acquainted Miss Donaldson
with tlie facts. She passed them on
to Kirwan, who is the son of a New
York real estate broker. The pair
then eloped and were married.    After
asked  of one  of the   detectives.
"Dill a pickpocket ever appear for
trial when lie W'us once allowed oul
on  bail."  was the caustic  rejolner.
The detective added that a person
who understood police work should
have known better than grant b..-*
ln such  cases.
The following is a partial criminal
record of the bird who has flown:
Benjamin R. Held- June 80, IS'.iT
���arrested at Milwaukee as John II
Thomas on a charge of short change,
January 21, 181(8 Arrested at Sl.
LouiB, Mo., ub Dan Cherry on charge
of picking pockets and larceny. Committed to jail und fined $5U.
January 23 1901 Arrested at Cleve
laud. Ohio, ou u. charge of grand larceny. Turned over to the Alloghen-
ny, Pa, authorities, where he was
sentenced to two years In the West
ern penitentiary. Grunted a new
trial.   "Nollcd."
October 23. 1904 -Arrested at Holland, N Y. as Dan Cherry. Sentenced ti) three years' Imprisonment.
June 21, 1907 Arrested nt Chicago.
III., as John K. Wilcox, on a charge
of flim fi14.u1.   Discharged
a short time proceedings were opened 1     Arrested at New   York city as Ray
tiie menace that is presented by this
f.re-bug. The police have been searching for him for over a month now.
1 but the man is as cunning as he is
malevolent, and so far has eluded
Two Women Poliie
Spokane, Aug. 8 Two uniformed
women police, wearing blue bands
around then- luus, clad In blue uniform ihei.rated with brass buttons
will be appointed to the Spokane police fore,*, under the charge of the
captain "t detectives, if tie plan of
CommlBBloner ur liibllc Safety l). C
Coates is passed bv the city council.
2. Higher .��� lucat 011 will I) ��� comp 1
sory in the larger boroughs; advisory
provincial councils win be set up in
grouped anas ..ith administrative
powers; and all schemes ii every
type will be revised by the board of
I education.
Such in brief are the bailing points
1 f what Mr. Pease hopi s will be regarded us a non-party   aaure
and  the  marring.,   was annulled
The girl and her mother li<ft the
next day for London. Miss Donaldson and Lieut. Sifton showed interest
in each other immediately after they
11 it-1   at   the   London  horse   show,  and
witli   u   view   to   nipping   a
iu  the bud,   Mrs.   Donaldson
daughter on to Prance.
Gave Mother Slip
The young lady, it is said, here
gave her mother the slip and returned to America on tlie same boat as
Lieut.   Sifton.
Tuesday, Lieut. Sifton went lo a
friend, Justice of the Peace Bosset,
of New York, and asked him lo per
form the marriage ceremony. A new
law lias relieved justices of tlie peace
of their power to perform marriages
Bosset   took   Lieut.   Sifton     and     bis
bride-to-be to the city hall, but the
marriage license bureau was closed
The document was obtained at Mill
burn. There is a law which require,
that twenty-four hours has in elapse
before non-residents of New Jersey
can be married. The party returned
to New York. The next day Lieut.
Sifton, the former Mrs Kirwan. a
friend Miss Anna Dnsenbiirry. of N'ew
York, Justice Bossett, and Rev Win
Seebert, of lie- German Evangelical
Lutheran church, returned to Mill-
burn, where il was necessary tn p. r
form   the  marriage
Beside  the  Road
The motor ear was drawn up be
side lhe road and the knot was tied
bv Rev. Mr. Seebert, Bossett and
Miss Dusenburry acting as witnesses
iiie partv tin:: returned 10 a New
York hotel, and, il is learned, bil
at once  for Canada
May   IB,   1911     Arrested   at
Mich., as   Daniel Cherry,  as a
ious  character,  nnd    given
hours to  leave the city.
May   li,   1IH2    Arrested   at
COUrtSblp !ns Frank Wilson, on a charge
took  her
jf pick
Ing pockets. Allowed out on bail
which he forfeited and Jumped the
Also  known   in   London.  Out.  as  n
Offsprings  of   Ferocious   Russian   Doq
and  Wolf Are Acme of
Winnipeg, Man., Aug. 8. The cily
'police department in now making desperate efforts to aprehend 11 Gallium
whose name is believed to be Sterun
Kalowcha, the lover of the girl Mary
Manustaka. who Is held as a materia!
witness In the mysterious murder on
August 1 of Mrs. David Oelnsteln, at
her home at Magnus avenue, sine.'
learning Hint Stefan was In Ihe store
of Mrs. Felninun. nt 192 Andrew;!
street, a little over a block away from
'the scene of the tragedy on ttie even-,
ing of ibe murder.
Questioned us to what transpired in
her little general store, Mrs. Keininiin
slated that Stefan, Whom she knew
well nn sight he having been at her
pluce mure Ihan once ill company
-with tlie girl Mary came into the
place at about 8:45 o'clock, lie ordered a bottle of aerated water und
sat on a box and drank ll.
������What has happened on Magnus
avenue?"   he  asked   casually.
������Why, don't you read the paper'.'"
asked Mrs. Folnman. "Did you nut
know that MrB. Keinslein wus shot at
;i  o'clock  Ihls  morning?"
"I didn't know. I don't read E-ag-
llsh." Then he asked; "Is anyone arrested?"
"Oh, yes," replied the storekeepi r.
"Mrs.   l-'elnslein'B   girl,   the   one   thi.t
.used to come here with you."
War.  Much   Affected.
At  the words Stefan started visibly.
"Who?"   he   asked,   speaking   rapidly.
!"You   mean   Mary."     Ab  the  woman
acquiesced a pallid tinge crept slowly
'across Ihe (laliiian's swarthy fane. Ills
lllpe quivered, and suddenly the bode
from   which    he    had   been  drinking
.fell wilb a cruBh lo the floor. Ho Stared Btupldly al lhe wreck for a inonni""
and then without a word turned anil
fled through the doorway, and s ion
waB out of sight in the fading twi
This Information was given to ihe
police department by Mrs. Pelnman,
who advanced tlie additional Information that Stefan until the day b��fnri>
the crime hud worked In the C I' I',
yards as a laborer Enquiries it. this
district elicited Um information that
since nultting on  Thursday nighl  ; 1
.six o'clock he had   not  been si*"ii   by
any of his workmates.
Every  means of exit  from the city
���is being watched atui Hie police have
practlcaly encordoned the city, mak
ing it Impossible for this man to escape before he bus given an account
Of himself and his movements uu the
night of the tragedy.
Some  remarkable  stories am  being
I circulated by the friends of the n.ur
den d woman, who stand around 1
morbidly curious throng In the vicinity nf Ihe little cottage, telling and retelling the gruesome details or the
tragedy. Incidents in the dead woman's life are freely forthcoming. Kev
of these, however, have any bearin ;
nr lend to throw any light on th S3.
iiu* foregoing story was at first ne
nied by relatives ���f Lieut. Slfton.
they having beard nothing about it
Friends in Mont real, however, have
admitted (hey have been notified of
the   wedding
In the Mutier "f ihe Estate o( William J
Bhnrp and 11,mi I; si*-,rp. both ..r
the city ,.r N'ew Westminster, Proline"
of Hi'ltlsh Columbia, currying on bust
jichih  under  in.*  firm,   name  .in,I   style
Of the WestmlliHler i-.iiriu;-, In ltn- K.il.l
And In the Mnii.i ef He. "Creditors' Trust
IV,..Is Act "
JJOT1CF. Is hereby Riven Hint Hi" *,l���.*,.-
named Willi.un .1 Shun* and Henry i:
Sharp forr-Hirl*. i-nrrylnK ..n business
4rr the firm, nan..* nn.l stylo nf Hi.- W.-hi-
minster Qaragri nn Carnarvon sir.-.*! In
the Cily nf N.w Westminster and Pro-
vince of HrltlHli Cnllimhlu. .11.1 In* instril-
tnent In wrhlng .Inn-it ttu- ."jii.i day "f
Jul- A.D. WIS. usslifn In (leurne II Milne,
of the City of New Westminster, n.C.. fnr
������Me -general benefit .>) their .1..III..is. >>f
their estate, on*.It's and effects, which
may be s.-ttr.eil or Hold under execution
And notice Is further nlven that .1
rvctlnu of creditors .*: llie mini William
* Sharp and Henry i: SI nrp . urvlng on
f -islni-SS   miller   '!"    I. 1.    :.;..!    HtVle
nf the Westminster .;.ii.e<.-, win !������ h,,|,|
,, thr offlc" of l'e*..!*,- H Mil...*, Hrnker,
"nom 3"7- Westminster Trusl lllnrk. New
'���,-cstmlnsler, 11'". mi Tl'iirsiiiv l'i.* Mth
a.-- ot Kii<niat.   v i'   Hits nt  nn* hour nf
*-3�� o'clock In the nt'-n n
"And notice In fiulli. r given Hint  rill per-
r-Atiav'tm cl,.",.:        * *   *   (i.e   ...1  William J- Sha'P and H. ��������� si, e 1
.mired on or Inf.
"���t   IIII   to  B'*e
/wm,  narltrulii-
....rifled  hv ��tntlltn'-i
enure nnd vnb    ���
VmVi   b"   t.lem.   In   llle   .iml������'*"    '
: I Itl-'nnv creditor 1 v -t 111 nnv
i2l i-i. clnlm must l��* filed nil nr
me elnf* nf the meeting.
-^V^jn^d,.,er ,,,,.,,*
1,.1   .1    ghar.    *.- d
1  th"   nersnns   * n
eir.-mt  . -Iv   1 *   "
11 hnd ���
���MS,     I,'
For a License to Take and Use Water
Notice Is he, hy given Hint Dawson
[and Grace, of Soulh Westminster,
will apply for a license to lake and
ubu one hundred inches of water out
of an uimnmed creek, which flows In
a northerly direction through wild I
land, owned by Mr. Patterson, and
empties into a ditch ou subdivision j
near Scott road i'he water will be
diverted at a point south of
road and will be used for Btock and
domestic purposes on    the    land    do-
South  Westminster  School.
,      . SKA I,ftp
Ladner |    (,,r *,���
TBNOBR8.  subscribed  "Tender
th Westminster Hchool," will bo
received   un  lo  linen  ..f   Monday,  the   Isl
day ur September, 1013, bj iho Honourable
, ,    ,  . ... iilhe Minister or Publlc A'.uks. r.u* H 1*. in
scribed as a subdivision of fractional  ,i,,n nn,| completion ..r a iwu-room school
section 26, B. & N��� H. 2 W.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 8th day of July, 191?,
The application will be filed in the
office of the Water Recorder at New
Objections  may  be  filed  with
said Water Recorder   or   with
Comptroller of Water flights, Parliament Hulldings, Victoria. B.C.
(1718) Applicants
S       A
|d|h   dav   ef   AllB-
*   n -   and   nd-
-   ������ . ������   nl .1*....   duly
,l,.,|.,.-......,,  and  Hi"
on   Il'l'l   :'i
...Tiuni'l. 1913. ���'���-�����;���;;;,
... eta of tbe sllll! *'
������,,,-v B. RhilTi ���'"'
,-.lnA lliceetn. hnvtn
. .tl.   ...Wch   h��   "bull   luve   III.
'.:mnnd  ho will   nn   held
assets,   or  nnv   pnrt   III  roof.
ed to any person   .( wb       cl
th-Sh l'-'V"  l>"en   notified
TAKE Noii.'K. t'ltrsuntit tn ii.ettim Ix
..I the "Companies Acl " that Hi" above
named company Intends, one month .ifter
tbe date hereof, t.. apply lo the li.-glstiur
of Julnt-Si. .*k Companies to change Its
name to "in .mi.. 1.1 Discount Company,
('. I*:. CAMPBELL,
Secret iry,
I1 it *i  nl   N. w  Wiibiminster,   B.C.,  Ihls
thirtieth day nf July.   1918 1 1870 1
ill)  sr
und conveniences, etc
linns, speclric itlon
nf ten.it 1   may  be bi
till,   day   ut   Augusi
..!   Mr   ,\   a   Marshall,  s.er.iur
Board.   South    Woslmlnsli 1      Mr
Fletcher.  Government   An��ni.   New
, ivilnster.   or   the   I lopm tmenl   ef
the Works. Vlctorl 1, in*
�����*.��      Intending   tenderers   can,   by   applying
to   tl..*    !��� rslgncd,   obt ill .>pv   of
I.tuns und si.. .-Ifl.-nil..ns for lhe sum of
ten diillnrn (110), which wlll be refunded
un   recolpi  ..1   plans  In  ���-.- t order
E u i, 1 ro| 1  1:     *  i.e accompanied bv
.111 nee. ph .1 >. ink elu nue ...  .* inn.-mi.* of
di 1 It  on      chin ** n *i  i...':i(  ..(' C inada,
mete pavnnlo t.. the Honourable the
Mlnlsti r >.r Publlc Works, rm* .1 sum equnl
to Hi p.-r .-ni of tender, which sh-ill bo
forfeited if lhe pnrty tendering decline to
enter In", contracl when culled upon to
il,. s... ..1  If hi   full   t.. complete the work
contract" .1 f rhe cheques ..r 1- .rtiflcntns
nf  deposit   nl   imsui ssfiil  tenderers   wilt
he returned lo them upon tho execution "f
th ..true'
Tenders  will   nol   bo  e-insldered   unless
mndo  ..ui   "ii   the   fnrnis  sunplicd.   sl-rned
with the neli nl nlgtuitui t ttie tenderer,
and  enclosed   hi  envelopes  furnished.
Th.- lowi it "i* any lender not necessarily acceph .1
.1    t:   llltll.-i-lTH.
Puhllc Works Rnglneor
Oepartmi * 1  nf  Puhllc Works,  Victoria.
B.C.,  AuKu-i  fiih,  1913. (inr.r.i
Spokane, Aug 8 \fter a (utile attempi to find Joe Maxwell, a local contractor of tbe firm of Maxwi 11 ���*.- Mln
ney, who hud accompanied them on n
llsiiing trip to a point mi the Spokane
river sixteen mlleB below the city, a
fishing party hastened to Spokane in
an automobile and hurried back lo the
epot with deputies from the ..flim of
the sheriff to make further search with
rlarhllfhtB 11 was reared that tho
contractor had drowned.
The river was searched for several
miles by the partj but no trace of
tlm missing man could in- found before
the party returned for aid. Mr Maxwell had agreed to return to the parly
but failed t" do so
Tin.mas Parker foreman for Mr
Maxwell, a member of lhe party, and
a youth named Shearer bad remained
wllh the automobile while the other
members of the party had fished the
stream When last Been Mr. Maxwell
. cut nui nn.l forms 1 ',ftd   announced   thai   he   was going
11  on uu.I afier Hie I down the river.    Mr   Shearer, a resl-
I,  nt   tho office Iflent  0f  Browne's  addition,  fished  ill
the opop8lt0 direction  Irom  Mr.  Maxwell.    Mr   Shearer rejoined the pnrtv
at nightfall
Deputy Sheriffs Race and Cain wen.
sent I y Phi r ff Stone to aid in the
'*e:ii-i*ii r., 1 1 11 intu hour the sheriff
had received no word from his deputies.
Wellington, Mo., Aug 8. Thomas
l'. l.oekhaii, after spending 21 years
in bed, practically in one position, yes
terday came to the death for whieh he
for years bid prayed. Lockhart's
joints were osslftrd hi that the only
movements of the body he could make
wire 11 shrugging of lh" right shoul
.ier and th.. bending ot tb" middle
inlnts of two fingers en the right
With this should, r and finger movement l.orkhurt  had  written  an  auto- '
biographical book which brought blm |
Hinds BUfflclent to purchase the home
Inr" in which In' died and to pay for
a nurse to cure for hlm constantly,
Lnckhart It nk to bis bed Christinas
���light. 1886, following a long ride
through a cold rain He never left il
Ono after another of his Joints became
useless until his whole body was as
it'IT lis 11 board At last death came,
when the frlghlful malady attacked
bis vitnls.    He was 48 years old.
Dunweg, Mo. Aug.'. Stories of the
marauding expeditions of a puck of
wild wolf dogs were given 11 new turn
recently when four of the eight children of Wm. Gartner, a prospect dr.l
Ier, Hung five mils east ol Ouenweg,
were attacked by the leasts The
presence of their plucky shepherd
dog and their own courage in assail
ing the annuals with dubs anil Btones
Buved thetn from injury Hoy Osborne, living live miles (rom Duen
wig, was less fortunate, About two
weeks ago the animals ti". d linn in
a lone sapling In the prairie where
he remained until morning, when  he
WSB  enabled  lo  Bumtnon   help.
iin- animals' presence in the Isolated Bcrub oak ami prairie region sniilh
east of Duenweg known as the drove
Creek disirict. dales back to a per
mil nf about bIx years ago. and in.
gnat grandfather of lbe enure pack
was a ferocious Russian bio. dhound.
Imported   by   Joseph   Walker,   a   mine
owner of Duenweg, about eight years
shot!   nnt
Dnl-'l   el
������v of July.
ycp~-    "West ni'n.
A.n. )��!�����
t.*r   this   31st
Mr \i-
New  Spring and   Summer  Suitings
now un  dlBplay.    See  them.    Perfect
tit and WOi'kmaOlblp guaranteed.   701
Front Street.
Itegina, Aug. 8. iiie estimates pre
pared for the current vear show that
the public utillti's for Hoglna are v\
peeled to    puy    and    Mayor    Martin
Ontario Woman Tells Interesting Story
��� Reads   Like   Tale  of
Hamilton, (Hit . Aug 7 In an effort to establish her clalma to an ,-s
late In Dundee, Scotland, hii by her
grandfather Mrs. Th mias Oarrlty has
secured 'lie services of John (', Parmer, K 1'. lo prosecute ber claim Mrs
Carrliy's husband died recently, ami
she bus lu "li lefl with a family of
seven small schlldren, Her mother was
Mrs Margaret Truman, well known In
Ibis eity Ior manv years. She died .1
few  years ago.
Mrs Truman was a daughter "f
Thomas Kinnear, of Dundee, When
quite young she ran nway from home
and married J Whyte Thomson, l'n
der lhe terms of her fathers' will, Mrs.
Truman received an anulty from the
estate during her lifetime, At her
ii..iiii tin- estate was to be awarded in
her hm ful Issue. Falling In this Hi..
triisi.es wero to turn tiie estate over
to the various charities of Dundee
Mrs- Oarrlty'S story, as told to Inr
Bolicitor, Mr Fanner, reads like 11 tale
of fiction Three weeks after sbe was
i.orn. her mother, then Mrs. Thomson,
gave lier 10 a family by the name ot
.laggard for adoption   For many years
she v.-.ih hi Ignorance of her pan.nts.
At Hie age Of Ki she went iulo ser
vice, and sbout four years later met
ami married her late husband, ll was
only   ten   y ars ago her  mother,   Mrs.
Truman, looked lier up. and told her
she wus her lawful daughter, Mrs.
Truman told her daughter the slory
of her life    After marrying Thomson,
lhey came to Canada, residing in
Hamilton Shortly after the birth or
Mrs. Oarrlty, Thomson died Mrs.
Truman then nnt a man named Moll I in.
he was sentenced1
.rigliiHl pair gradually tak-ltn he hanged for the murder of tb"
and  more  appearance  01 Williams family on the Dundee road
losing   the   appearance   of | about twenty years ago     His sentence
ihe beiisi could never be controll
ed, and finally after tin- creature had
received B bloody lashing at the band
of her master, she disappeared, and
in the course of time tlier.' waa evidence that the bloodhound had form
.-ii  an   unholy  alliance  with  a   wild
wolf of whieh there were a few s* ul
Hnd specimens In the woods al that
Horses Attacked
ilul   if  the  1 r glnul  wolves  atlil   tli"
original itussian bloodhound had been
vie Hus, then their offsprings became
the acme nf vindictiveness, and It ap
poured lltai lhelr iiiIshIoii in lite was
lo avenge lhe beatings lhal the luckless   bloodhound  hud   received   during
her brief hut ohaokorod career in ths
little mining city.
Twenty farmers will vouch tliat tiie
wolf dogs carried  off tlieir chickens.
'hogs,  Bheep and  in  some Instances
even went so far as (o kill and mutilate   horses  and  cows,    iiie   puck   of. Whlrrell,   marrying
wolf dogs multiplied the descendants|   A few days later
'from  lb"
Ing    more
dogs   and
explained  that   threi
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary  Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia 8treet.
New Westminster, B.C.
Police   Head   Arrested
Everett   Wash,, Aug   ,v   A   A
deck. F.vct*. its commissioner of pub
lie safely, the man in charge ( f the
police and tire departments, wns nr
rested yesterday l.v Sheriff Don Me
Hae. and shortly  |. Mowing tin- aire P
oi Commlssloni ������ llrodeck, tin* sheriff served  a   similar   wan ant   on   Mrs
Frieda Predlund, who h alleged (:.
have been Brodeck's companion June
IT. the dm,, on which their relations
are said to hm.* been unlawful. The
complaint wuh i om tn bv the no
man's husband, i Predlund, former-
l> a tailor In tins iiv. who recently
moved to Beattle Mrs Predlund Is
a hairdresser, whoBn nture is 011 Col
ly avenue, lilreeih after the Issuance
of warrants tlu* defendants were re
leased under tlfioo ball each to insure their appearance In the superior
court when their case is called,
together   fie
electric  light,  the  streel   rallwav  and
I the waler department    will coin.* nut
'even, thut   is. tiie expenditures nnd
Bro-  tlie Income will meet
"if cue er them fails behind, the
other two are expected to make up
th" defiei'iicv. If Hie street riiwi*
Tills behind the surplus from tlle electric and wnler will make up the
'ess,"     So   stales   Ills   worship,     und
further he polnied out ihat the Btreet
riilwuy   wuh   paving   interest   on   the
Ives. W. (!. Stevens, operator of
the Betsy Jane mine. Which in a I li"
ly strip of woodland which is in lln*
very heart of where the wild puck Is
ll   Feveil   (11   make   ils   rellllezolls,   BI1V.1 ;
lite crea'uros nm to be seen occttS'
lonalty although the operations of the
new  propertv  have caused  thom   to
seek   1111.re   Is  lali il   regions.
Aboul 11 '"'ir ago the suffering far-,
mers in thai  region organized them-
anlven   'tin   a   bni'Hng  sqiitnl   nnd   in
ihe resull of 11 week's crusade against |
���he  wild does. Ihlrlvflve of the creu
tures were slain,   The few remaining |
debentures sold rm* the street railway wern
t  heard of for ninny  11
extensions,  the  inti rest   being    tins
year for 11 year and 11 half under the
plan evolved this year fnr catching
up wl'h the Interest thai up to dale
the (ily litis been behind in.
In  pnst  yenrs  the  interest   for  lhe
lasl   half  of   Hie   year  was   not   paid
the   year   following.     Now    llie
the year It  falls due
slreet   railway  must
meet lhe Interest ror eighteen months
instead uf twelve months.
Interest   Ih paid
so  Ihis  year tlie
until recently when they began to re-
aopear, and denredatlons mining the
I sheep, cuttle und chickens have ngnln
bten reported, To exterminate lhe
pack of wild dogH will be the endeavor  oT the  tanners ill  an   earlv   dale.
.lust  ns sunn us they can find time
from lhelr crops they Intend In form
Into 11 squad ngaln and main   -
attempt to rid the countryside nf the'son
boasts  that havo
caused an much an
wns commtitiil 10 life Imprisonment.
Following his death she met and mir-
rleti Truman.
Winn Mrs. Truman came I 1 Mri.
Oarrlty about ten yens uco and told
Inr she was her lawful daughter, she
wns told of Hie annuity her mother
was receiving from lb" estate of her
father Since the death of ber mother, Mrs. Oarrlty has been endeavoring
to lind some record of her birth, ns tlm
lawful issue of .1. Whyte Thomson ami
her mother, lf she is successful sh-a
will be entitled to nn estate of considerable size, according to the Information Mr. Parmer bus been able to secure.
The hitter haa been In communication with the Boilcitora fm- the trustees uf the estate, and lhey now nsk
for the particulars nf hlrth. This Mrs.
(liirrlty bus been unable to learn, as
the family which adopted her received
none. There may be Home friends of
her mother's early life In Hamilton,
other [who will remember her as Mrs. Thorn
an,I  lie able to iihsIhI   Mrs. Car
rlly In
the search.    Thai   Is her only SATURDAY,  AUGUST  9,   1913.
immense lrriBatlon System for South-'Citizen.  Plead  With  City  Council  to  Has Million Dollar, to Spend-Alder-   Woman  Recover.    Sight    After Fifty  Spoka
_      . .. ..     ..,,,, _.._ uu... BmlUa and Smoke Years' Blindnes-i���Overwhelmed I
ern Alberta I. a Pos.i
bil Ity,
Keep Down Expen.es���Wlll
Shave Estimates.
Calgary, Aug. 8.���The possibility of
the Dominion government establishing
an Immense irrigation system ln the
southern part of Alberta is Involved In
work the government in now carrying
on in the territory boftnded on the
south by the Holly river and on the
north l.y the Little How. The probability that the government will undertake t'i" Important project may depend
upon ihe result of the survey now being made, though nothing definite us
to how the objeel will be accomplish- ,
ed can lie said ilt this time, as" Hi"'
manner in which !��� will be gone about
remains to be worked out. That the
preliminary steps are being taken
will, however, in- encouraging tu th ���
farmers In the section named, who
have Ior a ling time been endeavoring
t.i induce tin- government to become
in:, rested.
The Btatement thai tha government
is moving in ihe matter wus made
by E. F. iirake. superintendent of ir
rigatlon for the Dominion government,
ub,i waa in Calgary en ructe tu Lethbridge to attend tin- irrigation Coupler*.
������I'li.- people in Hi" Little BOW country huve long felt they would be greatly benefitted if the) had irrigation,"
said Mr Iirake. "bul Hi" trouble haR
been that they did not know where
tli" water was e.uiing from. Thev
have been trying to Interest the gov-
ertui.i ni and Hn- department bus decided in make the survey to Bee what
!.,. .!.���ne ii is just possible the
v. ,*. :��� mn .- I.,* taken from the Hell ,-
rh-r at about the Junction of the old
Man anil get sufficient elevation, and
tlie survey being made is to deter-
in !..- thai point
"If it is found tn ti" feasible, the
project will no doubt be worked nut.
lull along what lines 1 could give nn
Idea, as ihat siage lias not been
"Nn. tin- government has not undertaken any Irrigation projects aa yet
and because it Is so much in embryo
1 could give im Idea nf whal may
eventuall) be done, or whether or not
tin- governmenl would build Hn* system along the lines of the irrigation
projects in Hi" States. In which the
land owners pay for the project In a
ter ii if ... an hut l should think snme
Bcheme al lis I ��� ise lines mlghl be
evol . I thai .'.nil.I wnrk out satisfac-
\fier attending the Lethbridge eon
ventlon   Mr   Drake  will  spend  some
time h...king over the Irrigation Bys
terns of Ali.erta and Saskatchewan be.
fore returning to Ottawa
men Wear Smile, and Smoke
Big Cigars.
Seattle, Aug. 8. More than twenty
taxpayers, representing various civic
organizations, were present in the*
council chambers on Wednesday to i
present their argum-ants for holding
down the city's expense account for
the coming year when the council began its wnrk on the budget for 1914,
Tbey urged iiie council to "eliminate
nil unnecessary expense,, cut out all
dead timber and reduce Seattle's ei-
penses for 11)14 to Ihe least possible
,imi.tint, In order tiiat the cily lie not
j advertised to the world as a place
where taxes are beyond all reason, and
municipal expenses and local Improvements made an excuse for high taxa-
ti n."
Judge Thomas Iturke was the first of
tbe lobby to address tin- council be-
fiir.- it took up its official work. He
told the city officials ihat be never
lufore had appeared befure a taxation
committee, but thai prevailing conditions had prompted him to come before them.
Warning From Judge Curke.
"A few days ago while coining Into
the olty   I  overheard  a  conversation
iu tin* observation car," Judge Burke
said.     "The   speakers   declared   that
Seattle v.as in a bad way as regards|
taxation;   thai   the city's credit  was
linking; that the rate of taxation was'
unprecedented  and  that   it  was  pro-
posed  to  raise the rate for next year
t i ir, mills.   'We have eliminated ibis
city  as a  possible  place for  Investment,' the speaker said,
"The Btatement that our tax levy
is based on a full valuation of all city
based on a full valuation of all city
property," Judge Burke declared. "If
this word goes out to the world it will
bi a check on Investments in this city
for homes. ,,r for business men to
carry On tbelr shoulders. That man
on the our lhe Other tlay simply voiced
the opinion of everv prudent resident
ol this citv.
'Our rut" nf taxation for nexl year,
unless we are very careful, will be
11.81 cents nn every man. wnmnn and
child, estimating the population at
276,000- not for Improvement work,
simply for wages and salaries of city
employees. This is the worst possible
reputation a city can have, and we
are all to blame for it."
Years' Blindne8�����Overwhelmed
With  Emotion.
Not   Sufficient   Hoteli    to    Accommodate  Crowds  and   Residences
Will   Be   Used.
Calgary, Aug. S. "There Ib something over a million dollars available for carrying on the city work,"
states Alderman Carscallen, "and under present arrangements we are satisfied the amount We have in hand will
run until late in the fall. 1 consider
the city Is In excellent financial condition." Alderman Carscallen Ib chairman of the finance committee of the
"I consider the city's finances are in
the best shape of any city in western I
Canada, with the possible exception of
Winnipeg," Bald Mayor Sinnctt. on
tiie day of his departure for the east,
"and 1 think thai the fact that Winnipeg is in better shape than we are if
inch is the case, is due t.i its recent
s.il" of bonds."
Whin' the beads of the city govern-
ipiint are not disposed to be boastful,
I they express patlsfactlon with the condition  in  which  they  have heen  able
i to keep the finances and while    re-,
trenchment   is  the  order of the day,
nothing thai, requires being done is being lefl undone because of any lack of
Finances   All   Right.
It ts merely a case of eare being ex-
���r'is.-d   to   keep  expenditures  within
tin-  ninnies  that  will  be available  tn
meet   ihem.    As  an   i vldence  if tlvs,
Commissioner   Samis   brought   up   the
question at the commissioners' mot-ting stating  he  wanted  to know  what
im ney   was   on   hand     before     going
ahead  with  the  work  he  had  planned
iand a meeting of the  lnance committee  was  accordingly  arranged.    Fro- i
'tiding on this basis and  in view of
the very  satisfactory t'tate of the ex-
Thequer, tt Is felt around the city hall*
that   Calgary   will   pull   through   the
I present   depression   without     meeting
jthe   difficulties   that   ire   confronting
������other cities.
"While other cities, as we learn from
i Ihe papers, are closing down work and
are no doubt in a bad way financially,
it is gratifying to find ourselves ln
such good circumstances." said Aact-
I ing  Mayor TreglllUB,    "I  don't  think
i ��� *'  -    wi *--���*. ai ent and
1   feel  that   under  the  circumstanees.
and   in   view  of  the  experience  other
places  are  having,  Calgary  may  feel I
quite proud of her position."
lt  is also encouraging to be told
lhat the month of .lune. 1918, was the
nrgrft in the history of the city of
Calgary in (he manor of the amount
of money paid out tor the services of
people employed in "��� mneetlon with
the various branches of the city's business.
Treasurer Thomas S Hums said:
".lune was the record month In the
history of Ihe city as regards the
amount of money paid out In salaries
and wages. The pay rolls for the
month amounted to ra ire than $300,-
000 And we are not up against it yet,
either," raid Mr. Hums wllh evident
Chicago, Aug. R.���Mrs. Mary J.
Welsh, the Michigan woman whoBe
sight was restored by an operation after fifty years of darkness, today had
a day of varying emotions at her
home mar Hillsdale, Mich. Now a
feeble woman of sixty-six. she was sixteen when she last gazed on the faces
ine    Woman    Faint,    in Church
and   Ha.   Serious   Accident
When She Fall..
Spokane, Aug. S ���FalntnesB that
overcame Mrs. (Ieorge Kansy, Providence avenue, during mass at St. Francis' Catholic church Sunday caused
her to fall ln such a way that her
nose struck the edge of a pew and was
almost torn from her face. Every bone
in the nose was broken and the flesh
about the lower part, wns lorn so that
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.m*******.    the member could  be  moved  up and
of friends and relatives.    Though she!(lown, hinge fashion. The face was cut
married at twenty-two, she never saw
her husband, lie has been dead for
a number of years.
Almost all the friends she knew in
her girlhood are dead or have moved
away. F.ven the landscape has changed     She could recall li'tle.   The road
and a hill appealed familiar.   Her own       	
bome   bad   received  alterations   which   stitches
she   familiarly   knew   by  touch    and :'
step, yet when  the home dawned  on
her vision it amazed her.
There are four of her six living
children now grown men and women
in the neighborhood. Two live in other
states and two lie In graves beside
her husband. She was overwhelmed | friends did
with emotion at the sight of her family. She knew the faces by sensitive
fingers, but had never seen them until
Went   to   Cemetery.
After the first recovery from her
emotion she asked to he taken to the
graves of her husband and children. In
the little country cemetery she lc iked
Special Excursions
Five     Days     including
Meal,   and   Berth.
Sails Mondays (Midnight), Aug
4th, Ilth, ISth, 2ath and Sept. 1
Glacial,   Island,   Mountain  and  Forest
Sails Thursdays (Midnight) Aug.
7th,  14th,  2l8t  and  28th.
Boats remain at PRINCE RUPEItT one day, affording an opportunity of seeing the new Grand Trunk Pacific city. Parlor rooms,
separately or en suite, with or without private bath, etc., an an additional cost.   Staterooms en suite without extra cost.
.n several places and Mrs. Kansy suffered considerable loss of blood.
An operation was performed at the
ofllce of Dr. A. 1.. Marks, where it waB
said that no permanent deformity
would result.
To put the nose back In place it was
necessary to re-inforce the broken
nones with splints and to take ten
in the fleshy part that had
been torn. The nose was then put in
a cast and has begun to heal rapidly.
Mrs. Kansy said yesterday that she
even hoped her appearance would be
improved, as the shape of the member
was somewhat altered. After the cast
was removed, she Bald, several of her
not  recognize  her.
While the service at St. Francis'
was under way Mrs. Kansy felt faint
ind started to leave the building. In
the aisle she fell and struck the opposite pew. She was unconscious and did
not know what had happened until1
some time after the accident.
Mrs. Kansy is 35 years old and the!
wife of  an  employee of  the  Stanton
H. C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
627 Granville Street, Vancouver.
W.   E.   DUPEROW,  G.  A.  P.  D.
Phone Private Exchange 8134
upon the epitaph of the man she mar- I Packing company
rled and had  never seen.    Returning, I
"he spent Se dav In a darkened room. WORK ON CALGARY POST
Her eyes are    not    yet    sufficiently j      OFFICE D-LAYED FOR A TIME
strong to bear continuous light.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start-
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.
Made  In  New  Westminster.
Schaake  Machine Works.
Mrs.   Welsh's   trip   to   the   Chicago
hospital, where the operation was per-
Calgary, Aug. 8.���Owing to a delay I
,���,���,���, , _r     r        in   preparing   the   plans   at   Ottawa,
���rmed, had Its inception in a chance j work   on   the   building   of   Calgary's'
.is'.t   made   into     Michigan     a     few i million dollar post office is not like-
���nonths   ago  hv   the  chaplain   of  the, ly to  be  started  for  some    time    to;
hosoltal,  tb0  Rev.  Dr.  M.  W.  Salter-1 come, and CalgarianS will have to bei
Id.    In Hillsdale Dr. Satterfleld de-j content   with   the  present  temporary1
structure  for  some considerabli
Sorre Good Advice About Curing  Hay
���How Not To Do
Winnipeg,   Aug.   S.   Tbe    greatest j
crowd   that   ever   visited   Winnipeg   it
expected   in   the city   next   week  fo
the   Stampede,   and    fer   this   reason
the board of control decided to ask
a committee trom  the  Manitoba ho-
i'-l keepers' association to wait upon
them   to discuss   ways   and   means  of
1  think  the time to cul clover for: housing the thousands of visitors thai
nay is when, say, one-third of the
heads are brown; but one can set no
strict rule, us the Heather must receive just us much thought and consideration as the Btage of ripeness of
lie clover, says Philip Baer, junior, of
Ohio. If all indications were good fur
line bay weather, at a little --"���
i-i  ahead;   and  conversely,  if
rainy when our ideal stage of the crop
It   he
in hand, wait by all means for belief  weather.
I nnv ��� clover when the dew Is off,
preferably in the afternoon, and let
U lay in the swath the following night.
The next day we gel the hay In llghl
winnows, using the side delivery rake;
thiB raklug thonld be done before any
danger of loss of leaves by striking of
the r.ike.
1 do nol heap hay In curing, because'
of  the  amount  of  labi r required.  1
think 1 have as good n method windrow i with the Bide delivery In llghl
rows; never l"t halt dry clover hay In
the swatb over night to catch the dew.
Ii necessary, ths windrows are turned
over with the side delivery. If one
drives straight In making the runs ut
tirsl, lie can turn a row over nicely and
all he net ils lo tin Is to drive. When It
has become dry we hook to the wagon
w ith loader, straddle
i: lu the in uv In burn
the hotels will be unable to lake car
of.    The   board   Is   determined   that
every   visitor  to  the  citv   sliall   have :
s. ine sort of accommodation; as it is'
convinced thai   it   is the  -.verit  kind [
of   bad   business   to   bring   people   to
the c ty and not have accommodation
to offer  Ihem
Not rnou7h Hotels
The matter was brought to the
attention of the board by Industrial
Commissioner Roland. who staled
that he had iiiude an investigation
at the different railway company ot
fees nml had found that tliere was
every Indication of a tromendons
crowd. The betels would not be able
to handle more than a small pnrt ������
the crowd, and he suggested thai
{some empty buildings should be hired wher i the people could be accommodated with plots for sleeping nur
poses. There would be more difficulty 111 feeding the crowds. Imt the
problem of supplying sleeping accommodation would nol be an easy one.
Arrangements had already beeq
made with the railway companies to
bring no less than 145 part lea In pri-
vale cars to tlle Stampede, the parties
^^^^ Cl ming   frnm   all   parts   of   America
i row  and  rush   Special   trains   would   be
We unload with   run  to lhe city during th
Enough Land Subdivided Around Cil
gary  to  Accommodate City
of 9,000,000.
Calgary, Aug. 8. That the amount
of properly already subdivided around
Calgary is sufficient lo comfortably
accommodate a city of 9.(1110,000 pen
pie or more than the poplatlon of thc
whole of the Dominion of Canada, and
that a great deal of wildctitting and
misrepresentation regarding Calgary
outside realty Is still being carried on
by Irresponsible real estate firms wllh
offices here, was the siartling announcement made in a report of the
I real estate section of the board of
The report was made to the regular
meeting of the bonrd of trade, and
came up in connection with the statement that British Columbia real estate
men were preparing to start a campaign against Alberta realty men Invading their province and wildcaltlng
The action of the 11 C. realty men
was taken nfter a number of Fernle
residents had slated that they had
been victimised in buying Calgary
realty, and the real estate section of
the board Ot trade nt once took the
mutter up and conducted an Investigation, According to the report the Investigation showed that much mis
representation of actual conditions and
values hnd heen mnde by Calgary
linns operating in and around Fernie,
wnen  ii ie  .,,.. - :Bm' """ 'be action of the liritish Co-
nn.ltnr     t     ��,.,. thu It Is drv enough   I.1"'!"'   '���"������'"���"*������   """   - ,; ,,,;,   lumbia   real   estate   men   and   others
earlier. 4. See null il is ur> < iiousn h j pjquests for more than 20011 , . Z ' ,���.,,������ ,,,��� ,������,,���. ������ ,,..,,.
before it goes Into the mow. 5. H��-1 ���������,, f()r ,,,��� w������k| ,������, ,������, at.other j * '? *,7'' lBl,,n�� th�� mBtt0r "P WaS
careful to make straight windrows or h t, h hftd nllpll(.atioIlg f���r more J,T j". .. .������,,,,, ���,��� ,-.���, ....���
���windrows of n uniform curve   fi. ( are,  .        . ,  , ��� |    as  tar as  possible the local  brarti
In    U���r���o,llnir   eVenlv    til    lhe   milW I       -..        i    .'   ,    . . ... I0"    tfaflS    Will    CO-OperBtl"    Wth    Olltsllio
i��� I       ,      ��lo       I    nl��'   drv The  hotel  keepers' association  vvi!1,,,,.,,,,,,,^   ,���   lm���rctlnK   thpm     fr���m
en ugh or the now?       ,,,-ver could '" ��ke? "V*""1" l,s",f to ,h" *1^ the wildcatters, and an effort wlll be
^    rn tbl��   I v   the  twlslliig  method to  Bup*''y   '***���  I1,"*-','B!,nr>'  MOOmniods    made hy Ihe firms doing business on
discern this  by the twisting memoo Umj  and thp c,ly w|��� do ���v,.rvlhlm; L   ,eglt,mRte bftB,a ,(| B*p (h(l (m)1,
��������� -.    i ,     .U���,     |���     ������
vered an address. He told of the
charitable work done by the hospital
every year. The white haired blind
woman heard him. At the close of
the service she groped her way forward and clutched the minister's
hands. *
"Can you do anything for me?" she
1 asked.    "1  inly want to see my babies
befure  I   go.    I  have been  praying���
In the fear that the operation for a
double cataract might not prove sue
restful the authorities at the hospital
kept it a secret when it was completed Mrs. Welsh, her eyes heavily band-
���>eed, was taken to a dark rtioni antl
the entire hospital Ftnff gathered about
her On" by one th
were removed.    I
Slight Ray of Light.
The last bandage was taken off. A
threadlike ray of light was let flicker
through the blackness. Mrs. Welsh
was told to open her eves. The muscles
of tlie lids were weak, but she managed to open them and the flrsl ray of
light in a half centurv startled her.
Two davs ago. nt the comnletlon of
.the operation, the woman was taken
down ti the loop district by one of the
hosnttal nurses. She stared with awe
at the huge buildings.
"I  can't   believe they are real." she
whispered   "The  last   bulldlnga  I  saw-
were little farm houses hack In Michigan,    (lod  made these huge  piles of
| rock that  vou call skyscrapers.  Little
linen never could have done It."
period. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
This   Is   the   information   contained
In a letter to the board of trade, and i
the   writer   of   the.  letter   waa   R.   XI. ]
Bennett, M. p.
Mr.   Bennett   pointed   out   that   he
was unable to state that work would
be commenced in the  near future, aB
so far the plans for the new building
had   not   been   drawn   up.    The   delay
is at Ottawa, and, although  Mr. Bennett Ib doing all ln his power to get
the  matter   ruBhed  through  as early
i as possible so that work can be started this fall, it will be some consider
! able   time   before   the   razing   ot   the
e  eve  wrinnings I '���'<���*  Post  offlCe building  and  the  put-
... eve wrappings | Uag (n Qf th<? (oundation for tlle new
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C, Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured ln B. C��� vli.: the
the celebrated "VANCOUVER" Brand, guarantee^ to pass Standard
Specifications ot Americas and Canadian Engineers'  Association.
We would also call attention to our Vllrjfled Befwer Pipe from
4-ln. to 24-in. In diameter. This Ib also made In this Province aad we
consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a stock ot Crushed Rock, Washed Gravel, Band.
Lime, Plaster, etc.
See ua before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 16. 902 Columbia Street W.
structure can be commenced.
Minister Alleged to Have Made Fraudulent Use of U. S. Mails���
"Enemies," He Says.
wees' and
,     ,,   o  ���,���l  -ire very particular to  great   crowds  were  tissurred   as  half
h��� , -, 1   lbe  new' hay evenly  0Y��  the   Fares   fron,  all   points  in   Canada   hud
mow as eaoh harpoonful la dropped.   , been secured
Some ihings 1 am careful Sbout: l
Do a good, clean Job ol mowing. !
Don't let hay lay In swath over nigh
if il   Is half cun tl or more
rake clover when  It Is  brittl
no  11
I h*ve no doubt that tho crowd
will be the biggest we have ever had
in the City," snld the mayor. "I understand ihat the management of the
Itoyal   Alexandra   hotel   has   already
K  m";""n   Uon, and the city w
near from..     ,,���   ���������,,.r  ,n  ���..
City criminate Bclllug of land thnt Is not
���and watehlPt for Juloe to appear from       ���        WPr t() assist   th.,..,.    -������, ., ��..- ���....-���  ���-. ���
the h,rd twist,,1 stalks.   I decide >'v i",n(roHer Hvanson has been asked to of any value as subdivision property
Of the hay t" the hand.    ' r,on,.,. tti.< Information bureau which at tl.e present  time   and  which  on,-
' cond cted   during   the   exhibition, not be worth what It Is now being sold
Spokane. Aug. 8,-s-Arrested by Dep
nty   l'nited   States   Marshal   A.      M
Ilallev  on  a   warrant  frnm   l.eoln,  S.
II..   charging   fraudulent   use   of   the
l'nited States mails. Hev. I., L, Sanders, le'-t supply pastor for the Second
l'nited Presbyterian church on Montgomery avi nue. lart night branded his
arrest as expected and Instigated by
enemies   Of   a   local   option   fluht   In I
taola.   it is charged that the Rev, Mr
Banders made persona) use of money
he collected through ihe mails for thel
establishment ol a llbarary,
lie showed th" l'nited States authorities letters he has b:id from be-1
oln stating that he was to be charge.1
wltll some crime and for hlm lo be on
| the lookout tin declares that the saloon element there Is so bitter against
him for leading a campaign to vote
the town dry thai they will "leave no
Stone unturned to accomplish his
ruin." Robert Sawhlll, an elder in the
Church, came 1*1 the pnstor's rescue
and expressed confidence In Mb Innocence. J, K. Iirown gave ihe 11,000
bond last night.
Itev. Sanders enme here on April
22, JnBt a week, he BayB. after the
Bucceps of the local option fight snd
after threats aRainst his life made It
safer for him to leave.
here, for yenrs to come.
dies on the pitchfork     If It 0O��"*r��J  a���d   addresses  or   nil  homes   In   the     " *"~
very  easily   with   most  of  the  leaves ^  ^ w|n,ng  ,c) ,.lkp  ,���  pay.
crumbling of. U Is too dry- driea u     s g ghor| |)(,rln(1  and ,,*.
^YU^JK1  ">-I? the visitors Io the proper places
Bank Cl;rk  Drowned
Regina, Aug. ��.   J. B, Hilts, a mem
iber of the  Btaff of the
ai  Rethuno, mel death by drowning
on Anitiist :: wlille In. swimming at
Uoglna in ach. The young man, who
i*i snld io live In Nova Scotia, lefl for
lhe lake wllh n couple of friends early In im ming. Arrived at Regina
i * *'t h, yauiiR I'ilt/. spent from nine
-���'clock to neon In the wator, whither
"  Hm
His   Home   His  Castle
Regina, Aug.   8.���Magistrate    Mc-
C'uiiNlntid   dismissed   the   ease   of   Ihe
Royal  Bank eity of Regina vs. Von Torber with
the omphalic Btatement:    "1 do nol
think  il  Is the law.    If there is aueh
a law ii is ohoininaiiie.   i dismiss tho
in summing up tlie case, Mr, Bag
slinw, rm- tho licensed, said: "A man's
liouse is liis ensile for, safely and repose in himself ami bin family, is
the bm  of ibis country   In spite of
Junk Dealer Released.
Moose Jaw, Aun. 8. After languishing between the steel barB 111 thl
iocal police station all night and thc
best part of Ihe next dny. Sain Tail-
man, dealer In junk, was released, but
during his Incarceration while awaiting trial Ills hull was Increased from
t'iSiin) to $7,0(10. However, Tadman
had n mosl interesting time In the Utile   Cell,   lor  lie   lleliiietieed   III,   prill   Still-
dry who had h nl anything to do with
the case. .Indue Otisley fixed the hull
anil   aei'epteil   lbe   Wealthy   .tullll   till"
himself as surety for $5,000, while .1
M I, Ailiby nml i) 11. Kysh i-iutnin
iton the erstwhile pawnbroker's   ap
lo      tbe      extent
ho returned after lunoh.   ���-';>"" y"   "     |u|;|V. (l- .h|g ,���- nny other city, ponrance    to    tl stenl  of $2,000
between   " ���'"    -'l"''  *"���  oclocK     wn   ^ ;,* n ,���,,.,,-,,���   ���������   nr.   Seymour,   and apiece,   Tonlghl Tadman Is free, bul
Bwlmmlng wiih a coropalon rrom. tn< ���I|V  government   attempts   to. will appear ngaln to answer the chti -
wharf to the boathouse, Hilts, unno ���*        t]M ,o hl|n|lll| ,.,���,, ,���., ,,,  ,,v  ,,���. ,���   *,.  u. ������  Monday
tied  by  the other men,  -sank.    His ���'       i      ,M ,; (;ul ���                            lm,xt
body  has noi  b i recovered,
Montreal, Aug. S. Recauso lie trust
ed In Ihe brake Of his bicycle to pro-
tort his roIiie down the steep Oreen
��� avenue hill to St. Antolne street, Al-
,fred Chartre, aged 14, son of I'Mreninn
ll'bnrtri', of No. 4 station, lies In Ihei
I Western hospital with bis skull badly
] fractured,     lie    underwent   ii   serious I
operation and is reported as being bet- j
Iter today.
Alfred was riding in the semi-dark- ���
IPBSS nnd slruok a atone, This threw
the cesi'ter brake oul ot order und he
was carried to the bottom of the bill
helpless, The Bame Jerk thnl dlsor-
i* up i ii iir* brake loosened the li n
ill, bars and lhe rider crashed again *���'
a hi use en St, Nniniiie i.n*e,*;. The
force of the collision threw Chartre
lu mi iir. i i i the wall, Ho i truck u
window Bill .uni v..is no, ,ii iclous ��hen
picked un. with a bum* push In one
'side of lib- hOttd
ONCE when King Edward VTI. paid a visit to Sheffield,
all the fires in factories and plants were allowed to
die out. Not a wheel in Sheffield turned for twenty-
four hours. CI, The primary object of this was to lift the
pall of smoke that hovers over that wonderful steel-producing city, and to ensure, as far as man was able, a bright day
nnd a blue sky for an auspicious occasion. Clt waa
Sheffield's expression of respect.
BUT the action was unique���it was unprecedented���it
was unthought of that those hundreds of mighty
furnaces, raging night and day, and those seething
boilers, with quivering valves, should ever be allowed to
cool. C This extinguishing of fires cost Sheffield hundreds
of thousands of dollars���the price of thr, effort to get back
r..'.ii:i to high-power efficiency.
SOME business men in Canada pay an unwitting homage,
not toa king, but to a superstition���the superstition
' tliat hot weather justifies letting the fires of business
energy go out. They stop Advertising in the Summer
months. By paying homage to tradition, custom, supersti'
tion, they have allowed Summer to become their "dull"
season. CYofi know how dull it can be when you don't
advertise. Do you know how brisk it can be made by
Advertising ? Do you realize how much momentum you
now lose in the Summer that must be regained in the Fall ?
Advfoe r^prmVinic yonr fcdvertlslnn problem! ia available through any rmagruted Can
���A" 1 -.in advartiiing agency, nr the Becretaty ol thr Canadian rren Association, Roon
603 Lumsden Building, Toronto. Enquiry iuvolvta uo oiiigatiou on your part������
vnlf, it intcicatcd. ��**"    PAOB  BUOHT
SATURDAY,  AUGUST  9,  1913.
��� m
"PAY   CA8H    IT    WILL    PAY
Remember  the  Place���
33 Eighth Street,
and the telephone No. 2
We want you to try Enchila-
des, Chill Cou ("arne and Chicken Tamales and for a few days
we will lower the price from 2
fur ?5c��� to 3 tins for 25c.
Jacob's   Biscuits,  2   packages
for 25c.
Empress Baking l'owder, per
IG oz. tin, one tin to each customer for 20c.
' Maple  Flavor   Syrup,   regular
86c, per bottle  today 25c.
"Our Special Tea." the tea par
excellence,  per  lb.  50c.
"Royal City" Blend Tea, per
Ib. 35c, 3 lbs. $1.00.
Muskmelons, each   15c.
Watermelons   from    35c.
Plums, per basket  50c
Apricots, per crate $1.20
l'eaches, 2 lbs for  25c
Fr.'sh Tomatoes, basket 80c.
Small fresh Tomatoes, 2 lbs. 25c
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BRIOGS
City News In Brief
All   notices  of  -meetings,  entertain-1    A  disagreement between  the    Van-
ments, sales of work,    etc,    in    this   couver Exhibition association and tbe
Make a
towards providing for
old age when your earning- power will be much I
less, by starting a sav*
ings account.
If you open an account with us we will allow 4 per cent, interest
on minimum monthly
balances and add the interest every three
You will be extended
every courtesy consistent with sound businsssv
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
New Westminster
606 Columbia St.
Pald-Up Capital and Surplus
Trusteeships under Administration, ov��r $6,000,000.
Trustee for Iiondholders over
Open 8aturday Evenings 7 to 9.
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their instructions are positive.
No successor to Hev. J. H. Henderson has yet been named and Mr. Henderson will likely continue in his
charge here until the end of the present month.
August clean up sale of holsery at
W. S. Colllster ���& Co. tonight.    (1S75)
Restaurant for rent; good location.
Apply box 1S42 News oftice.      (1S4-1
Almost all the hay has been taken
in throughout the lower Fraser valley In the district tributary to the
cily and farmers are at work harvesting tlieir oilier crops. Some oats have
been cut and James l.oney of Ihe
Johnston road, near Sullivan, is now
cutting his wheat.
August clean up sale of odd lines
in every department ut \V. S. Colllster
& Co. today. (1875)
Get It at the Royal Pharmacy, 47
Sixth street.    Tel. 1253. (1832)
Next week the board of school trustees will hold a meeting to consider
the recommendations of the municipal inspector for appointments to the
teaching staff. There are still two or
three vacancies to be filled. The remainder of Ihe time will be occupied
by  routine business.
Trimmed hats, values $12, at $2.SO
each at W.  S. Colllster & Co. today
Charged with issuing a cheque
without having funds fo meet It, Lou
Prentiss was placed under arrest bv
the police late last evening and will
have a hearing before Magistrate Edmonds in court this morning.
First attraction of the season.
"Uncle Tom's Cabin," at the opera
house Saturday. Reserve your seats
now at Tidy's. (1S50J
A verdict of accidental death due
to drowning was brought in by a coroner's jury last evening in the case
of Georgia Lavierre, who, while in an
Intoxicated condition, fell from his
boat while fishing in the river on Nov.
29, 1912. The body was picked up
by the local police on Tuesday evening, floating  In  the  North Arm.
Take advantage of the August clean
up sale at W, S. Colllster & Co. to
day. Il87.ri)
I/ay 1 has been suggesled aa Labor
Day, commencing next year, and a
referendum (if all councils and labor
union bodies of the province will be
taken (in the subject in the near
White Rock
"The Playground   of B.C."
WHITE, SHILES & Co., Official Apis
Vancouver Trades and Labor council
means Westminster's gain, for the |
latter body has refused to join in the j
industrial parade at the exhibition in
llie Terminal City on Labor Day and
will assist the Westminster trades
unions in celebrating at Queens park
Sell on Market at 40 Cents Per Dozen
���New   Potatoes   Drop���Fairly
Plentiful  Supply.
White Rock Hotel
Under new management; $2.00 per
day. Special weekly and week-end
tariff on application. H. W. MORRIS,
Millinery bargains.
$12.00 clearing at 5
wears ut $1.00. Mrs.
Hats worth
2.5(i;   ready
Agret, 59 Sixth
Kggs look the rise in price predicted
to'and at yesterday morning's market
to Isold for 40 cents a dosen retail and
35 cents wholesale. For some time
the demand has been tightening up
and it is expected that the price will
not fall off from the 40 cent mark
now readied.
The only other change of note was
the drop in quotations for new potatoes, which, with an Increased sup-
al $1.25 per hag, in-
eek's figure of $1.5(1.
.���i.mj-aiiv is building from Coqultlam IButter and other lines were fairly
lake to Port Moody, where a whart I plentiful and sold unchain*., d mi a
is being  built,
Delivery of a  dozen  new  box cam
and   2(1   logging  cars  has  been   made
by ihe   Seattle   Car   Manufacturing |
company to the It. C, E. R.   The box i
cars will  be used    on    local    traffic. ,
while  the  logging   rolling   stock   will'ply,   went   out
be placed on lbe new steam road the  stead  of  last   v
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod,
Insurance    man.    All  kinds    written.
Hundreds of millious to pay losses.
steady market.
Poultry, meat and  fish brought the
the prices given below:
Vegetables, Retail.
Blackberries,  box    $1.60
lieets, per bunch 5c
It remained for a Seattle man. J.
W. Wood, to secure the contract from
the New Westminster Progressive association for the printing of 5000
Illustrated 32 page booklets, describing the city and Fraser valley and tolEggS, retail, dozen
be Issued without cost to the associa-I Butter retail per lb
tion. Mr. Wood will attempt to make
a profit on the deal by securing advertising outside of the city.
Onions,  per  lb	
Carrots, per bunch 	
Cabbage, per Ib	
Turnips, each 	
Eggs and Butter.
Kggs, wholesale, dozen
Mr. T. Victor Case, late of San
Francisco, has arrived in the city
taking over the ladies' department
opened up by J. N. Aitchlson, the well
known merchant tailor. This is an
important step towards having in our
midst a first class ladies' tailor and
���ihould lidp io keep business in town
that otherwise finds its way to Vancouver and elsewhere. Mr. Case
comes highly recommended and is
prepared to give the same aatisfac
tion aa that which has characterized
his work in the past. (18541
Canadian  laws perhaps differ from
other countries  in  the estimation  of I
Joe  Lazzra.    Joe  was eerved  with  a
summons on July 19 to appear in court
on  July  21   to explain  the  reason  of
his peddling linen goods on Columbia
Btreet without a traders' license. The j
blue  paper did  not appeal  to  Lazzra
and  after  giving  a fictitious  address
in  Vancouver, he failed  to appear at
the   appointed  time.    Magistrate   Kdmonds issued a bench warrant, but it
was    only     yesterday  that  Detective
Burrows cast his lamps on the Italian.
The   Vancouver   police   assisted   and
Joe's friends had to come to his assistance   with   the  sum  of  $50   before
j he  could  be  liberated   from   the  city
Ibasllle.    He will explain  his absence
to the court at 9:30 this morning, also
the alleged hawking charge.
Butter, wholesale, per Ib	
Flsh,  Retail.
Pink Spring Salmon, per lb.  .
White Spring Salmon, per lb.
Flounders, per lb	
Sturgeon, per lb	
The  Royal  theatre  was packed    to
the sidewalk  last   night,    which  only !
goes to show how the people of New
Westminster like good clean musical!
comedies  in   tabloid   form.     Manager I
Glllis has made   arrangements   with |
(he Frank Rich company to Btay over
for a second week.
"A  30  to  1   Shot"  was the title  of'
the play and  It  was  very  interesting i
from    atari    to    finish,    The   chorus j
numbers  were  all   well  rendered and
were beautifully staged.    I'orter War
field  made a distinct hit as the race
track tout.    It was quite a contrast to!
liis   Irish  character  in  "The  Cabaret
Girl."    Miss    Ruby    Lang    and    Roy
���5r'Clair had  to  respond to several    encores when they presented Iheir   own
.36c. |original dream dance.    Beulah Henton
won the hearts of all  with  her rube
character and Robert Kvans played a
"daddy" character to perfection.
The chorus girls' contest completed
the performance and there was grent
difficulty In awarding the prizes, as
each of the eight girls were all good
In their special numbers. There will
be a matinee today and three shows
. ,5c.
, .300 1
. ,10c
Trains From Interurban Terminal^Columbia St
For Vancouver via Central Park.
WEEKDAYS���6 and 5.45 am.
and every 16 minutes until !i
p.m. Half hourly service until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
SATURDAYS���16 minute ser
vice Is continued until 11 p.m.
SUNDAYS���6, 7, 7.30 8 and
8.30 and every 16 minutes until
11 p.m. with late car at midnight.
For Vancouver via
6.45 a.m. and hourly until 10 p.
in.,  with  lato car at  11.30.
a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
SUNDAYS���8 a.m. and    hourly
until  10  pin.  with  late car at
For Vancouver via
WEEKDAYS���7 a.m. and every
hour until 11 p.m.
SI'NDAYS���8 a.m.    and    every
huro until 11 p.m.
Connection  is  made at    Eb-
hour until 11 p.m.
and other points on Lulu Island.
Fraser Valley Line
STATIONS���9.15 a.m., 1.10 and
0 15 p.m.
POINTS���4.06 p.m.
Such Is Tenor of Trade Reports from
Principal   Centres  of   Dominion
of Canada.
Money  to  loan  on
improved  city    nnd
9 per cent, Alfred W.
first mortgages.
farm property
MeLeod.  (1828)
R. D. .MacKenzie, road suporlnten-
lenl for Delta, will lay oil on the l'a-
iffe highway in preparation for the
lour to the border Io be taken next
week by delegates to (he Pacific
Highway association meeting In Vancouver. With the sprinkling of Surrey municipality road from South
Westminster, the highway will be In
good condition.
For pressed brick, fire clay, common brick, cement, lime, plaster,
gravel, sand, rock and fuel oil, apply
o the 11. C. Transport Co.. Ltd. Office
phone 826, wharf phone 880.      (1829)
A gang of laborers at work on the
Canadian Northern depot site on
Front street yesterday caused some
people to think that work was started
on the new building to be put up
there. This is not the case, however, and Ihe men are there in accordance with the Instructions issued by
the board of health, requiring the
weeds to be rut No definite plans
have been made yet by the ('. N. It.
here, but it is expected within the
next two months to have these under
Special matinee at the opera house
Saturday    afternoon,    "Uncle   Tom's
Cabin."    Children   10 cents, adults  25
cents. ilK,",fi|
Inquest This Morning.
The Inquest over the body of James
Gould, the 6-year-old South Vancouver boy who was killed In North Burnaby on Thursday afternoon, will be
held In Vancouver this morning at
TAXES  1913.
Municipality of Burnaby.
Tax demands for the current year
having all been issued and as the rebate period will expire on August 25.
owners who have not received their
notices will oblige by communicating
with tin- undersigned Immediately,
giving full description of their property.
Taking Down Bridge.
Preliminary work has been started I
on the big job of Hiking down the steel
superstructure of the ('. P. K. bridge
at the Pitt river that has been purchase.! hy the provincial government
for the purposes ef the new traffic
bridge and highway a little fart a t up
���lie river. The frame work i*-; to be
floated on barges and placed oi: tides
ready for use when the pier.- have
bei ii censtructed
Halibut, per Ib mc
Smelts, per lb lie
Herring     3 lbs. 25c I tonight.
Sockeye,  each    15c. ���
Retail Meats.
Ueef. best lib roasts lac to ISc
Beef, loin    18c.  to 27c.
Beef, round steaks      ...23c.  to 26c.
Boiling beef 14c,
Veal 15c.  to 17c.
Pork 12c. to 13c.
Mutton 12c to 20c
Hens, small, per doz   SG to $7
Hens, large, per doz   $8 to $10
Chickens, per dctf.en   $4 lo $6
Broilers,  per dor     $3  lo  }5
Hens,  live,   per  lb 23c.
Chickens, live, per lb 2.1c  to 24c I
Ducks, per dozen  ,., $12 to $15 j    Montreal, Aug. 8.    Despatches from
Ducks, live, per lb 20c lo 23c  leading   cuies   of   the   Dominion   suy
Ducklings, per lb 28c to 30c'there lias been  some  Improvement iu
 confidence, owing to    the    continued
| favorable crop progress, but tliat con-
I serviuiBin ia still a prominent feature.,
Montreal   reports     tliat     wholesale
trade  continues   of   a   quiet   mid-sum-
1 mer character, but that there   are indications of Improvement and it is be
lii Ved   lhat   fall   trade   will   be  active
if there is  no set-back to the  favorable crop prospects which now    prevail.    Boot and    Shoe    manufacturers
are   not   busy   and   the  demand     for
leather is light.
Favorable weather at Quebec has
helped business and the situation as
a whole is quite satisfactory.
There is Utile change lu tlie eondl
tion in Toronlo. l.-il there is a grow-
ing feeling of confidence uu the crop
approaches the maturity.
Favorable crop prospects throughout the far wesi and northwest stiniii
late confidence and merchants generally are looking forward to a brisk
fail aud winter trade.
Winnipeg reports that a fair de
mand  prevails     for     most     kinds    of
s apie merchandise.
(irons earnings of all Canadian railroads reporting to date for July BUOW
a ga'n of 2.3 per cent as compart d
with the same roads a year ago.
Commercial failures In the Dominion ibis week numbered 31, as agalnsl
30 last week and 20 tbe Bame week
last year.
B. H.  BUCKUN,                 N.  BKAKDSLKHi.
Pre*  and (Hal. Mgr.          Vlce-Presldsot.
Sae. and Trsaa.
Fir, Cedar  and
Phones No. 7 and 877.
% .������������
��� p
'     !
Forest Flames Get Beyond Control  in
Oregon and  Lumber Companies
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
Cut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Enquire about cur special stockes, they are  money savers.
Local Saks Department, Phone 890.
8,    Two     im-
burnlng near
Mciulton, O-e , Auk
mem::' forest fires ar
The fiercer one of the two Btarted
at Chapman's logging camp, at Scap-
poose, several days agn. The camp
has been wiped out and those fighting tiie fire have not us yet been able
lo check it.
The second fire started at the
Peninsula logging company's plant a
week ago and Is still unchecked. The
atmosphere Is hazy with smoke and
ashes are falling In Moulton, although
the fire is on the other side of Yank-
it n.
lu   the   Labor  Temple     Terms  rea-
!    sonable.   Apply I). s. Cameron, see
retary.    La ber    Temple      building
Phone tritO,
Sunday, Aug. 10
TO $159,030,000 TAKE THIS
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia St.,  Phones
1200,   1201,   1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth   St.   Market,   Phone   1205.
Edmonds   Market,   Phone   L883.
Residence Y. W. C. A Phone 1324.
S.   Government   Preoarcd
Almost  Any   Limit  to  Get
Crop  Moved.
Tour Westminster and two Vancou
ver men will start on Sunday for a
month's  cruise  up  the   ii   C.  coast,
making tin* nip in une tif Marlin
Monk's miitiir launches. Art Mills,
whether by seniority or bis good looks,
was elected ctiiiiiiietliire at a meeting
yesterday, with Hill Rogers as rirsi
male. Dick Hewitt will bold down tlie
position   of   nlgbt   wat/h:ii;in   and   his
chler assistant win lie Kenneth (ier
mains, The tun Vancouver landlubbers will be carried as mere passengers, Tbey expect tn visit all Ibe slimmer resorts ami camps from tlie Fraser bridge lo I'rlnce Ilupert.
on     Tuesday     and     Wednesday,
AiigiiBt Vi and 13, P. II. Hrown and
Fred Davis will sell by auction at a
gtcre under Kings hotel, Columbia
street, a large quantity uf household
furniture and effects, without reserve,
Rood bargains. Terms cash. Sale.
starts 1:311 each day. (1868)'
After  having experienced  the  joy
of   being  located   in   the  midst
fruit  Bland,    the    C.   P.  II
office   is   now   undergoing   changes, I"
,.���, In
Washington, Aug. s. All predictions nt nn early passage of the
Democratic tariff bill by the senate
|are going glimmering, Majority lead
ers realize that notwithstanding the
facl that they have s"l a new roeurd
in pushing consideration of this
measure, only a beginning lias been
made and the earliest anyone will
nr imlse ci mpletlon nf tlie lank is
s, ptember 18, Tt u days ago when a
member of the finance committee
sad be thought Hit* senate would pass
Ihe measure by August 20, there were
some who thoughl it might ba pus
sible. but thnt date Is less than two
weeks away and but four schedules
have been considered, :!C paragraphs
III  thesi' having  I n  passed over for
future consideration.
The chemical,   earthenware   metal
and  lumber schedules have  been approved,  save  for    rales    on    certain
articles  in  eneh  which  will  he  taken
up  later,     ibere   remain   to   be  con-
s'dereil   leu   schedules,   among   them
the  three   upon   which   there   will  be
lelecranh  ""' 'nost  vigorous    attacks    by    th"
eii.-r,ii'...s Imlnorlty, namely, tlie wool, sugar and
griciillural  schedules,    The  minority
-innate entranci
Is  making  i
and shows
amendmi nts
i sign of
up   on
Call and inspect our fall
lines, and new fall stylos and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
-IOI   Columbia   St.
which  will allow i
from the east side of the store front,
Members of lhe Thistle club lo tlie
number of loo enjoyed themselves lasl
evening at a social held on the
grounds of the Moose bulge. High
hind piping and dancing were in
diilged In until a late hour.
Nagar Singh, who on Thursday was
committed for trial by Magistrate Kd
uionds for lorgiiig a cheque, was sent I
up on a second count yesterday morn- I
lng, this time the charge reading that
of    obtaining    money    by  false    pre
fences.   Magistrate Edmonds, in committing the man for trial, authorised ���
tlle publication  of  a  Complete  denial
of the rumor ihat circulated around
the   ellv   to   the  effect     that     a   bank
ehrk bad bee,, arrested-In connection wna ,������,, asHM;mt  proteM0T a.
with  the case.     Iwo of the mall  of a!--
Washington,   Aug.   S     The   $80,	
onu of federal fundi) aboul io be deposited in tbe iiiili'iial banks nl' tin*
west and south to assist in mov n :
the crops will be Increased tn S1,",0.*
000,000 if necessary, Tin* desire ol
Uie government to mobilize all tin
needed cash of tie* public treasury in
ilu- agricultural In lis of the country
to averl tin* money stringency char
acterlstlc of the crop moving period
was communicated todaj to bankers
of the central wesl al a conference
with Secretary McAdoo ami Assistant
Secretary John Bkelton Williams,
called ly ibe treasury department to
make arrangements for tbe distribution of the big sum.
While these representative financiers, fresh from the marketing centres nl tlie middle states, welcomed
the prospect of proposed deposits,
tbe consensus of opinion, it was
staled, seemed to be that $50,000,000
would be ample tn meet the situation.
The 31 bankers gathered at the meeting seized the chance to present their
views on currency legislation to the
government. They urge tw-o material
amendments to   tbe   pending   Glass-
(Iwcii  measure
Pack In your bathing suits and n
, well (Hied hamper aud spend a day al
I Maple Ileach. Boundary Hay. Plenty
Iof free picnic places oh the sand
beach or under (be wonderful spread
ing maples. I.ovelv spring water
Take the Itlver road to l.-.tdner and
the Qoudy road BOUlh
A-jents for Whalen Uitate.
New Westminster.
Will  Leave
,B. C. Electric Ry Wharf
10  a.m.   Sunday.
Further  information   inquire
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
2 lbs.
A| rlcots, p< r crate $1.20, 3 lb-1. for 260
Musk   Meltons,  each    lac.
Water   Motions,  each 40c   lo  6llc
Apples     il lln. for 2tii:
Lime and Drape Julie, per bottle 26c
In   '    BOc
Phone 164 L.
(ISO!) |
903 Columbia St.
(Successor to Ayling
447 Columbia  St.
A Swain.)
Phone 98.
Read This !
AND   CHICKENS    part   of   house   Nr
rent,  seven   laying    bens    and     I'hilo
coop well built and in good condition, .
The hens are   Huff   Orpingtons   imd
Rods. One S. ('.  It. I. lted hen and   11
line chicks  and  also coop  for  saine; ���
small   cook   stove   and   several     olher!
pieces of furniture.
FOR RENT, consisting of three large j
rooms and  pantry,    only    $12.fill    pet- j
CALL   AT  720   QUfTN^   AVNUr
Professor Appointed.
Winnipeg, Aug. 8. J, II. Iloinzel-
inaiiii. I'b l>. has been appointed lo
the chair nf Cernian nf Manitoba university, tin- appointment having been
announced by the registrar, Professor
llelnzeliiiann has bad a distinguished
scholastic career, He look bis B, A
at Illinois university In 1902. and wan
a graduate student at Chicago in
l!i(��2-.'l. Prom 1903 to 1908 he was superintendent of schools in Washington, III., ,'ui'l fr.un 1906 to I!l(l7 was a
fellow of ibe University of Chicago
In 1907 in- was appointed assistant
leather nf German nt Chicago and he
fit-pal bank were called upon In give
evidence as to a linancial transaction
In connection with the prisoner nnd
this proL'ibly led lo the rumor gaining ground.
same   university   tbe   same   year.
lie took bis I'll. II. nl Chicago 111 1903,
and  afterwards    studied  inr  Beveral
Hessiniis   al    llerlin    university.      The
professor has issued Beveral Important
Take advantage of the Business Man's Train and mnke your
home at Crescent Bench  (Blackie Spit)  for the summer months.
Train leaves at 5:,'tO p.m. dally, on nnd after June 15, returning in
thn  morning  in  time  for  business.    Orescent    Bench    affords    Ideal
conditions for summer homes, combining  Ihe  beat  of  bathing,   beat
lng at all singes of the tide together with line beach.    ArtCBlan v/ell
water to all residents,   Let us show you UiIh property.
F. J. HART  &  CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,
Marino   Insurance.
Automobile   and
Fast Passenger Train Service by B. C. Electric
Greatest Meeting in History of Northwest
550-ThroughMs in Action-550


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